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Archives LD 47 984 Folio i. I Today ' s Heroes -5 Arthi v es cj K ' r i:: j:i» ii£miES!:iii ' i . ' viiSMtmaaKi. Foreword The period covered by the 1984 Terrapin-thosc days between February, 1983, and February, 198 will be remembered as any other: a time of love and laughter, of fraiiti and fears, of those things lost, and those things gained. But here in these pages, we hope this time will be remembered as something more-as a time when people came to realize how good life [f can be, and saw that the future will ask much of us, but it will be ours. Contents Dedication ... to the kind of spirit evidenced in the student support of the tenure application of Communication Arts and Theatre professor Michael duMonceau in the spring of 1983 — it being proof positive that those who make a day-to-day commitment to helping others do not stand alone. " Everywhere Man blames Nature and Fate, yet his fate is mostly but the echo of his character and passions, his mistakes and weaknesses. " -Democritus Today ' s Heroes It ' s been said that because we are Americans, we need heroes to show us the way. Right now, these writers and philosophers say, we are caught in a national climate of disillusions and skepticism. People do seem to be waiting for the moment when the Golden Age of heroes will rise again, bringing with it peace. The lesson to be learned is that we need not look to the past for the strength to find our Golden Age. We need only to look within ourselves for the courage and heroism each of us has, for that courage is needed to find peace. And when, finally, we fully commit our ways to peace, we will all be today ' s heroes, willing to make personal sacrifices to build Our Golden Age. " One man in a thousand, Soloman says, will stick more close than a brother . . . But the Thousandth Man will stand by your side to the gallow ' s foot-and after . Kipling — ive rsity o College 88 Maryland , 10 11 Paint It Red 12 14 44 What Do The Simple Folk Do? " " Most often a hero has to look at a situation and choose the appropriate course of action in the very same instant. What makes him heroic is his vision, and how he demonstrates his commitment to that vision. " Writer David Gerrold 15 16 ly lARYLANO AttV: ANJ i s 44 «» O t tUllli The Year That Was: 1983 October: After the bomb blast in Lebanon we laid our heroes to rest. WINTER- ... " a time to love, a time to hate, a time for war, a time for peace . . . " : A plot is discovered to kill Pope John Paul II . . . President Reagan fires director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency . . . Ma Bell locked in anti-trust battles . . . Split in OPEC . . . One of the worst blizzards in history . . . The economy seems to be inclining towards a recovery . . . Hindu mobs butcher Muslim villagers in Assam . . . After 1 1 years, it ' s farewell to the M A S H gang . . . SPRING- Reagan ' s new nuclear strategy is anti-missile defense . . . Campaign ' 84: new black power at the polls . . . Soviet ' s reject Reagan ' s " interim " step toward eliminating U.S. and Soviet Union missiles in Europe . . . AIDS: Epidemic of the 1980 ' s . . . New Disneyland opens in Tokyo . . . Rock Video brings a new life to the record industry . . . New, improved Space Shuttle . . . H KW i .r ■ - ■ i.:.:i:iiii ' j| m HJyiJ Jil Mi! • .iJ! di fM " H :. «i»5;» ' ; V. ' ' t j On the march on the island of Grenada in late October. 18 SUMMER- American Embassy bombed in Beirut . . . Hitler ' s secret diaries are a hoax . . . Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, says he will resign . . . Sally Ride, first American woman in space . . . Anarchy in Lebanon . . . Thousands of people march in Washington to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. . . . The MX missile: one step closer . . . Martial Law lifted in Poland after 586 days- July 22, 1983 . . . Spain is first nation in Europe to legalize the use of marijuana . . . The Drought of ' 83- from Indiana to Texas . . . Soviets shoot down South Korean flight 007 . . . The Soviet military shot down a civilian airliner. A UTUMN- Presidential campaign winds into high gear . . . Osborne Computer Corp. files for bankruptcy petition . . . U.S. loses the America ' s Cup . . . James Watt resigns as secretary of the Interior ... 161 Americans die in Beirut blast . . . U.S. invades Grenada . . . Reagan sends a naval task force to protect Americans trapped on the island of Grenada . . . over 200 marines killed- Lebanon ' s suicide terrorists kill many . . . Rev. Jesse Jackson is officially running for the 1984 Democratic presidential nomination . . . " The Day After " nuclear nightmare come to T.V. . . . Bomb blast at the Capitol . . . AT T breaks up on January 1, 1984 . . . Greyhound bus drivers strike temporarily . . . Syrian gunners shoot down two U.S. Navy jets in the first American air strike in Lebanon . . . Finally, security was intensified in Lebanon. Today ' s Heroes m iyi:: !: ?x-:-:- X::::; mmm Sally Ride Guion Bluford 20 ST There are rare events that capture the heart and imagination of an entire nation. In the days following the MASH finale, there were those who said it was " silly " that a mere television program had become so important to so many. Perhaps. But MASH at least touched people enough to cause them to care — and that ' s not such a silly idea at all. The night of February 28, 1983 was such an event. We ' re proud to have been part of it. ®CBS 21 i nC f f ' JK J W iV V y -- " t mt «• • »»• l ;!: . 4. ' -. -i .r »3 w m ' I " S % ' - 0 JCK ri ■ " f N ' Ki» " i kL TtttF l M:rvofV : x fipER FIRE RIGHT STUFF . -j 24 thought ht before fanny. U you see text day. ■■ » ?% t, 9S , ■W [ JULWARS RETURN THE 1 " AWINIl " • StyiR CH IMBE li4f WINTER- For the frustrated jock in all of us- Sports ' 83: Bjorn Borg (5 time winner of Wimbledon) is quitting tournament tennis . . . Redskins beat Miami 27- 17 in Super Bow XV II . . . Wayne Gretsky becomes the only player to ever score four goals in a National Hockey League all-star game . . . Herchel Walker signs an $8 million contract with the new USFL . . . SPRING- NBA players threaten to strike against team owners . . . Tom Watson continues to dominate professional golf . . . The Tenth Annual Track Classic (Men and Women) was held at Byrd . . . N.Y. Islanders win Stanley Cup ' 83- Fourth in a row . . . Philadelphia 76ers win NBA championship . . . Dr, J. (right) led the 76ers to an NBA World Championship; America far right) lost the America ' s cup to Australia. Jimmy Connors regained his form at Wimbledon SUMMER- Cocaine crisis in the NFL . . . Carl Lewis and Mary Decker — Two leading Olympic hopefuls . . . Jimmy Connors wins Wimbledon . . . Richard Edell- Maryland ' s new Lacrosse coach . . . Fullback Dave D ' Addio and Defensive Tackle Pete Koch are named co-captains for the 1983 Terp football season . . . Our Orioles rolled over everyone on their way to a World Series ring. AUTUMN- Carl Yastrzemski retires after 23 seasons with the Red Sox . . . After 132 years, Australia II is first challenger to beat the U.S. and win The America ' s Cup . . . Johnny Bench retires after 15 years with the Cincinnati Reds . Baltimore Orioles take the World Series . . . Hagler beats challenger Roberto Duran in 15 rounds . . . Terps go to the Citrus bowl December 17 . . . Mr. Herschel Walker. ' Nuff said. WINTER- Of dorms, final exams, and Testudo here on campus: Dorm fees increase . . . Unclaimed financial aid totals 1.2 million . . . Chancellor Slaughter bars Playboy from photographing nude women on campus . . . campus desegregation goals remain unmet . . . SPRING- On-line registration is campus wide for 1984 . . . Dorm theft drops 51% . . . April 29 Smoke-in . . . TKE Special Olympics brought many smiles . . . First annual University Talent Show . . . Olympic Week ' 83, April 17-22 . . . Greek Week was a blast ... 200 students rally to protest Playboy . . . Chancellor ' s May 3 inauguration . . . Toll appoints woman as new vice president . . . Men ' s basketball coach Lefty Driesell reprimanded by Chancellor Slaughter for his involvement in the Herman Veale assault case . . . Men ' s basketball coach Lefty Driesell was formally reprimanded by Chancellor Slaughter in the spring. Parking continued to be a problem in ' 83. 28 SUMMER- Limited enrollment for Computer Science programs and Interior and Advertising Design programs for Fall ' 84 . . . RTVF ' s Michael duMonceau is denied tenure . . . FALL Homecoming ' 83: Terps crush Blue Devils . . . All fire extinguishers removed from dorms . . . SGA elections: The CAUSE party wins the majority of seats on November 9 . . . 6.6% tuition increase . . . Athletic director Richard Dull cancels basketball game against Soviet Union National Team . . . Dance Marathon raises money for the American Cancer Society . . Diamondback named as the best student daily newspaper . . . Jackson Browne rocks out at Ritchie . . . Poll shows freshman prefer sex over drug use . . . Testudo celebrates 50th anniversary. 32 SSTIIIIENT LIPI sBa Off The Beaten Path .... ' • ' J» Mm 04 » . ' : ,, S 34 All This, And Dorms, Too IS P 36 37 Our Student, Er, Stamp Union Til Wut«(r,mjo« • » C3WSS ysi N.a ' MK oax 38 39 Everyone ' s Favorite: The Armory Armory registration, the most talked about event during the first week of school, had a new appearance this year. The zoo-like atmosphere of yesteryear at each departmental booth was replaced by a snakeish-shaped creature: an enormously long, winding line of students waiting to talk to a vast network of computers as part of the new on-line registration process. ■- -. ft, nk im ni nagL B 40 41 Study, Study, Study 42 " The More I Know, The More I Forget . . . " 43 For Those Strong Of Stomach -•u ' P ' n 44 45 " This Is A Dry Campus? 59 46 Around And About Ole C.P. 48 ACAIIGaUU J St RTVF 351 This, perhaps the most famous of radio, television, and film courses, is a network programming simulation where students play the roles of producers, networks, and advertisers. Don ' t for a moment think that what one sees here is all that different from the " real " world. Goodbye, boob tube Hello, smart set v ilK IF(n)i?(bSdld](gm [Pir(S)dlm(Si28(n)nii 50 " We have no shame! :?Q 1 1 Ck ftOUERT I ' 1 Nb ' SHK- ' . ' _. ■ - , xW ] ,4f 51 " The Backbone Of America " 52 53 Man And Machine 54 55 The Division Of Arts And Humanities A variety of choice is the m.o. of the Division of Arts and Humanities, Courses range from foreign language to art to American History. A student concentrating here can also learn music, sculpture, and dance. Internships galore are available in the local area; graduating students pursue careers in law, bilingual businesses, marketing, and the media, to name a few. 56 57 Division Of Agriculture And Life Sciences The Division of Agriculture and Life Sciences provides a vast program for the student interested in the study of living orgasims and how they survive and interact with the environment. The available courses of study include: agticultural and resource economics and agricultural engineering as well as the chemical and biological sciences. Most often, students involved in this division find jobs in the areas of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine. I 1- i i ,fj 58 59 Division Of Behavioral And Social Sciences The Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences encompasses many majors including sociology, psychology and business. Most of the students in this division are in the College of Business and Management. Accounting and finance and marketing are among the business course topics offered. Students interested in this department find many opportunities despite the overflow of students in many courses. 60 6T Division Of Human And Community Resources There is a broad spectrum of courses offered in the Human and Community Resources Division. Some community health classes such as sex education, drug and alcohol use and abuse, and weight reduction are favorites among students. Many Human Ecology courses are so much in demand that the department must restrict them to majors only. ,■ yfM lili 1 ' w HIS HII E f - ' .- ■f t . Jajnj - ..■ " 1 " •■ ' ■jj 1 Id I 63 Division Of Mathematical And Physical Sciences And Engineering Divisional students here have the opportunity to take courses including Introductory Computer Programming, Physics of Music and Introduction to Astronomy. All departments of MPSE arc involved with research which is primarily financed by the National Sciences Foundation, the National Aeronautic Space Association (N.A.S.A.). the Department of Energy and the Office of Naval Research. 64 65 In Appreciation ... to those teachcr.s who. lor both good and bad. have touched each of us along the way, showing us how to respect our work, and teaching us to do it we 66 67 " So Long, Au Revoir 99 68 The Buck Stops Here Dr. John S. Toll was appointed as president of the University of Maryland six years ago. He has brought U.M.C.P. new ideas and has gained the respect of leaders throughout the state. Known for his quiet, reserved manner, Toll has influenced many people whom he has worked with and has been praised for his openness and determination. Last year the ratings of scholarly quality of faculty, released from the National Academy of Sciences, show the University of Maryland as the outstanding public university in the Northeastern U.S. Toll has guided UM along its course to be a highly rated institution. 69 70 caaUpiis events The Inauguration Of A Chancellor Cap and gown abounded in May long before official graduation ceremonies when John Brooks Slaughter was inaugurated as the third chancellor of UMCP. Focusing his inaugural address on moving his campus continually into the future. Chancellor Slaughter said he will strive for, among other things, higher retention of minority students and a balance towards teaching as well as research among faculty members. Chancellor John B. Slaughter 73 T.K.E. Special Olympics 74 Special Olympics is an athletic and recreational event for mentally retarded citizens. TKE fraternity sponsors this event, which was held on May 5, 1983 with help from businesses in the College Park community. Track and field events fill a day which also includes games, magic shows, jugglers and clowns. 75 Aprilfest K 1 H; 1 p jfe. • 3 " HPtttf i ■ Bh ' W 9 ■ r Just when spring break has ended and you think there is nothing to look foward to comes five days of drinking, mixers and Olympics. This event is sponsored by the dorms of North and South Hill. The events are exciting and the drinking is (almost) painless. There are free movies and free fun at one of the most exciting event on campus. ■¥• Jl K V Oh, What A Feeling Casino Night: Feel Lucky? I ' ll Huff And I ' ll Puff The Food Co-op Smoke-in Alfalfa sprouts and natural peanut butter are what our Food Co-op is most famous for. but little known is its motto " Food for thought, not profit. " The smoke-in, held annually on the Mall, allows Co-op types another forum in which to express their views on poverty, abortion, nuclear war, and, of course, " pot. " 79 Beaux Arts Ball All students arc invited to this event that is a tradition with arehitecture students ail over the country. This year ' s theme was the gangster era of Chicago in the I920 ' s and I930 " s. 80 81 All Night Long At The Union What could be better-ten hours of non-stop festivities at the Union. The All-Nighter began on Friday, September 12th, at 5:00 p.m., and did not end until 3:00a.m. on Saturday. For shame, for shame, if you missed the gala presentations, the concerts, the movies, and all that free stuff. 82 83 " On The Beach At La Plata " Juggle ' Em With Gymkana Neat Stuff: The " Look Fair 55 J. ' ! " ■ ' ■v UL.UI 86 87 " And They All Came Home 55 Sororities and fraternities decorate their floats and color their houses with a theme of their choice in this, the biggest Fall event. It lasts through the weekend- current students and alumni celebrate the spirit of the red and white. Each formal has a formal to add to this festive occasion. iii .. y- - »-= - ' - •s " " - :• -x " ' — , , T ' l - ' r The Winner is the L.S.S. Terp 89 91 " 72 Hours Later 55 Every year Phi Sigma Delta fraternity sponsors a 72 hour dance marathon; the money raised is donated to the American Cancer Society. Brave souls danced from thursday night, October 27, until sunday afternoon, October 30, suffering from sore feet and backs. Geez, these guys shoot horses, don ' t they? 92 93 " Steppin " ' What is stepping, you say? Stepping is that part of Homecoming when the black fraternities and sororities gather to celebrate their organizations. Participating this year were five fraternities and three sororities. 94 95 Terrapin Trot zW And they ' re off . . . the runners started at Byrd Stadium, ran a course around campus and crossed the finish line back at Byrd Stadium. People of all ages competed in this race and prizes were awarded to winners in different categories. Free t-shirts were given to all entrants. Honorable mention goes to Mike Scrivens, a polio victim who walked the race on crutches. f e c c t . , e e f r i- - 96 STAK mK.Jt 97 Night Of Fright Goblins and ghosts crowded the College Park area as clowns, witches and others celebrated all weekend long. The child in us all rose again in the form of a candy bag, trick or treating through the University of Maryland dormitories. The sky was dark, the moon was orange — and we met the great pumpkin after all. 99 October: Testudo is 50 resTUDO • J 100 It Beats The Armory 101 11 9-11 16 83- Student Government Elections o ' iftc ' hetf for TAt pTops 3iioy f Oi 7r}c i5 M%ic% he disbelieves }$ sfon u OTB NO ON RtFSRcNOUfA 2 The Maryland Public Interest Group referendum, calling for an increase in the activities fee for separate PIRG funding, was defeated. 102 Miss Black Unity Beauty Pageant " Sophistication in Blaci " was clearly evident at the 6th Annual Miss Black Unity Pageant 1983-84, co-sponsored by the Black Student Union-U.M.C.P. with special assistance from Bob Hall, Inc. Donna Lynne Smith, who was crowned " Miss Black Unity " Thursday, November 10, was sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The pageant promotes campus unity and cultural awareness and appreciation of the contributions and achievements of black women. SIXTH ANNUAL MISS BLACK UNITY PAGEANT UNIV. OF MARYLAND ? o£ A Oa rn 103 CO ' , e " a V ' a _ -DAN FQGEmERG rucsday April 19, 1983 8:00 PM Cok Kicid Hou e University of Maryland. College Park f i -: .3ia .-? ' •; ' .■ 104 Famous Faces iiP- ' Courtesy of S.E.E. and our student activities fee, we were treated to (opposite page) a solo by Dan Fogelberg, the black humor of Monty Python ' s Graham Chapman, Gene Roddenberry speaking of the " Star Trek " phenomenon and his hopes for the future, (this page) G. Gordon Liddy, former aide to President Nixon, Jackson " Tender is the Night " Browne and band, consumer activist Ralph Nader, and director ( " Fame, " Midnight Express " ) Alan Parker. 105 And More From S.E.E. . . . 106 The music made the moment when (opposite) David Johannsen and his band, and Billy Price and his Keystone Rhythm Band came to town; here (left to right), Johannsen, Patrick Moras and Bill Bruford lit up the night, as well. 107 Foggy Bottom (left) and Slickey Boys (above) 108 lass ORioR GORcerte The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Nighthawics, and Slicicey Boys, were only a few of the performers brought to us by the Glass Onion Concert Committee, headed by Jim Finn, Bob Kelly, and Ken Delaney. 109 Brigadoon Sure, an ' t ' God, it was a delight, this University Theatre production of the story of two American hunters who become lost in the Scottish foothills and discover the spectral village of " Brigadoon, " which awakens once every hundred years through a pact hammered out with The Lord. The play spoke to all of us when it said, " If you love someone enough, anything is possible. " Hopefully, people were listening. Ill " You Can ' t Take It With You " Ah, yes, the Vanderhofs and the Sycamores, brought so irresistibly to life by the University Theatre group this spring of ' 83. The show was as funny as the dickens, sentimental, and yet philosophical. Listen well, ye foolish youth, to Grandpa Vanderhofs simple philosophy in defense of the enjoyment of life. Bravo! 112 ■ n Lm | ■■1 fc . N j hI v ' i ' - il H I ' mV 1 i SHRW h 1 l« 5 1 ■ lll l 113 Hello Dolly! It was big. It was brassy. It was wonderful. It was Stewart and Herman ' s " Hello Dolly! " presented on several different autumn nights by the University Theatre. The standard show business axiom advises that, come what may, " the show must go on, " and the actors here displayed true grit by continually performing despite several injuries to the cast. 114 B HI H r ' . 0 J P I H B HF ' L ' 1 Hf £ 1 115 " The Miser 95 Some of the faces were unfamiliar (namely New Yorkers Walt Witcover and Herman Arbeit as director and lead actor, respectively), but still " The Miser " held its audience rapt as it spun its tale of an old skinflint, two pairs of young lovers, several arranged marriages, and a hidden treasure. Merit badges here to faculty member Tom Donahue for his set design and Diane Ferry for her imaginative lighting. 116 !. am 117 The Gallery Theatre Sometimes, the best things occur in the smallest places. In our pelilc gallery this year, saw we did " Change, Changes, Changed, " " And Miss Rcardon Drinks a Little, " and " Awake and Sing. " :W» f. F J r 1 " :irN_ -r . ■J % 3 W fU- • ' . T It ' jT ! V ' p1 c mm «— ' ' o - % rft ■ ■ ijl yv-;--i " -Jl I .-a ' flHL 1 a ' " ' ' V 7 -tr jcd lV ' MrM HsMaB B • ' 1 mr ■ ' A ' pP ■■B : 1 A-._. P-- " rr ' ' fefc .Mr » ■4. jWfl 5IMl:3 pl ll - r- j ' J " - -—g |M BHH Bk. .» 118 •. «•», Oo 119 120 SPOKTSS Women ' s Lacrosse In her ninth season as Maryland head coach, Sue Tyler lead the Terrapins to an 11-21 record. The Terps were seeded third among twelve teams in the NCAA Championship tournament. Karen Trudel, Abigail Kay Ruffino, Lori Moxley, Lynn Frame, Celine Flinn, goalie Mary Lynne Morgan and Jackie Williams all deserve honorable mention. 122 123 Men ' s Lacrosse Dino Mattessich ' s Terps did not come a cropper in ' 83, ending the season with a 9-5 overall record. The Terps even advanced to the NCAA semi-finals, though losing there to Syracuse University. Jim Wilkerson advanced to the number three slot on the all-time Maryland career goals list. 124 125 Womens Outdoor Track - ' tag Ts Asi Km Third rov; (left to right) Head Coach Stan Pitts, Tamcla Penny, Rebecca Fields, Marita Walton, Charles Torpey assistant coach. Second row (left to right) Carolyn Forde, Cheryl Baker, Theresa Cannon, Debbie Hohmcicrs, Ann Chesny, Janice Farr. Fi-st row (left to right) Jean Whislon, Linda Spenst, Laurie Blishnikoff, Susan Parker, Lisa Suilovsky. A banner year, to say the least. While the team itself finished second in the ACC Championships, four Terrapins took first place honors at the meet: Marita Walton in both the Shot Put and Discus, Carolyn Forde in the 3000m, Tomi Rucker in the long jump, and Sue Aurey in the javelin. All the women qualified for the NCAA Track and Field Championship; Walton collected her seventh Ail-American title. 126 127 Men ' s Outdoor Track I " nt g ' ttiiad iA. " ££ f.A X Fourth row (Icfl lo right) Head Coach Stan Pitts, Mike Paseu7 o. Richard Al Baginski. Steve Coivin, Dennis MeSweeney, assistant coach Charles Torpey. Third row (left to right) Robert Dorscy. Scott Vrabell, Bill Smith, Chris McGorty, l.ou Kertes , Bill Butler. Second row (left lo right) .loe David. Owille Gayle, Brian Garland, Dave Sanders. Raymond Oglesby, I ouis Kertes . Bill Butler. First row (left to right) Kevin Hughes, Robert Dickson, Keith Hudson, Greg Widenhouse, Chris Chattin. The men ' s track team placed second in the IC4A Champion.ships and fourth in the ACC Championships in 1983. Leading the team was Alan Baginski, who won individual honors in both tournaments in addition to being named Ail-American. Mike Pascuzzo (high jump 7-13 4), Greg Rowe (shot put 59 ' 2V4) and Bill Smith (decathlon 6,863 pts.) also earned individual titles throughout the season. 128 129 The Maryland Nine Although the Terrapin " Boys of Summer " fin- ished their season with an overall record of 1 4- 1 9- 1 , they had many impressive victories over adversaries such as Georgia Tech, Clemson, Wake Forest and Virginia. 130 131 Heirs To The Capitals No, this is not the Capital Centre. It ' s the Calvert Hockey Rink in College Park, where our Terps practice three-on-ones by day and score goals by night. Though not an intermural sport, the club receives much coverage in the area. B m 133 Future Borgs With an impressive 14-4 record, our court-men finished fifth in the ACC Championships. Inaki Calvo and Scott Wlodychacic both placed third in the number one and number four singles respectively. The Terps participated in the NIT, held at Southeast Louisiana. 134 135 Runners Built on all freshman and sophomores, the team finished 5th in the ACC. Captain Carolyn Ford was 10th All-Conference, 15th All-District, and ranked 26th in the American Cross-Country Tournament. Freshman Bobbie McGee and Sophomore Debbie Dohmeier also contributed to this successful season. 136 137 And More Runners Coach Charles Torpey ' s squad ended their season 4th in the ACC. Although it was a very young squad, there was huge improvement from prior years. Freshman Dennis Cullinane and Senior Gregg Herzog were named All-Conference. Fresman Dan Foley was All-District as well as Ail-Conference. 139 Stickers Sue Tyler ' s team was ranked 15th in the country with an 11-7-2 record. For the first time ever, two girls (Captain Andrea LeMare and Jacqueline Williams) were Ail-American. Although this was not the team ' s best season, Tyler is very optimistic about next season since there were 4 freshman on the 83 team. 140 141 Kickers The kickers from College Park suffered through this season what every team must every so often, a rebuilding year. But at season ' s end, Coach Joe Gismbaldt ' s boys held their heads high, proclaiming their readiness for 1984. 142 143 Spikers It is a shame that this well coached team is as little known as it is. Coached by Barbara Dumm, the squad always plays close, competitive matches. Standouts this year included Veronica Vogel, Denise Gieves, and Kristen Blomquist. 144 145 Goodbye, North Carolina In his second year as head coach, Bobby Ross ended his season with another successful season. The Terps ' 11-3 record placed them number 1 in the ACC and sent them off to a bowl game in Florida. Boomer Esiason, was recognized as one of the best quarterbacks in the country was listed as one of the top ten candidates for the Heisman Trophy. The Terps had impressive victories over North Carolina, Wake Forest, Pitt and N.C. State, outweighing a disappointing loss to Auburn. Jess Atkinson, Pete Koch, Clarence Baldwin, and Eric Wilson were All-ACC. Ron Solt was Ail- American as well as All-ACC. 146 Hello, Citrus Bowl 147 Hoopsters These ACC champs were ranked in the top ten for the 6th consecutive year. The Terps had an unbelievable record of 26-5, and went as far as the final 8 in the NCAA tournament. Jasmina Perazic, Marcia Richardson and Boe Peerman were all high scorers. 148 149 Court Men 1983 was a successful year for our men of the court, who finished their season with a 20-10 record. Ranking 3rd in the ACC, Ben Coleman and Adrian Branch were named all-ACC. The fire starters-Ben Coleman, Adrian Branch, Len Bias, Herman Veal and Jeff Adkins-all returned for the 84 season. The Terps went to the NCAA tournament in the spring, losing in the 1st .round. 150 Down Under Nurturing young talent, Coach Charles Hoffman honed his team ' s abilities and molded a winning combination. The ACC tournament was the light at the end of the tunnel; hard work was their transportation. 152 153 Stroke, Stroke You ' ve heard the names- the butterfly, the breastroke free-style, and high-diving. They ' re all part of swimming- and st rengths in these areas played a major role in the men ' s swimming team this year. 154 155 Of Olga And Kurt Thomas Despite limited funds and little public support in the past, the gymnastic squad has become well known nationally. In the past, there were very few young members; now there are a few due to scholarships. Happily, the number of fans has increased of late and the recognition of the gymnastics squad is growing. 156 157 Men Of The Mat 158 159 A 160 161 Intramurals 162 163 Something For Everyone 164 CLIIBSS ETI 1 A • 165 " The 1984 Terrapin Yearbook Staff :» w What you the reader hold in your hands at this moment is a slice of history — the year 1983 at this university as recorded by the people on these two pages. Please, reader, remember this: someone once said that we all spend about one-third of our lives being angry at someone or something; there ' s no reason to waste the other two-thirds being mad and depressed, too. Jean Garafalo 166 Photo editor Jeff Linck is usually smiling And thanks also to Ev Kosow, Sue Secco, Robin Swanson, Beth Nolan, Cindy Crosby, Karen Hiilman, Jill Smeyne, Tony Green and anyone we may have missed. Copy editors Lisa Goldenberg and Susan Hiiton 167 MITZPEH; THE OUTLOOK I That crash heard in the South Campus Dining Hail this summer of 1983 was the sound of the campus ' former Jewish newspaper, " HaKoach " toppling to its death. That rumble heard was the rise of " Mitzpeh-The Outlook, " the new Jewish paper, here to help the campus better understand Jewish life, and to report on events affecting the Jewish population here. 168 MITZPEH THE OUTLOOK 7}Dsrj Editor in Chief Neil Stuart Rubin Managing Editor David M. Fishman Associate Editor Mitchell Cahan News Editor Tallie Grodzinsky Business Manager Alan Hoffman Mitzpeh-Th6 Outlook, the Jewish newspaper at the Universi- ty of Maryland, is a monthly newspaper published by Maryland Media Incorporated. The newspaper is written and edited by students at the University of Maryland. Submissions and letters to the editor should be addressed to Mitzpeh-The Outlook, University of Maryland, Main Dining Hall, Room 3I11C, Col- lege Park, MD. 20742. • " Haiirr ' - •y«» ' ' ? !- ' " --wwiiiiii (■iiiK 169 The l!x[ilosi«m Minority students at the University didn ' t always have such a viable outlet in which they could voice the problems and concerns of the minority communit . It was not until the 70 ' s that the outlet was provided. That outlet was the Black Explosion. The Black Explosion is a bi-weekly publi- cation which focuses on issues affecting the minority community on and off campus. Editor Crystal W illiams flanked by her editorial .staff. 170 171 From The Terrapin Wire Service College Park, Md. — The Diamondback, the campus newspaper, this year was voted the number one college paper in the country. It earned the honor based upon " hard investigative " reporting. Appearing daily. The Diamondback complements its campus coverage with national wire service reports. 172 dlamondback AN INDEPENDENT STUDENT NEWSPAPER— UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, COLLEGE PARK HEADLINE DEPTHS f ' V.-N 173 A quick glance at ihc Calvcrl envelopes ihe reader in a potpourri of poelry, i ' iclion, and visual art written and prepared by the students, faculty and staff of the university. Culvert, published twice annually, does, we ' re told, " welcome submissions from al humans on campus. " THE MAGAZINE WITH THE POWER TO BEND MINDS 174 Left to right- Glenn Moomau, Sara Wild- berger, Jackie McMillan, Darryl Wakely, Anna Lazio, Dave Peterson, Toin White, Rose Solari. 175 Maryland Media, Inc. The Board of Directors, from left to right: Michael Fribush, General Manager; Barbara Hines; Susan Egerman; Crystal Williams, Glenn Moomau; Nancy French, Business Manager; Glenn Mosley, Gary Gately, and Tomu Farming. Not pictured: Ira Allen. If during one ' s college career one chooses not to flex one ' s literary muscles in print, it is not the fault of Maryland Media Inc., that non-university aligned corporation which oversees five student publications: Calvert Magazine, The Mitzpeh, The Black Explosion, The Diamondback, and The Terrapin Yearbook. 176 Maryland Media Production Shop s f 1 177 College Park ' s Best: WMUC 1983 was the year WMUC AM and FM hit full stride. Smart programming and leadership brought WMUC-AM to the fore as an invaluable training ground for those learning the media, while FM 88.1 now stands as the only progressive radio station in the local market. WMUC also offers training in news, sports, promotions, sales, public affairs, and computer operations. 178 AM Staff: Back row, left to right-Tom Yeager, Neil Gratton, Marc Peterson, Steve Epstein, Neil Smith, Rick Hart, Lisa Pelton, Tom Way, Bob Kelley, Andy Tanchel, Greg Davis, William Tucker, Front row, left to right-Frank McCornick, John Peake (Program Director), Matt Hartman, Glenn Mosley, Lisa Loewy, Jeff Greenfeld, Kevin Lorden, Sue Beringer, Steve Konick, Jan Goldstein Michelle Turner, Rochelle Levy, Lynda Phoenix. Station manager Chet Rhodes FM Staff: Back row, left to right-Steve Holland, Derrick Hsw, Tony Lombardi, Mark Kozaki, Rob Goldstein, Tim Wincinski, Paul Ha, Phil Huitema, Eric Stockhansen, Rimas Orentas, Logan Perkins, Tracy Lango, Wayne Dulaney, Bill Baird, Amiker. Third row-Elliot Klayman (Program Director), Sue German, Guy Congo, Paul Bushmiller, Ken Delaney, Jesse Atoatto, Gary Wechsler, Sam Brown, Murry Jason,. Second row-Irene Weineger, Terry Wilson, William Tucker, Paul Nwasabrut, Diane Bernard, Virginia Vitathum, Elenore Zappone. Front row-Mark Tabor, Henry Abraham Lincoln, Chris Pax (center). 179 Ten Pin There ' s a team at the University of Maryland, that dosen ' t compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference; but instead the University of Maryland Bowling Team competes in the Eastern Pennsylvania Maryland Intercollegiate Bowling Conference (EPMIBC) The Bowling Team is sponsored by The Adele H. Stamp Recreation Center, and is supervised by player manager Chris Duffy. The Bowling Team schedulde rans from October to Feburary. 14 15 180 Rugby Club 182 fiiiri-r-iiiiiiiiiiaii 183 Society For Advanced Management 184 Eta Kappa Nu 185 Tri Delta 186 Glass Onion Concert Committee Marching Band 188 Cheerleaders t 189 Alpha Epsilon Rho 190 Kappa Kappa Psi 191 Hoff Theatre 192 O.D.K. OIMCRON DELTA KAPPA NATIONAL LEADERSHIP HONOR SOCIETY TAPS REPRESENTATIVES OF THE JUNIOR AND SENIOR CLASSES. THESE STUDENTS ARE ELECTED BY THE CIRCLE. A HIGH STANDARD OF CHARACTER, DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP AND GOOD CAMPUS CITIZENSHIP ARE BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR CONSIDERATION PROFICIENCY IN AT LEAST ONE OF THE FIVE MAJOR PHASES OF CAMPUS LIFE IS EXPECTED THESE ARE: SCHOLARSHIP: ATHLETICS; SOCIAL SERVICE, AND RELIGIOUS ACTIVTIVES AND CAMPUS GOVERNMANT: JOURNALISM, SPEECH AND THE MASS MEDIA; CREATIVE AND THE PERFORMING ARTS. THE PURPOSE OF ODK IS ALSO TO BRING TOGETHER MEMBERS OF THE FACULITY AND STUDENT BODY OF THE INSTITUTION ONA BASIC OF MUTUAL INTEREST AND UNDERSTANDING. 193 Counseling Center 194 Health Center 195 1% 197 Putters 198 The Jazz Ensemble Marching For Peace December 2, 1983 " ■ ' fi V IN r 200 m. Shelter ■fropnT NhcUw Mr ■mt I i ' .Mt. 201 Campus Face Lift RESIDENCE HALL RENOVATION AND CONSTRUCTION; PHASE FUNDED FROM STUDENT HOUSING FEES TEMPORARY INCONVENIENCE FOR PERMANENT IMPROVEMENT ® BANK BUILDING .EQUIPMENT CORP OF AMERICA DESIGN BUILD CONTRACTOR ARCHITECT STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS CHARLES P GUARIGLIA CARROLL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL 4 MECHANICAL ENGINEERS ,.V,RONMENTAL ENGINEERING 202 Crafts From The Craft Center ?03 Merry, Merry . . . JW WSS OAix -i W • 204 205 Gallery 206 207 208 " We have not seen the beginning of the end, but perhaps we have seen the end of the beginning . . . " 209 jm University Of Maryland CoiiEGt Park Campus -»i»ma iiy , i tm In Memoriam " We was a great man and a talented and perceptive writer. -Public Affairs school research associate Robert Pastor Campus Spanish literature professor Angel Rama was killed near Mardrid in one of the world ' s ten worst airplane crashes on November 27. Rama had taught here from 1979 until early 1983, but due to a visa battle with the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service (an unspecified " subversive " classification had been placed on his visa), the world reknowned author and literature critic was forced into a one-year sabbatical, denied his great love — teaching. 212 On November 20, millions of Americans sat transfixed in front of their television screens, horrified by the nuclear nightmare presented that evening by ABC television. But even more disheartening than the mere thought of those fictional events actually occuring were the public debates which followed: " What are we going to do when the bomb is dropped? " One would think that instead people would have said, " Well, there are a lot of reasons why the bomb might be dropped, but there ' s no reason why it HAS to. " 213 " Mankind Must Put An End To War, Before War Puts An End To Mankind " r 214 SSGNIOKSS 215 Mohamed Abdelsalam Accounting Barry Abel Marketing Eve Abrams Chemical Engineering Murray Abrams Finance Jacqueline Accorti RTVF Maurice Acriche Finance Jayne Adams Gov ' t, and Politics John Adams Dorothy Adamson English Education Susan Adelman History Tanya Adesevn Urban Management Linda Lee Adey Interior Design Cynthia Adkins Textile Merchandising Jill Adwar Kinesiology 216 Though to be today ' s heroes, we need not look for our strength in the past, the past (with all of its lessons) is something we dare not forget. Here, then, look back upon the U.M.C.P. of yore. First up: the College of Medicine, after the Civil War. Elizabeth Agayoff Geography Harmeen Ahuja Zoology Psychology James Aist Gov ' t Politics Steven Akers Marketing Deborah Aksler Conservation Ronnie Albert Marketing Gary Alexander Mechanical Engr. Barbara Allen Journalism Laurie Allenspach Economics Howard Allentoff Psychology Julia Allspach Richard Alpert Fire Protection Engr. Shahriar Amiri Mechanical Engr. David Andersen General Studies Kimberly Anderson Textile Marketing Fashion Rowland Anderson II Electrical Engr. Missy Andreone Criminology Chrisopher Andrews Finance Torin Andrews Computer Science Mike Angel English Michael Anzmann Economics Francine Applewhite Psychology Sheryl April Business Marketing Neal Archer English 217 Janice rmsieau Criminology David Arnold Geography Jill Arnold Psychology Stephen Arnold Government Politics Brock Arnone Mechanical Engr. Carlton Arrendell Economics Stephen Arrington Horticulture Ellen Asaka Marketing Richard Ashburn, Jr. Economics Marc Assaraf Fina n ce Econ French Crystal Athey Civil Engineering Penny Atkins Psychology Thomas Auer Accounting Gilbert Austin ENEE 218 The Rossborough Inn about 1885. That ' s Route 1 in front. Asim Baber Finance Shawn Badolato Speech Comm. Daniel Bailey Economics Susan Bailey Computer Science Edward Bakal Economics Bruce Baker Electrical Engr. Carrie Baker Interior Design Christopher Baker Gov ' t Politics Wendy Baker Business Jay Balakirsky Electrical Engr. Mary Balash Physical Sciences Robert Ballard Law Enforcement Odessa Banks Law Enforcement Marquita Banner Gov ' t Politics Santa Barbaro Textile Marketing Erica Barditch Botany Bonnie Barger Chemical Engr. Catherine Barham Journalism Patricia Barilla Finance Lynn Barnett Gov ' t Politics Susan Barnett Dance David Barry Chemical Engr. Joy Barshook Speech Communication Gloria Bartholomew Marketing 219 Debora Bartlcy Janet Barloletti Elementary Education Helen Bartsoca Accounting Alfred Basile Industrial Tech Lynn Baskerville Secretarial Ed Pamela Bassett RTVF Benjamin Bates Architecture Aimee Bauer RTVf Jane Baum Interior Design Francis Beachem Industrial Tech Gordon Bean Mechanical Engr. Jacquelyn Bean General Studies Jenniece Bearce Textile Marketing Charlene Beaulieu General Studies 220 , x. Alison Bedarf Fashion Merch. Sarah Beerman Computer Science Teeri Beitel Fashion Merch. Julie Belcher English David Bell Gov ' t Politics Michael Bell Criminology David Seller Animal Science (idgar Bellinger. Jr. History Stacy Bellmore Marketing Aeronita Belo Special Ed. Rhonda Belt Criminology Lishka Benes RTVF Cheryl Bennett Psychology Karen Bennett Animal Scien ce Lance Bennett Mechanical Engr. William Bennett Law Enforcement Ellen Benson Econ Gov ' t James Bergen Animal Science Carol Berilla Advertising Design Francine Berk Internat ' l Business David Berlin Accounting Lee Berlinsky Government Roberto Bermudez Civil Engr. Bryan Berringer Mechanical Engr. 221 Michelle Berry Law Enforcement Robert Berry, Jr. Fire Protection Engr. Ross Beschner Agricultural Engr. Adam Bessen Government Annette Best Social Studies Ed. David Betman Finance Robert Betz Chemical Engr. Karen Biehn Accounting Allan Bieler Finance Susan Bigler Fashion Merchandising Robert Bilbrey Accounting Ronald Billingsley Business Management Gino Biondi Economics David Birk Fire Protection Engr. 222 IV - H v 1 Hf ' 1 1 H " 1 H ii l B - ■ Hjk vr.; r H " IB E rF | Ktl -M V iff J i Robert Bitting Mechanical Engr. Suzanne Bivans Civil Engr. Barbara Black Law Enforcement Craig Black Gen. Bio. Sciences Lisa Blaineal Gov ' t Politics Kenneth Blake Computer Science Sabrina Blake Computer Science Leslie Blanck Elementary Ed. David Biankman Electrical Engr. Cynthia Blecker Marketing Bonnie Block .lournalism Joni Block Economics Joel Bloom Computer Science Beth Blumberg Dietetics Loretta Bodison General Studies Catherine Boehme French Sharon Anne Begins Individual Studies Ellen Boginsky Psychology Carol Boisseau Sociology Business Raquel Boluda Accounting Lisa Bond Afroamerican Stud. Jane Bonomo Civil Engr. Ann Boone Communica tions K. Scott Booth Accounting 223 Toni-lyn Boreisha Psychology Dena Boris General Studies Scott Bornstein General Studies Sharon Borshay Recreation Jennifer Bon English Literature James Borzatti Mechanical Engr. Margaret Bouffier Accounting Carol Lynn Boughton Accounting Raymond Bouvier Accounting Perry Bowen History Robert Bowes Elementary Ed Paula Boyd RTVF Winfield Boyer Civil Engineering Andrea Bracaii Personnel Mngt. 224 i J- T, ' M ' Cl ■I Find Bobby Ross - the Maryland Agricultural College Football team, circa 1901. Jacqueline Bra dley Special Ed. Joan Bradley Animal Science Nathan Bradley Psychology J. Matthew Bradshaw Mechanical Engr. Cheryl Brady General Studies Dennis Brady Eire Protection Engr. Tina Marie Brady Fire Protection Engr. Cheryl Braun Criminal Justice John Breider General Studies Beth Brenner Marketing Amy Brennwald Psychology Jane Brelzfield English Robert Brewer Law Enforcement Jason Brinkley Finance Tracy Broady Biological Sciences Renee Brodsky Accounting Jackie Bronson Special Ed. Alyssa Brook Hearing and Speech Lisa Brooks Accounting Nancy Brooks Economics Terry Brooks Law Enforcement Lori Broser Psychology Joel Brotman Electrical Engr. Penny Brous Finance Congratulations Seniors from the University Book Center 225 Aaron Brown Criminology Carolyn Brown Government Christopher Brown International Relations Jennifer Brown Theatre Jude Brown Kinesiological Science Mary Brown English Susan Brown Nursing George Brownlee Marketing Randi Bruh Special Education Kurt Brungraber General Studies Deborah Brushe Criminology Renee Bryan RTVF John Bryant RTVF Debbie Bucalo Psychology 226 Grant, Beennan, Z i rr m e r rr d fi , rr c hA , Krlclter Lane, ' Baldwin, Ronnba ' . •C nri»- " c 7!pp st r r-r j rt Pi., Rodney Budd Law Enforcement Kathcrine Buhl Carolyn Bunke Interior Design Jennifer Buran Criminology Daniel Burch Criminal Justice Steven Burdelski Law Enforcement Gregory Burdick Industrial Tech. Michael Burdusi General Studies Lily Burgess General Studies Edward Burke Mechanical Engr. Maura Burke Journalism David Burkhart Fire Protection Engr. Thomas Burton Accounting Patricia Butler Recreation Tracey Butler Economics William Butler Accounting Gordon Butler, Jr. Personnel Labor Rel. Jackson Bwewusa Agricultural Engr. Scott Byrd Electrical Engr. Kevin Byrnes Marketing Susan Byrnes Special Ed. Debra Bythewood Medical Sociology Lauren Cadeaux Personnel Labor Rel. Benjamin Cahan Computer Science Congratulations Seniors from the University Book Center 227 Victoria Cain Criminology Catherine Cairo FMCD Renee Calagna Fashion Merch. Cherie Caldwell Personnel Labor Relat. Rex Caldwell Economics James Calhoun Architecture Cynthia Callahan Economics Prela w Tiernie Callnin General Studies Christi Calvert Biological Science Jeffrey Calvert Aerospace Engr. John Campanella Electrical Engr. Kenneth Campanile Business RTVF Robert Campbe Biochem Pre- Med Michael Campo Transportation 228 One of the most popular campus events up through the 1960 ' s - the Cotton Pickers ' Minstrels, sponsored by Kappa Alpha Fraternity, seen here in 1930. Daniel Canaan Economics Cindy Candiotti Special-Elmtry, Ed. Michael Canning, Jr. General Studies Theresa Cannon Marketing Michael Cannon, Jr. Accounting Louis Capanneili Marketing Joan Capodice Horticulture Lois Carani Cynthia Carapellucci A dvertising Design Sandy Carin Hearing Speech Therapy Stephanie Carieton Fashion Merchandising Mark Carnie Computer Science Julie Caron RTVF Eduardo Carpio Architecture Deborah Carr English Robert Carr Finance Eusebio Carrasco Frnch. Spanish Ed. Stephen Carroll Finance Economics William Carroll RTVF Melanie Carter Fashion Merchandising William Carter Economics Michael Caselli Nuclear Engr. Ricardo Cassorla Economics Gerard Castelli Accounting Congratulations Seniors from the University Book Center 229 Gabriel Castillo mmmmm m Economics M Sonya Castillo 1 Psychology V I H Tcri Cathev hP) II General Business Tracy Celi H H Marketing Vw " H Elizabeth Cermak Marketing - - i Peter Cermak General Business Michael Cerria Marketing Lewis Chabot Accounting Nancy Chabot Anthropology Mary Grace Chacos Govt Politics Karen Chancy Marketing Hower Chang ENME Si-Li Chang Electrical Engr. Sijung Chang Computer Science 230 Congratulations Seniors from the University Book Center 1 ■ " ' ' s V li ■-- ,g V I .. s, , i - m Ai.iii ' jiT rAiir:i.i. iiiTriiii ' : BlIIIN II, Hi. In. I. .. . .i;u-i . ' .. 1 ... .i,..i M. Il.i..,. I t..iii Inn. . I ...V .riu.r ..f llir -l:,l. .,f M n v ■■( Xnn i I liiw vtr .in l »•« nn-l I |nt.l..ilil k«-l»t Ir. ' in I In in. -i-- l.t In- ::...;:r..| liii;.l l. . trvi-.t in ». .Tiil inUH-r |Mt iliiin- I tlii-n M.t» i liii-. n ..l ' - hili- l-f,.r.- Unik ' .I.-. I. ' .l i;..i.ili..r f..r tin tir.l linn in I ' ' . ' " I: . ' i-iili ri ' ..iil iiin.M-lv niitil l:i:l " .. inl rii.Mr in In. ..|l •■;■ . ' M ll..viM-.l III. 1,1. I! (r II..- I liix.-r-lH ..( l..r l I ... IV " -. ....-I I - I I I ' l!l. ' ll ...|....r r..fl..« ..I lli.l nn.l-ll.v I ' m; 1.. Ill. ' n A i:iT..I fri. ...I ..I I ' .l.i. ;il...n. I..- l l;i .-.l .i I. Ili.m (..itl n. I In- ..I ' I.. I i .r.|l ..f h,r.vl;in.l ..I..I l»ll.tini: lli.- i;. n. r;.l .-.In. ;.l .v -l. in ..III..— I.l. Ili-.l.-iill. «.i- Mi.rvl..n.l ' .i:n:.l.-I 1 I. ... lii. ■ Yoon Chang Computer Science Brett Cahpman Law Enforcement Jill Charney RTVF Steven Chase Marketing Ravi Chedaiavada Nuclear Engr. Susan Cheiken RTVF Jill Cheiiik Pre Law Jeannie Chen Accounting Shu-Ang Chen Chemical Engr. Sheela Cherian Economics Leigh-Anne Cherrix Personnel Labor Rel. Joseph Cherry Zoology Michael Chiarito Mechanical Engr. Eunho Choe Criminology Christina Cipriotti Accounting Christopher Clark Electrical Engr. Karen Clark Journalism Teri Clark Psychology Cheryl Clayton Marketing Kimberlee Clayton Gov ' t Politics Beth Clearfield Hearing and Speech Lisa Clemente Business Finance Jack Clevland RTVF Catherine Coble Hearing and Speech Congratulations Seniors from the University Book Center 231 Timothy Cochran Marketing Almo Cockrell Psychology Carolyn Coffey Journalism Kimberly Coffinan Fashion Merch. Barbara Cohen Recreation Da,vid Cohen Journalism David Cohen Accounting Harris Cohen Marketing Sherri Cohler Marketing Ellen Cohn Psyc Law Enforcement Ben Coleman General Studies Barbara Collier General Studies Margaret Collins Elementary Ed. C. Bradford Collins III Civil Engr. 232 Lots of Luck Seniors from the Three Brothers Albert Comeau Finance Jon Conner Horticulture Pamela Conner Kinesiology Adrienne Connor Hearing Speech Thomas Connor Econ Gov ' t Stephen Connors Finance Maryclaire Conway Linda Cooke Kinesiological Sci. Terri Cooke Journalism Michael Cooley Electrical Engr. Gale Cooper Law Enforcement Julie Ann Cooper Zoology Ronald Cooper Biochemistry Alison Cooperman Psychology Belinda Coopersmith Marketing Carol Cope Nutrition Rsrch. Juan Correa Electrical Engr. Annette Corsino RTVF Lisa Cote Sociology Womens Stdy. Michael Coughlan Marketing Craig Cousineau Accounting Charlye Covert Anthropology Clifford Cowden Mechanical Engr. Maryellen Cox RTVF Lots of Luck Seniors from the Three Brothers 233 Patrick Cox Marketing Harry Cranston Mechanical Engr. Theresa Cranston William Crawford Political Science Ann Creamer Animal Science James Creegan Computer Science Jonathon Crell Finance Joan Crichton Sociology Spa nish Bruce Crock Electrical Engr. Michael Croes Psychology Paige Cronlund Gov ' t Politics Linda Crosby Secretarial Ed. Patrica Crosby Hearing Spch. Sci. Daniel Crow Advertising Design 234 Lots of Luck Seniors from the Three Brothers " if- V " " .-- : ' ;-..- ' - ' - Mary Crow Spch. Comm. Glen Cullen English Rozanna Cumberbatch Economics Mary Cupelo Animal Science Tim Curry Interior Design Kelly Cuthbert Psychology Rodney Cyrus Marketing Vicki D ' Antoni Sociology David Dagger Marketing Julietta Dahdah Finance Tracy Dahne Accounting Brian Daly General Studies Andrew Dantzler Astronomy Rosanne Danziger Marketing Kevin Darcey Government Kim Darland Computer Science Susan Darmstadter Marketing Melissa Darwin English Elizabeth Daughtry Zoology Mark Davidowitz General Business Natalie Davidson Marketing Bryant Davis Computer Science Paul Davis Marketing Robin Davis Art Education Lots of Luck Seniors from the Three Brothers 235 Russell Davis Speech Comm. Robin Davitt Conserv. Resource Dev. Katherine Dawson Journalism Caroline Day Journalism Brian Deegan Industrial Tech. Maria Defrancesco Special Ed. Clarence Delaine, Jr. IFSM Robert Delorenzo RTVF Denise Delozier Mechanical Engr. Paula Delucas Early Childhood Ed. Charity Dennis Government Deanna Denny Art Studio Karen Denoncourt Special Ed. Barbara Depompa 236 Andrew Desjardins Economics Judy Dessaur Marketing David Deutsch Gov ' i Politics Nina Devassal RTVF Deborah Devaux Microbiology Frances Deveney Journalism John Devlin Fire Protection Engr. Rebecca Devlin Speech Comm. Beth Di Maria Computer Science S. Dimo Diana Civil Engr. Thomas Debenedetto Marketing Eric Dickerson ENEE Linda Dickler Journalism A dv. Ann Diephaus Mathematics Patrick Digennaro Pre-Law Jerome Dillard Psychology John Dillon Law Enforcement John Dillon Conserva tion Michael Dimarino Mechanical Engr. Sharon Dinan Journalism Elaine Director Microbiology Debbie Dirks Sociology Jamie Disharoon Sociology Rudi Distler Electrical Engr. Lots of Luck Seniors from Three Brothers 237 Lisa Ditchek Psychology Joseph Dixon Electrical Engr. Lisa Dixon Mathematics Hao Do Music Brenda Dobbins Pre- Dental Robert Dobyns Electrical Engr. Glenn Doerman General Business Linda Doggett Special Ed. Elizabeth Domingo Journalism Jose Dominguez Zoology Nathan Dominitz Journalism Betty Dong Biochemistry Sharon Donlin Journalism Kevin Donoghue Finance 238 Kevin Dorgan Anne Marie Dormitzer Special Ed. Virginia Dormitzer Marketing Wayne Dorrell Industrial Tech. Valdowene Dorsey Sherrie Dostal Accounting John Doub Finance Gregory Douds Accounting George Douglas General Business Michele Dove Sociology Laura Downing Psychology Journalism Sandra Drish Art Ed. Shari Druckman Kinesiology Kathleen Duchesne Dietetics Barbara Duffy Animal Science Christopher Duffy Recreation Sean Dugan Marketing Sandra Duncan FMCD Tammy Duncan Physical Ed. Paula Durbin English Lit. Colleen Durkin Finance Janet Dyer Advertising Design Jacqueline Earnshaw Special Ed. Michele Eaton Journalism Jill Kline lets get married soon from Bruce. 239 Kelly Ebbert Fashion Merchandising Gary Echard Economics Brain Eckard RTVF Daniel Eckstein Zoology William Edelman Secondary Ed. Linda Edwards English David Eggerl Cheryl Eggers Horticulture Denise Eggers Gov ' t Spanish Fred Ehrlich Business A cctng. Karen Ehrlich Advertising Ross Ehudin Marketing Stuart Eichler Accounting Er ic Eidsness Business 240 Christian Einberg Mechanical Engr. Inas El-Sabban Physical Science Meiinda Elborn Animal Science David Elder Transportation Maureen Ella Finance Brenda Ellis Phychology Criston Ellis General Studies Scott Ellsworth Computer Science Dyena Elrod FMCD Ann Emery Marine Biology Ellen Encarnacion Econ Go V ' t Politics Douglas Englander Computer Applications Kathryn English Government Marni Enkeboll Recreation Johann Enslin Finance Keren Ensor Zoology Steve Epstein RTVF Mary Erickson Biological Science Joseph Ernst Kinesiology Julie Ernstein Anthropology Denise Espey Computer Science Patricia Essien Dietetics Eugene Estinto Electrical Engr. Todd Etelson Finance 241 Karen Ettershank Interior Design Barry F.uzeni Marketing Dorian Evans Textiles Marketing Eliot Faber Gen. Business Mgmt. Carol Falck Zoology Monica Fales Journalism David Fanaroff Marketing Lisa Farver Gov ' t Politics Farhang Farzad Civil Engr. Joel Fechter Biology Thomas Federline, Jr. Horticulture Gail Feinberg Law Enforcement Jane Feinberg Special Ed. Cheryl Feldman Special Ed Mindy Feinberg 242 Howard Feldman Accounting Pamela Fenster General Studies Kevin Ferrick English Maryanne Field Urban Studies Steve Field Accounting Ronald Fimiani Biological Sciences David Finkelstein Biology Annette Fieri Journalism Christine Fisher Animal Science Julie Fishkin Special Ed David Fishman English Lit Maria Fishman Horticulture Jennifer Fitzgerald RTVF Cheryl Flax Speech Communication Fred Fleisher RTVF James Flemming Mechanical Engr. Michael Flemming Biochemistry Martha Flesch Special Ed. Robert Fletcher Accounting Celine Flinn Kinesiology Luis Flores Marketing John Flyn Business Marianne Foehrkolb Mechanical Engr. Suzanne Fogle Biology 243 John Foley Fire Protection Engr. Caroline Ford RTVF Clyde Fortina Physics Catherine Foulks General Studies David Fowlie RTVF Alan Frank Accounting Susan Frank Personnel Labor Rel. Mary Franklin Elementary Ed. Claudia Fratkin Accounting Sandra Frazier General Studies Thomas Frederick Mechanical Engr. Suzanne Freinberg Marketing Richard Frew Geology Jeffrey Frey Transportation 244 Elsa Fridl Public Relations Lisa Fried Journalism Sari Friedlander Marketing Carol Friedman General Studies Richard Friedman Marketing Robin Friend Family Studies Jennifer Frisseil English Ed Ena Frohmann General Studies Roxanne Fulcher American Studies Carol Fulton Microbiogy Michael Furman Industrial Tech. Beth Futrovsky Accounting Wendy Futterweit Marketing Cindy Gabriel RTVF Theresa Galgon Advertising Design Barbara Gaiicia Journalism Richard Galla Piano Performance Anne Gallagher Psychology Joan Gallagher Finance Michael Gallagher Mechanical Engr. Gail Gallman Business Ed Alan Gamson Architec Urban Stds. Alane Gangewere Advertising Design Helen Garbarini Marketing 245 James Garner Aerospace Engr. Dale Games Criminology Edward Garro, Jr. Political Science Geniece Gary Sociology Stephen Gaskill Journalism Phillippa Gasnier Economics Jean Gatto Mathematics Andrew Gauld Electrical Engr Christopher Gault Accounting Dawn Gayle Speech Comm. Carrie Gelber Early Childhood Ed Sherie Gerber Fashion Merchandising Kathy Gertier Health Ed Clifton Gilbert General Studies 246 CAMP NEVER TU at J-UKUU l i h. M A m WAiirunifi on llw i»lW rttmr Michael Gilbert RTVF Tina Gill Special Ed Damita Gilliam Journalism David Gillotti Finance Economics Christopher Giordano Fire Protection Engr Stacy Giordana Journalism Steve Gitkin Computer Science Deborah Glabman General Studies Sharon Glass Accounting Michele Gieason Special Ed Jenny Glenn Physics Phyllis Glickman Finance Joyce Glover Biology William Goetzenberger Civil Engr. Hung Goh Electrical Engr. Alison Goldberg Journalism Allen Goldberg English Leslye Goldbert Lisa Goldberg Textile Marketing Robert Goldberg Finance Lisa Goldenberg Advertising Design Glenn Goldman Accounting Lawrence Goldman Microbiology Stuart Goldman Accounting 247 Alice Goldring Law Enforcement Deborah Goldstein Psychology Jan Goldstein Elementary Ed Janet Goldstein Accounting Karen Goldstein Hearing and Speech Marc Goldstein Government Steven Goldstein Accounting Helen Goldsticker Elementary Ed Stephanie Golliday General Studies Theresa Gomezplata Economics Jean Goolkasian Marketing David Gordon Gov ' t Politics Leslie Gordon Chemistry James Gorganious General Studies 248 Lawrence Gormley, Jr. Geography Karen Gottesman Institution Admin. Anne Goudreau Hearing and Speech Jacqueline Gouin Chemical Engr. Raymond Gould RTVF April Gower Photo Journalism Shari Garber Zoology Sharon Grabowski Journalism Adv. Valerie Graff General Studies Susan Graham General Business John Grant General Studies Eric Granville Marketing Larry Graves Dance Mitchell Gray A ccounting Finance Steven Grebow Accounting Jan Greco General Studies Joyce Greco Criminology Daniel Green General Studies Michael Green Industrial Tech Brian Greenberg Computer Science Moira Greenberg Accounting Jacqueline Greene Juliet Greer General Studies Catherine Grill Criminology Socy. 249 Kathleen Grimes Fashion Merchandising Thomas Grimes Criminal Justice Elliott Gross Chemical Engineering Pamela Grossman RTVF Jay Gruber Law Enforcement Harry Grundy Broadcast Journalism Regina Guay Journalism Gerald Guido Accounting Julio Guinand ENCE Jenni Lee Guthrie Psychology Phillip Guthrie RTVF Joseph Gutridge Tonyia Guy Psychology Thuvan Ha RTVF 250 Susan Haaf Psychology Stephen Haaga Government Lisa Haberman Marketing Amy Hackerman Psychology Lori Hagberg General Biology Christine Hahn Computer Science John Haines Aerospace Engr. Hail Haleem Business Admin. Mitchell Halem Criminology John Haley Transportation Brenda Hall Early Childhood Ed Charles Hall Accounting Tracy Hall Chemistry Irene Hamburger Sociology Margaret Hamburger English Lit Mark Hammill Gov ' t Politics Richard Hamilton Marketing Debra Hammer Hearing and Speech Anthony Hammond Zoology Paula Hammond RTVF Gayle Hanan Chemistry John Hand Economics Haidee Hanna Government 251 David Hannon Psychology Heidi Hansen Therapeutic Recr. Kathryn Harcum Computer Science Steven Hardesty Mechanical Engr. Emmett Harieston Industrial Tech. Karen Harloff Spanish Gregory Harraka Industrial Tech James Harrington Computer Science Alorin Harris Family Studies Daniel Harris Mechanical Engr. Deanna Harris Accounting Michael Harris Business Stephen Harris Industrial Tech James Hartranft Mechanical Engr. 252 Steven Hasemann Electrical Engr. Donald Hashagen Law Enforcement Lynn Hatheway Sociology Frederick Haub, Jr. RTVF David Haughton Kinesiology Ann Hayes Elementary Ed Stephen Hazel English Charles Hean Mechanical Engr. Mary Heberle Sociology Leroy Hedgepeth RTVF Robyn Heilbronner General Studies Denise Heim Journalism PR Karen Heineman Education Claudia Heisler Education Amy Heit American Studies Lori Heitner FMCD Laurel Hemmig Elementary Ed Cheryl Henderson Marketing Mary Hennessey English Timothy Hennessey Mechanical Engr. Elizabeth Henry English Tanya Henry Mark Hensler Geology Erin Hensley Journalism Adv. 253 Richard Hepburn Economics David Herbert Computer Science Deborah Herbert Accounting Joyce Herring Nutrition Ruth Herring Special Ed Anne Heuisler Economics Brian Heustis Economics Stephen Hibbard Journalism Michael Higdon Horticulture Diane Hill Government Rodney Hill Law Enforcement Rustan Hill Susan Hilton Journalism A dv. Kei Hirabayashi Accounting 254 Bruce Hirshan Marketing Karen Hoberman Animal Science Flora Hoch Dietetics James Hochmuth Horticulture Rebecca Hodgdon Recreation Minday Hoffman Marketing Charles Hogan Computer Science Edward Hogg Business Econ. Barbara Holcombe Marketing Yvette Holland English Andre Holmes Geography Ca rtography Elizabeth Holmes American Studies Karen Holtz General Studies Steve Horn Managment Science Dong Hong Gov ' t Politics Stacy Honowitz Criminology Suzanne Hope Physical Education Suzanne Hopper Mary Horn Microbiology William Hornbach Marketing Lori Horwitz Business Sharon Horowitz RTVF Keith Horton Law Enforcement Barbara Hoss Business Communications 255 Carol Moulder Electrical Engr. Benjamin Howard Business Greg Howard Electrical Engr. James Howard Economics Twyla House R. Carol Hoxie Journalism PR Rodney Hsing Economics Christina Hubbard Journalism Dwayne Hubbard History Pre Law Cynthia Hudson Personnel Mgmt. Lorraine Hudson Scientific Journ. Aileen Hughes General Studies Michael Hughes Computer Science Susan Hughes Recreation V .V,i IM Jill Kline: Let ' s get married soon. Love, Brian Degan 256 Thomas Hung Computer Science Matthew Hurwitz Civil Engr. Vernon Hustead Horticulture Dave Huting Finance Economics Anne Hutzenbiler Dietetics Cindy Hyman Criminology Robert lerardi Industrial Manufac. Michael Iglesias Civil Engr. Susan Imwold Conserv. Resource John Ireland Accounting Mary Istvan General Studies Daryl Jackson Personnel Labor Rel. Donna Jackson Family Studies Katherine Jackson English Keith Jackson Information Sys. Mgmt. Patrick Jackson Mechanical Engr. Robin Jackson General Studies Thomas Jackson RTVF Thomas Jackson Business Brenda Jacobs Economics Keith Jacobs History Lorraine Jacobs General Business Shari Jacobs Government Benecia Jacoff Economics 257 Richard Jaffe Microbiology Preston James, Jr. Accounting Joseph Jardin Fire Protection Engr. Vincent Jarvie Behav Social Pre Law Julia Jeffries Computer Science Mary Jennings Biological Science Sharon Jennings FMCD Tammy Jensen Kinesiology Lisa Jerry Gov ' t Politics Steven Johns Angela Johnson Gov ' t Politics Barry Johnson Finance Economics Deborah Johnson Accounting Douglas Johnson Computer S cience 258 Franklin Johnson Gov ' t Politics James Johnson History Juliana Johnson Business Gerald Johnston Government James Joines, Jr. Mechanical Engr. Carl Jolly Chemical Engr. Craig Jones Computer Science Kimberli Jones Pre Law Law Enforcement Michael Jones Geology Tom Jones Civil Engr. Leah Joppy Criminology Gregory Jordan Law Enforcement Marshall Jose Electrical Engr. Amy Josephson General Studies Kenneth Judd Accounting Karen Judge Textile Marketing Brian Kaisler Criminology Abbe Kanarek Journalism Michael Kane Civil Engr. Martha Kanowicz Fashion Design Eileen Kao Urban Studies Bradley Kaplon English Vivian Karajan Computer Science James Karayinopulos Mechanical Engr. 259 Laura Karlander Management Consumer Jody Karp Computer Science Lori Kasaniatsu Sociology Ira Kasoff General Stud ies Helene Kasser Urban Studies Planning Katherine Kastning Management Consumer Manju Katyal Computer Science Debbie Katz Personnel Management Russell Katz Gov ' t Politics Stephen Katz Biological Science Myung Kaug Computer Science Sheryl Kay Shahram Kazemzadeh Mechanical Engr. Lisa Keady 260 Patrick Kearney Economics Blase Keating Journalism John Keating Economics Gabrieiie Keller Government Susan Kelley Journalism Colleen Kelly Microbiology Colleen Kelly Microbiology Susan Kelly Animal Science Cindy Keisey Accounting Dallas Kennedy Phsyics Deana Kensler General Studies Karen Kestel Journalsism Kevin Key Electrical Engr. Kimberly Keyes Journalism Nikki Kideys Finance Karen Kidwell Early Childhood Ed. Robert Kim Computer Science Seung Kim Business Mgmt. Y Annee Kim Economics Leigh Kimzey Criminology Karen Kinkade Elementary Ed. Karen Kinkade Elementary Ed. Lawrence Kinsey Business Valerie Kipnis Journalism 261 Catherine Kirchner English Jeffrey Kirchner A rchitecture John Kirsch Computer Science Laura Kirsch Family Studies Randee Kirson Psychology Deborah Kittle Animal Science Brian Klam Journalism Anne Kiaric Elementary Ed. Karen Klauticy Economics Elliot Klayman RTVF Steven Kleeman Economics Melissa Klein Marketing Holly Klementz Applied Design Thomas Klimkosky Economics I M ..■!«.. .1.1. -1 I - l!.—l. :.l. 1.:. . I t-it. i.r..t- It 1 1,1. 1,1.1........ I.,,,. I.,.i ■■! 1, 262 Jill Kline General Studies Barbara Klotzman RTVF Rosemary Kobue Dietetics Beth Koch Psychology Pete Koch General Studies Alfred Kocher Genera l Studies Khalil Kodsi Civil Engr. Michele Koenigsberg General Studies Christina Kolac Transportation Lisa Kolman Sociology Monique Koob Chemistry Brenda Kooken Anthropology John Kopczynski Mechanical Engr. Susan Koricki Elementary Ed. Patricia Korolevich Ma rketing Spanish Robin Kory Finance Joseph Koshnick English Literature Evelyn Kosow Journalism Advertising Andrew Kostecka Economics Edward Kovalcik Computer Science Ati Kovi Economics Marianne Krall Zoology Jean Kramer RTVF Julie Kramer Zoology 263 I Leslie Krane RTVF Cheryl Kratzner Law Enforcement Burton Kraus Marketing Laurie Kraus Michael Kreft Mechanical Engr. Michael Kreger Conserva tion Resource Cathleen Krouse Animal Science Jefferey Kruman Accounting Thomas Kubic Horticulture Kristine Kuchenbrod John Kunsemiller Mechanical Engr Susan Kunst Chemistry Mary Kuzminsky Botany Lan Kwok Accounting 264 .{l4«- ( i ' Student life never really changes - only the clothes do. Hilda Labrada Gov ' t Politics Margaret Labrada General Studies Roye Lacour General Studies Deborah Lahr Theatre Gary Laios Finance Adhinayak Lai Chemistry Trang Lam Computer Science Grace Lamarsh Advertising Design James Lambert Civil Engr. Lyn Lammert Marketing Greta Lampkin Computer Science Debra Land Personnel Labor Rel. Richard Landon Government Sean Lane Marketing Judy Lanehart Governemnt Culbert Laney Mathematics Dean Langdon Marketing Transp. Patrice Langford Marketing Bus. Mgmt. Mary Lanier Computer Scinece Michele Lanphear Kinesiology Anthony Lasala Economics Jody Lasky Sociology Elizabeth Lassen Penny Lau RTVF 265 Jennifer Laue Math Ed. Timothy Lavalle Engineering Christopher Law Gov ' t Politics Randi Leader Journalism Mark Leaman Finance Mark Learn Zoology Alexandra Leavitt Anth Computer Sci. Meryl Ledeer HESP Eileen Lee IVSP Jack Lee Mechanical Engr. John Lee Business Marketing Shellmay Lee Sociology Walter Lee Mechanical Engr. Roger Lee, Jr. Government Politics 266 „, i ..-„;.. " .i. ' •■• " ' ' ... « ' - ■ " ■ " ■ ' ••• Kevin Lefcoe Gov ' t Politics Marco Legaluppi Engineering David Legg Mechanical Engr. Karen Lehman Gov ' t Politics Dorothy Lehrman Philosophy Phyllis Leibowitz RTVF Lori Leiman Hearing Speech Glen Leiner Architecture Hstry. Marcia Leitch Accounting Andrea Lemire Fashion Merch. Martha Lenny General Studies Jean Lenz Special Ed. Patricia Leonard Marketing David Lerner Marketing Lucinda Lerner Marketing Elizabeth Leslie Special Ed. Lawrence Letow Law Enforcement Sheila Lett Hearing and Speech Jack Levengard Computer Science Harold Levenson Criminology Ariane Levine RTVF Susan Levine Early Childhood Ed. Jeffrey Levitt Accounting Howard Levy Microbiology 267 Stewart Levy Fire Protection Engr. June Leu Computer Science Amy Lewllyn Gov ' t Politics Perry Lewis Finance Shari Lewis RTVF William Lewis Civil Engr. Kenneth Li Electrical Engr. Mary Li Accounting Roy Liebenthai Political Science Jacob Lifshtiz Computer Science Michael Lightfield Accounting Sandra Lilley Journalism Bonita Lilly Accounting North Lilly Microbiology 268 MICTOM A. CANirr Junfrj . 7 ivftr hltt Chlckarlttfi Thli •111 ' r rin ■r ••lt«tla« of mas BArb«ra IUrirr«v»it «- our tradlttoiwl " kits T rraplD ' and 1 ho ' Jut mf ft«ss»«« r «ch 4 jrou tn ttk« t ..a -r.« Ana uu ii i — Nit at Um Ji;nlor-J cl r »7c A« 1 •ntle1r«l»4 )r : cr iMat 4 t« ualtc in thla rl «»nt .-■ i rmnd It lirncult to arrlva at a ffia a Ialoa •Hon th i:lMtacraph« of tba b ' a . allot or tbo OUnraltjr of •arylantf arr; X OA ratvmlnit tn •lotocraclu wro«ltli ana I eortatnly • v.. •njof •ovlnt • topT jf tlM niliutlli «..• -uaaa off tbo croaaoa. rtlally. - - .t -J kllton - ri " S« CItj «» York Oon Cheng Lim Finance Boone Limpawuchara Mechanical Engr. Barry Linchuck Chemical Engr. Eric Lindbeck Zoology Cindy Linkins Architecture Wendy Linthicum Animal Sciences Jamie Liptz Art Studio Stacy Litt Speeh Communications Jan Littleton Personnel Labor Rel. Christopher Locke Fi nance Darryl Logan Mechanical Engr. Carol Loman General Studies Lisa Lombardi Criminology Sean Lonergan Journalism Gov ' t Poltcs. Joseph Lon Government Robin Long Elementary Ed. Carmelita Lopez Marketing Econ. Wai Lor Computer Science ■■pmi Jacquieline Lorden Consumer Economics iVM Kevin Lorden k l RTVF r- M Marcie Lovett .;■ Education 1 , ■■■ Laurie Lowe Hl FMCD wi Donna Loyola R w Marketing 1 ■ Katherine Lubin 1 9 Special Ed. 269 Anna Lucente Psychology Amy Lustine English Nguyet Ly Spanish Beih Maccon Law Enforcement Gregg MacDonald Electrical Engr Raymond MacDougall Journalism Carolyn Mackie Agricultural Econ. David Macmillan Marketing James Madigan III Arts Administration Mary Madle Government Thomass Magee Mechanical Engr. Marc Magid Finance Michael Mahoney Economics Michael Maistros 270 Marirose Malilay Hea ring Speech Monie Malone Criminology Patricia Maltagliati Math Education David Mandeiblatt Biochemistry Jennifer Manzke Industrical Tech. Julie Maras Civil Engr. Laura Marceron Accounting Michael March Law Enforcement Sharon Marconi Marketing Patricia Marcopulos Marketing Daniel Marcus Accounting Kendall Marcus Biochemistry Bonnie Margolin Elementary Ed. Fran Margolin Elementary Ed. Stewart Markbreiter RTVF Joyce Mario Marketing Walter Marlow Electrical Engr. Carolyn Marschall Special Ed. Mary Beth Marsden RTVF Michael Marshall General Studies Anne Patrice Martin Personnel Krista Martin General Studies Maria Martinez General Studies Vyviahn Martinez Dance 271 Thomas Martino Transportation Segametsi Maruapula Dietetics Robert Marvel Government Michael Maryn Economics Kandida Mascaro Public Relations Patricia Mascone Advertising Design Stephen Mason Gov ' t Politics Roger Masse Computer Science Millicent Massey RTVF Nancy Mastorio Gov ' t Politics Mark Mastriopolito Government Neeta Mathur General Studies Seema Mathur Accounting Marc Matthews Finance 272 Regina Matusek Socy Crim Sandra Leigh Mauriello Journalism Meryl Mazursky Business Mgmt. Matthew McCann Gov ' t Politics Michael McCann General Studies Stacy McMarn Early Childhood Ed. Brian McCarthy Architecture Kevin McCarthy Industrial Tech. Maribeth McCarthy English Michael McCartin Horticulture Kathryn McCauley Special Ed. Mary Gayle McClain RTVF Randall McCombs Economics Julia McConnell Finance Deborah McCord Computer Science Michael McCormick English Kerry McDonald Animal Science Lisa McEneaney Journalism Tamala McGee Music Education Joseph McGoogan Government Christopher McGorty Economics Mitzi McGrady Journalism Denise McGrath General Studies Thomas McHugh 273 Devon Mcintosh Physics Electrical t-ngr. Kevin Mclntyrc Mechunical Engr. Reid McKcown Mechanical Engr. Mary Rita McLister Elementary Ed. Donald McMilicn, JR. Aerospace Engr. Susan McNamara RTVF Anne McPherson Advertising Design Mary McPherson Gov ' t Politics Monica McPherson Government Teresa McTigue Zoology t. J Dorene Mcvitty f " Horiiiculture Dana Meadows Food Science Steven Mealy Advertising Design J Alfred Mecum BFm Electrical Engr. m ' jm f r-. r 274 Sasan Mehrabanzad Civil Engr. Richard Meiburger Accounting Anne Meixner Electrical Engr. Roy Melton Journalism PR Carolyn Menne Special Ed. Kimberly IVferedith Interior Design Heidi Mergenthaler RTVF Karen Mergler Computer Science Marlene Mermeistein Marketing William Metzler Electrical Engr. Michelle Meyers Journalism Bahram Meyssami Chemical Engr. Behrouz Meyssami Chemical Engr. Sylvia Michaels Marketing Matthew Milano Psychology Martha Mileur Fashion Merchandising Cheryl Miller RTVF Cindy Miller Consumer Economics Dale Miller History Foreign Rel. Donna Miller Accounting Douglas Miller Journalism Kevin Miller Economics Lynn Miller Accounting Phillip Miller Mechanical Engr. 275 Rosalie Miller Physical Ed Sherri Miller Criminology Andrea Mion Merchandising Beverly Mistove Economics Yvette Mitchell Marketing Cynthia Molinaro Recreation Noel Monardes Zoology Daniel Monias Marketing Thelowious Monk Animal Science Maria Patricia Monies Psychology Christopher Moon Personnel Labor Rel. Craig Moon Chemical Engr. James Moore Special Ed. Virginia Moore Journalism 276 iH. Julio Morales Accounting Catherine Moran Special Ed. Joseph Morgan Decision Info. Science Marylynne Morgan Journalism Patricia Morgen Finance Minerva Moriole Gov ' t Politics Linda Morison Computer Science Joseph Morrison Electrical Engr. Cynthia MOrton Interior Design Cynthia Morton Interior Design Keith Morton Journalism Rosalyn Morton Personnel Joseph Morton, Jr. Accounting Lisa Moskowitz Marketing Glenn Mosley Communications Cheryl Moss Journalism Ramona Moy Computer Science Stasia Mozynski Criminology Catherine Mullett Spanish Charles Mullineaux, Industrial Tech. Carol Munn Marketing Jr. Angela Munno Nuclear Engineering Robert Murdock Management Science Suzanne Murley Personnel Labor Rel. 277 Joan Murphy Marketing: Matthew Murphy Criminology Clarence Murray Industrial Tech. Marilyn Murvett Finance Christina Myers Electrical Engr. Kimberly Myers Finance Rhea J. Myers Mathematics Shelley Myers Management Douglas Nace Conservation Nagi Nader Civil Engr. Roland Nairn III Family Studies Anne Navalaney Law Enforcement Noreen Nazarian Speech Communication Elena Nazario English 278 ) V Robert Nealon Crimin ology Psych . Rose Marie Neary English Lynn Needle HESP Lisa Nciberg RTVF J. Malcolm Neitzey History Julie Nelo Fashion Merchandising Franklin Nelson Aerospace Engr. Carol Neubberger General Studies Lawrence Neudorfer Gov ' t Politics Lori Nevder Economics Chi Nguyen Accounting John Nguyen Mechanical Engr. Linda Nichols Personnel Labor Rel. Richard Nicholson Computer Science Ivan Nieto Electrical Engr. Kathryn Niewenhous RTVF Alok Nigam Computer Science Arti Nigam Individual Studies Cynthia Nixon Marketing Glenn Noble Finance Marianne Norato Government Stephen Norman Computer Science Jill Norris Hea ring Speech Kay Lawrence North Medical Photography 279 William Norton, Jr. Electrical Engr. Kimberley Norwood Music and French Gregory Nottingham Marketing Jean Novak Psychology Rovcrt Novick Economics Duncan Nutter Electrical Engr. Ihioma Nzeadibe Nancy O ' Brien Computer Science Terry O ' Connor Mary Ann O ' Hara Chemistry Stephanie Obranovich Commercial Art Theatre Catherine Obrien English Secondar Ed. Raymond Ogiesby A ccoun ting Econ. Sung Oh General Studies 280 ,Din avmm John Ohara History Scott Oler Horticulture Robin Oliver! Biochemistry Christin Oisen Criminology Stephen Olson Economics Gabriela Orejas Education Stefanie Ormsby German Kristen Ostrom Special Ed. Brian Ott Civil Engr. John Owens Horticulture David Ozag Accounting Kimberly Packer Zoology Joanne Padron Spanish Lora Painter Microbiology Chomhong Pak Chong Pak Accounting Theresa Palerino RTVF Gregg Paley Government Thomas Panagos Speech Communications Debra Pancer Art Therapy Psych Lynn Panholzer Zoology Andrea Parker RTVF BMGT Dynthia Parks Accounting Michael Parsons Jdurnaiism 261 282 Laura Pence General Studies Brian Penn Economics Karen Penney General Business Lisa Perez Hearing Speech Trinidad Perez Art History Abby Perlman Goverment Ben Persinger Transportation Haifa Peter Sociology Christina Peters Women ' s Studies F. Chris Peters Marketing David Petersen Engl ish Elem. Angst. Marc Peterson RTVF Michelle Peterson Kinesiology Sharon Pettis RTVF Levan Phan Computer Science James Phiicox Civil Engr. Vincent Piazza Accounting Maria Piccirilli Business Admin. Jonathan Pierce Computer Science Itiel Pinker Computer Science Scott Pinover Finance Cynthia Piper Apparel Design Phil Pipkin Polictical Science Julie James Pirie Comp. Sci. Elec. Engr. 283 Suzanne Pitluck Marketing Jeffrey Pitt General Studies Abby Plaksin Gov ' t Politics Stanley Plante Civil Engr. Laurie Piapinger Accouting Jami Plotkin Criminology Kenneth Plumley Law Enforcement John Ploak Mechanical Engr. Jay Poland Computer Science Laurie Ponofield Finance Darren Popkin Law Enforcement Eileen Popiaski Government Cheryl Porter General Studies Thomas Porter General Business 284 Dean Portney Economics David Posner RTVF Lynn Potashnick Hea ring Speech Elisabeth Potosky Accounting Kenneth Potter Conserv. Resource Mgmt. Thomas Potts Accounting James Powell Criminology Marke Powell Law Enforcement Henrey Powell III General Business Leiie Prager RTVF Donna Sue Prather Economics Bannon Preston RTVF Christine Priborsky Accounting John Price Business Michael Price Marketing Transp. Patricia Pridgen Computer Science Elena Prisekin Germ Russian Ling. Peter Prisekin Physics Comp. Sci. D. Randall Prowom Women ' s Studies James Puglia Philosophy Rosaria Puglisi Gov ' t Politics Julia Pulzone Accounting Claude Pupkin Accounting Cheryl Purbaugh Textile Marketing 285 Nancy Quantock Urban Studies Barbara Quenvillu Elementary Ed. Randall Querry RTVF Denis Quis Finance Leslie Rademacher Conserv. Resource Mgmt. Deborah Ragan Studio Art Belinda Raguindin Psychology Young Jean Rah Zoology Lisa Raines American History Michael Rajacich Conservation Tiana Ralay Business Jay Raley Electrical Engr. Camilie Ramis Biochemistry Shanla Ramson Microbiology 286 Steven Ranck Economics Jaems Ransome II Education. English Leonard Rappaport Journalism David Rasmussen Business Keith Ratzman Computer Science Lisa Rawicz Hea ring Speech Mark Rawlings Urban Studies Tamatha Ray Psychology Michael Raybuch Geography Mohammad Razavi Electrical Engr. Revert Reading Recreation Beverly Reed Psychology Lauren Reed A ccounting Finance Waiter Reed, Jr. Economics Harvey Reich Accounting Donovan Reid Advertising Design Andreas Reif German Therese Reilly Zoology Ivan Reisberg Accounting John Rietweisner Electrical Engr. Suzanne Remondini General Studies Christopher Renaldo U.S. History Barbara Rentzer Hea ring Speech Anthony Rich Finance 287 Stephen Richard Susan Richards Hearing Speech Deborah Richardson Textile Murkcling Elizabeth Richardson Psychology Leon Richardson Computer Science Mary Richardson General Studies Paul Richardson Finance Deborah Richman Journalism Gordon Richman Chemical Engr. David Richter Zoology Robert Riddle Journalism Gregory Ridgely Industrial Tech. Julie Ridinger Mathematics Martina Rigas General Studies 288 Mark Righter Electrical Engr. Mi Rim Economics Judith Ringle English Elizabeth Riordan General Business Stephen Rivers Gov ' t Politics Kevin Roberson Marketing Cynthia Roberts Personnel Labor Rel. Elizabeth Roberts Spanish Gordon Roverts Engineering Mary Beth Roberts Marketing Susan Roberts Housing Applied Dsgn. Carolyn Robinson RTVF Glenn Robinson Finance Marion Robinson Elem. Ed. Michael Robinson Mechanical Engr. Rob Robinson Gov ' t Politics Roncent Robinson Psychology Sonya Robinson Finance Vera Robinson Business Transportation Lee Rodberg Electrical Engr. Patricia Roder Gen. Business Mgmt. Lauri Rodin Recreation Robert Rodriquez Architecture Donna Rogers Psychology 289 Thomas Rogers Economics Linda Rohrbaugh Computer Science Susan Roka Psychology Thomas Rokosny Business Allyson Rolle Hearing Speech Eric Rollence Advertising Design Arlette Romano Journalism Gregory Romerrosa Accounting Transp. Cheryl Rose Electrical Engr. Sia Rose Broadcast Journalism Marie Rosenberg Speech Communications Paula Rosenberg Sociology Bob Rosenbloom Computer Science Jeffrey Rosenblum Economics 290 Barbara Rosenthal Geology Michael Rosenthal Journalism Kimberly Ross Dietetics 1. aural Rossell Nuclear Engr. Carol Rosso Journalism Walter Rothschild Spanish Nancy Rothstein Fashion Merchandising Stephan Rotolo Chemical Engr. Becki Rotter Criminology Emily Roudebush Marketing History Elizabeth Roumel Marketing Rhonda Rowland RTVF John Roy Gov ' t Politics Robert Razanski Marketing Abby Rubenstein Interior Design Elizabeth Rubidoux Speech Communication Lisa Rubin Marketing Melissa Rubin Marketing Suzanne Ruddock Interior Design Cheryl Rudolph Art Education Julie Rudzin RTVF Margaret Ruggieri Gov ' t Politics Peggy Ruggieri Government Daniel Rupinski Gov ' t Politics 291 Holly Russel Civil F.ngr Robert Russo History Lori Rutherford Journalism Eli Rutstein General Studies Sonia Rutstein RTVF Marie Ryon Elementary Ed. Lenore Saari Sociology Joseph Saculles, JR. Chemistry Paul Salatto Special Ed Lisa Salvino Economics Charles Samules Advertsing Design Paula Sandin English Penny Sanford Family Studies Howard Sapper Pre Law 292 Lynn Sapperstein Hearing Speech Jamie Sariotis Recreation Edward Sasdelli Government Jeffrey Satz Accounting Debbi Saunders Special Ed. Willaim Saway Zoology Mary Scarcia Hea ring Speech Sandra Scarpa Marketing Jonathan Schachter 1. Urban Planning Rudolph Schafert, Jr. Conserva tion Resource Terry Schaffer Advertising Design Dara Schain Elementary Ed. Joe Schartman Computer Science Eric Schatz Journalism Judy Scheele Business Paul Scheidt Harry Schiller Production Mgmt. Eileen Schlaffer Microbiology Michelle Schlanger Marketing Eric Schmidt Fire Protection Kenneth Schmidt Suzanne Schmitt Journalism Janet Schmulowitz Psycholgy 293 Susan Schneiderman Speech Communications David Schnitzer Biological Sciences Debra Schoenfeid Computer Science Christopher Scholz Industrial Arts Ed. Bruce Schott Business Stephen Schrant? Mechanical Engr. Allan Schulman General Biology Michael Schuiz Mechanical Engr. Neil Schuman Journalism Andrew Schwartz RTVF Deborah Schwartz Recreation Jamie Schwartz Government Joseph Schwartz General Biology Lisa Schwartz Law Enforcement 294 Roy Schwarzenberg Fire Protection Engr. Larry Schweitzer Business Thomas Schweitzer Horticulture Tambra Scoggins Home Econ. Ed. Joanne Scott Gov ' t Politics Mary Scott Govt Politics Robert Scranton Electrical Engr Andrew Searing Russian Spanish Jodi Searles Education Jayne Seebach Journalism Samuel Seidier Finance Stuart Seiler Marketing Dorothy Seleski Camille Sell ers French Lang. Lit. Robin Semel Dietetics Michael Serpiglia Fire Protection Engr. Patricia Serrano Chemical Engr. Roger Serruto Government Lillian Shaffer Anthropology Stepehn Shaheen Genreal Studies Amy Shaid Textile Marketing Randi Shamis Special Ed. Richard Shaw General Studies David Shea English 295 Stuart Shcck Computer Science Russ Sheets Chemical Engr. Russell Sheets Entomology Sandra Sheets Gov ' t Politics Scott Sheetz General Studies Earl Shepherd, Jr. Linguistics Susan Shepp Sociology Patricia Sher Crafts Rosiyn Sherman Hea ring Speech Barry Sherr Accounting Pamela Shewmaker Government George Shipley Geography Robert Shone Fire Protection Engr. William Shook Physical Ed. i% Laura Shostak RTVF Glenita Shrewsbury Business Ed. Stacey Shub Marketing Mark Shulimson Journalism Heidi SHulman Journalism PR Lori SIdelinger Psychology Robert Siegel Electrical Engr. Scott Siege! Finance Joel Sigler Kinesiology Katherine H. Sikoryak Psychology Pre Med Roderick Silton Electrical Engr. Terri Silverman Linda Silverstein Family Stud Spanish Sheryl Silverstein Public Relations Joan Simmons Gov ' t Po.itics Benjamin Simon Architecture April Simons RTVF Lesley Simpson General Stuides Ladonnyas Sims Special Ed. Andrew Singer Civil Engr. Richard Singer Gov ' t Politics Wendy Singer Art Education Singh-Sukthanka Transportation Michelle Singletary RTVF 297 Adam Sisenwein Business Finance Joel Sisenwein Governmcni Elaine Sison Business Christine Skane Chemical Engr. Michael Slama Mechanical Engr. Ivy Slater Dance RTVF Karen Sloane RTVF John Smeltzer Chemical Engineering Jill Smeyne Gov ' t Politics Denise Smith Government Glenn Smith Speech Communication Kathleen Smith Government Lynn Smith Government Neil Smith Psychology 298 Rebecca Smith Urban Studies Susan Smith Law Enforcement Suzanne Smith Gov ' t French Robert Smith III Law Enforcement Charles Smouse Business Mgmt. Sheppard Snyder Electrical Engr. Wendy Snyder Chemical Engr. Kim Sobel Accounting Michael Soisoon Accounting Laura Sorrentino Textile Marketing Susan Southard Animal Science Sheryl Southerland Criminology George Sparks III Finance Carol Spector Theatre Mgmt. Darlene Spell Speech Communication Theodore Spenadel Chemistry Brian Spieiman Environmental Engr. Daniel Sporkin General Studies Christopher SQuiers Industrial Tech. Tom Sragner Economics Kraivuth Srinkapaibulaya Mechanical Engr. Susan Stabler Microbiology Noam Stadlan Biochemistry Stacy Stanfield Special Ed. 299 Harriet Sternberg Computer Science Ronald Stickle Electrical Engr. Eric Stockhausen Marketing Gail Stoller Special Ed. Kathleen Stanton HHH HI I Family Studies H Lynn Stanton 1 Gov ' t Politics Bl H Amy Stapler fe f l Fashion Illustration Alexa Steele HL : a l Journalism H l - v l Dorothy Steele ' B roadcast Journalism || | _ George Steer S Zoology Pl l Jean Steffen L 1 Economics ■p H Michele Steffen Journalism Hkf i H Nancy Stein Markeitng H Maren Steinberg «• 1 Finance 300 Tracy Stolz Journalism Brian Storms Mechanical Engr. Christopher Straight Mechanical Engr. John Streett Industrial Tech. Francine Streich Journalism Paul Stroessner Civil Engr. Sharon Strouse Accounting David Studenick Sharon Sturm Chemical Engr. Teresa Suarez-Murias Biology Suzanne Sublett Microbiology Eve Sugar Sociology Andrea Sugarman RTVF Sandra Suggs Information Sys. Mgmt. Curt Sulian Government Claire Sullivan Computer Science Maribeth Sullivan Special Ed. Susan Sullivan Special Ed. Karen Sulmonetti Advertising Design Charles Summers Marketing Bruce Sussman Accounting Rup Swarup Zoology Pre Med Michael Sweat Gov ' t Politics Mark Sylvester RTVF 301 Renee Tann Marketing Cheryl Tate Government David Tawes Personnel Labor Rel. Deborah Taylor Hea ring Speech Chee Teng Computer Science John Thibeault Electrical Engr. Edward Thierbach Computer Science Diane Thomas Journalism Rachel Thomas Camp. Science History 302 Rene Thomas Marketing Gregory Thompson Kinesiology James Thompson Recreation Mgmt. Virginia Thompson General Studies Susan Thompson-Ciboro Psychology David Thornton General Biology Toni Tibbs Family Studies Patricia Tichner Advertising Design Deborah Tignor Business Markeitng Wanda Tilley English Suzanne Tillman Computer Science Mark Tinch Economics Elaine Tippett English Mark Tobin Finance Michelle Tock Economics Zachary Tolin Kinesiology Vincent Tolino Industrial Tech. Roger Tolle, Jr. Mechanical Engr. Christie Tolson Economics Lisa Tomaskovic Criminology Christopher Tomaszewski Computer Science Sharon Tominovich Horticulture Brian Tommer Accounting Catherine Toth English 303 Brian Townsen Criminology Conrad Trahern General Business Sharon Trexlcr Criminology Mark Trimble Marketing Teresa Troha Daniel Troxell Fire Protection Engr. Karen Trusty Family Studies Roula Tsapalas Architecture William Tucker, Jr. RTVF Horeen Turyn Journalism Stanly Tuttie English Randall Tyson General Studies Linda Uber Finance Paula Uffner Family Studies 304 Our Terps were on national television in 1965 in-between coverage of the Gemini space shot. Channary Uk Marketing Albert Umeadi Civil Engr. Cynthia Usher Animal Science Jeffrey UtermohJe Journalism Grag Vaillancourt Marketing Ricardo Valderrma Economics Deborah Vallin General Business Thanhtan Van Civil Engr. Carol Van Wagener Accounting Dina Vanpelt Journalism Karen Vargo Advertising Design Sandra Vaughn Marketing Maria Ventresca Spanish Margery Verme Computer Science Anita Vernekar Microbiology Laurie Vetrano RTVF Ann Vinik Jane Violett Matthew Virta Anthropology Ann Viscomi Journalism Deborah Vocke Journalism Daniel Voldal Accounting Barbara Wachter Business Finance Delroy Walker Mechanical Engr. 305 Jan Walker English Robert Wall Mechanical Engr. Richard Wallace Transportation Joh Wallenmeyer Architecture Joshua Walowitz RTVF Kathleen Walsh Journalism Gov ' t Kenneth Walsh Finance E conomics Laura Walsh Special Ed. Thomas Walsh Turf Urban Agronomy Donald Walter Chemical Engr. Diane Walther Horticulture Jaying Wang Finance Marc Wangel Mechanical Engr. Cecilia Ward Spanish 306 Gregory Ward RTVF Derek Warner Electrical Engr. Jerald Warsaw Transportation Abby Warshowsky Sociology Dewey Wasek Studio Art Lori Washabaugh Journalism Renee Washington Fashion Merchandising Kelly Washington General Studies Denise Waters Journalism PR Phyllis Watkins Business Charles Watley Computer Science Thomas Watson History Jay Wattenberg Psychology Jennifer Webber Horticulture Susan Weber Finance William Weidemeyer Civil Engr. Peter Weigel Economics Jennifer Weinbach Chemical Egnr. Jay Weinberg RTVF Nancy Weiner FMCD Irene Winiger Bruce Weinstein Business A ccounting Howard Weinstein Finance Leland Weins tein Industrial Tech. 307 Michael Weiss Public Relations Carole Weistling Government Eric Weity Marketing Christine Werner Marketing David West General Studies Charles Wheeler Business Donna Whipp Urban Studies Stephen Whitby Government Brian White RTVF Debra White Journalism Elizabeth White Journalism PR Karen White RTVF Karen White Civil Engr. Molly White American Studies 308 Theresa White Electrical Engr. Wayne White Computer Science Robert White, Jr. Marketing Leslie Whitefieid Interior Design Michael Wiant Physics Astronomy Teresa Wiebking Hea ring Speech John Wiger Zoology Mary Wiggins Accounting Sandra Wilcox Sara Wildberger RTVF Renee Wilder Speed] Communications Leslie Wiley Journalism William Wiley RTVF Monica Wilfong Physical Science Sharon Wilinsky Art History Susan Wilkes General Studies Andrew Williams Government Denise Williams General Studies Hal Williams, Jr. Studio Art Zane Williams, Jr. Industrial Arts Ed. Brian Williamson Electrical Engr. Joseph Wilson RTVF Joseph Wilson Marketing Karen Wilson Business Fina nee 309 Renita Wilson Marketing Dcbbi Windesheim Special Ed. Daniel Winsky Economics Bruce Winter Finance Ruthann Winterhalter RTVF Marie Winzer Biology Alan Wisdom Seed. Social Studies Ed. Barbara Wixon Accounting Laura Woche Fashion Merchandising Hope Wolfson RTVF R. Michael Wolper Fina nee Economics David Wong Law Enforcement Deidre Wong Ma rice ting Tra nsp. Marcella Wood Dietetics 310 Susan Wood Mechanical Engr. Anthony Woodfork Finance Catherine Woods Applied Design Lawrence Woods Physical Sciences Sharone Woodward Elementary Ed. Kari Wright Chemical Engr. Pamela Wright Donna Wurfel Gov ' t Politics F. Mark Yardley General Studies Thomas Yarmas IFSM Debby Yarrish Journalism Minda Yatt Sociology Paul Yazge RTVF Daniel Yeatman Information Sys. Mgmt. Karen Yeatman Public Relations Sheldon Yellen English David Yeskel RTVF Youn Yoo Food Science Mindy Yorke Pamela Young English Timothy Young Marketing James Young, Jr. Business Transp. Francheska Youngblood Kinesiology Mi Yum Art Studio 311 William Yurcik Electrical Engr. David Zaleski Mechanical Engr. Maria Zammichieli Psychology Matthew Zanger Architecture Means Zell-Johnston History Lynne Zeiler Marketing Mary Zeiler Architecture J.R. Zepke, Jr. Finance Economics Bonnie Ziegler Animal Science Michael Zimnick Civil Engr. Steven Zitomer Finance Donna Zolar Journalsim Christine Zoubra Government Thomas Zuby Chemistry This university of our ' s is no fantasy land; it is a neat microcosm of the society it inhabits. It is, as society is, a unique blend of good and bad. While it offers students a multitude of opportunities, it also houses, for example, a theatre department which deprives students of learning experiences by casting teachers in stage productions; and though one may meet many different kinds of people here, one may also encounter tensions of race and creed. Yes, it is a very real place, this " University of Maryland. " 312 OirfS 313 314 uAvoQ - spisdn iia V ■ ' ' • • • ;9r) S90Q 9jiq ' sauiijsmos 315 316 317 But With A Little Work . . . vf- lM Kf-kxi If 318 . . . You Can Always Right It Again 319 And now, a word from our sponsor . . . 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