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.:sf5..-...5 9- ,2,.'.: gl. -..--.,--Air-1-5.-:gg .,5..,..-a:n..f...-51 .,.f,..,.- r- M'-fPQ"f-" ""-'M21'rf'- 'l1sq.,,p fam' -.-1Qen-Lia-es-p-pv--1,1 , -. fr V H 4,51-. Y ...-c-.:-ff.-,, -.g '-1- 'M ....,. .,..',..-ff, 1C"'7,.,,,,,.".,'Lf"3,. Q :Aj :gig :JH Gwf'Qffm f?05ef EFFESSENESS Volume XX 1941 l'fn'1fim'-in-I 'lzizjf lfIlN7:lIC'SS Allllfllflgfl' 1'risc-illa, Aycrs Emily Boucha.1-rl Faculty Aclzfiser lllrs. Stella G. Dakiu X ygxw, 1,- fffzf- 'M www' X VVS I X X svn 2 all ns N154 1- if fugvgv A sxsixew THEME - REFLECTIONS STATE NORMAL SCHOOL FARMINGTON, MAINE 9 avsggg , ' CSB YUBT ' Contents Foreword Dedication "God Bless America Freedom to Teach Freedom to Inquire Freedom of Speech Freedom ol' Religion Freedom Right of Assembly Freedom of Activity Remember? fl ol' the Press 4 .Qfufe one whose work, attitudes and ideals exemplify those basic freedoms of speech, as- sembly, worship, and the press which we, in our democratic nation, like to feel are and shall continue to he our heritageg therefore to L. Joseph Roy, we, the students and teachers of FiLl'II1ll1gt0l'l State Normal School, respectfully dedicate this, the 194-l edition ol' the 1Cj'exse71e.vs. L. JOSEPH ROY God Bless America God bless America, Land that I love, Stand beside her and guide her Thru the night with u light from aboveg From the niountziins, to the prairies, To the oceans white with fozun, God bless Anieriezt llly home sweet honeie. -I-rzihzg Berlirz, 'I 3 l if ed! qgmeticd 720144 Me mo-un Min! io Me !QZdL"Zl'Z5 ' '1 'E A nu 1111 72 Me ocean out Acme Jweez' Acme 1131 R 'N' I ,f ,Y f ,:-f' ',,:' ,if ,--'Vg 1 72 ,, ,ff ,,-f ' f ,W - , ,QF-ff' ,ff H 1-ww, av 7,1 LP' JJ,--' fif- kik YN J41:-f E , L fM+1.,.,, ,W X ,.,.,r- mm s,,..-- Practice house for the home C0011-0'IIl'ifTS ll077lI7'f'III0llt Rccreat-imt as a pfrrt of eflucatvfon is .shesserl 'in tlzv recreation. room of tlw Cottage. Games, 1111.11 7'C'filZ'iS,I'l'llf!j furniture are the usual forms of lL'I'S1lFC ti-me lIL'ZfiI'l.f'ILl?S here. "Baby Sandy" is the vvntzfr of utlruction in, lllf' life at the Cottage. Baby-cure 1111.11 lzomz' vlzmzvagelrzeut ure the 'most popular subjects 'in the ourriculizm of tlzzz sen-i0r.v. - f'l11.ssroo111, llllllllTll1l'StI'llfl.l'C Q1I'ice, l1'br11ry, r111.1l play sclznol for lflll' 11077111 cco11om1'c.s- rlepurtznent I '11 the S17l'Y:ll!f ilu' .i'llIll-01' class 12IlI'lI'C'I:1JI!f!'S in play-.vclzool Lcnl111'1'q11u. Each ynm' 11 .wnnll group QI' CllI'1III'l"lL enjoy fl 11'vIl-1Ii1'ccl1'11 play 1IE'I'l'0!l'jiZYl7 IIIOI'Il,i7Ilf3 ll 11'f'ek. ,... Wir 1 F7lIL!I!l7lZ07lfllI principles for a 30111111 llczsis in home l1I'0l1.0lI11.L'S lflI1l.Cl1t1-071, are fflllgllf 'in the Annex. The Qfllllfllf of 1111- dean and fl 11'c'll-.stockerl library also occupy 1111117113 space. Laboratories for the home economics department Clothing, home improvement, crafts, and related subjects are put to practical use in this room. Each st-uclent spends many hours here improving her ability in the various skills. M oclern equipment arouscs 'interest in the actual prepara- tion of food that is appetizing, nutritious, and attractive Unit kitchens provide opportunity for food to be planner! prepared, and served family style. Recreatiomxl center for the Fast-Teeo Outing Club Fun amlfresh air mark an important part of the mountain climb which 'is a mainfeature of the Fast-Teco Outing Club. Chop S-uey and hot cojfee satisfies hung-ry appetites as Ifreslzmerz. are entertuineal at Clearwater during Orientation week. Outdoor sports and water games were an out- standing part of the zIay's program. -Q.--.E 'H+ b sv Q 1 wif QF' 'ly I lf - ,,, ' 1 W M A 1 4.- 1 'Q E? , W 6,,i ,vr Q 5 2-,h 'Q as mf xl JI K' Q U M 'QW M ' S N A I -3 1 -5 ff f ww M 3 was .I ww me OM, 'it 3 ifwagwa .5 ,vw A QSM' A xsiws 1,59 ,ww 'X , e t w gqdfo. . 0122 "' Q. . , I - vi 'A . 1 L - 3 V . 7 - IN ' f 5, U Qi: .- 5 +5 Y I .-9 .-er v gr :tvs Ji' ' . frj -,A . QELQ 4A ,V Tx 4 I 44y Q . 11 M32 WE' , via I, 5 : ' J If 9 . JG ...,,, ,.:,,,., ,ru ,. . . 4- .agsfflihd ,J L, '.s,x. '.- . : 1 f 'Mi' NEW? 5 " ' f 5 - X, ':' A 14 ' -SQ-fi 4 '-fx ,, .wiv 1 . .- Q.. , 1 .f I . 35" , 9 1 2 . - ,Q 'iN?Q ' 5 . n . 5 , 1 1' Q 'Q in -aw. Q! -V :M ff Freedom to Teach and Guide An 0pp01'tm1,1fty to share c:vp4'1'1Tc11,cc.s' 'IDITNI tlwsr 'Il'llU Vwislz lo lzvrovzw lvuclzvrs is II 1Jl'fI7''gC 'wh s I7 lj r It of cn-opcratimz a nfl llfljlflll- IL fum 11,11 e'r'lz Hwy slum' 'fx an vfnxpira- tion, to all 'who rome fn, f'on.Iart with tlzcm !f'1ffllI'7' in f'111.snvz's or 11 n 0 I ln If 'r llL'fI.l'lTt'1.l5-Y. 'ich our stqfl' 011-joys. Tin' Lorey C. Day, Clark University Principal Harvard and Yule graduate study Farmington BJ-I. , MA Universities, Helen E. Lockwood, B.S. Columbia University Cornell University, graduate study Dean of Home Economics Education, The Family Farmington Agnes P. Mantor, B.S. in Ed. Boston University Dean of Women, General Depart- ment Farmington Margaret Mades, B. A., M.A. WVilliunu:lte University, Uregun Columbia Universily Clothing. The House. f'n-:nfts Seattle. Wusllingtnn Bessie C. Schwartz, B.S., M.A. Iowu State College, grncluutc study Muriel E. Starr, B.S. Curnell University National College, livnm-xton, Ill. IIOUIP Management, Vllilcl Dc- vclopnle-nl forningg. New York 1 se Missouri, Minnesota :xml Cnluinhin. Universities. grzuluate study Fairfield. Iowa Caroline R. Ouessy, B.S. Simmons College Harvard University. grnrluaite study Science Methuen, Musa. Alfreda Skillin, B.S. Fzlrmington State Normal School Cornell University, graduate study Portland 1281 If Wray. L W' 2 xv. , I qu .3 l Errol L. Dearborn, B.Pd. University of Marine Harvard and New York llniversia tics. graduate study Assistant Principal, Mnthcniniics Farmington Emma M. Mahoney, B.S. in Ed. Boston University Columbia University, study Directur of Training l'l2lI'llllflgl0Il grnduule Julia B. Cox, B.S. in Ed. University of Blaine Boston University, l.Zl'ZllllllLl.C' study Assistant Director of Truiuing l"rccn0rt Mrs. Stella G. Dakin, B.S. in Ed. lloslion University Coluinlnin University, study Psyclmlogy, Education New Sharon Ruth Griffiths, B.S. in Ed., M.A. State Teachers College, Lowell, Muss. Boston University HarvardUniversity,grnduutcstudy Music North Andover, Mass. Edna M. Havey Furniingtim Stule Normal Svhuol lloslon University, B.S. in lid. Industrial Arts West Sullivan l29l graduate L- Ingeborg C. J ohansen. R.N. Somerville, Bless., Hospital Boston Floating Hospital, graduate study Penn. State College, graduate study School for Social Work, Simmons School Nurse, Health Farmington . Charles S. Preble, B.A. Wesleyan University Clark University, graduate study Natural Sciences Farmington Richard P. Mallett, A.B., M.A. Bowdoin College Wasllillgton und Lee University Yale University, graduate study History, Government Farmington Gwllym R. Roberts, B.S. in Ed. University of Maine University of Maine, graduate study History Brownville Mrs. Charlotte D. Meinecke, B.A. Smith College University of Maine, graduate study English, Drumutics Bangor L. Joseph Roy, B. S.g M. A. Bates College New York University University of North Carolina, graduate study Physical Science, Economics, So- ciolugy Farmington i301 Alma Schmauk, B.S. ln Ed. ' Y Massachusetts School of Art ,fy ,W Columbia University, grn,dl1n,te ,,,' N ' in"-, study I x - ., Art ,,,. Brookline, Blass. 55" 'H' 'ii' E " ""' 1 'E 1, i in ' oi 3 ri' if! ' ' ' pl Elizabeth ll. Weeks, B.S., ig-. ..4,,.-Q, ' M.R.E. W Colby College H 3- Simmons College Library School , ' Q-.1 Andover Newton '1lllB0l0gll'1ll 155 ' School Librarian 5, Haverhill, Blass. N 'l, . Ruth V. Somers, A.B. Brown University George Washington University. graiduute study English South I'ort,lunrl Mrs. Nettie S. Rounds Bursar Farmington Mrs. Mary E. Tilton Oneonta State Normal School, N.Y. Cm-tland Normal School of Physical Education, N. Y. New York University Pliysicnl Education Albion Reginald D. Berry Custodian Farmington W Y l31l Arthur D. Ingalls Training School Principal Eighth Grade Farniinglon Mrs. Eva H. Nickerson lfifth Grade Farmington Alice E. Stevens Seventh Grade Farmington Mrs. Gertrude Y. Sawyer Fourth Grade East Corinth Dorothea Hodgkins Sixth Grade I .lrmlngton Mrs. Gladys M. Dewevcr Third Grade Farmington i321 M lb' X. I 1 . A- . ' 'x w l 5, W V 'Wh P. '- A 1 Zllda J. Brown Iola H. Perkins Second Grade Director of Music Farmington Gardiner ' ' ' Phyllis Hawkins Mrs. Marah Webster -1 -Z.V -V First Grade Art Instructor ' I fi '32 East Muchias Cllestervillc '-A I N 11' 'I -K ,J Q ijirr- ' L, - Q w k . .Barbara F. Bisbec Mrs. Marion III. Boyce 11 U g'ff: r'f'f" , Kindergarten Farmington rural, Briggs School "',1BuiG. v -lf., .,.? Li. 4 , Portland 'lcmplc '-.-...1' 4331- Mrs. Josephine T. Vosc' Westbrook Fcnlinziry Mrs Celia L Hunt Wellvslcy Coll:-gc, Wellcsivy. Mass. Y. YV. C. .L School of l'ruokcry. f'leveland Dietitian Furuxington Purington Hull M atruu Furlxlillgtozx W-an Mrs Marc1aV henmston Mm Alice Whltcolnb Nallctl Hall Mutron Kuppsl House Mulron 'TQ' Fnflldngffill l"nrn1in,r:l,un 4341- 1 ssarwf-'f rf Practice School Teachers Fairbanks Myron li. Slnrlmiral Mrs. Myrlic M. Grcutou Farmington Rural, Briggs Mrs. Marion ll. Boyce West Farmington Mrs. June IC. Yost Rowena ll. 'l'itc0mb Wilton Village Bernice E. Green l". Gilbert Miller School l35l Ella Mclmugllliu ll. ,lilizalwclli Butler Miss Williaun Mrs. Bump Miss York Mrs. Cushman East Wilton Arlene Harrimzux New Sharon Mrs. Hazel B. Tliolnpson Mrs. Blundine G. Buzzell M rs. Leona C. Campbell Mr. Clayton Reed .em ,:a- 1 ., 1 - im? A Q5 -J ' f -WW 4 'Ni sw..g w M S, - ,,.,,,. 'H -.-wi -.mas N5 ,M ' Lf: E.. , , ,W iz, F ff' ,":Y1. 13m,v,g5g..,s-0 ' " -ff'-iii kv , Lawdg- ' aw w. vw ,JVM , .-.M 'iq hwy? M- .w f, Freedom To Inquire i37lf S'1jYl,CCf'i'IL!1II1T?'-U 'is the best metlzoll of lerzrning, the .Yf1l!ll3lIflS of FlI7'l7L1'7Lgl07l N07"II1ffll School deem it a 71ri1'il1-gf' to be pcrzzliftcfl to -zrorlc uyfth open- n1.'inflz'fI in- - .'1: 'VL n fb, I A slructors. W f. " Y,1., l"r1'z' diSf'7l6'- WN A '2'-- 1: --- I sion of '1'-11,- . X 1 5 - form llf'I:0'lI1 ob- Z f tailmrl fro nz K , 1' fl 1' i 0 ll s i A -1' ivy I x o 71 rc e .9 ifv n11rir'11c'.v the S -'F ' U 3: , bflvkyrou 7111 A -' of thv 11 ro- Q ' .mi , ' spcctivc 'fr f' A V .. emu teachers. " 'X v W F Senior Class Officers Dov, lx'r1yn1onf1, I,. Scoii, CIIRIIIIUIII Home Economics Seniors PI-IYLLIS A LLYN PRSCILLA :XYERS f'2ll'iil0U Stratton Mirror 3, .45 Outzfng Vlub I, I?,' - Mirror 2, 3, .4,' 1'z'urbooLv -35 Sf'l'l'lll'L' Club 1, LZ: fl. .-I. l'o1nz.r'1'l ldllillll'-lilly-f'll7:fQf .55 Ulltilzg Club I, 1: Major Sports 1, L25 Minor 1 :?,' Major Sports 1, 2: Minor Sporlx I, :?. Sports 1, 25 Ilousr' Four! 1,' I". 1711111 -3, .QJ Phi .Un Sftjlllll Sorority. EMILY BOUCHARD AILICEN BOUTILIER Caribou Smyrna Mills Mirror 1, 2, 3, .45 Yearbook 3, .45 Scnaze I,' J'Ill!'i!TI.lI7"U df Glen Flub Sflllllfff 45 C. A. f'll1ll.ILl!f 1,' Plays 1, Qg Plays aml Players J, .45 and Pl11yar.v.3, ,4,'1iIfljUI' Produc- Illlflgllrg Vlub 1, if, J, 4: .llujor tion. J: 014l1'u.y lflnb 1: Jlujor Sports 1, Q2: Jlizzor Sports 1, 2: Sports 15 ilfinor Sporls 1, 25 Presirlrfnt Wo1ncn's A. A. Ig Modern. Authors 1, Z?,' Sc'iz'11.ce Housrf 1'wfs-1'rle11.t 1, 25 llouxn C1110 12, 35 Dvbolzf Club .45 Prvsi- Court 1, 25 New Englzuzrl Von- dentStl11lc'ntl"r1z'11lzy l'o1111r'il4. ference 25 F. l'1ub 2, J, 4: Glen' f'l'uI11, i3S P ARDELLE BRIGGS Auburn Outing Club 1, Q, 1UnjorSporrs 1 ,' Mfrtor Sports I, Jlodvru. .flu- tlzors Q3 Lamlulu lfpxilnu. Sorority. JANET DOE Binghzxm Mirror Ifaarrl 45 Swmte 2: f' Sccrcftr11'y 45 0rr'lu'.vtra 1: Outing fllub 1 ,' Moclfru. A llLll0l'S 2, Major Sports 1, Q5 Minor Sports 1: House E!?0ll.UllIf'l!'S Ulub lffl'l?l'llt'l.I'l' lfonrrl 4. RUTH ELLIOT Peuk's Island Mirror Board 3, .45 Yeurbool: Stajl' J, if 0'lll1I'lt.y lflub 1, 52, 3: Major Sports 1, 2, Minor Sports I, 2, I". l'lub,' I'l11f Mu Sigma Sororft y. NOREEN RUVWE Norridgcwock Mirror Borzrfl .45 Uuting f'lub l,' Jlorlrru, .ilutlzorx f'lub Q, J. ELIZABETII S'l'URTEVAN'I' South Paris Mirror Board 1, 2, J,' Gllfll Clllb 1, 25 Outing lllub 1, Qg Mujfvf Sports 1, 25 Minor Sports 1, 25 I". f'l11b,' 1JI'l'N'lTllt'lIf, Lulululzz Ep- xilou Sorority 4. -i391 BARBARA COLWELL Stoneham, Mass. Mirror Bmtrrl I, 2, 3, .bg Yearbook 3, 4: Outing Club 1, 25 Jlujor Sports 1, Eg Minor Sports 1, 2: F. l'lub,' Phi Jfu Sigma Sorority. ROBERTA EDGECOMR Cape Elizabeth M'irror liourfl 45 Outing Flub 1, .Qg S!'lt?'lIC!? f'l'ub 1: Jlajor Sports 1,' Illiuor Sports 1, F. l'l'ub: Pllt' .Vu Stlglllll Sorority. IVA V. LANE FU.l'Il1Illgt0Il Mirror Board .95 Outing Club 1, J?,' Morllfrn. Autltors l'lub Q, J3',' Blujor Sports 1, Minor' Sports 1, !?,' Science Club 1,' Home Ecor1.o1nif'.v l 'lub lC.zre'a'11tz'lfzf Board 7 . N, o. VIRGINIA SHEPARDSON Bingham hiirrox- Ifourtl .95 Outing Club 2, 3: lllorlvrn Authors lflub 22, 3, Sr'z'1'r1.ce Club 3, Home'1'c.v E.z'cr:'utiru Board .45 House llourt 13: Housrf Vtnz' P1'es-irlmzt 3. KATHERINE TAYLOR China S :mate .' St urluut Faculty CU'lI'II,I77.l I 1 35 Outing Club 1, LL, Jlodcru .-lutlzorx 1, 25 .Uujor Sports I, Q. GENERAL SENIORS CHARLES ALVINO Livermore Falls Plays and Players 1-35 Jloderu, Authors 15 Science Club 15 Kappa Delta Phi. R. MIQERTRUDEBRADEEN Milo Dormitory Life 1, Q5 Cleo Club 15 Outing Club 15 Major Sports 15 Minor Sports 1-35 Modern Au- thors 1 ,' Proctor 15 Science Club 1. ALTA BROOKS Bethel Dormitory Life 2, 35 Modern Authors 2, 3 5 1lf'1"Il0T Sports Q. MARILYN J. CHILLES Mount Desert C. A. Cabinet 15 O. A. Choir 35 Glee Club 12, 35 Plays and Players 35 Yearbook Stajf 35 Outing Club 1--35 Jfajor Sports 1-3: Bfodern Authors 35 F. Club 52, 35 Lambda Epsilon. SHIRLEY M. CURTIS Winterport Senate 15 Student Self- Help 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Outing Club, Secretary 2, 35 Major Sports 15 House Comnzittee 25 Proctor 15 House Court 25 Phi Nu Omega, President 3. f A 532155: ' 4 LW A xg Wg ..,,,1-a r, .. rn , -, lr: M-was -- , 1. rr... 1 fl40l rr . .s ' . v" is , va . DEPARTMENT WVILLIAM J. BARRON llrfadison Stuclertt Self- Help 35 Plays and Players 52, 35 Orchestra and Band 1-35 rllajor Production 1-35 Mirror Board 1-35 Outing Club 1-35 Major Sports 15 Seieuee Club 15 Kappa Delta Phi. RAYMOND J. BRENNICK Rumford Government S eeond Vice President 35 Senate 35 C. A. Choir Q, 35 Orchestra and Band 35 Plays and Players 35 Outing Club 1-3, President 35 rllajor Sports 1, 25 Boston Conference 25 Kappa Delta Phi, President 3. EDITH E. BROOKS North Jay Student Self- Help Q, 35 Yearbook Staff 2, 3: Jfirror Board 1-35 lllajor Sports 1. EVA M. COLBURN Gardiner rtlajor Sports 15 Minor Sports 1, 925 Science Club 2, 3. IDA A. CUSHMAN Bryant Pond Dormitory Life 1, 25 Class V-tee President 35 Secretary Q5 Plays and Players 35 Major Produc- tion 35 zlfajor Sports 1-35 rlliuor Sports 1-35 F. Club5 A. A. Coun- cil 35 House President 25 House Committee 25 Phi Nu Omega, Treasurer Q. JUNE I. DAVENPORT Raugeley Plays aml Players .I-3: Minor Sports 1-3: F. Club. BARBARA DERRY Rockland Senate 35 Dormitory Life Coul- luirtee C. A. Clmir and Glee Club 1-35 Plays and Players 32, 35 Outing Club 1, 2: Jllajor Sports 25 llliuor Sports 1, Q5 Modern Au- thors 1, Q5 Phi Na Omega. JAMES E. DOW East lVI2lClllilS Senate 52, 3g zlctiu-ity I" 2, 3,' Szurleuz Faculty Council Q, 3g Mirror Board 1-3, Editor Jg Yearbook Staff 1-3 g U. A. Cabinet 1, Q5 lllajor Sports 1-35 Delegate to C. S. P. A. 125 Kappa Delta Phi, Vice President WILLIAM L. EARLY, JR. Guilford Field Service 1-35 Plays anal Players 1-3g Secretary 2, 35 Major Production 1-35 Jlocleru, Authors 1-3: Outing Club 1-3,' Treasurer Q, J,' Seienee Club I, 35 HELEN ELLSNVORTII East lVilton Field Service 1-35 Glee Club 2, 35 lllajor Sports 15 Minor Sporzs 1. V V ad t 1 so M, , 'ft J .gf -: - l fn. , ,,,, .L N 'n I A . ,.' W H 'A Y l y i A I X-, ' 45 I l l41l ROBERT E. DEAKIN Livermore Falls Aetinity Ifinaaee 2, 35 Plays and Players 1-3, Treasurer Q, 3: gllajor Prorluctiou. Q, 35 Outing Club Q. DOROTHY M. DOW Dover-Foxcroft Gouernuzent President 3, V-ice President Q5 Senate 1-fig Class President 1, 25 U. A. Cabinet 1, fig Plays and Players 2, 35 lllajor Production 25 Glee Club 1 ,' Year- book Staff 25 Outing Club 1-35 Major Sports 1-35 Elinor Sports 1-3: F. Clubg Blorleru Authors 3g House C'ornmittee 3,' New York Conference Lambda Epsilon. JUNE M. DUGAY lvnterville C. A. Choir and Glee Club Sp Outing Club 1,' Major Sports 1, 25 Jlinor Sports 1, ,llodern Au- tllors 35 Proctor 1,' Social Train- ing Corumitzce Q, 3g Lambda Epsilon. ALFREDA L. ELLIS ' lvalrloboro Social Training 35 Major Sports Qg M -iuor Sporzs . . MARILYN J. FARRAR Ellsworth Dormitory Life E25 Orchestra 1-35 C". A. Clio-ir and Glee Club 1-3: Plays anrl Players Outing Olub 1,' Plli Nu Omega. RUTH A. FENLASON Hinckley Self- Help 35 Glee l'lub I-3. MARJORIE S. GOODALE Clinton Senate 2, 35 Sllllblfllll Self- Help 2, 3 5 Plays and Players 35 Outing lflab IH35 lllajor Sports 1-35 llliaor Sports 1-S5 I". f.'Iub,' Phi .lla Sigma, Treasurer 3. CLAIRE M. GREENLEAF Sanford Dormitory Life 35 Plays and Players 32, 35 Blajor Prorllzczion 35 Yearbook Slajf 2, 35 Outing Club 1-35 Major Sports J, 25 lllinor Sports 1-35 Bloflera flu- lhors 35 Phi Ma Sigma, Smwze- tary Q, MARGARET GRINDLE Bar Harbor Social Training 35 Plays and Players 35 Outing Club 92, 35 Mirror Board 35 Major Sporzs 85 Minor Sports 1-35 lllorlern A 1:- thors 23, 3: A. fl. Co21n.1'1'l 3: F. Club. ALBERTA A. HAYNES Woodland Dormitory LUe 35 Plays and Players 35 Outing Club 1-35 Modern Authors 35 Science Club 15 lllajor Sports 1-35 Minor Sports 1-35 lVo7nerL's A. fl, Sec- retary-Treasurcr,' F. lQ'l'ub5 Presi- dent 525 Phi lllru Sigma. if N 1? ' W, -,L-'Exif mv l42l ,. 71 I HERBERT G. GILLIS Calais Senate 15 Activity 1'l'l'7llLlIl'l? Jg Debafilzg Olub 52, 35 Plays anrl Players .35 Jlauager of Basketball Jig I". Olubg Kappa Delia Phi. DONALD D. GRAHAM Houlton ,llajor Spams I-:s',' F. f'luh5 Kappa Delta Phi. JACQUELINE GREEN XVOOD Farmington Senate 1, Q5 Social TI'lllILl'll.g 1-35 Bam! aaa' Orchestra I-3g Owing fllllll 15 .llajor Sporzs I, 2: Jlinor Sports I-J. Ii. MUNROE HAWKENS North .lay 0I'Cll!'3ll'll llllfllBl1llll 1, 25 Ozaiag Club 15 Major Sports 1-J: Boston. 00ILfC4I'6ll,l'I' if: Kappa Delta Phi. IIARRIET F. HODGES Vlfaterville Doznritory Life 1-35 Orafhestra 15 Outing Club 1, Q5 Major Sports 15 lllirmr Sports I, 2: Phi N11 Omrga. MARGARET II. HOUGHTON VVeld Field Service 35 Outing Club 1, 25 lllajor Sports 15 lllinor Sports 1-35 A. A. Council 2: House President 525 Phi Nu Ouufga, Vice President Qt. GLENNA U. JONES Millinocket Field Service 3,' Mirror Boar-rl 12: Cleve Club ,lg Outing Club I-J: Scimice Club 1,' lllujor Sports l. ETHEL J. KIMBALL South VVaterford Firvlll Service 1, 52: Outing Club .35 Morlern Authors 1, 1? CHARLES LEAVITT Gardiner F-ielcl Service 2, 35 C. A. 1-34 C. A. Choir 1-3,' Plays and Players .35 lllajor Production 35 .Wirror Boarfl 1, Q5 Outing Club Q, 35 Science Club 15 Modern Authors 1-3,' Kappa Delta Phi. CATHERINE E. LUKE Millillockcl C. A. Choir Q, 3: Glee Club 1-3g Plays mul Players 2, J,' Major Production 2, 3,' Yearbook Stajl' 1-J,' lllajor Sports 1-3g Minor Sports 1-Jg Lambda Epsilon.. 1 gr ,J J 3 .5 v l . has '15 j . ,X pri' 51. 'QW ' .1-3, s 's Q:-ff: Y , V 3 . .ig 'ls t A A 'rf' ll l R A '1- , y- . .,f.- I K- - 51 w.. , ff at- -. . I Q. ,.., J.--s 3,51 1 .,:. E N X iff? 'sk . '1g,,g1., ,il-jg E -V -,-: gnu 2 . xx , N l 43 lr LAURA A. HUNNEWELL Bingham Dormitory Life 1-3,' Outing Club 15 Major Sports 1, Q: lllinor Sports 1-3. ' ROBERT C. JORDAN liidlonville Plays and Players .1-35 lllajor Production 1-35 Mirror Board 1: Outing Club 1-3: lllajor Sports 1, i?,'Sr'z'f-11.ccCl11b,' Kappa Delta Phi CHARLOTTE M. KING Waterville Social Training 1, Qi Plays and Players Q, 3,' Outing Club 1-3: Major Sports 1-3: Minor Sports 1-3. BERTHA E. LEEMAN Woodland Social Training 35 Outing Club 35 llIGjOT Sports 3: llfinor Sports 1-35 llforlern Authors 35 F. Club. MARGARET H. MAC- FARLANE Presque Isle Dormitory Life 3,5 C. A. Cabinet Glue Club 2, 3: Major Sports 1, Q: Minor Sports 1g Jllodern Authors 1,' House President 35 House Court Qg Proctor 1: Phi Blu Sigma: Pan Hellenic 9. MURIEL J. MALONEY Portland House Com 7I1'lll6U 1 5 Social Train,- ing Comtvniftcv 35 Outing Club 15 Yearbook Stay' 2, 35 Mirror Board Et, 35 rllajor Sports 25 Minor Sports 15 Lambda Ep- silon. HAROLD E. PAINE Dexter furliciury Yearbook Staff 2, 35 Mirror Board 1-35 F. l'lub5 Kappa Delta Phi. ESSIE M. PARSONS York Village Plays aurl Players 35 Out-ing Club 1-35 llfajor Sports 1-35 llfinor Sports 1-35 F. Club, Secretary 25 UXOVIIUII-.S A, A. 1, Q5 Phi All u S ig Ill a, C. ROBERT PINKHAM Farmington Field Service Treasurer Q, 35 Orchestra 1-35 Out-tug Club 1, 2. DONALD S. RAYMOND Hampden I-Iiglllunds Gorermncnt Secretary 35 Judic- iary 25 Activity l"inance 35 Class V ice P'rcs'irlcu.t 1, Q 5 C. A. Cabl'n.zet 1, 25 Plays aml Players 1-35 Major 1Jl'0tl7ll'l'l.0IL 1-3 5 Yvarbook Staff' Q, 35 Nou' Yorlr Conference 25 Junior Varsity 1, 25 Kappa Delta Phi. fs- 'K sa I MIR .4 "" 7 WK ,!'f'53 1 1? S 5 5 M, vu XXV 5 5.q, 1- 44 x CYNTHLA E. NlCHOLS Nlillinocket Field Service 25 Cleo Club 1-35 Outing Club 1, .25 Major Sports 1, 2519. Cl'ub5 Major Sports 1-52: Blodarn Authors Z5 Science Club 1, Q. ALONZO R. PARKER. Anson Field Service 1-35 Dlajor Produc- tion 35 Outing Club 15 Kappa Delta Phi. MARIE M. PECORELLI Corinna J1ul'i1:zfary 2, 35 Iutcrgratiou, 52, 35 C. A. Choir and Glee Club 1-35 Orchestra I -3 5 Plays and Players 2, 35 .llajor Prorl-zwtzfon Outing Club 1, i?5 Dlajor Sports 15 Bliuor Sports 15 Irlorlerrt Authors 1-35 Proctor 15 Phi Nu Omega. LAURETTE L. RANCOURT lVaterville Activity Finance 25 llfajor Sports 1-35 F. Club5 Proctor Q, 3. ARLENE L. REED Pittsfield Dormitory Life 35 Gloc Club 2, .llajor Sports 25 lllinor Sports 1, 525 Jlodcrn Authors 15 House Court 15 Proctor 2, 35 Phi Nu Omega, Secretary it. GLICNIS M. RIDLEY Mechanic Falls Do1'111'z'tnry Lifu l-3: flllflf lflub 1-fig 011t1'11.g l'l11l1 I, S!'lft'll.Cl' 011111 l, Q: Tl'Fll'llL'?'S S1-1011.011 .-Iv.-111- l'l'flfl.0ll, S1'1'rcI11ry-Tr1'11.v11r11r -1. Cl'IARLOTTE A. ROBBINS South Hope Sonia! 7'1'111'11.i11g 3,' Glen 011111 IZ, df Jlujnr Sportx I-df 11l'1f'11.1z1' Sporlx 1-J. MILDRED A. R,0BER'l'S Southwest Ilurlror Dormitory Lzfr' I-J,' 011111151 l'l11b 1: .lIi111Jr Sports I, Q: Dnrllritrzry Sl'!?I'!?1fHl'Llj :2,' 81111.11 l,' P111 N11 Om1'g11. YLRGINIA M. HAVVYICR Greenville Dor1111'mry Life Glm' l1'l'11h 2, J: U11Ii11,g I'Z11l1 I : Jlajor Sports 1-ri,- ,Virmr Sportv I--ig lfllllll l, i?,' PII1' N11 O1111:g11. PHYLLIS E. SIMPSON F2ll'Il'lillg'f0Il Snzrful 7'l'fl'ilI.'I'Il.g 1-J: f,l'l'll0Xtl'Cl I-J,' Jl11j1n' Sporls ,l,' 11li11.11r Sports I--3. .. . , P., 1? aff .. f , -Fifi. - Q 11 ,V 1. ,age W W.. M , '12, jr, 1. K Q gi 1 w T51 E1 .1 gl, ' 1 11 I' ff 4 51 BARBARA R. ROBBINS Farmington Ent1'1't11i11.11111111.15 3,' Glrfa 011111 If Plays 111111 Pluyerx I-35 Major 1,l'0!I1lCf1i0Il. l-J',' Ymrboolc Stqff 12, 35 Phi B111 S'1'g11111. OLIN E. ROBBINS Rangelcy Slfllflfl? J: Outing 171111 I, 2: Major Sports I, 525 K11p1111. Delta P11 1'. HILDA L. SAVAGE Bar Harbor D11rn1im1'y LUV! 1-3: 01lll'Hf1 011111 .ig Hmlse ffrzznmiltezf Z, 25 Sl5'I.f?7H9l' f'l'1111,' Plllf 11111 S1'g111.11, Tr1'11s11r1fr 2. LEWIS B. SCOTT Hodgclon J'111l'i1'-1'11ry JJ Acfivily F'i1111111vc I-35 f'. A. lf11bi11.1:! Tre11s11r1'r Fluss Tl'l'flSll'I'l'T ff. A. C'l101'r LZ, ,Kg 0r1:l1cst1'11 1111.11 Im'1111.1l 1-3g F. f'l11b, Junior Varsity Ig lxlllllfl-gff Qf B11xeb11ll 2: Sc'ie11.ce 017412 Ig KIIIIQIKI Delta Phi. NANCY L. SNOW Rockland D11r111itory Lrfu 2, 35 Glce Cl-1111 I, Eg fI1lf7.7Lg 1,1710 l, L?,' Minor Sperm 1, Q5 xllfifilffll- A 11ll10r.v 1, 25 I7l1111ir11z1111. Qf Il011.v1' Courl Q, 13: Phi N 71 O'1111'1111. ' CAROLYN F. SPININEY Topsham Field Scrvivn Secretary 1, 2: U. A. Choir I-3,' Glcc Club Q, 3: Outing lflub 1 ,' llfajor Sports I, 2: Minor Sports 1, 2: Afoflern. r1llllI.0l'H I-gi. GORDAN H. TRUE Mercer Sorial Trailtiuq I, Q5 I'. A. lvfllll- uct Trfasurcfr Q: Major Sports 1-J: F. Club: Secretary of .'lI4'n's A. A. 25 Kappa Delta Plzi. D. ELIZABETH VOLZ Strong Field Service 1,' Social T-raining 2,' Glec Club 1--35 Modern, Auzlzors 2. DOROTHY L. VVI-IITE Bath Dormitory Life 3,' Glen Club lg Outing Club 1-35 Mzfnor Sports 1-3g Alajor Sports 1, 2,' Dormi- tory V ice P're.yir1ent 35 DOTIl1IZ1'l0T!j Prcsifle-nt 3,' Phi lvfll-S7lg7Ill1, V ice President Q, 3: Pan Hellenic 3. , .,. : N ...JL s . 'A " If xi , . it 1 qt Specials MRS. MARTHA T. FOSS Farmington VIENO L. KANGAS Rockland PHYLLIS LOYVELL VVcst Farlniilgton T461 MARY E. STEARNS Hanover Dormitory Life 1-3: Outing Club 1, ,QQ Wlajor Sports .I-3: Minor Sports J-J: illoflern, Authors I,' Proctor l,' Science' Iflub 1. MAXINE J. TURNER lillswortll Social Trai-ning 1, :3,' Cleo f'lub 1-3: blorlcru. zl'lllll0I'S 1, 12. F. CARLTON YVADE Farmington Plays aml Players 1-3: Major Prorlucliori. l-3,'01lfllLg Club 1, 25 Kappa Delta Phi. IRA A. NYITHAM, JR. Clinton Major Sports 1-35 IJFH-V'I'!ll?llfl rj Mmfs A. A. Varsity Basket- ball 1-dg Varsity Ha.wiball 1-35 All- New lfnylaml Baskctlurll 1, :lg I". Ulubg Kappa Delta Plti. Junior Class Officers .l Lcxiill. U. Snlllll, Cum 4'rf: N, I. Carson Home Economics Juniors I. Carson, Cllri.-rtnplzrr. Jlmrlnr, A. Smiih, Rami, C. I'014'crs JI. Urniy, .-I. rlrlullns, JI. Granl, .lnlzuxunq V. Curtis, Ilillmun, UHLDIITCJI Vnsa, Ward, Puff!!! Yurko, Chllrclzill 1471 GENERAL JUNIORS DEPARTMENT .-.-fer' -nr' 4.1 rf ,nr : ' N Y X l x , v Q -0 E .- -ef - M ,,-X vm A av 1-.. f'N are .0 sl .-f sr as -,, , ar l43l Margaret Alexander Portland Warren Allbertl Portlzlurl Phyllis Alley Vilmllmveu Fanny Austin Farmington Norman Barrows Harmony Frederick Barro Dover- Foxcroft James Bates Auburn Norman Bernard Livermore Falls Bettina Blalsdell llungnr Florence Brackley Strong Elizabeth Brennan Portlnnnl Mary Briggs Canton William Brooks Augusta Miriam Buck Harrison Henry Cameron Houlton Rosemary Carden Wvillou Genevieve Clark Farmington Avis Colson Lucille Colburn lfurmington llzrmpden I'llglllllllLlS llda Corson Ilmlgdou Ronald Corkum Livermore Falls Wallace Cunningham llrownvillc Jul. Constance Cushing Freeport Mollie Davis South Paris llelene Decker Sou th Waterford Bernard DeCourcy Lora Doble Bl ilo Millinockel. Leslie Farnum Humforrl Barbara Frary Fa r mi nglo n IR " Asa Gordon fl-I Winn I I Barbara Grant . Scnrsporl. V Avis Hall el M ,if l,lvm'1xlox'0 Falls X Charlena Hayden Springvnlo J ua nl ta l-I olbrook Ply nmntlx Evangeline Julia lfnirliclcl Anthony Kawlaiche Clayton Keene Farmington Marjorie Knaidc Bangor 4Elmer Knowles ' Wilton Stanley Kus xvllllllfilfl Maurice LaP0inte Livcrlnorc Falls Rosemary Lawlor Snntlxwcsl I-lnrlmr Germaine Leclerc l.cwisl,on John Linscott, Jr. Eloise llodgdon Nonnl IJ:-smart Ruth llunnewcll Cnrnln n k Rn mfnrml Esther Ken nedy R ax ngcley 35 W 'sv ...f- Farmington Laurence Luce 3.37 Fllfllllllglllll Alma Mann Freeport Phyllis Mansfield lVnl.crvillu Frances Marriner J' .bk Belfast X I , George Maxim Blon nlou Lh Zilma Mcisner Farmington Louise Maskell A I Wzxslxhnrn Leona McFarlane Millinockcl , Robert Mercier Ru lnford '1- fy...- an AQ' 'HHH-'J l49l 'Ss Q...- gg ou M ,, 4 AP Lux , i . 'lfiif In ' x i' 52 .45 m 151 L fi! l50l Thornton Moore Pittsfield Florence Morrlssette South Paris Robert Mosley Bur Harbor Barbara Noyes Rumford Anita Oakes Farmington Virginia Plummer Lisbon Beatrice Pooler Skowhegnn Greta Rhodinlzer Livermore Falls Dawn Rldeout Robinson Priscilla Roberts Springvale Lawrence Rosebush Brownvillc Jet. Estelle Roy Jennie Runnels Clinton Hu mford Harriette Ryder Brownville Jct. J. Percy Sample Strong Virginia Smart Evelyn Smith Farmington Oakficld Gordon Smith Skowhcgan Margaret Smith Rumford Ellsworth Evelyn Stanley l"armingl.on Spencer A nsnn Helen Staples Patricia Stevens Portland Augusta Roger Stewart Bar Harbor Virginia Strickland Waterville Hilda Tozier Island Falls Mary Wheeler Phillips Katherine White Brewer Jesse L. Bartlett Alwilda B. Keef Marcelle I. Roy Wilton Vuncehuro Brownville Junction Phyllis M. Warren Ruth H. Woodbury lvatcrvillc Lovell Freshman Class Officers ll. Sunil, Jforin, Hrnersnn, Tillxull. JI 51 1' Fw? Lrftlu riglztalzuck row-Morin, Proctor, Chick, J. Roberts, Laflin, Norlon, M. Russell, K. lVhiLe, Tufts, Beeler. Beach, Elizabeth M. Bean, Masie S. Bean, Ruth A. Beeler, Elinore L. Boyd, Shirley E. Brown, Hele11 I. Buck, Elva A. Burbank, Eleanor R. Burns, Cecil E. Carle, Shirley A. Carroll, Helena T. thirzl row--Hatliawuy, Clough, lf. Stevens, lfrury, Collins, D. Clark, Giguere, Osborne, Pettingill, Dunham. srcunll row-Emerson, lliathieson, Prince, Litelilield, Hammond, Bl. Bean, Groves, Pond, llerry, Rowe. Chick, Alvena J. Clark, Dorothy C. Clark, E. lVIarie Clough, Elizabeth M. Collins, Laura M. Cooley, Edith L. Crombie, Jean R. Crommett, Hazel M. Deering, Jean H. Dill, Nathalie J. Dollolf, Dorothy E. fmt row-Hubbard, Letalien, Heureckson, E. Reed, Burbank, V. Roberts, Hutchins, Holman, A. Buck, Wallace. Dunham, Carolyn A. Edgerly, Ruth Rl. Emerson, Patricia. I. Foster, Robert E. Frary, Shirley E. Giberson, Evangeline E. Giguere, Martha M. Greenwood, Eileen Groves, Miriam E. Hammond, Margery Harris, Anna L. i52l Hatch, lvilma E. llullmway, Beatrice Hcnreckson, Miargar Holman, Aileen B. Hubbard, Helen E. Hutchins, Alena, N. Juclkins, A. Lorene Kilgore, Oakes Laflin, Natalie Mi. Letalien, Pauline V. Litchfield, Hazel IM. C Lowell, Howard H. F reshma Left lo rfglil-brick row-Vining, H. Scott, H. Lowell, Foster, E. Russell, Beach, Carroll, Prnll., lVliiI:tier, D. Stevens, Burns, Tale. lhird row!-Brown, Hula-ll, Gillcrson, Lufkin, Dolloll, lVl1itney, ll. Clark, V. Ryder, ll. Powers, Carle, llfeelmn, Swan. xuemul rnui-Jualkinw, Cooley, Shultz, Cromlsie, li. Bean, E. Greenwood, Perkins, Orlandini, lValkcr, Dill, Porter, Croinruett. first run'-flleering, Tillson, Blelfinnon, lloyd, l". Pnrsolls, B. Savage, Swett, Sherman, J. Stevens, Harris, Eclgerly, Rollins. Lufkin, Nlarllia Nl. B'liItlllCSOH, Susan K. McKinnon, Joyce li Nleellan, Barbara E. Merry, lVlary C. Morin, J. YVillrifl Norton, Virginia E. Orlanrlini, Rita F. Osborne, Blartha E. Parsons, Frances L. Perkins, Ruth A. lass Pettingill, Beryl E. Pond, Sylvia. L. l', .lean E. Powers, Ruth ll. Pratt, Charlotte C. Prince, Coralic li. Proctor, E. Reginald Reed, Elizabeth F. .Roberl.s, Julie ll. Roberts, Yirignia li. Rollins, Dorothy G. Rowe, lVla.rian E. Russell, Edith H. Russell, Margret L. Ryder, Janette E. Savage, Beryl M. Sllerma n, Priscilla lll. Spear, Hilda G. Stevens, Janet A. Stevens, Miriam E. Stultz, Lorraine J. Swan, fflmrlotie li. l53l Swett, Barbara E. Tate. Nofio J. Tillson, Leah M. Tufts, Rose E. Vining, Thomas F. lvilllifif, Althea lNI. lVa.llace, Clara E. VVl1ite, Kenneth L. lVhil.11ey, Helen E. lvliiltier, R. Stewart lYoll1aupLer, Carl S. Home Economics Sophomores j,.,mm,, Q: ' IN rf - 'QL Lk-V ,311 '4X3'Y:1', 15, D tv. , fn, if '- fxi-iff - Allen, Gnnlmrr, Goozlwin, JI. ll"l1i1c', Lau-rzrnce A. Jones, lV1l'L'077L, Cobb, Blackstone, Paclclml Craig, Gould, Krmull, Wnbbvr Home Economics Freshmen vw :LQ fn ' R, -A ,l . " g ,Z-,s,,,, ,,,. , A, ck-My ' ,iff ".. jT','-1 af 3.7-T Left lo right-back row-Bryant, Hill, Brewer, Berry, Wright, Lurvey. seco-ml row-MacNeill, Higgins, Dum, M. Rollins, Herrick, Sprague, Carleton. firatrow-Purkis, Snowman, Humphrey, Purinton, Leonard, York, Moulton. rn JS' X X' l NN, '40 WW .'J'X QC?-: M' 5'-. R gn sawn saw msgs B wmkw za? as msgs M W a ws as xx Epivwma Www un- x-wuweg- MLLTTX --.', 1..- 'ia . D' x Q 3 r,, 131' M M M fsmmifmnvwsif amxmmxmsx 89 Bs ss xmM a an ms I xx I vs .x. ss, m as fs E gm as 'fm sa -Q ann as 1 355 MW? uJ'?'!?A 1 my X, z - M Q Freedom of Speech When. fl person -is not m1,lz'rcly in nrvnrcl zvitlr wlmt .V0llL6lIILl' also believes, he -is at liberty Io rlzlffar a ml 0.12- prvss l11'.v own, 0 lI'lTl1.'l40lI,-S' i n, ll flunzocrutfr- uxsenllzly. So in our school, Xf'lldl'lllS may v:lvp1'u.vs th 1' ir opinions In P If 0 r cf u ny !1Y'01I1l H1 ny 11' ish . Student-Faculty Cooperative Government muml, lirelznick, Dum, G. S7Il'Il'l 'l58lv A DENIOCRATIC government is dehned as a government of the people, and by the people, and for the people. Our Student-Faculty Co-operative government carries out this principle both in its organization and its actual work. Last year the combined student and faculty assemblies felt the need for a revision of some of the articles of organization and a redistri- bution of committee work. It is the policies which were arrived at last year that form the basis for the present form of gorvernment. Voluntary committee membership has been proved to be a successful method, because with only those who are really interested in tl1e committees, tl1e activities have been more varied and have been received with more enthusiasm by the school. Those who were elected from the student body to guide our democratic government this year were: president, Dorothy Dowg first vice president, Gordon Smith: second vice president, Raymond B1-ennick and secretary, Donald Raymond. Dam, Gumlulc, Furuum, Kilgore, Moore, J. Dow, Barilett, Derry, Lrzflin Webber, D. Roll-ins, E. Greenwood, Womlbury, Wurrl, Ifeucharrl, Brennan, JI. Clark, Austin, Pond D. Dow, G. Smith, L'ren1rielc, Ruymoml T0 bring about a closer lll1l0l1 between the faculty assembly and the student body is the Senate in the Student-Faculty Govern- ment. It functions as a guiding body made up of two representatives from each division of the classes of the general course, and one member from each division of the Home Economics Department. Representing senior division one, are iNIar- jorie Goodale and James Dow, senior two, Shirley Curtis and Olin Robbins: senior three, Glennis Ridley and Barbara Derry, Junior o11e, Ruth Woodbury and Jessie Bartlett, junior two, Elizabeth Brennan and Leslie Farnumg junior three, Thornton Nloore and Fanny Austin: freshmen one, Sylvia Pond and Nlarie Clark: freshmen two, Dorothy Rollins and Frances Parsonsg freshmen three, Nathalie Lafiin and Oakes Kilgore: and the Home Economies department, Emily Bouch- i591- Senate ard, Frances Wlard, Fabyan Wlebber, and Annabel Dam. lVe feel that it is through the Senate that our democratic principles are exmplified in that the senate conveys the ideas of the small groups to the student body. Slzmzling-J. Dow, G. Smith, Brennick. Sr'r1IrzI4lzjfl lu riylllgllr. Dearborn, J. llurllcll, Nfiss Lockwood. l'l'illL'ipu.l Day, lf. Bouclizuwi, Miss Mentor, l7. Rziyniond. D. Dow. Student-Faculty Council CLOSER union between the Senate and the Faculty Assembly, and interpreting the jurisdiction of our Student-Faculty govern- ment are the objectives ol' the Student-Facul ty Council. The group meets informally with Emily Bouchard, president, and Dean Agnes Blan- tor, secretary, to clarify misunderstandings that arise among the students and in the Senate. Those constituting the group include the four otliccrs of the government, Dorothy Dow, Ray Brennick, Gordon Smith, Donald Raymond, three members elected from the Faculty assembly, Dean Agnes hlantor, Dean Helen Lockwood, Assistant Principal Errol Dearborn: four students chosen from the senatorial membership, James Dow of the senior class, Jessie Bartlett of the junior class, Sylvia Pond of the freshmen class, Emily Bouchard of the Home Economics Department: and Principal Lorey C. Day, ex-otlicio. This council, introduced into our Student Government last year, has proved to be worth- while in that it has offered constructive sug- gestions for the betterment of the group. l50l' Sf'lllU!l'll1flUVl'ifl1lf7RllSS Maries, Peeorelli, Mr, Preble, Mailmslielrl. Mrs, Munet 4. Smleri-Paixie, K. Powers, L. Scott, Adams, YV. Brooks. AS the constitution of our country provides trial by jury, the democratic government of our school oifers the right to its students to be heard in their own defense before a group known as the judiciary. Violations of school policies, which might tend to lower the standards of the school are the type ol' cases heard by this body. On the first and third lVIo11day of each month the body meets to hear and pass judge- ment upon cases referred to it by the presi- dent of the faculty assembly, a dean, the senate, the chairman of any committee, the matron of a dormitory or a house court. The members are appointed by the presi- dents of both the faculty and students as- semblies with approval of the faculty assembly and the senate. Those serving this year are Charles Preble, Charlotte ltleineeke and lhTZI1'gE1,l'Ct, Nfades of the faculty, and Harold Paine, VVilliam Brooks, Phyllis ltiansfield, Marie Pecorelli, Arlene Adams, Lewis Scott, and Catherine Powers of the student body. 1611 Judiciary 'uk .. ,JH , M . , M .E ' X ,V guggqj, N ,. , , . M 'M misfw , . M, an ,Wie-f,.:1-, Q -I 4. ,WE W K. ,- QM, wg, . . . WM,-M , M,'Q. .,,M, M. ,XJ L ,nik . My a . y 2 X M-'fM1.:Mfl?2g,fg1 'ns' X4 X L n , My I I fgqrfikiilifwfg fi, V fs: Z1 Y f -5. N1 ,MTL f3ig?5:ig42Mw1,sj Lx. K X R 1 T M -' M Mm--. v Megsbsvgw K-5, X ff W S 1 A, I , ,M A - L,-.81 v X W- M .zfggx.1LML " E M W M -'HI '. 549:21 My M 5 W' . ,.., Q ,Li ,. W ., Q - wfmma na as mvwsxmng E E H ass- 'm Eggs? 1 Q Q R M gm Q .59 ms? Q' ' 33235 :kt E A W E' Bgwai A U A Hgyshaf. M UW IM bw., B , S uimqsmy WV ef Zin?-ZH my all... M -f sw' 1 smqw w .Q 153' ' W? ,4' , X Mx, x gi - Q W ,Y 5? x fx f 31555477 -. V -5.-: ' .Av . we-Mmficgzbvm f immg W wx is ,E Q? -ass eg, E Haggwgn, 'Q E W M M.: Q. Aww. mmm 1-M-sau w , gn, 4 km ' an umm ummm .mx nk FL H .H . aw , ,ff-ww, H E ,. 5 Sw , we f wgsg an W F 1 r K ang ,. .v SAB :fri 'A A , ff: in 'UW nv W M f Y? 44 , A A kv . I fffgw -M 4 'jd 'ymfggw-ak' Ma Q E + U ' VX ' A x M M A -:V 'I 9 f W! f if 35" W I WM ff? M15 3 ' Q- if Q , A ,. W , : :Q ,J M . A 2 M .M M mf' W IX ? we ' kafwiim' if-53? 'ff X255 7: A 4? ,fxgi 1 .1 Si , A gm 1 if M25 Q2 M iz -2- 'E M W QQ ssl vf' ww in Freedom of Religion JI63 I .1I!'IlIlll'I'N Qf the .w'hvuI nw' 11'1'lr'm1zcn' by Lim c'o11grz'guiion.v Qf flu' l'!ll'l.UIl.Y rlzurnlzvx in, ilu' ffnnrznrllzfry rn p11rlir'ipiIr1lf' fn. tlzz' 1-I1 urr-I1 llf'ffl' 1'f1'1f.v. U' i I ll 1' Il H114 sf-howl , ilu' f 'll l'IA8fI'!IlI, .bl.n'xo1'1'u!ion, zz 11.0 n.-.wcr-- l!ll'I'IllI group, fl. f1"n rrl .v u rr, 0 p- pnrtzzlzily for all In sh H1 fir 1'r'lfg1'011.v r.l'pz'r z'1'rz,cz:.-: and irlealx. Lqfl In I'f!Illl+bfll'k ron'-Hammond, lVz1rd, Sprague. Churchill, .kKl2lIllS, Furnuin. YV. Brooks. Gordon. Bates, Hillman, Blackstone, Kangas, l. Corson, K. Yvhile, first row-M. Davis, L. Scott, Mr. Dearborn, llloore, Doble, Leavitt, G. Smith. Christian Association Deputations Agnes Smith, Asa Gordon Hospitality Arlene Adams Barbara Sprague Comm urnity Service Vllilliam Brooks, lllargery Hammond 1641 FiREEDOlVl of religion expresses itself in the Christian Association with all denominations working together. Religious work such as prospective teachers Inay be called upon to assist with has been offered by the Christian Association this year. The organization provides an opportunity for experience in conducting religious programs and participation in other community services such as deputation work. President Thornton lX'loore Vice Presiclcnt Charles Leavitt Secretary Lora Doble Treaswer Lewis Scott Co-Chairman of Commissions Religious Resources Leslie Farnum, Rita Churchill lllusic hlollie Davis, Barbara Blackstone Publicity Vieno Kangas, Elmer Knowles Social Katherine Wlhite, James Bates Peace Carlene Hillman, Ilda Corsen Social Action Frances lVa.rd, Leona Perry Lffl lo right-back row- llerry, lt. Powers, -l. Robe rts, Laflin, M. Buck, W. Brooks. G. Smith- Maxim, Proctor, Leavitt, Swett, D. Read, M. Clark, P. Lowell, Doble, Farrar, ltr. Roberts, Mr. Preble. lhirzl ran'- .vcconrl row- Itollins, K. Vvhite. jirxl mw- E. Russell, Pond, CONTINUING the outstanding perform- ances of last year, the C. A. Choir has contributed much by presenting music at its best as an inspiration for everyone. The Choir's presentation of H andel's "Bites- siah" added greatly to the Christmas festivi- ties, and will be remembered as a beautiful interpretation of that composition. In the school concerts the choir, clad in maroon robes, has appeared in many pro- grams together with other musical groups. Representative selections from the Fall con- cert. were Triumphal lIarch, from "Aida", by Verdi: Hail, All Hail, from "Carmen", by Bizet, and ltlikado Fantasie by Sullivan. At the Wlinter concert, featuring German and English music, the C. A. Choir gave their interpretation of English folk songs. One of Luce, Brenniek, Luke, P. Briggs, Roberts, Chilles, Pecorelli, G. Clark, D. H. Lowell, L. Scott. Rowe, ll. Stevens, M. Davis, Simpson, Miss Perkins, Dill. Hninphrary, Cooley, Hayden, .l. Greenwood, Julia, Sprague. Director, lilies Griffiths. l65l C. A. Choir these was "Drink To hte Only VVitl1 Thine Eyes," with Catharine Luke as soloist. "How Lovely Are The ltlessengers of Peace," from the Oratorio "Elijah" by ltlendclssohn was a fitting climax to the program. A sacred Cantata, "Hymnof Praise" by Blen- delssohn was appropriately given during the Lenten season. 'Mi 11W wWw'1F1ifff?'W-2sw111m111511111-1:11111 W C111 V w ' L ' Ag 1 0-1 ' rw' 'W ' 3 F . 1 . , 1 1 1 Y 11 -.' ' ,fs '-571-f 'L' -',:"f11' ' - - 1 . .1 .2 f ' . 1 , " ' " . .12 A A-151 "2 - 1,-. yi Q1 ' ' -V -,X L.,.,. ffm ,fl-fi -. -IVA-" 1 1 . 1111 "',. -q 1-.4 v? 1. , -,1.1.,f-5 ,, ',e-Q53-aizf.-ili -- .1 N3 2 xffrziiaff 2555: - 1, .- F 415132 A ' 1 QV QQ'Lip'5i-"' l Y" n- A --M it--Y ivlr Y 'T I' ' - n . n , - . .vii 11 A ' if :-F' 5 --f' .6 --v --..L -fe' '- -: 1' -1:-P'-w--1 ri- xm ,gr S.-f'qQ-1' ,.. ' -'- ' .,T. ' ...-4.:.- , ' ri . . .,-1.1 -2-fi. - . ., . Y. ,.. .-.Q-L :fa..N?ii'fkzs'f- Pe -'-'ilk fl:1i1:.'-,.1:.'.' g3:.:a':.::f:,1::,-' --' -4.5 :F-ir - - "' ' ' x ,,:,v,, Y- ,.'..I-, -3-Vw: ,f :ij-V1 ' 1: ,,. lfifffl- H ffT::E:'i:Q ,'.f',f-- , ' ' -1 ':-g- -. , 11..11......,- , ,. ,,,,. Y,.- , --. X , fi-ig Qth EJ L 4. ,,?-gh, ' . :V ..: - I 'f-vm - 4""" ,?,......1 -" ' . 1 .. 1"-"' .." 111 ji' ,HY "fm .1' 71' 'LZJUQE5' '11 77-'Z . ' 'Mez . E' A- . f ' x ff , ,,,,.. ..... -..MV .,,., R ' , x , 6 gf VX:54.Y:.W.4:-,ir LI-, ,, ,, .A ..-..f1.-,ug ,A -I nl . FW iii, ,- A ? 'f Y 1 :I 1 2' rn y M, :inf 1' x 5- .. .. , 'ff if H, NP fw' Q. '1f' 1 i , Q' 'V 1 ' 1 1 1 .c 1 1:1 tg A 11.55 V , 11, , W KW! 5 5- 'Trl .- 2142 g- Fi I. QT 1 11 1- if - 1 1' -1 'gy L- :,. 7 , 5 ,-gi 1 ,ti -4 gl- "WMV"- 'qigyf We 1 1 1 Q' - 51549:--, ' -fi xx- 1 , A . '- ' hair f,:--- 'V ' .,.. "9 ff' lj 'Sf ' 6.:f: .1 v 1- IT 1 ,. ' Q ' z. '21-2.51, L Y 41 1 W ft.. A "'... l ':'.I:I"'?"" 4 1 -1- 14 1 '1IC,:. 1- 1--x . J - N 1 . an . - - F 1 J . -, ,-vi Va n A ,,".,i in 3- --1 'W . ,TL 8: , Y 1 -L 1,-Ln Qin ... A . 1- -' 'fffjg-935 fzi' .5 ' - f ? " F " '- s,. 'L -1 ' ' ' 5' - T:-'G P fam?" ,, 1 ff 2-1- L . N V !:,',"'-.2 , . , -53534 " 'arg E.. 5 -.,-1 1 .il G? 4, 11 .1 , 'M .212 - - - 'A- -- Q ' V8.1 . Hi? Q C ' .Q -NA . w' I ' 1 . X 5 - . v t 'rf '1f1"'mv1111'1 Us 1 1 1 1, -Q .1 N-1 1 , ., .. .ff -.1-115' "ff cw- fa 1 5 ,w.wf1..:1.-gs,, my - 51 l 1 'F "'w"sC'1--'.-4,-f ,pm v 1. .. fr-1.1.1 - - -11-f V' 'P-.4 ' 1' 'M' " - Q f U- H.. .-ff 1q'T"" ' " fy- 1 1 N 1- - . 1 ...A N -A , f 1 . 'i"5."'Ty ' ? I K -9 -X., 1g -:QM -A 2' - ls M. Q , A 431 ' - W, N- 3- 1-1 Q L51 . K K Y -1 f m,,9,:gi1-11? fig , ' -Y, . 5 ." .. ' 4? A " 1 1 i111w-1,33-92 ,Q 1 1: 1, - 1- ,f 1 'NX - - '1 M- 1 1. ,xzggi-E5 A - M, 1 5, N , A M! ,X Q ri ,511 1.11??2f"-WWA ' 1 TP' ' ' l - -- H 11,111 ,1 4 111 , - if-1 1 -1' '11'- v 55 V Z. a fbi . 4 1 Q if 4 1- nf- as IA ' 1- -:1 ,Y 5' . -' :1 Q, 1 1- 1 -JM 531 - 1 Q-41,1 ' ' cf 1 , ' -f' -4- . , 'lwvk L , ff-D19-H1 119 1 - 1 H - 1 . -'- 'HBH'-g, H .. if :- ,gi - l-- 1 '- - . ,,. ,,,' -' " ' ' Y E , I .- A 53 -S-. w ' 1W,-.11.I:-3 i n 'iz -M 1? 13: , WS".-f -" ?"'?f-5:51. 1 11 - 5:59.-5-:fm-.' 1 , .-.L ..... 1":!m . --' - 4' 171' 1 .zfznimm w 9:1 -.3 ?- . 1. -1 1 ,"V!"' Q 'T " ' 1 1 , ,X ,1 - , -,Q 1 fl 1?"1fQs'.n 'ii'1-Wi-ii . , I Q- 1 s - 1 ir' ' -31 1 1 'F 1 -1 -.3 gf F fi -iw .11W' .I - ix. W r i H , 1 Ii 'Fig 5 1 1 1 ,, -A21 Q. ,L . ,1 2 . . 12 14 A . ri M Freedom of the Press UW? W ith flu' aid Qf 1111 111'i1'1'1'ly 'iIliUI'1?SIL'lI 111I1+1's12r u'lmz' ll co-worker, Sf1llll'lIlS 11111112 the prizvilagu of 1:.1:p1'cs.s'ing tlwir opinions Il 71 11 IL ll 1' 1' fill' oppor- tuniiy to r1f111l u1Lc1'11,- sored 111111151 of .s 1: IL 0 o I lIl'fil,'l1fiZ'S tlzrough the pllblivfltzfozz. of IL Sflliltflbf 1z1:11'xp11p1'r. rw NL Fwd All Ilelevate-Q Fhofeu to U N Y Confenenu: nn Xlml hc F S XJ S Mlrror Tim ' f 1,..X . vwuN.f.,x uf. u,w.n rm Mmiv Loves hah-n nu: n n.. .--n l'rif-AHL! Ay1'rS,HrIilfnr. UI A Il liffm--1-:lv-9 f I yu111asiuIu3F- S- 5. S- Teachers A r ., ..f.,. cl.-.1 . Champs W A -- f 'H' Lf, 1...-1.. Xe V 1 vw .,. .,.cw,.. .1.: N..nm ,Wm ,K .,4...wz -nf, ...N A .W-., .4 I .W-sv' 1: .. ...J em... x.-... ..-,Mr .-,,. A 4. 1 4 ,., .,, 1 .. , - 1 ...N ,,. , , 1. -..,,... . ,.,.,,. .., .., ....r-...., M.. , 1.1, . u..-.1 A. ...,.L.. ., ':-4--- ,. .,. n- 0. ,.,..,. W .' . ...x -H V H--r 1--3 f-'V-3-'A V-, ... ....M .. .. U. .,.. , v.,-.,. .-. ..y ...,.,... ... ' M. , ..,.,.. - ... , . .., q-...... .- .M 1-.. . , ... .A ww- 1 - - .M ,Q hum, I ,. .4 lm-N H-- 11 .. , , . ,X-.1 ,f . , -. M... ' .U vw . M-. ,. . J. . ...,., E-,.....,.. -. -.. ...LN .. W! ,.v V.. Ju.. .U ... ,.v H. r-1 . .,v1.,x, ...-..- I., .,,....,,., 'y .... A..:,.'h F L.. ,..- .AW N4 nw, ..-- L...-.-, M. - M 1 c.,.,, ,.- .. .vf,.1f, .. H.. ..,, .,.... Mmm 1. ,. .ma ,---.m- 1 Y W .H s.. .n..,.v,4 ..,-- um Q... .N rn... rv-. ' , ur.. :1m,. U.. N,-.W my-.4-. ,X,,,,f, xr, aww -mf I. B. " ' " uw.-fu x n uw 'W' " 'Ml'- . , , ..-W . .1 umm mvm .. uf, f .4 W a sn A W-.,u.., ,....-....-... ... M..,.. ... -H., 1--.. ...,,, . ....QL .... 4, o ,L s 1 4 --... I - 5 W.., Q 'Af fLSf'L'2'.."2'1'L.L"'L.." 'SST Wani.- ML.-U. lo l'l.n .u , , .... , .... ...,. N , 1. V A M... ,z ' 7.22: L1 .1,.'QL.2 WLZLQ "- U'-"f" 1, 3 V--' V'-W 1-fj'rq'j3'jy,f :mins 41441, 1-,,.,,.f. .. , ,1,J'Zf',' ..,.,.,..?.L.. Q ,,,,,,,., ,mm 12... u...,.v 4' v- 1- -- , N f ..--..-,. .-11.1-nn, - ,, ., . , .., ,, ' - -f Bn H ' :g,:,, 51' ' ' ' .. OP 4 Fifi, ' T2 ,. 4 1' , -..- N. ,...1, 4'-1 .. me .v , ,., , , PL. , I , - , , yu. U, -,nf f......f ,V Mirror tu Cjlrlnrulz- mm Mn or 'M-nn H W A V Anniversary .x. -1. .,. -.Af . ly - ., Q 1 x x -. :1.,,,:N7.aL.,..?':. ' -- -7 2 "'1.fZ,'LZ,Ii1 X ., .. ll ??I'f3""' , 2.11 31:91 ' Vfiffi' ' ' " li' H ..,,,f,,,,Ef' W '- - 5 v.. '.,..,,f,.,.A. ,, V- ., .i . 'L--I 'U gf 2, ,D M.- S ' N -L . .,., 'U 135.1 ' . . . , 1 M H I L . , . ' - x A -4- "-' '-1 1 -1 . I 1, I 3 A JI. Clark, lfllini, Slmprlrdson, Knowles, Bench,l3'arron, Rosebush, JI. Buck, Chick, Paine, Camarorz. Lin,.vcntt Boyd, D. Rnllins, Clough, Snowman, Ilutchins, Dfw, Carroll,Lufkin, Erlgcvomb, Lana, Rome, .Vo Kinnon Ayers, Stewart, Mr. Robarls, Boutiliar, J. Dow, Luce, Moore, Kuss, Calwell .. ..,..v, , nxnxuv mx nun Ju: un 1 A lnvilul In XI:-rrill Hull. Fvhruury 1'mmf,L- Clulf In llnlal In l!7n1ffr llfrniml fw, 11:..,..1 1.1 lfruuuring x...1 I-Ingliph Nh.. .mf B. 1 .1 1-....uf l'.,.ff.u G:-rmnn 'J hmm.: 1. ...1.,.... ..v..,Qg W ,-.. .s 1. ..f ra. yu.: rr...-.. -mf-swf'-'-' "4 '-- , , U , , .- ,, ,Av-.- ,. P... ,.f ,., ,wkWgi.,.1.!,. ... ..,.. N W' - 4 -4 fu ..-.. . -1 -- V " 'K ,,.,. - Q. mm., f,,..,,- uf - V '- :. W1 L, .M ,, A Y---1 I-. Iufwt mink ' y., M N... W.. ,. ,, ,v.yw,y,. .nf--1, ' 1. V., W....,,4wm,g,,.1 .xm-f . - .-.W M-.2 .qv-.,,1.r..v ,D , ,. KW pm. -W ...1 '. .14 -,J . W wma -, I... 2, . 1. -1-f, "-" ' "Sa " "5 .-...N M.-ffw1r,lf.A. W. -1 1- -'- fm M... .. .f. - 41, um..-fq,.d 1- - .1.. 1' I , ..,. ..-. .1 ,, ,,,, ,im ,WM mf " '-' "H ' U ' -- X1 . .- .0 1-I - '-' . 1- ww -4 -- .-f 1. ,.,-..,-',- .., 1..- ... 1-..... ...W - 1 .., L. .un 1.-. "". -.51 L ,SZ .v-.L...., ..,. -,. nn- ..--I mm . v. ,... rw, .. L. WV. .M -... ... .-.-. .iff N . E.. ... . .... ..-...f kwa .1 H. -NJ . 'V ,.v1.f...1. ..-.,,-. v.. 9. naw. rm. ..1... r...,.:-,. 1.:. .4 :wwf 1... . 1 wg. .A .1 . ..n...f-.,..1.g 5. ... ... -,... .M ... , ff.. .., 1. .. . M., ...X -my-1 -.W H -1.-,mv ,W- -mf .........w,.,-W.-.. -w ,......-.1-.r,...' x-, 1--Q. um. :...-m,4nmrfs..a1.-usg-f Q , , ,.............., M....+4......w.v.. Clam-.4-A Hn' Cmxxrlxilrvt' -A. M... r, n., .hm M... ,. .,.. u.,.v. - .- . ..-L.. .51 .,. 1- : M.. .4 mv, ., vu .X . ,,,,,, ,. ,.-,...r.:..,..g.x,4g..1yf: . rm-fy f.--V., rl- M...1.. A ,... N. ...WM Ain hw.: NIL nr 1--:lu rprntn ... ..-... U.. .1 -M-... pw. ... -.. .,,..,,,, .1 an Lu. mm. mr. as-,..4 , . .Q an vm fl: A .-.W-. .Wm ,-A ' hibvug I llhn 5 - .u ......fra , mm mw- , -mm...-,- .- -n-v-- 1. ll hi r nm-.N r..-Q. :... .una .-Um N 0---.enum -.-w w hmm -rs. s.--. w.. W. F.-1.--1. 1. -a. ,,...,- ... 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U , -, , ,M Hb.. I,- . ,QL ,.. ,Hr ,.. ,. , .,. -, :M-1 1, ... uw 1 .,... .., ...., w.. . , -.-, , -..1 i . - ,xx :gQ::1v':.:.r. .W WW 4,.....,, .. . .. Wm J 1- 1 M... .,.. ,M J,-. Mun.-. , nu, .f -em-un.: .. -Mm mv 1.1, when M-.. ,f.,,,m ,mu m n r.,.1m.f.. Dm u... , liflu an I-'nr Mil ff , Editorial Board Mirror Editor'-'in-Clziqf James Dow Business Illanager Emily Bouchard Man aging Editor Alumni Editor Wonie1i'.s Sports MerL's Sports H eadl-zfn e Ufriters Lawrence Luce Edith Brooks Ruth Elliot Harold Paine Barbara Colwell Roger Stewart Contributing Editors Home Economics Virginia Shepardson Looking Around Column, Henry Cameron Eff-En-Escapades John Linscott, Jr. Sorority Column lNIiriam Buck Business Staff Advertising M anageer Stanley Kus Ass't Aclvertisirzg M anager Phyllis Allyn Thornton lNIoore Janet Doe John Linscott, Jr, Mllriel Maloney lX'l.a1'garet Russell Ma1'garet Grindle lWrs. Stella Dakin Gwilym Roberts Circulation. Manager Exchange M anager Stag? Photographer Typists Faculty Advisers Star Reporters Barbara Colwell Priscilla Ayers FREEDONI of the press, a privilege early established in this country, is still realized here by student publica.tions. Through the Mirror which is primarily a student news organ, members of the school are allowed to express their opinions. It is written and distributed by the students to the students. The M -irror, a monthly publication attempting to record and interpret all phases of school life, brings to the students educational, satirical, informational and humorous ma- terial. One of the outstanding affairs for the lllirror staff this year was a banquet in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the publication of the M'irror. The staff enjoyed having among its guests on this occasion Principal Emeritus Mallett who, since the establishment of the lllirror, ha.s been an ardent supporter of it. Others were Principal Dayg lVlrs. Dakin, faculty adviser and lilr. Roberts who acts as adviser in the absence of lilrs. Dakin. 1691 I , ,yu mb 0 -nw v w N, r w L A pw W L : E - uw -. . - 1 J- E ,, I' 19 L pw Q ly ,Jill , 5-W Pfflzl N f . 2 : ' 3 5? 1: , , X , 11- wr , f , ff .4 'X w ' V' 'w 5 T391 -. '11 ' N :4.3i'. .JS-af' R 3' "4 519' 3 1 ' A w, ' ' N ,-Qs' f Year Book Editors Editor- in-Clziejf Organfizations A ctifrities I'V0'l7Z,07LYS A tlzletics lVIe11.'s A tlzletics H mne Econ omfics Priscilla Ayers Edith Brooks hlollie Davis Claire Greenleaf James Dow Barbara Colwell Ruth Elliot Assistants Elizabeth Brennan Barbara Blackstone Harold Paine Barbara Snowman Evangeline Julia Elmer Knowles Business Staif Business illavz agar A dzvertfisin g M cz n cz gear Circulation Staff Plzotographcr Plzotograplzy Faculty A rlrisers Emily Bouchard Donald Raymond Catherine Luke John Linscott, Jr. Barbara Robbins Bliss Ruth Somers hlrs. Stella G. Dalcin Typ-isis lilarie Clark Frances Parsons Nluriel Maloney Assistants Lawrence Rosebush Marilyn Chilles llargery Hammond Germaine LeClerc Henry Cameron ACCURACY and the democratic idea.l of freedom of experience in recording the ac- tivities of the school has been the goal of the staff in compiling this edition of the Effesse- ness. To give a representative picture of a school Where democracy still reigns, the edi- tors enlisted the efforts of all organiza- tions and individuals. The staff hopes that this edition of the 1QffCSS07l6-9-S' will give to the students many hours of pleasure as well as thoughtful reflection on the freedom enjoyed in America today. w ..,-4 14 R ' 732 cl " '1 73 Q- , ri ,fy 3s .. ...N ,, ug S' -N 'Q - 1 NNN K ' "" ' -ffir-5:3 .,. M'-" - ' 'V . - ' ' A.. . ' "1 '- 'Pg V . Y QQ xx A WN " fs -. X--.QA- ' , :ii-k-5 Z A 'J "- x ' vkhhsz - 5- - , H... - -P- QI-eg -Il QQ Q? WL il- N' Laik- ' F N112 - 'H' Mx' ' U .M Qlwiti X M'-1 , ' VV I 'T . "HEi3 " .. ' :A,. Q V ,A . ' - ' '- ,, 5 P 5 .UQ-T., in ' M ug i n 5159! W' w My -S -2215 I" , , A'1 ., -' ' . -'f ff If ,. - g .'., P - - P 1. " J : .. I Y 6? , H i 952- if 'P , A .Qii ' V if d if if h M . . 1 I , 4 W 4 I' sf' H . 2, ,Q A' "! - swf ., 68 i gm 4' if " Right of Assembly 4731 To satisfy zz large group, flCf'li1?1.l1'US must bc l1llI'l?l?I1'i7L order to provide any inlaras-t for each, sturlcfm. Thus in. our rlvmncratic .v If lz n 0 I , sizulevzis are allowed to us- svlllblc' them- svlzw.-: into H1 4' I y pa of group 'zvlziwlz sut'i.vf1'r'.v N their necrlx and 'intc1'1'szs. L. McFarlane, R. Powers, D. Clark, M. Clark, K. Powers, Knuidc, J. Rnbffrts, Hideout, Alrmzmlcr, Curtis, Slaplus. Giguerc Jlcclzun, Briggs, Read, DHGU11, Yurko, illFfl!lL'l', Blackstone, KUILHIIS, C'l1ilIes, P. Stevens, J. Hyder, D. Dow Sherman, illuloncy, IIammonLI,E. Recd, Porlvr, Smart Julia, Slurtvvant, Luke, Le'Cle1-c Lambda Epsilon Sorority LAST September Lambda Epsilon Sorority enthusiastically began its eleventh year. The sorority was under the leadership of President Elizabeth Sturtevant. The other officers were vice president, Catherine Lukeg secretary, Evangeline Juliag treasurer, Germaine Le- clere, and Pan Hellenic members, Elizabeth Sturtevant, Virginia Smart, and lwarilyn Chilles. Rush parties for prospective mem- bers included a treasure hunt and a formal dinner party. Variety marked Lambda Epsilon's social eventsg among these were a dessert-coFfee for the freshmen and Tea dances before the Holiday Dance and the B Hop. The outstanding social event of the Lamb- da's program was the Cabaret, with the unusual theme "Penthouse," This year the floor show was original in that it was pre- sented by students from school rather than outside talent. Service to others was emphasized by a ehildren's Hallowe'en party, the distribution of Christmas boxes and the making of layettes for the American Red Cross. Lambda Epsilon strives for a goal of good fellowship, service to others and the de- velopment of fine cl1aracte1'. l74l T fflii iiu M. 'i':':iem 4-ll 4 p Chrislnyrlmr, ffuslziny, E. Parsons, M. Smilh, G. Clark, flyers, lf. Robbins, D. While, Prichard, Slnlfz Umphrey, .lliss Coz, Newcomb, Iluyurs, Goorlulc, Strielclaml, Jlaslcvll, lflliut xll. ilIneFarlrme, Greenleaf, Harris, Savage, Brennan Phi Mu Sigma PHI BTU SIGTWA Sorority has had during the past year one of its most successful sea- sons sinee it was founded in 1929. It is the aim and purpose of Phi Mu Sigma to uphold and keep its ideals of purity, merit, and service. The offices of this sorority have been ably filled by Elizabeth Brennan, president, Doro- thy Yvhite, vice presidentg Claire Greenleaf, secretary and Marjorie Goodale, treasurer, and Pan-Hellenic members Elizabeth Bren- nan, Dorothy VVhite, and Dlarjorie Goodale. A spirit of fun and friendliness marked the l75l first rush party, a supper at Clearwater, while the true meaning, aim, and ideals of this sorority were conveyed to the rushees at an informal luneheon. Friendships among mem- bers were strengthened at outdoor breakfasts and informal parties and danees. To carry out the sorority's ideals of service, Phi Mu Sigma has enjoyed an interesting program of knitting for the Red Cross, send- ing Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas boxes to worthy families. The season's events closed with a banquet for the senior members and Alumni. D. Hollins, Mnrrincr, Ilufchins, M. Davis, Cooley, JI. Buck, Juxlin, Clnuylz, Cushman, Ilozlgdau Lawlor, Swan, Emerszm, Pond, V, Robcrlx, K. While Pecorcll-i, Snow, M. Roberta, Pettingill, A. Reed. Dzmlmui, Mansfield. Sawyrr, Grant, Derry, S. Curtis Merry, Ezlgerly, Doble, Hubbard Phi Nu Omega SORORITIES were begun by the Phi Nu Omegas in 1925. The object of this sorority has always been to uphold the standards of scholarship, citizenship, sportsmanship, and service to friends, the school and the com- munity. For thc second year, the sorority continued its new custom of informally intro- ducing the freshmen to the faculty and upper- classmen, by sponsoring a Freshmen Choco- late. One of the outstanding events was a one-act play and dance. Other activities in- cluded the all important rush parties, picnics, dances, and informal social gatherings. Aside from the social angle, Phi Nu Omega has upheld its ideals of service by contribut- ing to the Red Cross, Thanksgiving baskets, hospital work and Christmas stockings. The officers for this year were president. Shirley hi. Curtisg' vice president, hlargaret Houghton: secretary, Arlene Reed, treasurer, lvliriam Buck: Pan Hellenic members, Shirley Curtis, liiargaret Houghton, and itfollie Davis. Phi Nu Omega culminated its successful year by a tribute to the seniors by giving the Senior-Faculty Tea. It is thc sincere desire of each member to see the sorority continue to uphold its deals of service and friendship. i76l Inf! fo right-lzuvlr ruu'-Kilgore, J. Dow, Gillis, VVitham, Rosehush, Vining, True. fourlh rrvur-Farnuxn, Graham, TV. Brooks, H. Scott, K. Tvhite, Knowles, Hawkens, Raymond. lhird rmr4Aliherti, Proctor, Mr. Roberts, Bartu, Barron, Corkum, Gordon sccnnrl row-Morin. LaPointe. Paine, Cameron, Mercier, Jordon. firsi rou'iDcCnurey, L. SL-ott,Cunuingham, Brcnniek. G. Smith, Nfoorc, Leavitt. Kappa Delta Phi ENTERING its twelfth year with Raymond Brennick as president, Zeta Chapter of Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity admitted into its membership eight new members. The other officers who aided in directing the affairs of the fraternity house were Gordon Smith, vice president: Thornton lNIoore, treasurer: and Lewis Scott, secretary. The main purposes of this fraternity are to encourage a11d promote friendship and good fellowship not only in school but in the community as well. V171- In endeavoring to carry out its aims the fraternity has sponsored many social events and has generously contributed to charity. Among the important contributions was the sponsoring of the annual basketball tourna- ment for the grammar schools of nearby towns, which proved to be a great success. The most outstanding event of Kappa Delta Phils program was Fraternity Vileek. This included a Nliother's Day Program, fraternity elections, and the annual banquet and dance which successfully clirnaxed the activities of the year. ,I. Aflunzx, Gardner, Ferry, Coll, lVcl:bcr, Miss Qursxy, Carlefnn, Shcpurdsnu, Iilnelrxtalze, Doc Home Economics Club UNDER the guidance of President Arlene Adams assisted by Vice President Janet Doe, Secretary Fabyan Webber, Treasurer Helen I. Cobb, Social Chairman Barbara Blackstone, Program Chairman Leona Perry, Social Wiel- fare Chairman Virginia Shepardson, and Publicity Chairman Helen Carleton the Home Economies Club has completed a pro- gram ol' service to all. Programs of the year have included round table discussions conducted by the seniors who trained, reports ol' the Boston field trip by representatives of the Junior Class, talks by graduates of their teaching experiences, a 4I78l Valentine party, and other social activities. Miss Marcella Shapiro, a county welfare worker, and hlrs. Harold Titeomb, formerly of England, furnished inspiration to the girls as they told of need in their respective work and countries. To further exemplify service a knitting project for British lvar Relief was enthusiastically carried out early in the year. A generous supply of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for thc needy were dis- tributed at the holidays as another act of service to complete the worthwhile program of the year. I. Vorxrnl. lf, l'ollruru. llnlcfzinx, Deakin, illrrry, Maxim, Vase Smweer, f.'ueI1'!l. Slrwnrrl. Grunt, .llixx QuexSJl, lfirllcy, Tozfcr, Lcrlvfll Teachers Science Association TO those who possess an interest. in science the Teachers Science Association offers splen- did opportunities. The aim of the Associa- tion is to acquaint the students with the physical sciences and their usefulness in the elementary school. hluch valuable material has been brought. to the students by speakers who discussed such subjects as Growth of Science in the School, and Visual Education. Among those who have spoken to the group are Principal Emeritus Wiilbert. G. Mallett, Principal Lorey C. Day, Richard Gould. Charles Preble and L. Joseph Roy. The officers of the club are as follows: 4791 president, Charles Leavittg vice president, Roger Stewart: and secretary and treasurer, Glennis Ridley. Those on the Senior Council are Eva Colburn, Alice Johnson, George Niaxim, Irma Corson and Hilda Tozier. The faculty advisers are L. Joseph Roy, Charles Preble and Miss Caroline Quessy. The members working in groups study that part of science which interests them most. One of the most. interesting affairs of the club this year was a trip to Lewiston to see the science exhibit at Bates College. A broader concept of the physical sciences is gained by those who are associated with the Teachers Science Association. 1 Grirulle, I Iumnwr, l,'nrlz'lon, Kzrzj, Mr- Kilumn, Sllfllyllf, lfllllilmlff, llruclrly, Pac-oruIli,1?r1'yg.v, lloyd, Dr-cl:4'r, llI3f1C'lI, .llisx Snnzcrs, Carroll, .-l. lirouks, mul Carden, not in piciure Early, Mr. .llullffl Modern Authors Club ACQlfAINT.-XNCE with contemporary liter- ature of a lasting quality is the aim of the members of Nlodern Authors Club. To those having an interest in literature this club oH'ers rich opportunities. At the bi-monthly meet- ings book reviews and talks have been given by guest speakers among whom have been several members of the faculty. The people chosen to direct the functions of the club this year have been president, Wlilliam Earlyg vice president, Rosemary Carden: secretary, Helene Decker: and treasurer, ltlaric Pecor- ISO? elli. Prcceding the Christmas holidays a display and sale of books for bot.h children and adults was conducted in Nlerrill Hall under the di- rection of Florence Brackley. This year the outstanding exhibit was one featuring inex- pensive books for children. liany of the students availed themselves of this oppor- tunity to acquire these books for use in unit teaching. Several outstanding books were purchased by the club and have been pre- sented to the school library. Cushmrm, Uvlzplzruy Ilantmmulx, L. Colburn, Pnalcarll, Wright, Cushing, llayncs, ,llamgfield Grindlc, D. Clark, Tillsou., Julia, Boulilivr Women's Athletic Association AS everyone shows patriotism to his country, so can every woman show loyalty to her school by participation in the wholesome recreation provided by the VVomen's Athletic Associa- tion. Under the thoughtful guidance of hfrs. lllary Tilton and able leadership of President Aileen Boutilier, Vice President Germaine Leclerc, and Secretary-Treasurer Alberta Haynes, the VVomen's A. A. is one ol' the largest and friendliest organizations of the school. ISI Two of the major features of the XVomen's A. A. program which show the spirit of help- fulness were the demonstration of women's basketball rules by Bliss Alice Richardson and the play day for high school representa- tives. Other activities sponsored were skat- ing parties, hikes, and tournaments in the various sports. New sports introduced this year were soft- ball as a major sport and bowling for en- joyment. l 'f Cllhlllillghlllll, llosebush, Il Hmm, Knowles, Jlr. R011 1VIen's Athletic Association VVITH a larger allotment from the Student Activities fee the lNIen's A. A. headed by President Ira Witham has been able to build up a schedule of varied sports. It is the desire of this group to offer a program of sports, free to all who would build strong bodies and lasting friendships. President Wfitham and athletic director L. Joseph Roy were assisted in arranging the associations program by vice president Elmer Knowles, secretary Wlallace Cunningham, and treas- urer Lawrence Rosebush. Following the success of the Cross Country in the fall and the basket-ball teams in the winter, the organization in the spring spon- sored a schedule of meets for the track team. H521- The track team competed in three meets, two of which were New England Conference contests. The first was a tri-meet with Rhode Island and Gorham. Then on iNIay twenty-fourth the team traveled to the New England meet. at New Britain to defend their championship. The loss of Coach Dr. James Reed, who is studying at Harvard was the greatest set- back suHered by the lVIen's A. A. this year. Dr. Reed has made a most enviable record for himself as a coach. VVhile it is difhcult to predict the future of the Mfen's A. A. because of the decrease ill number of men in our school, a challenge is offered. i V l I I r l 1 l 1 1 4 Moseley, ltu.veh11.rll, Lcrwilt, Gilles, Cunninglzam, J. Dow, L. Snot! ff'l'lIlll'7'UYL, True, lfillmm, Paine, 1lIcrr7iur,Gruham MGHBS F Club BIEMBERST-III' in the Nlen's F Club is achieved by being awarded a letter in mcn's intercollegiate athletic activities. The or- ganization symbolizes the right ancl privilege of every num to participate in those fields of athletics which are of his choice. The mem- ber's sport interest is distinguished by the type of letter worn by the individual. The block F is worn by those members who have participaterl i11 our ever-popular varsity basket ball. Nfembers of the cross country team, who haul ai. very successful year, are privileged to Wear the script letter F and the olrl English letter F is worn by members ol' i831 the track team. The members of the F Club eo-operate with the athletic clireetor L. Joseph Roy in carrying out the year's athletic pro- gram. Members Henry Cameron Robert lVIosley lVallace Cunningham Harold Paine James Dow Herbert Gillis Donnell G1'2l1llH1Yl Elmer Knowles Charles Leavitt C. Robert lllercier Lawrence Rosebush Gordon True Ira Witham Charles Alvino Lewis Scott I ,., ...runs . . 7 1 , ' . V,.. "7 'W-Vt .N -gfga gf ,M M gin- Wh, r' ri fsceefff-.5 - , i ,, R ' wfgfsfgfw Ifil iii, , si 3-MI Bremziclc, Curlis, Early, LcCIvrc Fast-Teco Outing Club FREEDOM: to enjoy out-of-door activities is a. privilege brought to the members of the school by the Fast-Teco Outing Club. VVith the coming of the freshmen, the Out- ing Club issued an invitation to be guests at an all day outing at the Outing Club Camp at Clearwater. ltlany activities such as a barn dance, mountain climbing, hikes, a sugaring-off party and a treasure hunt have constituted a busy year. These many activities were carried out under the fine leadership of the president, i341 Raymond Brennick, and the other officers, vice president, Germaine Lcclercg secretary, Shirley Curtisg and treasurer, YVilliam Earley. One of the functions sponsored by this group and looked forward to enthusiastically was the XN'inter Carnival. After a day of Winter sports the King and Queen of the Carnival were crowned in the gymnasium. Elected by popular vote of the school, Bettina Bleader and Ira Wlitham, Jr. were the King and Queen of the Carnival. To climax a most successful year came the week-end outing at Roxbury Pond, Norway. D. Clnrh, .lffIll'h'N'f0I!t', Iluufkenx, Brennan G. Smilh. I. Carson, Julia Conferences BOSTON CONFERENCE November and a.gain delegates from Farmington State Normal School, became active participators in the New England '1'eacher's Preparation Association Conference. Various problems concerning student governments were discussed between our delegates and those from other schools. Dorothy Clark, Barbara Blackstone, Munroe Ilawkens and Elizabeth Brennan brought back many helpful suggestions for our government and reported to other conferences the ways in which our Student-Faculty Government functions. Elizabeth Brennan, one of the delegates lcd a panel discussion on "How Student Officials Aid in Democratic Government." A brief outline of the opportunities for student otticials in our school was dis- cussed. Dean Agues P. hlantor and IVIrs. Stella G. Dakin attended meetings which stressed their particular work. It was felt that improvements were considered which were applicable to our school. t85l NEW YORK CONFERENCE "To promote acquaintance and common understanding among student and teachers group for the enrichment of their common life" was the democratic theme of the New York Conference. Interesting lectures, panel discussions, and sectional meetings considered demoeratizing the college community through faculty-student co-operation, a suit- able eollege curriculum for 'professional colleges for teachers in view of changing conditions, why there should be student co-operative associations in professional schools for teachers, and many other worthwhile and significant themes. Those attending the conference were Evangeline Julia, llda Corson, Laurence Luce, and Gordon Smith of the Junior Class and Ml'S. Mary E. Tilton and Erroll Dear- born of the faculty. Q- - ...L . M, 4151 4 1 "':,:j'j . Q 5 : , f 'A.,,QN1'xN'-f'.i 5 w W E V.f'f,j ' Q -5255, .,s Q" 'ff . 4 A ,1 I -. F g K W , . y 4 9 ! -l ,Q V : , , V -.-,nw V V --V , . - ' H 'N-.LXR -Lx K --X- . --N-, .---. T- 'Sh Q 13-i- Q ,,3u'i. ' 'I 1 '?- L 'if 4 . 4 4 .va ,..., n -.-4 Ffa -1- rug,-.:4 f V! :'.' '4 , xg' Y, 'Er I ,H X ww-1 M ,, mm. M, ' M "M J. w X s ' '--p..l,f"7f, X L 1 -4.5 A f?iisy'- 1 MW. ' K .L --.... --.. 'r- .L ff . an ' A '-' ,X .. , .Z WH-2 WL! , pri, , 5 'xx 5, ,uf 4. ...., A . . w - Yi-I " iszkl ' 2 -fffffif 1-,.. :a"'l . ig, ew: 1 2- -"ff '-'Q3.'f"LTc' ' A 'k ir. e ga .hug .' an 1 - , Lg, . i x,, . 5. ' "REQ, :-s.frQ,Qf- w -.,, M. J . , x vi, .. 4 11.-, , 1 Fm-nw - A. Q 1 , . 7 Q T Mm r v B1-as gn ' s R 'un 1. -9' 451 idigqg ,zu W. V5 .ij -X! 'M' ywnq M 'i L Freedom of Activity Stivnulating rlctzfzvity for both mimi u-ml body is provider! by fzflztcrastirzg and 'well-pZan11,e1l programs of II'1L0lU.S'O'IILU recrcatzfo 11. u 11.11 1111, up- preczfatinn Qf the qzuzliticnv of loader- sh i p. Such llf'fI.l'l.t'il5.Y as tlmxz' afford students o pporL1n1,z't1'c'.v I 0 I 1' zz T u lhrough play. varied groups lvllivll. j'urnwish Lzf! to riylzl-buck row-D. Rollins, Sprague, L. Scott, Hayden, J. Green wood, Julia, Brennick, ilforin. xv:-nrul row-Hall, H. Lowell, Humphrey, Strickland, Barron, li. Russell, P. Roberts. fmnl Fill!"-'PlIllill2llI1, M. Stevens, Simpson, II. Ryder, Dill, Pond, Director Miss Griliillis, Cooley. Orchestra ENCOURAGING co-operation on the part of student musicians and promoting an interest in orchestra music are aims of the school orchestra. Directed at weekly rehears- als by Bliss Ruth Griffiths, this group have been successful in its attempts to give enjoy- ment and an appreciation of fine music at the various recitals of the year. Groups from the orchestra have at many times provided music for special school functions, such as for Plays and Players. At the first concert of the year made up of music from the opera, among the contributions 'ISSIH of the orchestra were "Dance of the Hours" by Ponchielli and "lN'Iarch from Tannhauser" by VVagner. Christmas week the orchestra helped with the holiday music in a chapel program, playing two selections from the "Nutcracker Suite" by Tchaikousky, and Schubert's "Ave Maria". Hungarian Dances No's. 3 and 6 by Brahms and Pomp and Circumstance by Elgar, popular English and German selections were enjoyed at a later concert. -Spinney, Hayden. D. Stevens, J. Roberts, Plummer, Beach, Oakes, Ridley, M. Buck, Alexand Lcjf lu ftflllf-l1lll'L' ron' lhird raw er. Laflin, Derry, Curtis, Nichels. -Briggs, I-I. Ryder, lluliay, Purinton, P. Lowell, Collins, R. Powers M. Clark, Sprague, E. Roy, Brennan, Woodbury, F. Parsons. fhfuskcll, E. Reed, M. lllclfnrlane, Doble, C. Robbins, Tillson, Volz, Pond, Kangas, Chillcs, K. VVhite, P. Roberts, Walker. jim! row-Pecorelli, M. Roy, B. Savage, D. Rollins, Swett, Sa wy Brackley, YVcbber, A. Reed, L. hlelfarlatne. awroml ron' I' ia 71 is! - Blackstone, Director, Miss er, Porter, Boyd Griffiths. Women's Glee Club THE lVomen's Glee Club, the largest musical group in the school, has generously done its part in adding to the beauty and enjoyment of chapel programs and concerts. After presenting music of the modern com- posers, Victor Herbert and Rudolph Friml in the first part ol tl1e program of music from the operas held in November, the Glee Club turned to Sir Arthur Sullivan for Cachuca and Finale from "The Gondoliersn. The Prayer from "Hansel and Gretel" by Humper- dinek concluded their part in the program. At the last chapel of Christmas week, In Bethlehem, a cantata by Richard Kountz i891 was presented. As its part in the concert of English and German music, the Glee Club sang The Sua- bian Folk Seng, "In Silent Night," "hIedita- tion," an arrangement of the Bach-Gounod "Ave lNIaria" and "Tomorrow" by Richard Strauss were among the several numbers presented. One cf the contributing features of this concert Was the violin obligato played by Phyllis Simpson. These concerts, which are made possible by long hours of rehearsal under the direction of bliss Ruth Griffiths, add much to the school and community life and are appreciated by all. J .s. N' z 1. f 'xl f X 1 A-.1 ' L ,J br ,Q hx Xu -AW 1 , -. 1' 5? 1, wi 1 H - '1351M"Qxxw 1 Y , 'V '!f'5-QiQ5f?f?!,H1, H' if if Q V x- fn .. , A If - I M QE., . .1 A" X, - r is I LE, .4 H ' inf' "X, J!" ,Hia nm- "1 .ay M LH, , J5.: "zgif',2'f2V by '33 ,. . 5 r-NX V - ' A W. ' , X Q V A 7 Jw X ' XNQWH, - '-QPQ 'Ywfi Wie., Q , 'L 'V 'fizfz' 5 I: Iiucl: Rnn-, Irjfl ln riyhi: .lnr4lun. ll"hi1l'. lfurrnn. linymnml. IV. liruuhzy, Jlonrr, G. Smith, .lIu.rim, Deakin, J. Daveliporl Third Row: lf. lfulrlrhzs, Mrs. illz'i1lz'r'L'e, f'l1 urelzfll, lfffIllfA1j,H01l!'hlIl'1l, Ruud, J. Rnlwrfx, Rnllins, Lure. Linsn-oil, Barley Srronll If0l1'fBI'f'llIliC'A', Knngns, lVrulc, IC. Rolf. Slmirnmn. Clouglz, Peeorrlli. C. Puzrers. Derry Fran! Half: I". f.'ur1z'.'f, lilziirrlrll. Luke. D, Dun' Plays and Players DRABIATICS, under the capable leadership ol' President Verna Read, has become an out- standing activity in this school. This group includes among its members those students especially interested in acting or other phases of play production. To wear a Plays and Players key, which is given as a reward for participation in productions ol' the group, is the ambition of each member. Nliss Read had as assistants Lawrence Luce, Wlilliam 4911 Earley and Robert Deakin, vice president, secretary, and treasurer respectively. Mrs. Charlotte D. Nleinecke has been the club adviser. Plays by British authors were selected as two major productions, Pride and Prejzulice by Jane Austen and The Truth About Blaycls by A. A. Nlilne. Plays and Players com- pleted their successful year with the effective staging ol' Thornton lVilder's Um' Town. M r. Benn et Hill M rs. Bennet Lacly Lucas Cflzarlotte Lucas Jane Bennet Elizabeth Bennet Lyclia Bennet Darcy Bingley Collins A melia lV'lClEll!l77L Pride and Prejudice Lawrence Wfaite Wlilliam Earley, Jr. Elizabeth Clough Elizabeth Herrick llarie Clark Virginia Curtis Barbara Robbins Beth Reed John Linscott, J r. lvilliam Brooks, Jr. Laurence Luce hlarilyn Chilles William Barron, Jr. Belincla Amanda A Young lllan. lllr. Denny Wliss Bingley A gatha Seconcl Young lllan ,fl M ai rl Maggie Nlrs. Garcl'zfner Lady Catherine F itzwillianz Nlrs. Lake i921 Glenys Gould Ruth Powers Wilfred Nlorin Thomas Vining Catherine Luke Betty Meaclei' Lawrence Rosebush Evangeline Julia llflargery Hammoncl Verna Reed Claire Greenleaf George lllaxirn Wilma Hatch Stage lllanager Dr. Gibbs Joe Cro-well Howie Newsome lllrs. Gibbs lVIrs. Webb George Gibbs Rebecca Gibbs W' ally Webb Emily Webb Professor 'Willard Our Town Robert Jordan Alonzo Parker Wlilliam Brooks, Jr. F. Carlton Wlacle Elizabeth Beach Glenna Jones Laurence Luce Dorothy Rollins Henry Nfeinecke Elizabeth Clough William Earley, Jr. Mr. Webb John Linscott, Jr. l7Vomcm in the Balcony lllollie Davis Man in the Auditorium Thornton Moore Lady in the 0rclLe.stra Evangeline Gibcrson Simon St'imso'n. lllrs. Soames Constable W'a,rren Si Crowell lllr. lllorgmz ,Baseball Players Sam. Craig Joe Stoddard First Dead Illan Farmer M eCarthy First Dead W' George Blaxim lXIarie Pecorelli Stanley Kus Oakes Kilgore Gordon True VVallace Cunningham Ira VVithaIn Kenneth VVhite Herbert Gillis Charles Leavitt Reginald Proctor Jesse Bartlett Wlilma Hatch Seeoml Dead Wovriavi Charlotte King i931 JSTQE ma m 35. 5 wif R' J N m 5 .,,,-L. -FM M ,, , K.-:aai w an-rv N. M" we ,,,"w,1j!55gi5gw,l'W,'l1"f.,m,HNNN,Nf',,glig5Myn,...M x: ' w' V: w M ww H H M! Wu, 3 Wm' rt ., 4' .K w 'Lf -' 5 w , TA S -H X' Eg, W 37 A L . F N.. 5 K was N sm, w fzmw -4554 A ' .f L - wk f NZ, Y" Women's F Club -l95l THE lYomen's HF" Club has certainly shown itself to be an active organization this year, under the capable leadership of Germaine Leclerc as president and Evangeline Julia as Secretary. The new plan of Setting aside one Friday a month as "F" day, on which all members wear their hard-earned letters, has proved a success. How do they earn the letters? By faithful and enduring work in sports. Rewards, including numerals, letters, jackets, and a senior award, are earned by a point system. They are awarded at the con- clusive club activity of the year, the hlay Breakfast. On this day the girls of the school receive recognition for the Hue spirit of co-operation and effort which they have shown. 1 The "I+" Club also sponsors the cheer- leaders, who lead the cheering audience in their support of the various teams throughout the year. EL , Basketball THE first fall of snow starts the sport most actively participated in, basket ball. Every girl, who is physically fit, experienced or in- experienced, has a chance to play. Every night from 3:30 to 5:30, a visit to the gym- nasium will find a large group of girls learn- ing the rules and plays necessary to equip them to be good players. As a windup of the season a series of tournaments is planned by the VVomen's A. A. This year the victors were Purington Hall, Captain Corseng Phi lX'Iu Sigma, Captain Haynesg junior class, division 3, Captain lVlaskellg and the All- Normal Team. The humorous touch is al- ways provided by the girls vs. boys game, in which the boys are bedecked in gym bloomers, mittens, and eye patches. This sport is eager- ly supported by the girls of the school and proves to be a true test of agility, sportsman- ship and co-operation. Soccer ALTHOUGH the soccer enthusiasts this year played on a new field they kicked the ball like veterans. Soccer has certainly reached a peak of success at Farmington where over one hundred girls show their fine sportsmanship, ability, skill, and co-operation by participat- ing in tl1is sport. This year Junior Division III, led swiftly down the field by Captain Julia, was the winner of the tournament, but they were given strong competition by the other class teams. There is nothing as good for muscle-toning, spirit-lifting, and mind- clearing as a hard game of soccer. 4536? 1-Q1 'T -'Z ,.-if S, .w. I 7 1 --'Fi' ,V ' ' ,QQ ft-53:55, 15573-ifg5:?1?':2f,3ass,f ,-12. - --14:1-1: gmif-fr. wr-f-1-55:3522:15:52-ig-fa'' :i--1--'-- .'- ' 'N .2 l , ' YL f'5':'I ' fr ,gr ,. f Q' Jw A 1, fm' 15 . at , ,f,, 6 M, ' f Q' ,,- ., , ,': x f 3 I 1- Q , XX Q' Q . 1 1 f 1 k N H I Q 1 'K I . Hall. Knowles, Jluxlvy, Leavitt, Gmlmm, Paine Cross Country FOUR very capable veterans last fall, formed the nucleus for the cross country team which worked under the direction of Coach James Reed. Captain lfosley, Graham, Knowles, and Paine were joined by Rcino Ray making five-scvenths of a team, The first meet was at Gorham Normal School where the locals took an easy victory. The next week Hebron pulled a surprise and won a. meet at Hebron, the first victory in the history of their competition with Farmington. Farmington's first place winner in this meet broke the course record to beat Burke, Hebron star. Other victories were Colby Freshmen, Gorham Junior Varsity, and the University of Blaine Freshmen. The last meet of the season was dropped to a strong combination of Bowdoin Freshmen and Junior Varsity. VVith0ut doubt, this is the last page in the history of cross country at Farmington Normal School for some time. Coach Reed's impressive record of thirty-seven wins and six losses in five years ol' coaching is one that any coach might well be proud of. Doc Reed, as he is affectionately called by his boys, has built a monument to himself, with the fine specimens of manhood, sportsmanship, and physical endurance that he has developed in others. 499i Basketball BASKET BALL opened late in November under the direction of Coach L. Joseph Roy. Several lettermen answered the first call led by Ira HBO" Wlitham, twice a member of the All New England Conference team. The team again participated in the New England Con- ference sharing the friendly spirit which exists among the New England Colleges. The team suffered from the fact that the freshman members were forced to leave the squad early in the season. The lettermen for the 1940-41 season are: Ira VVitham, Jr., James Dow, Gordon True, Robert Mosley, Wally Cunning- ham, and Manager Herbert Gillis. -11001 Varsity Season Record F. S. N. S. 59 Bliss Business College 27 F. S. N. S. 60 Maine School of Commerce 45 F. S. N. S. 50 Machias Normal 51 F. S. N. S. 33 Salem Teachers College 21 F. S. N. S. 39 Hyannis Teachers College 42 F. S. N. S. 50 Gorham Normal 40 F. S. N. S. 42 Salem Teachers College 40 F. S. N. S. 52 Portland Junior College 30 F. S. N. S. 47 Nlachias Normal 44 F. S. N. S. S3 Keene Normal 36 F. S. N. S. 35 New Britain 61 F. S. N. S. 34 Presque Isle Normal 24 F. S. N. S. 37 Madawaska Training School 46 Total 55 Total Athletic Director: L. Joseph Roy Basketball Coach: L. Joseph Roy Manager: Herbert Gillis Assistant lllanugers: Kenneth lVhite, Harold Scott 11011 K 'ge in i Around the Clock SEVEN O'CLOCK many sleepyheads hustle to the last call for breakfast. Blops and pails are in evidence as our rooms are made spiek and span for inspections. A race for an ironing cord and then clothes are made ready for the next week. The mail has come! Letters from homeg letters from elsewhere. Wlhat thrills with the exchange ol' news. Saturday afternoon and all is quiet. Lesson plans, and homework go steadily on for some, while others pursue a lighter vein with an after- noon of fun. Fun, gaiety and laughter pour forth from the living room while the gym echoes with familiar strains from the vie. r U5 ,I A g - W-. M y 5 . f r,,h 4. KL '31 NJ A' W " I "M ' if ir 'Q if 'f' Wig.:-'je-If X S qi l Q W' 5 t J ,K " A I .P , is ' W ' Q y., 1 J' r .,' AJ 43 ,A -49' f -z -f A ' w.. 3 A l 'V . J- - N' ,nic ' f"f-:Q 3' "f ' 1 155553 .-1.'fgg,,L44.J.r1ifEgg 47- L' ' J." 1 A -1- , .A,,,- 1 '-' 'uf ' 'LS'-xp1,1., ' 'rx 3'2" ff fx' V T H' X v 6 'i. A X1 1 X 4 V A 3 l 1. I , .1 l' nib. Tw! I I N ' "WI ,H , x , t 5 1:- ilf X 5 H ' v J. c, K 1 t ' 1 . , I Z -Hr .1 W1 J vu f? l g J X Sin ' :".l'!l ,, ' 3 -'r', ' in wf wf ' , 41' H, Aw - ,5j,,1' an -4 5, -9 p A-, QQ' -.fw.f:-- j fbrifh Az V '7' e -Mm-wif-.f' Z .1 . . J., . 71, -I A E J- -' wyif- juni . .5 . , T,-Q-f.-,,a?".I:'5f1' '-:.'t"-'V' . " me-f:,,,,w -Msg, ',,Q',g,,,.L -wx. M --- --1.-.ww wwlfggg.,-N-fvfg -H-4 M. 1+,.,-z-w"- , ,V ..,. is :,,c'24a- Q-sv - :5 ,, . ff, Y , n -- ,-4f...,. W n:.':,'lg.1:.L,,, V Q -- V- Wrffw? if 2-we - U A +wJi2' , if-A wa' Fi Co-operation plays a prominent part in our school life. It is through the helpful co-operation of our principal that students receive suggestions in their many under- takings. Freedom of assembly and of speech are practiced in our chapel programs. Friday morning marks the appearance of a guest speaker who aids in broadening our education. Testing is a necessity in the school program. Earnest endeavor to achieve high standards is brought forth here. It is here that we learned the fundamentals of democracy which will prove the way for better future citizenship. 1104 1 There is no regimentatiou type in our school. Between classes is the scene of many friendly bits of conversation. Here a sound body is built to carry out all the activities which are a part of the school program. WVhole-hearted participation is characteristic of many activities. llluch of the school life centers around lun at Farmington. Armed with the ideals of democracy and ready to prac- tice them goes the enthusiastic graduates. 41051 Aufogrophs Freedom to Trade The p-ri-mflege of carrying on free trade and Qfafl'z'e1'tisi71g articles for sale tlzerough the medium of the vzezospaper, magazine, and radio is a right which people in the United States hare long enjoyed. We Acknowledge Photography Luce's Studio Engraving Donovan ik Sullivan Printing XVarren Press Foreword Cut Scholastic Editor 41071 Franklin County FARMINGTON Savings Bank PHILLIPS STATE THEATRE FARMINGTON Only the Best in Moving RIPLEY 8z CO. Corsages - Bouquets Flowers sent by 'wire anywhere Bonded members of F. T. D. Picture Entertainment Tel- 246-3 FARMINGTON Vacation BENJAMIN BUTLER in Attorney-at-Law FARMINGTON Farmington Dye House Special Prices for Normal School Students All dresses 35 cents Skirts and blouses 50 cents W'e call for and deliver - One day service Porteous, Mitchell 8: Braun Co. Northern New England's Largest Quality Store PORTLAND Entertain Your Friends at the EXCHANGE HOTEL FARMINGTON WILFRED MCLEARY CO. Hardware, Sporting Goods, Paint. Pyrofax Gas Service TIMKEN FURNACE BURNERS 7 Broadway We are favored by the Patronage of the Home Economics Department and appreciate this indorsemenl of the quality of our goods and service. THE NEW YORK STORE W. M. PRATT, Prop. FARMINGTON WALGREEN SYSTEM HARDY'S PHARMACY The Prescription Store Farmington Parties -- Luncheons -- Banquets THE COFFEE SHOP BROAD WAY FARMINGTON C. S. Crosby GROCERIES - MEATS - PROVISIONS Farmers Phone 203-31 New England Phones 60 and 61 FARM ING'I ON For "Service That Sf'!,t'l:Sff6SH Students' Clothing and TARBOX and WHITTIER Furnishings PRlcsCRIP'1'ION PHA ILMACISTS THE RED STORE, Inc. FARMINGTON FARMINGTON School Supplies AT PEOPLES' NATIONAL BANK W H I T E ' S Farmington FARMINGTON HARRY NEWMAN BUICK and OLDSMOBILE FARMINGTON The Stoddard House FARMINGTON 0liver P. Stewart Contractor 8: Builder Anything's Blade Qf I'V0od- WE MAKE IT W'hen Thinking Qf SCHOOL SUPPLIES SHOP and SAVE at J. J. Newherry9s FARMINGTON Let Us I'11.7I7.-Sh What Your Kodak Began Marr's Drug Store "The Rexall Store" 62 MAIN ST. FARMINGTON W. WV. Small Co. GROCERIES Hardware, Building Materials Iron and Steel GRANDING FEEDS J. W. 8: W. D. Barker DODGE and PLYMOUTH AUTOMOBILES 48 BROADWAY RICHARD H. BELL Currier Insurance Agency Established 1884- Farmington Maine All Kimls qf ln.w11ra.21cecu11l Surety Hmzlls TRIANGLE BUS LINE Special and Chartered Trips fl 11, y1rl1 era' af A 71,yfT.7P1!' Teach and Practice Better Living RADIOS-News, Education, Entertainment XYASIIERS-I' and Convenience RICFRIGERA'l'0RS-Ilcallh and Economy I3If'YfII,ES-IIez1Iih and Pleasure Bl'Z'l"l'ElI, lIl'YINGgIl:1nk Rate Insllrcd 'l'c-rms The lVhitten Co. Dennison St. Market LEWIST ON, MAINE Effesseness 1941 Donovan and Sullivan Engravers For This Yearbook George MCL- Presson CAMPBELL'S DRY GOODS O P T O M E T R I S T WOmen's and Children's Farmington Apparel Tcl' H7-4 Farmington Maine Skewer 8c Dowel Co. Manufacturers of Meat skewers, candy sticks, dowels and wood specialties SLABWOOD FOR SALE 84 NORTH MAIN STREET FARMINGTON E. E. FLOOD Oo. T h G Knowlton 8: McLeary The Family Company ShoeStOre PRINTERS Farmington FAR MIN G TON MARGON I 'S The Store with Fricfmlly Sl5I'l'1.C'l HIDDEN ACRES FARM J. R. PIL LSBURY Luncheonette Fountain 'l'vlcr1l1011c 157-5 Confectionery THE Fruit and Tobacco FIRST NATIONAL Special attention given to orders for party and dance refreshments OF Broadway Farmington FARMINGTON R. C. A. BLUEBIRD and VICTOR RECORDS A. G. Barker's Radio Shop Farmington RIVERSIDE GREEN HOUSE Next to RIVERSIDE CEMETERY FARMINGTON 20,923 CAN"l' BE YYRONC! During our thirty years of service to lhc puh- lic, we have solrl more lhuu twenty thousand, nine hunrlrcrl and twenty-tliree uutomoliilcs and trucks. Wlhun you want a cu or truck, huy whore thc majority huy. CI-IEYROLET Tlzc Lfffulzfr for Nina out of Tan, l'r'ur.s P O N T I A C The Most Bflflllfliflll Tlllilbg HH, lVlz0r1.S' Goodwill used cars with an 0.K. that counts-Finest and best equipped lubri- toriums-Filling station-Tire and ac- cessory store and service station in this section as well as real battery service and every size Goodyear tires. Morton Motor Co. FARMINGTON MAINE The twenty-five or more of us always em- ployed here really appreciate and want your business. May we take this opportunity to thank most sine-rel the student f lf' S N n . L y s o . .. . for their patronage during the year. B A R B E R S Blackie and Johnnie FARMINGTQN Your Frierzdly Store BASS for Loafing . . . BASS for Camping . . . BASS for Campuswear ED E I2 CD M U1 in For Smart Comfortable 3' 2 5 U, Outdoor Footwear 'ca 'Q E H ' DIOCCASINS ,Q SPORTOCASINS 92 gb SKI BOOTS at I - -1, E G. H. Bass 8e Co. WILTON' MAINE 2 an 2. Q: 55 M UO- BASS for Golfing . . . BASS for Hunting . . . BASS for Fishing Jewelry and Gifts ARTHUR A. GORDON LINDSEY 81 TRASK Windows, Doors and Frames Hardwood Flooring Expert Watch Repairing Cedar and Fibre Shingles Wall Board Main Street House Finish of All Kinds FARM INGTQN Farmington Falls Maine Consolidated Power Co. FARMINGTON S. J. Luce B. D. M O O R E C O A L Jfete-rezl Essotane Gas Yozn' Frimzrlly Dealer Esso Tane Farmington Foster, Wvhipple Co. V Coca-Cola Bottling Men's and Boys' C0 CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS Students' Clothing at Populzu' Prices FARMINGTON, Leather Lugga Q and Trunks M A I N E .fl Store That ,-I 12 p1'c2C1'c1,t0s I'YO7l'l'1g msim s S Farmington Oil Company FARMINGTON Emile's Beauty Salon C.VW STEELE CO. New England Tel. 301-2 Coal - Coke - Oil 0Pl"'fU50"-9 Your Oldest Fuel Dealer llariou Hobbs Lillian Rifosher Tel' 704 Lucille Tuscan Llurilyn Porter FARMINGTON PORTRAITS REPROD UCTIONS MINIATURES OILS uae 75 .gfuago FARMINGTON OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR EFFESSENESS C.B.MOODY THE PLUMBING and HEATING BARTON PRESS Commercial Printing Newsdealer Farmers Tcl. 171-ll G t' C d New liziglauul Tel. lll-'2 ree Ing ar S Farmington FARMINGTON X' ouxne 5 nb . Lite is truly a iourney and some- times soon forgotten. Mankind, however, has been given various methods whereby precious mem ories may be recorded. Recollections of these happy days and events have been preserved between the covers of this annual. Entrusted with the responsibility ol printing this edition, our crafts- men have endeavored to make this boolc one which you will treasure, until . . . ,l0ut'ney'S End WARREN PRESS 160 WARREN STREET Incorporated 1860 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS V9 www' ww Q Q x f +w:3i'S'J65t',3i,M A iq 645 M kiggk Mg 649 Tom MP' . .,,4,.., Q .,,:::1: 5 , M , M , Q Q v' 92 - f I' s .:- '-f..afI1'2gs 5 5 1 2 N if fr X :,.v..c v 'x ' I I 1, V I! 'E i I i o I ,v +A - -9, -. ,...,.,.:. Sv- . nwrrvwfq-if--s'. :ynfmg u2,,,4 lg Iwi , ,7 ,F 1 " " '- - - ' 1 f va -fri'-11 -- r, fy.- 1-V,-.-

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