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1 s f mf r I 'gif ni, , 1 ' 71 ' 1 1 W r .- Eva 175111 -5591 Fifi :few , If :mf Q4 .6323 if 7.24 5 ' 1 iff: 4' 41 I r , f ME V , 232 ,. 5353 riff C' E f 4 U! ,Q if V' :Zz r '13 ff, - . .Li .gf Ek V 2? .x u ., V-Lg, 'V 1' is si A A ,. :Q SS' PS ss S1 F5 V.. m 5 r , l cz v: if mu- ,,....-? . V -K' -.x Ve... pq' fi! fffff, ,, :X VV V7-5 ' W 1 F U A ,ny . f ' ,L '-wx' . "V 1 . :'f'V R V ::VV'JY'f.3fIf9,,x-U-1' 5" ip , ., ,lm V , NV, . , V. V .V 1 QV' .fg.fJJ,,-Vg-f.-' V ' ' x -.VI 'V-if , - -V jg- 5 .V 'V A" ' XA" ' , -'P ',V 4,1 .4115 1 -. , nunmnuruurrmmnnunuwnwuuunmmmnhunuummmunnwx-m. mum. uwnnmx fn nv nun n z cm- Lu v vu m V IIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllff 'a ,, 3 .'yqd,- -I .f,-r., . .,,,. -ht- F6 .. f. - 'gl f' V ,- ' lr 13. x X AH. S If ' ... I," aa- , 1 4' . 1 ., 4 gr- 4 , 1 . ' f. . , 5 -'Z'-' . -,Q ,QLI-p,a3v,LK-Cff, . U . ' W' 'A' Y I 1, X A- , XA, ,nd -f W 4 Qi -' .iz , U. .,-- ., , 1 f 'Gi -',' iff.: -1 'Hifi " . Vt. -- ..,.A A-. -.f.-.,Jg- - .ff ,.. , - - ., 'U ' 5 111- 911. ' A vi ' lm - ,.-'J F f ' 711--.... -,,-- V. !: ,, :g..,:-3.1 ' -QA! ' +91 ' - . -,,f,-,.v ,r ..o,- ,iw ,, 1 , - ,U-A 1 t. v-zu .J 1 'f"'.L,. 1,1 - -- f is Q r . - V ' -- . az, - . ' 3, . - -, - 3-'iif-j..iit'3t1f' . HJ ' ff' '- - "Q 5.2.7 ' 1 . L Q' ,..., -1-.-91' . Y-I ' f . - Q vs, vig., - , ,, , ' D ,- ..,4 , ... ' 'V 'T , - ,., ,gy-.wir ., 7 - k V A V an ' , w -.ff ' A , . 4-A: , V, V., - 4 , , it-,,.-,.,.-f V 1 X V, - A I V. -1-4 , , h i. if L- 1' V I ' ' , . . . A "" ' ' 'I 1 4 - L J 45, A - I --b-vl-- ' 'VA H - T115 ' ' " ff.-1 l ,ww-. 1 , Y Y , I . J. i ' ' x 401+ " ' : X ' H il'- , V . AEA' 1- , X .. I ,1.A':,f 5515! W " A "?"' . .. 1' Iifff . f W' ' - w ,sw .reef ' ' '7 ' wlfib' ' . . ' , . If ' ,, W . W, 4-W--1 , A 1 .7 '4 x Rm X xX JS QS ll l x CR OS SR UADS exxmm I, . 'Q: ' Q XQSWN 651 IR QS , Y. QV Q I W cn Use 'ix ' E' 'b JY sl' N SENI ORS BALTIMORE x Ls ,f Q' Y x 1. x, 5 ' . X xx' I .1 I X Q X I x . g X K1 69 Qs 'iv ,sew V ,x 4660 963 'zip 1969 PLEDGE UNIVERSITY GF MARYLAND SCHOOL OF NURSING '- 9? ,ig G! ,V 0+ ' cf S E 55' .Jimi IUNIORS WALTER REED 'X 'lyl 4 ' . '53 4 "' ""L' 7' ' 1972- . P2 I ll 4 "aww . fygliggx vt ' 1 vf- H c'Our roads have crossed, iL5kKaJf ff35FQ ViffJf .4mh79T ' J i ', ,,:.-V f4fH, rr fa . - 4, Our paths have met "" 42 Q fl , ff L A 0 -s 9 gg . 4.121 , , ,. ,ff ,f V . . 5, fm - ,-,lygw '-.frrf .,-tqwpg, " 7195.1 . wwvwf KL ,J ' E wg qi W .Sl L-alla! : 235,- 'cOur hopes united- Orte dream fulfilled. 7' H "Together we have worked, and together we have played I 1 'cPast memories binding. Our futures unfoldingv 'Sharing' the laughter, as we have shared the tears. Qt , F 1 6 s For the triumph of all. "Learning to live as one, Written by: Jacqueline Rosensteen Karen Smith Miss Elizabeth A. Herman, perhaps better recognized attired in a scrub gown and cap, is a symbol of security, warmth and understanding to her students. Her quiet strength has given us support in times of difficulty, and her encouragement has helped us to continue on when our determination faltered. She is remem- bered with special fondness and admiration by the graduating seniors of 1969 for her time, patience and dedication as class advisor. She is truly an example of one of the finest nurses and instructors we have ever known. With great respect and admiration we dedicate the 1969 PLEDGE to Miss Elizabeth A. Herman. 8 The person We chose to share our com- plaints had to listen: the one to share our joys had to be happyg the one to share our troubles-understanding. But the person to Whom We entrusted our dreams had to be alive with the enthusiasm of tomorrow, not bound by the warnings of the past. , 'r To this one, each of our visions had to be seen as new, no matter how Worn they might he. To her each of us had to be special, unique. We searched for such a person: we found Colonel Ewen. To her we dedicate the 1969 PLEDGEfa record of the dreams she has shared. 5 W Three or four years ago, each one of us received an official telegram announcing our acceptance into the Walter Reed Army Institue of Nursing program. At the end of this message appeared the name of the Surgeon General of the Army, Lieutenant General Leonard D. Heaton. At that time, we were quite unaware of the effect this man was to have on each of our Lives: for it was through his efforts, because of his great interest in the nursing profession, that the WRAIN program came into being. Because we owe so much to General Heaton, We would like to begin to express our gratitude to him by giving him special recognition in the 1969 PLEDGE. 10 , 1 iv s if Q S 3 ., . ., I A V A-' . , Q ve ,,f1.v!f A ,. , . li' K XV? nie F T' c ,V 4 -N 'fv3," 1 'A'-1 A L7 f ' ' W 1 wg.. ---V-zmf. x,.V .Lv S t , i t ' We AX -"X 5 4' A x K Y - . , V g R 4. 53 I NN ' - -i W..-S-gge.:.fgq-,A , ix lx' AVA wk:-sw EL s.g.g,,QY X' 1 w --A' I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to participate in the Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing Program. It is requested that you notify the Surgeon General, ATTN: MEDPT-MP, Department of the Anny, Washington, D.C., 20315, within tive days of your intention to accept or decline participation in this program and enlistment in the U.S. Army Reserve. Leonard D. Heaton Surgeon General Dept of Army Wash DC ,- K r l lf i I QQ ,t 5 ww.. ll "' ampammq lmowleocge BS only lnclhtmq othen 'men's eanoles at oun lamp wlthout oepmvmq ounselves of any flame. -Jane oorzlen I holo myself moeateo to anyone Enom whose enllqhteneo unoenstanomq anothen may of knowleoqe communicates to mme-neally to mlonm the mmo IS to enlanqe the heant. -Jumus- liacibllty DR. WILSON H. ELKINS President B.A.g M.A.g B. Litt.g D. Phil. -:la Y DR. ALBIN O. KUHN Chancellor B.S.g M.S.g Ph.D. sl i4 3 ' 4 I-f""' fv- aw DR. MARION I. MURPHY Dean School of Nursing R.N.g B.S.g Ph.D. R ANL-'MAF-H'L"L"f-wits-mi.:..N,,., - -an v Q S X DR. RUTH KOHL Assistant Dean School of Nursing A.B.1M.S.:Ph.D. COLONEL DRUSILLA POOLE B.A., Scarritt College M.N., Yale University Ph.D., University of Texas Director, Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing MAJOR PATRICIA M. MILLER R.N., Deaconess B.S., Boston University M.S.N., University of Washington Deputy Director, WRAIN Acting Coordinator, Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing x GERALDINE PETTIT Assistant to the Dean img for Student Personnel Services B.S.1 M.S. 'If SHIRLEY HALE Assistant Professor and Chairman Undergraduate Curriculum B.S.N.1M.S. ELEANOR SLACUM Assistant Professor and Assistant to the Dean B.S.1 M.S. 17 1523? 1 4-1 x 'Ji L - lt :F N UBSTE THICAL NURSING J ' 1 I. , 1. i -9- ta I . P? 1 1.-If X annual "All I did was scratch my head." ll MAJOR MARIA R. KONSTANSKI R.N,, Bellen Menmrial llospital. B,S., Carroll Collegel MS., University ot'Wash1ngton. "Wher1lsr:trtn1y own nursery , . . " DEBORAH LANGBAUM R,N., B.S., University of Maryland, 1967. "Girls, if you have any questions, V11 be nurse's Station." in the MQ 41-'-W V--- N aa. . I .-A ,, ELIZABETH DEEGAN R.N., B.S. University ofMury1unr1, 1967. Q 1 1 1 JULIE FORTIER R.N., B.S., Medical College of Georgia, 19663 M.S., University ofMary1und, 1968. , 'if' NK t .S LTC MARY M. FOWLER JOYCE KAETZEL B.S., Wemhington University, M.A., Teachers R.N., B.S., University of Maryland, 1958: M.S., College Columbia University. University of Mzuyland, 1959. "inu1.l'probility',.." "Ladies, if you don't know what you look like-get a mirror." J Wu.. .qt X 18 sa 'di LTC CALUSTA Ji LILLARD B.S., Gonzaga Univcrsityg NLS., Catholic Uni- versity ofAn1crica. "What stage of dclivcry is Egbert in non?" l 3 . 3 CAPTAIN DONNA L. WACYK R.N., B.S., Stats: University Collugu. Plath- burgh, N.Y.g M.S,, Boston University, "What arc thc clraractcristics ol' li dgsmalurv prcmaturc XVh0'SPO9Il1l31lll'VS7n 5 I l 4 t LTC MARY G. MULQUILIQN I MAJOR FLORA C, STREETT li,S., llunlur Collcgul NLS., Columbia Unlvcr- R,N,, Un-ion Memorial Hospital: B A San sity, Fransisco State Collegeg M.S., University of 'Allow dcvyuuspcllxonlcnwlcrs1t'cl1till1CtCrSj7" Maryland, "Did you piddlc this moming, Mrs. NORMA LLAK LORETTA SIHTZ RN., lS.S,, llinxlon-Salem Shalt' Collugc. NIS, KN. lluftalu Gcncral lluxprlal 'st wi Unlvcrxrly nf Klnrylnnd Nursing. li,S , Boitnn University , Nl. Knut sity of Maryland "Thr only prcgnant nnrw who can xtlll lil ml an extra small Rcrnh gown." Q ifmuxtv,-.., if YWWXQ--. ' "But I was told that the cap looked better this 'LN wayl' a im' 1, I .2 4 --w 19 MAJOR KATHRYN ji BARBARA BARR PEGGY CLUSTER MAJOR MARY M. AMMON B.A., Brooklyn College, 1948: M.A., University A.B., Goucher College, 1942, M.A., Goucher 1 CONDIT R.N.,s1.mmasniooiofnunrngcma f?Qj?QfPd'1.9f"a.vm,. ,.. SQ'1f,gCM196g- 1 , Ed, ,., R.N..S:.JohnsHospm1.Spnngne1d,lu,.B.s.. Island, Neb.3 B.S.N., Duelresnc Cgllege' 'L lm-WS' 1 um- L V IS' lvstsnhows EUIOUHY- University of Hawaii: M.S., University of Omaha, Neb.: M.S.N., University of COIOIHCIOA Penngylvania, "A dog and how many cats???" P DIATRIC NURSI G qw "Sombody ought to tell her that smoking stunts your growth." 20 I. -X, S, LTC BARBARA P, FINK R.N., Cooper Hospital, Camden, N.J.g B.S., University of Maryland: M.S,, University of Maryland. "How can anyone be dignified on ar ward like this?" ...and ifyou have any ' I EVA MORTON B,S., Columbia Union College, l961: M.S.t University of Maryland, 1967. "What a reputation they had to stick me with." '! Nursing: B.S., John Hopk University of Maryland, "Never 3 rainy day with Mr MAJOR ELEANOR F. SULLIVAN R,N.. Medical School of Nursing, BS., Seton Hull University, Newark, N.J.1 M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. 21 E""""'V' me 9 WENDY R. JOHNSTON PATRICIA KERN University of Maryland R.N., B.S., University of Maryland. old socks... " "Ifyou need any free prescriptions . ,, lf' PATRICIA LAVENSTEIN R.N., Union Memorial Hospital School of ins University: BLS., LTC ROSA J. RAMIREZ R.N., Santo Asilo de Daman Ponce, Puerto Rico: B.S.. University of Murylandg ALS., N Boston University. s. L.! "Aly lectures tend to have 3 Spanish accent." JOAN BRYCE R.N., St. Joseph's Hospital School ot' Nursing, B.S., University ol' lflonda. CLAUDETTE LUKASIK B.S.N., Alverno College: Nl.I'.ll.. University ol' Nlieh, RUTH MURCHLAND B.S., Columbia Union CoIlege1M.S,. Unwemly oI'NI.1rplum1, ELAINE SHOOT RN., B.S.,Wl1e1ilon College. IWJ. XLS.. University ol' XI.rryl.1ntl "Tee hee hee, my full just fell." JUNIOR MEDICAL - R GI CAL MAJOR DOROTHY M. BERRY R.N., Lmon Nluniorml lloxpllul School of Nursing. B.S.. Syrucuxc lnlwrsity. M.S.N., I'rumt'x Puynu Bolton School of Nurslx1g,Wustcri1 Ruscrvc L'mvcrsil5, 'iOopx." MAJOR BARBARA R. BRADY lS.S,. Sloul Stun' Lhwurxlly. MS.. Lnivt-rxlxy or Nlary lund. MARY BREKKL R.N.. l3.S., Sl. Olul' follugc, l9h5. NLS.. Snn ImmmoAlt-tl1t.llCunu-r. ltifwh. "Is it Bennett drops and Baxter respirator. or. . . ?" MAJOR DOROTHY A. BUTCHER B.S., University of Southwestern Lousi- ana: M.S., Catholic Univursity of Amurica. RUTH COOK B.S., University of Missouri, 19613 M.S., Univcrsity ot'Orcg0n, 1964. "My back IS really killing mc," LTC BARBARA R. COSTELLO B.S.N., Gcorgulown Univcrbity. M.S., University ol'M1xryland. "Who's thc instructor xxlio carrics her lesson plans in 3 brown papcr bug?" 'ww NUR I ,fr I- 1 , .v N, XA are CHARLOTTE DAVIES R.N., Concord Hospital School of Nursing, 1959, B,S., University of Bridgeport, 1964, M.S., University of Maryland. A very basic nurse: "Now what's the basic step i.n taking a temperature?" 4? RUTH DYSOIN ELIZABETH HERMAN Diploma, Dlctutic lntunuhip, Sl. Pamlk Hoa- R.N., Lancuxtcr Gum-ral Huxpitul, 1957. B.S., pital. B.S., Michigan Stutu University, NLS.. Univcmty 0t'Mury1and, 1966. NLS, Univt-rsity Case Wusturn Ruscrvc Univcrsity. 1952. oIiM:irylund, l9bS "Thu Bcity Crockur olilunlor Mud-Surg." "Ki:upt11omc I-lboua duun, girlx!" ff' N ANN MADISON GLORIA INICFARLAND RN.. University of M31 land, 19621 M-SA' B.S., Unlvcrsiti 01' Muryluntl, 1964, M.S., Y Univcnity ofPcnnsy1vania. "A good listcncrn University ot'Pcnmy1v:m1u, 1968. MARY ANDERSON R.N,, B.S., Hampton Institute: M.S., Univursily of Maryland, x jovnv MAJOR AL'DR1'.l MQLOUGIILIN R,N,, N1.1xx.n1mwtta Gvnt-rul Hoxpitul B.S.. Culumhiu Lnlvurxily. NI. IKI.i Columbia lnivcrxity. "Nou .10 lhix Inks 11 gtmtl girl " NORMA MIiLCOI.M R.N., B.S., NI1:t1icu.1 Cullcgu of Gvurgill. 1966. M,S., University QI Mxirylund, 19621. MAJOR GEORGE MICHEL R.N., Punnwylvama Hmpiml School ot Nurging for Mun. B.S,. Tcmplu Univer- sity . Mis.. L'nivcrxit5 01'1IUY11lS1'1Vll11l-1 HI wonder what she would say if shc were writing this nursing note?" ,lu MAJOR MARBETH MICHAEL LTC REGINA PAK LTC LOULIE H- SHAFFER B.S., Indiana Umvcrsityg M.S.N., University ol' R-N.. Citi' H0SPil11 of Akron: B.S.N-E-. WCM Virginia UnivCfSi'v1M-S-NH Catholic Washington Duquesne Univcrsityg M.S., Catholic University U1'l1VCf5lYY0f AmCl'iC2l "You'rc not stupid, a little klutzy, but not Of AmC1'iC3 HAI UU5 P01111 in timc - - - H stupid." MAJOR MARY LOU SPINE LTC CAROLINE E. VAN MASON CAROL WIKE R.N., Ohio Valley General Hoapitul, B.S.N., B.S., Umvcrsity ofwashinglon, M.B.A., Univcr- R.N., B.S., Univcrsity of Maryland, 1966 University of Pittxburghg M.l'd., Duquesne sity 0fC'hicago The only num: who enjoys working on thc University "And for lunth, born! soup and butter balls," ninth Door 743 shift. 24 E IOR MEDICAL-SURGICAL NUR ING ALICE AKEHURST R.N.. Luthcrun Hospital, I9-131 B.S.. University of Maryland, 1956, M.S., University of Maryland, 1966 "The patient is our business, our purpose for Ming." LTC MARIAN C. BARBIERI R.N., Martland Medical Center. B.S.. Seton Hall University: M.A., Tenchcrs Collcgc, Columbia University "Then: is a world outside." F-iv DOREEN BARR R.N., Regina Grey Nun's Hospital, C B.N., University of Manitoba "Reflect, reflect." , , if-K' in il X-Y-4, -Sw LTC BARBARA E. BAGGS R.N., New York llospitulg B.S., University of Massachussets: MA., Teachers College, Columbia University "Having been in nursing for thc past 99 yuzrrs or f 1 t E'-, Qi l I 2 2 3 ?' 5 A ,, 5 l A i s i X I ' ti "But Col. Morgan, these shoes are supposed to be black." LTC MARGARET M. BASKFIELD B.S.N. Cullvgc of St. Tcrtuqr, N1.S.N.. L'niu-rsili oliCoIur.1tlo "May l we 5 our Nursing Curt' l'l.rn'l'A I 25 anada MARY DUNN B.S., Sluts Univcrsily ofNcw York, 1964. "Catwoman of thv rehab set." 3 ef? 1.7 K M5 'if Q -T wif-NF: xpfiifi xt 'XI-. xxN. 42 fx 5 jig. ffl' ff , . 1. ff 2-QZ-M,-. v .r MAWMK. mfr-Y 5 ' . K . , if si: 'mm J, . fj?f3fZ2'23:f2-f, 7T""'?W'42 " zfgff. w'0f ' f'f'ff?z3y' " 1 W 1 1 - mm- ...::-::'.2s:,r1:gf .V4 - 1, V- ., . v.f52:24Ai1::'raw:.,--zu:1-rr2zff-av:-5f:?-+4f:2-w::'- rf. wqi:-"rfw Mfw, . -1: - ' ff r- M... ' - -"'-' 1 4 :J .f . 3 - - -, - . - -'-:mc-::f:Z5 ' 2 :, Q g., ,si ig , ,xl -,.5-- , - fi ,- . 15" ' . . ,'.,.gf'1vi31-.-3635" f 5 ,t', ,gf . I ,V .. N ' I L ' '4b.. 5 I .' ... ., ,' .. Zf.JL1'..'ZZ'fAV ZZ f ' . ' C3 if Hg K' :-1mw1.:w:f.:5?',f'q'awaf-::..:f::m iffy' 2, ' " . . 9 4 S A' , .. ..,. .. .....1-.,A,,.,,.. ., V... ,,.,., . ., ..,,,., ,, .W ,.,.v , ,.,,, ,,.A.,,.,., , A.,, , ,,.,,., , .. ,..,,.,,,,, 1 , "Could you cxplain the clinical rotation to mc again. qua PATRICIA GRADY R.N., St. Francis Hospital, 19661B.S.,Gcorgc- town Univursity, 19673 NLS., Univursity of Maryland, 1968. Our minr-skirted style scltcr. KAREN HALL R.N., PLS., Univrrsily nl' Muryluml, 19117, "Your instructor, Mm lla1!. nr-mls rollcr 5k1m-x today ED MCDONALD B.Tl1., Nutionul Bllrlc folk-gr. 1062. B,S., University ol' Murylnnrl, 1966. 26 . DONNA MOORE R,N., BS.. Unrvvrsrly oI'Muryl:md, 1963. X X . 7 2 f 4 Q 2 V, Q 3 .. P 1 5 3 - , 3 v g 1: ii s 5 i 4 3 S 3 5 5 mu., 1- ,. "Now Miss Nagel, wc do it this way in Canada." ' .f 2f'i2,7'f' L cf- 55' L .. ..,,, , . , A r 31' , x- 5 P 'va Y 352 NW ,ik N 4, 1:5 vi A . xwf-sf '5 ,Ji - ,lx X. If I I --l, ,,! .- 1 . ', , :rm-A4 ,Q-,VK 5x 'Tai XX 'ref Aff-f 2321, 11 iq, f. pl . 1' .. ,f eg, - , , -:mf ' 4:-1 'f 1,2-'.Qf5'!fi-f-,L f Mx,-2. 41:22 'If fi' LTC BI1TTY F. MORGAN R.N., Charity Hospxldl. Nun Orhxuis. BS.. Sl, Louis Knivcrxily. M,S.N,, Boston l'11lvi-rxlly. Puwl grguiuqtc in Rchnhilitalion Nursing, 'Iuxux Wu1n:m's Univvrsily, "Thu duly of cvcry 0lTircr ix to pmls-ci Ihr uclfzirc of his lumps," CATHILRINIL MURPHY R.N., Mount Ollvrl Sihunl of Numng, l96ll. B.S., Bmluli Cnllugc. 1918. BLS., Cullmln Univcrsilx' uI'Al11urix'u, ICIO7, 'Q BETTY LOU SHUBKAGEL MAJOR GERALDJ Tluzowli C11c'1i,m XI riwsl R,N,' 13.5" Llnivumly Ufmurylundi 1954151-Sq R.N., Pvnnsylvauiiu Hospital Si-lm-vi:-I'Ninrx1l1g NN, Sl, :Nlvvs Sa'lwwl1:l'Nlmxr--lrmg, i'7-11. -LIL. Em0I'y Univcrsily, 1957, for Mcn. li,S,, Vliivurxlly ul Iirulgcpwri, NIA.. LWQHIIIN' fUHl'UU- 31-'V i 'IIWNU U' Nl-'filsilvl Tczxcllurxtlvllugc,Columlwiul'nmr-,1lx. V54-N 1 UWM. mc' Gnd' why mufjv- XX hu xx1cxlm1llxv5l1xl,u 27 MAJOR MADELINE BADER R.N., Bronson Methodist Hospital, Kalamazoo, Michigan: A.B., San Francisco College: M.S,, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. "When you expect the best of people, you arc seldom disappointed." GAIL BURDSALL LOIS DIRKES LTC WILLIAM B S llomla State University M S University R,N,, B,S., University of California, Los FLIN E 0l.Mll'VlJI1Cl 1927 Angeles, 19583 M.S., University of Maryland, B A Sdn Franclstomggc liao'-lege MS O il Really Uh huh 1963. University ofP1ttsburp:,h So that s what reflecting means! PATRICIA HENRY R.N.,B.S.,University of Maryland, 1962: M.S., University ofM:1ryl:md, 1963. "l think our group deserves a round ol' ap- plausef' 28 '4.,...,, . -M Mo- IEW 1-.,..,, MARY .IO KAHLER MAJOR FRANCIS R.N., I3.S., Niagra University. l964g M.S., LE BLANC Umvcmty 0fMf1fYlaf'd-1967- A.A., Lantar Stutc Collage, R,N., Hotel Dicu School of Nursing, Beaumont,Tcxas1B.S.,St. Mury's Collugc, Xavier, Kansas. M.S.N. Ed., Intliuna Univcmty. "What else is going on hum?" LOIS NEUMAN R,N., B.S,, University of Mu.ryl Univcrsity of Mzuylund. I :mdg M.S., 'N'-ww "Another day. .another twenty page IPR MAJOR NORMAND D, ROBITAILLE ILN., Cltrncy IIuxpil.1lStI1ooIoI Nurs1ng,Sr-ntn Buxton, NI.lxx.utI1mutti. BS.. llmlon Collcgu, NLS., Buxton L'n1vt rxrly. "Good lntcntnunx'?!!..,lluu rom to hvll lx puvcrl xxtllr gmail tl1tvl1l1m1s." LTC MARJORIE A, SMITH ll.S,N., Indian.: lhlvcrxlly. NI.S.N.. Iimlrvn lmlvuixlty "'xtt15Itlw um' I.1m! CAIIIIIRINI2 lf. WARD ll,N,. Jolmx Ilopklm IIuxpllJI Sclmol -it Nurxtntl. I9-17. ILS., .lnlvm llopkmx I'nlwx-.ulx. A Y . I 'J-t,N1.5..l3u-,tim fltlvcrsllx, l'7tvf. LTC DOROTHY S. ALLISON R.N., St. M:uy's1 B.S., Incau-nate Word Collcgcg M.S., Catholic Univcnity of America. "Whose turn is it to 111.1 thcc01'fvcpot'?" LTC MARY E, BELLAR R.N,, Hurin.inn Hospztul School of Nursing. B.S.P.H.N., University ot' Minnesota, MS., Univcmly utfolurudo. HA smilc for cvurybodyf' VELENA BOYD R.N., Indiana U1'l1VUfSllj', B.S.. Univur- sity of Calilbmm. M,P.11., Univcmty ol' Cxliliomia. ELIZABETH BREWER B.S., Collugt- ut' Sc. Cutlwrinc, 19051 MS., UDIVLTF-llj'O1k111Il1I1CSU1.i.l,lQb7. ANNE L. DOUGHERTY A.A,, Mt. St. Agm-xx Ckallcgu, 19413 TLN., Mcruy llmpital Sc1mol01'Nurs.il1g, 1174-1, B.S.1'.H,N.,L'utIm1n Univumty of Aim-rica, I9-17, 51,P.H.. Lfnivrraity 01' North Catulivm 1957. EVELYN EGGEBROTEN B.S., Unjvcrsity of Colorado, 1948, NLS., University ufCo1orado, 1960. "Now stop mc ifl talk too much." PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING "O.K. Let's work out all of their problems." fb' Q I ,P -N., WNQNSSQSLQYQQ-Mxkgjwww 'www QRS my 'X' Y. SSW: 5 K' . A Qi Rx xW" X xXYx xxx XX x Mgt 'X X Q NWS HMA Nx V. 12' 'I'-if f W.. 2. ::-wa. 2. - :QV FSS.. fbiiixf ve. Q-'X " 9 '1f3N w.'.,I. t vi -View-., ,:, , :N x - - . X x yet, "wry new x: -'fvf.tm15:1g'.j vw it f:sw..4.s .px -1 ww ' .-. Q ft-Q-sw f. fv.:-if . x 1 - f--if'-ff nnffilm.-,--mgr: wav: .lg.a.:..,g.9 f f., Q . wr' -"' .Xa v- X ,IQ-g1::ghg'e: QQ, .f.ffs':fsQ-5: w :,:5.yx1Q . '-1:1 . 1-:E 14 .jf - f,.1.e,fxr2E'f-31:35 NNTB3 I 11:s,?3Wlk1.'f:mIV -- G' :.:-YS. ' ' NAD .1-13 SN' 'V .xf .' "I L Mlm- ,r-Mis' - + X - iii' - ' fiffw'---sff:':. ,GSW A " :N " "S w i . , A. X' I .-ffii i Ax' X A t X ., . . Q I X K X Ft ,xx X Fix N f Q 5 x N NL 41' , X N 30 XA. - . ' Zim 7' ff. F114 '14 :A if--.L 'Z L - 31 x an A, If . ' x NM is 4 wi 1 ' JK nl' X X .. 1 -41513--j .4- .y Q. r? 1 gt Y QA x Xxx' ' , sh Q ' A' 1 V ,,-1' N fa ,1 . Q wwf 5 .,f 9. 55'-1es9!Q ,L nn..." LTC AMY D. GEISSINGER R.If1., Abington School or Nursing. B,S.N.Ed., .V 'EVA GAINES UMWM5' 0 WW va"'a1 ' ' " ' Y Indiarna univmiry 1943, M.P.H., Johng H2115 ofMich1gan. ,. A . V Q I - "A sailboat, no wind, and a klunky crew." kms '-'HMNUQ 1957- fav N it-if is., XX "N w when ou fccl a cockroach crawlin up your leg. . w MAJOR PATRICIA A. GREENE V MARY I: GROTEEEND 0 Y , g B.3.1N., Unlvrrxlty ol XVRISIIIDQIUTI. M.P,ll,. KN, Bullum Hmprml Sghoul nl Nurxlng Uruvcraityolghllxmnusotu. IMI, A.B., Bukur University. N3-1. M.S. "Oh, ru:1.l.Iyf"' Culhnllc L'f1lVL'l'Yllj ul Anwrzcu. 1944 C.I'.Il.N.. Culholiu Unlvcrmy ol' Axnvnca NSI. PILD., Arm-ns.'un l'n1vur5xl3, l'lI16, n,,"s, WX 4-0-: ' ' 'Nd' . 4 gI1'2..,"' 'j","'-. ,L. ':7"QfT' lvl 3,1 f- ."-f7f'L ' 4 ,TLL . ME" -f 1-'A 1' " .Ia ' if-A-7'1" fg ' MAJOR MARY T, HORAN CAROL NQRAN LTC DOROTIII-A I.. R.-XNCOURT K.-XTIIRYN S WO! Il QI-N B.S. rn lid., Huntcr Collcgc, hl.S.N., Cutholrc R.N., Nuxx York llmpltul Svlnml ul' Nur-Jim. R-N' Sl' I "'1"f'?' H""P1l-11 UA- 5 'HHH-mv.1cI IK. X., I lr-r.rSl1-n. X1.uh.'rL-xllcuu, l,.1w XM-.lrrr Univumty 0fAmcnCu' BIS., Cm,m,U Lrmwmhv xl-SN I-LN, uwufn 1 .vllcw XI.'X.,KwIum1ln1nlnnrml-. RL-wrvc Inn. mtl ll YN N1 TN I mmm- I'.ex wr "Bu gum and Q3-11 mu when you gd bark tg HW R950-W Un,Wr,,ly V "Him xx.mIr fu In' phnlr glrl lm our krumh bn!!-Hn Sgluml HI Mar-nm: um XM-hm dorm." P.n'Iy "' Rv-wr-nv Lum-mix i"-H V. X., 1 w1nur'vhl.a I runvcmty, l'l-If "Nuxx,lllrl.1wl lmn- l -Nm lln' uwuulxxl N tr P I M P H Uniwrsit R N Ind1.m.1 Gnmml Hospital 1937 B S , SE CRE TARIE S Mrs. A.M . Jordan Secretary to Director, WR AIN Mrs, B. Silver Miss M. Johnson Mrs. K. Brown, Supervisor Clerk Typist, WRAIN Mrs. S.F. Mazzone Secretary to Deputy Director, WRAIN Fannie Howard Records Secretary, Baltimore QE X. . fff. fx f L 1 Elizabeth Sima Secretary to Baccalaureate Program, Baltimore HOUSEMOTHERS and RECEPTIO ISTS K 1- Q 1 as Mrs. A.D. McGovern Instructional Staff Clerk, WRAIN wi- Helen Frances Evans, Housem other, Baltimore '41 ' L MTS3 VM- Clark Mrs. R.M. Rankin Rcccpt1on1sl,WRAIN Rgceptionigt, WRAIN Juanita PIOCTOI, RCCCP1li0HiSi, Baltimore Mrs. Virginia K. Guitcras, Mrs. Florence O. Amer, Mrs. Beth J. Shuck, Housemothers, WRALN Dorothy Hastings, Houscmothcr, Baltimore: 33 Mrs. M.l2. Railcy Receptionist. WRAIN Anna Welch Receptionist. Baltimore Nancy Iflozy , Rcccptionist. Barlumorc COUNSELING SER VICE CAPT RIN! WILLIAM A. ANTHONY Lounwrlin Pxgchoioglsl. BA.. Grove titv tolli L Ph D- Stale University of 'slum N nrlr al Bllffalu, MSG JOSE E. MENDEZ With El smile and a desire to do his very best, MSG Mendez made the transition from civilian to military life easier for the WRAIN students. He supported the WRAIN pro- gram and activities through whole-hearted participation such as organizing picnics. At the Surprise Farewell Party one of the items presented was a scrapbook. 34 Ewa its wp xxx fl CAPTAIN GERALD G. MILLER Adjutant B.B.A., Wichita Stats Univcxsity I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I CAPTAIN HENRY I-I. BROWN Chicf, Supply Scrvicc 5 B.S.. South Carolina Stun' Cnllcgv I 3 1 SGT. LEWIS T. ESTLS Supply Scrgu1u1l 35 WRAIN ADIUTANT and STAFF SGT. ANTONE C. VALERIO I'lrntSurgugu1l noeals ane like stans, you will not succeeo nn touehnno them with youn hanos. But, like the sea-llamno man on the oesent of watens, you choose them as youu GUIDES, ano following them you will neaeh youn oestlny. - canl SCh URZ theme IS much satlsliactlon In wonk well oone, pnalse IS sweet But theme can B6 no happiness equal to the Joy of flnolnq a heant that unoenstanos. -nomnsolt 36 semons I '4 w V BALTIMOR 1969 GRAD ATES Senior Class Officers Left to right: Connie Perry Secretary: Judy Rhoad, His- tor-ian: Linda Palmatcer, Vice President: Connie Gooch Social Chairmang Phyllis Kelly Treasurer: Jonnie Zimmerman President. E IOR CLASS ADVI UR: M SS HERMA ' - 1 3. lgxww 38 Z Eileen Adler Newburger Dorothy Albert Claudia Louise Albrecht k'Claud" Rockville, Md. Handbook Committee, 'KThat's Cool!" . .. anything not served in the S.U. or hospital cafeteria . . . the window at the end of the fifth tloor. . . procrastination . . .playing pool in the S.Ll. To work in Pediatrics. 39 'P-sn! GA' et. to 2 . O xv. Jill Ashworth Potomac. Md. Handbook Committee, Choir, "l don't think that's funny!" , . . Daryl . .. Traveling to College Park ,..sleeping, drinking . .. fried squirrel and duck. ni Mary Kathryn Aydelotte Kitty Salisbury, Md. "Come on, nowi' . .. . twirls her hair .... "Be nice" ..,. traveling and reading . . . always drinking cokes , . . "you creep". Plans to remain at Univer- sity Hospital doing Medi- cal-Surgical nursing. Gr Cecile Behneman Ceil Hyattsville, Md. Handbook Committee, Choir, Student Health Organization co-chairman, treasurer. Studying at the Campus Inn . . . spouting off infor- mation . . . sweet and sour duck . . . collecting things- anything . . . Plans to work in a hospital. Georgia Emma Bell Brookview, Md. Student Council Secretary, House Rules Chairman, Handbook Committee Chairman, Choir, Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta. Georgia is never too busy to listcn to a friend's prob- lems. Plans a career in Medical- Surgical nursing. Nicki Leigh Bonner Nickolia Havre de Grace, Md. Studies! A careful in- tegration of studying and the retention of sanity. "Rats" . . .any and all information about flying , 1 . Aldino Airport. . . idealistically contemplating the future . . . Alaska. Plans a career in Public Health nursing either in Alaska, Oklahoma or Mass- achusetts and eventually a Master's Degree in PHN. Patricia Jean Bosak SakgBoy Gettysburg, Pa. Open Hours Committee- Chairman, Homecoming Queen-Jr. Year. "How do you feel about that?" Yummie, fattening foods . . . Lupinin-Nor- folk-Super-tidy'?! Reading anything but nursing... Friday night rockin' and sockin'-Sleeping in Sat- urday. I plan to enter psychiatric nursing. Barbara Jean Broyles Barb, Barbie Wheaton, Md. "Small, quiet-but dy- namicn the Betty Crocker of third floor annex. 'KCheering up people with X-mas treesf' A big smile with dimples. "fiddle- sticks' Zlst birthday . . . free champagne. Future plans include grad- uate school and marriage. Elizabeth Susan Busch Betty Camp Hill, Pa. Choir, Yearbook staff, Nurses Christia.n Fellow- ship, Sigma Theta Tau. "My whole damn life is spent in the unseltish ser- vice of others." . . . Painting bottles, those wiggling eyebrows... K'Erg!" . . . Cheesctwists . . . Favorite subject- people. I plan to work at Univer- sity Hospital on a Med.- Surg. floor. 41 Sandra L. Cawley Sandy Silver Spring, Md. Chairman of Uniform Committee and Self Limited Curfew Commit- tee. Best "Soul Dancer"! "1 don't want to talk about it- Ri-g-ght." .. . 2541 worth of Campus Inn Cheese . . . "l've got to wash my hair" . . .Analyzes doodles. Sandy plans a masters in Medical-Surgical Nursing. Donna Jean Chemsak Silver Spring, Md. Choir. Remember the "park bench by the fountains at the Charles Center"? "Ah, Ca-voltsi' . . . riding in a Triumph with four on the floor" . . . Russian dressing. Donna plans to work in pediatrics. Bonnie Lee Collins Silver Spring, Md. Choir and Pledge. "I kid you notl'-"darn VA hospital!" Likes to paint- has a passion for those "red engines." . . . "I've got to take up skiing." Thinks-pink . . . Best part of the day ends when my alarm clock rings at 7 a.m. Future plans include mar- riage within a year of graduation and work in an Intensive Care Unit or Shock Trauma Unit. Linda S. Coniff Cockeysville, Md. 'gBig Banana'!hotdog. Traveling to ski. . . Linda's future plans are un- decided. Joanne Cranford Bethesda, Md. Sigma Theta Tau and Phi Kappa Tau. Usually talking about her last meal at homevconsis- ting of ice cream . . . "out of sight." In search for that best ice cream place in Bal- timore which can't be found . . , Favorite hobby -trying to get out of Balti- more as often, quickly and cheaply as she can. Rhona Davis Baltimore Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi Favorite hobby of taking a bus to Richmond every weekend . . . "countdown" 'til her wedding . . . man- ages to "ace" most of her subjects . . . Rhona puts the rest of us to shame- she dresses so well. Plans to work as a nurse in Richmond and marry. Beverly Anne Dearing Bev Baltimore, Md. Handbook Committee, Junior Skits. Small in size-big in per- sonality . . . "Stan and Clydei' . . . "going down- town?" always on the phonew weightwatcher . . . "Wait a minute'!sot't voice. Future plans include marri- age and nursing in Pediat- rics or Public Health. Melinda Ruth Dixon "Mn k'DiX', Whitehall, Md. Committee for Self Limit- ing Hours, Handbook Com- mittee, Convocation Com- mittee. Gino Giant . . . "you know me-would you believe, this oneis too tight." . .. neatness extreme . . . Love that knitting . . . "Both sides now" . . .Keg of Ale . . . "Come on!" Future plans include mare riage and OB nursing. 43 0 -.., Pierrette Charlyne Duggrns "Duggie" or "Pirate" Rockville, Md, Graduate Uniform Com- mittee, Cap Fluting Com- mittee, Louisa Parsons Nursing Club CVice Presia dent Soph. Yr.J, Little Sister Program. Coke-aholic, always has to "find onef' ardent fan of Peanuts, "I wonder if I got a letter today?" Future plans include Public Health Nursing. Rebecca Katherine Evans Becky Pocomoke, Md. Anything over a good beer or Rum Collins! . . . "Oh, that blind date!" . . .hid- ing the top of the desk . . . Cheeseburger sub from Campus Inn. Plans to work in Peds at NIH. Linda Louise Fahrney Hagerstown, Md. Big-Little Sister Chairman, Choir President-1968, Yearbook Staff. Always smiling . . . "Oh, Al- pleasell' . . . Whiskey sours and candy ...Can be found at Al's apartment. Future plans include marriage, children, and pediatrics. Sandra Falck Sandy Baltimore, Md. Handbook CStudent Nursej Committee, Rules Com- mittee for Dorm Hours. Likes parties, a certain law student, sewing, and cooking. Future plans include working in Pediatrics. Nancy Malcomson Folty Wheaton, Md. Social Chairman, S.G.A., Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, Uniform Com- mittee. ul wish it were Fridayf I . . .Cleaning her diamond every Friday . . . makes an- tiqued wall plaques for her future home ...Sauer- kraut at the S.U .... Span- ish rice at the Hospital- Steak at home. "Oh, those Wednesday nights after 8 p.m." Future plans include a fam- ily and medical nursing. 1 l'l Teri Marla Friedman Teri Langley Park, Md. Yearbook faculty section editor, Baltimore-Walter Reed Exchange Day Com- mittee. "What!?,' always at Gino's with Garrette ...loves those chocolate-chip cook- ies . . . "what's the latest on Vietnam?" Teri is in the Army Nurse Corps and will work in Pe- diatrics or Public Health. Mildred Mae Glaw Millie Pasadesa, Md. S.H.O., choir. Those "hick-like" expres- sions, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden-writ ing poetry . . . Setting her hair in beer and never with- out a bruise . . . "Babae'! oh, that St. Bernard named Johann. .Jw Connie L. Gooch Gooch Baltimore, Md. 'Tm not going!" Cakes, onion rings, and those krimpets-inhales her food. HI don't have anything to wear" . . . watch her apply that make-up. Connie plans to get her masters in psychiatric nurs- ing. xav' Judith Claire Harris Judy Hyattsville, Md. Newman Club I and II, Committee for Unlimited Hours, Convocation. f'Bob's here!" humm with a fantastic funny face- loves anything fattening . . . favorite habit-dieting. Judy's future plans include marriage in December '69, Pediatric Nursing. and raising little Hills. FI.. 45 RJ Donna Kathleen Ann Hatfield Kathy or Hatfield Bethesda, Md. Choir, Newman Club. Herb's "Mae", nibbles?, sewing, piano playing? . . . "The House" . . . irons on a chair, bangs on windows with brooms, those eyes . . .jamoca almond fudge. Kathy's future plans include intensive care nursing and travel. Janice Irene Haynes Jan Holland, Michigan Choir, Baltimoreawalter Reed Exchange Day Com- mittee. "Snokered-ta dumv can- dlelight and cold duck-oh, those puns!" picks up strays of all kinds-collects friends... "Fort Holla- bird"-after dinner mints plus reuben sandwiches. Jan's future plans include working at Mass. General or Public Health Nursing in Alaska. Donna Catherine Herndon Washington, D C Louisa Parsons Nursing Club, Sec.fTreas., Newman Club, Choir, Uniform Com- mittee, Poster Committee- Homecoming, C. P. Volun- teer Program-Prince Georges Hospital. Loves anything "green', and ice cream. l'Third floor Howard Hall." Collects suns, daisies, and medical students. Donna's future plans in- clude nursing in California or St. Louis. Dena Horton "Dena Lou" Oxon Hill, Md. S.H.O., Choir. "I gotta take a nap!" Sticks everything in her drawers . . . collects reci- pes. 3339 N. Charles St .... Persuading Fred to marry me." Swiss cheese and hot fudge sundaes. g ,.f' Nan Carolyn Howard Carolyn Oxon Hill, Md. "Bolshevicks!". . .Camp- ing, rock climbing, and scuba diving.. .Canada for Christmas. g'Fish- hooks!" . . . Loves ancient history and archeology. Work at GW University Hospital . . . to Europe . . . Master's Degree . . . then out West. Joyce Susan Ireland Joycie Hyattsville, Md. Padding the bedpan . . . Pinning the T-tube to the gown . . . Other people's cookies . . . "Let's take a break." . . . Downtown . . . "Sorry about that." . . . Trying to fit into other's clothes. Phyllis Kelly Isaacs "Phyl" Frederick, Md. J u ni or Class Tre asurer, S e n i or Class Treasurer, Choir, Uniform Commit- tee. "Is the door locked?" . . . Beans, beans, and more beans . . . "That,s unreal." . . . Favorite haunt - home . . . 'Tm sorry, what did you say?" Medical-Surgical nur- sing. . . Cooking and clean- ing house. 47 -nr' Gloria Louise Joachim Baltimore, Md. Iunior Class Picnic, 1968 1'Goals and objectives." Plans to work in med-surg. 0 Choir. 45 W Wow Margaret Durbin Peggy Cove Point, Md. Homemaker . . . Robert lV1 hour drive to Cove Point. . . Geriatrics?!l'? . . . Baking and putting up preserves ...Walking on her beach . . . Loves Mexi- co, Mexicans, and Bob. . . "Miny, miny, lccver cells." Hopes for at least one set of twins. Mary Theresa Klingelhofer "Klink', Randallstown, Md. Choir, Cap fluting commit- tee, cap and pin, collegiate 4-H, Dorm Social Commit- tee. "People: death and pain." . . . UMI and covered bridges. . . 'gGood to mea' . . . plays cupid. Plans to specialize in cardi- ac nursing, and administer good nursing to John F. Stann Jr. Czech Mary Frances Kozel Columbus Ga 1 "Watch it girhe marches, demonstrations, and especially "freedom" . . . brandy Alexanders . . . procrastination . . . "I pro- test". "I plan to cry a lot", and have weekends off. Beverly Jane Meadows Bev Hanover, Md. Modern dance club, Louisa Parson's Nursing Club, choir, uniform committee, cap and pin. g'My Bobbie is coming home!" .. .service time plus griping . . .putting rectal thermometers in backwards. Marriage in July, and pos- sibly a stay in Alaska as an Army wife . . . specializing in adolescent nursing. Kathleen J. Michalski Kathy Silver Spring, Md. Married life-it's a real activity, believe me! "Steak and lobster-or the most expensive thing on the menu." . . . Joseph. Future plans are hazy. Carole Miller Garrett Park, Md. Choir, Dorm Orientation Chairman. Ice Cream at University Dairy . . . cherry rolly polly . . . Gary and the "flight" to College Park . . . the bus temiinal. Future plans are indefinite. Marianne Elizabeth Miller Miller Walkersville, Md. "Ri---ghtl' . . . Scotch, sleep, eyelashes . . . likes to sew and read novels . . . lip-biter ...lobster and prunes . . . The House, Campus Inn , . . Smile. Plans to enter medical-surg- ical nursing. 49 M, Jennie Ann Moore "Jen" Arbutus, Md. t'Sweetie." . . .early riser . . . Brushes her teeth in the room'?'?? . . . liver and chocolate covered ch:rries. .. College Park on week- ends. Plans to enter Medical' Surgical Nursing. -an-ng, LIL Diana Marie Mosco "Loverly', White Marsh, Md. Choir, Newman. Party snapshots . . . sleep ing . . . "soul sister" Moe's . . . charger Shirley Mac- Laine. . . The House '7 and 7' ...always late... rocking and 'socking . . . procrastinates. Future plans include work at University Hospital and possibly marriage. 4' . H at Regina M. Moses Gaithersburg, Md. Star gazing- "on Star Trek that is." . . . "yuk." . .. Cats and more cats . . . Cross-country camping . . . Can be found reading up on her history. Future plans include work in a hospital in Washington D. C. area. Later? Eileen Nagel ..I,, Harmony, Md. Choir, Yearbook Staff, NCF. "Oh, Frip!" . . . Gets things done in plenty of time. . . "Oh, poosh-lim madder than a bear cat's kitten." Cookingvand en- joying pizza and spaghetti. Future includes intensive care nursing in a medical unit. Nancy Davidson Neal Nance Baltimore, Md. Marriage. 'LWell gang" . . . favorite subject-Bill. Crazy grape- fruit and cream of wheat diets-Perky's Pancake House . . . needlepoint. Future includes work at University Hospital. Jeanette Paul Olson "Jeanie" Baltimore, Md. The Blue Jay Restaurant- submarines and chow mein . . . Collects stereo records. . . usually found preparing those exotic dishes. Future-psychiatric nursing or medical-surgical nursing. Linda Marie Palmateer LP College Park, Md. Social Chairman Jr. Class, Vice-president Senior class, Student-faculty committee, Library com- mittee. Anything wow ... "yippie" . . . "Boo Hiss" the fountain.. .JBW... laughing, ice cream sand- wiches and always search- ing . . . "Zow". . .Trying to smoke and trying to drink. Future-University Hos- pital for awhile-then an unknown city! Master's Q' , A Degree. Gail Elizabeth Prince Corentheis Bernadette Perry , Gfayle Connie Baltimore, Md. Junior Class Historian, Senior Class Secretary, Yearbook staff. The perfect dresser, a bright orange dress, a pair of big earrings and a bouncing walk . . . Loves to wcar knee highs without shoes around the dorm. Future-Medical-surgical nursing-hopefully inten- sive care, Marriage. 51 Timonium, Md. Decorating committee homecoming, NCF-Jr. year, 1968 Pledge staff, 1969 "Pledge" Editor, Big Sister. "I don't believe it" . . . . Fixing Carol's slats .... Collecting Betty Crocker products-only 16 days to "B" day! . . . "Hump-day" ...Buried in the Pledge . . . Berry!! Future-Marital bliss as Mrs. Hill, Pediatrics-Public Health. Carol Lucille Raab Silver Spring, Md. Homecoming Decorating Committee, Yearbook Staff, Senior Section Head, Choir, Dorm Big Sister. 'KOh, I can see it coming." ..."Wait a minute, let's start all over againf' . . . Let's go l'Dutch." . .. "Don't elopef' Pierre. Adores petite things: the ocean, the moon and Peter ...Wavy lines for em- phasis . .. "Open-faced sandwiches" . . . Weekends at Randolph-Macon College. Plans a June 14th wedding, and nursing in Richmond, Virginia-possibly in Public Health. as ,. QB Paula Carole Reuter Rota-Rooter Oxon Hill. Md. Choir, Student Council Treasurer. "Karrabonga!" . . .Greek pastries and cheeseburgersg writing letters: compulsive Uneatnessf' . . . Kassolis' residence . . . Weekends. Plans to nurse in either Canada or New England. Judy Irene Rhoad Silver Spring, Md. Nurses, Christian Fellow- ship, Choir, Big Sister, Senior Class Historian, Yearbook Business Man- ager. "My Honey is... !"... "Oh, man." Three Mus- keteers and Instant Break- fast, "It's a two aspirin and a Darvon headache." 11980 Andrew Street . . . "Let's hope she starts. .. Better call Triple A" . . .Sewing on her wedding dress . . . Glen. Plans include a June wedding and work in a Coronary Care Unit. Jacqueline E. Rosensteen Jackie Baltimore, Md. Homecoming Dance Dec- orations Chajrman, Year- book Artist. "The Bod!" . . . Smile!! . . . "Oh! This placell' . .. g'You're not going to believe what I just did." . . . "If I don't get a seat on that plane." I am loved. Coffee, smoking, playing, procrastination, Scotchg The House! Nightly walks, Marlboro country, Depres- sion, Cooking, Sewing, Knitting, Painting, Char- coal sketches. Plans a Medical-Surgical nursing career. Bette Ann Russ Silver Spring, Md. S.G.A. Vice President "Oh, Spit!" . . . Getting as little sleep as possible . . . Fort Holabird! . . . Prime ribs . . . Paperbacks. Future plans are to work in a pediatric hospital. Andrea J. Sadey Sadey Baltimore, Md. Junior Class President, Yearbook staff. Out only with a refreshing draft Monday through Sun- day . .. Junior Med- Surg??? . . . Madison's ri' val!! . . . Campus lnn a.nd Gentlemen II. Future includes buying a car, traveling, and working in an Emergency Room. Caritas cream . . . Love. Secours Hospital. Sr. Mary Caritas Schlow West Springfield, Mass. "Oh good grief!" . . . "Youlre too much!" . . . Blushing . . . Collages and creative writing . . . Ice Plans to nurse in a Medical- Surgical area at Bon 0-X A Vicki Ann Scott Frederick, Md. Choir, Yearbook staff. "Humph, it must be nice!" . . . "I know he'l1 be late." . . . "Arc you going out again?" . . . Whiskey sours and steak . . . Electric Pad . . . Sleeping. Future includes marriage, and nursing in Frederick or for the govemmcnt. Judi ,, ff ,I ,yy - - , hav.. 4 W 1 I, f-ff.. 1. N .,., ,,-- f. fw f .,, f u ...Urs ' f ,V-, .f,c,q,.-f ' ,'f.f GW ' J? ' il 5- ' -. if ' ' ,I nf' 4 . .fl . ,. . ,- . , Q., ,K ' 'ity - -1' 'I fw, 1- 1 -' v'v"ff'f: ' ' - . V-ff .V . .f . . wt .461 .' , . - if '- 9' ai "MG-, 4vf'f344,, ' +P wi. . i -f,-Q' .1 . " 3' 1 , X ' f fwf:,?1, -' ' X. Q 55332201 . P A 4'f6Zi,C',' f-L Sr. Mary Andrew Shimo, CBS. Baltimore, Md. "Aw, come on now!" "Should I make it a little shorter?" That's one nun with more outlits than the rest of us put together. Is that a nun?-No, it's a classmate! Bathing beauty at picnics. Plans to do medical or urological nursing. WW Q Pamela Jeanne Shipley Frederick, Md. Choir, Yearbook staff, Uniform committee. "Oh, great!" . . . "Don,t forget mel' . . . Biting nails and kissing roommate . . . Rick . . .Chocolate and any food! Future includes marriage and nursing in the Balti- more area. Judith Sloop Bethesda, Md. Hall president, Choir, Stu- dent Council Executive Committee, Freshman- Sophomore Tour Com- mittee, Faculty Student Tea Committee. "Hang on Sloopief' . . . 'lOh, honestly!" . . . "I don't believe that hap- pened-what a riot!" Sewing, Sailing, Bridge, Nail-biting. Daiquiris, Whiskey Sours and mashed potatoes. Jolm. Future includes marriage and Work in a C.C.U. Gail Suzanne Smith Westminster, Md. Jr. Class Secretary, Jr. Class picnic chairman, Co- chairman of Yearbook Activities section, Choir. "Well, I try to look at it optimistical1yf'..."Oh, sugar!" Vitamins, Contacs, Singapore Slings... Get- ting up early, Cooking at Don's, Gab sessions and Phone conversations. Pecora's. Future plans include home- making, nursing, and traveling. Di Rockville, Ma. Karen Smith Smitty Cheverly, Md. Judicial Board Member. "Don't leave tea bags on my side of the desk." . . . "Boston's the place!" . . . "The House'-I love it here! . . . Beer and Diet foods . . . The Inn and Li- brary. Future includes plans to re- tire to Boston. Margaret Phillips Stevens Marty Brunswick, Md. Jelly Beans... Sandy. Plans to do Neurosurgical nursing. Dianne Stewart Pasadena, Md. "Where we gonna get the money?" . . . "When are we gonna go to Califor- nia?" . . . Olives and pickles.. . Giving Hubby a hard time! . . . Varsity Grill. Plans to work in either re- habilitative or obstetric areas in Washington, D. C. P 5 5 suq A ,E W Imogene Stockslager Sunny Hall president, Executive Council member, Choir, Sr. S.N.C.M. representative, Co-editor of Yearbook. i'Grcat day Miss Agnes!" . . . Fried chicken and Mushroom pizzas . .. Jim ...Cracking gum . .. Shakeyls. Future includes marriage and Med-Surg. nursing. , Kr, ...nun-,,i,, NWT' Karen Tatum Adelphi, Md. Choir "Oh-h-h, right!!'l Bill... Italian food. Future includes Army Nurse Corps. Wy Patricia Tatum Pat Adelphi, Md. Choir. k'Oh, good grief!" Mike . . . Italian food. Future includes Army Nursc Corps and marriage. Paula J. Taylor ..P J .. Y A 'ww-f" I, Run-I 'B 56 Framingham, Massachusetts Transfer from WRAIN. "You've got to be kidding me" . . . anything fatten- ing . . . "my fiance" . .. Washington and Alex- ander-sewing or knitting. Future holds marriage and a Master's degree in Psychiatry. Sue Ann Thomas Susie Adelphi, Md. Hall President-Junior year, Junior skits. "Be truev . . . trys to sit on her hands... diet obsession, elevating feet- fro sted hair, going bald . . . the "mini-mighty nurse" . . . Mother of the house. Plans to work on chest side. Janet Hull Thompson Ellicott City, Md. Tutoring underprivileged children: Sigma Theta Taul Phi Kappa Phi, Nurses Christian Fellowship. Sleeping in class . . . talking to Bill for hours. Mama's homebaked cookiesg 'Tm getting married." Every- thing's yellow. Possibly Public Health. Katharine Wahaus Kathi Baltimore, Md. Choir, President-Student Council, Vice President- S tude nt Government Board. "Oh-h-h, I'll never make this hand" waiting 'til thc last minute... K'Wayne, really!!" losing things. Marriage-future plans. wa! Pam Dorm Big Sister Pamela P. Watson Bethesda, Md. "Ya know what I mean Future includes Pediatrics. Q Kathleen Clements Wechsler Kathy Beltsville, Md. Getting engaged and mar- ried in two months. Collects pennies-"does anyone have any pennies?" NO, it's Mrs. not Miss.. . little olc lady-all "pattsy and pansy". Hopes to earn 31,000 to get to Korea and be with her husband. Joan Weintraub Hyattsville, Md. Dorm Big Sister, Pledge Staff. "Are you kidding'?l' Plans include marriage and work in Pediatrics. 9. Margaret Williams Ashton, Md. Wife, mother of two teen- agers, and nurse. "Oh, you know . . . "Keep- ing house for her family . . . "Gee!" . . . Observing the horseback and mini- bike riding of her teen- agers. Future plans: Further edu- cation in nursing. Choir.- "Whoopie-do!" J onnie dent. too bad." 58 Mary Ann Yukon Baltimore, Md Likes to crochet fudge!" . . . I don t beheve Bonnie and her catsup Marriage in June then e Army Nurse Corps Jon Stefanie Zimmerman Laurel, Md Junior Class Vice P1681 dent, Senior Class Presr "I love it here!" Drink ing coffee in the early A.M .... Singing Differ ent Drum" . . . ' Ah ah ah a-a!" . . . Onion rings Those streets of Baltimore . . . Knitting. Thats , I 'Time-the essence of life." Seniors not pictured: . . I I Patricia Altenburg Susan W. Burtram Barbara C. Jacobs Linda J. Roberts Mary "Jan" Wire Betty 'gJeanne" Coale 'LFriendship overcomes miles." ' 'Xsf '11 --A f'!,fJ li cup of tea and thee." g'Team:togetherness:life." "T0gethef"eH U1iff0f Of mCm0fie5 nA BA TIMORE GRAD ATE F BR ARY-1970 Class officers: Sherrill Van Antwerp, secretary-treasurerg Lillian Kielrnan, president, Kay Ferguson, historian. Class advisor: Mary Arm Anderson fnot shownl. Judy Carlene Bankhead Chastity Martinsburg West Virginia Sa-me SHO Man Alive Worriers Club Black Admissions Committee measles vac cine finalist. service time. Sallie Jane Biehl Silver Spring Maryland 1 Sister Graduation Committee. P.I.S.S.S. . .. I hear the Im not going to clean it . . . . drinking instant voice of spring? . . . scissor hold. . .singing . .. Campus lnn, hospital cafe- teria, all mcctings . . . Dudes, lemons . . . Harry and formings revolutions. Psychiatric nursing is really her Held! coffee with powdered milk . . , sewing, knitting, painting, skiing . . . phone calls from Cincinnati, Ohio . . . meatloaf. Is planning a trip to Europe. 60 Patricia Ann Bowers Pat Hyattsville, Ma.ryland Hall president, Big Sister, choir. "Hi, John." . . . "Let's do something exciting." . . . setting hair after it is dry, jumping beds during study breaks . . . Ambassa- dor . . . chicken sand- wiches. Hopes to go into intensive care nursing. Diana Lynn Bowersock Soch Towson, Maryland Class social chairman, Denton 4th floor publicity chairman, Worrier's Club, chairman of "Tiny Tots" forPACE. "Oh no! lim so up- set." . . . "Gape!!,' . .. chewing 'pens to death . . . collecting Dicks . . . any bar a.nd ladies rooms... canned asparagus with mayonnaise, chicken livers . . . other people's problems. lntends to be a psychiatric patient. 1142757 .,., f-W---f 0 f Susan Lynn Brill Sue Bethesda, Maryland The Pledge staff, service time, guinea pig for measles vaccine. "Howard . . . Howard who?" . . . trying to find time to ride her horse, talking on the red phone . . . Keg of Ale . . . cheese- cake . . . surgery. Her busy plans include a trip to Europe, marriage, and being a member of a thoracic and open heart surgical team. 61 Carolyn Byrd DB Baltimore, Maryland Big Sister, Louisa Parsons Nursing Club, Young Democrats. "Not hardly." . . . five minutes late to class... sewing . . . premie nursery and track meets . . . pepperoni pizza. Already has a job in the neonatal intensive care unit. Yan.. Kathleen Marie GIOHH Hyatt Casel' Cantwell Kathy Hillcrest Heights, Maryland Big Sister, Newman Club, Christmas Decoration Com mittee, Graduation Committee. "To the extent of. . . " . . .talking... cooking, guitar . . .The Place That Louie Dwells and Acapulco . . . tuna fish sandwiches. Graduation is first on the list. Baltimore, Maryland Service time in the Emer- gency Room. Gloria "I went downtown to do a little shopping, AND . . " ...onagainoffagain... knitting and learning to cook for her husband . . . ER on Friday nights... roast beef subs from the Campus Inn. Either surgical nursing or Public future. , fr? MMI, Health is in her Eileen Davis Eileen Silver Spring, Maryland Big Sister, Graduation Committee. "Beautiful" ...smoking and coughing . . . raising turtles . . . Tomfoolery . . . tuna fish sandwiches with lettuce and tomatoes. She plans to graduate first! Bonnie Lee Disharron B. or Bon Salisbury, Maryland Committee for self limiting hours, Judicial Board. "What's up?"... "Whoopie" . . .hairdresser of the third floor . . . gmitar. . . Keg of Ale, Ocean City . . . crab im- perial. Is still undecided about the future. Kathleen T. Ferguson Kay Alexandria, Virginia Class historian, Pledge staff, Big Sister, Student- Faculty Committee, Grad- uation Committee chair- man, service time. "I think I'll go call David" ...sleeping in class, wandering around the dorm . . . photography, embroidery, David . . . Boston . . . rare steak and champagne. Would like to work at Massachusetts General. Joann Dorace F ike F.Q. Takoma Park, Maryland SHO, choir, Committee for self limiting hours. "Hi ya, hi ya, hi ya." . . . drinking . . . camping . . . Campus Inn, Burkeis Bar, Keg of Ale . . . onion rings and all drinks . . . alcohol- ism, politics, and civil rights. After one year at Univer- sity she hopes to be nurs- ing in Uganda, Africa. Carol Big Sister, choir. family. Carol Grice Ford Havre de Grace, Maryland "Let me tell you." "Do you believe that?" . . . nap taker, drinking metrecal for lunch . . . sewing, cook- ing...homewith Jim... lasagna, shrimp, rice. Can't wait to start her Da., www" B fx? Lillian Cecelia Kielman LSL, Lillie Catonsville, Maryland SHO, Worrier's Club, class president, Student-Faculty Committee, volunteer worker at Washington Children's Center for O.E., 5th tloor Elkton fire marshal and proctor. "WOW! I brought a color TV." . . . "I love it, I love it." . . . gurgliug in the shower . . . "PSP" popper, Fmding a meeting to go to.. .Surf Board Room, Davage Hall, hospital cafe- teria . . . canned hot dogs, Chinese mustard... finding a way out of hcrc. Will be a lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps. 'Wff SK, SSS ',,!f 2. K' Phyllis Ann Koenig P.K. Timonium, Maryland Alpha Gamma Delta Soror- ity, Free State Party, SGA newsletter, Big Sister, Graduation Committee. "We don't need this kind of aggravation!" . . . sitting on the end of Sherrill's bed . . .dogs and horses . . . anywhere but here. First comes graduation! John H. Kostenbauer John Sheridan, Wyoming "You, girls...!,'... listening to all our prob- lems . . . rodeo events, fish- ing, football. . .Campus Inn . . . steak and beer. The U.S. Army Nurse Corps for at least two years. Sandra K. Litchfield Edgewood, Maryland SHO, Worrierls Club. "Good night, Santa Mouse.". . .taking Gelusil . . .ice skating, art, collecting pop can tops . . .hospital cafe- teria. . . cold lima beans, chicken livers with gravy . . . alcoholism. First a trip to Europe then on to surgical nursing. Therese Marie Mclntosh Terry West Hyattsville, Maryland Newman Club, Big Sister. Providing navel oranges for the 6th floor, cleaning her diamond every Friday afternoon . . . crocheting her afghan, collecting mail on first home decorat- ing . . .anywhere with Donald . . . sauerkraut at the Union, subs from Donald. Intends to combine medical-surgical nursing with a family and marriage. Barbara Jane Murphy Babs Bowie, Maryland Newman Center. 'gOh rats? ...ul-lave fun!" . . .playing the guitar, horseback rid- ing . , . loves to travel, beaches, mountains . . . crab, lobster, spaghetti and wine . . . interested in people and psychology. Plans to go into either pediatrics or psychiatric nursing. Patricia Baden O'Donnell Pat Brandywine, Maryland Hall academic chairman, Louisa Parsons Nursing Club, Big Sister, pediatrics party chairman. " . . .And I don't want to hear about the paper I haven't done." . . . "That's my 0die!" . . . stud.ies in an Army shirt and jeans . . . a definite "morn- ing people" . . . sewing . . . gallons of coffee. Plans to mix pediatric nursing with lots of kids of her own. Mr Q Ruth Patsy Riley Patti Hagerstown, Maryland "You are so queer!" . .. Jeff on the weekend, spending money .., giggles . . . Tony's pizza and beer . . . eight hours of sleep . . . mathematics. Has several things in mind but nothing definite. 65 Kathleen Marie Steer Kathy Pennsauken, New Jersey Alpha Xi Delta-past trea- surer, Ski Club, hall fire ma.rshn.l. Graduation Com- mittee. "l'm loved." . . . skiing, organ, swimming, skating. tennis, and men , . . USNA, Oral Surgery Department, and Europe . . . a very sound sleeper. Plans a very busy future of nursing, teaching, flying, and traveling. Martha L. Mackley Martha Woodbine, Maryland Hall president, Big Sister, Graduation Committee. "Can I bum a cig arette?" . . . male watcher, mail box watcher . . . sewing, drawing tennis . . . rare steak. Plans to combine Europe art school, and nursing. NOT PICTURED 66 Sherrill Lea Van Antwerp Tiny Mouse Bel Air, Maryland Class secretary-treasurer, SHO, Big Sister, Diogenes. "Poop" ..."No, seri- ously" . . . nippy naps every two hours . . . ex- plaining slang to Tena, knitting . . . College Park, the "John" . . . all foods. Graduation is her goal. Bunny Sylvia Parrino Bunny Baltimore, Maryland Horseback riding, tennis, swimming . . . smoking . . . former United steward- ess . . . employee at the Gentleman II. "I'll give my hand to those who cannot see the sunrise or the falling raing Ifll sing my song to cheer the weary alongg lill share my faith with every troubled heart. Iill give my hand, I,ll sing my song, Ijll share my faith . . . Because I know that the time is now to fulfill each vow, For I may never pass this way again T9 WALTER REED SENIOR CLASS A TIME TO REMEMBER . Do we still believe in "To do a common thing uncommonly well"-our class motto? Remember when we could sing our class song, "Walter Reed", without tears? Long ago we wondered, "What will this day be like?" as we prepared our first skit-"The Sound of WRAIN-DROPS". -Remember back to the faculty 's protest, and their answer to us, "The Faculty Folliesn. -Remember being all thumbs when we tried to flute our caps? -the beginning of Miss Runamuck in "Life-Army Style"-our welcome to the new juniors? -getting up for revelry at 0600 to meet the new juniors? -the joy of having a 7 week vacation-without pay!! -then, are we really seniors? -the faculty trying to persuade us how mature we have grown! -the loss of Sgt. Mendez! -soon WRAIN gained a new director-and we had to say good-bye to Col. Ewen until July! -those long tiring days of washing faculty cars so our class wouldn't go bankrupt! -those teas where we developed social graces while talking with 3 star generals! -weekly round trips to Fort Belvoir-especially in winter snow! -the exciting adventures of riding an Army bus!? -the new name tags sprouting all over the place! -the birth of our own newspaper! -all the many joys and happiness, sadness and hard times that we shared with each other! -Suddenly panic as we fill out dream sheets and where in this wide world do we go? -200 day, 150 day, 100 ....... days parties!! -joy, but sadness as we plan for our big weekend of convocation and grad- uation! -What, me, finally becoming an officer in the Army? -And so much more to come!! 'LI shall pass this way but once Any good I can do, any kindness I can show Let me do it now, Let me not neglect or deter it, For I shall never pass this way again. " 68 OFFICER Vice-President: Margarita Suarez . 14 . 'Z - Q. wi Q fi ' " Fl?l?" - . L4 E X , 5- 4 L x Treasurer: Sandy Alpcr BIB his I llllylj flu! Eflt'Et'i President Sandy Greenquist Secretary: Pat Ouimette v D' x. P' ," TvF:Ww . 4, , W Social Chairman: Susan Kauffman SANDRA MICHELE ALPER "Sandy" Babylon, New York University of Connecticut. Treasurer-Sr. Class, Pledge Staff, WRAIN Chorus, Sigma Theta Tau. "But I can't get up in the 5's." C A CAROL ANN ARMSTRONG Dubuque, Iowa University of Iowa. KATHY BARNHART NANCY LEIGH ADAMS Hyattsville, Maryland University of Maryland. WRAIN Chorus, Pledge Staff, Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, SNCM. i..Zap!n Altoona, Pennsylvania Duquesne University University of Arizona SNCM, Sigma Theta Tau. --v I "r1v.Ltf1'al arf.. 2' .-.X-wr . 9 . 1 ':,a'r,:-iyaS'! Y '18-wif ?'2r-sn' fu SHIRLEY ANN BEER "Shirley-Shirley" Mandan, North Dakota Mount Marty College CAROLYN SOLLAR BLASDEL Amarillo, Texas University of New Mexico LINDA JOYCE BURTON MBU LaGrange, Georgia Sigma Theta Tau, PhiVKappa Phi. "No one understands us Crabby people." sf H H Um My ll ll KATHLEEN MCEWAN BRUDERMAN AN "Kathy" 'J Bowie, Maryland St. Joseph College "What a way to spend Christmas!" li . S S X Emory-at-oxford, University of Georgia "Dig that Southern drawlli' 71 NPN-114 SUENBES UQRMH UNIVERSITY OF mmvuw annmont DIANA STOVER CAPLAN Kingsley, Iowa Drake University tfstun JANET SCHAEFFER CASH Garland, Texas University of Arkansas "Before you love, learn to run through snow, leaving no foot print." LINDA LOU CLOYD MICHELE POWERS CAMERON "Mickie" Fairfax, Virginia Villanova University "Why is he so near and yet so far? 'lClod" Erie, Pennsylvania Case-Western Reserve University MYO 'aa 72 ,, L f' ' ff JUDITH ANN CLUCHEY ANN LUCILLE CORLEY St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis University Fontbonne College WRAMC Theatre Company, SNCM "Has a minor in theatrical work?' "Clutch', Newburgh, New York Russell Sage College "Issie Tough?" "A Dream Girlf' BARBARA ANN DEIN ..BaIb,, San Antonio, Texas Trinity University ELIZABETH JEANNE CORSO "Betty" Silver Spring, Maryland University of Maryland WRAIN Chorus, Class Historian. "Be not anxious about what you have, but about what you are." University of Texas "Where oh where shall I be stationed?" -cuff "'kL':'1' 73 BETTY JEAN ERICKSON LaFayette, Illinois University of Illinois "She has a unique style of wit! SUZANNE J. FARIS "Monster', Columbia, South Carolina University of South Carolina "What kind of question is that?" DENISE CHRISTINE FELLER Helena, Montana JULIA TIMERMAN ELMORE "Julie" Willow Grove, Pennsylvania Bradley University WRAIN Chorus. "She certainly can sing!" Rocky Mountain College Student Body President, SGA, SNCM, WRAIN Newspaper Staff. 74 MICHELE FERNAN "Micki" Pulaski, New York D'Youville College Syracuse University JENNIE VOGLER GOODWIN "Jennie', San Diego, California WRAIN Chorus MARY CHARLOTTE FLINCHBAUGH "Mimi,' Vienna, Virginia George Washington University University of Maryland L'Blessed are they who run around in circles, for they shall be known as big wheelsf, ELEANOR VERONICA FRANK "Lynn" Riverside, New Jersey Dusquesne University University of Arizona SNCM, Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi. "Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." 75 ROCHELLE GYSLER l'Shelley" Plentywood, Montana Montana State University Social Chairman-J r. Class. "GS:O" "My GS factor is Zerol!" KAREN SUE HAASE Napoleon, Ohio Ohio State University Social Chairman-WRAIN, Student Council, WRAIN Newspaper Staff. "Why are men such buzzards?" SANDRA KAY GREENQUIST "San" "Boris" Norfolk, Virginia Arkansas Tech President-Sr. Class, SGA, Student Government Council. "You say May will be a busy month?" BARBARA JEAN HESSELMAN "Hessel" New Alexandria, Pa. University of Pittsburgh Carnegie Melon University WRAIN Chorus, Pledge Staff-Jr., WRAMC Theatre Company. 76 BETTE SUE HILL Pensacola, Florida Florida State University Sigma Theta Tau. "ls anyone going to dinner?" CONSTANCE GOLAS IS "Polak" PATRICIA ANN HOLSHUE 'LPat', Helena, Montana St. Mary College Pledge Editor, WRAIN Chorus. "Yearbook'? What Yearbook?" 'tKnown to date: 'The Bearded One'!!" ANITA GALE HUMPHREYS Baton Rouge, Louisiana Northwestern State College "Our class bird from Cajun Land, ON - USA!" "To thine own self be true." Littleton Colorado Student Representative. 'gGook!,' "God bless the Polaks!!" 77 0 LOUISE ELAINE JOHNSON uouijin Dumont, Iowa University of Iowa "I'm a witch!" JOHNNIE SUE JORDAN "John" Kenosha, Wisconsin Baylor University University of Wisconsin WRAIN Chorus-Sr. Chairman, Stu- dent Representative, Pledge Staff, SNCM, Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi. "Nothing is worth more than this day. Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present." JOANNE FRANCIS KANE "Joannie" Hamburg, New York D'Youville College Syracuse University WRAMC Theater Company, Unit Fund Representative. 78 MARTHA MEAD JENNINGS "Marty" LaCrosse, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin WRAIN Chorus. "The happy housewifeHshe sure can cook!" SANDRA LYNN KILLEY "Sandyl' San Antonio, Texas Trinity University "When y'all come to San Antonio so KAREN ANN LOUGH Steele, Alabama Juanita College WRAIN Chorus, Treasurerflr. Class, Pledge Staff, WRAIN News- paper Staff, Unit Fund Altemate. l'What's so special about Flag Day? PAMELA JO KOPONEN ..Pam,, Detroit, Michigan University of Michigan WRAIN Chorus, SGA Secretary. "The true Miss Runamuck-we never forget the green machine? MARTHA JEAN LEWIS "Marty" I Henning, Minnesota University of Minnesota WRAIN Chorus - accompanist, WRAIN Newspaper Staff. . "Senior class goody-goody. The tall thin blond who plays the piano." Stock holder in the New Jersey Turnpike." 79 I l ANN MARIE MALONEY Islington, Mass. University of Massachusetts WR AIN Chorus. "How many miles can you go on a 3-day pass?" K'Guess where I'm going this weekend?" VICTORIA ANNE MARCHLIK "Vicki" Chester, Pennsylvania Mount Mercy College Pledge Staff, WRAIN Chorus, WRAIN Newspaper Staff, Class Historian. i'To dream the impossible dreamf will I ever make it?" "Always there with her handy camera!" JERRY ANN MARTIN SUSAN LOW Tucson, Arizona University of Arizona Sigma Theta Tau, Phi K SNCM, Pledge Staff. 9 appa Phi Grissom A.F.B., Indiana Texas Woman's University "Nothing succeeds like success!" 80 Q9 MARIANNE CECILIA MEYER Miami, Florida Barry College MADELINE ANNE NEY uLynn" Pottsville, Pa. St. Joseph College President-Jr. Class, Sigma Theta Tau. KATHLEEN ANN MOSSING L'Nurse Missing" Napoleon, Ohio Ohio State University WRAIN Newspaper Staff. GEORGIA LYN NARSAVAGE uGeorge" Avoca, Pennsylvania Albright College WRAIN Chorus. 'lOh . . Piffle!!" "A Weekend Wa1ria.r" "Only - more hours until I see Peter!" "Well, what country haven't lbeen in yet?" 81 CLAIRE OOSTERHOF Merrillville, Indiana Indiana University Secretaryfh. Class. " spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart." PATRICIA J. OUIMETTE "Patti" Independence, Missouri University of Missouri Secretary-Sr. Class. "Our Peppermint Patti! What a thing to say to a girlli' LYNETTE JEAN PAARMANN NANCY KAY OLSON "Nance" Menomonie, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin WRAIN Chorus. "Joy comes in the morning." Davenport, Iowa University of Iowa Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi. 82 6 0 SUSAN MARIE PEASLEE "Susie" Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin WRAIN Chorus, Pledge Staff. "Love is just around the corner, but which corner?" SU ZANNE MARY PETROSKE DIANNE LEE PECKENS Howell, Michigan Michigan State University WRAIN Chorus. " . . . it ill behooves the best of us to talk about the rest of us." JOAN INGER PETERSON "Pete" Red Hook, New York State University of New York "Will Guess? Gibran influences her lif 'i C. usueaa Fort Lauderdale, Florida Barry College ss E K TONI TRIPP REIMER ..Tripp,, Fairfield. Iowa University of Iowa "Have you learned your new last name yet?" MARY FRANCES ROONEY Delmar, New York College of Notre Dame SGA President, Vice-President Jr. Class, WRAIN Chorus. "Always on the go!" DONNA JEWELL REID "DJ," Godfrey, Illinois University of Kansas WRAIN Chorus, Class Historian. " . . .I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls: it tolls for thee." MARION FRANCES SANTRY Brockton, Massachusetts University of Massachusetts WRAIN Chorus. "I do not talk funny!" ELSIE MARIE ROY "Els" Lunenburg, Massachusetts ' Nasson College WRAIN Chorus. "Can,t dance an' it's too wet to plow!" 84 .-..,wN ANN M. STAPELFELD "Annie" "-g. LINDA P. SPURGEON Ohio Ohio State University WRAIN Chorus. "Plays the organ? And how!" BARBARA GILMAN SULLIVAN "Sulli" East Palestine, Ohio University of Wisconsin Marquette University Vice Chairman Student Council, WRAIN Chorus. "Can you walk a little faster? said a whiting to a snail." REGINA ANN STREET "Reggie" Jacksonville, Florida University of Maryland Sigma Theta Tau. "What do ya think you are martyr?" Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania West Virginia University Pennsylvania State University "Everything,s coming up Spark-ly What dirty diad?" tan-wi V 85 MARGARITA MARIE SUAREZ ..Ma-rgyn Havana. Cuba American University University of Maryland Vice-President-Sr. Class, WRAIN Newspaper-Editor. "Oh chica! God Bless America! She gives of herselff' SHARON LOUISE THOMPSON Stetsonville, Wis. Wisconsin State University Stout State University Sigma Theta Tau. "Master Converszitionalistf' MADELON A. VISINTAINER "Mad" Drums, Pennsylvania Bloomsburg State College Miserieordia College Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, SNCM, WRAIN Newspaper Staff, Student Representative. "When I start my own nursing school ..... " "Words can't describe her-she's all heart!" SHARRON B. BEARLY TERMINI "Sherri" Bossier City, Louisiana Northwestern State College University of Arkansas "So you've learned to cook Italian foods?" MAUREEN WALSH Albany, New York Russell Sage College "lt's all in Albany!" MILDRED ELIZABETH WERNET "Willie" Ashland, Mass. Simmons College SNCM, WRAIN Chorus, WRAMC Theatre Company. "But you don't sound like you're from Boston!!" NOT PICTURED ELIZABETH C. BISHOP "Beth" Watertown, Mass. University of Maine Boston University Unit Fund Representative. I. ,, Pass the cup! I SUSAN v. Coizso j Springfield, Missouri llouthwest Missouri State College I SUSAN M. KAUFFMAN 1 "Susie" York, Pennsylvania liimmons College 'ohns Hopkins University iigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi, ocial Chairman-Senior Class. 1The Bronze Bomb definitely needs ' fresh start in life!" il LYNDA ANNE WIIITLOW 'lLittle Lynda" Virginia Beach, Va. College of William and Mary Phi Kappa Phi. LINDA MARY WITCAVITCH "Wick" "Natasha'J Freehold, N. J. Nasson College University of Arizona Z Q L SHARYN MARIE QUIRK SI-IERRY L. LANNON ZANE Chgvy Chagcy Md, BZJTTITIOIC, Md. St. Joseph College University of Maryland Junior SGA Treasurer. "How about a honeymoon in sunny Mexico?" 87 ano eounaqe has many faces . . . though at neeos But only one . . . ano this one says "keep tnymq' lion you know It can B6 oone. -mantln Buxsum no oneat thine IS cneateo suooenly, any mone than a Bunch of Qnapes on a fue. If you tell me that you oesme a lilq, I answen you that theme must B6 tlme. let It fmst Blossom, then Bean fault, then mpen. -eplctetus- 88 I Jumons , , President: Phyllis Goodman UNI OR H332 f 'Ili .U IPS Il 5. 'Z QLI 'V ff? 4' ff C 3- 1 'I Q,- Wg! Treasurer: Diane Tassone . x A H 1, ,.,.y A .1 I ,w:f" : - - .g- -f I v, .1 1 A.. Social Chairman: Cathy Rowell 14" Vice-President. Carol Molcski 90 3 F4781 ,ai Secretary: Dinah Aureli OFFICERS CLASS OF 1 970 BALTIMORE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: fleft to rightj Wendye Wood, Social Chairrnang Margot Kelly, Vice Presidentg Sue Hermann, Presidentg Marty Bravo, Treasurerg Margo Dettorre, Secretaryg Marnie McLean, Judicial Board. Dr. Martin ll. Morris Baltimore Junior Class Advisor QM' 15 X ffh ' ,.. Alison Armstrong Susan L Barber Cynthia Barrett Patncla Beach Cynthia M. Bradley Ruth Brown --gay... -uf -ff: f Beverly Brown V ff 'f 1 4' 7 af ,N :iffy . f 9" ,y " W I f fi if ff? f ' 1' 9?f7,fW3 F 4 me-44 f 21, ,f , . :z::- 1 9 ' ' f, f 64 1' ' 1. of ff 1 71 A, 4 yf , ff 1 fy ff , I ,,! 1 y f fb ff 1 K6 4' ff , Vw 1 ' 1 1' ff 1 f f ' " .12 ?b.Iv:.1, ,sax-.. Joni Cassidy , sz aw fswiiirfrg. .-.smear .- "1 '- f ' fa- 3 Wav: f ' .P 3 4I1'z'2,qgz ' ner-W' . f:'1??:' any w . f , Patricia J. Daily athleen T. Champion Karla R. Brabec Candy Carter ,nf Carolyn J. Clark Linda A. Dantzer 0 Constance Callej as Claire C. Connors J ESSICR Dmgeman Ruth H. Cornali ,K Brenda J. Dunakin G. Jane Geer Zella Hubbard la Teresa L Elli Phyllrs E. Goodman M Jane Hults Margaret Lawing vi gm- V- 1 1. .4 if f' j.' :' X, V15 xl 'X .2 4 .',L,'fw' 4 Q E .,,.v . . .ff ' "' , :fer ' . ,Z V , if . fveygfwv. .- Vdc' ' , 'mf '-'4 ' , ., ,. V , ,a. -5 ,"?43y1,.4f i f 4, fe, i Z f 12 , Marlene Enders Patricia A. Harmon Linda C. Janul Sharon H. Lctkov 3. nd' an K f In f, 1 ii 4 jan 62? 552 4 , ffflzay ' f 4 f - ' " Jean M. Evans ' ,. ,DZ Marie H. Erklauer Arlys Herem QL..- 1 Elizabeth A. Jones Robyn K. Linrothc . , X 4 fir! , .5 3 M., I.. 7'7l x Q , ' 4 ' 1 , 2' , ff vw' f Af Vpfy 4 44 , " 4 , X . Donna Mae Hoagland Diane Knecht 40" 'I 4. fa, ,- . xy . , . "', 1- fff' M f Q - ., ' F' ,s 1 , 5 sf t ,-3 4 H T ' 2' 5 'SQXLLM :Ni Q . . V A . Elizabeth A. Lovejoy fi Susan L Mehrtcns Carol M. Molcski Sue E. Murphy Mary E. McLaren Dorls A. Payne Cynthia S. Moen Carole L. Prather 'mu . . ,. . ....,X .. rgffgy P ,M , Kathleen J. Owings Penelope J. Roberts A -M Vale ne Schultz Kathleen Rheinlander .. W 1 W af- A , J .::-'-xiii' ' 1 .V-i.:?,.'a,, rg.-, 'lt .gy.,'--rj, 34 . 'QNX if "Mn-L W ' ,..1j ,Q':F-if 55, Fil? X A W A A 5 X gr L ' Q we U g 1 5 X Ruth A. Rominger Julia E. Skaggs Catherine V. Pecher Catherine L. Rowell Cynthia D. Smith Mary Scherer Mary Anita Spinelli Kathleen Thomas Shirley A. Watkins 1 l i i nl? I, . If 4 fx 5 I 4 1 'Q W. Af., va f , W 7 4 Adrienne L. Stafford Patricia Anne Tucker f Kathly nn Yo urshaw Diane Tassone K.. Linda Varner ff", , . f' .fl ' iiiwz i t 1,514 ' ' . ,I 1'f"1,, xy' r , , - 1 ,, x,- wazr ' A ,ma . Deborah K. Whelan Not Pictured Dinah L. Aureli Mary E. Feller William B. Garner M. Elaine Ginn Anita Goldberg Jeanette Green will .f,"' ' Virginia L. Tate Nancy J. Vesey Kathryn Hanobik Deniee M. l-luizenga Diane Y. Huset Charles Jones Rosemary Levonski Corrine Meier Laurie J. Miller Sharon Nelson fi 4""'T' Carolyn Taylor "'-if Kathryn A. Vinson Linda Williams Margaret O,Connor Penny Peters Ulrike Quantz Jean D. Rehling Barbara J. Russell Chuck Thompson Lynda Underwood Virginia Will V , WW 73, 25-iII': ":'Q7I1:,- fray. , , If f 1 5 Q Au' I , 7 ea., , , P I, 1 f Aww, .. 1 ,, M .X ,ggi . I V f4 f ,Z ,W f 1 . ,.,V .,f?N N, ,,,, JO ANN APGAR JANICE BRYANT GALE BOYS MARY BETH BARTHOLEMEY GRACE BRIZENDINE MARY DEELY JEWEL COOPER MARGUERITE DETTORRE fi: I -'-'s I jug , ' 4 "W: f , 1 I' ffmf- 41,6 ' l , f' V xyefgf ,411 , . V, ,Z fyfgg ' 1 he ' 2,154 4 ,' 2 . - .g fzL,.'f'. . I ' , 1' 'Mm PATRICIA BRENNER CHERYL BOWER KAY DILLOW ELIZABETH DE SALVO MARTHA BRAVO LINDA BROCKWELL SUE ANN DIPAULA DONNA DUCOTE Y "'?5MLT""' f Agua. CHARLENE DAVIS BARBARA DONALDSON PATRICIA GRAHAM IHARLOTTE GRANOFSKY Li DONNA DIETZEL CAROL EMRICH SHARON HAYMAKER SUE HERMANN 19' 'Ji -awn- li.- DAWN FLEISHER KAREN FETHE CHRISTINE HARTZ ANN HOWARD A ai SHERRIL GARDNER ANN GRUNDLER SUE HEINDEL MARGOT KELLY ,nf 'Tz, we "f'fi:,!5Z, , f f 1 15.5 ff A, .. A f,::fiA:3'-I-.VI ,. A 5:64 Zi. Pi-55. '- 47 ...I., . 1, , In P' I f 1 1, I! fa J I Eg I 5 ,,. 5 , K, V KATHLEEN A. KELLY KATHLEEN M. KELLY MARILYN MISULICH LINDA MENZER 51 1 ', 1 if X ,Wi 1 fc 4 f -vw 1 A? x g 0 Y .4 I q y af N 'c ? 5 -1, 2 443 2 I, 'f 1 NJ ' 4 JI ,,, .WV I, IEYE-H-f fix' , cf '- . "H 1 I I ' 1 f 6 I 4 ,f 4"f,M,.,,, f ,Q , , M 4 ' 4 ' MW 4 fit. f., , H WM VX? ,I S I 11 f YI , f 2, ff 6 W I 1' , 1 , I ff ' , W1 ' 'zz r' , - 4 ,.f www ' 'uiffwqs JANICE LYLES BONNIE LAUER SANDRA MACDONALD KIM NAPPER ZEQ 'W Sip? I ,x f gl , a:"' BARBARA LEVIN BEVERLY LONG PAMELA OLSEN VANITA PECK , w f N 'Y 1 If 4 4 1 W fi ' 1 A 'Yaz- v,, ..,, SHEILA MILLER ALDENE MEDBERRI JANE RANKIN CHARLENE RYAN -4' f W V ,LZJ KAREN RENTZ MARCIA SASS KATHLEEN VETTER BETTY WAGNER I I I -..-.q I v Y, , , 443 .2 , "ff K7 'iz-1.221 . , . 1 , Ziff' I ,f 1' yi Q , ' 1 z -,N -'-f.,wff 1 L, 5. 'hh' PQ, ELAINE SEAL NORMA SI-IEVCHIK BEVERLY WATSON IBBY WILHIDE 5: ' q E' ,jzy r I -fv- ' II, H 'nm- !!If"f:'v' ANN SCHERLIS LINDA STEVENS PHYLLIS WILLIAMS WENDYE WOOD A .Nw --,-f.,-'ly 4 ,A .r - I V, 1, .+- , V. , -v,R.gL, , " , A . 1531.5- ' i ROSEMARY SUMIK ILENE TAYLOR BARBARA YATES X lf 4 , J , A U N' Not Pictured VERNA BACH ALETTHA DE WITT MARY DUNN MARGARET MONTGOMERY JEANETTE MYERS NANCY PFARR KENDALL RUSSELL SR. MARIE E. SCANLOW ANN SEWELL JOAN SMITH 13? - Being... WRAI Learning... r. I BEI G As Juniors, we came to Walter Reed with our hopes and expectations, but most of all, we came as beingsfa group of indi- viduals. Through the course of the year, we have been listening, learn- ing, sharing . . . all under the guidance of many in- cluding Major Robitaille, our adviser. But most of all we are striving to reach .-in 4 mum Listening... bn-I 1000 100 Relaxing... I UNI OR our goal-nursing. Despite our common goal and ex- periences, we are still be- ings-each individual enriched by his experi- ences but unique in his own way. And now we are ready to pass on to bigger and better experienceskbeing Seniors . . . Caring... g f ,, 55,5 ?" fi. 11 ,gf I " gf,- ff xf: xx' 5'-v BAL TIM ORE 4 "OoooooAAyour hands are cold!!" "But then, on the other hand .... " .-1' -g "Another Saturday night, the same old drag "Was this party for the nurses or thc kids?" "Am I coming or going?" "IfI can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not Live in vain: If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain." by Emily Dickenson "':':i.i, F3 ' ' I ,xfpf ' "Well, here I am ..... Lovely me." I 1 , . fe. I . l one must not ue A shlp to A smole Anchon, non lllie to A smqle hope. -eplctetus- AD enllqhteneo mmo IS not hooowmkeo, It IS not shut up m A gloomy pmson tlll It thmks the wAlls of its own ouneeon the llmlts of the umvense, Ano the l2eAeh of its own ChAll'l the outen velzqe of mtelllqence. -l0l'lGfGllOW 104 r CLll2I2lCUlLlITl , . I know her last name is Smith. I feel pretty, oh so pretty. ggi" E "You say you blew your diet? gs She's already delivered!!! ! 1 Dad someone say these kids were born with a sucking :e ex. 1 IT fr' aw xi: 'ff Ah, shucks! It's nothing to having a baby. 5 i 4 ,. . Q, ve , .k me '- V--, ,W eff. , f , .- , wi ,G sw! X Q, . -e ei "You say you think you are pregnant?" "So next time we have a flood. . ..,. ,QE lu. rx. 'Ms .P i 9 n L. E 3 i 5 1 t i 5 Q ,i Ti t ii i yn 3 fvwav 1. fi i'f'gv:Zf.9-. 'ici 1:1. I'i's ., X M. eff:-' aging. X,., , N-.,.,x,, ,.., 1 ,-., Q ,M igxw, W. K . - W 2 . .. .Ai X X.,xtX.,.r N. .... ,. M... S X 1 YQ xwhegq-fri: ' - 1. kv: 5 Swxim:sa'f1:f,9N5v'- '-: --.:.,:: v:- mr: RX: ' 'Q -:. my X -- . xt X wx Q2 'gwki is , My s NR? Someday- - -one of my own. sr' vi-'if X ,tag X xx 'A x , ,wgq--Qi. h-,,.5.,.,, A XX x t a 1 , ' ' . is N:tiff-11:-fig,-,.,-iixi fi- , -g..5-,qg,.:5.,.-.QNRX5-., '- et., y Q ,, , , -. K',:':5'4.1,5-:L-ns-.1 .- Swiksvlxirpbi at -. N --.a41:f1sSwi. 1XF ., Alright kid, there has to be a first time for everyone. "Now all we need is a baby! sa 108 Brand new Ri' X r an 55 , , ,..- .I - i , ,f 5, r A' Kb l E f ik X """"'N'nH-M '13 5 .- ' V, ., "" .M , ' , 4 .. ' x, h "5 " t -'js 4. N : A4 'L lil ' - ' lf L 5 And the stork nests right in here NMNNN 1 . .e 1-1 ' X . . x .g T S wr fx egg Q ir N 5 W my I ' X -Q' ' X X , ..., .A iii, .1 X . 1' , .fi 1- Future Mothers Club of America Z Vk VX Q u if r 2 if X . f Are you sure she really needs that alcohol? ,, ,.,,.,.h-Y, W.. ,,. ., v..- I ag- ' ' ,, Ex 7 W ' fm W .1 .- .1 ,5 , , li 'hh .Jar-Y A Q A .flu 5, , l Yes, Fm sure there's not another one in there. The hectic post partum ward Qi You 11 feel great w1th Gonlla m11k There, there it's not that bad This playlady business can be hard work. 110 1- If you get lost, just remember your number is 2993. Please, just one bite. Mrs. Lavenstcirfs watching. E3 ? 3: ' " ' ,N Q .Q N, iii i 2 s s ka Aaagh! You wcrcn't supposed to cat it! Now, isn't that better than hitting me? G1 X 111 ' m ' rx' 1 x .iw 4 -VA,A ,ir L A Now it's quite evident that this doctor needs a typing course. 4 , H Hu could have danced all night. . . U E 9 2 ! 3 Put your finger in the air if you wantjuice. . ..r- I told you thc pcanut butter would stick to the roof of your mouth. V Boy, have I got them wrapped around my Fmger! I i , v --s, ' , fy, -f' :irq xr aux Ifl push in hcrc she will go forward. I'll call this meeting to order! 'A Division of Labor I know kid, he bit me once, too. Q An If WNW! 0 s ,. ICI 22 FN IJ' um Z1 l '4 U ll .ll 33 -c 5. i ' I U IOR MEDICAL and SURGICAL v URSING ,. .- x V.. ,.c V--...qv Fl is, , ,, ' 1 l , , "Would you believe the gall stones were this big'?!" "Women drivers!! 114 ze-1' EERE! , 3:'53?f'f3-'- 'A ' ..: ifivfr Jg'a117.f m,ls,:.t'1.i55. 3 , :Q .": - A 1214 .L Vxs' X f x A 5,4 C Qc M if :fe H 2 .fr fs? 36' no 2 Lv N w Q 5 0 ,ag , I 1 .. W' '--'-A 'gf-,, . ' a x 1 NX cas ,QA B A fx ' , 5 xx! . ' QKIXXN ! 1 45 N Y ,M X us vg ,4 QC X V N ,y gm , X, x X V A ,. I? ' -' ' wx K X Q 3 'Q Q Q , X Sm lb Q 0, ' 0 A r M X c Y ,X M X fi X , fx .. 'I' X fix I " . W. JH , X 1 i I I 'fix QQ fllzr M-313-Qizfff ', sw M - .l s V- ' -::,., :I i ,- : A 2 1 , fx x K H ' 6 Xl N ! , "Helmet, goggles, mask . . . Lovely to look at, dehghtfu to know." .L i b "Whoops, Judy: guess where I have to go!" uit sounds like Beethovcn's 10th to mc." isiszr- 'li X l .h'l i in 5 3 .K-J P h, One daquiri coming up!" K'Of course, I can eat after an operation!" 1 15 ,,,,,,,,.., X A .,., "Col. Van Mason will never Gnd me in here!" Q -rr f-wg R i E 3 M, 'N X ix l f 14' 4 x X . . sf' 11 fs N - S-2 M 4 gy . A . gf-7' f - .Q v 5 , an I.. 7 N Q. 1,-M ' 1 D f zz?-' A . A9 ' .ff P N' ' XX " if Q ff: fgrgy - M. Q b kkgiss , . mee.f:Y' "" X gx-gym . A 1 if 'K - "'ry2f. .. i 5 .. m "Well I sure couldn't get a bedpan under him mysell'!" 'J 'if-1 G. 2,4-S-.' I-'uv :V7 1154 ?'fKf:f1':5 Y fi 2245.521 f'1Iif.f,i S 5?25i?f:4 f V ' '- X ' '-" if' if V f . . ' . . 1 ,-'Str e " . - 4 lima-t X: I. R ., t wa I.: ,fi rm '.. ' me' ' 5 Q W ff e Af -' - - 1 .g ' -V D1 f ' 14 " ' 1 i2S5'f'v:'-I' . - xx 'is ' 4 H., --,4" ' 1 ., ,- 5 g"Wx.:-.m a n I 1 i 1. ' f' fx. . 4' ' 25, M.,....., . -.,,s..... , .. 5922112222 J . - '- 6:2 ga. ff: - p:eE5.s:iS. 4. ygf,Gq...,., : H41 33-1:12 ., -- V. " 1:: .g.,.,'-,' . :J -F -. i- '- '71, N 1'-44.-,-.,.. l f i X., - 5,3-. -- f ,.,.-s'2+...,M,24-M., - ff ,- g ,w:.'fif '-bm2S,?52Z15j - .- .-... '1 1- 1 4'.x':4 ' , -'r:..f mf .,,: :H M- 1 xref-2:19-if V. ws' 22.45--W ,- ,nj-?f'i'f . . .15 --tg: ,V .. .. .i Ti f' X35 w,-" viii ll' 'lx '. :- ' w ,E 1 . . ' 'J' ,Q ., fx ' -31? 679' -K Rox Y - -1 Y 7- viii I., . .b K .f x , ' C. W 1 ' rx . M 55 4-I ' vw 'iDo you want the ham and chccse on white or rye bread. f,,, 116 Match tho blank to the blank. f G la D , 1 "' 4 ,Mu Finally, a quiet moment in a hectic day , The latest in shoe styles- - -paper'?? ve you ever consldercd bemg a History teacher?" 4, , l iiv 3 f I. 1 4 , U, A . ,W 'I f xfxw xx K.. .l riif- 'f ,L-Z4 fa 'gy-:'Ni2.'v-v1 ' - A ' S2 -3 I don t have thu heart to tell them it's on thc other leg. W y 1 R Y! V 1 gi 1 F -rf, 1 ,- 3 - If 1 f ., . j -' mv-, -,,.?'fE953f-4 ' . ' ,u . f:Q.':: 5.5, E .. '- fW2':IC:r?92,-f , -Ffa. ,. W4'fffi4 " :' 4 .1 yQi?::wf:fa'f - '- ' '- M. - - - 4'..I1.1" V --ww:-1-2-. sw-' : rv . , 1 -3- f"':7,J4 N N W f: s ' -94425, .1 , . aff ,A A , . , , if ff 2 I V - f . . . iff nf ' M. ' .W yr- --fn' Q ' 12' WV , ' . 1'-,gwier ' ' '. fr gm , '-ua':::qg::f::1:. Q'-f x-:f::.2f.:.. '2 1 ,H I agp,-,. -. ,di.:,:j-X-:::, ' - - ,,1-M y f' - 'if' no ,- - W-if EQ, '71 V "5 , . 1 my e-'z. ' 4 ' :51s5f,4 ' "Vw I. . . :: :Lap Q. ff Now explain it so the aides and I know what you'1'e talking about. What do you mean, where are my wings? ,af 4 451 fix of .4 'ai' Q. 1 18 Well, time for my fx. fs, 2-1 ,f Q5 R Q -ff J N f f ix., S I OK, Now how do you turn him on? 5-H , P-Q., ., ,, What the doctor said about the electrode place- mcnt sounded like Greek to me. I- fwm. I nQ11.5:.L . ,....-.gym 1 It . ...- I I Wi L'That's it! No "If you'd move your foot, I could take a stop." w, say, 'Ala-ka-zamln 120 "It's alright, but I wou1dn't like to get in the habit." .ff""'f 'look at that PQR, I mean STP, or is it a PVC?" "Control tower! Calling control tower!" 1 - 'ffl aw 3 -'I 21 of-212 0 N'-'U D io ,. ..--- ff' i' 1 xx, V ' ' 4 i " A' 1 fx Fm, ' 1 i A 4 ,, ,, V W X, -ixufpl Ergxn G 'Qi I 5 l 5 ,gl-" ,1- , L ., . A .-4. J- ., Angels ff0m heaven- J7 "Before we get finished with you, you won't have anything to smile about." ' 121 t Vx . xi, Xi ,- -, 1 ,,. vii I 'CI an ii, li 93 -2 U 11 if lu :Y if gui Q ww, an li ew ivy'-"- A, if ur, ,u V' iff ? V Zi ,ws QW, W ,fix 'af I 2422 f , , 22 ,zwwwm 5519 W5 fs X .I , 4, ' in ,ww 4 ww., ,-fcmffzpf . 21:4 1-3222? -fvwffw W Lyn 'L- f, - pf 2, X 'E f .- -K 12 4 ' "Are we done with our bcdpan?" . 4 ,ay 9 ,f""',-adn 45' ,fl "I wonder how you could make this straight line jump up and dowi again?" il t s?:'..'!"' .EEA " IK T11 if mi .1 .T fl "You mean you don't use my care Cards 122 ?n .4"1""' Two parts scotch and .... A 5 :gy is Qxz, 1, i -we 4 QS, 50 PM Q N .SQQS 4 ,..,.,..-m ,,.. ,.,,,,,,N,,gq isgggex-,Q ,1 i .gl fr ,IX How to say, "patient doing well," 30 different ways. g'Let's see . . , WCYIC all out of 10 mgm. IfI take a 25 mgm, cut it in half, and throw away a pinch . . . " X 3 v-1.-.v...,.., .Q c' - -13 ' if .VJ :Ag tmmmf.. XV X. A, ,. -- .i M- ' ww", . '- , : V- 'Q-.qw .--.., Q , .vm U x ' ' ' f 55 f 8:25554 ill 5 sw, qw' 'gWeIl! You know what I think about team nursing "Why is that senior watching you? Havcn't you ever done this before?" Let's see now-do blood clots go in .... or out'??? 124 "Hmm . . . Now you stand here, and I'll turn thc wheelchair T around." -,hs "Gee, did you make this in O.T.?" F-ggi... 1 la "931, 932, 933. .. They placed before me a key. . . What will it open to me? Will I be able to help? I want to go and yet . . . The key opened to me not just il door, but u world of under- standing, hca1'tucl1c, and feeling. and love. 126 Q59 A 4. ' ff-,121-fix jfggqyzfz-.1 - .,, 3 45551: 2' . ,. 33? 1 1 ,l lm. V323 'Z ik?-?,-'-S556 . Y. 5 2 I ' I 1 '- , fe' -1. - . ,V f, . ' . A 1 ,55 QW -1, , .5 1. 4 7.,3:e.,f,f,3p,3,:g,g5f,.? gm. 2 ' if , . -f2f5i5.f-1751-ff Q un? 2925 W!:1,wrf. '-'randi . SA ff .f f' '14 x24mM,v -' 'iw 4 - MM ,., ,l,f,,.4f, , . . ,,,, , .3 . 1, ,- , ,,,p,,,.-.,w,-, V " ,, . ' MK f? f5. iE?" ' ' we Ambiguity Jr. Med.-Surg. + OB. + Peds. + Sr. Med.-Surg. + Publi Health + Psych. 2 1-M N It looks like College Park. the people axe the same . . . Keys to the kingdom. 1 N W i w I 128 Let it all hang out. , 5. for this is one way, but we could quit school." LA' vis I thought nature was enough 'til human nature came." I think the coast is Clem. Dickenson 129 1 44 0 ZBLQILQA. . . .... 1 2 4 1 , , I BQ? Y .Y v 2?7"s 9 ff' z, Aff ', f Hz' - 1, , I I' . L. -44 . P BLIC r HEALTH Jane + Danny I Public Health visit. :xg-,HM .xx- All I remember about orthopedics is Dr. Cook Eg W IS, if QE? V ul' Wi. A L rr 4 'z i I ii Igot the point! I got the point! Next time I'm bringing Irish whiskey, 130 ,i s !Plw'?HPf1: pilbu 'Q' " ,M W .. f .., mrs, "' nfl 4 ,W gf .f,vi1i" dl Q,...u. .., - uf? 1.,r..1 fm. .-- un. ,UAM1 J- I Q ' "Don't try any funny stuff!" i v fi if J l 4 lui: Z! if f I f All M, . f 1 Q -'3 4 if I 4 f f ' 1 1 ff 1 ' r Qs 4 ,. J A ' f ,,f Muvi ,435 ,553 , - Q4-A V , ,, ' f 9 ll , 55,21 6? if ' W'f'Y"4 1 , 4 , 'ff : f ,,,,r , b.,m,,4 A, + 1 ,Ka .f , 353:-wif, 4 ' 1 71-"-' ,v':+f1,. ,W4R Q1 1-1 , Y gg? I ,I E, , 4, , f in 'il . S3 H, JU? Wigan if 4 7421? ,,'i:--gsiiifw fgxfgfrz-Z, fi 135' 6 ,-5' I - W1 F ' gs. 'Uv gi., -. N x qs N3 f f"mWf3' f ,v-', M3 , 9 u."uL..2W...'..,..'o"YL , 3, , ,T x 9 0 "Wi Public Health sure can be profitable. 1 12 - t 1510. Milla L. X 4 '3-'lb Smile, shc's right over there ..... Look busy. Please, don't be home. 131 ' 'F af' 'l W' 53? 33 ' f-ff' , ., Q, , ' A ., 1, ,X , .W ,,, 5 4,43-sv -W, ,ff :f-, f , ':. 1' , b ,, I ,,, , ,,.. ,,,, , ..,, . Z5 1 f 4 17 , Q-V . Q.-x f . 2-9. ft ,g ' ' . ., Q , -:iw , 22 "5 -V Wg if if f 3292 2 f ,, , ',,f 1: 1' ,J 2 V 7 4 - gf' '. 4 " t ,tl , . 0 1 hi f' "N an I ' - 'mf 1.,, + if! .- '42 HL '4 ? ' ' 3 " ., V , U - 4 ff. 1 X . Q. , 1 , X k"i5f3'f?-L s?:E:,f,:5 f ' it fa 2 U . + f ' "fri ff 1 X - V - EQ., "lf I turn right on this street, I can go three blocks, make a left, enter the second brick building, go up four flights of stairs, turn right, ring the second doorbell, and pray they are home." .' 'H' x r Q..-Q. , .ey Q. I: 2 X, xfx Q X X, 35.2 -ff. " ' 4 5-N X "Look here! It says Well Baby Clinic has been cancelled!" "What bag? I donlt see a bag. Do you see a bag?" K v l I 132 Coffee . -dn,-www' pus!!! . . The PHN s breakfast, lunch and dmner. , ,,..,--""'b""A"' WW 'Two bologna sandwichcsfdayfgirl:16 bologna sandwiches x 3 days X 12 weeks I 516 bologna sandwiches!" 1 , - . , ., ,.,..,, . .. ,.,4..,.,fm3-jighauu "The footsteps of the class of '68 are forcvcr bcforc us." 133 Books! Us A Gull A110 enoless stmfe come, hem the wooblanb lennet, how sweet hls music! on my life, themes moms of wlsoom In lt. -wonoswonth ACUVIUSS , rf- V STUDENT GOVERNMENT BOARD ADVISORS: LTC BETTY MORGAZN MRS. ANN MADISOIX Under the direction of the S.G.B., activities between the Baltimore and the Walter Reed Campuses are coordinated. This year S.G.B. sponsored the Homecoming dance, the Student Gov- ernment picnic, a spring banquet, and the Student Government banquet. Mary Rooney, President, and Pam Koponen, Secretary. Kathi Wahaus, Vice President. 136 ' ii The Baltimore Student Council sponsored a welcoming party for new juniors this past summer, and with the faculty jointly sponsored a tea for students on the Baltimore Campus before Christmas vacation. The Council also had a dorm Christmas party, and in the spring, held an open house for parents and friends. Baltimore Council seated: Kathy Kelly, Treasurer, Kathi Wahaus, Presi- dent: Sue DiPaula, Social Chairman. Standing: Georgia Bell, House Rules Chairman, Betty Russ, Vice Presidentg Chris Borowsky, Secretary. STUDE TCO CIL I 1 5 137 Walter Reed Council seated: Denise Feller, Chairman. Standing C1-rl: Vice Chairman, Barb Sullivan, SNCM Rep., Millie Wernetg Yearbook Editor, Pat Holshue. Not pictured: Anita Goldberg, Sec.g Thersa Elli, Treas., Cindy Barrett, Social Chairmang Candy Carter, Jr. SNCM Rep.: Advisor, LTC William Flickinger. 1 .X Baltimore Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Ada Lindsey. Walter Reed Staff. Seated on floor: Nancy Adams, Curriculum Section. Seated: Karen Lough, Senior Section, Johnnie Sue Jordan, Business Manager, Advertising Sectiong Pat Holshue, Editor. Standing: Dinah Aureli, Business Staffg Vicki Marchlik, Senior Section, Photographer, Susan Low, Faculty Section. Not pictured: Sandy Alper, Faculty Sectiong Cindy Smith, Junior Section: Sue Peaslee, Photographer: Pat Tucker, Business Staffg Adrienne Stafford, Business Staff: Pam Koponen, Faculty Section. 138 Baltimore Co-Editors: Gaif Prince and Sunny Stockslager, THE PLEDGE STAFF .QQ Baltimore Chairmen. Seated: Vicki Scott, Activitiesg Bonnie Collins, Senior Curriculum: Ann Grundler, Junior Section: Teri Friedman, Faculty. Standing: Eileen Nagel, Layouts: Jackie Rosenstecn, Artist: Carol Raab, Senior Section: Judy Rhoad, Business Co-ordinator. Not pictured: Gail Smith, Activities: Linda Menzer, Junior Section. Baltimore Staff Members. Seated: Betty Busch, Linda Falirney Sue Brill. Standing: Linda Menzer, Pam Shipley, Kay Fergusen Barbara Broyles. Not picturedi Connie Perry, Andrea Sadey Sue Thomas, Joan Weintraub. 'Excedrin Headache No. 199' coming upll!! 9-li ...Q-.un-.-........Q...m.......f...,.. Walter Reed Faculty Advisor: Miss Wendy Johnston, Sigma Theta Tau founded in 1922 is the professional, national honor society of nursing This organization recognizes the achievement of scholarship of superior quality, acknowledges the development of leadership qualities, and supports research in nursing. SIGMA THE TA TAU Baltimore members, first row: Eileen Adler, Betty Busch, Nancy Malcomson, Jennie Moore, Jon Zimmerman, Sandra Cawley. Second Row: Linda Palmateer, Georgia Bell, Joanne Cranford, Rhona Davis, Regina Moses, Janet Thompson. Walter Reed members, seated: Madeline Ney, Susan Low, Joanne Kane, Johnnie Sue Jordan. Standing: Kathy Barnhart, Betty Erickson, Carolyn Blasdcl, Barbara Thorne, Sharon Thompson, Madelon Visintainer, Nancy Adams, Eleanor Frank. Not pictured: Sandy Alper, Bette Sue Hill, Susan Kaufman, Lynette Paarman, Regina Street. PHI KAPP PHI Members Nancy Adams Carolyn Blasdel Linda Cloyd Eleanor Frank Bette Sue Hill, Johnnie Sue Jordan, Joanne Kane Susan Low Lynette Paarman Barbara Thorne Madelon Visintainer, Lynda Whitlow, Jennie Moore Joanne Cranford Janet Thompson Georgia Bell Rhona Davis Eileen Adler, Nancy Malcomson. .N.C.M. The Student Nurses' Council of Maryland is an organization designed to provide student nurses within the state an opportunity to meet one another, discuss common problems, and plan various activities. As a pre-professional organization, it also exposes its members to the workings of various state and national nurses' organizations. fi Walter Reed members seated on floor: Nancy Adams, Sharon Thomp- son. Seated: Margarita Suarez: Millie Wernet, Pres.: Linda Varner, Vice Pres., Kathy Barnhart. Standing: Eleanor Frank, Patricia Beach, Susan Low, Johnnie Sue Jordan, Denise Feller, Madelon Visintainer. Not pictured: Candy Carter, Sec.: Jane Hults, Sec.: Regina Street, Treas.: Virginia Tate: Carol Maleskig Beverly Browng Phyllis Goodman: Mary McLaren. Advisor: Maj. Dorothy Berry. URSES ' CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP This group studies Christianity and discusses its relationship to nursing. A 141 Baltimore Campus members: Marnie Dcttorre, Barbara Yates, Sunny Stockslager. Advisor: Geraldine Pettit. Standing: Linda Menzer, Betty Busch, Eileen Nagel, Charlene Ryan, Janet Thompson, Judy Rhoad. Seated: Elsie Aldridge. CHOIR The Choir, under the direction of Mr. Charles Haslup, is composed of girls from all disci- plines on the Baltimore Campus. It serves as a fun, weekly diversion for the members and also performs throughout the year. Included in its performances this year were Christmas caroling at North Arundel Convalescent Home and the student-faculty tea, and singing at Montebello State Hospital and the Medical School Convocation. Officers are Linda Fahrney, President, and Eileen Nagel, Vice President. Baltimore members, first row: Millic Glaw, Linda Fahrney, Janice Lyles, Eileen Nagel, Bonnie Collins, Linda Menzer. Second row: Beverly Meadows, Paula Reuter, Joann Fike, Diana Mosco, Mary Klingelhofer, Carol Raab, Sue Hermann, Judy Rhoad, Kathy Hatfield, Vicki Scott. Third row: Mary Ann Yukon, Pam Shipley, Donna Chemsak, Carol Miller, Phyllis Issacs, Jill Ashworth, Shcrril Gardner, Kathi Wahaus, Donna Herndon, Charlene Ryan, Betty Busch, Sunny Stockslager. Not pictured: Georgia Bell, Jan Haynes, Pam Kane, Czech Kozel, Judy Marshall, Constance McAdoo, Judith Sloop, Gail Smith, Karen Tatum, Patricia Tatum. Walter Reed Choir: Johnnie Sue Jordan, Chairman, Teresa Elli, Elaine Ginn, Anita Goldberg, Georgia Narsavage, Cathy Rowell, Linda Varner, Kathy Vinson, Nancy Adams, Carolyn Clark, Julia Elmore, Jean Evans, Jeanette Green, Patricia Harmon, Pat Holshue, Vicki Marchlik, Cindy Moen, Mary Rooney, Virginia Tate, Carolyn Taylor, Nancy Vesey, Sandy Alper, Diane Huset, Karen Lough, Liz Lovejoy, Kathy Owings, Sue Peaslee, Ruth Brown, Marlene Enders, Ruth Ann Harding, Jane Hults, Pam Koponen, Laurie Miller, Nancy Olson, Ruth Rominger, Donna Reid, Adrienne Stafford. 142 LLY es, Dean Murphy, I agree with you, but .... " l I l f 1l -'Q-nb, "Mrs, Madison, I know this isn't the proper time to ask you-but it's about my czuc study." " . . . and after all of that, she said, 'Have a lovely day."' "And then I handed the doctor a hammer and a pair of pliers . . . " S TUDENT-FA C UL TY TEA SPONSORED BY FACULTY AND SGA 143 WALTER REED RED CROSS VOLUN EERS Coordinator: Nancy Adams, Red Cross Representative to Student Nurse Sub- committee. Advisor: Maj. Mary Lou Spine, Red Cross Representative to Graduate Nurse Subcommittee. Under the direction of Nancy Adams, the Red Cross Volunteers have held two series of First Aid courses, one Orientation to Red Cross course, a Mothers'-aide Instructors course, and have taught unwed mothers. They have also helped in transporting retarded children to College Park for classes. On March 12, Jane Delano Day was held in Delano Hall, sponsored by the Red Cross. WALTER REE1 EW PAPER TAFQ 6' .W Cl-rj Karen Lough, Events: Marty Lewis, UDCBI Aunt Martha": Denise Feller, Events: Margarita Suarez, Editor-in-Chief: Kathy Mossing, "Sweet Bippyw: Madelon Visintaincr, "Marriedosis,'1 Vicki Marchlik, Events. Not pictured: Typists Marlene Enders, Cindy Smith, Kathy Champion, Beverly Brown, Peggy O'Conno1'. Advisor: Mrs. Beth Schuck. 144 A .ig wi 3 1 4 1 L4 icq ' ' ' IH N 3' W my s qv 'wir as 2, 4 , .ix c, Walter Reed Senior Carwash. Walter Reed Halloween Party. .Aka Walter Reeds Cap Fluting Party. W FU TIMES WRAIN Student Faculty Picnic. vt tr , i .gf-'W AN-'5?,g ' ' JL N-. WRAIN Jr. Class Skit: "Happiness ls . . . " or "A Pcanut's Eye Vicw of altimore Campus Pediatric Christmas Party. "Will the real Santa please stand up?" Wrainf' r-' 5' H 'ts HUME- C MING ' W ""' Suspense mount Homecoming Queen 1968-69 Marty Bravo ! 1 Former Queen Trish Bosak welcomes new queen and her court. I 146 .L Happiness is Fluting Your Cap CAP vm! Oh, my finger hurts!" So that's what the watefs for. ". . .and then there was Sairey Gamp WRAIN Class of ,59 We 'll take with us the memories, but leave behind for those who remain and those who will follow . . . 1 Q -ffl . , ,, , , .... . .,,. WW, I -.YH ' if . - ' X -55 :sie E 1 1 1 V V . - '- Wzrzt-S . 1 5- xv 5 KH , , ,-g, ,.x' ..r - , K ' " I '-" 5 Spd 'tAttcntion to Orders" t 148 T 'p 0 ASO at 0300 N Rotat1onTrauma"-or Wh g p do I belong to this tim '- E :pw - E a hard day's work .... 1 Real .... Requesting 10 sheets of poster board, 7 assorted felt markers. and an overhead projector .... 45 minutes before your seminar is to begin. 1 I I 1 w I 1 , I i Body mechanics 149 or imagined Class advisors udunumhmi 1 . The search for the message that has to be there. . R s . ' Inside. . . Mess Hall food, . . Finding a lonely, willing typist at 0230 to do your care study fdue at 08001. ii ' Exciting days of planning or out F i A A ax-A ith .,wm.q.,,g ,.,, ,W L - Picnics Still wondering what goes on in that faculty lounge! Y lg L. I Fighting for the letter that's never there. V A V .Y lp V- if . . Wh., vi., M . l. i :E , ' -" fm 3 1 i M . .- 5 ,df-Haag .ef r re' it Entertained, and, in turn, being entertained. 151 The birth of traditions Claudia Albrecht: All my tears to anyone who is dumb enough to shed any. All my med. cards to anyone who C311 decipher them, All the luck in the world to the newjuniors. . .they're going to need it. Jill Ashworth: My psych knowledge and lots of luck, Norma. Georgia Bell: The black soot of Baltimore to anyone who car take it. Nicki Bonner: To Tina DeSolvo fthe mother confessor of my junior yearj. I bequeath my eternal devotion to school. Patricia Bosak: My hip spica to Mrs. Cook for visual aid. My ability to write a 55 pg. care study in one night to any junior who plans ahead. Barbara Broyles: My super formula for beauty . . .baby powder. Betty Busch: My collection of rare bottles Sandy Cawley: I am willing my 13 straight hairs to Jewel Cooper. Donna Chemsak: I, Donna Chemsak, being of sound mind and body. do hereby will my worn, tattered, dirty, trampled. yellowed and dingy uniforms. Bonnie CoUins: I leave to any junior who's willing, the senior curriculum section for next year, and the other half of the pink suite with crocheted rugs and ski posters. Rhona Davis: My core classes for Psych. and Public Health three times a day. Bev Dearing: I Some roach repellant and an air-conditioner to the dorm. Melinda Dixon: Un-limited curfews-and we got them! Pierrette Duggins: I will Beverly Long all my coke bottles and pepsi cans. Becky Evans: D . All of my frustrations created by striving it become a graduate of the U. of Md. Sch00l 01 152 Nursing. , I Linda Fahrney: I leave my summer visits to the sun roof when the ' evenings were cool and the city was pretty. ' Nancy F oltyn: My assortment of broken clocks to a junior who likes to sleep late. Teri Friedman: I will my clanking radiator to whomever wishes to be awakened at 3 A.M. Millie Glaw: I hereby do give a half inch of wall space to deco- I rate as you like. Connie Gooch: To Wendye Wood, my advice on handling of the male specie. Judy Harris: My Med.-Surg. faces to some deserving junior. Kathy Hatfield: To a deserving junior: "Old King Soul"., 180 parking tickets, and my toad. Jan Haynes: I I, Janice Haynes. being of unsound mind, leave as my last will and testament all my well developed, well nourished varicose veins to anyone willing to reedema them. Donna Hemdon: My' witch hat to all the kids in Peds. My premature Dena H01-mn: Whlte ha-If to Ben Tefmml- I hereby do give my biostat. midterm to the dogs, and my wedding plans to any junior brave enough to get married in her senior year. ,fl Carolyn Howard: To whomever gets my room I leave my radiator: my long and very na.rrow closet: and my knocking wall. I hope they're friends with 710. Joyce Ireland: To Mr. Tarka I leave the apathetic members of the junior class. Phyllis Isaacs: .I leave the right side of the desk in 702. gf.. ,9 A 9 .2 rg, -'eggy Durbin: Ill her flannel P.J.'s to Susie. ilary Klingelhofer I lladys to next years 4th floor. Saunders jled.-Surg. text to Kathy A. Kelly My "problem E435 extra long name pin" to the U: of Md. School if Nursing Museum Regina Moses: Eileen Newburger: A new senior curriculum. Connie Perry: Carol Raab: 23 Kathy Michalski: I will the- good luck involved in snatchin a g man c all those interested. Carole Miller: I will our bu and Betsy Montgomery. Mariarme Miller: My status as "The Blonde" t Jen Moore: My chest to any needy junior Diana Moscoz One pet roach in the right hand closet t th g-colony-infested room to Marsha Sas o any deservingjunior o e neu occupants of our room. To Wendy Wood, my thcrometer To whomeve . r gets my room the elevator, radiator, and closet 'ey. I will a UB" in Med.-Surg. My nutrition lectures to all underno ' h d Eileen Nagel: My vasoline and band aides to an one ' - y in need oi them. Linda Palmateer: My. hypertrophicd vocal cords to some unknowr junior hiding in the comer of silence. Gayle Prince: My nightly letters to next years' Army Fiancee Our 5:30 A.M. mornings to next year seniorsg An our pitted aluminum pot to a girl who didn't bu Thermo-Core. uns e nursing studentsg My "pep" talks to the depressedg And my own anxiety and "happiness" to all forthcoming junior class brides. Judy Rhoad: SMS's confu sion to Mr. McDonaldg One beautiful W day to all us June l4thlers. 154 Paula Reuter: A I I leave to some deserving junior my window-vie of asphalt .and my door knob that falls off whe you touch lt. Jackie Rosensteen: . My blood-tinged razor to a hairy junn it I Paula Taylor: Bette Russ: I, being of sound mind and weak back, do hereby will my ruptured disc to any student, lifting discectomy patients on the 9th floor. l sssadeyn I will my path to the Inn to all deservingjuniors. Pam Shipley: Vicki Scott: One radiator in 702 that won't turn off, to the next senior class. I will my scatterbrajns and chronic worrying to Jo. Gail Smith: One narrow and shallow closet in room 703 to any new senior with a scanty wardrobe. Judi Sloop: My cl1auffer's license: hyour pleasant disposition"g first place on my 'tfavorite people list" jointly to Mrs. Madison and Miss Shubkagelg path to the parking garage, eye glasses to a very near-sighted juniorg my empty mailbox, and a sincere "Best Wishes and Good Luck" to everyone. Sunny Stockslager: I will my uhole in the wall", room 223, to hapless, unsuspecting person. SOITIC I leave to anyone who wants them, the four most unused student uniforms to any senior, plus a well-worn path to the Psych. Institute. Janet Thompson: My naptimes in class to all sufferingjuniors. Joan Weintraub: A portable guillotine for all students taking Sr. Med.-Surg. Mary Ann Yukon: One half of a suiterfcompletely pink up rugs. Jonni Zimmerman: My love of the dorm to Ann Howard along with my coffee pot and a can of Bud to help maintain her sanity. Judi Sloop and Gayle Prince will to the SPHN's at Druid, CU bottle of tranquilizers for hysterical mothers. . .and you, C21 cans of dog repellent for K-9 Corps of N.W. Balto., 135 one "BCA" pack for those home deliveries, C41 one bottle of Tylenol for migrains, C51 bottle of Alka-Seltzer and Excedrin I for car sickness, C65 and a 1948 map of Balto. City. F Susie Thomas: My room to Jr. Med.-Surg. in aid for disaster nursing. structors as a visual Kathi Wahaus: I will the S.G.A. with messed .U 1--. 1 S EWG KINGS of GRAIZIICUOG: U16 SUOOGD kmb we feel lion what we take, the lanqen kmo we feel E012 what we qlve. -r2oBmson- 156 AOVERUS TDEDITS HZVEH w 9 f 11' I 1 f 1' 1 ' FE: , -- R., f SUOIM M .. Q,Q4,1x'ff:-F . um 51? K, ' 4' 11 . "Wm x'ilL'g':-!w0'6'fyf'?"f A 5 1 W'Q3Q.wy mv. -..-x 4 ,mm 2.- V 'K 1 DQ" ix, , v 14,1 1. ' E A '55T2i1,.:Qg',f, : f -5, SPONSORS - WALTER REED Mr. and Mrs. Hugo F. Adams Lt. Col. Dorothy S. Allison The Alper Family Major Kathryn J. Ammon Col. Robert H. Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Aylward Mr. and Mrs. Frank O. Barber Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Barnhart Prince D. Beach, Sr. Lt. Col. and Mrs. Julius W. Becton 2nd Lt. Janet C. Beechley Mr. and Mrs. Anton C. Beer Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Blasdel Major Madeline L. Bluemle Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Bradley Frederick S. Brown Col. and Mrs. William C. Carter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Cluchey Major Mary M. Condit Major and Mrs. Alvin L. Darly Col. and Mrs. Harry L. Dein Col. and Mrs. D. R. Dingeinan Mr. and Mrs. Albert N. Evans Lt. Col. Margaret A. Ewen Mr. and Mrs. Alvin C. Feller Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Feller Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Fernan Lt. Col. Barbara P. Fink Lt. Col. Mary M. Fowler Paul D. Frank Gwendolyn A. Geer Lt. Col. Amy D. Geissinger Mr. and Mrs. Ted L. Golas Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Goodman Col. and Mrs. Martin L. Green C. E. Griffeth Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Haase Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Hesselman Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hill Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Holshue 2nd Lt. Dianne L. Houser CW4 and Mrs. Sydney E. Hults Harold Huset Col. Gladys E. Johnson Rev. and Mrs. J. J. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kane Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kauffman Lt. Col. and Mrs. Glenn O. Killey Lt. Col. and Mrs. William S. Lawing Lt. Col. Betty J. Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Lewis Lt. Col. and Mrs. Robert N. Linrothe Mr. and Mrs. John D. Lough Mr. So S. Low Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Lynn, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Victor C. Marchlik Lt. Col. and Mrs. A. G. Martin, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Robert McLaren Major Audre J. McLoughlin Lt. Col. and Mrs. D. J. Mehrtens Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Miller 2nd Lt. Marie T. Millet Lt. Col. Betty F. Morgan Major Jovce J. Nurse John L. Olson Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Olson and family Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Paarman Mr. and Mrs. Claude Peaslee Henry B. Pecher Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Quantz Col. and Mrs. Michael J. Quirk Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . Chester C. Rice George H. Roberts . James Roberts John R. Rominger William S. Rooney Ted Schaeffer 2nd Lt. Patricia Schager Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scherer Mrs. Willard E. Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Alvah L. Skaggs, Jr Lt. Col. Marjorie A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. D. Kirk Stafford Mr. and Mrs. Bernard F. Stapelfeld Lt. Col. and Mrs. Thomas J. Street Lt. Col. Lena M. Tague Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Tate Houston R. Trew Lt. Col. and Mrs. Alfred N. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Varner Mr. and Mrs. Earle L. Vierck Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Walsh Mrs. Kenneth S. Watkins Col. and Mrs. C. B. Williams SPONSORS Miss Alice J. Akehurst Dr. and Mrs. Warren D. Brill Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cantwell Miss Charlotte E. Davies Mr. William J. DeSalvo Dr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Di Paula Miss Ruth L. Dyson Mrs. H. F. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Fike Patricia Grady Miss Elizabeth Herman Miss Joyce F . Kaetzel Mr. and Mrs. Austin S. Kelly Mr. Benton C. Lauer Dean Marion I. Murphy Mrs. Lois Neuman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Prince Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Riley Rev. Manuel R. Roman Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Scherlis Miss Betty Lou Schubkagel Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Stockslager Tidewater Seafood Dr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Woodward RAL TIM ORE PA TR ONS Miss Gail Burdsall Mr. and Mrs. William F. Busch Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chemsak Mr. and Mrs. John T. Collins Susan V. Dorsey Miss Anne L. Dougherty Mr. and Mrs. Edgar G. Emrich Mr. and Mrs. W, P. Evans, Jr. Mildred V. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Jack Friedman Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leo Glaw, Jr Mrs. Frank L. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Joachim Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Miller Mrs. Gloria J. McFarland C. Lorraine Neel Miss Lucy Parks Geraldine Pettit Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Reuter Mrs. Elizabeth M. Sima Mrs. Charlotte E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Van Antwerp PATRONS - WALTER REED 2nd Lt. Bonnie J. Boykoff Harold S. Cloyd Vero and Rita J. Corso Lt. Col. and Mrs. L. L. Dantzer 2nd Lt. Ann C. Dinger Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elli 2nd Lt. Carol Lynn Erickson Mrs. Charles B. Harding 2nd Lt. Nancy Dexter Heisterman Cpt. Judy Holcomb In memory of John E. Holshue Major Mary T. Horan l2nd Lt. Mary Ann Huber 2nd Lt. Artha Lee Kenison Vlajor Maria R. Konstanski Znd Lt. Constance D. Leatherman Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lefkov Lt. Col. Callista J. Lillard Lt. Col. Mary G. Mulqueen Major and Mrs. G. I. Moleski Col. and Mrs. James B. Owings Lt. Col. Regina Pak Mr: and Mrs. Kent L. Phillips Col. and Mrs. E. L. Powers Lt. Col. Rosa J. Ramirez Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Rowell Mr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Smith 2nd Lt. Sandra Stabingas Major Flora C. Street Lt. Col. Alice C. Taylor Cpt. Donna L. Wacyk Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wernet Mr. and Mrs. Ed Will T0 D0 A COMMON THING UNCOMMONLY WELL Clas SENIOR CLASS THE SENIOR CLASS of 1969 Baltimore Campus THE NURSES' ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Extends Congratulations to the Class of 1969 And invites each one to become an active member of the association Meetings: First Tuesday of each month Oct., Dec., Feb., Apr., May Recreation Room-Whilehurst Hall, 8:00 P. M. 161 nn-n-ii ..and let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing. Kahlil Gibran THE WRAIN CLASS CSF 1970 162 CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATING SENIORS from THE CLASS OF 1970 BALTIMORE CAMPUS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1969 from Pl CHAPTER SIGMA THETA TAU, INC 163 Compliments of A FRIEND OF THE ARMY NURSE CORPS Uniforms for Women in the Military 23 S. Sycamore Street Petersburg, Va. THE CRYSTAL HOUSE WHOLESALE JEWELERS 418 W. Baltimore St. Baltimore, Md. 21021 DIAMONDS GIFTS APPLIANCES JEWELRY and WATCH REPAIRS REGISTERED GEMOLOGIST AND APPRAISERS FIRST NAME in NURSES' APPAREL BRUCK'S, INC. 40 West 225th Street Bronx, New York 10463 164 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1969 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL 165 DISCRIMINATING WOMEN i OF THE ARMY NURSE CORPS WEAR 407 W. Houston St. CApitol 6-8137 San Antonio, Texas WATCH FOR NOTICE OF OUR UNIFORM DISPLAY FOR THE WRAIN STUDENTS Largest Exclusive Uniform Store In The Southwest AMBASSADOR HOUSE COFFEE SHOP DINING ROOM Excellent Meals At Reasonable Prices STEAKS, CHOPS and SEAFOOD OUR SPECIALTY Pratt and Eutaw Open 24 Hours OUR PRAYERS, BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 1969 NEWMAN CENTER CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1969 WALTER REED CAMPUS , 167 EPILUGUE No great thing is created suddenly. Each of us, through our own endeavors, have invested our minds and hearts into the World of nursing. We channel our energies into pathways that bridge the unforgettable past to the unfolding future. The Pledge '69 has reflected the crossroads of our lives. Originating from different backgrounds we have joined together to travel the roads of education to enlighten our minds and accomplish our goals. Through these pages, The Pledge '69 has captured the spice of our frolic, the fulfillment of our labors, and the truth of our dreams. Jacqueline Rosensteen Gail Prince Gail Prince It would be impossible to adequately express our thanks to everyone who has helped in creating The Pledge '69, Our advisors, Ada Linsey and Wendy Johnston, have been a source of support and guidance. Mr. Robert Morgan and Mr. Jim Ellis, our Hunter representatives, have been of invaluable assistance, in giving professional advice and helping us over many of our "crises", We thank Hillcrest Studios for their portable studio and patience through countless sittings. I would like to thank each member of the Pledge staff and my co-editors, Pat Holshue and Sunny Stockslager. Special appreciation goes also to our business managers, Judy Rhoad and Johnnie Sue Jordan, and our tireless artist, Jackie Rosensteen. Gail Prince Co-Editor -mill .l l -1 Pat Holshue Sunny Storkslager W -l - V lv I . ' :i ' I I It .,.. . 5 .1 ai I. l , h, V '1"l:f t I ' 'Q' . il? ig ' ' g W' ' l 168 i '-+A' ' Q-., f +4 S, L T-X i-L K , Q ,., f?- "-Au 1 Q J , A v E k .. In E 5k , i Maxi :J- f . 4 . .- L A 1'i1fi'.,,Y:' ' ,:.-eg,'y.l,i f- 4, V.5'ct.." .5 g ii L17 w if . i 'EY' 3 5 1lvd'XS.f'h! I I UV! Hflll NE' '5f!JL"IlL-fl'RlQi5lHM'TH?!i x a , X , at maze ' 'X 43929 in 40,79 X-K.-2' x-' Y 1 l ll X 1 "'?" 1, 1 .:. L LL V - , .. ,,,,.fQ ,- a If-n,'flily1iH51': SVA ,- X- R rv E'iLW3Y'f' K '

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