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University of Maryland School of Medicine - Terrae Mariae Medicus (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1907 Edition, Cover

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,. I X i1i?- ' rr E f E E .E 5 z 5 F 5 r. E 2 L 2 P4 'f f F i E 1 i 5 . 5 E . S i 5, T! s f i 5 5 I 3 , 1 5 E e 5 5 5 5 5. F 1 4 E Y 5 5 3 E 3 i E 3 E E H Y 5 5 5 K, L' U E f ,.5, .r.. , f.,,', ,,f,1..,,.If,,f,. , - 4" .., . . ., .x.. ,, . ,j V f if ,'. ,,Ju - .,r. .. ,-. Nl Nj , 1. mi. fr ' '- ., ' -w x A 1 I . , ,I in ' .' '. ,' V ,- - N' , g,,,,, .1 f q Q-'-jg'y, -, .a.. , Ay A, Pg, fi, I .1 ' .- Q '-I - -2"I - 2' 141 , 4, ,L ,E , ,W -:- . . A- J, ' . 2-PS wwf-. 722' - :,.- .I I, . . t A' , A, fp.. . " I ,N 1 fm 'gm' . , ' ' - ,,' A X . ,iA1.f, ' ' 1 , - ,'. 'xv . 1 ,lg .. 4,. . I , .. LCHI . 1 '1". v w , F , f A .W - ' . -, . .. '-X 'Us .'-A 1 , ,.f "1 - k ' ' if V , , fly 4.1. 5 5 ' f , ,1 1-,A - ffxg' , ' -- Y' 4-'-'l"'-, "' 1- 4,5.. ., - f,'W ,,, Af, ,, 2' 1, V 'A ,, '- ,- , I- K 5' , A - ,V '.- 1 11-lf.4A , 'A-. " J, . .L . V, , 4-', ,,-'V M- ,,,"' 1 x " , . n,-If ,, ' , , 'Aff A: , 'Q' -' r, A' lm 1 .'.'. ff'-1' ' . , iw' , ' - f '-: ',r.,,- ',',- "1'f,4'H'-, , , ' -',g',"'L, 1 --fnv, - ,,, 1: w'Q- , ,u,, -eye , f ', -f1,,,vM1 ,,,' .1 x,., 1 1 , f : , -'tx' ' 3,14 L ' X - f 'K . ' iff, 1- ,- ' x, , ,fafrfj f"- , ' ' mfs, ".-:iz ',' ' 'T ' -f ,L .'-A - - ' fm. , " ' '. A X71-Jig. , , .' , '-- -Ya," H J," , ', f" . " A , ' EF. fb- ',,,rfT,"r. w' -',,.- , A K-.I f.: MMR :A ,, A ,'4',' ,'-A-24'1f.l,, " ,' , ff, '.',L,',--HV' A,-f up '.f UH., A, Y. 4 1.-1,1 . '- -' ' 'f', . -- ,-Ay ' ' '. -'ar' " .,,X,, A .,:-1---, , .,5,,. ' ' f' '14 .M--' ,.A, .g-ff.. An .v. ,ling L . .MLM q,,, 511'-'I - 1 '. . 1, If Rf .Vu QL I if U iii? , 1, ' Av 4 .- .-. F wg. ,W J., . . ,325-A1-if" . 4. T.. YP 4. J 'gli .-4.551 ' I AH Cr- ,..f':f'5-ji? -' ' -'- . ,. ,-. ., , a1,1,,' -,wvw+w::,,-2,' f.f ,1J4,Uf .w. ,Am ', 'L ,, A , 'A-'1'1.L"R, '.-l:2'.'E'- 1 . 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I 1 J , , , . S'EG,f"5"x' 1 TO Gbumas Sargent ilatimzr late Professor of the PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF MEDICINE in this College, whose skill as a i9bP5itian ann fdtzatbtri won for him a warm place in the affections of all who knew him This hook is atfcttionattlp hehitatzh QQ, Qiuitorial Baath M A. N. HANSON ED. J. RYAN J. J. O7M:ALLEY E. J. SUMMERS C. G. MILES T. F. SCANLON C. R. BANCROFT 4 ARD 150 ITOIUAL ED - , . r f- N xv f , 5 f. n ' .L . I ..f,- " A- . 3, A --- :' , 1.. -., -..,. -.-'1 +-..,. .. -V,-U -Qu V' ' " Z 'P5.'f.z.5 if - I fi 535 5 ,ne 44: .V., . . 4 Y A 1-1,7 4. fa X ' - f -11. x 'N 'H' 0 1- ' f-'A s A - f. , C ,V .g J ,,-gii, 33' ' - 7, - . .- - 1 -v V- -V. 4, , '. " v . .4 . - . v ., 11- f , Y .. ,lv ffl .-, A AE," "El, '. 0 A Q1 , 52x ,., 'I' J :swf 21 ,- ., . .. ' . 1-. .r x., ' -, 2 , , ., -.41 X -,--- - -"E ' P ..r , c'-1 - 4 , 4- +" i . k. v 4 - 1 1 , , v 1 qx V , 1 A- 4-3, .,s- a , , o ' nf K V 1 , f rw " Q 1, "'4?if 'f2'f'f'2".. .f ' Q I n ' - 1 F, ,, , ,,Q. .,' . W , 0 AJ"-. rm . . ' 1 w. '.'n-f. -Y ' f..u,." 1 " x" "f!.fi?P H wx..- -2 L , -.4, A 1 . , f THE CLINIC glfureinnrb. Andi it can e to pass. when there was peace in all the land, in the days when he of the Dutch name and ancestory was ruler over the people, there was a college in the city of Baltimoreg and it came to pass that many young men did enter this college. and there strive with might and main to become proficient in the practice of medicine. which is a manner of healing. And their lot was very grievous. X ow in these days. there was one Charley whose surname was Bevan, and it had been given unto him to be Dean of this collegeg and lo. associated with him were one Chambers. and one Simon and one Stokes, and one Preston and lo, many like unto them. compos- ing the faculty of the school. And it was because of these men that the lot of the young men in the college was so grievous. Now it came to pass that after many days of deep worry and great travail. that these young men did devise a scheme whereby they would get truly even with the faculty for the hardness of their lot and the woe of their lives while in college. g And it came to pass that their scheme was a college year book. wherein should be put the pictures of the faces of all the faculty. Some placed alone as if they were without friends, and others placed in groups to imply that misery loves company. And besides these things there was placed in the book the thoughts of the young men concerning the faculty and also the praise of them- selves, that the faculty might know the inmost secrets of their lives. Now at the time the book was to be published. it came to pass that some of these young men did plead with the Dean most eloquently, even Paul argued before Agrippa: and it came to pass that the faculty was persuaded to grant th in many favors concerning the book. even to guarantee the payment of the book 7 THE CLINIC to the publishers thereof 5 and lo, the kindness of the acts did melt the hearts of the young men toward the faculty and par- ticularly to the Dean, so much so that they forgave them the hardness of their lives 5 but nevertheless, they put their faces in the book. And so it came to pass that the year book was published for a precedent that all they wvho seek after knowledge of healing may know the true facts, and be prepared. And lo, it has been given unto the Junior Class to create and devise this thing, and they bequeath the custom unto all succeeding Junior Classes, that the habit may become chronic, to the end that each year shall one be brought forth. S INADYERTAYTLY OMITTED FROM FACULTY QQKULTPD jfacultp 1 CHARLES F. BEVAN, BLD. 2 THOMAS OPIE, M.D. 3 WILLIAM SIMOX, PHD., M.D. -1 J. W. CHAMBERS, M.D. 5 GEORGE J. PRESTON, AB., BLD. 6 X. G. KZEIRLE, A.M., BLD. 7 XVILLIAM F. LOCKXYOOD, M.D. 8 ISAAC R. TRIMBLE, M.D. 9 GEORGE W. DOBBIN, AB., M.D. 10 XVILLIAM ROXYAL STOKES, M.D. 11 H.ARR1J FRIEDEXXYALD, A.B., BLD. 12 XVILLIAM S. GARDNER, BLD. 13 EDXVARD N. BRUSH, M.D., A.M. HABIPSON JONES, MB., GM. CEdiuburghD, BLD 15 JULIUS FRIEDENNVALD, AAI., BLD. 16 'JOHN RLYHRAH, M. D. 17 CARY B. GAMBLE, JR., A.B., BLD. 18 FRANK DYER SANGER, BLD. 19 I'IARVE'1' G. BECK, PH.Ci., BLD. 20 DOCTOR BRACR. , E1 W l N 1 . 1 A THE CLINIC Sssurtatc jfarultp Ci. XV. BLITCHELL. BLD. CAAS. P. BLAKE, PH.B., BLD. A. C. HARRISQX. BLD. W. E. BLAGRTQDERA. BS.. BLD. ALBERT CQTTQN. BLD. GLENX BL LITSINGLR. A.B., BLD. S. BICC'LLARY. ESQ.. BLD. ALEX. BLf3GLAxN.aX. B.A., PHC.. BLD A. SAMUELS. Ph.G., BLD. H. C. ILXAPP. BLD. SAM. J. FORT. AB., BLD. H. H. HAYDLN. BLD. BLELYIN ROSHNTHAL, BLD. A. PALMISAXO. BLD. CHAS. D. STEENKER, BLD. F. C. BRESSLER, BLD. J. H.xLL PLEASANTA A.B.. BLD. 12 CULTY FA ASSOCIATE F AC L' LT Y ASSOCIATE THE CLINIC Slbjunrt jfaculty OTTO SCH.a1-:PER BLD. W. M. GARRISUN. BLD WM. C. STIFLER, BLD. A. lvLLMAX. BLD. A. C. G1LL1s. BLD. C. W. G. RwHRER. AB.. 31.19 A. FIAIRDINAXD RIIQ5. BLD. W. W. RIQQUARDT. BLD. I.. SAY1: RVJSENTHAL. 1 45 1"AUUL'1'Y I JJ l NUT P A THE CLINIC Eemnnsttators JOHN BBYADE, BLD. J. H. HARTBI.kX. BLD. A. LIGIC ELLIS, BI.D. C. BBLALDKOICNIG, BLD. H. K. FLICCKIZNSTEIN, BLD 0. H. IDUKIQR, BLD. .L S'f,uu14: DAVIS. BLD. 1 1 v 1 ' b. G. DAWN, BLD. IN DEMONSTRATORS .N L ' .r , --r-:11 ,. f ,qv 4' M44 , , 'iss 'J r:.17 - , ,.. 2 -2,-1741. - ', ff? ef: ffifarf Li'-' 1' 2 , , 1",. sl, 04. S JN ANU SUHG.l'X. NS 1.'llYSl.i !,lA JI" 1 C'Ul1l,I'Kil'I To THE CLINIC ieistorical. The College of Physicians and Surgeons was chartered in 1878. The original faculty consisted of: EDWARD WARREN, M.D., Pro- fessor of Surgery, HARVEY L. BYRD, M.D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine, THOMAS OPIE, M.D., Professor of Obstet- rics, P. GOOLRIOH, M.D., Professor of 'Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology, JOHN S. LYNCH, M.D., Professor of Anatomy, W. W. MURRAY, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, E. LLOYD HOWARD, M.D., Professor of Physiology, WILLIAM SIMON, Ph.G., Lecturer of Chemistry, CHARLES F. BEVAN, M.D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. In 1873-1874, the school was reorganized, and a number of additional professors were added to the faculty. Dr. Warren resigned to take service in the Khedive of Egypt's army, and the following gentlemen vvere added to the teaching staff : THOMAS S. LATIMER, M.D., Professor of Principles of Surgery and Clinical Sur- gery of the Skeleton, D. W. CATHILL, M.D., Professor of Medical and Surgical Pathology, A. F. ERIOK, M.D., Professor of Chemistry, THOMAS R. BROWN, M.D., Professor of Operative Surgery, AARON FRIEDENWALD, M.D., Professor of Diseases of Eye and Ear, H. R. NOEL, M.D., Professor of Physiology and Hygiene, The school continued under the administration of these gen- tlemen, Dr. Thomas Opie being the Dean, and in 1878 was greatly strengthened by the acquisition of the Washington University. This school fthe Washington Universityj Was established in 1827, reorganized in 1865, and finally, by act of consolidation of 1878, was merged with the College of Physicians and Surgeons. This new amalgamation gave to the College of Physicians and Surgeons the advantages of an old and distinguished Alumni, many of Whom had won honors in the varied positions into which their life's labor had borne them. The possession of a general hospital, capable, it is true, of vast improvement, was also a material gain on the part of the school. 21 Y -Y W . i, THE CLINIC This hospital, located in the accident centre of the city, was constantly receiving patronage from the various manufacturing establishments, railroads and railways, by which it was more or less surrounded. The amount of acute surgery brought to it yearly has continued to grow with the development of the city. In 1874, the Faculty, realizing the importance of practical obstetrical teaching, decided to open a department or separate institution devoted entirely to the obstetrical art. A large build- ing on West Lombard Street was secured, and starting with 20 beds, was gradually increased as the demands and needs required 3 and to this was added an out-door service, so that the obstetrical department now represents from 600 to 700 confinements in each year. This wealth of clinical material is used entirely for clinical purposes, and enables the graduating class to gain that degree of familiarity with the lying-in room, which they require to have before entering into practice. If not the first, the Maryland Lying-in Asylum is one of the first institutions in this country devoted entirely to obstetrical works. The College has constantly been progressing, constantly measuring up to the needs of the times. Its course of study has been altered and regulated, as the advances in medicine have shown the necessity for a change. It early adopted the " three year" course as compulsory, and followed rapidly with the alteration to a " four year, " and now has in contemplation of a Hfmfth. " The mode of teaching adopted in the school devotes the time of the first and second year to labor- atory and purely didactic work, leaving the third and fourth year's work to be almost purely clinical 3 and for this clinical work the resources of the hospital and dispensary are constantly taxed. The hospital, starting with 20 beds, has grown to one of 325. The maternity, starting with 20 beds, now has 40, and with its outa door department is enabled to reach 600 or more patients annu- ally, and the dispensary or out-door department of the College affords no less than from 20,000 to 25,000 patients each year, among whom almost every form of disease can be found. 22 THE CLINIC Q Tlflnast Let us drink to the Seniors, a wise old class, Again to the Juniors, our friends to the last, Once more to the "Sophs," no longer foes. Glasses together, let them go. Another "Freshie," fill to the brim, All together, all in the Raise high our glasses, all Freshmen And drink to ourselves, the Class of ' 10. For who held the Sophs in that grand old fight? Who held the door, though they fought their might? And who gave their cheer when the ight was o'er? We Freshmen did, and the Sophs were sore. So let us pledge ourselves tonight To stand together in every ight. That no ill feeling shall divide our class Let us all drink to and drain our glass. -S JERRY BURNE, '10 23 THE CLINIC senior anim cffime President ........... .... G . F. BUXTON First Vice President .... .... P . W. OLIVI Second Vice President .... ..... N . W. SMITH Third Vice President ..... .... J . J. LYMAN Qiftzcutihe Qtommittzz C. B. BARRY, Chairman, C. C. HACKER, W. W. COLUMBUS, W. A. CARR, J. I. WISEMAN, Secretary, E. M. PERRY, Treasurev 24 . A -V - mX i' 'Q Y1 s Q it x X' VKX- My X i l K f I O X - :ff A X ,XIX X fl ta 3 I ' ' 7 V i if y N K W , r, ,V ii f, I 1 NH V x WW: 2, -P i-in? 750529 ' if ' f 1 mass history i907 In the fall of 1903 there gathered for their first time at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, students to the number of 80, from North, South, East and West, many states having sent their quota. In this gathering there were tall men, short men, thin men, fat men, long haired men, short- haired men, and men without any hair at all. As We look back through the four years and see the work which has been done, and the knowledge the men now possess, we must all unite in saying that we have had excellent in- structors, to accomplish what they have done in such a short space of time. The metamorphosis which has taken place as a result of their untir- ing work and teaching is truly won- derful. Of course after our arrival, we had to be initiated into the mysteries of college life. This was done thor- oughly, by the members of the 1906 class. Students who had such a dread of water before, became amphibious for the time being through the ener- getic efforts of the Sophomores. Our one regret when we reached our second 25 THE CLINIC year, was that the tank in the Chemical Amphitheater was not large enough to accommodate the entire Freshman Class. After our first lecture we were quietly "tipped off" by the Seniors to get together and organize as " In Union there is Strength. This we found to be a very good motto as far as the Class of 1906 was concerned, but proved to be a failure in our case. We went into secret session and organized a Hying wedge, but later the wedge turned, and started to Hy the other way. We adopted as a means of identification a piece of blue ribbon in buttonhole, so that each Freshman might know his classmatesg when lo and behold, at Dr. Preston's next lecture, our good friends, the Sophomores, were similarly bedecked. The struggle proved short and unavailing as far as we were concerned, and many a Freshman did stunts in water that up to that time he had thought impossible. The way some of us fought would have led you to believe that we had hydrophobiag the fact owing to the ribbon episode some of us actually helped to place our own men in the tank, cheered on by the Seniors and Juniors. This was the first of our initiations into the mysteries of medi- cal college life, except an occasional passing up of some unwary Freshman, who had occupied the front seats, and been passed unceremoniously to his brother Freshmen on the higher rows. About this time the election of class officers was held, and resulted in the election of the following: President, R. W. Ball 5 Vice-President, A. P. W. Penivy g Treasurer,R. Dexter 5 Secretary, C. D. F. O'Hern. Thereafter everything went smoothly with the exception of an occasional rush from the Sophomores, by this time whom we had learned to respect. We were duly initiated into the mysteries of osteology by those great past masters of osteology, Drs. Cotton and Mitchell, also chemistry, anatomy, physiology and histol- ogy by their respective professors. Then there occurred an occasion memorable in the college history. We transgressed a sacred tradition of the Sophomores, by having our pictures taken on the hospital steps, and there 26 THE CLINIC ensued a battle which the class of 1906-07 will remember for some time to come. Although we succeeded in having our pictures taken, it was not without difficulty. About this time we entered the dissecting room and the Sophomores condescendingly allowed us to go on undisturbed for the rest of the term. At this time there occurred the memorable Baltimore fire, February 7-8, during, which several of our class nobly distinguished themselves. It was thought at one time that the fire would sweep away our college and hospital, but its course in our direction was checked. During the fire, members of the class assisted in removing the patients, specimens, etc., from the hospital and college, and I think it is only just that individual mention should be made of some of the members. A. Winlack sprained his ankle while attempting to carry out a patient, R. L. Licardo and A. Lovell rendered valuable assistance in helping to remove the pathological specimens, the latter having the misfortune to drop one of the jars, and spoiling a very rare, and valuable specimen. J. P. Gutierres proved himself a hero by rescuing the skeleton just as it was about overcome. CJoke.j It would take too much valuable space to mention all, the valiant deeds performed on that memorable night, so we will pass hurriedly on to the spring exams, the dread of all Freshmen. The examina- tions being successfully passed we went to our homes, to astound our folks with the wonders of our knowledge and learning, which we had acquired in such a short time. We returned in the fall of 1904, and found a few faces missing. H. Fulton of Utah, has gone from us forever. Several new mem- bers from other schools, whom we warmly welcomed, have joined us. Of course we had to initiate the Freshmen of 1908 as we were initiated, but be it said for the Freshmen, they proved very apt in learning to swim, and doing stunts when requested by the Sopho- mores. One J. J. Gorman distinguished himself as a 'dne swimmer. We bothered them no more after this and they stole a march on us by 27 THE CLINIC having their pictures taken while we were taking an examination. In the spring, the following class officers were elected: President, E. Hughes 5 Vice-President, C. D. F. O'Herng Treasurer, J. A. Hilbert 5 Secretary, J. C. Peck. Again came the spring exams, which brought cheer to the heart of the student, who had a sweetheart and parents anxiously awaiting his return. Next came the fall of 1905, a little nearer the goal of our ambition. This year numerous new faces were amongst us, West Virginia having sent a goodly number, and there were also students from other colleges, A few familiar faces were missing. Herbert E. Taber of Rhode Island, was taken away after a short illness of typhoid fever. He was one of the most popular members of the class and his bright and cheery manner was sadly missed by all. But we still saw most of the old familiar faces in the seats they occupied in former years. The dreaded third year was now upon us, with its numerous branches and hard work. The studies were different from those of former years, but much more interesting. The following class officers were elected: President, W. D. Miller 5 Vice-President, S. W. Merrell 5 Treasurer, J. A. Hilbert 5 Secretary, A. Winlack. The term had progressed, but a few short months, when death claimed another member of our class. Oscar Cole of Pennsylvania, who passed away during the holidays after a short illness of typhoid fever. This uneventful year passed by quickly, and again came the time to depart for our homes, which most of us did without much delay, as the Baltimore boarding houses have a very telling effect on the average student, as seen by his departure in the spring lean and lank looking. The summer vacation is short, and fleeting, and soon comes to the fall of 1906, and we again go, "back, back, back to Baltimore. " This year we enter not as Sophomores, or Juniors, but as Seniors, and begin the duties assined to us. The handshaking and good wishes go 'round as in former years, but there is one hand which we shall not grasp 3 one face which we shall not see again, that of James Francis Preston of Connecticut. God in his infinite wisdom has seen fit to remove him to a higher sphere. 28 THE CLINIC The following oflicers were elected: President, G. F. Buxton 5 lst Vice-President, P. W. Olive, 2nd Vice-President, N. W. Smith 5 3rd Vice-President, J. J. Lyman, Executive Committee, C. B. Barry, Chairman, C. C. Hacker, W. W. Columbus, W. A. Carr, J. A. Burkheadg Secretary, J. I. Wiseman 5 Treasurer, E. M. Perry, Historian, M. J. Griffin. Each one is now striving to do his best to equip himself for carrying out his life's work. Time is fleeting and there are but a few short months before us, when we shall leave our friends, and our beloved Alma Mater, to go forth as full fiedged doctors into this great wide world. We may not all become Oslers or Keens, but there will come a time in each man's life, when he can do many little acts of kindness, which will endear him to those with whom he comes in contact, and always he will try to keep our profession the noblest of all professions, which it justly deserves to be. In conclusion I will say we have the greatest possible respect and admiration for our beloved professors, and appreciate how patiently and faithfully they have taught us the principles which should guide us in the work upon which we shall soon enter. We hope they will live many years to see the Class of 1907 prove to be among the best which has ever left the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and we hope to maintain the high standard which the men from this college have attained all over the United States. The history of the Class of 1907 is now ended, and we must say, farewell! How faithfully shall we cherish the remembrance of our college, and our class. And what is there of good which we do not heartily invoke for both? But the last hour has struck, and with undying love for our Alma Mater, with steadfast loyalty to one another, with a heart bent on high things and broad enough for all, so go we forth, and Godspeed. M. J. GRIFFIN, Historian. 29 THE CLINIC Gigs ibarting of the ways Senior, the years have stolen by And We'll leave you at the gate, For its Written down that man must die Andwman must graduate, And its only a clasp of the hand, Senior, And a tear for days of yore Ere We speed the call of the beckoning year, Yifhen We shall be boys no more. Senior, the World may be great- for you, In glory and Wife and gold, But will you forget, in the flush of the new, The devil-may-care of the old, The loyal thrill of the boy at play, The larks and the dreams and the rest? Good bye! VVe go to our homes today And you-go out to your test. Senior dear, student dear, comrade for the Four, College days are past for you and bolted is the door 5 But in the new and larger life Wherein we toil with men, Cannot Old Friendship enter in and make us boys again? L. ci: S., '08 30 THE CLINIC ' A HLTGH M. ANDERSON, AKK Tupelo, Miss " I dare do all that doth become a man -who dares do more is none." ALBERT L, AMICK, CDBIY R,ELV6l17S Eye, W.Va. Shaw "Wl1o can tell what golden hours with what full hands may be Waiting me in the clistzmoe. " FREDERICK S. BOOTAY, HNE Akron, Col. "I have never done anything startling and I am in utter darkness as to the out- come of my future career." JAMES H. BURKHEAD Woodsfield, Ohio , 1'Vh Class EX. Com., '06-'07 W "Well, all we can do is to hope for the , best " THE CLINIC JOHX H. Botslz pseuclopocliaf' XATHAN Bonolixslil Baltimore. Hd. ll man who is "This is Ll slight 11111116-1'it1U e J '7 ot to be sent on G1'1'21DL.S. lllflt' gi A H.kRRX' E. Bieox. PLYE "The many fail: the o SEFVQ Ulf' OlNYL'lI'lf 1 lHXEL1L's B, BARHY L7 Com.. US- H4 C'l1al1'1n::11, Class EX. o "Con," A hnle an-il jolly' good fellow: 32 "A quiescent sort of an an Woousoelset. R. l. Baltimore. Md. lcebu with four Jalllestowu. X. Y. ue succeeds. Oh- l W1'OgI'QSS.u 671 THE CLINIC UI beliold myself us ai marvelously proper mam. I entertain some score or two of tail- ors to study fashions to adorn my body and l will muintzliu this bluff at whatever Cost." GILBERT F. BUX'roN Baltimore, Md. I Class Pres., '06-'07 f'How many of us at this very hour do forge at lifelong trouble for ourselves by tuli- ing true for false or false for true." ROLAND L. BHITTON Bayville, N. .I f'Jersey" "II:1viug been reaired in ti large City. I sometimes feel l'cl like u, little rusticatiou myself." EMMET A. CORBIN, KDBIY Elleuboro, W. Va " Stubbyfl "I will ever be mild and gentle in my speech for such a manner becometh me." RoBr1RT O. BLAoKLoCK Buffalo, X. Y JOHN E. CORE-IX, CDBU. .IIJ Good Hope, XY. Ya. THE CLINIC lv.-XLTER W. COLUMBUS Jersey City, X. ' Class EX. Com., '06-'OT "Loi behold Wllat I was and what I :un now. Truly the World worketh Wonders." GEORGE H. CAMPBELL, cD.Y, .YCDE Casson, W. Ta. "Bly Credit now stands on such slipoerv kg WYALTER A. CARR Glenlyn, Va Class EX. Com., '06-'07 'lf thy han' and brains should chanffe E places, baldheaded thou wouldst be." L HCO1'l3.H f'l experiestce nn inner coltl as I reflect upon the gn-etl and lI1Ilf'1' perficly of man. 1 A L I ground that l fear I shall have to go broke." ' THE CLINIC OTHoN DE CATURLA Reniedios, Cuba NA striking exziniple of the fact that the brain is a double organ. In his case one half is missing." DANIEL A. CHAPMAN Punxsutawney, Pa. 'KI may do that for which I shall be sorry but I never have." OKEY R. DAVIS, CDI Mannington, W. Va. "Squi1-e." "He's like an old horse turned into a pas- ture. He Wants to out up, but has forgotten how." THOMAS R. DOUGHER Avoca, Pa. H Rob." 'fWou1cI to God my heart Were fiintg I gin too childish for this World." THE CLINIC JEREAIIAH R. DONOHIIE, AB. "One Whose opinion dilfers ours-a chuunpf' THo31.1s NY. EDMFXDS. IDX Reidsville, N. C. " Tom." " M911 often perceive that he is not the 111311 that he would gladly make show to the World he is." 5 BA11 i11OHE'IlSiYG 5139011111111 A fs' homo." CH,1HL13s H. FULTZ. AB., BLD. Xvfl11CGbU1'g. Ky. "Straight from the 1111111 of the 1110011- shiners. and c'11oCk-f11H of EXIJPITBIICQS which he prefers to keep to hi111se1f." Worcest er, Mass radically from EDWARD H. FREEMAX. QI Milton, Xova Scotia of the genus THE CLINIC X RIAD FANoUs Cairo, Egypt "Just another clriecl specimen from an ancient intirniary on the Nile." EARL F. GLAss "He is but ll child of lu lWICHAEL J. GRIFFIN Fall River, Mass. MGI-ifff' Class seaii-gffuai-Arms, '03-'04 Class Historian, '06-,O7 "His seriousness generally manifests itself in chaff. " 37 FRANK E. FLowER,s, IDX, .SIDE Glover Gap, W.Ya f'The best Club for a ninrrietl nian is un arrncliair in front of 9, big fireplace at lnoniefl lVe Wonder why he doesn't think so. West Liberty, W. Ya. rger growth. 'l THE CLINIC .los15PH G. GRAVER, GPX Cleveland, Ohio "His past history is unknown and of his present there is nothing to say." Jtsro P. GUTIERRZ, Reniedios, Cuba.. "lYhen I think of my greatness I cannot but feel that on one pair of Cuban legs do march three Cubans." - Q .los15PH A. HIGGINS, CDX Westerly, R. I. . "Joe" nr' "He will be old at forty, but he has 3. bunch of reminiscences that will cheer hini up until he is sixty. H .ARTHUR W. Hreoixs, dll' Bridgeport, Ohio. "Only a boy with pink cheeks. curly hnir,- . and n smooth and even disposition." THE CLINIC GEORGE W. HAFELE Baltimore, Md 'KI-Iafef' LI know myself noxvg and I feel within nie a peace above all things. and a still and quiet Conscience. " CHAUXCEY C. H.kCKER, A. B., CDBIY, KS Jonesboro. Tenn. "Haek.'7 Class Coin., '06-'OT "I know I have 3 gentle. noble teniper and a soul as even as u Cahn. Pray think on these things." JOHX A. HILBERT Wilkes-Barre. Pa. "Jack" Class Treas., '03-'04 "All great nien are Cl93Cl-lllll not feeling Well inyselff' JOHX H. HUDsoN Winterville. N. C. i'Alas! Xothing but aprazv loon as before inentionecl. " THE CLINIC Sneiixits J. IQIZLL Welch. W, Ya 1:iiD1-initio C. L,i3I.iH. KID.. KDBU "He seenis to possess but one idea. and that is by fur the wrong one. " AVL .I. 3I,iHoNi-3 "I Lnn mst what I :ini and nothing niorei I Q'- A stmzgl f'O1't' "If there is anything I ani proud of. it is what they ninde ine coyer wigh this cap. You ought to see it." Riehniond. Ind. 15131-:Rick LEITZ. CDBIY Bnltiniore. Hd T. F112 "He, like inost strenuous men. us u rule. is like gi feeble old switch engine that puffs up and down all day doing nothing but little things." Y--,:W'g1, ,.. 9, ,. gi ,x 1Ioi'gnntoiyn, NY. Ya. it-fo1'W:11'-gl I'Ll1'IT1C1'. honest to the THE CLINIC SOLON W. IIERRILL Gardner. Me Vice Pres., '05-'06 "lYliy not lay aside all life liarining lieuvi- ness and entertain 21 cheerful disposition?" PARLEI' P. BIUSSLR Salt Lake City, Utah. '4No one knows Why lie Caine and lie is too big to bear questioningf' " Where in li-l have We seen this before 'Q' " XVILLIAM D. BICCLUXG Rupert. W. Ya. " Macf, "I was never really Vicious-only thought- less-and lived l11OSfly in the enjoyment of the present." GLIJRGL L. MACK, CDI lillizabetli. N. .l THE CLINIC IAIIES A. IIIORGENSTERN, 1.01 "If tl161'9,S one unsecluded That I should like to own And fence about, 'tis that small plot IVhere my wild oats were sown." -IOSEPH A. BIILES 41,106.27 I' I am too old to fawn upo in years to be a student now." FREDERICK L. BICLEOD Lincoln, lXeb "All that I have is before you, my face is my fortune. " - Easton, Pa. spot, IVARREN D. LIILLER, IDBIY, .ITJ Point Marion, Class Pres., '05-'06 "I'1l not trouble you with words but stoop with patience to my fortune. " Baltimore, Md. I n a nurse: too far THE CLINIC 1. .--XX .4 . Ci-i.aHLEs W. Koss 3ICCoysville. Pa "A specimen of 3 elevei' trick Ilfj1'fOl'I1'1C1.l l ' by one Darwin. who macle at inonkey of Adam." HrfJLLINC4SXX'OR1'H O'Ni31LL. LILY Hamilton. Bermufla lslunfl. ,,. "An eiitllusiastirj- meinliei' of the Aiimlgn- mation of R32 Clien'ei's of P. X S. " "Shall We tlismiss him from our minds or entertain him with hope. Lets Qive the ljvoj' it chance." PERCY W. QLIYIQ Apex. B. L. i Class lst Yiee Pres.. '06-'OT "'Tis easy enough to be pleasant. VVhen the world flows on like a songg But the man Worth While. Is this man with fl smile lYl1en everything goes Wrong." CH.aRL1Es D. F, l:l7HE.kRX. dll Duboise, Pa Class Vice Pres.. 'UJ1-fl.l.5 THE CLINIC TACK K. PHPPIQH. CDBH "I never in lnjvlife did look on Vice. and have purrukeu thereof but sCn11ri15'." .lien-1 A. PoWELL. QBH " If he will. he will. you nmy depend onft. And if he won't. he won't: so IllQ1'6'.S the end onft. " .. Pepiff DEs,u'ssEL'H G. PREsTox. LDBH, HIL-l Glade Hill. Ya. "Des," "Don't you think-A-h that lily judg- ment is rather good in most important mat- ters--11-h'? 'f .wf"V 'f T1 Kernersville. X. C OQEPH C. PEC11, QBH, lpbrf Peelis Mills. W. Ya Wloeff Class See., lOl-205 "I hope you have clone nothing without Consulting lne. " Harrelsville. XC. THE CLINIC C. BALTHUS PRESTOX, CDBIY. never think of Work." ARTHUR T. PosT. CDBII, JTJ, Clarksburg, W. Ya. liD1,.77 "My success in medicine. which I expect p will be great, can never equal the hit I've made with the ladies during my course." HARRY C. PoDALL I'Since God has made it man." ERNEST M. PERRY Louisburg, N. C. 'I was intended by Providence for R Southern planter of the period 'befo' the wah' but was born tvvo generations too late. " 45 HIM. HNF Glade Hill. YR. "Beef" 'Wlvhen I am Working, I Work lntrd. lYl1en I am playing qu-111011 is most of the tirnel. I New Haven, Conn . let. it pass for E1 THE CLINIC sf:-muambulist. 7' EDHAI-1D E. Rosi . JIBII Hinton. YT. Ya. " E'gHie.' " A vu-111 lx. -5- who cftrries the foo-is aroutxcl - t.- .L 'ffl Lim :tid -5 . . . . . .. ,'..,,,, ., Qt-,wht t 11fttvf31't1se Lt. exther. Q? EARL L REGER zvithout bitching." WILLIAM H. Rc-Btxs-i-X Port Royal. Pa. "I know that I :tm rftther slow to Catch 0:1 A 1-fit just give me time 511111 I'11 get there." -L15 "A curious sort of sacr CH.u.LEs L. PEARCEY, CDI, diff! 3lO1'g3.1HOXT11, XY. Yu ed, sanctimonious ,g r -' f 'g it 'H' ' 0 ' X A Cln1'ksbu1'g. XY. Ya. "fCrUI1d. lclud. and gentle and will stand THE CLINIC NEWTOX W. SMITH, Hampton, X. B., Can. Class Qcl Yice Pres., ,OG-'O7. LI um consiclerecl one of the wisest of King EdWz1rcl's sonsf' " Jersey." XYILLI.-XM J. SCHMITZ, CDB!! Baltimore, Mel. "Billie," "I always Wait for the spirit to move me before I do unytl1ing'." fl'm seldom moveclj FREDERICK W. STEINER, Pli.G., CDBIY "XVl1at, amazed at my'isuceesses'? Can thy spirit Wonder a great man should sue- ceed? " R.iPHAEL LOPEZ SICARDO, San Juan, Puerto Rico 'Cf me more will be lieaarcl. Great sue- Cesses await me in the far off liomeluncl. " Woonsocliet, S. D. THE CLINIC - if ?3Q"- Cr: .Q I 5' A' ,gp 3. EDMUXD D. TFCKER. CDI Pai'ke1'sbu1'g. W. Ya. It it be true that the 'best men are I moulcletl out ot' faults. I am a great many" ALFRED M. SORELL, QBH Worcester. Mas "I know it is not what I know I know, but what others think I know that counts. " " 'Iuekfl E ' ,, I :F .1 .Iniilgs J, TYNAN Colchester, Conn. Class 3cl Vic-e Pres., 'UG-'OT. "I feel that I have about tout-hell the high- est point of all my greatness. I know whereof I speak. " EYERETT P T.iYLoP. JAY Morgantown. W. ' "Iiicl.' "What a little clriecl up fellow he is-yet fl1EI'C'S something nice about him too." -THE CLINIC DAVID L. TALKINGTON, ADX, fd7E Midclleboume, W. Ya " He's 11 lllilll that has seen better claysg the lDOil1'Cll1lg house vetemii z el l 1111 tie l3HCllE1ClV7S pet: badly wriiikleil yet well p1'ese1'Vecl." 49 , EUGENE M. THOMAS P11 tt fll " To111.' Q xi e,AlL1. "His words are like cologne water, to be smelled of, but not swallowed. '7 HARH1' W. LlFFEL3lAN, Q HHN brain is like -l' Yoe, Pa. 311 liour glass XYl191'Clll i111:1gi11z1Tio1is 11111 like S1lllLl.U ASHER W. XYAX IQIRK, CDB!! B1-aclclock, Pa. "Y2L11.'7 "I feel that l 21111 0'oi110' to l O D Je great seine day, that is why I am so clig11i1'iecl." 49 APR 1 6 1940 JoHN I. Wismiax THE CLINIC kxtoxio J. P. 'X'1LLENi2t'yi2 Baltiinore. Md. , -- C lass DEC.. '06-.l.lT. "Bi-03.1 browetl lie is. hook-nosetl. with wide ljtrotvn eyes. Yaneo, Puerto Rico "My life is full of weary days yet good things have not kept aloof." Xo longer eager for tlpe eoniing prize. " V .lon XY. XYALSH. IDX .iJOe.ff .gin l clouljwt it. " ALEXANDJQR E. WIXLACK. WB!! Sayre. Pa. "Winnie," if 1' I Class See.. 'U5-WQP6. "I ani please-,l with myself and go about mentally patting myself on the back." 51 l "Gif-atei' nien than I may Midtlletown. Conn. have lived but THE CLINIC Hlieliolill lwhat lint 1 o t to our shores. 'l T1-LWFIK WASH' C airo, Egypt l ll Egypt sent forth T. M. WRIGHT. A. B. Troy. Ohio. " Born merely for the purpose of digestion" Q e E, Hamilton. Htl. W1LI.1.m1 SCHORR " lYillie." "A small animal to be poked with 11 pole and the longer the pole the better. " 51 THE CLINIC fjiuniut Qllasfass Q9fftrersi President ..... ...... A A. X. HANSON Vice PreSz'dcnt . . . .... RUSH B. STEVENS Secretary .... ..... R OMAN XVISE Treasurer .. .... S. C. AUSTIN .if .ff ,t- , 'Ugly I K SEL 1 X v 1 xv .l . up wx. LQ ' 1 fs, w g, X gamut iemstnrp bil T994 It used to be said that "all roads lead to - 1 Rome." The week before the commencement ' of lectures in the fall of the year nineteen hun- X w ex. , N, fl I I si t y x 'tl ll is Nh ' dred and four, to the Class of '08 it might have been said that all roads lead to Baltimore. We came from every direction, from the north, the . I Q, south, from as far west. as the Rockies and east, 'fi-X. as from even so remote a country as Persia. . Our first meeting together was for a lecture D gg on i'bones," previous to which the principal M t subJect of conversation was how WE were to tank the Sophs. However, though that vic- l l tory was not ours, since that time we have been able to claim many, and even then there l l was every evidence of our some day accom- plishing great things-both for our own good and for the good of our dear old Alma Mater. 1" ,fi And these constant endeavors throughout our i career have made it inevitable that the old 12 buildings on the corner of Calvert and Saratoga 5 A V, Streets will groan with regret on the day when if to us all roads will lead from Baltimore. lff This laudation, however, must cease and I Z' . 1 ' ' must hie myself to history, which may open l ,KX up closets hung with skeletons and unearth Q ,'g,p ancestors dangling by the rope. ' The great day soon arrived when the Soph- .g4ffi" omores felt it their duty to introduce us to the - antiseptic measures of the annual bath. They 53 , THE CLINIC were most energetic in their cordiality though in the end only a very few of us had " had the pleasure," especially the large, fat and juicy ones such as " Ban" and "Fatty" Haynes. In all it was a Herce struggle with much furniture fractured but no bones. This all happened before we had reached the morula stage and before we " knew ourselves" as Sophomores knew us. We organized. The already notorious Bancroft was made our leader with one voice, his size carrying much weight in his favor. Miles of the class without an equal, and who would have Osler's chloroforming period read " at birth" for the maimed, the halt, and the blind, was made the Hrst lieutenant, and the minute- man was Nolte. We put Scanlon at the head of the exchequer and another office was filled by Nelson who kept us from wrong as ser- geant-at-arms-was he fitted for the strife? I don't know 5 he had a wife. From now on we felt strong in ourselves and bore ourselves with better mien. We commenced to think of the future, when on some far distant day we might each become competent to help those who had wandered from the highway of health and restore them to that much coveted road. This maybe was what prompted us to choose a sick committee to look after and make cheerful those of our number who were unable to withstand the late hours with old Gray on their knee, not to mention Fort's diminutive Syllabus. As a long standing custom prevails that all Freshman classes shall have their picture taken, it behooved us to get busy. Our enemies of course were spying from every copse, and we made things interesting by notices and rumors of all sorts as to whenthe event should take place. In time we selected a day when all nature tries to fool her fellow beings and which is set apart for that sole piupose. We seemed to drop from the skies to the steps of the City Hospital and when the camera snapped we disappeared aswe came and our good fellow citizens received the full beneit of the day's meaning. Soon after this it became apparent to us all that the great reckoning time was drawing near and each became more seclusive and saw to the grinding of his own axe, to battle with those innocent 54 THE CLINIC little lines Written on the board, but having a large and dreadful looking ? following. It was a test of "the survival of the fittestu and at its end we realized ourselves no longer the embryos We had been, for the shell was cracked and we bade farewell to each other in our second stage of life. W To go home to a feast, To be fed unlike a beast, Where eggs, are fresh without a guess And don't give rise to HQS. Before commencing the history of our second year I must mention with regret that our old friend Finigan, full of wit, typical of his nationality, has parted this life of toil, sickness and doctors. We still had the desire to do as others had not done, to change and reform old customs. Accordingly it was the voice of many to welcome our subordinates in some more hospitable manner than than by the old and long-practiced custom of immersion, but when one day an insignificant Freshie shied an eraser at Sweeny, one of our illustrious number, the fray was on and lasted till every Fresh- man that could be found from the basement to the top-most fioor had been thoroughly and most unmercifully given such a bathing as he had never before experienced. Nolte was the one to succeed Bancroft as our president, and he was a good and energetic one, if class meetings count for ought, for many a one was called e'en if 'twas held or not. Tarter, of the state of the Old Dominion, with mind, body and morals strong, was made vice-president, and Haynes, who treats the the rabid and feeds the rabbits, became the secretary, while Loughrey a man of small stature but of brawn, was set guard over our riches. The office of sergeant-at-arms was filled by Sweeny, fully able, to be sure, to cope with its requirements, having once belonged to the ranks of the indomitable Fifth of Maryland. We lost several good members at the beginning of our third year by their leaving for other colleges, mostly Utah stock 5 very many new members, however, joined us at this time, most of whom were the contingent who regularly come from the University of 55 THE CLINIC West Virginia. Among them came Morgan and Leahy, the latter from Yale, and these with two old members, Miller and Robinson, form the class quartette, who amuse us between acts with strictly high-grade songs. We are looking forward to this year as a great one in our history, if not the greatest 5 we started well in making our president, Hanson, who is the father of three and therefore surely able to take care of a class of docile medical students. Stevens, the vice-presi- dent, can tell you all about Y. M. C. A. work and will give you tickets to the Sunday lectures at Ford's. Our secretary is Wise, better known as "Rat," and the treasurer, Austin Cthis his first year with usj,is surely a good and honest man for he who nomi- nated him said so, though it is said " all men are liars. " The ser- geant-at-arms, Farag, can be passed up and down with little or no resistance. But the acme of our excellency I have left till now to mention, that it may act as a fitting climax to all our previous glories-that, the publishing of our Year Book. It is the initial step of literature of its character to be published and sent out from our College, our Hrst born, bringing, to be sure, a double burden of work upon our class, but with seven such great men at the helm as Hanson, Ban- croft, Miles, O'Malley, Scanlon, Summers, E. J., and Ryan, all with a class behind them whose one purpose is its completion with glorious success-we do not doubt that it will be a lasting and beitting monument of our love for the dear old College of Physi- cians and Surgeons. GEO. B. DAVIS, Historian. 56 THE CLINIC Ghz Elfuninr '111111 .11lIl101' sits 111111 t1OXV11 at ease, He S11101i0S 11is pipe 1111111 sings 11is glees, ixllll 11111ses, t'Happy 1111ys are these Spent 111 our college hfe. The hours with Path. 111111 15110. 2111 o'e1'. He w11rries never of 1119111 111oreg .-A1111 s111i1es w11e11 passing 11111 Lub's door. N11 11111re 11e 9111913 there. His 11:1ys are spent in work, of course: 1Yit11 Tlierupy 111111 Gyneeos 111JSfP11'1CS-S111'gPI'Y, Eye 111111 Eur, B111 11ig11t1y 11913 beside the hier Qbeerj. His f1lO11g11fS 1111 1391111 fOXV111'K1 those bright Sl1l'1'O11l111Cl1 by the Senior 1111z11-, ,A1111 of the future 11oes he l11'0LllH, AY11C'l111Q111 1CDgf11S111111l'Q1Q11SIIPFCIIIC. A1111 if s111-Cessf111 in those May 11x11111s, For which for two long weeks 1111 C'1'L1ll1S 611111111111 will be 11is 1,1ez1rest whiin, A Se11io1' we 111111111111 in 111111. .ST l1L1yS I.F'IlIl.If, 'US THE CLINIC . W , S. CECIL .XCSTIX. CDBU. II Louisburg, W. Ya ' I 5' Class Treas., '06-'OT 'I tlo not think the average man is abso- lutely incapable of independent thought, but most of thus are." AED-EL-HALIM :XLFI Cairo, Egypt i A u , 1 It I were only Sultan: then a harem Itl ' if Q I Q",-I tlemantl. I Lf' That no other ruler could equal in this or any lantl. DANIEL L. BEYAN Towancla, Pa "I tlare your worst objections: if I blush it is but because of my surprise at the ignor- ance of my fellowmenf' ALLIX E. BCRXER Cass, W. Ya. "A patient plotltler. like the tortoise.?He may come out ahead if the hare falls asleep. " THE CLINIC X R A Houma S. BRUNYN IN X Q ,. Q its X X X s N N X Beaver, W. Va f'Yes, I :un 21 Benetliet, but I have never been naggecl, the present unspoiled sweetness ot' my nature proves it. " CARROLL Ri. BANCIUQJIFTXDBII,HLI11l1ilXX'H Falls,N I W I Class Pres., '04-'05 Bear Bunk Qllum., 'O6:'O7 t'There be those who dare: and I myself have ventured to speak my mintl at times. " ' OSCAR T. BARBER tained it. " HITFIELD W. CRooK Anniston, Ala "Son, curb your temper, for anger is the sweat of thought-verily, verily, am death sweat." 59 "I7ve had my say Niagara Falls, N. Y. und let it go, though e there have been few or none who have enter- A N x E ' we if THE CLINIC CLYDE W. Coxx sin is in existing." x ii? , N G ' 'fx 1 .,, '- -L X 'r - . - . 'tif ' - '- Q. E ?' f ' ec 1 - . - - z , .. -- 1-. j i ' ' .P-,gn ' t Q.. V- ! ' . . Im-me. D. COLE. 42311. for .iaueieu-, W. ya. "He pines for ai little human society now :mtl then. He never could strike the right meilium in such things. " "A rather nice child. whos Smithfield, Pa. e only apparent C'H.iRLEs M. COLLINS. LDBH JOHN Cot'oHL,aN Berkley Springs, XY. Ya. " They do me wrong and l'll not endure it. Bet-ause I cannot Hatter and speak fair and duck with French nods and apish courtesy. I must be held a rancorous enemy. " 60 liroviclenee, R. I "I Could tell of many great things l'x'e done since my arrival here but reverence to my profession makes me modest. " 'N THE CLINIC EARL W. Cnoss, CDBH 'fHe isa quiet, modest chap to looliut, but the devil is in him just the same. X BIAURICE CHIDECKEL Baltimore, Md. "He is rather ii good sort of Li. chap with 'Made in Russia' printed all over his fzieef' Cheswielq, Pa. C'-ARLVF. CARLsox, CDH!! Shgffiglil, Pa l'Even the friends who know me best LAXVRENCE C. CREIGHTON, 'KA long,lez1n,lanky individual who never did anybody lia1'm.7l never expect, me to be anywhere at ii given time. 7' Murrysville, Pa. 61 THE CLINIC T. QLITER COPPEDGE more numerous. " C'HARLLs W. Coxx Homestead, Pa. "Most of his at-tions are graceful. but he walks as though he were stirring lemonade with himself. " . 54 Q V XYILL L. COOGLE, CDI, .YQDE ROBERT W. DL'NH.i1I, 4171. 17K-4,Be1ington, W. Ya. " X0 wonder l'm bright: my brain is like a sponge, it absorbs everything." 62 St allings. X. C "Korn what do you think of this?-but then the less admirable types tend to be Fairmont, YY. Ya " Cine who exceeds the speed limit, a misfit in the straight and narrow Way." .AJ THE CLINIC EDXYARD P. Disisnow Southport. Conn " He glides in and out of the College. attends to his own business, and always finds enough to do Without lontingf' GEORGE B. D.u'1s Quakertown, Pa. Class Historian, '06-'07 "He is all fault, who hath no fault at ull. Better die than lie." f'When there is at niixup tunong others, niind your own business. l've found that the inost satisfactory inethorl of retaining friends. " GEORGE P. EVANS Wilkes-Barre, Pa. "They say 1,111 only one of the boys but how would I do for a farni hand. " FRED L. DARROXY New York, X. Y. THE CLINIC 1.1 ' 'CP' BIIKHAIL FARAG THo1111sH. F11.1xt'1s.cDKE C MH.,-.lf Q4 mt 5 "I t'11111e 1lo1x'11 l1e1'e with the i11te11ti on of l l I 11111 making 3 o111111itti11g s'1it'i1le 3111, 1e1'e - I ' 111e.lic-i11e. " 5 .T.11goB FISH1-111, J11. IIQOLI YYILBJLRT GR11'L'1T "A thing of IJGHIITY is Ll joy forever." 64 nutl tl1eV 03111101 prevai Co1111ellsYille, Pa. H. 'CDBH Bracgltlock. Pa. Cairo. Egypt Class Sea1'glt-at-A1'111s, '06-'OT "Believe 111e I 3111 fl Yexy powerfu l against me. l 1111111 6 "Tell the f1'LlIll. Jog .gig WW Paterson. X. I 'sftell the truth: for lies tl11'o1v11 ol? into space two tl1o11sa11cl years . U -, v I I I .. re still going. Lllfl1Ol1gl1 a tlifle 11 o J J Y. 'f-.A xv ' THE CLINIC Q. excelled by the fire of his passions. " ' .loHX J. Gonxrix Fall River lla "Even the neuteness of his jutlgrnent xx C.-XRLYLE X. Heilxns, QU Sayre. Pa. "Nobody lilies fl fat niun. but l'll show them by my winning Ways that l inn worthy of tlgeir esteem. " F. Hroorxs. Pl1.G., CDBIY "The girls think 15111 just as nice as I null between you until ine. l mn. " HERBERT H. Heirxns. CDBIY Clarksburg. W. Yu. Class Sec., '05-'06, Ex. Corn., Y. M. C. A. "The simple silent sellless man is worth 3 World of tonguesters. " bo Elizabeth N I 1111 llx TUG THE CLINIC , s ALBERT N. Haxsox Beaver, Ut ah R Class Pres., ,065-O7 l .O Qeadgnnis 6Eum.,'O6:'O7 "As this orator warmed With his theme, his voice resounded like the roar of Niagara. " LATIMER P. Joxiis, CDBH, .1l', PQI111SbO1'0,lV. Ya "I have ventured like little wanton boys who swim on bladders, far beyond my depth. " HARRY W. JOHNSOX of consequences." G. DLLBERT JOHNSON, QBH, d7.YK, KenOva,W.Ya. "He never ate nor drank nor slept O r L r 5 l 2 what a pluggerl' 66 Lee, Maine " You must understand that Wherever my conscience directs me. I must go regardless THE CLINIC VERNON L. LITSINGER "I'd rather be uinnannerly than trouble- some. " ANTHONY W. LAMY, "I have been a absence has not Caused neglect of great de- signs, which by my presence might have been coneluded. " NICHOLAS J. IQING, IDX Quinapoxet, Mass. "He never lets his right lianml know what his left hand doeth." Roland Park, Md. JOHN T. LEAHY, ONE, fl' New London, Conn "He can sing one hundred and ninety-six notes at a time, without once taking breath. " wx Elizabeth, N. J. g' i f W ,o,i . long sleeper but I hope my l U 67 THE CLINIC XYILLTAM M. BIILLER CHARLES G. BIILES, LUX Brockton. Mass. Class Vice Pres., 'Ol-'05 33ear Bunk Qlum., 'O6:'O7 Trees. Y. M. C. A. "O, sir. it is better to be brief than tedious. l'll deliver my message and talk no more " Manchester, Mtl "Studying medicine nin't nothin' like plotvinl corn-it's got nie goinf CHARLES G. BIORGAX, TAB anything. " BIICRLIC McCt'TcHEoX, dll' Triclelphia, W. Ya 'fl still long for the good old days when I was laid across niy 1HOfl191',S knee and whal- loped for oilenses which seein such petty nothings to nie today. " 68 Lyncanip, Ml. Ya. "He, like an electric fun. buzzes away all day and blows off fl lot of wind but never says THE CLINIC A 9 GEORGE C. Motxrz. QI " I Want no mark left to save that it appears labors." HL'GH llonnow. IDI Gainesville. Fla. "Gentleness when it Weds with inanhood makes a man. IYou1d that I had eitherf, West Alexander. denote that Ilive. the result of my say against it. " JOHN G. ONNEX. Ph.G,. CDI Baltimore. Md. "A patronizing sort of a fellow who pats you on the back and says 'How are you today' " 69 P ALBERT Ii. XOLTIAI. CDBII, .fdllf Wheeling. II. Y. 4 U "DiCk." Llass bee. 'Ui-'Oo Class Pres.. '05-'06 "Since I do propose to niarry I will think nothing to any purpose that the world can ,IoHN J. O'3IALLEY Avoca. Pa. THE CLINIC 'ua IYILLI.-LM T. Owrixs, HIL! Clarksburg, W. I " He is 3 flippant fellow. Who has 11 delight- ful Way of saying things but who seldom has . ti thought worth speaking." ,iiear Bunk Cum., 'O6:'O7 " If you would learn my cuipnhilities just take un inventory of what I know. " 2 or . Q Q 6 ' A HARRY C. Purgsrox Manchester, Md. . 'I g ' qw "It is system that makes :L great student. I have my hours for work and my hours for play. few though the former be." IVAN Ii. PRATT Elmira, X. Y. "Some men. like pictures. are fitter for 21 Corner than full light. " JOHN A. PLTROS Baltiniore. Md. ED. J. RYAN. 6.191 LK St. John, N. B.. Can. THE CLINIC Q' , ' J. EYERETT PICKERING Colclbrook Springs. Mas ---- "l tell you what, boys. 3 college of wit- -. Crackers Cannot flour ine out of my humor. " "Worse than being fooled by others is to fool one's self. lye done both, so take iny Word for it ,N BIOI-I Romxsox Elizabeth. X. J. , . a' "Robby," ' "If I Were alone in the reulni of idiocy. then. indeed I iniglit be discouraged. " Qzar 380013 Gum., 'O6:'O7 "A Woman is only a Woman- A good cigar is a smoke." THE CLINIC Baltimore, Md. K . HUGH W. SWEENY. LDX J Class Se:n'g't-at-Ar1ns, '05-'06 "Look you. he has a lean and hungry look: he thinks too much: such men are K1l3llgE'1'0llS.u IDPZ. 60.19 "' Lotls L. SCHUBERT. A. B.. Baltimore. Md. "A quiet gOOCl-113Tl,l1'fElfl fellow. of Whom no ' one can say llI11'111. " " 'A 9 G13oRGE A. STR.u'ss, CDA' Baltimore. 3 c 3 ' "Dont forget. Georgie. it is never too late to be what you might have hr-en. " -lonx H. STIQEXBLRGLN. LDBIY. CDKI Point Pleasant. VV. Ya. A rg "lf 111611 lnust reap the thnlgs they sow. I -lon't Care to clo my own harvesting. " Il THE CLINIC .'v . :ye . me ,fn : T '-f L XYILLIAM J. G. SALMON Hlly flashes of merrimen BIARVIN R. STOKE, GPX, JF, Pa I'li9l'SlDl11'g. XY. Ya. "Rather on the decline. but still shows L signs of his former lively self. " ' Y . S' ld LE CLARE STUART, JLKK brace up, and be a man. '7 YVALTER G. STROBLE Calvert. Pa 'W ':Often during lectures have l enjoved th e golden dew of sleep, but ever and anon have - I been awakened by the l panions. " C amors of my com- Moosie l YVETE' VX'OIlt to start the students in a roar." S ,yr-acuse, X, A 'gl will make an end of my kiddishness, QL THE CLINIC Rtsn B. Slinvnxs Corning. N, X Class Yiee Pres.. '06-'OT. Pres. Y. M. C. A. "Of all 111611. I know but one who holds his rank unsllaken-and I am lxe. " T. IYILLIAM STIZPHENSOX Salt Lake City. Utah "The goo-.l I stantl on fs my truth and honesty: but since they xnny fnfl where can I hope for qt place in the l.t1ll of ftnne. " mms F. SCANLAN. CDBII Providence, R. I Class Trens.. 'Ui-'05, Esau' Zilnnia Cum., 'O6:'O7. "I had thought to be associated with men ot' l1I1tlE'I'ST211ltII11g equal to my own. but I find '11 une. " Et'sL:151t's .I. SCMMER5 Huntington. Win. . ' , 'ts C fear Bunk Cum., 'OGJO7 "The elements were so I11lXE'CllIll1lll1.Tl1HT Xuture might stand up and say to all the world 'this is a IHHILH7 THE CLINIC VVILLIAM H. THEARLE "If they only l'neu ill th t I l ' WILEY W. TARTER, A. B., KDBIY, Rural Retreat, Va Class Vice Pres., '05-'06, UI ani from Rural R 1 etreat-enough said. " N Baltimore, Md . L 'e L 3 tiinklknow, tli f ' L ' ' ' e5 would know all there is." F. ROMAN WISE, QBIY La Rue Class Sec., '06-,071 i'My greatest desire has always been to carry a dinkey medicine ease and be called IDOC. 7 77 75 ,M H. ALLEN WHISLER, S initlifielcl, 'W. Va. voice is soft and low-an excellent "His thing in a woman. " , Pa. THE CLINIC PRESTOX W. WH1T.l1i15R. ff Waterville, Me "He says his hands have clone no manual labor for five hunclrecl years. " 3 H.iRlil' C. WILMJN Warriors Mark, Pa. " He fs but 3 poor philosopher who clernon- strates that the mind of nmn is but a blank IVICYP lf ..-,. ERNEST E. YVHIPPLE Corning, N. Y. X me Pres. Y. M. C. A. " Upon what me-at doth this our Erny feed, that he is grown so great." T6 Y,-1:3 . f-- X -- rr Y 'xlibs f -"sa-,-",f1 sf. U25 X-gr Of I ff-N'W,X'N 7 4 , aaa., v VK kg O Nw X a ,l X ,J X mi Q X I 9 Wm U iamsturp of Glass O9 O fl f X Class '09 met for the first time in com- ' .1 pany with the Sophomores at the opening K session 1905-06. It was a typical represen- tation of the 'young men of today, nearly . every state in the Union was represented, also Arabia, POI'lZO Rica, sauna Africa, and 15 f Canada. It was an earnest body of young f ,VL 'lf Z 4- . f-M: Q.- i,g . 5 N 2 .,x 9 W-in ,ff 3 men, and they settled down to work almost immediately, but numerous rumors were in the air, concerning what dire things were going to happen to the Class '09 through the agency of Class '08. The first meeting was called October 4, 1905. D. Fawcett was nominated and elect- ed temporary chairman. Ways and means were discussed to protect themselves from the Sophomores. No deinite plan was arranged and the following Saturday the Sophomores, yelling like demons rushed the class and while a good resistance was made, the members of the Class '09 not being acquainted Cin many cases battling among themselvesj were finally overcome and- about thirty men were tanked. Nothing daunted, they met Class '08 in a rush a few weeks later and not only succeeded in holding their own, but managed to put many Sophomores out of the college nil. R w h a g p, l , p , l. ,Q 4 L pli- X 1 building. 77 it-" v THE CLINIC On October 24, Victor Biddle was elected President and the day following W. J. Costello,Vice-President,James F. Wilson,Sec- retary and Treasurer, and G. A. Anderson, Sergeant-at-arms. In the later part of November the class had its first picture taken but as this one did not turn out well, another day was appointed. On December 5, the second picture was taken and was a decided success. Just as the button was pressed, the Sopho- mores, working in the chemical laboratory observed the proceed- ings and ran coatless and hatless to the attack. They made at once for the camera and succeeded in obtaining the tripod, but were at once pounced upon by the Freshmen and were beaten in the rush. The committee, A. B. Burris, J. W. Gardner and J. E. Hard- man, had prepared for just such an emergency and had on hand an extra man to take charge of the plates after the picture was snapped. About this time the College Basket-ball Team was organized and H. H. Talbott, J. F. O'Brien, J. J. Sweeney were appointed to play on the team. The men representing the Class '09 played a brilliant game and J. F. O'Brien was elected captain. The relationship between Class '08 and Class '09 was very friendly and a base ball game was arranged between the two classes , A. B. Burris was elected Captain. The line up was Hardman c. 5 Burris,p.5Rice,1 b.gBailey, 2 b.5Parker, l. f.5 J. Biddle, 1. f. The result was a complete victory for Class '09, who defeated the Sophomores by the humiliating score of 26 to 3. The term was now drawing to a close and every member of the class was "plugging" for exams. SESSION 1906 'ro 1907. The first meeting was called to order by Vice-president W. J. Costello. A majority of the old members had returned and several new members were given a hearty welcome. A committee was appointed to select a day to tank the Freshmen CClass '10j. On October 14, the following ofiicers were elected for the ensuing year. President, R. W. Rice, Vice-President, J. Heuson 5 Secretary, J. W. Gardner 5 Treasurer, W. A. Griffith 3 Sergeantfat-arms, J. B. 78 THE CLINIC Dodrill. Immediately after the meeting the Freshmen were rushed and about 35 men were properly tanked. On November 12, While attending a lecture by Dr. Fort, Word was brought that the Freshmen were having their class picture taken. A rush was made and the Freshmen distinguished themselves by their great running ability, and it is said that some ran so far that it was necessary for them to get back by trolley. A class meeting was called and it was decided to keep the Freshmen out of the dissecting room. The Freshmen reported as usual and at a given signal Class '09 made the rush. A desperate resistance was made but the conquering Sophomores drove every Freshman from the room. November 13 ,l906, the Sophomores Working in the chemical laboratory interrupted a Freshman class meeting, and were rushed by the Freshmen while only about half of the Class '09 were present, they fought so valiantly that the rush was declared a draw. A cane rush was then proposed by the Sophomores but the Freshmen declined to participate. There were no more brushes with the Freshmen and the life of Class ,09 moved tranquilly along. There have been no deaths and little sickness of the members of '09 Class. At the present writing everyone is studying hard to pass the mid-year exams, and the writer's most earnest wish is that each and every member shall get a clear card for 1906-07 . WILLIAM VEENSTRA, '09 Class Historian. 79 THE CLINIC Ghz iupbumure The Sophomore carries thro' the year A taunt for Freshmen, and a jeer, And in his heart he has no fear, For those of lower earth. He backward looks with no regret, As he for certain can't forget The way those once Sophs treated him, And yet he feels no pity. He has his fun and plays his prank, And ducks the Freshie in the tank, And for no one's help has he to thank. He did it all alone. And each school year he holds full sway, He's boisterous, bold and quite blase And nothing fears he, come what may, From the lower class. So go ahead, Soph, have your fun, For soon your class day is done And your frolic to an end will come. A Junior some day you may be. LEAHY, '08 80 THE CLINIC e snpbomnre Qtlass Gffisets President ....... ..... R ICHARD W. RICE Vice-President .... .... J . H. HENSON Treasurer ....... .... W . A. GRIFFITH Secretary ......... ..... J . W. GARDNER Sergeant-at-Arms .... .... J . B. DODRILL Historian ...... ..... W . VEENSTRA 81 THE CLINIC Qopbumotz Boll Qlall W. A. GRIFFITH H. H. TALBOTT G. W. BAILEY J. F. WILSON L. J. A. LEGRIS L. M. ARCHAMBAULT T. H. WEDELIAN, A.B. E. R. MCMAHoN,A.B. S. SILVERSTEIN J. B. BURERT C. A. ANDREWS W. VEENSTRA T. W. MEDDAUGH O. E. BEVANS E. BRADDOCK J. J. SWEENEY R. W. RICE D. FAUCETT, A.B. C. H. MCLEAN M. ABRAMS F. W. CAUSEY J. K. BIDDLE D. H. CASSIDY W. GREENFELD W. G. C. HILL, Ph.G. J. W. GARDNER J. H. WELLER . C. D. GORDON N. SHIHADAH R. A. MICHELSON W. PHILLIPS W. J. SULLIVAN W. J. COSTELLO, Ph. G. F. VILl.ELLA J. F. OBRIEN J. E. HARDLIAN B. A. JENKINS J.B.DODRILL R. D.QUILLER W. T. MORRISEY, A.B E. J. BONNESS H. A. LANGE J. D. DINSMORE J. HEWSON B. KADER O. E. Lloyd F. H. HUTCHINSON A.A.PARKER J. F. RYAN J. B. GROVE B. T. BAKER A. PRIZIOSE V. B1 DDLE G. A. NOLAN I 82 W fi 5 fl k aff M A Q , W! S , L 1 . r K Q3 ik ! .V , ggi , ji . A FF X f 31 3, :N . 1 I F 5 19 fl I 1 SOPHOMORES THE CLINIC .f I N 4 Q .X M , W --I i' ' Cv" '41 N 1 i h J-:- A in. . f L mains l EY ..::- '33 Y j' i X fffifl , A ,f'7 , 1 X 1 . X X yi X E Y? Q ' I UBIIIEU-J: fl .. '1- ' QM W fe A A" , , fa W5 A 1 03. " 4 :pp -fa. I 5 II,-xv f ff! 1 , ' Flhllfl X ' f Q f f 4 ' Q . --, x A f ' .if F- ,,,f,f , E 5 , 2, - ' A Y E 1 'gf . 1 '. S l A V 5? - " A' '. 'fi V ' 657 1, I .V ' - 5 4 J'f1', gc '7 5 1 ' - 23,52 lj7EfMf?A"5'ify F if J ' I .osxfaom ' gl K frff Sf? f f 1 Yr' A ' f I X! 7 , xfx, A Sgpkgrxbrvfs View 'f ff f S4 ,---f--x.,i ff f X ' A, .' W , ly if-X-f 1 ry 4' gf X ffl fy a mv 1399- x 0' 'T 1 x All 772' Hy l lv ll M mil!-lm 52- Lag, -rflfeti f s X Viv 4 ,,,, 3'-'LHQQO-N , 'I .,-ix :fe ' ' We -5 .,e r-1, -,W f,',,'L-f'fi'3:'i,,. ff- :T Q..--f""' Y., history of jaiuzteznfilizu "A various host from kindred realms they come" Brethren in armsg but rivals in renown." Scott. The Historian in taking up the task of writing the history of his class cannot but feel he is not gifted with the facility of a "Bancroft" or an "Irving" yet he has striven earnestly to write a presentable his- tory of the illustrious Class of 1910. At noon, Friday, October 5, 1906, the tanking or initiating the Freshmen passed into history. The new men Cto whom the Historian shall, henceforth, refer in the first person pluralj took the tanking in good spirit and organized soon after that event, Things went on smoothly, the men busy in acquainting themselves with the mys- teries of the art of healing until the twenty- eighth of October, when we had our class picture taken on the steps of the City Hos- pital, just ten seconds before the Sophs rushed out. 85 THE CLINIC Consequently on that afternoon in the dissecting room there was a clash between the first and second year men and though our men fought heroically the battle was lost to us. r The valiant resistance made by Dr. Bishop, who cut the hose and thus saved us a good drenching, and of Dr. Vogt, our valiant sergeant-at-arms, are well Worthy of mention. The next day, however, we fared better, for in the battle that ensued, for nearly one hour we held the great point of vantage -the door-against the onslaughts of the Sophs, and thus demon- strated that We had come to stay. Yet our deeds are by no means coniined to interclass battles. Some are orators, Who, especially at class meetings, give utterance in overflowing eloquence to their sentiments of love and fidelity to their college 5 many are singers 3 and all of us are hungering and thirsting after medical lore. Although we have been in college but six short months, we have by no means lost ourselves but on the contrary have made ourselves quite at home and have settled down with a determina- tion to the arduous task of acquiring our M.D. THE HISTORIAN. I our-y Knew TH E BONES ' Nix X-1 f - j 4,. ' 2-'rs 'V . , 'iii-4 - it 1:2-'S ici., i -si atv 'ff X 'J Q f-3:2322 r l, as ' 'Y f' ,W no D E mi' l wfiii -: F, A .N xQ- - ,....... ....., . g Xgigasn .- V ...- L:?i-3 gf 86 THE CLINIC in bearish uf 19. ann 5. A student came to Baltimore, to study med. they say 3 He got off at Camden Station on a wet and dreary day. He wandered all around the town in search of P. and S., But he searched till he was weary and in very sore distress. He'd wandered around on Lexington St. and Baltimore they say Then came upon Lexington for he'd surely lost his way. He went up a little side street and thought he'd look around, For he knew he couldn't be dazed more if he went clear under ground So heartsick, sad and weary, he looked around the street But everything he looked at spelled out for him defeat. Then he walked up to a woman and asked if she could tell Just where he was, if this were Baltimore, or just suburbs of hell. The woman looked straight at him and yelled out in his face "This is Josie St., you - - fool 9 does it look like Eutaw Place?" LAND, J., '08 87 THE CLINIC Qblass of 1910 President ..... . Vice-President . . Secretary .... Treasurer .... Historian .... ADLER, JULIUS ...... AMOINE, VICTOR ...... BLARELY, CHARLES M. . . BLANKENSHIP, W. D.. .. BOLTON, H. A. ...... . BREHMER, HARRY L. . . . BURNE, JOHN JEREMIAH CRONIN, D. JOSEPH ..... BAILEY, J. SEWARD .... DALY, C. N. ...... . DUVALLY, F. A.. . . . ECKERT, A. B. ..... . Gfficzts .................JULIUSR.FISHER . . . . .HAROLD E. LONGSDOBF T. JAMES KOCYAN Jlfltmhers ..............BuchareSt, Rournania .......HOboken, N. J. . . . . . Homestead, Pa. . . . . . . .Chillicothe, Ohio . . ..... North Field, Mass. . . . . . .Chi1licothe, Ohio .....NeWark, N. J. . . . . .Wester1y, R. I. . . . .Marydel, Md. . . . . Hartford, Conn. . . . .Fall River, Mass. . . . . . . . .Baltimore, Md. FISHER, JULIUS R. ..... .............. A kron, Ohio FLEMMING, F. P.. .... .... S t. John, N. B., Canada GOLDMAN, HARRY ..... .......... B altimore, Md. HANRAHAN, JAMES M. .. ....... Unionville, Conn. HISLOP, GORDON J. ........ .... N ew London, Conn. HOLYROYD, FREDERIC J. . HUGHES, J. W.. ...... . . HULL, EVERETT ..... JOHNSON, HOMER D.. . . JONES, C. MERCER .... .......AthenS, W. Va. . . . . . .Westerly, R. I. . . . .Providence, R. I. . . . . .Union City, Penna. . . . . . . . . . . . .PunXSutaWney, Pemia. 88 EN FRESH M THE CLINIC TTAHLE, GAIL XY. ........ ............... O il City, Pa.. TTEATIXG. THo11AS P.. .. ..... South Manchester, Conn. KELLEY, ROBERT E. S.. . . .......... Watertown, Mass. TQELSEA. W. H. ........ .... L ansdoyyne Station. X. TTOCYAX -JAMES T. ......... ..... B altiniore, Md. TTOHLER, G. ALFRED ....... LATTERTY. J OHX TOWNSEXD . . LAXGLOIS, C. .J. ......... . LAZEXBY. IRTIXG ..... LITTLE. ALOXZO YY. .... . LOCHER. ROY W. ........ . LOXGSDORF. HARoLD E.. .. Mi.-LCMILLAX. H. :ALLEX .... BIAXGVAL, A. BLANES .... ATATTIXGLY, GODDARD ..... MAXON. CHARLES AV.-ALTER. . BICCARTHY, CHARLES .... .. BICCLEARY. BENJAMTX O.. . . AICDEDE, E. H. ........ . MCGIXN. J. P. ..... . . . . MoRGAx, P. SARSPIELD .. . AITJTCHLERA. HARRY B.. . . . XAIATEN. BEXJAIIIX L .... XEWELL. J. O. ..... .. NOLAXD. E. B.. . . . ROACH. JAMES E.. . . RoE. T. E. .......... . SCHAFER. JOHX G. W... SEIDEL. H.ARRI3I.AX .... SEYRIOXE. G. A. .... . SIBLY. REAL A. ...... . STUART. BIILTOX B.. . . . TAXXER. X. A. ..... . . XJOGT. MQORTOX J.. . . . ........Yoe, Pa. . . . . .:AYOI111101'8, Pa. . . . Pittsfield, Mass. . . . .Baltin1o1'e, Md. . . .ColeSyille. X. J. . . .PortSinouth. Ohio . . . . .DickinSon. Pa. . .Lake AinSlie. X. S. . . liayaguez, P. R. . . ....... Baltimore. Md. Point Pleasant, X. J. . . . Blockton. MaSS. . . . . .Baltiniore. Md. .JerSey City, X. J. . . . . Pawtucket. R. I. . .Piedniont. YV. Ya. . . .Rockaway X. J. . . . .B21ltIlI11OI'8, Md. ...Mapleyille, X. C. . . . . . . . . .AShburn, Ya. .. Providence. R. I. . . , .Trayeler'S Rest. S. C. . . . . .Bridgeport Ohio. . . . .Baltiniore. Md. . . . .Jersey City, X.AJ. . . . .Baltimore Md. . . . .White Post, Ya. . . .BI'OOlily11. Conn. . . . .KingSton, X. Y. THE CLINIC 'lllibz Qllalz of a jfrzsbman And it came to pass that there dwelt in the wilderness, Silas surnamed Perkins and he did have a son Rube, and desired to makeof him a physician, a healer of diseases, for he was the apple of his eye. And he did send him to the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the City of Baltimore in the province of Maryland. He also did give him many shekels and also some greenbacks. Lo, the youth Rube surnamed Perkins did arrive in Baltimore and his garments did fit him not, the sandals upon his feet were unshapely and four sizes too large, for he was accustomed to wear straw inside, and the legs of his trousers reached only unto his shoe tops, and he did have an emblem of the vanity which the worldly call a collar, which caused pain to his chin and ears. When the boys did find out that he possessed many shekels they did slap him on the back and call him "Doctor" and he was greatly pleased and they invited him to a "smile" and he "smiled" in return, yea even many times, and they brought him to his inn, and behold the next morning he indeed did suffer the " torments of the damned" and he thought his end was near. But the boys came in unto him and administered caffeine and he straightway felt better and he did go out again with the boys and did "smile" and verily he did most of the "smiling " In a few days he cast aside his old garments and did buy new garments and became what the ungodly term a "sport" When the end of the week was come, lo and behold, he was without money and he did write unto his father saying, "Send me, I pray thee, my dear father, 350 that I might live as becometh a son of thine. I have needed many things and I have spent the shekels which thou did'st give me." His father did send him the gold and he did go out with the boys again, and he was fully shown those mysteries which were part of a Freshman and he .was "tanked," also rushed and beaten but he minded it not. Thus endeth the first month. It came to pass in his second month he did need more money, but his father did not hearken unto him. He devised many ways 91 THE CLINIC for separating his father from his money and he did get money for many things, yea he did even ask for money in order to purchase a Upectoralis major" also a "minor," an "inferior maxillary tri- angle" and "ciliated epithelium." I Rube surnamed Perkins was an exceedingly bright youth and he did have three fires also twelve books stolen. When the time was come for him to depart for his native land his father came to greet him and marveled exceedingly at the being which approached him and he did gaze a moment and discovered it was his son. His son did greet him thus "Hello governor! Gee! what a 'skate'? Why don't you get a decent 'plug'? How's the old stick in the mud? Much doing lately"? His father did seek to rebuke him and he did answer as follows: "Stow it! Cut it out! Get the hook! '23'! Don't hand any lemons here." His father did bow his head in shame for his son had forgotten the habits of his forefathers and was clad in worldly garments and did no more speak the language but a new and strange tongue. He lifted up his voice and wept but his son did give him a bottle of "Cocktails" and he did drink and was merry. Rube surnamed Perkins did teach his father a new strange game called "poker" and did win all the loose change his father could gather together, and he rested while his father labored. Thus endeth the tale of the first year of Rube surnamed Perkins who did seek to become a physician. WILLIAM VEENSTRA. fvolvtloh of rbi Species- V Q 4 Tl ligfg, ".l1"'. .. f at ' f- T ' '- P ' fl L 14 - j , if If I ' iff. 7 X. A 1 1 its, rl f l ll 'ffllfiy A ll l S,iflll,'gf:' - l 1 p.-:1.,..--Wit' ' :,,- ,, W' l 'W ,za TAeArtcv1tnon Q1 Non-btlievifi Esyenall-3 Xnnvxied 92 THE CLINIC Q jfein Zuntnt supzrlatihzs The wisest guy-HANSON. The loudest man-SUMMERS. The jolliest man-BANCROFT. The busiest man-HAYNES, H. H. The most solemn man-BURNER, The broadest man-"FAT" HAINES, The thinnest man-CARLSON. The shortest man-STEWART. The longest man-BARBER. The most awkward man-CHIDECKEI.. The laziest man-COUGHLIN. The sportiest man-LEAHY. The squeakiest man-WHISTLER. The youngest man-WISE. The handsornest man-TARTER. The baldest man-MORROW. The sleepiest man-CoLE. The funniest cuss-COPPEDGE. The biggest dude-ROBINSON. The grouchiest man-JOHNSON, J. D. The cheekiest man-LAMY. The Windiest man-MILES. The politest man-ALF1. The quickest man-CRooK. The most dignified man-DARROW. The most scientihc man-STRAUSS. The fiercest lad-O'MALLEY. The quietest man-PRATT. The biggest bluffer-RYAN. The wildest man-STROBLE. CSee goatee. The slickest article-PRESTON. The latest thing Out-FARAG. The greatest buttinski-KING. 93 LU U Z 4 .J D Q X 4 THE CLINIC '92 014- NZ 2' .1 351:11 Qiall iguspital Staff W. A. DORSEY, M.D. D.C.PATTERSON,M,D F. M. WALKER, M.D. H. H. ESKER, M.D. H. H. THEIS, M.D. W. A. W1sE, M.D. F. C. LA LIAR, M.D. F. A. DAVIS, M.D. W. S. ADAMS, M.D. M. T. DALTON, M.D. B. W. BICLEAN, M.D. n - A ki . r , 'AA-4 Q--F11--r A 'W L.,-f.,Qf1:,f-, , ,. - 5 f Q ,440 4 H is T IZLLQJ-YE "M - YZ fn . , Q f.,1442Sf "iv NVINGS WI l1'1'lQ THE CLINIC Sl iuiiiuqup un a Bcrmifnrm appennir "I haye got you Where I Want you." said the doctor with a smile, To a vermiform appendix smooth and roundg "And I've half a mind to slice you and to take you gently out, Lest in after years you get to squirming 'rouud. They have said that if you're normal. yve should leave you as you are But. I will say in truth. I have a doubt That there is any member of your very yvormy kind That isn't better far to be let out. I am Elled with the impression that a snaky thing like you YVould have no more of conscience than a snake. 5 And if I now should save you. I have no assurance that In after years you Would'nt cause an ache. I could trust a good round liver or a nice and rosy spleen In gratitude to keep himself in shape. But when I see your figure of a very vformy kind Ifd bank no more upon you than the tape. 'Twas the Worm that raised the trouble with old Adam years ago, And I take it to be true Without a doubt, That people would be happy down in Eden to this day If someone there had cast the yvornilet out. So. While you look quite healthy and seem well as you can be, I think I will not trust the snalq' kind. And in one little jiffy you will be meandering hence, lYith just a little stumplet left behind. I. E. P., '08. 96 THE CLINIC 1Biz Qtta Yaake From time immemorial there have been groups of men banded together in associations called Frats. Down the long, now dim, vistas of the future will march other men and other Frats but we know that never more on this mundane sphere can there exist such an organization as the Pie Eta Kake. You may ask why and we will answer, that never since Minerva sprang, full fledged, from the brow of mighty Apollo has man conceived such a project as we, your humble servants, have given forth to the world. But enough of this let us to Work to prove it. In the beginning we resolved that the membership should be restricted so as to exclude the vulgar horde which throngs into other secret societies. The secret in such cases is how they got in. But We digress, what we meant to mention was that our members may be found in every corner of the civilized world. You have to corner them to find them. In the north, south, east and West, Wherever a helping hand or foot is needed, we are there, sometimes, with both feet. The potency of our " Frat" can be estimated by the following fact: In the spring of 1899 we resolved to send Collins to a conclave in St. Louis, and he afterwardsrreported that from the time he left New York till he reached St. Louis he had not spent one cent for car fare. Can you beat that? Of course his feet may have been a little sore but then Charley is used to that. Our qualifications are above the standard so blatantly set by others. Good-fellowship is the essential requisite and worldly, sordid, wealth will exclude anyone. We ask no questions apper- taining to or touching on your past life as it would take more than a shirt to cover our own little defects. We do not require that you conduct a Sunday-school class but do ask that you understand the difference between the " Lord's Prayer" and the " Stamp Act. " In our initiative exercises we do not revert to that trite and 973 THE CLINIC stereotyped practice of putting the applicant on the rails and with- drawing him just as the train approaches. We go it one better in placing the victim on boarding-house diet for a week and after he comes out of the hospital we put him through the Grand Stunt which is described on page 68 of our Manual. We organized, at first, to raise and maintain all the trouble we could. In all modesty let it be said that we have done our best in that particular line. As an instance I will relate an incident that happened last Thanksgiving at the Grand Charity Banquet given by the Y. M. C. A. Hereby hangs the tale: As many as were sober attended not from hunger but because we were thirsting for excitement. We got it. Whipple called Coughlin a liar, and Jack called Whipple a swelled head CO! base calumnylb. In the interim, Jack dished him with a soup-plate. Stevens thought that things were getting desperate and he caught Collins a dreamland Wallop on the head. Charles was game and came back strong with the leg of the table and Stevens was busy counting stars for the next few minutes. All in all it was a very pleasant evening. We recount these incidents to show you, the student body, what we offer in return for your money. Our debates are also interesting, and the "Frat" house, situated at the edge of that translucent and sky-blue stream, Jones Falls, is the scene of many heated debates. Last week it was the question, "Is intoxicating liquor bad for the landlady. " All went well till someone called Barber a liar and he got busy and called Collins an A. P. A. The carnage was awful. In our library we have complete sets of "Dead-Wood Dick." The shooting gallery is in the basement. None of the other mem- bers of '08 are in our Frat but that's their misfortune not their fault. Many a time and oft have they come to us with tears in their eyes and beers in their hands and supplicated for admission. We refused because we are particular with whom we get drunk and they had cold feet in chipping in for a wash-boiler full of " Essence of Joy." Our aim is to elevate and ennoble man and become philan- thropists. What is a philanthropist? He is a man who gives away 98 THE CLINIC money, Bad or good he doesn't care and knows just where his neighbor keeps his. Our fee is twenty-five dollars payable in cash, not groceries. Further information can be had at our suite in the Belvedereli Side entrance 5 labeled kitchen. Subjoined are the members: Oscar Horatius Barber, John De Costa Coughlin, William Caruso Miller, John Gladiatorius Gorman. Honorary Charles Twain Collins, Sir William H. Thearle, and Thomas De Schweinitz Scanlan. rs ' T 99 THE CLINIC Q freshman Qipbahzt A is for Aimoine, a tough looking chap, B is for Jay Burne, a saucy young bratg C is for Cronin as silent as nightg D is DuVally who plays With all mightg E is for White Hair, you know Who I mean F is the Writer, and this is his Dreamy G is for Goldman, of girls he is shy, H is for Hullie Who always is dryg I is for Isaac, who Wants books real cheap I is for Johnson, a chap Who's all feet, K is for Koycan who's sure a mistake, L is for Locker, Who reads Gray so late g M is McMillan, a Guy from the West, N is for Nolan, Whom Mac loveth best: O is for no one, we're sorry to say, P is our President who acts like a jay. 5 Q is for quiz, Where we like to go Wellg R is for Roe, Who will soon go to-Heaven, S is for Sibly, a rather queer name, T is for Tanner, a pool shark of fameg U is for you Who is reading this rhymeg V is for Vogt who talks all the timeg W is the Well known "Wilson-that's allg" X is exams in which We may fallg Y in the plural stands for the class 5 Z is a Toast that Exams we may pass. FF '10 100 2 1 G"Sf'F 4. :- 'Qf 'D ,r 141,-' Z o zm 721' gfwi ESS Qpauwfrg 2-if gg -Y HQ 14 rffgx I-ll .T :I-'w 1' -'I ??1a'g, i5 - ' ' , V ZH Y Z gw mum f' A- i1 W3 ECA S " xx Q M r sf, ,, .. QR "M 'f fi". 3 33? - . N v III - .' 'iiaglfy X G0 " 1-' ' Y . I ,. .S T , ,i M x 'I I Zin K x 1 my if' xy X Q -- as Q Q F' .... 1 III I If - CD m. K -N 2: li ' HH assi" 1 N z--I SZ Q 3:15 R f w an' EL? L 3 """" 'M -f'?'f' Q Q Y Q Y .- ff " UF" ' - Q , , 'W XQIQ. 1 '-Q, X ,.fB. EAN, ,Q . I X 1':'J"I.' U- V K 'Ql C' -A, -:-A-Nha, NSv1-ygf- N 1q SHG 19" gk ' eil .c '23 APN-QW 1 1' f X - X -L K ug ' r ef. - I f 93:2 VI!! A Qs- i WP iih fm .rv-1 mi' " q - v w' -i WD H- ' "GN, ilr f 1211 D- 1 : ng tzrt F fa 101 THE CLINIC Qtalmhat 1906:O7 October 1-College opens-Dr. Gardner gives the "Address of Welcome" and tells us that our highest ambitions should be for Fame, and a great name that would redound through future generations. However, it has been our experience that "it isn't what your tombstone says about you after you are dead, its what Dunn and Bradstreet say about you while you are alive." October 2-Renewing acquaintances and forming new ones around the College. October 3-Still killing time extending the glad hand. October 4-Renewing acquaintances in the city. October 5-Doing the city. October 6-Buying books and attending theatres. October 8-Sophomores keep up the record and "tank" thirty- two Freshmen. The "Freshys" took to it like ducks but swear vengeance. October 10-Sophs and Freshys still Hghting. Sophs put it all over them in the dissecting room. October 11-Freshys get back at Sophs in the Halls and do them up to the Queen's taste. Both have class meetings after- ward and agree to "bury the hatchet" and get down to study. October 12-O'Malley presents to the college museum the complete set of archeological specimens collected during his recent European tour. Without doubt those of most historical interests are the two skulls he found in the Catacombs near Rome-one that of Saint Peter when ten years old and the other the one used by Pete when at the zenith of his career. October 13-Dr. Hayden meets his class and promises to be good, and meet them regularly throughout the year. You know what Milton said about good intentions. y 102 THE CLINIC October 14--Dr. Simon writes his famous poem on how the Confederate soldiers obtained their "Nitre" when driven to extremes during the Civil War. Sorry, but space won't per- mit of our presenting same. October 15-A Freshman is heard to remark: "The man who first gave Baltimore credit for its luscious oysters and beautiful women, gave too much credit to the oysters-it should have all gone to the women. October 17 -Dr. Lockwood lecturesg takes up ten minutes in clean- ing and arranging his glassesg ten minutes looking over the chart 5 ten minutes questioning his assistant 5 waits ten minutes for the patient to be brought ing ten minutes apologizingg lecturing six minutes when bell rings, then takes the other four minutes in expressing "How quickly time fiiesf' October 18-Dr. Ruhrah lectures. A Junior is heard to remark, "He looks to be too modest to be a Doctor." October 20-Dr. Hayden to the surprise of every student in the College meets his class for the second time according to schedule. October 22-Jersey Britton at last arrives from the land of Mos- quitoes and is still wearing a straw hat. He tells us a rollicking good "David Hamm" story on his experiences during the summer and winds up with the moral g "In dealing with a mule-never be the man behind." October 24-Nick King disappears for a week and comes back to us with a a tale: "The dangerous side of a woman's fascina- tion is that she makes you will your own destruction. " October 27 -Dr. Hayden meets his class againg will wonders never cease? October 29-Tug of War Team defeats the U. of M. and B. M. C. Easy money. Boys celebrate. October 31-Corbin explains why the Baltimore girls attract so many fellows: "Little waists of netting, Little silken hose, Win the lovely maidens Regiments of beaux." 103 THE CLINIC November 1-Charley Miles changes his room., He says, 'twas because of the nocturnal chantings of a group of felinesg but we all have our own opinions as to the cause. November 2-Junior Class Election. Everybody satisfied but the E defeated side. Farag addresses the class on the number of wives you may have in Egypt and has many sympathizers on man's good fortune in his country. November 5-Dr. John Wade performs a very "delicate test" in the Chemical Laboratory. Afterwards the learned Doctor grows sentimental and tells his class that, "A sufficient number of cocktails taken over the table will reduce a man to an humble position under the table." November 6-Dr. Preston tells his annual story entitled "When I was a student in London." Some Soph said afterwards, wasn't it too bad he wasted so much time. November 7-Dr. Dryasdust Knapp puts the class to sleep with his "Lecture on Blood." Conn says that it gives him a Leukocytosis listening to those lectures. November 8-Scanlan and Tarter have an interesting argument in the medical ward of the hospital on heart murmurs. Tarter afterwards says he thinks there's a good deal of non- sense about the location of the various murmurs. November 10-Flowers has afew ideas on the success of " modern statesmen 3 ' ' "Midas, they say, possessed the art of old Of turning Whatsoe'er he touch'd to gold. This, modern statesmen can reverse with easeg Touch them with gold, they'l1 turn to what you please." November 12-McClung and Morrow find the College. November 14-The following "want ad" appears in the Sun: "NURSE GIRL FOR BABY-Good Salaryg easy hours. Apply 407 St. Paul between 7.30 and 9.30 tonight. Dr. J. A. Hilbert 104 THE CLINIC November 16-Dr. Julius Friedenwald arouses some interest in his lecture by washing out H. H. Haynes's stomach Cthe new John Hunterj. November 17-Bevan plays the Ponies at Pimlico and is very successful against the Bookies. He works a new game, " Picks the losers and bets against them. " November 19-Dr. Dobbin hangs a few of his most artistic and attractive charts before the Class, and then exclaims Clike little Jack Horner when he stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plumb, "Now boys, our flag is up, let the good Work go on." November 20-Junior Class Meeting: Election of Year Book Committee, a fateful day. November 21-Jersey Smith's room entered by burglars. Mr. Smith's trunk ransacked. Jersey spends two days straightening things out. November 23-Morgenstern calls upon his "lady friend" and has the following success: f'May I print a kiss on your lips?" I askedg She nodded her sweet permission 3 So We went to press, and I rather guess We printed a large edition." November 24-Dr. Melvin Rosenthal gives the class a famous prescription for contracting a certain disease. Space does not permit us to repeat the prescription. November 26-Latimer P. Jones writes the committee asking if we will accept any poems on Love. He receives a negative reply. November 28--Red Preston tries to borrow some money or tobacco, but is unsuccessful in both. With him "Borrowed money is better than no money." November 29-Dr. Bevan tells us: And so, from hour to hour, we ripe and ripe, And then, from hour to hour we rot and rot. And thereby hangs a tale. 105 THE CLINIC December 1--Dr. Hayden meets the class again. The committee are going to give him a special page in the year book for his picture as a reward for faithfulness. December 2-Who is the "fair one, " "Post" promenades along Charles St. on Sunday night. Year book puzzle. December 4-An ode to the Internes: "O, wad some power the giftie gie us To see oursel's as it-hers see us!" Or, better still, make ither swells To see us as we see oursel's. December 5-Chideckel cannot understand why the Professors have so much trouble in making out his name. December 6-Year Book Committee calls a meeting of Senior Class to discuss the Year Book: "And the number was very great that heeded the call, Some came with nerve, some with money. Others with hatchets, more with bricks, And some came without a blamed thing at all." December 7-Ryan despondent over the reception given the Com- mittee by the Seniors. December 8-Dr. Walker receives a 'phone call from a "sweet young thing" who wants to meet him this afternoon at the Fountain in Druid Hill Park. He goes out and is found "Waiting at the Fountain" for two hours, but the "sweet young thing" to be dressed in black, wearing a bouquet of violets does not show up. "What fools some mortals be." December 10-Dr. Esker receives a 'phone call from the same "sweet young thing," dressed in black and wearing violets. He waits for one hour out in the rain in front of the post- oflice. Then goes back to the Hospital and sympathizes with Walker. "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and etc." December 12-Joe Higgins, a very devil among the "fair sex," recites a verse on " Woman. " "O Woman! in our hours of ease Uncertain, coy and hard to please, But seen to oft, familiar with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace." 106 THE CLINIC December 14-Ryan and O'Malley out chasing up "ads," for the Year Book and meeting with all kinds of success. If you don't believe it just look at the list of advertisements December 15-Junior Class Meeting. Crook makes a few poignant remarks. Gorman avers he is from Missouri and asks him to come out in the Hall and show him. December 17-Gloomy days for the Year Book, wonder if it will ever be published. December 18-Dr. Harry Friedenwald utters a few wise words to his class: "Heads of great men all remind us, If we go the proper gait, We may get up of a morning With a head that's just as great." December 19-Farag is passed up and then makes a nice speech expressing himself very forcibly. December 22-College closes for the Holidays. Wish you a merry Christmas And a Happy New Yearg A pocket full of money And a heart full of cheer." January 2-Lectures resumed. A general wail: "Our Christmas coin, alack, has flown! This is the season's solace small, But 'tis better to have had and blown Than never to have had at all." January 4-Dr. McCleary, between puffs on his pipe utters a few wise words on the propriety of the use of the word "Doc." He states that a man who uses the word "Doc" surely comes from a country where the people go without shoes and spell "God" with a small Hg." 107 THE CLINIC January 5-Stroble is in a quandary as to whether his picture will look better with or without his French goatee. For his decision look at his picture. January 7-Edmunds tells us why "things are not what they seem" in North Carolina. 'Trequent drinks of 'red-eye' When one feels quite 'faint' Make a mighty red nose And red snakes that ain't." January 9-Dr. Kierle tells the Sophs a few good jokes, all original, on his experiences before the Courts. January 10-The Faculty's annual joke just posted: " All students: who have not paid their tuition by January 15, will not be allowed to take any examination." After this, money just flows in. January 12-Wiley Tarter rides the goat. We have been informed that those in charge took undue lib- erties with his person and so bedaubed his anatomy with paint that he looked not unlike a boiled lobster. "The butt- end of the goat made him the butt end of the joke." January 16-Dr. Gardner warns his class to use the utmost care and precaution in handling the "fair sex," since he, with his world of experience and great knowledge, "Every now and then Has his eye teeth cut again." January 19-We would like to know what is the "star attraction" in Washington, that commands so much of Morrow's attention and causes him to think of his books only as a secondary consideration. January 22-We are again forced to look upon Dr. Samuel Fort's name in the newspapers, being mixed up in another " shooting affair," with the medal always coming his way. Its "hoss to hoss" between Sammy and Teddy Roosevelt as to whose name appears the more frequent before the public. 108 THE CLINIC January 23-Junior Exam. in Blood. A sudden anwmia attacked many when the questions were distributed 5 others complained of a Leukopenia after they had finished. We wager Dr. Knapp will develop a "Leukocy- themia" after he reads some of those papers. January 26-A Soph is observed soliloquizing, "War is H--and so is Pathology." January 30-Dr. McCleary holds an Exam. in the Histological Laboratory fthe Freshmen's Graveyardb and keeps up his deplorable record by flunking four-fifths of the section. A little advice to the "Flunks:" Don't worry boys, we all, each of us in turn, got our medicine here. January 31-The "Flunkers" place a card over the Laboratory door bearing the inscription: "Abandon Hope all ye who enter Here," which creates consternation in the mind and hearts of the incoming section. February 1-Dr. McGlannan, "the man with the lengthy equa- tions," informs the trouble breeders on the last row, that if they would do less talking and pay more attention to the Lectures, there would be less flunkers in Physiological Chem- istry on examination day. February 2-Would you believe it, Dr. Hayden shows up again. "A leather medal for him." February 4-Walsh takes a " lady friend" out to dine. The event is best described in his own words: Mary had a little lamb And then a little quail. A little canvas backg some ish- And then her fourth cock-tail. And next a little "pousse cafe" Served in a tiny glass, And, just to top the dinner, A little "demi tassef' This isn't all that Mary had But isn't it enough? I guess you'd rather think so if You put up for the stuff. He asked her if she'd have some more Across the finger-bowlg "Sir, I know where to stop," she said He then dug for his roll. 109 THE CLINIC February 5-Something doing--Whittacker is seen at the florists. He will evidently argue with us that, "Cut flowers do not come at cut prices." February 6- Snow! snow! the beautiful snow. Step on a lump and away you go. February 7-Dr. Beck in a confidential way tells the class that, "a man who drinks never gets ahead." For the Doctor's benefit we'll tell him "he will get one if he drinks enough." February 9-Dr. Sanger lectures upon chest capacity. Never judge a man by his chest measure-his lungs may be full of hot air. "Lung power is not eloquence-behold the donkey." February 11-Dr. Gamble lectures upon hearts, "When hearts are trumps, man is usually a Jack-ass." February 13-Rain, Rain, Rain. After walking up Lexington Street on this wet day we are forced to the opinion that "Open work stockings won't hold water but they will hold attention. " February 15-Barber, the man with the great length "over all" but with little "beam" either of mind or body, takes a "shy little one" to the theatre. He afterwards wonders Why they attracted so much attention. We would delight in telling him here but we are not permitted to indulge in personalities. February 16-Lamy tells the class why a yacht is called "She" Because: She has a waist line. She carries a spanker. She is seen at her best in a breeze. She sails to win. She is always tightly strung up. She often shows her heels. She likes something to blow. She likes to hug the course The tighter she is held the better she behaves. February 18-Dr. Simon talks to his class on the various methods of suicide. For the easiest, neatest, quietest and quickest way of going out, "Use gas! young men, use gas." 110 THE CLINIC February 20: Davis got into his folding bed: The bed flew shut and held him tight. All he could say on being pulled out, Vilas that the damn thing folds alright. February 23-Hilbert buys ladies' gloves at O'Neil's. Who is the lady-year book puzzle. Maybe they were for the nurse girl. February 24-Cole plays a few hands at Old Maid. At a vital moment he draws four blacks and one red queen. Between his teeth he is heard to mutter "Get thee to a nunnery! Get thee to a nunneryf' February 25-Alfi says that in Egypt they make mummies of the women. "The thought, that one could make a woman dry up for such a length of time." February 28-Burkhead does the elegant with his lady friend. His board bill slides for the following week. March 1-Dougher appeals to the class: "Now bid farewell, I beg of thee, Unto the flowing fiagon, And come and ride a space with me Upon the water wagon." March 2-A warning to some of the boys-Better quit "monkey- ing" 'round the zoo-note Caruso. March 4-Dr. Ruhrah in his lecture on children states, "A sucker is born every minute-some outgrow it, while others cling to the bottle throughout life. March 5-Onnen commenting upon Dr. Ruhrah's lecture says that "many a one brought up on the bottle are brought down on it in later life. " March 7--Blue days for the Surgeons. Now the Physicians will get a show. Statistics show us that Appendicitis has ceased to be a fad: Paresis is becoming more popular each day. March 9-Dr. Melvin Rosenthal lecturing upon his favorite subject F asserts "The wild oats crop, whether sown early or late, is always a failure." CBut not for hirn.J 111 THE CLINIC March 11-We have been asked, in what capacities do Walsh and King serve in the Hospital. We are forced to admit we do not know. March 12-Dr. Blake misses his hour so Robinson entertains the class with a recitation. Early to bed and early to rise Does very well for sick folks and guys, But it makes a man miss all the fun 'till he dies, And joins the stiffs that have gone to the skies. Go to bed when you please, and lie at your ease, You'll die just the same from some Latin-named disease. March 14-Dr. Chambers tells his class "A good liver and a bad liver often go together. " March 16-Dr. Cotton quizzes his '07 class in Orthopedic Surgery. Many were called, but few gave satisfactory answers and he quit before the hour expired thinking it a waste of time for thoughtless men to try and think. March 18--A general howl goes up because of the short time allowed for lunch. The Faculty evidently don't realize that " quick lunches make slow funeral processionsf' March 20-Dr. Magruder takes his section through the medical wards. A much disturbed "colored mammy" declares that "this place is getting to be a regular Dime museum. First, they bring in men to look at you, then," directing her eyes toward, Wise, "they take in boys. " March 25-"If you have tears prepare to shed them now" for Dr. Cherry informs us he will conduct an exam. in his subject. March 27 -Little Tommy Higgins appears in the surgical amphi- theater in a surgeon's gown, gloves, cap, et al. Picks up a knife and reminds one of Alexander wishing for " something to conquer." March 29-One of our Professors tells us that blood corpuscles have no cell wall. The next hour another one argues several points favoring that they have a cell wall. "When Doc- tors disagree and etc." 112 THE CLINIC March 31-At the beginning of the term Bancroft told us he dearly loved to study obstetrics. Now he says he abhors the stuff, showing that in other things besides the divine passion " The course of true love does not run smooth." April 1-Dr. Dobbin works alittle game on us in commemoration of the day: Fails to meet the class, presumably because of an engagement in the country. April 3-Archie Sorell has an experience followed by a sequel, which runs thus: "There are meters of measure to meters of tone But the best of all meters is to meet her alone." Sequel- "There are letters of measure to letters of tone But the best of all letters is to let her alone." April 4-Stevens asks us to lend an ear to his wail on social con- ditions: "I've thundered 'till my throat is hoarse at Justice's miscarriage. The world's worst evil is DIVORCE, except one worse-REMARRIAGEJ' I April 6-Morgan escorts a "petite little one" home and tells us about it in a few words: UI left her at the garden Wall, My heart grew somewhat sadder. I'd like to see a little more of you, And then she climbed the ladder." April 8-Bacon shows up this morning with a complexion which can be described as being anything but "mighty like a rose." To the general "Hal Ha!" from the class he replies: "Its no time for mirth and laughter On the cold gray dawn of the morning after." April 10-N ot much doin', everybody pluggin' hard, preparing for the cold cruel days so rapidly approaching. The general thought is " I wonder how many branches I am going to flunkfi April 13-Coppedge at the beginning of the year used to fall asleep in his chemistry. Now when he wants to sleep all he need do is just to think about chemistry. 113 THE CLINIC April 15-Dr. Trimble wastes the usual time of his hour in pointing out important structures as being "Right heah" and " Right deah. " April 17-Stewart, ever bent upon fiustering our brains gives us a little teaser: "When you so flurry me. And to death hurry me, O-bit-u-ary me." April 19-Austin is discovered talking to a "fair one" over the wire and the way the "smacks" came was startling. When he gains a little more experience he will agree with us: "A Kiss on the lips, If you pause to inquire, Is worth about fifty Sent you by wire." April 20-Dr. Brack tells his class why men fail in their studies: F-ierce lessons. L-ate hours. U-nexpected company. N-ot prepared. K-icked out. April 22-Hanson say that "marriage is not a failure-so long as divorces are to be had so easy." April 24-The Knights of the Bowl celebrate another "orgie." A member states that it doesn't require much will power to say "not another drop"-after the ninth glass. April 27-O'Hern takes his "dearest" autoing in the park and meets with an accident g "Charles and Mary went a-sparking In a motor runaboutg But the sparking ceased instanter When the sparker-plug blew out." 114 THE CLINIC April 29-The "Internes" have a little affair last night all by themselves when " good cheer" and full glasses" was the watch-word. This morning Dr. Dorsey strikes a Hamlet pose and soliloquises thusly: "Great oaks from little acorns grow, Great aches from little bottles flow." April 30-Whipple receives a letter, as long as your arm: "Absence makes the heart grow fonderg Also makes the letters longer." May 1-Summers comes to College without his umbrella and gets a drenching: "Obi ever thus, from chi1dhood's hour This cruel fate on me hath fell: There always comes a soaking shower When I've forgot my umbrellf' May 3-Coppedge entertains the class with a few new dances, the very latest from away down in old North Carolina. May 5-Stroble, Smith, Uffelman, Disbrow, Miles, Stevens and Whipple go to church at Mount Vernon just to get their picture taken along with the girls. May 7 -Pickering and Robinson try hard to explain why they room in a house where the proprietor is an ardent Christian Scientist. May 10-Dr. Dobbin misses his hour so the Quartette amuses the class with some sentimental ballads of the "Winding Up Her Little Ball of Yarn" type. May 13-Tucker's ending: ' "Boxes of fine candy, Visits to the play, Make a good impression And a wedding day." May 15-Salmon dines at the Hotel Kernan with a few friends, two Senators, one Representative and three Judges. He insists that he felt right at home among them. 115 THE CLINIC May 16-An Ode to the sluggards in the College: "Low dost thou lie amid the languid ooze, Because thy slothful spirit doth refuse The bliss of battle and the strain of strife. Rise, Craven clams, and lead the strenuous life l" May 18-"Uneasy lies the head" of those not prepared for the events of the following Week. May 20-Examinations begin. "The melancholy days have come The saddest of the year Taking our examinations With a heart devoid of cheer." May 28-Examinations ended. The less said about the events and trials of the last week, the better, for some are happy and glad others despondent and sad. May 31-Year Book out. J une- 3-Commencement. Farewell to our Alma Mater. . : A -'K ., o v.g1"' , ff' gf" .L-if 3' - fe , . X. vi X, 11111111171- fr K T wa l g, W as 15111 ' N-i'-213 'k A' iff! 4 1 5 ."f lf ll. .-:f12:zE?.ia"' 'T ' l. ' . ' A lf! ll! fl- rf - l g , aj. Tr, t. wb 116 THE CLINIC webbing Bells On the evening of February 1st, a wedding of much interest to the social circle of 1909 was solemnized in the chemical laboratory, Rev. John Wade officiating. The contracting parties were Miss Ethyl Alcohol, the young and attractive daughter of Mrs. Methyl Alcohol of this city and Mr. A. L. DeHyde, the adopted son of Dr. A. MCG. Lannon. The bridal party entered to the strains of the beautiful old Xanthoproteic Wedding march, which was magnificently rendered by Mrs. Ana Lytical. At the altar they were met by the groom and his best man, Mr. Theo. Brornine. The bride was attired in a handsome gown of Gentian Violet, imported from the Bacteriological Laboratory and carried a bou- quet of Fibrin Ferrnents. The maid of honor, her sister, Miss Amy L. Alcohol, wore a costume of Methylene Blue. The bridesmaids were Miss Amy Lopsin, Miss Ethyl Hydroxide, Miss Rosa Nilin and Miss Poly Saccharide. The ushers being Mr. Adam Kiewicz, Mr. Ab. Sorption, Mr. Al. Buminoid and Mr. Cy. A. Nyde. A unique feature of the wedding, and one which added greatly to its beauty, was the color effect produced by the janitor Sam. U. Els. T While we have only recently become acquainted with the groom, yet we have known Mrs. A. L. DeHyde-nee Alcohol-for a considerable tirne. In fact, the entire Alcohol family has for years held a position of prominence and popularity in the neighborhood and we shall indeed be sorry to loose even one member of this interesting and pleasant group from our midst. 117 THE CLINIC Ghz Sfuniuvs iuiiinqup fWith apologies to the late lamented Will Shakespearej To stay or not to stay-that is the question: Whetyher tis nobler to remain and evade The regulations of this school, Or to take our chances against a sea of troubles, And, by leaving, end them? To stay-to bluE- No more, and by a bluE to say We end The headaches and the thousand pangs That Meds are heir to,-tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished. . . To stay,-to blui- To bluff! Perchance to Hunk! ay, there's the rub 3 For in that flunk, what penalties may comeg Must give us pauseg there's the time Wfhen misery makes the course of life seem long: Knapps lab, the Dean's talk, Our Bay View Trip 5 and G. U. work, fWhich lmows no rest even on a holidayl. But most of all, the Fourth Year's cool authority- Who would but Juniors plug, and dig, and grind away The weary year-but that the thought of a degree, That event toward which We underclassmen look with great anticipation Spurs on the will-and makes them rather bear those ills they have Than Hy to others that they know not of. Thus the future doth make pluggers of us ally And Shakespeare and the Dean sink into oblivion, As we gaze forward to future honors, Labs and Clinics become as shadows When attacked by this bright vision. 118 .ser ,gsifili R- - - fyiif f ' L IQ, , 'Tx gf X xy R . x . . . ' -' A'-1-QE . 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LXK1 xl USES mn OE ada was 5 maid? xW-um0w+3 Raggm is E mgmmmn N A vkux NSMEENS nga Dawg OH 1 N Hdwwiws oi W3 mgghoa N A :Nigm 3 migmym -mm EGEEOW Asad A .Nm 10602 N A lN X !l nsggw OES VH l V by Emexonyxgxwnsgm N :aw-H -0 aoasbgm 'NW g omozoo as-OU emma Em m av .AH 2 UEEOO Mo 9830 :nam O53-sm go: E on-dz H530 mnrgnm no 0862 SP6 3 2 1 Q THE CLINIC istihileges we ieahe isrihileges we Emilia 3LiIie to Zeahe No nine o'clock lectures. Go to classes when we feel like it. More ideas and less talk from the Dean. Use of the elevator to reach "51." Clinics on time. Hear the clinicians. Free trips to Bayview. Our quartette endowed. Know who is to be quizzed. Free beer served with the wafiies. 12-1 THE CLINIC my Does Pearsy look so innocent? Does Hacker talk so much? Taylor stay at home so much? Is Jersey Smith so popular? Does Joe Miles like to give anesthetics? Doesn't Tucker get married? Doesn't Talkington come to lectures? 1? 18 18 Ein you met in Davis and Walsh in Shakespeare? Post Write a prescription for Ruhrah? Campbell's curl? Griffin when anyone called him a Dutchman? Miller set up the cigars? 18181, ask Dr. L. J. Rosenthal what he thinks of the Senior Class? The Senior Class what they think of Louie. Is either Wronggor are both right? 125 THE CLINIC President ....... Vekze-Presvkient .... Secretary ..... Treasurer .... Committeemen Q. jliil. QD. Q. ..4n... - 1 .... 126 R. B. STEVENS . , . .E. E. WHIPPLE ..J. F. WILSON ..G. G. MILES FAUCETT . . . .H. H. HAYNES f' M"FY' "' 1- V4 v Iwi , ff A M. C. X TIYE C'O3IMIT'l'EE. Iv 'EC EX i THE CLINIC wANTEDf.m5-betly that knows more about Medicine than I do. Charles Cohen tConn J YV.-LNTED-More silence from the quartet. YVANTED-Another dose of Apomorphin. Owens YVANTED-More popularity. Bordenski YV.-XNTED-A few labor cases. Dr. Jekyl Kell XYANTED-Someone who can tell me something I don't know. . Hudson WANTED-Another twelve page letter from O'Gorman. Roach YVANTED-Someone to take part of my extensive W. Va. practice. Post ITAXTED-More bread and milk. . Little Tommy Higgins YV:-XXTED-Some books for collateral read- ing. J. F. .Ryan IV.-YSTED-A place where I can get a hair- cut. shave. and segar for ten cents. Coughlan TVANTED-Agents to sell my new book on children. Collins IT.-XNTED-Some new tricks to play on my room-mate. XT. Sullivan IV.-XXTED-A strong boy to carry my note- book C15.000 pagesl. King FOR SALE-Detailed correct information as to how to run a blui. Chas. D. F. O'Hern w.iNrED-A degree. .tm mining to af- tend college a few more years if necessary. Bootay YVANTED-A11 interneship. Steiner, Vlialsh, Miles. Sorrel. Preston. Schmitz, Wmlack. YVANTED-An assistant to great "stomach specialist. Apply to Dr. I.--z, Room-- Dispensary. YVANTED-A gold medal-also something to make my mustache grow. i Jersey Smith YV.-XNTED-A class oH'ice. Bacon IVAXTED-Indications for the use of per- chloride of iron in splenomyelogenous- leukaemia. E. J. Ryan ITANTED-A chew of tobacco. Haines ITANTED-The pictures taken on the Jersey City ferry-boat. Darrow YVAXTED-My three dollars back. Robinson TVANTED-Another hsmacking party' in East Baltimore, McCarthy and Duyalley IYAXTED-More cornet music. Clyde Conn IVAXTIID- A position as superintendent of a Sunday School. YY.-IXTED-A good hair dye. Jersey Skeeter ITAXTED-A sure cure for rheumatism or gout. . Amick FOCND-A good R for indigestign. R. Sod bicarb 5.l aquae sterilis 5 ij M. ft. sol. Sig. Take at one dose from a sterile beaker. "California Jack" LOST-My self-respect " Stubby" Corbin IYANTED-My Lizzie back! Campbell XYANTED-A little more self-confidence in Hull the quiz room. Sig. Caturla IVAXTED-Someone to buy my room- mate's comet. IYANTED-Somebody to keep Farag from Francis " buttin inn during lectures. YYANTED-Some " Hne art." YYANTED-A nice young maiden. must be Dougher on the American plan. Petros TVANTED-Some questions to ask. ITANTED-Something that will retard my McLeod, 'OT growth. Gorm an 128 I' n -O. 19 i - 5 . h . . TH E C L I N I C W '- l s 1. , M WANTED--Advice as to howlcan increase WJNTED-Somebody to keep Schubertg my height. B b quiet during lectures. ' A ar er f Y - -f would like to meet the men WANTED-A No. 14 hat for Whipple. that knows more about "bones" Mean WANTED Th i t h d o - e xc ures c an more ro often at the Peniiy Vaudevillege . WQNTED-A season ticket to Newport C. B. Barry , e . I ws 4 Sir "Willie" Broadbent WANCTE13-A 525,000 practice after I WANTED-subscribers for the Youth's gm ua e Meomn Companion. - E Stevens I 517152 R-E54 . ' W ' . Q -60' . ,hx - N, V . lv: gait! ' 4" X Q 5 X fm' 9 r i ' ' ' , 4? -5' N906 WL- ' Mae f e 1, I e T' fav! Iv X is , Q' '. h ef ,i ' il' -, W' 4 e 1 on l'e e o o . g lk Wu, . . 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X 1 "'.'q'1 . :X I1 ,X 4-:af V-5' , XX- XXX.. . . .f' X 4 1 1-V Y 'V '15 . . ,1 A 1 X ' X X X . I 1 ' 1' I . ,v X XXX., X141 1 1 X .I4XXX In l t V L i 1 1 . 1 1 X 1f1,J ':.!g......'A' . ..- " ' . - N, '57 'xx N. V I- SJ tv ,y ': . in-'SP 3-:N ,fs- . i A.. Pearse .725 ' :LDT-5, -57' PX-TE RUM 'VLTERNG -6 4 Aux I-Io E93 1 by 41- L 1 , .44 . . f, 1 '. f i? , 25 'V ,jf ' 22, VI: , , -R, -' 'S ' ' ' ji!" , -1- V fn, - f if-1-Y ,4 , Y -, -,Q , - -. J , V fp- I, 5 fly, ' 7 ,l I r! . V E'f2,.:f.,1 ' 3 'Y it f ' A.""Xf - ,za ' '- Y 1 I .71 - 1 'Sv . 17 I . rf Z 4 'L'- f, ' J lf- , f fs: fl iff f M " " vw-:,4.A.,r""' M ' A 1 THE CLINIC EKU!! of Qctihe Qibapters University of Vermont Louisville Medical College Kentucky School of Medicine Baltimore Medical College University of Louisville Bowdoin College of Maine Hospital College of Medicine College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore Kentucky University University College of Medicine, Richmond Tulane University Maryland Medical College Medical College of Virginia Purdue University Birmingham Medical College University of Texas Jefferson Medical College George Washington University University of Alabama Western University of Pennsylvania College of Physicians and Surgeons, Atlanta Vanderbilt University University of North Carolina University of Chicago University of South Carolina University of Michigan Georgetown University Ohio Wesleyan University Chattanooga Medical College University of Maryland Northwestern University University of Minnesota College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York California College of Medicine University of Washington 133 THE CLINIC QBDI Qllbi BALTIMORE CHAPTER, INSTALLED 1902 Deira Ebzita Qtijaptzr FOUNDED 1878 AT UNIVERSITY OF WfvERMONT Colors GREEN AND WHITE G. H. CAMPBELL O. R. DAVIS T. W. EDMUNDS E. H. FREEMAN F. E,FLOWERS J. G. GRAVER W. L. COOGLE R. W. DUNHALI C. N. HAINES N. J. KING A. W. LAIIY C. A. ANDREWS M. A. ABRAMS J. B. DODRILL J. W. GORDNER SENIORS J. A. HIGGINS A. W. HIGGINS G. L. MACK J AMES MORGANSTERN C. D. F. O'HERN S. H. O'NEILL JUNIORS J. P. LEARN C. G. MILES MERLE MICCUTCHEON G. C. MOUNTZ HUGH IIORROW SOPHOMORES C. D. GORDON W. A. GRIFFITH W. G. C. HILL F. H. HUTCHINSON J. H. WELLER 134 Flower WHITE CARNATION C. L. PEARCY D. L. TALENGTON E. R. TAYLOR E. D. TUCKER H. W. UFFELMAN J. W. WALSH J. G. ONNEN G. A. STRAUSS M. R. STONE H. W. SWEENEY I. LAZENBY F. W. MCEDDAUGH A. A. PARKER R. W. RICE illl PIII A r -ev ' ' -Fax 1 , mi.. x v , n, I x f Q ,w . J xf 5 A. 5 A " 2 .f2,sQ221-'fel-,. WT 3 milf, af "-4,- f ,:.j5,'?f -1 9:8 :if- ':', 1.454 . 1' ' " ' 'HEEL :-A--'-'V L: diy! ,V 'wi -.,,:- 'rx' 2.3.9 , J L. '? "'.,,1' "1 , .g".'i'1s '-' -- .f- - . x- - "'cg14T.I "..'f- ' :"' ,-'4'---' , " -ti pk 4 iv ,','r!t"i'i,-1Q1xH:'5', -nf .-11: 1: ' ' V' ' ' A D, vim A:.,..I7.,l'.,-,-1, -,kg - , g ,.. gn. 'I .1 . TL. 'A' ','+.,,,k-.,-,..-. --,,' ', ., -11 . .'-' 6,'1f'g..5I!F-'7 fa K- W '.""' ' 'I1' .f1'. "'1"Q"g: 4 ,QQ H! .- Y g 4-v Yang, . ,' 1 11' ' f- - -. '- . -71,153 , -7sJ,'r"S1I,"g AJ"'!-QJEN -' rs" r-,, 'I' .zfi Wg Lf Ugly, . ov ..'..?35.F'f4?:f AV Mr.. .qw v-'iff Q .., 5',?'f.'-'fjy j,' .f-1' l."jA4sr fry-31 ju?-i,-4-i:,-I ,S A'-.x.kz1Q-.' 4f"' 1- "SL'f-'a'.. ' ':'1"'54- 'i' L , -"' " '- Q ff., 'T V 'f'f WS' - . " A -f,1,'.1 54' ',!vJ'LQ-" .' ' -'U'-mm ,...,Y,. fAV,,,r---,4Y4.' I! . rf-LI ' 5, ,iq-., 'Y 31. J.-av '15, W r . -v-gb. A . , ,V Vg, H," xr ,, IX- . K, L f -'gif' 1 . Y ff ff. A' ,AL , ,ar 1 ' faif' U, ff.-ggvx ,4 . gk-if ' fr , .- i 6 .,.,lg i., , lf-I' . 5511, W . ., V1 e-V ,-' 1-...QJL A rflfj V ,gi , P? 'Y Lf' 5' . '.,., ..k hnk I f fbflvb' S ,,' .' ' ' s 11- ,g ' ran' , Ga '- 51" "1 f. . Y 'gr - !.- 5 j , S, . . Iv I- ' I f ' f Q . Y"x'?f ,W-fm. 31 A 4 I f,,,c'-..' - X M, A A. , 4 u ' , I vvRnGr-111 KAY marrow a acc THE CLINIC 1 Bti Beta 519i fraternity Glbapter Boll ALPHA .... .... W estern University of Pennsylvania BETA. .. ........... University of Michigan DELTA .... ..................... R ush Medical College EPSILON .... .......................... lv IcGill University ZETA ..... ETA .... THETA. . IoTA .... KAPPA .... LAMBDA . MU ....... NU ..... X1 ....... OMRICON. .T P1 ...... RHO .... SIGMA. . . . TAU ...... UPSILON. . PHI ..... CHI ..... Psi .... . . . . College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore .....................Jefferson Medical College . . .Northwestern University . . . . . . .University of Illinois . . . . .Detroit College of Medicine . ................. St. Louis University . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Washington University . . . .University Medical College, Kansas City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .University of Minnesota . . ................... Purdue University . . . . . .University of Iowa . . . .Vanderbilt University .....................UniversityofAlabama . . . .............. . . .... University of Missouri . . .... College of Physicians and Surgeons, Cleveland ....University College of Medicine, Richmond . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Georgetown University ....Cooper Medical College, San Francisco, Cal. ' 137 THE CLINIC 1Bbi Beta 1Bi fraternity Zeta Qlfjaptzr FRATERNITY F OUNDED 1891 CHAPTER FOUNDED 1901 Chapter House, 324 Saint Paul Street. Qrtihe members I ALBERT L. AAIICK ERIMET A. CORBIN JOHN E. CORBIN CHAUNCEY C. HACKER T. FREDERTOK LEITZ WARREN D. LIILLER DESAUSSEUR G. PRESTON C. BALTHUS PRESTON J ACK K. PEPPER S. CECIL AUSTIN CARROLL R. BANOROET CHARLES M. COLLINS CARL F. CARLSON IRVING D. COLE EARL W. CROSS WILBERT E. GRIFFITH THOMAS F. HIGGINS ELMER G. BRADDOCK J. EdDWARD HARDMAN J AMES HEUSTON Class nf 1907 ARTHUR T .POST JESSE A. POWELL . EDWARD E. ROSE FREDERICK W. STEINER ALFRED M. SORELL . . WILLIAM J. SCHMJITZ n. .ALEXANDER E. WINLACH ASHER W. XJANKIRK Class of 1908 HERBERT H. HATNES LATIMER P. JONES S G. DELBERT JOHNSON ALBERT E. NOLTE ,... THOMAS F. SOANLAN JOHN H. STEENBERGER WILEY W. TARTER , F. ROMAN WISE C1855 of 1909 C. HAVLOCK LIACLEAN GEORGE A. NOLAN HAROLD H. TALBOTT 138 A 4 1 rv. V ..- .- .-1 A .L. 2 Q.. -Q, .C ff Q Qs I Q l XF S fiffigif' . on QF' 6 Z ,"7,-y 0 ' -W fr W Y, M 0 AWTAMZ Q -i f X kj 'Qv A .SHA 5 9. K. fm X 'Sf Q' ! THE CLINIC " 1' -ia, f' i ,W ' E" as-nn. 1 ' 2, L -1 v 2- a i r : ax is f ..k'Z!lx,'l - ' ' L Y in : ' - L 'I' 11. ' f- 'L I ff' L' 'f 9 ' - - 1 - ig-E' ' 1 - i ffEM'145li. .f ego 'iii f fs 254:21 Srila: sa. . W """' "Sf if Jaffa or lf ilif? ali , ,' ' 5' 1.5mm n- -,. T? 511- - -uanz :?.Ef- - :.:. r WE if g., at - ',' .-1-3 . , 1-o-P Dr. Ullman: Where does the Hypoglossal Nerve come from? Cassfldy: I think it comes from the glottis. Dr. Ullman: Chideckel, describe the digastric muscle. Chideckel: It ees a long short muscle, arising from de Levator Anguli Scapulae, and inserts into de Orbicularis Pwpebrarum, Its nerve supply ees de external popliteal. a Last summer down in Rural Retreat, Va., Tarter saw a pretty girl with her stockings on wrong side out. Of course he turned the hose on her. Why is the P. and S. in summer like Heaven? Because there isn't a damned soul there. Farag sent his lady love a bathing suit for a Christmas present. She was awfully surprised when she opened the envelope. Semlor: Is the third year quartette composed of finished singers? J unfior: Not- yet, but the rest of the class are making threats. Dr. Ruhrah Ccalling rollj: Mr-er-eh-er, well here's a name I can't make out. Chflcleckel: Present! 141 THE CLINIC Dr. Preston, Professor of Physiology, advocates forty-five minute lectures solely for the student's benefit C?j. D'r. Keirle: Gentlemen, you will always find, as I have found, that modesty is the best policy. Gorman, ? 08: The lightning flashed! The thunder rolled! The little piggie curled up his tail, And crawled under the barn. F-irst Student: Is Dr. McCleary an authority on horse racing: Second Student: Why? First Student: Because, during histology exam. I saw him looking for "ponies" WHYINDEED ???? If embryology is the science of embryonic evolution, and obstetrics the science of the care of Women during pregnancy and parturition, why should the obstetrician devote lengthy discourses to the former, of which the veil of its infancy has scarcely been raised, rather than to expostulate more freely upon the latter? Edmunds, 207: I like to make a show YVhen down the street I go, And I know my coat and gloves are neat and trim Of my looks I can't complain, Yet I do not think I'm vain But I'm absolutely certain that I'm IT. Miles Cwatching Tarter and Wise, who are partners, in the Bacteriological Lab.D: Say, Tarter, what does Wise do? Tarter,' lVho, my rat? Miles: Yes. Tarter: Oh, he heats the platinum needle. Nearest things to perpetual motion-approach of exams. 142 THE CLINIC Mr. John H. Bouse, '07, will finish his term of one year at the Baltimore City jail this spring. We are glad to see that they did not take a fancy to Mr. Bouse and keep him there. Someone stole the statue of Liberty from the campus and detectives are searching all the sewers. They think it was washed away, not stolen. An unpardonable liberty, at any rate. ff I ' mf" ff, dv vgggmeil 94 ' X A : , -gylihigaigggavage-55g5g5!1!5fI. 'air ffx H' awleifiidshraetesnganetsw5 E- Q.-wzsgarz "'-"-rms.-mauiyfrqf 'N 'v swims' "":- fz. Ne .:fsis,'-'chaff -61412 455155 X '1 .744-W 455556 RSSEQEP' . ., if-'WP' ..-.. 1. 1 ng' 5 -frsiesle X YBIQGEH AMREF? X-231.44 may I 'Mi' 02s w My Haag -':iazr-:- "FEE . "-" - . - X f X -- X- 1 'gsiEE2hi"2w'3-3 N f ' -.RZ 6543: 6.9 4.0 X f ill '- gh 2'i?a:59' -353: ly: ' lf-V LA' 1 1.,-' X -... fav. f lx' 3 ' -,-,QQQQCI 'Ulllugrnrull .ar 11924: 5""' .. -?f'ff,ia+E X .. . 2 'i I an 1, .uy all 'L' uw. 4 ll V11 ' ' I V Uk., , .3 fi.: X .5 gy flqgfllii- f Ee ,,ffzlll157f X " ' f ' VI ' i 12- fig .fda-41 A .rifg-X'2' if f,-,-f ill? f' t f 2 A 1-: l 1' 4- " 5 ,ff - .l: -f"--lil 'Qi-,l ,,,.f". '7,77q!lfl'7l5AlV0 M0 -"f"' ..naza,gf-E HEARD AT GARDENER,S QU1zz. Doctor: What is the size of a fibroid? - Talkington: Oh, from size of a pea to a beer keg. Gardener? That's right always compare it with things you are most familiar with. Next. Dr. Fort Clecturingbz In chronic lead poisoning a blue-black line is found on the margin of the gums. Greenfelt: In case, Doctor, the patient has false teeth, will the line appear? 143 THE CLINIC ANVIL CHORUS. Grand Trip Hammer-Peck. Sledge Hammer-Walsh. Twelve lb. Hammer-l'Beef" Preston. Jack Hammer-Coughlin. Wooden Mallet-"Annual" Board. Would-be-Hammers-Gorman,Dougher,Jim Biddle. Andrews 8 .- v 1 n Fisher, 'O . ' e S .msewsgfell XA V VA YA- gI,l,:,1, ld - 1 . S ,N ' X - ? ' ' X AW ! 1 I " - -I-'ZzIQ'3S h'4fff ffil x lQi':2:1s3 . X ,IL-11ff'?L?"'L,-'Xxx iv '-, - 'lf "Q'.-U? f U, V , f lidhegif' L5lxf s f by .' 1,7-'Q -'yjxfl fra 3, f! - I 4 ' ' X1 , '- , 1" ll! TZ E-, ,-yj:,. ,X ' n -11' ,f ffytf- '31 :xx X7 '!- ff 1,-L-5 - W JEL if -.gif :L,5,.-f Q X gf, ff exp.-.2 -glfqllwll'-s f " 'M 'CRUX l"f:f' ' ' 342, 4 'ffl l u l m"-.,. WI , rp fl QQ' .Q - 2 Oni? RXQQX X f cvfiwe - - l k , 'UB 2 Awww. ' vxef SXXXQJX . , ' 'Sv-A S CT? 'INQCQ 1 I .-+L, f ---.. g- , - f,.-4 411 --5? ::- L, '-....- it 144 I THE CLINIC Whipple,'08:-My mission is saving girls Stevens, '08:-Save a couple for me, Doc. Stewart, '10:-The class Dude. Jones, '10:-Associate class Dude. Lange of the Sophomore Class has .been compelled to assume a disguise in order to escape the Wrath of a certain female patient for Whom he prescribed five compound cathartic pills at one dose. D1'.Simon Cduring chemistry aquizlr What is a metal? N olte: Anything dug out of the earth. Cole: Then an onion wouldvioe a metal. Dr. Lockwood Cat his clinicbz Well now---just -alot me--- think- a - - - moment -- about F F this F ca - case. D1-. Trimble Cquizzing Junior Class when Freshmenj: Miles! Miles: Here! Dr. T Give the origin and insertion ofthe rectus abdominus. M iles: Well - well-it rises from the lower border of the last rib, and inserts into the ant. sup. iliac spine of the opposite side. Dr. T.: That would certainly be a case of .strabismus of the abdomen. Fisher C105 home for the Christmas holidays, seeing a crowd around a hotel rushed up and found that a man had been shot. "Where was he shot?'l inquired the Freshman. "In the rotundaf' replied a local M.D. "Heavens," exclaimed the embryonic MD., "he could not have been shot in a worse place. " Dr. M cC'lea1'y Cerasing black board after McGlannan's chem- istry lecturejz Humph! I see new names every Friday. Grijiith Caside to Talbottj: That's nothingg its been a long time since he studied Materia Medica. 145 THE CLINIC If you want the nickel, why ask me for it?-Hull. That our school dates back to antiquity is proven by the assertion of Dr. McCleary, "that he was here when Pilate was a boy!! -:f---if'-"f" -'- Q A p llll trmntsofs ff low 'Tlllllj mfll I V pl U 4 , cult A M fx my I5W'lT ltllwlmli W Ut Ili l i l qflmpu -5' My 2- 2!H'?Q,i2 ' !lll'X L Y - s af 4221 li Wg ,ff fy lg f -ft f i S yl swllxx time i K at llf l G ff V 'I W ,I ' ' X 1 7 xy ff!! fffflpff p f, X ff .lf f- X 7 " -"W X- 1. lcsufktuicix Rex M, Cupid struck Varsity in the " Slats" good and strong it seems, for he's lost his appetite and is now an expert penman. His calcula- tion of distance is good, toog he can tell just how far it is to Hagers- town and how much money you'll have left when you return. 146 THE CLINIC Dr. Brack was calling the roll of the Seniors and had just been down a whole page, only three students answering to their names. "Sick, Doctor," or "out on an obst. casef' or " giving an anesthetic,', were the excuses given for the absentees. When inally, he came to the next name, which happened to be Hilbert's, and no one answered or said a word about him, Dr. Brack 'looked around and dryly asked, "What's the matter, hasn't he got a friend in the class?" SPASMS They say whiskey inflames the stomach, beer produces Bright's disease, brandy ruins your kidneys, burgundy brings on the gout, and absinthe destroys the brain. We know typhoid and malaria lurk in water and tuberculosis in milk, so what in h- is a thirsty student to drink? Don't count the number of your friends by the number of fellows who smoke your tobacco between lectures. Scene: Room 6, hall 2. Time: 3 a.m. Sister: Dr. D., you're wanted on fifth hall. Dr. D.: Csnores once, runs out his long arm from beneath his head and sits upbz Now, Sister 5 if you must give the baby whis- key, give it to her quietly. Sister: No. 6, fifth hall, wants you. Dr. D.: As I was saying--hold the baby against the wall, pour a spoonfull of good whiskey into a glass, add hot water and serve-Good night. fGoes back to dreamj Peck: I actually believe Hacker has reformed. Haynes: Why? Peck: Well, just the other day I asked him to come in and have something and he said "No." Haynes: Perhaps he didn't like the idea of paying for two drinks. 147 THE CLINIC Freshmen Hull and Fritzheim quizzing on biology in their TOOID. Fritzheim: Now get busy, what is the diierence between a plant and an animal? Hull : Well, a plant has no stomach-and-has no brains- hasn't any heart, either. Guess that will hold them for a while. cj? W S swf 'T HA I -rAHf'L-r UF G 'f:E,41eH -fypuow B C 01 inf GNT Qlh, if 'K-5 ,f -I I Q r - 3 'I 'xi Y. ga.. , A THE VOICE OF THE CADAVER To whomsoever passes by, Let him to the following give his eye. As you are now so once was I, As I am now, so will you be, Thus While you are, what you are, Prepare yourself for what you'l1 be. Class '09 I d rather sit by my own fireside, With my pipe and glass of fizz, Than to sit in chemical 34 When McCleary starts to quiz. Let's get a pitcher of suds, and mop it up. ill ll 4' Hi v il ffl ' Qf ' fir E, 1 1 . F5 THEPVWVER '13, .C I: 'WM 'wzlgfn . ' ' 'lil L .0 ' B , I. ri LIVE H" 0 -. 'Il ' W 1' IM mx ,u is f. f ' 'll' w 'ly ni 9, lf I ' 4 in '14 2 pri J' X R 49 'l ffl f QQ Lf: ' 'li ' Q,fuLTuiiF!',1 3 i!:,liMEDlF 443 'i"' :li 5 Sli all f . , ll 1 -1 ' li limi pl fl. if A Senior, Whose name is Rose, Raised his hand and scratched his nose. Said he, "I'm afraid, I shall ne'er find a maid Who will give me a chance to propose." If you've any old clothes, With a patch here and there, Don't sell or give them away The Freshy likes to gather them in, He loves to look like a jag. Dr. Prestofn: Young man you are late this morning. YVhy is that? Freddie: Please, sir, the stork brought twins to our house last night and I had to go for the doctor. Dr. Preston: Very Well. I shall excuse you this time, but hope it will not happen again. Freddie: "Yes, sir, that's what Pa said, too." 148 THE CLINIC Why should the Sophomore Class never be hungry or thirsty? Because they have a Baker, a Gardener and are never without Rice and Wilson-That's all. Locker, Daly and Blakely, on account of their peculiar colored hair, may be classed as the Freshmen gold dust triplets. Nolte Cholding up a small circular bonebz Dochus, this must be the atlas of a child. Cole: What the hell you talking about, Dick? How could a kid swallow through so small a hole as that? HEARD AT DR. CHAMBER,S CLINIC. One J . C. Peck was helping to clean a patient up, preparatory to an operation, during which he had the misfortune to drop the pitcher of bichloride, when the rest of the students gave him the "Hal Hall' making him very nervous, and causing him to drop something else. IMore laughter from the seats.1e Dr. Chambers, who was sterilizing his hands, looked up and taking in the situation at once said, "Don't jolly him, boys, he may be awkward, but he's not mean," adding much more to his discomfort, and much to the delight of the other students. Du Valley, a Freshman, on his arrival asked C. B. Barry where the campus was? Barry: Which do you mean Hippocampus Major or Minor. Count Bom! de Villeneuve Cas Dr. Chambers was Hnishing his quizj: What are you going to talk about next time? Dr. Chambers: Oh, probably about an hour. Kocyan says that the woman Whom he marries must be able to pronounce his name. With this handicap it is doubtful whether he will ever marry. 149 THE C L I N I C AT CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR. Mvlmlsterr Are you a Christian? Amick: No, sirg I am a student at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. To hell with poverty, put another herring on the table. Give all the kids a cent-Collins. wr- ggsiNg,g-'vb,uL9-nw. Kas sVH'E--H'i.+'CR1'- Gkaw -"ite Nbifi Nwkkbwk- EQ sv- Qian- Nxusw- i,ev:-i,.,,,, JUST- A VslSuLv,q, P.: X 5 fffff X Pj ' I ol: ' u I :J av 'ff L Li .fiii .riltlt -gf ia sa? is Lil 2' ' - "if sl g N+w.w-a. wsxskkswy ' Taz -+iACKx.1SS""X" N' Prof. Simon: Can anyone tell me what causes the difference in the atmospheric pressure at different altitudes? Freshman Fr'1ltzheim.' The barometer. Stone, '08, is without doubt the most accommodating man in college, as is evidenced by the fact that he retires early every night rather than keep the bedbugs waiting for supper and feasting on ft. 150 Bancro THE CLINIC I must have a good picture. If seven sittings don't do, I'll sit again--Chas. D. F. O'Hearn, of DuBois, Pa. Miles C073 says his head is headquarters for ideas and not a loafing place for hair. Britton, of New Jersey, was taking a patient's temperature, when he was called from the ward. A nurse coming along during his absence removed the ther- mometer. VVhen Britton returned, the patient, who was a German immigrant, could give him no information, and soon afterward died. When asked by a friend how his patient died, Britton replied: " By degrees, Donohue, by degrees: he swallowed my ther- mometerf' Hanson: Say, Ryan, did you see Parke-Davis about an ad. in the Year Book? Ryan: Of course. Hanson: How did you come out? Ryan: Through the window. A NEW war or SECURING PATIENTS. J. A. Higgins, of Westerly, is out with a fine offer. His father is the owner of a large quarry and Joe can furnish head stones at cut rates to those patients who think they may need them. AT THE DOG NVAGON. Freshman: Chicken sandwich and a frankfurter and some coffee, please. Sophomore: Cold bird, a hot dog, and some wash. Rush it! Senior: A frigid fowl, a torrid canine, and a steaming cup of luscious beverage, Law Student: The party of the first part desires a sandwich of or composed of chicken, a roll wherein is compresseda frankfurter, so called, and a cup, jar, or receptacle filled with coffee-Harvard Lampoon. 151 'f i E 1 . - . . I QR: .95 2 fel 3 5 3 4- E1 C 4 I 5 J ?ff?ii' fi' X 0 - 2 : 5 - ' 'lE5:snasI::., "' Ei' A ff f-.,, , x ' K A In fi l. V E p I M- QYZZA ::2f:7:f -,::,..,, 'lt Q5 2 'A 2 is If K -1 A. 5 V KH -'W . Wx vb N wx MQW 'Z 7- 'gf 2, 'H '-xxxbqx if 1-flsgf! fv 1241: ERA! F! xx 'M u 152 U ,El I 4, 'd e U .c ,Q C U 1' S I Q z w o ,NI -5. er 'dxf E 56 X Ao 'IS o L QE U -Q 'G es U nf 2' s. e E I L Q 3.2 px-La :- 5 Q..- E :fi X-v "N C H 'GAA .-M Z6 5 F In .. F f f 6 OURQTQNIZE 1 MN f wh X a 'J 2 . Lff15 , S I 910110-113' +5- ee- fe- ee- ea- +3- ee- +4- +1- +5- 44- ee- 4? 'is' -1- 'ti' +- +1- +4- fa H: +I- +3- as ti' 'Ps' e- -re- fe- +4- ea- ti' 'fa' -2- fe- +4 3: 'Fr 1? ir +1- 1? +1- +2- ee 4+ +1- +1- +s- Me- 0k"J1001v0I091f"21v01001f'010010'21f910 910010011010-P10010-115010015-110-110015 010910 BIC-DIG 01v01v0If201w1v01f"21C01v'21v 010010-tif-010-710-FIGOIG-WIC-GIG 010012010 010010010 510916 014-SIG 912010010910 014010016014 CoIIege of Physicians and Surgeons OF BALTIMORE, MARYLAND THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL SESSION WILL BEGIN OCTOBER I, I907 'S' 9? 'S' '26 35 1- 3 '3' 45+ 'E' '59 3? if E New BuiIcIingg Modern Equipmentg Unsurpassed Laboratoriesg Large fi 5 and Independent Lying-in-Asylum for Practical Obstetrics: -zcswmwmzv s Di 5 S4 I 2 E. ei CII so '1 Q 5. 5. 9..L S O 'I U'-"' 'U "1 2 Cb 2, .xc-1-aww--IQ Department for Prevention of Hydrophobia, and 5' 5 0 1-f? U9- nfl 259 HS.. ES mm E -c 910010210 0?-011014 01G01WIG0I00IG-211-1IG0IWIG0IG we 0 I IP 'JU r- rn UD 77 cn rn 4 JP Z CJ fb S are For catalogue and other information apply to ae- L ff- 3? iz-2 3 E Cor. CaIvert and Saratoga Sts. BaItimore, Md. 3 5+ 2' A-21v01M1v -112- 'E+ if? if? -E+ g. gg. -2+ 19 if 4'2- '14 4+ 'EG' 'E+ 'E' '24 ii- 4+ it '3- 62' -E' -3- 6'5- 'Ei' 'E+ id' 4+ it if? 'Ei- 4'2- K -52' 'E+ '26 E- 'E+ id- ii- ii' ii- E- ia '3- 01001601001- '1"4!"32141"i'25?'1'r-'CG-'U'221-'Q'-'a?2-'2Ps"a?f1:'-522l".f2'i"14-'G91'??9'2k'1l?1:5 1 '3-41"-ii"-v'1' kim 16-"'i"-9-"2'v. ""i"' 4?'1S?'Jl2'1"-11" Purnell Art Co. FINE. ARTS We carry an unusually large and select line of PICTURES F R A M E S and M I and respectfully solicit your early inspection of the same All goods marked in plain figures. Strictly one price 224 N. HOWARD STREET JAMES ARNOLD JOS PH F ARNOLD FRANCIS W. ARNOLD F. ARNOLD Sc SONS Surgical, Orthopedic and Electrical instru- ments, Trusses, Src. 310 NORTH EUTAW STREET LADY ATTENDANT 33412341-i3PfF3hEiiCi-iii?-3-if'-ii-iivf3 -1"-"' -'rf-wi'-'-" 'i-1510. 'iii'-F-il! YikkiikiQ?QwiwiwwWiWi?W?WkiTQWQYQWWWTTWWWWTQQWWWQQQ 5 4 3 S E 5 22' f 5 +P - fi' 45' kk?WWTWTWWTWWWTWWWTWWWWWWWTTWwiiwTWWVWTWYWWWTQWWTWTWTT CD CD O 93 H1 QM f'F Q in DJ CD 'H WWWQWW4W531433WWWWWWWWM4453343Wiiiiiiiiwiiixiiiiiwikk 'T B1 E. BICD B E3'Y T'!X 11.43 Fl A. F I N E M A N Special Rate of IO per cent Discount to Students wwwwww If EZ E7 mmmmmm wvwwwwwwwwwww 'Ti Q3 "4 Cb f'l' FW' Cb 'TT O C C5 F"1' 99 it I3 CID 'Y4 'S his FJ UQ Cb mmmmmmmmmwmmm qw E E H H E 5 H G Q 8 G W 3 H 6 5 H 9 3 8 E G 5 9 N G G H W R E 6- 8- E E U' H3 Qiiiiirriiiifiiriiiitbiiiitttriiifiiii PORTRAITURE ARTISTIC 5 t It Y tl n B M 3 Successor to CUMMINS Street Lexington West 0 Z S NT DE. ECIAL DISCOUNT TO STU '-if -S' -3' -R- -IC- -il' 'il' -3' 'H' 'ill' 'El' Q 'S' 'Ii' 'ill' -K- 'I+ '8- -ii' 'B- 'S- 'B' 'H 'il' if 'Ei 'B' 'B- 'Ill' -ii' 'EI' 'I+ 'B- ii 'EI' 'Ii 'H -H E 'I+ 'El' 'Ill' G 'ED if 'Ei 'Ill' 'I+ 'El' 'il 'B' if -ii 'H 'Fl' E Z 2 SP 'B '8 -Pl- if -H 'B- -8- E -Pl- -B- 'III- -E+ 'I+ -I+ 'B' -3' -K' 'Ii' -3- -K' 'S- -8' -S- '3- 8' -H' 'III' il- 'H' 'Pl- -8- 'li' 'll' '19 'H' 8- 'H' -I6 'I+ 'UI' GI- ii' il- 'H' il' 'H' 'H- il- il' 'll' 'li' 'll' -8- 'E' 'Ill' 'il' 'Ill- E 4'1- 8' O!- E E- 'li' 'H- +I' -K' 'H' -K' H- -P? -K- -PZ' 'B' -H' 'I+ -ll- -S' -H- -H- -III- 'H' -I? -II? -3- 'Fl- -1? -H- -P? if-15-11 313f3f4'-Qlili'-3-'54-15-'PGS-F Q1351-Fiiliili-55:2-I-12-Ii-35?-45341105 -Jillif-Gil-'51 41-TP-1' 241-ii?--if--4'-if WbbkvkbkvkvkakC-lL'2'!0'JP2'i!2"2b'JPJ1tlC'2Y4'G!2'2k'2!C1t!PU!02'?P2!r'Jl0022244'Dk"1f2'Gl2'2!2'30'191"22'4f0k0!fGb3r0k0k'OPf'3f2lf0!f0lCvk'0k'2t'100lWf 3 5 Ei BALTlMORE'S BEST STORE 2' E v X I, 0 f I ,- I x A b i A! V, L Q " W: ' 1, . QI: Q S c T 1 . .1 , 1 5642 J . . 5 5 2 HOWARD AND LEXINGTON STREETS E -5+ zz 'H' if' 2 MEDICAL AND STANDARD BOOK CO. Q 2 All Medical Books and Students' Supplies l-cept in stock. P. 8: S. Stationery and 2 .3 Fountain Pens cheaper than any house in Baltimore. gg. Q Slides, Cover Glasses, Labels, Orc. 5 -3- 307 N. CHARLES STREET BALTIMORE, MD. -P? dvflvilv -100:53 CI-IAS. NEUHAUS 6: CO. 5 MANUFACTURERS or 3 g SURGICAL, DENTAL AND ORTHOPAEDICAL INSTRUMENTS iw if Elastic Stockings, Supporters, Trusses, Etc. Z it 5l0 N. EUTAW ST. C. 6: P. Phone BALTIMORE, MD. H- 'v!C"2u'0'Dl0'Jl0'J1-v'2!C'-1!v'JXv'Jk"J1MIv'Jlf -15019-t1C0I'24lG0lW2G0lC'P!WlW2Gf'Zf Z D1 Z 53 EWU 3553? 'IZ UF! E50 Oism ,--c ZgP :gg 5352 ESE Ou: 2542 E50 a:1Hc"1 O ID PU U cn Special Discount to Students on Optical and Photographic Suppliesi' ROLLER OPTICAL CO. Opticians and Photograph Supplies l05 North Charles Street Baltimore, Maryland '1k"2k'Jk"J!-Gvlf-'DIC 440010014014-1WiG -3' -F? E JAS. H. DOWNS 229 N. Charles Street .Z 3 NUNN at COMPANY 227 N. HOWARD Sf gg fi BOOKSELLERS and STATIONEES 3 Carry a complete line of College Text Books. Miscellaneous Books, Fine Stationery and Students' Supplies of Every Description txvmfmwmzf- 'U .PE z :I z O F1 z O an Jw S z O EE z Q z O U2 -1 nf d O z F1 no A -c oxwawzwzwwi vlvbk' GIG-HG SAM'S STORE SISCO BROS. 5? 95 'H' 'S 54 'E' E Above City FLAGS BADGES gf? -S . BANNERS S- -ie Hospital fir 'iv 0?- 32 is WEST LEXINGTON STREET Z E 328 N. CALVERT STREET BALTIMORE, MD. E +I' :W-WW'-QGQJGSJGJGJFGBDE3440034903059-ii-1040-121430UNF-4249103-Ji?-UtG0'f1J21-iS32'v'tG33059340540-itiidivb-S4469 0100100601001 04'0r1'f'14"o1s 'i"11'1"M ICOM' 010010010010 110U1C01v010vY'010010U1C010O1001C01001f'01001C010011'Uk01M1C 4:01 -1. D10 .1"b1f' .10 0160101 11fv1f km what xl I ,. 01: new 20010110210 010 it ' ' 1 'C'-""0 -"" '- ' ' 1-012010 ' 'I' '1' '41-2--. ' . - 010016 The Chas. Willms Surgical Instrument Co. 300 N. HOWARD STREET BALTIMORE, MD. Manufacturer and Importer of SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. Most complete stock in the Southg Medicine Cases, Satchels, Pocket Instrument Cases, Telescopes, Microscopic Slides and Cover Glasses, Src. Elastic I-Iosiery, Trussses, Crutches, Abdominal Supporters, Orthopaedic Appliances YOU WILL FIND IT DEC1DEDLY TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO PURCHASE YOUR CRAVATS SHIRTS COLLARS CUFFS HOSIERY HAND14lERCH1EI-'S UNDERWEAR GLOVES, ETC , ETC. HN OUR UIVIen's Store" futzlerlgrns 21010 218 N. HOWARD ST. BALTIMORE, MD. S 1 Visit the Attractive Shop of Lycett Stationers 3:7 N. CHARLES STREET T31-Q Engraving of WEDDING HNVITATIONS VISITING CARDS and all SOCIAL FORMS in the highest type of exceIIence has gained for this house a splendid reputa- tion. They also are Targe Importers of ARTISTIC THINGS for gifts in 1-IANDSOME CI-IINA PLATES Special pieces of ART POTTERY ELECTROLIERS ENGLISH PRINTS PHOTO FRAMES BRASS and METAL ARTICLES aim LEATHER REQUISITES Ior the house and tourist, and they select the best in BOOKS from all puh1ishers. Your patronage solicited '14 'Pl' 'Hi' +11 'H' 'H' +I' 'P1' 'H' 'K' 40? +I' '16 'PZ- 'H' +P' 'S' 'B' 0: 'Pr 'H' '39 ii' 'S' 44' is ig. 03' 5. 12' 06' 0? +5 +3- 03? itr +P +P '35 'SG' H' H' is 0? 3' -PZ' 0? fi 010-8- 010010010 05010010 010010 010010 010010 0100100100100100100100100100100100100i001001001001001101001000 010-010011010010 0E0E01'010010-10-100100100100E0100100100100100120F010010-200E010010010010-710010-010010010010010 010010 010010010 010010 'S 5+ '35 Q94 'ii' 'S' 'S' '3' 1-3. if 'ii' 15 'FP 'fi' 'PP 055 -af E4 'S 23' 'FI' '59 ii' .g. .g. 'S figs 'ff 'S' 3' '31 it 5? '54 ff' 5? ii' '3- 'Pt '3' 5 5? 95 '50 'EG 5? 'I'?0Iff-914' X-fk'3k'9lC"3i0'-t'9li'9i3'-i'-"-lU5f73'5'f5'9i1'9l5"3l5'9l5"5l5"-i5"3i37k9i7'3l4'5i?'-'i3"7i9'3l95l'-"'7lC'-?lC9l4"3f3'fi7'3f7'i3"i'Ti5"3l7'iC'3iU'Jl5"-'8'-'5'!'-'7i?'5'-'9l'-"3i4"3l4"3if'T'rf'?i' 3. '35 .Eg Special designs and estimates furnished 1 3 g on Class Pins, Rings, Medals 2 -1+ for Athletic Mem, Ere. f SHOPPING CENTER 3 'H' f ff --.. v 2 www P 1 'Tl F1 '-l 'll Z C7 sm-ws UlNl0'Jtf1vl2'J!f"Jk"J!v'Jl00!1"a!ff2lfr Z S 1 2 E 5. 2 080014-10 010-UPNIG-V14-VIGUFJ Greek Letter Fraternity at 0. 4105 Jewelry HOWARD-LEXlNGTG'liL fi: 213 N. LIBERTY STREET 3 Baltimore, Md. -1 qi .3 -B- ...-...... '35 Old"-it' 4040 E Memorandum Package sent to any p 3 -3- Fraternity Member through the -is 3 Secretary of the Chapter y at 2 .gs -ii- .g- -S- Okvkvkvkdvvl-' -10340-10-'XG-iii HORLICICS IVIALTED MILK Mews 'Tl o :U E '11 :cw z -1 Sf' E 4 as E cn SD -1 I F1 iv E swans -3- -14- 3 Prepared in the largest, the cleanest and best equipped plant of its kind in 2 4+ the world. Every detail under careful supervision, resulting from 30 years' ex- '3' gi perience. The food value of pure milk made available in powder form, with S 2 a proper balance of cereal nutriment partially pre-digested. A dependable 3 'gh nutriment for infants and weak children. An invalid food of marked restora- E -3- tive powers in cases of typhoid fever, tuberculosis. pneumonia, diphtheria and '35 Z gastro-enteric diseases. 3 -ii ln order to secure the original and only genuine, specify if 2 HORl..lCK'S, as imitations are sometimes offered. 3 -is Samples sent free, prepaid, to the profession upon request Ig Okvlrfk 44024 jg HoRL1cK's MALTED MILK COMPANY Z 'E' Racine, W's. H' E LONDON, ENGLAND I MONTREAL, CANADA E -itil-2' 'B' 'K' it 'ati' 3 'E' 'H 'H -E+? 'E' if 'Pi' it 'E' 'PP 5 'EG -Ee- 'K if? 4.5. '54 '54 '54 is 'li' 54' '3- 'EG 'E+ 'Pi' 'E+ 'Pl' -E+ iv!- 'ff-L 'FP -IH- 'H' .59 'E+ is '3- 'X' -is Si 44450 Yi?kt?iikwiikkiT?Wi?k?Y?kT??k?????W??Y????kkkTWT?? 5 4 S 6 S T R A U S B R O S. S 8 E E E , Z E The College Man s 5 Q S fi Qutfltter E S """'-"' S E ii, E 20 WEST BALTIMORE STREET 5 E Next to the New B. 6: O. Bldg. E ? Q ia S 3 333333433333313333iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiWiiiiiiiiimii :EE5bibu:IlPi 'IIS M Xe euramfgi :M H2 UQUIWCKLY cum-ap e mcmrs T - LT f T s0wfm,EQ dL aiifaniniiiin HEAnAcHfs4 E Q v . 1 I I p "T Ol, gh: ' I ..-ff ' -- '-'-- ' -- . T YT ffimiiig +1221 151 ' T T '-in - 1 ' fqiif WIT 'W-UW T w wwwNWLL Jghlf A M T ffiFi2L"i'f- 1. 1 ,fx gag'-fm - .LW T ,T'N -,L-..4.g.,-ff U T 5 41,-nf: x 1-.ff is ,5,,-.. ,Q , 5,5 , 4: :,,-M ',-- if A, -1, ' ffq + Q,-:. 'fgi P ,,l.l, W M! Q Ury: L V 23,1 'Q -, f4,'C'b-n .,,f3,,, .. , ,k'..bM, Ay-4,7 ' - -", W ,V 2 1 v - , 1, 'ftzwv Mn. N. : x , J 4,, fx, ,, 1: .Mu win.,-'.l " 151 " w., .'M"W 4. J. w ,,: Y, ,., V rlxfy IT! " ,NH 5' . v"f':' 1 ' 'X w . L. , 4 ,Q-7 . ,-fp.: BYDIHHVIEIFMIVDICWQKQTA'-1651 .rm-4 "J, 4 41 . fl I K ' .14 JL fy, 4 .- raffu :?'.'U'+ ' I l'. 3 -f.g1. f-L' . uw v " ., ,ga 4 .- .1 , R, ff- ,R , v' 1 1' ! , .10 5, ',:4.'a . 'th' 'Jw IJ' ' , 15 L.- r -r A. . Q" . :QW I .N sl' Y NUT, 1 qv? . J .' 'y.f.'.V,. , V. V 1 J- sl .H qi' ,-9. . "' 1 , , S' rr' . " -a .'J'.H 1' I v 5 ' I I l 4 A f'- lii I x . I V, t,-X Mfg s 1 1 1 1 FHPIIMFN . .1l'lI39l'PEEfifi!I9."H H'lIll5'lLElTl5lIFQI'N1J2l'1q!B?5aYrVL LED! V' 501 HV! 'Vi 'Un FC l'lf.'X'.lHH 5 if' WFP? P HN W'BIrE'U'- 12545-'lilffg-? I ' 'FN' HH ' , " ..?..T W. .,,, -,-.-v .W v 19,91 J M . f 1 .. tx rn .4 Wag, df , x Ptfqsf 'f'5v 6:65. we -v X. ,AL-N','gl 5 . J . "4 R3 Q.. '54 ,' " Q YQ I 5v,Q,wW I , r .x A MQW A ifwrfelur "N L... ,1 ! W A '. 'g,,.. 7. -I .5 U 5 'A 1 - K -5 h . 1 lt ..'..,. . .4 .Hag ' 4,2-" 4 . , 1 , . A :L , ' lj" . -, .- 2 .5-x... ' . 3. 1? . I ,-L " -'H .f W. .Aff A 7, , 1... 4' 7" , -. 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