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University of Maryland School of Medicine - Terrae Mariae Medicus (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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;.i . i l " r :)V ' ; t I I ( ' M ' t w ; i»k ' ;i- l » V ,1 -■ •• - ii- ■ ity ' enexLoyis 19 4 6 ' I ' enexions 19 4 6 f- uouiked mj of the School of rl ' ledicine and the ckoot of r lurim Uniuenitt of rflari land VDa itimore, il ia rij la n d UJedi tu Lcauon o ARTHUR MARRIOTT SHIPLEY, surgeon, student, teacher and gentleman this first edition of Reflexions is dedicated as an expression of the ad- miration and esteem held for him by those of us who have come under his influence. May we in the days ahead pause to remember the sincerity of the efforts and the wisdom of the teachings of the man known affectionately as " King Arthur. " Arthur M. Shipley, M.D., D.Sc, Professor of Surgery " Who keeps the old akindle and adds new knowl- edge is fitted to be a teacher " — Confucius HERBERT R, O ' CONOR Governor of Maryland HARRY C. BYRD, LL.D., D.Sc. President of University of Maryland MnluefSltiA L entef Center foreground: " CHEM HALL " Right foreground: ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Right background: BRESSLER BUILDING Left background: UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Left foreground: SCHOOLS OF PHARMACY DENTISTRY Left center foreground; LABORATORY BUILDING J cnooi ' CIL eaicme ROBT U. PATTERSON, M.D., CM., LL.D. Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine and Superintendent University Hospital H. BOYD WYLIE, M.D. Assistant Dean of School of Medi- cine and Professor of Biological Chemistry HAROLD A. SAYLES Assistant Superintendent of University Hospital Umtl l;iUlll n[4;lt til (III- i.xj.t ' .ii ii Tht- |in(t .-nU -iro uti.o.iiil U il . I ' A ' " l nitwnl In ttf- Nurr. i-l I ' 9 m-i-iirlv becii orif i.,-.!, , tinijiiii..i . J ii. -.-.i4 « ' |amp fi.-tii iIm ' nw.iv ). EVf-iin rrom a ilhUnrr rcifuinnr rt iT.iiion«, will Jimi If..- I I ' ur[K.«-- Bruril iVom tlim lo ■iirnrninoblion- (•i- ' Idiom or m cfioot or l vleai eaiciyie On December 18, 1807, an Act was passed to create " The College of Medicine of Maryland " in the City of Baltimore. This institution, which was the forerunner of our present school, was the fifth medical college to be es- tablished in this country. The original building was erected in 1812 and was the one which is now nicknamed " Chem Hall. " It bears the distinction of being the oldest structure in the United States which has continuously grant- ed the degree of doctor of medicine annually since its erection. By action of the Legislature the University of Maryland was created in 1812. This uni- versity was composed of the Medical, the Law, the Arts and Sciences, and the Divinity colleges. The medical sessions were four months long and consisted almost entirely of diadactic lectures. Dissection was not compulsory. Clinical material became available in 1823 with the establishment of The Baltimore Infirmary — the present University Hospital. A regulation of the new hos- pital made it compulsory that the Bible should be ' ' " " ...- ■ " " read daily in each ward. The school continued to grow rapidly in size and scope for many years, with the excep- tion of a short period when administrative dis- orders between the Trus- tees and the Regents were responsible for a split of the college into two distinct camps. Dur- .HefL exiom ' 94t INIVKRSITY OF MAUVLANl). ANNUAL CIRCULAR SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, H, [, Corner lombarri and Greene S SLSSION tH84 t O umM ' ing these years of progress many new depart- ments were added and others were revised. Dissection was made a necessary part of the curriculum in 1848 and gas lights were in- stalled in the dissecting rooms so that the students could work at night. Separate chairs of gynecology and pediatrics were established In 1867. Ophthalmology and otology were instituted in 1873 as independent depart- ments. About the turn of the last century there were at least six medical colleges in Balti- more, none of which could satisfactorily meet the present day requirements of a class " A " school. In order that this situation be corrected several of the schools consolidated The Baltimore Medical College merged with the University of Maryland in 1913 and the College of Physicians and Surgeons followed suit in 1915. Several of the other schools gradually were discontinued and today there remain only the University of Maryland School of Medicine and College of Physicians and Surgeons, and " that other school across town. " The present day facilities of the university are the original building, the Administration Building, the Cray Lab, the laboratory building on Creen Street, the Frank C. Bressler Research Laboratories, the Medical Library, the Out-patient Department in the old hospital building, and the new 435 bed University Hospital which was completed in 1934. Added teaching facilities are made available to the students through arrangements with other institutions in and near Baltimore. The Baltimore City Hospitals are open to members of the junior class for clinical instruction in medicine, surgery and the specialties. The junior students also have access to the dis- pensary of the Baltimore Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. The clinical ma- terial of Mercy Hospital is entirely under the control of the Faculty and one half of the senior year is spent there in the wards and classrooms. The James Lawrence Kernan Hospital at Dickeyville is used for instruction in treatment of orthopaedic conditions in children. Plans for the not too distant future envision enlargement of the capacity of University Hospital and erection of new laboratory buildings. 13 f f t 4- lid : fk ft f . e z . nLi erdltu ot ar f land LAni ti In 1941, upon the request of the Surgeon General ' s Office, the Univer- sity of Maryland Medical School formed a thousand bed general hospital. This unit — known as the 42nd General Hospital — was developed from repre- sentative members of the medical, dental and nursing schools. Following the out-break of war in December 1941, it was thought that with the newer tactical problems being demonstrated, General Hospitals, to be of value in the Pacific, should be more mobile and flexible. Accordingly — and again at the request of the Surgeon General ' s Office — the School con- sented to break the unit into two 500 bed General Hospitals. This was done in March 1942 by approximately dividing the staff of the larger unit into two units — known as the 42nd General Hospital and the 142nd General Hospital. Shortages in certain specialized fields that existed as a result of this division, were overcome from Army sources. About a year after activation, due to the need of more beds and in- creased staffs, each unit was independently re-expanded to a 1,000 bed General Hospital. Each retained its original designation. The units were activated on 20 April 1942; the 42nd General Hospital being ordered to Ft. Custer, Michigan and the 142nd to Ft. Riley, Ka nsas. Both units, after two weeks intergration and indoctrination, were then ordered to San Francisco, California. After a brief exchange of greetings 14 .HefL exLons ig l each unit sailed independently of the other, into the Pacific The 42nd sail- ed on 19 May 1942 and arrived at its destination -Australia — on 1 June 1942. The 142nd sailed on 26 May 1942- -and after a two weeks pause in New Zealand — arrived at its destination-the Fiji Islands — about 1 July 1942. It opened o tent type hospital on 12 July 1942. The 42nd at about this time — was in Brisbane, Australia, where it was establishing a hospital in a convent school building. The 142nd, about eight months after establishing its first hospital, moved into a cantonment type unit, at another location in the Fiji Islands. The 42nd, after functioning for about one and a half years in converted buildings, moved into a cantonment type hospital — still in the same relative geographical area (Australia). In September 1944, the 142nd General Hospital wos moved to Calcutta, India, where it established itself in a large tile and concrete hospital build- ing with sfxjcious verandas. The 42nd General Hospital moved to Manila, Philippine Islands, in May 1945 In August 1945, it moved to Yokohoma, Japan, and after processing all American and Allied Prisoners of War, established itself in a very mod- ern fire-proof hospital in Tokyo. All original members of the 142nd General Hospital had returned home by August 1945; those of the 42nd by December 1945 Both units had interesting and varied experiences and both contributed their full share to the history of World War II Each in its own way added a valuable chapter to the military history of the University of Maryland. GEORGE H YEAGER -?i 1S2-, if?»» Copy of General MacArthur ' s let- ter commending the 42nd for its outstanding service. » »., " «»i " -M..J " •ttu, 15 Kie 11 A acuitiA Jveflexlons ig o. WILLIAM R. AMBERSON, Ph.D. Professor of Physiology ROSS McC. CHAPMAN, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry CLYDE A. CLAPP, M.D. Professor of Ophthalmology CARL L. DAVIS, M.D. Professor of Anatomy 18 .J e flexions ig. O LOUIS H DOUGLASS. M D. Professor of Obstetrics FRANK W HACHTEL, M D. Professor of Bocteriology J. MASON HUNDLEY, JR. M.A., M.D. Professor of Gynecology C. LORINC JOSLIN, M.D. Professor of Pediatrics 19 n. eflexLom ' 9-ft WALTER L. KILBY, M.D. Acl-ing Professor of Roentgenology JOHN C. KRANTZ, JR., Ph.D., D.Sc. Professor of Pharmacology EDWARD A. LOOPER, M.D. D.Oph. Professor of Rhinology and Laryngology MAURICE C. PINCOFFS B.S., M.D. Professor of Medicine 20 .J .eflexiom p o 7r HARRY M. ROBINSON, SR., M.D. Professor of Dermafology ARTHUR M SHIPLEY M D., DSc. Professor of Surgery IRVING J. SPEAR, M.D. Professor of Neurology HUGH R. SPENCER, M.D. Professor of Pofhology 21 l efh exLom fg t THOMAS P SPRUNT, A B., M.D. Acting Head of the Department of Medicine and Professor of Clinical Medicine W. HOUSTON TOULSON M.Sc, M.D. Professor of Genito-Urinary Surgery EDUARD UHLENHUTH, Ph.D. Professor of Anatomy ALLEN FISKE VOSHELL, A.B,, M.D. Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery 22 .Jveflexlom ' 946 H. BOYD WYLIE, M D Professor of Biological Chemisfry and Assistant Dean 23 r f r f Hike I IP jr, t ' et -f n i Ulniueriitu . J oipitai Kesident J tatf JJij . 1945 to niaJi 31, 1946 Residents MEDICINE Alvin H. Honigman OBSTETRICS Alma C. Braun GYNECOLOGY John S. Haught PEDIATRICS Arnold R. Marks ROENTGENOLOGY SURGERY E. Roderick Shipley Asst. Residents James R. Karns Ernest C. Guy William C. Ebeling, Richard B. Norment, George M. Simons C. Louis Jorgensen James H. Craves (straight intern) F. X. Paul Tinker John S Martin Miles E. Drake Lester H. Caplan Hugh D. Vazzana Edwin H. Stewart, Jr. John O. Robben Charles H. Ingram R. Adoms Cowley William H. Mosberg, Jr. Rowell C. Cloninger James W. Hendrick Robert B. Gottschalk Bert A. Kanwit Edwin O. Daue James H. Walker (straight intern) Rotating Interns George H. Anderson Joseph W. Baggett Thomas G. Barnes Reece R. Boone, Jr. Douglas E. Bradshaw Charles L. Butler George R. Callender, Jr. Mary D. Clark Eugene H. Conner So I lie Cook John M. Dennis John P. Doenges Joseph B. Coney William A. Holbrook Richard D. Hoover Melvin A. Johnson Leonard T. Kurland Luther M. Mace James R. McNinch, Jr. Roy H. Ott, Jr. S. Malone Parham William H. Robinson Wilbur M. Scott Richard G. Skinner, Jr. Osmund A. Wisness 24 MRS. RUTH LEE BRISCOE niedicat c=Libi ranan Mrs. Briscoe is retiring this coming summer after thirty-two years of active and diligent service as medical librarian. It is the wish of the student bodies that her future endeavors will be as successful as have been her associations with the university. he Jfnce S tatt MISS RITA BERCER MISS BERTHA J. POTTHAST MISS LORETTA M. CONWAY 25 ke s. emoP6 JOHN C. KRANTZ, JR., Ph.D., D.Sc. Professor of Pharmacology Faculty Advisor to Reflexions 28 .X A exions ' 94t L iadd J lstoru bu U. U. f " ' J DATE: March 22, 1946. NAME: Class of ' 46. SEX: Female 3, Male 95. ACE: 23. OCCUPATION: Clinical Clerks. ADMITTED: April 6, 1943. C. C. Not enough money . . . not enough parties . . . not enough holidays . . . not enough sleep . . . not enough! ' ! P. I. Symptoms first appeared on the day of registration. After three months of being initiated into the whys and wherefores of medical school life service uniforms were donned by most of the class. Thereafter Satur- day afternoons were spent in the ranks learning the intricacies of close order drill and griping (largely at the cadet officers). By this time signs of premature alopecia were becoming more and more evident (this lesion has continued to increase in severity). A slight variation of this disease, trichotillomania, ap eared on the scalp of one student as his skull leisurely bounced from step to step to the floor of Ana- tomical Hall. The moral learned in histology was that all gooses do not lay golden eggs. On Bressler 3 we were led into the mystic realm of the drug kingdom, and while pigeons gaily flitted overhead we chased rats around the floor. The next floor up unfolded the secrets of what little girls are made of and why we little boys love them so. The third year many of us spent developing Junioritis from carcinoma of the stomach to hydrocephalic children. There were ten cases of infectious Mononucleosis — the medical students claim to fame. The number of operotions totalled four — all appendectomies We ran true to form in Clinical Pathology when 1 1 % of us came out Rh negative. In the senior year we used up most of our energy shuttling back and forth between Mercy and University. Any knowledge gained between shut- tles was purely accidental. P. H. The average student had sixteen years of school. We learned to read but many professors claim that we still can ' t write. M. H. Forty-two members (42.85% — we ' re still trying to determine who ' s only 0.85% of a man) tied the knot. There are sixteen children, all of whom ore L and W. Our efforts in the obstetrical department yielded approximately 1,012 future citizens. R. O. S. General: The average weight gain was fifteen pounds or some 1,450 pounds total — a lot of meat, what with rationing and all. Respiratory: Thirst: Marked increase in non-aqueous solutions. Night sweats: Present — if you know what we mean. Sinusitis: Of course. Dyspnea: (Differentiate from sighing) Yes — after chasing up and down the stairs trying to catch the elevators. 29 Hefl. ' exiom Jg Asthma: Present— Sensitivity to women, dust, dander, women, couches, furs, women, automobile seats, pollen, women. Halitosis: Certainly — that ' s better than no breath at all. Orthopnea: Some have been known to sit up in bed all night — or was that to keep the walls from closing in? Cardiovoscular: Blood Pressure: High on Saturday night, shock levels the follow- ing A. M. Heart Consciousness: Yes, both subjectively and objectively. Edema: Three plus pitting from the five days at City. Gastrointestinal; Appetite: Voracious (if you don ' t understand that word we refer you to the above weight change statistics) Eating Habits: Solid diet from 8 A. M. to 8 P. M.; liquid from 8 P. M. to 8 A. M. Constipation: Yes — of thoughts. Diarrhea: Yes — of words. Also 66.2 bouts of Sayle ' s disease. B.M.: Total of 105,000. Cos: We ' ve token plenty. Genitourinary: Male: See the Army. Female: Perfect ladies. Menstrual: Please . . . ! Special Senses: Eyes: Photophobia, bilateral ptosis, failing vision. Ears: Pointed (wolves?). Nose: Acquired anosmia (try working on 28 without it). Mouth: Feels like the Russian Army marching through with their socks on. Neurological: Nerves: We have them — one way or the other. Reflexes: Sluggish. Headache: The morning after. Numbness: Gluteal anoxia. Locomotion: Disturbances of gait, frequent stiffness in " joints " . Aphonia: In King Arthur ' s Court. Habits and Environment: Exclusive membership in the Poker Club, the Bacteriological Baseball Club, the Hubba Hubba Club, the Eutow Club, the Club Charles. Diversions: Are you kidding — we ' re good students. Sleep: Intermittont and troubled. Smoking: 1,200,000 cigarettes. Alcohol: Who? Us? Financial State: Best in history of school. 30 JlefL exions 1 94 JEANNE DOROTHY AMLICKE. B.S. 1 1 2 Gregory Avenue PASSAIC, NEW JERSEY University of Maryland Secretary, Sr. Yr. St. Mary ' s Hospital Waterbury, Connecticut JESSE HOYT ARNOLD, JR., A.B. BURMA, INDIA University of North Dakota Phi Chi Columbia Hospital Milwaukee, Wisconsin Esther Arnold CHARLES HENRY AUDET, JR. 42 Church Street WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT University of Maryland Phi Chi St. Mary ' s Hospital Waterbury, Connecticut ROBERT JOSEPH AUDET 42 Church Street WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT University of Maryland Phi Chi St. Mary ' s Hospital Waterbury, Connecticut 31 .Jvefiexlom ig. o WILLIAM JAMES BANNEN, JR., B.S. 223 Isabella Street OAKMONT, PENNSYLVANIA Bethany College Nu Sigma Nu Medical Center Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ROBERT EDWARD BAUER, A.B. 2270 Park Hill Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Johns Hopkins University University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland WALTER JOSE BENAVENT, B.S. SAN GERMAN, PUERTO RICO University of Maryland Phi Chi St. Agnes ' Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 32 ALFRED DEMENT BONIFANT, B.S. SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND University of Maryland Nu Sigma Nu Central Dispensary and Emer- gency Hospital Washington, D. C. Betsy Hueter Bonifant .x , exiom I g i LOWELL RUSSELL BROSEMER, B.S. 2716 1 1th Avenue SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA University of California Phi Chi St. Luke ' s Hospital San Francisco, California ELI MATTHEW BROWN, B.S. 3635 Reisterstown Road BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Phi Delta Epsilon Jewish Hocpital of Brooklyn Brooklyn, New York ROBERT RAY BROWN SUMMERSVILLE, W. VIRGINIA West Virginia University Charleston General Hospital Charleston, We st Virginia LOUISE PADDON BUCKNER, B.S. 411 Ethan Allen Avenue TAKOMA PARK, MARYLAND University of Maryland Garfield Memorial Hospital Washington, D. C. 33 Jveflexions ig b- HAROLD VERNON CANO, B.S. 816 Floral Avenue ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY University of Maryland South Baltimore General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Florence R. Cano WILLIAM FRANCIS CARR, B.S. 2702 Chestnut Street CAMP HILL, PENNSYLVANIA Mt. St. Mary ' s College Nu Sigma Nu Bon Secours Hospital Baltimore, Maryland THOMAS WEST CHRISTOPHER, B.S. 45 Whitney Road NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHU- SETTS Brown University Nu Sigma Nu Boston City Hospital Boston, Massachusetts SIDNEY GARY CLYMAN, B.S. 3021 Oakford Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Phi Delta Epsilon Morrisonia City Hospital New York, New York Bernice Rita Clyman 34 .Jveflexlom ' 946 FRANCIS IGNATIUS CODD, B.S. Riggs Avenue SEVERNA PARK, MARYLAND University of Maryland United States Naval Hospital Florence V. Codd JEROME ELIAS COHN, A.B. 5723 Uffington Road BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Johns Hopkins University Highland-Alameda County Hospital Oakland, California THOMAS BRYNE CONNOR, A.B. 7 Osborne Avenue CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND Loyola College Nu Sigma Nu Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland RICHARD JOSEPH CROSS, JR., B.S. 2230 Garrison Boulevard BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Mt. St. Mary ' s College Phi Chi University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 35 Hefl exiom I 94 G. WALTER LEE CROUCH 520 Dock Street WILMINGTON, N. C. University of North Carolina Alpha Kappa Kappa University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland JOSE DIAZ-CARAZO, B.S. SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICC Mt. St. Mary ' s College Phi Chi St. Joseph ' s Hospital Baltimore, Maryland JOSEPH D ' ANTONIO 600 Franklin Avenue ESSEX, MARYLAND V aryville College Phi Chi Church Home and Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Margaret M. D ' Antonio GUY KENNETH DRIGGS 1626 Palmcroft Drive, S.W. PHOENIX, ARIZONA University of Arizona Phi Chi University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Maxine D. Driggs 36 .J .efLexion ' 946 " VINCENT 0. EARECKSON. JR.. B.S. 2956 Presstman Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland South Baltimore General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Elva Mae Eareckson HERMAN LEE EARNHARDT, JR., A.B. 526 N Fulton Street SALISBURY, N. C. Duke University Medical College of Virginia Richmond, Virginia Mary Louise Earnhardt JAMES LEE EAVEY, B.S. SHARPSBURC, MARYLAND Franklin and Marshall College Nu Sigma Nu University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland JOSEPH SAMUEL FISCHER, A.B. 2705 Liberty Heights Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Johns Hopkins University University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 37 JveflexLons ig o.. GEORGE WILLIAM FISHER, B.S. 6509 Cleveland Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Franklin and Marshall College Nu Sigma Nu Bon Secours Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Carol Ruth Fisher PAUL EUGENE FRYE 146 Maryland Avenue WESTERNPORT, MARYLAND University of Maryland Nu Sigma Nu Baroness Erianger Hospital Chattanooga, Tennessee Mary Katherine Martin Frye SAMUEL DAVID GABY, A.B. 2605 Park Heights Terrace BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Johns Hopkins University Phi Delta Epsilon Sioni Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Elaine Benjamin Gaby 38 JOHN REEVES GAMBLE, JR. A.B. 400 East Main Street LINCOLNTON, N. C Emory University Phi Chi Charlotte Memorial Hospital Charlotte, North Carolina Betty Rhodes Gamble -J .efiex.i exiom 1 g t .- WILLIAM DANIEL GENTRY, JR. 1 106 East 36th Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Nu Sigma Nu Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland JAMES JOHNSON GERLACH 4420 Underwood Rood BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Colorado College Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Jane Knowles Gerlach ABRAHAM AARON GOETZ.A.B. 44 Shore Park Road GREAT NECK, NEW YORK Johns Hopkins University Jewish Hospital of Brooklyn Brooklyn, New York HARRY WILLIAM GRAY, B.S. 7008 Marlboro Pike WASHINGTON, D. C. University of Maryland Nu Sigma Nu Providence Hospital Washington, D. C. 39 J .eflexiom ig O- LELAND JAY HANSEN Box 347 TREMENTON, UTAH Utah State Agricu ltural College Phi Chi California Hospital Los Angeles, California HENRY CARTER HARDIN, JR., A.B. 21 10 Central Avenue TAMPA, FLORIDA Emory University Methodist Hospital Brooklyn, New York DUANE L. GREENFIELD, A.B., M.A. LENNOX, SOUTH DAKOTA Sioux Falls College Columbia University Phi Chi President, Soph., Jr,. Sr. Student Council, Pres., Sr. Cook County Hospital Chicago, Illinois JOHN BARKER HARLEY, B.S. 301 East Potomac Street BRUNSWICK, MARYLAND Dickinson College Nu Sigma Nu University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 40 J efL exiotis tg i CHARLES WILLIAM HAWKINS 1607 Dodds Avenue CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE University of Chattanooga Nu Sigma Nu University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Wilmo Dean Hawkins CHARLES ARTHUR HEFNER RAINELLE, WEST VIRGINIA West Virginia University Nu Sigma Nu Youngstown Hospital Association Youngstown, Ohio EDWIN OKEY HENDRICKSON, III 50 S. Front Street STEELTON, PENNSYLVANIA Johns Hopkins University Phi Chi Union Memorial Hospital Baltimore, Maryland HARRY EDWARD HILL, B.S. 3021 Presstman Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Moryland Nu Sigma Nu University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland J .eflexLom 9 6_ JOHN POULSON HUNTER, B.S. 2165 Oneida Street SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH University of Utah Phi Chi University Hospitals Iowa City, Iowa Marjorie Riches Hunter NATHAN BERNARD HYMAN 1653 North Appleton Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Johns Hopkins University Phi Delta Epsilon Jewish Hospital of Brooklyn Brooklyn, New York ERWIN REEVES JENNINGS, A.B. 402 Montgomery Street MILLEDGEVILLE, GEORGIA Emory University Phi Chi Student Council, Jr., Sr. University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland AUGUST KIEL, JR. 2412 Kentucky Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Phi Chi Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 42 .J .rfl( ' xion ig- o HARRY GROVE ROBERT KNAPP CANON CITY, COLORADO Colorado College Phi Chi Colorado General Hospital Denver, Colorado LAWRENCE JOSEPH KNOX.B.S. 6901 Reisterstown Road BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland JOHN HOWARD LATIMER 168 Hampton Avenue SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH University of Utah Phi Chi St. Luke ' s Hospial San Francisco, California LoRena M. Latimer HERBERT JOSEPH LEVICKAS, B.S. 1315 Glyndon Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Phi Chi St. Agnes ' Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 43 J .eflexiom t o. ALLAN HARRIS MACHT, B.S. 3032 Hanlon Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Phi Delta Epsilon Siani Hospital Balti-more, Maryland Charlene Jacobson Macht LEONARD T. MAHOLICK, 3012 Adams Street, N.E. WASHINGTON, D. C. University of Maryland Emory University Hospital Atlanta, Georgia Ann Clark Maholick B.S. RAYMOND LAW MARKLEY, JR., A.B. 123 Ridge Avenue CREENCASTLE, PENNSYL- VANIA Gettysburg College Nu Sigma Nu Bon Secours Hospital Baltimore, Maryland CHARLES BENTON MARSHALL, JR. NITRO, WEST VIRGINIA Ohio University Phi Chi University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 44 .Jvf flexions fg o GEORGE Y. MASSENBURG, JR. Shirley Hills MACON, GEORGIA Duke University Phi Chi Treasurer, Fr. University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Katherine B. Massenburg OTTO STEVENS MATTHEWS ROSEBORO, N. C. University of North Carolina Alpha Kappa Kappa Medical College of Virginia Richmond, Virginia ROBERT EUGENE MAY, A. B. 511 Beaumont Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Loyola College Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Agnes Edith May GEORGE C. McELFATRICK, A.B. 2402 Delaware Avenue WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Dartmouth College Phi Chi Church Home and Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Louise Ann McElfatrick 45 JveflexLom ig O- THOMAS C. McPHERSON Wesleyan College MACON, GEORGIA Emory University Phi Chi Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Jane Rice McPherson JOSEPH HERMAN MINTZER, B.S. 81 New Street CATSKILL, NEW YORK University of Maryland Phi Delta Epsilon Queens General Hospital Jamaica, New York Irmo H. Mintzer CLARENCE EMANUEL McWILLIAMS, JR., A.B. INDIAN HEAD, MARYLAND Western Maryland College Nu Sigma Nu Student Council, Soph., Jr., Sr. Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Jeon Eckhardf McWiiliams JOHN ARMITAGE MITCHELL 818 Bonifant Street SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND Gettysburg College Nu Sigma Nu Maryland General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Mary I. Mitchell 46 .Jveflexiom p O JOHN EDWARD MORRISON 1429 Mt. Royal Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Johns Hopkins University Nu Sigma Nu University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland POMEROY NICHOLS, JR. 102 North 15th Street WILMINGTON, N. C. Emory University Phi Chi University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland JEROME D ' ANNEO NATARO, B.S. 311 Self Place SOUTH ORANGE, NEW JERSEY Seton Hall College Nu Sigma Nu St. Michael ' s Hospital Newark, New Jersey Mary Benson Natoro 47 ELLSWORTH H. NORTH, JR. B.S. 5605 Fernpark Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Nu Sigma Nu Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Doris Forsyth North Jveflexions ig o. JAMES STEWART O ' HARE, B.S 2831 St. Paul Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Loyola College Phi Chi Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Rita Shane O ' Hare HORACE HENRY OSBORNE 7 Edgewood Road SAVANNAH, GEORGIA University of Georgia San Bernadino County Hospital San Bernardino, California Anne Riggs Osborne WILLIAM WERNER ORRISON, AS. 418 North Maple Avenue BRUNSWICK, MARYLAND Western Maryland College Nu Sigma Nu Central Dispensary and Emer- gency Hospital Washington, D. C. ARTHUR JOHN OWEN, A.B. 4509 Penhurst Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Loyola College Nu Sigma Nu Mercy Hospital University of Maryland 48 .J .efiexlons tQ- O WILLIAM FAVRE PARK 3719 Woodbine Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Nu Sigma Nu United States Naval Hospital Sally Habliston Park EARL RUPERT PAUL 3041 Pinewood Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Virginia Phi Chi Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Evelyn May Bowen Paul CLEMMER MARCUS PECK, B.S. CANNELTON, WEST VIRGINIA Hampden-Sydney College Nu Sigma Nu York Hospital York, Pennsylvania Ruth Peck LOIS IRENE PLATT, A. B. 3834 Montrose Avenue ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA Coucher College Garfield Memorial Hospital Washington, D.C. 49 JveflexLom ' 9-fD_ JOHN CALVIN RAWLINS, B.S 506 Pine Street SEAFORD, DELAWARE Western Maryland College Nu Sigma Nu Central Dispensary and Emer- gency Hospital Washington, W. C. June Baker Rawlins RALPH ALAN REITER, B.S. 801 Memorial Avenue CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND University of Maryland United States Naval Hospital MILTON REISCH, B.S. 222 North Luzerne Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Phi Delta Epsilon University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland ROBERT ANNAN RILEY, JR. Arcturus-on-the-Potomac ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Emory University Phi Chi Columbia Hospital Milwaukee, Wisconsin 50 .Jvfflexlom i - o JAMES ALWIN ROBERTS, B.S. 1 18 Washington Street WESTERNPORT, MARYLAND University of Maryland Phi Chi Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland ROBERT C. ROSSBERG, B.S. 205 Westowne Rood BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Dorothy Merkel Rossberg JAMES ANDERSON SEWELL 152 Peruvian Avenue PALM BEACH, FLORIDA Emory University Phi Chi Vice-President, Fr. Baroness Erianger Hospital Chattanooga, Tennessee SIDNEY SACKS, B.S. 2920 Ridgewood Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Phi Delta Epsilon Jewish Hospital of Brooklyn Brooklyn, New York 51 llefh exLom ig t - J-f v. .1 FRANK ANTHONY SHALLENBERGER, JR., B.S. 5300 Purlington Way BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Nu Sigmo Nu University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Leila Marie Shallenberger -»• ■ - - ' EDWARD MILTON SMITH, JR., B.S. 1110 Walnut Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland St. Agnes Hospital Baltimore, Maryland DAVID NICHOLSON SILLS, JR. MILFORD, DELAWARE University of Maryland Phi Chi Treasurer, Sr. Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland EDWARD PATRICK SMITH, JR 2409 Roslyn Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Nu Sigma Nu Mercy Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Elizabeth Ballard Smith 52 .HefL exions 1 94 CLINTON WOLFE STALLARD, JR. 2 Davis Court MONTGOMERY, W. VIRCINI West Virginia Institute of Tech nology Collis P. and Howard Hunting ton Memorial Hospital Pasadena, California Virginia Cord Stallard 3 LEON TOBY, A.B. 2530 Harford Road BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Johns Hopkins University Phi Delta Epsilon West Baltimore General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland HERBERT VAN ARDEN SWINDELL, B.S. 1209 John Street BALTIMORE, MARYLAND University of Maryland Nu Sigma Nu South Baltimore General Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Elaine R. Swindell JAMES ANDERSON VAUGHN, JR., A.B. 1025 Sunset Road WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA Emory University Phi Chi University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland 53 Hefl exLom 1 g t ELLIOTT LIONEL WEITZMAN 2007 Linden Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Johns Hopkins University Sinai Hospital Baltimore, Maryland IRL JESSIE WENTZ, A. B. Route No. 2 HANOVER, PENNSYLVANIA Western Maryland College Nu Sigma Nu City Hospital Newark, New Jersey JOSEPH B. WORKMAN, A.B. 7900 Woodbury Drive SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND Western Maryland College Nu Sigma Nu Treasurer, Jr. University Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Adele Masten Workman WALTER MclLHANEY WOLFE, JR. 6001 Edmondson Avenue CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND Virginia Military Institute Hospital for Women of Maryland Baltimore, Maryland Thelma Wolfe 54 .HefL fxions ' 94 ' ALEXANDER WILLIAM YOUNG, JR., B.S. 1788 National Road WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA University of Maryland Nu Sigma Nu Western Pennsylvania Hospital Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania RICHARD ATLEE YOUNG, A.B 812 Regester Avenue BALTIMORE, MARYLAND Gettysburg College Nu Sigma Nu President Fr. St, Joseph ' s Hospital Baltimore, Maryland Peggy Armacost Young JAY WARREN EATON, Class of 1946 Bethesda, Maryland September 24, 1921— July 13, 1945 Jay ' s friendly and gentlemanly attitude, his efforts to achieve a medical education and degree, and his sincere desire to be a doctor of worth were always not only a trib- ute to the men with whom he was associated, but also to the medical profession itself. Eaton attended the University of Maryland, College Park, from Feb- ruary 1939 to February 1943, and the University of Maryland, School of Medicine, from April 1943 to July 1945 when, at the conclusion of his Junior year, he was untimely killed in an automobile accident. Eaton was a loyal brother of Nu Sigma Nu and served as Secretary of that organization during his Junior year. The happy memories of associations with Jay will al- ways be fondly remembered by all who knew him. n emonam 55 ne m Ulndi ,iW S i. Vni em aaua daateS unlot " L iadd OFFICERS President: JAMES D. WILLIAMS Secretary: ANNE DENTRY Vice-President: HOWARD HALL Treasurer: WILLIFORD EPPES 58 1 .x . pxion I 94 unlotr L iaJJ f o5tef Harry Davis Abell Gladys Martha Allen James Elmer Anthony, Jr. John Orville Beatty John Fisher Benson Roymond George Berggreen Richard Waitman Berry William W. Bindeman James Seaborn Blair, Jr. Joseph Wendell Blevins Littleton Jay Bunch David Glenn Bunn Gilbert Morris Carouge Henry Vincent Chase Michael Joseph Coffey Bernard Stanley Cohen Irvin Cohen Horry Douglas Cooper William Benjamin Cooper, Jr. William Jenkins Corzine, Jr. Elizabeth Louise Coultas Irvin Morris Cushner Elizabeth Anne Gordon Dentry Parker S. Dormon Robert C Duvoll, Jr. Williford Eppes John Ebenezer Evans, Jr. Frank Anthony Faraino Joel Charles Fink Donald Ernst Fisher Robert Greeson Fitzgerald, Jr. Gordon Randolph Forrer Asher Arthur Friedman William Alfred Gokenheimer Robert Kline Gardner David Kofoid Geddes Jane Knowles Gerloch Edward Michael Giilson Benjamin Miller Gold Edward Gordon Grau Louis Word Grossman, Jr. Frederick Robert Haose Robert Roland Hahn Howard Essex Hall Calvin Beck Heorne John Alien Hightower John Francis Hogan, Jr. Richard Eugene Hooks James Francis Houghton Robert Carl Hunter David Ellwood Imbrie Lane McDermott Jernigan Allyn Francis Judd Bernard Leung Norman Levin Joseph Francis LiPira Francis Karl Machoto Paul P. Monnino Arlie Roland Monsberger, Jr. Carl Frederick Theodore Mattern Wallace Herttell Mitchell John Gordon Morrow, Jr. Nathan Edward Nachlas Elden Hobart Pertz David Lee Phillips John Burr Piggott William Reymon Post Jock Hanson Powell, Jr. George Chesley Rasch, Jr. James Ernest Ribet Joseph Megeath Rogers John Hoys Rosser Sidney Herman Sacks Eugene Philip Salvati Joseph Solomon Schapiro William Frederic Schnitzker Horry Boty Scott Frederick Stephen Senning John Hill Shaw Joseph Shear Melvin Shulman Earle Silber John Richard Smith, Jr. Pascal Daniel Spino William Harold Stenstrom Harold Sussman Robert Landrum Swink James McKechan Trench Jose Gervasio Valderas Sidney Johnson Venable, Jr. Robert Claude Waltz John Phillips White, III James Delbert Willianas Johnny Elbert Williams George Winokur John Paul Young 59 opkomore L ic op a66 OFFICERS President; JOHN M. BUCHNESS Secretary: JOHN DEAN WILSON Vice-President: KYLE Y. SWISHER, JR. Treasurer: STEPHEN C. LEOGRANDIS 60 .Hrfl. exion 1 9-f S opkomofe L iaiA i oiler ' op Angleo Andrew Alecoe George Malcolm Allison Joseph Louis Aponte David Auld Frank William Baker, Jr. Robert Lee Beckett David Henry Beyer James Milton Bisonor Donald Buckey Bond Eugene Leonard Bronstein John Ronald Brown John Michael Buchness John Boyd Bullock Matt Heyer Bulluck Robert Chaimovitz James Frank Condron Harold James Crecraft James Breckenridge Dalton, Jr. Raymond Joseph Dempsey Robert Arthur Dodds Charles Gilbert Dunn Frank Phillip Dwyer, Jr. Robert Ellwood Ensor Charles Richard Fravel Leonard Harry Golombek Bowie Linn Grant Alice Katharine Graybill James William Green George Vincent Hamrick John Roland Hankins Fred Joseph Heldrich, Jr. Richard Loren Hobart, Jr. William Jackson Holloway Marion Clarence Insley, Jr. John George Kalafat Lee Norman Kastner Raymond Henry Kaufman Katharine Virdin Kemp Carl Hubert Kennedy Lillian Dorothy Koch Florence Elizabeth Kunst John Sylvester Leary, Jr. Stephen C. Leograndis Charles Henry Lithgow Harry Patterson Mack Nicholas Mollis Burton Vincent Matthews Betty Jane McCauley Fred Rodgers McCrumb, Jr. Donald Ignatius Mohler, Jr. Edward Alphonse Newell Guy Donald Niswander Daniel Patrick O ' Dea Stephen Konstont Podussis Phyllis Ann Petersen Julian Jay Piatt Albert Milton Powell, Jr. Herbert Alfred Raskin Jimmie Lee Rhyne Edsel Antonio Rodriguez Robert Lee Rudolph Merle Sundrell Scherr Benson Charles Schwartz John Robert Shell Beniamin K Silverman Daniel Lewis Silverstein Thaddeus Charles Siwinski Rennert Marquette Smelser William Allen Snyder Robert Ray Stohl Nell Myrtle Storkey Henry Hollingsworth Stortzman, Jr. Kyle Young Swisher, Jr. Norman Tarr Frank Joseph Theuerkauf, Jr. Clyde Dona Thomas, Jr. William Getz Thuss, Jr. Hezekiah Walters Charles Ingesoll Ware Roger Sherman Waterman Clark Allan Whitehorn John Dean Wilson William Spengler Womack r. 1 s I .i t I BT rXB I redkman L ic a55 OFFICERS President: ROBERT W. LONCLEY Secretary: ALBERT B. SAREWITZ Vice-President: ALBERT E. BLUNDELL Treasurer: GENE D. TRETTIN 62 .x . exions 1 94 reskman i iass IK oiler Robert Auman Abraham Leonard Bochmon Lundie Weathers Barlow, Jr. John William Barnard Joseph William Belkin William Philip Beniamin Albert Edward Blundell James Alexander Cline, III Harold Collings, Jr. Florence Hurtt Deringer Wilmer Clifton Ensor Otha Albert Eubanks, Jr. Robert Blaine Forman Joseph Edward Gill Arthur Jay Goldstein Martin Klaus Gorten Harry Williams Gray James Radcliffe Harris Charles Thomas Henderson Charles Wesley Humphreys, George William Knobe, Jr. John Louis Krieger Thomas Earl Lewis Burton Vernon Lock Nathaniel Jacob London G. H. Longley Robert William Longley Richard Fairfax Ludlam James Thomas Lukens Alberta Rose Molcarney Harry McCoy Mattax Homer Woodrow May Charles Frederic McCord Mary Veronica Medoiry John Shelbv Metcalf, Jr. Edmund Bishop Middleton Max Jay Miller John Acree Morgan John Lewis Moyer, III Hunter Shainline Neal Francis Neumayer Josephine Evelyn Newell Gilbert Lee Nichlos John Henry Panzarella Merrill Elliott Parelhoff Robert Francis Phillips Harry Porter Howard Frank Raskin Clifford Thurston Riddell, Jr. Charles Burns Roehrig Ralph Peele Rogers, Jr. Albert Bernard Sorewitz Wolter Elmer Schalk Jordan Mayer Scher Arthur Henry Schmale, Jr. Nathan Schnaper Rashi Schorr Richard David Schreiber Margaret Lee Sherrard Chorles Elliott Smith Jr Meredith Parks Smith Kenneth Bruce Snider Edward Francis Sowers Harry Alan Spanqenberg, Jr. John Allen Spittel, Jr Earlin John Stahler Elwin Eugene Stanfield Robert Joseph Steckler Elizabeth Stein Edward Ward Stevenson John Franklin Strahan Russell McFarlane Tilley, Jr. James Kyner Timanus Arnold Tromer Gene Douglos Trettin Robert George Wornock Frank Yandle Watson Elbert Sylvester Welch Robert Leiand Wheeler William Agustus Williams, Jr. Carolyn DeWitt Wolfe 63 ke a . ' Ml ,,t.;i;iUi " - y .V y ctlvltiei r lu iqma 1 {i ma y wi OFFICERS President: JOHN HOCAN Vice-President: JAMES WILLIAMS Treasurer: ROBERT VVALTZ Secretary: ROBERT HUNTER Historian: CALVIN HEARNE House Manager: RICHARD YOUNG 66 .X A fxions ig l Twice a month, " up at the house " on Park. Avenue, seventy men, less than more, meet to enjoy one another ' s company and good spirits. These seventy are the active members of Beta Alpha Chapter of Nu Sigma Nu. Nu Sigma Nu, founded in 1882 at the University of Michigan by Will Mayo and five others, is the oldest medical fraternity in this country Beta Alpha Chapter of the University of Maryland, chartered in 1904 with six active members has grown through the years until its members including alumni now total four hundred and eighty-two. Forty-six of the alumni are now members of the faculty. In keeping with tradition, the Nu Sigs attempt each year to see that their education is well rounded. Due to the efforts of the social committee, the results of this attempt were promising. They tried a smoker, complete with keg and tire pump and liking it, repeated it The Christmos spirit caught them and they had a banquet with underprivileged children as their guests In deference to their august brethern the New Year featured the alumni banquet with " fratre in facultate " in attendance and ' shingles " for the seniors. The annual formal dance climaxed the year. As memorial to Jay Eaton, of the class of 1946, who was killed in Q ' n automobile accident, they established a scholarship award. oJrer Horry Abell William Bonnen Donald Bond Alfred Bonifanf John Buchness John Bullock William Corr Thomos Christopher Thomas Connor James Dolton Raymond Dempsey Robert Dodds James Eavey George Fisher Paul Frye William Gentry Gordon Grau Wi ' liam Gray Louis Grossman George Homrick John Horley Charles Hawkins Calvin Hearne Charles Hefner Harry Hill John Hogon Robert Hunter Dovid Imbrie Marion Insley John Kalafat Carl Kennedy Stephen Leograndis Joseph LiPira Raymond Markley Burton Motthews Fred McCrumb Clarence McWilliams John Mitchell Donald Mohler John Morrison Jerome Nataro Donald Niswander Ellsworth H. North, Daniel O ' Dea Wriliam Orrison Stephen Padussis William Park Jr. Clemmer Peck Elden Pertz Albert Powell John Rawlins Joseph Rogers Fronk Shallenberger Robert Shell Edward P. Smith Robert Stahl Herbert Swindell Kyle Swisher Clyde Thomas Robert Waltz Irl Wentz John White Clark Whitehorn Jomes Williams John Williams Dean Wilson Williom Womock Joseph Workmon Alexonder Young Richard Young 67 PU CL OFFICERS President: ERWIN JENNINGS Secretary: JAMES GREEN Vice-President: JOHN BEATTY Treasurer: FRANK BAKER 68 .Jveflexlom ig G -.y idom or j kl L k u The Phi Chi Medical Fraternity was founded at the University of Ver- mont in 1889. In the fifty-seven years since its inception the organization has grown rapidly and today it has the largest membership of any medical fraternity in the world. The present chapter originated in 1895 as the Beta Beta Chapter at the Baltimore Medical College. It holds the distinction of being the third oldest chapter in the fraternity. Between the years of 1913 and 1915 the Baltimore Medical College and the College of Physicians and Sugeons united with the University of Maryland From the combining of the various chap- ters in these schools there emerged the now existing Beta Delta. There are now seventy-nine men on the active roster and over one thousand alumni, thirty-five of whom are on the faculty. The activities of the fraternity are arranged to provide both social af- fairs and educational opportunities. The social functions consist of several smokers, numerous informal dances, banquets with talks by faculty mem- bers, and the annual formal dance. Throughout the year there are periodic showings of surgical films with accompanying lectures. These movies are open to all members of the school. ec oder George Molcolm Allison Joseph Louis Aponte Jesse Hoyt Arnold, Jr. Chorles Henry Audet, Jr. Robert Joseph Audet Frank Williom Baker, Jr. Lundie W. Barlow, Jr. John Orville Beatty Walter Jose Benovant John Fisher Benson Raymond G. Berggreen James Milton Bisonor Albert E. Blundell Lowell Russell Brosemer Harry Douglas Cooper William B. Cooper, Jr. William J. Corzine, Jr. Richard Joseph Cross, Jr. Joseph D ' Antonio Jose Dioz-Carozo Parker Sturgis Dorman Guy Kenneth Driggs Williford Eppes John E. Evans, Jr. John R. Gamble, Jr. Benjamin Gold James William Green Duone L. Greenfield Howord Essex Hall Leiand Joy Hansen Henry Carter Hardin Frederick J. Heldrich, Jr William J. Holloway J. Poulson Hunter Erwin Reeves Jennings August Kiel Horry G. R. Knapp John L. Krieger John Howard Latimer John S. Leary, Jr. Herbert Joseph Levickos Thomas E. Lewis Nicholas Mollis Peter Paul Mannino Arlie R. Monsberger, Jr Charles 8. Marshall, Jr. George Y. Massenberg John L. Mayer Charles F. McCord George C. McElfatnck Thomas C. McPherson Edmund B. Middleton Wallace H. Mitchell John Acree Morgan John G. Morrow, Jr. Francis Neumoyer Edward A. Newell Pomeroy Nichols, Jr. Jomes Stewort O ' Hore John B Piggott, Jr. Wm. Reyman Post Jock Hanson Powell, Jr Jimmie Lee Rhyne Robert Annan Riley, Jr. James A. Roberts, Jr. Eugene Salvati Arthur H. Schmole, Jr. Harold Boty Scott James A. Sewell John Hill Show David N. Sills, Jr. Eorlin J. Stabler Wm. Harold Stenstrom Robert Landrum Swink Wm. Getz Thuss, Jr. Jose G. Volderas James A. Vaughn, Jr. Charles Ingersoll Wore Wm. A. Williams, Jr, 69 A Ujeita C psllon OFFICERS Consul: ELI BROWN Historian: ALLAN H. MACHT Vice-Consul: SIDNEY SACKS Treasurer: JOSEPH SCHAPIRO Secretary: STANLEY COHEN Sergeant-at-Arms: NATHAN HYMAN 70 .HefL exions tg t ..y istonA of l ki Jeita (L-psilc on Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity was founded on October 13, 1904, at Cor- nell University under the guidance of Aaron Brown. The fraternity under his leadership stretched from coast to coast and into Canada, with fifty- four active chapters and twenty alumni clubs. In 1906 at the Baltimore Medical College, the Delta Chapter was formed and a few years later the Epsilon Chapter was established at the University of Maryland. When the two schools merged in 1913, the two chapters united to form the present Delta Epsilon Chapter. This chapter was the nucleus out of which grew the fourth district of the fraternity with headquarters in Baltimore and chapters in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia and the District of Columbia At about the same tJme a Phi Delta Epsilon Club of Baltimore was established in order to maintain the friendships that grew up in medical school and to help the undergraduate chapters of the frater- nity whenever necessary. Throughout the history of Delta Epsilon there has always been a frater- nity house In 1945, after the old house burned down, a new one was secured at 2336 Eutaw Place. Within its confines the brothers throw or informal dance every other week during the school year. Also on the social calendar is a farweil banquet and formal dance. At this affair the seniors are given keys, the new officers installed, and the new members initiated. Today there are twenty-seven active members and pledges. In its desire to promote the knowledge of medicine. Phi Delta Epsilon has established a series of lectures to be given for the students, faculty, and graduates of the University of Maryland. This lecture is given annually by a noted physician from another school, who delivers his address in historic Chemical Hall. Eugene L. Bromstein Ell M. Brown Robert Coimovitz Sidney G. Clymon Bernard S. Cohen Irvin M. Cushner Samuel D. Gaby Leonard H. Golombek Nathan B. Hyman lec oiler Lee N. Kastner Raymond H. Koufmon Norman Levin Allan H. Mocht Nathan Nachlas Joseph H. Mintzer JuUon J. Piatt Milton Reisch Sidney H. Sachs Sidney Socks Josph ' " . Schopiro Merif, S. Scherr Benson C. Schwartz Joseph Shear Melvm Shulmon Daniel L. Silverstein Harold Sussman 71 Jveflexiom tg o. Lt. Col. John C. Peth 1st Lieut. Philip E. Biege rm f i j ' jB k 1 J Bl • " 1 Inspection at Carroll Park 72 .X - exions tg l rm i The 3316th Service Command Unit was the numericol designation of the unit activated at the School of Medicine, University of Maryland, on 2 June 1943. A total of seven officers and eight enlisted men were assigned as cadre to handle the administrative details and to give instruction in mili- tary courses. Under the capable leadership of Lt, Col. Williom H. Howland the unit was soon functioning smoothly. Upon Colonel Howlcnd ' s departure to a new assignment 1st Lieut. Ralph J. Henry was oppointed commandant. After serving for a short time Lieut. Henry was promoted to a captaincy and subsequently transferred to a new station. The unit ' s third commandant was Lt. Col. John C. Peth, a Notional Guard Infantry officer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Many changes took place while Colonel Peth was in command. Due to the inactivation of the dental part of the program the trainee strength of the unit was nearly cut in half. This necessitated a reduction in the cadre to two officers and three enlisted men. Upon Colonel Peth ' s return to civilian life in November 1945, 1st Lieut. Philip E. Biege was appointed commanding officer. Lieut. Biege was one of the original cadre of the organization, and as such was well qualified to head the unit. The graduating class of 22 March 1946 could be classified as the " baby " of the outfit. They ore the first group to complete fully their medi- cal training under the Army Specialized Training Advanced Program. Fond Memories: The " You Pay — We Pay " confusion of June 1943 . . . Money . . . The " Long Ride Home " or " Rules and Regulations on Breaking In of Army Shoes at Camp Grant " . . . Money . . . Glove inspection featuring Jones spelled with two j ' s . . . Money . . . Competitive drill at the Armory . . . Money . . . " Spweeding Quorwide a Wime " at Carroll Park . . . Money . . . Butt Details . . . Ah! Money!! 73 R.eflexLom ig O- U. (jg) R. J. Richards at i ¥ Drill At Homewood 74 .x . exiom ' 94 ' V (au Y On July 1, 1943, the V-12 program was activated at the University of Maryland, and the school was partially transformed into a training center for medical officers for the United States Navy. The accessibility of the Richmond Market Armory enabled the evolution of civilians to apprentice seamen to be effected with a minimum of effort. Following this arduous ordeal the men were given a few days of rest before being ordered back to school. Lt. Roderic D. Matthews became the first Commanding Officer of the unit, but after three months of duty he was ordered to the Bureau of Naval Personnel. Lt. J. S. Lee then took over the task of leading the outfit and remained until February 1944 when Lt. Matthews returned. One month later Lt. Matthews was again transferred. His successor this time was Lt. (jg) R. J. Richards who remained as Officer in Charge until the close of the program. Life in the Navy, as lived at the University of Maryland, proved to be rather simple. Meetings were not a prominent part of the schedule, — the only ones which were ever looked forward to were those around the fifth of the month. After two and one-half years this all came to an end at Bain- bridge in November 1945 when the three upper classes were returned to civilian status and put on inactive duty in order to complete their medical education. On January 26, 1946, the freshman class was transferred to the Separation Center for their release. 75 a ? -1 { ■■ -i imM n| : jH| ' m ir " j fev ' -fi M ' Ff. , ' J ckoOi 0 urdmi J. C. M. REESE, M.D. Associate Professor of Obstetrics Senior Class Advisor ; E. BLANCHE HOFFMASTER Acting Superintendent of Nursing 79 J .eflexiom ' 9 6_ tke J cnooi or y lursina In 1889 a training school for nurses was organized under the supervision of Louisa Parsons, a distinguished graduate of St. Thomas ' Hospital, London, England. As Miss Parsons was a personal friend of Miss Nightingale, she was given the honor and privilege of bringing with her the original Florence Nightingale graduate cap. St. Thomas ' Hospital, London, England, St. Luke ' s Hospital, Canada, and University Hospital are the only hospitals which ore allowed the greet privilege of wearing the original Florence Night- ingale graduate cap. The hospital is much indebted to Miss Parsons for her valuable aid in putting the training school on a firm foundation, and in recognition of her service the new home for nurses was named the Louisa Parsons Home and formally opened in November, 1922. Although the training school has had quite a few superintendents, they have always maintained the high standards that were set by Miss Parsons. This accredited school attracts young women from all parts of the United States and some from South America. The hospital staff takes great in- terest in the education and well being of the student nurses. In addition to the many hours of lectures and classwork, they are always willing to aid the student and explain any new or interesting case. In addition to the regular three-year course of training, the University offers a combined Academic and Nursing program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science and a Diploma in Nursing. During the last war the Forty-Second and One Hundred and Forty- Second General Hospitals, comprised mostly of University of Maryland groduates, were commended for their outstanding work in Austrolia, the Philippines and Japan. 80 4 Ilk ' ► tuden t iouerntneyi t J. ssocialion tic The Student Government Association which was organized in October of 1943 is very active in a legislative, executive, and judicial respect. The student body decides all rules which ore compiled in a constitution. Penal- ties for infringements ore dispensed by the Student Council, which is the executive council of the Student Government Association. The Recreation Committee is quite active in planning a full and diversified program. The purpose of the organization is to create a greater interest and pride in the Nurses ' Home, to make it a more attractive place, to improve condi- tions for sleep and study, and to draw the girls in the various classes closer together. The Student Council meets the last Friday in each month and the student body meets the first Monday in each month. At each meeting the students are free to discuss problems which have arisen and suggest ideas for improvement. The officers who have taken their oath are as follows; President: Adeline Mosberg Vice-President: Anne Lutz Secretary: Ellen Dorman Treasurer: Lois Klackering Senior Representatives: Marion Ramsey Margaret Harshman enio L.ia66 — ularck 1946 MARY ELEANOR COLARUSSO Fairmont-, West Virginio Room Inspection Committee ANNA LEE DeHAVEN Martinsburg, West Virginia Senior Gift Committee Proctor Committee DOROTHY SIMPSON DUVALL, B.S. Newburgh, New York Late Leave Committee MARION 1 HYLLIS DUVALL Westminster, Maryland Proctor Committee 82 .Jvcflcxli exions tg l DOROTHY REACHARD FUNK Waynesboro, Pennsylvonio Class Vice-President 3 Proctor Committee IRENE CHENETTE HOLUES Notick, Massachusetts Senior Dance Committee MARGARET A. JANOVICH, B.S. Zelienople, Pennsylvania Senior Dance Committee RUTH NELL JORDAN Gorham, New Hampshire Proctor Committee Senior Dance Committee 83 Jveflexions ig o. MARY ELIZABETH KLEVISHER Pierce, West Virginio Room Inspection Committee Proctor Committee MARION YVONNE RAMSEY New Cumberland, Pennsylvania Student Council 3 ADELINE ROSALIE MOSBERG, BS. Boltimore, Maryland Class President 1-2-3 Junior Representative to Student Council 1 Vice-President Student Council 2 President of Student Body and Student Council 3 84 ANN BRIEN PIERPONT Shamokin, Pennsylvania Room Inspection Committee Activities Committee Senior Dance Committee .Jvfflexions 1 40 MARGARET M. STONER New Cumberland, Pennsylvania Proctor Committee Senior Donee Committee SARAH ELIZABETH WEIMER Somerset, Pennsylvania Chairman Room Inspection Com- mittee Senior Dance Committee Proctor Committee I 85 K andid ( aduald S enior C iadd — yJctober 1946 AMBER LUCILLE ARNOLD Davis, West Virginia AUDREE BENNETT Kenmare, N. Y. JEAN LOUISE BLOOM, B.S. Baltimore, Md. Editorial Staff, Newspaper Art Editor, Newspaper GENEVIEVE BOONE Hogerstown, Md. MARY CATHERINE BYRNES Boltimore, Md. MARY HELEN CORMANY Baltimore, Md. EDNA B. COGAR Webster Springs, W. Va. ELLEN DOROTHEA FOSTER Baltimore, Md. 88 .Jvf ' flrxions tg o ELIZABETH ELAINE FOX Bridgeport, West Va. JUDY GARLAND Manchester, Md. BARBARA JEAN GARRISON Boltimore, Md. Editorial Staff, Newspaper MARY CATHERINE GREEN Sykesville, Md. MARGARET B. HARSHMAN Hanover, Pa. Vice-President, 3 ANNE L. HUTTON Elkton, Md. MAE RITA KENT Federalsburg, Md. GRACE ANNE KNOWLES Baltimore, Md. 89 Jveflexiom ig o HAZEL E. McCOMAS Baltimore, Md. ANNE C. LUTZ, B.S. Baltimore, Md. President of Class 1, 2, 3. Pres. of Student Govt., 3 ANNA RUTH LOGAN Chestertown, Md. Treasurer of Student Gov- ernment, 1. FANNY LOU PARKER Goldsboro, N. C. ISABELLE MOORE FOX Smithsburg, West Va. EVA MAE POPP Grant Town, West Va. SHIRLEY R. REYNOLDS Boltimore, Md. BETTY JANE ROOP New Windsor, Md. 90 .Jveflexiom ' 946 ISABELLE E. HAMMER Baltimore, SCHELL- Md. MARY SCLAVOS Elkton, Md. JUNE E SCRUGGS JessuD, Md. SALLY SHORES Salisbury, Md. ELLEN M SIRMAN Newark, Md. PHYLLIS ALICE SLINEY, B.S. Brentwood, Md. Secretory-Treasurer Class I, 2, 3. of BARBARA ANNE THOM- SON Annopolis, Md. Business Editor, Newspaper HELEN TODOROFF Neffs, Ohio JveflexLom ig O- EDITH G. TURNER, B.S. Drexel Hill, Pa. HELEN P. VIERECK, B.S. Takoma Park, Md. ELINOR C. WILSON Snow Hill, Md. DOROTHY A. ZELLMANN Baltimore, Md. 92 v o Ruby Barefoot Jane Brown Jo Bradford Nancy Cochran Ellen Dormon Jean Foss Edith Groves Marie Gillespie Ann Hubner Peggy S. Blalock Eleanor A. Canton Eugenia M. Crow Betsy B. Durbrow Margaret J. Dwyers June E. Geiser Mildred Ambresius Lillian Barnes Clara Brannock Elizobeth Clark Olive Cross Nancy Deloney Elaine Dobihal Eloise Dunk Rebecca Duvall Hazel Elliott Mary Elzey Ethel Fetherolf Eleanor Ficke Florence Floryan Mary France Nancy Franklin Anne Frazer intermediated Dorothy Kidd Kjerstan Kelly Lois Klackring Geraldine Kolb Bettie Lacy Mildred Moholick Christine Robb Bettie Rohr Eleanor Rodgers Thelma N. House Ada R. Hines Frances E. Kershner Lulo P. Mobry Emily C. Mulligan Louise E. Peters Anna Funk Mary Giessman Virginia Gubisch Jeannette Hall Frances Hicks Margaret Hollar Rosalind Hollopeter Mary Hughes Sandra Jones Virginia Judy Ellen Keeney Imogene Koontz Ruth Lewis Mary McClure Irma Mervine Freda Michelitch 93 Georgie Rosus Mary Jone Reiblick Mary Jane Reichert Anno Slacum Rosemary Tisci June Winn Yori Yamosaki Bettie Yewell Betty J. Roughton Mabel W. Simmont Harriett E. Smith Ima E. Stumpf Betty Thompson Eleanor L. Wright Mary Miller Chorlotte Minkoff Mildred Monroe Jeon Nillson Doris Rush Potricia Schindel Minnie Schoffer Mabel Schools Frances Schroeder Gloria Smith Margaret Stein Dorothy Studley Doris Swartz Doris Swingler Ruth Vierick Florence Wong Gloria Wolfgang : ft£U JKJWKPeifc »iv mmord Betty J. Byers Jennie H. Bunting Grace M. Colburn Jean V. Cowles Amanda Crew Clara M. Dougherty Betty J. Eselhorst Mabel B. Fraley Esther Frank Bettie Gessaman Jane Knudsen Kathryn Prokop Ellen M. Reapsomer Peggy Sappington Esther Schwab Darlene Trestle Ellen M. Tschantre Jean M Warfield Ethlynn Woodburn Wilda Viola Batts Dorothy Lee Chandler Martha Curtiss Flossie M Fitzgerald Doris Frederick Norma Clara Fuller Martha Helen Gasser Corine Mae Johnson Elizabeth J, Kauffman Phyllis King Mary Eda Lewis Annetta Muir Leono Ruth Osterman Roberta E Pitt Stephanie Rakoczy - 94 - L tin lea Is Lou Ella Armstrong Catherine M. Atwater Thelma B Baugher Dorothy L. Brooks Jeanne Burgess Marilyn Collier Dorothy Covington Lois Fraley Ceraldine Carber Eleanor Corke Betty Hahn Charlotte Halter Barbara Hart Edna Hinkel Marjorie Marie Kidwiler Augusta Kossman Anita Krause Maria Nogueiro Brunehilda Oliveiro Margaret Payne Harnett Pollack Frances Rowley Elsie Schuff Ethel Snyder Nolly Stoffler Alexandra Tanona Jean Waters Annie White Whitington 95 !r. , i-,. . n 1 1 I ■ 1 1 I in K TnBH P s » " r p.3i L- H h ' v h M ■ ' 1 il ■• ' ■r. MS ?• 1 , IM H - MLu hI f H ' ' 1 JBB I7i w m J B ' " Ww .SS5« t-. m itJm featured JEWELER 3206 Sai-texn = f 7E.n.ue. IBaftunoi£, y Ad. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ?? Should Auld Acquaintance... Whenever you or your friends come back to Baltimore on business, pleasure or for Class Reunions, be sure to remember the Lord Baltimore Hotel. This great hotel has been downtown headquarters for Terp Old Grads for years. Mainly (weVe been told), because there ' s a lot of sheer comfort in its room appointments, good food in its restaurants and fine service everywhere. THE LORD BALTIMORE HOTEL Baltimore at Hanover Sts. Baltimore, Md. ' AN ENDLESS FIGHT In the endless fight against disease, Schering has always endeavored to pioneer in the field of research — research which has made avail- able the most effective therapeutic weapons. We pledge to hold high this standard and to wield the sharpened sword of research — with ever more telling strokes. COPYBICHT IMS ST SCHEJUNC COKPOBAT10N UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA 519 WEST LOMBARD ST. i i -f Specializing in Fine Food We Aim To Please To Allay Itching, Burning Soreness associated with DRY ECZEMA CHAFING SIMPLE RASH SUNBURN SMALL BURNS IVY POISON Mild Rectal or Vulval Irritation • • A Physician ' s Formula — Containing Resorcin, Oil of Code. Calamine, Zinc Oxide, Bismuth, Subnitrote and Boric Acid R E S I N O L Solomon s Drug Store 524 West Baltimore St. A. T. JONES SONS The Baltimore Costumers Since 1868 823 N. Howard Street VErnon 3473 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1946 MR. AND MRS. DAVID GOETZ r E L I ABL E F LiTH I CAL A l CCUR ATE Ly EPEN DABL s kJ E RVICE READ DRUG CHEMICAL COMPANY Pharmacies Since 1883! R JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED! CHESAPEAKE LOUNGE Good Food Good Music Good Dancing Perfect for " two-some dotes, " college get-togethers, luncheon, dinners. The Emerson also has a handsome ballroom and smaller private rooms for frat dances, re-unions, class affairs. Your patronage is respectfully invited. EMERSON HOTEL A Robt. Meyer Hotel Otis G. Clements, Mgr. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND IT THEV COUNCIL ALL MEAD ' S PRODUCTS ARE COUNCIL-ACCEPTED Alacta; Amigvn Powder; Ami gen Solution 10%; Amlgen 5 % In 5 7 i Dextroic Solution; Meod ' i Atcorbic Acid Tobttti; Cnsoc; Mvod ' i C«rftol; Mvod ' s Cod Uvor Oil FoHifled With Porcofnorph Livor Oil; Meod ' t Stondardlied Cod Liver Oil; Mead ' s Cod Liver OH With VIosterol; Deitri-MaMosc Not. 1, 2 ft 3; Deylrl-Malfose With Yeast Extract and Iron; Mead ' s Halibut Liver Oil; Meod ' t Pow- dered Lactic Acid Milk No. 3; Mead ' s Menadione in Oil; Meod ' s Nlocin Tablett; Nutrom- igen; Olac; Mead ' s Oleum Percomerphum With Other Fish-Liver Oils and Viottcrol (liquid and capsules); Pobeno; Pablum; Mead ' s Pectln-Agar in Dextri-Moltose; Mead ' 5 Pow- dered Protein Milk; Mead ' s Riboftovin Tablets; Sobfre; Mead ' s Thiamine Hydrochloride Tablets; Mead ' s Viostcrol in Oil; Mead ' s Viosterol in Hali- but liver Oil; Mead ' s Brewers Yeast Powder; Meod ' t Brewers Yeait Tablets. COWtD TAtK . ■ • SEALS WOULD SAY. " Wlien you see one o{ us on a package o{ mcdicmc or {ood, W means {irst of all VhaV tVic manufacVurer UiougliV enougli o{ e jDroducl: o be willing o have It and Ills damns carejullu exavtimed bu a board o{ crihcal, unbiased ex|3crts . . . We ' re lad o tell Vjovt a s producl ' was examined, Uiai Uie n anu{act ' urer was willing o listen 1 0 cnhcisvnis and svid eshons Hie Council made, tbat be signified bis willingness o restrict bis advertising claims to brovcd ones, and tbat be will keeb tbe Council in- formed of anu intended cbanges in product or claims . . . Tbere may be otber similar products as good as tbis one, but wben uou see VIS on a package, u ou know . Wbu guess, or wbu take sonveonc ' s self -interested word? If tbe product is everutbing tbe manufacturer claims, be sbould bavc no reason for besitancu in submitting it to tbe Council. " MEAD JOHNSON CO., Evansville 21, Ind. p A Stone ' s Throw From the University of Maryland CLOTHES TAILORED by MELNICOVE 526-28 West Baltimore St. at Green o II Military Supplies — Work Clothes Phone CAIvert 0417 S S MILITARY STORES 326 W. BALTIMORE STREET Baltimore 1, Md. Shoes, Tents, Cots, Camp Supplies Riding Togs Congratulations to our Future Doctors . . . THE CLASS OF 1946 May your work be a blessing tlUTZLER BWrHERS @ Congratulations and Best Wishes TO THE CLASS OF ' 46 ST E W A RT ' S AL ' S RESTAURANT PALS Meet At AL ' S Hot Lunches, Sandwiches, Beer Ice Cream Phone SAroroga 9559 UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 519 WEST LOMBARD STREET Specialists in Medical Books Extends Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS OF ' 46 " Come in and Loaf when you miss a class " KLOMAN INSTRUMENT COMPANY, INC. 907 CATHEDRAL STREET SURGICAL SUPPLIES OFFICE EQUIPMENT MEDICAL SUPPLIES Compliments of W. F. Prior Company, Inc. HAGERSTOWN, MD. Publishers of Ticc ' s Procticc of Medicine Lewis ' Proctice of Surgery Davis ' Gynecology and Obstetrics Brenncmonn ' s Practice of Pcdiotrics Principles and Practice of Physical Theropy Ed. T. Britton, Jr., Representative 4 k . Mciii ■■)». ■ .1 ff srl m -.W Hw " « l- airons Dr. Louis H. Douglass Dr. Frederick T. Kyper Dr. Lawrence M. Serra Dr. C. Loring Joslin Dr. E. Eugene Covington Dr. Irving J. Spear Dr. John C. Dumler Dr. Thurston R. Adams Dr. Hugh R. Spencer Dr. Frank W. Hachtel Dr. O. C. Harne Dr. Carl L Davis Dr. William E. Evans, Jr. Dr. Robert S. Anderson Dr. C, Dietrich Smith Dr. Eduard Uhlenhuth Dr. Frank H. J. Figge Dr. Clark H. Yeager Dr. C. Gardner Warner Dr. John C. Krantz, Jr. Dr. Thomas R. O ' Rourk Dr. Otto C. Brantigan Dr. Milton S. Sacks Dr. Milton J. Wilder Dr. A. H. Finkelstein Dr. E. P. Smith Dr. D. McClelland Dixon Dr. T. Nelson Carey Dr. Walter L. Kilby Dr. Charles Reid Edwards Dr. Margaret B. Ballard Dr. Hugh B. McNally Dr. Thomas P. Sprunt Dr. Samuel S. Click Dr. Leo Brady Dr. W. Houston Toulson Dr. Clyde A. Clapp Dr. F. Edwin Knowles, Jr. Dr. Leslie Harrell Pierce Dr. Albert Jaffee Dr. D. Frank Kaltreider Dr. John V. Hopkins Dr. H. M. Robinson H. M. Robinson, Jr. Beverly C. Compton J. Mason Hundley, Jr. Vernon E. Krahl Wm. R. Amberson Robert H. Oster William K. Diehl John A. Wagner C. Edward Leach Arnold F. Lavenstein Thomas B. Aycock William B. Settle J. C. M. Reese Charles A. Reifschneider Ross McC. Chapman Wilfred H. Townshend Charles N. Davidson Allen Fiske Voshell Jomes C. Arnold, Jr. Richard C. Coblentz Charles Bagley, Jr. Isadore A. Siegel William M. Seabold Edward A. Looper Walter D. Wise Elliott H. Hutchins James W. Nelson Albertus Cotton Harry L. Rogers H. Raymond Peters Harvey C. Beck J. Sheldon Eastland Sol Smith Edgar B. Friedenwald Philip F. Lerner Leon Freedom Thomas P. Sprunt Henry F. Graff John R. Davis, Jr. Henry F. Ullrich N. Clyde Marvel D. J. Pessagno ' Walter C. Merkel 108 h. G. ROEBUCK son PPIMTEPS 7-: LITHOGPAPHEPS PhOTOGPAPHEPS vSpGcialisIs to ochools And C ollcqes LvcrLjvvliGPG n 119-131 W. MULBEPPV STPEET BALTIMORE. 1 :-: MARYLAhD VERMOM 1378 VERMOM 1379 Compliments of BALTIMORE BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY 500 N. CALVERT STREET Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments THE HUB CENTER OF TOWN Center of Fomous Makes in Baltimore iKe •€» Hub of A FRIEND CALVERT RESTAURANT 311 N. CALVERT ST. Opposite Mercy Hospital Compliments to the Graduating Class HOCHSCHILD KOHN CO. Men ' s Shops Headquarters for Well-Dressed Men of Maryland for 48 Years Furnishinys, First Mezzanine Clothing, Second Mezzanine 45eace " With malice toward none; with charity to all; with firm- ness in the right ... to c-are for him who shall have borne the battle ... to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among our- selves and with all other na- tions. " ABRAHAM LINCOLN 2n(l InaUKUrnI Vfldprxi. Murrh tlh. I8(|S. TIlllLY-Wrli ' pllit ' JlosllllcssfdVarKinon Earth! f LORY is ours in ahmidance; FREEDOM, williout liiii- drance, is ours also. We are richer than tin- wildest dream of Midas — we can turn dross into pure gold almost with the wave of a magic wand. Civilized people, the world over, are hungry — hut not us. Our victory last year was the greatest in all history. . . . The troubles we now fear are trivial or actually do not exist — they are chiefly the spawns of distorted imaginations. . . . From the Boston Tea Party until today we have, as a nation, marched onward and upward. Astound- ing as it may sound, we are the richest and most powerful nation on earth. SO — let us count our blessings together! Let us be friends — and happy, successful Americans. Let us all buckle down again to creative efforts of material production and fully enjoy the mental ease and physical comforts which are our inalienable rights. . . . 74. §. Saoi Uf Bo uU - - 1lui. S 4eii 01 All 9H4ted He. iU. J2a PRESIDENT AMERICAN BREWERY, INC., Baltimore, Md. This first edition of Reflexions is on attempt to revive a school function which passed out of being some fifteen years ago. It is hoped that the oncoming classes will see fit to continue the annual, as we believe that it furnishes on excellent meons of stimulating interest in the university Staff of le.fL exiond E. H. NORTH, JR. „.. Editor-in-Chief RAYMOND MARKLEY .._ Associate Editor JEANNE AMLICKE Associote Editor ADELINE MOSBERC Associote Editor ANNE LUTZ Associate Editor WILLIAM W. ORRISON....... Art Editor LOWELL R BROSEMER Associate Art Editor LELAND J. HANSEN Business Manoger EDWIN HENDRICKSON Advertising Manager SIDNEY SACKS Associate Advertising Manager JEROME D. NATARO Circulation Manager L ontrihuii ot6 Margaret Janovich Ruth Jordan Dorothy Duvall Mary Sclavos Mary Carmany 112 - ' •;. 1 f K I ,:l lij

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