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The EFFESTECO VOLUME lll l948 State Teachers College Farmington, Maine - Editor-izz-Chief Dorrance E. Goodwin Auiftfzzzt Ecfito 1'-in-Chief Fannie Clements Ffzazliy Azlzfiyer Miss Eleanor Wood Kilt' yefarborfk Sing? OF FARMINGTCDN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Presents esfeco '48 Zfrfgzfhcr Qoreufo d Nor hzzowert thou what augment Thy hy? to thy lZ6fgb170l',J' creed har lent. All are zzoederl hy each o12e,' Nothing if fair or good alone. -Ralph Waldo Emerrou One ofthe oldest philosophies of our college has been that of working and playing together. It has seemed that only by recog- nition of this basic philosophy may a school life be filled with happi- ness. Learning co-operation through practice has proved to be one of the greatest values transferable from our college experiences to the problems of life. Therefore the Eyfertero staff has endeavored to reflect in this book that spirit of sharing by choosing the theme Together. 0 Wu. . . MR. CHARLES S. PREBLE Who has given years of service to the teaching profession. . . Who has given guidance to students and classes .... Who has revealed to us the importance of nature .... Who has contributed to our understanding of our fellow man and who has worked to eliminate our prejudices .... Who has strengthened our belief in God through the study of science .... We, the students and faculty of Farmington State Teachers College, dedicate this third edition of Effatleco. Wt' edimfc' 1 Zhis Hank Qi' 'Vi s .J ,xy V, x :W , X ,S Ji . .-5-17-9' Eff X 1' 793 " A f-ggi ' 'f 1 I .i . , . '- f.,f-,yr ., A: 4:1 'W' I ,,. ri 5 t 12 qw "N --:N If Xa I v-. 'nw .WJ .. R - " I , ,4 home of gladncss and frimdyucss for the girls of Sf .51 Zi K ,4 peaceful village--Sfarmiugtou--Wifh sfrects brand and shaded Fo 1' fbflllj' 0f-gli!-'F1"IZ7Il0Ilf le! fbolf f01ztr'.rt,' IVb:zte'e1' if but rzzlmizzixlerefl ix heir." Alexmzcle r Pope 4 N Ax X f Q v- s H lil: ' 5, -f 'Z HIHHIHI5 . -. ,-MQ.: , , 1 LJ. 'U' , ,. v. , lf. Higlf- f S5 r,wj.1E, J.. :yr -, H.--,. ' L fn-. X HC 1'-TV'-. -My -- - fy -- I , .fm ,, 'r ' wan Mg- ' 1 am Q 1 K x TRHTIUH Dr. Dearborn is Message No theme can better express the institutional philosophy of our college than that which has been selected for the 1948 Effestero. Every one of us-students, faculty, those in administrative positions, house mothers, members of our office staff, and other employees- can and should feel that there are over three hundred other people in our college family who desire to share with him in his activities, in his interests, and, above all, in any of his attempts to make this a better institution for the education of prospective teachers. In a time when there is such a lack of understanding in the world, it is most fitting that a college with the philosophy of Farmington's should place before the public a picture of ways in which it attempts to carry out the ideas and ideals for which it stands. May our at- tempts to bring all our college personnel together in one big family meet with still greater suc- cess in the years to come, and may our influence extend beyond our campus to the end that more and more people may enjoy the real satisfaction that comes through really working "to- getherf' Mr. Reed's Message One of the greatest lessons college students must learn is to recognize and accept their social responsibilities. Only then, can they go out into their respective communities and guide their stu- dents in the process of democratic living. Mr. Nichols' Message Democracy is a way of life--a way people have of getting along together. The democractic ideal recognires three essential qualities in human relationships: the indi- vidual as a unique being, worthy of attaining his greatest potentialitiesg the need for co-operation among all peopleg and the exercise of intelligence in all matters of human re- lationships, We must work together as our major purpose in education to help the individual realize his greatest capa- bilities and at the same time fit him for effective citizenship in a democracy. Hence, outstanding in the school's pur- pose is the provision for individual needs, for group needs in democratic relationships, and for developmental experi- ences in living in present day society. "Build it well whate'er you do Build it straight and strong and true Build it clean and high and broad Build it for the eye of God." l i 4 l i i K r i 1 i I Miss Lockwood's Message Together we face a world of uncertainty and great challenge. Our future and that of our world depend upon our willingness as individuals to recognize world needs and to assume individual responsibilities commensurate with the needs of our day. Here we may learn the techniques of thought- ful, unselfish living, upon which the success of democracy depends. "This is a great time to be alive!" May we enable Farmington State Teachers College to make a vital contribution to education for democracy in our day. Miss Mantor's Message In the spirit of a man we find the key to his character and achievement. So in the spirit of a college we find the secret of its strength and in- fluence. In Farmington it is our firm belief that life in its fullest sense means understanding, sharing, and working co-operatively. Only as we work to- gether do we achieve those goals that make living for individuals and for groups truly satisfying and worthwhile. RUBY BLAIN E B S in Ed Univ of Vermont Masters in Music Ed., Columbia Music West Barnet, Vermont RUTH I, HEALEY B.A., Massachusetts School of Art M.A., Columbia University Art Lawrence Massachusetts STELLA D CLIFFORD A.B., Bates Graduate Work, Univ. of Maine Bread Loaf School of English English East Boothbay, Maine JULIA B. COX B.S. in Ed., Univ. of M.Ed., Boston Reading Univ. Freeport, Maine FRANK J. HILFERTY B.S., State Teachers College Bridgewater, Massachusetts M.Ed., Boston Univ. Chemistry and Physics Biology and Chemistry West Medway, Massachusetts Maine JULIA KSIONZYK B.S., Cornell University Graduate study, New York University Crafts,ConsumetEducationand Clothing Binghamton, New York IISTHER I DUGGLEBY A.B., Univ, of Denver A.B. in L.S., M.A., Univ. of Illinois Library School Graduate study, Columbia Librarian Farmington, M aine GLORIA B. LOMBARD B.S., Univ. of Maine Director of Women's Athletics MARGARET MADES B.A., Williamette Univ., Ore. M.A., Columbia Univ. Clothing and House Planning Seattle, Washington GWILYM R. ROBERTS B.S. in Ed., M.A., Univ. of Maine Graduate study, Harvard, Boston Univ. B.S. in Ed., M.A., Univ, of Maine Graduate study, Harvard, Boston Univ. History, Social Science Brownville, Maine D. JUSTIN MCCARTHY B.S. in Ed., State Teachers College Bridgewater, Massachusetts M.Ed., Bridgewater Graduate School Graduate study, Boston Univ., Harvard Education, Psychology, Mathematics Brockton, Massachusetts GLADYS K. TAYLOR B.S., Framingham State Teachers College Framingham, Massachusetts Director of Foods Farmington, Maine CHARLES S. PREBLE B,A., Wesleyan Univ. Graduate study, Clark Univ. Natural Science Farmington, Maine MRS. MARY E. TILTON Oneonta State Normal School, N. Y. Graduate study, Cortland Normal School New York and New York Univ. Physical Education, Hygiene Director of W0men's Athletics Albion, Maine MRS. MARGARET H. REED, R.N. Waltham Hospital School of Nursing Waltham, Massachusetts Undergraduate study, Farmington Teachers College Boston University School Nurse and First Aid Farmington, Maine HELEN E. WEHLING B.S., M.S., Univ. of Nebraska Director ofl-Iome Management Diller, Nebraska JOSEPH A. WENCKUS B.S., University of Maine Graduate study, University ofMinnesota Physical Education Rumford, Maine ELEANOR A. WOOD A.B., Bates College Graduate study, Bates, Univ. of Maine English, journalism, Play Production Kingheld, Maine MRS. CELIA L. HUNT Matron, Purrngton Hall Farmington, Maine MRS NETTIE S ROUNDS Gilman Commercial School, Bangor Bursar Farmington, Maine MRS. MARCIA V. KENNISTON Matron, Mallett Hall Boothbay Harbor, Maine MRS ALICE WHITCOMB Matron, Kappa Delta Phi House Farmington, Maine MISS MARIE PECORELLI Farmington State Normal School ' Beale Business College Farmington, Maine Registrar MRS. JOSEPHINE T. VOSE Wellesley College Y.M.C.A. School of Cooking, Cleveland Dietitian Farmington, Maine Craiuiug Schrfrfl Hannity . MYRON STARBIRD Farmington State Normal School B.S., Univ. of Maine Graduate study, Univ. of Maine Principal of Mallett School Farmington, Maine HARLAND ABBOTT Univ. of Maine Eighth grade ' I, MRS. GRACE S. LUCE B.S. in Ed., Boston Univ. Sixth grade Farmington, Maine ALICE E. STEVENS l Study, Univ. of Maine, Boston Univ. ' Seventh grade Farmington, Maine MRS. EVA H. NICKERSON Fifth grade 3 Farmington, Maine Farmington State Normal School 5 Farmington, Maine 1 A 4 ff? "4 '-if was - ,f ...op N V hsrt, . 'WL g, - . ,, , .. jf" , f P . f 4 V Q f .-."'- W ' I ' . , l , D .. , f 1 ' afif il 1 ' , ,M 'A 1 ,J , , In N I' . , I I I HELEN E. WHITNEY Farmington Normal School B.S. in Ed., University of Maine Sixth Grade Farmington, Maine MARIETTA LOWE Farmington State Normal School B.S., Univ. of Maine First grade Fairlield, Maine MRS. ANN MASON B.S. in Ed., Farmington Teachers College Grade Four Rumford, Maine MRS. DOROTHY L. SWEATT Kindergarten Auburn, Maine MARTHA A. NUTTING B.A. in Ed., Wheaton College, Illinois Graduate study, University of Maine Third Grade South Paris IOLA H. PERKINS American Institute of Normal Method, Auburndale, Massachusetts Music, Farmington public schools Gardner, Maine ZILDA J. BROWN Study, Columbia Second grade Farmington, Maine MRS. MARION S. WEBSTER Pratt Institute Study, Univ. of Vermont Boothbay Studios Art Instructor Chesterville, Maine U . - I ' ff .vw A11 'Fmewellf Iffllei' fo1zfl'eJt prayer Fo 1' oilae1".r wml azwzilkl on high, M ine will not all be lair in air, Bzrt uzzj? thy mum' behind the ,rky." 9 N flax W , ff l L , A :J fi Lo rfl Byron x uns I FLORA R. ADDITON Auburn, Maine Elementary-jrnzior High Band 1,2,3,43 Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Vesper Choir 1,2,3,43 Plays and Players 2,3,43 F.T.A. 1,2,3,43 Phi Nu Omega Sorority 1,2,3,43 Outing Club 3,43 Student Govern- ment 23 judiciary 23 Budget Committee 43 Field Service Committee 12,3. BARBARA D. AMBROSE Springvale, Maine Elementary-junior High Returned to F.S.T.C. for degree. Outing Club 43 F,T.A. 43 Phi Nu Omega Sorority 43 Alumni Relations Committee 4. EDWARD S. AMBROSE Springvale, Maine Elementaqy- junio 1' High Returned to F.S.T.C. for degree. Outing Club 43 F.T.A. 43 Kappa Delta Phi 4. DONALD W. BEALS Brunswick, Maine Elementary-junior High Returned to F.S.T.C. for degree. Field Service Committee 53 Basketball Manager 43 Plays and Players 3,43 Outing Club 43 Vesper Choir 4g Kappa Delta Phi 3,43 Mirror Staff43 Student Building Fund Committee 4g Baseball Manager 3. CLARENCE E. BENSON Farmington, Maine Elemenmr -junior High Cross Country 1,2Q Baskethall 1,2,5,4Q Track 13 Plays and Players 1,2,3,43 Outing Club 1,2,3,43 Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,3,4, Tfezijsurer 33 Treasurer Men's A.A. 23 President Men's "F" Cu 3. MARY L. BUKER Pittsheld, Maine Elementary-jmzior High Glee Club 1,23 Vesper Choir 23 F.T.A. 23 Field Service Com- mittee 23 Plays and Players 2,33 Outing Club 23 Sports 2,33 C.A. 1,4. ALICE M. COLE Hampden Highlands, Maine Home Economicr Sports 1,23 Social Training Committee 1,2,33 President 23 Dormitory Proctor 1,43 Plays and Players 13 Class President 33 Outing Club 53 Mirror 2,33 Ejfertero 4g Home Economics Club 1,2,3,43 Executive Board 33 Delegate to Home Eco- nomics Club Conference at Connecticut 2, GLADYS H. COWAN Oakland, Maine Elementary-junior High Returned to F.S.T.C for degree. F.T.A. 4g Mirror Staff 4. EDWARD A. DALEY Stockton Springs, Maine Elementary-junior High Transferred from E.S.N.S. Kappa Delta Phi 3,43 Treasurer 43 Plays and Players 3,43 Secretary of Class 43 F.T.A. 33 Outing Club 3,43 Efferteco 43Judiciary 43 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 43 Delegate to New England Conference for Teachers Colleges 4. 4 JEAN L. DANFORTH Bath, Maine Elementary- junio r High Returned to F.S.T.C. for degree. Class Treasurer 45 Vesper Choir 45 Outing Club 4g F.T.A. 45 Chairman, Student Build- ing Fund Committee 4. ROLAND E. DECOTEAU Farmington, Maine Elemeniary- junior High Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,3,45 Secretary 35 Class President 35 Plays and Players 1,2,35 Men's "F" Club 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 15 Newman Club 35 C.A. Choirg President 35 Treasurer Men's A.A. 35 F.T.A. 35 Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities 35 Basketball 1,25 Delegate to New York Conference 2. ELIZABETH M. EVANS Kennebunk, Maine Elemenfary-jzmior High Transferred from Boston University. Orchestra 3,45 Stu- dent Government 25 Student-Faculty Council Zgjudiciary 45 House President 35 Ejfexleco 4. HAZEL DOYEN FRENCH Farmington, Maine Elementary-jmzior High Returned to F.S.T.C. for degree. PRISCILLA A. HOUGHTON Lewiston, Maine Home Economics' Sports 1,2,35 Activity Finance Committee 25 Home Eco- nomics Club 1,2,3,45 Executive Board 3g Outing Club 35 Social Training Committee 15 Secretary, Activity Finance Committee 3. BASIL E. KINNEY r Danforth, Maine Elementary-junior' High Returned to F.S.T.C.. for degree. Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,3,45 Plays and Players 2,3,45 Field Service Committee 1,2,3. C.A. Cabinet 35 Outing Club 25 Mir'1'or 3. JEAN P. MACDOUGALI. Bingham, Maine Home Ecunonzizu' C.A. Cabinet 1,3,45 Entertainment Committee 1,25 Chairman 15 Budget Committee 45 Home Economics Club 1,2,3,45 Plays and Players 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 15 Vespet Choir 15 Sports 1,25 Outing Club 15 Class President 1. FLORA E. MANCHESTER Northeast Harbor, Maine Home Economics Sports 1,2535 Social Training Commitreeg Home Economics Club 1,2,3,45 President 35 Executive Board 1,25 Mirror 25 Outing Club 2,35 Class Treasurer 25 Eferzero 25 Dormitory Committee 3 5 Delegate to Home Economics Club Conference at Connecticut 2. PAULINE PERKINS LANE West Farmington, Maine Home Economics Sports 1,25 Social Recreation Committee 1,25 Plays and Players 1,2,3,45 Home Economics Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2,35 Glee Club 15 Mirror 2,35 Outing Club 35 Eferteco 25 Dormitory Vice-President 1. WILLIAM F. LANE West Farmington, Maine Elenzentmy-junior High Basketball 1,3,45 Baseball 1,354 Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,3,45 Vice-President 35 Mirror 1,2,4, Editor 45 Efferteco 1. au. all Fw Q.. :sr A Y yi 1 2, a., -2 f-SC it -'K ij! RUTH A. MCMAHON Home Economirr Rockland, Maine W.A.A. Council 13 Badminton l,2Q Basketball l,2Q C.A. Cabinet 23 Social Training Committee 13 Dorm Life Com- mittee 2,53 Chairman 52 Home Economics Club 1,2,5,43 Treasurer 23 Outing Club 5,43 Student Government 23 New- comb 1,23 Ehrteco 2. FRANCES R. MELVIN Waterville, Maine H ome Erzmo mics' Sports 1,2Q C.A. Cabinet 2,5,43 Field Service Committee 2,53 Secretary 53 Eferlera 2,5,43 Home Economics Club 1,7,5,-43 Dorm Life Committee 1,23 Mirror 2,5,43 Outing Club 23 Vice-President of Class 53 Secretary 23 Delegate to C.A. Conference 5,43judiciary 5. J. WILFRID MORIN Norway, Maine Elenzentmjf-jmrior High Class President 13 Student Government l,2,4Q Vice-President 23 Basketball 2,53 Band 1,2,3,4Q Orchestra 1,2,53 Plays and Players 1,2,5,4, Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,5,43 President 53judici- arY 52 Outing Club 1,2,5,43 Men's "F" Club 2,5,43 Newman Club 5,43 President 4. FRANCES E. PORTER Augusta, Maine Elemerzlary-jznriur High F.T.A. 1,2,3,4, C.A. l,2,5,4Q Secretary 23 Vice-President 43 Student Government 13 Dormitory Committee 1,23 Field Service Committee 5. DONNA E. REED West Boothbay Harbor, Maine Home Economic: Sports 1,2Q Glee Club 13 Band 13 Outing Club 53 Dorm Life Committee 13 Activity Finance Committee 23 Social Training Committee 1. -IANICE E. RIPLEY Home Etofzamicr South Paris, Maine W,A.A. Council 2,53 President 23 Sports 1,2,3Q Social Recreation Committee 2,53 Plays and Players 1,2,5,43 Glee -Club 13 Mirror 2,5,43 Orchestra 1,2Q Outing Club 2,3,Ll, Student Government 2,53 Home Economics Club 1,2,5,4. JANE E. ROBERTSON Hama Ecorzomirr Auburn, Maine House Committee 1,2Q President 23 Mirror 2,5,43 Ejlxfleru 2,5,43 Outing Club 2,5,43 Social Training Committee 1,53 C.A. Cabinet 2,5,43 President 53 Co-ordinating Council 43 Badminton 1,2,53 Tennis 1,2Q Delegate to C.A. Conference at Tanglewood 2,53 Bates 23 Bowdoin 53 Urkona, Illinois 5. HAROLD SCOTT Elementary-junior High Winn, Maine Student Government Vice-President 23 Senate 23 judiciary 1,2Q Student Faculty Council 1,22 Class Treasurer 13 Class President 1,23 Mirror 23 C.A. Choir 23 C.A. Vice-President 2,53 New York Conference 23 Men's A.A. 1,2,5,43 Outing Club 2,43 Plays and Players 2,4Q Kappa Delta Phi I,2,3,4Q Vice-President 23 President 53 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 5. JEAN ROBINSON MURCH Farmington, Maine Elementary- junio r High Band 1,2,5,4Q Orchestra 1,2,5,43 President 53 Glee Club 1,2,53 Vice-President 53 Vesper Choir 132,53 Student Government 13 W.A.A. Council 2,53 President 2,53 Outing Club 53 F.T.A. l,2,3,4Q Plays and Players 5,43 Activity Finance Committee 1,2,53 Phi Nu Omega Sorority 1,2,5,43 Treasurer 23 Vice President 5 B. DEAN MURCH Farmington, Maine Elementary-junior High Basketball 13 Manager 53 Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,3,4, Band 1,23 5,43 Orchestra 1,2,5,43 Plays and Players 5,4. MARION L. SHOREY Howland, Maine Elementary-junior High F.T.A. 1,2,3,45 President 45 C.A. Cabinet 45 Phi Mu Sigma Sorority 2,3,45 Treasurer 45 Student Government 2,45 Pan Hellenic Council 35-Iudiciary 35 Field Service Committee 1,35 Dorm Life Committee 25 Class Secretary 3. ELIZABETH K. SMALL Bath, Maine Elementary-junior High F.T.A. 1,45 Phi Mu Sigma Sorority 2,3,45 President 45 Dormi- tory Committee 25 Co-ordinating Council 45 W.A.A. Council 2,45 Entertainment Committee 1,35 Treasurer 35 Sports 1,2, 3,45 Captain All-Star Basketball 2,35 Mirror 45 Ejfertem 45 Recreation Committee 45 Pan Hellenic 3,45 Senior Pin Award in Athletics 3, JENNIE MAE STEVENS Farmington, Maine Elementary-jmzio r High Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Vesper Choir 1,2,3,45 Plays and Players 2,3,45 President 45 F.T.A. 1,2,3,45 Phi Nu Omega Sorority 2,3,45 Co-ordinating Council 45 Activity Finance Committee 1,2,3. MURIEL J. TIBBETTS East Boothbay, Maine Home Economics Basketball 15 Social Training Committee 15 Dormitory Com- mittee 25 House Committee 25 Mirror 2,345 Field Service Committee 35 Student Government 35 Efferteco 3,4. WENDELL H. TOWLE Farmington, Maine Elementary- junior High Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,2545 Kappa Delta Phi 1,2,3,45 Secretary 15 Basketball 1,2,45 Plays and Players 15 Finance Committee 15Vesper Choir 1,2,3,45 Men's Club 1,2,3,45 Class President 4. CAROLYN E. TOZIER Unity, Maine Elementary- junior High Student Government 2,3,45 Vice-President 25 President 3,45 Dorm Life Committee 15 Field Service 2,35 F.T.A. 1,2,3,45 C.A. Cabinet 1,25 Treasurer 25 Mirror 15 Vesper Choir 1,2, 3,45 Band 2,3,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Plays and Players 3,45 Phi Nu Omega Sorority 2,3,45 Vice-President 25 President 35 Pan Hellenic Council 55 Outing Club 45 House President 15 Delegate to Eastern States Association of Professional Schools for Teachers Conference 25 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 354. JOANNE E' VERRILL Winterport, Maine Elementary-junior High C.A. Cabinet 1,2,3,45 President 25 Glee Club 3,45 Vesper Choir 3,45 Field Service Committee 1,2,35 Chairman 25 Student Government 3,45 Plays and Players 3,45 Phi Nu Omega So- rority 1,2,3,45 President 45 F.T.A. 1,2,5,45 Pan Hellenic Coun- cil 45 Mirror 45 Class President 25 Delegate to New England Conference for Teachers Colleges 4. JEAN LINSCOTT WAVE Farmington, Maine Elementary- junio 1' High Lambda Epsilon Society 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 1,2,3,45 Social Service Committee 15 Glee Club 25 Sports 2,5. LUCILLE A. YEATON Norridgewock, Maine Home Economifr Class President 15 Class Vice-President 45 W.A.A. Council 1,25 Student Government 2,35 Calendar Committee 35 Social Recreation Committee 1,2,35 Outing Club 2,3,45 Home Eco- nomics Club 1,2,3,45 Executive Board 25 Mirrar 25 Efertero 2. S.T.C liberty and equality, ax if thought by mme, are zflaiefly to be hand in democrazy, they will be bext attained when all perxom alike .rlzare in the government to the utmoJt." Aristotle 4 N ,efkf l , .f I lsr-.,-,L LL, - 'X V , ,, me-...Z1-1 , .7,., f-f1fvfp'1'1f'f' If 1, 1311-', ' f1:fiJ3,:Vgg' J' 'fffiff - .4 S2233 1 ' - "1 fx- .'-1" rfiiw' , ' ' 1 ' ' ' , 'f 'ffefiff ' '- 'A ig . ,13Qs31g11 ' ' Xu X Lk ,, Y . J, Q "Q 111 X- A --E f 'Z up, 3 , 511 . .J . N ' j,u:"+' ,, 'H - 4554? 1' Qi .,m f 42- .ii 111,M5, . ' ig A hx E ' M "' Q fm T. ., Wy 'Nl gi ' Q ' QQEGWWX'- ' ia? . wise 3. 1:2 gg ? A 11 ' 11 1255? -112 1 11 9 21' 1 XID' 1 r' 7 554511 Hg 1 X 'S H1 13525551 Q " EA. .ri 11 xsfm . :ng 1111?X11esg?5E Ts? Sinwssii 111 11 11351 14? w 1111"Q' . I 111 3 ' 1' 11' 1 ' W' Wgsiia ,1 ,mm - . MX - - . 1 - mr. f , l , . ' Q -gf, '1- "' X 1, X I ',1 .xyfjg-,.'X -X B . 11" X Q f , ig 3 f 1- N1 V1 P A V . 1 W gm ' YW' , ., 'W V. 'gig 5" N I Ji: 1 :X - X JY. , 1. QL -3 ' 4 - . . . 1 1 ' .. 11 mgw ?g5i1s,f5E 1,,:1,f'-Z 57 ' il' 1 I 157' 1 af, ' . -1 11 11 X ' H11 1. L , -s M-.. o-,-,... S, I ' l Q . me x... . .. n Front Row.'j. Maxwell, S. Sands, V. Call, P. Combellack, C. Tozier, F. Clements, F. Dingley, E. Small,J. Stevens, M. Shorey, G. Gerry. SerondRow: H. Carver,J. Verrill,j. Hilton, R. MacDonald, W. Eldredge, Miss Lockwood, Miss Clifford, Dr. Dearborn, Miss Blaine, I. Brainerd, H. Chapman, D. Goodwin, W. Motin,j. Gerry. Co-ordinating Council Preririerzt . . . Carolyn To zier Vice-Presicierzl . Fannie Clement: Secretary . . . . Frank Dingley 1 Treasurer ...... Pauline Comlzellack The new form of government being initiated this year was a revised Student-Famlty Co-operative Governmenl. Last spring, a group of faculty and students worked together to formulate this new government. The purpose of this co-operative government is to improve college life through democratic processes by co- operation of the students and faculty. At the head of the government are the four officers who are elected each spring by the student body. The Student-Faculty Co-operative Government consists of the Co-ordinating Council, the Dormi- tory Council, the Budget Committee, and the-Judiciary. The Co-ordinating Council is the main council in the organization, and its membership includes the four Student Government ofhcers already mentioned, the presidents of all recognized college organizations, four appointed faculty members, and the president of the college, who is an ex-officio member. This group studies student problems and plans for such activities as the school calendar, class elections, social functions, and other projects of interest. To attain close co-operation, our student government has its authority clearly defined by the admin- istration. To make this a more efficient, democractic government, we strive to divide the responsibility among a large number of students. With these objectives, Farmington State Teachers College will have a more pur- poseful and effective student government. rl34l Front Ro-zu: M. Durost, Miss Lockwood, Mrs. Hunt, S. Sands, Mrs. Kenniston, Miss Mantor, P. Maxwell. Second Row: H. Carver, P. Lowder,j. Hurd, P. Small, G. Burgoyne. Dormitory Council Pwiiclwzzf Shirley Samir Sefretary . Hilda Carver The dormitory council, as a part of the new government system, began its initial functions early in the school year. The council includes the deans, school nurse, house mothers, house presidents, and representatives from both dormitories. By working together, this body solves common prob- lems and sets up policies for both dormitories. This year the council had copies of dormitory policies and fire regulations printed so that a copy could be posted in each room. -l35l D. Mooar,J. Maxwell, Miss Wood, F. Additon, F. Dingley, Miss Blaine, R. Haskell, D. Beals, R. Stevens. Budget Committee The chairman of the Budget Committee and treasurer of the Co-ordinating Council is Frank Dingley. Flora Additon serves as treasurer of the Budget Committee. Other members consist of the treasurers and faculty advisers of all student organizations receiving allocations from the Student Activity Fee. The main duty of this committee is to manage all financial affairs pertaining to the Student-Faculty Co-operative Government. l36l K+ , x H. Robbinshl. Warren, P, Keith, Miss Mades, E. Evans, E. Daley, Miss ClifTord,j. Parker. Judiciary Clmirmmz . . Betty Emnr Secretazry . Mirs Margaret Madei' The judiciary section of the student government is a body whose duty is to try all cases involving violations of school policies and laws. This group tries any case referred to it by the house Courts or any case appealed to it by an individual student. Student members of thejudiciary are appointed by the officers ofthe student govern- ment and approved by the Co-ordinating Council. Faculty members are appointed by the presi- dent of the college. Mr. Preble was absent when this picture was taken. -l37l A tmcher aj?rt.r eterzzitgn' be can :fewer tell where' hir izgffzrezzre Jtopx. " 4 fix wx Hezzfy Af1Qzm.r 5 ii. .,, Q in ik WM' Q" "r q' it ,J fqggm 53555 I Qi' ' ' vig- wiht I g,2A3131.'-, 1: L . i i Q- ' X3 .5121 ,EH ' ZQRQL 512' ry. gg-egg, ...-W-- L., k....L Home Economics Activities The fall Home Economics Club picnic was held September 23 at Craig's Ledge where the president, Ruth MacDonald, introduced the following members: Miss Wehling, club adviser,-jean Macdougall, vice-president, Mary Douglas, secretary, and Virginia Stevens, treas- urer. Committee chairmen for the year were Pauline Combellack, socialgjune Warren, educationg Norma Littlefield, publicity, Marjorie Durost, social welfare, Betty Connors, camp equipmentg and Margaret Henderson, freshman representative. The formal initiation was held for the freshmen on October 14 in Mallett Hall living-room. In October, the juniors enjoyed a four-day field trip in Boston where they attended a fashion show at Filene's, and a lecture at Stern's, besides visiting a garment factory and a whole- sale textile house. Ruth MacDonald and Pauline Combellack represented Farmington at the Home Economics Club Conference held October 24 and 25 at the University of Vermont. The Thanksgiving boxes for needy families in Farmington were packed and distri- buted by the junior class. The China Relief program under the supervision of the club sold novelties previous to the Christmas vacation. , "History of Costume" was the theme of the entertaining chapel program presented by the club in December. The juniors gave a farewell party to the seniors in May. HOME ECONOMICS ,IUNIORS Szmzzlifzg: M. Hughes, M. Durost,j. Warren, B. Pitcher, C. Doughty, S. Abbott, P. Roberts, F. Norwood, R. MacDonald, V. Call, F. Clements. Seaied: H. Brown, B.Johnson, M. Kinney, S. Blanchard,j. Adams, N. Littlefield, J. Bruce. i40l HOME ECONOMICS SOPHOMORES Fran! Row: G. Burgoyne, D. Woodworth, M. Randlett, H. Hussey, H. Witherell, E. Mahar, J. Murphy Serum! Row fSeatedJ.' M. Griffin, R. Haskell, E. Comber, J. Reed, V. Stevens. Third Row CStmzdi11gj.' R Snowman, D. Pottle, R. Webber, P. Combellack, E. Fowler, G. Gerry, B. Connors, M. Douglas. HOME ECONOMICS FRESHMEN Front Raw: M. Henderson, G. Merriman, B. Spence, L. Hastings, B. Parks, E. Gamage, H. Scott, L. Pack ard. Second Row CSeaterlJ: R. McLain, D. Small, L. MacKenna, C. Libby, P. Milliken, A. Davis, A. Cooper Tbil'dR01UKSldI1L!ilIgD.' M. Seekins, G. Dickey, L. Savage, M. Knowlton, P. Bowker, V. Bean,-I. Thompson R. Quigley, C. Hall. .Lge Front Raw: L. Robinson, J. Gerry, G. Whittemore, R. Gibbs, D. Tardif, H. Carver. Second Row: G. Downey, E. Brennan, R. Buzzell,J. Damon, A. Marston. S. Sands. TbirdRn1u: G. Webber. C. Williams, L. McLean, J. Audet. Junior Class - General Preridenl . Grace lVlyittemo1'e Vife-Prerident . jane Auxtilz Secretary . . Betty jobmozz Treezrzzrer ..... Denife Trzrdif We, the class of 1949, were dividedg some of us were attending regular classes here at the college during the first semester, while the others were training ar the Mallett School. Our chance ro prove ourselves in the teaching field was given us this year. We were the first class to do all our student reaching ar the training school. Having been lefr high standards by pre- ceding classes, we have worked diligently ro leave a superior record that others will find difliculr ro surpass. We, the class of 1949, eagerly look ro the future and ro reaching. vl42l' Sophomore C ass-General Prafizlezzt . . Richard Dorzie Vire-Prexidezrl . Lozzir Paqzzifz Serremry Geneva Lozzgjwlo 11' Trm.r1n'm' . Ruth Hartke!! Both the Home Economics and the Elementary-junior High Departments of the sophomore class held a joint meeting and elected officers at the opening of the school year. The sophomores sponsored the Alumni Dance, which completed the activities of Home-Coming Day. Lloyd Rafnell and his orchestra came to Farmington for the class's one big social function of the year. Being the largest sophomore class since the war, its efforts have been valuable in promoting the success of all school activities. Front Row: R. Stevens. M. Mitchell, C. Frazier, L. Gammon, D. Iago. L. Jones. G. Longfellow, R. Beauchesne, P. Seamans. M. Smart, A. Bartlett, G. XVehher J. Lambert, D. Mooar. Sammi Raw: L. jordan, IC. Lincoln, N. Fowle, H. Austin, 1. Hilton, D. VVilson. A. Fides, B. Brown, H. Coombs, D. Briggs, P. Curtis. S Thorne, G. WVardwell, P. Krebs. M. Handley, D. Krackenberger, F. l--lall. Third Row: G. Golorth, F. Rogers, R. Hamlin, R. Dallaire. M. Clark, I. Brainerd M. Lobikie. L. Wright, R. Dostie, S. Coulling. K. Jones. S. Cram. R. Batherson, A. Rand, F. Dingley. Fourth Row: H. Terenznni. H. Chapman. I. Welch C. Wedge, W. Moore, D. Goodwin, M. Adams, W. Eldredge. H. Robbins, H. Hickey, R. Stone, L. Paquin, L. Poulin. Jl43lt Front Row: L. Theberge, A. Graves, A. Baker, E. Aucoin, D. Andrews,j. Giuere, C. Finch, P. Davis, M. Derby Toomey, J. O'Connor, C. Cole, P. Robinson. Second Row: E. Ramsdell, E. Capano, H. Doble, A. Allen, M B. MacDougall, F. Perry, A. Cronkite, L. Snow,J. Wing,j. Rancourr, A. Stanhope. Third Row: C. nakatsakis B. Carter,,I. Parker, B. Stevens, K. Cobb, D. Curley, D. Flagg, M. Beals, F. Branscombe, Bjudkins, R. Swift Freshman Class President . Robert Carter Vice-Prerizlezzl Robert Steoem' Secretary . . Pauline Lowflen Tre4z.f1n'er . , Betty Mar Dougal! Our class began the year with one hundred nine members, twenty of whom were veterans. Eighty-four chose the Elementary-J unior High course, while twenty-five enrolled as Home Economics students. We took great interest in the musical organizations, and many of us became members of the glee Club, Choir, band, and orchestra. -f44lt Firth, M. jay, L. Eastman, E, Knight, M. Myriclc, M. Moore, J. Petrengill, E. Gurschick, R. Windoffer, L. n, P. Lowden, S. Hall, G. Hurd, P. Maxwell, B. Stockford, W. Knowlen, C. Hall, R. Knowlton, C. Lux, Flagg, L. Collette, N. Lyford, R. Nason, G. Briggs,J. Phocas, L. Leakos, D. Green, N. Barnaby, D. Durost, Gacetta, L. Newcomb, R. Vear, M. Beckler. We were active in the Plays and Players' productions and proved our acting ability there. Although amateurs, some of us found journalism to our taste and joined the staffs of the Mirror and the Effextero. Many of us starred in the field of athletics. We had our own boys' basketball team which proved successful. The efficient squad of cheerleaders was, with the exception of one, entirely composed of freshmen. We took our place on many important campus committees, one of these being the Co-ordinating Council. Both boys and girls became active in the Outing Club. The freshman girls started the year off right by winning the shufileboard tournament. On February 14, we sponsored a very successful dance, combining the Winter Carnival and the Valentine Ball. We, the freshmen, believe this has been a prosperous year, and we are eagerly looking forward to the years to come here at Farmington State Teachers College. il45l In the cottage, the girls take over various duties, such as being cook, housekeeper, nurse, waitress, and general manager, and they execute these tasks in the way that an efficient homemaker would. Shortcut methods are utilized so as to make happy and comfortable home living for the homemaker and her family. This course is carefully and ably instructed by Miss Helen Wehling, who has guided the girls for one of the best vocations, that of a good home- maker. fl46l Cottage Life The Cottage is the home of the Home Eco- nomics seniors, and the desire of all freshmen is to spend part of their senior year there. Democracy and co-operative living are only two of the many principles which the girls uphold in establishing home management. It is here that they apply techniques and skills acquired in the class room. Student Teaching Is student teaching a worth-while experience? This question is asked of the training teachers many times, and it is also one they often ask themselves. It is unanimously agreed that this teaching is a necessary part of teacher training. It gives ample opportunity for students to experiment with and put into practice all the theories of education they have gathered during their first two years at Farmington. New teaching techniques and books are presented for them to evaluate and to decide which are the best qualified for different grade levels and situations. This feeling of belonging to a school system makes the student teacher aware ofits advantages and short- comings. wi Even though all of these experiences are valuable, the most important thing obtained from student teaching is the personal contact with children. It gives each one an opportunity to decide which age group he prefers to work with. This is also the time when prospective teachers discover that children are individuals in their own right. This love of and interest in children is essential to good teaching, for without it teaching becomes just another job. JUNIOR CLASS STUDENT TEACHING Sealed: M. Webber, Louise Forest, R. Hagan, Lucille Forest, H. Dysart. Standing: F. Farrington, P. Keith, C. Donovan, A. Brainerd, P. Beckwith. All :fork mul 120 play make: jack az dull boy 9 Ax ,XA Q Q s M I .1,.,,.1..- , Ijf,-f'. I ,. 15 'L -1 HTIUHS 1 as -E4 ff XL : ',-.:fQ"-'ff' H53 Lx Q' :Q 1 Y MQ' sf 2 "iii . , . +3g'l??I:l,w:Q71.,1 7' FM-I ' A rmg .-,j' " -. fgi ' -. fi. - --3 xff.-f riff 1'-Pi, V' 1-nz, ' "4 'YI .. ggjgy.. 1 411515: f 2- EF? T ,if X 'W -is HI: A .ies , r 1 t f-'E' -af" 74' 51553 i-.rig-4 . if - - mi--5 V . 4 1 lb . EDITORIAL STAFF OF EFFESTECO Sealed: G. Longfellow, Ljortlan. F. Additon,j. Hilton, D. Goodwin, F. Clements, V. Call, R. MacDonald, F. Porter,j. Murphy. Stazzdifzg' H. Carver, L. Snow, M. Douglas, C. Tozier, R. Gibbs, P. Combellack, E. Daley, R. Stone, W. Knowlen, B. Evans, C. Frazier. Effesteco Staff We of the Effkyzero staff have endeavored to present to the readers a complete and attractive summary of activities about the F.S.T.C. campus for the past year. Our aim has been to make a record that will revive forever in the memories of both students and faculty the laughs and struggles we have shared. Our adviser, Miss Eleanor A. Wood, has given us valuable counsel in preparing this third publication of E-Hi?J'f6't70. l50l- EFFESTECO BUSINESS STAFF M. Griiiin, E. Fowler, R. Haskell, V. Stevens, E. Comber, N. Littlefield. Editor-in-thief' Dorrance Goodwin AJJ'iJldlll Edilor: Fannie Clements Editors Gaz-'erumentf Carolyn Tozier, Shirley Sands, Betty Evans Ol'gdIIiZdli0I2.Y.' Frances Porter, Denise Tardif, Hilda Carver, Pauline Combellack, Hope Austin, Flora Additon, Betty Small, Ruth Gibbs, Raleigh Stone, Constance Frazier, Alice Cole, Nora Dysart, Mary Douglas Womenk Allaletirf: Violet Call, Jennie Hilton Men'.r Atlalelitr: Charles Knkatsakis rl my Home Ea'nno1l1iLLr.' joan Murphy Fre.rhmen.' Wilhelmina Knowlen Supbomore.r.' Geneva Longfellow j1wiar.i': Ruth Hagan, Ruth MacDonald Seniomx' jane Robertson Photography: Edward Daley B11.rinerJ'Mamzger.' Ruth Haskell 1'.ill1ll?1"liJiilg.' Ellen Comber, Norma Littlefield Ethel Fowler, Maxine Griiin Circulation: Virginia Stevens Typim: Betty Small, Dorothy Wilson MIRROR EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: L. Eastman, L. Snow, V. Stevens, G. Gerry, P, Combellack, B. Spence, F. Melvin, G, Cowan, W. Knowlen. Standing.'J. Murphy, M. Derby, M. Morgrage, A. Cronkite, R. Stone,J. Hilton. Mirror Staff We of the Mirror staff have made many changes for improvement of this year's publications. Some of the changes that we have instigated have been a new name plate in Old English, several columns, such as "Exchanges," "Letters to the Editor," and "Our President Says-," and new page make-ups. The news of the college year, such as "Home-Coming Day," the new faculty mem- bers, college dances, sports events, Plays and Players' Productions, and all campus activities have been featured in the issues of the F. S.T.C. Mirror. l52l MIRROR BUSINESS STAFF E. Fowler, M. Grifhn, R.. Haskell, P. Maxwell, V. Stevens, M. Douglas. Editor-in-thief' William Lane A.fJiff:lI1I' Editn r: Pauline Combellack Newt Editn r: jane Robertson Anirtant News Editor: Geneva Gerry Sj101'LrEdifor.r.'jerry Audet, Charles Kakatsakis Reporlerr: Donald Beals,Joanne Vertill, Frances Melvin, Helen Hussey, Clifton Burton, Raleigh Stone, Margatett Morgrage, Annie Stanhope Sporlr Slaff' Rose Beauchesne, Blanche Spence Feulurer: Bernard Cameron, Arlene Cronkite, Wilhelmina Knowlen, Clyde Williams Ari: Arline Davis il 53 Plantngrajnby' Jenny Hilton, Gladys Cowan Joan Murphy Alumni: Louise Snow Typists: Dorothy Pottle, Pauline Krebs, Doro- thy Wilson, Betty Small, Edith Lincoln Mary Derby ' Headline Wrilerx: Muriel Tibbets, Lillian East- man, Donald Beals BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Bzffinemjanice Ripley, Phyllis Maxwell Azl1fertiring.' Mary Douglas, Virginia Stevens, Ethel Fowler, Maxine Griffin Circ1zlation.' Ruth Haskell, Ruth Webber Adviser: Miss Eleanor Wood HOME ECONOMICS CLUB-EXECUTIVE BOARD Seated: Miss Wehling, V. Stevens,j. Macdougall, R. MacDonald, M. Douglas, M. Henderson. Stazzrfizzg: B. Connors, P. Combellack. N. Littlefield, M. Durost,j. Warren. Home Economics Club i Prerirfezzt .... Ruth MarDo1mlcf Vice-Prerizlent . jean Marrlnzzgall Serretazry . . . Mary Douglm Treczrnrer .... Virginia Sterfem The Home Economics Club has always been a very active organization on the campus. This year the club has revived many of the activities dropped during the war. With the band, the club sponsored a concert, the proceeds of which were given to the Building Fund. Throughout the year, the girls have been knitting squares for blankets to send over- seas. They have also sent several boxes to a relief organization in England. Two delegates ofthe club were elected to attend a conference in Vermont to exchange ideas with delegates of fifteen other colleges of New England and New York. On December 15, the club presented a chapel program. It was a style show ofvarious modes from the seventeen hundreds up to the present time, in a setting of incidental music and original poetry appropriate to the periods. The club enjoyed its two annual picnics at Craig's Ledge, one during Orientation Week, and the other in the late spring. Injanuary, the club sponsored a drive to send clothes to ajapanese Teachers Col- lege. These were accompanied by a letter from the college. In March, the club entertained the executive members of the Home Economics Club from the University of Maine. 154i Front Row: G. Longfellow, F. Porter, Miss Mantor, M. Handley, M. Shorey. Miss Cox, C. Tozier, H. Carver. S6L'0I1lliR01U.' L..Iones, E. Evans, P. Krebs, D.jago, D. Mooar, F. Hall, G. Wardwell, C. Frazier, L. Gammon, E. Ambrose, B. Ambrose, M. Smart. Third Row: A. Bartlett, K.jones,j. Verrill, F. Additon, J, Stevens, C. Lyfortl,j. Danforth, D. Krackenberger. Fnnrllr Row: N. Fowle, R. Gibbs. H. Coombs, B. Brown. Future Teachers of America Prefizlefzt . . Mrzriozz Slaorey Vice-Prericlent . Marilyn Hfzzzflley Serretmiy . . Beverley Brown Trefzrurer ..... Comlazmre Fwzzie 1' Under the guidance of Miss Cox, the Agnes P. Mantor Chapter of the Future Teachers of America has presented an active program for its members this year. Speakers at chapter meetings and chapel programs were Harland A. Ladd, State Commissioner of Education, Clyde Russell, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Maine Teachers' Associationgjohn C. Cass, Direc- tor of Guidance in the State Department of Education, and Miss Esther Lipton, a member of the State Department of Education and a specialist in the teaching of handicapped children. Other programs included a faculty-student report of summer activities, travel slides, taken and shown by Gladys Cowan, initiation of freshman members, and a picnic in the spring. Many F.T.A. members attended the State Teachers' Convention held in Lewiston this year. wr Front Row:j. Lambert,J. Macdougall, M. Kenney, N. Littlefield, H. Carver, F. Porter, M. Shorey, D. Mooar, H. Brown. Sem11:lRow.'j. Reed,j. Verrill, L.jordan, N. Fowle, M. Dutost, V. Stevens, V. Call, M. Douglas, B. Browng L. Snow, R. Carter, E, Mahar, M. Buker. Third Row:,I. Warren, H. Coombs, F. Melvin, P. Combellack Christian Association Preyidezzt . Hilda Carver Vice-Prariclezzt . , Franrer Porter Serretafjf . . .Marion Shortly Trea.rm't'1 '.... Pauline Beckwith One of the important places to begin working together in the great task given to Christians today is in our colleges. Therefore the Christian Association at Farmington, together with other students throughout the nation, has as its aim the bringing of persons into a closer relationship that they may grow in Christian living and work in the college, community, and world. Through chapel services, Sunday evening vesper services, and retreats, the spirit of worship is encouraged. In co-operation with other college organizations, the Christian Asso- ciation works for the increasing of the World Student Service Fund. In this way, opportunity is given for service among students of the entire world. These are a few of the many ways in which members of the Christian Association are seeking to grow in knowledge and service. -i56l FrnntRo1u.' C. Hall, R. Quigley, Mr. Hilferty, D. Tardif, Father Morrisey, W. Morin, Mr. McCarthy, D. Kracken- berger, F. Hall. Second Row: E. Aucoin, L. Toomey, J. O'Connor, C. Lux, C.. Hall, G. Hurd, E. Comber, J. Gi-i guere, R. Beauchesne, G. Downey,j. Murphy. Third Roux' D. Goodwin, R. Dosrie, L. Poulin,j. Phocas, M. Adams,j. Audet, R. Dallaire,j. Laney. Newman Club P1'e.ficlem' . IVilfl'id Morin Vire-Prerirlezzt . Denire Tardzf Secretary . . . Louire Forex! Trc'cz.rz11'e1 '... Dorothy KVdCk67Zb6Vg81' Under the leadership of Reverend Francis Morrissey, the Newman Club of Farmington State Teachers College started its second year as an organization for the benefit of the Catholic students of the college. Our first activity was a picnic at Craig's Ledge. During the year, we had several round-table discussions on subjects pertaining to religion. We also had several speakers who lectured at some of our weekly meetings. A committee was chosen to co-operate with the Christian Association in the drive for the World Student Service Fund. In February, members of the Initiation Team from the University of Maine came to aid us in our formal initiation for the year. This included all freshmen as well as upper classmen who joined the club this year. On three Sundays, members received Holy Communion in a group, This relatively new organization has grown steadily. Together we are striving to make our club a success as a college organization. 1l57l EXECUTIVE BOARD-OUTING CLUB 1. Hilton,j. Danforth. V. Stevens, D. Beals, C. Frazier, Mr. Roberts,j. Lambert. Outing Club Prefident . . Jemzie Hilton Vice-Prerident . Donald Bealy Secretary . . Comteznee Frazier Treezszzrei '... . Virginia Steifenr During Orientation Week, the club went to Clearwater Pond. All freshmen were invited to this outing. An afternoon of softball, volleyball, swimming, and boating was followed by a picnic supper and a sing around the campfire. Led by Ruey Stevens and Mr. Roberts, sixty students climbed Mt. Bigelow in Dead River on October 4. The December activity was a bowling party at Livermore Falls. A sleigh ride was held injanuary and, in February, a winter carnival with a Corona- tion Ball in the evening. The queen was chosen by popular vote and the king by competi tion. sl58lt Sm1ezl.' H. Scott, F. Clements, W. Morin, Miss Wood,j'. Stevens, F. Additon, R. Dosrie. S1muling.' C. Toziet, J. Macdougall, H. Terenzoni, L. McLean, R. Haskell, P. Combellaclc. Plays and Players Preiizlerzt . jmzzie Mae Stevezzx Vire-Prafidwzt . . llffiwizl Mo1'i11 Secretmjy . Fannie Clememir Trca.rurm '...... Flora Additon This year, with the enthusiasm and ability of our new faculty adviser, Miss Wood, Plays and Players accomplished much. Two major productions and three one-act plays con- stituted the program for the year. The first major production was presented in November. The unique courtroom drama, "The Night ofjanuary 16th," was a murder trial. The jury to try the case was chosen from the audience. Suspense was added because no one knew exactly whether the verdict would be "Guilty" or "Not Guilty." The next two productions were presented in the spring. Three one-act plays, staged principally by the Play Production class, were put on in March. The last major production, a three-act play, was presented in May. i591 Musical Crganizations Orchestra Prerident . . . Claire Douglogy Serretary-Trea.rm'er . Wqyzze .Moore Vire-Prerident . . . Do rotby Briggr Lilirezriezzz .... Glenyf Webber The members of the orchestra have enjoyed this year's work under the direction of Miss Ruby Blaine. At the beginning of the year the group was hampered by the lack of stringed instruments, but later that section was augmented and improved. The first performance of the year was given for the alumni as a part of the activities of Home-Coming Day. The orchestra also participated in a chapel program, and it presented a Tschaikowsky symphony as its big project for the annual Spring Concert on May 12. Band Prefidezzt . Muriel Webber' Serretary . Flora Adrfitori Vire-Pre.fio'e11t . . . Irving Bmizzerd Librrzriezn . . . jean Lezmfzerl Under the direction of Miss Ruby Blaine, the band has participated in many college activities this year. Its initial appearance of the year was made on Home-Coming Day, and it was received with much approval by the alumni. The band has done much to boost school spirit this year by being present at many of the basketball games. It also presented as part of a chapel program three selections, one of which was chosen by the student body to be our new school song. The last important performance of the season was given at the Spring Concert in May. Vesper Choir President at if . Rirbezrd Dottie Secretary-Trea.rm'e1' . . ilflezry Dozzglar Vive-Presirfent . . . Ruth Gibb.: Librezriezn .... George Gojizrib The Vesper Choir, under the supervision of Miss Ruby Blaine, is an active musical organization of F.S.T.C. An increased number of men in the group has greatly improved it. During the Christmas season it presented "The Messiah" by Handel to the college students and surrounding community. Miss Priscilla Titcomb was the guest soloist. In addition to its monthly appearances at the Christian Association vesper services, the choir contributed to the Spring Concert and also presented an Easter Cantata. Glee Club President . . Donalene M ooezr Serretary . . Audrey Brezizzerr! Vire-President . . Georgia Burgoyne Treezrurer . . . Crmrtezrrre Frazier The Glee Club became one of the largest organizations of the college this year with about fifty girls enrolled, The club presented a chapel program, under the direction of Miss Ruby Blaine. Com- bining efiorts with the band, orchestra, and vesper choir, the glee club contributed to the spring concert. The girls also entertained the veterans at Togus. The accompanists for the year were Gloria Trethewey and Donalene Mooar. -l60l- Front Row: C. Tozier, C. Hall, D. Mooar, H. Carver, L.jordan, B. Evans, M. Derby, A. Marston. Second Row: Miss Blaine, L. Robinson, C. Doughty, D. Briggs,j. Lambert, F. Additon, M. Handley, G. Webber. Third Row: L. Stevens, R. Webber, I. Brainerd, W. Moore, W. Towle, ORCHESTRA Sealed: F. Additon, D. Briggs,j. Lambert. A. Allen, C.'Doughty. Stanrling: W.Morin, L. Robinson, C. Tozier, MisshBlaine,j. Stevens, R. Webber, I. Brainerd, M. Mitchell, W. Towle, H. Austin, W. Moore, G. Webber, H. C apman. BAN D ' KK 'M .- , 4 Q H Front Row: M. Smart, G. Burgoyne, M. Douglas, R. Dostie, Miss Blaine, G. Goforth, R. Gibbs, L. Robinson, J. Stevens. Seco11dRaw.' H. Doble, E. Mahar,j. Lambert, C. Lyforcl,J. O'Connor, D. Mooar, M.jay, F. Addiron, J. Verrill, D. Woodworth. Third Row: K.Jones,J, Parker, B. Brown, H. Austin, C. Tozier, H. Carver, W. Towle, R. Carter. Fourzla Row: Mr. Roberts, R. Sturke, L. Snow, N. Fowle,J. Danforth, L. McLean, H. Terenzoni. Frou! Row: D. jago, G. Wardwell, C. Tozier, G. Burgoyne, Miss Blaine, D. Mooar, C. Lyforcl, M. Myrick, C Frazier. Serum! Row: A. Davis, E. Knight,j. O'Connor, H. Doble, D. Woodworth, A. Baker, R. Beauchesne, C. Finch, M. Derby,j. Stevens,j. Rancourt,j. Pettengill. Third Roux' G. Longfellow, A. Allen,J. Lambert, P. Curtis, A, Cronkite, H. Coombs, P. Maxwell, D. Briggs, F. Adtliton, P. Robinson, J. Verrill, L. Robinson. Fourib Raw: D. Andrews, M. Smart, C. Libby, W. Knowlen, C. Hall, H. Austin, B. Brown. Fij9b Row: D. Wil- ' " .gf H 'W - . :el ,:' . --if 'if-SI V - -,M Q' A s-2 'P - M - V . ,. W-.. .. son, N. Fowle, R. Knowlton, H. Hussey, H. Bartlett. W Q Q i iig- Q 1 - 4 1:- W -at V Q A Am VA- r W. A. A. COUNCIL Sfflllfllf C. Frazier, V. Stevens, H. Austin, V. Call, R. Beauchesne, R. Stevens, H. Brown. Standing: M. jay, J. Lambert, R. Buzzell, Miss Lombard, V. Bean, P. Robinson, P. Davis. Women'-s Athletic Association Prefirlent . Violet Ca!! Vive-P1'eJiale1zt . Rare Bmzu'laeJ'1ze SC'L'l'C'flH'jl . Hope All.YlflZ Tl'UClJ'lll'Ul '..... Rzzey Stevelzr The NX!omen's Athletic Association progressed this year with their sports curriculum and endeavored to sponsor a more suflicient and adequate athletic program beneficial to all the women students in the college. The W.A.A. provided such a program that all those who chose to earn awards might do so by participating actively in all the major and minor sports they desired. The association provided for some play days and Held trips, S Under the guidance of Miss Lombard the first semester and Mrs. Tilton the second semester, the athletic program has had a successful year. Betty Small was the council member who represented the classes of the college. l63i Front Row: R. Beauchesne, G. Wardwell, C. Frazier, D. Mooar, D. jago,j. Verrill, L. Forest. Second Row: M. Mitchell, P. Beckwith, H. Coombs, M. Handley,j. Lambert, R. Gibbs, B. Beverly, S. Sands, L. Forest, M. Webber, M. Pecorelli. Third Row fStrzm!ingD.' C. Tozier, A. Marston, G. Webber, D. Briggs, R. Hagan, J. Stevens, Mrs. Nickerson, B. Ambrose, R. Stevens, L. Robinson,-I. Mutch, F. Adtliton. Phi Nu Omega President . . jomme Verrill Vice-Prcrizlefzt . Muriel Webber Secretary. . Loamz Arrii' Treasurer '... . . Flow Aclrlitorz It is the aim of our sorority to help the school by helping each other, academically and socially. The hrst event of this year was the hnal rush party for the soon-to-be members. According to our new plan, they are chosen at the beginning of the sophomore year. A farewell party was given for Mother de Wever at the Baptist parsonage. Although we were very sorry to have Mother de Wever leave us, we were very glad to welcome Mrs. Nicker- son as our new adviser. The annual Halloween dance was held in the gymnasium. Elderly ladies, gypsies, pirates, and even the Witch, herself, were there to enjoy the evening of fun and dance. Three news letters were sent to the alumni. By means of these we kept them up-to- date on our activities, which included a Christmas party, a minstrel show and dance, the installa- tion banquet, a houseparty, "rush" parties for freshmen, and the Senior Faculty Tea. Thirteen new members were admitted into the sorority this year. rl64lt Sealed: L. Gammon, H. Dysart, D. Tardiff, Miss Cox, P. Keith, R. Buzzell, M. Shorey, E. Small. Stand- ing: Ljordan, P. Twombly, Miss Havey, E. Evans, D. Wilson, L.jones. Phi Mu Sigma Preyidefzl . . Elizabeth Smal! Via'-P1'eJide11t . Denim Tardif Sew'eta1'y . Patricia Keith T1'6d.fll!'E! '..... Marion Sloorey The Phi Mu Sigma Sorority worked with the other sororities in sponsoring a dance during Orientation Week. All fall the members collected toys, some of which they repaired, and these toys were distributed Christmas Day to the state children of Franklin County. A'Christmas meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Roland Decoteau. The members exchanged gifts, then donated them to the boxes going to the children. The sorority also sold Christmas Seals to help in the National Campaign against tuberculosis. Five new members were initiated into the sorority this year. In the spring, the sorority held a houseparty at Clearwater. -l65l Front Row: F. Farrington, A. Fides, E. Brennan,j. Gerry,j. Morgrage. Second Row: P. Seamans, F, Hall, D. Krackenberger, C, Lyford, C. Donovan, G. Whirtemore, G. Downey, Mrs. Reed. Lambda Epsilon Preridefzt . . jerzmze Gerry V ire-PreJia'e1zl . G race ll'7bittemore Secretary . Co ralozzire Lyfbw! Treafurer . Grafe Downey The Lambda Epsilon Sorority started its current year with the informal and formal initiation of six new members. A banquet immediately followed the initiation. The sorority helped to welcome back past members on Home-Coming Day and also shared in the rea given for freshmen. parries. In May the Lambdas sponsored a Spring Dance followed by the seasonal "rush" 'i 55 i Front Row: I. Welch, H. Terenzoni, D. Goodwin, W. Moore. Second Raw: W. Morin, C. Daley, L. Poulin, W. Eldredge, J. Audet, A. Rand, L. McLean. Third Row: I. Brainerd, H. Chapman, C. Wedge, L. Paquin, R. Stone, H. Robbins, R. Batherson, M. Adams, J. Laney. Fourth Raw: R. Dostie, M. Lobikis, W. Towle, H. Scott. Kappa Delta Phi The year's activity for Kappa Delta Phi was begun by a combination sing and dance at the fraternity house. At this time, new students were introduced formally to Mother Whitcomb and were entertained by the "frat" members. All male members of the school were invited to a Christmas party held by the "frat" before Christmas vacation. Gifts were exchanged and refreshments were served by the members. The fraternity Grammar School Basketball Tournament was sponsored again and was received enthusiastically by the schools of Franklin County. During fraternity week an assembly was conducted by the boys of the house. Other activities ofthe week were the annual banquet, the "frat" show, fraternity dance, and a Mother's Day program. Working together, the fraternity members have reached goals set at the beginning of the year. , P1'6JTll6l2f . . Wiqied Eldredge Vive-Prerizlent . Lawrence Poulin Sezrretarjy . Jerome Audet Treasurer '.... Edward Daley C07'1'6.fIfl02l!iilZg Sea.'reta1'y . Bernard Cameron Sergeazzt-ab Army , . Alvir Ram! Clmplazifz . WiM'irl Morin 'It aizft tbe ifzdizfizfzzfzl Nor the big boy, af 11 whole But tbe 61!E1'lLZ,ffj7Z, teamwork Ofevery bloomin' Joni." 9 l flax Q , A Q 23 Ruzfyarnl Kzjzlifzg 4 w RTS One of the largest organizations of our college is the Women's Athletic Association. The varied schedule of athletics serves as a teaching function as well as recreation and development of the physical and mental health of all members. During Orientation Week all students awaited an introduction to the Womens Athletic Association. The student-faculty volleyball game served as our first function, followed by a Play Day the first Saturday of the school year. The remainder of the pro- gram throughout rhe year consisted of three major sports and minor sports such as tene- koit, volleyball, shuffleboard, and archery. The program also provided special considera- tion for those who had physical disabilities. Throughout the fall months everyone raced to the interclass soccer tournaments, played on the women's athletic field. This year's championship was awarded to the sophomores. Those not participating in soccer mastered skills in archery or tennis. At the end of the season, shulileboard and newcomb took their stand in the minor sports field. As the schedule continued and snow crowded us indoors, our interests turned to GIRL ' sports in the gym. After a few weeks of con- scientious practice. the interclass basketball tournaments started. For the outdoor enthusiasts there was skating at Hippach Field and skiing at the tow in West Farmington. Melting snow and budding trees made us realize that spring would soon be here, which meant softball. We practiced, formed teams, and played games. Trying to broaden our program this year, we held a couple of Play Days-one with the surrounding high schools and the other with the University of Maine. These Play Days gave us a chance to acquaint the high school groups with a college program and gave us the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with other college athletic programs. Under the direction of the Women's Athletic Association, a capable cheerleading section was formed to promote school spirit. The final activity was the annual June breakfast, at which time the new officers for the following year were introduced and athletic awards were given to those meeting the re- quirements made by the association. SPCDRT Men's Athletic Association President . Harold Clmpmmz Viz'e-Prerirfezzt . . Melvirz Admin Secretfzry . Fred B rfznrro mbe Treamrei '..... Donald Befzlr The Men's Athletic Association, with only a minimum amount of money on hand, did a splendid job in carrying out a highly successful athletic program. This organization supported four sports at F.S.T.C.-cross country, basketball, track, and baseball. The new coach, Mr. Wenckus, directed these sports. Basketball, which for years has been the outstanding sport at the college, continued to hold a prominent position. With Coach Wenckus handling the team, the boys completed a successful season. Last fall, cross country was offered for the first time at F.S.T.C., and the response on the part of the student body was quite satisfactory. Hopes are high that baseball, which has been an inactive sport here for the past few years, will again take its place in the athletic program offered by the Men's Athletic Association. The association will sponsor a track team this year, with the hope that the cinder events will attract a large number of candidates. Cross Country The cross country season was not the most successful season a team could hope for, but it was a good one in the minds of the boys. Harassed mostly by inexperience, F.S.T.C. harriers lost their only two meets. They lost to M.C.I. 32 to 20. Their next meet was with U. of M. Annex, and they lost 45 to 15. This defeat should not be taken too badly, as it will be noted that U. of M. Annex took four out of the first ten places in the New England C. C. Meet for College Freshmen, il72l VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM From' Raw: G. Briggs, R. Hamlin. R. Stevens, F. Rogers, A. Rand. Serond Roux' Coach Wenckus, M. Clark, R Dallaire, L. Paquin. Basketball VARSITY BASKETB ALL SCHEDULE Store Farm. Opp. Colby College 42 59 JUNIOR VARSITY Bllixoiogcliliige BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Fitchburg Teachers College 44 64 Store Washington State Norm. School 86 62 parm' Opp Salem Teachers College 68 57 Richmond High School 46 58 Gorham Teachers College 46 29 Sttong High School 62 57 Arnold 9911686 72 103 Kingfield High School 29 36 Plymouth Teachers College 43 49 Sttattoh High Schooi 36 27 Keene Teachers College 56 71 gkowhegah High School 27 43 University of Maine Annex 59 76 Mexico High School 32 66 Washington Stare Norm. School 84 58 Skowhegati High School 39 45 Aroostook Normal School 61 47 Sttattoti High School 39 30 Gorham Teachers College 94 71 Salem Teachers College 53 44 Posse College of Physical Ed. 67 17 University of Maine Annex 70 67 Husson College 76 71 731 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Score Farmington 'Opponent Bangor Theological Seminary ' 56 53 Coburn Classical Institute 32 50 Bliss College 24 50 Bridgton Academy 57 61 Kent's Hill 36 44 Bliss College 30 32 Bangor Theological Seminary 49 44 Coburn Classical Institute 33 37 Mexico High School 30 38 Kenr's Hill 43 51 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM FrontRou1: N. Lyforcl, M. Foster, K. Cobb, D. Flagg, D. Green, R. Vear. Serond Row: Coach Wenckus, L. New- comb, N. Flagg, M. Beals, W. judkins, F. Branscombe, E. Sr. Pierre, 'l74 lr .. XA sg, SXSW.. .N 31 pit' 3 -- Ss xl? I F 15 Iumni The Farmington State Teachers College Alumni Committee consisted of the following members: Dean Agnes P. Mantot, Miss Zeldaj. Brown, Missj ulia B. Cox, Miss Edna M. Havey, Miss Margaret Mades, Mr. Clinton C. Nichols, Mrs. Eva H. Nickerson, Miss Carolyn A. Stone, and Mnjoseph A. Wenckus. The activities of the year consisted of two reunions. The lirst, Home-Coming Day, was held successfully the second week-end in October this year, and it was voted that it be the permanent date for this annual affair. The second activity was injune, when an alumni luncheon was served during Com- mencement Week. At this time the fifty-year class was honored. 17515 1 QM ,- .A 4 V L WE 42 qw E: . Wai-Q X msg wigs! iw H . X55-A5 'Ei' r wr -fx 2 Af' f , ...H W 4:9 Qrf Q X K a H 4,-1-A +1 52. 55 f W 4 - 5+ X 1 'Q MY?-A ., . Q V 155, Qzixiws, W ,Wifi 255 122213 5-YQ-Q W '?g'flff,vf5W4 sw-fi' r wwf-. ws. 1' M, . -gzf aj 2 Y Wh R Y ,Z : si x 1 fqai, ,M- kwa, N W Mgt w' Mg mx N MII? A WM , 11--we '-nw . 5. 1 WE ,J HN ii? fi Zwx 3, . ?'fw?i5ffsi g 7y,gf.:,.w Ev'g'5?215fg mm- mm? .,p,,,yw,J, ,i.,E,,,,, ,yggf ,Y 6,4 f 111 ,T 1 'xl , s,u,,,aX, 1 ,, 5 ,hw :,j5'iiiE fi 215,53 .: QR if 252- 1 Eff SE A 'N X. Wk 'R a -wx sm X ff Y X, Y 1 . Q . ww ,A E my 5. , .Y.. , 1.4 kg 3 if .nw . 1 A 1 K' 1 ' fs F xv' J , E 1? y f x -4 '? 41 ah H ? " ,pu M 4 V. ..,.. f 45 ,1---1 wg - , gl I N 4: -3: . :.: I , . . T ,. ,, f if '. s., 3 - H xy 'Nw wwf, .,, .K he , ,rig W 5 ., . . S SITE! Qfiifggfrtl N 54? I i f .,,,, 52 m'5es5 ! EW Numan, QQ 2 gg 3 wcjim gf g f qs M? 95537 N 1 1. + 1 . ,. 5V,.,,. A . 55 - M -rf T s,fJQs an I ,A-x Y., . . W. -sun., 'FL N" 1 ,I ,K Q -R r-v X 'B ' 4 I A M , 1 , 7 ' V L wo ' A 5275: 7. l- if! ' ' isifkf' 1- " , ' K "' N ,K . '14 - 5 ,. '-1-.JI ,qi xxx , .7 ill Q , Rf 'x - W if A vm , ,I ww , Y, ' , 1 'BQ iff- fs 1 xil'4""1'4 'Q' A V hw 1 Q " vi. " A .cn ,WS Sb. L -...X 4 :VN .- . -df. I' "' -ru e Q, , .' . 4. f 21599 ,ly 41- 2551, X M 8 4 . .I .i I , Q WA 'x X , if Q3 W-M ' 4" Z 'kai' J yi , 5 ftjxx w 1 4 W fa 5 5 . Q' Q'-5 z N , .QQ 1 Q Yi if mg , ,. .fl A? , ' Ysfvfgw ,,g,wf.ggk 1 X , f me A VC, .RJ Q , EQ G4 1 w 'V' x if'-1. 5 Autographs Wle Thank You for your pat1'o1'1uge and wish to extend our congratulations and best wishes to the Graduating Class. No gift equals at photograph of yourself. It means more than anything else you can buy. After all, YOUR POR,- TRAIT IS YOU as you would like to have us make it. LUOE'S STUDIO FARMINGTON, MAINE Tel. New England '72-2 7 Tel. 4-4511 P E U H S Lewiston Central lhfI.2l,IHC,S Largest Departnlent Store As near to you as your telephone or niail box IV1'1'fc or phone Betty Lee at Peckfs H A R R I S STEWART'S SERVICE SPORTING GOODS STORE STATION and LUNCH oillm-f, Miller Farmington, Maine PMP' Farmington - Maine l 'o1rLpl'ime71t.v of . , . HIDDEN ACRES FARM RIVER SIDE -I, R. PILLSIYURY Farmington 153 Main street ' -Both Phones- GRANT JONES CO. LADIES' APPAREL - DRY GOODS 1-I-16 BROADWAY, FARMINGTON , MAINE WHEN THINKING OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES SHOP AND SAV E AT J. J. NEWBERRY'S Farmington STEARNS FURNITURE CO. -,, ,,,,- EMERY'S Olllllxl I Hnmc Furnishings u U i v . I Inluid IJIIIOICIIIIIS Appdld - D15 hoodb Uplmlstering - IiCfIllISIlillg' d Repairing Broa Way Farmington Farmington - Maine DF- Frederick C- LOVQJOY GEORGE MCL. PRESSON DU"'m5t Optonletrist 64 Main Street Farmington F3I'1'1'1i!1gfO1'1 Tel. 147-4 CHEVROLET - PONTIAC First - Finest Cmnpletc Service and Parts Facilities Gooclycai' Tires-Texaco Gas and Oil iNlO'RTO N "O.K . H USED FA RS I 'l1z'v1'oIct since 1916 ljflllflillf' .vivwc 1926 Ask The ivlilllxvllll Has Been In Nlorton RCIOUJIT Co. R. G. Morton I-IAIQDWS STUDIO 1'o1't1'ai't. and COIlllIlCl'Ciil,i PhOt,Og'.l'il,IJily Duane A. I-Iarcly Tcl. New Eiiglaml 296 24 Broadway, Farmington, Maine C. L. STEWART l 'onlrcu'ior mid lflllildlfl' Xnything 'l'liat's Marlo of Wood -We lllfzlrc ll- Farmington - Maine W. M. PIERCE DOUGLAS R. FULLER, O.D Opto111et1'ist Farmington - Maine GORDON DAVIS Ladies' Apparel Infaiits' Wear Farmington, Maine Upper Broadway Tcl. 218-1 l lla.. O this Intuit was printed hy anmtwmm mshwn reengnizeti ter quality letter- press lninnng ter inure than seventy-live years. WARREN PRESS College Annual Pulllislters lEll WiiI'l'Ell SIFEEI, RIJSIIIII, MESS. STOWELL'S RESTAURANT Farmington - Maine Regular Meals Short Orders Sztiiclwicltes P E A R S O N ' S SPORTING GOODS STORE 50 Main Street Farmington - Maine Why not buy your zttliletie equipment here? ODELL'S RED AND WHITE Groceries - Meats - Provisions larmers' Tel. 171-15 New England Tel. 32-3 Farmington - Maine TARBOX 81 WHITTIER 1''riptio wt Plea-2'1li, Farmington - Maine WORTIIWI-IILE OPPORTUNITIES OPEN FOR. FOLLEGE GRADUATES A P12111 Personnel Department -Late in 1948- Foster Mfg. Co., Inc. STRONG, MAINE THE PAGE The TEACHERS' AGENCY KNOWLTON 81 MCLEARY Co. 61 Main Street Bangor - - Maine P1'1'nfe1's Room 10 Tel' Q-32441 Branded Cocktail Forks V. Evert-it Page, Jr., .1rIlllllgl'I' l"'S-NS' WW Farmington - Maine STINCHFIELD'S MARKET , , W E B E R f n'of'e1'1es - IN'Ieats , , INSURANCE AGENCY Provlsnons 55 Main Street Furnwrs' Tel. Q03-31 New Engluml Ta-l. 60 and 6 Farmington Farmington, Maine fl'01Iz7JlIf1n,m1,ts Qf . . . FRANKLIN CGUNTY SAVINGS BANK FARMINGTON, MAINE f j077l17I7.7l?,l'7If.S' Qf . . . Coca-Cola Bottling Company FARMINGTON, MAINE -Fow- Students' Clothing BENJAMIN BUTLER and Attorney-:It-T,:I,xv Furnishings THE RED STGRE, Inc. FARMINGTON The New England Teachers' Agency, Inc. 407 Libby Bldg. 10 Congress Sq. Portland - - Maine A personalized service to Teachers and School Ohqciuls The Carey Teachers' Agency of Boston ROSE lCS'I'ELl.E BRA D B URY Illuuugrr Telephone LA fayette 3-7158 14 Beacon St., Boston 8, Mass. Member N:I,t,ioIIal Associalion of Teachers' AgcIIr-les BASS FOOTIVEAR For All Outdoor Sports - Sold in Farmington By - E. E. Flood Co. G. H. BASS 81 CO., WILTON, MAINE PEOPI.E'S NATIONAL BANK Farmington COIlIlU6I'f'I2ll Ac-counts Savings Accounts SCHOOL SUPPLIES AT . . . W H I T E ' S Broadway Farmington FOSTER, WHIPPLE CO. NIen's and Boys' CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS SHOES Stuflents' Clothing' at Popular Prices .-I store that a-pprPmfate.v your busirzess WALGREEN SYSTEM HARD'S PHARMACY --The P'resm'f1Z7Jtirw1 Stow'- Farmington C. B. MOODY PLUMBING and HEATING Now Iinglamlg Tel. ll l-2 Farmington MAINE CQNSULIDATED PIIWER C0. FAIIDIINGTGN f7012zpl'i1nen,f.v Qf . . . line New England Furniture CO. RICHARD H. BELL Currier Insurance Agency Estzilillshccl in H484 Farmington All Kinds of Insuranc Safety Bonds e and ROBERT J. LOVEJOY fv077Z1?I'Iil7ZU7lfS Qf A FRIEND W. W. SMALL CO. Groceries Harclwzirc, Building Materials Iron and Steel I Vomybliments of MILLIKEN, TOMLlNSON C0. LO..-X. Supply Depot and Superba Food Prociucts Lewiston, Maine The Grace M. Abbott Teachers' Agency Grace M. Abbott, Man.age'r 120 Boylston Street Boston 16, Mass. Illembm' N atifonal Associatimz of Tearfl1.e'r.s" Agencies E. E. FLOOD CO. The Family Shoe Store M A G O N I ' S - The Store With Friendly Service LUNCHEONETTE - FOUNTAIN CONFECTIONERY Farmington Special Attention Given to Orders for Party and Dance Refreshments Broadway Farmington ARMAND'S SOCONY THE E SERVICE N W YORK STORE ALBERT DICVVOLFE, Prop. Oppoxifr' fvllllff Ilousr' 11 B ' MOBILGAS NIOIZILOILS roadway Farmlngton WASHINGS l,IIBmcux'1'IoNs S. S, PQI-Wm Pmdvum New Ellglallnxl 6 Plzmmv Fnrlnf-rs' 10 Grocericg ' Nlcat ' Vegetables Farmington All Rierchanfiise Guarzmtecd "IIS lIOIlN M0T0Il1S Snlfs-FI IRI-I-S1'l'I'l.fff' Farmington Maine f 7or2r2,7Jl1"172Pnf.v Qf . . . I Maine Slcewer 81 Dowel Co. J. W. 8: W. D. BARKER The DODGE FIRST NATIONAL and PIJYIWOUTH BANK SERVICE Of 48 Broadway FARMINGTON WX PFS 011 9 General Repairing FARMINGTON MOTOR SALES 40 Main Street er LQ Frzliscw Willys D I D l THE CON Y STREET DINING ROOMS Accommoclates Private Parties and Serves the Usual Good Home-Cooked Food, with Ice Crezrni of Exceptional Quality M RS. E R N EST Y0'l' ER FARMINGTON OIL COMPANY FARMINGTON LET US FINISH WHAT YOUR KODAK BEGAN . , Maaai 211.149 Slade "THE REXALI, STORE" . 62 MAIN STREET FARM IN GT ON C. W. STEELE CO. COAL - COKE - OIL Yr afvf -Olflrwllf llff I llmlrr Tel. 704- Farmington LOWELL'S MARKET M EATS and G ROC TERIES West Farmington New Eliglnml H-8-2 F3ll'Ill0I'H 2 HARRY E. N EWMAN B uirlr cmd 0,!iS'77lIIII'l'I0 SALES :xml SERVICE 2 Broadway F armington, Maine JORDAN'S CASH MARKET West Farmington Maine N. E. Tcl. 3-L9

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