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, , Y, , ip, ."'f ' .jj J Q - 52:1 ,f T LE T' ws 3, . 'Q' Q., Y-.r, :gugfi ' ., ,A ...4. -.l -' .,, , nr SU! -1. P -.5-X15221.'G '- :fm . g"'J7AX - 9 ,: .,,, p. I ffaii' I gfi V . Viv ' 13 f-psf W., X f .F- J . 5 . :H 1- 'K u 'U vf .b rl. 5 1 K, . A3 s' . . A ff Q. P awx L K, , K . Ziff'-fl 25:85 gif, Je", ' '-4N 55.1 fit J H.1,l:r" 1 lr' , 1' Kaya -HH, 1 f X' ' W .- -',, wg, . N' I A Q ' sq. . ev. ' A - . ' . 4- ff Sf .Qi M ' ' 1 , ' X 'Y' " ?,kRNf"uVvm ,w , ' n.' V W .J ' f .l:,,1Qj-dy' 'f' ., ,gi If' wr lv , , , ' LAX,-., H 1- ' 'QW 'M "'v'z,j,f"'1i'w'K'-Q Qty",-1 ' W ' W , - w ww 3 ' Tglm ?x , , , :L '- .lA,.,, 4 1 f 1 v f f w ' ' " ' ""-k ru V' H. I 'L I" 'l LN 'H ' xx 1 1 v 1 BS J 'W W V' s". -'i ' U. -1:"kli"'.. ' I " "QL - " 1- 3'Q5','1' Ag? mm J ,- l ' 1 w HI: 1.1 'jk ' " , ".. , 3 X11 . 1 1 1 X ,XX H ..1, , 1 XX N: . X , 1. 1 XXX X X XXXX X X XX .Xl- .. .XX X :X ,1 ,X XX X X X 'XX 1' 5-Q X ,H ' XX .N -'.'yl1'- ,X 1 X" X 1 1 I1 UA XX 'ltlssw X + -qw .2-'L X, -flip I 1 Xl' 01 XX"' ' X 1,1 ,1 ' 'X X X , I 11X 1 , X 1:41-. lu, -H AX ,, X , X X 1 , 1 XXX1. 1 X .WX ..'XX.,X X 1' 13 X- 11 ' ' ,X ' 1. ' ' 1 11 ' ' " ' 1 1 ' 1 ,. . N 1 1- I ,..- 4- 1 - 1 1 , 1 Wm 11 1 .L mhz Qgllzhgn 75th Anniversary 1955 Universiiy of Morylond, School of Nursing Baltimore, Morylond The Class of 1965 Dedicates The Pledge to DEAN FLORENCE MEDA GIPE R.N.-York Hospital School of Nursing CYork, Pa.J B.S.-Catholic University of America M.S.-University of Pennsylvania Ed.D. -University of Maryland Professor ofNursing Dean ofthe University of Maryland School of Nursing 2 The PLEDGE wishes to dedicate the 1965 Year- book to the Dean of the School of Nursing. Dr. Florence M. Gipe is recognized as an outstanding leader in the field of education and continually strives to promote the professionalism of nursing. Her knowledge and foresight in planning have hir- thered the University of Maryland School of Nurs- ing's position of leadership in nursing education. Dr. Gipe is a scholar in her own right, she grad- uated from the York Hospital School of Nursing to receive her nursing diploma, and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing Education at Catholic University in 1937. In 1946, she acquired a Master of Science degree in Education at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Gipe received her Ed.D. in Education in Administration from the University of Maryland in 1952. She has affiliations with numerous learned societies, clubs, and fra- ternal orders, and is active in a variety of civic activities. Under the leadership of Dr. Gipe, accredited baccalaureate and master's programs in nursing have been established at the University of Mary- land. Graduates of the school are justifiably proud of their school and its Dean. They are confident that under Dr. Gipe's leadership the standards and posi- tion ofthe school will continue to rise with trends in nursing. We proudly dedicate this book to a devoted leader and outstanding educator who has had much impact on the advancement of nursing. To The Graduating Class of 1965 Greetings, my Colleagues: Four years ago, instilled with the thought of doing good for mankind, you entered the University of Maryland School of Nursing. First you were introduced and soon became a high ranking student in the University's required curriculum in the field of general education. Ac- cording to Abraham Flexner, the able interpreter of professions, this body of higher education must necessarily precede the body of professional educa- tion which you have been required to master on the Baltimore Campus, namely, Nursing, a fast emerging health profession. During the past four years, you have been given the opportunity to see nursing cast off a theory which largely was composed of a materialistic point of view. No longer do we in nursing impart ready made information which helped to foster tools of ignorance. Some of this outdated method- ology which was without scientific basis can be proved by some of our able nurse historians whose well-written publications can generally be found in most of the large public libraries. The problem now confronting collegiate education in nursing is to employ scientific methods of observation, reflec- tion and test, with a refusal to accept conclusion not warranted by evidence however congenial our allied co-workers may be. NVith your basic back- ground and further study, yours must be the ability to use ideas as hypotheses instead of 'AAt the Uni- versity of Maryland School of Nursing, we have always done it this wayv. Opportunity frequently knocks at your door and requests you to meet broad nursing challenges offered through advancing local and national health innovations. It is my hope that the class of 1965 meets these timely challenges and that all members of the class will be productive Alumni ofthe University of Maryland. OPPORTUNITY They do me wrong who say I come no more When once I knock and fail to find you in- Each day I stand outside your door And bid you rise and fight and winu. Author unknown. One morning in Decembe1', 1889, forms robed in black were seen hurry- ing to and fro along the corridors, either with satchels in hand or else carrying pieces of wearing apparel. These persons were the good Sisters ofMercy, who labored at the hospital for eight years, and were leaving the institution for other fields of labor. The faculty of the hospital deemed it beneficial to the institution to establish training quarters for nurses for hospital service, and it was thought impossible to put their plans into execution as long as the sisters remained. The removal of the sixteen sisters was arranged in a most amicable Way, and the services of professional nurses were speedily engaged. The new superintendent of nurses, Miss Parsons, formerly of St. Thomas' Hospital, London, then with the Wolsley expedition in Egypt, and more lately of the Johns Hopkins Hospital of this city, arrived at the hospital at about ten o'clock in the morning in company with Miss Flynn, also of Hopkins, and a corps of professional nurses. . . . From Baltimore American December 15, 1889. "Miss Parsons will be the superintendent of the nurses' quarters, and will educate the probationers in the art of caring for the sick." . . . From the Baltimore American December 15, 1889. 4 ll ll! I" I 61 l ,srl , 1121 , 6 in 'Ns 0 5,3 ,Z V .Elf . .1 "" 542' fm f if 1 :,. 'fn f' 12.-1 ,n .Q ' ' s-:ZZ T . 5, 1, f fm Fm X, --vfnzfri-eww W.. .. xi: Those who remember Miss Parsons say that she was a Woman who would immediately be singled out as a person of distinction, a woman of charming manner, with a pleasant voice and the brilliant complexion ofa gypsy, a wo- man who loved animals, who was always found doing something for someone else, but a Woman of determination, prompt of action, knowing no indecisiong a woman, moreover, who appears to have been capable of instilling in others because of her unselfishness, modesty, and charm, such a devotion toward herself as she in turn gave to those in need ofher professional care. Her last request was that her medals be left for this school ofwhich she was the founder. . . Taken from The University Hospital Nurses' Aluminae Bulletin, 1923, page 11. 5 f s 2 ' We l 4 4 1 I 4 In an account given by "one ofthe original fivel' probationers, she states ofthe first day "We Went on duty-the longest day I ever spent in my life." I had never been in either a women's or men's ward, but afterwhile the "Little Lady in WVhite', came in and told us to straighten up the beds and make the wards tidy. XVe did not know Whether there were patients or not, but somehow We got through the day. "My next move was to the Medical VVard with its wooden beds and soiled linen, dirty Walls and windows and floors. I was glad to be where I could be occupied. The orderly was good-naturedntbout helping me, and I started in to Wash Window sills, tables, chairs and anything that I saw which was not clean. The beds had been made up by a convalescent, so I put off cleaning them until the next dayf, . . . From the University Hospital Nurses' Alumnae Bulletin, 1925, p. 8-10. 6 . As the school grew, we heard that a new home for the nurses was to be built. We were to receive 358.00 a month, and furnish our own uniforms and books. After the new home was completed, we had more room and more comforts. The chapel was made into a sitting room, where occasionally we had music, or a dance, and the "Little Lady In White" would occasionallyjoin in the merry-making. . . . From the University Hospital Nurses' Alumnae Bulletin, 1925, p. 11. 7 "Entering nursing was self-sacrifice and self-denial, the giving up of one's home and devoting your life to the service of others. Nurse-doctor relationship was to be strictly professional. Nurses were forbidden to have social conversation with medical students or doctors and to see them after hours was just out of the question. However, twenty graduated with me and four married doctors. Even the telephone conversations were censored when the coding was discovered. "S.O.M.P." meant same old meeting place. Then there was trusty Wilbur, a night orderly who conveyed notes for nurses and doctors. One night he was hailed by the medical superintendent as he made rounds, and asked Wilbur where he was going. "I was asked to get some specimen bottles from the lab. Excuse me, Doctor, I have to coughf' He turned around and coughed and swallowed the note. Paper eater Wilbur saved the nurse's neck and the incident re- mained a standing joke for some time. The unfortunate nurse to be caught was punished by a night duty stretch, special duty, or suspension oflate leavesf, . . . From the University of Maryland Nurses' Alumnae Association Bulletin. Vol., 38, 1959-1960. Pages 47,48 S 71 l I 92 i f G- V f ,,. W. ., 1. yy, 1 K 3?-Q2 ,- . .7 sm .Q In appreciation ofthe splendid professional con- tribution Miss Parsons made in organizing and estab- lishing the school, the new Nurses, Home was dedi- cated in her honor in 1922. It still maintains its iden- tity as the Louisa Parsons Home and Miss Parsons' portrait is prominently placed in the home. . . . From a Presentation given by Mrs. john Paul Troy, january 20, 1939. During the second World War, the nurses of Uni- versity Hospital in cooperation with the medical staff, provided a very vital and significant sewice to this area and abroad. . , .1144 4' I ,mo penptoph I l 4 I I 1 R . Y '1 waW,fz:s 1' 9 X at Q, it Q Xa. ," . we ' -- . Rf if maze: 'Q 'Nut .. ,-,K if 1, , 'IE , 1,, ,.,i,:r'5Er- ia xii, X S C 15 ..-11 if A ,jlkf uv , . ,- -r Q . -. yi : . 'i""l f Our School of Nursing thus has experienced much in its growth and ma- turity. The historical developments have provided the foundation for a richer and broader educational and social program. As this is the Schoolls 75th An- niversary, the students were privileged to participate in a magnificent cere- mony in honor of Louisa Parsons, planned by the Alumni Association. Growth is the key to all life and as all have seen our School blossom, We can be proud of its heritage, its accomplishments, and its look toward the future - as a leader in educating the nurses of tomorrow who will continue to serve mankind. IO S,,.h-MT" Growth Through GuidcmCe 1 M.. n,,,.,.,,,ff - ' Z , I Xa. Administration Rx -.QQ-A President Wilson H. Elkins B.A., M.A., B.Litt., D.Phil. If President of the University of Maryland Florence M. Gipe PLN., BS., M.S., ED.D. Professor of Nursing Dean of the School ofNursing -eww" 12 Mary Kathryn Carl B.S., Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatric Nursing Chairman of Graduate Curricula . ff ll af, ff? ' 4 1 'f gl I 1 A X 44 ' ' 1 6 f f 4 ffl 1 ff ,fy 7 , :. . f? EQ' Marjorie E. Sanderson B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Nursing X e Evelyn E. Cohelan RN., B.S., M.S., Ed.D Z Shirley L. Hale B.s., N.Ed., Ms. Assistant Professor of Psychiatric Nursing Associate Professor of Psychiatric Nursing Eleanor Slacum Chairman of Undergraduate Margaret L. Hayes B.S., M.S. Curricula R.N., BS., NLS. Assistant Professor Associate Professor of Assistant to Dean Nursing I3 Assistant to Dean Carol H. Hosfeld B.S., XLS. Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of'Medical and Surgical Nursing af 'rv Patricia K. Leather PLN., B.S. Clinical Specialist .:2":1,fMT"'f"Y" 'f""1" i ' ' ' '- A , 'ERN ,, : A im , Q Catherine Ingle BS. Assistant Instructor Arm Elizabeth Hall Q eff.: , Ku X -QV Betty Shubkagel B.S., M.N. Assistant Professor of Medical and Surgical Nursing Medical-Surgical ursing Not Pictured Ann Seymour Madison B.S., M.S. Instructor Assistant Instructor 14 Hector Cardellino B.S. Instructor S ' . A fi ' :wx X ' Zz ,' 'R . 'Wg :3 ff" ' '93 5:- HQW gg., . ow Mary jane Hickey BS., M.S. Instructor of Medical and Surgical Nursing 6 5 Mary B. Keller RN., BS. Assistant Instructor E? B I -I X , X Barbara Ruley B.S. Assistant Instructor utrition 3 ."" "' ' Fh- A F X W 4 1 ' , I' HQQW ' I Ll Ruth L. Dyson M.S. Associate Professor Tuberculosis ursing T is Frances P. Koonz Mary Anne Flowers B.S., M.S. BS. Assistant Professor Clinical Assistant sl! ' fl A 5-.w,,, lv v ,- fn . A gsm A Cecilia M, Zitkus Roberta NI. Conti A.B., RN., MA. HN., B.S.N. Associate Professor Assistant Instructor 15 Rehabilitation ursing Marguerite E. Hydorn RN., B.s., M.Ed., C.N.M. Associate Professor Qs Head, Mafeffwf and ' ",:: Newborn Nursing . X X:X' -.-X as . .r 'X -w. s., .:.'-s.'.'w -' 'SEX - ' '-1 xxX-.-.-.nX-. :cc-:-x - ...,:- :- ...Aw . T , ' ' XX- - vm. X -em, . -X s ':.:Q-X.s::-- , X -- ' X ::saa:5:z::XEss:. :XX-1' X - '- Y ex :-X '1:1:2s2f:1:2s':r:8::-:::. P-:ram A -'r .'12: . .. X '5.'3:s.-X-zs-+2-new',:x:.:.- . X' 1' Pane gr - H S- Qglzg:XXMXQ:-:::::. --fx - V -as S3530 - X- ' , X X-F"-'L ,bmdgv ,,- . - ' if A --.-Xs1:fX-.-.X X 'iwii-:wlisanas' 'P ' M'5-,1w:.r- -f X 5:1sg:::1:-:1s::::::5:ss21i:sX.'z:se:X -Sv:-" ' s as-12..s1-:fr--V1 X f Q'fwf'g1f -' 252515555555525:5:5:5:5:sRE:s9sX.::5:iR: ' '--.':.:S::ss5:kE5E:x:5::5:5:X ff?-1 I ' ' ' " ,' " ff wi 1. Q:-ariei' . JS, V 'f ' .3 - 'I . V' 21, X r ia: il iff rg, 5" i':-1-5..if - ' WX-Xts, ,X . Xa 5' ,33-if 'VL 3' 21. ,JQRX -,FM-1,. '2ss:Q-:X,,-:.:,.-:-'-'P' ,X ..,.,, ua.: XXX' ,X-X XXX "wiwv'Xr'X4"'qQQv1 R.N., B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor " ' '- R -. '-A::.5::51.152z:, , X ' B X 0 X XS: s X X N X X 5 5- XX X X wx X 5 Q X X xxx XQ 1X sit S ' X 5- XX -.,:152EEE:I:2.:'E:E:i:f,--'Ir1'E'5:5f2ii5-:Xt , 1 A.:-:: 'X::::-2' ' X Xi -'C-FI' X ...,g11.,:X..Z:Qt . ..,:g::5- fi :r1,,5XIi:r:.-5:j5.-.'v 2::r:::5:,3-s 'XX 3 T X .,,. J.. Ss. .. Karin E. Larsen R.N., B.S. Assistant Instructor Frances T. Reed PX.N., B.S., M.Ed. Associate Professor Head, Dept. of Pediatric Nursing Mary Teresa Asplen RN., B.s., M.S. Instructor junior Class Advisor Janice F. Hadden B.S.N., M.S. Instructor Senior Class Advisor Q . dia flies 16 bste :qc31'Af:w:f'gwX:-'s:- - x ' ' ' .V - Xygxlljig 39555353 ' ' 4 X -XLT: , Xi' A iiiliisr. ' QA ' 'fi-Z' . I ' X if XX Q If Louise Linthicum B.S.N., M.S. Instructor XX.. 1 Patricia Ann Orem B.S.N., M.S. Instructor XXWXWNWWN? X PNN WWX W X sXsNXQXssXX W Xu M NXNXNXN M QW X X ww NX' M 0 XX Nxwgw XXX ly X X X YXXKN Y XXW X50 X X XX X X XXXS XX X XXX X N' 1- : 'E sl' - X , , X1-NX' 2X-sz, ,Xf F t NXS:-Xfxilr 'NN W3 N X X X XX X N N ..... X X X X XXX XXXX X X X X X X N NXX A XXX X N X N XX X N LX X X X XX XX X ' , ' sms 'I .F . kill 5 'izlifi Peggy F. Cluster A.B., M.Ed. Instructor of Elementary Education GOQXS Ipit? Mae Wilson B.S.N., M.S. Instructor 1 4 . X. ij Q :4,,f,,, --' -2 V -.2 3 r' . , , X , 2 5 : .. f "" 1 g f' f 65.2 . 13 .,-- Z , .x,X we Isabelle Gaare R.N., B.S., M.S. Instructor I' Alice 1. Naughton RN., B.S.N., MS. Assistant Professor an in May B. Hall RN BSYEd NIS. P 5 ychiatric gisgxwgi p,0fg.,5S0'f ursing IWW? I 9 WV! A nz, W 553,16 1. 4" 7 4' "':,W. 3952 Zi:-'Z-.II-53:53-'ftEf71f:f.3f:zitfzfgfi? " ,., ' ,1. ,' :, 'vfgfzf-' 1 -'L iff" 235: we - , ' . .. , . yin" 3559i-ff,:f25,5f:fQSIf - . ,l""'w, ,',a', -,gz:.5 :-. .1 fe . ' . 31555. 'f ",, 2' -1- 5 '. 325253 2321 fr' ' '15 QL! . amass 'S :xr 4665 fs? 2: z x'4'9A i ? ,iz , N' y I. Helen M. Wliitbeck RN, B.S.ELl., NLS. Assistant Professor Not Pictured Marguerite Termini BS., MA. Assistant Professor . 6529 x 42, . . f,:3'Zi?ii:tyrC1,F'.,,e- 11.51. A It V ..,, , . 4 .. .. 'V .1 ' , 0 ffs -A H: ..,4.,,.-,.52m,- .:.,V-42, f' ie' .1 , ...IJ .E ., 4 . :: 1. -.-, .wzszffa-za.. - ?? Anne L. Dougherty A.A., R.N., B.S.P.H.N., M.P.H. Assistant Professor of Public Health Nursing fe 12 Q 6 alia! 61118 . Hb bblb J' Kathryn S. Wohlsen B.A., R.N., MN., M.A. Associate Professor Head, Dept. Public Health Nursing WC' G 30 '94 QQ .690 Peggy P. Choate B.S., NLS. Instructor of Public Health Nursing ' 'E . 009 x9 64 O Not pictured Barbara Feigenbaum Mary E. Crotefend B,S,, M,S, RN.. AB., MS., C.P.H.N- Instructor of Public Health Associate Professor of Nursing Public Health Nursing Growfh 0f1F1'iejndShip , . . Q fi' A ,. Ay 14 I1 xi :ww z Mi" ' ., . JC' .- 'wx ' "'v' 3 we 61 " f K -.M A ' N 1 ' iv Q ' , ,1 2 J, ,Q 9 J X ff 4 1 ' 1 , 1 1 1 Q 1 affff M N 01 ark? 1 4 1 1 , 4 I 4 A Mug K 11" i , ,V 51 1 N x 1 'Q " ' 1 4 U 1 f 3 '4 I 4 nz f , f t 1 , . 4 I 6 ?' 3 1 1 A 112' x,A x 433 "WX SQ: i 73, ' X V- Q x """'k 1 MN -Or 1 1 1 x 5 'Li ' W f -1 , -nay . xl 2' V13-Lr,'f' , ' " 1-uf. 1 :N-7 'X X ' "'- R ' " ,f,.'1'-1.f,-:.5-,:- W 1 -Sewlsfsf' i 1 ig K .u 1. L vb- 1+ J'1F1'?S:v' 1-' "ff ,: 'L-1 .. '-e 4 :5' fn' L13 - ,:,iiw,, A t .N , t x ff . l , . ,ii 1 U -3.195 Yi 1 7 S " 'YES 5-i l I "'. I i ,si lv . L l as ? Leading us ever onward, as Student Govern- ment Association officers, were: iseatedl Nancy Stetson, vice-president, Kathy VValsh, president, tstandingl Nancy Mears, secree tary, Dianne Nlatheny, house chairinang Gayle Evans, social chairinang and Marilyn Allen, treasurer. 4 I , xv 'i - 1 ff Those sour faces are for reall Strict and stern as judiciary Board members were Dianne Xlatheny, president, Claire Payne, junior nursing representativeg Nlartha Donelan, senior nursing representative. -, se . -t Q? 1 . -.. i , fx? .fi ""i ' ' 2 .li f V ll l - 'i mf fi 3 ' Q7 te 1 ,i l , 3 L .-'N . 5 ' ,. 556, I -f , . 1 . ' x 8 . . ilfv gif YIPS from other organizations, plus the SGA elected officers, made up the SGA executive council. Nlenibers were: tback row? Nl. Allen, D. Nlatheny, K. Keller- inan, J, Froinni, N. Mears, C. Evans, S. Lee, J. Rees, Cfront rowl K. NValsh, N. Stetson, P, George, Our voice across the street, Kathy VValsh presented the nurs- ing viewpoint to our various medical, dental, law and pharm- acy friends, as representative to the Student Union Board. 'Y-S915 A ,,.. I-.' lu 3. x X: we , " 9' """ 5-Uni-iiggaem we 'J U: The Student Senate, acting as a coordinating body among all the schools on campus, had several representatives chosen from the School of Nursing: Left to right -lean Finke, june Garner, Kathy Walsh, Seated Linda Edwards. Senate and Counc1l The Student Nurses' Councll of 'viarvland had a good number of thelr group from ole U of NI Xlem bers were ifirst row? R, Kuhtuss XI SllXBIl11lIl P loung, H Ellrott Lsetond roxxl lx Seunm P Sheyka, D. MerwitZ,I,Spald1ng C Sllllth J Nloses J Rees lthrrd row? lx lxellerrnan C lxoenlg E. Parker, C. Payne,j. Miller V Baralev C Barolet E Sanders f ii-,,o 4, 'G ,,,' Q . J 3 M-ff ff I Y- ? 13,1 -a k . 2 x l'. I i 5 fm 5 , .5552 gl ' 1 gf' 33 7 ' E'I " is, Q 1 'wry' "' LLC l 1 " 5 -D " f as V' sr 1 -ai gf. .,,Q,, , , 1i . I JXL " PN' - I "4 Q . 1, . L1 , ,.-,..L?' I .il N Sigma Theta Tau, the nursing honorary, recruited these members in theirjunior year. Seated are H. Thomas, C. Staley, P. Sheyka, and D. Matheny. Standing are M. Donelan, K. Kellerman, C. Smith, and J. Fromm. Asked to join in their senior year were D. Kelly, S. Kamenetz, M. johnson, K. Fahres, and M. Sossen. Sigma Theta Tau - my ,lf Afvmr' S- ! f X ,gf .. IF." 5'- j ' fflzgi Phi Kappa Phi Phi Kappa Phi, the national honor society for seniors in the top ten per cent of N'Iaryland's graduating class, asked C. Smith and P. Sheyka to become members. Members not shown are K. Fahres, D. O,Neil and M. Sossen. ff' 23 A 22 A-........,...-.- ., YV 7,77 Y .,.,,-Af. Y ,...- S . . 'N Q Medicine Dropper -,-. f xg, if of 75 'Q W- " . f ,N i ' X nv o 1 2 ' fy, we ' , qi! X 4 W .. W- .M - lt? ' rss . 1 ' ' .f 'fp f . Q l K ' Y 1 f t - W R L 4 xx V 1' ll ' it r s . f ' f . - 1 . j x QL' 4 ,f 55 i f 'l 5 ,jg . " -4- N ' 'Y , ff.. r Keeping us all informed as members of the Medicine Dropper staff were D. Kelly, C. Smith,j.Spald1ng N Stgtwn P. Sheyka, K. Seaman, K. Kellerman leditnrl, L. Hutkins, K. Pataky, N1.'lUl1I15Ull, Y. Barkley, and I. Hee s Choir Under the fine leadership of Mr. Haslup, and president J. Rees, at the piano, the glee cluh grew, and grew, and grew '... lfirwt rowlz 31.101111- son, N. Stetson, K. Pataky, C. Barolet, K. Kellerman, Courtney. Csecond rowl 1 C. Staley, K. Fahres, V. Barkley, C. Payne, E. Parker, K. XValsh, E. Sanders, N. Clark, H. Thmnas, .-X. cllltlifbll, sl. Spalding, L. 1 N Van Atta, P. Pelczar, Xl. Dfnnelan. and C. Evans. . V 'I 'L . .' ' ,agf Q , I W: 5,6 --., 1' I - 6. W7 we-. 'lf' Q23 1 ." ' 0 2' W 7,3 ,. . .Q . 3' - f if 1 W 1' a K 1 'Q' . 6 A . A 1 x . " ' 1 , fa S' . ' l . 9 Er, .f B1 3 v C! ry .. , A 4 N , x 1' .L - 23 , . 54 ST' 1 l E . if N l'l" my kfgll' f"f'lr tif' 0 Eff? xii' W- . - f V K 455 at - 'sw' + , I . 55 ,VN 4. ., , , , , A f Q W 1 rg 3 an 0 mf so- Y N H M 1 s wg X Sf we X 'Vw "W' f i ,VA '1 r f'. J C fi' ' f f ' s Q 1 ..,, if rr ,Wf- ,XX i . 8 Y C Y , . ' 1 :Q . X- . gp it I ta r 5 p p J i X .Q I 1 L Ai Sw 7 V 'W ff . . .cw N. X' Senior class officers P. Sheyka, historiang G. Barolet, treasurerg E. Parker, vice-presiclentg J. Fromm, presideutg M. johnson, secretaryg D. Kelly, social chairman. Senior Class Cfficers Junior Class Officers junior class officers S. Lee, presiclcntg C. Payne, vice-president1 Ann Riutort, treusurerg Anne Cuthrell, sccreturyg Rosemary Elliott. f-X 0 'K ,-. rv . Wi t YES? , , L . ,, y I ri J' I l q ,, i ' . i 5 I ffl ,V i :Q , A lil 5-I1 Class officers, that rare breed of classmates that alternately needed money when you didn't have it and planned activities when you couldn't go, nevertheless led the junior and senior classes through the midst of strife and strain to a successfully completed year. From the flurry of welcoming "little sisn in solemn capping and fluting, to the last sun-soaked picnic, the senior class provided at least one skit and three inpersonations for each occa- sion. The junior class, while giving a home- coming and prom to be remembered, success- fully camouflaged the fact that at "class only' functions they were busy establishing tradi- tion: a song for every occasion-one for labor, one for delivery, one for the nursery, ad infinitum. s N Q '-5 5 N 4 5 -. , lr M X ' , Xi 5. Xp' 'i ll X.. rv ' 4,3 Yearbook staff tstandingl N. Clarkg D. Teitler, business man- if age-rg M. Donelan, P. Pelezarg E. Parker. L. Hutkins, business managerg I. 5pald1ni1: Nl- Armour: C. Smith. K. Deppeg K. Fahres, co-editor. iseateclt L. LeYeckg P. Deck. C btaleyl S. Courtneyg Y. Nliller, D. Math- eny, literary editorg D. Kelly. K. Sebastian, photography edi- tor, Pledge Staff Number one old folk saying hy yearbook editors says, "It,s fun. When it's finished.', Nuniher two old folk saying hy yearbook editors says, "It is. lt is?" Contracts to he signed and pictures to he taken tpictures that people like eyenl are only the beginning. Next comes the layout, and then writing, and then rewriting, and then staying up all night to finish the layout and the writing. Finally, senior pictures are taken that please everyone, senior write-ups are done that please al- most everyone, and deadlines are made-hut only hecause editors like our favorite, Pam George, have the presence of mind to post "Deadlines" at least one week ahead of the true ones. 25 1 'lf 2 'A .1-:lm ,575 aft Q f N x - lfditor-in-chief' Pam George applies Xursinu Xlanauenient to Yearliook Stat! Xlanauiiiu, J r A A 0 ., , G if 4 B ii s F -fx 50 . . as if 9 J' 1 J riff ft' sa K' Wg' W- 1 assi? ' s' 155 rv 3 is 1 l c,,,l. Skit ight No records have been kept of the numbers ofjunior students who left nursing after the hazards of the profession were presented to them during their welcoming skit night. Irref, gardless of the numbers, Pat Sheyka and Claudie Smith will long be remembered for their too-true rendition of "Twelve Noon Meds-Plus Instructor," and Diana Clifford and Sondra Marsh for their "Typical Day on ESD." For those juniors who decided to stay anyway-they had been warned-there followed the capping ceremony and fluting party, and the junior students Were at lastjunior nursing students. Work that Was at first new and exciting became everyday, and finally was made less monotonous by weekends. Homecoming in November saw Marilyn Allen crowned queen by her predecessor Kathy Walsh, and almost immediately it was December-caroling time in the hospital, and partying time in the Union. 26 11-W , Shutterbugl Marilyn and escort 1 , I f 1 ' nd p."-H., f' ff V. fffix ll0I1lE'C.'0I1llllg Dunne Susan Beans Marllyn Allen, I'l0Ill8COI11ll1g Queen The Asplens Having a good time-l 'i Cllaqx-1'om 27 A f N ::1.::m:: x..,. X X X , :iii , - X- . ' g , .. ., 'fr-Fri E5i1k:gi:5:3:':5:g:5:3E5iz :-f1:J'.., , ' if:-SEQ .. '51'Eir'-:V'-1-:'..3'j,g.g:jE51-2255 . ' A " 21-:1:' Swn X 2" A A11 JRR:-+V . . .,Q.,.,N. 5 'if' 'A-.T " " I Q :xx ,, G- ' -EPP' 2:13 xl:-' '- NQQgQ?.Es2:E:5:5:5:Q X X .'.::2:':a1:IEi2k23:ErEr?rf:1F: 1 f, ' " -A "-'- A Sv -FS: R ,.,, ,K x ai mga, , E ! S :gg :-QQQX. Y Q X ' ., .1 .. . . . . 15:55 :rs:e::u1:2E1ii:f::Q:2Qq X H::ErEiIQE:2t2:1::2ies:r -1::ass:a:ss:s:sffsass -.-.:a--ra. pr:-:-:-:-1 :,:.:.-.-:.-:rx-: --.:-:':q.:,.',. .4-:-:-:-5:1 -:.-.s:r12S:zr:+ r-:-:ifas-:amRrvNrs:r:A::w4-Aww-r-r x - -- 4uH+s::::::wx-:Q-:-Nmm:::ss:-.-mr:-.A f I, I 1 Social Events 28 I f f. ff .' off, Q-vi: , F 1 9 X. at C 4.. 'K 3 s . lb -..'......- - ,f 'rn'-H 1- ,7gg"""': 4, as-16415523 Va rf ' ' ' rm-B-N If H1 ULD t'QZ.ioi gt KEEP! .. ... -fi? ra' .3 ,,,, ,..,,, . . Y ,. .. .. V 4, V. . Cf The Year Sandwiched between the 75th Anniversary of the School of Nursing, and the farewell tea for Miss Conley, came an- other fluting party-for the February juniors. Then, the lean months, when everyone settled down to wait for the end of May, which finally arrived. The junior-senior prom began the round of activities which ended several weeks later with the alumnae dinner and dance, convocation, and graduation for the seniors. In between came the SCA banquet, where Margie johnson all but won an Oscar lor her presentation of senior awards, and where the Annex Quartet Plus Gracie came forth with a robust presentation of 'Tm Suctioning a Trach Tubef, Cap-stringing at the Candle- light allowed Nan Stahl, February '65 graduate, to display hidden teaching skills, "Now first you start with this really gross knot of dental floss, and then . . . H The SGA picnic, where members of both classes demonstrated excellence in mountain climbing, and the senior picnic at Anchors Aweigh, were the outdoor events to be remembered. Finally-convoca- tion-with Claudia Smith and Pat Sheyka demonstrating that there is profit in perseverance. 29 i be T r i , f XV, P I V' ' .4 . g , .f , - -1- z . 1 wi- - ' f ' i Zrfffi 5 I in - : 5 35 " PIER was . , V -. '- is L - K Y " ess im x '- 'UF Q , J ll 1 l, ' ,- - . 4 S . 33 V :1,xnf:-0-,Kin : 4 -.,faX..x.. .Z-',F'. --p -- ' Through these gates, from Louisa Parsons to the Class of , 1965, an unbroken tradition of nursing, E Louisa Parsons Dean C-ipe and Class of 1965 5 O' Q, 5 iw 0. K' 9 N ' , im li' -f 1 n 3 ' I X 'Q ' V 8 5 . W si 2 5 f -4. A Y wif, N ,J " Ei' 5 if X . A i ' ' 'W 1? E: ,os, i - g 30 f 1.5.7 of tlus fm .1 plus of lan 1 , 32 mu Q 1 lm , . iz, . s Although We may appear sophisticated in public, our pro- fessional appearance oiten slips in the confines ofour dorm. The familiar click of the typewriter in wee hours ofthe morning pro- duces many care studies. Anxieties and tensions are released thru diversional activities. One of these-if we have time- is Sleep! ,4. T'- ' 75 5 . 9 . .1 ,. 1 ' - 4 V h , . 1 -1-.,. -G f. .3 A - 14955 1 ,'. wx 1 A 1 Q , A- ,u , fa' Q ' ,f 3 1,- ,L ,M A f M1 ,el if ff E ff 5 4 4 ,Aff -'mi'-fn. Q If !?,r I 5 , 9 1 1 I 4? ff ffv W4 '. ,459 "Do you think l1e'll notice?" It ' v 33 'Q After a long, hard day, a girl needs a friend. It wr W.XI'4.' you registered?" f 2 if 'I .M 1V1,4i': 'ae 44 , HN, BS and MRS. "I'll never get the hang of this." 2 I in f-ffx , W' l Q I 9 8 . 1 x re'-w ' 5 i ff' A , Q .Q X . - 7 JM .. .. .z.. K .,.:.,.. H, -..:.-.- "But 1,111 not ready for decisions yet!" Our education would not be complete without parties and buzz sessions, which include topics from politics to bridge. And who could forget our real fire at 2 ani! MI wish . "Well, at least "Aw, can't we watch the late, late show?" 34 'AVVl1en pouring hold medicine glass at eye level," you're not wearing rolled gartersln MW, wwf "And they call this SPECIAL!" They say it Hoats! ww- 0 .-,-.ww "' "Well, we could try Gantrisinf' 'Gb "I bid Zmg O11 In case of a fire, PANIC! and glrls keep your eyes I your own papers!" 35 , ,,,,...,-f-""""' 0.,,...--"" 'Tlmt was my dime!" , n Q n A ,QQ 1 , g qv' K f Q W, ,L "How many more?" ,,,,...Mww.,w....wuwv-"'wM"" I'd like to but . . . 1,11 be down in five minutesf, WW W Hz ' "CueQs what? N0 hot water"' Another day down the drain. 36 "If we only had wigslu 15 3 iw A N i 1 "NVhat would Freud my , E ' -1' s 'af-', il bout this? . I N "I found it! I found it!" Are you always this modest?" , + A it ,z .i 535 i 7 , vi X9 V ff' if 27. wha.: j ' i f A f 'ffffiif A ,, 91 5. 9 fu ' V, 4' 4 -4' '711 '. ,lp , , f 'Wa In 4 ,: f, TY Q1 ,L ,I ,,4,,,,,,Z 1 ., ,gg ,-.. 1 5, . 2 -'arf I I fi ,iii 'ml ,- Us,- , . Ns-, r Conte-mplating that long awaited day, "Again F!" z :W 5 ' bangs W 2 it y . . cs, , 2, HI don't believe it!" X P' T .,,, : C is lg.. Always near and dear. "Can I help you darlin'?" The time, cooperation, and understanding given by those who keep our dorm alive have endeared them to us. "But Mrs. Kley, his watch stopped." E 55 "How many late minutes do we get?" "Your guest is here." 9mmmmm4 v si' , 7-.. -.,:.,1q:evuImRwmnunn-:'wmmsnnunumm.Nunlml "Letters, We Get Letters?" N, fl? i Growth of Skill ttf News -ffffarls. ,-: as s-., 3 xs- is 3, S9 V. l I is E 5 m MNVEICUIYIG to the Stork Club." il it - - - -s1':5::513g-xi-.ft-.-., . , Y, Qbstetrics . . . ADMISSION RINO FDR ' N URSE I a n i Evl The Miracle of Life is presented to us. The drama and wonderment of the commencement of independ- ent existence-the first cry-will never by forgotten. In order to protect this natural phenomenon, the importance of early distinction between the Hnormalv and Habnormaln manifestations is emphasized. At the Prenatal Clinic we become aware of our teaching roles as we observe: rolled garters, swollen hands and ankles, obesity, and cornstarch consumers. Then there are the days and nights spent in the labor and delivery rooms timing contractions, assisting with deliveries, receiving the newborns, and ofcourse mopping the delivery room floors! The memories of post partum also remain vivid-"I know I was just here an hour ago, but , . . 'I "NVe recommend the terminal steriliza- tion methodf' and KNOW, if you will just turn the discharge instruction sheet right side up, we can begin." In the nursery, as we pause from a busy sched- ule of feeding, weighing, and endless diaper chang- ing, we wonder what we would do with twins! Our many hours of clinical work and classes prove inval- uable to us, not only in caring for the obstetric patient and newborn, but also in our personal preparation for motherhood. X H . 3 1 ,. I I 1 2 X x PM xg . 1 3 N N X i'Wln-n tlid you first notice these gas pains?" to 1 "Here gow., all or nothing." . - j ' In Sf' . f f" 'I-fiat. f -a rm., ' X-. Mx, N ,. . NI., .i. ff I 1---'K ,ji K t'A1'ctlu-y all this smu ,x ' 'xl ..-, in-Q Fw 42,1 H55 "See what tlu- Stork lwrought you, fXlotlw1'?" pv- wif X. Q V4 X X f . FR Al 1 15 Q Y AClI1,lC-IlAXl7l.ICXYITH K six" Pediatrics . With our diverse experiences in Pediatric nursing, the dyna- mic processes of growth and development are clearly mani- fested. The significance of illness and hospitalization to the child and to his family is soon brought within the scope of our understanding. Our insight into parent-child relationships is deepened as we see the profound effects of their separation. In order to lessen the often frightening effects ofthis separation, We XVhose party? attempt to establish their trust, and help outpatients to adjust to the hospital environment. The treatment room proves chal- lenging indeed as we try to support the child, and simultaneous- ly convince the medical student that tears are O.K.! But we will always remember that faint smile and feeling of pride as we reward the little one with a braverv badge to show his friends. The fun and excitement of the Pediatric Wards are not for- gotten-the birthday parties in the rotunda, the Wednesday movies, the bleach bottle pigs, the wheelchair races, the school- room, and the playroom. Sometimes our patience is tested during A.M. baths when we wonder who's getting the bath, but the childrenis enthusiastic natures and curiosity to test their every sense make our hearts warm. ' . . . M-i-i-neli' 42 1 1 r Y W 1 ,QW f xgiwggm JL" X. i i 'V' - A M' "Thought I'd get away from school?" "Oh Well, everyone Cllllyt play with childrenf, Q UT? .av- ,. ,1- ,,,, ., A 1 PM - - B fa: 1 ., ., . -rd 9 1 771 'L P A U P. , ff .. - pp- WT A n , ,O r A . 5 f Qi- V , . ,l x'EQ'.' J 41 F2 T M s, 5' '1-1 1 RA 'f Www 43 .uv ,, 'nu Qi' 1 u --a. Q 1 .va YF -s ,H 25 1' V. , ,. -4 if QI: V .4 Ju 215 9 rs if X R Q -. Am.- But Ijuxt h id A blthug If she gxxes me one more spoonful for 'vlan Don t xsorrx -Xlfcmzo this is onlx A test for He, Dune C m Wm re Ido mcreased mtracr 1111.11 pressure C , .. JUK- f 'nn , Al 'I 1 - mfs: .1 'A 1 4 i fn' I, ,4 .1f"' . ', 5 2 "' 2' gy -'ur 'B X' R 912.1 ffal- Li 1 W ff- W4 ff " .,.,. ,Lf A .. s 4.1 I 'Q' ii i 2 - ,',r,i5'i X F N fi X 'X Q Ng. 'lx 'X -E . . ,, a V49 N- . .- , ...,, . , , -' --,QE Mft ' P ' 'fgjlzp ' X-:I-:ez c. a , . as-:A1-P-A-.-. ,sr-M..t,: ' 'LE--':::v" N ew -. -f W- Q' L1 .,Vi..-,-,1,:e:':a1:sI::3Ea:x5rsffr'EE2:X35 X Aimee Q , ,. . QQ gf' 3 by .X 11rfsagfiaiei-.5-':55': ,, R5:i2.::e..,- , , . 3 L :xox i X ' A 'sw Z -.. wb . R it X, , ' ' . cl, 1 me X is l 352. ' if Q lv ua QXXQKWN X A X Q 3 l A I I N gisfx N N955 x X . f A S teh Q X NRRESX 2 X xy, tt ,N X C: xg? V Sn Y xxx X X X Q ix X x x gg X N .. X ...4 , X - .t .iJ!1. vi v- ,- i ' ,- H ' X ,, A ww- i..5,gi:5:-'- 1 fg.t 1 i,b, -7,1 J Q,-X 5 W ii- fx fi t' f , , , ,,,... I . y E f E X 32 I wx 1 N f 44 2: -v,.. Q., P .... . ,,,, H . A wp Ai, .M s Y-Q. V f-. P e. its "Now if I crmjust get straightened out, I'll show you my next trick." For 6 months the hectic days begin at 7 A.M. The 'iMed.-Surg. syndrome," which inevitably develops, is eventually eased by a bond of under- standing between fellow students-commonly known as the "cohort support systeinf' We learn how to apply the theory ofthe "-ologiesu to clinical practice in a comprehensive program of "total patient caref, Initially, the control of our inner feelings of uncertainty, eagerness, and excitement, must be exercised. We will always remember our first bed bath, treatment, and injection delivered ,Q t Rims mf... E fi , "VVus his blood typed and cross matched on admis- sion?" "Testing..,1,..2...3.. by shaking hands and the endless questions-"Did you read the procedure book?',, "What are your patient's differentialsfpn, "What are the side ef- fects?,', "Did you know that you just contaminated the doctor?,', "Why d0n't you try rubbing a few brain Cells together?", "Isn,t your patient ready for the O.R. yet?". Gradually, however, initial fears are resolved through ourniany hours of clinical 'work and Classes, and we wish to remember, re- kindle, and relive the satisfaction that comes from giving ofourselves to those who need us. 6 - ,J --'l J: Off r - Til N "Now, can you give me the side effects in alphabetical orderiy' 4 ' 1 1 ,lf My , .Q- Lx .Ab an 'fi wi N 4-.IQL . Q lx - 'pi o V ' .54 ufwil, this is what HWY Cllll PHSSWK' EXUF- A'Tliis would lie lillll if it XYl'l'L'll'l for sterile fL'L'llllliIllL'.n CISG. ,A ,Z Ml lril ll i wif S RX "Hey, do you know how this is supposed to work?" qv- and S, "HT , Maybe- we better call the o1'clcrly." :A SL 1 Sta 'fxre Y 2 2? Illfiltlutillg ut 100 dm per minute. A8 L'igl1tll.H ,ff 'Sx xg '- ...gig-K Ll 2- Growth of Knowled M5 . V ix, ,Ili Vp , ' 1 ffm? X , . Y' '46 V an ,N -.,..!35,ff-Mi'Pn- S Nlarilvn Allen Q ffl., 5 , x -Q, 'ff 5, 'fi Sally Albright Susan Beans Nancy Krmnc- Belle Pauline F. Blades n W, Iunlors n a a .wx H ga' F? , 4.,,, will- Z . , " 1 f Nancy CI. Baumann xx 'A x,,fv Hnpp 3 tiff, , 'Kg , 1" 1 V ,, ,' f M Nancy Cmnpbell wr- -J X . N, ' X V , . . . 'ffnfw' " ' f-A95?I15 -ludith ffalkkm' Shi'TI'j' Cl'IAIll1lII2l .gigfff ., 1 ' ' I l'1hClHLl Cue- .1 my, mlm, Cfylltlliu Colv 1965 f uf I 4 f f A Vx., 3 7 ,,,,, ,, Z 7-ff 1' f Z 'wg-f , i ! ,LJ f "'- 3 ' ,, 1222+ ,.. . . , sue Dorsey . ,. 5 " ,-q:vr:ee::-.-NS"t'4k"5 J,-,:':,,,-1-in '- -:-:.,:gf:,+::f. ' ' .ax-. M 3-feb . . - , Jf.g-:3.'f:f'vf ,i5.5.3:1:::1+fx -21' 'f-+,::4.+ ., "". I 'L .ffl uf-A , -V - ,' ,.,4,s.r,- . .4 .1 xg,-:-,g, P ., .V '- Q A ,, .: Af' -:. KH , .Y Q x r , . ,132-,,,.. EA I X 4 I . 1,5 . ' 'WX' . ,f -f Q, , xv-f bfi wgw,m1w...4 W2 fiimwivfl' Rf'----" Hub' ' gt, RUSL'll1LlI'j' Ellmt Linda L. Ellis Guyh- Evans lean E. Finke -Af 1-Z 'bf' -W:1:g:::gs-ngsaig., f, ,M-'7, , ,, f' ' f -5,-:zfvq , . I'j'SQL 'I' 1 M --: 1 ' .-f-'..ifE I - '- .: 1 " ' 1' ie-1 5:f'Ei':'? '1-'12-E 's ' .y,...,a. , -1,333 cg.: ,, - , .:2 2' T' ag" 'VZ in A '- A 3 - ' -gg 2 A V Q' V '-1253 L-,Z,,:,. V, I, - 8 3 X L14-E-. I 'VIA 1 T , Lynn Fischer V . , A V -""fm - , -V1 Mgggf, 5224? X H . 4325 x'jj,7?ZL1'lZ?AH:' xx ,, I ef If Q mf . 3 'zfagw "' ' .V V? , fl V! f, J f , 1 f 4 ,I 45 iff f ' - W,-Q 4, .A ,V f , 4, f ,I f 3, , f , Q , , f 4 , 'K , , f W f V .V , ..- 1- Lindu Cx-rson 1. ff, V V, . ' A ' . I , 'iff 7 f U A, A W 1, V' rs , -N- ', , fa.- '1 ' ,. A I i Sharon Iialmpule Carole A. Harrylmm Judy Hum' 1 f -zrzwfv' , Wu' JW' ' "" 1 ..,.g':'if 341-.:1' f 'AVE' fc- Hg.-' gif!! I wa" 7,-54 , W " mga- ,411 ',,, , fs. V A If by ,W . ,. . ,. ,, V, ,iff ., mf . :f ' -'QF Qi , 41 V man f 4 , Iv, z mf 4 my le 5514 ,141 .-, ' " L , 'lf-Wf",i9,., ,!.:- , , fifkf, ,-,--.3':7,.,,,3,'-.. ' .1 , , Q ,529 J,-,ff . V f - ,535 , W . fwf' V ' ., -fi-,f 5 iff' ' ,V V, 9,24 ,AQ V V Vffi ., f " V ' X Z. if 7 196 f:Olll'tIlt'Y Kvlmc ,-4'f'v'57 , Sue Katz 1 , f ,fi : fffvp ' M , ff 11 ffh ww " f j1:Gf'ff:-131235--31' ,sq 1 3 f"" ' 'f:f'Z"3i:'Q'1.w v,,........, R 1 -xr H '-'up ,4,,f42fj'1? we-Qff. , 'A ,, . ' ' , ,. Vu, M, ,H 6 ' f 1 7 , 5' ' X. I M sy X I . 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' 5 yi I 2 X f ff, jaw 'l G . ., , lgff ' xygfygy , f f I 9 , 65 , QW 4 W Y W 1 f f is , 1 ,Q X ' fy 4 s ' 1 '1 X 'NN' If CklI'fllj'll fa- Luslmy iz' 4 NIL'IldL'INllll lbilllll' X11-rwitl ly Xllllw' YK-ki L, Xljllm- 196 111111 Hows f ' M43 W J 57,9 , lil ,"Z3k f 19 ,,.., , ,,... , IMML4., -"2 -sw ,ami -5, l'-af'-,f,12i.,:f . . , V M, H:-22 f ' ffy , " 247. gh , ,, 3 I ff I , f 1 I X 1 1 I , J 25 gf! f, , fy ff f5c1g:,,,A, , 4 - 1" ' - 1 f f fi ' is 1, 1 ,,f' . I .g 4? I 1 'WL , --rm --,., E? rg, , , I V I--'wg 5 4 xx, s ' mf'-A Y, g 'vm' ' W ,ww . 1 9 ,. .1 rv.: X 'H f'3Fg-,gy-. 53- 'V ID111111' U D111111ull J' ' Af, Af ful-V 1:4 -f W I, ,Q ig X 1 vm" 'ff' 11111 U'Xv11l AI,1111A O1'lv1111x Va' Cfluilx- P11y11v N411 K. P110 Illv., 53"::3H.3,:.,.Zm " ' ' ' Q 7""'.-"ff, Aff- - F E feb A'fgf.,, Av- f' -- '- ,, 1.51 -IE ' ' 'N if 1' ' " , 1 .1 41 - f"f' - , . K Q ,' ' " 'ii' 'Q' '- -- K1 f 1 . 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H. .,, -. s - fe.- -M . mf, Here comes the lady doctor! Public Health ursing Lives there a heart so overcome with frustration that it doesn't expandjust alittle at the thought of victories won in public health? The fifth referral that finally brought Youlanda into seizure clinic, the sudden light of understanding in Mrs. White's eyes as she realized that maybe aspirin gum wasn't quite as effective as a visit to Planned Parenthood, these are the results that we remember. The frustrations we've suppressed were more numerous: the shouted storm -mamma versus kids heard five houses away, and then the quiet with the first knock of the public health nurse. Suddenly, "no- body's homel' and all the neighbors are watching you. And then, the horrible moment when you realized that you'd not only forgotten to pull your chair away from the wall, but that it was overstuffed, and you were face to face with a Warm?, cuddly? creature. The day came, though, when two mothers in the same block waved as you trudged by, a swarm of noisy youngsters suddenly became quiet enough to giggle and smile respect- fully as you passed, and even the school guard stopped you for a chat. You were finally The Nurse -and it always happened the day before you left the district, "your" district. 60 Nm 4 K Q I Remember girls-there are 4.002 health problems in eve-ry family you see. According to Dr. Spock, a girl nurture-s at age . . .,Mwfv4.'aaw up .Wm wmwuf ,,g.a,wnwf5Zil?f9l .gown 4041003 .4 . 4,4-V400 ,, N, Q. .. www ,,,.,.,p.:w. ,mr C. Rx Yn-5, smllc-tilnes I du feel all alone. 44. V 5 .X , f 4-X - X uw-,Q N V ' ' N ...nffsf,x'..5.l?'fwg?TQ' Y vs.-, if .frugxl IQ ,T I A -- ' ' f '-is A ,,. , 5 , , AQ ' pm 3. W l ga 4591. ' ' - sis, , - ' a 'rv-1' , ' M N 1-" ' K- A '55 N :af :fs .- , -- x- 'Q . - . ,..,,,yw, - , , . K , H, , K ,LIE 5-zipg ,128 'Q .s-f ' - X "We're non-verbally communicating-the patient, me, and the wall." T Psychiatric ursing Psych, or if you prefer synonyms, "I.P.R. notes," were either enthusiastically greeted or whole- sornely loathed, depending upon whether you were of the school that "only the niost mature and emotionally stablef, or "only half-Way theren are meant to enjoy psychiatric nursing. Both schools agreed on only one thing: the IN vocabulary ex- panded rapidly, or maybe only became more eso- teric. "Anxiety reactionsn replaced "nervous,', "the group feelingn substituted for "everybody thinksf' and HHOW long have you felt this Way?" greeted even the most innocent suggestion for "Oh boy! Another day at the Grove!" Our status symbol better coffee in the Union. From either viewpoint, the three months at the Grove and the Institute were unforgettable. VVa1'd meetings, pacing in the halls, the frantic search for the last stale cigarette, even our rapidly improved pool and ping pong games Were, understatedly, different concepts of nursing for us, but they were how we got to know our patients, and it was through these often tor- tuously achieved relationships that We learned once again the true goal of nursing: to convey to each patient our feeling ofhis inherent worth as an individual. And behind this door, what Advanced ping pong, an irc- rcquisite lor psych nuixiug at the Iustitutc. r. Medical-Surgical lilllTL'I'L'llIUSi5 Nursing .fm 3, -151. f 'A M Kc' . f, x XX 'V xg gr-: -, X M XV x X, My Y x ' Nw , W X R -u Ni. N2 N-L , ursing II Z f ! 1 I Z 1 2 X. X f Senim' NIL-clip-ul-S111-giull Nursing l Q E 1 1 , i NX I B rsing Mr Jones? Are you sure your sputum in negative? l, WL .1 Y 1'2- .ff Q 911, Do you 11111111 lc l Llll tx J xsNkllIlL' ull eighteen lung segiiients, pleusef' the favorite question of our ll2lVOI'ltC yuulstieli CLll'l'ylllH, ping pong lmounc- ing doctor instilled lean' into the 1111111-ts ofnniny. Sonieliow, we inuclcllecl tlirongli, and only utteniptecl to iclentilly approxi- inately tliren- X-l'1lyS apiece froin an up-sicle clown o1'lx1ckw111'cl position. It was at City that we pellleetecl our niusk uncl gown- ing uncl Ulll' lJllCk'l'lll7lJlIlg tt'Cl1l1lf1llL', wliile SlllIlllt2UlL'0llSly learning to iclentify witliout any question of ll cloulit tlie oclor of potato Llgilll Day after clay of einotioiml s11ppo1't11n1l instruc- tive, helpful, teaching, gave us 21 feeling of the chronic clismm- pz1tienf's prolileins, as well 11s Gllilllllllg 11s to CL1I'I'f'0lll' gi-witly llli.'l'CLlS6Cl kiiowlulge of TB lmeli into otliei' areas. 65 ,fi ,s . , . ' J -. 5 i ,V , A E , 4 W ff , 7 JA, Faq '7' '. ,x 1 ,,, - ,,V. ,, K 1, P7,f TU ,v-rf' -ff All together now: rah, rah, team conference! Senior Med-Surg No, we haven't been busy-only four admissions, two discharges, seven I V's, one cardiac arrest, five Criticals . . . dig,- Din si .1 66 5 Q, 'Ley 1 No doctor-I'm not busy right now. The culmination of all we'd learned, or at least Written into our notes at some point, was to be used as We assumed the responsibility of a total nursing unit. We learned that there was still more to being a head nurse: leadership to be used in team nursing, skill and a little bit of luck to go into assignment sheets, the happy medium that allowed you to get a care plan into each patient's kardex without becoming a "Kardex nursef' and oh yes-the di- plomacy needed to cope with doctors, all were to some degree, mastered. Finally, at the end of these four weeks, we were no longer "playing nursef, we were nurses. Playing Head Nurse L ,4- it get f' '1 , in t i w a snl I s Range of motion exercise do strengthen your muscles-honest. U . ' Rehabllitation U. r S 1 H g Ifonly I could remember how I learned the first tune Amazing facts pop up with each new area, and rehab contributed the wonderful knowledge that to transfer an aphasio, right-sided hemiplegic patient from a wheelchair to bed may only take fifteen explicit directions. It also added much to our language of abbreviations: ADL, MB, PT, OT, ST and to our own ADL: who can forget the amuse- ment park-or was it a nightmare?-sensation of being flipped in a stryker frame? Patience we utilized, and utilized, for four long weeks, and success came with a shirt completely buttoned or socks put on independently. We left with a greater understanding of our potential role as a rehabili- tative nurse in any field-and with a vivid memory of the quiet courage we had seen in our patients. Growth into the future . . ,33 MARJORIE ELIZABETH ARMOUR North East, Maryland CP.-President Dorm Sectiong Baltimore-PLEDGE Staff. Margie is our quiet, hard working classmate who enjoys an occasional night on the town. In her spare time, she loves boating, water skiing, and hanging New York newspapers on her ceiling. Interests also include reading, music, and a good game of bridge. Margie has become a seasoned traveler and hopes to do more traveling in the future, perhaps with the Peace Corps, LYNNE ANSPACHER Silver Spring, Maryland C.P.-Ski Club. Although small in stature, Lynne is a real dynamo who seems to possess an endless amount of energy. She is an avid enthu- siast of water skiing. Perhaps she will never forget when she was used as a model to demonstrate "putting a patient in stirrupsf' Lynne's future plans are undecided as of now. ff' GRACE MARY BAHOLET California, Maryland St. Mark's Seminary jr. College-Freshman class secretary, Cheer Leader, Campus Council, Womerfs Athletic Assoc, secretary, Baltimore-Choir, Newman Club, Senior Class Treasurer, SNCNI. Cracie's sunshine and friendly smiles are her trademarks and her lively interests include anything "physically fitteningu- from tennis and swimming to the frug and monkey on week- ends. Always a Navy fashion show plus, C-racie surprised us all byjoining the Army Nurse Corps progranil 'X - f, Q. ,. av, .7 ' .X ., .. 155143. '- 'l"J1. . ,, , .sig 4 I5 n ...dew . - 4.5, S, 1.84 -fin "1" ' 'lar ' ' ' . , V ,, , ' L f 1q.wLZ"'- ' 'ir . , , lv 1 -A . a I - ..- . , r. F, ' .. yu 'J V. W 1 ga 1, - 'ii , ' A - , - -sf ' - +A- t - ,,, A f-W, , lily' , 1- ., ,wwfg fi- A 14 f?Z?ff'::,g5 P"'ff!f.1 3 r' ,'-. , . ' ' L-.' A z -' 1 I A 1 , V , ,W .2 , . Assisi? - .ff-1ff.' ig illff' .f-1771 4 f"-if' 5 " I A ESTRELLITA CASTRO ASUNCION Cheyerly, Maryland Quiet, sweet Lita hails from the Phillipines, Major difficulties with English have ended and she now can he heard concluding her declarations with, " . . . and all those jazz!" Lita enjoys bowling and cooking up some tasty Filipino dishes. Future plans include extensive travelling. .1 MARGARET IUDITH BUSER Annapolis, Maryland C.P.-Dorni judicial Board. Judy is a quiet, reserved lass whose love of horses is surpassed only by that for her "special nianf' Her tailored appearance is usually accompanied by a warm friendly smile. Following graduation she will he on her way to Europe for a glorious six weeks tour. When she returns, she plans to work in a large medical center. I 1+ ,-ve-X' .. -tkffswgi' 'A VALERIE EVE BARKLEY Closter, New Jersey C.P.-Aqualiners, Gamma Sigma Sigma Service Sorority, Baltimore-Choir Secretary, Medicine Dropper Circulation Manager, SNCM. When you hear fingernails clicking at the door you know it's Val. This long stem rose is good for low spirits. She is often seen on Monday nights recruiting girls for choir, Cave-Woman style. Her plans for the next two years are the Navy Nurse Corps after a summer off for visiting friends. ,tx .gi X .5 2155: . .-vltf'-"1 K+ :, --::.:1'ar1: I:j, , , NANCY LEE CLARK Hyattsville, Maryland C.P.-Nursing Club, Glee Club, Commuters Club, Balti- more-Presiclent junior Class, Choir, SNCM, Homecoming Committee, PLEDGE. Petite and cute well describes Nancy. An active member of all discussions, her smallness does not prevent her from booming forth with definite opinions. Fond memories of'65- engagement to Steve before the Homecoming Dance and trips to Boston for the ROTC Balls. Future plans: OB nursing and marriage to Steve. JUDITH LYNNE BUTLER Oxon Hill, Maryland C.P.-President Dorm Section, Louisa Parsons Nursing Club. Judy is a friendly, happy-go-lucky girl whose varied interests include keeping house for hubby, Hank, and commuting to school everyday in her red VW. In her spare time, she enjoys boating, sewing, and reading. She plans to go into public health nursing in VVashington, D.C. after graduation. X . SHARON DONETTE CRAIG Havre de Grace, Maryland C.P.-Dorm Jud. Board, Softball Team, Kite Flying Contest Big Sister, May Day Rep., Baltimore-junior Class Treas- urer, PLEDGE Photography Committee. Enthusiasm and thoughtfulness mark the Ways of our petite "Little Sharon." Bursts of laughter, cheerful words, and the annexls memorable hair dryer are hers to give. Her dreams in- clude returning to Denmark, marrying Rich, and becoming a public health nurse. w ' F 2525, r arm: - '-::::'.r:-.Q-2ef-2:'::1:::g:f:q:gg:,:gg., '- .'.f!,. ,, . , .sf-1-K ----- -- ,g Q ml Q. . 'KV as-'Sw .,..,.. ......,. . j'g5'I'-5215? 'gf 3 '- -- ' 3- 16265 V . ' 55355552 . f-it Q 555, I a - , fffii' is ' fi - ' -' I-1 ' . -c-. T t': sg' , ':, "P li A . 'i j A V 'ps' -Q fflifffim. ' ...... - 'A 5. "' . s:5f:5f"'1-'Z.5.'5zr - ' T , ' ' ' ' -"' 1 . ,. DIANA GRACE CLIFFORD Bethesda, Maryland C.P.-F.O,B., member of Campaign Committee of Old Line, judo Club, Big Sister. Cliffy, known to her third floor hall neighbors as the "mega- phone" adds spice to our class. Wherever there is fun you will find her in the middle. At the prospect ofa heavy forthcoming day, she may pop up with "I think I'll be sick tomorrow." Future plans are Navy Nurse Corps for two years and "Then something else after that" Cpossibly and hopefully domesticj. PATRICIA CATHERINE DECK Cheverly, Maryland C.P.-Aqualiners, Commuters Club, Newman Club, Balti- more -Newman Club, PLEDGE Layout. Pat is a friendly and happy girl who enjoys life and the people around her. Poetic and thoughtful, she loves sewing, dabbling in the arts and being a "mommy" to everyone. Pat plans to concentrate her nursing skills in obstetrics. A 9,1- SHEILACH CAROL COURTNEY Bethesda, Maryland C.P.-Newman Club, Commuters Club, Baltiinoreebfewinan Club, Choir, PLEDGE, Sparkling hazel eyes, freckles, naturally curly hair, and a pixie personality suin up our Irish Colleen, Sheilagh. "I am not a prudeli' can be heard from time to time on the sixth floor annex. A super-exciting trip to Europe and work in some field ofinedi- cal-surgical nursing form a few of her post graduation plans. YYY Hun.- .Mfg ::, xx: :um F: -f '43-Efj 1 s ' --:Q DARLENE DIANA DIETRICH Maugensville, Maryland C.P. -Newman Club, Angel Flight, Homecoming Committeeg Baltimore -Catholic Discussion Group, Choir. Darlene is quiet, studious and a gi1'l with definite opinions. An unhappy memory is the loss of her engagement diamond during her junior year. Happier thoughts are turned to life with jerry after a small wedding in june and part time rehabili- tation nursing in a general hospital near College Park. . ..,,.... . W X. if, 9 " t X ' ,,,tf:1', it - t-K . 6 ic s-ii'x:'fM 9. :R 'Q'-.X '- X ' f-Ns' Irs . :QQ -.Q-., N .isa ,.- , ,,,, , , . ,,,, ,, ' ., 14 mmm . 5:-::5.5.1,5:- 'r-. . : .s.-. V a --'J:5,. we , "X-gc:.,:::-' 'W X: ."5:: gwt :::,f::: 1, ,. at R 31-fr .,,, 21. . -, :I W x X Y wr ,V s N W- X Y :W-""9? ' I ..,., -1.-::.-,fri-3:f3: KAREN DEPPE Fort Lewis, Vifashington C.P.-Archery Clubg Baltimore- PLEDGE Staff. Karen is our clearly beloved and attractive rebel, who can tease without anyone taking her seriously. Her future plans include roaming the Baltimore streets all alone as a public health nurse, financing a car, and perhaps a special emphasis on dental health. MARTHA MARY DONELAN Chillum, Maryland C.P.-Newman Clubg Baltimore-Newman Club, Sigma Theta Tau Recording Secretary, PLEDGE Photography, Choir, Jud. Board, Her favorite word "frantic" comes close to describing Martha. She quickly and cheerfully bounces from one thing to another and always has a warm friendly smile for everyone. Her dimples are becoming her trademark and will surely be some man's downfall. Future plans include a trip to Europe and then pediatric nursing. I -..V md.. Q' K ,,f"' f' I W ' r 1 .3-gg ' -1 H wif ,f ,S if J' I' 1 lr! " f 'Nc 1.2: f,..- .N A . V1 M . 4 -9- ' " M - H 5 il X -w:,-g-,ug ....f4' 1,4 ...,.., , ,. i KATHRYN IHRIE DISNEY Catonsville, Maryland C.P.-Delta Gamma Sorority, XY.R.A, Representative, Big Sisterg Baltimore-PLEDGE Photography Editor. This former "Bliss" is now Xlrs. Sebastian, which provides such fringe benefits as free fillings. Bouncy and vivacious, and with big brown eyes, she remained very much a part of the dorm even after moving home. Kathy plans to work in some area of med-surg nursing as well as being a good wife to her dentist-husband. 1 5. l LINDA MARGARET EDWARDS Silver Spring, Maryland C,P.-Pledge Chairman, Alpha Delta Pi, Nursing Club, WHA. Linda, better known as "Edwardo," is a candid gal with the ability to laugh in the most trying situations. Her favorite expression, what else but: "Are you kidding nie?" Smokers Anonymous with her roommate resulted in a subtotal failure. Future plans include pediatric nursing. MARY ANN THERESA DRESLIN Rockville, Maryland Mary Ann is known to all of her friends for her warm and viva- cious personality. Free time is spent in choir, interior decora- ting, and playing hearts at the candy counter in the Union Mary Ann's future lies not only in pursuing a nursing career but also in taking interior designing courses. SARA ELIZABETH ETCHISUN Ciutonsville, hlllfylllllll C.P.-Clylnkmln Troupe. jutlo alntl Fencing Interest Groups Bultilnorc-Choir. Sully is uffectiomitely known to ns us "Etc-li." Her spunky personality conpletl with ht-r climplcs linve won ht-r many friends. Interests inclncle sports, gynnmstics, und clnncing Sully's nmhitions arc nursing in it research project imcl oh taining ii NIustcr's clegrcc. KATHLEEN RUTH FAHHES Bowie, Rlaryluncl C.P.-Alpha Chi Omega, historiang Baltimore-Choir, co- editor OfPLEDCEg Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi. Kathy's bright smile, good sense of humor, and quick wit will follow her into the Navy Nurse Corps. She hopes to get il Mas- ter's Degree, and with her perseverence, she will! Happiness is going ice skating on Suntluy night with three or four hack- seat drivers. Peace of mind is getting back all in one piece. TUBY ROBERTA FURASH Silver Spring, Marylaml CP. - C0unnuter's Clubg Bultiinore - PLEDGE. Tnhy is the proud pussessur of the faunous hoinlm und einesis basin, She seeins to spend more tinic in the Union than in her own durin-playing pool, organizing snowball battles and ofcourse, studying! Post graduation plans center around either puhlic health nursing or psychiatry. it VIUDITH MARIE FROMN1 Severn ii Park, M uryluncl Bultiinore-Hmnecmnning Decoration Connnittee, Senior Class President, Sigma Theta Tau. A feminine, warin and dignified person, ,lucly has denionstratecl leadership that will assuredly continue in her work after graduation. After inarriiige in August, she plans to pursue pub- lic health, school, or pediatric nursing. A sit., . " we -. 'f:s1.. ' is 1511 E- , f V , " f Lf:-..., JOYCE LYNNETTE CRAHL Baltimore, Maryland C.P.-Big Sister, University Theater, Baltimore-Big Sister, Choir, PLEDGE Chairman senior pictures. Joyce is a girl of periodic dusting, unpacking on Thursday from the weekend, and 10 P.M. phone conversationswith Craig. She may be seen often at 6:50 A.M. sipping a carton of chocolate milk on the way to work. Marriage, motherhood, and public health nursing loom in her future. Y.. , 5 ' X43-.t."""'f' s , Fifi' - ' ' ., p f A E' ,if f f 2 1 sm. 53, g . a PAMELA SUE GEORGE Cumberland, Maryland C.P,-Nursing Club, Big Sister, Baltimore-jr. Class Secre- tary, PLEDGE Layout Section, Editor-in-Chief, SCA Executive Board, Big Sister. Pammy Sue's quiet appearance belies her wit and the life she has given to the fourth floor during these last two years. She bowls 450 and enjoys swimming. Future plans include stamp' ing out disease as a Super Public Health Nurse and marriage. y 'ii MARY CALLIS HEADRIDGE Dorsey, Maryland CP. - Nursing Clubg Baltimore - PLEDGE Staff. Mary, generally a quiet type person, seems to have a lot of "stick-to-itivenessn in whatever she undertakes. Her outside interests include such domestic pleasures as sewing and the practice of culinary art. Mary plans to work in some area of med-surg following graduation. fl,'Z''f1i25lij?f3ff?'1" 3 5.22 '- 1 "1 35252 2F?'51l:l-it -f. ' 'J 1' , if ' 1 ', W -4 . .Qui ..,,.A , . , A ,. A ., :A fiiliii 'i 1 . i':'fXMf CAROL MARY HALE Harrisburg, Pennsylvania C.P.-Big Sister, XVesley Foundation. "Umphl", Carol's typical morning response, certainly differs from the record playing rock and roll of afternoon and evening. She may be dreaming of dancing with that "red head fellow" from Minnesota. Following graduation, Carol's aspirations include those of becoming a successful nurse, wife, and mother. 45 is Q, ,z,:qf,,,, 3 Z , , LINDA ELLEN HUTKINS Baltimore, Maryland C.P.-Free State Party, Big Sister, Louisa Parsons Nursing Clubg Baltimore-Choir, Medicine Dropper Staff, PLEDGE Business Manager. Le is fun to be with and always has a good story to tell that sheis read in Readefs Digest. Her room won't win any prizes for neatness, but her bird mobiles make up for it. She reads T.V. Guide faithfully every week to see what she is missing on television. Future plans include either the chest team or the O.R. MARJORIE SUE JOHNSON Cumberland, Maryland St. Mary's Seminary Ir. College-Campus Council, POINT NEWS editor, Choir presidentg Baltimore-Choir, PLEDGE literary staff, Medicine Dropper assistant editor, Senior Class Secretary, Sigma Theta Tau. Margie's known to us all for her composed manner-bright ened by a quick wink- her fine voice and deep religious matur- ity. In the dorm, she's seen most often einbroidering for her hope chest and spending long hours on the phone with a cer- tain someone. Public health nursing is her goal and may in- clude grad school. k..L-,,x. , ,, SUSAN MARY KANIERICK Chevy Chase, Maryland C.P.-Student Union Board President, Newman Club Chair- man Education Committeeg Baltimore-Newman Club Exec- utive Council. Susie, known as "worry-wart", has the favorite hobby of "shooting the breeze" between study breaks. Her interests, many and varied, include cooking, dancing, and reading a good book. Traveling and seeing the world as an Army Nurse comprise her future plans. 'r'kN'ffa' ' :xY5Z3.-v . ggswfsesef-: . SYLVIA ANN KAMENETZ Baltimore, Ma1'yland C.P.-Sophomore Carnival Booth Chairman, Skit Night, IFC Sing, Sorority Scholarship Chairman, Baltimore-PLEDGE, House Committee Nleinber, SGA Nominating Committee, Sigma Theta Tau. Beneath Sylviais laughing, good-natured exterior lies a hidden realm of deep thought which makes itself known in her excel- lent discussions and her leadership abilities. Her comments, based on her own brand of originality, have added spice to many a lecture period. Marriage to Merrell, public health nursing, and "kids, kids, kidsu are the bases of her future. CATHERINE DIANE KELLY Scotch Plains, New jersey C.P.-Delta Gamma Pledge Secretary, judicial Board, Balti- more-PLEDGE literary staff, Medicine Dropper, Senior Class Social Chairman, Sigma Theta Tau. A sprightly blend of humor, smiles, and sparkle, Kelly has an abiding love for people and her profession. The future could bring pediatrics or ined-surg nursing, with ii continuing out- side interest in dentistry, RIARIORIE KAY KELLERNIAN Chevy Chase, Maryland C.P. - Horseback riding and ice-skating interest groups, TERRAPIN staff, Alpha Chi Omega sororityg baltimore - Medicine Dropper- editor, choir, Sigma Theta Tau. Unlike others, Kay doesn't mind Yiet Nam-that's where Brad is, She is a good worker who expects the same from others, yet she is a quiet riot during off hours. Kay plans to do alittle med-surg nursing until orange blossom time. Then she will suceunih to the temptations ofPulJlic Health nursing. :Y 5. -, 6 KATHLEEN RENA LAVERY Bethesda, Maryland C.P.-Alpha Xi Delta, WRA Representative, Nursing Club, Baltimore-Choir. Tall, slender Kathy, with her quick smile, is one of our favorite people. She has proved an asset to our class both in her imma- culate dress and in her consideration for others. Her generous nature shows its influence in her future plans-volunteer nursing on the hospital ship, "Hope" DAGNIJA KILPE Arlin on Vir inia , C.P.-YVomen,s Chorus, Nursing Club Secretary, Baltimore- Choir. This Latvian lass is quiet and sticks to her convictions. Choos- ing between marriage "or something," she stuck to her deci- sion and has been engaged in matrimonial bliss with Vilis since August, '64. Possible work in public health and contin- ued study in music are her post-graduation ambitions, but she still considers being a wife her full time career. R' I v - nw Q 11' Z' 'x f4 MARY JANE LE YECK Rogers City, Nlichignn Baltimore- PLEDGE Stuff. , Lee is known to all as ti connoisseur of fine restriurunts every- where. Famous for keeping classes alive with interesting discussions, she is an authority on how to dispose of spinal fluid specimens. Evenings find her preparing to get ready to studyg an feat she seldom accomplishes. XVith sleeping her favorite pastime, Lee finds time to turn to thoughts of future with Koryuk and the Army Nurse Corps, Q3 BARBARA ANNE LEIBEL Catonsville, Md. C.P.-Alpha Gamma Delta pledge president, Chapel choir, Harmony Hall. "Bonnie", "our deep thinker" possesses the quality of quiet good nature and a subtle sense of humor. Interests include housewifing and curling up in the evening with a good book. Future plans include operating room nursing in the College Park area while hubby works on a Masters. Long range plans include Foreign Service work. LYNDA SUE MARKEL Towson, Maryland C.P.-Ten Best Dressed on Campus, Little Sisters of Minerva, Big Sister, Hall Proctorg Baltimore-PLEDGE, Adv. Staff, Homecoming Committee. To be remembered are Lynda's poise, sincerity, and friendli- ness. She enlightens the "annex" with her creativeness and vivid "acting-outi' of frightening or hilarious events. Engaged to Carl, her plans include a winter wedding and public health nursing. SUSAN MACHEN GILL Hyattsville, Maryland St. Mary's Seminary Jr. College-Cheerleader, Basketball Team, Choir, President of Women's SCA, Athletic Assoc. Board, Honor Court, Campus Council, Orientation Committee, Baltimore-Choir, Jud. Board, PLEDGE. Mooch, with her long brown hair and matter-of-factness, has proved to be one of the mainstays of our class. She surprised us all by her marriage to Al in April of our senior year. Her future plans are not yet well defined. DIANNE NIATHENY Towson, Maryland C.P.-Dorm Cultural Chairmang Baltimore-Sigma Theta Tau, Literary Ed. of PLEDGE, House Chairman. Pert active Dianne always has her turned up nose into some- thing exciting. She spends much time in U,H.-as a patient as Well as working P.B.N.! Her soft distinctive voice is often heard saying, "Let's procrastinatcln Dianne's plans include nursing in Psych and working toward her Maste-r's Degree. SONDRA KAY MARSH Westernport, Maryland St. Mary's jr. College-President Freshman Class, Member of Campus Council, Allstar Basketball, Business Manager Yearbook. Tall, willowy Sondra is our expert consultant on hairstyling and make-up. Frequent plane trips to Virginia Beach have kept her hopping during her years in Baltimore. Undecided as to many of her future plans, she may be planning an extended trip to San Diego, California. .gn-:i,f 0 QMQ DIANA MAITLAND OGLIVIE Towson, Nluryland CP.-Big Sister, University Theater, U.Nl.H., Suphoniore Carnivalg Baltimore-PLEDGE, Choir, 75th Anniversary Cmn- inittee, Social Connnittee. Dee seeins to bubble over with questions. Her long hrciwn hair, though most attmctive, might bc preferred by some instructors to he hidden under her cup. Interests include skiing Cwuter und snowj, horseback riding, and listening to inusic, For the future, psychiatric l1llI'SillL1P? NANCY CLAIBORNE MEARS Catonsville, Marylauid C.P. - Dorm Honiecoming Queen Candiduteg Baltimore-SCA Secretary, Choir. 1 Nancy, known us "He-ds', iunong her friends, is a funeloving, vivuciuus, and energetic gal, She can he heard singing in the shower or t'XClHlll'Illlg, "Oh, no, really!" Her sinile and winning personulity will be an asset to Nancy in her future as a pedia- tric nurse. ELLEN YVONNE PARKER Heid's Grove, Nlarylan d C.P.-Louisa Parsons Nursing Club, VVesley Foundationg Baltimore-S.N.C.M,, Choir librarian, PLEDGE art editor, Junior and Senior Class Vice-President. Ellen, our Eastern Shore gal, keeps us always guessing. Vi- brant and vivacious one day, quiet and pensive the next-but always radiating warmth and sincerity. As serious as can be at Work, nevertheless her bright, unexpected wit keeps us laugh- ing at ourselves and dorm life. Future plans include public health nursing in Baltimore. A ef- MARCARET E. PAINTEH New Cumberland, Pennsylvania CP.-Alpha Phi Sorority Peggy is one'of four quietest and inost mysterious class inein- bers, who surprises us all with her quick, subtle wit. She has spent niost of her senior year dividing her tinie between dental appointments and classes. Peggy plans to work in some area of nursing in Harrisburg, Pa. immediately following gradua- tion. if 'W Q 7,2 KAREN JUDITH PATAKY Hillcrest Heights, Maryland C.P.-Gamma Sigma Sigma Service Sorority, Dorm Social Chairmang Baltimore-Homecoming Committee, Choir, SNCM, PLEDGE Photography Staff, Medicine Dropper Busi- ness Manager. K.P.'s many idiosyncracies endear her to us, and to a 'iguardian angeli' who fortunately watches over her driving. When she can tear herself away from socializing, she composes almost- professional poetry. The future holds med-surg nursing for KP. with Baltimore a likely choice for becoming home front. ANN LYNN PARKINSON Bethesda, Maryland C.P.-Dorm Cultural Chairman. Annie's quiet manner belies her sharp dry sense of humor. She has been a major supporter of Bible study in the dorm, which has become a source of spiritual strength. After gradua- tion Ann plans to marry Herman and attend Bob Jones Uni- versity for one year. Then they plan to go to Puerto Rico where Hernan will do evangelical work. IUDITH STEVENS REES La Plata, Maryland C.P.-Dorm Historian, Nursing Clubg Baltimore-Choir President, Newman Club Secretary, SNCM Nominating Com- mittee District 2, PLEDGE Literary Staff. Feminine, artistic, with a flair for baroque, Judy can "ace" a test with her unique recall as easily as she can cultivate friends with her quick smile and enthusiastic interest. Public health nursing with a special interest in dentistry will hopefully occupy her first year as a graduate. ,r., P ,X L- x. ,, , K l f' If 2: ,, 1 , ? 1 , , PATRICIA MARY PELCZAR University Park, Maryland C.P.-Nursing Club, Newman Clubg Baltimore-Choir, Pledge Literary Staff, Newman Club, SNCXI. Sweet and silent are the ways of Pat, whose enthusiasm for learning about the world around her is never ending, The silent shade is drawn aside for her friends, and a bubbling, laughing, impish personality comes to the fore, Her interest, which are far from microbes, and varied. Future plans include med-Surg nursing. SHARON RAE ROSENBLATT Wheaton, Maryland C.P.-Secretary Student Religious Activities, Nursing Club, Hillel. Sharon has a special interest in medicine spelled "Saiontz." Other interests include tennis, horseback riding, combing her hair and sunbathing. Right now she has no difinite plans but is leaning toward psychiatric nursing. .. 11 Miki t ,-3' -111 - t1'- nun Hill - ' 'il I - B .g..,.gj,g,..,,-. - ' H 3 as , . 1 Uv 4 I.. -'I' H yvv- , . .1 PATRICIA RHOTEN Frederick, Maryland C.P.-Nursing Club: Baltimore-Jud. Board. Pat can always be found quickly by listening for her special laugh and looking for her red hair. To balance her vivacious socializing, she really does study seriously for exams. Post graduation plans for Pat include working in the medical- surgical field-location as yet unknown-and, later, traveling. , . 2' -,W KAREN CHARMAINE SEAMAN Alexandria, Virginia C.P.-Wesley Foundation, Baltimore-Choir, Social Chair- man of Junior Class, Feature Editor of Medicine Dropper SNCM. Fun-loving Karen is looking forward to the Army Nurse Corps and a career in medical-surgical nursing, with a special bent on psychiatry. Her leisure time will probably be spent in the yellow Corvaire she is dreaming about and making plans for her trip to Europe. Buying records for her stereo and throwing swinging parties in her apartment takes up l11uCl1 Of K2-r6I1'S time. an F, I ,. . IWJQWQ H- , 15525220 ' -E, , w L 5' . yx 4 1 P x' EN - , V 'mfjff 'Q-M ,f -1 .3 pg I fr 2 5 ' gi 94 L 'W 4 ,ww-A Q M t, ., V lfciff v- ,ry I yi' 5, si L ' 'X 1 , 774. A -' , ff' .L--'-fr 'Q-. N V it is hw: 'W gf f-W zppy . ' ' fig ,c , ' ' ,V . rf'- 'V W' X 0 ki Y ,. . ' , z wafzfwefzfwvfr fw ' ,azz-wg , A ., xkgimifif 'ig' CAROL SCHWVEER Silver Spring, Maryland Baltimore-Choir. A friendly smile and easy-going personality characterize our Carol. Plans for a June wedding to that certain junior medical student have kept her in a dither throughout the spring semes- ter. Carol's future ambitions lie in- what else, pediatrics!,:::faXx, Q,-:-, , 1 , f., .qv XY 'bf s PATRICIA ANN SHEYKA Bloomfield, New jersey C.P.-Alpha Lambda Delta-treasurer, Newman Club, Com- muters Clubg Baltimore-Catholic Discussion Group, Sigma Theta Tau-Corresponding Sec., SGA-Sec., Choir, SNCM, Medicine Dropper-News Editor, Phi Kappa Phi. Patriotism seems to be Pat's main interest-marrying Lt. Wayne Kidd and serving in the Army Nurse Corps. Pat and NVayne are thinking of making the Army their career. Other interests of Patis are sewing, planning her wedding and learn' ing what it means to take care ofher apartment. Future nursing plans are to work in the field ofArmy public health. 5. 5? s 56. Sv ,Ak H .f W X was W tv " l i 551222 , we . .,.Q SHANA SEIDENMANN Baltimore, Maryland Petite, dainty Shana was our first classmate to yield to the joys of wedded bliss. She has been married to Jay since her sopho- more year. Recollection of the clinical years will bring memor- ies of early risings to get to work on time and the big move into an apartment of her own. She plans to become a full-time wife to her lawyer husband after graduation. Iii- - 1 X x .I a , . 4r:5Eg1,3,:g5:5E:g5:5.z:aGN-ia., X ' j :I 5-I-I:2:11.r:1:3:E:5:r:N3:WRk1-- 53555-:Q:xr,.,: g -ffm TSIARLENE FRANCES SUSSEN Silver Spring, Nlarylancl C.P.-Hillel, Commutefs Club, Diamondback, Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Phi. Marlene, better known an "Mai", in a sweet and friendly girl who always has a smile fer everyone. She ik wild about medi- cine, especially when it involves a certain sophmnore medical student named jerry. Her future plans center arouncl public health nursing and marriage in August. CILAUDIA Nl.-XY SMITH Hyattsx illt-, Xlarylantl CLP.-Baptist Stuclent Union Yice Prewiclent, Alpha Lainbfla Delta, Baltimore-SCA Seeoncl Yiee Presiclent, Honors Coin! mittee Chairman, Executive Connnittee 75th Ainiiverxary, Sigma Theta Tau, PLEDGE, Nleclieine Dropper, SXCXI, Phi Kappa Phi. Cluacle may impress you as being wriouw anal scholarly. but look again! Those who know here well appreciate both her quieksilver wit and genuine set of values. Senior year haa brought a turbulent social lite and plana for a career in either public health or ineclieal nursing, ini id CONSTANCE HOOPER STALEY Frederick, Maryland C.P.-Chapel Choir, Baltimore-Choir, PLEDGE, Sigma Theta Tau. What's that sound? Sure nuff, it's the 'iNew Christy Minstrelsu on Connie's hi-fi. If you have something to discuss, come to see her-hers is a most empathetic ear. This gal is a "weekend warriorn: home to see her "honey", of course. Her most important future plan is marriage to David with public health nursing wherever his work takes them. sz ,X 3 IACQUELYN BROOKE SPALDINC Adelphi, Maryland C.P.-WRA Fencing Club, Soph. Carnival, Orphans' Com- mittee, Baltimore-SNCM Membership and Careers Chair- man, Student Senate, Episcopal Discussion Group, Choir, Homecoming Committee, NSNA Delegate, PLEDGE, Home coming Court, Medicine Dropper. jackie's long brown hair and sunny disposition make her the center of many a lively group. Our SNCM gal, she seems to always be chasing off to SNCM meetings or trying to round up members. Her future includes three years with the Navy and a lifetime with john. ga, Mi - I 4f:5f4?,:,- ' , 4 1151? '-2.1" . gadfzfwsfe giq ' Q VSQGLY-"' M. , ,,,,4 ,. ,. va-.fa-'- -' ,2a:?:h1'r?12-, 'ma' .mea . . .- "1 :Iii ,.,. . 1. X DIANE LESLIE TEITLER Baltimore, Maryland Gig is a pleasant, outgoing gal who has kept us all laughing during our clinical years by such antics as flushing a bedpan hopper on herself. Her special interests are looking for a man, reading and procrastinating, Although future plans are now indefinite, one may be sure that she will enliven any field of nursing she enters. ' A NANCY JEAN STETSON Silver Spring, Maryland Baltimore-Choir, SNCNI, NSNA, Business Committee PLEDGE, Art Editor Medicine Dropper, Treasurer and Vicce President SCA. Most of Nancy's senior year has been devoted to apartment hunting, furniture buying and weekends home with Lowell. Not far beneath her sweet, charming manner is another out- standing attribute, a sort of practicality that kept the SCA in the black during her reign as treasurer. NIH will reap the rewards of her good nursing care until she settles down to raise a nest of little Starlings. 'FK' HARHIET ELIZABETH THOMAS Baltimore, Xlaryland C.P.- Dorm Jud, Board, Dorm Exec. Council, VVoman's Honor Convocationg Baltimore-Sigina Theta Tau, Choir, Ir.-Sr. Prom Committee. Harriet's lively wit and trankness are among those things which have endeared her to those who know her. Her motherly manner and good common sense have been a source ofcomfort in many a crisis. Her rosy cheeks, winning smile and descrip- tive phrases will be long remembered. Future plans: marriage to jim, finally, and med-surg iuu'sing. .sarhag MARY ROSE TERANIANI Catonsville, Maryland Mary is a quiet, striking girl with big brown eyes. Motivation is her key word. She really believes in burning the midnight the night before an exam, but it pays off! She is still undecided as to what the future will hold for her, although one may be sure that any field of nursing will be enhanced by her pres- ence. KATHLEEN DIANE WALSH Bel Air, Maryland C.P.-Episcopal Altar Guild, President Louisa Parsons Nurs- ing Club, Baltimore-Choir, SNCNI, NSNA, Business Com- mittee PLEDGE, Student Senate, Student Union Board Hep' resentative, Homecoming Queen, Social Chairman .mtl Presi- dent SGA. A typical day for our atom of energy includes such extra- curricular activities as knitting, hridge, TENNIS, meetings and eight hours of sleep. Her vivacity and dynamic personality have her many friends during her college years and a valued backlog of experiences on which to huild her nursing career, . I , I f "i V H I E v Z 5 4 A DEANNA JEAN VAN ATTA Towson, Maryland CP.-Dorm committeesg Baltimore-Choir, Co-editor "Dorm Lite" PLEDGE. Our class expert on potato farming-in preparation for Rhode Island living with hubby-to-he Pete-Dee is a inatter-of-f.1ct miss with a conscientious streak. Armed with a Diet-Rite coke, she can conquer the world. After a mid-june wedding, she plans a future in public health nursing, and hopes to attend grad school in the near future. Nr MW-.,,g.-j:.g,v.. - ' s:?e. 12513-?:. : H22-E .2' -' ' 5':-:-:-:-a+:-3:2-N:-:ten 2335-:c-. ' ' 52:5:5:5:5:z:5:35a35saxgfQ-, "Q " ' :ezbksvsx-xx L-A CH ERYL ZANGWILL Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore - PLEDGE. Cheryl always carries with her a distinctive air of quiet femi- ninity. The majority of her time in her senior year has been spent in numerous wedding plans and evenings studying or attending concerts with Herschel, She plans to live as a South- ern belle while her dentist husband serves Uncle Sam after marriage in june. HERIVIINE XVERLE Oxon Hill, Maryland Hermine, commonly known as "Mimi", is our versatile mem- ber. Her interests range from Bible study . . , to the tennis court . . . to interesting young men . . . and back again to the tennis court! She often plays elevator lady and directs all the intellectuals to get off at her floor. No, there's never a dull moment with Mimi! After graduation she plans to go into pedi- atrics at U.H. and then move out West where the buffalo roam. Mr. and Mrs. Arnet Martha F. Baer Mary K. Carl Virginia C. Conley Roberta M. Conti Florence M. Gipe Mary Jane Hickey Carol M. Hosfeld Joyce F. Kaetzel Mary B. Keller Karin E. Larsen SPUNSORS t Armour Constance Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Marvin F Dietrich Anne L. Dougherty Ruth Dyson John H. Mears, Jr. Lolah H. Mihm Alice J. Naughton Dr. Roger O'Donnell Jr Lee S. Ogilvie Mr. and Nlrs. Joseph H Pataky Mr. and Mrs. William George PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Pelczar, Jr. Betty Lou Shubkagel Marjorie Sanderson Eleanor Slacum PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Albright Mr. and Mrs. John A. Barolet Martha M. Borlick Mary Jane Brewer Peggy P. Choate Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Clark Evelyn Cohelan Mr. Joseph J. Conrad, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Craig Eva F. Darley Major Robert E. Deppe Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Disney Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Donelan Mary H. Edds Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Ellis Margaret D. Foret Isabelle Caare Dr. and Mrs. James Gerlach Dr. and Mrs. Jack T. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Melvin F. Crahl Mary B. Hall Peggy Edelman Heffner Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hipp Lois Hoffman Hopkins Uniform Company Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hutkin Mr. and Mrs. Max Hutkin Mr. and Mrs Elaine Hyde Judith Kane Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. and Mrs. . Sol Hutkins Dayne Kelly Vilis E. Kilpe . William L. Knights C. William Koenig . Hervey G. Machen John Markel M. Jean Marie Manley Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Payne and Mrs. Michael E. Pue and Mrs. Walter H. Rees Dr. and Mrs. Harry J. Robertson Lucile Roeder Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Silverman Dr. and Mrs. Claude A. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Staley Arthur W. Stetson and Helen G. Stetson Flora M. Streett Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Teitler Clara B. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Glenn L. Van Atta Lt. Col. and Mrs. Ralph J. Walsh Helen M. Whitbeck Frances C. Wickham Nancy and Richard Winelander Lt. and Mrs. Xenakis 104 TI-IE SENIOR CLASS of 1965 As you leaf through these pages, the Class of 1965 hopes that The Pledge has provoked cherished mem- ories of experience encountered and friendships gained during the four years which we shared at the University of Maryland, School of Nursing. Class of 1965 I05 t : 23rd Anniversary Ks VONQT Glv , f, 4 X i 'ngxllpx xf ' o 'H XJH rf' f 1 F I . H 1 ftl Xt tt sw .p-4 I, ND' f ' ' N , F d-J, 'X . ,fi l g. l J 'I Y, 5, 1 yy A - A A 1 f Q Q 2 , Q ' Hi , Y' f . ' Q ' Yi ff' 1, 3 5 t , V il fr E , ' ' ' 5 mf 4 ' ' ,cn E it E: '.,, ., I X ' 51 Ji '- Y f rg LL -'i 7 vv ,D ' . - , , I l 1 W - I, 'J i, 1 -i z it ' M gg i l ei pt 02,4 luXblt-X t.. Nl.Xlllxl,.XXIl lxlulihl. .lll. l ' l li 'i' SEPTEMBER 22 l9l6 JUNE 4 V942 Sv 'i " GME HIS LIFP FOR HIS C"OljNl'RY os Jew 4, 1042 ji -t Xfsw is THF B-X'l'Tl tg off xttnw-xt " ' t ' rf NX, We vg- iliHl' Exsicn. tl. Xl.-XRlil.,fXNIb Ki-1.11, AIR. M1-', Post 4174 ul the .XNIPRILZAN Lrciox was formed in his honor, to perpetuate his llllllli' :intl keep zilive the .XNILRICAN itleiils lor which he so willingly gave his life. To this entl the Iinsign C. Nlztrklzintl Kelly, jr. Nlemorifil Post WH hats been active in many programs :incl activ- ities, rt few ol which :ire listetl below. 0 Xtneriuin l-l.ig-Iitltitatiminl progrmns for flag etiquette zintl 0 lliinn iintl Iltigle Corps-Sponsoring SI. Blarj-"S Drum and Aim-tir.tti l-'lags pivst-tilt-tl In Boy :intl Girl Scout 'I'roops, Bugle Corps unml Honor Guzircls in .Xnicrican Legion com- o Xtlilutits-lunior lnist-litill, b.iskt-tlmll anti l.icrossc lL'illl'lS spotr petition each stair. sort-tl. Lutrosst' tiopliics for High Ntliools ginrl Colleges. 0 Esstix .intl Oiutoritdl Contests-Sponsoring contests in all A lmseliiill ficltl is lIILtllll.llIlCLl in tht' Xoitliwootl art-gi. stlinols intercstetl. Xnnuztl Sports Xwiiitl lllL'NL'lllCll to Lin outstxincling coach o Open Nliuttt'r-Nluintain film library for "shut-in" institutions in the Smit' of Nlnixlutnl Lis well tis protitling live entertainment and refreshments 0 Biiltiinoii' Liu You-tiifts nl tlll l'ul4ir bears, Icnnr the :isorcxision arises, ulepligint .intl most iecentlx the tlfinkt-ts, Ginger o Stholxiisliips4NIcDmiogl1 Sthoul and Baltimore College of Iliuttl nntl Cltipcnkt-. fltnniiit-rre, 0 llots .intl t-itls Stnlcftfip High Stlioul ltiniois i-:rch stun 0 Nluinorizil St'i'ticus-Upcri to the public, t-:ith year a Memorial spoiisoit-tl Dux St-ititc is heltl at Loudon Park Cemetery on May Q lim Scotits-Utci lN,tltltl llm Smut ciiluinlgirs pit-sented zin- fltlth fur all who hate made the supreme sacrifice for nu.illt lu sclniols, troops ginil Club Packs. tht-ir country Xl-illfh for nnnountcincnt in the papers. Sinte its inception, the Post hzis been interested in the L'OlIlllllIllllf'Q :intl many things have been tlone to promote its welliire. Special tretlit sliuultl be given to the EXSIGN CI. NIARKIMXND KELLY, JR. MENIORI.-XL FOUN- DATION, INC, for their hnzintial assistance. The result-nixiny of the progrznns are a reality rather than a dream. IO6 M ANY COMPLIMENTS OF GREATF UL 9 THANKS T0 BRUCK S INC. 1965 PLEDGE 40 West 225th Street Advisor R1-66X, N,Y, Nurses Uniform Company Founded 1932 Uniforms for Doctors Nu,.S65,5iS,e,S CHICAGO - PITTSBURGH - DETROIT Schools 'Labs CLEVELAND - CINCINNATI - ROCHESTER 1822 E. MONUMENT ST. R 1 imnre 5, Md. 327-3666 BOSTON - BUFFALO CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1965 FROM PI CHAPTER SIGMA THETA TAU, Inc. THE NURSES' ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF And invites each one to become an active member of the associati . Meetings: First Thursday each month October through May fexcept Januaryj, Whitehurst Hall With Sincere Wishes for much Future Success to the graduating class from the Class of 1964 BRINLEY of Baltimore Photographic Artisans F 1 I al much in your: Weddings, W ld p d'd xl '1dren's portraits, h h h forthe 19 5 P EDGE Sd 1 1811611 f iR C1 1234 ph 665 1400 -.. , 9 V ' I , F 'X yr! - cy ,qs .,. 1 , , 1 Q.: .., O .. , . n 'IM f ,B 4 l ll 5 K K . gi ww., 5 . 11 " ,.-.My 1 ' I 1---1.,. 1. I II .. .1- 1 I P1 1 . 11 -- 1 ..'1 .. . . J' .. . A 11 I ' ' -1 I .. I1.. I 1. 1 III'L ' I " ,j'. ""-.'. '11 -1..--..-- ::..11I1---V12 ' , 1 I.. I, 1-.. -- 1I,,--II -- I.. I N u 1 1. .. II H... 1. III1'. . -1 IIII .I 1 -- II I, .II ,.1I1 I .III,II. -- , 1,, ..1. I, II .. I.. II. 11 1 .1 5 -1 :,:1:.-- 1 r-z-" . -- I I I I I.II1. I . I,1 . I 1. -IIII. 1 - 1 1 . -. ' ,, 1 -1 IgI1. 1 I - -. . -11 11 11. ,.:. '11 I .: '. 1. 1 -f ..'2j'. .1 " -3 I. J: ' - I '-fIII..- -I I ...IIIIIII1 - ' I., 1 .:- . -.1.1-I- .,I -- '- I I . -.j. I I ' -'.I I QI. -1 11- 71 1. 1 I1I X' If -' '-. "I 1 I I V 11- ' 111 1 U.. "',, ' 1 ' ' I1 1. ". - .. 1" ' 'f' II.I 1 I II . 1. 1 .II I I II II I II 1. .I . III ,IIII . 1-.I.. . -- . ..1. -:III I +I .g- II 1. I 1"11"' " 1. 1. .VI ' ..III.. . II ,,III 111 -.-- 1' . ' 111 1 -. I -- . Ip, ' -:.'.1-1' .. I 1 11 I .I .1 .,. .. 1. . II -. I .- .N I.-I I.,I -- 11'.IIII"411II " -- g.. - 111- -. -.. 1.. 1--1 fu II 11 .. I. -I 1 1 I I I, .. . . IJ I I 1 1 1 1. , I. . .. 1 1 ' 1 1g. " --' - ' '- ' ' ff I ..'11 I 1 - 1 11 1 . 11. -11+ - - QI. . -.. Igv..,I..I I" - -.1I -- .1", " 1 I '. I1I. .1I1111 1 1- .. 11 -. I .I . 1 .I II -II - .I, I. -. U' ' . 1 ' ..'I-'---.1-" . .1. II. --5. - I, 1' . . .1. I - 31- 1. ,. -1 ".. , I II.. III .I I - . .5113 II '11 .1 "11."' 1 .in 'l'.1'.. 1 1 -f . - ' . . . I I 11 -I.- .'...'. . 1 ' . 1 . . II . +1 .1l. ' I I I I I II . I .1 1 5I I .,II I . . I -1. 1I' th I I I I .1.I II .1I ' .' I - . . . . 1.11. . '1 ' I .. . .. I 1 ' I IIB 1 '-. -- - II I I .11. IIII 1 I II I . ' 11111 - . I '.. I '1.' 1. I, . . I .I I , 5 . " , - . ' II, -1 , . ' II 1. - I1 n I1I " 1 II .. .I.-I .YI . . .I' .1-- " 1 11' I , . . -1 .1 : 1. ., . 5 ,, .. - 7- II I- 1. :'1--- I -1 . .. ' ' 1- - ' H 1 . . I1. I II. " I II . g1II ..1 1II- I -I I -. -. I, ,.. 111III 1 .. IIIII 1 .I '. - -1 ' ..--1, I1' 41' ' 1. . 11 Iv I ".. ' "' -1. "' .1 .I .I 1 ...1, - .- .. ' ' . 'V1' I u ' I' I 1 ' 11 12" ' ..l1"l"h f' ' - . 1 . 1- . - .I. I '1 I1. ' II..:I II 11. " - 1 11' . za -wg I, ..::. .I 11. I "--' 1 ' . . -:' 1 II 1 .. II1 - .. ,.v-. - 3. ' 1 .1 '. .,I:II .., -.'-- 1 " ' . . II 1-I, I, .1--I ..1. "I 1 ,II II- . 1 ,1,I . 1 I .1II -- . I 1 II I II I., . 1 -- 1-1 -. .. I. II..If -- '5'1.1 - I1I II..-'III II . II . ,u I - - ..1I 1 " '1'. - ...1. .4 1 1 1 , 1 11 ..,, 1 W 1 I 1 1 1 ,O 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' X ' 1 I 1 W 1,11 1 1 1,4 1 . 11 . 11,1 1 1 1 f 1 .... 1..1 1 1u.'1n31' 1.f'l11L uv-4.1 W ,XV3 1 4 1 , Q!-:fl WI-1:4 All v ffm ,. Y li. '21 :WW l. ,' nw' 'V Q. ,Q S. f.'yf,Q ." I x W , . , ,,. N, . ,. . I :' " hw ul . .L 'W'-Q'

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