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TERRA MARIAE MEDIC A, I . r 4 Terra Mariae Medicus Nineteen Seventy-two University of Maryland School of Medicine 2 3 The TERRA MARIAE MEDICUS 1972 is presented not as a literary publication, not as an instrument for implementing educa- tional or social change, but merely as an historical record of our time at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in our up- ward climb to our profession. Our purpose is not to be controversial but rather to recall the memories, good and bad, of our sojourn here. 4 DR. EDWARD DONATI Professor and Friend DEDICATION On our long hard road through the four years of medical school, as we become in- volved with primary patient care and with clinical advancement, we too often forget those teachers who led us in our first few steps. The TERRA MARIAE MEDICUS 1972 is respec- fully dedicated to one of those teachers, DR. EDWARD DONATI. Dr. Donati is more to the student than just a teacher, he is a friend. His lectures were always enjoyable as well as informative, and he always had time for individual instruction. His wife relates that he would often loose sleep worrying over upcoming exams and whether certain students were pre- pared. In our strides through medical school we recall too few men with such dedication and concern. We can only say thank-you for helping us with the beginning of the rest of our lives. 5 ANATOMY A % -■Ik TH® h y » lolo iC »1 »»•»»» t P rac» c I FRESHMAN YEAR: A lot of books. I SOPHOMORE YEAR: Incredible, but more time in books. 6 JUNIOR YEAR: Finally — patients — plus blood specimens, sputum specimens, urine specimens, endless stool specimens, and still a lot of time in the books. SENIOR YEAR: Elective year — The time we can finally get our heads out of the books. A time for decisions. A time for reflection. A time for noticing things that passed by every day, but we were too busy to notice, SUCH AS . . . 7 9 JOHN H. MOXLEY, III, M.D. Dean, School of Medicine GEORGE H. YEAGER, M.D. Director, University Hospital WILSON H. ELKINS B.A., M.A., Lit. B., D. Phil. President, University of Maryland ALBINO. KUHN B.S., M.S.,Ph.D. Chancellor, Baltimore City Campus 10 V KARL H. WEAVER, M.D. Assistant Dean for Admissions GEORGE A. LENTZ, M.D. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs FREDRIGK J. RAMSAY, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Director of Medical Education 1 1 CLASS OF 1975 Stephen Adams Karl Diehn Gary Harne Lawrence Adler Louis Divilio Albin Harris Charles Allen Richard Dotson Darvin Hege Charles Andrews George Drusano Malcolm Henoch Freddie Ashman Albert Dudley Rochelle Herman Mark Austerlitz Kenneth Emberton Walter Hettinger Robert Beach Karl Epstein Charles Hoesch Bruce Beacham Larry Epstein Donald Horner John Biedlingmaier James Evans Dorothy Hsiao Jonathan Book Jeffrey Feld Kenneth Iserson Howard Bond Ira Fine Alan Joffe George Brown David Fisher Glen Johnson Marsha Brown Paul Forney Brian Kahntroff Timothy Byrnes Louis Fox Gillian Karatinos James Campbell Herbert Friedman Carol Keys John Carrill Judith Gadol Marion Kowalewski James Chaillet James Gamble Thomas Krajewski Noel Chiantella Robert Garrett Marc Kramer Michael Cohen Benjamin Glaser Mary Lou Kramer Seth Cutler Stephen Gleason Kenneth Krause Henry Debuskey Gloria Gray Dennis Kutzer Laurence Desi Edwin Grollman Jeffery Landes Sandra Lavoie Hattie Leath Richard Little Mark Liu Thom Lobe Frank Long Edmund MacLaughlin Charles Manner Carl McCarter Scott McCloskey Robert McDaniel Charles Medani Jeffrey Metzner Edward Miller Thomas Moffatt Parry Moore Edward Morris Frank Morris David Moseman Jacek Mostwin Vincent Notatangelo John O’Mailey Nicolette Orlando Arnold Oshinsky Harvey Pats Kathryn Peroutka Louis Perraut Stephen Pollock 12 1 I I Jeffrey Quartner James Reggia Robert Reindollar Gregory Richardson Charles Rickard Steven Rivers Michael Roach Robert Roby James Roessler John Rose Richard Rose Gerald Rosen Larry Rosenthal Mark Rosse Paul Rothberg Andrew Rudo Gary Ruppert Howard Schnaper Deborah Schuhmann Susan Schwartz Mary Schwenninger Richard Silberg Boyd Slomoff Marlene Solomon James Somerville Ronald Spector Paul Spottswood Ronald Sroka Richard Stephenson Michael Stewart Ronald Suski George Taler Terry Talkin Richard Taylor Terry Teplitz Roger Thomas Lloyd VanLunen Robert Vegors Barry Vogelstein Robert Wachtel Gary Waxman Michael Weinblatt Norden Weingarten Leigh Wheeler Julia Wildes Robers Willig John Young Carl Zambon Julius Zant William Zeidler 13 Presented on the following pages are the professors whose instruction has enriched the education of the freshman students at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Human Gross Anatomy Dr. Vernon Krahl Dr. Kyle Peterson Dr. Gladys Wadsworth Human Genetics Dr. Kyle Peterson Human Embryology Dr. Frederick Ramsay Professors of Biochemistry Dr. Leonard Frank Dr. Elijah Adams Dr. Enrico Bucci Dr. Mary Kirtley Professors of Micro-anatomy (Histology) Dr. Jason Masters Dr. Edward Donati Dr. Charles O’Morchoe Dr. Patricia O’Morchoe Professors of Physiology Dr. A. Jurf Dr. Fertzinger Dr. L. Karpeles Dr. A. Fajer Professor of Biophysics Dr. Raymond Sjodin THE LIGHTER SIDE OF MEDICINE He’s dead, his wife’s dead, — whole family wiped out. Boy! The best steamed crabs I’ve had all summer. Only a male chauvinist pig would label this radiogram of lung consolidation a breast shadow. . . . and I thought you said these were X-rated? There must be some mistake in the computer match, Tm sure that I didn’t check necrophilia on date-a-matic’s congeniality form. . . . with a little help from my friend. If someone doesn’t turn of that fan, I’ll be chilled to the bone. Just one more page of Figge before I expire!! Someone told me that they were holding the vigil for Uncle Herman here, but . . . where have all the flowers gone? You’re right! This place does look rather dead this year. If you can hang on for another 5 minutes pal, I think I can get the bullet out. Hey, I’ve found a gold filling! » ff FRESHMAN PSYCHIATRY Dr. Ephraim Lisansky . . . an air of truculent bravado How much am I bid for the freshman psychiatry program? 21 FRESHMAN PSYCHIATRY K Yes, the Neuro-biology evaluation will be a multiple choice exam. The instructions for the exam as well as the typo- graphical corrections are displayed for your con- venience on the blackboard behind this podium. Dr. Grenell If you won’t share the peanuts with me, I’m leaving. .22 NEURO-ANATOMY No Dr. Barrett, this is the brain! Would you like to look at my Brain-child? 23 These inner Meninges are considerably more delicate than the Tough Mother we disected yesterday. SUBJECT: Handouts in Neuro-Anatomy I don’t know why I pick these things up, but they do make pretty good paper airplanes. SUBJECT: Movie in Neuro-Anatomy Captain Kirk, the Enterprise has violated Klingon airspace. If you want me to autograph your teddy bear, you’ll have to see me in my office. Dr. Blaumanis Who says medical school lectures are organized? SUBJECT: The Streptomycin-Hamburger Study Come to think of it, this streptoburger experiment has been a real shot to the dried prune market. This streptoburger experiment has been like a real vacation . . . my bowels haven’t worked for the last 9 days. I 27 From inspection alone you would have to agree that the patient will require at least a 71 2 D or prehaps an 8 C shoe. You see the ankle bone is connected to the leg bone and the leg bone is connected to . . . EXCEDRIN HEADACHE 46 : Embarrassed patient. t i Yes Dr. Moxley, the records show that all minorities are proportionately represented in next year’s freshman class except left-handed dwarfs who speak igPay atinLay. I’m sorry Dr. Moseson. It doesn’t matter if the book did only cost SI. 49, it is still overdue and the fine is $243.50. CLASS OF 1974 Charles Adamo Gail Bailey Frederick Basgier Jonathan Bedri Michael Behre Samuel Benesh George Berley Ira Berman Lynn Billingsley Richard Bittrick Jeffrey Block Richard Block Gary Boston Stephen Branning Harry Brockington Joseph Bush Michael Cain Alan Carroll James Chaconas Randolph Christianson Barbara Cochran William Crawford James Crook Ira Deitz Frederick Dewberry Thomas Doerner Jessie Doukas Julius Edlavitch Timothy Eskridge Patricia Falcao Stephen Fleishman Susan Ford Daniel Foss Alan Gober Barry Gold Guillermo Gonzalez Kenneth Goodwich Edward Gratz Jay Grochmal Robert Guthrie Charles Haile Roland Hancock Gary Hardegen Donald Haskins James Hatch Charles Hatton Jean Halz Michael Hotchkiss Leroy Huffman Jay Jackson Charles Jaffe John Johnson Yvonne Johnson Neil Kahanovitz Mark Kaplan Ronald Kaplan Robert Katz Allan Kaufman James Keogh Kenneth Keys Mark Klein Linda Koerber Laslo Kolta Carole Kornreich Karol Kosnik Celia Kramer Steven Lacher Albert Lai Howard Lanham Marc Leavey Steven Levenson Philip Levin Merral Lewis Arthur Liang Andrew London Lillian Love Bruce Lowman Manuel Machiran Kenneth Malinow Stuart Marcus John Martin William Marwede Libero Marzella Stephen Matz Terrance McHugh James McMillen Stephen Metzner Ernest Miller Joel Miller Paul Miller Sheldon M ilner Thomas Milroy Richard Muirhead Robert Nemes Dennis Niner Dawn Obrecht Philip O’Donnell Robert O’Donnell Eric Orwoll Susan Panny Jeffrey Pargament George Patrick Edward Perl Jay Phillips Luis Queral Clayton Raab Bannister Raines Louis Randall James Raver Bruce Regan Michael Reichel June Robinson Richard Rosher Bruce Rounsaville Ann Ruderman Michael Rudman Allen Salzberg John Schnell Harvey Schonwald Paul Schwartz Craig Sharp Edward Sherman Madelyn Siegel Maury Silverman Mitchell Smolkin Cylburn -Soden Robert Solenberger Jeff Sollins Harry Stevens Lawrence Swink Ernest Szechenyi Lawrence Thompson John Ulshafer William Valente Elise Van der Jagt Sue Vauthier Rolando Vieta Steven Vogel Emerson Walden Thomas Walden Laura Waldron Vincent Waldron William Weisburger Michael Wojtanowski Stephen Xenakis Robert Yasner Allan Zechowy David Zisow 30 31 33 34 I 35 36 IL This one is easy, everyone should have gotten it. The Si is normal, S 2 is paradoxically split, S 3 and S 4 gallops are present, as are a holosystolic grade V 2 I 6 murmur and grade 14 6 diastolic rumble-blow-rush and a six component friction rub with a heart rate of i40. Now, let’s go on to some hard ones. 37 CLASS OF 1973 James Abbott Advid Allender Stanley Amernick Carlton Baker Margare t Baker Raymond Bayerle Stanley C. Beachy Bruce Beck Carl Bessent Jeffrey Blum Martin Brown James Buchanan Thomas Calame Robert Castile Warren Chamberlain Joseph Ciotola Charles Clark Walter Conner Kirk Cromar Jo Augur Deevey Edwin Deitch Gregory Denari Michael Dodd Steven Dolinsky Raymond Drapkin Ronald Edwards Edward Eisenbrey Charles Elliott Candace Erickson Charles Erskine George Failing Elizabeth Feeney Alan Figelman John Foreman Denis Franks William Caver Steven Glasser Nelson Goldberg William Goldiner David Goldscher Jane Goldthorn Lee Goodman James Gordon David Greifinger Steven Gross Richard Habersat Daniel Hardesty Louis Harman Mona Harrison David Herman Sharon Hoiler Horace Holley William Hood David Hoover Mark Jacobs Allan Jaffe Michael Jaworski Joseph Jenci Murray Kalish Kathleen Kelley Erich Kim James Kirby Allen Kirchner Robert Kirkwood Walter Koppel Morton Kousen Barnett Kramer William Landes Metric Landy Tom Lapsa Margaret Leahy Arthur Lebson Healey LeCator Stephen Lemon Gary Levinson Jeffrey Lobel Thomas Long Denis MacDonald Samuel Mace Martin Magram Michael Maguire Anthony Malone Thomas Mansfield Arthur Masten Harriet Meier Clifford Merchant Christopher Michel Clarence Miller Mark Miller Barbara Milton Bernard Milton Jean Mountain Norman Myers John Neill Morton Orman John Owens Laura Owens Constantine Padussis Charles Pamplin Arthur Parker Howard Pressman Bruce Reichardt Victor Reus Donald Russ Alfred Saah Howard Saiontz Carmelo Saraceno Eileen Scherl Ronald Seff Frank Shallenberger Gregory Shankman Gary Shapiro David Shear Ronald Sher Peter Shieldhouse David Shiling Barbara Siskind Joel Snyder Gerald Sterner Gharles Stewart Robert Stifler Ira Stone Solomon Swierdsiol Michael Talbert Ronald Taylor Thomal Templeton Harold Tucker Roberta Tucker David Van Echo Allan Wagman Charles Watson Richard Weisman John Whitlock Frances Wong Douglas Woodruff Michael Zimring 38 FINALLY THE CLINICAL YEARS 39 40 41 MARVIN CORNBLATH, M.D. Professor and Head Department of Pediatrics Doctors; Weaver, Kuhn, Clemmens, and Modarressi. This stupid machine just stole my 35c. 42 I . and during the pediatric age, the patient is growing and advancing, and getting better. The pediatrician helps with that growth. After the pediatric age the patient is detioriating, going down hill, and the adult physician is just trying to postpone the disaster.” Gimme five. And here we have all the children at play. 43 Any rumble I hear here won’t be a diastolic murmur. The Most High Royal Grand Imperial Sleeping Potentate. 44 When I finish rocking, I’ll be ready to eat like a horse. Doing consults all day is a rough life. 45 GOD’S GREATEST MIRAGLE - THE MIRAGLE OF NEW LIFE ARTHUR L. HASKINS, M.D. Professor and Head Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology 46 47 No, I’m not the proud father. Ob-Gyn is like war — it makes strange bedfellows! Tell her to cross her legs and we’ll be there in 5 minutes. 48 ARLIE R. MANSBERGER, JR., MD.D Professor Department of Surgery John D. Young, Jr., M.D. Professor and Head Division of Urological Surgery Cyrus L. Blanchard, M.D. Professor and Head Division of Otolaryngology Thomas H. Morgan, M.D. Professor and Head Division of Orthopedic Surgery j I 50 R. Adams Cowley, M.D. James G. Arnold, Jr., M.D. Harry C. Hull, M.D. Professor and Head Professor and Head Professor of Clinical Surgery Division of Thoracic Surgery Division of Neurological Surgery Administering that all important post-op care. 51 A hallway consultation, or are they just discussing the Colts. Hold on now! This won’t hurt a bit! I MARTIN HELRICH, M.D. Professor and Head Department of Anesthesiology RICHARD D. RICHARDS, M.D. Professor and Head Department of Ophthalmology 53 Only 117 days, three hours, thirty-seven minutes and 13 seconds until graduation. 54 Tickle, tickle, tickle. T.L.C. with an extra special touch at the RAVEN!! THESE are our chief residents?? THEODORE E. WOODWARD, M.D., Professor and Head, Department of Medicine, teacher of clinical medicine and complete patient care. ' 5 ' , Richard B. Hornick, M.D. 5 Professor and Head I Division of Infectious Diseases Leonard Scherlis, M.D. Professor and Head Division of Cardiology f 1 Robert B. Singleton, M.D. Sheldon Greisman, M.D. Division of Cardiology Carroll L. Spurling, M.D. Division of Clinical Pathology David G. Simpson, M.D. Division of Pulmonary Diseases 57 Howard F. Raskin, M.D. Assoc. Professor and Head Division of Gastroenterology Thomas B. Connor, M.D. Professor and Head Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism Harry M. Robinson, Jr., M.D. Professor and Head Division of Dermatology Herbert A. Kushner, M.D. ERLAND NELSON Professor and Head Department of Neurology ■L . . . and how long have you had Anorexia Xer osa? Dr. Cromwell and Boy. 59 L.R.V.A.H. has its advantages. I The Many Forms of Rounds 60 Plenty of Work An Exceptional Guest — J. Willis Hurst, M.D. 62 ... a cup of orange juice, an ounce of lemon juice, two quarts of strong tea, a dash of salt, a pinch of thyme, and three gallons of 98% alcohol. Now how long do you want that to run in I.V.? 63 Here it is. For that test we’ll need 2 V 2 liters of serum and it has to be in the lab by 4:30 A. M. The old 4:30 numbers racket! Who drank my soup? 64 LINUS PAULING AND ORTHOMOLECULAR MEDICINE I’ll argue that point with you over an ice cold frosted mug of orange juice! 65 67 I wouldn’t call football tickets a bribe — maybe an un- lawful! gratuity, but not a bribe. presenting to the “Great Bald Eagle of Medieine.” 68 During this school year two fellow Students died and passed from this world into the next. Both left behind unforgetable memories to those who knew them. MICHAEL H. LIPMAN CLASS OF 1972 STEVEN G.RUND CLASS OF 1973 the hours rise up putting off stars and it is dawn into the street of the sky light walks scattering poems on earth a candle is extinguished the city wakes with a song upon her mouth having death in her eyes and it is dawn the world goes forth to murder dreams i see in the street where strong men are digging bread and i see the brutal faces of people contented hideous hopeless cruel happy and it is day, in the mirror i see a frail man dreaming dreams dreams in the mirror and it is dusk on earth a candle is lighted and it is dark. the people are in their houses the frail man is in his bed the city sleeps with death upon her mouth having a song in her eyes the hours descend, putting on stars in the street of the sky night walks scattering poems e. e. Cummings 69 NATIONAL BOARDS 70 April 11, 12, 1972 • « r 1 I I SENIORS 73 JANET ANTHONY Yor k Hospital York, Pennsylvania Janet came to medical school with her degree in library science from the University of Maryland. She was an active student while here, and will be doing a rotating internship at the York Hospital. Following her training she plans to practice in Internal Medicine or Family Practice somewhere in Maryland. JACK JOSEPH APPLEFELD William A. Shands Hospital Florida After receiving his B.S. from Washington and Lee University, Jack came to medical school. Active during the school years he did well enough to be elected to A.O.A. He spent his summers doing work in Neurology, one summer in a fellowship at Nation Hospital, Institute for Neurology, Queen Square, London, England. Liking all aspects of medicine. Jack was really excited by anesthesi- ology, he plans to practice in anesthesia, acute care medicine, or neurosurgery. One additional possi- bility for the near future is a year’s fellowship at Queen Square in Neurology. 74 MICHAEL DONALD APSTEIN Boston City Hospitals Boston, Massachusetts Mike plans a career in Internal Medicine in the future. His undergraduate work was done at Dick- inson College. An outstanding worker in school he was elected to A.O.A., and still had some time to get in some skiing during the winters. His summers were very full too. Following freshman year he worked in Neurology at the Boston University Medical Center; after sophomore year he had a fellowship in Pulmonary diseases at the University of Maryland. An interesting change of location for the senior year was a six week elective in Neur- ology at Queen’s Square Hospital in London and a four week elective in Cardiology at San Francisco General Hospital. His internship will be in Straight Medicine. WILLIAM GILBERT ARMIGER University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Gil came to Medical School from Loyola College with a deep sun tan. He will be leaving, (well not really leaving) for a Straight Surgery internship following graduation with a deep sun tan. During Medical School he worked as a lab technician at St. Agnes Hospital for some time. Following his internship a residency in Orthopedics is planned. ROBERT WILLIAM ASHMORE St. Agnes Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Bob graduated from University of Maryland in College Park before coming to Medical School. While here he was an active member of the class, being a member of the Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity and being elected to A.O.A. During his summers Bob did externships in Ob-Gyn at St. Agnes Hospital where he will be doing a Rotating Internship following graduation. After completion of his training. Bob ad his wife Roberta plan to stay in the Baltimore area where he will practice Ob- stetrics and Gynecology. HOWARD RICHARD BATES Sinai Hospital Baltimore, Maryland An alumnus of College Park, Rich prepared for Medical School by attending Dental School for two years. During school easy-going Rich was a member of Phi Delta Epsilon and this year inter- viewed prospective freshmen. His summers were spent working as a lab technician at North Arundel Hospital and the University’s Community Pediat- ric Center. By beginning his senior year in June, Rich managed to finish early and begin his resi- dency in April. He plans a future in Radiology. I ROBERT JOSEPH BAUER South Baltimore General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Coming originally from Boyertown, Pennsyl- vania, Bob obtained his higher education in the great state of Maryland. A graduate of College Park, Bob and his wife Carol came to Baltimore; Bob to attend Medical School, and Carol to put him through as an English teacher. Bob was a member of the Family Practice Club and conducted a na- tional survey on Family Practice during part of his time here. His summers were spent as a preceptor in offices of General Practitioners in the area and as an extern at South Baltimore General Hospital. He will be doing a Straight Medicine internship at South Baltimore and eventually plans to practice Family Medicine in a suburban area of Maryland or Pennsylvania. PI. p ULRICH BERG Macauley Neuro-psychiatric Hospital Not too many of us got to know Ulrich very well. Joining our class when we were juniors, he spent most of his elective time away from the Baltimore area. He came to the East from California, and fol- lowing his Medical School work, he will return to the West for a residency in Psychiatry. 77 JAMES HORACE BIDDISON Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Following in the footsteps of men like Doctors: Woodward and Kushner, Jay did his undergraduate work at Franklin and Marshall. He made a name for himself early in Medical School for his statement about the “Great Bald Eagle” and remained out spoken (or at least kept on speaking out) through- out. Jay’s background is really unusual in that he is also a graduate of the Peabody Preparatory School of Music, in piano, and a member of the Ghesa- peake Ghapter of the American Guild of Organists. Needless to say Jay spent many weekends during all the summers playing at the weddings of fellow classmates. Before beginning a Rotating Intern- ship with major emphasis in Medicine, Jay himself will be getting married, and who knows who will be at the organ when his wife-to-be Sue walks down the aisle. LUCAS JUAN BLANCO Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Maryland From Hopkins to Hopkins . . . Lucas, a native of Puerto Rico, graduated from John Hopkins University before coming to Medical School. He was one of two who started out with hair growing on his chin. Following graduation he will return to T he John as a Straight Ob-Gyn intern. ROY CRARY BLANK University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota A product of Wake Forest University, Roy lived down his Southern education by being elected to A.O.A. in junior year. Academic interests have in- cluded Immunology courses at Hopkins and an Immunopathology course at A.F.I.P. On the lighter side, there were the knock-down, drag-out inter- mural football games and a Canadian camping trip during August of senior year. Future plans revolve around Kris and Internal Medicine. JOHN WOLFE BLOTZER University of Maryland Baltimore, Maryland Wolfe was born in Richland County, South Caro- lina, and did his undergraduate work at The Johns Hopkins University. During our freshman year he became a celebrity by publishing a book of poetry. His medical interests lie in Pediatrics and or In- ternal Medicine. His straight medical internship, and further training will be followed by a practice in Western U.S. or Canada. Other interests include: poetry, natural history, and Spanish literature. 79 S. ALLAN BOCK University of Maryland Baltimore, Maryland S. Allan Bock, a native Baltimorean received his undergraduate degree at Washington University in St. Louis. His interests include history, politics, and his wife Rochelle. He is a member of A.O.A. and will be in a straight pediatrics program at University Hospital. Al went all the way through Med school with no one knowing what the S. stood for. Then, it was revealed on graduation day. WILLIAM KEITH BOTT Bethesda Naval Hospital Bethesda, Maryland Bill, the member of our class who is responsible for this mess you are reading, received his under- graduate degree from College Park. His med school days will be remembered by his almost constant companion — a camera. Following a rotating intern- ship with major emphasis in medicine, a four year residency in Orthopedics is planned. After that he and his wife Carolyn and daughter Caryn hope to see a bit of the World with the Navy before re- turning to Maryland to practice. 80 BRADLEY JOHN BRADFORD Georgetown University Hospital Washington, D.C. Brad came to Baltimore from Drew University. A native of New York, he will be in the Straight Pediatrics program at Georgetown University Hospital. DEBORAH JOAN BRANDCHAFT Massachusetts Mental Health Center Boston, Massachusetts Debbie, a native Baltimorean, received her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin. After working as a social worker she entered medical school. Her summers have included a fellowship in Psychiatry, an extern- ship at Sinai and an Endocrinology elective at Mass. General. She is going to be at Massachusetts Mental Health Center, an affiliate of Harvard for her residency in Psychiatry. 81 RICHARD ELLIOTT BRODSKY University of (’olorado Affiliate Denver, ( )lora(lo Hiefiard, a native Baltimorean, graduated from the University of Maryland, (Jollej e Park, His Slimmer aetivities ineliide l)einj an instriietor in the Minor ity Admissions Fro ram. He is a mernher of A.O.A. and will he a straij ht pediatric intern at the University of (volorado in Denver. Did you know that his malpraetiee insiiranee eovers him if he breaks his lej on the ski slopes? CARY DOUCI.AS BROWN Keesler AFB Hospital Biloxi, Mississippi ( ' ary (;ame to Maryland after his undergraduate years at (Capital University in Ohio. Early on, he was distinjj;uished by spendinj more hours in the anatomy lab than 10 other peo|)le put together and by bein)j; the only student to know that the re- current leryn eal nerve travels in the tracheo- esophageal jj;roove. Intcuests are kaleidoscopic but his eye remains fixed on two things: Linda and surgery. 82 f • ELIZABETH RUTH BROWN Magill University — Montreal Children’s Hospital Montreal, Ontario This native of the Washington suburbs and grad- I uate of the College of Mount Saint Vincent in i New York has managed to maintain her interest in pediatrics throughout the past four years. She spent I her summers in Spanish Harlem working for the j Public Health Service and here working on a Pul- I monary fellowship. A senior elective in Pediatrics ! at MaCill allowed Liz to pursue her interests in camping and traveling. She also squeezed in a trip to Switzerland this year. Liz hopes to return to practice in Baltimore after she finishes her pedia- trics training. I i; NEIL FRANCIS CANNON St. Vincent Hospital Worcester, Massachusetts After graduating from Fairfield University, Neil came to Maryland from his home in Massa- chusetts, driving his little red Volvo. He was a distinguished member of the RLQ, and when he grew his red mustache he became the University’s answer to Pappy Parker. A staunch advocate of the complete physician, Neil will be taking a straight Medicine internship, and eventually plans to prac- tice medicine in his cold native state. 83 HOWARD NEIL CAPLAN Grady Memorial Hospital Atlanta, Georgia Howard, a native of Baltimore, received his undergraduate degree from Franklin and Marshall before returning to the University of Maryland for Medical School. A seeming untiring worker, his interest in pediatrics became evident soon after beginning his clinical work. He will be taking a rotating internship with special interest in pedia- trics. After completion of his training he will probably return to Maryland for his practice. ■ p - MARC LORING CHAIKEN Sinai Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Marc, the man with the honest face, was the keeper of the wallet of our class. His undergradu- ate work was done at the University in Gollege Park. Following med school graduation he will begin a rotating internship at Sinai Hospital. Marc can be really thankful that the bill for this yearbook will not be coming to him. 84 RUSSEL LEE CHRISTOPHER, JR. UniversiU " of Mar land Baltimore, Maryland Russel came to the East following his under- graduate work at the University of Southern California. His interest in Psychiatr ' was evident from his beginning in med school. Following graduation he will begin his residency in Psy- chiatr in our own institute. Definite plans for the future following training are not yet made. CASPER EZRA CLINE, III University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Cap, one of our quieter classmates, is a native Maiydander. He went to Wesleyan UniversiW for his undergraduate work. While at medical school his performance was excellent enough for his election to A.O.A. He will be staying in Baltimore for a straight medicine internship at the University. 85 1 IRVIN MORRIS COHEN University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Irv, a native Baltimorean, left the Free State to get his undergraduate degree from Duke University in North Carolina. His interest in internal medicine prevailed throughout med school, and he will be starting a straight medicine internship at the Uni- versity beginning in June. Besides his motorcycle, additions to Irv’s life during the long four years included a wife. CAROLYN ANNE COWLES University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland A graduate of College Park, before entering medical school, Carolyn spent four years working at the National Cancer Institute at NIH investi- gating the immunology and possible viral oncology of leukemias. Her summers were spent working with murine typhus for Dr. Wisseman, on a neuropathology fellowship and otherwise traveling if at all possi- ble. Carolyn and her husband of 7 years, Jim, share an intense interest in the fortunes of the Uni- versity of Maryland basketball teams and one of the highlights of their senior year was attendance at the ACC tournament. Carolyn plans a future in Pediatrics or Pediatric allergy probably some- where within commuting distance of Cole Field House. 86 WAYNE L. CROWDER University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland The end of Medical School is an extra special event for Wayne — his first graduation — ever. A native of rural Maryland, he skipped his senior year of high school to go to Asbury College in Wil- more, Kentucky. After three years there he was accepted to med school, again missing graduat- ing. His interests in med school included inter- class basketball, and his summers were filled with research appointments at the Surgery Branch of the National Cancer Institute of NIH. He will be doing a straight pediatric internship at the University and after his training he, his wife Dar- lene, and their daughter Christy will probably settle in Maryland. THEODORE HUDSON CRYER South Baltimore General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland While a native of Chicago, Ted has been a Marylander since age eight. As an undergraduate at Taylor University his was chosen to Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Uni- versities in 1968. Following freshman year he married Beverly, and was instrumental in establish- ing the Christian Medical Fellowship, with Jay Biddison, Bill Bott, Wayne Crowder, and Joe Viola at the University. His work at South Balti- more this year will be in a straight medicine pro- gram, and he has a position beginning July 1974 in the opthalmology residency program there. 87 WILLIAM BRIAN DAVIDSON Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Bill graduated from George Washington Uni- versity in Washington D.C. prior to coming to med school here. Following med school he will take a straight medical internship, in preparation for a residency in thoracic surgery. Eventually he plans to practice in the Baltimore-Washington area. Besides medicine. Bill is interested in flying, skiing, and scuba diving. THOMAS J. DEVLIN Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland T.D. is a Pennsylvania native, who did his undergraduate work at the University in Gollege Park. He describes himself as, a cigarette in one hand, a Bud in the other, and studying away. He matched for a rotating internship at Maryland General, and after completion of his training he plans to practice Family Medicine at an as yet un- known location. A? p I 88 ANNIE JEAN BREAUX DIDONATO Washington Hospital Center Washington, D.C. Annie came to the University of Maryland Medi- cal School from the University of Southwestern Louisana, and will long be remembered for her “GO ON!! GO ON!!” of our freshman year. She has been in the Maryland area for only 12 years and formerly was a mathematician-programmer. During med school she married Armido, and following her rotating internship, and further train- ing she plans a general practice in rural Southern Maryland. h h.p. ALBERT JOSEPH DIETZ, Jr. Greater Baltimore Medical Center Baltimore, Maryland Al joined our class sophomore year. A native of the area, he will be doing a straight medical internship at Greater Baltimore. U(?. lA. £)• 89 JUDITH MUND DISCHEL Saint Joseph’s Hospital Pheonix, Arizona Judy is one of the few people who came to med school with long hair, and left with short hair. An active person, she was always pleasant, and enjoyed helping other people. Following graduation, she will begin a rotating internship at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Pheonix. WALTER HOLLIFIELD DORMAN University of Minnesota Hospital Minneapolis, Minnesota Walt returned to his native Baltimore after receiving undergraduate training at Wake Forest University. Walt is interested in academic medicine and part-time practice as a career and may special- ize in infectious disease or tumor immunology. He spent elective time at Johns Hopkins doing re- search in tumor immunology as well as participat- ing in a seminar on the same topic. He has also worked as a research technician in the Maryland House of Correction helping the Infectious Disease Department with their studies. Walt, who is still single despite many attempts on his life, will be a straight medicine intern at the University of Minnesota. D- — 90 ROBERT FRANKLIN DRAPER Jr. Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Bob came to med school following his under- graduate work at Howard University in Washing- ton. Nationally he was one of ten Black students to receive the Sloan Foundation Fellowship for medical school. Following his straight surgery in- ternship at Hopkins, he plans a residency in Orthopedic Surgery. JOYCE IRVINE ELLIS Los Angeles County USC Medical Center Los Angeles, California This product of the deep South worked at NIH for the National Cancer Institute, Immunology Branch doing cellular and tumor immunology while working for her B.S. at George Washington Uni- versity. She continued these interests during past summers by working at the Baltimore Cancer Re- search Center on problems related to cellular and transplantation immunology. In spite of this Joyce has found time to pursue her interests in tennis, camping, karate, and Women’s Lib. Although un- decided between medicine and surgery, Joyce does plan to practice in the Western United States. . P. 91 CARL THOMAS FOLKEMER University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Tom graduated from Wittenbery University before beginning his career at the University of Maryland Medical School. Following graduation he will be pursuing his interest in medicine by starting a straight medical internship at University Hospital. ! KAREN SCHUELER FOUNTAIN Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland A native of South Dakota, Karen is a graduate of Northern State College in Aberdeen. Karen’s husband, Robert has been away at sea with the Navy most of their married life, however, these two still managed a second honeymoon to Southern Spain and camping trips westward in the United States and Canada. A fellowship in Anatomy filled freshman summer, but an externship in Radiation Therapy at the Baltimore Cancer Research Center and a fellow- ship with the American Cancer Society helped de- cide Karen on a career in Radiation Therapy with a practice in the West or Mid-West. 92 WILLIAM CHARLES FRIDINGER Deaconess Hospital Washington, D.C. Bill came to medical school from Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A fast worker, he was one of the first non-married mem- bers of our class to get married — at Christmas of our freshman year. The extra time that Bill had he spent working as a Lab Extern at St. Agnes and then at the Poison Control Center for the City of Balti- more. Following graduation he will begin a rota- ting internship at Deaconess Hospital. JOHN GAMBRILL, Jr. U.S. Public Health Service Hospital Baltimore, Maryland John, graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C. prior to coming to the Univer- sity of Maryland Medical School. He was an active member of our class and was interested in everyone he met here. Following graduation he will be doing a rotating internship at the U.S.P.H.S. Hospital here in Baltimore. 93 DARRYL JAY GARKINKEL Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital Cleveland, Ohio Darryl is a native of Baltimore, and went to College Park for his undergraduate education. Anything but quiet or silent on issues, he helped to guide our class through our four years. He will head west, at least West of Baltimore, for his ro- tating internship at Cleveland Metropolitan Hos- pital. He was also elected to A.O.A. during his years here. MATTHEW JOSEPH GIBNEY, HI Kessler AFB Hospital Biloxi, Mississippi Matt interspersed working in Germany between his high school graduation and beginning college. After studying two years at the U. of M’s branch in Germany, Matt joined the hordes at College Park and went on to complete his major in language. As an officer in the Air Force he has had three summer externships at Andrews AFB in both surgery and medicine. He also found time to marry Sheila sophomore year and become a proud father this year. A member of A.O.A., Matt will intern at Kessler AFB in Mississippi. He eventually intends to enter general surgery. 94 SHEILA SCHLL T GIBNEY Kessler AFB Hospital Biloxi, Mississippi This quiet studious product of Cumberland spent her undergraduate years at Frostburg State College. She holds the distinction of being the only member of our class, male or female, to manage a full term pregnancy and delivery while in school. She and her daughter. Heather will travel with Matt to Mississippi where they will live within 100 yards of the Gulf of Mexico. Sheila has always been interested in general practice and spent one summer working in a G.P.’s office. After finishing a rotating internship she plans on going into family practice. JEFFREY BRUCE GLIEDiU4 Universit of Mary land Hospital Baltimore, Maryland An American Universit ' graduate, Jeff plans private practice in Obstetrics and G Tiecolog ‘ after his training. In line with this he will be in a straight OB-G ti internship at the Universit ' following graduation. He has worked two summers in the Hopkins PavloMan Lab and two summers teaching high school summer school chemistry. Besides medicine, he and wife Roshm and their daughter ' alerie enjoy traveling. MICHAEL EDWARD GOLEMBIESKI Portsmouth Naval Hospital Portsmouth, Virginia Gumbo graduated from Catholic University of America before coming to Baltimore for med school. Besides medicine, Gumbo’s life centered around his wife, and following graduation they will leave for Portsmouth Naval Hospital for a straight medi- cine internship and at least a short career in the Navy. SUMNER HAROLD GOODMAN Georgetown University Hospital Washington, D.C. Sonny came South to go to med school. Finish- ing his undergraduate work at Boston University, Sonny came to Maryland to join our freshman class. His interest in psychiatry prevailed and he will start a residency in psychiatry at Georgetown following graduation. 96 ROGER LEE GORDON University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Rog, also a graduate of Boston University, is interested in surgery. He will be a straight surgery intern at University this year and eventually plans to go into plastics, and set up a practice in New England. His summers were spent as a lab tech- nician at University Hospital, Boston, and an ex- ternship in medicine and Mercy, and an externship in surgery at Maryland General Hospital. Life centers around his wife Shelley and their cat Daisy. t eoex) ROBERT BARRY GROSSMAN University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Bob a graduate of the University of Virginia, was active in the life of our class. He was S.A.M.A. representative, on the medical education com- mittee, was in intramural football, and on the news- paper staff. In his fraternity. Phi Delta Epsilon, he was the historian. In the Musical Extravaganza he played the part of Oli Hardy. His life now revolves around his wife Bobbi and their son Jonathan, born during medical school. He will be a straight sur- gery intern and is interested in Orthopedics or Ob-Gyn. 97 NORMAN WILLIAM HAINES, Jr. University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Norm is a native of Maryland, being born in Hagerstown, and attending College Park for under- graduate education. He will be a straight medicine intern at University, in preparation for a career in internal medicine, specializing in gastroenter- ology at a teaching university center. He has a special interest in the Problem Oriented Medical Record, and helped to institute that program at L.R.V.A.H. His wife Suzanne is an X-ray technolo- gist at St. Agnes Hospital. JOHN CHARLES HARRIS Duke Medical Center Durham, North Carolina John, a University of Maryland graduate, came CO med school from College Park. He is interested in internal medicine and will be pursuing that goal with a straight internship in medicine at Duke. 98 NELSON HOWARD HENDLER Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Nelson graduated from Princeton University, is interested in Psychiatry, and will be in a Psychiatry residency at Hopkins following graduation. He is also getting a Ph.D. in neurophysiology, and has worked at Mayo Clinic and the Pavlovian Lab at Hopkins. He is interested in psychopharmacology research. He also has traveled in South America and Europe and went on a safari in Africa; JOHN RUSSEL HORN York Hospital York, Pennsylvania John came from College Park to med school in Baltimore. He was an often outspoken member of our class, or at least he spoke out to ask questions during out lectures. He is interested in internal medicine and will be doing a straight medical in- ternship at York, while his wife Marsha is at the same hospital. Eventually he may practice car- diology, perhaps in the Washington-Baltimore area. a. 99 MARSHA DAWN BORNT HORN York Hospital York, Pennsylvania Marsha, the cuter member of the Horn and Horn team, is also from College Park, however she came after three years and started out in the med school class of 1971. Following her sophomore year she took a year’s leave of absence, and did research in microbiology. She will be in a straight Ob-Gyn program at York and plans for a residency there before setting up practice. CU QJ I CUA TvJ 0 orr t Af 100 JOHN DONALD HUGHES University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland A native of Maryland, John received his B.S. from Hampden-Sydney College. Since in medical school his summers have been spent in psychiatric externships and in cancer research. His career interests lie in internal medicine and his will be a straight medical intern at the University this year and plans to continue in the residency. This is fine with his wife Aggie who is an elementary school teacher. MICHAEL BARRY ISIKOFF University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Mickey came to med school as a graduate of Washington and Lee University. Besides hi s wife Sharon, his interests lie in radiology. Before gradu- ation day had arrived, he had begun a straight pro- gram at the University in Radiology. SHARON KAMM ISAKOFF University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Sharon joined our class and her husband here in Baltimore during our sophomore year. A delight- ful addition to our female population, she bright- ened the rest of the years. Interested in pathology, she pursued this fully and began her residency several months before graduation at the University. 101 JOSEPH KASTYTIS JAMARIS University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Jim came down the street to come to medical school. A graduate of Loyola College, he entered the University with a longer name. He will be a straight surgery intern at the University following graduation, in pursuit of a career in neurosurgery. He was a member of A.O.A., and has done research in neuropsychopharmacology. M2). NEIL BETTER KAPPELMAN Yale New Haven Medical Center New Haven, Conn. Neil Kappelman, a native Baltimorean, will be interning at Yale in a straight medicine program. He is interested in cardiology, and hopes to pursue a mixed private practice-academic career. Neil is our “Summa” and is a member of A.O.A. Alice his wife is very proud of him and it’s for certain that much of his success depended on her. 102 ■Si o . JEFFREY JOHN KLINE Children’s Hospital Washington, D.C. Jeff came to the UniversiW from Wake Forest where he did his undergraduate work. He will be in a straight pediatrics internship at Children’s. RICHARD BRASH KLINE Magill UniversiW — Montreal Children’s Hospital Montreal, Ontario Richard graduated from Brown UniversiW and will be doing a straight pediatrics internship at Magill in Montreal. 103 RAYMOND KODESCH University of California Hospital Los Angeles, California Ray came to the great city of Baltimore, from the great city of College Park where he had done his undergraduate work. In pursuit of a career in medicine he will be doing a straight medical in- ternship at the University of California Hospital. While in medical school he was an excellent stu- dent and was elected to A.O.A. RONALD BRUCE LANDMAN Rochester General Hospital Rochester, New York A product of the Washington suburbs, Ron par- took of the “undergraduate experience” at the University of Colorado, Parson’s College, and the Illinois Institute of Technology. He spent his freshman summer in the S.A.M.A. Applachia pro- gram. After marrying Sharon the following summer, he and she spent their honeymoon camping through Northern Europe. In continuence of this traveling theme, after an externship at Mercy, Ron and Sharon camped their way over Northwestern Western United States visiting training pro- grams. Then they finished senior year with elec- tives in England and a five week tour of Southern Europe. Ron hopes to study internal medicine and be- come a G.P. in Southern Maryland. 104 MARTIN EARLE LEVIN San Diego Naval Hospital San Diego, California Martin joined our class during our sophomore year and continued on with us throughout. After graduation he will be taking a rotating internship with the Navy at their San Diego teaching hospital. MARK JOEL LEVINE Montefiore Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A College Park Graduate, Mark continued his education with the University of Maryland at the post-graduate level in med school. Following graduation from med school he will begin a straight medicine internship at Montefiore. 105 PAUL DOUGLAS LIGHT University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Graduate of Holy Cross College in the chilly North . . . Known for lugging around textbooks twice his own body weight . . . Married to Barbara who could feed him round the clock without making him gain an ounce . . . the unsurpassed “Laurel” of the second Musical Extravaganze, Paul plans for a career in internal medicine and com- munity practice. WILLIAM LOUIS LIPMAN Rhode Island Hospital A Georgetown University Graduate, Bill did his entire med school training through the Uni- versity of Maryland. Following graduation, he will be heading North to the Rhode Island Hospital for a rotating internship with special emphasis on surgery. 106 ROBERT STANLEY LONDON Sinai Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Bob is a native Marylander, who went as far as George Washington University in Washington D.C. for his undergraduate education. As an active member of our class, he always seemed to know what was going on. After graduation he will become a member of the Sinai house staff as a rotating in- tern. ROBERT HELMER MALSTROM University of Oregon Medical School Hospitals Strom, the fixer, came to the far East, from the West coast. A native of Washington State and a graduate of the University of Washington, he came all the way to the East coast to become a medical student. He was elected to the position of S.A.M.A. representative, and as a senior was president of the local chapter. He is probably best known for his ability to fix most anything. It is fitting that he choose a surgical sub-speciality for a career choice — and what would be more appropriate than Ortho- pedic surgery. In preparation for that he will be a rotating intern. 107 HERBERT GAYLORD MARKLEY Baltimore City Hospitals Baltimore, Maryland Herb was a very active student while at the Uni- versity. A Hopkins graduate in Psychology he began working on changing the University almost the minute he got here. He was the chairman of the Student Committee on Medical Education, and a member for .two years of the Faculty Curriculum Committee, during which time compulsory Na- tional Boards were repealed and a new more elec- tive curriculum was adopted. His future interest include a medical internship and a neurology resi- dency with the eventual career goal being academic medicine. LINDA DWYER MARKLEY Baltimore City Hospitals Baltimore, Maryland A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Linda came to us via a year of gradu- ate study in physiology. She spent her summers on a pediatric fellowship and externing at Mercy Hospital. After marrying Herb senior year, she went to Denver with him and took electives in pulmonary diseases and gastroenterology while he took medicine. At the present time Lin plans on a future in Internal Medicine. 108 SHARON LOUISE MARSELAS Rochester General Hospital Rochester, New York A graduate of St. John’s College in Annapolis, Sharon made her way to Baltimore from Southern Maryland. Since marrying Ron at the end of soph- omore year, Sharon has traveled to Europe twice and toured the West. She has also had to figure out what to do with all of Ron’s auction purchases. A neurology fellowship and several senior electives in neurosurgery have helped Sharon de- cide on an eventual career in the private practice of Neurology. JUDITH VANNI McLAUGHLIN University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Judy entered medical school after an under- graduate career at Notre Dame College of Mary- land. A remarkably diligent worker — the only class she ever missed was anatomy lab. Summers have been spent working in the Department of Preventive Medicine, at the CPC, and at the Vet- erans Hospital on an Infectious Disease Fellow- ship. A dyed-in-the-wool pediatrician, Judy has professed a very special interest in the legal pro- fession via her husband Michael. 109 no WILLIAM THOMAS MERRITT University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland A Mount S aint Mary’s College graduate, and a native of Maryland, Bill came to medical school in Baltimore. Despite his size, which is not small, he is interested in the small fry. He plans a career in pediatrics, and as the first step will be on the University house staff as a pediatric intern. GEORGE ANDREW METZGER University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Andy is a D.C. native and a graduate of George- town University. At med school he was an active class member. Among his projects was being the Student Coordinator of the Medical Student Al- coholism Counseling Program. His med school career was marked by his marriage to Dottie of emergency room fame. Following further training which will start with a straight medical internship at University, Andy hopes to practice dermatology in North Carolina. GREGORY ALAN MITCHELL Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Mar land Greg is a native Mar lander. He received his B.S. in chemistr from College Park and pursued some graduate studies at the Universit ' of North Carolina. His wife Patricia teaches horne eco- nomics, and although their plans as to career interest are somewhat fixed, the final place of his practice is undecided. ST ANXEY A. MORRISON Universit ' of Mary land Hospital Baltimore, Maryland A native Baltimorean and a College Park grad- uate, Stan entered med school with the interests of women, cars, and tennis. Following his straight medical internship, he plans a career in internal medicine, possibly gastroenterolog ' . 111 JOSEPH DEAN MOSER University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Joe, a native of Washington, D.C. split his under- graduate career between Kenyon College and Uni- versity of Maryland College Park. His wife is a biologist with USDA in the area of human nutri- tion. Future plans revolve around a stright Ob-Gyn program at the University. DANE LEONARD MOSESON University of Oregon Hospitals Dane, a graduate of Wake Forest, is the student who instead of studying for the preventive medi- cine exam, took a boat out into the middle of the Bay and read a book. Dane was always active dur- ing med school. He worked both as a lab technician and with the Poison Control Center. At graduation time he married Sue. Their honeymoon was to be a crosscountry camping trip in the pick-up camper they have, arriving in Oregon with all their posses- sions in the back of the truck. 1 12 I I THOMAS EDWARD MURPHY, Jr. I University of Maryland Hospital I Baltimore, Maryland j Tom aiTived at med sehool from the University ' of Notre Dame. He was active in school, but his 1 biggest accomplishment was in the world of tennis. His straight medicine internship will be the be- ginning of his career in internal medicine. I JAMES MICHAEL MURRAY Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center San Antonio, Texas This was the first U.H. admission for this 25 y.o. W.M. admitted in September, 1968, in NAD. cc: “I want to be a doctor” H.P.I.: Mount St. Mary’s College Med CAT’s — admission Hosp. Course: Progressive resolution Immunopathology course at AFIP Macroglobulin research Intramural football Soc Hx: Wife — Sara Son — Michael, born fall 1971 Disp: USAF OB-GYN Meds: None except prn ampicillin Prognosis: Excellent 113 CONRAD ERNEST NAGLE University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland A native Baltimorean, Conrad like many other classmates did his undergraduate work at the University in College Park. His career interest is internal medicine and his begins that road with a straight medical internship. While in school he had a psychiatry fellowship at the Psychiatric Institute and a fellowship in gastroenterology for two summers at the V.A. Hospital. Important decisions are made in consultation with his wife Kim who is in nursing graduate school, and life has probably changed since the arrival of their baby. J 4 - JOHN ANTHONY NIZIOL Presbyterian Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania John is one of the group that descended upon Baltimore with Seton Hall University as their Alma Mater. A native of Passaic, New Jersey, John was an unreplaceable member of the RLQ. He is interested in pediatrics and will be in a straight peds program at Presbyterian. There is a double graduation at the NizioPs for John’s wife Barbara is graduating from Notre Dame College this Spring, too. They are also expecting a new arrival. -yn i 114 JOHN MICHAEL O’DAY University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland John, a Maryland man all around, went to under- graduate school at College Park. At med school in Baltimore his interest in surgery soon became apparent. To follow through with this John was matched to the straight surgery program here at the University. MAURICE LOUIS OFFEN Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami, Florida An MIT graduate, Louis entered medical school with the class of 1971 but took leave to spend a year and a half in South America with a grant to study clinical aspects of malnutrition. Besides the Latin experience, he has worked summers for drug companies in England and Switzerland, externed briefly at the Charles University Hospital in Prague, Czechoslovakia (interrupted by the Russian invasion of that country), and received the full series of anti-rabies vaccinations. To round out his life, Louis plans to do a straight medical in- ternship at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami followed by further training and a career in aca- demic medicine of public health. 115 MICHAEL JOSEPH OSSI Saint Vincent’s Hospital Worcester, Massachusetts Born in Maryland, Mike went North to under- graduate school. He received his degree from Stonehill College, North Easton, Massachusetts. He returned to his native state for the medical school training. He was best known in med school for his participation in class sports. At St. Vincent’s Mike will be a rotating intern with special emphasis in pediatrics in preparation for a career in pediatrics in the New England area. TYlu LJ I M t ROBERT DAVID PASSOVOY Saint Luke’s Presbyterian Chicago, Illinois Bob is a native of Illinois, and went to the University of Illinois as an undergraduate. His time at the University of Marylarid was but a sojourn for he left Baltimore during our senior year for electives at Chicago. While there he got married, and returned to Maryland briefly for the graduation events before starting his straight medical intern- ship at St. Luke’s. 116 MICHAEL ROCCO PETREILLA University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Mike, one of the co-leaders of the RLQ, was also one of the foursome who came to med school in Maryland from Seton Hall University, Among his noted accomplishments while at medical school are two musical extravaganzas, the s econd of which packed out Gordon Wilson Hall, with standing room completely full. The near future will see the beginning of a career in Ob-Gyn as Mike enters the straight Ob-Gyn program here at Maryland. WILLIAM EDDY RANDAL, Jr. University of Maryland Baltimore, Maryland A Marylander by birth. Bill came to med school in Baltimore following completion of his under- graduate work at College Park. He and his wife Amy, who worked for the University during our years of school, have made their home here in Balti- more, and they will be staying here as Bill begins a straight medical internship at the University, eventually to practice irftemal medicine some- where in Eastern United States. 0iAuft jd2y , J R. A IvT) 117 KENNETH LEE ROBERTSON Presbyterian Hospital Denver, Colorado Ken began medical school fresh from under- graduate life at College Park. Throughout, his old goals remain constant: searching for waves each summer and for snow each winter. And a new goal is added: excellence in internal medicine. A country boy at heart from New Winsor, Mary- land, Ken hopes eventually to be a small com- munity “doc” perhaps in New England or the Northwest — but definitely near ski slopes. M.P. NEWTON WORTHINGTON ROGERS Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Newt is one of the many members of our class who did his undergraduate requirements at College Park, but he is one of the few class mates whose family lived close enough for Newt to commute from home during our first year. Future plans are for a career in general medicine or a medical sub- speciality, and he begins for that by starting a straight medicine internship at Maryland General Hospital. 118 BARBARA RUTH ROSENTHAL University of California Hospitals Los Angeles, California A native Baltimorean, Bobbie came to med school from Goucher College. Her interest in pediatrics soon became evident as her extra time was spent working with kids. She was one of the participants in the med student nurses’ aide work program at the hospital in pediatrics and she worked in the nursery in the summers. Also, she was one of very few people to stick it out in the dorm for all four years of med school, and she was active in dorm life. She leaves Baltimore for California and a straight pediatric internship in Los Angeles. y MARTIN STANLEY ROSENTHAL Royal Victoria Hospital Montreal, Ontario “There’s always a way you can do it faster!!”, is one of the mottos of Marty, one of our youngest classmates. He graduated from high school a year early, and after three years at Hopkins, he received his B.S. With Marty, there is always something going on, and not just the common things, for in- stance, courses at the law school, clerkships in forensic pathology, etc. His career plans for the future are not concrete as of this time, but he will be doing a straight medicine internship at the Royal Victoric Hospital this year. 119 CHARLES JOHN SCHLEUPNER University of Utah Affiliate Charlie received his B.S. in biology from Loyola College of Baltimore in 1967 and then went to the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health for a M.S. in microbiology, granted in 1968 following publication of his Master’s thesis. During his senior year of college he was added to the ranks of Who’s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities. In med school he was elected to A.O.A. His summers were spent working at the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health in neuro- virology, and he plans for a career in internal medicine perhaps in an academic institution in infectious diseases. PHILIP JOHN SCHROEDER University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Phil is a native Marylander and has his under- graduate degree from College Park. It is unknown exactly how he got his nickname “Peanuts” but he is anything but unknown to the students and faculty at the medical school, as he was elected to A.O.A. His summers were busy with, neurologic research at the Edgewood Arsenal, and externship in path- ology at St. Agnes, and an externship in surgery at Maryland General. Phil will be doing a straight surgery internship at the University before getting to his special interest — thoracic surgery. 120 JOHN EDWARD SEIBEL, Jr. Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Native to Maryland, John went from West River, Maryland to the Western Maryland College for his undergraduate studies. At medical school his in- terests crystalized around general medicine, and he spent his summers in a fellowship in pulmonary medicine and in a preceptorship in general prac- tice. Following his training which begins with a straight medical internship at Mercy, John hopes to practice general medicine in Southern Maryland. DAVID NEAL SHAFFER University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland The Shaffer family consists of “Daddy” Dave, his wife Hinda and their daughter Kim. Dave is a graduate of College Park, and has marked his medical school career with summer fellowships in pulmonary medicine at the University and by being elected to A.O.A. He will be start ing his straight Ob-Gyn training at the University following graduation from medical school. 121 JED SICKLES SHAPIRO University Hospitals University of Wisconsin Hospitals Jed came to the Free State for medical school following studies at Dartmouth College. Following graduation he will be heading West for a psychiatry residency at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals. 122 JOSEPH STANLEY SHAPIRO University of Southern California Medical Center Los Angeles County, California Joe will be pulling up his roots following gradu- ation and heading for the sunny West coast and a ro- tating internship at the Los Angeles County Medical Center. C . HENRY THOMAS SHENFIELD Buffalo General Meyer Memorial Hospital Buffalo, New York Hank came to the Universit ' of Maryland for medical school from the North. A native of Connect- icut, he was an active member of our class and a member of the infamous RLQ. He was a hard worker and for his efforts was elected to A.O.A. Following graduation he heads back to the North- country for a straight medical internship at the Meyer Memorial Hospital. RICHARD HAROLD SHERMAN Universit " of Illinois Hospital Chicago, Illinois Richard, a native Baltimorean, claims the De- fiance College as his undergraduate Alma Mater. He also did undergraduate studies in genetics at Washington University and the UniversiW of Michigan. Rich ends his medical school career with electives at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in pulmonary medicine and endocrinology. Follow- ing graduation he will be a straight medical intern in pursuit of a career in internal medicine. No doubt his future plans will also include time for hiking, camping, swimming, sailing, and cycling. 123 DEBORAH MATCHAR SHLIAN Sinai Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Debbie came to the University of Maryland Medical School and became our class’s sex symbol, being the only blond next to Neil Kappelman. While here she got married and set up housekeep- ing in Towson. Following graduation she will be doing a rotating internship at Sinai Hospital. MORTON ALGER SIMMONS, Jr. Chelsea Naval Hospital Chelsea, Massachusetts Morton joined our class during our sophomore year. A graduate of the University of Maryland in College Park in Zoology, Tim, as he prefers to be called, had an active life during med school. His summers were spent on active duty with the Navy, and with this opportunity he gained a large amount of experience. He served a fellowship at the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute at Pensacola, Florida; clerkship in Urology and internal medi- cine at Boston Naval Hospital, and senior year electives in radiology and obstetrics at Oakland Naval Hospital and internal medicine at San Diego Naval Hospital. Following graduation Lieutenant Simmons will be returning to Chelsea for a rotating internship with special interest in anesthesiology. as.. ■ Md 124 MICHAEL JEFFREY SINDLER Northwestern University Hospital Chicago, Illinois A Baltimorean by birth, Mike went to the Uni- versity of Maryland College Park for his under- graduate education. Returning to Baltimore for medical school, he was always busy. During part of his extra time he worked as a lab technician at St. Agnes. Following graduation he will go to North- western for a rotating internship. GERARD VINCENT SMITH York Hospital York, Pennsylvania Gerry came to Maryland from Loyola College where he majored in English. Throughout school he has stood out in many areas. Athletic prowess has brought him fame on the football field and the basketball court. His special wit has brought the sparkle of laughter to groups large and small. Junior year he received the Cohen Award for excellence in internal medicine — an interest he will begin to pursue with a medical internship. 125 HOWARD HERSHEY SOLLOD Sheppard Pratt Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Hershey is a Marylander by birth, but for his undergraduate education sojourned with our neighbors to the North at the University of Penn- sylvania. Hershey will probably be most remem- bered by our class for his long blonde hair, which as a freshman was the longest among the male members of our class. But the time that we were seniors however, he was not alone in that cate- gory. Following graduation, he will be starting a residency in psychiatry at Sheppard Pratt. RONALD TYRE STAUBLY Southern Illinois University Hospital Carbondale, Illinois Ron came to med school after graduating with honors in zoology and with general honors from College Park. While here he was active in the Bal- timore Campus Coalition for Peace, but he is also interested in travel and in puns. During one summer he traveled to Europe, and during another summer he worked for the Community Mental Health of Baltimore. Following graduation, Ron and his wife Helen, an R.N., and son Arasin Tyre will be heading to the mid-West where Ron will begin a Family Practice internship at the Southern Illinois University Hospital. 126 EUGENE JOSEPH STRASSER University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Gene split his undergraduate vork in half. For two ye ars he attended Loyola College here in Bal- timore, and then transferred to College Park where he graduated with a B.S. in psychology. Plans for the future will revolve around his wife Linda and their son Stephen, but they will definitely include plastic surgery, which he plans to enter after his straight surgery program at the University. Eventu- ally they plan to settle somewhere in the West, and Gene plans on private practice. THOMAS JOSEPH TONER York Hospital York, Pennsylvania Thomas Toner, better known as Tush, was born in New Jersey and received his undergraduate training at Syracuse University. He was a “gas” as Dr. Adams in our Junior Year Skit. By driving tractor trailers during the summer, Tom got to see the country and also earned money for school. He is engaged to Marilyn now and will be married during his straight surgical internship at York, Pennsylvania. He will return to Universi ty Hospital in two years to train in ENT. Mb 127 MIRIAM COCHELL TURNER University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Mimi too came to us after four years at College Park. Responsibility came fast and furious as she was elected Freshman Class Secretary; the re- sponsibility was also continuous with unanimous re-election each subsequent year. Known for think- ing about what she says, Mimi manages to also say what she thinks. She and Charles live in a very special third floor walk up reputed for no cool in summer and no heat in winter. Mimi was elected to A.O.A. senior year and beginning July 1 will add her many talents to the world of pediatrics. PETER DESIDER VASH University of California Hospital Los Angeles, California Peter Vash returned to his hometown after receiving his undergraduate degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He served on the Student Council for three years and was President of the council in 1970. During the summer of 1969, he was an instructor in the summer program for minority group medical students. Peter is in- terested in Adolescent Medicine and will be a straight medicine intern at UCLA. We wish him blue skies, bright spring flowers and enjoy with him his love of life. 128 DEAN LEWIS VASSER University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Entering medical school, Dean was well pre- pared for sophomore year with white jackets from his waiter days at a College Park Pizzaria. Early on he was distinguished by losing the most weight and the most sleep at each exam period. But despite his (lack of) weight problem Dean managed to play int ramural football. Summers were spent as scrub tech and surgical extern. But the four years saw changes: from nerves to calm, from crew-cut to shag, from surgery to internal medicine. ALEXANDER LESLIE VIGH University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Alex, a native of New Jersey, came to medical school from his undergraduate Alma Mater of Seton Hall University and as such was a charter member of the infamous RLQ. As the clinical years rolled around, Alex came under the spell of the knife, and although he enjoyed all surgery and the sub- specialities, he chose Ob-Gyn as his career choice and will be in straight Ob-Gyn training at the University. fn.D 129 JOSEPH WILLIAM VIOLA Boston City Hospitals Boston, Massachusetts Joe is a native of Maryland, and came to medical school after receiving his B.S. from College Park. He was always busy, never wasted time, and yet always had time to help a classmate. He was an active member of the Christian Medical Fellow- ship and their mission work at local missions, and became known as the “Singing Tenor” at class- mates weddings. During his years here, he had ex- ternships at St. Agnes and Greater Baltimore Medical Center Hospitals. He also chose eight months of ward medicine during our senior year. This later should have prepared him for his straight medicine internship at Boston City Hospitals. MARJORIE ANN VOITH Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Marjorie came downtown for medical school after graduating from Goucher Gollege. She rapidly became famous in our fi eshman year for biting the “Editor” in the forearm at a S.P.A.S.M.S. dinner meeting. Always lively, athletic and outgoing, she has interests in outdoor activities, especially tennis. She will be starting her training in internal medicine at Maryland General. 130 JERALD PAUL WALDMAN Los Angeles County Harbor General Los Angeles, California Jerald Waldman, “Jerry” was bom in Irvington, New Jersey and joined our class after receiving a B.A. in biology from the University of Rochester. He served as class vice president in his sophomore year and is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon. His summers have been spent traveling in Europe, as a fellow in Forensic Pathology and as an extern at South Baltimore General. In addition, Jerry worked parttime at Bon Secours Hospital as a medical tech- nologist during the school years as well. He is a member of A.O.A. and will be a straight surgical intern at Harbour General. He is interested in Urology and Shock and Trauma. MICHAEL LEE WALKER Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Mike received his undergraduate degree from Capital University. During medical school he par- ticipated in intramural football, S.A.M.A. and was senior class vice president. His summer activities have included working at Spring Grove State Hospital. Mike and his wife Brenda will be staying in Baltimore, where he will be a straight medicine intern at Maryland General. 131 ELIOT MICHAEL WALLACE Cincinnati General Hospital Cincinnati, Ohio Eliot, a native Marylander, claims Lehigh Uni- versity as his undergraduate Alma Mater. An out- spoken classmate who always speaks his mind is well known to all, particularly for his evaluation of the teaching system. His summers were spent at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C. and at the Clinical Studies Center here at the Uni- versity. His ultimate career interest is internal medicine, but he will be taking a rotating intern- ship as he and his wife Lizette move to Cincinnati. v , oi JOHN RAMSEY WARFIELD Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland John is a Marylander by birth, and a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park. Al- though he has shown a special interest in radiology, he will be serving and training as arotating intern at Maryland General Hospital. K. UJ0.4JJ ryn.Q 132 HOWARD JEFFREY WEINSTEIN Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, Massachusetts Howard Weinstein, a native Baltimorean, re- ceived his undergraduate training at Cornell Uni- versity. For the duration of his medical school career, he was our class president and a member of the Student Council. He also served on various curriculum committees as well. During the summer of 1971 he was a Public Health Service fellow in Israel. Howard will be a straight pediatrics intern at Massachusetts General Hospital and is interested in Adolescent Medicine. The fantastic commit- ment of time and spirit Howard gave to the class is well appreciated; we are lucky he did not have u wife to divert some of his energies. Nonetheless, we know he didn’t suffer for it. BRUCE COOPER WELLS Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland A classmate from the Eastern Shore, Bruce went to Western Maryland College for his under- graduate degree. His summers during medical school were spent at the race track — where he worked to earn money for school. As a senior, Bruce and his wife Linda, not only looked forward to graduation but to the birth of their first child. Following graduation Bruce will begin a rotating internship at Mercy Hospital in preparation for a career in general medicine in central Maryland. 133 GLYNN MICHAEL WELLS Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland From sunny California, and the Sacramento State College, Bruce came East to medical school here in Baltimore, Our freshman year he was the student who was supposed to sell us our sphyg- nomanometers. An important part of Glynn’s life is traveling and the highlight of his senior year was when he and his wife went to Rhodesia Africa to work in a mission hospital. Beginning in July, Glynn will be a straight medical intern at Mercy in preparation for a career in internal medicine in Northern California. ROBERT BARRY WHITNEY Buffalo General Meyer Memorial Hospital Buffalo, New York Bob came back to his home stae from Dartmouth College for medical school. An active and hard working student he was elected to A.O.A. Follow- ing graduation he will be a straight medicine intern at Meyer Memorial Hospital in Buffalo. 134 THOMAS VINCENT WHITTEN University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Tom is a native Marylander who went to Mount Saint Mary’s College before coming to the Uni- versity of Maryland for medical school. As a fresh- man he was elected to the position of athletic di- rector, and was active in intramural sports through- out the four years here. He will be staying in Bal- timore after graduation to begin a straight surgery internship at the University, and plans to go into orthopedics. Helped along his way by his wife Diane, who is a registered nurse, she will be getting used to the feeling of plaster on everything around the house. WALTER JOSEPH WIECHETEK Roosevelt Hospital New York City, New York From the floods of Florece, Walt swept on to the shores of Baltimore from the University of Bologna Medical Center where he began his medi- cal training. An active member of SHO he spent a summer as an SHO fellow in Ghetto Medicine in Newark, New Jersey and toured Eastern Europe for S.A.M.A.’s Committee on International Medicine. In 1970 he extemed in Tropical Medicine at Col- umbia University in New York City and has worked with Dr. D. Clyde’s group in Malaria at Jessup. Recently he has taken courses at Walter Reed and worked with the Supreme Bench of Baltimore. Walt will begin his training in the Perinatal Unit at Columbia and after completing an Ob-Cyn resi- dency at Roosevelt, he plans to go on for an M.P.H. in Maternal and Child Care in 1973. 135 RICHARD HOPSON WINGERT Tripler Army Medical Center Honolulu, Hawa ii Dick came to the University of Maryland from his undergraduate work at the University of Pitts- burgh. His summers were spent in various extern- ships, in hyperbaric research in the Shock-Trauma, and in cardiology at Tripler Army Medical Center. An important milestone in his life was his marriage to Kay O’Donnell during his senior year. Follow- ing graduation he and Kay will move to Hawaii for a straight medical internship, after which they plan to return to the states for further training while in uniform in the area of ENT. BRIAN JAY WINTER Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Brian came to Baltimore from the three year program in pre-med at College Park. During the summers of medical school he did an anesthesi- ology clerkship at Baltimore City Hospital and a clerkship at University Hospital in opthalmology. Despite his busy schedule he found time to travel, eluding camping across country and a European tour. He was also a member of Phi Delta Epsilon and served on its executive board. Following gradu- ation, Brian will begin a rotating internship with special emphasis on internal medicine before going into opthalmology as a career. 136 BARRY MILES WOLK Cincinnati General Hospital Barry is a native of Maryland, and went to the Ohio State University for his undergraduate edu- cation. At medical school he was “Mister RLQ” and always had something witty on the tip of his tongue. One of his major contributions to our class was the two musical extravaganzas which everyone present thoroughly enjoyed. Following graduation Barry will be returning to Ohio for a rotating intern- ship at Cincinnatti General Hospital. CELESTE LAUVE WOODWARD Children’s Hospital Washington, D.C. Celeste did most of her undergraduate work at Wellesley, and came to the University of Maryland Medical School as a delightful addition to our class. She is anything but new to the world of medicine, being a member of the fifth generation in her family to be medical doctors. An important event in her life during medical school was to be- come Jack Applefeld’s sister-in-law. Her love for children led Celeste into the area of pediatrics, and following graduation she will be a straight pediatric intern at Children’s Hospital, while her husband Mark does a fellowship at Georgetown. ( dS uJc lJ 9jAOi3L )cf A 137 RAYMOND KINDLEY WRIGHT, Jr. Sinai Hospital Baltimore, Maryland A native of Maryland and living in Union Bridge in Carroll County, Kin went to Bridgewater College for his undergraduate degree. His avid interest in sports was soon manifest during his freshman year of med school. During his summers Kin had various positions in research and clinical Obstetrics and gynecology. He and his wife Lorraine will be stay- ing in Baltimore while Kin does a rotating intern- ship which will be a mixed medicine and ob-gyn program followed by a clinical ob-gyn residency. LYN JULIAN YAFFEE Presbyterian Hospital New York City, New York Lyn joined our class during our sophomore year. He is a Johns Hopkins graduate, and plans a career in pathology which he will begin with a straight pathology residency program at Presbyterian. 138 EDGARDO LUIS YORDAN, Jr. University of Chicago Clinics Chicago, Illinois Edgardo is not a native of Maryland, but rather came from Ponce, Puerto Rico, first to Columbia University, and then the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Following graduation he will get married before beginning a straight Ob-Gyn internship at the University of Chicago Clinics. Eventually he plans to return home to Puerto Rico to practice there. ROSARIO ANTHONY ZAPPULLA University of Maryland Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Russ, a native of Newark, New Jersey, and a graduate of Seton Hall University, remains the final straw from that institution. He was an active mem- ber of our class, especially the RLQ. His interests lie head and shoulders above everyone else in our class as he has done research in neurophysiology, and a fellowship in neuropathology, in preparation for a career in neurosurgery after a straight surgery internship at the University. 139 The following people are also members of our class and graduated with us, however they are not included in the previous section because of a lack of a photograph and sufficient biographical infor- mation: JOSEPH EGERT ROGER MARTIN MAMAY CRAIG DOUGLAS O’DONNELL MARLENE ELLEN ROGERS BERNARD JOHN YUKNA One member of our class who almost made it into the above list was Dane Moseson, because he never had time to get his photograph taken. How- ever 2® to the efforts of his wife, Dane did not remain an “also graduated.” 140 141 Heckel Jeckel 142 SENIOR BANQUET “A Spiro T. Agnew Watch” 144 FACULTY GOLD MEDAL Neil Better Kappelman SUMMA CUM LAUDE Neil Better Kappelman MAGNA CUM LAUDE Roy Crary Blank David Neal Shaffer CUM LAUDE John Wolfe Blotzer Dane Leonard Moseson Annie Jean Breaux DiDonato John Michael O’Day John Charles Harris Charles John Schleupner Raymond Kodesch Robert Barry Whitney Barry Miles Wolk THE BALDER SCHOLARSHIP AWARD EOR OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT Roy Crary Blank THE DR. WAYNE W. BABCOC K PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN SURGERY John Wolfe Blotzer Barry Miles Wolk THE DR. J. EDMUND BRADLEY PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN PEDIATRICS Richard Elliott Brodsky THE DR. A. BRADLEY GAITHER MEMORIAL PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN GENITO-URINARY SURGERY Alexander Leslie Vigh THE DR. JACOB E. EINESINGER PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN PSYCHIATRY Samuel Allan Bock THE DR. WILLIAM ALEXANDER HAMMOND AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN NEUROLOGY Annie Jean Breaux DiDonato THE DR. LEONARD M. HUMMEL MEMORIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN INTERNAL MEDICINE Kenneth Lee Robertson THE LOUIS, IDA AND SAMUEL COHEN AWARD FOR PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES OF SCHOLARSHIP, ABILITY AND COMPASSION FOR PATIENTS Gerard Vincent Smith THE DR. MILTON S. SACKS MEMORIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN HEMATOLOGY Raymond Kodesch THE UHLENHUTH PRIZE IN ANATOMY Philip John Schroeder DEPARTMENT OE PHYSICAL THERAPY 146 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL THERAPY GRAY LABORATORY AREA CODE 301 520R W. LOMBARD STREET 95S-7720, 7721 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21201 JUIle 1972 Dear Graduating Class: This has been a most exciting year for mej partly because of my first close involvement with a graduating class and partly because of the vast changes taking place. Doubling class numbers and restructuring the curricul-um to fit a changing technology placed additional stress on you this year yet you not only accepted this transition as an adventure in learning but you made constructive suggestions. For these things we are grateful. There are also many innovations evolving in the Allied Health field. To prepare for existing skills and future advancing tech- nological changes is no easy task. We feel confident you can meet the challenge and make your contribution not only to your chosen profession but to society.. We are happy to have shared the last two years in your educa- tional process and wish you continuing success in the never ending learning adventure. Sincerely yours Clarence W. Hardiman, Ph.D. Acting Head 147 SENIORS 1972 SUSAN PATRICIA BORSUK Class President A local girl from Linthicum, Sue’s spirit has carried the class through its senior year. Sue will be working on the Eastern Shore as a physical therapist. THOMASENA BLANCHE BROWN Tommie, as a student from the College Park Campus, had added her quiet sense of humor to the class. Her future plans are working with handicapped children. 148 DENNIS BUCHMAN Dennis plans to practice physical therapy here in Baltimore. Dennis will long be remem- bered for his snappy clothes and tan. DEBORAH ANNE DORCUS Debbie’s interests lie in public health work and her marriage with Harry. During the past two years Debbie somehow always managed to come up with the right answers. MARLENE GARTLAND Marlene is known for her cool and collective manner among the senior class members. From school she plans to work in the local area. 149 HARRIET E. HERMAN 41 CAROL T. GERRER Carol has kept the class in touch with the medical school in her own special way. She plans to work in Baltimore where she is a resident. From the Community College of Baltimore, Harriet came to brighten the dull walls of Gray Lab with her smile. She has been a “fun” part of the class. SARAH ANN HOSE AssistantNe wspaper Editor Sally has kept everyone in school hopping with her off the wall comments during these past two years. She plans to follow her career in the places she knows best — the hills of Maryland. 150 LAUR G. LEVINE MARGARET LA INE LAMBERT From Texas Women’s L niversiW comes the “sing along” girl of the senior class, Margie. Her keen interests in the Maryland Physical Therapy Ghapter have kept Margie and her husband, David, busy over the last two years. Laura has kept the senior class girls up on all the latest fashions with her wardrobe. This Long Island girl plans to work in Baltimore at Saint Joseph’s Hospital. SUSANNE JEANNE LOBLEY Class Vice President Sue, better known as Lovely, has brought many changes to the physical therapy school. Her mark will be around for a long time. She plans to work in a general hospital in Penn- sylvania. 151 PATRICIA A. MORRIS SUZANNE LUANNA LUPO Class Secretary-Treasurer Sue, one of the most talented girls in the elass, is traveling to Europe for the Summer. In the Fall she plans to work in the New England area where there are lots of mountains and rugged men. Pat will soon be the brand new bride of Bruce Thomasen. She and Bruce will be living in New Jersey where Pat will be working in a local hospital. JANE MARIE NOLIN As a new graduate Jane will take her talents as a physical therapist to Maryland General. She and her husband-to-be, Philip Vess, plan to reside in Baltimore. 152 LINDA KECK ROSS M} PAUL F. PUMPHREY C lass Pho togra pher Originally from New Jersey, Linda and her husband Jim, have set up housekeeping here in Maryland. Linda plans to work in the Baltimore area while Jim is studying to be a physical therapist. Paul’s last two years have been centered around his cute wife, Teresa and healthy son. Beau. After keeping peace among eighteen females, Paul should have no problems at work in Mountainside Hospital in New Jersey SANDRA K. SHOAP Student Council Representative Sandy has brought out the best in the class by supplying our parties with good booze. As part of the student council, she has had a first hand look at the workings of the medical school. 153 ELIZABETH ANN TULEYA Betty will be working as a physical therapist in a rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania. “Bubbles” has earned herself the question, “Who’s the boy of the week?” from many of her classmates. VIRGINIA ANN VIGLIANTI Editor of Newspaper and Yearbook Section Through her creativity, Gini, has brought the arts and sciences closer together. Her future plans are the winter sun of Argentina and geriatric care in New Jersey. SUZAN DEPTULA WINEBRENNER Sue’s interests lie in working with children. From New York State, Sue now waits at home here in Baltimore for her husband Irv, who has been patrolling his beat. 154 OUR CHRISTMAS Who’s who? Doctor Hardimam! It’s a ticket for a streetcar. Given me my present! 155 Growing with these two years, the friendship and inspirational guidance received from Doctor Hardiman and Mr. Ude will always be a part of us. 156 ANOTHER DAY AT P. T. SCHOOL . . How do you count muscle fibers, Debbie? 157 Don’t hide Marlene Who’s drunk? The sisters! Bottoms up! Tomorrow’s Bunnies At the Inn Which one is Paul? At the end 158 a JUNIORS 1972 Mark Stoff Judy Schank Patricia Bullock Elizabeth Enders Edward Hankard President Vice-President Sec. -Treasurer Student Countil Newspaper MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Class Officers KAREN KINGRY Vice President September 9, 1972: Still a Vice to the President! BRAIN CHILD . . . GRADUATED WITH HONORS “Karen, there’s no way your answer can be considered right.” “The Colonel is looking for you.” MICHAEL PRATT Class President “MIKE” September 9, 1972: In conjunction with the Vice-president! Graduated with Honors . . . “The Navy got me . . .” Med school aspirations A Benevolent REBEL . . . “Why is your face red? " " PATRICIA CHATELAIN Secretary-Treasurer “Patti“ Chatti .. . Jeff? But I thought she loved M.T.? . . . half of Fisherrace, Lederberg and Leder- berg, Weiner and Schnitzel? Night Tech at U. H. and the Dent Students!! NINA SOTTILE Yearbook Representative October ?, 1972 — She’ll never even get her wedding date right. Graduated with Honors Other half of Fisher-Race, Lederberg-Leder- berg, Weiner-Schnitzel the old Indian-born routine “I hate you all — you little Devils!!” MARGARET HARKINS Yearbook Representative MARENE — Delicious red head Bacteri- ologist of the class Med School aspirations men in white — “Which one is it this week?” “Quit throwing things at me David!” NANCY PICKLES Student Council Representative Hey Pickles’. She’s not color blind try Italy for a while . . . listen to Leon ’cause you can’t shut him up. Was THE dress a hit a Minneapolis? How is your buddy Fred today? ADRIENNE KLEGER Lemon drops by the market Crossword puzzle wizard Try Tio Pepe’s for the Kleger ‘Tdeal” Place to Dine Hey Ad — What’s Yom Kipper? BRENDA KELLEY “Who is it Brenda — the one with the money or the good looking one?” “Does your Mom like your hairdo, yet? — better pick it out . . . Hey, where’s your sidekick, Jane? I JANE KUCHTA Med School Aspirations . . . “Does J ohns Hopkins really dish out $ 10 , 000 ...? Ace third floor blood drawer. Al’s buddy??? Is Brenda really the best partner to work with, especially chemistry? f SHUTTER SHY The Intelligentsia?? Linda Lawrence, Leon Wilson, David Billings Miss B. B. ’72 Pam Thompson “August 19, 1972 GUIDES TO THE ROAD OE KNOWLEDGE GHIEF GUIDE - JASON M. MASTERS 163 I aifi A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST Med Tech Lab Hematology Coagulation with Gloria Hematology Bacteriology 165 What’s this? Three for a Wedding Feast??? What the heck is all this GARBAGE? Gontrary to popular belief Pam is a little sexpot! ! The two minority groups: Gassius and Luca 166 » i Interesting lecture . . . isn’t it? Turn on the air conditioner H The University of Maryland School of Medical Technology was established in 1970. Ours is the second class to receive Bachelor of Science degrees from this evergrowing institution. Because the school is still in its infancy, we, the Class of 1972, pride ourselves in the belief that our contributions helped mold the struc- ture of a someday great institution. We arrived at University Hospital on June 7, 1971 faced with a tedious, yet beneficial senior year consisting of a twelve month internship. Our ultimate goal was not alien to the aspirations of any other student in the allied health fields, that is dedicating ourselves to the service of the sick. However, with the bid of our educators it soon became obvious that more immediate goals had to be achieved first. These goals are embodied in a few letters, B.S. and A.S.C.P., which symbolize for us a well balanced relationship between the world of ideas and the practical application of the ideas. Our year as students of Medical Tech- nology is crudely analogous to the digestive process we know so well. From every direction ideas, facts, guidelines, are set before us. It is our duty to ingest and digest them and then either utilize them practically for the well being of others or excrete them as useless. Our class of 1971-72 feels we should give credit to those who helped us achieve our goal as Bachelors of Science in Medical Technology and as aspiring eligibles by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. They are: J. M. Masters R. Anthony C. Lay C. Spurling W. Cartwright R- Jiji T. Russell E. Knoblock K. Harmening A. Smith C. Goldman R. Davison T. Fox J. Libonati S. Silver U. H. House Staff and Lab Personnel LYNN L. RUSSELL, M.T. (ASCP) Teaching Supervisor Department of Medical Technology 171 EDITOR’S PAGE CREDITS Copy, Layout, Photography, Business Editor and all around Head Honcho William K. Bott Senior Biographies Celeste Woodward Judy McLaughlin Carolyn Cowles Bob Grossman Mimi Turner Physical Therapy Editor Gini Viglianti Medical Technology Editors Nina Sottile Marene Harkins Freshman Editor Bernie Thomas Proof Reader and Star Gazer Carolyn Bott Senior Portraits Alvin H. Levin Typesetting and Lithography H. G. Roebuck Son, Inc., Baltimore Covers 172 I I i 173 GREETINGS TO THE GRADUATES, CLASS OE 1972 FROM THE MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND! The Welcovie Extended Each Graduate is Cordial, Warm, and Genuine. YOU ARE NOW ACTIVE MEMBERS OF OUR ASSOCIA- TION WITH DUES REMITTED FOR TWO YEARS AND SUBSCRIPTION TO THE BULLETIN PAID FROM ASSO- CIATION FUNDS. THE PURPOSE OF OUR ASSOCIATION IS TWOFOLD. FIRST, TO PERPETUATE FRIENDSHIPS ESTABLISHED WHILE IN SCHOOL, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY TO EN- COURAGE LOYALTY AND SUPPORT TO OUR SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TO THE END THAT SHE MAY KEEP HER PLACE IN THE FOREFRONT IN THE FIELD OF MEDICAL PROGRESS. YOU ARE URGED TO KEEP YOUR ALUMNI ASSOCIA- TION INFORMED OF ANY AND ALL CHANGES OF ADDRESS. 174 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the Class of 1972 MARYLAND GENERAL HOSPITAL This year, Sinai Hospital has 1 1 graduates of the University of Maryland School of Medicine on our house staff. We salute them, the many fine members of our Attending Staff who are also alumni, and the school which graduated such fine doctors. If you would like to continue your post graduate education at a progressive teaching institution and a highly reputed voluntary community hospital; contact: B. Stanley Cohen, M.D., Education Chairman, Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Inc., Belvedere Avenue at Greenspring, Baltimore, Maryland 21215, Telephone — 367-7800. Sincerest Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1972 For Happiness, Health and Success ST. AGNES HOSPITAL 176 MARTONE CLEANERS, INC. One Hour Martinizing 315 W. REDWOOD STREET PLaza 2-9664 Best Wishes from MICRO RECORDS CO. 3839 LEWIN AVENUE BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21215 SUMMIT NURSING HOME 98 Smi+hwood Avenue CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND 21228 Compliments of FONTrS BARBER SHOP lE U SEMBKailiS ORTHOPAEDIC APPUANCE CORPORAnON 220 West 28th Street Baltimore, Md. 21211 MU. 5-6790 OPEN DAILY: 1 1 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. SUNDAY: 12 noon to 2:30 a.m. WHITE RICE INN Chinese American Restaurant CARRY-OUT SERVICE SPECIAL LUNCHEON AND DINNER PRIVATE DINING ROOM FOR PARTIES 320 PARK AVENUE BALTIMORE, MD. 21201 STATE-SUN FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOC. 8200 Harford Road 668-1400 TOYOTA 1 (Ototal 1 TOYOTA WEST, INC. Route 40 West Baltimore National Pike Baltimore, Maryland 21228 Phone: (301) 788-8400 ifMedi Cenie’i J2al)olatoUes, Snc. 606 WEST LEXINGTON STREET TELEPHONE BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21201 385-1511 TRUSLOW FARMS, INC. CHESTERTOWN, MARYLAND Avian Supplies for Research Avian and Sheep Red Blood Cells from Pretested Donors Best Wishes For Your Every Success! MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO., Inc. Doctors Supply Company 20 Dundalk Avenue Baltimore, Maryland 21222 Just dial our name — MED-iCAL — 633-4225 CAPLAN BROS., INC. For Every Purpose METAL STORE FRONT CONSTRUCTION STRUCTURAL GLASS PLATE. WINDOW AND OBSCURE GLASS MIRRORS ,77 207-13 N. CENTRAL AVE. BALTIMORE, MD. 21202 BROADWAY 6-2700 Best Wishes from the FRIENDS of the MEDICAL SCHOOL Albrecht Pharmacy Baltimore Biological Laboratories B O Employees Federal Credit Union Emjay Engineering Construction Co., Inc. Hynson, Westcott Dunning E. A. Kaestner Co. Kontes Glass Co. Sol Levinson Brothers, Inc. L.K.B. Instrument, Inc. Manor Hill Salad Co. Prostic Laboratories I. Sekine Co. Skill Surgical Stansbury Funeral Home Tounge Brooks Co. Von Paris Moving and Storage Co. Waller Petroleum Company, Inc. Weight Watchers of Baltimore, Inc. Yorkwood Apartment Corp. Wm. F. Zeller Company, Inc. 178 CONGRA TULA TIONS Class of 1972 from FLOW LABORATORIES, INC. Producers of high quality tissue cultures, media, sera, viral diagnostic reagents, laboratory equip- ment, and research animals. ? 7 FLOW PEOPLE CARE Flow Laboratories, Inc. 12601 Twinbrook Parkway Rockville, Maryland 20852 301-4-27-3900 Flow Laboratories, Inc. 936 W. Hyde Park. Boulevard Inglewood, California 90302 213-674-2700 Flow Research Animals, Inc. P. 0. Box 1065 Dublin, Virginia 24084 703-674-5205 Flow Laboratories Limited Victoria Park, Heatherhouse Road Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland Irvine 2833 CONGRATULATIONS . AND BEST WISHES To The 1972 Graduating Class of Doctors FROM THEIR MANY FRIENDS WHO WISH TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS 179 Fast Patapsco Ave. and FoLUTti St. HALTIMORE 21225 QUARTERLY DIVIDENDS fy ' , Kef ular PnHshouk Accounts BM ' J 90-Day Notice PHssl ' ook Accounts Six Month Savinj s Ceilificates One Year Savin»;s Cortific ates 6 ' , Two Year Snvintfs t ' crtilicates Call us for Derails Accounts insured up to $20,000 Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation Hours; 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. Daily Tuesday evenings 7 to 9 INSTITUTIONS SUPPLIED HOME FREEZERS SUPPLIED JOHN J. LEECH CO., INC. FRESH AND FROZEN VEAL - LAMB - BEEF 116 LANDWEHR LANE - BALTIMORE, MD. 21223 ESTABLISHED 1921 233-8151 RESiNOL OINTMENT-Made in Baltimore Contains: Resorcin, Oil of Cade, Prepared Calamine, Zinc Oxide, Bis- muth Subnitrate and Boric Acid combined in a lanolin-petrolatum base to soothe and lubricate dry irritated skin. Famous for 75 years for its prompt, long-lasting relief from skin itching, burning and minor sore- ness. Suggest also, new RESINOL ©REASELESS in tubes. Contains the same fine medications in a greaseless, washable, stainless base. Manufactured by RESINOL CHEMICAL COMPANY 517 W. LOMBARD STREET— Opposite School of Medicine UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 118 So. Eutaw Street MEDICAL NURSING BOOKS MONDAY-FRIDAY SATURDAY 9:00 to 3:30 9:30 to 12:00 LE 9-4315 Restaurant Equipment and Supplies Heme of Nationally Known Brands for HOTELS - HOSPITALS INSTITUTIONS - RESTAURANTS - CAFETERIAS - CATERERS Over 50,000 Items Of Kitchen And Dining Room Supplies In Stock For Immediate Delivery EXPERT ENGINEERING FOR LAYOUTS AND INSTALLATIONS BALTIMORE SODA FOUNTAIN MFG. CO., Inc. Over so Years Service 1900 BLOCK BAYARD STREET BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21230 LE. 9-6763 Congratulations Doctors Class of ' 71 To help you get started correctly Call on us SECURITY BUSINESS SERVICES, Inc. experts on tax and bookkeeping problems of the professional man P.O. BOX 335 RANDALLSTOWN, MD. 21133 Telephone 655-2552 K. MERRILL SUMEY, President MED-CHI INSURANCE TRUST DOCTORS OFFICES LARGE - MEDIUM - SMALL MEDICAL OFFICE BLDG. REASONABLE RENT ELEVEN E. CHASE ST. CORPORATION 1 1 E. Chase St. • Phone 539-8553 180 B. DIXON EVANDER tuuranct for ike rofetstom 2326 N. CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE. MARYLAND 21218 B. DIXON EVANDER « ■ ASSOCIATES (Somplele 0 njurance of ervtces CH 3-3350 SPONSORS Vasken H. Aposhian, Ph.D. Neal L. Aronson, M.D. Edwin H. T. Besson, M.D. Enrico Bucci, M.D. David F. Clyde, M.D. Edward J. DONATI, Ph.D. James P. Durkan, M.D. Frank H.J. Figgie, Ph.D., Sc.D. James Frenkil, M.D. Lewis J. Goldfine, M.D. Arthur L. Haskins, M.D. Ray Hepner, M.D. Theodore Kadash, M.D. Ross Olga Kessel Gardner Middlebrook, M.D. Edmund B. Middleton, M.D. Lorin J. Mullins, Ph.D. Erland R. Nelson, M.D. Morton I. Rapoport, M.D. Peter Rasmussen, M.D. R. D. Richards, M.D. H. M. Robinson, Jr., M.D. Calbert T. Seebert, M.D. Carroll L. S purling, M.D. Kyle Y. Swisher, Jr., M.D. Beth J. Urban, Ph.D. Gladys Wadsworth, M.D. John G. Wiswell, M.D. Dr. Mrs. Theodore E. Woodward John D. Young, M.D. 181 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1972! Wishing CLASS OF 1972 Every Success MERCY HOSPITAL 182 H. G. Roebuck and Son INCORPORATED PRINTERS and LITHOGRAPHERS 2140 Aisquith Street Baltimore 18, Maryland HOpkins 7-6700 Producers of Award Winning Yearbooks For Schools and Colleges Throughout Ameriea Sinee 1919. 183 r I I I 1 i t

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