University of Maryland School of Medicine - Terrae Mariae Medicus (Baltimore, MD)

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University of Maryland School of Medicine - Terrae Mariae Medicus (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1910 Edition, Cover

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I Ll . W I QV fu' nxt 1 .X 44 u -- .. .,q ,',,. n .QV '.,7,,,.',V 1' , gi, lm, ' Awww! gif ' .,v"f'V1.' ligjhfih . M 'VT' AV4 A ,, ,. , JW 117: Q- 1 . 0'4'.'f.. v ,.,, ' , uyv Q ,VV- 4V - 'Yi ' , ' V, f f -TZ 'VO 4 Uni an 5, Vi5,,,-UE1 Q .G ,Q , X N '- ,JV 95 ,V 'flux 1,r'V".V A ' p ., K 1.4, -L K, , .a:'M'5:ff1'-','.r4.e 'if' ' 44qLWI'grrff- V. ' ,.,. A VT, fk. V 13?W'4,"! ' 141, , ,.-4 7' 1vVV , VV .. U V, ',--.V. . rVV,q,,, 1 Q ' V 4 Vi, '. 51 - q,gx ni. 1, , 'pq L.: rm . ,wx V f -,, fn -1 A1 "VmfLk+3w .-Ixu, .1 ey V, 3, . My-,v 5-1 A., " 'KN 'nn JIVI 51, . F .Vx xii. QV, V " ii Y - ,ry ZA' if1E'fgV1i . .1-W. 1- ,5 F .W 4 ,V fy vw,-V. -J, ' . f .f-" , f ' s f. fa' '.,. V X' ., V.. A,-,V , gh, .VH ' Vx, Ar- ' .Af .ll,fJ.' rf' I m. , .V - 1 v. 1. lt: 1 .- ,.1 V NNE ' f . V ' -1 uw TU' V-J :Vg V -V .Cv 16325, A ' f 'nhl ff ' .1 VN Q, .1 M V xr . V 1 'V- if., :K -'f 1,1- -4',v,. X :JlfX?,.,. . '?f'l'f Q "l55LZ" 0 2.14.5 . 4 .xv V V .QQ-V' , "W " nw , 3 ,gl yV'B5'4:g ' -1-QV '- ., A J' .L ju, "V1,VpfVjA , ,. X Xl, , 1 " 1 'fr '1..- ..M1X1X ii1f'i?fXg.3f',. 1 , ' '1 I 1 " 1 'fai 1 1 1 1? if, " ' T 1-I-2114 .":g 'TH Ll 11- -Y'1'1..f " -wi. 1' ' ,f ff- 11'-1'pf':5 -.'ff'6irfs' ,..X'LXK1', " ,.'- -111 '-filag-4,1 1.11, 14' .1X-ip IW. 5, -:.'1'L1' 1"f A 'z -1 1-- v A - ' 1 121231251-.1151-, 1- 1- 11, 1 A -111?:X'r.11' 1"1-'H TIN'-' 11151 '11 1 . Faq r.1.'f1-1,1 1X1,f.,.1 3 1-1 1 '91 'aL Q'1z:,1.1:-- ,'.!X1 1-g7I1" .1 .131 ',f1.1.11'1-11' U1 X1,,X,1,X1.X., 111, XXX 4111- N11 1' 111' 11 X',111 1'X11..' .Xl 11 1 11.1291 31. "ff-' '. .2-21 cw'-2 11 1"-1'1v'1'l 1,'1'. ' afhf-' 1 1-if I -191 1'-22' "' 1 X1X.fY!'f kfgg 1JX:j,3g 1, 1 195,111 :X ff? "1 1v1 4. X7 "Z I-.51 5, 1-4, 1 1111.1 1' X41 -cs, ,J ,,-. V. '-r1'.1f- 1.11, '11'- ' ' 1":Jf.'-T1J1".W.11'1 121. ,1 X,-1 X X..1 lX1.X1, XX1X 1 fn -v,f.1, 1 1-1-11i11- 131 1' 11,-11,.11,. 1 1-1 :W-w'1v 1 '1-P51-11-.15' F',g"ggX.-,Jk"-Xq ?',X"'1X3?.i .191 1 31',QlL11X- A11 '.1 ' V.. J 1'1-1,1f-11.14 1 1 gil",-' 11: 11 - ,1'.,1l W. , ,' MM LQJ1 .1 1 JX 11.11,-X, 1 'U I1 -1 ' 'X W we 15.1, F 51.1 51 -1 ":1'Jf-,111 11 '51 1"' 1'N1"'T1k " ' " -1'4U11t1,'j111- . 1 . ' 1 111 1 A '- mrjrjlgfw 51 X .en 47'-'F 1 11 -11 ' 1 ' 1 f-X1 1 -'11 1.11 11 .1-11-N 1 11-.11 f -L' "H, --fl '1 k 1L1?51:X,gXX'X.X ,X 1XX 1X-..: r-if-'1'13'11 il"f.,Q,-1-91.1 1 ' 1 11' fn ,,X.1. ' - - 'ffgu X1'-X, Tj-. 9215. 1.051 ,1f1'L'.g, 41" 1,1 . 111 fw15s1-'- - ,lm XX,1xxL5'1,'fw -"L'n'Q',:" 1'11'11:4:7l4,,1'X 1 15' 21,11-?'2,7X1XLa -?.' 1 7,1- XgH,.X1,1:.r11, S1-.1111-1'Xu ' N. 1 lip X '1 51:1 1 A 'I 1 1 1 ,1 11111. 1 ,, X XX 1 1'. 1 1 11 1-1 11 1M - . X .1-. 11 .1. 1 1 1 . XX 1-gf ,P 69.01 . ,..,, .4-'1 , 1 1" 1- 1. 5' if , X ,. .'5, ,,. 11 ' 4315 ni x , 1 1. 11 1. I X X ,131 ,:.:f:'1 f...X,, 1 V1 11 111A 1 , .AX ,J 133 A 1' f ,iw-XX -. 1 ,X .,X.. Wm . 1 .1 1.1.1 ,- XIXU, . ,'f'1 ,511 'X-1 111, 1' 11 '11--11,.,'1 11,1 ., 11, , 11 5-XXX . 1-, , ,.11'X!".1, 11. 1111-11 '1 1 -1 X, 1,1XX X1X. 1 .-11 X11 '1,11 .1 1 1X,J1-- 4. 1 1 X1 .'.:,:1Xff-.,1 . X 1 11 51 - -X 'drq ,1 7 f , 1 . A J ,:1'.,.',,v11 'X X' -fl. . 11' :2 1 1 1. .X '.,'1J 1 1. 1" 51'11' 1 1 1 1 1 X1, . 1 . '1 1X'H1. 1 'Q A 11 I 1 I '1 f' ' 1 '. J ,1 1'1 A- V .1 1 1' , , 1 1 . 1 1 X 1.1-56.11 . X ,14 '11-4 . eg... w.-1, 1.1 1'Q 9:11 ,.1 X1111, 'K 1X. 1.1 A1 . 1'-alt' :A ,,'Xf. 1"1 .'1'1 'Mu ' 1.111 'M-.111 .X .18-1 - 11 ' M1 11.x1f"t11, 11,2 1"ff" . ' 1 1 11, 1 ' '-1:93 '-Il-1 rig, 1. '. W .1XX11-1,-1, 11 ,111 1 -1' .1,v,11 -1 ,..1,.', 1.X,X..L X 14. 1' nl 111. .. 1 '11 X1111lgx'X ' 11111 ik! ' ' X X111 1, 1, HRX, X,-1 Xji:lX,lXX 1135 1 -1 jj- 'Q .3 1215 1 ' A147 '-1.1 1 X ,Q 1 1X 1 1 X1 1, ' " 11 '1 ' 1 .1 1' 1 1 1 1.11. , 1,1 1 11 11. 11.1, ..,. X. 1 . 1 1 111 .L X X P 1 1 1 J 1 X: ,X X 11131113 Xf X1XX 1XX:1 ,1 ,,' 1 . 1 X., 1 1 XXL.. , '1 . 'if' 11 1 'V1:1.- 3'1" J' 1 15"N11 31' 1"1' 5- 1 11X11,j "1 1 .1',1 ,X XX, 1X.i X-1 XXV 1 1X X X '- ' .Pi "Q-1.X1f 1 1 1' 1 1 1- ,.1.1 -11 ,,1X. JX' ' ,M 1' 1 1 1'.' ' - , 1, 1.4, , "1 .'f"'1' ,"" 'XX ,'X 1 1113.11 1. '1 V-' .2411-bfi 1 - 1114 11 . , X 11,11-,X 11 ,.'1'1'11'1 kg 'sf 1 1" 1'.4.-314.5 11. 1 1 ' 1 A-A fl , 1 ww, . f, 1 1 s mf. y xxx ., Q 1 X , . VJ - 43 . In ., ' .M 1 , 1 ' , , :Qs us, Y' W. ' 'wgira'Ifrfr a2"1Ef!i,1v 1 arm I. .w.,M'K IX, , w ' hef- 1 1,. W 1 ., 1.5. fx I H, I I I I The YEAR BOOK of Me COLLEGE of PHYSICIANS and SURGEONS VOLUME IV fllggxeiw LF v- i- f ,O y LI 5 A PY Fomafw 1:13 .X,jSf,cfO Fwy? QW :Vw Q PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF NINETEEN HUNDRED AND ELEVEN ZQS CW 3-Q-1'W'k In bvtlltam 5-stlllnll, 111131, Druirssur uf iLtfjBllll5Il'I' 651115 Dunk i5 affrrtiunatrlp hrhtratrh fm thc Q5unriJ uf Qfuitnrys 5 w L 'f5'J'. 'vii 'Ulu' -.,f.,: ,,.. . a 1. N , . I - ,. A , , . L .A wh. 5 pf "f J h ill ,.u' y'-ow :ali ., -jf -I' QJQFW 1- - ' -,L .D - ' ,'.' S vb 4 XV 51' ' Sl 4 'VM I 3.67 f: ,4 . lfg :..:, Q, ,.-, , 1 Q,-113 . -X, ug A. , ,.-'Q . , .H sr ,.r-3 1 -. 1 - ,, ' f Q ual x-1 'f .V 4, , M r 5 X ' X fe f- will EL- -f ,N all Sl 'X 61' 'R ,-- ',-- 9 ' X FX ' lfwllgfllf M -fi.-Q if fqt , it Q X an 'Wi I A . . NX .mt 3 1 L 'I Xa W, ,EX A x P I refarc ul pride that we present tu yuu this, the fourth , It is with tt feeling ., -QQ volume of THE C'i,tN1t', in its new und uttructivc sgairh. All this has heen .NV lDl'0ll,'Il'1l. about hy no little luhor unfl thougzlit un the part of the Board of ax Editors. gil' We pray your indulgence in criticisms of our mistakes. We have tit- ll temped tn satisfy everyone, a thing rarely flCl'OITtlJllSl1CCl. We assure those WX mentioncn in the quips and 'igrinclf' that there was no intention fin our part of wounding them. 7 ll In Closing, we clesire to thank must heartily our cuntrihL1tors,wlw generously gave their time and thought in our behalf. THE Bfurw UF Iiurnins. ' MQ .J I' C211 53 rg 'bf V' fa W W K' . 'f'- . iwfrizfm QM 1 x l 5 '4Ei1'45Q2, . 43' K F 1. faffaigt , P , K R aw III, ,y me tk 'ml n ,G 4 'lx J ' ' ,L Nrf Title Page. . . Dedication ,,... Preface ........ Contributors . . . Editorial Board .,.. Faculty. ....,..,. . Poem, The Clinic ,.ii Zinc Etching ....., Senior Class ,.,. juniors ..,,,.. Sophomoies . . . . . Freshmen .,.,., ....... Cartoon, The Faculty ,..,.. . . Friendship and Fruternulism . . Hospital Stull' .,,,....,.,... Poem, The Stiff . . Essay Contest ,....,,.,...,,.,....,. Passing of Old-time Country Doctor. . Poem, The Vlfuy They NVork It Poem, Hurrah for P. 81 S. Qlnntentss 1 2'5 5 7 S-9 IO'IQ eo 2 1 2 2-65 64-73 74'79 So-S7 SS S9-Q1 92r9.5 94 95 96'9O IOO roo Poem, The Rush ,,....,... Etching, Stull' For Exams. . . The Freshman's Soliloquy . The Unknown. ...,.. . . Our Inspiration ...... Fruteinities ............ Mr. Alberts Aphorisms. . . Etching, Athletics .,,.. . Y. M. C.A .....,.., , Hogan's Rules. . . . . . . . Etching, Ball of Yarn ..., The Bucteriological Bugle . Etching and Poem. , . . . . , . . Etching and Poem .... . ..... . Poem, When Greek Meets Gluck Grmds ......,. .,...... Statistics of Senior Class Finis, Cut . ........ . Advertisements. . . . lhe Calendar .......... ......, . 1o1 1c2 103-4 YOS-ICQ IIO-III 112-130 Ijl-2 135 134-5 136 T37 133 139 I4O I4Im2 14333 140-167 168-9 176 171 jaamrs nf tb: Qluutrihutnrs tn "Thr filmtv' 1910 Dr, Free judges in Priz Longsdoif 710 Brehmei 'IC Flvnn i11 ilitcrarp e Essay Contest, "Thu Uilmimii. Ihr which we ure not resprmsible. Sir: Swim 'lT. CHIILLVLLII VIZ. Whitenmlv VII. Sweet '12. The Class Historian Fox 'IC Hamilton '11. Whitcomb VII. Zlllfilfl' '11, df' X ,, 40 ff N wf 0'EiTTfm"""'f ZX XJ l L -A-H! X if Wf Lg5f!i -s' hitnrial JOSEPH Bllexizx' ifII,IJlJL'RN, Connecticut. .. L'L.u:1iNCE XY. ZURCHIIR, Ohio ....... . NORRIS B. XVHITCOAIU, New York. . -Ioi-ix F. FLYNN, Connecticut ....... l,313x,1.xA11N H. SNYIXT, XYest Virginia, .. .-XL'1:1:i5Y F. Inxwsux, XYest Virginia. . . J. TuoRK1zLsoN. Delaware ......... F, LESLIE -Ilzxxrxcs, Mary-lancl ........ Enwixicu S. H:X1LIl.'1'UX, XX'est Yirginia. .. 9 iliuarh Eziitw--izz-Clzicf . . . .Litc1'u1'.v Edirol .. . .LI'fUl'lIl'j' Ediiol' . . . .Li1'u1'i1r'y Edifol .....,-lr? Editor .. ...YGVIAIIK1 Elfif0l' . . . .Bnsilzfss lifL'lllLZgL'l . . . , ..'ldT'L'l'fI'Sf1IIg' ,ifdlldgfl 'issistuuf Bnsizzvss .Uizzzagrfz jfdfllltp jiflrmhersi 1 I tIl CII.AxRI.12s F. BIQVI-iN, M.D, Professor of Prineiples :incl Practice of Surgery, Clinical und Genito-Urinary Surgery 1 ul Li L Faculty. tsl XUILLLXM SIMON, PILD., M.D, Professor of Chemistry. tg? 101-IN W. C1fI,ix1BERs, M.D., Sc.D. l'rufc-ssur of Principles and Pratetiee ol' Surgery :tml Clinical Surgery. t4l N.xT1I.1.xIEI, G. KEIRL12. A.M., M.D., Sc.D. Professor of Medical jurisprudence and Director of Pasteur Institute. t5l WILLIAM F. Locxiroon, M.D. I'rnfeF-snr of Principles :incl Pratetiee of Meclieine :incl Clinical Media ine t6l GEORGE W. DOBBIN, A.B., M.D. I rofessur of Obstetrics :ind Gyrimmlrrgy. l7l XVILLIAM Roy-IL Sroxns, M.D. Professor of Pattlmlngy :md llucteriolugy. 657 HIXRRY FRIILDENWALD, A.B., M.D. l'rot'essor of Oplitlutlmology and Otology, tm ARCIIIIz,xI.n C. H.XRRISt'JN, M.D. l rufessnr of .Xnattomy and Clinieul Surgery. trol WILLIMI P. SPRATLING, BLD. l'ruft-wir 1-l l'lIysiolug:y :intl IJiQt-uses of the Nervous System tirl XYlLl.I.UI S. GIRDNIQR, MD. Prufersvrr uf Klyriaemlogy. IO fue-1 1-gm., + am. X n. xl ,W 1-,rv 1, X 6 . ff, af"fgA ff' , X NA- -e x-. 3 c QW? f'- 'an JN gy? 'un K QA ULF? w uk ...,.,J,, FA -, gf Qx 2 A 7"2"""' -- - 'TWIWZ1 'x an X' cv1f-:FN j ' ...N-.r--f W 'sqT1""""" -- -- .-,,, 'XS-345,11,gpg-QJM' LL, 'H'-iff' f Y,, V J- Y W x . . -V k 6' f---f, .. ,, K M ., , , Q . V 4, - xl A .V Y i , Y ll. ' Y T V .U 1 4' ' X A X 7 x In 1 .. ' - , . ,, '- , :N A, V I k 1 X- .V F .gif all 'Q 5: - , "- , " 3,2532 . : Lf' ' : 'I' - . .5 " f-'M 'f' B RFQ' 531 FT:-ff ' '.,v ' 'X ' A .' ' . r.- . . .2 - ' , 4: V, f - , 54: - 4 1 , f 1 ' Y , Y V 1 ',Xi:,,1 Q Y: 'N X . ' 7 wf 1? . 1. , ' ' ' ' , ,lv h r,25..,,-:Tian if b . . gg V I I I . 'vA1:,:..:,-A 3:gjv,5'g: Q 5 -1.1 XX . . X ' - 1-if , ' - Q ,L 1 . A . ,.:'fIf ,L " "'if'g2'ff'F'f: sig ff 1 4:23, . '- V'-ii.-.f'fEYi1if"51e 'Y' ' - 1 ' A , 1,5957 :V -4 3 - ' Q ., Lk. , ,,. .,,.'1f. x? . . ,, ,, , Af.. ,. .. ,- '.1?1'N-.Yf-3 253' 41 "H17:'ifT5'33'44 : " ' ' - K ,355 it l ,npr A. . xxx .1 , I :TQSX am , . P NV! ., AX, .A F - . W X Q f., - ?f4Z u's2. 1 1 -X f' " P- ' 'sr.' 1, wx .1 . . N - . fra- 1 M . Y f ' ,f gl , - -, "' --f-S" .. ' I ' -I 1 1, ' ' ' 'M I ' -- -Y Vx- -' ' -' 4'-w ' , . - . -1'1" ----'f"3 .f"3fwz1'I55'?f 'J'-'5. 1.1 ' "Z" 'JC' 51.24-.1Z,?'E1i:F " - ' E F? ' "311:, '?'11QfI, .af ' f f' ' ' fi- X- ' gr:gfa-:mg X A A. ' -:nf . Y -1 gr ' fylgig- A 1,-1 Ng-,X Q 4 ' 1, '-53:5 ,. . ' I gg? : lifff. 'Z . A' f 1- 1 A' 2. " 1 L Aj ' .1 2 1 8 ,N ,-.IN :W s Er -. , M.. f, VW. , - ii-Cs. f 4- ?,,-41,.-,,A,:l.i5 A ' l'4J..fJ nw A. ' :,,,,.f x Yi I x A, ' wg :fig J,-"H Q w , . - - .Gy g k Kg .- ,'1H'?i, 1 - - . ,. -1 ..,., ff ' L - ' - ' f. ""-- ir..-,.-.'. -M - x --. .. .Auf jfacultp jilflemhers C127 EDWARD N. BRUSH, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry. C133 C. HAMRSON JONES, M.B., C.M. CEdinburgh3, M.D. Professor of Hygiene and Public Health. C143 JULIUS FRIEDENWALD, A.M., M.D. Professor of Castro-Enterology and Director of Clinical Laboratory. CIS, JOHN RUHRXII, M.D. Professor of Diseases of Children, Therapeutics and Clinical Medicine. C163 CARY B. GAMBLE, JR., A.M., M.D. Professor of Clinical Medicine. C173 STANDISI-1 NICCLEARY, M.D. Professor of Histology and Special Pathology. C183 C1-1ARLEs F. BLAKE, PH.B., M.D. Professor of Operative Surgery and Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Rectum C195 FRANK DYER SANGER, M.D. Clinical Professor of Diseases of Nose, Throat and Chest. C203 CHARLES E. BRACK, PH.G., M.D. Clinical Professor of Obstetrics. f2Il PLXRVEY G. BECK, PH.G., M.D. Clinical Professor of Medicine. C223 EAHL Novixx, M.D. Acting Professor of Physiology. I 1 X. X f f x AK " FV'5-E,,.55'W+ JG' ww F 45 5 s mg HRA-,ai YNQ5' -rrqgv T RQ? N -NQXN xx RN. ix , x x -xx 'Wt WY x A. ! terxfiss IAQ is -4 rx x I +533 -QT A x X P0 -.- gf if H93 Q7 '-Q Nb 5 .fx sv' Q9 'Sh Y KX xv xx x x QT' 12... -Q -gik , ,..f ,Su-nrt ,.. ' , V 'V W ' : QL:-9 f-vb, xg.: - '--- Y A - .:.-I1:'555'w5f?:l":3:-X - 355, ' "fig, Q5 'S' -3:1-'H 13352515323-5 .4 5325555 .. -- rx -.'5?11:N-ix I :5:-:- ' - 'Q liz- 5.25. QQSMJQ, . -3 - v ,,gr,'1 'fr-f-1.4 : -. - -T31 -- 'lac' ' ' -A - N r -' " .. 2:51. '--'1.,,gfo:' -Ig!-13.-:FQ -.g.'.:: Qs:-:-244.5 . -gy 2-,,V:'XR-':,...'j.1v" f -,hw 'ggggggz . -'4i:g,:- 90:11. 5, ,,"-.V-1,213 " fp, 55- .,,,g: . 52.4. " S'-:N ' --1 55,4 Q:-1-E-.w-.-,f fl :9'.ff' : +:f.??,gf4g, ' 9 , QI-- .:. L- if 92 54 3 it.. - ,wi ns 5. - ' ., - ,11 '.f. inf 45?2",:F Q 5' . .ii-1. - ' .1 Vfiif- ff- Q: SQ - -5 ' .. ' N '9' ' 'f , ' ' N3 - V' S' . :E-55i'fN--1, W -5-fs-5', ' ' S M v - 4 .K K , ,A-A.-xgighz-ii.. - f -, ff-5 Q , wx. -,H ' , ' 'a '. . ' .Qty I i ,A J at T h 1 - I -. X ' I If ' ' 1. ' I X , fr J V .H .353 - X X A '- , , 1 W N1 , . v iff' A "SY-U i. Jug, , N' V ,f.QflFlv" V, .IJ ' ,.:f'i.:1jv I -3X I by bv- . If I '1'-iifl. , X HE2""'1-'9 ' - S' "E'5:l9 I ' - "ff ' -. 'X5 4 ' ff 4 ' v 1 P, Q gs j 3 5 sr 1 . ' ll! . S V: iw' 3,-gigs 2 ,XG . . X M I-I , ' ' "' f' in , V -Hi rf,-2' ,.,.L4x ,f In -E v -0 A .' 'iw mln. Qlssoriate jfacultp filsmhers KIJ HOLLIDAX' H. HAYDEN, M.D. Associate Professor of Applied Anatomy and Surgery. tel SAMUEL J. FORT, M.D. .Associate Professor of Materia Medica and Pliurmacolofzy. C31 ALEXIUS lA'ICGLANNAN, M.D. Associate Professor of Surgery and Surgical Pathology. C49 J. H.-xLL PLEASANTS, A.B., M.D. Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine. l5l WARREN P. IAIORRILL M.D. Acting Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine. Col BIELYIN RosENTH.-TL, M.D. Associate Professor of Genito-Urinary Surgery and Dermatology. fjil ALBERTUS COTTON, M.D. Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery. fSl HUBERT C. KNAPP, M.D. Associate Professor of Hzematology and Demonstrzrtor in Clinical Laboratory lol ABRAHAM SAMUELS, PH.G., M.D. Associate Professor of Gynzecology. trol WILLIQXAI W. REQUARDT, M.D. Associate Professor of Surgery. ful ARTHUR P. HERRING, M.D. Associute Professor of Physiology and Neuro-Pathology. frzl CALEB W, G. Roi-IRIQR, A.M., PILD., M.D. Associate Professor of I'artl1olo,L'y and Assistant in Genito-Urinary Diseases. 14 B Qssutiate jfarultp Hlzlnhrrs KI35 GLENN M. LI'rsINGER, A.B., M.D. Associate Professor of Obstetrics. 1145 GEDRGE W. NIITCHELL, M.D. ,Xssociate Professor ol' Diseases of Nose, Throat, Chest and Clinical Medicine KI55 W. EDXVARD MAGRUDER, BS., M.D. .Xssociale Professor of Diseases ol' Children and Clinical Medicine. 1165 ALFRED ULLIIAN, M.D. Associate Professor of Anatomy and Assistant in Surgery. fvI'7D ANDREW C. GILLIS, M.D. .Xssocialc Professor of Medicine. Demonstrutor in Clinical La!'I.,5r.1t Iry. LIS5 HERBERT H. HAX'NES, M.D. Associate Professor and Demonstrzttor of Anatomy. C195 ARTHUR G. BARRETT, M.D. Associate in Surgery. C205 WALTER D. WISE, M.D. Lecturer un Ostcolngy :Incl Associate in Surgery. C215 CI-IRISTIAN W.ALDKOENIG, PH.G., M.D. Associate in Clinical Laboratory. C225 WILLIAM C. STIFLER, M.D. Assistant Demonstrator and Lecturer on Comparative Anatomy and Embryology Q35 OTTO SCI-IAEFER, M.D. Demonstrator of Eye and Ear Diseases. C245 Joi-IN WADE, M.D. llemnnstrator in Chemical Laboratory, H5 i J Qssnriate jfarultp 5-Flemhers C259 T. FREDK. LEITZ, M.D. Associate in Gzrstrosllntcr-xln,L5y. C265 H. FLECKENSTEIN, MD. Assistant in Eye and Ear Department. C27l A. LEE ELLIS, M.D. Assistant in Diseases of Children. C233 GILBERT F. BUXTON, M.D. Assistant in Diseases of Children. C2Qil J. G. ONNEN, P1-LG., M.D. Instructor in Chemistry. C305 HENRY L. WHITTLE, M.D. Lecturer on Physiological Chemistry. C513 ANTON G. RYTINA, M.D. Associate in Genite-Urinary Surgery. C329 FRANCIS W. JANNICY, M.D. Demonstrator of Eye and Ear Diseases. C355 SPENCER M. FREE, A.M., M.D. Special Lecturer on Medical Ethics and Economies. S. GR1E1fE'r1-I D.-wrs, M.D. Lecturer on .luzesthesia anrl .Xssistant Demunslrator in .lnatomyx J. STAIGE DAVIS, M.D. Demonstrator in Surgery. FREDERLC V. BEITLER, M.D. Demrmstrator in llistnlogy and lhtlrolngy. The members of the ,Xssoeiate Faculty whose pictures flu nut appear herein have been rwmittefl, dur lu the fact that the Committee has been unable to seeure them, IS N be Iinic Here it is again, the dear, The choicest prize of the yeztr, ln her while and purple hoorl Brightening the hours with all that's good Wfe. who, sometimes worn with care, Take the paths, to lincl unaware Joy that heartens, hope that thrills, Love our cup of life that Hlls, Since in the ycans remembered nooks. Lifting fair familiar looks, Brings to us thoughts of happy days, Casting 'round us cheerful rays, Once again with Courtcsying grace, ln the same familiar place. Our class its' nianuzil sign has set In this fair prize, " OUR CLINIC." bl. F. P Z0 , YY-- - 1 A f-fa-'Lf 3115 W, Z' 4 V 1 NV ., W i W M X R9 4. , .Q Y X! X Na, 1, - pw Y 5 rf unmp um miwunm Nm-mL.-.,..f- 'Wm Wm in-rn 15 f,4,. -hmbgg-.iff-M N, .1,..,,, ,1L,7,f,:1 rr ff Vhlfltl 1 r1..N ITTLQ vm , ,uv-xr, fl"w "' wfnfv-A " 'Hhlw MT, - ihu.m,,. s1"'5" . ., 1 1 X ,.L'L rw ifpn, 2 S"f""" Q wx .L K.. am 4-typ-r ,b-f-f-- W, .A ,Q..yk N, ,.x, X 3 ,?- 'Vv4, AS L'J 7' 1 54:1 Q A Z QE, i X X 2 7 WW , 2' guunx Pwsiflwzl. Viff-Pn'sirlc'11l , .S'Cz'1'c'iu1'rx' ..... Tl'L'LlXlU'I'I' ll ixloria 11- ..... Vulraliflnl' lf,l'r'L'I1fI'1'l' Iixvfzzliw' E,w'a'11l iw' f':.Yl'CIlffi'l' SCI'!Ql'llllf-II Itlil .,.,.., . , C'w11u1iIlz'z', , Cwnuznzillcz C 'umm fllcv Cnnznzillvf I-, I H115 , J. O. NIQWELL C. BLAKE W. D BIANK1-QNS1-IIP . . , . .H, GuL1m.xr,: ,LIQTCHICR E. VFRENT , .H. Ii. LQNGSDOHF ,.....C.W,DAx1.x' . . .W. G. H,xRP1-:R , .G. W. K.x1IL12 . . W. W. Holssnx HC. I L.xNGLw1s XYIDUN. Kl.xi'mri-1 S., qv A E New jersey ln. scuim l LlIJ',IIlOll1'llbl ix this fgih'-liaiml lxrzwlitc. llr-lm-t1'ic4lm sei thu wfn'l+l whrc, but LISLS tow piim' Il Qrziflu f-f lceimsviiu. Hu ir zilxvziy- willing' Ui give ailvicu fl offer his cimtrilamii -ii tw thu grim muliczil XYffl'lil. yur iw mum L2YCI'l1L'fll'1l him Nay ii1y'tl1ingxwi'ili liftuiiiiig' to Xxiviznsfix, WAI. 'Utah Silent .if sim-ccli. yct iw ruclusc, i- this xwiiliy aiifl respcctccl member of thu scnivwr claus. Lifu tw him if zi fruiiy p1'iq:ii5itiffi1 after all. as hc has 011110 tu rsalizc that hix Yury hair im his hurul :irc miiiiluurcll.-ls lhi4 the rcsult uf simple mzirriefl lifu, wr hai the littlu zulilitirm tri hix family l1UL'l'l iwspwiiaililu fur this " ,Xllipecin ll'l'k'l11fllll1'1l? " 1 1.111113 C, If.. 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A1ll11j' 111c11 111111 uskul 111111 1111111 111- calf, 11111 1111 1111x111-1'-it is Z1 sucrut. 11011111 is ll gm 111- 1U111i1llg' fc11111v-1111111 f11,111'1 111-111-x'v 11, 111f1k 111 11g'u11f1'i1z'Q wi11111,111'. r1Qt1111, k1Zlw. ' 34 BLAKE. G. C.. K XII Glen -lean, XY. Ya. Grove is au active member of the Sears Athletic Club. Since cuteriug civiliza- tion has clevelupefl a ffiufluess for hathtuhs aufl has bc-cu ku+.iu'n tri sleep in flue. He is rather tall and uice to lfvok upou. hut is a harl mem. juflging frcim repfirti Gris- iugcr Says he likes his surls. null " Gris " might tm kriwlvw. ? BLANES, :XXTONIO Puertiy Rico FUf11lCI'lf' El Coiuctliau, Qver pmsscsseal with a suuuy smile. Hails fruui that picturesque little islziufl of Puerto Rich. where the dark-eyerl suuoritas have thuir natural habitat. ls clistiuguisheil hy his cute little m-iiustaclie :mil his rapifl pfiwers with thc fair Srx. The xwwrlil will hum' frwiu hiiu lzxtcr. as the " bf ii'f kiss " :ilrczuly have. 'W 1l111,'111N, 11. .X. 1"112l1'l'X U .111 X .X1:1Qf:1c1111s1'11 '1'111s1411111-111-:11'11'11. g111111-11111111111 11111111 ix 1-171111 X1z1+N111'1111s1'11s. 11115 111101111 ' 1111 1115 11111111'w11' 111111 111'1111'Ns11111:11 z111111':11'L1111'1'. 111-1111'1'1'1111'1'111Q' 12111111 5. 11:11'1'1N 11:15 1 Nk'11f'411 11-:1c111'1' 111 1111- 1111111 1'1'11 f1'111 111 111111f1' 1111 11111 11111. 11L'l'k' 111 11111111111-11 111111111- L11!L' 111111111-x11'11111f 111N:11111111'. 111 11:1111111111'1'111-11:11 1111111111-11 111g11111-1':1111111s1111111' N Xl, Lf .X. :11111 f1I1111'111Q'. 111 11111 1fl11t'1' :11'1 1111 1-x1'1'11S, 1111- 1:111111N C1l11N111k'l' 111111 1'K'1l1 C1111 '1'1'11:1a111'1'1' 117-UNL SUk'1'k'12l1'1 1111-111. 111111 1'1-z11'S. 111' L'Z1l'1'1L'N ll 11111c, 11111 1111 11111111111 1'11' 1112l1C11L'S. 11111111 :1 111111 " "'1Il1l11C " 1-x111'1'ss11111 211111 111111115 111-111111-Q 111-111'1'1'11 1L'C1l11'C9. 111' -111111111 1111' 111' h 111119 1:1s1 11-211' 211111 11111111'111:111111' 111-11111111 :1 " N1111'1A:1g1-111," .X1111'L'N1'11l11Q 11111141111 1 YIl1111g' :1 11lYk'1f' 1 F1 L'1'4'llP1!1 51111-11111'11s. 211 ,,. xl-,Xb1l1I',X1,11. 1 111111 I. X A X. 3.1 I1. 1111111111111131111111 111111 19 Q'L'11k'l'Il1 11:111111' 1111111 111 1111' 1'1:1ss. 11ZlV1l1g' S1-1'x'1-11 1,111 1111 5111: 11111111111111 1111 111 lluxxiiss, ll. I. qt'I1cmny"J fallilflll Bonny is a great sport and lathes man. XYho ilrvesirt remember seeing him at least once on Charles Street. attempting' tri introduce purple socks in the " beau inonclef' l-lc is alwavs at hanrl when the1'e are swcial functions at Mt. Xv6l'llV1l1 Church and the Germanizi Maemierchor Hull. The girls will miss him greatly. BREIIMIZR, lrl. L. C" slick "IJ, Z X Z Chillicothe, Uliiu Histnrian 07-O33 Year-Book Coin. OS-09. -lick or 'A-Xnrlswine 'Arr5'. hails frrvin the town liuml Hnratio Alger lillankenslnp has marie falnwus, anil realizes that he must upholrl the glory of the olcl town. From the study of Pennsylvania Dutch. he has turnerl his attention to the " Xlfar Qt the Roses." Strange to relate, he sympatliizes with the Refi Ruse. the emblem of the House of Lancaster. He wears a reml ruse over the sprmt where his heart shouhl be. He is a consistent lC1YL'1', fur " Every dag' is lathes' clay with him." 27 L 1111-1:1a1,1,, 4 1. L., 1x 111 X11lgg1, XX, X511 11 Ulu, 11:1x'111g 1111111 L'YL'I'j1111l1g' 1111111 411Q'QlI1g 011:11 111 l'l41111g Zl u1,11111ty ClI'Cl11f. 1s 1 11-11111 111' l11ix 111N1111ct11111. 11 15 1'111111'11'c11 111:11 111- 11115 1lk'QI'l 1-11g:1gc11 to 1111111 .11l11 1l111'1L'X 111111 11111Q'll1Q 111' 1115 111111'111Nt11: 1L'11f1L'11Clk'4 wc 11'lVtA 1141 11-'1S1f111 111 111111111 11 1111' 1111'111L'1' 111111 :111111g111151111cNum-X1'1111111. BURN, -1. -1. 1"-1Cr1'y "J, 111 B II NQ11' ,lung -111t21l11111s flkll' St11111'11ls," is s11111'11y 1111 111- 111111115-11c11. .X11'I111L'I' 111 1111' I'L'CL'11111' 110111111111 111151 XY1I'g1l11Z1 C111'i11Q. Hu is ll '1:1Ck of 1111 111111 111 111111111 1'1r1'1cN ILS 1111111111 111111 11115 1:1111 ll11 L'XIPCl1S1YC 1l1X1ll'j' t11 1115 C1358 119 V 4 I N , 1 1 . . :S 1c1'rx' is 21 1111-rrx' 1111111-wi111 111111SC1f. K1f1Y 11c Sc-Q11 111 1110 1121115 111-t11'cc11 cCt111'c's 111 111-up111cc111:1t11111, 1111- rc:1w1111 I111' 1111515 11111c11111x'11, snvu t1Y1111119C11. 1111 CRTJMRIXE. L. B. 4" Crummie "L Ii 111 E Xllisliington, Pa. Another member of the " one best bet " gang. He is the original ladies man and also the original lazy man. It is whispered that he formerly indulged in athletics and at one time was a wcll-known Marathon runner. XYe doubt this. as no one has ever seen him in a hurry. CRONIX. D. Xlesterly. R, l. Champion silent man of the class. Xlears a Yainlyke and claims to have grown it himself. XYhen not at college, he spends his time as head waiter at ai summer hotel and it is said that he is an expert hand at watering milk. Cronin has actually been known to smile on several occasions. ..- 29 Ylssrrx, l. XYQSI hvifgilliil " l':i " iszi Ill1l11UfX'ZlliUi lLUllNlTiihiTlHL'lIiS, i':iiigiiigl'i'iiii1 fzirniiiig lu mziiirigiiig' i NlI'ccl1ri:lIl11. Ili-iiigriiimii wif x'v1'Q:ililcchzi1':iulL'1'zui1I fl'iUl14iij'iJCZll'i11Q, htilllh mm i hvift HI Iriuiiils :il cfrllcgc, U.X1.Y. Li. XV., X Z X Plziiltfmvl, Ciiiin i'l'L'SiliCl'lI 07-031 Iix. Ll im. 09 Qii'Iill'iCj' ClltL'l'Cli imii aiu zissmcizitiiiii with limiting wh' 1illl'lJ1rSL' uf cwiivuiiiuiicc iii zirgiiiiiciita I'Iuwci'vi' in his frufhiiizui 31-ui' for -IO. lily wlicn 'llnifs ivisilmii grux Qii12l1'iCj' wax I-lll'CL'li tm suck fin' :L cwiiipziiiiim " iii iliwgusl U :mil iiuiiizigwl tm mpc Ilaiwzihzm. llc huczimc quits hczivx' with thc tziii' sux Iiumi ms. :mil cinisu iiciitly hwiiglit i ! so mlrcm Suit. XYhc1i not at schwul, hc iliviflcs his limi hclwccn his Iimilqf zmfl hi -11' 171NK121.s'1'r1x1i. B. 11. 1" 171111: "1 Fink 15 21 C11CCl'f111 11tt1u C11El1,l. 11110 is z1111Q tm get there 111 Z1 quiet 111211111611 HQ is one of Olll' recent :1c1l111s111o11s 1111111 Y:11u. Is " some " 1111151612111 when 116 1Va11t5 t'1 he. The flressiest 1112111 111 the class. DU1',11.L1', 15. A., fI1B H F1111 Rivur, Mass. 11,1131 is 2111 that C111-c1'111g :mu 11CZll'5? XY111', 111211 1s the great applause 215 " Y411111g1 HZl1'1'1SIHl1 " steps 14111 1111 t11c p1z1tfr,11'111 of 1211116 2l1lL1 p0p111211'1ty. He C2111 tc11 you 1110 l11CZ1l11l1Q'O1 uvery big' 11111-11 111 his text-110u1cs. w11c11 you givu 111111 a 611211106 to lmrmk it 1111. He is 51112111 31111 t11c1'Q is 114.1t 111L1c11 of 111111, but 116 guts 111CI'C just the same. For X'C1'11:lCI1t1Ol1 111 11115, c11q1111'c uf the 1.'111tec1 Railways, cspccially 1116 Cz1tm1sx'111e Division. Co1111ect1c11t W .... Sl 1 1l'?3I1N'i, 141 11. l"171'11111i"1, 111 X Nvw 1:1'11115XY1L11f 111 l11X 111-:11'1x 111111 111'11:1x111'11141'11. 1111s1111111-z111:1t11111l1' 1111' 1111-z111'-A 111111 111:11 1111 5111111 1 111 1:1111-his 111111-111-1111-211111 511111- 11111111 111 111:11 11l111' 1111111 111 X111 111'1111xx1'11'1i, 171w111-111, -I. Lf. fb B11 .'X1i1" 111. 4111110 11 11215 z1111'z11's 111-1111 :111 u111g111:1 111 1111 111-11-1111-1111s 115 L11 11'111c11 lx 1111' 11111'1z11111:11 111111 which 1110 111-1'11u11111c111z11' 111IlI11k'1L'l'4l1-l111N 1111f111'11111:111' 111'1111111i111111. 1I1CL'rr1l1111f' 11111's 111- 111111. 11-1 11-:1'c1' 11:15 11c 1lk'L'l1 1illlfXX'll 111 N111 :1111'111111g. XXI' 1111 11-ul 1'z11111'1' 11-1111111 111wz11'f1 111111. 11s wc 141111w 1I1.111N'l11Il1'1'1L'41 1111- :11111 1111-11111111 111j11111':1111:1g1-f 111 511011 :1 912111: I,1H1l' 111111151 '11111' 1lll1Nk'N1 1111111 111 l11L'C1J1Ns. 1.411'L'N 1111111514 111-111511111-g1i'l'11i1x111111 11111 111-1111' 1111111g Il1l'11Q' K411:11'11'N S111-11 111 11111-1 11115 11111111 11Zll51If' 11'111 1'A1'Ill11i hc, w11c11 111- a Fox, L. O., CID B 1'I XYCst Virginia To look at him. unc might cxpuct him to he ll man with a lmfilfs hrain. yet would mic hclievc that he tofik Z1 prior wirlfim"s -rnly om' in payinciit flu' his wise :inrl efficient medical service? 54,1 the sttu-5' if tnltl, but thme whti kiimv him are snrlirisecl that hc dill mit take the milk pails as interest. Fnowzuizixr. W. I. 1171-tiitz "J, dv A E Auburn. N. Y, This muiicl-faced youth was lrorn in the baseball season. so to him athletics are more important than medicine. Can give more hot air than any other incmber of the class. Usually occupies a prominent seat in the " pcanut gallery." Ask Urlnaiiski for further particulars. 33 ' A 114111151 xx, 11.XIilQIS, 1I1 X 1:5111m,.,,-K 11f111151N 111111111. lkllllllg 111111 C112l1J. 11'111111z1s1111' 1z1c111tx' 111 11111111111g1115111111 51l1L'hb. 11'1 1111' X11l111 111 1'111' x111111'1' is 1111- N111-V011 111' 1m'C." 12111111s1ss1, -l11s1-i1'11, fb A E L'11i1'11111111'11. Va. Huw 1111 11111 111'1111111111c1' 11? Y1111 11411111 l51'1V11l'll111Ck' 11.-11111 ?11t'k'ZL' 11. S1,1111u c1111 111111 " L'a1'11s11" 111111 11111013 " S11z1gc11c," 11111 111L'j' IICVCI' Sllj' 11 111 111s fncc. 111' is ll 1111-111111-1' 111 1111: 1S1:1c1c 11111111 111 g1111l1 51i11111111g 111111 11215 fuvc1'z11 11l11CN 111111 111 11111- x'1'1'1z1- X'11g1, S11I11UW11k'1'L' 111 1111- 111111 11:1s1, -11111 1111111 Il A' f11cz11c L'Z1S1'.Hl1lll1 1111-ru if 1111 Vw 111 g'L'111llg' 1101-51111111 .3-1 HIQISIXLQIZIQ, G, If. I" Gris U. 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X!1'lf1.1-gxlcv, IL fl, V Hur "1, fb li II I:1llIiIN'll'L'. NIJ. ,M ff 111 1115 IIZINT.. 111- 01111 my littlu'-l11N 1111-w11t is u111111gl1. " l1c1111y"' 1+ 1111- priflc -If ilu' claw. 1111 hr ix +1111 111111 living 1,-x:1111l1Ir 111' fl In-1111tit'11l lwvwlvwix. Talk 11141111 111111 1 1111x1111 1111114-fl 11Iw111 111111111 1l1L'1'1I czmllzlu 4lc1r11'w1f111 x1'1111l1l hc wc thc ' Ik-11111 " 11 zxlk. lJ1'. ISL-11111 k1111xxs ll QI'L'lll flu-111. I-Ill' 111- Nuuliux 1111111 N11111'isu k'Yl'l'f 11+fI1I. llu lr I1t'YL'I' 11111111 I1L'CIlllNk' hw Iucl lll't' 111-xilxx 1111. s lmxfzsllfrlclf. II. If, 1" l'uc-XYQL' "I, X Z X IJick111w11. X 1CQ'l,l'L'N 1111-073 l'.1l11111' N c:11'-IM 114 NN-H113 X z1lwl1q11.r1g111 111,-111, 1'cc-XXIQ 1'111'111u1'l1' 11111111 111 clnwic lwllw 111 I.2lXX'I'L'llCL'YiHL', XYllL'l'L', IICCILUNL' hix l1z11l-tf1fQi11g1111111153 lu- 11111 k11f111'11 mx " lfy S1-y11111111'." 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Mac tiflnlq Z1 ufiirsu at YY' lllilllir Lifflltgc nnvlci' the ilirection of Blankenship. Heavenly Twins are right in his line. acc irfiling tif Dnvallcy. KIAXON, C. XY. lu Charlic ur. fiJX P1 lint Pleasant. N. Vl. Charlie has great zispiratiwiis nf lnccuining a surgcvin. He relflily zigrucs with all, in all the pnints of lqiiliiwleflgfe tliscussetil. In n few years, we will nn ilouht hear of his fnunrliiig El hfirspital fin his nfitive huath. treating the lime and the halt in a inannei' that will inalw the Mayo llrwtliers envious. 45 Nlcl SINN. bl. lf. 4".lil11l1llC Nl. X Z X Pawtucket. R. l. -limmiu liwclcul his rziz-ir. si' liiiilq :it what gi'-qw' ini him. Hc is Z1 l1IW1'I'llllk' ixziinplu nl what thu l1wilqix'1ii'iii will flli. lx :ilwziix thuru with the glzul hzmil :mil is L'-'Cl'XX'llllllQlHQIYL'lIHl1ll1jlN4il'l lqiflx fli ll1lllll'Illll'L' zmil hzis lziicly fll'l'flllgk'Il with .Xl liimzci tfi tzikc hix night calls -limmic iiilcix liwim cliiwiiiic In-wkuili-. llAClJ1il5li, lf. H. l"1lZlCl'J,fI7 B II NL-w -lursuy Klzic lbt.lllCUftl1lrhC whrv :irc tricil Zlllll lruc. Hu ix iiiilwix-luiiliiwiis :mil lwzirf thu 'L iif Q-vcri stuilciit iii cimllcgc. " Hu is lllwlllpl :it uvcry call." .Xs thu nzimu :ic jigiiilici. hc has simic :if lhwu qiizililius uf :iii lrishmzm. :mil iiflun licciiihus 5' 4 U. llc will hc huzircl uf lzitcr. fi-ziwx. llfix :in cxtunsivu lwrziclicc in Smith 4r-i ' XLXYSELS, A, Peiiiisylyziiiiii Lilss El lalzislcsmitli, hs hzis zi iiiimlisr of iimiis iii ths his git line tiiiis. XXL hziys V lzssii hlssscfl l FJ with his prsssiics fur sms yszii' iiuly, yet in that tiiiis hs hzis assiiiiiscl ths pilsitiiiii mf " class sliaiiipiffii iif :ill C2lLl9Cr.u Rsssmly hs hu- tiilisii why hs is still at largs. KIOORE. L. H. lUl-1fIlllEHl, X Z X. E fin E Hfflll-lfill, l'zi. Louis Claims tsl hziys two lwmss iii XYssts1'11 llUl1ll5ylY2'llllll aiiil well have to take his yyoril for it. Hs is szillsil UliI'2lll1lIiLl-' hy his slussst frisiiils. hut when asked ths iiieniiiiig' 'if ihs ismi. hs smilss aml says, 'A Psafwwl :im a hsziutiful hirflf' He is str' lug fin' liuiitiiig' hss trsss. hut slziims iieysi' tw hfiys lussii stung. His yyw,ii'st fault is that hs 1'1,l1fll11b with lliwiiiiifls. lisst iizitiirsil man in the class hy Lllllllllllllillr vote. Note-Hs ks-pi ihs yxritsi' iii rllllllilllg' iwhzissii siiiss Xmas. sw that ths zilyiixs ssntencs yxoulil ls iiiscrtsil, 47 spssial ilslight in sfliiipsliiig fill' at lszlst six liospital zilipfiriiitiiisiits, X'x's wwiiilsr YI-.XYII.l..'l.1P, I Img p, 'DX Klzllmluwllc. X. L. SL'l'4QL'I1Illillzxflll- nm-1 ,jg l'rusirlcnt rm- lw. lim' if xp ww Q1' fm' mlm claw, w il l12llHl'ZlHf Lfllwlxxs that it iw func of ilu' Fmcsl. QV Ho has Ll "uigg'uV1'uu:1'rl"I-xlw lll"PU'l uf, Na-x'c1'1i1'cN 1lffk'lliHQ'l1iN H4l2ll'li'.'j' zunl u11lv'Nt111w. Ivwm M111 In-111 in-c:u1schucl1cwxll1cNzlmclclwlfwi lwmg' cut D1 wk . ,l5l.XN. - I VZ. , f ruth limi l:2llliI11Hl'L', llus :L xwvicc liku il chilfl 11114 ll pusu that wfmld mznku l'IIlXYkSll1lXY turn Q'l'k'L'll wllh cuvv. llc :mil hh wm' chum, N-nlcl. wlll nw llwulwl sci 5lPll1.l'l lzfusl lz2ll1llNlIl'L' zmru Nlmmc 41113: 5 . . , . . Ngrcxx 1 48 YOL,xN1r, lf. 11.112 B Il Yirginia ' 'Olly as fl cricket and his pcculiar laugh can he lieai-rl all liver collugc. Prnvuks. l. T. 4" Red "L K X11 Canada This quiet zmcl unwhtrusive little fellow hails frwm thc wilils .if the Hiidswn llay Country. This prwhably accounts for his timiility. as hc has mit semi much of th wjtrlrl. :X short tim- affix he marlc himself fam-bus hx' Cfivwwiii-f a mtiiustaclie 6X kb ,5 N gmtl cliaqutising a casa tif eclampsia. 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X1111c1'f1'111C, 1'21 1.'.'111'1qc11 11111 12lCl111j' 111111 g1x'111g 111111 El -11111 1111 1111' 11IILlSC X12111. 111- 1lU11l1'lg'h 111 111k I1111l1'Q11211'f1 w111c11 1-sQ111'1w 1111' U 1111111 " i11111111c1cc1111'c11:111s. 131111111 111111141 it is 111- limi, T, E.. fb X Travclcrx Rcxt. 5. Q. A Tln-ron cams tw Billlllllfrlk to intr-,wlucc " lluiumliglmt olrn lmrnwf' hut vwntg L 1 the iight againwt pcllagra hu gave it up as a liafl job, He is in thu hahn nf lllililllfg frequent trips tn thu Rclnlcrt. hut nf cfvrrfu hu is nut tu blanm for " ht-r " appctitu. .Xt present hc li un L-xlnl'vititm vt Dr. l111nflryE Sanatnriunl antl mn: wfwulfl have tw travel afar lmforu meeting a finer all-'1mnn4l 14 ul fellow. Sr-XYRIQ, Cf F. XYcst Virginia The leading and olclcst rcsirl-:nt l'llCllllJQI' of thu Scars Athletic Club in gnfjrl standing. ls a cnnn41issQur nf lsllJE1CCH anrl is said that he intennlb to go to China tw inform the " Chinki " ahnut that fruit 1 U. QI . 1 i N1'1l1I.1,1xv1'l'1c1L, Ig. I'. 1" 5CIIlIIlL' I, lx XII XX1-st X11'g'1111z1 I 2 I xml 1111 II5ll'1'Ih4 III 5II'k'L'I 111111 1IQL'I'IL'II tw UUIIIL' L11 I', :1111I S. 111 IIIZIIQC Z1 1I11cl111' uf IIINUII-. Ilwxx' x1'uII I11- x11uc1'1-IIN will I11- I4111wxx'11 in :1 yum' 111' tww Ivy 1111l1111'i11g :ml 1' 11lItc1' I1f111au 111 411v1'111:111iz1. 'I'I1if ix 1I1c g'I'L'2lIt'NI, 11Iz1c1' 111 XYQXI X'i1'g'i111z1. ScI1iII1c great I1 11' SIIIIIIZII Fcluwl 211111 UIIQIII 111 Imw In-Q11 ll 111i111N1c1'. XII I Img' 111111' 11z11'1I1111, I :1111 11111 ll I1-xv." II-1111-x'c1'. I11' wan l'L'CL'llIIf' :1 IIIL'l'- S1'1f1.x1i1f1i1:, ul, LL XY. I"5CIl21CfHI. fb X H111 XI1 I'I'CSI1IL'11I, I rlw 1111! ZIQTCL' with thc 111I11-1- Q'L'lIIIL'IIIL'II l11'usu11l :1111I xv: 11111 111 1111+I1'1'stz1111I that I IIN 111111111 L11 cI11 an I plczuu. 1'cg:11'1IIcws uf Xmlll' 1Iec1si1 tI1z1t g1'z1114I z1111I gI111'i1111s xlalr. I I11II11w 1111 11111,-X cxz111111Ic 111' 1Iiclz1ti1111N." Q1 I .1111 11 I111f3I:cx'c 111111 21111 111'w11rI uf it. I.iIqc z1II 1115 1II11a11'1r111N p11-1Iuc1wS:11'x fl'llIII Siiitnii., II., QD A E Tlaltiiiiwru, Htl. Hvlizit is it? Diivallcy sais it is I1'ish,birt we :irc iucliiiwl tw blamc it on Exeter Street. Hu is 21 fuilowcr ut Herr Klint zmil Emma fYiHlYiI11ZlI1. but V11 icsift tlimw bmiibx as liif picturc xwulfl imply. Hn the cfmtrziry, lit- i- quict :mal unassuming 'mtl 1iiaii'wcQ tw Get 'ilwiiff with cu-rxwiic. f C s :Q ' r- . ' t.f,41 SEYB1IJL'R,G. A-X., 1" Cy "l, fb X Xen' .It-rwy . " Cy H if il true spurt, Yisitrwiw tw the ctillcge Often ask what the young well- - clrcsscfl Iilfviifle flwctiir ii. tltzit tlicy fue xIZ1l14iiI1Q in the halls. The fpurtiiig page iii 21 iicxxspzilici' is Iiif Ii1lY1Il'ilL' litt-rziti1i'c zuirl lic can tell yum the batting ziverzigui fit any man im the I iq trams. 53 "F, . 1 1 11111 11 1110 111111' 1'0'l1 sp111'1 111 11 Fmx, b1s1'1,1211, 17. 11. l"F11iN1,fl'151'1 111-s1 XV11'g'1l11l 111 C12lhr. 111' 11111141 1'1'11111g. 1111111c1'111 211111 11111 l5111S11CIl1L'l1. 11cs11it1- 1115 11111g 211111 1-11-1111111 1111- H1111 1111111c1'111191111'C Il1:1.Z'l1l'N. 11215 1 111i'1'f1'C111' 141VL'1j' Q21111' 211111 fl C1110 11111u 1411111111 171105111 c111'11'. w11111k1- 111' l11'11111 1117101115 11'1111 1'1fPX 111111 is 1'Z1I'L'1f' 11-011 11'111111111 111111. 1Y:'11' fl11'111L'1' i11f111'111:1111111. 0111151111 Q 111.'111x, .1 XX. 1 5111 1. E21 111 111'11111s11'11 X X L.1l111L' 111 118 1.l'U1'I'I 1Q111'111'11, 11111 f1j11'111112111'11' Q111 1111-1' 11. 11ZlSN.'f1 ll 1111191 411l11111L'1' 111111 11111 "1111gN " 211 1111' S111'1111C1'11 111111 1'1'2111, 11'11111'1- 111- f111'1111'11 1111.1 11111111 111 11'c211'i11g' '1 11'111l1' 111111. 1'1z111 2111 11z11'11 1111111 gu11111g 11111 ll 11111111 C1 111k'g'1' 11111-111-11. Xc1'1'1' 111'1I1 .1 C1llNN 1111111- 111111 011151-11111-11111 11:1+11'1 11111 1'111'111i1's. thousaiicl, for hc bciirs all his s1,1i'rmx's zmrl t1'1'v,ililQs with that rlcg'r6e of furhczirziiicu S'l'IiIXliE, F., QDX Nun' Ymrk Frank is a quiet, uiiolytrtisive fcllim' wlm wears at pcrpctuzxl grin. Has livutl girls. Xlbiinlcrful to rclatc, no one has yet semi him talk tri mic. XX'h:it butter may he saitl of him? - I 5XYIiliXIiY. -luiix rl, 1" -lack "J Masszlclmsutts lfollmv his cxzmiplc in all but :mc Il1ll1g'fl'lCYL11' gct mzirricrl. -luck is unc iii Ll which has Wuxi fr-1' him the rcspcct inf all his classmates. This mzikcs him thc mzm worth while, fur htfs thu man with Zl smile, when t-verytliiiig' goes fli-all wruiig. 55 for three years iii the purlieus Of Cliatsxvortli Hill, thc vlistrict fztmcfl fm' its cliffrus .1111:11'1z11. 11. 5.111 X X11 111g'1111-111-11 11:11 1-111 1111111111' 11111'1111'1A 11c 15 f11111' 111' 111111'1'. 111116 115 if 111s 111111111 11.11 S5111 11, .1 C., X E N 132111111111 1.111111 1111- 11z11'Ic, 11z11111s111111- 1111111 111211 14111 5111- 11L'I'C 11 S111111' N11'1111g 111111 11111 1111111-. XY1-1111 Zl 1'111'1'1111c "111'11c1' 111- 11'1111 1011.1 1x111'1-HQ11111, 11111 11111111 :11'1'111'c1'11111g. 115 111' 11 1111111111 11N 1111' " 1111111111111 111111211 s11111'1." A121111 111111111 111 1i11'1x111111:11c1-11 11111111 111:111- 11 11' 1131111111 111 1111111 111. 111' 1111151 111111- Il 11-1'1'11111- 111151, :1s 111- 11:11 11-11 111-11111115 111111 111' 1111111111 11111 1111111 111111 11. XY1'IL'11 11111 1111111 1112111 11111-111 111s 111g 1-111 111111 11111114 111 11111 111 111s 11111111'1'111. 1'1- 11111111 11111111111:11wz111i1'1'1', 11111141 11r:111 Z1 1111'1111'1' 111 1111111 111' 1111111s 1-11111-1 1111111 111g 11. " 511111114 111111 Ill1 LIXY1111 1111 111 1111111i111Q 111:11 11c 111'1'1'1' 11111 L'1'1'1111 1111' Q11 TRIQNT. L. E., fb X North Canvlina been seen on him, Iimx'cvei'. His manly fault is his wliislct-rs. The tczn-s Him' withiint 'ITiim31IN, Ii. I" Tow Much " I, fb A E Nlzirylzi in thc Inst row in thc class rooin. Yury Iitth- niziy he sztirl nf inc, Iwcuiisc :is ye Iizivcliiot pnhlisheil my grunt appeal fm' -wi' tinuI l'CNIlll'flIIUIl. I may nut shinu fn my on'i1IJi'ig'I1tiicss, yet I nic Sapolio cvcry flat." Trent is 21 pnnininent mcinhui' frmn the I1If1UICXYOl'i'l'l state. Its rzivixgcs Iizwc nut stint when they uppezn' in thc Iiisi'izm1. I 57 " Fricnils, I never fi 1IIi1w my niisu. I always try to bu quit-t :intl sculc my plum t I l'lcI:AXNr-lil, X. .X I..fl1 A I2 lZu1't':1l1,. X, Y XX'hu1'u it czum- fl'Ul1'I1lIl1l lxfm' it gut l1L'l'L'XX'L' lsumx' nw!--it ik L-lwuglm than lu' ix mcru. .Xny Iwm' uf thc 1lL1X'1r1' night. Iuml :ll xxwr1'k cam pm timl him. .Xs ll pizm f hix k'lYU'-CH lll'lYfk'5NiVXIl. I,illlL' 4I1lk'NI1k' sflj. NUM IL'-N slrww hu' lllillli. Il'Cl1HlSL'll1Zl11 all thc utlm' " Xl11lIiL'N " put twgvllu-V, wlxirlm ix gl ling 5' wma " Tuck llUX'k'l' bums twbzmccfr. rlxmyw, l1L'iN"NHHIL' dmv " :mfl litllu flwlw lu' XX'Ill'1'X lllllillt ilu- l111Ck'l'lZliI1 HIICCLN4 'lf N lL'c1ux'11.1.14114, I. R. 1"'I111CliHD, K XII XX'wlX'il"'i11l1 . 5 'z 5 Trrrm thc XX'll4li ut XX wt X!I'QH'llIl, llc vnu-1'wl l , :null 5. xxhuu rfum xouuq 211141 ncwr IAf.'CfPX'L'l'L'fl fl'HI1'I it. I3clig'l1h in lI11'fIxx'i11g' chalk :mt Xhgl :xml Illillik N hzu siiicc rcgziiucll hix Qclf-iwfpcct. li flllll'l'llYl4,1ll piilmi'-xxml iliimtci' uf thu class. XY,-XLSH, rl. H. Klnfsuclmu-cus lim hzu hcuu 'nic wif thu hwy iluriiig his ffllll' XCHTS' stay llCl'C. Hzix wurku-l so lizirrl that mu' hm only tw lol fl: flu' his hziir tl- fli4cm'u1' the fact. Sliwwulil 5'-'iii wixh to iiiifl him. look zuiioiig thu aggjiwgzitiriii uf Sunik Ntllilljllli. Su XUJT. M. kl.. QD X Kingftoii. X. Y, Spciiilw hzilf -if his time in c-'vllcgc zuicl thu mthur hzilf -u1iifxx'lic1'u alinig' the lliiilswuk clawic sliciiws, Hu has Il wficu likc zi grapli-wpliwiic Quill hv kiiiixvs it.-we lziirvw it.-the faculty kiiwxvs it. Zlllyl iii fact niiywiic passing within thru- lnlfwcks OI thc cwllegc bctwccu lecturc h-mrs kiiwxvs it. Starts-l tw mise a ci"-p wwf Npiiizicli, hut COS'l'El.Lo, XV. bl, 1" Costey "H Baltiinore, Md. Look at this inztnl Do you not detect the nnmistzikflhle signs of the married man? lly oeeiipatiun El drug'g'ist, hy choice il physician. l-lis chief amusement is CZll'4l'lJlZlyll1g, at which he has an envizihle reputation. fYlStL'l'lf2ltiOllS in dress, :md ponipous in manner, he is as good-naturecl as he is fat. Roxen, .lures E. qu" jim "J Providence, R. I. Has anyone ever seen this man frown? He is a possessor of the secret of happiness and is not adverse to imparting it to others. -lim is constantly huhhling over with good nature. He is always in an hurry and is reniarlcahle for his fast O"1it. Should he ever enter at eross-country run, there will he lots of money at the 5. school hetted on him. Yoexo. Srizxeizn Utah Young is zt young mam with an old appearance. This may be accounted for by his residence among the Mormons. lle is zi twenty-ninth cousin sixteen times removed. of the l'ro1,mliet of Prophets. His appearance is wonderfully changed by his smile, which happens at least twice Il week. 60 T' 1 'P 4 S ! 1 DEYTA E .K '85 N 1 -1 ' 1 V 1 'f ,-Ji ,X , jd J .alt 5 , , smut 111511155 Zlawtorp 111 giving 1111' 111s1111'y 111 ll 1111111111 111' Zl 1'f1L'L' 111 pu1i1p111, 0111- 1'c1:1t1's 511111111 11111 facts 411, w11z11 11161 11z1x'c z11'c1f1111- 11iQ11c-11. 11711911 1111' 111S1Ill'12ll1 21111-111p1s 11,1 w1'111- E111 111411111 411 f11c11 2111 1111111116 211111 Q11-1111111 claw as 111211 111 Xinc- tucn 1111111,11'1'11 111111 '11C11, 111111 if 110 is 11151 z1111,1wu11 111 1111111 1111: 171' 1111'1'c 1'111111111cS, 111' 11111 11:11'c 11,1 C1111 2111111111111 1111711111 1 11:11 111:1j131' 111101-:1111111s. XY11111 pQ1'1111ss11111 is g'1'z111t1'11 111111 111 12111-1'ycz11w 111 writu 11 11111111 111 11'11g't11, 11s will 1Jc111cZ1fc11 111 get 11111 1111' sec111111 1111111111. '1i11k'l'C ig NI,ll111'1111I1Q' 11'111c11 c11:11':1c11'1'1zCs cvcry 1.:1'Cr1lll'l2l1l, 111111 111- wcrc 11111 1-x1'111111 1111111 1111' l'L11k'. S1111 t11c1'1' was s11111c111111g 211111111 this c1:1sa 111111 011111110111-11 El11Cl1t11,Jll, a1111 to 11111' 11111'1'111' 1111- S111111s 111111cu11 11, 1:1'f111'c 111c 1:2lC' 11111 11111. 2111111110tz1111c111g11111k place 111 11'111c11 111415101115 11'1'1'c hllll' players. SL'L'1l1Q 111111 wc 111'u11c11 El 1Qa11c1'. Z1 I11L'C111l1Q' was c?1111'11 211111 111g f111111wi11g' g'1'11111-111c11 1-1uc1c11: -1. R. 1:1SC11k'1'1 1'rQS1111'11t: 11, 1f, 1.1'111gw11111'1', Yin--1'1'1-51111-111: 1. T. 1i1,1c3'1111. SL'Cl'C1I2ll'j', T1'1'z1N111'1'1' 211111 111s1111'1z111. L'1111u1' 1111- 1cz1111-1'- 411113 of 11111' 1,1'C'5111L'l'11, 1110 c1:1fs 1r1C1L1l"' ww 1'1kc11 11111111111 111-111 ' 1 ' ' . 1, . , g 1IAI111'1JL'l1 by 111L' 54111118 XY11L1l wc 1-111:1'v11 1110 OI Hz:-stctiiig room, the Sophs gave us a cordial welcome. which ended in a rush. in which though not victors, still we were not defeated, From this time on we made ourselves at home and everything went well until examina- tions, which were successfully passed. On the first of October, loo7. we entered into the mysteries of the Sophomore year. Some faces were missing from our number, and new ones were filling their places. The hrst thing we did was to elect our officers for the year, with the following result: Charles XY. Daly, Presidentg B. U. MacCleary. Yice-President: I. bl. Burne. Sec- retary1XY. D. lllankenship. Treasurer: and H. E. Brehmer, Historian. It was next our duty to initiate the Freshnien, which we did in the proper fashiru. The year waxed on, with our efforts crowned with honor and success. XVhen the day of finals came each man stood ready to do justice to himself and honor to the class. After spending a pleasant and prosperous vacation at our respective homes, telling, with the egotism of only a Soph. of the victories and triumphs which crowned the success of our preceding years. we returned to the old college. Here we entered into and explored new and undiscovered fields. XYith the tenacity of a Dllll-llOfl','. which has marked our class, we were able to master all the difhculties. Some of our classmates did not return, but cast their lots in other territories. XVe were sorry to give them up. but they were replaced hy double their number. XYith these new men. our class took on new life. .-Xmong the First duties that called us was the election of officers for the year. The following were elected: -I. XV. Hughes. President: C. XV. Naxson. Yice-President: XV. D. Blankenship, Secretary and Treasurer: Frederic Holroyd, Historian: and XV. Froitzheim, Sergeant-at-Arms. All went well until about the f:1l'S't of December. when we were anxiously awaiting in room No. 33 for Prof. Harry Friedenwald to lecture on the anatomy of the eye. It was announced to us that we were wanted in room No. 25 for a written Quiz on the eye and ear. This came as a surprise to us, but we surprised Prof. Friedenwald by proving to him that we were well versed in the subject. Next came the " Mid-years." something that had never occurred in the history of the college. This hit some of us hard blows. as we had expected to go home early for the holidays. but we stood them like men. and went home all the happier, feeling that we had passed with high marks. .-Xfter spending a pleasant Christmas at home, we returned to our college work with that determination which means success and honor to those who are willing to pay the price. The days passed by like so many hours and again we were confronted by examinations. First came the " minors," and then that long to be remembered week of Finals. which caused our gray hairs and wrinkles to he multiplied hy the score. Then we bade good-bye to our teachers and classmates and homeward journeyed. hoping that a clear card would he our reward. The Summer is gone. and we are hack. ready and willing to enter the race of our lives. and our motto is to he. " XVin, or Die Trying." fy: Un greeting our friends antl classmates. we note that snnie are absent and that others take their places, XYhu shoultl be our Vrcsitlent was next the topic of discussion. The merits anrl clenierits of each propctseil fellow was ably fliscusserl. :Xfter nianv elivquent speeches l'a1l Leen rleliverecl, the following gentlemen were electerl: J. O. Xewell, Prcsiflent: .Y XY. Little, First Yice-Presitlentg Grrver C. lllake, Second Yice-Presiflent: G. li. Grisinfger. Thiril xilCE-l'l'C:lr'lC1'll.1 YY. D. lllankenship, Secretary: H. Golrlnian, Treasurer: Harulrl E. I-f.n1gsflfwrf. Yalerlic- toriang C. J. Langluis. Sergeant-at-Arnis: and Letcher E. Trent, Historian. The Executive Coniniittee consisteil of G. XY. Kahlt- lchairnianl. C. XY. Daly. XY. TS. llunter, ll. A. MacMillan anfl XY. H. Hobson. It seems lut verterrlay, thuugh we are in the niirlst of the " llitl-year examinations. The Christmas liwlitlays are Over anil l"l'IllOl'l'1lXY the final exaniinatictns. anrl then, and then! YYhat shall the answer he? llut all great people leave soinetliiug which forever keeps them in the reinenihrance anfl esteeni of their frienfls and the future g'CllC1'Z1IlflllS, Shakespeare left literature tu iunnortalize his nanie: XYashingtnn left char- acter anil pnlitical faint- tn his crerlit: Rnhert E. Lee left Qeneralsliip for his lifiriiorz while this class leaves a recftrrl which we hope will forever stancl as a shining light to our ilear Alina Hater. l-lisri .tt1.xN. 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DEERY. ,IUSEPH P ..... ECKERDT, A. IJURTUN. . . filuntur .,......IIohoken. N. -I. . . .XX'cst Newton, Penna. .. . . . . .Key XX'est. Fla. . . .If1altin1ore, Htl. . . . .fI'l1'tfOI'Cl. Conn. ...I!runswick. Ga. . , . . . . . Provo. Utah . . . . . .I1eaver. XX'. X'a. . . . .New Lonrlon. Conn. . . . . . .Baltimore Xlrl. ...Ilaltimoie Md. Emiuxnsox, H. TURNER .......,.. , . . .Quitman, Ga. FLYNN, jnnx F ....... G.xGG1oL1. G.XG4jIULU .... G.xU'r1ER, CLAUDE X' .... GOCRE, XVILLIAM T .... GORMAN, JAMES F. . .. I'I.XLL,.'XRCI1EIf. M. .. H.x M uxrox. E. S .... HIXNIITIN, JUHN F .... H.XRAI.fXN, HOXX'.'XRD E. .. HEIL, CHARLES F... I-IEYMAN, P1-11LL1P. .. HONELLIN. ISIDURE .... I'IOG.XN. JOHN F ..... HUTCHINSQN. F. H... jENN1Nos, F. LESLIE. .. . . . . . . .Bridgeport Conn. Coftanialn 1Lunig-ianal, Italia .. . . .I'Iuntington, XX'. Ya. . . . . . Piedmont, XX'. X'a. . . .So. Manchester, Conn. . . .lluckhannoir XX'. X'a. . . .Fayetteville XXI. X'a. ....Bclchertown. Hass. .. .Chillicothe Ohio .. . .Camclen. N. J. ....Newark. N. J. .. . . . .New York City' . . .New Iflavcn. Conn. ...Newport R. I. ....Hamilton Klcl. .-XIMQNE-" XX'hy w!lCIa5S iliull K.x1,1LE. XX'II.Ll.X5I D. . . IQIZIEGAN, -lusizifit F. . . K1L1:nL'RN. j. D ...... IQUHLER, I'IUR.XCE XX'. . NIAKIN, -Ionx ll ..... NIXRSCIINER. -I. E. .. KIIZSSAIIIL jonx S .... Mic-I-IEI.. N.x'rl1.xx. . . . NIILLER, I'IEIlM.XN .... MURRISUN. F. H. . .. BIUTCHLER. H. R .... IDICUXNOR. jonx X' .. PINIQCS, Emixunw -I. . . RIDER. P.XI.'l. ....... . Rucl-1E, TI'Ifl1I.X5 J. .. S1-IEA, juux F ....... 5-.xixr .Xxuizro josizvii .X.. SMYSER. DI. D ......... SXVINT. BENJAMIN H. T111 sR1qELsoN. -I ....... TRi1'PE'1'T. Ii.XRL H .... XX'H1TcoMB, NORRIS B. .. XX'ILl.I.XMS. Lows X',. XXIOIIITRLIFF. C.XI.DXX'l2I.L Zlxx, XX'H1'rx1.xX -I .... ZL'Rc HER. CLARENCE XX' do they call me Izzy? " 68 . . .I.3luetielcls. XX'. X'a. , . . .New Haven. Conn, .. . . .Hartforcl, Conn. . ......... Yoe, Penna. . . . .Point Pleasant. N. II. . . .XX'heeling. XX'. X'a. ...Brooklyn N. Y. .. . .New York City . . .XX'ilmington, Del. . . .New Lontlon. Conn. . . . . . . . .Rnckaway. N. J. . . . . . .XX'oonsocket. R. I. Xlcrirla. Yucatan. Mexico . . . . .'l'unnellton. XX'. X'a, . . . . . .XX'esterly. R. l, . . . .Holyoke Mass. . .... Providence. R. I. . . .Perth Amboy. N. .. . . .Pickens XX'. X'a. .. ...Laurcl. Del. . . . .Duckhannon, XX'. X'a. . . . . . . . .XX'alton. N. Y. . . . .Yo1'k. Penna. ... .Charlottt-. N. C. . . . .Glenrille. XX'. X'a. ... .Chillicothe-. Ohio He met her on an Autumn eve, A-walking with her cousin: He spent a goodly hour or more At most luxurious buzzing And e'en while chatting with her there 'His mind was in a flurry. For he had another to escort, And that was all his worry. And so this junior truclged along To save a friendly I ?l bicker. For he had hoped to trade this for that A most enticing dicker. A be Zinkle Zlunior ,-Xnd still his thoughts would linger back To where he had longed to tarry XYith her, who, even in the dark Had so revealed the fairy. Now, should he seek his lacly's love A thing desirous pci' JU. Oh! may the damsel he forsook Be full of feigned mercy: And may the imps of Cupid, too. Upon this Juniors soul have pity. - Or any other flippant youth XVh0se fancies are so Hitty. J. LL1soN-Behold the hairy one! 69 F XXQ H X , I X 9 Bo 5' 241 ,L. . ,f if 42: ' l : fl ' 41 Q '?- Sakai - Dv 5,-fir: 41? Zuntur Glass Zbisturp ' l ln llllll.l ll- " l.lxl,-N -ll' glnull llll ll .ll XX: cllll lllfllCl'1llll'llX'lN xlllllllllll Xllll 1llll.ll'llllQllI1Xk'lll'lllll1l 'ls lqlllfl- lll lllll-,N UV, M l DRY P 3 5 1 - l 0 V , . "g-1, QW' f 1 1 1 ,J l V, 'J V.. , 'iii 5 l 'iii dimly , W X' li I ' g -' . fl- ,fl 'l - 47 -iff l lll l lllllll ll lllk -1 llll llll I null ll lll l lllllll lax 5 lll llllx lll- 'lll lllllllllllll vllw :ml . L ll-lllllllg llllllx Illll Nllll xx' ' 'll lll NXl'llL'1llk ' - llUl"llL' :l l . v 4 l . . -X ,- , ,. 'N , Wx-.I ,..: W l, ,x 5 4 XXll4'I1ll lull- l-l llll llll lll lllll ll lllllllllllll ell lllllg lll ull Illl' lllk' lllxli. XX vlw- lu llXlll, lll lllk llulll l fllllll S- ll lll ll ll ull l -I l lllllllll lll- fl llll'lk'l' lll l.ll lll I Lllll l lll lllL'llLlIlL llll llla lltN lll lx lllll lXlll ll llll llllxlllll lllllllllll lll llll lllmlfll lll lllLlk1llll'tkLk lllll ll lllX lllltl lllll ll Illkll l I -lll ll lll lul IPIHILN xlll 1 gll ll llull lllllllll llll lllll llll lll llll lllllll lll lll lll llllN flu Nll. . lll llll 1-mx .ll x l 1 XX' ll' ll lll.l:ll" Xl-'llxlvll Inspired by these narrations fifty energetic neophytesalooking upon one another with envious eyes. wended their ways in the fall of IQO7 to the l'alls of dear old P. ck S.. where all assembled and listened to the roll call which started us on our honored profession. Since that eventful day our class has been the " priile of all the profs." That memorable occasion marks the beginning of o11r unbroken line of successes in all departments of college activity. Some of our more ambitious students even allowed themselves to lie tlunked in order that they might say that our class was expert in all branches of learning. The difF1culty of writing a history of IQII arises from a wealth rather than a scarcity of material, and it is ob- viously impossible within the customary six hundred words to do anything more than enumerate brieHy the achievements of the present Junior Class. Starting with the axiomatic assertion that the class of IQII is to-day acknowledged the leader of P. 8: S. Undergraduate life. the historian would have you consider not what it has accomplished or how it has won so great prestige. but why and for what reason it is deservedly the proud possessor of all honors. During the eventful three years about to close in which, under the guidance of our beloved dean and his asso- ciate professors, our Alma Hater has attained such a vigorous gl'OXVfll-'II has not been idle. but in every branch of college enterprise has taken the lead. Nothing which 'II has accomplished is an excuse for greater congratula- tions and will be productive of more lasting and beneficial effects than the establishing of a feeling of loyalty to our college-a broadening of our horizon and the establishment of that vital requisite. which we term college life. The Junior year opened with a bang. and after going through the ordeal of having to witness the Freshmen- Soph rushes, we settled down to our work. XYe soon found out that we were at last landed in some of the more practical work of medicine. at last we had departed-from the theoretical grind of Freshman and Sophomore years. but not entirely. as we later found out that there was still more theory for us to learn. Proudly. we for the first time attacked the clinics and hospital work. and you may be sure that we appre- ciated sitting in the amphitheatre. and never once did we envy those poor Seniors who stood in the pit below. and went through the orileal of being quizzed as to " their knowledge of the case." XVith Prof. Lockwood, we took the theory and practice of medicine, together with the section work assigned to each division of the classes. From Profs. Dobbin and Gardner. we learned to take care of the ladies. and from Prof. Sanger, we learned the sequence of events in the physical diagnosis. nzurely. " Erst inspection. then palpa- tion, then percussion, and auscultationf' .-Xvu-lch habe Langerweile! 71 No history of the junior class would be complete without mentioning Prof. Ruhrah, under whose generalship we were instructed in the arts of healing and feeding, and in avoidance of those "nasty, sticky. sickish. sweet affairs " when prescribing. It was always a pleasure to attend the lectures and quizzes given by Profs. Bevan, Chambers and Beck. and it is safe to say that each and every Junior always looked forward to the classes of these departments with the great- est of pleasure. Then, too. we must not forget Profs. Friedenwald and Rosenthal. whose lectures and clinics it was always a pleasure to attend and whose untiring efforts in our behalf will always be appreciated. No one will forget the exodus to " home. sweet home." that occurred at Christmas time. All were glad when the mid-year " exams " were over, and it was with hopes of successful results that we took our departure to enjoy our Christmas vacation "at home." XVhen we came back after the new year it was with a different spirit and new resolutions. All were re- solved that they would fight their way clear to the end. In our lecture rooms attention was always centralized on the " Cadaver Quartet," rightly named. for its music was such that we feared lest it arouse the dead. Here one heard-and without charge-High Tenor Gocke. Deep Basso Hamilton and Echo. I have never been able to find out who the fourth member of the Quartet was unless it was " Yenusf' adding to the harmony by keeping still. As a whole our class is one of wonderful personalities. It has its funny man. Kahleg its cut-and-come-agains man. Morgan: its sometimes athletic and occasionally sporty man, Gorman. It boasts of the " Free-Beerites " 4 Pl. and its total abstinence trio 1'Mutchler, Smyser, Aimoinl 3 its classical digs 1Harman. Callahan. Hutchinson and Lawsonj 1 and its bugology drones 4Bailey, Eckerdt and Hogan! 3 its Y. M. C. A. deacons tlielly. Hall, Hanitin and Kecganl 3 and its " Teany " Beacons fx ?j, all living together in peace and mutual admiration. Examinations with us, as a rule. result favorably, thanks to beneticent deity, and as excusable oversight on the part of the professor in charge. Surely none of us will forget the night of March 14. For several weeks all in- terest was centered on theatre night at " Fords." XX'hen, through the earnest efforts of Profs. Beck and Gillis. the true college spirit, loyalty to dear P. K S. and appreciation of the ettorts of the year book committee was shown by the entlmsiastic turning out of all classes to see their old friend " Trixie Friganza " in the America Idea. It surely was a glorious night and will long be remembered as the night of all nights. BAILEY?XVl'l0 thinks too little. and who talks too much. 72 But why continue? To what purpose enumerate those personal qualities that have contributed so much to the prestige of 1911? It has been said that Julius Caesar in writing a history could make his most petty achievements seem to be of great importance. It is a poor class historian of whom the same remarks cannot truth- fully be made. IQII, however, does not need a Caesar to write her history. She would stand preeminent were her historian only a Boswell, who though of mean ability himself, yet could note, ' .ll . cl yy ont cr a mire and faithfully record. XVell it may be said that we have set the pace. and long after we have left for the sterner duties of life, customs which we have established and paths which we have trod will be followed by our successors. In con- clusion. let us wish long life and prosperity to dear old P. K S., to our professors, and instructors. and their assistants, and to our dean, whose strength of character has been a forcible example to us all. Ev our earnest endeavors, we have stamped our impress. and lead farther toward the larger and better life of our Alma Hater. Three cheers for her. Hay she be to others what she is to us. and may all her sons be as loyal as IQII. BA UMC.-xRrNER-True as steel. J. F. F. 73 N '4 , 1 w Mr., LCOLLEQE USFWS Bm POSTINCJCO. H L-l, -H PHRESH Msmcx WILL PRESENT THE 56 4? Q I N C xxx X mwmfgomsmmmmu ., ,. f OUR PAST f RETRFTJVQX lm "TQ ' ' ' if L ll, VW X ' iii? f fx, fxf-4, W '14 ' W 5, 1333 xxx My Ex 15- 1DI'F5lwdL'IIf . . . . . . l'ivC-P1'us1'i1v11f . Scfi'cli11'y ..... T1'U475111'v1' ........ SCl'gFlIIII'-df-.'ll'I1I.S .'XMILL, JOHN, JN. . . .. I!'xNN1s'1'12R, JOHN II. .. BENSON, XV. S .......... B1:1LLH.'xRT, H.x1i1cx' L. . . . HRUXVN, JOSEPH S ..... BIQNNETT, E. C., Jlc. . IIURKIQ, JOHN E .... C.xN.xxuxN, JOHN F. . Clmmiflz, NILE C1 .,... CHRISTKJPHERSUN, XV. . . COi.c:.,xN, XVALT121: D. . . . CUUGHLIN, CHARL155 F. . npbumurr iupbnmn . . . ijllcfto Rico , .XYf2st Virginia . . .New York . .I"cnnsyh'ania . , .i'iCI111SJ'iYZ1I1iZ'l , .West Virginia . . ,Rhode island .. .Rhode Island . .XVest Yirginia . ....... Utah . .Connecticut . . .New York BROWN-T110 Qllass Officers ..E.xi:f. X. T1-imiifsux ...Jnnx IT, S11l2.xm1.xx . . . . . .I 1-'rifle I Ixianuzii ...xYII.I.I.XM I.. 5I'Il:.XII.XN ...CU.XRI.liS P. LOL'ciz11Lix rc Glass liuli CREXVS, AI.1:lc1z'1' XY. . . . COSTANZO, RALPH E. .. DRISCOLL, XV. J ..... . EISNER. KLXURICE S. .. Exsmw, WrI.1.1.u1 C ..... EVANS, .fX1.12x.xND12R Mmnx. .. .. FI.XLKllXX'SIiI, STEPHEN J.. Fnnsmux. LOUIS ........ GOr.ns'1'1a1x, ,vXLn13R'1' E. . . Lxvririiuiz, JAMI-ZS ....... . HANNA, iil2NJ.XMEN S. .. IJENDIZRSUN, S. C ...,.. man Of life upright. 75 XVcSt Yirginia . . .Connecticut . . . .Connecticut Massachusetts XYeQt Virginia . . . .Maryland . . .Marylaiiil .. ,Maryland . . .Connecticut XYcst Yirginia . . . .Kiarylaiicl XYcst Yirginia l'lllRXVI'1'Z, KliXL'RILI-... lIlI'1l..XXll, RITCII lillUUljll, llli'l'l2R L. . . . .I.xx1z1:. Kl.XNL'liI. ,... . xlmixsox, L. D. . ., Iimziay. Furrz j.. lilsl-1, liwr. ...., .. KfllIl.lCli. ,-X1.1f1:l21+ G LUNG, lilZNl.XNll3 ll. .. XlIiNDl2l.Hl7l', AlHllRIS. . .. KlliNl'JIiI.SOIIN, .llxc-mx E. . . KIANN. .'Xl.I7liR'l' E ...... .. Rl.XCNl.Xl'IUN, Wn.l.1ixx1 T... . Nnmcizy, .lcmx L ..... . UlZRn3N, I umm xs -l. .. . l',xI:Kl21:, Clin. A PAUL, FRANK. .. . . .Cimiiccticiit .Wicst Virginia . . . .Mmylzinfl . .l3Clll1SylVZlIllZ1 . .Rliode lslanil . . . .Tennussce . .Ncw -lcrscy . . l'e-nnsylvania . . lr'-Cl'll'lSj'lVZi1'll?l . . . .Maryland . .Pennsylvania . . Pennsylvania . Massachusetts . . . . .Marylancl . .Rhode Island . . . . . .. .Maine . . .Maryland 'wx 4' I' Poisu., .IOHN W.. -In QUILIJQN, CJTIS L .... Russian, Nommx ll. . IQO1ZER'l'S, S-YLx'1,x nl.. SANCHIZZ, ARMixN1m. SCHWARTZ, LEONARD O. . .. SIIANNON, Al.u121:'1' C SI'IIi.XlI.XN, W1Lr.1.xxl SMIT11, Enxvxlm P.. Sorry. hloux P ....., SPINKS, rl. KI .... . SUI.r-1x'.xx. LEU il. .. SWEET, G. C ...... .. 'I'1f1oxrPsoN, EARL X. Wn.I.1.xM. Mixyizs TH. XVYpX'l'T, Z. XV ...... I 'l, ,l un. Ni . ', " fbi'-Jzgfl l' ' ' '. ' .WE - "", '1-ug" . .F V I A All nxt. X i il L 0 L -' i?7l' .l. 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Yiirng, 'I E Y 1 1' 1' X- Q. -'-, -- nilgigf 'E--5 E ru 1 0 R I "V 'X-Mzfjpf fi T ig ibtstorp of tbr 11212155 of 1912 '1'I11-1111 111 1111 111 1 N 3 :B 1111111111111 111 1111' 111111111, "l.111l11 1111 111-fYl1.H :1111l 511, 1111111g'l1 11111' 111 1111 11 1'11111'cl1' llrll 1111111 111 1111 11111111 11:1g1-S. 11 ls, 11u1'1-1'1l111luff. 11'111'1l1 l4k'Il111l1g' 111111 l'Qll1L'l1111L'l'lllg', 1111' 11 w1l1 511110 21s ZL g1111lc 111 11111 w111'c11W 11'f. 1 Nl'I2ll1, 1l11f1'u1'111'1', L'l1l1lllk'l'Zl1L' 1111- 1111151 ll1lll'Pl'1ill11 1-1'1'111s 11'l111'l1 l1:11'u 1lL'll11'1l t11111:1k1- 11111' 1111s f:11111111s, tl11'111g' 1l11' 111-1w1111:1l111uf 411- 1111: 1111-111l11'1x will 1111111 111 111- 111111111'1l. XX'll1lH1l1 :1 1l1111l11. 1llL' 11111s1 111111111'1:1111 1-111111 lllllk 1-Ill' 111 1111- 111511111 411 11111 claw 'lCL'l1l'l'k'1l 1111 H111 1111- 141111 11'1'111l1, llll1L'1L'1'il 111111111111 llllll 11l1lL', X1'1lt'1l 111' 11111-11' 1111- 'Vlll' 111111 111 L'lllk'l'Zl14l 511111 l1:1111l1'1l 11 111 1111 111 11'111'tl11c1' S1111 1111, l11111111g 111:11 11101 1l11g1ll 11'1'111' 11 IIN Qilll1ll11lj' :1N w1-11111, 1'1'1'1'1f111f1111l11x,11'-111111111l1L'11111c11111cI'u1l 111:11 111 11'1'1'1- 1'11'1111'11111x 111 11111' claw 1'11sl1 111111 111:11 1111- 11111111111 111111111111 Qillllt' 1.1'111'1,-1-11 11111'f1'l1'11s 111111 11111 s11111'1'1111's was w1111 111 11111' claw, 1111 1111111 -1'111'1- 111-111g 11111 111 1111111 .X1111'l1 1'1'1'1111 X1T1Plll41 111' g11'1'11 111 11111' 11111'l11'1', 9111113 f111' 1115 g'1'c:1 1111.1 111.1Y- II111' 1'1111'1 11111 111111 11111, g1-111111111111 11111 78 warl: in the lgox. as well as his tiinely " doul1le" with the willow. ln this line also, our centrefielder, Burke, de- serves congratulations for making the longest hit of tlte game. 'ere once more CII the first of Octolzer, nineteen hundred and nine. after our suninier vacation. wc w gath- ered. ready fer another yeai-'s struggle. though. sad to say, we had tlie ntisfurtune of losing several of our good fellows. Tlieir place. however, was ttken by students from other schools, principally Yale. Dtllevue and XYest Virginia. As soon as we got together, we had our first meeting for the purpose cf electing class officers. As a result, tlie following nien were chosen: President, Earle H. Thompsong Yice-President. -lohn F. Spearman: Secretary, Peter L. Keough: Treasurer, XYilliam L. Shealtan : Historian. Manuel -lanerg Sergeant-at-Arms. Charles F. Coughlin. The sante day. Mr. Thompson called a meeting to decide on the best plan of attacking our Freshmen enemies. who far outnumbered our class. Several new schemes were brought up, hut lfad to he abandoned on acccunt of our lack of numbers. Our last resource was the usual rush. so this was voted for. XVe rushed, and so perfect was the plan carried out, even though we were fighting against odds of two to one, the same result as that of the previous year followed: we were once more victors. It was to he expected, for several " greenies " could not find the doors and consequently had to use the exits of least resistance-the windows. Several went so far as taking refuge in the college lilzrary. but to no avail, they were rushed to the street without mercy. After our decisive victory, we retired, hoping that the poor Freshmen were satisfied. ljut it seems that that was not the case, To provoke another rush they had their own account of victory in the newspapers of the city. As this was done without our ccnsent, and clearly showed that our inferiors were trying to shine in the wrong places. we held a meeting to decide on some plan that would show the real state of affairs. There was much debating upon the various plans brought up, and after long discussions a scheme was decided upon and carried into perfection the next day. XVhile the Freshmen were in Room No. 34, listening to a Chemistry lecture. we surprised them with two hundred pounds of Hour and a two and a half inch fire hose. The spectacle that followed ined and enjoyed. It is enough to say was conclusively proven a short time a Court House, where they thought that At our last meeting, the manager go. when they had their picture taken. as they went tw haseball team, were chosen. It is easy is for the Historian of next year to give the details of the expected victory, DEERv-XVhat manner of mari is this? 79 may easily be imag- that the " greenies " have l-'nown their real place ever since. This fact o llccks away. to the they would be ltest protected from a Sophomore invasion. and captain. Messrs. Keough and Spearman. respectively. of our class to anticipate victory under the leadership of these tw o iren. However, it THE PTISTORIAN. f ' B I ,Nxt 1 x 75,0 . ESAD3 2' 3? WC! a 5 f 35 ,f B ' fl ' 2 ' L 1 Q- -4 , K v r 1 V af XXX-f ff kb I 1 fx K J 'ii ' , 1 4 , PAT 'E WK R Sf 4'-1f"fk-as gfcx? Sf-5 5 , ' X !'r7 , ,. 1,13 M3 gk if , v , , , KN - A x " f' ' 1 , ' .- f 4 'n- I V U. . ! Guan ' fi lw fi: ff f N if ff ' X 4" si A.: - fw' " W f 2. I 1 ' x T Nl P resid curl Vice-P1'e's1'd:1zi . Se'rrvz'ary T1'f'a.rzu'e1' Hl'Sf07'fGlI Scrgvarzf- .-XDERSOLD, I ..... BARNEs, LOUIS D. BELL, CARL XV. . . at-A rms BERNABE, R.AF.XEL. . . . . BROXVX. XVALTER L... BUETTNER, F. .... . CRAIG. SAMUEL. . CROFTON. G. I-I .... CURTIN, XV. S. .. DAY. EDWARD. . . . DEVEREUX, R. L .... freshmen Qllass Gfficcts freshmen EI . . .Mvest Yirginia . . . .Massachusetts . . . .Xorth Carolina . . . .Puerto Rico .. . . . .Georgia . . . . .Maryland . . . . . .Maryland .. . .Massachusetts . . . .Massachusetts ..........L'tah .. . .XX'cst Virginia ECKERDT-A right bu S1 ass Hull Dixox, JAMES .-X. . . DOXVELL, G. I .... . DOYLE. L. JOHN. .. DUNN, HUGH. . .. DXN'X'ER. FRANK .... ENFIELD. S. ERNEST .... FALLON. JOSEPH D. FINNERTY. CH.xRLEs FLEMING, PAUL .... FLoR.x. E. F .... FLOYD, F. P .... sy man withal. P. FLOYD .. ...... JOHN DOYLE -I. GERALD 0'BRIEN EDWARD DAY . ..... XY. S. BRADY XV.-XLTER F. RROXVN . . . . . Pennsylvania . . .North Carolina . . . . . . .Maryland .. . .XVest 'Virginia . . .Connecticut . . . . .Maryland Connecticut Massachusetts . ...,... Marylanfl 'Virginia Virginia Glxrri, lVIl,I.I.XM -I. ,. G,xm..xxn, Rrvnnm IT.. GINTY, lVII.i.I.xx1 J.. lfl.xNI4Ex'. H ...... Ifllxlzrxrzrrr, E, Fuumzsr. H.xR'r'r. Pano' P ..,.. HELLER. lsmfn: ....... Ifllilcmxxrmnz. RlIljL'Iil. :X HUMPHRIIZS, YICTUR 0 hlwcxcsnx. lNiliNSlf.X .... -l.XNER, LL'1s ...., lim.1.r. J. Pl. .. Lucia. W. F .... Liiwissox, I.. . l.1v12s.xx'. J. XV. . . I.x'Nc'n, jxnlas F. .. Kl.XClfINNIiY, H. N. .. Kl.xCL.xL'G1u.IN, FRANK Kl.XRlNI3, C. -I ....... . Xlmvruiu, CII is, L... Klvxiirninm, -I. F. .. Klruis. XV. E .... . Pennsylvania . . ,CUlll1LiCtlCl.Il New llrun .... Klarylancl .Pennsylvania XYest Virginia swick. Canada . . .New Yurk .......,Cnba .Pennsylvania NYest Yirginia . . l'nurt1i: Rica . . . .Harylfincl XYC'-t Virginia . . . .lltirylan l llfest Yirginia Klassaclinsctts . . . .lilaltiniore Rlassaclinselts . . .New York .ljClll1SylYZlI'llEl. Massachusetts lllsl Yirginiii Omni, llnL',xRlJf1 ..... Cl'lilRIl2N. nl. GER.xI.n P.Xl.l'liZ, l.llllN.XRl7 Xl Piirifizla. G, R ..... . l5'lzL0s0. -Ins!-if-I1 L. . QUNN, R. -I ..... REINA, Soumnx. ., S.xlcr.:1zNT, Cll.XRl.liS SCILXIPERU, WM. ll. 5l'.4..XliIi.X. lil in ..,. SEITZ, CLYDE L .... SEN KEXVITZ. ,X LEXIS . SIIIEA, Ricirxrnv. , .. Simian. li. Dnizw. . . SMXSER. NY. J. . . Sriiuxiiu. ll. L ..... S'l'EW.XR'I'. nl. DEVER. Tomx. 'l'IIm1.xs J.. NVIELDUN. En-.vlx R. Xlhnns, R1'Dl!l2liT P.. limmxlvsimx -'Vli--n :url wnxcn fat. ll11'Illill'l grown thick RCIDERIQUIZZ, Riuxum .... Ruisxiisiziiiz. Lizsui IT , .... Cuba ...Marylanil ... .Maryland . l,L'l1l'lSylY2ll'llH . . . New York Klassaclnisctts ....Klarylaml . . . .Cuba .. . . .Virginia F-l'lSSEl.Cl1l.lSCtlIS .. . . Maryland . Pvcrto Ricn .ljcnnsylvania . . . .Maryland .Rhorlc lslancl . .New -lerscy .l"cnnsylvania .Pennsylvania lYcst Yirginia Klassaclinsetts . . ..... Connecticut XVest x'lT""ll1i'l -1 -r i ,,v,,.-- ' h 1 . F-7' 3, ,lb ,V V .3511-,,: ,H 1 If , w .KA gg: 1 .5 'wx onpgorm 5? -S nm . 1- 1-ML. -. 1-"'f , I vu Eggf Xi, ff-x 1' ,fra ,..,V-f -:fin N I 5 K -21' Ll -, -f ' ' 3 VY kzgf- Z, ff "ij . VXI, Fa -4 'A lf " "':"" ee.,- lillgnl f 5 Q ll J 1 Jia: J i 'aff I, iq" 'V I JL W ff -- ' ' l- ' l l, -A-F 13 , :lc f 7 Z Q Q . i., x - 4 K A 1 l lfi'7. ' A' Qf l -H "'gi72:".-. ' - - . The Qluming uf tbr glfrrsbmm l Mun mm' 0 all yu ulzltif'-ml .Xgw A-'un 1--lw I'L'lIll'IllllL'l'L'll, Xll yu pwfplr mf mx'-'zltllml lu the lwl l'Il'Ylllll :ff Hull-lm' X Q Nlmll lu-:lr llm tillv- uf px'-fxxvw, 'l'-I ll'lk'CL'I1lL'l'1rlI'llL'lllClll lvnlm Skill mmumzlllzlllull,-fl :mvl vnlwr, Slmuiwl right m llzlltixw-11' lwlll by Ummgm' :ln-l pcm wi pm-tx, Cf-mimmlly xwu- cumming l'lI'L lmnn l mlx :mrl l1llllXlI'L'lN :mrl 'll l:l'l'Nlll1lL'l1. Tlx-5' ilu- Ql'L'L'll gm-l xurllnnl pu lu'l'l14,'ll' ll--nm' lu- ull gl-fry! llznilmg Llxcm frwnl Klzlwzlclm All Yun' Ywrli, llulxlwzxll-. lilw-lv llmr1xx:l1'vl in ilu- flzly wf ,XUIIHIIIL Ylrglnvql,f2w+1'gl:l,1x11llAX1'lQ:m l llulw flzlys l1v'vl'-lv-lm t'r-Vgwlln-11, XYQN1 X'Il'ylIll1l, l'cm1-ylxzmizl l'Ix N X -X -llll.NI1lJlll Xll rCk'. Connecticut, and Puerto Rico. Cuba and God knows elsewhere. ln those days when lirst assembled All these doctors in embryo- Reader dear can you imagine- Or Experience, has she taught you NVhat it is to be a Freshman? If so, then I need not mention All the heart-aches and misgivings. Fears, suspense 'and realization Of just a molecule avbeing In this old world vast and wicked. One there was, altho' a Freshman, XVho was not the least undaunted: And in class rose up beseeching That the Freshmen stick together, For the time was surely coming NVhen They would need all Their courage, Now the Sophs had once been Freshmen, XVeak and humble little sucklings, But by virtue of examination Past this stage had evoluted To the high degree of Soph'more. Hard and cruel Sophomores Of the Golden Rule unmindful. They forgot when they were Freshmen: Forgot the year which just proceeded YVhen they would have done to others As they wished others to do to theni. But the Freshmen were not lacking ln Vitality and Courage, Brass and likewise in presumption, Traits with which they're often credittd. And upon the Soplfinore imfocent Made a rush oh so effectual! Out into the street the Sophs Xlfcre rushed by whooping, howling Freshies l.Vho then with triumphant cheering Of Room 25 proclaimed them victors. Then to planning fell the Soplimores, Characteristic of their revengeful nature. XYith the Freshmen to get even, XVho upon the day succeeding NVere attacked by Soplfmores frantic: And with whom the Freshmen struggled, All Their skill and strength displaying, XVith a foe antagonistic l.Vhich was well matched man to man. Out of rooms into the hallways. Round and round and never ceasing XVent the Sophomores and Freshmen, Clawing. punching, bruised and bleeding. Out of hallways into gutters, Over stone steps rolling, bumping, Came the Sophs and Freshies clinched, Continually for full an hour. And when stopped by the policemen The Soplfmores had not satisfactorily Punished the Precocious Infants. Once more the Soplfmores fell to planning And a wicked plan concocted By which the XVeanbugs might be humbled ln chemistry lab. the following morning, XVhere the Freshmen unsuspecting Sat with eyes and mouth wide open XVondering at the decomposition Of llercuric Oxide ruddy Into mercury and oxygen. GALDGIL-Ll-l"lC seemed so clumsy and awkward and gaurlze. Their surprise-can you imagine it ?- When the door it was thrust open lly the Sophomores revengefnl, llose in hand and not awaiting llr. Simon to make his exit, Who with all the other Freshmen Got his share of all things coming, H20 and sacks of Hour. For the first was just the priming: But well its purpose it accomplished. For by it a great adhesion Took place between the raiment gladsoni Of the Freshmen. Oh so sporty! And the whole wheat ground so tinely, XVhich was hurled hy all the Sophies As the Freshies made their exit. Made their mad and hurried exit Out into the halls deserted By the Sophomores cold-footed. Who by an attack so snaky XVith the Freshmen now were even- Yes were even and then some. But who, when they saw the Freshmen, Their equilibrium had recovered, Dared not face the irate classmen W'ho had face and clothes bespattered XVith the said and sticky mixture. C Thus the Freshmen showed Their spirit: Showed Their loyalty, strength and val When face to face and fairly dealt with And as for Their christening novel- 'Twas abnormal they admitted- But then Each One individually Cooling down beneath His collar CMJ or, 'ruin-A burner of the mid S6 Realized while at it laughing That such a stunt as this one was The common heritage of all Freshmen. Thus the ceremonies ended, For the Sophomores so desired it. And to work the Freshmen started VVith a zeal and will unbounded. lt was then that They discovered ll'lmt it takes to make a doctor Hist- and Bi- and Osteology, Chemistry and Physiologf, Concentration of grey matter, Foes more tierce than the Soplfmores. But They ever struggled bravely And They made all kinds of progress As illustrates this little episode: There were certain of the Freshmen Unto Them a mate had taken, On all sides being sore oppressed Rose up in dismay outcrying: " O n1y wife, I do thou lovest, But Osteology, O Thou, You." Others of the class excelled In all the other branches named: Gained such knowledge as which follo If upon one's head, one standing Should reverse this, one's position, One would notice no discomfort. As the blood it would not trickle To one's feet as they're not hollow- Or if married to the income Of an aged widow lady CO. which comes from the gas jet, night oil. W5 Might make one an heir more quickly- Or, tho' she expected the question. Mary .lane said, " 'Tis so Sudden." Spiritus Animoniae :Xi-miiaticiis. Applied beneath her dainty nostrils Brings hcr rouncl to her right senses. One there was inclined poetically, I-listnlogically and " spiritually," lVhen released from jail next inuriiing Explained his ahscnse hy this simile .-X5 prntoplasm is contined So was I within my cell-wall- Thus we see what must be inastereil By hard wnrlc and lfilior diligent, If the Fresliinun wuulcl he cloetf rs, This was not all they accninplislieil, But one clay in all Their glory. ,-Xnanged in tens hehincl Each Oth Hari a picture for the CLINIC Taken without interruptii,in Save the Visage of the Reel Ant And if all these feats of valor Showed a trait of perseverance, er, XVell 'twas said of all the Freslimunz " A5 'twzis then it ever shall he For to Them to do was as easy As knowing what were good lo he Guuliii-lie was a hurning anil shining light. S7 done," HIS'l'OI41,XX. '13 ,.,1 Zf' ,- if i,,, , , , Z: 7 ,g4 iv jrienhsbip ann glftatttnalism XVhere men are thrown together, the ability for forming true friendships transcends any other gift they may possess, and the man who can count among his acquaintances true friends. is indeed fortunate. No less a man than Cicero has said: " Friendship is the only thing in the world, concerning the usefulness of which, the whole world is agreed." just as fire and water are necessary elements in the comfort and life of mankind, so also is friendship. .Of friendship, Emerson has said: "The end of friendship is a commerce the most strict and homely that can be joined : more strict than any of which we have experience. It is for aid and comfort through all the relations and passages of life and death, lt is Ht for serene days, and graceful gifts. and country rambles, but also for rough roads and hard fare, shipwreck, poverty and persecution." The 'word fraternalism implies brotherhood or friendship. and the great end for fraternities after all is, to promote and encourage closer relationship, with ultimate friendship. In conjunction with friendship. it seems pecu- liarly appropriate to discuss the spirit of fraternalism in a general way, for in our college the majority of the men now belong to one or the other of the live separate and distinct organizations. Certain prominent fraternity men in the United States have been discussing the question of a closer relationship among the various medical fraterni- ties. The writers have endeavored to point out the advantages to be gained from this close relationship. Among other things. they have attempted to show how much more real good might be derived from fraternities, should these organizations work in harmony for a common purpose, instead of being diametrically opposed to one another. This is so perfectly logical. that it must eventually come about. but the place to begin working out this question is right at home. among the respective, individual chapters. The question naturally arises: 'What are and what have been our mistakes. and how may we best rectify them? The answer in brief is the word. selfishness. To GORMAN-Of stature tall and straightly fashioned. S9 elaborate more fully. we have been self-centered, have worked and thought only of ourselves, or of whatever organization to which we happen to belong. Is this the true spirit of fraternalism, or of friendship? Decidedly not. The cure for our trouble, lies in the ability to root out of our systems this monster, who squeezes and nar- rows us into pitiable beings hardly worthy the name human. The fraternity that ca1'ries the spirit of " All for self " into the front door of college life and work, will figuratively speaking, be carried out the back door through its own ambition and folly. Selfish ambition has been the rock upon which many a proud craft has struck and gone to the bottom. To-day, it is a more dangerous enemy than ever. It is grown with human desires. and steals upon us before we are aware of its presence. Look about on every side, and see if this is not the truth. Is it not a fact, that an organization founded for general good. which holds this object ever before its members, usually succeeds and prospers, and is it not equally true that an organization banded together for good which forgets its true purpose, soon runs itself into the ground or utterly fails? Since one of the objects of a fraternity is friendship, the several fraternities by common assent should join hands in working for this end. A wise Providence has constructed us along different lines, and of course we are bound to have our differences individually, but this should not destroy a kindly spirit of interest and good will in one fraternity for another. Class honors and favors should lie as evenly distributed as possible for the advantages of the whole. Petty jealousies and quarrels should be forgotten. as they tend to destroy good feeling in a class or college. Opportunities for gaining a little practical experience should be shared. The habit of taking away that which belongs to another is manifestly unfair, for here, at least, rights should be equal. Fortunately little of this is done, save thouglitlessly. One fraternity should cultivate the habit of speaking well of another, especially to prospective members. Disparaging is a bad habit and only brings discredit upon the disparagers. Every word of praise spoken for another fraternity, is an unconscious help to one's own. One of the advantages of a fraternity is its organization, consequently. should the several fraternities work in unison, much more good might be accomplished than in the present unorganized bodv. Hen of all fraternities and those not affiliated with an organization! let us join efforts in bringing about a better feeling than has yet been exhibited in fur college! The present concerns us. The future will take care of itself, True friendship is the axis upon which the wheel of college life turns, and for that matter, the world itself, lt is the great factor that holds the human familv together. PI.-KLL-BiCSSil'Ig5 on him who invented sleep, the mantle that covers all human thoughts, oo In that simple, yet beautiful poem, " The Friendly Hand," James XY. Riley says: "'When a man aiult got a cent, au' he feels kind o' blue, An' the clouds hang dark au' heavy, an' won't let the sunshine through, It's a great thing, Oh my brethren. for a feller just to lay His hand upon your shoulder in a friendly sort 0' way! " It makes a man feel curious: it makes the teardrops start, An' you sort o' feel a Hutter in the region of the heart. You ean't look up and meet his eyesg you dou't know what to say, XVhen his hand is on your shoulder in a friendly sort 0' way. " Oh, the world's a curious compound, with its honey and its gall, lVith its cares an' bitter crossesg but its a good' world, after all. An' a good God must have made ite-leastwise, that's what I say, VVheu an hand rests on your shoulder in a friendly sort o' way." H:KROLD E. LONGSDORF lfAMII.TON-Xvhill cannot he Cured must lic endured. or 0 L Zbospital staff RUSH B. STEUQNS. M. D ..... JOHN J. Q'MALL15Y, M. D .... GEORGE A. STR.xUss, M. D .... I. G. CALLISON, M. D ....... H. H. TALUOTT, M. D .... XY. A. GRIFFITH. M. D .... A. A. P.xR141zR, M. D. . . JOHN H. Doyuz. M. D .... O. S. LLOYD, M. D ..... I. .-X. GUTHRIE. M. D ........ .... . L. M. A.RCH.-XMBAULT, M. D. .. . .. J. IX. BIDDLE, M. D .......... .... . C. H. BICLEAN .....,. T, L. SCHm1.xcHER .,.. Rvsidmzt Szzrgmzz . . ..4.vsuria!c in Jfvdicim' . . . .Re.s1'dv1zt Gynfcc010giJl . . . .Rvsidflzf Patlmlogist Rvsidczzf ObSfL'fIAfL'IAL'lII -lssistum 'Lvsistalzf 'lssistunt -1 sszktmrlzt 4.YSl'5flIllf ..'f.Y51'SfUl1f Jssisfazzt Jssistauf Jssisfazzt H.KNNIFINfAl1 athlete once was he. Rusidvllt R4.'.YfdL'llI Rcsidvnl Rvsidml Rvsidvzzl Rcsfdcfzt RL'SidUIlf Rrsidflzf Rfsidmzf Plz-xxfifiall Plzysiduzz Pllj'Sl.L'f!'IlI Plzysiczkuz Plzysiciazz P lz ys1'cz'ar1 P11.VSl'Cl-H11 Plzyxiciazz P11X'5I.Eit1II TIEDB tiff Cold, hitterly cold, is the couch of the dead. Anrl darkness hlacker than night Broods nver the pillow, where rests the meek heatl Of him who has taken his flight. Yet he re5ts undisturbed, unmoved :ind alone: l'-lis comrades are deathly still, Though naked he lies on a slab of grey stone l'le her-ds not the wintry Chill. The glittering steel of the scalpel and knife Breaks not his endless repose: More cruel the wounds ofthe soul in life And peace ezune not till its close. Then mangle the body: dismeniber the frzuneg Take the eyes, now sightless, ziwayl Cut nut the slilled heart. :ind consign tn the Hume, Remains of the once mortal clay. Oh, bury them deep in the receptive earth, And veil the grave with a sod! Upon it-nizirk with the Llztte of his birth. " May he rest in peace with his God." For back to the primal glofini XVhere life began, As to his muther's wmnli Must he. fl nmn, Return g Nut to he horn signin, But to remain: And in the sclionl nf darkness Learn whnt mezin The things unseen, I. F. l7li'ui1 'ii U4 be 1Bri 2 Qlissap cutest Followincf tlte admirable precedent established by our predecessors. this years CLINIC derided to enntinue D l P ' E x Conte t The results of this decision were most happy, tie rize ssay : . - . . - 1 L'nfortunately the committee was unable to secure a prize from an outsider. as was the Holrd cf last year. lt was determined to purchase one out of the CLINIC funds. Accordingly, an handsome pocket surgical instrunient ' " ' ' ' ' flstrar. case was purchased as a prize. The conditions ot the contest u ere similar to those o as - e The Board wishes to thank most heartily the men who generously gave their time and efforts to the contest. and the judges for kindly giving their services. spurt nf the ssap Sluhges H.xRrFonIi. CONN., February 2, IQIO. To the Editor of THE CLINIC, Baltimore, Maryland. - Dmr Sir: lVe have carefully read and weighed the merits of the essays submitted for our exarnination, and we wish to ein- . t late each individual student for tl1e excellent effort displayed. gra u . 1 . . The reading of the papers afforded much pleasure. and reiiexved our pride in the " Old College." So much merit was displayed in each essay that it was ditticul. ta arrive at a decision: however, all pitizits considered. it is our opinion that: ' First Prize should be awarded to the essay entitled " The Passing of the Old-Time Country Dwctorf' hy H. E. Longsdorf. 'lO. Honorable Mention for Very Cltvsu CiUIl!flt'fliflilHl should he awarded to the essay entitled A'The L'nl:nown." hy H. L. Breh- mcr, 'IO. Honorable Mention for Close Cioirzjvcriiinli should he awarded to the essays entitled "Dawn the Years" and A' The New Amesthetief' Trans. S. O'CrIxxEI.L. Xl. D., ISQ2. jossvn A. KILBIWRX. M. D.. ISQf. lrI.xRxI.xN-E'en Sunday shines no Sabbath day for me. 95 Passing of the Qblhrilllime Qllnuntrp Uttar The art of healing is the oldest of all arts. This is not to be wondered at, for since death was the concomitant of life from the beginning, it was natural and instinctive to make common cause against a common foe, and by every artifice and strategem, as well as by such skill and knowledge as each age possessed, to seek to limit his ravages and curtail his powers. Accordingly, we Find in the most primitive times, before science had reared her dominant head, or mechanical skill had provided means to probe the secrets of nature, some form of a remedial system where with to alleviate the sufferings of mankind. lt would lie interesting to follow the origin and progress of these various " systems "-so called, each one a proto-type of some prevailing theory or idea even to the present dayg each system crumbling away before the brighter light of intellectual progress, until the medical profession of to-day stands forth with its great questions and important subjects, preeminent in the estimation of the world-and justly so, for it has not reached its proud position without a struggle. lt began as an obscure. unorganized calling, with- out the respect of the learned, often held under ridicule and the ban of ecclesiastical dogmatisin, as well as the fears and antagonism of the ignorant and superstitious. ln the course of this upward development, notable changes have taken place. Thus in the misty past we tind the " Healer," who. by some gift of nature or temperament, was supposed to have power over the occult, and devoted himself to the combating of certain diseases by the use rf " charms " and " ineantationsf' and similar devices. ln those days when anyone was alilicted with a malady, espe- cially of that class we now call neurasthenic. he was said to be possessed with devils. or evil spirits, and the treat- ment he received was directed to the end that they might he cast out. These healers were the forerunners of tl'e present-day " Faith Cure." "Christian Science " and " Medical Hypnotism " in general-for after all. "There is nothing new under the sun," These practiced a species of " lllack Art," lived apart and assumed a peculiar garb and manner. lly this necromancy they increased their seinpe of influence. and were regarded with awe, not un- TLIEIL-xvlill just enough of learning to misquote. 96 s l mixed with fear, for were they not in league with the Powers of Darkness? Following this class came the gath- erer of herbs and roots. He possessed some knowledge, for he knew the best times and seasons for their per- fection. He knew their habitat in forest, field or marsh, and frequently became an expert in the common knowledge of nature, and in the adaptation of these simple products to certain forms of disease. In outlying communities these formed a useful class, and even yet are met with, hawking their home-made remedial prepara- tions here and there among the hills and valleys of a rural district. They. too, became the pioneers of a system which will always find its advocates and field of usefulness. .-Xs society coalesced and educative facilities increased, the regular practitioner came to the rescue of the country inhabitants and supplanted all these crude agencies which had served their day and need. and were now swept aside by the advancing tide of civilization. Increased population and wealth made the village and remoter districts sufficiently attractive to draw the aspirant for professional success to the " Settlement " or "Cross Roads," where he speedily made his influence felt. Usually he was a young man who. by dint of effort and great sacrifice, had succeeded in going through his medical school with a satisfactory amount of knowledge and mental equipment to warrant his further practise. lYith a very slender purse. he took his place in the chosen spot, bought a few drugs and a case of absolutely necessary instruments-among which was sure to be a lancet and probably tooth forceps-put out his "shingle," and soon had opportunity to test his skill. Sometimes he purchased a horse and vehicle-just as often he waited for more affluent times. To look back over the history and life work of many of these men is infinitely pathetic as well as inspiring. The good they did to their fellow men in myriad ways outside the limits of their profession, the dignity and honor reflected on their calling by their altruistic lives, made the very name of Doctor a stamp of nobility. Possibly they did not know so much of the scientific side of their profession as their successors in the towns and cities, surrounded by the glittering paraphernalia required by modern surgery. and the towering book-shelves crowded with the latest emanations from the medical press-volumes of books on Sanitation, on Bacteriology. on Hereditary Infiuence in Disease. on Pharmaceutical Preparations. and last. but not least, on Medical Ethics. The oldstime Country Doctor did not waste time on these questions. He was in the country, and being there was bound to meet with dies and mos- quitoes and other well-known representative insects, He could not exterminate them. He hardly knew if they had any part in the epidemics that sometimes broke out in his field of practise. So he treated results. and in point of fact his patients usually fared remarkably well. He probably was aware, as he drove on his rounds. that very often the water supply was not strictly in accord with his own wishes. for barn-yards and cess-pools were HEYMAN-He looks a melancholy man. 97 located in such a manner that he could not fail to realize the :leleterious effects of such a conjunction. The Doctor was identified with his enviromnent. He knew the length of the farmers' purse, and that it was next to impossible to improve the conditions. So, he trusted to the influence of open air. and the sturdy constitutions of the country folk, and if evil should follow, he was there to help fight the enemy. As to heredity. he was the last man to infuse such a doubt in the minds of the happy young couples, who, all ignorant of a possible danger, enlisted under Hymen's banner. It is at most a variable question. and he judged it was the business of Providence to help them through. That bugbear. Medical Ethics, never crossed his path. Doctors were not so plentiful then, and his own field was broad enough to spare a case or two to an encroaching brother. As to microscopic investi- gation and laboratory work, he could not combine it with his regular work. The long drives in all weathcrs, over bad, frequently dangerous roads. and the strain of personal responsibility, which was a natural outgrowth of his closer personal relations with his people, made any additional labor impossible. These closer relations, un- known to us of to-day, were not confined to his office of medical helper. He was as the occasion demanded. the father, confessor, the legal adviser, and always the friendly counsellor of such as needed him in any capacity. His bosom was the safe repository of the secrets that threatened the happiness and repute of his conlidants, and many a heart, wrung with grief and dread of shame, found in him the help and sympathy far beyond the help and power of ordinary medicaments. Of necessity. he knew much of human nature. The inner history-even the pre-natal histo1'y of the different members of the families he ministered to, was an open book to his wise com- prehension. lt was not needful that they should press his particular attention to the patient he was called to see. He knew the sources of the sorrow that weighed down the dreary-eyed girl, he had watched as she grew to womanhood-some loss, some disappointment had stolen away the vigor and beauty that had once characterized her. XVas it the master of the house? He knew, too, what business venture had prostrated his courage and left him a prey to physical weakness and possible disease. Wlell might XVhittier say, " The wise old doctor takes his way," as he described the old-time Country Doctor. whose library consisted of not much more than the U. S. Dispensatory, and who was beyond the allurement of the telephone or automobile. lt is not possible in a brief sketch worthily to depict this striking figure in the development of the noblest of professions. His duties and activities were so various and many-sided. his character and personality partook of their nature, and he stands forth a type never to be paralleled. For alas. the Country Doctor is a thing of the past. Like his humble predecessors-the " Powwowistf' the gatherer of the hill-side herbs, the " Faith-Healer " --he is giving way to more advanced methods, and the hamlets and villages that dotted the country over. and in HoNELL1N-lch bin ein Student. . 98 which the Doctor once reigned supreme as representing the best and highest in culture, in right living. in care of the health, are rapidly becoming deserted of this intluence. Now when the baby gets sick, or the boy breaks a bone in the ball game, a member of the family rushes away to the telephone office, or better still, takes the new automobile and looks up the young graduate in the nearest city who can tell all about the noxious intiuence of the house-Hy, the mosquito and the barn-yard drain, and who can prescribe for the baby over the phone, and unite the fracture by the aid of the X-ray. VVe marvel at the great changes that have taken place during the past few years in our country, but without doubt the greatest relative development has occurred in rural and outlying districts. XX'hen we pause to consider. we appreciate that the change has been gradual, that for years the country at large has been preparing itself for the present-day state of advanced civilization, or more general education. Of all the various agencies that have been at work, the Country Doctor, perhaps more than any other single factor. has played the most important part in blazing the pathway that would admit of present-day conditions. XYas it 11011 he, representing in a large measure the learning of his community, that helped penetrate the dark clouds of ignorance, that allowed the sunshine of knowledge to break through, dispelling foolish superstitious. beliefs and fears, the barriers that stood in the way of advancement? Now while we. with tenderness and all due reverence, thus briefly lay aside the subject of this article, yet in the future we will often conjure up in our imagination a figure, our ideal type of the Country Doctor, " whose whole life is a blessed ministry of consolation and hope." Perhaps it may assume the likeness of the splendid picture a famous artist has painted, which represents the Doctor plunging through a driving storm of snow, guided only by a hazy light to an humble cottage where the sick little child so anxiously awaits him, or it may take some other form equally as attractive. ' In this retrospective mood. with a mental picture of our worthy predecessor before us. we can well afford to pause and murmur a prayer of thankfulness for him whose patience and perseverance with the people among whom he labored. has made it so much easier for the young physician of to-day. In addition may a study of the unselfish manner in which he lived and labored, very often without hope of recompense. the long hours of physi- cal work and mental stress in all kinds of weather and during all hours of the day. furnish us. who are following in his footsteps with an inspiration, far more impressive and lasting than we could hope to gain from the lives of any other class of men. H.AROLD E, LONGSDORF, 'Io. HOGAN-Spreading himself like a green bay tree, 99 Ava 1 e 1940 br wap bay work Blt XVl1en the little l'rirlunk mloctm' XYhen the mighty city cluclwr lfinfls his repertnire of pillS lfinrls his potinns and his !ll'l1g4 Proves entirely unavailing, Dm not cure your aching lmcly Tri relieve your aches and ills, Of bacilli and uf hugs. I-Ig advises qmisuligiiimi Ile advises rural quiet XX'i1l1 wine Iiig gun in the lim-ng To uplmuilrl your system slumped. 50 ilu- Qiiy iloemr gels you Su the crwunlry doctor gv:IS you Nvhen lhe country man fall? flown. XVhcn the Ci!! 111311 is Fll1l11DU'l- iiaurrab fur 19. auh in f.Xir-M arching Through Georgia 'J Thc sons nf P, an-l 5. tri her as years go hy shall prnve, The depths of their aITccliriii: thu greatness of their lfive, lzlencath her glririmis lianncr's a mighty host shall iiifmvc. The P. anfl S.. The P. an1l S. frircvc-r. 4Cimiu'S.J lrlurrahl l-lurrah! Hurrah for P. and S.! Hurrah! I-lurrah! Our Alma Mzitcr true, Then rznisc thc glfiriuus pennant, our loyalty renew 1 The P, anil S.. The P, and S., forever. In studies anrl in Athletics we raise her name On high. " Pcrstarc et pracstare " -hall he our rallying cry. More glorious Shall her name hecomc as Ileeting years gn lwy. The P. and S.. The P, and S. forever. The future of our college nfm' lies Open to our view: XYQ Qec her in the fwreiiwst ranks stored for the good and true: .-Xnrl every une :if ns In-wlay is prfiurl of P. and S., The P. and S.. The P. anal S., forever. J. F. F. IOO J. F. Flynn be In the class rooms they are meeting for the fray. As their colors they display. Full of vim and hope are they. W'hiIe the beating In their bosoms and the greeting Of their comrades are defeating Dire dismay XVho will lose. who win, the day? Look! the "sophs" with haughty bearin Three divisions they have planned 'While their foes-a single band- Calmly sharing All the confidence and daring Of their leaders, are preparing Firm to stand. XVhat a courage all command! Lo! the signal for the battle echoes there. To the tight the " sophs " repair, Rushing on in mad despair a rattle As do herds of hounded cattle, XVhere did e'er such noisy prattle Rend the air? And the echoes answer, Xlfhere? VVith g are at handl usb Fiercely on each other falling, see them go To the center, head and toe! See the perspiration tlow! How appalling! Is the manling, and the crawling to and fro And the moaning from below! Oh, how sacred are the places, which they gain And which they struggle to maintain In the seconds that remain! And those faces! Filled are they with grim grimaces, Quite bereft of former graces Yet how vain Is the look of wild disdain. Lo! again the signals given. and away From the turmoil and the fray Scarcely willing to obey .-Xre they driven. Hard and well, the ranks have striven Some are happy. some are riven W'ith dismay. Naughty Fresh has won the day. f. F. Flynn HUrcH1NsoN-Inhrm of purpose. IOI r I 4541 G41 , ll. WI W JU ga -f 1-' N Y - ,772 if, .- L -A. Tfilffx-""'3.ra,':':-.1frl'f J ,2...,4.-....,,,, , L s l,' 44,,-,,AA I I Ali 15 ' K 'f'if7Qf-LSI' .w"",Qx W1 ' ff? 3 Q7'I37fi.f.:':-wffiif, 1,"N' x 2 4,33 I I?" f- fx' H543 fl! fwin?.1ff5xgis-an-3' , XX Wx' 1-A J.if,gE1:en4232e:niffp'f: 4. . 2 . .f ,Q X 1 If 'ss':55s2'25izfizQ, E ex ' - -' gf VN 1 NAM' , ' gm ,i'fggtEg'35-' 'gif K qw. wx. ' 1 'f,,5g' ,QE ""'i?li' vX7M I dx ' V 7 1.3.35 gg xxnqa 1 KH f YN 771 .75 , - Y -'K Lv- -Ls. ' if Y-. , -il-ui! if . 411 W W , I , A ,E .. 1, r d f. ., ., -f 24 , ... , A it-iii LIE- ' ' Q: N COLLEGE TERM Y QQTTNQ mb slmii fav Qxclxxfuxciamu -In-xx lxum llu ulnukx xxx IO Germs 21Brrfcrrrb " TI1-muI1 th-'y :xmrxn .X flvzully gl-V111 Luvkx in thx' Qxxwinwl kiw. Lv!! 114-pn' lllv llily lx f.11' :many Ht auumspluc llluw. " Tn Nh1'i1i7L' A lmlyl sighi XV-'ful-l Iw Qixnply U11l1':1Qwl11-- Val much prufcr 'IM 1mm4.r In-1' Xml ict hui' lm' Cwvl11:11giu11Q.' f. F. 1715-H The jfresblnalfs imltluqup CPrior to Final Examinationsj 1 ll'1'Il1 Llfftllllgl-U5 fn ll'. Sl1l1kL'.Yfli'LIl't'.l To crib or not to crih: that is the question: XVhethei' 'tis nobler of the man to sutter The thoughts of low marks from enraged professors. Or to take tips when up against the questions, And by thus eribhing, pass them. To fake, to sham: 'l'hat's all and by this sham to say we know This question, and the countless other ones Our course is full of, 'tis a great temptation Not lightly to be spurned. To fake, to sham: To crib: perchance get Caught: aye, theres the rubg For in this hour of work what professor may come. When we have pulled thc thing from out our sleeve And make us pause: tl1c1'e'5 the regret XYC made the thing of such great length: Still who would bear reprozicli from lmetter self, From professors strong, from old friends so well know The thought of unfair play and masked deed done. The misery of reproach and the spurns That honest judgment of one's shortcomings gives VVhen he himself knows he's fallen short Of his ideals? Wlho would not play fair. IOQ 5 l lly CI'IlI11lllll'lfl work many fl xvcnry night Xl'l11-11 111:11 fllll' ll11,111gl1l uf 4f11ncll1111g :1l't01'1v:11'd, 'llllc s:1l14f:1cti1'v11 Cflllllllg f1'1'1111 thc fuck ll1:11 :1ll Hur x1'm'lc li 111111, SU'L'1lgl.llL'l1S our will .Xml l1lZlliQS 11s l'lllllCI' clfv things 4111 1111- Sflllilft ll1z111 mln- t1'11m 11ll'lUl'S lu-lp 1111f:1i1'Iy gzliuccl? Fl-llllw c1,1115c11-11cc mfulrl assi-1 tm set us sl1':1ig1ht .Xml thus 11111' lwwl 11-s11lx'1'iz1111l 1'1-s11l111i1111S Xllith nn small l1:1clci11g S11'o11g, ,Xml lllilllj' cri-cs nf in1p111'1 :111rl 1111i1111u11t XX'lll1 thie 11111111 xxill lm f111'1111111111wl .'Xll1l 11'itl11w11l 1 Nl111l1'1'c1l 11l1':1l. ,Kia 5? 5 , 4- - X" 1 - ' FQ"xQFlZ' fljf. glfbful ef '-i '- - '-Q SCN - ,H 1 XX fy, we-. Q- ,- 1 LSL. SX X. j5Qg:sn,L-3. PFW X ,y , , mil 1f?'?E-1 1 N, 'Sq ZX. PF' ESLQKX T1 X - 4-4f?s: fm dig 1393 ' 4 "X 'Q-fi' -Sf 'HJ fa 1 1 N-X - N1-fxgffikgligif-l 51X E Xx- 1. ' H -1 '- 1 5. ' sg 'fwlk ' .0 Q "' Qxifl 3"" in Tv- 1. if-' P -l ' ?' 1 , 1 1 - Q X L 5-2, K fgfivi-Q-gf IT 1 1 1 1 1ifQaffQi NTWRA? M511 , Xxg., 1 N l X . , , 1 . C419 fb- - . X D1 ,fl fVf-,- !:51l, , R ,-Pr? I I hx ,Wt .X h,fi?gb 1' xv H X l 'WJ H 5- riigfrffiglilg L y , f 1 1 1 'N' 1 ,mQi11:'lif5, Q A i'l:-- l 1 1115.11-E The Crib and The Cflbber 104 be Ginknutnn In beginning this narrative. I know that there will be many to whom it will seem incredible, many who will scoff, and still a greater number who will pass it by with a smile at what they will tenn the phantasy of an overworked brain. But there will be some-those stronger minds-who. perchance, will give it at least one serious thought, and it is for these that I now set forth that strange incident which until the present has been locked securely in my memory. To-night, as I sit in this little room which constitutes my one refuge from the turmoil of the busy outside world, a vision rises before me which brings with it the reminiscence of a certain not too pleasant experience. The " plot," as the critic would say, was inaugurated at the deceunial reunion of the class of '98 of which I have the honor to be a member. Some of us may remember Dick Seldon's toast, and also remember the way in which it was received. His subject was " The Unknown," and I well remember that no one took him seriously. the toastmaster. in fact. in commenting upon it, lightly stated that in the future his cognomen would be no longer " Dreamer "-as he had been styled at college-but instead he should be called " The Great L'nknown.l' Something, I know not what, impelled me to seek Dick out when the farewells were being said, and knowing that his seclusive nature would send him back to his home with his message-whatever it was he meant to con- vey-undelivered. I suggested that he stop with me for the night, hoping for further enlightenment, To my dee light he accepted, but not one word of the " new thought " of his, would he utter on the way. On reaching my apartment I produced the " weeds " and so encouching ourselves before the fire, we prepared to put the finishing touches to the occasion. Wie talked upon various topics and finally by way of goading him on, I said: U Dick, old man, of course you don't believe all that rot you gave us to-night about Ultra-Violet Rays." IQAHLE-Fllll of sound and fury, signifying nothing 105 Every word of it," he answered briefly. " liut who has ever seen it? You know it is beyond the spectrum." " llave you ever seen the messages Iiashed by wireless? " he asked, and there he had me. " Uh, of course I admit there are such rays, but what I am sceptical about is that marvelous life-giving stimulant you claim they possess." " I made no claims," he retorted. " I simply suggested that"- " Sure, I know, but then there is something back of all this: I know a man like you wouldn't fool away his time over a fancy." l knew he wasn't impervious to Hattery, and by touching his vanity I hoped to secure his confidence. I was well rewarded, for suddenly turning toward me, he said: s-sn.. " Iiy Iove, I'll do it! Old fellow, if you are really interested, I will show you something that before long may revolutionize medical science. All I ask is that you will pledge yourself to secrecy until such a time as I am prepared to give my discovery to the world. I have already performed certain satisfying tests, but of course the thing is in its infancy and it may be months before I can complete it. However, if you are really interested enough to accompany me to my home, I will show you the grounds for the suggestions I made to-night at the banquet. Besides. a litle trip up state won't hurt you, for you look as if you hadn't taken a vacation since com- mencement night." This proffer of intimacy coming from Dick Seldon. whom I knew to be a confirmed recluse, rather winded meg however, I managed to recover enough to thank him and accept his invitation. " XN'ell then," said he, " lets to bed, for our train leaves at eight in the morningfl It is needless to say I slept little that night and bright and early next morning I jumped into my clothes, hurriedly packed my suitcase, and after a light breakfast, we started for the station. On the way, Dick remained as close-mouthed as a clam, and I believe he regretted his offer of the night before. I-Iowever, I pretended not to notice his mood and studiously avoided every topic that might hinge upon the cause of my journey. On the train, we had little to say, as he buried himself in his paper and I strolled forward into the smoker. After a ride of two hours, we arrived at our destination and preceded immediately to his home, where we were met by his housekeeper+like myself Dick being a confirmed bachelor -and I was shown my room. Of course I was for seeing the invention at once, but my host positively refused to enlighten me until after lunch. KliIEH.XNAfl'IC was a soldier, :t soldier brave and true. ' IO6 He did. however, permit me to stroll through his laboratory, which was fully equipped and appointed according to modern methods. Here was a shelf of retorts, there a shelf of flasks arranged in order of capacityg below, there were test tubes in their racks, while off to one side, in a little screened space, were his reagents in their shining glass bottles. There was the usual array of Bunsens, racks, crucibles and evaporating dishes and down at one end of the room hung an heavy green curtain which enclosed perhaps one-fourth of the room space. This, I surmised, was his sanctum sanctorum and consequently did not intrude upon it. In a short time lunch was announced and so for a while I was occupied in thoughts other than those of lab- oratory. When, however, my host arose with a perfunctory " Come on," I followed with an alacrity that dis- played my eagerness. He led the way straight to the " shrine " and parting the curtains, bade me enter. I could make out but little, owing to the fact that the enclosure was lighted by a single small window, the glass of which was of a dark green hue matching the curtains. Gradually my eyes accustomed themselves to the dim light. which I found to have a soothing effect. and I could make out an apparatus resembling an X-ray machine in contour and to one side stood a dynamo and transformer. Turning to my host I said, " Dick, old man, before lunch I was trying to decide whether you were a physi- cian or a chemist. I had almost convinced myself that you were the latter, and now you turn out to be an electri- cian. Tell me, what are you, anyway? " He smiled indulgently and went on making connections between his electrical apparatus and the queer- looking instrument or machine which I had noticed upon entering. It resembled, as I have said. a Roentgen ray apparatus, but the tube instead of being empty, contained a clear amber fluid. The tube was filled to within an inch of the poles. which were four in number. After completing his preparations he turned to me and said. " You remember that in speaking of the Ultra- Yiolet Rays last night, you stated that no one had ever seen them: my friend, in that you were wrong. I have seen them and will soon show them to you. You see the apparatus is simple enough in itselfg I have simply arranged for a cross-hre of currents. It is not the apparatus. but the liquid in the tube that is the crowning stroke. I shall be forced for the present to keep its composition from you, but that matters little. It is the effect you want and I am prepared to show it to you. If you will look just below the tube you shall see what the spectroscope cannot show you." He turned and pulled a switch. Immediately there was a sharp report. followed by a series of crackling KELLY-Care is an evening to life. IO7 sounds, and gradually a mist-like cloud formed below the tube. The crackling suddenly ceased and in its stead the1'e was a low humming noise. The mist took on a soft delicate tinge, neither violet nor purple. It was rather a blend of colors than a single color. " lVatch the clouding painting of the setting sun, with their variegated shades shifting constantly as the shadows deepen, then only can you conceive of the delicacy of the tinge which ema- nated from the globe." A moment later Dick cried, " Time's up: one minute is all I can allow because of the tension in the tube." One minute! and it had seemed hours as I watched that magnificent play of colors. " Qld man, I congratu- late youg why. you have accomplished "- " W'hat," he broke in. " what good would the mere production of these rays be to mankind? " "XVl1y, of course. that's so, but then it is something to have accomplished this much." His question had disconcerted me and I was at loss for an adequate reply. " Don't look so crestfallen, jack." he said: " do you suppose I have brought you here merely to delight your eye with a new color? No, I have gone still further into it and I have found that these rays are inimical, in fact deadly. to certain bacteria. The cocci have a peculiar resistance to them, as have most of the bacilli. There is one species of bacilli which succumbs readily after a thirty-second exposure. This variety is no other than man's greatest enemy, the tubercule bacillus. I have experimented and have found that the most virulent cultures are destroyed. XVhat is better still, I have inoculated rabbits and have later given them the tuberculin test to which they have reacted positive. On subjecting them to the penetrating rays for three exposures, of one minute dur-- tion, I found after a lapse of one week that there was a n :gative tuberculin reaction. In as much as my experi- ments have been thus limited. I am necessarily unwilling to give my discovery to the world. .Xfter a few more tests which I have in mind, I hope to be able to secure enough proof to insure at least recognition by the association." During this recital I had stood in open-mouthed wonder. and now I fairly embraced him. " Dick," I cried, " you're famous! Nothing has been done to equal it since the work of l"asteur. I always thought that 'Dreamer ' would some day have one of his dreams realized." He smiled and thanked me and turned to adjust swnething on his apparatus. What transpired in the next few seconds I will never know. It may be that the switch fell, or that the insulation was worn from some part of the wire, but be that as it may. just as he was leaning over the tube preparatory to disconnecting it, there came KILBOURN-For I am nothing, if not critical. 108 a sharp report. like that I had heard when the current had first been turned on, Immediately there followed a cry of mortal agony. There was a crash. and man and instrument lay upon the floor. He was dead when I reached him. his body having received the full force of the powerful current. The tube was broken into a thousand fragments. while the precious contents-now worthless-stained the boards on which it had splashed. That which was to have been the monument to his fame had become the instrument of his death. Little remains to be told. .-Xfter the burial, I returned to the city to take up the ceaseless grind-the com- mon lot of the doctor. To-night. as my thoughts revert to that eventful day, I cannot but wonder if it were f1te or Providence that lcd Dreamer Dick into the Unknown. H. LYUNS IEREHMER, '10, li-ein'--, fr" X X A' .' We V .ei 411-1 - Ffjqjfs-5 X 1 ll i .1-4, 3 ilie . 71' i f . c KOHLER-He walks alone. 109 GBM inspiration lnspiration is that soniething outside of ourselves, and not a part of us, which engenders within us a deter- mination to do certain things-to accomplish certain results. This inspiration may he in many forms, As in the days of ancient lqnighthood, it may he " My Lady Fair 3 " or it may be the desire to accumulate money-not for any particular purpose, but only to bile up money-to be a multi-millionaire. It may be fame-to he known and read of all men. Or it may be power-that at our bidding, things move or stand still. Or it may be political honors: or a desire to be great in literature. in music, in art, in law, in theology. or in medicine. These are some of the things which inspire men-which make them spend days and nights in working, watch- ing and waiting, so that they may lose no chance or opportunity, and that they may attain the desired end. Some of these 'A inspirations " are worthyfsome are unworthy. llut more worthy than any of them is the inspiration of " love of humanity H which leads men to till their lives with good deeds for the benefit of their fellow men. This is by far the worthiest of inspirations, and is the one which will lwring to the worker the greatest reward of this life-a happy and a contented mind. NVhether there is a future life need not he considered-it will pay for this life alone, Other inspirations may stimulate as greatly-and theugh the end attained may be the highest pos- sihle, may infleerl reach the full realization of all ambition and desire. yet there lacks satisfaction. None of these other things satisfy. The mental unrest remains. l-lappiness is missing. Only one inspiration offers the mind and soul the rest for which it seeks-the happy contented life-and that is the inspiration of love of others-the unselhsh doing of things for others. ls this possilule considering our frailties and our surrounding circumstances? It certainly is. Each man is his own master. lt has been beautifully said: L.XW5UNfxVllZll strong man is this? no " Out Of the night which covers me, It matters not how straight the gate, Black as the pit from pole to pole, l'Iow Charged with punishments the scroll, I thank whatever gods there be I am the master of my fate, For my unconquerable soul. I ani the captain of my soul." Each man can be what he wills to be. There is no such thing as luck or circumstance controlling his destiny. Talk not to me of souls who conceive sublime ideals. but deterred by fate and bound by circumstance, sit desolate and long for heights they never can achieve. It is not so. That which we most desire with understanding, we at last obtain in whole or part. I hold there is no rain or deluge that can quench a heavenly tire. We build our ships with timbers ofthe brain. XVith products of the soul we load the hold. W'here lies the fault if they bring back no gold, or if they spring a leak upon the main? There is no luck, no chance. The will is all. So be it, thou art pure and strong of purpose, thy success is sure, but fools and sluggards p1'ate of circumstance. Inasmuch then as these things are true and we have choice of what will be our inspiration, may we choose that our lives be those of unsel- nsh devotion to our work-loyalty to duty-the doing of good to our fellow men. 'Tis the human touch in this world that counts, For shelter is gone when thc night is ok-r, The touch of your hand and mine. And bread lasts merely a day, That means much more to the fainting heart But the touch of the hand and the sound of the voice Than shelter and bread and wine. Sing on in the soul alway. Smgxcizia Rl. Fiuaiz. Mixicix-Tlie man of tirm and noble soul. III L PPM 42 1 I l . ' A ' Q - 0 Q A' u a a Fraternity Founded ISQI Alpha, . Beta... Delta .,.. . Epsilon. .. ... . Zeta. . . Eta .... Theta. . Iota ..... Kappa. Lainhrlzt .... Mu .... Nu .... 1913i Beta 3Bi jfratrrnttp Zeta Qlbapttr Chapter Installed IQOI Colors--Green and White Chapter House, 205 West Franklin Street Hull of Sistine Qlhaptcrs . . . . . . . . . .hiiiversity of Pittsburg. Klealical Department . . . .L'iiive1'sity of Klicliigan, Kleilical Department . . ............. Rush Medical College, Chicago. lll. ...........,........Xlc Gill Lvl'liVGl'Sllf'. Medical Department llaltiinore College of Physicians anfl Siirguons. llaltininre. Klrl. ...,... ,......Vlefferso11 Rleflieal College. l'hilarlelphia, l'a. . . . . .Xo1'tliwu5tui'ii L'niversiti' Kleflical C1 rllcge ...tollege ot l'. and S.. l lllYCl'S1lf'4ll Illinois ... .. . ... . . . ..Dt't1'41il College uf Kletlieiiu' ..,......,St. lmiiis Unive1'sity. St. Louis. Blu. . . . . . . . . .llaaliiiigton Ciiiveiwity. St. lxriiis. Xlfi. .... . . . ,Cniversity Rlellieal College, Kansas City. Rl-'-. Rlxiesviiwiau-I :im always present! 114 Xi ......... Om icron ..... Pi ......... Rho .... Sigma .... Tau ...... Upsilon .... Phi .... Chi .... Psi .......... Omega ........ Alpha Alpha .... Alpha Beta ..,.., Alpha Gamma ...., Alpha Delta. , Alpha Epsilon Q . . . . . . . . . , .University of Minnesota. Medical Department . . . . .Purdue University. Medical College, Indianapolis, Ind. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .University of Ioxva, Medical College . . . .Vanderbilt University, Medical Department . . . . . . .University of Alabama, Medical College ....University of Missouri. Medical Department . . . . . . .Ohio 'XYesleyan University Medical School . . . .University College of Medicine, Richmond, Ya, . . . . . . . . . .Georgetown University Medical School . . . .Medical College of Virginia. Richmond, Ya. ...Cooper Medical College, San Francisco. Cal. . . . .john A. Creighton University. Omaha, Xebr. . . . . . . .Tulane University, Medical Department . . . . . . . .Syracuse University, Medical Department .. . ...... Medico-Chirurgical College. Philadelphia. Pa. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Marquette University, Milwaukee, KYis. Alpha Zeta .......... Indiana University. School of Medicine, Bloomington, Ind. Alpha Eta ........................ University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Alpha Theta. .University of Pennsylvania. Medical Department, Philadelphia. Pa. Alpha Iota ........................ University of Kansas. Medical Department Alpha Kappa .... ............ L iniversity of Texas. Medical Department Alpha Lambda .... .... C ornell University, Medical College, New York City MESSAGE-By his speech shall you know him. IIS FRANK I.. Blzxsux Jm-IN J. IZURNE FRRNR DIIv.xI,I.Izx' LoR,xIfI 0. Fox JULIUS R. F151-IER FRED F. HoLRm'D TIIOS. F. HEATING IQARI, XV. ALLISON A. U. ECRERDI' EIIWRRII S. I'I.xIIII.'I'u XV.Xl.TIilQ S, Hnxsux IAIARRY L. BRII.I,I'l.XR'I' JOHN CANAIAN XVILLIARD CIIRIs'mPIfI XYII.I.I.xIl C, Exsmw RICIIARII A. IRIZIMXND X'V,XlII'IiR I.. BRHXVN J. E1IwIxRII Dm' R. L. IUIEYEREUX Qlctihc Weinberg SENIOR CLASS Rf II' W. LCICI-IER Amxzry XV. LI'I"1'LE ERNEST II. MCDEDE IIIIENJ, O. RICCLIZARY EIIGRR B. NOLAND JAMES A. RIPIIERT FRANK H. JUNIOR CLASS SISSLIZR JIIIIN E. L'IARSCI'INIiR I'IERxI.IxN S. NIILLER N JIIIIN D. SAIYSER ERSYIN M1 SOPHOMORE CLASS Ifixu L KISII FRANK PAUL SILVI.-x J. RClBER'I'S IEDWRRD P. SXIITII .-XLRERT L. Su .. .XNNIIB Kl.wEs IZ. XVIl.I.I.xA1s FRESHMAN CLASS JQIIN DIIVLE FRANK DWYER I,ILhl.II-. 'l. I LLLYIJIZ I.. SIZITZ Qrsxl lSSliI. VI-IEI.-I'lc IS ZIIXVZIYS :It haml, 116 uf.. -Y -A u , 15.-sf ,.g"'e v .if-'C-' a-6 4 Delta Delta Chapter Alpha. . Zeta. . . Eta .... Theta. . Iota .... Lambda Mu .... N u ........ Omicron .... Xi ..... Pi .... Rliij .... Sigma. . Tau. . . . ilabt Qibi glfratzrnitp Gljaptzr ifwii Installed March, loo: Founded 1878 at University of Vermont Flower-White Carnation . . . .Medical Department of University of Vermont .. .Medical Department of University of Texas . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .Medical College of Virginia . . . . . . . . . . . . .University College of Medicine. Richmond . . . . . , . . . . . .Medical Department, Cniversity of Alabama . .Medical Department. I.'niversity of XVestern Pennsylvania .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,Medical College of Indiana. Indianapolis p .. . . . . . . . . . . llirmingliam Medical College. Alabama . . .Medical Department. Tulane University. Louisiana . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cniversity of Fort Yliortli. Texas .. .Medical Department of Vanderbilt Cniversity ...............................Cl1icago University .. .Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons. Georgia ......................L'11ix'crsity of South Carolina RIILLER-TllllQ elaborately thrown in ix IIT Upsilon. . . Phi .... Chi Psi ........... Alpha Alpha. . Alpha Theta. . . Beta Beta ....... Gamma Gannra Delta Delta. . . Theta Theta. . . Kappa Alpha li Pi Sigma ...,. Sigma Theta. . Sigma Nu Chi. Sigma Phi Sigma .... Chi Theta. . . Kappa Psi. . . Pi Delta Phi. .. Upsilon Pi .... Kappa Delta. .. Mu Chi. .. Atlanta Medical College . . .Medical Department, George Xlfashington University . . . . . . . . . . .Jefferson Medical College. Pennsylvania ................... .University of Michigan . . .Medical Department University of Louisville . ..........................,. Ghio XVesleyan ........,..........l3altimore Medical College . . , . . . , . .Medical College of Maine at Bowdoin College ...College of Physicians and Surgeons of Baltimore ....... . .. ... ........ ... ...Maryland Medical College appa .... .. .Medical Department, Georgetown Cniversity .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . .University of Maryland . .Medical Department. University of North Carolina .. . ........... Chattanooga Medical College, Tennessee . . .Alumni Association, Chattanooga, Tennessee .. . .Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery . ....... Medico-Chirurgical College. Philadelphia . . . . .College of Physicians and Surgeons. St. Louis .. .Los .-Xngelea Department of Medicine, University of California .. . ........... ..., X Iedico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia . .... Medical Department, Johns llopkins Cniversity Moiz1usoN-.-Xml the loud laugh that spake the idle mind. IIS LTA- DELTA-CHAPTER ll. L. ll. L1. C H. .lv U. N lf. .-X. RUI,'l'UX P. l71.lzM1N13 Go1.Dx1.xN XV. K.xI1I.1z XV. Mxxsux 1LxcM1LL.xN C. NEWELI- A. SEYMOUR H, ll,x1I.Ex' El. l3.XL'Ml'3.XR'l'NER l. X.L.xI.1..xIl.xN IHIIN ll. Kluux li. bl. l'1N1QL's .X. T. Lxwsflx -linux F. Sum ll, N. Swlxw' ull uf Members SENIORS XY. X l. l'IUB5r'rN lf. E. R012 lf. S-'1'I5IN1iE ll. N. BOYD Xl. Il. YOGT .l. l'IL'GHES bl. G. XV. ScH.xrFE1 JUNIORS l. I llulclslimox . X'.H'UvNxf+1: nl la ll. llL"rv111xs4+x ,l.'l'.ll.xx11f1x C. lf. llEIL XY. ll. li.xI1I.1z 'lf ul. Rnflllc li. NlI"l'L'lll.IiR X115 IW u1.En-Xhlrlq null m-wr lull mu ISO x 51 N XR E Z. T C. E. C. E. f H. B.-XNNISTER H. CHAMPE . T. DRISCOLL X. THOMPSON XV. XVYATT I. O,BRIEN F. SARGENT F. FLORA XY. BELL D. SILVERQ SOPHOMORES B. H. LONG I. S. BROXVN L. C. SCI-IWARTZ A. XV. CREWS G. A. PARKER L. O. QUILLEN FRESHMAN F. P. FLOYD R. I. DOXVELL XV. F. LAKE O'CONXoR-Going! Going! Gone! I I Qtbi Z-,sta Qlbi jfraternitp Founded Nineteen Hundred and Three at the University of Georgia Fralernily Colors-Purple and Old Gold Fnlleruity Flower- Alpha .... ljeta .... Delta. . . Epsilon, . . Zeta .... Theta. . . Kappa .... Lambda .... Mu ..... Xu .... Xi ....... Uinicrrm. . . Pi ....... Rho .... Sigma .... Tau ...... Upsilon ..,. Phi ,... Chi .... Alumni Chapter .... Hull uf Qrtihe Qthaptzrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Medical Department, Cniversity of Georgia .. .College of llhysicians and Surgeons, Columbia Cniversity ....... . . . . .Medical Department, Cniversity of Maryland . . .Colleve of Physicians and Surgeons of Atlanta. Georgia A .........................Baltimore Medical College .. . . . . . . .Medical Department, Yanderbilt Lniversity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Atlanta School of Medicine, Georgia . . . .College of Physicians and Surgeons. Memphis. Tenn. . . .Medical Department, Tulane Cniversity. Louisiana . . . . . .Medical Department, Cniversity of Arkansas ........... . .Medical Department. St. Louis Lniversity ...Medical Department, XYashing'ton Cniversity, St, Louis .........Colle-ge of Physicians and Surgeons of Chicago . . . . .College of l'hysicians and Surgeons of llaltimore . . .Medical Department, George XYashington University .........................-lefferson Medical College . . . . . . . . . . .Medical Department. Fordham Cniversity . . . .Medical Department, Lincoln Lniversity. Tennessee . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Long Island Hospital Medical College . ........................Xtlanta.Ga. l'1Nic1js-The man from Mexiet I White Carnation A ' fi' "'x.1 Ez iq ,, ,Q "' RW'-X 3 it ,A.. . A,,,, ., f ', ,E ' X 1.12 f W w..f?u y . ' 'JJ x ' ' 'ff " " -7' , 5 w , - og , . . . . 4+ . ' . .,, ., J Q ' 25 J :.v. . . 45,--15,3 ,gli I '--V UN.:-0 13 P W . I ' I 4 1 Y .,41 - , . Y Y: .1-., fx , , . , H ayi 1 . A - X A A llilju Qtljaptzr, Qlbi Zrta witbi Chapter House, IOS Franklin Street, East H. LYONS BREIIMICR CH.xR1.13s XV. DALY XVALTER D. BLA NKEN511 1 if JAMES M. H.xNImH.xN CLARENCE W. ZURCUER HOWA-XRD E. H.-xRN1.xN XVILLI.-XM T. GOCKE K.-xm. H. TRllJ1'Ii'l"I' , - XX'lI.I.IAM I.. b111s.x11.xN Fmrz j. Kmzxsx' UIUIIN F. SI'Ii.XRM.XN ul. Gl5R.x1.u l,VHm1aN Louis D. lixuxrzs ,l.xx11cs A. DlxmN 1HnII nf felmnbcrsbip SENIORS LuL'15 D. AIUORE -Inrlis F. RIACGINN XVII.1:15I:'r L. GRUUNI15 H NR: DLIJ E, Luxczsuf 'R F JUNIORS JOHN F. HOGAN JAMES F. GORMAN JOHN F. FLYNN DIUSEPH 1. Ii:.1cx',xN ulusizmfl li. KILBOURN SOPHOMORES .-Xl.15x.xNm:R KI.xsuN Ex I'1i'1'12R L. IQEOUIIII R.x1.1'11 E. Cus'1'.xNzu FRESHMEN l".xL'I. F. FI.lix1x11Nf: I':L'R'I'ON I-. S'r121:Nl2R DI, 1.Jl2X'liR S'l'l2NV.'XN'1' ZIN N-Fr spicll gcrnc. 1:4 'ANS Kappa 19st fraternity Alpha fGrand Councilb. Gamma .............. Delta .... Qtljaptcr ilinii . . . .........,.......,........... XVilmington, Del. .. .Columbia University, New York City ...........................University of Maryland Epsilon .... .......................... Eta .... Iota ..., .......... Kappa ..... . . Lambda ..,. .,......,... Mu .... Nu .... Xi ........ Omieron ..... ............ Pi .,..... ................... Maryland Medical College .. . . .Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, Philadelphia, Pa. University of Alabama, Medical Department .Birmingham Medical College, Birmingham, Ala. Vanderbilt University. Nashville, Tenn. .Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. Boston. Mass. . . . .Medical College of South Carolina, Charleston, S. C. .University of XVest Virginia, Morgantown, XV. Va. .University of Tennessee. Nashville. Tenn. Tulane University. New Orleans, La. Rho .... . . .Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons. Atlanta, Ga. Sigma. . . ..... College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Md. Tau .......... .... . University of Alabama. Tuscaloosa, Ala. lPre-Clinicj Upsilon ............,.......... Philadelphia Alumni Chapter .............................. New York Alumni Chapter .................. . . Baltimore Alumni Chapter ..... . . Birmingham Alumni Chapter ............ . . ........ . . R 1 DER-He is a product to be marvelled 125 Louisville College of Pharmacy, Louisville, Ky. . Philadelphia. Pa. . .New York City . .Baltimore Md. .Rirminghain Ala. H. 5. C.xx1PmzI.1. GROYER C. Hr.,-xlili G.F.GR1s1xnE1: XV. I-1. IQELSEA XV. G. 1'I.XRl'l2R DIHSIQPI1 F. Iilillzuxx H. T. Emmxnsux C. Y. G.xU'1'11clc .Tunis K. tluwlllcllf Sistine jmmnhsrs IQIO DI. R. TUCIQWILI W. ll. I-lL'x'1'1i1a J. T. Puwlzus E. P. SIIELLIEN G. L. PIIGLJINS IQII -IUSlil'lI D1-:lam I'.xL'1. Rlmzu clllm QXRCII C. l'I.xl.I. IQI2 I'J.xr.1c -If UHNSUN Rum-Ili-lDisplaying, great mcntzllily 126 Organized May 15, IOOO. Alpha .,... lleta... Gamma. . . Delta, . Zeta. . . Theta. . lota. . , Epsilon. . . Lamhfin .,.., Rho. .. 5lQl'l'l3. ..... Nu .... ffhuega .... Phi .... 3913i Eelta Qlipstlun glfratzrnitp Chapter founded March, moo Clzaplcr Colors-Old Gold and Purple Hull nf wllbapters ...,................Coruell Cniversity Medical College . . . .L'l1lYCl'Sltj' of New York zmrl Bellevue Xleclieal College .......... ........ ....ColumlJiz1 Meflieal College .. .. . . .. . . .l'1altimo1'e Medical College Islaml Medical College . . . . . . . . Forclllam Cniversity, Klemlieal Department . . . .College of Pl1ysicians aml Surgeons of Baltimore .. . . . . . . .l,'11iversity of Marylanrl. Medical School . , .Kleflieal Department, Cniversity of PCllIlSf'lY2llTlEl . . . . .Klerlieo-Chirurgieal College of Philaclelphin .. . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .-lefferson Klerlical College . . . . .L,1llYCl'Sltj' of Syracuse. Klerlieal College ....L'niversity of Louisville, Kleflieal School . . .. .. . .L'niversity of lVisc1 msin. Kleflieal College Sum-I ilurly muvh. 1:8 W' , '- 'L 'o ' ' x , M ,N 5 v ' . V -' V 4 f 1 .ui I , - .,l.1. rx 1 ' A V . ' 'fe' 4 A " 'V n P. A .1 2'-4'f:2rvl . , I l N, , ' -xl.: 5 , .- 4. , me 1 v -- 5 ,xl , 055' . 'rw-1' 'ff' ' " ,',s . A x 9 v ..'. . A. L RI. S. AVIDON W. -I. FROITZI-Irzm C. J. LANGLQIS B, L. NAIMON Ifluluclz W. IQOHL Lf F. COUGI-ILIN KI. 5. EISNER W. T. RICXIAHON A . . E. KIAN XY. T. GA'1'TI ER Ilfiuil uf jmxnbers SENIORS Hl21uI,xN SILIDIQL. XY. J. CUSTIZLLO .lll5I2l'II GIURGISSI EMANUEL Toomx N. A. -I. 'L7R1:.xx51cI IUNIORS Luuls V. XVILLIAMS SOPHOMORES GIIORGI3 A. IQOHLER B. REESER H. T. I'IORWITZ -I,xcn1: E. XIENDELSOHN -Ion N Normlzx' FRESHMEN 51, lf. RILIMNIRD lj. -I. KIARINO SI. .-XNGELQ-Oh thai hc were hurc to write me down--an ass, 130 I A -I wr. Qlhcrfs Qlpbnrisms XX'hen one percusscs over a medical sLudent's pocket, one gets a dead, empty note. Pocket-books and bill-folds give a peculiar Hat sound. Any other note one gets over the pocket or pocket-bor,-lc is flue to coin or bills. XYhen this is due to coin one calls it " going some "1 when flue to bills, it is Called " Iluslif' 1Brnf. iieualfs ileustulatcs I. The student must be present at all quizzes, H. He must be interested solely in the study of medicine. TH. His enthusiasm must impart itself readily to his associates. IY. Such associates must be similarly enthused anfl in turn. devote themselves to the study of medicine iernf. Sanger! Ibm Qtaruiar ilernpusittnus I. A students appetite may precede the tirst meal of the day ending with it. H. :X student appetite may take the place of, and follow the first meal ot the day. IU. :X student appetite may take the place of. and follow the second or thirll meals of the flay. Xafc.-Tlie first is a very rare one and found only in a few selected cases. Sxrx'sER-.-Xmeud your nays and your doings. 131 Neutral jlflarinw lt's an ill xvinfl that hlmvx the nloclnr grmfl. To err is nurmnl, to cure rlivine. A patient in the office is worth two in the grave. Never operate :luring periods of llepressinn, particularly financial. It is best tn have operated and lust, than never to have operated at all A stitch in time saves cinbarrassinent. An ounce of pretension is worth LL pound of cure. XYhen paticnta relapse. its llEltlll'k'.S fault : when they ilie. ilk their mvn SWINT-I-Ie lnlks litile hut fl-'-es much, Ig: a Xx , X X W' BWQWA QK 4 Wok Oo. F OQQ ,C A L g 1, - 9 Og 3? ':m.esfpes8 - ya 51 N H SQ v Q H sw xpko K QHi ' Wf wl 1 ' K r' 'H "5""53'i's SVKY5 Os 44' ' M 4 - Q . . f -,L V P , 9 , 40 l o' .4,,vn X goi ,Q , ,i v v v 04 , 1 .,,o' N Q f- .. XB YK: A W Y' " ,, gi?-if ff , L 5 -X 7 -- 2777 M " 1193- , i 4 A' 'fs X- Zi f' A Iii 1, f .Lf .x Xf '-i' :'.'x X K Y, f , -,E ZI Z Zf 4- 'gsfii f T' "J K-le 'Q' A Sgggiifygx ff" iXJ 'bi w 2 It THERE AINT NONE G Q1-Q 'LT Z Q f - ' X1 ' an 2 5"'2?,ff5: ,H N! 5-,LE 'C 6 wh j' 5' I E511 " ff 1 w., "1 ff- Z ' ff-. f Q rff , BRC .-fi '1 --.. - . F. -Yi ' -- X X ,-f- bf- '," jf- -- gf Z,f,.+ -I 1 -fi '- A - i-ffl-' L- L - ,lv ll H12 I I J , - jbff-4 ,wif E. 1111. QE. Q. QB'ffirf1'5, 1909110 f'11'.ml1'11! ....... CIIARLILS. XY. Mxxwx I lu'-l'm'.vi1luf1I ,......,. .... L fxm. -I. I,1,xL'x1u,xlc'l'x1-11: QfILlfl'llllIlI Hilvlr .S1flllf.Y. . , ........ I IANIQX' liwlmvx C 11tll.!'1HllIl ,1li.V.Vl-IIII Xlmlhv. .. . ..XL'1:l4lix' lf. I..xwsm+N vruhzry .... ,,........ ......... I , Ru1:151:'1's Lk umm: IS. NV1l1'l'mxl1: 134 ff -U' l 31 qw u' l f Y i as N4 , ll ,. l ,,4? .- . ,- ,. if-f f'--V f vj7 ,regi- fif '- :i lix iiii viii, ri ffil.-gil-A ii i' Y'-V i 7 ,tiff l'l0,9Mx Nl Th? Fraternity Dance, "54'1artv" 10ngnn's Rules nf Ctiqurrttc I, First of all, one should always carry one's sell' as though une had a broom-stick up ones back ur an anky- lusecl spinal column. 2. Assume a position as if one was just about to ily by extending the arms outward at an angle of 450 with the body, and Hex the forearm at right angles with the arm I see cntb. 5. In ntiering a lady onels arm, one extends the arm slightly, at the same time raising the forearm and placing une's hand firmly upon the ventral aspect ot' one's anat- omy, in such a positien that the palm of the hand will cuver the point occupied by the ensiform appendix ol' the sternum. Always have the lingers and thumb extended and adjoining. This hitter is especially important, 4. When giving a lady acquaintance a present, one shnnld always remove the price tag unless it is a very expensive present. 3. Il' une steps un a lady's train never stnp to make excuses, but make a hasty retreat. ti. It is never in grind taste tn indulge in personal pleasantries, such as referring tn a lafly's artiticial teeth :is her eulleftiim of pureelains. Tl-lll'PL'l'I'7.x limi must nun' and then be riehl bv chance. 5QU'W 5 of f X 'Eau Q Ox 5 . :X f fl Q 55 gg 5.17 H X X - Visa -u . FS V ' ' f a- kjfi Q.. ,' Im V5Zi?f E5 gf 6 w zxx nig fgg- Fggi: . K , ff . Z C K-97' , f-,4 .5 - 1-f U f x , X Q fa, fa ., -in Q, , If 3 Q! ??,,f-D Q .4 4, ,ff -ffl-1,QT,i,EQ'-J-3 Lg Hr muah some vugr Hamyxon be actnrtahurgb iiugle 1921115 Qftems Mr. llaeillus Anthrax and two liunrlred thousand millions of his children arrived at C. of l". and S. Pier Xu. 50 last week via the l2O-lll. transport " .lames," There was a delifrhtful eoastin-T party' amonff the lnlluenza children last niffht over on snowflake No. 123.- h x , n ' b ' 456.739,, just as it was falling' into the courtyard ofthe Mercy Hospital, Mr. Tubercule lilacillus has announced his intention of moving into the pleural district of KlCl'lflClSOl1l1 12d yearl with his entire family. llc says there is a tine chance for some lucky chap to get in a lot of work there. and he means to he the one. Mr. ll. Typhosis has engaged an high-spirited an.l good-looking house-lly for transportation purposes this coming season. There was quite a disturbance tlte tirst of this week in one of our newly-acquired cellular possessions-the little point on Lawson's neck known as Carbuncle. The :Xureus company of the Staphylococci regiment, who were on guard duty. were suddenly attttcketl hy an advancing' party of the Leukocytes. Happily. however. the defenders had their new double. hack-action chemotactic rilles and readily disposed of the intruders, leaving a corps tcorel ot' their dead hodies in the field. The large membrane m'mufactory of the Diphtheria company has been working' hut half-time lately. due to lack of their regular working' force. An epidemic of antitoxin has been going' around which has forced many hands to quit. ln fact, a numher of deaths are reported. Report has it that tiasotormans. the noted rope milk walker, has been arrested hy Prof. Stokes for bad con- duct. lt is said that it is almost impossible to elucle this nit-tnher of the medical force. ,l-HURliELSIlN?'-l-llC secret of success iS constancy of purp-gm-. 13S Hg .- 3 '?'fl' ff, f X XQ1- Q19 ff ff ,NN Xn.u sing a litllc sung ur lun, 'ff f ,gif jwfl lf llfilyl A Y , , gm! J ll ' :lv lj y XX X ou have :L lllllc Lhzu, 5--'5' VJ!!! ll '- neil!!! li xl'-.I X All ull Il little candy fudge ' l,""f ,J-L: 'l ' .Xml then you Luke your hzllg K f, V I I 'X fl .,IH,llv-I ' u lmlcl her lmml :mrl say :gm-Ll-niglml, X I ff fl ' I ll' f .Xs sweetly as you cam. X f ' jig ll 'll V' V N mu' ifn't that El ll--fl of im uverun-' I l i lll ll y ' Y For ll great big lu-nlllly m'1n ,H Al X v ' XY' l ,A I W: , Vlllx l. 'll , 7 I 'I - Y' ' r ali Q ir ll l l ? 4 , l il YM I , , E Z- 1, Swmk 65' 2 - t X i Qin Beat SLB. ann in , 1 3, 4' J All N , i i , ' N lltlll' nlvl cnllcgt- of my clasmizitt-S. l l ' ' Xlay thc suasons ncver bring 1 E N l Y N Than sad day when I forg-21 thru 1 ' 1 I .Xnrl thc jfilys thnn used to singi . 3 Q ' , N 3 lim' thf-n gan-Qt me in lTlZll'llll'IUfl, l : 1 ' , ' lllhcn all other friends refused, 4' +L W . , ' N Y , lYurtls of pcncu and consolatinn, ,fly K, K gli within thy halls I innwml. ff", v.,?,? ,V 9 Dear nlrl mllugr, alas! how niany i X if I, fi Arc tht- lung and lonely dayf i " Sincu l last hm-ltcltl thy beauty A gina "', - fi x ln lift-'S parting Sunset rayfl :Z .I I 3 And tlwngli rift' my feet haw xxziwlurt-1 l 51 V 3.5 1 1 1 lntn patlmayi dark and clini. Q A.. I. N A "HM I ' And tht-ugh oft' the cup of sorrow ' ,Q ig L: , llai ht-un cruwnczl full tv- the hrini. '1 .Il llcawn kn4rwQ l xxwulcl hc happy I ,gil ' Could l tltrczicl thy halls Once nit,-ru, ji' Lmwt in clans timc mcditatinn. In 4 YW' M W V U 4 As l did in thu days of ynru. f , -55'f""' v .'l- 5" 4 Hut in wish is nnlhing, nothing! I' l can nnly say t'zn'ewcll. xi 1 S Y P- K 6' , i f XVith ri it-arning in my linsnin ? : f - f' ' lun' I-in grval till' twngnc ln tcll, J- F V 656733-g,! ffglrylf f ? f:- J. Cu1.i,Iiczi2 TERM-CH.-lm Ulf CHL:x11sTux'. XYnnm:L'lf1f-It is not good that man fh-rnlfl lm :ilu-nu, 140 when Greek meets Greek, nr the I. Come boys, bring the lyre, and we'll have ' Of battles-for there were two- 'Twixt Sophomores and Freshmen XYho hold traditions true. ' II The Freshs were gathered in Twenty-tive, Fully three score ten of them, To take their initial lecture Under Fort the medicine man, III The Sophs tho' weak in numbers. XVerit in to do or die, XX'hile half the Freshs took to their heels NVhen they heard the juniors cry. IV A Freshmen Out ' was the signal yell, And we shall never fail To remember how those bloody Sophs Came at us tooth and nail. song Qlilasb of '12 anti '13 V 'Twas truly a battle royal, Each Soph and Fresh matched well: IYQ certainly harl them ' going somef So the records plainly tell. VI " The battle waged long and furious Full an hour and an half, 'tis Said. And when the clouds of dust arose Not a man was found quite dead. VII Tho' three were counted down and out- Dwyer. Floyd and Brown- V XYhile Silver, the sturdy half-back. Might have gone another round. VIII Thus ended the hrst of the battlesg XYQ thought we'cl won the day. So we did, but the following morning XVe found to our dismay- NViLLIn.Ms-Give thy thoughts no tongue. 141 XII IX That the enemy clidn't think so, " The Freshs and Sophs then take to the st For with hose and flour they came Both juniors and Seniors toog From above in the amphitheatre- And the battle is renewed in earnest, So we simply didn't remain. Until the bluecoats pinch a few. X XIII 'And thc venerable Prof. Simon, " Away tl1cy're rushed to the lock-up, l-lad he the presence of mind. Thus endeth the second light: Might have easily evaporated- And if we hzuln't bailed them out, And thereby escaped in time. They'd have slept in there all night. XI XIV " l-le stood by his post like :1 soldier, " In all it cost us an hundred bones, Anil bore his lV2llCl'l0O: About thirty cents per head. But when the Chemistry linztls come The College was Otll some, we believe, Few Sophs will ever get through. Though never a word was said, XV. " Some hope this ancient class rush ' l athed its last: lVith us has are For tho' a time honoured custom, N 'Tis a relic of tl1e past. 'Vx If f of --.f wi ff y ,IAQ ,I I T ' ll " M: -- l i K! " aff-f f I . f - ff ,W ll l, 4 z I ,. ' gf- , Zrneiieic-I shall he :rs seerel as the grave. 142 reet I 909 October The Qlalenhar I-The curtain rises on the first semester of work at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore. 2-The Sophomores have seen the Freshmen and are unable to elect a Sergeant-at-Arnis. 3-Sunday-Freshmen all go to see Druid Hill Park. .L-Lectures commence and the first bout between the Freshmen and Sophomores is pulled Off. 5-St. Angelo returns l ll 6-Second class rush!Oh you big Freshmen! 7-The memorable day of the Flour Paste Rush. Freshmen sustain the attack well and chase the Sophs from the building. S-Guthrie moves from the third to the second floor at No. 515 Lafayette Ave. 9-Prof. Simon, in answer to the Sophoniores' apologies for the pasty mix-up in No. 34, returns to lecture to them. to-Sundav-Underclassmen rest from war. It-Guthrie moves back from the second to the third Hoof. I2-A Freshman appears in the dissecting room and faints with the exclamation, "I saw a stiff, I saw a stiff." I3-Only seventy-two days to Christmas! 14-The Freshmen hear of Gray. I5-The Sophomores renew their acquaintance with the girls at Young X Selden's. T6-'ll1I1lOl'S attend the three morning clinics. I7-SLlIlClElY. IS-SOINCUHC discovered cleaning windows in No. 33. 143 November 2 1 24- 2 28- 1 7- IQ-Sf. Angelo treats the Clinical Section to a box of cigars! 20-Bonness' trousers go up a half inch. -Three weeks of college past l ! 22-Xv3I'llCLl-lllggQl' men-by the Sophomore Class. 23-Guthrie moves from No. 315 Lafayette Ave to No, S07 Sunday. North Calvert St. 5-Prof. Dobbin quizzes the Seniors on the pelvis. 26-3lClJ2'll.lgllllI1 hears of the table of Apothecaries weight a drachms ! ! l nd tries to reckon his own weight in 27-Guthrie moves from No. S07 Calvert St. to St. Paul St. St. Angelo decides to hold a mass meeting to call off lectures so all can attend the Navy-Princeton game. .29-Prof. -lulius lfriedenwalfl wants to know if Smyser is in the lunior Class. 2-Election Day-Holiday. 3-lilliy making up for the holiday. 4-Sooy declares he has l1ad experience on a Year llook lxvhen ?j. 5-Sophomore moustaches appear. 5-Guthrie is thinking of moving! l! S-Guthrie moves to No. 85.1 St. Paul St. Q-O'Brien gets ready to go home for Tl1anksg'iving. Io-Deever Stewart learns how to pitch pennies. 11-Trippctt makes a heroic demonstration of alcohol as an antidote for carholic acid. I2-GOCRC passes a stomach electrode in Prof. Friedenwald's clinic, Jimmie llcGinn borrows fifty cents and takes his grandmother to the Maryland Theatre, I3-C1l.'ltllI'lC moves from S34 St. Paul St. to 717 N, Calvert St. 15-Last day to get S5 off on Tuititon. 16-St. Angelo promulgates the " Teasing Along " theory in regard to the .-Xmoebae Dysentariae. Frats start to do rusl1ing business, IS-Trippett gets in a hurry!!!!! 144 December Sccnrzd january I9-Dr. Hayden tells the Junior Class his annual joke. 20-FlYSf-Of-tllC'yCHI' cigars all gone and the " makin's " are in demand. 22-Swartz and Vogt take notes on the back ol time-tables. Swartz and Vogt gone for Thanksgiving. 24-Snow. Lectures close for Thanksgiving. 25-Thanksgiving. 29-Lectures resumed. Freshmen carry turkey wishltones into Osteology class for good luck. 30-Classes hlling up again. 1-First Senior fight. Combatants-Campbell and .-Xvidon: Result-Campbell wins. 2-Hogan is present at the First lecture. 3-Powers' hair is getting long: he looks belligerent. 4.-Bud Blankenship runs Five blocks to resuscitate a woman with zizorplz-ia. 6-Everyone studying for the Mid-years. 7-Second Senior iight. Combatants-Powers and Noland: Result -Y S-It is rumored that college doesn't close till the 22d. 9-Michel is seen alone. Io-Faculty have a change of heart, much to the students' satisfaction, and we are to leave the 13th. I I-lVyatt gets a new girl. I2-Prof. Dobbin, starting out for a spin in his motor car. receives a puncture on Mount Royal Ave. Lt-Mid-year Exams start. I5-Fl'CSl'llllCI1 hold tinal session with Osteology. V I6-SO1'Jl'lOITlOl'CS begin smoking cigars preparatory to their Christmas vacation. 17-Everybody packs to go home. IS-JL11llO1' Class assemble for last examination. but find it isn't there to be taken, so break ranks for the holidays. 25-Christmas. Semester-1910 3-Lectures to the students who didn't go home. 145 February 4-Fellows begin to come in, 5-All the " pluggers " back-the rest are coming. 6-Guthrie is interested with the "Eternal Feminine " in XYest Baltimore. S-Crack-a-loo seems to be gaining the ascendancy. IO-'illllllOI'5 are initiated into the manikin work in Obstetrics. V II-Prof. Ruhrah gives the juniors their delayed examination in Therapeutics. 12-BTOXY11, of the Sophomore Class. decides on a beard as the best means of making him look " distinf guishedf' ls-T'l3l'll12ll1 telephones down to see if there is anything doing. Prof. Chambers pays a Fifteen-minute call on the junior Class. but makes the time count. I5-SO1'JllO11lOl'C Long also has a misplaced eyebrow. I7-Cillilllilll proposes a new method for administering the infusion of digitalis. I8-Cl1l'lSf1Tl2'IS cigars have disappeared. IQ-Rflllgll house in marble hall-Nothing new. 20-lil'Of. l-larrison does an interestinff sl'in-Uraftinp' operation. which is attended by men c 5 x D N classes. .21-:X street boy sings to the Sophomores in the dissecting room and gets a few pennies. 22-Glass-door in Room 25 gets broken. 24-Calls for unpaid tuition. 25-Prof. Bevan gives out the results of the Mid-year Exams. 26-lVllEl'f.S the matter with the Basketball Team? For details see under " Athletics." 28-lVas Harman sick? 29-Chalk light. 0'Connor doesn't see the sport. 31-New Years resolutions on the decline with a proportionate increase in smoking. I-Third Senior hght. Combatants: Campbell and Cohen. 2-COlNlC Opera. by Gocke the comedian. 3-Prof. lleek presents a case of .-Xeromegaly at his clinic. 4-Vogt decides to start a beard. gent S-Klflllll. Goldstein and llarwitz go calling' on young ladies. who propose a feed. The 146 from all lemen are game. but the girls are more so, and when the bill is handed in. Mann slips a diamond ring into the waiters hand to pay the expense. Oh you sports!!! 6-Vogt watches his beard grow. 7-Yogt uses " Seven Sutherland Sisters Hair Restorer " on his beard. 8-X'ogt's beard is very perceptible and is beginning to be irritable. 9-Gocke smokes an after-lecture cigar in the Faculty Room with Prof. Dobbin. Yogts beard is more irritating. Io-Sophomores have their picture taken. Yogt's beard is approaching the maximum of irritation. Il-FOLlI"lll Senior tight. Combatants: Vogt and joe Jesse." Causa belli-The irritability of Yogt's beard produced a proto plasmic contractility in his muscles. 12-" Crack-a-loosf' I4-St. Yalentine's Day. I5-Last warning to have picture taken for the CLINIC. I64Dl'. Shea has his picture taken and thereby proves his right to first place among the stubborn. I7-'HEf'l11311 is present for Prof. Gardner's lecture. I8-Prof. Dobbin gives the junior Class some hints in dress-making. 19-Dr. McCleary calls Canavan. Kimzey and Spearman down out of the goat row. 21-Mass Meeting in " Fifty One." Longsdorf is presented with prize for essay. 22-XYashington's Birthday-Holiday. 23-Prof. Friedenwald comments on Kal'1le's spelling. 24-,'XITllll appears at lectures for the second time this year. 25-Advanced sale of tickets for the 1' Benefit " is under way. 26-Hamilton buys a plug of tobacco! 28-NVilliams promises Prof. Stokes to read no more newspapers during his lectures. March I-Guthrie lof moving famel deserts his " sweetheart " in XYest Baltimore and amuses himself by pitching pennies with the sports. 3-Coughlins and McKlahon's landlady learns that they are medical students and casts them out into a cold world. 147 Glass door in Room 25 gots l71'0lCL'l'l. Junior class secs autopsy. Suuflay-Harman. Zurchex' fmrl liilbourn lll'L,lllCllZl4lC Clmrlcs St. College beneht at Fo1'cl's Opera lflonsc. St. Pat1'iclc'S Day, Have some of the fellows chlorosis? Powers and Dwyer have 21 worcl tusslc which nearly causocl n class mixrup. Goclie Cxhibits his skill as a musicizm by grinmling' out tuncs from Z1 lmrrly-g'u1'ely. Seniors beat the AlTl'CSl1lllC1l at baseball to the tum- of 20 to 2. llveryoue slows down for liastur vacation. Lectures close for Eastcr vacation :mfl evuryho4'ly 17l'l'Pl1ll'wL'5 to gut to work for thc hnals as soon a they 1'ctu1'n. CLINIC goes to press. 145 C-RINDS Prof. Lockwood in clinic--" It is said, Goldman, that you treated your patient for pneumonia and he died of heart disease." Goldman-" Professor Lockwood, when I treat a patient for pneumonia, he dies of pneumonia! " Quiz in " Chem. Lab."-Dr. Onnen-" Bernabef' Bernabe-" Here, Doctorfl Dr. Onnen-" Wlhat is water? " Bernabe-" Vtfater is a colorless liquid, which becomes black when you wash your hands in it! " Swartz fhearing the door-bell ringl-" There is the postman, Reeserf' Reeser-No it isn't. It's only half after eight, and my letter does not come until nine o'clock." McDowell-" Before going further, I should say that I am indebted to Osler for these facts, as my experience is small " fgroans from classj. Prof. Lockwood-" VVell, where do we find beri-beri? " Dr. Berry entering room--" Right here, Doctor." Professor Lockwood-" XVhat was that? " Dr. Berry-" Berry is right here, Doctor." Professor-That is good. very good, I can't see very well, but I hear very well, that is funny, that is good, good! " Dr. Novak-'K 'What are the divisions of the stomach? " O'Brien ffreshmanj-" Into the large and small intestines." Prof. Gardner-" MaeDede, how would you make a subcutaneous suture? " McDede fhesitatinglyl-"I don'l believe I know, Professor." Prof. Gardner-" XVell. I thought that the superintendent of the hospital knew everything." Keating-" My photograph must correspond with my dignity. if it takes titty sittings! " 150 fi' ,,,,, K? XX xiii . X 24? f T , :sf -P NM N 'Lf ck 523' 'WWF -fi! i,ff'fHWf5, '-:zf i " ""' .Zire ' Q ' - . M7 f f' I -. 'P , " 7 I 5 ' P f w ig, ,gf - ,' an , ff' fig N X, .. .n . ' f , , ' 2 , - Ax xx E5 63 I NQWCXX .xx-vwei hx NX.1yXcviXXQ u..,l1f Wkcr xaAvaX'0 Dr Dabhih-No Modern Ainships FBT' Me- L Xu' liigclww. after trying twenty-five minutes to test thi' accoimnmlntimi rvf a pntimt mth 1 ffl1sQ eu Fma szlicl-" I will give it up, llI'UfL'rSHl'.ll lJxV3'L'l'-" XYl1zlt :irc thu lJ4'llk'S in thu wri+1?" lJcx'c1'cL1x-"Tl1e unifrnrm. the os lTlllg'llCSlZl, thu piXifu1'1u." 'llllL'll scrutcliiug hi L , , L it I l'1'wf. l'lZll'l'lhUIl will uevci' ask lhzit. rniywayf' l'mf, Ruhriih-" lixplaiu the actiun of cligitalib in mitral lll51lfl:lClC'llCy.u St. ,Xiigm-lf--" Digitzilis ffwccs the lwlu-nl prcssure tliiwmgli thc aorta?" llrwf. Ruhriih-'Y l law 5'-vu ll very clear iflca Of its Z1CtlVIll? " St. 4Xng'ulf,1 I1Jl'VH1'll1'llllj'l+lVllll Yes, dr." fl' :lx l .,.l ,. wwf, , E wlllllirllll? R1 BlIlI1liCIl4llll'l-K' l,l'V!fL'5'4Ul', how lfwug shoulil hue rlclzxy licfwix' making :L cliaguos . Mg.- lT'1'1 lf. l.1iCliXX'4IHl'lfU l'11til Um lmmx' what thu lllSL4lJ, if. lilr, Slillci' lin l1i'll1+g5 l.z1lr. 5-Give me the ium'plv1lwg'i wif thu " l-lllT1lPI'lCll9,u Y,.Q 2. liiiulx lfl'L'Slll11Il11lf-" llfvclvw, what lqincl ul lumlill 1 th ll, l'1'1il. lmclqxx'--1'-il-" li thc iiwrtnlity high? l,ii1igQll4wf4" Yum lmul Ulllf' :i fcw ilicf' l Senior-H 'We had an organ recital in Room 26 to-day." Junior-" You don't say.'l Senior-" Yes, Prof, Bevan lectured on appendicitisf' Prof. Port--" Fleming. what is terpin l1ydrate?,' Fleming fprornptlyj-" Black pepper." Prof. MacGla.nnan-" So you see, the thymus gland becomes of little importance after early childhood Gaggioli-" But it lasts a long time in a calf, doesn't it? " Prof. MacC1lannan-" Yes, but who wants to be a calf? " Dr. Louis Rosenthal-" Mr. Callahan, why would you use the infusion of digitalis in such a case Callahan-" Because, Doctor, I suppose it would be more readily absorbed. being infused into the xessels It is said that Prof. Sanger calls Giorgissi 'l The abdominal piano player." Prof. Chambers-" ls the movement of a fractured clavicle great or little? Hogan-" just a little. Professor." Prof. Chambers-" lVel1. as a matter of fact, it is a little too much! " Dr. Morrill-" Mr. Callahan, what do you know about laryngeal diphtheria? Callahan-" XVhy-er-Doctor, is that the same as laryngeal diphtheria? " Prof. Fort-" XVhat is the universal antidote? " McMahon-" Xvhiskey, sir." A doctor may spend his money like water, but that is no sign that he gets it Prof. Simon fin Chemistry quizj-" Do you know what soap is? " Sooy-" No, sir, I do not." T53 from the " well 1 .Z v .xl K7 11 X 3 1 X'-1 N ' - 'L -im. -- -75- 4 Vlulki A Y if? ' 5 . , mf ' ak A C4 A gg V. yx 3 MM V" K H W. I, I ' ily ' N 7'!CX N X 1 , X X X N-f - N A fx , X L xxx Kxqsk x X . W 3 N XX I XSLT V ' , .xx X ,nl 1- 1 V ,,.,. 1 W Ng-, , '5 11217 1331: K 64 inf- W' ,.1f"71 . f Nil-4UET1lXn Ong 1: " rcsly . NUR Run Dunne TNTJTXQX Vzllho DMX K N A L 1 Us - ' Y- my mana .- Wlld1"5 TMP Use Sargent Cat the door of the Chemistry laboratoryj-" Say, fellows, what are you studying in there, Histology? Who is it says with pleasant smile, " Everything else being equal "? Who is it says, 'K Get up your bones Else your exams have a sequel "P W'ho is it says, " A lecture now XVe'll have by you on H10 "? XVho is it says, " Drop in some day You may like it, Oh, don't you know "? XVho says, " Start up your water-bath"? NVho says, " To reeca-pitulateu? Who says, "James, to the Board of Health This basket of test tubes take "P Who says, " Good morning to you all "F And' has a kind heart in him bound. VVho is it says. L' At ev'ry call Cough up. or you need not come 'round 'P Dr. Ulman-XVhat is the difference between the origin and insertion of a muscle?" Costanzo-" Why, origin means where it arises, and insertion means where it is inserted." YVyatt fshowing a picture of one of his fifteen girlsj-"How do you like Lulu's picture? " Lake-" Wlhy, man, her mouth is wide open." Wyatt-" Wlell, l suppose it was a time exposure." I wonder what would happen- If jim Gorman attended two classes in succession. If Allison got a shave. If Bailey asked a sensible question. ISS . XV 'fill ' ,YY if , 'fzzgaf' if f I' ' -4 i "'f- th "-in rm, Nr .' , x.. N if 1' X .Q iw 1' ' l fi' l Q :"4r- ' ' ' 7 al . KN uy Z l ' l "7":"' , ' , x xr l if f l M' l: .gif 1, P lr l l Ii?-4 Nw f X, ,, fwl Kfiqib M X Arif f m -V L ,1- -1 ff- ' J, -rw gf : - - K N- .- f 1 u -X IRI51..,xND-If you werc nm so small I would give you il guucl thumping. ' ' 'f' '- '1 u the Klsrl-.Xnrl if you were nut su large I uoulfl ,.,1xL 3 J best. trimming you cvur lrurl. if l l P X - lrhzxal 'LZ I "ta in-:V 5 '4 295.1 'TEQZ3 '-1:55 Sgw: 'E.:"': -35522 ,j fl 5 -JA eff: H11 :Q-:' li.: .igsm ,Mr 25532 -1 527:42 l if 'ig 541 x '..'!:F' -5-141-L :.f ',. ,fl ,rl 1, mf 9 lla' ,jg D gl. "rd ' LT! V --.,,, - 73" A 'ZH V --nf rf E .- -1 C 2' :f fi: E33 : 25, luxniwj M.u,. window. If Hogan took that broomstick from his back. If the basketball team won a game. If St. Angelo passed an exam. If Jennings got a haircut., If Blankenship shaved off his side whiskers. If Gocke should stop talking. If All subscribed for a Year-Book. If Aronowitz, Michel and Honellin were separated. If Baumgartner failed to answer up in a quiz. If Kilbourn was unable to borrow from Harman. If Brehmer had been married. If Harman had won on the ponies. If Trent would grow a real beard. lf the school were kept clean. If fresh air blew on Rider. If Blankenship did not ask Kohler for cigars. If all paid their tuition on the hrst of Qctober. Bigelow fof Utahj in Dietetics lecture to Prof. Ruhrah-Professor, it seems to me that there are more nerv- ous cases in the East than in the 'Westf' Prof. Ruhrah-"I agree with you, but there is more excitement in the East." Bigelow-" No, it is not that Professor, it is the way we eat." Prof. Ruhrah-" XYell, what do you eat for breakfast? " Bigelow-" A few nuts. and some fruit." Prof. Ruhrah-A' XV hat do you eat for lunch." Bigelow-" Nuts and a little fruitf, Prof. Ruhrisih-" XVhat do you eat for dinner? " Bigelow!-" Some vegetables, a few nuts. and a little fruit." Prof. Ruhrah-" XYell, the only way I can account for that is that your meals do not cost enough to worry you. 157 , Q-g,'e'f3f"WsgQ, . - -. 5- i,i'f , A . : r i J .Wir Q L31 'igjly ' Ag, , 5 Z rw E 41 !M1K smW w ff -eff-2'-7 1 ff flf if fi..-'feflv 'f"7+ "' ff? f A11 " MfXi'?Q"fi7afff . if wx X ff M fp M95-ff Ayn ' I 41, ,IWW I' I W WS,fQ4gQ xi+m ,f,JZ fy Mei- 1 k w ,. ,f 7f' W A 443' 0 7 Q 5131"-1 "" ,j f 5 Q 0 , 4, 1 -f ::f,gX 3 Y? A229--xl f 3-Lfiiggis 'D'nDwiNmN,-4, 1: f -fil1f:f,gg: f S11 Q C' 0 . ,ff ji,171:gg1Qf-' 3' :fi Affyxc JW " pl " 1 . .X ,. W gf. Q 'fi 1' H Q 'I MM 'Yi' 103' .Juf'?T' ' ' q,04KQ,,"Ge1Memen, Vu lmvf hen AN Thu hxicsi MNA M0535 F 7 K U ,Tc ' PNAS. Popuur Cxoncp of im SNSOW GC f NM' H- Conwy NQWK .K 'Who are the " Bug House Experts? "-Roe and Holyrod. Sistler, seeing a sign " Janeway's Diet," exclaims " -Ianuary's Diet! " Prof. Lockwood lquizzingl-" lYhat is wrong with the patient? " Ben Macfleary-" Ptosis of the left jaw, Professor." Feb. 2, Fritz Kimzey gives his usual answer in the quiz on Anatomy. " I have 11ot read that part. Doctor." Dr. Ullman-" Poisal, give me the five layers of the scalp." Poisal-" The skin, superficial fascia, occipito-frontalis muscle. deep fascia and the Peritoneumf' Dr. Samuels-" XVl1at is the wine of antimony? " St. Angelo-" It is wine of antimony, Doctor. Prescribe it by itself if you want to prescribe it," Keating-" I think that I will be a great physician because I have bumps on my forehead like those of Aescu- lapius in the College Library." ' Hannihn to Miss KI-" You act toward me differently than any girl I have ever met." Miss M-" In what way, dear." Jack-" You have accepted me." Dr. Morrill-" Hogan, if you were in a malarial district, and a mosquito perched on your hand: how would you know if you were in danger of infection? " Hogan-" XYhy-er-Doctor. the posterior pair of legs-the posterior legs would stretch up over his back lhesitatesj and the anterior pair would- Dr. Morrill-" He would have to hang on with those." Hanrahan-" Now that I have succeeded in securing a good photograph. my greatest desire is to have my moustache curl." 159 ,fiziw . 15101-of" ' H 'W QR SW A f ' w XX Nh' 1: W ' Xml 'W , ug V 1 :I LWX k r , 'X -EVXTDAY 175 fl! ' ' 1 DR 'QLLEAR1 JM I Lv' f HL M K ,nl K l N 'r L k Q' E5-5,,,2: f 12? ge 554 1' ,N T , , , w QW Q ir we ff wf W xl W ' , 1 bw 'WUI 1 XXX X W 4 k , ,A,-, ,. fl N 1, ,',,, yi' 1"ff'r ' . M" - xYt: ,Q5X' 2: J 4Hi 'WH-' A' N HN N an if 'W a4 :w M I , Y RN, '1 , 1" f ' W,--. f . f - ,f l 1 a-!,Z.L:z" Yi 'wif L' Q .1 f T f -Q, ff' 1:43 , 2'f,,,., 'Q ."',1 - V-rg- K? ' JL-'-" fnfi- A 'X?,-f-if--?j-V - - , f Al? He Smrchcs Nas lVXmA For Sokmds To TRN How SCBYCA HQ lf, f l f th laby doll in the lfreslunan classj-your son has joined a Trippett 1-luniorl-" Mr. Stewart 1 at ier o e J college fraternity. These college fraternities- Mr. Stewart-" Never mind about breaking it gently. lVhat ward of the Hospital is he in ? " You'll always find them sitting close lNith mouth to mouth, nose to nose. Talking always with moving hands. A trait acquired in foreign lands. They're here to see and see it all Altho' they are not very tall, Of course you know who they can be The "Three Twins "-Michel, Honellin and Arovonski. Coughlin fwho has just passed his Anatomyj-Professor Harrison, were you ever able to demonstrate by dis secting the Right Thoracic Duct? " Professor' Harrison-" Young man, there is no such structure. and d0n't ever attempt to demonstrate one on the examination paper." lt is said that Frank Steinke is a warm advocate of the XX'eir-Mitchell rest cure. Broke, broke, broke- I'm as broke as the waves in the sea, I would I could Hing in their clutches The bills that have come to me. Ah, well for the millionaire sport That he rides in his automobile! Oh well for the llUH'l'Cl1ll rirlic That he eats his Vtfaldorf meal. And the creditors still come on, And camp at my chamber door: But. oh for the sight of my vanished " cash " .-Xud the credit that is no more. Broke, broke. broke- .-Xud I would they were all in the sea. But the day when my "credit was good " 'Will never come back to me! E. S. H Professor Stokes tstopping on the street corner!-" XVhat's the matter, little boy? W'illie-" Uh! mother sent me to get a bottle of milk and I fell down and broke it.: Ilrof. Stokes fconsolinglyj-'A Uh, never mind, don't cry over a little thing' like spilt milk. Very likely it was full of germs, anyway." I6I fb' 'N Kwqff? 2-if . 21,61 Q, .V I Mn If 2 :fl Ml .f riscoll sxihug for his YXUWYE. GMM To TM Hmmx DQVATXNNNQYXR' fl s xx A telegram sent by Shea tfreshmanj asking for tive dollars, brought the following reply, " Take care of your money. I can't dig it up in the back yard.!Y0ur father." Barber-" XVhich side will I part your hair on? " O'Connor-" The middle will do as well as anywhere. There are about six on one side and half a dozen on the other." Prof. Ruhrah-" Kahle, what is the difference between an antidote and an antagonist? " Kahle-" An antidote is to be taken before the poisoti, and the antagonist is to be taken afterwards." Harman-" Uh, Zurch! what is the lflexner-Harris bacillus? " Zurcher Qwith show of great wisdom 14" That causes diphtheria." Keating tat 'phoned-" Hello, is this Miss -? XYell, this is Dr. Keating, and I have Mr. Daly with me." Daly finterruptingj-" XVell, l am just as much a doctor as he is, even if I have never skinned a rabbit." Ile saw her 'neath her summer shade, NVith her charming deep blue eyes, Almost inviting him to partake Of the pleasures of Paradise. But he simply smiles, and' she moves on XVith a form like a mystic Flower, And his chance is lost which might have won In that most opportune hour. And then they wonder how it was The fellow had not kissed herg The answer is a simple one, The girl was his own sister. J. lf. IV. 163 f V W 1 1 ,, , 1 'ff 1 - A , H 11 'ff I, ,!1 "!1l 151,- ! Z' . G 517: rLouR ifiy .V l f, 1 1 11 5 - -,.,- 1- .y-' f f , 1 1 - 1 1 5 s Wi " ' WH la ', -J 1 -1. l 11 111 E, .,- K ffjjl 1, -5 - ' ,P ig! ' 5""H 1' V Tx 'Ei-1 f ,Llfff -' fuk 1 - V l f11 , , ,f- 1 ,1 Lf1,:' 1'Q -f ' f1 , - ,iii vii? ' 1, Hi 11 , - fmlflf 21' .1 55? If 'Q' i "iff, 1111 -'yi fF"1,b"1". '!'.', 9" ' 1, , '- Y - ,ffiifi ipwgn QM X1 I I I 7, 175 jjriiitw H, If lirx! ks ff J QUT f 1 Z sf if 1' '11I M111 1 1 1 , 1 1 OBU611 1xvsHmc5 ru x 5 11 F11 1 1 rife' I " ' W H , I in n 11N,,,1f 3' CXUYNNXB NAL AJYXUNN GCT Aww. ,A . 1, .51 -- jj111111'11 X 6:49, f 1 Hcftd Ae Bveean, :Xt the next banquct, will soinmna reinincl Dill Gnclct- that hu will pi'ril'ialnly have ntlicr iappwttiiiitiua mlrinlcing cliampagne. ' mf. Novak lin Pliysiiiilfigy class J-" Segarra, what il Lcnkopenia. ani! liijiw is it fil1taiiiefl?" Freshman Segarm fwlin thinks that his lniiianliiig ll"iL146 does nut give cni,iug'li to eat i-" Priiifessiiw. Leu penia is the loss nf whitu hlmjirl ciwpiisclcs anil may he ohtziiiiul ut my lqmziriliiig' limisef' E Hanralian twearing an uvuning suit fur the first tiinol-" .Xrr the-ti little hnles in the lwsfiiiti fit my shirt tw. iii U " XYlm in the Faculty Ronin ditl limi' Klifl " Profs " his learning to clhplny? Our Billy Boy! But when the news reztclietl the gang ln choral unison they sang' " Oh look who is ig-ur ' Prof' this clay. Yfllfii Our Billy Boy' "?f:":S-QQQPS'-2' 4 .45 I A-if . :en 1 , jfarf 4 :-an xP -1g Sl3- 'G 'A' ian? Y-tL,'.3 AIG X 1 f ,, f . kiwi , X, Q 1 X 1 X 7 I R Q G 4. A ll ' 1 I e ,ff I 7 'I ' lp ff -, 4 f , a if Q? L 1 we , . iw af: , K 5. if! f f llxx Q?-'7--. D f u, . Bax -9-G? 'H -1 f E' W rv 2 F: N ,. Z W 7 - I 1 4 X 5.6 , jf"fNfh 'll1Z'x L W uf A " fy JXQif Q N1fff'iI? hi N QYQ YQ ' ,P f ---E N I . 'Wi f y -, ' f., 'Mfr fi 2, ig - .1 H 31 -' g . V ,1 f l,H , f fl AQQJQHMM 'HX ANN ' MMU L Gchnreg, Wiyyxlx ' ' ' 1 , . - J V tv'-, Lp Vzptlkin' Ji SIT A C21I'lll1C'S lung is in Bill Brown. His friends are all Z1gOgQ Tliougli once the lazicst man in town, He's now working like a clog. Miss Dolly Bly is often seen To give her skirts at Swishg cnl'S. One uyc is hers. and one's a XVliich makes hor kittenish. trirtlp flilehinal - The 5lOl'I121Cl'l nl a steer is sewn Inside of William Fox, :Xnd so 'tis nut surprising lic ls eating like an wx, Though he is zilxxziyf hurting in. D0n't put the lvlamo on Syrlncy. lt was zi gout that sztvcfl hii life: Tlleyic uf tht- sulfmmc kiilncy. I. F. 167 Flynn .Vamv AND inks:-N Avtoore ltukuv Bovo liiaxsux Beast: BL.tNi-trzusmli Bormtzss liiu-:miiaiz lsotxros limxt-:s Ci MPUELL C R uuskisn Cnosm C os'rc 1.1.0 Davlsos Dumtcex' DALY Fisuxiz Fuoi'rmcm F Lsmiisc Fox F INKELSTON Glonocssl Gkouxos Giussmocn GoLmi.n: Hlooriss Hotnovo HUNTER Huoncs Hotesox HA N Ruta N Haniuak Kauu: Kearmc Kocvou Ketsica Kissiev I..-txtziais Li1'rLlf Locu rzk Looms lmxnsnoul' Former Ocrnpillinu Mormon Elder Scissor ginder Veterinarian Raising peanuts Bottle blowing Minister Shoemaker Boot black Farmer Country school teacher Cigar roller Prize lighter Had none Musician Pill roller Quack doctor Hotel clerk Evangelist Bill Poster Pug'list Lumberman Horse Jockey Book agent Butcher Grind organ man Fisherman Wool sorter Stenographer Snake charmer Bartender Elevator bay Auctioneer Herding swine Farmer Oil driller Organ grinder Insurance agent Fisherman C ircusman Blacksmith Dairyman Orator Street Drummer Hotel Cook Newslioy C hum Bolton Campbell Newell Himself Giorgessi Rippert Brehmer Costello Blankenship Anderson Laham Avidon Grounds Has none Bonness Has none Locher Hanrahan Siedel Urbanski Higgens Lisler Some freshman Benson Cresmerine Blake Naimon Flemming Maysels Harper Walsch Langlais Daily Hunter Langsdorl McDonnell Schaeffer Powers Happy Hooligan Hobson Noland Duvalley Blanes Rnache Rahli Statistics of Qtuiut lass Slnmg Pnilll Matrimony Fighting Stock exchange Smoking Hot air Loud talking Matrimony Attending lectures Girls Dancing His voice Buttin' in Visiting Rosenthal Whiskers His feet Hygeine Motor boating Crihbing Drinking beer Boxing Balls Plugging A winning smile Drinking champaign Graceful form Making love Shorthand Writing His nose Taking water Walking Melodious voice Cursing Matrimony Pediculi His disposition Butlin' in Sleeping Studying Cigarette Matrimony Chewing tobacco Obstetrics His nose Stock market Failing Mustache Bin nose Modesty Ladies Sleeping in class Plugging Side lines Bathing Matrimony Swearing Mustache Fighting Singing In love Matrimony Taking notes Making love Knocking Car riding Studying Ladies Photography Whistling Matrimony Riding in a taxi Fondness for girls Being quiet .ls in love Beer Looking out for No. I He's married Singing Religion Smoking Making speeches Flirting Fighting Asking questions Whistling tfussin!! Moustache Has none Writing luvc letters Society Has none 168 .-l nr nscmcnl Going to the Gayety Catching flies Talking of Boston Youngs' Music Hall Moving pictures Spooning Playing with them Women Poker Ladies Studying Looking in the mirror Red Moon Singing Bridge whis! Watching on Prizetighting Rathsl-teller Eating Monumental Theaters Hunting Sisier Studying Eating Set back Smiling Lubins Writing love letters Writing home Spooning Talking of the future Taking walks Rathskeller Gayety Indoor sport Feeding rabbits Catching llics Ladies Com an . . P. Y . Displaying his puellige Smiling "Playing with 'em" Visiting in New York Making dates Moving pictures ' Horse races Clinics ,-lrlirlc nl' Ilivl Alfalfa Spaghetti Baked beans Peanuts Ask Giorgessi Hash Sausage Chop suey Liver and onions Bacon and eggs Lobsters Limburger cheese Exe ws Force Maltcd milk Ground hog Potatoes tlrishj Clam chowder MelIin's food Saucrkraut Cabbage Ham and Eggs Frog legs Bologna and stale bread Beans and cabbage Apple dumplings Catsup and beans Limburger and onions Soup and rice Liver and onions Sardines and cake Mince pie and oats Chicken and beer Com on the cob Bologna and cheese Ham and eggs Beans and onions :imos's 15: lunches Chop suey Succotash Beans and corn Bacon and eggs Clam Chowder Turnip soup Fish and fruit Iiizrorilr .llrlirlr nf Drrxx Specs Red hair Carnation and Yandyke Green tie lat-y suit and curly hair Derby hat Red ties and frat pins Largestick pin and green socks IfraL pins h Green suit Black suit Brown suit and yellow shoes Cane Scissor tail coat Black suit and cigar Beaver hat Watch chain and locket Specs F ashy tics Sweater Green suit Hose and tie to match Fancy vests Light suit and big hat Blue suit and cigar Flashy ties and red shoes Brown suit Curley hair and smile Black suit Blue suit and opal ring Tan shoes and black suit Brown suit Black suit Scrambled shirt Blue tie and brown suit White tie and glasses Specs and big nose Smile and tan shoes Red hair and glasses Big shoes and double chin Kinky hair and smile Brown suit and glasst5 Curly hair and blue suit Note book and gloves Slouch hatandscrambledshirt N am: Mc Gum MCNIILLAN McDLnr: BIICCLEARY NICDONNELL MAYsEr.s Moolu: Maxorr N ewr-:r.1. N Arirox N or.-mn Powees QUINN Ron REPPERT Roacm-: SEYMOUR Snu.r..1Nosntm Scnftzrrnu Sinrn Srsm-:iz SWEENEY Sri-:mice Sraarnavcn SKILTON Sinner. SAYER TUNNIN TUCKBIIILER Tiznm' Unimxskr V cor WALSH YOUNG GH Farmer Occupizliim Baker Cowpuncher Messenger boy Valet Carpenter Peddler Ox driver Notary public Tobacco grower Harrison Street me Lightning rod Ant eater Singing Master hloon Sxer Elevator boy Baker Artist Model Junk dealer Moonshiner Floor walker Undertaker Circusclown Saloon keeper Paperhanger Barber Broker Had none Painter Booze artist Farmer Not known Cab driver Cattle dealer Bricklayer rchant agent Clmnz Kimsey Seymour Any-Irishman " James" Keating Holroyd Himself Everybody Berry Siedel Little Kelsea Smith Trent Burne Tuckmiller McMillan Sayer Kaeyan Quinn Fox Stambaugh Vogt Sweeney Young Naimon Shillingsburgh Himself Roache Roe Fratzheim Steinke Hughes. Skilton Slrung Pain! Too small to have any Talking Swearing Pathology Hot air Laboratory work Keeping quiet Sociability Chewing tobacco His eyes Singing Fighting Taking water Whistling Laughing Singing Sleeping Beer drinking Devotion to widows Bluting Studying Attending lectures Weir Mitchell rest cure Taking water Courting Plugging Smoking Attending lectures Swearing Whisl-:ers Looking pious Singing Smoking Loaling Failing Vandyke Asking questions Appointments Talking of johns Hopkins Being behind Talking Sociability Aclrniration oi ladies Being in love Talking Expressing his opinion Red hair Making love Big ieet Ladies Making love Dislike for women Work Chewing stogjes Wasting time Dancing Matrimony Making love Has none Weakness for ladies Making speeches Gracefulness Being in love Dancing Moclesty Talking Sleeping in class Moustache Attending lectures 169 .4 musemeni Smoking Sams Club Sams Club Talking to ladies Loahng Studying Has none Youngs Music Hall Talking No one knows Talking to children Being in the way Writing love letters Vaudeville shows Too numerous to mention Eating Gayety Ask Sweeney Gathering bucl-:eyes Talking Breaking hearts Basketball Visiting the dispensary Studying Looking in the Mirror Being quizzed Calling on ladies Eating Making a noise Not known Monumental Visiting home Sleeping Staying in library Chair: A riifle af Die! Steak and beans Corn soup Oysters and milk Bananas and tea Cheese and pickles Beans and sausage Ice cream Custard pie Steak and eggs Persimrnons Tomatoes and eggs Amosis r5c lunches Chicken salad Uneeda biscuit Soup beans Strawberry shortcake Pork chops Watermelon Oyster on half shell Potatoes and peas Pie and gravy Chop suey Beef steak Chicken pie Razor soup Cabbage and beans Oyster pie Apple sauce Sauerkraut Bacon and eggs Lobster stew Beans Cream Cheese Limburger and onions Faziarile Article ul' Dress Derby hat and tan shoes Blue suit Light suit and llashy ties High collar High collar and big tie Red tie Sober face Blue suit Light suit Black hair and specs Soit shirt and black tie Light vest and frat pin Green tie Bow tie Blue sujt Black suit Red sweater Blue suit Diamond ring High collar and red tie Fancy hose and tie Brown suit White tie Green sacks and tie Light overcoat Black suit Light suit Grey suit and light hat Brown suit Red tie and grey suit Black Light suit and tan shoes Red tie and black suit Silly smile F w 74? . I J J .J f Q 'RFQ' ,f f' 1 'rf-'P ' f'.i , VY N K 1 vin. ,.'Zn-N . , A H' .. f Q zz". ". ff fr ' 'g'fff1if2a4?i1f-:fa-fgvf f f 4 --3321: r- 55:1 f- , f . ,f . 4'---pf f' ' "P X . ' . .- x f . V. . . H S 1 1 Y - -4 N., Z 1 A A --E is - I , -K ,, . S , ' 5 ,' f, ' ,f" z Ng.. , 5 ,f -' , -- 5 . . ' -X ' -'5'-k-1,4 if, 3, f ' -V jA i xx'-I, -' ' ,if - ' C gf--125 QQ,- R6 fXXX jLfF f-iff f' if Z f 4, 'J W K fra 5' 'X f , ' X ff FTNM1' S ,fm ,LZ in f -1, Y" 4 ,Q ,g .3111 . bf ' l5!iQL'f'1 , 7 :S h 1 I an - I . V. 5 L, - ' , ru fs f ' 55 . Y, ATEh,T you svins to PMTONZC OUT AAveri1seTS 431471471 141' 14014514512 141 14:14:14 14:14 :4r1'. 142142140141 11. 14c:4:1k:- 14:14-7' Qfnllzge uf hpsicians ani: Surgeons OF BALTIMORE, MARYLAND THIRTY-NINTI-I ANNUAL SESSION WILL BEGIN OCTOBER I. I9I0 New Building: Modern Equipment: Unsurpassed Laboratories: Large and Independent Lying-in Asylum for Practical Obstetrics: Department for Prevention of Hydrophobia. and many Hospitals lor Clinical Work present lo the Medical Student EVERY ADVANTAGE For Catalogue and other information apply to CHAS. F. BEVAN, DEAN Corner Calvert and Saratoga Streets Baltimore, Maryland E1 1+ 'I+ E., -a 1' 7' uf 'S -as ge -at -I+ .H 4,1 -I+ -Pt 1- -H- I-4 A, ic- 1 41+ .115 -I+ 1? -If 4+ X -C'r 4+ +I- Q-? 4-4 -FP -I Ki'z-1IG0FfStl11l-1D-1WIfflFf0FJIWi2ifJI10If-2lHIG-7-4G-WF-191-If-JFJF-il-itJCJFDFSC-JH10l'WI1JF-if-4fJi'JF-1--123KJICCFSIF-JF'itW'F-JFJFJFJK4-Cwiikiilif'Zi '10 'iv 051 -If 051 -F1 TT !g?:!'r0!'r1lC01f'!r1?::Z:u'f::qcf.g-:L,,.L.,4:,5,.,.. . ,nh , J , , 3 V V 'F-A-'-X91F--'F-T'-15:5If777'il'Iac:'k'Iq9'i'T1k'7k7f'TTa:'f5x!f'3k'1C1!L'19I'jC1'!:f:fg"A2'Q.:ggl:-fl.--gl,-4,--1.-g,..l..v ,. . . ic' l A 'TT :k5?:f55'79f 15079152Sktirzgrzlg-gl--1--.1-.5..1.,,,.,. ,. , , , E ' " -f -f -ff1fs'2:::-:ag-:qqgqqq Q . F I E M A 3 if N S A M E I 5 . 1: -H , 4 EL a I I IJ I' 5 1? 5 ""' " az- 31 1 SPE V A 1. 3: UAL DISCO UNT T0 , 5 5 TU DEN TS -. if- 1? 8 1 . F' ,, -1--:-4--1,4-.g-1-.g,:wL4.-55:9 . .4.:4s-- -.-:-.:.,.-:4,-,M4-4135542443443-P.-.-QQ: - ,.:.r45' -pf. - fi if .... ,.A,... A. 5 ' ' 11 -Ei BALTIMORE .3 4"5IE""P .- 2' ' f 4" 25555-'Z "IEEE: liifiiff. 2351-11 'II2215121211-2222122121:V .' E'g'E1:'1QiQ13 i ' MARYLAND si ..,.. .,,,.,. , .1.1.. . .x.A.. A . . Ii'z-922-1i:.:i:cf::i-:.:5:.3,p53g1gA' 3 by J. .L. h l " -4- . . ..-.--.-- -Qzs:zaviciicidcizizizxziaciagiggpgg4-,,-,Rani xxxicictaxsa-L -V A A A . . .- -:-- .s.1:.siiixagzapypgsgwxiziglsiscilc kg ..,..,.E Ei?Qkiwikk?Qkk?kkkkkkkkkkkkiikkkkkwkkkrwkkkikkw1ikkkkkkkwiktkkikkkkkkkkk kkkikvkkkwkkm W W fi? ATIISIIC Photographs ii 4-+ 4+ Q-+ 4-1- fx- Q 5 3 -x -:+ ii Z -zo +1- -se V +1 E Successor to Curnnltns K Q 4 ? 5 31 1? if 319 North Charles Street 3 +1- 5 5 -2+ -9 4-2 4 or -2+ 4+ 2: 3 5 I , Z Special Discount to Students Q 3 Q -2- +5- af- sl ., 4+ .,. xv .g. -1- 4- - -:A A: -' -:.- +L- - -L -1- -4- -L' if -:.- E.,..,..,.. . ..,...,..f..,..,.. .,..,..,..,..,..,. 4, . .. ., ,., .. 4. .., ,D . 1. .2 1. 1. .. ... .-. 1. 4. . .-. 1, . .2 .. 4, ,,. .L. .- W ,.. ,. .- Q .. V 4, 1. .L. . 4, ,, 11, ,k Q 4, 4, ,., 4, g34+++T+T4+HT.,T4++TT ,,f+TmT4+TvT4w++44T+4T+TTmv4TTTTT+T35 vbvbvkiil 4+ -Pl- 4-1- +I- 46- 4-K- 4-K- 4+ 44- 4+ 44 +2- -1+ -A -1+ 4+ 4-2- 4+ 4+ -I+ 4? 4-5- 4+ 44 4+ 4+ H- sl 42- 44 46- 4+ 4+ 4+ +5- -2+ 452 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4-3- 4+ 4+ 4+ 4-4 4+ -8- 4+ 4+ 44 4+ 4+ 44 +4 4+ 44 42- 4-2- 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 42- 4+ 4+ 4-S- 4-1- 4-2- Ulf 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ gg. H- 2? Jlwlf-SIDE! 1 1 '61'Jlv'1l0'Jl2 -H -24 'Jr -3- -I4 -H- -I4 -R- -I-4 -1-4 -H -I+ -If +4 -E-4 +4 -if -I4 -I4 -I+ -I+ -I+ -24- -2+ -8- -I+ -1+ -1-4 -S+ -1+ 44 42- -I4 -I4 -Pr +4 -1+ 4-4 4+ 4-4 -I+ -I-2 -I-r -I+ -I4 -I+ -I-4 -I-4 4+ -I-4 -I-4 -I+ -I-4 -I-4 -1-4 -I-4 -I-4 -I-4 -I-4 -I4 -I-s -I4 -l-4 -I+ -I-4 -H- -I-r -I-r -I+ -I-4 +4 -H -H- -I+ -H +4 -H -I+ -H -H -H- +4 -I4 4+ E1 JF- 11 Q ' K ' T ' l E ' Q ig ,g BI'l'lBIl S flp C l'llCI'pI'lS9 +4 g 5 25 S .1 .S ii Q. h . . gg 2 5' 3 E Franlilln near Howard Street -If , -' . 'S' 5 1: 5 5 1 Q -Q 2 w 5 Q 5 P ' QT .E Q ff 5 ua FTC 1.1. M 5 552 Q 2 Q i Z : G 42 O , 3 gf sa O Q, H' +4 O Q E E Q ,: z Q gf: 5 U z Hotel Kernan E 4+ ft U .Q 1 U E Q U, h r 42- ? 22 ,E lm Q D 2 Q :Hd 2 E Q -- it 4 - 03 o P Maryland Theatre 4 . C ,A - 4 u , 44-524255-5525 -4 .. 4 EZ 0 5. 213 D E 1 9 5 3 .5 5 5 Audxtorxum Theatre 2 'X' O C3 J 2 U 5 5 O 1 I-1 5' -1+ L1 Ld U Ld 4, Z A Lil , 3, i :Il gf- gg 5 1 i 2 SE 2 E Beautlful Art Gallery E 4+ M EE IE Q E V' P 5 Q 25 I: gui 3 245 Q 35 2 , E Rathslieller -E4 M I I E Q 4 I g W bg . lg- E E E? EE E E E E 23 E E E Turlilsh Bath E ir S Q' 9 E - 95 Cf -1 -I 3: 'I+ "' Q3 P - E 2 I.. 5 i E E l g. '54 5: ,, E0 72 -- W 'E nl Q., All under one roof and all dlrectly connected 4-2- if 9' uf : 2 -I 2 5 . 2: 5 1' f "-F 22 4 E E 2 - 4 5 Qs : Z 3 2 Free use of plunge in Turkish Baths Q I if to guests of the Hotel I -li- K EkikkiiTTT?TTT?1triTikiTTTTkk?WTWTWk?kTTTTYTTTTTWTTWTT?WTTTTTTWWTTTiWTiTFiTtT1TTiTkk?E -H i-5 H W Q H 1: - :Q G 4 8 fx 4 z +v : H - 5 -s+ AQ - V 2 1: if Q G 6 is ' ++ ' +1- :: f Ti 5 ' E 3 2 1: . 4.1, H A' 4 9 Tiikiiiirt iiiliiiiii ,l 4+ ? 5 gylf' '35 ' Z 35 2 GLYco-THY1v1oL1NE if is indicated for E CA TARRHAI. CONDITIONS 'H' NASAL, THROAT, STOMACH, INTESTINAL, 7 W jg RECTAL and UTER-VAGINAL S E .qn.,,,,1fS and mv,-,.,.,ff A,1,,,,1.'f,.m,,, efbcrman Qlafc -1+ KRESS 8z OWEN COMPANY swiss CI-IALET and BOWLING ALLEYS lf:-E 210 5'ulfw1 Sfffef New York 117-119-121 W. Fayette 51. Ballimore, Md. mmanwasanM424an14:anananamme:sxmx:memos:cmwseesoaewwzwwsmmxwwwwowwm:mammxxacwwmszm-swims T E Y iWkkkkkkkkTkkFTMiki?WWWTTY?QXTKiki?TYWRkk?kikkikkikikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkYT?TTikk?kF?E ik ? JQL . i 5-P ,T -s Ei -2- +e '3' E- gg . 19. jfs t t 1 n g -2+ -1+ "f E 2 l 3 N. LIBERTY STREET 3 U S C -lg BALTIMORE, MD. -if ff F F ' S ' 3 MANUFACTURER OF avette ountaln yrlnge gg -wreck ilcttm: fratcrnnitp Qlrtueirp 3 9 ii . . . . And E Q: Special Deslgns and Esllmates Furnlsllecl on eg. 3 Class Pins, Rmgs, Medals for Q 'ii Athletic Meets, Etc. . 'Z' Howard tomlzer Qi ii MEMORANDUM PACKAGE SENT TO ANY FRATERMTY Ae if MEMBER THROUGH THE SECRETARY if OF THE CHAPTER A Emiiwwsciscscsmwia:isMwivs:ieaecscfwlwscs-wwwciwiecscisxTeciwwiwr-M22-1Mws:e14iwh:i1:s:i1 -2 E?-"J!l"Jl0'Jlf-'OI-'5l'C?t' 522:-33:14:15: 409271525214 25117145 :k"J23C4:C4:t -c -1:5471-ko? 75:1-5' Latest lVlethod ol Testing Eyes An Invention which determines the lenses your eyes may require with absolute accuracy without the use of drugs. The improvements patented by us- no extra charge for testing. T'kberzly-se'berz years examining eyes means experience money cannot buy, still, you get, the result ol this experience with every pair of glasses we prescribe. Prices the same as those asked by the man with no experience. Em. 35. Sirutun ctapttral Qtn. EYESIGHT SPECIALISTS 22 West Lexington Street The Baltimore uttege nt ental Surgery WILL OPEN ITS 7Ist Annual Course of Instruction on October lst, I9I0 This, is the oldest Dental College in the world, gives its students the advantage of a Course in Bacteriology and Dissection in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of this city No Student admitted alter the lOth ol October. For further information send for a catalog. or address, W. W. FOSTER, IVI.D., D.D.S, Dean 9 W. Franklin Street Ballimore, Md. l sg. 4-3- +P id- ei' 9.2. +I- +P al? 4+ Q. -2+ +P sq. sg. 45- W -3- 4+ X. -K- +? 1+ -I+ a+ 4? li JF0Ef-1I0-'IC0I0JI2GIG0IWF-'tHF--PIG0IWIWIG-IG44-0IG0I20ICii SIG-10OIG-'FJIWIG-TIGIIGJIGSIG-tif-Oil-II'-JI'--if-SIWIG0IG03--1WI1Iii10iG0F-0I10l1ii'14I1i'I10F-3'-2i2fIG0Iffd0CiGDIC -2+ if' -Pt S Tl.- -3. S -115 4+ :Pt -9+ ga 415 55. -PP M - -bt -I+ -I+ '?t -Ie -Pt -Ft -X- W 5+ 4+ -St -I+ -E+ -2+ -I-2 JA -iff -Pt -E+ it .55 -2+ -I+ -8- -S+ -Is- +5 -H- -14 -H- -If -tt it -H- -I+ -1+ -If -E+ -8- E-15 Eli'-'1bi'0k'CtC2k"!s'C-lfflvltflffilfTiki''ifilfiif:lrCIC2-31'i'f?-'1fP1?-'far''XC1-Erik10212CIC'2'1C'C'sGkfkit-'C-51110'Ik'G'r'1k'1S1'O9rGirtk15:Ckilfikkik242252152226Cl-T'if2521?C42if2k'4r'2-irflvilfflvflfflifk'2??f52'15Cf?2f?f15?1Ef?2flP29PC521S1"3f Q 'X' H H' 5+ y 59 3 B. WEYFORTH az SONS 1-IQRLICK 5 5 3' 3' '3' ' 55' 3 Tailors 3 'X' 115' Q Zl 7-2l9 North Paca Street M A I , I I ,IC 'I+ Q if We carry a line of materials from the good to the - best qualities 2' if 53 jig: Af Popufaf Prices The Original and Only Genulne S' :K- 5? ancl cordially invite you to inspect our stock E I THE Nlaltecl llllilli that gives you the lnenefls of E- , OUT SpeCIalfy the pioneer manufacturers experience of over -3- All d h d d thirty years. Ensures the nutritive effects of pure :Ei good! to or er as C cap as rea Y ma e milk and selectecl maltecl cereals with the minimum :gi digestive effort. A foocl for infants that has prac- 5 tically the same caloric value as motheris milk. 3: J. A welcome relief from the usual plain- milk diet in iz cases of Typhoicl Fever, Pneumonia, in Convales- -I+ I cence, Consumption, Neurasthenia, or after Surgical 1,11- ++ efweler O - ff .3 perations 4+ 'S' That your patients may obtain the best as well 'K' -8- . . ' 1 Z: College and Class P1115 3 SpEC13ll1y as the original and only genuine, always specify gg- 'Kl'lorlicli's." if We manufacture the P St. S. Seal in Button, Fobs, Hat Pins, Etc. Samples sent free ancl prepaicl. to the profession iff upon request. li See our Nefw Non-Leakable, Self-Filling ffourzfain Pens, from 52.50 up , 3' . y I up A y HORLICK s MALTED MILK Co. '3' Can be carriecl in any position and postively will not leak 3 RACINE, WIS., U. s. A. Ig W-Q Jo Es Baltimore St. Lqndog, England Montreal, Canada gi-75333 53"-Tiff fl?-QF-Tif' 353554 335 :F illiff-if-iff'353755555355535355:lc-5l'33l95535?-5l35'F3l35lf'3i'35lf'3i35i351F-5iff5t'3- 5i'5'5'l3iic33ifiii-5i'7'5i'35?f5ill-75133:iff5i35i'33ll'3515-it?-5if'5:t3ittiilif-33553553iiiiif-Ci'-:ic-Y--fic-75453551-7'115i15l35l35i3Ci'35tl"5if'E r,,,,,,, 47, I l l f Eiivkclszkilr 21919107243-'vlf"wlf2E-'0lf1lr'2il'UlC'1s"1!'f1!"-Wk2-Mvivikfiffr10'Jl21C'JlM?rfkvlvvlrwk'DI:'5F1lf'iN?'-10i+iU1lf0k'1vvk1kvk'1Sf"iv0k1k'S00k'i'4:0lf1l00lf1P'S1'Ub0k'1b'Jk'1k2lCUlv'iF1k'1C1l01k'0k2k'Jk'k'Jk'kE1 'I+ +I' E Inter-Collegiate Bureau of Academic Costumes "QUEEN E -3' H' 'H +I- 5 COTRELL .SL LEONARD MERCI-IANTS and MINERS 5 'I+ ALBANY, N. Y. 'I' ,E TRANSPORTATION CO. E 3 COLLEGE CAPS and GOWNS s 2 E fi: Reliable Goods arReasOnable Prices 2 I' STEAIVISI-IIP LINES 'I' E Class Contracts a Specialty E 'H' 'H' Z Makers to Baltimore College of Physicians and Surgeons, 2 3 Hnrvli1lrcl,kT:1le6l".riricetOu, gcilgrgrrbiln, johns BETWEEN 2 i Op ITIS l1lVEl'Slly au 3 Ol ISYS. 2 E BALTIMORE and PROVIDENCE E g XValkover Shoes make a Luxury of a Via Norfolk and Newport News E E Necessity and au Economy Of a Luxury DIRECT SERVICE BETWEEN Z E 4 EZ WALK-OVER BOOT SHOP BALTINIQIEIEEZQIIQQIIQAH and :Q Q 5 Z THE WERNER CO. I7 E. Baltimore St. PHILADELPHIA and BOSTON i PHILADELPHIA and SAVANNAH 3' 8 5 it sf df r CB kl f. 51 fs Nenw, Fast andEIr:gant +P E H Aiconjsxojationseijj Cuisine Unsurpassed E Flags ' 35965 ' Bafmefs W. P. TURNER, PassengerTrafT1c Manager E H 5 E 13 Lexington Sf. BaltimOr6, "FINEST COASTWISE TRIPS IN THE WORLD" E i 5 E132 102115lil-E5955-S10-10ii-IiiJi-1571SWF:MilFF-1'-4GJ1Wi10iGDF5340051-ii-iiiiffpDSGJIS-Bill-1i2'0lff-ff'-'FJi-4Gi205WiWl0-1HF-iG-12iF4f-iFSF41JiGCF424G-1'fJF414if-li1 DICE 4+ ff? 1'f 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4.3. 'T ir 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ ++ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ +3- 4+ -S- 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ -1+ 4+ 6 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ -11 E1 E COMPLETE STOCK OFSURGICAL Iiifh ' ' T X' -'Y-2 - . .gil , 4 " X' 54' 44 INSTRUMEETS .. I ,le C , Q Q?-Z C++ 2 7 2: . -if il' :5 !V fr f-ff fq, P 3 fi? HOSPITAL FURNITURE AND - C fx ix! ' 11 + SUPPLIES ' 5. -5+ -54 f' N 'S' 4 T- If 44 -3- 44 . . I MANUFACTURERS +P -24 , X if li Ike Chas Mllm Surgical gf ORTHOPAEDIC APPLIANCES 4 F TRUSSE5 +4 E ' + ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS I ' . TIC HOSIERY Q- Q 5 soo N. Howard sf, Bazffmofe, Md, EL is N XC gi .59 5+ .3. 8- .3. ii- ? P Around fhe Corner +9 FT 4" 13' ii- 0 So 3' A -- I+ :Aga 4+ A4 W -MMI-If, 4+ 4 , C THE .6 1 a+ Q, o ege Photography A Q If 4 bg 'f a -" 74 i I MAKE A SPECIALTY za Years Efpeffem Quality Shop If Ph I I , of JE RK oto Supplies, Developing, Prmtmg and 116 . HJ' HH Enlariigainfzd tirgfggi of PH E. Baltimore Street V ' o f'm' X 4+ ns " R9-X ff - II, EN ii 54 M. D. TRAINOR COL Hug CALS 4 f i THE MAN WHO KNOWS HOW F , H, if 327 W. Lexington Cor. Eutaw arms ings ii- 1+ gg,-f,,gQg.:ia.:-p:i1::r3::-3'.:,4::iu.'Fp:i::-5::ici-pci.:-51:-513.:i::5::is3'..:-3'.3'.:ia:i::i::i:: :i::i:.:i::5::ic:f::i.. L5:5:.:i:.:l:.:1:.:1::1:cfxiiasiz. 2323.5-3'..:fc:f:!p:5::i5-,c:5:3:4:.:iL55.15 :f..:1c:i:.:i:1g:j5 1 :QL :iz :fs :Q-1 Qi: .151 3 :iz :is 021 :is :ic Qi: 3 :iz ci: ci: :iz Q21 :Q-2 Q31 :iz sf: :ia Qi: :iz :gc :iz :iz :iz :ic :iz :EL .24-2 1 :iz :ic :iz ci: :iz cf: :iz :iz ci: ci: :Q-1 3 ' S ifllervous Headaches ' fi U E , QQUICKLYWCURED Bi RER 555526 SELTZER 9 5 LTZC wh K, F- it X hAAQ r sgzofgqgfwifpf. is S J STUDENT SUPPLIES Cigars, Tobacco, Slafionery All Monthly Magazines Choice Confectionery C. UP, Phone, MI, Vernon o-X51 CALVERT and CENTRE STS, -E110-FF-filiil Established 1832 BUY YOUR I-'LOWER5 FROM SHIHIIEI jrast 8 suns 331 North Charles Street Brunch: 1408 N. Charles Sr. ,W , ,.. lhe bzxrcngc lnnldlng 'Isl-QI,FI'HON I-I CONNECTIONS Same Qld Sam WITH STUDENTS' SQRPLIES AT 356 North Calvert Street Aho-'ve Criy Hospital 4+ +P 4+ +I- 'H- 'F +P +E- -R- 4+ 4+ +P 1+ a-P P? 5? 9+ t? +P H. H- +5 -2-P 4+ gg. t? 45' 4+ -K- vi- H- 4+ +P 4.5. +2 +P -2-P +P 4'1- +P +5 -1+ +3 +P +P 'PE 4+ +1- +5 -P? H- 1'-E 4? 'Pr 44 +P -H- 4+ +I- +P 4+ li- H- 1'1- 8- 4'1- +1- H' H' il- I? liiliiliiii CF-W?-XiJF'-VF--1242-12-VF-'MIP'-if-SWF!-ISN'--if-42-12CFJNI-JFJFG4WF'0Wkf-1f-4WF4l-t-1ff-i-4GCF-4l-UY-414ff0i1CWF-1GCFEl 'T iii 152 P51 31022561-illil-il-EJ?-i'1ilCilCiiiil-1184-1i4-1-lillilii Qlvvivlii 1+ QF: 4+ -D+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ Q -2+ 4+ -1+ 4+ iq. +3- -1+ +3- 4+ A+ 4+ rg. 4+ 4+ -1+ 4+ ml 4.5. ig. i-f 4+ 4+ 1+ +I- H +S- ++ 4+ 4+ 4 rg. 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4? 4+ 4+ 4+ W i+ 4+ 4+ ++ 4+ 4+ 4+ 1+ 4+ 4+ 4+ 4+ -'ll--M61 Z All fhe Best Furnishings for Men E Q Baltimore's Perfect Play House if AT F0l'd S Er T az- T PRESENTING -+ '55 1 if HUTZLER Grand - - E g The Leadmg Attractlons 4+ Y 7 E BROTHERS CO. Opera OW -'-9 iii ++++ iii ii Z zioio 218 NORTH HOWARD STREET HOUSE! C0-'ffm and fomfoff of Mons 3? .3 albays considered QQ Y BALTIMORE, MD. lTi ii i T 4+ 'Ji' Ulf- fi James Arnold Francis XV. Arnold -lmeph F Arnold '99 - 4+ if YVe carry a line of HATS that are sure F' 8 31 to please you. Come and look us Over. if All hats are fully guaranteed, and me Surgical, Orthopedic and Electrical 33 ' price must be right. i if ln turningthese pages Over, watch closely Instruments, Trusses- Etc' if and you will discover that there is only Z one H.-XTTER fofyou, 310 NORTH EUTAVV STREET 3 2? 324 i O if Wafnef 65 CO. W. BALTIMORE ST. Lady Affmlfanf swims Infvifed to can Iiivirmk' -2+ .14 HZ- T .S. -5+ +1- -2+ '3- -ii- 4-+ -I+ -2+ J . .Si i-r -E+ -2+ lik . . .sig T ei- 14' +P -5+ -2+ 1'5- +2 +4 2+ 1+ 6+ W . . 1'r 6+ +L L ?I '55 -af gr W In . . +4 1+ ?f ?? 14? -2+ gr -2+ +- 'S' -I-r 'ST 4-r E1142'bk''1k"1k'f?f'llfk'JkflC'Jk'5k'1?'i4'2'?f'r?f'P?f1kDlf'-!Cki4'1?1 2:2150 24?24?CECTlfvkikflriki-k"Plv'J?f2l22ki'f!2'k0k'vk"if'Sf'i0DlU'!U0k'1k'0kUl"i'i0Dlf'Sr'fk?l0 m mn ::-Pri: -., W rl. , rel: tl: m m E 4. 4. 4.4 l 4: 45. 5 "Tailors to the Students" For 35tie2Lse:'i:jrLe Catered M Q High Grade SUIT MADE TO ORDER MEN s FURNISHING Goous 9915-00 to 3230-00 +5 l Cleaned, Pressed and Repaired Free of Cost ef:- SHIRTb MADI4. ro oRDr.R S' 8a 513-519 East Baltimore St. .Z- 503 to 509 Pennsyl-vania Afve. Baltimore, Md. Branch, 603 West Baltimore St. eg. if Teams Furnished Prompfly I I 1 II Bnclclell Transfer Company The Shop of Odd Things ff 'P WE MOVE ANYTHING Otlicial seals ofthe P. Sl S. in bronze. 34 SOUTH CAI-VERT STREET Enameled in college colors. They C, gg P. Sy, Paul 2099 Md, Cgurlland 746.7 are also made for belt buckles. Price 'li1.0U. Plain bronze enamel 352.00 C. X P. Phone, Sz. Paul 3477-M size 2 inches in diameter. : : STEIN 5' HOWARD NOVELTY co. TA ILOR and DESIGNER 323 N HOWARD ST Style and Fit Gunnnnteed Discount to Students . . 631 W. Baltimore Sf. Baltimore, Md. BALTIMORE' MARYLAND :fo ci-: of: :ic 05: :f5z:i:i::i::ia.:1c 5'lSiG.Zi'C.SfpS5'LJfl x:f-:.:iz:ic,:i-15: 15:02: :ico5:4o.5::i::f1ag-.agr..4.i-13-332 :f::i::i::i:.:i::i-1 5: 'ja:i:.':Sp:3::1::i::f: :ia cf: :fa :iz :5::i::5::f3:i::i-13-:ofa :fa :gag EililiiiiiiiiiiiliiwiiW3Ziiiiiiiilliwiliiiliiliililiii1444144iliiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiill TTTTTWTTTTTiiiikkikikiWYTTTTTTTTTWTTWTTWTWTTTTTTYWTTWYTWTFE H EE 4 E gg. M r-1 5-51222 W N 5 rg '-: .. m Z g 4+ 5- 2 5' C, 5 Q 5 -U 20255 Z N 2 S SC 0: gm D1 L 3, E' Q- 3.3. 'L-131 52.372 4 O me P' D Q J, rn 0 2 0 -5 m: A pp F1 HT 9 ' 3 HE-0011 L11 ?3 m O 52' g'FUf-b :snag gl 25- gf W Sv- "' :.L E515 5533: 75 2: Q3 5- O11 qs, . o om :Q in s 2.72 awugi no S+? . -. o 4- m O fj F H 3 n Q CJ W N Q D P+ C9 M - 7, 90 --KE. 0 7 H- Q-+ 41:- : U1 W M 2': - -. no 3, W 3 m gmikar. U., 5 nm - 0 S' ,li :I 0 -1 "' 1-0. 1 5 SHS Zzsaa 9- 22 Q- : 3 70375 3' 55? :D 5' go "' e-r EF. rn'-. ----0- J cn :rw I9 sa ml-' ' "' N0 PU UD c 'I ,--p fl! 4 7 2 : r q W N P+ Y of :I - O .-o"U-N -U CD l" F, CD 'Q pn Mm: fn O T - : T CD H 3 0 '1 w U3 3593 2.5 2 'A "' 2 3L..: "' Q-Q 1 4-1- 2 5 '4 2? 4 4-3- Q if Q 5 gnsjbnsus n "A Q' r' :' '-I if 2 2 H5255 O OU' 0 Z 5' FL. wg E o rv-B'u: F- .4 my U, T rd- O3 ""'4 Ep' 44' ,.4 .U-I U1 -Q C Org 44, O - M - H 0 H 5 F- M Oi? 5.511 "" o-- :r-5 ze' bg .1101 93 2729 -1 D1 4.3. .wh.. Egili 5 0 ron-CL 4+ -im 9,0 5 K-,cn 4+ nw., Z U, ...1-.. Q - Cu P1 U1 511 9' ""' ,W xmmma,:y'--- :':' F137 3, NL 2-2. 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Suggestions in the University of Maryland School of Medicine - Terrae Mariae Medicus (Baltimore, MD) collection:

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