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,, I. aw? FA 9 av- ST N0 - 1 1864 1, NK. rn, it X The F. S. N. S. Yearbook Volume XV lx ' M , , it--gt! 4.-,- lo ,vi V L I 1 I J Y p - -'Q ,, ,iii . .PM xl 5 . 9 I " -1 xi t ' 1 X I ' ' . Of ' N "' ' ., Q. Q,-'Ll 4, tx' :t'1,' 'X' D 4 . 'U-. f' 'KK' I . " , 146.1146 .Q 2" I - l w',N'..-f ac V "' ' '35 175. l!','4" si' -Lv., 1' I' iv 4, , II If 501' 1 1 ll Il bli ' I F f X 11 ' V21 '- .af-1, -E, ' X 'f' I ' - ..,-"",'."'Q," .,.. . 1-" .'.' :1 if .N-ns"-:I J. :,1H1' . r I 1'f'-," ng." -x-1.2 Lk' 5. ,EE ex, ' 3 ' ,r-3Z"Qf , ,fam ' ff" B l I wk gitga' .Y ' .rf .1 .' uf' f 9' '- Z "rdf-. - ,A U , .. 4 w ,hm ,iq .111 -- .1 ya .- vez--a+ .. .- ' '- 7fiZ4v.x .I-fs .'f5"g ' -' W 3, 4 .N ,401 " .,., I l'wv E, - . :Cav ' 1 , '1 T .' -, V ' - f g,,' A3 '., , lfg. M h A 'L fx-321 7 N - - , . Ly' -3-' '-+1-' V . q P . 5. - h , , 1 .8 up 'J'- ' W- g,.,.,1.,- V ,-AA, .L Av 021.-?'qQ A-1' -bl .,, . . ff ' w . 'vx -'-. N ., . ' . :U dw, Q ' ' -" lf",f ff : "io, -.4 - Y 4- . ' .' -', , . V, .51 - 'f ' ' . !.I'L"" ,u'32'K5,P' r- i ':'. v H-N? j-'53-'T . 'f -4 """ 1' 1 f f 13,1 ---1. ...I ,Kip ' , ,, 'I-,-'g , ,, - K , V' E. . 1.1 -I r ',vA.., ' . Av-34? 1.4 yi.-,HA . I ' if .. '- ' .. .T I," ' "- ""- 5 Y' ' ' 5 . 'f . ' "' z ' . Q , , in , ...E . ' - 1. 4 - 4. - -" .. . .' ' 1 -3.1 ' , . , , . , -. 4 , ... '.. 1 . 'L x. r .-' .. '. . r,f. Q: -.,: -Z7""b1.?f1 4 . A' . ' -'1 . , - I., -u. :,.rAq,'.,t qi' ,NN f'- '. ' N A' 44- . - ' 'I I ' .. fa 'L . ., fi , . x ' '7 . X x . , 1 r 14 ', ','s'f :,,: ',..,-tg Q, , hggf- Q 30 -' - J.,-,J ' .' X ' ar . . ,Cr A ., , . . ' J, ' ' ' 5i1"gfCrI""J:'w 4.2 ' A :Ex ,e-, . - ,. ,.. ,,.-N.- .- L 4.65.- .giyg ,,,'1.a x 152- -+1 - ' V 't N ' '- cj.- V., , , 1 Q ,ss .mx , .gd ,NL L x .Q iw ,f 5 f 1' f,f,'fb'f 3 , ' 1 F? 5 F' :V 5' . ,ov X ' M'- .Lua 'Hwan- - - , "4" --4. A -11.81. ,, 1-' qyilv- -' .l:.. , Q-V min The IQ36 EFFESSENESS Theme -- School Life gton, Maine, State Normal Sch I Dedication We the students of 1T2l.1'lNl1lg'tOl'1 State Normal School, dedicate the 1936 Elflflzssimizss to our principal, VVILBVERT G. MALLETT, in honor of the liftieth 2l1lI1lVCI'SZ1I'y of his grzlcluzition from this school. It is our hope that we. as teachers, may do for others even in 21 small degree that which he has clone so willingly and unsellishly for us. XVILBERT G. MALLETT, A. M Princzfpal Foreword As we look hack over our experiences in l":irmington State Normal School, we hurl that the life of the school holcls fully as great 11 sig- nificance to us as do the classes which we have zittenclecl. ln planning the il 513115 Eiflfr:ssliNi2ss, we have zittenipted to capture. in passing, some of the phases of school life which have seemed out- standing. W'e hope that in making this hook we have created Z1 permanent record of the scenes and activities which we shall most, want to remeniher in the years to come when our days at Fzirniington Normal will be only memories. Arrangement Frontispiece Dedication Foreword Administration Teaching Staff Classes School Scenes Organizations Activities Advertisements Index State Department of Education DR. l31sR'1'Rm1 li. P,xC1m1m, C0111111is.w'm1v1' of liflzzcafizm SEIJNVARD li. Romimcli, llvfmfy Cnfmz111i.v.v1'n11v1' of liflzzmfimz H.x1c1:1soN C. LYs15'r1a1, --lgvzzt for St't"0I'Zlfll1',V Ell'1IC't1fI'lIIl RlCll.X1ilJ bl. Lllsnxj, flgwzi for Rural Effzzmfiulz Mme GL-XDYS S PNVIQICK .. . A , A ' lwvld flz vlzfx rr lx'111'11f lill'1ll'lIfl'Ul'l Miss Lmxx l. l'lRONYN, 'I fl AlnEI,1sIsl:'r XV. GouDoN, .-lgmzf for Svlzfmls in L!11m'gu1zz'scfl Ybrrfilwfy C. lrl..-mm' IIDWARDS, ljfl't'L'fUI' of Pfzyxzfrul ElfllC'l7fl'01l MISS F1.o1uzNc12 L. IIQNKINS. Sllf7L'l"Z'l'A'1l1' of lflmm' Ecmmuzifxv Trustees of State Normal Schools CARLETON P. lXf'lE1:R11,r., Slsowllegan lXl,I-1aN M. SMAL1., M. D., Freeclom MRS. RIQFHARD O. l2LL'lO'I', Tlromzlslon ClL.XRENCli A. SMA1.L, lVIacl1iz1spo1't DR. B121:'r1eAM li. P.-xcilclxlm, 1.5.1--njjidn Farmington Normal School NV1L1s15RT G. R''I"I', M., fJl'l.l1l'I'f7fll Page Eight DEAN CAROLYN A. STONE I-Icad of Health Department DEAN HELEN E. LOCKVVOOD, M. A Home Economics Page Nine Page Ten DORIS F. LAKE, M. A. Home Management :XRLINE Al. PINKHAM Home Economics critic teacher Ll ERROL L. DEARBORN Assistant Principal Mathematics, Education MARGARET MADES, M. A Clothing LEONA M. RIDER, M. A. Child Specialist JULIA B. COX. Assistant Supervisor of Training MAB EL H. CULB ERSON Science MRS. STELLA G. DAKIN Education RUTH GRIFFITHS Music EDNA M. HAVEY Industrial and Manual Arts Page Eleven Page Twelve INGEBORG C. JOHANSEN, R. N Health EMMA M. MAI-IONEY Supervisor of Training RICHARD P. MALLETT, M. A. History AGNES P. MANTOR History FRANCES MCFAUL Art I L' ' I ERNESTINE L. MERRILL English and Drznnatics CHARLES S. PREBLE Geography Science MRS. MARY E. TILTON Physical Education VIRGINIA A. PORTER Head of English Department ' I L. JOSEPH ROY Coach of Men's Athletics Page Thirteen Page F01Il'ft?l71l I A. FRANKLIN TRASK History, Library ARTHUR D. INGALLS Principal, Eighth Grade ELEANOR C. MCKEEN Seventh Grade MRS. EVA H. NICKERSON Fifth Grade DORGTHEA HODGKINS Sixth Grade MRS. GERTRUDE Y. SAVVYER Fourth Crude MRS. GLADYS DEVVEVER Third Grade ZILDA J. BROWN Second Grade FRANCES MCKENZIE First Grade GIERALDINE STODDARD IqiUClCl'gZ1l'1IC1'1 ' 'MTI Page Fiftec-n Page Sixteen IOLA H. PERKINS Music MRS. MARAH XVEBSTER Art MRS. MARION H. BOYCE Red Schoolhouse MRS. CLARA W. FORD Allens Mills MRS. NETTIE S. ROUNDS Bursar Slruzding: Mrs. Lettie Mahoney, Mrs. Ella B. Tabbntt, Mrs. Jane Kendrick Svnlrd: Mrs. Minnie Mzmtor, Mrs. Estelle Allen MRS. MRS MRS MRS. MRS. MRS. Matrons L. IZSTELLE ALLEN South Hall MINNIE MANTOR Purington Hall . QLlE'l'Tll.i MAI-IONEY The XfVillows ELLA B. TAB-BUTT Palmer Hall jANlE L. KENDRICK The Lodge MARCIA V. KIENNISTON South Hall Qwiuter seasouj Page Se'vez1tcc1z TRAINING SCHOOL ENTRANCE --5-1-.. 9 'I hfff HW 5- su. ..v- M .. .yq--T-, Y J Vg W4 , T1 - Mfg,-1 JY, 15 CLASSES Page ..-I . .5 Twenty AVIS ALMA ANDERSON Caribou Caribou High School B. S. in Home EC'0II'01'l'liCS C. A. Junior Cabinet 15 C. A. President 23 Home Economics Club executive board lg School Government Secretary 3, Mirror Board 3g Minor Sports l, 2, 3. 4, Major Sports l, 2, 3, Tennis Club 2, 35 Class Secretary and Treasurer lg New York Con- ference Delegate 2. ALLETTA XVILSON BROWN Caribou Caribou High School B. S. in Home Economics C. A. Social Chairman 25 Home Economics Club executive board 3: Senate lg Yearbook Stal? 43 Minor Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Major Sports 1, 2, 39 New York Conference Delegate 3, President Girls A. A. 3g Science Club 3, -lg F Club 2, 3, 43 Judiciary 3, 4, Dormitory President 2. BETTINA MARIORY DELISLE VVaterville Waterville High School B. S. in Home Economics C. A. Junior Cabinet 25 Mirror Board 1, 2, 3, 43 Minor Sports 1, 23 Major Sports 1, 25 Glee Club l, 2, 33 Science Club 33 'F Club 21, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 1, 23 Key Member 3, 4. SUZANNE EMMONS Saco Thornton Academy B. S. in Home Eco-izomics C. A. Senior Cabinet lg Home Economics Club executive board 1, 2, 3g Minor Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Modern Authors Club 45 F Club 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Tennis Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President Tennis Club 25 Class President 3, Secretary and Treasurer Dormitory 4. GRACE JUNE FREEMAN Gardiner Gardiner High School B. S. 'in Home Ecoizomics C. A. Junior Cabinet 13 Home Economics Club executive board 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Superintendents Conference Chairman 2, 39 Minor Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Major Sports 1, 2, 33 Athletic Council 1, 25 Senior Council Science Club 33 President Science Club 45 Modern Authors Club lg Secretary and Treasurer Mod- ern Authors Club 15 F Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President Graduating Class 43 Home Economics Club Dance Clmirmzm 4. LILLIE ESTISLLE HOVVARD Woodstock Browuville jct. High School N. B. Canaria B. S. in I-lomv Ecozz-ozzzicx C. A. Junior Cabinet lg Home Economics executive board l, 45 Senate 35 Senate Banquet Com. Cllillflllllli 45 Glee Club 1, 25 Minor Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Major Sports l, 2, 35 F Club 3, 45 Drzuuatic Club l, 2, 35 Tennis Club I, 2, 3. RENA liS',l'lEl'.1.l2 PIUNNENXIELL Riughzuu Anson Academy 13. S. 'in Home ISCOII-0'IlliCS Debate Club Il, 45 Home llconomics executive board 45 Senate 45 Minor Sports 1, 2, 35 Major Sports 1 5 Modern Authors Club 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 25 Key Member 3, -15 Class Secretary and Treasurer 4. . ELOISE MARY MACOMBER North jay ' North jay High School B. S. in Home Economics 4-H Club 1, 2, 45 Minor Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Major Sports 35 President Home Economics Club 4. ESTHFR MAYBURY ' Saco Thornton Academy 13. S. 1'1l- H 01110 El'lJll4671lIl.L'S 'Home lfcouomics Club executive board 35 Minor Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Major Sports I, 2, 35 Modern Authors Club 1, 2, 3, -lg F Club l, 2, 3, 45 Secretary-Treasurer F Club 225 Dramatic Club l, 2, Il, 45 Tennis Club 1, ZZ, 3, -1. GRETCHEN PRITCHARD NICKERSON South Portland South Portland High School B. S. in Home Economics Debate Club 35 Home Economics Club executive board 35 Mirror Board 2, 35 Yearbook Stall' 45 Student Committee Treasurer 25 Minor Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Major Sports 1, 2, 35 A. A. Council 1, 2, 35 F Club 2, 3, 45 Class President 1. Page Tzueuty-arte Page Twenty-ffwo HELEN ETHEL PARKER Crystal, N. H. Gorham 'High School B. S. in Home ficolmnzics C. A. Senior Council 3, fl-5 Home Economics Club executive board -15 Mirror Board 45 Senate 25 Minor Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 35 F Club 3, -lg Dramatic Club l, 25 Class Sec- retary and Treasurer 35 Dormitory Secretary :md Treasurer 2. BERTHA LOUISE RAND Livermore Falls LlYCl'lllOl'C Falls High School B. S. in Home Iicon0'mzfc.v C. A. Junior Cabinet 35 C. A. Senior Cabinet 45 Vice-President Home Economies Club 45 Student Committee Secretary 35 XVinter Carnival Chairman 25 Glee Club l, 2, 35 Minor Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Major Sports l, 2, 35 F Club 2, 3, 45 Head Cheer Leader 35 Class President -lg Dormitory President 72. ELINOR RlCl'IA'RDS WEIBR Portland Deering High School B. S. in Home EClJlI0'IlLlTL'5 C. A. Vice-'President 25 C. A. President 45 Mirror Board 3, 45 Faculty-Senate Banquet Chairman 35 lilee Club l, 72, 35 Minor Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Major Sports I, 2, 35 F Club 2, 3, 45 Dra- matic Club 2, 35 Class President 72. RUTH RUSSELL THURLOW Concord, Mass. Concord High School B. S. in. Home Ecoizomics Debate Club 35 President Debate Club 45 Mirror Board 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Committee Secretary 25 Minor Sports 1, Z, 35 F Club 2, 3, 45 Class Vice-President 2, -1. HELEN COOK TITCOMB Orchard St., Farmington B. M. C. Durfee High Fall River, Mass. B. S. in Home Economics Graduate of three year Vocational Household Arts Course at Framingham Normal School5 Public Schools Home Economics teacher in Billerica, Mass.5 Summer School at Simmons College 19315 Home Economics Club member -L KIYNDALL FRANKLIN ADAMS Congregational Parsonage VVar1'en Farmting'l'on Falls Upper Wll1'1'Cll High School Dramatic Club l, 2, 35 Modern Authors Club l, 25 Art Club I, 35 Mirror Board 2: Band lg C. A. Cabinet 29 President Dormitory 23 Science Club 33 Chairman Publicity Com, 3. A GIZORGIC FRANCIS l3ATrCl-lEI.DER The Annex Lisbon Falls Grade 7 Lisbon Falls High School Treasurer, School Government, 23 President Class lg Mirror Board l, 72, 3, Business Manager Yearbook 2, 35 C. A. junior Cabinct l, Senior 2, 33 Band l, 23, 3, Orcllestra 2, 3: C. A. Choir 2, 33 Dramatic Club l: judiciary 33 Boys F Club l, 2, 3: Baseball lg lcc Hockey 725 Class Play 23 Senate 25 Kappa Delta Phi. RUFUS ALLEN BRACKLEY Strong' Strong Strong High School Colby College, 1934 to 315 Basketball Reserves 3. Nl A Rl OR I I2 ANN li',lVl'lE li R AGC l High Street Farmington Grade l Farmington High School F. S. N. S. 1933 Major Sports 23 Orchestra l, 225 -lf H Club 33 Member of school third quarter. LOIS l-I ELFIN CHA DHOURN E Puriugtou Hall Sanford West Farmington Lower Sanford High School llrantatic Club 1, 3, Pre-siclent 23 New 'York Conference 23 Mirror Board l, 2, 35 Ycarboolc Stall' 2, 3g Glee Club l, 2, 35 C. A. Choir 35 Major Sports lg Minor Sports l, 25 Tennis Club l. Page T'zUf'm'y-fl1ree Page Twenty-four WILBUR 'GARVIN CLARK 12 School Street Sanford Grade 7' Sanford High School Mirror 1, Editor-in-Chief 35 Yearbook Stall' 2, Editor-in- Chief 35 Art Club 1, 35 Science Club 2, Vice-President 35 Dramatic Club 1, 2, 35 Senate 25 Class Play 25 Kappa Delta Phi, Treasurer 2, President 3. JOHN VERNON COLBURN Church Street Farmington Grade 8 Wilton Academy .Basketball Reserves 2, 35 Track 1, 23 Cross Country 35 Boys F Club 35 Kappa Delta Phi. GLADYS HELEN COVVAN South Hall Sidney Grade 4 Vlfilliams High School, Oakland F. S. N. S. 1933 Science Club 35 Girls A. A. 1, 2. KENNETH JOSEPH GOODWIN 12 School Street Madison Grade '7 Stephens High School, Rumford Madawaska Training School, 1931 Art Club Treasurer 35 Dramatic Club 35 Superintendeuts Conference 2, 35 Secretary Field Service Com. 35 Kappa Delta Phi. HARRY ALTON GRAY The Lodge Boothbay Harbor West Farmington Upper Boothbay Harbor High School Treasurer Class 35 Yearbook Staff 35 Secretary-Treasurer Dor- mitory 35 Finance Chairman Senior Cabinet C. A. 35 Kappa Delta Phi Treasurer 35 Basketball Reserves 1, 2, 35 Track 1, 25 Cross Country 15 Boys F Club 1, 2, 33 Class Play 25 Treasurer Recreation Com. 3. LOUISE HOWARD South Hall Dexter tilrzulc Il N. H. Fay High School Glce Club I, 72, 3: Orchestra I, 53, 33 C. A. Choir 2, 33 Dance Club Sig Yearbook Stall' 25 F Club 2, 3g Minor Sports 1, 2. 3g Cheer Leader, 2, Head Cheer Leader 3: Cltairntan Assembly Progranis. 2, 3. 'l'l'IUtRS'l'ON IRRADLIEY HOWES The Lodge Patten th-rule H Patten Academy F. S. N. S. 1933 Class Prt-sidcnt Zig Yearbook Stull' 2g Chairman Cabaret lg Chairman Salem VVcelc-end 33 President Dormitory 35 Basket- ball Varsity I, 2g Baseball lg Tennis Club 2: Buys F Club l. 22. 3: Student Activities Fund Counnittee 35 Senate 723 Kappa Delta Phi. l-lII,D.'X IiVl2l,YN MACMll.l.AN South Hall Stillwater Grade 5 Trenton High School, Ontario Major Sports fl: Mitttmr Sports 2, 35 Chairman 'Field Service Loni. .L HELEN NICVA Ml2R'R.I,LL Puring.g'ton l'lall Sanford W'est Farmington Lower Sanford High School llflirrm- Board l, 2, 33 Yearbook Stail' 2, 35 judiciary 72, Chair- man 241 Glue Club 33 4 H Club 1, Vice President 35 Head Monitor Zlg Dramatic Cluh 2, 35 Major Sports lg Minor Sports l, 73. HK UCIC 'CROSSAN OGILVIE -'WHCX Jefferson GVINIC 5 Cony High School President Student-Faculty Coiipenttive Government 35 Vice- llresident 2. Senate l, 2, 35 New York Conference lg Mirror Board I, 2, 3g C. A. Senior Cabinet 2, 3g Boys F Club 33 Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3g Manager Basketball 33 C. A. Choir 2, 33 Class Play 2g Kappa Delta Phi. re Pay: Twenty-fiv Page Twenty-sir EDITH BETSY PERKINS Purington Hall Kcnnebunk West Farmington Upper Kennebunk High School Modern Authors Club 2, 3. JOHN VVALLACE PILLSBURY The Lodge Benton Station Grade Lawrence High School Basketball Varsity l, 2, 33 Track lg Boys F Club 1, 2, 33 President Dormitory 2, Mirror Board 13 C. A. Cabinet, Junior lg Dramatic Club 2. LANIVRENCE CROSBY PLUMMER The Lodge Damariscotta Mills VVest Farmington Upper Lincoln Academy Basketball Varsity 2, 35 Track 1, 2, 3, Baseball lg Secretary Recreation Coin. 3. EULETA JANICE ZRAND 2 South Street Farmington Grade 4 Farmington High School Glec Club 1, 2, 3g Orchestra l, 2, 33 C. A. Choir ZZ, Zig C. A. Junior Cabinet 2, Zig Yearbook Staff 35 Minor Sports 1, 22, 35 Senate 3, Secretary Attendance and Permissions Com. l, ZZ. VVILFRED MERLE TUFTS 26 High Street Kingfxcld Grade G Kinglield High School Basketball Varsity 2, 35 Reserves lg Baseball lg Track 1, 2, 3g Boys F Club J, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 35 Kappa Delta Phi. A, RTI-I U R A LTO N WEB B l Acarleuny Street Brooks Grade 7 Morse High School Orchestra l, 33, 35 Band 1, 2, 35 C. A. Choir 2, 35 Minor Sports l,, 2, 35 Tennis Club 15 Chairman Recreation Co1n.5 Kappa Delta Phi. Cl-IARLITS VVINSTON VVTEBB Palmer 'Hall Norriflgewock Grade '7 Norridgewock High School Basketball Reserves lg Truck 1, 235 Boys F Clnh 35 'l'reasurer C. A. Il, Junior Cabinet 25 C. A. Choir 35 Chairman Holiday Dance 35 Senate 15 Kappa Delta Phi. PH YLLI S 'ICVELYN WINSHIP 1 Broadway Unity Grade li Unity High School Chairnian Snperintenmlents Conference 35 Secretary Class 35 Drzunatic Club 15 Senate 2. HARRY C. DORR Oak Bluffs, Mass. Yarmouth Academy Completed work tirst qnarterg Junior High teacher and athletic -coach. LO U I S E LATH B URY Winthrop St., Augusta Cony High Pnrington Hall Augusta Entered in class of 1933, completed work second semester. l-'HILIP S. QUINN 291. Pine St. 'South Portland High School South Portland Completed work first quarter. Page Twenty-.vevcn GRADUATING CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Preejidezit. Thurston Howesg ViCC-l.1l'CLiiClCI1t, june Frccmang Secretary, Phyllis VVll1Sl1lDQ Treasurer, Harry Gray SECOND YEAR CLASS OFFICERS ' Left to right: President, Robert Chassieg Treasurer, Hilda Shawg Vice-President, Alice Rich- ardsong Secretary, Charlotte Mower Page Twenty-eight 1 - I - ,N ' -gifezfrz, ' ' 3 'F 1 1 , , 1 3 5 3 - I .. Jr Kg ' 2 5 A 6 ' - ' " "ff 3 ' ', , ,Q ' f 3 , Es HJ' , xg ,' ' 5' ' Q 1 Y 7 ,gh ", N X I A, 1 i . -516-. V , ,um 18: 4 , 4. Q 3 L J " M I I - Iljxh ' u E - A W " ' f ' ff + f - , Q -Pb' Q- - LRUXX Matthew F. Barrett Vena Butterfield Danforth Danforth H. S. The Lodge Leon E. Beal Strong Strong High School 16 Main Street Margaret E. Bentley Dexter N. H. Fay H. S. Purington Hall Priscilla Berry Wayne Livermore F. H. S. Puriiiton Hall Rebecca M. Brennan Portland Cathedral H. S. South Hall E. Alta Brooks West Bethel Gould Academy South Hall H. Elizabeth Butler Phillips Phillips High School South Hall Madison Memorial H. S. South Hall Estelle R. Cassidy Augusta Cony High School South Hall Robert C. Chassie Rumford Stephen H. S. High Street Helen A. Clark Vassalboro Erskine Academy South Hall Elzie A. Collins Farmington Falls New Sharon H. S. At home Marjorie H. Collins West Farmington Farmington H. S. At home E. Cunningham Canton Canton High School South Hall Miriam E. Curtis Athens Somerset Academy South Hall Ivan R. DeMerchant Farmington Farmington H. S. At home Cliliord H. Durrcll Strong Strong High School Perham Street Kathryn I. Flaherty South Portland S. Portland H. S. South Hall Alice S. Frederic Farmington Farmington H. S. At home Ella M. Glines Unity Unity High School Purington Hall Ruth E. Gregory Rockland Rockland H. S. Puriugton Hall Hazel M. Harrison Thomaston Thomaston H. S. Purington Hall M. Teresa Hayes Portland Cathedral H. S. South Hall Blanche E. Higgins Kennebunkport Kennebunkport H. S. Purington Hall Grace E. Holton Boothbay Harbor Boothbay Har. H. S. South Hall Edna G. Hutchins Rumford Stephens H. S. South Hall Eloise Hutchinson Skowhegan Skowhegan H. S. Purington Hall Harvey R. Kelley Tremont Oakland H. S. The Lodge Betty L. Kennedy Bangor Aroostook Cen. Inst. South Hall Gladys M. Kennedy jeffersoil Cony High School 9 Main Street Ruth E. Ladd Milo Milo High School South Hall C. Helena Long East Blue Hill Providence Classical Purington Hall Marion Magoon Skowhegan Skowhegan H. S. Purington Hall Dorothy L. Marshall Mattawamkeag llflattawamkeag H. S. South Hall Nlillvel B. lVlCAlliStCI' Milford Old Town H. S. South Hall Barbara McLeary C. Arrene Nickerson Farmington Farmington H. S. South Hall Frances P. Miller Brownville Junction Brownville I. H. S. South Hall Grace G. Miller Thomaston Thomaston H. S. South Hall Faye I. Mitchell Milo Milo High School South Hall Eleanor L. Mooers Gardiner Gardiner H. S. South Hall Evelyn B. Morrison Lincoln Oak Grove Seminary Purington Hall Charlotte E. Mower Cambridge Higgins Classical In. South Hall Hampden Hampden Academy Purington Hall Virginia M. Nolan Madawaska Ricker Classical In. South Hall Lucille I. Parlin Starks Madison H. S. South Hall Hilma M. Peary Farmington Farmington H. S. At home Ernest C. Perkins New Sharon New Sharon H. S. 15 Pleasant Street Elizabeth Pyer Dexter N. H. Fay H. S. South Hall Alice R. Richardson Fairfield Lawrence H. S. Purington Hall Gwilym R. Roberts Brownville Brownville H. S. The Lodge Theda A. Scott Wilton Wilton Academy Purington Hall Hilda F. Shaw Raymond Fryeburg Academy Purington Hall Howard S. Shaw Portland Portland H. S. The Lodge Mrs. M. Shepard Norridgewock Norridgewock H. S Maple Street Ella E. Simond Millinocket Stearns H. S. Purington Hall Doris A. Small Lisbon Falls Lisbon Falls H. S. Purington Hall Lucile N. Small Oakland VVilliams H. S. South Hall Elizabeth A. Stewart Farmington Farmington H. S. At home George C. Swanton Dexter N. H. Fay H. S. Middle St. Mary A. Sylvester Portland Cathedral H. S. South Hall Florence E. Tash Lincoln Mattanawcook A. Purington Hall Dolly G. Thomas Roxbury Stephens H. S. Purington Hall Clyde Barrows Farmington Farmington H. S. At home Margaret L. Beote Yarmouth North Yarmouth A. South Hall Ira Bunker Mercer Norridgewock H. S. 42 High Street Eleanor A. Cousins East Blue Hill Bl'hill G. Stevens A. Purington Hall Ruth W. Thompson Augusta Cony High School South Hall E. Louise Trethewey Livermore Falls Livermore F. H. S. South Hall Dorrice M. Trickey Bangor Bangor H. S. Purington Hall Leta E. Wentworth Madison Madison H. S. South Hall Ruth P. Wescott Patten Patten Academy Purington Hall Chester E. White Skowhegan Skoivhegan H. S. 42 High Street Sarah E. Trimble Clara E. Whitehouse Calais Calais Academy South Hall Hazel M. Vasso Rockland H. S. Rockland Purington Hall Grace M. Watson Oakland Williams H. S. South Hall Not In Picture Maynard Giberson Oakland lvilliams H. S. The Lodge Elizabeth R. Gill Portland Cathedral H. S. South Hall Theda F. Morris Guilford Guilford H. S. South Hall Alice M. Kenoyer Weeks Mills Erskine Academy South Hall Auburn Edward Little H. S. Purington Hall Vida B. Wood Clinton Clinton High School 7 Court Street Lucy S. York Wilton Wilton Academy Purington Hall Dorothy C. Magoon Rangeley Rangeley H. S. South Hall Louise Raczkowski Dryden Wilton Academy Purington Hall Rosamond S. Stover Bath Morse High School South Hall Mary Townsend Readfield Kents Hill School High Street l FIRST YEAR CLASS OFFICERS Lcfl fo right: President, Bernard l,.z1Bergeg Treasurer, Ruth Hzmscomg Vice-President, Charles Wrightg Secretary, Cnrlene Fzxrnhzun HOME ECONOMICS FRESHMEN Back row: Carolyn Daley, llois VVilli:nns, Marguerite Melansun, Rita Soule, Charlotte Hennessy, Eleanor Andrews Second row: Bette Bryant, Dqru Higgfns, Muriel Beal, June Lord, Pauline Emmons, Frances Rhoda, Methyl Giddinge First row: Alice jcllison, Marlon Austin, Joyce Allyn, Natalie Chzmcller, Gertrude Maxell. Alma Comins, Ardis Farnlmnx , V - :Q '5 jr W X veg N 4 A ,f any ff yi Y Q 7 i . Q3 3 K3 fl I 5 6 ' . 5 Q f K 55 Sf' W ff :Ak JM X " f t U X A - 1 . 1 ,u A.. '. . 5 . , N G43 39 -- , 7 A Up M Yu ow ' 4 1M vu . .. 4 sw A ' ' - .f ' ,' '. jf I ,.4,- .. - - , . 3 ,'4- R22 ' , . 1 ,Tv-,K . ,h bf 'Y - - . K. -. .I K . . L.. 1 ' ,,. .,.. , - 1 . - V 3 -' -' js, fi 1 3' vim Et' 0 - 'vf 'P il 1- V 9 Pj, ' Q- , A . xy 1 1 - A. ,mf , " ,R A ' ' A Q? V , wg fi? E34 " ld E ' -ff K- ' 112-+ 1,fl,g'if7Q' H' A flip? 1 T fi. shil " ' .. , ,- nw . , . ,. , ' u 5 : L .V s ' We ew Q E X , na QV 51 I Q .qs 'X 1' ,Elf -,-W-'Q L' 'UQ r., -. .9 A 34. 3. an-ap Q gn ,.. ....,. , ,,J.. K'A 1 ' r 4 ua, . . X Y ' ' . M A ,' . 3 . Z Q5 g J 4 -' r f , V wig' V lf xy l i gl 33 T11 Q Q .,.. '1V ,, H ' 'A 4 f Y' Q4 ,' , Qi? is " . :SV !:,gq1,g ' - k ., 1 Q rr 45,3 Q N as 1 . 1 . 9 wwf f 2 2 A ,I ' 4, ,.. rx . .Q 6 1 my I I e ' ,JL ' . 1 . 1 ' a". . 1 f 4 1' I .A 'n tv-.9 V Y N if gg v i I Q w I 1 . . , , -. , ' +2 ' -L ...b . , 4 ,' ' nr ' 1 'f '- If ' l 2 f f 1. , v , - ,. 5 I 0 1 5.1 2 E' ' Lf ,,4g, ,' .1 , Q. V' it xi N I' 'fy X' ' - f' ' ' 1" D RQ' :f?fQ:1 ' ' A Q A. 'Y , ,,.3f.--I, Nl., ,f,1 .xx 1 v . Z , ,, J W 'I V' 'fi Q, .. , - Q, Q y . .. A 1 A '2 2 ,SL ' "'--.p.,5F- X Li 'fx Nfxik GYMNASIUM DOORWAY 1 -, .4175 , in ff:.fff..1.1' 4:3 I 1 1... wr: mu X- ,F i -2 ,' . J. -in U3 f N X035 Q q'kA3,'1 ' 1 .5 f H rl" nw V 16 .. 3 5-e' JJ HX 3'!'fVN E , a'2.l....n? Lim! 11 11 -1 E r.-Ig 'Q X-4-Tcl S 54k if vig Q ' 'If gzffal. al l, r A ,W .-zu., ' 1 , ,f '- .K 'lxgl ' , 1 Qf uln, "shim, sngfig'-5: ' .ge SW- 1 r . A 1 HE., at 5. -, . -:I 'Z nf' 5 ' rTf1i."N " -5:4553 - 5 f Qou, :HIT h"1i"Q.1 " .- r au 'fif-":s""1T,.'v'4'f1 ,L " 'f' ' .gix,Xv?, - . fgmmg V' -,-. . ,.-z ,J-K+' "1 ,fx Xgffr ......-v' f Z -'-, EH hu fqbflx . . ' 1 ' 1 ' P?-'fa : ' ima 'E H 3Lf n1 L " 1 :jg f' 5 ' ,I 31- 1 'mn iais 4,1 'fig lf E 'N SI -ff' ' , 'T""E'1:N - 1 L ' l 5 5 ' ' ' ' -,. n -E gs- x i' ,Q .. Z-355'-as-' ?f 1 , fi, gf' ' - V- ff., , Tix 'f'-Z Q if: Li: --T' 2-5-lg,-' 4 -"""-',.i-4,f-vT'-gl-i-,.-1-M N - -- I-- ,gf-if ,YS L- iw:-S+ ,T 1 i,,.:kY .,.. Tvnh -Q . School Scenes M THE NORMAL SCHOOL IN 1865 OVERNOR ABNER COBURN signed an act of the Legislature, March 25, 1863, authorizing the establishment of two normal schools, one in the eastern and one in the western part of Maine. The trustees of Farmington Academy offered their building with an additional room and their offer was accepted. Ambrose P. Kelsey, A. M., principal of Farmington Academy, became the head of Maine's first normal school which opened on August 24, 1864, with an enroll- ment of 31. Page Tlzrirty-eight ,vi :ti W - ..T - , id , 1888-1896 1-IE Normal School as it appeared from 1888 to 1896 is shown here. In 1888 the wooden ell was removed and is now a dwelling on Middle Street. The new ell which is shown here was added at a cost of 158,000 George C. Purington, A. M., was principal at that time. The largest number of students attending school during any term of this period was 192 students in 1895 to 1896. Page Tlzirty-115116 NORMAL SCHOOL MAIN BUILDING I-IE building of a new brick front was the Hnal step in the remodel- ing of the Farmington Academy building to the present form. This took place from 1895 to 1898. The tower which had stood in the center of the front was replaced by a new and finer one, which is featured as the frontispiece of this book. p Page Forty I- NORMAL SCHOOL ENTRANCE HE broad cement steps and covered portico which now form the entrance to the main building replaced the old steps and narrow doorway to the building of 1805. The vines now covering the walls were planted by graduating classes at various Arbor Day observances, as were the trees which line the walks leading to the steps. Page Forty-one ALUMNI GYMNASIUM HE Alumni Gymnasium was made possible by the Cooperative efforts of alumni of the years 1866 to 1930, the student body of 1931 to 1935, and the State. The ground was broken on Arbor Day, May 1931. The building was first used in December, 1931, when only partially Hnished. The interior was completed in 1932 and the stage equipped in 15333 to 1934. Page Forty-two Ygx- 1 TRAINING SCHOOL I-IE Training School was built by the town of Farmington and equipped by the State at a combined cost of S106,000. It was first used in the fall of 19322, replacing the Model School which had been housed on the first Hoor of the Normal School building and the town grade school on Middle Street. All eight grades of the village and a kindergarten are located here. Page Forty-three PURINGTON HALL URINGTON HALL, the oldest dormitory, was built by a special appropriation of the Legislature of 1911. It is named for George C. Purington, A. M., principal from 1883 to 1009. The land on which the building stands was a part of the former home lot of Mr. Purington. The building was occupied for the hrst time at the opening of the school year of September, 1914. The cost of the building was approxi- mately ElSf30,000. Page Forty-four ' jf5a-- .E Q ' 'S X , li . 1 , h "- lj' r' vi, . , 'r 'IN . M U 5, .7 in., I 4' v ' 9 - ' ' : V Nl - , ' '1 -+A . L Q r 1 . , "f I 1 Q A 'I '4 , -V . N A N . sl! , Q ., '1 ' fp - H ' "E- we . If A AI I - .gf 5 E, ff Hif i . - A ps ig . ' 3-,,.s-' . 111-1' - U W iw"'e . 'NN' Q , A W' ,,,' ,, M x - A-.-saga 'Ei' imfa 1 '-'- v . ju ,W , 'Hul1:f:i .ef-Q.if ' X llA' ' V X L ' hlmfU:ri?i1i?L'i1 . ,,,,..f--' .4-1-'ia EBI 5 'A hi ii' Q ,ig . Liga "- 'l + U' iam --L . M, 'A -gs ,,. ,W . ,1- 's M . ' 3. N.. .-""' 33.235 .V-4-fi1'?ig'-llxfifhi ' x, V-..,fE., JL. V. E 31-rfiz' - 5.-7. I HX- .-,k' .-f 5 pl 5 41, nl' 1 SOUTH HALL OUTH HALL was built to take care of the increased enrollment following the World War. It was first occupied by students in the winter of 1925. The general plan of the building is much like that of Purington Hall, somewhat modified in the interior. Its student capacity, 105, is the same. The recreation room in the basement is a special feature of the building. Page F arty-six SOUTH HALL LIBRARY PURINGTON AND SOUTH HALLS IN WINTER PURINGTON HALL ORGANIZATION FLRST SEM ESTER Presirlvzztu, SARA CURTIS Secretary, VERA HOMER Elizabeth Armstrong Natalie Chandler Ella Glines june Good Louise Howard Eloise Hutchinson Margaret Kneeland Marian MeKenney Evelyn Morrison T heda Scott Helena Long Rowena Titeonih Mrs. Mantor, matron Sara Curtis, president Lois Chadbourne Lueile Clark Elizabeth 'Coombs Ruth Gregory Officers Proclors H ousc Co'r11-11n'Hcc House Court for Year Slzcorrn SEMIESTICR RUT H G R E GO R Y TH EDA SCOTT Virginia Boynton Dorothy Christopher Pauline Emmons Margaret Hayes Irene johnson Margaret Smith Mary Smith Florence Tash Ruth Wescott Hilda Bradford Eleanor Cousins Mrs. Mantor, matron Ruth Gregory, president Rhoda Latham Frances Rhoda Matron House president SOUTH HALL ORGANIZATION Officers President, MARIAN STOVER Secl'efa.1'y, FRANCES MILLER Marion Brown Ethel Gillis Frances Miller Eleanor Mooers Charlotte Mower Mary Sylvester Louise Trethewey Mary Wlilliams -Toyee Allyn Teresa Hayes Mrs. Allen, matron Marian Stover, president Rebecca Brennan Alma Comins Carlene Farnham Ruth Ladd Page Forty-ciglzt Proctors House Cozzzinitfce Home Court for Year' SARAH T RIM BLE CHARLOTTE MOWER Carolyn Daley Carlene Farnham Teresa Hayes Glenda Knapp .lime Lord Grace Miller Ruth Thompson Grace Vllatson Elizabeth Cnnnineliam Carolyn Daley Mrs. Kenniston, matron Sarah Trimhle, president Lucille Parlin Mary Purkis Sarah Trimlmle June York THE ANNEX HE Annex provides administration offices for the Home Economics department as well as classrooms, library facilities. and quarters for the nursery school. The nursery playground adjoins. The building was formerly a private home but has been adapted for school use. It was purchased in 1930. Page Forty-nine THE COTTAGE HE Home Economics cottage, the senior practice house, was first occupied in 1916. It was a private home before that time. The cottage becomes the home of half of the senior class at a time, directed by Miss Doris Lake. Spacious foods and clothing laboratories are in the rear of the main building. Adjoining is the Mary Palmer Garden. Page Fifty COTTAGE LIVING ROOM HE practice house is a home where senior girls live for a semester in order that they may gain experience in the phases of work made necessary by a family of six adults and a baby. Each girl serves in turn .as general manager, assistant cook, cook, waitress, housekeeper, nurse. Major emphasis is given to social functions within the home, including ,guest luncheons, dinners and teas. Page F iffy-one '-"T: - ' 242155-s'5-'fy - O PALMER HALL ALMER HALL has been maintained as the junior and senior dur- mitory of the Home Economics department since 1029. It was named in honor of Miss Mary Palmer, IIICINIJCI' of the Home Ifcunmnics faculty from 192-L to 19251, and benefactor of the school at her death in 1513-L by her bequest Lnown as the Helen E. Lockwood Melnurial lfuncl. Page Fifty-two T H E L O D G E House Presidents, 1935 to 1936 First .S'i'v11v.vlc'r' THURSTON HOWES .Svvmld St'lIlx'Sft'l' I. XVALLACE PILLSBURY I-'IE LODGE was purchasecl in 1921 and used as E1 dormitory for girls until the fall of 1933. Since that time it has been a boys' morning house, accommodating this year 18 boys and a house matron. N D Page Fifty-three THE WILLOWS HE VVILLQXVS, built for a private school for girls in 1870, main- tained as a hotel after the great fire of 18815, was purclmsed for the use of the Normal School in 151223, From then until the present year the NVillows has been occupied by about sixty girls. lt did not open in the fall of 19235 due to the decreased school membership. Page Fifty-fo'u-r MERRILL HALL HE general assembly room, known as Merrill Hall, was named for I. NVarren Merrill, former trustee, through whose efforts a Legis- lative appropriation made possible the changes in the building from 1895 to 1898. Mr. Merrill was the father of Carleton P. Merrill, pres- ent chairman of the board of trustees, and of Mrs. Hortense Merrill Keith, for many years a teacher here. Mr. Merrill's picture hangs over the teachers' room door. Merrill Hall has been decorated by the gifts of successive classes and groups of classes. Examples of Greek art in statue and bas-relief, classic pictures of art, enlarged portraits of former principals and others conspicuous in the life of the school are found. Outstanding is a bronze has-relief of George C. Purington, principal from 1883 to 1909. Page Fifty-five SCHOOL LIBRARY SCENE ITH the removal of the Model School from the lirst Hoor of the main building in 19372, room space for library facilities was made possible. Since that time there has been a continual increase in the number of volumes by both purchase and gift. Students and alumni have given at least 500 books within the past two years, including the Encyclopedia Britannica presented by the Massachusetts Alumni Asso- ciation. The library is managed by joint teacher and student activity.. Page Fifty-six GYMNASIUM CLASS HE aims of physical education are threefold, physical, educational, social. The purpose of every gymnasium class is to work toward 'these aims: physical, muscle toning for posture and health through cor- rective rhythins, exercises, mimetics, stunts, mat work, har work and pyramids, educational, line self-control, poise, inhibition, and concen- tration gained through well organized activities, games and dancesg social, through games and dances, learning friendliness and fairness to all. ' Three-fourths of the first year is spent in acquiring a foundation in physical education for the student teacher herself. The last quarter is an introduction to teaching. Second year emphasis is placed on 'teaching and also on acquiring more difficult skills and methods. In the third year a course in coaching major and minor sports is offered to 'those who have acquired the necessary skills in games and are particu- .larly interested in this phase of work. Page F F RED soHooLHoUsE PPORTUNITY to do practice teaching in rural schools is afforded this year at the Red Schoolhouse and at Allens Mills. In former years the schools at Fairbanks, West Farmington and Farmington Falls have also been used. Red Schoolhouse pupils participate in a school improvement league, are building up a school library and improving the playground, and are taking part in the safety campaign. The school is a blue ribbon school in health. Page Fifty-eight g-S -ins 'gyx 5 RUM.. E FAIRBANKS SCHOOL i I 1 i 1 I ALLENS MILLS SCHOOL Page Fiffy-Him: TRAINING SCHOOL CLASSROOM SCENE Training School Activities HE training school of eight grades numbers about 330. The new building, thoroughly modern, provides for varied curriculum activities. The girls of the seventh and eighth grades have a model kitchen and dining room, where, under the members of the Home Economics College, they learn to prepare and serve well-planned meals. The boys of the same grades have classes in industrial arts in the normal school building. . The library is one of the most inviting rooms of the building. There children read for fun as well as information. Playground activities are guided by normal school students under the supervision of the training department. The playground is well equipped for constructive games. Page Sixty TRAINING SCHOOL LIBRARY iff Ig PLAYGROUND SCENE Page Sixty-one HIGH STREET, LOOKING NORTH FROM SOUTH STREET Page Szlrly-l'wo E y ,v X ff., 2 -53 vt 41,2- y E E Q, Q EE F W ,. .li 'T' U --.. -5 Y I .bf ,Ill n .- -A 1' V 4 ,Wg-1 xr-:Q -,i . 4 7:1 , r' , 'L'-' lL..f5 7 Jiri V 1 ':' xiii . V ..- -f , , 3-E' ,: . . ri -gg .N ra I ' ,u D..- 3:-f7. " ,u . - M. I iggl' fp ng, 1 'Z A- , I . 1 , L--V p.., n, 4:1 l -..izi-5 4 " tv P ,Q ', L37 iw- ' -- x-- ' .,-, . 1:5613 Organizations - Activities ' g -r' rf ' .2 I Q Yin' li'1':"l 'W'1-.-I -!'1'Qv Wi 'I.l'f'li1l'I1m'i ii ii, 'if .'.1LmfLQ.D.w'Ja.U--It1w+.l.,t ifli' ' ?-. --,, ,,,.. .,,.. - .,.. .. A ,, x?A' '1'tv:r.fzr.nmm..J.u1mu.uuirmzur1mlui Mm E i "'-"X Wa-11 " t 1 u.:f,.'. E: I. ag- N I I i E Mui I' ,,.ji.,...if..? Ex Tx VW' 1--A U 'W' Al I -'mix :EV If ..i Aviv I ... Q i,M,l',,',w,,. Jig X. a ,,.i E mf! Ylffj' 141' :g 4' 'n' h Hr,q.i,,f'i' 'i E., vigil I. 1'..Li.-i-'ww Ln " vw v-1 'r""'f""""""""""Y" ' ":i'I"'IiJ NA 'HI' LuL..u. .A A . .ulzlwululu 4 in "-' ' l A?-'fu' 6 iq C "W 5,-Q"--'f'3,E:l-E.: A mi1rm'ra'.:t-mm'-Lwifritl J 'Q IIHIEV .mx "1" ' ff wrwvipm- ."1Im.,r Ll., ,V U14 I ." 'ff!ln'?f1'IF'l'giIjf:- vpplg,ilfj'l IIIJH L' 'l1.'1'.,.i..,- i ' " 'Jin11..Uf.'14:'fP...iu Left to right: Treasurer, Gwilym Robertsg Vice-President, Harvey Kelleyg Secretary, Ruth Laddg President, Bruce Ogilvie School Government OECCIS Prcsidcvzt BRUCE OGILVIE V'ice-Prcsidelzt HARVEY KELLEY Secretary RUTH LADD T1'eas1u'w' GWVILYM ROBERTS Page Sixty-four Back row: Joycc Allyn, Miss Margaret Mades, Charles S. Preble, Miss Frances McFaul, Helena 1, 1 Fin! row: Alletta tlgriiowrx, George Batchelder, Helen Merrill, Frank Barrett, Mary Williams J U D I C I A R Y Third Years Second Years HELEN MERRlLl., Chairman FRANK BARRETT GEORGE BATCHELDER HELENA LONG Senior First Year ALLETTA BROWN MARY WILLIAMS Frcslmzmi JOYCE ALLYN Facu-Ily MISS MARGARET MADES, Secretary MISS FRANCES MCFAUL CHARLES S. PREBLE PRINCIPAL VV. G. MALLETT, Ex-officio Member Page Sixty-fizfe Baci lou Helen Thompson, Hilda Shaw, Ruth Gregory, Mary Potts, Helen Fox, lqZlil'lCl'lI'lC Hill, Charlotte Hennessy, Rena Hunnewell, Elizabeth Cunningham Second row Clrirlotte Mower, Eloise Hutchinson, Joseph Fox, Flint Taylor, James Whitten, Kathryn Flaherty, Exelyu Nlorrison, Ruth VVesc0tt Flon! low Carolyn Parker, Ruth Ladd, Harvey Kelley, Bruce Ogilvie, Gwilym P7'FSidClZt Vice-P1'es1'dcnt Sucre tary Treasizrer First Year Carlene Farnham Helen Fox joseph Fox Carolyn Parker Mary Potts Flint Taylor Helen Thompson James VVhitten Page Sixty-six SENATE Second Year Elizabeth Cunningham Kathryn Flaherty Ruth Gregory Eloise Hutchinson Evelyn Morrison Charlotte Mower Hilda Shaw Ruth Wescott Roberts, Carlene Farnham, Enletu Rand BRUCE OGILVIE HARVEY KELLEY RUTH LADD GWILYM ROBERTS Third Year Euleta Rand Freshman Charlotte Hennessy Sophomore Katherine Hill Junior Norma Hanscom Senior Rena Hunncwell Bavlr raw: Carolyn Drake, Arrenc Nickerson, Mary Potts, Estelle Cassidy, Helen Clark, Marian Stover, Ethel Gillis, Kath- erine l-lill, Teresa I-Iayes, Joyce johnson. Sarah Tl'll'l1lJl6, Lois VVillian1s, Helena Long Tlufrtl rozvr Eloise lrlntchinson, Elizabeth Gill, Florence Emond, Helen Thompson, Mary Sylvester, Carolyn Daley, Rebecca Bfffllllilll, Priscilla Berry, Miriam Curtis, Glenda Knapp, Dorothy Marshall Second row: Lucy York, Doris Small, Mabel McAllister. Frederica Emery, Rhoda Latham, Evelyn Knight, Evelyn Morri- son, Roszunond Stover, Clara VVhitehouse, Ethel XVilliztms0n, Lucy Arnold lf-if-.rr row: Alta Brooks, Dorothy Christopher, Ella Glincs, Annie Munroe, Miss Virginia Porter, Elizabeth Coombs, Charlotte Mower, Catherine Arey, Natalie Brannen MODERN AUTHORS CLUB Prvsiclmzlt ANNIE MUNROE Vice-Pr'v.s'1'11v-nrt ELLA GLINES Secretary CHARLOTTE MOWER Trvasnrvr ELIZABETH COOMBS Faculty Adviser MISS VIRGINIA A. PORTER Page Sixty-seveiz Back row: Frances Rhoda, Helen Parker, Priscilla Berry, E. l.. Dearborn First row: Bruce Ogilvie, Charles Webb, Elinor NVehlr, George Batchelder, Harry Gray CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION CABINET President Vice-Pzvsident Sccrela-ry Trcfczsurer Senior Chairmen Social, Frances Rhoda llflC'IlIbI'l'Sl1I-f7, Helen Parker DGZIUHOIIGL, Gwilym Roberts Fiimizccr, Harry Gray 1:f'lI0'ZU.Y1I1'f7, Bruce Ogilvie Music, Louise Rand Publ-icify, George Batchelder Page Sixty-eiglit ELINOR RICHARDS WEBB RALPH SPRINGER PRISCILLA BERRY CHARLES WEBB Junior Chairmen Soviul, Carolyn Drake llfh"11zbvrs1z1'p, Gertrude Maxell Dc"v0tz'w1al, Thecla Scott Fil!!!-llCL', Ardis Farnham 17clI0'wship, Ruth Ladd Music, Euleta Rand Publicity, Elizabeth Cunningham Back 1'o':v.' Chester White, Bruce Ogilvie, Emmzi Harding, George Bzitchelcler, Robert Chassie Third rare' Louise Howard lzxmes Czirev, joseph Fox, Arthur Webb. Gwilym Roberts, Olive Wleutwortli ,Second -rorii: Zllzxrizm lllcliuiiiicy, listellefzlssirly, Hazel Harrison, Miss Ruth Griiiiths, Ruth Gregory, Mary Smith, Carolyn Parker First -row: Louise Ruud, Lois Cl'lZll'llJDlll'l1E. Curlene Furnlmm, Betty Kennedy, Alice Richardson, Ruth Ladd, Euleta Rand CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION CHOIR HE C. A. choir is composed of Z1 selected group of mixed voices. A Christmas czmtata, " Cliilde Jesus." was presented in Merrill Hall, December '12, in which Hilma Peary depicted the Madonna. Soloists were Carlene F21l'1ll'lZl1Tl, Ruth Gregory, Ruth Ladd, Euleta Rand, Olive X!VCl1tWOl'illl, George Batchelder, Chester Wliite. Louise lrloward was the accompanist. Miss Ruth Griffiths directed. As zi part of the Arbor Day program the C. A. choir sang " Grate- ful, O Lord, Am I " by Roma. Page Sixty-nine Bank rom Adelbert Liscomb, VVill Havey, Elizabeth Coombs, Sara Curtis, Melvin Preble, Ethel Gillis, Kendall Adams Alletta Brown. Helen Wood, Clayton Packard, james Whitten Third rot Elizabeth Armstrong. Florence Tash, Dariel Maxheld, Pauline Emmons, Lois Williams, M lrguerite Melanson 1"rances Giles, Virginia Richards, Evelyn W'hiteley, Ruth Strickland, Catherine Arey Second rov Ardis Farnham, Laura Shibles, Priscilla Berry. Gladys Cowan, Joyce Allyn, Charles Preble I I Roy Char lotte Hennessy, Chrystal Frost, Hope Betterley, Gertrude Maxell, Marjorie Orcntt First mu Priscilla NVhittam, Norma Hanscom, Dora Higgins, Wilbur Clark, june Freeman, Bernard LaBerg,e Dorothy Morton, Doris Salley, Alberta Toothaker NATURAL SCIENCE CLUB Senior Council Pl'C5ILdL'lIf, JUNE FREEMAN pilift'-Pl'l'.Yfdf'1If, VVILBUR CLARK Sccrvtm'y and T1'casm'vz', DOROTHY MORTON Faculty Members L. JOSEPH ROY CHARLES PREBLE Departments Cl1C"ll1'fSf1'j', L. JOSEPH ROY .4iSlI'U1L0l1'Ij', -IUNE FREEMAN Biology, CHARLES S. PREBLE Photogruplzy, WILBUR CLARK Clzcvnistry Sara Curtis Melvin Preble Joyce Allyn VVill Havey Charlotte Hennessy Evelyn Knight - Bernard LaBerge Dorothy Morton Clayton Packard Virginia Richards Evelyn Wlliteley Priscilla Wllittaiii Helen Wood Astrolimliy Hope Betterley Alletta Brown Elizabeth Coombs Cony Curtis Page Seventy Armlis Farnham Maynard Giberson Ethel Gillis Aclclbert Liseomb james Wliitteli Lois Williaxiis B iol ogy Elizabeth Armstrong Priscilla Berry Pauline Emmons Chrystal Frost Norma Hanscom Ruth Hanscom Dora Higgins Glenda Knapp Laura Shibles Ruth Stricklancl George Swanton Alberta ri1OOtllZliiCl' .Pfl0fUgl'tIf7lIj' Kendall ."Xtl?l.lllS Catherine :Xrey Gladys Cowan Hlanmline Cletchcll Rhoda Latham Gertrude Maxell Ma rguerite Mclanson Dariel Maxficld Marjorie Orcutt Florence Tash Natural Science Club HE second annual science club exhibition, held May 22, repre- sented the work done by both the groups of the club and classes of the school. ln contrast to the modern nature of the exhibition was the replica of a medieval alchen1ist's laboratory, which presented an idea of one of the sources of present-day science. Many forms of plant and animal life were shown, some of which were visible only through microscopes. As a sequel to this, the visitors were able to see their own interior physi- cal make-up with an X-Ray machine, and their outward appearance by photography. Near-by schools sent visiting groups of students to attend the ex- liibition. Page Scveizty-0-116 Buck row: Evelyn Morrison, Eleonora Totman, Robert Bragg, Bernard Lz1Berge, Olive Wentwnrtll, Ruth lhuilovt Third -row: Elinor Webb, Annie Munroe, Lucille Manson, Frances Giles, Hope Betterley, james YVhitten Second row: Bettina DeLisle, Helen Merrill, Gretchen Nickerson, Bruce Ogilvie, Mrs. Stella Dnkin, Hurxey Kelley Helen Parker, Ruth Ladd, Dorothy Morton Fizzrt row: George Batchelder, Theda Scott, Clifford Durrell, lViIbnr Clark, Gwilym Roberts, Lois Ch nclbourne George Swanton MIRROR BOARD VVILBUR CLARK, Edilor-ill-C'h1'cf CLIFFORD DURRELL, ,lllllllllglillg Editor GEORGE SVVANTON, Iiurrflmrv Eclifol BRUCE OGILVIE 1-landline W1-itvr.v HARVEY KELLEY GWILYM ROBERTS, B!L.Vl'!lt!A'.Y Manager THEDA SCOTT, f'lal1m1'!:'s1'11g Mmmgu LOIS CHADBOURNE, Circulation Mmmger BETTINA DELISLE, Alzmmi HELEN MERRILL, .E.l'Cl1l1llU4' GEORGE BATCHELDER, Boys' Sfforls GRETCHEN NICKERSON, Girls' Spawn C011l1111lf.Yf.V GEORGE BATCI-IELDER, Sport Sox LESTER GATTRELL, Mezm Mezmderinge RUTH LADD Library HELEN PARKER HOPE BETTERLEY Over the Trzmsom FRANCES GILFS GVVILYM ROBERTS. Ups and Downs ELEONORA TOTMAN, l'ersormlb DOROTHY MORTON, Home Economics Department C0lZfl'1.IJllf0l'X EVELYN MORRISON FRANK BARRETT EI INOR RICHARDS NVEBB RUTH HANSCOM LLTCILLE MANSON ROBERT BRAGG RUTH THURLOW BERNARD LABERGE OLIVE WENTWORTH JAMES WHITTEN LUCILE CLARK Page Seventy-Iwo Faculty Adviscl' MRS. STELLA DAKlN .Hack row: liernnrrl lnillvrge. Roller! Clmssie, Frzmk Barrett, Harry Gray, Mrs. Stella Dakin Sqcoud row! Helen Morrill. Mary VVillizuns, Gretchen Nickerson, Alletta Brown, Euleta Rand, Lois Cluldbourne Fzrsl 1'o'w.' Carolyn Pzxrkcr, Flint Taylor, Ruth Thnrlow, lliilbur Clark. june Freeman, George Batclielder, Ruth Gregory EFFESSENESS STAFF Editorial Staff lir1'iIor.v Amisfrznts XWLRUR CLARK, lidilur-z'n-C'lzivf RUTH THURLOVV JUNE FREIENIAN, Hmm' lfCl'?l101lll.t'.S' ALLETTA BROWN I--IELEN MERRILL, fJl'gtHI-l.SlIfl.0lI.Y EULETA RAND MARY NVll.I,lAlVlS, fiL'1li'Z'IAll.l'.Y BETTY KENNEDY FRANK BARRETT, A'It'7'I"N .flllzlvlirx GRETCl'lliN NICK PERSON, lflfm11v11's fIllzIc'f:'c.v BERNARD LABERGE, Ar! Business Staff GEORGE IEIXTCHELDER, l311.r1' Manager ROBERT CHASSIE, fiSS1'.Yfl1l1f7 RUTH GREGORY, Pllatogrufvlzy LOTS CHADBOURNE, .11ss1'sta11f FLINT TAYLOR fld'LfN'li.f'1'1Lg CAROLYN PARKER H A R R Y U R A Y, C I'l'C"Illflff1'07l- Faculty Adviser NIRS. STELLA G. DAKIN Page SC'ZlL'71fjl-fll7'l2l? Back row: Robert.Cl1assie, James Carey, CliFford Dnrrell, Kenneth Goodwin, Wilbur Clark. Lionel Beaulieu Second row: Dorrice Trickey, Ruth Thompson, Miss Ernestine Merrill, Kendall Adams, Chrystal Frost, Dorothy Morton Mary VVillian1s First row: Lois Chadbonrne, Florence Tash, Evelyn Morrison, Evelyn Knight, Estelle Cassidy, Rena Hnnnewell, Bettina De- Lisle PLAYS AND PLAYERS Pl'C51fd01'lff EVELYN KNIGHT Sccrcta-ry cmd Treasurer EVELYN MORRISON Business Manager Property Manager Promfrfcrs Stage Managers lfVa-rdrobe ilrfistres Kendall Adains Lionel Beaulieu James Carey Estelle Cassidy Lois Chadbourne Robert Chassie Page Seventy-four S Faculty flc1'v1Tser LIONEL BEAULIEU KENNETH GOODVVIN FLORENCE TASH RUTH THOMVPSON KENDALL ADAMS WILBUR CLARK RENA I-IUNN EWELL MISS ERNESTINE L. MERRILL Key Members VVilhur Clark Bettina DeLisle Clifford Durrell Chrystal Frost Kenneth Goodwin Rena Hunnewell Evelyn Knight Evelyn Morrison Dorothy Morton Florence Tash Ruth Thompson Dorricc Trickey Mary Williams Plays and Players HE dra1na'tic club organized this year under the name of Plays and Players. The aim of the group is to present plays of as high cali- bre as possible for the approval of the school, and also to study the -dillferent iields of the drama. ln November, Plays and Players presented "Big Hearted Her- bertf' a successful Broadway comedy by Anna Steese Richardson. In February. two one-act plays were presented for the Book Party, " If Men It-'layed Cards as Women Do " by George Kaufman, and "A Morality Play for the Leisured Class " by john L. Balderston. ln May, the club presented six readers who gave cuttings from modern plays, among which were: " Hay Fever " by Noel Coward, "lVlansions" by Hilclegarde Flanner, "Smilin' Through " by Allen Langdon Martin, " Death Takes a Holiday " by Alberto Cassella. The following evening a banquet was held at the Exchange Hotel and six new members were initiated into the club. Page Scwizty-ive Brick ra-zu: Clayton Packard, Robert Chassie, Donald Strout, Franklin Trask, Leon Beal, Robert Bragg A Second row: Evelyn Foster Frances Giles Mary Potts Ida Puringgton Rena Hunnewell Hope Betteile . . . -, L . 1 , ' ' 'Y From? row: Will Havey, Bernard LaBerge, Dolly Thomas, Ruth Thurlow, Gwilym Roberts, Eleonora Totman, james VVhittenn DEBATE CLUB President RUTH TI-IURLOW Secretary DOLLY THOMAS T1'ea.r1n'er GWILYM ROBERTS Faculty Adviser A. FRANKLIN TRASK, Debates Bates Demonstration Debate. Bates vs. Farmington at Bates. Hebron vs. Farmington here. Page Se'venty-six Bac'k1'07cl.' Ruth Gregory. Marguerite Melanson, Margaret Smith, Elizabeth Coombs, Mary Purkis, Rosalind Lovejoy, Ella Glines. Katherine Hill, Lucille Manson, Marion Austin Third row: Margaret Bentley, Mabel McAllister. Carolyn Parker, Frances Giles, Ardis Farnham, Virginia Richards, Char- lotte Hennessy, Eleanor Andrews, Elizabeth Cunningham. Olive Vkfentworth, Margaret Kneeland Sccvml row: Iivclyn Morrison, Methyl Gidflinge, Isabelle Gordon, Betty Kennedy, Alice Richardson, Mrs. Mary Tilton, Hilda First ron' .' Shaw, Dorothy illCGl2lllHlll, Hope Betterley, Ethel VVilliamson, Ruth Ladd Elizabeth lVelch, Ruth Moore. Elizabeth McCann, June Good, Rowena Titcomb, Dorothy Morton, Mary Xvarren Doris Salley, Priscilla Whittam DANCE CLUB HF dance club, a new organization this year, olifers instruction in national dances. simple clog and tap dancing. Mrs. Mary E. Til- ton, director of physical education, supervises the work. The club meets on Tlnlrsclay night each week for one hour. Methyl Giddinge and .lilizabeth Savage have furnished the music. A demonstration planned for the spring term was made impossible clue to other activities. Through cooperation with the music department a musical revue is probable for next year. Page Seventy-sezfen GLEE CLUB Brick 1'o'zt'.' Marion Austin, Estelle Cassidy, Rita Soule, Katherine Hill, Hazel Harrison, Emma Harding, Edith Frank, Marian Stover, Shirley Macintosh, Elizabeth Butler, Elzie Collins, Ruth Gregory, Rebecca Brennan, Priscilla Berry, Barbara McLeary Fourth row: Methyl Giddinge, Marion Magnon, Eugenia Swanton. Elizabeth Cunningham, Ruth Thompson, Margaret Bent- ley, Virginia Tyler, Helen Wood, Eleanor Andrews, Mary Smith, Enleta Rand, Alma Comins, Marian Mc- Kenney, Gertrude Maxell Third row: Margaret Kneeland, Lucy Arnold, Elizabeth l1Velch, Evelyn Morrison, Alice Iellison, Marguerite Grover, Lois Chadbourne, Miss Ruth Grilliths, Arlene Curtis, Carlene Farnham, Ethel Willianxson, Isabelle Gordon, Grace Watson, Alice Richardson, Helena Long Second rain: ldaHIfEi-rytlHelle1i Merrill, Ruth Moore, Louise Howard, Hilma Peary, Lucille Manson, Ruth Ladd, Violet Peters, 1 a ar F1.7'.Yf row: Lucile Clark, Louise Trethewey, Carolyn Parker, Glenice Peavey, Virginia Richards, Olive VVentworth, Eleanor Cousins, Betty Kennedy 50ffl'GII05 Margaret Bentley Priscilla Berry Rebecca Brennan Elizabeth Butler Hilda Clark Elzie Collins Elizabeth Cunningham Evelyn Foster Hazel Harrison Betty Kennedy Shirley Maclntosh Helen Merrill Violet Peters Eugenia Swanton Olive Wentworth Secorzd Sofvmnos Eleanor Andrews Lucy Arnold Marion Austin Estelle Cassidy Lois Chadbourne Page S0210-11-fy-eight Lucile Clark Alma Comins Eleanor Cousins Carlene F21l'IlllZlIll Edith Frank Isabelle Gordon Marguerite Grover Emma Harding Ruth Ladd Helena Long Gertrude Maxell Evelyn Morrison Hilma Peary Ida May Perry Virginia Richards Marian Stover Elizabeth Welch Helen Wood Altos Ruth Gregory Katherine Hill Alice jcllison Margaret Kueeland Lucille Manson Marian McKenney Barbara lVlcLeary Ruth Moore Carolyn Parker Glenicc Peavey Euleta Rand Alice Richardson Mary Smith Rita Soule Ruth Thompson Louise Trethewey Virginia Tyler Grace Watson Mary Williams Ethel Williamson A ccompainist Louise Howard Glee Club 'l' the beginning of the year under the leadership of Miss Ruth Grifhths the glee club was formed from the members of last year's group and new members from the 'first year class, YVithin a few weeks the following officers were elected: president, Hilma Pearyg vice-president, Louise Howardg secretary, Mary Wfilliamsg librarian, Ruth Laddg assistant librarian, Lucille Manson. The glee club has participated in various programs during the Year. The first performance of the group as a whole was January 22 when the musical organizations of the normal school presented a concert in Mer- rill Hall. The glee club also participated in the musical entertainment given with high school musical organizations held in the Alumni Gym- nasium March 14. At this concert they rendered four selections in con- junction with the high school glee club. The final concert of the year was given May 112 when the music department presented a program of varied numbers. The glee club sang hve selections, three of which were negro spirituals. As their part in the graduation week exercises the glee club supplies music at Baccalaureate. Page St"Z'L'1If3'-Hfllt' Baci :ou Alton Hyer, Marguerite Melanson, Lucille Manson, Katherine Hill, George Batchelder, Melvin Ireble Bruce Ogilvie, Shirley Macintosh, Helen NVOod, Mary Smith, Gwilym Roberts Third vow Louise Howard, Methyl Giddinge, Betty Kennedy, Carolyn Heminway, Elizabeth Cunningham. Maman McKen ney, Eleanor Andrews, Olive Wentworth, Grace Watson, Louise Trethewey, Rosemary Hughes Alice Rich ardson Second ww Margaret Kneeland, Rowena Titcomb, Ruth Moore, Joyce Johnson, Chester VVl1ite, Miss Ruth Griffiths Flint Taylor, Charlotte Hennessy, Lucile Small, Ethel Williamson, Eva Leet Frist zow Alice Iellison, Ruth Ladd, Katherine Conway, Hazel Harrison, Arthur VV bl E l t' R d Al C Maxell, Margaret Bentley Violins Eleanor Andrews Margaret Bentley Katherine Conway Wilber Cooper Elizabeth Cunningham Hazel Harrison Rosemary Hughes Alice Jellison Ruth Ladd Eva Leet Shirley Macintosh Gertrude Maxell Marian McKenney Euleta Rand Mary Smith George Swanton Arthur Webb Olive WCHtWO1'th Helen Wood Viola Ethel Williamson Page Eighty ORCHESTRA Cellos Katherine Hill Rowena Titcomb Clal'-inets Charlotte Hennessy Joyce Johnson Bruce Ogilvie S axo phones George Batchelder Carolyn Heminway Betty Kennedy Margaret Kneelancl Marguerite Melanson Louise Trethewey Triunifrets Alton Hyer Lucile Small Flint Taylor Grace Watson Chester White e J, uea an, ma onnns Gertrude Trombones Melvin Preble Bass Gwilym Roberts Stringed Bass Alice Richardson H om Methyl Gicldinge flccomjvanists Louise Howard Lucille Manson Ruth Moore Hilma Peary Director Miss Ruth E. Griffiths Grchestra lilli school orchestra under the able direction of Miss Ruth Grilliths has been active in school programs as well as in outside entertainments throughout the year. A concert given in -lanuary included selections by orchestra, band and glee club. The next appearance was with the high school orchestra on March Ili", when three numbers were played. The third major activ- ity for the year was the part taken in the concert held May 12. At that entertainment the orchestra played four selections. The purpose of the May concert was to raise funds to help in paying for the tympani which have recently been added to the instruments owned by the School. .ln addition to these appearances the orchestra has played at chapel programs, at dramatic productions, the conference of superintendents, and at the Arbor Day exercises. Page Eiglzty-0110 Back row Alice Richardson. Margaret Bentley, Ruth Gregory, Shirley Maclntosh, Lucille Manson, Olive Wentuoith Methyl Giddmge, Gwzlym Roberts Second 'ro v Margaret Kneeland, Carolyn Heminway, Charlotte Hennessy, Bruce Ogilvie, Miss Ruth Griffiths, George Batchel der, Marguerite Melanson, Betty Kennedy, Louise Trethewey Frist ron Lucile Small, Melvin Preble, Chester White, Elizabeth Butler, Flint Taylor, Arthur Webb, Grace Watson Tl'1l1I1f7CfS Lucile Small Flint Taylor Grace VVats0n Chester Wllite Clarincts Charlotte Hennessy Joyce johnson Bruce Ogilvie Page Eighty-two BAND Srtrojvhovzes George Batchelcler Carolyn Heminway Betty Kennedy Margaret Kneelancl Marguerite Melanson Louise Trethewey Ywl'0l7Ib07IL'.S' Melvin Preble Arthur VVebb Horus Methyl Gidclinge Alice Richardson Buss G wilym Roberts .Drums El izabeth Butler Stzzdmzi Lcczc1r'r.r Margaret Bentley Ruth Gregory Shirley Macintosh Lucille Manson Olive Wentworth Director Miss Ruth Griffiths Back row: Richard Brewer, Ira Bunker, Charles Card, Melvin Preble, Charles Webll, Felix Gloden, Ralph Springer, james Conway, Donald Slrout, Frank Barrett, Charles Wright Third rotsn' VVill l-Iavey, George Batchelder, Woodrow Vallely. Wilson Smith. Lawrence Plummer, Bruce Ogilvie, Thurston Howes, Earl Lush, Clyde Barrows, Wilfred Tufts, Arthur VVebb, Ernest Perkins Second roto: Alton Hyer, Howard Shaw, james Carey, Joseph Fox, Robert Chassie, Leon Beal, Bernard LaBerge, john Colburn, Flint Taylor, Gwilym Roberts, Reginald Watson Front row: Claude Brooks, Adelbert Liscornli, Lester Gattrell, Harry Gray, Wilbur Clark, Harvey Kelley, Maynard Giberson, Charles Lislmess, james Whitten KAPPA DELTA PHI FRATERNITY Zeta Chapter President, WILBUR CLARK Vice-President, HARVEY KELLEY Secretary, CHARLES WEBB Trcmmrer, HARRY GRAY Chaplain, MAYNARD GIBERSON APPA DELTA PHI is an educational and social fraternity with chapters located in normal schools and schools of education throughout the country. In its professional aspects, it aims to support the highest educational ideals and traditions. In its social aspects it aims to strengthen and preserve the bonds of fellowship which should unite men working for a common cause. The fraternity was founded in 1900, and the Zeta chapter of this school, which later joined, was originally Sigma Ornicron Sigma. Page Eighty-three Back row: Mary VVilli:1ms, Frances Rhoda, Venn Butterfield, Mrs. Mary Tilton, Frances Giles, Marian Walls, ,Tune Good First rozv: Charlotte Mower, Sara Curtis, Ruth Gregory, Gretchen Nickerson, Hilda Shaw, Alice ' Richardson ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION COUNCIL Association President GRETCHEN NICKERSON Vice-Pregidcylt RUTH GREGORY Secretary and Treasurer HlLUA SHAW Council Pl'CS'Idl?lIf ALICE RICHARDSON Recorder SARA CURTIS Page Eighty-four Back row: 'l'l1eclu Morris. Sumla 'l'rin1lmle, Elizabeth Cunningham, Alletta Brown, Vera Homer, Ella Glines Helen Clark Exe Iyn Whitcley. I.aurz1 Shibles Third row: Lucille Pzlrlin, llliznbcth Armstrong, Marian NValls, Chrystnl Frost, Ruth Gregory, Hilda Sh'1w Helen Parka Ruth Dzmforih, llflIl1'f.ZI11'Cl Bentley, Bettina Deloisle Second row: Lucy York. Priscilla Whittam, Louise Howard, Louise Tretllewey, Norma Hanscom, Mrs. Mary T1ltOll Alu.e Richardson, Florence Tasli. Dorothy Morton, june York. Charlotte Mower First 1'0'zv: Annie Munroe, Elinor Webb, lilzxrizm Stover, Elizabeth Coombs, Sara Curtis, Lillie Howard, June Freeman F CLUB FOR GIRLS Pl'CSI'd!?1l-I ELIZABETH COOMBS S6'Cl'C'1lIJ'j' and Trearswvzr FLORENCE TASH Allcttn. 'Brown Ruth Danforth june Freeman Annie Munroc fczclect IfV1.'ll4lCl'S in Club Gretchen Nickerson Ruth Thurlow Marian Walls Evelyn VVl1iteley Page Eighty- five Back row: Helen Fox, Eunna Harding, Annie Leavitt, Rosalind Lovejoy. .Elsie Lahti, Margaret Smith. Ruth Merry, Ruth Marshall, Eleonora Totman, Carolyn Heminway, l.eta X-Ventwmili, Ella Glines, Helen Clark Teresa Hayes, Ruth Gregory, Elizabeth Cunningham Fifth row: Sara Coinber, Hilda Bradford, Edith Frank, Virginia Boynton. Phyllis MacKay, Marjorie Davis, Mildred Sweet, Dariel Maxlield, Ida Perry, Elizabeth Gill. Sarah 'l'ri1nble, Alice Richardson. Hilda MacMillan, Marion Magoon Fourth row: Frances Giles, Glenice Peavey, Carlene Farnham, Carolyn Drake, Elizabeth McCann, Eugenia Swanton, Arlene Curtis, Dorothy McGlauflin, Hilda Shaw, Vena Butterfield. Florence Tash, Thedn Morris. l.uey York Third raw: Marian McKenney, Rhoda Latham. Ruth Hanscom, Marjorie' Wilbur, Gertrude Metcalf, Dorothy Marshall, Lucille Parlin, Grace Miller, Alice Kenoyer Second 1'0t:'.' Ethel VVilliams0n, Isabelle Gordon, Olive Allen, Phyllis Barstow, Mary Pnrkis. Lucille Manson. Virginia Rich- ards, Ethel Gillis First row: Catherine Arey, Rosemary Hughes, Rowena Titeomb, Mary llfarren, Elizabeth lYeleh. Alta Brooks, Marjorie Orcutt BASKETBALL SQUAD O1if.ridf'1's Pll1IIIL'l' - Coilrigv ri, Hanscom rf, Wliitelegf lk lf, Parker lf, Brown jc, Melanson jc, Nickerson - lX'l'onroe sc, MacMillan sc, Rand- Wliittaiii rg, Austin 'l' rg, Danforth lg. Linnell - 'Wilbur lg. VValls - Morton PIIl'l'I1gfC?1'1i SUIIUI ri, Rhoda ik - Smith rf, VVarren - Kenoyer lf, Coombs - jellison - Farnham lf, Parlin lk jc, Glines - Hennessy Gillis sc, Higgins sc, Morris - Merry rg, Frost - Giles rg, Clark - liutterhclrl lg, Shaw lg, Peavey - Williams F1'L'Sfl'lIlL'1l .SlUf7fl0'llI0l't'.Y rf, Rhoda - Farnham rf, Coombs lt, 'lellison - Andrews lt, Kneeland jc, Hennessy - Sonle Stover - lrloiner Higgins :ll - Gicldinge sc, York - Curtis rg, Austin - Allyn rg, Qlolinson lg, Williams - Emmons lg, Frost - fXl'l1lSlf1'Ollg' il' Captains Page Eighty-si,r Brick rofv: -Inycu -Iuhnsun. Msiriini Austin, Sum Cnrlis, Rim Smile, Vera 1'lUIllC1', Marian Stover, lilizlhctll Loombs Lie n Wliiu-Icy, L'h:n'lultc llcnncssy Svvoml' row: lilizuhctli iXl'llISl1'0llQ'. l11llIl'Zl Shihlcs. ,lnyce Allyn, Lois XYillizuu:s, Marguerite Melunson lleinor Andrews I'nulinc limnnmns. lfranlccs Rlmrlil 1:'l'l'.Vf raw: :Xrclis lrilflllllllll, IXI:u'g:u'ct Kneclnncl, llnra Higgins, Chrystzil Frost. Methyl Giddinge, june Yank Ahce jelxson HOME ECONOMICS BASKETBALL SQUAD lfizxvl l'f'nr'.v rl, I-lzniscum - l'zn'lcc1' ll, Smith jc, lnlhs . , liilvs- llurclmi 'R L' rg. IR-zivcy lQ'. AlL'l'l'f' HUHI1' lfv. cvfflllvffii rl, VVl1ilclcy - Alcllisrmn lf, Rlllltlll - llmwn -ic Soulc - Niclcurson sc. Higgins - Rnncl wk Ik rg, Austin - llcnncssy IQ. l"i'ust-l'l'illi:1l11s ik Captains Untsiclers l,ZllIll0l' - Clbllilgl' l'ui'inglcm Simih Onlsirlc-rs l,11l'lllg'lIJIl I" l,ZlllllL'l' - Lbltrlgcs South :l:L'll1lllllJlllllS 51flU'l'.Y Svconzd Years rf, Pzu'lin lf, RlCllELI'ClSOl1:l: , jc, Glines - MacMillan Cunninghain rg, Shaw lg, Clark - Butterfield Narnia! School rf, Parlin X lf, Smith - Hanscom jc, Gillis sc. funningliam rv' Clzirk 5. lff, Shaw - Peavev B .1 Freshmen 1-L Sophoniorcs S First Years 26 Second Years 27 Frcslnnen 25 4' Second Ycars 41 'KI-lmnc EC, College 18 Norinal Sclmul Page' Eig11I'y-.vmfvizi Back row: Ruth Danforth, Gretchen Nickerson, Elinor Webb Fourth row: Marian Stover, Elizabeth Coombs, Vera Homer, Sara Curtis, Joyce johnson, Chyrstal Frost Third rorv: Laura Shihles, Margaret Kneeland, june York, Marjorie Lello, Elizabeth Armstrong, Naomi Stexens Second raw: Rita Soule, Pauline Emmons, Lois VVilliams, Carolyn Daley, Eleanor Andrews, Charlotte Hennessy Marion. Austin First 1'ozr': Joyce Allyn, Gertrude Maxell, Methyl Giddinge, Dora Higgins, Alice jellison, Ardis Farnham, Fr inces Rhoda HOME ECONOMICS HOCKEY SQUAD F1'CSlZ17'lU1'l S 0 M1 omorrrs rw, Farnham rw, Stover ri, Rhoda ri, Shibles ct, Austin cf, Coombs li, Williams li, Homer lw, .lellison - Daley lw, Knceland - Cha rh, Comins rh Stevens ch, Allyn ch Frost lh, Hennessy' lh, Armstrong rb, Soule rb, il. York it lb, Higgins lb, johnson - Pease g, Emmons - Andrews g, Curtis Scores Freshmen 4 Sophomores Sophomores 2 First Years Page Eighty-eight ndler l l S Buck row: lilhel Gillis, Helen liux, l.ucille Munson, Sara Comber. Miriam Goodwin. Louise Jones, Elsie Lahti Smfclltll row: Helen Clzirk, 'Teresa I-lays Romlind Lovejoy. Hilda Bradford, Mary Pnrkis, Carolyn Parker, Eleonora Totnlan, Frances Giles, Dariel Maxfield, Glenice Peavey, Ruth Marshall Silflll romp Ella filines, Ruth fircgnry, Ruth Merry, lrene johnson, Margaret Smith, Marjorie Davis. Virginia Richards 1"1'fll1 row: Mary Sylvester, Rebecca Brennan, Elizabeth Cunningham, Catherine Arey, Hope Betterley, Marian McKenney, Rosemary I-Inglies Fourlh row: Florence Trish, Venn Butterlield, Alice Richardson, Elizabeth VVelch, Rhoda Latham, Virginia Tyler, Blandine Kielcllell Third row: Mary Townscnal, Mzirgaret Bentley, Hilda Shaw, Olive Allen, Isabelle Gordon, Mary Warren, Carlene Farnham, ldn Perry Sccon1l1'o:x'.' I-lelenn Lonu. Sarah Triinble. Charlotte Mower, Ethel Williamson, Arlene Curtis, Rowena Titcomb, Carolyn Drnke, lfliznbefh lN'lcC:Lnn Firsl row: Dolly 'l'l'l01I1ilS, Marion Mzigoon, Lucille Parlin, Evelyn Morrison, Lucy York, Irene Kitchin, .Ruth Hzinsconi, Ruth Moore. June Good l"1'l'.vI l'0u1'.r rw, lX'lCCIl.l'lil ri, l-Izlnscoin - B1'Z1llf0l'Ll cf. Giles "' -Gillis li, Merry lw, Vililliznnson rh, l"zu'ker - McKay eh, Lovejoy - Gordon lb, Tyler - VVarrcn rb, johnson - Peavey lb, Peavey - Manson g, Goodwin 4' Captains First Years Second Years 'l' Champions HOCKEY SQUAD Second Years rw, Mower 'l' ri, Parlin - Magoon cf, Shaw li, Tash lw, Townsend - Thomas rh, Morrison ch, Richardson lh, Trickey - Gregory rb, Trimble - Simond lb, Long - Cousins g, Butterfield Scores Second Years 4 4' Freshmen 7 Page Eighty-nine Margaret Hayes, Winter Carnival HE third annual lVinter Carnival was sponsored by the recreation Connnittee at the Abbott School grounds. The pzlrticipzmts showed more skill than those of previous years due perhaps to more experience and practice. The King and Queen were crowned at the CZ1l'1'llVZ1l Hall after ribbons had been awarded to event winners. King and QIlL'L'714-IQOBERTR CHASSIE, JUNE GOOD GIRLS HOYS 511 yd. ski dash mo yd. .vki dizxli 1. Butterfield 1. Heal 2. lVlcLziughlin Chassie Richardson 50 yd. s110w.vlz0c dash 1. Good 2. Richardson . 3. 'Butterfield 5111112111 1. Good Giles 'l -1. Curtis .l7n1'111 sk1'1'11g 1. Rhoda Richardson 13. 1VliCLZll1gllll11 C'1'o.vs L'UlllIfI',V ski 1. Rhoda 2. Richardson 0 0. McLaughlin Cross CIFIIIIH'-X' 51107031105 1. Gillis 2. Butterfield 3. R1CllZ1l'ClS0ll Obxirzcl 1' l'lIf'L' 1. Good 2. Richardson 55. 1i"lCL2l1lgllllI'l Page Nbzcly Il. R. Brzieklcy ,loo yd. .TllU'ZUSllIIf' dash 1. Clmssie 2. lleul 3. R. Hmelcley Slllfrllll 1. Clmssic 2. Lisconib 25. lirooks Ski jllllllfl 1. Chzissie 2. NVhite fl. L. lirziekley C1'11.i'.r v111111l1'.v xkl' 1. lleal 2. R. Brzlckley 23. I-. l'lrzLckley Crmvx c01111f1'.v .i'11r1w.v11m 'I. Colburn 2. flmssie J. llroolcs Olzslrlvlv nzrv 1. Heal 2. Clmssie 3. VR. lirzicliley A. A. Awards HIC athletic association awards are presented annually at the May llreakfast. Awards are dependent upon number of points earned, scholarship, sportsmanship and school spirit. Jackets are given to those who have previously won letters and in addition have earned 1.500 pomts during the year. Cheer leading emblems are presented to the girls who have served as cheer leaders during the varsity basketball season. Letters are awarded for 1,000 points and numerals for 500. Ii. .-'Xrinstrong H. Clark Ii. Coombs li. filllllllllgllll K. I-Iill L. l'loward llntterheld Iinnnons Farnham Giles Gillis Gordon Gregory Hanscom Hayes Hennessy '36 Nlaelvl illan '37 llrennan Cousins Kenoyer Long' llflorris Stover Sylvester Townsend 'lll'lllllDlC Vlflliieley DI. York I.. X ork Ill Clzccr Jarkrls S. Curtis C. Frost II. Glines L. Parlin D. Morton L. Nash Lvl! ers H i ggins Homer Dl ellison johnson Kneeland Magnon Manson Merry Morrison Mower NlIll1L,I'UIS '38 llradl'orcl A. Curtis Fox Good Goodwin l. johnson Latham Lovejoy M ae Kay Nlarsliall Nleefann M e K enney Peters Purkis Ll'0!fL'l'.S', 151111167113 A. Richardsc H. Shaw M. Stover F. Tash R. Titeomb Parker Peavey Rhoda Smith Soule Swanton Thomas Will iams York '38 Qeont'dj V. Richards Sliibles Titeonib Tyler VVarren Xflfeleh VVilliamson '39 Andrews Coniins Daley Gicldinge JH Page Aylillffj'-0118 Left fa right: J. VVz1llace Pillsbury, Felix Gloden, Melvin Preble, James Conway, Donald Strout, Earl Lush, Lawrence Plum mer, M. Frank Barrett, Charles VVright. L. J, Roy, Bruce Ogilvie BASKETBALL VARSITY Line-Up FELIX GLODEN, -righi f0I"iUfl'?'d FRANK BARRETT, left forward CHARLES WRIGHT, right gn-ard JAMES CONWAY, left gnc:-rd J. WALLACE PILLSBURY, center Substitutes For'wards Rufus Brackley Lawrence: Plummer Melvin Preble Wilfred Tufts Gil!!-l'dS Earl Lush Donald Strout M aa lag er Bruce Ogilvie Coach Page N iuety-two L. joseph Roy Varsity's Season Record I-Ili Varsity basketball team, coached by L. joseph Roy, won 14 out of its 30 games during the 11935 to 1.92313 season. They scored a total of S343 points to the H235 of the opponents. Their average was 41 points per game. Aroostook Normal llfladawaslca Training School Maine School of Commerce Salem Teachers College Hyannis Teachers College Bryant-Stratton Business College New Britain Teachers College Machias Normal School I-Iyannis Teachers College Fryehurg Academy Hehron Academy Machias Normal School Cohurn Classical Institute Kents Hill Brighton Academy Coburn Classical Institute Hebron Academy Kents Hill Fryelmurg Academy Salem Teachers College n .90 31 30 29 15 40 52 L 22 20 40 46 31 35 17 33 40 43 20 20 41 Varsity 42 " 28 " 55 " 24 ' 42 29 ' 42 32 ' 67 42 36 60 43 26 ' 26 57 49 ' 56 36 43 Page Ninety-three Back row: Harry Gray, Charles Card, Wilfred Tufts, Woodrow Vallely Second row: Will Havey, Wilber Cooper, Wilson Smith, F. Lester Gattrell, John Colburn, Claude Brooks, Charles Lishness First row: Reginald Watson, Rufus Brackley, Robert Chassie, Ralph Springer, Richard Brewer, Lewis Brackley Forwards Rufus Brackley Robert Chassie Harry Gray Wilfred Tufts Woodrow Vallely Reginald Watson Page N inety-four BASKETBALL RESERVES Line-Up Centers Charles Card Ralph Springer Coach Lester Gattrell Guards Lewis Brackley Richard Brewer Claude Brooks John Colburn Wilber Cooper Wilson Smith Reserves' Season Record HIE two Reserve lmaslsetlmall teams, coached by Lester Gattrell, won 15 of the 'lil games on the 19155 to 1923113 schedule. Stratton Flagstaff Strong Grange Livermore Falls New Sharon Flagstaff Stratton Rangeley Kingflclcl Kingfielrl Rangeley New Sharon Coburn Classical 2nd Strong Grange Phillips Phillips O'Dell's Aces Coburn Classical 2nd Alumni 15 13 1-1 22 40 31 13 27 30 26 46 19 23 26 20 20 14 23 53 Reserves li I I -L0 32 -19 223 QS 55 51 26 -L1 43 28 30 32 31 43 33 40 51 Page N incty- five Back row: Coach Gattrell, B. LaBerge, H. Kelley, C. Lishness Front row: C. Brooks, NV. Smith, C. Card, L. Beal, W. Havey, J. Colburn CROSS COUNTRY TEAM HE school's first cross country team closed a long season of running with a record of 10 consecutive victories and one defeat. Included in the victories was the state normal school title which was won from Gorham' Coach, Lester Gattrell Leon Beal John Colburn Bernard LaBerge Claude Brooks VVi1l Havey Charles Lishness Charles Card Harvey Kelley Wilson Smith Hartland Academy , New Sharon 50 Normal 35 Wilton Academy 29 " 27' Wilton Academy 29 27 New Sharon 43 Farmington '76 23 Strong 93 .lay 37 19 Colby Freshmen 29 ' 26 New Sharon 45 2,7 Jay Hebron Academy 37 ' 13 Phillips Q6 24 Strong 66 Gorham Normal 37 H 13 Hebron Academy 32 23 Page N inety-six Track Events I-IIC varsity track team participated in four meets this year, winning one and losing three. The best showing was made at the New England Teachers College Athletic Conference meet held at Leominster, Massaeluisetts, on Saturday, May 23. Normal placed third in the list of seven colleges which participated. More than 100 athletes entered the meet, which was originally scheduled for Farmington but had to he changed due to llood damage at Hippach Field. Eleven gold track shoes were won as medals. The Sezzsoizlv Rvvurd Normal 62 2-25 VVilton 45 " 60 Hebron '75 " . GU Frycburg' 753 " 33 2-5 New Britain 40 2-5 Keene 201-5 Rhode lsland 6 Farmington 231-3 Fitchburg 3-LM Salem SM Castleton 0 Team Members Mile and 'l"w0-Mile Leon Heal Claude Brooks Charles Card John Colburn Melvin Preble Wilson Smith Half-Mile Chester White Dc1.vhc.v 100- V ard and Harry Gray 440-Yard and Chester White 200- Yu rd 880- l"'arrl Broad J muff Cony Curtis Couch, Lester Gattrell High Jump Cony Curtis Wilfred Tufts Pole Vault Robert Chassie VVilfred Tufts fI1ll'd!C.V Robert Chassie Wciglils Felix Gloden Lawrence Plummei Dire 115 Harry Gray fCI'Z'L'H7lf Reginald Watsoli Furmiugfonlv Placizzgs -in New Engla-nd Meet 100-yard dash-'l-larry Gray, third. 220-yard dash- I-larry Gray, lirst. Time, 24 s. 880-yard dash-'Chester XrVhite, first. Time, 2 m., 5 3-10 Mile run -Wilson Smith, lirstg john Colburn, second. Time, 5 m. Two-mile run - Leon Beal, secondg High jump Melvin Preble, third. -Wilfred Tufts and Cony Curtis, tied with two others for fourth. Pole vault -Robert Chassie, secondg Wilfred Tufts tied with Curtis fNew Britainj for third. Javelin -Reginald VV atson, third. Discus -Harry Gray, third, Page Jvlllffjl-Sfeffll Ifaclc row: Bruwce Ogilvie, Wilfred Tufts, .james Conway, Felix Gloden, Melvin Preble, liarl Lush, Thurston Howes bigcoml rozulf Claude Brooks, Charles Qlvflgllt, Harry Gray, I.. j. Roy, Lawrence l'lllIl'I'!IlCl', Leon Beal, X'Vill Havey larsl row: M. Drank Barrett, Robert Lhassle, Lester Gattrell, Chester VVhite, George Batchelcler, Charles Card F CLUB HE Men's F Club is the group of men who have earned their letter in sports. This organization is typically democratic as shown hy their policy of having no offices. Each member takes initiative in the business. The club governs all policies that affect men's athletics. For three years they have sponsored the Farmington Normal School high school tournament which gives small communities an opportunity for fair and interesting competition in their favorite sport-basketball. Page N 'iuety-eight ACTIVITIES New York Conference VERY year student and faculty delegates represent the school at the conference of the Eastern States Association of Professional Schools for Teachers held in New York City. The student body chose Gwilym Roberts and the faculty selected Ruth Ladd as this year's student delegates. Mrs. Stella Dakin and Iirrol L. Dearborn were faculty representatives. Book Party HR second annual book party was held March 20. The event, a drive for books to add to the school library, was sponsored by the attendance and permissions committee. Those presenting one or more books were allowed entrance. james Carey acted as general chairman and Bernard LaBerge with Louise l-loward led the group singing. Two one-act plays were given by the Plays and Players club. Charlotte Hennessy and Alice Iellison, as Paradise Lost, received iirst prize for best costume. As a result of the party about two hundred books were added to the school library. A Senate - Faculty Banquet HIE senate-faculty banquet sponsored by the social training commit- tee was held February 24. Harvey Kelley acted as toastmaster, introducing speakers Principal WV. G. Mallett, Franklin Trask, Thurs- ton l-lowes and Gwilym Roberts. A selected group from the school orchestra furnished music and also a special number by Euleta Rand, Arthur Wfebb, Katherine Hill, and Louise Howard was enjoyed. Superintendents Conference H li superintendents conference and banquet were held March 10, and were sponsored by the field service committee. The meeting took place in Merrill I-'lall in the afternoon and was in the form of a panel discussion with Phyllis VVinship, general chairman. The topic discussed was, " Elementary school teachers should be required to have educational training equivalent to four years at least, beyond our stan- dard high school." Several superintendents and a group of students in- cluding Avis Anderson. Hilda MacMillan, Harvey Kelley, and Gwilym Roberts discussed the subject. The banquet was held in the evening and Bruce Ogilvie acted as toastmaster introducing Dr. Bertram E. Packard and Principal W. G. Mallett who addressed the group. Trumpet duets by Chester Wliite and Flint Taylor accompanied by Louise Howard, and a group of young men forming a men's chorus furnished the entertainment. Page N inety-nine Dances Hotinixv DANCE I-IE holiday dance, sponsored by the social training committee, was held December 7. It was the first big dance of the year and the group attending met as patrons and patronesses, Mr. and Mrs. Errol Dearborn, Miss Leona Rider, Bruce Ogilvie and Elizabeth McCann. The general chairman was Charles Webb. lHoM1s ECONOMICS DANCE The annual Home Economics dance was held November 16 with June Freeman as general chairman. The music was by Eddie Whalen's orchestra and the patrons and patronesses were Prin. and Mrs. VV. G. Mallett, Dean Helen E. Lockwood and Miss Doris Lake. B I'IOP The B hop, in the hands of the second year class, was held March 28 with Margaret Bentley as general chairman. The Fenton Brothers furnished music. The patrons and ltronesses were Prin. and Mrs. W. G. Mallett, Mr. and Mrs. James DeWever, James Whitten, Miss Ernes- tine Merrill, Robert Chassie and Miss Margaret Bentley. CABARIQT The cabaret was held May SJ and was sponsored by the Lambda Epsilon Sorority, as the only big sport dance of the year with music by Rudy Wfallace and his orchestra. The co-chairmen were Lillie Howard and Louise Rand. Patrons and patronesses were Miss Mabel Culberson, James Flint, Helena Long, Richard P. Mallett, Sarah Trimble, NVoodrow Vallely, Marian Stover and john Callahan. D I-IoP The hrst year class had charge of the annual D hop this year held on June 6. Flint Taylor was general chairman and Mrs. Stella Dakin faculty adviser. Eddie Whalen and his Privateers furnished music. Page One Hundred ARBOR DAY EXERCISES May 8, 1936 IN CE 18815 this school has observed the second Friday in May as ' Arbor Day, with a program of readings, music, and the planting of a tree or vine. The 1936 program follows: March Music by the ORCHESTRA GOvernor's Proclamation THURSTON HOWES, Class P1't?S1idt'1lfl' 'The Spirit of Arbor Day-Frank Hill BRUCE OGILVIE Two Poems: Spring-A-:muy-H1011-.v This Time of Year-Ethel Romig Fuller ALLETTA BROWN Violin Duet: Little Symphony No. 2-Dancla EULETA RAND, ARTHUR WEBB 'fl.'rees--BIis.v Cll'1"IlLllIl' RENA HUNNEWELI. A Spray of Pine-John Bn-rr0ugh.r GEORGE BATCHELDER Ah, Sweet ls Tipperary-Dci1,1'.r McCarthy LOUISE RAND -Grateful, O Lord, Am I-Roma C. A. CHOIR 'The Legend of the Poplar PHYLLIS WINSHIP Poplars--Edwiib Bliss Reed Lots CHADBOURNE The Blossoiny Barrow-T. A. Daly LILLIE HOWARD School I-lymn-Lillian 1. L1'ncOl1z. SCHOOL March,rz.ists-LOUISE HOWARD, HILMA PEARY Planting of the Vine Presentation THURSTON HOWES Acceptance EULETA RAND .Arbor Day Ode AIR! The Bells of St. Mary The earth has awakened Once more from its rest, With joyful acclaim For the season that 's blestg While sunshine and showers Unite in a scheme To rival the flowers By Rainbow's fair gleam. Cuouus We come here today In the midst of the splendor That God gives to earth in a lovely array. We plant here a vine with hearts Hopeful and tender To pledge anew the loyal-ty That words cannot say. Helen' Parker. Page One Hundred One Farmington State Normal School COMMENCEMENT WEEK PROGRAM, 1936 Tuesday, June 9 Home Economics Senior Class Day Friday, June 12 Training School Graduation, 10:30 A. M., Training School Auditorium Sunday, June 14 Baccalaureate Address by the Rev. George Loring Thurlow, Concord, Mass. 4- P. M., Old South Church Home Economics Faculty-Senior Supper, 6:30 P M., lX"lzu'y Palmer Garden Home Economics Vcsper Service, 8:00 P. M., Mary Palmer Garden Monday, June 15 Last Chapel, 9 A. MU Merrill Hall Class Luncheon, 12:30 Noon, Purington Hall Play, The Swazzv, by Ferenc Molnar, S315 P. M., Alumni Gymnasium Cominencement, 10 :30 A. M. Tuesday, June 16 Address, " Some Victor for Humanit ," bv Dr. Pavson, Smith, Y Y . . Alumni Gymnasium American Council on Education Alumni Luncheon, 12:30 Noon, South Hall Home Economics Luncheon for Graduates and Guests, 12:00 Noon, Mary Palmer Garden Page One Huizdrcd Two Daylight Saving Time Dr. Nieliolas Agi George Arsene Princess Beatrice T H E S W A N by FERENC lVlOLNAR presented by the G-R.iXDUA'l'lNG CLASSES in Alumni Gymnasimn Nlonday, June 15, 1936 Directed by MISS IZRNESTINIZ L. MERRILL C licu'a.ctm's BRUCE OGILVIE BETTINA DELISLE ZXLICE RICHARDSON '37 NIARGUERITE COCHRANE '37 AlCXHl1Kll'El fTlIe Swzmj LOUISE RAND Father Hyacinth JAMES CAREY '38 Sympliorosa EDITH PERKINS Prince Albert NIIELVIN PREBLE '38 1X"lunclcrlich LAWRENCE PLUMMER Count Lutzcn KENNIZTH GOODWIN Caesar GEORGE BATCHELDI-:R Alfred TIIURSTON LIOWES Maid REN.A HUNNEWVEIJL Lady-in-Waiting PHYLLIS WINSIIIP I-Iussar HARRY GRAY Stage Mafnagcrs KlENDAl,L AIIAMS WILBUR CLARK B mvimfss M a na gm' LIONEL BEAULIEU '38 Page O11-U H-zmdred Three ,Lp l Srti't,A3V f ' . 1, HNWQFI ' 1, H ' 1, ' . ,-4 52. ' A1 'P' 2 X 1 fl- W-F gf . y ,, , if -. 1 1 lg- JI 1 471 IF Q Phxx,-S " A .s 19 1 l xxx , -'F ' ,,.. 14' A' vu 'I , f +- ' 1- N: mf X Gb WN' nil. Qifftfgf ' 1- i?553' , , ,ru 1 . ?3?hQ-13, frlf K A . ,xr 9 w 6 Jfiz: N F S 2 ,-+f:g3f,.J ae .. iss. . gg -' 5' '- iz -vvq.l iI"K , -LA ,I L- f....4...Q..-. .gx fx . m":wdf, f ig-L, ,..., ',,. . .. d.,:,f' fo R .f,, .rm , . 4 'ff , Hikin- is v- dk 9' To V '41 "X 5 ' v 'A , 'Q F. 5 J Fil 9- . -1, , , r . A I , f, f':. ' 1- f it , ,N IE' 'Q 32? " -' I 5:-'d . JN x ' :' 'Qf'f'j3 . . ' 01- H ' Url ' '- ,h A ,,,, L4 Advertisements +++++++ 4+++++ Farmington State Normal School lVlaine's Olclest Teacher Training lnstitution Next School Year opens September 8, l 9 3 6 Four Years Degree Granting Course in Home Economics for Teachers of Elementary and Secondary Schools. Three Years Course for Teachers below the Senior High School' level. Page One Hundred Eight For bulletins Write to Prin. W. C. IVIALLETT +H+H FRANKLIN COUNTY SAVINGS BANK FARMINGTON Let Us Finish What Your K O D A K Began . . . El 1VIARR'S DRUG STORE " The Rexall Store " 62 MAIN STREET FARMINGTON Maine Consolidated Power Company FARMINGTON ,J O, ' NV H+ H+ PEQPLES Grant's Restaurant E. D. " Doc GRANT B SPECIAL DINN ERS FARMINGTON FARMINGTON I-IANOLD MERCHANDISE MADE IN MAINE SOLD EVIZRYWHERE Outfitters GIRLS' CAMPS SCHOOL COLLEGES SPORT CLOTHING OUTFITTING sPEC11fxLTH5s EQUIPM ENT Hanold Outfitting Company STANDISH, IVIAINE Official Outjitters Fcwmiwzgfon Normal School MAGONVS For Class 'in DRINKS FRUITS CONFECTIONERY BROADWAY, ' ' " FARMINGTON Page One H-zmdred Ten E. K. DAY CU- Arbo C. Norton THE STORE DRY GOODS OF RELHIIEIIJTY WOMEN'S AND CHILDRENS LADIES APPAREL SHOP APPAREL RUMFORD FARMINGTON THE HOME OF MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTHING TRUNKS AND BAGS LADIES' SPORT WVEAR of All Kinds TRIPLE TOE AND ONYX HOSIERY ERNEST W. VOTER, Farmington The First National Bank FARMINGTON Page One Hundred Eleven " The Sfworfing Goods Store" Baseballs, Tennis, Golf, Track, Sweaters, Sweatshirts, Sport Clothing H UlllI'Q'L!Ul'I't'I'S for School Atlzlrlif Szzjvplics The james Bailey Company 264-66 Middlie St. Portland, Maine Dial 3-6451 " Scrtfice Tlzcn' Safz'.v-fivs " Tarbox 8: Whittier PRESCRIPTION IDIIARKIACISTS MAINE'S LARGEST DEPARTM ENT STORE PORTEOUS MITCHELL 8: BRAUN CO FARMINGTON, MAINE PORTLAND If we have pleased you tell your friends FOR STUDENTS' CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS MORTON The Recl Store, Inc. FARMINGTON, MAINE HARDY'S PHARMACY FARMINGTON, MAINE Page One Hlmdrcd Twelve COMPANY Main Street FARIXIIINGTON, MAINE MEMORIES of School Days are mzulc permanent by the exchange of PORTRAITS with your clussnmtes I..UCE'S STUDIO FARMINGTON +4 IVl1vn Tlzilikimj OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES 571011 and Saw at I. Newberry's FARMINGTON E. E. FLOOD THE FAMILY SHOE STORE F.XlQNIlNC'l'I'ON, NIAINE For Semi a'4' or Sp 111' 1' BASS OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR Is fIl'ZC'llj'X l?v1z'z1bli' Made for Men and Wlnnen Sold by Good Dealers Everywliere G. H. BASS CO. NVE are favored by the PATRONAGE of the Home Economics Department, :incl appreciate this inclorsement of the quality of our goods and service. The New York Store W7. M. PRATT, Prop. lf.-XRMINGTON, NIAINE George MCL. Presson OPTOMETRIST FARMINGTON, MAINE Maine Telephone 149'-4 Page Ouc Hundred Tlzirtcen SCHOOL SUPPLIES THE At EXCI-IAN E VVI-IITE'S G 1 HOTEL On Broadway, Fzirmingt The Knowlton 61 lVlcLeary Company FARMINGTON, MAINE E Commercial Printing School Supplies This Book is a Sample of Our Work Periwinkle New V,8 Beauty -- Shoppe The F. E. 1VIcLeary Co S 1, FARMINGTON FARMINGTCJN, MAINE P gc One Hmzdrca' 1' 4-++++++-+++ The Barton Press COM M PICRCI A L I 'R I N T1 N G NICWSDICALICRS .XND GRICIETINCS LUXRD5 The Coffee Shop 26 BROADWAY FARNIINGTON TRY OUR LUNCH OR DINNER SPECIALS FARMINGTON 350 to 75c i V fy Pholo- PFOCGSS Engraving Color Work Sub- -it COLLIQGI5 ANNUALS A A SPI3C1.fxLTY FOLSOM ENGRAv1NG Co. ' 4 70 Atlantic Ave. Bost0n,1V.!hass. Qklephane Han.5390 JEWELRY AND GIFTS TI-IE Lindsay G. Trask 'lCS'l'AI'.l.lSlIIiIJ 18135 FARMINGTON PETER PAN BEAUTY SHOP M. M. LONGFELLOXV Page Ouc Hundred Fiffv THE BANK THAT APPRECIATES YOUR BUSINESS H44 NO MATTER 'WHAT YOUR BUSINESS IS OR HOVV SMALL YOUR ACCOUNT MAY BE, XNE XVANT YOU TO KNOVV THAT 'lE'I2fIIS IS YOUR BANK AND YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME HERE. 'WHATEVER ANY BANK CAN DO FOR YOU, WE CAN DO AS WELL IF YOU VVILL GIVE US THE OPPORTUNTTY. MENIBEIQ FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE Co. Page One I'IIl1'LdlUd Suleeu Teachers ' Autographs Teachers' Autographs 4 Autographs Autographs Autographs Autographs g Index PAGE .AC1IllilliS'l,l'll1iU!'l ......., . . 8 Arbor Day Exercises .. . . . 101 Athletic Assoc. Council 84 Athletic Assoc. Awards . . . . . . . 91 Band ....,............. ..... S 2 Basketball, Girls . . . . 86, S7 Book l"arty ..... ..... 9 9 C. A. Cabinet .... 68 C. A. Choir ...... 69 Classes of 1936 .... 20 Commencement Play ...... .. 103 Commencement Program . . . . 102 Cross Country ......... 96 Dance Club . . . . . . 77 Dances ..... . . 100 Deans ....... 9 Debate Club . . . . . 76 Dedication ............. 4 Dormitory Organization . . 43 liiiesseness Staff ..... 73 F Club, Men .... .... 9 8 F Club, Girls . . . ..... 85 Field Hockey ...... . . 88, 89 First Year Ofliccrs . .. .. . . . 33 iT0l'CNV01'fi ............. 6 Glee Club ............... 78 Graduating Class Officers . . 28 ,ltnliciary ................ 65 Kappa Delta Phi ...... 83 Mirror Board .......... 72 Modern Authors Club .... 67 Natural Science Society . . . 70 New York Conference .... 99 Orchestra .... .......... 8 0 Plays and Players ..,. 74 Reserves llasketball . . . 94 Rural Schools ............ 58 School Government Oflicers . , 64 School Scenes ............ 33 Second Year Class Officers . . 28 Senate ................... . . . 66 Senate-l7aculty Banquet . . . ...... . 99 Snapshots . ................ . . . 104, 105 Superinlcnclents Conference . . ..... 99 'l'eacl1ing Staff ............ 9 Track livents ............ 97 Training School Activities . . . 60 Under Classes ............ 29 Varsity Basketball ....... 92 Winter Carnival .. 90 Wm :M n U frmlnrs up W' . W 'Y ' 11: i nl' , f A. - an Qf5l?""" Ms

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