University of Maryland School of Nursing - Pledge Yearbook (Baltimore, MD)

 - Class of 1964

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University of Maryland School of Nursing - Pledge Yearbook (Baltimore, MD) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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W wr., -. -1, f"w-if 1--52? fr, v f . . .- 1 8 , I .K-ef . ' . n" -f H ,,4'-W, .NSA t . . ,1,, - 'vw , - v, , Y . , H2 ..- f" yr ur" 1 w.+.-.',, 1 A ' -,v-f,.a',.. W 7. " 1' . f.J,..ALL1,..4J.:...6u r f I hp Idlvhgv 1954 LIlliVf'l'SilY of X I2:ll'VI2ll1ll School uf Nursing B21llilll0l'f', xltll'Yl2lllfl ig? -QQK if YY ' I r 11 1' f 'ig 1 11 A 5 1 H .,,, :Vw 4 ,QI 'f?,j.5:3a1'1i, . E111 M" -1' 1191 1 4 1111gj1'f11fsf'1 ' 111 if Q11 '1111 1 131?'15 11 !"fZ1'1X"11 ' .,. .1 1N"fs 1 ,.,,1 NV -' '-,- 'f" 1 1 1,'V1'. 'Y -' 351, 5",.Li?'59' If I, P 3 5? fl 1 - ,1f.'A",' 3,91 f,, 'x '1' fi 1 1 V 41511511 g115141.1ly11.1.1-1,-16115. 1 .. - 11 ,fi ,111-. 1 1 1 1 1 f T116 F 10113 3 F 5 'ng VQQ QQEFL' 1:11111 1 1 '2.' 11" -.-P14141f.1i4"fin" . - 1 - .1 ,Pl 111 1 11:1111-111fM11g1f'1111g1 1111, 11 ' 1?1:'1f', ',',, 52, l"'- ff: .-11,1-Ig.:j""?111gj'-'flip,ln 1.15.1 1" '--11.111 ,11,g"'1, ' fx 5 :1111 . ,, 5 1' ' 4 ' 1' ?VMAf' 15112 '9' 1 1. . 11 -1. 115 , 111ZlQ1'F. . - f .--, f7'1':'mf?gg!F ff 'yi , 9,11-' 11 11111 b f ,1-11. 1, 5 1 'i ' 111 " 1 ,4111,51. 1115111 1151 ,Y A ,. 1. ,1-A., 5 I V-!V 5, -Q2-1 5 ,I ,MY Nl ff ,I 1 211- 1 111 1 11111512111 1 1 ,i:.j"1J-1 111 1 , QV? 'a,:..1l ' A fhllir .r 1 i I 111111131111 1 1 1 1111 1 11 1 11 H 1111155 P11111 11 IJ 11111111 11111513 11 11111 11 E111 11111111 1 11 ,111.1 1 .f . - I- 3' ,111 1- '11 ,-'N. 1f111-g,,"1', 1 I, 1 , 1 fiqfi? '-1:21 1.1 ' . - ,1 1 . . . 3 1-11. 11111111 QFPHPIIIP df 11115 11551111111111, 111 1111115111111 EP 111 111111111 1? f f 3 , Q, 131x11212g111z?1111?1,fQ . . .1111 - , 11 111111 111-1111111111 11111 1111111155g6111 1111111 111111. il 111111 1111- 11g1Q2f'1:'j:1111111f1 11135.-111 1- 1 111' 'H1f'1s1i11f1 ' '11--vw if 11 ' 111-'-A-111.5 . 1 . ::- . . - . 11,111.11 5111111 1111111 111111111111111 IE h111, + 11111115 I+g11i1"11115113111111111115, '115 11 - - 15, -r -'51if1w'1111Q11?115i1"yuNN1 111111 111111111111111111 111 111111111111 1- 1 ?h1n1111512111111y 11111111- 1111 111111111 31 111111 1111 1111 111 11111 1111111151 111 11111111111111 111111 111111111111 5111111111111 111211111 111111115511111, 1111111111111 1111111 111 1'1II1fi5P111'P 1111 1111151111111 11111111115 1114 1111 11111 1111111111111 111111 1111 1111111111 111111115 111111611 1111111111- Ph1IPi111111P 11111111111 nf 11111 1111111111. 2111 1ng111111g111111 111111111111111 111 11111 1111 1LI11g.5ilI1il11 111 1115 1l?U1'1i, 111111 1111151111 11111111 111111111111 111 11111515 r11111111111Pi1111 11111 31 , 211 RN.-York Hospital School of Nursing fYork, Pa.J Dean Florence Meda Gipe B.S.-Catholic University of American M.S.-University of Pennsylvania Ed.D.-University of Maryland Professor of Nursing Dean of the University of Maryland School of Nursing . . in the ttrnriirr nf mg falling." Withjustifiable pride does our school ofnursing function under the outstanding leader- ship and guidance of Dean Gipe. Her record is a testimony of her admirable abilitiesg she has held various high administrative positions encompassing both nursing service and nurs- ing education. As a teacher she has instructed at both the York Hospital School of Nursing and at Providence Hospital School of Nursing. After having already served as the Director of York Hospital, as Director of Nursing Education at the Reading Hospital School of Nursing, and as Director of the School of Nursing at Maryland General Hospital. Dr. Gipe then came to University Hospital as the Director of Nursing Service and Nursing Educa- tion, While in this position she was instrumental in developing a nationally accredited collegiate nursing program here. Thus, in 1952. this School of Nursing became a college within the University of Maryland. Though active in many professional organizations. it has been especially through her work with the Southern Regional Educational Board and the Graduate School of the University that Dean Gipe has been responsible for the initia- tion and development of graduate curricula leading to the Master of Science degree in Nursing. ln addition to holding membership in an impressive array of scholastic and pro- fessional honorary societies. Dr. Gipe has received many commendations from various community groups and civic organizations on behalf of her worthy contributions. through nursing education, to the improvement of nursing care rendered to patients. Certainly her outstanding administrative skills, creative initative. and sincere dedication have in great measure advanced the nursing profession, in theory. scope. and practice. To her goes our gratitude for having provided and perfected for us one of the best undergraduate programs in the science art of professional nursing. St f"'l will do -z-525 1 ..., . , ,X -Q y ,.,: , all in my i 99 e 2 .,.. 'lf Q o n x v,..., W -,:...2 ,. ,,X, .. ...l ., .,.,..,. YQ m e 5' Q ws Eggs f' 5 3 5 'lt 2 Q E Ns "X' ' "" :.:- '1,, g g.,,-me , To you, Miss Virginia Conley, We dedicate Wlllie Pledge", l961L ...for your personal interest in each student and intimate working relationship with each class. . . . for your wise counseling, both sought after and worthwhile. . . .for being such afine example of our professional ideal. ...for your abundant knowledge, so capably taught and shared with others. ...for your forthright sincerity, personal warmth, and sympathetic nature. . . .for your proficiency in nursing administration. . .for being a dynamic crusader in behahf of collegiate nursing education. . .for your altruistic devotion to nursing students. Ujor Wyouri' dedication to Husf, 4 f" ' . . ' 19- .F ' ' v ,. - 4- .r A .g -.. ' , , 5, 4 f www- . ,,, .- '- - A :aw , '- 1 .- h -E f --'wr IVLQ gg All at v Q-A 4. 5. 4. .,.. A Avg, 4 31 4- A. . ...ff MM 1' . 'fri' A ., ,, Q It - x -. T' ' " A+ , ' Q- E E' new E -N E w '1 3' . 1? h 'i Pl? 'N . '.Q,w'y5, . n I , ',' 4 -, ,M Q , I fa 1195 A ' ff w'f+? fi ' I 0 'ifji ' , V 1 fi " . , A . -Q .-pg, i ,, , r 'f is .- tr -Af' , if f,t9if1f2? wi 1,f V , Q., cc'-'Ab ' Q53 4 . I , A ffjhx ,510 zfqiv nlg plrhge g mL P115 .' fa .M Cgnh 3:3 . . Q, 1.46125 gf .-,aim . 41- -, , , -pits 1 ' ., ii O I. if fl .4 'I x 'Q 'S XI' xl l 1 I I3 , I a ru E 'N 4' W ' .os f -.: ,. rv H- X -gfixif, - Ng, 3: . N. lv .. l '. . v . 1 1 mzf .. f - . rf 5' -, .ffl Ll a'5"1'ie5-' A .1 JV. J Ng 1, ,pw , .U L 5 V. Q 1- a x ' ' COLLEGE PARK YEAR .QV 1 ,r f . E' 'ax ,Nh 1 V .vu 4 L ""' J 'Q ' From the beginning. as g'beanied" freshmen, we were caught up in the swirl of activities and intellectual pur- suits at our large university. After initial survival of registration. and adjustments to institution food and ucommunalv living. we settled down to such things as modern dance class. 4 to 6 Zoo. labs, Math 10 agonies, and feeding malnourished white rats. In spite of the beauty of our campus, inclement weather frequently found us blazing trails across its sprawling acres: slipping on ice. slushing through puddles, or plowing across the muck and mire of the mall after "lVlonsoon,' season hit! Many are the reminders of the variety of beloved extra- curricular activities: home football or basketball games, Homecoming grandeur. frat. parties, Greek Week fun, desserts, U. T. productions. S.G.A. cultural functions, and. not least of all, winter 'ttray-riding" on the hill. These Frosh. and Soph. years were a major academic hurdleg little did we realize the challenges that awaited in Baltimore! i we sm Of 4 .wi f ' A i "isa, 'aff if-,az 4 , 4 . c , . S nr -mf . -Lf -, ., A 3 '. - 1 .-1 YA. ,. .. 145 ggi: .lr f'-"im, f, ' ' ' , , ,, K . y Il ', I f,, ., . . 'fra .M A- ii. y " "ff . fi: " .f F-J ' '- ' Q " 2 ' -N ' A ,Q N. i 2,3-ij' Q' K .V , 1 , A X , D . I X "A lt '-p f 'fQ .A . , ff "' ,.- . , 5 X -1.5: ' lf fgi . 'XX 7" " i ' 45 'ff 1, - s .I . ag .-Lv: , , J--I xx? , ., .1 gi, 4- " .'i"'Ar?l , I' , 'Q ik ff mg. Q P ,F ,. 1' . ' ' fir... . l. if? 'ts t Q ' s., K wr ws,-,1,,3 I Y - Alfa VL x .1 if: ii. , - s X-x x ,f , , W . ,A , x i . ., X' ., 4 -Q , 4 W 'Q ' ' s " ' A 1 Ni i " ' A i i mf - -I ,. mv " 'I V' " V f ' W t , 4 . - y as . s y 'G . ' 'i" 1 iii! 9" 9 it g i '- 7 --fi .9-1 lr! i if ii B ' ' I ff "5 - . .'-3,21 ,, ' 3 Q 5 5 , f , . - ,V f. in Mia- ' - 3 I 1' . Vt, V .W ...f . xg A 5 .ggi A, A, ." av... . -ng 5 "5 ' ru f.,' f' Y ' 1. I it 'i r 1 H fffz., M f tv g cw 3? .' - ' A 9-1 p-... I "N"""e'i-I af,-32... ., . 1' A 55, ' .if . 7' 11'-'f"'Y A- ' " 'f , 4: ,A gl j. , W ""': i Ev.. L ' ' 'V-.-.V .u NL ,- , i"".:':' , rf. ,, "You can sit here if you want to but I'm going to the dairy!" fa , -. 41,-e - ,, . ' is as 'bn - A-..,,,Q,,.f, tk, Our campus-its warmth and beauty M .. ..- f f is . A V' in l as ii' ab ." 'Y' if . s ie ertfe' 2 M' . 'fr t 'Y M -- ,. 'Nw W-S' ' A 2 E tt: ' r W by 2. X fp gf Nw' Q71 of T ? 1",:.1 ',-,- 5 : .'-' I ,air ie' I 9 D my .,, W ,.-. 22.25 ., ' V ,, , A ivlfh ' iv... , xii ., '1351.:'p-- ,M . " 1 L ' 1 9-11,1 hi I .- . ' 1. if A? . -l'QA.f"gV.x.A-514,25 S1-j 'tsrf fix ' ,g fl ,- A The Dining Hall never looked so good then! V ,Y 2, Zi' "il lil I. 11 E . 3 55 JT- -. 4 l-...Q tin 1 'yn 1' .' 1 'Ili -fn it A refreshing pause between classes A Winter Wonderlandfbut wld! Oh, What a Beaufiful Morning-even with classes! I . "Vx, -k.,xi 4'.J,fi.K5,-' v 'Mn Y 'Q Yrxgbfv 5 -5 , .H u m fr Q 5 1? -fig1l,g'igQ7.sT,..i.'Q ,vm .N A 3.5 w 0 N: A,e4'.,r1Y.7E' 5 In gp, Q r A, A-hi k:5,vvZ?gii:,:L,, Zi 'A . x ' "4 .. Q uf 'Z . 1:1 fgifflilfifv J-' . A 'fl-TYQ, A. Q4 gf' X A' - A me ,4 ,A ae! 1' ' it 0 4, if View fl 'e A 'Q A- , . '- ag 1 I 5, ma , ,grim 14' ,A A ,Rex '--:gqgffmzw-P ,A 1 .A . A iw W .. .ff ,. Aff- V -AA--A ff-f 1:s:A. A w -f 1 AA A .A 4: if-' A f, f-+A' '- " - p e - -vga ' - AN if-by. -. A f 13.24, X , ,U,11a-.!.- K . f l 1,4 ' i Y f . gl, " -I'5m.'Q'-Fr ,A 'if 1 .-'96 '-H -mnfxl. ff I "" ' ' -1 'l' ' '75 ,V I . 1 A . A A v ., .A L . - - 1 . ,. ' ll-s if U? nfl, ' 1 R ' "H, ,ne ,- A A A- ' 'ff AA: fin:-3. ,i 'J . . ',w,,.F2?15gxv, JA Q fi ,A I' - A -i , ,J ,,3ew ., xv 3 - x-A LL.. rs , ggi -4 .b pll ' F' Ei- V Y , , - 'H ke. A 3 Vis' E uzw' f4?1r'I" 1 . A- ff. ' ' ' E. . "1"i:,g 1 ftp- .r,,. V - A '-51,22 ig.. I . F ,sf 91,3-N., I ,, A1 L ,.,fA I 1 H . . r,,Q,j45Y4i 5131! w ,.-" "" ' . .11 " , A, ' A P A 1 .' ' 4 ' f A ' A' A3 . X 7' ' '5Qiv'l.j5,-,., ' ' - A P - 'J'-1 K ' . 'lf 1 "J 43 -A A 7- 1. I 'E -4-H Y 1 , 7 i, ff ll.. , ..,-ff .A. . ,-- A A I fu. I i ' X'-gzg+-'f ' 'K --f A . 1 f I: 'Hi' 2,11 f I i QA l 155' .Q nf , fa 'Q . fi Q: 1,5 s A .,, ' I, 4 A A ,A "5 e' l , , -. 1, 7 li . il l 'Il Q, M l" iffrq-' -197 1 L-riff n A u A . rf, ff. .- .. -. , " ll 1, Y n A ' f ' ,'.5!l'!'1f 1' -f- ' A - ' .f - - :ai T--1: H 'l 35 ' ' ' " A ' Fi , .ff V A A e r 1 ai ' ' li -A e 1 f ' ' -Vi-,-' . ' ' lf 1: - ' , L -v . I . NNN 5? E A, ' fqigg. L Y , 54555 H Y XV :l gli: 174 1- Y,-.N -ns v-:ie . l' 5 I 'U,',.:4 .J rf , A , it h V' Yrr, j i 177-Y I 'A - , 'YI'-1 ' ' 3 . . anna , N .11-'fizpzfrq 1 1.2 1 akg., 5 i' ' ' '-I-... .I ' , ' " -if -- '- : 1 ' ""- A ' ' 'WSEQL 3' '-J, L 1'-'L ,. , jg A V iw.: gyiifff' A .. , H, , M , . ' , 1 -5'--gig? " 5. -A ---AA- A '- ,S 1,'fQ '-- ' A - A . , ' ' 'A . ' ..-. , f A 'Mimi 1 l b J . . Ie 4 A 5 . - ig IIII I C f.-Q, . gwfa IK.. , "'2Lf.g.,,, I ., . . f. . ,. Fai? " tile . Jw. 1 s. -. Q. fizsebffm "x'PK',. fr A., .ir ,I , L 49 , N INV A X,-:If Ki 41 B 5' - f 5, f I- - gg I -,QL 1 I I A w .iw xg ,II , II I 1 ,. V iw' M I Q4 X7 A-M Qi? K ' ' el fi S? 15 T fil lsbu -- ff X- l W 1 , I ., 4, I ga. . . . .l ,ku ... 'F . Q f '::.-9 P- ' ,, 3 ff. 3 x F ' 're , I l f 5' ffY'.:,..g 5. - . H 153- ,ff 'fi .5 fix' -' , , N 'Q i f ' V Skim! X - If f" L 'T 1 -' -A ,, 'X - X x . .rr K 'S ' A' , ' 'G ..J.5.kI .jI:m1i3?r. . ,, 1, X 1- ., ' Qi f 'f if- '- wks' ' Sf-' P12 .' ai ff? " - is Mx A XX' :aw .Nr.x..m , 1 """ """ ' ,, N ' 'his' x ' N ' . " lsxfmszew -5.5 QI 0 1 . II I e . I II N .I IEIII -'i:si.Q:..::f:': . 3, 1 Q ' V- Q. ..,. . -.. A fy ' '-eff 2523- .. if 5 y V :air-Ji.:a1S.:I..'. -'u w-mmm..- A V ' ' Who said Frat. life was all fun?! Look Ma-No sternocleidomastoidl 'S T4 A funny thing happened on the way to . . . I II 1? I ' i.'fQ:f35fgg-fjf'fjjQ2I...Tiff Ijgjgjjfgjffgtg fl gf .,..I1,g,,..,f...,x-x-.bk ',,P'..fQ ,,... ..-,ax..e.-M-ve.: ..,, - ..,,,, I I 7 ,- .. - f ' ' ag .. I IS II If I. III I IIE I II II I I I ,, I I . I ' if I en- .g Q .j er I Im .Q J 433+ -4 - vs :R . . xr i i er iw-ff f r -. i I Q' 74' " Q. ' . I ' fr 'ff ' ' ' as - .y II Wjg 1. -I., If I In jill l'fQ.'s' -' hx A . - 1, Iqfl I NQI . pg SJ I I . II .1 - I iii III5 -ALII ' ' 'I ' A ' ii A 'fwgia 5 e :. Q A e ' f- "li 4' 5' I,,,.,I,...---""'r"'ff' IIIIIIII I II I. 'SI an , .. II, , IX --. 5 fIq,II1 Q--:2.. . . .g: . -5.2 . II I I I I I I F 5 i '. "is iff-A .f ' N 5 - 'F aw , . .' . . A-1 ... .' 'sf t 5' Q -mf.. si '1 -Q f :95f5'3:'f2ff5-3' "'4f::-f:.':i,t.',- , ,.. ' .. - . 1. .... .-X ' V e .1-:. Wv""'.f:l.l5ff - Q f he e ' ., fs. H 3555 -T Q. Y -ii-C' ' V- .Q T -W- - - ' " , Q, ,-"Q A, . I II . . I, -. ..- 2.1-N-+,. 1 ff.. Q v .. . - 1. .-Q.-. . ..f'f.,,.-..- 4: i i . Q X , , 3,555 8 x -2 1 ggi -l l 1 -55.- , - lr ' . : YQ '? 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V , QI y 5IIIIIII In I .... , II W V'-Y . . . . .fl II II il" ' -' "" iis-f i 'Q' 42,3 fits W Q I , Q , P1 Q ' Q! .. .4 .. .-.- ---'-f- QV... . , I Q pg, I.:-3,4 - I..,,I., I..:.,.1 .I5,5,.. .. I .-X w -- .4-. - mg.-E -,-:, y. -. - I . I .J - . ' , . 'W frm ' - .A 'M ip.. -Q mal 'i .. - ' Where i-Q22 Y 3 ' ' 7... ., AI IMIIIIII .,.,.,.. III. .,..,........ 5 ' -:.Q.I.w. WW, sf Nap. 531, x the boys are Maryland's Marching Band and another home game for the Terps. Then off to the stacks . . . for lJ00ks?l Smells good-like Nitric Acid should! "Hootenanny" . . in rnnintnin nnh vlrnntv Ihr ninnhnrh nf mg prnfvnainn . . Faculty fel, MQ Q99- wk X vii a"'Q,!lmv- VIRGINIA C. CONLEY, R.N., B.S., M.A. MARY K. CARL, R.N., B.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Nursing Professor of Psychiatric Nursing Chairman of Undergraduate Curricula Chairman of Graduate Curricula Advisor, Student Government I "N t I l gp, T ggi! ,SEE-9, S ' I 1 Z ,. . K 'T' ELEANOR L. SLACUM, RN., BS., MS. Assistant Professor and Assistant to the Dean at Baltimore. Maryland IO Not pictured: MARGARET L. HAYES RN., B.S., M.S. Associate Professor and Assistant to the Dean at College Park, Maryland r Marguerite E. Hydorn R.N., B.S., M.ED. Certificate in Nurse Mid-wifery Associate Professor of Maternal and Child Health Nursing l w. ll ll V l N l I I l l . .4 Peggy F. Cluster A.B., M.Ed. Instructor of Elementary Education Q- ty, AX! AND CHILD HE LTH Janet E. Burchett R.N., BS., MS. Instructor of Maternal and Child Nursing 1 ff- rw- . Q , Frances-T. Reed R.N., BS., M.ED. Associate Professor of Maternal and Child Nursing I 1 ,ex Mary T. McCoy HN., BS., 31.5. Instructor of Maternal and Child Nursing ll f 5 1 Joyce F. Kaetzel ' R.N., B.S., M.S. 4 I 7-gf Instructor of Maternal f 'Q' and Child Nursing I 0 if? :' ' WN l X 3 t Karin E. Larsen R.N., B.S. Assistant Instructor of Matemal and Child Nursing "J Janice F. Haddon RN., BS., NLS. Instructor of Maternal and Child Nursing R.N., B.S., MS. .lunior Class Advisor Instructor of Maternal and Child Nursing 3""""' ' s Patricia A. Orem Ei L- 4 .wr Il, v "K ' :isa-. ,J V, -mi. ""' 1 3 'N- A .ff:' I " -L.. 1 4 32? G6 A teacher affects eternityg he can never tell where MARY R. DY his influence stopsf' g R.N., B.S., M.S. Hfgnfy Adams Instructor of Medical and Surgical Nursing ' ANNA LEE DEHAVEN ,fa R.N., B.s.N.Eo., Ms. in-X f Assistant Professor of Medical MARIE KELLER and Surgical Nursing X9 . ., B. . 'ig Assistant Instructor of 'iffigiiiaawpzz lv Medical and Surgical J H 0 Nursing Lf- I .Q ' 1 f ' 1 nt . ,if BETTY SHUBKAGEL ' ' if ' T' '35 R.N., B.S., M.N. ' N ' -U Assistant Professor of Medical and Surgical Nursing if I c C CAROL M. HOSFELD . R.N., B.S., M.S. , X . 'V "" Associate Professor of Medical MARY JANE HICKEY R.N., B.S., M.S. Instructor of Medical and Surgical Nursing V W-1, ,gf v RW' is is I 'iff J , A, 9 A... 'fat 'F 2.11- ' ax 'W Ya 14 -z K I -.,, 53, 4953 is li-I .f ilifi'-iifivfiil , QV.. HECTOR J. CARDELLINO R.N., B.S. Instructor of Medical and Surgical Nursing ANN E. HALL R.N., B.S. Assistant Instructor of Medical and Surgical Nursing .Z zegfz I 1. , 'rr':a:5.q ' my 5?5f5EQ3QI , MV.. .5 .f qv :- 23533 Q? " J , ..c. 12 nzxp, a and Surgical Nursing CARL MILLER " R.N., Bs., Ms. Assistant Professor of Medical and Surgical Nursing as was . -- f cy? Fixx k - 555-'E 2 ti E A w 5. 9 f t Not Pictured: CATHERINE 0. INGLE R.N., B.S. Assistant Instructor, Cardiac Catheterization PATRICIA K. LEATHER R.N. Assistant Instructor, Cardiovascular Nursing HELEN J. MOSELEY R.N., B.S., M.S. Instructor of Medical and Surgical Nursing Psychiatric Nursing - vygwf 4- ffm H 4... 1' fff-, 4,'-5.42,g.., N ' .,, iff fi5lf??E"' ' , if r 'Ht SHIRLEY L. HALE j,g3ff2'?::zij4' 2 "f mis ',1,:9ggf,,,, R N B S N ED M Q 4' X " Assistant Professor of ' 2 ie: - - - I Psychiatric Nursing 2- ,cs Lois Nt DIRKES " R.N., Bs., M.s. N -- Instructor of Psychiatric Nursing It " A 9 m ffl? S A .. f ISABELLE GAARE C T" K 'Q ALICE J. NAUGHTON R.N., Bs., Ms. 5' ,WI , ga. R.N., Bs., Ms. Instructor of Psychiatric Nursing 'J .4-3,5 Instructor of Psychiatric Nursing ,Q ,xy df , f Rehabilitation wr 379'- I'-f' in-Y, CECILIA M. ZITKUS A.B., R.N., M.A. Associate Professor of Rehabilitation Nursing I3 ursing 'Z 5. ...H . 1- . X ' I I Aa,-sx".,L"v 'ft .gl - , J' l V 'N Q 'Q In ,a..1f, I, I ROBERTA M. FRANK R.N., BS. Assistant Instructor of Rehabilitation Nursing P BLIC HE LTH 7471! n li X, KATHRYN S. WOHLSEN ,- B.A., M.N., Pt.N., M.A. ' is In Associate Professor of - " ' i 1 l' W Public Health Nursing +1 f f f,,,,.v-lasik! 'Q 1 V' 1 A J 9' a.:,.:.- Qi' 5 If . ifiii ' 'ff ' MARTHA BAER R.N., B.S., C.P.H.N. Assistant Professor of Public Health Nursing 34 MARY E. GROTEFEND R.N., A.B., M.S., C.P.H.N. Assistant Professor of Public Health Nursing Tuberculosis I .v-v 'V ,, . V 6 QW 1., mt N W if wt . 5, A N3 z tv 4 ursin FRANCES P. KOONTZ R.N., B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Tuberculosis Nursing H. . . the skill of the polisher fetches out the colours . . ." ors, 1 , V kr- ' s 'ri ANNE L. DOUGHERTY A.A., R.N., B.S.P.H.N., M.P.H. Assistant Professor of Public Health Nursing Addison utrition it "'f X t't' , xi ,W aff-.,.-,,W,N.. - ot' ' ,:r1-rzrixiifix' fr"1-1- FQ " 3 X 5 i APM. :fax x , , fit , w Q, X ig? gi Q, a wks z .A rm- N 1 'A r. -P , Senior Class Advisor V' ff 1 ' t. ' it T527 V fm? ' K --4I'!'i'Z"IZG". 2, 13:-:fi gzgsfwnsfstt-x:sg Y, V , Q --:If we iff' ' " ' fffif I4 MAY B. HALL R.N., B.S. N.ED., M.S. Assistant Professor of Psychiatric Nursing, Graduate Program RUTH L. DYSON B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Nutrition f S 1,,, ,4yff,M"!' 22:11- in at Q Obstetrics . . . Miss Hayes never told us it would be like this!" K A'Mem0ries are made of this. . . N As wonder after Wonder unfolded before our eyes, we found OB. personally informative and gratifying as preparation for future motherhood. It was in prenatal clinic that we learned to view potato-chip eaters with disapproval, to ponder the assets of laundry starch, and to put away forever the dream of a blue, but oh so constricting. garter! Further disillusionment was in- evitable+the horrors of an infant, perfumed and pow- dered. who wore an extra kimona indoors and, worst of all, actually liked his bottle-fed cow's milk! In our teaching roles, we soon discovered that tact and prac- ticality are the only successful methods for "preach- ingf, "low-cal," and "anti-saltn requirements. And, armed with our B.P. cuffs and stethoscopes, we learned to distinguish the "normal, from the "ab- normal" in pregnancy. "Do you feel something dripping on your toe?" "'-w--:QQ i hiya f 2 1 "You sure you don't want to change to Along with our ever-broadening knowledge of the phenomenon of birth, we developed a sense of real accomplishment from our newly acquired and rewarding skills: opening a B.O.A. pack in 5 seconds flatg cheerfully mopping the delivery room floor for the third time in one eveningg and executing Leopoldis Maneuvers with only a 501, error! We strove to be emotionally supportive both to anxious new mothers and to their infants in the nursery or rooming-in. And to be of assistance to the doctor was another vital role: "I know you're a junior medical student, Sir, but I really think thatis the fundus-the head should be at the other end." ' as "'- 1:4 'f 4. .... 7117 breast feeding?" by l af , , , ,Q : f' - 4.45" '.'M'- , "rs V , ,M 2, X -sq M I : 'wi i', N. f yff,r.4y-5 ,nl-:QL - W V , an I X ia 'E' w '1 ,.f I ' Q ' "Where goin t 1.1 hun Quit l v X x 9 w-. - N .s I 7 ws ov Tons of fun. 1? r 1" Y 1 ' it-5 "' A J' re Q7 rf: - . T 1 , 'zz-fi,-42 f V, J w A . gg Q' ,, -iw , 1 1 , pi ' ' 2' f jzy 51, U Q , Ii vf41'.f3i2f'a5.,.,,Elf. 1, . 2' N K :l e s , , ' ' 4+ tr 1 ' If A '-Q14-... -..f-", ' 5 ' lglfeffif' ' li"""""l7l' "" swf qt Afgadqw ., ., , . A L W-Q-'5'7'7"'W X I , ,f uxfqf, N 1 f l' V A 1 x " 5 t ' ' ' '-'- W 9 .-, ' ,V ' X " " ,J re it ifclgggtjzeyg A - A ,x 1 42 WZ il V '..15Q,ftiI". 'f 3,6 f , t ' iii fi 1 , 5 ' ' ' - , , l , ,, sw V 1 H.Fifi.,i5V.,:wZf, S .V A ,.,. , ..,, ,..,.. , 4, ., ix Q gi, "Are you a do-bee today?" , ., . , 4 l jg . , j ,H 0 0 ill rf W H 0 o 0 4 l 6 l3tI'1CS ll imp" E nz m , y M 1 1 I , - L, V . , A .A 3 . V. 1 i 5552 5 f , yas! 1 f fi , 7 3 A ,,.,,.,,,,. ily ' ' .,,,,, , .,,. "Guess we'll have to use newspapers!" Thereis never a dull moment when children are around-their antics and 5 endearing ways always seem to emerge regardless of how ill they are. With the i nursing students there to help, each child gradually comes to feel at home on ' the Pediatric Ward. As combination play ladies, schoolroom teachers, mother- substitutes, and general nurses, We tried to bring warmth, happiness, and en- Q' couragement to each child. Each diaper change, feeding, medication, or nursing 1- technique carried out gave us the opportunity to know each child better and .1 fl 1 w pa "Holy smokes, I know I got him in. y A-ixiqi' 5, , , to v W' l Q X, , I - 9, 5? we 11 P E 'S gf .Z - I' X ". . . and this is for the mailman!" to build strong and supportive relationships with them. But what frightened H250 poundswi-, child could ever know that his nurse probably hated that treatment room more than he? ln turn these children brought us hours of fun and laughter. and though they were hospitalized. their wonderful imaginations and abilities to play and have fun rarely failed. The wheelchair races in the rotunda. the ' stickbag masks and bleach-bottle pigs, and the anxiously awaited Wednesday morning movies all became part of the continuous momentum in Pediatrics. fi ' if . YZ if li F v l " X V I , 'KCan xt X k ' . s l ta e X ti im J..- bed A with ' me?" X l l 1-,Nag V. , .L ., V . If I ' . ' ' 'x" ' 'r5iiZQ5:?? 4 W1 N ,- 5' 'fl ,H A POEM I am not grown-I am yet a child, But I have known what it is to love When I was a babe I knew love, you see- I learned first on my mother's knee What it is to love. I could not live one single day Without discovering along the way V What it is to love. Y w Maria Rhodes The calm before the storm Rather gobble up that TLC! L ,Q . . .... 5 ..., , Fila' '- . ' Tx w ww' ' ' '- . ., g I .,,, W. e - 1: -Q I N , . . "Aw-fish do not take medicine!" 2 NW Wm 'K' me "Step Tight up, ladies and gentlemen . . . x s K. -,-, .N Q62 f I Y ,Q mm . X ' F -, I S . X .I JL ' 1 .. -2 Q'i' I ,fi 3 f i I E fi- "-- I -P E I .,,- I -"' I5 'A ,, . if. p. 9 -' I -: I , A - l lf. l 1 j f -:lg i ' I E e ' lv I I f f Flsffizi I I I f Lf I I l ss..-1:3 ' 1 -wW"mm"p-.v-- 4 H' 1 ,P f '4 1 ,f Q r .Z .- Q 1 V L b 1? F V 539 ,f t I V 101 Oh he'1l love 'emitl'1ey're sugar-coated! fri, i '1 rn 1 ,fx I L . A "Your husband Called-wants to k his 17th deductiun is doin- The Inside Story 543 A.-. ,,, : ., f i uf? Tr. ff I ,gg i 4 F 5.442 V W Q ..., . ,W Y 4 . 4'-Q Q ig ' If if f"""'1.z ., g'It's still sterile, but I 4 2 w!'z,,aj ,! F' if ggiefff g: ' N0 fa wish I knew what I was doing!" '4W0uId you prefer a bubble or a flip. n1adam?' ' M' ' " '..'f'?:2S25'I1E:':c9F'?ff:. fig 2, ,N,, .,., , QQ. .. , 5 2:5 H ,M 5 "I "v-.-:J A I V.,., N kQ,- S- : g 0 1"':.-f::1G2i:i:' f.:,s1:tsQf?59ESff -fi nf -2.54 -Q 'viii fire if Fffiiri in 1- , . :wzgl '31,-. -V ':- J-::E5ifsc::5 , . A. x,,..,,- .y mul., i ,N -'mg-iii?-,avi , - - Mt- 5 A x . , . , , ,NIT f 'Q x IA 'in I I I Q2 'L .X .353 X ---Rs .XL K ' 535,-3 Q tgii "N ' iii f ,X ' f:-.-:.- - g. iE5-EEi:fE5i5f5EE- A' "' l"- , ,f 'E-E5Qi:5ElZZ1g1 ' ! ' ' Q D fi" X, .,-1, av. an . MM ANVHW F F V X s V S t 'I Y I I I 1' v , X 1 A I 'X I . N , - V l 1 il ' x X 11 I . Q ' I " P Y , I v t 17- 5.51 .. s...J ' - . - ..,. ..,.. ,...A..4.l.' ' ' ' 'y "And how did you say you slulshed your me?" Rehabilitation -liould always be this good!" I Instructors had a way with words: "Rub those cellsl' g "Its ten oclock-you're slill not fin- ishedflig and "What is the nursing care for E.Ix.C.'s? ' As we slowly developed into "nurses,', both doctors toften to their chagrin! I and patients were the recipients of our services. Lotion massage orders multiplied ten-fold. rehabititative and social service referrals uboomedf' and nurses-s notes be- A came long legal documents. I "Still wish I knew what I was doing!" Med'SuI' . I . . . Those six grueling but invaluable months accom- plished many things for each of us. At lirst. the hectic pace inevitably conjured up nostalic memories of OB., when we actually looked for work! That first injection was the "rite of initiationi' that truly ushered us across the threshold from theoretical to bed-side nursing. From then on. until our last sterile compress. our ma- jor goals were "organization," daily nursing care plans and sensitivity to the 101111 needs of each individual patient. But how encouraging those small daily achievements were: remaining calm when some "crisis" , . arose I3 "fracture bedsu to make and no orderly in 5-1'1" sight! tg teaching the new diabetic to accept and live -X E ' with his disease: and getting through that first "scrub" ,X t 1 without contamination, G.I. tract "rebellion." or nerv- 1 7 ous prostrationl Gradually. initial fears and misgivings 5-A dj -"V l were resolved through our increasing ward experiences , ' ' it ' and understanding tof both patients anal instructors! I. ' ' Q5 V 1, I F . , , a A lr - , M' LIN I N K , f rj, yy... ., . ' ' 1' f P Y 4- 11 "Sir, you don't really sleep that way?" ,Q-' e ' 4 3? f ff' vs. 1 , - ....., -3,-:--1 f 1 4' x. ,, ca Bad assignment nothing, my fingers are stuck to the N ssIf 1 9 ps it ain t collards and fatback, I wont eat it. ! Y:-.Ei N! , E 1' W f ,N ! ,hawks xx f mwwnfa '-.' I , 3 12? ' fa S , ' 531 1, i Y f '73 f ' ' 1 ,ss - I X f 'S -. ff if rg .K 1 X fi X! Ap", V I . Mr, . . ,-'A 'V 'H m i' li "There's only 14 more after this one!" F253 , i f i f 4 , 121-. f 2563 Q jf . , .,f,.. I ,M ,,,. "Q?'2LL' F V.. 1. yi.5x:'-- ,ip -' wt rw' 5115 dz' 5, S ,,,,. , ,,.,.q,, ,. pc.: , iii:-Q fm , lQf7f'Lj,3?1 xx X . ' 'zfifi ' 5' . 77 if T,'5LQ'V.N5 ' if wifi WPI: M .,R' 4! I J api' ai i i" 'f' 1.4 , v-- :W 4 14.4, ','A dy ? -iff 'vf ' 7 -.ff ,f '07 ' 6 W., V Z, bu' J Ay 1, A guiding hand and a bit of em-ouragemf-nt. 'LHalitosis is better than no breath at alll" ,4 . , Y, fur R-N ? X -yA.,.m- f vi il! I ' 1 I l F f ' Ewixg' .. 'ii 1 , I I K. , "'N"Q' '5Altogether now: 'One little, two , I Ek little, three little lndians . . .l". 23.2 'H'-if , fM1f'fl'l3gfM.-N tg-' f, l tnwltfiij ' J - . I f , FWZ:-al uv .rfhlg time, le -in Ze: W X tsgitiy J 5 f Yr V it fl' A l N-:wx '-"" 3 'V 1:55 ' z Z5 . Q52 3 fy- : Q - ilk 1 : ' 'S' E gf. V .I gf, L2 . X , . :VL it ,,-V X M - ,N t 2 ' 1 . f XX . " ,.. u ,VIQ at , t :int .Xi Q f ' ff E ff: SK ,f Q l t,. VE E to ' giijlll X t wg W I suction you . . ." 1 V, s N W SL. u '6You say these are on sale for 99d?" t's wait until he's asleep! w g 4 '55- , SF Q 1 "All I do the whole day through . . . ls N , s -5 Q gfwffn af' Ihgaltg mill ll rnhvannr Q . " MW . If-i'f. ff ff ft? 1 'iii' ff 5 "j1f'j'2'9lj1,L "wx iff , 1'-'5"l2, , 1 f' ,fy Q51 fi '- QV' ' ' ,,.j,.,vf ,, mv. Z V ,Zf:::,.1, ,. . - ",:fg:,,1-:gf - JUNIOR CL ss ICR CLASS OFFICER i 4 i ' ., get 1 Junior Class Advisor Miss Janice Haddon "f A i x ,l Lef1mRight: Nancy Clark, President: Sharon Craig, Treasurer: Pam Geurge. Secretary: Ellen Parke-r, Vice President: Ginger johnson. Historian: Karen Seaman. Sncial Chairman mot pieturerll. v 28 l 1 1 5,434 , 4 115 , A W4 - fk glmlg V 9 , ,Y i 1 , A W 7 X X x rv w ll. I X . ' .ness Valerie Barkley if fi W' A Af v" I A I lvkx 13:17 ., Wm f Grace Barnlet l A Y V, .W .- - v' ,, A, 'I 4 V "I ' 4 ' ,brig-,..,. l A wif?-1 I I, W, f 14 l 'g ' 1 WL.,-Y . .M 3 Dagnija Calitis Nancy Clark isfx S., I ,, U yy Sheilagh Courtney Sharon Craig Mx 'N Q 4- ,,,,.. , 1 Karen Deppf Darlenv Dietrich 29 r r,,,f .nr W A, ME Q ' -- s' . WW' :SM-.All '-.1 ' r , L 5,51 . :Q -3 -- -. :A25"" my-2: WW - I . 1 If ' A N' - 1 f- -. w -i 'a., ,ar-sf: 1 . -- N gggggrff--1 -' , .vw . W Judith Fromm ,': ' f -' 5252:T355-.'ZS.EEE.f:'iYi'1: Sf - I l " l eg 1- . 1 1SGIQ1'l,""'lw: F325 '- -, , QW Q . U '- xx l- 'fl' NQX X, xy.,-'C' A lx. 1 l all 'iii k l Pamela George 1' 4, , 1 1' xx 'Avila .MR , Kathryn Disney - - - 1 .-.A we ,..:f:sq.::.w-,:. or. : :H 1,51-e 1 ' X r N "" 5 If ' ' 'P--QNQK.-'-f 3f3.:If:fI-'. ":5' . ' "ff.f,2kSf5- ' 5 x -f4sg.f--rsgf-r::f-:--v if-, .11 ffww rv? ,N 29s.:,5,fq.-A. - .' 2: .- ' -:':: rsfsfxiirssv 15 'N 11 -W 'Sw v 11" -N' ' e 'f.'5fr.5:, X 3 X 'WX in .. x K N5 . R x Martha Mary Donelan -1-::.: .v:+..::,- Km .-f lm ,- 21: rf ::,:.':-:arg--.Q-' if ,-2 K.,- .- . NXm.M,: , -my f .M - 3 ,Q . .,, A x9.4.,v. gi." 4945 WTXNT. l . -,I mgrxz,-.. -.- lf my 4 . " :el . .f w- . -agreg- . Q: ,xv ,www Xkgiw A 9 "QS N3 XS X A N X sk N W V X Egg, X 'Q V X K xi lf NM . ' N X ax Rm Q l , NE br 'kv X 1 M Ke x 3 'K X' X. A Q Y xg' 'QR Qt' sb QQ xx XX H' N y 4 2 ' fig Q h K . -mx 4 X - 1: 2 WM-.5 k ' - N ex X it X Q 'X :M A 2591 23 I xx X lf r x N z QR X 5 ' X lk Toby Furash ri- ffi' f X. . W I A 5 I 1,5 -I -A ,. , 1sfv:::111-,'-,s:- av' '- U W5:w-...:-.S-:..-- mam. V' . r1.ga1:-rzefeskcsf-: -- - 5 SS-nxtr. '523'1:-Izrrpwz ,. Y, . mmmwww: D- I r, 3-.N IK , -. Qsrls.X,gvf f- - - Sally Gerson Win. Joyce Grahl Linda Ellen Hutkins 30 s fy., Ginger johnson Marjorie Sue Johnson ,Z .J E,.,. WH' , 1 fbi if 4' ' ' 'V ' ' ' ,f' ,A 7474449714 44,W,9-vm-J, A f 952522335 'f ' ,4 . 2? 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'N v .44 VZ f,,,,,.9 , 5 .f ' ' f ' f - H575 -f f .fy ,nz I -4' jf' 3 f Q ,ff f , fff4 f S 9 f f 4 , A f 2 , f ' 1 X Z I f an X Z! ' K 1 ll 'll f il 'f l J , . -1 I. fill' lW5fEif1ixfff1!ff" lf! A ll34lil.'L.i:sH L Patricia Sheyka Claudia Smith X X gaze V ,X ' X .X file X lVlarlene Sossen 54.42 f , w YK 3 . x..,.,., h L .lacquelyn gf aff? I 10,47 MQ , f lvjsvf 3 ff 2? eff' 52 N 4.622 55' I y,-v'wrsz,,,. ,1,.:,- ,,fr""' B. Spalding -wa 4-1. i""' ,1 1 A, If , f l 1 . ge,f,,- I "f'f""'f"M ' " ,. ,.Pgg:r5Q,g'f, 1 ' f fum 1 ,4 ff-S' 253-30 5f'v5E:?f-'P ' .1273 v, -A 4 r fl. e- 1 A 52.552 , A V, . 'vw ,ne i f' 2g,.?xg.f! i 1 1 X Constance Staley Nancy Stetsun Diane Teitler Harriet Thomas ,.. T 'll W.. - K : ,A if . I ,,.., 3 V. ii V ,,, 1 1,4 . I wp , , li' W ff Y if y in y, ff Kathleen D. Walsh S . , as ,.'::::-.- .- :. 12.24 12 "" - A V. sg-ggffnggf .fn ' v 9' f .fi fi ...M - N . JE- ' '- ' : ,asm - l 5 5 A -f if .5542 by K5 1 Y . . , ' , I lx . -n -.- l-lermine M. L. Werle Cheryl Zangwill A Prayer for a Nurse Oh, n1y God: I am about to begin the day's work. Teach me to receive the sick in Thy name, Give to my efforts suc- cess, sweet- Jesus, for the glory of Thy Holy Name. Grant that the sick Thou hast placed in my care may be abun- dantly blessed, and not one of them be lost because of anything that is lacking in me. Help Thou me to overcome every temporal weakness and strengthen in me Whatever may enable me to bring the sunshine of joy to the lives that are gathered round me day by day. Make me beautiful within for the sake of Thy sick ones and these lives which will be in- fluenced by them. Amen. 34 "El mill ahaiain frnm inhatrurr iz hvlvierinun anh minrhivunwa . . upon-f .., . ,A 4' xi.-, HA-, 'zi4.4:J'Gg,- wig irq: 3 .... N I. .34 1.2-' . ' Luc- M mu- v 1' 'af' '21 -if A Y 35 . A L. V, ,tv LIFE 4': 't 'f- 4 Q iff ', b 44 , 31 .W 7.5 . .I ,af-V A M F' to " " 1... H . in 1 ",..-....w..t...f.--1 jk, if gf' - 5 Q '- .V E' -.IEEE 5-'45 ES.. Bxfwg' A' ' sf ? I Q V . .S ' f z - 1 K y AJ'A Zvg li:-., , H ,df V3.5 J, 1 Q3 xxx ' H , ummm' WWA1 fl W ' 9 iff V' Y 1 ' ' ' t W .,,,. M- ..,. .. W. -:,, . sa ' -'if -'E "f21 E.:E5', ...,. , KH!! if 5 Q 5 ts If ke. i K , Footnote number 106 g'Ne-ed I say more?" "Only .... . .more days of strife ,ss ' tx! b ff ,4-4 .4-u X x u. .-.1 ...,,, sh ' I x x Y QV.-4, '7, .j ,P www 2 4, S, S .5 f' Mouth care, H.S. :A , 36 You didn't! ?" t I V 1. ,M 5 '1 1 , . raw ., 1:2 f ,, ,.,. W I 4 I 'f jfs ' if y 1 if 9 f fn 1 ' v xg , A, Mo, 4? - ipf, u, gf, 1 -I ! ' W! ,f 1 'Q , f' 1 ray. is . A zv ' " ye ? VL. 1'Q-V193 f ,,- 4. 5- cz fy- ,-1 .' -Q.,-'of ff? f 'i ' r ,:' iff' ff f f" 5 'gif' -1 " ' y 4. f.64,f1,.w--- .f-2' ' VV., . 1 - V4 -,fy 2--af., 2,49 f , me , . . ,, . i ' A -'-- ,A ,4,,,.,. - f 'f 4.5 ':. zizvia. So you forgot to pay your room rent?" HHPPUICSS is 21 Wiifm PUPPY! Time 5 A.M.jL'Evaluation of Experzenceffw Within These Hallowed Halls . . . Fond memories of the Baltimore Campus would be incomplete without a backward glance at our experi- ences in Parsonis Hall. Agony was a 6 A.M. buzzer, no hot Water, contrary elevators, yesterday's uniforms today, thanks to our Hpunctuali' laundry. and an empty mail box. Panic was grabbing a lVlacke machine lunch. hear- ing HlVlan on the Hoorw while in the bathroom, typing at 4 A.M. with the bibliography still to go, and trying to read all the elevator signs on the way down. Happiness was playing a game of bridge, having every weekend off, sunbathing on the roof, birthday parties. bridal showers. friendly house-mothers, and singing in the shower. Se- curity was a phone call every night, with an ash-can to perch on. Ecslacy was an engagement ring, a maleis picture on the bureau. unlimited one oiclocks, a Dr. Kildare show on T.V. and the fact that there were only l days 'til summer break or. finally-graduation! "lt can't be 6 A.M. already!" "Whats light, cold, and missing?" -as .44 Q v ' 2. " ds- 5 ll N z . ..f - ' ' -- A' e ' f Q ., , , , , Q , " ' ' -- if Yi' "' if . 1 "5 ' 'life 1 is :ni P 1 If My Q in QQ' 's g - :Nl ei '15, Ynugtis 'Q 7 Q2 ff . ' X' . A ' . "L ai S , - - 9' 1 .,an!""' Q S iff? . 9' Y K Q 6 , 1 ,Q . Q . it ,Q ti-i 'iw - . A .I 42.3 W Uwv- If 4 A ,Va .Nh .kb g ,J . x wr My . . but try Hurting ix! nd In ur "Let Me lead this one, x .2 .f . . g. f X J inc 1- 'E Q - 9 5 5 I .,, Ik Happiness is a Junior cap . . Z, K - 5 Eb X .-5.. Niigml Avg h .. .. H . " R" - R1 X- .. 'i?" 'ff,, Y . H - Xia -ax Q.,-+ .5 , 'i Q vw . --irq ""' wf-9' ----f W-.2 -.9-M--S,-.- - "F - .- ' . Qs -. ..-f'-:1"'i111.f ff:-. . A .. ' Fw-.,,, 1 W. f+'x"l3s- s g, ' -:.1.,'- , , . r 5, 14 " . ..j"' ., - -3 -4: .. . 55. 3, -gag, - Hx- ' .2 ' -- .. 1 wx ' .. N ff -. - . ' 1 l . "3 -4-X 'B+ if .- N' . K - 1' -,1-. fr-,pr ,t " - ' . 4- 5 ' .ji:f."-iff-. -if-.. ' .,- " - X- -51. . -' .- W' . . ., .-Q+,,piw- 4- , 'Q ' - ' ' 5:53 Q .,-4 W -A7 ' 0-4. s Q' N.: , . f L " A ' x fs. W' .. .,. -"' 4 'nv - ,- ,H N -.f-,... . f .. iii. ,. 'Q X T U 1- H , ' '.. 'A ,. iiiixgg '54 :,ff7x.b'f -A X: 'wk .' Ng, , A- 'Z V' .f- , .... " V' i ' 'a --wx -' - ' Q . - wi' 'M -rf .. 4 - :.' --. Qfni. . X ' 4' '.. . .. ' X - .:- Y'-3-. -' ,. .. V N ? ' -"B:-.. -1 42' A h 5' ' - , , Q. 5 Qll- Y. A,'5iT'gfiy.y.xLiQ A ,R -.l i ' l I W ,... , .blv . A 9 .,... X Q. i ,t x.'..b Q hll. . h I ,Q A -,WV . . ff . f-5 -. - .. Q, he .,-.:se?5fQ? . 1?-1 - -1 : "Liz " ...N Q. X'.3.fB -gg - 1 :sag -'f'-f . ,. J, gel . -.3 1, , . -.-7, '-5. !, ..pQ. , . . .V 3 S -' T ' Q .- - ' ' sg ci, - ,.-::, - - - ' ' - -1- A . ,Ig ,. -Q, - x I -t ,- . Q. I -, Q- ky, 1- .. ,- . -.fe-... ew -- M ' i tm, 1. 1 ' --- ' - , .-,,, -A - . Q,5xf",. QI' 239- AQ ,pf Ai W Q. 'X Ei' , A., ' - . . ' 6 3 4 V' , ' A., , 5 K We-..,-w U 5. : 3 . . . wk .A .- - gm... . -x 5 F e Q -2 ya "Where's Hector? "Maybe I could use him in Public Health." X AVS. 5, i ,gf if 'Ara "3."k ...shi x Q' Q i. '.- - 1- -. M,-4 1-nfs . . - f ::A's 'T "K QM Ratio. please." Five to One g , f r' gb xg in ' -35.1,-f1,,,, , 5 , 1' . Q 5, , Jf g ff 3515, ..- az, 'ff- 2 1 ff 1 wa. -2 :pr 'ff V 45 W 64 4' mf. .., 41, 441'-1' .-5. ff -f, ii? I.: 1:4 ' '1251 qw ,' V aff' ' Wai: sg. , " 112:11 ' E Q Q 5 N .. ,QQ , 151 ,J - . . ff .4-1 ,..,...: - M3 .-E., .- Qgf: 4 215115515-3155? ' 1:4-.5i..:z.?!f.7g.S, , z 3 ' 5-W 7 351+ A K A Blinging Christmas Spirit to our hoxpltal I ' x A X v 'xi 6 . . K ' f 4. A K rl-A3'!.L'.-5 X iv., , . .5 T , x S' x Q A x -. .- in 2 a ,H ,gf 1 .. ann-v-P tmgvq-'E 5 Ar v Q 1 -Qiaxyy 1 QF!-p ,' , , .Nw Q af sp ,226 N 1- W , A AM' I 0 . ,. eff 5 4 v -f ,R 'Z' z x :rg , 2, "Do you solemnly swear?" iw E., , By the hght of the coke machme ,A, fjqy, if FW - I Q i i ' The practica ,J - 'H T' f ff ,, W jg, '?' ' , f I approach to "Theory of Exercise" -45 ff' X! 1000 cc., 9576 Scotchfsoda f 5 . X A I, 1 M 2 + 9 'www l K G' 1. A "I thought you were supposed to practice on an orange!" 40 .329 ' 4 M4. . 2:29 , ,dfjwji wud vwgf waaqh -umwL., -1f?5, ' f ,. 14. 4,3 ' TWQZJM. . awww M,43Q,wf, ..z 7: . W-. "You say you got engaged?" Cats on a Hot Tin Roof .I-h. .. "Do you really think he'1I like il?" 41 Y --rrfigff' "But my boyfriend is down there! r .: x - - s w--av'w:- -af ' 45'-5 fS11'5:-:,-'f:-.,'f-ms..'N ' "MH -, "-wefi-is'-?fls'EiRN -'A vf.km9"E": 131-'dxf " ' I ' . I ' CY: '.'1-FK.-1-. . - P V . B, ' Crou . vi Sus. ' WN Q ., -, A ' . ' - NNE" 2 rf '5524- ,-: -1:g:Er:z ...rm -".zg5SEgf2-2ga: .:ag, - '. .-fr. gf -, --Q ......-aw -: , r g , . ,yr-v+:2-ww -: ' -. wif.. Q--F ::5:E'31' sgggywgw' -- . '12, X, YI " f ws A H W ,. - A K . ' 'P ' ws- .. X - ,. ww- -- 1 . V - - SF , x..,, ,,,. . , MV. - My Q. .A Wgyqg--i, IQ, ,K .. .W . . ARQNX 0 -4 .r: ' X 'Q-' ' v:ssS:I-a5'-.2s- V- -' , Q. -g:5:5:::::gk.5:'. N ggregg- I : ,. ' 1--f:m- a ny-4. ,rw '- - wa. s W' X .sir 'iv O . V - 'V-P V. 35 .. . 1-fx . f:'l1'S'R' 5 . ,:,,X- --., Vx Q . , 1 - 0 ma.. i 1 'X X X ..,. .. N. w . K X, x 1 i 'LO0ps! What do I do with the seeds Hurricane Karen therapy ? ' 1. sas.- .-N. EQ, ..., ik,.. M 2 , -- . 7 ax .4 1 fr- ?f'I?1: f .,.s 'k yn r ,sw , ---2 5. qv ,.,,, .if--A ,,g,N:w"y, ,iii 25.3. .T ,., , r QS. I Z .h ,.,. ..., ...... . .. .,, f : , , 1 :, sf., ,. , , Q 2 A N v x , H I V ., . ui 5, 5 3 .. Z i 4 vii' 4 3 is R f fi 1 g 5 X , 3 w A N v Y 5 f 5, fx s X3 .ne x 5- Y , Q. 5 "If you're going to dance around my Maypole . f::...:r ' '- - 3 'W b mx z Q , 1 x gr .... .X . X -yn -: Mqrfa ' .Q 1 N . il fs wx WS. . . is A2 Merriment "Cheer up-only 4-1 years 'til retirement! n es 'V' pv x ' '-5 . Y f X ,, Q, ,. 4 wt 'T dirt Hope her aim is better than her first injection! J Bridesmaid or Bride? "Caught without your face on?,' ?f-frk x I f .Q fr f- X .xt j' fs In t ' Another busy senior evening "They're 5 minutes apart now." vt' X Y. ., ,. J. . 'vw .KJ .ga as 15' f l - ":'f' - 1'-'i15E4,:5is:3'C 'Y,, 'rf-"'x "TMA wx t S-N . N z ,E - , - I W Lea V- V L F 1, '- '-ff J, n i in New Sill: 'ii e E W. E A ' A 5 E "What are you doing in there?" I i , , , "Hello there, beautiful-Care to be No. 19?" 1 K "Soda Bicarb. Chaser, anyone?" Mrs. Proctor lv 3.3 r Q Nursing 107W-Preparation for Spring Grove. 1 P ' U.. , - . I 4 1 1 I Our "Guardian Angels"-Mrs. Kley and I Mrs. Brown Mrs. , t 0 ' ,H X - Our 64Gals Frldayw . . . And I even read the procedure book!,' "Helsing 53 jf 1 2, - ,H 3' gag, 355, :, : I aw 221, 523- . " L:u 22' SE Ea 3 l . . 52 " 4 ' 'X A 1 ff Hagey 8 Fr H' 4 1 4 1 'if ,A J J f f xr g 'Q in C . . ?5- Qjf-55 I A.,Q.,, M I ,.,fg -55- 31 I 'Eff -'ff . -Y ' :-.- 3 1 -'f" I ' in if L "' .3 if 1 if li N 3: X ' N- .V ' Q E " i The Student Nurses' COUH- f "L' f" H ff ' N . X crl of Maryland is "our" or- ' ':'X .. ganization, designed to foster if - growth of nursing students, : 'V I E both personally and profes- ' r ilk V Q ' 7 ip 3 ' sionally, in preparation for r l . D' i' -' future responsibilities as pro- ' ix M :',.r :lt-" , fessional nurses. All members Q ' ,-,' at ' 2'i ,Q 3 of the S.N.C.M. automatically ' , hold membership in the Na- + 1" N- K H .. . ,. tional Student Nurses' Associ- M ' '1'- iff: ation, sponsored by the A.N.A, and the N.L.N. After hostess- ing the first state meeting of ' E. .1,- :-K-.. .1 ETF' 'A .I - the year, University of Mary- land members attended the regional District Association meetings, the annual S.N.C.M. Spring Convention in Annap- olis, and the N.S.N.A. Con- vention in Atlantic City. The fellowship and service gained by all is enriching and re- warding. RY Student Nurses' Council of Maryland First: B. Brittg N. Heinzenbergerg A. Knoblochg N. Clarkg N. Stetsong Second: C. Taylorg J. Kuping J. Roundyg K. Dicksong P. Heffnerg M. Spencerg P. Sheykag K. Walshg L. Starkg C. Smith. Sigma Theta Tau is the National Honor Society of Nursing. It is a professional rather than a social society and is dedicated to the task of promoting high professional standards. Fostering creative work and emphasizing the impor- tance of scientific research in nursing are also major concerns. Membership requirements include completion of at least half the basic undergraduate or graduate courses, an overall academic average not lower than a 3.0 on the official grading scale, qualities of leadership, capacity for professional growth, and desirable personality traits. Sigina Theta Tau First: R. Zeiglerg P. Heffnerg J. Strombergerg E. Horowitz. Second: B. Brittg C. Mageeg M. Soltoffg S. Kettellsg L. Stark. ..., , -x "t wx x 1 -:fr I' .1-2'-:Sf : Q-. -X. -5:-23,1 ..,::55:- , -'H .x -1.5.5. Q. n -w. , , . . . . ...... 1 ' at Q J r .. '- N f Q 1 x . i 1 x , X A Y ' -,. ii . If 5 Q ...eq-ft., ff' 'Zz -c e 'W-1. X w X w . , ' kg 1 - '--I .- -. .- . Q. - 5 f f 1 Q :i i tl . - .. E. 3 - M. Nqr' fi ' if s sae--. 5 X55-53Q,gS SS gb? S ggwgt-i 5i5fgf333S55'asHg5i, ' ti' 5 Q 9 V- J -1: -+2 ., A -s ex-. . f . .... .Q Q . ,.,, if . . . ,, . . 3 S 5: K ww .. 5Yw,,x'ws .5 X-1.,..i:':sm!-:j .yy E :rise--:Qs""f-ff.-ir-sc:-S...----:fm .- ,, t i'- Wfsiw I . . Q ETX i f Q "s:..- ':' 'r . . -tr . ,AYM-w.tx::.u ss..-J 46 ? Phi Kappa Phi This national honor society is for graduating seniors of the University who are in the top ten percent of their class. It was formed for the pur- pose of recognition and encouragement of high scholarship in all fields. Honor students from the various colleges of the University are selected. Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society was organized in 1897 at the University of Maine and now has seventy-five chapters in the United States. A chapter has been active on the Maryland campus since 1920. Mortar Board is the Uni- versity of Maryland honor society for outstanding sen- ior women. Junior women, chosen for their outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service are tapped each Spring. The purposes of Mortar Board are to advance the spirit of, service and fellowship, promote and mtaintain the high standards of scholarship, encourage leadership, and develop a finer type of college women. .0 A . f gl 1 i l tk' .- 2,- f X In ,af Karen Dicksong Judy Roundy. s E. Horowitz, C, Cooperg L. Stark, M. A. Flowers. We are proud to have one of our fellow nursing students here in Baltimore among its member- ship, along with the Seniors from College Park. Bonnie has been out- standing in her service to our class and school, having served as President of her Junior Class: and now serving as President of the S.G.A. this year. During this time her qualities of leadership. sin- cerity, initiative. and perseverance have shone brightly. Mortar Board B. Britt State S.N.C.M. Officers The main purpose of the S.N.C.M. is to provide a profes- sional orffanization for student nurses in order that they are O able to prepare for their future life and responsibilities as a . Q .x N . N t. rofessional person Candidates for state ollueislnp ale irst p . ., selected by their own associates in their local S.N.C.lNl. chapter . .K . I lr h and are then placed in the state-wide election anion, all uf t e S.N.S.M, chapters from the state of Maryland. Karen llickson is the state recording secretary. and Judy Roundy has seriec l l d'strict's IlOI1llIl"ltlIlf" comniittee l7'u'h as a member of our oca it ' : . , . .. year a fund is set up to enable the ollicers and representatives from our school to attend the national convention at Atlantic . . f l 1 v QQ. 4. Q City. These girls are our oflicial aniliasstidois to thi- unction. x ' 3 E 5 X 1 Student Union Board Q J. Strandquist, Nursing Representative The purpose of the Student Union Board is to . regulate dormitory, dining, and other non-academic ' I ' i' facilities, and to contribute to a Well rounded social, recreational, and cultural life on campus. One rep- resentative is elected annually from each of the - .,,X ,X N professional schools of Dentistry, Law, Medicine, .. -5 " Nursing, and Pharmacy. The main project of the X board is their annual Christmas party, given for W an orphanage. A Q iw Qs. 5' "M 1 Student Government Association Executive Council All students of the University of Maryland School of Nursing are members of the Student Government Association. The purposes ofthe S.C.A. are: to uphold standards of conduct and scholarshipg to create a sense of unity between faculty and studentsg to discuss questions affecting the Welfare of studentsg to instill an appreciation for the necessity of continuous professional growthg and to develop an appreciation of the role of government and its functions. N. Clarkg C. Smithg N. Stetsong K. Walshg A. Knoblochg B. Brittg C. Taylorg J. Roundyg P. Sheykag C. Magee. -..m.....:-Q.:-:. 1 F '- '- - P ' 1- " . i ..... .mg ...... , ..,.. N' -1-2' .:ss2w 1. - .1 -. . .. , -'.E5'T?' ''5:??"?'ff1?i"fYi?'TEf:f'sir? ,. 11-11 Q ' 3. Ii . - :. - r ' . E illnzllilzll :::i'::'f2r1:1::s:s::e:a X' W .W 1 . , .. -, ,.,. . Qers . i -' ' . . . .- K- . . - 4. -- -m e v.W....,, .f M M - ,, , ,:f55it::-111 5 5 5 Wi . -fE1aI:Ef?:'f 4' if' 'f s 225' " " 'ti .1111-' 'fE....:...:2 - . ET '.1.,:::2:r::g--.1-.. . f 2,21 M, ,A W 5,f-f,:,:-gg, 51 " h , 3zfgg.5.ga5.5ggg:g1g-'eg...sgsg:5s.5.g:g:...'.-Q, p .N ' + ' : K. ,.,r:- :ff-::::f. ' '-T: Ez: 31:1 .Q -vw? -.Q-::..5f-:::.'f' . t:e5:5E5:gQ22: 1" -. ,g3. .:Ig , jf: ,p 'jfi 1 'g Q, p 3:g,..'.,:'5..g-,5:5- N t ' '-ef-:P-:fini . - . 15 ' - "-:Ez ' I. p . + .- 'N . 1 ,.., 1 i " 5 if fs Q 2 -rre -' X -1- -ff 'N' 'M BV Q. ' 5" -5 i -rs .H 3 C 3 K . 3' a aff' .ii I Q 'X 5 F The Student Senate is the governing and co- ordinating body of the professional schools on the Baltimore campus. lt is made up of representa- tives from the Schools of Nursing, Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Physical Therapy. lts main functions are mak- ing laws that affects the combined member schools, coordinating activities, offering solutions or sug- ' gestions to problems that N' ' arise on this campus, and generally acting as an .VM official complaint depart- V' Student Senate X - ment for all students. 2-- I l 1. iz , .,: 4 2.4. 35. ' , 495' V Judicial Board S. Macheng C. Taylorg House Chairmang R. Zeigler. This "Sheriff of Parson's Hall" known as Jud. Board is an organization of law and order and is familiar to girls in the dorm who infringe upon the house rules. These offenders are subsequently brought before an "impartial'l court of four people composed of the house chairman. the sen- ior and junior class representatives. and the house director. A Jud. Board repre- sentative meets with each of the incoming Junior classes in order to advise them and to answer any question pertaining to areas such as campus and dorm rules and uni- form regulations. 'ill I B. Brittg P. Hancock: J. Spalding! J. Hellmuth. Y ,, . -vs: ave ' 4 . N., A I .37 N . U! . Q.. Nt v' x K ...X -M' in A Q. ' s It 5 V 5 ll 5' 1 ,H ' , 7,2- ' 1 ' F 4 "wi T .4 ni li X t - - - ' ,.A,, ...,A J il ' B w"2 1 ' + '11 "'- ci t ' 2 4 - - as if - . f , t,, z Ahblsl The G M6dlClHC Dropper Q . , s . it ' its fi N Q U it t WP' " " This year a new name E .. ' X A occupied the cover of 3 y' ,Ks It , N 'Q " X the nurses' newspaper. ri' ' t :E I I 4 i l l . Packed with news articles, announcements, the tra- ditional 6gDisease of the Month,', cartoons, and the much-read '6Children,s Hour," the '4Medicine Dropperw has been a credit to the hard-working staff. Ia X.. XX 2 DK"r"" The Staff: First: J. Roundy: L. Stark: M. Spencer: J. Kupin: K. Dickson, Editor: Second: N. Heinzenberger: C. McFarland: P. Heffner: C. Magee: A. Knobloch: M. Sol- toff: J. Hellmuth. Glee Club Under the capable leadership of Mr. Haslup, student nurses meet each Monday evening for an enjoyable hour of companionship and serious practice. The choir pre- pared for and participated in many activities throughout the school year, such as the convocation, exchange entertainment visits with other hospitals and colleges, and caroling at Christmas time. First: V. Barkley: M. Foret: K. Walsh: N. Stetson: P. Heffner: J. Helmuth: K. Dickson: Second: B. Britt: G. Baro Third: K. Larsen, Sponsor: Spalding: D. Harris: D. Calitis: P. Sheyka: J. Rees: C. Magee: D. Dietrich: M Gardner: S. Courtney: B. Winchell: M. Johnson: Fourth: H. Thomas: B. Jthnson: S. Kettells: C. Taylor: R. Zeig- ler: M. Donelan. - t J D . - 'z E f ' A N 41 3. ., X x . .. . 3. X 'N let: C. Schwartz' M A. Yeaver President: L. Hodgson, Librarian: N. Clark: P. Pelczar: A. Knobloch: M. Soltoff: In ,,.,,,,. . . "" - l " l'--A5"'l'5" "' "" - i 'j""""" Lutheran Dlscussion Group First: D. Harrisg G. Myersg Second: A. Knoblochg R. Zeiglerg G. McFarland: V. Sorensen, advisor. The Lutheran students meet every other Tuesday night. Under the guidance of Pastor David Long and Virginia Sorensen, they have discussed various ideas from the books Your Goal is too Small and Morals in Medicine. Several meetings have also been held with neigh- boring schools. x. H ' 9 ' ' 1+ tr. .V' ' 'Y 1. jsp A t Cathollc f 5 2 Discussion Group J. Kuping M. Sheeheg M. 2 , 1 Znamirowskig P. Sheykag J. I Reesg G. Baroletg D. Dietrich. 5 X . The Catholic discussion group has been organized by the students under the direction of Father Koer- ber. The group holds meetings once a month for all interested persons. Here, those subjects of a religious and moral na- ture relating to the prac- tice of nursing and to hospital ethics are ex- plored. 1 V , fs-5t,'.f't6' . x K I I ,- 'fifi' ' ' f -1 g 2 'Xa -6 'rf Y: ff :-,u5"X,g .Are . -at Q,..,.k4 J z ft ,S ,J 4 IVV' 'no 1.3 2 X ef P A Red Cross Representatives , , S. Brieleg P. Downs. The aim of the Red Cross College program is to help college students explore vocations and develop leadership, understanding, skills, and ability to work with others. Experiences such as working in a blood mobile. teaching mentally retarded children. and pursuing other varied activities are educational as well as rewarding. 1 l l l 1 l l FRAN WYAND Co-Editor Q- 5 't CAROL 'MAGEE ' Editor -stef? I'- X a .s D GAIL CAMERON SANDY SUTLEY Senior Class Editor Photography Editor V Q Q MRS. BURCHETT ' on in Advisor X L A' ew ' ve? ' ,ni ig --., , , M Y 4 1 X. f . Q. , ,.,, , Q ' iv- V ,-Q -3 :F L,- J BOBBY CONNERS Lay-out Editor A CARROLL JARBOE f I Art Editor Y e ,u i. ii- l ij, 5 ' Oo Oc O ' - o 0 I M ,. , e oo As The Pledge finally rolls eff the press, all those who -e ' ' have labored so diligently to make it a success can draw fe-Aj X i P AVN KNOBLOCH CoeCopy Editor ii" ,'d , G' z Xe a sigh of relief. Although there were many stumbling blocks along the way, this year for the first time the School of Nursing has independently published its lu yearbook. So that important June week activities may be included, a supplementary issue will be forthcoming. 'if ' CAROL TAYLOR , -.., Q? Co-Business Manager I' " Ie Q' I, f . I ,-5 hi- C rd , SHARON KETTELLQ Co-Copy Editor .I ,es GLORIA MCFARLAND Co-Business Mana l ser Q Q 9 l L Y l' 0 0 0 UH1V6fS1ty Hosp1tal Night and Clay . . . the never-ending activity of this large hospital continues to unfold some of the most intense of human dramas. To the patients within, it may have many meanings: A promise of health or a life saved, relief from pain, birth of new life. renewal of hope. Here, too, is there fear, gnawing uncertainty, forced dependence. and terminal illness. And for patients within the new psychiatric institute it may represent temporary shelter from stifiling social pressures. a place where understanding is utmost. And here in our hospital do future nurses learn how to comfort and console, teach, appraise, and minister to the needs of these Hpatientsv. 'gf' I I X 'Kew N 3521 l X . N . ,, . 1 ,K "' N ,Q , ,,R,a'iR'f,sgl B5 ,. ,, -535 5 'Fi' rx 2 13' xi,-1 xi P- ffffii' . 4 NN lv' ,N .M . 'W fra. 'S--SN N, ff f X4 - 1 ei-1,-S'y,s-:'Nf.., . ,gf , ' QQ-ly K' X' Qi F"""""""0-V ----.....- :Mme , :s 5 Ni i , M' , X" xv ww? m , 162 1 'ff ge 'i Q5 Q I is ,Q 2 s i l ,Q 52 lg lg 1, V ! Xxx, X in l ig 5. Q f 5 32 E' SEQ ,K i F5 wr: 'x Vi., x 'x F' if 5 Q2 v-Q i uma X 'XNiQ ,,f' xN""'-1-..,,. .,,A., Z ggvgggr 'G Fm' w-.,.2.l Student Union at night f4Nnmm NN. ,,-'W W., was , Q Xliw. Why. W, ?5i'-E13 The Skyline of our Baltimore professional campus 61533 1 E mill f 1 s'x?'Z'g?TEiZ4 ,ig I l l 4 1 2 i i 1 University Health Sciences Library X iv?QS'+- X 'V-lwl-pf-uw.. usa, mv ' h"'f-fume , , A 1 Ju, , , Wy' 5 7 - f :gf :v'1 SX N v Xgwg ' A 1.44 . G' 1 A 43 0 X vw L N L - . it ,fxi ..., ,1 W I-Qmswii ' 5 ? 1 -X-wwxiwx , x w . . hvnnir mgnrlf in nf 1111152 rnmmitivh in .. fc fiflzfmf ,N f , -giv.-,zfmffp .Q 'A fi Z. ,V f ,ff Hjlkgw, ,Mfg J, , . Mm. M fZf4,:m:-aiafeiwvggf 1 my .5742 -3,..V,-,VL A .. , 4,1 mwmw wmymf, , 'W,v'.Wff" ,. ,X ,WR . I r JK 4 X I M, A N A 5 N N XX .qw G25 O0 I N133 CQ X365 .PO QW an X5 cd 4? 01' e 01.08 "Meet me by the water cooler in 5 minutes." Sig: 1 tab. empathy t.i.d. In psychiatry, six weeks are spent at Spring Grove State Mental Hospital and six weeks at Uni- versity Hospital Psychiatric Institute, giving us two different aspects of psychiatric nursing. Wliile memories of the Institute are many. there are sev- eral which will always stand out in our minds. They include street clothes, coffee, daily ward meetings, t'O.T. time,', Melevatorf' "R.T. timef' learning how to play pool, MAre you a patient or nurse?", and staff meetings. I 5 L I 1 "Don't forget, you have to make one for the State." "Anytime you nurses are ready .... " Smile, you're on candid camera. -gg- qi- He said, "What'?" . . . I said, "Who?" At Spring Grove our memories in- clude keys that don't seem to un- lock the doors they are supposed to, 'eLook at the beautiful nursesf' Hbag timef' "Got a light?," state cigarettes, Htherapeuticn pacing in the halls, bus 48 to Catonsville, 150 sandwiches, Friday morning dances in the gym, "Can you get me some coffee and candy?" and the daily card games. Although the experiences are distinctly different, they have in common the giving of oneself through emotional support in an attempt to allay fears and re- duce anxiety for those who live in worlds of turmoil, fright, and con- flict. 4 45' I L J Elie my f A. l f iZ7 ,pei C,. M ,,-anis. ,,.,, N, .,,A,,. Gee, a few more pounds and youlll make the Colts." Public Health ursing Public health nursing is a specialized field which incorporates the skills and knowledge of professional nursing with the principles of public health. Each student public health nurse learns to employ innumerable techniques in order to guide and to motivate the public toward the utilization of the various resources Within the community. Not only must the nurse recognize the multiple health problems within her many 'afamiliesfl but also she must be able to REFER her patients to the most advantageous facilities for treatment, counseling, and further evaluations. The student finds the well baby-clinic both challenging and enjoyable as she counsels "mothers of 2 or 10" in the care of infants and children. School nursing finds the student carry- ing on teacher-nurse conferences in an attempt to discover health problems which plague the school-age child. Public health nursing is considered to be a field in which one finds untold diversity, and despite the inconquerable and interminable problems which she may encounter, there is satisfaction gained from this gratifying experience. 54 Oh, Miss T., will this appear on your day-sheet?" Girls, this is form PH 7598327." ff V My,-',,., W-Nd, H, ,.M..-,--11:-"'1"""'- --..,x- 'N I, ,ff f "This way, that way-this . . . Oh! All this for dirty cotton balls." "According to my calculations, the Smith family lives in the Druid Hill Zoo." -5 "Ah-come on officer!" 91 . . ,,, p V ,, I . if Q, FARNN-N-my ,.k,. J "Could I see that again?--a little slower please." A -3 , . :age F . 1 if it 1:21 22 Y if 55553 ,f 3,5 ' s - . flff 3. t 5 , uf I- E' ff If " f---- Q S Q V... L . , , .E ws. ' . -t .--- f : .: , "I always thought they had to be the same length." lb F. - Xi "This would be great for public health." CAPABILITIES, NOT DISABILITIES, ARE THE TGOLS OF THESE PATIENTS. Independence, perserverence and prevention are the keywords for this specialized Held of nursing. The patients strive for independence by en- deavoring to relearn the ADL's-Activities of Daily Living-in a manner different from that they have previously known. Perserverence is their special inner attitude which drives them, so that one day they can return to their environment as self-sufficient persons. Prevention is one of the main aspects of nursing care to help these potentially rehabilitative patients. Liberal fiuids, exercises, positioning, self-help devices, physical therapy, occupational ther- apy, play vital roles in helping these patients to regain their independence and maintain their perserverance. A smile, a soothing hand, an encouraging word, patience, sincere interest, an expression of understanding . . . all can mean much to people who must face one of the greatest challenges of their lives-learning to live again to the best of theirwcapabilities. This is what I call a therapeutic milieu! t . il t-tr A -t s . in 4 . 'X ,f - ' ' re--szfwxse f it Q. 5 VH-- 1 15: , f ' ., i - f ' qi. "Hold it a minute-I need the bedpanf' Med-Surg II C -avi! vb ' 1 1 I V MOM 30 ozs. h.s .... Continuous sitz bath in A.M .... Soap-suds enema q.h. "He said 4, but knowing him I'l1 take 2 extra ones!" I . Ill- - GO TEAM! This is the laboratory phase for our Ward Man- agement courseg we get another chance to improve and brush-up on our basic technical skills as well as to learn to utilize our managerial ones. The 4'team" is the keynote of this experience. By acting as team leader, team members, and charge nurses and by participating in team conferences. we real- ize that cooperation with the other personnel im- proves patient care, organization, and efficiency in the nursing unit. f'1 "Did you hear what that new medical student did?" "8,10,12,14,16, , , , Oh dam!- 2,4-,6, . . ." "This is Mr. C., 6-O-0-6, who delivered a FTLMC on April l." ,Assn V i 'X r ,,,Xt f Arif ' 1 V l 9 A f , 3 sf l J 5 S .,, ,A nf ' fa. -. , , I K ' ,.. :hut lt "You have to sneeze, Sir?" The Art of Exhaling: Lesson No. 1 . . . f Tuberculosis Nursing Tuberculosis is an erradicable disease, but our experience at the Tuberculosis Division of City Hospital indicates that in Baltimore this goal is far from being achieved at present. To the newly diagnosed tuberculosis patient, his disease may mean separation from his familiar and familiar environment for a period of drawn-out months, or even years. A'How is my family managing without me?," 'LAre my X-rays and sputum negative?,,, 4'How long must l take these pills?,,' MBut l don't feel sickf' are just a few of the familiar phrases of these patients. Trying to help the patient to realistically accept the conse- quences of his disease, and to fill constructively his endless hours, are two tasks with which the nurse in tuberculosis nursing must deal. Be- cause tuberculosis is a communicable disease, frequent hand-washing, masks, and gowns are part of the daily routine, as well as helping these patients understand the ways in which they may transmit their disease. Despite a minimal physical burden in tuberculosis nursing, obviously the greatest area of strain lies in providing effective educational and emotional support. '6Let's play a game of blind-man's bluff." Hiii ' :ei gg ,Q .ze Q :ref L. Oh! Oh! Here comes the Surgeon General. Only nine miles to the bus stop! 'S W .1 ,- w -mi ff- 'Ts I 1 -. ll . if 1 -,,.,-f- A ,R -V 6,.,:':,, A , ,x X 'w Ll .,,,1-: L H, Q Q- V 14 'IV H, v.. - .rf-fl fl 3? za ,ff ' Af' REBECCA JANE HAYS Emmitsburg, Maryland CP.-XVomen's Chorus, Baltimore-Glee Club, 'iTerrae Rlariae Xleclicusi'-photography committee. "Becky" can be recognized by her red, red blush, the sparkle that radiates from her, and an exclaimed "Well, for land's sake!" Interests include piano, knitting, and sailing with Bob. No one will ever forget how the Glee Club's visit to the Naval Academy Hospital had a reward for her. Future includes gen- eral duty nursing in Baltimore, and Navy life with Bob. 6'The mirror of all courtesy."-SHAKESPEARE 1 ff EILEEN CAROL HOBOWITZ Silver Spring, Maryland C.P.-Hillel Foundation-co-editor of paper, Nursing Club: Baltimore-Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Theta Tau-recording secretary. Eileen is known among her fellow students for her love of sleeping, but membership in an impressive array ofhonoraries shows that she must study. Between naps and studying, or playing Bridge at the library, Eileen's friendly sincerity makes her a mother to seekers of comfort or advice. "Future? Grad- uate workf' Eileen says. "But for now l bid two Spades." 'Vin honest woman is the noblest zvorlz ofCorl.'7- POPE T' 1, I it U 'r li 'L 1 A 1 v ANNE SARGENT REITER Baltimore, Maryland C.P.-Alpha Gamma Delta, Diamondback-copy reader: Baltimore-"Terrae Mariae Medicusu-layout committee, Clee Club. Catholic discussion group. One can always recognize Anne by her smile: her mouth seems to constantly turn up at the corners. Her smile is seldom absent even if her voice cracks when singing a solo, or during the three months of psych. Maybe she frowns slightly when she goes down one after bidding four-no-trump, but not for long. Anne's future will be general duty nursing at University Hospital. Ulf the world's a vale of tears, smile, till rainbows span it."- LARCOM 60 LINDA ANNE RIGGIN Salisbury. Maryland Baltimore-Glee Club. "Terrae Nlariae Nledicus"-photo- graphy committee, Catholic Discussion Group. Our petite classmate with the soft voice and calm nature is Linda. She is heard most frequently to say, "Well, my sake-s." She enjoys horseback riding. piano playing. and ice skating- she and Lou make the cutest couple on ice! For the future. the destination is Rhode Island - with Lou of coursel HS1'n1pl1'city is the hardest thing to be Copiedf'-STEELE LINDA WALKER Wheaton, Maryland Some might describe "Lin" as quiet, but her good friends know her as a corked Mount Vesuvias. Her dry wit explodes through twinkling eyes and cheery laugh. Under this merry exterior lies a more serious Lin-a deep reservoir of artistic talent which seeps out in Lin's precious hobby, art. In the future, Lin will work as a general duty nurse in Baltimore, HAM is's nature, the painter Coffs art."-BACON. 1 HELEN DOWGIALLO 61 I lr, l .lg Iwi ,! i I R E IOR CLASS OFFICER June 1964 T E l , Pv-4- . bf, 'V U: .I ' a 3 I I' . ff , Q I H vi Xl :N xv 1 Wi , X .V " X 'i...,.,: A V if l ,H , ru .,f .i , , . :vi 1 ' .- f .-,A ig W K X34 gi ' ll! 1 . 3 5 3 5 l Lefl lo Righl: Mary Beth Slie-elle. rl'i'vasur'vr: .lc-an O'Hare. Vice President: ,Iumly Roundy. President ball Laine-ron Hi torian Carroll Jarboe Sc-crm-tary: Marilyn Soltuff. Sm,-ial Chairman. Advisur, Miss May Hall Knut pil-Iurvdl. l' 62 i ,, BARBARA .IANE BOYD Prince Frederick, Maryland C.P.-Dorm. Committees. Barb, small in stature but great in impact, has an outgoing. winning, personality. A member of the famed "four muska- teersf' she spends much time in Quantico or College Park. Her favorite wordsf"Are you s-e-r-i-o-u-s?"-are used frequently to comment upon almost anything. Barb has a cute nack for getting herself "involved" but always comes out on top. ln the future she plans to marry Al and engage in psychiatric nursing. "Tell that to the marines-the SCll.f0I'Sll'0f1,fb6ffPZVHI'f.v- SCOTT BONNIE BRITT Beltsville, Maryland Carnegie-Pres. Fresh. Dorm.: C.P.-Clee Club, Nursing Club, Kappa Alpha Theta: Baltimore-SNCM. NSNA, Jr. Class Pres.. SGA Pres., Sigma Theta Tau, Student Senate, Mortar Board, Glee Club. Bonnie's friendliness and leadership ability have won her many friends in College. H011 golly, live really done it now!" can be heard as Bonnie spends her few spare moments playing the guitar and piano. After graduation, Bonnie's plans include graduate work. nHe should, he could, he would, he did the best."- HEYWOOD fmVx 'S'i1f. . If, .11 ABIGAIL JANE CAMERON North East, Maryland C.P.-Hall Proctor. Dorm. Homecoming Comm.: Baltimore- ,Ir. and Sr. Class Historian, THE PLEDGE-Sr. Class Editor. "Medicine Dropper"-Assistant Feature Editor, Fire Marshal. "Gail," friendly and sincere. has a smile for all. Dimples as iinff. s ie re a es ier iro ems wi 1 " ia t-ar" as s e e. - fllgl ltl bl tltlt hx claims "it's unbelievable, completely unbelievable." Besides being a summer-time sun worshipper. Gail's interests include bridge, dancing, and swimming. Public health nursing forms part of her nebulous future plans. "The emlearirzg elegance offenzalefriemlslz1'p."-101-INSUN 63 PATRICIA ANN COFFMAN Vlfilliamsport, Maryland C.P.-Dorm. Food Committee, Homecoming Committee: Baltimore-Clee Club. Pat with her quiet wisdom, says little, but when she does speak, her words are sincerely meaningful. She has a mind of her own and stands by her convictions. 'Tll do it if l want to. l don't care what you say!" She is often called "coffeepot" by the other members of the "four musketeersf' Pat plaHS I0 go to the New York World's Fair this summer and then to work in some "state" psychiatric hospital. G'Silence is deep as eternityg speech, is shal KARYN SUE KELLER DICKSON Cleveland, Ohio l0wastin1e.,'- SCOTT LINDA-ELLEN DELOSIER Ellicott City, Maryland Baltimore - Clee Club, Homecoming Committee, THE PLEDGE - Lay-out Committee. Linda, with her entrancing big brown eyes, wins others with her quiet friendship. Another member of the "four muske- teersu she spends most of her time in 432 using her favorite term-"Oh, really?" For her future she hasn't decided which of the many offers to consider. "I would help others, out ofa fe1l01u-feeling."- ROBERT BURTON "V f" " we 55:1E'Z25'5Z1::5I:5i5.ef.:i.1::f, , - -11,-x REI", wg 5.599432Q:'f-r:b22:5:,g:5s.a5-51gs5::E:Qzqrtf-'f:521:.'-.3,:ig.:':j:':.. . 4. -. .. K- . , ' 5-at-t::g1.'-y,5'g.,gg,:3:g.-.,,'.,,-.21'-,twtx vs 9-xx4:g':5:55,3:,55-, Ee t. -w e 521' .Z. 'Xi be C S t , .v -f.3,-.-sz-s1.1.:1....f,.1' ,. . , h ,fm-, s .. we ,.-::::- . -ef -- -: ,-ffm' .J-Q: -gm. g . :,.v9:i:fiG5 'F-1"E'IF':-kf5?""'?"':"' - -.-1 -asm.-.-.k., ,.g,I.x-.- .- '- 'b"'- .lv-.v A 'X . 1: F-gf, 5' :ww ' 'fr' ' -:...-:.:,"-sh A... X t mt. 1. . :f::.,g:, ,.,, - .ag-f't:ef--4-:r-1' -Aa-:ggzgg ' wx, ' ,- Nm- '.:--H? e. -- ." .1-:.:::-'1 - .. -- I , ..,, ..a,,.t. ..... - f- - -1 . ..,,,g 1 " -'-: ,.-f :-' C.P.-Aqualiners, Alpha Chi Omega: Baltimore-Clee Club, ' ":- fff ':"' 2 1- "Terrae Mariea Medicusf' THE PLEDGE, "Medicine Dropperu -editor, Student Nurses' Council of Maryland -recording secretary. "Zilch"! says "Kay" as she attacks any job with enthusiasm, determination, and strong beliefs. Small in stature, this bundle of energy enjoys swimming, sailing, and people, with Jim as her first love. She and jim married in July. Her future will include her profession, her husband, and motherhood. MHere is a dear and true industrious frielzdf- SHAKESPEARE 64 :wg ae- .:5:t.,-..::-: girth. ., ,X..,,,x Sgt. ,,,ae...1. .551 T Q?tgg:iQx E Q -.Ng ::-sg,-.A N '-il-. 'Tlx-I-I: I!-::-29:2 an-f :s2Q::.:'a:'P3w92:2:2i:Q'..':-'f'f' , 3 '..K'P 1E1?'-.. -, x:r':'f:.a-:X-rrgfwr::'.,1 ' ' fr"-1 f X ,. , K., - , -.:4g,gQ,.1.s. ft. ' " i Q t 5 it Q3 ,M " ll ASQ 'V .Q Wei t . gg? XX af .,. .. .. is S? X X ref.. X ti We t . X2 are Eff x Sw' X Q 5? x Q X Y5"'f2 ' F 2:1-1 a part of her future. 'W- MARY ANNE FLOWERS Frederick, Maryland C.P.-Alpha Gamma Delta-editor, membership chairman. Alpha Lambda Delta, .AWS public relations chairman: Balti- more-Sigma Theta Tau, Glee Club. Phi Kappa Phi. THE PLEDGE-Write-up Committee. Mary Anne is heard replying patiently each semester, "Yes, Flowers, like in a garden!" One half of the flower-gardner pair: often seen going to the Mount and Gettysburg on week- ends in her little "bomb" One of the "four Musketeersf' her future plans are for possible work in Obstetrics or Psy- chiatry, and on for a Master's degree. 5'Haste thee nymph and bring with thee jest and youthful jolliryf,-L'ALLEGRo Committee. PATRICIA ANNE DOWNS Ridgewood. New Jersey "Pat" . . . from New jersey to Baltimore, this dynamic whirl wind is constantly on the go. Her enthusiasm ranges from talk ing to bridge, knitting and any type of sport. Pat enjoys action and her dynamism carries her forward despite new and even difficult situations. Irish eyes flashing. her favorite expression often bursts forth . . . "Toadl" Her future is still in the plan ning stage and as she states, "It's a good question." A circuit nurse, however. sees many sights and lands. Traveling appears 'iLarge was his wealth, bu! larger was his hearlfi - DRYDEN few MAUREEN PATRICIA GARDNER Manchester, New Hampshire C.P.-Newman Club: Baltimore-THE PLEDGE-Write up Maureen. the other half of the flower-gardner pair, is a mel odious" member of our choir. She has a ready smile dry and agile humor. and an eager willingness for fun. When she isn t sleeping she can be found reading poetry. Interests include bowling, knitting, and Spanish. .Another interest constitutes Af' nursing in far off countries where she intends to stir the rest Bed." - LANDER 65 less natives with her rallying cry of "Bull-oneyf' "Oh, its nice to get up in the nzorningg But its nicer to lie in DOROTHY ANN HARRIS Silver Spring, Maryland Baltimore-Lutheran Student Association, THE PLEDGE- Senior Write-up Committee. Clee Club. Dottieis pensive quietness. broken by her lively laughter or exclamation "phooey," make her one of our most lovable classmates. Her pretty smile and sweet disposition have won her many friends. Equally at ease at the symphony or in the saddle. this equestrian's interests include sewinff, swimming and playing both the uke and the harmonica. She thrives on fresh country air. Plans include being happily married to Earl and living in Iowa. She intends to work in Medicine or Psy- chiatry. "A friend may well be l'6Ctlt'071f"ll the masterpiece of nature."- we WEN J NANCY LEE HEINZENBERGER Baltimore, lVlaryland Baltimore-Clee Club. "Medicine Dropper," THE PLEDGE- Typing Committee, Lutheran Group. "l've got a mental block against Math" is Nancy's futile cry. Her frank manner causes those who know her well to respect as and value her opinions and to regard her with high esteem. WWNWX For months she could be seen scrimping and saving for a sim- ple airplane ride to Chicago. Her hobbies. interests and future plans can all be summed up very nicely in one word-Vic. "Good I0 be merrie and wise."-HEYWOOD D D EMERSON PEGGY JOANN HEFFNER Baltimore, Maryland CP. Dorm, Rig Sister-Chairman: Program Chairman: Nurs- ing Club, Wesley Foundation: Baltimore-S.C.A.-Secretary. Sigma Theta Tau. S.N.C.lVl., N.S.N.A., Glee Club, "Medicine Dropper." Peggy is another one of our honor students. The leadership she has demonstrated in numerous activities will assuredly con- tinue to pervade her work after graduation. Her main interests include job's Daughters, sewing, bowling and Ronnie. Her future plans will be Pediatric Nursing and marriage "at last!" 'iWe can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough?-KELLER X is 1 iff . , , M N tis? S X xxx 66 JUDITH ANN HELLMUTH Silver Spring, Maryland C.P.-Alpha Lambda Delta, Nursing Club: Baltimore- THE PLEDGE, g'Medicine Dropperi'-art editor, S.G.A.- poster committee chairman, Student Senate, Clee Club. Judy? Fun! Who else can click her heels in the air, making you laugh! Beneath her outspoken, frank, and joking manner dwells a creative, serious soul. She cares, and so does those precious little personal things that count. The "life" of the third floor, ice skating bruises, art, cooking, writing poems, and church activities all mean Judy. judy's future plans will be centered around the field of Obstetrics. ecstasy." - STEVENS PATRICIA TOMMAN HILLOW Silver Spring, Maryland C.P. -Nursing Club, CtlINlHlll61'lS Club: Baltimore-Glee Club. Pat will most be remembered for her helpfulness and interest in others. Her hobbies include knitting, Andy, and her dog, Duke. Often heard saying "l can't do it" and nicknamed "worry wort," it is nonetheless quite obvious that she can do it. Pat's future includes marrying Andy. "His little nameless unrememberea' acts of kindness and af love."-WOHDSWORTH '4She ran and laughed behind a bee and danced ar every ESTHER LYNNETTE HODGSON Lanham, Maryland C.P.-Block and Bridle Club, Aqualiners: Baltimore-"Med icine Dropper"-art editor, S.C.A.-poster committee chair- man, THE PLEDGE. "Lynnie" walks among the clouds in a sky of dreams. blushes with the sunset, and sleeps in a bed of new spring grass. Her arms reach out to every frail, love-hungry animal. Like the shy animals in many ways, Lynne is loved by all her friends for her genuine warmth and naturalness. Hlfthere were dreams to sell, what would you buy?"- BEDDOES 67 NANCY HOWER Denver, Colorado The room on the third floor with the bells on the door belongs to our class Rapunzel. namely "Nanc". It is a neat trick to keep that long beautiful hair under a nurse's cap! If you drop in, you'll most likely hear, "Oh, you guyslw. or see glasses of iced tea, and "Nanc ' curled up on her bed. Fine like china, but not fragile, "Nanc" joined our class after transferring from Montana State. "And what makes you feel that way?', as she considers her future field of nursing. Ixmdness L5 the sunshzne Ln whzch virtue growsfi- INGERSALL NANCY EVE INSLEY Salisbury, Maryland C.P.-Advisory Board-Episcopal Foundation: Baltimore- Organizing Episcopal Foundation on campus, THE PLEDGE- Senior write up committee. Typing committee. Clee Club. Unforgettable will be her bright red hair and her friendly, warm, precise temperament. Often heard exclaiming, t'Oh, Fm so excited!" or "Well, l don't really feel that Freud . . .", "Nanc'7 is a determined worker. Her plans for the future include mis- sionary nursing, hopefully in Liberia. after some experience in the states. 'fWrite me as one who loves hisfellou' man."-LEIGH HUNT E. CARROLL JARBOE Baltimore, Maryland C.P.-Angel Flight: Baltimore-Jr. Class Sec., "Terrae Mariae lVledicus"-Art staff, Sr. Class Sec., THE PLEDGE- Art editor. Her patience and easy'going, emphatic nature make "Ethel's" friendship very rewarding. A good sense of humor always lights these brilliant blue eyes. Disorganization, sketching, crotcheting, reading, and writing to her fiance consume most of her time. Our seventh floor "group-therapy" leader plans to pursue a career in psychiatric nursing after marriage to Mac next summer. 'GA pretty face is itseffa silent Conzmendationfi 68 BRENDA ANNE JOHNSON Salisbury, Maryland C.P.-Nursing Club. Dorm Big Sister: Baltimore-Homecom- ing Committee. THE PLEDGE-Copy Committee. Clee Club. Independent and determined. this quiet gal is an ardent bas- ketball fan and also a champion form swimmer and life-guard. Favorites include joe. crotcheting, ice cream. and burning that "midnight oil." Memorable are her calm. collected manner and those soul-searching brown eyes. The delivery room and public health both appeal to her as goals for the future. I V3 SHARON MARGARET KETTELLS Walkersville, Maryland C.P.-Nursing Club-Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta: Baltimore -Jr. Class Vice President. Sigma Theta Tau, Glee Club. Big Sister Program-Chairman, THE PLEDGE-Co-Copy Editor. Sincerity. spiced with enthusiasm, her charming drawl. and a hearty laugh, have guaranteed her popularity. A rural gal. whose first bus ride was memorable. she plans to marry Daryl and pursue her career in Medical-Surgical Nursing. Introspeetion, amateur counseling. eating. reading. and talk- "Creat persons are able to du great lrz'11dr1e5se.s."-CERYANTE5 l ing occupy most of her spare time. HThe highest of distinctions is service to otlzersfl- GEORGE VI ANN ELIZABETH KNOBLOCH Lansdowne, Maryland C.P.-Alpha Phi-Standards Chairman and Chaplain. Dorm- itory Float Chairman: Baltimore-SCA-First Yice President. SNCM. "Medicine Dropper." THE PLEDGE-Co-Copy Erl- grm, itor, Lutheran Group. .Q N 'gAnnie." with her sweet. sincere personality. brings joy and laughter into everyone's life. "Tickle little drop" always man aged to convince someone to scratch her back. The sparltln of Cape May can he seen both in .-Xnnie's eyes as she talks J .1 'lid' 1 'Q sf., 'hy-I 195-5 V .wi :':7. . ri' 52? A 4"fv g 51 about Bob and on her left hand. A future "NIrs.". she plans to teach or do school nursing. G'Wed1ling is l16SIiI1wY.u - HEYWOUD 69 JOELLEN ANN KUPIN Linthicum, Maryland C.P.-Nursing Club, Newman Club, Big Sister Chairman: Baltimore-THE PLEDGE-Copy Committee, f'Medicine Dropperf, Religious Discussion Group. 'Elo-Jo," with her perpetual patience, is often seen untangling someone's Bio-statistics notes, providing a shoulder to cry on, or handing out books for "recreational readingf' ln her spare time she enjoys sewing, "people watching," reading, and listening to music. Her future plans are indefinite and will take her, as she so aptly states, "wherever the wind blows mef' "What silences we keep year after year, with those who are most near to us, and dear."-PERRY MARILYN ANNE LAKEN Baltimore, Maryland C.P.-Nursing Club: Baltimore-THE PLEDGE-Senior Write-up Committee. Marilyn is full of original thoughts. And can she tell a tale, enhancing it with her clever wit and ability to imitate! Beloved also for her optimism and cheerful disposition, Marilyn's in- terests range from the great Harriet Lane and Dostoyevsky to sports, music, 4th year med. students, and the merangue. Children melt her heart, and her future will include Pediatric nursing and graduate study. "As good natured a soul as e'er trod on shoe of leatherfp- DE CERVANTES CAROL ANNE MAGEE Washington, D.C. C.P.-Women's Chorus, Nursing Club: Baltimore-Glee Club, Sigma Theta Tau, "Medicine Dropper: - Staff, THE PLEDGE -Editor-in-Chief, S.G.A. Executive Council, S.N.C.M. Carol, our hard-working Editor-in-Chief, is well known for her accomplishments in creative writing. An excellent student, her enthusiasm runs the gamut from nursing to chocolate- covered raisins to HGrand Central Station." Other interests include music and singing, horseback riding, and movies. A future in Pediatrics and then Public Health is anticipated. 4'The reward ofa thing well done is to have done itfi- EMERSON 70 Jean, our outgoing, gal with the infectious laugh, has leader- GLORIA .IEANNE MCFAHLAND Ellicott City, Maryland C.P.-Louisa Parsoifs Nursing tjlub-Secretary: lialtiniore- Lutheran Student Assoeiation. T111-I PLEDGE-fio-lnlsllless manager. Gloria's conscienti:nusness and perseverance will serve as stepping stones to success. lntlerstantling and sincerity underlie all of her activities. "Doggie-,ii an avid novel reatler, also manages to sew. knit, and "collect things" in her spare time. Although her future is untleeitletlr the mention of Nleflieal nursing brings a twinkle In her eye. K..-w....,-ff g'Tf1e secret ofsuccess is Curzstuzzrji' to l1lll'1lUSf".u- BEACoxsif11c1,n Y KATHERINE JEAN O'HARE Hyattsville, Maryland CP.-Junior Legislature. Alpha Chi Omega. Bridal Fair, A.W'.S.. F.O.B.. Newman Club: Baltimore-5.G.A.-third vice president, Senior Class Vice-president. THE PLEDGE- ffx business committee. ship ability and inspires enthusiasm. A jolly member of the Alpha Chi Omega "foursome," she is always good-natured and v intensely goal oriented. The future plans of our "phantom,'i whose midnight "strolls" are memorable, are still undecided. i'He that is ofa nzerry hear! hath a C'0l1lfVlllllfft"IlSI.N- PHOYERBS JUDITH H. HOUNDY Avon-by-the sea, New Jersey l,..P.-Alpha f,ln Omega. l4.O.ll.. l'reshman and 51lIilltllIllbl'L' ,vw-X Class Yice-president. W.H.A.. Free State Party: l3altimore- fffxx "Medicine Dropper"-Feature Editor. THE PLEDGE-lnisia ness staff. Senior class president. 5.N.C.XI.-District Nom- inating Committee, N.S.lY.A. Convention delegate. L-. ,mr I D I . -M-' Judie, bubbling Wllll personality. has always won others by her warm smile and timely wit. She enjoys playing the ukulele and is always surrounded by many friends. ln the future she plans to work in Pediatrics and eventually fret her inastt-r's "So nznny lieurls. so nmny 1t'1'fs."-.IOIIN ll1iYWOtJlJ 71 CYNTHIA LORRAINE SCHWARTZ Havre de Grace, Maryland C.P.-Alpha Chi Omega, Homecoming Ticket Committee, F.O.B., Sophomore Carnival: Baltimore-Clee Club, "Medi- cine Dropper" - News editor. "Cindy,,' blonde and fair, is overflowing with personality. From freshman orientation as president of "Cindy's Sexy Suture Snippersf' she has developed from that picture of a nurse into a true nurse. She hopes to travel in Europe. work A fs in peds, and then raise her own "youngins." 4'She must be seen to be apprec1'ated.',-HARRISON 6 I MARY ELIZABETH SHEEI-IE Cumberland, Maryland C.P.-Newman Club: Baltimore-Jr, and Sr. Class Treasurer, THE PLEDGE. Mary Beth is one of the calmer members of our class. She has a uiet. sweet nature, vet a firmness in her work. Often Y CI . a far-away look is detected in her eye. Her re-election to the post of class treasurer is evidence of our continued faith in her time-tested honesty. Future lans include Medical-Surgical . I3 U nursing, marriage, and a family. 'LBut to see her uns to love her."-BURNS . . 1,-if:Eisf:'ff.fQ3f:2:'3':J"'WHM W . . :ogg .5 -1 grf wwf: 2.2.1 1 b. --'mf K.. - - '-12 , , , f g.-.g- " ,.. ,, QT JUNE SECHBIST SNYDEB A' "' . M- . . ..-. . ff' f 11 Hellam, Pennsylvania " York Ir. College-Lambda Sigma Chi-treasurer: Baltimore- 5 THE PLEDGE-Ci Comm'tte . T' I or I' - oPY 1 e 32. gli ai Efficient and organized, ,lune also has the cleanest shoe-laces , M" in the dorm! Avid interests include ice hockey games. turtles. "" ., and matrimony. Last summer's wedding to Jerry has made A -f'T"f' June a weekend bride and a weekly dorm-dweller this year. Interests and plans, both present and future. center around Jerry and anticipation of raising a family of little Snyders. 'cSweet and smiling are thy IUC!-I'S.l, 72 tp-.4sQ:e:,.qw 115235519 -zi. ,:-aszaazm fag: .32 .1 1' 'gs .1 555 H is- :N at: bas?-ta:,::.:'.. - :af-V l521.3Qf:ez:s 1:1 : -:.a5, :.: 1 .e,3 Llrgsgqfz:jx1,:y5:,5:"-g-Ae:-4 taezwff ssgaag- 'M A. :EQ ff if-F-Viz: , ta 3 sw 5 if ,..... 3 .. -sf V M, 13' MARILYN L. SOLTOFF Washington, D.C. CLP.-FOB, UT, Alpha Lambda Delta. Phi Sigma Sigma: Baltimore-Sigma Theta Tau, Social Chairman. THE PLEDGE -Senior Write-up, Copy Committee, "Medicine Dropper" -Circulation Manager, Glee Club. "Anyone for bridge is a familiar call lrom Marilyn whose in- telligence allows her time for leisure activities. Her main problems are arranging sailing, skiing, and horseback riding ,.f. ? aft' excursions, and planning school social events, all of which very successful. She pleads the fifth amendment concern- ing future plans. X "lt is the prime duty of a Looman of this terrestial uforla' to ' Y l0Ult'1U6ll.lV6'ClUl6S.Sli.Sll'l6 asepszis ofclotlzesf' - OSLEH MARY CAROL SPENCER Charleston, West Virginia C.P.-Newman Club. Sophomore Carnival: Baltimore-THE PLEDGE,-"Medicine Dropper"-Feature Editor, Business Committee, SNCM. if . 45.4 4,123 ' 1 flfil -5. 'Tm not one for revenge. but . . .", in a mountain accent. can be heard when "Spence" plays cards or finds her puzzles scattered on the floor. "My future?" "Spence" says with her well known wit and poker face, "Retirement in ten years and 700 dollars monthly pension." A joke? If anyone can. "Spence" will. 6'Because ofyou, ice will be glufl and gayf'-BARINGS LOUISE MARGARET STARK Baltimore, Maryland C.P.-Alpha Lambda Delta. Judicial Board. Nursing Club: Baltimore-THE PLEDGE-Sr. Write-up Committee. "Hed- icine Dropper"-Staff Business Nlanager. Student Senate. Homecoming Refreshment Chairman. Phi Kappa Phi. Sigma Theta Tau-Archivist. "Weegie's" combination of brains and organization make it possible for lier to read, sew, or play cards while everyone else "burns the midnight oil." She is frequently found by her mailbox reading a letter from Floyd or counting the days until she gets married. After graduation Louise would like to A teach Nledical-Surgical Nursing in a diploma school. ",+l111l glmlly' zmlrle lie leurne. uml glczflly Iecllef'-CHAUCER, 73 J, :-1 at 2 LOLA JEAN STRANDQUIST Salisbury. Maryland C.P.-"Terrapin." Kappa Alpha Theta. Free State Party. WHA. Homecoming Committee. Wesley Foundation. Soph. Prom chairman: Baltimore-Homecoming Queen, Glee Club, LI Board, THE PLEDGE- Sr. Write-up Committee. jean's enthusiasm and personality-plus will make her long remembered by her classmates. She is well known in the dorm for the haircuts she gives and for interests in dancing and knitting. Her fondest memories include the summers spent in Ocean City where she met John. After graduation ,lean plans a ,Iune wedding and possibly O.R. nursing. "Through her e.rpressz'z'e eyes her soul distinctly spoke."- LYTELTON CAROL ANN TAYLOR Woodlawn, Maryland C.P. -Choir. Womanis Chorus, F.O.B., Commuters' Club, Alpha Xi Delta. Harmony Hall. Nursing Club. Glee Club: Balti- more-THE PLEDGE-Business manager. S.G.A. House chair- man. Student Senate. S.N.C.Nl.. Jud Board chairman. 4Iarol's charm and contagious good nature make her one of the most popular girls in the class. She is outgoing and enthusi- astic. and her numerous elected positions are proof of her loamlersliip. When not singing. she enjoys reading. playing cards. and swimming. Her future plans include nursing and marriage. "Her erery tone is nzusicfs ozrnfi- PINKNEY 74 Baltimore - Sigma Theta Tau. 6 JOYCE A. STROMBERCE Baltimore, Maryland R , 'Wx Joyce is another quiet member of our class except when in the company of her more rowdy classmates. She has a calm sweet manner and conveys this to those near her. Her favorite saying is 'Ll don't know." She lists her hobbies as writing papers and care studies, and when not studying can often be found at the movies. She plans on Rehabilitation nursing after graduation "Silence is the best ornament ofa woman."-RAY Aw 'fain 4UW""--'U'---. af , X. 'F- I l l 1 i 1 1 i v 1 W, 1 I i EMILY RUTH WAGNER Shady Side, Maryland C.P.-Gamma Sigma Sigma: Baltimore-Episcopal Group. THE PLEDGE-art and copy committees. "Quiet, shy Emily" is an often applied but inaccurate de- scription. To those knowing her well, she reveals an efferves- cent personality. Her slim. trim figure plays host Io approxi- mately twenty pounds of food daily. Her reducing plan seems to lie in her one second fifty yard dash to her nightly phone call. Hobbies include "anything that is in season." Concerning her future she states, "l'm not known for early decisions. but 'Q CAROLYN WESCOE High Bridge, New Jersey C.P.-Modern Dance Club: Baltimore-THE PLEDGE-art committee. Carolyn possesses the outstanding qualities of quiet good nature and a subtle sense of humor. Her interests include swimming. water skiing. and sun bathing. At present Carolyn is frantically trying to learn "Espanole" for her trip to Spain upon graduation. Other plans include working at University Hospital for one or two years. '6Purity of heart is the noblest inheritance of u'0nzan."- CLAUDIUS Tuberculosis nursing is holding my interest most. "In the twinkling ofan eye."-SHAKESPEARE 3 017' f s ' BARBARA KAY WINCHELL Ontario, New York C.P.-Modern Dance Club. Westminster Fellowship. Pi Beta Phi-Arrowboard Chairman: Baltimore-S.C..-X. Treas- urer. Clee Club. Religious Discussion Group. THE PLEDGE -Art Staff. hhWiIlk..- the "Pavlova" of the 7th floor. charms all who meet her with her knowledge. maturity. and capacity for fun. Tal- ents include sewing. modern dance. ballet. and singing. as well as an esthetic creativity. Nlusic and scientific research also capture her spare-time interests. while high on the list for the future are Medical or Surgical nursing and graduate study. "Wit nzalres its own icelconze, um! lerels all lfIiSfilI!'ff!IIIS.u- Exiensox 75 MARY ANN YEAGER University Park, Maryland C.P. -Chapel Choir, Maryland Christian Fellowship: Balti- more - Glee Club - chairman, S.C.A. - Executive council. You will always find Mary Ann to be a willing listener with the insight needed to counsel kindly. Her warm smile has gained her many friends both here and at Eastern Nazarene College. Although usually active and outgoing, her serious side shows in her interest in music. She enjoys both playing the piano and singing. Future plans will probably be centered on Medical or Surgical nursing. "Every l7lC1fZf0l'hl.I71SEAfCI71ClG0l1,fOl' us all." -JOHN HEYWOOD RUTH SARA ZEIGLER Galesville, Maryland C.P.-Gamma Sigma Sigma, Nursing Club: Baltimore Sigma GW Theta Tau. Jud. Board, Glee Club. "Medicine Dropper MARILYN A. ZNAMIROWSKI Baltimore. Maryland C.P. -Newman Club, F.O.B., Alpha Phi. Orphans Committee: Baltimore-Catholic Discussion Group, THE PLEDGE-Copy Committee. "The marvelous Z" with her bubbling. spastic personality is loved by all. With her two main mottos. "AMAR" and "life is beautiful," she cheers up the depressed and discour- aged. Singing in the shower is another noteworthy talent. H-er hobbies are swimming. sewing, and listening to folk music. In the future she plans to nurse the "Wee little folks." 6'Wl10 leads a good life is sure tol1'zfe1c'eIl."-O,KEEFE 76 "Ruthie," with her warm, sincere personality, can always bring laughter into someones life. as she walks around the dormitory with "Yogi beari' or as she runs down the hall for a long-distance phone call from Massachusetts. Her hobbies include reading. swimming. and sewing. Her future vsill in clude either Medical-Surgical or Public-Health Nursing HHer ways are zvajjs ofpleasaritnessf'-OLD TESTAMENT Ei' V w I 1 I U. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS February 1965 EP- L f H glzf:Cf1l1sLv1'S1gluml', Pl'L'NIlll'lll. 1,511 SUSAN BRIELE Salisbury, Maryland C.P.-W.R.A.. Delta Delta Delta, Nursing Club: Baltimore- Red Cross Representative, S.C.A. Executive Council, THE PLEDGE - Photography Committee. "Brieley" is famous for her interesting pastimes. When she is not lounging around the dorm in an OB. shirt reading varied literature, she can'- be found at Tanglewood Riding Academy. With a fondness for people, she can always be found in the middle of a crowd. In addition, Susan can be heard exclaim- ing, "my heart, my hearth" in her Eastern shore accent at the mere mention of social trauma. He gwes light as soon as he rises FRANKLIN BARBARA M. CONNERS Washington, D.C. C.P. - Alpha Xi Delta - House president, F.O.B.: Baltimore - THE PLEDGE - Lay-out editor. "Bobbie" is known to all as the strong, silent type. Sweet and even-tempered, she can often be heard uttering such feminine phrases as "sweat it not." With a fondness for sailing and horseback riding, she will always remember "Linda,' and "Tiny." Looking forward to the future, her plans include working in Europe. 'SA face as fair as the summer dawn."-RILEY BECKY R. CREVELT Sioux Falls, South Dakota C.P. - Newman Club: Baltimore - THE PLEDGE - Photog- raphy committee. Having transferred from Minnesota in her junior year, Becky has brought her warm Midwestern personality to the Univers- ity. She is quiet, but people are always made aware of her presence by statements such as 'fGuess what group?" Her wittiest remarks concern long engagements, a subject on which she is an expert. Her future plans include working in Washington and marriage-that is, if she ever tires of the en- gaged state. 'Tue taken my fun where I've fbund itf'-KIPLING 78 MARGARET DENEANE FURET Takoma Park , Maryland C.P,-Vlfesley Foundation: Baltimore-Glee Club. THE PLEDGE-Typing Committee. Margie exercises every Nlonday morning In rid herself of the extra one-eighth of a pound ac-quired over the week-end. Une of the great seamstresses of our age. she is always willing to lend a hand to others less gifted. Other hobbies include knit- ting, reading, leaves. and skeletons . . . "you know." She is great fun and a good sport to have anywhere, especially at dorm parties. Future nursing plans are undecided. but success 66011, you flavour everything, you are the vanilla ofsocietyf- looms ahead. f HENRIETTA HANCOCK Salisbury, Maryland C.P.-WRA, Pi Beta Phi: Baltimore-THE PLEDGE- Photography Committee, Student Senate. Pert and personable Penny can often be heard exelaiming, "Oh misery and woe!" This lament is only used to describe the usual Catastrophic course of events in her bubbly life. Sociable and musical, she can be found at all times flanked by other members of "the group" or plunking away at her uke. alt matters not how long you lim bu! hon zu ll SHHUS SMITH JUDITH L. HAYES Denver, Colorado Feminine and fashionable best describes this pretty blue-eyed classmate who transferred from the University of Georgia. She will always be remembered for her warmth, bubbliness. and her plaintive "But you don't understand," Having been transplanted from Salisbury, to Georgia. to Hawaii. to half way around the world, ,ludy has developed a love for travel. For just this reason she likes those long extended holidays. Her future includes looking into the Arniy Program-for nurs- ing, of course! '24 dish fit for rhe gods."-Siiskizsivrmarz 79 F. ELAINE HYDE Annapolis, Maryland C.P.-Chapel Choir. Baptist Student Union, Louisa Parson's Nursing Club, Sophomore Carnival, Dorm. Dance Chairman: Baltimore-Glee Club. Elaine is our laughter-loving lassie, generous with her smiles. Always ready for fun and frolic, she is ecstatic about extended weekends since they provide an opportunity to indulge in both swimming and sailing. ln her "spare time" she can be found playing the piano. Her future plans are centered around mar- riage and nursing. uToil says the proverb, is the sire offamefi- EURIPIDES LENORE ANNE KALK Chevy Chase, Maryland C.P.-F.O.B., S.C.A. Elections Committee. Dorm Executive Board: Baltimore-THE PLEDGE-senior write-up committee. "Lee," a frequent visitor to Dundalk, will soon be known as "Mrs. Z." Oh. those Sigma Chi weekends-great for reliev- ing hospital tensions! This gal's sincere outgoing personality is a definite asset to her nursing career. Specialties lie in the field of Obstetrics: however. marriage and family life is her sparkling dream for future happiness. HShe was delicate andfair as moonlight." -ANDERSON JUDITH RAE KANE Alexandria, Virginia Munich - Chorus: C.P. - Ntirsing Club: Baltimore - THE PLEDGE - Photography Committee. Judy . . . bright and vivacious, her contagious laughter can set a whole room asmiling. Her procrastination is famous: often this "poor baby" can be seen studying by the lights of the Coke machine and her "l'm so upsetw can be heard into the early morning hours. judy's ,future plans consist of working . . . combining the hospital with housework. 4'She left no little things behind excepting loving thoughts and kindf'-HARRISON 80 BARBARA MARIE MEYER Randallstown, Maryland C. P. - Gamma Sigma Sigma. "Harb" is among those that make the trip In the big eity daily. She has acquired luts of experienee with little babies while working ln the ."preenne nursery. bhe can always be lueated in the 'l'.V. morn for nuon eunferenee! A better friend is hard to find, fur she has a pleasant personality adaptable to all W---..f-.,, ueeasiuns. Her future plans inelude nursing and travel. "lt is zrlien you ire ufvoursel 'tlmt you truly ive."-CIBRAN , . 6' . , . . . E' ififfi ff ,Y 'fr Giga! GWENDOLYN MARIE MYERS Baltimore, Maryland C.P.-Lutheran Students Assue., Dialogue. .lud. Buard, Alpha Lambda Delta, l'lunur's tlunvueatinn. "Gwen" . . . persistent in ber work. and friendly and quiet in manner. She enjnys sedentary aetivities-music' and read- ing-and yet loves tennis, biking and traveling, the latter preferably via iiiuttm-yele. Her future plans inelude nursing, marriage In ,lnhn and pussibly further endeavnrs toward a masters degree. HA merry hear! doeth good like a lII6'llI'f'l.I1f'.H- PROYERB 1, I s MARGARET NALEVANKO Oxon Hill, Maryland Baltimore-THE PLEDGE-Lay-nut eummittee. "Pnur baby" is perhaps the must outstanding of all "Magis" elever sayings. Her interests and hnbbies are all pointed Inward settling down-a commendable idea. Italian fund, babies. and .. a eertam duetnr are tunes playing on her parade ul hits. Her W ' free time is spent eating home-made cooking and waiting for phone calls. Her future plans include marriage to Frank and nursing at St. Agnes. "fl.wfrexl1 us zrlzen tlzefirsf Slll1I'I'Sl' azmke the lark in Pc1rr1rli5e." - DQLBEN 81 DORIb ELAINE SCHIFF Baltimore Maryland oti 1 a person of varied interests-reading, painting. plauno the piano and craft One of our few commuters. her hfe iewlwes in the other half She is a great one for discus- sions at any time and a dedicated nutse. G'Do1'i" came to us hom -Xllevheny College 111 Nleadwille Pennsylvania. NAN BARCLAY STAHL Falls Church V11 ginia Good thin s come in -mall packages' Nan" came to join our it class from Penn State brinffinff with her a spark of wit and a Fixx stoiehouse UfV1lTl vigor and vitality This wealth of ingred- ients plodutes a sparkling personality that keeps her social calendar filled Wherever you heal a burst of laughter you will find our Nan Always going places and doing things. she will have an 1DlE'I'E'-wllllff futule but definitely! Her SIIIIIP zts lzle the sunbeams on cz landscape."- VIRGINIA L. SIGNOR Palmyra, Pennsylvania C.P. - Alpha Xi Delta. Diamond: Baltimore -Sr. Class Presi- dent. THE PLEDGE-Lay-out Committee. Collegiate and gregarious. Ginger can be heard describing people as. "such a tweedf' Wherever found. it is usually in a group characterized by complex confusion. Her intelligence allows her adequate time for leisure activities. but her rnost stalwart efforts are aimed toward dancing, traveling, and bridge. 74 lL'0U?flIZlS l1eart,lil.'ethe moon., is fzlzmys changing, but therefs alztfays a man with il."-PUNCH I .,....f-wi ANONYMOUS P' 95 if-:L 82 SANDRA SUTLEY Baltimore, Maryland C.P.-Dorm softball team, Dorm bowling teams. Milking con- test winner: Baltimore-THE PLEDGE-Photography editor. Our conservative gal. with her gorgeous blue eyes and her ability to work wonders with a needle and thread, always presents a very attractive appearance. "Doe-sn't everyone use L,Aimant'?" is Sandys question. She also likes to catch forty winks every now and then. Her future plans include CATHY ORRIN THOMASSON Halethorpe, Maryland Davis and Elkins College-Phi Mu: C.P.-Westminster Fel- lowship. Dorm council: Baltimore-Clee Club, THE PLEDGE -senior write-up committee. "Listen carefully by the door, one scratch and then some more." "Cas," is our bubbly, blonde, pixyl Nothing's a "big thing" until her hair passes the two inch mark . . . and then panic! Always ready with a helping hand her interests include ceramics lacrosse. and the Civil War. Souvenirs from each are found in her room. seeing the world and, of course. being a lady in white. 'GA goof! mind possesses a h'llI1gfl0I7Z.ll-SENECA Av-V4 -1-.r 'ex W kv ,,,.,.::f"'- A 3 Q, ' ' ' 'j " I z" L - ' ff sg V A ,, M , I : 3 yi, -' X Y l . f..- , e iv fy 'V . 41 'f , .' . 4 V 1 ' I A 1, 7 ' , , E, Jw f ,. V , Y ' ' .. - ' it -K- e ' ' E 4,7 ff' "My heart is warm with the friends I have mtadef' i' rm f . 1. iii, .,f ,ff . 9, BONNIE LEE WEST Potomac, Maryland C.P. Baptist Student Union. Bonnie, with her pleasant disposition. is always ready with a helping hand and a generous smile. Her interests are well varied and include cooking and sewing. These will come in handy as her future will involve housekeeping with Randy. During the week Bonnie is often heard asking about a ride to College Park. especially for those mid-week trips. HI have learned in zrhatezier slate I CIl71.fl'lFI'6'1l'1.fh to be content." - PHILIPPIAXS 83 FRAN WYAND Wichita, Kansas U. of N. lVl.-Co-Editor of Yearbook: C.P.-Newman Club, Alpha Chi Omega: Baltimore-THE PLEDGE-Co-Editor-in- Chief, Catholic Discussion Group, SGA-Executive Council, Sr. Class - Secretary-Treasurer. "Sissy," our energetic mid-western "tornado" and Co-Editor- in-Chief, is noted for her enthusiasm, sincerity, common- sense, and leadership ability. Her friends are many, her friendship invaluable. lndeed an intelligent gal, Fran's inter- ests encompass both sewing and obstetrical nursing. This army "brat" has traveled widely but presently has sights set on Fort Meade, with plans to raise her own private army with a lieutenant named Bill. fi uShe was as good as she was fine."-ROGERS You have been told also that life is darkness, and in your weariness you echo what was said by the weary. And I say that life is indeed darkness save when there is urge, And all urge is blind save when there is knowl- edge, And all knowledge is vain save when there is work, And all work is empty save when there is love: And when you work with love you bind your- seb' to yourself, and to one another, and to God. from MThe Prophet," by Kahil Gibran Editorial Note We hope sincerely that the memories captured within The Pledge will unfold endless times in the future. to liven up your reminiscing. Though it goes without mention that the contributions and work of many of you were invaluable. appreciation itself cannot go without saying. To each of you who shared in the work or recruited financial support we owe a debt of gratitude. And to our hard-working Editorial and Business staff. who have devoted considerable time. energy, and effort throughout the year, we extend congratulations for jobs well-done. To our faculty advisor, Mrs. ,lanet Burchette, we offer our thanks, in behalf of the entire staff, for her time, conscientious guid- ance. moral support, and patience. We have found that forming a yearbook is quite an educa- tional experience in itself. Working cooperatively, assuming responsibility, and being in touch with the business world have helped us to broaden our horizons and have been chal- lenging. At this point we also wish to thank our photographer, Mr. Robert Torrence. for his assistance, patience, and out- standing photography. And it has certainly been our pleasure to work with the H. G. Roebuck Co., our publishers. We are especially grateful to Mr. Arthur Schultz for the inval- uable assistance and considerations given to us through the year, prior to publication. ln this first edition of the Pledge we have tried to present a yearbook that our School of Nursing can take pride in. one that will be representative of all areas of our college years. We are sure that. with the groundwork laid. future yearbook staffs can go on to improve and enlarge the book. C0-Editors: CAROL MAGEE FRANCES WYAND fwwyw Aaffmafifdaeai, 85 ,gh E fe mv' X.. f't ffii ,QA 1 19'- -vf. 'eff SPONSORS Roberta M. Fnask, RJV., BSN Marsha J. Baer Mr. and Mrs. Wm M. George Janet S. Barchett Florence M. Cipe Mary Kathryn Carl Mary E. Grotefend Evelyn Cohelan Shirley L. Hale Virginia C. Conley Ann E. Hall Richard and Constance Cooper Nfctry B. Hall Charles and Del Delosier Mary Jane Hockey Mr. and Mrs. Marvin F. Dietrich Mrs. Emma Elizabeth Hipp Mrs. James M. Dirkes Carol M. Hosfelcl Anne L. Dougherty Joyce F. Kaetzel Joseph L. Downs, ADS Mary B. Keller T Francis R. Koonz Karin E. Larsen Mrs. Ella M. Magee William G. Magee, M.D. Alice J. Naughton Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Patal-cy Betty Shubkagel f. S ignor Henry and Berniece Stromburger Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. West Helen M. Whitbeck Kathryn S. Wohlsen P TRO Martha F. Baer Carolyn C. Becker Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Britt Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Coffman Lt. Col. and Mrs. Ralph W. Conners Thomas A. Courtney Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Craig Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Crevelt Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Disney Ruth L. Dyson Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Edelman Ruth Frothingham S. Isabelle Gaare Mr. and Mrs. Robert A, Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garrett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gerson Mr. and Mrs. Melvin F. Grahl Perina Grassi Furman S. Harris Margaret L. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Heffner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Hellmuth Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heinzenberger, S Mr. and Mrs. Sol Hutkins and Mrs. Lester lley n R. Jester Col. and Mrs. Warren R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kalk Mr. and Mrs. C. William Knobloch, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kupin Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Laken Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McFarland Mr. and Mrs. Hervey G. Machen Dr. and Mrs. James B. Magee Mr. and Mrs. Wiley F.. Magee Patricia Ann Orem Merna F. Pelczar Michael J. Pelczar. Jr. Maurice A. Roady Lucile L. Reeder, R.N. W. M. Seaman M. A. Sechrist Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Sheehe Sheehe,s Restaurant Bernice Sigman. M.D. Dr. and Mrs. Claude A. Smith Lora Smith Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Soltoff Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Staley Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Stetson Doris Stevens Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Taylor, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry 0. Thornasson Mrs. Glenn L. Van Atta Lt. Col. and Mrs. Ralph J. Walsh Frances Wickham Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Winchell Col. and Mrs. Preston W. Wyand Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Zeigler Mr. and Mrs. l. M. Znamirowski Mr. Joh I i ? n THE SENIOR CLASS of 1964 As you leaf through these pages, the Class of 1964 hopes that The Pledge has provoked cherished memories of experience encountered and friendships gained dur- ing the four years which we shared at the University of Maryland, School of Nursing. Class of 1964 J 89 PF E i i li 1 l l l f l ' l E it 11, l i' I i il l I i li ' lv ii I l iz l my is ie I l .. I: ,t lg , li i I, ii I ' ii l ig EV li lil tltl pl l ll l lil ll li li l. iii lll ll l li . i l l 22nd Anniversary .9 ' f.. X XIQNYT G1 ,f sf X .f --.V.5 as .. V .- ggk I 'xx 'Q If w' ' .-,, Q , w,,,mN ES " ' ' . Q - - X .V 51? . iii E y nnQn . s , to Q il V : 'g " " - .'.A' ' - I .. S-T7 ' in 'I' . f' - ,r i Ti l ' jf -11. , 1 I ,av-.-R . nql- I ' 5 I 5 5 e .jii f:: 5 5.5.5 . W I - f 1 , "' x Qi J . .. ' A . X . I5 if I r A- . 'r , if I-www-I l .I ap: A Y V ' V Y Y W Y ll Z: K . ICXSIIIN I.. Il.Xlilxl..lNlJ lx lulilil. .lll. I-N l' fs - i if i SEPTEMBER 22 iota JUNE 4 1942 57 i 'K ' ' . 4181 GAVE HIS LIFE FOR HIS C'Ol.'lYlRY ON JIJNF -1, IQ-I2 2. 'Lynx ,M q4 Y ix Ernie Husrrtg or xitoxxvut jw,,,,..,wj c ik sm. ,,,, , Vg ff I. , THE Iixsicm tj. AIARitt.,xNn Ki-it.Lr, IR. Muioniai. Posr ilfl 7,1 ol the Amtiiziczfxx Lr1GtoN was formed in his honor, to perpetuate his name and keep alive the ,-'Xxtieizicpxm ideals lor which he so willingly gave his life. To this end the Ensign C. Marklttnd Kelly, Memorial Post M74 has been active in many programs and activ- ities, fl few ol' which are listed below. o .Xinerican lflag-Educatinnal programs for flag etiquette and Ainerictin Flags presented to Boy and Girl Scout Troops. 0 .Xthletics-Qlunioi' baseball. basketball and lacrosse teams spon- sored. Lacrosse trophies for High Schools and Colleges. A bztselmll field is inziintnined in the Northwood art-Lt. Annual Sports .Xwarrl presented to an outstatntling coach in the State of Nlitrilantl. 0 Bitlliniore Citi 7mm-Gifts of lllj Polar bears, -Ienny the elephant and must recently the Saiilinixm donkeys, Ginger Ilrentl :intl Ltipczilvc. e Bins and C-iils State-My High Sthmil ,Iunims each year sponstwctl. 0 lim Scotitsgtlter l8,0llrJ lim Scout cttlentlars presented an- nually to schools, troops and Club Packs. 0 Drum and Bugle Corps-Sponsoring St: lNIary'S Drum and Bugle Corps and Honor Guards in American Legion com- petition each year. o Essay and Oratorical Contests-Sponsoring contests in all schools interested. o Open Sliutter-Maintain film library for "shut-in" institutions as well as providing live entertainment and refreshments as occasion arises, o SCIIOIlll'SlIll'JS-AICIJOIIOQII School and Baltimore College of Coininerce. Q Nlcinorial Services-Open to the public, each year a Memorial Day Service is held at Loudon Park Cemetery on May fltlth for all who have made the supreme sacrifice for their country. Illatch for announcement in the papers. Since its inception, the Post has been interested in the comniunityg and many things have been done to promote its welfare. Special credit should be given to the ILNSIGN C. MARKLAND KELLY, -IR. MEMORIAL FOUN- DATION, INC. for their financial assistance. The result-many of the programs are a reality rather than a dream. 90 i Fl'OITl FCZHIGI' to FCIHIGT 22ml -f4I1nivefJvUg LOUIS E, LAMBORN Sykesville, Md, January 21, 1963 Dear Friend: If ever we have need of an example of love of father for a son, you have given us one we will all long revere and remember. lt's a long way back to 1916 - that was the year I came back to Baltimore and started my tour at Friends School. Soon "Our Boy" was born. You were with the Neill-Buick Company as I recall, We had all our early lines in autos from your establishment, Then Mark, Jr. came to us at Friends and then at McDonagh. You know, Mark, as we look back and think of all the fine things which have been said of him, it is wonderful to know that he deserved them all, As I sit with your Christmas card, I see him as a wee tike, as an older boy, as a young man. You fathered a man child, Mark, and we are so happy that you gave us an opportunity to share in his life with you. The world is better because he came to us. I-le left his mark as one for us to shoot at. You, his father, have every reason to be proud. We too, are proud of you both. I have a very simple faith. As a Friend, I am not very churchly, maybe, but my faith is complete. As I look forward to what must necessarily be my last days here, I have complete faith that I shall open my eyes and see him and shall say, "I-li, boy, what have you been doing?" and he shall answer, "Why Doc, you and Father know that I came ahead to prepare places for you." And so it is, Mark, he lives on in our lives and memories. Yes, in the memories of hundreds of men who really never knew him but in whose lives he exists because they live under his banner, May the years be full of joy that you could have been the father of such a son and in the realization that hi5 spirit lives on, and will live on, long after we who loved him shall have gone to him. Appreciatively and devotedly, IIDOCII The above letter was written by Major Louis E. lsamlnorn. former xice principal of Fr-iencls School and most recently. Heaclinaster Emeritus. McDonagh School, to C. Nlarkland Kelly. Sr.. father of Ensign C. Markland Kelly. Jr. Young Mark Kelly. Jr. received Mcllonogh Schools highest award upon gracluation. The Dr. J. KI. T. Finney Character Award. The Ensign C. Markland Kelly, Jr. Memorial Foundation, Inc. 91 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1964 THE JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING COMPLIMENTS OF BRUCK'S INC. 387 Park Avenue, South New York 16, N. Y. CHICAGO - PITTSBURGH - DETROIT CLEVELAND - CINCINNATI - ROCHESTER BOSTON - BUFFALO Made to Measure - Perfect Fiz SIZ HOPKINS NURSES UNIFORM COMPANY Founded 1932 1822 E. Monument St. - Baltimore 5, Md. - 327-3666 Ofhriaf maLerJ of of 777aryAzml graaluale Maries uniform: Uniforms for Doctors Nurses - Sisters Schools - Labs HOCHSCHILD, KOHN 0 DOWNTOWN 0 EDMONDSON 0 BELVEDERE 0 HARUNDALE 0 EASTPORT FOUR CORNERS, MARYLAND Compliments of AMBASSADOR HOUSE RESTAURANT EDDIE LEONARD'S PUB 'nt GRUB Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge Good Food - Delightfully Air Conditioned Pleasant Atmosphere - Located "IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN" Cor. Howard Sz Fayette OPEN SUNDAYS l 92 W, I I I I I .4- Compliments of MERCY HO PITAL mfurray-I 0IIIImg0IIfIIII3fIf Serving the medical profession for more than 40 years 1421 MARYLAND AVENUE - BALTIMORE, MD. 21201 SAratoga 7-7333 QQZCZIEAIJU in fguzpment .4n!.Q1jQjQA'e4 oz Me ,I 211 5 HOSPITAL PHYSICIAN Si ' ZIZITIIQ if "'A' ' LABORATORY SUROEON Munmuv BAuMsAn1'Nan I' I 1 ' I AI wi fr, Il -' L.gLI,4.-I....-I' . V, .Af , 7 Mi , f PARKING FACILITIES AVAILABLE INDUSTRY NURSING HOME also: RETAIL SICK ROOM SUPPLIES Competent experienced surgical fitters in attendance Consultants On -major types of Hospital Equipment, Sales and Service 93 THE MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND EXTENDS TO THE CLASS OF 1964, SCHOOL OF NURSING CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1964 FROM PI CHAPTER SIGMA THETA TAU, Inc. THE NURSES' ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF And invites each one to become a I . active member of the association. Meetings: First Thursday each month October through May Qexcept Januaryj, W'hitehu1'st Hall With Sincere Wishes for much Future Success to the graduating class from the Class of 1963 i X w I 1 , , V r 1 u 1. ,E I 1 I , f f ' 1' Q., -v 3 J . ' 'T' - L. N -M Q1 ,V - ,Z I - '- 'V - -"nf 1" X ' , 1 I I 5,1 1 , s ' gn' IVV ' , .J ' X . S .-..... , K , Y. I , - H 1 A- , , ' -- ' , 71 A f ' ' 1 : af ,qw . 1 . g:zk,V,'4 ., ' 'EV .' Q 1,1-Y. ' . WMP-V. gr'-55:75 ' ,L.Z:-,pg- -. ,- . ,- ', nw: V-,f ,QV ' V: 1. F,-wV,fV,?n A . -1 .L V V-.V, V -1-5-J ' -. V ' L3-.LV 1.4.V-r V V Vx , - ,f .., 3.--ft ""l ' V '.'-,-' Q1 I ' 'V ' , - -- -1f'f'A" N ,, , W - -ff-tr- 597. -., U-f-V ,- .- Ny' V , , . ,v ' TIN, 4-' - '. "w "- ' . - ' 1- . . ' . "' ' D Q 0 ,r , .FL Ac,-., ., , .V,VV . , , mg' ' " 1, L- , v " 5- f tgff- "El e. "" ' . " ' 71 a?f-0-"- Q ' , ' Q . ' -f-f . A J V ,f . . Q . VV.. N . MV- 41, 1: . .v ff ag-:7,,.777,.,,,X,.... ..A..,...:,,' - Q - .K -1: 13 V, , :liar-1-' - V ' 'f' 1 .. ,T-Y'fL--1.0, ,,,,, N, ,., -,. N' f X - 1 g,- " ...,,ff' '- ' V f N + ' 1-H wf rua: 1' - fk ,-J' 1,,...Y-., .V H1 ,,.,,1',.-' ' 1, wg.-H. , - ,aww I, .V,w,.,.,3,1 -,V .I gf- V, V-'V . - , w .5 V' MV'-'1 23, ., 1' - -wb" - - ., , 5, ""' V L .1.,,,V4,,,:.,. , -,- T n V, :gn rfu, ... - ' M,- -."1va'S'f'z..vA,'f1,,r, ,,-,,. ,, .gf , 1 . y ..- x -,fl ,--4 .fd 1. Fun, , , V, 1 ,.-,, ,.,f f N, - R .1 , . V V "x + ,I :A 1, , 1 q,yV.,V V...-ew ,R K. fl ' . ,. ,f' fiefwl - I' -3. X'Ifjn5u:,Q' . ,'.. .Y ,H ... . u. n F . r A af . .V V . , ,VV

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