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k U -f , i , FARMINGTCDN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Effesfeco 1963 TO X96 N 0 9 W tj' 'YA Lg fs fa KX ' zlianfk A LU Q, ' TK' QC: 0 'V '95 X2 Rs C0 Published by The Students of F.S.T.C. Printed by Knowlton 81 McLeary Co. Cecelia Poulin, Editor Mrs. Frances Wells, Editorial Adviser Sharon Cram, Asst. Editor Miss Eleanor Wood, Financial and Circulation Adviser 1 ' N ""gA ' Y ' 2 DQL?!1.Cd Hon In your sincere desire and Willingness to maintain the high standards of Farmington State Teachers College . . . In your capable assistance always given readily and with a smile to the members of the student body . . . In these characteristics We find a part of this college. Your Work and friendship have long been realized and appreciated, Therefore, We, the Senior Class of Farmington State Teachers College, take great pride in dedicating the 1963 EFFESTECO to you . . . Mr. and Mrs. William Harrison 3 -Q In Memoriam Mrs. Eva H Nickerson She Walked in beauty and its reflec- tions colored the lives of all Who knew her. As beauty is truth, she did not merely speak the truth: it Was her character, her Work - she was the truth. Her lifetime of service to family, community, and especially to hun- dreds of students, was both an inspiration and a legacy - the meaning and purpose of Life. 5 OYQIJUOT . . . Here is Farmington State Teachers College, as it is F.S.T.C. is alive with people, places, and activities, and EFFESTECO tells its story here in pictures and words. 6 Table of Contents Faculty ..... Seniors .. Undergraduates .... Organizations .... Sports ..... Informals Advertisements .... 7 Page 9 21 39 47 77 87 95 Aclminisfzratimnx Builclin 5, 7' ' I 1 C-S W . ' - ' Q is ' 'Va' . ' V-.NA K, D if vp " Mi 'glx X 4 ,gi faq. yyvk sv 2 ,, ' H u fr 'ww' "',. 7-ni .' - ' 'v "lm 0 "W ' fr " ix - 97 . I' if '.:r,,.5w' I N. .'.,l . 1. , , If V ,. J' s ., . l m , f I .W 'fail' 'Q "J Jw' I wx- G.. ' - . 9' H g ,-H . X Wy - Y vw ,Q A 'n xx: "..-Q-x Ei-fqa, i f r ,14 1' I " fl, - Qs: L- 4 . 1 N-VY- 3 x ' f. farv' 'W "j v 5 Ei' 'vi ' , Q F' '.'. 'iv 'Q r, ' I r 'K 4 4. ., - sg:- Wm: ,, ' ' ' ff .. X .wi .N--M J , 7,52-...,. 1, -,,' ,"'.,! U-MW, -, -F2 f"I..4"f-U3 U-ma-,fu'1 ,'.".,1 ,iff M fisifff V. 1, ,, H gfL5lf,'f. 'fl 3, M fxi f 3:1522 4553 ff' , 'fif?'Pf?' '- V V lsr "ff ' u If -1 X' A ' Ns 3""5""- '1 ig!" 'lla , ' A v. lfix 'bf . , 5 N1 E.lQ.,N -,gif- .LAX , I W CCE W Q7 1 5 F TESCLHICIZS 4011.1 U 1. N NH? ' -5 M" HAT' ' 4' 1 ' - I. F- . my 'il Gr, ' Q-ff . 34,:,x,'2'F Q fijvla, L LC-1 5 , . iff? if" 1, , - v , ff gi , F, S . 4 I . 'H K!! 112551 M H ffiii E 5 iw, 3' w H' ,1. 55, 2 six Hgggff gm - a KH M? H, E5 ,S E' Sap f I img? N My ,f ,wx . , gm. g-S"'E3mw,f W TIS 25555 i 'Lusmm Q w :ia .,5 A S 5 E E xx ' in wwmuiiffi E WM.. In the long run, a college establishes itself upon the consistency of the repute of its graduates. Working very closely with the public, perhaps teachers colleges and their degree graduates are in a more sensitive posi- tion than some other types of professional schools. Further complicating this particular situation is the fact that there is wide variance in the types of institutions prepar- ing teachers, philosophies, and the ways chosen to implement objectives which may be fairly common in nature. Coupled with these factors is the problem of establishing a closer relationship between able scholars and the work of the professional field teacher. As you begin to assume the position of one who must accept the responsibilities of guid- ing the formal educational experience of others, the perplexing decisions of 'how,' 'what,' 'how much,' and 'to what purpose' will be yours to face in your own wisdom. This will be involved further by the great variety of backgrounds, abilities, and motiva- tions ol students in a general classroom. It will be here that the worth of basic principle will emerge. Perhaps, for our day, the goal suggested by President Gardiner of the Car- negie Foundation continues to be most ap- propriate: "VVe must seek excellence in a context of concern for all." You have the continuing concern of Farm- ington State as you join the ranks of those ' who would teachf fi President C. ABBOTT of Instruction M., B.S., M.S.: Harvard Ed. D.: Peabody Fund : C. Council Rep. LOW Professor of Education Director of Student aching rfield N. School: B. U., B.S. in : U. of M., M.Ed.: Grad- e Study: Columbia U.: Ad- r to S.E.A.M. and C. A. ROSS E. FEARON Director Dept. of Special Ed. Farmington Northeastern U., A.B., M.Ed. U. of M.: B. U.: Golf Coach, Faculty Affairs Comm.: Alum- ni Relations Comm. RUTH E. WILLIAMS Assistant Professor of English Dean of Women Waterville Colby Coll., Middlebury Coll., U. of Colo., U. of M., Co- lumbia U., U. of Cal.: Ad- viser of Inter-Dorm. Council and Pan-Hellenic Council, C. Council Rep., Student-Person- nel Comm., Scholarship Comm., Calendar Comm. Adviser Council, Women's Dorm. func- tions. ALBERT DORAN Assistant Professor of Social Science Director of Physical Ed. Farmington B. U., B.S. in Ed., M.Ed.: Graduate Study: B. U. and Springfield Coll.: judiciary Comm.: Adviser Men 's Athletic Association. MABEL A. HASTIE Director of Home Economics St. Lawrence U.: Teachers Coll., Columbia U., B.S.: Cor- nell U., M.S.: Graduate Study: Indiana U., Teachers Coll. Columbia U., U. of Wisconsin: Home Ec. Club: Alumni Rela- tions Comm.: C. Council Rep. JOHN MUDGE Professor of Science Dean of Men Farmington Mansheld State College, B.S.: Cornell U., M.S., Ed.D.: Sum- mer Instructor - Maine Con- servation Campus: Co-Author: Guide to the Natural Re- sources af Maine: Scholarships and Awards Comm.: C. Coun- cil Rep. HAROLD W. HICKEY Principal, Ingalls Lab. School Farmington F.S.T.C., B.S. in Ed.: Graduate Study: U. of M., State College of Ed., Plattsburgh, N. Y. CLAYTON E. REED Director of Student Teaching Associate Professor of Ed. Farmington F.S.T.C., B.S.: Columbia U., M.A., T.C.: Graduate Study: Columbia and B. U.: Scholar- ships and Awards Comm.: ju- diciary Comm.: C. Council Rep. A BURLEIGH H. SHIBLES Acting Principal, Mallett Lab. School Brewer F.S.T.C., B.S.: U. of M., M.S.: Graduate Study: U. of M., B. U.: B. U. Doctoral Can- didate. 11: ga ROBERT S. BIGELOW Assistant Professor of Science New Vineyard Springlield Teachers Coll., B.S. in Ed., M.EcI.: Graduate Study: U. of N. H., Harvard U., U. of M., U. of Conn., G. E. Science Fellowship, Union College, 1955, Rocky Mt. Chem. Inst., Montana S. C., 1956. CHARLENE R. HILLMAN Instructor of Home Economics Education and Management Kenduskeag l".S.T.C., B.S.: Cornell U., M.S.: C. Council Rep., Faculty Af- fairs Comm. 'Q' 'Il SHASTA BOYNTON Assistant Professor of English New Portland U. of M., B.S., M.A. in Ed.: Post Master's Certificate, U. of Conn. Adviser of Class of 1964. ELSIE C. GROTE Assistant Professor of Art Perry, Illinois Western Ill. St. U., B.S. in Ed.: Columbia U., M.A.: Chicago Art Inst.: U. of M., Temple U.: Extensive Travel: Europe, Mexico, U. S., Canada: Canter- bury Club Adviser. RUSSELL H. JACK Associate Professor of Music U. of Michigan, B.A.: B. U., M.A.: New England Conserv- atory: Student-Faculty Enter- tainment Comm. I. JULIA EATON Associate Professor of Speech and Dramatics Damariscotta On leave of absence, 1962-633 Cornell U., BA., M.A., Ph.D. SARA-LOUISE HAYES Associate Instructor of Health, Phys. Ed., Soc. Science Farmington Co-Adviser Women's Athletic Association: Cortland S. T. C. New York, B.S.: Graduate Study: Cortland T. C.: U. of Texas. CLYDE P. JONES Mathematics Instructor Farmington U. of M., BA., M.Ed.: Adviser Phi Sigma Pi: Ch. Student- Faeulty Entertainment Comm.: Ch. Student-Personnel Comm. MRS. GLADYS FOWLER College Nurse Farmington Home Nursing: Central Medical Center. 'Q- IULIA NI. KSIONZYK Associate Professor of and Family Living Keene Valley, New York Cornell U., B.S.: N. Y M..-X.: Graduate Study: U Chicago, ll. of Ill., U. of Sahbatical Leave Study at rill Palmer: judiciary f LANCDON 1 of Speech and New York QTY!!! ON STARIIIRIJ essor of Geography nington if M.. ILS., M.A.: Craduate mol of Geography. Clark versity, Doctoral Study: nissions and Standards nn.: Oll'-Campus Club Ad- I'. I.: U. of New to Plays and Players. rd, lc X ACNES P. MANTOR librarian, Assistant Professor of Social Science lfarmington Boston ll., ILS. in Ed.: Grad- uate Study: Columbia U., U. of M., Tufts U. MAY S. ROBERTIEILO .Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education Mechanic Falls Sargent College of B. U., B.S. in Phys. Ed.: Graduate Study: U. of M., M.Ed., Post Master's: Co-Adviser Womens Athletic Association C. Council Rep. LAWRENCE I.. STO!-'AN Associate Professor of Educa- tion and Psychology lfarmington California fI'a.j St. College. ILS.: U. of N. lfl., M.Ed.: 6-yr. Professional Diploma: U. of Conn.: Graduate Study: B. ll.: Scholarships and Awards Comm.: Advisory Council Rep. MRS. MAIJELEINE PARKER Assistant Professor of Home Furnishings Farmington Syracuse U., B.S.: Teachers Coll., Columbia, U., M.A.: Graduate Study: U. of Wiscon- sin, Cornell U., U. of X'Vash- ington at Seattle: Student- l-'aculty Entertainment Comln.: Advisory Council Rep. CWILYM R. ROBERTS Professor of History Farmington F. S. N. School: U. of M., ILS., M.A.: Graduate Study: Columbia U., Univ. Coll. of North Wales QBangor, North Wales, United Kingdomj: Sophomore Class Adviser: Stu- dent - Facility Entertainment Comm.: C. Council Rep. MARTHA G. WASCATT Assistant Professor of Child Development Director of the Nursery School Farmington U. of M., B.S.: Columbia U., M.A.: Post Masters Study: Iowa State U., U. of Conn., Penn State U., U. of M.: Phi Mu Sigma Sorority Adviser: Curriculum Comm.: Chairman of Scholarship Comm.: Mem- ber of Dedications Comm. -3-:H COLLEEN REYNOLDS Associate Instructor of English Farmington Colby College, BA.: U. of M.: Adviser to Plays and Players. MRS. GLADYS l". TAYLOR Foods and Nutrition Instructor Farmington l".S.T.C., B.S. in Ed.: Cornell U., M.S.: Studied at Simmons Coll.: Lambda Epsilon Sorority Adviser: Co-Adviser Home Ec. Club. FRANCES D. NVELLS Associate Instructor of English Farmington Colby Coll., A.B.g U. of M. Assistant Adviser to Ejfesteco. MRS. JEANNETTE L. SPROUL Grade 1 Farmington G.S.T.C., B.S. in Ed.g Grad- uate Study: U. of M. lm . VANCE M. WELLS, JR. Science Instructor VVilt0n U. of M., B,S. and M.S.3 Host to Franklin County Science Fair, C. Council Rep. MRS. DOROTHY J. SWE.-'ITT junior Primary Farmington F.S.T.C., B.S. in Ecl.3 U. of M., M.Ed. MRS. PHYLLIS M. WV HITNEY Grade 1 Farmington F.S.T.C., B.S. il1 Ed.g U. of M.. M.Ed.g U. of M., Post Master's Certificate. ROGER L. WING Instructor of Me11's Physical Education Bingham U. of Ill., B.S., M.S.g Doctoral Study: New York U.: Basket- ball and Baseball Coach: Ski Club Adviser. MRS. BETTY B. BLOOD Grade 1 Farmington F.S.T.G.: U. of M., B,S. in Ed. MRS. LOIS RUSSELL Grade 2 Farmington F.S.T.G,, B.S. in Ed.: U. of M., M.Ed.: Graduate Study: Bos- ton U., Harvard U. ELEANOR A. WOOD Assistant Professor of Engli and journalism Kinglield Bates College, A.B.: U. of M.A.g Graduate Study: Col! bia U., U. of Wyoming, Di tor of Publicaliolls. 5 '1 .I EAN C. GOODNVIN Grade 2 Randolph G,S.T.G., B.S. in Ed.: U. of M.Ed.: Graduate Study: vard U. FRANCES M. HARDY .ade 3 fminglon .N.S.5 l".S.'I".G., B.S. in Ed. I ARSHALL THOMBS .tdc 5 lv Sharon .T.C., B.S. in Ed MRS. ALICE. M. KNOXVLTON Grade ff l"Zll'Dlillgl0II l",S.'l'.C., B.S. in Ed., U. of M., M.Ed.g Graduate Study: Il. U.. Springfield Coll. MRS. HELEN W. GORDON G radc 5 l'.2ll'llIillglOll F.S.N.S.3 U. of M., B.S. in Ed.3 Graduate Study: B. U. MRS. GRACE S. HEATH Grade 6 Fill'I'llil!QlOll I-'.S.N.S.: B. U., B.S. in Ed.: U. of M., M.Ed. .ll MRS. MARILYN M, VIOLET Grade 4 Farmington F.S.T.C., B.S. in Ed., Graduate Study: U. of M. MARGARET WENTWORTH Grade 5 Durham G.S.T.C., B.S. in Ed.: U. of M., M.Ed. DONALD L. KENNEY Grade 6 New Vineyard G.S.T.C., B.S. in Ed.: Rutgers U., M.Ed. MRS. LEATRICE O. ORR Grade 4 Farmington F.S.T.C., B.S. ill Ed.: U. of M., M.Ed. MRS. ELLEN E. HOWATT Grade 6 Farmington F.S.N.S.g Study: F.S.T.C., U. of M. ' W ELLSWORTH M. CROCKER Grade 7 Farmington F.S.T.C., B.S. in Ed.: Graduate Study: U. of M. ROBERT MEADE Grade 8 West Farmington F.S,T.C., B.S. in Ed.: Graduate Study: U. of M., B. U. Q -Q77 I , J MRS. MARY C. DYKE Grade 7 Farmington Falls Framingham S. T. C.: Lesley Coll., B.S. in Ed. MRS. MARY P. LINCOLN Grade 8 Solon F.S.T.C., B.S. in Ed.: Graduate Study: U. of M. MRS. BERYL STANLEY Special Class, S.A.D. Jig Farmington F.S.N.S.g F.S.T.C., B.S. in Ed.g Central State Coll. of Conn., M.S. TY 7,7 , ry E' . l t ALICE E. STEVENS Grade 7 l"armington F.S.T.C., B.S. in Ed,g U. of M., M.Ed.g Graduate Study: U. of M., B.U., Harvard U. WILLIAM YORK Grade 8 Temple F.S.T.C., B.S. in Ed.g Study: U. of M. IOLA H. PERKINS Music, S.A.D. -39 Farmington F.S.N.S.3 American Institute of FRANK P. DINGLEY Grade 8 Farmington U. of M., B.S., M.Ed. ROBERT I-'RIBERG Physical Education, S.A.D. Farmington Normal Methods: Colorado State Coll. of Ed., B.S., M.A., in Music Bowdoin Coll.: Coll., B.S.: Graduate U. of M. H PI'III,BRICK S.A.U. QQ Institute: Actttlt-my of Arts. N. Y. C.: Portlztntl of Fine Arts: U. of M., Crzuluutc Stutly: U. of M. NE W. FLINT Libruriznt MRS. MARGARET I-l. REED Public Health Nurse l":trmington Waltham School of Nursing. R.N., Wztlthznn, Mass.: Cratl- uute Study: II. U. MARGARET ARMSTRONG Assistant I,IlDl'lll'l2llI Lexington, Mass. U. of M., Il.A.g B. U., M.Etl.: Sinnnons, M.S, in l..S.3 Graul- llilllf Work: Ilztrxztrtl, Iowa Stine ll. PAUI. AIUDKINS Business lx'I2lllLlgL'I' Fztrmington Co. Cmtlr. U, S. Artny Reserve: l-'ztrmington Budget Comtn.: Masons: Eustis Ridge Runners: ll. S. Artny Extension Pro- grznni Chztirmztn, Cong. Church Business Comm.: Beta Gmnnut lllntpter of Phi Sigma Pi: I".ll'llIiIlglUll Ski Club: Coun- selor, Maxine State Employees Assoc. ' ' it MRS. LOUISE C-ILMAN MRS. HELEN QUILL Sec. Mullett Lab. School Sec. Ingalls Lab. School Farmington Falls Farmington I".S.N.S. Shaw Business Coll. MARY E. ROUNIJS Assistant ljlnsariun I'IZll'llIIlIgI0ll CA ROLYN CH I ARAVALLOTI Registrar Farmington BETTY ATWELL Sec. to the President Farmington MARJORIE BRACG Sec. to the Deans Waldoboro MRS, DOROTHY DUNDAS Assistant House Director - Mallett Hall, Dearborn Hall Men's Dorm. Sudbury, Mass. 1 MRS. SARA FULLER Sec. to Home Ec. Director and FRANCES C. HARRISON Supervisor Student Activity Library Funds Farmington Farmington U Y Q 7 V MARC.-xRE'r E. TIQIPP MRS' ELIZABETH 5113 ENS Supervisor State Funds Sec. to Dean of Instruction Rockland Strong Rockland Commercial Coll. MRS. LINNIE PHILBROOK Resident Director - Men Dormitory Augusta S M RS. ET HEL REYNA RD Resident Director - Dearborn Hall, House Court, Inter-Dorm Council Huntington, New York . 'IT' MRS. BLANCHE Finance Clerk Suugus, Mass. Surroughs Business Boston M RS. l"LORENCE House Director - Purin Hall Farmington Il ,ff I XURA SMAII IJORICIE Il. WILLIAMS ALTON BONNEY ARDINE ELLIS Iunng.,ton Il ill Rcsidcnl Director - Mallclt Chef - Mallctt Hall Maintenance Supervisor nl I-lull: House Courtg Intcr- Farmington lfarnnngron Dorm Council DIIIIIIIYISCUIIZI JAMES R. CHIARAVALLOTI DALTON HARDY Custodian - Mcn's Residence Custodian - Purington Hall I"zu'n1ington Farmington GEORGE M. l'IURl,.BURT CIISIOKHZIII - Mnllctl Hull I"ill'llllllgI0ll WILLIAM j. O'CONNOR Custodian - Home Ec. and Science Building F2.ll'Illll1gl0ll WALTER TRACY Custodian - Library and Dear born Hall Farmington 1 ' rsuafi. l I L N Ii- vw ma- ' U' new - ' gi.,--' ' - ' , ' Y - --' .-1? l V 1 ' - - ,.-T-1,.,., 4? -EL: , s ,, 1- V -Q-1' G.. ,.4vgvg, ,...v-.g -- ll Y 3 Q- A-,fn ,,....-inn-f , .V .fc- , I ' ' - k 'Mg' 24 M A A V. -'fr A n , f. U . D4 , 1 -,. V , ,Q -ww' 1,51 Nw-,,,1f'a .- , I .E - ' 5 - -.. ,, ,,- N . -, ' , -N 'f 5 , 1-.. ' : if-i"f"5'e.:-1 ..-,,,'1"'5 1 y""":" -- :-- T . "J -"' Jn :"2""lifC7f I 11.4 . "r W"-'W ""'1 A'-'QW' ' '- ' uf, ., "J . ' ' ,.. ,, L . 1' . 1. 'L -V. " ' w'uf'-1 4' ' -fn U1' . Ji' -' A V -J' I "' . -sim ,- .:7' :fr .-'V " .f ,.- N A , 'J bf' al' 4,f,'-"1'.pr::7l'3,-1 ' ' 23' -2 +4 . A -pf 'A J' f - - ,rf aww.-1, ,wx ' -- --1431, kg , w 13 - iq . 41 :rv-v -, .,- , , - - Lf- P ,. ' ., . . -g. P. - V -- -.- --4-K , 5 - . Q ,. 'iro- L. 4+ l yn- I r I. if" '- x " 'F ..iH . 1? '1 NL. ' " f TPA -'fi'-l gp - ,.' li- ,I I .Q Y 'A' 2 ' ' ff T u V . f ', " - 'Lg' " . , .S r- . ,, -r '. 1 A ' Q ' , " 1 A. 3 JS 315 if . .af A ' PS-"J" f wil SENIOR OFFICERS Tillun Vice-I'rcsiclcnl: A. Bouchard. President II, IVIucKcnzic, Secretary: M. Cobb, 'l'rcusurcr: Ingalls, II. Tyner, C. Council Rcprcscnlulixcs. I 21 WILLIAM R. AUCER Farmington Elementary - junior High jUDITH C. BAILEY Eliot Elementary junior - High Coordinating Council 2, 3: So- cial Committee Co-Chairman 33 Mallett Hall Vice-President gg Dearborn Hall Treasurer 4: Phi Nu Omega 2, 3, 4: Pan- Hellenic Representative 31 Mirror News Editor 4: Typist 2, 3: W.A.A, 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2, President 3: CCUN Dele- gate to New York 3: Christmas Formal Chairman 3: Pan-Hel- lenic Formal Chairman 31 Safety Committee 3, 41 Scholar- ship Recipient 3, 4. BETTE M. ARSENAULT qMRs.p CAIL M. AUCER Rumford Runiford Elementary - Junior High Elementary - junior High 9 EA M 3' Newman Club 1 I-H'H"flH Epsilon 2' 3' 4: Nm' 2, 31 Oil-Campus Club 42 Ski Club 2, 3. man Club IQ W.A.A. I. 2, 3. .11 Ski Club 3, 4. ei!" ,.?' JOANNA P. BATHERMAN QMRSQ Mexico Elementary - junior High S.E.A.M. 3, 42 Lambda Epsilon 2, 3, 42 Newman Club 1, 2, 3. 4, Vice-President 22 Oll-Cam- pus Club 41 State Scholarship Recipient 1, 2. PAULA F. BELIVEAU Brownfield Home Economics Coordinating Council 41 Talent Show Chairman 2, 31 Winter Carnival Chairman 2: Dean'- born Secretary 41 Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 3: Phi Nu Omega 2, 3. 4, Coordinating Council Representative 4. Mirror .43 Girls' Clee Club IQ W.A.A. 1. 2, 4, Vice-President 2, W.A.A. Council 4: Scholar- ship Recipient 1, 2, 3, 4. 1. WILMA-JO R. AUCER QMRSJ Farmington Home Economics Lambda Epsilon 2, 3: Economics Club 1, 2, Club 1, 2, 3. SANDRA M. BATCHI Yarmouth Elementary - junior l Student Faculty Enterta 4: S.E.A.M. 3, 41 Phi Omega 2, 5, 4, Vice-Pr 4, Mirror Typist 2, tising 41 Canterbury C 32 Cheerleader, 1, Head 41 Scholarship Re 4: Pan-Hellenic Council President 4Q N.E.T.P.A. ton Conference Delegate Winter Carnival Queen Kappa Delta Phi IIZABETH A. BIGELOXV New Vi11eyz1rd ementary - junior High ntation Committee 31 OIT- pus Club 4, Secretary ki Club 3, 4: Girls' Ski In 3, 4. ANNE S. BLANCHE Manchester emcntary - junior High l1..M. 3, 4: Christian As. ntion 22 Mixed Chorus 1, 3. BRUCE A. BELL l"1ll'lllil'lgl0ll Elementary - Junior High Proctor, MCll'S Dormitory 3: Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 4, Secretary 32 Christian Association 1, 23 M.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 42 State Scholar- ship 1, 2, 3, 4. UV Ll SALLY A. BELL Augusta Elementary - junior High Co-Chairman Social Commit- tee 31 S.E.A.M. 3, 4, Mirror 2: Plays and Players 2, 3, 42 State Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4. ,,V 5. N. .M l. .1 1 - 1s15v1:1u.v 11. BoNn LINDA L' BONNIN jefferson H ikfnggggmrnics Special Education 0 K . no S.E.A.M. 1, 21 Phi Nu Omega Hom? Economics Club. 1' 2.' 3' 2, 3. :II Mirror Business Stall 4j Mniml 2' 3' Aiunfm Ednof 2.w.A,A I 2. 2, W.A.A. 1, 2, Ilays ant ' ' ' Players 2. OLIVIA L. BLANCHARD WVinn Home Economics Coordinating Council Secre- tary 42 House Court Pro'Tem 2: Dormitory Council Vice- President 42 S.E.A.M. 41 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3, Executive Board 1, 3, 45 Lambda Epsilon 2, 3, 4, President 41 Pan-Hellenic Council 41 Orientation Com- mittee 3, 45 Mirror 2, 3, 4, Busi11ess Staff 2, 3, Women's Sports Editor 31 Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 2: Girls' Glee Club IQ W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Y'V.A.A. Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 31 Eastern States Conference Delegate 32 State Scholarship 2, 3, 4. Whois Who In American Colleges and Unizlersilies 4. JEAN M. BODDY Millinocket Elementary - Junior High Coordinating Council 2, 3: So- cial Committee 2, 31 S.E.A.M. 3, 41 Phi Mu Sigma 2, 3, 4: Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 21 WN.A.A. 1. CAROL A. BOWLES Livermore HCJIIIC Economics Coordinating Council 4: Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Phi Mu Sigma 2, 3, 4, Pan-Hellenic Representative 41 Mirror As- sistant Exchange Editor 21 Ef- fesleco Caption lj Girls' Glec Club: Ski Club 3, 4. HALE F. BULMER Mt. Vernon Elementary - junior High SUSANNE j. BOSSE ARISTID M. BOUCHARD Skowhegan Elexnentary - junior High Class President 4, Vice-Presb dent 3: jtulicizlry Connnittee 2, Mmmocket : S.E.A.lVI. , - P111 si mu Pi Trifgginggzl e Z, 3, 4, Clltziglzxtin 3, ViCE-Pl'l'Sl- Burlington Vcrmom.ySEAiI' dent 41 Orientation 3. 4: Choir . ' ' ' ' ' ' IQ Illll'2lllllll'ill Iizlskctball 3, 4Q 2' 3' 4' Newman Club 2' 3' 4' M.A.A. 4: Off-Campus Club 1, REBECCA N. CLARK Kents Hill Elementary - junior High W.A.A. 1, 2, 31 Ski Club 3, 4. 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presitlcnt 1, 2, President 2, 3. Wlmiv Wim In AIlll!Til'Illl Colleges mul Uni- versilics 4. .-.L DOROTHY A. CLAYTON Needham, Mass. Elementary - junior High Coordinating Council 31 DOl'Il1- itory Social Chairman 35 Lambda Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Coun- cil Represeiitative, Pledge Master: Mirror 3, 41 Girls' Glec Cl11b 1, 21 W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 41 Ski Cl11b 1, 2, 3, 4. Vice- Presitlent 3. DAVID C. BROWN South Cartliner Eletnentary - junior Hig Kappa Delta Phi 1, 2, Christian Associaliott 1. 22 sity Bztsketball Manager lj Cznnpus Club 4. MARY C. CARNEY Ellsworth EllJlIll3Illill'Y - junior Class ElllCl'lililllIlClll C tee lj House Cotnmi House Court 4: S. Phi Nu Omega 2, 3, 4: tem IQ Newman Club 1, 41 Band ll Scl1olarship ent 1, 2, 3, 4. f'XRll.YN C. COBB QlN'lRS.j 1-'airlield llolne Econoniics ass '1'l'C2lSlIl'0l' 43 Home I' 1 'es Club 1, L, :..Z1HiI" tsiness Stall LQ S" C ll L IUCH.-XRD C. CRAILTREIQ Bath Special Education z 41:11 IlIiRl3ER'l' A. CLE.-XVES Caribou iletneittary - junior High . er from University of Coloradog Kappa Delta Phi 3, BXRBXR-X M CLOUTIER I'an'held Elementary - junior High DUl'IIlll0l'y Council 21 Phi Nu Omega 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 1, 2, Corresponding Secretary 21 Clieerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Head Cheerleader 3. 4: State Scholar- ship 1, 2, 3, 4. HENRY C. CONANT Xveltl Elementary - junior High Kappa Delta Phi t, 2, 3, 4. ARTHUR P. CROWELL Norridgewock Elementary - junior High Coordinating Council 1, 2, 41 Intervisitation Committee 2, 31 l'Vl1o's Who Committee 33 judiciary Committee 2, 31 Orientation Planning Commit- tee 3, Orientation 3, 42 Oll- Campus Clllb 1, 2, 3, 4, Board of Directors 1, 2, 3, 4, Beavers Den Committee 2, 31 Book Ex- change Chairman 31 Intervisi- tation Plymouth Teachers Col- lege 21 State Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 42 Off-Campus Club Scholar- ship 3. 4: State P.T.A. Scholar- ship 42 C.C.U.N. Delegate 4. l'Vll0'S Who In Ame-rican Col- DOROTHY E. DANIE South Portland Horne Economics Mallett Hall Secretary 32 House Court 4: Home Economics Club 1. 2: Lambda Epsilon 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 4Q Cal- endar Committee 4. DAVID M. DANIELS Gardiner Elementary A junior High Kappa Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Sergeant at Arms 3, 41 junior Varsity Basketball 1, 25 Soccer 31 Baseball 1, 22 junior Varsity Coach 41 Intramural Basket- ball League Commissioner 3. leges and Universities 4. snzm1rn!l ,l w.'fau' RICHARD B. DOHERTY Rumford Elementary - junior High Newman Club 2j Off-Campus Club 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH W. DROWN QMRSQ Lyman Home Economics S.E.A.M. I1 Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4. SYLVIA L. DANIELS Mechanic Falls Special Education Coordinating Council 1, 2, 3, 4Q Lambda Epsilon 2, 3, 41 W,A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. HELEN II. DILL Hampden Elementary - junior High Coordinating Council 1: Class Vice-Presideiit 22 Mallett Hall President 3Q Dormitory Coun- cil 3, 4, President 42 judiciary Comniittee 21 Phi Nu Omega 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 41 Orienta- tion 2, 3, 4: Effesleco Layout 2: Plays and Players 1, 2, Sec- retary 2: Boston Conference 2: Stale Scholarship lj Director of Omega Minstrel 32 WIzo'v Wim In Allll!l'iC!17l Colleges mill UIli1llfl'.Silil'.9 4. Film -1 1, CLYDE H. EMBLING New Sharon Elementary - junior High Transfer from Bangor Theo- logical Seminary. LINDA EPPS Mexico Elerneiitary - junior High Dearborn Hall President 4: S.E.A.M. 32 Newman Club 1, 2. 31 4- ROBERT L. DOWNS Rumford Elementary - jtniior High Kappa Delta Phi 1, 2, lllirrw' Men's Sports 3, 42 man Cl11b 1, 2, Varsity Basketball lj Ba 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY H. DYKE QMRSQ Turner Home Economics Lainbda Epsilon 1, 2, 31 Economies Club 1, 2, 33 O ' tation 2, 3: Cheerleader 1, Outing Club 1, 2. BARBARA A. FOURNIER Livermore Falls ElClllClll21l'y - junior l-ligh Eordinating Council 31 House urt 3: S.E.A.M, 3, 41 Phi Nu imega 2, 3, 4, President Pro- em 3, Librarian 3: Orienta- on 4: Newman Club 2, 3: if-Campus Club 1, Treasurer: Tvampscott Conference 3' ate Scllolarship 1, 2, 3, 41 arolyn A. Stone Scholarship J Wl1o's Who In American alleges llllll U11iz1ersilie.v 4. IELIZABETH j. GAMAGE Augusta Elementary - junior High l!0l'KllllIlllllg Council 2, 3: ass SCCl'Cl2ll'y 1, 2, 3: Dormi- 'y Secretary-T1'easurer 1: use Committee 4: House urt 42 S.E.A.M. 2, 3, 4, Pub- Relations Committee Co- airman 3, Clllllflllilll 4: Phi -1 Omega 2, 3, 4, President 4: irror 1, 2, 3: Band 1, 2: cshman Girls' Glee Club, Li- arian lj Upper Glass Girls' ,ee Club 2, Secretary 2: ixed Chorus 4Q Scholarship 4Q Pan-lrlellenic Council 4. 11015 Who in AIll!3Ti6'll7I Col- ges and Uni11e1'.titie.r 4. D ' 1 ggw AIDELE L. FABRILIO A""u"'. . EVELYN G. FITCH Elementary - junior l-hgh New Sharon S.E.A.M. 3Q Mirror Business Elementary - Junior High Stall' 4: Newman Club 1, 2, 3. lu J jANE GOTT McKi11ley Home Economics House Court I1 Home Eco- nomics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Execu- tive Board 4, State Treasurer Home Economics Association 42 Mirror Assistant Exchange Editor 2: Girls' Glce Club 1, 2: W.A.A. 1: Ski Club 3, 41 Provi- dence Workshop 3. F.- tl 'rl- 14"v1 Jr' na ll 1 H145 ' Q f 1'1-in ' , LAN W: Z , X LYDIA N. GRAHAM QNIRSQ Dixlield Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3: Mirror 2, 31 Girls' Glec Club IQ Upper Class Girls' Glee Club 11 Choir 1: Plays and Players 1, 2, 3, 41 Off-Campus Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Board of Directors 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Chairman Beaver's Den 2, 3, Scholarship Committee 2, 3, Publicity Manager 31 State Scholarship 1, 2, 32 Conserva- tio11 Education Scholarship 3. Wlw's Wlzo In AIllC7'iCl'l7l Col- leges 111111 Unitfersities 4. JACQUELINE S. FROST Pittston Special Education reation Room Committee 3 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 42 Girls Glee Club 1. ERNEST GOMEZ Canton Elementary - junior High Off-Campus Club 2, 3, 4. Coordinating Council 32 Rec- Phi Nu Omega 2, 3, 42 Stu- dent Chairman Orientation 41 ALICE B. HANSON QMRSQ Fai1'fieltl Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 42 Lambda Epsilon 3, 4. STERLING C. HINKLEY Turner Elctnentary - junior High S.E.A.M. 3: Phi Sigma Pi 2, 4, Treasurer 3: Christian As- sociation 41 State Scholarship 4: Choral Union 4. -.l.1'LahTn.xl -tiflllllhllhllf ELLERY F. GRAY Auburn Elementary - junior High Coordinating Council 1, 2, 3, President 33 Budget Commit- tee 31 Kappa Delta Phi 1, 2, 42 Orientation 31 Soccer 2, 3, 4, Captain 42 Plays and Players 1: Off-Campus Club 41 Ski Club 2, 32 State Scholar- ship 2, 3, 4. MILES E. HUDSON Bangor Special Education LANVRENCE H. GREEN LAW F1ll'IIlll1gl0ll Elelnentary - junior High CO0I'tllIl1-Illllg Council 1: S.E.A.M. 41 Kappa Delta Phi 1, 2, 4, Chapter Treasurer 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3. 42 Soccer 1: Track 3, 4, M.A.A. 1, Treasurer 1. mint' fi-1 QYFTISQ 'if " . lt MARIE A. HUF!" Burnham Special Education S.E.A.M. 2, 3, 4. Social Conn- mittee Chairman 3: Mirror Business Staff 3, Typist 21 Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4: State Scholarship 4. S. BARTON HILL Bingham 1 Elementary - junior High S.E.A.M. 3, 4: Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 41 Mirror 31 Vars Basketball gg junior Vars Basketball 41 Baseball 3, 4. AIEAN M. HUBBARD fl Fryehurg Home Economics I-louse Court SQ Home IIUIIIICS Club 1, 2, A, tive Iiuartl 3: Phi Mu 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3 I Master 41 Girls' Glee Cl State Scholarship 2, 3, 4. ElJl'l'I'I INGALLS Leominster, Mass. Home Economies ordinating Council 45 Rec- tion Room Committee 32 111e Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 'xecutive Board 2, 3, "I'1'ez1s- 1' 2, Vice-President 3, State lege Clubs Secretary 32 Phi Omega 2. 3. 4: Mirror 21 fls' Clee cilllh ll Ski Club 3, 42 Providence Workshop Massachusetts Alumni As- iation Scholztrship 3. IRAN W, JONES QMRSJ l"z11'111i11gto11 Home Ecotmmics 'me Economics Club 1, 2, 3. Phi N11 fjlllifgll 2. 55. 4: ls' Clee Club II fliiecillll- Cl11b 1, 2. 3, 4: State olztrship 4. SYLVIA J. I-IUGHEY Rockland Home Economics Recreation Roon1 Committee 32 Mixed Chorus 1, 22 Ski Club 4: State Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4. 'x' Ns! I 1 W ILSTON C. KEEWE PATRICIA H. HURLBERT QMRSQ Dover-Foxcroft Home Economics Coortlinating C0llIlCii IQ Mal- lett I-Iall President 3, Secretzlry 21 Dormitory Council 21 Cur- riculum C0lYllIlillCC 25 Recrea- tion Room Committee Chair- man 31 Home Economics Clttb 1, 2, 3, Executive Board 1, 22 Phi N11 Omega 2, 3, 4, Pan- Hellenic Representative 2, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, Vice- President 41 Orientation 3, 4Q Mirror 3, 41 Cheerleader 1 ,2,3. CATHERINE A. KING North Anson Home Economics N Hi' Q I Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, o J L moto EilJlllClll2ll'y - junior High 41 Lambda Epsilon 3, 41 New- man Club 1, 2, 4, Coordinat- ing Council Represe11t:1tive 21 State Scholarship 3. 4,- l THEODORE IONTA Dixlield Elementary - junior High Class Treasurer 2, 32 Student Personnel Committee 21 Mir- ror 1, 2, 3, 42 Effexleco 32 Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 41 Olf-Campus Club 1, 2, 3, 42 State Scholar- ship 1, 2, 3, 41 Olf-Campus Club Scholarship 3. STEPHEN A. KARKOS Wilton Ele1ne11tz1ry 4 Junior High Pl1i Sigma Pi 2, 3, 41 OfI-Cam- pus Club 1, 2, 3. SUZANNE A. LEBLANC Lewiston Home Economics Coordinating Council 4Q Christmas Formal Committee 3Q Budget Committee 31 Home Economics Club 1, 21 Mirror 2, 3, 4, Assistant Alumni Edi- tor 2, Business Manager 3, Typist 1, 2, Feature Writer 3, 43 Ejfesleco Co-Layout Editor 3, Business Staff 3, Senior Sec- tion Editor 41 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Calendar Commit- tee 3, 4, Chairman 43 Outing Club 1. THOMAS L. MACDONALD Eustis Elementary - junior High MARY E. LAGASSE Madison Elementary - junior High S.E.A.M. 3, 4, Secretary 3 Nomination Committee Chair- man 3, 42 Mirror Business Staff 3, 43 Iiffeslcco Business Staif 3, 41 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 21 W.A.A. IQ Plays and Players 1, 41 State Scholarship 2, 42 Choral Union 4. , , , Q ELEANOR A. MASON JOHN W, LASSO Augusta Elementary - junior High --G .11 , 1. Farmington MARION G. MEADER Elementary - junior High Farmington S.E.A.M. 32 Canterbury Club Special Education SANDRA H. LORD Farmington Home Economics Student Personnel Com 2, 3, 41 Home Economics 1, 2, 3, 42 Christian A tion IQ Octavos3 Girls' Club If Mixed Chorus 1 Oli'-Canipus Club 1, rl1l'CLlSl.lI'Cl' 3, 4, Board rectors 1, 2, 3, 4, Beaver's 2, 3. BRENDA E. MACKET Medway Home Economics Class Secretary 41 Budget mittee 21 Home Eco Board 2, 3, Hostess 2 ment Chairman 33 I Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Treas Mirror 3, 4, Business c Chorus 13 Plays and 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2: Scholarship 2, 3, 4. Ciub 1, 2, 3, 4, Ext ,R I ' c 2, 3, Secretary 31 Choral Union S.E.A.M. 2. ROBFRT I MILI AY ROBhR,1 M MITC HEI! Iopslitltl Mas.. Cmncl . inlcfiwllllufqy ' Junior ,'l'S'l Elementary - junior High 'ltanslet from University of Ch., ,' xl ,' , .Ch -il Maine: Ifllavlvm Business Staff ilsudn " ssochmon 4' 01" , . . . Union 4. 4 Skt Club tg 4. RICH ARD B. MORGAN Hallowell Elementary - junior l--ligh li.A.M. 21 Orientation Com- ittee 21 Soccer 2: Oli'-Campus ub 3, 4, Vice-Presitlen zston Conference Delegstte te: -ene lntervisitation 2. ll'lm'.w hu In .-l1l11'l'i1'1m ColIz'gr'.t' Rd l'r1itfe'r'.silies 4. t 4. KAYE-ANNE NORTON Gardiner Elementary - junior High 'retary Mallett I-lull 2: Dor- tory Council 32 S.E.A.M. 31 i Nu Omega 1, n ..,' 3 4 'rror Business Stall' 3, 4 .A.A. t, 2. 3, 4: 3- 4- Ski Club MARJORIE R. MORTON Bethel Home Economics Coordinating Council 2, 3, Secretary 31 I-louse Committee 45 Home Economics Club t, 2, 41 Lambda Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Keeper of Casket 3, Pan-Hel- lenic Representative 41 Ori- entation Committee 2, 3, 45 Mirror 31 Plays and Players 1, 2. 3, Vice-President 3, Council Representative 21 Ski Club 3, 45 State Scholarship 2, 3, 4. lr 5 LAWRENCE F. PLAISTED jOYCE L. PICKARD North Jay Augusta Elementary - junior High Home Economics S,E.A,M. 2, 3, 45 Phi Sigma Pi Home Economics Club 2, 32 2, 3, 4Q Mirror Business Stall' 4g Lambda Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Keeper Egerlem Business Staff 43 of the Casket 4: Mitral' 3: Track 41 Intramural Basket- Czmterbury Club 1, 22 Scholar' ball, Phi Sigma Pi Team 3, 45 Ship RCCilPiCHl 2, 3, 4- Off-Campus Club 1, 2, 3, 41 Ski Club 3, 4. C 1, C so NANCY E. NORWOOD VVarren Elementary - junior High Transfer from Aroostook State Teachers Collegeg Mallett House Committee 21 Student Personnel Committee 4g S.E.A.M. 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 31 Phi Nu Omega 3, 41 Mixetl Chorus, State Scholarship 3, 4. REBECCA L. PRESCOTT Dexter Elementary - junior High S.E.A.M. 1, 2, 3, 4: Christian Association 1, 21 Choral Union 41 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Li- brarian 31 Plays and Players 1. RODMAN E. REDMAN Bucksport Elementary - junior High mms? ANN M. POEHLER Lexington, Mass. Elementary - junior High Dearborn Hall Vice-President 4: Lambda Epsilon 42 Mirror 2, 31 Christian Association 1, 22 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice- President 4. Wy-Q'-" 1-1 -- L f--or -vers- RICHARD J. PRATT Skowhegan Elementary - junior High Kappa Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Pledge Master 4, Health Of- Gcer 41 Mirror 4, Business Staff 41 Track 3, 4: Ski Team 42 Ski Club 3, 4, Social Committee Chairman 4. BARBARA M. ROLLINS Faii-Held Home Economics Home Economics Club 1, 2, 31 Phi Nu Omega 2, 3, 41 Mirror Business Staff 1, 2, 3: Newman Club IQ Band 12 Ski Club 1: Winter Carnival Queen Can- didate 31 Kappa Delta Phi Sweetheart 3. SANDRA LEE ROWELL Harmony Special Education S.E.A.M. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Membership Chairman 4, Ways and Means Chainnan 3Q Mir- ror Business Staff 2, 3, 4, Fea- ture Writer 3, Typist 3, 4: Ejesteco Business Stall 3, 4, Business Manager 4, Plays and Players 1. MARILYN D. RAY Bath Elementary junior 1 - H S.E.A.M. 1, 2, 3, 45 Phi Sigma 3, 45 Mirror 2, 3: teco 31 Christian Assoc 1, 2, 3, 4. GAYLON F. RICHAR Dover-Foxcroft Special Education S.E.A.M. 2, 3, 4, Coordir Council Representative, Sigma Pi 1, 2, 3, 4, In ternity Council 43 Off-C Club, Ski Club 3, 4Q T 31 4- ARNOLD V. SANBORN Wilton lementary - junior High nsfer from University of ne. .M. 2, 3: Mirror Men's ts Editor 4: Varsity Basket- 2, 3. 4: Baseball 2: Golf 4: M.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Keene 'rvisitation 3. PAUL J. SCRUTON Cumberland Center .lementary - junior I-ligh npa Delta Phi 1, 2, 4, responding Secretary lj Na- aal Representative 2: Mir- 3, 4: Newman Club 3, 4: sity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Cap- 1 3, 4: junior Varsity Bas- Gall 1, Captain 1: Baseball .A.A. 4: Olf-Campus Club 5: State Scholarship 3, 4. PAUL A. ROY Chisholm Elementary - junior High NANCY A. SHAW North Fryeburg Elementary - junior High Coordinating Council Treas- urer 3: House Court 3: Dormi- tory Council 3, President 3: S.E.A.M. 3: Phi Nu Omega 4: Orientation Committee 3: Mir- ror 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Operation Magnet-University of Maine 41 State Scholarship 31 4- RICHARD H. SALMINEN West Rockport Elementary - Junior High Coordinating Council 3: Jun- ior Class Coordinating Council Representative: Budget Com- mittee 3: Recreation Room Committee 3: Kappa Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice- President 3: Varsity Basketball 3: junior Varsity Basketball 1, 4: Soccer 3: Baseball 3, 4, Man- ager 4. LEIGHTON S. SMITH Farmington Elementary - Junior High S.E.A.M. 3, 4: Kappa Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4: M.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Ski Team 3, 4: Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4: judiciary Com- mittee 4. ALMA B. SAWIN QMRSJ Farmington Elementary - junior High S.E.A.M. 1, 2, 53 Off-Campus Club 1, 2, 3, 4. PETER F. SELWOOD Augusta Elementary - Junior High Proctor Men's Dormitory 2, 3, 4: Kappa Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3: Band 1, 2: Soccer 2, 3: Ski Team 3, 4: Ski Club 3, 4: Calendar Committee 3: State Scholarship 1, 2, 3. DAVID A. STEWART Hallowell junior High Education Phi Sigma Pi 2, 3, 41 Band 2: Off-Campus Club 1, 2. 3, 4: Tenbartones 1. SANDRA J. TILTON East Corinth Home Economics Coordinating Council 3, 4: Class Treasurer lj Class Vice- President 43 Dormitory Coun- cil 1, 2, Secretary 1, 2j Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Executive Board 2, 3, State College Clubs Presi- dent 31 Phi Nu Omega 2, 3, 4, Secretary 43 Mirror 2, 3, 4: Newman Club 4: Glee Club 1. LOIS G. SMITH QMRSQ Farmington Elementary - junior High S.E.A.M. 2: Christian Associa- tion 1, 2, Commission Head 2 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3. BARBARA D. SPRAGUE Bethel Special Education House Committee 42 S.E.A.M. 1, 2: Mirror 3: Christian As- sociation 1, 2, 3, Secretary 3: W.A.A. 1, 2, Coordinating Council Representative 2: State Scholarship 1, 4. DONALD O. WAITE Farmington Elementary - junior High M.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. DONNA C. WARD Cli11ton Elementary - junior High S.E.A.M. 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 2, President 4, Member- ship Chairman 3, Conference Delegate 3, 4, State Meeting 3, 4: Mirror 1, 2, 3, Business Staff 3: Plays and Players 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Fresh- man Girls' Glee Club, Upper- class Girls' Glee Club 2, Choir 2, 4. DOUGLAS N T Winslow Elementary junior Budget Comm. 2: Faculty Entertainment 2, 3: S.E.A.M. 3 4 tive Comm. 3: Phi Sigm 3, 4, Assistant Corresp Secretary 2, Newsletter 3, 4, National Delegat f a El C Washington, D. C. Con 4: Orientation Co-Ch of Sing 3: Mirror 2, 3, 4: lem Layout 2, 4: Nc Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Newman 1, 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pri 2, 4, Student Director 2: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Oli-C Club 1: State S.E.A.M. ference Delegate 2: Scott Company Scholarship 1, 2, New England Inter-Col Band lj Beaver's Den 1, BRUCE E. TYNER Oxford Elementary junior H Coordinating Council s.E.A.M. 4, Y '!7f"'...'1f JEANNINE P. WHARTON Livermore Falls Elementary - junior High Transfer from Fort Kent State Teachers Collegeg Mirror Busi- ness Staff 4. AUDREY E. HERSOM QMRSQ Farmington Elementary - junior High Plays and Players I, 31 Chris- tian Association 1, 2: State Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. 1, 2: S.E.A.M. 3, 41 Egesteco Business Stall 31 Delegate CCUN Conference at Amherst 32 Phi Mu Sigma 4. SARAH F. WINGATE Sebec Elementary - junior High S.E.A.M. 2, 31 Mirror Business Staff 2, 31 Egesteco Business Staff 3j Christian Association 1, 2. DOROTHY P. MANN Livermore Falls Elementary - Junior High JANET ROGERS Madison Elementary - junior High Off-Campus Club 4. DENNIS G. TOWLE Augusta Elementary - junior High Transfer from Colby: Baseball 32 Intramural Basketball 3, 4. enior Class Believe it or not, the "Big Year" has come when we the Class of '63 take our turn in experiencing our "lasts" at F.S.T.C. Some of us are satlg others are happy as we face that big step - commencement. Completing a semester of student teaching, analyzing and interpreting a philosophers concepts and works, and fulfilling the miss- ing requirements for a major and a minor subject area are highlights of a senior aca- demic curriculum. On the other end of the scale are the spring events all seniors anxious- ly await. These include the donning of caps and gowns, marching practice, those last Final examinations, Last Chapel, the Alumni Banquet. The climax of our college career is the Commencement Ball followed by Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercises. WHO' WHO YU! Olivia Lynne Blanchard Aristid Maurice Bouchard Arthur Paul Crowell Helen Evangeline Dill Barbara Anne Fournier Elizabeth Joan Gamage Mrs. Lydia Norton Graham Richard Bradley Morgan 36 in American Colleges ana! UH1.UQVSffiQS Initially published in 1935, l'Vho's Who Among .Sl'LlllC'7'llS in Amcrimn Ulli1llf7'.Yifi6f6' and Colleges is an annual national listing ol' upperclassmen, nominated by a selected group of higher education institutions, as outstanding in qualities of scholarship, leadership, college citizenship and professional promise. The volume is comparable to other well known "X'Vho's W'ho" publications in purpose and arrangement. FSTC has enjoyed inclusion in this select listing for an extended period of years. 37 "1 X., 'Www H y I 0 E C V' YI I E E I: li 5:5 3 it ,gil . "W" JJ -1 Alg--f ff "5 9 ,r K . .. f ' - Y ,,.....4 4 V Lpfggingggqiqf-kgigj, f . 'A' ,. rr-0--LH fir, -, gr B... ' K A ,- f , ,if f H1 - - 1 . .gr ' 4 ,nal ' T.. A Z, ., "'- - ' ,. - ,. . . , '.1 -1:3 ' xv" E ' lf' J ' - .Q .- 331' Avwl ., ..,. .wr -. , ,.. A , , , , -.4 "L' "' 'A 1 ' .. f-"""5-1'-'-"' " ,G-,-q.i'4',ii ' --Mini-fi -f ,l l '. I' ',.4DP- ' ' - ' -A-agp 1 J, , 'ggi . , - . . J ,V ,I L 1 , ig? W +' , 1 , ' ' ' ' 3, v . ZA 1 5 '41-1 '11, Q :rw--' A-.QV 1 x C3UDP'7u7C1WmUZC mm'-EDP QQ, gig? 1 'H ? ls, 1 5? vii, X le x, .Q 23 "': , 'z ,, 4 Q '11 va.. 5 J "H QVEEH' A mg? " if' . E l Q 5 .Q X1 Q-5, ff z y T I u L Cnr Front Row: ll. Angcvinc. Second Row: W. Grillin, I Campbdl C Proulx B Brown B Dolan C Belry G Robbnns I' Willey. Third Row: B. Ioulg I1 Havant B Bxulgns E Rxce L Rown C Knowles The class bzlnquu hc.lcl ln M IV provldecl us Wllh 1 gl1'l tune to round out the year. IUNIOR CLASS Olfl-'ICERS l o gh! Mrs. Slmsm lloynton, Acusu llLlxLll SLC I Buck, 'l'rcas.: R. llrunn P Xheuu C XX Lhh, Vicc-Pros. 7 7 -fag C7 SOPHOMORE CLASS ELEMENTARY-JUNIOR HIGH Front Row: L. Mercier, C. Hall, M. Heinrich, D. Barron, M. Miller, C. Macomber. M. Gilbert, H. Foster, C. Kimball, B. Burrill. Second Row: B. Burrell, J. jones, P. Audet, D. Atwood, B. Heath, S. Bocldy, j. Basford, S. Erb, S. Eldridge, B- C3I0gCl'0. M. DeAngelis, Al. Malthieu, ll. Hersom. Third Row: C. McGee, R. Bates, T. Kelley, G. DeWitt, S. Millett, M. Hardy, LL. Lisherness, F. Fournier. Fourth Row: I.. London, B. Chadbourne, T. lleschaine, T. Goodwin, B. Crocker, T. McIntosh. CIasS of 1965 This was a successful year for the class of 1965 under the guidance of Mr. Gwilym Roberts and the leadership of the class officers. SOPHOMORE CLASS ELEMENTARY-jUNIOR I-IICLI-I Front Row: J. Reynolds. R. Tozier, B. Supp, I". Doane, D. Sanders, C. Wilmnn, D. Hodgkins N. Pillsbury, F. Johnson. Second Row: S. Sylvester, E. Osborne, J. Oliver, I.. Rollins, C. Walther R. Varney, A. Viles, B. NVeston, A. Trask, H. NVest. Third Row: D. Young, D. X'Vorcesler, C Varney, R. Taylor, R. Sullivan, B. Tripp, 1. Trundy, I--I. Oliver, G. Senver, W. Wakely. 3 gi 5 H V- 'I ""! M ,A-Q' SOPHOMORE CLASS HOME ECONOMICS Front Row: T. Mcfjluskey, G. Scwall, G. Taylor, S. Cushman, A. Dyer, K. Michaud, E. Little- Iield. L. Royal, Al. Espey, R. Littlefield. Second Row: L. Barnes, E. Eaton, E. Keith, S. Vinal, IJ. Brown, Fox, M. lJiCkil1S0H, M. Kus, C. Parlin, A. Studenroth, S. Patterson, F. Bussiere, J. Tuttle. Third Row: B. Quinn, Harris, D. Daggett, S. Dogherty, M. Brown, J. Caouette, W. Cunningham, M. Pomeroy, L. Treworgy, S. McLaughlin, B. Madden, J. Wass. Class of 1965 Professor Myron Sturbird was speaker zu the class banquet November 14. The class also sponsored the annual Carnival February 21-23. SOPI-IOMORIC CLASS OFFICERS Front Row: J. jones, Secretary: L. Mercier, Trexls- WINTER CARNIVAL BASKETBALL GAME urer. Second Row: M. Dully, V. Pres.: C. McGee. F.S.T.C. plays W.S.T.C., 40-D. Williamson, 12-P C. C. Rep.: 'I". Mclnlosh. President. Scruton, 32-L. Greeulaw. ..... L+. 43 Q' '5' 45' Q , EW' Q f ff , . m ,, , 4 , . , , , . . ,A J, ,1. I 'Al - Wi' a , -si 35' 3 X 91-W? Pfam , W Q Q " "M - -we -W" .1 , - ' cv , - - A , . ' ' 57 F 5 r Vg! xg' .Q Q? ' af Ra' rv tigr 'Amar ' 'am 4.-., , E .4 ,, Q W Fw f 42? , :fr , lil - ,li ' 'A ri? f :Qi- fm . K '+Li1?rary 5 H, " '-bm'-EA 5' k A WF. , ,L .v 'fl - x N -ag, is 1-, ' wh, FQ , 'L px-. Q 1 1 V X . 4- 'X Q N 1 1 1 V .L 1 , 1 A ESQ. if 1 mf r"'.','lf'A"f' is Iii 1' in ' In V 'L :W r I fi 1 sl' 1 L if! 's' Ml lih f 'W I ' ' 12556 , .!, ,1 - 1" 4 ,gf W- ' F5 N- , H W V 'Q 1 , ' ' 1 'T A - :v - . ,-is . ' , X 'A-1 Q, ' " " "M" A - 1 ' A , Pe 1 f 1' I 7- dz., 1 1 ' If' 1 I 3,1 .rj 157' -, ,11 1 1 ,1 5. ,. . . ' hi Q ,1 1 W Q - ' W 11 ,M ' , J 1 1 ? . 2 1 , 1 1 ' '1 W YW? -' 55 ' 4 f v Hum M Y 1 1 Y 1 11" 1 , N , it J 1 .1 Q, ,0- Y ,...-::x5E,,,.,3hl-E,g -fp., 1 1 I 111. 1 4... -1.3 Q 1, 1 11- 1 -D I s- 'i-I -. 5- 'iff : 11 1' . fi N Q ,r' 5,1 1 W 1' " i :' V, T liii.. 11 1- lg? V! K,,,f,gmg3,r ff , 'H A gl 7.1.57 K 11-fi ,, fi --V:,,E3,Z.1. . V g L-V L Q. 1- , V I.-f 4-.4-.H-A ,,.,,H- , , 1: , -Jlflgl,-Y,:.v. ., Y 4 , - R 4. Y -1 1 1 1 A ,x ' '-- , --.1 -r .I 0,111 fb- W ei 'TL - "H , . "" 3- " 1 --J." 11 'Q ' '+ 1 AS 5' H111 ' 1 A ,. ' 1 1 "?lf'w 1f"1" ,i ---lug. an gif. -14 A Ya h N Y, .gt - .,..z- V ,Ls !,4,'!-A4 -,J A, ' 1 - , V 1 f- 4. " ,gy - ' g'1f?ij', " U. . ' V b '-5" ' T' - 1 J 'J-,rm ' A Wa: . 'V' ' x:1!d'?':'5A! 'X -QL, A -:X-'E f' "' 'ff' N 1 V' ,L .J "5 A 1 A , 11111 '1 1 1' N, 'ff -- ,, . 1 '16---" +11 w'-H 7?-M - V 1.5133 ' , mf? -1 M1 V' ,GL lam lr Q IEA QM . Q, f- ,vt Y .1 . 1 A Z., J ' -..v - f-gp f" G P IT HN HELLENIC 0 Q MA R U5 r--nzcoo owes Q N I Q 'ilk P 5 1.6 cookomnvwfs courlcu. LU f UQ Uirll 1044- 33on Q V' 'P -X ,- -L Q 2 ..... Q Q A 3 ,S Ar fNI" .,... ' 6? 'Sa 3 2 VJ- -Q 'W 6-D G5 Y'-2, 2, C. J U5 G mv YD 40 E 4.5 ' 1... 1 " 90 l 39,9-P i "' 0? only 47 ADVISORY COMMITTEE t to Right: Dean Abbott, Mrs. Parker. Mr. Icaton Miss Hastie, Dean Mudge, Dean Williams. Mi Stofan. Comrnittees ADVISORY COUNCIL The primary purpose of the Advisory Council is to act as an advisory body to the President in matters pertaining to the in- tegration and coordination of all aspects of college welfare. The Council reviews ad- ministrative problems which have been re- ferred to the Council, identifies needs for policy study and makes appropriate referral for investigation, acts for the faculty in mak- ing administrative decisions of an emergency nature, and facilitates the exchange of in- formation and opinion. QIUDICIARY COMMITTEE The judiciary committee acts as a discipli- nary review board whose duty it is to main- tain justice for the student and integrity for the college. CURRICULUM COMMITTEE Icft to Right: R. Braun, Mr. Bigelow, Miss IVas- gatt Miss Hastie, Miss Wood, Mr. Stofan, Dean Abbott Wir. Fearon. BUDGET COMMITTEE Front Row: C. Bard, S. Boddv, Miss Wood. Strom Row: I.. Higgins, T. McIntosh. BUDGET COMMITTEE The Budget Committee consists of a chair- man who is treasurer of the Coordinating Council and the treasurers and faculty ad- visers ol' all student organizations receiving allocations from the student activity fee. It is the duty of the Budget. Committee to draw up the yearly budget for the allocation of the student activity fee. In accordance with this purpose, each treasurer presents an itemized budget proposed by his respective organization at a scheduled meeting of the Iiudget Committee. CURRICULUM COMMITTEE The responsibilities of the Curriculum Committee include the initiation of study leading to the development of policy, the consideration of policy problems referred to the Committee by the faculty, and the rec- ommendation of policy to the faculty, in matters pertaining to curriculum philosophy, objectives, organization, offerings, laboratory school experiences, and inter-college plan- ning. j UDICIA RY COMMITTEE Front Row: I.. Higgins, Miss Ksionzyk. Qtcond Row: Mr. Recd, S. Smith. ront Row: Vmal, L ORIENTATION COMMITTEE b . . host Student Chairman. RECREATION ROOM Co M MITTEE O. Blanchard, D. Brown, L. Higgins, Left to Right: R. Baudo, L. Greenleaf, B Iullcr . Brown, C. Snowman. Second Row: D. A. Duckett, L. Higgins, A. I-Iudon, J. Burns , R. Baudo, A. Hudon, B. Fournier, F. H. Dill, T. McIntosh, L. Greenleaf, Dean Mudge A sent' Mr Roberts, Faculty Adviser: J. THE RECREATION ROONI COMMITTEE TI-Ili ORIENTATION COMMITTEE The Orientation Committee plays a very important role in introducing the incoming freshmen to the campus of Farmington State Teachers College. Made up of students and faculty members. this group strives to make freshmen feel wel- come and at home in their first few days here. Through panels, sings, movies, dances, and picnics, it is hoped that the new students re- ceive a good impression of life on the FSTC campus. Tl-IE STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE This year we have had the following pro- grams: Malcolm Davie and his bagpipesg Doraine and Ellis, a musical comedy teamg Norman Kelley, operatic tenorg Gordon I-Iall, lecturer on extremist groups, The Bachelors, a sing- ing group presented during the Vlfinter Car- nival: Ted Iiumiller, hhn and lecture on his trip around the world, The Tradewinds, a folk-singing group. ST UDENT-I".-XCU LTY ENTERTAI N MENT COM MITTEE I'ront Row: S. Batchelor, Mr. jones, Mrs. Parker, C. '1hryer. Second Row: T. Deschaine, Mr. jack, C MCL ee. The Recreation Room Committee has had very little chance to function this year. The area was closed last year. As a result, com- mittee chairman Larry Greenleaf and C0- ordinating Council President Armand Hu- don, with the aid of the committee, have worked throughout this entire year in an attempt to develop a plan of operation for the governing of the area. It is hoped that by next year a feasible plan of operation can be found that will meet with college admin- istration approval. STUDENT PERSONNEL This is an organization of students and faculty members, whose function is to present problems that the students or faculty mem- bers may have concerning the college. The main task of the Student-Personnel this year was the presentation of a question- naire dealing with the chaperonage problem on this campus. As a result, we hope to have a more adequate chaperone system on cam- pus in the near future. STUDENT-PERSONNEL COMMITTEE Front Row: Dean Williams, Mrs. Parker Miss Ksionzyk, Mrs. Hayes. Second Row: G Marble Mr. jones, N. Norwood. :ill Left to COORDINATINC COUNCIL Front Row: A. Vilcs, R. Varney, P. Audct, P. Whitney, A. I-ludon, L. Higgins, O. lllamcliarcl, II. Fuller, G. Marble, A. Duekett, C. Snowman. Second Row: Dean Mudge, Miss Hastic. ll. Ange- vine, Espey, K. Pombriant, F. johnson, S. Botldy, E. Ingalls, N. Philhrick, D. Ward, C. Bowles. L. Rugan, P. Belivcau, Miss Hillman, Mr. Roberts. Third Row: C. Mcfice, l.. Crcvillt-arf, W. Potter, F. Tenney, R. Baudo. Coor inatin Counci Coordinating Council is the governing body ol F.S.T.C. Its membership is made up ol' the president ol' the college, four faculty members, elected representatives of all or- ganizations and classes, as well as its four elected officers. Coordinating Council assumes many re- CAMPUS MAYOR CANDIDATES Right: F. Tenney, F. Fournier, I.. London, sponsibilities for carrying out the college program. lt is responsible for selecting dele- gates to the Swampscott and liastern States Conlerences, and it sponsors intervisitation. The overall aim ol' Coordinating Council is to coordinate all factors into il smoothly run program ol' the college. COORDINATING COUNCIL OFFICERS Left to Right: P. Whitney, Vice-President I l-lig gins, Treasurer, A. I-Iudon, President. Abstnt O winner. Blanchard, Secretary. 1 1 - a i-f1 OI"l"-CAMPUS CLUB lfront Row: A. Crowell, li. Fitzsimmons, S. Erb. S. Lord. B. Knox, P. Frederic. Second Row: S. McClt-ery, I.. Thoinpson, D. Moody, j. Rogers, B. Tripp, L. Plaistetl, R. Hall, B. Bigelow, H. Foster, A. Trztsk. Off - ampus Club The Oil'-Cmnpus Club Consists ol' conunut- ing students who seek to berotne :tn integral part ol' the college and to share more fully in ztclixities on cannpus. The club proposes to bring ntenibers into it closer Contact with fellow students and promote :activities benefi- cial to the college. The club this year actively participated in Freslnttztn Orientation, sponsored the stu- Ol"l"-CA M PUS CLUB OFFICERS Icft to Right: A. Crowell, Council Representzttivve: B Know, Vice-President: ll. Ifitzsirntnons, President: S Lord Treasurer: S. Erb, Secretary. dent book exchange, held a pre-Veterans Day dance, and continued the men's intramural basketball program for commuters. Again this year the club offered two scholarships of 322351: to deserving students in the group. An emergency loan fund was also made avail- able to any member of the club with 21 finan- cial need. Henry Veilleux at the Game Box in the Snack Bal one of the contributions to the College by the Off Campus Club. F' 3195 :LE SHEAFFEKS PEN W pa f, ' Q X K-, S.E.A.M. Front Row: D. Atwood, R. Tozier, F. Johnson, N. Pillsbury, C. Bean, P. Audet, C. Wilman, B. Burrill, F. Doane, D. Aldrich, R. Varney, Hersom. Second Row: S. Stedman, P. Krah, E. Bell, C. Kimball, Wright, N. Wadleigh, S. Boddy, B. Dunton, D. Priest, J. Boddy, D. Holden, M. Adams, K. Larsen, R. Foster, J. Richards, M. Johnson, P. Clark. Third Row: W. Gould, C. Douglas, D. Lagasse, H. Oliver, B. Hardy, A. Bouchard, T. Dodge, G. Ham, J. Burns, A. Hudon, L. London, B. Crocker, L. Plaisted, T. Mclntosh, L. L'Heureux. ..A.. The Agnes P. Mantor Chapter of the Student Education Association of Maine realized a twenty-five per cent increase in membership over last year. The chapter was represented at the Peterborough, New Hampshire, Conference by Gail Barton, James Burns, Charles Thayer, and Donna Ward. The conference was based on the theme "Change Our Challenge", and the delegates found the exchange of ideas on this and other topics most interesting and enlightening. Other chapter-sponsored activities included high school Career Day, a panel discussion on Federal Aid to Education, presentation of National Education Week Assembly Speaker G- B,,m,,,, Sccrclaryg D. Ward, P,.eSidC,,,5 C. Dr. McCa1r1pbell from the University of Maine, and the annual Left to Right: J. Burns, Reporterg D. Fuller, His- toriang L. Alexander, Treasurerg Miss Low, Adviser: Thayer, Vice-President. lVI2lI'Cl1 play day. S.E.A.M. Front Row: S. Mlilson, G. Brackett, R. Harvey, Miss Low, G. Barton, C. Thayer, D. Ward, D. Fuller, L. Alexander, L. Carlson, J. Thurston, S. Bosse, S. Bell, F. Waugh, A. Eaton. Second Row: R. Morrell. R. Prescott, M. Lagasse, E. Gam- age, A. Fyfe, W. Callahan, M. Emerson, J. Bean, C. Morrison, J. Hancock, L. Brown, L. Higgins, S. Batchelor, P. Whit- ten, M. Merrill, L. Ham, N. McQuilkin, M. Havey, J. Emery. Third Row: P. Whitney, C. Puller, B. Thornton, C. Blakely, T. Lombard, O. Blanchard, J. Withee, F. Wadleigh, S. Tetreau, D. Moody, L. Rugan, M. Ray, C. Snowman, M. Witham, F. Tenney. Fourth Row: W. Potter, R. Tardif, D. Beverly, F. Hickey, R. Sirois, L. Tibbetts, V. Pratt, D. Williamson. ,,.- - .- ,-Tk W ,.- - v ...-at--"' - HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Front Row: J. Wass, L. Addorio, B. Colson, D. Brown, S. Harris, 1. Rote, K. Pombriant, B. Fuller, E. Eaton, C. Morri- son. Second Row: R. Fox, D. Daggett, B. Madden, j. Tuttle, M. Corson, R. Littlefield, S. McLaughlin, G. Taylor, J. Caouette, A. Studenroth, L. Royal, M. johnson, M. Brown. Third Row: B. Mayberry, T. McCluskey, M. Emerson, S. Pat- terson, B. Quinn, E. Ingalls, S. Tilton, P. Fortier, j. Chesebro, S. Cushman, A. Dyer, G. Sewall, K. Michaud, B. Bridges, M. Walker, L. Barnes, J. Fox, M. Pomeroy, R. Foster, S. Dogherty. Fourth Row: D. Aldrich, L. Dubord, C. Berry, C. Means, C. Bowles, A. Hanson, j. Hubbard, D. Coffin, E. Keith, B. Brown, C. Blakely, A. Fowler, C. Proulx, E. Doran, P. Pickering, E. Hcwctt, F. Bussiere, D. Lunden, M. Dickinson, G. Lachance, S. McCleery. Fifth Row: E. Littlefield, J. Bean, C. Knowles. G. Robbins, B. Towle, S. Rich, M. Winslow, W. Griffin, F. Campbell, E. Rice. Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club is the profes- sional organization for girls majoring in Home Economics. It is affiliated with the State Home Economics Association, of which Jane Gott was this year's treasurer, and the American l-Iome Economics Association. VVe aim to promote professional attitudes and interests by: 1. Providing opportunities for working with the faculty and other students. 2. Becoming acquainted with people in the profession ol' I-Iotne Economics. 3. Sharing the value of our profession with others. 4. Providing opportunities for the develop- ment of leadership activities. 5. Taking the first step toward professional recognition. 6. Seeking an understanding of all people. We have a busy year of activities ranging from state meetings, Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas workshop and our annual banquet to end the year. In November of this year we sent six delegates to the Providence Work- shop held at the University of Rhode Island. EXECUTIVE BOARD oeowcs TOQ Front Row: j. Espey, 1. Gott, L. Treworgy, D HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS 25' '55 Brown, S. Fitzpatrick, L. Rowe, B. Angevine, M Front Row: Mrs. Taylor: L. Rowe, President: Mrs. E ILE Willey. Second Row: W. Cunningham, S. Vinal, O Parker. Second Row: D. Brown, Treasurer: S. Fitz- 1. iq' Blanchard, Mrs. Parker, C. Small, L. Nodwell pHll'iCk. Vice-President. Es,r.f-- D. Pletts, J. Bailey, Mrs. Taylor. - V 'W' 1 i l i 53 DEARBORN HALL OFFICERS Left to Right: A. Poehler, Vice-President, L. Epps, President: J. Bailey, Treasurer: C. Bowles, Council Representative. Absent: P. Beliveau, Secretary. Dormitories DEARBORN HALL Our officers made a major change this year. For the first time we tried the voluntary sign out. We have had many good times this year, but our two major functions were our Christ- mas party and Faculty Tea. PURINGTON HALL One of the most outstanding events in the life at Purington Hall took place at Christ- mas time. All the girls decorated their doors and halls in order to show their Christmas spirit. A committee chose judges from the faculty at F.S.T.C. to judge the door decora- tions. The judges reached a final decision with difliculty because the decorations re- vealed much thought and a great deal of imagination. The Christmas events came to a close with a house party at Purington. In February the freshmen at Purington Hall proved themselves to be a talented group when they presented their Talent Show. In the spring Purington opened its doors to family, faculty, and friends. Everyone seemed to enjoy seeing the dormitory rooms and par- taking of the delicious refreshments served afterwards. f -lux . . X. , , f 38 f X x MALLETT HALL OFFICERS Left to Right: L. Brown, Treasnrcrg F. BUSSILIL Secretaryg C. Snowman. Council Reprcsentntnc l Holmquist, Vice-President: B. Angcvine, Picsnlcnt MALLETT HALL Mallett Hall girls have worked hard to or- ganize and sponsor various social functions throughout the year. Some of these activities include the following: a Halloween Dance which was opened to men on campus, a Christmas Party with faculty members as special guests, and a Valentine Dance. During the spring, the girls enjoyed taking part in the joint picnic with the other dormitories. The special event for this year, however, was Open House Day in the spring. Every girl worked hard to get her room looking spic 'n span so Mother and Dad could visit with pride and enjoy the refreshments which were served at this function. DORMITORY COUNCIL The Dormitory Council is composed of representatives from each of the women's PURINGTON HALL OFFICERS Left to Right: D. Lunden, Vice-Presidcnt M Brown, Secretary-Treasurerg C. Walther, Prtstdcnt -DORMITORY COUNCIL Front Row: N. McQui1ken, B. Angevine, A. Studenroth, O. Blanchard, J. Hersom, L. Rowe, j. Bailey. Second Row: W. Cunningham, M. Dickinson, Mother Raynard, Mother Dundas, Mrs. Fowler, C. Walther, M. Pomeroy. Absent, Dean Williams. dormitories on campus. The four elected representatives from Mallett Hall and Pur- ington Hall, the two elected representatives from Dearborn Hall, the dormitory presidents and head residents, the Dean of Mfomen, and the College Nurse, meet together in this coun- cil once a month. Dormitory problems are discussed and general dormitory rules are set up. The council promotes efficient dormitory organization and functioning, as it strives to make dormitory living as comfortable and pleasant as possible for all women students. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Presidents or vice-presidents of the three sororities, elected representatives, and a faculty adviser from each sorority compose the membership ol Pan-Hellenic Council. Miss Ruth VVilliams, Dean of VVomen, serves as our adviser. Major activities of the year include the fall Pan-Hellenic Formal and the freshman pledge parties. Working together on pledging, rushing, and in other areas gives the members a chance to practice true cooperation. PAN-HELLENIC Front Row: Miss Wasgatt, S. Batchelor, Dean YVilliams, C. Snowman, R. Harvey, Mrs. Taylor. Second Row: B. Angevine, B. Bridges, E. Gamage, O. Blanchard, C. Bowles. x"X v .?J li 5 .fd gin 'N-.5 "hs,-. .pd-, .V -5 1 1 '2 I 'e Qi vl a ,., ,.r- ,fl --se-A -42-A Lambda Epsilon Service to the community is the goal for many of the activities of Lambda Epsilon Sorority. Every year, Thanksgiving baskets for the Home for the Aged and Christmas caroling at the same place are among its activities. Initiation of new members and a formal banquet at the jefferson I-Iotel in lNaterville LAMBDA EPSI LON PLEDGES Left to Right: J. Espey, S. Patterson, B. Madden. .Gi LAMBDA EPSILON OFFICERS Left to Right: C. Snowman, Mrs. Taylor, Adviser S. Tetreau, A. Duckett. began this fall's activities. Later many college students enjoyed the Sadie Hawkins Dance, which is annually sponsored by Lambda. Rushing parties and the April Cabaret held the Lambdas' attention during the spring semester with house parties as the final event of a busy year. lAA"'.'f'7f,f'l ' "vm-,If-f "l15'Q'.2l5I'g'iJ 1-.U 5'-,. ,L Y -..T ., . L., wus? A" 3 'V' 'X , ip. '- 1. T 5 '.-'rf .J .1 lf xi ?-..-' 'jig--1':'k5i:IU 4' -1' iii f' fl, 1 - H Q ' Ai , ' i ,- ti 2 -at ft V- X ' 't J? 1' v ',i .1 - -T-f-ff 'I ic. 'fi l tr, L. 'i?j..t.. 15325 i:L.L.L. ,lcukzcc '.ff?R:ai :-RS. 1 --1 f-1 v .f-rv ! n 1 N, W x gg-rw Nl-- ,...,, .4 1 . s V.. x Bu -my '1 ff '2 Phi Mu as U ii' i I l 1 iy . 'I O fi i' ' P' 3 iq H fn - J VY N I 4 l PHI MU SIGMA OFFICERS Zi V- i .aa f 1 Left to Right: L. Rowe, Treasurer: B. Bridges. a Presidentg R. Harvey, Vice-President. Phi Mu Sigma's goals stress friendliness, Later in the year the members work hard leadership, sincerity, and service. Its mem- to make their annual Scotch Fair and show bers work together in many activities during a success. The Silver Tea in March helps the year. the group to contribute to the Cripplecl Chil- Initiation ol new members in the early dren and Adults Fund. fall and the formal banquet start the year's The annual house party, which is looked activities. The Christmas party and the cols forward to all year by all Sigmas is the final lection of gifts for needy children are high- event for the group. lights of the Christmas season. PHI MU SIGMA PLEDGE CLASS Front Row: L. Thompson, l.. Barnes, D. Taylor, D. Atwood, B. Burrell. Second Row: D. Daggett, M. Willey, J. Jones. L. Rollins. Third Row: S. Boddy, W. Callahan, G. Bracken, D. Sanders. rm.: 'f kd -i --gggfi o f,iJ,.-Lfilrs m .,riL.QQ,s 1,1 1 e' ' In I ,gil mn' 11'-ll :Q :'i "rq"'iAl-I"!ilil V -l X2 -'H-lb. ' 'Hill gl-Jr - iv rn' A vw l. I-"IA lit'-F i?i-ijt.: NY? 112 yy w Ll I 3-5 Ty, lgliifjt -.'-EWLJ' .J ' . ,T 'vjy ,:' ,il .JL Xi, -J J'-I 1. -sl-If '-'fl' 'if' ll". If . 1 , -MQ, wil ',,LF' i-mn l"-.E-.gil 'L i - - -.W qu JI-. . I K . . . J e. . i I Jr . ,- . .4 . . e L- -, ff 1 -an - ,. . .-.-.-,W ...HMA .. la b I. 'l X, 19 w .,,...1 . ......,..,., ..... ., eil' 'L . E .i ,1' "'.'f' . ,,-., F 'la Q V - 6 ' ' 1 1 A I 3 1, m ,. 5 V 1 A A Q wi fp' ,, 5' ' . ' 'f " M' fl 1 W wg 1 3, . 1, f , 'L N J f fm If ' If '-x, ,.,,. K vi? fu- 1 H , h I ga. I . .Q -zu Q . , ,,,.. -V - i I .nr 4 A ' V ,I . .. ., .b F... -.-J ,,,,..-...-. Q 'h M ' W W A ' ., H QJW rv "gl ,fi ' ' 'f'i1Q'f'7' ' 1' " - " V.i..1 .TY ,YY Y-.Y Y. Y -Yw?i ?.-f? Phi I1 Qme a Once again, the friendly, neighborly sisters of Phi Nu Omega have had a busy year. The year's program started with the dreaded but long awaited initiation. At Thanksgiving the sisters made tray favors for a nursing home and the hospital. During the Christmas season, in addition to making favors for the same institutions, the members sang carols and held a Christmas party. PHI NU OMEGA PLEDGES Left to Right: P. Audet, M. Dickinson, B. Burrill. PHI NU OMEGA OFFICERS Front Row: S. Batchelor, Vice-President Miss Ksionzyk, Adviser: E. Gamage, President Second Row: B. Angevine, Pan-Hellenic: S. Tilton Secrc taryg F. Holmquist, Librariang H. Dill, Treasurer A highly successful slave auction was the opening event of the spring semester. Then the Omegas began working on the major project of the year - the minstrel show. This was followed by spring rushing and the for- mal banquet. The excitement of the house party brought another year of activity to an end for the Omegas. . 1 a i . l .i 1 i 'X ' i F i f - ,. -,,H,... , . I .,n . L I 7.77, 1 I X I , , ..,,- , . , I' V I T ..,.. I AIX - ,,.. -Tn lI II! , A. I T IJ XX L I X. VI XMYXIIIV I, X I XXII XXL X X XXX X """'f"-?"""M I ' It I I W ' I I I, I 'i Il ,.-,WI fl .TI A' ii.XiiQT' X I I I W MI I A I 'I I 'I ' T1 1 'XI ' I Ii ,I fn III IQi nii'f? I LII-'1 1' I Ir' l IfII I4 IE'-'Y' j.-I.QQfflIQ,-.,! I r 71" III I I Q' 1 I If 11 if l 'II -'iL IIfIIII II1 I I It I I III! WI If T-iIIl-Ili ,J T,,-!,.X,JL,.f X ii: fl, I I KXA L ' uiii-w HI' II' 'III fff' ' I XYf ""'ffI'iTi' Zfiwv I Q1 pr I I I ff I -.I 7QjTiT? 5, II3 Ii it ,Q IFA I , W, ,I 'IJ I ,I ' , 1--f ' -,.I,g.X -.I..-,,-,.I' ,, I if IT 1 I iXXX I, W-'IIIIXSIQ 'lfm1WIQ'7'QfII I XX '21, if I IIMWJEIII HI vffHlI:zz m'LQQIi fffflfjxjv WX X In I III III T' 1 ' I " '-" " I X ,Il I I III I J X X X1 X III I I af:-QQIL, ,,X,I I II- ap I 1 In I 1 1 "'1'4'-5' Y ii, I L-A-I nhl I: EI' UI f!'I'LiHIYW wifm EEE EE5 II mm I ITIII 'LIIIAIY iIL2ij':III Isrxiz TJ! 'IIIIILQ-IdIa5.HxIhqg,BQQIQIEVQZQI 'l'IT 1'g i ,WISE ifx E 'FW RI' VMI'-H IIFKVIIIV E II ' fl' "411:'J11'mZ W IK Y HI-Www I fi IJ f "' III :..'D LPI ' I' 4' I 4-I I I I I, I-H -- X XX- X: X Q. , M-I. I I- EEE XXX IX..5,5. ,X,i,1XLi.X XM,:,,: ..,, IW,,X5Qfm!m,.g?IErX,fnXXXX?X?X-Ulf: V... if ..W,, II! ,,L, l W 5 L X I' XXX mi.F5:,,,XXX:5 'Xi I I - I I I I I I I I I I I I - II-I, I K-I fl I my fI3f mIIg1. III 1 f 'l lil? I I . J f 4 -- 4, ' Y gi. 1, I NI 'A g',TT,'i"IL7f':+:'fIM ' 'L-H Ir' Q- ,III -I I ' II I .I I I ,I ' I I, I?f'IIfIAI'h-'gf QW lIi"IiieI5si5 ' ' ' "LI I'IIw-2f'fI2ii3' I--4-I I I I ' I ILITT? siizgifz W M I fgilL:ff?:fLX ' p, I f,, fi , 1 , " I WSI",-,""-'1'I I ' ' qi ig:."'S'i'f.-1T I'-If-I-'Q-Ifixi' I I ' -' 'I'.f.z'fII "' " a im' ilu? I"' 25.ISfj2IaI'V.I1MII'-,II--fI,III - -'I 1 S25 '-I-I I ' I is I1 E I I 'II1 III-MPI I I I -VII 4 54 I-' :,:oIp 2 'UIQ' wIlI'II'f.E 'I'QI.II.-II ip I ,I II'-1 . I N- ,, . , . , '. , ,.,'I I.,1,'g.5. ,... ,4,z,.g-.,, I F 5,541 ,,.I'iI1.'I5,-,II.,1.., , I -lf? . ' ff' 'If I "' i 'T ,. - I II 1'I"If'Wf' "wk 4 iII2'I13I rig, -I' f I Wk WI ' VI., X X' Ia. Af-I Inj. X X X I E5 .fjj:lfJ4:,.y5' ' ': Z v LQXIII X II: X I kj? X X .LIL VI: .X Egi ' . X M. ' , ,X . XI? X IA Z Z ' X 'I-,jf-IX,,' .X? I I -Q I f I I+ I 4 ' 9 I M ia I ' Iv, Ir WI-f'f'IIIg"VfI'f - I - I Ir' I 'I I V I II I I I I H-I ' I i ,II IGI'fII'iI',i:.Q I : if I I I I I I x I I I Af' I I , ' EF - I X XX WIT I' E7 I I I ' II ' I .In , ' 'f I . XX III I I 1 7 l A 'aI-' I ' - ' 'I-'I ' I I ' ' ' , VI ,I , I , X f' .,I I ' AI I' .R I O, , . " 9 if T lx :X-' Is ' N XIII I I III I ,I In I , If I XI I I I . I I I' X YA .I I X. A - XA , . . 'T I' Q I Ii' I . sr A I ' JW , I I I I I I W y I .,. :gXXa!'..1.IS H .,1,, I' 'V ' 07 Xi XX Ps-ia 7 -.Q , X I f' 5? X. " '- ff' - 1 I ' 1 x 'fb ' "K . " EI ' JI' A I Q A ?,II L ii sg IQ! R13 .. X ,Q ' L 'M' Q Y p Img II A I I , M ..--I ..i 1 Ivff -,.-I I I I ' J f , I I - il ,4, 1 gk Z ,, W' - I I , r - VS' N1-1 ' E fl Ii I ' . -Ie-I I . - ,P I- ,I -- VK KX. X V L , X X ..,. Vw. - I-4, V. A.. Y ..,1, g ..- f,I....,XX1. 1 V X ,X .TX -.. .,. f. ,,u ,X.,,,V - Kappa Delta Phi Dlll'lllg the college year ol' 1962-63, the brothers of Kappa Delta Phi saw their plans for tl1e new Kappa house become a reality. Yet this building is just one of the many activities undertaken by the brothers of Kappa this year. Others include an exten- sive alumni program, the annual Kappa week, including tl1e Kappa minstrel and for- Illill, preparation of programs for all home sports events, and open and closed dances. The fourteen members of this year's pledge class have proven themselves to be true "Kappa men" in spirit and brotherhood. As usual, Kappa men have stepped forth to represent Farmington State Teachers Col- lege in its athletic program. In addition to maintaining two intramural teams, Kappa is particularly proud of having a majority representation on all starting teams. Expressed by the variety of leadership posi- tions held by brothers of Kappa, this quality ol' a well-rounded fraternity was again real- ized. Many thanks go to the excellent guidance Zllltl work ol' our adviser, Mr. Burleigh Shibles. KAPPA DELTA Pl-Il HOUSE From September, 1937, to October, 1961, tl1e old Abbott School Residence served as tl1e home of tl1e Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity, Farmington State Teachers College. On October 4, 1961, this property, way beyond practical repair, was sold to a business con- cern in Livermore Falls. One year following tl1e sale, Everett Vining began building tl1e new Kappa Residence at tl1e lower end ol' Lincoln Street, very close to tl1e college CEIIIIIJUS. VVe were very lfortunate in securing nearly three acres of land. Our new l1o111e is a two-story wooden struc- ture, providing housing for twenty-four brothers, lt will include twelve student KAPPA DELTA PHI OFFICERS Front Row: j. Hanley, Treasurerg R. Brann, Vice- President: L. Greenleaf, Presidentg R. Baudo. Nat'l Representative. Second Row: R. Holt, Chaplaing D. Beverly, Historian: R. Pratt, Health Oflicer. rooms, house mother's apartment, two bath- rooms, day room, recreation room in the basement, and an inftrmary. It will have the IICWCSI features in heating, lighting, and fur- nishings. Our own active brothers of the Zeta Chapter have pledged a considerable sum of money toward tl1e furniture for the house. Our new residence will be open to the brothers with the start of the school year, September, 1963. HONORARY MEMBERS judge Benjamin Butler, Mr. Wfilliam Har- rison, Mr. Robert Bigelow, Mr. Raymond Magno, Mr. Roger VVing, Mr. Ross Fearon, Mr. Albert Doran, Mr. Lawrence Stofan. KAPPA HOUSE 1 N X , V ' V I M.,-ws., V '. ' W I . ,. ,. 3, k-,'.,:.q,!.u.'.-in ' - , y 'Q ''iii':.'.2fi'i,v?i1i-in 5,.E'432.L- . ., , , ,. .,V,E. Z, , ,.,, . - W. , W ,',. ..,..-..+,.- ,H .. H . - - v -- - - 1iiieFf'f-g?w+f.f ffm? f - 3 ' ' ' I. -, -D. N "T X. Q52 ' .. '. . ',,'. ,H - . 5. . -H ,, - r' ., . ,, vu. rn ' A' ff.. , .. . ., . y- . i f 1 I kg? ' iii? 9 'H As Q ' .I ml! i Phi Sigma Pi VVilh growing conhdence in it strong brotherhood, Phi Sigma Pi maintained and improved the high standards which it has set for itsell' on the Farmington campus. Personal dignity, honor, and honesty serve as guide posts towards personal, fraternal, and collegiate improvement. This strong code unites our nationwide brotherhood into the leading professional fraternity for men in education. I-ligh points ol' the year would have to in- clude attendance at the national convention held in lvashington, D. C., by four local brothersg the October initiation ol' twenty- three promising pledges including Mr. jud- kins and Mr. Sinskig several professional meetings which helped keep our brotherhood abreast with the latest. problems, changes and techniques in education. PLEDGE CLASS OF '62 -5,5 GUY PHI SIGMA PI OFFICERS Front Row: H. Veilleux, Asst. Secretaryg Mr. jones Adviserg P. Whitney, Presidentg A. Bouchard, Vice- President. Second Row: G. Webb, Treasurerg C Thayer, Sccretaryg R. Thibodeau, Chaplain: 'I Burns, Historiang W. Potter, Council Representa- tive. This year brothers enjoyed a well-rounded social life which included parties, dances, sings, annual pre-Gorham rally, spring extra- vaganza, Founders Day Banquet, snow sculpturing, college and community work pro- jects, intramural basketball, inter-chapter activities with Omega Chapter of Gorham and publication ol' our alumni newsletter The Blue Knight. For the brothers who wear the purple and gold this has been a good year, we have done our best to make it a good year for the col- lege. As senior brothers leave Farmington and Beta Gamma Chapter ol Phi Sigma Pi, all stop and remember that fraternity life is something which can never be fully described, understood, or replaced. . l , . 1 ' l l -, Y, lc I LAYOUT DEPARTMENT - EFFESTECO Front Row: F. Tenney, Men's Sports: L. Overlock, Captionsg B. Thornton, Captions. Second Row: E. Bell, Typistg K. Clay, Layout and Typistg C. Thayer, Layout: L. Tibbetts, Layout: L. Rollins, Layout. Eflesteco With the help of Miss VVood and Mrs. Wells as co-advisers, the Ejesteco staff has worked together this year to create the 1962- 1963 yearbook. Its aim is to portray Farm- ington State 'Teachers College in all its aspects-the buildings, the people, and the activities of our growing college. ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY - EFFESTECO Front Row: N. Philbrick, Art: C. Wilman, Photog- raphy: M. Jordan, Art. Second Row: H. Oliver, Photographyg L. London, Art: L. Brooks, Photog- raphy: G. Bard, Artg j. Burns, Photography. :1 P 3 Y , j' , 5 y i T J 5 -T? I ' Q 1 y , . 1 I Y ,I . .rn I X .K LJ! .2 N J EDITORIAL STAFF - EFFESTECO Left to Right: S. Cram, Assistant Editor C Poulm Editor: Miss Wood, Adviser. EFFESTECO STAFF Editor - Cecelia Poulin Asst. Editor - Sharon Cram Layout - C. Thayer L. Rollins K. Clay C. Seiders L. Brooks D. Taylor P. Moores J. Reynolds L. Tibbetts A. Hapgootl D. Brooker Business Manager- S. Rowell Senior Editor- S. LeBlanc JVIen's Sports - F. Tenney N Typists- . Barschdorf L. Bell D. Taylor K. Clay P. Moores Captions - L. Overlock B. Thornton C. Puller Photography - H. Oliver J. Burns C. Wilman Art-N. Philbrick L. London M.jorclan T. McIntosh t ' I J v l lf ll , , li 't r YJ -P? MIRROR EDITORS to Right: K. Pombriant, S. Sabin, B. Angevinc. The irror l-leaded by our editor, Steven Sabin, and our adviser, Miss Eleanor XVood, the Nlirror put out a total of live issues this year, with l FH.f1G1f'1f mittee TMMIIIOI SGIIIV lfllllblllll- Nfllffli' Mwm J Md.. . mums courses mums Alt sm ......,........... ............ ...-.....-... EJ:i'T.'?f:'.': Ill DOUIT ll l0ln IIGISMTUII ................. .........-.............. ........ ... -... ...,.......:......: . m.. "'TI.'1....:M....1....'..... .- . ... ,.. .........-.... .................... ... ........... --..........- ..-,--.-........... -1-M mf.. .......t ........-b..-.-......-.......... - .fn-...n,.,...4-4.-..-na-4-,au .-.-....:..., -.......... .A .............-........,..... ..... ,,"-',,,,7-'-",,,L,.,,5-A E--L-'L---'---3 N5 t4u.f..r.....4.n.4...-M.-.'.p...u.i..4. ,.....,..-.,... -.:......"'...,..""'.., .--.......,.t.......-.....,.............-,....... .......1...J.::.- ......-........... 3:--5----7-J-7--v----f-u-5 ...... . .. ..................... ..... ...... . ..................... ....... ........ .. ..,..........-. ,..,..........,..,.. f.........,.............. -v-- ---.--.-.-M 1 .............f .mC......L... .4 ..- Hqwhnt ...uma num -p ' ."""' "" 'V' ....-..::........ .......p.t..:'.. U--1 f.'C'...."""..'2 '3.'I."11 """" """ ' u............,..... ...-....n. ..... a................. ...... .................. ....,........-.- ...,............"'1. .......-......-..... ....,......"'r'.... .................,. ................... ... . ... . .. ...- ....,............::: ........... -.......1.... ...............,- ................ ........,.......... .................... .........v...... .... .........,...-.- ........T.....N... ..............,- -...7..........: .......-..,.....,. .......-......,.. ...-...................,........-..-......- ........... ....... ...... ..... .........,....... ...,..........,... t..-.........-. ....-..-.....u... ....... "...... .-:...2.......'... ................. :-:f....--.:'.... ,mm-N hh .....:......"'.'.... -.....:1:-""L. ::':'...""'....:""..- ..-."'.....':...i .,...........""... ....:r.""""' r.,...,I,,.,.,.. ,,,,,.,,:,,.,,,,,,... ....5..:E....:.: .,.........-...... 4...:r..m..... -r."..::...""t'. .L :n:':tL....T':.'1 ..""...........':.- ' " 'H ................. .... .........- ....,.. .. .................,. -.... .....-... -..... ,...:z.....,.,..:........':.. ,......,.. -..l..... ..., .............. .......-......... va...---..H L"..'L"..Z I.g""' 'L-.".'3.:".'.." " .2'2..""...':... WI: L-.."'-I-'1.."'... """ ........-...... ..........:.v: --:..........t:-.- ... -...-- ,............::: -, . ............ .t....,......-..... .....................- -........v....b hmmm I ......"'T.'.. :....:..,..i,.....,,..... .... .... ............,... ... . .-....... u......,.-4 ...uv-....,....... .....E2......'T..... ...........-.L........."'J .-t....a.......-... ........-......... ........1....-...... .f-............l..-.... .-.....,.. -..... ....... .......-..-n In-,..........-.4 s.......,.....4..... .....,. ..... .. . ...U-....-......... --.......-............. .......-.....,........ .,....,... .....-............... -...--............... -................r.. ,.......,-.,.......- .,.,.............-4 ..........t...-.. -t......,......... f.-.M-.. ........- ,.l..-...v..-.... t.. -...f...,.... . ..s............,....... .............-..-....-. -..t.....--v-1..,.4, ..--.-...-...........- .-.. -f.,......7"',.... .......-..............,. ..+.l....,........... ...........u.......m- u.-s...-....f...... -....,......-........... ....,................ ....t........u........... '...........'..4 tt..- -1-.--.-................. -..........t...,...... ...A-,.....-...... .................l.-.,.-4. we ..,............-......... .,......... ,..,.,.t. ...-.,.....L'...t... .... .. ....... ..... .....-.t .....t.. I-...t........ ...N .Ms ...".i.......-......?.. v.-.... 51-.. ...,. - L- N.. v... ..."1'...., w-...............-. n. .-., ..... ,..t H. ..... .-...-.., . .......,........... .............,...... ...- .... .. . ....,.. .. ..'.. ... ..x, ........-..-.... .......-1. ..-Lt :':1...:.f...,.'r,. .::.: .,....z ..L.,.....,...... ... , ......... .,,,. I-......1.... .... .T....... g, M-'L-3333 .....""....""'..."..r.. ""'.t... .. .... .. ..... .JJ ......""..-":. Elf "" ' H' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .............. .. ........-....... .Mn-.AM -,,,,,,-,M-,,-, H-1 ,nw-,M . :,,,,,.,, ............ ,....... .. .............. .........,,.. .. .. ...,. ....,.,, , ,,,, H , 5, , .. U.. .. . . ............. -..,.......::- ......-.........- ,,,,,,,.,,,m-, .,... ...,........ ....a.............. .. .. ........ .. . .......,......... ,,-,,, hw., :...:.,..... .u.:n.r.:A ::.:.....,.... .....1...'....-,...... r... f. .... .. -43. ---"3 -'- - -T ::.:1:.r:.:::'.." ':r"":.:"t'? ::1:'-':".,"'7: :------- 7: -7, M-,gg-3 .... ......t... ... ..... ...., -., . .... -. ....-..",.... .."L7.' .'L"."..17:..,'1'T..'1'!. ,. gm ,. ,, N, ra... .:......-L-... ::u.m:.::....... ... 1... .. .rr :. .... :............. ....,.. 3-5 .4-q-gf:-:J :4..""'.....L:'5.. ...'-".... .....-.z.....n....., ...':'..-:....i...Q.""..... ..'r...."'5..:.':."""- ,-,""',,,,,1,,Q,',"'y,'f ....."'........."""" :',,................ ,......,:...,."". ..:.:'...'J::'L."".. ,N W .,..............,...:.: ... . .. .. ...... .., .,:..nJ.A.:.....-... ..- .. ... .. .. , .............- .....,.-.-,.....,.. . ...,...... ,.................. ...,...,.......... ..,............... .... 4 ..., ..,.- . ,,ggb,7g-5-g,'-:gg-1 ..,,. ..... . .... ... ............ n..,..... .....'1,..........,.. ,..........3. "' ,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,!,,:L ..... ... .. .. . ........ ,.,. ... .... .................,., ,W ,.,,,K,M,. .........,.. ...I ...ut "-gf -1-'f 7- -I f-t1- 4---t-.4 .-.M-..-. M.. 1: .-..- ...t......."".. .......... ,... N ..,,, ,,.. .1 .. .M ,,.. ... . Ihm, , ,dd ....."':.. .............l-v.----5'-'yr-1,:'Lg, ?.. -4 -1---,-. rm- T- - 5-,-M -M ::.: ' ' - ,......,.....-.. 4::1':::-:'- iz'-..,-'-.:-.-r M -1 U4 , ---,M in Mtch .L .n.v:....n:.: 2.-.::.L::.:..w'1e. ......... ..........1.. s..:. 24... ...-.... .---.-.. --.- ..... ,,E. .-..,.. .... .2 ... ' '------'-- - M-an ,M M-'MH-Mu .. . .- -.................. ............... .-..........""':,.:',,2,,,,,,NL L-Hn bl .7........ N ..3............... W,-Q-,.,,,p'm PM N ,.. ... .-........... - .............. -1571:--T Li. .7:.L:.-J.: :.......,."",...."".... ."'a. .:'.:"l'31 :.'::':.'-.,--. '- -,,-M,-,gg-g , ::::...:1-T: ........-........... .............. ....,...................-......,..... H :---g:,:--- g--?----- MIRROR REPORTERS AND FEATURE WRITERS Front Row: N. Philbrick, N. Miller, B. Fuller B Thornton, C. Wilman, D. Brown, S. Vinal, J Thurston. Second Row: D. Williamson, T Mcln tosh, R. Pratt, D. Clayton, O. Blanchard, L Brown S. Cram, R. Baudo, C. Thayer, J. Burns. the final issue being published by the Journal- ism classes. We, the staff, hope we have included items of interest for each student. These articles have included not only campus news of in- terest and enjoyment, but also those items which might help to broaden one's outlook on and knowledge about education. MIRROR TYPISTS Front Row: J. Espey, L. Royal, G. Bard, A. Fabrizio, B. Thornton. Second Row: R. Pratt, J. Rote S Batchelor, D. Moody, E. Keith, S. Vinal, H Olivcr T. McIntosh. .zm.LTasmt1t.1f jt"Jl1l . tl wi Haul ' i!f.,lJ rf' CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Front Row: L. Royal, D. Sanders, T. McIntosh, M. jordan, N. Philbrick, ll. Fuller, W. Calla- han, C. Thayer, L. Rollins, G. Brackett. Second Row: G. Lisherness, I. Trundy, B. Mayberry, B. Bridges, S. Boddy, F. johnson, R. Harvey, C. Snowman, j. Burns, C. Puller, B. Thornton, -I. Vlithee, M. l'Villey, Cram, L. Brown, E. Doran, T. Deschainc, S. Hinkley. Christian Association The Christian Association is an organiza- tion which strives to provide Christian friendships and guidance for Protestant stu- dents on campus. The goals of C. A. are achieved through lflforsliip, Study and Action. This year's activities have included Vespers and Holy VVeek Services, United Nations VVeek and Worltl University VVeek. Also this year many of our members have served at Shorey Chapel in Allens Mills. The delegates who attended the National Council of Christian Associations at the Uni- versity ol' Illinois were Thomas Deschaine and Ivan Trundy. C. A. thanks all who have made this year a success, and a special thank you is extended to Mrs. Dorothy Abbott, our new adviser. ww., . 5 C. A. OFFICERS ,cb Left to Right: C. Thayer, President: N. Philbutlt Council Representative: D. Fuller, Secretary Il C. A. DELEGATES TO ILLINOIS N Callahan, Vice-President, M. jordan, Publicity T Left to Right: I. Trundy, T. Deschaine. McIntosh, Treasurer. 'fnrrf I A v I 1 l 'ST' .ff NEWMAN CLUB Front Row: P. Fortier, M. Dickinson, P. Audet, L. Mercier, D. Maguire, G. Bard, B. Weston, G. Marble, M. Lagasse, Mr. Sllifilll, Adviser. Second Row: R. Mathieu, K. Marquis, G. Seaver, L. Adtlorio, K. Mullaney, j. Sullivan, M. LaVercliere, P. Day, G. LaChance, M. Kus, J. Caouette, liosse, I.. l.'l-leureux, W. Wakeley, A. Hudon. NCWHIEIH The Newman Club, the Catholic organiza- tion on campus, provides spiritual, mental, and social opportunities lor its members, ln- tcraction between member and member, group and group, and group and community is evidence ol' such opportunities. Activities are varied. They have included: a. Connnunion breakfasts b. Christmas projects c. Host club for regional meetings Dances Participation in National Newman Club Convention Purpose is important! That is why the Newman Club has been formed to get Catho- lics and interested persons to know more about the religion. Interaction provides this! cl. e. lg X ',.um,i S -f-"Wo, :T 1 .E-52, al . , 5:5 1.321 dvi: NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS Left to Right: P. Audet, Council Representative: M. Dickinson, Vice-Presiclentg D. Maguire, Presi- dent: L. Mercier, Treasurer: G. Bard, Secretary. 69 CANTERBURY CLUB Front Row: E. Eaton, S. Batchelor, N. Miller, Miss Grote, Adviserg E. Keith, T. Dcschaine, S. Boddy, j. Espey, M. Witham, j. Bailey. Second Row: E. Pickard, j. Hancock, j. Boddy, C. Blakely, T. McIntosh. anterhury Cluh Canterbury Club, made up of the Episcopal students on campus, strives to promote a better understanding of the Episcopal re- ligion. Panels, informal gatherings, and worship services are held to enrich our faith. Through CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS Left to Right: E. Keith, Vice-Presidentg T. Des- chaine, President, S. Boddy, Secretary-Treasurer. these discussions we try to be of service to the school, the community, and the Church. Our adviser, Miss Elsie Grote, and Father Henderson of the Skowhegan-Farmington Churches have been invaluable in their assist- ance and guidance. tl fi g V2 tifgi 'L i WESLEY CLUB Front Row: B. Bridges, L. Brown, D. Brown, Mrs. Mlalden, Adviserg E. Doran, L. Rollins, G. Macombcr, E. Littlefield. Second Row: L, Ovcrlock, G. Lishemess, C. Thayer, I. Trundy, J. Basford. Wesley Cluh Realizing that these college years are an important period in our growth toward maturity, we seek to make our fellowship relevant to the needs of students in an insti- tution of higher learning. We attempt to provide enrichment of the learning environ- Hfn H at f xt ,:1gf5,g, R R." 'iii D ment, and in sensitivity to the richness and diversity of campus life, we try to engage in activities appropriate to our particular aca- demic community. The highlight of our activities is the annual retreat held in March. XVESLEY CLUB OFFICERS Left to Right: L. Brown and L. Rollins, Publicityg D. Brown, Treasurerg E. Doran, President: Mrs. Walden, Adviser. ' as 4.6 5:Q"l'4ff 'YW ' 4 --4 P ' 4 ,,---- 'tr 4. f--' ,,,,..g..:- ii:- T' SKI CLUB Front Row: L. L'Heureux, T. Dodge, H. Andrews, B. Fuller, D. Pletts, P. Day, E. Bigelow, R. Clark, L. Thompson, j. Morin. Second Row: C. Proulx, j. Rote, A. Fabrizio, E. Ingalls, T. Lombard, G. Nelson, J. Richards, L. Steputis. Third Row: S. Hughey, G. Bard, C. Bowles, J. Gott, B. Hyer, C. Knowles, C. Seiders. Fourth Row: S. Smith, K. Marquis, R. Baudo, R. Smith, B. Crocker, R. Pratt. Fifth Row: L. Greenleaf, R. Hutchinson, K: Gatchell, R. Mathieu, j. Burns, R. Gilbert. Qi When the snow clouds gathered, the F.S.T.C. Ski Club once again organized to promote skiing for beginners and profession- als. The large membership was led by Scott Smith, president. Ski teams for both men and women began practice, strengthening the muscles for meets later in the season. At the meetings excellent SKI LODGE AT TITCOMB SLOPE Club movies were shown of the various ski areas in the United States and Europe. The highlight of this year was the annual weekend trip to Saddleback Mountain in Rangeley, Maine, where skiing, dancing, and fun were enjoyed by all. We are fortunate to have Mr. Roger Wing as our new club adviser. f NVOM EN 'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION COUNCIL Mont Row: S. Patterson. l.. Brown, lf. johnson, R. Ltttltlield, J. Hancock, Eldridge, S. Sylvester. Second Row: W. Callahan, P. Moores, Mrs. Hayes. Iicliveau, F. Doane, S. Cram, R. Morrell. L. Alexander, L. Overlock. V ,4 'ar 6: ,Ay '11 .cv Sy I 1 t ., if .. X'VOMEN'S ATH LETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Left to Right: S. Patterson, Treasurer: P. Moores President: Mrs. Hayes, Adviser: F. Johnson Council Representativeg L. Brown, Secretary. Absent J Spinney, Vice-President. W.A. . The lVomen's Athletic Association is an organization to which all women at F.S.T.C. belong whether or not: they participate in sports. "'l'he purpose ol' W.A.A. is to acquaint one with new sports, to give one an oppor- tunity to use some ol' her excess energy, and to provide group or individual enjoyment of various sports. A point system for participa- tion has been devised. For example, an accumulation of 250 points will earn one a set of numerals, 7oo points an athletic letter, tooo points a silver plate, and 11100 points a trophy. VOLLEYBALL During the year, the girls in l'V.A.A. par- ticipate in some of the following sports: basketball, badminton, ping pong, shuffle board, bowling, softball, volleyball, and ski- ing. For those interested in bicycling, lV.A.A. also provides several bicycles. The VV.A.A. Council, to which each class sends representatives, annually plans a pro- gram of activities for the school year. Under the direction of Mrs. May Robertiello and Mrs. Sally Hayes, our new adviser, l'V.A.A. is one of the more active groups on campus. SHUFFLEBOARD Left to Right: D. Atwood, F. Doane, D. Barron B. Sopp. . lx.le ' PLAYS AND PLAYERS Front Row: G. Robbins, G. Brackett, K. Pombriant, D. Beverly, D. Fuller, B. Thornton, E.. Rice, C. Puller. Second Row: L. London, F. Tenney, C. Thayer, R. Foster, M. johnson, C. McGee, G. Lisherness, I. Trundy, T. McIntosh. Plays and Players On the F.S.T.C. campus, Plays and Players is a club devoted to the art of drarnatics. This club helps the student gain ideas and develop interest in theater. Plays and Players welcomes new members each year and hopes that in the future, dramatics will play an increasingly important part in the extra- curricular activities at Farmington. We would like to thank Mrs. Colleen PLAYS AND PLAYERS OFFICERS Reynolds and Mr. Alan Langdon for so adequately filling the vacancy left by our former adviser, Dr. Julia Eaton. We appre- ciate their guidance and advice. For our fall production we presented a series of three one-act plays: Suppressed De- sires, Death of The Hired Man, and Don't Darken My Door. Left to Right: R. Rideout, Treasurer: A. Duckett, . 4, Secretary: D. Beverly, President. Absent: B. Fuller, ' STARS OF " SUPPRESSED DESIRES Vice President. y Left to Right: N. Barschdorf, D. Ward, L Ham if f' I 1 -'Y MUSIC GROUP Front Row: A. Poehler. S. Cram, E. Littlefield, R. Prescott, S. WVeast, R. Tozier, M. Winslow, M. Tuscan, M. Witham. Second Row: F. Bean, J. Oliver, J. jones, A. Blanche, C. Fairbrother, j. Hubbard, M. Lagasse, T. Lombard, B. Hyer. Third Row: Mr, Jack, Directorg N. Barschdorfj H. Oliver, L. Nodwell, M. Heinrich, D. Atwood, j. Basford, D. Priest, S. Hinckley, T. Mclntosh. Music Qrganizations BAND In the fall of 1962, the F.S.T.C. band elected as its ollicers: Douglas Taylor, presi- dentg Nancy Miller, secretary and librariang Sharon Cram, treasurer and council represen- tatrve. Although the band is small, it has increased its membership this year. Its members have practiced faithfully each Monday afternoon to provide the home basketball games with a few spirited marches and swing tunes. The increased membership this year in- dicates the band will be bigger and better than ever next year. CHORAL UNION Under the direction of Russell H. Jack, the F.S.T.C. Choral Union carried out an active and successful season. Every Vlfednes- day night found the 35-member chorus hard at work in Merrill Hall. In December, the chorus made their first appearance when they presented "The Messiah" by Handel. A med- ley of popular show tunes was presented at a college assembly. Next year the college orchestra, now being organized, will accompany the Choral Union for "The Messiah". In time, this musical or- ganization should prove to be one of the larger campus activities. I- I-'U' ll J 7 ,Q ,' 'TT A 'ix-lg, A JI L x fx Y 'Y l lf' 1 r 4 1 I 4. 5 i I . 1 1 ,, ', 'm L. ' i 1 .I -fzw UQE54 YQ' I lg ' me g 11.5 it-'N ., .V 3' E 5 I -:gy QT? Y uf' I , "Ur N IQG2 SOCCER TEAM Kneeling, l. to r.: T. Taylor, R. Linto11, F. Tenney, E. Gray, D. Dorion, A. HUtlOll. Standing: M. Hardy, D. Maguire, B. Crocker, H. Nivison, S. Be1111ett, F. Fournier, J. Burns, J. Meldrum, G. DeWitt, li. l'l2llllI'll0llil, B. Gilbert, E. Wilkinson, D. Turner, Coach Si11ski. OCCC1' The soccer season was a success to those who participated i11 several respects. The team can be proud that its members scored more goals lhflll any other team i11 tl1e history of soccer at F.S.T.C. The sport seems to be gaining every year in popularity. As was shown on several occasions it is undoubtedly one of tl1e roughest games played. MllCll credit is due to the men wl1o daily risk bone and llesh for tl1e name of F.S.T.C. The Most Valuable Player Award was pre- sented to Fred Tenney. Fred proved his worth by his versatility in playing any posi- tion on the Field. I-Ie showed his competitive- ness, his sportsmanship, a11d his playing ability on many occasions. Roger Linton, illl aggressive lineman, and Dick Turner, a tough defenseman, showed a great deal of spirit and endurance tl1ro11gl1- out the season. lillery Gray also revealed his experience in the li11e. Juniors showing promise for next year are Dave Dorion, Harvey Nivison, Dufly Maguire, Armand I-ludon, and jim Burns. There are also a number ol' sophomores a11d freshmen wl1o have shown potential. With all members returning and a few additions to H11 the weaker positions, next year's team could well be a challenger for the New England title. SCHEDULE FSTC 1 Gorham 4 FSTC 4 Lyndon 7 FSTC 1 Johnson 4 FSTC 4 Husson 4 fovertimej FSTC 4 Husson 5 Qovertimej FSTC 1 Lyndon 2 Soccer Coach, Mr. Sinski .-KSA -. 1 A 1 '5- 5, tg Eff fi NW A an-4' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: R. Holt, Managerg, M. Duffy, G. Burleigh, j. Bessey, E. Pickard, Manager. Second Row: R. Turner, V. Sanborn, D. Williamson, Coach Wing, P. Scruton, R. Sullivan, E. McLaughlin. Basketball VARSITY BASKETBALL interesting The Beavers highlighted an season by closing with three wins in the last four games and a near upset of traditional rival Gorham. Dave Williamson established himself as the top scorer in the history of basketball here at F.S,T.C. with a season total of 364 points. The big co-captain now has scored 832 points in his collegiate career. Next year he has an excellent opportunity to be one ol' the few Maine State ballplayers to tally over 1000 points during four seasons. Co-Captain Paul Scruton climaxed his col- lege career by scoring 29 points in the victory over Vlfashington State to close the season. Martin Duily emerged as the team leader in assists with 50. Richard Sullivan hit for 309 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row: S. Bennett, G. DeWitt, T. Taylor, j. Meldrum, R. Beedy. Second Row: S. Sabin, Manager: D. Dorion, M. Hardy, B. Hill, R. Salminen, D. Daniels, Coach. points and finished second in rebounds with 142. Larry Greenlaw recovered quickly from an early season appendectomy to spark the late Beaver wins. Freshman Ed McLaughlin's experience last year with State Champion Morse paid divi- dends in solid Iloor play this season. Forward Richard Turner hampered by ankle injuries contributed 42 assists with the majority going to XNilliamson at center. Malcolm Hardy brought up from the junior varsity in mid- season chipped in some key baskets to ensure wins over 'johnson State and U. of Maine at Portland. The combination of the toughest schedule in F.S.T.C. history and lack of bench strength proved to be deciding factors during the early portion of the season. The team dropped seven games by six points or less. The seven varsity ballplayers deserve a lot of credit for their continued hustle and determination which paid off so well in victories during the latter portion of the schedule. The combination of a new gymnasium and the return of a strong nucleus of veterans could launch a successful era of basketball here at F.S.T.C. next year. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE F.S,T.C. 73 Maine Maritime Academy 75 F.S.T.C. Q4 Iohnson S.T.C. 84 78 F.S.T.C. 66 Aroostook S.T.C. 71 F.S.T.C. Plymouth S.T.C. Q4 F.S.T.C. 88 Husson College 99 F.S.T.C. 57 Castleton S.T.C. 60 F.S.T.C. 71 Lyndon S.T.C. 73 F.S.T.C. 109 Univ. of Maine, Portland 65 F.S.T.C. 87 Bridgewater State College Q3 F.S.T.C. 7o Lyndon S.T.C. 72 F.S.'I'.C. 68 Westheld State College 88 F.S.T.C. 72 Husson College 82 F.S.T.C. 102 Maine Maritime Academy go F.S.T.C. Q4 Johnson S.T.C. 76 F.S.T.C. 70 Rhode Island Q4 F.S.T.C. 71 Univ. of Maine, Portland 64 F.S.T.C. 53 Gorham S.T.C. 88 F.S.T.C. 67 Gorham S.T.C. 73 F.S.T.C. 86 Washington S.T.C. 85 J.v. BASKETBALL capable coaching of senior Under the Dave Daniels, the Junior Varsity basketball team split a 12-game schedule. The able lead- ership ol Co-Captains Barton Hill and Rich- ard Salminen aided the development of this Dorion and frequent scoring surges by James Bessey made the team an exciting group to watch throughout the season. The progress of George DeYVitt as a good rebounding cen- ter helped the Beavers in the tough games. young squad. The- steady play ol guard Dave BASKETBALL COACH AND CO-CAPTAINS BASKETBALL ACTION Left to Right: P. Scruton, D. WVilliamson, Coach Left to Right: R. Sullivan, R. Salmincn, M. Duffy. Wing. 81 Fu SKI TEAM Left to Right: P. Selwood, R. Smith, lei Team The Ski Team came through with a win- ning season against stronger opposition and the expanded schedule. This year the Beavers competed with Colby, Bowdoin, Johnson State Teachers College of Vermont, and the Maine Frosh. Student-Coach Francis "K.nute" Paul guided the team to a successful cam- paign witl1 a record of 3 meet wins and two losses. The planned program of ski team develop- ment progressed one step further with the addition of jumping to the meet events. Next year it is planned to add cross-country to the list of events to complete the Nordic portion of the program. The Alpine events of down- hill and slalom have been run both of the past seasons. The ski team developed rapidly during the winter months to sweep the last three meets, including the F.S.T.C. VVinter Carnival Trophy. The team was greatly strengthened by freshmen and by improved performances from the existing veterans. Knute Paul, Scott Smith, Pete Selwood, and Larry Greenleaf were joined by Daniel "Duffy" Maguire, Richard Smith, and Keith Marquis to form a strong team. The victory over the Colby and Maine Frosh teams during the Mfinter Carnival was a major triumph for the Beaver skiers. The winning total of 271.13 points was garnered by tremendous performances in the final jump- L. Greenleaf, D. Maguire, K. Marquis, S. Smith, F. Paul. ing event. Knute Paul and freshman stand- out Richard Smith turned in long jt take first and second places. The res more astonishing when the facts are imps to ults are known. Because of previous injuries and limited prac- tice time, the Beavers had only three jump- ing sessions before the carnival day! The meet point totals are as follows: At Sugarloaf Mountain At Johnson, Vermont Colby 176.7 FSTC 178.2 IILSTSI . 170.6 JSTC 177.2 ow 0111 l30.F J Winter Carnival FSTC 271.9 At Kents Hill Maine Frosh 237.6 jsiegtf Hill 291.9 Colby 208.5 . .. . 271.0 Maine Frosh 269.9 At Sugarloaf FSTC 268.9 FSTC 173.8 Kents Hill B 237.8 JSTC 162.7 JUMPING AT WINTER CARNIVAL F. Paul .f ' ff "- 1. 1 " f f 1 gs -1 ,Z TX X. -. i Ll, 1:55 , ,fist a-'f t-f? tx V ni 4' . , .f '1.f. ,4x" ' cup ' . 'H' I' Sis- fu f W-. sa 'ffm-. V1 1. rfb-.ffl . .,:, rpg 1-.M Sufi lf- K, 2:5-jfsj 1' .- -. 1'--3 j . 1 al- 1 -J - ' 4 '1 ig?-K i .fi . .1 1 ti 1 get , wr- ft . - .gat-,-git f . .-fi. ,L in-1 'fl-j - if , Vg .E -ewzgffi Er f .t 3 .5 ' f. .- 1 ,l v- 5. -A.. SLE ,nh t. y ,. 1. . me-sau Jia-. - .1 if . f-f r tg 5 -' fa. "sJe'zf'3it'Y 'ilf -'-' 56" - V t 'L'- 5 ' f.aQ-i,lef2f.2.-fir'I -ig 3?--. fl tug . S 1. . . mg- -1.14 ev' fisgrrffig-igszgfni 2 ' 's -,jf fri: I ,ix , V . S-?!6"t" . . ,E- '-Y 82 BASEBALL TEAM Front Row: R. Turner, C. Ouellette, D. Karkos, R. Linton, R. Miller, J. Daniels, R. Downes, S. Sabin, R. Reed. Second Row: Coach Wing, M. Duffy, D. Dorion, T. lonta, M. Hardy, F. Tenney, D. Pinkham, S. Hill, S. Millett. Baseball The baseball team experienced many changes during the first year under Coach Roger Xflfing. The season was highlighted by a Southern New England road trip to launch a I5-gZllllC schedule. This schedule represented both the largest number ol' games and the toughest caliber of opposition ever played in the history of Beaver baseball. The brand ol' baseball displayed through- out the campaign was climaxed in the 1-o loss to Castleton State College of Vermont, the 1962 conference champions. This extremely close contest labeled our Beavers as one ol' the top teams favored to battle for the New England Athletic Conference title in 1963. The individual team leaders were Roger Baseball Practice at Hippach Field Linton and Steve Sabin. Pitcher Linton earned the Most Valuable Player Award with his clutch pitching and distance slugging. lnfielder Sabin received the Most Improved Player Trophy for being the sole regular to maintain a batting average over .goo lor the entire season. The loss of Robert Downes and Ted Ionta for the majority of the schedule due to stu- dent teaching duties proved to be critical as the Beavers lost four games by one run and three more by two runs. The return of these two veterans plus, Linton, Sabin, Dave Dorion, Roger Reed, Robert Miller, Bart Hill, Richard Turner, Mac Hardy, Martin Dully, Fred Tenney, Tom Goodwin, John Ouellette, and Dennis Pinkham will provide the Beavers with a solid line-up of experi- enced baseball players this spring. Several new prospects have been added from the freshman class which should bolster the squad depth at key positions. F.S.T.C F.S.T.C F.S.T.C F F.S.T.C. - o lf.S.T.C. - G l'.S.T.C. - lg I-'.S.T.C. - l-'.S.T.C l".S.T.C l-'.S.T.C l".S.T.C l".S.T.C F.S.T.C F.S.T.C .S.T.C. - io BASEBALL SCORES Barrington College, Rhode Island-o Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, Massachusetts-5 Hnsson College-9 Husson College-it Castleton State Teachers, Vermont-1 johnson State Teachers-io Maine Maritime Academy-G Gorham State Teachers College-2 Maine Maritime Academy-7 Corham State Teachers College-5 Lyndon State College, Vermont-3 Lyndon State College, Vermont-2 Maine Vocational Technical Inst.-7 Plymouth State College New Hampshire-7 Plymouth State College New Hampshire-5 -WN MEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FOUL-SHOOTING CONTEST Left to Right: G. Webb, Winner: D. Maguire, President. MEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Greater opportunities for student participa- tion became the slogan of the Men's Athletic Association. This year the M.A.A. was a functioning organization with expanded activities in the six varsity sports of soccer, basketball, skiing, baseball, golf, and track. Intramural basketball provided competition for fifty players on the five teams: Kappa I, Men's Dorm, Beta Gamma, Commuters, and Kappa II. Progress was seen in many areas this past year. Team transportation by bus, initiation of senior letter jackets, college free throw tournament, spring sports banquet, new track uniforms and equipment, and team golf jackets. Basketball and soccer programs were provided through cooperation with Kappa Delta Phi fraternity. Team informational brochures were edited for the consumption of fans, press, and radio. The vigorous leadership of the M.A.A. officers was needed during this transitional year. The completion of the new gymnasium next fall will place many additional respon- sibilities on the Men's Athletic Association. The projected planning and the results achieved this past year will provide a sound foundation for future progress. The members of the varsity awards com- mittee were IM Commissioner Ted Ionta, Aristid Bouchard, Dave Williamson, Robert Miller, and Ed McLaughlin. The standards set by this committee for awarding varsity letters and senior letter jackets represented a great deal of research on various team statis- tics and future planning. The new gymnasium will provide a facility which will enable the Men's Athletic Associa- MEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Left to Right: D. Maguire, Presidentg D. W1ll1am son, Vice-President: M. Duffy, Secretaryg F. Tennev . Treasurer. tion to increase greatly the program of var- sity athletics, intramural competition, and recreational activities for all the students at Farmington State Teachers College. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL The men's basketball program sponsored by the Men's Athletic Association under the direction of Commissioner Ted "Bitzy" Ionta enjoyed record participation this year. The five teams forming the league provided op- portunities for over fifty basketball players to experience keen competition during the winter months. The success of the league was due to many factors. The excellent direc- tion of Ted Ionta, improved equipment, greater numbers of interested players, and a group of loyal fans for each team entry made the entire league schedule an exciting affair from the beginning game through to the final play-off. The five teams hnished as follows during regular season play: Kappa I, Men's Dorm, tie between Beta Gamma and Commuters, and Kappa ll. The tournament play-off finished as follows: Men's Dorm, Kappa I, Beta Gamma, and Commuters. The compe- tition was intense in the Hnal stages of the league race. The league ended in a tie be- tween Kappa I and Men's Dorm. Kappa won the deciding game 63-56. The post season tournament, also, ended in a tie between the same two teams. This time the Men's Dorm took the deciding game by a 61-59 score. The fact that statistical coverage of the games was handled by Duffy Maguire and Greg Ouellette gave the fans much more interest in each approaching contest through- out the schedule. GOLF TEAM Left to Rigl1t: L. Mastcrman, R. Taylor, V. Sanborn, R. Bates, H. Nivison, R. Baudo, R. Brann. Golf Another new sport, appeared on the FSTC athletic scene in 1962. The golf team under Coach Ross Fearon started competition the hard way with a nine-match schedule against major college competition. Les Masterman led tl1e team throughout the majority of the matches shooting a low score of 74 Oll several occasions. Robert Taylor shot a 74 in leading tl1e team to a victory over Maine Maritime Academy. Harvey Nivison came through with an 80 and Vaughan Sanborn an 83 during this Hrst year of competition for both golfers. The outlook for this year is optimistic with all the golf team members returning to action. The addition of several fine freshman pros- pects will bolster the team depth and pro- vide more competition for the five starting positions. The cooperation of the Mfilson Lake Coun- try Club has enabled our golf team to play the home matches SCH May 8 Ifariningtoii o May 9 Farmington 1 May ll liarmington 6 May I4 Farmington 4 May 16 Fnrtnington 1 May IQ Farmington 2 May 21 Farmingtoii 3 May 23 Farmiiigtoii 2 May 26 1fLll'llllllglOll o on their fine course. EDULE Gorhatn to 19 holcsj Home Plyinouth, N. H. 14 Home Maine Maritime 9 Home Me. Mar. 2 Q9 holesj Away Gorham I4 Away johnson. Vt. I3 Home U. of M. at Port. I2 Away Plymouth, N. I-l. 13 Away johnson, Vt. I5 Away TIHC 2 The third intercollegiate sport was added to the spring program with revival of a track and field team here on campus. The motivat- ing interest came from the student body. The leadership of Duffy Maguire in assuming the responsibilities and headaches inherent to a new team is paying dividends this year with a large number of freshmen and upperclass- men already working out in preparation for the second season. During tl1e initial season of 1962, Maguire and Tom Kelly led the team in two league meets and three non-league meets. Even though tl1e team did not have the depth to field entries in all events, the Beavers ,per- formed in exceptional fashion in the races that were entered. Distance runs with fine times were turned in by Duffy Maguire, and Kelly jumped to creditable heights over the high-bar. This year the track team has maroon and white uniforms complete with warm-up clothes. New equipment such as discus, jave- lin, jumping set, shots, meet ribbons, and starting blocks will facilitate more complete practice sessions and improve meet results. The fine response to the first call for candi- dates ensures the Beavers of another season of improved competition. Track is one sport where tl1e size of the man is not as important as the size of the man's heart. Mallet't Hall six I WV3 sag? 1' O laik. fmf 'Wy' rw? ',,1Ly'7, J I .:- ,dn .AL ,,, 'Rss 1 1 I" ' I .Ii . if 4531+ ' yr. , ,af Y If.--'ggdi , P -, - .. J,m- f , - ' fb r 1 w 1 W W w - 1 I I w 1.L, -Q 'Q f ' ' f .v"' 'f2wwg,,g L ...v4M'If V v V ,... ,Q 1 "LIf'.gLw1-'sf J, , 'W , 4 ' :'?f'ffi f?z"+: , gn' .-1. "9 . 5 rw V X ' , ,. N' fha. b ,4A,. . It ' ,, V. V , rv K ' Q 1. 4,0 ' ' kv .Q -1-f I- -rf-4. fy r .--mu .. ,,-H .. zu zx, 1.., , A ' ' 4. '--i x " ' H TA' a "' I A . 'u 171: fl 11.5 -0 x I-'VN Cx 87 -X... o .1537 GN xl- ,,- p . is H raw 'I -, . xg'?,.g'3'Lk3 .. - M. ff, ha af. . M A fi' 4f,-'Gr vm 1 w bm u .. , Ih.r5.:'.,v Y 45 5- ,--, ' ' ggi? n S 'N- '1 x ff., 4 xx 2-.. X. - 5.1 " X '- gpg,-28' ,, . rx x X i 0 . J, ' 5 "r-.u fr-1:-ir. 5 l N. fi .6 fi Dogs for Sale C. Wilman, B. Burrill lJisguslc1lP R. Morrell Y Models, Plvasc. F. .lSussicrc, M. lJcAngclis This is as Far as the Girls Go What are you staring at? Mcn's Dorm " K: pw Q.-4, 'ggm Enjoyable Interruption Paid for posing? L. Rollins Mallett Living Room Docs anyone live hem? The LHSI Lllllgh " 'Typical " room of Men's Dorm PlU'il1gl0ll Cafeteria V H, A' K. ls K, A Q . l . K 'Fri rf., W E ml " G ai., 2 -f 5 2 ,i ur is f' WEEE Back Strain! Is it working? Purington Laundry R. Morrell - Mallett Laundry A: ibm 3 Q-,if , f M - -will-J: ' 0 , 3, 573, F, 4, E. , 3, lj Peterborough Delegates W.A.A. Delegates to A.S.T.C. Eastern States Delegates D. Ward, G. Barton, j. Burns, S. Sylvester, L. Brown, R. Littlefield, F. johnson, L. Rowe, D. Brown, C. Thayer j. Hancock, P. Moores, S. Eldridge L. Greenleaf, Mrs. Taylor G if S.E.A.M. Speaker Guest Celebrity Career Day Speakers Dr. Mc Campbell Mr. Norman Kelly Dr, Abbott, E, Gamage, D, Maguire U f-. . .gr Stuclious Group Cottage Life Whays Cooking? Miss Wasgatt's D. Coffin and Baby Michelle New Science Laboratory Child Development Class no V dyofgu 5 if few' I-Iopc you can eat it Cottage life-Is everyone happy? Modern Panorama-S. McLaughlin Dearborn Kitchen E. Hewett, B. Towle, D. Coffin Science Building Exhibit A. Poehler, K. Norton and Michelle uf y' - A 11 ' -' If "Ti I, .P 3 Hygtwh A , 4 4 ?4."itlft, 1 V , 1. , 1 , r mvmuvuul flin t: -, -f Nar a? V4 rg i, ,,-, mv- hw f., L ya ' t ..., if-I El x.. N . 4 4 I W af 1 W. g 1' "ky 4 il 1 ' it irfl' ,ui 4 'ill lyyit I x l i H gyeliggl r 4+ ff A ef uw gf v. 4 L ' ' w X - FLC Home Economics Living Room Questions? Comments? Remarks? Eat! Drink! and Be Merry! Modern Living Mr. Roberts' History Class Mallett Dining Room Home Economics Study Room 4 1 1 1 :L -,V Nursery School S. Wingate, S. Bell, M. Lagasse and Friends Comfortable Studying Clothing Laboratory TI '-'T +4 ' Yin J-.. , 'u Mig' 4 - I Q7d"5'."f l C. W. , . Infirrnary Listening Room AIC yOU !hCfC? Ready for Patients No sweet sounds at present Mr. Bigelow-Science Lecture Hall 1 so V 'I i ' V 'Y -J ' :il R r may-i "l2fv',,s 'Ei' A I V' Who? Mel New Home of Kappa Delta Phi The Winning Door-Purington M, Heinrich j. Wright. K. Clay 90 at I , Q., A , - ff , 1 - 5 .B , ' A ggi, 'i ,ig , U "' N "f:!'5 , ,P-...... Q if H rf , .,- E- . 'S+ ' 1 11 1 i A .rf 'F A Q ,b If' I H I irq I X f S J ft , - pn :Jf 1 'lag 1 - 4 1'-'f b AJ, xg 1.61, ' :xg , f."l,Jzwff" N' , Q., , .4 xi:-bi E xy i.5.T.Q K -M 0 5" 14 nl . , i '34 il, - Q! ,. rl 1 ' 5. W X 4 3?-V , E, V4 Ha AU , EX XA Arif' lmmjlx 1:Q 1l1 J Y 5 I v -is Nursery C 001 lg' ,f -f 7 if ' ' ', , 1' 'f 0 -' . ' Q2 .-W9 fell: 2' Sli! 4' Ax.,-- x 5 COLLEGE APARTMENTS 4-4 HIGH STREET Conveniently Located Adjoining College Accommodating College Faculty, Personnel, and Student Couples B. A. ETZEL, Owner 96 Q, BROADWAY ' FARMINGTON Ceztering to your Celmpm Clothing Needy 97 3444 OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR Made in Maine Since 1876 ii? G. H. BASS 8. CO. Wilton Compliments of MICKEY MAGUlRE'S VARIETY STORE and Portland Press Herald News Bureau Andy Des Rocl1e's Barber Shop Over the Red Store FARMINGTON Compliments of 'T' QUALITY WOOD PRODUCTS SINCE IBB7 FORSTER MFG CO INC ml Q I . ., . W xx WILTON Ms W H I - AE vonwswu IHAND BRANO 98 E. Il. DIIY CD., INC. EDWIIRDS' DEPT. STORE Farmington Wilton Sf? 'ik Ladies' and ChiIcIren's Apparel-Dry Goods Franklin County's Leading Department Stores BURGESS SHOE STORE ESTERN WILTON and FARMINGTON LOCAL OUTLET FOR " THE FAMILY sToRE " 2444 ',Z:::',"2E5 M., Shorl-EE and Lund Skis and S oufdoor Footwear FARMINGTON Q.-ZZ Qjefkvz gal Puruclis Gulf Service Church and Main Streets FARMINGTON Business built on service and honesty We Have Everyfh g For Y Sk g Needs And Pric T Fit All Pock tb k T I. 2029 Waterville West Farm gt 4939 99 Farmington FRANKLIN COUNTY'S LARGEST DEPT. STORE SHOP WHERE VALUES OUTWEIGH DOLLARS RICHARD u. BELL IN S U R A N C E Established in 1884 FARMINGTUN L KINUS UF INSURANCE AND SURE ., ,frail -f..f3-9-w, , , I .1 ,Jun .X 1 ,.--' 1.' ,ng.2.:,.g- .1 W An... --,,, -..., .r .- - V-v-frf- -.. 1-H- .. ,, , , , A, - 1---,--r V 'N I . The KNOWLTON 85 MCLEARY Co. ' Farmington, Maine ESTABLISHED 1871 013110116 printers Offfvyfwfw-1 K 6 H FOSTER, INC. 6401446044 5 gaddaa WILTCIN FARMINGTON I. G. A. FOODLINER Table - Rite Meats Table - Fresh Produce f W JS 4, 0 fb og One of Maine's BETTER Restaurants Farmington Riverside Greenhouse l:8l'IllIl'lgI.0ll R. H. RENY, INC Department Store FARMINGTON 103 Y A 1,4 .Nw Q N ,,-,H .. -A , . , r-'revs'-pfff:?f4""" " " I . U J .A L.: Ifqwygl 1155, I' 'Ip ,95l'- LYR- THE FIRST NATIONAI. BANK FARMINGTON Member of Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 104 DILL'S MEN'S SHOP The Log Front On Broadway CLOTHING SPORTSWEAR LUGGAGE Farmington 9 FlNLEY'S TV Recorcllancl , T V RADIO STEREO Complete Servlce Sales and Service High Street Farmington FARMINGTON The Friendliest Store In Town 1 STEWART'S NEW DINER 6 Q Where Your Friends Eat Hallmark Carcls Cosmetics Fdl'mlI1g'l'Oh Lower Main Street FARMINGTON Franklin County Savings Bank The Old County Bank Established 1868 Farmington CURRENTLY PAYING 4? DIVIDEND PER ANNUM 10-J 24' H0 SBCPQT In f 5546 I A Y X 0 pg! 5 I -A I, about our portrait work lx fi , ."', f my , L- we use X ti? I I4gkt....aMd,LWwng I, fo x 5 yy. It takes more than skillful lighting to lx make c fine portrait. Only real liking for 0,5 g ff - I Q I Ogg QV X3 people wins the responsive expression you x f' T Q3 J. ,X X ullo O05 'fs -lil 4511 "l lg should expect in your senior portraits. 6 sitpfl Xi llli ! if if XX XX T -4 I , E--Q55 X were :si C I X I 1 - sX ET- , rl -4- J 5 oi f X yo gi-3 f ' 'Vim 'Q ' Q 6' , ,- ' ' 4-Xi N If-pin-I fgl I H ,f-fffff: it X -wsop, so ' ill Sly X .TE Ngsx ' XX ,tywstfouei .. 5 t N Jim WWQYQSQX X I-X fW'QNkgh9 AX, TXQX xi' I if xx - vi X, ' M' I lf" , ,N pp i A ha X THE LUUE TUDIO 70 MAIN STREET FARMINGTON, MAINE f llllll 9106 si 'qi 3 T 170 gif 106 Maine Consolidated Power Co. LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY FARMINGTON Hidden Acres Dairy A' f-nd 'rank Jewelers Dany Bar Gifts For All Occasions We Make Our Own Ice Cream FARMINGTON Strong Road, Farmington Phone 2115 or 2063 Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings SCHOOL ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT THE RED STORE, INC. Broadway and Main Farmington FOR QUALITY, COURTESY, AND DEPENDABILITY IT's FARMINGTON LAUNDRY 8. DRY CLEANERS THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Q 'ova 2 4005 angie Farmington 101 HowARu's R25-all sroma Fountain and Luncheon Service I SCHOOL SUPPLIES COSMETICS CAMERAS DRUGS FILM l Farmington 108 Goon LucK FARMINGTON OIL COMPANY LEWIS G. FITCH Shiretown Restaurant Building Materials LAuRlsToN BRowNE 156 Main Street Dial 2622 Proprietor FARMINGTON FARMINGTON JACK'S TRADING POST c pl 1 f Groceries - Meats Sporting Goods Cold Beverages General Merchandise TEL5ZT'R'3'XZ.?S'5 Fairbanks Depositors Trust Company Wilton Member F. D. I.C. Member Federal Reserve System J founders of EDUCIITIUN CLUB THE LIFE-INSURED SAVINGS PLAN THAT HELPS ASSURE HIGHER EDUCATION FOR MORE YOUNG PEOPLE This unique 5-year savings plan provides: ' INTEREST EARNINGS - a net yield of NX, compounded to maturity ' LIFE AND DISABILITY INSURANCE-Life Benefits up to S5000 to Age 707 Disability Benefits up to S5000 to Age 60 ' CASH AND LOAN VALUE-from the first payment, always equal to, or greater than the amount paid in ' SAFETY-insured safety of investmentg this bank is cn member of F.D.I.C. and the first bank to receive the Maine Bankers Association Emergency Efficiency Award QPLI-5 T 'to Q-Q' S, o . Q, 2 tm f -H3213 n: 5 1, 'S ng? 3 3 ' ' 12 'v 4 4 1395 LIVERMDRE FIILLS TRUST COMPANY Offices in LIVERMORE FALLS and CHISHOLM, MAINE I . 110 Movies are your best rrfs entertainment STATE THEATRE BARRY'S FARMINGTON for the best PIZZA Buy with Confidence sAcKus GARAGE USED CARS J. W. 8. W. D. BARKER HORN MOTORS MORTON MOTOR COMPANY NEWMAN Moron COMPANY sERvlcE YOUR FARMINGTON-WILTON NEW CAR DEALERS Autographs

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