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if UEN .l.:.. .... ,J I ...- .4 Q-.. . ...V ...u a -Q. W. ...VG I 1 Q i . A f T LJ. ' 9 I , , 4 - -, Wim. 1 1 ' ' 1 ' ' .L ' f Q...-...-....... x..-...- . l,.,-.T - , Tv . .1 .,... ... . - " Q .- 1 ....,..1 .,,,.,..... La, V I 'A i"1"'f . L . h .,, Y ki - . , ,Q- IVE R S1 l1T Yai, Ax .. ...,,.., ,Y,,...,,.v...,.....,..,-. ..... .. . O FM, ,.,..g.--......,,,.,,, .L.. .-.....-.f,.,,s.P , ,,,.-., X 1 ,... -,,, ..-.,..,,.4....... Y... ..f,, AnIblE -M A - .......A..,- - . - ,iw A- - . - - . . 9 . . Av . , M , . ,, Y-, ..,,. L A -- - , -...-.. ,V-..., -Y- A , : .,.,. T.. 1' E132 .Q E . .,,. -, . .. A+... ,!,h I .,...-.,-.-,..., .. v.,-,..gQ .- w..q--..-.,.., ..-r--- i,i M,v,,,,,.,- ,T,. i . 'L , N .. -A ,, - ,-- -, -I . , X , SP 0 R TW LAA ,,4 4 ' I ,Ml -W. Q F ,YH , , ,A ..-T . ,- - ..-- CAMPU S , K l Rf' ' A MTML ,' Vg - X --,L I L 4 , l ,, V . -- 1 A KYQM, VLH-, -- ,-..,a,,,, R V 5 ..L , ..-M , . H p ' ' I L.-r 'V-A . Lx . ..g..,--..-- A . Q . - - -- --V ' , aw, L fWf W1Ti,W lg urQfW wQfw:xf . ,L 5 , ......--.L i--.T---- T mini 4 V 'QM I L-iw -FH . TP "" L ,,,,,i . , 1 ' - , Y ' ' 2 W., ,. f.--Q,--1 T - f -' W ' an 'Z ,y ... ....z.. - - ,. - , -70 , - I l 1 ,M 0 ,. ,N -. i . , V T -. ,, .L 4.-f ' I A" - M-. , -4... -f-5- - 'L' ""' W" V -hw v V MM., , , . . A H 1 1 ? , - , ,M , Y . ' . A A l A-Q .Lwd 7 5' h g.,,,.,.-s---L Y - ---Y ..-.- P -W V ' P' w , - X A M H' j ' , . .- : 1- N- :L jllflf ' v VPIRAE-M1966 ' ' 5 'xvvn -,JM ,, H, ,,.A, V ' N A ' L ' j V A .. x""":'j'L-'V 5 L x ' N ' 1 + ' , A "' ' ' A, ' 1-4""-' 4, ... ---Q - 'W' "' , A , . A 1L,W K i iqwzJL,1, b,-1,- 3 - 3'-- 'V' i L .J--:, ,.. is-A,---4 - 4 " ' I 'A-L - LY - T- --1--v L- 4 v, .. . K, . - 1 A-AL 1 EJ L. '7,- f A M 1 T l -- .. .1 ip L I F . i ' ' T 1. L.-J , My-Q '- if .---1-- F A PM H -R T, t lf- , - . 0 1 -A --AOPA' f' 'f ' ' ' , vi -f-HW' 11 fig A - 'M ,L , L 'fl f A ' I .fn- ' Y., ,..,,..,.,.,..fV - . L DEDICATION For twenty years Alfred Evans Clarke has been identified with this campus, first as instructor of history and government at Port- land Junior College from l94-6 to l95O, and then with the added duties of part-time Director of Admissions at PIC and UMP until l959, when he was appointed full-time Director of Admissions for the Portland campus of the University of Maine. Mr. Clarke has won a place in the hearts of thousands of students over the years, for his fatherly interest and helpful words of counsel have continued long after his duties as Director of Admissions have been completed in individual cases. For more than twelve years he was advisor to both the Student Council and the Cuting Club, and for ten years he was also coach of the golf team. Even now, busy as he is, he finds time each year to help at the Mountain Day cookout and to act as Santa Claus at the annual Christmas Party for the children of UMP faculty and staff workers. A A native of Gorham, New Hampshire, where he was born on October 29, 1905, Mr. Clarke attended Dartmouth College, where he became director of Dartmouth's famous Outing Club and a member of the board of directors of Dartmouth's Winter Carnival. After graduating from Dartmouth in 1928, he worked in a variety of positions for the next twelve years before attending graduate school at the University of New Hampshire. During this period Mr. Clarke and Annette Bouchard were married. Their first daughter, Patricia, was born two years after their marriage, and their second daughter, Carolyn, ten years later. The Clarkes now have four grandchildren. At the outbreak of World War II, Mr. Clarke was teach- ing high school at Berlin, New Hampshire. When the shipyards opened at South Portland, he was made director of supervisory training for the Todd Shipyards Corporation. His work was so successful that he was promoted to become general director of training for the Todd Corporation, supervising the training of employees at yards scattered throughout the nation. When the war ended and he was free to return to peace-time education, Dean Bonney of Portland Junior College learned of his availability and persuaded him to join the faculty which was starting to develop what is now the Portland campus of the University of Maine. 8 ALFRED EVANS CLARKE "l':- ni, v ,Q J... r.3,1,' lgifiyffiz' 5 4252-EE' ,, SELL.: A Although M1-. Clarke's Work at UMP keeps him very busy, he finds time to help a number of scholarship organizations, in- cluding work as director of the Portland Citizen's Scholarship Foundation, as a director of the Simmonds Foundation, and as a member of the George C. Shaw Scholarship Committee. An enthusiastic amateur painter, lVlr. Clarke relaxes by painting land- scapes in watercolors or by reading in a Wide diversity of fields, enveloped by billows of smoke from one or another of his famous pipes. Dr. H. Edwin Young, the new President of the University of Maine, was for the past four years Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences at the University of Wisconsin where he was actively involved in the development of added campuses of the State University similar to the develop- ment which is now progressing so rapidly here on the Portland Campus. Dr. H. Austin Peck, Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University of Maine, was one of the persons most re- sponsible for seeing that our new building, Luther Bonney Hall, was completed and ready for use by the fall of 1965. Dr. David H. Fink, jr,, ncxv Dean olf tllc Univcrsity of Maint' in .Port- land, brings a wcaltll of adminis- trativc cxpcricncc to tlic Portland campus, for lic has bccn dircctor of a team tcacliing project financed by a Ford Foundation Grant, chair- man of thc faculty council, an acl- visor on ETV, ll dircctor of 1964 Boys State, a dircctor ol: thc toacli- cr training program for thc Peace Corps, a mcmbcr of tlic American Educational Rcscarcli Association for lliglucr Education and the Na- tional Council on Mcasurcmont in Education. During his eight-year tenure at the UM at Orono, he has bccn tcacliing cdncational meas- urcmcnt and statistics. VVclcomc to the Portland Cam- pus, Dean Fink! N xx FF-TI'T1"':'-T' 4' f 51 Lg ' ' ff MQ, - V -A - - fm n: ii 1. The Associate Dean, Mr. William Whit- ing, is also an Associate Professor of Speech at the University of Maine Portland. 5 's 63,1 Q., .. v iw, -L, wx Harold M. Lawrence B.S., Boston University Bursar and Registrar Carl H. Lemke Plant Supervisor 'Ste at 561 .Q Q K- Bryant P. jones B.A. in journalism, Maine Director, PICS at UMP Advisor, Student Publications Alvin D. Rogers Th.B., Gordon College Information Specialist Co-advisor, Student Publications 1 w - T 5 iv Uv 4. fri' :gr-' f'mHfTmT11 Alfred Evans Clarke Director of Admissions A.B., Dartmouth o nd Roger Hanson Rhoades Assistant Professor of Education B.A., Colby M.A., U. of Michigan Ph.D., U. of Colorado g Y Y g Jane Oberholtzer Sanborn Dean of Women Assistant Professor of Psychology A.B., Wilson College Ed.D., U.C.L.A. George Edward VanAmburg Director of Student Activities M, W of S. ,M and Affairs is ' ii A ei i La? B.S., Portland University john Frederick Jaques Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies Assistant Professor of English A.B., Bowdoin A.M., Columbia ' 7 Mary Adams Instructor in Business B.S., Maine john William Bay Assistant Professor of Business and Economics B.A., Saint Ambrose College M.A., Boston College Cuvenc Alpander Assistant Professor of Business and Economics B.A., Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey M.P.A., Michigan State Uni. Jeana Dale Bearce Part-time Instructor in Art B.F.A., XVashington University M.A., New Mexico Highlands University Charles Armentrout Assistant Professor of Physics B.S., Maine M.S., Wfesleyan University 1 Alfred Dudley Blease Instructor in Physics B.S., Brown M.S., Maine Catherine B. Beatley Part time Lecturer in English A.B., Radcliffe College A.M., Radcliffe College Samuel Bromiield Assistmt Professor of Sociology B A City College of New York M.A., Atlmta Unlversity jules Eugene Bernard Associate Professor of English B.A., Yale M.A., Yale Ph D. Yule William Allen Brown Assistant Professor in Mathematics B.A., Bowdoin M.A., Maine Marshall F. Bryant Part-time Lecturer in Music Bus.B. Cincinnati Conservatory joseph Patrick Canty Assistant Professor in Mathematics B.S. United States Naval Academy M.A., Maine L. Morrill Burke, Ir. Assistant Professor of English A.B., Bowdoin M.A., U. of Washington Maurice joseph Chabot Instructor in Mathematics B.A., Maine M.A., Bowdoin Willard Douglas Callender, Ir. Assistant Professor in Sociology A.B., Bates M.A., University of Connecticut F554 E. B. Fred Clark Associate Professor of French and Spanish B.A.E., University of Florida M.A., University of Florida Albert Christopher Assistant Professor of Business and Economics B.S., New York University M.B.A., New York University Richard Neal Collin Assistant Professor of English B.A., Bowdoin A.M., Harvard Ph.D., Boston University X lie' E 5? Qi a Jacob S. Cmamon Lab Assistant A.B., Bowdoin Phillip Albert Cole Associate Professor of History and Government B.S., Boston University M.A., Boston University Ph.D., Boston University Clyde james Crobaugh Lecturer in Business and Economics A.B., Stanford University A.M., Stanford Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh Frank Albert Durgin, jr. Associate Professor of Business B.A., Tufts Licence en Toulouse Docteur en Toulouse and Economics Droit, University of France Droit, U. of Albert Joseph Duclos Instructor in English B.S. in Ed., Maine M.A., Maine Harriet Susan Epstem Instructor in Speech B,A., Maine M.A. Columbia U. Gloria Sh aw Duclos Lecturer in Classics A.B., Radcliffe A.B., Oxford M.A., Radcliffe American School, Athens, Greece M.A., Oxford Sandra Lee Farrar Instructor in Business and Economics BA., Maine M.Ecl., Maine Edwin Russell Hansen Associate Professor of Speech B.S., Tufts M.A., U. of Denver Pl1.D., Cornell U. Many Helen Fernald instructor in English B.A., Maine M.A., Muinc Adele Betancourt Hernandez Part-time Instructor in Spanlsh Owen C. Hall Assistant Professor of Business Administration Q Accounting Q BS., Portland University C.P.A., Maine Society of Public Accountants David Bradford Hopkinson Associate Professor of Engineering Graphics Assistant Director, Dept. of Industrial Cooperation B.S., Maine M.S., Vermont M.E., Maine P.E., Maine George Stuyvesant Jackson Associate Professor of English A.B., Bowdoin M.A., Harvard Richard Hardy Jones Assistant Professor of Government B.S., New Hampshire M.A., New Hampshire Docteur de L'Universite de Strasbourg fFrancej Philip Wesley Kendall Assistant Professor of History and Government B.A., DePauw U. A.M,, Boston U. Harry Draper Hunt, III Instructor in History B.A., Harvard M.A., Columbia U. 'xr NFA' - 'vm'-,,-1 1 ' . :fl-Vr IM,-xg.. 3: 'V . m fg. 'LH ,w - 1 Q 'Fr 4 '-L. , - .W 1.4, , I '05 .s :rp ,, A l , .1 . X 1' ig 5 N x S fu- ' Uv -1 .el ..,- "'x vNN.f G ..4, i l "kg N 'V 'P , vlffi ' 1- 4' .. ' AH! ,1 n :.'.k ,Q p 4 - ' iv .-4 ' - We S 'V S f l f 'in va- it 'I' 4 3 'ff' QNBVAS: .2- 5 xv., TR- Bi: :C L QQ ff-ff I f fff f -Vw , zff ? ,. r,- X .-N1 - r rv ' X . Wg 1 v' f l A ,K J xp I I sig .Q .3 it X s SX ie . . X 5 K ,541 ., -1215 'XY . ., . . ,F 3.-.ll-915 . W, '. .,f':2?p'iQi , nk. if fl-. 1-VZ 1'-,321 ?Qs":':14'1Z12T1T'2 5.1131 ..1,l53Z , ff' ',g'j,J'Qg3f2' V 1: A. -.,. .J fn- I ,.:,,,,,.g,g1 --1-. ,, '.- -1. 1 "' . .- 1,1 .-1-,ff is-1.21-: p-gr,-ff' 493- 7 .K .Ji 1,-.',,.-',g.1u'ug,52,4. -'Yfff -.rftvif ,.ff'.:':., W?--z"612'i51'17?tif,?1G P55513 6132 ?4EfF:EE'FwZ':l?E315s ' ,wfstxx ".:'.'m'g4413fQ1g1Hnw1'ggz,-55 '-s - f- '--- --:.-iz. rv" -'ffff' .':."P1.f-1'- 1--.1-v v :f,5Y,,3 J,-,I 3331337:21,-.,'I423-.Q',5:,,'g,gq.f-,g,- f,.3r3'.f- ,dl-6 f r N r James Lewis Lecturer in Descriptive Astronomy B.S., Bowdoin Abraham K. Kern Associate Professor of Botany and Zoology A.B., Bowdoin M.Ed., Maine james Elias Lewisohn Instructor in English A.B., Brandeis U. M.H.L., jewish Theological Seminary Edith Lepelley Assistant Professor of French Baccalaureat, Lycee de jeunes Filles de Chartres fFrancej Licence es Lettres, U. of Rennes fFrancel Waldeck Ernest Mainville, Ir. Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.S., Maine A.M., Bowdoin Sp. Ed., Bowling Green State University AQHA . ' :"f C4-S ' 'AL-L: "'4 .A 4' -If . f:'.Q,.' '. , ir'-faf. 1 ,N , V ' V, gi - 'ZA 16 Alan Douglas Marston Instructor in Speech B S Emerson College Allen Gardner Pease Associate Professor of Government A.B., Colby M.A., Ohio State U. Thomas Andrew Martin Instructor in Physical Education B.S. in Ed., Maine Paul Carney Rogers Associate Professor of Mathematics B.N.S., College of the Holy Cross M.A., Boston U. Hirofumi Matsusaki Assistant Professor of Business and Economics B.A., U. of Tokyo M.B.A., Michigan State U. 9 Theodore Walter Sottery Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.N.S., Dartmouth M.S., Maine Cecil A. Rollins Part-time Lecturer in English A.B., Colby M.A., Harvard William H. Soule Assistant Professor of Education Former Superintendent of Schools in Portland A.B., Bowdoin M.Ed., Bates jack Lawrence Smith Assistant Professor of Business and Economics B.B.A., Upsala College M.S., U. of Mississippi C.P.A., State of Texas Richard Howard Sturgeon Instructor in Physical Education Coach of Basketball and Baseball B.S., Maine : -. Q , . , vases iw f' - - ' - Teaching Faculty Members Not Pictured john Alden Peirce Assistant Professor of Government B.S., Maine M.A., U. of Virginia Edward Grosvenor Plowman Lecturer in Business Administration B.S., Dartmouth M.S., U. of Denver Ph.D., U. of Chicago Francis Schwanauer Assistant Professor of German Ph.D., Stuttgart and Tubingen fGermanyj james Vincent Sullivan Director of Physical Education and Athletics Associate Professor of Physical Education B.S. 1n Ed., Maine M.Ed., U. of Delaware Harry joseph Waters Associate Professor of Business and Economics B.B.A., Hofstra College M.B.A., New York University Ph.D., New York University Iehan Peter van de Velde Assistant Professor of French and German B.A., U. of North Carolina M.A., U. of North Carolina Mary A. Wine Lab-Assistant A.B., Mt. Holyoke M.A., Mt. Holyoke Mrs. Virginia Gilman, Secretary to Dean Fink At the right: Miss Judith Morse and Mrs. Patricia Haskell, Dean's Ollice. in Secretaries il Mrs. Marion Clewley, Faculty Secretary, Bonney Hall Mrs. Margaret Ray, Admissions Office. fx ff of E'-4' ,L Y L 9 ' as w 1: 'R' 5 F W.. ,'- vi 1 I H.. V' r " f . 1 s.r'33 3:534- L xl I I i , 1 IA r i n 4 Q , L i ,T .51 V s 'Q fs 1 .+ I 7:.' v lf A Y. , ' ., V , X Mrs. Mildred Babine Third Floor Secretary Payson-Smith Hall X Mrs. Marion Proctor, Registrar's Ollioe Mrs. Frances Bourke, Secretary, PICS Payson Smith Hall L 4 , u,. fr Z Vw l. A. 5' i , A 59 zgf' ' M93 ,NYT 1 . i i 3.11. l9QWf'7 X F Mrs. Edith Mason Switchboard Operator Mrs. Viola Palmacci. . . Q-'fvi--N-F A727 it 1: 7 ff If ff ,f .7' '79 I 1,- '- - and the TB shots. Library Staff Miss Duval, at left, is the head librarian and one of the proudest persons at UMP. The reason 'X is our splendid new library. Housed in the new library are several thousand new books, indivi- dualized student carrels, new furniture for the comfort of the students, carpeted floors, con- versation rooms, spacious magazine racks, and a music room. One of the new people in the library is Mrs. .453 ... f-21:14 . -M- ln- Young, seen in the picture below. At left, we Hnd a familiar face in the library Mr. Talbot, the librarian cataloger. 1 r sewer fr-so 'N -nu .H Y, , Y, 7,, ,gl if 'X "1 '.,f-mi! Sharon Taylor, one of the many student librarians, helps two students with their books. Mrs. Soule, Peggy Horton, and Mrs. Rossnagle work together in the library office. Mr. Meyer was a temporary cataloguer, and was a great help for students looking for books on a certain subject. Y A 5: 65 : 2 2 Q I -cg fa.. nfl' :l if The separate study booths. . llllll Hill: lllllll . . . and the spacious magazine racks all contribute to the atmosphere of the new library. . . . and the new conversation and music rooms. . . in-in I J 'Q , TV w' V ' ,Qu f ,1' Y : ,I ..,.,. .M Q.. nu, -4.- ml. ffm lI"r I ,Y 'f. -s 1 'A Sf L .hr 3.- . v , ,L..1 v nf'-ibgi. 4 L 4 C, L ,X-Q - r .xi if 1 4 :zag 1:2 S21 A -gaus- .fi .w k My 1 .L f D-vim., , ff La? ta. W h P- - wi . ,Y Z U X M 1, ' , RQ? r if ' 1. S?5imn,?1,l ,K 4 ' x. Yiggszexs A I ir X-.5.fVTl"f,E.xgf Q . . ,.w,3"'1 ' .-'Hg 4,,, -, gl 7.1, , , ,V .- f. .,J,..v r -2 - . - :A 1, ' Q., ,. . V A' 'S 4 ' ' Y T-,,Q'f?.' 1 f.,, . , 3..- - x , 5 '1 --'sg - : V' j fgfikgsffw' W 'Eff-sg-Ea1: as at-H ,A .. ,f.!:D. L, ., V. . ff., ,Q . 5 f1i?'Qi?2:1wf.' :-. V-'V f- 81- -4 - ., fffj , zu-. ,- Lum Mlmkhw. - ., .5 -hmm, - mr Wm V 1 ' 2?"K2W:3'2 ' ' -QFSSQEEL.. My , v WR, 'IEEE ww 13- - mv-251 54 15' ' W2 1.,-M.: , , ,, 353 Back row, left to right: George Watson, Vice-President, Patrick Feury, Class representative, Joseph Boomhour, Secretary. Front row: Charles Collins, Treasurer, Walter Abbott, President, Clifford Knight, Class representative. The Senior Class University Of aine Portland R Walter McLean Abbott Route 115 Gray, Maine Business Administration K.-qv Paul Wayne Auclair 24 Brackett Street Westbrook, Maine Business Administration Peter Brie Baumer 1 191 Fairview Avenue Auburn, Maine Mathematics jane Mavis Budd i 35 Woodmont Street Portland, Maine Education john Simpson Burrell 7 Roberts Street Falmouth, Maine Business Administration Corinne Virginia Carr 25 Kineo Street Portland, Maine , Education W RW it 'Q v 1 Q 5 " EBI. A Charles Francis Collins 21 Penny Terrace South Portland, Maine Business Administration William Thomas Conley, Ir. 27 Montreal Street Portland, Maine Business Administration Mary Donahue Blanchard Qs., Presque Isle, Maine Education Henrietta Susan Dyer 124 Brackett Street Portland, Maine English Patrick joseph F eury 89 Pine Street Portland, Maine Business Administration Bernard Robert Filieo 195 Franklin Street Portland, Maine Business Administration . . dl? Archie Stephen Giobbi 45 State Street Portland, Maine Business Adrnlnistration Sandra Irene Gioro 28 Dorset Street Portland, Maine Educat1on Douglas Allen Hall 59 Victor Road Portland, Maine Business Administration David Bradbury Hawkes 108 Revere Street Portland, Maine Business Administration 'S Ronald Lloyd Holmes 14 Dartmouth Street Portland, Maine Business Administration Margaret Elizabeth Horton 334 Preble Street South Portland, Mame Sociology Q' Clifford Iason Knight Route 1 West Scarborough, Maine Business Administration Raymond Reginald Lombard 29 River Street Lewiston, Maine Business Administration Iohn Fredric McMennamin 280 Concord Street Portland, Maine Education Mrs. Dorothy Moore 116 Parsons Road Portland, Maine Education I, Anita Evelyn Nason North Sebago, Maine English Iohn Edward Newman 80 Revere Street Portland Maine Sociology Rosalie Ann Notls 6 A Street Old Or chard Beach, Mame English Clorla Jean Pallotta 90 Hartley Street Portland, Malne French YN Walter Mayo Payson P.O. Box 94 Steep Falls, Maine TE V History 1 r .5 V ftp ---1 . y A Clifford Amos Plummer , 71 Spring Street M- "r-rnzfaiadlk . Westbrook, Malne Sm +--351-33-,,is'.f , , , , Buslness Admmlstratron ::ICEliEE:5::,, ' il' un 'I -Ct' WF: it Barbara Call Schacle 1 jackson Street POI tland, Mzune lLClLlC21t1 OI'1 Ne: Q Gregory Malcolm Smlth sss : 64 Mltchell Road South Portland, Marne Busmess Adm1n1strat1on fig. ,,, .-' xi - ' f' If I I ,fl "" . f f : M .f If-Q X X X. Q ENN: XM. iuggi, -nf ,, Q 1 17 Ocean View Road B Cape Elizabeth, Maine L'.'QL IAQ." ," X- 1. .A-.-am-uf: . hi:-'ilffj-4-1'-, .ML '-Wi. u..V,' K '. - ':1I.""g2' 5 il, wh ,, j v 5.3 Y Nl-Qiiilf-il'-'bali'-: 2 gf 5 -. N'-"5 - ' - g1.'4.-fm: ,ilaafqzit-f . .fn,.'.-iv - up-.yi ,. .xuqxznry-J!-QQYA gf, ' fl f ,-.--'.g..g.' .' - , -1- v.-w.:,f":. ra . - . ",Af.,' LJEYQZ-v4'r5X'E1lx'lA'll':i-Sli"f3Ar-4' 'X V ' 1 ' Q Frank Iolm Torcloif H If , 44 Colonial Road . V Westbrook, Maine Af' 5" ' 'li -A Business Administration - Pamela Ann Straw ,'f.J,' ,f1f!1'i,37ffH 'J li X I 1:4 K l . E 1' 1 Jr! t f Y ng isi rig, i J LL , 5:22. "'1. , ' . 's. - ,, I ' V H i. a .,,a, 3 f fQiLaa Q,,fl ff' is , . Nancy Libby Trefethem 74 New York Avenue l South Portland, Maine English Virginia Wright Vaughan Gilman Road , Yarmouth, Maine 4, Education George Milton Watson 'Z " 120 Bedford Street Portland, Maine History james Hasty Williams L Dartmouth Street 30 Forest Park Portland, Maine Business Administration James Anthony Athanus 32 Forest Park Portland, Maine Government Virginia Lee Bennett 171 Cottage Rd. So. Portland, Maine Education Donald Emile Bemier 55 William St. Portland, Maine Government John William Casey 415 Forest Ave. Portland, Maine History and Government John Philip Cimino 411 Saint John St. Portland, Maine History Scott Brian Cummings 483 Forest Ave. Portland, Maine History and Government Janna Day 15 Union St. Boothbay Hbr., Maine English SENIOHS NOT PICTUBED Carolyn Frances Demarino 93 Westbrook St. So. Portland, Maine Home Economics Edward Francis Gorham 20 Arlington St. Portland, Maine History and Government john Robert Harris 32 Phillips Rd. Falmouth, Maine English Geoffrey H. Hole Stowe House Operating Co. Brunswick, Maine Business Administration Margaret Ann Markowski Stanley Rd. Winthrop, Maine English Philip Albert Mathieu 153 Forest St. Westbrook, Maine Psychology Willeam Christopher Nanos 77 Sherman St. Portland, Maine History Luc Michael U. Pelletier 75 Winter St. Lewiston, Maine History and Government Niles Lee Perkins 185 Massachusetts Ave. Portland, Maine English joel Lester Polisner 143 Vaughan sr. Portland, Maine English Stephen Forrest Prince 200 Pickett St. So. Portland, Maine History and Government Irene May Rodway 28 Belknap St. Portland, Maine Education Burton Storer Taylor RFD 2 Biddeford, Maine Agricultural Sciences Thomas Milton Trufant Durham Rd. Freeport, Maine Mathematics Sybil Lee Sweeney 89 Vesper St. Portland, Maine History I, V, . JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: Mark Eastman, President, Enna Saribekian, Treasu- rer, Larry Robinson, Secretary, Sue Rosen, Representative, Harold fSkipJ Lawrence, Ir., Vice-President. Not pictured is Rick Bowie, Representative. Juniors - Class '6 One of the most out- spoken Iuniors, Ramzi Ka- ram, shows Dr. Cole and Roger Ginn his homeland, Jordan, on the globe. TL 34 YQ I9 5 -1 ii . . ' ' . Ronald Couturier, of the junior class, is a language lab assistant. ,,, , ,.-...1 L-ig., Three outstanding athletes in the junior class, here pictured sitting with Coach Sturgeon, are Rick Bowie, Bob Francocur, and Keith "Catfish" Weatherbie. I w in V H ,xl 1 4 Af. QI Sue Rosen, another junior, is a part-time switchboard operator. fs .-5 vp. IT SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS, left to Secretaryg Linda Merrill, Treasurerg Gary Fiske and John Andrews, Representatives. But . -:PX right: Chris Carland, Presidentg Jane Jacobs, Coyne, Vice-Presidentg Not pictured are Sue Sophomores - Class '68 V: -ff-'Q vg s-sag 4 N C X, tl It if ' usa: if 5 t iam 'r ' Lig f Q. a xv- K 5 f, 2:ri?'fZwu,- n fi FJ nw' ' "- 'Z I ff- mm., , . Sophomore honor society, the Owls and Eagles, perform The sophomores seem to be enjoying the outdoors in this class for the Freshmen. with Mrs. Duclos. 36 I?-2 . 1 'rv . 1 . A I U w 1 Z' 4 W1 I 1 .-T-if is P'-'..... W lkgr--V 1 R l V I .g , if-'Lf A - I 5 Q: Since the new lounge was opened many peo le 2 -5 :" c 5 o 3 X F N Q ':: C V! eu :J .- o UI FY 1: Q. -4 ' I A-1. 5 C. , E-: :1 x rm FQ' 3' ru UI co E cu Qgae., . lk A Q XXXX XX i E p '., 5 Q Q,- ,ff 5...- i ni rx fl rw. Twin of Itlle several outstanding sophomores are Chris Carland, an Owl, and Jane Jacobs, unc Huge. W VHWIAZQZ -7 u-...H--W- ., . F Y I -f p ' ' . ff: 'B' . 37 WYE FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS, left to right: Dick Baker, President, Sandra Brown, Secre tary, Gary Libby, Representative, Patricia Clemente, Treasurer, Dick Catir, Representative Not pictured is Vice-President Bruce Morse. i 9 Freshmen - Class 69 During Orientation Week, Freshmen were subject to lectures, skits, Kangaroo Court, name tags, and, of course, the infamous Beanie. 38 Richard Baker and Richard Catir The Freshman Class sponsored the major social event of the Christmas season - a dance at the Sheraton- Eastland Motor Hotel. The semi- formal dance, the climax of Stein Week activities, was held in the State of Maine Ballroom. present their dates to Dean and Mrs. Fink and Mr. and Mrs. Duclos. is-v Sometimes they study, too. The largest freshman class in the history of UMP started the year on September 10, which is commonly known as Freshman Orientation Day. The day start- ed with each freshman looking for his Owl or her Eagle to get instructions for the day and to get their beanies which they had to wear that day and the follow- ing week. Outstanding speakers of the day were Dr. H. Austin Peck, Vice-President of UMg Dean David R. Fink, Ir., UMP's new deang Estelle Watson, Stu- dent Senate Presidentg John Iaques, Dean of Meng Mrs. Jane Sanborn, Dean of Womeng and Abraham Kern, Associate Pro- fessor of Biology and Zoology. The Owls and Eagles put on a skit about Banning the Bomb, and the Portlighters enter- tained with a variety of folk songs. FRESHMAN ORIENTAT IO Eagle Sue Fiske with two Eaglets Portlighters, Larry Newth, and Jim McKenny entertain. Dean David R. Fink, Jr., speaks to the incoming freshmen. 'anis-pw. , Entranced Freshmen listen to Mr. Kern's lecture. 1 A L U 3 "Ban the Bomb" starring the Owls and Eagles. qv- The Owls and Eagles' purgatory for de- linquent freshmen, otherwise known as Kangaroo Court, was held the week of September 13. Freshmen committing such unforgivable crimes as forgetting nametags or beanies, or not knowing the Maine Stein Song or its authors, were given El summons to appear in Court. Despite the fact that the defendant had a Court-appointed "law- yerf' he was usually found guilty and sen- tence was passed, such as singing the Stein Song in the cafe or wearing various signs. sf' wud' V YW l 'cl ..theSong... KANGAROO COURT Y The Court . . . . . . the "lawyers" and defendant . . . ...thesign... Q if The Student Union's mighty leader - Mr. Van Amburg and helper Mark Eastman. ST UDE HW" It's a place to think . . . aim for higher goals . . . . . . and just relax. 'fx 3-,w,' Q. .ff :A '-.-f- - V . ..'- .ls ff.- P ,, . gs. 3. L , ...- Qvuf 'x 'Q -l -- ,Tin .gf . .F-fe" f -eq. VU-5.7. , 4: . , .1 slg PA f f Y ve 5 1' . ,. 'g .' n . ?.u,5Q?l,v1- 1 . Lg. , ' "L f- - 1, 4 1,3 . 4 .. ..-v . ff' ' zu' 9 Q, ':3:.:f,12:.,,'3g,. 'l ., F lffqlvfii' 1 gm' '11 " - 9' 2 :pg A Lfvgg, gfvzfzx, . f- , ' 1? 5. ,. 0- w ff,,,.VL . - 2 -Q" p . Q I -J +3 -,E ft Q f D I 'W K' vi: E. 1 . 1 a . 'T ,ff i' A' .gg . V ,- ., I .,g4.... . iff Ch, LSA MY'-, . A--wr. ,wg-aww' , fm JJ' 1 n W E4 X , I'-v!:a ' cl - -.,v, nf.-,G X, .- Everyone had fun shooting cyclmg Mountain Day, a tradition at UMP, provided faculty and stu- dents with climbing, playing football, games, and singing. The Student Council provided hot dogs, hamburgers, and cider for the event which was held at Pleasant Mountain. n fu If 4 ax 1 M, 1 1 . - V1 - .fs W wx X ff J N V ,.,., ng., HM "Y fix, . K vf STEI WEEK 46 Miss Duval screamed when she received a "silence" sign. Admiral Canty, one of our math teachers, was sur- prised with a Navy mascot. Everyone else screamed tool H, I J x , 'Q ll Mr. Bromfield, Mr. Duclos and Mrs. Bearce lwith Sally Butterworth standing ini as "Peter, Paul and Mary." "Shall we settle this outside?" Mr. Matsusaki was voted the "Playboy of UMPl" sandwiches and cake a punch to everyone. The Owls and Eagles servj The University Singers entertained with several Christmas songs. 'if' "I don't know ,if I should thank you or This year, he got the pills Another toy for Mr. Armentrout. 'Tm afraid of what might jump out at mel" "I don't know whether to laugh or cry!" Mary Bouchard is confident, but Sue Fiske d0esn't know if she can trust the goat. Walt Abbott and Joyce Morse live it up at the dance 'if ' we e.. . if 1 V. ' 1 ' , ,P . Q , - ... I-'s,"'Q'9 . . - ., . V... , 53 , . 5 w ' X ,--. -4-Q:-t , 12 L11 ' The semi-formal dance held at the Sheraton- Eastland was a tremen- dous success. 51 '.-1 ff P 'Lv On Maine Day we had a successful car-smash . . . . a volleyball game between the hc's and the she's . . . 5. . . a girls' relay race . . . . a men's relay race . . . and a tug of war. X i R . C l W :' 1 V ' ,fi 1 1965-66 Eagles: Front, Head Eagle Jean M. Dick- son. Back, left to right, Mary jane Jacobs, Mary A. Bouchard, and Susan A. Fiske. Missing: Judith A. Pldham, Sally A. Butterworth, and Sharon B. Tay- or. Incoming Senate Presi- dent Estelle Watson pre- sides at the podium. Outgoing Head Owl, Richard S. Emerson, and Out- going Head Eagle, Mary J. Durdan, received trophies as the most outstanding students at UMP. MAIN DAY Maine Day, a tradition at UMP as well as at Orono, is the first Wednesday in May. It is a time free from classes, when we can relax with field and track events, softball games, car washes, and car smashes. At lunch we all gather in the cafeteria to eat and to hear the announcement of the new Owls and Eagles and the incoming Student Senate President. In the late afternoon and evening, we usually go to a nearby beach and have a cookout with hotdogs and cold chicken and lobster. Last year the cookout was at Ferry Beach, or as Scarboro people know it, Town Beach, at Prout's Neck. 53 Val Davis, new Carnival Queen Winter Carnival Friday night there was a dance, with He and She Ice-osaurs galore . . . . and the bold entertained. xt: I 6. - ,1,31., H, - ' xx A-13x I f I 4' 1 ' , A ' lv N O - Y fl, X I 3,151 Lk: - . f 14.3.1 Ji g :" f -K , , ,f-.fewrlff-'nfs--A , W ff'J7',13y,'g5if gp W jgrigi f - -- "x'If,Z we :fr nl '12'!?4.w- 2 " mul" ' ' "wg 1 ff'f'srag ggjay'-:Wig-ze ' ' 'fc ,, - .... ,,..-.., -721 !!!'.2Y1ii gg xv '1'i,u,14 fy- -is 555 aaa 4.122 fn.-3-.'--QQ'-,l , ' .' "' .,.. qua, ,L 'Wg ::az:::.1 an 'Ez 12. J ,, " J Kumi, F? VJY5 fii1""' :M N ,.. . .JS 'T 1 '.-is-Fiiizsef ?f'f 1'Eff:?'-1 ',i"g'fi',',"' 'I ,if me , , 1,1 1: N A 1 'x Q if Q msn ' X M N N 1 X., Y . .4 K o 0 . ' :LA . '--hi ll! 'YM -ww:-. I nil BNA!! 1- x"Y5I. Avg.. -1 ' ' ' l u I 7 s 's I I 3 1 I . ii'-X 'H' :gg 5 E,-n il, I - r - . A Q .:,: . ' W Y- I is K. Y, E' W A P A T H FLEISTGCENE 'A 4 7fff-?:,-- W 1 M. .Away " ' ' or YV- '4 'V' 1 :sf -5- u. . ii! A popular event of Winter Carnival is the making and judging of snow sculptures. First prize went to the Freshman Class entry, the Path of Pleis- tocene, and Honorable Mention to the Junior Class Triceratops. An interesting sculpture was the enormous cave man, below. --I , , -+L Qi, . - -v ""?5P - X - . v--L. +- -1 aff Fl S3332 A . img 1 'V-fn .' ' .' if .I 9 L. 5 J' W ffi?, r if , , Q ff' , ' , . if ' ,, Ffiii , 1 . ' f 1 I' alma' I. -4,5 -bn, -. .,..+. P A, ' ' ,- of f 1 4 av ,-M . wg - . V-, M' - .7 rw Us 4- . if j.3'.!g E r -.- K "-'f-,,.fL.:-nat,-4? Q if ' - Xe, ' E ,, . n 4-'V-' W ' , A '- "IF 4' '..6. Q -, ,Q ,-5.1. 5 , kk! . . -. :-.,. ,..K -VL J .-, Q Q.:-x- 1-.r I X -- "' 4-'rfb .Q K. " 'l L! .ss r-g 'Yr 1 sale--:ja qu, ' I A N Q ,I ll bl T5 v ,,,., - - '- .,-7 .kr l Y' ,,g.". - .- QL, ww Q . ' xiii LA '- 7 "'4'f3f"" H U r. - '- -,.lF:"'..-1-111v'1'f""f"'N5?'3s?"l ,IA 7,4 L' N L' TW- Al.,-4'-'.r'1 f.'NL.ff--- 1 rf' W'-' ii" - - -'---v..,-,-, , r W' K V .W 1: H i- ' ' A ' - , 'T'-' L Lung-. .....- 5' I? , , , ...Q "A'kNnxA:N. fu I 'Y' ' " f . """f'-Q--4.-..... ' f' , - -' 11 us'-f,,,m.- - 2 I - xx - 2-' A 1 . , I ., 3 .- V Q." " ' " f Q' 1 . - -'fly - "- rl- - - .A --'sq 1- . ',A '14' .gg . S., I K'--up 4 5 -- ' K Qsgwff-1g- if-A , . 4 I A ya- L" A -Him -.- 'TEV' r I 2 Ns- "5 ' gg N " ' ff' " , , -L - 9 lv" 1 , Q .,. 1 H. .. Q-,,IgF,EYf" ' . W 1, - ' '4.,fvf':-.- ' 5. K ,. ,. I I, 1 A ., Z ' ulmls' 'gf ,thi , ,sum P . i . - A 4- Z A ,K -,,f -'..- Y - -- -- '-sb. -1- var- Ar. 'z g- - ' -- 'i ' ' f"-A "U ' 4 " ' ff , 1 ""-. mf. .-' Z Q L' ' .' '- - - " ff- ..- 1.15. - , , x. 1 , A - .vu , -, " x' A , 47 It . V, --, , in .AT ,-5x3."2'I galfg E , .IL A . . N, 1 i ii A . ' ' "' 'V . 'LiL .'- I-. 13 -Six ., i 1' ' b at 1.215 lf ---x . ,. -4.44- One of the games played was between the faculty and the girls, when the faculty wore boxing gloves, except for Mr. Matsusaki. The Play-boy bunny. P f I. x L. 1 , gh .2 ellie? 3' U z- -, - J l' N' ' ' r i , . r f: - ' Q: 'V , V, , in ff f , a l ff ll x Y 7 A L ! I I P fl ,1 ge ' " :fi 4 ' iii , , 5 - X 5 , . 9 w ' , r E : Y f , 1 ' 3 l 5 .- Nl 'Q 1 L if V. ,. , Y , N H. 1 , L Y +A M 5 In 1 In -W 'Xu-F Valerie Davis was crowned Winter Carnival Queen Friday night and reigned over the rest of the carnival. Pat Feury presents a cup to Val. . as-. 3' ', 'j., . my 93-' ' -' laik, ' ' H, arf , fu i 1 sn, iii , , J in if-M Y I -Wy git! 1, ff- , U .. 11 ., QT, i H' N .xx .' ,, ' .. I 4 ! Vp Mx w - 'f i .N fel .5 41 -nm--1 4-P91 First they wait in line to get the IBM cards . . . Pre - Registration . . . then the line to the advisor . . . 55. ex . . . then the line to get out H' K N -' is I J 'Q 1. r' M Y . E 6, 'I . 1 1' of V X1 ,f - new J' '1 ,af ,..h ,, f :wg 3.54 4' ' .I , ..-1.1 '. 2 -.1 , . .VJ 7, '1 xxx - - "X xg x .,,,.f--H W ' . , .WX -x ,fffnq ,T NX . , X xx 'W 1 - vp., A ,...-- -bl. W , N-,Ni fir-- Y .,,.--rf-'ff . --v-1 , W W 1 w Zoology, with Professor Kern. ,.- French German Spanish I ii N W.-gg,-:::"M' I+. J..-':::t.-. .' E., ... , ... , ..- ,, -::::'---:zrii 'zz hz" -:zzz -': if- fy!! H' 5:.:: . as-0 . K W7 1 4 an ...,-al Engineering graphics with Mr. Messer. 'NY' Y 4 w r s. A I ? 'pm f J' f." I 1 Student Senate 7 l L 3 Q 5 af . if any G-7 gy..-i John Andrews Dick Catir Pat Feury Cary Libby Chris Carland Janie Jacobs Mark Eastman Walt Abbott Sue Rosen Estelle WVatson Sue Fiske Mr. Callendar President Advisor -pq, Student Publications Mm " ' ' .:,.g?, fe ' P ' ff,5.w.- , 1135521221-.,r24-'-. ' l i33QQ-1155.4 L. ,I UM 1' il E UMP Campus Editor Rosalie Young reviews an issue of the Campus. Editor-in-Chief, Frank Tordoff, discusses business with Jean Dickson, Sally Butterworth and Chris Carland. 66 Umpire Editor, Margo Thornton, discusses work with Donna Sorenson and Sandra Brown. 2.- The merry business manager surrounded by his staff: Dave Torcloif, Carolyn Elliott, manager john Burrell, and Dave Iluwkes. THE UMPus STAFF, below, left to right: Mary Durdun, editor, Jean Dickson, acting editor, Sally Tom Gallant and john Plunkett work out a Butterworth, Diane O'Donnell, Sue Fiske, and Iudy CHITIPUS SYOTY- Oldham. if-' IKE? .i.-1 IKIHJI- lf, L"'UVll'Sl'dl'5llmiHu75hlx57 as N . Q, A.. ' ag! 'fl li Ie -. 'cb -sf Dan Coogins Chris Carlancl Skip Morgridge Ken Sinclair Mr. John Jaques, Advisor John Donovan Tom Peterson Head Owl Charlie Cragin John Andrews OWLS , 3 1 l lil in . 'xl lc-29' 4 Q1 -' Y 4 ' J Q ' Wil VN 'NAP' V 0 1 Y iw 1 x 5, 'Mil ,r Mrs. Jane Sanbom Sharon Taylor Sue Fiske Sally Butterworth Judy Oldham Mary Bouchard Jane Jacobs Head Eagle lean Dickson EAGLES I - , AWS - Left to right: Sue Fiske, Judy Oldham, Nancy Herlihy, Janie Jacobs, Ellen Thompson, Donna Sorenson, Sandra Brown. Sitting: Beth Coombs, Enna Saribekian, Rosalie Young. WS The Associated Women Students, more commonly known as the AWS, is a service organization open to all women students at the University of Maine in Portland. One of their many services to the University student body was to pre- sent several well known and widely acclaimed films, such as Advise and Con- sent, Macbeth, and The Cardinal. Another service is to incoming freshman girls, in the spring, the AWS holds a tea where the girls can get acquainted with the school grounds and some of the faculty. Left to right: Gary Coyne, Robert Levine, Peter Church, Frank Copozza, Mr. Van- Amburg, Peter Kovach, Michael Tewhey, William Kaufman, Robert Dodge, Joseph Thornton. Sitting: Donald Simpson, Ion Roderick, Stuart Olesen, Philip Cutler. Circle K The Circle K Club of the University of Maine in Portland, sponsored by Kiwanis International, is a service organization that builds leaders and develops character on the college campus and in the community, and in so doing provides opportunities for its members to serve and learn qualities of leadership. BUSINESS CLUB -- ll Left to right: Bernie Cretien, Scott Keniston, Tim Greer, Charley Collins, Stu Olesen, Frank Tordoff, Greg Smith, Larry Robinson, Ken Kane, Jim Fleming. Sitting: Doug Hall, Treasurer, Pat Feury, President, Dave Hawkes, Vice-President, and John Burrell, Secretary. n Business Club The Businessmenis Club of the University of Maine in Portland, whose purpose is to promote student interest in the Held of business, has pre- sented several programs of interest to students in the business field. The Club frequently pre- sented leading businessmen of the Portland area who spoke on topics concerning business prog- ress and opportunity. i 1 I , gr-v . li aug! S Robert Rand Carol Kealiher Ruth Dodge Mike Pierce Robert Thing Young Republicans FRENCH CLUB I French Club, left to right: unidentified, Barbara Knight, Richard Caudreau, Denis Pelletier, Tom Gallant, Linda Bodman, Marlene Smith. Sitting left to right: Carol Parker, Ann-Gaye Woods, Phil Leclair, Lucille Collette, Doris Dubois, Jean Pieher. Debating Club , fflipl V IH' l, , li 'I I BDVIBFIBTMOD wi U'fQl.-INN! ill' A . Left to right: Linda Staples, Robert Rand, Robert Levine and William Marquis ' 1 'J' .. ff7' ,, "-, ' K if -sv, .-I ' , "Lv xv V ,lpylfvx-L h . N-'six' 5 , 'L 1' OUTING CLUB - left to right: Sandra, Brown, David Irish, Gaye McFarland, Brenton Robinson, Wayne Doueette, Karen Sapp, Elaine Nelson, Sharon Taylor President, Stan, Schwartz, Gloria Korb, Donns Sorenson Secretary, Tris Manchester Vice-President. - Sorenson, Sharon Taylor. Cuting Club lin d"' Planning Committee: Tris Manchester, Will Marcllilli, Donna ,- All the conveniences of home at a weekend outing. 29:2 I '65 University Singers u!"""" xrx-5 Ar bf? 4 v I One of the Denny Winters Collages that the art department has biought to UMP is shown by John Lowell, Mrs. Bearce, Eugene Berg, Alan Dodge, Judy Brown and Doug Cooney. -.:l' ' 'ff' 'wx 'ill 1. p'.- Q-. llfli Mrs. Bearcc holds open house in Art Room. v i, A K Y 55. Mrs. Benrce shows her collection of tapestries at the reception after the dcclic-ation of the new Luther Bonney Hull. .4 Henri Honegger, world renowned cellist, played to an entranced audience and was enjoyed by everyone who heard him. ws- Xie if' Professor Burke and Mrs. Sanborn at the ticket table. 83 X ' -. ,uf ,x if 1 151 I '- iF f in-hu. tl X9 -'-V Y 15119 1 4 1 A ,ffusi M',-,1S,'-,,,'-1'g,','gfF-,' . ,iw 1 ' , ,i,L.I U 1 '- .ff-ff' ' ,, V .. . .-,-,A + - M'41"'f9-" Kin- -1 '-H 5 1 'll as - y ,.,..,, kg .A an k 2 ,f -.- ,lg - F111 J ,L 'Q J ,csv 'I 543 I ..,A Q 3 k , 3 I ,QP .4i, E 5 Fl w Q? I . gg 41, '7 KT M 2 1 L Vw wi i fi L. ,H un ki ' v , 1 Lv y L 1 '14 ' vj v ' 1 6 M4 I "'2f'-gl Q v pix 5,1 ik ,i :',f'rf31' A ,- fi.. QE gg 354 1 V. ,wc gui X 14 I S' '72 ' .L A ,. . ,M-t, , 4 U,a,9-sl I 1 1 E' N .. ,. W , lit E ,Q A Hp. ,mw ?m . 1. ,P if- . I 'v , ' ' gjl., nw'-.'21i, , , . Q 1 ?Fs2'1h - .. ,Q H ' ' I lc-3 1 l,,, i?n-- H . W' , V , n V-'f 22 June, - I "'-"i'M! I Q2 4.1-nr F TJ T 1 r 9 V - x- X '1' -"1 ri A 3 I 3' Q .X Q ' 2 .xl ii? wif' X, ,f rf" f 'le Bonnie Bruton, Pauline Wilkins, Ellen Conant, Head Cheerleader, Sandy Robbins, Sue Burnham, Deirdre Briggs, Pam Laming CHEERLE DER -x -1 ., X AB Pa' -. Y ,W , , . 25 C9 E in N 559 GW LY Standing, left to right: Managers Phil Cutler, Mike Pierce, Bruce Lee, Rick Bowie, Ron Searles, Joe O'ConnelI, Trainer Dan Googins, Coach Richard Sturgeon. Kneeling, left to right: jack Coyne, Keith Weatherbic, Bob Francocur, john Prescott. Varsity Team Records of Basketball for the year 1965-1966 Harold Moulton - 236 highest total points, with point average of 14.8 points points per game. Bob Francoeur - highest number of rebounds, with 219. Rick Bowie - best percentage of Held goals attempted and made, .767. Rollie Gagne - highest number of field goals attempted, 91 and made, 68, with a percentage of .747. Joe O'Connell - highest number of assists with an average of 3.7 per game. For the whole team: New school records were: Field goals made 575 Number of rebounds 950 Average of rebounds per game 59.4 Total points 1415 Average points per game 88.4 There were 11 wins with 5 losses. 89 Q ax -- ' wk W! Standing, left to right: Manager Art Cary, Iohn Wally, John Bernier, Chet Mrowka, Bob Lapp, Bruce Lee, Jeff MacDougal, Manager Deane Attwood. Kneeling, left to right: Pete McGee, Charles Tarkinson, Bruce Morse, Maynard Overlock, Art Mott, Todd Johnson. Freshman Team D 'KLLIV Dan Coogins, shown at the right, keeps busy as UMP's Student Trainer. Here he applies an,ace bandage to Iohn Prescott's wrist, while Ed Gorham, under the heat lamp, watches. Ed Gorham, a senior who also acts as the Falmouth High swimming coach, gets pointers from Coach S11l- livan in the Physical Education Department ollice under the gymnasium. The whirlpool bath is of great value in the treatment of sprains. Here Dan Googins operates the controls for the benefit of Wayne Libby. Lennie Brooks, track manager, issues a uniform to Ken Martin. 'Elan-2 91 I X .-E -x Mr. Sullivan tests the strength of Iim Blanchard on the Iso-Master if ,+- Paul Callahan doing sit-ups . . . if you don't fall sideways . . . Tlns ns easy to do . . helped by Paul Gilding. . and if you can do it in the first place. Form is what counts, as demonstrated by Ray St. Pierre and company. 5 1 Lv Y , w -.. fm? F ,I N wr J,-REQ ,, ' .. " x f V . ,.,'. , LE, Fl. ., .. Q, we , - ga f ll ,. A fx 'N' J ,, -l 7 4 . Q55 r I I I ,-.six .ig f' -- AV- , f. ' -1' sm .- v 'A H 1 A A,,-. w44ff.i -, "4 df . l.,Yi:k:-P3 -,sal 2 -, X11 Y ,,,r S11 xg'- - af.-H, Mn A 1.- ia 'T . " x 1, .Q AJ . ,O Q ' . P' "Hey, fellows, we're having our picture taken!" JI' 8 , L 3 .A W ly 'Ps W ks 'Wwe-W., , ng vw WEQQFX, - A ' " f L, H ni Q , Wrestling lets one take out one's anger on someone else as Frank Amoroso seems to be doing. 96 wlilih - , 5- A . . F :'f .f-':-'Tiff Larry Stoddard and Mr. Sturgeon help one of the boys to do one of the gymnastic feats. W .- -.5-. W4 .-.W ,f"'- f "'-J'.: .,.- '- . .- ., . -- F79 -.ii-'fum-s ' ali: .pq 1. ,JT "Tl" ,.,.,. iI5..Q'.1"' X k...-Lnn- X- --Y 7-7 , 37, ,, , . ,Y ,Y Tff, ,Th t . , ..- -u . gs. an 1 5.5. Q, - l 2 . 339 - . ' x.,.w: lf.:-"'1 ,,,---r""' F 1 --Il lllllflll lil'!lTHEEili!iEi, lllllllr- ifxl. M ,J1 gf ,....., N QL' Gym classes are usually held outside if the weather is nice. ,, .-.- wr f-'V' az. -. V . -M -v 'ft . - Y , .fn " '..-iafrzi. .-f -. , .'n,gw.?' -.. ' f - 1, gift I ,.,-.,...,,4...-- ---' Y EWEEQIEEQE uslgzfszss new .mg gn, . ,.-'4 .1 Ji .., . ,L-E ,,,5fTj .Q ,,... T,r,,J,f, UA Q .JG L K my .,' . mia-x -. 4' 1?- 3416. x 4 u 1 , W -,Air . LZ' if FH f . 1 ,, 1 E xncw ,, wi 4 . 'qw 'nib' V j U P. ' I -QP ' l A CV ,LJ . 1 R E. H 5- if .a-1 ggi W W? Q -55 Yifffffg , v . 1,3 .,If. 54 W, ..- -L . .vin .I , - ,w .L gf . S. - Z2 XV ,, I L, , EV? , MZ J 1 2 1 r 5 ' ' fkaf 1' ".kY' A E' W QE m .. W-L Ya - . v 5 X, L +R X, e , ,. A v , , , , , 54 2 N 9 155 Nm f My .1 Q til' t wh ,Vg ga' w xl 5 1 Q9 0 j ' A f'99909f 999'0'O?0w?0??339o '62-?o'gfQ33YQ Q w :9888o XXX! 50 veggie 0 V QQ A, fxvx Xfxfxfxfxv99 Q' Afxfvxf' jg,N.,,zX , ,V MW, fxfxfxfvx!Q49QQf,, , , -,,, .,,,,:r xfxf 9 - "k.,X,f ff 'E3".'.+ nf-5, -, -Milf ., - -.1 , A 'vxgxflf , XfXfXfXfXfN,f C X,fXyv"xRy'?'55V ' 2 VV ff W9 A . W 65,1 .' , ,.,, , J .,,, . F A,,.,, ,Q 'Wr- A v ' 'year wen, rl UMP BASEBALL TEAM - Front row, left to right: Eaton, Bradley, Cummings, Emerson, McKinney, Moulton. Middle row: Bourke, Detore, Trufant, Minville, Millett, Marchilli, 'Weatherbie. Back row: Bowie, Pemberton, Small, Feury, Andrews, jackson, Curtis, Manager Pierce. Absent: Manager Dave Macisso. 100 ' Spring Practice 1966 - . af :- v 51 .i J g- .v,. i- " os, Qii - Q TENNIS TEAM - Left to right: Coach Cole, A. Cushman, S. Potter, C. Coleman, R. Karam, Cote, Ginn, Robinson, B. Cass. I, J, ,X 5 102 H? , 47 A I. THE 1965 UMP GOLF TEAM - Left to right: Richard Morrison, George Watson, Andrew Ouellette, jerry jones, Co-capt., David Chute, Co-capt. Douglas Hall, Wesley Marco. . Mag, . .F V, PQ X ,, , . Standing, left to right: Len Brooks, managerg Dave Gallig Leon Drownsg George Williamsg Tom Martin, Ass't. Coachg john Cassavola, Coach. Kneeling, left to right: Frank Capozza, Cal True, Dick Bonaventura, Dick Gandreau. Cross Country Coach Cassavola 'N , watches some of the team practice. Cross Country Fall Tennis Tennis Coach Philip Cole l i l i if and two of the players, X' ' K Jim Spcirs and Bob Neilson. 'V , 'N' ,-f-ef, 3-,,--, fi ' .ini m, , f.lfffff'f l Mi- I , .-, , ,N vfer ,1V,'5.,1'IfJ gi -1 565.1 xl sg ,r " -F m5-- 1 Hiffiiv-.f, A . f'1lfEi2'L A- A .,,,, ,.., t M fs-.. X QM . Yfivgl ?,ff4f,f 76 wma 'Q f F4:r":f 43, sun G 3' 'L ?wJ-NIJ sm, I 'xy N 1, A Q 2 H 'J' h I xl W V-U 'C Pawn T-1 X f ' 'Z I in f' A A . ' , I vs-Q :L-un -pf 3? --.. '.. si Oakley Bartlett Molly Griffin Caf Staff Mrs. Morrison 5 S524-, X M3153 Virginia Silver and 1' Vngq , X Evelyn MacDuifey R ., Pearl Goodwell and Virgina Arsenault Marie Brian Lillian Wiggin Bea Somma Maintenance Crew I , l - nf - e ,M , li I., ' ,, .4 xl ' , I .,,,l :rx ' J joe Curran MEIN Gene Arsenault A V . Rocco Marzilli 1 Mr. W1lllamS l Millard Tupper Earle Mott Paul Lavoie IVERSIT Y STORES Mrs. Margo Lemke, Portland campus manager of the University Stores. --an -:wi " .Ala rm'-. xv. af? Mark Eastman and Skip Lawrence work merrily in the old bookstore location . li 1 while a new one is being built. Af. 1 1 I c W- w I r ,,, ,,-- f-f IX. F' Y T' V ,,, 'q-,----u rp-.- "" , , f' nj' S, I 109 THE UNIVERSITY STORE Gets ready . . . Mrs. Young, John Donovan, and Mrs. Frost are in the "unpacking" stage Gets set . . Mr. George Piper, Manager of the University Stores, pitches in. . . and goes! 110 GED gf X UNH my mmrv Pwr Cnwiifm 1 F' Q A first customer steps to the door. Wxa, WW QW W' WW 'W W Q W W Q if W W W W W WW WW W W W :Q ..W' W?W3WW'W WWW W W W W WWW' WW W W W W 5 .95 W ' 1 WWW -V 'W W W! ,: WWWW23 Q.WW WW ,yt QW . -55" E Wig! WEWEWSQWWWWQWWBS W, ig" WW iw lxxl :WW W WWWWW9 if ,W -'L WWW WW M he W WWWs""'-WWWWWWQE W EQHNXWWWW jx W ' W W W WWWW . WW W W A WW WW WWXWW W W ,W W WWW W .-a.:ffWWWWW Wg WWWW WW . M- WW? Wmxwzfmx WW ,W WWA W WU? W W rpg W W Inq if . UAWW W , +,1.WW1,xWWW ,WWW W WWWQ:s:sW,1.W Wwzaf' W W W ..W. ,NW AL ' WWWWHZQS? W .W 5 W 3 ' WKWFWWHWWWW WESEWV E - iWW WW - :Wh W si mv X-H W LQWWWQ. W W W AK,W:5LE3iZQM,,J WW5'Wf'IWW ' WJ WWWfgW5'Wif W W. -f 'W WW - 'WWW faiSf"SsiW' .WS 1 WWWWWZQEQWW QW if W -'W' 1 SWWWWW WJ WWWWWWWWWWWgg:g,Wi Wg W WWWWWWWW WW W WW E 'iz TWWWWWW WWE WWW' WW f5WgWW2WWW,-2fW3W : WW Wf2 WWWWW WWW WWJWQQWWQW . WF WW WW WWW:W wil W W 5 Mf g' 53' ge Wfraigfzza as W WW 5 W W gWWWWzpfEW:WWgWg .sE W WW, 4 W"' WMWWQWAWWW- Wx W33 WWWWWWWYWEWWWWHWW ,i:,vQ2WfWW Wg W -WW-Wag-5: WWW, WWI: ..,W:V W WW WW WWW WW W W WW WWW W: W2aWWggg5WWWff5Q59Wik'WgQ,3W , 'W W elf' W' WW 'W W in ,Wiii W ,MWWWWWW W WW W WQWICW W W WWQWWQWWWWWWTEQKEQQWWWRW my W WIWWWWWQ W L PQyfi?WWWWW:5W:'QWWWWTQ-2 'W" W ,W .W mz.WW. W up W WW W 'WWW W W ' WWWWW WWWW W' W Mags WQSEW' LW 21313 A W W W WW W Wfffffl WWE W - ,WW WfWWkWWW'WW2fWW2WWsWWfLW n3iWW,5WefWWigWWWAW? Wggr W W W1 W WWEZW fWWjTWW4eg55?f wg" I W J? WWW-W .WWW W M f W: mWWWQ1amWa55f1WWWAW. WQWWWWWWWWWW Www WWWWW' WWW 41:4 WW W WW W WWWWWWW WWWEWWW-WWWWWWQWW32ArWf3 'fs W W W-W WW WW W:24W,f5WWfQ1WgWWWW W W iiiiiw' TWV T3SiiiW'2WW WWWWSWJSEIQETI5: 5:5 W . XW 1,3 AWWWWWW W ,, ,..WW.. 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Fridinger Assistant Director, CED ,- an , MNA- ,-sa.k,L ,K -Sim 3'-F , " .237 ,-51" ,. 1 fail ' B, , A my 1.154 ,ja A , if 1 M , ,Z , tc 5 ' :V e Frederick E. Freise Administrative Assistant, CED 'Ns CED T . 'x Raymond P. Kane Short Course Coordinator, CED at UMP Approximately 2,000 persons benefit each se- mester by the large variety of evening and Sat- urday courses oflered by the Continuing Edu- cation Division at UMP. The administrators pictured on this page also organize many other CED courses oilered at Kittery, York, Biddeford, Brunswick, and Bath. In addition to these pro- grams, many one-day seminars and other short courses are scheduled at Portland and other places, meeting the specialized needs of business and professional groups. 411'-K 331 '75 Tm. 5: N ff? : l Mrs Catherine Lalfin CED Secretary ,'src, f ,. , -4- 1,, ,,...? Mrs. Eileen Morse, CED Stenographer r: N, x It lncralnf Cflmlovu-, lnhen Cui. IIHTI I IL' Yu lmlnn I-mt-bw.-1 li ffl! Q ""' ,e E' Ill! Csumvg umm. uma, Wlviv el un . 'uhm-uni . : mv., Q... ': g EA 'tw emu." "" "" be,'5'1t,s. iygdmgw- r' 252221. fab ,lib fn. H. rl flflrki er-n.,,. lj"'t m 5 V i4 I' :zu . , , 'aff' ' '-H fr: e D 'tr "'-w- ' , i 'fin "-- A, Hg, Q . 'Ns 11 gf: -WDW? Diversity in Education to serve the needs of the community- 'N I Ll " Q old' , M, ' C A 'Q '3 Umm' ,, . """"1H-M, "" Ii 1 ms mm fl. U' 'WH mu W ,P ffffe,,,F C, " , 1 .ll v , , I ' ' iff F V' mmwm Mncnunnsuaa MII'-Q1f.,xl'lr1.x'q ' '11 ,H ' nu-rm u-, A-my , , , 4 Umllfjp ' 4.00 ufllf ,LQ3 - 4 , D A uwnww 44' V '11 fi' 2 3 "1q.,,,. h' ii 'UA Q iz: J ,I D' -qv' Ti ,xml I' 41.3 ww-.QEP gi-EW' in 6 .- .1 - 1 5. :,:. --zlz age 7 ' '1 President Young, pictured above, and Gover- nor Reed, at the left, were two of the dignitar- ies to address the First Maine Logistics and Transportation Seminar. Dr. E. Grosvenor Plowman- brought together an imposing group of experts, several from Washington, D. C. At the lower left, Dr. Dwight R. Ladd lectures on the "Role of Cost in Transportation." At the lower right, Fred Nutter of WCSH-TV interviews james N. Sites, Vice President of the Association of American Railroads. TV inter- views for both Channels 6 and 13 were fea- tured in the evening newscasts on January 13 and 14, while the newspapers covered the ses- sions in detail, including the Saturday morning panel on Iauary 15. Dr. E. Grosvenor Plowman introduces Al- lan C. Flott, Director of Research and Transportation Economics. xx The theory of the use of computers in scheduling, simulating, forecasting, and establishing the critical path is explained by experts in data processing. , ,.,- James N. Sites, Vice President of the American Association of Railroads, is interviewed by Charlie Tarkenson of WGAN-TV, while Unit Manager Raymond A. Gilvard watches and William Goulet operates the camera. , I fi ff lv 6 Z4-HO R PRGCESS SATURDAY MORNING COGPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE 20 J4- ' E E ig 4 E The Cooperative Extension Service is a three-way partnership. Federal, state and county government, sharing in financing, plan- ning, and conducting out-of-school educational programs to serve local needs. .,..-l- ,ex Burleigh Loveitt, Extension Agent 5. A ','-- ,t l---eg' lil.-L ?N:1,..kYL'q7n'xf1Ef, 9 f',?ggf'9'..I,1s Q .qwfi , V, 1 1+ .gbyia -1- ' .--:A-1 '- J' - w 11's . af' 7' -. -.2 'sf hu ' , hgh L , N-5 . I-fi? 4:11-' 41 ,rp 1 1-.' .V 5.1'1,d-msg 4' ,11-,J,.l"q1J":-1411 i .sqlgb I. - dw .I X :XV ,y1't:L2:J.,.'P .x 'gi Anr,5.4-v I. iw.- . It . 'A i I 9. Y . , N 4 . fx pq ,N --fin fi? I R , .L -:.',q.m IL, ' X . l ii J 'fix ffffl' 21+ kf1fjfgf'17,3 , -11' . 'Sf A '12 ' 5, 42 ai A 1' ' 1-1. - 'lfyyl-'E7',Kfif ' X' ' "0 kiiwiizr 1 X 1 ,N ' 1 4-1-H . , A - 1 V 1 ,A-v-""" ,...-H-'J' ffvl. 'X .1 :Te '?4-Pfeifp g 'fx "ir, ' H .' fairy -A-ip '- QM 'Nb'-11' 'Q' 1 'Q '- K, 'w ' ' I ! 110111151 F . 1 L 7 1 1 11 1 1 A ,MQ '1 . ' 1 -1 Y 1 ' '1, ' . 1 .1 I 1 II NQRING LU1HER11MD NNEY DE5N 11 0 1511 LA A1 IOIL1 19: 0 1, LI C 1 11 IV 1 1 IN 1101111 1 11 11 IQELQVEDMTEACI11,lx1 AEN D 1 KH Aix U1 UNIVERSITY OF MAINE IN PORTLAND DEDICATION OF LUTHER I. BONNEY HALL 4:00 p.m., November 18, 1965 ' DEAN DAVID R. FINK, JR., Presiding PROGRAM UNIVERSITY SINGERS: Marshall F. Bryant, Director Dorothy Hicks, Acoompanist Turn Back O Man ............................................ Arr., Holst O Brother Man ...... ...... A rr., Ringwald GREETINGS: I Estelle M. Watson, president, Student Senate Arthur H. Benoit, Board of Trustees , 3 Dr. H. Edwin Young, president, University of Maine INTRODUCTION OF DEAN BONNEY: Raymond S. Oakes ADDRESS: Dean Emeritus Luther I. Bonney EA Luther Isaac Bonney, Dean Emeritus of the University of Maine in Portland, is widely regarded as the father of higher education for young men in the Portland area. Although other attempts had been made to provide some form of local colle- giate education, Dean Bonneyis work in de- veloping the college extension courses of 1933 into Portland junior College marked the first successful program of that sort in the history of Portland. Dean Bonney has devoted a lifetime to the advancement of education, and it is entirely Htting and proper that the university's new building on the Portland campus, which he did so much to develop, should be named in his honor. The speakers nt the Dedication, from left to right: President Young, Trustee Benoit, Dean Emeritus Bonney, Senate President Estelle Watson, Mr. Oakes, and Dean Fink. HIZAMIHILK ' i ffl Among the hundreds who gathered to do honor to Dean Emeritus Bonney, pic- tured vvith Mrs.. Bonney above, were Sena- tor Margaret Chase Smith, at the upper right, Trustee Hubert Hauck, shown ad- dressing the honored guests at the recep- tion before the dedication ceremonies, Mr. Fogler and Mrs, Oakes, at the lower leftg and Vice President Austin Peck at the low- er right. Y ,y..., , 4 ' thnx "4 r L x,, " AV 5:1 'ffi'-5' qi' In Appreciation The UMPIRE, quite unlike our other Stu- dent Publications, the UMP Campus, the UMPus, and the UMP Profiles, is designed to be of increasing value in future years. As you look through these pages, we hope that the pictures will bring back pleasant memories. This yearbook would not have been pos- sible without the support of our advertisers and other loyal friends of UMP. As editor of the UMPIRE, I wish to thank our advertisers and the CED office for generous support. I also want to thank the photographers of the Portland Press H erald, Evening Express, and Sunday Telegram for glossies of their best news shots of UMP activities. Many of our pictures were photographed by Iohn James, who came to our campus time after time to take special pictures for use of the UMPIRE, such as the head-and-shoulders shots of the faculty and seniors. Several other pictures were taken by Paul Strout, a fresh- man at UMP, without whose assistance, we would not have many shots of certain events. Expert assistance in page layout and special effects were provided by Walden McFarland of Portland Lithograph Company, whose craftsmanship enabled us to produce this book. Most of all, I wish to express my thanks to the UMPIHE staff: Donna Sorenson and San- dra Brown, for some typing and layout, Alan Dodge who did most of the layout, john Burrell, Dave Hawkes, and Dave Tordoff, who solicited the advertising and worked out the financial problems, and Frank Tordoff, who advised, mediated between the Student Publications and the administration, solved endless problems. and gave us hope when we were ready to climb the walls. Finally, I wish to thank our advisor, Mr. Alvin D. Rogers, who worked closely with our staff and with Mr. Walden McFarland of the Portland Lithograph Company in providing technical advice and suggestions, and to Mr. Bryant P. jones, our new Public Relations Director. 74awtm Klub R m Devoted to Natural Shoulder Clothing -Jilin The Club Room offers college men and all who appreciate traditional apparel - Fashions that are authentic in every detail - all in good taste - and all are sensibly priced. A. H. BENOIT 8g CO. MONUMENT SQUARE PORTLAND SIELTZIER SL RYDI-IOI.M DISTRIBUTORS, INC. BOTTLERS OF PEPSI-COLA AND SEVEN-UP AUBURN PORTLAND ' ,. f- 'x If EE 'f 4' M K wb All va I Auto Radiator Repair Re-cored und Circulation Restored PORTLAND AUTO RADIATOR SERVICE 'IO SAUNDERS ST., Woodfords Corner PORTLAND, MAINE - Tel. 772-8831 John R,MOOI'CIdIClI1 .lomes S. Burton, Howard F. Esfy, Jr. Compliments of GREATER PORTLAND AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION 7 JEWELERS SILVERSMITHS Jewelers of Quality Since T870 BUDGET ACCOUNTS INVITED COMPLIMENTS OF GO0DWIN'S DAIRY SHOPS T101 Forest Avenue PORTLAND :: MAINE HOTEL LAFAYETTE DRIVE-IN ENRTANCE PORTLAND - STATE OF MAINE .- -N ,Sn "x y ,-1 "few -f I rut. t ' C ..---f ,J :L I -.- I l- , 3 , 4. -I -' N. -..- 4 I .I I ,J . w, 1 L.-3 5 f I I I- A 1,1 N. -.,-ig 1,3 'ljx-,'I1g " ,TW-BBN 3: 5 ,j!j"f'T.-Eixtg if IRT? In Il., ' -V'--I -"'tf':Ro:f,L' 'I,NvE'QI? -6-I., L3 T' All ,u uutffl' T. i"fa:Q5::,lFgR 'fgtllt I f 'SQETEE -1 'lwvpgia 1, ..:S,: .. 5. -Iy- 5-.f..ex:sE.E, 1 s2,v1,',gff',giEfFiP IV", I - I. f"'L'Ri5., .f4 "5w.5uI'3f If YM, tnfi' A --:--A-A 'gn It 1, 1- ., '.: fffiii TIT x Q IWNATA-I 1 , .T-'V' "' gk "IL, Y'4ff"j-1-frlfe'-I . Mt r Exist .3 st az 'gtgiht H twig 2, U, .15 E-qff 13116 'u.uxi,,-aurnhv ,5., ,....", -..n .. PortIc1nd's Traditional Downtown Hotel CASC9 For Q your banking I W needs REMEMBER CE 81 TISUST COMPANY if M I 1 M NUMEN QUARE,PORTLAND,MAlNE 22 Branch Banks Serving Southwestern Maine Member F.D.I.C. Boston Shoe Store 538 Congress Street "Maine's Most Modern Shoe Store" SUBURBAN PROPANE THOMPSON'S Porm Portland, Maine Bottled Gas ,L and Appliances Call 774-0387 Look to . . . 9 SUPERMARKETS For Fine Quality Foods, at the Lowest Possible Prices Now . . . 8 Convenient Locations CQCQCQIQ Bottling Plants, Inc. South Portland, tvtmme No Interest No Carrying Charge On Any RINES BROS. CREDIT PLAN OAKHURST DAIRY For Quality You Can Depend On" "For Richness You Can Taste" 364 Forest Avenue PORTLAND, MAINE CCIII 772-7468 Sani-Clean Distributors Inc. INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS 819-823 FOREST AVENUE PORTLAND :: MAINE -will V, , 1.3 iii! Compliments of Casgg Minster's Gift Shop 645 Forest Avenue Wooclforcl's Square "None Belief' CARDS and GIFTS for 80 Bell Street - Portland ALL OCCASKDNS 772-4629 First Quality Convertible Tops and Seat Covers LEE'S AUTO TOP A 777 FOREST AVENUE Portland - - Maine ANGEl0NE'S PIZZERIA Monument Sq uore PORTLAND -:- MAINE 772-7464 MAINE INSURANCE AGENCY 42 Exchange Street 489 Congress Street WILLIS L STILES Day's Jewelers JOHN A. VICKERY PORTLAND - MAINE DAVID C SNES Cook 85 Co. Inc. Ready Mixed Concrete Crushed Stone 960 Ocean Avenue PORTLAND -::- MAINE . :L ' -5. ' LJ. ,L ,I sow I 4,434 Compliments of WESTBROOK must coMPANv 4 Kwai' o iii? WESTBROOK, MAINE MAIN OFFICE 849 Main St., Westbrook BRANCH OFFICES Cumberland Mills - Pride's Corner Seabreeze Lobster Co. Supplying Northern New England - Wl'lOLESAlE - Union Wharf - Portland 9'9 O'9Q4W'Q 'O -V F7 I I S wwe: 9:45 '-ry."-re :egiy eitqydit I - ' 'Q E I i A 'I ' I ' " "F 'Y it A K - -I -., I 6' A- lll,. 'H+ - , :.: ..: ir I' fi" if F r r i ii I I TIRES 942 Main Street 534 Danforth St Westbrook Portland COMPLIMENTS OF Quality Fashion Store Smce 1874 507 Congress Street - Portland, Maine Mill Creek Shopping Center, South Portland, Maine E. J. Harmon Co., Inc. "Flowers of Distinction" 636 Congress Street PORTLAND - MAINE SPruce 4-0391 Member F.T.D. Est. 1881 Ralph D. Brooks 84 Sons Established 1919 Complete Insurance Service 142 High Street Portland, Maine Telephone 774-1419 Y fe' I Compliments of Ill Blue Rock Quarry Westbrook - Leeds - Sidney Maine Circus Time ' Potato Chips 8: Popcorn Compliments of Porteous Mitchell 6? Braun 522 CONGRESS STREET Portland :: Maine - 772-4681 - di AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER FAIRCHILD A DIVISION OF FAIRCHILD CAMERA AND INSTRUMENT CORPORATION Compliments of VALlE'S STEAK HOUSE Compliments of Sl-iOPPER'S HARDWARE, INC. NORTH GATE SHOPPING CENTER PORTLAND, MAINE Home of North Head Skis BRIGHTON AVENUE PHARMACY 183 Brighton Avenue PORTLAND, MAINE 772-5451 Free Delivery Qgfgif Florists 646 CONGRESS ST. PORTLAND. BIAINE SP 5-6436 Telephonesi SP 5-6437 BanddM b IFTDA The Men's Shop, Inc. Apparel for Men, Women and Boys WESTBROOK SACO FREEPORT King Cole Foods, Inc. 174 CASH STREET SOUTH PORTLAND - MAINE Popcorn -- Cheese Popcorn Potato Chips - Potato Sticks Fiddle Sticks 772-2040 kg Allen, Sterling SL Lothrop Portland -::- Maine Home of Sterling Quality Seed W. A. MESSER CO. Commercial Truck Bodies Hercules Steel Products 170 Warren Avenue WESTBROOK - MAINE WARREN'S STANDARD PRINTING PAPERS Made in Maine by -A fi- fb f'!fD WWWWCQWWW MII.I.S: Cumberland Mills, Maine-Gardiner, Maine AGENTS: C. M. RICE PAPER COMPANY C. H. ROBINSON CO. Portland, Maine Compliments of NORTON H. LAMB, REALTOR Class '31 Freeman K. Lamb 8. Son 650 Forest Avenue Portland, Maine 773-8 I 07 William Goodman 6? Sons, Inc. 87 Marginal Way Portland - - Maine YerXa's 740 Broadway South Portland Your Complete Lawn 81 Garden Headquarters DISCOUNT MARTIN The Old Yankee Trader 55 EXCHANGE STREET OFFICE EQUIPMENT HEADQUARTERS PORTLAND, MAINE Estd. 1922 - Telephone 772-'I'I1'l Wholesale Prices For Retail Buyers 540.00 DISCOUNT New Portable TYPEWRITERS serving Northern New England MERRILL TRANSPORT CO. Petroleum Hauling Heavy Hauling Crane Service PORTLAND - AUBURN - AUGUSTA BANGOR - SEARSPORT - BURLINGTON FAIR HAVEN -- BENNINGTON :15::z3:::,: 555: 153:59 -,g:gi:::::3:-' Harris Distributors of MARINE and INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES Serving The Marine Industry Since 1921 188 Commercial Street Portland . Maine Compliments of B. G. Pride Realtor Graffam's Gulf 701 Forest Avenue PORTLAND - MAINE Y' . PURTLANDER KING 81 DEXTER CO. Congress Street, Portland Relax with your favorite beverage in the SEA CHEST LOUNGE Banquet and Meeting Room Facilities USS Constitution Dining Room TOOLS - PAINTS BUILDERS HARDWARE 17 BAXTER BOULEVARD Dancing nightly to the music of Bobby Nelsonis Trio PORTLAND, MAINE F ree parking for patrons in the rear of the Portlander off Deering St. ULTRA MODERN 5 MINUTES SFRA olvlc CAR WASH, INC. 1139 FOREST AVE. PORTLAND, MAINE TEL. 773 - 6283 M. F. BRAGDON PAINT C0. PAINTS - WALLPAPER JANITOR SUPPLIES 47 Exchange Street 68 Market Street PORTLAND - MAINE Call 773-7239 Nationally Advertised Clothes For Young Women Of All Ages -fi ff J f" , MLWLUA gamlwoywfx 492 Congress Street - Portland, Maine FUR OF MY BEST FRIENDS 7y7p76faM Qmmw Emmy CIQQWM, wQSClWl'560

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1966, pg 119

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