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University of Maryland School of Medicine - Terrae Mariae Medicus (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Cover

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i I « i i i igt •»» m ji i i|i rnmmt ill ••it iiiti UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TERRA MARIAE MEDICUS 1981 EDITOR — LINDA J. REVER 1 University Hospital and Howard Hall Tower THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE AND HOSPITAL ( 1807 - ) OAVIOGE HALL. CONSTRUCTED IN 1812. IS named FOR THE FIRST DEAN OF THE yNlVE SITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, OR- ® OAVIOGE. NOTED FOR ITS UNIQUE CLASSICAL APPEARANCE, IT IS THE OLDEST BUILDING IN THE COUNTRY USED CONTINUOUSLY FOR MEOJCJL EDUCATION. THE MEDICAL SCHOOL. ESTABLISHED IN 1807 BY THE MARYLAND GENERAL ASSEMBL WAS THE FIFTH TO BE FOUNDED IN THE UNITED STATES. FOLLOWING MERGERS MEDICAL COLLEGE, 1913. AND COLLEGE OF PHYSI ' CIANs Vd SURGE 1915. THE SCHOOL BECAME PART OF THE STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM IN 1920. MARYLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS PROLOGUE 2 ADMINISTRATION 17 FACULTY 21 GRADUATES 33 PRECLINICAL YEARS 123 CLINICAL YEARS 131 GRADUATION 137 In Memory of John Creeger 4 l» 4 BALTIMORE’S INNER HARBOR Morris Mechanic Theatre — Hopkins Place 6 Convention Center BALTIMORE’S FAVORITES Atop Federal Hill Washington Monument Baltimore Museum of Art 8 Maryland Science Center 9 HISTORIC BALTIMORE 1700’s-1981 Flag House Shot Tower Fell’s Point War Memorial Homesteading — Stirling Street City Hall — War Memorial Plaza Bromo Seltzer Tower 11 MEDICAL SCHOOL IN THE 1800 ’S Davidge Hall Davidge Hall Secret Cadavar Dissection Scene Whiskey Cask — Secret Transport Cadavars Chemical Hall OB and Surgical Instruments C. 70 A.D. Pompeii Anatomical Sketches UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 1977-1981 Westminster Church Medical School Teaching Facility 14 Meet you here Friday — 5 pm Good Cheap Food Sophomore Lecture Hall Howard Hall Tower Student Union Freshman Lecture Hall South Baltimore General Hospital Mercy Hospital Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital St. Agnes Hospital East Baltimore Medical Center ' lohns Hopkins Hospital Loch Raven VA Hospital ADMINISTRATION John B. Davidge, First Dean University of Maryland School of Medicine 17 1 Dr. T. Albert Farmer, Chancellor UMAB Dr. John M. Dennis, Dean, School of Medicine, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, UMAB Dr. Morton I. Rapaport Associate Dean Academic Affairs Dr. Willard Allen, Chairman Admissions Committee Dr. Robert Harrell Assistant Dean Minority Affairs Dr. Murray Kappelman Associate Dean Medical Education 18 Dr. Bernice Sigman Mary Whitehead Associate Dean, Student Affairs Student Affairs Dr. Michael Plant Assistant Dean Student Affairs Dr. Gary Plotnick Assistant Dean Student Affairs Joan Bahler Margaret and Natalie Brown Student Affairs Student Affairs Holly Behrns OME — Media Libraiy ' Rodney DeAnglis Student Affairs Counselor 19 20 FACULTY Faculty demonstrating first successful use of surgical anesthesia October 16, 1846 — Massachusetts General Hospital PRECLINICAL FACULTY V s J,, ,, C " - ' Dr. Albuquerque — Pharmacology Dr. fe -idiC, i Dr. Apostolides — Preventive Medicine Abzug — Neuroscience I Dr. Barraclough — Physiology Dr. Byron — Pharmacology Dr. Donati — Histology Dr. Eylar — Microbiology 22 Dr. Frank — Biochemistry Dr. Guth — Histology Dr. Eldefrawi — Pharmacology Dr. Fisher — Forensic Pathology Dr. Greisman — Physiology Dr. Horn — Physiology Dr. Hybl — Biophysics . r Dr. Gearhart — Anatomy Dr. Hall — Graggs-Gross Anatomy Dr. Johnson 23 Dr. Fiset, Dr. Kessel — Microbiology Dr. Kirtley — Biochemistry Dr. Myers — Microbiology Ur. Max — Neuroscience Dr. Kauffman — Pharmacology Dr. McDowell — Pathology Dr. Nolan — Psychiatry Mr. Joe McMichael — Clin Path Dr. Oh — Pathology Dr. Oster — Granite-Gross Anatomy 24 Dr. Pomerantz — Biochemistry Dr. Pinter — Physiology Dr. Schulter — Ellis-Gross Anatomy Dr. Waechter — Biochemistry ' Dr. Rennels — Neuroscience Dr. Shamoo — Biochemistry Dr. Warnick — Pharmacology Dr. Ruchkin — Physiology Dr. Strum — Histology Dr. Wisseman — Microbiology 25 CLINICAL FACULTY Dr. Ances — Obstetrics Gynecology Dr. Blanchard — Otolaryngology Dr. Brenner — Pediatric Cardiology Dr. Calia — Internal Medicine S. Dr. Campbell — Urology Dr. Carliner — Cardiology Dr. Cohen — Anesthesiology Dr. Connor — Endocrinology Dr. Crenshaw — Obstetrics Gynecology Dr. Diaconis — Radiology 26 Dr. Ducker — Neurosurger - Dr. Edwards — Orthopaedics Dr. Gessner — Rehabilitation Medicine Dr. Guyther — Family Practice Dr. Fisher — Cardiolog - Dr. Hamilton — Endocrinolog ’ Dr. Galleher — Urolog ' Dr. Giitberlet — Pediatrics Dr. Hill — Family Practice 27 Dr. Hobbins — Pulmonary Medicine Dr. Hull — General Surgery Dr. Joseph — Anesthesiology Dr. Heald — Pediatrics Dr. Huffer — Psychiatry Dr. Holden — Psychiatry Dr. Hunt — Psychiatry Dr. Iber — Gastroenterology Dr. Khan — Pediatrics Dr. Kowalewski — Family Practice 28 Dr. Lang — Pediatrics Dr. Lynch — Psychiatry Dr. Moran — Cardiology Dr. Mosser — Pediatric Neurology Dr. Martin — Endocrinology Dr. Monroe — Psychiatry 1 Dr. Mostello — Pediatric Anesthesiology 29 Dr. Moulton — Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr. Ozand — Pediatrics Dr. Ramos — Nephrology Dr. Richardson — Rehabilitation Medicine Dr. Price — Neurology Meg. Dr. Queral — Vascular Surgery Dr. Reed — General Surgery Dr. Richards — Ophthalmology Dr. Reinstein — Rehabilitation Medicine 30 Dr. Scherlis — Cardiology Dr. VillaSanta — Obstetrics Gynecology Dr. Woodward — Internal Medicine Dr. Young — Urology Dr. Weinstein — Pediatrics Dr. Woodward — Pediatrics Dr. Young — Ophthalmologv ' 31 MARY HALL GRAGGS, M.D. Clinical Associate Professor, Pathology THEODORE E. WOODWARD, M, Professor, Chairman, Medicine FACULTY AWARDS YEAR I FRANCES P. SOHHETER- ,-ELLIS, i -1 m- Pwi OTi oi tomy EMAiCl REES, ph.D: sistant PrS bf , GrossJ natomy MARSHALL L. RENNELS, PH.D. Pfhfem h Ahhl R Associate Kbfesabr. N olof ' ' GRADUATES AESCULAPIAN WAND Life is short; art is long, experience difficult “The Aesculpian staff has often been confused with the caduceus, the “Herald’s Wand” used by Hermes, or Mercury, to open doors between gods and men but the Aseculapian staff entwined by one snake is regarded by classicists as the true symbol of the profession.” God of healing, Asclepios and his daughter, Hygeia, with snake 33 PETER SCOTT ABBOTT Family Practice Forbes Health System — Monroeville, Pennsylvania THOMAS PATRICK ARCHER Obstetrics — Gynecology University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 34 RAVI BALASUBRAHMANYAN -M’- Family Practice Edward W. Sparrow Hospital — Lansing, Michigan PETER MAYFIELD BARKER Family Practice Edward W. Sparrow Hospital — Lansing, Michigan 3 ROBERT ALLERTON BARTHEL Family Practice University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland I entered medical school after three years of applying with expectations of a difficult but rewarding educational ex- perience. The difficulty was there and I was rewarded by the births of my two daughters, but not by medical school. I feel deeply indebted to my God, my family, my friends, and the note service for helping me get into and through medical school. I wish for each of my classmates two things: the degree of peace and love I’ve found in my wife and children, and the faith and hope I’ve found in Jesus Christ. “Thank God we Made It!’’ STEPHEN BECKER Family Practice Allegheny Hospital — Altoona, Pennsylvania Dedication: My wife Kathie and children, Charlie and Sarah Born and Bred: Bawlamer Specialty: Family Practice Career Plan: Country Doctor — cradle to grave health care 36 HOWARD KEITH BERG Surgery Buffalo General Hospital — Buffalo, New York Born: October 25, 1953, Baltimore, Maryland Undergraduate: Emory University Medical School Activities: Yr I — Year I Committee, Yr II, III — Curriculum Committee Hobbies: Jogging, Skiing, Horse Racing Future Plans: Surgical subspecialty, raising thoroughbred race horses JOAN LEIDY BIELEFELD Psychiatry University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland B.S. Physics (College of William and Mary] Master’s Degree: Physics Education (American University] Previous career: in teaching (Bowie State College] and in research (Georgetown University and University of Maryland] Being able to practice the art of medicine has made the ef- fort of a career change and the throes of medical school worthwhile. Graduated: January 1981 Gareer interests: child psychiatry child neurology 37 MORRIS ISAAC BIERMAN Internal Medicine Medical College of Virginia - Richmond, Virginia MICHAEL DAVID BLANCHARD Family Practice Harrisburg Hospital — Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Was raised in Maryland, college in Georgia, looking for a practice back out in the country. Enjoys all sports, hiking, biking and camping. Looking forward to the practice of medicine. 38 MARY CAROL DERKACH BOLDEN Family Practice Shadyside Hospital — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Mary is a native Baltimorean. She is a graduate of Loyola College in Baltimore where she majored in both Biology and English Literature and was awarded the Whelan Medal at graduation for the highest cumulative average. Prior to entering medical school, Mary taught eleventh grade English at Mt. Carmel High School. She has been a member of the Family Practice Club for the past four years and has done externships in both Family Practice and OB- CYN. Following completion of her Sophomore year she married classmate Richard Bolden. Mary’s career plans in- clude residency training in Family Practice with eventual establishment of a group practice. Her outside interests in- clude snow skiing, tennis, bicycling, browsing in art galleries and museums and shell collecting along East Coast beaches. She also enjoys reading 19th and 20th Cen- tury British and American novels in her limited leisure time and is a particular fan of Joseph Conrad. RICHARD OWEN BOLDEN Diagnostic Radiology University Health Center of Pittsburgh — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Rich is from Cumberland in the mountains of Western Maryland. He obtained a B.S. in Chemistry from Washington and Lee University where he was valedic- torian of his graduating class. Rich worked as a histology lab assistant and also developed an interest in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. Tennis, skiing, spy novels and Impressionistic art are among Rich’s outside interests. In the month between the second and third years of medical school, and after IV 2 years of persistence, he married classmate, Mary Carol Derkach. In his clinical years Rich developed a strong interest in Radiology reinforced by elective exposure and he plans to pursue a career in Diagnostic Radiology. His long term goals include a group practice in an environment which will allow him to serve an area of need, practice quality medicine, and share an active family life. 39 BRUCE RICHARD BOLLING Surgery University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland B.S. University of Maryland 1975 Construction worker 1975-77 Married Gwen Wigand May 1980 Residency in Surgery “If you think you know what’s going on you’re probably full of shit.’’ JOSEPH ALFRED BOULAY, JR. Internal Medicine University of S. Florida College of Medicine — Tampa, Florida I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. After graduating from Loyola High School, I attended Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, from which I received a Bachelor of Arts degree magna cum laude. I have been happily married and living in Lutherville for the past four years. My post-graduate plans include a residency in Internal Medicine leading ultimately to community practice. 40 STEVEN WALTER BOYCE General and Cardiothoracic Surgery University of California — San Francisco, California Research, Pathology Branch, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, 1978-81. Kerr Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology, American Heart Association, San Francisco Chapter, 1980. Although in the cosmic realm of time man’s life is insignifi- cant, this is no excuse for mediocrity. To the contrary, the spark of life is a stimulus to do all one can with his limited resource of time. “Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.” L. J. Cardinal Suenens LINWOOD WARREN BRIGGS Family Practice United Hospital Center — Clarksburg, West Virginia 41 BENJAMIN F. CALVO LaPaz, Bolivia, South America STEPHEN DENNIS CAMPBELL Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 42 lit ' ' I t jd MARY JO CANNON Anesthesiology George Washington University Hospital Washington, D.C. RN„ B.A., M.D. Well here we are getting ready to graduate and head toward internship, specialization, and practice. Incredible! Before we part I’d like you to meet my family, Nick, Kimberly, my older daughter, and Tara my younger one. These people are my constant energ ' source and support team. So far as medical school is concerned it was such extracur- ricular activities as putting on the women’s conference ser- ving as secretary of the student council, doing independent research and being part of HOME that made the ex- perience great. The future holds much promise. I’m going to miss a lot of your faces! And I’d like to wish each one of you success and happiness wherever you go. RICHARD NELSON CAREY Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 43 JAMES MICHAEL CARLTON Surgery University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland BARBARA JEAN CARROLL Family Practice University of Connecticut — Farmington, Connecticut 44 HERBERT NORMAN CHADO Anesthesiology University of Michigan Affiliated Hospital — Ann Arbor, Michigan I entered med school after graduating from UMBC magna cum laude. Some of my most memorable times include: be- ing one of the executive producers of the Follies Shows. Hobbies include backpacking and downhill skiing. Future plans include a private practice in anesthesiology at a university affiliated hospital. CHARLES EDWARD CHAMBERS Internal Medicine State University of New York Buffalo, NewYork LINDA LEIER CHAMBERS Family Practice Deaconess Hospital — Buffalo, New York From Poughkeepsie and Long Island we came, and met at the used microscope sale! It was a good four years in Baltimore, but from here it’s to Buffalo for a residency in Medicine for Charlie, and Family Practice for me. We hope to practice in a semi-rural group, somewhere in upstate New York. 45 CANDACE IRENE CHANDLER Family Practice University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Born in Baltimore, High School at Bryn Mawr. College at Duke University BA in Psychology, 1972. Worked three years in early childhood education and then as a nursing assistant while doing pre-med courses. Fond memories of: carpooling with Linda, lohn, and Rob; dozing through classes: drinking too much coffee: and a surprise 30th birth- ' day party. Career Choice: Family Practice ROBERT CHAPA Surgery St. Josephs Hospital — Denver, Colorado 46 STEVE PI-HSIUNG CHOW Surgery Medical College of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Born in TRwaian in 1955 and came to the United States in 1970. High School: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (1973) College: Johns Hopkins University (1977) Residency: General surgery and surgical oncology fellowship Career Goal: Academic surgery MICHAEL RAYMOND CLEMMENS Pediatrics University of Colorado Health Science Center — Denver, Colorado Mike came to Maryland by way of Loyola College. He was an active participant in the CAPP program and also served on the Search Committee for a new OB GYN Chairman. He occasionally lectured incognito, using the pseudonym of Dr. Nimo. Has plans for a career in pediatrics. 47 DEBORAH RUTH COHEN Family Practice Harrisburg Hospital — Harrisburg, Pennsylvania WILLIAM ZACHARY COHEN Obstetrics — Gynecology University of Texas SW — Dallas, Texas CC: Still single HPI: Last U.M. admission for this 25 y.o. WJ.M. PMH: (Hosps) 1. Robert E. Perry H.S., 4 yrs, D C’ed 1973, 2. M.I.T., Cambridge, Mass., 4 yrs, D C’ed 6 77 with honors, B.Sc. degree (Biomedical Eng. Concentration) in Mechanical Engineering. S.H.: A native of Rockville, Md. Drinks, smokes, and fools around. Also drives a motorcycle, skis, and plays with com- puters (not at the same time). R.O.S.: Rather remarkable P.E.; WN, WD, NAD VSS Afeb at this time. Assess: Expresses desire to go into OB-GYN. Impression and Plan: 1) Incurable 2) Symptomatic Rx. 48 STEPHEN ANTHONY COLUCCIELLO Flexible Presbyterian St. Luke’s-Medical Center - Denver, Colorado Someday we will look back and have a laugh — or at least a moan. ROBERT RUSSELL CONLEY Psychiatry University Health Center of Pittsburgh — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 49 JAMES WILBURN COPE, JR. Family Practice St. Luke’s Hospital — Milwaukee, Wisconsin From Silver Spring, Maryland Received a B.A. in Biology from La Salle College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He plans to pursue a career in Family Practice. IRA HUNTER COPELAND Internal Medicine CMDNG — Rutgers Medical School — Piscataway, New Jersey Phi Beta Kappa University of Maryland Goals; To be a good doctor and to learn something new every day. “I am Ira, not Larry.” 50 LLOYD GEORGE GOX II Orthopedic Surgery North Carolina Memorial Hospital Chapel Hill, North Carolina After graduating from St. Alban’s in 1974, I attended Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. While at Emory I was elected to the Alpha Epsilon Upsilon and Phi Beta Kappa honorary scholastic fraternities. Prior to entering medical school I became a licensed commercial pilot with single, multiengine, and instrument ratings. I hope to pur- sue a career in orthopaedic surgery in the future while cultivating an interest in sailing and aviation. Amazingly I built my first sailboat, a 14 foot catamaran while a junior student at Maryland. MIGHAEL EDWARD DeWITT Child Psychiatry George Washington University Hospital — Washington, D.C. Michael came to medical school after growing up in Oakland, Maryland and attending West Virginia Wesleyan College. With the exception of singing for two semesters in the Baltimore Symphony Chorus, he has not actively pur- sued his extracurricular interests in music and drama dur- ing medical school. Of medical school, Michael remembers most vividly those brave patients and families who faced devastation and somehow went on. Michael looks forward to his marriage to Meg and to a career in child psychiatry. 51 GARY LAWRENCE DIER Internal Medicine Tripler Army Medical Center — Honolulu, Hawaii “Thank you Nanette for being there with me. You’ve hel})ed to make all of this tolerable.” VINCENT ANTHONY DiPIETRO Internal Medicine Union Mcmiorial Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 52 MAURA KATHLEEN DOLLYMORE Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland WILLIAM ANTHONY DOMBROWSKI Internal Medicine Baltimore City Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 53 KEVIN JOSEPH DOYLE InUM ' nal Medicine UnivcM ' sity of Maryland Hos{)ilal — Baltimore, Maryland Th(!r(! art; many i)t;o|)lt; that I would like to thank; first of all my moth(;r and fatht;r for thoir love and encouragement, second 1 ’ my frit;nds for tht;ir siij)port and comj)anionship, and finally my wih;, Indy, for providing all of the above. MARY ELIZABETH DRUPIESKI Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 54 PATRICIA ANN DUBYOSKI Family Practice University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland ROBERT ALAN DUNCAN Family Practice University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Bob is a Marylander born and bred. He graduated cum laude from Loyola College where he served as president of Alpha Sigma Nu, the National Jesuit Honor Society, during his senior year. Music and sports are two “other interests” which have made his journey through medical school a lit- tle smoother. He anticipates a career in Family Medicine. 55 JESSE THOMAS DUNN, JR. Surgery University of California — Irvine-Orange, California W. ANDREW EGLSEDER, JR. Surgery Naval Medical Center — Portsmouth, Virginia Graduated; St. Michaels Jr-Sr High School, 1970, Western Maryland College BA, 1974, Touro College BS, 1976 Nationally Certified Physician’s Assistant, 1976 Commissioned in USNR, 1977 Freshman and Sophomore Follies Cast member Freshman and Sophomore Notetaker Junior AOA Aspiration; Orthopaedic Surgery 56 PAULA NAN EHRLICH Flexible Medical College of Pennsylvania — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania LAWRENCE RICHARD FELDMAN Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland DANIEL PATRICK FERRICK Family Practice Thomas Jefferson University — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dan was raised in Elkton, Maryland, on the upper Eastern Shore. After attending Catholic grade school in Elkton, he attended St. Charles Seminary High School in Catonsville, Maryland with the ultimate goal of becoming a priest. He pursued this ambition through college, graduating with a BA in philosophy from St. Mary’s Seminary College in Catonsville. After he left the seminary, Dan worked for a short time in Elkton before returning to college to pick up the required courses for application to medical school. He received a BS in biochemistry from the University of Maryland, College Park and worked for a year at the University of Delaware’s College of Marine Studies before entering medical school in 1977. His hobbies include play- ing the guitar, listening to all kinds of music from classical to rock, and playing sports, particularly tennis. Since enter- ing medical school he has married a classmate, Carol Mar- shall, with whom he plans to live happily ever after. FREDERICK GEORGE FLACCAVENTO Flexible Mercy Hospital — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 58 JOHN SPENCER FLANIGAN Internal Medicine Case Western — Metropolitan General — Cleveland, Ohio NEAL MARC FRIEDLANDER Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Education: University of Pennsylvania, B.A. 1968, Harvard Law School, l.D. 1972 Activities: Representative — Medical School Council 1979-1981, Combined Accelerated Program in Psychiatry A.O.A. Plans: Private practice of internal medicine “To the Class of 1981 — Thanks for making this second and last time around as good as it was.” 59 ELIZABETH ADELE FRONC Pediatrics University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland PATRICIA CAROL FRYE Pediatrics University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 60 ROBERT ALAN FULD Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Bob was born in Massachusetts, but was raised in Baltimore. He was admitted to medical school following his third year of undergraduate work at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he majored in biochemistry. After his first year of medical school, he mar- ried his wife, Sara, a writer photographer. Bob’s leisure time activities include tennis and racquetball, classical guitar and rooting for the Orioles and Terps. His favorite medical school moment: telling an 80 year old Vet who had a positive VDRL what his problem was. Bob plans to specialize in internal medicine, and will remain in the Baltimore area during his residency. WAYNE EDMUND GAINES Surgery University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland It has been a joy to learn medicine with this class and an honor to serve as your president. I look forward to practic- ing medicine with each of you side by side, with the spirit of human touch taught by Dr. Woodward and with the sophistication of our new era’s technology. 61 LAWRENCE ALLAN GALITZ Surgery University Hospital SUNY— Stony Brook, New York PRESTON MANN GAZAWAY, III Obstetrics Gynecology University of Maryland Hospital - Baltimore, Maryland 62 MICHELLE GELKIN Internal Medicine Good Samaritan Hospital — Phoenix, Arizona MORRIS GESSOUROUN Pediatrics Children’s Medical Center — Dallas, Texas LEIGH ANN COON GIANNANDREA Pathology University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland I first came to Baltimore from my hometown of Rochester, N.Y. to attend college at lohns Hopkins. There I met my husband, Paul, who has been constantly supportive and pa- tient during my pursuit of medicine both in college and medical school. After graduating from Hopkins in 1976 and spending one additional year working there, I entered University of Maryland Medical School. I now plan to start a residency in Pathology. I cannot get over the warmth and friendliness of all my classmates, from my anatomy group the first day to those I’ve worked with on the wards. And of course car-pooling! Dr. Bernice Sigman has been very helpful to me, smoothing over numerous “rough spots.’’ I feel lucky to have had the encouragement and love of so many: my husband, parents, 8 sisters and brothers, and in- laws without whom I doubt I’d have made it to graduation in May ’81. ROBERT CHARLES GLORIOSO Family Practice York Hospital — York, Pennsylvania SAMUEL CARL GOLD Internal Medicine Boston City Hospital — Boston, Massachusetts Medical school is over and the years of residency begin. I wish to thank my parents, friends, and classmates for all their support over the past four years. My future plans in medicine include a residency in Internal Medicine and a fellowship in Cardiology. Best of luck to everyone. HOPE ULENE GRIFFIN Obstetrics Gynecology University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 65 WARREN STERLING GROFF Family Practice Warren grew up in Glen Burnie, just south of Baltimore, and attended UMBC in Catonsville. He participated in the student note service and Family Practice Club while in medical school and plans to pursue a career in Family Practice. Outside of medicine, he enjoys tennis, computer science and camping. GEORGINA A. GROLEAU Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 66 WILLIAM STEVE GRUSS Internal Medicine Mt. Sinai Medical Center — Miami Beach, Florida Willy came to Maryland in the junior year after completing his basic sciences at the Universidad Central del Este in the Dominican Republic. !Ay Caramba! During a ski vaca- tion with several classmates, he earned the nickname, “Jean Claude Willy, " for his clinical expertise on the ski slopes. He plans to do an Internal Medicine residency, but is undecided whether he will subspecialize or change over to Family Practice at a later date. ANDREW JOHN GUNN Family Practice Forbes Health System — Monroeville, Pennsylvania Basketball I and II Family Practice Club Tuerk House II Member of Synapse Association 67 JOANNE HATEM Internal Medicine York Hospital — York, Pennsylvania CAROL GARTHRIGHT HOOPER Family Practice University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Carol entered medical school as one of the “over the hill’’ gang, having gone to graduate school at the University of Michigan and taught public health courses at Towson State University for four years. A native of Richmond, Virginia and an alumna of the University of North Carolina, Carol would live no closer to Baltimore than Colubmia, Maryland with her husband, Peter. Her most memorable achievement was providing excellent notes for neonatal pathology and still managing to deliver a normal, healthy boy two weeks after National Boards Part I. Her proudest academic moment was flunking Irv Kessler’s Epidemiology final with 97 other classmates. Her best clinical achieve- ment was contracting hepatitis B from a needle stick at the V.A. Spa despite $300 worth of HBIC in the gluteus max- imus. Carol plans a career in family practice in the Baltimore-Washington area. 68 JOHN HSIAO Psychiatry North Carolina Memorial Hospital Chapel Hill, North Carolina HOWARD TERRY JACOBS Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland The only thing which made these 4 years bearable in the face of long hours and pieayune exams was that I had a wonderful, understanding, and extremely patient person to lean on — my wife, Eileen. 69 PAMELA JOAN JACOBS Pediatrics University Health Center Pittsburgh — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania MARC ALEXANDER JAFFE Obstetrics-Gynecology Women and Infants Hospital — Providence, Rhode Island “If you need inspiration . . . take a deep breath.” — from the journals of Marc A. Jaffe 70 STEVEN JASKULSKY General Surgery Sinai Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland As a native of Baltimore, I attended local public schools then Western Maryland College, where I majored in chemistry, receiving a B.A. degree in 1977. During college, in addition to academics, I spent much time pursuing my musical avocation by being active in a variety of musical groups. Following my final summer as a swim-club manager, I entered medical school. In July of 1978 I was married to the former Robin Max, also a native of Baltimore and a Western Maryland College graduate. Her understanding and support helped to make the years in medical school much more enjoyable. While in medical school I was an active member of A.M.S.A. and participated in the class Follies presentations. At present, my plan is to pursue a residency in general surgery and subsequently enter a private practice. GLENN ALAN JOCKLE Pathology University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 71 COLLEEN DENISE JUDE Internal Medicine University of Maryland Ho spital — Baltimore, Maryland BRIAN HOWARD KAHN Internal Medicine Union Memorial Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 72 JOEL SHELDON KAHN Surgery Cedars-Sinai Medical Center — Los Angles, California Prose that is printed next to yearbook pictures generally takes one of three forms: the witticism, the epitaph, or the curriculum vitae. Within these sUdistic constraints, one may proceed on virtually any subject. But which way to turn — Paeans to Irving Kessler? Dirges for purloined slides? Ruled out like so many zebra diagnoses. Maybe an acceptance speech, like for an Oscar, “thanking all the little people” (as they say) for eveiy ' thing — the teaching, the training, the stress . . . Reminiscing about the times you felt on top of the world, and the times So, perhaps, take the ad- vice of the ancient savant: Si vous ne pouvez pas dire quel- que chose aimable, rien du tout ne dire. MARGARET LOWELL KEELER Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Notetaking service — years I and II Class follies — years I and II AMSA — years I through IV AMA — years I through IV American Medical Women’s Association — years I through IV UniversiN of Marydand Women in Medicine Speaker, AMSA Career Day — 1979 Tutor, Behavioral and Social Sciences — year I Active in class politics — years I and II Contributor, “Clinical Years Survival Manual” (work in progress) Advisory ' board — Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center, Columbia, Maryland Consultant — Columbia Women’s Center, Columbia, Maryland Guest Speaker and workshop chairman — 4th National AMA Conference on the Impaired Physician; October 29- November 1, 1980 Publication — “What to Expect in Medical School,” AMA Newsletter, American Medical News, January 9, 1980. 73 f EDWARD KELMENSON Internal Medicine Tulane University Affiliated Hospital New Orleans, Louisiana KAREN ROSE KINGRY Pediatrics Johns Hopkins Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Karen graduated with high honors from the University of Maryland and worked in research for several years at the National Institutes of Health before starting medical school. Her activities during medical school include: being representative to the Clinical Years Committee: one of the founders and the first President of the Women in Medicine Organization. She was elected junior Alpha Omega Alpha and served as President of AOA for 1980-81. She plans a Pediatric residency and to pursue an academic career. 74 KATHRYN SIENA KIRWIN Internal Medicine North Carolina Memorial Hospital Chapel Hill, North Carolina JOEL BRUCE KLEIN Family Practice The Fairfax Hospital — Falls Church, Virginia Sound familiar? A nice Jewish boy from Pikesville goes to College Park and then to University of Maryland Medical School. A macabre sort of Horatio Alger you might say. You may choose to remember me as the voice of Ed Sullivan and Lloyd Guth as well as the signature on the notetaking checks. I’d like to remember me as miraculously having left in better shape than I came. Words to ponder from G. B. Shaw, “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right.” 75 JOSEPH FRANCIS KNOTZ Family Practice UCLA Antelope Valley Hospital Lancaster, California Born in Czechoslovakia, Joe spent most of his youth in southern Califor nia and hopes to return there. He plans a residency in obstetrics-gynecology or family practice and has been preparing for this by practicing family diligently with his wife and two children. In his spare time Joe enjoys eating and sleeping. He claims vague memories of pre- medical school activities, such as skiing, tennis, chess and piano, and he hopes to indulge in them again on the weekend before his residency starts. A hard worker, Joe earned his way through medical school by employment at the Baltimore Histology Slide Supply Company, holding the position of chief supplier. Joe’s friends find he has re- mained the same humble guy he was before medical school, and except for a little flat affect a few paroxysms of auditory hallucinations, an occasional lapse into autism, and a certain looseness in his associations, it would seem he has weathered his medical school years rather well. Parting message to all my friends; I will love and remember you guys always. ORLY CATHY KORAT Pathology Hospital University of Pennsylvania — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Undergraduate degree; University of Maryland, College Park, B.S., 1977 Favorite cpiote; “What does education often do? It makes a straight cut ditch of a free meandering brook.” Henry David Thoreau Pursuits 10 years from the present; Working in a laboratory doing research on deficiency in homozygous and heterozygous fibroblasts with emphasis on a genetic defect of the clq subcomponent of complement associated with x- linked cutis Laxa in corticosterone methyl oxidase type II deficiency in a South African pedigree. Thanks and best wishes to everyone in the class of ’81 76 MARK CHANDRAKANT LAKSHMANN Internal Medicine Case Western — Metropolitan General Hospital — Cleveland, Ohio Originally from the College Park, Mar land area, I attend- ed Gonzaga College High School in Washington, D.C. and the University of Maiydand, College Park. After my sophomore year at Maryland I took 3 years off for military ' service in Colorado and Germany. I am married and have one child. I plan on an Internal Medicine residency and my future career goals are in academic medicine. GREGORY JOSEPH LaVALLE Surgery University Hospital SUNY Stony Brook, New York 77 RICHARD JOSEPH LEUNG Surgery University of California Medical Center San Diego, California Two moments of inspiration stand out in my mind. Not long after starting out, those who were ahead of me were nearing the finish. With respect and a feeling of excitement I caught a glimpse of what could be my future, if I were on- ly to continue. In spite of pain, I persevered, always keep- ing in mind my goal. As I, myself, drew nearer to the finish, I saw determination in the faces of the struggling ones who were just at their beginning. The minutes seemed like hours and now, looking back, the hours seem like minutes. But I did achieve my goal. I crossed the finish line ... of the 26.2 mile 1980 Honolulu Marathon. RANDY LEVIN Internal Medicine Roger Williams General Hospital — Providence, Rhode Island The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. — Voltaire 78 ROBERT HOWARD LEVITT ' W M ’ 1 ' IS ' A; 1 li w ' ■ ‘A t ri MX|i »¥ l]Mm . F ' Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland I would like to take this opportuniU ' to include some of the honors not found in my Dean’s Letter. Born in Baltimore County, Mar dand, the home of the Millford Mill Millers. Member of the Championship team of the Pikesville Bowl- ing League in 1963. Starting pitcher for the Pikesville Little League in 1965. Bar Mitzvah in November, 1968. Graduated with honors from Sharrei Zion Hebrew School in 1969. VarsiN squad of UMBC Flag Football Team with the position of wide receiver in 1974. First team wide receiver (alias Bob Carr] for UniversiN of Maryland Medical School Football Team in 1978 and voted Player of the Week, Septmeber 5-12 of 1978. Loyal fan of the Maryland Terps through all the disappointments. Frequent ticketholder in Section 34 Memorial Stadium during the period of April through September for the past 4 years. And last but certainly not least — Lifetime membership to the Mt. Washington Tavern. “Knowledge is Good” — Emil Faber 1962 HERBERT NELSON LOVELESS Pathology Grady Memorial Hospital — Atlanta, Georgia 79 PHILIP JONATHAN LYNG Internal Medicine Mayo Graduate School of Medicine -- Rochester, Minnesota ALICE MARIE MAGNER Pediatrics Children’s Hospital — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania C()ll( ' ge: Harvard University, B.A. Magna Cum Laiide in Bi()l()g ' , 1977. R(!S( ' ar(;h Pnblicati()ns; Neurofibrillary Degeneration in Alzladiner ' s Disease: Thrombogenicity of Factor IX Con- C(!ntrat(!s; Sj)ina Bifida and Onset of Puberty: Effects of In- sulin on Fetal bung Development. Futuia Plans: Pediatrics, probably a subspecialty thereof Thoughts on Mt;dical School: Cood Lord! The thing was a mystery and wt! meiasured it. Eric Gill 80 ANDREW MARK MALINOW Obstetrics- Gynecology Sinai Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland A native Baltimorean, and inveterate Colts fan, Andy made his way downtown after 4 years as a Bioengineering major at Hopkins. “Thanks to all of my classmates for the many memories — especially Kathryn, who showed me how to mix medicine and the Homewood Deli; Sam, whose 6:30 AM wit and in- satiable urges kept me laughing; and to Howard and Jazz, who put up with my bitching (and singing). And most of all, thank you Abbe.” GORDON LEE MANDELL Anesthesiology West Virginia University Hospital — Morgantown, West Virginia 81 STEPHEN CHARLES BOYD MANN Family Practice Medical University of South Carolina — Charleston, South Carolina Steve and Gail Mann CAROL S. MARSHALL Flexible Wilmington Medical Center — Wilmington, Delaware I wa« born and raised in Baltimore City. After receiving my early education at Grace and St. Peters Episcopal School in the heart of the city I attended public school for a few years before moving to an experimental high school in Washington, D.C. As a young teenager I left high school to work and travel. Eventually I obtained a GED from the State of Maryland. During my years out of school I was married and had a daughter. My college education began in 1973 at the Community College of Baltimore and ended with a B.A. from Gouvher College in Towson, Maryland in 1977. I’ve attended University of Maryland Medical School since 1977. During the past 4 years I’ve been divorced and remarried to classmate Daniel Ferrick. I’m hoping to pur- sue a career in Pathology while my husband plans to enter Family Practice. Watch out, Dr. Woodward, you better get on the phone to the governor soon! 82 FRANKLIN NED MASIN Ophthalmology St. Francis General Hospital — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Born: 11 11 55, Coral Gables, Florida Lived most of my life in Rockville, Maryland Undergraduate Education: University of Maryland, Col- lege Park Medical School: University of Maryland Post-Graduate: Ophthalmology residency followed by a fellowship in retina surgery Career Goals: To set up a clinical practice in a warm climate with an outlet for teaching Family Plans: Hopefully, to be married to Lynn Sawdye this May or June and move south to Roanoke for my flexi- ble internship. Someday I hope to have 2 or 3 children, all of whom are “smart” enough to avoid medicine as a career. Hobbies: Bowling, baseball, running Dream: To run a marathon in less than 3 hours and then compete in the Boston Marathon. Quote: “I hate those damn Yankees!” MARY THERESE MASTRUCCI Pediatrics Rhode Island Hospital — Providence, Rhode Island 83 SAMUEL OPPEHEIM MATZ Surgery University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland SCOTT THOMAS MAURER Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 84 DAVID WILLIAM McCLURE Family Practice University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland My career plans include working full time as a phlebotomist while moonlighting as a physician. Also look- ing forward to eternal season tickets for the Baltimore Colts and a Family Practice group practice in Northern Maryland. I would like to thank my parents for their love and support. Most of all, I would like to thank Kay, my wife, for making the whole process so much easier. DALE MITCHELL MEYERS Surgery Union Memorial Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 85 DAVID CHRISTOPHER MILLER Family Practice University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland I leave here idealistic enough to be certain that there are better ways to educate doctors than these methods that we’ve been subjected to, but cynical enough (I’ve learned something in four years) to know that any such new ideas will never be put into practice. Most memorable ex- periences: the friends I’ve made. Most forgettable: many faculty members whose names I don’t remember and any on-call night. Ambition: to live happily ever after as a fami- ly practioner on the Eastern Shore. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll settle for team F.P. for the Orioles. Remember, Opening Day is never more than a year away. Finally, behind each surviving medical student, there is someone with a lot of love, patience, and understanding. Thanks, Teri. ANDREW GEORGE MISULIA Family Practice United Hospital Center — Clarksburg, West Virginia B.S., Mount St. Mary’s College, Emmitsburg, Md., 1969 B. of Health Science and P.A. Certificate, Duke University 1974 Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juarez, Escuela de Medicina, Cd. Juarez, Mexico, 1977-1979 Transferred to University of Maryland Class of 1981 in August, 1979 Specialty: Family Practice 86 DEAN LEWIS MONDELL Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine Sinai Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 6604 Dalton Drive, Baltimore, Maryland, 21207 4 19 55 Loyola College, B.S., 1977 “Grant that I may not criticize my neighbor until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.” PAUL EDWARD MULLEN, II Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 87 KATHRYN MARIE NEUMAN Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Member A.O.A. “Vita Abundantior” MARC OKUN Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 88 ROSE MARIA ONG Family Practice Mercy Medical Center — Denver, Colorado “You never really leave a place you love, part of it you take with you, leaving a part of you behind.” Mom and Dad; Can you believe your little girl is finally a doctor??? Uncle Max and losie: I’m so glad we’re related! Lefty — to whom I wish I was related. A life long dream finally realized . . . and we’ve only just begun. May 19, 1981 STEPHEN OZANNE Surgery University of Chicago — Chicago, Illinois “Projector C! . . . hold the button down . . . zzzzzz!” University of Maryland, College Park — B.A. in Music, Phi Beta Kappa. During medical school 1 spent many hours in activity with the Central Church of Christ, conducting a Soul Talk and directing the chorus. 1 married Beverly in 1978 and we had our first child in the spring of ’81. 1 am looking forward to a career in academic orthopedic surgery after fulfilling a three-year commitment to the gov ' t. “Show a gentle attitude toward everyone. The Lord is coming soon. Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need . . . and God ' s peace . . . will keep your hearts and minds . . .” 89 PHILIP FRANK PANZARELLA Family Practice University of Connecticut — Farmington, Connecticut STEPHEN MARK PATT Family Practice Alachua General Hospital — University of Florida — Gainesville, Florida One day a downtrodden starving dog was plodding through a field of daisies when his jaundiced eye was attracted by a lovely gabacho butterfly fluttering above the smiling heads of the flowers. “Follow me, puerro desgraciado,” said the butterfly. “Keep your eyes fixed on my rainbow-colored wings and I promise to lead you to the City of luaja, where all ills are banished and perfect health will be yours!” So the dog trotted after the mariposa, his gaze fixed on the beautiful wings — and tripped over a log, breaking one leg. Still the poor puerro had had so much misfortune in his life, he couldn’t resist the promise of that gabacho bug and hurried after him on 3 legs. Bu t a moment later the dog fell into a pit and broke 2 more legs. “Get up!” cried the gabacho insect. “We’re almost there!” So the crippled pobrecito struggled onto his one good leg and was hopping across the highway like a pogostick, desperately chasing the pendejo mariposa when he was hit and killed by a Cadillac carrying four gabachos — an internist, a surgeon, an oncologist, and a pathologist. As the car sped off the hermosa mariposa waved sadly, “Bienvenido a luaja, pobre hijo de la gran puta tu.” 90 JAMES LOUIS PERTSCH Surgery Rhode Island Hospital — Providence, Rhode Island Loyola College, squash, basketball intramurals, ER employment. Union Square, Maryland Marathon 1980, ’roids. “What you can do is be compassionate to the four year old who is still within ya.” BRIEN EDWIN PIERPONT Internal Medicine University South Florida College of Medicine — Tampa, Florida A graduate of Western Maryland College in biology and of Peabody Conservatory of Music in percussion. In 1979, transferred to the junior year at the University of Maryland School of Medicine from the University of Perugia, Italy. Hobbies include swimming, weightlifting, and music. Plans a career in primary-care medicine. 91 DEBORAH RUBIN POLLACK Psychiatry Georgetown University Hospital — Washington, D.C. “Sometimes lights are all shining on me, other times I can barely see. Lately, it occurred to me what a long strange trip it’s been.” The Grateful Dead ALAN RICKY POLLACK Internal Medicine Georgetown University Hospital — Washington, D.G. Alan and Debbie Pollack, we met at College Park and got engaged. We came to medical school together and defying statistics we stayed together and even matched together at Georgetown University. During the preclinical years, Alan was Dean of “The School of Correspondence” while Deb- bie worked in the OME. We both participated in HDME and the making of the “Zebra Guide.” 92 JOSEPH PIVEN Internal Medicine Good Samaritan Hospital = Phoenix, Arizona LANCE DeWITT POTOCKI Family Practice University of Cincinnati Hospital — Cincinnati, Ohio told you never to try a somersault ' 93 JAMES SCOTT POWELL Surgery University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland MICHAEL ALAN RABOVSKY F’amily Practice Case Western — Cleveland Hospital — Cleveland, Ohio After graduating from the Universtiy of Pennsylvania, Mike returned to his native Baltimore to begin graduate study at the University of Maryland. He enjoyed his research in reproductive endocrinology, for which he almost won the Nobel Prize. Disappointed but not un- daunted by the lack of insight of those in Stockholm, Mike settled for a career in medicine. For his stunning perfor- mances at the Synapse, the Campus Inn, and the Mount Washington Tavern, Mike was voted in his junior year to the Association of Oedipal Alcoholics. Some of his more memorable experiences in medical school include Oldtimer’s Day at Memorial Stadium, June, 1979, the epidemiology final, the epidemiology final again, and the circumcision he performed as tunes from “Fiddler on the Roof” echoed through the Urology Clinic. Mike looks for- ward to a career in family practice. 94 ROBERT PAUL REID Family Practice University of Colorado Health Science Center - Denver, Colorado Born in Boston, graduated from Phillips Academy, An- dover in 1966, enlisting in the Marine Corps, winding up in Vietnam with the infantry spending much of ’67 and ’68 along the DMZ learning much about the world in a very short time and in a very small place, learning things no classroom would ever teach, finding out just how long the Wichita Lineman could stay on the Line and just how much I wanted to become a doctor. College during the “days of rage’’ in the late sixties — early seventies at Colorado Col- lege in Colorado Springs, majoring in English, graduating in 1973. In between college and medical school working in Radio and Television in the Denver-Colorado Springs area “The Great American Novel’’ still unfinished, but after all these years of writing, it’s like singing for the sake of the song . . . JOSEPH MICHAEL REILLY Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 95 LINDA JEANNE REVER Surgery University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Born September 4, 1955 at Baltimore, Maryland High School Degree, 1973, Towson High School, Towson Maryland AB in Chemistry, 1977, Goucher College, Towson Mariana, where she was President of the Commuting Students Organization, Co-Chairman and Mistress of Ceremonies of “Potpourri,” annual musical show, and ac- tive m the Chemistry Club. She was also recipient of CRC’s Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Student” Award M.D., 1981 University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, where she was a member of AMSA founding member and Secretary-Treasurer (1978-79) of University of Maryland Women in Medicine. She also served as Coordinator of women alumnae for a mposiurn, “Women in Medicine,” April 1980, tour guide tor the Admissions Office, and finally as editor, Terrae Manae Medicus, class yearbook. Civic Aclivities; Dulaney Valley Symphony Society. Coucher Club of Baltimore, Board of Directors Alumnae Association of Goucher College Hobbies: sewing, crocheting, needlepoint, tennis, flying Career Goals: Residency in general surgery, followed possibly by a fellowship in a subspecialty thereof, then a group practice with a part-time academic teaching commitment. SHEILA RHODES Flexible Maryland General Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 96 LORINDA RICHARDSON Family Practice Garfield County Medical Program — Enid, Oklahoma MARILYN RIGHETTI Surgery University of California — Irvine, California 97 DONNA LESLIE RINIS Internal Medicine Washington Hospital Center — Washington, D.C. “How sad and had and mad it was — But thou, how it was sweet!” “Conlessions,” Robert Browning HOWARD NEIL ROBINSON Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital — San Diego, California Howard did his undergraduate work in Zoology at Univer- sity of Maryland, College Park. He was a CAPP student and plans a career in Internal Medicine. He enjoys writing, sailing, and traveling. He hopes for a long, happy, and healthy life with his wife, Terese. 98 DAVID GEORGE RORISON ANDREW GHARLES SANDERS Internal Medicine Walter Reed Army Hospital — Washington, D.C. I went to college at the University of Maryland at College Park where I graduated in 1977 with a degree in Zoology. Medical school has been four very good years for me. At the top of my experiences was getting married in January, 1979. I start my residency in July at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Internal Medicine. And at the end of July, by God’s grace, our first child will be born. 99 RONA SAYETTA Public Health Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene — Baltimore, Maryland JAY MARTIN SCHEIN Obstetrics-Gynecology Sinai Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland mmmm 100 SUSAN SZABO SCHEPP Internal Medicine Montefiore Hospital — Bronx, New York JOHN MOREY SCHILLO Pathology University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland PATRICK PAUL SCHIMPF Surgery Prince Georges General Hospital — Gheverly, Maryland LAUREN ANN SCHNAPER Surgery University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland ' 74%4Si iPlI 102 LINDA JANE SHAW Pediatrics Children ' s Hospital University of Washington - Seattle, Washington Linda struggled through the first two years of medical school with the “carpool comradely " of Candace Chandler. Rob Conley, and lohn Schillo. With the support of Bob. Laura and Ryan she survived the last two. She lives on to pursue a long-term interest in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, and wishes much happiness for all the graduates of 1981! FRANK O’MAHONEY SHEA Flexible Maryland General Hospital — Baltimortj, Maryland ‘‘Dreams can drift away And sails can fill with doubt Where ' s vour vision if the embers Bicker out Don ' t let it sli]) from view The horizons are waiting Your river is fading So keep the fire burning. " 103 ELISE YUMI SHITAMA Family Practice The Fairfax Ffospilal — Falls Church, Virginia There are places I’ll remember all my life, though some have changed, Some forever, not for better. Some have gone and some remain. All these places had their moments. With lovers and friends I still can recall. Some are dead and some are living, in my life I’ve loved them all. HOWARD LEONARD SIEGEL Pediatrics Sinai Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland I was born in Baltimore on February 24, 1956 and raised by my parents and older brother who have always treated me with love and understanding. I attended the University of Maryland — College Park for three years after which I was accepted into the University of Maryland School of Medicine. During medical school, I practiced memorizing, class officiating, writing and directing Follies, and boycot- ting. More importantly, I was instructed in the art of medicine and fell in love with Pediatrics. Speaking of love, I married Barb in my Junior year of medical school (May, 1980). Now you know how I made it through this insanity. 104 SUSAN HELEN SIEGEL Internal Medicine Maryland General Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland GARY HOWARD SILBER Pediatrics University of Connecticut — Farmington, Connecticut Gary graduated from Washington University with a degree in Biology. He will undoubtedly be remembered by his classmates not for his medicinal talents but rather for his fervent devotion to the New York Yankees. He plans to be a pediatrician. 105 JOHN CHRISTIAN SINCLAIR Surgery Madigan Army Medical Center — Tacoma, Washington JERRY DANIEL SKARBECK Internal Medicine St. Agnes Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Jerry Daniel Skarbek, son of Mrs. Valeria C. Skarbek and the late Mr. Ignace Skarbek, was born in Flint, Michigan on December 7, 1945. He received a B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Washington in 1969 and 1974, respectively. He held an appointment as Assistant Professor in the School of Pharmacy, The University of Maryland, from January, 1974 through June, 1977. He is married to Valeria M. nee Madden, and they have two daughters, Valeria Alicia and Jennifer Marie. 106 JEFFERY PAUL SMITH Internal Medicine Dartmouth Hitchcock Center — Hanover, New Hampshire B.S. degree from Villanova University Participated in CAPP (Combined Accelerated Program in Psychiatry) throughout medical school Member A.O.A. SAMUEL SMITH Obstetrics-Gynecology Georgetown University Hospital — Washington, D.C. Sam is a native of Baltimore and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of The George Washington University with a B.S. in Biologic Science. He subsequently attended the University of Maryland Medical School and graduated Alpha Omega Alpha. Sam is a published researcher in the field of nerve regeneration and is active in promoting research activity by fellow medical students. Sam is pursuing a career in Obstetrics-Gynecology and plans to develop a primate practice in the Baltimore-Washington area. When away from the academic environment, Sam’s major interests are his family, skiing, racquetball, the Arts, and the study of wine. 107 DINA SOKAL Psychiatry University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland WOO KWANG SONG Flexible York Hospital — York, Pennsylvania 4 ' A 108 LELAND DOUGLAS SPENCER Obstetrics- Gynecology St. Agnes Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland CARL SPERLING Internal Medicine Union Memorial Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland I was born and raised in Baltimore. I graduated college from University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). I got married while in my junior year of medical school. My future plans include remaining in the Baltimore area to do a residency in Internal Medicine. 109 SCOTT ALLAN SPIER Internal Medicine Mercy Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland MARK STEGA ■?■■ ' ■ . ■ ■ ' 110 JOHN RICHARD STEINBERG Internal Medicine Greater Baltimore Medical Center — Baltimore, Maryland MICHAEL JEROME STERRETT Surgery Sinai Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland I am 30 yrs. old, born in Detroit, Michigan. I am one of ten children. I attended Michigan State University and receiv- ed a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1973. I worked for 4 years as a design engineer. I am married to Deborah and have two daughters, ages 3 and 1. I have been married for 5 years. 111 MICHAEL TIMOTHY STOWELL Flexible Letterman Army Medical Center — San Francisco, California MURRAY SUSKIN Surgery Medical College of Pennsylvania — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 112 GREGORY LAYNE TAYLOR Family Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Though I was born and raised to age 12 in suburban Silver Spring, Md., I tend to identify with a rural lifestyle as I ex- perienced during my adolescence in Carroll County, Md. My undergraduate experience was divided between Boston University and UMBC as a double major in biology and psychology. I also spent one post-graduate year at UMBC in the department of biology. Through college and medical school I served as a counselor on a crisis interven- tion hotline and as an alcoholism counselor. Besides my academic interests, I am an avid sports fan, play table ten- nis, have a green belt in karate, like to read classic literature, and enjoy the arts (especially musicj. I plan upon going into Family Medicine as a career and eventually set- tling in rural Maryland or Pennsylvania. EDWARD MONROE THOMPSON Family Practice Andrews Air Force Base — Washington, D.C. Edward (not Ed] was born a Frederick, Vlarylandtonian, was raised a Fredericktonian, and may someday be a Fredericktonian. He graduated from Randolph-Macon in Ashland, VA., after spending a year studying English Lit. in Edinburgh, Scotland. His hobbies include boardgames, listening to music, going to movies, and treating colds in the E.R. His ambition is to be a garden-growing smalltown FP and to live in a Tudor home. He and his lovely wife, Robin, will move to D.C. in 1981 where he will begin a FP residency at Andrews AFB. 113 DAVID PRESCOTT TIETJEN Internal Medicine Tripler Army Medical Center — Hawaii I’m from Potomac, Md., and I received my B.S. in zoology from Duke University in 1976. During the years here at Maryland I’ve been “class security affairs advisor,” the notetaker who was funnier, and had my debut as an actor in the Follies — not to mention keeping a near perfect record of attendance (at class parties, of course — or did you think I meant Epidemiology lectures?). In all seriousness though, knowing and working and laughing with my classmates has been the best part of medical school. I’ll be doing my residency in Hawaii; Tripler Army Medical Center, to be exact. While there I hope to play a lot of golf, enjoy the sun that shines every day, and even become a good practioner of internal medicine. So if you, too, ever find yourself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, be sure to look me up. REBECCA LOUISE TOMINACK Internal Medicine University of Maryland Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland “Becky” " The infamous 1190” My hometown is Indian Head in southern Maryland where I grew up as the second of twelve children. I attended pre-nursery school, nursery school, kindergarten and then 12 years of small league Catholic school. Got my first college degree in com- puter programming at Charles County Community College while working full time as a clerk in a drug store. Going big places at that time. My real undergraduate degree is BS in Pharmacy, University of Maryland at Baltimore, valedictorian. In med school I was a first row seat addict with Kathryn Newman Freshman year but graduated to back row aisle for easy escape and finally correspondence school by end of Sophomore year. I tutored in Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, and phar- macology. I took notes and translated Dr. Don ' s 2 hour psychotic raving sessions Intro to Glinical Practice Freshman year and pharmacology, given by a remarkable series of variable penetrance Trisomy 21 ' s and other obviously genetic accidents. Hobbies in medical school — old: studying, embroidery; new: recumbancy, work avoidance. Research interest — the benefit to backfire ratio of “low profile” vs “making a scene. " Orgunizotions; AMS A. AOA Memorubie events; “Myonecrosis following my first and last coed flag football game. “I can say sympathomimetic.” Giving Edson X, Albuquerque the finger in a pharm lecture. Being in Theodore Woodward MD ' s Sophomore PD group. Being hit on the head by Dr. Woodward at medical grand rounds. Failing the din path exam the first time. Teaching Bob Levitt to do crewel embroidery. Sophomore follies as Dr. Mrs. Woodward and the pharm bunny. Pluns: Residency in internal medicine, maybe chief resident so that 1, too, can say " Well, professor? ■ ' to junior students, maybe fellowship in clinical pharmacology, maybe I ' ll flap my arms and fly to the moon. Think I ' d be happier in academic medicine in a universitv center than as an LMD. Starting a sperm donor list. THANKS EVERYONE, IT WAS A BLAST. 114 FRANCIS JAMES TOWNSEND, III Internal Medicine Union Memorial Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland KAREN YVONNE TRENT Flexible Maryland General Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland Born and raised in Baltimore, Md. Attended Baltimore City public schools. Graduated from University of Pittsburgh with B.S. degree in Biochemistry. Plan to pursue career in ophthalmology. Hobbies; horticulture, athletics. 115 EMILY ULMER Family Practice United Hospital Center — Clarksburg, West Virginia PAUL ANTHONY VALLE, Jr. Family Practice Franklin Square Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 116 PETER JOSEPH VERDIN, JR. Surgery Case Western-Cleveland Hospital — Cleveland, Ohio “When you part from your friend grieve not; For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain.’’ The Prophet My love and admiration to my parents who have always been there. To Patty, the love of my life, thanks for “hang- ing in there’’ through all that has transpired. Warmest regards and best of luck to all of my friends in the class of ’ 81 . JOSE R. VIGOREAUX Internal Medicine University of Miami School of Medicine — Miami, Florida Born and raised in Puerto Rico, where he completed his B.S. degree with a major in mathematics, jose came to Maryland to attend medical school. In between his fre- quent trips to the island and the Saturday nights at Girard s, he managed to complete all the school requirements suc- cessfully. He will remain in the states to pursue specialty training, after which he plans to return to Puerto Rico to establish his practice and enjoy his favorite pastimes; ten- nis and water skiing. 117 ROBERT OWEN VOIGHT, II Internal Medicine Boston City Hospital — Boston, Massachusetts Rob was a zoology major at College Park who entered the freshman class already a husband, a father, and a dodder- ing old man of 28. He attributes the maintenance of his sanity through medical school to his wife, his son, his friends in the class, the noteservice, and yearly vacations in Maine. Of all the many moments he will remember fondly the daily commute from Beltsville is not one. ELIZABETH ELSTER WACK Internal Medicine Presbyterian University of Pennsylvania Medical Center — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania C.C.; “I am unable to write in paragraph form.” II.P.L: Pt states difficulty began in 1977 when she entered the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Nothing makes it better. Everything makes it worse. P.H.; 1954 Born Freeport, 111 ., 1976 B.S. U. of Md., College Pk., 1977 M.S. Northwestern U., Evanston, 111 . S.H.: Pt admits to frequent expensive vacations, reading non-medical books, and Dance Fever. Impression: Senior medical student Plan: l.Craduate 2. Residency — Medicine 118 BRIAN WOODROW WAMSLEY Internal Medicine Naval Regional Medical Center — San Diego, California Brian graduated from the Univ. of Md., College Park, with a B.Sc. in chemical engineering. He participated in the ac- tivities of Alpha Chi Sigma, AICHE, Omega Chi Epsilon, and Tail Beta Pi. Work included being a technician in an environmental kinetics lab and an aerosol lab, then a teaching assistant in chemistry his senior year. Thoughts of medical school were not entertained till the summer after freshman year. S erious planning for medical school was not undertaken till halfway through the sophomore year. The first two years of medical school were a tremendous change from the “{problem solving” of his engineering days. The clinical years made it all worthwhile though. Brian was on the minimester electives committee and spent his free time away from the wartls and books tending his hopeless addiction to science fiction and electronic gadgets witlgets. His engineering background is always lurking just over his shoidder, and he continues to toy with the idea of returning to graduate school later on and or perhaps getting involved in some medical research. Brian is definitely ready for the warmer clime of San Diego, but will probably return to the c»ast coast to settle down. EDWARD C. WATTERS, III Internal Medicine Mercy Hos{]ilal-— Baltimore, Maryland Pld (Terryl will be continuing his studies in ophthalmology’ at the University of Maryland, starting in 1982. Pollowing completion of this residency he expects to open a private; practice in his hometown. Annajiolis. 119 DAVID R. WEBER Internal Medicine University Health Center Pittsburgh — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania LAWRENCE WEISS Pathology Peter Brent Brigham Hospital — Boston, Massachusetts I was graduated from the University of Maryland at Col- lege Park and was class valedictorian in 1976. In medical school, I have served as a tutor, teaching assistant, and member of Alpha Omega Alpha; and I also have been in- volved in research in colon cancer pathogenesis. I am 24 years old and single. 120 SAMUEL ALAN YOUSEM Pathology Stanford University Hospital — Stanford, California Though I arrived from Duke University contemplating a degree in psychiatry, I find myself leaving University of Maryland about to enter a career in pathology. I don’t know whether this reflects a massive change in personality or my experience at Maryland. Anyway, in addition to my academic pursuits, I was a representative, then President of the Student Council, an interviewer for the Admissions Committee and finally (with greatest pleasure] an organizer of both class whitewater raft trips. Spare time was spent skiing, and in research in ophthalmic pathology. I would like to wish my colleagues the best of luck in their future endeavors and to thank friends, family, and faculty for their help, support, and good times. GLORIA J. ZIBILIGH Family Practice Mercy-St. Luke’s Hospital — Davenport, Iowa A native of Iowa, Gloria transferred to the University of Maryland during the second year, to be reunited with her fiance, who is a member of the class of 1982. Her plans in- clude a Family Practice residency in Iowa to be followed by two years of service in the National Health Service Corps. 121 LAURIE TWILA ZIMMERMAN Psychiatry University Health Center Pittsburgh — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Laurie Twila Zimmerman is a former high school drop-out accepted to medical school after graduating Phi Beta Kap- pa in microbiology from the University of Maryland in Col- lege Park. Five days after completing her first semester of medical school she married lohn Frederick Keller, who subsequently decided to keep his own name. Although Laurie originally intended to pursue a career in family practice, she later decided to become a psychiatrist because she felt at home on the wards. During her junior year she had a daughter, jessica Twila Keller, whose future medical career looks promising since she finished junior medicine pre-natally. Laurie has also been active in the American Medical Student Association, the Human Dimensions in Medical Education Program, and has served as editor of the student newspaper. The Aesculapian. Although she has tolerated her medical training relatively well thus far, she is eagerly awaiting a chance to learn something truly in- teresting and useful, such as square-dancing or photography. JAY ZWEIER Internal Medicine U.S. Public Health Service Hospital — Baltimore, Maryland 122 PRECLINICAL YEARS 123 ORIENTATION DAY MEDICAL SCHOOL TEACHINC FACULTY 124 125 127 128 MAY, 1979 129 WINE AND CHEESE PARTY MSTF LOBBY FEBRUARY 27, 1979 130 CLINICAL YEARS 131 JUNIOR OYSTER ROAST THE HUNT VALLEY INN OCTOBER 26, 1979 132 MATCH DAY HOWARD HALL MARCH 18, 1981 it ' M-mi w SENIOR BARBEQUE THE BERGS’ MAY 23, 1981 136 GRADUATION WEEK THE OATH OF HIPPOCRATES “I do solemnly swear, by that which I hold most sacred, that I will be loyal to the profes- sion of medicine and just and generous to its members. That I will lead my life and prac- tice my art in uprightness and honor. That in- to whatsoever house I shall enter it shall be for the good of the sick. To the utmost of my power I hold myself aloof from wrong, from corruption, from the tempting of others to vice. That I will exercise my art solely for the cure of my patients, and will give no drug, perform no operation, for a criminal purpose, even if solicited, far less suggest it. That what- soever I shall see or hear, I will keep in- violably secret. These things I do promise and in proportion as I am faithful to this, my oath, may happiness and good repute be ever mine, the opposite if I shall be forsworn.” Presumed representation of Hippocrates 137 SENIOR BANQUET THE BELVEDERE MAY 28, 1981 138 SENIOR FOLLIES MAY 27, 1981 - .«a 139 ALUMNI BANQUET HUNT VALLEY INN MAY 28, 1981 140 PRECOMMENCEMENT CONVOCATION CONVENTION CENTER MAY 29, 1981 141 142 i. il u WAi f ip yAa icl € i£ O ri Tiounced CAoiX tld J)€-7 4A€d 4ih A e Ae -on. t tu»€n - un yU A? xycAocA i f t it yoAte ' n im AA« Oy rru ' € vcc ■ ?u?T€ . t. iAir yAanA MS . •A Rebecca Samuel Alan Yousem THE BALDER SCHOLARSHIP-AWARD for Outstanding ALadeiUic Acfiievement r Karen Rose Kingry r. ' THE DR. LEONARD M. HUMMEL MEMORIAL AWARD , r for Excellence in Internal Medicine - 4rf ’4 award for personal Attributes of Scholarship Ability and Compassi for Patients Samuel Carl Gold UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Tlj ARlLAND J|CADEMY OF FAMILY A. Wf W.AR n THE D] AYNE W. BA Excellence in yne Edmund q C PRIZE THE DR. KFS R. WILHEHBSON AWARD THE D jl EDMUND Bl PLEY PRIZE f Excellence in ' Raren Rose K| Alice Marie Mi liatrics W CUM_. ■ ' .. . Samuel Call Gold Mark Chandrakant Lakshmanan Randy Levin P RbLert Howard Levitt ndrew Charles Sanders - L Jeffery Paul Smith Samuel Smith 5 Paul Aathony Valle, Jr. f Robert Owen Voight, II THE UHLEN HUTH PRIZE FOR ANATOMY Rebecca Louise Tominack THE DR. FRANCIS DONALDSON PRIZE for Excellence in Pathology Lawrence Martin Weiss THE RUDOLPH VIRCHOW PRIZE for Research in Pathology Steven Walter Boyce fay Louis Zweier THE EUGENE BRODY PRIZE ’ ’ ' " for Eimellence in Psychotherapy John Kao Hsiao THE DR. JACOB E. FINESINGER PRIZE for Excellence in Psychiatry Scott Allan Spier rHE im A. BRADLEY CJAITHER MEMORIAL PRIZE Excellence iniGenito-Urinary Surgery AndrewjMark Malinow THEpPJOHN SPECim ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for Excellence ift Preventive Medicine Gary iCoward Silber THE D WiVILLIAM ALEXANDER HAMMOND AWARD S for Excellence in Neurology W Robert Russell Conley 4M TAT4MEnT S Rii ER, . J ' . PHOTCpRAPHERS DAVID RORISON, EDWARD THOMPSON, WAYl E GAINES, CHRIS MILLER AND WILLIAM B. REVER, JR. In the background — Temple of Asclepios The Alumni of the UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE extends their congratulations to the members of the CLASS OF 1981 and welcomes them to membership in the MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ■V € 144 • 4 -

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