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QVHW:-f Gd The EFFESTECO VQLUME IV 19419 State Teachers College Farmington, Mai11e lZcf1'fm'-ill-C11iff XNYiH1Clll1i11E1. Knmvlen fISXI.SftYlIf Bridal'-z'1z-C11inf Mary Douglas Faculty 4-llf'Z'I.S0l' Miss ,Iilezmur XVooc1 ' I 's X Q .::g'::::.:...:.- 1' -. K' ,g Us 2 H . . ,L E M 552 ff as W ,A 'Qa any E.. ,1 5 33 ri' 5 , . .. E, ,, mm W I 1 3 n w r 1: Es., gas I Y 5 H , ,. W1 S IE. 4 l , 3431? "4 1 fu ,, ,Q 7 95 , I :xi--i:5: H R ff, , . 3 W , 2 x 1 , -Exit xg., '- 'Q v .Q , A . V 1 V . 1 , . , Q. vi ,X , , gy X I S3 gg? : ,Q J.. W x --5' ' 2? X I n ..,, me m fu, M15 X, lm Q 1' -M iw , K 1 Jig'- ,ESQRT ' .QL ' , xgfis Q: U M ,1- EI f ag! z maxi. s fi' ESQ .YW W4 5, is W Ugg? ,wr 1 ?Y. f iz-4 ,A E A 'Q:?? X iz 'X Wi WTS Af 2' -gm - fi is f iz 11 ., Lx? '22 xp- A 4 1 , 1 1 , . 1 Graz fifu cle OYQLUO1' "' Thr fjl'f1fl'lL'Ild'L' of lllUSlf IIICII is but a sccrvf desire of 'l'UCL'Ii'U'l:Hg rrvfzfcl' bcmf 'fsf' La Roclzc oziicauld J in the midst of the toilsome but rewarding hours of our col- lege life, we should recognize, with a sense of gratitude, the many benefits of education. By 'being grateful, may we be a more open- minded, knowledge-seeking group. May we become better leaders of communities and aid in building a better world. By seeking higher goals during our four years at F.S.T.C., by being grateful that our state, community, alumni, parents, and, most of all, we ourselves can give the best for the cause for which we are working, we may better appreciate and utilize the best for our profession. The benelits of education are intangible but everlasting. Col- lege itself acts merely as a priming device for further efforts for acquiring knowledge. The foundations that we build for ourselves in order to pass on correct ways of living to others consist of such virtues as citizenship, unity, sportsmanship, aesthetic appreciation, creative abilities, brotherhood, and cooperation, which are out- growths of curricular and extracurricular activities. Developing emotionally, physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually forms the complete personality which is so necessary for a successful individual. Thus, may we portray the 1948-1049 life at F.S.T.C. with gratitude. May memories be cherished and future hopes fullillled. O MISS RUBY A. BLAINE Because commending our efforts ..... you have worked patiently with us, overlooking our faults and Because you have sacriiiced time and effort to make our college musical productions a success . . . . . Because you have helped to increase our school spirit by directing the band at basketball games ..... Because you have helped us to learn to appreciate the liner arts. . . Because you have taught us to interpret the one universal language, music ..... VV'e, the students and faculty of Farmington State Teachers College, dedicate this fourth edition of Ejjfesfcco. D icaf his Book "Alf dcfvends on F6111-lC!'lff0ll fo open the gcztcs wlziclz lead fo 1,'zf1'f1w 01' wicca, la lIl'If7f7i11CS.S' 01' 1'1zisv1'y. " - fam' Porfw' " Jbfwz lvaru ivlzilc they z'eacl1." -Seneca "It is f.rm'cz'sc alone Ilzaz' sup- ports the sfvirifs and kvrfvs the 'llli7Zllf in z'ig01'."" - Cicero f'H0z1sc's are like the lzfunzanv brings flmf i11l1a4bz'f ffZC'lll.N - Vicfor Hugo "Nothing loz1cl'ic'1' can be found in woma-11, flzcm fo study Izousc- hold g00o'.A" - IWz'Ifon " WY? Hwy build Sf7lCll'ff1Ttl' lmbfi- taiiolzs, but we cfmzzot buy zvitlz gold Nw old ass0Ciaf1fmz s." - Longfellow "I would lznwc, then, om' ordi- nary lI"ZUL'IlZJIg-fl011505 builf to last, ami be lovely."-Rusldzz rr 7 LCG-7'7'Zi71g by sz'f1m'y Hzusf In wang "T2uas 11 e"c1' eizfaifd from sou J to sou. " - Gay " To 1101112 11s 'f'ZC'1'I'f', flu' 7111.7 for up fo 1111f111'v." SfIcIkUSfvc'171'1' "Pe1'fc'cf f1'iv1111'.x'l1ijv lmfs 'us 1,m11'e1' the wzcfcfsszfy of being 'Ziff'- f11011s."J-1W111e. dc LU1llbUl'f "K1z0wIen'gv GlI1'Z'lllZCL'S ln' sfrps and not by lmps." -Mamulay " O11 Muff and Curb and bowrr- roof The slzozu-sfowlz sjJrc'aa'.v if. ivory zcvooff' - Tlzomsou SUCH From C7'v1'x' ivizzdmw, and flu' fields are' grcmzf' - Cowpm' ' Hui still 'i'z'.v rzmzl,-t1'm's are ADMINIS The school is the ma-Jzufacfory of lzumanity - Comcnifls TIZATION DR. ERRGL L. DEARBORN DV. DQG1' OTWZE' Message How much of that which we enioy we take as a matter of course, failing to think of the great effort that has been made in the past by people who thought more of the happi- ness of future generations than of their own immediate pleasures! Farmington, as a town, and Farmington State Teachers College, as an institution of higher learning, owe much to the contributions of such people. The majestic maples and elms which shade our streets, the expansive lawns and attractive homesg the broad streetsg the fine public buildings-all speak of the interest of former Farmington citizens in the Farmington of today. The prized traditions of our collegeg its excellent reputation throughout much of the country, the many contributions that have been made by its graduates-these indi- cate the interest of its faculty and students of other days in the continued growth and added service of this institution, so thoroughly dedicated to the work of teacher education. It is well that we frequently take time to " count our many blessings H and give expression to our gratitude for the contributions of those who have come before, of those with whom we are presently associated, and even for those who give promise of perform- ing outstanding service in the future. Farmington State Teachers College is certainly blessed in all three ways, and may we who are here now feel truly gratified and, at the same time, purpose to make a contribution to our college and to education that will give future generations of Farmington students even more reason for desiring to express their gratitude. Dean of Instruction The theme, "Gratitude," has a truly great im- plication for future teachers. It points immediately to a positive outlook, to a seeking out and an aware- ness of those things that are right and good. A gen- eration of teachers with "Gratitude U as a theme can work marvelous improvements in our society. For us who are working toward the goal of be- ing responsible teachers, the following quotation is pertinent: There are " Two kinds of gratitude: the sudden kind We feel for what we take, the larger kind We feel for what we give." This implies that we must be aware of our needs, our goals, and of what situations we shall experience in our college life. Here at college, we should express our gratitude "for what we takef' But most im- portant, as we search for truth, promotion of good will, and democratic behavior, will be the " larger kind." Do you and I give freely of our time and experi- ences and feel that we have a great job to do as teach- ers in guiding American youth toward " responsible " behavior in our way of living? CLAYTON E. REED MURIEL L. VARNUM D i 1: e C t 0 1: o Home Economics DCEIII of IW7O1'I1C11 In our daily concern with the material and tem- poral, we often lose sight of permanent values. We would do well to remind ourselves constantly of the many fine things that Farmington olfers us. Only as we feel and express gratitude for the opportunities that life here gives us, do we enrich and deepen our capacity for new experiences. In this my first year at Farmington State Teach- ers College, I feel grateful each day for the oppor- tunity of working with young people. It is such an experience that makes life challenging and brings a deep satisfaction that is the reward for those in the teaching profession. For you who are nearing your goal and will soon take your place in the ranks of one of the noblest professions of our times, it is my hope that you Find the same joy in working with your students and fellow teachers that has been mine at F. S. T. C. Then you can say with me, "I am truly grateful I am a teacherf' MABEL I-IASTIE MRS. BEVERLY N. ADAMS B.S. in Art, Skidmore College M.A., Columbia University Farmington, Maine 2 HAROLD N. BUNKER ELS. in Ed., M.Ed., Boston University Mathematics Educational Measure- ments, Government Franklin, Maine K-ll ROBERT S. BIGELOW BS in Ed MEd Springfield 'leachers College radutte Study Univ of New Hampshire Harvard Con necticut University Sclence Chemistry Physics Farmington Mune IULIA B COX B S in Ed University of Maine M Fd Boston bnxversity Reading Freeport, Maine - MRS. MURIEL BIGELOW Cooley Dickerson Hospital School of Nursing University of Massachusetts School Nurse, Health Farmington, Maine FRANK I. HILFERTY B.S., State Teachers College, Bridgewater, Massachusetts M.Ed., Boston University Biology, Microbiology West Medway, Massachusetts BARBARA C. BRADSHAW Bouve Boston'School of Physical Education B.S., Simmons College M.Ed., Pennsylvania State College Physical Education Brookline Massachusetts IULIA KSIONZY K B.S., Cornell University M.A., New York University Family, Consumer Education Clothing Keene Valley, New York MARGARET MADES B.A., Williainette Univ., Oregon M.A., Columbia University Clothing, House Planning Seattle, Washington MRS. GLADYS F. TAYLOR B.S., Framingham Teachers College Framingham, Massachusetts Director of Foods Farmington, Maine VIRGINIA MILLS A.B., Bates College M.A., Trinity College ' English Farmington, Maine GERTRUDE A. WARDELL B L S Pratt Institute B.S. in Ed., M.Ed., Rutgers Univ. Librarian Baltimore, Maryland RITA M. L. MORRIS B.S. in Ed., M.Ed., Boston Teachers College Graduate Study, Boston College History Bost n Massachusetts N71 ,l, I1 4,4445 HELEN E. WEHLING B.S., M.S., University of Nebraska Director of Home Management Diller, Nebraska CHARLES C. PREBLE B.A., Wesleyan University Graduate Study, Clark University Natural Science Farmington, Maine IOSEPH A. WENCKUS B.S., University of Maine Graduate Study, Univ. of Minnesota Physical Education Rumford, Maine ELEANOR A. WOOD A.B., Bates College Graduate Study, Bates, University of Maine English, Iournalism, Speech Kingfield, Maine MRS. NETTIE S. ROUNDS Gilman Commercial School, Bangor Bursar Farmington, Maine MRS. CELIA L. HUNT Matron, Purington Hall Farmington, Maine MRS. ALICE WHITCOMB Matron, Kappa Delta Phi House Farmington, Maine 9 MRS. MARCIA V. KENNISTON Matron, Mallett Hall Boothbay Harbor, Maine MRS. IOSEPHINE T. VOSE Wellesley College Y.M.C.A. School of Cooking Dietitian Farmington, Maine MARIE PECORELLI Farmington Normal School Beale Business College Registrar Farmington, Maine REGINALD BERRY F Iam tor W Farmington, Maine rain ing School Faculiy HARLAND ABBOTT Farmington Normal School University of Maine Eighth Grade Farmington, Maine V i MYRON STARBIRD Farmington Normal School B.S., University of Maine Graduate Study, Univ. of Maine Principal of Mallett School Farmington, Maine ROSE P. DANFORTH Graduate of Eastern State Normal School Study, Boston, New York, 'Wash- ington, D. C., France, England Substitute, Mallett School, Grade 1B MRS. GRACE S. LUCE B.S., in Ed., Boston University Sixth Grade Farmington, Maine MRS. FRANCES HARDY Farmington Normal School Fourth Grade Farmington, Maine HENRY MARTIN B.S. in Ed., Gorham Teachers College Basketball Social Studies Farmlngton, Maine MARIETTA LOWE Farmington Normal School Study, University of Maine First Grade Fairfield, Maine MRS. ANN MASON B.S. in Ed., Farmington Teachers College Fourth Grade Rumford, Maine ALICE E. STEVENS Farmington State Teachers College Study, University of Maine, Boston University, Harvard University Seventh Grade Farmington, Maine MRS. EVA H. NICKERSON Fifth Grade Farmington, Maine MRS. DOROTHY L. SWEATT Kindergarten Farmington, Maine MARTHA A. NUTTING B.A. in Ed., Wheaton College, Illinois Graduate Study, Univ. of Maine Third Grade South Paris, Maine MRS. MARAH S. WEBSTER Pratt Institute Study, University of Vermont Boothbay Studios Art Instructor Chesterville, Maine IOLA H. PERKINS A.B. in Music Ed., Colorado State College of Education Music, Farmington Public Schools Gardiner, Maine HELEN E. WHITNEY Farmington Normal School B.S. in Ed., University of Maine Sixth Grade Farmington, Maine SIQNI "The teacher 'is like the candle zvhiclz lights otlwrs in conszmzing iz'sc'If." -Ruffim SHIRLEY B. ABBOTT Mechanic Falls Maine H omc EL'0l1077IfC'J' Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4: Sports l: C.A. Cabinet 12,35 House Court 3. JOYCE E. ADAMS Boothbay, Maine Home Economic: Class President 23 Dormitory Life Committee Ig Treasurer lg Social Recreation Committee 25 Class Vice-President Ig Class Secretary 4, 0' Com - I IANE AUSTIN Farmington, Maine Home EC'0lll7l71iL'.f Activity Finance Committee 25 Class Vice-President 3. ,' J' .' s 1 , .Kr l - w ' mm 0i"M',l'ii,f , aiyw' J ll tai 1 PAULINE L. BECKWITI-I Fairfield. Main Elemen1111'y-lmlior' High F.T.A. 2,31 Phi Nu Omega Soror ity l.2,3,-l: C.A. Cabinet 1,2,3,4g Vice-President 4: Treasurer 55 Delegate to O-At-Ka 33 Mirror 2, 45 Assistant Editor 43 Efjefrgm 1, 2,3: Bantl l,2,4g Orchestra 13 Glee Club 43 Activity Finance Commit- tee 1,23 Chairman 1,23 Budget Committee 3: Calendar Committee 4 . . A-fa V. was SYi:wy5,f f-:OH ,, 1. F -. I . pizza., MARY I. BEVERLY Dexter, Maine E1en1c'r1ful'y-lrnlior High Glec Club 1,2,4g Vesper Choir 1,2.4. SYBIL I. BLANCHARD Cumberland Center, Maine Home Economics Sports lg Home Economics Club 1,2,3,-lg Class President lg Social Recreation Committee 1,2. AUDREY M. BRAINERD Auburn, Maine E1r:mc'r1lr11'y-Inm'or Hitfh Orchestra 1,23 Choir 1,2,3,4g Glee Club I,2,3,45 Band 1,23 C.A. Cabinet 1,2,3,-45 F.T.A. l,2,3,43 Alirrur 1.2: Activity Finance Com- mittee 1,25 Music Council 2,33 Outing Club 1. '- sf xr . All U ,T ' " .- ' gf .V , ,- 5'- It 5 Q , Cr my .f 1 ,- i ,J ' '5 :rs ., . ,' y . 'f 0 gg V ' li F . ,. pr -. e K , -5 , .' l .ja 3" -er' 'i . Q' f- 'N 599 7' V My S, .5 gl I rv.-' . .3 5 .lr n L' V' iw 'fi' ij. SQ- 'PQ' fe' ' -4 :xo KP- 29 -9 LEANOR M. BRENNAN Bangor, Maine Elen1e11lm'y-lzmior High ambda Epsilon Sorority l,2,3.4: resident 2: Secretary 4g Glee Club 3 F.T.A. 1,2: W.A.A. Council Z: uting Club 23 Newman Club ,3,4: Pan-Hellenic Council 23 'gesteco 4. ELEN F. BROWN Kenduskeag, Maine Home Economizfx ports l,2,33 Letter lg Iacket 23 .A. Cabinet 1,2,33 Social Recre- tion Committee l,2Q Home Eco- iomics Club 1,2,3,43 Mallett Vice- resident 3: C.A. Secretary 2. l IOAN E. BRUCE Millinocket, Maine Home Economic: Home Economics Club l,2,3,4g Home Economics Executive Board 23 C.A. Cabinet 23 Class Secretary lg Dormitory Life Committee l,2g Holiday Dance Committee 33 Plays and Players 43 F.T.A. 43 Ejiesfcvo 4. CLIFTON H. BURTON Madison, Maine Elenzfntary-Imziar High Basketball lg "F" Club I,2,3,4: Student Manager of Athletics 2,3: Kappa Delta Phi l,2,3,4g Vice- President lg President 43 Coordi- nating Council 4: Ivlirf-or 2,33 Egcrlrca 23 M.A.A. 1,2,3,4: Del- egate 'to New York Conference 4. ,.if'w'l VIOLET G. CALL Levant, Maine Home EL'0I10I71fL'.S' Sports l,2,3,43 Letter lg Iacket 23 Senior Pin 33 Purington Hall Pres- ident l3 Outing Club Executive Board 2: Outing Club 2.33 W.A.A. Council 12.5.43 W.A.A. President 3: W.A.A. Secretary 2: C.A. 33 Home Economics Club l,2,3,4g Coordinating Council 3 HILDA L. CARVER Buckfield, Maine Elemer1tm'y-Izrhiq High Orchestra l,2,3,4g ioir l,2,3,4: Vice-Pres. 23 Clt I.,-lg Mu- sic Council , .F. . 1,2,3,4g Treas. 23 . P .im Com. 43 Outin b 1' ,A. Cabinet 1,23 5.4: es. 35 , Community Re- ility nmis 1 2,4g C.A. gusta O-A - 23 Bowdoin 23 Bam 23 usta Planning Com. ' oston ': Cambridge 4g Mem- 'aer ol? General Com. of Student Christian Movement in N. E. 45 Dorm. Life Com. 13 Activity Fi- nance Com. 23 Coordinating Coun- cil 53 Alumni Bldg. Fund Com. 43 Dorm. Council 33 House Court 23 Proctor3 Class Pres. lg Mirror 23 Elietlcca 33 Ch. Holiday Dance 3. l ood 23 Au- INANNIF I C EN'I A st aine ms m 3' - i' Spors 3 CA C' in 23 o ' tor fe C g iit I -' , 0 i. ec 8 in .4 -- 4 g -I V -' 5 l Bl Sr , 2 ' , r 3 . g 5 ' ? ub I 1 t la 34 4 l S an nter cc. 2 o nittce utmg 7 ays . , 3 CFC tar' , 'Se tetary en overn- n t 3 at 3 ' , esident o - 1 unc' ,MJ if IEANNETTE K. DAMON Buckfield, Maine Elemcnlary-luizior High F.T.A. 2,3,4g Mirror 2. mil ,-.gig ,, 1 'si ' in -. is 4-fe 1-ft. 1 0 Y ' 9 ' 711 ', Y , '5 , f 9 V' ' dr .v Y- a k is COLLEEN M. DONOVAN Lewiston, Maine Elenu-11fury-luniur High Orchestra 1,2,3g Band 1 ,2,3 5 Lambda Epsilon Sorority 1.2.3541 F.T.A. 1.2,35 Newman Club 3,45 Vice-President 45 Dormitory Life Committee 1,2. CLAIRE 1. DOUGHTY Cumberland, Maine Home Economic: Orchestra 1,2,3.4: President 35 Band 1,2,3,-45 Vice-President 45 Secretary-Treasurer of Musical Or- ganizations 25 C.A. Cabinet 15 Dormitory Life Committee 15 Sec- retary Entertainment Committee 25 W.A.A. 15 Secretary of Mallett Hall 35 Home Economics Club 1, 2,-l. .05-X - A ,. W is lv Q: 5 . t .5 is x C V!! A O M i H' ' 9 51 3 ali J 'lx . ER-:AXE llbwlhlgxigbl ."X'1e . Nik i Ells orth, Maine 5 'iw i'fiE7eriik'nl'ur - imior High x AN c . . "1 'o nil 1,25 W.A.A. Fl. su kgeasgir 24' Lambda Epsilon ' l'5oroiity 'C1,21y3,-4: Secretary 25 ggeasurbr 35 Senator to Student I n vernment 25 F.T.A. 25 New- . 'Club 2,3,45 Dormitory Coun- ks MARIORIE C, DUROST Dexter, Maine Home Economic: Sports 15 C.A. Cabinet l,2,3,45 Dormitory Life Committee 15 So- cial Recreation Committee 25 Dormitory Council 35 Home Eco- nomics Club 1,2,3,45 Home Eco- nomics Club Executive Board 3. .lf Mal 'fil -ff' . sabiallli ' 5 .ist Wiermore, Mai K F El' L' -llmior High lulxll: C.A. 15 Social Recr a n Cornhiittee 15 Mirror 1,2, Dormitory Life Committee 2: Ou ing Club 2,35 F.T.A. 3,45 Trea urer 45 Efjgi-ffm 35 Phi Mu Si ma Sorority 3,45 President 45 Pa Hellenic 3,45 Exchange Student Coordinating Council 45 Vic President Mallett Hall 35 Delega to New England Regional Confe ence 45 House Court -lg Red Cro. Drive Chairman 3. FRANCES I. FARRINGTON Wilton, Main Elemenfary-Iunior High Field Service Committee 15 Treas urer 15 Lambda Epsilon Sororit 3,45 President 45 Pan-Hellenic 4 Band 15 Orchestra 15 Glee Clu 2,45 Choir 2,45 Sports 1,25 CA Iunior Cabinet 15 Coordinatin Council 45 Plays and Players 3,4 Cheerleading 1,25 Outing Club 2 M4170-A4441 ifo-adv IEAN M. GERR Millinocket, Main Elemelztzzry-Irmiol' High Lambda Epsilon Sorority 1,2,3,45 'Treasurer 25 President 35 F.T.A. 1,25 Pan-Hellenic 35 President 35 Coordinating Council 3. -gsm go, 'hclk Nu Q- es'-A + ern RUTH P. GIBBS Turner, Maine Elementary-lunior High Orchestra 1,25 Glee Club 1,25 Vesper Choir 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,35 Phi Nu Omega Sorority 1,2,3,45 Iudiciary 2,45 C.A. Cabinet 25 Egg,-ffm 35 Dormitory Life Com- mittee 1,25 Outing Club 15 Music Council 2,3. - Xa rflfmq, I' X 'y iw rw 453:44 UTI-I A. HAGAN Houlton, Maine Elemcrzmry-lzrnior High .T.A. l,2,3,-lg Planning Board 2: i Nu Omega Sorority l.2,3,4: reasurer -lg Activity Finance ommittee lg Secretary lg Enter- inment Committee 21 Dormitory ouncil 3: Chairman 3: Mirror 1 Dormitory Secretary 4. ADELEINE M. HUGHES St. Albans, Maine Home Ecaumnic: 'ports l,2,3g Letter lg Iacket 25 enior Pin 3g Field Service Com- iittee lg Treasurer of Purington Iall 1: Social Recreation Com- iittee 23 Outing Club l,2: Home conomics Club I,2,3,4. 13E'I"l'Y L. IOI-INSON ' Augusta, Maine Home Economic.: Sports 1,2,3: Letter l: Iacket 2: Senior Pin 35 Social Recreation Committee 1,2: Home Economics Club 1,Z,3,4: Secretary of Iunior Class 3. PATRICIA A. KEITH Winthrop, Maine Elemerzmry-Iunior High Student Government 23 Secretary 2g C.A. Cabinet 25 Treasurer 2: Band 35 Orchestra 1,43 Plays and Players l,2,3,4g Phi Mu Sigma Sorority 1.2,3,-1: President 2: Sec- retary 33 Pan-Hellenic Council 2: President 2g Delegate to Eastern States Association of Professional Schools 33 Iudiciary 3: Dormitory Life Committee 1: Entertainment Committee 2. MADELINE I. KINNEY Clinton, Maine Home ECOIIOITIIUS Sports 1: Social Recreation Com- mittee l: Entertainment Commit- tee 2: Home Economics Club 1,2, 3,4: Holiday Dance Committee 3: C.A. Cabinet 3. NORMA L. LITTLEFIELD Belfast, Maine Home Economics Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4g Publicity Chairman 35 Executive Board 35 Delegate to Massachu- setts 23 Vice-President State Home Economics Club 43 Plays and Players 3,41 Chairman Iudiciary 45 C.A. Publicity Chairman 33 House Court 35 W.A.A. 1: Outing Club 2g Holiday Dance Committee 3g EUc':1z'c-o 3. CORALOUISE LYFORD Dexter, Maine E1c'n1c-mary-lrmim' High Student Government 2,33 Coordi- nating Council 4g Entertainment Committee 1,23 Chairman 23 Field Service Committee 3: C.A. Cabi- net 33 F.T.A. l,2,3,4g Secretary 2: President 45 Vesper Choir 1,2, 3,41 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g President 2g Lambda Epsilon Sorority 1,2, 3.4: Secretary 3g Pan-Hellenic Council 1,2.3,-l. RUTH E. MACDONALD Oxbow, Maine Home Economic: Sports lg Dormitory Council 1,25 Secretary lg Secretary of Mallett Hall 23 Home Economics Club l, 2,3.4: President 35 Vice-President 4: Coordinating Council 3,41 Dele- gate to Home Economics Club Workshop at University of Ver- mont 3g Panel Discussion at State Home Economics Meeting 3g Class President 4: Alumni Relations Committee 4: F.T.A. 4: EHC'5IEL'0 35 " Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges " 4g Delegate to State Teach- ers' Convention 4. C 4, ' NORMAN W. MOULTON Sanford, Maine Elcmenzury-lzmior High Outing Club 3,4. L. FAY NORWOOD Boothbay Harbor, Maine Home Econonzics Home Economics Club l,2,3.4: Treasurer 25 Sports lg Iudicinry Board 2: Soccer 2. BERYL E. PITCHER Corinna, Maine Home Economic: C.A. lg Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4: Outing Club 2,3: Class Secretary 2g Secretary of Dormi- tory Life Committee lg Class Speaker for Home Economics Ban- quet 3: Social Recreation Com- mittee 2. SHIRLEY P. SANDS Iackman, Maine Elcwzentary-lmlior High Plays and Players 3,43 Phi Nu On ga Sfority 2,3,4g C.A. Cabi- nFtE2: 'Aallett Hall President 33 Cfgortlirgging corneal 31 F.T.A. 3. -. .,. D, k. A 4 4 ' , Q f Q Q lv I 0 4' A 4 .ef ' " fi-.if I ' Q if ' 0 lj V J IUNE B. WARREN Dover-Foxcroft, Mai Home Economic: Sports l,2,3g Letter lg Iacket Home Economics Club 1,2,3, Executive Board 3,43 Secretary Educational Chairman 33 C. Cabinet 35 Social Recreation Co mittee 1,24 Secretary lg Holida Dance Committee 35 judiciary 3 wifi? Outing Club 1,2. RIE BER Benton Main lc: ary-lmzior ' 5. d , ,4g Pre' t 33 Libra ' 45 r estra 1,2,3,4g Vice r itlent hi Nu Omega So ro , , ,4: Vice-President 3g Pr 'iccnt 4- Dormitory e om mi 3 'Treasur r rington Hal lg Pa - le' ouncil 35 Presit -nt 4 mating Coun- cil 4. GRACE W. WENCKUS Bath, Maine Elementary-lunior High Student Government lg F.T.A. iz President Social Recreation Com- mittee 2g Lambda Epsilon Soror- ity 2,3,4g Vice-President 35 Class President 3. A J JY L., V, UU. ,. J-ff I 5. ,fu I I if A xf, , I .f'-' T! f .f'lJ"' ' . " ,.lflf"' ' H CLYDE E. WILLIAMS Mount Vernon, Maine Elenzcntary-Irmior High Plays and Players 15 Vesper Choir 25 Feature Writer of the Mirror 1,2,3,4- 5 39 Q, I . I l ,, LELAND H. MCLEAN Newport, Maine Elemelziury-lzmiar High Plays and Players l,2.3,4: Kappa Delta Phi l,2,3,4q Choir 1,2,5g Mirror 4: Cross-country 2,3: F.T.A. 1,2: Outing Club 2,3,4g M,A.A. l,2.3,4g "F" Club 3,4. Rlcnfxnu ARNOLD 5' New Sharon Maine " .- V i I I 'P Elcnzcntmy-Innior High Q!! , choir 3,4. 3 if! ,..,.a.....t Q9 Al.,lCli MAY l5RYliR X Q, Danville. Vermont i I-lame El'0lIOIl1fc,'.f ii C.A. Cabinet 2,31 Social Welfare Chairman, Home Economics Club 3: House Court Committee 3g Sports 1,23 Christian Builtlers Club, Secretary l. President 2. ELISE A. LANEY Skowhegan, Maine EIL'll1L'I1f!II'lV-,IlI1f0I' High w.....u...t OLIVE PERKINS Kennebunk Beach, Maine Home Ec'OIl077Jfl'.f Home Economics Club 3,4. mnmum: ZELMA TOOTHAKER Farmington, Maine Elcnzelztrllyrllllliol' High OVL MLNT " ,els HIC fj0T,'C"l'Il7IICll1' is, such will bv the man - Plato COORDINATING COUNCIL If:-our Roan W. Knmvlen, Mr. Kelley. Dr. Dearborn, D. Goodwin, F. Clements, P. Combellack, R. Carter, Miss Hastie, Miss Varnum, I. Reed. Second Row: I. Murphy, G. Gerry, R. lieauchesne, F. Far- rington. Third Row: A. Rand. H. Terenzoni, M. Webber, C. Lyforcl. H. Dysart, R. MacDonald, P. Maxwell, I. Darling, I. Parker, R. Webber, I. Midgley, E. Connors, V. Stevens, I. Hamlin, G. VVebber, C. Burton. C0-or inating Counci Frcrfdefzt . Dorrazzce Good win Vice-Pre.f1'de1zt . . Fannie Clements Secretary . Pauline C ombcllaclq Trez1.vurer . Robert Carter This form of government, now in its second year, is a revised Student-Faculty Co-operative Government. This plan was initiated in order to center the government of the school in the hands of the presidents of all the recognized school organizations on the campus. At the head of the government are the student officers who are elected each spring by the student body. ' The Co-ordinating Council is the main council in the organization, and its membership includes the four Student Government officers already mentioned, the presidents of all recognized college organizations, the presidents of the four classes, four appointed faculty members, and the president of the college, who is an ex-officio member. This group studies student problems and appoints committees to be in charge of such things as the school calendar, class elections, social functions, charity drives, and other projects of interest. To attain the best possible co-operation between the administration and the student body, the council feels free to make recommendations for changes in school policies or for improve- ments around the campus when they seem to be for the good of all. i261 Front Row: M. Derby, Mrs, Bigelow. Mrs. Hunt, M. Irlundley, Mrs. Kenniston, Miss Vnrnum, M, lay. S:'L'w111 Row: I. Hamlin, P. Bmvker, A. Potter, R. Webber, li. McDougall, I. VVare, D. 'Wilson Dormitory ounci President . Mal'1'ly11 Handley Sccretzzry . . Marjorie lay The dormitory council began its initial functions early in the school year by electing its oHicers. Besides the ofiicers, the council includes the dean of women, the school nurse, the house mothers, the house presidents, and representatives from both dormitories. This year, the council instituted several new practices, among them being policies affect- ing dining-room equipment and new light signals for dormitory dwellers. l37l Front Row: M. Dcrlsy, Miss Blaine. R. Carter, Miss Wood, G. Dickey. Sccoud Row: P. Maxwell, C. Williams, Mr. I-lilferty, M. Ferris, I. Sullivan, R. Haskell. Budget Co111mittee C hairmmg Robert Carter One of the most important divisions of the Student-Faculty Co-operative Government is the Budget Committee. The chairman of the Budget Committee is also the treasurer of the Co-ordinating Coun- cil. The other members of this-committee are the student treasurers and faculty advisers of all classes and of all student organizations receiving allocations from the student activity fee. This committee functions for the purpose of managing all Financial affairs pertaining to the Student-Faculty Co-operative Government. l38l D J R. Stone, 1. lhocus, Mr. lreble, Miss Weliling, N. Littlefield, Mrs. Nickerson, R Gibbs P Curtis Iackson. Judiciary Connnittee In the United States government, there is a famous group of men called the Nine Old Iudgesf' termed by the less frivolous as the Supreme Court. At Farmington, we also have 21 supreme court. the judiciary. lt is its duty to try 111 cases of violation of the school laws and policies referred to it by individual students The olficers of the student governing body appoint the student members, and the college president, Dr. Errol Dearborn, appoints the faculty members. This year the members are as follows: ,fldzfiscry . Mr. Charles Preble Miss Helen Wehling Students: St'71l.0l' Class . Norma Littlejfeld, Chairman junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman C lass l39l Ruth Gibbs . Raleigh Stone Patricia C urtis . john Phocus . jmzice Iaclqson A " Tlzcrc is an zmspeavlmblc jvlmsufrc aftendizzg the life of 11 7'0Imzfary sl'nd01zf."J - Goldsmith FRESHMAN CLASS Q -4 Z U 2 xf U if. rs 3 C5 E U Df- If Q.: E E 2 B4 ui 'S K1 I- U oi xl u 2 ln cu U 2 Cf 3 O In SQ v-Q If U E 5 -If If .if ev O .-i 6 tb .E 2 O 5? T: C U ul 55 .D .E :A 2 Q: F Ei ac ci if fi .M u 1 4 fi .JI .2 z z 5 Q D4 Q 2 FL. EO E 1? c: s ,- C .r: Q .-, cd Q E' S1 A ,. an ..i Z3 5 :S cj J if E o 6 .rf 'E :E 4 .5 .ld . I1 -I ci .S T, 2- 4 fs S E Q5 ri G1 a O o cl 5 0 FX NE S c VJ Qs .3 m ui 5 in I cd 5 E fi .5 3 ,, C1 -Q -1 fl: Q T .af .:.' 2 A Stevens, I. Jackson, I. 5 U 2 .': ln :J F C vu u .54 . I-4 O cs Q E EH J: JC .E i- E Q: L-4 S -1 J U E E 3 EL 'Q by .cz rE -I cj E B FJ L1-I al Dx fi ui .E ... 1. o 3 ... CI S 42' C u :ci cf 11 5: 5 ui 47 I- :z H E 5 L2 of S 5 C: FZ TE Q I- E ..-. va I1 c U nl 5 2' 2 4.5 G .z: V, n. U 'U fl Q :S 5 E' 5 ui E E 2 xl' Ji .2 nd C5 E 2 fr if fi 'El E C o ui S 3 DC Q 1: 5 Q. E 'E E CE .L 3-1 0 v C x. U . 5. U W E 11 Z ri 1: 2 cd uf f. c n: r: o U L5 rf 7 U In o 7-C U5 if s: c: .2 Q r-1 J .., o 5-I 45 rr 1: es -C1 .na .5 Q1 :J- E 2 -4 EPM? sw 3 . Digit V: SAE 34:9 .5 - DEE J .5 ew O Je' 'LEE q5:. .EP E .:T SME SEO -'Sui 'fm - . .rw ED-L5 hh ?..:f1 p-.-59. Aj'-L fgif 0 Elia? mg? E!! 11 Ein- 'EOS cs 'Q E32 U ,,v-4 'ECE mi-3 :QW .lb l-1 'Q BAE O . AE-1 3 W im? rs 'CQ Q.U 4.5! QLEJS emi c ' , in 535 559: .j'E c.'J.:Q :Mg :ld ,- -S v. ,, -rs mf' I-'Da-uU .E - EGG: 6512 p,,v f : 3.43 Q. :Ski ...vt .Q-5 rio- :Pd :iff h 953 we 5:42 ,.,4. 'cis 5532 Q. .L EGF 'EZ 'vs Uwe 555 'EQLL SOPHOMORE CLASS ..i vil E ...- .44 an an un rd E U3 C1 1? L- K1 Q4 Q C1 Q4 A uf 2 'U I-e 1 C 'C Q 5 's U 5 4: IL! if U .LC 11 2 fi :Z .':'. .cr Q Q2 I3 QD ui 2 .C i. U Q 2 5. ra v- 2 T.. bl: .fs ti U Q1 'J- 6. 'F 2 e B Tc fi IP CU Q 4 C 2 8 O 45 of 52.0 H! E L1 O ui E Q N '-I 5 F-L nor, P. Robinson, P. Maxwell, L. Toomey, E. Knight, B. Parks, B. On CTC I H. Doble, enna, P. Gaunce, L. Eastman, P. Davis erriman, G. Dickey, L. MACK zu: G. M Ro S :muff Savage. 32 LL!-T-e .d G' - 'EB TIE E3 an U .M 2 3 S22 cl 0 bn cu C.- ri 5 5 -55 EQ I L5 4 0 QC Q N SE .1 EI O i-. O 7-P F-L. va L2 n qi . ll, ouga Kaka in .J Q rd 2 Bowncs. C. cd V: .E .Ld 'TJ M. 3 Q iopc, R. Nason, R. Carter, ci 'E cf ... cn QC rf o ar, ff E R. Vc nl vens, E o ... G. Briggs, R. Ste .-. 5 o x: M ni y, E. Tufts Cl uk CB' , .Q .c .- i-I L ford, M, L5 4:7 41 u 55 A ,V cr,N Fl I M. Post O Y. Row: H. Newcomb. 'S E S1 4: fl HE 20: vi rd u O -C L . 5 ,E DFQ :gg gas? 244 ni E ui M5 A ' :C iv-5 EO: 3,-iff? 53555 max 'iw 656:22 CCL - 5 di -:ci 3 r- as E551 -5- H2 BSD. E E rig- H QQ: .gag .-LEM :EQLJ w 2 Emil.: .: 12.23 mmf -D 33 u cj 'Epi :di .E ,-:ES EEF' :wig E: 455: mfg ' '1 Ze 5 '- WSJ .11 ,Efo- 2 'Wi' die 5-I E O 5.5 new Q.i'.'.uigT 25355 2 mi.: .gwfi fifgg-gv4. E556 C 021152 43 2224545 'a E afffafi ui E8 503 AIEUM aim 25155: Dalia: ,-L -Ang asia EEK' 41 'e 5 SE E55 .B 35,-i 251- E225 2 U-u E53 IL :bd ma .2453 :ISM .nba-'5 ,gam- S -Em digg as: 'Em-Q 3 .5 20:11-5 EC. if 'S IL4 in 2 A E 2 2 .z pa SENIOR CLASS 1 E 51 1- FD fri 15' -J r: fl an ui '5 L1 FJ J: U c: .E 312 :A J H c .2 .cv QC ui E Q N 'E : D Ka D va v3 U 4: CD :s I 2 ff SZ F11 rf ca I: C: u :E ui C2 u C 3 O Q L5 2 C u CD I4 af T4 0 P u 3 2 I-T 9? E eu U 1 Q fu C-' .5 5-4 2 -S -- .5 u 3 tl: 5 5 E E 3 Q4 1' 5 Q ebber, F. Clements, C. Donovan, G. 5, R. Gibbs, M. W lim Ad Austin, I I. Iohnson, B. Third Row: agan, F. Farrington, A. Bryer. MacDonald, I. Bruce, B. Pitcher, C. Lyford, R. H crd, R. HIHOH. Moulton, I. D ysarr, C. Burton, M. Arndt, N. wood, M. Durost, H. D 01' kus, L. Forest, I. Warren. Fourth Row: F. N Wenc FRESHMAN CLASS Pf'C'J'1.dC'71Z - . lohn Darling Secretary . . . Beverly Miller Vice-President . . . loanne Drum Treasurer .... Melvin Ferris The freshman class has enrolled this year one hundred Fifteen members, thirty-four of whom are home economics students, and eighty-one, elementary-junior high. We took great interest in the musical organizations, and many became members of the glee club, choir, band, and orchestra. Several of the students took part in the comic opera, " The Chimes of Normandyf' and many are eagerly awaiting participation in the three-act play to be sponsored by the Plays and Players organization. Although amateurs, some of us found journalism to our taste and joined the staffs of the Mirror and Ejesteeo. Several of the freshman boys starred in basketball, while all of the cheerleaders except two were freshmen. Both boys and girls became active in the Outing Club. On February 12, in conjunction with the Outing Club which held its annual Winter Carni- val, we sponsored a Coronation Ball with a Valentine motif. We, the freshmen, feel that this has been a prosperous year, -and we are eagerly looking forward to the next three years here at Farmington State Teachers College. SOPHOMORE CLASS Presizlent .... Phyllis Maxwell Secretary . . . Betty Murphy Vice-Preriderzz . . . Carolyn Hall Treasurer . . . Merriman Foster The sophomore class returned this fall with seventy-three students. Fifty-four were en- rolled in the elementary-junior high course and nineteen in the home economics course. A joint meeting of both departments was held at the beginning of the school year to elect ollicers and make plans for the alumni dance, which completed the activities of Home-Coming Day in October. Keefe's orchestra helped to make this event a successful one. The class chose as its faculty adviser Mr. Robert Bigelow. As in the previous year, we entered into many different activities, including the musical organizations, Plays and Players, the Mirror and Ejeszeeo staffs, and many of the clubs and campus committees. One of our class, Wilhelmina Knowlen, was chosen editor of EgE5l6C0. On the Field of athletics, we also starred. Five of our class were members of the 'varsity basketball team, while still others played on the I.V. team. The cheerleading squad boasted of two members of our class. - We, the sophomore class, pride ourselves in having taken an active part in all school activi- ties, and we look forward to the year to come. IUNIOR CLASS President - V1'rg1'n1'a Stevens Secretary . . . Pauline Blanchard Vice-Pre.w'denz . . Wilfred Eldrezlge Treasurer .... john Sullivan We who comprise the junior class held a class meeting the First of the semester and elected our class officers for the year 1948-1949. On December 11, 1948, we held our big event of the year-our annual Holiday Dance, which was attended by many. The theme, "Sleighride Frolicf, was carried out in favors and decorations. Many of us are eagerly looking forward to our student teaching which starts this year on a new plan whereby we teach nine weeks this year and nine weeks our senior year. We have had the need for more teachers strongly impressed on us, and we are ready to try to prepare ourselves so that we can help fill this need. We, the class of 1950, strive to prepare ourselves better for a future of teaching. SENIOR CLASS President . Ruth MacDonald Secretary . . joyee Adams Vine-President . . . Ruth Gibb: Treasurer . . . Clyde William: Both the home economics and the elementary-junior high departments of the senior class held a joint meeting and elected officers at the opening of the school year. Throughout the year, the activities of the senior class have been numerous. The home eco- nomics girls have enjoyed experiences in the home management house and in student teaching centers throughout Maine, while the elementary-junior high students kept the home fires burning. The class has been well represented in college activities, such as Plays and Players, -musical organizations, student-faculty government, sports, and school publications. A highlight of the year's activities was the graduation dance held in the gymnasium during commencement week and sponsored by the senior class. wage , Living at the home economics cottage comprises nine interesting weeks of the senior year. The freshmen look forward to this ex- perience, and the seniors never forget it. The philosophies of peaceful and demo- cratic living are realized by cooperative W0-rk among the girls. They practice efficiency in all duties such as nursing, cooking, Waiting on tables, general managerial duties, and house- keeping. All skills and techniques learned in this experience of group living can be practi- cally applied in both classroom and home. Improvements in the cottage this year have included a new freezing unit, new kitchen cur- tains, inlaid linoleums on two floors, and addi- tions to the book collection for the library. The values of these instructions are guided by Miss Helen Wehling. Also aiding in the utilization of all theories is the presence of a lovable infant. ' Cottage Life 47 0 I2 GAN N0z'lLing is fair or good aloncf' - E1llfC'l'S0l1, ATIONS hr.. EFFESTECO STAFF - EDITORIAL Ifrmzt Row: M. Derby. M. lay, P. Maxwell. VV. Knowlen, Miss Wood, M. Douglas, G. Merriman, G- lV1lfilWCll, U- Mil01ll'- Sfcoml Row: Ii. Aucoin. H. Murphy, I-1. Coombs, I. Phoeas, P. Combcllack, P. Blnncliard, B. Miller, XV. Gildart, R. McLain, M. Seekins, E. Brennan, I. O'Connor. Elifesteco tall We, the staff of Ejesteco, in assembling the material in this volume, have tried earnestly to fulfill the trust that was vested in us. It is our hope that the readers will Hnd it Worthy of its predecessors and will take as much pleasure in the reading of it as we found in the pursu- ance of our duties in connection with publishing it. We are deep-ly appreciative of the co-operation of both faculty and students in helping us to portray our school life at F.S.T.C. May this annual stand as a complete story, interest- ingly written and Well illustrated, of one of our valuable college years. We wish especially to extend our gratitude to Miss Eleanor A. Wood, without whose help and guidance this fourth edition of Ejesteco would have been quite impossible. l50l EFFESTECO STAFF - BUSINESS E. Aucoin, I. Plmcas, P. Maxwell, M. Tinkham. Editor-in-chief ......,.., Wilhelmina Knowlen Assistant Editor ...,..... ............ N lary Douglas Emroiuar. DEPARTLIEN1' Co-orclinating Council .. Pauline Combellack Budget Cgmmittgg ........... Robert Carter ludiciary ...,........,,.. .,....... N orma Littleheld Dormitory Council .......,.,.. Marilyn Handley Mirror ..........,..............,,. . ..l., Geneva Gerry Ejcsteco ,,.......,............ Wilhelmina Knowlen Cottage Life ...... .. ...,...... Fannie Clements Christian Association ...... Georgia Merriman Outing Club ,....,..,.......,..., Marilyn Seekins Newman Club ..,.. . , .,,. lo Ann O'Connor Home Economics Club ,4,. Ramona McLain Future Teachers' Assoc. ..,...., Elaine AL1COil1 Plays and Players ,..,...,.,,,....4. Mary Douglas Glenys Webber Band ..................,...,.. Mary Derby Donalene Mooar Phyllis Maxwell Womcrfs Athletic Assoc. .,.. Harriet Coombs Phi Nu Omega ,.....,....,....., Guida Wardwell Louina Iones Lambda Epsilon ...... ..,..... E leanor Brennan Kappa Delta Phi ...... , Orchestra .......,,..,... Choir .. .,................,..,...... ,. Glce Club ....,.....,.,.....,......,.... Phi Mu Sigma .....,.................... , ...,.. .. Louis Paquin Chapel Committee .,...........,...... Louis Paquin Recorder of Senior Activities loan Bruce Mcn's Athletic Assoc. ,.,..... William Iudkins Senior Class .........,........,,... ..,., I oyce Adams junior Class .,....,,......,..,.,.. Pauline Blanchard Sophomore Class ,. .. ., ..... Betty Murphy Freshman Class ...,.... ....... B everly Miller Girls' Sports .,..,..,... .,.,..,., M arjorie lay Boys' Sports .....,,.....,..,,.,....... William Gildart Photography ............,, A Norman Moulton, Marilyn Seekins, Ioanne Brown Art ..,.....,....,....,..........,......,....,.... loanne Drum Typists: Patricia Cowan, Mary Tinckam, Patricia Robinson, Patricia Burns, Con- stance Hopper, Ieanette Pinkham, Eleanor Mahar, Maxine Gross, Mary Derby, Ra- mona McLain, Ianice Iackson, Eunice Gordon, Edith Lincoln, Ashley Gray' BUSINESS DEPARTMI-:Nr Business Marzagel' ...,.....,...... lohn Phocas Ir. Aclzfertising ...,...,...,. ........,.. N lary Tinckam, Leonora Toomey, Patricia Davis, Priscilla Cousins Circulation ...... , .,..,..., Elaine Aucoin, Phyllis Maxwell 51 l MIRROR STAFF - EDITORIAL Front Rauf: I. Phocas, M. lily, P. Beckwith, G. Gerry, V. Stevens, E. Fowler, I. Mitlgley. Sgggml Rgwg M. Derby, I. O'Connor, M. Gross, E. Gordon, L. Eastman, I. Brown, G. Stevenson. R. Snowman, E. Mahar, A. Stanhope, A. Davis. 17. Wilson, G. Couture, S. Koreva. M. Keene. Third Roux: W. Knmvlcn. C. Hopper, ll. Ilralcv, V. Brown, M. Adams, R. Stone, A. Gray, L. McLain, I. Drum, A. Cronkite, P. Burns, I. Reed, G. Hurd. Mirror taff We of the M1.l'I'0l' staff have done our best to make improvements in this year's issues. The Mirror is a paper for the sehoolg so we have tried to make it a paper of the school. Some of the changes we have made are to add a literary department and K' Notes from the Classes? VVe have changed the editorial page so that it now has five columns instead of the usual four. Nearly all of our issues have included either an insert of one page or two extra pages, and we have been working for more pictures. In order to make this possible, we sup- plemented our budget by presenting " The Gay Nineties Review " and by engaging in other remunerative projects. We have tried to print all the news and feature all major events of the year in your F.S.T.C. M1'I'l'0l'. l52l MIRROR STAFF - BUSINESS I:I'CJlII-Rflllfi C. Connors. B. Murphy, B. Macliougall. P. Maxwell, Miss Wood, D. Pottle, H. Withorell, M. Klmballl. 50501111 Rom: P. Gordon, l. Stevens. D. Leach, I. Iaekson, A. Talbot. R Enironmi. Dram TMEN1' Editor-in-chief .......,...,.......,.... Geneva Gerry Assistant Editor ..., ...... P auline Beckwith News Editor ............,..,........ Virginia Stevens Assistant News Editor ............ Ethel Fowler MEIZIJ Sports Editor .,.,......., Iohn Phocas Ir. Womerfs Sports Editor ....,..,..., Marjorie lay Assistant .................. .....,...,......, I ean Midgley Features: Clyde Williams, Ruth Snowman, Wilhelmina Knowlen, Virginia Brown, Brenda Braley, Melvin Adams, Iohn Phocas Ir. Reporters: lane Reed, Pauline Beckwith, Arlene Cronkite, Mildred Keene, Con- stance Couture, lean Stevens, Ioanne Brown, Leland McLean, Raleigh Stone, Io Ann O'Connor, Annie Stanhope, Arline Davis Y 53 Art Edizgl-5 .,,. Shirley Koreva, loanne Drum Exchange Editor ....,.................., Doris Leach Alumni Editor .....,... .... Geraldine Hurd Pizotogrrzphy ..,. ,.....,...,. . ,L ,,..,... Ioan Murphy Typists: Edith Lincoln, Dorothy Wilson, Eleanor Mahar, Mary Derby, Ramona Mc- Lain, Ieanette Pinkham, Ianice Iackson, Patricia Burns, Constance Hopper, Maxine Gross, Grace Stevenson, Ashley Gray, Eunice Gordon Hctzdiinc Writers ..,.... ,..... L illian Eastman, Leonora Toomey BUSINESS DEPA1u'MEN'r BIl5l.71C'55 Manager' ....,..,.,....., Phyllis Maxwell fidzfertising: Helen Witherell, Dorothy Pottle, Priscilla Gorden, Alice Talbot Circulrzti0tz.' Betty MacDougall, Betty Mur- phy, Marilyn Kimball, Cynthia Connors A. Davis, Miss Wehling, V. Stevens, B. Connors, P. Bowker, H. Witherell, R. McLain, Miss Ksionzyk, K. Kimball, D. Portle, C. Libby. Home Economics Club President . . Elizabeth Connors Vice-Presidg-nr . . Ruth MacDonald Sc'cret4zry . Ramona McLain ' Trerzsurer . Constance Libby Activities of the Home Economics Club this year have been conducted under the coun- sel of Miss Helen Wehling and Miss Iulia Ksionzyk. ' The formal initiation of the largest Home Economics freshman class to be admitted to the college was an impressive candle-light ceremony. Betty Connors and Virginia Stevens represented the club at the Home Economics Work- shop at Keene, New Hampshire. Plans are now being discussed for the workshop of next year, which will be held in Maine. Among the several interesting guest speakers was Ruth Webster, a student from Nasson College, who gave a report on the National Home Economics Associations Conference that she attended last summer. In addition to the regular monthly meetings, the club has had a fashion show and silver tea, a welfare clothing drive, two picnics at Craig's Ledge, and the annual spring banquet. i541 Front Row: E. Aucoin. Miss Ccx. C. l.yford, H. Dysnrt, P. Maxwell. Scmud Rom: D. Andrews. M. Derby, P. Beckwith. A. Brainerd, H. Carver. N. Fowle, G. I-Iurtl, R. Pinctte, P. Davis. Third Row: L. Eastman, A. Allen. I. Bruce, C. Rafter, I. Welch, R. Carter, A. Cronkite, I. Damon, W. Knowlcn. Future Teac 1e1's of America Prerjdgnz . Coralouise Lyford Vice-Preddezzt Phyllis Maxwell Secretary . . Elaine Aucoin Treasurer . . Hannorah Dysart This year, the Agnes P. Mantor Chapter of the Future Teachers of America has under- taken a more varied program of activities. The First event of the year took place in October when this organization, in collaboration with the other F. T. A. chapters of the state, took part in a conference at the State Teachers' Convention. Week-end entertaining of students from various high schools throughout the state was an- other major activity, as was the newly formulated plan of exchange students. The teachers colleges of Plymouth, New Hampshire and Fitchburg, Massachusetts cooperated with us in carrying out this activity. In February, the annual banquet and initiation were held jointly. ln the spring, a Conference-Day was held for all high school students within a radius of seventy-five miles. The object of this clay was to show high school students something about college life and to acquaint them with the college campus. l55l CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION CABINET From: Row: IS. Brown, A. Brainerd. Sc'c'om1Row: D. Iago, P. Maxwell, P. Beckwith, I. Reed, T. Miller, G. Merriman, I-I. Carver, M. Douglas. Third Row: R. Snowman, E. Fowler, L. jordan, V. Stevens, R. Carter, I. Parker, R. Webber, N. Fowle, L. Iones. Christian Association President . . lane Reed Vice-P1'c'51'denz . . Pauline Beckwith Secretary . . Georgia Merriman Treasurer . . Theodore Miller Une of the most vital Christian forces on the campus is this association, which has a well planned program for each member throughout the year. This program maintains a line balance between worship, study, and action. Our sings, chapel programs, vesper services, and conferences provide an opportunity for every student to express himself in some Held of Chris- tian life. There are two kinds of membership: the active and the inactive. Those in the active group take part in presenting the monthly meetings, and the members are assigned to the com- mittees which take care of chapel programs, vespers, community responsibility, world related- ness, functional growth, publicity, and hospitality. The inactive members are invited to meet- ings, but they do not participate on different committees. l56l Front Rauf: C. Couture. B. Hogan- Second Row: B. Murphy, E. Aucoin, I. O'Connor, Mr. Hilferty, Father Morrissey, I. Murphy, C. Donovan, E. Capano, R. Pinctte. Third Row: E. McClay, G. Ricker, G. Hurd, D. Krackenbergcr, L. Forest, li. Dumais, M. Adams, R. Dostie, R. Nason, I. Sullivan, C. Hall, F. Hall, R, Beauchesne, E. Brennan, G. Downey, A. Talbot. NCWIHHH PI'l35lidC'7lf - Vice-Prc'sidcnt . S0c1'etar y . . T1'c'asu1'c'r . Ioan Murphy Colleen Donovan Io Ann O'Connor Edmund Capano The Newman Club, under the direction of its officers, has had a successful year. It has sponsored a program that has been both social and religious. Its Communion Breakfast was well attended, and it was voted to have this an annual project. Mr. Neil Sullivan, superintendent of schools of Wilton, was the guest speaker. Delegates were sent to the University of Maine, where the State Conference of Newman Clubs was held. They brought back new ideas and plans for the future of the club. The second meeting of the year, open to the whole school, was held in Mallett Hall, where Frank Hilferty, faculty adviser of the club, entertained with records from his collec- tions. Plans were made for a sleigh ride. The club celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a Mardi Gras Ball, the entire proceeds going to the senior class. i571 Mr. Kelley, M. Derby, M. Seekins, I. Phocas, I. Parker. e utlng u T11 0 ' Cl L Preddenz . . Ieiferson Parker Vice-Pre.r1'dent . . Iohn Phocas Secretary . . Marilyn Seekins Treasurer . Mary Derby The Fasteco Outing Club held its first annual event during Orientation Week. All fresh- men were invited to attend an outing at Clearwater Pond, where an afternoon of softball, volley ball, swimming, and boating was enjoyed, followed by a picnic supper and a sing around the campfire. An organized mountain climb to Mt. Tumbledown was led by Harvey R. Kelley, the fac- ulty adviser, in October. About sixty students went, and no serious accidents occurred in spite of the sudden rain storm which caused much discomfort. The annual winter carnival was held in February. The events of the day were brought to a close with the Coronation Ball sponsored by the freshman class. The queen, Patricia Bow- ker, was chosen by popular vote and the king, Gerald Berry, by competition. ISSJ Front Row: I. Recd. li. Parks. Srvourf Row: G. Gerry. M. Douglas, Miss Mills, H. Tcrenzoni, R. Has- kell, P. Keith, F. Farrington. Third Row: N. Littlehelcl, I. O'Connor, G. Patlham, S. Samls. Fonrtfi Row: T. Miller, L. McLean, M. Adams, R. Vllebber, I. Parker, R. Dostic, R. Carter, F. Clements, R. Nason, H. Coombs, P. Combcllack. Plays and Players President . . Harry Terenzoni Vice-Presidevzf . . Pauline Combellack Secretary . . Mary Douglas T1'cusm'er . . Ruth Haskell The major production of the year, " The Chimes of Normandyf, presented through the combined efforts of Miss Virginia Mills, our new adviser, Miss Ruby Blaine, the music director, the musical organizations, and Plays and Players, represented the policy instituted two years ago of presenting a bi-yearly operetta. Following the operetta, we initiated six new members into our organization, since they had earned their eligibility points by working in productions. The new policy of two initiations a year, one in February and one in Iune, was adopted. Two chapel programs were presented. One consisted of a talk by Norma Littlefield ex- plaining how she earned her membership entirely through backstage work. The other was a comedy version and parody of " Iulius Caesar," presented to the faculty and students in February. A three-act play was presented in the spring, this completing our activities of the year. wi ORCHESTRA F1-our Rpm: P. Blunchzlrd, Ii. Miller, P. Cousins, M. Derby, R. Snell, 1. Young, L. Forest. Scconzf Row: L. Ior- dan, H. Cnrvcr, I. Richmond, G. Webber, M. Webber, A. Allen, C. Doughty, I. Lambert, R. Babb, D. Mooar. Third Row: P. Keith. C. Hull. Miss Blaine, F. Packard, R, Webber, M. Handley, L. Strickland, M. Carver, I. Brown, T. Miller, R. Dostic. BAND Fran! Row: Miss Blaine, C. Doughty, I. Lambert, M. Webber, A. Allen, R. Babb. G. Wilbur, G. NVebber, I. Rich- mond. Sn-and Raw: I. Young, R. Snell, I. Stevens, I. Brown, P. Iohnson, L. Strickland, R. VS'ebber, M. Carver, M. Handley, T. Miller, R. Dostic. Musical Or anizations a O r c 11 e s t r a President . . Ruth Webber Vice-P1'csidenz . . Louise Iordan Sc'c1'etary . . Mary Derby Treasurer .... Marilyn Handley The college has been fortunate this year in having a Hue orchestra under the very able directorship of Miss Ruby A. Blaine. Various sections of this organization, especially the strings, were greatly enlarged and improved by the incoming freshman class. The First public appearance of this group came in Gctober at Home-Coming Day, when it was very much appreciated by the alumni. A good deal of time and work was put into rehearsals for the operetta, " The Chimes of Normandy," and the orchestra helped considerably in contributing to the success of the per- formance, The orchestra presented a chapel program later in the year and also contributed several fine selections to the spring concert in May. It was a busy and worth-while year for this group, its members working hard and the resulting efforts being well appreciated by the college as a Whole. B a I1 cl President . . . . Claire Doughty Secrezaz'y-Treasurer . . Glenys Webber Librarian ..... Muriel Webber The band, under the direction of Miss Ruby A. Blaine, has had another successful year. Its first appearance was at a chapel program, at which time it played several marches. Later in the year, their presence added much spirit to the season's basketball games. Participation in the annual spring concert was the Hnal contribution by the band to an- other musical year at the F. S. T. C. campus. l 61 l .5 . 2-M ,Q COI..I,IiGE CHOIR From 160,05 P. Robinson, D. Wilson, H. Carver, M. Iay, P. Cousins, A. Davis, I. O'Connor, D. Mooar, B. Parks, M. Beverly, G. Wilbur, F. Farrington, N. Tibbutts, Miss Blaine. Sammi Row: P. BlilUClI2lI'1l, R. Gibbs, A. Cron- kite, N. liowlc, C. Lyforcl. E. Mabar, A. Brainertl, II. Brown, C. Connors, VV. Knowlcn. Thjr1fR0u1f M. Doug- las, C. Kakatsakis, R. Carter, I. Parker, R. Dostie, Mr. Iiunkcr, G. Gofortb, H. Tercnzoni, C. Libby, H. Doble. L mmf. ., Mrs 5. -4 . . M -. la. jgj fl' fi sjvw, Un' :fin W. l ' GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Fran! Row: P. Ramsey, II. Miller. M. Gross, P. Cousins, C. Couture, P. Robinson, Miss Blaine. SL't'0IId Row: M. Beverly, P. Beckwith, D. Andrews, A. Baker, G. Warclwell, C. Frazier, F. Farrington, G. Larkin, R. Keene. Third Row: M. Iuy, W. Knowlen, R. lieaucliesne, M. Myrick, B. Parks, E. Knight, M. Derby, D. Mooar, D. Iago, I. Pettengill, I. O'Connor, B. Grant. 170141-1h Rgwg L. Forest, H. Carver, M. Carver. I. Smith, B. Brown, G. Pad- hum, A. Brainerd, D. Wilson, E. Gurscllicl-1, A. Allen, C. Connors, C. Hall. Fifth Row: E. Mzihar, P. Bowker, I. Clark, C. Lyforcl, C. Libby, N. Fowle, R. Merrill, R. Knowlton. A. Cronkite, P. Curtis, P. Maxwell, H. Coombs, A. Bartlett, I. Lambert, H. Doble. Choir Presiderzz . . . Richard Dostie Secretary . . . Donalene Mooar Librariarz . . Wilhelmina Knowlen flccompcznist . . Audrey Brainerd The vesper choir is one of the four music organizations at F. S. T. C. It has seen a very active year under the capable direction of Miss Ruby A. Blaine. In addition to furnishing spe- cial music for the monthly college vesper services, this group also took an important part in the annual spring concert which marked the last important appearance of the year. In December, the choir, working in collaboration with the Plays and Players organiza- tion, contributed to the success of the comic opera, " The Chimes of Normandy." Glee Club President . . . Doris Iago Vice-Presidenz . . Guida Wardwell Secretary . . Phyllis Maxwell Librarian . . Harriet Coombs The glee club, under the direction of Miss Ruby A. Blaine, is a large organization with about fifty girls enrolled. The first public appearance the glee club made was at a Vesper Service early in the year. The club also put on a chapel program just before Christmas. In the spring, the glee club, with the band, orchestra, and vesper choir, contributed to the spring concert. Donalene Mooar and Audrey Brainerd were the accompanists for the year. l 63 l was aaa WL. . ,--i:-.Ww.i-M... . ,-, an af - W .' WV. A. A. COUNCIL Frou! Row: H. Coombs, R. Beauchesne. Miss Bradshaw, M. lay, G. Dickey. Srvmzrl Row: D. An- drews, P. Cowan, P. Robinson, B. Danforth, I. Drum, G. VVebbcr, C. Hopper, A. Patchell. I. Lambert. Woinenis Athletic Association President . Rose Beauchesne V12-e-P1'ex1'df'nr . Marjorie Iay Sc'0'cZ:z1'y . Harriet Coombs Trcrzsurcr . . Glenna Dickey The Womerfs Athletic Association this year provided for all women students the oppor- tunity to participate in a well-rounded curriculum of both major and minor sports. The sports offered to the Women included horseshoes, soccer, archery, tennis, newcomb, shufileboarcl, badminton, basketball, tenekoit, softball, and volley ball. The point system of earning awards for active participation in these sports was continued, with a few minor changes being made regarding the regulations. Under the supervision of Miss Barbara Bradshaw, the council successfully carried out its plans for the year, sponsoring and taking part in several play days and providing for organized hikes. lean Midgley represented the association on the Co-ordinating Council, and Glenys Web- ber acted as recorder. i641 Sc'z1tc'f1: M. Derby. D. Iago. Struzding: Mr. Reed, Miss Varnum, I.. Paquin, Miss Wardell. Chapel Con1mittee Our chapel committee plays an interesting part in promoting a variety of chapel programs for the college. lt endeavors to select programs that will supply entertainment as well as educa- tional interest. The student council body usually elects four or five persons to serve on this committee, and their duties commence at the beginning of the new year. This group functions up to the month of Februaryg then it is relieved by a newly elected committee which carries through the work the remainder of the school year. With the aid of a faculty advisory group, this committee investigates all possible sources for varied chapel presentations for Wednesdays and Fridays. The several school organizations, besides outside speakers, are contacted for these programs. This year We have had several interesting presentations in the gymnasium by Mallett School groups. These have proved both entertaining and educational. l65l First Raw: B. Murphy, M. Handley, H. Coombs, L. Forest. B. Brown, B. MacDougull R Gibbs VV Knowlen, E. Lincoln, G. Webber, M. Webber, Miss Blaine. Second Rgwg R, Hgibm D 1150 D M0035 G. Warclwcll, M. Derby, C. Frazier, R. Beauchcsne, S. Sands, P. Beckwith, V. Adams M Mitchell E Wainc, I. Lambert, P. Maxwell, M. lay. Phi Gmc a President - Vice-President - Secretary . Treasurer .... Pun-Hellenic Reprc'sentut1'z1e Muriel Webber Donalene Mooar Guida Wardwell . Ruth Hagan Harriet Coombs We started our year's activities by initiating seven new members. The week of informal initiation was climaxed by the formal initiation and banquet which was held at Voters We were sorry that Mrs. Nickerson could not be with us this year 'is adviser, but we were fortunate to have Miss Ruby A. Blaine take her place. Our annual Hallowe'en Dance, complete with costumes and a ' Horror Chamber, was held in the gymnasium. At Christmas time, we made our yearly favors for the local hospital trays Our party with a tree and gifts, was held at Miss Blaine's apartment. Other activities included: a chapel program, minstrel show, drive for the March of Dimes, if ,Y ' ' ' ' rush parties, newsletters to the sorority alumni, and a formal installation and banquet Of course, our year was made complete by the house-party at Clearwater l66l Firifl Row: Miss Cox, D. Wilson. L. Iortlan, A. Cronkite, A. Allen. N. Dysart. Scvonzl Row: A. Baker, L. Eastman, E. Small, C. Rafter, P. Keith. Phi Mu Signaa, President . Hannorah Dysart V1'ce-P1'es1'de1zt . . Louise lordan Secretary . . Louina Jones T1'eurul'c'1' Dorothy Wilson The Phi Mu Sigma Sorority started its year by working with the other sororities in school in sponsoring a dance during Orientation week. In October, Five new members were initiated into the sorority. . Everyone worked on the Christmas project for the state children. Toys and clothes were collected from the different stores in town. The members wrapped the gifts in Christmas wrap- pings and gave them to a social worker who distributed them to the children for Christmas. In the spring, the annual house-party was enjoyed at Clearwater. l67l Fixx! Row: A. Ficlcs, F. Farrington. Srronfl Rom: C. Donovan, F. Robinson. D. lutlkins, I. Gerry, G. Downey. L. Toomey, S. Thorne, D. Krackenhergcr, P. Curtis. Third Row: l. O'Connor, F. Hall, Mrs. Reed, E. Brennan, H. Duble. Lambda Epsilon Pl't'5l.d6'1Zl . . Frances Farrington Vice-Prexid 6712 . Anne F ides Secrezrzry . Eleanor Brennan 'I'l'c'a5u1'er . . Frances Hall The Lambda Epsilon Sorority began its nineteenth year with the informal and formal initiation of new members. In the fall, the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance was held in the true Dogpatch manner. The sorority supported a financial drive for the Lu Ho Hospital in China. Hospital sup- plies were bought and sent to China. A Christmas party was held at the home of the faculty adviser, Mrs. Clayton Reed, where the members exchanged gifts and enjoyed a social evening. A variety show was held in February to raise money to sponsor the cabaret dance which was held in the spring at the gymnasium. The year ended successfully with rush parties given for the freshmen. l68l 1, ,, , -1' A , . zr is 1-asvlwzcw' 553. ,.' , - taxi. r . First Row: D. Goodwin. R. Bartlett, R. Sprague, V. Ellis, W. lildredgc. R. Doiron, R. Babb, D. Parker. Secmzd Rom: M. Adams. G. Briggs, R. Carter. A. Rand, C. Burton, L. Paquin, I. Phocas, L. McLean. Third Row: l. Welch, G. White, S. Cahill, M. Ferris. L. Davidson, H. Terenzoni, VV. O'Brien, A. Deane, R. Nason, R. LaCassc, W. Gildart. 1:U1ll'fh Row: T. Blackburn, H. Emery, lr P11fkCl', M- 156315, I. Sullivan, D. Hoyt, M. Bowncs, G. Berry, I. Darling, V. Byers, C. Kakatsakis. Kappa Delta Phi Prcsidenz . Clifton Burton Vice-President Alvas Rand Ir. Seclclary . Louis Paquin Trc'asurcr . George Goforth Cor'respond1'ng Secremry Robert Carter Sergeant-at-Arms Leland McLean Clmplain .... William Iudkins ln the tall of 1937, Zeta Chapter moved into its own house and, since then, it has devel oped into one of the strongest chapters of our national fraternity. The chapter has had trying times, especially during the war years, but, through close co-operation among its loyal members and friends, it managed to survive. Today, an old fraternity member would see many line improvements that have been made both in the house and within the chapter itself. Much praise should be bestowed upon our loyal, energetic members of both yesterday and today who have volunteered their time and attention to bring about these constructive improvements. Our chapter added to its national strength when it initiated twenty-two new members in the fall. . Along social lines, our fraternity played an active part during the year. It held various activities-informal sings, open-house parties, dances, and Wiener roasts. All these helped in promoting good-will among our college students. Once again, our fraternity sponsored the annual Franklin County grammar school basket- ball tournament, which created the customary amount of interest and enthusiasm. l69l Wkkkxxk Tlzoerc is only om' proof of abA1'lfz7ty-action - Esclwnzbaclzo Girls' Sports One of the largest organizations of our college is the Women's Athletic Association. lts varied schedule serves not only as a means of recreation and development of physical and mental health but also as a teaching function. The student-faculty volley ball game was our First function during Orientation Week in September. A play day was planned for the first Saturday of the year, but rain prevented this activity from taking place. The remainder of the program throughout the year consisted of three major sports and several minor sports, such as tenekoit, volley ball, shuffleboard, and archery. The program also included special consideration for the physically handicapped and for those not able to partici- pate in a rigorous program of sports. The fall months brought soccer into the spotlight. This year's championship was awarded to the freshmen fDivisions I and HID. Those not participating in soccer mastered skills in archery or tennis. At the end of the season, shuffleboard and newcomb tournaments were played off in the minor sports Held. I i ri -I As winter approached, all thoughts shifted to basketball. After several weeks of con- centrated practice, the interclass tournaments started. The girls in the physical education de- partment took a local ollicial's test in February. Those who passed are now qualified to oflici- ate in inter-scholastic games in this vicinity. For the outdoor enthusiasts, there were skating at George's rink and skiing at the Titcomb Memorial ski tow. As spring approached, our thoughts turned to softball. We practiced, formed teams, and played games. During the school year, we held a couple of play days in Farmington and attended one ourselves. During the first part of the winter, the annual high school play day was held-the main theme stressed at this time being "interpretation of new rules." In March we went to a University of Maine play day which proved to be most educa- tional and recreational. In the spring, we invited the Gorham girls to Farmington. These play days gave us a chance to acquaint the high school groups with the college program, and they provided us opportunity to acquaint ourselves with other college athletic programs. Under the direction of the Women's Athletic Association, a capable cheer leading section was formed to promote school spirit. The final activity was the annual june breakfast, at which time the new oflicers for the following year were introduced and athletic awards were given to those fulfilling the require- ments of the organization. Mens A. A. PI't.'.fl.dL'71I . . Alvas F. Rand Ir. Treasurer . . . William R. Iudkins The Men's Athletic Association, with a larger subsistence than it had last year, dropped both cross-country and baseball from its schedule. President " Bud " Rand felt that more could be accomplished if all of the state allow- ance were put into the " big " sport-basketball. The move, at First, was met with disap- proval, hut, after several voting sessions, it was finally approved. By dropping the fall and spring sports, the Men's A. A. was able to buy an amplifying system for use at home basketball games. The amplifier will also be used as a ITICHDS of HHHHCC, as plans are already being made to have it available for rent. The A. A. surprised many with its announcement of a tentative program for a football team for next year. VARSITY I5:XSKE"I'l3,XI.I. 'l'Ii,r-XXVI Front Row: Cap't. F. Rogers, I. Darling, R. Srcvcm, F. Clark, C. Briggs, A. Raml. Scrond Row: Couch Iosepli Vllcnclius, .-Ms't. Manager W c'Iltl'll'l IJ Flwgg, V. Ilycrs, MIIIIIIHLI I. Phocas. . 1 . , . . K VARSITY BASKETBALL SCI-IEDULIL Colhy College Dow Field Dow Field Gorham Teachers College Washington State Normal School Keene Teachers College Plymouth Teachers College Husson College Salem Teachers College Fitchburg Teachers College Gorham Teachers College Salem Teachers College Score F.S.T.C. Opp. 49 89 54 58 52 42 53 54 104 52 54 58 70 61 75 47 48 29 62 56 66 54 46 29 Score F.S.T.C. Opp. VVashington State Normal School 73 56 North Adams Teachers College 52 45 Husson College 72 36 Plymouth Teachers College 57 48 Presque Isle Normal School 74 54 With a total of I0 wins and 2 losses, F. S. T. C. captured the Northern New England Teachers Colleges, Conference crown lor the hrst time in the history ol: the college, ancl, unchallenged, was granted the New England Conference championship and cup. I 74l ci.-4 .1 o - ,.,.. . , ,-1. fv- 4 Phillips Coburn Stratton Phillips Bangor IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Franz Rom: M. Bownes, D. Greene, S. Cahill, N. Lyforcl, M. Ferris, E. St. Pierre Sf-Cond Rgwg Coach F. Rogers, W. O'Brien, G. Berry, L. Davidson, L. McLean, M. Beal D. Parker. W. Iuclkins. IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL High School Classical Institute High School High School Theological Seminary SCHEDULE Score F.S.T.C. Opp. F.S.TC Opp 65 17 Coburn Classical Institute 30 80 gg Bates College Iunior Varsity 34 32 31 Bangor Theological Seminary 56 35 33 Bridgton Academy 50 88 M W4 -Q Wg . " , E Ye!! A , , ,4 , . Vw. wwww .Lp mall? filgssiimi. 'Q-1121.352 SL'js1'?w wwf' ' -. , 'P i 1 ,.... I ff km gi ,Bmw - M, 'li .s if 1 ' M -, as Mgivg, , X. K L Mmwmw. H .Q 5 , wx anis m a 1 4 w E 37 mi ?Wf1fwg min rs Jima g xi K, rf 5 E ww v we W W f Wag- 8, Q mf' ,H H fu. .V A. nays' mf Fe 5 ' mf an -W. ,g 'lv . mb. I -Q.,.f.,, K Hu , as '-'sa 1 ff ix Dfggnsff A-W wr . 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Mmmgw' Portland Telephone LAf:1ycttc 3-7158 'I4 Beacon St. .VI Pcworzrzlizzfd SCT!!!-CL' to TL'HChC'l'.V and BOSTON 8 MASS- Sc-jwoj 0Z'ffj,115 Member Ncztfomzl ,'1.r.vocfz1ti0n of Tcaflrers' Agencies H361 Ccnnpliinents oi . Franlalin County Savings Banle Farniington BENJAMIN BUTLER Attorney-at-Law Lowell's Market MEATS and GROCERIES West Farmington New Eng. 3326 Farmers 214 Compliments of A Friend E. E. FLOOD CO. The Family Shoe Store l"AP1M1NG'1'ON C. W. STEELE CO. Coal - Coke - Oil Timken Silent Automatic Oil BlI1'l1C1'S Your Oldest Fuel Dculcr Tcl. 704 Farmington J . W. 8. W. D. BARKER Dodge and Plymouth Service 48 liroadway E871 LET US FINISH WHAT YOUR KODAK BEGAN . . . Marris Drug Store " The Rexall Store " 62 MAIN S'I'HliIi'1' FAHM1NG'1'0N FARMINGTON Oll COMPANY FARMINGTON Compliments of Maine Skewer 8 Dowel Corp. F A R M I N G T O N I cr S: F r Willys T I1 9 Dealer.: Dealers First National Bank Q General Repairing of FARMINGTON MOTOR SALES Farmington A 40 Mum Street ISSJ P OH'1'liA1'1'S MIN IAT U B1 .S IiI5P1iODUC'1'10NS OILS A Reputation For Over 36 Years That Is Your Assurance of the Best in Portraiture lUCE'S STUDIO list. 1912 FARMINGTON Compliments of . . . Coca - Cola Bottling Company Farmington vWaIgreen System HARDY'S PHARMACY The Prescription Store HARRIS Sporting Goods Store Gilbert Miller, Prop. l4'A1iNl1NG'1'QIxI .FARMIN GTON STEWARTIS Coluplilucnts of . . . RIVERSIDE Service Station GREENHOUSES and Lunch 153 Main Street FARMINGTON Botlz Phones 89 Maine Consolidated Power Co. FARMINGTON The Grace M. Abbott Teachers' Agency GRACE M. ABBOTT, Manager 120 Boylston Street BOSTON 16, MASS. Member National Association of Teachers' Agencies Compliments of Milliken, Tomlinson Co. Wholesale Grocers 11 - 15 LINCOLN ST. LEWISTON RICHARD H. BELL M A G 0 N I' S C , I A enc The Store with Friendly Service Urrler nsumnce 9 Y Luncheonette - Fountain Established in 1884 confectionery Farmington Special Attention Given to Order: for of Insurance and Party and Dance Rcfreshnxerzts Surely l50UdS Broadway - Farmington l90l Engravings for this book made by the l?Qntlf mii1l CQMgQ PHOT6 ENGR vERs DIAL 5'57ll L , ,i I2 MONUMENT S UARE ' PORTLAND. MAINE '?,l, zl- Q Ww w X , ARMAND'S SOCONY SERVICE oppofm- com Hou,-C Compliments of Mobilgas Mobiloils Wcsshings Lubricafions A Friend Phone 2766 Farmington 'K I' F92 4 if i911 -ff f - , I f AgTQG137A12,HsW K ,A yg,6,fv4fLu,,1! X ' ' N APEX!! jd? zA? zigzag! Wy v W 22021, , sq, W WMF .af MJ? J ' MW ,A -1 MLP? Aff, M ' Q 41 L 7 F - fy Wadi M fiiw M .. -MC 7, 0,56 d fw ww M ,J Q7?2?C' W QU W I f f MW' ' r ,bww d of Cla., ' Cdww fa'-U f F,7JT7ij . in .Bw 7, ,C 5 WCW L' I 24 L W-fu 6 -La-xl '.4. N Mu ' rj. M 1LA'f+:Jff'-'--lf' S-, uff' V 'a - I " , ' 0 1 0:1 -'fjb 94 l p AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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