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' ' AS! 5ga«a JgJlBI»W?fijW ' WM ffy , 2 DEPA« MEDICUS— 1970 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 3 In Dedication . . . Robert L. Derbyshire, Ph. D. At a time when charges of dehumanization and a lack of feeling for the individual are being hurled at medicine and the medical school, we dedicate this edition to a man whose actions refute those charges. Dr. Robert L. Derbyshire, Associate Professor of Sociology in Psychiatry is noted for his human touch and his personal interest in students. His door has been open, his hand extended and his time available to the student who has needed him. Many students have found him to be a good friend, a willing listener and a valued counselor. Dr. Derbyshire is a dedicated teacher, a leader in his field, an asset to the medical school. 4 5 ADMINISTRATION JOHN H. M OXLEY III, M.D. Dean, School of Medicine KARL H. WEAVER, M.D. Assistant Dean, Admissions GEORGE A. LENTZ, M.D. Assistant Dean, Student Affairs FREDERICK J. RAMSAY, Ph. D. Director of Medical Education V. WAYNE KENNEDY Assistant Dean, Fiscal Affairs THE FIRST . =. •. , % YEAR WILLIAM DEWEY BLAKE, M.D. Head, Department of Physiology Physiology — The Pulse and Impulse of man’s intri- cate machine, guides us with polygraph deflections, oscilloscope beams, transducer currents, flux and the nernst equation into understanding how the normal organism resists entropy and maintains the imbalance which is life. 10 Frank HJ. Figge Ph.D. — Head, Department of Anatomy MORTUI VIVIBUS DOCENT The Dead Anatomy The Matrix — The Fascia on which we rest the cognizance of health and disease Teach the Living 113 ELIJAH ADAMS, M.D. Head Department of Biochemistry Biochemistry — The language of the cell, provid- ing us with the tool with which we can distill knowledge from the humours of life. 14 Left to right— W. Landes, E. Kim, S. Glasser, R. Gasten, J. Lobel, A. Kirchner, D. Van Echo, D. Herman, R. Weisman, D. Hoover, F. Wong, W. Hood and P. Holley. Left to right— B. Milton, B. Swierdsiol, A. Wagman, D. Milton, B. Reichardt, J. Swibeley, T. Templeton, S. Rund, P. Sterner, D. Schniedman and D. Russ. 18 Left to right — D. Allender, A. Kirchner, Jr., D. A. Van Echo, S. K. Lemon, J. L. Atkins, C. A. Baker, C. D. Miller, T. R. Calame. 19 Left to right — G. Elliot, L. Harman, J. Rein, W. Conner, G. Zimring, C. Goden, D. Padussis, L. Sessunis, B. Siskind, A. Figelman and W. Chamberlain. Left to right— C. Michel, P. Erskine, J. Deevey, A. Parker, D. Geller, R. Habersat, J. Atkins, T. Lapsa, C. Pamplin, J. Whitlock, W. Gaver, C. Erickson and M. Gachman. 20 Left to right — L. Goodman, R. Failing, M. Brown, M. Dodd, B. Buchanan, T. Bessent, R. Seff, S. Amernick, E. Eisenbray, D. Hardesty, J. Blum and C. Clark. Left to right — S. Mace, D. MacDonald, R. Castile, T. Calame, J. Mountain, K. Cromar, C. Merchant, D. Alender, J. Foreman, J. Robbins, D. Franks, S. Gross and J. Owens. 22 Left to right — D. Woodruff, R. Sher, D. Greifinger, Y. Saraceno, J. Snyder, R. Tweer, H. Tucker, D. Goldscher, V. Reus, H. Sainotz, D. Shear and C. Steward. 23 Left to right— M. Kalish, F. Meyers, M. Rousen, H. Meier, G. Kirkwood, M. Jacobs, S. Beachy, B. Kramer, J. Abbott, P. Baker, T. Mansfield, B. Beck and M. Giller. Left to right— P. Sheildhouse, E. Waldin, R. Draphin, M. Talbert, B. Goldiner, D. Shilling, R. Styler, I. Stone, K. Goldberg, G. Shankman, A. Pressman, F. Shollenberger and H. LeCator. THE SECOND 27 ROBERT B. SCHULTZ, M.D. Head, Department of Pathology THE LAST WORD IN MEDICINE CARROLL L. SPURRING, M.D. Head, Division of Clinical Pathology Department of Medicine 30 H. VASKEN APQSHIAN, Head, Department of Pharmacology 32 ' CHARLES L. WISSEMAN, M.D Head, Department of Microbiology 33 Left to right — J. Shapiro, E. Strasser, S. Isikoff, M. Isikoff, G. Mitchell, D. Garfinkel, K. Robertson, R. Kodesh. Left to right— K. Wright, R. Zappolla, J. Nizial, M. Petriolla, B. Wolk, B. Bluefeld, M. Golembieski, A. Bock, J. Kline. 34 Left to right— H. Caplan, R. Brodsky, B. Braford, R. Ashmore, B. Passovoy, R. Bates, B. Winter, C. Cline. Left to right — W. Dorman, J. Seibel, J. Gleidman, P. Light, R. Edwards. 35 Left to right— B. Wells, R. Staublv, T. Long, J. Hughes, C. Nagle, D. Shaffer, N. Rogers. Left to right — J. Viola, W. Crowder, B. Bott, T. Toner, T. Cryer, C. Woodward, B. Mer- ritt, C. Cowles, D. Vassal ' . 36 . Left to right — C. Folkemer, M. Gibney, J. Bicklison, S. Gibney, R. Baver, J. Horn, E. Wallack. Left to right -C. Schleupner, J. Ellis, J. Murray, W. Fridinger, R. Elwell, B. Randall, J. Moser, R. Blank. 37 Left to right —A. Breaux, N. Haines, B. London, M. Levine, A. Deitz, J. Jimramovsky, K. Fountain, G. Smith Left to right — S. Morrison, D. Wingert, W. Lipman. T. Murphy, P. Schroeder, M. Oss, D. Brandchaft, J. Shapiro. 38 41 42 j ' Wjx YEARS THEODORE E. WOODWARD, M.D. Head, Department of Medicine GEORGE H. YEAGER, M.D. ROBERT W. BUXTON, M.D. Director of University Hospital Head, Department of Surgery MARVIN CORNBLATH, M.D. Head, Department of Pediatrics ARTHUR L. HASKINS, M.D. Head, Department of OB-GYN EUGENE B. BRODY, M.D. Head, Department of Psychiatry 51 GEORGE ENTWISTLE, M.D. Head, Department Preventive Medicine b Rehabilitation JOHN M. DENNIS, M.D. Head, Department of Radiology MARTIN HELRICH, M.D. Head, Department of Anesthesiology It is in the clinical years where the stu- dent begins the actual study of medicine. Up to this point he has experienced two years of “preparation”, studying every- thing from enzyme constants to the null hypothesis. After an endless series of lec- tures, quizzes and exams he is ready to meet “the patient”. With the reassurance of a passing grade on National Boards Part I, he is ready to learn diagnosis and treat- ment. During these two years students rotate through most of the major departments within the hospital. Many, for better or for worse, take some of their rotations at other hospitals both locally and out of state. In- deed, a few students elect to learn abroad and arrange rotations at foreign medical centers. As a junior medical student the empha- sis is on learning the diagnosis of disease. Many hours are spent writing histories and physicals and few symptoms are left unde- scribed. An equal amount of time is de- voted to another form of learning often re- ferred to as “scut”. By the senior year the medical student has discovered how to diagnose disease and this year is devoted to learning methods of treatment. To show how much he has learned, the student is allowed to take the second part of the National Board exams near the end of his senior year. This is followed a short time later by graduation and the privilege of signing M.D. after his n ame. 53 56 mm mwtmmm m « » « s m m m m m, »«»» iRKIBBIStVR seivsavavftMfsaas taaaaaaawBaBaa «»»««» « ««»•«» ISBIR1IIII8III : ( «0«]0lftI«BISK f « a » s a a « a a a m « a s RtRfii i a m »« ,■ ' «» n n • ■ C l» : ■■ -• ;•• . n » I 59 ygx 64 65 if ' , 1 66 ■ NO OVERNIGHT PARKING PERMITTED VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED TO GREENWOODS GARAGE AT 8AM daily i NO TRESPASSING PROPERTY OF UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND 68 69 70 Thomas R. Allan Arnold G. Alexander Joseph B. Aquilla Richard H. Balcer Leslie A. Barnett Robert L. Barney Peter W. Beall Brian M. Benson, Jr. Ulrich Berg Lawrence Bluinberg Anthony J . Bollino Elliott S. Bondi Richard A. Bordow William H. Bouchelle James C. Bozzuto Thomas G. Brennan, Jr. 71 Elizabeth A. Brenner Robert L. Brenner George H. Brouillet, Jr. Leroy B. Buckler Ronald P. Byank Alice L. Cahen Arthur E. Callahan Michael R. Camp Charles R. Chaney Margan J. Chang JoAnn C. Clayton Daniel L. Cohen Harold A. Cohen Larry I. Corman Robert G. Cu mining Terry P. Detrich 72 Margaret L. Dobson Alan L. Dubin Michael V. Edelstein Kenneth V. Eden Joseph Egert Michael Y. Faulkner Steven A. Feig Frederic B. Flax William J. Foody Lawrence A. Fleming Michael S. Foster Maury L. Fradkin Joshua Frankel Jeffrey M. Frey Louis G. Gelrud Abraham A. Genut 73 Burton J. Glass Edward I. Gordon Robert E. Greenspan Robert B. Greifinger Gary A. Grosart John J. Haggerty William F. Harper Peter M. Hartman Jerry Herbst Ivan B. Higgins Ben T. Ho Charles F. Hobelmann, Jr. Stanford J. Huber T. Noble Jarrell III Sherman Kahan Jerald Kay 74 Rena L. Kay Richard C. Keown Henry N. Kiang Claudius R. Klimt Wallace M. Kowalezyk John B. Kramer Elliot S. Krames Robert C. Krasner Edward W. Lampton, Jr. Robert B. Lehman William R. Linthicum Jack S. Lissauer Gwynne Ii. Lourie Susan L. Macht Warren P. Magid Michael J. Maloney 75 Michael L. Mattern David L. McCann Robert M. Mentzer, Jr. Jeffrey R. Mitchell Roy E. Monsour James E. Moulsdale Robert J. Neborsky Maurice L. Offen Robert I. Ostroff Laura E. Owens R. Henry Richards Gerald J. Riffelmacher Donald M. Rocklin Paul T. Rogers Trenton K. Ruebush II Henry G. Sacks 76 William O. Samuels Michael E. Sanders Gerald N. Schaffer Robert K. Schreter Michael J. Schultz Robert A. Schuman Susan R. Schwartz Ralph E. Seligman Robert M. Shannon Robert E. Sharrock Stewart A. Shevitz Joel N. Shlian Thomas R. Silverman Panayiotis L. Sitaras James J. Smith Dennis F. Smyth, Jr. 77 Anthony A. Steele Marshall K. Steele, Jr. John P. Stone William A. Stuart Benedict A. Termini Kerry J. Thompson Sue W. Thompson Sachiko Tomie Harriet L. Tiffany Harvey M. Tompakov Janee S. Tompakov Bruce S. Trippe Robert H. Weinfeld Frederic Weinstein Kenneth J. Weiss Robert P. Whitehead 78 Walter H. Whitman Walter J. Wiechetek Nancy J. Wilson Charles J. Wirsing Carl T. Woolsey, Jr. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Paul Rogers Gary Grosart George Rrouillet Tomie Cochran 79 80 TORS 81 WILLIE A. ANDERSEN University of Virginia, Charlottesville Mixed-Med Surg Willie, a friendly and well-liked member of our class, is originally from down south in Mississippi, and is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a BA in Religion. He finds the greatest enjoyment in his outside activities at the Catonsville Lacrosse Club, pursuing a free-time profession of rest and relaxation. A member of Nu Sigma Nu, he has found time to work for the Maryland State Health Depart- ment in Pediatrics and to do surgical research at City. He and his wife Ellen profess uncertainty as to their future environs, but they are sure to include opportunities for the practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology. ARTHUR O. ANDERSON Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore Pathology Art is an appropriate name for this talented artist in our class. A graduate of Wagner College with a BS in Biology, Art served as freshman yearbook representative and is a member of Nu Sigma Nu. He took an elective at Johns Hopkins in the Medi- cal Illustration Department, and does free lance medical illustration on his own. Art has also done research in the Immune Diseases and has a special interest in the arteritides. He and Judy live in a roomy house where Art has room for his many hob- bies. He plans a future in Pathology. 82 HARRY ANTHONY ARDOLINO French Hospital, San Francisco Rotating Harry joins the migration to the West where life is tailored for the bachelor. A native of New Haven, Conn., he graduated from Providence College with an A.B. in biology. Harry’s theories on females in general, and nurses in particular, which developed after years of undergraduate, medical, and some European experience, are well known among the few free rovers in the class. A member of Nu Sigma Nu and a regular in intramural athletics, Harry is undecided on future plans. JEROME DAVID ARONOWITZ Lenox Hill Hospital, New York Mixed-M ed Ob Jerry, a native New Yorker, came from the U. of Michigan with a B.A. in English and a summer’s experience with schizophrenic children. He is one of the originators of the local chapter of the Student Health Organization, and spent a summer at the SHO project in New York’s lower east side. Jerry has been a crusader for the hospital employee and a counseler at the methadone maintenance program. Jerry will specialize in Ob-Gyn and has already re- ceived training at University, Boston City, Peter Bent Brigham and Peninsula General Hospitals. A , ' j ' V 1 ' ), n ; L ! 1 t O ' if, 83 GEORGE LYNN AUSTIN Duke Medical Center, Durham Surgery George has the unique experience of attending a medical school where his father was a professor. He received his B.A. degree in pre-medical studies from the Johns Hopkins University and has con- centrated his interest in the surgical fields. A mem- ber of Phi Beta Pi, George plans a future in Surgery. iH ' D ALVA SAYRS BAKER III University Hospital, Baltimore Family Practice Buzz, a boy horn down on the farm in Howard County, did his undergraduate training at Western Maryland College, from which he received his B.A. in Pre-Med and Biology. His free time in med- ical school has been spent working in the Clinical Study Center, where he is studying factors regulat- ing calcium absorption. Despite this emphasis on and obvious preparation for Endocrinology, Buzz is determined not to be swayed from his chosen specialty, Family Medicine. 84 ALDIS BALTINS Public Health S ervice, Baltimore Rotating As honorary entrepreneur of the class of 1970, Al was the faithful and hard-working sophomore and junior social chairman. Al put a great deal of time and energy into carefully planning exhilarat- ing and stimulating extracurricular activity for the ever-fatigued med student. A zoology major at College Park, Al spent one summer externing at St. Agnes. Whenever med school pressures showed signs of diminishing (and sometimes prior to the appearances of such signs), Al and Deanna would seek leisure moments on the ski slopes and high seas. Future professional plans are undecided, but Orthopedics is a possibility. FRANCIS ANDREW BARTER University Hospital, Baltimore Ob-Gyn Frank is a quiet but enthusiastic product of Loyola College in Baltimore, where he earned his B.S. degree. Much of his free time has been spent close to the earth farming in northern Maryland and close to the magnifying glass studying stamps. A member of Phi Beta Pi fraternity, Frank has worked for two summers in obstetrics as an extern at St. Agnes Hospital and at University. After a mixed surgery — Ob internship, Frank plans to enter his residency in Ob-Gyn. 3 c y . 4- : 85 GARY ALLEN BELAGA South Baltimore General Hospital Rotating A native of Baltimore, Gary completed his un- dergraduate training at the University of Maryland receiving a BS in psychology. During medical school he held externships at South Baltimore Gen- eral, and with the Baltimore City Department of Health, giving valuable assistance to Dr. Tayback. Gary was a member of Phi Delta Epsilon and worked actively on the 1968 yearbook. He and Lois look forward to a future in Neurology. DAVID H. BERKELEY Metropolitan Hospital, New York Medicine The M aryland Restaurant Association’s loss becomes New York City’s gain as Dave returns to his native land for a straight medicine internship at Metropolitan Hospital. Listing such notables as Julia Childs and Craig Claiborne among his boy- hood idols Dave is a hue gourmet. Imbued with the importance of freshly caught ingredients of a pleas- ing bouillabaisse Cap’n Dave has spent numerous hours at the helm searching for the “Great White Tuna”. A graduate of Cornell University, Dave spent his summers traveling and fishing. He and Judy are aiming for a future in Pathology. DAVID H. BERMAN Illinois Research Education, Chicago Medicine Holding such exciting summer positions in the past as industrial ink-maker in Berkeley, California, and busboy in the Catskill Mountains, Dave returns to his windy city origin for a straight medicine in- ternship at the University of Illinois Research and Education Hospital. Having sampled the culinary design in Baltimore ranging from Jack’s to Danny’s, Dave is looking forward to his up and coming as- sault on the famous kitchens of Chicago. Dave holds a BA from Grinnell College and an MS in Anatomy from the University of Illinois. A member of Phi Delta Epsilon, he served as senior SAMA representative. He and Marsha, a biology teacher, plan a future in Internal Medicine with an eventual move toward the west coast. RICHARD ALAN BLOOMFIELD Naval Hospital, San Diego Rotating A combination of genius, perserverance, and friendliness, Richard received his undergraduate training at College Park, majoring in chemistry. For four years, in the early morning hours, with deadly aim, he performed his task of venipuncture as a member of the University blood team. He held fel- lowships in Preventive Medicine and Clinical Medicine. A member o f AOA, and a Cum Laude graduate. Rich also received the Milton F. Saks M emorial Award for excellence in Medicine and Hematology. A member of Phi Delta Epsilon, he served for two years as its historian. Of considerable athletic prowess, Richard participated often in in- tramural sports, and is an accomplished skier. He and Karen plan a future in either General Practice or General Surgery. WD 87 CHARLES NEAL BOOKOFF Mount Zion Hospital, San Francisco Rotating Chuck, a graduate of George Washington Uni- versity with a background in chemistry, is one of those who heeded the words, “Go West, young man.” After a summer at Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco, he has decided to return there for his internship. During other elective months he traveled to Bellevue in New York for Pediatrics, and to St. Agnes for radiology. He guided the class of 1970 to several athletic victories as chairman of intramural sports. Future specialty plans are pres- ently undecided. MARTIN BRAUN III Washington Hospital Center, DC Medicine Marty enjoyed the German language as his major at College Park. His interests soon changed and after three years he entered medical school. Marty soon became interested in Medicine and in his pretty pediatrician wife, Bobbie. Marty spent two summers working in Anesthesiology and con- tributed to a publication in that field. A third sum- mer was spent at Mercy in Medicine. Future profes- sional plans are in Internal Medicine. 88 HENRY ALISON BRIELE, JR. University Hospital, Baltimore Medicine Soft-spoken and friendly, this native of Salis- bury, Md., adds true southern hospitality to our class. Hank graduated from Colgate University, receiving his degree in Zoology. While not study- ing, he and wife Clo enjoy the outdoors by hunting, skiing, and sailing. A member of Nil Sigma Nu, Hank has worked summers in Pulmonary Disease at University and in the Shock Trauma Unit. He will be a straight medicine intern prior to prepara- tion for a career in General Surgery. ROBERT F. BYRNE Washington Hospital Center, DC Mixed-Med Surg Personable Bob hails from DC, and is a graduate of Scranton University with a BS in Zoology. He has had very busy summers spending his time at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, Naval Medi- cal Research Institute, and Maryland General and St. Agnes Hospitals. He is looking forward to a life of golf and Radiology with Sherry and their little girl. r . 89 EDWARD HENRY CAHILL University Hospital, Baltimore Pediatrics Ed, a native Marylander, received a BS in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He and his wife Mary enjoy sailboating and refinishing antique furniture. Interested in Pediatrics through- out medical school, Ed spent his summers working for the Community Pediatric Center, the State Health Department, and as a Pediatric extern at Sinai. His future is in Pediatrics, subspecialty presently undecided. CAROL E. CAMERON Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix Rotating Carol has lent culture to our class with BM and MM degrees in piano from the Peabody Conserva- tory. Before coming to medical school, she worked as editor for the National Academy of Sciences. Students soon learned that looking over Carol’s shoulder was to no avail, since all her notes were in shorthand. Carol has been four times class secre- tary and three times a Psychiatry fellow. After a ro- tating internship, she plans a career in Psychiatry. J ' ?L 90 JOHN P. CAULFIELD Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, New York Pathology John earned his BS degree at Loyola College in Baltimore and then delved into the medical and political life of Maryland. Married to JoAnn, a nurse, John is one of our most active and hard- working students. Summers were spent in Psycho- pharmacology, Pathology and Forensic Pathology. A member of Student Council for several years, John served as its president during his junior year. He has also served on the Student Activities Com- mittee, the Student Committee on Medical Educa- tion, and the Faculty Curriculum Committee. A member of Nu Sigma Nu, he was the representative to the SAMA and SHO National Conventions in 1968. After a pathology externship at Columbia, John decided to continue his Pathology training there. LEO A. COURTNEY III Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore M ixed-M ed S urg Leo was one of a large group coming to Balti- more after an undergraduate career at College Park, where he received a BS in Zoology. During the summers, Leo worked as a preceptor in Anes- thesiology at City and as an extern in medicine at Maryland General. A member of Nu Sigma Nu, Leo will be spending his internship year in his home town of Baltimore. He and his wife, Lysbeth, are enthusiastic about a future in Orthopedic Surgery. DWIGHT E. CRAMER Baltimore City Hospitals Rotating Dwight came to the University of Maryland after earning his B.S. degree in Mathematics at Col- lege Park. Well known for exotic dieting, Dwight has often been spotted sharing his luncheon apple with his wife Oneida, a graduate student in physi- ology. Dwight will be combining his interests in Pediatrics and Surgery into a career in ENT. ROBERT BRENT CRAVEN York Hospital, York Rotating A native of Aberdeen, Md., Bob graduated from the University of Virginia and received a BA in psychology. Before entering medical school, Bob worked in the graduate department of psychology and is the co-author of several papers. During junior summer, Bob spent two months working ' at St. Thomas Hospital in London. From that experience, along with other work during his senior year, came a paper concerned with the delivery of medical care. A member of Nu Sigma Nu, he ultimately plans to practice Internal Medicine on the Middle Atlantic Seaboard. 92 OMAR D. CROTHERS III Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore Surgery A native Baltimorean, Chip graduated from Princeton in 1963 and spent the next several years teaching science in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Chip spent one summer and an elective month in the Pediatric Surgery Department at Hopkins, and also did a surgical externship at Union Memorial. Encouraged by his wife, Leah, he is pursuing a course toward academic Orthopedic Surgery. Otherwise, he is on the Bay, sailing. A fro. JOSEPH HARRY CUNNINGHAM, JR. State Univ. Iowa Hospitals, Iowa City Medicine Joe comes to us from the University of Delaware with a BA in Biology. Six months before med school were spent working in the DuPont Labs. Seeking the sun and surf, he and his wife, Leslie, have been seen frequently on the beach at Lewis, Delaware, where Joe enjoyed externships at Beebe Hospital. Joe plans a future in Internal Medicine, possibly subspecializing in Gastroenterology. - ' TJlU X j. ? 93 TIMOTHY PAUL DALY Washington Hospital Center, DC Medicine La Salle College in Philadelphia sent us Tim, who came to Baltimore with a background in Biol- ogy. Tim is well known and liked by the many in the class who profited from his enthusiasm and willingness to share. He, and his wife Kathy, and their son Patrick, are at present uncertain about their plans in the post-internship years. JOSEPH Z. DAVIDS Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta Medicine Joe joined our class after three years at College Park. He found books and journals his most de- pendable friends in medical school. The result: election to AOA in his junior year, Cum Laude honors, and fellowships in epidemiology, neuro- pathology and cardiology. His wife, Sharon, is cur- rently in commercial art and shares with Joe his love of theater and art. Joe, a member of Phi Delta Epsilon, plans to specialize in cardiology. 94 MITCHELL E. DAVIS Washington Hospital Center, DC Medicine This good-natured product of Washington, DC, attended George Washington University for his undergraduate years, where he received a BS in Zoology. Mitch spent his summers at University of Maryland and the Washington Hospital Center working in the Department of O phthalmology. His future will also be in this field. JERALD S. DAVITZ Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles Pediatrics Jerry began his undergraduate training at Tufts University but later he transferred to the University of Maryland from which he received an honors de- gree in philosophy. As a medical student, Jerry will be remembered especially by members of his car- pool, for his chronometer-like punctuality. A mem- ber of Phi Delta Epsilon, Jerry spent one summer in surgical research and two as a Pediatric extern at St. Agnes. Jerry also spent an elective month working with a private Pediatrician. He, Tami, and their newborn daughter, plan a future in Pediatrics, part time private practice and part time academics. 95 iJh, Af ' 2) , DONALD DEAN DOUGLAS Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit Medicine Don, who calls Waukegan, Illinois home, ob- tained his B.S. degree in Biology from Creighton University, where he spent eight months in cardio- vascular research prior to starting medical school. He continued this interest in a fellowship in cardio- vascular research for the Dept, of the Navy during his freshman summer, followed by a fellowship in anatomic pathology at St. Agnes Hospital. When not amusing his classmates it has been reported you could find Don pacing the floor with his trumpet the night prior to exams. Following internship Don plans to enter the Navy prior to a residency in either Internal Medicine or Family Practice. A. STEPHEN DUBANSKY Bronx Municipal Hospital, New York Pediatrics Steve is the sports and photography enthusiast from Union College whose heart belongs to Pedi- atrics, as evidenced by his receiving the Bradley Pediatric Award. As the friend and healer of the “little people,” Steve has worked for two summers in Pediatrics and has studied Pediatric Surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Steve and his wife Amy, an art teacher, will be moving to New York where he will begin his post-graduate training in Pediatrics. 96 ROBERT NELSON EGBERT Sinai Hospital, Baltimore Rotating Bob, a native of Stamford, Connecticut, attended Johns Hopkins University as an undergraduate and for one year of postgraduate study in biology. No- body can forget Bob’s keg-beer cooler or his wide variety of outside interests. His hobbies have ranged horn hi-fi, through color TV, to the develop- ment of his own color photography laboratory. He richly deserves our class’s special appreciation for his generous photographic contributions to this yearbook. Bob’s specialty interest developed in a rather unusual manner; he served as a subject in an experiment conducted by the Anesthesiology De- partment. During senior year, an elective month in Anesthesiology convinced Bob and his wife, Anne, a Hopkins med student, to undertake this as his professional career interest. . Sjtet- HD MICHAEL J. EMLEY 97 PETER LAVAL EVERS St. Joseph’s Hospital, Denver Rotating Sporting shaggy dogs and shaggy beards, Peter is the liberal from New York City. He graduated from George Washington U. with an A.B. in psy- chology. Prior to medical school he worked in teaching, personnel and psychological research. Summers have been spent for the Dept, of PM R at USC Medical Center Europe and St. Agnes Hos- pital, where his wife Kathryn is currently an intern. 3 ' Jk RALPH EPSTEIN Sinai Hospital, Baltimore Medicine A native Baltimorean, Ralph spent his under- graduate years at Johns Hopkins University and received a BA in liberal arts. A member of Phi Delta Epsilon, Ralph spent his freshman summer as a Neurology extern. The other summers were spent as a research assistant at Hopkins Hospital, result- ing in the publication of three articles with Dr. John Money. Ralph, Beverly, and their daughter Ilene, plan a future in the field of Obstetrics and Gyne- cology. 98 GARY PHILIP FISHER Beth Israel Hospital, Boston Medicine One of the youngest and brightest members of our class, Gary took his undergraduate training at the University of Maryland as a psychology major. Quick with the correct diagnosis, Gary dis- tinguished himself early as a master in clinical medicine. An active member of Phi Delta Epsilon, he served senior year as class treasurer. Summers were spent in fellowships in Pathology, Neurology, and Cardiology. Gary took his senior Medicine at Hopkins Hospital. A member of AOA, Gary has the distinction of being our Summa Cum Laude gradu- ate. He and Susan look forward to a career in Cardiology. JOSEPH NEIDIG FRIEND Washington Hospital Center, DC Rotating Joe, the Friend of the class, earned a B.S. in Zoology and M. Ed. from the University of Pitts- burgh. After teaching high school biology, the tall one has excelled in sports and academics, served as Freshman Athletic Chairman, SAMA represen- tative, a student council member, and has earned election to AOA. Joe has spent summers traveling in Europe and as a medical extern at Mercy Hos- pital. To Joe and Carol Ann, a career in Internal Medicine seems a certainty. 99 CALVIN F. FUHRMANN Barnes Hospital, St. Louis Medicine Calvin hails from Yonkers, NY, and received his undergraduate training at Western Maryland Col- lege. One of the most energetic members of the class, Calvin was a member of Nu Sigma Nu, and a large supporter of intramural football. Cal served as tbe school’s representative to the Southern Medical Association meetings senior year. Sum- mers were spent as an extern at St. Agnes, and in the Division of Arthritis. Cal traveled to the Univer- sity of Florida for experience in clinical Hema- tology. Cal and Denise plan a future in Internal Medicine. DAVID F. GOLDSTONE Army-Brooke General, San Antonio Rotating Dave is a native of Baltimore who spent his undergraduate years at Western Maryland College, obtaining a BA in Biology. In medical school, Dave has been an active member of Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity. Summers were spent with the Pul- monary Medicine and Pathology Departments. His future plans are undecided, wavering between Medicine and Surgery. X 100 JULIAN A. GORDON Montefiore Hospital, New York Rotating Jules began his senior year with a USPHS ex- ternship at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Israel and ended it marrying Ilka, a New York teacher. Our mobile friend earned his B.A. in biology at Yeshiva University and has held a U.S. Navy clerkship at the Norfolk Navy Hospital. After his foreign fellow- ship last summer, he took a vagabond jaunt through Europe. A member of Phi Delta Epsilon, Jules is planning a career in Urology. 0 aiW (X M ' tub - 01 p MICHAEL A. GRASSO Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore Rotating Lasagna and spaghetti are the great American foods according to Mike, the friendly and gregari- ous resident of Garfield, New Jersey, who has added spirit and fun to our class. Mike earned his B.A. from Seton Hall University and has worked summers with a private practitioner and as a med- ical extern at Maryland General. A member of Nu Sigma Nu, he has served as a Student Council member for two years and as the social chairman as a sophomore. Mike plans to stay out of “crisis” while pursuing a career in internal medicine or family practice. XQuX co; 0 ' ' £y ' ' Qno ■ 101 DAVID PHILIP GREEN Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore Rotating A native of Seattle, Washington, Dave is a gradu- ate of George Washington University with a BS in Zoology. Sophomore summer was spent working for the Regional Medical Program. A Pathology externship at St. Agnes filled junior summer. With his pretty wife Marsha, and their new addition due in August, Dave will pursue a career in Internal Medicine. STEPHEN B. GREENBERG University Hospital, Baltimore Medicine Steve represents student activism on the most constructive level. He was senior SAM A vice- president, representative to National AAMC work- shop on medical education, chairman of the student committee on medical education, a member of AO A, and a frequent contributor on education to the Asclepian. After receiving his BA in liberal arts from Johns Hopkins, Steve pursued research at Maryland. He spent time in Biochemistry doing re- search in catecholamine metabolism, in Preventive Medicine, and in Endocrinology working on aTSH radioimmunoassay. Steve and Lisa, a Ph. D. candi- date, plan a career in academic Medicine, probably Endocrinology. V ,,j u 102 WILLIAM DAVID HAKKARINEN University Hospital, Baltimore Family Practice Trains are transportation to most of us, but to Bill they are life itself. An acknowledged expert on the history and present of the railroads, Bill has demonstrated the amazing ability to recite railroad timetables backwards even while participating in an inebriation investigation. Few people show as much enthusiasm and devotion for their future as this College Park graduate does; a student affiliate of the American Academy of General Practice, he plans to devote full time to the patient as a family practitioner. LOUIS SCHAFF HALIKMAN University of Pennsylvania, Phila. Surgery Quietly outstanding, Lou thrives on discussions of academic sciences. This pre-med graduate of Loyola College claims membership in both AOA and Phi Delta Epsilon as well as graduating Magna Cum Laude. While in medical school, Lou held a fellowship in Physical Medicine at Sinai and ex- terned in Surgery at Union Memorial Hospital. Be- fore beginning the senior year, Lou made lasting ties with the legal profession by marrying Rebecca, a law student. They plan a future in Orthopedic Surgery with special emphasis on the academic features. 103 MEYER R. HEYMAN University Hospital, Baltimore Medicine Known by underclassmen as a senior eager to teach, Meyer is a native Baltimorean who received his B.S. degree in Zoology at College Park. He worked two summers as a Neurology Fellow at University and has also worked as an extern in Medicine at Maryland General Hospital. A Cum Laude graduate, Meyer is a member of AOA and Phi Delta Epsilon fraternity. A future in Internal Medicine seems likely. WILLIAM M. HART, JR. Mary Hitchcock Memorial, Hanover Medicine This ambitious member of our class hails from Bethesda, Md., and earned his BA in German from Dartmouth College. Bill has spent all his summers in physiology research as reflected in his winning first prize in the 1967 AOA research seminar. After leading a dual life as both graduate and medical student. Bill will be awarded his M.D. as well as his Ph. D. in Physiology. Returning to Dartmouth to in- tern, Bill, Mary, and their son John, have set their sights on an academic career in Ophthalmology. 104 HOWARD HIRSCH Penn Hospital, Philadelphia Rotating A native of Frederick iVId., Howie is well known for his last minute preparation for exams. He came here after three years at Franklin and Marshall Col- lege. He is a member of Phi Delta Epsilon and spent a summer as a Pulmonary fellow. His wife, Carol, is a social worker and should find his future plans in radiology most appealing. DONALD HUGH HISLOP South BaltimoreGeneral Hospital Rotating An electronic engineer by former trade, Don re- ceived his A.B. from Johns Hopkins University and his M.S. from American University, both in Physics. Following a psychiatry fellowship his freshman summer, Don found he could combine medicine with his favorite pastimes of sailing and playing with his children by externing for two summers at Beebe Hospital in Lewis, Delaware. During senior year he made time for an externship at South Balti- more General Hospital. In the future Don plans to apply his electronics background to the field of Pulmonary Medicine. He, Loretta, and their two daughters are proud of his paper, “Vector Model of Small Group Behavior.” Mi?. LIN HO Mount Zion Hospital, San Francisco Surgery JAMES MICHAEL HOFFMAN J. Michael is the elusive bachelor of the class remaining out of sight with his 35 mm Minolta while camping and back-packing in the western United States. He advocates that business and pleasure do mix and proved it in the summer of 1969 when he served an externship at Lewis Me- morial Hospital in Yosemite National Park, Cali- fornia. A graduate of Franklin and Marshall College and a member of Phi Beta Pi, Mike is a strong- willed individual, who also stresses the “do your own thing” philosophy. As such, in June he plans to begin work toward a Ph.D. in anthropology at the University of Colorado with the ultimate goal of teaching physical anthropology. Dr. Leaky gains a good man. Lin graduated from Swarthmore College with a B.S. in electrical engineering. He has spent his summers in the shock trauma unit and the Langely Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute. His diversion is motorcycles, and he is vice president of Lykos Pac- ing Corp. A big photographic contributor to the yearbook, Lin is on the 1970 yearbook staff. An elective was spent in plastic surgery in City’s burn unit. He is considering a career in surgery. AJjO 106 KENNETH MICHAEL HOFFMAN University Hospital, Baltimore Pediatrics Ken, a native of Baltimore, took his undergradu- ate education at the University of Maryland where he received a B.S. in chemistry. A quiet and steady worker, Ken held fellowships in Neurology and Pediatrics. An active member of Phi Delta Epsilon, Ken is also a painting enthusiast. He and Sandy, a physics and chemistry teacher, plan a future in Pediatrics. WHITNEY HOUGHTON Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore Medicine Whitney is a bright-eyed, attractive young lady from Washington, D.C. who spent her undergradu- ate days pursuing a degree in the Biological Sci- ences. During medical school she took an active interest in Psychiatry and maintained a close affilia- tion with the Man Alive program in Baltimore, giv- ing a great deal of time to that program. Internship in internal medicine will probably carry Whitney into that field as her future specialty. 107 DENNIS J. HURWITZ Yale-New Haven Medical Center Surgery A zoology major at the University of Maryland, Dennis is a native Baltimorean. While in medical school, he was active in both curricular and extra- curricular affairs. He held two summer fellowships in Neurology at Maryland, and was a fellow in Thoracic Surgery at Middlesex Hospital, London. A member of AOA, Dennis served as assistant edi- tor of the Aeselepian. He also enjoyed his member- ship in Phi Delta Epsilon, serving as its social chair- man. He and Linda plan a future in Surgery. LINDA BRINT JUDITZ This pretty addition to our class began junior year as a transfer student from Downstate Medical Center when her husband, Eric, came to the Balti- more area for training in Radiology. Summer work has included a hematology fellowship at Brookdale Hospital, New York City; laboratory technician at Sinai Hospital, Baltimore; and a psychiatry fellow- ship at University Hospital. Linda’s senior year was highlighted by the birth of her daughter, Jill. A graduate of Douglass College, Linda plans a fu- ture in Dermatology. 3 Um t ' 7 1 -jO. t i cLckj 108 HOWARD R. KANNER Bronx Municipal Hospital, New York Surgery Howie hails from New York City and attended Lehigh University as a Biology major. During medi- cal school he spent a summer in Pediatric Research. Since traveling is one of his favorite hobbies, Howie and his wife Ellen, managed to spend two summers as tour leaders taking groups through the USA and Europe. When last seen, Howie was in the cafeteria reliving one of Dr. Greisman’s ses- sions. Howie plans a future in Orthopedic Surgery. ROBERT STEPHEN KATZ Jewish Hospital, St. Louis Medicine Bobby is a local Baltimorean who did his under- graduate work at Columbia University. Freshman summer was spent in pediatric research. As one of the class bachelors, he was able to spend sopho- more summer on a kibbutz in Israel, and junior summer at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Scotland. He took his Senior Medicine at Barnes Hospital, St. Louis. Future plans in medicine are undecided. A-f i±r MU 109 GARY ARNOLD KLEIN Washington Hospital Center, D.C. Rotating Gary had a combined interest in philosophy and chemistry at Loyola College during his undergradu- ate days. During medical school, he became inter- ested in Physical Medicine and published an article concerning rehabilitation of laryngectomy patients, in Archives of Otolaryngology. His social interests led him to become social chairman of Phi Beta Pi. Two summers were spent externing at South Balti- more General. He plans a possible future in Psy- chiatry. MICHAEL KILHAM B. E. Thomason General, Texas Rotating This quiet tall man from the New Hampshire countryside has remained the most unpretentious member of the class. With varied interests in natu- ral history, guitar and flute, Mike rarely finds time enough for his chocolate bar and cracker meals. He graduated from Dartmouth College with an A.B. in biology and leaves for Texas in July. rfgiLT gAfL-x rl.o. THOMAS F. KLINE Stanford University, Stanford Pediatrics JEROME KOEPPEL University Hospital, Baltimore Medicine “Nobody undersells Luby” or Jerome Koeppel for that matter which is a lesson Jerry learned well as the Chevrolet dealership’s vice-president prior to entering medical school. Though originating from New York, Jerry, his wife Barbara, and two children have formed numerous friendships and ties in the “land of pleasant living” and he will re- main at the University of Maryland for internship. A political science graduate of Syracuse University, Jerry spent sophomore summer as an extern at Sinai Hospital. Jerry indicated a special interest in Endo- crinology by spending his junior summer as an Endocrinology fellow at Hadassah Hospital, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. The future holds a career in Internal Medicine. WALTER ALBERT KOERBER, JR. South Baltimore General Hospital Rotating In this age ol pollution, Walter has remained a stalwart for conservation. Completing a B.S. in for- estry from West Virginia University, and a year of graduate study in plant ecology at Duke, he is emi- nently qualified to campaign for wild life preserva- tion. A member of Nu Sigma Nu, he traveled ex- tensively through the USA, Canada and Mexico. His wife Linda is to begin medical school here in the fall, while this native Baltimorean plans to com- plete his doctorate in plant ecology. RICHARD JAY KOLKER Baltimore Medical Center Medicine Richie is a man of diversified background. He came to medical school with a degree in economics and finance from the University of Pennsylvania. A former Maryland tennis champion, in 1964 he ranked first in men’s tennis. Although busy with school, he still found time to play tennis religiously every week. A member of Phi Delta Epsilon fra- ternity, he plans a future in Ophthalmology. A .A 7 eg 7 rf. ) . 112 JAMES ANDREW KOPPER South Baltimore General Hospital Rotating Coming to Baltimore with a background in zoology from the University of Maryland, Jamie quickly became known for his friendliness and wit. He and his wife Louise were counted among those present at numerous class social activities. During the summers, Jamie worked as an extern at both St. Agnes and South Baltimore General Hos- pitals. After an internship in Baltimore, Jamie, Louise, and their daughter, LauraAnn, look forward to a future in Radiology. JOHN FRANKLIN KRESSLER Army-Tripler, Honolulu Mixed-Med Surg Prior to starting med school, John received his B.A. in biology from Western Maryland College, and did graduate work in zoology at the University of Maryland. Summers were spent in a Physical Medicine fellowship at Maryland, and as an extern at South Baltimore General. A member of Phi Delta Epsilon fraternity, John spent much of his time at Mercy, City, and York Hospitals. With his wife Regina, and their two children John, Jr. and Robin, John plans a career in Surgery. 113 ALICE BUCHDAHL LAVENSTEIN Children’s Hospital, Pittsburgh Pediatrics Alice came to medical school after a distin- guished four years in chemistry at Goueher Col- lege. Interested in both research and pediatrics Alice spent an elective in pediatric research with Dr. Bessman and as an extern at St. Louis Chil- dren’s Hospital. Other electives were spent in neonatology and pediatric surgery at Hopkins. A charming bright-eyed member of the class of 1970, Alice also found time to pursue her interest in ten- nis. Future plans will begin with a straight intern- ship in Pediatrics in Pittsburgh. JOHN M. LAPOINT Medical College of Virginia Surgery The strong man of the class, John maintains his status with weight lifting, skin diving and intra- mural football. A native of Baltimore, John went to the Naval Academy and received his B.S. in chem- istry at the University of Miami. He was a draftsman before entering medical school and spent his sum- mers in the U.S. Naval Experimental Diving Unit. John elected time at “The John” in Pediatric Ortho- pedics. With Cathy’s encouragement, he plans to specialize in Orthopedic Surgery. 114 BENNETT L. LAVENSTEIN Montefiore Hospital, Pittsburgh Mixed-Med Peds Bennett spent his undergraduate days in Wash- ington, D.C. where he majored in Zoology return- ing to Baltimore for his medical training. After spending two summers in research in Otolaryn- gology, he became interested in Ophthalmology, and traveled to St. Louis for a fellowship in Neuro- ophthalmology at Barnes Hospital. While in medi- cal school he met an attractive classmate whom he married. Bennett and Alice enjoy both tennis and museum-hopping in their free time. Further train- ing will begin with internship in Medicine and Pediatrics in Pittsburgh. A ' t ' t-f M jJt ' -t tU LUf , vy DONALD L. LEASS Meadowbrook Hospital, East Meadow Pediatrics While Don’s first love is Pediatrics, he has also sought clinical experience in numerous fields whenever possible as indicated by clerkships in Internal Medicine and Surgery served at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, experience in the Child Development Center at Meadowbrook Hos- pital in New York, and an externship in pediatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. In his en- thusiasm Don is always ready to discuss some as- pect of medicine and has been known on occa- sion to present an interesting patient to a sleeping roommate at three in the morning. A graduate of Clark University, and a member of Phi Delta Epsi- lon, Don, and wife Barbara, plan a future in Pedi- atrics. CrgA-c v fjL 115 STEPHEN N. LEVIN Washington Hospital Center, D.C. Rotating Steve graduated from Loyola College with a B.S. in physics, and was a graduate student in the physics department at Maryland from which he took a leave of absence to come to medical school. Before beginning medical school he worked as a physicist at Edgewood Arsenal. As a medical stu- dent, Steve held two externships in clinical medi- cine at South Baltimore General Hospital. He and his wife Rosalind have one daughter, Elizabeth. Future professional plans are presently undecided. MARK BARRY LEVINSON General Rose Memorial, Denver Surgery Mark, a native New Yorker, attended college at Albion, Michigan, travelled in the western United States last year and will take a mixed Surgical in- ternship at the General Rose Memorial Hospital in Denver, Colorado. All of this has served to keep his extensive Pentax gear well oiled and ready to go. Assisting in his quest for the perfect angle and ex- posure (and often adding something special to the scenery already present) is Mark’s French teacher wife Lois. Mark plans on a career in Surgery. B. M 77 116 HENRY ALLEN LEWIS Medical Center of Vermont, Burlington Mixed-Med Surg A migrant to Wheaton, Md. from his native New York, Henry received his B.S. degree in Biology from Dickinson College. A member of Nu Sigma Nu, his summers found him doing immunology re- search in the Dept, of Anatomy or touring the coun- try on his way to a clinical clerkship in Surgery at the U.S. Naval Hospital in San Diego, California. Heading north to the ski slopes of Stowe, Vermont for internship, Henry and Eve should encounter ample practical experience to prepare him for his career in Surgery. WILLIAM L. LYNN York Hospital, York Family Practice Bill received his B.S. from College Park in the General Physical Sciences. He has found it better for h is health and equanimity to live removed from the smog and noise of Baltimore, commuting by train and other romantic conveyances. During the summers, he has enjoyed fishing, and concentrat- ing on an enterprising housepainting and contract- ing business with another member of the class. His clinical rotations were notable in occurring at near- ly every teaching hospital in the state. He and his wife Nancy plan their future years in Family Prac- tice. 117 PHILIP A. MACKOWIAK University Hospital, Baltimore Medicine JANE E. MAHAFFEY University Hospital, Baltimore Medicine Jane is a graduate ot Allegheny College in Penn- sylvania with a B.S. in Chemistry. Her summer ac- tivities have included both lipid metabolism re- search at the National Heart Institute and a fellow- ship in Radiotherapy. A medicine enthusiast, she completed her senior medicine rotation during the summer, thus freeing a four month period during her senior year which she spent worhing in the C.S.C. There she studied clinical endocrinology and did research in magnesium metabolism. She is also noted for having developed a hormone radio- immonuassay technique. Jane was awarded the In- ternal Medicine gold medal at graduation and plans on continuing her studies in that field with a pos- sible specialization in Endocrinology. G A " L t . ck. M 4} This wandering Baltimorean received his B.S. in Biology from Bucknell University. Phil spent one summer in cancer research for the Dept, of Anatomy, followed by a summer in the study of rickettsial immunology. Inspired sophomore year by Dr. Wisseman’s travelogs, he finished his senior medicine rotation during the summer, then set out following the setting sun. He paused long enough in Hong Kong to complete his Orthopedic Surgery elective, before moving on to the SEATO Cholera Research Laboratory in Pakistan in time for three months of “epidemic” endemic medicine. The fu ture will undoubtedly find Phil pursuing the hori- zons of Internal Medicine. plu-ltp ) . ' I ' k J Ikb- 118 KENNETH CHARLES MARBURG Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Conn. Rotating A native Baltimorean, Ken spent his under- graduate years at Wesleyan University where he received a B.A. degree in Chemistry. Following one summer spent in a Public Health Service re- search project Ken packed his guitar and passed his last summer enjoying a European “education”. This personable graduate will be a sure success in either of his fields of future interest. Pediatrics or General Practice. He and Page are looking forward to internship year in Connecticut. CHARLES BERNARD MAREK, JR. Johns Ho pkins Hospital, Baltimore Ob-Gyn Buz, a native Baltimorean, entered the world of medicine after receiving a B.S. in Pre-Med from the Johns Hopkins University. Prior to starting med school, however, he worked in the U.S.A. Limited War Laboratory, in the environment and survival hi anch. Summers since then have been spent on fellowships at the Johns Hopkins Hospital doing work in cytogenetics and cancer research. When not involved in these medical activities. Buz is often found engaged in one of his many hobbies, which include water skiing, electrical and paint contracting, carpentry and plumbing. These are of particular interest, since they require and help develop good manual dexterity, an essential in- gredient in Buz’s chosen professional field, Ob- stetrics and Gynecology. 1)9 DANIEL K. MeCREADY Wilmington Hospital Center Rotating Dan came to medical school after undergraduate Preparation at Western Maryland College, from which he received a B.A. in Biology. A Washington suburbanite, he spent several summers working at the NIH in virology; the past two summers were spent with the Maryland Division of Infectious Diseases and as a medical extern at Maryland Gen- eral Hospital. This past year has been a “year- away” for Dan, since, except for one month, he has spent the rest of the year on rotations or electives at York, Loch Raven, City, Kernans and Bethesda Naval Hospital. Following internship in Wilming- ton, Dan and Judy are planning to embark on a career in Family Medicine. JOHN PAUL MeCARTHY Naval Hospital, Oakland Mixed-Med Surg John has unselfishly contributed many long hours of toil and sweat to the class of 1970, serving as our class president for three years. He has served on the Student Council, and was active in class sports and Nu Sigma Nu. A native of D.C., John re- ceived his B.S. in Microbiology from Maryland. Ex- cept for sophomore summer, which he spent as a Pathology extern at St. Agnes, John celebrated summer with a flourish in Europe. Following junior year, John headed for Sweden where he spent six months in surgical research, one month in Pedi- atrics, and one month on the renal transplant serv- ice. John returned home in time to learn that he would be taking his internship in sunny California, following which he plans a career in either Ortho- pedic Surgery or Ophthalmology. jl O [; few T aax PETER LEO MEEHAN Emory University Hospital, Atlanta Medicine Pete’s city of origin is Silver Spring, Md., and before coming to medical school he attended Holy Cross College, from which he received a B.A. in Biology. Recent summers were spent on fellow- ships in Neurology at the Bethesda Naval Hospital and in Surgery at Maryland General Hospital, the latter experience culminating in a paper on appen- dicitis in patients over 65, soon to be published in one of the leading surgical journals. In addition, he succeeded in acquiring membership in AOA. After internship, Pete and Barbara are planning on a career in Urology. H X , JOSEPH POTTER MICHALSKI San Francisco General Hospital Medicine Joe, a Silver Spring resident, completed his undergraduate work at Dartmouth College where he received his B.A. degree in Biology. During the summers Joe pursued research in the Department of Surgery, with the U.S. Public Health Service in the Costep program, and finally in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. This member of Phi Beta Pi achieved academic recognition by election to A.O.A. and graduating Cum Laude. Heading for the sunny shores of California, Joe and Kathleen will pursue a career in Internal Medicine. n frO.f ' lx- ij 1 Vi i,c f 4-C. PHILLIP E. MIDDLETON University of Kansas Medical Center Rotating THOMAS PAUL MILES Bernalillo County General, Albuquerque Surgery Tommy, who hails from Silver Spring, Md., did his undergraduate training at the University of Virginia, from which he received a B.A. in English. Recent summers were spent as a surgical extern at Maryland General Hospital and as an Orthopedic- extern at City. During the past year he spent two months in elective study of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Florida on a fellowship from the American Orthopedic Association. He has been active in Nu Sigma Nu and an avid participant in intramural football; he has also played rugby foot- ball for the Baltimore Rugby Club for four seasons. In recognition of his surgical capabilities, Tom re- ceived the Babcock Prize for excellence in Sur- gery. Future professional plans include a career in either General or Orthopedic Surgery. A native Baltimorean, Phil received a B.S. in biology from Loyola College. Before starting medi- cal school, he worked as a computer programmer at Westinghouse. He spent two summers as a fellow in Preventive Medicine working on computer- assisted diagnosis. Intramural sports held Phil’s interest during med school, as did classical music and mathematics. He plans a future in General Sur- gery. 122 GARY WAYNE MILLER Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore Mixed-Med Surg Gary is our class’s professional golfer, having both played and taught golf before starting med school. A graduate of West Virginia University, he received a B.A. in premedical studies. Gary worked Gring the summer as an extern in Surgery at Mary- land General. With his wife Karen, and their son, Gary, Jr., Gary is looking forward to a career in General Surgery. LAWRENCE MILLS, JR. University Hospital, Baltimore Medicine This native of Princeton, New Jersey, has de- veloped out of necessity the extraordinary ability to research minutia at any time of the day or night. Larry received his B.A. degree in History from the University of Pennsylvania. He spent his summers as a resident director at a New England summer camp, and as a surgery extern at Union Memorial Hospital. Larry’s career plans are uncertain but Internal Medicine seems most likely. L JL 0 § 123 JAMES S. MURPHY Naval Hospital, Bethesda Mixed-Med Surg From Red Bank, New Jersey and the University of Notre Dame, Murph came to Baltimore to study medicine and break hearts in the school of nursing dormitory. During his long, hot summers, Jim worked on a fellowship in epilepsy and toured Europe. A Nu Sigma Nu member, Murph leaves Baltimore still a bachelor to continue training in surgery. P. DAVID MYEROWITZ University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Surgery A graduate of the University of Maryland with a B.S. in psychology. Dave is a native of Baltimore. Dave held a fellowship with the Department of Preventive Medicine, and in his senior year trav- eled to NIH where he held a fellowship in Cardio- vascular Surgery at the National Heart Institute. A member of Phi Delta Epsilon, Dave is known for enjoying a good round of golf. He and Susan plan a future in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery. 124 JUAN M. PARDO Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore Mixed-Med Ob If Juan had not decided to go into Medicine, it’s a sure bet some large corporation would have hired him to formulate work schedules that would be second only to the ones he constructed during his two clinical years in Medicine. Born in Havana, Cuba, Juan received his B.S. in phvsics engineer- ing at Loyola College. Medical school summers were spent as a Pathology extern at St. Agnes, and in a clinical clerkship at Maryland General. He must have made a fortune working nights at Mary- land General. Juan is also a member of Nil Sigma Nu. Future plans include the practice of Medicine or Ob-Gyn while remaining in Baltimore with Claudia, their son Michael, and a new addition due in the fall. I U Cr. - x --A ; i 1 x 1 7 Jc A o JAY NEIL PAR RAN Washington Hospital Center, D.C. Rotating When Jay announces that the Yankees are com- ing, revolution is not at hand; rather, the Bronx Bombers are in town. An acknowledged baseball expert, Jay’s diverse background includes receiving his B.S. degree in Metallurgy from Case Institute of Technology prior to attending medical school. He has served on the Honor Council and is a mem- ber of Phi Delta Epsilon fraternity and AOA. All those in favor of Jay’s career say “eye” for this fu- ture Ophthalmologist. 125 LESLIE PARKER PLOTNICK Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore Pediatrics A fille jolie and one of the brightest members of the class, this native New Yorker came to medical school from Goucher College where she was a chemistry major. Active in extracurricular activi- ties, Leslie served for two years on the Honor Council and as its chairman senior year. She also contributed a great deal to the 1970 yearbook. A member of AOA, and a Cum Laude graduate, Leslie received the Glasgow Memorial Award from the American Medical Women’s Association for being the top woman student. Summers were spent as a fellow in Psychiatry at Maryland, and in Pediatrics at Hopkins. Leslie spent additional months in Pedi- atric Surgery and Pediatric Endocrinology at Hop- kins. She and Gary, a medical resident, are enthu- siastic about her future in Pediatrics with a special interest in Endocrinology. DAVID A. PERRY St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore Rotating Dave, originally from Amherst, Massachusetts, received his B.S. in Biology Chemistry from Massa- chusetts Institute of Technology and his M.A. in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts. Before starting medical school, he spent two years as an extern in group psychotherapy and psycho- drama at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. During medical school he has had fellowships in psychiatry and anesthesiology. Dave is probably one of the most thorough medical students; after all, who else used the light in Dermatology Clinic? Congratulations to Dave and Anne on the birth of their daughter, Noelle; and to Dave for receiving the Dr. Jacob E. Finesinger Prize for excellence in Psychiatry. Dave plans a future in the field ol Psy- chiatry. lt ? ) 126 RICHARD B. POLLARD, JR. Ohio State University, Columbus Medicine This native of Silver Spring, came to med school with a B.S. in zoology from the University of Mary- land. For three summers he worked at NIH in near- by Bethesda in the National Institute of Neurologi- cal Diseases and Blindness. He, his wife Susan, a graduate student in Social Psychology at Maryland, and their young son, enjoy traveling. Rich plans to specialize in Internal Medicine or one of its sub- specialties. i3- v V? ' I , 0 . JOHN HOWARD POEHLMAN Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta Medicine One of the few remaining bachelors in our class, John spent his summers doing immunogeneties research, as a surgical extern at St. Agnes, in a car- diology fellowship at University Hospital and cross- country camping. An honors graduate zoology major of the University of Maryland, John has been “farmed out” for many rotations to City Hospitals. Despite this he still found time to serve SAMA and the Baltimore City Campus Student Affairs Com- mittee. An A.O.A. member in his junior year and a Cum Laude graduate, John also served the Admis- sions Committee. Amateur photography, his pri- mary hobby, served him well as chairman of the yearbook committee. After completing the year- book, a major task, John will travel to Atlanta and devote full time to the study of Internal Medicine. Future plans include study in the field of Cardi- ology also. 127 DAVID B. POSNER L.A. County Harbour General Hospital Rotating A versatile person, Dave excelled in bis studies in chemistry at California Institute of Technology where he also found time to participate as a line- man on the football team. In medical school, he dis- tinguished himself as a scholar by election to AOA. A member of Phi Delta Epsilon, he spent a summer as a fellow at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, Scotland. Dave also dabbles in electronics, me- chanics, and even is an accomplished clarinetist. He plans to enter the field of Internal Medicine al- though he is known for his clinical adeptness with surgical instruments (especially the knife and fork which he handles like a master). Despite all these major accomplishments Dave has not yet achieved his greatest wish — to appear on the Ted Mack show. Ir f) ] 4 - x ' C EDWARD JOEL PROSTIC Ben-Taub-Methodist, Houston Surgery Ed, a native Baltimorean, returned to his home city after receiving a B.S. in biology from Union College. He will undoubtedly be remembered by classmates and teachers alike for his uncanny abil- ity to “stump the profs” with his sharp questions. While a med student, Ed spent his summers in Surgical research at Maryland, Anesthesia at St. Agnes, and Ob-Gyn at Mercy. A member of Phi Delta Epsilon, Ed spent one month of his senior year at Hopkins on the Pediatric Surgery service. Ed and Merry look forward to a future in Ortho- pedic Surgery. i t A. t.H ... 128 WILLIAM O. QUESENBERRY Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore Rotating A native of Silver Spring, Md., Bill received his undergraduate training at Duke University, obtain- ing his B.S. degree in Psychology. During his fresh- man summer he held a fellowship in Surgery at University Hospital, followed hv two summers as an extern in Surgery at Maryland General Hospital. Special pursuits during senior year included a Medical externship at Maryland General Hospital, as well as the study of Gynecology at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. The future will most likely find Bill, Nancy and their two daughters, in the private practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology. GERALD MARTIN REHERT Washington Hospital Center, D.C. Rotating Jerry came to medical school via three years of engineering at Syracuse University, and one year at the University of Maryland. One of the brightest members of the class, Jerry provided focus to the somewhat hazy principles of Biophysics for his confused classmates. A member of Phi Delta Epsi- lon, Jerry was elected to AOA, and is known as an accomplished guitar player and photography buff. Jerry held summer fellowships in Nephrology at Sinai, and in Urology at University, and spent one leisurely summer driving across the country. Jerry plans to specialize in Urology. 129 WALKER LEE ROBINSON Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester Surgery Walker’s past is a testimony to his ability to excel in all endeavors. After graduating at the top of his class from Morgan State, he spent two years in the Army, and two years in an executive position with the telephone company. Once in medical school, he again excelled as a leader academically and in school politics. Walker served on the Student Coun- cil for four years, was senior class president, a year- book staff member, and a member of Nu Sigma Nu. Summers were spent as a fellow in Medicine, and in Pathology in the Medical Examiner’s Office. A member of AOA, and a Magna Cum Laude gradu- ate, Walker was the recipient of the Balder Award for highest degree of academic achievement. He and Mae plan a future in Neurosurgery GEORGE C. SAMARAS Maryland General Hospital, Baltimore Rotating A native of Annapolis, George received a B.A. in biology chemistry from Gettysburg College. Prior to starting medical school, he worked as a pharma- cologist for Smith, Kline French. Summers were spent traveling in Greece and Europe. A member of Nu Sigma Nu, George was active in intramural sports, and was senior representative to the student government. George’s future lies in Family Prac- tice, while returning to Annapolis with his wife Cath ryn and their new addition. C-, (V vi c cw cc.4L. 3 M 130 ROBERT FRANK SARLIN Naval Hospital, Bethesda Rotating An outdoors man who enjoys swimming and golf. Bob graduated from the University of Mary- land with a B.S. in microbiology. A member of Nu Sigma Nu, Bob spent summers in the Pathology tissue lab at Maryland, in the tissue bank at Be- thesda Naval Hospital in the Navy Ensign Pro- gram, and as a clinical clerk with the Navy. A true Navy man, Bob also spent time senior year at Bethesda Naval Hospital in the fields of Cardiol- ogy and Orthopedics. Bob, and his teacher wife, M arilyn, look forward to a future in Orthopedic Surgery. CECILIA S. SCHOCKET Sheppard Enoch Pratt Hospital, Towson Psychiatry Ceil is the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl and the proud wife of Stanley, an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at University. She re- ceived her B.A. degree in Psychology from Temple University and did graduate level study prior to medical school. Ceil’s summers were spent as a fellow in Ob-Gyn and in psychiatry. Following graduation, Ceil will begin a residency in Psychi- atry. (L -pc (csj ' x- . Jfo s 131 HERBERT JOHN SCHULTEN Meadowbrook Hospital, East Meadow Mixed-Med Surg Herb came to us from Rutgers University with a B.A. in biological sciences. He wants to be a real “Saw Bones” as he plans to go into Orthopedic Surgery. During his summers Herb has worked as an extern in Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Agnes, and as an extern in Medicine at Mercy. His interests range from horses to photography, the theater, and his wife Peggy. AD, DENNIS ROBERT SCHUMER Washington Hospital Center, D.C. Medicine Dennis, a native Baltimorean, received his B.A. in Chemistry from Duke University. During medi- cal school his summers were spent as a Hematology technician, externing at South Baltimore General Hospital, and traveling to the western USA, Florida and Jamaica. A photography enthusiast, Dennis is a member of AOA. He and his wife Rona, plan a career in the practice of Internal Medicine. ( v. C 1 X-Oc i 0 132 HANS J. SCHWARZ Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix Rotating Before starting medical school, Hans served in the Army and worked for Hunter Memorial Labs in Washington, D.C. Summer work during medical school has included a Psychiatry fellowship at University Hospital, a fellowship with the Pathol- ogy Department at St. Agnes, and emergency room work at South Baltimore General. Congratulations to Hans and Carol Cameron on their coming mar- riage. Hans plans a future in General Practice in Washington State. LOUIS A. SHPRITZ University Hospital, Baltimore Medicine Lou, a native of Baltimore, received his under- graduate training at the University of Maryland with a major in Psychology. Lou is known best for his energetic and outgoing personality. An active and enthusiastic member of Nu Sigma Nu, he held the positions of treasurer and president. He also served as class treasurer during his freshman and sophomore years and worked hard promoting inter- class relationships. Initially inclined toward Ob- Gyn, he spent a summer elective in this field at Maryland. His present plans are to pursue a career in Urology. 133 MARTIN J. SHUMAN South Baltimore General Hospital Mixed Medicine Marty came to medical school from the Univer- sity of Maryland at College Park where he was a zoology .major. During the summers he found time to be a fellow in Ophthalmology and to travel in Europe. His junior summer he stayed close to home to meet his wife Beverly and to become an extern at South Baltimore General Hospital where he now plans to take a mixed medical internship. DAVID LEE SILVERMAN South Baltimore General Hospital Rotating Dave, originally from Baltimore, did his under- graduate work at American University as a Chem- istry major. During medical school he distinguished himself by his quick answers in Anatomy Lab. By the way, Dave, did you ever xerox the Figge Atlas? Summers were spent travelling in Europe and as an extern at South Baltimore General. Dave is a member of the Phi Beta Pi fraternity. He and his wife Emma plan a future profession in the field of Psychiatry. •- ' ' I M 134 MICHAEL ALAN SILVERMAN M aryland General Hospital, Baltimore Rotating Mike hails from Silver Spring, Md., and is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a B.S. in zoology. Aside from medicine, Mike is an ac- complished musician specializing in accordian. With his accordian he serenaded many Washington weddings and parties, while extricating himself from such events in Baltimore. Mike held two ex- ternships in clinical Medicine, and during senior year spent time moonlighting at a local hospital. A member of Phi Delta Epsilon, Mike plans a career in Pediatrics. GREGORY THEOPHIL SOBCZAK Conemaugh Valley Memorial, Johnstown, Pa. Rotating Originally from Detroit, Greg spent his years Before medical school at Wayne State University studying chemistry, and working as an ana lytical research chemist for Parke Davis. Greg has been an active member of Phi Beta Pi serving as treasurer and archon, and was an enthusiastic participant in intramural football freshman year. Summers were spent as a Pinkerton detective, an Ob-Gyn extern at St. Agnes, and an extern in Pediatrics at Univer- sity. He, Karen, and their newborn son Eric, will take up future residency in either Michigan or Washington state where Greg will pursue a career in Ob-Gyn. 135 RONALD J. STANFIELD Washington Hospital Center, D.C. Medicine A native of Washington, D.C., Ron graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in zoology. Before starting medical school he worked as a clothes and shoe salesman. Several summers were spent working at NIH in Virology research, and at the Rocky Mountain Lab in Hamilton, Mon- tana. Ron enjoys music and cars and bachelor life. Future professional plans are uncertain, but Ron plans to study Medicine for at least the next several years. ALAN Z. STEINBERG Sinai Hospital, Baltimore Rotating A persistent and highly principled debator, Alan, a native Baltimorean, will remain in his home city for internship. Alan received a B.S. in psychol- ogy from the University of Maryland. An active member of Phi Delta Epsilon, he held the positions of treasurer and then president. His summers were devoted to the State Health Department and the Department of Preventive Medicine resulting in a publication in the Maryland State Medical Society Journal. He and his pretty wife Stephany look for- ward to a future in Ophthalomogy. DAVID TAPPER University of California, San Francisco Surgery Dave hails from Baltimore and earned his B.S. degree in psychology at College Park. In medical school he has been active in both academic and extracurricular activities, earning election to AOA and graduating Magna Cum Laude as well as serv- ing as the Editor-In-Chief of the Aesclepian, and the President of SAMA. If those achievements were not enough, Dave was also the Vice-President of the Student Council and a member of Pbi Delta Epsilon fraternity. He has worked summers at the Shock Trauma Unit and as an extern in Pediatric Surgery at the Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. He and Susan are planning a career in Pedi- atric Surgery. NORMAN WAYNE TAYLOR Naval Hospital, Philadelphia Rotating Wayne arrived in medical school with one of the most varied backgrounds in the class. Following service in the U.S. Army, he obtained his B.S. in Psychology from the University of Maryland. He then worked as a social worker for the Baltimore Department of Public Welfare before returning to formal education to pursue his interest in psychia- try. Summers during medical school were spent in fellowships at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, the Spring Grove State Hospital, and in the Navy Training Program, culminating senior year in an elective period spent in Psychiatry at the Bethes- da Naval Hospital. Wayne, Beverly, and their two daughters look forward to the practice of Psychiatry in the Navy Medical Corps. v ! V ' rf 137 STANLEY SZE-CHUEN TSENG Public Health Service, Baltimore Rotating Stan is our class’ wise Chinese. Born in Canton, China, he came to the U.S. in 1960 and began his major in Chemistry and the English language si- multaneously at Berea College in Kentucky. A member of Nu Sigma Nu, Stan spent the summers in medical school studying Ophthalmology at Uni- versity Hospital, and in a Medical externship at the Wilmington Medical Center. Tennis is a prime hobby, and Stan was a runner-up in the Medical School Tennis Tournament in 1967. He and Kay plan a career in Ophthalmology. 7 f c HENRY VICINI Rhode Island Hospital, Providence Mixed-Med Surg Henry is our class’ native born Italian, and is now a resident of Baltimore. A graduate of George- town University, Henry’s background is in chemis- try. Photography, stocks and good food are among his many interests. He served as a yearbook pho- tographer for several years. Henry spent his sum- mers in research at City Hospital, traveling in Eur- ope, and as an Orthopedic extern. A career in Psy- chiatry is in the future. 138 CLEMENT CHUKS UGORJI South Baltimore General Hospital Rotating Adding an international flavor to our class, Clement traveled from West Africa where he at- tended Livingstone College, majoring in biology and chemistry. Summers were spent externing at South Baltimore General Hospital. His hobby is writing which should serve him well for future en- deavors in medical practice, teaching and writing. V ARTHUR MALCOLM WAGNER Sinai Hospital, Baltimore Rotating Arthur is one of the most personable, relaxed members of the class. A natural science major at the University of Pennsylvania, he returned to Balti- more for his medical education. Summers were spent as a fellow in Psychiatry, Urology and Renal Medicine. Art served for two years as SAMA treas- urer and was an active member of Phi Delta Epsi- lon. Married to Debbie, a present sophomore medi- cal student, Art’s future plans are for specialty train- ing in Surgery. ai 2 . 139 QotLsJVi. ROBERTA ANN WARD University Hospital, Baltimore Pediatries Roberta is a future pediatrician who enjoys tennis as much as Pediatrics. A New Yorker, she came to Baltimore for her medical training after obtaining a B.S. from Pennsylvania State Univer- sity. Interested in community pediatrics, Roberta worked for two summers at the Community Pedi- atric Center. Well known for her happy smile and optimistic manner, she is a well liked member of the class of 1970. WILLIAM ADDISON WARREN Washington Hospital Center, D.C. Medicine Class vice-president for four years. Bill trained at the University of North Carolina as an English major. With Nancy, his school teacher wife, Bill lived in Laurel which, perhaps, he found better suited for his outdoors and sporty hobbies. A mem- ber of Nu Sigma Nu, Bill worked one summer as a fellow for the Maryland TB Association. Future plans include either Internal Medicine or Family Practice. 140 c mAA A Ttf .]). ARTHUR M. WARWICK University Hospital, Baltimore Psychiatry Art, who is one of the more accomplished Monopoly players (despite underhanded tactics by wife Lois), in the class will “go directly to residency without collecting an internship”. Following grad- uation he will remain at University Hospital in the Psychiatric residency program. He will bring with him past experience gained from a 1967 fellowship in Physiology, a 1968 fellowship in Neurology, and a 1969 elective in Neurology at Albert Einstein Medical School. A member of SAMA, and Phi Delta Epsilon, Art ranks near the top of the class and has been selected as a member of A.O.A. Art is a gradu- ate of Western Reserve University. - . -i i | Ua. a CHARLES IRVING WEINER University Hospital, Baltimore Medicine Artistically inclined, our senior class social chairman took his undergraduate training at Gettys- burg College where he received a B.A. in biology. An active member of Phi Delta Epsilon, Chuck served successive years as social chairman, veep, and historian. He also received the Phi D E schol- arship in 1969. Summers were spent working for Public Health, in the ER at City, and in Ob-Gyn at Mercy. Chuck also spent two years working many odd hours for the Division of Infectious Diseases at the prison. This oil painting and modern music en- thusiast travelled to Boston for senior Pediatrics, Hopkins for Radiology, and Sinai for ER training. Chuck and Ilene plan a career in Radiology. ROBERT IRVING WHITE Hartford Hospital, Hartford, Conn. Mixed-Med Surg Sandy came to med school an alumnus of Wes- leyan University with a B.S. in biology. The sole representative of his home town of Waterbury, Connecticut, he spent the first two summers worh- ing as a lab technician and a house painter. Junior summer he utilized his talents and interest by work- ing as a clinical fellow in Urology with Dr. Young. He and Marion look forward to a future in the prac- tice of Urology or General Surgery. 01 -P STANLEY M. ZABOROWSKI New York Memorial, Albany Medicine Stan, a biology major from St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, continued his education in Baltimore at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Pimlico Race Track. His education was obviously complete since he was elected to A.O.A. and is graduating Cum Laude. Summers were spent on fellowships at Mercy Hospital and honeymoon- ing in Puerto Rico with his own private EEC tech- nician, Angie. Stan hopes to practice Cardiology in the New York area. 142 BERNARD E. ZELIGMAN St. Luke’s Hospital, Denver Mixed-Med Surg A native of San Diego, California, Bernie trav- eled east for his undergraduate training and re- ceived his B.A. from Johns Hopkins. He spent one summer working in the Pulmonary Function Lab- oratory. His interests include canoeing and back- packing. Future professional plans are presently undecided. NORMAN LEE ZELLER Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles Pediatrics Norm hails from Claremont, California, where he hopes to return to practice Pediatrics. A psy- chology major at Laverne College in Laverne, Californ ia, Norm worked prior to starting medical school at Niff in Bethesda. While in school, his summers were spent at NIH, Baltimore City Hos- pital in gerontology research, and the Community Pediatrics Center. A woodworker in his spare time, Norman served as class treasurer during his junior year. Norm, his wife Lois and their daughter Chris- tine Lee will travel back to California where Norm will intern in Pediatrics. 143 THE MARGE CONNERS YEARBOOK EXCELLENCE AWARD. 144 Academic Honors Class Of 1970 Summa Cum Laude Gary Philip Fisher Magna Cum Laude Louis Schaff Halikman Walker Lee Robinson David Tapper Cum Laude Richard Alan Bloomfield Joseph Zelig Davids Meyer Reuben Heyman Joseph Potter Michalski Leslie Parker Plotnick John Howard Poehlman Stanley Milton Zaborowski BALDER SCHOLARSHIP AWARD For Academic Achievement Walker Lee Robinson DR. JACOB E. FINESINGER PRIZE For Excellence in Psychiatry David Arnold Perry DR. L. M. HUMMEL AWARD For Outstanding Qualifications in Medicine Jane Elizabeth Mahaffey DR. WAYNE W. BABCOCK AWARD For Excellence in Surgery Thomas Paid Miles DR. MILTON S. SACKS AWARD For Excellence in Medicine A Hematology Richard Alan Bloomfield DR. J. EDMUND BRADLEY AWARD For Excellence in Pediatrics A. Stephen Dubansky 145 NYvV INTERNSHIP MATCHING DAY 146 SENIOR CLASS PICNIC 147 SENIOR CLASS BANQUET 148 STUDENT COUNCIL TERRA MARIAE MEDICUS PRES. STUDENT COUNCIL THE STUDENT AMA 151 PARTING SHOTS SUilLdll GREETINGS TO THE GRADUATES, CLASS OF 1970, FROM THE MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND! The Welcome Extended Each Graduate is Cordial, Warm, and Genuine. YOU ARE NOW ACTIVE MEMBERS OF OUR ASSOCIA- TION WITH DUES REMITTED FOR TWO YEARS AND SUBSCRIPTION TO THE BULLETIN PAID FROM ASSO- CIATION FUNDS. THE PURPOSE OF OUR ASSOCIATION IS TWOFOLD. FIRST, TO PERPETUATE FRIENDSHIPS ESTABLISHED WHILE IN SCHOOL, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY TO EN- COURAGE LOYALTY AND SUPPORT TO OUR SCHOOL OF MEDICINE TO THE END THAT SHE MAY KEEP HER PLACE IN THE FOREFRONT IN THE FIELD OF MEDICAL PROGRESS. YOU ARE URGED TO KEEP YOUR ALUMNI ASSOCIA- TION INFORMED OF ANY AND ALL CHANGES OF ADDRESS. 156 MARGARINES - SALAD PRODUCTS 157 A family of excellent products ...for excellent family care GASTROINTESTINAL MYLANTA® Tablets and Liquid PRODUCTS MYLICON® Tablets and Drops HEMATSNSCS FERANCEE 8 Tablets STUART HEMATINIC® Liquid and Tablets STUARTINIC® Tablets LAXATIVES DIALOSE® Capsules DIALOSE® PLUS Capsules EFFERSYLLIUM® Powder OTHER PRODUCTS SORBITRATE® (isosorbide dinitrate) (Rx) 5 mg. oral, 10 mg. oral, 10 mg. with 15 mg. Phenobarbita! Oral, and 5 mg. 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NORTH AVENUE 159 if you seek our credentials, look around you. hospitals-universities Office buildings-industrial buildings U.S. Gov. projects GENERAL CONTRACTORS, SO E. FRANKLIN STREET, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND S1SOS 160 On the Threshold of Medicine. As you move onward to newer challenges in your medical career— wherever it may lead — a strong, professional partner is ready to aid your efforts through . . . Support of post-graduate medical education Grants-in-aid of applied and basic research Safe and effective pharmaceuticals We invite you to become better acquainted with our products and services. EATON LABORATORIES DIVISION OF THE NORWICH PHARMACAL COMPANY NORWICH, NEW YORK n jl Originator and developer of The Nitrofurans— a unique class of antimicrobials. Sinai Hospital is proud of the many graduates of the School of Medicine of the University of Maryland who serve on our house staff and our attending staff. If you would like to continue your post graduate education at Sinai, a progressive community Hospital; contact: B. Stanley Cohen, M.D., Education Chairman Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Inc. Belvedere Ave. at Greenspring Baltimore, Md. 21215 Wishing CLASS OF 1970 Every Success MERCY HOSPITAL THE SAINT AGNES HOSPITAL congratulates the Graduating Class of the University of Maryland School of Medicine Best ivishes for success and happiness 163 Trained Medical Assistants and Receptionists Are How Available We Are Part of the Nation’s Largest Network of Schools Specializing in Preparing Women For Auxil- iary Positions in Medicine. THE ERYMAN SCHOOL FOR MEDICAL DENTAL ASSISTANTS CONGRATULATIONS Class of 1970 from FLOW LABORATORIES, INC. Producers of high quality tissue cultures, media, sera, viral diagnostic reagents, laboratory equip- ment, and research animals. 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CORPORATION Makers of NOXZEMA SKIN CREAM NOXZEMA SHAVE CREAMS And COVER GIRL PRODUCTS 166 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1970 FROM THE UNION MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Baltimore, Maryland For information on Internships and Externships write: Professional Staff Office The Union Memorial Hospital 33rd Calvert Streets Baltimore, Maryland 21218 or phone: 301-235-7200, Ext. 230 THE GREATER BALTIMORE MEDICAL CENTER CLINICAL CLERKSHIP - ELECTIVE PERIODS Clinical Clerkships are available throughout the year during elective periods for the third- and fourth-year medical students at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. A stipend is available to meet expenses. Clini- cal Clerkships will be performed primarily in the Department of Medicine but may also be spent in the Departments of Ob-Gyn or Surgery or com- binations of these three. Approved residency programs are available for graduates in Medicine, Ob-Gyn, Surgery, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology and Pediatrics. On the basis of careful attention to our training programs, GBMC has become the community hospital for undergraduate traini ng as well as for internships and residencies. For further information write: Director of Medical Education, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, 6701 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21204. 167 © 1968, The Upjohn Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan 168 PHOTOCENTER HEADQUARTERS FOR EVERYTHING IN CAMERAS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES • BINOCULARS • MICROSCOPES One Of The Largest Stocks Of Cameras Equipment In The South BALTIMORE ' S EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVE FOR NIKON MEDICAL MICROSCOPES AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR Omega — Kodak — Graflex — Bolex — Lelca — Bell Howell — Polaroid — Zeiss — Rolleiflex Minolta — Minox — Pentax — Bessler — Nikon — Beaulieu — Hasselbald — Mamiya WE WELCOME CHARGE ACCOUNTS MEMBER OF DOWNTOWN PARK SHOP 539-5763 23 N. HOWARD (Just South of Fayette) DOWNTOWN DOCTORS ' OFFICES LARGE MEDIUM SMALL MEDICAL OFFICE BLDG. REASONABLE RENT ELEVEN E. CHASE ST. 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For Reservations, call 727-7555 All Major Credit Cards Honored COMMUNITY HEALTH FACILITIES FREDERICK MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, INC. Frederick, Maryland 21701 SOME OF America ’s most modern and Professional Health facilities! • Professional 24 Hour Nursing Care 13 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS PI KESVI LLE 7 Sudbroolc La. 486-8771 ANNAPOLIS Bay Ridge Av. Van Buren 974-0351 ♦BOLTON HILL Lafayette Av. John 523-661 I ♦NORTH ARUNDEL Hospital Dr. Glen Burnie 761-1222 ♦HARBOR VIEW 1213 Light St. 727-1600 PARK HILL 1802 Eutaw PI. 523-7820 LAKE DRIVE 2401 Eutaw PI. 669-4444 ♦MELCHOR 2327 N. Charles St. 235-8998 ♦FOXLEIGH Garrison, Maryland 363-0066 BENT 12020 Reisterstown Rd. 833-3141 GEORGE WASHINGTON 607 Penna. Av. 728-3344 ♦HARFORD GARDENS 4700 Harford Rd. 254-3012 PINE RIDGE 4703 Hampnett Av. 426-1343 ♦Medicare Applications Accepted ♦Extended Care Facility 669-4454 LAFAYETTE AV. JOHN MEMBER OF COMMUNITY HEALTH FACILITY BETTER BUSINESS FORMS, INC. 222 N. Paca Street Baltimore, Maryland 21201 685-1 160 Single Source Service For All Your Printing Needs Congratulations Doctors Class of ' 70 To help you get started correctly Call on us SECURITY BUSINESS SERVICES, Inc. experts on tax and bookkeeping problems of the professional man P.O. BOX 335 RANDALLSTOWN, MD. 21 133 Telephone 6SS-2S52 K. MERRILL SUMEY, President CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1970 GRADUATES MED-CHI INSURANCE TRUST B. DIXON EVANDER ( njurance for lit rofetsions 2326 N. CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21218 B. DIXON EVANDER S- ASSOCIATES ( ffomplele 3 njurance GlJ ervxces YMBIONICS A N N A P o L I S S C I E N C E CENTER ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 21401 CH 3-3350 Innovators in Medical Electronics and Ultrasonics LOUIS E. HYMAN NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE 16 S. Calvert St. Baltimore, Maryland 539-0084 or 367-3286 " All Insurance Companies Are Not The Same " THANK YOU for using MACKE EXTRAordinary food and refreshment SERVICES the Macke company ONE MACKE CIRCLE • CHEVERLY MD 20781 Congratulations and Best Wishes LELAND MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Riverdale, Maryland HARFORD MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Havre de Grace, Maryland Congratulations Best Wishes to the 1970 Graduates 171 Best Wishes From NORTH CHARLES GENERAL HOSPITAL 2724 N. CHARLES STREET THE HAPPY HILLS HOSPITAL Board of Trustees and Staff Congratulate The Graduating Class of the University of Maryland School of Medicine Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 1970 PRINCE GEORGE ' S GENERAL HOSPITAL CHEVERLY, MARYLAND Approved Internships and Residencies To The Class of 1970 Sincere Congratulations and Best Wishes For a Bright Future The Officers and Members of She Maryland Academy of General Practice medical ser¥lces corporation 2520 n. charles street baltimore, marySand 21218 telephone 30! 366-4200 172 Restaurant Equipment and Supplies MAGER GOUGELMAN OF Home of Nationally Known Brands for HOTELS - HOSPITALS INSTITUTIONS - RESTAURANTS - CAFETERIAS - CATERERS Over 50,000 Items Of Kitchen And Dining Room Supplies In Stock For Immediate Delivery EXPERT ENGINEERING FOR LAYOUTS AND INSTALLATIONS WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE Class and Elastic (d’ltifiaal Cyes Custom Audio Anse’its AMa x 1 1 lo = dFa cial A ostlielics BALTIMORE SODA FOUNTAIN MFG. CO., Inc. Washington Address: 211 Woodward Bldg., 15th H Streets, N.W. Washington, D. C. — 347-1 199 Over 50 Years Service 1900 BLOCK BAYARD STREET LE. 9-6763 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21230 RAYMOND E. PETERS, President Baltimore Address: 61 1 Latrobe Bldg., 2 East Read Street Baltimore, Md. — SAratoga 7-8824 Where you SAVE does make a difference Compliments Of ARUNDEL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND BETHESDA-SILVER SPRING LOAN ASSOCIATION NURSING HOME PATAPSCO AVENUE AND FOURTH STREET 8700 Jones Mill Road BALTIMORE 25, MD. Chevy Chase, Maryland RESINOL OINTMENT-Made in Baltimore Contains: Resorcin, Oil of Cade, Prepared Calamine, Zinc Oxide, Bis- muth Subnitrate and Boric Acid combined in a lanolin-petrolatum base to soothe and lubricate dry irritated skin. Famous for 75 years for its prompt, long-lasting relief from skin itching, burning and minor sore- ness. Suggest also, new RESINOL GREASELESS in tubes. Contains the same fine medications in a greaseless, washable, stainless base. UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 1 1 8 So. Eufaw Street MEDICAL NURSING BOOKS Manufactured by MONDAY-FRIDAY 9:00 to 3:30 SATURDAY 9:30 to 12:00 RESINOL CHEMICAL COMPANY LE 9-4315 517 W. LOMBARD STREET — Opposite School of Medicine BASKIN-ROBBINS 31 ICE CREAM STORES ATLANTIC PHOTO SUPPLY CO., INC. and WILLS X-RAY SUPPLIES, INC. 1307 St. Paul Street Baltimore, Maryland 21202 For relief of Insomnia, Nervousness, Tired Aching Muscles, Poor Circulation, Constipation, Sprains. TRY OUR Sweat Baths, Massage Certified by the and Colonic Irrigations Ohio State Medical Board A well trained Will Follow Medical Masso-Therapist Doctor ' s Orders INSTITUTE OF APPLIED NATURAL SCIENCE, INC. HYPNOSIS TRAINING CENTER W. MICHALUK, Ph.D. Director DAY, EVENING, SUNDAY CLASSES Hypnosis — Self Hypnosis Hypnopedia Memory And Motivation Courses Accelerated Courses For Out Of Towners Special Courses For Students Medical Referrals Accepted Wednesdays 8 P.M. Free " Stop Smoking Sessions " Thursdays 8 P.M. Public Lectures CALL FOR FREE BROCHURE ABBY ' S HEALTH SERVICE FOR APPOINTMENT CALL: 987-0484 727-8043 — 1212 Saint Paul Street toambnlls, Maryland 21054 Baltimore, Maryland 21202 (202) 387-7749 IF NO ANSWER CALL 462-0221 1726 CONNECTICUT AVENUE N.W. WASHINGTON, D.C. 173 KATHERINE ROBB NURSING HOME Rest Home for Aged and Convalescent Compliments Of ESSEX RD. nr. LIBERTY RD. HU 6-5656 A. J. BUCK SON, INC. Best Wishes from POTOMAC VALLEY NURSING HOME, INC. MICRO RECORDS CO. 1235 Potomac Valley Road 3839 LEWIN AVENUE ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND 20850 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21215 762-0700 ROBERT J. COOK Hearing Aids Since 1941 DOCTORS SUPPLIES Audiphone Company Hours: 20 Dundalk Avenue 204 W. SARATOGA STREET 9-5:00 BALTIMORE 1, MARYLAND THURS. 9-6:00 TEL: MU 5-0495 SAT. 9-12:00 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND COMPLIMENTS OF SUBURBAN HOSPITAL CENTRAL MEDICAL CENTRE BETHESDA, MARYLAND SKILL SURGICAL, INC. 5406 HARFORD ROAD DEL-MAR-VA HOSPITAL SERVICE AGENCY, INC. BALTIMORE, MD. 21214 Phone 254-2800 301 North Charles Street Suite 200 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21201 (£ U idKlDiW ORTHOPAEDIC APPLIANCE CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES 220 West 28th Street Baltimore, Md. 21211 OVERLEA MEDICAL GROUP CARDIOVASCULAR ELECTRO DYNAMICS, INC. BUNTON INSTRUMENT. INC. 5018 Baltimore National Pike 489 South Stonestreet Avenue Baltimore, Maryland ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND JOHN M. AHERN PILLING CO. — SE OFFICE WASHINGTON, D.C. — TEL. (301) 932-8808 BALTIMORE, MD. -TEL. (301) 723-0624 VILLAGE GREEN CROFTON, MARYLAND 21 113 GET THE BEST GET SEAITEST 889-3500 SIEMENS CORP. 407 Crain Highway GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND Compliments of FONTI S " OK " BARBER SHOP Best Wishes ROCK CITY PACKAGING CORP. 3701 Bank Street Baltimore, Maryland MARTONE CLEANERS, INC. One Hour Martinizing 315 W. REDWOOD STREET PLaza 2-9664 H8 BK H OCHS CHILD KOHN • DOWNTOWN • EDMONDSON • BELVEDERE • HARUNDALE • EASTPOINT CONGRATULATIONS TO THE: GRATUATING CLASS OF DOCTORS TRECK PHOTOGRAPHIC, INC. 21 16 AISQUITH STREET BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21218 243-9880 u HUTZLER ' S CAPLAN BROS., INC. For Every Purpose METAL STORE FRONT CONSTRUCTION STRUCTURAL GLASS PLATE, WINDOW AND OBSCURE GLASS MIRRORS 207-13 N. CENTRAL AVE. BALTIMORE, MD. 21202 BROADWAY 6-2700 TRUSLOW FARMS, INC. CHESTERTOWN, MARYLAND Avian Supplies for Research Avian and Sheep Red Blood Cells from Pretested Donors IT ' S ALWAYS EASIER TO SHOP AT EASTPOINT 75 STORES FREE PARKING FOR 4,000 CARS 1 1 U U C PHOT OGRAPHIC fCi VlC STUDIO 1 Q F DISTINCTION PHONE 764-7476 REISTERSTQWN ROAD PLAZA ONE-STOP SHOPPING DAY OR NIGHT and lots of FREE PARKING! HILLENDALE SHOPPING CENTER Loch Raven Blvd. at Taylor Ave. ANNA MAE HUNTER FOUNDATION, INC. (Home For The Blind) ENCORE HOUSE 218 Ridgewood Road 1 32 1 Eutaw Place BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21210 Baltimore, Md. 21217 LA 3-6396 889-4626 COOPER S NURSING AND CONVALESCENT HOME 406 Morris Hill Rd. Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061 789-0795 CUPPETT AND WEEKS NURSING HOME 706 East Adler Street OAKLAND, MARYLAND 21550 FRSEOLER’S MILFORD MANOR NURSING HOME AVALON MANOR, INC. 42C4 Milford Mill Road Route 6 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Marsh Pike and Eden Road 486-1500 HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND 21740 PLAZA MANOR CONVALESCENT HOME GRANADA NURSING HOME P.O. Box 550 LIBERTY HEIGHTS AVENUE GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND 21061 542-5306 SUMMIT NURSING HOME GROSVENOR LANE NURSING AND 98 Smithwood Avenue CONVALESCENT CENTER CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND 21228 5721 Grosvenor Lane BETHESDA, MARYLAND 20014 CHESAPEAKE MANOR NURSING HOME ST. JOSEPH ' S NURSING HOME 509 East Joppa Road 1222 Tugwell Drive BALTIMORE, MARYLAND CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND 21228 GEORGE WASHINGTON NURSING HOME BAY MANOR NURSING HOME 607 Pennsylvania Avenue Revell Heghway BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21201 ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 21401 ALICE BYRD TAWES NURSING HOME MT. SINAI NURSING HOME, INC. Hospital Road 4613 Park Heights Avenue 176 CRISFIELD, MARYLAND 21817 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND 21215 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES To The 1970 Graduating Class of Doctors FROM THEIR MANY FRIENDS WHO WISH TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS Je 177 " nm ' ■HTH ' rn ' f • r : T V ■ 0 ,.

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