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University of Maryland School of Medicine - Terrae Mariae Medicus (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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MEnIcus TERRA MARIAE 1948 SCHOOL OF MEDICINE SCH00l 0F NURSING umvmsm 0r MARYLAND BALTIMORE, MARYLAND DEDICATION To Dr. Carey, our friend, adviser, and physician do we humbly dedicate this yearbook. His out- standing Work in the field of mecL icine has been truly an inspiration to all of us. K anr-; .11, M '- V 7757-7" , y..-.-0.- -v- 7- 777 m. - an; vmgww'mmmvz-mmsg-gswlnnu ,,;.., wno-mw ---- I T. NELSON CAREY, MD. A Wise Playxicizzn Skilled Our Womm'x to Heal II More Than Armies t0 the PubZiLWeaZ . . . HOMER ' t H HH NH 1 ; H T Hh H H H H H HH HHHJUN 411mm W :W UH H M H H m u H a I J H H. BOYD WYLIE, MD. Acting Dean of the School of Medicine Professor of Biological Chemistry CHEMICAL HALL Above .' Below Right Below Left UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL BRESSLER LABORATORIES . . THUG" m w ,, m ; my W MW "H T m Wm y :zvh H m H The convenation ramble: on; They pauIe beneath a tree; The I012 hegim to tell hi: dad fmt what he'd like to he. "Well Dad,u the youngster proudly Jayx, "I'd like to he like you; IVhen I grow up I think I want To he a doctor toolll A gap of pain excapex the man, He Jtagger: as though xhot. He doemlt quite know whether To believe hi: ear: or not. "My heaven; 5072, what have you mid? Go IwaJh your mouth with map. I'll never hear Juch hereyy From you again, I hopefl But no, helx Jure no .ro'n of hi; Could harbor :uoh a thought. Wax all the boy had xeen and heard, IVa: all thi; tome to naught? The man, Iwhoir anyone of m Addreue: then the lad, "1th; time you heard the fact: of life, So lixten to your dad." "You. .rpend four year; in high school, In college alxo four; Then other; on their laurel: rejt, But you go on four more? "Yozfre not JIIPPOJEd to eat or :leep, For that take: time you fee; lTill than four yearJ drag on and on, To seem a century." "You get your M.D. jfnally; The grind you think i; Pall; With no exam; while interning Why youlll relax at lastll Let me take you Jame yearsohenee, A doctor and hi; 1072 Are enjoying a very, very rare joint afternoon of fun. v "Patient; Jhy away from you, a And he repeatj; "I want to he "But oh, that huhhle won 1': hum, Your internjhip you jiml Imteud of a vacation time, A never ending grinXm "No overtime do you receive, 0r portal to portal pay. YouH'e jun? Jupposed to he on call Each night and every day? "Then next year, youhre a rexident, You chuckle with delight. But all that mean; it that you Ileep Two hour; 19!! each night? "And then at lart that happy day, At laxt yoztlrevon your own; And in your Ojjzlte bright and new For month! you waitealonelll Like one with leproxy; And creditori and relatives Are all you ever 198.1, "Then after year; of Jolitude Your 0171ng Jlowly fill'j'. They flock to tee you when theykre tick, And then ignore your billl." "You get to bed at two A.M., Then get a cull at three, If once a month you dine at home, Your kid: Jay 'Mom, whohx he? " "Then when things are looking up, And you feel at laJt Jecure, You get a peptic ulcer, That take; jive year: to cure? And then the lad Idyj, "Dad, Illl grant That what you Jay it true? r A doctor fun like you? A Inzile .rpread: o'er the doctor'J face, Hi; eye; with pleaxure thine, , , y "My boy, you make me very proud, K That youtre a 1077 of mine." , - DEPARTMENT OF GROSS ANATOMY Back row: Drs. Mech, Krahl. Front row: Drs. Uhlenhuth, Prof; Figge. VDEPARTMENT OF BACTERIOLOGY Drs. McAlpine, Hachtel, Prof. DEPARTMENT OF HISTOLOGY Drs. Lutz, Davis, Prof; Harne DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY ' Back row: Drs. Weiland, Wylie, Prof. 1 , ' . - L Schmidt. K ' : W Front 130212; Misses McElvain, Brown. b..v DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY Drs. Smith, Amberson, Prof; Ostcr. DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY Drs. Bird, Iwamoto, Krantz, Piaf; Carr, Bell. DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE . Back row: Drs. Acton, Pierce, Woodward, Freeman, Karns, Front row: Drs. Revell, Pincoffs, Prof; Carey, Sacks. DEPARTMENT OF DERMATOLOGY Back row: Drs. Siegal, Bereston. Front row: Drs. Robinsoh: R. C. V., Harry, .Sr., Prof; Harry, Jr. DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS Back row: Drs. Davis, Garies, Seegar, Savage, Kaltrieder, Kohn! Front row: Drs. Ballard, Reese, Douglass, Prof; Siegal, Dixon. PATHOLOGY DEPARTMENT Drs. Wight, Raby, Rieman, Walker, Wagner, Fazzini. Standing: Drs. Wright, Spencer, Prof. DR. FEARING DR. JAFFE N aural o gy Pediatriw DR. BRANTIGAN Surgery UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL HOUSE STAFF m w W n Medicine Front row: Drs. Bauer, Guy, Legerton. Back row: Drs. Doenges, Parks, Workman, Cook. Surgery Front row: Drs. Lynn, Ingram, Daue, Wal- ker. Bark row: Drs. Will, Massenburg, Ganey, Hawkins, Jennings. me 111;:; : ! iw Othetrir: Gynemlogy Front row; Drs. Stone, Levinson, Gayle. Bark row: Drs Covey, Graves, Lartz. MEDICAL BUIlDINGS DAVIDGE HALL Exte1'iorj DAVIDGE HALL I nteriar J I . H '. 7 7 ' THE DISPENSARY BUILDING 'IN MEMORIAM DOCTOR THOMAS B. AYCOCK was born December 9, 1895. He was the fourth son and seventh child in a family of eight children. His father died when he was about two years old. He spent his youth on a farm with his widowed mother. He had his early schooling in a one-room, one-teacher school. At about the age of eight he entered the Pikeville High School where he continued until the Spring of 1916 about three years. The following year he entered the undergraduate department of the University of North Carolina where he remained until the Summer of 1917, when he returned home and worked on his mother's farm until he was drafted into World War I. He was assigned as a private to the 815t Division. He was sent overseas and rose to the rank of sergeant, and Was discharged in 1919 in time to enter again that year at the University of North Carolina. He won his B. S. degree at Chapel Hill and spent the following two years taking the first and second years in medicine at the University of North Carolina. These years were the session 1920-21 and 1921-22. The following year he entered the Junior medical class at the University of Mary- land where he graduated well up in his class in 1924. He was therefore 29 years old when he got his medical degree. ' The following year he was interne in the University Hospital. He was then trans- ferred to the City Hospitals and remained there as House Officer until July 1, 1929, spending his last year as Resident Surgeon, and was a very good one. He then joined the surgical staff of the University Hospital rising steadily from Assistant in Surgery to Professor of Clinical Surgery. His last years were somewhat handicapped by hyper- tension; although he continued staunchily at work until the ruptured surgical aneurysm at the base of his brain, rendered him unconscious. followed by death soon after. This cerebral accident occured while he was attending an evening surgical staff meeting at City Hospitals. Dr. Frank Lynn died in September 1938, and Dr. Aycock succeeded him as Assist- ant Chief of the surgical service until March 1, 1939 when he became Surgical Chief. He was faithful and efficient in this position. At the time of Dr. Lynn's death, he also becameone of the three Senior Surgeons in the University Hospital where he became Professor of Clinical Surgery. He had spent a number of years teaching Anatomy in Dr. Uhlenhuth's department which gave him an excellent knowledge of surgical anatomy. Gradually he became interested and proficient in Thoracic Surgery.- He was loyal, honest, straightforward and experienced in the fields of surgical practice and hospital behavior. His wife was an invalid for a considerable time and died about a year before Dr. Aycock's passing. He was 52 when he died and became another of a considerable group of University of Maryland teachers who died far too young. ARTHUR M. SHIPLEY, M. D. Wwvmgw- I ' 3Q? IESCUJ 14,53?th .7 xx. K F that awarding to 21171th Judge 7x .-m-,,. S 1:15 "172 v3.1.1 .rhis stipulatmm reckon m w o tau- I . equaljdeartome as nyparents to share my substance e ' 7 I' with himWreheve his necessitiesifmqmmm look upon png' l the same Iboting asny own bmih'erscEZto teach them this Art mm they pshauMsh to learn 1t memw x .. , .,, .. um: I WIWWO Termbk , VETibxr ' C9177! jjvrzy my ofiir mof fzhsfmtioyl Mmma gram mfwra 1754171017 om 50m, t63'rof27 Imam mg" I w . RCCORDHVG TO iTHEWOF mchE, iitrozzmeozfrs z foigzyrfssrmf 'men WTM. 0 mr Wytoa 43V .1 Mement Icons: WK 1 I I FOKTI-IBBENEHT OF ?MENTS .71" I 6451214! In 112621W 23 e imam E9 mm z'euou I M 9W5 wt; no 052:7 meafane to hm! one fwf nor awesfwsu k cowycfbm ff manner! m nolyl'w m a woman a $400 1' fratf- 3. 1 II a W7 WH'HWEQWITH HOE ms I WILL 5; MLIFE mmqulCE MY m M Izzizl Izof cur man: 4 ON nkstone,51f1! Rimw 175m 76 $3? mm WE are ymm' 9075:10er wafmrf oases 45!: 1mm; IV 150 I'sza 17m fifi 395???le 5M wzfaffqiifym I 2.23:5; ?W?" 'J toga; wink: atmnmg $wrrggllort Q. 77x10 7 I 747,921 , from Mesa action W4 :3 orimles o femeu stimy z 7m 133' Wiareu'em'y tomeclm wiffm jf fond VJ gmmke nwrm comma! witfit i'olxee with: ' N7 IIZth-ifmm Wikibgyifn row! 5;; - 7;"77 ,-.'I 1.4;ng WOT IVWZG' " as reckoning thata such shoud be keptsecwt. 3x31? Whife 'I eontfnue to keep this Oath unviolated f; it be gramme me to crygy lifeBZthe practice ,. 45gb; o the Art nespectedlgyall men in alltimes! ": s at 5 cu trespass v10 atet IS at . 532a B h M! 85' l h 0 h mg m - g the reveqe be Lot, MEDICINE 18 ANGELO ANDREW ALECCE, B. S. 3330 E. Baltimore St. BALTIMORE, MD. Loyola College St. loseplf: Hajpital Baltimore, Md. GEORGE M. ALLISON, II 3612 Cortland St. CHICAGO, ILL. Marquette University Phi Chi Illinoi: Masonic Hoxpital Chicago, Ill. Janet Behning Allison JOSEPH LOUIS APONTE 993 Madrid St. RIO PIEDRAS, PUERTO RICO University of Puerto Rico Phi Chi Mercy Hojpital Baltimore, Md. DAVID. AULD, A. B. 3305 E. Pratt St. BALTIMORE, MD. Swarthmore College U niverxity Hoxpital Baltimore, Md. Virginia Waters Auld FRANK WILLIAM BAKER, JR. 2921 E. Federal St. BALTIMORE, MD. University of Chicago Phi Chi St. foxeplak Hoypilal Baltimore, Md. LaRue Keeney Baker DAVID HENRY BEYER 939 Iglehart Ave. ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA Cornell University U m'ted State; Naval Hoxpital Bremerton, Washington . Elaine Miller Beyer . JAMES MILTON BISANAR HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA Davidson College Phi Chi Univerxity Hoxpital Baltimore, Md. DONALD BUCKEY BOND, A. B. 103 Hanover Road REISTERSTOWN, MD. Western Maryland Nu Sigma Nu Merry Halpital Baltimore, Md. 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WATERMAN, B. Sc. 132 W. 22nd. St. ERIE, PA. Bethany College U. S. Marine Hokpital . Cleveland Ohio Nancy Uhler Waterman JAMES TODD WELBORN, B. S. 511 S. Main St. LEXINGTON, N. C. Davidson College Alpha Kappa Kappa 35 Memorial Hoxpz'tal Charlotte, N. C. CLARK ALLAN WHITEHORN 15138 Warwick Rd. DETROIT, MICHIGAN Johns Hopkins Nu Sigma. Nu Detroit Haxpital Detroit, Michigan JOHN DEAN WILSON 789 Second St. BEAVER, PA. Bethany College Nu Sigma Nu U. S. Naval Hoxpital Cbelma, Man. Bettie Snider Wilson WILLIAM SPENGLER WOMACK, B. S. STRASBURG, VIRGINIA Lynchburg College Nu Sigma Nu Bon Secours Haipital Baltimore, Md. CAMERA SHY CHARLES I. WARE, B. S. 174 N. Main St. PLEASANTVLLE, N. J. Wake Forest College Atlantic City Hoxpital Atlanzit City, N. I. Marion Schneew'eiss Ware J. PAUL YOUNG SUDLERSVILLE, MD. Johns Hopkins Wen Baltimore General Hajpital Baltimore, Md. Augusta. White Young FRED MCCRUMB BALTIMORE, MD. Loyola College Univeryity Harpital Baltimore, Md. domcguum wm h?SHUDZ $130 53cm 5M .ELEEum ESQ .Eahunw 65mg: .50 smumoh .mzoiaEzm 3195 63:0 mc:um:v .toccum Sam 630532 534 JBMEN 5:3 .0205? 52:0 603me xanam A5332 33$ .EEEEm 832$? .nomcoA EEEHZ .9 Sex .oamcx M380 .2355 SEE .uEEgum "JV duiuuum tonom SEQ ERI .mvmcmnsm 3:0 .mmaoq EoH. .BESW :32. .3295 Emzumm .amELuwm 13:34 commasuw casuuz .52835m 5.1;. .5552 Oh .moEBam :Euz hm aux .Exmwm Bake: .cSuEEE wm .305 2:th Eomcm nom .wizuom 8:30 Euncim ? .3332 :0 .mmme 8:. .vkmEdm 535 .3315 ER .5395 nom $93552 v1.35 ..N 39M 185g? tonom .5:mb 53A. EzEm .2 .5203. 250 .NtBEam 7a JowEm EU uiaxmwm 3 1?: Sam :53qu .mGEBu: 68mm .Emlmuz .uuhsmmmm .52: .35505 .102 5.34.0 coco :5; .35m .5216 .6 39m .332 E2 $35980 um Box .205? .EMEm 6830 55m .BEmvEm .mumuom doxuui downy? Soizm a:amvm .comwuazumm .Sonmoz $1583 58:? gmBoSom .83? iEEoD 5E2 .cmENtmum .385 .buunEqI N 39M .EtaE $89:on .coED .382m 32 58333? .43me 3 Nxmi a Sex mmiu Eesczgm 91' R3 . x .5332 .5253. 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I will abstain from what- ever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harm- ful drug. I Will do all in my power to elevate the standard of my profession, and I will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping, and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyality will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and to devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care. MILDRED HELEN AMBROSE CLARA RUBY BRANNOCK Baltimore, Md. Cambridge Md. ELIZABETH JANE CLARK Schenectady, N. Y. MARY HELEN DELANEY ELAINE FRANCES DOBIHAL Shamokm, Pa. Baltimore, Md. 42 ELOISE DUNK REBECCA FAY DUVALL Westernport, Md. New Market, Md. HAZEL PHYLLIS ELLIOTT Baltimore, Md. 4b MARY DOROTHY ELZEY ETHEL FETHEROLF Seaford, Del. Baltimore, Md. 43 FLORENCE FLORYAN MARY HELEN FRANCE Stamford, Conn. Baltimore, Md. NANCY JEAN FRANKLIN Des Moines, Iowa. ANNE ELIZABETH FRAZER MARY ROBERTA GIESMAN Elkton, Md. 44 Cumberland, Md. 1-. r wk. 30$ W' K hr 1-"? I SANDRA LEE JONES Uniontown, Pa. ELLEN LARUE KE'ENEY Walkersville, Md. I MOGENE KOONTZ Westminster, Md. 46 VIRGINIA JUDY Upper Track, W. Va. ELAINE LEWIS Lantz, Md. VIRGINIA ELIZABETH GUBISCH JEANETTE HALL Frederick, Md. Temperance, Va. FRANCES M. HICKS Sparrows Point, Md. MARGARET EVELYN HOLLAR ISABELLE HOLLOPETER Washington, D. C. 45 Haddon Heights, N. J. IRMA-MARY MERVINE FREDA HELEN MICHELITCH Takoma Park, Md. Pierce, W. Va. MARY ALICE MILLER Boston, Mass. CHAROLETTE MINKOFF MILDRED LEE MONROE Washington, D. C. San Mateo, Fig. 47 JEAN .NILsoN ELEANOR RIORDAN Washmgton, D. C. Catonsville, Md. DORIS RUSH Baltimore, Md. MINNIE SCHAEFFER PATRICIA LOVE SCHINDEL Baltimore, Md. 48 Hagerstown, Md. MgBLE Scricmes. FRANCES ANN SCHROEDER T1 ewater, 3-- University Park, Md. GLORIA SMITH Frederick, Md. MARGARET STEIN DOROTHY STUDLEY Baltimore, Md. 49 Delmar, Del. DORIS SWARTZ Baltimore, Md. GLORIA WOLFGANG Red Line, Md. FLORENCE WONG Baltimore, Md. 50 RUTH VIERICK Takoma Park, Md. THE EDUCATION STAFF MAREH, 1948 BETTY JANE BYERS JENNIE HORTENSE BUNTING Hagerstown, Md. Pocomoke City, Md. 5! GRACE MATILDA COLRURN . jEAN VIRGINIA COWLES Oxford, Md. Baltimore, Md. AMANDA VIRGINIA CREW Chestertown, Md. CLARA M. DAUGHERTY BETTY JANE ESELHORST DuBois, Penna. 57- Dundalk, Md. BETTIE MONN GEESAMAN IAN; Asnup KNUDSEN Quincy, Penna. . Baltlmore, Md. KATHRYN MARIE PROKOP Baltimore, Md. ELLEN MAY REAPSOMER PEGGY SAPPINGTON Baltimore, Md. 53 Brownsville, Texas ESTHER LUCILLE SCHWAB Gaithersburg, Md. JEAN MARIE WARFIELD Baltimore, Md. ELLEN MAE TSCHANTRE Severna Park, Md. 54 DARLENE BETTY TROSTLE Gettysburg, Penna. ETHLYNN ELAINE WOODBURN Annapolis, Md. MARTHA C'URTISS Chevy Chase, Md. FLOSSIE MARGARET FITZGERALD ' DORIS LOUISE FREDERICK Madlson Helghts, Vlrgxma Roaring Spring, Penna. MARTHA HELEN GASSER Pierce, West Virginia 2V W ELIZABETH JANE KAUFFMAN PHYLLIS KING Roaring Spring, Penna. 56 Shawsville, Virginia MARY EDA LEWIS ANNETA MUIR Mechanicsville, Md- Florence, Colorado LEONA RUTH OSTERMAN Baltimore, Md. STE?HANIE RAKOCZY CLARA FULLER YEAGER Baltlmore, Md- 57 Baltimore, Md. M u u'v' w THELMA ELIZABETH BAUGHER CATHERINE MULVANEY ATWATER Ellicott City, Md. Tuxedo, Md. 58 DOROTHY LEE BROOKS JEANNE BURGESS Charleston, W. Va. Lake Worth, Fla. MARILYN MAY COLLIER Washington, D. C. DOLLY JANE COVINGTON ' L015 BVALYN FRALEY Queenstown, Md. Oakland, Md. 59 ELEANOR APRIL GORKE Staten Island, N. Y. IFSETdTH? 11-13;; cII-IAHN re enc , . CHARLQTTE LOUISE HALTER Westmmster, Md. at VTN $2333; 15;ng EDNA VIRGINIA HINKEL , ' 60 Baltimore, Md. AUGUSTA MAE KOSSMAN MARIA CONSTANCE NOGUEIRA Elkndge, Md. . Curitibek-Parana'-Brasil BRUNEHILDA GONDIM DE OLIVEIRA Caruarw-Pernambuco-Brasil HARRIET ROSELYN POLLACK ELSIE ELIZABETH SCHUFF Newark, N. J 6' 'Chappaqua, N. Y. NOLLY PATTILLO STEFFLER ALEXANDRA CAROL TANONA Takoma Park, Md. Worcester, Mass. JEAN GLORIA WATERS Middletown, Md. M ANNE RUTH WHITE MAR 10mg LOUISE WITHINGTON Edenton, N. C. Baltimore, Md. 62 H0'SPIIM SCENES FRWNITY Raw 1: Schreiber, Humphreys, Spittel, Riddel, Pres.; Knabe, Abraham. Raw 2: Swisher, Strahan, Tilley, Stahl, Fravel, Gray, Smith, Rudy, Burkey, Roth, Niswander, Bullock. Row 3: Bleecker, Powell, Watson, Matthews, Yeager, Stanlield, Chelton, Bulluck, Bronushas, Bradshaw. Row 1: Cracraft, Healy, Baker, Pres.; Schmale, Warnock, Aponte. ' . Raw 2: Eubanks, Lock, Love; Panszarella, Jones, Corpenmg, Smith, Lewxs, Scully, Thlbadeau. 64 CORNER 5 Row 1: Bronstein, Chamovitz, Golombek, Scherr. Raw 2: Collar, Treamer, Schnapper, Rubin, Smith, Dietz, Bachman. PHI DELTA EPSIl0N Row 1: MacDonald, Clemmens, Shea, Knipp. Row 2: Ley, Edwards, Stone, Packard, Perilla, , M v m M mm ,- w , .. u- w m .m m u , L WE l00KED WE PLAYED ji 55x. 90155555 041451 Suzgs'zy? Another. type of anesthesia is used in the operating rooin. SURGERY is an art of long standing. Sometimes you have to stand for hours. In the old days anyone who owned a sword would be called a surgeon but today you have to have an education. Today to be ,called a surgeon you have to have passed the specialty boards in surgery. This is easy. You work for several years in a hospital, then you work for several years outside a hospital, and when you are 60, an old man with a scythe taps you on the head-voila, you are a sur- geoneand only 60 years old too. . Surgery consists of a surgeon, tcalled doctor by his friendsy, a nurse and a patient. All this takes place inside of an operating room. An operating room is a white tiled room with lots of bright lights and a little ante-roorn with sinks where the surgeon scrubs with his fellow workers. Usually in modern hospitals there is a little scrub room off to the side where .the germs scrub up before they are allowed in. Everybody gotta be sterile. Of course a dose of x-ray might have the same effect, but surgeons prefer the good old soap and water method. There are two ways to scrub. The hrst way is if you are a surgeon. You use a soft brush, diddle for three minutes or so with the soap and water, a quick rinse and sip of alcohol and you are ready. Enter the Surgeon! However, if you happen to be the interne on the case, "then ya gotta learn how to scrub properly, doctor." This means about 15 minutes with the. stiff brush, and you usually have to bleed a little to make it look convincing Now we enter the hallowed room. The surgeon, being the challenged, has- 'his choice of weapons and only his .innate sense of justice prevents his choosing the pistol. The broadsword isnit' sterile so he'll use scalpel. You, the interne, are still waiting for your gloves. You are going to wear a 7M; glove. This has nothing to do with the size of your hand, but the chief wears size eight, and you don't want to look as if you're trying too hard. After you have put your gloves on you notice that all of your fingers are suddenly hyperextended, This has nothing to do with your sodium balance or alkalosis. The gloves are on back- wards. But no matter, you ate dtessed-this the path of glory, the path of knowledge, the path of learning, "and in only ten more years I'll have the yacht I saw in the store window yesterday." At this point you are completely, sterile from neck to knee, and you have 3 courses open to you: 1. Step smartly to the table. 2. Scratch your nose. This ends your career. 3. Scratch the nurse. This ends your career. The surgeon mayvnow administer the anesthesia. There are- several types of anesthesia. 1. Vocal anextlaexia. This is for minor surgery like open- ing boils, and smalh abscesses. Here you keep telling the patients that it won't hurt. Of course it hurts. It hurts to lie, but what can you do, the fee is so sriiall. .2. Local trhymestith vocaDanextlJeJicz. An interesting compound called ethyl chloride falls into this group. It should fall out. This is a liquid which you spray on the affected part and it makes ice. The ice is usually so hard that the surgeon canhot cut through it so he waits till the ice melts. Then he cuts. The patient screams. The surgeon reverts to type 1, voial anesthesia. This occurs in a syringe. It is called novocaine. Here the surgeon sticks a needle in-several times around where the wound will be. By the time he gets finished the pre- operative morphine is starting to take effect, so the opera- tion can proceed 3 Spinal Anettlyeiia. Here the surgeon injects either novocaine, extract of cedar bark, or frog-ovary-cancer- -cure into the spinal canal. The patients blood pressure drops. Finally as the patient approaches a state of shock the sur- geon operates. The patient feels naught. 4. General AIZEIIIJEIia. This is to put the patient to sleep so that he doesn't hear the following: 1. The surgeon shouting at the interne, 2. The surgeon shouting at the nurse, 3. The surgeon shouting, 4. The sponge count. This last is very important. The idea is that they should have just as many sponges left at the end, as when they start. Sometimes they haven't, and the patient would get nervous if he knew this. Sometimes they have more after- wards than when they started, so the surgeon returns the extra one to the patient, usually by stuffing it behind a convenient piece of intestines. Later this will calcify and it will fool x-tay men for many years. Now the interne steps up to the table. At last he's going to operate on a real live person. Little by little his hands fill up with metal retractors and out 11ero wonders how in the hell do they expect him to operate when they keep cluttering his hands up with all kinds of crazy instru- ments. Years ago Rudyard Kipling, who glotihed' 'the Empiah" in a series of rhymes, immortalized one Danny Deever whom They hung in the morning! Kipling mentions some heinous crime, but actually Danny was hung soon after he invented the Deever retractor. This is an "S" shaped medieval instrument with knife-Iike edges. This is the instrument that the chief surgeon shoves into the hands of the neophyte saying 'hold this tight, doctor.' So the interne grabs it tightly. Two lingers drop oPE-but they are stetile so nothing is said. Towards the end of the operation, after you have clutched tightly to the Deevet for about three hours, been cut once by the errant chief when he had a mental lapse worrying about his stock market returns, been burned by the bovie unit just a little to remind you to keep your mind on the operationeafter all this, the surgeon, you: patron hands you a scissorstaand says gtuEly icut this.' its a suture. Of course you face an' unexpected difficulty. During the operation three of the chief's friends have somehow gotten between you and the table so they can see the operation better. By this time the surgeon is becoming concerned about you. You are lost. Where are you! Stand on your toes! Show him you're still in the room! Quick, make a noise, shout, struggleeooops, too late, the chief cut the suture himself. Well, its over now. The chief rips off his gloves with a flourish. He Hings his bloody gown to the door. You try to extricate your gloves from the adhesive tape, You Hing your spotless gown to the floor; the chief claps you on the back. lWell son, you've just done your hrst opera- tion.' "Oh, goody, only 8 more years and I'll be a surgeon." w , um u Wu Dr. I. A. Siegel Dr. Louis H. Douglass Dr. John A.Wagner Dr. Carl L. Davis Dr. Rubert S. Anderson Dr. Leslie H. Pierce Dr. Maurice C. Pincoffs Dr. Frank W. Hachtel Dr. Dexter L. Reimann Dr. H. Boyd Wylie Dr. Robert B. Wright Dr. Henry F. Ullrich Dr. John E. Savage Dr. Grant E. Ward Dr. Elliott H. Hutchins Dr. Conrad B. Acton Dr. Harry M. Robinson, Sr. Dr. J. Mason Hundley, Jr. Dr. Arthur M. Shipley Dr. T. Nelson Carey Dr. John C. Kmntz, Jr. Dr. Philip L. Lerner Dr. Sol Smith Dr. Charles Bagley, Jr. Dr. Francis A. Ellis Dr. Eugene L. Pessagno Dr. Frank H. Figge Dr. Henry F. Graff Dr. John Buchness Dr. Anthony Buchness Dr. Marriott Dr. George H. Yeager Miss Florence Gipe Dr. A H. Finkelstein Dr. Walter L. Kilby PATRONS Dr. C. Louis Gareis Dr. Stuart G. Coughlin Dr. R. C. V. Robinson Dr. 0. G. Hame Dr. Richard G. Coblentz Dr. Harry C. Hull Dr. Otto C. Brantigan Dr. Harry M. Robinson, jr. Dr. D. Frank Kaltreider Dr. Margaret B. Ballard Dr. F. Ford Loker Dr. C. Jelleff Carr Dr. Walter D. Wise Dr. S. Edwin Muller Dr. H. Raymond Peters Dr. Thomas R. O'Rourk Dr. James W. Nelson Dr. J. G. M. Reese Dr. D. McClelland Dixon Dr. Thurston R. Adams Dr. Simon H. Brager Dr. Clyde A. Clapp Dr. Frederick R. Kyper Dr. Milton S Sacks Dr. C. Reid Edwards Dr. 1W. Houston Toulson A. T. Jones 8z Son Marlene and judith Lavin Dr. Samuel S. Glick Dr. Hugh R. Spencer Dr. Charles A. Reifschneider Dr. Frederick C. Dye Dr. Albert Jaffe V Miss Loretta Conway Dr. John F. Lutz PSEUDO-PATRONS Dr. Frank Breech Miss Polly R. Thritis Dr. R. H. Factor Mr. Red Infarct Mr. Al Bumen Dr. Luke O'Rhea MisspAnna Sarca. Dr. Perry Arteritis Miss Sal Pingitis Dr. Abe Ortion Dr. Cy Cotic Dr. Lew Ettic Mr. Billy Rubin Dr. Arthur 0. Sclerosis 1 .Dr. Jerry Atricks Miss Penny Sillin Dr. Bruce L. Osis Sir Vicks, of Head-on-thePerineum Dr. Al O'Pecia Dr. Al Captonuria Dr. Ann Atomy Dr. P. D. Atricks Miss Sue Doe Syesis Dr. Ray Cemic Mr. John Dice Dr. N. Phil Tration Aunty Philaxis Emma Nophilin Dr. P. Niss Miss Anne Drogen Miss Scarlet Fever N$WERING r E H A HEART H ' AND ALL A E The promptness with which penicillin, glVen in adequate dosage, produces a decline ot the temperature curve to normal is today accepted as commonplace in many diseases formerly having a very grove prognosis. Maintee nonce of therapy, for o suFticient length of time to make certain that any recrudescent activities of the pathogens is unlikely, is essential tor the success at penicillin therapy. LEDERCILLIN Penicillin Tablets Lederle are exceptionally useful for this' purpose and have met with very wide- Spreod professional acceptance. LEDERCILUN Tablets, Tablets Buttered LEDERCILLIN Olnlmt-nt Penicillin Oint- Penicillin Lederle. Bottles 0' 25 ment lederle. Tubes of l ouncet tablets, 50,000 Units each tabletr LEDERCILLIN Penicillin Ointment Bottles at l2 lobivls, l00,000 IOphthclmict ledertet Six Va ounce Units each loblel. tubes. BUFFERED CRYSTALLINE PENICILLIN G LEDERCILLIN Penicillin Tvoches lederte SODIUM leder'e Vials of l00,000 Bottlet of 25 and 250 lroches, Units, 200,000 Units, 500,000 Units 5,000 Unm each nochn and 1.000.000 Uniu lEDERLE lABORATORIES DIVISION xNAMID COMPANY - NEW YORK 20. N Y BACKGROUND THREE DECADES OF CLINICAL EXPERIENCE The use of cow's milk, water and car- bohydrate mixtures represents the one system of infant feeding that consist- ently, for three decades, has received universal pediatric recognition. No carbohydrate employed in this system of infant feeding enjoys so rich and enduring 0 background of authorita- tive clinical expefience has Dextri- Maltose. These products are hypoallergenic DEXTRI - MALTOSE FOR QUICK ACTION LIST WITH US THE MELLEN REALTY COMPANY 625 Years of Satisfactory Serviceh 620 NORTH CALVERT STREET Mulberry 2030 - Mulberry 8259 PHYSICIANS' and SURGEONS' Supplies MURRAY-BAUMGARTNER SURGICAL 1N STRUMENT SUPPLY COMPANY O-K SHAVING PARLOR 531 W. BALTIMORE ST. "Students' Own Shop" CAlvert 4886 BEST WISHES FROM UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 519 W. LOMBARD ST. Don't Meander. Take a Gander. Then Buy a STANDER or If you feel a little palere Have You Seen Our BEST 6: TAYLOR? Budlow's TOWER INN Restaurant And Bar Wine - Liquor e Cocktails- s. E. CORNER REDWOOD and EUTAW STREETS Phone, SAratoga 9269 Just What the Doctor Ordered CHESAPEAKE l0UNGE Good Food Good Music Good Dancing Perfect for '"two-some dates." college get-togethers. luncheon, dinners. The Emerson also has a handsome ballroom and smaller private rooms for frat dances. re-unions. class affairs. 1 Your patronage is respectfully invited. EMERSON HOTEL A Robt. Meyer 'Hotel OtisG. Clements. Mgr. COMPLIMENTS OFA FATHER PALS MEET AT A L ' S FOR SANDWICHES OF ALL KINDS Also Hot Lunches-Inqluding STEAKS, CHOPS. SEA FOOD SPAGHETTI and MEAT BALLS OUR SPECIALTY Fountain Service, Bottled Beer. Etc. Phone SA. 9559 GREENE AT REDWOOD STS. Congratulations To The Class of 1948 FROM UNIVERSITY RESTAURANT 5 S. GREENE STREET SAM L. LEWIS, Prop. SPECIALIsz IN Hot Dinners - Lunches - Breakfast Sandwiches Fountain Service "OUR STEAKS DRO VE LOU OUT OF BUSINESS!" KLOMAN INSTRUMENT COMPANY. INC. Washington, D. C. Chaileston. W. Va. 907 CATHEDRAL STREET SURGICAL SUPPLIES PHYSICIANS OFFICE EQUIPMENT MEDICAL SUPPLIES LExington 2912 Baltimore. Md. A Stone's Throw From the University of Maryland CLOTHES TAILORED by ME L N I C O V E ARE BETTER 526-528 West Baltimore St. at Greene DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE FOR 64 YEARS RUN RIGHT TO READ'S PHARMACIES SINCE 1883 "Should Auld Acquaintance . . Whenever you or your friends come back to Baltimore on business, pleasure or for Class Reunions, be sure to remember the Lord Balti-- more Hotel. This great hotel has been downtown headquarters for Terp Old Grads for'yectrs. Mainly bwe've been toldL because there's a lot of sheer comfort in its room appointments, good food in its restaurants and fine service everywhere. THE LORD BALTIMORE HOTEL Baltimore at Hanover Sts. Baltimore. Md. Compliments of W. F. PRIOR COMPANY, Inc. HAGERSTOWN. MD. Publishers of Tice's Practice of Medicine e Lewis' Practice of Surgery Davis' Gynecology and Obstetrics - Brennemann's Practice of Pediatrics Principles and Practice of Physical Therapy Ed. T. Britten. In. Representative DIAGNOSIS NON - MEDICUS Examination reveals . . . these clothes were conceived by America's gr'eateSt makers. Stein Bloch. G. G. G.. Timely. Culvert. . . . Cowens standards of value as pronounced as standard of craftsmanship! Logical diagnosis! Laboratory analysis coniirms their Such preierredq brands of clothingvcmd furnishing are almost as conducive to a handshme appearanee as vitamins and caloric intake. Obviously. Cowens practises pre-eminence in st'yle and value. Young doctors will prescribe Cowens ior themselves. COWENS-l 15-1 17 East Baltimore Street BALTIMORE INSTRUMENT ' COMPANY Makers of V PRECISION INSTRUMENTS Design. Manufacture and Repair of All Types of Surgical. Scientific and Laboratory Instruments Microscopes Sold and Repaired SAratogct 5035 814 Ridgely Street Baltimore 30, Md. A. I. BUCK 6: SON 1515 E. NORTH AVE. Baltimore, Md. Phone: MUlberrgr 3636 Medical Equipment and Supplies MICROSCOPES ' LABORATORY SUPPLIES .. DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT ' SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS OFFICE FURNITURE MEDICUS TERRA MARIAE 1948 A VIBRATONE YEARBOBK By H. G. ROEBUCK 8x SUN ll9-2T1N;Mulberry Street Baltimore 1, Md. Printers - lithographers - Binders In Schools and Colleges Everywhere.

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