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cnnfi OKWS I GEORGE DALIS MD DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY INSTITUTE OF PSYCHIATRY HUMAN BEHAVIOR UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Baltimore, Maryland 21201 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Baltimore, Maryland 21201 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Baltimore, Maryland 21201 Misbah Khan, M.D., M.p.H. Assistant Profassor Department of Pediatrics UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS RM. 102 BRESSLER RESEARCH BUILDING 29 S. GREENE STREET Baltimore, Maryland 21201 NIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE FAMILY PRACTICE PROGRAM FAMILY HEALTH CENTER BALTIMORE AND GREENE STREETS BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21201 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY SCHOO L OF MEDICINE OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS RM. 547 HOWARD HALL 660 W. REDWOOD STREET Baltimore. Maryland 21201 DEPARTMENT of MEDICINE Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association Asia House Mount Auburn l|uapttal Oberlin, Ohio 44074 330 Mt. Auburn Street Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 Ruderman, Ann Elizabeth 34 Maple Dr. Balto., Md. 21228 747-6115 UNIVERSITY OF MAF Dr. Hugues J.— P, Ryser Department of Pathology BOSTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 80 East Concord Street Boston, Massachusetts 02118 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT HOUSTON SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH P. 0. Box 20186 Asttodome Station Houston, Texas 77025 UNIVERSITY OP UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Redwood and Gi SCHOOL OF MEDICINE BALTIMORE. MAF OFFICE OF MEDICAL EDUCATION ROOM 257 HOWARD HALL 660 W. REDWOOD STREET Baltimore, Maryland 21201 DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL ATIONAL BOARD OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS 3930 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa, 19104 SINAI-DRUID COMPREHENSIVE CENTER MEMO FROM: DATE — MRS. CHARLOTTE SMITH NURSING SECRETARY UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OFFICE OF MEDICAL EDUCATION ROOM 257 HOWARD HALL 660 W. REDWOOD STREET Baltimore, Maryland 21201 VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HOSPITAL 4150 Clement Street SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA 94121 OFFICIAL BUSINESS penalty for PRIVATE USE, $300 RETURN AFTER FIVE DAYS UNIVERSITY OF MARYLANC SCHOOL OF MEDICINE LMH THE UNION MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PEOPLE’S MEDICAL Julian W. Reed, M. D. OFFICE OF THE DEAN UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21201 Room 543, Howard Hall 660 W. Redwood Street FREE CLINIC DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIOLOGY UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND HOSPITAL REDWOOD AND GREENE STREETS BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21201 National Intern and Resident Matching Program 1603 Orrington Avenue, Suite 1155 FAMILY HEALTH CENTER Divison of Family Practice University of Maryland Evanston, Illinois 60201 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND lND HOSPITAL RYLAND IE Streets lND 21201 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21201 Mercy Hospital, Inc. p. Y. LIANG. M. D. Baltimore, Md. 21202 700 CATHEDRAL STREET BALTIMORE 1. MARYI.AND 21201 Family Practice Program INIVERSITY OF MARYLANC SCHOOL OF MEDICINE RM. 547 HOWARD HAUL 660 W. REDWOOD STREET Baltimore. Maryland 2120 Baltimore and Greene Streets JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL Area 301: 528-5680 gQ, NORTH BROADWAY IMIlMEllMMOlMitlK 10 SHATTUCK STREET, BOSTON. MASSACHUSETTS 02115 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS RM. 847 HOWARD HALL 660 W. REDWOOD STREET Baltimore, Maryland 21201 BALTIMORE, MD. 21205 BOARD OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS OF MARYLAND 1211 CATHEDRAL STREET BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21201 PEDIATRIC RESIDENCY PROGRAM APPALACHIA, MARYLAND SERVICE REPORT UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE FAMILY PRACTICE PROGRAM FAMILY HEALTH CENTER BALTIMORE AND GREENE STREETS b ' aLTIMORE. MARYLAND 21201 Department of Path UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Office of the Registrar Howard Hall, Room 135 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21201 OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE RM. 547 HOWARD HALL 660 W. redwood street Baltimore, Maryland 21201 Department of Rehabilitation Medicine UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND HOSPITAL Baltimore, Maryland 21201 ology UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TERRA MARIAE MEDICUS 1974 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND I swear by Apollo the physician, by Aesculapius, Hygeia, Panacea, and I take to witness all the gods, all the goddesses, to keep according to my ability and my judgement the following . . . UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21201 COMMITTEE ON ADMISSIONS TELEPHONE: (301) 528-7478 It is with very great pleasure that the Committee on Admissions is able to offer you a place in the Class of 1 974 entering the School of Medicine in September, 1 970. This offer is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of the requirements for entrance as stated in our current catalog and the satisfactory completion of all college courses as stated in your application. The Committee assumes that you will maintain your present high level of scholarly achievement. A reply to this offer at your early convenience would be appreciated. This offer does expire two weeks from the above date. In order to matriculate, a remittance of Fifty Dollars ($50.00), by check or money order, drawn to the " University of Maryland, " should be returned to the Committee. This remittance, consisting of an advanced deposit of $50.00 on your tuition, will be credited to your first semester charges when you register. In the event that you withdraw before registration, it will be returned upon request. You will receive a receipt for the amount sent us. This receipt must be presented to the Comptroller ' s Office at the time of registration in order that it can be credited to your first semester ' s charges. We will also send you a letter of tentative matriculation. For the purposes of tuition, our records show you to be classified as a resident. Prior to matriculation in September, the University requires that you have sent to this Office, official transcripts of courses taken in college including those to be completed this academic year. It is with great pleasure that we are looking forward to having you with us at the School of Medicine. Sincerely yours. COMMITTEE ON ADMISSIONS Karl H. Weaver, M.D. Associate Dean and Chairman KHW ajb CC: 4 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND AT BALTIMORE TUITION AND FEES BILL LAST FIRST M. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER 197-4 MrtU iBt Ytmr SEMESTER SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Make checks payable to the UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND. 1 ■: -4 Bill Number ® 6104 TUITION AND FEES AMOUNT Matriculation Fee Tuition Resident) QQ Tuition (Non-ResidenO Supporting Facilities Fee 0 00 Instructional Resources Fee . _ h DO Health Fee 00 1 Student Activities Fee 11 7 ' 5 1 Hospitalization 1 kii 1 Dormitory Fee 1 1 Graduation Fee 13 ' 00 Late Registration Fee Service Charge i ! Total Charges 7 7 Advanced Deposit Dormitory Denosit Fees Remitted Loan Note Scholarship r v c o Total Credits « ; .77 Balance Due l:Sl 7 ROB 5-73 JI«-7 7 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 PSYCHIATRY SecofMJ ‘ ' A‘h ' y t. i ' :.rCAL MICKOUIOUWJU I I --l KrHoXoGy W ' ivircROBiOLOGY REVIEVY F.A.OAVIS yOI»cicii» ' ♦ £SS£MTtAiSOn giOi 14 MACMSLIAN 18 19 20 22 I 23 . . . to consider dear to me as my parents him who taught me this art . . . 25 26 27 29 . . for the good of my patients according to my ability 30 31 32 33 34 35 . . . to impart to . . . the disciples ... the precepts . . . . . . and the instruction 36 37 38 DR. WOODWARD WANTS YOU TO WASH YOLR H M 39 .U is 40 43 44 45 ■ I (» » 46 47 48 50 51 f 52 I 53 54 56 57 This is your University of Maryland Hospital Cafeteria. We hope you enjoy the food service offered here. To make your dining a little more enjoyable, we ask you to follow a few simple rules: 1 . Please bus your own trays by taking them to the exit door. 2. Please observe a maximum of four guests at one table. 3. This is a “scramble system” cafeteria. You do not have to wait at the front door . . . please move directly to the service counter of your choice. If we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to ask one of our service attendants or management. We are here to serve you and to make your dining experience a pleasurable one. Thank you for your patronage. 58 A k Michael R. Behre, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Family Practice Residency Mike graduated from the University of Mary- land ' s College Park campus with a major in zoology. He worked as a lifeguard and swim- ming instructor for eight summers; also enjoys golf and tennis, and occasionally plays basket- ball. Mike says he doesn ' t have any last words of wisdom for us to print, saying he has to watch his words because he ' s staying here for his training. Charles P. Adamo, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Family Practice Residency Friends call him " Chuck. " Graduated from College Park with a major in English and did senior honors in tear gas, 1970. In medical school. Chuck was a Medical Extern at Lutheran Hospital and did a Family Practice Preceptorship. Spouse: The Fair Damian Other: Sailing, fishing, Student Representative in Ambulatory Services Committee Career: Family Practice or Psychiatry Samuel I. Benesh, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Straight Medicine Internship Sam is supposed to be one of the most consci- entious men in the class — we ' ve heard that from a lot of people. He holds a B.S. in biology from Franklin and Marshall College and has decided on a career in internal medicine, mostly in private practice but with some teach- ing in addition. We hope he does — we need good teachers. Jonathan M. Bedri, M.D. University of Southern California Med ica I Center Straight Medicine Internship Jon came from U. C. Berkeley with a B.A. in English. At the U. of Md., he has had innumera- ble distinctions which include Alcoholism Counseling, Tuerk House resident, preceptor- ship in Psychiatry at NIH, and the only person to have seen the " Ghost of Hollins Street " at 2:00 a.m. EST and lived. Jon is a true Renais- sance man and is equally at home in the O.R. and the B.R. 62 George E. Berley, M.D. Mercy Hospital, Baltimore Internal Medicine " Having worked extensively in the heavy con- struction industry, I came to medical school thinking a pile driver was a surgical instrument. Four years of medical education have failed to convince me oth erwise. " George plans to divide his time next year between a medical internship and his family: wife Jeanne, son Matthew, daughter Allison. Lynn Marie Billingsley, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Internal Medicine Lynn graduated from College Park wi-th a B.S. in zoology. She is also known as Jaworski since her marriage to a surgery resident of the same name and is one of two remaining members of the Billingsley-Schnell-Jackson-Gold car pool. Medical school summers were spent as a surgi- cal extern at St. Joseph ' s Hospital. Lynn plans a career in medicine under the name Billingsley — God, Government, and Michael willing. Ira J. Berman, M.D. Maryland General Hospital Internal Medicine Ira went to Hopkins as an undergraduate but someone convinced him that the University of Maryland had a better medical school, so he came here. While he was here Ellen convinced him to marry her. Politica l views changed radi- cally, too. He now believes that women belong in medicine (while he belongs in dermatology), so he ' s going to follow his medical internship with a derm residency at University Hospital. Richard Warren Bittrick, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Family Practice Dick graduated from Lehigh University and did graduate work at Stanford: he then taught physiology and bioengineering at the Air Force Academy for three years. During medi- cal school he has done research on eye move- ment at Hopkins. He was elected to AOA and has served on the student council and as class president. Dick enjoys sports of all kinds and claims to be a real athletic supporter — in other words, a jock. His ambition is to practice out in the Rockies and to do some teaching, too. 63 Jeffrey P. Block, M.D. McGill University Obstetrics — Gynecology Residency Jeff was a Political Science major at Case Western Reserve before coming to medical school. He escaped back into the real world senior year by spending some elective time liv- ing and working with a G.P. in rural Montana. He is an Esplanade dweller and plans a career in obstetrics and gynecology. Gary Deaver Boston, M.D. Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Mich. Orthopedics Residency Premed: New Mexico State University — B.S. in Biology, 1968 After a false start under the auspices of the Generalissimo Franco at the University of Bar- celona, Gary came to the University of Mary- land. Among his credits are Alcoholism Coun- seling, nursing assistant in Premature Nursery, Blood Drawing team and Blood Bank, Psychia- try Fellow, Clerkship at Walter Reed and Tri- pler Army Hospitals, photography and flying. Richard Alan Block, M.D. Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, San Diego, Calif. Rotating Internship Dick graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in 1970 as a biology major. He and wife Lynn, who teaches art, have spent the summers traveling in Europe. Dick enjoys all sports but says he never seems to find time enough to play anymore, for some reason. A rotating internship in San Diego is planned, to be followed by a residency in obstetrics and gynecology. Stephen Branning, M.D. Mercy Hospital Straight Medicine Internship Stephen had a zoology background when he came to medical school, as many of us did. He has worked in the Shock Trauma Unit but has decided on a career in internal medicine, and he ' d like to have a private practice. 64 Joseph E. Bush Jr., M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Radiology-General Joe is a tense fellow who always has his finger- nails bitten way down; but maybe carrying on a family tradition like Joe ' s (his father and grandfather were both Maryland graduates) makes him tense. He relaxes with bowling and swimming, though. After two years of emer- gency room work at Carrol County General, Joe decided that radiology was for him, and next year he ' ll be one of Dr. Diaconis ' disciples. James G. Chaconas, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Family Practice B.Sc.: American U niversity U ni versity of Maryland, Zoology Activities and Distinctions: Campus Inn, Boat- ing on the Chesapeake Bay Aspirations: Family practice near water Family: Engaged to be married in September 1974 Ed itorial: When in doubt go fishing after obtaining a consultation. Alan Lee Carroll, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Family Practice Residency An easygoing and gentle fellow, Alan feels, as Voltaire did, that " Nothing is more estimable than a physician who, having studied nature from his youth, knows the properties of the human body, the diseases which assail it, the remedies which will benefit it, exercises his art with caution, and pays equal attention to the rich and the poor. " We think he will be such a physician. Randy P. Christianson, M.D. Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke ' s Medical Center Surgery Randy is a quiet fellow who studied engineer- ing physics before he came to medical school. He did neurological research one summer, but the next summer he took off across the country on his motorcycle. He likes Chicago and is doing his residency there. 65 Barbara A. Cochran, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Psychiatry William C. Crawford, ill, M.D. Jacksonville Hospital ' s Educational Program Surgery Barbara has been interested in psychiatry since she came to medical school and was a psych track student. She finished early with the rest of the track, and will have completed a six month medical internship by the time the rest of us graduate. She earned her pocket money by working on the blood drawing team, which she had charge of for a year. Barbara also has the distinction of being one of only two or three girls who played football for our class. James E. Crook, M.D. University of Texas Medical Center at Hous- ton Internal Medicine Jim came to medical school after getting a doctorate in pharmacology. Probably the only other thing of importance is to say that Jim is certainly one of the really fine people in the class. His patients can only benefit from his maturity. Bill, known to the ob-gyn department as " Crowbar, " graduated from the Towson State College with majors in psychology and chemis- try. He has enjoyed the many friendships he ' s formed with classmates and will think of them fondly during his general surgery residency. He hopes to do transplant surgery in the future. Ira Jeffrey Dietz, M.D. Vanderbilt University Affiliated Hospitals Internal Medicine A native Baltimorian, Jeff says, " Life for me began at 21 when I graduated from Penn and started smoking dope, coincident with enroll- ing in medical school. Subsequently I devel- oped a taste for Tio Pepe ' s, Dave Brubeck, and neuropharmacology. " Future plans include a psychiatry residency, a serious attempt at research, and a half serious attempt at writing. 66 " Though death befalls all men alike, it may be weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather. " — Szuma Chien Julius Eliezer Ediavitch, M.D. Cincinnati General Hospital Pediatrics Residency After not graduating from George Washing- ton University, eight weeks of family practice, tennis, selling clothes on the side, marrying Betsy, and numerous felonies, " Devil " expects to do a residency in straight pediatrics. And we hope he does. Thomas Charles Doerner, M.D. Veterans Administration Center-Wadsworth Straight Medicine Internship Tom was a zoology major at the University of California at Berkeley (1969). Summers have been spent at Mt. Sinai Hospital in L.A. doing research on the BBB (blood-brain Barrier), while also working on a paper on the pathophysiol- ogy of hypoglycemic coma. Tom and wife Mila have spent the last year in Los Angeles where daughter Alison was born on 11-23-73. Tom mentions gardening, reading and tennis as hobbies. His internship is in Los Angeles. Timothy H. Eskridge, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Family Practice Residency Tim is said not to be related to Neil Eskridge WCBM ' s well-known broadcaster, although it has been said by some that Tim talks like Char- lie Eckman. Actually, Tim is bright and hard- working and even managed to finish school and start his residency six months early. A normal person would have taken a short holiday: but we never said he was normal, only that he is a nice guy. Larry Dewberry, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Straight Medicine All that Larry told us to put under his picture was that he graduated from Loyola College with a B.S. in biology. However, we know that somewhere along the way he met Loretta, and a little later he married her, thus losing a heavy bet. Somehow he didn ' t seem to mind the loss; and we hear that Loretta is the one who con- vinced him to stay in Baltimore for his training. 67 Stephen B. Fleishman, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Psychiatry Steve spent his undergraduate years at Emory University where he majored in psychology. He has been a part of the Combined Accelerated Psychiatry Program while in medical school. He began a six month pediatric internship at South Baltimore General Hospital and will begin psychiatric training in July. Steve is con- templating a career as a child psychiatrist. Daniel K. Foss, M.D. University of Colorado Medical Center Psychiatry Dan graduated from the University of Pennsyl- vania with a B.A. in literature. He worked prior to medical school, teaching fourth grade and doing research at the Harvard Center for Community Health and Medical Care. While in medical school Dan met and married Carole Kornreich, participated in the accelerated pro- gram in psychiatry, and formulated the guid- ing principle of his life, " Whistle while you work. " He plans a career in psychiatry. Linda W. Frank, M.D. Johns Hopkins Hospital Surgery S: Without any new complaints O: 28 year old white female in no acute dis- tress A: Condition stable P: Plastic surgery residency to begin on July I , 1974. Susan is just a youngster since she earned her bachelor ' s degree at Penn State in just two years instead of four. She ' s an avid outdoors- woman and says that if she hadn ' t been able to go to medical school she would have become a forest ranger. Her hobbies are too numerous to list, as are her academic achievements: we ' ll just mention junior year AOA. She certainly seems to have a bright future ahead of her. Susan Elizabeth Ford, M.D. Harrisburg Hospital Family Practice 68 Alan E. Sober, M.D. Cincinnati General Hospital Pediatrics Residency Alan is a busy guy. He graduated from West- ern Maryland College with a B.S. in chemistry in 1970; but it ' s his hobbies, not school, that keep him busy. He ice skates, plays tennis, enjoys photography, candle making, camping, and traveling. If his internship gets dull we know he won ' t be bored! Barry S. Gold, M.D. Maryland General Hospital Straight Medicine internship Barry is a University of Maryland Graduate, (B.S. 1 969), who also did some graduate work in zoology with research in bioactIve amines. He ' s an avid equestrian and would like to own his own racehorse some day. In order to earn enough scratch for that, he ' s going to do a medicine internship and then go into obstet- rics-gynecology. William L. Gonzalez, M.D. Maryland General Hospital Ophthamology Residency Kenneth M. Goodwich Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Rotating I : Medicine Major Bill did his pre-medical studies at Loyola Col- lege. He has been an evening instructor In anatomy and physiology at Baltimore Junior College for three years but now enjoys spend- ing free evenings with his wife, Karen. Bill will begin his ophthalmology residency at Mary- land General Hospital in July, 1974. Ken graduated from George Washington Uni- versity In 1968 with a major in zoology. He then spent three years as a graduate student in physiology at the University of Maryland. Fam- ily Includes wife Judy, son Alan, and family pooch " Dandy. " Ken has served as treasurer of the Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity. Career inter- est Is In obstetrics and gynecology. 69 Edward S. Gratz, M.D. Case Western Reserve Hospitals Straight Medicine Internship Ed graduated from Emory University with a major in chemistry (1970). His career plans are undecided with emphasis on orthopedics, but he freely admits that he would just like to be happy. Robert M. Guthrie, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Family Practice Residency Guthrie (no one knows his first name) is best known for his great love of West Virginia; his great allegiance to Ohio State; his great love of football and his fearless coaching of our able team; and his endless supply of ruby port. He ' s in a long family tradition, and after his residency he ' ll go back and work with his Dad at the Guthrie Hospital in Huntington, W. Va. We ' ll miss him — he ' s clearly loved by many. Jay C. Grochmal, M.D. no postgraduate plans Jay graduated from Seton Hall University with a major in chemistry and has worked in chemis- try research and in chemical sales. He is an avid sports fan and also loves parties. He ' ll be starting an ophthalmology residency at Greater Baltimore Medical Center in 1975, but has no immediate plans after he graduates. To quote Jay, " With a little bit of luck and love . . . You just never know where the finger points! " Charles Haile, M.D. Mercy Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Charlie wasn ' t around too much and not many of us know him very well. We all know he has a B.S. in zoology and that he loves basketball; and he finally let us know that he married Mary. What we do know of Charlie, most ev- eryone likes. " The organs of the old do not cry out in pain. " 70 Gary Leigh Hardegen, M.D. Mercy Hospital, Baltimore Internal Medicine Gary graduated from the University of Mary- land at College Park with a bachelor ' s degree in zoology. He came directly to medical school and has had a successful four years. We wish him luck in his career in internal medicine. James F. Hatch, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Internal Medicine Before medical school Jim did Undergrad work at the U. of Delaware and grad work at the U. of Pennsylvania. During the summer of 1973 Jim worked at the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning, Montana. Generally, Jim has demonstrated sound thinking and good sense in his medical career, the one possible excep- tion being his decision to marry a little blonde by the name of Janice Brand. Good luck, Jim. D. Burke Haskins, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Surgery Burke is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan Univer- sity. He has done a fellowship in orthopedic surgery and has worked as a scrub tech in the O. R. His other interests include antiques and his wife, Lisa, whom he married sophomore year. They have no children but they have two cats. Burke has a reputation as a great lover, athlete, and scholar. Then why is he going into orthopedic surgery? Charles B. Hatton, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Internal Medicine Chuck is another University of Maryland grad- uate: he got his B.Sc. in zoology in 1970. He and Bonnie have toughed it through the past few years together and, power to them both, they ' re going to see each other through a med- ical internship and a cardiology fellowship. 71 Jean W. Helz, M.D. Buffalo General Hospital Straight Medicine Internship Following her graduation from Lawrence Uni- versity ( 1 967), Jean taught Lain for a year. She then spent time on a Woodrow Wilson Fellow- ship getting an M.A. in Classics at the Univer- sity of Michigan. She has been in the Com- bined Accelerated Psychiatry Program and began a six-month stint at a psychiatric resi- dent in January 1974. She enjoys classical music and plays the piano beautifully. In July, Jean starts a medical internship. Future plans are undecided: she thinks she will probably not go into psychiatry. Michael H. Hotchkiss, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Obstetrics-Gynecology Residency Mary Hilton, M.D. Duke University Medical Center Family Practice Residency Mary started at the NYU School of Medicine and in 1972, transferred to Maryland. She has a B.S. and an M.S. in biology and, like a true outdoorswoman, enjoys backpacking and sail- ing. She also likes people and quotes Wm. Saroyan, " People is all everything is, all it has ever been, all it can be. " Mary ' s pretty nice people, too; we know she ' ll do well in family practice. Leroy J. Huffman, M.D. Wm. A. Shands Teaching Hospitals and Clinics Straight Medicine Internship Mike got his degree in electrical engineering from Drexel University and worked with the National Security Agency as an S.7 softball coach before beginning his four eventful years of medical school. His wife Joyce is working on a Ph.D. in English. Roy majored in culture and behavior as an undergrad at Yale. Summer ' 73 was spent doing an infectious disease fellowship. Other jobs have included pediatric aide, E.R. orderly, phlebotomist, and nurse at the Maryland House of Corrections. Career plans are: a) medical internship b) psychiatry c) family prac- tice d) law e) all, some, or none of the above. 72 Jay R. Jackson, M.D. York Hospital Rotating Charles M. Jaffe, M.D. Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center Medicine Psychiatry Jay is a graduate of Indiana University (BA 70). While in medical school Jay worked two summers at Bethlehem Steel as a steelworker, a true indication of his identification with the people. In 1972 he did an externship in Ob- Gyn at St. Joseph ' s Hospital. Dr. Jackson Is a card-carrying member of the sixth floor Rack and Cue Club. One day the hustler would like to own a morgan. J. R. Johnson, M.D. Baltimore City Hospitals Internal Medicine Charles majored in psychology at the Univer- sity of Maryland College Park. While in medi- cal school he participated In the Combined Accelerated Program in Psychiatry and marched to his own drum beat. He began a medical Internship in Chicago in January and is at last fulfilling his d reams of " bursting through double doors and saving lives. " He will begin his psychiatry residency in October; career interests Include psychiatry and medi- cine. Yvonne Edith Johnson, M.D. Harlem Hospital Internal Medicine John graduated from Clark College In Atlanta with a degree in zoology. He ' s done research in infectious diseases for three summers and presented a paper at the Infectious Diseases Conference in Boston; the paper was also pub- lished in the Johns Hopkins Quarterly Journal of Medicine. He says he has no time for hob- bies because he works too hard; but he does spend time with his wife Mary and their two sons. He ultimately plans on a career in sur- gery. Yvonne graduated from Morgan State Col- lege, where she was active in just about every aspect of campus life. She continued her activ- ity here, directing C. O. M. E., a summer pro- gram for minority students interested in pursu- ing careers In medicine. She has also been president of the U. of Md. chapter of the Stu- dent National Medical Association. Her favor- ite hobby is bowling — and she ' s good. Yvonne is interested in a career in medicine, possibly cardiology. 73 Mark Steven Kaplan, M.D. Maryland General Hospital Straight Medicine Internship Ronald Kaplan, M.D. York Hospital Rotating Intern — Family Practice Major Doctor Kaplan is a graduate of University of Maryland at Baltimore County. He was a chemistry major and a member of the Class of 1970. Ron graduated from Hartwick College with a B.S. in Chemistry. He and his wife, Roberta, like music; Ron plays the violin. He ' s also a member of SAMA, of Phi Delta Epsilon, and of the Masonic Lodge of Baltimore. Robert D. Katz, M.D. University of South Florida Affiliated Hospitals Rotating Internship Bob was a psychology major at the University of Maryland where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. His interests include most athletics — basketball, weightlifting, and karate. Allan S. Kaufman, M.D. University of Michigan Hospitals R adiology, Diagnostic Residency Allan grew up in the Washington, D.C. area; he then went to Earlham College in Indiana. He ' s had a tolerable four years in school, but he doesn ' t like Baltimore at all. Apparently, his wife and daughter don ' t mind leaving either. All that Allan had to say was that the thoughts of the four past years have all revolved around leaving Baltimore. Hopefully he ' ll like Ann Arbor better. 74 Kenneth D. Keys, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Obstetrics-Gynecology Ken is a graduate of BPI and UMBO (biology, 1970). For two summers he worked as an inde- pendent house painter: but he spent one sum- mer as an extern in ob-gyn at Mercy Hospital. Dr. Keys has a passion for table tennis; and it is said in some circles that there is no one this side of the Yangtze River that can beat him, but Albert Lai would like to have a shot at it. Good luck, Ken, in the upcoming match and in your residency. Laslo E. Kolta, M.D. Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center Rotating Laslo was a biochem major at the U. of Chi- cago and worked one summer in safety analysis of drugs in Belgium. We all thought he was going into ob-gyn when he told us with great pride that he had delivered his pet poodle, Sigmund, unassisted: but it seems he hasn ' t made up his mind yet and is going to do a rotating internship in Portland, Oregon. In his spare time he enjoys music and sports. James P. Keogh, M.D. Baltimore City Hospitals Internal Medicine Jim is a liberal arts graduate of Johns Hopkins University. (He ' s done well here, which says something for Hopkins.) Jim has been active politically, even if he couldn ' t win it for McGovern. He ' s generally interested in medi- cine and, we suspect, in infectious diseases, because he did a long senior elective with the CDC in Atlanta. Of course Atlanta is a nice city, and maybe that had something to do with it. We wish him luck, but we ' re sure that he ' d make it without that. Mark S. Klein, M.D. Mount Sinai Hospital, New York Surgery Mark received his B.S. degree in zoology from the University of Maryland, College Park. His summers were spent doing fellowships in neu- rology and neurosurgery. His wife Naiomi is frequently seen with Mark at the hospital. Mark is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon frater- nity and was elected to AOA in his junior year. Neurosurgery is his career choice. 75 Carole Sue Kornreich, M.D. Denver, Colorado Pediatrics Susan Kosnick, M.D. University of Maryland Hospitals Family Practice Carole came to medical school after graduat- ing from Barnard College as a major in biol- ogy. Summers were spent on a fellowship in psychiatry and on clinical rotations, with some time allotted for trips to the mountains with classmates and husband Dan Foss. Carole par- ticipated in Curriculum Committee meetings but met with more satisfaction making bread and breaking it with friends. She plans a career in pediatrics. Celia A. Kramer, M.D. Washington Hospital Center (D.C.) Straight Medicine Internship Sue is a graduate of College Park with a bach- elor ' s degree in zoology. She was reluctant to have us print a lot of stuff under her name and asked only that we mention her family practice preceptorship in Chestertown, Maryland. Modesty is her great virtue. Steven M. Lacher, M.D. University of South Florida Hospitals Rotating Internship Celia majored in mathematics at the Univer- sity of Maryland, College Park. She has admi- rably managed to commute from Silver Spring where she, her husband Bob, and her lovely daughters Laura and Ellen live. Steve graduated from the University of Mary- land, College Park in 1970. He is best remem- bered by some for his imitations of T.E.W. and by others for his . . . well, for other things. Summers have been spent doing nuclear chem- istry research, coaching a swimming team, and doing a family practice fellowship. Hobbies include tennis, swimming, philately, and numis- matics. (Editorial: " Don ' t get sick in Tampa. " See also Bob Katz.) 76 Albert Mang-Lum Lai, M.D. University Hospital of San Diego County Surgery Albert defies description, although he ' s not generally the defiant type. His brain occasion- ally moves faster than his tongue, and some of the things he says are pretty punny; on the other hand, some of them aren ' t. Albert is planning a career in thoracic surgery so that he can mend broken hearts. He told us that he would let us know what to write under his pic- ture, but he didn ' t: it was all a big Lai. Marc Irwin Leavey, M.D. Maryland General Hospital Rotating I Also a zoology major from College Park, Marc has done some data processing work and has held an anesthesiology fellowship. His major interest, however, has been working in the Family Practice Clinic, where he has spent a lot of time over four years. He ' s been president of SAMA and is, of course, active in the Family Practice Club. Marc operates a ham radio in his spare time. We wonder when Marcia sees him, he ' s so busy. Howard G. Lanham, M.D. Mercy Hospital, Baltimore Internal Medicine Howard came to our class from College Park, where he majored in zoology. Among other things, while he was here he spent a summer as an extern at Union Memorial Hospital. He would like to thank Sugar, Cinnamon, and Petite, his wife ' s pets, for keeping Marty com- pany on those long winter nights. Howard feels that, " Medical school was an apprenticeship. We gained a feeling for our tools and little more. In general, our insight and our maturity have not appreciably increased — just our endurance. " Steven Alan Levenson, M.D. Maryland General Hospital Internal Medicine Steve " VAGUS " Levenson has a B.A. in liberal arts from Johns Hopkins University. During the summers he has done pediatric research and a surgical externship. He has also distinguished himself as Editor of the Aesclepian (junior year) and as Associate Editor of The New Physician (senior year) and as the " mad punter " on the class football team (all years). " The unexa- mined life, " Steve quotes from Plato, " is not worth living for man. " 77 Philip A. Levin, M.D. Yale-New Haven Medical Center Medicine Pathology Phil was educated in the gentile ways of living at the University of Virginia. He majored in Liberal Arts. In medical school, Phil says that he distinguished himself by acquiring 17 park- ing tickets from the University area in just under two weeks — a class record no doubt. " Nollo Bastardo Carborundum. " Merral B. Lewis, M.D. Southern Illinois University Hospitals Family Practice Residency Merril is a distinguished graduate of Western Maryland College which is just a bit north of Finksburg. Interestingly enough Merril majored in Biology. At the University of Maryland there always seemed to be a question as to whether Merril was breathing or not. Happily, during physical diagnosis sophomore year, George Patrick put a stethoscope to Merril ' s chest and swore he heard breath sounds. When asked about his philosophy of life he cryptically re- plied, " Just call a cab. " Andrew M. London, M.D. Johns Hopkins Hospital Obstetrics-Gynecology Residency Andy graduated from the University of Penn- sylvania with a B.A. in biology. He ' s a sociable fellow and ended up being the class social director and organized just about every func- tion we ' ve had. We appreciated it. He asked us to mention his wife, Anne, who ' s an elemen- tary school teacher in Columbia. Andy has always been interested in Ob-gyn and next year be ' ll be working every other night at Hop- kins. Good luck, Andy (and Anne). Arthur Ping Liang, M.D. St. Joseph ' s Mercy Hospital Rotating Internship Art graduated from Oberlin College with a B.A. in art history. After the intimacy of the Oberlin campus, medical school required a massive readjustment. It strains the imagina- tion to envision what the outside world is like. Future goals are undecided ranging from pri- mary care to preventive medicine. " Wei ren min fu wu. " 78 Lillian J. Love, M.D. Johns Hopkins Hospital Internal Medicine Bruce Gerald Lowman, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Surgery We can say with certainty that Lillian (known in the class picture-book as V. D. Love) is the only student in the class with a whole town behind her as a cheering section. Whaleyville is that kind of place. With that kind of support she couldn ' t fail to do well, and Lillian is the first Maryland student in years to go to Hopkins in medicine. She represented us in the Student Co uncil and the Campus Senate, enjoys sports, and likes to sew and paint. Her career interest is in hematology oncology. Bruce graduated from the University of Mary- land Eastern Shore and has spent medical school summers in externships — medical and surgical. His outside interests are sports, espe- cially tennis. He ultimately plans a career in thoracic surgery. Manuel A. Machlran, M.D. Mercy Hospital, Baltimore Pediatrics Kenneth Leslie Malinow, M.D. Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Internal Medicine Manuel is a graduate of the University of North Carolina. He has spent summers working in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore and as a research assistant in pathol- ogy. He really likes children, though, and plans at this time to go into pediatrics. Ken is one of College Park ' s brighter and more shining stars. He majored in zoology and then spent some time doing research at the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Munich. He is interested in both psychiatry and internal medicine and also expresses an interest in teaching. We could use people like Ken in medical education, that ' s for sure (edi- torial). 79 Stuart O. Marcus, M.D. Pacific Medical Center-Presbyterian (San Francisco) Rotating 01 — Medicine Major Stuart graduated from Case Western Reserve University ' s chemistry program (1970). He spent one summer working in SAMA ' s Indian Project in Arizona a nd has worked in the Alco- holism Program in the E.R. and at the Tuerk House. The arts, qspecially photography, are among his outside pleasures. A few years back, Stuart ran in the Boston Marathon finishing somewhere in the middle. Thought — " Never run for a bus, there ' ll always be another one. " John Risser Martin, M.D. Presbyterian Hospital (New York) Pathology Residency Gail L. Marston, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Pediatrics Residency Gail is another person that most of us did not get to know until the last year or so. She went to Tufts University and then tried teaching for a while: she and her husband were married just before she started med school. Obviously very bright, she was elected to AOA in her junior year. She has finally settled on pediatrics as her major interest and plans to stay in the Balti- more area. Also, we would like to thank her for her help with the yearbook. Libero L. Marzella, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Family Practice Doctor John is the holder of a B.A. in philoso- phy from the University of Maryland. He grad- uated in 1968; thus, he is one of the more mature members of the class . . . well, he is one of the older members at least. Before and during medical school John worked in Dr. Webster ' s laboratory at the N.I.H. John plans to go into neuropathology. Lou is a graduate of Loyola College in Balti- more. He seems to be a quiet and unassuming sort of guy to the extent that he asked us to print only his undergraduate school and his career plans. 80 James Joseph McMillen, M.D. University of Minnesota Straight Medicine Internship Jay graduated in June 1967 from the U. of Md. with an economics major. An incomplete list of credits: Extern at South Baltimore Gen- eral ( ' 72): Infectious Disease Fellow at the U.H. ( ' 73): Counselor of the U. of Md. Basketball camp (College Park, ' 71, ' 72, ' 73): Member of Class Basketball, Handball and Marathon Run- ners Team training for the Boston Marathon (see also Stuart Marcus): Junior Year AOA: Wife, Gail. Terrence McHugh, M.D. Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Emergency Medicine Terry is so quiet half the class doesn ' t know that he exists: to the other half, he was best known as Ann ' s and Lillian ' s " big buddy. " He and Colleen were married in the spring of his sophomore year, and she has generated emo- tional and material support for him since then. Terry doesn ' t like academics too much: he seems ideally suited to emergency medicine since he ' s cool and calm. Good luck world: here he comes! Stephen E. Metzner, M.D. Good Samaritan Hospital (Phoenix) Family Practice Stephen got his undergraduate credentials at the University in Psychology ( 1 970). In I 97 I , he was a preceptor in Family Practice: in 1972, he returned to Hagerstown to do the same. He was a preceptor in Community Psychiatry dur- ing freshman year. Sophomore year he was a preceptor in the Open Clinic (psychiatry). Steve plans a career as a Family Practice Pre- ceptor in group or partnership. Stephen R. Matz, M.D. Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Rotating 01 — Medicine Major Steve spent his undergraduate years as a zool- ogy major and jock at Syracuse University. He spent eight weeks doing an externship in sur- gery and has also worked as an alcoholism counselor. In addition, Steve has Interviewed and conducted tours for prospective medical students. He is widely known for his athletic prowess and horse sense. Career Interest: undecided. 81 Ernest Burton Miller, M.D. Madigan Army Medical Center Tacoma, Washington Surgery Residency Ernie may have more initials after his name than anyone else in the class. He has a B.E.S. in electrical engineering from J.H.U. (1964) and a M.S.E.E, from George Washington Univer- sity (1967). Ernie plans to do a residency in orthopedics. His wife Janet lives in fear of Ernie going to law school before she gets a chance to tack on a degree or two to her cur- riculum vitae. " Speak the Truth " Ernie Miller, B.E.S., M.S.E.E., M.D. May, 1974 Paul L Miller, M.D. University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston Straight Medicine Paul graduated from New York University in 1970, with a B.A. in chemistry. He spent a sum- mer each as an aide at a chronic care hospital, as an extern in ob-gyn and in traveling throughout the U.S. He is able to find relief from the daily bombasts through his wife, good music, and good food. Joel B. Miller, M.D. University of Virginia Hospital Pathology Joel is a College Park graduate with a degree in zoology. General opinion has it that Joel is one of the nicest fellows around; his wife (of one plus years) thinks so too. A lot of us don ' t understand why such an apparently people-ori- ented person is going into pathology — but Joel does, and that ' s what he ' s decided to do. We wish him the best. Sheldon Dale Milner University of Maryland Hospital Straight Medicine Shelly was a zoology major at University of Maryland and has spent medical school sum- mers doing externships in psychiatry, ob-gyn, and coronary care. He hopes to help maintain some semblance of meaningfulness in this cha- otic world and plans a career in internal medi- cine. 82 Thomas Miller Milroy, M.D. French Hospital, San Francisco Rotating Internship Tom, alias Bucko, graduated with a major in Zoology from the University of Maryland where he was a member of the basketball team. Other interests include piano, tennis, and smoking Cuesta Rey Madiero cigars (etc.) while soaking in a hot tub. One of the select Esplanade-dwellers, Tom managed to get away to Queens Square for spring of senior year. He is considering a career in Psychiatry to follow his rotating internship. Dennis A. Miner, M.D. York Hospital Obstetrics-Gynecology Barbara D. Milton, M.D. Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center, San Francisco Surgery Diana initially trained as a nurse and later decided that she wanted a B.Sc. and an M.D. which course she has pursued with a lot of cour- age over the past few years. She has her share of problems, what with two small sons at home and the duties of mother as well as student. She is doing beautifully at everything and is looking forward to moving to California. She ' s not too sure about surgery and may switch to a rotating internship; whatever she chooses, we wish her the best. Dawn Victoria Obrecht, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Surgery Residency Denny is the retiring type and was especially rarely seen in classes. He was more consistently present on the wards; and he could alwa ys be counted on to show up for golf, tennis, or bas- ketball dates. His favorite sport, however, is dating nice looking girls — is that why he ' s going into Ob-Gyn? Dawn, or Dawnsie, spent her undergraduate years as a Chemistry major at East Carolina University. Medical School activities have included an N.I.H. associated fellowship in Ari- zona and a Neurology elective in London. Cne of the Esplanade-dwellers for three years, her interests include skiing, swimming, cooking, and plants. Career plans begin with a Surgery Residency. 83 Philip Patrick O ' Donnell, M.D. Mercy Hospital Straight Medicine Internship Ever since Phil graduated from St. Joseph ' s College (Philadelphia), he just hasn ' t been the same despite a marriage to his devoted and exceptionally tolerant wife Joan. Some of Phil ' s other passions include basketball, tennis, music, music, basketball, tennis, the Rolling Stones, basketball, Beatles, and ogling. Armed with a wealth of backyard philosophy, Phil has this to say about his last four years. " It ' s better to be pissed off than pissed on. " Eric Smith Orwoll, M.D. Providence Hospital Rotating Internship Robert W. O ' Donnell, M.D. Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute Psychiatry Residency " Now, there are two different attitudes toward learning from others. One is the dog- matic attitude of transplanting everything, whether or not it is suited to our conditions. This is no good. The other attitude is to use our heads and learn those things which suit our condition, that is, to absorb whatever experi- ence is useful to us. " — Mao Tse-tung Susan Roseanne Panny, M.D. Massachusetts General Hospital Pediatrics Residency Undergraduate: University of Michigan Zoology Major Spouse: Becky Chienne: Pal Susi did undergraduate work in chemistry and German literature at Barnard College, Colum- bia University (1966). Afterwards, she married and moved to Baltimore where husband Ed Lattman was completing graduate work in x- ray crystalography at JHU. Prior to medical school, Susi worked as a research associate with Dr. Maurice J. Bessman at the " John. " She is vice president of SAMA and was AOA junior year. 84 Jeffrey Mark Pargament, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Internal Medicine Jeff is a graduate of the University of Mary- land ' s College Park campus. He has done research work for the U.S. Public Health Serv- ice and in the Department of Neurology. He has won numerous academic honors, including Phi Beta Kappa and junior year AOA, and is sure to have no difficulty in his career in medi- cine. Edward Lee Peri, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Pediatrics Eddie is a graduate of George Washington University and was an anatomy graduate stu- dent before he joined our ranks. He ' s known for being both extremely bright and extremely hyper. Eddie enjoys horseback riding and bluegrass music in his spare time and has also become the personal physician of the patrons of the local bar. His career will be in pedia- trics, and he actually started his internship four months early. George B. Patrick III, M.D. Union Memorial Hospital Internal Medicine George graduated from the University of North Carolina with a bachelor ' s degree in chemistry. He has become interested in family practice through preceptorships; and although his internship will be in internal medicine, he plans to do general practice. As all true physi- cians must, of course, he also plays a good game of golf. Jay A. Phillips, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Psychiatry Jay graduated from Tufts University in applied physics and then worked at the Goddard Space Flight Center for a year. He was a part of the Combined Accelerated Psychiatry Pro- gram and is now a candidate in the Baltimore- District of Columbia Psychoanalytic Institute. His future lies in psychiatry. " In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true or becomes true ... In the mind there are no limits. " (J. C. Lilly) 85 Luis A. Queral, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Surgery One of our trilingual (English, Spanish, and Greek) classmates, Luis is proud of his Cuban heritage. He graduated from Loyola College here in Baltimore with a major in biology and then taught high school for a year before com- ing to medical school. Luis was one of our class presidents sophomore year. He plans a general surgery residency with who knows what subspe- cialty to follow. Bannister Lee Raines Jr., M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Family Practice Lee graduated from Morgan State College with a degree in biology and then taught sci- ence in the Baltimore City Public Schools; this experience made medical school seem like cake, even at the U. of Md. Lee has done a fel- lowship in pulmonary medicine and has done very well in his clinical clerkships. He is an active member of the Baltimore Student Fac- ulty Coalition and the Student National Medi- cal Association. He ' s going to " Keep on rollin ' . " Clayton L. Raab, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Surgery Clay majored in zoology at the University of Maryland College Park. He ' s quiet and not too well known, possibly because his financial prob- lems forced him to work more than any medical student ought to and he just wasn ' t seen much. He enjoys the reputation of being one of the brightest people in the class and is planning a career in neurosurgery. Clay and his wife have two photogenic children, Catherine and Den- ise, and they have just bought a house which has the distinction of having a bomb shelter built to U.S. Government specifications. Louis Nathaniel Randall, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Internal Medicine Lou received his bachelor ' s degree from the University of Maryland in biological sciences. During medical school he spent two summers as a physiology instructor in the C.C.M.E. pro- gram; he married Hazel McClain in his senior year. Lou also played I.M. (intra-muscular) football and basketball. 86 Bruce Linthicum Regan, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Psychiatry Bruce is a cum laude graduate of Harvard Uni- versity with his degree in social relations. He has always been a sports fan and plays quite a bit himself; he played football and basketball in our intramurals and lacrosse for the Carling Lacrosse Club. He is a member of the acceler- ated track in psychiatry and is now doing a rotating internship at South Baltimore General Hospital, but he is planning a career in psychi- atry. His basic philosophy, he says, is " Esse quam videri. " Susan Vau+hier Raver, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Pediatrics Sue came to medical school after majoring in biology at Wilson College. She has done research on the Denver Development Tests and on heat resistance in spores. She served as class secretary freshman year. Sue married Jim Raver towards the end of the junior year; vide supra for the rest of the information. M. E. Reichel, M.D. The Montreal Children ' s Hospital Pediatr ics Mike did philosophy at Holy Cross and came to med school via MIT and Hopkins, driven by a longstanding commitment to the welfare of children. Especially formative experiences include work with Julian Chisolm and a public health fellowship in Yugoslavia. He would like to share the belief that, " A man ' s maturity consists in finding again the seriousness one had as a child at play. " (Nietzsche) Jim graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1964 and was USAF pilot from 1964 to 1969. He has done research in flash-blindness and has taught flying. High- lights of his medical school years include his marriage to Sue Vauthier and three terms as a class president. After completion of their resi- dencies, he and Sue hope to join a group prac- tice in a rural setting. James Moore Raver, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Internal Medicine 87 June K. Robinson, M.D. Greater Baltimore Medical Center Straight Medicine Internship June graduated from the University of Penn- sylvania in 1970 with a major in biology. She was in the combined Accelerated Program in Psychiatry and had a Fellowship in Psychiatry. She began a medical internship at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in January 1 974. Bruce James Rounsaville, M.D. Yale-New Haven Medical Center Psychiatry Residency Bruce came to Maryland from Las Vegas after a long detour at Yale learning the psychology of rats and their friends. From Las Vegas he learned that chance governs everything that isn ' t rigged. From rat psychology he grew accustomed to the rewards of bar pressing and salivation. Despite this knowledge, Medical School took him by surprise. Given such a background, a career in psychiatry seems inev- itable. Richard Bruce Rosher, M.D. Southern Illinois University Medicine Dick, otherwise known as The Bruiser, gradu- ated from the University of V isconsin major- ing in biochemistry. He ' s played a lot of sports but enjoys golf and football especially. He and Mike Behre and Chuck Adamo and Guthrie hold the collective record for consuming more wine in one week than any foursome in history. No, Dick ' s not going into neurosurgery; he ' ll be doing an internship in medicine. Ann Elizabeth Ruderman, M.D. Parkland Memorial Hospital Straight Medicine Internship Ann, who is co-editor of this yearbook, moved to Canada early in her college career to avoid the draft, but came back to the U. of. Md. for a B.S. in zoology with a minor in chemistry — although she would have preferred a major in philosophy. Ann is an exceptionally bright and capable woman (AOA); but more important she is a nice person who makes caring for the patient a real part of patient care. 88 Michael S. Rudman, M.D. Lancaster General Hospital Family Practice J. Michael Schnell, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Straight Medicine Internship Mike started medical school at Emory Univer- sity and transferred into our sophomore class. He has worked for the Public Health Service and has held a fellowship in Community Health in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. His wife, Frances, is his consultant on all matters of importance and shares his interests in music, bicycling, fishing, and ping pong. Even though " life ain ' t a bowl of cherries, " Mike ' s giving Family Practice a try. Harvey Neil Schonwald, M.D. Kaiser Foundation Hospital Surgery Mike joined our class after receiving an M.A. in psychology from Colgate University and spending two years as a guidance counselor at Dunbar High School. He plans a career in ophthalmology following his medical internship and says without his wife Joan and 22lb.-l6oz. cat Chester he never would have made it through medical school. Paul Schwar+z, M.D. Maryland General Hospital Pathology Harvey is best known as our class basketball referee, and he once let a woman play in an official game. Other than that he claims a qui- etly successful medical school career during which he married Rhona. After his general sur- gery residency, Harvey is going to study Urol- ogy. Paul is an alumnus of Johns Hopkins University in Ch emistry (1970), and while in medical school he did a Pathology Fellowship at Mary- land General Hospital. He worked at Edge- wood Arsenal during the summers ' 67, ' 68, ' 69, and ' 70. Hobbies include wine making and photography. Special thanks to Paul for help- ing us with some of the yearbook photography. 89 Edward Neil Sherman, M.D. Franklin Square Hospital Family Practice Residency Madelyn Siegel, M.D. District of Columbia General Hospital Straight Medicine Internship Eddie graduated from UMBC with a degree in biology. He has spent summers as an ice cream packer for Good Humor and as a nurse ' s assist- ant at So. Baltimore General where he also did an externship. In his senior year he did an externship at MGH. Ed gave up a baseball career tor medical school, although he believes that one should be a person first and a medical student second. Mitchell f. Smolkin, M.D. Texas Medical Center (Houston) Straight Medicine Internship Undergraduate work was done at Brandeis University in psychology. He did cancer research at Baylor College of Medicine for two summers. He has been elected to AOA. " I would like to mention my wife Laura, who worked me through school. " Madelyn is a graduate of St. John ' s College (Annapolis) with a major in Liberal Arts and special interest in Greek philosophy. ' It seems a shame, ' the Walrus said, ' To play them such a trick. After we ' ve brought them out so far. And made them trot so quick! ' The Carpenter said nothing but. The butter ' s spread too thick! " — Tweedledee Robert Solenberger, M.D. Eugene Talmadge Memorial Hospital (Augusta) Straight Surgery Internship Bob is another engineer-turned-doctor and had worked for several years, both as a civilian and as an army officer, before coming to join our class. He managed to co-author a paper on " Medical Manpower in the Year 2000. " He refereed all our football games and served on the honor council. His greatest fear is of being known as Mr. Priscilla Gilman. 90 Jeff Stuarf Sollins, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Internal Medicine Jeff was a zoology major at Drew University before he began his four exciting years at Maryland Medical. He is considering a career as a general practitioner; but be plays the gui- tar beautifully and will hopefully continue to write and perform original music. There is a permanent momument to Jeff in the sidewalk outside the Student Union to assure his being remembered. It is Jeff ' s firm belief that an understanding of The Little Prince should be a prerequisite for graduation from medical school. Harry S. Stevens, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Surgery Harry was a microbiology major at the Univer- sity of Maryland before coming to medical school. His hobbies include his wife Katie, and sailing. He plans a career as a urologist (pisse prophet) and will locate near some large body of navigable water, probably in Maryland. " There is nothing, " says Harry, " half so worth doing as messing about in boats or bladders or bacteria or bodies or . . . " Jessie Doukas Stahl, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Radiology-General Jessie has enjoyed the reputation for the past four years of being the best looking girl in the class. She was surrounded by male chauvinists in classes every day, but she married Alan Stahl, a medical resident. Her interest is in radiology, and she is going to join Joe Bush and two other hardy souls in Dr. Diaconis ' resi- dency program. Lawrence R. Swink, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Family Practice Larry is a biochem major from the University of Maryland and has held a research fellowship in rheumatology as well as more routine summer jobs. He enjoys sports, especially softball; but he likes women better. After all, softball is a seasonal sport. After four years of fighting Bal- timore he ' s given up the struggle and is staying here for his training. We suspect that Maureen had something to do with that decision. 91 Ernest G. Szechenyi, Jr., M.D. Washington Hospital Center Straight Medicine Internship Ernie holds a bachelor ' s degree in biology from Catholic University. He has done varied work in this field — from chromatography of amino acids to infectious disease work in the state penitentiary. He enjoys tennis and horseback riding and walks with his Hungarian (what else?) puli Bukshi. He plans a career in internal medicine. (Editor ' s note: He was not an inmate.) William Albert Valente, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Straight Medicine Internship Bill graduated from UMBC with a degree in biological sciences ( I 970). Credits: Externship in medicine at Union Memorial Senior Tutorial Program AOA (Junior Year) Any and all outdoor sports Manager of House Painting Service, Inc. Wife, Theresa Elise W. van der Jagt, M.D. Strong-Memorial Hospital, Rochester Pediatrics Residency Elise is probably the quietest and least known person in our class. He ' s done a lot of work without anyone ' s really being aware of it and has still found time to maintain his tremendous skill at the piano and on the organ. He plans to obtain boards in both medicine and pediatrics, and tells us that " The word of the Lord is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. " (Psalms 119:1 05) Larry came to us from Florida via the Naval Ordinance Lab. His training in undergraduate school was in engineering, and he still loves to play around with VW and motorcycle engines. He was noted to exhibit remarkable good taste in women when he began to take up with Lillian Love. Among his great achievements Larry counts the securing of an ophthalmology resi- dency for 1 975. Lawrence N. Thompson, M.D. Maryland General Hospital Rotating 00 92 Rolando S. Vieta, M.D. Greater Baltimore Medical Center Internal Medicine Steven A. Vogel, M.D. Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center Rotating O Rolando graduated from Towson State in biol- ogy. During summers in medical school he has held fellowships in neuroanatomy and in endo- crinology. We all remember the big " It ' s a girl! " sign on the blackboard sophomore year; she ' s two years old now and quite talkative, and Rolando has to go fishing in order to get peace and quiet. We wish him many large bass and a fruitful career in medicine. Emerson Walden, Jr., M.D. Greater Baltimore Medical Center Internal Medicine Emerson is Emerson Walden Sr. ' s son and Tom ' s brother. See Tom ' s write-up for the rest of the facts. Emerson has been quoted as say- ing, perhaps bitterly, " I will never forget my experience at this school, particularly because of the really nice people here, the patients, not the faculty. " Steve is a College Park graduate who is Phi Beta Kappa and was elected to AOA junior year. He has done research in neurochemistry and various types of externships and has finally decided on a career in anesthesiology. In his spare time out in Los Angeles Steve plans to continue enjoying his hobbies, photography and music. His anesthesiology residency will be at the University of Washington in Seattle beginning in July 1975. Thomas E. Walden, M.D. Freedmen ' s Hospital, Washington, D.C. Surgery Tom is a graduate of Howard University in zoology. He is the son of a prominent Balti- more physician and the brother of an equally Baltimore but not quite as prominent physician (vide supra). He bears no relation to the famous pond. 93 Laura Jean Bradford Waldron, M.D. Vincent D. Waldron, M.D. University of Maryland Hospital Union Memorial Hospital Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Surgery Laura went to Fordham University, as did her husband Vince, but they did not meet until medical school. They are expecting their first child in late June. Laura has many hobbies and also enjoys sports. She teaches Sunday school and states firmly that her major goal in life is to be a good Christian. Vince, as mentioned, went to Fordham Univer- sity but met his wife, Laura, in medical school. He plans to go into orthopedic surgery and to establish a small clinic with his wife. He believes that one can do Sod ' s work by help- ing people in pain. William R. Weisburger Johns Hopkins Hospital Pathology Bill did his undergraduate work at the Univer- sity of Maryland, College Park. In his spare time Bill plays tennis and sails. He is one of the more quiet and more brilliant members of our class. Michael Henry Wo|tanowslci Case Western Reserve Affiliated Hospitals Mike, also known as " Woj, " Dr. Mike, or any of an infinite number of misspelled, mispro- nounced varieties, came to us from Ursinus College where he majored in Biology. He had a two month senior elective in thoracic surgery at the Mayo Clinic, and plans a career in Plas- tic or Thoracic Surgery. Selfconfident, well dressed and always smiling. 94 Stephen N. Xenakis, M.D. Letterman Army Medical Center, San Fran- cisco Internal Medicine Steve came to medical school having gradu- ated from Princeton University with a major in science and human affairs. Steve served as a class president and participated in the Com- bined Accelerated Program in Psychiatry. He and his wife, Mary, are looking forward to their move to San Francisco, where Steve will do both his medical internship and his psychiatric residency. Allan Charles Zechowy, M.D. Maryland General Hospital Internal Medicine Allan is our resident psychologist, having received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Throughout medical school he worked part or full time as a psychology consultant to the Inner City Mental Health Program. He has a wife and three children, whom he also lists under " hobbies. " His career interest is in neu- rology. Robert Stephen Yasner, M.D. Carney Hospital, Boston Internal Medicine Bob did his undergraduate work at the Univer- sity of Wisconsin. Summers have been spent as an attendant in the emergency room at Uni- versity Hospital and as a medical extern at Shattuck Hospital in Boston. Bob enjoys tennis and is a New York Giants fan. He was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Med Com film; better luck next time. Bob. David L. Zisow, M.D. Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Obstetrics-Gynecology Dave received an A.B. degree in Arts-Medi- cine in 1 97 I , which means he was a " three-year wonder. " He ' s done summer work in surgery and renal physiology but has settled on a career in ob-gyn, hopefully a private practice in the Baltimore area. He has made it through these four years not alone, but with the help of his wife, Margie, on whom he has depended for material and moral support. Thanks, Margie. 95 Neil Kahanovltz, M.D. Baltimore City Hospital Orthopedics Cylburn Earl Soden, M.D. Walter Reed Army Medical Center Pediatrics Undergraduate School: Randolph-Macon College General Science 1970 Wife: Aileen (Pikesville ' s newest aerial sensation) Neil Kay is his circus name. Neil is a circus clown; his wife does aerial ballet. " Sorry, I won ' t graduate with you all, but I ' ll be on the road with the circus during the next two years, except for the time I have left which is spread out over the next two years. " Cyl is a Baltimore native who earned his B.S. in biology at Morgan State and then taught for a while in the city schools before coming to med- ical school. In what leisure time he has he enjoys tennis and skiing — and his fiancee ' s company. According to Cyl, " Many experi- ences at the U. of Md. have been great, and some have not, but they ' ll all live with me for- ever. " 96 AWARDS FACULTY GOLD MEDAL Clayton Lee Raab THE DR. WILLIAM ALEXANDER HAMMOND AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN NEUROLOGY SUMMACUM LAUDE John Risser Martin Clayton Lee Raab THE DR. LEONARD M. HUMMEL MEMORIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN INTERNAL MEDICINE MAGNA CUM LAUDE Frederick Lawrence Dewberry Alan Edward Gober Susan Roseanne Panny Ann Elizabeth Ruderman William Albert Valente THE LOUIS. IDA and SAMUEL COHEN AWARD FOR PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES OF SCHOLARSHIP, ABILITY AND COMPASSION FOR PATIENTS William Raymond Weisburger Ann Elizabeth Ruderman CUM LAUDE THE DR. MILTON S. SACKS MEMORIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN HEMATOLOGY Frederick Lawrence Dewberry Susan Elizabeth Ford Mark Stephen Klein Lillian Josephine Love Lillian Josephine Love Gail Lynn Marston James Joseph McMillen Jeffrey Mark Pargament James Moore Raver THE FAMILY PRACTICE PROGRAM OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND AND THE MARYLAND ACADEMY OF FAMILY PHYSICIANS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN TRAINING IN THECONCEPT OF FAMILY MEDICINE. Mitchell Todd Smolkin Charles Philip Adamo THE BALDER SCHOLARSHIP AWARD FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE STUDENT COUNCIL CERTIFICATES Susan Roseanne Panny THE DR. WAYNE W. BABCOCK PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN SURGERY Clayton Lee Raab THE DR. J. EDMUND BRADLEY PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN PEDIATRICS Alan Edward Gober THE DR. A. BRADLEY GAITHER MEMORIAL PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN GENITO-URINARY SURGERY Harvey Neil Schonwald THE JACOB E. FINESINGER PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN PSYCHIATRY Robert Miller Guthrie Arthur Ping Liang Luis Anibal Queral James Moore Raver Ann Elizabeth Ruderman Michael Henry Wojtanowski Richard Warren Bittrick Steven Alan Levenson Andrew Monroe London William Raymond Weisburger Daniel Karl Foss Lillian Josephine Love Ann Elizabeth Ruderman 97 98 99 100 SENIOR CLASS 1974 PHYSICAL THERAPY UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL THERAPY May 31, 1974 Dear Graduating Class: Today sets the stage in your career for transition from the role of student to that of the practitioner, and this should cause you to reflect upon what you have accomplished and what remains for you to do. Undoubt- edly this v ill have different meanings for each of you. The nature of this day somehow suggests that those older and more battleworn propose new challenges for the graduating class, and so I V70uld like to speak to three areas within the health field for which we can strive to seek more effective results both individually and jointly. Allied Health Skills : In the early nineteen hundreds there were only 1-2 supportive vjorkers per physician. It has been projected that by 1980 the number will approach a ratio of 25-30. The increasing numbers of allied health specialties encompass many fields including physical therapy, medical technology, occupational therapy, and radio- logic technology. Still others are in the process of being formed. For all involved this x rill mean a continuous process of updating and expand- ing present skills, the phasing out of some and the acquisition of new ones. Obviously your learning period is not over — you will be required to exert a constant effort if you are to maintain and extend your clini- cal competency and academic authority. The Obsolescence of Knowledge : The half-life of current knowledge and skills has been estimated to be bet een five to ten years depending on the particular specialty — the more technical the field, the more rapid the rate of obsolescence. When you consider the time it took to learn what you now know, you will not then underestimate the effort you must make to stay abreast. This continuing educational process will be supported in the future by the steadily advancing multimedia technology, computer assisted instruction, and simulation models. Conventional methods must also be utilized if you are to maintain a high level of competency. Humanism in Patient Care : Eighty to ninety percent of the consum- ing public’s complaints about quality health care stems from the indivi- dual’s need to be acknowledged as a unique person. Since they are not able generally to judge clinical expertise, it is not enough for us to merely learn more technology. As medicine extends its sophistication and effects miracle cures, the phase of therapy dealing with personal value needs diminishes o We must therefore strive to restore a. balance by developing more perceptiveness for recognizing and dealing with these needs in the most humanistic way. This should be enough to keep you busy for awhile. Let me conclude by stating that I have enjoyed sharing the last tvio years in your educa- tional endeavors. I encourage and would appreciate your professional feedback. Best wishes and continued success in the never ending learn- ing adventure. S;i n r» Y’ 1 . CWH em Clarence W. Har diman, Ph.D Chairman SENIOR CLASS 1974 Reid Anderson Renee Carson Virginia Carlson Richard Cress 103 Carol Daniel Claudia C. Fisher William P, Fisher Jr. Kay Ginader Karen Greenberg Susan Harroll 104 Jonathan Heller George Hepburn Judy Jarboe Lynne JarczynskI Sharon Kane Heidi Kreamer 105 Craig H, LeBrun Wendy Lentini Joseph Mannherz Mary Markley Sandra Marks Karen Mathews 106 Nancy McGovern Joel Matuskey Judith A. Moresco Norbert C. Nitsch, III 107 James Ross Kathey M. Rickie Lynne C. Saperstein Bonnie L. Scanlon 108 Susan Seamens Mark Shelton Annette Ina Snyder Kim Skidmore 109 Glenn M. Spitzer Conjetta Zola SENIORS NOT PICTURED Glenda Chop no Ill Dr. Jason Masters TECHNOLOGY 114 4 Mary Bison Yawn Chiang Debra Booth 115 Pat Childs 116 Debra Dispenza Paul Griffey 117 Barbara Grigsby Denise Harmening 118 m « Rebecca Jungreis Ruth Knight Ester Kamelgarn Fereshte Labbat 119 Ellen Lucas Cathy McKay Maureen Morris 120 Mary Christine Prado Bess Naylor Donna Owen Betty Richburg 121 Joel Rudert Sharon Ross Angela Sallese Jacqueline Truelove A 122 411 123 Johanna Wilson Sharon Watson Vivi-Anne Watson Maxine Weissman 124 Frank Woods Winnie Yuen Monica Yang 125 THE PROFESSIONALS 126 129 130 131 “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!” 132 ■V 133 b 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 . . . If I keep this oath faithfully, may I enjoy my life and practice my art, respected by all men and in all times; but if I swerve from it or violate it may the reverse be my lot. YEARBOOK STAFF EDITORS: ArtL iang and Ann Ruderman PHYSICAL THERAPY REPRESENTATIVE: Lynne Sappersfein MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY REPRESENTATIVES: Loressa Uzych Debra Dispenza CREDITS COVER DESIGN: Shireen Holman ENDSHEET DESIGN: Art Liang and Betsy Shuey COPY: Carole Kornreich, Art Liang, Dawn Obrecht, Ann Ruderman. PHOTOGRAPHS: Chuck Adamo, Julius Ediavitch, Jim Hatch, Carole Kornreich, Marc Leavey, Andy London, Paul Miller, Sheldon Milner, Ann Ruderman, Bob Solenberger, Jeff Sollins, Bob Yasner. DARKROOM: Tom Holman, Art Liang, Marty Lanham, John Martin, Eric Orwoll, Paul Schwartz, Steve Vogel. THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING FOR THEIR HELP: Gail Marston, Ken Malinow, Betsy Shuey, Pam Logwood, Manuel Machiran, Paul Schwartz, Sarah Welch. IN MEMORIAM GREGORY H. KEPLER

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