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TERRA MARIAE MEDICUS 1987 University of Maryland School of Medicine Baltimore, Maryland 2 3 Life Cycles 00 sont les neiges d’antan? Where are the snows of yesteryear? — Frangois Villon, 15th Century March 1987: “UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND AT BALTIMORE,” read the stencilled blue capitals on the cover of the tattered green notebook. I dissect the notebook, pitch the obsolescent notes, and mount the green cover in my scrapbook to mark the start of the pages from medical school. The snapshots and memorabilia prompt a crowd of recollections. August 1983: On the hot sidewalk outside the School of Medicine, I sit atop a gray trunk about the size of a military footlocker, waiting for a ride. Inside the trunk is a disarticulated human skeleton. Classmates — a day ago, strangers — haul their bulky trunks to their cars or, like me, wait on the Baltimore Street sidewalk for transport. Carrying soda cans, passersby thread their way through our impromptu boneyard to the bus stop. October 1983 : 1 abandon the lofty goal of getting a medical education for the realistic one of passing a series of exams. I quit attending class because my grades improve when I study at home. My cats seem pleased to have a human around the house, and it is peaceful to watch the leaves fall. December 1983: Christmas in California. The “idiopathic” disease that is slowly destroying my father’s lungs has forced him to take oxygen by nasal cannula around the house. His physician struggles for a gentle way to tell me that his course will be ineluctably fatal and agonizingly slow. My parents and I dine at their club; my dad slings his portable oxygen cannister over the handles of my mother’s wheelchair and pushes her briskly to the dining room. June 1984: CAPP summer. I do a rotation at Springfield State Hospital, but get away for concerts at the Meyerhoff and weekends at the beach. On the phone, my dad asks me about the side effects of prednisone. December 1984. The class celebrates the end of finals with a bash at a local 4 saloon called The Cultured Pearl. Then, for me, Christmas in California. My folks have resigned from their club. The dial on my dad’s oxygen is turned up high. The skin of his hands is paper-thin and bruises at a touch. But he hosts Christmas dinner — roast goose — for family and friends at a nearby restaurant. He lets a son-in-law push my mom’s wheelchair. May 1985: The preclinical years are over at last, and the class frolics in the IPHB courtyard. Soon that sunny lawn, almost the last greenery of the campus, will be torn up for the Trauma Center. I go to Washington on Memorial Day and find an old friend’s name on the Vietnam War Memorial. June 1985: The evening sky shimmers with loveliness as I reach home after the National Boards (Part I) are over. I put on a record and potter placidly about my study, reshelving textbooks left in piles for weeks, listening to neighbor children playing on the sidewalk. The phone rings. It is my sister Jo. Our dad died this afternoon, at home as he had wished. July 1985: Surgery. We take an 81 year-old woman with infarcted bowel to the OR. On the table, her pressure drops to zero and she turns blue. The team works at CPR. Whenever they stop compressions, the cyanosis returns. They keep trying because the monitors still show cardiac electrical activity. Finally someone remembers the patient has a pacemaker. November 1985: Pediatrics. The metallic cry of Avery, a four month-old boy with biliary atresia and progressive liver failure, dominates the nursery. His skin is the color of tarnished brass. A biracial child, his mother and the pediatrician did not recognize his jaundice until his liver damage was irreversible. Now his only hope is a liver transplant, for which his youth makes him a remote candidate. When we run out of peripheral veins, we work for two hours, the brassy cry filling our ears, to get jugular access. The patient’s father is in prison in Colorado. December 1985: Christmas in California. My mother looks relaxed, at peace. An invalid herself, she has nursed her husband almost singlehandledly through his last illness. ‘‘Fifty-five years, nine 5 months, and nine days.” She counts off her marriage like rosary beads. Her eyes fill with tears. ‘‘Gosh, I miss him,” she says. February 1986: Psychiatry. Job Randall is a 26 year-old graduate student with a bachelor’s degree from Yale. His degree was delayed for two years because he could not finish one last assignment. He has not completed any of his graduate courses. He complains of ‘‘passive suicidal ideation” and demands electroconvulsive therapy. The team argues over a diagnosis but agrees that this unusually resistant young man is unlikely ever to realize his potential. May 1986: Medicine. Austin Drover is a 19 year-old bisexual man who contracted AIDS on the Block. As a new member of his treatment team, I gown and glove to introduce myself and start his IV — he will receive Amphotericin B for his cryptococcal meningitis. He tells me about himself, about his unwillingness to die: he has a girlfriend and wants to marry her. Soon he is sobbing. I put an arm around his shoulder and he buries his wet face in my yellow gown. October 1986: Subinternship, after a month of coast-to-coast travel to residency interviews. I come home late and find a message on my answering machine: the training director at my first-choice institution is offering me a position. March 1987: Austin Drover somehow accepted his death, asked for an end to medical intervention, and died of meningitis. Job Randall has dropped out of graduate school and is working as a waiter. Avery never got his transplant. My mother manages at home, alone, in her wheelchair. The bones in the gray footlockers have taught gross anatomy to three more classes of medical students. Yet scarcely have the leaves of summer fallen from the trees; scarcely have the rains of spring carried off the snows. 6 7 T? i 8 9 10 11 12 13 Hospitals -Aht . UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND MEDICAL SYSTEM w HOSPITAL CANCER CENTER SHOCK TRAUMA CENTER T he hospital is to me as Notre Dame to Quasimodo the hunchback. It is my egg, nest, house, country, my universe. I know its underground tunnels, its crawl spaces. Fire escape and dumbwaiter know me. I straddle the great effluent pipes that move along the ceiling of the morgue and feel the human race flow out between my legs to the sea. I crouch in the refrigerator among lumpy bags of blood ticketed for the next day’s infusions, listening to them gossip about their donors, conjecture over their recipients. Here is a building that I resemble, that looks like me. We are blood relatives. I love it — belfry, parapets, gargoyles and all. No slug who makes his shell from his own saliva, constructing his house from within himself, is more at home than I in my hospital. — Richard Selzer from Letters to a Young Doctor I ’m about to lose my mind. I haven’t been outside these walls for two days and haven’t seen daylight for two weeks. I need some real food, some real sleep, to be with people who have normal conversations. How can anyone live like this? — overheard in hallway of University of Maryland Hospital 15 16 it A 17 18 Tv ' i 1 r jgM ■: f l m il J . { »»• •■ si fe ] V MMi SI 0 | s y -,3®! ■ 4 • 1 E Ar , 1 19 20 li I 22 23 24 25 26 . 27 28 CC|| cheery place, under the IX circumstances . . Dr. E. Christopher Hall-Craggs, a Saxon scarecrow in a lab coat, peered out over his glasses at the ranks of corpses draped in Kelly green plastic and lined up in the dissecting lab, and beamed at us, his new students, who were having a harder time than he at appreciating the decor. Soon we took for granted the black elastic band encircling the scarecrow’s skull, keeping his glasses from dropping into an embalmed abdominal gutter as he teased us to look for the “right spleen.” Soon we were sweating exams, drinking too much coffee and beer, and fleeing to the Market for edible meals. Notetakers strove to keep us sane with cartoons and reminders of the world beyond medical school. Tom Seymour’s “Fizzio” notesets ended with baseball trivia quizzes and Scott Hamilton’s with TV and movie quizzes almost as long as the notes. Certain students began asking irrelevant questions about squid that left professors stammering to find a relevant response. We rolled in the aisles when Dr. Guth gave his lecture on l ‘duck(t)s,” and a few of us even kept coming to class. We cheered Down’s Syndrome patient Matthew Starr and Usher’s Syndrome patient Art Roerhig, who let us see and feel what it is like to have genetic disease. 29 30 A nd then we were MS M’s. We met another Dr. Hall-Craggs, the diminutive “coursemistress” of Pathology, who like the Scarecrow demanded the best of us. (What incurab le optimists professors are!) We met a guy with graying thatch where his hair belonged named Ollie Eylar, who needed a half-dozen clones of himself to answer all our questions in microbiology lab; who, faced with the task of teaching us all of microbiology in one semester, had settled on throat cultures and Gram stains as skills that we were, by God, going to KNOW before we left this rat-hole of a medical school. In those golden days AIDS was a mere cloud-puff on the horizon. Pharmacology made the year a nightmare: a third of us were failing it by December, and it featured a huge cumulative final that we HAD to pass. But one afternoon a week we put on medical whites and picked up our black bags and fanned out to Union Memorial and “SoBo” and Mercy and the VA and pretended we were doctors and took two hours to do a simple H P on some hapless medical castaway. And we dreamed of how nice it would be to be juniors — few of us yet knew the meaning of the word SCUT. Through it all, the Dean, an academic Wizard of Oz, remained largely invisible, issuing only an occasional edict about his obsession, the evil of jeans, which, he said, we were not to wear. As soon tell the Italians to stop eating pasta. — Robin Hatcher 31 32 33 34 How to Read a Noteset P ick up the noteset, and read the title. Say " Shit.” Decide to play a game with yourself: Look at the name of the lecturer at the top of the page, and see if you can picture him or her in your mind. Lose. Say, " I’m sick of studying,” and put the noteset down. Wander around your apartment, trying different seats. Open the refrigerator, look inside, close the refrigerator. Call up Kentucky Fried Chicken, and ask, " How large are your breasts?” Laugh hysterically. Go to the kitchen, and eat a piece of Sara Lee anything. Watch 5:30 " Taxi.” Nap. Watch 6:30 " Taxi.” Feel guilty about not studying. Look on your calendar for the date of your next exam. Say the f-word. Repeat six more times. Organize your notes in chronological order. Reward yourself for being so productive: Go to the Synapse. Buy a pitcher. Realize that Happy Hour prices are only good for three more minutes. Buy seven more pitchers. Accept the challenge to drink three of them through a straw. Win. Then throw up. Get blown off by three cute nurses. Get blown off by three ugly nurses. Get blown off by three male nurses. Decide that your life sucks. Worry about whether you are becoming an alcoholic. Decide that you are, and stop worrying. Buy another pitcher to prove it. Head for the head. Aim for the side of the toilet. Imagine what you could do with just two more inches. Do not flush. Look for your jacket. Throw up. On your jacket. Stumble home. Forget where you live, and let the autopilot kick in. Sleep for three days. Read the noteset on the way to the exam. — Scott Hamilton 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 46 48 49 FACULTY- Office of Student Affairs Left to Right: Claudia Crafton, Joan Bahler, Dr. Robert Harrell, Dottie Smith, Dr. Bernice Sigman, Sonia Beasley, Dr. Gary Plotnick, Brenda Hall. Not Pictured: William Beachy, Hermione Hicks, Dr. Herbert Muncie, Dr. Michael Plaut. Biochemistry Left to Right: Drs. Enrico Bucci, Lindsay Black, Seymour Pomerantz, Donald Gill, Giuseppe Inesi, Terry Rogers, Len Frank, Arthur Zachary. Anatomy Left to Right, Back Row: Drs.Frances Schulter-Ellis, Judy Strum, George Markelonis, Charles Shear, Marshall Rennels, Tae Oh, David Pumplin, Edward Donati, Lloyd Guth. Front Row: Drs. Blair Clark, Larry Anderson, Barbara Bregman. Microbiology Clockwise From Top: Drs. Ollie Eylar, Charles Wisseman, Paul Fiset. Pharmacology Clockwise From Top: Drs. Alan Boyne, Edson Albuquerque, Frederick Kauffman, David Burt. Physiology Left to Right, Back Row: Drs. Ruskin, John Hamlyn, Charles Barraclough, Abram Fajer, Michael Selmanoff, John Lederer, Bradley Alger, Bruce Krueger, Nathaniel McMullen, Gabriel Pinter. Front Row: Drs. Edmund Glaser, Phyllis Wise, Robert Bloch, Mordecai Blaustein, Gil Wier. Far Right: Dr. Sheldon Greisman. 51 Internal Medicine Clockwise, from Top: Drs. Frank Calia, John Kastor, Gary Plotnick, Michael Fisher, Harold Standiford, Robert Peters, Nathan Carliner, Mark Applefeld. Pediatrics Back Row, Left to Right: Drs. Judy Rubin, George Lentz, Margaret Rennels, Deborah Weber, Murray Kappelman, Prasanna Nair, Michael Berman, Fred Heldrich. Front Row: Drs. Rene Wachter, Celeste Woodward, Misbah Kahn. 52 Clockwise, From Top Left: Drs. Joseph McLaughlin, Harlan Stone, Edward Campbell, John Young, Luis Queral. Obstetrics Gynecology Left to Right, Back Row: Drs. David Nagey, Umberto Villsanta, D. Solter. Front Row: Drs. Edmund Middleton, Lindsay Alger, Carlyle Crenshaw. 53 Radiology Clockwise, From Top: Drs. Nancy Whitley, John Diaconis, Joseph Whitley. Psychiatry Left to Right: Drs. Russell Monroe, William Holden. 54 GOLDEN APPLE AWARDS Mary Hall-Craggs, M.D. Professor, Pathology Theodore E. Woodward, M.D. Professor of Medicine, Emeritos 56 T he transition from the basic sciences to the clinical years was essentially a jump from the frying pan into the fire. The only thing I could count on was being asked to perform tasks that were completely over my head. On the first day of my junior OB GYN rotation, I was stat paged from the clinic to the O.R. When I got upstairs, the resident-on-call intercepted me: “Mrs. Waters is about to drop one and you’re gonna deliver it. Ever deliver a baby before?” “No.” “Well, it’s real easy. All you do is put your left hand on the baby’s head and make sure it doesn’t pop out too fast. When it starts to come, grab beneath the chin, then pull down until one shoulder’s out, and then up for the other shoulder and the rest of the body. And whatever you do, don’t drop it! Ready?” “Well . . “Well, what? I’ll be there, don’t worry.” “It’s just that I’d really like to watch one of these first. I mean, I’ve never even seen a birth before.” “. . . Alright then, I’ll do this one. But you be ready to deliver the next.” — Patrick Fitch 57 58 59 60 •• ' W 61 — Young Doctors in Love Kathy York-Smith and Steve Smith Joy Slad and Haji Kathleen Lyon, Hans Prochaska, and Erica Wayne and Joan Reese Steve and Patty Dellon 62 ' Melinda and Roger Roth Robert and Christine Kastner Tom Wilson and Dorothy Snow June Breinerand Tony Serai is Michael and Valerie Damiano 63 Mark and Melissa Cockerill Ralph and Anna Gregg Sharon Sifford and Calvin Wilson Frank Lin and Kathleen Crawford Yvonne Ottaviano and Albert Donnay 64 Mary and Blair Ewing Tom and Kim Seymour 65 Michael and Madge Silverman Bruce and Leslie Greenwald Jeff and Linda Haugh and Justin Rachel Epstein and Tony Fargason 66 Betty Ann and Ken Kyser Mike and Lisa Maresca Patty Goco and Bill Kelly Jon and Lisa Orens Pat and Ruth Fitch Match Day 68 T he Match was very successful for the class of 1987. As in previous years, Medicine programs matched a majority (52%) of the class, with 13% of class members matching in Surgery. Pediatrics was third (9%), followed by Family Practice (7%), Psychiatry (6%), and Anesthesiology (5%). Transitional and Radiology programs each matched four class members, while OB GYN and Pathology matched two classmates each. Overall, 59% of the class matched in their first choice program, 17% matched in their second choice, and 8% matched in their third choice. CLASS PICNIC 70 71 ALUMNI BANQUET 72 r 73 75 76 77 78 Academic Honors and Awards Honors Graduates Summa Cum Laude Lisa Susan Pichney Magna Cum Laude Seth Ira Gasser Bruce David Greenwald James Paul Nataro Jonathan Brett Orens Yvonne Lynn Ottaviano Cum Laude Pamela Jayne Amelung Laurie Cummings Jennifer Suzanne Gass Leslie Joan Gray Anne Clare Mazonson Patabi Raj Seetharaman Paul Angelo Tarantino Thomas Scott Wilson Alpha Omega Alpha Pamela Jayne Amelung William Joseph Birmingham Mark D. Bullock Laurie Cummings Kathleen Anne Devine Daniel Edward Flynn Jennifer Suzanne Gass Seth Ira Gasser Leslie Joan Gray Bruce David Greenwald Melvin Carl Guthermuth, Jr. Robin Rae Leslie G. Michael Maresca Anne Clare Mazonson Raymond Wai-Bong Moy Heidi Multhopp James Paul Nataro Yvonne Lynn Ottaviano Lisa Susan Pichney Patabi Raj Seetharaman George A. Stouffer, III Paul Angelo Tarantino My-Le Truong Thomas Scott Wilson Faculty Gold Medal for Outstanding Qualifications for the Practice of Medicine Yvonne Lynn Ottaviano The Balder Scholarship Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement Lisa Susan Pichney Award for Excellence in Research James Paul Nataro The Dr. Leonard M. Hummel Memorial Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine Lisa Susan Pichney The Louis, Ida and Samuel Cohen Award for Personal A ttributes of Scholarship, Ability, and Compassion for Patients Yvonne Lynn Ottaviano Thomas Scott Wilson The Dr. I. Earl Pass Award for Excellence in Internal Medicine Jonathan Brett Orens The Milton S. Sacks Memorial Award for Excellence in Medicine and Hematology Marguerite Ann Gerhardt The Family Medicine Award for Excellence in Training in the Concept of Family Medicine Kevin Edward Hohl The Dr. Wayne W. Babcock Prize for Excellence in Surgery William Joseph Birmingham The Dr. J. Edmund Bradley Prize for Excellence in Pediatrics James Paul Nataro The Dr. Francis Donaldson Prize in Pathology Anne Clare Mazonson The Dr. Jacob E. Finesinger Prize for Excellence in Psychiatry John Carter Barker The Dr. Eugnene B. Brody Award for Excellence in Psychotherapy Kathleen Anne Lyon The Dr. William Alexander Hammond Award for Excellence in Neurology Robert Gerard Dewberry The Leslie B. Barnett, M.D. Memorial Medical Student Research Fellowship Robert H. Baker The Robley Dunglison Award for Excellence in Preventitive Medicine James Paul Nataro American Medical Student Association Service Award Yvonne Lynn Ottaviano Student National Medical Association Service Award Sharon Monet Sifford Student Council Service Awards Paul Angelo Tarantino Heidi Multhopp Pamela Jayne Amelung Anne Marie Dietrich-Ardura Bruce David Greenwald Theodore E. Woodward in Physical Diagnosis Richard Walter Freeman The Merck Manual Award to Outstanding Students in Medical Studies Robert H. Baker Melvin Carl Gutermuth Robin Rae Leslie The American Medical Women’s Association Scholarship Achievement Awards Kathleen Anne Devine Jennifer Suzanne Gass Leslie Joan Gray Robin Rae Leslie Anne Clare Mazonson Yvonne Lynn Ottaviano Lisa Susan Pichney Ciba Award for Outstanding Community Service — 1985 Hardeep Singh Dhindsa Best Medical Student Research Award, American Society for Clinical Nutrition Sharon Monet Sifford 79 IRA H. ABELS Internal Medicine University of South Florida, Tampa, FL A year off after college convinced Ira to pursue a career in medicine. Originally from Queens, NY, he attended college at SUNY Binghamton, then came to Baltimore and medical school at UMAB. As a well liked member of our class, Ira distinguished himself at the gym and at the Rusty Scupper, where he was often seen with his roommate of several years, Lee. Ira hopes to have enough time to scuba dive and pursue his interest in tropical fish during internship at Tampa. PAMELA J.AMELUNG Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Pam, a native Marylander, graduated from UMBC with a BA in Biology. During the past four years, Pam has enjoyed intramural volleyball, has served as class treasurer for three years, and has participated in follies. Her crowning achievement was being elected to A0A. Pam’s favorite memories include vacations spent in California and Europe and Monday night celebrations after countless exams. However, she’d just as soon forget all the wasted weekends spent studying for those exams. Pam would like to thank her family and friends for their much needed support throughout medical school. j MICHAEL ATKINS Internal Medicine Medical Center of Delaware, Newark, DE Mike, from the little known town of Crisfield on the Eastern Shore, graduated from U of MD with a degree in Zoology. Although Mike claims to be a native Marylander, he does have a southern accent. Despite all efforts to obtain information, Mike only had this to say, " The past doesn’t matter, only the future is important,” or something like that. I guess we can take that to mean he’d really just rather forget the last four years ever happened — with the exception of his recent marriage to Sandy. 80 JENNIFER AWAN Pediatrics University of Illinois, Chicago, IL Jenny was born in Providence, Rl and raised in Oxford, Ohio. She received her undergraduate degree in biology at Kenyon College before travelling east to Maryland for her MD. ROBERT H. BAKER Ophthalmology Mayo Graduate School, Rochester, MN Rob attended the USNA for two years and then completed his degree in biochemistry at Brandeis University. While at UMAB, he did spinal cord injury research during his sophomore summer and was active on the School of Medicine Council during his last two years. Rob wishes to extend his thanks to his parents, grandparents, sister Ellen, fiance6 Julie, and his future in-laws for their love and support. JOHN BARKER Research John, a native of Bethesda, graduated with a degree in history from Wesleyan University. After college this social activist was responsible for starting a magazine of student politics. He also worked in NY to improve low income housing and as a health aide in a VD clinic. In medical school, John was active on the Curriculum and Social Committees, and served as AMSA Treasurer as well as HDME student representative. During senior year, he and roommate Dan Cornell traveled to Germany where he did a NICU elective. John plans to teach for 1-2 years after graduation and consider a future residency in Pediatrics. 81 SUSAN GOLDBERG BARUCH Internal Medicine Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC After growing up in Potomac, Md., Susan came to Baltimore to attend Johns Hopkins University where she received a BS in natural sciences before joining our class! Susan’s proud accomplishments during medical school include her marriage to Doug and giving birth to Michael Scott during Senior year. BARY BERGER Surgery Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC Barry received his undergraduate degree in psychology from College Park before joining our class in 1983. In his spare time, Barry can often be found “fiddling about” under the hood of a car or in the gym pumping iron. The class will fondly remember that great comedy team, Barry and Stuart, in “The Great Carnac”. After internship at Washington Hospital Center, Barry will join the “stream team” at University of Pittsburgh. WILLIAM JOSEPH BIRMINGHAM Surgery Shands Hospital, Gainesville, FL Bill was born in Virginia and grew up in Towson, Md. He stayed in town to earn his undergraduate degree at Johns Hopkins in biology. Before joining our class, Bill worked as a research technician in immunology and obtained his Master’s in physiology from Georgetown University. While at UMAB, he was excited to be elected to AOA. 82 JUNE ELIZABETH BREINER Internal Medicine Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD June, although born in Ohio, grew up in Timonium, Maryland. She graduated from the University of Virginia in biology. Her main interest activity during medical school has been fellow classmate Tony Serafis. Her most memorable moment was in the Hyatt Ballroom on 9 29 84 when Tony “popped” the question!” She has a beautiful rolling engagement ring — a Karmann Ghia. Tony and June will wed soon after graduation. This future gerontologist would love to forget third year medicine at the “U” with Ellis Caplan. “I can’t exactly say it’s always been fun, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world,” says June. MICHAEL BROOK Internal Medicine USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA Mike was born in Pittsburgh and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1982 with a BS in chemistry. For one year following college he did research at Getty Oil in Houston, Texas. Mike’s outside interests are scuba diving, biking, racquetball, and skiing. Between first and second year of medical school Mike traveled in Europe drinking beer from London to Amsterdam to Falzberg to Vitoria, Spain. Mike’s most memorable moment in medical school was the egg fight (names withheld) in his kitchen during Don’s and his second Christmas bash. " Cheers to all of us and more good times in the future.” MARK BULLOCK Orthopedic Surgery University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD When asked what he would most like to forget about the past four years Mark replied, “the past four years.” (Come on Mark, it wasn’t all that bad). 83 KAREN R. BURTON Psychiatry Shands Hospital, Gainesville, FL Karen was born in Atlanta, GA, but moved at a young age and was raised in Florida. Her southern roots are apparent in her relaxed, friendly style. She spent her college years studying psychology, earning her BS at Duke and her Master’s at Vanderbilt. While she braved the frigid north to go to medical school, she is ecstatic about returning to Florida for her psychiatry residency. There she can pursue her favorite activities, biking and listening to country music. Joining her will be her husband Wayne and the newest member of the family, their puppy Bruce. And you better believe the little guy was born to run! HENRY J. CHEN Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Henry, born in Taipei, Taiwan, as Chen Jing Hen, was raised in Maryland and attended Johns Hopkins University where he majored in natural sciences. Henry’s passion, after his fiance6 Anna, is the violin. It is not surprising then that his most memorable experience during medical school was a trip to Taiwan during the summer of 1985, where he was the assistant concert master of the Chinese American Music Society Orchestra. Holding retractors in the OR could not compare with playing before standing audiences on his Taiwan tour. A member of the Asian Professional Student Association, Henry helped plan the Chinese New Year’s Banquet. He looks forward to marriage and residency. PETER WUI SUN CHENG Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital, Baltimore, MD Peter, a native of Hong Kong, attended UMAB Pharmacy School prior to his entrance to medical school. While at UMAB he worked part-time as a pharmacist. After completion of his residency, Peter would like to serve the community as a primary care physician. 84 LAWRENCE A. CHIA Internal Medicine Ohio State University, Columbus, OH Larry, a University of Maryland graduate in biochemistry, was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, although he is most recently from Silver Spring. Some of his interests and activities during school have been watching “The Price is Right” and sleeping. One of Larry’s goals is to strike it rich by traveling up and down the coast with a metal detector. MICHAEL I. CINOMAN Pediatrics University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD A true music enthusiast, Mike has a collection of tapes that would put any DJ to shame. During the past four years, Mike was active in sports and with Mark Cockerill won the class 2 on 2 basketball tournament. He was also a guiding force for the class volleyball team. Mike will finally realize a longtime dream to become a Pediatrician. MARK L. COCKERILL Radiology University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Mark, a Baltimore native, attended Western Maryland College where he earned a degree in chemistry. His most memorable experiences during the past four years include his wedding to Melissa and the week before the wedding in OC with his college fraternity and med school friends. However, his most forgettable experience was the incident at the Green Turtle during his bachelor party (Do tell more, Mark!). Mark’s accomplishments include staying active in sports while maintaining his academic standards. After his Radiology residency. Mark plans to repay his ROTC commitment and then go on to private practice. 85 MINNIE E. COHEN Internal Medicine Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL Minnie grew up in woodsy Stoney Creek, MD. After graduating from UMBC she taught ninth grade science, then returned to the outdoors as an environmental analyst. During medical school while the rest of us complained we didn’t have time to take out the trash, Minnie found time to sail, ski, windsurf, work as assistant harbor master, peddle rickshaws, and teach ethics and philosophy! Minnie’s long term plans are a bit unusual. She wants to run a charter boat business in the Keys, sail the seven seas and retire on the island of Fatu Hiva. In case you think these goals are unrealistic, Minnie reminds us of her favorite quote: “You are limited only by your imagination.” DAN CORNELL Transitional University Health Center — Montefiore, Pittsburgh, PA Born and raised in rural northern Virginia, Dan has been an asset to the class of ’87. He will be remembered for his contributions to follies (Vas Deferens in the Dating Game and Gians Penis in the pursuit of Tularemia), Halloween nerd costume, and his antics on skiing trips with classmates. His hobbies include lasers, guns, hunting, motorcycles, and women. LARRY WILLIAM CRESS Research Director Trans World Chemicals, Inc., Rockville, MD “The chemists are a strange class of mortals, impelled by an almost insane impulse to seek their pleasure among smoke and vapour, soot and flame, poisons and poverty. Yet among all these evils I seem to live so sweetly that I may die if I would change places with the Persian King.” Johann Becker 1669 86 LAURIE CUMMINGS Internal Medicine Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC Born in Washington, DC, Laurie graduated from nursing school in PA. After several years of nursing, she switched gears. A few years later with a degree in biological sciences she came to UMAB for medical school. Laurie knew she didn’t want to be a surgeon after 1 :00 AM rounds on Peds Surgery. Through it all, Laurie found time to be with a very special person, her daughter Jessica. Future plans during and after residency include skiing and working in Europe. ALBERT DABBAH Surgery Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, MD After graduating from UMBC with a degree in Biology, Albert came to UMAB to obtain a master’s in anatomy, which involved interesting research on rat spinal cords. He was a favorite anatomy and histology TA during our first year, and then joined our class in the second year. An enthusiastic participant in follies and social events, Albert has put all the bad moments of medical school behind him and is taking to his surgery residency good memories and strong friendships. THOMAS DALTON Internal Medicine University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL Tom’s most memorable experience in medical school was his marriage to Laurie in the Bahamas during our junior year, with family and friends. During sophomore year spring break his worst experience occurred when he drove to Florida in sub-freezing weather in Jim Kleman’s open-air VW bug. He did survive to continue his most significant accomplishment, an ongoing research project involving steroid receptor biochemistry. For this he received a grant from the Southern Medical Association, an NIH traineeship, a University of Maryland STRTP fellowship, and a published paper. 87 LOUIS A. DAMIANO Internal Medicine Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, V A Lou, a member of the US Navy Reserve, received his BS in biology and attended graduate school in microbiology at the Catholic University of America. He hopes to complete a residency in Anesthesiology at the Naval Hospital in Portsmouth after completing one year of Internal Medicine there. Lou’s major accomplishments in medical school are “my early match with the navy and graduating with the same good-natured, compassionate attitude that I started with.” This spring Lou plans to marry Kelly Stolte, a nurse he met during his junior Medical rotation. MICHAEL J. DAMIANO Otolaryngology University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Raised in Lanham, MD, Mike attended Franklin and Marshall College where he majored in biology. His worst experience of medical school occurred in freshman anatomy when he cut his finger the first day. His most memorable experiences include surviving sophomore finals and boards, and his marriage to Valerie, and honeymoon in Bermuda. Mike enjoyed senior year the best because of increased responsibility, interesting rotations, and extra free time. Mike enjoys basketball, skiing, and racquetball. He looks forward to graduating with his brother Lou. STEVEN CURTIS DELLON Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Steve was born in the Bronx and raised in Potomac, MD. He graduated from UMCP with honors in chemical engineering, but we think his heart may still be back there, as there is a booth at the Vous with his name on it. Steve is the perennial athlete, with interest in golf, tennis, football, and basketball. In fact, it was that sweet outside jumper that earned him the nickname “Steve the Dream”. Steve’s not-too-distant plans include marriage to Patty Long. His long-term goals include a career in Internal Medicine, probably specializing in Gastroenterology. Steve, our bowels are in your hands. 88 KATHLEEN A. DEVINE Emergency Medicine George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Kathy was raised in Prince Georges County, Maryland. After graduating from the University of Maryland at College Park with a degree in zoology, she moved to the big city to begin her medical studies. Kathy distinguished herself early, and was voted into AOA. She looks forward to residency training in our nation’s capital and a future career in Emergency Medicine. ROBERT G. DEWBERRY Neurology Washington University, St. Louis, MO A native Baltimorean, Bob received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Loyola College of Baltimore. He then traveled west to Ohio State University where he earned a doctorate in neuropsychology. Bob says he came back east to become a neurologist, but as fate would have it, he will again head west to St. Louis to do that. His most memorable experience in medical school was his chance to let loose his comedic alter ego under the bright lights in the sophomore follies. Given his interest in research, it is not surprising that he is fond of quoting T. S. Elliot: “We shall not cease from exploration . . HARDEEP S. DHINDSA Internal Medicine Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX Hardeep came to medical school after graduating from UMCP. He received the CIBA GEIGY Community Service Award in December 1984 for organizing a seminar to explore means by which the US Government could help India resolve its socio-political crisis, and to address medical care issues of riot victims there. Hardeep has also been a UMAB delegate to the AMA. Although his most memorable moment was graduation, he was thrilled by checking Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli’s fingers for clubbing! And don’t forget entering “cosmic oneness” in the sixth dimension with Norm Bradford. 89 ANNE MARIE DIETRICH (ARDURA) Psychiatry University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Originally from Bethesda, MD, Anne Marie graduated from Georgetown with a degree in economics. At UMAB she has been class vice president. Her favorite memories include sophomore follies, class parties, taking her last test at the end of junior year, and honeymooning in the Orient. Special interests which helped her through the good and bad times include music, biking and her husband, Gus. Reflecting on medical school she says, “It wasn’t that bad. There was always a good time to be had after a test or at the end of a rotation.” Future plans for Anne Marie include children, travel, and a private psychiatric practice. LISA DIMARZIO Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Lisa was born in Philadelphia and raised in Rockville, MD. A member of the College Park contingent of our class, Lisa came to medical school after graduating from UMCP with a degree in biochemistry. An avid soccer fan, Lisa managed to play on a recreation department team all through schoo l. High points of the past four years include Friday happy hours at “The Scupper” and meeting Kevin, her current “love interest.” RACHEL EPSTEIN Psychiatry University of Illinois, Chicago, IL Rachel’s past activities include a summer spent as an agricultural worker on an Israeli kibbutz and a year studying in York, England, as a college junior. After graduating with a BA in english from Tulane University, Rachel came to Baltimore to attend medical school as a member of the CAPP program. She plans to complete a psychiatry residency in Chicago where her fianc6 Tony is currently training. She would like eventually to work with adolescents. 90 GARY EVANS Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Gary “J.G.” Evans, Mr. Enthusiasm, at the bottom of 1 02 Scott St., has spent the last eight years in Baltimore and plans to spend three more at U of Md in Internal Medicine. He can party with the best of them, but also has that uncanny ability to sit down and get his work done. Gary was religiously seen at the Pratt St. gym, the spades table, and the Scupper (until recently). A sucker for a “mickey” and a “buddie”, he has actually read and highlighted the Washington Manual in his spare time during senior year. Gary is probably best known for his rhythm guitar performances for the Arrhythmics. MARY KAY EWING Anesthesiology University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Mary was born in Louisville, Kentucky before moving north to grow up in Silver Spring, Md. She is a College Park graduate with a BS in Zoology. Before starting the grind at UMAB, Mary wed her husband, Blair. During medical school she enjoyed playing tennis, Dungeons and Dragons, doing Tai Chi, watching Star Trek, and sleeping late. She will surely be remembered as one of the soundest sleepers during lecture. FRANCESCO FERRETTI Internal Medicine University Hospital, Jacksonville, FL Frank, a graduate of UMBC, joined our class after spending two very memorable years in the West Indies studying medicine. Frank became part of American history, in a manner of speaking, as he was one of those rescued during the Grenadian invasion — and he hasn’t been back since. Frank regards transferring to a state-side medical school as a valued accomplishment. 91 ADAM HOWARD FISCHLER Anesthesiology Emory University, Atlanta, GA Adam “the Fish” Fischler, the man at the top of 102 Scott St., was born and raised in Boston, Mass., and then traveled to Emory to study Chem. He’ll be doing his internship in Beantown and then back to “his town”, Hotlanta, for Anesthesia. The definition of the party animal, Adam also found time to retake the Biophysics test, play spades, work out. and hobble. The master of the fish tank, he was also able to maintain his brown-belt status in Kempo karate. Adam is probably best known for his blue harp percussion performances for the Arrhythmics. PATRICK FITCH Ophthalmology Letterman Army Hospital, San Francisco, CA Believe it or not, Pat was born at the University of Md. Hospital and grew up in La Jolla, California. He graduated with a degree in English Lit from the University of California, and worked as an outdoor educationalist and environmental activist. Pat earned a Master’s degree in Health Education at the University of Michigan where he met his wife Ruth. Special activities during medical school include serving as a white water raft guide, doing research on infectious eye disease at Hopkins, and playing with his twin daughters, Jessica and Amanda. MICHAEL PATRICK FLANAGAN Family Practice Duke University, Durham, NC Mike grew up in Waldorf, Maryland before attending UMCP where he majored in microbiology. His first year of med school was especially memorable for meeting Cyndi on his 23rd birthday and rooming with Jeff for a fifth year. Mike and Cyndi later became housemates, fell in love, and got engaged (in that order). An essential member of the class volleyball team, his spectacular saves carried us through some close ones! During the summer of 1984, he did a clerkship in Pittsburgh which he describes as the highlight of medical school. On the lighter side, Mike reveals that he sleeps in a pair of flannel zebra pajama bottoms. How does that go over when you’re on call, Mike? 92 JANET FUTON Pediatrics North Carolina Memorial, Chapel Hill, NC Janet joined us with a smile on her face and leaves the same way. She was raised in Glen Burnie, and attended the University of Delaware, majoring in mathematics. After graduating, she completed research in Polymer Chemistry for WR Grace. Included in Janet’s most memorable moments are the Freshman Follies ‘‘Cadaver Cabaret,” campfires on a Shenandoah peak, Scupper happy hours, ski trips with the foolhardy, long talks with Laine, and quiet times with Vance. She is especially remembered for her ability on the dance floor and for losing the slaloms to Woj (and then paying the bet!). Janet looks forward to spending her residency in North Carolina among friends. DANIEL E. FLYNN Surgery University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD ‘‘The Wild Man” spent his premovie star years (remember that spot on the evening news?) growing up in Silver Spring, Md. After a college career at UVA, Dan arrived at Hollywood East (Balt) for med school. His hobbies include eating strange foods and sleeping in strange beds! He’s proud to list as accomplishments Most Consecutive Fridays at the Rusty Scupper and Sweatiest Dancer. Dan also admits to directing Colonel North’s Iranian mission. But stardom and notoriety haven’t gone to this guy’s head. He wants us to know that he’s “interested in keeping in touch with as many of the fine medical school friends I’ve made as possible.” You got it, Dan. HEIDI L. FRANKEL Surgery Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, MD Born in NJ and raised in Maryland, Heidi graduated from the George Washington University with a BS in zoology before joining our class. All of us remember and are indebted to Heidi for her diligent management of the note service throughout the preclinical years, without which life would have been impossible for most. In addition to studies and the note service, she has been a ballet and movie gourmet. Highlights of the last four years include night snacktime at Mercy Hospital, “busting the T score” at Sophomore Follies, and following Orioles baseball. She will be pursuing a career in Vascular Surgery. 93 ALLAN FRANKLE Anesthesiology Jackson Memorial, Miami, FL Alan was born and raised in Baltimore. He spent his college years studying biochemistry at UMCP before returning to B-town for med school. While we will fondly remember him for his crazy antics and zany laughter, Al’s most enduring memory was having his cadaver recalled during anatomy. Why was that, Al? Not dead yet? RICHARD W. FREEMAN Internal Medicine Francis Scott Key, Baltimore, MD Dick came to UMAB with a very interesting past, which included five years spent working as a Johns Hopkins trained physician’s assistant, an ScD in epidemiology, and two years as the Director of Health Services for the MD State Division of Corrections. He could not have survived without the support of his wife and two lovely children. “It must be borne in mind that the tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. It isn’t a calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is a calamity not to dream. It is not a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach for.” — Robert M. Hutchins JOHN GARNER Research John graduated from UMCP with a degree in general agriculture. The following nine years he could be found on the golf courses of PG County, where he worked as superintendent. As for medical school, John says he was blessed with many friendships, the OB-high, and is thankful that “everything was repeated enough times so I could learn it.” He wants to forget too many miles on the road, too many long hours, and minimesters. 94 JENNIFER GASS Surgery Temple University, Philadelphia, PA Jennifer knew that she wanted to be a surgeon when she aced anatomy. (She could often be found in anatomy lab standing over a cadaver with a Sony Walkman on!) With research on corona virus and an outstanding performance in several subjects, Jennifer was elected to AOA. When asked about medical school she said that some of her best times were spent at the Campus Inn after 8:00 AM exams. Her most memorable experience was presenting the AOA faculty award to Dr. Shin. T SETH I. GASSER Orthopedic Surgery University of South Florida, Tampa, FL Born and raised in Baltimore Seth attended Franklin and Marshall College in the heart of Amish country. His favorite memory of medical school was beating Mike Maresca in racquetball. However, we will remember him for his obvious avid interest in bodybuilding and his unending discipline which culminated in his election to AOA. MARGUERITE GERHARDT Internal Medicine Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN While at UMAB, Marguerite remembers working very hard junior year and trying to choose a field. After deciding on Internal Medicine, the next hurdle was the setting. Somehow she managed to find the time to rekindle an old flame, then deciding where to go was no longer such a problem. 95 PATRICIA ESTELLE GOCO Family Practice University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Patty was born in Baltimore, raised in Laurel, and graduated from UMBC with a BA in biology. Those who have worked with Patty these last few years know that a small dark gray cloud follows her around from time to time. Patty has been able to maintain her sanity thanks to Bill Kelly whom she married last November. We understand that Patty would like to forget junior medicine as well as the first two stress-filled years of school. This future family physician enjoys spending time with her baby Jackson, a chocolate labrador retriever, visiting her new nephew Curtis, and bar hopping in Fells Point. JOHN GRANT Surgery University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL John grew up in Baltimore and moved on to Duke University where he majored in psychology. He followed this with graduate work in neuroendocrinology at UMBC. While in medical school, John found time for camping, running, weight lifting, and women. His many good memories include follies, his pediatric surgery rotation, backpacking in Pisgah, Killington, and the Party Forty. He met some of the best friends of his life, learned a lot about himself ana his abilities, and learned to enjoy learning. John’s thank you’s: Mom, Dad, McDonogh, Ralph, Ana, Cindy, Mulf, Leslie, Murray. LESLIE JOAN GRAY Obstetrics Gynecology Shands Hospital, Gainesville, FL A Maryland native, Leslie earned her BS degree in nursing at UMAB. She then worked as a registered nurse at JHH, MGH, and the Baltimore City Health Department before returning to UMAB to earn her medical degree. Leslie has fond memories of getting to know “the boys from table twelve " who helped keep her sane for four years. She would like to forget the feeling of impending doom when walking into a biochemistry exam, and is especially proud of her election to AOA during senior year. 96 BRUCE D. GREENWALD Internal Medicine University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA Born and raised in Hagerstown, MD, Bruce traveled north to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire to earn his undergraduate degree in computer science. He returned to Maryland for medical school where he was active as class secretary, yearbook editor, and an AOA member. To preserve his sanity Bruce enjoys running, playing with computers, and classical music. His most memorable moment was proposing marriage to Leslie in the John Eager Howard Room. He would most like to forget his knee injury during senior year. He will always cherish his friendships with Mike and Madge, John and Lisa, and Margot. Bruce thanks Leslie, his family, and his two cats Christopher and Albert for their love and support. RALPH GREGG Anesthesiology Shands Hospital, Gainesville, FL It was obvious from the start that Ralph was very conservative and only interested in academics. Yeah, right. For instance, Ralph recalls that his most memorable experience in the last four years was dancing (sans pants) to “Old Time Rock and Roll’’ at the Synapse on Thursday nights! (I guess marrying his lovely wife Ana ranks a close second.) Ralph would most like to forget checking his biochemistry test grades. I think we can all relate to that. While his accomplishments during med school were many, his favorite is learning to ride down the ramp between Howard Hall and Bressler on the back two wheels of a wheelchair. Sounds like a career, Ralph. MELVIN CARL GUTERMUTH, JR. Surgery Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, VA Mel was born in Annapolis and raised in Severn, MD as well as Japan. After graduating from the University of Maryland at College Park with a degree in chemistry, he spent the summer working at the Naval Research Institute in Bethesda. Some of Mel’s most memorable experiences during med school include making his first burr hole, matching in the Navy, coordinating lighting at our Follies, and knowing Leslie Gray. Mel managed to be voted AOA, despite contaminating himself during a surgical case with Dr. Stone. He plans a career in Surgery with the Navy. 97 SUK-KYUN HAHN Internal Medicine Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, MD When asked about his medical school days, Suk had these words to say; “As you all did, I saw a lot; as you all did, I heard a lot; as you all did, I tried to read a lot; beyond that . . .?” Suk is married to Young-Sook and is the father of two precious children, Samuel and Sarah. VERNITA D. HAIRSTON Internal Medicine Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH Born in Dayton, Vernita graduated from Harvard Radcliffe with a degree in biochemistry. She came to study medicine at UMAB where she has been active in many programs, including CAPP, Student Council, USGA, tutoring, and follies. Vernita spent the first two summers teaching math at the Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge. She is returning to her homestate for her residency. SCOTT M. HAMILTON Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Before medical school, Scott attended JHU where he majored in political economy and biology. Known for his never-ending sense of humor, this TV trivia whiz entertained us the past four years with his witty notesets and his follies performances, especially his rendition of Dr. Guth freshman year. What Scott would like most to forget is his alcoholic debauch after the pharm final which started at the Campus Inn and ended in the gutter. What he’d like most to remember are all the events which took place leading him from the Campus Inn to the gutter. 98 I CHARLES J. HAMMER, III Internal Medicine University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ml Raised in Seattle, Washington, Chuck reflects on why a Pacific Northwesterner would want to come to Baltimore. All in all he has no regrets and we were glad to have him. Pertinent positives of Chucks experience include a “total ace” of the micro mvcology section, life in a “historic neighborhood — Ridgely’s Delight,” escapes to Chinese restaurants and films and good friends. What does a person who aces mycology do? Well, Chuck always knew he and Dermatology were meant for each other. ELIZABETH ROBERTA (ROBIN) HATCHER Psychiatry Meninger School of Psychiatry, Topeka, KA Robin earned a BA in english at the Dominican College of San Rafael and a master’s and PhD in english at Johns Hopkins University. She was a tenured professor at Towson State for 14 years, specializing in Medieval Literature. At UMAB she was active in CAPP, Judicial Board, Curriculum Committee GPEP report, and yearbook. Highlights of UMAB include the time her car caught on fire on the way to a micro exam and being kicked out of the 14th floor bathroom for studying barefoot. Robin will be fondly remembered for her helpful “tidbits” in her notesets. JEFFREY HAUGH Transitional St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, MD Jeff began his medical education in the Caribbean at Grenada Medical School. In fact, as a veteran of Grenada’s invasion, he vividly remembers taking his anatomy practical with machine guns firing in the distance. His most memorable moments include his marriage to Linda and receiving his transfer notice to UMAB the day his son Justin came home from the hospital. Jeff would most like to forget the long hours he spent rounding on Peds Surgery. 99 DON STEVEN HENCH Internal Medicine Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD Steve was born and raised in Mount Carmel, Illinois and attended Jurasata College where he earned a degree in Biochemistry. He studied chemistry in graduate school at UMCP, but couldn’t stay off the dance floor for long, so he took off several months to study and teach ballroom dancing at Dance World USA. Before coming to UMAB, Steve worked as a research assistant at NIH. Highlights of Steve’s medical education are the first day of school and the last day of senior rotations. KEVIN EDWARD HOHL Family Practice York Hospital, York, PA Kevin grew up in Lutherville, MD. He graduated with a degree in Biology from Towson State. During medical school, he began pursuing the game of golf with a vengeance. Unfortunately, his game never matched his enthusiasm. His most memorable experiences during medical school include a trip to Europe, three Colorado ski trips, freshman follies and meeting Adriana. His most profitable experience was winning the pot at match day. “It was then that I found out how many friends I had!” Kevin has been active in the Family Practice Club, and served as president sophomore year. Besides family practice, his future includes Adriana, and improving his golf game so he can be a “real doctor”. ANDREW C. HOOT Internal Medicine Montefiore Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA A native Baltimorean, Andy graduated from Western Maryland College. He led a colorful life before coming to medical school. He spent several years working at WC Grace Co, and his interests include working with his hands, carpentry and the great outdoors. In addition, he has travelled extensively in the continental US. 100 STEPHEN LOUIS HOUFF Surgery University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN “The Houffmonster” was born in Washington, DC, raised in Burtonsville, MD, and attended nearby UMBC where he majored in Biological Sciences. His persuasive charm led to his being elected SGA President. Steve liked the area so much, he decided to go to medical school here. His interests include sports, outdoors, and Baltimore nightlife, not necessarily in that order. Although Steve is heading to the deep south, we’re sure he’ll be making many roadtrips back to party with his friends. CORA S. HUMBERSON Pathology University of California, San Diego, Calif. Cora was raised in Garrett County and attended Goucher College in Towson. After graduating with a BS in Biology she spent time at the University of Colorado participating in hematology research. Upon completion of her residency in San Diego, she plans a career in pathology. LAWRENCE J. ISRAEL Radiology Stonybrook Teaching Hospital, Stony Brook, NY Larry “Izzy” Israel, former middle man of 102 Scott St. spent four years at the Univ. of PA before coming to MD. Not necessarily known for his ability to sit down and study, he did go to a few parties and take on the role of “wild man Izzy”. The man who brought spades and Piquante to 102 Scott, Lar turned down an offer to do a PhD in rickettsial disease with Ollie Eyler, and spent most of his time playing his guitar and benching the stack. Lar is probably best known for his rhythm and blues guitar bass directing of the Arrhythmics. He stunned the crowd with his residency in Rays at Stonybrook, Long Island. 101 LAINE JENKINS Psychiatry North Carolina Memorial, Chapel Hill, NC Laine brought her subtle sense of humor to our class after graduating from Loyola College with a degree in biology. She admits that she does hail from metropolitan Charles County, MD. Some of her most memorable times at UMAB include: Taxi reruns with Tom and Paul, sleepless nights at the beach, sailing with Minnie, the silhouette scene with Mike in sophomore follies, white water rafting in ‘‘The Pride of Baltimore” and New Year’s Eve in the Killington sauna. Laine thanks Jeff, Janet and her parents for making life easier, and especially her Dad for his two rules: 1 . ‘‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.” 2. ‘‘Remember — it’s all small stuff.” ROBERT JOHN KASTNER Internal Medicine Bethesda Naval Hospital, Bethesda, MD Born and raised in Baltimore, Bob graduated from Towson State University with a degree in biology. There he met his future wife, Christine. Besides enjoying married life, Bob likes golf and tennis. He is a recipient of a Navy scholarship. This enabled him to have one of the most extensive private medical libraries on the east coast. The card catalog is fabulous! His future could include a cardiology fellowship. Of course it could also include a boat ride to the Persian Gulf! Let’s hope not. Go Navy! GENE KIM Internal Medicine Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD A native of Los Angeles, Gene came to the east to attend Univeristy of Maryland where he earned a degree in chemistry. Prior to his entrance to medical school, Gene worked at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense. Besides studying for endless exams Gene kept busy the past four years by being active in the Asian Professional Students Association. After completion of residency, Gene plans to continue his training with a subspecialty fellowship. 102 JAMES KLEMAN Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Jim, raised in Bel Air, attended the University of Delaware where he majored in physics. Before coming to Baltimore he worked as an engineer for four years and also took a few graduate courses. While in medical school, he participated on the class basketball team and could always be counted on to leave school and head for the blue skies and open green to play golf. Jim was often heard saying “Do what you want to me during the week, but leave me alone on the weekends.” NICHOLAS JOHN KOHLERMAN, III Internal Medicine Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD Nick graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1982 with a PhD in physiology. He then spent one year as a postdoc fellow at Northwestern University. After two years in the Caribbean at Ross University, Nick joined our class in the junior year. He would like to forget Harlan Stone’s wrath directed at him for tardiness the first day of junior surgery. Nick’s parting advice — “In this life never listen to those who say ' you can’t do it’, for they truly do not know your ability to persist.” BETTY ANN KYSER Pediatrics Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, MD Betty Ann came to medical school after obtaining a BS at UMCP in biochemistry and a MS in Anatomy at UMAB. She served as vice-president of AMWA and secretary of the Family Practice Club during her sophomore year. She places Dr. Woodward’s Junior Medicine lectures among her best memories of the last four years. And her worst? That’s a toss-up between pharmacology and junior surgery. The past four years also marked Betty Ann’s first years of marriage, and she thanks husband Kenny for his much needed support and many happy memories. 103 SIMONE LAPIDUS Internal Medicine Bryn Mawr Hospital, Bryn Mawr, PA Simone was born and raised in Baltimore before travelling to the University of Pennsylvania where she earned her undergraduate degree. She travelled further north to Tufts University for two years of basic science training. Simone then returned to her hometown to finish up her MD degree at UMAB. She looks forward to one of the more pleasant internal medicine residencies at Bryn Mawr Hospital. STEVEN F. LEE Research If you’re walking down the hall next year and hear Teddy Woodwards’ voice calling you by name, don’t panic; It may just be Steve, one of the class kings of Woodward impersonators, up to his old tricks again! When he’s not ‘working’ in the hospital, chances are Steve is up in the gym, teaching someone a lesson on the racquetball courts. His friends probably remember him most for his friendly smile and hilarious sense of humor. ALFRED W. LEE-YOUNG Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Originally from Jamaica, Al attended Loyola College where he majored in Biology and French before joining our class. One of his primary goals during med school was to spend as much time as possible on the golf course. Besides golf, Al kept busy by working occasionally as a lab technician (in an institution across town whose name we won’t mention). Al is one of several class members who will be remaining at UMAB to do his residency. 104 GLENN LEGLER, JR. Internal Medicine Maimonides Medical Center, New York, NY Glen was born in Baltimore and grew up in Bethesda. He earned his undergraduate degree as a natural science major at Johns Hopkins. Before entering medical school Glen worked at the National Institutes of Health studying the protozoan parasite Leishmanii donovani. His future plans include internal medicine with cardiology, gastroenterology or infectious disease as possibilities for a subspecialty. ROBIN R. LESLIE Pediatrics Georgetown University, Washington, DC A graduate of UCSD with a degree in physiology, Robin moved to Maryland to work at NIH. Fond memories in medical school include watching a mother hold her premature baby for the first time. On the other hand, forgettable events include Dr. Stone’s rounds and obnoxious blood bank personnel. Her interests in reading, cross-stitch and canoeing helped keep her sane. Future plans for Robin include marriage, children, pediatric practice and settling someplace warm. FRANK LIN Surgery St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, MD Few people who meet Frank would believe he was born in Beirut and grew up in Italy as the son of a Chinese diplomat. He then moved to Washington DC, attended UMCP and earned a BS in zoology. Speaking of BS, Frank’s working hard to forget those first two years of medical school, a feat he may accomplish after his next two ECT treatments. While at UMAB Frank was involved in CAPP and many research projects, but his most memorable time was spent with the class in Ocean City. He loved to relax in the sun, more fully develop his alcohol problem and be with people whose only ambition in life is to retire early. 105 KATHLEEN ANNE LYON Psychiatry Sheppard Pratt Hospital, Towson, MD Kathleen grew up in Wall Township, NJ, and graduated as a chemistry major from Douglass College of Rutger’s University. Between college and medical school she married Hans Prochaska. One of Kathleen’s most memorable experiences during the last four years was conceiving her daughter Erica Constance. Kathleen would like most to forget all of orthopedic surgery. This future psychiatrist after establishing a practice hopes to travel to Japan and the USSR. Unbeknownst to future patients Kathleen can move each eye independently of the other (potentially very disconcerting!). PEDRO S. MACEDO Neurology Georgetown University, Washington, DC Before joining our class, Steve graduated from Catholic University. He looks forward to returning to DC for his residency in neurology. PAUL F. MALINDA Family Practice University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD A graduate of Loyola College, Paul remained in Baltimore to attend medical school. During school he was involved in several activities including campus tours and tutoring. Paul enjoys traveling and spent some elective time in Vellore, India. 1 06 G. MICHAEL MARESCA Radiology SUNY Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY Mike was born and raised in Elkton, MD where he met Lisa, whom he married in June 1984. He graduated from the University of West Virginia with a BS in biology. Mike ' s outside interests include motocross motorcycle racing, skiing, weightlifting, and running. His accomplishments in medical school can be summed up by his induction into AOA. Mike ' s most memorable experience was going to a midnight ski trip with Woj. After residency he plans a CT, US, MRI fellowship and looks forward to having an enjoyable family. ANNE MAZONSON Psychiatry George Washington University, Washington, DC Anne came to medical school with a rather colorful past including working as a music teacher and studying Javanese music. In med school hard work paid off as she was elected to AOA. She says her most memorable moment was the last day of junior surgery rotation, while her most forgettable experience was “the moment I walked into an infant’s room, introduced myself to his mother, and heard in reply, ‘Where are the real doctors?’.’’ Of all her accomplishments, perhaps her most exciting happened in March 1986 when she had Shira Rose Espo, a beautiful baby girl! Anne would like to thank her husband David for getting her through. JON MAZUR Internal Medicine George Washington University, Washington, DC After practicing physical therapy for several years in New York City, John came to Baltimore to attend medical school. He doesn’t really remember many specifics about these past four years but does recall a very memorable speech by Dean Dennis about the impropriety of medical students wearing shorts! John plans to practice general internal medicine in an urban environment and would like to become involved in community health planning in an underserved area. Future goals are to increase his knowledge of public health and health policy. 107 BELA MEHRA Internal Medicine Georgetown VA Medical Center, Washington, DC Bela earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Maryland before joining our class. In the last four years Bela would most like to forget her junior rotation in psychiatry as she says, “I almost ended up in a mental institution.” While in medical school she has had the opportunity to travel to Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong and to meet a wide variety of people (Could she be talking about Club Charles?). Not sure of what she will do in the future, Bela is looking forward to the end of her internship. CHERYL MERCER Psychiatry University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Cheryl is no stranger to the University of Maryland having been born here. She stayed with the Maryland system by graduating from Towson State with a degree in psychology. Before joining us at UMAB, Cheryl was a research assistant in psychopharmacology at City Hospital and spent one year at Loyola earning an MS in counseling. Cheryl continues to be very interested in psychiatry and hopes to practice somewhere out west. However, before moving, she plans to break her ties to the United States and spend some time working in Europe and the Far East. ROY LEE MEYERS Internal Medicine North Carolina Memorial, Chapel Hill, NC After receiving a BA in religion at Haverford College outside of Philadelphia, Lee took a year off before coming to medical school. An active participant in leisure activities, Lee is known to our class as a basketball enthusiast who also enjoys traveling (especially to the shore), procrastinating, and the pursuit of the happy medium. In the immediate future, Lee plans to train in internal medicine and “find a soulmate”. 108 MARK L. MONTEFERRANTE Radiology Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, CT Mark, a native of Baltimore, earned his undergraduate degree in biology at Johns Hopkins University. Among Mark’s favorite experiences during medical school were travelling with his buddies, cruising bars, and cutting class to play racquetball. A man who knows his priorities, Mark did not let his devotion to medicine kill his party life. Mark may not want to remember pediatrics, but he certainly won’t forget hearing his name overhead in the hospital: “Dr. Ferrante, Dr. Monte Ferrante!” PAMELA JOYCE MOSLIN Internal Medicine Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, MD Pamela was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia on Canada’s west coast, but came to the State’s east coast where she earned a bachelor’s in biochemistry at UMBC. Before joining our class Pamela worked at JHH as a technician in a human cytogenetics laboratory. Her interests and activities during medical school have been reading, housework (two essentials), sewing and running. Pamela plans to stay on the east coast to do a year of medicine and then possibly an 0B- GYN residency. RAYMOND WAI-BONG MOY Pediatrics University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD A native of Washington, DC, Ray is another member of the large College Park contingency. There, he received his BS in Biochemistry. His major extracurricular involvement has been with the Asian Professional Student Association, and most of us remember his efforts to help organize the Chinese New Year’s banquets. Ray was also a Short Term Research Fellow in the department of Biochemistry during the summer of 1984. Other hobbies have been racquetball, ten nis, and table tennis. For him, the child patient population has always been more appealing, thus he launches his career in pediatrics right here at home. 109 THOMAS B. MULFORD Internal Medicine Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL Tom was born and raised in St. Mary’s County where he graduated from Mt. Saint Mary’s College with a BS in both biology and chemistry. His outside interests include sailing, skiing, and sports. Tom thanks Mom and Dad for their tremendous support and generosity, as well as his siblings for tolerating his numerous escapades. ‘‘To my good friends (you know who you are), never forget the good times. The legends are many, the players few . . . but just remember we made the rules. From 4 East Hamburg Street through Miami and wherever next — I will be, as always, MULF.” HEIDI MULTHOPP Orthopedic Surgery University of South Florida, Tampa, FL Heidi spent her early years in both Baltimore and Vienna, Austria. She attended Goucher College and graduated with a degree in chemistry. Before medical school she participated in a co-op program with the National Bureau of Standards working on mechanical testing of ceramics and was involved with real estate sales. Heidi has been an active member of the student council and was instrumental in compiling the revised edition of the Zebra Guide. She plans a career in orthopedics. JENNIFER LYNNE MURPHY Pediatrics University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Jennifer, a native of Westminster, MD, received a degree in chemistry from the College of Notre Dame. Her goals in medical school included testing the limits of contact lens time and “finding a husband who thinks I’m relatively normal’’. She apparently met at least one of these goals as she was married to Samuel Woo in October 1986. What Jennifer would most like to forget about medical school is pharmacology. She looks forward to finding a job where she can practice good medicine and pay off her student loans. 110 JAMES PAUL NATARO Pediatrics Childrens Hospital, Philadelphia, PA A native of New York, Jim went to the University of Notre Dame for his undergraduate degree where he majored in microbiology and philosophy. Jim ' s interest in microbiology continued during medical school where he earned his PhD at the Center for Vaccine Development. An excellent student, he was pleased to be elected to AOA and will utilize his PhD with a career in tropical pediatrics. MARK GARY NELSON Surgery West Virginia University, Charleston, WV Mark earned a degree in chemistry at Frostburg State College before coming to UMAB. He will al ways remember scrubbing in on a trauma case involving multiple gunshot wounds and watching the flurry of simultaneous neurosurgery and abdominal surgery. He’d like to forget treating a black homosexual transvestite in ambulatory clinic! Mark’s proud accomplishments during school include having a son Brad with his wife Jocelyn and beating Mark Monteferrante in racquetball. Mark plans to return to Western Maryland to join a group practice in general surgery after his residency. TIMOTHY D. NICHOLS Radiation Oncology University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Tim spent a couple of years in the Naval Academy before transferring to UMCP to major in Physics. He feels his most memorable moment was successfully completing his first semester of medical school, although meeting Holly was right up there too. He would easily like to forget looking at the cardiac drug questions on the Pharm final and realizing that “any similarity between what I studied and the required knowledge was purely coincidental” (we don’t think he’s alone here). Tim is proud to list as his most important accomplishment maintaining both his sense of humor and his sanity during med school. in JONATHAN B. ORENS Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Originally from Great Neck, NY, Jon attended Adelphi University where he majored in Anthropology. During his senior year in college, while working as a Police Department Paramedic, he decided to switch careers and go to medical school. In pursuit of his keen interest in the culture, crafts and music of the American Indian, Jon has made several trips to Oklahoma, where he lived within Indian communities and studied Indian culture. One of the highlights of medical school was returning to the Ponca Indian reservation to work in the clinics for the Indian Health Service during senior year. Another highlight was his marriage to Lisa, a medical photographer. TODD DAVID OSTROW Radiology Emory University, Atlanta, GA Todd joined us from his hometown of Silver Spring, MD. After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Chemistry, he managed to spend the summer backpacking across Europe with his twin brother before arriving at UMAB. Once here, he still managed to find the time to shoot a few baskets and play on our class’s intramural volleyball team. Included in his most memorable experiences are finishing first, second and third years and knowing Judy Barton. Todd looks forward to enjoying Atlanta while completing his residency in Radiology. YVONNE LYNN OTTAVIANO Internal Medicine Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Born in Albany, NY and raised in northeast New Jersey, Yvonne majored in Evolutionary Ecology at McGill University in Montreal. She spent the next five years working in a zoo, bicycling through Europe, playing cello with the UMBC symphony, square dancing, clogging and doing cell biology research at JHH. Yvonne was equally active at UMAB where she served as AMSA president sophomore year and was elected to AOA Junior year. She married Albert Donnay in May of ' 86 and they have adopted several ‘street’ cats and one dog to keep them company until they have time to start their own family. 112 JAMES OTTO Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Bom in New Jersey, Jim graduated from the University of Bridgeport with a degree in biology, and from UMCP with a master’s degree in physiology. This former sanitation engineer then worked as a research assistant and lab supervisor. Jim reluctantly came to UMAB after being put on waiver by the Orioles. His biggest disappointments include not being able to teach Mike Maresca to write like an adult and being told by Dr. Woodward to lose a few pounds. Highlights include feeling a prostate for the first time and teaching Don Woytowitz to body-build. Jim thanks his wife Pam, a dentist, for her loving, and more importantly, financial support. LINDA A. PAXTON Pediatrics Childrens Hospital, Washington, DC Linda was born in Silver Spring and attended UMCP before coming to medical school. An avid sports fan, Linda participated in intramural basketball and volleyball while at UMAB. Her lighter side was exposed as well as her legs during the Risky Business retaliation at sophomore follies. LISA S. PICHNEY Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Lisa, a Maryland native, graduated with many of us from UMCP. She remembers medical school with the words of Carl Shurz: “Ideas are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them you will reach your destiny.” She thinks the last four years have been an incredible experience growing, learning, understanding and teaching. As medicine has gone from science in the first two years to art in the last two, she has thoroughly enjoyed making the transition from student to doctor. She was elected to AOA junior year 113 BENJAMIN WAYNE REESE Family Practice University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Wayne grew up in Pasadena, MD and received a BS in chemistry from Western Maryland College. During the last four years Wayne would most like to forget the feeling of dread (or was it panic?) that descended upon him when those !?@X!! comprehensive sophomore finals were staring him in the face (Wouldn’t we all?). And yet, “I survived!”, says Wayne. While in school Wayne has enjoyed participating in Family Practice Club events and was awarded a Family Practice Scholarship from the state of Maryland. Fie has also spent many early mornings drawing blood while most of us were fast asleep. Wayne’s most memorable experience was his marriage to Joan and their cruise to the Bahamas. JEFFREY R. REHM Internal Medicine North Carolina Memorial, Chapel Hill, NC Jeff attended Duke University where he played on the varsity ice hockey team and graduated with a BS and MS in electrical engineering. While in medical school Jeff wrote a computer program designed to graphically screen and monitor hydrocephalus shunts and several artificial intelligence programs concerning strokes. He will always remember the Freshman Follies Risky Business skit when he danced in his underwear in front of a live audience. Jeff’s outside interests are hockey, ice skating, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and running. DAVID M. RICKMAN Pediatrics Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York, NY Dave, a native of Silver Spring, MD, graduated from Vassar College with a BS in biology. He joined our class in the junior year after completing his first two years at New York Medical College. Dave enjoys going to good movies, but he still wants to know ‘‘Where are the theaters in Baltimore?” He would like to leave us with a favorite quote of his, ‘‘Give me a disease you can’t see.” P. Fitzgibbon. 114 MELINDA-ANN BAKER ROTH Internal Medicine Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, MD Melinda, a native of a little known town in Cecil County, received her BA in biochemistry at UMBC. One of her most memorable experiences was the first day of third year when she, a newlywed of two weeks, and fellow second lieutenant Larry Chia were told by Major Roller at Wright Patterson AFB, “you shouldn’t be here,” (an all expense paid three day trip to Dayton, Ohio). Her greatest accomplishments include her happy marriage to Roger and surviving first and second years with the support of her family. Some things not well known about this future physiatrist are her talent as a gardener and seamstress and her desire to sing and play guitar country western style. DAVID CHARLES RUBIN Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Born in Connecticut and raised in California and Maryland, Dave decided to become a Virginia Gentleman and attend the College of William and Mary. There he earned a degree in physics before joining us at UMAB. Special interests which helped him through these trying times include baseball, softball, golf, and his fianceG, Stacey. Dave boasts that he actually attended three pharm. lectures in one month; but we know he just snoozed. His future plans include a practice in cardiology. LAWRENCE RUSH Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD A native of Boston, Larry was raised in Silver Spring, MD before attending College Park where he received a BS in zoology. While in medical school Larry found time for caving trips and to take a one year hiatus and travel west to the Sierra Nevadas, Rocky Mountains, and Grand Canyon. He looks forward to remaining in Baltimore for his training. 115 JULIAN SAFIR Surgery Duke University, Durham, NC Julian was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD. He spent his college years at Duke University studying biomedical engineering. After learning to make synthetic human body parts, he decided to check out the real thing and come back to Maryland for medical school. Because Julian missed his alma mater, he is returning to Duke to do his residency in orthopedic surgery. Hmmm . . . with Julian’s knowledge of biomedical engineering and orthopedics, do you think he wiil actually try to build the better man? SCOTT JEFFREY SCHAFFER Family Practice York Hospital, York, PA Scott is a genuine native Baltimorean. He went to College Park for his undergraduate education, where he was active on the campus radio station. Back in Baltimore for medical school, he plans to travel to nearby York for his residency program. Scott’s primary interests include his girlfriend Sara, biking, the outdoors, music, and natural foods. PATABI (RAJ) SEETHARAMAN Ophthalmology Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH Patabi, a native of India, joined us already well-educated. He received a degree in mechanical engineering from the Institute of Technology in India and an MS in the same field from Bucknell. His awards and research experiences include National Merit Scholarships, an elective at the National Eye Institute, a poster presentation at a national meeting on Child Development in Toronto, and election into AOA. Patabi is also husband to his lovely wife Sudha, and father to two beautiful children. So what doesn’t he do? Well, don’t ask him to hold retractors for a Cholecystectomy! Thank God he won’t have to do that as an Ophthalmologist. 116 ANTHONY SERAFIS Internal Medicine Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore, MD Tony was born and raised in Baltimore. He graduated from Towson State University with a BS in chemistry. During his freshman year Tony served as class president and met his wife-to-be and classmate — June Breiner. Outside activities include the restoration of a 1969 VW Karmann Ghia and weightlifting. Tony feels that his biggest accomplishment during medical school was, “to be the only student ever to slug through six weeks of OB GYN without ever performing a pelvic exam or delivering a baby.” THOMAS L. SEYMOUR JR. Pediatrics University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Tom, born in Baltimore and raised nearby in Timonium, attended Loyola College where he received a degree in biology. The highlight of his years in medical school was the day he married Kim, October 4, 1 986. Other fond memories include the Follies, post-exam visits to the Campus Inn, and Thursday nights at the Synapse. Tom, an avid Orioles fan, organized two class trips to Memorial Stadium. For recreation he enjoys music, softball, basketball, and movies. He would like to thank his family and friends for their support during medical school with special mention to wife Kim and ex-roommate Paul Tarantino. SHARON MONET SIFFORD Internal Medicine Ohio State University, Columbus, OH Born and raised in Baltimore, Sharon attended Franklin and Marshall College and graduated with a degree in biology. Sharon has some fond memories of the first two years such as arriving 1 Vz hours late for the bacteriology exam, only to receive her best micro grade. This mishap didn’t hamper her career, though. She went on to win the Best Medical Student Research Award from the American Society of Clinical Nutrition. Special interests and activities include tennis, racquetball, AKA sorority, tutoring children, and participating in Medical Student Research Day. Before she leaves for her residency, she has one personal comment, “Hermie and Brenda, I love you.” 117 MICHAEL E. SILVERMAN Internal Medicine Temple University, Philadelphia, PA A native of Baltimore, Michael attended Duke University where he earned his BA in political science. Before starting the grind of medical school he enjoyed waitering at Phillips Harborplace. While at UMAB Michael has bittersweet memories of late night studying in the LRC with Margot and fumbling through his first real H P in physical diagnosis with Bruce. He also remembers vividly his hospitalization for endocarditis during freshman year, studying for exams in the hospital, and anticipating his marriage the following month. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, theater, and working out at Nautilus. Michael attributes his survival in med school to the undying support of his wife Madge. JOY FELICIA SLADE Internal Medicine USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA “As I look back on my life, one of the most constant and powerful things I have experienced within myself is the desire to be more than I am at the moment — an unwillingness to let myself remain where I am — a desire to increase the boundaries of myself — a desire to do more, learn more, express more — a desire to grow, improve, accomplish, expand. I used to interpret this inner push as meaning that there was some one thing out there I wanted to do or be. And I have spent too much of my life trying to find it. But now I know that this energy within me is seeking more than the mate, profession, or religion, more even than pleasure or power or meaning. It is seeking out more of me.” JEFFREY L. SNOW Psychiatry North Carolina Memorial, Chapel Hill, NC Jeff was born a poor tan child in Silver Spring, MD and went to UMCP where he majored in psychology. After graduating he continued to medical school where he joined the CAPP Program and brought his unique off-the-wall sense of humor to our class. Some of Jeff’s most memorable experiences are winning the Opus Look-Alike contest, receiving the “Best Dressed” award at Freshman Follies, and being voted a member of the AOTay Honor Society. He enjoys basketball, playing his organ, getting bulky, and working on his tan. Jeff will be especially remembered for his colorful and unusual neckties. He looks forward to a career in child psychiatry. 118 JAN H. STAHL Ophthalmology University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA A native New Yorker, Jan graduated from SUNY Albany with a BS in physics in 1980. Before coming to medical school he spent a year in Denmark and then worked in child development research at the JFK Institute in Baltimore. While at UMAB Jan participated in sleep studies for money, skiied Vermont, Maine, Utah, and the Alps, and completed his first triathalon with plans for future competitions. After a year of internal medicine in Evanston, Illinois, Jan is looking forward to his ophthalmology residency. SHELLY R. STELZER Internal Medicine Dartmouth University, Hanover, NH After growing up in Bethesda and attending college at UMCP and medical school at UMAB, Shelly was ecstatic about matching in New Hampshire. There, she and fianced Brad can pursue some favorite outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and camping. During medical school Shelly was a student member of the electives committee for three years and enjoyed aerobics in her free time. She feels medical school was the fastest slowest four years of her life and would like to thank Brad for his infinite patience and undying support. “Whatever you dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. " ROGER MARC STONE Internal Medicine Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA A UMCP graduate, Roger received a BS in chemistry and minored in Music Performance Jazz Studies. Other valuable experiences during college were an internship at the Stage Legislature in Annapolis and four summers of analytical research at the National Bureau of Standards. During med school he has remained an Emergency Medical Technician, volunteering for rescue squads in Mount Airy and Centreville. He has not let his studies steal time for music. Indeed, among his best medical memories was " Dr. Micro Jackson” culturing Prince’s “Purple Pus”! He owes survival to Mom, Pop, Andy, Leland, John, Dan, Ricardo, and two super ladies, Hope and Soraya. 119 RICK STOUFFER Internal Medicine University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA Rick was born and raised in Indiana, PA. He graduated with honors with both a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a BA in Mathematics from Bucknell University in 1 980. After college he spent three years working for Monegan Corporation, a job which included the design of a solar power plant for the US Army. Rick excelled in medical school and was elected to AOA. Friends will remember his subtle sense of humor. Future plans include one year in a third world country. SUSAN E. SUHOLET Anesthesiology University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Sue was born in Syracuse, NY, and raised in Western Maryland. After three years of undergraduate work at the University of Pennsylvania she joined our class at UMAB. She later earned her BA in the spring of 1984. Here Sue kept active with intramural volleyball and basketball. She also acted as MC for both the freshman and sophomore follies. Sue plans to do a year of medicine at Mercy before returning to UMAB for a residency in anesthesiology. PAUL A. TARANTINO Ophthalmology Louisiana State Univers ity, New Orleans, LA A native of Bel Air, MD, Paul came to UMAB after earning a biology degree from Loyola College. While here his academic excellence earned him membership in AOA, and he was an active participant in all class follies. His most memorable experience was doing the “Dr. Curious” skit with Tom Seymour for sophomore follies. Paul kept busy with ophthalmology research during medical school, and was class president 1984-87. As an employee of the Medical Eye Bank, Paul spent some of his spare time in morgues enucleating eyes from cadavers. 120 DANIEL L. TAYLOR Internal Medicine Highland General Hospital, Oakland, CA Although born in Taiwan, Dan considers California home. As if medical school was not difficult enough, Dan continued his long distance relationship and married his sweetheart in California. He also found time to participate in Asian-American activities and meetings. PATRICIA TOM Family Practice Harrisburg Hospital, Harrisburg, PA Patty is a native Baltimorean who graduated from Loyola College with a BS in Biology. She fondly remembers participating in the opening act of Sophomore Follies and was a member of the Asian Professional Students Association. She will always have lasting memories of her grandfather who was very special to her. MY-LE TRUONG Internal Medicine USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA My-Le grew up in Vietnam and came to the United States in the late 1 970’s. She received her biochemistry degree from the University of Maryland. My-Le says that during the last four years she has felt a gradually growing sense of “belonging” and “bonding to the class” which has reminded her of happy high school days. There has been shared laughter at the follies and parties, and shared anxiety during exams. “These times made our years together even more memorable and enjoyable.” My-Le married last year, and in February of this year gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Van. 121 SUSAN ELIZABETH WANDISHIN Pediatrics Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, MD When asked to describe her most memorable experiences in medical school, Susan lists meeting Abra cadaver and passing the CV physiology exam as two events that rank right up there. Although she would like to take many memories such as these with her, there are those she’d like to forget, such as surgery rotation and having to take the micro virology exam with hives and erythema nodusum. (Don’t feel alone Susan, exams affect many of us this way.) Susan sends special thanks to her Mom and Dad and especially to her husband John, for their tremendous love and support which enabled her to endure the past 4 years. MARGOT E. WATSON Obstetrics Gynecology University of Vermont, Burlington, VT Margot was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and raised in Gaithersburg, MD. She graduated from the College of Wooster in Ohio where she majored in religion. While in medical school, Margot found time to do a great job directing our three Follies, to participate in a local church, and to backpack and rock climb. She cherishes the many friendships she made at UMAB, especially with Michael and Bruce. One of her most embarrassing moments is when Jeff Rehm plastered the school with “Happy Birthday Margot” signs before her real birthday. Everyone from Dr. Sigman to Dr. Flail — Craggs wished her a happy birthday that day. PHYLLIS GAIL WAXMAN Pediatrics Children’s Hospital, Washington, DC This natural redhead grew up in Silver Spring and traveled to Philadelphia, where she majored in biology at the University of Pennsylvania. After one year of dodging hooves and claws at Ohio State School of Veterinary Medicine, Phyllis retreated back to Philadelphia where she worked as a research tech at Thomas Jefferson. She tried her hand again at Medicine, this time human medicine at UMAB. Here she has maintained her interest in animals by spending alot of time taming her cat. Phyllis looks forward to her Pediatric residency and an early retirement. 122 IAN MARK WEINER Surgery Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, MD Bom in Baltimore, Ian journeyed south to Emory University to earn a BS degree in chemistry. He returned to his hometown to work on his MD degree. While in medical school, Ian’s interests included martial arts, firearms, wine, and women. He is proud that he has kept his sense of humor and happiness, developed close fr iendships, and continued to live by a philosophy of training his mind, body and heart equally. STEPHEN PHILIP WEISS Family Practice West Jersey Health System, Voorhees, NJ Steve was born in Aberdeen, MD, but spent most of his ‘conscious childhood ' in Geneva, Switzerland. After obtaining his degree in biology at Swarthmore College, he toured Israel and then worked at Biogen, Inc. in Geneva on the recombinant DNA vaccine. Steve ' s special interest is wholistic and humanistic medicine, and he was president of the UMAB Wholistic Medicine Club and an AMSA Regional Task Force on this issue. He also spent 2 months in India on medicine rotations. Steve’s long-term goal is to make the world a better place and have a great time doing it. DAVID M. WHITE Internal Medicine University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ml David was born in Michigan and raised in Massachusetts. He came to Baltimore after graduation from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in zoology. His long-term plans include the practice of primary care medicine. 123 GEORGE WICKS Research George, a sharp dresser, received a BA in chemistry from UMBC. During the last four years, he has been a member of the morning blood drawing team and could frequently be seen on the second floor of the “U” near the phlebotomy lab. THOMAS SCOTT WILSON Internal Medicine University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Tom was born and raised in Manson, Iowa, a small metropolis boasting a population of 1800. He later traveled to Dartmouth College where he earned a degree in psychology. Tom kept busy between college and medical school doing a variety of things, from working on a farm to earning a PhD in Pathology from UMAB. As a member of our class, Tom ' s interest in Academic Medicine became apparent when he took on the job of tutoring fellow students. His other accomplishments in medical school include his election to AOA, for which he served as Vice-President, and organizer of the history of Medicine lecture series in our senior year. JAY MICHAEL WINNER Family Practice Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, MD Born in Baltimore, Jay is one of the many College Park alumni in our class. After earning a BS degree in zoology, he returned home to attend medical school. While at UMAB, Jay found time for keeping fit by weightlifting, running, and playing tennis and racquetball. Jay has fond memories of the time he spent co-leading a group for teenagers who had lost a parent, and is proud of his research work on pregnancy-induced hypertension. Jay is excited to remain in Baltimore for hi s training in Family Practice. 124 G l SHELLY WONG Internal Medicine Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, MD Bom in Hong Kong, Shelly was raised in the San Francisco Bay area and came to Baltimore at age 16 to attend Johns Hopkins University. She remained in Baltimore for medical school, and would like to train in Rehab medicine after an internship at Franklin Square. Her most memorable experience was two months spent working at an Indian Health Service Hospital on the Zuni Reservation in New Mexico. Her most vivid memories include living in a trailer in a town you could walk end to end in eight minutes, drinking distilled water from the pharmacy, conducting an H P with a Navajo translator, and getting soaked at an Indian rain dance. DONALD V. WOYTOWITZ Internal Medicine Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL A Maryland native, Don graduated from UMCP with a degree in Biochemistry. His most memorable experiences of the past four years include his 1984 cross country trip to the summer Olympics in LA, and seeing ‘‘We love you Woj” on Laine Jenkins underwear at sophomore follies. After a severe accident and recovery in college, Don aspired to become a physician, and is finally realizing his dream. CHI M.WU Internal Medicine Michigan State University, East Lansing, Ml Born in Taiwan, Chi attended UMCP where she majored in Zoology before joining our class at UMAB. 125 MENG-SHIN PHILIP WU Anesthesiology Malmonides Medical Center, New York, NY Originally from Taiwan, Mena-Shin attended college at Bradley University and Northwestern University in Illinois and UMCP before joining our class. During our freshmen year, he was an audiovisual assistant and became affectionately known to all as ‘Phil’. His favorite activities during medical school have included listening to music and spending time with his brothers and sisters in Bethesda. Phil looks forward to his training in anesthesiology. SHU-UIN YANG Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital, Baltimore, MD Bom in Taiwan, Shu-Uin received a degree in anatomy from Taiwan University and a degree in the history of medicine from the University of California. Before coming to UMAB, she worked as a research assistant at Johns Hopkins Hospital for several years. Shu-Uin will be remembered for her boundless amount of energy. i 4 KATHLEEN M. YORK-SMITH Family Practice University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD Kathy was raised in Bethesda and obtained a degree in dietetics at UMCP. She completed a year traineeship at St. Agnes and worked for 2 years as a clinical dietitian at University Hospital. In medical school Kathy served on the Nutrition Committee, wrote several newsletters, and completed an elective in NY on nutrition in medical school. Highlights at UMAB include a fire in the OR the first case she scrubbed in on and the day a male transvestite cursed her for not writing down that he was a female. The most important event of the last 4 years was her marriage June ’85 to hubby Steve Smith. 126 THE OATH OF HIPPOCRATES I do solemnly swear by that which I hold most sacred that I will be loyal to the profession of medicine and just and generous to its members; that I will lead my life and practice my art in uprightness and honor; that into whatsoever house I shall enter, it shall be for the good of the sick; to the utmost of my power I hold myself aloof from wrong, from corruption, from the tempting of others to vice; that I will exercise my art solely for the cure of my patients and will give no drug, perform no operation for a criminal purpose, even if solicited, far less suggest it; that whatsoever I shall see or hear of the lives of men which is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep inviolably secret. These things I do promise, and in proportion as I am faithful to this my oath, may happiness and good repute be ever mine, the opposite if I shall be forsworn. 127 TERRA MARIAE MEDICUS 1987 Editor-in-Chief: Bruce Greenwald Assistant Editor: Leslie Greenwald Photography: Todd Ostrow, Linda Paxton, Jeff Rehm, Jan Stahl, Rick Stouffer, Sue Suholet, Dan Cornell, John Grant, Pat Toms Copy: Patrick Fitch, Scott Hamilton, Robin Hatcher, Tom Seymour Senior Section Editor: Michael Silverman Senior Copy: Pam Amelung, Michael Silverman, Kathy York-Smith, Bob Dewberry, Anne-Marie Dietrich, Michael Flanagan, Kevin Hohl, Larry Israel, Yvonne Ottaviano, Melinda Roth, Tom Seymour, Joy Slade, Jeff Snow, Shelly Stelzer, Roger Stone, Don Woytowitz Faculty: Jon Orens Many people are involved in producing a yearbook, and of course their assistance is appreciated. The editor wants to thank the Office of Student Affairs, Lisa Orens, Pat Mahoney of Taylor Publishing Company, and especially thank his wife Leslie for her valuable assistance and more valuable patience. Saunders and Jeffrey Heilman. Terra Mariae Medicus is produced by the graduating class of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland. Terra Mariae Medicus 1987ms printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas in an edition of 170 copies. Paper stock is 80 lb. enamel. The bas ic typeface is Helvetica Condensed. Black ink is used throughout. The cover is Beckett Ivory, with gold foil stamping. The binding is Smyth-sewn. © 1987 Terra Mariae Medicus. All rights reserved. 128

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University of Maryland School of Medicine - Terrae Mariae Medicus (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


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