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,il YX1 +, , if ILM ff HDI L LLM w 'Q VY,-1 1.5 5. fill ,W 11 w cn' me I . I A 1 , , QQ .71 z 'L 54. I s 5 L ,: . . Y . ,i 5 1 , I . wx., " ml 5 ,mir V4 , 9 54... 1 5 -Ll qw lj D !E U mm 'f ' ., - 5-L ,L Iilnrbfli 1 P1 1 f N- 11,uL:f l 5-, - W jf. S.m'1!""' K-if ' . wg - . .,,,. i - i 4..: ,a"fg " Q F55 ,...,.+ ' A. ,H .-" E Q ,,,,,- Wlit L-- -4-g,,Ql.:L'N fi! :JI 1 TJ 3f3"'31 1 1--4. -1 . VI- , . 311 , I ,, X s 91 31 1 gf t 1' ff Lt ,-4: .f- , Z LL L! -,1 3 4.wnf....fw vf-'N"'fr2, v lm , N .X 2,5 1 I ' 4 IA- E 5 I F, MN x 1 . 1 LL LL 5' -'nk , XX ' l i I 'XHUK -f ' V-, 3 1 Y' mfffwir XXX . ' 1 j 1 if e 4 L WORLD URSING W W ,' , 1 , 4 -f f 'FA 'fm ,- M! ee ,Jef N 1968 Pledge University of Mezeylezfzez' School of Nemiezg TABLE OP ima SENIORS Page FACULTY Page 12 j UNI ORS Page 86 2 f f ., We A yy , CONTENTS I CURRICULUM I 1 ,wg .4 VP I I Page 96 i . A.-1 In .1 I 2 f I ACTIVITIES Page I 96 uoa w ADVERTISEMENTS Page 140 3 A K4z!eiaZ0560lDe of Jmdmfs Prepared I0 create a Kalejdofcope of limi lv H ? x W N ,. Q . ' Q--Q-H . M x.s.. 1 . N 9 Qi ' Um - W +- as X 1 i S5 X X 1 4 M gg 1 x f fs Y ,S " --..- X X f f ' KN . ul- N f f .3 --.Mg 5' 5 "f Iva -.,. ' X ' l.',. ll ' V X ,ie b,.-. 5 gjiJ'I"!E-' ' - x N5 bl NS 4 1 5, . . , .xX, X, 1- Q E E Q p f X , 'i ff M , 2 Eidiix 9 Wx - 1 Q I !3!!lT TEEZEHHS HEA' 'lJ'Ei ' 'P 2511-1 H4 :Q-1 4 ' 4 rv--4 - -1 --1 -+'- 1 M - ' - ' --1+ - ' 1 ' -1-""2 r I ai X X X X Om' aim! and our inlerem, All 50 dmrent, Will be achieved and fzzwllm' in the naming lbrofhfiofz. 5 X r W , T ,Q ,wfr 4 Mr. , . 4 , gmkx Q Togeflmf We Zwzzfe wzzgbl- n-qu: 1 .1 .ff ' -.x A 29' , ' ,,,.'. . M- MMM. 2, ,A , K W ', - , A,, K - 'W' ?f X a '35 , 3.1 " .5 1 fs W, 2 Q A gf f fa I Af' I .' tba Jbmfing of our lpzzzglrfeff, if 1 ,ZA ! Z A131 .3'fjHf vf-5 SI' I the wonder ofozzr experienfef, 'J 14 ' FJ F ii Ike mnzjqirl fn' nw' fmm. 7 2 . In Jolitzede We have fought the depth of our dreamy, the knowledge of one giezm' Jloelvef, E 8 S .M a ,,,, -L 4. f ,, 1 "And let today embrace the pay! with remembrance ana' the fatare with longing. " Triflo Helm the eonrage jnr oar Zine! it We dedicate the 1968 Pledge to LTC Iladene F. Filer in greatful appreciation for the tangible and intangible which she gave to each and every one of us in time, trust, and devotion. Her un- swerving faith in what we were and what we could do was singularly in- strumental in making us what we are today and what we will be tomorrow- the 1968 WRAIN Class of the University of Maryland School of Nursing. 10 'fi' I f F- I W A f FA LILTY A teacher ajfeem etemtty, he rem tzezfet' tell where lm inftzfenee Jtopf. -Aefezmy Wu... ALBIN O. KUHN Chancellor of the Baltimore Campuses B.S.g M.S.g Ph.D. WILSON H. ELKINS President B.A.g M.A.g B.Litr.g D. Phil DR. MARION I. MURPHY R.N.g B.S.g Ph.D. Professor and Dean, School of Nursing 15 MARJORIE SANDERSON BS, Ohio State University Ed.D., Teacher's College Columbia University Associate Professor and Associate Dean Walter Reed LTC MARGARET EWEN BSN, Cornell University, New York Hospital School of Nursin-g MA, Columbia University Teachers College Director, Walter Reed Army Institute of Nursing pk-1. fix 1.,,,-v ,..-mlb SHIRLEY L. HALE MAJ. PATRICIA M. MILLER B.S.N.Ed., University of Pennsylvania, RIN. Deaconess- B 5 Bost U ' 1957g M.S., University of Maryland , . ., on ni- . 1 versityg M.S.N., University of Wash- 1960g Assistant Professor and Chzur- in ton' D ' man, Undergraduate Curr' 1 ' g , eputy Director Walter Reed 1cu urn, Baltimore V ' V - , wwf., 'W .V 3 1 ' gv , :fy . 134- pf ' 4 f' l ,. ' 4 . .rj 512,754 ,I 21. ,, ' Y I ef ' '- V if fff 9.75, '11, ,- fy -:- Q.. JJ. 1, jk.. . 4 21' 0 dif f? 9 Q Q' "" - , ff " ,, .V IL' Ig, M 1-wg-f . .-1 Y' 'I fi' .3 I V V -4 4 ,, A -1 ,., ..,. .Q Q' W ' I I ,. ' , V I V W .V ,j u var. ., 'Hifi , ' 5 V g f" . A fn' 'maui I , , 5, , Ea-'Zi N1 A2 '. I QR 'Q . , .N Qi 2 uf f' K 'V 1 . 4, . - e 9 I I Mk 'RW ELEANOR L. SLACUM B.S., University of Maryland, 19515 M.S., University of Maryland, 19615 Assistant Pro- fessor and Assistant to the Deang Baltimore UNIOR EDICAL-SURGICAL NURS! G MAJOR BARBARA E, BAGGS B.S., University of Massachu- settsg M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. "Are you sure you know where the catheter goes?" W RUTH A. COOK MAJOR BARBARA R. B.S., University of Missouri, COSTELLO 19611 M-5-i Uf1iVe1'5ifY Of Ofe' B.S.N., Georgetown Univer gon, 1964. sityg M.S., University of Mary Part of that famous ortho- land. pedic team. MAJOR DOROTHY M. BERRY R.N., Union Memorial Hos- pital School of Nursingg B.S., Syracuse Universityg M.S.N., Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Western Reserve University. "You can tell me from the office carpet by my name tag." Shall I use, 'People are like ships, or people are like plantsf today?" CHARLOTTE DAVIES R.N., Concord Hospital School of Nursing, 1959, B.S., Uni- versity of Bridgeport, 1964g M.S., University of Maryland. Idiosyncrasies about wearing sweaters and carrying scissors. "Who put the false teeth in upside down?" RUTH L. DYSON Diploma, Dietetic Internship St. Paul's Hospitalg B.S., Michi- gan State Universityg M.S., Western Reserve University 1952. She's little, but she's mighty rs, Captain Meatcleaver-the scourge of med-surg? 1 .fl 9 K' MA JOR ANNA EVERETT ANN ELIZABETH HALL R.N., University of Rochester, B.S,, Incarnate Word College, 19611 B-Su UHiVf?1'5ifY Of Mar!" M.s.. ohio stare University. land- 1964: M-S-. Univffrsiry of "For the true story on Viet Mafllandf 1967- M "May I have one toof' Frost- ing adds life. Nam . . A X,- l 7 2 f 2 9 5 I gf 2 l 'jf , 5 WI fee, ,f , .. ,,,., , , 2 ' , f If 'Z 9,- :K- 69 41, z 'Zn x il' RUTH M. HARBOE ELIZABETH A. HERMAN B.S.. Carnegie Institute of R.N.. Lancaster General Hos- Technology, l945: M.S., Uni- pital. l9571 HS.. L'niversity of Maryland, 1966. versity of Colorado. One must always keep in mind "Wharf-Bliss Herman ltt us that she's only nineteen-and out early??" one-half. A true asset to med- surg. in .V 'fu ff 3 9-U-Q ag., S A Ai , 1 ' 4" 1, x f' I ' R -5, l. . if. 'A 4? 3' f l l - . :EFX CAROL M. HOSFELD SHEILA H. HUANG R.N., University of Maryland, B.S., National Taiwan Uni- l950g B.S., University of Mary- versity, School of Nursing, land, l952g M.S., University of 19613 M.S., 1966. Pennsylvania, 19565 Depart- "Now does everybody under- ment Head stan eversing about the 1eever?" "Normally I wouldn't think of cutting a long leg cast, but when "Even though 99W of the class had it wrong, I still think it you get to know the Orthopedic staff . . was a good question!" 352' xnxx K-J f"""m BA. MAJOR RUTH M. MAJOR MARY LOWERY ANN S. MADISON LEWIS B.S., University of MiSS011ri3 B.S., University of Maryland, RN St Elizabeth School of M.S.. Syracuse University. I962g M.S., University of N-ursingi Bs. College of Mr. "Small frequent, nfffwive Pennsylvania- St' Joseiphg fVI.5.N., Western feedingsf' Always keeps .her cool. Reserve University. Famous for Oh. spit. A good ifwhatfs so special about Ft. candidate for Nurse of the Bragg?-1 Year' award. MAAIOR AUDRE MCLOUGLIN R.N.. Massachusetts General Hospitalg B.S., Columbia Uni- versity: M.ECl., Columbia Uni- versity. "Oh good, here's a disasterlu 4 LTC. REGINA PAK R.N., City Hospital of Akrong B.S.N.E., Duquesne University: MS., Catholic Ijniversity of America. "Now, be sure you don't lose your clamps." QC! A SUSAN ROHRER B.S., University of Maryland, 1967. A thorough and consciencious nurse concerned with details. l MAJOR MARBETH MICHAEL B.S., Indiana Universityg M.S.N., University of Wash- ington. She gives total, patient care -to the student. i a 45' in -I . I F' ,M ' Apt 478- V, 4 l MARY JANE SLIGAR B.S., University of Marylandg M.S., University of Maryland, 1965. Is married to the Resident that everyone wishes wasn't married. i l l. ' ll l ref, -M' ai . .. M. rv M2355 , ' 'v igil -. , . .fl .ff . f - 3 . a f ' aa , bb. sl ,V - l Q. , 1 if - 13 iq, .i.. I ' - of by I i - fi ia Wall, what do you mean by . . U 9" How DO you solve a problem like a WRAIN drop? S xv! f KATHLEEN D. STAUFER B.S., University of Maryland, 1965. Her smile and her laughter are present even through disaster. MAJOR CAROLINE VAN MASON B.S., University of Washing- tong M.B.A., University of Chicago. "Ladies, remember you need CHO to spare the protein." I lid L I Wi-. I . U U 1 "I wonder where I could have put those care plan forms?' CAPTAIN DOROTHY A. BUTCHER B.S., University of Western, Louisianag M.S., Catholic Uni- versity of America. "How much can you write on those three by five cards?" MAJOR LOULIE H. SI-IAFFER B.A., West Virginia Universityg M.S.N., Catholic University. "What does across the board mean?" NAN STAHL B.S., University of Maryland, 19659 M.S., University of Mary- land, 1967. Is a real organizer at heart. DIANA WILLIAMS B.S., University of Maryland, 19665 Master's candidate, Uni- versity of Maryland, 1967. She's at her best when doing the 20-yard dash between 4A and 4C. Also known for her beautiful sweaters. CAROL H. WIKE B.S., University of Maryland, 1966. A truly "intensive" nurse. MATERNAL-CHILD HEALTH OBS TE TRI CS 2 v W, Y 7 .E ' r MMT. X "It seems as if this exam was a little harder than we thought. It looks like the curve is going to be skewed in the wrong direction." DEBORAH EXLER LTC. MARY FOWLER R.N.,B.S.. University of Mary- B.S., Washington University, land. 1967. M,A., Columbia University. "Who has the keys?" "Go out and talk to the ladies." g f l so Lf' I . - Q Now that it's over, mother, the speculurn wasn't so bad, was it ABIGAL CAMERON R.N.,B.S., University of Mary- land, 19644 M.S., University of Maryland, 1967. Plays "I Spy" in the curtains Of the OPD. X: -Sw " f ee - - 5 was -.,. . ft x.....,.t.,.. wa we -:sA-s-s'a:f2f1f.:f- A -X s N A Qui' f - 1- 'SL C ELIZABETH DEEGAN R.N.,B.S., University of Mary- land, 1967. Chalk up one for her . . . She's the only first year assis- tant instructor to share an office with the department head. ' f" 1 " ' . "fi ,NN -xr: s. 'J . Q, , K t, sa ' :gm 11 ' Ki 'wr . ara. 2 . -9: . i' . ...,., Y, X . 4 Q 'eva-. 11- K ,J new sr Q ' 't . h V 2 a MARGUERITE HYDORN JOYCE F. KAETZEL R.N.,B,S., Wayne State Uni- versity, 19513 M.Ed., Univer- sity of Maryland, 1954, De- partment Head. R.N.,B.S., University of Mary- land, 19584 M.S., University of Maryland, 1959. If you want to know her age, just ask. We all know she is only sixteen. "Now, Dr. Mar- tin, we will show the girls how to close the curtains." 39 MAJOR MARIE MAJOR CALLISTA KONSTANSK1 LILLIARD R.N., Bellen Memorial Hospi- B.S., Genzaga Universityg M.S., talg B.S., Carroll Collegeg M.S., Catholic University. University of Washington. "Pant like a puppy dog." How is "looking better??" Ill' e li-nf' 1 u 1 ,v I 1 -"l "O.K. girls, you have three minutes to set up this table." 6,9 ,Z-a..L LOUISE E. LINTHICUM MAJ. MARY G. B.A., Goucher Collegeg B.S., MUI-,QUEEN Johns Hopkins University? B.S., Hunter Collegeg M.S., M-S-, U'niVe1'SifY Qf Mafldand- Columbia University. "Drop it!! Drop itll" "What else? . . . and what else?" KARIN JOHNSON R.N.,B.S1, University of Maryland, 19635 M.S., Uni- versity of Maryland, 1967. Our fearless friend fumes, "We ,frequently feel firm fundi!" MAJ. FLORA STREET R.N., Union Memorial Hos- pitalg M.S., University of Maryland, 1967. "Girls, I want to get out of here before 11:00 a.m. so we can miss the lunch rush? VIMALA PHILIPOSE B.S., Christian Medical College, 19525 M.S., University of Colo- rado, 1963. "Is that a red blood cell I see on the delivery table?" is l wgm-A I if Q X 1. A 9 ix' I Q55 lx .ti 1 .H 'hx , , ' 5 x P511 J 1 if "Don't look so unhappy, rnotherg you'll get used to changing diapers every five minutes!" 25 l-1 1 v I . 5 . 1 r 1 V r E MATERNAL-CHILD HEALTH PEDIA TRI CS fb MAJ. KATHRYN AMMON R.N., St. Francis School of Nursing, Grand Island, Neb., B.S.N., Duchesne College, Omaha, Neb.g M.S.N., Univer- sity of Pennsylvania. Patients or students?-which keep you running more? PEEGY F. CLUSTER MAJ. BARBARA P. FINK A.B., Goucher College, 19425 R.N., Cooper Hospital, Cam- M.A.. Goucher College. 1961. den, NJ., B.S., University of She's dynamite in the school- Maryland, M.S., University of room. "It's movie time!" Maryland, 1966. The mother-image. 4 WENDY R. JOHNSTON B.S., University of Maryland. Play lady of the month. giiif s i 4 ' ' . .. .,.,, Y -? I,--1"'f4.e KN- wlllef V BARBARA BARR B.A., Brooklyn College, 1948, M.A., University of Maryland, 1966. "Only five more minutes til clean-up time." 'if' PATRICIA S. KERN B.S., University of Maryland, 1967. "Only 845 more hours!" ., FA! But Maj. Ramirez, I'm sure I covered this point in class. Wait til Mrs. Morton leaves. I've got something planned for that student nurse. 24 sv Q PATRICIA ANN LAVENSTEIN Diploma, Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursingg B.S., John Hopkins Univer- sityg M.S., University of Mary- land. "Rush off and have a lovely day." 1 i ' ' ill' A - ' ""2"fi: vFf'77m- X pg .1 "" -A u 'riff i E f QE 1. .av Q gr A fig, s ' fc? 1 , A Ji ff, M 1:44 Poopsie-doo Lavenstein and her "squashes." MAJ. ROSA G. IUXMIREZ R.N.. Santo Asilo de Damas Ponce, Puerto Rico: B.S.. Uni- versity of Marylandg M.S., Boston University. "Good morning, ladies." MAJ. MARY RUSSELL R.N Mt. Sinai Hos ital BS -a P S -'Q Hunter Collegeg M.S.N., Boston University. "Can I please have your G.D. cards?" -4' ' MAJ. ELEANOR SULLIVAN R.N., Medical School of Nur- singg B.S., Seton Hall Univer- sity, Newark, N.J.g M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. "I prefer to stand, thank you." if 2 fi ei, Ga- . 6, ' , TP-" . lain . ' FRANCES T. REED R.N., Grifhn Hospital, 19355 B.S., Catholic University. 19401 M.Ed., University of Maryland. 19521 Department Head. MAJ. MARY M. CONDIT R.N., St. john's Hospital, Springfield. Ill.g B.S., Uni- versity of Hawaiig M.S., University of Colorado. "New to WRAIN, but not drowning." EVA MORTON B.S., Columbia Union Col- lege, 19615 M.S., University of Maryland. 1967. "Would you like it black or with cream and sugar girls?" RUTH MURCHLAN D B.S., Columbia Union Col- lege, 19613 M.S.. University of Maryland, 1967. "Unly draw one line when you make a mistake." MARILYN POLAND B.S., University of Mary- land, 19643 M.S., Boston University. "It's a mini happening!" ELAINE SMOOT R.N..B.S.. XY"heaton College, 19653 M.S., University of Maryland. "The Empire State Building of Pedsf' -A0 if ALICE AKEHURST MAJ. MARIAN BARBERI MAJ. MARGARET MARY DUNN R.N., Lutheran Hospital, 19433 R.N., Martland Medical Cen- BASKFIELD B.S.. State University of New B.S., University of Maryland, 19585 M.S., University Maryland, 1966. of Starched whites and firm be- liefs-that's "Miss A.', terg B.S., Seton Hall Univer sityg M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University. "And at Columbia Univer sity . . B.S.N., College of St. Teresag M.S.N., University of Colo- rado. TB or not TB? fit grows on youlb. York, Buffalo, 1964. Here kitty, kitty. SE IOR MEDICAL-S RGI CAL URSI G "Cpt. Behring, is this what was really said at the conference? S .J V! of "I could be a mad woman, I am not a nurse on this unit. I have no right to these keys." ,Xu .4 sf, ,eh Q41 CAPT. GEORGE H. MICHEL 1 R.N., Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing for Meng B.S., Temple Universityg M.S., University of Pennsylvania. "At home I have my own Pediatric ward." MAJ. BETTY MORGAN R.N., Charity Hospital, New Orleansg B.S., St. Louis Uni versityg M.S.N., Boston Uni versity. "Nursing is a fun job." X I . .ffi 1 - 7 M 1 ' 12 ' ea- ,XR X BETTY LoU SHUBKAGEL B.S., University of Maryland, 19543 M.S., Emory University, 1957. "just rub two cells together." A truly great nurse. Stresses "in more depth" nursing care. v 1 riffs? .1 V -,mp ,-fb rx. is 1 if HM :J 1-1. if f.. . N 1 1' ?"f'fff if V .A j ,Q w f, . Q f ' 11 f 4 Q . Fi 's 41 2, . f Ik -Q-'f...vl' 4' Fil' "V ii i!! l ' 'i A ' 5' li " ' ' ' ' Q , 2 7 . "If ' 5, il ' 1 . s f A X 'wt i, yi 4 N , 1. ,I If . t ff f 1 ' S1112 if sf' ' .vw . 1.13, I-4- , vu: . Wie? l . . -A Z, 2 X CAPT. MARY L. SPINE R.N.. Ohio Valley Hospital: BS., University of Pittsburg: M.Ed., Duquesne University. "What time is your conference scheduled for? " Miss Zitkus, what else do you have in that lile drawer? "J U ,4--f CECILIA A. ZITKUS R.N.. St. Alexis School of Nurs- ing, 1943g A.B., Ursuline College, 19409 M.A., University of Mary- land, 1954. Insists that students support their patient's weak side even if it means getting in the shower with the patient! I I . I w i t 'B' X Now this is something you can assign to your auxiliary personnel." KAREN HALL R.N.,B.S., University of Mary- land, 1967. A blessing for Miss Akehurst. MILDRED KRIEDER B.S., Goshen College, 1958. A bug on drugs and machines! PS YCHIATRI C NURSING ge. ,A- MAJ. MADELINE BADER EVA BERKOW R.N., Bronson Methodist Hos- pital, Kalamazoo, Michigang A.B., San Francisco Collegeg M.S., Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. "You're leading me down the calf path." B.S.,R.N., University of Mary- lndg M.S., University of Maryland, 1961. A short but powerful magis- trate-competent? or incom- petent? . . . that is the question. ai .gf ' 3555 .- ,. X. Mrs. Berkow and her group seen satisfying their "oral needs." "Mrs. Dirkes, I just can't believe it. GAIL BURDSALI. LOIS DIRKES BS Florida State Universi BS RN Uniwersit of Cali . ., tyg . .. . ., ' y - M.S,, University of Maryland, fornia, 1958, M.S., University 1967. of Maryland, l965. Students considered her a "Go home and think about it." guiding light through psych. 28 S! fg. ' 'SUM li . . I! J, . 4 'f ' .mfs u u MAJ. WILLIAM FLICKINGER B.A., San Francisco State Col legeg M.S., University of Pitts burgh. Well Daddy, what now? r WZ "Go home and think about it." MAJ. MARJORIE SMITH B.S.N., Indiana Universityg M.S.N., Boston University. "This I offer you . . ." CATHERINE E. WARD Diploma, Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing, 19475 B.S., Johns Hopkins University, 19545 M.S., Bost- on University, 1962. Who else can smoke three packs of cigarettes in a two hour lecture? .2 4' PATRICIA HENRY B.S.,R.N., University of Mary- land, l962g M.S., University of Maryland, 1963. Possesses famous Henryisms- "Is there anything we need to talk about?" A mother figure. AQ N., 0 .f,,-,V Tiff Q' '45 kiiii.. A MARY JO KAHLER B.S.,R.N., Niagara University, 19643 M.S., University of Maryland, 1967. "Bales . . . one act receives one mark . . , now where do you think this one goes?" Watt 1 'wk U ii A A fs' -.... , 1 f X ,af MAJ. FRANCIS LE BLANC A.A., Lamar State Collegeg R.N., Hotel Dien School of Nursing, Beaumont, Texasg B.S., St, Mary's College, Xavier, Kansas, M.S.N. Ed., Indiana University. "Show me your feelings." MAJ. NORMAND D. ROBITAILLE R.N.. Carney Hospital School of Nursing. South Boston, Massachusettsg BS.. Boston Collegeg M.S., Boston L'ni- versity. "The group never lies." l i Z "The smile you send out returns to you"-Indian wisdom. PUBLIC HEALTH Wa. '13 VELENA BOYD Diploma, Indiana Universityg B.S., College of St. Catherine, 1965g M.S., University of Min- ELIZABETH BREWER B.S., University of Californiag M.P.H., University of Cali- nesota, 1967. "You know, Johns Hopkins isn't all that bad a hospital! They have a nice adminis- trator there!" fornia. MAJ. DOROTHY S. ALLISON R.N., St. Mary'sg B.S., Incarnate Word Collegeg M.S., Catholic 3 University. i "Car 51, Where are you?" 7 Y 1 .H I I ',--,:. . . ,fp 4 4 . s ANNE L. DOUGHERTY EVELYN EGGSBROTEN 14 A.A., Mt. St. Agnew College, B.S., University of Colorado, If 19414 Diploma, Mercy Hos- l948g M.S., University of Colo- ' pital School of Nursing, 19445 rado, 1960. B.S.P.H.N., Catholic Univer- "And there's a doughnut shop H sity, 19475 M.P.H., University on the corner! Anybody for .E of North Carolina, 1957. "A cigarette machine in the health department?" 0 1 4. coffee this morning?" ig r E 1 at , f 4 It 1 is , . 1 9fst'sf:swwww, , -Qi, 1 H ' it iv a '--AS ..., ,p. 1 L-Ll .gt . - .f I I l A familiar planning session-closely observe the intent expressions. "What article COl1ld be THAT interesting?" fi all 1 A :yy v f-+7 if -. Q77 af W f'1ufL,,f fibx-W '61 EVA P. GAINES R.N., General Hospital, Indi- ana, 19575 B.S., Indiana Uni- versity, 19435 M.P.H., Johns Hopkins University, 1957. "Did you really cut out my lecture because I sang like Eddie Canter?" MARY E. GROTEFEND Diploma, Bethany Hospital School of Nursing, 19315 A.B.. Baker University, 19345 M.S., Catholic University of Ameri- ca, 19445 C.P.H.N.. Catholic University of America, 19525 Ph.D., American University, 1966. Has a good sense of humor and enjoys role playing in Public Health situations. -tr 5 . , 5 -If if ll' KATHRYN S. WOHLSEN B.A., Flora Stone Mather Col- lege, Western Reserve Univer- sity, 1958g M.S., Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, West- ern Reserve University, 19415 M.A., Teachers College, Colum- bia University, 1947. "Then there was the night our unit had to sleep under the tanks." MAJ. MARY E. BELLAR R.N., Hermann Hospital School of Nursingg B.S., University of Minnesotag M.S., University of Colorado. "Let's stop a minute and take a look at this." MAJ. MARY T. MAJEWSKI B.S., Hunter Collegeg M.P.H., University of Pittsburgh. "Start where the patient is." MARY RAPSON R.N.,B.S., University of Mary- land, 19615 M.S., University of Maryland, 1967. "Better late than never." hi." MAJ. AMY D. MAJ. DOROTHEA L. GEISSINGER RANCOURT R.N., Abington School of Nur- R.N.. St. Elizabeth5 B.A., Fm- singg B.S., University of Penn- manuel Collegeg M.A., Colum- sylvaniag M.P.H., University of bia. Michigan. Have camera-will travel, up "What do you mean. Florida and down the pike. is not in my district?l' rl b ' Q- . jg, .A "According to Miss Brewer all this patient has is an active case of TB, systolic murmur, pre-diabetes, and a club foot that was never corrected." UUSEMOTHERS AN D RECEPTIONISTS i 3 -kk Housemothers, Ft. Belvoir: Mrs. Mary Meighen and Mrs. Glenore Letts 155. 'fax r ff- Housemother, Baltimore: Mrs. Frances Evans Housemother, Baltimore: Mrs. Gertrude Kley ' v x menu-.. s I 1 . i i ' Housemothers, Walter Reed: Mrs. Virginia Guitaris lsittingb, Mrs. Florence Ames, Mrs. Beth Shuck Housemother, Ft. Dix: Mrs. Dorothy Hastings Receptionist, Walter Reed: Mrs. Pansy Clark . Mrs. Mary Railey Receptionist, Walter Reed: Mrs. Roberta Rankin Receptionist, Baltimore: Mrs. Jaunita Procter WRAIN ADJUTANT AND STAFF CAPT. HOWARD E. KALIS III Adjutant B.A., Dickinson College L.L.D., Dickinson School of Law eff 1 SGT. TORRES JOSE MENDEZ CAPT. HENRY H. BROVIHN First Sergeant Supply Oflicer B.S.. S. Carolina State Uniwrsity 55 rw-1 1:3 f. 4 TQ! rf., - hv.Y , 17 7 5:55 ' ' 3 I .- , I , .,,' bf' 14... :gy Z., f'ff6fii35A f4E-fl "-?'iE5ff'r152??lf. L -iugiifm ,,,:,ru Lx, f f f f .. ,ew - v , ...Q JY, '21 ,:?: ie , ',,.- gr' 53.13355 . 1 27519.-51.51351 5?i. -- .,,, 1. . .. 1'--fi", . fl '--u.:-.zu 1, . - .- J. -... -. -,gr 1-.1H. ,Q-'.-. .- gy x. F rx IGM Do ull the good you cuu, By ull the meuus you mu In ull the wuyf you ouu, In ull Ilya loluoef you cuu, Az ull the limes you run, To ull the people you cuu, A5 long df ooor you fun. -Wofley BALTIMORE 19"- M-nv Vice President: Helen Eckert President: Jennifer Newcomer SE IOR libffjlf Q- fli:,,.,w i -QQ-.1 9 N' ,., f ' 51. , Q -: ' ' . - . .5 .N ,Q f A V ,Q -,A 5, ..' fx' - I V I an -1 LW, 1 g.,s- 7 i' .W-f' .1 :dy V -'T 1 :grin 'iff X f-., K Y? . wi ,f ' Iv . " ' X. 'figgiff 1 Q 1. + ' 5 .f ' Q: 1 J W 'A' - 'IES 552555 in 'if' 1. my 4, 4 '-. ' qzf:'1g,g1,. 1 - fs- H f X..-,, -Q 5fi3EgQ?i'f f . 4 1 est' . ' Q 1 si ' -if we 5-gifs? . X of-W . '.l,5:i..g:Eg:i g' .Vg .W :Hifi :mi I FLM s .rl ju. . ,f MQ- J., Q I I 12,31 H531 7 D H. aim., - , . A k ,V 'wx V, ww s-A Af s - ' ,, Y 4, :I f vig.: . . V, V V, ,X 5251 U ' ' K",-5' I : , I- s :r:Ls221wz2f ,. . ' ' ' . .. . i f4.,.,mees,1:.g ,gg , ,. ' X. -- , . I ' sf T HW . "aw ,Fi If tl Historian: Nancy Patterson, Social Chairman: Carol Branan Treasurer: Edith Moerschell, Secretary: Leslie Carton 36 WALTER REED wi. in V g, ff., 223. ,. , L , F . 11 Vice President: UEEICERS Joann Meyer President: Pat Fiorello lf' T349 xv nu' 1 K3-, vigil .Wu Treasurer: Paula Srubar Social Chairman: Regina Haughney Secretary: janet Beechley 57 ELSIE M. ALDRIDGE Baltimore, Md. Is as yet undecided about her future plans. TATIANA V. ANDREEFF Tania Washington, D.C. Is undecided about the future. Q ..r. N ..,.., ELSIE M. ALDRIDGE TATIANA V. ANDREEFF LAURA ANNETTE BADGER LAURA ANNETTE BADGER SYLVIA LYNN BALL 58 -- - ---7 ' -- -7- 7 Ft. Belvoir, Va. Big Sister Program, Pedi- atrics Halloween Party, Pledge 1968. Plans include marriage and work in Pediatrics or in Public Health. SYLVIA LYNN BALL Louisa, Ky. Pediatrics Halloween Party, Big Sister Program, Pledge 1968. Future holds Public Health Nursing. 'Ye BARBARA JUN KAREN JEAN BLOOMFIELD Glen Burnie, Md. Choir, Med-Surg Play Com- mittee, Pledge 1967. Plans to work in a Balti- more hospital, to go on for a Masters, and then to start her family. JEANNE A, BOUCHARD Jennifer Bowie, Md. The future will find her in the Army Nurse Corps. r N"""w"91ff" LM E BEACH VERNA BENNER ,fib- 'x .4-.M KAREN JEAN BLOOMFIELD 59 BARBARA JUNE BEACH Barb Hebron, Md. Judicial Board, Choir. Future holds travel and car- diac nursing. VERNA J. BENNER Baltimore, Md. Hopes to work at University Hospital for a year and then enter Public Health. 'Qs' :fda is O JEANNE A. BOUCHARD BRENDA LANE BOWERS Frederick, Md. Medicine Dropper fco-edi- torb, SNCM, Alpha Lambda Delta. Plans to work in Pediatrics. CAROL ELLIOT BRANAN Hyattsville, Md. Difzmomiback Volunteers for Mental Health, Senior Class Social Chairman. Hopes to work for an inter- national airlines and then enter Med-Surg nursing. Q32 BRENDA LANE BOWERS CAROL ELLIOT BRANAN CAROLYN BYRD MARY JOANNE CAMPBELL 40 CAROLYN BYRD D.B. Baltimore, Md. Budget Committee of the February 1969 class. Is not yet sure of her fu ture plans. MARY JOANNE CAMPBELL Jo Rockville, Md. Nursing Club. Plans Surgical nursing and a family. it-nu ,f l ww' W A, LINDA SUE CANTWELL CAROL CARAPEZZA LESLIE DIANNE CARTON Little One Baltimore, Md. Pediatrics Party, Junior and Senior Class Secretary. The future will find her married and working in At- lanta, Ga. PATRICIA ANNE CELLY Pat Baltimore, Md. Angel Flight, Judicial Board and Social Chairman of her College Park dorm, SNCM, Medicine Dropper, SGA Treasurer, SGA President, Student Union Board. Will be working with the Navy Nurse Corps. LINDA SUE CANTWELL Bethesda. Md. Hall President, Sigma Kap- pa sorority, Newman Club. Louisa Parsons Nursing Club. Plans marriage and hopes to become the Supervisor of Nurses in a nursing home. CAROL CARAPEZZA Bowie, Md. Hopes to work in an Emer- gency Room or in the field of Psychiatry. J 4-,J gaps-f vf '-f 'T- "l"' ! Aw v LESLIE DIANNE CARTON PATRICIA ANNE CELLY LINDA JEAN COLEMAN Bethesda, Md. After her June wedding she will begin to consider her nursing future. JUDITH ANNE COOKE Judy Takoma Park, Md. Choir, Big Sister Program, Pledge 1968. Plans to work in Pediatrics or in Psychiatry. W is LINDA JEAN COLEMAN JUDITH ANNE cooKE JANICE LEE DARMSTEAD JANICE LEE DARMSTEAD Ns- 'TN mama PATRICIA DAVIES 42 Washington, D. C. Plans marriage and to work in the Veteran's Administra- tion Hospital in Washing- IOD. PATRICIA DAVIES Pat Rockville, Md. Alpha Lambda Delta, Big Sister Program, Junior Class Secretary. Will be a Navy nurse and a Navy wife also. CARLA ELIZABETH 'vs-vfvb 1-..,. -vi.. -fill' Nd i"""'3 DUMIRE Salisbury, Md. Secretary of the Student Union Board. Hopes to go to graduate school and to work in Ped- iatrics. PATRICIA LYNETTE DUNN Catonsville, Md. SNCM. Her future holds marriage and a job in Pediatrics. If xz' CARLA ELIZABETH DUMIRE PATRICIA LYNETTE DUNN HELEN MAY ECKERT Cheverly, Md. Choir, Big Sister Program, Co-Social Chairman of the SGA, Vice-President of the Senior Class. The future will find her in San Francisco. JEANETTE M. EDWARDS Baltimore, Md. Choir, Baptist Student Un- ion, Corresponding Secre- tary of the February 1969 class. Is not certain about her fu- ture but is considering Pub- lic Health. P, HELEN MAY ECKERT 45 40" .Q we-wx' JEANNETTE M. EDXVARDS SHIRLEY ANNE FELLABAUM Silver Spring, Md. Secretary of the SGA Board, Pledge 1968. The near future will find her in the Navy Nurse Corps. LEANNE FLORENTINO Petersburg, Va. University Commuters Asso- ciation - social committe. Hopes to go to graduate school and to work at Uni- versity Hospital. six s Xi W Q, tariffs 'KQV N, A .+-' SHIRLEY ANNE FELLABAUM LEANNE FIORENTINO -'15 SANDRA L. FREER JOYCE MASAKO FUJII 44 SANDRA L. FREER Sandy Garrett Park, Md. Louisa Parsons Nursing Club, Big Sister Program. Hopes to be working with handicapped children. JOYCE MASAKO FUJII Chevy Chase, Md. Choir, Big Sister Program, Baltimore Homecoming Queen - 1966. Plans include marriage and work in Pediatrics in the Silver Spring area. 'x ...M--v NANCY C. FULLER CECELIA A. GARDINER ALICE MARIE GARLAND Kensington, Md. Pledge stalf. Alice plans to work at Be- thesda Naval Hospital. JACQUELINE D. GEELHAAR Jackie Baltimore, Md. Community service at Col- lege Park. Upon graduation Jackie plans to remain and work at University Hospital. NANCY C. FULLER Nan Wheaton, Md. The future for Nancy holds marriage and a career in Pediatrics. CECELIA A. GARDINER Bitsy Davidsonville, Md. Louisa Parsons Nursing Club, Volunteers for Mental Health, Choir. Future plans are undecided. 'Q A-mv i jk ff " Q' ALICE MARIE GARLAND JACQUELINE D. GEELHAAR JUDITH ANN GOODING Capitol Heights, Md. Social Chairman of SGA. The future holds marriage and work in a government hospital. KENLY C. GOONAN Woodlawn, Md. Kenly plans to travel and then to settle down to farm and family. X'-i JUDITH ANN GOODING KENLY C. GOONAN . o LORETTA H. GOSSETT EMILY JUDITH GRATZ LORETTA H. GOSSETT Silver Spring, Md. Member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Loretta plans to work as a staff nurse upon graduation. EMILY JUDITH GRATZ Laurel, Md. U. of M. Concert and Var- sity Bands, Tau Beta Sigma, Hall president, Big Sister Program, Pledge staE. Emily says of her future: "There is no limit to what this world has to offerg We are bound only by the sphere that surrounds usg The world is a doormat to knowledge, experience, op- portunities, personal rela- tionships and advancements . . . This is my conclusion and my goal." '91 -.454 Tel? ELLEN LOUISE GRAUER Porcupine Oxon Hill, Md. Ellen plans to work in the emergency room after grad- uation. NANCY CATHERINE GRAY Hyartsville, Md. Member of the Pledge staE. After graduation in June Nancy plans to work in Pediatrics. if mf!!! -hun '-4Y4 O ELLEN LOUISE GRAUER NANCY CATHERINE GRAY AN ESTELLE GUNNETT Essex, Md. Louisa Parsons Nursing Club, SNCM, Representative to Lutheran Student Associa- tion, Big Sister Program. The future holds work at University Hospital, Grad- uate School, and an apart- ment at 2 Charles Center. SHARON LEE GUTTERMAN Shari Rockville, Md. Floor president. Sharon is planning on work- ing in Pediatrics upon grad- uation. 'Ht' "4 11" 6 ANN ESTELLE GUNNETT SHARON LEE GUTTERLIAN KARYN MAUREEN HANDEGARD Oxon Hill, Md. University of Maryland band. Karyn plans to remain in Baltimore to work at Uni- versity Hospital and to get a masters in Maternal and Child Health. EDITH ANN HANSON Frostburg. Md. Big Sister Program, Home- coming committee, St. Mary's Judicial Board, Rep- resentative Dorm Council. Edie's future will be busy with Public Health or In- tensive Cardiac Nursing, Travel, and Graduate work. A Nia,-ta 'V Wm-fix' . 3 KARYN MAUREEN HANDEGARD EDITH ANN HANSON 4,ffzw..w,f- ' ,, ELSIE R. HARWELL PAULETTE HAUG ELSIE R. HARWELL Wheaton, Md. Louisa Parsons Nursing Club, Big Sister Program. Future plans are undecided. PAULETTE CAROL HAUG Camp Springs, Md. Paulette plans on going to graduate school after grad- l1atlOn. deff' K5 KAREN HEADRICK PATRICIA E. HELM BARBARA LEE HENEGAR Bobbi Landover Knolls, Md. Landover Class Treasurer, Budget Committe. Bobbi has not yet decided what she will do after grad- uation. CAROL ANNE HERBERT Linthicum-Heights, Md. Choir, Editor of the Pledge 1968. Carol plans on going to Eu- rope shortly after gradua- tion where she hopes to do Medical - Surgical Nursing. She also plans to go to Graduate School. KAREN HEADRICK Beltsville, Md. Medicine Dropper staff. Karen is getting married this june and is planning on working as a staff nurse for a time. PATRICIA E. HELM Trish Baltimore, Md. Choir. Trish will be working in Coronary or Psychiatric Nursing either in Washing- ton or in Europe. 76?- BARBARA LEE HENEGAR 49 wi., -..' Q, CAROL ANNE HERBERT ANDREA JEAN HEUBECK Andy Catonsville, Md. Medicine Dropper stall, Big Sister Program. Marriage and Medical-Sun gical Nursing in the D. C. area are Andy's future plans. LINDA S. JAEGER Baltimore, Md. Linda and her husband plan to travel worldwide and eventually to settle out West where Linda will persue her her nursing. ANDREA JEAN HEUBECK LINDA S. JAEGER 6 CONSTANCE JOAN JOHNSON DIANE ELIZABETH JUMP CONSTANCE JOAN JOHNSON Connie Laurel, Md. SGA Secretary. Connie has marriage plans and will be working at the Veterans Hospital in Balti- more after her graduation. DIANE ELIZABETH JUMP Miss. Leap Camp Springs, Md. Choir, Cochairman of Feb- ruary Class. Diane has plans for mar- riage and hopes for a huge family of music makers. asv" rf ' Z Hi A L f BONNIE L. KAHLER BARBARA ANN KARAWAY CAROL MAY KAUFMAN Kauf Pikesville, Md. Dean's List, Big Sister Pro- gram, Homecoming Com- mittee, Dorm activities. Carol is planning to attend graduate school. EILEEN KELLAHER Beltsville, Md. Eileen plans on nursing in Europe when she becomes a graduate. A ' 'fsffv BONNIE L. KAHLER Baltimore, Md. The future holds marriage and work at University Hos- pital for Bonnie. BARBARA ANN KARAWAY jersey City, New Jersey Ski club, Homecoming Floor Committee. Barbara has not yet decided what she will do after grad- uation. iz CAROL MAY KAUFMAN EH-EEN KET-I-AHER RUTH O. KOBIN Ruthie Takoma Park, Md. Judicial Board member, Fire Marshall, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma Phi, Sigma Theta Tau, Pledge, Medi- cine Dropper-typist. Future plans - Marriage, nursing career. CAROL ANN KUBELUIS Kube Baltimore, Md. Judicial Board, Gamma Sig- ma Sigma Service Sorority, Junior Class Vice-President, Editor of Medicine Dropper. Future plans - Chest Team - Recovery Room, Marri- age Qeventuallylll. RUTH O. KOBIN CAROL ANN KUBELUIS ,dll- CAROL ANN LAWSON PEGGY LYNN LEBEAU CAROL ANN LAWSON Baltimore, Md. Future plans undecided. PEGGY LYNN LEBEAU Peg Tantallon, Md. Recording Secretary-Class of February '69. Future plans-Marriage, U. S. Navy Nurse Corps. lls fi lg"'f'Iff? 0 Nh.-. JANET FRANCES LEE MARGARET ANN LEWANDOWSKI MARIE JANET LEVINE Cookie Silver Spring, Md. Pledge, Medicine Dropper. Publicity Committee, Stu- dent Nurses Council of Maryland. Future plans-Work in ped- iatrics, Master's Degree. CYNTHIA THELMA MARCH Cyn Baltimore, Md. Choir. Future plans - Work in Premature Nursery or Full- term Nursery. MARIE JANET LEVINE 53 JANET FRANCES LEE Silver Spring, Md. Pledge, Angel Flight, Fresh- man Class Decorations Chairman, Sophomore Prom Queen Court, Military Ball Queen Princess, Miss May, Terrapin, FOB, College Ca- sino, Kappa Alpha Theta. Future plans undecided. MARGARET ANN LEWANDOWSKI Marge Baltimore, Md. Hill Area Council, Judicial Board, Homecoming Decor- ations Committee. Future plans-Work at Uni- versity Hospital until the end of the year and then?l? --ww- 8 CYNTHIA THELMA MARCH LEE HOEN MASASCHI Sleepyhead Towson, Md. Future undecided. ELAINE SUE MAXEY Cumberland, Md. Future plans-travel abroad for a year, work on West Coast, hopes to get Master's Degree in Medical Surgical Nursing. Q, V98 ,fix K LEE HOEN MASASCHI ELAINE SUE MAXEY 'MARY ELAINE MCCAULEY Elaine ,M ,,.t. . we MARY ELAINE MCCAULEY Q-.-.. ,,.,,,,ts 'Q LYNN AVIS MCINTIRE 54 Cheverly, Md. Big Sister Program, New- man Club, Choir, Pledge. Future plans-Pediatrics or ICU Medical Surgical Nurs- ing, travel, Master's?? LYNN AVIS MCINTIRE Mac Severna Park, Md. Junior Class Historian, Fire Marshall for dormitory. Future Plans-Interested in surgical nursing, marriage after graduation. BETTY MILLER Hg' 111117 ..X- 9 P rn' ...I -iff 'o 6 BETTY MILLER EDITH MARIE MOERSCHELL SHIRLEY JEAN MONROE Shirley California, Penn. Choir. Future plans - Marriageg and hopes to see the world!! SUSAN MONTAGUE Sue Baltimore County, Kingsville. Nurses Christian Fellow- ship. Future plans - Marriage, work in Pediatrics. SHIRLEY JEAN MONROE 55 BQUY Williamspon, Md. Louisa Parsons Nursing Club. Future Plans - Working in Hagerstown, Md. as a school nurse or public health nurse. EDITH MARIE MOERSCHELL Edie Severna Park, Md. Choir, Treasurer of Senior , Class. Af Future plans - travel, in- ' terest in Public Health 1 Nursing. fp K ,. .U sf f- .9 4. SUSAN MONTAGIIE is V PATRICIA LEE MUTCHLER Patti Rockville, Md. Future plans - Pediatrics. VIRGINIA LYNN NELSON Lynn Oxon Hill, Md. Choir, University Band. Future lans - ICU Nurs P - ing, U. S. Foreign Service, hopes to further her educa- tion. Q'.c jg PATRICIA LEE MUTCHLER VIRGINIA Mis ,-sf? JENNIFER NEWCOMER LYNDA ELLEN OTTE 56 as LYNN NELSON JENNIFER NEWCOMER Jenny Hagerstown, Md. Junior Class President, Se- nior Class President, Choir. Future plans-ICU or Shock Trauma Nursing in the Mid- West. LYNDA ELLEN OTTE Landover Hills, Md. Big Sister Program, Choir, Nurses Christian Fellowship. Future plans - Pediatric Nursing. CAROL ANN 0 .W 5 PATTERSON Carol San Diego, Calif. Alpha Phi Sorority, Junior Class Social Chairman, SGA Board President. Future plans-Nursing. NANCY MARGUERITE PATTERSON Nance Alexandria, Va. Social Chairman Of SGA, Newman Club, Big Sister Program. Senior Class His- torian. Future plans - Marriage, A Army Nursing Corps, wants to see Europe again!! CAROL ANN PATTERSON NANCY MARGUERITE PATTERSON ROSELLA POLLACK Silver Spring, Md. Budget Committee. Future plans-Uncertain. JEAN CAROLL PORTER Jeannie Perryville, Md. President of Second Floor, Choir. Future plans - Psychiatric Nursing. A e- W--lug y 8 wkwgil' ,L Q ROSELLA POLLACK 57 fi! gtk., X1 . 47- JEAN CAROL PORTER PAMELA REIK Pammie Kensington, Md. A.R.D., judicial Board Treasurer, Newman Club, Choir, Fire Marshall, Hall President. Plans are to work in the op- erating room after gradua- tion. KAREN RICHARDSON Laurel, Md. Plans for the future are not yet definite. spew' X ELAINE MARIE RINGUETTE . f- -is MN PAMELA REIK KAREN RICHARDSON H-N- .-4582 " DORLENE MARIE ROLLO 58 ELAINE MARIE RINGUETTE Ringuettie Seabrook, Md. Pledge 1968. Future plans include mar- riage combined with Medi- cal-Surgical nursing. DORLENE MARIE ROLLO Dee Plans for the future include graduate school, family, work, and travel. MR- ,. ...uw-wwf BEVERLY KAY ROOT Westernport, Md. Choir, Student Council Vice- President. Future holds nursing in Pediatrics. KARLA RUHE ROSCOS Glen Burnie, Md. Future plans include Public Health occupational nurs- ing, and a fmily. 's..,,,.J 62 BEVERLY KAY ROOT KARLA RUHE ROSKOS NANCY LOUISE SCHMIDT Forest Hill, Md. Louisa Parsons Nursing Club, SNCM, Band, Big Sis- ter Program. Future holds intensive care nursing at University Hos- pital, research nursing at N. I.H., and graduate school. CAROL ANN SCHORR Towson, Md. Budget Committee of Junior Class. Future plans include the Army Nurses Corps. 5 Q fa 'FN' Q NANCY LOUISE SCHMIDT CAROL ANN SCHORR SUSANNE KAREN SHANNON Sue Luther-ville, Md. Homecoming Decorations Committee. Plans to work in Pediatrics at University Hospital. CAROL J. SHEEHAN Baltimore, Md. Future holds work in Medi- cine at University Hospital. NUR .IA- . G' s.,. . gs SUSANNE KAREN SHANNON CAROL J. SHEEHAN Q.. s BRENDA RACHEL SHERR PATRICIA ANN SNYDER 60 BRENDA RACHEL SHERR Baltimore, Md. Prom Committee. Plans for a future with the Army Nurses Corps. PATRICIA ANN SNYDER Snyds Baltimore, Md. Big Sister Program. Future plans include mar- riage. ""C"w-ay uW""" A JUDY DIANE STEWART MARGARET JANE TAYLOR JANE ALLRED TUCKER Janeth Johnson City, Tenn. Pledge 1967 and 1968, Choir. Plans to work with Medico after graduation. BARBARA BINNIE VASSAR Barb Baltimore, Md. SNCM, Big Sister Program. Future plans are to work in the operating room at Uni- sity Hospital. JUDY DIANE STEWART Rockville, Md. Co-chairman of Junior Class, Big Sister Program. Plans to go into Maternal and Child nursing at Uni- versity Hospital. MARGARET JANE TAYLOR Bethesda, Md. Plans to work in Obstetrics after graduation. 'lst is if , ,I fm X .fl 'ft JANE ALLRED TUCKER BARBARA BINNIE VASSAR JOANNE VOLKMAN Jo Silver Spring, Md. Pledge 1967 and 1968, SNCM, Publicity Commit- tee, Big Sister Program. Plans to specialize in Pedi- atrics and possible to seek a Masters Degree. NANCY LOU WAGNER Ellicott City, Md. Future holds Public Health nursing. rj 3- xx Q JOANNE VOLKMAN NANCY LOU WAGNER PATRICIA ANN WARFIELD Pat gn ,,..-Qu... -P' O PATRICIA ANN WARFIELD NANCY ALICE WEAVER 62 Fawn Grove, Pa. Choir President. Future plans are indefinite. NANCY ALICE WEAVER Kensington, Md. Alpha Lamda Delta. Hopes to join the Peace Corps after graduation. SANDRA LOUISE WINTER ff, VENIDA G. YOUNG JEAN WILLIAMS Nor Pictured 65 SANDRA LOUISE WINTER Sandy Havre de Grace, Md. Future plans are marriage and a family. VENIDA G. YOUNG Ven Washington, D. C. Plans to specialize in Medi- cal-Surgical nursing. Q X et-,t 1 . ,f. , . , ELSIE ALDRIDGE: has a passion for rootbeer . . . "So I says . . ." . . "O.K. people . . .". TANIA ANDREEEE: "I can't wait!" . . . "Don't get hyper!" . - . "Dumkoff!" . . . has a stuffed frog for security. LAURA BADGER: loves sewing, kids, swimming, and-skiing . . . an army brat to become an army wife . . . "It'S a 1'10t! . LYNN BALL: has a soft Southern drawl . . . often becomes "mother" to people and their problems . . . "I suspicion that . . BARB BEACH: navy blue and gold . . . loves music . . . once walked through the glass door in the Union . , . "Sunsh1ne". VERNA BENNER: always has a kind word . . . a commuter at heart . . . who else could sail a sunken ship?! U KAREN BLOOMFIELD: exploded a Gomco suction machine - all over Mr. Cardellino! . . . one of our class newly-weds. JEANNE BOUCHARD: has developed moving to a science . . . "Sailors are more my type!" . , . "My keys! I can't find them!" BRENDA BOWERS: likes kids and impressionistic art . . . haunts the library . . . "You big meatball!" . . . '!Ohhh Nooo . . CAROL BRANAN: can usually be found in bed asleep . once went shopping for three days . . . loves to throw parties. CAROLYN BYRD: makes most of her own clothes . . . "I de- clare!" . . . "Oh sure . . . . . can sleep most anywhere. MARY JO CAMPBELL: often receives thirty five page letters from Viet Nam . . . spent New Year's in Hawaii . . . "Hop to it Babes!" LINDA CANTWELL: you can often hear her shuffling down the hall in her scuffs . . , "Well, ya know . . .". ' CAROL CARAPEZZA: the girl with the laughing eyes . . . still takes her 2:50 "constitutional" . . . a lot of fun to know. LESLIE CARTON: had the "hangover virusl' . . . fastest water- gun in the East . . . "Oi vey!" . . . "It don't make no never- mind!" PAT CELLY: famous for the battle of the Staph . . . her right arm has telephone contractures . . . has a one tract mind. LINDA COLEMAN: "It's against my religion!" . . . "Why' me!" . . . "Did you hear what happened to my poor elephant?" JUDY COOKE: who turned out the light on Louisa May? . , . noted for quick problem solving abilities fespecially about roachesb. . JANICE DARMSTEAD: wears pink rollers and orange palamasl . . . makes quick exits on Fridays . . . known to drive on curbs. PAT DAVIES: blonde, redhead, brunette - what will she be next week? . . . "Let's build a brick bookcase!" . . . "I've got a great idea". CARLA DUMIRE: ask her about paragoric . . . loves the finer things in life . . . "That's Carla - with a C!" LYNETTE DUNN: "We had all that for homework?!" . . . likes Ocean City, the Colts, and the Supremes. HELEN ECKERT: "Hi guys!" . . . "Sure I'll go out with him- if he's over six feet and kind of husky!" JEANNETTE EDWARDS: has been known to lock herself out of her room in the middle of the night. SHIRLEY FELLABAUM: likes to be well hydrated . . . hard work and a gift of gab has turned her into a nightowl. 1 - ' ' IQ 1 - . i:15f'f' , papa ff' ' Vx--. w..Ei:f,,i:, 1 .x,,:,?w:i ' ..o,..... o,rr.r. r v rt : ---:stu iq-gf :ill ., i , te. , s a ggijliityf.-. ,- --vs. l:x1!7':?fff f ,,.- - .I'. '.'I T- i 'fin' X771 A -well- ' ff' Ili , 'V FA ,. " L5. .1575 ' 4- ' L-37? xl Z .. ty r' f ' ,,- 1 l : l , e ,..k ig " "K SV , I 1 n " ' fl" 4, s . I ' .!' is I 'S A : : 1 -X. 1' s ' f 'Sf.i'7X ' . , ' -VLgEYf'i?ix!l, ' -f!aQ,f " f ,Z - i ,Jr l .ig jg" x W gg., 1 :lf 1 ff '4 ' Eg J," - , f FU' ' ii? 'xi 4" .- - ' .,.- -. ' . ' "r ' N 17' ':- fy: Z"-... ' tv- 'X -!' , :s I 1251--Q1i1,ii.T5-fig Y 2. Y' i f : Q-L5:fif2 QL 199' 'T ff2i:e'fIfiQf1f " "'1"' . V' t ' "On your mark, get set, GO!" Seniors "'m" 'W mmf' sing t"'eM '. 1: 2 , JM Q our: 4 4 3 ith 1 nl 2 'Ze Q i 51. 2 2' , f ,J ,V LEANNE FIORENTINO: loves sewing, music, dancing, and most of all her apartment. JOYCE FUJII: can often be found cutting someone's hair or talking for hours long distance on the telephone. BITSY GARDINER: known as "Big Mama" of the Big Five . . . can't hear with her glasses on . . . "Toodles" . . . car- ries a shotgun camping. ALICE GARLAND: Oh, those mini skirts and big blue eyes . . . confusion . . . has mysteriously disappearing watches. JACKIE GEELHAAR: tried growing watermellons in a hub cap in her dorm window sill . . . let her hair grow long. JUDY GOODING: former chain Pepsi drinker . . . notorious for "scrmptious backrubs" . . . very romantic with candlelit sup- pers on the terrace. KENLY GOONAN: successful matchmaker where New York is concerned . . . catsup on spinach . . . pepper on watermellon. LORETTA GOSSETT: can usually be found waiting for that gttle yellow Corvair . . . off to throw something together for inner. EMILY GRATZ: likes to visit . . . likes to kibitz . . . likes to like people. ELLEN GRAUER: member of the Big Five . . . takes two years to knit a pair of socks . . . cleans her room once a year. NANCY GRAY: happiness is having ham steaks . . . a baby or a brat . . . has a genuine interest in people and is a true sport. ANN GUNNETT: always willing to solve that study guide question, but never with a straight answer. SHARON GUTTERMAN: has various allergies which tend to get her into tricky situations. KARYN HANDEGARD: loves to swim, ski, and sew . . . "You think you are funny." EDIE HANSON: monogramed sweaters . . . favorite dinners at Mee jun Low'.t . . . "Hanson's reminders" . . . mountain girl at heart. PAULETTE HAUG: every three weeks she gets to the root of her problem . . . "How do you like it?" . . . Dean's list. KAREN HEADRICK: short-hair syndrome . . . the wilted rose of Texas . . . a bow to match every outfit . . . fighting the war with pollen. TRISH HELM: remembering . . . bay berry candles . . . the Chinese room at the top of the stairs . . . nights on the roof. BOBBI HENEGAR: "How are my eyebrows?" .. . Les Pedals . . . spends hours on her hair. CAROL HERBERT: mothers N. Gray . . . bridge addict . . . theatre bug . . . starchiest uniforms in town. ANDREA HEUBECK: bridge enthusiast . . . uses trash can for dirty clothes hamper . . . "Budget, what's a budget?" LINDA JAEGER: lover of the natural look . . . busy with school and married life . . .enioys classical music and science fiction. CONNIE JOHNSON: frightened of her own shadow . . . arises in the middle of the night to apply Noxema . . . reliable map reader. DIANE JUMP: music is her pastime . . . draws "Freddy" car- toons in letters . . . a person of song and happiness. BONNIE KAHLER: "Big .vticbxu . . . how about that surprise birthday party that interrupted a shower!" Looks like someone had a successful campaign: Cookie netted her man! BARBARA KARAWAY: "Wanna go downtown, honest we won't spend any money", "Janet, you'll never believe what I did". CAROL KAUFMAN: "I ca.n't be bothered with this aggravationu . . . "Really, 365.00 for a cotton dress!" EILEEN KELLAHER: Loves blond, blue-eyed, tanned men . . . pepsi fiend . . . sleeps with her clock in the drawer. RUTH KOBIN: Silent, but deadly . . . the fuzz buzz . . . How to Raise Petunias by Georgie Boy . . . Loves dills. CAROL KUBELUIS: Delusions of grandeur, has a passion for her pillow . . . "It's unreal" . . . "I will go on a diet!" CAROL LAWSON: "I'll drink to that!" . . . Bikini pants and miniskirts . . . "Party! Party!" PEGGY LEBEAU: Loves a good discussion . . . Procrastinator . . . Avid reader as long as it doesn't pertain to courses. JANET LEE: "I know my patient has needs, but I can't seem to find them!" . . . "I gotta get some cards". MARGARET LEWANDOWSKI: "Can I please close the win- dows? "Our little Margie" . . . The first to get the dictionary. MARIE LEVINE: "Muffin" . . . never wears the same outfit twice . . . "You know what fat chance means?" CYNTHIA MARCH: "I have so much work to do!" . . . Loves dreamland. LEE MASASCHI: Late to begin studying . . . has a hamster named Gus . . . sleepyhead. ELAINE MAXEY: Collects wine bottles and male admirers, her heart rules her head. MARY MCCAULEY: Who else has her medications for noon ready at 11:15? . . . a ready listener. LYNN MCINTIRE: "Anyone see my baby white elephant out there?" . . . loves surprise parties. BETTY MILLER: Gets writer's cramp from writing IPR's and papers, including letters. EDITH MOERSCHELL: Sailboats and summer days . . . "The Amazon" . . . "California, here I come". SHIRLEY MONROE: Will she ever run out of steam? "Oscar!" . . . corny but lovable poetry. SUSAN MONTAGUE: "Keep smiling" . . . Her philosophy of life: Proverbs 3:5-6. PATRICIA MUTCHLER: Better late than never! . . . Quiet and sincere, hiding place - the library. VIRGINIA NELSON: Favorite pasttime is skiing . . . enjoys music, plays, and paintings -- as well as long walks. JENNIFER NEWCOMER: "You cut your lip and chipped your tooth on a baby bottle?" . . . great singing voice. LYNDA OTTE: How will she ever develop that "aggressive personality" while working with her babies on SE? CAROL PATTERSON: "Phantess" . . . her "bad guys" have a double purpose-pettipants and handkerchief. NANCY PATTERSON: "I thought Lilly was the name of a pharmaceutical company" . . . every penny counts. ROSELLA POLLACK: "I can't find any larger rollers!" . . . al- ways ready to eat, long dangling earrings. JEAN PORTER: "Bubbles" is her middle narne . . . cat-napping is a favorite pasttime . . . a willing listener. PAMELA REIK: "Look what I bought" . . . functions quite well in the O.R. . . . teaches med students sterile procedure. KAREN RICHARDSON: Fanatical house cleaner . . . chronic in- somnia . . . seek her for help and advice. ELAINE RINGUETTE: Who else likes food with her salt? Burns the candle at both ends . . . "Life!' Throw papers out - never! DORLENE ROLLO: Calmest person ever . . . very sensitive and intelligent with a great love for people. BEVERLY ROOT: "Big B" . . . always on the go but somehow can't find time to study . . . plays practical jokes on room- mates. KARLA ROSKOS: "Would you believe?" . . . carries two jobs- one as a wife and one as a student. NANCY SCHMIDT: Hates to let studying interfere with her pleasure . . . blank face: exam, what exam? CAROL SCHORR: "You could cry at lotv . . . crinkles nose when happy . . . dangerous with a pair of knitting needles. SUSANNE SHANNON: You can always see her smiling except when you try to get her up . . . just learning to cook. CAROL SHEEHAN: "Just wait, you'll see!" . . . known as "Mom" to her two roommates . . . to bed by 11:00 P.M. BRENDA SHERR: With an impish grin and boundless enthu- siasm there is nothing she can resist getting into. PATRICIA SNYDER: "She's all heart, but I really can't stand the constant beating, excellent cook and seamstress." JUDY STEWART: Favorite place: Campus Inn, the "soul sister" of the Baltimore campus . . . Let's go! MARGARET TAYLOR: Loves to diet and drink . . . those last minute trips to Florida . . . "Let's go to the Inn". JANE TUCKER: Early to bed and early to rise . . . fresh air bug . . . Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy . . . "Oh law!" BARBARA VASSAR: More bounce to the ounce . . . fudge diets . . . offers friends sincere friendship and infectious smiles. JOANNE VOLKMAN: Flaming red tresses, micro-mini dresses . . . Temper! Temper! . . . find her at the Inn socializing. NANCY WAGNER: "Oh, no" , . . "I'll never finish" . . . often found sleeping in the library . . . long walks in the rain. PATRICIA WARFIELD: Special ability to make friends . . . special affinity toward the dental school. NANCY WEAVER: "Oh, help me!" . . . loves animals, especial- ly kittens . . . mimic . . . likes spicey novels . . . "nap time". SANDRA WINTER: Loves horses . . . neat and on time . . . wedding plans . . . there is a bad me, somewhere I guess. VENIDA YOUNG: The original "Peyton Place" . . . how to lead an exciting life and still get A's on exams. ,' K .A V .jx K gf, fs' .. 1 ' ' L' 'F '-"fz'fTS-I ' Q- ',: V .Lila ,tk - tcf"' -- .qi . . . . " " 1f'-- f' A A - w 'df A f V M. .7 x T nm 1 1 -1- 'T' ""f 1 A .,, . . , 1324 --yu . ' .',l, 'u .' V Will the real Psych. patient please stand up? NANCY MUNRO ADAMS "Nancy M" Camp Springs, Maryland University of Maryland Yearbook Staff . . . WRAIN Chorus. MARY MARGARET BAKER "Mary" Marshfield, Massachusetts Barnard College Yearbook Staff. NANCY "T'f.ifT'T9 SUSAN TITCOMB BEASLEY MUNRO ADAMS MARY MARGARET BAKER JANET CHRISTINE BEECHLEY 66 SUSAN TITCOMB BEASLEY ..Sue,, Perry, Maine University of Maine WRAIN Chorus. JANET CHRISTINE BEECHLEY ,,Jan,, Pompano Beach, Florida University of Florida Secretary, Sr. Class . . . Ju- diciary Board . . . WRAIN Chorus. ash- 'Nur PHILIP O. BERTRAND "Phil" Albany, New York Incarnate Word College DORIS ELAINE BESSETTE "Doris" Pawtucket, Rhode Island University of Rhode Island SNCM . . . Social Commit- tee . . . WRAIN Chorus. ,Z Iv I jg, , PHILIP 0. BERTRAND DORIS ELAINE BESSETTE BONNIE JoYc1s BOYKOFE "Bonnie" Greenbelt, Maryland University of Maryland Delta Phi Epsilon . . . Stu- dent Director, WRAIN Chorus. RAHEL JO ANN BURKE "Rahel" Grants Pass, Oregon University of Oregon Alpha Gamma Delta . . Sigma Theta Tau. 3 V115 6 BONNIE JOYCE BOYKOFF RAHEL JO ANN BURKE 67 ROXWENA IRIS CALLEN MRO., Opa-Locka, Florida Barry College WRAIN Chorus. KAREN LEE CHAMBERLAIN "Karen,' Norfolk, Virginia Mary Washington College WRAIN Chorus . . . Alpha Phi Sigma . . . Sigma Theta Tau. 'Qiql KATHRYN MARIE CLINE ,Ni 'fl' ,N 'H"'fP' 3. A ROWENA IRIS CALLEN KAREN LEE CHAMBERLAIN FRANCES EVEL 68 YN COOK KATHRYN MARIE CLINE 1iKathynx Black River Falls, Wis. University of Wisconsin FRANCES EVELYN COOK "Frankie" Maurertown, Va. St. Joseph College Yearbook Staff . . WRAIN Chorus. CHRISTINE LAVALLE COONS "Chris" Chicago Height, Illinois University of Iowa Northwestern University Alpha Chi Omega . . . WRAIN Chorus . . . Medi- cine Dropper . . . Yearbook Staff, Business Manager. rv! RITA CLAIRE DEBOLT aRita,, ,gy Lompoc, California 1 University of San Francisco CHRISTINE LAVALLE COONS RITA CLAIRE DEBOLT NANCY JOAN DEXTER "Hosefiend" Huntington Beach, Calif. California State College Jr. Class President . . . Vice Pres.. SGA Council. ANN CHARLENE DINGER "Charlene" Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Thiel College Georgetown University Beta Beta Beta . . . WRAIN Chorus. QW" x s ' . 3 NANCY JOAN DEXTER ANN CHARLENE DINGER 69 DIANE GUNNING DWINNELLS 'Diane" Ironia, New Jersey Thiel College Georgetown University Alpha Xi Delta . . . Beta Beta Beta. LYNN ERICKSON "Lynn" Greensburg, Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh Western Reserve University WRAIN Chorus . . . Sigma Theta Tau . . . Yearbook Staff. DIANE ELIZABETH LYNN ERICKSON GUNNING DWIN N ELLS s . ,. aw., 5 ' Ya.. 13.14 ' JOANNE FABER PATRICIA NOLAND FIORELLO 70 JOANNE FABER HFabe7l Elmira, New York Hartwick College WRAIN Chorus . . . Year- book Staff . . . Medicine Dropper . . . Floor Rep. . . . Prom Decorating Chairman. PATRICIA NOLAND FIORELLO Klpatll Hialeah, Florida Florida State University Sr. Class President . . . Jr. Class Historian! . . . Sigma Theta Tau. JAMES RICHARD FISER uhm., Archbold, Ohio Kansas State University MARTHA ANN FREE "Martha" Tallahassee, Florida Florida State University WRAIN Chorus . . . Sigma 3 Theta Tau. "fi "'f'1'U' S Q JAMES RICHARD FISER MARTHA ANN FREE SANDRA LEE FRIES "Fries" Pittsburgh, Pa. University of Pittsburgh University of Maryland WRAIN Chorus. CAROLE OBERLIN GARTNER "Carole" Omaha, Nebraska University of Nebraska Alpha Xi Delta , . . Sigma Theta Tau. inf? t ix SANDRA LEE FRIES CAROLE OBERLIN GARTNER 71 KATHERINE JEAN GAWRADA "Kathy" El Paso, Texas Texas Woman's University The University of Texas LYNNE MARIE GOODBREAD "Lynne" Evergreen Park, Illinois Elmhurst College WRAIN Chorus . . . Year 543' book StaE. d'f""f."'!b KATHERINE JEAN GAWRADA LYNNE MARIE GOODBREAD MELINDA THACKER GRAVES "Missy" Frankfort, Kentucky Vanderbilt University Adjutant, SMG . . . WRAIN Chorus. MARY JAMIE HARRISON lijamiell Passaic, New Jersey Douglas College ,X , r Judiciary Board. gud!-v 'Q"""" e MELINDA THACKER GRAVES MARY JAMIE HARRISON 72 4 -44' an-V" I REGINA M. HAUGHNEY CAROL ANN HALE HOLLER DIANNE LOUISE HOUSER "Dianne" Sandusky, Ohio Michigan State University WRAIN Chorus. MARY ANN HUBER "I-Iubes" Peoria, Ill. Bradley University University of Illinois Chi Omega. x I I DIANNE LOUISE HOUSER 73 REGINA M. HAUGHNEY "Reggie" Arlington, Va. St. joseph College Activities Committee . . Social Chairman. CAROL ANN HALE HOLLER "Carol" Springfield, Ill. Illinois Wesleyan University Illinois State University Beta Beta Beta . . . Floor Rep. fi ti MARY ANN HUBER JOANN VICTORIA JOHNSON ..J0ey,, Belmar, N. J. Villanova University WRAIN Chorus . . . Floor Rep .... Sigma Theta Tau. LEJANE WEST JOHNSON "Janie" Canton, Ill. Eastern Illinois University Advisory Board. JOANN VICTORIA JOHNSON LE-JANE WEST JOHNSON ARTHA LEE KENISON "Artha" Missoula, Mont. Montana Stare University WRAIN Chorus. LILA LEAH KREIBICH Ullilali LaCrosse, Wis. College of St. Teresa Yearbook Staff . . . WRAIN Chorus. ARTHA LEE KENISON LILA LEAH KREIBICH 74 SUSAN GAIL LEONARD Usuen Pierre, S. D. St. Olaf College Michigan State University WRAIN Chorus . . . Sigma Theta Tau. ELAINE MARIE MCGILLICUDDY "Mickie" Stoughton, Mass. University of Massachusetts Kappa Alpha Theta . . . Yearbook Staff . . . Sigma Theta Tau: SUSAN GAIL LEONARD ELAINE MARIE MCGILLICUDDY JOANNE KAROL MEYER "Joanne" Big Rapids, Mich. Marquette University University of Wisconsin Gamma Delta . . . Vice President, Sr. Class . . . WRAIN Chorus . . . Sigma Theta Tau. JEANN E KAREN MEYER 5'-A "Jeanne" Big Rapids, Mich. ,US Marquette University University of Wisconsin Gamma Delta . . . WRAIN Chorus . . . Sigma Theta Tau. 'KZ li, JOANNE KAROL MEYER JEANNE KAREN MEYER 75 MARIE THERESE MILLET "Marie" Seattle, Wash. Seattle University SGA, Jr. Vice Presidentg Sr. President . . . WRAIN Chorus. RUTH MARTIN MOORE "Ruthie" Calirnesa, Calif. UCLA WRAIN Chorus . . . Year- book Statf . . . Floor Rep. . . . Activities Committee, Jr. Class. X 'E .,g:Q-iw" X I H 'frrfiarzl-Eefa? :fi -. ' MARIE THERESE MILLET RUTH MARTIN MOORE ,Sw A Q R ROSEMARY MAE NELSON NANCY TEMPLETON PASQUALONE 76 ROSEMARY MAE NELSON "Rose" Ruthven, Iowa University of Illinois WRAIN Chorus . . . Year- book Stalf . . . Red Cross Representative. NANCY TEMPLETON PASQUALONE "Nancy" Silver Spring, Md. Western Reserve University JANIS LORRAINE PAWLOWSKI ..J.P.,. Circle, Montana Montana State University WRAIN Chorus . . . Medi Cine Dropper. CHERYL LOUISE PEDERSEN "Cheryl" Denver. Colorado University of Wfyoming Alpha Chi Omega. .fum 5 e JANIS LORRAINE JOAN DIANE PROKOP "joanie" Lemont, Illinois University of Illinois WRAIN Chorus . . . News- paper Co-Editor . . . Red Cross Representative. MARGARET SARAH REED "Margie" Oswego, New York Nazareth College Syracuse University WRAIN Chorus . . . Sigma Theta Tau. PAWLOWSKI CHERYL LOUISE PEDERSEN -v""1P' 1 , JOAN DIANE PROKOP MARGARET SARAH REED 77 ELEANOR MARIE REISTETTER "Ellie" Vestal, N. Y. D'Youville College Housing Committee Chairman. ROSALIND RIORDAN ..Roz,, ,FUN Sudbury, Massachusetts Boston College Boston University ..,....Qsli R-, N. ELEANOR MARIE REISTETTER ROSALIND RIORDAN ELISE MARIE ROY "Rattlesnake" ELISE MARIE ROY P AULA DIANN TANGEMAN SCHWARTZ 78 Lununberg, Mass. Nasson College WRAIN Chorus. PAULA DIANN TANGEMAN SCHWARTZ "Diana" Newton, Kansas University of Kansas Ji Nr, 0, ff CYNTHIA JANE SHIVER "Cindy" Brundidge, Alabama University of Alabama Auburn University JUDITH ANN SIMONS "Judy" Waukesha, Wisconsin University of Wisconsin WRAIN Chorus. if I L CYNTHIA JANE SHIVER JUDITH ANN SIMONS KATHLEEN ANN SMITH "sunny" Bucyrus, Ohio University of Cincinnati WRAIN Chorus . . . Year- book StaH, Junior Assistant Editor . . . Sigma Theta Tau. MARY TERESA SPINELLI i.Jody,, Arkadelphia, Arkansas Marquette University W' Q-.4-ng I KATHLEEN ANN SMITH 79 i in is I w QU" MARY TERESA SPINELLI iv --- PAULA RUTH SRUBAR "Paula" San Antonio, Texas University of Texas Judicial Board . . . Senior Class Treasurer. SANDRA STABINGAS "Sandy" St. Clair, Pa. Pennsylvania State Univ. WRAIN Chorus . . . Alpha Lambda Delta . . . Sigma Theta Tau . . . Year- book Co-Editor, Junior and Senior year. 1 -d-ual'-v PAULA RUTH SRUBAR SANDRA STABINGAS f l BARBARA LEE TASSONE LINDA BERNICE TAYLOR 80 BARBARA LEE TASSONE llBarbU St. Joseph College , Junior Class Treasurer . . .l Rep .... Dorm Council' Chairman . . . Sigma Theta' Tau. LINDA BERNICE TAYLOR 1 xiundaun K Framingham. Mass. 5 Fitchburg State College Sigma Alpha Delta. i u V WRAIN Chorus . . . NSNAQ 11:7 PAULA JEAN TAYLOR "P.T." Farmingham, Massachusetts Fitchburg State College tary, Junior Class. PATRICIA SUE THOMPSON Npatil Davenport, Iowa University of Iowa WRAIN Chorus . . . Red Cross Representative. , H-5. . 3:24 PAULA JEAN TAYLOR PATRICIA SUE THOMPSON BEATRICE K. VOSE "Kathy" Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wilkes College, D'Youville College WR AIN Chorus. JANET ALICE WEST ..Red,, Bailey's Cross Roads, Virginia University of Maryland WRAIN Chorus. BEATRICE K. VOSE JANET ALICE WEST Sl Sigma Alpha Delta . . Secre- SUZANNE MARIE WILSON "Suzanne" Topsiield, Massachusetts University of Connecticut VIRGINIA REED WITTIG "Ginny" BuHalo, New York State University of New York D'Youville College XX. SUZANNE MARIE WILSON VIRGINIA REED XVITTIG FAITH VVITTLIF "Faith" me-.Q tillhlliilv FAITH WITTLIF DARLENE A. WYNN 82 San Antonio, Texas University of Texas Lieutenant, Military Gov- ernment. DARLENE A. WYNN "Darlene" Port Clinton, Ohio Ohio State University 0 if JOANNE MARIE ZYSK SUSAN DIRKS CONSTANCE DAMAN HUFFMAN LEATHERMAN "Dirks" "Connie" St. Louis, Missouri Fort Sam Houston, Texas University of Maryland Shepherd College D'Youville College WRAIN Chorus. 83 JOANNE MARIE ZYSK "Joanne" Lompoc, California University of Colorado WRAIN Chorus. RALPH SYNAKOWSKI zsRalphrs Croydon, Pennsylvania University of Maryland Adjutant, Military Gov't . . . Sigma Theta Tau. lm'-' AT Z. The hunting season has arrived! NANCY ADAMS: Blonde or brunette, an angel of a nurse. MARY BAKER: Here comes another Florence! SUSAN TITCOMB BEASLEY: "Up in Perry, Maine we have 3 rooms and a path." JANET BEECHLEY: "I'm not sleeping-I'm iust resting my eyes." PHIL BERTRAND: Strange things happen on the Potomac. DORIS BESSETTE: A.S.O.'s biggest customer. BONNIE BOYKOFF: "Why can't I meet a nice Jewish bachelor?" RAHEL BURKE: "Rahel-like railroad only without the road-" ROWENA CALLEN: Her cup runneth over with love. KAREN CHAMBERLAIN: Four-on-the-floor and zippy. KATHY CLINE: Mustangs are her favorite, whether it be the horse or the car. FRANKIE COOK: What is your MAIN reason for returning to the Shenandoah Valley every weekend . . . the scenery?? CHIEISS COONS: Our Social Director . . . how do you ever o it? RITA DE BOLT: Quiet on the outside but not within! JO DEXTER: "I iust love my brother-in-1aws's friends!" ANN CHARLENE DINGER: es-ca-roa-go-go. DIANE GUNNING DWINNELLS: Knows how to keep nursing in the family. LYNN ERICKSON: "It's hotter than a fiicker's nest in here." JOANNE FABER: Our first woman general. PATRICIA NOLAND EIORELLO: What a way to spend Thanksgiving! JAMES RICHARD FISER: "Pediatrics? I get enough of that at home." MARTHA ANN FREE: "Peanuts"-There's a lesson to be learned here somewhere, but I don't know what it is." Not as good as a car, but it gets you there? SANDRA LEE ERIES: Dennis the Mennis-Forever??? CAROLE OBERLIN GARTNER: Hopping to Omaha . . . how far did you get? KATHERINE JEAN GAWRADA: Texas' brightest flower always gets her man. LYNNE MARIE GOODBREAD: Phone calls from Chicago keep her "Rich," MELINDA THACKER GRAVES: "No thanks. I'm waiting -fo'r1r'Kent-ee-ky gent-lemon" MARY JAMIE HARRISON: . . . and olf he went into the wild blue yonder. REGINA M. HAUGHNEY: Fashion plate of Reed. CAROLE HALE HOLLER: Total, comprehensive care given to her Bob. DIANNE LOUISE HOUSER: The only farming she does these days is at Vint Hill Farms. MARY ANN HUBER: Every moment dedicated to Ending room for just one more owl. SUSAN DIRKS HUEFMAN: Only her hairdresser knows. JOANN VICTORIA JOHNSON: An article XV . . . all for the lack of a stamp!! LEJANE WEST JOHNSON: "Can't we spend more time at DeWitt?" ARTHA LEE KENISON: Our own Maria Callas! LILA LEAH KREIBICH: "I'm always writing Dear John letters." CONSTANCE DAMAN LEATHERMAN1 Blooming bride in the midst of Texas heat. SUSAN GAIL LEONARD: Is it true that blondes have more fun? ELAINE MARIE MCGILLICUDDY: From Mickey to Mrs .... setting her sights on Georgia. JOANNE KAROL MEYER: "Crimaneeze-I don't get it." JEANNE KAREN MEYER: "Did you know that a pharmacist makes more money than a doctor?" MARIE THERESE MILLET: An experienced obstetrician when it comes to hamsters. RUTH MARTIN MOORE: Who did you root for at the Army- Navy game? ROSEMARY MAE NELSON: That indehnable something that makes guys fall hard. NANCY TEMPLETON PASQUALONE: Math 10 was always her favorite, next to Terry II that is. JANIS LORRAINE PAWLOWSKI: A Polak . . , from Mon- tana?? CHERYL LOUISE PEDERSEN: Patent leather boots are in. JOAN DIANE PROKOP: Teeth are out, but the chipmunk look is in. MARGARET SARAH REED: "Ice, Rain, Sleet, or Snow- George will make it through!" ELEANOR MARIE REISTETTER1 "Do you know my friend, Yodar Gree-ch?" ROSALIND RIORDAN: Finds her way to Cornell by the sparkle of her diamond. ELISE MARIE ROY: She lost 30 lbs. but none of her spirit! PAULA DIANN SCHWARTZ: The Army greens she'll wear, but to the Air Force she'Il be true blue. CYNTHIA JANE SHIVER: Good Lord, a small sports car and a big guy. JUDITH ANN SIMONS: Dallas is something besides a city in Texas. KATHLEEN ANN SMITH: Liberace and Betty Crocker all rolled into one. MARY TERESA SPINELLI: "Falling in love again" . . . "What am I to do?" PAULA RUTH SRUBAR: Hi you all, need a fourth for bridge? SANDRA STABINGAS: A black smoke screen?? Oh, it's the "r0adrunner!" IM" 'Nl Q QTL? I 4 C6mo estan ustedes, nuestras amigas? RALPH SYNAKOWSKI: SUPER NURSE BARBARA LEE TASSONEz Mother Tassone, hypertrophy of the heart. LINDA BERNICE TAYLOR: Ed doesn't stand for education. PAULA JEAN TAYLOR: "Footloose and Fancy free. PATRICIA SUE THOMPSON: Covered a lot of ground in Public Health. BEATRICE K. VOSE: We haven't had steak for awhile be- cause the cows are on strike. JANET WEST: Wild West from the East. SUZANNE MARIE WILSON: Who said the Olhcers' Club needed a mascot? VIRGINIA REED WITTIG: Wed to Dr. Pooky. FAITH WITTLIF: Keep the Faith, baby. DARLENE WYNN: Small in stature but not in charaCter. JOANNE MARIE ZYSK: All that beautiful sound from that tiny girl. 2' A day in the life of a Senior. XD Y X. .F -fssvsnoeos P-f v-mu. A xxx fa ,M i 2' X . ,C ltaxkx , ,M.,,,., N ,. , . A , 1 C Expericynfef are not Ihe thingy fhnl happen to nfg it if what un do with the thingy fhnz happen Z0 nf. Huxley BALTIMORE 1 if .J D X ,.j 1, Gail Smith and Andrea Sadey . . . Sigh, we've made it this far! J M- 3 f' I ef ...X Secretary, Gail Smirhg Special Chairman, Linda Palrneteerg Treasurer, Phyllis Kelleyg President, Andrea Sadeyg and Vice President, jon Zimmerman. 88 UZZILTER REED Vice President, Mary Rooney. OFFICERS Wx L 5 Q 'Y M Secretary, Claire Oosterhof. Tl'e3SU1'el', Karen 11011811- 89 1'05f 1 ,nfl i , 'MN-, 5. C 1 L1 Q: IK' -A+ -'k': ,, -, 3, P Junior Class President, Lynn Ney, Social Chairman, Rochelle Gysler 'Czar W CATHERINE AUXIER MARY AYDELOTTE GEORGIA BELL BONNIE COLLINS LINDA CONIFF KATHLEEN ERDMANN JUDITH HARRIS KATHLEEN HATFIELD JANET HULL PHYLLIS KELLY DIANA MOSCO PATRICIA BOSAK LINDA FAHRNEY ag ,sf ,, ,iffy- 12. EILEEN NAGEL LINDA PALMATEER GAIL PRINCE CAROL RAAB JUDY RHOAD ANDREA SADEY JON ZIMMERMAN VICKI SCOTT PAMELA SHIPLEY fu GAIL SMITH SUE ANN THOMAS VICKIE VASSIE KATHERINE XVAHAUS X li' Nancy L. Adams Elizabeth Bishop 5 4 Sandra Alper Carol Armstrong Shirley Beer Carolyn Blasdel Linda Burton Linda Cloyd Nancy Cohrs Diane Elliott -a 2 Ann L. Corley Betty Erickson Elizabeth Corso Barbara Dein Suzanne Faris Mary Flinchbaugh X 'lim-wi Eleanor Frank Sandra Greenquist Dale Hedberg Barbara Hesselman Bette Hill Pat Holshue Constance Golas Ison Johnnie Sue jordan fu-' Katharine Kingman Ann Maloney Pamela Koponen jerry A. Martin Martha Lewis Kathleen McEwan Y:-I3 Susan Low Martha Mead "Vl3.22ap,, Wh-w Carolyn Missell Madeline Ney Nancy Olson Claire Oosterhof Susan Peaslee Sharyn Quirk Marguerite Raflio Kathleen Reger f 'Wm X A Rx Donna Reid Georgia Roberts Janet Rubin Marion Santry Carol Scheiner Regina Street Barbara Stricker Marguerita Suarez 94 Barbara Sullivan Susan Triplett . 'SME Sharon Thompson Susan Varner Juniors not pictured Diana E. Caplan Judith A. Clouchey Mary Curtis Denise C. Feller Michele M. Fernan Bochelle I. Gysler Karen S. Haase Kathleen M. Henderson Anita G. Humphreys Louise E. Johnson Joanne F. Kane Susan M. Kauffman Sandra L. Killey Sherry L. Lannon Karen A. Lough Victoria A. Marchlik Marianne C. Meyer Kathleen A. Mossing Patricia J. Ouimette Lynette J. Paarman Dianne L. Peckens Joan I. Peterson Suzanne M. Petroske Linda L. Phillips Michele Powers Mary F. Rooney Janet L. Schaffer Ann M. Staplefield Sharron B. Termini Toni Tripp Maureen Walsh .2 Barbara Thorne Julia Timerman Madelon Visintainer Mildred Werner I REMEMBRA CE '1 MARY LYNNE GOLDBERG If I can stop one heart from breaking. I shall not live in vain: If I can ease one life the aching. Lynda WhiflQW Or cool one pain, Linda Witcavitch Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain. Emily Dickinson E1 "5 .QF mi hm ,. , r J al im hi i E X 5-Q , : - JH . , f , . Y , .Q . QQQQM X, . , 'fd' : A 96 One mem' leezrn By doing the thingg for lhongh yon think yon know it Yon hezzfe no eerfezinfy, nn!!! yon fry ULLIM Sophoelef .It SNES? , A, ZW QVMEJE ,W Those Med-Surg evaluations are something else! ef X Xa i J A Mrs. Harboe, please, I'd rather do it myself! ' x "Is it five pumps to one breath or Eve breaths to one pump?" z, 2, ' "Now, if this knot will only hold . . ' rf 98 jUN1oR MEDICAL-SURGICAL NURSING Tomorrow amd Tomorrow and Tomorrow . . ' 9- 1 fl lx ll: 'V1v mn! K: t Q1 N- b ll r ll 5.35 T :J ' ff l of ff - V F ss 0 x Q -R "And after u fl sh tak g ths we will c Don't worry girls you will have a chance to play with the str ments too. "Well, actually girls traction isn't so difficult to understand." v i S 1 Well adju t d you can't be My ' tructor just t h r I .. 99 M 1 II4 ,' ?':v'i'f'f Q 17 U 5 P. "Oh, darn that bubble!" "Now where did you say the dressing is I'm supposed to change?" " 'PI'-r ""V'f"'f'v fr-'7-p ""i'f"7'!' '?"'r""7'v ,-FW, 'f'-r--r 'ifr' Nursing can be fun I wo That must have been some lecture! Our Team Leader helps . , .,w.,.-.,, ., V ,l if 5 f 1 i ,+k That doctor told you what? PEDI A TRI CS Children eloemge ibeir world eezefo day depending on the mood ofplezy. -fm, Miss Hull, your technique was very good, however, this is an oral thermometer. He's gotta be for real? 2: xlt or f yX,,.i,g? y. I ? "M we F... Q, :. s.: : :T::,j,.::3E:5:v .A ng, KX? R -.x x x kidding! Is this guy 102 .S- - -X-Naam---f--3-.--ef. Who says blonds have more fun? i N If 1 1 Don't take it so hard chum, we'11 go to Ruth's another night. Lord o' mercy, did I say that I didn't believe in witches? My hot dog was sure good. How were your string beans? -1 - R Naxrr' X :fx x fi ' l A-iihiiihti-FWAHil53b I wish I had one of my own." Q X 0 "Oh, come on, start dripping I A ,H ,,...: .x..,V.,..,, ',5,:, z., , ,, . ,,,,,..-- ff" ,f Q X C X Q3 F Rx .V X 1' X U. 1 0 I 3 7 s I -.--5.-f--. . ..... I , "1 "' 5 . -F 1 I.. ' I N - , f x if K ef.LQ1z1z, - q FQ: ima! . 1 , . N- . '? 9 ' sg F A -wi I is . ,X A, .X 5 3 X ...msumsxxz:m,f.g,v. X ,, Sl "But what am I going to do with a pot holder?" 104 ,, .sw .X 3 50 , ,,,,,,,wN, ,f M ' 7 ,gf Happiness is having your own student nurse. iff T f-" ff i ' A A 4' '2 ,ff gvdf' if V ' 41 ' ,rf J Q' f, , v ,, , V ,,,. 1 A V ,, 1 f 1 , if l k ,ff if ju ' I , 4, W, V . 1 , ' ' 1' . , , A ,gm ' 4x-1 , fa ', , A '11'?'2,: . , , r ' H ,..f Y ,g' j5: ni - f v . l lk 3 5 fe! V. r .6 1' V . 1 7 f--' -- EQ ! X' 'I Q 'VT '-- " i A .W ,V ""' .. , - - ,, H Q41 x' .w But, I don: like spinach! p , --lf 6 ,,. Ax Q11 f vip M' L stfffg ' , f x -.f VI My 1 I . an X, ,Z N-'En , s.W.,.a,-Q. a r Boy these playladies have some wierd ideas! Good things come in small packages. 1 gk ' xii H Rx? Q X4 We assure you that experience in breast feeding is the only way. You say you know how to bathe a baby? . . . Oh, this is your eighth. - KZ'- Do you really mean the umbilicus is midline and three linger breadths below the fundus?? Why are you resting your hand on the sterile gowns? 106 EIB- Ei? Fi 313 ,E51TEIV3!E5l'F:llI!4ll0UC'!1!0Fill' hlilhvi.-lflifiZlESlLiEElF57l:1lIH.ilLTn7iIifTIElE5 ,.--,.,,..v,, ,W,,,,,L,,,: im EJ nl , ff V lf'EiLT-ZIFEVFILCS Y: 'FIIPL'llPlFllil!5lP1l1Pill'!Il!ll!!lltI!Bl!P.!Eb!lIill4lDllIlll OBS TE TRI CS Flow, flow, flow, the current of lzfe is ever onward. , , , V .X ,f '. it QT , Now it's decideclg the torture, I mean LESSON plans for tomorrow are... 4 K if eil w-Lf L.. Oh, you're such a cute little thingg I bet you have dirty diapers. We frequently feel Erm fundj! - ,T ' x 5 . tx ' W y 1 e 1 V r i 5. 15,12 RV' i Eff' 1 1 lffi' F .X wzj, ',4, 1 . us' N6 5 X A X I I of : V 1 A ' 4 I ' X. 53 K 1 1 Y -7' ,' No, Mrs. Linthicum, you can't have an' N re i Q . Y - esthesia yet. You're only 2 cms. Besides, you . I 1 , . dj: said you wanted Natural Childbirth. ,,, K I . ,U Q' . V, - X or A 'QE l ' A l f QX, Ll . 1' Wi But, it's so small .-W-'XV X, i b f ' Y. h.,,.1 The reflection of motherhood. And this goes here 108 S x A chance to sit down at last! Sigh, I wish I had a student DUIS6 41' Gu., Q., f ' -K ha ,A "I don't know how they ever do it with a real baby!" "CChuckleD She doesn't know, but I don't have a blood pressure!" :E?U?5if 4 1 . W: '11 K! You LOST weight! !! SENIOR MEDICAL-SURGICIAL NURSING Today well-lived . . . mezkef every yefterelezy el dream of laezplbineff . . . Am! tomorrow 4 virion of hope. Le: s see . . Is that the P wave or the Q wave?" Planning, organizing, directing, and evaluaung- it s never over! -,.-....--Nj x ' --.,..,., an -aa E ' " " ' 1--LL-N VVVVV v.JmN..,,.,,, -K--y . - i wx: Ai-iQ ' www wx---... ,N .1 11.5 .. , Q The joys and headaches of ward management. 110 Xie? Z ,.,..' fy, 44 Come on, you're not trying hard enough. The blind leading the blind. Q' MYR- ' z 111 Independence is the key word 071 A private joke??!! lf" .,...,,, ' -1-lui X5 1 A. l. fl .4 ff.: W... 5: .qw , Biggs: '-iziwfwg .Au 1:-f-.asm ll, ' if x , l xv . ev Xe af -S' r' Zi we-' 1 I ,XY f' F - N A N -1 ' :-'P' "Can I show you something in a brown loafer?" E .Al Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. "What do you mean you don't have any problems?? REHAB D I TE SIVE Helping the patient help himself is an important part of occupational therapy. C2 6 i I One of the rare moments-a sit down break. The only good germ is a dead germ! N CARE 2 K i .av , X x, 0 Tender, loving care. W is -4 K i ix ' f."fw, :S Ili 5 7 5 E i I ig ' .I + ,, I, s - g A 'fi id "I wonder how long this is supposed to last? ffl 5: 3 '- VK 1 Ei J., nm- il :gl , ,,- ,,.,f llwfff , X W ,L She's forever blowing bubbles. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? I 1 Diversional therapy is an impor- tant part of rehabilitationg but, diversional therapy for whom, the nurses or the patients? .2 1 , 1 2 i N if ' 1 i i 2 ie X x N X Qbabililazlion i li 54 W i i I 1 I Ei il 9, I Iii , i,41l,fffif ,. ,, 1, --f: ' '- ee 5.12: , f gf, 1 , -,r -, 8 V 'Af W'AN .t frllicmi. Practicing for the weekend, Miss Kahler? DUT if Q-, K Today's lesson: "Wheelchair Navigation" or "How Rehab Students Took Up Dodgem Cars." 115 f-qq Greek I-Elementary Translation. Rx "'-1155" ' . , 1 ' ' 5 ' .Q , A L I A I ' A fs Q-43. , n e s X V. ...l .. J. is infmmwl l -w ' - f -1- i - Q 'i - ' T ' . ' ,, - ' WL:- " JMR ,F , ' , .' ' i , Af' 'G f e v, .- so e is . V V U :Q - if My U V I K il V W - ' .- Ali , e ser' ' 2 i f 7 " "T ' 'S "" ..- . ' - ' X l Q W f' HW!! KA f M of It ' !A.' X 6 I r fd 59 1 ,,,. ' 'S ' A 5' 7 i ',.:i2gf:.',, W v 3 V Q u e iw- 2 - ff' ,' " X- ,. 'fv Y, ll W : .X xx ll l- i ly! V A K , 'X Agro if gb 1 :W Q VA',, , X. I- X 1 . V h D qv,,n-f-. 1 A "Ax "" n, 1559- :Q ly -3 Team conferences solve all problems. Unit Mnnngefnenz' lf B.W.? Why every night. that means milk of magnesia 30cc and cascara Scc Miss Headrick, I told you it wouldn't hold 10 cc. Intemive Care Naming fx OK, Fellabaum. no meow ss f I v I 1 I W try it with the BP cuff on. 2 I s I Ei I r 1 I I I if P I L 31 1 H 4 ll Look, I know you did i "Wish I knew what I was doing." I'd better slow these Huids down - he has already had his quota for the next day. B- ,F -,Vt .5543 4 .wf X-. 1-,Glj li Q.. 'ff ,-fi I 112: ,fel , IHQQ f t Mig, ' 3:4 ,,- :fl 21' " x o W P BLIC , Li M' -f' if N . Y , ' ,J- , , X ' rn, -,SQ M Xiao' Y ff X 56+ X 'Sv V -1 -.ew N -- -- .,.y.1g,1e 5.5, , fl' ' "JE :VM ' iv ::ffe"f1 V- fmjpnll Qii g And you say that you have live more in school? 5 I STOPPING X ' ANYT' - -i 4- " ,u u ,----'A 2 a llihapziifi QMQ55 iii! ' I L 9 3791 r 'I ' aifllgrf .. Q mgfz llilh ffwfi . L Yu! 6 -. ,f 1-' ' fp, Q-D ,s-anaqsx' . Q -- V1 A-- I NLT, HTH 'i 'V ff . lf ' Y r o lrq' ,7 5 1, . E migw hog 1 li so g 15? - , Q L l o If ' Q qw A' :J l New H N all S I urg' :fl 5 2 v -lzurgfgqk. g V Oh, to be in Public Health in the Spring! I wonder how many miles that fzl 1 ,XLKTFFQ , M fpl' ,VLE2 fy NJHLZE3, . 22555, 15? 535: 15' ,, P1Ef4LfTT1 Neither min nor flee! nor hail . . . 14, L,-7" M ,jg 'fl Rf".z Ji , ,W 'fiavgvfv A 1:3 . 2 . 4, .,1,m f vw M-'Agxw "Go play with the bag, dear." She gave the wrong phone number! Another day, another mile ot two . . . 119 mm L RESERVED i h Fon t t PHYSICIANS I I ATTENDING -EJ WESTERN HEALTH IDISTRICT BUILDING! Q . ..,...... M.-. .A .W ..,5 ,.,DV -1 , M, ZZ - 5---...,.,,.-,f,., ,,g.,,,,,,M Safety in numbers: one driver, two to push the car when it stalls. What does epidemiological mean anyway? x .- And right there is where the car went over the cliif! 120 I Is this any way to run an air line? . . . And representing our em- bassy at Fort Dix . . . ,AX Learning to make staff cars run is a course itself! 121 Remember this, the beneiit of your work may not be evident until long after you're gone. PSYCHIA TRY Comet thou not . . . mze out the written troztblet of the brain, y Ano' with tome Jwoot oblioiozto 6Z7ZfZ.6tl0l6' i l Clmmo tba Jtztfitf bosom of that l 1 1 perjlozzy Jtztjjf E whith weight upon the bmw? 3 Sbakzefloeare l in 3 , I X ,n ll ff.Wn,,e,,t ,K ,t 55 Q A, ,, i "":! l l 'ml f x We'll take this matter up in depth in the linen closet. I Lillian, where are you?! The fences of the mind are most difficult to climb. r 1 4 1 , V :Y""a'ii1E x ' itz? W M WML ' I . L74 ', 2-'ti Q? I' 'fi la- , . g Nw X .to ..,, w T ransference! R , .- r-:-A1fA' f- V ' " Thu ii,-, V iff -wife, ' lf 4 x g . A zz - -0 i Z. '- l rf i V . vp fu ' . . mg .4 Q. ., 1, -, Q qgd' .,'.x11Z"-'.::' -Q. . .-X11-...rg -' uifig, ::L-Ag:,:.d:q ,-ip.,1.,mg-,-I.:.f:. su: , fgglgslgtg-.rv-::.:9 134 1i5', ia, 163- 'vi .u-' '-si i Chaka' . 'i1 5fm'si: 4f.:fJ.e15':1'vF-.-L- ., ,- "And my mother rejected me." SK m, - 1' ' s Doctor, I have this problem with my slip 124 u u ..-.5 F. A '5' 71' I 7 ' . 4 ' X I "Now girls, I'm not trying to tell you all to go into psychiatric nursing, but when you write your master's thesis . . I still come and will remain for as long as you need me- though you may not love me. The wanting and loving will remain, as my gift to you. This I OHer You Sara Beth Shipps ll. "Our instructors are par- anoid. They think we're talking about them." 5,1-7 5 'l 126 1 UID! UID! my friefzfff am! qw! your 600,654 Or Jzzrefy yozf!! grow cfozzbfez Up! Up! my friemif, and clear your lookf: Why az!! fluff roi! and trouble? -W0m'5u'0rfb 5 Walter Reed SGA Officers. Top row: Doris Bessette, SNCM Rep.g Karen Hasse, Social Chairmang Sharon Quick, Treas.g Sandy Stabingas, Yearbook Editor. Bottom row: Diane Elliot, Sec.g Marie Millet, Pres.g jo Dexter, Vice Pres. Rx Baltimore SGA Officers. Seated: Pat Celly, Pres. Standing: Nancy Malcomson. Soc. Chairmang Beverly Root, Vice Pres.g Barbara Beach, Judicial Board Chairmang Georgia Bell, Sec.g Paula Reuter, Treas. ST DE TGOVER ME T 2:1112 '3zz:,if2z's,r,:::f.'?e' A55-WCM T10 Combined SGA Board. Maj. Berry, Walter Reed Advisor, Marie Millet, Shirley Fellabaum, Carol Patterson, Mrs. Linthicum, Baltimore Advisor, Sharon Quick, and Pat Celly. 128 SIGMA THETA TAU f S Standing: Joann Johnson, Barbara Tassone, Carole Oberlin, Sandy Stabingas, Ralph Synakowski, Cynthia Capers, Susan Connell, Karen Chamberlain, Martha Free, Kathy Smith. Dian Rae Meyers, Lynn Erickson, Sue Leonard, Pat Fiorello, Joanne Meyer, Jeanne Meyer, Rahel Burke, Elaine McGillicuddy. Sitting: Carol Kube- lius, Cookie Levine, Jennie Newcomer, Connie Johnson, Pat Davies, Lynne Mclntire, Ann Gunnett, Ruth Kobin, Andy Heubeck. Founded in 1922, Sigma Theta Tau is the National Honor Society of Nursing throughout the United States. Membership is open to students enrolled in baccalaureate programs in nursing, who have a 5.0 average, and to nurses matriculated for masters, post-masters, doctoral, and post-doctoral study in nursing. In addition to academic achieve- ment, students are selected on the basis of their professional and personal leadership. This year 27 students were chosen from the two campuses of the University of Maryland School of Nursing. , ,- . . I PHI KAPPA PHI 2 i Inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, a university wide honor society for the top ten percent of the graduating class were: KT? Andrea Heubeck Constance Johnson Jennifer Newcomer Brenda Bowers e Nancy Weaver ' Ruth Kobin S.N.C.M. The Student Nurses' Council of Md. is the professional " organization for students in school of nursing through- " out the state. This organization works with the Md. Nurses Association and the NLN in trying to acquaint students with these and other organizations and to help the students learn more about professional and personal aspects of nursing. This year our represen- tatives traveled to Dallas, Texas for the National Con- vention in May' SNCM Baltimore. First row: Nancy Schmidt and Ann Gunnett. Second Row: Joanne Volkman. Pat Celly. and Cookie Levine. 129 MEDICINE DROPPER Baltimore Staff: Standing, R. Kobin, A. Heubeck, P. Celly, K. Headrick, C. Levineg Seated, C. Kubelius, and B. Bowers. Q r 1 .7 Y 3915 , H . L . A ,1 A, Y f Nw Q Walter Reed Staff: Chriss Coons, Joan Prokop, co-editor, and Kathy Reger. - Faculty Advifor-Belly L. Sbzzbkazgel BIBLE STUDY GROUP .31 , iq L j g 5 5' LA ' ' J CHOIR . ' T, ' I "' X if-T 4 fm,,3' A- 5 ' F , ew .f -fr ' ' 51, , ' y W fiji ' Baltimore Choir. First Row, M. Glaw, B. Beach, C. Weber, M. Miller, Youn S Gutterman Porter H Palmer Second Row J Newcomer, V. g, . ,J. , . . , . J. Ashworth, J. Tucker, J. Cooke, P. Peck. D. Gardner, C. Behneman Third Row, Mr. Haslup, C. Gardiner, E. Moerschell, E. McCauley, C. Herbert, J. Wfilliams, D. Jump. 1,1 v 1 4 i !M1"742,3f2:i,1 r . Donna Reid and Bonnie Boycoff, student choir directors. WRAIN Chorus, 1967 Christmas Concert. Joan Zysk, soloist. 151 I Angelic voices from the angels of mercy -4.40 Carol Herbert, Baltimore Editor. Sandra Stabingas, Walter Reed Editor. S I ali ' l - or mr-f. fx' 1 . 6 ' ,. x, V iii 'l ' lg L N." Q . 5 9 , 3 5. X 1' ,f L 5 1 , M . X 3 . 'QW my 1 if ' . HQ'f. .' w' . - N. X '51, g f e . jj 1 - ' .4 .532 , '- gj "fl MV' ,ii 1 N VC' ,n Xi 5 L fi M, ' ,Y x A7 "X "5 .1 i 3. f l '! 2 2 Senior Section Editors fBaltirnoreJ: Lynn Ball and Laura Badger. 132 The PLEDGE Sfajjf Yearbook Staff. Walter Reed: Top Row-Kathy Smith, Sandy Stabingas. Middle Row Bar bara Hesselman, Lila Kreibich, Chris Coons, Business Manager, Nancy Adamsg Bottom Row Lynne Goodbread and Lyn-n Erickson, Not Pictured: Ruthi Moore, Mary Baker, Elaine Mc Gillicuddy, Rose Nelson, Frankie Cook, Judy Simons, and joan Prokop. Faculty Aa' 1!j507'5Z Maj. Marbella Micbae! Mm. Maryjane Sligar Baltimore Business Staff: Seated, Bonnie Collins, Shirley Fellabaum, Business Manager, and Ruth Kobin. Standing, Nancy Gray, Carol Raab, Alice Garland, and Gail Prince. Baltimore Curriculum Staff: Seated, Bonnie Collins, Cookie Levine, Joanne Volkman, and Judy Cooke. Standing, Gail Prince. Elaine Ringuette, Carol Raab, Jane Tucker, and Andrea Heubeck. ,,,..,,-,. Lynn Ball and Emily Gratz. 153 .."x , 'x I 'ns' vu' The position of a new nurse in the hospital caste systern??? I see jungles, dense forest, rice paddies, and hand grenades. H 2 A L L O 1 9 E 6 E 7 N So that's who's been "borrowing" our food! The American Gothic! The hands that care for the sick? Old nurses never die, they just look that way! ,Y 3. I C '?' -- 3 7' ffm . i - Z ! .. y e A- FACULTY i 2 g ' - '-, ' , 'W 'Z . l -1- ,' ' f s I FOLLIES gi J- N it D1 fo I F, ' .fl y . 1' 1 , Y A Keep the baby. lamp lit, It isn't every day that we get to laugh at the faculty. I have my cape: all I need now is a phone booth. Every child must b "Cuddled." Good nutrition is Q32 Q f 5 'Q' like if I 4 I 4 R A good nurse must always have organizational abilities. The juniors respond to Nursing 7. wi if T r '-s' f-'fi 'ifvl ' tc : 5 Q ' r .5 I 4-,."g,:-Z 1 Z f -' Q A A 4 Q ' . - .v '7'?'?'?--1 rf 1 gi?"f' 1 '- : Ii: . I ' ' h' il . ,y , ' .w A r ' X, A 7 If 1 ' SS. l '13 .1. n , . i - "' . V - - Q' vfus ' A my A nijg 135 r- ., 37 , ,VV--- . -sv - g di Jw: -+-ff ' -. V. , 4 . xl. .. W g., "' 4-N,f:.' i Just a matter of time . A break in a busy schedule. . m sm.: Y N f 2. M . is ' .::-A . J ' --e' 2 :fff:5':'.':'-Z: 5.--fiikxfx' .aw "" P 2-.N'95"2Eff'f1-5 'ZML5'-' .k-NX-E.-Xin - g' . wx .:- . ' , gi.,.:r1K -Y-xv: - X'PN:- 'wwe Q gg, . x -.N-'S.-2' :"'f J: '.!-'lfyj Qkg - Quo Q"m'GSi' . ::E::f,:g.g. ,. x,,. x - 5'-.gggtxfw 5z9Qx,f:.g,-. IL.,5'i.5.:.:::'::::f:,.',.-gg',511R:.., X. Q -. .ggi ,,...,. .5 Q ,V., . uh Lg X-,X - . ,,5.,,-g5,:7 we - ' , .xg X. -X Kg , ..., . N X XR Y . , .e.,, QQ xl 1 F55-wxvx' ak X593-.sxf. -r gr-:az ,, ..,.x:: K: A -, . 1-NME: U NNN A. . A.. .'Q., If-fa ., A Raimi, wi' .-:mx .t , .. 3:-f wr, , .X X ., , R.,31,A.:.,Q:-.griiygei r . 'N N X K ,xx , ' :1gyXqurSi':g.g'a,X-p V The card sharks of Delano Hall??? 136 Remember the trip on the Potomac? N.. X. H OMECOMIN G E'."4- . ??'?,'4 N cwxlasr W HALLOWEEN PARTY YZ.. Dianne Elliott, Homecoming Queen. CAP FLUTING b V " -I 'X' Yeah, and witches ann t the only bad things we've got up here. I put my thumb where and do what with my index linger??? 137 T, 'L 'I l M' !' , 5 2 1 , ,,,,, 1 A ,ill :ff P ' "Keep looking Trish, we must be off tomorrow!" "Group therapy" I 3 I .1 I N 5 4 w 1 l l Look! No matter what you do-we are N not going back to Nursing School! H N il Q i l l 1 I 1 l W "ours Night In" . . . Rock Q' sock! f ' - Problem solving: who gets the bed and who gets the floor. i is Nothing like a "good cup of coffee" after class 138 1 -A1 The night before the morning after. Q 1 f .M T?l........ i "Mrs. Evans, after all it is Thursday night, and it's only 12:15." Yipee doo-my buzzer finally went off! S. 5 --S KM? - lg. . .si Y' ms- "What do you mean, I forgot to sign out?" 36?!!! --1'-1' vrf:-.Y v Exercising can be fun. -.-5 Q I X V ER The L'0dI'jQ5l7 lezyf feh fhozesmzn' eggf. The homely heh layer one. The 6'0!l4jg5h7 zzezfer eezehlef to fell yozz zehezf Jhe 3' elozze And so we Jeorn the eoeljifh, While the hzemhle hen we prize, whieh only goey to yhow you Tl EMENTS Thor if pezyf to ezdoerlife. -Anonymozzs Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert A. Adams Miss Alice J. Akehurst Maj. Dorothy S. Allison Mr. 8: Mrs. Christy Armstrong Co. 8: Mrs. Authur H. Baker, jr. LTC 8: Mrs. J. C. Beechley Mr. 8: Mrs. john B. Bosak Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard C. Bowers Dr. W. Buxton Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond A. Contwell Mr. 8: Mrs. T. Castle Mr. 8: Mrs. Whitney A. Chamberlain Mrs. Ruth Cook DeWitt 8: Virginia Cooke Mr. 8: Mrs. R. M. Coons Mrs. Clara B. Corbin Eva F. Darley Mr. 8: Mrs. W. H. Darmstead Dr. 8: Mrs. Charles N. Davidson Charlotte E. Davies Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl Dumire Dr. George Entwisle Mrs. H. F. Evans Col. M. E. Ewen Mr. 8: Mrs. George R. Fellabaum Mr. 8: Mrs. Bernard Fernan Maj. Barbara P. Fink Dr. 8: Mrs. Harlan Firminger Maj. Amy D. Geissinger Mary E. Grotefend Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard T. Harris Mrs. Dorothy M. Hastings Col. Anna Mae Hays Mr. 8: Mrs. Oscar L. Helm Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Douglas Herbert Elizabeth Herman Mr. 8: Mrs. M. W. Hesselman Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert A. Hill Carol M. Hosfeld Mr. 8: Mrs. R. -I. Houser Mrs. Sheila Huang Mr. 8: Mrs. james W. Humphreys Mr. 8: Mrs. Kermit Gysler SPONSORS Col. Gladys E. Johnson Miss Joyce F. Kaetzel Mr. 8: Mrs. Philip Kahler Capt. Howard E. Kalis, III Mr. 8: Mrs. W. H. Kauffman Mr. 8: Mrs. David Kaufman LTC Barbara Kishpaugh Dr. E. T. Linsansky Mr. 8: Mrs. So Soon Low Mrs. Ann Madison Maj. Mary T. Majewski Mr. 8: Mrs. John P. McGillicuddy Maj. Marbeth Michael Maj. Patricia M. Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell C. Moerschell Maj. Betty F. Morgan Dean Marion Murphy Mrs. Roswell F. Nelson Mr. 8: Mrs. L. G. Noland Mr. 8: Mrs. L. A. Oberlin Maj. I. C. Penkunas, Ret'd Mrs. Juanita Proctor Maj. Rosa J. Ramirez Maj. Dorthea L. Rancourt, Asst. Prof Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs Marjorie E. Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank C. Reed Louis B. Rubin Francis D. Santry Sanderson Emory B. Shipley Miss Betty Lou Shubkagel Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis A. Simon Mrs. Mary Jane Sligar Maj. Eleanor C. Stabingas, Ret'd Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Dorothy 8: Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. Dr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs George S. Stabingas B. F. Stapelfeld W. Bryan Stauffer Frank W. Tassone Paul S. Taylor Curvin E. Wagner H. Dwight Wahaus Richard G. Warfield Theodore E. Woodward Edward Zysk Mrs. Florence O. Ames Mr. 8: Mrs. Anton C. Beer Mr. 8: Mrs. J. W. Bishop, jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. George BoykofT Miss Gail Burdsall Mr. 8: Mrs. john T. Collins Mr. 8: Mrs. J. D. DeBolt Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Loren Dexter Anne L. Dougherty Mr. 8: Mrs. Alfred Erickson LTC Lucille C. Fisher LTC Mary M. Fowler Mr. 8: Mrs. William Garland Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold J. Golberg Mrs. Ida Gooding LTC CRet.l 8: Mrs. John J. Graue Mr. 8: Mrs. Ben Gutterman Ann Elizabeth Hall Dr. Arthur L. Haskins Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur W. Keneson Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward G. Kern Maj. Maria R. Konstanski Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert J. Kubelius Mr. 8: Mrs. joseph Lannon Ruth M. Latimer Dr. Charles W. Lewis Maj. Callista J. Lillard Maj. Mary P. Lowery PATRONS r, Jr. Mary jo McDonagh Maj. Mary C. Mulqueen Mrs. Ann Murchland C. Lorraine Neel Mr. 8: Mrs. Dale G. Pawlowski Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard V. Peterson Mr. 8:Mrs. Leon P. Petroske LTC E. L. Powers Mr. 8: Mrs. James L. Reed Mr. 8: Mrs. C. M. Ringuette Mr. 8: Mrs. G. Roberts Susan W. Rohrer Mr. 8: Mrs. E. j.Scheiner Miss Ruth C. Schwalm Mrs. Beth Shuck Eleanor Slacum Mrs. Charlotte E. Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. james W. Stewart Flora M. Street Mr. 8: Mrs. E. L. Timerman Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles R. Tripp Mrs. William B. Werner LTC 8: Mrs. C. L. Wittlif Dr. 8: Mrs. Theodore E. Woodward Mrs. Harold Wright Mrs. Lillian G. Wynn Twelfth Floor Nursing Staff The 1968 PLEDGE Staff wishes' to sincerely thank all time who fontribzzled to the .rapport of our yearbook 143 THE SENIOR CLASS 96 Walter Ree THE SENIOR CLASS 96 ' WISHES 96 PI CHAPTER SIGMA THETA TAU, INC. Compliments of THE ARMY NURSE CORPS ' Women in th WISHING YOU HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS In Your NURSING CAREER from THE CLASS OF T969 WALTER REED CAMPUS CONGRATULATIONS to the GRADUATING SENIORS from THE CLASS OF 1969 BALTIMORE CAMPUS HARRY A. MOGUL EDWIN MOGUL THE CRYSTAL HOUSE WHOLESALE JEWELERS 418 W. BALTIMORE ST. BALTIMORE, MD. 21021 MU1berry 5-8099 46 CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1968 from MR. AND MRS. CHARLES E. ECKERT THE NURSES' ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND Extends Congratulations to the Class of 1968 And invites each one to become an active member of the association. Meetings: First Tuesday of each month Oct., Dec., Feb., Apr., May Recreation Room-Whitehurst Hall, 8:00 P.M. 147 EPILOG UE To each of us our years in nursing have had a par- ticular, if not uniquely individual, meaning. However, in becoming a professional nurse, we have achieved a common goal. Together we form a Kaleidoscope of different backgrounds, interests, ambitions and experi- ences. Throughout the PLEDGE we have tried to present this Kaleidoscope Wo1'ld of Nursing. Publishing a yearbook is, in itself, a challenging task and when the staff is separated by the Baltimore- Washington Parkway, it becomes even more challenging. The "hot-line" between the Baltimore and Walter Reed campuses was life-saving at many times. This yearbook would not have been possible without the cooperation of the entire staff who gave up many Saturday mornings so that the PLEDGE could be com- piled and coordinated. To our Business Managers, Shirley Fellabaum and Chriss Coons, we extend a special thanks. To you, Mrs. Sligar and Maj. Michael, we say a most sincere "thank you." Without your unfailing support, advice and encouragement our task would have been far more difficult. We are also greatful for the assistance provided to us by the Hillcrest Studio photographers, Mr. Louis Spear and Mr. john Eurich, and by the Public Information Oflice of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Finally, we would like to thank Mr. john Isleib, Hunter Publishing Company representative, for his pro- fessional guidance in planning this yearbook. We hope that the 1968 PLEDGE is representative of each of you and that in future years you can look back and remember. Carol A. Herbert Sandra F. Stabingas Co-editors-in-chief P I P P J X W nl n W? 'wsu-nrnws 1 pn- nap-uv I r,1'Y rn-WW-M --W ivm- f 1. . . . 11' . . -PL .5 ,Ti-v '. fr- u A ' ' r-wg, '- 'h Y--7 rf -X W ' 4- ry 1 ., - fu ' V . Ffzffw ' ' ' 1- ' W- ' ' '+ -1: I+?-Q" - f. -I' , 1: ' 11 I '.-.W , 2" lol' ML ' L 1. ,J , -I .vf 3., I x v ww. x a o .. I, SX M Q I -N ! X I A 4. 'f ,,. 0 Wwnslmn-Snfnm HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY O Norih Curmwnc 5 f -sw Kg, , .- J, -ff .J . -if v- 1 H. .- W .... '. ,5 . r LI: CV...-s 4m,,3:x. 'N li fi , , mini:- n 1 1 I 1 I I 1 I F, - Y ...- --..-W -,, Yv- ,,,Y , ..,,,,,,,Y , ---..---..-....-v ,. Kr..- x An' ,, .h . .. mug.,-n. .., .n : Q-r ,H-V,-. ,. .1 -. , 'Sg- ilh YL 4 ,f. ,Q- I- I- .. V, ' 1 A 'm'N' "fx P g . 'Q . r , . .-4 -. Q' 1-"rf . yu 'T 'i' P . 1 ,mi -A , ., .. :g.,,.., , mv. Q , if ,, V ' 'if , " ...Q wi.. . ,..,.a-- 'ff'1 V ,- . ---RN' -.1 -.- - -- ' , - . .. 1.. . l ' .H 1. ,- fi-Q V -' .,,. i ' ,i,,,.fr i V V N. ,Q ,, ,-:wwf-40? .X-13' , ' 5'0" - ' .-- 'M - ,AL X U ' ' , sz , ,. ' ' , ,L-5 f , '.'."' A 'rg - . ,fa ..-, 1 sf - ' 7 .iv , .V hir! no QL. , v'a I 1 ., ,. . 1 - i, . , A... ',, ..,. A", H-3 . ,V ,z , ' , -wb J'-. ,-. - A , s .. Q- N '-Q... , - L - x", Q -I --,ix H ,.,. .Q A sf-.VA ,.,,,-.S ' . , Q- f , ,

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