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.Mf,,1,,.g..1x A .-11.-f,-fwf.-g+.'.-.,1-..f,fpa Mlm-' . 4'-,-una I- - . Yr- - f . - f'15f21LI, F W WP C 52546 wa' "flj1'Q"'Zi-' " , gr "li" ' ' , ' ' ww ,, ,,,, ff. WAJWWMWMW , H 4 I 1 I1 5 f H - 7,4 . 1 fa f- 1 , '. 9 0 1,1 , 1 v 1 gf Y " A I . 4 -O H 'iw 'Q , Y l h Z .1 ' .fs f.-4 '4 H Q ? 3 2 ,,.,. X,k. mul-M" Q ' as if: 5' 54+ A P if W I 6 'H sv I .,,,,, K,...,...a.a. A ,- ,Q-:sf pmuoivihat - . 3- gunna:-yn' 1 tl - Q - Q P R, I. Ol ,J 0+ .s-,,l,.- . Y-Q f- 4 f .. -. . .bgxqf .. . 4531- .3,.u .R . V - ,HJ - t ,T M 1.1 F i, 15 3, ' ww 4' V M 55,1 -'5.sfl5! f ,.,. , Kiki I af F , , i f 4 f 5 ' 1, . :S Wffm Q Kwai? in H WH I :Wg J' W, 5-f, M ., .. :Ea if' . 442: -9.5, :. 'fit :fr it -a SE - :L R 'W IVF ,4'HIlG'n- VV- J 4 r HQ 1 , " Jw: A 2, 1 - wi ATAQHUAJ 'L' ' ' EpsS,TZg,',,ff' X' f I h ,L- ' I ' W ' X J' ,V , , X , -Qs W fi 1 -, , rf' , ,-J' ' I 4. an uf ' . , ."' I, ,w21.'1.,-5 W ,- . 0 , f,. ', I 'f, "J' 1?-f "I,Vf'f3f'-1 N' :'W , ' ' I ' 5 ' I f ' , Q v , 1 H ""' , QQNN 1 1' "W ,-W',:,Qyl,,'ygw3,,H N N gy- . g , M , n V -N Hgh ' N-:fgi-,f.L1, M " " - Jw ww 'N.' v IH f 1 . , A, F.-. ' , mf - ,W , " ' , M - p ,"W,3g ' ",, -iw 3 2 " ' ' V. , ---' - -... .. L...,-4,g. f.,,L:..u.,...,,,.g.'. , , Q91 ' M 3 '-'fi'11ifH?W"".,-wfliw f.' 1 -'HE . - '. ---M----'--W 1-.- A-Mb. ......' , ...,..., . ..,..., , ....., M... ,,.,, .... ,... ....,...-.,,. ..,. ,...-.--- ....., .L..,....-..A..,....r....m-..M,...A.A....-..-,..,-,--.. .-.-W..-..4,..,. , W fs if X XXX ff l 3 1 N! F WP X X 5 f . Z : f .ff f i 1 ff!!! X' fb NNNQNRK -N 1 3 X gkffwfm, l 7? i 5 if X gf Qi is . s. . as l X N.. Q l 3 f J X X xx 1 W Energy lmpels all action. Energy Is a way of thinking. Ponder Energy's many uses. Stars Glow with energy. Machines Are useless iunk, without energy. Ameb-as Move slowly, but energy does the work. From The greatest to the least, - Energy ls the basis of activity, And Activity is life. D-avid Wuori 6 ,. M Q' 1 4fP'4 ' - ft K 5' ir", :""' 1 If , , , V ' 'FIQV V 2 af' vfrzi I J ' i v 4 It ' I , sq-I 9 I K 1 ' wt mb 14 I F " 4 it A ' ,I , Q 1, iv t. -A :ffl 0 A . p 'f , 1 , ' L' " 6 1 I a v IQ r ' I v' i ,A r 4' ' ' ' ' ' I 5 , ' - Q ., Q an A , M V Q Q 4 N 0, It 1 0 at , a ' I 'f an 1 f' 1 4 l' . W W y Q la 2 f K! ., , K D17 171' if 1 Q ' ' F I I "' fd S I4 1 01 , ' n J N o , Q ' . f , f' 'dv' L 1 K f 1 . 3 5 J 0, AY s TI , '-7 N f . . Q ull' if ul. l'f nas ig ,1 ,p M' '23-'S ' HUNURING MRS. ARCHIBALD 2,1 VERY college lg5?lM3?n,Q,3atmosphere of profgisionalisfjn. wx 3 , ' x wc 'Q tm, '11, c Q ,X N fy.. ,Q , 9 -1 if ,W -ww: ,:: QQ? . I . OTEWORTHY qgmong our tianculty is Archibald, a professionallwperisgn whom , ffpyydw E we haveisichosen to hong-r. W5 ig ffl!! Ifv 5? ,, ,,, V 412041 if XTENDING her congbern to all 4"Q' -of l--'-f t laemprpgesslon, she sedulpusly pursues new levels rofiefnc . fl a ie lsel ees PECT for her profesgriign is many 6'Hf3lfliI8'l'lODS with te-aching has QVOUPS' 5 MWWMW ffwxywbmaw MNA-Wwrhzwexv, vi ENIALITY, diligensemiggfdf devott n are among her chacacteristics admired Brysihe Q student bo s 4 y 3 ESTERDAY yay be the for some, butgigwithggfsfhfe-r fine impetus, the students at jwashington to as in V. w7?'Wm,p,W4i0 ' 'K v,sf,- I x,'f In apprecaigQLro'h, the 1365 WASHIQGTQNIA is dediggated to you, ,. .lta 1 Mrs. Archibaldg 'isis sg f 3 MKRN 4 2 Www-rj X EDUCATION Washington State Normal School University of Maine Bachelor of Science Maste-r of Education 'Advanced Graduate Study Workshop TEACHINIG East Machias Rural and village elementary schools Washington State Normal School Rural Training School Washington State Teachers College Supervising teacher Assistant Professor of Education Instructor at Summer Session PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS National Education Association-Life Maine Teachers Association membership Machias Valley Teachers Club Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development International Reading Association New England Reading Association Washington County Council of the International Reading Association National Council of Teachers of English Past president of Washington County Teacher Association Charter Member and past president of Lamba Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Psi State COMMUNITY AFFILIATIONS Past Matron, Warren Chapter, O-rder of the Eastern Star Past Noble Grand, Schoodiwecook Rebekah Lodge First Congregational Church, East Machias Charter Member and past preside-nt of the Maud E. Kingsley Literary Club Downeast Community Hospital Auxiliary 1 In this of space the the universal symbol of ENE Y sfyziyte ,f ,f , of ygffffff, ' , f' f,,fg.g.'i f , , f X fff X is the basis.. of life and is life. Washington State Teachers College is like the atom. Our campus is the nucleus about which revolves a unified society of faculty and students manifesting their diverse gifts in an organized scheme. When these students go their separate ways. ENERGY is released -- ENERGY that motivates progress expanding to meet new activities - from the smallest task to the greatest endeavor. DEDICATIO-N ..... FOREWORD ....... FACULTY and STAFF Administration ....... Sciences ....... - ....... Social Sciences ....... Humanities ....... Education ...... OFfice Staff ....... ACADEMIC and SOCIAL Curriculum ........................ Professional Organizations Service Organizations ...... Creative Arts ................ Religious Attiliations ....... Greek Letter Societies ...... Student Living .............. Athletics ........... STUDENTS Freshmen ......... Sophomores ........ Specials ...,.... Juniors .... Seniors ...... FINALE 7 L 1 P Today, the is incireasingly aware o-tithe importance of education and, consequently, the need for more quality tealchers. of our college, one of the nineteen state teachers colleges left in the nation, will come p-art these. lfii , Mr. Sennett is well aware of our needs at Washington State and, along with the staff, strives to satisfy them. Yet the needs mulltiply asfthe student body increases. 7 ..,,:fmfPf" ' ' ,WJ 4 4,0 s . ,,,. ml Nafnely, these needs are "t" f..ti ,,,, ,yyw to increase the number of instructional personnel, - two illli navy, members were added to our staff this year ffl! Q25 . . . to increase the number of physical plant units, new dining-facilities building is being constructed ff X C35 to broaden the scope of the function of the college to include a liberal arts Z rf' 4 fx - many new courses are being offered to the students and C47 to accelerate the development of the library. - around four thousand volumes have been added to the library this year. Unusual success has been met during the past decade in this endeavor. Tomorrow's success will be dependent on the energy that is expended today. 10 ADMINISTRATION LINCOLN A. SENNETT President of The College CI 9251 B.A., University of Maine M.Ai., Colu bia Universify ADMINISTRATION CHARLES E. HILT Dean of Instruction Assistant Professor of Education-Mathematics CI 9515 B.S., Gorham State Teachers College M.Ed., University of Maine Advanced Graduate Study: Boston University University of Maine As Dean of Instruction, Mr. Hilt has expressed the wish that all Washington State graduates be continually inquiring and mentally alert. He is patient in answering questions and energetic in speech and pl' h t accom is men . ,K Ether! RITA F. TORREY Associate Professor of Education Directo-r of Student Teaching 119321 QF B.S., University of Maine M.A., University of Maine Post Master's, University of Maine Advanced Graduate Study University of Maine' One who teaches by demonstration, Miss Torrey, as Director of Student Instruction, channels future teachers in the proper drrecfton, 12 I 4 g EDWARD A. Librarian Assistant Professor 09525 B.S., Farmington State Teachers College M.Ed., University of Maine Advanced Graduate Study: University ot Maine N'ew York State University at Albany Exemplifying limitless patience and understanding with students, Mr. Daley, presently our librarian, is a SCIENCE DALEY of the campus school. BURTON R. NORTON Instructor of Science H9525 B.S., University of Maine M.S., University of Maine Sincerely interested in all the aspects of Science, Mr. Norton strives to broaden student concepts. He is noted on campus for his challenging questions. CHARLES E. BODMAN, JR. Instructor of Science H9647 B.A., Baylor University Ed.M., Boston University Advanced Graduate Study: University of Massachusetts From the smallest of plant life to the processes of the human body, Mr. Bodman is always prepared to explain the questions of the inquiring students. 13 ...XX FREDERIC A. REYNOLDS Assistant Professor of Physical Education- Social Science Cl 9545 B.S., Washington State Teachers College Ed.M., University of Maine Advanced Graduate Study, University of Maine Mr. Reynolds teaches skills, character building, and profitable attitudes through his history, audiovisual, and physical education classes. i i i i x44" A i i SOCIAL SCIENCE LAURICE E. LEWIS Assistant Professor of Social Science-Mathematics Cl946l B.S., University of Maine M.A., University of Maine Post Master's, University of Maine Advanced Graduate Study, University of Maine Mr. Lewis urges thought and evaluation in the study of history and economics. He helps in many out of class activities, and when he goes home on week ends, his car is generally filled with students. R t 5 L JOEL D. BLEIWAS lnstructor of History U96-ij A.B., Boston University M.A., Indiana University A DSW lf1Sll'UClOf' at OUV College, Mr, BIQIWQ5 fgaghgs f0'9'9"1 histories and frequently ioins discussions and debates after class. 14 '-----i.,,,qt- N ITI ES RELIEF A. NICHOLS Instructor of English fl955l B.S., University of Maine M.Ed., University of Maine 1VK l 1i 535 ,tV , Advanced Graduate Study, University if Miss Nichols shares with her vast store of knowledge found in theifiworlld of books and demonstrates the intriqalciestiand ioys of oxen.-:tive writing. if 'L A A ROBERT L. HILLIARD Assistant Professor of English 119645 -f B.A., Brooklyn College M.A., Columbia University Advanced Graduate Study, Columbia University He recognizes the importance of grammar and com- position to all other subiects and guides his students as they strive to gain communicative ability. AGNES T. BECKWITH Associate Professor of English H9625 A.B., Mount Holyoke College Ed.M., Harvard University Advanced Graduate Study: Syracuse University George Washington University Bonar E. Law College, Ashridge, England Students enioy the friendly yet scholarly atmosphere of Mrs. Beckwith's classrooms and her enthusiasm and participation in a variety of causes. 15 ARTS ANNA J. CHYNOWETH Assistant Professor of Art 09371 A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University Ed.M., University of New Hampshire Post Master's, University of Maine Advanced Graduate Study, University of Maine With her unique creativity displayed in paintings and exhibits, Miss Chynoweth has contributed to our awareness of the part played by the visual arts in our lives. sms c. SWAUl.EYf Associate Professor Music-Education H9582 B.S., Ball State Teachers College M.A., Ball State Teachers College Ed.M., University of Illinois Advanced Graduate Study: University of Illinois University of Maine g ln addition to his education courses, Mr. Swadley, S' teaches appreciation for fine music. His effortshave ,- also rewarded our college with an excelldht can-A cert choir. lf, A fi' ,vKf'A'. ' ' . ff., , HL, af' . M: 5,2 ' ', ,MH 2 Yif' gp-f mf 2, " Q., st "' ,f6f4J,f,ff- 4, - N Abbie? . Ass. .... s .M 5 G C 2. 5 0 UI 3' 5. 'L KD 3 CD 3 -O CU 7 S QI 3 L C 2. O 1 EE lQ 3' fb Q. C O OI I 0 P -0' J' CD '1 0 5. DJ h O 3 UI -f O! 3 'O' 3 9. sa 3 CQ 0 -h UI -f C 0. CD 3 -Y 3. 3 0. 3' DI 3 -9 C Q. 0 3' Ol 3 Q. UI E :T As Freshmen - f42l'22,1fY' . . . Students begin to grasp the sigfiigicance of how worthwhile an education is. As Sophomores - They become better acquainte oriented with the tasks ahead of them. As Juniors - They study education courses for future situations. And As Seniors - The prospective teachers train the helpful guidance of experienced instructors. For nine weeks they work out lesson plans, conduct classes, and solve which may confront them in their future work. , 9,2 fx, 'ily 'Qi ,.,, ,. it ' 16 i F B B U Sl N l DOROTHY E. LORD Instructor of Business Education 0960? B.S., Boston University M.A., Columbia University Advanced Graduate Study, University of Maine' Through her efforts as head of the ment, initiator of Phi Beta College-, and as instructor the. has grown rapidly of existence. EVERETT W. TUCKER Associate Instructor of Business Education 119655 Husson College University of Maine With a coo-perative and friendly spirit, our second semester business teacher explains the theories and principles of the business field. EVELYN W. CARROLL ,ailt Instructor of Business Education H9605 ov' WIP wif Shaw Business College Boston University University of Maine A business teacher when the department was first initiated, Mrs. Carroll came back to teach the tirst semester of this year. E ' 2 ' '- QW aff? 'C '. EDUCATION VIVIAN H. ARCHIBALD Assistant Professor of Education H9421 B.S., University of Maine M.Ed., University of Maine Advanced Graduate Study, University of Maine Mrs. Archibald lays the foundation for our education courses and instills concepts to be fused into a broad idea of our educational system. The teachers who carry the task of supervising student teachers are the ones who, by classroom experience, develop the attitudes and skills of those preparing to enter the profession. VIRGINIA S. CHEN-EY Principal of Campus School Supervising Teacher of Grades 5-6 H9611 B.S., Washington State Teachers Co-llege Graduate Study, University of Maine 'ix' tiitiii 1, ,l I i ,nip V, ,,j-,yi.,,L,i,i-Q l fiiiif',f'y'mi1,i1i llf lilllllll' ll if if fi fii'i:-iliiiinfffli, M"w1',nfl,ll'.' f v,ii,lyp,' I, 7 lfwii M' ily llill ,llfifil li ,I ,iitiw I f'iiIlf1'iiiif yllllf'hllll'l,lil l ,Q ii,,,ifii"'1 i,f,i,,' if-I ,I ll 'lli J iq I IW If 'i ",i, gil lil illil'i"'l l7,f3 I 'y,,gli'I "' fflfi,1,i l li.. 1, , Iimiyi , il l EDUCATION 1 5 -. Q - 535 -iw +4 A 5. 5. A sf ' ifff .,: GENEVA M. FROST Supervising Teacher of Grade 8 H9591 B.S., Washington State Teachers College M.Ed., University of Maine Advanced Graduate Study: University of Maine Simmons College 5'5QicQ. ,WRC w!2.,Mi:f5:,,?W:f1E ADELAIDE M. ROGERS Supervising Teacher of Grades 6 7 Cl933l B.S., Gorham State Teachers College Graduate Study, Boston University EVERETT V. WORCESTER Supervising Teacher of Grades 6-7 H9651 B.S., Washington State Teachers College T9 EDUCATION LOUISE WATTS Supervising Teacher of Grades 3-4 ll955l B.S., Washington State Teachers College Graduate Study, University of Maine MURIEL C. WATTS Supervising Teacher of Grades I-2 H9605 B.S., Washington State Teachers College M.Ed., University of Maine Graduate Study, University of Maine W ff Q 0FF-CAQQPUS . 4174, ji iffz, ,ff J M fir , f, Rose School in Machias Grade I Hoyt Grade 6 lVTfSl. rVera Luce Grades 7 and liff si Mrs. Adelaide Kilton Grades 7 and T8 Mrs. Nlura Hiatt -1045. These are the oft-campus teachers who assist with student teaching program. Business Education Teachers East Machias Mr. Fletcher Alley Ellsworth Mrs. Estelle Springer Mr. Wayne Wadman Bangor Miss Charlotte Turner '20 TS 523' Q, 4- 'Ku 3 Y 'TVA .3 F FI LlN!N'lE G. CATES Bursar and Secretary To The President JUNE DINSMORE Stenographer 21 RUTH P. BULSON' Clerk-Stenog rapher f QM 4 rw ,lf ff ff,f fffff 4, Q: ff f f X! 7 fgf, ,X if ' ,W Z, Zf JW, wwf , , , ff , I fn C, 0 ,, ,Af ...I 1 f f -gsm-vw ' Y 5 i 4 Lx S 1 Q. 1 CURRICULUM Laboratory Science is a necessity for an age of energy. an 7141144 1 i A full Literature classroom for sophomores. Finger paintings are in progress. C U RRIC U LUM Creative writing products are for sale. 5. i E 5 P 1 I 3 CURRICULUM Student Teaching - primary or upper grade - a college quarfer looked To for four years. mm we me MEANS T0 ME , L. ,A ii 1 A quiet place for study. Five o-'clock and Time To go 'ro dorms and cars TUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Seated: Roland Crooker, Gail Wood, Mariorie Moftett, Gary Barrett, Robert McLeod, Florence Frost. Standing: Miss Torrey, Wayne Harriman, Linda Lewis, Robert Maddocks, Miss Chynoweth. The Philip H. Kimball Chapter ot the STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, the school's professional education organization, has sponsored campus visits by outstanding educators and by high school students, and has sent delegates to Boston, Augusta, and Peterboro conferences. The organization presents the watch award to the graduating senior whose contribution has been most beneficial to the school during his tour years at Washington State. Mr. Lawrence Bagley, State Director SEA, answers a question on consolidation. President: Mariorie Moffett Vice President: Gary Barrett Secretary: Gail Wood Treasurer: Robert McLeod Librarians: Daryl Wiggin, Robert Maddocks Publicity: Linda Lewis Class Representatives: Sopltoinores: Joy Fitzherbeit, Elaine Stoddar Juniors: Roland Crocker, Wayne Harriman Seniors: Florence Frost, Faye Simpson , ADVISORS: ,x Miss Rita Torrey Miss Anna Cltynexxetlt 30 These represented the Philip H. Kimball Chapter of Maine Teachers headquarters for a state SEA meeting: Mary Ellen Angley, Mariorie Moffett, Florence Frost, George Lessard, Verna Larson. George Lessard, Wayne Harriman and advisors on the way to Boston conference of New England Teacher Preparation Association. 31 Pi-ii BETA LAMB DA , fg it i Z f 'T' 5 f ,f M.. 'Q Seated: Chester Kane, Arthur Hayward, Joanne Goding, Cheryl Lunt, Patricia Watson, Janet Gill. Row 2: Harriett Watson, Pauline Whitney, Elaine Poulin, Norma Chisnell. Row 3: Donald Woodward, David Michaud, Philip Gulliver, James Curtis, Daniel Andrews, William Bauer, Reynold Gendreau, Michael Ashmore, John Buck, Edward Champagne. PHI BETA LAMBDA is a professional business organization whose membership is open to all students pursuing a career in business education. It keeps business students informed about the new and modern trends introduced in their field. This year the club has held several suppers and has presented stimulating guest speakers. Among the organization's proiects are selling Christ- mas student directories, a ride-board to inform students about transportation possibilities, selling coffee and doughnuts to students in weekly University of Maine extension courses, and dances. Delegates are sent to the National Business Education Association meeting at Boston in the spring. This year for the second consecutive year, PHI BETA LAMBDA had the distinction of receiving the Gold-Medal Award for Superior Achievement. A ceremony of installation. , - t- I . Q Ml President: Chester Ingalls Y fr 'twt 'elf T Ii ,- it 'S S i Vice President: Wayne Ingalls Ifirst semesteri t in ,... Secretary: Dorothy Dearborn Treasurer: James Rochford News Editor: Wayne Harriman Program Chairman: Faye Simpson, Norma Chisnell A 'V lair? I 1 .LTj. M 5 Advisor: Mrs. Dorothy Lord it 32 Dinners, c X X eremonials, conventions - all a part of The Phi Beta Lambda year X 5 Q1 . , . ' 4 5, as wggx: is W 2 SL' a 33 - TUDENT COUNCIL f I tmam y.,W f 142 f I f President: Elaine Walsh Vice President: Gary Small Secretary: Mary Jane McPhee Treasurer: A Gail Wood Faculty Member: Mr. Charles Hilt . 1 Seated Elaine Walsh Mary McPhee Gary Small Gail Wood Standing: Cheryl Lunt, Mr. Hilt, Daniel Andrews, Ethel Adams, Frances Dudley. :fs NIEIN YORK DELEGATES Seated: Mr. Hilt, Mary McPhee, Claire Thibeau. Standing: James Wright, Charles Kerrigan. The STUDENT COUNCIL serves as the government for the student body. It is composed of two representa- tives trom each class and one taculty member. The representatives are elected by the student body tor a term ot two semesters: one representative from each class is chosen each semester. The COUNCIL allocates the student activity tee money to the qualifying campus organizations. Annually it sends delegates to the Eastern States Convention in New York City. Operating the Coftee Shop in the student lounge each morning is another appreciated activity ot the STUDENT COUNCIL. Students volunteer to help with the sales in the Coftee Shop during the year. lhhmiw Z '49 kgs l nmenl Beltli- er. The lf for a n each locates campUS to The erating 1iinglS iUNCll. Coffee , IN TE R F RATERNITYC U N Cl L Seated: Constance Madore, Claire Thibeau, Robert Chaplin, Mr. Hilt, Roland Cote. Standing: Phyllis DeMello, Jane Carlow, Patricia Watson, Wayne Harriman, Mary Angley, Linda Lewis Harriet Pelletier The INTER FRATERNITY COUNCIL, composed of two members from each campus organ: zation, was established to develop a meaningful social structure at Washington State Teachers College. Constructive ideas and suggestions from all the campus organizations are combined to create a successful program. This year the council sponsored the Homecoming activities and the Winter Carnival. Chairman: Robert Chaplin Secretary: Elaine Walsh Treasurer: Claire Thibeau Faculty Member: Mr. Hilt OTHER MEMBERS: Ethel Adams Mary Ellen Angley Patty Armstrong Jane Carlow Robert Chaplin Kathy Cho-ate Roland Cote- Phyllis De Mello Charles Gooch Wayne Harriman Cindy Jacobs Marita Kilton Verna Larson Linda Lewis Connie Madore Harriet Pelletier Claire Thibeau Elaine Walsh Pat Watson James Willis INT ER FRAT ERNlTY CCUNCIL qw 1 Oblate Seminarians 1Bar Harborl perform The play, "The The Dukes entertain at Homecoming. HOMECOMING I-N4 36 'WWI kk ., ,,k. 1. K i I 1 L5 ff WG 6 if '..:-::f:.:L':c-.- yz ,Z Q , ,wif , 0 'S ,BS we 42 3 9 f mei? Til? my 223353 P3 W, a + 3 XN4 7 2.1 4 33' H fig 53 Q Eg 'Eff 224 3, A f Yr ,gg V . . ,Www ' -1, V-fr, fvxgnifzgkqh ' 'gf' .fy ,- 1,:-.5,,::,g.:, g'gvg,.2g?2gf,s4.. .::Q:3,:, L - .-VW:-, ,vwwWQ:.v:.,, , ?,::..ji,.A . . . . H Rl ST MAS w -A Guests of The Sennefts for carols Y 37 INTER FRATERNITY CCJUNCIL WINTER CARNIVAL er Carnival roya Ty, Sharon Drisko and Ellioff es, receive their Trophy ar The Winter Carnival 38 CAMPU s REC REATI N J o N Seated: Elaine Greer, Lynda Merrow, Gary Barrett, Harriett Pelletier. Standing: Patricia Armstrong, Mr. Norton, Elizabeth Leavitt, Joseph Celico, Charles Kerrigan, Donald Foster Robert McLeod James Patridge-, William Bagley, Mary Ellen Angley. The CAMPUS RECREATION ASSOCIATION initiates recreational activities designed to en rich social life on campus. The council is composed of two men and two women from each class They sponsor beano nights, movies, and dances. They are also responsible for much of the recrea tional equipment on campus. President: Gary Barrett Vice President: Lynda Merro-w Secretary: Elaine Greer Treasurer: Harriet Pelletier OTHER MEMBERS: Mary ,Ellen Angley Patricia Armstro-ng William Bagley 39 Joseph Celico Donald Foster Elizabeth Leavitt Robert McLeod David Moon John Partridge Patricia Robbins Margaret Wormwood wAsHiNGToNlA Editor-in-Chief: James Wright Assistant Editor: Luther Beal Copy Editor: Donna Wilder Format Editor: Sandra Burns Business Manager: Jeanne Violette Photography: James Chiaravol lotti Luther Beal Advisor: E""'t'W-:wmwf Miss Chynovveth Editor and Associate, James Wright and Luther Beal, consult the file of copy and photograph envelopes. In the tall of l964, the Journalism class, after electing a board, began work on the WASHINGTONIA. Before long, ideas for pictures, copy, and format began to come in. One by one the highlights ot the college year, from the basketball games, to the special weekends, to the quiet hours behind closed doors, were collected in the WASHINGTONIA as memories for the years to come. Copy Editor, Donna Cook, is assisted by the members of the Journalism class in preparing the copy for the book. Here David Wouri and Cynthia Rice compare "division-page" copy. 5- -6' Format Editor, Sandra Burns, and second-semester photographer, Luther Beal, loo-k into the arrangement of pictures in the album section of the 'l965 WASH'lNfGTONflA. Staff Photographer, James Chiaravalloti, snaps an album picture. Business M.anager, Jeanne Violette, sells reproductions of June Chaplin's paintings from the 1964 WASHINGTONIA to swell the treasury of present WASHINGTONIA. ON X I lgsxx i xiii 1 .Kgs 4 'HF' 14,2-1 1 r? ,...,M..,. ..., f X I K .N yu I . ,ww i . , X . .ze '-r'ty::1:, fb Nr. 3 diff " I - 'a ja X. Kr 'M r l ' wg V XX r K 1 I Q - x, Q ltr X, -Q 3,52 N . XA s Q Students vvho have successfully participated in college dramatics are Invited to loin the Washington Players Chapter of Delta Psi Omega a national honorary dramatic fraternity The contribution to Winter Carnival skit night was a one-act play entitled The Dear Departed." At least once each year the members travel to the University of Maine to attend one of the Maine Masque performances. Seated: David Monaghan, Marita Kilton, Edward Finch. Standing: Miss Chynoweth, George Lessard, Miss Nichols This year's members are: PRESIDENT: Marita Kilton SECRETARY: Edward Finch TREASURER: David Monaghan OTHER MEMBERS: Theresa Serio, George Lessard ADVISOR: Miss Relief Nichols FACULTY MEMBER: Miss Anna Chynoweth "Three's A Crowd" is here pantomimed by Donna Cook, Cynthia Rice and Ed Champagne. As a finale to the Arts Festival, the play pro-duction class, with the assistance ot Delta Psi Omega members, will present a three-act play entitled "Mistress of MelIyn" by Mildred C. Kuner. This drama adapted from Victoria Hott's novel is a romance in an T880 home setting where shadows from the past lurk and dangers threaten. These are the people who chose the play, "Mistress ot Mellyn", and produce it during the Arts Festival. CHOIR l l l l l 1 lt The Concert Choir is composed of sixty-tvvo selected voices of Washington State Teachers . . . 5 College students. Among the activities of the concert choir during the year are concerts at Christ- mas and in the spring and appearances at various assemblies. A major activity of the choir is its annual spring tour of high schools throughout the state to entertain students and present them l I information about Washington State. U i Y it x Ul""' Highlighting the Christmas seaso dents and area residents, who fi I ACCOMPAN ISTS: Marilyn Wyman Rebecca Merrill ORGAN IST: Leon Crow ley SO PRANO: Joan Brown Martha Dalton Phyllis De Mello Jane Carlow Susanne Carrion Sandra Cashman Kathleen Choate Arline Cousins Elaine Greer Jane Hatch Jacqueline Hinckley Virginia Link Sheila Metcalf Elaine Reed Joan Richardson Elise Staples Natalie Thomas Ann Turner Pauline Wasiuk Marilyn Wyman Cynthia Rice n is the Sunday vesp-er concert, an attair anticipated by the stu the auditorium. ALTO: Co-nstance Christakos Linda Cross Barbara Harper Nancy Ingalls Eleanor Kelley Linda Lewis Brenda Lowell Constance Madore- Mary McPhee Elsie Pullen Theresa Serio Elizabeth Vigue Jeanne Violette Elaine Walsh Patricia Watson Pauline Whitney Daryl Wiggin TENOR: Michael Ashmore Joseph Celico 47 Luis Cuellar Earl Flaherty David Lobley Robert Maddocks Vincent Parker Richard Snowden James Van Wart BASS AN D- BAR ITON E William Bauer Gary Barrett Erwin Clark Ivan Cole Gordon Corbett Lyndon Curtis Ivan Gilpatrick George Lessard Robert McLeod Edgar Morang Robert Morse Jerry Scanlin Robert Vanasek Gary Wilson E TUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT President: James Willis Vice President: Linda Lewis Secretary-Treasurer: Linda Wood Standing Committee: Richard Chalmers Frances Dudley Jane Hathaway Gary Small Senior Advisor: Edward Finch Faculty Advisor: Mr. Swadley Mr. Sanfrid Ruohoniemi, administrator at our Down East Community Hospital, was our guest speaker at the Thanks- giving dinner. Actively pursuing the development of a greater moral and spiritual atmosphere at Washing- ton State is the STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT. This all inclusive movement is a nondenomi- national organization. Through the efforts of this group, many films are provided for the student body. Among the films shown this year were: "Green Pastures," "Should I Marry Outside My Faith," and "Am I A Phony?". This group has also brought two very fine speakers to the campus - Mr. Ruohoniemi, speaker at the college Thanksgiving Banquet, and Mr. Whittemore, speaker from the Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center. Two important annual activities of the movement in- clude assistance with the orientation of incoming freshmen in the fall and sending delegates to the New England Conference of the STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT at Andover, Massachusetts. Seated: Linda Wood, James Willis, Linda Lewis. Standing: Jane Hathaway, Gary Small, Richard Chalmers, Frances Dudley. N . r ,-,, , ., ,, President: Edgar Morang 'Xf': Vice President: Peter Hukki Secretary: Shirley Taylor Treasurer: James Rochford Religious Advisor: Rev. Louis Fortier Faculty Advisor: Mr. Hilliard Seated: Mr. Hilliard, Harriett Pelletier, Shirley Taylor, James Rochford. Standing: Margaret McClay, Ivan Gilpatrick, Jeannette: LePage, Joseph Celico Phyllis DeMello, Vincent Parker, Mary Lou Gibbons, Gregory Cough Nancy MacKenzie-, M.ichael Ashmore, Mary Ellen Angley. This year's NEWMAN CLUB worked to fulfill the purpose of bringing sp-iritual, social and personal guidance to the Catholic students. Its pro-gram consisted of speakers, films, and panel discussions. NEWMAN stude-nts teach Christian Doctrine classe-s and help with various functions of , A 4: -, 'feng w:3fs,.2fC.3,-. v 1: :M ' vt' 1 1- jg 'XP g .Wa '53,-.-.?-.QJIIZCIQ :Pr432599:33'-:QQ24v.l':'-:,X:.,f:yfi?C:g1gfibyfifi-':f'fff-:wx A "V " Q 4 r . 'P 4 1 -'G 'Ea ur' N??'Sf 'AQ'3519:3:1662jzffafi'-51f2':'-:filipi5f33?:1i:':4P-5. -?Q'5f:Cf ,G 4 M V .1 va .rg 5 f , 3 pam, gm: gg'-:wyifzxsfi zzzera::zsxzyzc-:zagffqfsfgggzfg:ymafi:Maw-sf:7:fs:':f:, 4- .- e' Xa. . :ww 0.1. .,-, 12f:,.ef:ff45-353:-:1.: ., ': - Y M - M. A-. a v -1' :A wifes.: f. . u " . . ' ' ' .mf-1'.2.:".D-2-y.f"af::.'nf .. . .1 is sf. ,N - fy ,A Q ', ,, A. - -: Q. . ,, fyws -ns:-,I 1.,:-.-X-.'.:4:,a:.::-::f:v..,-:ms....,,2.....,:,::f.:.:,,f::,,,,,,.,,sf f,s.::.,-.,,f:- H. M V. 5 . ..- T.. .V V, ff. Y H ,.2,s,,. ,...,1:f:M:.f...,:,.W,,,f.Q,,.. w E s L Established last year on campus, the Wesley Fellowship provides all students with the opportunity for their faith to gro-w alo-ng with their minds. and bodies. The Christian faith is approached with intellectual and emotional integrity and absolute honesty. This goal is put into action with the use of study groups, speakers, films, retreats and visits. This Fellowship- is a cam- pus group rather than an extension of the local Methodist Church. One of its socially beneficial p-roiects is visiting the local nursing home. Seated Jane Carlow Vir inia Link Arline Cousins : ' I 9 I ' Standing: Jerry Scanlin, Bette Springer, Mrs. Lord, Caro-l Hoar, Martha Dalton Elise Staples. KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA vi' 77 'Q ,7 . s. . o A F, f-f""' : o Seated: Arline Cousins, Eileen Annas, Ethel Adams, Pauline Wasiuk, CYnflWla Rice, Jane C6fl0W, DOVOTPY Dearborn, -l0YCe Holland, Sally Driscoll. Sfanding: Donna Cook, Katherine Gooch, Phyllis DeMello, Mrs. Lord, Mrs. Archibald, Miss Nichols, Jane LaCroix, Jeannette LePage, Marita Kilton, Patricia Elwell. President: First semester - Theresa Serio Second semester - Jane Carlo-w Vice-president: First semester - Linda Crane Second semester - Cynthia Rice Secretary: First semester - Stephanie Bradley Second semester - Dorothy Dearborn Treasurer: Pauline Wasiuk Chaplain: Ethel Adams Sergeant-at-arms: Joyce Holland Pledges: Advisor: Miss Relief Nichols Honorary members: Mrs. Dorothy Lord Mrs. Vivian Archibald Other members: Arline Cousins Pauline Huntley Marita Kilton Harriet Moltett 50 Eileen Annas Donna Wilder Cook Phyllis DeMeIlo Sally Driscoll Patricia Elvvell Katherine Gooch Jane LaCroix Jeannette LePaQe 'P x Seated: Donna Cook, Eileen Annas, President Jane Carlow. Standing: Katherine Gooch, Phyllis DeM.ello, Jeannette LePage, Patricia Elwell. PLEDGES Also: Sally Driscoll, Jane LaCroix. KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA cultivates in its members traits of a conscientious and mature citizen. Highlights of the year's activities are the spring fashion show and the annual Mop Hop dance. The sorority also enio-ys an annual Christmas party and a spring camping trip. President Jane Carlow and senior member, Pauline Huntley, select styles forthe fashion show. 51 VlCE PRESIDENT: Mariorie Moffett INTER-FRATERNITY REPRESENTATIVES: PHI TAU PHI A-' 1 , 1 K n " '. 9 .y Q T 1. 3, .4 , ., ., Y 1' 9 5 , , ' 1 I , ' 'I 2 T Seated: Donna Fayle, Linda Lewis, Rebecca Merrill, Kathleen Choate, Mariorie Moffett, June Chaplin, Carol Brown, Lynda Merrow, Ann Williams. Standing: Priscilla Fernald, Martha Dalton, Nancy Galley, Patricia Armstrong, Frances Dudley, Norma Varisco, Sharon Drisko, Mary Houlares, Sue Chase, Diane Thibeau, Miss Torrey, Mrs. Muriel Watts, Elizabeth Vigue, Verna Larson, Harriett Pelle- tier, Mary Lou Gibbons, Virginia Link, Daryl Wiggin, Rebecca Dority. Phi Tau Phi encourages firm friendships, superior standards of achievement, and good moral character. This year the first Phi Tau Phi activity was an outing on Campobello Island. Then came our annual Sadie Hawkins dance at Homecoming, followed by our Christmas activity and a food sale. In the spring Phi Tau Phi will conclude the year with its annual camping trip. Phi Tau Phi won first prize for the Winter Carnival skit "Alice in Wonderland." PRESIDENT: June Chaplin ADVISOR: Mrs. Muriel Watts SECRETARY: Carol Brown TREASURER: Kathleen Choate CHAPLAIN: Lynda Merrow PLEDGES: FIRST SEMESTER Patricia Armstrong Beverly Bowers Priscilla Fernald Velma Hebert Linda Lewis Diane Thibeau Daryl Wiggin PLEDGES: SECOND SEMESTER Sue Chase Rebecca Dorrity Nancy Galley Marylu Gibbons Virginia Link Elizabeth Vigue EXEC. CHAIRMAN: Rebecca Merril Verna Larson Kathleen Choate Harriet Pelletier ialternatei HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Rita Torrey Miss Geneva Frost OTHER MEMBERS: Susanne Carrion Martha Dalton Sharon Drisko Frances Dudley Donna Fayle Mary Houlares Verna Larson Margaret Meyers Harriet Pelletier Faye Simpson Norma Vaiisco Ann Williams SADIE HAWKINS NIGHT Mary Houlares, Sadie Hawkins queen. and shimmy backwoods sfyle. a "' SIGMA PHI TAU Executive Chairman Sandra Burns presents the pledges President: Elaine Walsh Vice President: Claire Thibeau Secretary: Margaret McClay Treasurer: Joan Brown Executive Chairman: Sandra Burns Publicity Chairman: Constance Madore Chaplain: Mary Ellen Angley Advisgrz Mrs. Louise Watts Elaine Walsh, president, with her ofticers conducts the initiation ceremony HOPOVBVY Members: Mlss CPYPOWPTP First Semester Pledges: Second Semester Pledges: M'55 CPGPSY Joy Fitzherbert Elaine Poulin other members: Jane Harriman Marie Durham Linde Cross Kay Lee Johnson Joanne Goding Brenda Lowell Jeannette Joliceur Pauline Dolbec Mary Jane Mephee Eligabeth Leavitt Harriet Watson Gail Wood Linda Wood Sealeglf COWSTBNCQ Madore, Mary Ellen Angley, Joan Brown, Claire Thibeau, Elaine Walsh, Margaret McClay, Sandra Burns, Linda FOSS. Standing: Elieabeth Leavitt,' Jeannette Jolicoeur, Elaine Poulin, Joy Fitzherbert, Mary Jane McPhee, Brenda Lowell, Joanne Goding, Mrs. Louise Watts, Gail Wood, Harriet Watson, Pauline Dolbec, Marie Durham, Linda Wood. T' emony. inela 5991 The purpose of SIGMA PHI TAU SORORITY is to p-ro-mote friendship- and cooperation and create incentives for high scholastic standing, good character, and good fellowship for our sisters. Throughout the school year, SIGMA PHI TAU sponsored a rush party, dances, a Christmas party, informal and formal initiation, the annual white elephant sale, and con- cludes the year with a week-end camping trip in the spring. This year the soro-rity spon- sored a second semester book exchange. Looking in on the Christmas party, traditionally at the advisor's home -- a time for exchange of gifts, singing, and eating. Faculty members ioin in the work and the fun with members and sorority mascot, Siphta. 32: 'gi Sf KAPPA DELTA PHI Seated: Walter Webster, Roland Cote, Charles Kerrigan, William Bagley, Peter Buccina. Standing: Chester Ingalls, Sidney Dunham, Jr., Gary Barrett, Philip Plummer, Robert Powers, Edward McKay, Lyndon Curtis, Howard McFadden, Edwin Malloch, Arnold Clough, Philip Gulliver, Daniel Andrews, Kenneth Neale, Wayne Willette, Gary Wilson, Reynold Gendreau. President: Charles Kerrigan Vice President: William Bagley Recording Secretary: Peter Buccina Correspondence Secretary: James Wright Treasurer: Edmund O'Brien Chaplain: Gary Wilson Sergeant-at-arms: Walter Webster Guards: Howard McFadden, Arnold Clough National Representative: Roland Cote Alumni Secretary: Robert Powers KDP Pledges. Edwin Malloch, Daniel Andrews, Sidney Dunham, Gendreau, Philip Gulliver, Edward McKay. Advisor: Mr. Charles Hilt Honorary Members: Mr. Sennett, Mr. Swadley Other members: Gary Barrett John Cassidy Robert Chaplin Duane Ellis Chester Ingalls Wayne Ingalls Robert Maddocks Kenneth Neale James Plummer Robert Widdows o Wayne Willette Jr., Reynold 0 , . 4 H, lil t, l 0-,ly s X l' '5 56 All is ready for a gay evening at Club Playboy. The Eta Chapter of KAPPA DELTA PHI seeks to pro-mote harmonious relationships among its members and go-od will for the college. Annually it sponsors the very popular PLAYBOY and also a tea honoring the Dean's List students. Dean's List students receive congratulations of fellow students and faculty. KAPPA MU ALPHA President: Charles Gooch Vice President: Donald Foster Secretary: Gary Small Treasurer: William Brigham Sergeant-at-arms: David Wuori Other members: Joseph Celico Richard Chalmers Erwin Clark Ivan Cole Gregory Cough Roland Crooker Stephen Damon Ivan Gilpatrick William Hanscom Arthur Hayward Chester Kane Theodore Kane David King Ronald Looke Richard McPhail David Michaud Gerald Mitchell David Monaghan Edgar Morang Robert Morse Dale Randall David Smith Richard Snowden James Willis Wilbur Worcester Seated: James Willis, William Brigham, Charles Gooch, Donald Foster, Gary Small, David Wuori. Second row: Theodore Kane, Chester Kane, Richard Chalmers, Richard McPhail, Basil Bridgham, Joseph Celico, Stephen Damon, Robert Morse, David King, Edgar Morang, Douglas Brown, Ivan Cole. Third row: Gregory Cough, Douglas Petersen, Dale Randall, Roland Crooker, William Hanscom, Ivan Gilpatrick, Robert Mc Leod, David Monaghan. f ff New -vllw if ,I .J .V , "' si ,K , tix'-"miHE!H'11'1m Dancing to Jester music. The brothers of KAPPA MU ALPHA are well-known on campus for being active. They strive for the betterment of their fraternity and the campus. One of the fraternity's main events this year was sponsoring a dance featuring the "Jesters" of Bangor. Other p-roiects were provid- ing basketball programs for the campus, Mr. Lewis' famous lobster stew supper, dances, and various service projects. The sno-w sculpture of Lincoln by Jo Celico and his K.M-.A. co-workers won the "Winter's Way at Washington" trophy and the deserved p-raise of campus and towns- people. Sister sorority girls help with waitressing. ' A 1 L rig L There's always the kitchen work to go with mo-ney-making suppers. ,Tf?,'?QQ , ,, , ff., f flyfgaff, M, ff! F222 2 ,135 7 , f' 7077 ,, ,nf f f MQ? 'WMU ,, , fwfr U! V , ' "Stockings were hung by the chimney with care." Barbara and Kathy have the most decora- tive doorway. And finally - horne for the holidays 'M' KIMBALL. HALL i K i K Y 1 1 k 1 iiq.. K"fQA,ig' x 1- ,K ' Supper time for dormitory men and girls. 1 V K n I i Vik ' A -. 1 .,,.. n ix 1 I I I ... -.3-.I . 'Hn' n . -I-,. .',j'-.,'.g-gg ...-, ..J,1i .'-.'-.'- - - 'Jia' kv-N."-Q'2. '1'M'- '-" X '-f.-- '. - -.'- .'-.,-.,'w,u., -. -. . - tn-Q?-'.,-Z., -H-: .-L. ,'. J ,J .,-,s,'., -. wr. x,N.,'.,s,:.,-. H,-.v , 1 -wx, .,-., ,:.,..,,.- Q.. -.-,x,:'.,:..,,. .,- . ,,..-- -. I . ' I- . ' fr- -. :--.v-.:---,--.X..- 1 :- 5 - ,.-1.-.:-.....m.hg..f,.-3 fmfuw ,v':"v..',a":,e..',,:'3::, .Q W. aku"-',r",qw.'o v,.g,." ,' . l,ux'q I' 1 O.",ag n"n'l' Q MN.",.'.'-,',,.-'w--'.'.' A .- .- -,.-. ' !'7'-f'.'.'-"7-7k1.ra: 0-r..y!:-'uri-hjnv. -I.: :it x . ....--v,,.- .'.,1 -. ,.-. ..' e . zzz...-3...-:.-.55 , . :'A . . v-,gt-.ygi 1:51 gx..',-,gxgQ2..x:'- 5 ,.. .... in X '1- I rbi 1. NEW woMEN's D o RM I ToRY Presiclehiziiii iiii lMary Houlares Vice President: Frances Dudley Secretary-Treasurer: Constance Madore Senior Representatives: Donna Fayle, Carol Brown Junior Representatives: Pauline Wasiuk, Phyllis DeMello The Dormitory Council is designed to and In more effective group living for upperclass resident stu ton, the Council has given a Halloween party, a Christmas party, and a welco-ming party. Miss Mildred Heighton, House Director 63 Seated: Phyllis DeMello, Donna Fayle, Mary Houlares. Standing: Pauline Wasiuk, Frances Dudley, Constance Madore. dents. With the ho-use director, Miss Mildred Heigh- Efil Q' if M :l E M I fi f 1 6 l Q, ! , , l f l i z 1 4 hz!! f 7 f ? Z Z 4 f Z F Y , xxx'-. .,-' yr X ' The main lounge is the place for relaxation Opposite page, top - An audio visual exhibit is in preparation Center - Sorne sideline coaching in scrablole Lower - Late snack in the downstairs lounge Q 5 v ? ! .laxpxmx aim. Scrabble s Fcfsnge. ,SQ-1llllllF"""" u 2 SENNETT HALL Q Eff, Q, Arnold Clough, David Wuori, Charles Gooch, Walter Webster, David Lobley, Roland Cote The governing body of Sennett Hall, men's residence, is the Advisory Board. lt is composed of eight members, two from each class, and is responsible for setting up the rules and regulations under which the dormitory residents live. This year's activities have included record hops and an open house during Homecoming. Proctors work with the Council. First semester proctors were .lohn Cassidy, Richard Snowden and George Lessard. Those for the second semester are Wayne Harriman, Charles Kerrigan, Richard Snowden, and George Lessard. World Series time. PRESIDENT: i Zi ggi Charles Gooch s D' . - , . 'H vica PRESIDENT: R 5, 1 - v - Walter Webster Q' II A bl.-15 " ag SECRETARY: if ' sg ug David Lobley f Z by A TREASURER: ll, 1 i William Bauer 2 i First semester 4 Rf? Second semester OTHER MEMBERS: Arnold Clough Roland Cote Roland Crooker David Wuori 66 -HIMZGTSZ M fn V- . .' Time for work for Duck at Sennetf Hall. A bull session, and Gary s hobby. COMMUTERS The seventy-eight commuters of Wash- ington State make up nearly twenty-seven per cent of the number of students. One student commutes as many as ninety-eight miles daily. Travel time is shortened by picking up fellow students along the way. Social lite and meals are enioyed in the student lounge which is generally in .a hum- ming state ot conversation. KL' ' ' ,.....-.X ' ..-.., Mr. Moffefr, Mr. Holmes, Mr. Hall Mrs. Morang, Mrs. Allan, Mrs. Hill Builders and Renevvers of Energy -- Those who provide for housing and food The new Commons Building. woMEN's ATHLETIC AssociATioN Phyllis DeMello and Jeannette LePage work with the trampoline. if HHH! Rowlz Abbie Brown, Elsie Pullen, Brenda Lowell, Elaine Walsh Constance Mador M'ld d St T M8 , e, i re rou , FY McPhee. Row 2: Harriett Watson, Elizabeth Vigue, Linelle Whitney, Patricia Robbins, Susan Chorney, Kathleen Main. Row 3: Ellen Flint, Martha Dalton, Jeannette LePage, Linda Lewis, Barbara Parady, Beverly Cotton. Row 4: Norma Varisco, Florence Frost, Mr. Beliwas, Cheryl Lunt, Phyllis DeMello. CHEERLEADERS Margaret McClay, Brenda Lowell, Patricia Armstrong, Constance Cris- takos, Elizabeth Vigue, Cindia Pax- ! ton. fiiit I tte ie. Yrvkrb ifikfzi FET' iii? ,All 4' ew: , , J-if ,wi ' ,,lb I xiii I . Mil iz ffl: .ii 25' ill I President: Beverly Cotton Vice President: Linda Lewis Secretary-Treasurer: Constance Mado-re Advisor: Mr. Bleivvas Coed Night The WOM-EN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION endeavors to increase interest in athletics through supervised activities for the women students of Washington State Teachers College. Students earn points by attending meetings and participating in individual sports on campus. At the annual athletic banquet, awards are received by members who have accumulated sufficient points. Junior and senior girls who have a total of one thousand points receive a blazer. The association encourages participation in volleyball, fistball, basketball, softball and in CO-ED NIGHT activitie-s. The Council, composed of representatives from each class, plans the athletic program, elects cheerleaders, and arranges the annual banque-t. , 71 MEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIGN John Gibson President: Vice President: Howard McFadden Secretary-Treasurer: Richard McPhail Class Representatives: Seniors: Charles Gooch, Edward Finch Juniors: James Willis, Gary Barrett Sophomores: Gerald Mitchell, Ronald Cousins Freshmen: Lyndon Curtis, David Michaud Advisor: Mr. Reynolds The MEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION at Washington State Teachers College is composed of all the men stu- dents and is led by the ofticers and the Council of class representatives. The organization supervises the varsity sports, basketball and golf, and the intramural program. It sponsors occasional co-ed nights of four- court volleyball, and this year it presented a football game with Bucks Harbor Air Force Base during Home- coming activities. Seated: Ronald Cousins, Richard McPhail, Howard McFadden, Charles Kerrigan. Standing: Mr. Reynolds, Gerald Mitchell, Charles Gooch, David Michaud. ' J? ,, . 1' 4 ? I 1 I if vA sn'Y The 1964-65 basketball season at W.S.T.C. was one of bad breaks and disappointments. The squad was riddled with iniuries, and the year saw a total of sixteen me-n appearing in the Green and White with ten different men starting at least one game. The season started on a fairly hopeful note as W.S.T.C. lo-st their first game by only seven points to a strong Maine Maritime club. However, the next game resulted in a 107-54 drubbing at the hands of Husson and the pattern of the year was establishe-d. The team suffered ten straight losses before winning their first game 74-68 at the University of New Brunswick and wound up- the season with a record of 3-15 overall and 1-9 as a me-mber of the Northeast College Conference. Despite the odds against them, the boys displayed fine sportsmanship and team play in all their games and can be proud o-f the excellent way in which they rep-resented the school. The last week of the season saw W.S.T.C. finish third in the invitational tournament at Fort Kent. We were very proud to have Jim Willis selected as a member of the tourney all-star team. Row 1: D-avid Michaud, Elliott Noyes, Donald Foster, James Willis, Edward Allan, Gary Barrett. Row 2: Edward Finch, Manager, James Curtis, Gerald Mitchell, John Gibson, N'athan Fagonde, William Hanscom, Mr. Reynolds .EMI 24 ft-xi? Ta S T kllaxs Q2 3 23 -5-Tc - XQaT'f?.'-5 'S lv' tr Q 14 is w N-xg, - T X X . Q ig . . .1 V . . N , p ..,... 1 1 ..,, up 1 X X Sw . .. K , if XXX Msg Q -.QM by . TXT 5 . tgg ,. -5 V - A-N x x .i,'s.s. XT' 9 xl 9: . N , s X ' ,cc TX XX ss ss -- ss 1 mx-.iilm - X ' - K VARSITY f ,. , 1 'yfvkf ' - -' 'Q :QU ,M 7 W'---1E ,!, 1:31 lv , A vw- .,,,,,... Q -r 'W iris .WAX ,, ' vw f F ,Q . Ns' 'Z 'sa of xyw R S S 3 . Ww- W! .. Y A , ,, V: 5 lg Z' , wh N ., ,: , P 52, if gg? 1 L-ms nhl M4 v.: 4 ..- W 1 fx N .rf , QNQ ff A 1- ,lv , . -.b, I .,.,,.. H36 - 'Qi 5""'I Q ,, x ,' I, , t,-., ", H' cw' .Ri :Q - ss X. . x .X..M.. 1... . M Q X K X-Qwgxsx mewxx x 1 . - - Pi Q . 1 X X X X 3' M. N X sl -F EQ N . Xxx X 9 X X XQ E . is-NX -ff-Q A 3 AQ ke X xi k Q X X an X ' X gre ix gui' . f g X Q 3' ' A W xy 1 i X5 'ck A r . -Q X - J K , 'f - as Q., W , K 4 ' . Q, ' X Y Q. .K A YWQQ Y wi 3'3" Ji u l 2,Al,. l , eo- 54 . W 1 l Q Q55 355 Q-,z I I W .. e: :1 ,.., N, 4,. il lvl L, xi -QR. YS, .4 .. . S Q... f .Kawai .12 3: .pgs .-.,---: f ...... .... G ordon Corbett PRES:-:MEN John- Partridge .... Harriet Watson ..., ..,, E dwin Mallosh .4-Qs' X .at 2 22 in 223, 1 l l if 9 was X NHQSRKQ fi 21 SYFxEsN ,. K i i 75 Q? X Daniel W. Andrews, So. Windham Michael J. Ashmore, Brewer William A. Bauer, Lisbon Falls Ann O. Beal, Beals Willivie L. Beal, Beals Abbie J. Brown, Gardiner ,wr ,,vi,,-W -4, W' fQ,.f.,1,..fW.,.9,,,.WQ.,,,,,,,,,.,m.,,.,,, !fv74'C51ff r 77 i1'WfW5JlfWff2i fa, ff-nw ,f-, V, ,ny ,,- ff,f:,,ff- gg, 'f nf-,,1.4Q4.6 jn,,4.Q'w.f.. lZ,.f.i4:1f7 .- New-M . W Milf fib- Q i.'.- ix M fi ,, M, ' f -3 L 4 ---r . V " fD -Q John T. Buck, Southport Sandra J. Cashman, Milbridge Susan B. Chase, Bangor Norma V. Chisnell, Lewiston Susan B. Chorney, Portland Constance C. Christakos, Bucksport Sharon M. Clark, Pembroke Gordon L. Corbett, Augusta Sharon A. Crandlemire, Vanceboro 78 Iona M.. Crowle-y, Addison J. Lyndon Curtis, Bridgton Dorothy A. DeBec-k, Orrington Mary E. DeWitt, Ellsworth Rebecca L. Dority, Bar Harbor Hazel E. Dowling, Harringto-n Helen L. Gagnon, East Machias Reynold R. Gendre-au, Limestone Mary L. Gibbo-ns, Bangor Thomas F. Gillis, Machias Janis R. Gray, Brooklin Eileen M.. Hanscom, Sewell, N.J. 79 Y ssvmffNi?l?S cwssffiss' Qtsmlwsslassffiz'-s Rosemary E. Drotar, Woodland Sidney E. Dunham, Jr., West Sumner Marie E. Durham, Amherst Carol J. Eaton, Brooklin Nathan E. Fagonde, Beals Ann M.. Fickett, Harrington .J i Sonia S. Joy, Addison Cheryl L. Kneeland, Machias FRESHMEN June E. Hanscom, Marshfield Barbara J. Harper, Mechanic Falls Jane M. Harriman, Bangor Gynell T. Hawkins, Jacksonville Jacqueline E. Hinckley, Kittery Carol A. Hoar, Farmington vw 93" , l l -is l l Lillian L. Huntley, Jonesport i "xx-3 y Nancy L. Ingalls, East Machias . Cynthia L. Jacobs, Caribou David W. Lobley, Bangor ,fy nf 76 ,7 , ,fn X eg., if . Cheryl R. Lunt, East Holden if I X L My Kathleen E. Main, Eastport J rl.i + Edwin E. Malloch, Eastport .H - . r ' Barbara A. McCurdy, Lubec Edward E. McKay, Blue Hill J L L ' Nancy H. McKenzie, Old Town ua- ., , , I , K X -7.4 Af: Q .kfwff wa' ,W My . W, , f' MMG' f ,f L 80 Sheila R. Metcalf, Perry David R. M.ic.haud, East Millinocket Raymond Mulligan, Mtachias James B. Nichols, Augusta John F. Partridge, Ellsworth James C. Patterson, South Portland Jerry C. Scanlin, Danforth Sheryl E. Smith, cherryneld Bette L. Springer, Bangor Elise A. Stap-les, Falmouth Cecil W. Torrey, Cherrytield Brenda L. Tucker, Jonesport 81 Cindia G. Paxton, Ellsworth Elaine M. Poulin, Winslow Elsie M. Pullen, Augusta Fred L. Quimby, Augusta Patricia A.. Robbins, Cape Elizabeth Isabel B. Sargent, Ellsworth as -an 'YQ S ' Q E" D , 4' I I ,ff-f,-,f,zf,Lb,, fly' ff 'ff , f Bernard O. Ward, Robbinston Harriett C. Watson, New Sweden Patricia A. Watson, Rockland Brenda J. Whitney, Danforth Linelle V. Whitney, Belfast Pauline L. Whitney, Farmington Q44 'HSI W i?" if FRESHMEN rf? , Robert J. Vanasek, Guilford v n, James G. Van Wart, Sabbattus Gary G. Veilleux, Lewiston Elizabeth E. Vigue, Gardiner Paula L. Vose, Machias Robert E. Wall, Lewiston 'rf-.""a gg-sv Gary Wilson, Stonington Margaret A. Wormwood, Kennebunkport Burnette E. Wright, Machias Joseph H. Young, Ellsworth ALSO Martha Emery Donald Richardson Elliot Guptill James Robinson John Barry Jane Hatch Fred Thorne Elizabeth Christie Eleanor Kelley Michael Ward Joan Davis David Moon Wayne Willey 82 K ,:..,,,y Vlvt -A ,Z , V 2,7 ,V ,V .fll 4-5 ' "fl ' ' ' , ' 7 l f Y, President .......... ...,... J oseph Celico Vice-President ..... ......,...... I van Cole Secretary ....... .J ..... Jane Hathaway Treasurer ....... ...... G regory Cough David Bernard, Fort Fairfield Beverly L. Bowers, Ellsworth Stephanie E. Bradley, Machias William J. Brigham, Gardiner Constance M. Cunningham, ' Bar Harbor Martha J. Dalton, New Castle Pauline M. Dolbec, Sanford Louise D. Downing, Machiasport 83 ... ii'g':'33!,i g 9 fy Robert D. Brown, Gorham Peter J. Buccina, Bar Harbor Joseph M. Celico, Westerly, R. Arnold G. Clough, Readfield Ivan E. Cole, Princeton Gregory B. Cough, Bar Harbor Elaine Greer, Springfield, Vt. Stuart I. Gross, Wiscasset William A. Hanscom, Salisbury Cove Jane L. Hathaway, Columbia Falls 1. A4 I 'Mx A, F ,Lg , SCJPHGMORES Patricia E. Elwell, Marshfield Robert W. Fernald, Franklin Joy Fitzherbert, Winslow Ellen M. Flint, Harrison John A. Gibson, Calais Ivan L. Gilpatrick, Whiting Arthur F. Hayward, Hermon Fred S. Hayward, Jacksonville Velma C. Hebert, Rumford Joyce M. Holland, Machias Peter W. Hukki, East Machias Wayne C. Ingalls, Ellsworth 84 ' . Kay L. Johnson, Eliot Je-annette M. Jolicoeur, Augusta Chester R. Kane, Ellsworth Theodore E. Kane, Latham, N.Y. Harriett E. Kenney, Bangor David C. King, Ellsworth ' 213 ,. 'z . ,W 'fgfaefj-1: I-gjgiz: I L E i 2fi:'Ef'f''5T:f"-'f'::1U " ' .iff-2'z'2':5Q1s3. a..qw2 - .- :.112f...j:'gE i' -wws:.g,:,.-zsgxrifi-X' ,V mg - . , , tg.: -A . .1 1.-LL-1 Margaret A. McClay, Bangor Howard E. McFadden, Lubec Robert W. McLeod,APortland Gerald R. Mitchell, Auburn Brenda L. Morrison, Eastport Robert M. Morse, Portland 85 Jane M.. LaCroix, Calais Diana M. Lamson, Addison Richard D. Leach, Livermo-re Falls Ronald J. Looke, Addiso-n . H4551 ,W-ff-any X Jane M. Plourde, Winslow Robert W. Powers, Stonington Elaine L. Reed, Waldoboro Larry A. Reynolds, Southwest Harbor 'T Hi' QL -c SOPHCMCRES Earl L. Myers, East Machias Kenneth C. Neale, Princeton Edmond P. O'Brien, Poland Spring John M. Gwen, West Pembroke Barbara A. Parady, Island Falls Vincent M. Parker, Lubec ,. 1 . 9 X . .Q A V - ,-' ' 'I '- git X134 , . -. Q, xg.. :.5p'f::V-.A L. I-1532.5 :di 111.15 . gr. .- . -5-:-1-1-1-. if 3.5 .T .P Q:-1-2-1-1-15. flirhdfv. . -1 , I .f .21-.mai-3.:.i:.i'-1-1-1-:-.-u Gary N. Small, Rockland Eva T. Smith, Addison Elaine F. Stoddard, Eastport Mildred B. Strout, Bar Harbor Shirley M. Taylor, Old Town Dianne M. Thibeau, Fort Fairfield 86 Janet K. Tho-mp-son, Northfield Eugenia F. Townsend, Calais C. Ann Turner, Eastport Walter F. Webster, Ro-xbury Jerry White, Caribou Robert M.. Widdows, Eastport Luis A. Cuellar, Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A. James Miller, Machias Gail A. Wood, Elio-t Linda L. Woo-d, Sabbattus Donald C. Woodward, Jonesport Wilbur W. Worcester, Harrington NF' fix ,,,,,, ....... Edgar Morang ...... ...., R oland Crooker ....... Claire Thibeau ry ...... rer ..,... Ag 9-L. ,' ff, ,Qs- 5:55 ,:.:,..,'1 . Donna Cook June P. Chaplin, Nlachias Pauline S. Colby, Belfast Donna Wilder Cook, Dennysville Bertrand R. Cote, Auburn Ronald L. Cousins, Old Town Roland A. Crooker, Brewer 88 is rg. 'S' f".4'? 'S' , 'K' .lUNIORS Eileen E. Annas, West Pembroke Patricia L. Armstrong, Cape Elizabeth Emily E. Auclair, Eastport Gary O. Barrett, Augusta Ellouise B. Beal, Jonesport Luther M. Beal, Beals Shirley M. Campbell, Calais Susanne H. Carrion, Machias Richard P. Chalmers, Belfast BWV.. . -9 S sf vw" 84. T' Stephen W. Damon, Auburn Dorothy A. De-arborn, Livermore Falls Phyllis A. DeMello, Lewiston Sharon L. Drisko, Columbia Falls Frances L. Dudley, Dennysville Fred R. Ebert, Lewiston ' ? ' 1 --W-..1. Wayne C. Harriman, Stockton Springs ag. Chester W. Ingalls, Machias Charles J. Kerrigan, Portland Elizabeth A. Leavitt, Howland Jeannette A. LePage, Lewiston Linda L. Lewis, Belfast 89 ,-35455 mm v , 1 ' ' 7 .,,,,W, 'ffm , --411, M96 Edgar H. Morang, Bar Harbor Philip J. Plummer, Auburn Dale B. Randall, East Machias Joan M. Richardson, East Machias f". , N15 JUNIGRS Virginia B. Link, Machias Constance M. Martel, Lewiston Alayne F. Merrifield, Monticello Rebecca A. Merrill, Bangor Harriet H. Moffett, Jonesport David A. Monaghan, Mt. Vernon, N.Y K' '-.ff-ff' ? Sv 'S' James J. Rochford, Fort Fairfield Claire V. Thibeau, Fort Fairfield Pauline M. Wasiuk, Winslow James K. Willis, Belfast Wayne A. Willette, Sangerville Marilyn L. Wyman, Lincoln Center 90 SEN IO RS President ...... Vice-President Secretary ......4 Treasurer ...... X Af Wm Edward W. Allan Robert Chaplin ., Elliott Noyes Faye Simpson Brenda Lowell Pembroke Erwin Clark Linda S. Crane Keith S. Dill Katherine S. Gooch ,li- Constance L. Madore West Scarborough Lynda J. Merrow Auburn Margaret Meyers M6Cl1l'3S Cynthia Nl. Rice Robbinswn ' Elaine F. Walsh Ellsworth James H. Wright Eastpofl Addison Machias Machias Jacksonville 'C""' "-asv" I .zasfi-' V' 1 .fa uf-.1 ,, g ,. f V,,f,,:f,piff,,c,'f51, gf " ,ff ,WW ,wwf 9, 3 ,., w,,5.,.ff,ff4Mf, ,, f,,f GRADUATES ETH EL ADAMS Husggn College-'ly SEA-2, 3, 4, Washlrlgfonla--3, KAK-3, 4, chap. 4, Wesley Fellowship-3, 4, sec. freas. 4, Humanities Colloquium-4, SCM conference -3. MARY ELLEN ANGLEY CRA--1, 2, 3, 4, sec. 2, 3, SEA-l, 2, 3, 4, Humani' Ties Colloquium-4, Inter-frat. Council-4, Washing- fonia--4, Newman Club-2, 3, 4, SPT-'l, 2, 3, 4, chap. 4, WAA-1, 2, 3, 4, Winter Carnival Queen- I, SEA conv.-4. aff vf,,a,fffm,w ,, , f ' , 2ffC,ffq,f.,ff,,ff,, A, , , ,fff ,f ,yfqffffff ,fm b, wff4wZ,fmf.,zf mf.. f ,Q . WILLIAM BAGLEY Class Treasurer-3, CRA-l, 2, 3, 4, treas. 1, v.p. 2, pres. 3, Inter-frat. Council-3, treas. 3, SEA-1, 4, KDP-l, 2, 3, 4, treas. 2, v.p. 4, MAA-l, 2, 3, 4, Senneft Hall Adv. Board-2, St. Josepl1's College Conv., King of Sweetheart Dance. 92 1965 JOSEPH BRADLEY BASIL BRIDGHAM JOAN BROWN Humanities Colloquium-4, SEA-1, 2, 3, 4, SCM- 1, 2, 3, 4, SPT--2, 3, 4, treas. 4, Concert Choir- l, 2, 3, 4, Dorm. Council-2, sec. treas., YGOP-3, treas, Miss Playmate--2. 93 Stu. Council-2, Washingtonia-2, KMA-1, 2, 3, 4, Delta Psi Gmega-2, Concert Choir-2. f x SANDRA BURNS WAA 1 SPT 2 3 4 exec chair.-3, 4, Washing- to ia 4 format ed SEA 1 2 3, 4. GRADUATES CAROL BROWN Lesley College-1, 2, Dorm. Council-4, PTP-3, 4, sec. 4, Newman Club-3, 4, Washingtonia-4, Humanities Colloquium-4, Winter Carnival Queen --3, Miss Playmate Candidate+3, Homecoming Queen Candidate-4. JANE CARLOW Humanities Colloquium-4, Inter-frat. Council-3, 4, sec' 35 SfEA"lf 21 31 4: KAK-3, 4, pres. 4, Wesley Fellowship-1, 2, 3, 4, chap. 2, pres. 3, Concert Chow-3, 4: WAA-I, 2, 3, 4, council 1, 2, 3, 4, Delegate, Eastern States Conv. of Teachers-3- Dele- gate, SCM Conv.-3. I 94 1965 JOHN CASSIDY Sf. Anslem's College-l, CRA-3, SEA-3, 4, New- man Club-2, 3, 4, pres. 2, KDP-2, 3, 4, chap. 3, 4, Delta Psi Omega-3, 4, pres. 4, MAA-2, 3, 4, Play Prod. Award-3, Senneff Hall Proctor-3, 4, KDP Conv.-2, Newman Club Conv.-2, SEA Conv.-3. Phi Beta Lambda-4 ROBERT CHAPLIN Class President-3, 4, Humanities Colloquium-4, Inter-frat. council-3, 4, chair. 3, 4, SEA-1, 2, 3, 4, rec. Team 3, 4, Washingtonia-3, bus. man. 3, Wesley Fellowship-l, 2, 4, KDP-l, 2, 3, 4, VCC- SGC- 27 MAA 1, 2, 4, Winter Carnival dec. chair. 1, act. chair. 2. 95 EDWARD CHAMPAGNE Bliss College-I, 2, 3 Humanities Colloquium 4 GRADUATES 71 2 , ' ' KATHLEEN CHOATE lnfer-frat Council-3, 4, SEA-l, 2, 3, 4, Washing- Tonia-3, PTP-l, 2, 3, 4, chap 2 treas 3 4 Concert Choir-l, 2, 3, 4, choralaires-l, 2, hill- JAMES CHIARAVALLOTI SEA--l, 2, 3, 4, Washingtonia-4, phofog. 4, Con- cert Choir-l, 2, 3, MAA-1, 2, 3, 4. Toppers-3, WAA-1, 2, 3, 4, WAA Council-1, 2, 3, 4, Dorm Council-2, vc.p. 2. WWW ZWKWQ f 4 BEVERLY COTTON Humanities Colloquium-3, 4, SEA- , , l 2 3, 4, Washingfonia-3, WAA-1, 2, 3, 4, pres. 4, Play Prod. Cast-3. 96 1965 Humanities Colloquium-4, SEA-1, 2, 4, Wesley Felbwship-1, 2, 3, 4, prog. chair. 3, pub. chair. 4 KAK-3, 4, Concert Choir-1, 2, 3, 4, SCM Conven- tion-2. SEA-1, 2, 3, 4, washangfonia-3, SCM-1, 2, 3, 4: Play Prod. Cast-3. ARLINE COUSINS LINDA CROSS Humanities Colloquium-4, SEA-1, 2, 3, 4, Wash- ingtonia-3, SCM-1, 2, 3, 4, SPT-2, 3, 4, Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Y.G.O.P.-3. LEON CROWLEY in . fr 4,5 ' a 97 KDP-3, 4, MAA-1, 2, 3, 4, SEA-1, 2, 3, 4, Golf SALLY DRISCOLL Prod, Cast-3. DUANE ELLIS 3, 47 Concert Choir-Ig KDP conv.-3. DONNA FAYLE 5EA..1, 2, 3, 4, KAK-4, WAA-1, 2, 3, 4, GRADUATES 'G' Class Secretary-1, Washingtonia 3, Humanities Col- loquium-4p Student Council-3, PTP-2, 3, 4, exec. f chair. 3, Concert Choir-3, Dorm. Council-4, Band -2, Miss Playmate candidate-3. 98 I 1965 . , ,gh 214,74 f A- , X af, f , ig ,urugu- EDWARD FINCH Basketball Manager-4, SEA-1, 3, Washingtonia-3, SCM-3, 4, senior adv. 4, Delta Psi Omega 3, 4, sec. 4, MAA-I, 2, 3, 4, MAA Council-4. DONALD FOSTER Winter Carnival King-3. FLORENCE FROST SEA-3, 4, Humanities Colloquium 4, Washingtonia- 3, WAA-3, 4, SEA Council-4, SEA convention 3. 99 CRA-4, Inter-frat Council-3, SEA-1, 3, 4, Wash- ingtonia-3, SCM-1, 2, 3, 4, KMA-l, 2, 3, 4, v.p. 4, MAA-1, 2, 3, 4, MAA Council-3, Baseball--I, Basketball-l, 2, 3, 4, Sennett Hall Adv. Board-3, 'Q?1i,G:ii21i442Q?f5Q3,'G55-2':Z6?Q-3-zztiim.-:wg my-f - f " 45:1 9-XRNKF 46?6?34SiC?2-2Z5?2bsL2if'x Auburn Maine School of Commerce-1, 2, lege-3, Phi Befa Lam-bola-4, Humanities Colloquium "'l -4, SEA-4, SPT-4. W-M amfhff-5 -44 I.,-,wc-W.,-J.,7,1,-,,Q4.-,QW-,,,,.,,,,,,., ,W fi , ,,,,- f.4-,,4.,- .,,. ,.,ifM..f,,,,-,,,f,,-My4.4-9WK:M,-,1Q.4v.-,.fnV JAN ET GILL GRADUATES Auburn Maine School of Commerce-l, 2, Bliss Col- lege-3, N'ewman Club-4, SEA--4, Phi Beta Lambda 4. J aba laaa CHARLES G-OOCH l 321753: Inter-frat Council-3-, 4, SEA-l, 2, 3, 4, SCM-2, 3, 4, sec. Treas. 3, Delta Psi Omega-1, 2, 3, 4, sec, 3, A PVGS- 4: 'MAA-lf 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, Sennett Hall Adv. Board-3, 4, sec. 3, pres. 4. 100 'Q 1 9 6 5 MARY HOULARES Humanities Colloquium-4, SEA-1, 4, Wesley Fel- lowship-2, PTP-2, 3, 4, chap. 3, WAA-I, 2, 3, 4, council-1, 2, 3, 4, Dormitory Council-2, 3, 4, sec. treas. 3, pres. 4, Cheerleader-1, 2, 3, Homecoming Queen-4. PAULINE HUNTLEY 5 WAA-1, 2, 3, 4, ?: Phi Beta Lambda-4, SEA-1, 2, 3, 4: KAK-2, fl ,, i' 445' K, 3, 4: via GEORGE KARST MAA-1, 3, 4, Basketball-2. 101 49? ,, ws. GRADUATES MARITA KILTON 4 i., me Q, waxy, W 5 A ,,s.,.,,, ..,.. 5 2-'ff ffm-1.1ffgf5252f5a,1z.ev , ,f ,g,.iX,,.f,,, . ,,.. ,.x,.,. University of Maine-1, 25 SEA-3, 4, ' "A2" ,, . ,,,., , ,,... A ,,,,.,,,.,,5., 52, ,f , ,5 ,,,.,,,. ., , .,.,.,,. . ,.,,,.1.,.,,.I,,1, .1 Qmwq--,,q:.5v,1.:xf,,145:,:rG5.2w:: sv, af nw. fam mm fwtrmsff F-1, 1ffgfgm,f,'L:"GDi.Sfil.'i1:i1QQ:f:,+-W H M-1+ A - f -.-5v'i.k6 A QQ-14:44.-1-'ynnvi I'J.ff'i,46.Q'..' W' ' " Inter-frat Council-45 Humanities Co-Iloquium-45 SEA-1, 2, 3, 45 KAK 1, 2, 3, 45 Delta Psi Omega -3, 45 Play Prod. Cast-3. VERNA LARSON Playmate Candidate-2. 102 Humanities Colloquium-45 Inter-frat. Council-45 SEA-1, 2, 3, 45 Washingto-nia-45 PTP-2, 3, 4, pub. chair. 35 WAA-1, 2, 3, 45 SEA Convention-45 Miss 1965 GEORGE LESSARD Humanities Colloquium-3, 4, v. chair. 3, chair. 4, Inter-frat. Council-3, SEA-'l, 2, 3, 4, Washingtonia -I, 3, cover 1, format ed. 3, Newman Club-2, 3, 4, treas. 2, pres. 3, state pres. 4, Delta Psi Omega- 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir-l, 2, 3, 4, Y.G.O.P.-3, pres. 3, Sennett Hall Proctor-4, Play Prod. Award-3, Winter Carnival Chair.-2, SEAM conventions-2, 3. DIANE LONGSTAFF J U DY LOOK SEA--1, 2, 3, 4, Washingfonia-32 SCM-lf 2' 3' 'lf Play Prod. Cast-3. 103 SEA-1, 2, 3, 4: WAA-l l ff GRADUATES Class Treasurer-4: SEA-lf 2, 3k 41 SCM-lf 21 31 47 ' YGOP-3, SPT-1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Choir-1, 2, 3, 4, WAA-1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader-l, 2, 3, 4, captain 4, 1 54,9 ' , ,K ,iz .W f .hi ', M - ,V 'Nz-.P1wi" 2 "' 'V4 Jffi,-5x'..IiX?2..:,w ctizvlearfv Class President-l, 2, Humanities SEA-l, 2, 3-, 4, treas. 2, librarian 4, SCM,-l, 2, 3, 4, comm. chair. 2, v.p. 3, KDP-1, 2, 3, 4, Washingtonia -3, Photo-g., Concert Choir-2, 3, 4, bus. man. 2, MAA-1, 2, 3, 4, N.E.T.P.C. convention-2. 9' , Band--1, Homecoming Queen Candidate-2, Miss Playmate Candidate--3. RICHARD MCPHAIL SEA-3, Wesley Fellowship-3, KMA-l, 2, 3, 4, MAA-1, 2, 3, 4, sec. trelas. 4. 104 X 1 MARY MCPH EE Band-i, 2, Hilltoppers-i, 2, Inter-frat Council-3, Student Council-2, 3, 4, sec. 3, 4, SEA-1, 2, 3, 4, rec. team 3, SCM-1, 2, 3, 4, SPT-i, 2, 3, 4, pub. chair. 2, pres. 3, Concert Choir-1, 2, 3, 4, WAA-3, WAA Council-3, Cheerleader-3, Dorm. Council-2 Eastern States Convention-4, Homecoming Queen Candidate-2. '.,,.f'fT'7f"- DAVID MICHAUD Phi Beta Lambda-1, 2, 4, SEA-I, 2, 3, KMA-1, 2 3, 4, NBEA-1, 3, 4, Humanities Colloquium-3, 4 rec. 4. MARJORIE MOFFETT Humanities Colloquium-3, 4: SEA-T, 2, 3, 4, Washingtonia-3, assoc. ed., PTP-i, 2, 3, 4, V965- 2, sec. 3, v.p. 4, SEA convention-3, 4. 105 DAVID MORRISON , 1 ff Class Vice President-l, 2, 3, 4, Washingfonia-3, SCM-l, 2, 3, 4, MAA-l, 2, 3, "" Basketball-'l, 2, 3, 4, Class Marshal-3, Play Prod. Cast-3, SCM comm. chair.-2, 3, MAA, Co-uncil-3, Winter Carnival King 4, candidate l. SEA-l, 2, Washingtonia--4, YGOP 3. GRADUATES HARRIET PELLETIER 3, 4, WAA-l. 106 CRA-'l, 2, 3-, 4, Treas. 4, Humanities Colloquium-4, Inter-frat. Council Newman Club-l, 2, 3, 4, PTP- 1 DOU KEND SEA-2, 3, 4, Washingfonia-3, A-1, 2, 3, 4, Play Prod. Cas GLAS PETERSEN SEA-1, 2, 3, 4, KMA-1, 2, 3, 4 SALLY PETERSON SEA-1, 2, 3, 4, WAA RICK RANDALL SCM-1, 2, 3, 4, T-3. 107 GRADUATES THERESA S-ERIO Humanities Colloquium-3, 4, Inter-frat. Council-3, SEA-1, 2, 3, 4, Washingtonia-3, ed. 3, Newman Club-2, 3, SCM-3, KAK-1, 2, 3, 4, v.p. 3, pres- 4: Delta Psi Omega 3, 4, v.p. 3, Concert Choir-l, 2, 3, 4, WAA-1, 2, 3, 4, council l, 4, Dorm Council- 3, pres. 3, Play Prod. Cast-2. we i - Q., ff r Z,. , Class Secreta ry-4, Cla ss Treasu rer-2, H u ma Colloquium-3, 4, Inter-frat. Council 3, Phi Beta Lambda-1, 2, 3, 4, reporter 2, pres. 3, pro. chair. 4, SEA-l, 2, 3, 4, rec. team 2, 3', class rep. 4, Wash- ingtonia-3, copy ed. 3, SCM--l, 2, 3, 4, sec. treas. 2, PTP-3, 4, YG-OP-3, seC. 3, SEANli Dell. 4, Eastern Bus. Conv. 2. DAVID SMITH SEA-l, 2, 3, 4, Washingto-nia-3, S-CM-l, 2, 3, 4, KMA-l, 2, 3, 4, MAA-l, 2, 3, 4. 108 K 1 SEA-l, 2, 3, 4, council 3 Lyndon State College-3, SCM-1, 2, Concert Choir -l, 2, WAA-l, 2. LANA PINEO SMITH RICHARD SNOWDEN Humanmes Colloquium-4, SEA-l, 2, Wesley Fel- Iowshnp--1, 2, 3, 4, KMA-1, 2, 3, 4, Concert C hour -I, 2, 3, 4, Senneff Hall Adv. Board-I, 2, Senneft Hall Proctor-3, 4, Student Council Conv.-2, SCM Conv.-3. NATALIE THOMAS ,405 '. Q 11'- if x we 109 V-'Zlbmli' 4 .v 213+-fn 531:13 : if " " " ' ' NORMA VARISCO -2, 3, 4, PTP-2, 3, 4. GRADUATES University of Maine-1, WAA-2, 3, 4, v.p. 3, SEA E Phi Beta Lambda-1, 2, 3, 4, SEA-1, 2, 3, "33' ingfo-ma 4, bus. man., Newman Club 2, 3, 4, H ,:A ncert Choir-1, 2, 3, 4, WAA-1, 2, 3, 4. I 'n': DARYL- WIGGIN 47 SCM Spring Conv. 1, SEA Conv.-2, 3. 110 Humanifies Colloquium-3, 4, SEA-1, 2, 3, 4, lib,-, 47 SCM-11 21 3, 42 PTP-47 Conce-rt Choir-1 2 3 I I I 4 ii is 3 "' UII7' i 1 965 SEA-3, Washingfonia-3, PTP-I, 2, 3, 4, Winter Carnival Queen Candidate-4. OTHER GRADUATES ANN WILLIAMS DAVID WUORI SEA-I, 2, 3, 4, KMA--I, 2, 3, 4, sergeant-at-arms 4 Senneft Hall Adv. Board-4. GENEVA R. CHURCH RUTH D. DWELLEY EVERARD G. FISH PEGGY LASLIE GRIFFIN ARLENE JOY GUPTILL IDA MUGNAI HOYT PRISCILLA INGERSOLL KELLEY FRANCES MORRISON RAYE LURA DOWLING YOUNG 111 ' 1 i I an-uv., ' a 8 3. 1 Q2 K. , -igffil-1 ' - 4 4' ,1- 8277? rzrvrarrlilgfmvr- 'rv-:-pay.: :wa 'rrr rvy-,v , , , , .,, ,v 1 vo - Q --'- xx siiwuupulqhsxyishsxu-x-sys .Mpv-:wir x. The WASHINGTONIA BOARD, in introducing our advertisers, suggests that We take a tip from this 4 slogan that Whatever Way you look at it-Whether in gasoline or in college-high energy . . . means more power for long mileage. 1 I i ,,,,., A X.,vs-w.:i.1-Q:'el-aw-Q: i..,. r ...-.. fr.,-1-:wr-V+ 'vf-4 is-,Q -f.- 4W.,i ..-'...- 2, -..-.,x-.-, -- t,...,.i..,.i. X X . 1-f"' www X We XX K Xsr. X- X X X XX XX XX X XX XX .XXXXX ,, X l r i l u i I E. G. MacLAUCHLAN Machias, Maine Mobilheat 114 s 0 ll Thi 11 1 el' S JOHN WCRCESTER, class of 1940, representing THE METROPCDLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY As professional people you constitute a select market and are entitled to professional guidance in the selection and programming of your personal insurance. I can assure you of such guidance and will appreciate your business. 6 Free Street Machias Phone 255-3823 115 S I 1 ti vi V: i 1 3 5 15 me SE ,V 4 L ii V? E. L. GOLDSMITH M ofmplete Insurance Service K X Machias, Maine X I r. . XV.XV. X X X we me -mc. .,.. ,c,e.m.-WvzXVXM,Me .,...,N Z MAWMJVM.VJAM-.V,,c..V.M..,M.,.V ,.V,M.4V..-4Va,.M.fe, .,.x Q .-,..,,,,c,.7,.V .... ,,.,. ..., ., x.X, ..'.X.. .-VX.,Xfw.VV..AX ..,.,. . QVXQV. .NX Ve Ma.-"W-mWW.mQ3.vwwmw.XQ.V-VV.m..,.e.,.Z.,.e.MefmVfWwA.ffQ,-yeVwmmf ,,,. v ,,.., ,.,, ,,h., , ..,,X X. f . -'.X'f Vee.V . X Q Q ,,,. . M'fM94a-'f, XsXWfvzev"V.e?ffA: z:.s4KJi.'iAf21.w1'?wa"V:b:Z -fVfw'5'v'M4fH-M' 24- 2' 9 'Xi . 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N ew EVrLgLcmd's Lcmg' cmd Most 'Complete a F N 1 Telephone 945-94-94 P Bangor and Presque Isle, Maine L 116 M wsic Stofre Main Street, Machias, Maine, Telephone 255-3505 CUSTOM MADE DRAPERIES Newest Fashions - Colors - Fabrics Flameprooflng Available Largest Selection in Maine At DORCHESTER DECORATORS Finest Qualfzfty Wo-rkmatnshrip and Scrzicc 170 Exchange Street, Bangor, Maine Telephone 945-4211 ll7 Table Linens Sheets and Pillow Cases Beclspreacls Rugs Towels Monogramming Bath Accessories Gifts .ka Q em ,vaqv gun., ., . .,,,, , .NJ A . H, 1,,"'J' tif f za- Qi7?2?'4l?-VW I 1 fmyz, gigm, mf ,,,W1,r , -'-Q '. EM' 22:71 'J N:-wf ,, 'eu ., q 1:5 mf- 'c, fwsff ' -1 4 1. Q ,,, 4. , , ' 4- , 1 YNIL ' ., v " Qi 'N -f--.117-' 1 v"'7 1'-u,-Zufifn Q ' ,, .. ,V vu ,,, .Lew .- , ,R--, . iv-fre H .4 . eww f Y , ., Mi- ,fn n. 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AWOL , Aff! rffw, fffvfi Ckyfff :W ' ff qv 11 X X 1 X 124 ff I ff ' frffff 1 f ,fm ff,' X X f I I Mr. Charles Roberts explains to jeanne Violette how Mr. Taylor sets up the Washingtonia. THIS BOOK PRINTED ON A MODERN, HIGH SPEED MIEHLE OFFSET PRESS BY 435 oDl.lN ROAD - BANGOR' MAINE 125 ANY 4 1 .gi 115 V113 wifi '-5 5323 13 Mi 112 1111 ,II i 1 J, H1 1:13 11 1 1 1 1 1 E 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 5 QQ? X X ff XV 1 C Xf VX 1 , ' X , Wwigg . ., ,. .,X,,4,X X ,XA ,X,f.X,4,.,.X,. .,..,X,., ,X 1, ZA. X X309-XV57 -254v5F12X'5V75X7 -fff XQQJC-'Z2'I?'?"'-I' 'f'fl'25E?-iC5i2i22'xi?1' :f -C145 :jgsgjgjgjfzgjf 21Xgv,2.I:,X::j'32,S:fj:g,2p'-11,551.21 11,5 :,' 1:,Z,':S'?f:'g'41' .,y. - , .W X, 2,5 Sz we sw 1-1 51 1 X 1 , X, 1 wi' 1. ,X ' 'ZF-P"'-'fi'-X2.-'1:-X'AXTSE4'-k'n?b:5bR?.51.-'W,:'1.SiX2-1 :1 . 15,5 ,V 6 V ' 43' 0 ' X f I X gf X f ff 34 ff X X ' if f P , I 0 ,, Q 4, 4 Lgegmsir X X ig2.:i:fZi:,-VV ,,,, , ,,.. 7 THE L. . LGNGFELLOW CGMPANY Groceries - Prod-uce - Meats S. S. PIERCE FI E. FOOD N e Deliver Telephone 255-4466 Machias, Maine . ,gf XXQSQQVGXAQ if 12:1-XG 1 1 - X .'-,51':,5Lg-i,.,f,.. .,f 1 ? 'Q , X '-" . - 1 . f f . , -f M21 -ef' '- ef 5 4-we'ref.414wi.:,::f:::::f,z:fzf':.r:::26L:f:,-1 1 -fa :uf 15'-E, X X XX X 1 2 M522-EX" . XXX X X KX XX XFX' X X - XXX' X 5 , , f XX X X- XX . X XXX X 1- by ff , 1 ,f.rz,:,: 1 .Lb Q z , X252-537,-f.:fg-gg:-3,34:43151331-.,,gg,,.f:,.:3f . 'wg -X ,, . .. X X- XX 551 ,X 1 X. X X .X XX XX XXQXX.. :I H 'inf . 1: " 51,1-'Q' ' X XX X XX X X X- X X X X XX X XX 11 Mfgffwffh- -wiMm-4'4'm-wcwwff, ,-f-2-52X-Q,-MY-bw f,w,m,.X,,4.04.:,., - X X X. X X XX X- XX XXXXXX - X X .XX .- X XX X 1- -5'-f Af .-2-1fKym s-Q,-my! s-.f?s,eXff.-,MX1,mfZyn4f,f,fW.-Wf.X-w.Xf4fwm2-wSXMy.mmeb-ie.:fm-:MQ . 1 .XC-4, Q- .X X . XX X XXXX . X .X XX- X - X N XX i :Qf-2.4:.,fy:.g:z,-2.1 'X - X . 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X XXXXX X XX- X .X XX' v , ,f I '44 if Z ,W Z ul -nv 9 ff WATTS' PHOTCD SHOP Machias, Maine 127 T POTTLE'S GARAGE Gas-Oil-Tires-Accessories Perry Maine Eastport 853 4400 P IE V T BERRY's Esso i Atlas Tires and 'Tubes ,, ll W T Gas and Oil PROMPT S-EZRVICE Main Street, Machias Telephone 255-3212 'VZ 12, 'Q lg Z PLANTE'S Groceries - Beverages - Confectioneries HOTPOINT QUALITY APPLIANCES Zenith and G. E. Stereo and T. V. "It's the Service That Counts" Main St. Machias ST. REGIS PAPER CGMPANY Whitneyville, Maine H. BLAINE DAVIS, EST LUMBER and BUILD-ING MATERIALS REMOD-ELING OF ALL TYPES P. O. Box 58 Machias, Maine Telephone 25-5-3362 GENERAL MERCHANDISE Dairy Dream Sunoco Gas - Oil Telephone 434-5365 Jonesboro, Maine 2' il A FOR SALE LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL Novelty Siding - Paneling - Cement - Tarred Felt - Cement Blocks Aluminum Storm Windows and Doors PINEO LUMBER CO., INC. Columbia Falls - Ph-ones: -1833-6629 or -183-29-16 MACHIAS HARDWARE Paint and Wallpaper General Harclware Small Appliances Blachias, Blaine v 0. .- .l .,A,, 4 ,A K , X .,.,, LOOK BROTHERS, INC. ,Cffj , iii! f I 4 E f jf 'f " fO fffff f ,,,f 5 ' X Groceries, General Merchandise, Gas and Oil Wallpaper - Paints 22 fi'2if'fxz fa':: Siii1 fZI11I::':: f.1f,:'12-522225W5-5'ff'-f:,.zfE1fI g: ,1g3,2g' ff 4 ,r., W, , ,.,., Q .,l.,.,.,. 5 . ..,. 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S. :1:f:1, Calais, Maine 7' ,,a4,:,, 4 E. , K K , ,- E- : if f t ' 1 ' ' Q4-wf.:m.,4, 1, .WW ., f G X n Dawkins GIOVSS and Handbags 1,rg,G lr.i esi'atiist S - 'E' it G s n a aa a G a 5:?iE!32I?'?'15fa ' ff! l ffff2'f7fl'f','5fff 93:-'?f'3v'f 'F "'xQZ'f? ' i-f7C'!mzf,1Qf4:E,:,,:,. . ,vhifi PERRY FARMERS' UNION GROCERIES and PROVISIONS Grain, Flour, and Feed Perry, Maine Eastport 853-2891 l 132 X f Washington Countfs Finest Food Stores Machias Milbridge Top Value Stamps GAY'S SUPERMARKETS vi '7 JG 4 J SUP vlan F f S. ' QT' 4 'Pi'HONERYKo,n XY21ShiI1Q'f0I1 State Slll1IUIllS vszm luf'h"1'li MH. 133 Mi-,w.Ww.R. WM . HANCOCK COUNTY CREAMERY E.llsWorth, Maine Quality Local Dairy Pr'0dL1CtS through Cooperative Marketing Milk - Cream - Ice Cream - Butter l H T STAR BEEF COMPANY 77 Railroad Street Bangor, Maine Area Code 20-7 Telephone 942- 7341 Beef - Pork - Veal - Lamb - Provisi-ons Complete Line of Groceries and Frozen Foods 4 i 1 T T T 1 Q 3 LITTLE RIVER RESTAURANT Catering to small parties and banquets Located on Route gil, Perrgf, Maine Home Cooking g GAY BROTHERS . J onesbiofo, Maine ,Telephone 434-2111 .134 Wholesale Fruit and Produce X g Z I-IELEN'S RESTAURANT Main Street Machias. Maine 0110 Tl1111'sc'lz1y 11151111 ill 11010115 Buy STOKELY'S Canned and Frozen Foods from Your Local Independent Grocer Distributed by ARTHUR CHAPIN CO. Bangor, Maine 0 5,f,,f,' ,4,. f f f ,' f ,. W , f Lg!f,f, Xygy, , 45,3 fy, I f, In iBOTTLING Co. , n nf d ,Vi oln, ,of M, n nv I . 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LARSON East Ma-chias, Maine Ei fi if 33 , , za 1 PENDERGAST PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE Machiast, Maine Telephone 255-3761 T SIG GOODS aine t '4 X SCH L JACKETS, SPALDING, RAWLINGS TEAM EQUIPMENT ,Q, ,ga SKICL0'T'H1NG, BOATS, SKIS, AND ACCESSORIES Complete trophy line -- 24 hour Service -X 2 'a Q S E . , , G . . . A E 2 N S I X 'Q fwfr? 7, XZJAW f Z . S S X, f ,ARCHIBALD FLYING A' SERVICE STATION Route One - East Macluas, Mame C F AND D W LOOK Cont1ac:to1s Telephone 434 2124 J onesbolo, Mame f 7 ff f f X , wiwwfwnw f f ff W 4 QWWQMZO fyyff f 4 f f Wmoff 07 f ff O X X f X X Q!! f f f X f fb ffff f f f f ffff f ff fZfffff f ff 57x 5 gf, ,X , , X ff f X fffff! X X W2 N ,yzf ff!! 0 4 !fWffff ff ff ff yff yy Of fff ff y fQCffOf7f ff ff f COLONIAL THEATER I Mach1as, Mame I 4' 1 . I I I JONESBQRO TELEPHONE COMPANY I J onesbor-0, Maine f I I I 2 2 I I I GILSON'S SHOE STORE I I I Machias, Maine ,ff f , f 'ffm fa HAWKINS' SERVICE Rambler and Scout Sales and Service Machias, Maine Tel. 25-5-377 5 Tel. 255-8700 Hedge Cars and Trucks ff! l if My I -15:-I f iii! 55 fm! rw ,Q Q jx:-, ,rrgf L- , f 5. i if fnfildfiidzz in ,mmm any PARKER'S FURNITURE Telephone 255-3912 Route One - Machias, Maine r ai -gqlig 4 of 0-L E' 'M 5.1.'AJ, 1, ,ggi . ,J 1'.z,x , 'ifrpfly ,,,g 1 , W, 49 '14 .3 -f mfzi Bill Parker looks at his l'Ul'llllU1'6 at the new wom0n's rlormitory 141 MACHIAS SAVINGS BANK 4 Center Street Machias, Maine Established 1869 OUR SERVICES Savings Accounts Christmas Clubs Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent Bank Mo-ney Orders Travelers Cheques Mortgage Loans FHA Insured Mortgage Loans FHA Home Improvement Loans Collateral Loans Personal Loans RESOURCES 8 MILLION Banking Hours 9 A. M. - 3 P. M. Monday t-o Thursday 9 A. M. - 6 P. M. Friday Closed Saturday 142 THE MERRILL TRUST CCDMPANY Machias, Maine Member of the Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Young people have what it takes to build up our community. Ambition and initiative are priceless qualities which we value highly at Our bank. Many of our substantial accounts have grown from modest beginnings. Our hats are off to the young people and our latchstring is always out to them. 143 Best Wishes to Washington State Teachers College A FRIEND PARLIN GARDENS Flowers For All Occasions Telephone 25-5-3631 Machias, Maine Watercolor Paintings by CHYNCDWETH ,W 'lu Photographic prints -of live subjects on note paper packaged and for sale at F. L. Cates, Machias F. L. CATES Gifts, School Supplies Machias, Maine 144 l '-'len' an. ' " --Q-1w,,.,,.,-mx-xxw- , KV Q 44 F 5 I N' L.--. L, .L W , -' . 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Suggestions in the University of Maine Machias - Washingtonia Yearbook (Machias, ME) collection:

University of Maine Machias - Washingtonia Yearbook (Machias, ME) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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University of Maine Machias - Washingtonia Yearbook (Machias, ME) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 127

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1965, pg 112

University of Maine Machias - Washingtonia Yearbook (Machias, ME) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 83

1965, pg 83

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