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1983 PLEDGE Alu... University of Maryland School of Nursing 655 W. Lombard St. Baltimore, Maryland Editor - Margie Lyo s B s Editor - Kristi Bro We Made it Through the Rain V3 'Q ff i A ' . 1 'f'f"! JF, "Liu YY: V J rv' S fs V bl I I I M 5 f' , 4 F 5 5 - - I X " - .Man , - I' Q , I ix. tg Yi -41 qgggizsv When friends are hard to find and life seems so unkind sometimes you feel afraid just aim beyond the clouds and rise above the crowds i 5 .1 3 ' .L 1 and start your own parade cause when I chase my fears away that's when I know that I can finally say I made it through A , I-3 ,,.-r .,' I"F' f L. 1 I f 6 ' 1 rw? f ' .sa .1, '., wud -9 gg ' wi. "?"' rf" tx' - F , 'D F W.- fff ' ,-592.3 1 o , fx... ,..,,4w-RQ- wx:-A-..-.. K. KE-,-x-., , - AH- g,..g-5 -' 2 ..-, ,- -- .. nl Q - ' fe:a..v--f,:-- N 45.-,u ."-f-: ,ss . .ar ja. -f 5 -U-N .- M- 5-ff-v:.:f., -- 4- -f - . - ...Y ., or K -' :'-- gf- 1, QSEETS-'Z ' - -.75 I made it through the rain I kept my world protected I made it through the rain I kept my point of view 1 r fi C J Us 'Ci 3. ix' N '24-4' Vg! ....... 'fr V D ,.f- f -4 'K Q u E' 'flr' su., v' , Kiiiiiifsfi We dreamers have our ways of facing rainy days, and somehow we survive we keep the feelings warm protect them from the storm N kfiffr SI . -9 S-'sat , , .. .Ni - xt is 'fs A MXYJ! .Ls - ."' V Q. by ' 1 Rv? ' K Llntil our time arrives Then one day the sun appears and we come shining through those lonely years Y ll x .M .i. UK I J .gk 1 il' ' Il 'In ff-' 94- - ..:.w- " -N.,-A---"' A, rw, -,-fg-.:-L" . I., ..uv--f"'G"If.-.fl '3L..'w-'Ff2,ggg:'I f-- 'J' hgh ' : . I ,,.-- -......1 --fr.:-1 e Y I l3gn.,.ffS+.v- Y K - .qj - Q , W, mg! , . .,. f.,:' 1+ ' , , -, - A ' - " .A 3. .-41,--if-j:: L ,'u.."f -:- ft'- ' " .. .4 :Aw-'rg jf ""'j f fi-., -.k.p ' a.-.ft-, Q5"gceE",: J.. V I - - ' " :--saw:-Q52 te., - --1Qn+-'W ' ' A " WSJ? 'L --se - "' QLEiA ' , ,Q -A I made it through the rain I kept my world protected I made it through the rain I kept my point of view I made it through the rain and found myself respected by the others who got rained on too and made it through . 3 nv Doing 61, ' 15 J MJ ff fi i Q f I .g . , 'F . . , ' 1 LJ' ' "bf A N, A ' A- . ,.. 1' ' 1 A I W h cf 'N f ' . ' . 1 " gk Qi 1, 1 ,W . . - ' , ' V 9. Q H I ' 4' r '14 5 1 ,mf 22" 6 es 1? 3 -. , . . ,unmet xx YN -A X ifffif' Q..:.-.imma ' ' . . . - , X- g:,Nx..m:..,-.v-i,.-f p fy:q " J1- f i' f " A 5559+ jc. - :Af v -,...:,.z..,.,4-Z. Ny. wg? T1 ' G'?' K 3 Q 1 '- A V '- - t ' . 11 , .mguep -ii: ' " X '- S .M 'Q That's two more points for those Seniors. Smile Girls!! Nl ,G we ' m ll, in R J I X s We want to give enemas. QL! ' m K. fl? ,+ Come on girls, show us those pearly whites!! Now watch how I do it!! x L Gi. Pull this way and that way!! 19 T' if 3 , . i ,iii - 3 ls, Are you a skilled RN or an incompetent student? 835 I A,-at Nancy Nurse puts a little LIFE into her clinical day. Nr Y J Ykr, , ' XX .- ' A " i V s 1' ' ,. ' v , f 1, f, 5 f HN l if 'ixfiii' XY I'.,.!L'1kJ Q l i " f of mi , bs.: r ff .K L r. On the last day of clinical your instructor gave you what? A 1 Then my instructor gave me, Rosanne Rosannadanna UMNS, a bed pan. s Bosom Buddies Jai Hi, my name is Kristi Brown . . . 'Xl "F S 8 s fix ai he ,W A , .7 4 a Q e ' . ?, , ' gf Q ' v A' 6 , f' j , I A ,f , V .s V1 .., .b Z I , -:Q-1 - 1 , n A 5, ,f r -71 li' , 1 4 'zu i :gi-45 'Q 'A 4 . Q! . f 8 im A .2-E322 -4. -"Ali-' -5 1- 591 , :-fliwif 'ff' ' ""l?'Z N W,,.,,,' ffas: ':13g:,5'g5. . 'Q -- ga : Mm. . ll WMM a a 1 Edith Ann Twelve days of clinical ei X B ' Myra, Charlene, Sue, Janet Ll IJ ,ara if 63 . J ' L I I i r 1 R N. University of Maryland School of Nursing PRESENTS A Spring Dinner Dance THE FORUM, 4210 Primrose Ave., Batlimore, Maryland FRIDAY, APRIL 29 - 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. Music by Horizon S16 per person S32 a couple Stringing 3 0 Wk ,SA ,iq :ii ra .A A Q 1' A f- C1 ww w "' v vp. 4 .1 ' ' c ' x . la . 1 ,H 1 ' I'-lx 'fi' Wylie ' I I 5 1' ,4 I 5.x I . .f r :Q--- 1 .fps , s vfv, Q.. ,AN , ,f -f ' - X An 153 ,X IQ' '91-4 'A 1 1'-H X. LN It .i' . lla.. - 9 . i ,'w'x":4 I if .. ", -1 ' . I ,,-' . ,. 4 Qs j. It l rl-P N , 1 I , ,Q .ati 'W' 'X . .A .Q ' M N' A ' ' 'X-N' 5 ai ai . sw - law y. . w gt.-' -. 1. - m 1. wx 549 3 if 1 E u A .' kwasyl-lu-.5 , . -V -II. -J .4 D 4 xg 'TA -. I l ' . rx' 1 ' 'L 'X ' " ' uv I . , . v Q LQ. ..:,. N,-1 - X ff J ' my X 4, --.1 . 1 " 1 . I , , ly..d xi H lm A if if -' 'r 'f -f fy gi IE ' I, L pan' . HF ,J ' QI -'sn f' -1, P f' 'M "H V? 35:3 . !,,,,, W1 3355 5 f- ". - F-1 ,M 1 1--Lx... , i Q :tif I , . :T ,N 4 1.4, J' ., a V M V A , , . . H 1 Y- ',.1 I ---, - 4 , lll I -Y l?.f sf he A 3 .,. ' Q . 1, 4, f Ffa fn. - Pguu A X s',f'1',,' 'qw' ' ' m,L,Q' P . Q , 5 11 A . dl F' 'gill X' fv u GFPI Q.,- E. ,r f -P' S ,Riff r S 9, f 1 :D - 1 ...e as K QF- '. f 5 A if ' "1 1 .f A -' ' 1-, of WJ i . J 4 5. n 1st 1 Y v px . . X gf. . 'V U-' I . W' ,-.f . J. 4' - . 1 'kt' L, ... ., 1 - "' I ' ' K ., ' ' ., I' t , . 'L 1, X- 9 A I N" , - .sq . ' A . fx 'Z TBS' ' , V grey 1 'r IA' .' r' I 1 ' 4 " , 5-5 5 J a, ' , Qi -1 'v,'-6 avfx' "lj R ai ' f, v -all 0, ' ' ' Q 21 ll-.2?l"'1z 7 '13 ..,4e f" 5 f -- .xv L , ff , V -L '- .. r ,F . , . '. ,, , . "L , X ff' f-mr'-L g- 'ff' N- ' ' - - -. , ' .. - :J .1-. a Q, - ' -- V.- , E--.E5f'wg,ff ri f' ' A-ff- - it I .W x ly 27 - -ur --, ---Ay --,w'.-x f',,,+., A ,.Nf.f',.1.- .: f' , , - ,I ' "xl "f-3. xr ' AL-.4-gig' sf. . L L2rR"gA.1..N: 17- f Q- ,Fr 'u P 5 . ' N ,ri 'u , 5 s "" .a W' a u . A .4 my-2 vtf ' f"f",. -' 1 ' " 'mi' - , as V, '. , 'Vi .W ,Uk 1. il if 4 b '1- . 'Z as X , .L'mlgf , . , 5. 3 x ' f U- 'HN y 5 -4 x Y-A ,A ..-X ' a .gps , . I Qfkfg 5 X fx 1 iw T X f u f , 2 N y 1 ufiwf fx" ,X Lf 2 Lf ,ff F, ' ' icimff vi A- '-'uf 'f' 2.4 f ' y u f :?"'3i'-3 -fe' . rfi,tip V .af A ,..,,,. 1 Xfxn f ..:4 Don t laugh I may be 59.1-.5l,5,mMTk 'Y' N your nurse someday! IK I- 5-xx 0 .f4" 07 P ff X wx by 1? - 1 "i a X., ,pf ., xr' I an f 1 y J 4. ' ' -ff 5' m. EN1x li'f'3 xg - ' ..u.L '.ggaiN!4S' X 5,2 SSR x I f-A 124 S s 3 I X is .- X S . Q y I -PE Q ii L41 S X., 1 JN Wx: .1 ,QARJI xx Y 5119" V' 21 V 5 .' -ig! If "':' X ,. QM. J, 3a VI gl ., aw-1 ao. ggi ,IF X.. YJ' ,f f NEl'jq'A . -- M, A" I ! fr' N xx H' rf x ' 30" -, 6 fl , , A M 1 .1 ' ' NL I .9 ' F A 4 7 faif " ,af hs ' - r 'F an-fx , K 1 .1 ffm' 4' 'x x s I 1' - . N - F I y I " I f L 4 1,149 Y 1 ' . ' n 'I gi-4,1 , Fr: L- ' 7 32 A .Q I' .1 A W- N 1 ,. X M: X QX . f " . xg .A U . x Q X Q U K 4 X WX . X . YR X If. N wx N 9- Xxfkx X XX xvxxX x XXSQN I QS Y ik J X -1. xr , X, X X NN Qlfiw +A 5' S X x X N . , Ax f S 1 X ,4- .is Y, ' bl 1 , ' 1 'I V N- i Y' ui , 5 N Q .fi - . r 'fl'-frlikx A - 1- x 1 ' ..- xi -f? :Jx yy", Z' . v, X fzfkgj-553 ' -'I ,.:',,x-, xx: . 2X"S1y1", ' -N35 MQ' PJ' fl fr' ,Q X f ,Q .r N 1 J I .. f V 1 , f C ,f"f W .V :J Qt A ix - N 5 ' ,, x V. l.3'v.---- gi. ff X A - I ' 3' r,- X' s "' , , Viv f""U 'vb w- .f' Tm 34 ' x 145 5 '-' - - A 'milfs S Y N- S Sk M 1' El, I- 5 lf. 331 r, f A wh' ,I if I2 ,, 4 'R .Jg 'rua V ' 35123, i 6 . , V P K may-,. T' C37 r ff L' 1 I I. . -X . .,-1 3 "1 36 5Qw!fYW2X'x gf If QNN -,rw 'iwv , - ' f TN-' ,A iq -x fbk lf A 'xx h -in -N - as , --x b, ,BJ - M7 ,ff 3' fun x 5 V' s ,fx f'?9-Ex L is ' Mum-' 4wf , J -, ,+ Y. ' f I .T -assi 'Q I ITF: MR X - 4 4' wii N R :ii .. f fa, We P"! I .gy Q -'13, a A E wg, -. i' . - 9 -.-, . 3 ii '-'. 'IU 1 ,,,., :!x. 92.18555 MW ,fwmwm-.4 Aww Z-awww cgmmw adpbwdwawlwpfmybwwmf Graduation Awards The Alumni Association Award for the Highest Average Elizabeth Collins Lee Award Edwin and L. M. Zimmerman Award University of Maryland Alumni Association Award for Leadership The Award for Excellence in Neurological Nursing Frances Arnold Memorial Award Flora Hoffman Tarun Award Evelyn Lundeen for Excellence in Pediatric Premature Care Loretta Ford Award for Excellence in Pediatric Ambulatory Nursing Donna Peed Judith Shelly Rebecca Zelna Donna Peed Wendy Palmer Donna Leake Karen Mack Cheryl Stock Carolyn Lord Yolanda Torrence Who's Who Among Students Kristi Brown Nina Klein Karen Mack Wendy Palmer Joanne Schoch Cheryl Stock Laura Walter Allison Coles Alice Loving Marianne Miller Jane Scheller Roberta Stern Deborah Taylor The American Universities and Colleges ,Q l 2 ' , - 'ww W f A . , fr 1-.:"f,L, '5"'s.L.f 'QE , Jw! 3 4 541 4- Svfiu, 14 ! l 1 tif my V f 11' .ab al , fy! qv I sl 1 1 x 'wisvs hp 4 A, -...V . xfXgR '95 1'-4 W 5 ff dw .L 46 .,,,.XX P'-P The Florence Nightingale Pledge lsolemnl y pledge myself before God and the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profes- sion faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the stan- dard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping, and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty I will endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care. -uf ' 1 . ,,, Q'-1 is M '-5 9 It INF? X 3 ,A ,Nb ,X Dorm Life f is " .E il" - 2 MARY +lQRiSTiS I Davlum L' DEN 1 . MADE WITH FRESH - 'WLM 'scnnrso mom A-4 l GOOD OL' W 292239 P ' W2 'N' 3-X. th 2, -X -+A. ,pw -Q W N-of 'Y X -4 -w-: by 9. x fx A In AN A 1 eww, 35" n 1. M. I t.: Commuter Life PARKING ifaf .Ja 8m-6eM. UCK '. ,L S ' , c k . , 6 CARS xx., . X A XS TOWED AWAY N0 TANDING fr.-1:1 14' Qs? rnwm, x' V at 9 Q wma 3 f and CITY 571 :unit f'!""'5 'ft 1' 150151 Q 'K 'xl' S' we 'di Q41 57" LIFE vw' a 4-""'A -'fm ph-AQQ, ,,,.q - - NM, ,n. -nl ug 1-nuns. un Lhllll MN la s llllllll nu LLL-M .E 57 iii lil!! li 1 0-B-sill' - v, - nmuneiiun ul PlVe6l!Pi0"U'l , 4- S uw-uso-sum-P i , liiil' "ii N 5 P iiiv W , 4 ui ff ' :annul f . , Q r 5 swans: Q A - , 9, slain K I-nun: M, ,Q Q' -g .A .,.. ...M ,, , -: gr' " f .. ' -mtl--C' F 1 " "" 1 FN - x i - F' x M. ' 'W ... U N ,bg I1 ltli - lxfltwi - 1' lf! , x ' ' -x --x, fy ' 543. 4 'N . S,-.761 Sw v. 9 T75 1 lx ,H An am What a view, charm city. l'Il drink to that. One of Parsons' girls Yesterday . . . Inherent in the history of the School of Nursing is a spirit of progress exemplifying service to the individual, the profession, and the community. 'fr- N - ..-1 il "As if a door in heaven should be Opened and then closed suddenly, The vision came and went The light shone and was spent A Lady with a Lamp shall stand in the great history of the land, A noble type of good, Heroic womanhood. " Louisa Parsons December, 1889, marked the founding of the second organized school of nursing in Maryland. ln the beginning it was incorporated with the medical school and hospital and was called the Universi- ty of Maryland Faculty of Physic Training School for nurses. Louisa Parsons, a protege of Florence Nightingale and a graduate of St. Thomas Hospital in London, came to the University of Maryland in December 1889 and became its first Superintendent of Nurses when the training school was in- augurated. She dedicated her life to the alleviation of suffering. 1 in John S. Toll President University of Maryland -fu-15 'VIII 5 l ix 3 X lx V x . -www, X we fs l . ,aaa-N ? R Dr. Nan Heckenberger Albert Farmer Dean UM School of Nursing Chancellor LIMAB Dr. Rachel Booth Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies C-1 Judith Court Barbara Spivack Coordinator for Student Services Dr. Shirley Hall Dr. Leslie Perry Acting Chairperson RN Program 0 Dr. Mary Rapson Dr. Harper Dr. Rosemarie Moser Love is a blossom that grows in any soil, works its sweet miracles unda un ted by spring frost or win ter snow, blooming fair and fragrant all through the year - blessing those who give and receive. L "TIN F acult Y AQ. f2'.'Q:.. r 1 tl. I Faces I i 'wwf ,Q 3 F5 7' " f,"wM:"'Tl? .J N '-,USM ,. V .5...-g A 1 -Q 17 V f f' x K Ni .ak 'W ,-mr Q I V. .ob-Q,W N ,-4, fr v 1' , ff' ' ., . 'M -ng 111- A-Q, , V- 5: M f' -'i A . wb 11.17 ww' ,. -, gl' .5 gk, A , ,u-I 11, xii JS ,1 2 ff:- -5 , Jn: 'A Q' X .1 Mx gym. X-Q vs x P if ww N mx x,...aSxX xx N- Q sf N N x Q 0 ks X lx Q A N XS xx x XS W X N x X Q Q x xi . 'E . X ai X X V" i '- 7 1, 51.1 ,. , 1 5 ' -. . 4, , fi: .-2: Ss 1 sf ' f -wr , fe, xl . 'H 5' fl 1 1 - 125. - - -.gly,,z,- 5 'fi , Luann Gamble Margaret Jones Rosemary Grimm 0 x -.f x Rosalie Huffman Carol Hilton Susan Beall Ella Byrd Lisette Bunting Alice Dawkins Lillian Dove RNS Elizabeth Nothkend Liz Nonotmy 'SWR' Q Carol Ann Kopchinski .L 1 ' Susan Kush , L Susan Penneyton x h X Robin Leiman Clinical , -,,'3'r' vp- V l. 1 if ?1' - r:, -' , f ,,v. , J ' T- Y F553 T295 Q El 'x dh, 4421 1 73 1 1 .I ' l'l AS an ... Af , K . , ,af I J l ' I KQL - Q 1 af A 'N .1 , -X Y 1 K, All E 1 i .E f' if 2 Q wffffl J' Q - 4 Y 'r A ,wwf 956 X S I,lN,,.,. -r 1, 2,2 3 1 x 1 s 'QQ' Ix 5 P. 2 5. Z Ti' X Juniors Sandy Arthurs Annette Becker wgpf.-.. Joyce Armstead Jo Ann Brettschneider Fay Baysic 1 1 ann-f fm! A I .J Dawn Bitzer Kristina Burchard 4-'SEN ekie Debbie Caldwell Y . N' El -'13 wi A ' fi Linda Greer 'li' '-,Q-5' .i Delia Casson X Jasmine Esendal Rueyann Dutrow Deborah Henderson Jeanine Harry -- x' if Ray Ellen Hoffman 17' Andrea Gregoire D, Brenda Hicks 1351 Suzanne Hook .Pi x Q Karen Janniche ...f I Lori Jensen Dawn Kopf Clara Lee S Q Q., ' Dana Kriner iff Denise Longo f"" Fm -'U N., ,q Alice Heier Stacey Quinlan Kathy Ries Kathy Rodean i I Q. X . .r . 3 x M ,- . , - ,L .... Joseph Rose Patricia Scheile 4' ' ', Wendy Serpick Cynthia Wurtzer Kagari Shaw .X A Kathleen Smith Kelly Stolte Mindy Tawes rw"'1w, . J Lou Warner Kathleen Sisk -Y-s.rx X XGQL bv," A Rosemary Tasin fu'- Palestine Washington Seniors Margareta Kathleen Aberg "Greta" "Big G" Heaven on the seventh floor, 6 and 7th floor parties, salads, ladies nights, snaking, those? nights with Heidi, to chaotic families and fire prevention, to walks by myself and to Jay. Future Goals: Peds ICU lf I ever find a job. Jennifer Augney C""" .AL Susan Akridge Christine Bargar "Grace" Chris and Sandy's Campus Complaint Committee, "This maketh no sense" "Heffer- dust", cold showers, real cockroach races on the 4th floor Future Plans: Surgical Nursing and Marriage ff. Barbara Alden Teresa Baroody Marry Gary, work hard, and live happily ever after. C 'o, 87 Noranne Basham Fluting, Med-Surg Nsg, Masters Jennifer Bendall 'AWhip" Strictly off campus, Work at John's Hopkins Oncology Center Future Plans: Forever single, Homeward-bound to Cal, for MSN, and surfside activities '---.... Deirdre Beagan Lisa Marie Bemkey "l made it with a little help from my friends." Eileen Becker Professional Jewish Assoc., MANS, Fluting 82, Class meetings. Future Plans: Med-Surg Nsg., Grad School. Felicia Lynn Berry Black Student Nurses Assoc. Future Plans: Grad. School, Critical Care Nursing Gail Blackburn fm., Bonnie Botzler Deborah Blaney Get married in Oct. Work in peds ICLI at JHH Member in PHI KAPPA PHI Ann Boyle li. David Bluhm w 4 Mx Susan Braaten Laura Brannan Daina Biuvys TN? I P .L QA.. Cheryl Brown "I can do all things thru Christ Jesus, who Strengthens me." l tell YA, life, love and the pur- suit of happiness at the M.J.B. home. iff' Cheryl Bula Kristi Ann Brown t'Kissy!" Yearbook Bus. Editor, SGA Who's Who, Heaven on the ser- pent floor, Hospital nights, Cl, Synapse, O.C., Fort Lauderdale Future Plans: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or bust. "' ON Pamela Butler nparnv. Future Goals: Master's Pediatric Nsg. in Boston after Oct. 83 wedding. Bonnie Camper Desire to work in adult ICU Dawn Carter ., 4.4- Catherine Carcaci "Cath" "l live for Fridays" Jr. Orientation 82, fluting, graduation caps, BfP screen- ing Courtyard 82, parties in Parsons, Lit. Hall. Angeline Chasten Theresa Carey Trauma Nsg. Terri Chayt Future Plans: Med surg Nsg. some aspect of Card. Nsg. Grad School. To never be a burned out nurse by maintaining a balanced life and to run a marathon. 91 Iris Chernikoff nl., PJ's assoc., classmeeting regular, fluting backstage hand Future Plans: Friends, Family, Work, Further Ed., L and D Midwifery Kathleen Clements "Clemie" Heaven on the 7th floor, escap- ing to the gym, football in the snow, clean finger club, bounc- ing, partners - celebrate good times! Future Plans: Peds and Neonatal ICU Barbara Ciepiela Allison Kay Coles Living for the present in hope of a brighter future Black Student Nurses Assoc. President Who's Who Among American College Students Jennifer Claudy "Neurotic" Professional student, get mar- ried, move to Boston and find a job To be a Good Nurse. by fb R an Amy Collins Rosemarie Collins Hello World. Specialty: Maternal Child Health. Maybe one day l'Il become a midwife. l need some R + R. r Paula Cope Future Plans: Acute Care Set- ting at Calvert Memorial. Goal: To work Emergency or LSD. ctivities: Fluting. Mary Pat Connors Sonia Cordero Nickname: Sonny Activities: SCKC-H Club Future Plans: Work 2 yrs. in MedfSurg. Goal: MSN - Certified Mid- wife: Private Practice. Bettie Cook Nickname: Eve Future Plans: Be a Nurse, wife, and mom. Goals: To be good at all three! Rosalinda Correa-Becker Hobbies: Sailing, sailing and sailing. Future Goals: PICU or ORfCV 3ORfCV Nursing. In a few years, research at NIH or ad- ministrationfpolitical nsg. Special Appreciations: To my best friends Mark Goleb, Gwen Llyechi and Stephanie Evers and to my loving parents and family. "l couldn't have made it without you." Suzanne Cowperthwaite Letitia Countis Oleta Laurie Crumpler "Laurie" Black Student Nurses Assoc. Entering Maternal Child Health Nsg. fUi Karen Cumberbatch HJOH Acch, Black Student Nurses Assoc. MANS, NSNA, Jazz Dance, Jogging Future Plans: Children's Hosp. Nat'l Med. Center MSN - Peds nurse practioner private practice. Cheryl Crumbacker Thanks, Mom, Dad, Susie and Butch. l love you all. Mary Cummings Denise Daniel Activities: Black Student Nurses Assoc. Future Plans: Masters in Ped., Nsg. Practitionership, Travel. T Shelley Dollar "I have complete confidence, OGod!!" Ps. lO8:l Debora DeHart Nickname: Debbye Activities: G.N.O. Club with P.L.G.S., horseback riding, jog- ging, camping and hiking. Future Plans: John Hopkins Peds, Oncology. Goal: To continue my learning in nsg. Darlene Dorfler ..Dee.,Y ..Dar.. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." Future: Marriage to Paul, work LSD, have little "Glaude- man's." Sandra Dietzel Nickname: Sandy Activities: Sewing, Hitchhiking, Horseback Riding, Travel. Future Plans: Peds. Oncology at John Hopkins. Thank you family for all your love and support! Michelle Dragonuk 'vs Patricia Dumler Nickname: Patty Favorite Event: Breaking down on Charles Street on the way to clinical with Stephanie, Chris and Julie. Favorite Phrase: "May l speak to Dr. Murdock, this is Patty calling again." O , Q-. ' Nitty Christine Elder Sharon Easton Patricia Emerson "P.E." "Heaven on the 7th floor", special friends "l need it bad!" snow football January 1982 ... 12 in an elevator . . . fires in the toaster oven . . . Birthin Babies! Psalms 145118. lx fix Susan Edwards Nickname: Sue Activities: Fluting, 9:30 pm trips to WaWa, "Covey hugs", DYNASTY HOUR, carpools to clinical, Sunbathing on the 5th escape. Goal: Cardiac Nsg. Frances Endres Sheila Epps Black Student Nurse's Assoc. Grad. School Obstetric Nursing Josephine Fava HJC.. Future Plans: To pass state boards, raise a family and at- tend graduate school in an area not yet determined. Beverly Fabian Mary Theresea Feinour Future Plans: Marriage. Future Goals: Oncology Nurs- ing at John Hopkins Graduate School 'fi- X .17 . Kelly Fadrowski Sharon Ferguson Stephanie Harris Secretary of Black Student Nurse's Assoc. Interest: PedfAdolescent Oncology. Life is a gift from God to be liv- ed each day to the fullest. Michelle Hawkins Activities: Nat'l Student Nurse's Assoc., MANS. Black Student Nurse's Assoc. Childbirth Educator. Future PlansfGoals: Graduate School - Nurse Midwifery. ,149 Mary Hathway M.K. former prickly head Save the Mary Bay Let's give enemas . . . the 6th floor window hecklers Christmas Caroling in May? Myrtle Beach '83. "Oh! Oh! Here she comes!" Future: Outerspace ICU Nursing Alice Henson is Wynne Hawk Pamela Jean Hill Nickname: Pammie Activities: Going to gym. GNO Club with D.L.G. Future Plans: Work in D.C. area, G.W. or Georgetown. Goals: To find the area of nsg. that's right for me, and con- tinue my education. Sandra Gibson Laura Ellen Glennie I finally made it. Cindy Glazer Karen Grimes Plans: to marry Paul Allen in June 1983. Work at Prince Georges Hospital. Goal: ER nursing ,,. ' 5 ' . x G.. - Susan Kaye Haddock Maria T. Hadzaman Z Debra L. Harrell F.B.C., "Nancy, wake up! Our group is presenting! My David called fDoo-Deell Nervous breakdown ll pm No CH uniform! Lots of noise CN.K,, M.M., K.B.J Temp. controlled showers, Thanks Nanc, X2 yrs. Yipee! Linda Horn Kathleen Hirn Nickname: Spanky Activities: negotiate contracts with pilgrims. Future: to regain my sanity Goals: to give the perfect enema Charmaine Jackson BSNA, My goals are to attend Catholic University with a ma- jor in Administrative nursing fClinical in Adult-Med-Surgl Kathy Holsopple Remembrances: pizza parties on the 5th floor. Plans: Med-Surg. Nursing, Grad School? Donna Huffman Activities: part time work at Johns Hopkins Oncology Center Plans: to move out of state Cioal: Med-Surg Nursing Peggy Fields KX"-in Regina Fredericks Nickname: Jeannie, Wein Quote: "No need" Fond Memories: B. W.'s C.H. group, Synapse, Fell's Point and my friends old and new. Future: Graduate school and to have a happy healthy, and prosperous life. -sem? Margaret Flannery Nickname: Mom Activities: mothering, school, homemaker Future: have another baby, work OBXGYN Goal: become mid-wife Linda Frltsch "Only the heart can see what the eyes could not believe" Pamela Frankenfields Nickname: Pammy Quote: "ls this really what l want to do for the rest of my life?" "l can't, I got a care plan to do!" Memorable: Dynasty nights at 430 Parsons Plans: Peds nsg at Hopkins Kathryn Jackson h :mi E . Carolee Jakes Denise Kaminski Memory: Thursday night at the Synapse junior year. AA meeting hungover senior year. "f in Gloria James Nickname: Margie Activities: Black Student Nurses Assoc. Quote: To the incoming juniors - if you plan on making it in life you should possess the following: a positive self- concept, assertiveness and love. N1-"" 4 H., . ,. Myra Joseph Activities: BSNA Goals: Ped. nurse at ChiIdren's Hosp. in Wash., D.C. Barbara Marie Jennings Nickname: Bubba Quote: No Need Memories: Pharmacy boat bash, Synapse, BW's com- munity healty group, the horse, 6 floor parsons and all the good friends l've made. Plans: Grad School ' S' i .-1 j Salisa Day Juergensen Activities: Member of the Mt. Vernon gang and campus con- nection, synapse, PJ's, Dental students. Goal: Graduate and move to Southern California. Kimberly Kennedy Goal: Getting a job as a ped nurse, passing the boards - Help! Going to O.C. with Jim in August, buying a car. Nina G. Klein Nickname: 'Rrrital Grammer Queen Activities: SGA, Who's Who Memory: Heaven on the Ser- pent floor, floor parties, Hospital nights, FT Lauderdale Quote: 'How 'bout them Wiedemann's!' Future: Cardiac Nursg. Nancy Keyser Activities: MANS, NSNA member, Professional Jewish Student Assoc. . X , Christine Koslowski Kr' ' T N Barbara Lynn Kenny Activities: GNO Club with P, D, G, and S! Plans: Surgical Intermediate care unit at JHH. Thanks to all my family and JR. for their love and support. Mary Virginia Kleintank Nickname: Ginny l dedicate my entire Nrsg. career to the loving memory of my brother Thomas Shawn and my cousin Thomas Kean Kleintank, whose unbridled spirits will live forever. Thank you Mom, Dad, Family, friends and God for your support. l will need it and cherish it always. Shiree L. Kwash MANS Vice President MANS State Board of Directors "Best Wishes to all fellow Nurs- ing Grads of l983!" Gail B. Levin soon to be Gail Handwergerger 7f23f83. Congrats to all my fellow classmates. Best of luck on Boards and in the future. Sinai Hosp. Patricia Lang Linda Lewis Heidi Lange QF. Patricia Llewellyn Alice Eugenia Loving Favorite Saying: "Life goes like that sometimes." Black Student Nurses Associa- tion - V. Pres. Who's Who in American Colleges Margaret Lyons "Margie" "Jugs Jones" Yea God! l made it! l'Il miss all you guys. Marry Dave and work in research nursing and enjoy life. Kim Lustica Karen M. Mack SGA President Yearbook Favorites: CHOCOLATE! Heaven on the serpent floor. Clean Finger Club, Maitai Club, Smadams and the Gift. Grant St. with Ellen. Future: Neuro, Law Suzan Marie Lyerly Nickname: Sue Activities: MANS - Secretary of LIMAB Chapter, Fluting 83 Future: Work in Med-Surg, travel, dance, enjoy life Goal: Clinical Specialist, im- prove Nursing Profession Amy Marchione Lauran Mclntyre David McMaster Marne McKenna Patricia Meehan Janet Michael Robin Meredith WL A r X X X Janet Miller Deborah Miller Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understandingg in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5,6 Mary Miller Mary P. Miller "Pinhead" "Joe-Mama" Career Goal: "ln the Navy" Love you friends, Charlene and Sue Marianne Miller "Mauwi Zowie" Synapse, Rehobeth, Spring Break 83, Ft. Lauderdale, L.B. parties, Clean Finger Club - 12 in an elevator Future: Med-Surg Hopkins Gina Mistretta Where's the pilgrim at? "Oh-Oh Here She Comes!" Rides to Anapolis with the Pepettes. Sandra Mongold Nickname: The Bip Future Plans: NICLI Nursing, continuing to grow in Christ Favorite Things: The country, tennis, music Michele Nash MANS Future Plans: Nursing in Washington Area HospitalfSurgical nursing, Graduate school in a year or two Marriage - June 1984 Jenise Mueller Activities: School and work: Future Plans: Work in NICLI or Oncology Goals: To enjoy life and nursing gp-Mx..-ways .yt Gayle D. Needle Phi Kappa Phi Nat. Honor Society, member of MANS and NSNA "God grant me the serenity to accept the things l cannot change . . . the courage to change the things I can . . . and the wisdom to know the dif- ference. . Regina Narango Michaele Nesbitt fPom Pomj Black Student Nurses Associa- tion - Treas. Favorite Saying: "At the end of every beginning there is a new beginning to be found" I, rf Nancy Neumann ,wg- Catherine Ng Jean Northrop I9 Mindi Obstler Karen Nichols Kathleen O'Connor Quote: "Launching a dream is like the mind taking a breath of fresh air . . . like a surprise gift always waiting to be opened . . . like a journey to a favorite place! Activities: Rolling Stones in Philly Sept. '81, Harborplace, Charlene's tetanus shot, P.J.'s c Paul, fluting, skiing in the Poconos. Donna Ordakowski "I am the same person I was before, but yet, because of your presence in my life, I am different." It is a comfort to know we came through this together. I plan to get my master's. Hope to see you in nursing. qwV'? Wendy Palmer Nancy Osborn "Nurse" . . . Heaven on the 7th floor . . . escape to the gym . . . working at PLI. M.H. jumping out bathroom window. Deb, we made it and I love ya. N' Martha Parmeter Catherine Owens "I actually managed to get through nsg school without get- ting engaged." Future Plans: Stay that way. Donna Peed Activities: Can't wait to find life beyond nsg school Goals: Trauma Nsg, MS Trauma Nsg andfor Rehab Nsg. Plans: Re-acquaintance of fami- ly and friends, MIEMSS, sleep, primary ng, patient advocacy. NN, ,F Kelly Reinhart Carrie Pineda i Christine Pluta ,E "Chris" 5 Goal: E.R. Nsg. Brenda Poag Darlene Pinkham Activities: Fluting, '82 Future Plans: Grad school in a year A-xx UO Theresa Polm Goals: Expand knowledge by working in med-surg unit and specialize at a later date in an area of my choice. Beverly Revis "B.R., Bev" Memories: Fluting, let's give enemas, 6th Floor Window Bunch, trying the newly fixed private elevator, Myrtle Beach '83, Hawaiian party during Bliz- zard '83. 1 .,-r' 'I Hae-Sook Rhee Sydelle Ross S ,. Sharon Rossi Wendy Richmon Future Plans: Work on med- surg unit in Bal. County Hospital. Goals: E.R. Nurse li! 2 . Bonnie Sandborn Activities: Fluting Future Plans: To marry Carol, my xl mid Goals: To be a NP. in OBfGYN Nickname: Bon-Bon Rachel Sanderoff '17--1 Jane Scheller Jane Savage Activities: MANS, Pledge, Fluting Plans: "ln the future, l may practice nursing." 'A . ' ' ' Lisa Schlossbach ff. Carol Scavarda "So long Baltimore! Return to New York to work in hospital setting in Westchester County. Susan Schmidt A l 4 Joanne Schoch Ann Schmitt Gail Schultz T. C. and J.W.: Remember Campus lnn late night rap ses- sions and "Z.S.A." Thank God we've made it! Future Plans: MS. in car- diovascular nursing. X Jennifer Schulze Xi ,JN Lori Schroeder Goals: Soon to be the lovely Mrs. Lori Allen. Future Plans: 141 kiddies and counseling in holistic nursing. Natalie Schulze . i .,.I""" n E . if .Ai Kimberly Schumaker Dawn Heather Shotto Catherine Ann Scott I never would have made it without such outstanding and supportive parents. Thank you. ln the future l hope to gain a degree in Peds. Nurse Practitioner. Beth A. Shughart "Bethie" Fluting, Synapse, all nighters, mgmt., Skylight dinners Har- borplace in the moonlight. Future Plans: Ped. Nurse Practitioner. l Judy Shelley To Dave and Mom: You both made it all worthwhile. Thanks for all your love, encourage- ment and support. Christine Singleton 115 Anita Jablonski Smith Future Goals: Med-Surg Nsg with Deafflvlutes Activities: Bridge Sherry Sonken Goals: S.T. Navy Nsg Corps L.T. - Nurse Practitioner Activities: Fluting fRozanneJ, Synapse, Pistols, Stress Pelease!! The beach, Spring Fever Susan Snyder Lynda Staples Susan Snyder Susan L. Sterling Activities: Phi Kappa Phi, water skiing Goal: Adult Nurse Practitioner, Thanks to my parents for their support. F. 4? Roberta Stern Cindi Strauch Jogging, outdoor sports Future Plans: To get married and start a family. Goal: To achieve my future plans. LJ Cheryl Stock "Shirley", "Life's been heaven on the serpent floor Ft. Lauderdale - Yip Yip! OK Fine, P.J's, C.l., The Napse. Fluting '82 - sound off! Good Luck RRRita's! l'll miss you. 2nd Lt. Stock Ll.S. Air Force. K X Pamela Tuma 'CQ he J -' sill: fit E Karen Stone "Leather", PTL, we finally made it. Plans: Become a prof. bridesmaid, Med-Surg Nsg. in Wash, D.C. Thanks girls it's been BOUN- DIVA!! ls. 40:28-31. Patricia Lynn Thorton CTriciaJ Goals: To work in Mater- nalfChild Health.Midwifery. "Midnight trips to WAWA and OREO ice cream." Member: "Should be, but aren't yet club," MANS Cpublicity chairpersonj. 1 v new Debra Taylor . xkrl X A 1 . ,ii E. Elizabeth Thomas "Liz, Lizzie, Lizzard." "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13 MedfSurg Nsg. at Doctor's Hosp. in Lanham, MD. Bye everyone l'll miss you! J Mary T. Taylor "Mary T.", "Marebear" Fun with C.H. Group, Camping at Myrtle Beach. Future: Adult MedfSurg, ICU - Clinical Specialist. Thanks Mom and Dad and all my special friends. WY fa., X. 1 'F I 1 Gwen Llyechi MANS Member Goals: To practice MedfSurg nsg. in Washington area. Jennifer Terzano Phi Kappa Phi Goal: Critical Care Nursing Future Plans: Masters Degree in Pediatric Nsg. Q""" liliismf l Mary Lucille Valle "Lucille" Future: Work at Johns Hopkins Hosp. Oncology Center. Masters in Physiology at JHU. Goal: Work in ICU. Teach physiology. Georjean Vinson Future: Peds Nsg, marriage to the best guy in the world! Goal: Houseful of children and raise bifurcate quadrupeds. Bevelry Walker Eileen Vorbach Patricia L. Walker Future Plans: Adult Med-Surg. Goal: Adult ICU. . ..,, X 9 ix Alecia Marie Waldron "Hey A", "AIopecia" A sixth floor window heckler, "Leash" You dropped a bomb on me, baby. Goal: To travel, Medical Nsg at JHH or Air Force Nsg. C9 .ails Laura Walter Pres. MANS - School Chapter, Who's Who in the American Colleges and Univer- sities, lst Vice-Pres. MANS State Assoc. Jill Waltz Kathleen Williams ox Patricia Wieczorek upalltln Future Plans: To pass the boards, work in the OR, travel. T' fs"""1- Ruth Ann Williamson Goals: Work in CCLI: ICU, move to Calif. and live with husband for more than 4 wks. at a time! Midnight trip to WAWA and Oreo ice cream, letters and phone bills! Fluting MANS. Kyle Wilhelm "Wiley Kylie" Horseback riding, fishing. Plans: Work at LIMH for 1 year after grad. Goal: To be an excellent OR nurse. Theresa Wingert "Terry" Favorite Quote: Every cloud has a silver lining. Fluting 81 and 82, Synapse, gym, Parsons 5th floor. Plans: ICU nursing. Debe Wise "Blondie" Fluting Plans: To marry my love, Ben Williams, and live in beautiful Key Largo, Fla. on a yacht. Peds nsg. and eventually administration. Sandra Jeanne Woppert "Mom", "Chris and Sandy" Campus Complaint Comm. "Get me the hell out of herel, Peds nsg and marriage in Milwaukee Many thanks to Dad and Mom, Rick and Nan, Michael, Chris and all my friends whose love and support got me through the past 4 years. Louise Wissman 3 Lucy Yanuario Getting through nursing school without falling apart, working in Johns Hopkins Hosp. Get married next summer and live a happy life. Nxnxxxwxwm Julie Wolpert "No matter how grouchy you're feeling, you'Il find the smile more or less healing, it grows in a wreath all around the front teeth, thus perserving the face from congealingf' Theresa Yi ff? 1-""""v H? Charlene Zecha Debbie Zolly Mary J. Houlihan MANS treasurer, AA meeting hung over senior year Favorite Place: Synapse on Thursday night. , L Emilia Zseleczky Marian White lm n. Greta Hagburg WOO-woo . . . 6th floor window hecklers Thanks for putting up with me, Mo. lt sure has been a great year, synapse, Fluting 83, Men! Myrtle Beach Spring 83 Loser, Sweat! Outerspace nursing with M.K. and Mo. x li L Kevin Progar Now this is not the end. lt is not even the beginning of the end. Maureen Peterson Mo. Laaaage Pumping beer at the Synapse, 6th and 7th floor parties, "Let's give Enemas," The 6th floor window hecklers Christmas Caroling in May? The blizzard of 83, Squid Surprises, Myrtle Beach 83 Outerspace ICLI nursing with MK. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning. Sir Winston Churchill XMI x I X 0 XX ' X.-'l DKNY-5 X Q .J 1 E1 Faces ,Ai -1' . :X- bv 1 9: 05 'L ,ps Vx 'J' 5 sh N X 1 +V xl .: N- + .-,N Ma-Mag ,f Wmrii li: .1 125 'rf fffxr V .- .-Ev '," V fir'-'-: '-'J . , ,.,z,?,.-my ., , A . .',rf.. - V-.,,-.Tw rf ,:,s-i a m., A-51, uve i.'.,l34 ,JT yy-31l44Yf.:55:':. L. g 3 , A -- -4: ., fm: , , NG. . ., mf.n,2c-R 1. ., '-E W ,...,,.fjx J f 5 rx 'i , if-.' J -N af' ? 2 W 'fe ...,.,.,..'- , Qfwggfgggr, "'?xif ' A U. xl' IIHS url: uns 8 B.S.N. . .........m -QR. 1 Q -fir, 31 15 ,AX Q3 ' us ' 3 .. .Sc ' R- Xw . x X ix S sw x in xv NRX X mxwkwxwm l fav ix' - f, V id: MA :.'1' 'FZ' ia'- "2 -25.3 .LX Concepts IIIB Candids E155 -'H Q5 - Lg ' 2 QL., Special Thanks For the Following Contributions Patrons Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Alden Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Leonard Bass James R. Bendall Jerome J. Bemkey Bernard M. Bordenick Clyde P. Browning Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Canterbury Mrs. Annie S. Coles Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Connors Barbara T. Curtin Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Curtis, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Dutraw, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gillette Avis E. Greer Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Hardwick MF. Bhd MTS. DI'. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Richard and Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hathway Gerald R. Hoffman and Family Raymond F. lllig John A. Jennings, Jr. Norris Jones Nander J. Kertai Carolyn Kleintank and Family Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Marchione Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Meara Plaut James M. Sanborn William I. Schmidt Sherwood E. Shughart Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Schuler Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Scott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Schultz Jack H. Schuster Ronald Smith Charles E. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Szuba Mr. and Mrs. William F. Toothe Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Ulrich Paul A. Valle Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Waldron Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Wingert Wanda C. Witmer Dorothea Walters Witten Sponsors Col. and Mrs. James R. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. William A. Aberg, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Armstead Blair Barger lBarger Real Estate 1 Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Basham Mr. and Mrs. George Beall Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Brunsch wyler Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Butler Nancy Mae Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Carcaci Mr. and Mrs. Wesley H. 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Mueller Joan and Gene Myers Mr. and Mrs. Charles Norman Mr. and Mrs. John E. Osborn Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Pashb y Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Pello Mr. and Mrs. John H. Pickerell Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Richmon Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Robey Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Rodean Harold Scheller Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Scheve Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Schoch Mr. and Mrs. James A. Sisler Mr. and Mrs. Barton Z. Stolte Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Stolte Eunice P. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Wade H. Turner, Jr. Earl P. Tuma Carol Wallace Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Walters Mr. and Mrs. Larry V. Warner Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Webb Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Wellman Herman A. White, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Woppert Theresa Yerrell Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Zelna Mr. and Mrs. Emil J. Zseleczky It Looks Like We 1.2 1 U . S Made It! L f , IX 2-1 lx X - I , ' 4 qhiife Only One Year to Go! Y X is x 'K Just Another Day 1G ff, V Q, ..-:Mm . L ,..,. .. ,- "tw mx ' X X if Nw , 4 1 XIX, gg giexwb . .wmxgis L------. . -, zszzzvf- f-' 5 Y' L ,mna 3 V V ' .Q -' -.V ' Q - - F '15 , . I w S' VY fsxx 535 This is a nurse? Xi 2' R, Lag-xx in fgyf. - fi 1 5 AJ Practicing for the O.R. He's late again "Don't look too close." Stuck with the check again Ready for chmcal 'Here's to LIMABH 5- '? - - as 3 T. The Balloon Man Says Goodbye to Donna Nd . -, gross J ig? V1 X fx. And this one is only S2,000. "lf I weren't in Nursing School . . f ,379 43' 'x 'fir A I A A J e: :A . MR-1 4 ' ,i,. .5 1 "1 ' -4.5 f ' ,153 i 5 X-gf? fjgg .mf . 1 ..s.-if I ' ' f W -. 1 ., ' ' 314- .f "SQ: IT-:' EQ QQ 134' 4 X ' QL ,xigifsf ., Q'-15,21 if-giiigi .2.,f+:ff wifi, ,W egg 115:2':':' 39:-5929 CEZQEEW fldgz-:li 1, 4:11111 ' . .5QE"':'?i'.f'-if'11e.,f1if ' 471 X f ' ' TCT 1'Pa,1,-HN' mfr 'AX mf? 2.-A :WS - ... QR-eff' -N K . ,g .- S yi? gg 3-,gg f7,,1,'213?-if nf- 1:' :ifiggA, , sqm :A Q sf Q Q. 5g Q xi gig? we ' S' 'fff s' fiiffiel ' ., Nix' N ' 4 , 2 .- 74 Q- b Q ff? 4 - - ,- f fi ? A 2+ . , .-BK1, ,1:.v1,, .,.W,x,. ,. ,- 4- . il.. .-J.: , X 5534. ' as ' 1 W, V 1v2"fz.f?PS.,m, W .... i?g4:f,Q,dggga5 .3 i Q ,a?ff" 1 ,., , x E7 ff gimy :Q X , fx- - 3' 2- . 3 1 lk N' X' ' Q -4-' wr Ffsrfff, 1 ,NL V gl A ' - ' , Q A ' lx, 0. 9 :1 A " ' Q 55 Wax QQ QQ SFX ., .. 231. ': 1 5 4 Q 4,5 x "Q:f,.?' :'k.f QQ 3 X I .B Q K 'WS sr ,,.,.., Sj,, . x ,-.1215 E50 1 ,A , 1 , y I 4 1 --x I 5 fx ' v r I I 1 Q Nurses Grow Along With Us . . . The Psychiatric Institute of Montgomery Co. is part of a full service health care delivery system at the Montgomery Co. Medical Center at Shady Grove Rd. and Rte. 28. As a private community-oriented hospital, we will be providing a full range of specialized services for adults adolescents and families Our nurses are an integral part of multi-disciplinary treatment team using progressive individualized treatment plans within a therapeutic community setting. To schedule a personal interview and learn more about our treatment program and our comprehensive benefit package including free individual health, life and dental insurance, 19.5 paid days leave, 8 paid holidays, extended sick leave, disability, retirement and savings programs, in- service training and tuition benefits, call Personnel, 251-4567. CARROLL COUNTY GENERAL HOSPITAL Westminster, Maryland Congratulates the Nursing Class of 1983 Nursing positions are available in our community hospital. Contact our Personnel THE PSYCHIATRIC INSTITUTE Department OF MONLGBOMERNL CEJUNTY for more information. 14 1 rosc arf oa - Rockville, Maryland 20850 An Equal Opportunity Employer ' ' ' Congratulations to the Nursing Class of 1983 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA GENERAL HOSPITAL .I I. J 19th and Mass. s.E. Washigcgggt, D.c. 140 675-5039 CDNGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES From the Office of Personnel - Nurse Recruitment Ter Heeter, RN, Ann Tnanner Iaelvin, RN 81 Denise Calo University DIE Maryland Hospital 22 S. Greene Street Baltimore, Maryland 21201 528-5312 rags K A S 'i ' Critical Care Internship for G.N.'s and R.N.'s with no critical care experience in ICUXCCU Cof- zlswref When you come to work at Doctor's Hospital you will DISCOVER a 240 bed adult acute care facility known for its family atmosphere, quality professionalism, critical care, renal dialysis and medical! surgical nursing. flpefzlfn ce Here you will EXPERIENCE the satisfaction of delivering primary and total care nursing. And you will find a salary and benefit plan that meet your financial goals. 4176 At Doctor's Hospital you will GIVE your nursing career the attention it deserves, in an atmosphere where nursing personnel are collaborators with the patient and family and other health profes- sionals in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating a regimen designed to restore max- K imum wellness. f "FEATURES FOR NURSING STUDENTS" 0 Four month MXS preceptorship programs held in June, September and January of each year for graduate nurses. fered on same basis as M! S preceptorshipj. ' Summer Extern Program offered to students entering their senior year of nursing school. ' Finanical Assistance Plan and Scholarship for junior nursing students with 3.0 CPA K To find out more about our excellent benefits in- cluding high option medical and dental insurance, free life insurance and pension plan, and 10070 tuition assistance, please call Cynthia Black at C30IQ 552-9400, ext. 5102. Orientations begin the first Monday of every month. DOCTORS' HOSPITAL OF PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY 8118 Good Luck Road Lanham, Maryland 20706 An Equal Opportunity Employer if r 4 5 CI 1 - f 4 S X 5 1 Ax ' x Q A , ,... 6 A A wx AY Pr, CONGRATULATIONS and R . 4 BEST WISHES QXQ to the T P' G raduating class N of If 1983 UF ' Q 1 f iw X. Uv I in 'T I 1 or ,X ala' ,143 "f H. ' 'ir From the Yearbook Staff Margie Lyons Kristi Brown Karen Stone Karen Mack Claudia Cissel 1983 M111 E1 W 1.1 1 11 1 'Qf1.,11 11 ,111 11'1 311' 11211 11,16 Nl HI-f"41 11' 11. nm' .IM I MXH' 1 'I 1 1 . 1 1411 1 1 K-1 111 11 11.1.111 1 1 .1 -11 I V I 1 Weigh '11 111111431 QL'-" 1 111 f 11-L"'1--1, fl' 1 "-6 111 4111.'1 1z-- 1111+ N 5. 1 -1 4, 111,1'. 1 1 '11 14,1 ,- 1.. W 04:1 1 X ..1 1 1 f 1 1 I 3 1 111 ,I P As 1 111. "TW, 3 "Q W1 1 X411 1 ,IN1 u,--- 1,1 1 .1 -I1 ' ,M1 :If 1 ' "Y'mE'x1 - I 1 1 1111 ,1 111 1 111 1- 1 1.1.1-11111 1 1 3 1 1 11. 1 V 1 'a 1 1 N' W X 1 ' ' 1 1 11 1 -1 1 1"'1 1 ' 1 1 11' 1 1 11 11 1 1 ' , 1 F 141' 1' 1 1 1 ,1 111 1 1 -'11' P 1' 1 .1 1 1 1.1. :11,1111,, " 5 . '1,1'5"f W, 1,1 1 1 1 111 U, 'VL'-1 1: 11 I 1 11 " .1 .1 1 ' 'f1,1.1'1 ff' ' 1 1 11' 111' 1, I -TI1 11 17. 11 1 YW. "11'3 '1 .1 1 1 J 1 ol W 11' 11 U 131163. Mb I, .41 ' MX 111.1 'WE '1 1:1 l ff' ,, '--IL. 1 .1 1 L x 1 1 .1 1 1 O Y g4A.n-L1 RV I 1 1 -u -f NU' 1 f4:"7 '1 - ' 'X 1-1.'1f 1, -1 1 ., 1- " ,T -1' I " ' " W' 11111 ' .fx U ,1 1 1- 57. 1 ' 1 ,, 1 1,43 1, Pg. " , --2,-1-1 ,N -1 E, " . N 1- 1. 51 1 11 'aq-..:,,,1-'1.111.- ,, Ulf. '1'- 4, ':, QV . H 0' ,, - fx-' '11 4'-1"l 11,1-fi' ' ",, R111 1 ""-" ,V 11,1 .5 11 111'-D 3112's 1. 111115. '.1- " .111-P " 1 11 ' 1 " .1 -1 . '31' ' 1' '+ '1 ' " 1 .' 1 ' "'1'1 1 '-19':'1' ' 1 .1 1 - '9' ' 1 "1'1 111 1, 11.11 .- 11 , 1' 4 . 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