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I 1.1 4 v Y- 'W Q 'S- I Y,Q,fT'I' ' ' ' lm- -5 . 1 pl KEY 'fr M51 T " ' ' , .,X', X, I ,1,,..,XVX, X X 1 , 1,1 -f 1 11 1w5.t,Q,1! -ewxf- fm., 4 531 3 - - -7 JV' P' 'f '-x ?.'tri"f9' 'Y ' 1' Y ' H. ' ."'WAQ""' " 1 " '.' V' 5 - vs ,Y ,- , X ,"AXX -EXX1, - 1 1 - ' 1 1 ' 1 I 'f1 nf il Y . 'gm-uw' ' ' W 4, 'P ' "N, '51 . , . . 1 , ' ,4 V ! I f V' A I I'- .1 - N -W ' if -- in Xvhf-X .X.XXX . ..r,Lma XJ XXXXXX 'X :,X X' . 5 ,-JXP X 4-saw-1 wr- - .-f1mff?111e- 11 -11 - ,ggi L'r'..X I, 1' 'V Xi, 5, 'X n X -" V X'1-, pig:-Q X V, ' 1 . f in 'l -. - 1 . ' . ' ',' 1 ' - ' , r 'V , , 1' 4 .X A ' , ,S-1, H.. , if XXX1,:X-f.f.XfX:IX, f X , 1 X - X XTX: XfgX,XX .2 v 4 . J " "nf-1 fr-" . 94 1 . 1 1', V ' - ' 'fl f ' . -1-' - A 'L X X , AX . ' X ' . .X, , ' 5 , X . ' 1 , 555 ' I ' .--'V ' . - ' X ' '-FQQ' 1 . . ', 1' I X -frx 1' 14 V' in ' W l1 "xl.',-'1AU '. r' , ' -5 .F '-- Q 5 A," V v 'N ,, 'YA . X 1 F, ay: 1' - , - - gl ,-,+X, X 1 1 'xr X 'I ,. ' 'X .,1:'. . .1 f+g'A: . Q . 5' 'K QR.,- . 1 . 1' if ' '. -1-1 iflffajf F X ,-AQ,.jflJ'- M 1 - ',.kfg1a.1a. i- ' 1 7 XA-12',LHl . , xk ,. R Y . swf ' Q -Rx. ' 4- JQZHQ. -XX 'H 1 Qtr "Aung ' - f A 1 'i 8, ' 3.3.5 -' , A 'A , 1- ., H- - 5 ,, 4 , -f' " k F1 .4 , .1-.1 "uf .- , , . , f ,if ' ', ' J 1 ' , If Xft Lw N 1, 1 f' M. "W :':. g,y. f ' 5 .'X,XXX . . .Af J u 1' 4. .s 5 1 L L " 'Xlvlfjflvl-X 1 Xfn, 1,-',"f-gq.i4: ' -1- ' , -. 4 X rg 1, ,. , -'-.,,,, 4 X Els' U , "Q, , X X - 1' X 1 X '.fV. u , X - X 1 ,X f . .1-Di ,. A -' 01 .1 1 M, Q -fr .NJ 1 ' 1, -, , 's' , 1 Xv V Mx ,1 - f -- ,, , - A 'L L, I 13- 1.- 1 ,.. ' ..1'y"" VH " ' . ,N X .-ff-T' ,-XX .MJ , ', ,.-1 A X' F '-1 , '. V L,- 'F , mf- 'Yi -"TA ' 1 -P ' r, A1, X1 XXX. X, Xi ' , A1 , -11,-a,!,7jX, . ' x I ' . 'jg h 1 ' 1 .X 'X'-.'. ' X . . X X XX t ,NX X I2 ' 1 ' I" I - . 1 .' - ...XY X 4X - 4 ,X X, , X. I.. .5 .X , . J I , -1:1v,'fl', 4, X , . ' ' -22 ' .. 'f - ' "1 "" . . 4,11 "Q F' . A -vu - X I EX .ff XL. , fu- 5" r X -7 X . S, . - 4. '.'- 1, - X, A , . . W gn . , , 4- .ae 4 ' .' 4 N ' ,, " r - ' A ' 1 -,1' 1-: ' ' ' 1 , , " g -'f . .':- ,F3 4' f' V .i A 1 -fri -4+ -1 1. 11 ' -XX .,T1- f.X,1X '.1 ,:v, , ,F y.. A11 , - A V X, - X , . 1.1 ' x ' I vuf, M'-Sa-A I , '. ,1L,fI,' , ,,, .4.f+X..-X.-, My., 1- ,X .5-1 lg..-1111.14 - 11, ,- J ,Q-N--W, , " -xx -- '5 16 .-1' . - f . .' 1, -1'1" J -'f 1, 1 Pi ' ' ' iv' -- , 1 v -, - 4' 431 i- -X , ' 1' - -7 A gl f.' 4, 1 1- g , I 'X ' '5 "haf, ,fig !w"i'. - fawi ' . X . ba iw A "'9. ff? ,, ,Z 'I 1 ' -1 , . , I s X V . sf:-sl " 1 ' G-' --1 1 LU' J .1 Nl, a 4 ' ' I ' -U . 1 I "XV Lf +C" X 1 1:'1 1, ' ' ,,,.1 111- in 1 :Xu v X XXX 3, X H X" 1' '4' ' 1. ' I F' ' , , ,.,-1, -, ., Q ' T 1- N -, . -. ,.f,-: ' z .'- k'MJ'f"l'1" ,Wg nv . 1- ' , 11 14, , ' 1- ' ,XJ X, X X X , ,X 1' X71 1 . 1 'ly 4 5 5 .1 -X , ,X1' .' X, n.X " xg.. X , -1, r "-'11 'AW ' - -.71 4 'i'12'7' 'WF' -I M1"q5'i'1 !' -1 11.-12114-f - 1 k :Y-auf-22:15-.-" 1 ' gi 4' ' "W - 1 " LW- 01.11-wf,"'-Fa..Af,'..1 11219 vl 11 -1 ny- tl .'-- 'N' ' , - 1 1 A . . A , . 1 X 1 - 1. " 1 ,QE - -' . ,. , 'K "'1"',' ' , R.'e.'v - X 1 ',,, - , 1 X nqw X' X inf, X .X XFX 'S ff. 1. . 1 XX.-' X 1 X X X J .0 'o - 11.1" Y, nf.,,1.. - - Hz .'3myf5'.'7f'-' f' 1?-g -'V ...ff Xnwihzkiu 4 1 , K.. .Jw - 'fn s .II 4. XJ T '. Jr f P-AH 7 'Q if , 1' wr If li xv- iff-., sv' . -. Vx! . . . 4 . I I .- ' .'I"I , - -fu: n ,II I., I'. IIII .IFIZIINI I '."'II!".:I r ' j'X.vjjI " if 1'4" I I 0 II,-.. 4.1 ' N v','."f- v, I ,II 1 ' - ' -vw 4, -, .. . .. .4 ,4 Ik. I I-,I.I. Ig' A. 1, PW -Q 'VI' IIS.: .- , II J", ' if 'Y II 2,2 'x- . ,' ' '.f.- g ,I -I,:I ..,,I ,- IJ.L,II,I. , . 1 If.. . 1'- A J "5 -.XMI II, I I-1. Ia I II II I 'lLI.- I, 4' -II .'."',4"-51.4 . -1 ' ,f, ' I- 1 -' ,II ' -.4 w hyf' 4I IrIIiIIII IIIII II . I. , ,al nf -I Iia ' ' in "IJ-.,I . -II 'II I .I . .I I IIIIII1 4 I,I I,,IIIf? .V .I,,IIIIQ.,I. IL ,r I 1 , . , , - Q '.-wiq. 'r I I. .-.. 'I .w S., ., IgI VA! . ,,I.,.,I. ,I,I5 vt, ... nr. , Ip, I. .,ff.yP 'Fw' '..' MH. .HQ .W 1 -'- I 3 I.I.a4 .1 I I I 'I 'I I f'III.-.I..--IIVIII -'I Q .uh '. 1'-H'-4. ' .I "Iv,:!4 , 1 w' ' 1 fy' 'xv V - ,'I',1wI f ' - - I 7 III I .I.I, II I '. II, LY' " ,,:. " .. " va: I I . , III , I. II.I w ' f .:,.4 , ' ,iv I. . I 4, - - , II ,A f I . I I I pI ,IQ K, v. LnI I II . "f I4 I In I' I .I :rf , ' vf -,UI ' I- I, 'lv x HI"- . 'v ' . . p "5 ,A I, ,f.?y. I WV' ' ' Y.-ii--' QEII 5. , Y ' ' - l- Q' f ' f "'::I,-W ' . 'I :IRI ' I .' , I ' fI ' 1 Q ., "I ..I "" " ' ,' ,ns . , .. -, , ,,.,- ... - II , IILV Ir, VI ,I Hi. V' '1 ' ,II 5.. , 6 'Q I.. ' ' Hx 'f- 1 . ' z-.. . ' 1- v '. .qu f l - ..x- 1 p- . - . . I.I I .Il1I , 1 X w' 'jg WIA. '- I ',"'-V I1 ' 74" 1 I.'f,..xIf' " ,gf e v .'- - mf , .1 ,fg - g.."' .' I . II',NIf, ! 4, , . -I ,- . I II .I . . -AMI' f " ' .".',' ..-,f,.. . ' ' 4' ' . , '-I IAQ I ' "nu, Ig, 1 QQI'-A,-.,,. . f, J ,H X---af. III' .L . IDI I I,I .II . ., -' ,. , ' IfI,1' ,'If NI ., H--.a .Q if I . . YI, 'JNV4 . ,, 4 . U M, l I 1 .If .' ' 'mln 1 gf: .If . 1 v I F , . I! I I. I I 1. 1 I "I- ... .' I".,.- ' I ' '.'. . . . , . I, II . I If . I. ' 7, - R . . . , ,' ' .- -I ', A I. 1 , 35 . '. -- , -. ' I I . ' .- ' Q' .X 'I . I . .II IIII . , I., .1 QI ln- H ,-, lb.. W --X , F v'.1 W." ' 'U' ' ". ". 5' v W xx . :. 3. .If - -. . ' ' -gn I.I,I ,J . K 'I V . ,, , s ,' ' 'I " J? Ip 1 'JA' I , v I . 1 - f if 'xt In "ff I. lid' 1 IIAZQII S ' :H J' ., 1 . . cya! . I ,I .BNI 4mII ,.x H 'M .. Q111' Q 41, A ..'. a I 1 'IF ' 4 4. .Ltd fa al 5 I If , , H, .v. 5. 5 I, ,Aly . ll' sm l Q it A E' v 1 1 . N N'- , n J 1 , , o .,, N it.. .rf ..-4 ,l ' x I , o 4 sl Q! ,',, sf- V n I Q -,,. .c., ." .gi A 'up I5.. J, 8 r . I Q 5. I-,X S 91. I 4 I Q v "1w'xpLi"" -' 5 A ' - 9.-'03 5 -Q Va" if 4: ng" J ' Q . , 1,1 : J ,"' 'Y lv. ffl, .IL W' -if Q L QSWW of T555 ' J ' n 1 x .I ' .S . fapsql ' pa. 3'-N1 Jw '-iz Aw. N N M xA ' ! 1" ' 47 KX '3-'ri ' 'fn WE, '- ,' .P 9,'I'5 9 -' 0 s 1' 0 4, . . B Ti Q I , A yr U ' V 9 NL " o . 1 4: 01- ' ,.'- Q f.- no v n ' 4 1' .V ' 1 .,p,m-. I 1 . r ', .1 - - -' 4 . . A . D, -A "P, ,'A . . 7,g :fm ,IF 7, 3,5 L 5"BED11CfN'E DENTISTRY - PHARVPAE Y "How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding, rather to be chosen than silver!"NProverbs, 16-16 Academia Terrae Mariae V N19 QS! gf Q WW o C ! 4 s "' L N394 5,1 If -V .-j QQOIMSQZ V A 7 all'.!C!93' f 'S' -.- x f. 'X Y ' ff Ke- a 1-vi C -5 Ava? ig, 'I' MCMX Vol. VI University of Maryland 1807-1910 z JAMES H. HARRIS, M.D., D.D.S. PROFESSOR or OPERATIVE DENTISTRY Erhirntinn To our distinguished Professor and sincere friend Qanma Q. itarriu, AHRE.. Whose sterling qualities of character, commingled with profound learning have won for him widespread fame within the ranks of his profession: who in all sincerity commands the esteem of the student body at largeg who by his untiring efforts has helped to build his profession on a sound basis, and of whom it is fer- vently hoped will be permitted by a Divine Providence to dwell long among us, is this volume affectionately dedicated by the representatives of the student body and the University of Maryland THE BOARD OF EDITORS BOARD OF EDITORS Urrru illilariar. 1 H1 IJ lgrrfarr HARLES DICKENS is quoted as having said: "An author who has much to communicate and expects to have it attended to, may be compared to a man who takes his friend by the button at a theatre door, and seeks to entertain him with a personal gossip before he goes into the ptayf, The Editors, as much as they would like to apply the sense of this quotation to this preface, are, nevertheless, behooved to despatch the TERRA MARIAE of nineteen hundred and ten with the usual introduction. We had quite early in the year begun forming an adequate con- ception of the work that lay before us, but to have it attended to, and executed, in the manner we would have presented it as a complete and wholly acceptable work, was quite another matter. Nevertheless, the plans upon which the Annual have been arranged, are now finally put before the Student Body. They were given the time and consideration, consistent with the essential attributes usually found in a growing University. No attempts have been made to restrict representation of the various depart- ments of Medicine, Law, Dental and Pharmacyg no Procrustean efforts used in efecting the status of one of these departments from the viewpoint of another department, but each was given the freedom to participate with the others. The Annual for this reason will be more voluminous and have some innovations which are hoped to commend themselves to you. But anotber reason may be assigned for the increased growth of the Annual, and that is, on account of the steady perceptible growth of new organi- zations in the University. Assuredly these must be given due encourage- ment. The object of this book, beyond what the patriotic student ought to know concerning the serious and salient matters of his University, is to portray all that which appears humanistic in nature g an audacious obtrusion of the letter and not of the spirit of the common occurrences and affairs in and out of the lecture halls. They are merely the echoes of Demo- critus, being repeated by our fellow students and most worthy professors, and the objects of our jeu d'esprit do play their part as their reflection indicate, then indeed is their rote a suitable one. Urrra illiariar, I H 1 H The years of fellowship with our fellow students and with the mem- bers of the Faculties were ones of fruition. The impressions of goodwill were engendered by timeg and although reluctant to leave the halls wherein we day by day, imperceptibly, formed the strongest bonds of sacredest friendship, we can look out into lyfe witb hearts full of thank fulness to the University which has filled us with her bounteous gyfts of learning, love and integrity. THE EDITORS. , Z f 1 I: ,ic4k7Z'ffEX Qiwiiff MQ Wagyu M 2 Meg I xx JV 27 x X .-ik Y....- -' . ---.L wt. xv. f If j I ,H- ' Gif" 'if' I1 11 il -'LX 7 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BUILDINGS Glrrra iflllariar, 1 H 1 H 'Died October 14, 1909. Enarh nf livgentz B1cI:N.xm1 l'.XH'I'IilIA, l,L.Ii., 1'1mvos , v I.lC1I.x1m M. X14:N.x1s1.1-3, Iflsq. gHoN. .lmlx l'. l'o14:. F1s1:n1N.xNn J. S. Golcms, D. .lnllcs II. lI.x1:n1s. M.lJ., Il.IJ.S II. IJu1:s1f:Y 4'u.x1,1f:, l'l1.lJ. lI.xxmm1.1'Il XYIXSIADW, M.ll., LIL!! ITUN. lliflxm' lb. H.x1:1,.xN. l'Il1u.xl: lf. MANS, ICSQ. L. IC. N1c.xI.1c, M.ll.. I,I,.IP. f,4Il.XIil.ICS W. MVrm'1llc1.1.. 'l'mm.xs A. .Xslllsx 31.11. WM. 'l'. lil:.xN'1'1.Y. lismg. J. Ilumllcs SMITH. M.lJ. Iuvln M. ll. f4I'l,IiIIlC'l'l!. MJD.. Phi IN V. lIm1Al1f:'1'xcI:, M.IJ.. I'I1.ID.. Ll IJ T11 C'l1.xn1,1-is l'.xs1'.x1:1. Jn.. l'I1n1'.l1. IXXNIICIJ Bxsrl, l'l1.IJ. HICNRY I'. HYNSHN, l'I1.H. Hux. IIIGNHY S'1'oc.'1i1a1:11mu1i. IIUN. J. XXIIV1' II.xN1r.x1.1., LIMIT. 1'1l11,mmx II. 'l'L'u1i, Iisq. mms FELL, 1'h.D., LL.l.J. . Di' L Entra illilariar. 1 H 1 ll liniuvraiig Glnunril Thr' f'lLIlI1l'I'HUI', Hox. AUSTIN IJ. CRO'l'llI'IlIS, HUYCII101' ut' lfillwlilllil. Thr' I'1'u-1'f1fnu'f'llu1'. Hox. lillzlzxnclr l'.xl:Tl51z, LL.IJ. yvfll' Vim'-f'fHll1rr'lfUl', 'l'lm11Axs FELL, l'l1.IJ., LILID., IMKL., I,I'USillGIlf of ST. JOIIIIQS Vullege. l'lcu1f1csso1:s B. Y. f'I'1l'IL and V. W. STm'1i1f:1z. For Sf. JUIIIIQS Collego. mrs. II. Ilunslix' l'u, xL1c, l'l1.lJ., and H.xNnoL1'11 XYINSLOW, A.M.. M.D., I Fm' 3011001 of MQcliciI1L'. l'1cmf1cssm:s .loux P. Poli? and W. T. B1ux'1'LY. For Sclmnl of Law. l'1:mflcsso1: F. J. S. Gulzms, A.M.. M.lJ., D.lJ.S. For Svllonl of ITG11fiSf1'y. 1'1:u1fnf:sso1: i'rU1:I,r:s f'.XSI'AlH, Jn.. I'l1.G., For School of Pllill'Ill2ll"V. In 1131 I -rll41'vnr:, J. D CHARLES H. MAYO, M.D.. LL.D JOSHUA W. HERING, M.D.. LL.D Urrra illllariar, 1515 I7 Arahemir Bag HE students, alumni and professors of the University will long remember Academic Day of 1909. The celebration was intended to commemorate the 120th anni- versary of the founding of St. John's College, which forms the Department of Arts and Sciences of the University of Maryland. The opportunity was taken on this occasion to confer honorary degrees on State Comptroller Joshua W. Hering and Dr. Charles Horace Mayo, the eminent Minnesota surgeon, who for two days had been lecturing on the Thyroid gland, at the University. The celebration took place at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Greene and Fayette streets, with elaborate ceremonies. Long before 10.30 oiclock, when the procession started for the church, the campus of the University was alive with students, shouting their class yells and waving their banners. It was not long before the boys from St. John's College in militant array put in their appearance, and were greeted with college yells. The procession began, headed by the students from the Department of Arts and Sciences. Then came the students of the Department of Medicine, freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Following them came the students of Law, juniors, intermediates and seniors, and the students of Dentistry and Pharmacy. Following the students came the Regents of the University, Faculties, Adjunct Faculties, all in cap and gown, while the orators and guests immediately followed. The marchers proceeded through the entrance of the church to the pews assigned them, and around the pulpit in a semi-circle were seated the Regents. While all stood, Rev. Thomas Grier Koontz delivered the invocation. Judge Henry Stockbridge, in the absence of the Provost, acted in his stead, and' opened the ceremonies with greetings. Judge Stockbridge, in the course of his talk, evoked the ap- plause of all present when he suggested that students and alumni should labor to make the University one of national character. Acting Provost Judge Stockbridge then introduced Ar- chibald S. Bouton, the professor of Rhetoric, at New York University, who delivered the prin- cipal address. His subject was, "Is Culture Worth While?" The scholarly attainments of Prof. Bouton were made self-evident throughout his discourse. His easy flow of language, combined with the mastery of his subject, easily demonstrated the Rlietorician. Prof. Bou- ton richly deserved the applause of the students for his elegant address. Judge Stockbridge took the opportunity to announce the election of Henry D. Harlan, Chief Judge of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore, as Dean of the Law School, made vacant by the death of John Prentiss Poe. The announcement was a happy one and especially to the law students, who cheered enthusiastically for the new Dean. ' Judge Harlan was the next speaker. He paid a glowing tribute to the late Dean, who was for 40 years professor of law of the University. The students of Law presented a. handsome portrait of Mr. Poe to the Law School. Mr. Chas. O. Laney made the presentation speech I8 Utrru marine, 15111 on behalf of the students of Law, and in touching words made known how great a loss John Prentiss Poe was to the students. In a graceful speech the Acting Provost accepted the portrait on behalf of the Board of Regents. After the presentation of the portrait, honorary degrees of LL.D. were conferred on Joshua W. Hering, Comptroller, who graduated from the University 55 years ago, and on Charles Horace Mayo. The musical program, which was under the direction of Dr. B. Merrill Hopkinson, was elaborate and in beautiful harmony. The quartette, which was composed of Irvin Campbell, Hobart Smock, B. Merrill Hopkinson and Harry M. Smith, rendered the One Hundred and Thirty-third Psalm while the audience stood. After the ceremonies and exercises, which lasted two hours,the Faculties and invited guests held a luncheon at Germania Maennerchor Hall, where stories of college days were told. The students were given a holiday and disbanded, some returning to the campus. The St. J ohn's boys were allowed several hours for sight-seeing, and later in the evening returned to Annap- olis with President Thomas Fell. ' A. E. N. Zilrrru Marian. IH 1 U I9 ll Zihitnrial HE classes of 1910 of the various departments will now share in common with the hosts of erstwhile students of the University of Maryland, the path-beaten road to success and honor, the road that was so long in building, that im- posed upon the former aluinnuses of so many years ago, the toil of years and sacrifices fraught with alternate joy and paing and all this, in order that the institution you now leave behind might be, at some future time, among those most worthiest institutions, established upon similar foundations of integrity, character and professional skill. It is highly fitting that the classes of 1910 should assume part of this noble work laid out by the founders, which is far from completion. The responsibility devolves upon each and every one to strive to his utmost in an effort to place the University of Mary- land in the sphere of educational action, not alone in any number of states, but in all the states of the Union. It is certainly an uncontrovertible fact that if there exists in the minds of any member of the faculties or of the students and alumnae, that this insti- tution is lacking in historical setting to compete with the greatest of institutions, then all hope for rapid progress in this direction may be temporarily abandoned. It needs but the barest outline of its history to startle the most dormant of usg its wealth of claim for the right to be classed With the most renowned institutions in the country must go undis- puted. Harvard and William and Mary alone have a better claim. Through St. John's College at Annapolis, which is afhliated with the University of Maryland as the department of Arts and Sciences, was founded the first free school in America. All that was required of a student to be entered upon its roll was that he possess a good character. No restric- 20 Uzrra illllariarg 19111 tions were imposed upon religious beliefs, but that which was required of a student was, he should possess in his makeup the essential attributes of Christian manhood, for with them only could the Institution hope to transmit into futurity the encouragement and hope of steady growth and long life. The founders foresaw the indispensable need of them, and it is altogether an altruism for the students of the University of Maryland to keep guard over these attributes while attending the University. We find that Harvard, founded in 1636 was the first school, that William and Mary in 1693 was the second, and that King William's, founded in 1696, was the third, but the latter was the " first free public school," and through this remarkable fact, the University of Maryland by the affiliation of St. John's, formerly King William's, has derived an heri- tage which none other can boast of. All glory to these venerable institutions of Maryland! All glory to their founders! All glory to the sons of these inseparable institutions, who are striving for the mastery! From their halls have come Governors, U. S. Senators and Representatives, Judges of the Courts, the most illustrious of whom is now serving as Chief Judge of the Supreme Bench of Baltimore, besides Attorney-Generals, U. S. District Attor- neys, State Senators and Representatives, officers of the Army and Navy, leading doctors, lawyers, divines and men of note in other walks of life. Such have these two institutions accomplished for the State and Nation. Are they not worthy of every unselfish and erotic endeavor on our part to place them in their proper relations with the more renowned, but no more worthier institutions of the nation? Most assuredly they are, and every graduate and undergraduate must feel that they are, and every Professor, student and alumnus who delight in coping with live issues, must be heeding the call of these institutions which they represent. No good man is unworthy of the call of need of the University of Maryland, and no better service can be desired than for each student and Professor to assume the in- itiative and apply themselves with conviction to the work. Let us then be up and doing, With a heart for any fate, Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait. It is absolutely puerile and unworthy to remain indifferent to the duties which remain imposed upon each student of the University, and more especially so with the student possessing the advantages of a college education, who could rapidly bring about the desired results of any needed reform, with a requisite amount of initiative. It is one of the miss- ing necessaries easily observed. The ascendency in enthusiasm should never be allowed to remain in abusive hands, for to remain in them will ultimately mean the demoralization of the object in view each well-meaning student has for the University of Maryland. The pleasantest and most easy thing to do is to boost the University, the most nauseous is the unqualified criticism of some morose individual who would see Diogenes with an elec- tric pocket lamp than his Greek lantern, or even Demosthenes chewing on a piece of pepsin gum, than keeping a pebble in his mouth. It is generally understood that College Fraternities are wholly or partially deficient in contributing to the infiuence expected of them, in and around their colleges. Our most respected and honored College Presidents are the sources of this accusation. They can pre- sumably judge the truth of this fact as ably as any, but the student is in a better position to do so than they, because his opportunities are better to do so. So far as it may be applic- able to our fraternities, we have but to say, that in part it is true. Nevertheless we believe Efvrra illllariar, 15111 21 that most any fraternity man could look any College President straight in the eye, as one St. John's fraternity man had done to his exoneration, and say, Hector, Hector, son of Priam, Did you ever see a man as drunk as I am? There is one great opportunity the fraternities of this University are missing and that is their failure to exert the power of their influence in the various concerns of the Univer- sity. The men who compose the fraternities are able enough in their influence for good, but there is a deplorable deficiency of initiative among them, whether it is caused by sheer indifference, lack of moral courage or something else is hard to tell, but it certainly does not reflect any honor for patriotism by remaining so indifferent. Whatever is to be done let it be done with a whole-heartedness. There should rest no unseliishness in the student body when a project has been inaugurated for the good of the University, no matter from whatever source that project has emanated. If a suggestion has been advanced for a good movement, there should be no reasonable ground for not backing it up, a refusal to do so merely shows a failure of duty and no unselfish patriot will refuse, any student that re- fuses some aid which can be reasonably rendered ought to be shunned by every student. First and foremost of our advocations should be a strict, absolute and unqualified adher- ence to the moral fabric of the University. Then let the others, such as demands for a Uni- versity Postoffice, be made, and larger libraries also, which are greatly in need. Especi- ally is the Law Department in need of a system for handling the ever increasing amount of mail, and a larger library. The individual, as he conducts himself, makes up the aggre- gate morale, and nothing should be left undone till it has been brought up to a high stand- ard. The students of this University wish to possess a spirit of candor and of fairness of judgment and dealing, and he cannot but perceive that the essential attributes of the University's growth and fame depend to a very great extent on the preservation of the morale as established by the founders. The genius of the Anglo-Saxon race is due to the fact that they never built new institutions on new foundations, when old foundations were to be had. Their faith in the Nazarene taught them this, the founders adhered to it and now we must preserve it and transmit it down to successive classes. It is quite certain that whatever the destiny of the University of Maryland is to be, it can only be attained through the eiorts of the student body in co-operation with the Alumni and Faculties. One or the other cannot do it alone, any attempt to do so would prove futile, but each must contribute their full share of active enthusiasm, and it should not be spasmodic, either. We believe the University already has men imbued with the right spirit which is direct- ing the fulfillment of our desires. Some of the more active workers are the Dean of the Law School, Henry D. Harlan, President Thomas Fell of St. J ohn's College, Judge Henry Stockbridge, Doctor Cordell, Prof. Hemmeter, Prof. Chew, and Prof. Ashby. These good men and others whom we are not acquainted with, and this we regret, should work to- gether for unity and harmony. To these gentlemen we owe our heartiest support. They have given much of their time for the interests of the University of Maryland, and we be- lieve they are disposed to continue doing so. There is nothing limited in their endeavors to make of the University of Maryland an institution of national repute. We therefore believe in them. An active and systematic cooperation with them by the Alumni and student body would inevitably bring about the desired results. It would force the gauge to register each man's devotion to this institution of worth, this institution which has survived the ordeals of men's selfish interests. The student who has sized up the conditions of his institution and remains indifferent, and the alumnus who is appre- 22 Urrra illlariar. 1 H 1 ll hensive of his Alma Materfs need and ignores it, and any member of the faculties who refrains from advocating ways and means for the institution's progress, are all to be con- sidered most unworthy to share in an honored institutionfs claim on posterity's gratitude. The student should be an active worker for moral uplift, and hit rightlout from the shoulder business in and around his University. The University of Maryland expects this of every man, it is a part of his work. The student body is the root of a University's worth, and its essential attributes are character, labor and unselfishness. The alumnus should never remain indifferent to his Alma's Mater's interests, if his Alma Mater has a " grand- mother " living he should keep close watch over both, each has a mission to perform, if there is to be rivalry between them, it should be based upon altruistic principles, and not upon puny considerations. The faculties have duties imposed upon them, which are from our viewpoint, gauged by the demands made upon them by the student body. It never was, nor can be a right in any faculty to discourage demands by the student body, if those demands are worth anything at all. They should be alive to the sentiment in the various departments, and render every assistance in their power to propel material advancement among these departments. We believe the various faculties are composed of men famous for their professional skill and ability, and their average member alive to the needs of the University of Maryland. The University of Maryland at the present time, is essen- tially a private institution, having no substantial connection with the State. It is well that it has no such connection. In former years, when it bore relations with the State, no good was derived therefrom. Ambidextrous politicians were then prone to utilize this insti- tution founded upon integrity, for their own selfish means. To them can be attributed the decadence worthy men of the University are now putting forth their best efforts to repair. The soul of the University they could not harm, but the body was nigh wrested from it, and that which remained after these incursions upon substantial appropriations, did not amount sufficiently enough to give those remarkable " marble f' columns before the Medical Department a new coat of paint. We believe a new era has begun for this glor- ious institution. Nothing can fall short of a rapid and thorough building process, founded upon integrity, unselfishness and labor, entirely Within the cooperation of the students, Alumnaee and faculties who have not been found wanting in their patriotic devotion to the new work, nor abhorrence of any system begetting selfishness and dishonesty, which en- courages retrogression. ' The University of Maryland and St. J ohn's desire to go hand in hand in the upward march. Their affiliation, it is true, is but an experiment, all great achievements you will remember were nothing more, the Creation of the Earth was an experiment, but it was found good, so survived. The highly distinguished President of St. John's College and the honored members of our own faculties are in accord with every good sentiment ex- pressed by the student body and alumnae to bring about a material and visible change of conditions in both institutions. No well wisher of the University desires to see this affi- liation terminated, an affiliation of the noblest of institutions. What could be more desired than to see them housed under the same buildings, possessing the same campus. What a glorious anticipation! And it is not a mere phantasy, but a huge probability. You men of the University of Maryland are to be held responsible for the success or failure of the consolidation of these institutions. It is upon your individual efforts as students and as alumnuses that the progress ofthe University depends. Are you men of the University of Maryland going to be in on the last lap when your Alma Mater achieves the well fought, well earned, battle for supremacy! If so, then gird yourselves with the armor of invulner- ability and go forth to the conflict and earn her esteem in that great day. Why remain indifferent to your surroundings? You have discussed and argued in groups, or have at Errra illlariar, 1 H 111 23 least heard it argued, that something is wrong with the internal works of the University. And it was not all about some darky seeing a light in Gray's Laboratory on a dark night, nor hearing the 15th Amendment being discussed by a group of Democrat law students, but it was something in the nature of how the business side of the University of Maryland is being conducted. And it cannot be denied that an amendment is what ought to be made to the University's charter, if in theory one existed. Why is it, you argue, that it is the only institution in the State which does not issue a Hospital bulletin containing receipts and disbursements, and the number of patients treated per year? This question should be answered by the Faculty of Physics if at all. It is true that the Court of Appeals have held their charter to be irrepealable, so are not held accountable to no one, not even the Board of Regents for their actions. This fact alone does not render them guilty of inaction or of dishonesty, but it does impose upon them and others to render an account of their stewardship. It is said, their policy has been one of wise conservatism, which, of course, is a good thing, but a greater virtue and a wiser policy is a discretionary vigilance, for without it, the former might be considered to have been diverted from a wise University of Maryland conservatism to one not so im- portant or so healthy. While the University was on the State list as a yearly recipient of appropriations, it is quite well known that in those days the same wise conservatism was observed, apparently too well observed for general approbation. The reputed cost of' the Medical Building is said to have been between eighty and one hundred thousand dol- lars, " this sum was raised by a State Lottery 'i fCordell's History of the University of Marylandj. It is rather late to answer the question whether this amount of money wont directly for that purpose. One need but tap the eight massive " marble " columns which upholds the building with the assistance of its three more animate occupants, to form an opinion. Its occupants can be seen at most any time as if guarding those columns, from which one might suspect a treasure trove was beneath or in them, but that is a rebuttable presumption, that would be carelessness in the extreme to have left any treasure there. But let the poor old building rest on its glory, and all that therein is. Vade in pace! and may your successors not share the tribulations you have borne. The history of the University has been a glorious one, beyond the misuse it has re- ceived at the hands of unscrupulous politicians, selfish and unpatriotic men. It has survived all assaults made upon it. It shall go down to future generations unscathed and great in honor and achievement, but it is incumbent upon and necessary for each student, alumnus and member of the faculties to cooperate, to lay open the system of the University's work- ing, in order that the future will be of the brightest. Until that is done, no immediate good can be done, nor will interest be aroused in the great benefactors of educational insti- tutions, unless they know for certain that the University of Maryland is conducted on sate lines of business and is composed of men full of enthusiasm, honesty and integrity. ARTHUR E. NELSON. J.- ', V 1 '...'1" 1--.-, ffyfig 5.-5' 4 , . '...-.a---.AIP -ip., L 'ir' ..vo -,AZ '." Q- -Y. x.. . ' '.'. 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M.11.. 1'1'111'11ss111' 111' 11111 I11s1111V1' 411' 111l'111L'1l11'. 111111 Li111'111i1111 J. BIASON HUNDLEY, M.11., 171111111111 l'1'11111ss111' 111' 11is1-11s11s 111' xNv11111UI1. T11o11-1s C". G1LC11111s'1'. M.11.1'.S.. M.IJ.. 0111111111 l:1111'1ess111' 111' ll111111111111111g.1'. JOSEPII T. SMITH. M.11.. gxSS0l'1111l' 1'1'111'1-SS111' 111' :xIl'111l'211 J111'is111'111111111'11 111111 11.1'g1111111. FRANK M.x11'r1N, HS.. M.D.. 11111110211 l'1'1111-ss111' 111' 5111151-11'. ST. 011.1111 S1'111'11.1.. M.I1.. 0111111-111 P1-111'1-ss111' 111' S111111-1.1'. R. '1'11Ns'1'.xLL 'I'.1YI.1111. M.lJ.. 11111111711 1'1'111'11s111- 111' 111'1l111111111i11 S111'g111y. JOIIN 11. XYINSLOW. BA.. M.D.. l'1i11i1-111 l'1'111'1-ss111' 111' 1lis1-11s11s 111' 11111 '1'111'11111 111111 N11s1 J. M. i'11.xlC-HILL. M.1J.. l'1i1111'111 1'1'111'11ss111' 111' M1-111111111-. JOS. 111. GICIINEI1, M.11., C'1i1111'111 1'1O1'11Ss111' 111' 1111'11i1'1111'. 111111 .Xss111'111111 1'1111'1'ss111' 111' 111111111 Me1111'11. 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AB., M.D.. L111't111'111' 1111 Dis1-11s11s 111 1111- '1'111'11111 111111 Now. W. H. 11IAYHIiW. M.D.. H. J. M.11.11E1s, MJD.. 1.1111111111-1s 1111 1Iist11111g.1' 111111 1C1111.11y11111g-1 HENRY L. W111T'1'L1-1, 1'11.111.D.. MD., I.e1'1111111'1111 l'11'1'si11111gi1f111 1'1111111is111'. H. E. GIBBONS, M.D., De1111111s11'111111' Of 0111111111111111111g.V. G. A. FLEMING, M.D., De1111111s11'111111- 111 01111111111111111og.1'. U. U. CONSER, M.D., D11111O11s11'111111' of P11ysi11111g"1'. G. S. M. IQIEFFER, M.U., De1111111s11'111111' of H1St1J1I1g'xN' 111111 E111111y1.11Ogy. H. L. SINSKY, M.D., D9I110I1St1'3tO1' of 11I3.t91'1i1 Medica. Errru iillariar, 1 H111 IUIIN A. 'l'4IAll'KlXS, .I1:.. M.II., l11sI1'111-tm' 111 Minor S111'g'u1'.1' 111111 Bz111ml11gi11g. l'xul': lC11Ml'N11s, M.II.. IIlFtI'llL'f4I1' Ill i'.YSt0Sl'lIlItY. Ml"1'oN li1151,Y, M.lI., l11st1'111-tm' 111 S111'gc1'y. X VFIIAN NX1Ns1,m1', BA., M.II., 1IlS'fI'lll'1'lII' 111 SlIl'gClj'. I II. III-:1-1111-311, M.II.. .I. 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'1'111-11- W1'1'1' 1111- 1l1'21I'1'Y h111111sI111111-s 111' 1'1'i1-1111s 111111 111111 1111-1 11111-1' 1ll'1llg s1-1111- 11111-11 11111111 1-1 11'11 111111'1'. I Zin-ra Marius. 1 H 1 U 89 But there werea few faces that were missed from our ranks, though our number was increased by the arrival of those from other schools who sought their instruction from this institution. They were given a hearty welcome to our ranks and were soon made to feel that they were part of the class of 1910. While we were shaking off the feeling of loneliness at leaving the pleasures of home we decided to help the Freshmen adapt themselves to their new surroundings. They were not a very tame set, so there were a series of fights. When the smoke of battle cleared away we were left masters of the situation, and even "Pop" Lynn, the big Freshman, decided that it was nothing but proper that he should take a back seat in the lecture halls and make himself as small as possible. Early in the fall the following officers were elected: S. M. Lee, Presiclentg J. E. O'Neill, Vice-President, N. B. Steward, Secretary, 'W. A. Gracie, Treasurerg G. S. Condit, Sergeant-at-Arms. We now enter upon our work for the year. Save for the short Christmas vacation, our year's work was uninterrupted. Each man applied himself diligently to the tasks that were before him. There were none that cared to allow a banquet or smoker to break in upon their work, so there was no indulgence of that kind. There was nothing worthy of note that occurred, so time passed on again. We separated for our vacation after having stood the tests of another year. Again our vacation is passed and we assemble to resume once more the work where it had been left in the spring. Many new faces met our gaze when we gathered in the Chemical Hall to hear Professor Shipley's first lecture on Junior Surgery. We were glad to be to- gether again, and to welcome men whom we hoped would make our class stronger. Our first work was the election of officers for the year. After a campaign of a couple weeks, the following men were elected: R. P. Truitt, President, G. W. Shipp, Vice-Presb dent j J. M. Blodgett, Secretary, F. P. Fiery, Treasurcrg N. T. Kirk, Historiang M. J. Fiery, Sergeant-at-Arms. Later in the year, G. L. Stickney was elected class editor of the Annual. In some mysterious way that "sophomoric" spirit had fied and We had come to realize that we were not so "wise" after all, and that the future had within her recesses much for us to learn. We had grown older, and were beginning to feel the seriousness of our under- taking. The work of obtaining a thorough knowledge of medicine was yet ahead of us, and our success could only be achieved through long hours of careful application. So with this thought in our mind we began the year with a determination to get that knowledge, which by our zealous application and the untiring efforts of our teachers would in the end be ours. How well we are to succeed remains to be seen, but should any of us meet with failure, let the blame rest upon us and not upon our instructors, who have worked so faithfully to help us. Our class was the last to listen to lectures from the University's "Grand Old Man," Professor S. C. Chew, who, owing to his sickness, was forced to leave his closing lectures on Practice of Medicine to another, and later found it necessary to resign the Chair of Medicine. Though we miss his presence among us, there is left with each man a memory of him which will ever be one of greatest respect and deepest reverence for our friend and instructor. On the eleventh day of November, 1908, Academic Day was celebrated, the first in the history of the school. We were all there and did our best to enter into the spirit of the occasion. We did not fail to let the visitors know that to Prof. John C. Hemmeter was due most of the praises for the setting apart of a day when all the teachers and students of the various departments could be together and feel that we were all one. When May Bnally came, and the final examination was posted, the class was surprised to find a stray subject in the form of Operative Surgery, a subject in which a great part 90 Urrra illlariar, 15111 of the class had not received instruction. We felt that we were not getting a fair deal, so a class meeting was held a few minutes before the examination was to be held, and the part of us who had received proper instructions in the subject decided to stand by our more un- fortunate classmates, and none of us would take the examination. All assembled in the ex- amination hall, and each man received his pad on which to write, the list of questions being passed to each mang then came the time to act. Who was to take the lead? From about the center of the room arose our president, R. P. Truitt, and with a irm, steady gait, ad- vanced to the desk and handed his signed pad to the Examiner, who could not hide his sur- prise at the act. He sat in his place until each man had followed the act of the president. Thus our Junior year closed-with each man standing shoulder to shoulder for their rights. About half of our class remained to become house-students, while the others departed to spend their vacation in rest. It would take many a page to give the work of the summer months among the house- men. They were months of pleasure as well as of work, some spent their evenings, after hav- ing worked hard throughout the day, in an attempt to demonstrate that things were not dead within our palatial home. Others could not allow the time to pass without making them- selves popular with the nurses, so they were found trying to give Doctor Bay and the resi- dents the slip that they might spend the evening with these very attractive young ladies. It is true that a few had to take their thirty days' rest prescribed by Doctor Bay, but not a one seemed to lose any sleep over it. Days of work and evenings of pleasure caused the four months to pass with greater rapidity than one might have thought. October was here again, and our instructors were in their places ready to aid us in reach- ing the goal which was almost in sight. When the class was assembled for work and the census was taken, we numbered one hundred. There were several new adoptions this year, but most of them were not long in proving that they were made up of the right kind of material, so that any prejudice that might have been felt at the start was laid aside and they were welcomed as a part of our class. The question of class officers claimed everyone's attention from the beginning of the year. Thus, before beginning the year's work, we got rid of a prominent matter. Everything was real lively, for several parties had their candidates in the field and it was a question as to which should be the one to win out. The contest closed with the following results: F. P. Fiery, P7'CS'iCZ67Lt,' R. A. Diller, Vice-P1'esident,' C. N. Devilbis, Secretaryg E. H. Kloman, T1'easu1'er,' M. J. Hoffman, Chairman of the Executive Oommitteeg N. H. King, Prophetj G. S. Condit, Artistg J. H. Vondreele, Poet. Later in the fall J. W. Abbitt was elected Editor-in-Chief of the Annual. The members of the Executive Committee appointed by the Chairman were J. E. Talbott, J. H. Vondreele, Jr., M. E. B. Owens, W. A. Gracie, J. E. O'Neill, and T. Brooks. At the class German, held at Lehmannis Hall, December 16th, our class was well repre- sented. The German was a brilliant aifair, but how could it have been otherwise, when a number representing the various faculties of the school were present, as well as the Honorable Austin L. Crothers, Governor of Maryland. All who were present carried away with them the feeling that the Senior German had been a success, and that they were more than paid for their loyalty to the class. All indications are that next year the coming senior class will be equally successful. W On Saturday evening, February 26th, we were royally entertained by the Junior Fac- ulty at a Smoker. The Senior Faculty were also present and joined with the Junior Faculty in giving us a most enjoyable evening. Music was furnished by an orchestra of gifted artists. Entra illllariar, 15111 91 There were speeches by several of our esteemed Professors, as well as by some of the more silver-tongued orators of our class. Three features of the evening in particular met with the hearty applause of all present, viz: a buck dance by Prof. L. M. Allen, an impersonation of Prof. Hundley in his lecture on ante-version uteri by Mr. M. E. B. Owens, and also an im- personation of Prof. Gilchrist giving a skin clinic, by Mr. J. E. Byrne. The evening was one of uncommon occurrence, as it allowed us the privilege of meeting in a social way our friends and instructors. We all felt honored, and when the evening was over could say that we had been brought into closer touch with those friends who are giving their time and talent in an effort to prepare us for the career that is ahead of us. We were convinced that they have our welfare at heart, and are ready to steer us past the breakers into the har- bor of safety. Our career as a class is almost at an end, just ahead of us are those last tests which shall determine whether our work has been up to the high standard of our col- lege. The work together has been hard and somewhat tedious, but we look back on our school days as among the happiest of our lives. Many close friendships have grown up in the past four years, and our parting cannot help being attended with some feeling of sadness. But We have to part and go our several ways, but not all our names will be lost to the class of 1910, for there are some among us who will by their skill make themselves known through- out the professional world, and will not only honor their class, but will confer honor upon our beloved Alma Mater. Now, in conclusion, we wish to thank those kindhearted and benevolent friends, our Pro- fessors, who have borne with us, and have given their untiring efforts in straightening the kinks and making smooth the rough places in our course. We all appreciate to the fullest extent what they have done for us, and they have our unending respect and admiration. We wish for them many more years of useful service, and may they see in some of us the fruits of their labours. This ends our history. Soon there will be the last parting handshake, the last farewell will soon be said. Some will seek their fortune in Egypt and Syria, others in Cuba, while the greater number of us will be scattered throughout this beautiful and beloved country of ours. But wherever your profession shall call you, oh! Class of 1910, may fortune smile upon you and success crown your every effort. HISTORIAN. 92 Zilerra Marina. 15111 F7 1 V ,. X R. IL E, i t i 5 f 1 N casting a prophecy for the class of 1910, I keenly appreciate the colossal task confronting me. The fact that opportunities so varied come to us all makes one's predictions about as accurate as abrave man who tells us what the weather will be next day. It is an aphorism that history repeats itself, and if the past suggests what the future might be, many of us can feel what our measure of success in life may be. In thinking over this class prophecy, I have thought it well to depart from the beaten track of fantasy, where imagination and the knowledge of some of the eccentricities of one's class- mates makes the subject of a prophecy, and write one which in a general way prognosticates and perhaps may have a slight indication of what our future careers may be. When we leave these time-honored halls and scatter ourselves over this broad land to do battle in the great arena of life as a medical gladiator against the wily foes of the flesh, many times will we be hard-pressed and worsted in the desperate struggle, and we will feel regret for the many opportunities that we have neglected to further our knowledge, in order to be better armed to make a more creditable iight, and then will we realize our responsi- bilities more keenly and what our duty to humanity is. The first step towards knowledge and enlightenment comes with the knowledge of our deficiencies. Many of us will feel the necessity of further training not only to the betterment of mankind, but of ourselves. Un-ra illllariar, IHIII 93 Tennyson says, "Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers," but it is a sad fact that wisdom is not a striking characteristic of youth. Let us, as we stand on the threshhold of our life- work, keep ever before us a broad sense of appreciation of our responsibilities to our com- munities and a keen sense of duty, which, coupled with that most admirable trait-sustained effort-will make our lives all that could be wished for. One of the greatest blessings of life is the love of one's work, and there is no more trying labor under the sun than that of a medical man who has to enter the lives of people of all kinds and classes in the most intimate way and under trying circumstances, We must prepare ourselves to sustain and soothe, comfort and assure our sick and weakly brethren. The circumstances under which many of us will work and live will vary greatly. No doubt some of us favored most by chance will let the golden opportunity pass, while others, by a hard struggle, will develop force and strength of character and rise slowly but surely to the height attained by many of our illustrious alumni. Perhaps it will be the work of some to teach and investigate and take a prominent part in the advancement of our science, while others will do as noble a work in many an obscure rural district, loved and respected by their clientele. But whatever our life work is and wherever it may be, remember, that a man gets out of life what he puts into it. So let us give our best with a glad heart and generous hand. Who, then, can doubt what the harvest will be. Let us strive to cultivate an op- timistic temperament, for the state of mind is often reflected in the countenance, and op- timism is a contagious quality and sheds its sunshine about and tends to brighten the sad lives of our patients. We must realize the several natures that make up the individual: the physical, the intellectual, the moral and the spiritual. Many times treatment other than medical is neces- sary to obtain any permanent good, and it is through education and helpful suggestions that results will be obtained. Osler says, "Work is a master word in medicine." This we must learn, and I feel that it will take a long time to develop ability and tact to get the results We so much wish for. I was very much impressed when reading the life of Moses Maimonides by a prayer with which he began each day: "And now I turn unto my calling. Oh! Stand by me, my God, in this truly important task. Grant me success, for without Thy loving counsel and support, Man can avail but naught. Inspire me with true love for this my art and Thy creatures, Oh grant! That neither greed for gain nor thirst for fame nor vain ambitions May interfere with my activity. For these I know are enemies of truth and love of men, And might beguile one in profession, From furthering the welfare of Thy creatures. Oh strengthen me! Grant mercy unto both body and soul, That I may e'er unhindered ready be To mitigate the woes, Sustain and help The rich and poor, the good and bad, the enemy and friend. Oh! Let me behold in the afiiicted and the suifering Only the human being." 94 Um-ra iflllm-tar, IHII! There will come times in our lives when We will feel the necessity of something inspir- ing, and I donit know how We could do better than to read the lives of some of the great medical men who have done so much to put medicine on a scientific basis.. I would call your attention to a recent article by Dr. C. A. Herter on Imagination and Idealism in the Med- ical Sciences. He says, "I like to think of medicine in our day as an ever broadening and deeping river, fed by the limped streams of pure science 3 the river at its borders has its eddies and currents, expressive of certain doubts and errors that fringe our progress: but it makes continuous advances on the Way to the ocean of its destiny. Very gradual has been the progress of its Widening and deepening, for it is a product of human ingenuity and arti- tice, and only skilled engineers should direct the isolated currents of science into the some- what sluggish stream of medical ability. The names of some of these engineers are familiar to you: Vesalius, Harvey, Malpighi, John Hunter, Claud Bernard, Helmholtz, Virchovv, Metchnikolf, Pasteur, Lister, Koch, Behring, Ehrlich, Emil Fischer, Weigert, Wright, Theobald Smith, Flexner. Different as have been the achievement of these men, there are some quali- ties of mind and heart which nearly all of them have shown in ample measures and of such qualities none are more evident than imagination, or play of fancy and personal idealism Using the latter term to mean a readiness to make sacrifices for the sake of lofty achievement, I think we are quite safe in making the generalization that the discoveries for which We hold these thinkers in honor Would have been impossible but for the exercise of these quali- ties. If this be true, the fact furnishes us with a clue to present tendencies in medicine and shows us to what sort of gifts We have to look for the significant advances of the future." I have leaped to the borders of conventionality in Writing this prophecy, if it may be so called, but I feel sure that if We could but heed a few suggestions contained in the above, I could come nearer predicting a useful and happy life for my class-mates than if I simply wandered where by fancies were to lead me, according to the type of prophecy which we so of ten read. May the sun of our lives set in a clear sky When- "We Wrap the draperies of our couch around us, And lie down to pleasant dreamsf' - H. N. KING, Prophet. ' '1 W gi ,lug Y " T A jifh4lzluunr f 'YQ M H5 M 1 C90 . ,- S Z 12' -- 2 2 f f f N 8-h6S if V , , i ff::1E5 l3:,eE:- T- -?EEfiFfrT+Le- 1 'gs Lf' - -'f-1' 1 'I.".- -I-'fn , -ef: ' Y , Y, 1- L www, gffggg 'wym-iff f- f 15,15 lo I L5 E7 H7 - ' HMC ,s g Z 4,5 - 'lax X Wye: J' N -K writ.-is L J g 'A 4, X ...f-f"" H p , -Q ' , --1 f -+ -Q ,,.-1- f '- , -- 1, f --ll? , K' 'll x ,,?.::r fi ,MQ '- 7 , V A ff fi jgii'1,g, Lili: ff'eig',, 'fl'f2?gz4iij',!2::::'?4ffi?t:g: 1, vf-fm Offzff' XX f'A?9' Cf55ify:i7f,ff'44?"2ff f- .1 pf Q L , f ,f 4 ,, 4T- 'iff -1 gr ,ef X -2 1' 'f lffcf f ii-2 -,. ffff' ff: fff ,f 1 ' r' I' .I M Y- , fig - 'Jfg I -fff-'T'f "' N -4 X ffl X !'-f-:tT7- f f 2 Lf 1 "" -' 'f If A A ll- gall 'i' , 1, ,' :wx .M , -4 f w ' gfy ,f f r:2?? ," , isw f' " Q - ' W- ' ff 54- f'igL Q . 7 4 M -2 :-g T f --:"3,.'2"-',, i f A -'Im ,' ml Nj' ' 315, M 1 -5-:s'------- i gf 1-'Q,.,X f--fl,Q2Qf,ii 5 '- a A 1- Qi 7' 'Q-234-52543 - :iii gg' ..- - - -A - . , ' YY 4 .Q .J- FACULTY PuzzLE - 96 Zilrrra illlariar. 15111 Qlalrnhar, .Srniur Gllana, 19111 OCTOBER. 1.-College reopens, freshmen hazed, and some pay a visit to Western Police Station. 2.-Anderton, " The Modern Moses," posts bath tub rules. 3.-Foster visits Washington fgets leave of absence from Dr. Bayj, which means 30 days. 4.--Joe-Joe orders a bath for Garb. 5.-Poker club meets 5 all loose change gratefully received. 6.-1 a. m. Great Hospital Mystery. Who were the students who jumped out Green Street side window as Dr. Bay entered? 7.--A sweet smile cost Teeter 30 days. S.-A nude, tall figure, with black mustache, seen ambulating through students' building. 9.-Hooray! hooray! Kloman is suspended, the darn old son-of-a-gun. 10.-Hazing at the nurses' building. 11.-"Borax" joins our ranks QW. G. Brooksj. 12.-Dr. Adams on time for Friday night quiz. 13.-First cyclone of season strikes students' building trains beer instead of HOD. 14.-Sunday. Everybody goes to churchf ?j 15.-Meeting in rooms No. 1 and 2, students' building. Whose turn next? Everybody is getting tired of waiting. 16.-Medical clinic Cllyphoidj. 17.-Children's clinic fBacillus Eberthj. 18.--Teeter and Kloman are still seen loafmg around. 19.-Baby show at Maternity. All three voters, and Abbitt wins his bet. 20.-Nurses planning to take students' building. 21.-Sunday. Kennedy asks permission to leave accident room to go to Sunday School. CG1'antedj. 252.-Kirk gives a very instructive lecture on Meningitis and Puerperal infection. 23.-Hallow-e'en, celebrated by the nurses, and they were kind enough to bring us a nice water. Shortly after the water came, in walks Dr. Bay. The mystery is, why Dr. Bay did not see the water? 24.-Rumored:-Byrnes is going to be Prof. of Skin next year. 25.-" Gentlemen, I remove, excise, dissect, cut away the entire tonsillar ring." 26.-Missionary from China gives lecture. Anderton holds conference with him and de- cides to go to China to take up his lifelong work. 27.-McKnight seen reading advertisements of hair tonics. 28.-Sunday. Poker club meets and has several new members. 29.-Dr. A.-- breaks record-operates in less than five hours. 30.-Kindergarten- fTyphoidj. 31.-Gracie goes down town and gets a shave. NOVELIBER. 1.-Nichols demonstrating to the house students, how to cut a hole in a cigarette paper large enough to put over his head. 2.-Teeter and Kloman are again back at work, have served their time. 3.-Nichols and Hyatt seen collecting notes on the most important branch of medicine, namely, Hygiene and Medical Jurisprudence. D Entra Marian. 15111 97 4.-Examination on the most important branch of medicine. 5.-Fowble is made Associate Professor of Obstetrics. 6.-Children's clinic fEberth again presentj. 7.-Probations are made to run gauntlet by Intermediates. 8.--Blodgett, Brooks and Von Dreele, serenade the nurses. 9.-Dr. C. H. Mayo reached town yesterday morning, and at eleven oiclock today be- gan a series of lectures upon the diseases of the Thyroid, in the Anatomical Hall, which was filled to its utmost capacity with members of the medical profession and students, to greet the well known surgeon from the West. 10.-We gathered again in the Anatomical Hall, to hear Dr. Mayo continue his lectures. 11.--Academic Day at University of Maryland. Degrees of LL. D. conferred upon Dr. C. H. Mayo and Dr. J. Hering. 12.-Some of the boys leave for Atlantic Medical. Could not stand the pace. 13-At the three o'clock clinic, the following questions were asked: How long have you had it? How did it begin? Who do you sleep with? Anybody else in the family got it? Does it itch you at night? fDiagnosis Scabiesj. Whatis the treatment? Answer by student on front row, "Hood's Sarsaparillag they all like good blood? 14.--Brooks hunted cats all night. 15.-Epidemic of Tonsillitis in students' building. 16.-Poker club held an all night session. 17.-Dr. Neale gets a hair cut. 18.-Second cyclone strikes students' building, Stewart tries to butt down the radiator. 19.-Dr. Abercromby calls roll. 20 men present and 70 answer to roll call. 20.-Stomach clinic, four men read cases and ten get credit for same. 21.-Sunday. Nothing doing. 22.-Stickney proposes to a nurse. fRejectedJ. 23.--Everybody drunk. 24.-Acute indigestion prevails. 25.-Thanksgiving. Everybody thankful that they do not have to attend lectures any more this week. DECEMBER. 1.--We are again back at work. 2.-A few Seniors pay a visit to the Dean's ofiice. 3.-Telephone still ringing. Us Dr. Truitt there? NO! NO! he is suspendedi. -l.-Big fire in town-Students posted to protect the Hospital, Nurses' Building and Maternity. The fire lasted one hour, and some students were known to stay at their post for iivc hours. 5.-Van Sant out jumping garden walls at five-twenty this morning. Claims he was practising for the high jump, which is to be held next June. 6.-Feast in room No. 1 and 2, which lasted until four a. m. Menu :--Cheese, Crackers, Pickles, a Keg, and then some. 7.-Very quiet-everybody still asleep. 8.-Parramore gets X-ray job. 9.-Pat insists on being Dr. Mitchell's favorite student. 10.-Altvater gives a lecture to his roommate, and tries to reform him. 11.-Cahn is seen grazing on the campus. . 12.-For a change Hyatt is put on an operation as instrument man. 13.-Prof. Winslow operates, Coulbourn faints. 14.-Fowble persists in casting side glances at the nurses. 15.-Byrnes tries to teach Dr. Adams surgery. 98 Ziirtra flllluriar. 1915 16.-Hanna dreams he has Typhoid, awakes with a headache and stays in bed all day. 17.-We are still sitting up with the D. T. patient. 18.-Blodgett is seen to board a Catonsville car. 19.-Everybody leaving for home, and we bid you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. J AN UARY. 4.-School resumes, begins, takes up, or, in other words, that is to say, commences. 5.-Nurses' ball. Everybody had a good time. 6.-Fifteen minutes of beauty sleep cost Abbitt thirty days. 7.-Stewart and Owens worried about failing. 8.--First day at Bay View. Everybody goes and patients take W. G. Brooks to be the Professor. 9.-Poker club meets for the first time after Christmas. 10.-Dr. C. W-1 lectures on Tuberculosis. 11.-The Phi Tappa Keg Club meet and elect members. 12.-Dr. Spear asks " Rynkiewich " how he spelled and pronounced his name. 13.-W. G. Brooks, goes to work in the G. U. Box. 14.-Kohn suspended until further notice. 15.-Second day at Bay View-only fifteen men present. 16.-Sunday. Phi Tappa Keg Club meets again. 17.-Scabies-again present. 18.-Gun-shot wounds of the Abdomen-Caused by a shot-gun or pistol and not by a cap pistol. 19.-Gracie seen on front row at State Medicine, taking notes. 20.-One of the patients in Ward H received a private letter of Goettling, which was written in red ink. 21.-Goettling talking of suing the Hospital. 22.--Compton and Truitt drew up resolutions to stay in and study ive nights out of each week. 23.-They tore up the resolutions and went out to celebrate the occasion. 24.-Ward Class at Maternity. Everybody absent. 25.-Prof. Winslow tells a joke QU 26.-Kloman fThe "I" doctorj takes charge of Maternity. 27.-McDermott is known to only throw one piece of plaster at W. G. Brooks. 28.-We are all wondering why McCall is trying to corner the pickle market. 29.--Prof. Neale notifies the class that he is going to hold an examination next Sat- urday. 30.-Sunday. Poker club meets and decide to go to church. 31.-Dr. W. G. :--" N ever give morphin in hemorrhage, because you must look out for perforation 3 but you must keep your patient quiet and niorphin is the best thing you can use." FEBRUARY. 1.-Some of the students worried about examinations. 2.--" Harry " holds a little exam. Twenty men take it and nineteen fail. 3.-Dr. N. Garb fin other words, that common medical studentj is still carrying his empty medical case, and walking as if he had swallowed a ram rod. 4.-Prof. N. and Kloman are very angry at the results of the Saturday morning ex- amination. Efrrra illlariar. 1 B 1 II 99 5.-Sunday. Poker club meets again. 6.-Dr. H., Dr. S. and Dodson are still great chums. 7.-Scarlet Fever strikes hospital, and some of the favorite few have a good time for the next fourteen days. 8.-Garb tells Dr. Bay that the Lacrimal Duct is in the lower jaw. 9.-Baby Show-The seven wise men from the Childrenis Box appear upstairs at the clinic. 10.-Students from the Lombard Street house pay a visit to the students in the Green Street house and break down every door in the house. 11.-9. a. m., the Superintendent of Nurses received three dozen Baby Pacifiers. 9 p. m., the Nurses give a dance. 12.-Phi Tappa Keg Club meets again-several doors broke down, and Fiscus gets out of bed to join us. 13.-Sunday. Nothing doing. 14.-Dr. G. Wilson posted several names for the second time. 15.-Fowble makes a hit in Ward I. 16.-Three men at State Medicine. Number increasing. 17.-O'Neill and Miss -- juggled Prof. Winslowis instruments for five minutes and then dropped them. Where are the instruments? I, I dropped them. Nurse, it was partly my fault too. 18.-Dr. Adams for once meets his Friday night quiz class. 19.-Hydrophobia prevails among the students. 20.-Compton and Van Sant go calling. 21.-Ward Class No. 1, D. by Dr. M. Diagnosis, a very marked case of Aortic Stenosis. 22.-Ward Class No. 2, same patient, by Dr. G. W. Diagnosis, a very active case of Tu- berculosis. 23.-Fiscus received a bill from the hospital for room rent. 24.-" Bill " Gracie paid his board bill. 25.-One of our nurses advised Kloman to be very careful when he washed his hands in Bichloride of Mercury, and gave as her reason for doing so, that it will tarnish brass. 26.-The Adjunct Faculty receive the Senior Class. The Class of '09 will be obliged to admit that we scored a point on them-if not several points, in the most delightful reception given us by the Faculty and Adjunct Faculty of the School of Medicine. Y Dr. Scott was at the " Tiller f' when we went on board, and throughout the entire Cruise steered us with the expert hand of a seasoned " Salt." The affair was informal from " Soup to Nuts," for which everyone thanked Heaven and the Doctors. During the repast music was furnished by a well-trained stringed quartette of dusty musicians. When the board had been cleared, several members of the Faculty and Adjunct Faculty responded to calls for after-dinner speeches. A short recital by the Glee Club and specimens of mimicry at the expense of two absent faculty mem- bers, were entertaining features contributed by some of our class brethren. The greatest " hit " of the evening, however, was an execution of " The stately minuet D by our dignified Associate Professor of Obstetrics and one of our best known class- mates. The occasion was, by no means a " dry onef' in any sense of the word, though even the most convivially inclined members of the class went away with clear heads. To say that we feel deeply indebted to the Gentlemen of the Faculty and Ad- junct Faculty, would be the expression of nothing more than atrite truism. Suffice it to say that we thank them, and trust that our appreciation evidenced itself on the evening of the occasion. Class of ,10. 27.--Everybody slept all day. 28.-Dr. G. W. still lecturing on Tuberculosis. 100 Entra Marian. 1515 MARCH. 1.-Garb gets a hysterical kidney when he hears his name mentioned by the Midnight Revels. 2.-The midnight glee club serenade the Nurses. 3.--Dr. J. R. W. gives grave prognosis to such a small attendance. 4.-Dr. S. stings Abbitt and Altvater again. 5.-Fifteen men attend the show at Bay View. 6.-Just for a change the poker club meets again. 7.-Diehl forgets to sit up with patient and gets thirty days for it. 8.-Dovell tells Dr. Wilson that Diabetic patients void twenty pounds of sugar a day. We all expect to turn to sugar very soon. 9.-The following notice was seen on the bulletin board: FOUND. One sprig of modified epithelium, bristle-like in texture, straw color, contain- ing a specialized virulent organism, commonly known as hydrophobia germ. Same can be obtained by owner if called for on operating floor. No questions asked. Miss 1- called, and obtained Bill Parramore. 10.-W. G. Brooks, " I can date the onset of my illness from the day I went to work in the G. U. Box." 11.-McMillan gets job at Maternity. I wonder why? 12.-Van Sant falls in love with one of the Bay View Nurses. 13.-Numerous students seen following the editor around, and begging him not to mention their names in the poker club. . 14.-T. Brooks beats Fowble shooting. Everybody very much disappointed. 15.-Little gets job with Dr. Sminkg Dodson very angry. 16.--Rheumatism strikes students' building and Goettling claims it is all due to the same organism. 17.-Easter. W. G. Brooks sports a new green hat. 18.-Friday Afternoon Surgical quiz--Bill Parramore goes to sleep. 19.-Our last day at Bay View-everybody delighted. 20.-Sunday. Everybody studied all day except Lovell, and he had to take his box- ing lesson. 21.-Monday. Scabies again present. 22.-Medical Clinic, patient reports feeling bad. Diagnosis, Typhoid. 23.-Four men at History of Medicine-number still increasing. 24.-Kennedy still trying to grow a mustache. 25.-Mike Shull was known to not mention base ball for five minutes. 26.-Five minutes talk to a nurse cost Compton thirty days. 27.-Easter Sunday. Van Sant, Glover and Abbitt join the choir. 28.-Just for a change Dr. G. W. gives a lecture on Tuberculosis. 29.-W. G. Brooks gets a hair cut. I 31.-The ides are near. Brutus is busy-so are we. 30.-Children's Clinic-child gets a nickel and to show her appreciation she does a few acrobatic stunts. Zilrrra illlariar, IBIU handwriting on the Wall GARB I WIWTERS I RIVERS I ROBERTSON, I. ANDERTON, I. TRUITT, IV. KOHN, I. TEETER, I. KLOMAN, I. TALBOTT I ABBITT I FOSTFR I HYATT, II. ALTVATER, I GOETTLING, I DISH L, I. THOMAS, I. COMPTON, I. And these are the names of those suspended, those who in an untxmely hour saw the I O2 Ziferra illlariar, 19111 lihi Gamma Keg Glluh MOTTO-Drink everything in sight. COLOR-"Blue Ribon." FAVORITE DISH--Cheese Sandwich. FAVORITE DRINK-"Lady Manhattansf' FAVORITE FLOWER-"Anheuser Busch." FAVORITE LOOATION-Breeve's. FAVORITE SONG. "Show Me the Way to go Home." H. R. SEELINGER .... ....... Ro yal Prince of Drinkers. J. W. ABBITT ..... ..... V ice-Royal Prince of Drinkers. B. S. COMPTON .... ........... Le gal Advisor of the Body. R. P. TRUITT .... ............ B usiness Manager of the Association. J. E. DIEHL ..... ..... A ssistant Business Manager of the Association. ACTIVE MEMBERS. ALTVATER, BLODGETT, CASSIDY, COULBURN, DILLER, M. J. FIERY, F1scUs, FOWBLE, GOETTLINO, HOWEL, HOWARD, KLOMAN, MCDERMOTT, MCMILLIAN, RIVERS, SHIMER, TALBOTT, VAN SANT, WALTER. There are several other members of this Association, but they absolutely refused to have their names put on the role of honor. Un-ra illllariar, 1911! IO3 1HHn1nan'a Svntfragiat Glluh Miss L1zz1E KENNEDY ................ .... S peaker of the House. MEMBERS. Miss ALICE LITTLE. Miss C. E. FOWBLE qThe Old Maidj. Mas. G. C. CONDIT. Mas. G. Moams. Mas. A. WEBSTER. Mas. L. LANGLEY. Mrs. J. F. Byrne was a member, but has recently been expelled. SONS OF REST. An Association devoted to the interests of warding off nervous prostration from over- study. OATH REQUIRED FOR MEMBERSHIP. I hereby solemnly swear that I will spend each day according to the following schedule as near as possible: Sleep . . . . ...Sixteen hours. Loafing . . . . . ..Four hours. Eating .... .... T wo hours. Sporting ....................... . ......... .... T wo hours. The remainder of the day may be spent in study. The men who organized this Association are as follows: "Mike" Shull, R. P. Truitt, "Bill" Gracie, B. S. Compton, J. B. Nicholls and H. S. Anderton. Others who have become members since and are thoroughly in sympathy with the move- ment are: Abbitt, Altvater, Brooks, T. Blodgett, Condit, Diehl, Diller, Foster, Fowble, Garb, N. Morris, Murray, Robertson, Shipp, Talbott, Thomas, Van Sant, Von Dreele, Walter Web- ster, Winters and Fiscus. - Um-ra Mau-tae. 1510 A Stuhvnfn iliifn A student's life, is the life for me, No'1natte1' what others like to be, A jolly crowd, they make you scream, N o matter l1ow blue you may seem. With all their pranks, they know quite well, That soon will cease for all, For graduating time is near, And then we'll hold a ball. To which the nurses weill invite, To dance until way in the night, Then take them back to the nurses' home, From where they're not allowed to roam. To country towns then we will hike, Put out our shingles in the night, And We'll sit up till broad daylight, And watch for a patient to come down the pike. G. W. P QA patient's viewpoint of a studentts lifej Wall I Even- be Q5 bug Q Qgoose ' f D Z' ,N ASSfSt07lzs WD .S'hipley'5 fix! .f -' r. f ' 5 Ji , jbiimf L... S-' W3 VV? fl nd H' 'S SfOhvQc'A fo bf S'flQh77y Isrcfliftd Xx,X 1 1 '. 'x I 1 x QI? Q ,X 1. ,J 6 XY , x X N I ikff ,,.,- A755 7 W, ,., ,,7,. PROFESSOR HEMMETER Efrrra imlariar. I H1 U I O 7 II B II B A W W 1+ A W II II L. J. L W W J. J. 0 J, I. A II l. J. J. Ii ii M t4 5. 3luninr 0112155 0112155 QDfIirrr5 W11.1.1s Llxx ...... ................ ..,., I ' 1'osi1Ie11I. W11.1.1.1x1 L. I-3x'14:1:1.x'. . . . . . Y11-1--I'1wi1Io11I.. IS. N. B011-311 ....... . . .. SUl'I'l'I2lI'A'. I,m1'1-is II. IJu1'1:1,,1s.. .. 'l'l'l'ZlSlII'UI'. II1-:Nm IJ. 451151 Ii. IS..I11x1cs... IC. S. I11'1.1,111'K X. A1's'1'lN, XZX. .. J. Asvlsi: ........ . B. .ATIII-IY, N E N .... S. 1411115111 ......... IC. Blmwx, X Z .... . l'. B.x1'0N. X Z X ..... S. H1'1.1.o1'1c. X Z . L. B11-:1z1.Y. X Z X. . .. IJ.I'.x1's1-:1',X Z X. . . .. II. l'o111x1:'1'41N. I'l1.IJ.. II.1'o1:s11N.K XII. .. 1115 L1s11x.x11111s ...... H. Do1'G1..xs , X Z X. . II, Iluwxlxu. .. J. l71f11K.1N ....... J. E111-31.1-:N. A O A .... B. Ii11w.x1111s, A O A. . . . F1s111-311, K 111 ........ F. F.111111s ........... J. 12111-:1iNu11.xss, CIP A E H111sv1111.xN. 111 A E... L. H1111Ns'1'1-:1N. ..... . . - 1 1.1... ........ II1f'm11.111. ............... 51'I'4Lj1'2Il1t.-Elf-AI'IIIS. . ,. ,', ...J11111111' I'.1l1t111- 111 I111:11.x M.1111.11c. LI1u55 ilinll . . . . . .M111'x'l11114I ... . I'1-1111s.1'Ix1z1111:1 ......N 1145111111 .......1Iz11,1'l:1111l . . 741111111 I'111'11Ii1111 .......Bl:11"x'l:1111I . . X111'tI1 I'11mI111:1 . . . . .Mz11'.1'l:1111l .......II1-l11w:1111 E .X E. N E N. HL-111'gI:l . N1-11' .I1-rsvp' . . . .Now vIl'I'Ff'.Y . . . .Mz11 1'l11111I ....IM-I11x1'z11'11 . . . N1-11' Ymli .......M111"1'l11111I ..S1111tl1 I':11'11Ii1111 ........Y11'gi11i:1 ........Sy1'i:1 . . . . . X1-11' .T1'I'SL'.Y . ...1AI2lI'A'I1l11lI .. . . . . .M111'yI11111I G. 1I1'ss1':Y. dv X. ID E K. A dn A. I5I1'T1'111xs0x... 'l'. HiJIY'I'Il,L. . . E. Iu.1RT1'.1. . . B. Joxlcs ....... . . L. Josux. N E. N. . .. R. IQAHX, 41 A E .... H. K1-zlsson ....... N411"1I1 I':11'11Ii11z1 . . . . . Yew J01'He-1' ..N111'tI1 V111-11Ii11z1 . . . . . .I'111"111 H1111 . . . .WI?t1'A'liI11II . . . .H111'yIz1111I . . . . . .Ma1'yI:1111I . . .Wcst XvIl'gI11Iil. . If. li11:1:xm11,1':. .. .... X111'1l1 I'111'11li11:1 lf. I,.111' .... ...... B I:11',vIz1111I . I.1-ivlxsnx .................. .xIill'A'I2lIll1 LINN. A KE. I-0 N IC. CID X. I' A Nll. X1-11' York KI. Mxvlis, fb A E... ....... Mz11'ylz1111I IC. BI.11.1.1-ix .... ...S1111tw I11n11i11gu I'. M1111-1'1', K XII .............. Mz11'.vI11111I Y. M.1ss1aN1s1'111a, QD E K... ...M111'yIz1111I Ii. Mlslslxs, fb A E ..... ...NI111-yI11111I 'I'. 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AVILLIAM lCIzIaII'I', qi E K, X Z X. .YiI'giIIi:1 IIIIcI.IsIcIc'I'O If'.x.I.xImO ................ Vulm EIINIIST W. FRY ....... ...1Al2ll'.YI2ll14I W. H. GALLION, N S. N .......... BI2ll'A'I2lIItJ DAIVNON O. GIIOIIOIQ, N E. N. 2 A E. BIEIIYIEIIIII JOHN B. GIIIO .......... . .MnIyInI1II BIINJ. L. GRACE. A Q A. .. ..MaIyImIII AVILLIAM G. HAINIIS ..... ...... A I2ll'A'l2ll1fI JUDSON IC. HLXIR, N 2 N .... South ltillvlillil J. EDWAIIII HL'BI3.X1lD, 1122K ..... IAIilI'.V12ll1lI IC. S. JOHNSON ........... ..1AI2ll'.YI2l1lII JOIIN K. JOHNSON .... G. H. LIQBRIIT, db 2 K... . . . . .FIOI'iIIa . . .Now Jersey EDWIN P. IXOLB, X Z X .......... BIRIIWIZIIIKI. MOSI-is L. LICIAITIQNBEIIO, fb A E. . .MuI'yIaIIII BERT. A. LILLICK .... ENIIIQUE L. IJLYBIUS. . . . .L'OIOu1IIia, S. A ANDREW G. MORTON... . . . . .I'eII11syIva1Iia .........Cubu WII.I.I.xII MIOIIAIQI. .... ...MnI'.x'InI1Il III-:N.I.xIIIN NIf1wIIOI'sI':.. ...... Mz1I'yIa1IIfI -I. II. MII.I.I-:I:, QIIX .... ...SOIIIII I'I1I'OIiII:1 I". IC. 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ITENRY S'l'UCIiBRIIJGE, Ali., LL.l'3., Iiitcrnatioiiul Law, Public zuicl l'i'ix'z1tL-, Conflict of L:1wS, Exccutors amd Aclmi1iiSt1 1twiS E1xz.xR A. PHE, ESQ., A.M., LL.H., EillS :mal NQtcS, S:1lcS, Surctywliip :mal Quz1Si-Cfmti'z1ctS. XV. CALVIN CIIESNUT, ESQ., AE., LLB., jui'iSdictiim and Criminal Law zmcl I11Surz1ncc. HON. JAMES P. TQORTER, AAI., LL.H., .luricliciul Equity, Eviclcncc :mil Dzmmgcs HQN. ,IQHN C. ROSE, LL.H., Procucluru of the FL'ClCI'21l Courts, Aclmirulty HERBERT T. TIIPEANY, ESQ., AHB., LLB., Thu Law of Real Propcrty. ELI FRANK, AB., LL.B., Title to Rcal Property and Cunvcyancing. 1XLBERT C. RITCHIE, ESQ., A.B., LLB., Commercial Law and Shipping: XVILLIAM L. BLXRBURY, ESQ., T hc Law of Torts. :mal Bankriiptcy HON. JOHN PRENTISS POE, A.M., LL.D Un-ra Marist. 19111 l2l KEXTRACT FROM ADDRESS MADE BY JUDGE HENRY D. HARLAN. ON ACADEMIC DAY. 19097 Jnhn lirentiaa 15212 HE Poe family in Maryland are of Irish ancestry. From Donegal, Donegal County, Ireland, in 17-13, there came to this country John Poe, the son of David Poe, of Dring, County Cavan, Ireland, and his wife, Jane McBride, sister of that Me- Bride who was Admiral of the Blue, and member of Parliament for Plymouth in 1765. They landed at Newcastle, Delaware, with two children-David, who was then two years old, and George, who was but two months old-and went first to Lan- caster County, Pennsylvania. Eight other children were born after their arrival, but all of them except the youngest, died without issue, or their issue soon became extinct, and David and George and William are the forbearers of the family extant in America. David Poe was the grandfather of Edgar Allan Poe, the poet, William Poe was the progenitor of the Poes of Georgia, and George Poe is the forefather of the Maryland Poes. tBurk's "Landed Gentry" gives a full record of the ancestry of John Poe of Donegal, showing, for instance, that the Dr. Poe, who was physician to Queen Elizabeth, came from Donegal and was of the same family.j John Poe of Donegal and his wife, Jane McBride, removed from Lancaster County, Pa., to Cecil County, Maryland, and afterward to Baltimore, where the former died in 1756. His wife survived him many years fand died July 17th, 180?, aged ninety-sixl, and is buried in the yard of the church in which we are privileged to meet today. Indeed, this old Westminster Presbyterian Church has many associations with the Poe family. Both David and George were lot-holders in the burial ground, and here sleep many of their offspring, among them David's greatest son, Edgar Allan Poe, whose monument stands in the northwest corner of the yard. George Poe, the second son of John Poe of Donegal, married Catherine Dawson, of Cecil County, and soon thereafter they moved to Baltimore land lived, first on Thames Street, Fell's Point, west of Broadway, as it now is, and afterwards to their new property, 1855 Market Street. This lot is now on the south side of Baltimore Street about three doors east of Hanoverj. George Poe was a Revolutionary patriot, serving in the militia, Hrst as a private, and afterwards as a commissioned officer. The eldest son of George Poe and Catherine Dawson was Jacob Poe, who was horn in Baltimore, and as a young man was engaged in mercantile life here, but turning to agricul- tural pursuits became a farmer, first near Havre de Grace, then in Baltimore County, and subsequently at Elmwood, Frederick County, Maryland. Jacob Poe's wife was Bridget Amelia Fitzgerald Kennedy, a woman of noted Irish lineage. They had seven children, and among them was Xeilson Poe, who was born in Baltimore a few months after the birth of his illustrious relative, Edgar Allan. Neilson Poe's wife was Josephine Emily Clemm, the granddaughter of William Clemm. l22 Urrra tllariat, 15111 Neilson Poe was a lawyer of ability and an accomplished journalist, sometime an editor, and a writer whose style was pure and elegant. He and his wife, a cultured and refined woman of exalted piety, lived together for fifty-three years. They had nine children and he whose memory we honor today was the third child of these admirable parents. John Prentiss Poe was born in Baltimore in a house still standing on Liberty street, a short distance north of Lexington, on August 22nd, 1836.' The two forces which most influence men's lives are heredity and environment, and John Prentiss Poe came from a line in which genius had appeared, and in which public and private virtue were ever present, and he grew up under happy influences, having before his eyes a rare example of domestic felicity, refinement, culture and the many graces of Christian character. He was carefully educated under the direction of his accomplished mother, and at an early age entered the French and English Academy of Professor Boursand. Later he attended St. Mary's College, and subsequently entered Princeton College, from which he graduated with the class of '54, being then in his eighteenth year. On the fiftieth anni- versary of his graduation his Alma Mater conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Laws. On his return from college, the young graduate secured a clerkship in a bank, and during this time read law under the supervision of his father. He was appointed Librarian of the Law Library, where he had an excellent opportunity to pursue his studies and familiarize him- self with the literature of the law. He was admitted to the Bar of Baltimore, in the Superior Court, on the twenty-first anniversary of his birth-August 22nd, 1857,-and in December of that year he was admitted to the Court of Appeals of Maryland, and to the Supreme Court of the United States in the succeeding January. From the first he showed marked ability, and soon entered upon a career that for duration, activity and success has few equals. In every de- partment of the law he was equipped to serve his clients, and no one served them with greater fidelity. In their behalf no task was too great to undertake, no amount of research too ardu- ous, no attention to details too exacting. He brought to the trial of their causes a mind richly stored with the learning of the profession, a thorough acquaintance with the rules of practice and the technicalities of pleasing, a capacity for clear and exact statement that was unexcelled, a memory that was little short of marvellous combined with reasoning powers of a high order, and a diction that was singularly pure and copious. He could speak in the sim- ple language of convincing logic, or when the ocasion required employ the persuasive voice of eloquence. He could denounce fraud and wrong with telling effect, and uphold justice and right with overpowering force. His manners were gracious and winning. While maintaining the interest of his clients, he was fair to his opponents, courteous to his adversaries, deferen- tial and respectful to the Court. He was an adept in the art of cross-examining. Small won- der that he had many cases to try in State and Federal Courts. The most complete record of his work as an advocate will be found in the one hundred volumes of the Maryland Reports through which are scattered the cases many of them of the greatest importance, in which he appeared before the court of last resort. The record begins in 11th Maryland. He was then but twenty-one years old. In this volume are his first and second causes on appeal, and in both he won notable victories. The second appeal was an action of ejectment, and one of the opposing counsel was that eminent advocate, Isaac Nevitt Steele. I once heard Mr. Poe say that the study he had given, as a young man, to the intricate law of ejectment in this case was refiected in the fullness with which he treats of the action of ejectment in one of his books. When Mr. Poe came to the Bar, its leaders were such renowned lawyers as Reverdy John- son, John Nelson, William Schley, Thomas S. Alexander, John H. B. Latrobe, Henry Wil- mer Davis, George William Brown, Isaac Nevitt Steele, H. Oliver Miller, Charles J. and Severn Teackle Wallis. The honored Provost of this University, Bernard Carter, was then, like Mr. Poe, a young man, just starting upon the career which has deservedly brought him Zilrrra Marius. 1915 I23 such distinction. QIf I mistake not, Mr. Provost, your first case is recorded in 11th Mary- landj. Mr Poe was one of few links connecting the Bar of today with that older, famous, Bar, and he has brought to us its best traditions and ideals. With such men as I have referred to, Mr. Poe engaged in frequent legal battles, gaining many victories, and in defeat bowing with submission to adverse rulings, and findings, as more than once I have heard him remark that these rulings became the weapons with which he achieved future triumphs, and that sub- sequent reflections generally convinced him that the court was right. The nearest to criticism which I ever heard him utter in losing a case was: "The Court decided the case, but did not answer the argument." Mr. Poe was a great master of our profession, but he was more than an eminent lawyer, he was the codifier of our whole body of statute law-public general and public local, as well as of the ordinances of the City Council of Baltimore. He was the draftsman of many reforms in legislation, and a legal author of note. His books have been of inestimable value to the profession. There is in our State no practitioner even of the smallest pretentious, and no judge who does not keep his works on Pleading and Practice at hand, and refer to them constantly. For many years he was one of the School Commissioners of Baltimore City, a City Council- lor 5 a'member of various Tax Commissions, served in the State Senate, and was Attorney- General of Maryland from 1891 to 1895. In each of these positions he displayed conspicuous talent, capacity, and fidelity to duty. No record of his life, however brief, would be com- plete without reference to his well-known party fealty. He was a life long Democrat, advo- cating the election of the candidates of that party, and supporting its measures when many did not, but he believed in party government, and while he recognized the existence of public evils and the necessity for reform he thought this could best be secured within party line, and sub- ordinating his private views to the will of the majority he adhered to party ties, not for selfish reasons or from any personal motives-for he gave to his party more than he ever received from it-but because he thought the supremacy of the party itself, I know of no instance in which he did not advise what he thought was right. In political contests, he was a frequent and an effective public speaker, and as it is not unusually the case, was at times the target of severe and much unjust criticism. This he accepted with equanimity, and I never knew a public man who bore so little resentment. His nature was essentially sweet and forgiving. But it is his work in connection with this University which is especially interesting to us today. It was here that for forty years he did his great work as a teacher. The story of the Law Schol before he became associated with it is soon told. A Law Faculty was first constituted and annexed to this University in 1813. David Hotf- man, Esquire, was the first professor of law, a man of extraordinary learning and most ex- tensive attainments, whose scholarly writings gained for him an LL.D of Oxford and a J .U.D. of Gottingen. While he published his "Course of Legal Study Addressed to the Students and the Profession Generally" in 1817, and his "Syllabus of Lectures on Lawi' in 1821, no school of instruction in which lectures were given to students was opened until 1823. This ceased in 1836 when Professor Hoffman, discouraged by lack of pecuniary support, and the small num- ber of students who, at that day, were willing to give to the scientific study of the law the time required to complete the comprehensive course outlined by him, abandoned further effort to keep up the "Maryland Law Institute" as he then called the school. In 1869 the surviving members of the Law Faculty, Messrs. George IW. Dobbin and John H. B. Latrobe, determined that the time had come to revive the School of Law. They selected Messrs. George William Brown, Bernard Carter, H. Clay Dallam and John Prentiss Poe to fill the existing vacancies in their Faculty. Judge John A. Inglis and Judge Robert N. Martin were elected professors, and Judge Dobbin was made Dean. The first course of in- struction began on the first Monday in February, 1870, with twenty students in attendance. many of them young members of the Bar, and continued till the summer vacation. IZ4 Etna Marist. 19111 Since the time of his election to the Law Faculty, Mr. Poe has been the leading spirit in the work of the reorganized Law School. The Law Faculty and the Board of Instruction in the Law Department are not necessarily identical, and Mr. Poe for the first session had no part in instruction, but he offered in the fall of 1870 to give a course of lectures on Pleading and Practice at Law, and his offer was gladly accepted. "Some idea of the difliculties and dis- couragements with which the revival of this School was attended may be inferred from the fact that his entire course of lectures upon the two branches assigned to him QI quote from a statement in his own handwritingj was originally prepared for and delivered at night for a whole scholastic year to a class sometimes as small as three, and never larger than seven." To this, it may be added, that they were also delivered without compensation. Mr. Poe had, however, entered upon this task convinced that the interest of his profession required the establishment and maintenance of a law school of high order in this state, and his enthusiasm was undaunted. After many years of faithful work always preserving the same courage, and taking the same interest as at the beginning, he beheld the School grow, largely as the result of his own attractive personality, and his capacity as lecturer and teacher, it became recog- nized as one of the important institutions of learning in the Commonwealth, both by reason of the number of its graduates, and the iniiuence it has exerted in raising the standard of legal education. It graduates up to the present time number over thirteen hundred. All of these came under his teaching, and it may justly be said that no man in this generation has so deeply touched and moulded the life of the Bar by precept and example. He was the friend of the student, ever ready to share with him his knowledge and experience, and in the concern with which he watched them enter upon their professional careers was exhibited that almost paternal solicitude which endeared him so strongly to the student body and to the alumni as a whole. Mr. Poe was not content to be a good lecturer. He desired to impart knowledge to his students in a permanent form. This led him Hrst to print a Syllabus of his lectures in Plead- ing and Practice. This was followed by the preparation of his comprehensive work on Plead- ing and Practice in the Courts of Common Law. The Hrst volume on Pleading appeared in 1880, and in its dedication to the Provost of the University of Maryland, he describes it as an "effort to aid in the construction and to lighten the labors of the students of law." The sec- ond volume on Practice was published in 1882, and the fourth and last edition of this in- valuable treatise appeared in 1906. Mr. Poe was made Dean of the Law Faculty on the death of the venerable George W. Dobbin, in 1884. But his activities were not confined to the Law School. As a member of the Board of Regents, every department of the University engaged his attention. There was no movement for its development that did not have his sympathy and co-operation. At the meetings of the Board of which he was long the Secretary, his attendance could always be counted on. If there was work to be done he never avoided it. In all the years I have known him, I have never heard him urge the excuse that he was too busy to undertake a task that fell to his lot. He would sleep a few hours less, and work a few hours more-that was all. For- tmnately, he had a strong constitution, and his capacity for work was almost incredible. He was so ready and capable that it was natural to turn to him, and he would not only do what he was asked to do, but do it uncomplainingly and well. If legislation was required to add a new department, or to expand the chartered powers of the University, he was at hand to draw the necessary bill. If an orator was desired for a commencement occasion, who could so well conduct the necessary correspondence? Ilis associations with his colleagues were of the most delightful kind. Envy was absolutely foreign to his generous nature. He rejoiced in every honor which they won, and the meetings of a social character in which they participated in com- mon were made memorable by his vivacity and genial wit. Entra Blariar. IHIII l25 Turning for a moment from his public to his private life, we find a devoted son, husband, father and brother and a staunch friend. To work, and work unsparing of himself for those he loved was to him a pleasure. The limits of time prevent me from recounting many in- stances of self-sacrificing labor. If I were asked to sum up the principal characteristics of this life, I should say that devotion to his family. Devotion to the profession. Devotion to the Law School of this University, devotion to his party, and willingness to aid others, par- ticularly young men, conscientious performance of duty in every station of life to which it pleased God to call him, were dominant. His was a long life. More than three score years and ten, and a full life lived. The end was not unfitting. He labored to the last. His step may not have been quite so quick, his heart action not quite so strong. but his eye was as bright, his smile as sweet, his presence as cherry, his hand clasp as Warm as ever when We last saw him, and he retained all his alertness and mental vigor and happy disposition. The stroke came suddenly on the morning of the first day of the Week-the Lord's Day, and thereafter he lingered but a short space, attended by his loved ones, and quietly, unsufferingly, before dawn on the morning of the succeeding Thursday, October the 14th, 1909, passed into the life immortal, leaving us the memory of one who was faithful even unto death. ? IN MEMUHIAM OE Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: yea saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors: and their works do follow them. -Rev. Chap. 14:13 verse. ,' . HUS does the gracious God bless the sons of men who worship Him in spirit and in truth. This day john Prentiss Poe is resting from his earthly labors, in the land of the blessed with the God of his Fathers. He died in the Lord, Thursday, October 14th, 1909. ' Among his greatest moumers are the students of the Law Depart- !! , I, i , X ment of the University of Maryland, with whom so much he loved to be. eff- ff' ,' His sudden death was the saddest event in our University career. To A A f have him plucked from our midst at a time when we were beginning to J love him most and could ill afford to lose him seems to us incomprehen- sible: but God we know does not willingly afflict or grieve the children of men. As the sweetest flower leaves its mem'ry longest when it has faded, so it is with the refreshing sweetness, in that noble, kind and gentle nature of John Prentiss Poe, which shall be preserved the longest in the memories of the law students of the University of Maryland. That he should have blended with his wonderful leaming these virtues seems most extraordinary. It was this composition of learning and sweetness that made us love this great and good man. We know that he loved the students of the Law School, because it was the most natural thing for him to assist and love young men struggling to enter the legal profession. Although his time was of inestimable value, it did not deter him from assisting them before or after lecture hours. Hundreds of young men felt his kind touch the two years they had known him. There are but few men in the Class of nineteen hundred and ten that had not felt his touch of kindness. The classes of '11 and '12 had just begun to feel the influence of his character as his soul ascended to its Maker. How often have we missed him sinceg to feel the influence of his cheery presence and to see his bright eyes sparkle with mirth and his smile so sweet. His wonderful elucidation of the law made our path so easy, so en- couraging: and this combined with the great gift of illustrating the law by means of humorous stories was a never failing delight and assistance. Despite the 75 years, his work among the students was short of marvellous, and which in no way seemed to tax his energy, or affect the kindness of his disposition. He could lecture on Pleading and Torts, and immedi- ately join the Senior Class on Evidence without great fatigue, and be in fine spirits. He loved order and discipline and virtue in the lecture hallsg and he was to be found in the rostrum ready to begin his lecture, always at the appointed hour. He liked to advise the students of the immense importance in being prompt and never failed himself to observe it with rigidity. He possessed the carriage and qualities which distinguish the Christian gentleman, and he never failed to impress their inherent qualities on the students. One of his last acts in the.Senior Lecture Hall was to quote a chapter from the Acts of Apostles C28th Chapterb. Some ten score students will cherish through life the memory of this noble and good man, who was loved by them so well. ARTHUR E. NELSON, EJIIDY. Gln-ra illllm-ian, IH 1 II Ein mvmnriam in 31111111 Hrrniiaa mil? In thee we saw all good revealed, Thy loving kindness was ne'er concealed 5 And we the students now en masse, Acclaim thee the spirit of our class. Thy memory is to our minds commended, For thou wert taken ere thy task was ended 5 And death robbed this body as a whole, Of a beautiful and perfect soul. Upon the sands of time we see thy tread, Thy life is with us, though thy body dead 3 And when we reach our mortal goal, We hope to have so clean a soul. This much within thy lovely precincts know, That immortal lives the name of Poe 5- Within the minds of they who now have breath, And loved in life, yet greater far in death. Endeared in our hearts is the thought of thy face, Where each one the beauties of manhood could trace Though plucked like the rose, in its sweetest hour, We still have the perfume of the Hower. For death though it pluck the lovely rose, And casts upon hearts the bane of woes, Can never poison old memory's well, Wherein the image of Poe doth dwell. A Dean among angels art thou now, Crowned with heavenly victory is thy brow, From thy lofty dwelling guard thou and guide, Our student ranks on every side. And when we wish as lawyers dutiful, To express a word sublime and beautiful, To the world we'll whisper soft and low, That name immortal-Jolm P. Poe. -E. B. Mir? "'?XZ.7r ii' Blllnhrl Glnnhiiinna in the Erpartmrnt nf Emu "Where in the name of the sanctuaries is that Maryland W Digest?" gf "Ha, hal" roars Samuels, the man who has grown fat from much sleep. "You had better put a little brimstone into your inter- rogative, critic. You'll be more apt to find it." "What's the trouble ?v asked Horevitch, the book-worm and library nuisance, who condescended to look up from his volume of legal ethics. "Am looking for the Maryland Digest," responded Sir Critic, as he rooted over the long tables of conglomerated volumes of misplaced Maryland Reports, text-books and law dictionaries, which were never found on the shelves, but A 'lv- strewn on the tables or floor. CA' HHHIIIPD !" grunted Horevitch, in that characteristic nasal tone. "The two volumes of the Maryland Digest that once graced the library, have long since been stolen? Sir Critic made no response, but mumbled something about system, sauntered off to a far corner and dropped care-. lessly into a chair. The corner in which Sir Critic sat commanded a view of the entire library. Along the window side of the room, with their chairs tilted against the walls, could be seen a few studi- L- ous youths f?J reading with difficulty the seemingly dirty pages of some law works. Upon closer inspection, however, one could easily see that this illusion had been caused by the reflection of the dust-besmeared windows. From a far corner came the smothered strains of, "Glide, glide! Keep on a-gliding," while a patron of "the pit" was roughly endeavoring to execute a graceful glide, which was more of a "Salome wrigglef' Ever and anon came a burst of laughter from a group of joyous sports in another corner, discussing the girl question, each thinking he had the best-looking girl at the dance. New comers were constantly arrivingg and, as each entered, he would walk straight way to the nearest table, extricate the mail from a pile of books, look carefully over it, and finding none for him, would return it, none the better for the handling. This operation was repeated by almost every man upon entering, and in a short while the unclaimed mail resembled a package of letters which had been carried in one's pocket for a week. -.94 EPYFH flltlariar, 19 111 I 25 The room was filling fast. for lecture time was approaching. When the chairs were all filleml. the tables were utilizeil. llere they woulil sit. talking. humming. swinging' their legs or smoking. only moving when someone wouhl interrogate one of them as to the num- ber of the volume of reports upon which he was sitting. .Ks the room lilleml with stuclents. it also fillcil with foul lireath anrl tohacco smoke. Sir t'ritic was unalile to concentrate his attention unrler these C11Yl1'01llllL'lll'S, anil tleciileil to retire to the Senior Lecture llall. Ill the progress ol' his exit. a .lunior rushetl past him, calling out. " Where in the I I I it is that librarian? " t'Lihrarian?" respontletl Sir l'ritic. "Yes, lilirarian. Hare you seen him?" "No," answereil Sir Critic in amazement. "'l'his is mx' thircl .rear at the l'nirersity. and l am unable to tell who is lilirarian." "lVell. I woulrln't have known there was one here il' he hafln't tolil me. I gave him some notes to keep for me a week ago, anrl I haw-n't ln-en ahle to linil him since." Sir Critic shook his heatl as if to say, 'C 'l'hat whole lllll'ill'LY will wallc otl' unless some- thing lie tlone soon." Ascenrling the steps to the lecture hall. he overtook a limping senior. who was lilieralllx' punctuating the air in the immetliate vicinity. with expressions more often hearil in a Sunday-seliool. "What's the trouble." inquireml Sir t'i'itic. ' "'I'rouhle." roareil the irate senior. "there's no troulile. lt's pain. I got my hanils corereil with ilust while searching for some reference hooks. which I since learnerl are not in the lllll'2ll'-YZ anil on flescencling the steps to the hasement. which is lqept as ilarli as a tlungeon ln' the janitor in his enilearors to economize in the use ol' electric light. unless. pereliance. he he working i11 the liasemcnt, I slippeil anil went humping lo the llottom. When I clrew mysell' up I founfl that my ankle was spraineilf' .Xcliniiwlcilging' that he was familiar with the conilitions just recileil. anil taking his friencl ln' the arm, Sir t'1'itic helpetl him to the lecture hall laniling. struggling all the while to suppress smiling at the queer grimaces his frienrl was making. Vpon entering thc Senior liecture llall. he founil a hall'-ilozen others. who hail founil it impossilmle to stuclv flown stairs in the lilirarlr, hut were here enjolring the quietuile of a noiseless. well-lightetl room. Ile found a comfortalile seat anll was soon ilcep in the liquity suhject. His attention. liowever. was now ilivertetl to the shullling noise of approaching foot-steps. 'I'he'x' were not the lmlithe, springnx' foot-steps of a stuilent: nor mliml they seem light enough for those ol' a professor. All the occupants of the lecture hall seemeil To he listening. Xearcr anal nearer came the sounils. Now conlml he hearil the liearlx' lireathing ol' a man. appar- ently exhausteml lu' his efforts in climhing the steps. 'l'he sounil ol' flirt hi-ing grounml uniler a lieavy' foot-step came thunflering into the room. 'l'he owner of the feet was on the lanil- ing. .X shaflow ilarkenecl the mloorwav. ancl a man stoocl lmefore them. Flick! click! cliclcl click! went the electric light switclilioai-il. :mil the room was in mlarlt- ness. save for a few tlull rays of the fast failing tlatrliglit. which penetratefl the room no . 4 - larther than two seats trom the winilows. 'ttientlemenl You aint a hit particular how you use the light." saiil the liall'-angrlx' fireman anfl janitor comhineil. for it was he who hail enlereil. "Yon'll hare to sit next the winilows il' you want to reaml. You fellows come up here anil turn the lights on. anml then I get lilameml for the large electric light hill." Shullle. shullle, went the feet again. anil the speaker hail gone. l'ill'l'-Yll1g'2l pitcher ol' stale water which the professors haul lailetl to ilrinli. Sir t'ritic hearetl a sigh of clisgust ancl placing his he-all in a coml'oi'tallle position. snoozeil quietly until he was again startlcml hy the stamping of leet anil the cat-calls ul' Slonian. Alas! He knew too well that these sounils were a conilition preceilent to the ap- proach of a professor, antl his sleep would he at an enil. Sure enough. there stootl .Iutlge Gorter, his faee all broken up and ratliant with smiles. H. C. JOXEs, Editor. " 1 1 0 . Niiyh mx IE! if .', 1 I? xl- ', 3 . fl , 0 4 x A, any , yr' 'vs x.'j SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Efrrru Hlariar. 15 1 II 1Eftirvr5, 0112155 nf 19111 ARCHEY C. NEW 1111-sidcnt ROBERT H. BICCAULEY 'Vice-Prcsiclunt HQXRRX' F. 1JGDl5N, ,SL'CT'CtZ1I'j' EMANUE1, M. BAUM- . Pwct JAMES F. IQLIECKA . . . Histurizm Exrrutiuv Glnmmittvv HARVEY C. JONES, H.XRRX' F. fYGDEN, RIEGIN.XI.D KEENE, ROBERT H. MCCAULEY. I K by K. Dy Q55 XXX 3,3 , CSM" gixff . 'f V gf? - S Z xx x x U! Hif i?-fll Q ' p XAYL K-X x A . g,xxx. w4j , f f ' f ffhxw ' -. QV -x 'Xe 'I' f .nk , ZX FN j ixx xg!! if X Si wp, f? lfjgpvf ff -5 5 Z' f 4 , 1 X - I 7, , 1 1, u 1 2 T C5 X f , NN .fy X f If .A V K f fi ' 2 4 5 f X N x 2 C W 4 rj, pf WI XV' f XS f 2 KJ X, -cj! K f 4 f f F1 C Z X ' K ,ff X ff. J , f XJ QRQJD ll AQ QLQQ QQ ML Q Errra illlarizxr, IH 111 I 33 F MX NI' ici. M. .XL'1'1fELD, liziltiihmv. Mil. ' N 4 f XQO. QS: xwiglit. lllig llUlg'lll', 411134. .Xlwz1X's smiling. lull ul' gli-4-, lf. M. .Xlll'1'l4l. llzlivirlx' llIl', lfiill ul' la1ug'lilvl'. lull ul' Sllllllh lim-ii1i11g'l:ixx' ai thing iliviliv. ' X 'i ali, Quivlq zliifl siiziplyx. Hll thi 11 'S Full HliXllllilll1lQ1'U1 S X ' lwllv l'lXX'X'l'l' lil' will mzilw. v 4 . ll lCM.xNL'i-:L M. BXVX1. Beiltiiiimv. Mil. 211 -' fht. 5.1013 Awe. 271 wviwlit. 1 3' hw lj P' F' .Xml ai hlmmiiiig ln.xii. - lin- him :I Slilllll' with his 21114-vsliiw. ig Polvtccliliic Institute. ISHS. Berlin S1-lluol ol' 'l'ca'l111oliw'x'. FN. l'a11'is Svliuol of 'll-vliiiology. C'l 3 ss Pmif. 'llli Xll2lSS l'1'upl1Qf. llo1'e's to the pact ul' the class. Who no rlouht oftvii slim-las, iis littlc szitircs lim' ull of l .Xie liUlll1llCl,l on gi-ntlc liimvlqs. Xml in this pucin he kimcks hiiusclf, .-Xml says, tliougll his knocks lac rottell, C That he was Class Iylllll in 1J10, iXIl1l if 'Tis Ciuua the pixel. Let X is gone hut not l'orgotteI1. kill him for his 71 bad verse. I34 Flrrra Qlllariar, IH 1lJ .1 , - o 0 .lst .IUIIN llHITI.liHLl!N, Jn.. Y ..- KID l'i2lllllllUll. Mil. Xgo, Smxicx' L. B.XCIIll.Xl'll, A. B., Bziltiiiimo, Mel. 23: weiglit, 1453 liciglit, 5.71,Q. .lcxliu Milliken l'11ix'e1'sit-x', 1903. lixm-i1'fix'c Uoiiiiiiitlcc. 'IUL Poe Memoria - Q llUllllll1llL'C. 10. .Min-, '3-'11 xx1'l"'lll l-ull ll1'l4Q'lll. 'i.lll-i. g-x liilllllllllfl' l'itx lull1'L5l', lllllli. v v A 'li-:ii-lim-iw 'l'i lllllllg Nilimxl, ISDH.. 1 . Q . llizllrniziii nl lllll luiiiliiittw. l'ui1llmu1'1i s ai Si-num yusl lliv Fillllll, , . - i 'l lmuglx .llllllUI' lw pl mal In lli- xx':li'ms llii- 1-In SS . 'sulv Ixus mil xxx- in limi - ll2lllll'1 .luxe-xx'll1l1-11 xxliilx-xxx xv mul lu lllllll. liul xx'lu-in l'm1llnn11'li 1 out xx'l1x' llwii XM' ll lmxa- lu ilu lilxm wills-1' mm-ii. 1 Ilan ilu ul tlu Iixx in llllllll l'z1lv ' as -s l in Ilum xx irmlli :mil FllllSllIIl4 lmxl. 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To sou .lllmlgu X1l0l'll'l' scan all nf our l':m-s. .Xml som- liim mic-in-lv ll1l2lQll1illX' span-vs. But llgrlcn was um- of tlic liustliugf arrows, .Xml was always on timc Wlll'l1 tlic wliistlo lmlow. . , . ln timv to 4-111110. mic m flu' pmvn-1's, lime ll be, 'l'l1z1t will lzmnl El slip c-alll-al LLB. "XX'liy will mv. low? ls it lJt,'l'Z1llSO I liuve specialized ou t,lOll1QSflC relations ?" .. X .luiix lllx X'lM"K, K Y -. - 1 llllltliiiuii. M il 23: Wl'l"'l1l llill' lim-iglif, 110 F' l'l1:i1'lu l'm-Qul lx ttl Ilnll. lim' nl 'HI XXllt'llUil'l' its six lw 1-lalssmuiii mlm ml will lint Nu-li mil l. ll. Xmlx v Ili miiil-s ln sw- tln iuiiim' vll 2 cl ull l'll'1'llflllS rlwlll ll2ll'l'ilSS. SS llut z1llu1i1'lm4ltlilillllik wi- will limlx v Xml will llwl Xmwli Hlll' l. ll. 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Owings? If So, llc sim- sliuulil pay, Thu- ilolit tlmt lu- Uk Owings Beforo linzil L'X2lllllllklil0l1 day. "To him the Lilm1'z11'im1 owe-s it, that no dust lmtli ruiucd the books." Elm-rra Hliariar. IH 1 U I49 .- 1 GIZUIIGE G. SC1lx1c1'1f14:. lsillllllltblf. Mel. Ago, 25: wuiglmt, 1Jf'3g height, 5.7. lialfimurc Pill-VfL'1'lIl1lL' llmstilllfv, 1897. Spccizllisf 011 wills. IlC1'C'S to G. G. SClll161ll'l'. 'l'lw 61l1lJOLllllll'I1l ul' woo: The vve1'lasti11g quury: Tho mmleru i.'ic01'n. -X Yelltlill' of real cquitics. The captain of tlu- In-auts. Who drills in all the parties, To avoifl a llllllllplltlll' of suits. "1'l1c,V talk most who have least to Say," .Xt 7 P. M. lle was still trying to Q-o11vi11cc Judge Gorter that he was wrong. l'1-rpc z 4 N211 NL .Xtl S0 L1-zwls S.X3ll'l'Il.S. llzlll i .Xglx ITP-l-' WL'lLflll. fllll 1. ll1I',,1lll',-Llb. 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X 11111-' 111 1111- 1111'1'41 14 1'I1l' Ill' Q'- 1, P' F' X 11111-1- Ill 11111. IlIl1141 1111111 4111111111-" 1111- '11111-' 14 -1 11-11-11 11111.1111 11 1 P I'I'III"' H111 1111 111l1111l1'1111 1 1111- 11111-1-1' QIll"'4 1-'-1111 ..,1 14L11'1111111 Ql1'1'1F 115 111111 1 . 11111 111- 11111 1-'111- 114 -1 111111 I1 1 X111-1' 1111- 1111-11 1A1'111'1'11 11-sl . 111 ' 11. 1 1111-.N rf ' 111 1 11111111 1 1-1111-'1111-1' 11-1 11111 1141'111111l'9 1 - 1 111' 11111111111-1' 211111 111-1ig1111 01111111-111 111' p1'11s111-1'11'1', .X1111 1111- 51111111211 s111111-s 111 111g111. "lint 111 1110z1S1- t11.1's1-11, but 1111-ss 111 p1eaSe 111111-1-sf' Urrra Hilzxriar, 15 1 U I 5 I JAMES H. S'r1aELi:. Watersrille, Mil. Age. 'Big weight, 158. height. 5.11114 HlJ1101'2ll5' Piesicleiit of the ,Xheeutees Society. Steele is one of our students Who heartily works and strives- To Steele the value of the law, Which he in books may find, Anal honorably convert it To the faculty of miucl. ulbid you ever see him meditatiugg his awful brow contracted and his eyebrows bristling ?" Jisuoxim SLOMAN C'63IO2lI1l,l, TQ? 103 .lzlcliSo11 l'lzl1'c'. l'lzIlti1lloro, Mtl. Age, 20: weight, 1438: lu-ight, 111113. Vim'-l,1'L'SlllL'Ilt, 'Nfl-illlg S4'gl'Qtg11'yg 'HH-'10, What they sur, wire not, th-zu' .lt'l'I'.Y. Let your ri-il tie speak ol Jo-V5 vu are luster them 21 slow-umu, .Xml um-'re proufl ol' lll2lllllll2lqS lilly. Your souorous voice is Wl'll'Ullll'll, When our ll1'2lI'tS are rent Zllltl sore, It can Suri-lx' lu- mlistiuguisliefl. Froiu the 1-z1uuou's iuightux' roar. "l thrive preseiiteil him ll liiiigliv erowu, whivh he mlifl thrive refuse: was this zmiliitiou? 152 Efrrra Qlllariav, 1 H 1 U 1111111111111 T11,111'11 '1'11,1111111xN. AB., A CIP 11'1:1s11111. 1111. Xgv. '3i1g x1'111g111, 131 'QI 111-1g111, 5.11 .1111111s 11111111111s l'111x'111's11y, 111118. 11ll1x 1'1'11111 1'111s11111, gm' 211111 i.l'2l1111'1'1 1 . 1 1111 If 'l I"',N' I'1'11111 1111- 1'12lS1l'1'11 S11111'11. D 1111111111 11511 11111111111111. El 11111111 I111' 1i1ll', 111 1111125 111 111111s11lI 11111-11 lll2lI11 1111l11111111111'. 111111 ?" "W11-1' 111':11's1 1111111 111 111-Y s1-11' 111111 51115 1111 1'111 11 F111c111:1:11'K M. TANNEN, AB., MD., 1Sz1111111111'11, M11. Ago, '39 1 w111g111, 185. '1'z11111111'. 21 1112111 111' 111111111-111 11211110 111101111-11 111 11111111' 11111 111WIVL'l'.S gilllllf' MQ1111-11111 111 111111 was 11111-11111111g 1:11110 S11 111 11111 'lf 111' M. 1111 1-1111111. 1111 111111111 111111 saw, 111111 1-1111111 2llLL'2l111. , . '111 111111 11111 111111111 Ill 1511111 S11 11111111115 111:11 111s 112115 1111'1'11:1s11 W11 w1s11 111111 1ll21IllY 1111l1's 111 1111111111-11. 1 H11 11l1I11iS 1111111111 H111'11111's 1111-1111'11S 11x1-111111111 11111111 111111-111s11111111z1. 'e El rrra illllariar. IH 1 ll X11T111'1:, T1:.11m1:, E111 li2lllllll4lI'l'. Mil. . - V . .Xg'e, 728g 111-11fl1l 1,351 l1e11-'lll 1 ll l'lxee11l1x'e lHlIlllllllUU. lion' n 'a rs 3 . 4 . h rw . 1 -. 1-' 1 .r., 4 . 111' - 1 1- .' ' .XII ,. . - . , .. , 1 ARTi11'1: L11 M111 NYICKERS, Age 241 weigllt, 165g l1eig1l1l, 0.8. 1 f'11111l.11'i1lge Illgll School. Vickers in an estate in 1'e111ai111le1', And c-e1'la1i11ly is 21 griuclg And loves the Stllllj' of the law, Tllilt,S wl1y l1e reuiaiiiell l1el1i11cl. But l1e was il jolly good fellow, With allways il smile on his .Xml 111111-1' .xI'lllllI' 'llI'2llll' llt'I'. l,1 111 llll lo :1 lllll'lllllQ' Zlllilll llillllllli llow face 5 And l1e'l1 surely eaptu1'e a slleeps-skin, Yv1'e1' lel ll1'l' lilll ol' lzllls-1', Xml ll 1'o11 woo. 111 lll2llllll'l' l1'111 lmw wlll Ive il slmllsl' to x'o11. ".'oles" was Illillll clues llLl Llo ll? For Le Mar is 111 the l'2lCC. Home is where the heart is." I 54 Entra imlariar, 1 H1 III 1 Uii,xi:i,i-Ls l'.xl:mn,1. XYUUDISN, .X.l'3.. llillllllllllll Mil. .Xgn-. 35: wi-iglil. 130: hi-ighl. 5.24. l,l'lIl1'l'l4lll, lilllf. l4llll'2lI'.Y l,I'l'Sl1ll'IIl. Wlmfll-ii was il slmlviil lllllll. Whfl llxwll aimiil his l'l-llmviiiviil .Xml slmlil-ll lziw quill- SlDlll'l'l-Y ixlvil-Y lim-lq in lfllll. "lli1xx':11'1l." mis his paisswmwl. 'l'his wus his 4l:1ilIx' swilgl Xllll llfwlslllll lIl'2ll'lil'Ill'll lim ll. -' A- - - in' Xml with wllwis Imssul iilllii, "Slum-s liuxv lm-ii llmmii lu umm- :iml liws lu fIll'2lli.u Ilc1'v's lu liilizm. unc ul lhf- mi Kiuixx E. XOLK, AB., Billlllllllllh Mil. Ago, JI: wcighl, 1655: hoighl, .im.101f3 Loyola, Vol l0gC. . if? in wrimls 1lil'Y ultcl' 4l2l.V, O X .Xml lligs iulu high lllllllkll' it to pass lhc limo QIWRIXQ lint lo glczlin the lN'2lI'lS ul' wislli s al liunlci' lmhlctli 22111101 lliou, lm, ' ' fl him lm' El llvilll 0110 Sri 1l4llll',lUllEL BV the mlllmlss nl' his mimic Tis fllllllil. I ilu lumw him hy his g Errra f111Iz1ri1:xr. 19 1 H --nl -1-ll' - 111111101 1111111111 11. X11l'N1:, 112l11ll1ll11'l'. M11. X111 '1' w11ig111. 1311111111g111, 11.11 1 1 1 'Sllll s 1 11111-1's11111.1'. 111-1 ll 1111111 'l1'1 11111 '1"'l'11 1 1 r., , '1'111' Hung must V111 1I1'51111g: 1111 1111111- -11'1- 11'1111' '1"'l'41 111' 11111 1 '- 11111 11-11'1- 11l1' 11z11111- 111 111111111 rs 11111 X4ll111"' -N 11111 111:11' 1111-1, 111 11111 1111111 111111111111111 K1:1111- 121111111 1111111' 1-11111 11z11' 1 111111 11111 11111111 4L1'l'211l1S Yllll fLfI'1Il11 .1 111111 1 1111111 111 1115 41l11ll111ll'SS, 12lIlLfl1 151 111 his 11-1'-1' Q1-S11111' I56 Zrlrrra fllllariar, 19 1 II W A . v Cilhrzr 1111211 Alan Attrnhvh Evrturva 'l imius G. UA. NIPBICLI N B.. Owings Mills, Md. li. ll'lCCLUIlE ROUZEH, AB., 9 E. Read Sf. Ago, 22g weight, 1503 liciglit, 5.9 Xgi- 05: wciglit, 105: lu-ight, 5.111,Q. II. l3.n'i.Y A . v .lulm llopkiiis, 1906. Wvslorn Maijvlaiicl College, 1907 G. P.. Raluiglig J. H. V.. A.B. C'li.x1'M.xN B. Litt., llilllllllUl'l'. Mil. W. U. Mc'Si1if:l:izY. A.B., Fi'0mlci'i1-li, Mil. X510 951 woiglil. 1052 lioiglil. 5.115fQ. l'1'inCot01i. 1907. Agc, 725: woiglit, 1681 lwiglif, G. Ml. Sl. Mai'y's Colln-ge. llrziiifl llI2lSlL'l' ul' tlw AllYilIll'0ll Oiwlci' of Hu- innimis Qiiizvvs. .l0Sl'll'll S. Cc JDK lialtiiimm, Mel. l+INOs S. STOCKBIKIIJGIC, A. B., Bailfiiiiom, Mel. Y' 1! Ago, 233: weiglif. 160: liciglif, 5.11 Aiiilierst College, 1907. Agp-. 10-l-1 wviglit. 175: liciglif, G.3ilfQ. l'1'opl1el, '0T. l,I'0SlllCl1l. Vlizipimiii - Hale-igli - Stockbridge llIlllzlll'l0lll' l'lulr. F i uxii t.iosxic1.1., . Bzilliiimiv, Mil. 1 al X 0. 15' NPS. A. l1.lXINl1,All Lumiziiwltuwii, Mil. IJ. Liwi' Wmzxlciz, A.B., Baltimore, Md. IH 'l BW Ago, 235: wciglit, 110: height, 5.8 P1'ii1m'etmi. 1908. W11.1.1.xM P. LAWSON. A.B., Bultimoru, Mel. Ago, 20. Aga-, 211 wi-iglit, 1501 lu-iglit, 513113, lVl'SlUll1 llillwlilllfl Collcgc. 1807: St To 111 Mr. sr. ir.11'ym mul.-lfix wma. f"'l'1'2l'-1f""'- V .X. W. lll0UlK'0i'li. .X.lS.. .X.M.. li. Xl-zlcxox M1l.l.if:1:. Annapolis, Mil. l.:Ug.l-,-s. Mil. .Xgiz IT-Z Wc'ig'l1t. 180: llviglll, 5 I1 .Xgmg '3I1 wi-iglil. 1503 lwwlil. 5.10. St' 'luhlfs vollllgp. llllll' llllm' Siill' llUlllI1l'lllUl' lllll' llllx flilllll l'I'ilm i'l.,xl'llxxl Mi'l:l:.xx, l+ll.l Hximxl-Ll: Zli:ui.1-:1:. llilllllll1ll'l'. Mil llzlllllllulw, Mil. .Xgm-, 251 wi-iglul, 1053 lui Ill, 032. .Xgw-. 'iilg xwiglll. 1521 lu-ight, 5.9 Yii-1--l'i'wsi4l4'l1l 01' llim- .Xplwiniiii-Q X4-rn Swim-ly. Ilnltimurv Vily 1'0lli-gin 15100. Elrrra illilariar, 1 H 1 U I 5 7 I lti '- if i X . ,- 'ff H' ' ll hQ"x if f NM. Y if .1- . 11 f has JS, I . ' 'iq I I 1 fi? , ' vfgj' ,1 -- . N" ' 5 1 .j-A 1 1 1 it .511 1 f 1 1 1 'Z 1 1 :yy 1 is 1,9 I'1l: iw l 1'.1l S111111111 1111111 111'111111i11t11111111s 111- t'111'g111. A1111 11e1'111' h1'1111g11t1 to llllllll? Sllfllllll 1111111 111'111111i11t11111'es he tiorgot, gxlltl 1l11ys lang syne ?" The 0111 fainilizir strain, in 1111-1-11ts sweet 111111 t'lC2ll', 1'1-11-1'11111'11t1-11 l1lI'0llgf1l the eo1'1'i11111's and halls of tl1e law buildiiigg. The students in noisy g1'1111ps were entering the ll1Jl'2ll'Y, 111111. l1C2lI'lllQ the 1111111111-Y, 111111s1r1l to listen. "We'll tak' 11 eup o' kindness yet For a11l1l lang sync." Again and again and with 1'ei11f111'ee1l 1110211111152 the XVtV1l'flS 1111 this 11111 l111111111 Villltf t111'1111g11 the buihlinff. Slowlv the ex 11'essi1111 ll o11 the lac-es 111' the Slll1lCI1lS 11111111111-11 li1'i111l t1111t of O .1 P' jovialty to sobriety, for to each 111111111 1'ivi1l 1'e1e1olle1'ti1111s of 111111111 tllill 112111 ll2llllll'11l,'4l 11111'i11g t11e two or three years spent 11t the l'11i1'e1'sity. ln kaleicloseope H1'1'i1j' a series of 111e11t11l 11i1't111'1-s t111sl1e1l 11111111 tl111i1'1'111't11i11 111' 1'o11s1'i1111s- ness, 111111 t11e11 f111le1l slowly into il state ot' s11h-111111sei1111sness. In that brief space, il few of the st111lents 11e1'eei1'1-11 a 1111- 111' seltisliiiess l1l1l'tli2l'x-llfl with no incentive but 211 desire to grasp the hare facts of the l11w 111111 pass 1-x11111i1111ti1111s. Still il seeoncl elass, tl1e neutrals or pl1leg11111tie 1-lass, s11wtl1eirsl11ggisl1 1lisp11siti1111s tl11-1111g11 t111-'1'11111's of Stllfly intlueneecl by tl1e slogan, "No ti111e for l'11i1'1-rsity 11tl'11i1's." Still 11tl10l'S s11w il 111111 lI'?llll11'6 of liarclsliips, 0011113111911 with work 111111 w111'r.1', il terni 111' f1'llllll'FS 1111111-111'111' 111 11111ss o1'g11nizatio11, and an ins11r111o11nt11hle opposition to 1-111ss spirit. Swash! bitt! A bundle of togas, the g1'3flll3ll0ll 1lress ot' the Fl1l1l1'I1lS. 11111111111 11n11 1ng the singers, who sprang to their feet, i11te11t 11po11 ret11r11i11gtl1e l1llI'lllllllg'11llI1CllC. I 5 8 Elrrra fllllariae, 1 H 1 II The reminiscences of bygone days were thus inopportunely brought to an end by the arrival of tl1e togas. Now each prospective graduate stood trying on his four-cornered hat and toga. as visions of commencement day Hitted before him. The time was swiftly approach- ing when each could claim the degree of LL. B. All the students awaited the appointed time. The school days of the class of nineteen ten were drawing to a close. The history of these days is marked throughout with scenes of dissension duc to the opposing factions. ln tl1e first year. nineteeen seven, the incompatibility of the union of the factions and cliques was realized. Mr. J. D. Nock, the president, vainly endeavored to hold a class meet- ing according to Parliamentary practice, but seeing the farcical results. he positively refused to allow the question of a. quorum to be raised. In spite of tl1e lack of class spirit, how- ever. the class was atforded much amusement by the inopportune interrogative of Jacobs, alias "Your Honor," the sleeping stunts of Samuels and the sonorous side remarks of Slo- man. Then, too, tl1e Social Committee arranged a smoker, which was attended by one fac- tion only. and was a "Ye old rough house" affair. The second year saw assembled a no less amiable crowd. Mr. Nelson, tl1e stalwart son of Massachusetts, was elected president. After appointing an active evecutive committee, the latter and he attempted, by personal contact with the individual members, to arouse class spirit. and enthusiasm. before calling a class meeting. The appointed meeting, however, was no more productive of desired results than any previous meeting had been. The next plan adopted by the President was to work with the individuals and not with the class as a wholeg not recognizing those who would not join the movement as more than mere nominal members of the class. This plan worked adniirably. .lohn Coulbourn, as chairman of the Pin t'ommittee, procured what was acknowledged to be the prettiest class pin ever worn by students of the University. Archie C. New, in the capacity of treasurer, strove faithfully and nobly to collect ten cents from each hliaxie class-man" in order that a class pic- ture might be taken. How well he succeeded is shown by the goodly collection in last year's edition of the 'l'Emt.i MARIE. A second fracus smoker was arranged by the Social t'ommittee over the protest of Mr. Nelson, as a result of which Julius Gunther and Jerome Sloman, tl1e leading committeemen, each carried home a case of the assets and a large bill. The last we heard of this unsuccessful affair was the mournful resolution of Gunther that he would never again take part in anything at that l'niversity. "Nevcrl never! never!" he cried. Sloman seemed to have taken his medicine gracefully. for he said, "We didn't suck the seed tsuc-ceedl 1 we sucked tl1e lemon." In the senior year the working division of the class was well organized. and the class election was truly interesting. Mr. New, who rendered excellent services as treasurer. was made the class president, aml a gamer lad in that capacity could hardly be found. Many were the cat-calls and jests aimed at his embryo mustache. as he attempted to address the class. So numerous aml loud were tl1e sounds that but seldom could a word be heard issu- ing from his vainly moving lips. lle was game. however. and succeeded in holding the fort until quiet reigned supreme. The Social t'ommittee held a Senior dance which was heartily endorsed by the presi- dent. Nlr. New. and all those Seniors who were interested. lt can truthfully be pronounced a great success. Mr. t'arroll Blurrtv. the treasurer, did some excellent work in soliciting the assessments for the 'l'erra Maniac. llis task was an arduous one, but lie bravely met its requirements. 'I'lie work ol' the editors, Messrs. Nelson. Jones. and Keene, aml ol' tl1e poet aml prophet. Mr. liaum, will be seen in this book. .ludge their work according to its merits, good reader. and be merciful. Urrra iFI1Iz1riz1r. 1 H1 H I 59 In the iniclst of our Slllflyj ll0WGVO1', all work 111111111 to 11 9111111011 halt hy the 1111111111111111- llltlllt of the Sll1lClQ11 111111111 of our 11elove1l l'l'l1'111l 111111 1111-tu1111', l'r111'. John P. l'1111. Many hearts were 11111111 with sorrow, for he 1111111 a high 111111111 111 11111 11s11111111 211111 1111111-111111 of 1111. After reeoveriiig f1'1J1l1 this great slioek, 11 joint. 11111ss 11111111i11g w11s 1111111 hy the 11111111 classes, at which it was 1111111111111 111111 2111 1111 Plillllllg' 111' Mr. l'1111 5111111111 1111 111'1111u1111l 211111 11111111111 111 the 111111111'.1'. B11f11r11 211 llllill 1111111si1111 w11s I'1'211'l1U1l', 1l11WCY1'I', lllillly S11Q.1'g1'Sll1lIlS were 1111111e 111111 11e11te1l 11l'gll111Cl1lS l'111111w1111. At this ll11'l'11IlQ 1lll'1'1' w11s 11111111 1'111ss spirit sh11w11 than 111111 ever 11111111 w1111esse1l 111 the 11is1111'y 111' 11111 lvl11Y1'l'Sll.V, '11111' 1111111ti11g w11s S1'1'l1l'Cll, liowever, 111111 is 21 iiue lilieness 111 the 11I'1ll,CS41Jl'. T111s s11r111'isi11g 0l111JIU'Sl' oi' 111ass spirit s111111 s1111si111111 111111 tllgfllsglfflls 111111111g the 11111111'- ent factions were again 1111111-111111111. The p111si1111111, 11111 1'111111111s 111111111111t1111s. 11111 11111t11rs 211111 neg11g'e11t1 Seniors 111111 lllilllj' lively tilts. Then lJ1'gIilI1 the 1'l111'YOl11l'lll 11111111111 1117 11211-21l'l1'1'-1l2l.Y visits 111 11111 11111111111 111111, w1111 21 "How 11111 you re11111rl1111l hy s1111111: "Who 11111 1111111 2lI'1' you?" 11111111111 hy 111llL'I'S, 111111 ll willful uiieoiisc-i11us1111ss ot your D1'1'S1'I1l'L' 1111 11111 17211.11 111' 1111l11'l'S. T11e r11u1111e w11s s1111111wl11111 111111111111111 hy il 11111111111111111s 11111111s111n-11111 1ill'1'2ll1l'11 liill' 11x11111- ination 11e11l 111 N1111111111111: 11111111.13 i111l11111l, w111'11 11111 111115 who 1111111111 l1lI'1Jl1gll 11111 11r111111l. lt 1'C1UillI1G1lY, 1111w111111' for 1111 511011 SlI1'1'1'SSl.l11 111111s 111 1'11llllP1l,'l'1' 11111 1'1Dll1'SL' 111 the 1111111111- sityg or, if they 112111 11111111 so, 111 try again. Those w1111 111111111 111 1111111111111 the 1'Xil1l1ll11'lS 111111 their 1111sw111's w11111 1'1bl'I'1'1'l 112111 11111 eons11l1111on of kiiowing that a111111111r 11111111110 21W2l11l'11l 11111111 w111111 11111 l'11lW1'lS sl111lll1l 1111111111 111 spriiig. Now that the flowers have 111oo111e1l again. 111111 11111111111i1n11111111111t 1111.1's 11111 11V1'1', these 11r111'e fellows 1111111 once 11111111 111111111111 the 11el11 111' 11111t111. Wishing 11111111 1111 il great su1111ess, we 11e11ie11te to 11111111 this SONG OF THE 1JA1'X'1'1ilCSS. Many 11111111ig11ts, 1111! so 1lI'1'i1l'Y, 1111 we 111111111112 w11111c 111111 W1'2ll'f', 111111' 1111111y 21 1111111111 211111 1'111'111us 11111111111 111' l.1Dl'Q,1'1l1lL'll law. 1111 when 1111111111101 s11111111111111s 1121 11111113 111111s there 111111111 21 5111111011 111 1 111111' A - T1 . 2.1. D As 111 s1111111t11111g 1'1l1lCl.Y 1'111111111g', 12111311111 1111 our 11111111s g1111111'11, "'T1s hut w11ri'y," we 1111 11111111113 Ktllllllllblllg' 1111 our 1111111ls QI21l11I'U, Only this, 111111 nothing 11l11I'C.H Ah, 11isti11etly we 1'11111e11111e1', it was 111 11111 111111111 X111'1111111111', A1111 11111111 111111 211111 11.111111 1111111111' SC1'11lUl,l l111l1lWl1 1181111110 111111 11111111. With f11re11o1li11gs 111 the 111111'r11w, that 11111 1111 some l1Cil1'tS w1111 s111'1'11w. Bar exams! They 11111 C'U11l'1'0I1l- us. How their loss SOIIIL' 1111 1111111111111 Will they 111111' he f11rg111te11 hy the ones w11o 1'11ll11e11i1r11? Surely never, 11111'111'111o1'e1 Now 31I11Jll'lOI1lS fire so heating wl1i1e 11111 1111111 is 0I1W1ll'1l t11111t111g, Thrills us,-fills us with fantastic tenors 11111111' 11011 1111111111. Bravely then. to l1USl1 the l,1t'2l1flI1g. 1111 11111' 11111111s, w11 1111111 1'11111111ti11g, K 'Tis not near so 11111111 11s Pennsy's, 11111111s passed it, so we'l1 soar, Thru it once fo1'e1'er111ore. ' Re-ass111'a111-e growing stronger, makes us hesitate no loiigerz Stops the rapping 111111 the tapping 111111111155 all 0111' 1111a11s so sore. Bolclly then, with pulses heatiiig, will we pluiige, the 1'lllCS1lU11S 11111111i11g: Tell in triuniph they are 1l13S1CI'Q1l, 111astere1l 11111111 1'111'e1'e1'11111111. Farewell then, to Alina Mater, bar exams, 31111 tests galore! Sixty questions, neverniore. HARVEY C. JoNEs, EtZl'f0l'. I 60 Eh-rra Qltlariar, 19 111 A TLE7 'PW' '. .Zi s:, - af t ' assi 4 . ', Q '-fx . X xg s 5 4 ! J. ' 5' K 2, x . , I-eps Q- D' UQ 1: ,.'i q , 'Qt il .. ,fiiL3'T.',- G3 'igwt ilu: y ,,' .A . ' ' -n-A-L jug- I., I M 4,-tt,.t.i' s"' I "" ti f '. 5 it lah ' A A I ' -tl ' .if ' G1 'A"" I A, - ' i Z ' , ""'t' x, ,Y Y ' . K- lv, K ' - 2'5- x ig .Y J lgrnphvrg ll li prttpht-t tit tht- St-nitn' t'lass tif lflltt wt-nt tln-tingli tht- 1't-ahnstmt ht-ll with I-I.xRY15Y tf' N .ltixi-Ls uptin his lt-ft antl .Xii'1'1It'R X1-:Lstm upon his right, antl pt-t-rctl upon the mon- Y XA strtisitit-s tit' tht- tlarlct-nt-tl lcingtltnn of 'l'artarus. Gotitl t'l1aron piltmtt-tl us across the fi tltlnst- t'tit-ytns, tint- of tht- tive riveis tit' tht- nntlt-i'wtn'ltl: this grizzly pilot. wt- later lt-arnt-tl. was ntint- tll'llt'l' than tint- of tht- Flunks of tht- Junitn' Class. tlnct- at-ross, tan' l'lnttmnian ttaii' ttt' inspt-t-titmn ht-gan. l'nlit-sitatinglnv wt- tlt-st-t-ntlt-tl a stt-t-p int-lint-, which lirtaiglit us tti tht- titth tfirt-lt-, ahtaintling with tht- ai't-rag.ft- thinks tit' yt-'tiltlt-n tinit-s-tlit-.V as of wlitan tht- rt-t'tmi'iiit-tl lxlttl't,'t'I' spalit-. St-art-v hatl wt- gtint- a tltizt-n pat-t-s ht-t'tn't- a stiangt- stinntl til' stunt-thing' yt-t Stl'2lIl:Ll't'1' t-anit- tft-i' tan' t-ais. whit'h t'anst-tl tan' sntltlt-n halt: a l'lntttnian st-rf tht-nt't- appt-art-tl npttn tht- st-t-nt-. antl l tlitl thus inalct- tptt-rv: "Wht-nt-t- t-tnnt- tht-st- stmuntls. nn' inipish tiit-ntl?" .Xntl thns inatlt- ht- it-ply: "'l'his intianing astt-ntlt-th t'i'tnn tht- tlt-t-pt-st pit tit' tht-sc rt-gittns: .vt-a, t-tt-n t-tant-th ti-tan tht- Ninth Ulrt-lt-1 thtmst- slniills tit anguish aint- tht- grtians tit th-spain' nttt-it-tl hut' tht- St-nitns til' tht- Class tml' 15110, lf tit' M.. whtnn tin t-arth tlitl noth- ing' Ita' tht-ii' t-lass antl it-niaint-tl tlnrniant during' tht- t-nt1it- st-ssittn: antl tit tht-sv tht-rv hc nianlt' ttii wttt-. wtit- tinttr tht- st-nitn' whti jc-sts at tht- anihititins tit' thttst- whti t-iitlt-atm' tt- inaltt- tht- t-lass tint- ttl' intt-rt-st: this is his tlntnn in tinit- tn t-tant-.N Wht-nt-t- tlitl wt- ast-t-ntl, antl tin tht- win--'s til' .Xiit-I wt- tlt-w nnttv tht- lt-it'1v ht-it-'hts t-ntlttwt-tl with t-tht-rt-al ht-anti' antl rs , 2- ' . ' In antl ht-httltlf as wt- tan' hasty' t-ntiant-t- inatlt- intti thttst- pt-aillx' i't-gitins, tht- tirst ttw grt-t-t ns was tan' ttltl l'i't-sitlt-nt. .Xl!t'llIl-I Xi-iw, who lint-w that tht- xt-nith tit' a st-nita"s anihitittn was ntint- titht-i' than lilbtsiiiiii. 'l'ht-i't- git-t-tctl wt- tht- hnstlt-is tit' tail' tlt-ar tiltl t-lass, the nit-n it-ht, tlitl all tht-'x' t-tailtl tltt tti nialtt- tht- 'lll-1Iil:,x Kl,xl:I.xl-1 tml' lflltt tht- ht-st t-i't'l'. Mtni.ti,: liat-It tit t-lass spirit is a tanlt in tint-'s will, 'l'tt a St-iiitwl' it is tht- hit-t-tlt-I' til' ill: 'l'ht- tint- that t-ntlt-attirs is tht- tint- that gains. .Xntl ht- that assists is tht- tint- that attains. Uvrra illllariar. 15111 161 C. A. A. ALBRECHT. Albrecht was one of the boys who scaled the giddy heights, and who at one time doubted whether he would or would not be a senior, but at last' resolved that the man who dares is the man that is victorious. He always wore a 'smile apart from the other garments that arranged him as a legal light. He had a Plutomian spirit when Hrst he emigrated to the University, but without any reluctancy he became as humble and genial as the sages of Sparta. He shall ever be an admirer of fair draperies, and the sex ingarbed therein. SAUL HARRIS. Your prophecy is found in Cymbeline, where Avon's bard hath said: "Pd stake 50,000 Ducats upon my wife's virtuef' You have a betting nature which will cause you much hin- drance, if you overcome it not 5 and thou must take heed of thyself that thou ventureth not to speculate upon the outcome of some civil action. Thy natal hour was prefaced with a legal quadrature, which means that you will always be on the square, and that is more than the world can say, as it has ever been round. EMANUEL M. ALTFELD. Thou hast a Lotharian gait, my lord, from which I make this prophecy: That thou wilt have many loves in thy legal career, and yet for none wilt thou swim across the Helles- pont-which, by the way, is now the Dardanelles. The Sun is thy emblem and even though you avoid it you still will be subject to the calumny and contumaciousness of the law. Friends will ever foster your friendship, and success will crown thy every endeavor if you will be but patient. b LEWIS SAMUELS. Achilles wasinvulnerable to injury, and yet did Paris smite him in the spot that Thetis failed to dip in the Styx. From your horoscope I have ascertained the description of thy body by metes and bounds, and after subjecting your parts to analytical process I find that you are susceptible of much slumber, aroused only by the words "Chocolate Soda." You must be careful to avoid the temptations of these words during a trial in court in which you may happen to be appearing for one of the litigants, for, as you know, a horse has been lost for the want of a shoe, so a case may fail if a party has been slumbering upon his rights, which readily may be the transposition of a glass of soda from the marble urn of some beautiful foun- tain to the unexplored depths of thy corpus, while yet the world goes round and the trial goes on. - p MICHAEL P. FELDSER. In the Heptameron of Margarette this prophecy is found: N ought need be said as to Feldser, for surely he shall climb the legal ladder, and in back of this favorable prediction are found the words, "Res Ipsa Loquiturj' which means that you will always be in a position to speak for yourself, which is, as you know, "a consummation devoutly to be wished." ELI Honwrrz. You were born under Aries, the signiication of which is that you are going to ram things some day. You are a discerner of ubiquities, and also an adept of the ancient Bill of Revivorg this have I found in one of the old English. ecclesiastical reports: That Hor- witz shall in his times handle many problems, and shall be able to guess them all 5 for had he but have had the shroud of law upon him when the case of the Berry came up, he could have readily explained to the court the true meaning of the ever-famous and much-talked-of Hypothetical, therein quoted hypocritical question. l62 Entra illllariar, 15111 AUSTIN B. CONN. The sign of the Zodiac at your birth was Cancer, the crab, which will prove in days to come your alertness for getting out of close corners, for, as you know, the crab can move about in different ways. I find that you have descended from an old race, known as the Diseobolos, and they were throwers of discs, and since your name is Conn, ,tis safe to say that you will throw some. J. D. Nook. Your astronomical symbol is the earth, which fact, you are aware of, does not in the en- tirety belong to you. But you will play your part thereon if you will but dissimilate the nature of yourself in life from the name you bear, which is, as you know, emblem- atic Of the hatchet. Fortune will play upon your prosperous helm if you but find the helm, same being an abundance of clients, with well-fed purses or their equivalent. GEORGE G. SCI-INEPFE. Success will crown thy every endeavor, for thy planet is Mercury, and, therefore, in the Summer of thy ambitions, thou wilt rise. Thy birthstone is the Emerald, signifying that you are of royal Irish parentage, and that there is much in your life that is green, except- ing yourself. The chief difficulty which you will have to overcome is the deep insight into things, let your heart be contented with knowing, and if thou wilt not ask too often why is it thus, or wherefore, then wilt thou be elevated to a court of last resort. THEODORE H. SCHREIBER. When you, by accession, were made an addenda to the terrestrial globe, there was a total eclipse of the Sun, invisible in Baltimore City and even to yourself. But since the world hath sprung from chaotic space, you may also occupy, some day, a portion of vacuum lionorarum. From your horoscope, registered in the second decenial, edited by the West Pub- lishing Company, this bit of information may be fairly deduced: That you will prosper, if for no other reason than for your geniality. JEROME SLOMAN. You were born under Mars, which signifies that you will engage in many battles, and these will be legal battles from which you will issue victoriously. There is but one fault which you will have to overcome, and that is harsh edect of your voice upon the world of sense, and since you have inherent governmental forces you will no doubt bring about a hasty yet reasonable modulation. C. O. LANEY. Way back in one of the doomsday books, issued during the reign of Henry VIII, have I this prophecy found: And there shall shall issue forth from the State of Texas a man by the name of Laney, who shall be a leader of the profession of law, and in the Parliament of the Lone Star State shall he become a lord. Awaken need he only to a sense of realization. HARRY F. OGDEN. What have we here? 'Tis true! a child of Venus. Fair son of that yet fairer goddess, thou must arm thyself against the passions that take hold of Seniors born under this planet, for, as the bard hath sung, "who would bear the pangs of disprized love 3" so take heed of thyself, Harry. In one of the old Mortmain Statutes this prophecy of thee hath been found, set: Ogden shall attain to the heights of fame and shall upon numerous occasions grace the Baltimore Courts of Justice with his smiles. Entra Marist, 15111 163 J AMES F. KLECKA. The sign of the Zodiac at the time of your birth was Pisces, which accounts for the fish- iness of some of your adventures. You shall attain much glory and honor in your day if you will be able to overcome some faults in your nature. In the reading of your horo- scope I find the symbol of the Ottoman, which signifies your love for Turkish cigarettes 3 this, coupled with thy adhesion to the fair sex, will have to be rooted out of your system, and then onward will be the password. ARTHUR E. NELSON. Some years ago while on an archaeological expedition in Egypt with several of my friends I made a great discovery. One day we unearthed an old Egyptian sepulchre, and therein we found a mummy that had been buried for three thousand years, from under his back I saw a piece of parchment peer. I withdrew it from its long abode and glanced over it carefully. That night at my hotel in Cairo I examined it carefully and was able to put a fair interpretation upon what was there written, the result being as follows: The time will come when a man by the name of Nelson will be one of the editors of the TERRA MARIAE of the U. of M., and shall be well elevated in the ranks of the legal profession. Thy flower is the violet, which represents modesty, yet beware of too much modesty when you enter the Inns of Court. E. P. CRUMMER. Inconstancy and you are unfortunately matedg this is visible to the naked eye of the aver- age Senior, for the inconsistencies that have manifested themselves upon thy upper lip plainly bespeak this fact. But thou wilt be more successful in the legal moments of thy unmous- tached future than in thy moustached past. The requisites that go to make up a full-iiedged moustache are as undue in their appearance as the law's delays, which form a hindrance to these well-wished-for exerescences. JOHN CoULBoURN, JR. As a Senior thou hast become out-Juniored, and Hckle fortune will be thy empress. Get thee to thy lady's chamber, and when she sayeth go to, go to, then go to court. You sometimes will launch beyond your depths, yet have no care in this direction, as the judge will hoist thy sails and show thee where to moor. W. H. DAVENPORT. I have found your future in the Arabian Nights, which I do not wish you to confuse with the Carribean nights, as these nights are always at sea, which you will never be, especially when consulted by a client upon some point of law, and which point he thinks you know more about than he, never allow your clients to deceive themselves. You will make good as a lawyer, and soon realize the fact that your office will be a veritable Eldorado of dec- larations and complaints. As to the latter, you should always be very careful, in that your allegations prove sufficient to give equity a jurisdiction over the matter, otherwise the com- plaint will cause your oftice desk to complain under the weight of too many defective papers. ISRAEL FREEMAN. Freeman is the name derived from the subjects of England who held their land by free tenure, and Israel Kent, after whom a county is named, was a burgher whose entire land was held in free and common socage, Common socage, as recognized today, is the cus- tom of putting oneis overcoat away, as soon as it begins to get warm, in a place whose door I64 Germ Marist. IHIII is surmounted with three balls. As you are a Free man, you will have many privileges in Court which you will take advantage of, and the one in which you will prove most efficient will be in the art of cross-examination. A. J. GALLINER. Thou art a child of the muses, or I should say, the fair-voiced muse, which makes you a grandchild of Apollo, and Apollo was the Belvedere of the gods, and not a hotel that failed in Baltimore. Your aspirations will be toward the higher things in law, and, as Apollo shone in the skies, so you may shine, in short, in court. The muses in number were equal to the lives of a cat, the latter quotation to the quadruped signifying endurance, which shall ever prove thine and thy success. R. T. HOFFMAN. Hoffman, that means Hope Man! And if you do but hope you will find that some day all of your dreams will come true, and you will realize the fact that your art of writing short- handedly will cash itself into full-pocketness. Law for a new graduate is a very cold proposi- tion for a while, and this the Court of Appeals has held to be a rule Without any excep- tions , so, therefore, you will have to avoid all drafts and other negotiable instruments for a While or this cold proposition may develop into such a condition as to force you to get the grip on the horns of that unsubdued bull, the law, and become a matador. Cold propositions are contracts without a consideration, meaning clients without ready cash. ARCHEY C. NEW. When you were born there was a sound of something strange coming o'er the World, a crying of dead prophets from their tombs, the songs of dead poets coming from their graves, and all seemed to prophesy the coming of something New in the line of a legal wizard, and you were the result. Your hobby will be Constitutional law, and since your constitution is equal to the task, I think you will make good. CURTIS W. LONG. It will not be long before Long will be mounting the legal ladder, for as on the shore while here the ocean gains, in other parts it leaves wide, sandy plains, so, somewhere in the vicinity of Salisbury a legal tide will make an alluvial deposit of the law, while at the U. of M., after thc gradual recession of the commencement, where Long once abided, there Will be a vacant place. Some day, when all of his dreams come true, he may be State's Attorney for the county in which he is legally domiciled, provided that he doth not have a floating inten- tion to remove to some other county at any unfixed time in the future, and that he will scorn to look upon the fair faces of fair women. C. R. MCKENDRICK. The diffusion of the aromatic perfume bouquet de legis and born under the cornucopia, signifying the horn of plenty. He will prosper in the days of his youth and attain to the heights of his profession, he will be able to explain many diiiicult problems of the law, and will also be able to tell why the saving clause in regards to wills was left out of the Code of 1888, and to discern the difference between penalties and forfeitures. REGINALD KEENE. You were born not to smile, knowing full well that smiles do but oftentimes beguile, and like the faint signs of evil thought, you deem them both in pari delicto. Your zodiacal sign is Libra, the balance, that does not mean the balance that we speak of in one of the common counts, of which Boni de Castellane forms a part, on an account stated, and Urrra illllariar. 19 1 II I 65 signifies that you weigh your thoughts on golden scales, therefore you will make a good lawyer, and will mete out to your clients justice in proportion to their opulence. T. G. CAMPBELL. This Senior with a ringing name has been ringing things ever since he came to Balti- more from the faraway regions of Owings Mills, situated somewhere in the kingdom of his royal majesty the Emperor Talbot, Khedive of Baltimore county. Campbell did knight ser- vice under the aforesaid monarch, and was elevated to the rank of grand sergeantry. He cer- tainly was a bellringer, but not the kind who go to the legislcther. He was always in camp on time, and it's safe to say that after the smile wears away from his face on commence- ment day and he betakes him to his little cottage, his dreams will be as sweet as the poet whose name he bears. J. H. FILLER. This is a most remarkable man and predictions of his future are very promising and compromising. He will dream, like the poet, that he dwells in marble halls, and will awaken to find himself on the ninth or tenth floor of some law building, lying upon his downy couch in his ofiice after a large trial in which he saved a man from going to the palmy palace of gilded abode for breaking open a barrel of Gosman's ginger ale, which was intended to be drunk by a gang of medical Seniors at the U. of M. He has been quoted by many learned judges of moustaches as having an ideal moustache. and as much can be found upon the minutes of a local barber. He is an adept of the A. 85 E. Encyclopaedia and knows it "ALMOST" by heart. He is no succer, and therefore will succeed. W. MCCRAE Form. Amid the love letters of an ancient barrister I have found a very elaborate prophecy in regard to the individual whose photograph is herein contained, SUPRA. It says that he will be a great criminal lawyer, a veritable master of this branch of the profession, the only thing I cannot ind in the prophecy is the special intent to so become. Owing to the brevity of space to which I am conined and several unquestionable restraints which hold me back, I am compelled to withhold a lot of real nice things that I would like to say about him. Et Cetera. W. C. HAFFNER. This is a Senior who never was guilty of lobbying during a session of the Senior class, and who deemed class elections as a mere bucket-shop affair. Yet we have noted that on several occasions during the course of an examination he had a very grave regard for mar- gins. He has never been guilty of frequenting any isolated places in company with any- thing which by virtue of compulsion is compelled to wear R. G. or La Reine corsets. Sleuths have inspected the matter very carefully and the verdict of the jury in the case is "not guiltlessf' A. LEMAR Vrcmns. Vickars was a Senior last year, but we have taken such a liking to him for the vast interest that he might have taken in the class that we cannot afford to deem him retro- spect. He has already invaded the domains of court and is now realizing thousands per year from his practice, approximately, and his prospects are very promising. He cometh from the vicinty of Maryland that aboundeth with melons, and since these aforesaid regions are so productive, 'tis safe to say that he will also be. ARTHUR TRADER. One of the boys always in line, who came to the lectures with smiles on his face and took the nicest notes you ever did see, which he had bound, for notes as you know are very valua- I 66 Errra illllariar. 19111 ble assets, especially bank notes, and he'll soon be putting these in a binding. Apart from chewing a little tobacco now and then he was a real good fellow, and the old chronolo- gist has promised me that he would send him an abundance of success, he also told me that he thought that Trader was Irish, but I believe the old fellow slipped up that time. J. H. STEELE. Comme 'ZZ faut, I find in the Bill of Wrights that you will gradually go up, and also that you have a magnetic nature, thereby irnpliedly making you known that you will be able to draw from or on your clients a ready amount of cash. Steele, as you know, has magnetic qualities, and the minute your client enters, "sic Semper tymnus on him," and you will have him nailed as pat as Phryxus nailed the golden Heece to the old oak. HENRY E. SINGEWALD. Singewald is the corresponding name for silence, for he does not believe in rough- housing it. Like his brother, who earned great honors last year, we fear that he may carry off both the prizes, yet we hope he will be delivered from temptation. He will be pros- perous, and will file, at the least, three dozen injunctions every week at S100 per. EDGAR W. YOUNG. You were born Young ab initio and shall remain such in intinitum. Fatti Maschi, Parole Femini has ever been your password, accounting for your utter dislike of the fair sex Q?j. You are unrelenting in your nature and will thereby prove successful, as you will not yield to every lawyer whom you will have to face in court unless the court orders you so to do, but then that will not be your fault, as you will be acting involuntarily, but I dare say that you will take more interest in your labors as an attorney than you did as a student in your class. C. C. WOODEN. - Wooden does not always mean the wedding of a kind celebrated in a certain number of years of the marriage of two blockheads. In this instance it is a proper noun and stands for a Senior of 1910 glory. C. C. Senior you will mount the zenith of your profession and will exert your every effort to have the Cy Pres doctrine embodied in the Maryland law. E. E. VOLK. He attended to the lectures, cest est finis. He is of Swedish descent, as his name im- plies, and, like all of that race, his ambitions have been toward the highest ideals. Despite the fact that his attendance was never so momentous to give us any great concern as to what seat he occupied in tl1e Senior class, yet, though this is truth, thoughts move me to say that, he'll be the captain of a legal ship a-sailing down a golden stream in the not far away future. J. F. GUENTHER. Astronomy bespeaks thy future success. When you were born chronology registered the monosyllable "Butt, And this same word was the symbol that appeared in the same space as was then occupied by yourself 5 and "But," as you know, is a conjunction, and as you were a conjunction in the Right Ascension, 'tis safe to say that you will eventually ascend, and thou wilt grow fat and healthy, for Sourkraut is thy birthstone. ROBERT H. MCCAULEH'. I have consulted the wonderful physicist in regard to thyself and he has informed me thus: That thou art the Ncbular Hypothesis, and that thy thesis no doubt will be Entra illliariar, 15111 I67 hypo. Aeons are within thy frame, which tell of immensity of thought beyond the concep- tion of all mankind, and these thoughts within themselves are not merely made up of legal tender, hence with great confidence, I predict the day cometh when all Hagerstown will resound with the glory of thy name. EMANUEL M. BAUM. The poet and prophet's chronicler has labelled him "The Prince of Passion," and the time has come when he, with the keenest sense of delight, can set him down under the Hare and flicker of the muses' light and spend his passions upon rhythmic sounds, to brand each Senior with the fitting tribute that readily attaches to him. Baum was born under the sign of Leon the Lion, but this in no way accounts for the savageness he has elicited in his at- tacks upon the Seniors when doing them up, or rather, writing them up. He is the causa proxima of too much modesty, yet for all of that he will prove a lion in legal battles, for veni, vedi, vici is his slogan. OLIVER O. OWINGS. Here we are burdened with the multifariousness of O's, borne by one born to admire diaphanous draperies encircling muses of the Mary Walkerish type, yet a man is a man for all o' that. You were not created for your own sweet self alone, as you will shortly learn when clients besiege you to defend them. After the commencement you will engage freely with nature on very numerous occasions and admire her wondrous achievements somewhere in the vicinity of the lake in Druid Hill Park, but you will not go alone, for you have been located there oft aforenow. J. H. J Acons. Thy voice is as pleasing in sound as the Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven, and with it thou shalt charm the ears of many judges, and convince many juries, for there be mesmeric qualities therein. You were born under Saggitarius, the Archer, and I prithee do not con- fuse this name with a laundry, for there is where they do things up, and an Archer is one who is better known as a Bowman, after whom Judge Harlan's assistant secretary is named, and a bowman is a hunter who seeks game with a bow and arrow, such was N imrodg but I do not compare thee with Nimrod, for thou art too fair for that, but your planet signifies that you will prove a good hunter of the law, for even Mr. Cooley, who represents the West Publishing Company, which is his undisclosed principal, has noted this during the three lectures given by him on where and how to find the law. HARVEY C. JONES. Jones was born under Virgo, the sign of the Virgin, and this same virgin is none other than Miss Sourri, a resident of the town of Showme. Sourri is a French word and comes from sourrir, to smile, and Sourri means I smiled, and Jones will very often have cause to utter these words when leaving the court house as he tells his other legal friends what he did to the other fellow. "Show mei' will be his motto in court and in his ofiice, but in the latter first, or he will not go to court. Smiles beget friends, friends beget cases, cases beget victories, and victories are the things that make lawyers, and Jones is going to be one of the bunch. C. J. KocH. There is much in this seniorfied word, and Koch will be the man to cook many legal vegetables, that is to say, he will devote his time to the subject of emblements, including the natural as well as the industrial. He will in his time monopolize the American State Re- ports on this subject, and will prove very efficient in deinitions. PROPHET. X -I 1 inf I ,sf-ML, . f I 'ff' N B1 VI I f -+ f :Q ff' ' 'P . q ,4:v"' f ' st ,ff ' ' lf ". .'ff?klS1T, uJL. Aim' ff ,,,,Q 5 mx AW 'sx if X 3 1 KA is eff , Nw! 4 3 Q ff X fwfr. f 'S 5 Nw , 1- .V - fvfi-1 J A F Mg' . . 1,6511 , 1555.-f y-Q-S-'f 1 X ' A 'if' 3-5. ' If v ' yi ' 1 15, x , I v ff 'f f'f"W 1 I ' 'I X ' , ff J - ... r,,, f' M 4- 3 7 " J 'Y W' " I uw. I 'nf X Va I ' I . I in g nk! ' - K fxfwlgal , ' N65 5 X X lx J I , X' ,L -J Afg Nyxlf nj A ,X I I " 5 ' H x 4 . ' f lff f' If-f 'X 'N 1- ,1 , I xx 5 4 v-. 'i?:If'! ff f wsflg w 0 A XV Q q ' '- , A' X y 5 2,,X 44f ,MI 'X M f A fx xl V jf , . I' -t l.. 1 's"Qz " 'ff' 'WJ-..' QkEfv giktg e s 117 ' ' ENDORSING HIS NOTE Urtra illllariat, 1 H 1 ll I 69 A N , gxkhiv ' I ' F42 1 .i,. 'ffiflfw V 737 All tk Z ' sf' N 'ly , . ,U ' ' . TX . . , , it ,. g ':."", x X 2 I 'Q M-1 ' ' 5 -Q--"'T' I' ..-- g ,:'- lint -,... vi,,,,... l D i . xl, A Y . - I . --,I is if "II ,ff as "'...., ,I -"""'T e ' . ,..-A. AJ?-:Tw V .4 ---1:1315-nf ---v l-Q --""" .f- 4- ..:. i-- e - --"" - ' H ...---1- ""' ---' ,-., --r' "" P 0 Lf Q ' t"'i "" - I , f,l.QNe.?r6R Jones ' 1 " V CE 1' I n il 5 L APOLOGY I I sincerely trust that these grinds may be accepted in the spirit W in which they are offered. To anyone whose sense of titness or 3 ' whose sensibilities they may wound, Ican only say with the Melancholy Dane: 'fLet my disclaimer from a purpose evil, Free me so far in your generous thoughts That I have shot my arrow o'er the house, And hurt my brother." ST. PETER fto applicantj-"You say you were an editorial Writer on the TERRA MARIAE ?" APPLICANT-CFYGS, sir." ST. PETER-"Step into the elevator, please." APPLICANT fstepping into the elevatorj-"How soon does it go up ?" ST. PETER-'clt doesn't go up, it goes down." Her head was pillovved on his breast, and looking up in a shy way, she said: "Do you lmow, dear George, that-" "You mean dear James, I think," he interrupted, smiling fondly at her mistake. "Why, yes, to be sure. How stupid I am. I Was thinking that this was Wednesday evening." ALTFELD-I'm only a man of limited intelligence.-Kipling. STOCKBRIDGE-A chip of the old block--head. FELDSER-Last Wreck of a feeble intellect.-Kipling. TRADER-All blondes are light headed. BACHRACH-I've enjoyed an interval of sanity-Kipling. KLECKA-A young donkey, glittering all over with chains, rings and shirt studs-Thackeray FONTAIN-But, O most lamentable man! of wit You never had an atom, and of letters You have three letters only! they spell ASS !-Rostand. I 70 Glrrra Qlllariar. 15111 MURRAY-O vanity, thou constant deceiver-Goldsmith. SLOLIA-HOW the rogue roared-King H enry IV. JONES-Z0l1IldS, and were I now by this rascal, I could brain him with his 1ady's fan- H enry IV. JACOBS-PHES, powders, patches, Bibles, billet deux: Now awful beauty puts on all its charms-Pope. W OODCOCK-Choice word and measured phrase, above the reach of ordinary man-Words- worth. LANEY-His cogitative faculties immersed in cogibundity of cogitation--Carey. LAWSON-A cow is a very good animal in the field, but we turn her out of a garden-Johnson. SAMUELS--And I pray you let none of your people stir me 5 I have an exposition of sleep come upon me-Shalcespeare. NELSON-That fellow seems to have but one idea, and that is a wrong one.-Johnson. BAUM-Three-Hfths of him genius and two fifths sheer fudge.-Lowell. IIAFNER-YOU Cassius, hath a lean and hungry look.-Shakespeare. N OCK-A pipe smoker is to his fellow man what a skunk is to the lower animals.-Reflea tions of a Morning After. GUENTHER--When igorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise.-Grey. ALBRECIIT-Nlgllt after night, He sat and bleared his eyes with books.-Longfellow. REQUARDT-When I beheld this I sighed, and said within myself: Surely mortal man is a broom stick.-Swift. SCHNEPFE-A smatterer in law, wary indeed, and a smart prater about actions, a singer of formulas, a captious wrangler.-Tulley. New-List to the city's guant, thunderous roar, Calling and calling for you evermore, Thou unlettered, small knowing soul.-Shakespeare. LONG-No beauty he, but oft We find Sweet kernals 'neath a roughish rind. SCHREIBER-Whence is thy learning? Hath thy toil. Oler books consumed the midnight oil ?-Grey. KEENE-O, rare the hcadpiece, if but brains were there. FORD-Tlie empty vessel always makes the most sound. Nothing will come of nothing. W. C. Cmf:s'rNUT-He moved in the most xquizzit suckles and trubbled the law boox very little, I can tell you.-The Yellow Plush Papers. lirreiiin-Methinks 'tis pity such a lusty fellow, Should wander up and down and want employment. lliaxm' S'1'oe1cn1uDoE-But he grinld-my eye, how he did grin. Not the fowl himself could snear more satanickly.-Thackeray. J. C. FRANCE-One almost forgot his big head, and his wicked, leering ils, in his gentle, insiuiwating voice, his fund of annygoats, and above all, the betwifle, morl, religious and honrabble toau of his general conversation.-Thaclceray. Tierra Marine, 151111 l7I Some think life a joke, Others make it a joke, The remaining are a joke. JACOBS-"NOW, madam, you must testify only to what you know. No hearsay evidence. Understand P" Miss SHARP-KYQS, sir." JACOBS-"Your name is Willbe Sharp, I believe. Now what is your age?" Miss SHARP-"I won't tell you. I have only hearsay evidence on that point." GALINER-"Was the witness cross-examined P" SAMUELS-KYGS. She was pleasant enough until the lawyer asked her her age, and then she was as cross as two sticks." H. C. JONES faddressing the classj-"If you know any ludicrous statements made by any of the professors that would look well in the Terrae Mariae, please hand them to the editor." JUDGE GORTER frisingj-"You'd better wait until after examination to publish that book." MRS. TRADER-"What does the paper say about the styles ?" MR. TRADER fabsentlyj--"Large checks will be the correct thing in law suits this year." PROF. BRANTLY fquizzingj-"Suppose a man had borrowed money on condition that it be paid back when he, the borrower, should get a job. Suppose that soon after the loan was made the debtor received a large legacy, and as a result did not endeavor to procure work. The creditor brought a suit to recover. Can he recover ?" FRESH J UNIOR-"NO, sir." PROF. BRANTLY--"Why not?" FRESH J UNIOR--"ACt of God." JUDGE STOCKBRIDGE fat close of lecturej-"Gentlemen, next Week we shall have something to do with married women." JUDGE STOCKBRIDGE fat the beginning of the next lecturej-"He who deals with married women does so at his own risk." JUDGE GORTER fexplaining an Equity casej-"The defendant then took a partner with him into the furnace." JUDGE GORTER-"Mr, Klecka, what is meant by the equitable doctrine of conversion?" MR. KLECKA-"Th3t7S where the testator dies intestate." Did "Judge Stake" ever make a mistake? Yes. He has two daughters ftwo Miss Stakesj. PROF. CHESTNUT fquizzingj-"Mr, Sloman, suppose a man with criminal intent goes into his back yard and seeing a log lying on the ground, supposing it to be A, his enemy, seizes an ax and buries the blade in the log, would he be guilty of any crime ?" SLOMAN-"YES, sir. Murder in the first degree." JUDGE HARLAN fquizzingj-"Did the Act of -1898 affect anyone but married women P" INTERMEDIATE-CCYCS, sir. It also affected infants under twenty-one." "The late Charles Eliot Norton," said a Bostonian, "used humorously to' deplore the modern youth's preference of brawn to brain. "He used to tell of a football game he once witniessed. Princeton had a splendid player in Poe-you will remember little Poe ?--and Prof. Norton, thinking of 'the Raven' and 'Annabel Lee,' said to the lad at his side: 'He plays well, that Poe.' 'Doesn't he P' the youth cried. 'Is he,' said Prof. Norton, 'any relation to the great Poe P' 'Any relation' said the youth, frowning, 'Why, he is the great Poe.' " KC If CC K I 72 Entra illilariar. 1 H 1 U IXIAGISTRATE-CCWBII, Pat, I think you are guilty." PAT-"And phat makes you think that Z?" MAGISTRATE-'4There are two witnesses here who say they saw you take the goods? PAT-HIS that all? Why, mon, I kin bring two hundred min who will swear they didn't see me take them." A Kansas City man recently wrote to a lawyer in another town of the State asking for informa- tion touching the standing of a person there who had owed the Kansas City indi- vidual a considerable sum of money for a long time. "What property has he that I could attach ?', was one of the questions asked. The lawyeris reply was to the point. "The person to whom you refer," he wrote, "died a year ago. He left nothing subject to attachment except a widow."-Harpefs Weekly. "How dear to my heart are the old cribs of college, Vlfhen sternest necessity brings them to view, To go to the dealer, and bring me in lucre, To pay for the flowers I'm sending to whom ?" JUDGE STOCKBRIDGE--NHOHIIIRD, how far is a foreign corporation controlled by its charter restrictions ?', HOFFMAN Chesitatinglyj-"Well, Judge, you know the plea of ultra vires is to be used as a shield and not as a sword." JUDGE STOCKBRIDGE-CCN ow will you please answer that without becoming quite so poetical P" "The Senior sat upon the deck, His head was in a whirl 3 i His eyes and mouth were full of hair, I His arms were full of girl." Samuels says, "Sleep and grow fat." Jacobs says, "Get married, sit up all night with the baby, and keep lean." Iilecka says, "Let your vocation be entertaining the girls at the Rathskellerg your avocation be studying law." "Mary had a little lamp, A jealous lamp, no doubt, For every time the beau came in The little lamp went out." COULBOURNE fthe school teacherj-"Have I made myself plain." JOHNNY-"Nop, God done it." 10 cents : 1 Drink. 10 Drinks : 1 Drunk. 10 Drunks : 10 Days. Archie New had gone for three weeks without shaving a few virgin hairs from his upper lip. One of his classmates suggested that he might look much cleaner if he'd shave. Archie drew himself up to his full height, puckered his upper lip which con- tained the half dozen hairs, each of which was one-fourth of an inch from its neighbor, and replied, "You don't think I am going to back out after going this far, do you ?" Resolved, That a young girl without experience is the better investment at 1079 premium than an old maid with experience in fee simple. WOMAN'S WILL. Men, dying, make their wills, but wives Escape a work so sad, Why should they make what all their lives The gentle dames have had? Zilrrra Marist, IHIU 173 JUDGE GORTER Q giving examples of presumptionsj-"I presume you have all read Blackstone." CLASS fin dissenting opinion heldj-"To be a rebuttable presumption." JUDGE GORTER-KKMT. Cook, what is equitable waste ?" COOK-"Equitable waste is Samuel's definition of estoppel." THE CENSUS TAKER-"Your name, mum P" "I don't know." "Beg your pardon, mum." "I've been divorced. At present my name is Mrs. Jones in this State. In several States it is Mrs. Smith, my first husbandis name. In three States it is Miss Brown, my maiden name? "This is your residence, mum ?" "I eat and sleep here, but I have a trunk in a neighboring State, where I am getting a divorce from my present husband." "Then you are married at present P" "I'm married in Texas, New York and Massachusetts, divorced in South Dakota, Missouri, Alaska, Oklahoma and California 5 a bigamist in three other States, and a single woman in eight others." JUDGE GORTER fto Stockbridge, struggling vainly to pronounce ucestui que trust"j--"You must be a Frenchman to say that." JUDGE GORTER fquizzingj-"Mr. Sloman, explain a case where the doctrine of election applied." SLOMAN-"A man made a will, in which he devised property to his son, which he expected to get under another will. Then the old duck died." JUDGE GORTER-'iWl1lCh duck ?" JUDGE GORTER-icWl10 tried to imitate the Hagerstown Almanack ?" CHORUS-"Crummer, Hoffman and Steele." JUDGE STOCKBRIDGE-MA little plainer, Mr. Samuels, a little plainer, please." SAMUELS-"Well, you see, Judge, it was this way, etc. JUDGE STOCKBRIDGE-KKHOW strange, how strange, the plainer you make it, the harder it becomes for me to understand it." JUDGE STOCKBRIDGE fquizzingj-"Now, Mr. Chapman, explain neutralization for us." MR. CHAPMAN-"Well, in the first instance, yes, in the first. Is it not ?-Yes, sir, that's it," JUDGE STOCKBRIDGE-KCDOQS the class now understand the meaning of neutralization as ex- plained by Mr. Chapman? NEW fwith a fresh growth of fuzz under his probosis, attempting to call a class meeting- "Gentlemen, we have-" CLASS-"Whoopi whoop! yea-a-a. Yea whiskers. Cut it off. Cut it off. Cut it off? JUDGE GORTER-UNOW what will the subsequent creditors receive ?" JACOBS Qstanding on the seat so as to see Judge Gorter, who was seated back of the deskj- "Nothing, your honor." JUDGE GORTER-CCHOW do you make that out." J ACOBS-'fWell, your honor, nothing will come of nothing." JUDGE GORTER-"Then answer again? "What are 'common counts ?' " Prior. FRANCE-"Organ grindersf' You sing a little song or two, You have a little chat. You make a little candy fudge, And then you take your hat- And hold her hand, and say good night As sweetly as you can. Isn't that a H ---- of an evening For a great big healthy man? I 1 4.19. v.-Q I c-,JJ I rf Il' 5 I fill, Q - V, A - 11.9 f ui li '13 I-I , , , , ' -+-rigs . I- 'WIN 1 II E MI!! If :UI -if if-I-f I , . ' 'MII QWTII 1-4 III If W 1 :I I I fffg" ' I! 1 ' , 'AI' II X JMIQ5 II l I Il wulzx QM 'PY - I gf 7,31 f I Iwf g' I ,K If -Z 1' , , I I I I 5 ' 4' ' EXERCISING WOMAN'S RIGHTS SINCE THE ACT OF 1898 f. BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL wyffwr Z X Urrra illlariur, 19 III I75 1Hnhrrgrah1miP'a Glatvrhiam -As LTOGETHER we have what might be called a most decorous Faculty and Board of Instruction. It happens, nevertheless, that in moments of delectable enthusiasm ,sehygitq while expounding the intricacies of the law these dignified gentlemen inadvertently if 'Tj display certain characteristics which, if it be true, detract dignity from their ex- alted station are, on the other hand, so inocuous as to be enumerated among their more worthy virtues. It is highly fitting that these should be mentioned for future use among the undergraduates, and it is recommended they should be memorized. I. Oratory, so great as is its need at the Bar, is rendered wholly ineffective without the proper movements of the arms. Dean Henry D. Harlan is the chief exponent of this science, he should be observed very close. He is the acme of good-heartedness also, which is revealed in his classic features. II. Prof. Wm. T. Brantly is very easy going and full of jovialty. He should be made acquainted with at once 5 but do not let him impress the inferiority of European law schools too far on you. III. Prof. Henry Stockbridge has a good memory and remarkably good eyesight, so don't try to read the "News" and listen to his lecture at the same time. Sir Isaac Newton's law of gravitation is quite important to bear in mind if you attempt the feat. IV. Prof. Joseph C. France is the personilication of Napoleon the Great. If he in- forms you for the first time that you have come from the Eastern Shore or from Hagers- town, make up your mind it's just so, and don't try to smoke any other brand of cigars in the "Little Corporal's" presence but the kind he recommends, especially if he has spotted you out as a native from the Eastern Shore. And if he tells you anything has about as much show as a celluloid dog chasing an asbestos cat through Hell acquiesce to that also. V. Prof. Edgar A. Poe won his spurs on Princeton's diamond, and now he carries the students' "halfback" in his lectures on Bills and Notes in order to make a touchdown, usually with a "N ow let me explain, gentlemen." VI. Prof. W. Calvin Chestnut is little, but don't be deceived 5 David was little, too. Prof. France and he have not been beaten yet at a sarcasm tilt with former classes. VII. Prof. Jas. P. Gorter has but one failure and that is in monopolizing a good joke. For your benefit this hint is given you. When you observe the Judge lay both hands fiat on the rostrum and move back, assuming a position as if to jump over the rostrum and his face begins to redden and longitudinally expand, then laugh quick if you desire to come in op the joke. This is about the time the joke is absorbed if not taken advantage of by the c ass. VII. Prof. John C. Rose is easily understood if you have done your your duty by Caesar. Wait until he is finishing a 32 line paragraph and catch the verb, if you can do it you will have the meaning all in a nutshell. VIII. Prof. Herbert T. Tiffany knows all there is worth knowing concerning Real Prop- erty, and he has written two volumes on the subject, which attests to the accuracy of this as- sertion. Don't argue with him about any other work, memorize his definitions. IX. Prof. Eli Frank is a moot court judge of no little fame. If you are plaintiff's counsel ascertain before opening the case whether or not the case is being argued in the lower court or Court of Appeals. X. Prof. Albert C. Richie is by far the best lecturer. His elucidation is par excellence. You must judge for yourself whether or not his beauty brings you around to this belief. XI. Prof. Wm. S. Marbury's initiation into the chair on Torts was a signalized success. On the recommendations of the classes of '11 and '12 we congratulate you, Professor. ARTHUR E. NELSON. I76 U21-ra ziilariar. 1H1Il HP Anrirnt Zllvuil 0 DRAMATIS PERSONAE. J. H. JACOBS - H. C. JONES 5 .... Feudists J. SLOIMAN , A. C. NEW 1 1511 'g'GSEA5INER ..... Mediators A. TRADER - S. BACHRACH It must have been in the blood of them, inherited from their sires years upon years ago, when men could say, if men you could call them, Solon, J ustian and Blackstone? No, your honor, it is not for our generation to heed them, but for our lineal descendants inflnitum who shall represent us in battle arrayed in the class of ' 10, U. of M- Thus We 'dnd one Jacobs in this class as prophesied of him, he being a descendant of Kish, who went to seek his father's asses. Let us turn to the heaths of Scotland, Whereat dwelt the clan of McDougals. To this tribe there called the above named Kish, who, in those dayswas Wont to travel in the Lowlands, main- ly because the law courts there were of a higher order than in the Highlands, where it was gen- erally the custom to beat a broker than it Was to meet him in legal combat. Nevertheless Kish called in on the tribe McDougal, not for to make a loan this time, but to seek some asses that had gone astray. His visit culminated in a suit for larceny against the younger of the Mc- Dougals, whose surname was Hector. He immediately engaged counsel by the name of Jones, surnamed Donald, and ancestor of H. C. Jones, of the class of '10, The suit was car- ried on peacefully enough save for some hours disturbance by the clan McClachan, which heard of Kish's arrival sometime earlier in the day of the trial. They had come down from the Highlands to give the usual greetings to Kish, but on this occasion it was rumored that Kish was to be divided and the parts sent to the four clans representing the McClachan's, Jones, Mc- Dumfries and McMickies. Therefore, the McDougals had mustered out 40 of their tribe to preserve order, but it was maintained not Without great work, for the brawny, redbearded Highlanders were not in any fine mood that day. The suit nevertheless terminated in a great victory for attorney J ones, but that victory incurred an enmity in the defeated Kish which was not to be forgotten for generations. Thus declared Kish and forthwith prophesied of the rising up of one John Jacobs, who was to pass the Baltimore Bar out of due season, but who would con- tinue the lectures at the U. of M. in order that he might find revenge on the descendant of this attorney who beat him in legal combat. And so it has come to pass and it all broke out one day in September, 1909, while Judge Gorter was lecturing on Equity. The name of H. C. Jones was being repeated from the roll, when suddenly in the eyes of John H. Jacobs could be seen sparkling the dormant element of a real feud. He is here! your honor! and turning around at his feudal antagonist he grinned with all the triumph of victory written on a face not unlike a quadruped one Kish was seeking for years ago. O! if Kish could have seen that face! Etna Qllariur, IH 1 II I 7 7 L9C'f1l1'9S 11311111 111111 went, while e111'11 of the f111111ists 111111911 11111 21 thrust 111211 117111111 11it11111 s1111k11 the C12lI1S in their g1'111'11s with glee 111' 11111139111 t1111 1111s111-1111ssf111 s11it 111' 11111'i1111t Iiish. All 111111111't1111it1' was 111121111 111es1111t1111 w11i1-11 was 1191111111 1111 11x111-1-t11ti1111s. 111111 it 1111111111111111 i11 this 111111111111. J111'1111s 111111 G111i11111 11111 1'111y i11ti11111te 111111 sit si1111 111' si1111 i11 11011111-t 1111111111i111ity. W111111 it is Gi111Il0l'.S 111111 t11 get 11111221111 by Judge 111111111 it is .1111-1111's g11111t 1111111111111 of t1111 111w w11i1-11 assists the .11111g11 i11 1111te1111i11i11g1 w1111th111 112l11IlCI' 11215 1111s11'1111-11 1-111'1'111-111' 111' 1111wi11g his head, whi1'11. 1111i11g i11t111'11111t1111, 111111111s, 1111sw111 is 1'11l'l'0l'1f11' st11t1111. X'U111' 1111111112 U11 t1111 1111-1-11- sion of t11is 1ll'0K'1'l1111't' 111111 1121-Y, Jones wi1111.1' s11i11, .1111-1111s k1lU11YS 11111 111w, .11111g11f '1'11111'1111111111 the 111111111 of .1111'1111s w11s111111111t1111 fl'011l t11111-111ss 11111 111 111111-1' t1111t 1111 might 1-X1111111111 the 111ight.1' 1111111-i11111s 11f E1111it-V: 11111 i11 2lllSW1'I'1l1g' t1111 111111sti1111s 1111111111111111111 t11 11i111 1111' 11111 .11111g11 it 136031116 vastly 1111111111111t that 1111 111111 1111t 1111111 11111111 11111 111st z1ssig111111111t. H1-1111111itt1111 11-11' fl'HI11i1'Y that s111-11 w11s the 1-11s11. t11 his 11w11 1-1111st1111111ti1111. S111-11 11x11il1iti1111s 111' il 111111 1i6'1l11ll'1i.Y 111111111 1-1111111 11111 11111111111 s111111 111111s11111111111-11s. Both feudists1'11a1iz1111t11is1'111't.11s11111'1111t11111'1111111'111111 111111 111w 11I1i11i11g S1ll11L'Il1S. 111111 i11 11111111 t11 bring 11111111t 21 s11111111-V. 11111i1-1111111 111111 1l1lI101'211J1l' s11tt1111111111t. 'l11'1111U1', 01,Q'11l'I1 111111 N1-w. 1'11111'11s11111i11g H. 0. J111111s, 111111 S1111111111. 112l11l1l'l' 111111 B111-111111-11. I't'11l'l'S0l111ll1I .1. H. .1111-1111s. 1111111 11111111g'1111 1111' 1111111 t0l'IIlS. S11llll3.I1 11215 111111111 s1111111 1111.11-1-ti1111 t11 t1111 i1111ig11it-1' N1111' will s1111j111't 1111' 1311111-11t11, 1111' 11211411124 t11 1111119111 wit11 11 111111111 new 1111111111 111 fuzzy. X1-11' Y1'1'lY g11111111t1'1' 1111111-1-111111 11111 1111i11t 211111 wi11 sacrifice the 1'i1,gi11 g1'11wt11. 1-11111-1111i11g 1111 111111it1111111 g41'U11l1l1S. The Class of 'IH 111111 Judge 1i111't111' 1-xt1-1111 1111111 111111111st 111-si11-s f111' 21 111sti11g1 111111 11111111111111u sett1111111111t of this 1111111111t11l11e f111111. .X11'1'111'R 15. XICIJSHX. '72 'I , ' v 3 ' 1" 1 1 1 A f' . .1 f. ' ,X , 1 if- 'i , 1 If '51 1111 I ' ' be in 'I 'ki 1111 1 , A - ' 1 1 , rfla R f ' 1 11 1:-f' 1 X xt - V ' hi,1 ' '1 Q1 r-1-M' .c" 1'n 'fxff . ' I ' . x 111 1' - ' I' Fw!-il: -K I 1 11: - . Q N 4 - 'iff 'JA 1 ,. 1' 1:71511 "fflif,'g ' ', ' 'it 1 f 7'1" " T' M 'i' " ' if A "N 1 1 X 7 A 1 ' ' .XTff?"-E.e-j:R, 79f- ...""4- -fi ,Q L., ' ', ,, f--' 4 ' ' 1 L :F -fzii--fiifewfiat, we 11-11,--H ,ha - gu iz ' -i."""..-- ' ' ' nr- , . 1 1 , 1?-1 D g 1 - .1 1 - . - - - 1 .- ,- 4. L . . ' Ia y . l 1 A- 1749 ' 4 1 lx :1 . ,r A :fvt 1 fx., 1 I A 1- 1 . - P .1111 ' ' 1 ' Thfxgjgs ' PLEADING HIS FIRST CASE Urrra Hlariar, 151 111 l79 3121111 Bvpartmrnt, 01121115 nf 1911 Ubiiirrra Prcsidollt ..... H1431-11114: M1'1:11.xY Vice-P1'esi11e11t . l"1:.xx1i l'1c.x1:sux SCC1'Ct2N'A' . . . . . .1'111-:s'1'1-31: A. A1.B1:1cu11T 'F1'O2lSlll'1'I' . . . . . II.x1:1'1cx' All. AAVILSUX I'I1S10l'12lll ........ . . .1'Y1:11. II.1Ns151.1. SCl'gGill1t-Elf-A1'INS . . II1 Xl x !o1.1.1-11:5 iixrrutinr Qlnmmittrr .l. F1:.xN1i I'1f:.11:suN, 1'!llIl'l'IIl CHAS. H. BUCK 11.11111 Il. K111sx1:1: l.D.xx11a1. 11. W11.111x5uN IIARVEY H. W11.soN 'l'111-311111111143 H. S1'111:1f:11:1:1: 1'Y1:11. Il.xNs1-11.1. Hin Olnnunittrr JOHN L. 1'0lINI'Il.l., 1'!IlIl'l'IIllIIl Lows .I.J111.x II1-:1:111c11'1' A. S1'111.uss GEo1z111cA..lZoss1x11 M1c'11.x1-11. l'. l+'1c1.11s1':11 0111155 111111 J, U, S, Ayplglggqjy I1.J.f1lRA J. F. IIICAIISUN WM, J, BAXIIAX' 1'11.x1:1.1':s Ii1:.xA1x11:1: 1,1-l'I'I-Ili P14:1'1i OSw.11.1J A. B1a.11' Jos151'11 BECK C11.1s. H. Bos1.1cY L. M. Bulscolc UHAS. H. Brcli WM. W. S. 1'.11's1cY J S. Co11N15LL 111011.11111 A. Cox H. S. FRANK P. A. F1c11:Dn1.xN J. BTCGILLET J011N S. GLEN H. A. G110T'1'E11Y CY1111, IIANSELL J. F. DE SALES GEO. HOFF, JR. X1z1L1. H1'G111f:s 1.1 1111 H.1nTM.xN IJ. 13. li11:sx1:1: A. W. Ii11.11'ss P. IC. 11.11111 ll. B. hxxm' S. W. 11ICl'1'ClI .IAC1111 L1cV1N1': 'l'. L. Mwux V. Mc'M.x'1'111.1s .Io11x H. Mom-is ,1o11N If. M1f1:11.xY I.. S. 1'os'1'1s1.1.o A. W. Dowl-21.1. 111-zo. IC1'1i11.x11D'1' H. IC. FLACK J. N.1'r1r.1xsoN H. IC. O'B11115x 111211. Ii. 151421131 lI11111'1"1' l'1111 1 11N .1 11 . S. Ii. l'1.o'1'1i1N .Iu11x IC. II.11N1f: I". U. XX. II1c1N11.11:11'1' v S. M. IZ1ax'No1.11s 111410. A. llussmu II. A S.l . S.x1m1.1c11 S.1L1a.x 1 N li I1lClZISliIi'l' II. S1'111.uss 1,11-II.I.Il' T.. SY111f:s l'.1' WA L1..11'1c lf1:.xx1i G. XX11.11.1cN ID. I1 W1L1i1xsox J. W. AAYILMISII H. H. AAYILSUN 11.11 II1-Lx: '1N'1'1511N1'1'z 11' Zu1.1,111:, 1111. I 80 Elerra Marine. 15 1 U Zlnirrmrhiatr Blum Gilman lqiiatnrg When we. the elass of 1911, entered this noble institution, we were one lunnlretl and two strong anfl robust young men gatheretl from all parts of the l'nion-from beautiful Taunton of the oltl Bay State to that quaint little town of Naples, Texas. This macle us the largest class ever matrieulatecl at the Law Sehool. It was with incleseribable clelight we soon learnecl that the upper elassmen of the Law Ilepartment tliml not "haze', their freshies. With the pleasant knowlerlge that our own persons were not in any tlanger. it was with the keenest interest-anml enjtvyment-that we watehed the students of the other clepartinents make their freshies tlo "stunts." Our elass was the first to have Hollanml's Jurisprurlenee in the tirst year. The continuous strain on our brains for those two weeks will never be forgotten. The Seniors anfl Intermediates got so sorry for us that they triecl to explain, but they soon eonvineeil us that they hacl blutfetl "Bonaparte" and it was up to us to do likewise. With what sueeess may be jutlgecl from the faet that only four "tlunked." , In November the elass organizerl by electing che following: Hon. Pres.. Mr. Joseph C. Franeeg Pres.. William W. S. t'ausey: Yiee-Pres., Theotlore Il. Sa-hreiber: Seeretary-Treasurer, Hubert B. Uoatesg Ilistorian. t'urtiss W. Long: antl Serg. at Arms, George A. Rossing. The ltlxeeutive Committee was eomposetl of George ltlekliartlt tt'hairmanj, Arthur W. Dowell, AV. II. Davenport, llarvey H. Wilson, t'harles H. Buck, Oswahl A. Beaulieu anrl Louis J. Jira. Before we knew it, we were lntermerliates. Time hail worketl quite a ehange, for we were retlueecl to eighty-nine. Several of those who hafl startecl with us hall sueeessfully eompletecl two years in one anil hail been atlmittecl to the 1910 elass. We hacl just settlecl tlown to work in earnest when a sail loss befell us-our belovecl Dean anil lnstruetor, John l'rentiss l'oe, left us. The etfeet of this ealamity was more keenly felt bythe 1910 anil 1911 elasses: for, not only had we lost an instruetor whom we hall learneml to love, but a friencl. The '11 men showetl their rleep grief by every member of the elass eon- tributing something to the Poe Memorial Pieture. t'harles tl. Laney. William W. S. t'ausey, limanuel M. Banni, George A. Rossing anal J. Reefe Murray were the '11 elass representatives on the Joint-tflass tlommittee. The elass eleetion eame next. There was more interest taken this year than at the pre- vious one. In no ease was there only one eantlialate running for the same otiiee. In January, a eonnnittee eomposetl of John L. t'ornell tehairmanl, Louis J. Jira, Michael l'. Fehlser. George A. ltossing anml llerbert A. Sehloss was eleeteal to design a pin. They sub- mittetl a pin ot' whieh our elass is prouel antl whieh has been amloptetl as our Class Pin. Une thing the 'Il men have tlistinguisherl themselves for, antl that is a willingness to join any nnflertaking for the betterment of the l'niversity. When several 'ltl men proposed that the stinh-nts shouhl organize a legal soeiety, our men eame to the front and clitl their share to make the lilaekstone Law Soc-iety a sum-eess. Numerous olliees have been hehl by '11 men. Urrra illllariar, 19111 ISI A11o'111c1' thing, we have taken 21 keon i11tQ1'est i11 The Cbllege Y. M. C. 11.-1l141I'U of 1911 c-lass being 1111-111b01's 1112111 11111 of fha 11tl1Q1' Classcfs. Edgfai' H. M1-B1'i1h', '11, is at Ill'L'Sl'Ilf Xvill'-1i,1'US. ' ' '1 ' lat 'f1':111izz1t11111. It has 1111-1'i1111sly hui-11 He is the first law stufhfiit who 11101 held 2111 offiu 111 1 11 111,, Y 71 the 0115111111 for the law Sf11l1L'l1iS to shun the Colh-ge H. M. L. A. Twoy0z11'sl1z11'Q I10?lI'i.V passed. The 1911 vlass is 111111111151 f111'wz11'11 111 the- 111110 when they will be Seiiiors. We expcvt to 111z1111ta1111 the same high st11111h11'1l 111 scfl111lz11'sl1ip as 11111' p1'1f1hL1- cessors, and add histrc to 11111' A111121 hI2lfCI'-1110 I'11i1'01'sif-V of Bliltiviilllfl. HISTOHIAN. , - " F -Q 2 I 1, 'wi Un iv! 'f 11.1, in LF h ' E---,,..V , K Elf, 'ff' iq. Xxx 3 - .yu 'gk-., lg. . 'a ski N 'V X x Xyj N, f! XXX is 1 1 1 , fix W X, 1 I I 7 gr I I 1 gig 1 ' 4 Z I f 1 ff? 1,11 j f :?' 1 1 X 1 1 1 WHj ,f111"'miiiliiiii1ii' """ 1111, A. - X A 1 AX DREAMING 1 Efrrrzi illllariar. 15 1 Il Zluninr 0112155 nf 1912 L9ftirrr5 EDWIN W.xl:lfl1-11.11, Jn... . . l'n-siflmlt II. II.xMl.lx Iilcm .... ..Ym--l'r1-siJ4- Rolzlalrl' II. Plfrzll. .... .. .Sl-ww-t:1:'y UI-IOIIHIC W. I.1Nlws.n' ..... . .'l'l'1'2l:4lll'l'l' ALLAN Illclzlslclrl' Iflslllilc. .. . .llistlwiznxm 0112155 Emil AB1c.x1I.xMs. J. lf. Axllslmslc, J. A. Builalz, J. A. BAK!-JR. BICNJ. BALD, U. W. Bxxul-:u'1', P. U. B.xu'1'l.E'r'1'. R. IJ. BL.xL's'1'I-IIN, U. N. BIYCIS. A. P. BoY1.1e, J .mics Bu.xNs1iY, J. M. BUBIQRT, K. li. M. Bl'1s1-:1:'1'. H. II. BU'1'1.1f:n, H. P. C'1I1Lus, E. P. Ccux. M. J. CONLUN, ff l'. 000111-in, R. IC. C'1zoc1ils'r'1'. J. M. DAVIS. J. R. D.xl'c:11lc1c'1iY, 'l'. E D1V1f:1c. Gluxu' Do1Q1.1.u1z. Hlcxm' Do1cs1cY, H. W. EV1f:1c1'1"1'. G. P. F,x1:1s1c1:, B. H. FISHER, A. H. F1c.xL1aY, W. E. Flzlfzlsnxmx, H.xu1zY GANSTIQR, H. W. GIBSUN, C. H. GONTRUM, J. B. Hus1.1-115. U. X. II.x1:1..xN. IC. II. W ll.xx'N1-1, H. H. Ill-ilmxx, li. IZ. Is1:.xl.l.sox, Ilxnm lin-l..xN. M. IC. IXAHHICII. II.xm:Y W I..xAI1a, P. lu I,1xns.xY. G. W. I1l'l"l' 1.1-:'1'uN. l'. IC. IACWIN, Jn.. W. P Ll-Lvlxl-3. II. U. IJIHNOX, li. V. Mxxxxxu. J. R.. MASON. 'l'. IC. Ml-:r:lNNls, N. 'l'. M IlJlJI.I'l'I'0N. X J v Ml1.1.1c1:. DAN 1.. JI. Mlwlxl-:1.1.. II. lr. WIITNICK, 1. Mrxoz. IC. A. Ml'1:1,11Y. J. Ml'1z1:.xY, F. WIVBIIIIJI-I, If' M vi 'oL1.oM, McS111sm:Y. A 1-:11.I.. H Vu Nl"r'1'Ll':, E. 0'i'0NN1cLL. Uwlxus, W. 1'.v1"rE1:soN. 0l'lN S. li. .. II. M. M. C. W uns R. F. A 0. F. P. PAULY, E. G. P1-:1:l.x1.xx. P. IHS. l'1f1s11.. H. II. l,llll.l.ll'S. A. li. l'l:.x1-:mcl:. Sufi. lllclvlxl-:l:'1'. A. N Ihcm. Il. Il. HUSl'IAlHX'l',f1. l' nt l:USlCN'l'IIAI., Alamll Xl lIm"1'l-11:m-ima, Us H.xluX'l'Z. ll. M. Sm'11.x1'll:u, Il. M Svrlul-'1-'1xm.A. Sm'1Il.1':Y, V. W. S1cl11:'1'. ti. H. Sl.YIlIili. V. F. SKIISKY. SIMUX Sxwrll. IC. P. SNY1m1c1:. 'l'. A. 9'l'l'l'I' l' I" A '.'.x, . 4. l S'l'15w.xl:n. W. A. 'l'l'liNl'IH, J. S. X'1aN.x1:l.lf:, S. W. W.x1.'1'1c1:. II.x1'l1.x1l AAvAlH+'ll-lI.lJ, ICIDAYIX AA'A'l"l'S. llmhxxlm AA'AlI'l'IlI'IN, W. A W l':IvI4l1.xl:'1', H. N AA'll.I.lAAlS, J. M Wmmlc. J. W. AAY0I.l"INliI'll!. ll. A ZII'IllI.l'IlI, M. P. L I 84 iilvrra Marine. 19111 iaiiatnrg, Gilman 1912 HE autumn of nineteen hundred and nine brought sadness to the Law Department of the liniversity of Maryland. John Prentiss Poe, our learned professor,was taken NA Xi, from our midst.. His departure deprived us of all the brightness and cheer which his buoyant spirit infused into the University and left us in loneliness, hardly able to realize that the accomplished scholar, the gifted orator and the self-sacrificing friend, of whom we were so proud, was no 1I101'G. i ln the midst of all this grief the class of nineteen hundred and twelve was born. The father of the Law Department died just after the birth of its youngest and most cherished child- a child so unfortunate as to launch forth upon the profession of law without the finish- ing touch of a liberal education-a personal contact with John Prentiss Poe. Standing on the threshold of our course in law, it was indeed a disappointment to think that we shall not have the opportunity to profit by his hcritical and exhaustive knowledge of the law, his consummate skill in the technical niceties of pleading, and his comprehen- sion of human nature, which showed itself in a wealth of anecdote and illustration,', but we determined to make the best of our misfortune. After numerous efforts to organize our class were frustrated by the ambitious aspirations of some to hold office, we succeeded in ob- taining class officers satisfactory to all, and under their leadership we look forward to a suc- cessful year. Our men have shown such a marked interest in l'niversitv activities that, al- though our class is still in its swaddling clothes. it has a. wide and healthy influence on the whole l'niversity. 'l'he first six weeks of our course we spent studying Elementary Law and General Juris- prudence under the able instruction of Professor Joseph France. It was indeed a benefit and a pleasure to study the intricacies of the English t'ommon Law, aided and abetted by the keen, analytical mind of our prineiprzl in the .wecoml deg:-cc. It was he who taught us how to approach the study of law-not as a conglomeration of unrelated rules of action enforced by the sanction of the state, but as a fascinating science of the rules of human action which in the course of centuries have by a process of evolution been found helpful in protecting man- kind and preserving human rights in the infinite activities of life. .Xfter a proper initiation into the mysteries of the t'ommon Law, we were turned over to the care of t'hief Judge llenry ll. llarlan and Professor Calvin W. Chestnut. The former presented the important subject of Domestic Relations in a logical, straightforward and unbiased manner. llc taught us what are our rights in the property of our wives and what rights our wives have in our property. We know what duties and obligations we have assumed toward them and what they have assumed toward ns. ln fact. no matter what course nf life one intends to pursue. if he contemplates marriage a course in Domestic Re- lations is a great help, for it not only teaches one the great responsibilities assumed by him who enters the vinculum of matrimony. Init at the same time gives him the experience of many of those unfortunate victims whose plight is more fully set down in the various num- bers of the Blarylaiid lteports. Mr. t'hestnut. with his delightful delivery and copious vocabulary. instructed us in t'riminal Law and Insurance-two subjects whose importance is so great that no one can afford to miss them. Who Init a student of criminal law knows that when he carries his razor to the barber with the speri'fi'r inleul ol' having it honed. he commits the misdemeanor of carrying concealed weapons. an offense against the Public l'eace? 'l'he mere fact that criminal intent is lacking is no defense because this is not Illllfll in se, but main, jIl'0fIIiflI-fll. who but a student ol' insurance knows that before doing any act. important or unimportant, the insured must telephone the insurance company requesting them in submissive tones to waive that stipulation ill the policy forbidding such act because every act. Whetliei' lnate- rial or immaterial to the risk, is in violation of at, least one of the stipulations of the Standard Policy? Glrrra illlluriar. 191 U I 85 Although our i-lass is still iii its iiilkiiit--V. it slimvs iiiwiwi tliiiii iisiml lt-gall mfiiiiit,-ii Its Yzi1'ious lllUllllJU1S :iiv illlllilflll' In-giiiiiiiig tu spun-iiilizv. Swim' liaivt- zispiiwitifiiis to lwmiiiv great criminal l2lXY'Yl'l'S to saw liwiiu that gzillmvs thusv lllll'4ll'lllll2ll1'. iiiiimw-iit iivtiiiis-iiiiiuu-lit lu vaiisc tlitji' liziw wiiiiiiittvil iiiiirilt-i' :mil iiiilwtiiiizitv llt'l'2lll5l' thi-li' xii-i'v vzitiglit. Otlit-rs pix-lti ilomvstic it-lzitioiis :mtl lmils up with givzit zeal :it thti sumiiiit til' tht-ii' ziiiiliitiiiu. to ix-st-in their follow-iiit-11 friiiii tht- vinviiliiiii wt' 1iiaiti'iiiiii1i.x'. Still iitlivis lii'vl't-i' iiisiiiwiiiw law. s that tlicy can im- :ill thvii' iiizigiiilivi-iit nliiliti' iii ill-lk-iitliiig thi- iimgiiiiiiiiiiiiiis iiisiirziiiii voiiipaiiivs who uit- iilwlmiwsi-il :tml pwsi-i-iiti-il by thti it-li-iitli-ss imlit-yliiililt-i's. wliu. al'tt-1' imyiiig i plfllllllllli lm' lilti-t-ii wi' txwiiti' 'w:ii's. nit- vrui-l 1-iiwiigli tw :ish iiitlviiiiiitv wlii-ii tlit-tx' siiliki 1095. Utlit-is ul' us whit silt- in-itlii-1' tzill lltll' liiii--luulqiiig lvivlk-i' 1-iliiitnv. lN'l'2lllF1'Ullllll'Y 1't""'lI'4lN 51 Siilistzilivt- l2lllll'l' than liiiiii. Swim- zigziiii ili-Siiv tw liiaivtivi- Hllll' iii thi' l"t-tlt-ml l'llll1'lS. lit i vaiist tsinvt- tlivsc haw im tiiiiiiaiiiiii lam' jiiiistlivtiniil it is lint Ilt't'l'SS:ll"Y lu pass ntl' t'll,'llll'lll ary law. Hut iimst ul' its thi llul iiitviiil to ll2ll'l'HW nur piuivtivi- tw :liiy tim- liiiziiit-li ul' thi- hui liecuuso siivli zivtifiii 4111 riiii' pint wiiiilil iiiiiliiiilitwllx' stiiiit tht' giwiwtli ul' till wtlii-1' lll'2llll'llCS of jl1llSpIllllUlN'l'. AS I stzitc-il almw. wt- liziw init tis yvt pt-i'l'fii'iiiwl aiiilx' wliisszil lt-sits. Iliit giw us tiiiit- :mil we uill tlo woiirltws. ll2l'F2ll' was uwi' lhity wlii-ii lit- t'lllltIlll'lt'll tiniil: Wzisliiiigtuii twink six years to flL'lAt'2ll the lliitisli. :mil lliziiitlx' luis lltll Qwl l'llllllllK'll'll thi- Viiilv. .Xi,i,,xx lliciziii-:i:'i' lfisiii-iii. ,970 lull -TJKE7! l x ' t ij K 1-Elf? J ' Q 11 . 'T-L I fir .-' -.J 4 s iw Q' K S v v' T it Q I, .ns ,, I-w X i I A1 7 -aa Z" . ,ggi :Aki . .Z A-sgw. Y QQ Q -.' xl ,, 'T ' 3' 1, Y Alu' J t,f.YYl X Q lg' l if -W , Vsmfkx X ' xX X A AT THE MIDWINTER COTILLON ZZ:-rra fllariar. 1 H111 'iglarkatnnw 1521111 Svnrirtg llniiuiiiijv l'i'i-siflviit. . . Pl'CSiKiL'llt .... XviK'l'-Pl'l'Siiii'I1t . SCK'l'Uf2lI'.Y ......... . . fi0I'I'USlHl11liiIlg,1' SUl'l'L'i2ll'A' 'iil'02lSlll'0I' ............ 1i0211'li of f'llI'alful'S. . . Mmiibwsliip Voiiiiiiitti-0 Swim-aiiit-:it-.Xrms . .Aiklilillllil . . Alaska .. Arizmia .. l'zllifu1'Iiizl ..,........ Ilistria-t uf tiliillllllliil .. Floriulzi ........ ..... ulllllflilll . Illinois Iowa . . . liaiisns . . . lin-iitilcklx' .. iAllliSi2ll12l .. Mziiiu- ..... AI2ll'.Yl2Ul1i .... Massacliilsi-tts Miiiiicsutzl , Mississippi . . Missouri . . xYCiJI'2lSii2l .. Yevzuhi ......... New Humpsliiro .. Now York ..... Nririll l'z11'uli11zl. .. Oklzilimiia ..... i,UI1I1SA'iY2llli21 .. South Czirnliiizl .. 'lkfiiiiesscu .... 'Fcxns .... Virginia ..... West Virginia .... Wyoiuing ......... Philippine Islands. . . Porto Rico ....... Gmiirrrn Bull .Jn ...IIi:Ni:Y IJ. TI.x1:1..xN ...tiicmiui-3 A. Ilnssixu ...l.ui'is .l. .lim l'x'i:ii. Ilxxsici. ..II. II.nii.iN lliciim ...S.xi'i. A. llxiiiiis , .1 v ,,,,, ' A . . . , Y , . . S luiix li l.ox1i.ix1 "1liixiiisXX Iixiim . x.'.- . . 1 S.xAil'ici. IS. l'i.u'i'iiix .. S 2 lI.xi:1:x' iXAlilil'lli Aizwiim' V. Xicw .....II.x1:Yi-:Y V. .luxics ...l'i.,xi:i:x4'i: IC. Sl'ICl-Ill . , , ......I,u1ih.l. ,lim ...i'Yi:ii. II.xNsici.i. ....AlH'lll'lY V. Xian ,,v .... . . . lIi'.1.ix, lX.i-.mi-. ...S.xl'i. A. II.xi:i:ls ..lI. lI.xAii.iN iililli ...I3icN.i.xxilN Hxixici: I q'l'l"W xifi' Hi iw .....v.n ..n 1.. ...I'iiii.ii' H. Pi-:i:i.Ai.xN ...Joiix li. tiuN'i'1:i'Ai ' ' 1 o .AX xi. XX. h. l .xrsiaw Himiuai-2 A. Iiusslxu , . ...A1:'i'iIl'l: lu. A 1-imux , V ii-is Ia Ix1.lil'K.x .......l'ii.w. W, I3.xi.i+ ...NA1ll'I'II. Iii. l'i.u'i'iiIN ...lfliuuii II. Mc'Bi:i1n-' losifzrii N.x'i'ii.xNsnN BICAL'I.lIiI' ...iIl'IlIIililI'I' A. Sviimss ...f1lIAIIl.liS II. Bwii .......Lni'is SAMl'lCI.S ...Mrc'ii.xi:i. I". l"ici.imsi:i: .......II.xi:1:Y Iixmsici: Hicuiuaia W. Iiixiusu' l'ii.xi:1.i:s U. Lxxm' .........ID. B. VKIIISNICII xim. Ii. Winiqixsox ICAi.xxi'ic1. M. B.xi'xi . . .'l'1im1.xs J. Fi:.xi.i-:Y ....iL'LII's F. iil'I'IN'I'llIill l 88 Urrra Marian, 1 H1 II Elarkntnnr llaun Svnrivtg On Wednesday, SPPtC111lJf'I'2fil, 1909. the Blackstone Law Soc-iety was organized by the following gentlemen: Messrs. .Xrehey tl. New, .Xrthur Nelson. Williani Bally, Thomas Fraley, Louis .l. Jira, llerbert .L Sehloss, George -L Rossing and t'yril Hansell. This society is the only one of its kind at the present time in the graduate part of the llniversity, although in the past there have been several prosperous soeieties wliieh proved a souree of great benefit to the student members. Among these may be mentioned the Maryland Senate and the Poe Debating Soeiety. The Senate was organized some years ago for the purpose of eultiyating the art of oratory and debate. The Poe was organized by the president of the class of '10, Arthur E. Xelson, and the lixeentiye t'ommittee eomposed ol' Harvey tl. Jones, Arehey C. New, Arthur Trader. Reginald Keene and James ll. Steele. Owing to the inerease of work and to the faet that the lower elasses were not given the priyilege of membership. it was found expedient to diseontinne this soeiety the following year. 'l'he Blaelqstone an evolution of the Poe, the members being drawn from all the elasses of the liaw Sehool. 'l'he Blaelqstone has adopted from other literary soeieties many things which have proved to be sneeesstnl. lst. livery man eleeted to inembersliip has to publiely swear to obey the t'onstitution and By-liaws. 2d. Ile is given the name ol' a State or 'l'erritory of the Union, the objeet to make debate impersonal. Cid. For eaeh meeting a eritie is appointed whose duty it is to eritieise the participants and advise them how to improve themselves. .Xt the tirst eleetion held Het. the ith. the following gentlemen were eleeted: Hon. Pres., John P. Poe: Pres.. -Xrehey t'. New: Yiee-Pres., llerbert .L Sehlossg Seeretary, Louis J. Jira: t'or. Seeretary, William Bailyz 'l'reasurer. Cyril llansellg Board of tlurators. Thomas Fraley and llainlin lteidg Membership t'ommittee. .lohn li. tlontruin and Benjamin Baker: and Ser- t,1'l'2llll-ill-.Xl'lllS. tleo. .L ltossing. Un Noyeinber the 17th, Mr. lili Frank. beeause of the death ol, Mr. .lohn l'. l'oe, was eleeted llon. l'res. The present otiieers, eleeted February 3d, are: llon. l'res.. Ilenry Il. llarlang l'resident. tleo. .L ltossing: Yin-e-l'res., Louis J. Jira: Seere- tary. t'yril llansellz t'or. Seeretary, Ilainlin lteidg 'l'reasurer. Saul .L Harris: Board of Cura- tors. .lolm ll. tlontrnm and t'lias. W. Bald: Membership ilUll1lllllll't'. Harry Karger and S. B. l'lotlqin1 and Sergeant-at-.Xrms. .Xrehey tl New. .X eomniittee eonsisting ol' Messrs. tleo. .L llossing teliairinani. .Xrehey t'. New, Edgar ll. Nleliride. lionis .l. .lira and t'yril llansell has reeently been appointed to revise the Uonstitu- tion. 'l'liis has been l'onnd neeessary beeanse olf the many elianges that have been made to the original t'onstitntion. 'l'his eoininittee is also to have the t'onstitntion published. 'l'Iie lilaelqstone isa very young soeiety. but in its short existenee has grown l'ourt'old- from an original membership ol' eight it has inereased to 3513. lt seems to have lilled a long- I'elt want in the Sehool. 'l'Iie soeietv extends to all .Xlnmni and l'riends ol' the l'niversity a eordial invitation to attend any ol' its meetings held eaeh 'l'linrsdav evening at S oieloeli in the Law llnilding. VY Itlli ll.XN SELL. Secretary. , 1 . - f' fllflfk 7 I When all the sky is gray. And all the worlfl seems flarlil When fortune looks upon you with il frown. Helnenllror this, my boy, Its the aching tooth that wins thc golden c-1-own J. D. LEAIIY. DENTAL FACULTY Grrra Hlariar. 1 H1 U Ilkrrultg nf thr Brutal iBPpm'tmPnt l"1-:1:111x.1x11 J. S. t1111111.1s. .X. M.. M. Ib., ll. IJ. S.. uss111'111' 1'1'i111'11111-s 111' 111-111:11 S1'1l'11l'K', 111711 S111'g1-1'.1' 211111 l11'111:11 1,141 1111 1 .I.1111f:s ll. ll.11:111s, M. lb.. 11. 11. S.. 1,1'U14L'SSflI' 411A H111-1':1111'11 1l1111list1'-1'. 11. l1111:S1:1' 1'11.11.1-3, .X. M.. l'I1. ll.. . . 1 . 1'1'11I1-ss111' 111 l1ll'llllS1l'X' 111111 N11'1il11l1l'L1'X'. l1.1x11111.1'11 111xs1.1111'. A. M.. M. lb.. l'Ii11i1'z11 1'1'111'1-ss111' 111' 111711 Sll1'gl'l',X'. J. II111,A11-gs SA11'1'l1. A. M.. M. I1.. 1'l'll1l'SSlll' 111 .X11z1t111111'. . 1 , .I1111x 1. II1-.11111c'1'1c11. M. lb.. l'l1. ll.. Ll.. ll.. 1'l'111'1'SS11l' 111' 1'11.1'Si11111g1b1'. 'l'11111'1'111' U. I11f:.x'1'11'111.1':, M. 11., IJ. 11. S.. 1'1'111'1-ss111' 111' 111-111:11 1112l1i'l'12l M1111i1':1 211111 '1'11111':11111111i1's. . 1 ' , 1 .I1111x 4. 11Il.l'.li. M. IP.. IP. 11. S.. .XSSHl'1i111' 1'1'111'1'SS111' 111' 1'1'11s1111.'li1' 111-111isll'A1'. ls.1.11' Il. l711x'1s, M. IJ.. 11. 11. S.. I'1'111'1-ss111- 111' 1'1i11i1-111 IJ1-11l1s11'.1' 211111 1,1't11f1l1111111f1. .I. S. ll1:1s1-111, 11. lb. S.. 131-1111111s11z11111' 111' 0111-1'z11i1'11 'l'1'1'1111i11s. ' w L. XX111'1'1x11 l1.11:1x11111.'1'. 11. 11. S.. 111-1111111st1'z11111' 111' l'1'1111'11-B1'i11g'11. 1'111'1-1-1:1111 111111 1111211 XY4ll'1Q. l'1.x'111s Y. B1.1'l"l'Ill'IWS, 11. lb. S.. 1111111st1'11t111' 111 11I1s'111111g.1'. 1'z1t1111111g.1' 111111 Bz11'1o1'111111g.1' I,:111111':1t111'.1' 1111111 W11.1.1.111 A. 11l'I.X, ID. 11. S.. C'1111'1' 111-1111111st1'11t111' 111' H11111'11t11'1- 11L'll11S1l'.Y. F1:.1NC1s .l. X -1L1-:x'1'1N1a. IJ. ll. S.. Dc1111111s11'z1t111' of U11111'11ti1'1- 111-11t1st1j1'. , v S. XX111'1'1f:1f1111D M1111111-3. Il. IJ. IJ1-1111111s11'a11111' 111 .XI1210S11ll.'S12l. I HOWARD EASTMAN, D.D.S Errru flliuriar. IH 1 ll 3111 11HP1IIH1'iZ,I1II HOWARD EASTMAN DDS U Illllll I I N 11111 11 N N 11111 1111111111 I s 141111 DUNN Il X N N 11111111 1 . I U01 N x illllll 1 , . . II'fI 1 ' 1 'wr 1flI.N1lAff' 1111 .lflrfllfl H, 1511111 1 111: 1':21F11ll'1ll 1111' t1111'11xl'11 11-:11's was :111 111 st1'11- ' 211 1111- 1vIl1X'l'1'S11'1'. 111111111121 1111- 1111s1t11111 111' 1111111 I1.'1l'il1f1I' 111' l'1'11.'t1111111-s 111 1111- 11411111 I I ' I ' 111- 11'-1.' 11 Illilll 111111, I11' il 1111111 w111'1i 11111 1 1, 111111 111 1111111-s 1'1I11Q111.Y 111111 1111 1'111'1111-11, 111111111111 111: I111.'1111111 111 11111 111 :1 11111 111111 1 I' 1'-1y. Wit! 21 1'11:11':11'1111' 11111111' 1'1,'I11'1H1l'11 211111 :1 111 111 11111 111' 11211111111 gg' 1lll'.'S. 1111 1-111111111111-11 1'1-P11111 111111 l'.'1l'l'1ll 1'l'41lll :111 z1ss111'1:111111 111111 111111. His s-- '1g'1.1' 1l11111ll1'1'Y 111111111 1'1'1ll41Xl'l1 1111111 11111' 11111151 il g111111 1'l'1l'Il11 211111 11111111-st 1'11'xY11l1X11 Mun' 111s 111111111111 z1111111- with 115 111 I'l'Y1,'I'K'1ll'l 1 l11':11'11-:s121'1' IN l'111'1-2. Efrrra illllariar, IH 1 H Clus. D. ANSI. T. D. WEBB .... W. D. GIIQSIQLIQ1: P. L. PIs.ucsoN. . W. U. ML-Kiev.. C. F. R1+:1M.xN.. J. H. TIPPETT. . . I. . A. D111 A. FALCAO .... A. J. ALLAIN.. N. IC. AUSTIN. . H. W. B1..xIsD1c1.1.. . . J. D. Ll-:.x11Y. .. S. M. C'Al.L.m'.xY Svvninr 0112155 Qbiiirrrz l'1 c'si1l1'l1t l,lL'Si1ll'llf Svvl ofa I ty 'l'1oz1s111'c1' . .1,l4ilt17l' ...4'1'itiu .P1'UP11Gt . . .Artist Histnrizlu , , ...l',c1l'tu1' ....l'm'f L-sl ll'fHl'l2ll1 91-1'U'c-'111t-:xt-Arms EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE SENIOR firrra iillnriar, 1 H1 U 'iixvrutiur Qlnmmittvr C. F. REIMAN, Clzairman T. L. BOYLE W. W. CMLPBELL D. G. EVERHART W. J. GRAFT P. L. LANDIS J. H. DICGINN Urrra fllliuriar. 1 H 1 II lIXXIx IZ Xwmsus q"Has."J. XII CIP l-1 lfmia, X. if - . - X 1 ml ht. 1-1.1111-lglmi, ab. I IIIIIIX llfw Ilxx lv malw 1111- lllllSt IIH .XLB1-:n'1' J. AL1..x1n1c Q'fF1'0g"j, WU Nulfll Hlgrmfmlifklfl, BLISS. Agni, 2231 wt-ight, 1LHg height, 5101Q. Svllim' Vlass Historian. '09-'1O. Wu fllfllll Vanw Tlllsl IH, 0 tlw lX12lSS2lCllllFCftS wood, a-11-vnavlqcl' and tried to make goo umling pegs in shoes was au easy game, Ilv tlmught Imllllllillg guld would be just FZIIIIO. - w X11 .xllll'llL'2l11 1ll'llt1SJI sunw day 11011 Inc, In that lar wil' vity kIlllWll as gay s'P21I'636.5q Errra ffliuriar, 19111 199 N.1T11AN E. AUSTIN 1"N1111-"1. 11' Q S11111'1111z1111. Y1. A131-, 25: 11'1-1g111. 11171 11l'11I111. 13.31. Vlass 11311111111 '111: 'l'1'1-z1s1111-1' 131121111 111' IC111 1111-s 111 'l'11:1:11,1 M.11111111:. This 111111111' 1111ss1-ss111' 111' 1-111'1s, 1-1111-1'111g 1 8111311 area 111 111'11i11s. 1'12lI1l1'Y 1111111 111 1111 111111 jobs 21111111111 21 111111111111 S11111-, 1111 11111 11111111 111 '6H21j'1G1'5S', 181111111118 gz11111-. A 51111111 11-1111111 11111 best 1'ec111111111-1111 111111 1111- 1111- 1111111111-Q 111' 111-111111 S111 ge-ry. 1 11115. 11111'111,.1ss .XNSL1-31' 1"1'1111l'11Cn1, N11 Q. K-0 N li l311S11111, Mass. Ky-. '35: 11'1'1g111. 1371: 111-iq111. -1111. 1- 1,11 1111-111 S1-111111' 1'1z1ss, '1151-'1112 Ass1s11111 Q 1121 1-1' l1z1s1-111111 '1'1'1ll11. 111. ,.1 . '1'i11s 1111- s1-z111- 111 11111--11111'-1111 , . . 111--' 111' 111--'111 111- Q 2l1W'l1'4 111111- 111' , I, . 11. . 11111-Q11iQ111111111-s1i1'1-111 11111111 0110 11111 :1111.11s 11s s11111-1' as 21 S1111 111' 11 121111. 1 111111' 1-'111111 11-111111' IS 1'11z11'111-, 2111 1'1Lf111 . F' 1 ' . . , , 111 1'211l'11 111111 11z11111111g' -11111111 111- 1111 11:111 1111- 111-1111. F' l4:1v1'11 1'11X 1114z1is1-111 111s 111111 11111-. Urrra illllariar, 19 1 IJ 'Q 4 fl 4509+ , , 1 " .. , . , ' 'ff'. ' Il xx 1 x ll. lll,.xISlll,LI. C1LxR1,1cs Im L, Blxss q"Buddie"j, XYZIYSQIW, N. C. Age, '3'3: woiglxl. 138: lleighl, 5.8. .X fc-xx' 1l10l0l'lllCS ul' cmu-vit CRIME up fl'O1l1 Bllyllll flillllllil, l"Bllllf'I' Bullul, XII 52, O0 N E l'ul'ls1mw11tl1,X. ll. X x. '31 1 xxx-ifflxl. 151: lluixf 'S I5 l'l-nw l'um'l 1.. lil, 5 lx Aucl 1'c-ccixul the name of "Buddie." x-llu illltl lfix-llx lml Blilllll' xml lmv Xllll lxx xx ulmxf lm' ll-11'1'x's l'l'llll'll lll x lm 3- 2 F H Xml 1 lull In smnxxf slzlluln-svllllx-1' Flilllllll lm lllx Mixexl togclllcl' 'till tlxvlx' were luucldy, Errra Hlnriar, 19 1 II ZOI V' 7' IIIURIAS I.. tiUYl.Ii q"Sti-xx"i NI! 52.10 N IC X1-xi Ninth. X. X. Xie ,J1XYt'I"'tlt lv-' hi-if-'lit 3 'V' r-"" rf . 1 . . 1 I xi-viiliw t miilinltli-i-. 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To enumerate a few of the freaks, there were tar- heels, greazy backs, yanks, green mountain boys, muskrats, Cubans, Porto Ricans, South American apes, Germans as well as Americans, both Jews and Gentiles. When we looked around us we beheld many other nationalities, so we concluded that the institution must surely be a Wonderful magnetic centre to exert such a powerful force of attraction in so many parts of the world. We reflected upon the wisdom we displayed in coming here and as we began-to be called Doc. fby one anotherj we immediately took on knots of import- ance, but these cranial protrusions were soon discovered by the Juniors and these wise phrenologists declared that these swellings should be reduced. And furthermore we were warned by these same wise men that w,e were constantly doing the wrong things at the wrong place, in the wrong way and at the wrong time, and that if we did not mend our ways we would soon find ourselves dangling from a sour apple tree. Things were becoming serious for us, so we formed a temporary organization for our own protection. Regardless of our being organized, the polishing and civilizing process dignified by the name of initia- tion soon began, and we soon found ourselves most disastrously annoyed. Immediately after our venerable dean's introductory lecture fOctober lstj in which he welcomed us to the University and cautioned us that success could only be attained by earnest efforts, we were ordered by the Juniors to silently wend our way to the senior laboratory where a motley looking crowd of upper classmen awaited us with faces covered with a knowing smile and a look of pleasure and determination in their eyes. We were at their mercy, so nothing was left for us 'to do but concede to their wishes and that we did as gracefully as we could under the circumstances. They must have been expecting us, for preparations had been made in the line of paint, ropes, and banners bearing a few of the following inscriptions: " I want my Mamaf, 4' Please donft make me cry," etc., and as soon as the first of our number entered he was ordered to climb up on the table and the decorations began. They seemed to enjoy it, but I can truthfully vouch the answer that none of our number could derive any pleasure whatever from their proceedings. Our faces were painted green following most graceful curves with a touch of red here and there to give it a tinted hue and '10 in bold, black figures upon our foreheads. With trouser legs turned up, coats turned inside out and the brush brought into action again upon our shins which looked more like a tonsorial artist's pole than a pair of walking sticks. Can you pic- ture to yourself, gentle reader, what a sorry spectacle we must have presented as we were marched and chased all over the city, followed by a jeering crowd of youngsters, and had not we been warned by Baltimore's blue-coated guardians that we had better disband or suffer the consequences, we might still be marching to this day and affording amusement to every passerby. Imagine our predicament, strangers in a strange land left to wander back to the University alone, and for the remainder of the day groups of two and three could be seen strolling in a much sadder but wiser gang of freshmen. So ended our first day as students. After our formal initiation, which was taken good-naturedly by all, our courage was somewhat renewed, and we deemed ourselves safe from another attack, consequently we walked into the lecture hall a trifle more familiarly to be greeted by such ominous sounds as " take your hat off, freshmen," " bring him downj' " freshmen smoking," etc. About the first of November, thinking that all freshmen that were to matriculate had already done so, we decided' to have a class meeting. Our meeting was held at Hotel Caswell, with C. D. Ansley as temporary chairman. The following officers were elected 226 Zilrrra Marius. 1915 to offices: President, H. N. Brown, Vice-President, O. A. Neil, Secretary, A. J. Allaireg Treasurer, F. L. Kenny, Historian, J. D. Leahy, Sergeant-at-arms, J. H. McGinn. The end of February found us with our dissecting course completed and the remain- der of the session we devoted to solving the mysteries of prosthetic and crown and bridge work. I must not forget at this time to mention the prize winners. Gold medal prizes for best crown and bridge was awarded to S. M. Calloway and for best vulcanite set, D. Van Nostrand of New Jersey, carried off the honors. The remainder of the time passed without any other notable event occurring. With examinations over, charming May was soon upon us, and to most of us it meant home. In justice to the class be it said that in spite of all the difficulties they have had to con- tend with only the utmost cheerfulness and good feeling have prevailed, the kicker being nowhere in evidence. One can look forward to the parting with only feelings of deepest regret mingled with a desire to see again all the familiar faces when we assemble once more in the fall of 1908. The following October found the heterogeneous freshies of the previous year trans- formed into a more homogeneous body of " Genus Homo " commonly known as wise juniors. One more star gleamed from our crown for we were one round nearer the top of the ladder and could almost taste the pleasure of being seniors one year hence. After a few months absence from the Fayette Street hash, some of which it would re- quire the appetite of a rhinoceros and the digestion of a billy goat to enjoy, we were ready to drink once more from the fountains of learning. The fact that the entire class with but few exceptions returned to resume their studies demonstrated their satisfaction with the work of the first year. The places made vacant by those who for legitimate reasons could not return were more than filled by a group of energetic young fellows from other schools. A second point which gives evidence to the fact that among our number may be found fair samples of Americans, and other countries represented is that by far the majority of the class began the new year without any conditions which can only be attributed to un- tiring efforts during their freshmen year. Our first duty as second year men was to welcome the newcomers, introduce them to the features of university life, give them valuable advice and act as their general custo- dians. They complied without a murmur to the rules which we laid out for them, for they knew it would be worse than useless to offer any resistance to a class so well organized as ours. , After having given the newcomers a peaceful start, next order of business was the election of officers. We assembled in Dental Hall about the first of November, and elected the following officers: President, J. D. Leahy, Vice-President, T. D. Webb, Secretary, S. M. Callawayg Treasurer, D. Everhart, Historian, J. Tippettg Sergeant-at-arms, J. Solomon. November 11th, Academic Day and the one hundred and nineteenth anniversary of the opening of St. J ohn's College, Annapolis, was observed for the first time by impressive exercises at Westminster Presbyterian Church. At ten o'clock the students of the various departments, headed by St. John's students and their band, formed in front of the medical building. Following these came Provost Carter, Dean Coale, the regents and members of the faculties of the University and St. John's College. The professors were all dressed in academic costumes. Dr. Arthur Shipley and H. W. Brent were chief marshals. Messrs. Leahy, Webb, and Pearson were marshals for our department. Part of the exercises at the church consisted of an address by Dr. William H. Welch, in which he discussed the great work done in the interest of humanity by Major James Car- Urrra Marin. 15111 227 roll, a medical student of the University and a member of the Army Yellow Fever Com- mission. During Dr. Welch's remarks a bronze tablet was unveiled in front of the medical building to the memory of Major Carroll. The widow of Major Carroll was present, and through Dr. Holt of Washington thanked the University for the tribute to Major Carroll. After the exercises at the church, the student body marched back to the University, where St. J ohn's band played "Maryland My Maryland," and then all disbanded voting the exercises a grand success. On athletics our class was ably represented by such men as Graft on the track, Boyle on the foot-ball team, and Webb as a member of the varsity nine. The Christmas holidays were welcomed by all, and after a much needed rest, we re- turned with firm resolution to faithfully employ the few remaining months that were left for us to prepare for the coming exams. How well we succeeded can be seen by the re- mark made by one of our professors that the class of '10 was the best he had ever had. The work has been hard, but no one could help enjoying it. Our diligent professors have done their best to make it clear and simple, and have given us much inspiration for better work ahead. It has been extremely interesting and we were more than recompensed by a clean ticket to begin our senior year. For the last time we greeted one another again in October, 1909, after having spent a most pleasant vacation. Being dignified seniors, we were merely lockers-on at the re- ception tendered the freshmen by the Juniors, and after supervising their introduction as university men, we turned our attention to the election of officers. The query as to who would be president formed the chief topic of conversation to interested knots of seniors congregated here and there in the corridors and laboratories. The long looked for day came at last, on November 10 we assembled in dental hall, and meeting was called to order by ex-president J. D. Leahy. The following men were elected to office: President, C. D. Ans- ley, Vice-President, T. D. Webb, Secretary, W. D. Gieseler, Treasurer, P. L. Pearson, Historian, A. J. Allaire, Prophet, J. P. Tippett, Poet, H. W. Blaisdell, Artist, A. Falcao, Critic, C. F. Reiman, Sergeant-at-arms, S. M. Callaway. On November 22nd, University Night, was held at Ford's Theatre for the benefit of the athletic association. The student body made a very good showing by attending in large numbers, and were well repaid by witnessing a most interesting drama, William Dodson in " The House Next Door." The next notable event of the session was the senior class dance, held on December 16th, in Lehmanis Hall, under the auspices of the senior classes of all departments. Committee of arrangements for our department consisted of G. J. Graft, C. D. Ansley and T. D. Webb. It was a grand affair and voted a success by all who attended. The remainder of the year passed very quickly, June was upon us before we realized that the end of our journey was at hand and that we would soon be thrown out upon the mercies of an unsympathetic public. To Drs. Gorgas and Harris we owe an everlasting debt of gratitude, for by them our baby feet were first taught to walk in the paths of our chosen profession. Before we part let us all join in bidding them a hearty farewell, and may they live to enjoy many more years of good health and prosperity. And to you, fellow classmates, may the best of luck be yours, and if in future years we should meet again, let us all express the hope that we will have nothing but tales of good fortune to relate. Know no such word as failure, and may success be yours in practice. HISTORIAN. 228 Ulrrra Marine. 1515 g 1 ,. J, ft?--' ' In XP X Jr 1, , 0 Qwqs N x a, . Qt ,W X 'f . 5 ' . " " X t . ': W fl' f 7 lx 6 ' B l Q 'M A 9 'Z 1 ,- X 3 1 gg 1' W, 7 gi Q. x ' , ' ' 'X X fir CW 'f my rf fig, . -L 4' -5: . J ,,5vn,9r- I Svrninr Brutal lgrnphrrg 1 ACKWARD. turn backward, Oh! time in your flight 3 make me a prophet just for to- jfl-giiw Illgllli. , f Twenty years have elapsed since the class of '10 crossed the portals of our dear ' Neff ' old Alma Mater for the last time, and finds us scattered to all points of the com- pass. How well I remember the parting 5 it seems but a few short years since we as- sembled at the Belvedere for our farewell banquet, and there, 'mid handshakings and good wishes, we bade one another adieu, little dreaming that time would bring us together again. Shortly after commencement, with my sheepskin tucked safely away, I took passage on one of the Cunard liners bound for a foreign port and now, after twenty years of successful prac- tice, a craving desire to visit my own native land had taken possession of my soul. What can I do but yield to this inward calling and what better opportunity shall I ever have to visit once more the old members of the class of '10 and renew the friendships formed during my stay at the University? So, yielding to this inward desire, I bid my Wife and children adieu and engaged passage in one of the Trans-continetal aeroplanes in which I soon find myself ensconsed amidst luxurious surroundings. What a feeling of exhilaration and sentiment I experienced as I fiew through space and many were my thoughts when Within a few short hours we sighted the dear old statue of Liberty, standing out as a beacon to welcome me home. At last we arrived at the Aerio Terminal. What a great change a few short years had made to old New York, and if there were changes there were also surprises, for who should I see on alighting but my old friend Boyle, who after a few years of successful prac- tice had given up dentistry and was now manager of this great aerio system. After shak- ing hands he invited me into his private ofice. When we were seated he informed me there was a great dental convention to be held in New York City during the week. This was pleas- ant news to me, for I had not heard of this on the other side. He also stated that the convention was to be held in the Terminal Building. The boys, he said, were arriving from all parts of the globe every day. He further informed me that Falcao had arrived from Brazil in one of the Brazilian battleships, he being the chief dental surgeon of the Brazilian navy. When I made inquiries about Costas and Infant he said that Costas had given up dentistry and was now running a billiard parlor in Baltimore. Infante was still growing tobacco in Cuba. On leaving the Terminal Building for a stroll along Broadway I met a very prosperous look- ing man whose face seemed familiar, and upon closer observation I found to be no other than Kenna. He told me that he was running a large laboratory near Seventy-third street. Urrra Marina. 19111 229 I asked about Graft, Dreher and Van Nostrand, of his own state. He said that Graft and Dreher had a sanitarium in Newark for the correction of harelip, while Van Nostrand had ac- cepted a situation as chief operator for the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company. "What about Harrington ?,' I asked. Why, he is still in Orange running his father's drug store, having won fame through his wonderful corn cure. After leaving Kenna I went over to a newsstand to buy a paper. While standing there an old man brushed by me with a sign on his back, on which was painted in bold letters "Drs. Solomon and Doud, Painless Dentist 5 Extracting while you wait." I accosted the man and found him to be Doud, he being the advertising medium of the firm. Both expected to be at the convention. Austin, I learned from Doud, was professor of bacteriology in the New York College of Dentistry. On looking through the arrivals from Europe I saw that Allaire had now arrived from Paris to attend the convention. He was now dean of the University of Paris and a noted authority on frog's muscles. I wondered, too, that Blaisdell wasn't with him, but afterward learned that immedi- ately after graduation he had applied for a chair at the University of Harvard and was now professor of crown and bridge work there. I looked around for Leahy, but was informed that he would be unable to attend the con- vention till later in the week, his time being so limited, as he was just finishing his fifth volume of Dental Histology. I was very much surprised to hear quite a number of the boys had given up dentistry and gone into various business enterprises. Brown was managing a large shoe store in Provi- dence 3 I believe it was the Regal Shoe Company. DeConti was still making rubber boots. Harper and Bass had a large wholesale grocery business somewhere in the South. Simms had opened a bootblack parlor in Baltimore after finding he could realize more money black- ing shoes than filling teeth. He had put his two old dental chairs to good use and made boot- black stands of them. Flynn had never practiced, his father having died and left him sole heir to his large contracting interests. He had never married, being too busy building railroads. Webb divided his time between his large practice and marble company, of which he was now president. After walking about for a while I decided to return where the convention was to be held and found that quite a number of the boys had just arrived, and as I looked around I could see the familiar faces of Ansley, Reiman, Burns, Campbell, Downey. Ansley was now president of the First National Bank of Boston, while Reiman was still a man of leisure, having inherited that large fortune that was left him on the demise of his aunt. Certainly the class of '10 had turned out to be a brilliant one. Campbell had practiced for awhile, and having had a good offer from his uncle had accepted and was now general manager of his uncle's large store. Burns, I was told, had a large chop house in Greenwich, Conn., while Downey had gained fame in the profession, being expert on inlays and I understand was very wealthy. All were looking well and prosperous. While we were discussing old times McGinn and McKey strolled in. McGinn had practiced in Atlanta with great success for a while, but found there was more money raising sweet potatoes, so he gave up dentistry and was at the head of the po- tato trust in the South, while McKey had attained a chair in the Atlanta Dental College, which he has held for 15 years. As I had quite some time on my hands I thought Pd like to go to Baltimore, finding I could make the trip in a short time, so, ascending the elevator to the aero terminal there I found a light aeroplane at my disposal. After a short trip we alighted on the spacious campus of the University. I gazed with a mixture of admiration and awe on the beautiful buildings before me. It seemed hardly possible that this large group of magnificent build- ings could be the University of Maryland. I could see, too, that several departments had been added to it. Finally I sought the Dental Building and walking slowly toward it with old recollections flooding my memory, I was accosted by an elderly man, whom, despite the grey tinge in his red hair I recognized as Pearson, who had upon attaining his diploma sought a chair in the University, and upon the resignation of Dr. Gorgas had been elected Dean. After a very cordial greeting he invited me to inspect the interior of the Dental 230 Zifsrra Marius. 1511! Department. I was surprised to see the progress that he had made since becoming dean. Modern appliances abounded everywhere. The infirmary was large enough to clinic 500 patients, each chair being fitted up with electric engines, fountain cuspidors and cabinets. Bruce had taken the chair vacated by Dr. Davis, holding special clinics for the seniors, Mon- day, Wednesday and Friday. Kellar and Calloway, too, had stuck to the University, Calloway being professor of crown and bridge work, while Kellar was teaching Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Waters hung around after graduating for a. while demonstrating in the infirmary, then went West to Highlandtown, where he has a iiourishing practice. Miss Sparks used to call to see the boys for sometime after she had made her state board and had met a very nice Jewish patient, finally giving up dentistry to raise a large family. Rosen, Thaman and N eistadt, I was informed, had a large advertising office somewhere in East Baltimore, making a specialty of crown and bridge work, making for it three dollars 3 CTOWI1. I certainly enjoyed myself with the boys. I was asked to stay for a couple of days, Pearson inviting me to a dinner at the Emerson Hotel, which, by the way, was the finest in Maryland. He promised me a surprise if I would stay and informed me that some of the boys were going to stop off at Baltimore on their way to the convention. The dinner was a great success. What stumped me the most was to how Pearson got all his money. I after- ward learned that besides being Dean he had a large peanut plantation near Apex, N. C. There was a goodly number of the boys there. As I looked around the table I recognized Davis, Gies- eler, Strickler, Trumbo, Drummond and Anders. Davis and Trumbo were still practic- ing in Elkins, W. Va., a little mining town. Strickler was now a foreign dental mis- sionary for the Y. M. C. A. in Judea and had learned to speak the Yiddish language very iiu- ently. Gieseler had made so much money practicing that he had bought a plantation and retired from the profession and was peacefully enjoying life. After the dinner I strolled around the town to see the sights. I thought Iid go over to see Landis, who had an oiiice on Charles street and was making a specialty of orthodontia. Landis hadn't changed much, the only difference he was bald and wore a gold plate in palce of the rubber one. I spent a very pleasant half hour with Landis. I asked him about Daven- port, Hamrick and Wilson. Of course, you know that Davenport is president of the street rail- way system. I replied that I hadnit heard it. Well, he said, after graduating he had obtained a position as conductor, gradually working his way up to president of the system, which position he now holds. Hamrick had settled down after he was married and had a very nice practice in Sparrows Point. He also stated that Wilson had made his pile in Grunston, N. C., making a specialty of rubber plates. He was still, even in his old age, very fond of blondes. Drummond and Anders had hung together for some years. Anders finally getting mar- ried, they separated. Anders took his wife and family to Apex, N. C. Drummond, though wealthy and still a bachelor, went West to raise alfalfa. After spending a few very pleasant days in Baltimore I decided to return to the con- vention. On my way back I stopped off at Philadelphia to see Ross, Flowers and Pascoe. Ross was practicing in a small country village near Philadelphia, dividing the time be- tween making pills and filling teeth, having also obtained the degree of M. D. at the Univer- sity. For some time I couldn't locate Flowers, but on looking through the city direct- ory learned that he was still teaching in the primary department of the public school there. I didn't have much trouble finding Pascoe, who was now demonstrating, despite his size, in the Philadelphia Dental College. From Philadelphia I soon arrived in old New York, spending the rest of the time at the convention and renewing old acquaintances I had formed while a student at the University. Hisronun. Urrra Marine. 15111 6911! Zlfa Nina in hr a .Svrninr Oh it's nice to be a Senior, Donned in classic cap and gown, Looking dignified and solemn, Though in feeling like a clown. When the last exams are over, And there's nothing else to dog But to linger on the campus, Or to bid our friends adieu. Then it's nice to be a Senior, Though We can do but regret, We must leave our dear old Maryland, And the friends Weill ne'er forget. As we march into the Lyric, With a stately tread and slow, Marching two and two together, On Commencement Day we go. Though we think our hardships many We will find in after life, That the path is yet more rugged, And far more with troubles rife. Then with modesty suliicient, After college days are o'erg We may wish that We were Seniors, And in Maryland's hall once more. me Guru Anil with Zlinnh 6815? Blank Earkwarh The day has come, the time has passed, almost before we realize, And college days are over, and we must say our last good-bye. Close friends, we have been fellow classmates, under nature's watchful eye, And as time passes by with a hurry, hold fast to that friendship tie. V Sad thoughts to think of leaving, to me ,tis the worst of pain, But deep in my heart are buried, these days that are never again. Take a firm stand, fellow-classmates, let your aims in life be true, Be inspired to your work of science, and may good luck follow you. March to the front with your banner, plant it high and let it lead, Your Alma Mater Watches o'er you, your class bids you "God-Speed." Now don't forget your teaching, and how often you've been told, That Abbey's is the only form, of "Non-Cohesive" gold. That micro-organisms generate caries, Dr. Gorgas has often said, For other things you may forget, bring your thoughts back to his quiz. Now if a drug you should wish to give, and you're pondering o'er the dose, Think of Dr. Heathwole's smiling face, and you'll remember it, of course. Now troubles with your plate work, you'll have them by the score, And wish that Dr. Uhler could but help you out once more. Bridge work is not so easy, and Worries the very best of men, But by Dr. Farinholt's teaching, you will win ninety-nine times out of ten. When gold filling's rock and sway, and you think yourie seeing double, A pleasant thought of Dr. Davis will relieve you of this trouble. ' Now, last of all, don't advertise, if your first year does not shine, Fight it out a little longer, boys, stay clear of that "Painless,' sign. Go forth without fear, fellow-classmates, And every now.and then, a thought to your Alma Mater and the class of 1910. H. W. BLAISDELL, '10. K .:1'Ei,1-251-3? liz f qv- i?' . 114, 5 , 4 473. '. ff QQ Z2 , i 7 1 Q , ff ff -X 4, 4 5 2" A' 2 ' f f 29 ' - w -Q52 -'F W. ' -1 " 5 1' if v 'fiffl 1 li, vzlvg-1? -I 34,1 :D 54 In will 2 ,. 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" Sehlinmler" anfl " Walker " real stnmlents. Inventor liirsehner instearl ot' making a plate with ruhher. he makes it with wax. tlanzherg has no time for physiology, all spent on anatomy. Stannarcl always looks happy when his I'ather eomes to lialtimore. One gootl meal at Xvootl. ltay anil Wray, the three hasehall artists. ltaugher seems to make a hit with the Baltimore girls. lflllison shoelfetl his elassmates hx' nialcine' that remark in leeture hall. . I' lt is re iorteil that W. A. Smith is to assist llr. t'onsor in ilivsioloew' next rear. He . FT. . sure tloes ltnow lns stul. liloelc is there in plate worlc. We all wontler how t'larlc lilies earrying the ehip on his shouhler. lloll'man ean he lonntl at any time in the lahoratornv. t'onsnmers ol' tohaeeo 4Young antl Sinay. We are all glail that tlrtell is getting his hair to grow in again. ltr. t'onsor is still asking lor lieller. lflotili anal ltiitxpatrieli are known hx' all the girls in llaltimore. 'l'he lreshmen elass was well representeil on the hast-hall tliamontl this season. hesitles some ol' them planting on the varsity team. they also hail a team ol' their own. ltonney. Nler.. llelaner. t'aptain. antl lfortl. 'l'reasnrer. 'l'here are nmnerons memhers ol' the elass whose ileetls l might reeonnt more l'nll,x'. hut spaee torhitls: so the historian will sat in eonelnsion that it remains lor one ol' our ' . nnmhei' when his now prolonnil learning' will he enloreetl hx' mature rears anil rieh ex- periem-e. to write a satislaetorx' historx' ol' this elass, a historx' that will mirror laets. a histort resplenflant :mtl irritlest-ent with the tloings ol' those who were so tortunate as to he- lon' to il elzlss lll't'4l4'Slllll'1l to lie litillrilwl zllltl lllllSll'llPllS. p lllS'l'Oltl.XX. em' f FACULTY OF PHARMACY "' illlariar, 151 U 245 CL PITE1 Harultg uf lgharmarg W1 ' - D I.I.l.XKI Nxmx. IlI.II.. . . , - Q 1 x I'IIIl1'lItlIi I,I'11Ik'SSl1l' 111 lI111111.f1.1. 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IH III llalilistliii will 2ll'llllll'1' some llay, The store at llaltiimmre aml teiav. t'l'wo streets that eruss iii the heart ul' t, Sueeess will there his ellurts erowii. lIe'll make a Vlllt' tm' stfmiaeli eramps, But his speeialtlx' will he lNlSlil11Il'SlilllllJH. . . . . llihii is cluwii mi the prlililiet s list .Ks Maiiiital-tiii'iiig' Vliaiiiiaeist. OWII llc-'ll make "1-lirii Q'lll'l'N aml "liver pills" .Xml things to earl- all other ills. ll' rlllllll' nl' this 4-riru salre .Yllll use, A the yoifie tLfll2ll'2llllt'Cll to lose. liaulhiaii. who always wears the smile 'l'hat wfii1'temiieutl', will stay a while Iii Baltiimire. aml while l'e's here Will take up the wnrlc to him imist llear. Ile will mit eliiitiiiiie l'liariiiaev , .. .' lwii' tis il liurse lluetlii' he will lie. lil'llUllQll. whlise hciim' ls llaltiimlie. Will he tlmir walker iii llilx' glimls strife. Ile will superiiiteml the lamllx' elerks .Xml see that eaeh nm- l'aitlil'iillx' wlirlis. 'l'u lacly eiistmiiers lil-'ll lie iiive Aml show them the 4-iiuiiter with liaigaiii Miss lilirli I'roiii lll2lI'1'.Ylllg will i'eli'aiii. Aml iii single lilessellm-ss remaiii. Y Slim-'ll give up iiialfiiig liiiitim-iit aml pill Aml leaiii tu mirse folks who are ill. With hei' lcmiwleslge ut' llllllllllillzl' A great help tu the llnetar she'll he. Lange, our genial lleriiiaii lrieml. Baeli tn the Fatlierlaml we'll seml. ,, , . . , . , lhe Ixaiser will sfmii hear .il his lame Aml miller a "Mm amllh-ll tim his iiaim-1 For iii elieiiiieal work aml experiiiients He'll make Iiielmig lmilq like "thiitx' eeiits Sulaml aml Sm-wtt will a paitiiership l'm'iii Aml take West Virginia people hy sturiii. Their store will lie the liest iii the State Aml their are lieth tlUStlI'lt,'4l to lie great. Sc-Ott will he Mayor ut' the t0wn,i Scilaml a Senator ol' reuawii. QU Stokes to Smith C'aroliiia will go There to filieii a large Drug Std. But when the gmifl nhl State glues "4li'y.' He'll make a specialty of "Pure Rye." 'Twill reiiiiml one of Coelieysville Where "Slierwootl" liraml they flu mlistill. prim "lvl Erma illllariar, 19 111 Harrison, on adventures hent, Will seek fortune in ai eireus tent, And with Ringling' Brothers' big show From one place to another go. He will dress up in l'C1l1HlQCl0tllCS And as the "Bearcletl Lail'V" pose. Snowrlen with his smiling lziee, Will travel ronnfl from place to place From the Governinent he'll tlraw his pay Anil he lizilile to clrop in any flzrv To see if the strength ot' drugs is straiglit As I'C1'1lll1'Cll hy drug laws ol' the State. 'l'i'aeey will ilC'flllll'C mneh fame Anil have "Mil," hack of his name. For patients he neefl not wait long, As the lzitlies all to him will throng. The reason is not lizircl to see, For 21 "Beauty lJoetor" he will he. ve 'e is iz Ve wi ie 1 1 iem's 'la Nlillign illl lcl itgitit lllith lzlluorzitories up-to-ilzlte, Where he will make his eomponmls rare While strzmge oilors tlont througli the air. ellis tLL'l'0Ell0Sl- sueeess :mel experiment. Will he freeing Aimnonium lileinent? Weltner will rnn a swell Czile, Where stuilents eong'regz1teezieh day. lle'll mix the ilrinlis thit lnine' wooil eheer, f s 1. 3-rl For those who ilont like just plain heer. With white eozit :intl apron he'll look neat Anil his fziney tlrinlis you cannot hezlt. v - - . ll illlqe, the presirlent ot our class Some time in Mexico will pass. lint linrling things flown there too slow, Buck to olal Texas he will go Anil hen-onie Z1 financier. pereliziiiee. By raising cattle on his raneh. s 'l'o write ol' myself l 4lon't propose. So l'll just luring this to :1 elose. .Ks I hear no mziliee townrml zmvone, .Xml this is written in spirit ol lim. "l would suggest to take it that wan: ':lil'lllll'llll'll, that is all tor toiluvf' XX. II. Hi-:rift-:i:'i' Prop -fn A X V , . , Yifv , .-" ...f-s., if 509 :fl ff A N ,- 1: I Z! 8 D in Xxx -, C U 0 ,f' ,Q 0 'I' If Q I K ks A if If AN V .fa 9 :TN KXC IV xx X X x.. r , R six Ni Q X T Vf JW 4 by 4 M! 4 A,Mi5' - ,A Qs ' ' Tx '. . ' J 4f,Qf WS' W Q f ' , XXXX XXXxX Y 1 fi 3 , . Da". W ' , if gf A.. ,V ' , ff-4 x K KT-if -A-I xxx KLDCSPN V9!NN Uef lX5,ffyvxU.a" kem.0UGf'N ,og 6' if Q "0 is I Qfffg 5 V x Cxmx t , X Q by X f Q f f ig , x X 7 ' ff.. 1 wwf 5 'X ' xi! ff!! QQ 1 XXXXNV FXXVSBYEQ . J fb! N fi q j , wx , I ff -Q if I ' n " f 'A my il if A f '71 . 'KN' 4 1 1 'gf 1 ff J-X 1 X4 I 'IA 1 D! X I Q ' f X W 'X I f ' f t ' X N W I ff! ! X Q ' V ' 4 n - ff gfi ' STIXCR X w ww ' 91 I4 Sl -'N . , 'Lf X l w ? I fl 'I NG 'fm Mi, ' f x Q i NN E x bl- Z2- 1211 Grrra flllariur. 15 1 IJ 271 .Uuninr lgharnmrg Gilman Obfiirrrz LOUIS R. DUKES, President .... DUIIUIII. Md. R. F. KEI.I,x', 'FI'C8.SU1'C1'. . - .CU1DC13CI',Xv2l XYILLIAM J. W'.xxN.uIAKIc1:, Wvi4'O-P1'USil1k'I1f. Jmlx l'. XYUHIJIANIL Sl'I'gl'2lllt-Elf-.XI'lllS. South f'2lI'0lil1il. Blillwlilllil ELBERT W. Sc1I0'r'r.x., Sec-1'ctury..BaIti111m'o. 111,11-'I-'thlill U. WIII,I,Iuli. Illfturiallm ....... Ulm, Qllama illnll f-muy? f FI.u1:.x BI..xI1mI,lx ' 1 . ,,3, X. h. .Xx1M,1,lI. .. .U IS ....... TIIILBERT AIITIGIIAM. ..... ........ I tally ALOZIUSE HUGENHOTHEII ........ Ma1'yln11fl J. M. AU: ................ Bnlti111m'c. MII 0. B. BIERU. .. ...Wvst Wvilgilliil J. S. Boom-LII. .. ........ Virginia M. J. BIIASLEY. .. .. .Balti111m'c. MII H W. JONES ..... . . .Balti111u1'e1, Md S. A. CHALK ...... .... X Yorfll f'zl1'u1il1:1 ALEXANDER KOIIN. . . ...... Baltimmw D. P. LILLICK .... ....... . York. 1,21 L. R. L.x1:oQI'E .... .Bultimm-c MII E. H SCOFFICR .... .... 1 'ilI'll1Ql. W X il R. W RIVERS. . . .. .BaltiIIm1'c M41 M. A HAUCII. . . .. .B2llti1l1l7I'ti MII J. E. ROGLANII .... ..... B altilmnc. MII li. R. PIERCE ..... .... 1 '11IIIl1cI'lz1IIcl MII V. H. W. UERTEI.. .. .. .Bnltiluoro Mal J. O. NELSON .... ....... . 3121111211111 H. S. HARRISON.. . . . . .Bz1l'fiIIIoI'v, MII .L II. 50I,I,Ull .... l'. W. Wll,II1-:1.II. .. H. H. WA l,'l'Z ..... l'. l'. 'l'ows1-31: .... U. P. W lNs'rE.m.. J. M. S'l'uI'1fI-'I-zlz. .. V. B. ISUYII. .. J. b. X .xm4.1.. .. J. J. Wumfl-1. . .. H. F. DVIIIJING. .. P. I". FLYNN.. .. IJ. B. G Erz ..... M. J. Mulnkxx . .. F. XYINIJI-Ili ...... N. II. LoI1ls.xlm. .. Ifxlzm' V. Llcwls. . . . . . . . . .B2l1fil11Ol'0. M11 Ul'ElIlt5.1'0IlllI'g.1'. S. Q' Ul'2lIlg'L'J?lll'g'. S. l' ...........Ita1l.x' ...IR-111Isylx'z111iaI ...l'3zllTl1l1uI'l'. MII ..l3nlt1I11mn'v. MII ..Nm'tl1 ltillillillil ....l3alti1I1m'o, M11 . . . . l,l'1lI1S.VlY2llll2l ....l3z!lIilIlol'v, M41 .....1XI2lIyl2lll1J .. ..BI2ll'ylilI1ll .. .l'o1I1I1-I-tiullf .......Mz11'.x'l:111ml ...Wm-st Wvilgilliil .l'S2llfilllHl'lx. Mm! . . . .l3:1ltiI1w1'v. Md ......BIill'j'l2lllll Z 72 Urrra illlariav, 15 1 U Zluninr Hharmarg Ullman igiatnrg . N Septemher '28, 1909. there assemblefl in the Plrarniaeeutieal Builrlings a group of i persons, later to he known as the Junior Class of l'harmaey. At this time, there were ahorrt forty-tiye persons, hut soon after the elass numhererl nearly sixty. eom- . poserl ot' persons from all seetions of the South, some from the North, and some from foreign eountries, even from Sunny Italy. The first tlay nothing unusual oe- errrrerl, hut we all were inelinerl to feel a little shaky and Weak in the knees, clue no tlouht, to the presenee of little grorrps ol' Seniors, here anrl there, in earnest eonyersation. Although we hatl our suspicions, we knew not what extraortlinary eyent was to take plaee in the near trrtrrre. 'l'his near future proyerl to he the following afternoon, anrl the eyent was the hazing, to he rememhererl hy all the nremhers ot' the elasses ot 1910 and '11. tin this at'ter'noon the lectures hegan at the regular hour anrl were elosecl earlier than usual. .Ks we passerl out of the pharmaey lecture, the seniors were waiting tor us, anrl as "a gootl run is hetter than a harl stanflf' we went helter skelter' up the stairs to the pharmacy lahoratory. lleie, we were met hy the rlean anrl tolrl to go home. anrl to what extent we sue- eeerlerl you ean see from the following: We went rlown the stairs to the first floor, the seniors took us the rest ot the way to the hase' nrent. 'l'he hazing was then hegun, hy the howling nroh of seniors. We were marle to stanrl on the tahles anrl roll up our trousers to our knees. Then the hrush anrl pencil artists ot' the elass ot' liiltt, rleeoraterl our taees anrl limhs with hlaek, green anrl rerl paint. Oil paint at that! Anil, say, those seniors woulrl make goorl lnrlians, for they have goorl lung power. antl as tor painting taees, they were a howling sueeess. Artigiam ohjeeterl to the work of tire seniors, as a result he got a hair elipping anrl two Coats ot' paint. Our eoats were turnerl insirle out anrl with yarious plaearrls hanging aronnrl our neeksi, anrl with some sturlents carrying ancl etl'eetiyely rising nursing hottles, we nrareherl unrler guarfl to the eampus. Un the earnprrs we were linerl up along the Law Builrling anrl our pit-trrres taken hy one ol' the senior girls. Next a quartette, eonsisting ot' llayis. Wilhelm. Artigenia, anrl Garrett, were seleeterl to renrler' a l'ew songs. 'l'heir singing was so rnagnilieent. that the ouartette was ' ' 1 ' V 1 trrrnerl rrrto a wrestling nrateh. trarrett taking the honors here. lhen we were nrareherl rlown town to the .Xnreriean llrriltling, to the root' ot' this anrl haek to terra tirrna again. tln the way rlown town, lying nrarle two rlashes tor' liherty anrl tinally hy rapirl sprinting eseaperl with his elotlres harlly torn antl eoyeretl with paint. Un the way haek eyeryone was enjoying the oeeasion anrl yelling to his utmost ahility. ltye anrl hye. the ttoek ol' juniors was inyaulerl hy "that grrarrlian ol' the pear-e," eornrnonly known as the polieernan. who nahherl two ol' the lanrhs anrl lerl tlrenr oll to a Iolrl. 'l'he rest tlerl rn rlrsrnay anrl eanre trailing in one at a time at the l nryersrty to rrrl tlrenrselyes ol their tleeoratrons. ltean t'asparr ser-rrrerl the r'elease of the two lanrhs, only alter they hail her-rr slrearerl to the extent ol' 214.334 eollateral. 'l'lris was at'tr-rwarrls nrarle ill' hy the Slenerosity ol' the seniors with the llean's lll't'lllt'1lltl . . ' P 1' ' 'l'lris eyent hrorrght the entire group ol' selrolars together arrtl l'rorn now on they nray rightly he eallerl a elass. .Xltlrorrglr we rlirl not know one anotIrer's nantes, we rnarle the hest ol rt. hut the greatest rlrllrerrlty oeerrrrerl lor the prolessors rn rleerplrerrng tlrern. l'or rnstarree. Yaltel was ealletl Yokle. the tlernran tor rlrrnee. anrl rrp to the present l arn rrnpreparerl to Girrra flllariar, 151 1 II 2 75 Silj' if 11 is 3plJ1'0lll'1il1'l' 111' 11111. 1111 111-111111-1' 21111, 1111- 111s1 1l1l'L'111lQ' 111' 1111- 1-111ss w11s 1-11111-11 111 1111101 111 1111. U'Bl'llI1l'. l'111' 1110 PllI'p11S0 111. 6'11'L'11l1g' 1111101-1s. 311. IC. W. S1-11111111 w11s 1111111111111-11 f0llllJ0l'2ll'lV 01111111111111. A 11111111111 w11s 111111' 11111111-, s1-1-1111111-11 111111 l'211'1'1l'l1 111211 w1- 111111-1-1-11 w1111 1110 11111111111111011 211111 0101-111111 111' 1111101-1's. '1'110 1.111111W1llKL1' 111111-1-1s w1-10 0101-11-11: 1111111-s. 1111-s1111-111 1Y2lIlI1iHll2l1i0I', 111-0-p10s1111-111: Sc-11111111. Sl'C'I4l'121I'-Y. 1111141 K1-111-1. 111-11s1111-1. .X 11111111111 111211 21 1-11111- 11111100 110 111111111111011 111 11I'2lW 1111 21 1-1111s11111111111 211111 111-111ws w11s Ill'X1 111111111111-1-11 111111 1111ss1-11 A 1-1111111111100 011111p11s011 111 F1yllI1, W1111111111111. B11-1111-. .X1'111g1-1' 211111 131111111-1' w11s 1111111111111-11 111 1111 IJIPF1116111. T110 111-X1 11100111111 111' 111111111'111111,-0 w11s 111-111 1111 XY11X'01l111l'l' 5, 111 11111110 2ll1'2l11iiIL'1l1l'111S 1111' .X1-11 11011110 13111. DIP. 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X1-1s1111, 111111111111' 111111 1'1111111 w1-10 011-1-1011 1l1I1l11I'2ll'.Y 1110111111-1s 111' 11111 11l'2l1l2llll1' S111-11-11 S1111-0 111011 111111111151 111' 111111111111111-0 1l2lS 111-1-11111-11 111 1111- 1111s1111-ss 111s11111 111' 1111- 1'111ss 111' 15111. 111111s1100111111-1-11st11111111'1 111 1-1-1011111110 .x1'2l111'1l11l' 11111 111 1111- 1v1l1Y1'I'S11.Y, w111-11 1111 1111- 111-- J2lI'1lllt'I1tS 111 1111s s1-1111111 211111 111 S1. .1111111's .xl'2l111'lllY 21111 11l14lllU'1l1 111301111-1. 111111' 11111 F111 1151111 . I' 1 1 1111' A011111-11110 11111 1s 1110 011-1011111 111' X1111-111111-1. '1'111- 1-1011-11111 1H'1l1i1' 1'1L'2l1' 111111 11l'1.2'1l1. 11111 was 111 1111 11-S111-1-1s 1111 1110111 1111157 1111' 1111- 111-1'11s11111. A1 111110 A. 111..1111-S1..l11I111's11111s111-1-111-11 111111 111 1111311 1110 1121111110 s111111-11, 111-11111-11 111 1111- 1-11111-ts. 1'11I11HW11lg' 1111-111 1111111' 1111- 1v1l1Yl'1S11-X of 1wHI'j'1211l11 s111111-11ts. 211111 111011 1111- 1"2lCl111'V 211111 111'45Il'll1S. W0 1I121I't'1ll'11 1111 11I'1'1'Il1' st11-1-1 111 F3f'Q111', 111 1110 W1-s1111111s101' 1,l'0S111'tl'l'1?l11 1'1llll'K'1l W1lCl'l' 1111' 0x1-101s1-s w1-11- 111-111. H011111-11 111 11111- 1J2lIlIlCI' s11111111111-111 111' 1,1l2ll'lll2ll'.Y w0 1111111 11111 111111-0 111 11111- j11s1 111-1111111 1111 seniors. 1111 1110 WED' 1111 0111-11 1-lass QIIIYL' 1111'1I' 1'21l'-511111111111 1011s, 11111 w1111 11111 S.YS1'l'Ill2l11Zl'1 10115, 111111 1110 1011111-1's111p 111 B1L'1'I1C, w1111 is 21 112111111111 1111111 l1111S1'Ill2l1il'1'. w1- 1-11s111 1111-11111w1-11-11 1110 TQS1, 211111 1'1'0lll 1111 1111110111111101-S w0 s1111 11111111t11111 1111s p11s1111111. 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Miss Blattstein, from over the briny deep, Miss Boyd, who has wonderful brain power, and Miss Hintz, a eharming and dashing senorist, much in favor with the boys, and the fol- lowing boys: Ayd, -who gets a shave- every 6 months, and Artigenia and Lombard, the Sicilian twins, and then comes Avinger, why he's going to be president of the soda water clerk's union. That fellow with the curly hair is Bransky, he's alright, but a little out of style, it's puffs he wants, not curls: and there's Bierne, who was with Robinsons Circus, as a side-show spieler, and still holds up his reputation. Booker, that's the name, he raised a moustache, but shaved it otf because his girl wouldn't kiss him. Next comes Alexander Cohn, who claims to be an Irishman: and Chalk, who does not always make a mark. There's Durding, he's so quiet you ean't tell he's around: and Dukes, he's quiet, too, when he is asleep, and that's the greater part of the time. Histl all ye breakers of the law, we have two detectives in our midst, Davis and Saunders, both belonging to the Bankers' Protective Association. And also, two left- overs, Detterlbaeh, the original bonehead in the chemical laboratory, and Eiserman, the hu- man wonder, without any brains. Here's Flynn from the land of the Pilgrims, and Getz, from Old Bellaire. Then, Heg- genrother, the original beauty model, from Havre de Grace. There's Hetz, the would-be ath- lete, who tries to play ball, and that noisy fellow, Hoffman, who makes "much ado about noth- ing." And have you ever noticed Hairbreadth Harry in the comic section of the American, well that's a photograph ol' Harrison and his doings. One fellow named Jahelka, is going to start a pharmacy in an air ship: and Jones, let's see, oh, yes, he's going to make money and become a multi-millionaire. Here's Johnson, alive wire, from South Carolina. Has anyone seen Kelley. the hot boy from Uulpeper. Now let me introduce you to King, the fat man, who disputes the statement that there is sueh a thing as knowledge. Next eomes Lillek, who thinks he's a great pharmacist: and Laroudue, the original sleepy-head. That tail, lanky fellow is Lewis, the duckpin artist: and that funny looking ehap, Miller, who is always trying to do things, but doesn't know how. 'l'here's Minder, a great wrestler, who threw an apple down stairs the other day: and lNforgan, a very popular young fellow, especially with the Baltimore girls. Nelson is a tine chap, and a great joker: while Oertel is a young Dutchman, better known as Gertrude. That eountryfied ehap is l'ieree, from baek into the hills near tf'umberland. And then comes Bagland, a very inquisitive fellow, who is always asking, why? .Xnother member ol' the Mystic Order of the Sons ot' ltest is Rauch, who goes too early to bed in the morning. ltivers is the fellow with the green glasses, and he is another ladies' man. .X very impoitant person is Sehotta, the representative from Towson: and then Sehatter, never mind, he's here, that is all that's neeessary. llere's Staulfer, the original wise guy, and will take all the medals. And, say, have you notieed how Towers dudes up lately. l wonder why? .Xsk Miss lf. l have almost missed Sollod, he must be deal' and dumb, for he never says a word. .Xnd that ehunky l'ellow is Waltz, everybody likes him, for he's as catehy as the Merry Widow Waltz. See Woodland, the would-be baseball pitcher and an ardent admirer ot' Miss li. Wlu-re's Wolte, that l'ellow who is always in devilment: and Winstead, the swell guy? Wil- helmn is a l'eIlow who studies so hard: while Wannamaker takes it easy, and never minds the studies: and the last one is Yakel, who thinks he ean sing. but everyone tails to see where the singing eomes in. .Xnd as to getting long, long letters, Phelps beats us all, as he eau seareely work in the morning, as he always has one long one lo read, so he never learns any ol' the morning work. 'l'his ends the history ol' this wonderful elass. 1 1 1 1 1 11-11 11 is C1 1 6? :flu 3. 1,1 f',.'5 d , JA 1 , ., T, F, 'I - 1 3 1 'Hi 'wk 1 G1 1 , 1 1 ' 5-1111 1 .. 5 ', 1" 1- ' 1 1 - -"W , 161 - 11. ' 1 4- ' V Qi, .X I- -1' -.l, w. 1 11 1, fa-ff 1,51 ? '1 e O.,,f., 1-- ' '- ' 1 ' 1 ' 'SQ' 1' ,az 1 -'1' 11-U' N1 . 1 K ' 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 11Q1,1,111:1 111,-p.,'g1f ' 1A " f t if W 11 111 L". 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M1-11111 Xxvilli' 1111 -Xll111l11lllY 1111111111111 l'111'111111 1111111111 r1'111J1lCCO 111111011 t11g111'l't1l'4 BASEBALL TEAM Elrrrn illlariar, IH 1 IJ PELOQUIN WEBB . . . D,xVms0x DALY . . . BU'1'1.14:n .. f '-xM1s0 .. Rm' ...... DULANY. RAZOR, I W A LTERS, WVOODLANIJ Zfiazvlmll Efvum ....t12l1l'lIl'l' ,. . . . I' :wt Ham- 'mmlhl Ham- 'l'I111'4l lizlsv .....5llUl't Stop . w- ....TA'l'f I' I1-lel , . 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G. 1111.111-1'. 1110si110111: W. L. D111'111s1111. V100-1,1'0S1111'I111 W. .1. 1V11llll2llll211i1'I', SE'Cl'0t?1l'j'1 11. U. 1111ys111', '11I'01lSl1I'l'l'2 Y. 11. 1111-g'111"v. II1St111'11111: 11. 11. .X111s1111. Sl'1"f11'11111'1l1' Arms. A1101 1JllS1I10SS was 111s11011s011 111111. il s11111k01' 1111s l'11,11l.Yl'11 111' 1111. Dl11'1l1g' 1110 QY0ll1I1g' 1110 1111'1's 11is1111ss011 1110 121115111 111101, 111111-11 1110 1111-1111101's 111' 1110 S1111111 C111'111i1111 1'11111 111111 11121-YC11 111 1111111-111-s 211111 1'111i1111s 1.011115 111 S111110111 1110. '1'110 011111 will miss 1112111-V 111' its 11101111101's 111 11llI1l'. 11s 21 12l1'g11' I1111ll11l'1' 111' 1l11'lI w1-10 1-101-11-11 for 1110 CIlS111l1g j'l'21l'1 11101' 11111 Qfl'2111ll2111,' 211111 1011101'111'111011'11-s1101'1i1'0111-s1i1111111111s.s11m1- ll1'Yl'1' 11110111111 again, 11111 1110 1101111 101110111111111100 111 111015111111 11111 11E1yS S111-111 111 1110 11I11X'1'l'S11lV 1111 311111- 1211111 will 211117115 1011111111 111 111011' 111i1111s. H. N. E. B. S. G. J. A. J. B. A. 111. P. P. L. E. E. O. 11. E. H. G. M. 11. J. IC. 11. B. R. J. H. 1'. C. H. M. 11. 1iIXG. . . Ownxs. .. GL111'1c11 .... T111111.1s0N. 1+1Dw.111Ds. . . B111111'N. . . Mclixxx .... M1'IJ.1N115Ls... TAYL1111. . . ABIQLL. . . ALLISOX. . 1'L.11'1'11N. . H1111 ..... 1'.1'r1111'K. .. 111ILLER. . . RAYS1111. . . XYOUNG. . . XYOUNG. . . . . . .F111111111111 11111 .. .11i11g0 S111'111g 1111311 nf Hlirmhrra Y A 1111.300 IC. A. l+'.111111:1'. . .. .A111'1111g1'11111'g . ' Q 'Ilaurvus Y. 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Zwrix-I'iiiwi-sity of Virginia, .XL1'll.k l,lil.'1'.X-PQHIIS-YlYillllil State l'nivo1' Bli'l'.x-l'iiivwsitnx' ul' Alillbillllil. SIU'- ITX lmxml,--'lilimity q',,l1K,,,-L, .X1.l'II,x ZICTA-lYI1lY01'SllY of Mia-liigall. , A , in Q., . . , NIU--yyylsllillg-t,,11 ,md IM.. Ai.i'ii,x 'I:'l'.x - Ge-01-510 llasliingtoii I uivoi' si V. Xl' William Zlllll ll'l2ll'lY. - XI.I'Il,X ALPII.x-l'i1iwi'sit.v ul' lllill'-Ylilllil. ' XLPIIA THIG'I'.x-Suulliwcstc-V11 Baptist l'ni vcwifv Xl,l'lI.l lil-:'l'.x-lla-Iwi' l'i1ivui'silx'. ' Lx Y , , , , ' .Xl.1'H.x li.xl'l'.x-l'o1'110ll l'11ix'v1'sit.v. lX.Xl'l'.X-X2lIl1lCllllll I lllYl'I'SllY. , V , . . , , , . . , . ' .Xl.1'll.x Iul'sl1.ox-l I1lYCl'Sll'Y ul lUllllS.X'l si-l IllYl'l'Sll!Y ul lllilllllt mum V A ' l"A ' l 'xl l"ll Y ' 1 4 Y A Mnlll-I lllllmt-l "l llllmml' .XLPIIA l1.lMISIM-l iiivwsity ol XCI'lll0lll. Huixi x-Lfmisizimi Slntv I'11ivc-i'sit'x'. 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BIf:'1'.x PI-I Jickcrsoii C 'ol lego. BI-ITA PSI-l'1iive1'sit-V of Washington. BETA H110-l'11ivc1'Sity of Iowa. BH'1'.x S IGMA-lV2lSlll11g'f0I1 I'11ivc-rsity. Bien IYPSILOX-N1lI'il1 fl2ll'Ollll2l A. auf Uolltfgt' BIi'l'A XI-l'11ivt-1'sity ol' flillllillflllil. Ilwx Zl"'l'X-lA'l2ll1ll Stanloiwl lv1llX'l'l'hlll 1 4,.xi1A1,x ALM1.x-l'11iw-1-sitv of lin-goii 4i.xMi1.x Bli'I'.X-lvl1lYL'l'Sll'Y ol' Vliiuago ll.xilA1.x HAMMA-l'olol'z1mloSclioolol' 1 N tlmliik lJliI.'l'iX-lxI2lSS2ll'llllFL'llS Stati logo. tl.xMA1,x Z1c'1'.x-New York lv1llYt'l'Slt.Y. H.xA1M.x lC'i'.x-IDartmouth Uollogc. llniiiix l':l'SlIAPN-H2ll'l'ill'Il lYIllVl'l'SllX 4 VW l.xAui.x llllC'l'A-V11lYt'l'Sllj' ol' lilalio HA M AI A l0'l'.X-S-N'l'2ll'llSL' lvIllYUI'Sll..Y. H.xim1.x likl'l'.X-lvIllYL'l'Sll-V of Uklalio llnixu L.xMlm.x-Uliio State Uollt-go. lll'll.'l'A-l,ZlYltlSH11 l'olll'g'1'. Bl-1'1'.x TAL'-BilliCI' l'11ix'oi'sity. ALVMNI t'Il.Xl"l'lCllS. Boston. llurliam. New York. Atlanta. Danville, Va. Ylt'liSlJl11'g. Norfolk. Ili-11ve1'. f'0I1L'0l'd. Williamston, Mobile. Cliattauooga. Memphis. Louisville. Danville, Ill. Fort Smith, Pine Bluff. Buffalo. Pliilaclelpliia. Lyncliburg. R it-hm ond. N. C. Ark San Fraiicisc-o. Wan-o, Texas. Salt Lakc City. Yazoo l'il.V. MES. Si-attle, Wash. Bllllllllgllillll. Moiitgoim-i'y. Ala l'ox'il1g'to1l. Naslivillc. l,lttHlJllI'g'. lucliauapolis. Kansas City. St. Louis. ltliaca. Svraiitou. Huston, la. Ni-wpo1't. Ni-ws. Wasliiugtou. Savamiali. .Iac-kson, 'llt'1lll. lltlllllllljlli Vliicago. Milwaukvv. Little Hook. Now Orleans. .lat-ksoii, Miss. 'll0X2l1'li2ll1il, Tcxas. l,Hl'tl?lI14l, Urv. Los Aiigclos. Kingston. Kappa Sigma Club, Now York. X. Y. NU SIGMA NU ,hr M.. Lgvasm v r YI , 'lx 'gg' - fu' f'--' QA I , . .I ,ia x A 4 1 -'J USA: , . 4' ,. s H ,., ' Jay:-, , .-jjj: x . .. . . -' .I - '-pbkw A 'A. ' -1 .yi -' ' 'ffm ..-4' r'f'vxQ,.,, .tm V., , Tflvfug v U-I., -- . ., f N-.LC . .,', .lfkfaub I , 'hi . 1 -. A. .V v. .' fig' ,-A I :L -1, '14 .I 5 1 -fm' , .4 +I was . -1. 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"' f."'L A 1 'g .NY Q ., Q t I X . L U, 'A n .1 , ' "r, 'x l I vo, I A ,Z,1!. ' A X ' . 'Anya . n ' .," s' M ' 1.4 I ' X fn, k 'I Q ' T' NX' 19 S , . V. 1 'l if U , ,J .lays O . ' 1 A .A.'. "'l . . I ,nl :Tirs z.' x n 1- " . ', ,, I .,.4 .. .Y I .1 1',' " I' 'Tb fi O 1 1 F . XXV, U .1 ...un Q Q x. --' , - 14' I-',. 4. .s. ' ' . sl . V "fan Errra fllllariar. IH 1 EI 287 II Svignm II Bc-Ita .Xlpllzl l'Il2llllt'I'. listzllmllsln-ml 15001. 4'11.w'l'l4:1: Ilmxlc. mls W. l,m11a.xl:lm S'I'liI'II'1'l'. l"lI.X'l'lZl'IS IX l"M'l'I.'I'Y. I'lmlf'. S.xAlI'lc1, l'. i'lll-iw. Assn. l,IHll". llxlam' .Xlm1.lf:l:. l,l!UI". II. 'l'L'xs'r1Q1.'l'.xY1,m I'l:mf. J. Mxsux II1'Nm.l-ZY. l'l:mf. ,lmlx l', Ilmlxll-:'l'r:1:. Vlml-'. S'1'. t'l,.x11: Sl'l!L7l.I.. Vnmf. .lusucvll S. llllawr. l'1:w1-'. llllzxxl Wuzms. Assn. I'1:m-'. L. M..X1.1,lcx. l"lZ.X'l'lIlCS IX l'l3l3l'l. lm. IJ. M. li. i'1'1,1:1:1-:'l'1l. Im. W. .l. HIl'KlC'l"I'S. lm. 'l'. XY!-IS'l'. lin. 'l'. II. lixxxnx. lin. II. I.. M1'l'c':11c1.1.. lll:. A. IP. .X'l'K1Nsux lin. .I. IS. l,,XI!li.X1lHlil-I. lin. A. ll. lixmx'1.lcs. Fl?.X'I'lZI'IS IN l'NlYl'IIfSl'l'.X'l'l+I. 15310. J. If. I:0HI'fli'l'SON. S. H. 121,m'1c1:. NYM. Xfxx l,.Xl!Ii.XAIHlIIC. Kilculusr-1 W.x1.'1'14:l:. II. S. .Xxm:1:'l'nN. S. II. IIYx1i1l':w11'z. J. IC. ITII-IIII.. N. 'I'. Kimi. IP. H. lflvlclrs. lflll. V. S. Jusux. H. IJ, 'l'mx'xs1ll1:xn. ll. 12 l'mux4:'1'ux. II. ISI. .Xwlllqzx 1012. ll. U, Uranium-1. II. li. l,.X'l'l!It'K. .l. Ib. S1l.xm'. XY. IC. 1. i.x1.1.1nx li. IC. .XIil'ZLL. .I. IC. II.xH:. 'l'. Ii. W.x1:NI-Zn. 159123. IC. B. B111-ilcnlxu. 'l'. H. l,lI.k'l"l'. l'. lf. IfI1m'.x1:ns. 41. IS. LYNHI 288 Errra illlariar, 1 H 1U CHAPTER ROLL. ALPIIII-I'niveI'sity of Michigan. BET.x-Iletroit College of Meclieine. IJEL'1',x-Western II1IiveI'sity of PQIIIISYIVHIIIH. ICPSILON-IlI1lYQI'SIfj' of Minnesota. ZIi'I'A-NOPIIIWQSIQYII I'nix'eI'sity. ETA-I'IIiveI'sity of Illinois. 'I'IIET.x-I'niversity of f'inei1IIIati. IOTA-flOllIlIllJl2I. Iliiiversity. liixlfixx-Ihlsli fafliliatecl with Cllieagoj. LAMBDA-IIllIYGI'Slij' of Peniisylvaiiia. INIU-Syracuse l'niveI'sity. NU-I'niversity of We-st Califoriiia. XI-I'1IiveI'sit.V of New York and Bellevue. llIIICIcoN-I'IIioII I'11ix'e1'sity. ALPIIA IQAPPA PIII fpll-XVHSIIIHIQIZOII Uni versity. IIIIO-Jefferson Medical College. SIGMA-Weste-1'n Reserve IT1Iive1'sity. 'FAU-i'oI'uell Iliiiyersity. Il1'SILoN-Cooper Merlic-al College. PIII-l'IIix'eI'sity of California. VIII-I'1Iix'e1-sity of '.l'o1'oIIto. PI MI' ll's1l-Iviiiversity of Virginia. BEM ALP:1.x-I'IIix'e1'sitv of Illarylaml. BETA I3li'l'A-Jtlllll Ilopkius I'IIix'eI'sity. l. V. I. fBI'I'I'A GAMMAJ-l'IIiveI'sity of Buf iaillfl. BE'1'.x IIl'II.'l'.X'IYIIIYL'l'Slt.Y of Iowa. HE'I'.x IIIPSILON-IYIIIYUISII-Y of Neliraska. I'll'ZL'l'.X l+l1'sILoN lon QBETA ZE'I'Al-Xrllli. l'1Iix'eI'sity. BI-:'I'.x l'l'I'A-I'IIive1'sity of Iiuliana. BETA 'lllll'I'I'A-IIDIX'0l'Slf'V of Kansas. ROLL OF CLIIBS. 1 TIIE BERLIN L LUB. .. TIIE NEW ITORK CLUB. . TIIE XTIENNA CLUB. . . . .BeI'li1I. Germaiiy. . . New York Pity. ...Yienna. Austria. Errra illilnriar, 1 H 1 II Nu Sigma Nu I"uI'x1s1-in xr 'l'lll'I I'xlx'l-:1:sl'1'x' mf 3Ill'Illli.XN. IHN3, 1'Hl'Nt'II, UI"I"IQ'l'IlIS. Ibn. W11.1.-NY.x1.'1'lc1:. l'n-sifh-111. . .. .f'lli4'2lg,1'1l. Ill IIHXHIZAIIYl'Ul'X1'lL. Vlzm-'. WM. II. XVl'IIA'lI, IIH11nm1y l,l'l'Si4lK'llf ........ ....l S11lti11mw. M11 1111. 'l'IIl5u1ml:l-I .T.xXliw.xY. ll1m:m1'z1l'.x' Yin--l'1'4-sirlc-llt. .. ...Nm-w Yurk. N. X Plml-'. H. H. FI-IIIIHS, llw1l1r1'z1l'-X' Sw'ln'Iz1ly'. .. ...NNY llalw-11. Vu ylilllf. II. 'l'. BY1-'m:ls, IIn11u1n1xjv 'l'1'1-z1sl11'v1'. .. .......,. l'l1iv:1,,4, PIIUI-'. F. N. ll. S'l'.xIIIt, II4lllHl'2ll'y Historizlll .... ..'l'1rI'HllI1v l'IXliC'I"I'lYI'I i'Hl'Nl'IL. DN. XYILI.-XYAL'l'l-IH. Vl'1X-Uffiviu l'l1z1il'l1l:lll .... .... l 'Ilil'2l 41 l'l:mf. A. T. Hman, EX-l,l'L'Silll'llf ........ ..... l tlmu Vlilllf. If. G. Xm'Y. l':X-llltwillvllf .... ...Mm .Xrhm lin. H. 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STEIN, M.D. Jos. I. IQICMLER, M.D. L. F. STi4:ixlJ1.i+:1z, M.D. H. L. SINSKY, M.D SOL. I'l1r:aicY, M.D. II. H. Wrziximicosiz, M.D. FRA'I'1iICS IN I'NIYERSI'I'Y. 1910. T. Bieooiis ..... ........ I 'uba. liumifif .... ..Maryland G. I'.x'1'UR.xN1. .... . . .New York. KOIIN .... ennsylvania t'. N. DEVILBISS.. .... Maryland RUBIN ...... ..Maryland R. C. Donsox .... .... . Maryland H. 'I'1c1f:'ri:R. . . . ..Florida M. J. FINE .... ..... I 'ermont M. W1N'r1c1:s .... .... X ew Jersey N. GARB ..... .... IN Iaryland 1911. I ID. IJ1 S'l'l':F.xNo .... .... M arylancl G. M151-iris.. .. .... Maryland J. J. lilmilzxfsiuss .... . . . New Jersey Usrlio ...... . .Delaware I. HVIIISCIIMAN ..... .... ll Iaryland REICIIMAN.. . . ...... Maryland M. R. IIAIIN. .. .... .Maryland J. 'IHINKIN Pennsylvania F. LEVINSON .... .... IN Iaryland lVALLENSTEIN .... ..... N ew York 1912. M. L. LICHTHNBERG ..... .... I Iaryland H. H. lVliINER.. ennsylvania D. SILBIQIQMAN ...... .... M aryland XYINCEGUERRA. 1913. W. 0. Os'r1cNnoRF. .. .... Maryland HoLsTE1N. DELTA ALPHA OMEGA Grrra Hlariar, 19 1 U 299 G. S. CoNm'1'.. .J. J. Em-LLLQN. .. G. U. i'orY1.1suU1:N J. A. 'l'lIoM,xsuN H. R. S1c1cl.1xc.s1-:Ir N. U. BTITCII .... Alpha Obmvgn BPITZI FOLIIIIIC41 at lvlliX'l'l'SifV ut' Hllllfillu, 1379 ICPSIIAJN i'II.XI"l'lCll. EN'I'.XlSl,ISIIlilJ IX limi. l'o1.o1cs-Illcn, W111'1'1c .xxn BLU15, OF Fl PICKS. ...PI'l'SiIlf'11f. . . . .S0i'l'L'f2ll'Y. . . .l'4+1'1'vs1m114Ii11g Sw1'fetz11'y. CHA PTEHS. . . . .'l'1'm':1s111'v1'. 111111111 Ilclllgzlfv. Sl'l'Q.fL'2lI1t-Elf-AI'lllS. ALPI1.x-l'11ix'L-lsity of lillffzmln. ICPNIIADX-IvIliN'l'I'Sit.Y ut' Blillflillltl. BE'I'.X-Bzllfilllflll' Mcclivzll Vfmlln-gv. Zli'1'.x-1iwm1'gctmv11 l'l1iYt'I'SitlV. GAMBIA-SXYEICIIFC My-flicwll lmllvgv. l4:'l'.X-xY1Ill12ll1qS Hwlivzll i'nIIcg'c. Plliludol DliL'l'.x-Dctmif Mcmliczll Vrwllvgl-. lllliil. H. R. S1sIc1.INu1c1c. .. G. C. C0UL1soU1cN... J. A. 'I'Hm1.xsoN. . . J. J. EDELIQN. . . . J. B. EDWARDS. . . N. C. N1TCIr.,. 1 'V y LIIAI PIER lil . .Virginia . . . . .BI2ll'X1?1I14l South L':11'oIina . . . . .Ma1'yla114l South C2ll'O1il1i1. . . . . .1xIH1'yl21I1d. H. H. G. Q . F J. A DL IJ. r 1 f S. Gl..xc1f...,. B. Mlcssxmlz M. C'.xV.xNoL'1'I1 G. C'osI.1:u.. A. I5L'Gc,s.xN. . 'l'11m1.xs .... . . . . .Marylalld . . .I'e1111sx'lvu11ia . . .... MQ1 Pylillld . .Wvst Virginia . .Wcst Virginia .. .Goolgla X NNE, r b 4 qri QP4 V 4 Ar P4 4 5 4 AQ? 4 V A V 4 N 4- ' Y 4 1 r 4 P iw 3.-1 ,Q eff J 4 V4 F4 s1.:4 '-zw,,f ,- 'U 5. -.. J Q: . I. ri ' O .V I, lv 'f','? .H -, -YL - c .s N 1,5 Jiffy' . l... ' .' '. ., ?. .3 , - -no 5 . 8. J -- , un, ' F I ,al 1-A .,- ., . Y' qi'-'vu-,VHJ 9 ' 'J' -E1 1 , .. C, . 1 .,',, Q, v.,.'r' Q. , ,.- . . A 1 'f Q ' U, I " , T 4 .' 'M . - : ,' '. , 'K' ' 4-'nf' " I.. 1 ,Q f'. ' - we I . 1 u ' 1 I ' . f, .4 in A B . ' v 1 - -x -', ' .s""' .1 . , '- 1' J.: ,." ""' 'Y - 1 0 V A In ' 'E .'?Kr?v' ' -A 'Q' ' : .E."Pis,, gf If .W ' 1 ,4 I 'I ii' " U! N . l: ' 1 ., T . Y.,f' f 1. -y. ., , . -, .W A"3:1.-.. Q XI M ' 1 A r u G -f. K., ' ' , . , 5 l. r - - Xl O - nl' V A r 1'L Y' . A -. ff: ' Q' 'NT I, - -1.-.' B 11 .-'La . ' . ' - 0 s D A 1,0 . . A 1 'a t - - Q ' N. , . fc .,J "..i.- ,- 19+ r'f flrrra fllariar, 1 H1 U 301 w 4 i 1551 hi IHIIIIIIPII -xt I 11111-1's1Ix' OI Nllvlnxgln IC'I'A I'IIAI"l'I'III. ISSSP. ALPHA-I'11iw1'sit-V OI' Miclligwlll. .AIIII AVIIOV. I'lfI'11ix4 lxity OI' I'n-11115VIx'z111iz1. HAMMA-Pllilzulclplmizl IIOIIIIEII Vullcge. IIIIO-XO1tI1wL-stvln IvIIIYt'lSIf.Y. Vlxivalgu. IJELTA-Baltimore I'OIIvgm- OI' III-mall Sur- 'IIAI'-AYZISIIIIIQIIIIII l'11iw-xsitlv, St. Louis. guy. l'lll-l'111w1sit'x' OI' BIIIIIIUSUIZI. T11E'l'.x-I11mIiu11n Ik-utal VOIII-gm-. VIII-AAvl'FIt'l'll IM-mul Ihllvgl-. KZIIISRIS City. 1OTAQIVIIIYL'I'SIf.1' Ot' 1'2IIII,Ul'llI2I. PHI-I.IIll'llIll IM-mul Vullvgv. Lim-OI11. Ne-lv. 1iAl'I'A-SIEIIJIIIQI, Uhiu, M1-mlivzll I'OlI4-gm-. I,AIlfIiA1x'2lIl4lI'llPIII l'11ix'O1'sit.v. Nzxsllvillv. LAMISIJ.-I-I'lliczlgrv VOIIIQL OI' III-ntzxl Slllgm-luv. I'f'l'.x-I'11lu ISIIQY Ol' Mall'-x'lz1111I. ML'-l'11iw1'sit.x' OI' I3uIT:1lO. .Xl.l'1l.x IIE'r.x-lizlltimmv M1-elivul l'OIIvg'0. Nl'-Halwalcl IYIlIYL'I'SII-Y. .AI.I'IIA Hulxix-I'11iw1sit,v OI SOutI1vrn Xi-Vlliwrsity Ot' BIIIIII lllt. Ilia-I1111O1RI, Yu. l':1I1IO1niz1. IJMICRON-IIOyz1I VOIII-gn-OI' IM-utal SIII'Ql'HIIS, Al.l'l1.x ICl's1l.ON-Xmtln I,2lI'IlIl' IM-nI:1I FOI '1'0I'O11tU. If--fs' I'OrtIz11RI, 0111, IIUNUIIAIIY MICMI-SICIIS. PIIOF. T. J. S. lIORu.xs. I'ROP. II. M. II. l'I'I.IiIIIC'l'lI IIR. AAYII.I3ICII'l' I,IIll'IC. PROP. J. H. H.XIiIiIS. IIRO1-'. IIIIAS. W. Ml'1'vl1E1.1.. IIII. 'I'. A. I'JUl.I-IY. PROP J. H. ITIILIQII. I'RO1-'. 'I'. H. IIE.vrwO1.L. IDR. J. IC. III-:R.xNEm's. PROP I. H. Ilwls. I,lIUI4'. I.. W. I'1AKINIIHI'l'. IIII. J. W. IIOL1..xNn. PROF JOHN U. HI'IMMl'I'l'I2Ii. IIII. J. S. H1-:1sER. IJII. ti I'. IIHNSHII. PROP. J. HOLMES Sxlrru. IIII. IC. J. JENKINS. IDR. J. IL HIC'l'l'IlICl.. PROP. R. IJORSEY l'UAI.IC. IDR. F. J. VA1.IiN'l'INI'I. ALVMNI I'IIAl"l'ICIIS Buffalo. IJet1'Oit. 'I'Ri11 City. New YO1'k New York State. f'IIIC'21iQ'0. IIIIROIS Stem-. FRANK R. AN11ERs. Vins. DEL. Bus. PIICRBI-IRT If BROWN. HUGH MOK. BURNS. GEO. C. DOWNEY. LAWRENCE W. BONN1 AI"I'IYIC MICMIHSICIIS. IIOY J. IJRVMMONO. IIl1':I.xRIr W. IIAYIS. I'l.ARICNl'IC 'I'. I'.xRL l'. II.xR1'ER. II.xxl1m'R. AR'1'IIL'R IIANI-INIf0II'I'. .AI.liI-IlI'I' A. IIAIIIIINIITIIN 1911. JI'1"I'. SICAISOIIN J. II.xRuROvE. JR RHODES B. BURROWR. HHN F. IIIGIIBIAN. HOWARD M. FINCII. HENRY A. FALSOM. II. RENNI'Z'I"l' G.x1mY. LESLIE F. ALLEN. IIAROLD E. BONNEY. HENRX' E. FITZPATR IAIAYRICE S. ENOLNR. I1!lWI'II.l. I'. HENNER14:Rm.1-.R. V! NJUISLIC I. IIVBIIAIID. f'AII'I'IiIi I. LONO. HENRY M.xR'rIN. 1912. HENRY W. ELL1NO'1'ON. AVILLIAM W. IQIRVEN. ICK. AVYLIE O. Sxufrlr. w. II.v1'NEY A. INI"Al"l'l-I. I'll.xR1s I.. I..xNms. Vins. A. IIONN. 1iROx'ER l'. VIYIIVAIISU. W. I'O1'E W1l.sON. MIOVEI. M. B1IOl"rEs1NOs, 'I'.xYLOR I'. NICSIiI'I'. S. L. Ilmlsl-IN. ALLEN ti: 'I'. 'I'wu:O. , . .ALLIPIN If. I RSON. I'.xRLOs A. W AI.KICII. BIINIYI' B. S'1'.xNN.xR1m. Glrrra imlariav, 19 1 II 303 J. S. D. C. qi J. N. D. M G D. D. T. E. Hai Q9mvge1-lghi Glhzqaivr FOumIecI, 1892, I+ISIaImIisI1 I'11ix'o1'sity OI' Mz11'x'Iz111cI 1000. COIO1's-LigI1I Bluc 211141 White. C. D. ANSLEY. . . . J. T. TIPPETT .... N. E. AUSTIN .... H. W. BLAISDELL .... T. D. AVEBB ...... C. F. REIMAN.. .. UFFICICIIS. FIIATIIICS IN FACI'IfI'A I In. C. B. IWATTHEWS, DDS. .. WM. A. REA, D.D.S ...... GEO. F. DEAN, D.D.S ..... A. P. SCAEBOROUGIAI, D.D.S. E . - . B. HOWLE, D.D.S ...... S. W. IHOORE, D.D.S ..... J. S. IVIANDIGO, D.D.S ..... C. A. SHEEEVE, A.B., D.D.S. . . G IWIIICI Masfmx ,Iuuiur Master. . . . ..SOc'1'Qtz11'5. rv, . . . . I IL 1s1x1'O1'. Cllivl' IIIKIIIISIIUIZ . ................ . . ..IIO111O11 FRATRES IN IINIYI+IIISI'I'A'I'I+I. LESHY. CALLOWAY. EVERHART. AUSLEY. WEBB. TIPPETT. AUSTIN. W. W. fl! . C. A. H. 1910. IJ. GIESELER. W. C.xM1fBELL. BOYLE. RENNAN. J. ALLAIRE. W. BLAISDELL. IIIII IIOV. I1'aIO1'. I,ICI1lH11SJEI'ilI0I'. Ilcmulls I1'z1'fO1'. I'JO111O11st1':1IO1'. IIO1nO11st1'z1IO1'. I 101111 I11s't1'z1tO1'. IICl1lUI1SI'l'ElIOI'. I Ic1l11O11sI1'z1IO1'. M ll W W C f A. C. MOKEY. L. I'E-xRsON .I. GR.xE'1'. B. BRUCE. E. W.xT1f:1zs. D. F.x1.OAO. 304 Urrra illlariar, 19111 1911. A. H. PETERSON. W. F. COURTNEY. T. J. CLAOOATT. D. T. XVALTERS. D. P. HIGH. R. H. SHORE. R. W. CREWS. L. A. CAMBO. L. M. BASEHOUR. A. J. HOFFLIAN. J. J. DONNALLY. I. P. GONCALVES. C. H. YOUNGS. A. E. ISREAL. 1912. J. G. YOUNG. L. M. DELANEY. T. J. HISKEY. W. H. CLARK. W. T. IQENNEDY. S. B. EVE. G. K. PATTERSON. H. C. GREEN. P. H. BLANOHARD. D. T. HOUSTON. D. Y. FLOOK. E. A. Sums. A. J. SINEY. ACTIVE EXLPHA.-B3ltlIll0l'9 College of Dental Sur- ge ry. BETA.-New York College of Dental Sur- gery. GAMMfr.-Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery. DELTA.-Tufts Dental College, Boston, Mass. EPSILON. - Western Reserve University, Cleveland. O. ZE'1'A.-l'niversity of Pennsylvania, Phila- clelpliia. lCT.x.-Pliilaflelphia Dental College. 'l'IIETA.-l71iive1'Sity of Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y. IOTA.-N0l'lllWl'Sl0I'Il llniversity, Chicago. Ill. K.xl'l'A.-Cliieago College of Dental Surgery. LAMElm.-l'niversity of Minnesota. MV.-I nlversitv of Denver, Denver, Col. 4 1 . NV.-l'ittSlmurg Dental College. llittsliurg. l'1 Xl.-lll2iI'tlllCllt? l'niversit.y, lllilwaukee, Wie. MU llI'll,'l'A.-ll2ll'N'ilI'1l Vniversity Dental School. UMICIKUN.-llllllSl'lllC College ol' Dental Surgery. D. BRATTON. CHAPTERS. PI.--Baltimore Medical College, Dental De- partinent. SIGMA.-cl0ll9g6 ot Pliysieians and Surgeons, Dental Department, San Francisco, Cal. BETA HIIO.-Ohio College of Dental Surgery, Cin- cinnati. SIGMA.--llleflieo-t'liirurgical College, Phila- delphia. Pa. T.xU.-Atlanta Dental College. Atlanta, Ga. FPS!LON.-l'niversity of Southern Califor- nia, Los Angeles. PIII.-l'niversity of lllarylanml. lialtiniore. CHI.-N. l'ac-itle Dental College. Portlancl. Ure. PSI.-Starling Uliio Medical l'11ix'e1'sit.v. Columbus. UMIQGA.-llllllilllil Dental College. lnmlian- 2lIl0llS. lil'I'l'A .XLeu.x.-l'uix'ei-sity ol' llliuois. Clu- eago. lil-:'r.x G.niM.x.-lieorge Wasliingtou l'ni- rersity, llaslnngton. D. C. lil'I'l'.X lJEl.'l'.x.-l'niversity ol' California. San Franeiseo. lil'f'I'.X I'Il'slI.oN.-New Orleans College ol' Dent istry. Urrra illllariar, 19 1 U 305 BETA Zli'1'.x.-St. Louis Dental Uollvgo. BI5'l'.x l'l'1'.x.-Kvolilili Dental Vollww, livo- FN kuli, lowu. Bl'I'l'.X 'l'Hli'l'.x. - fi001'U0fHWIl l'11ix'ci'sitx' U . Nllasliiiigfon, ll. V. GAMMA I0'1'A.-S01lfllUI'I1 lk-ntul Collefgv Aflilllfil, Gil. H.xA1M.x IQAPPA.-I'niwrsity ol' Min-liigun Ann Arbor. .XLVMX New York Alumni Ulizipte-1'-Na-xi' York Vity Duquesiio Alumni 1'll2lPtCI'1l,lttSllllIM. l'u. Minnvsota Alumni C'liuptur-Miiiiiwipolis Minn. Uliivago Alumni 1'liaiptvr-l'liivugo. lll. Boston Alumni Vliaiptvi'-Hostoii. Mass. l'liilarlelpl1ia Alumni 1'ln1plui'-llliilzulelpliiu l'z1. Now Orleans Alumni Vliaplei'-Ncu' 01'lwiiis lla. 1 GAMMAl1.XMl5IlA.-1'frllllgkl ol' In-ntul and Ural Slll'g.fL'l'Y ol' Nvw York. Hixiuix IlIl'.-l'11iwi'sity of Iowa. Iowa Vitlv. tluixix XV.-Xv2lI11lt'l'lllll I'11iwi'sit.x', Nash- ' Y W xillo. lvnn. liixiiux Xl.-lvIllYL'l'Sll-Y College of Melli- vinv. llivlinioncl, Yu. lYi,XBlM.X llNlll'll0N.-lYI1'llli'2ll Vollegi- ol' Vir- ginia, Rim-lunoncl. l l lI.Xl"l'l'lllS. Los .Xngvli-s .Xlunini Vliaiptci'-I.os Angclvs, i':ll. Vlvwlaiiicl .Xluiuni l'lmptvr-1'lm-xwlziiiml, Oliio. Svuttlm- .Xlunini 1'lizlpfvi'-Sc-zltllv, Wash. Poitsiuoutli Alumni l'liziptcr-Portsuioutli. Ulliu, liullulo Alumni Vlizipti-1'-Hiilfzilo, N. Y. Voiiiu-viii-lit Statv .Xluuini i'lmptm-in Urrru imlariar, IH 1 II Mamma Sigma Founded at l'I1iw1'sity Of Rlkllwlallfl, 1909. ALPHA t'HAI"1'ER. FLOWER-PINK C.xIcN.v1'1ON. COI.O1:s-GRE:-:N .xN1m HOLD. OFFICERS. ELMER R. KELLOUOH. Presiduut KENT W. SCOTT, Wvili'-P1'CSi1lk'Ilt ARTHUR G. '1'I-:.xC1f:Y, St'Cl't-'t2lI'.Y. .. FITZ J. R.u:TLETT, '1'1eas1m11-... EDISON A. F.x1mf:Y, Ilistoriaxu.. HILLARIJ ADLER .... J. DORSEY ATKIXS. . . FITZ J. BARTLE'l"I'. . ROY M. BIEELEY ....... i'L-mENCE X. CILWOUS. . . EDISON A. FAIREY ..... WVALTER H. GEFFER'l'. . . WYAXCE H. GREGORY.. W. S. H.AllliISfJN ....... C1LuaL1f:s C. H.XBLIS'1'ON. .. ELMER R. KELLOUOII ..... EL1.swOETrr M. K.xUFM.xN. . . KENT W. SCOTT ......... ALBERT S. SOLANIJ. .. W. E. SXOWDEN. .. EDWIN J. STOKES. . . AETIIU1: G. '1'R.x4'EY.. AVILLIAM WVELTNICR. . IIERBERT H. XVILLKIC. . MEMBERS. HONORA RY M EMRERS. . . . . . ..RI2lI'A'l2lI1l1 . . ..WQsf Yirginia . . . . .L'Iill'.Yl2lI1!l . . . . . .Mmylalmd . .Snutll f'2ll'0liIlil . . .Ba1'fi1nOrc. Md . . .lin-yser, W. Ya . . . .Baltilllon-. Md . . .I'I2lQlCl'St0WIl, Md .......Dulmlin, Ga . . ,UI'ilIlgUIJl1l'tgI, S. f' . . .RaltimOr0. Md ....C'I1e1'a1w. S. C' . . .Boc'kluy, AV. Ya . ..H:1lti111O1'0, Md . . . .H21lfi1l10l'l'. MJ . . .lNIa1'ti11slu11'g, W. Ya ' v-1 ............IClki11s, W. . You' RIiU'til1SllllI'g'. W. Yu ..... .f'llI'l'it1lt'k. N. 1' .. .0l2lIlgQlJUl'g. S. f' . . . ..iXl'Q'2l4li2l. M41 ........Biiltilll0l'L'. M11 . ..New Braunfels. 'l'0Nas J. OSBORNE NELSON ........ ..W1'iSfiE'1K,l, Md BENJAMIN TREW DURDING. . . . . .Rock Hall, Md , 113- . - .Iva U . -.., ., . ,,, .-:ya . N N un, A-A-3 .' flrifff fl.-in. 3' ' ni" Ad! gf. Q-A, , ,ljfif-L-fu., 1. 'Q 311, . l4r??' "'ff'i+'i:Q.f' qw, I- lg bil, ,.- b b ' J I4-.' .I , if ' VV' A1 ' ' ' A-Z1-ggi ',....LwQ ,- La I f", 5- ' rr, , V '- - fN,:m,, H.-:QQ N gw ,Q :N VA at Hs, 1' 1" 1 , . "1"-'f 64" . Q., , Hue lnltlatlonlheam 7.20. .,, L al W" 'X ' if W. . Abfihlobztfe Qfub jfgfi' 3' lxfiziin-2 ' -X AD X Xxx fi rj If V' V ff!! BLS, f ' ff I - ? ! f ! XC N , VI' 1 .XX . ,X M X l If 1x1 xx f If I ,X 2 1 K Nfl A 1 " . 0 1 - N 755 2- ,ff 1 B J 'Zi ,ff C' if 5 0 -.wh ' AIS C 5 611 PROF. COALE bfgj X .. f f - UP mm S99 have on engybmcpr? Ziff f , f Q ?'7 'Q ,QQg4igf -54 K .Y 7 'XXI'-dr I , izfiffff ' f fgfkff' ami? 9?-3 : wil 3 'T iff ff , Page T ' A312 N 'Q?' 7 Nf 1e 4f'f v ".' P' L- ' v" f' vu ' 5 +e fx X' A X X. fir? L X S , ,i ' Q 1,7 - W 1 1 ,,,i f -- Z- q X, Q . X ' Y f N -fm. g . x 1 X if W i X x-. v WX- QF f If Xffmv U, -,six -f Q N ,fd 1-4 '93Nf7l532I'5 X if' V fy " Xv:':rc1?.kjflf v3':'z'f' N "ff5" ' 'iff 9 X ff 1 -f lvl ,f we-W' W?'3 P4 'V ' NS ff ffl -f ,X N My V' 1'I'X 'l-51-Q59 ,, Im ,If ' AX E. ' lx fj xXgfoxkXQ3':1NNK3Q y x f, 1, ,af W ,ffm-Sfvfxwg ' Sm' ' ' V X VV -f -- ' Im. L7 Q Q' 4 xqgi:"SQg,3 X ...Qi gfijp Q 1 Z 1 K XQ,tiQ,3- ,: gy-f - n ' i'xl' -- I N- A A' X, ' W 9 , j J ff f gqg, i is ' f4 i f7l'ij O' ' H H Uhglmnf 54, 51 'wwwify Q vsgavdfg A , . 'M' 1 "-QQ." ' ' AM? A Z!! f X' , WW Q' Qs : E "y A .i: g ?',J,V '99, L-5 'ow 9 354- 4 4 ' XQifff,QHM4hx'3 X . WW-aff 9 W :le XA Q X gf!! Fe'0'? '- x f f"' NX'-"TX fig N x .f V,-,dvf XS V ' In 1 + X. N ffm ff Zywffizglfgwd .- ,XA 1 Z qj x 201, Z.. Z X 'f F ff-' x if 1' .4"J7x Sl: ii GMA ' me X' Q I ff S A QT X hw' Ti ,MZ-if i X 'fbxudcig ff Q ,--X M u X G, fw iw ff ff W XCTZ 2 f X W M116 MEX S 15 A ff' l1E'N!?' R Z, N f E Q. f 1 , -sl. w .5."7. f GEQA 1- -fYwg',,mx5 X,,. H.- wML'ma5,w+mww . ' - WK- - ftfakrf:-sua, ff f A p i if i Q' S 1 9 N la. M N ' Z E . Q, N H r E l:IljI k 'E x , u- SQQ5 k A ,wfb7My5,ma 'A' A Q X x N '5.,f7'-Ilya X 33 9' Ex r,-Z-:g,'.ri?? fig? N gf 5 f f s 1 ff M' -. . 5. 1 f E,' 'ffl Z X fx f f X Qi f' W MM' Sf . pil 259, 'w- Q' f .a,.gy., ' ' f- we:-mm.. Hn- amp EE... -X . . .- 1 r E- Y S X iff '1 - E' 1,--,YY Vx E L E" f Sf -.-AJ OUR VOTE OF THANKS TO THE HRM S HEREIN ADVER TISED WE WISH EVERY SUCCESS. W. D. GIESELER. BUSINESS MANAGER. ' Perkins, Photographic Studio Special R ZI4 North Charles Street Photographs in Platinum, Carbon, Sepia Artists Proofs, etc. ates to Students - PHONES S. Salaloes oz Co. 67 5 West Baltimore Street Pawn Brokers A. H. Petting Manufacturer of T cb Greek Letter Fraternity fewetry 1 2 I 3 North Liberty Street Baltimore, Maryland qIlVlc-rnoranl y lc L, t t f t lg l rl th th secretary of th h pt 1HSpf-cial l g., l t I' l cl l r 5, l ls for athletic' t t Baltimore Steam Packet Company COLD BAY LINEJ The magnificent Steamers, "ALABAMA," "FLORIDA" and "VIRGINIA" leave "Bay Line" Piers, Nos. I0, I I, I2 and I3 Light Street, claily fexcept Sundaysl at 6.30 p. m., cliredt for Otct Point Comfort, Norfolk and Portsmouth Railroad Connedtions to All Points South General Offices: 500 Light Street JOHN R. sHERWooD JAMES E. BYRD 'President and General Jlfanager. General ?3as5enger ,Hgenl PHIL. SINGLETON Sz BRO. Dealers in Grain, Mill Feed, Hay and Straw MILLERS Both Phones 1203 Ridgely Street comerwesi Baltimore, Md TRAVELING REQUISITES LEA THER GOODS ' I Q .. V , H X . f' THE TRUNKMAIV' TRUNKS, 52.00 T0 s50.00 SUIT CASES. s1.00 T0 s50.00 BAGS. 31.00 TO 350.00 LEXINGTON AND EUTAW STREETS IVI. CURLAN DER Law Boolgseller and Pulnlislzer KN1eK13RB0e14ER BUILDING Corner North and Lexington Streets BALTIMORE Sole Agent for aII Text Books used at the Law School of the University of Maryland. Second-Hand Text Books Taken in Exchange. Publishers of the Annoiated Maryland Reporis, Branlly's Maryland Digesl, Miller's Maryland Equily Procedure, Carep's Forms, France on Corporations, Hoclilieimer's Criminal Law, Tliomas on Prayers, Thomas, fuslice Praclice ana' Baugli and Sclzmeisser on Eslale Accounling. In Preparation: New Annotated Edition of Venalwleys Syllabus of Real Properly by Hon. ISAAC LOBE STRAUS, Attorney General of IVIaryIancI. A large stock of aII leading and Iate Text Books always on hand. 'lflleen of Sea Routes" Merchanis 65' Miners Transporiafion Co STEAIVISI-IIP LINES BETWEEN Baltimore and Boston Baltimore and Providence Via Newport News and Norfolk Baltimore, Savannah and Jacksonville Philadelphia, Savannah and Jacksonville Philadelphia and Boston Best way to reach aII points North, South or West. Passenger accommodation unsurpassed. Cuisine the best. Tickets on sale and baggage checked through to all points. Ticket Ofice: S. E. Cor. Light and German Sireeis W. P. TURNER, Passenger Traffic Manager GENERAL OFFICES : BALTIMORE, MARYLAND DRINK AND ENIOY KENN ' Teas and Co C68 C. D. KENNY COMPANY r "Man Wants But Little Here Below" But he wants that little badly. When he craves a glass of Wiessner Beer there is nothing else will satisfy him. If there is none in the house, he will go out in search of it. How much easier it would be for him to call up the brewery and say, send me a case of Wiessner Superlative Beer Then there would be no cause for him to desert his easy chair. Wiessner Beer is cleaner, purer than the water you drink. There is health and strength in every glass. A CASE OF TWENTY-FOUR BOTTLES DELIVERED IN THE CITY FOR ONE DOLLAR The j. F. Wiessner di Sons Brewing Company 1700 North Gay Street Baltimore, Maryland lso1'11 PIIUNES Medical Science is making tremendous strides in its ability to safeguard and prolong human life, but equally great advancement is being made in the same direction by Mechanical Science HEALTH DISEASE obtained by using contracted by using PURE PLATE ICE H NATURAL ICE means g means Filtered Water us. Drainage Water Sanitary Harvest Daily us. Unsanitary Harvest and Storage Cleanly Ice Boxes vs. Slime and Polution We cater to the discriminating, therefore, our ice is used by the modern, intelligent, health-loving people Phone us your order at South 600 or 601 KNICKERBOCKER ICE COMPANY STATION 1, YORK AND VVILLIAM STREETS STATION 2, HUGHES AND COVINGTON STREETS STATION 3, WILLS AND PHILPOT STREETS You Know It- BROIVIO-SELTZER Doctors Young ones use it after an exhaustive period of study. Old ones endorse it as an efficient, harmless remedy. Dentists Recommend it as a relief for headache, nervousness and the severe strain in the dental chair. LCILUy2fS Take it after a hard fought legal battle in the courts. It quiets the nerves and soothes the brain. and Ofhefs Take BROMO-SELTZER, because they know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it cures Headache, Brain- fag and the " Blues ". ' Accept no SubS,,,u,e 10 Cents Everywhere FINENIAN 8: SAIVIET THE POPULAR TAILORS OF BALTIMORE 218 NORTH EUTAW STREET 10 PER CENT, DISCOUNT AS SPECIAL INDUCEMENT TO COLLEGE MEN A far 0 Resinol should be kept in every household. It is a handy, quick and sure remedy for all itching and irritating skin troubles. There is nothing like it for Eczema, Ringworm, Burns and Scalds or any minor wound. Resinol Soap is far and away the best for the hath and toilet. It keeps the skin healthy, the hair Iuxuriant and the complexion right. Resinol Medicated Shaving Stick will delight you with its good qualities. Resinol soothes and heals whether in soap or ointment. These articles can be had at all Druggists. RESINOL CHEMICAL CO. Baflimore, Maryland 50 Years in Business SHARP 8: DOI-IME LTHOUGH not quite so old as the University of Maryland, yet can lay claim to being the oldest of the manufacturing pharmaceutical houses of this country, and will this year celebrate their semi- centennial or Fiftieth year of continuous and continuously growing business. Beginning in l860 with the manufacture of a few fluid extracts, syrups, elixirs and tinctures, they have grown steadily and have continued to confine their business to catering to the wishes and interests of the practitioner of medicine. They have always maintained in all their products and dealings the cardinal principle that nothing but the best, the purest and the highest grade will answer. As pioneers in the assaying and standardizing of potent drugs they have so improved that line of medicinal preparations that the physician is assured to-day of a uniform series of therapeutic effects from the leading twenty potent vegetable drugs. Their line includes practically everything the physician needs in his prescriptions and practice, and we cordially invite your specification of S. cf: D. in writing your prescriptions or orders for drugs. They desire to call especial attention to their SOLUBLE H YPODERMIC TABLE TS which they introduced to the medical profession and for which they have always been considered the standard manufacturers. Their Hypodermic Tablets have always been and are to-day the most soluble and reliable made and are always absolutely reliable, thoroughly dependable and instantaneously soluble in water. Their concentrated liquid preparation of Ergot "ERC.OTOLE" also has proven after twenty-five years of continuously growing use by the medical profession of this country and abroad to be the most uniformly efficient Ergot preparation on the market, and especially in the light of the most recent researches upon Ergot has been found to contain all the active principles now recognized as producing the valuable therapeutic effects of that wonderful drug, viz., ergotoxine and para-oxy-phenyl-ethylamine, the water soluble principle recently discovered to be present in the drug, and closely related to the well-known suprarenin, the active principle of the suprarenal gland. SHARP 65' DOHME Laboratories : Baltimore Branches: New York Philadelphia Chicago St. Louis Atlanta and New Orleans Our Cattle Slaughtered under United States Government lnspection. KA FMA BEEF Co 'lfplilsfali ' 9 flncorporatedj z l Wholesale and Retail Slaughterers and Dealers in l ""2"" l I '- i l g --ll BALTIMORE DRESSED BEEF B O T H P H O N E 5 S T A L L S : 607-609 Lexington Market. - l 8-20 Hollins Market. MOR C KWH BALTIMORE BRIDGE HARRY D BUSH STEEL BRIDGES AND BUILDINGS HEAVY TIMBER AND CONCRETE WORK I I L I GENERAL OFFICE AND WORKS: BUSH STREET AND B. 8: O. R. R. BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Glyco-Thymoline is indicated for Z Y 1 . . il ,Q ' LatarrhalCond1t1ons If I Nasal, Throat, Stomach, 1 1 Intestinal Rectal, and fl M, K' Utero - vaginal Y 'T' -- - 'l'otl1c Class of 'll Samples and Literature on request ' V I 'A .X N l A Kress Sz Owen Company Q - 210 Fulton Street :: New York City Al T mvntvrn aiinnal Zgzmk O F B A L T I M O R E Capital - - - - Surplus and Pronts - Charles E. Rieman, President Wm. Marriott, Cashier 5500,000 550.000 W. B. Brooks, Vice-President J. L. Swope, Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS JOHN BLACK E. AUSTIN JENKINS ROBERT CARRETT JAMES PRESTON THOMAS TODD FRANKI IN P CATOR W. BURNS TRUNDLE H. B. GILPIN ALBERT IAAHNESTOCK W. B. BROOKS CHARLES E. RIEMAN E BARTLETT HAYWARD Your Bank Account Solicited The Cizas. Vwllms Surgical Instrument Co. Complete Line of I-Iospital and Surgical Invalid Supplies LLEY,2?iT Q ' 1 . "Y Instruments Orthopedic nd fff nf f :L 1 Satcllels and 1' s v 'fir S Jqpp Iances W . Jffedicine Cases CU ii russes Jyficroscopic Crutclres rr F A Supplies Jqbdominal W A 51 Surgical Supporters it 'Rubber Goods 300 North Howard Street -:- Baltimore, Jiifaryland Fo1iiBetter Clotlimes sr-:o.c.ole:-u.,PncF: es. R Tee. puou ST.PAUL 5400 QUA EDIEH L 'Eamon Sump 605 W.BALTlMORE ST BALTIMORE, MD.. BaIiimore's High-Grade Big g e sf Merchandise B e s f A Q af Popular Store Prices EVERYTHING FOR HOWARDMOLUINGTON Sis. BALTIMORE. MD. HOME. OR PERSONAL USE Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costume Makers of Caps, Gowns and Hcocls to th Chesapeake Glass Co. Manufacturers of Homeopathic Vials, Syringes, Test Tubes, Droppers and other goods made from Glass Tubing C American Colleges and Universities from the Atlantic to the Pacific. .lobbers of ciaffea Hoods for an degrees. Class .-an. BOUIQS, COYKS and Glass tracts a specially. Reliable serviceg reason- Ware of all kinds f0Y able prices- laboratory use vllerms, for sale cr rental, luulletin, samples, , , etc., on request, Cotrell Sc Leonard Affmny, Nctu York 1,1 A 424-426 W. Conway Street Etbl hd 1859 Wm. Miller 1 28 East Baltimore Street Bmurlrr Blome's Chocolates CID Made by ill Headquarters for all Col- The George Blome Q Son C0 W legecooclsincolclancl Silver . 'll We manufacture the U.of l Nl. Seal in Buttons, Pins, Hat Baltimore l Pins, Brooches, Watch Fohs , . ill Prices, 50 cents to SIOUU Sola' only by Wm. J. Miller 28 East Baltimore Street Gilt Edge Confectionery JCI-IN C. SCI-IERER, JR., CCH. 1-"1 9-l l North Gay Street Office Desks, Tables and Chairs Shaw -Walker Filing Devices Sectional Bookcases Designers and Manufacturers of Oflfice Partitions ancl Special ' Wood Work We make a specialty of Commercial Furniture in all branches Dr. Gorclshelfs A ll-Healing Salve A purely vegetable compound, thoroughly aseptic For more than fifty years this "Sa1ue ' ' has been recommended and prescribed by physicians as an efficacious preparation in the treat- ment of Boils, Carbuncles, Bone Felons, Gathered Breasts, Burns and Various Sores, Eruptions and Skin Diseases. The Gordshell Chemical Co. Ballimore, Maryland F. Arnold Sz Sons Manufacturers and Importers of Surgical :: Orthopedic and Electrical Instruments Trusses, etc. C0 I Lady Attendant Cordial invitation extended to students to call on us 310 North Eutaw Street Phillips' Milk of Magnesia "The Perfect A ntacid" For Local or Systemic Use. CARIES SENSITIVENESS STOMATITIS EROSION GINGIVITIS PYORRHOEA are successfully treated with it. As a mouth wash it neutralizes oral acidity. Phillips' Phospho-Muriate of Quinine. Tonic, Reconstructive and Tissue Builder. A valuable adjunct to dental treatment before and after operation. THE CHAS. H. PHILLIPS CHEMICAL CO. NEW YORK AND LONDON. CAPITAL , .,.,.,,. 3600.000 SURPLUS AND UNDIVIDED PROFITS. 475,000 Brnurrz sinh illllvrlianirz Nutinnal Emil: OF BALTIMORE A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED ACCOUNTS SOLICITED SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM S3 PER YEAR UPWARD PAUL A SEEGER P ROET D HOPKINS V P CHAS S MILLER C EDWIN P HAVDEN A C Donohue or Co. H We Ma e Good Clofliesv Our contract starts when you place order: it ends when we please you. I.I I Established 1868 Burrough Bros. lVIan'f'g Co. Manufacturing Chemists BALTIMORE FORTY YEARS Malcers of Standard High Grade Pharmaceuticals One Grade Only---The Best RUBY CASTOR OIL fBurroughj Absolutely Tasteless LIQUOR-HEPATICA fBurroughQ Hepatic Stimulant, Tonic and Antacid RESOR-BISNOL The Best Intestinal Antiseptic and Antifermen tative Eight EastNLegli1ngton Street Burmugh Bros- Manfffg Co, ear ares BALTIMORE Everybody eats WA GNER 'S Pork and Beans MARTIN WAGNER COMPANY BALTIMORE Tl-I E BALTIMORE MEDICAL COLLEGE Preliminary Fall Course Regular Winter Course begins Setember I begins September Z0 Liberal teaching facilitiesg modern college buildingsg comfortable lec- ture halls and amphitheatresg large and completely equipped labora- toriesg capacious hospitals and dis- pensaryg lying-in department for teaching clinical obstetrics: large clinics. Send for catalog, and address DAVID STREETT, M. D., Dean Baltimore Medical College Northeast Corner Madison Street and Linden Avenue z: :: 1: zz Baltimore, Maryland Deal with REITZE. for Best Clothes Suits .......... 513.50 up Pants ........,. 5.00 up Full Dress Suits CSilk of Satan Linedl . 30.00 up J' H' REITZE' gl SCN 643 West Baltimore Street Tailors offlgaliiy Near Arch .... Q' w1TH THE BEST wlsl-:Bs OF V ll H TZLER BFQTHEI6 Q fx X H BALTIMORE "'-" T" """""""" """' """""" R """""" """' Berry-Kimmerle Co. J- FRED,K KRIEL Fruits and Produce LAMB AND MUTTON BEST GRADES IZ7 W. Pratt St. 1: Baltimore, Md. 70 Lexington Market C- 62 P- Pau' 3515'M Telephone, St. Paul 6804 Daily Attendance Baltlmorey O Ariel Club Coffee WARNER at co. HA TTER5 C. H. Kroneberger 6: Co. UMBRELLAS CANES BAGS AND sun CASES I South Street AGENTS FOR HENRY HEATH Br co AND WALTER BARNARDS 324 w. BALTIMORE STREET Ariel Tea C. POEHLMAN l DEALERlNl BUTTER AND EGGS Stalls 69-71 Northeast Market Stalls 603-605 Belair Market -i-- sToREs ll 2121 Jefferson Street 124 North Paca Street C. Sz P. Plrcne, Wolfe 838-R Md. Phone, 2641-W Md. Phc ne, R-461 Elnqarrial Eunrlg iKnnm Best 25 Cent Dinner in the City 526 West Baltimore Street C. 81 P. Phone, St. Paul 5478 Baltimore, Md. Tables Reserved for Ladies Open Day and Night New York Loan QECC JACOB LEVI 668 West Baltimore Street Baltimore, Md. OO O 1,11 LOANS to any amount on watches, diamonds, jewelry and merchandise of all kinds. The same bought and sold JULIUS STEIN THE UNIVERSITY TAILOR SUITS RANGING 515.00 UP. LIBERAL DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS, UP-TO-DATE STYLES. FIT GUARAN- TEED. FULL DRESS AND TUXEDO SUITS 525.00 UP. NO SWEAT SHOP WORK. 631 W. BALTIMORE STREET BALTIMORE. MD. BALTIMORE'S BEST STORE .156rh4cmZd.zfQ64zcf69 HOWARD AND LEXINGTON I. STERN 6: CO. 32 East I4th Street :: I I2 West I I6th Street New York, N. Y. Refiners and Manufacturers Gold Plates, Solders, Shells, etc. For Sale By HART Br FRIEND 330 North Charles Street zz Baltimore, Md. An Improvement in Talcum Powder TALCOLETTE fTalcum Violefj Two of the component parts of Talcolette are Mag- nesia and Boracic Acid, delicately perfumed, which, in themselves, should recommend its use to the bather and shaver as well as to the most careful of mothers for their infants. The Henry B. Gilpin Co., Prop. Ballimore, Maryland Chas. Neuhaus 8: Co. Manufacturers of Surgical, Dental and Orthopedical Instruments, Elastic Stockings, Supporters, Trusses, etc. C. 6: P. Phone 5 I0 N. E.utaw St. Baltimore, Md. THE COMMONWEALTH BANK HOWARD AND MADISON STREETS STATE DEPOSITORY SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES SAVINGS DEPARTMENT INTEREST. THREE AND oNE-HALF LARGE OR SMALL suMS PER CENT RECEIVED NOTARY PUBLIC JAMES R. WHEELER, PRESIDENT GEORGE YAKEL VICE PRESIDENT JOHN R HOOPER C S IER DIRECTORS JAMES R. WHEELER 1795 - - 1910 Elie Natinual Bank nf Z3alttmnrr BALTIMORE AND ST. PAUL STREETS cAPI1-AL. 51.210,-zoo Pnori-rs, s4so,ooo DIRECTORS JAMES L. MCLANE wILToN SNOWDEN c MORTON STEWART, JR. JosHuA LEvERINo DECATUR H. MILLER, JR. JOHN K, SHAW THOMAS H. BOWLES JESSE F ELY Jos. G. VALIANT DR T. A. ASHBY GEORGE YAKEL ROBERT BIGGS ANDREW C. SNYDER DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY JORDAN STABLER MURRAY VANDIVER JOHN R. HOOPER IN A STRONG AND CONSERVATIVE BANK We divide prohts with customers CK K , Collar f ff 95 f H 9. A . ug . 191, .-V, ' ' E t Columbia Tea and Coffee Co .A C10 hes 889 North Howard Street WIUVISIY o::m"'o" XXX Opposite Richmond Market f 1-'I ty ..,, ,,A I U The Qyality Shop I I6 East Baltimore Street C. 6: P. Telephone, Mt. Vernon 2357 We give coupons redeemable in cash One-Minute Drink Clinical Thermometers y With Aluminum Case, Chain ' and Guard Pin E 50C y SONNENBURG'S PHARMACY DNV Northwest Corner Baltimore and Greene Streets SONNENBURG-HABLISTON DRUG CO. Northeast Corner Baltimore and Gay Streets Sold Everywhere Many reasons why you should'drink "Brehm's Bottled Beer" It quenches the thirst lt promotes the appetite It nourishes the system lt's absolutely pure lt's the best combined drink, tonic and beverage Ask any Doctor 24 Bottles 251.00 and valuable coupon free C. 8: P. St. Paul 5409 Y Wm. H. Kirkwood 81 Son SEA FOODS All orders and communications promptly attended to Daily at 29-4 Hanover Market Baltimore SISCO BROS. FLAGS. BANNERS, BADGES. COLLEGE PENNANTS. CLASS PENNANTS AND FRATERNITY PENNANTS 13 W. LEXINGTON STREET Eilalalislwed l8I0 Telephone Connecftio Andrew C. Snyder Pork Packer Manufaelurer of the Celebrated Snyclefs Sausage and Refiner of Pure Lard lVIcIVIecImer1 ancl Brunt Sts., Baltimore, lVIcI Chas. J. Grifiith, THE co John A. Ostendorf M A A G , Anthony 1. Will Ceor e H. Li z. , , sig-1-real. Metal Work of Every Descrzptzon 107 Sharp Street, Baltimore, Md. HENRY KORNMANN CO. MANUFACTURING DRUGGISTS 207 WEST CAMDEN ST. :: BALTIMORE. MD. C E P PHONE MRS. CHARLES HELD FLORIST CHOICE CUT FLOWERS ARTISTIC DESIGNS, Erc 32 S. EUTAW ST. :: BALTIMORE, MD. Ellvrhrnrla Uhr Brat Grnnp Ighntngraplyrr EE lm. Elrxingtnn St. Ealtixnurr, illllh. ROBERT A. KRIEGER TAILOR 602 W. BALTIMORE STREET BALTIMORE C.8 P TELEPHONE MT VERNON 2160 C. NI. KEPNER DENTAL SUPPLIES 404 NORTH EUTAW STREET BALTIMORE, MARYLAND REPRESENTED BY dwg.,- 1 x 'i 1 11 11 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 K 1 1 1 1 1912 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 11 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 if 1 , 1 1 if 1 11' 11' .1 1 IL- 1, 1' R :.1 1. ,4 1 Y 1 . 1 I, " W -I -1 11. 1V1 m 1 I 3. 111111 11111 1 1131 1 1 1111 me 111 1 a 1 N ,1 1. 1151, 1. 'N - 15 4 3 ,- 11 1 1 -1 1'1 'V 11 1 ,1 A ,1. 1 11 A 13 111111111111 ll I1 1111-1, M , 151. A V1 "-11v!:,:1 1 wg -NLR! Q' uI"'I1m1 111Ii1 113111111111 if 1 1 1 I !A1H1 'Ky' 4 Elf' 1 ,Sy . cs,.R,1f 1 ,f-+C?'i'W" , .'.'1 RRTREE 'Q f, mI I11""11lI11PS--1 -if DR. H. SCOTT GARDNER L 11" " I YECQWFWNWW MQ 1111151111111 1 Luther B. Benton Dental Depot Wilkerson Chairs S. S. White Goods Columbia Chairs 302 West Saratoga Street Speciai attention given to students selecting their outhts ELLERBROCK CLASSY CLASS PHOTOGRAPHS 22 WEST LEXINGTON STREET BALTIMORE. MD. New from Cuvertn Cover r . ' I? 5 WEBSTER'S NEW INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY J UST ISSU ED, Ed. in Chief, Dr. W. T. Hanis, former U. S. Com. of Educa- tion. A7 General Infomation Practically Doubled. .G Divided Pageg Important Words Above, Less Important Below. U Contains More Infomation of Interest to More People Than Any Other Dictionary. 2700 PAGES. 6000 1LLUsrRAr10r:s. 400,000 WORDS AND PHRASES. GET THE BEST in SCHOLARSHIP CONVENIENCE, AUTHORITY, UTILITY I Y X ? ""f'1!fzg:f,,f Ef f m- I, If A '-f: A -.- .fy I It' I II IIIT F3 z f Wr1te for Specimen 'Pages to G 81C MERRIAIVI C0 Publishers Springfield Mass You will do us a. favor to mention this pub cat on L " E ' 6 I 3 -f-fa . - in E 2 I '1 ,f m 95 Er-if i" I I d :tgp J u 2 Som u 3 F I x .Auzg X. :gg 5 I s 1 T, . D7-ml' -t 32-'hr .. E . . , xx N ,Eg as -355, . - 5 1 M ,I . y zu Qui Q, -wr z .I ' -,Y -I C -' . mf: L, 1, ,M ' ,, If ., Q E Z: ' ' i' e .V I P' . Llgg..g'-.EE.QL ' :L . 9 o n ny - 5 . .Y Q 0 ' ' ' .i i . I l I STANDARD SALT THE ONLY PURE SALT ON THE MARKET T . I ' . . Q I I I W 5 wlLL PRICE I I SALT lT'S PURE I CLoG I I STAQQQQQQALT CENTS lmlnult. nu. "'.i5'1. 'III' . FREERUNNING BECAUSE "lT'S PURE" USED EXCLUSIVELY BY U. OF M. NTED BY C. A. NICE CHARLES R. DEELEY DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF DENTAL SUPPLIES 111IN. LIBERTY ST. :: BALTIMORE, MD GI-10.1. KLINGELI-IOFER 6: CO. Geo. Klmgefhofer 1' 1: :: :: Wm. E. Westerman lmporlers and Wholesale Dealers in Oranges :: Lemons Figs :: Dates 1: Cocoanuts :z Spanish Onions :: etc. C. 61 P. Phone, 2424 St. Paul z: Maryland PI'ione,825 CourtIancI 7 East Pratt Street :: :: Baltimore, IVICI. Harvard Dental Furniture HAS acquired distinction for beauty of design, convenience to the operator, comfort to the patient, simplicity and accuracy of mechanism, accessibility of working parts, quality of material and durability. Harvard Chairs especially excel in the following points: Adaptability to every desirable position, some of which are not found elsewhere. 2d---Artistic effects. 3d---Convenience to operator. 4th---Comfort to patient. 5th---Easy oper- ation, strength and durability. 6th---Range of adjustments from vew low to very high. 7th---Pneumatic head-rest pads. 8th---Secure locking devices. 9th---Adap- tion to large or small patient. 10th---Child's supplemental seat folding under regular seat cushion and out of way when not in use, practical and sanitary. This last feature alone is of great importance, owing to the move- ment for dentistry to children. Each article of Harvard manufacture is alike replete in con- veniences and artistic effects, and the Har- vard Company, the most satisfactory and accommodating pur- veyors to the begin- ner in the profession. Harvard Manufactures Chairs, Cabinets, Tables, Brackets, Engines, Fountain Cuspidors, Laboratory Benches, Lathe Heads, Lathe Wheels, Electric Dental Engines, Electric Lathes, Switchboards, Air Compressors, Furnaces, Hot Air Syringes, Spray Bottle Warm- ers, Gold Annealers, Water Heaters, Sterilizers, Root Driers, Mouth Lamps, Gar- hart Alloys and Cements. Easy Monthly Payments or Liberal Discount For Cash Hfrite For Harvard Art Catalogue THE HARVARD COMPANY CANTON, OHIO, U. S. A. CHICAGO PHILADELPHIA NEW YORK BOSTON 6th Floor, Masonic Temple 1232 Race Street 214 East 23d Street 136 Boylston St 't LONDON MELBOURNE SYDNEY as rr r r ra 3 3 RACTICE B ILDERS 2 111 There never was a time in the history of dentistry when 2 sg a man starting in to practice had such a good chance to 3 succeed as he has at the present time. . ill Dentists all over the country are seeking to educate the people generally, to the necessary care of the teeth, and this , 1 W incidentally broadens the scope of the profession if M, and increases the practices of other dentists, but as 3 .X every dentist has to "make good" in order to 3 Alb . Q i s H . satisfy his patients, and before accomplishing this r' X-,X the initial step must be the Hfirst appearance. M N .-gig. QU You form an impression of every p ',,-- V. person you meet, in business or other- ,fg 3 Wise, so don't think the rule is sus- X 'l fi fl g 47' pended in your favor ,al 3 M up i when patients come to - e you, for if you don't A 42 ,U pass their approval, it's Q - , p n J 2 fp you for a good, long discourag- I wgfglfi 2 ing grind, therefore, don't make , ' ' 'i if "'i' the first mistake by getting any- 1 thing for your equipment but the best goods. ill A man who is satisfied with inferior goods shows x ' it in his equipment, and it injures him in the ifiist 3 estimation of others. J Q 3 QI Columbia Chairs and Engines are built to i"., H present the finest appearance and add to the attract- rv iveness of an office, and also to stand the wear and tear of ,X tie years' usage, while the convenience and adaptability vi for the operator and patient are features which we not only is 3 claim are developed to a higher degree in these chairs and E 3 engines, but we prove them to you. 5' ll You can buy a complete outfit of our goods, and include any other high-class furniture or appliances, on the most liberal instal- Inent terms, so don't be satisfied with anything but the best goods. . il If you must econoinize, don't do it at the expense of your N 3 Chan' or Engine. SEND FOR C.-IT.-ILOG AND TERMS. 3 47 TI-IE RITTER DENTAL MFG. CO 1tOClIES'l'ER, N. Y. 2 C54-9348 T34-B"8+EC 53"-86-45 2121-D66 T-'24-8' Low Price and High Value 1 1,, 1l!TLi,: ,1:q,1 w-,,y, i ,1,yw i.. 1p,: ,i:v7"'W si, 1 ,7 if xwlvlx 1 ,,., W 1 K ' ' ii., ..4L -M ai l 'g M llllllllllllll W sw i ir i THES' ' HITE it ""' W 'W" if l 10 Z ll i X ii it . W- LI Miflglr b N., -1.5.1, ,Q f TRUE- is ... i -,- Q , a sa A pw DENTALLQY i if 1 - :f i vt: A lu l J Q s' gh , fi - 'Q' A .Q W I i 1 ' V ' 1? , gi. ll G co- f t Y Qi y11 'Q i ii 554 W ll MADE IN u.sA "1 il p l ?ii 0ENilX l vie mvwriirwx X'," 1 'X" '1 ' H r em'-A55 i ' it W W K 'bw if 'lg OW price is not necessarily synonymous with cheapness. But it always is when the low price represents honest manufacturing cost with a "reasonable but not unreasonable profit" added. That is the sort of manufacturing plan which puts full value into every product. TRUE DENTALLOY is an example of a low-priced alloy which is really cheap to use. It represents honest manufacturing cost plus an honest profit. lts history shows conclusively that a Blacks method alloy---at least equal in every useful respect to any other---can be sold at a reasonable price. It has sold for a dollar and a half an ounce for nine yearsg its sales have grown to an enormous figure, quite likely the greatest ever known in dental alloys. Which proves that thousands of Dentists use it with satisfaction, and that the number of users increases as the years How. lt is properly balancedg has no contraction, only a "mite" of expansiong amalgamates readilyg sets in fifteen minutesg makes a filling with ample strength to resist the force of mastication of the most powerful jaws. Theres full value in every ounce. Put up in screw-cap bottles, containing one ounce, and inclosed in a box. Price ----- - - - - per oz. SSL50 " in 5-oz. lots - " l.-10 " IO " " ' L35 " 20 " " I.Z5 The S. S. White Dental Mfg. Co. Philadelphia New York Boslon Chicago Brooigiyn Aiianla Rochesler New Orleans Cincinnati Berlin Toronlo UNIVER ITY OF M RYLAN BERNARD CARTER, LL.D., Pr ovos t FACULTY OF PHYSIC SAMUEL C. CHEXV, M.D., LL.D., Emeritus Professor of Medicine. ' R. IDORSEY COALE, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology. RANDOLPH VVINSLOW,A.M,,M.D.,LL.D. Professor of Surgery. L. E. NEALE, M.D., LL.D., Professor of Obstetrics. CHARLES IV. MITCHELL, A.M., M.D., Professor of Medicine and Diseasesof Children. THOMAS. A. ASHBY, M.D., Professor of Diseases of VVo1nen. J. HOLMES SMITH, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and Surgery. JOHN C. HEMMETER, M.D., Ph.D., LL.D. Professor of Physiology and Clinical Medicine. ARTHUR M. SHIPLEY, M.D., Professor of Therapeutics and Surgical Pathology. JOSEPH L. IIIRCH, HA., M.D., Professor of Pathology and Bacteriolo-fy and THOMAS C. GILCHRIST, M.R.C.S., M.D., Clinical Professor of Dermatology. JOSEPH T. SMITH, M.D., Associate Professor of Medical Jurisprudence and Hygiene and Clinical Medicine. FRANK MARTIN, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery. ST. CLAIR SPRUILL. M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery. R. TUNSTALL TAYLOR, M.D., Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery. JOHN R. VVINSLOVV, B.A., M.D.. Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Throat and Nose. J. M. CRAIGHILL, M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine. JOSEPH E. GICHNER, M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine. CHARLES Mel-ZLFRESH, M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine. IRYING J. SPEAR, M.D., 1 - . S. Clinical Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry. Visiting I athologist to tlie University Hospital. HIRAM WOOIJS, A.M., M.D., Professor of Eye and Ear Diseases. JOIIN S. FULTON, A.I3., M.D., Professor of State Medicine. IJANIEL BASE, l'l1.lJ,, Professor of Analytical Clieinistry. lCI'l3ENE I". CORIJELL, A.M., M.IJ., I,I'lDi-USNIDI' ul. IIIL' IIISIUIN' of IIIQIIIUIIIL' and Liliraxrian. I. AI.XsoN1ll'NlmI,IiY, M.lJ., Clinical Professor of Ilisczxses of Women. HARRY ADLER, B.A., M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine and Director of the Clinical Laboratory. L. M. ALLEN, M.D., Associate Professor of Obstetrics. JOIIN G. JAY, M.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery. IZORIJON XYILSON. M.D., Associate Professor of Practice of Medicine. J. W. HOLLAND. M.lJ.. Associate Professor and llenionstrulor of Anatomy and Lecturer on Clinical Surgery. THE ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTH ANNUAL SESSION ofthe SCHOOL OF IVIEDICIN ofa I ERSITY OF MARYLA D Will begin on OC-iober 1, 1910 Terminaies func 1, 1911 During the session there is a vacation from December ll, 1910, to january 3, 1911, and there are no lectures on Thanksgiving Ilay and XVashington's Birthday. Clinical Lectures, introductory to the regular session, are given daily throughout September. Fees for ihe Four Years' Graded Course Matriculation tpaid each yearl . . . Full Course of Lectures Hirst yearl . . S 5.00 150.00 Full Course of Lectures tsecond year! 150.00 Full Course of Lectures tthird yearh . 150.00 Full Course of Lectures tfourth yearl 150.00 Graduation Fee ........ 30.00 lf dissections are taken in the junior or Senior years, a fee 4111810.00 is required. Tuition fees are due and payable during October, and if the entire amount is paid at the Dean's office before November 1, the tuition fee for that year will be S1-15.00, Tickets for any of the departments may be taken out separately. The fee for these branches is 3525.00 each. The Laboratory Courses may be taken by matriculates not following the regular courses. The fee for these will be 3520.00 each. Noiice io Siucienis The personal expenses of the students are at least as low in Baltimore as in any large city in the United States, board being obtainable at from 53.00 to 36.00 per week, inclu- sive of fuel and light. Students will save time and expense upon arrival in the city by going direct to the School of Medicine, on the University grounds, northeast corner Lombard and Greene streets, where the Superintendent of Buildings, who may be found at his oflice on the premises, will furnish them with a list of comfortable and convenient boarding houses suitable to their means and wishes. Four years' graded course. Frequent recitations are held throughout the sessions, and final examinations at the end of each year. Excellent laboratory equipment. Clinical advantages unsurpassed. For catalogues and other information, address:- R. DORSEY COALE, Ph.D., Team. niversity of aryland School of Law BERNARD CARTER, Esq., Provost. THE BUARD OF INSTRUCTION JUDGE HENRY D. HARLAN, Constitutional Law and Domestic Relations XVILLIAM T. BRANTLY, Esq., Personal Property ancl Bailments, and Law ul' Contracts. JOSEPH C. FRANCE, Esq., Corporatioiis, Elementary C General -Jlll'lSlJl'Llfl6.'I'1L't', Pleacling' anal Practice. J EDGE HENRY STOCKBRIDGE, Intemiational Law, Public and Private: Conilict writ Laws, Exeeutors and Acllniiiistrators. EDGAR A. POE, Esq., Bills ancl Notes, Sales, Sl1l'Ctf'Slll17 anti Onasi-Contracts. W. CALVIN CIIESNPT, Esq. Criminal Law and Insurance. ommon Law, JUDGE JAMES P. GORTER, Juriclical Equity, Eviclenee and Damages. JUDGE JOHN C. ROSE, Jnrisclietion and Proeeclure of the Federal Courts, Admiralty and Bankruptcy. HERBERT T. TIFFANY, Esq., The Law nf Real Property. ELI FRANK, Excl., Title tu Real Property and Conveyancing ALBERT C. RITCHIE, Esq., Commercial Law and Shipping. WILLIAM L. MARBURY, Esq., The Law uf Torts. THE FORTY-FIRST ANNUAL SESSION WILL BEGIN SEPTEMBER 19, 1910. For catalogu es containing full information, address 1061 CALVERT BUILDING Y Secretary, BAL1'1M0RE, JVIARYLAND IVERSITY OF IVIARYLA DE T L DEPART E T BERNARD CARTER, Provost. FACULTY FERD. J. S. GURGAS, M.D,, D.D.S., 845 N. Eutaw St., Prof. of Principles of Dental St ience, Oral Surgery. and Dental Prosthesis. JAS. H. HARRIS, M.D., D.D.S.. S57 N. Eutaw St., Prof. of Operative Dentistry. R. DORSEY CUALE, Ph.D., 17 Mount Royal Ave., Prof. of Chemistry and Metallurg y. RANDOLPH WINSLDW. BLD., 1900 Mount Royal Terrace, Clinical Professor uf Ural Surgery. j. HOLMES SMITH, M,D.. Z7 XV. Preston St., Professor of Anatomy. JOHN C. HEMMETER. M,D,, l1h.D., LLD., IT34 Linden Ave., Prof. of Physiology. TIMOTHY O. I-Il-IATXVIDLE, M.D., D.D.S., 2003 N. Charles St., Prof. of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. ,IDHN C. l'HLER, NLD., D.D.S., Flin Maryland Ave.. Associate Prof. of Prosthetic Dentistry. ISAAC H. DAVIS. M,D,. D.D.S.. 331 X. Charles St., Prof. of Clinical Dentistry and Urthodontia. jill-IX S. tvl'.lSl',R, Il,D.S,. loII7 Edmondson Ave.. Dcmonstrator of Operative Dental Technics, Prosthetic Dentistry and Dental Technics. L. XVHITING FARINI-IULT, D.D.S., SIN N. Charles St., Demonstrator of Crown and Bridge XVork and Porcelain XN'ork. JUSEPH XV. HOLLAND, M.D., 1530 Linden Ave.. Associate Professor and Demonstrator nf Anatomy. FIFTEEN ASSISTANT DIEMONSTRATURS OF OPERATIYE AND PROSTETHIC DENTISTRY. The Principal Demonstrators are assisted by sixteen Assistant Demonstrators. Special instructions in Continuous Gum, Bridge and Crown XVork. Each year since its organigation has added to the reputation and prosperity of this Dental School. until now its graduates in almost every part ot the world are meeting with the success that ability will ever command. The past ses- sion was the most successful one ever held, and visiting dentists from all parts of the country have expressed themselves as being astonished and gratined at the ability shown by the students when operating upon patients in the inhrmary. Forming one ot the departments ot one ot the oldest Universities in this country, its diploma is everywhere recognized and honored. The instruction in both operating and mechanical dentistry is as thorough as it is possible to make it, and em' braces everything pertaining to dental art. The advantages which the general and oral surgical clinics, to which the dental students are admitted, as indeed to all the lectures the Ifniversity affords, cannot be overestimated. The many thousands ot patients annually treated in the I'nive1'sity Hospital. and other sources. afford an abundance of material for the Dental Innrmary and Laboratory practice, and the oral surgery clinics. The Dental Infirmary and Laboratory building is one of the largest and most complete structures uf the kind in the world, The Infirmary is lighted by sixty-tive large windows, and is furnished with the latest improved operating chairs. The Dental Infirmary and Laboratory are open daily fexcept Sundays! during the entire year for-the reception ot patients, and the practice for dental students has increased to such an extent that all the students during the past ses! sions have abundance of practical work in both operative and prosthetic dentistry, These means for practical instruc- tion have already assumed such large proportions that the supply has been beyond the needs ut the large classes in attendence during the past sessions. The exceedingly large number of patients for the extraction of teeth affords ample facilities for practisal exped- ence to every Student. It has agam become necessary to enlarge the dental building. making the Inhrmary nearly mu feet in length and a Laboratory so feet long by 43 feet wide. The qualifications for admission and graduation are those adopted by the National Assotiation of Dental Faculties and State Board of Dental Examiners. IQVALIFICATIONS FOR GR.-inc.-xTi0N.-The candidate must have attended three full courses of lectures of seven months each, in ditferent years, at the Regular or XVinter sessions in this institution. As equivalent to one ot these. one ciourse in any reputable Dental College will be accepted. Graduates of medicine can enter the junior Class. The matriculant must have a very good English education. A diploma from a reputable literary institution, or other evidence of literary qualifications, will be received instead of a preliminary examination. All students have great advantages in operative and mechanical dentistry in this institution throughout every session. THE REGULAR on VVINTER Siassiox will begin on the tirst day of October of each year, and will terminate Slay A. . THE Svmmizig SESSION for practical instruction will commence in April. and continue until the- regular session begins. Students in attendance on the Summer Session will have the advantage of all the daily Surgical and Medical Clinics of the University. The fees for the Regular Session are S1505 Matriculation fee, SS, for one session only. Diploma fee, forlcandidates for graduation, 550: Dissecting ticket. 510. For Summer Session no charge to those who attend the following XX Intel' Session. Board can be obtained at from 53.50 to 5.01.1 per week, according to quality. The University prize and a number of other prizes will be specitied in the annual catalogue. Students desiring information and the annual catalogue will be careful to give full address and direct their letter to F. J. S. GORGAS, M. D., D.D.S., Dean of the Dental Department ofthe Tlniversity of Maryland. niversity of aryland Department of Pharmacy CMaryland College of Pharmacyl ' 1841 1910 Faculty of Pharmacy XYILLIAM SIMON, Pl1.D., DAVID M. R. CWCLBRETH, A.M.,l'h.G..M.D. Emeritus Pmt'essm', uf Chemistry. P1'nt'essm' nf Materia Memliea, Botany and IJlia1'1naewg1iusy. CIIARLIES CASPARI, jk., Plizuxll., H DANIEL BASE, I'li.D., Pmt'essm' uf 'flieoretieal :mal ' Pml'essm' of Chemistry aml Vegetable Applied Plimmaey. Ilistnlfigy. HENRY I'. IIYNSON, l'l1ar.D., Pmfessm' uf Ilispensing and Commercial Pliarmaey. ' Adjunct Faculty II. A. I'. DVNNING, I'lmr.Il,, CHARLES H. XVARE, I'li.G.. Associate I'i'fwl'essnr ul' Chemistry. Associate Professor uf Botany. IC. FRANK KELLY, I'liar.IJ., 'IOEL I. BARNIETT, l,ll21l'.lJ., - Associate IJwt'esswi' wt' I'li:u'1m1t-y. IlClllUl'l?4tIiZltUl' of Pliarmaey. CIIARLIES C. I'LI'I"l', I'li,G. I. CARLTON VVULF, I'li:1r,D.. Associate l,l'lllxCSSUI'Ul4xvL'Q1'CllllHlC Ilistulugy. Ileiiioiistmtm' ul' Iiispeiisingx 'IAMICS W. XVlCS'I'CH'I"l', l'l1.G., IIENRY IE, WICII, Pl1ar.D.. Aww-izlte l,l'1IllL'YNPl' of Materia Medica. llemmistmtm' ul' Chemistry. The Sixty-Seventh Annual Session will begin September 21, 1910. For catalogue containing full information, address Charles Caspari, Ir., Dean This Book Printed by The Dulany-Vernay Company 339-341 North Charles Street Baltimore, Md. PRINTERS and? PUBLISHERS Wedding Invitations Announcements Stationery A rt Goods Kindergarten Materials School Supplies Sectional Bookcases C. 19 P. Phone, Mt. Vernon 3691 vu- '41, .f ' x EW? ENGRAVINGS BY THE ELECTRIC CITY ENGRAVING CO.. BUFFALO, N. Y. 1257 1 I . I---'.' A. xx ,, 3 N 5A,.jbl11!K-.-N' QW xtu n"- - ,- 5 n. 541,73 . Q , 'C , 10 .'. 6 Q , 5 1" v , 1 1 1 A. 'K 'A x4 fo U0 6 fav s'. .nv U ' sq, Q. v 1-' if ' -C Q 0 'f 7647 ' Q ' 'V '9- wb- " A 'z f ' -'fl A '1A.." 1 , io' O S 1 v 4 'X df- a . 911' 4, .Q . ff . 1 I A I N1 , -Q 'Q 1 O V I . - .'9r , . 0 ' 1111 'v . ,-all M ' Jrv v , , 1 4 ',f2,.. is 'W '1. ',":'5" 4 1' -' f', f -ffri'-Q ' Y-4 'if ",f. J fr" 5? 56: 4 Y I4 wr- 1 4 ir' 4- Q,"- ni? 1 lv, :Kr o V A-W . ,4' 'fn - s o..' J '11 - N . 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Suggestions in the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) collection:

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1907 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1908 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1909 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1911 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1912 Edition, Page 1


University of Maryland School of Pharmacy - Terra Mariae Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1913 Edition, Page 1


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