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WW' ffxnhvrs uf' 1 K i 7 I WN fm 1 X lf' 1l m Sli-'T,e1':a?4 ' A.-1 9951.2 - E55 -- Effesseness Farmington Mairze '30 MISS MANTOR DEDICA TION To A GNES P. M.-INTOR In t1f'f'I'CCfl1f1.0ll of lzvr lzvlpfzzl and synrpa flzutic frztcrvsf irr t"I'Cl'j'flI1.1lg wlriclz prourotcs flzc wclfarc of ilu' xclrool, thu class of lIl'llL'fL'L'lZ lznrzdrrd llzirty rvsfrcct- fully dca'1'6atf's this zrulrmzv. Alien County Public Library 900 Webster Street P0 Box 2270 Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270 BOARD I, EDITORIA EFFESSENESS-1930 7 iihitnrial Baath Editor-izz-Clzicf .... ELEANOR RICKEEN .issilmzizf Editor .A,..AAA ALLEN .IONES Blrxilwss IIICIIIUQCI' ......,.....,..,.,.....,,..A,.,,.,.,,. CLIFFORD RICLALISHLIN .-lssilmrazf llizzzizgcz' LA,,LL,..,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,..,,.,.. IIEATRICE LYNN Loral Editor .. KATHERINE HOCTOR .isxilvfizzzt Loud Editor ......,..,....,,..,.,,,.., RIARGLIERITE FLINT L1'fc1'a1'-v Editor ,... GEORGINA GILLIS .'IS.Y1.5ftIIIf L1'fvn11'y Edifor ..,.,.,.,.,,,,,,.,.. RIARYON SESSIONS .AIN Editor ,,,,,4 KIADELINE RANDALL Hilmar Edifor ........ VIRGINIA GLINES .-1551'5fo11f HIIIIILTI' Editor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,, ALICE TCJXYNSENI3 Atlilctics Edifor .... GERARD INGALLS Girlx' .'Ifl1iCl'1'L'S Editor .,..,I.,.,..i.Ii,,,,,,,,...,., CLARICE LUFKIN illlzxiv Editor .. MARGARET JOHNSON 4'I.Y.YI.,YftllIi .Ilizsif Edilor ,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,.,,,.,...,, .. ,,.,,,..,.,,,,, IVANETTA NEXYTON .-II1111111i . .....,,,, DQRIS GABIAION D1'i1111a!ic3 ....,, .i....,.,ii.,,,. F AITH CONY Household Arm Editor ,,.,,.,i.,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,, MADELINE FOSSETT .'I.S'5l.SiUIlf Hozisclzold .-Iris Editor ...... .. ..,...,.....,. HELEN MCDONOLIGH ,ft fi MR. MALLETT milhrri GI. !llHallv1I, A. HH. Sympathetic with us in solving our problems, wise in counsel, happy in our successes, interested in us as individuals, generous in his understanding of the view- point of youth-these terms characterize our principal, May the class of 1930 show its deep feeling of gratitude by be- ing sons and daughters of Farmington Normal, of whom he may he proud, EFFESSENESS- 1930 Greeting HE class of nineteen hundred thirty takes great pleasure in presenting this EFFESSENESS to the students, teachers, friends and Alumni of Farmington State Normal School. The Board that had the pleasure of pre- paring this edition of EFFEssENEss will feel that its earnest efforts have been well rewarded if this book serves as a reminder of happy days passed at our Normal School. F C 'lf LL E 'r L 14 5 f- IZ i 2 14 1 Q 2 ,ir U E 1 Q , Q Di ... : 0 Q 'ts ra P E Q 5 Z O 1. 1 TJ Z 9-3 1.1 Q1 4 5 1 Lf 4 LJ P L QI U : T2 5 cc A :J P -1 Q6 11 .., P2 Q Z. T EJ Q U ,: 1, L4 2 2 S 2 E L1 CJ I re 3 c I EFFESSENESS-1930 11 1lI arultg sinh Obthvr C!9f1irm1 PRINCIPAL MABEL MOSS VVILBERT G. MALLETT Clothing H01rsul10Id ,4dnzz'11z'sz'raf1'0n SCIIOOI Laws Ethics N SCIIOOI OI'gHl1ISUfl'l7lZ SARAH RICH-ARDSQN Home Ec0u0nm'.v F00ds DEAN H0zz.vrlz0Id .nldnzinz'str0z'1'011, CAROLYN A. STONE . . Hygivm, PS-wllology Trajnmg School 5L'PERVISOR VIRGINIA A. PORTER EMMA E. MAHONEY Euglzlrlz. Pwznzazzslzip .IIvtlz00'x Dfrcctvu' Ob.YCl'I'Uf1'0lZ FRANCA C. INGALLS PRIMARY SUPERVISOR Jlnxic JULIA CON EDNA M. HAVEY MARY ELLA PIPER Industrial --Irfx Grudvs VII and VIII AGNES P. MANTOR ALICE L. BOXVIE H1--Vft'l"X' Gradvx I' and VI CHARLES S. PREBLE GERTRCDE SAXYYER ,Vaturc Stzuiy GCUgf'U1"71,V Gr0du.f III and II' S0c1'0I0gy XYILMA NEXVMAN ERROL L. DEARBORN G1-00'c.v 10nd I1 JI1Uf1lL'lIlCIfI.C,T E0'11c0f1'011 d i ALILE LULE LOUISE HILL Sill?-PVIIIIIIIVVV E,'v.v,v1'011 NETTIE S. ROLINIDS MARION ALLEN A-L,L.,.L,mH, P1Ij'.9I'L'tlI lfdllfdflbdll ' LEXYIS MCINTIRE RCTH P. BROADRENT Jw!!-IW, Ar! L- DOFH1it0FieS ChL.mim.y Bm.m.i010m, i 1 S0LvTH 'I'IALL :IIIIIUI-H COM!! L. ESTELLE ALLEN, .llafrmz BRA' fgyyffgp' .STELLA A" DAIXIN . D PURINLQTON HALL P"1'f'ff C'f"'S MINNIE MAXTOR. .11110-mf P5-I'f"L'f09-I' JOSEPH RIGGS, .ffmfffvf I. C. -IOHANSEN XyILUm.5 Health, HUIIIL' IAYIIVSIIZQ 5511001 .Yzuwc LIETTIE M. MAHONEY, hUm.mH Home Economics Department CHARLES XYOODXVARD, !0111'f0r DEAN THE LODGE HELEN E- LOCKWOOD JANE L. RENDRICK, QIIHIVOII. Mvtlzods' Tlzc Family PALMER HALL LILLIAN H. GATES ELLA B. TABBUTT, Mairon Foods Child Care Cllflllfjffy CLIFFORD MCLAUGHLIN, Janitor EFFESSENESS-1930 Uhr Ellarultg E wish to express our deep grati- tude to the members of the faculty for their inspiring influence during our stay at Normal. As the years go by may we show by our lives that we have profited hy our association with these good friends- EFFESSENESS- 19311 ALLEY, ELIZABETII C. Southport, Maine Purington Hall E. M. C. S. " BETTY " Hiking Club. 'ESQ Gym Exhibition. '2Sg House Committee. E283 C. A.. '3Ug Christmas Festival, '3U. "A sweet little maid 'zvith uguxr of blue, .-1 friend worth hazfing, a fa-z't'nd tl1at'.r true: That 'J Betty Alley." You may be sure Betty is full of cheer and is always right on the spot for her share of fun as well as eats. XYe all wish you the best of success in your chosen career. Betty, when you get tired of teaching, just "Tell it to the Marines Maybe some wont understand this but we do, don't we? :XMBROSE, Epxa XrvIRGINIA Springvale, Maine South Hall Sanford High School Sub-primary. Training School " EDDIE " Gym Exhibition, '291 Christmas Folk Festival, '3lPg C. A., '29, '3t'Ig Dramatics Club, '29, '30: House Committee, T293 Edi- torial Board, 230. Eddie and Gerry, Moran and Mac Proctor and Gamble-one never hears of 0116 without the other. Above all Eddie likes to sleepg she is willing to any time. Her other weakness is Cau- field. Here is a girl with I1 never failing sense of humor and a gay, loving disposition? XYhat more could be desired? ANDERSON, REsPA Gardiner, Maine The XVillows Ricker Classical Institute C. A., '30. lf you want a thing done and done right, call Respa. She is always so jolly too, agrees with everyone or at least keeps her disapproval to herself. We are so glad you came to Farmington for your last year at Normal instead of returning to Presque Isle. ARRING1-ox. RUTH M. Appleton, Maine Pl1l'iI1g't011 Hall Union High School C. A., '29g Girls' A.. -T293 Gorham Game Coinrnitteeg Proc- tor: Summer Session, '20, '26, '27. "Very COJlSFl'C'1Zf1'0ZIJ' but full of fun, .-I good friend and a true one." Ruth is inclined to be quiet and reserved but when you know her, she 1s.the jolliest friend ever. Vile know that she will be successful in whatever she undertakes. EFFESSENESS--1930 AVERY, HILDA MAE Winthrop, Maine South Hall VVinthrop High School' Sub-primary, Training School Gym Exhibition, '29. Hilda, the girl who lives for week-ends in XVinthrop. She tries so nobly to conceal her art of entertaining but can well enough. The inmates of South Hall know where to find enter- tainment. Hilda's impersonations are too good to be soon for- gotten. Winthrop is a good place, Hilda. Good luck to you. BAILEY, LETHA E. China, Maine Oak Grove Seminary "BERTHA" XVe greatly fear that Bertha will never be a rich woman. She has one great passion that will consume her cash and wreck her career, that is-her liking for ICE CREAM. BANKS, ALICE Belfast, Maine The XYilloxvs Crosby High School Grades 'I' and S, Training School i' MIALICE " A. A., '30g C. A., '30. ".-lim at thc highest." Her ambition is to be an ideal school teacher. It is quite doubtful as to whether she will remain in the teaching profession long. Vlfhat about Mark? BARKER, T. DOUGLAS Milo, Maine Milliken Hall Milo High School " DOUG " Student Council: C. A., '29g Tennis Club, '30g Gym Exhibition, '29g Choral. '29, S. O. S. Broadcast, '29: Treas. Tennis Club, '30g S. O. S. Member, Tennis Team, '29, '3O. Doug. that winning smile of yours xvon't be forgotten easily. It has been our pleasure to have you with us and we know that wherever you go that personality plus will be your greatest asset. EFFESSENESS-1930 15 BAXTER, EVELYN M. Malden, Mass. Purington Hall Malden High School Grade 4, Fairbanks " EVIE " C. A., '29, '30g Junior Cabinet, '29, Senior Cabinet. 30, Hiking Club, '29, A. A., '30, Gym Exhibition, '293 Christmas Festival, '30g School Orchestra, '29, '30, Tennis Club, House President, '3O. That she is an artist her sketches show. How come she to be so wise- The lass with the litho-fautastis toe And lightly laughing eyes? A clearer treasure far, than gold Because we know she 'S true. BEAN, FR.-xNcEs R. Skowhegan, Maine South Hall Skowhegan High School Sub-Primary, Training School " FRAN " BEAN-O " C. A., '29, '30, " Little, but 011 my," Singing and dancing and happy all day, Fran's the one to drive the blues away, Her cheer, in the future. we can plainly tell lYill be reserved for no other than -. Did I get a letter? Fran's same old question each time the mail arrives. Nl'e wish you the best of success and health and happiness in the future. BEEDE, B,-xRBAR.1. CALDEN South Paris, Maine The YVillows South Paris High School Primary Grades. lYest Farmington "BARB" C. A., '29, '3U1 Junior Cabinet, '29, Hiking Club, '29, 'Slip Choral Society. '29, '30g Proctor, '29g Basketball, '29, '30, Chairman of Girls' A. A., '30, XYilloxrs Play, '30, Gym Exhibi- tion, '29, Hockey, '29, "EVN looking zifmfard to a fail man." Always laughing whenever you see her-that is Barb. If you ever see Barb you will not see Helen so far away. Bickroko, BEATRICE B. Auburn, Maine Purington Hall Edward Little High School Grade -1, Fairbanks "BEA" Choral, '29, '-30: Tennis Club. '29, '303 C. A.. '29, '3O: Devo- tional Committee. '30g Gym Exhibition, '29, Proctor, '29, House Secretary, '30. "Happy I am, from care I am free, lVIzy arwft they all contented like mc?" Then we hear her chattering gaily and see the hidden gleam of roguish eyes in one that is like precious metal, all refined, and whose worth is surpassed by none. EFFESSENESS-1930 BLACK, AVLLENA Bailey Island. Maine Lakewood Ave. Portland High School Lower Grades, XVest Farmington " BILL " C. A., '28, T305 A. A., '30g Tennis Club, '29, Gym Exhibition, '29, " She was fall and blonde and fair-" lYe don't need to go to the movies to see Esther Ralston with Bill in our class. If you are hunting for a true blue sport you won't Find one better than Bill and have you ever noticed that roguish twinkle in her eyes? If true friendship can insure suca cess in life may yours always attend you. RI.ACK1uoR12, MARJORIE THELXXIA Rumforcl, Maine South Hall Stephens High School Upper Grades. Town School C. A.. '3tIg Gym Exhibition, '3O3 Christmas Festival, '3Og A. A., '3llg Invitation Committee. Fz'r.rt it was " Los" Tlzvrz it was " Phil ", Ntxrt if was " Bob ", Now it is "B1'l1". XX'e believe you consider variety the spice of life. XVishing you success in all your undertakmgs. BONNEY, DORA A. Lewiston, Maine South Hall Canton High School Grade 1, Training School 'A DODO " C. A.. '1Z6: Hiking Club. T363 Soangetaha Camphre, T261 C. O. D. Club, '30. " Such a one as any would ttfislz fo know." A supposedly quiet girl but just get acquainted with her. She is full of fun and a good sport. XVe only wish that you could have been with us two years, Dora. BRADSTREET, CLORA M. Albion, Maine Purington Hall Besse High School Grades 3 and -1, Town School -- cLo " C. A., '303 Girls' A. A., '30. " VVI1-C11 you are lonesome and blue And don't lcuon' wha! fo do Go sue Clo, slu' is the one- Good hearted and full of fun." lVe wonder why Clora is looking so pale lately? VVe think it is because she is so nervous sleeping with her door unlocked along with dieting. lVell, Clora, never mind, we wish you the best of success. EFFESSENESS-19 BRIGGS, INEZ M. XVest Paris, Maine Purington Hall 'West Paris High School Grades 3 and -L, Town School C. A., '34'l. Although you have been with us only one year you have made many friends. Your mind seems to be free from worry. Yet when we see a far away look in your eyes we wonder if you are thinking of Don? BUCK, XYINIFRED L. Gardiner, Maine South Hall Gardiner High School Upper Grades, XYest Farmington " XYINNIE " "The fl'I'ClIdSlZ1.f7 bufzvcull you and me I :will not rouzluiru to a chain ,' for that rains nziglzf rust, or rlzu falling trac miilllf brvakj' No matter whether it is about the hardest lesson in psychology, or the easiest example in arithmetic that you want to know: just ask XYinnie. XVe will never forget the girl who gained inauv friends through her little kindnesses to everyone. Best of luck and happiness. BROOKS, BLANDINE C. Rangeley, Maine Purington Hall Rangeley High School " DEM? " C. A., '29, '30g A. A., T303 Gym Exhibition. " Hur .v1zz'11z'ng 'Z'I'I'l'llC - modesty." Blandine hails from Rangeley, the place of all good things. She is always looking forward to week-ends. Perhaps it is be- cause she is sure of hearing three blasts from the rlivvei' horn. As a teacher she is sure to be a success. BROVVN, EVELYN GERTRUDE Augusta, Maine Purington Hall Cony High School Grades 5 and G, Training School " BUDDY." " EVIE " C. A.. '29, '30g Junior Cabinet. '29g Membership Committee, '3Og Gym Exhibition, '29, Hiking Club, '29, Girls' A. A., '30, "It's nice fo be natriral VVIICIL your are Jzaturally nice." Buddy believes in taking bumps with a smile and always comes bobbing up with a grin. She is as generous and kind hearted as they make them, and there isn't anything too much for her to do for a friend. She gives her whole self to whatever she does and whatever she does is a success. 3 0 EFFESSENESS-1930 BUNKER, CLARA Bangor, Maine Bangor High School Grades 7 and 8, Training School C. A., '29, '30, Cabinet Committee, '30, Gym Exhibition, '29g Hiking Club, '29, '30g A. A., '30g Interclass Hockey. T295 Dramatic Club, '30g " Mice and Men "5 House Committee Proctor, '30g "Apple Blossom Time ". " .-1 'Zi'1'lIl'llg hcarf liglifcns 'worlrf' Clara is one who is always willing to help. XVhether her voice be heard in class or from third floor it is quite safe to conclude that all will leave their slumbers and things will move. She has certainly been a worthwhile classmate. VVe feel sure she has learned to improve her spare time. BURNHAM, NINA :XLBERTA North Jay, Maine Perkins Street Wilton Academy " NINE " A. A., '30g Tennis Club, '30g Hiking Club, '30, "Laugh ana' the :world laughs 'with you." lVe wonder why Nina is overjoyed? I know why it is- She has heard from Floyd. Never mind. Nina, we all like to get let- ters and as far as the sender is concerned we don't blame you. XVe all wish you the highest success as a teacher. BURR, PHEBE Rumford, Maine Purington Hall Stephens High School " PHEBE " Hiking Club, '29g Gym Exhibition, '29g House Committee, '29g C. A., '29, '3Ug Tennis Club, '29, '30. "Judge lim' not by hcr length." XYho is that cute little girl with the blonde boyish bob and the nice blue eyes? lVe are certainly going to miss you. Best of luck. BUSHLEY, lllARGARET L. Rumford, Maine The VVillows Stephens High School Grades 5 and 6, Town School " PEGGY " "Laugh and thc world laughs 'with yon." Peggy is a good friend and a true one. One mannerism we do hope she will never adopt-chewing gum.. Because, you see, we all remember how Melvina chewed gum 1n "Apple Blossom Time ". EFFESSENESS- 19 BUTCHER, EMILY NIADORA Lisbon Falls, Maine South Hall Lisbon Falls High School Lower Grades, Town School " EM " C. A., '30g Gym Exhibition, 295 Christmas Festival, '3Og A. A., '3O. ".-1 pretty 7l1L1l'C1lClI, su'e'c'f and fort. I'm almost certain slit' Izlccs fo fizrtf' lVe see you have given up wearing bobby pins and seem to prefer the company of small and sweet people. lVe wish you success. Em, in all your future undertakings be they marital or professional. BUTTERFIELD, EDITH B. Pittsfield, Maine South Hall Kingfield High School Grades l and 2, Training School C. A., '303 Hiking Club, '29, V301 Gym Exhibition. '293 House President, 130: Modern Authors Club. '303 C. O. D. Club, '3ll. ".-1 friend in nccd is a friend indeed." can always be depended upon tell by her determination here that success will always be hers. Our best wishes accompany her wherever she may go. One of our studious girls who to lend a helping hand, lYe can CARLSON, MARY Brownville Jet., Maine The VYillows Brownville let. High School " MAC " Hiking Club, '28, '29: Gyni Exhibition. Mary's cheerful spirit and pleasant smile make her always welcome wherever she goes. CARTER, ELENA Etna, Maine Purington Hall Newport High School .i DOT ,, C. A., 28, '29, '30: Hiking Club, '28, '29, Gym Exhibition. TES, House Committee, '30g B Hop Committee, T305 Tennis Club, 128, 29. willow: than wisdom, more than wcnltli, A merry heart that lazzighs at care." In the three quarters you have been with us, Dot, we have discovered in you a real friend. XVe notice you have a paiiicular leaning toward our drummer. However, a successful teaching career has been assured you. 30 EFFESSENESS-1930 CATES, lllIRIAM B. Vassalboro, Maine South Hall Oak Grove Seminary Upper Grades, Farmington Falls " MIM " C. A., '29, '3O: Hiking Club. '29: Field Hockey, T293 Gym Ex- hibition, '29g Tennis Club, T293 Christmas Festival, '30, House Committee, '3O: Girls' A. A., '3O. Miriam says her life is an open book but we notice that some of the pages are stuck together. XVe hope it has a happy end- ing, " Be prepared " is Minrs motto and we all know she lives up to it. XVe never think of Mim but what we think of this oft repeated phrase, " Got any more chocolate bars?" CHADBOURNE, GERTRUDE A. Newport, Maine South Hall Newport High School Grades 1 and 2, Model School " TRUDY " C. A., '29, '3O: Choral Society, '30, Fellowship Committee, '30, Basketball, '29, Gym Exhibition, '29. Trudy certainly has a wonderful personality. One could guess by the number and the length of letters she receives from North- eastern. XVe are all wondering how she finds time to answer them. Has she any interests in Farmington? Ask her. CHAMBERLIN, BERNICE ALICE Clinton, Maine Purington Hall Clinton High School " BERNIECIA " Girls' Athletic Association, '30, Christian Association, '30. If we want a picture or a paper to read we just go in room 45 because we know Bunny has them. Bunny is full of fun and a good friend to all. Good luck to you. C11.xMi:ERL1N. FRANCES A. Clinton, Maine Purington Hall Clinton High School l H FRANKIE " l Hiking Club, '26g C. A., '30g A. A., '30. Frances is another one of the Chamberlin sisters, you know. XYe hope that she gets a large paying position so that she can go abroadg especially to visit Norway, from where she has been receiving Knightly letters, EFFESSENESS-1930 CHAMBERLLN, HARRIET M. Clinton, Maine Purington Hall Clinton High School " HI-HAT " C. A., '29, '30g Hiking Club, '29, Girls' A. A., '30, Gym Ex- hibition, '29g Field Hockey. '29. Harriet is very conscientious and her work is always done to perfection. VVe would not think of having a party without Hi- Hat. lVe hope she gets a position that appeals to her. lVhen you get tired of teaching, Harriet, we all hope you will Find a man that appeals to you or else be an appealing old maid. CHASE, RUTH JANE Brooks, Maine Purington Hall Brooks High School Grades 3 and 4, Town School " RCFTQS " C. A., '30g A. A., '3O. "The world dcliglifs in simny people." Although you have been with us only one year you have made many friends. Your cheerful disposition has endeared you to our hearts. If you are a specimen of what Brooks produces We will welcome more like you. In the profession of teaching-Youre sure to win fame-Unless you decide-To change your name. CHASE, AIILDRED Skoxvhegan, Maine South Hall Skoxvhegan High School C. A., '29, '30g Gym Exhibition, 329. Mildred, may you ever meet success at every turn of lifes road. We are sure you will because ive know the ability and persever- ance you have shown all during your course xvith us is an example of your capabilities. There is no summit you may not attaing No worthy purpose you cannot achieve. CHRISTIE, WARENA Milo, Maine The VVillows Milo High School Grades 5 and 6, Toxvn School C. A., '29, '30g Hiking Club, '29, Gym Exhibition: A. A.. '30, C. A., Cabinet Committeeg House Presidentg "Apple Blossom Time ". " The joy of this world when you. Iiazfc' .rzmzmed it fill up, Is found in the making of friends." Warena has certainly made many friends with her ever ready smile. In spite of her sh-h's everyone likes to see her coming. We hope they will be more effective next year than on third this year. Here 's to your success. ' EFFESSENESS- 1930 CHURCHILL, NlARION E. North New Portland, Maine South Hall Anson Academy Grades 1 and 2, Town School C, A., '27, '30g Gym Exhibition, '2Tg Modern Authors Club, '29, '30. If you 're wanting some help Vtlhen you 're sad and you 're blue, If you're wanting a friend NVho will be square and true too, If you're wanting a teacher For grades one and two Then I'll take you to Marion, She 's the right one for you. CLARK, REGINALD S. Franklin, Maine Franklin High School "REGGIE" C. A. Cabinet, '28, '29g Chairman of Membership Committee, '29, '30, C. A. Representative to Poland Springs, '30, B Hop Committee, Student Council, '29, 230. "Still :wafers ruin deep." Reggie. we feel we do not know you as well as we should. Anyway as much as we do know we like you lots. One so cheer- tul and serious is certain to succeed. CONDON. GLADYS Augusta, Maine South Hall Cony High School " GLAD " .-1 l1fEl'll1lf soul living ri'ifhdrdn'11 in ri plate of sclf content." Glad seems to be bored with about everything here but we may he wrong about this. In spite of this we are sure that she will make a fine school teacher and we wish her the best of luck in everything she attempts. CONV, FAITH CARLYLE Augusta, Maine South Hall Cony High School Grades 3 and 4, Model School Gym Exhibition, '29, Folk Festival, '30g Dramatics Club, '29g Modern Authors Club, '29, Vice President of Modern Authors Clubg Dramatic Editor of Year Bookg House Committee, '29. Faith came to us two years ago from that flourishing metropo- lis on the seething Kennebec. She is always eager to help in any crisis, and tries to put the best foot forward. Her keen sense of humor has helped to enliven many a boring class and we shall miss her. Best of luck, Faith. EFFESSENESS-1930 CONY, VELMA M, Oxford, Maine Purington Hall Oxford High School "VELMA" A. A., '30g Hiking Club, '30, If silence is golden And such things are true Then you have a fortune, Velma, coming to you, CRANDELL, CATHERINE Derby, Maine Purington Hall Milo High School Grades 7 and S, Model School " KIT " C. A., '29, '30: Tennis Club, gill House Committee, T293 A. A.. '30g Hiking Club, '29, '3Ug Gym Exhibition, '29, "Bc Carcfrcu Us flu' day is long." Kit is always very optimistic and she possesses the valuable asset of meeting everything with a smile. Last year Kit could holler louder than the rest of the bunch, but this year she seems to have settled down to her profession. Best of luck at B. C. CRONKITE, CLAYTON R. Skowhegan, Maine Skowhegan High School Grades T and S, Model School " CRONK " C. A.. '29g F Club. '29, '3lIg Tennis Club, '29, '30, Tennis Team, '29, '3Og Reserve Basketball Team, '29, 'Bug Gym Exhi- bition, 129. Between your studies and athletics we wonder what you du with all your spare time. Oh now we have it--those " Daly " visits to South Hall. CULLETON, JEAN M. The Forks, Maine Court Street VVest Forks High School " G-G," " Hl GENE," " BUD " C. A., '29, '303 Dramatics Club, '30, " Mice and Men "5 Gorham Game Committee. Remember, G-G, early to bed and early to rise save many a squeak, peek and sigh. Days may be FLAT and days may be Sharp. EFFESSENESS-1930 CUSHMAN, RUTH AIADLYN South Paris, Maine Purington Hall West Paris High School Grades 3 and 4, Model School " CUSH " C. A.. '303 Girls' A. A.. '30, "II is not good for man to bc alone." Ruth, although you have been with us but one year you have made many friends. Wie know you are very studious but there is one thing that makes you forget your books and that is when Cush calls up. lVe don't blame you, however, having seen him. XVe wonder if you intend to make teaching a life profession or an experimental pastime. Vllhicheyer it may be. we wish you the very best of luck. DALY, EDNA Gardiner, Maine South Hall Gardiner High School Grades 3 and 4. Town School .. ED ., C. A., T293 Dramatic Club, '29, '303 Hiking, '29: Gym Exhibi- tion: Tennis Club, '30. To the best of room mates- Ed is a girl who goes with a steady. Nevertheless her subjects are ready, VVhatex'er she tries she does with great vim. ln her teaching career we know she will win. D.w1s, ERMA CELIA Athens, Maine The Vliillows Somerset Academy " ERMIE " Gym Exhibition: Folk Festival, '30. Sim is jvrctty to walk zvifh, witty to talk tvifli, and fvleasant, too, to think on." Maybe a great many more people think this about her than we know. If one were to list her interests it would be a long list, but then why should any girl specialize? Good luck to you, Ermie. XVe are sure success awaits just around the corner. DEARBORN, SADIE BI.-XRGUERITE Corinna, Maine Purington Hall Corinna Union Academy Grade 2 C. A.. '29, T305 Hiking Club, T293 A. A., '30g Gym Exhibition. ff It is the quiet worlsman who succeeds." If through the world you are searching For a friend that 's kind and true, If you see a grin, that 's Sadie, She 's always a word for you. EFFESSENESS-1930 DELANO, RUTH H. Lincoln, Maine South Hall Grades 5 and 6, Town School " DEL " C. A.. '29, '3Og Gym Exhibition, C. O. D., '30, A. A., '30. "'S 1111 ' lc and thc l'Va1'la' smiles 'zviflz you." Here we have the girl who is always smiling yet prefers Grey days. XVe wish you the best of luck, Del, and we know you will succeed. DILL, LUCILLE l. Dixlield, Maine The Lodge Dixheld High School 'A CINDY " Cindy. what 's this we hear about sending jonquils to Lewis- ton? Some things seem rather mysterious, we must admit, espe- cially when we think of "holding down street corners on cold. windy nights." Alone? We wonder. DUNHAM, ESTHER ul. Oakland, Maine Purington Hall Dixheld High School Upper Grades. Farmington Falls " ESTYX' " EJ " C. A,, '29, '30, Hiking Club, '29g Gym Exhibition, '29, Choral Society. " .-1 task .rm'm.r vim'-ez' 'wry long If HlUl1.S'lll'L'd with a smile or song." List to the music through the corridors Howing. Pause from our work in wondernient, knowing That Esther, our friend, as she plays sweet melodies. Enjoys to the utmost talking to keys. FENWICK, CARL H. Bar Harbor, Maine B. H. H. S. " PEN " Varsity Basketball, '29, '30, S. O. S., '30, C. A., '29, '30, F, Club, '29, '30, VVhere gettest thou that way with girls? A gift. O Carl, your way so winning, You 've changed your taste of late we see, In lady friends especially- 'Twas blondes in the beginning! 0, EFFESSENESS-1930 FLINT, ill.-XRGUERLTE K. Bethel, Maine South Hall Gould Academy Lower Grades " PEGGY " C. A.. '29, '30, Hiking Club, Gym Exhibition, D Hop Com- mittee, Girls' A. A,, S. H. Basketball team, Assistant Local Editor of Year Book, B. Hop Committee, Interclass B. B. team, Cheer Leader, Hockey. "Dorm on your knees and thanile God fasting for a good manlr l07rc'."' Peggy is a girl who is everywhere at once, making folks happy with her cheerful countenance and winning ways. VVhenever any one is blue Peggy is summoned to clear away the gray clouds. May you be as cheery throughout your life as you have been here. FRENCH, FRANCES North Anson, Maine The VVillows Anson Academy Grade 1. Training School Gym Exhibition, '29, Modern Authors Club, '30, Interclass Basketball, '29, Hockey, '30, A. A., '30, VVillows Play, '30. W'c'rc sure her merry eyes assert, Slzuir wry much izzclinzvd fo flirt. lYhen she 's awake-but well we know her weakness-sleep. lYhere ever she's found you 'll find fun. Let ns advise you -- don't change your disposition for the wealth of kings. FRos'1', SUSIE Woodland, Maine South Hall VVoodland High School Grades T and 8, Training School " SUSIE " Hiking Clnb, '29, '30, Gym Exhibition: Choral Society, '30, Modern Authors, '30, Dramatic Club, '30, C. A., '30, "Mice and Men XYhat miss is that with short brown hair, lVith grave grey eyes and face so fair. XVho graces South Hall? So studious, brisk, and bound for the right, Making her grade with all her might? 'Tis Susie, admired by all. GAGNE, THEODORE L. Farmington, Maine Middle Street Farmington High School Upper Grades, Town School .l TED N C. A., '29, '30, Varsity Baseball, '29, Reserve Basketball, '29, '30, S. O. S., '30, Choral Society, '29, '30, Gym Exhibition, '29, Ted is a good little athlete in spite of his diminutive size. He shone on the basketball floor this year and also in baseball last spring. VVe wish him the best of luck in whatever career he may follow. EFFESSENESS-1930 GAMMON, C. LOUISE Buckiield, Maine Purington Hall Buckfield High School C. A., '30: Girls' A. A., '30: Summer Sessions, '27, '28, '29. W'e wonder if Louise should have taken the Home Economics course? Collecting recipes seems to be her favorite " hobby ". Wie might make a few prophecies about her future, but time will tell. Good luck, Louise. GATTRELI., F. LESTER Bar Harbor, Maine High Street Bar Harbor High School Grade T, Town School "PETE" Sigma Oniecroni Sigma: C. A., '29, T203 Varsity Basketball. '28, '29, '3U: Mgr. Basketball, '28, '29, 'Slip Varsity Tennis team, '28, '29, Till: Mgr. Tennis. '28, '29, '3U: Varsity Track, '2S: Tennis Club. '23, '29, '30: Treas. Tennis Club, 29: Choral So- ciety. '29, '31l: Vice President Choral, HID: S. O. S. Broadcast, '28: Minstrel Show, '2-9: " D" Hop Committee, '2Rg Chairman "B" Hop, '29: "B" Hop Committee, '3H: Dramatics Club, '3lI: Operetta, '2S: 'X'ice'Pres. S, O. S., 'mil Business Mgr. of EFFEssEN12ss, '29: "F" Club, '28, '29, .302 Arbor Day Com- mittee, '29, GILES, Gwl-:Nno1.vN .XNITA Boothbay, Maine South Hall Boothbay High School ,Grades 3 and -L Town School " GXYEN " 29, '3ll: Hiking Club, '29: A. A.. TEH: Christmas Festival. " Lvl us :work tuliilt' rua work and Hay zulxili' rw play." That is Gwen. 'Graduation after seven quarters meant work, but look at her grin and you will see she doesnt miss the fun. XYould the rest of us had her power of application. GILLIS. Grxix G. Calais, Maine The XYillows Calais Academy Grade 1, Model School "GINA" Basketball, '29: Tennis Club, '29: Gym Exhibition: Modern Authors Club: Hockey. '305 Literary Editor of Year Book: NYillOws Play: A. A., '30. Her eyes of blue, her golden locks, XYhy just the way she walks and talks, Anyone would know she was full of fun. lVe 'll surely miss her when she's done. jWho is it that successfully manages our affairs from literary editor -to the best way to Aspend the week-end? XVhere ever you Gnd Gina you hnd good tunes and plenty of excitement. If you do not believe it ask anyone at school. EFFESSENESS-1930 GLINES, VIRGINIA Rumford, Maine South Hall Stephens High School Lower Grades, West Farmington .I GIN I, A. A., '303 Dramatic Clubg Humorous Editor of Year Bookg Hiking Club. '30g Gym Exhibitiong " D " Hop Committeeg " B " Hop Committeeg Gorham Game Committee: Proctor, '30, "A comrade blitlzc and full of glcc, Who dares to la-ugh out loud' ana' free." Perhaps she will be a teacher, but what ever she does in life we are pretty sure she will come back and be an oculist's wife. GOUCIIER, ATAXINE Fort Fairfield, Maine South Hall Fort Fairfield High School -I MAX " C. A., '29, '30g Hiking Club, '29, '30, Gorham Game Committeeg " B " Hop Committeeg A. A,, '29, '30, Folk Festivalg Proctorg Gym Exhibitiong Tennis Club. " She scattered JIHISIIIIIL' along the way." Max is one of our class babies and isn't she cute? Those baby blue eyes can twinkle as do the stars and her pretty head can bob so graciously that she is irresistible. Her favorite expression -Have I a letter? Max can trip the light fantastic to per- fection. She is very popular of course. CIRAHAM. RUTH C. Brunswick, Maine Purington Hall Oak Grove Seminary Grade 1, Model School C. A., '29, '3U: Hiking Clubg Gym Exhibitiong A. A., '30. For shame, writers of Scotch jokes, we think you have been fooling us for here we have a Scotch lassie who is not the least bit close. Instead of saving her pennies she spends them for chocolate bars and ice cream. Her friends also receive generous portions of her thoughtfulness, love of fun and dry humor. Her favorite song-"I love a Laddie". GRANT, THI:1.MA E. Frankfort, Maine South Hall Frankfort High School Grades 5 and 6, Town School " TIM " Hiking Club, '29, Secretary, '30g Gym Exhibition, Folk Fes- tival: C. A,, '29, '3Ug Tennis Club, '29, '3ll3 Hockey, '29, C. O. Du '3O. Nlllorc than wealth, more than rriisdonz, .-1 merry livart that laughs at care." Thats our Tim. Known and loved by all. EFFESSENESS - 19 GREGOIRE, TURNER D. Jay, Maine Milliken Hall Unity High School Grades 5 and 6. Model School " GREG " Secretary of Class, '30, " Thr bigger they are the harder they faIl."' This might apply to his big husky roommate but Greg seems to apply this to everything he tackles. XVe wish him much suc- cess. GROSSE, ELLA -I. V Searsport, Maine South Hall Bangor High School .. JANE ,, Girls' A. A.: Hockeyg Folk Festival. Light or dark, short or tall. Her popularity is known by all. A one track mind for a certain man, A happy heart and a willing hand. HAMMOND, THELMA Strong, Maine The Lodge Strong High School C. A., '29g House President, '30g Gym Exhibition, 'Z39. " She 's rather quiet But who can say She'll not have the last word If it takes all day," We all knew you were fond of nature study, so we were not surprised to learn that you had become especially fond of " Reeds HARRIS, IOANNA Milo, Maine Purington Hall Milo High School Grades 3 and 4, Model School if JO y, "It is nice fo bc naiural zvlzcn- yo1L"r'e -rzatztrally nice." This exactly describes Jo. She is another one of those quiet girls whose merits are hidden, but what a good sport she is when the preliminaries are over. 3 O 29 9 EFFESSENESS-1930 Hi-XRRIS, ROBERT BECKLEY Turner, Maine Milliken Hall Leavitt Institute Bliss College " BOB ", " GENE " Gym Exhibition, '29, '30. Bob. although one of our best poets. is essentially a retiring individual. He seems to have a yen for nature study. He enjoys the wide open spaces: is a collector of curiosities and minerals. Among the precious stones with which he is familiar are RUBIES for which he has expressed a fondness. He is an expert mountain climber which no doubt correlates with his nature study. HAs1cELI., KATHLEEN Rockland, Maine South Hall Rockland High School " KITTY " A. A., '3Ug Choral Society. Kitty is one of the dearest in our class. Her ever willing at- titude to help has won the hearts of one and all. XN'e wonder why she was so anxious to Finish her cedar chest-just look on a Finger of her left hand and perhaps you can read the answer. lVe understand she does not intend to teach for very long. She has aspirations of changing from a teacher to a " lValker". HE:XL, Bl.-XLCOLM B.-XRKER Greenville, Maine Milliken Hall Higgins Classical Institute " MOOCH " C. A., '29, '30g Gym Exhibition, '29, '3O. Mooch-debonair, cheerful, generous, will long be reniem- bered by his friends at F. S. N. S. Although something of a sheik, he manifested at school many sterling qualities which went a long way toward making up for his weakness for the fair sex. XVe trust his personality will secure for him the things he most desires in the world, yes, even an exemplification of his favorite color which is HAZEL. H1uuLNs, ROBERT C. Bar Harbor, Maine B. H. H. S. " BOB " . Gym Exhibition: Basketball Reserves, '29, '30: Varsity Base- ball. '29g S. O. S., 'SIU C. A., '29, '30g Folk Festivalg Tennis Club, '29, There came into our school one day A lad of tender age and heart. The girls adore him too they sayg XVe trust that long with us he 'll stay, This youth from Maine's fair rocky bay. May Bob Higgins ne'er depart. EFFESSENESS-1930 HOCTOR, CATHRYN R. Biddeford, Maine South Hall Biddeford High School lfpper Grades. lYest Farmington ,. KAY H C. A., '303 Hiking Club: Gym Exhibition: D Hop Committee: Gorham Game Committeeg A. A., '30g Folk Festival: Local Editor Year Bookg B Hop Committee: Hockey, '30g Dramatic Club: House Committee: House Secretary, '3Ug Cheer Leader. " Should we live fo ble a million we 'will izczfcr forget hor." " Let Kay Hoctor do it " has become the war cry of the class of '30 whether it be making speeches in chapel or leading cheers during games. You will always lead. Kay, and here 's wishing you the best of everything through life. HowARD, FAITH North Jay, Maine South Hall Jay High School Grades 5 and 6. Town School " FAITHFUL " C. A., '29g Hiking Club: Gym Exhibition: Folk Festival: C. O. D., '30g A. A., '30. "It docs Hof fake big people to do big z'1ii11gs."J She isn't very large but nothing is too big for her to attempt. VVe do not have to stretch our imagination very far to see her as an arithmetic teacher in Bliss College. HUMPHREY, BIILDRED L. Brewer, Maine Brewer High School Grade -1, Fairbanks " MICKY " C. A., '29, ,301 Junior Cabinet. '29g Publicity Committee, '30g Hiking Club, '29, '30g Tennis Club. '29, 'iillg Hockey. '293 Gym Exhibition, '29g House Committee, '30g Girls' A. .-X. Hrlfickcy, ,Muffy Illickvy, Iflfith your eyes so Iwazfmzly blue, IfVz'th your smiling .vo beguiling- Can you blame anyone for falling in low' with you? " HUTCHINS, HERMIONE Kingfield, Maine The Willows Kingheld High School Grades T and S, Town School " HERMIONE " C. '29, '30g Choral Society, '3Og Gym Exhibition. '29: Christmas Festival, '30: Hiking Play, '29g XX'illows Play. H PVlzatcz'or you do Do with your might, Things done by Iu1lz'e.r .-Ire 1wz'cr done right," lVe all know this is especially true of Hermione and we feel sure she will be a very successful teacher. EFFESSENESS-1930 HUTCHINS, LUCILLE Corinna, Maine Purington Hall Corinna Union Academy C. A., '29, '30, Hiking Club, '29, Gyin Exhibition, '29. Tall and slcndcr, full of fun, Lucille makes friends with c1'u1'yo1zc." IKM.-NN, LAURA HELEN Orono, Maine 1438 Main Street Orono High School Grades 3 and -1, Training School .1 HEL U Gym Exhibition, '29g C. A.. '29: Christmas Festival. '30, " It "s .vour bleasant words And thc snzzlvs .von wear That zzzakes the 511115111110 cz'srv1t'I11:rc." Ixc..-x1.Ls, GERARD XV. Bar Harbor, Maine Berry Hall Bar Harbor High School 'A DUD " Varsity Basketball,V'29. '30g S. O. S.. '30, Captain Basketball, '3U: C. A.. '29, '3Ug Gym Exhibition, '29, Minstrel Show, '29. Dud was a good basketball man and also shone in other sports which we will not mention. He should have a car or some means of conveyance to take him on his evening walks. The town has proposed to run a bus to Fairbanks for his sole use. He is seriously considering this plan which we hope will have his approval. TOXTA. All-XRY ELIZABETH Mexico, Maine South Hall Mexico High School Grades 5 and 6, Town School " BETTY " C. A.. '29, '30, Junior Cabinet: Hiking Club. '29: C. A. Fair Committee, '29g Gym Exhibition, Girls' A. Af 30: lVedding of the Sports, 'ZZ9g Folk Festival. T293 B Hop Committee, Ten- nis Club, '30. "As nzcrry as the day is long." Betty, we thought you were the one girl in a thousand who disdained to accept the attention of the opposite sex. However, the bulky and numerous letters from Bowdoin have proven he- yond a doubt that your man hating attitude is assumed. VVe wish you to be Filled with sunshine and success. EFFESSENESS--1930 JACKSON, BEATRIX Monson, Maine The VVillOwS Monson Academy H BEE " C. A.. '30: Gym Exhibition, '29g House Committee, T293 lVil- lows Play, '30. Good linings some in little packages." They never knew what an actor yOu.were, Bee, until we saw you as Mickey in "Apple Blossom Tune". May you always have " Mickey's" cheerful outlook On life. JOHNSON, i5tLICE M. Farmington, Maine South Street Farmington High School Upper Grades, lVest Farmington .. AL, If Al has an enemy in this world. he is yet to be found. Have you encountered that rare sense of humor she possesses? May your ship steer straight to success. JOHNSON, CORINNE Monson, Maine The VVillows Monson Academy " KINTY " C. A., '30, Choral Society, '29, '30g Gym Exhibition, '29. "ll1fz1.vic hath clmruz,.v." lVe wonder what the "WillOwites" will do next year for a piano player? XVe shall never forget the pleasant times we have had with you as our p1an1st. JOHNSON, BIARGARET E. Thomaston, Maine South Hall Thomaston High School Grades 5 and 6, Town School " PEGGY " Choral Society, '28, ,293 Gym Exhilbitiong Music Editor of Year Book. . " The greatest pleasure of Iifc is low." Most of Pegg'y's thoughts seem to be along Maine lines. We are wondering about a recent week-end and the pin that returned with her. We all wish you success your profession, but un- derstand you will change it for a ditterent One. EFFESSENESS-1930 JOHNSON, RUTH BUSHER Belfast, Maine Puringtou Hall Crosby High School " RUTHKINS " C. A., '29, '30g Gym Exhibitiong Hiking Club. '2l9g Wedding of the Sports, '30, House Committeeg Folk Festivalg A. A., '303 Hockey, '29, " WI' notice you- enjoy 1111: L'077l'fYt11Zj' of thc radiator, But in years to como we think it will be the .-l'zfz'ator'." XVe wish you best of luck in all your undertakings, Ruth. We hope you will ever cherish the memories of Farmington Normal and when you are tired of teaching remember that aviators have their success, too. JONES, ,ALLEN Vassalboro, Maine School Street Waterville High School Grades 'T and 8, Model School " JONES " Choral Society.: Orchestra, '30g Tennis Clubg Dramatics Club: C. A., '29, '30. "T1zc man the world call lucky PVz'll fell you ewrry one That JIIECCSX Camas not tt'z'fIz 'Zl'I.S1Z1'11g, But by hard work, bravely done." NO matter when or where you meet Jones he always has the same cheery smile and a hearty hello. Never a day goes by but he does a favor for someone. Allen has quite a little musical ability. XVe hope that he continues to cultivate his gift. JONES, JVELMA Vassalboro, Maine Purington Hall Erskine Academy Grade T, Town School If hard work will bring success. Velma, we know that you will receive it after your thirty hour programs. Here 's the best of luck to you. TNTEARNEY, ELEANOR Biddeford, Maine The VVillows Biddeford High School Grades 5 and 6, Model School " EILY " C. A., '29, '30g Orchestra 5 Junior Cabinet: Hiking Club 5 House Committee, '29 5 House President, '30 3 Modern Authors Club, '30g Gym Exhibition 3 " Apple Blossom Time ". "A happy .vmiile that cheer: us through, A heart that Lv of tr'z1e.rt blue, Mf0l1dP'0ZlS fact and judgment too, Tlzat's Elcauorf' I wonder if -Elly would Share with us her power of persuasion. I know you will make a successful teacher, Eleanor. if you just talk to the children. Here 'S to your success. EFFESSENESS - 19 KEWEZA, rANNE Rumford, Maine South Hall Stephens High School Grades 5 and 6, VVest Farmington " ANNE " Gorham Game Committeeg A. A., '30, Hiking Club, T295 Folk Festival, '30. Little lassie do not weep 'When you 're asked to go to sleep. Like a soldier run along To your bed to grow up strong. Little lassie don't be rude VVhen you 're asl-:ed to eat your food, If you 'll do what you are told You will grow up brave and bold And when you reach XYoinan's Estate Hale and strong and straight, College boys will surely slip And How! KING, HAAZEL South Paris, Maine The XYillows South Paris High School Upper Grades, Fairbanks .. HA ,. Hiking Club, '28, '29g Gym Exhibition. Hazel is a girl with a winning way: Laughing and smiling all the day. LANE, HELEN M. XYinslow, Maine South Hall lYinslow High School Red Schoolhouse " HELEN " The noon mail once seemed to hold great attractions for Helen. but lately--well, we wonder! XYe hope he does not feel too bad. Helen. your future seems to lie in the Field of art. but we wish you the best of luck whether it be fine or domestic arts. LANPHER, CELIA JOSEPHLNE Mt. Desert, Maine Purington Hall Mt. Desert High School Subaprimary. Model School C. A., '29, '30g Hiking Club, '29g A, A., '3llg Gym Exhibition. "A fling for worry, a laugh at care, When thcreir any flux, Celia '.r right there." Is Celia ever serious Laughing the whole day throughg If it 'S Math or History or training She 's never tired or blue. 30 36 EFFESSENESS-1930 LAURENCE, BERTHA Bridgewater, Maine The lfVillows Bridgewater Classical Academy Lower Grades, Farmington Falls HBH C. A., '29, '30: Gym Exhibitiong Hiking Club: House Commit- tee. '293 Modern Authors Club, '3O: Junior Cabinet, '29, " Halffy, jolly, full of fun, B, j'01l"1'C certainly just the one." lYe will always retain happy memories of many good times with you. Xour many friends wish you success. LEAVITT, DOROTHY M. VVest Enfield, Maine South Hall Howland High School Grades 3 and -L, Model School " DOT " Physical Training Exhibition, '29. To all appearances she is very quiet but she is a peach of a sport, LE.-XYITT, LOUISE A. Farmington, Maine Pleasant Street Farmington High School Upper Grades, lVest Farmington H sv Gym Exhibition, '29: A. A., '30g Basketball, ,302 Folk Fes- tival. " Shu jIld'UU5 zzcitlzcr her fz'z'c11ds nor her f'm'mies." May we present. for your approval, Lou Leavitt -- Intelli- gentsia, Girl Athlete, Motorist. and ManhaterP????? LEIGHTON, FRANCES Gardiner, Maine The lN'illows Gardiner High School Grade 1, Model School " PAT " Basketball, '29g Tennis Club, '29: Gym Exhibitiong Hockey, '293 Modern Authors Club. '30: VVillows Playg A. A., '30. "Pm, ym1'rc so happy, so carefree, so -imljislzlv bert, But frankly confess it you do like fo fl1rt!" Contidentially. Pat, won't you share with us other poor strug- gling mortals the secret of your charm over all material things? XVhy is it you have such a complete mastery over every phase of everything from history to music and what is more deploring -of these elusive creatures-MEN? Enlighten us is all we ask. EFFESSENESS-1930 LIBBY, HAROLD E. Topsham, Maine Brunswick High School Grades 7 and 8, Town School " HAROLD " Member of Choral Society, '29, '3Og Orchestra, '29, '30g Bacca- laureate Solo, '3Ug Secretary and Treasurer of Orchestra, T92 Concert Master. '30g Business Manager of Choral, 'ZZUQ Dra- matics, '3-0: Organizer and Manager of F. S. N. S. Dance En- tertainers, '29, Director of Training School Orchestra, 'SOQ Gym Exhibition, '29g Alpha Sigma Delta. NLUZI-Qlllillg, jolly, full of frm. fl good friciid and a Iruc one." Harold, we all know your musical ability and how well you love to work along that line. XVe are sure your stability. good disposition, and friendly smile will win you success. LITTLEHALE, Rosa Auburn, Maine Purington Hall Edward Little High School Grade S, Town School "It is a grunt life if you dUll'f zvcalcwz if." Rose is the worst or the best lat any rate the greatest! practi- cal joker in the school. She doesnt think anything of filling someones bed with cracker crumbs or dousing someone with water thrown through the transom. However, she has bright- ened many a dull evening and has often helped to drive care away. LOON, IRENE V. XYinthrop, Maine South Hall Wintlirop High School Upper Grades, Fairbanks " LOON " Gym Exhibitiong A. A.. '30, Although she was a mere midget when she came here to school she has gained so much knowledge during the past two years that she is quite a big girl now. LORD TXTADELYN S. Searsport, Maine South Hall Searsport High School Grades 3 and 4, Model School " MADDY " C. A., '29, '30g Dramatics Clnbg Gym Exhibition, T95 Proctor. " Her 'voice was ctw' .roft."' Maddy does little besides scream and use loud tones when she wants anybody. This idiosyncrasy of hers has puzzled us Very much, but since the fact has been disclosed that the noise is usually because she wants something to eat we do not blame her at all. May that appetite continue! EFFESSENESS-1930 LUFKIN, CLARICE D. Farmington, Maine Anson Street Farmington High School Sub-Primary, Model School " CASEY " Basketball, '29, '30g Hockey. '29g Choral Societyg Folk Festi- V211, 30: A. A., '30g Chairman of Decoration Committee of B Hop: Athletic Editor of Year Book. One reason why some basketball teams have taken an awful beating. why a certain Lightning Firm sends its sun Qsonj in a one and only way, why there is always a good sport to be found -that 's Casey! LYNN, BEATRICE ELAINE Rumford, Maine South Hall Stephens High School Upper Grades, XVest Farmington " BEE " A. A., '3O: C. A., '29, "SO: Hiking Club, '29, '30q Tennis Club' Gym Exhibition: Folk Festival, Gorham Game Committee, '29, '3U3 Assistant Manager of Year Book, '3lIg Hockey, '3Ug Bas- ketball, '29, '30, B Hop Committee, '30, Cheer Leader' Proctor. 1 "'S1101'f and .vlcudcr and full of fun, But' 's 11 fricnd to E"Z'L'1'j' om." In her future athletics or her journeys to Alaska and Ken- tucky we 're sure she will retain her pep and popularity. MACNIQIL, HARRY L. Derby, Maine Milliken Hall Milo High School Grade 7, Town School " MCSNCPE " C. A., '293 Gym Exhibition: Track Team, '29, House Presi- dent: Tennis Club: Student Council, 'SNL " Nou f11-1'-fzlz'-N011 Simi Nou Cure! " lVho is the best Fire man in school? It sure isn't Mac as any- one at the Igloo will testify. His favorite expression is. "Now when I climbed poles for the Telegraph Company." rind this will be remembered by all in Normal. His detective firm of Mc- Snupe and Stupe have solved many a heinous crime at the Igloo. His weakness seems to be a blue-eyed blonde from Berlin. N. H. Between studying. taking Dot for thirty minute walks and writ- ing love letters is it any wonder that we at the Igloo are nearly frozen? VVell, here 's looking at you, Mac, and best of luck in everything you do. M.-xooxi, IRENE D. Farmington. Maine Middle Street Farmington High School Grades l and 2, lVest Farmington Gym Exhibition, '29, "I am Sta-bbcd with laughter." Here one minute-gone the next. VVe never know quite what Irene is going to do or say-she's a regular whirl-wind! Irene is full of pep and can she dance? W'e heard she refused an offer from Ziegfield this fall.-lVe wonder why? EFFESSENESS-1900 1 MARBLE, KIILDRED FORSEY Haverhill, Mass. 104 Main Street Haverhill High School " MILLY " Gym Exhibition, '29g Folk Festival, '30. Clever as clever as she can be At talking, at drawing, at writing, All three. Unless you look out, you 'll not know it at all For she 's so very reserved withal. FIARR, LOUISE HAMPTON Livermore Falls, Maine South Hall Livermore Falls High School Grades 5 and 6. Town School " LOU " C. A., '29, 'SOQ Gym Exhibition: Hiking Club: Vice President of Hiking Club, '30g A. A.. '303 Folk Festival, 'SSH Tennis Club, '30. "Still wafer rims dcvjv iviflz many a r1'NvIv below thc .rurfact'." Lou, your apparent quietness has not deceived us. Nile Kind that something besides books can bring the sparkle to your eyes. lVe wish you success in whatever you do. MAYO, JXIXIY FLORENCE Boothbay Harbor, Maine Elm Cottage Boothbay Harbor High School Grades 3 and -1, Farmington Falls " MIMI " C. A., '29, '303 Hiking Clubg A. A., '3llg Gym Exhibition. H193 Folk Festival, '3U. "fl nzurry lzuart that Iazrglzs at cars." That is what Amy has and it makes her a splendid friend. By its use she keeps us happy during study periods in Merrill Hall. It will light her way to success. wherever she may be. lXlCCORMICK, LOUISE Gardiner, Maine Girls' Athletic Association, '3l'l. It 's folks like you that make the rest of us realize that the world is a good place to live in after all. How we envy you with your carefree and happy ways, and treasure your friend- ship as one of the jewels of our time spent at F. S. N. S. Don't forget those Sunday night walks. Louiseg we knew they will have a warm place in your heart. NVe wish you success and a happy future. -lin EFFESSENESS-1930 RICDONALD, JOSEPHINE ALICE East Millinocket, Maine South Hall Schenck High School Grades 5 and 6, Model School u In House Committee, '29, '30: Secretary, '30g C. A., '30g Hiking Club, T295 Gym Exhibition. '29, Besides being a good student, Jo is a good reader and a good friend. Wlhat more could anyone desire? RICELWEE, OLIVE Houlton, Maine The XYillows Houlton High School Grades 5 and 6. Town School " OLIVE " Hiking Club, '29: Gym Exhibition: House Committee, '29, '30g Business Manager of "Apple Blossom Time"g Folk Festival, '30 "' l.a11gli and thu world laughs tviflz you,- Cry and you cry alonc:" But this little girl always lzas the 71lL'lj07'Z'fj' on lim' side. V Olive has been with us two years and we find her always will- ing to help a friend in need. Her willingness and cheery smiles have been appreciated by all. MclNNEs, All-XRGARET C. Rumford, Maine S Quebec Street Stephens High School "MlLLIE" Gym Exhibition, '29g Folk Festival, '30, "Bc silcnt and safe-Silence izvwz' betrays von." III the short time that you have had occasion to be with us we sincerely hope that when you leave us you will have dear memoa ries of Farmington and we wish you success in all your under- takings. KICKEEN, ELEANOR CLAIRE Milo, Maine Milo High School Grades 7' and 8, Model School " PAT " C, A., 729. '30g junior Cabinet, Q93 Senior Cabinetg Gym Ex- hibition, '29g Hiking Club, '29: A. A., '30: House Committeeg Editor-in-Chief of Year Book: Dramatics Clubg "Mice and Men "Hafvfvy-cyvd and always gay, Put goes on Ilirougli. life this way." Has she got life? And how! And plenty of it. lYhere Pat is you will Find plenty of enthusiasm. She is a good worker and , an actress, too. If you don't believe it just ask someone who t saw "Mice and Men EFFESSENESS-1930 TNTCLAUGHLIN, CLIFFORD M. North Creek, N. Y. Mililiken Hall Besse High School Grades T and S, Model School' " MAC " Class President, '303 Business Manager of Year Book, T303 C. A., '29, '30g Folk Festival, '3fJ: Gym Exhibition,, '29, " Tl1vrc".v a little fellow rvifli ur .-Ind flu' girls all lilac lzim. so! I'm, .vfwala'z'ng of brorwi-eyfd .lilac ll'l1om the fight fan: know as 'Bo'," Mac had a girl last year but she left and what was Mac go- ing to do? His kind-hearted room-mate nxed things O. K. And how! Mac is one who is liked by everyone and it is sure they all wish him much success. Moxoitro, Rosixe Canton, Maine South Hall Canton High School Grades 3 and 6. llodel School "ROSlE" C. A., '29: Modern Authors Club, '29, 'Slug Secretary an-l Treasurer of Modern Authors Club: Fair Committee, '29, Hik- ing Club: President of Hiking Club, '295 Gym Exhibition: House President, '291 C. O. D. Club, 'Zlll. "I.i:'t'ly, jolly, full of fun, A good friend and a trim one." Rosine as a student teacher takes nrst prize. As a classmate we wouldnt ask for a finer and truer friend. Our best wishes to go with you to the future where we know you will be a suc- cess. TUOORE, CHRSLEY XY. Skowhegan, Maine Middle Street Skowhegan High School " CHET " Tennis Club: Choral Society. '3l'I: School Orchestra. 'Illlq Ten- nis Club, '30, lX'e wonder what the incentive can be that makes a NOR- MAL boy carry a program with but one spare? The girls will regret your short stay, Chet. but the rewards for your hard work will be many. BTORRISON, GERALDIXE South Hall Sterns High School Grade 2. Model School " JERRY " Gym Exhibition. '29: Folk Festival, '3l'lg House Committee. '29, '30: C. A., '29, '30: President of Hiking Club, '30, A. A.. '30: Student Council. '30. There is not one person without at least one redeeming feature -Ask Jerry. lYe always admire people with the patience of a saint-that is why we all like Ierry. lt would be impossible to find a finer F. S. N. S. girl. N993 New LY' 'SSJ wasps Yun- l by- ' ffqvl EFFESSENESS-1930 ZXIORTON, L. ELIZABETH Farmington, Maine 2 High Street Farmington High School Lower Grades, XVest Farmington "BETTY" C. A., '29, '30, Gym Exhibition, '29g Folk Festival, '30. " Come one with modest guise, 'with fslidcr, dorwicast eyes." Betty. the incomprehensible, the unfathomable! How few can really claim intimate understanding of her. because Betty is really most aloof! To that select few, however, is revealed the fact that Betty could be and sometimes is most vivacious. RIOTTRAM4, RUTH I. Old Town, Maine Purington Hall Old Town High School Grades 1 and 23, Town School " TOOTS " C. A.. '29, '30, Gym Exhibition, '29, Junior Cabinet. Green jacket! Yes, it is Ruth with her broad and cheery smile. Some say she is quiet but we are inclined to think not. Her interests in Farmington are not confined alone to the Alma Mater. We know her to be interested in Henrys. We 're sure they are not Henry Fords. Ruth, we wish you joy and success in the future. NEWTON, IVAN1-:TTA E. Skowhegan, Maine South Hall Skowhegan High School Upper Grades, West Farmington ff NEWT " Glee Club. '29, '30g Gym Exhibition, '291 C. A., '29, '30, XYhat would we do without Newt to make the life of the party? She certainly is the best sport ever. Although she plans to teach next year, we wonder how long it will be before she changes her profession to that of home furnishing??? Those letters from Bridgeport, Conn,, speak for theuiselves. O.4KES, FLORENCE ANNA Farmington, Maine R. F. D. 5 Farmington High School " FLORENCE " C. A., '30. Florence is always able and willing to help in all subjects, especially in History. EFFESSENESS-19 PATTERSON, CAROLYN A. Augusta, Maine Purington Hall Cony High School Grades 3 and 4, Model School " PAT " C. A., '30, "The same yesterday, to-day and to-morrazcf' Life would be quiet and dull at times if it wasn't for the cheerful. happy-go-lucky people like Pat. PAUL, Rl.-XRITA M. Solon, Maine South Hall Solon High School Upper Grades, Farmington Falls " RITA " Hiking Club, '29g Gym Exhibition, '29g junior Cabinetg Or- chestra, C. A., '29, '3Ug C. O. D. Club, '3U. "Allure than 'ZL'l'Sd0H1, more than twaltlz: A merry heart that Iaughs nt care." Marita's fingers are never tired of producing melodies from the piano both for her entertainment and others. We are all sure that Maritafs care-free disposition will gain her many friends as at F. S. N. S. PEARSON, DELMA Charleston, Maine The VVilloxus Higgins Classical Institute Grades 3 and 4, Town School " DEL" C. A., '29, '30g A. A., '30: Hiking Club3 Gym Exhibition: "Apple Blossom Time", Willows Basketball. " I'Ve attract hearts by thu qual1'tz'fs :ru dfstflay, Ui' retain them, by the qualit1'v.s' wc' f'0s.vt.rsf' Does anyone possess qualities equal to those of Delma? XVhen anyone needs help in drawing it is "Del, help me with it ". Delma is clever. a good friend, always cheerful and dependable. Our best wishes go with you, Delma. PHASE, HAZEL I. Wilton, Maine VVilton Academy "HAZEL" C. A., '30. "Quiet, industrious, conscientious." You are fortunate if privileged to call her your friend. 30 EFFESSENESS-1930 PERKINS, VELMA Smithfield, Maine 3 Perkins Street Oakland High School Grades T and SL Training School " PERK " Life is blithsozne. Life is gay, But for Velma There's more to sayg Her paintings are marvelous. Her smiles are the same. But soon she will leave us. For " Frank is her 'Aim' . PERKINS, NYIOL.-X M. New Sharon, Maine New Sharon High School Grades 3 and 4, Town School MVIKIEH C. A., '29, '30: Gym Exhibition, '29. One would think to look at "Vikie" that she was a rather sedate miss, hut you would be surprised. XYhat is this we hear about U. of M. and the delightful times at the Alpha Gamma Rho House Parties???? PIIII.I.IPs, DORIS E. Gardiner, Maine South Hall Gardiner High School Grade 3, Town School --Dore C. A.. 29. T305 Gym Exhibition, '29, Next to Nature she loves Art best. XYe wonder why " Dot " is so Strong for her Art? She is also partial to curls. Remem- ber the night you were drainatizing and forgot those curls? Good luck. " Dot ", wherever you go. PORTER, NYIVIAX C. New Sharon, Maine SI Lake Avenue New Sharon High School " YIY " G. A., '29, 'BUQ Gym Exhibition. '30, "Live to learn." Yes "Yiv" has her Strong points we all know, but she has her weak ones too. Never mind, "Viv" Haines products are best. EFFESSENESS-1900 PURDY4, THELMA Gardiner, Maine South Hall Gardiner High School Training School "THEL" Hiking Club, '293 Gym Exhibition, 329. Just one of our girls you can hear but never see. She is al- ways acting out but we enjoy it. XVhenever we wish a good time we have "The-rl" there. Nile will miss you next year and wish you the best of luck in your teaching career. Diixfielcl High School RAND, RIARY C. Dixfield, Maine " MARY," " MIKE " C. A., '29, i301 Gym Exhibition, 'Z29. Happy I am, from can' I am frcc, ll'liv ur't'11'r Ilzcy all colzttvifcd likt' me? KYhen we see Mary coming we begin to tune up our laugh muscles for we all know that something is going to happen and it usually does. XVhat is this we hear about some little minister? NVel1, never mind. we are sure that wherever you go the World will give its best to you. RANDALL, RlADELINE Augusta, Maine South Hall Cony High School Grades 3 and 4, Training School " MADDY " C. A., '29, 'ROQ Gym Exhibition, '293 Sketch Club, '29: "B" Hop Committee, T303 Art Editor of Erressmxess, '30. Oli, .thy and modest maidvu, Thu man folio wins tlivt' for his own l'l"ith lzouvsf, bright blur' 03105, llfill surely iwiu- a Prize," Those who are not well acquainted with " Maddyu may not know her worth, but we on the third Hoor surely do. YVish we might often, in years to come, see your smile. RICHARDS, HELEN B. Strong, Maine Purington Hall Strong High School Sub-Primary "RICHY" C. A., '29, '30, Gym Exhibition, '29, Drarnatics Club, '29, '30, "Shu is not .ra,tz'.vfIca' with les: than Ihc best." We wonder, Helen, why you came to F. S. N. S. instead of Gorham? We are confident of your success, but will those daily letters make any difference in your profession? EFFESSENESS-1930 i RILEY, NTADELINE A. Winthrop, Maine South Hall 'Winthrop High School Grades 7 and 8, Training School " AGGIE " C. A.. '29, '30. Aggie, we realize that you do have your troubles with English Grammar, but because of your determination, we know that you will rise above this difficulty and will be a noted "Gran11narian". ROIJERICK, LEONA G. Rumford, Maine Quebec Street Stephens High School Grades 3 and 4, Town School " GERT " Gym Exhibition, '29: Christmas Folk Festival, '29, XVe know. Leona, that although you have your troubles, you aways try to make the best of them. XVe hope in the days to come you will do likewise. RUSSELL, Avis A. Farmington, Maine 10 School Street Farmington High School Sub-Primary, Training School " ANGEL " C. A.. '29, '30: Choral Society, 'BOQ Gym Exhibition, '29g Christmas Festival, '2?9. A friend to all. A friend indeed. lYho answers the call lYhen there is a need. Your smile of cheer, Your pleasing will, Your happiness, dear- lYill even please Bill. RLfssE1.L, PEARL FRANCES Dexter, Maine The Xlfillows N. H. Fay High School Grades 1 and 2, Town School " FRAN " Although you have been with us only a year, your generous, lovable nature has won many friends. A person of such sterling qualities is bound to succeed. EFFESSENESS-1930 RYDER, EVELYN L. Brooks, Maine South Hall Brooks High School Sub-Primary, Training School .i EV H Girls' A. A.. '303 Christmas Folk Festival, '29. ",-lin'f she 'llZ.L'C- Look hw' over, once or trwec. Nom' I ask you confidentially, :lz'u't silt' 11ifu.' " NVe all think so. She is the best of pals and friends. SALMELA, GERTIE North slay, Maine South Hall ,lay High School Grades 5 and 6, Town School " GERTRCDE " C. A., '293 C. O. D.. Till: Gym Exhibition. T395 Christmas Festival. '3l.l. 1. S'miIc a little, smile ti little, .-ls you go along, .Yaf alone fvlzmz lift' is fvlcrlsmif, But also wliczz tlzuv 'rv zurongf' That is just what Gertie does. No matter how things may go she always has her ever ready smile. Nothing can dauut her and those far famed dimples are always in use. May you go through life keeping always that sunny nature which has helped you through F. S. N. S. SAWYER, ENID Augusta, Maine Purington Hall Cony High School lfpper Grades. XVest Farmington " ENN " C. A., '29, T303 Hiking Club, '29g House Committee, 29: Gym Exhibiti0n, '293 Head Monitor. '3l'l. " The rim .S'IlI.IICS East, the sun rliimgv lflxvf, Bn! Enid ra1z't learn zvhosc .von sliuzvs bust." Bang, Crash, we know what that is. It is Enid arriving on the scene, just in time for dinner. XVhy so late? She gives an excuse but we know it is just one of her numerous young men. Let us see. there is Gerry, Rodney, Clifton, Carlton, and Bill. ,lust at present there is-but we won't say. SAWYER, RUSSELL Belgrade, Maine Milliken Hall Belgrade High School " RCSTY " C. A,, '29, '30g Gym Exhibition, '29g Young People's Club, '29, '30, Rusty is held in high esteem by all of his classmates because of his character. NVhenever there is work to be done Rusty is right there. He seems rather shy in regard to the opposite sex but perhaps he will outgrow that. EFFESSENESS-1930 Scorr, WARREN W. North Anson, Maine Milliken Hall Anson Academy Grades 7 and S, Training School " SCOTTY " C. A., '29g Gym Exhibition, '29 3 Reserve Basketball, '29g Varsity Basketball, '3Ug " F " Club, '29, '30g Choral Society, '29, '30g Inter-class Basketball, '29, '3Og S. O. S., '30, " ,-lzm' Annes " QKittyj lVho is that fellow hanging around the Lodge? It is only Scotty waiting for Kitty. Scotty will be remembered long at the Igloo for his steadying influence on the "Reserve" Basketball team. He will also be remembered for his " quiet " and "studi- ous " ways. VVe all wonder how Scotty finds time for study, when so much of his time is taken up with Kitty and sleep. His favorite expression is-What do we have today? XVell, Scotty, may Kitty and good luck be with you always. Ssssroxs, AIARYON Rumford, Maine The VVillows - Stephens High School Grades 7 and S. Training School C. A., '29, '30g Publicity Manager, '30g Gym Exhibition, '29g Modern Authors, '29g A. A., '30. "Fire ana' star light rare, .-Ire tangled in her raven. hair." Two of the rarest gifts of the gods are a sense of humor and Z1 capacity for friendship. These we have found to be only two of Maryon's good qualities. It was indeed a lucky day for us when she decided to come to F. S. N. S. SHAW, LOUISE Milo, Maine Purington Hall Milo High School Grades 3 and 4, Town School " XVEEZE " Hiking Club. 'QSI Gym Exhibition, '2Sg C. A., '28, 'i29g House Committee, '28, '29, She always makes happiness wherever she goes. Never was there a truer word spoken. Louise is always radiating sunshine if there is none present. SHERMAN, DORIS H. Houlton, Maine South Hall Riicker Classical Institute Grades 5 and 6, Town School H DOT " C. A., '27, '30g Hiking Club, '2Tg Gym Exhibition. '29g Girls' A. A., '30, C. O. D. Club. '30, "Stz'll1zc.vs of 110119011 and :readiness of fL'l1flH'C.l' are signal marks of good l71'ccdz'11g." Do you want to know how to do Ed Measures or Arithmetic? Ask Doris. " A's" Hy right and left when she is around. She may giggle while she is helping you but that must be overlooked. If you see someone coming with a mischievous grin it 's only' Dot, the greatest pest on our Hoor. EFFESSENESS-1930 49 SIMPSON, BERNICE C. Brunswick, Maine N Purington Hall Brunswick High School , Red Schoolhouse " BUNNY " C. A., '29, T301 Hiking Club, '2-9g Gym Exhibition, '29g A. A., '30g Junior Cabinet, '29g Senior Cabinet, '29g House Presi- dent. '30, Choral Society, '29g Christmas Folk Festival, '29: Class Treasurer. '30. ".-lt all tiizzus cheerful, lzclpful, laziing, true, IVU shall tu-pear ta hear great thiizgs of you." 123, 123. " Get Out and Get Under the Moon." Remember, Bunny? W'ell, we do. Bunny says that Drawing is hard, but look in the Art room. SINCL.-XIR, RUTH B. New Gloucester, Maine South Hall New Gloucester High School Upper Grades, Fairbanks " RUFCS " C. A., '3liI3 Gym Exhibition, '29, Christmas Festival, '30g B Hop Committee. '30. VVhat would we ever do without your reference books? XYe hope they wear well, because you promised to will them to one of us, VVe know that you will be a successful teacher during the " Seven" years which you are going to teach. XYe hope your conviction, that he will wait, proves true. SMALL, M. LUCILLE Biddeford, Maine South Hall Biddeford High School Grade 2, Training School " LCCE " C. A., '29, '30g Dramatics Club, '29, 'BOQ Choral Society, '29, '30s Gym Exhibition, '29, " Trust this mauziwz' shy: fl dancilzg imp of jolly fun Lurlas in lim' dozhucusf cw." Lucille is a girl who is hard to get acquainted with, but once the barriers are let down. we find a soul full of vivacity and warmth. SMITH, ANNA Bingham, Maine Purington Hall Oak Grove Seminary Leland Powers School of Expression A. A., '30g Proctor, '30, C. A., '30, Thoughtful and kind to others, Goodenatured, helpful and true. If anyone deserves good luck, Anna, 1 W'e think it is you. Q 50 EFFESSENESS-1930 ' SNELL, ROGER W. Madison, Maine Russell Hall Madison High School " CHIZZY " , Baseball, '29, Capt. Tennis, '29, '30, Capt. Track, '30, Gym Exhibition, '29, Tennis Club, S. O. S., '30, Track, '29. Chizzy is a very likeable chap and always has the same cheer- ful smile, He is a natural born athlete and has a great fond- ness for the opposite sex-especially " Dot". SPRAGUE, PHYLL1s Lubec, Maine The VVillows Lubec High School Grades 5 and 6, Town School H PHIL" Gym Exhibition, '29, Hiking Club, '29, C. A.. '29, '30, A. A., '30. Tall and slight, Quiet but nice, That 's Phyllis. STAPLES, HELEN TRENE Ridlonville, Maine The VVillows Mexico High School Lower Grades, Nhfest Farmington " HELEN " C. A., '29, '30, Hiking Club, '29, '30, A. A., '30, Proctor, '29, '30, Vice-President A. A., '30, Girls' B. B., '29, '30, VVillows Play, '30, Gym Exhibition, '29, Hockey, '29, '30, Student Council, '30. "More than zwzlvdonz, more than wealth, A merry heart that Ian-ghs at care." Did anyone ever see Helen worried? Always the same-yes- terday, today and we hope, tomorrow. STEVENS, DEBORAH F. Turner, Maine The Lodge Leavitt Institute " DEBBY," " PAT " " Debby is cz maiden shy, Has for the boy: a dowucast eye, Would not flirt or have a beau. Is this true? Perhaps you. know." l l ' NVl1en Debby feels like studying, she wants to study, so she is l going to have "Sargent" locks put on all the doors to insure ' freedom from intruders. VVhatever Deb does, she takes her time doing. Never mind, Debby, we love you just the same. EFFESSENESS-19 ST. PIERRE, :XLPHENA Fort Kent, Maine Town Fort Kent High School Madawaska Training School HAL,- C. A., '30g Hiking Club, '30g Girls' A. A., '30. Alphena seems to " have come, seen and conquered ". She has made many friends by her captivating smile, with which she meets one. Our best wishes follow you wherever you may go. whether it be South America or elsewhere. STURGEOX, ATELISSA TNTAY Fort Kent, Maine The XYillows Fort Kent High School Madawaska Training School Grades 5 and li, Town School C. A., '30. Melissa has not been with us long. but yet long enough for tis to find out that she is quiet and ready for any fun. TALBOT, Cl-ICILE Bitlcleforcl, Maine Court Street Villa Maria, Montreal Uni. Grades T and S, Training School "SlClL'1 '." " GR.-XM " C. A., '293 Hiking Club. '29. " .-lim for flic lu'" XYe all have our favorite songs. Some like jazz. others step up to the classical realm. Cecile likes neither-she sticks firmly to the Christmas " Carols Never mind, Cecile. in spite of your weakness for " Carols you will attain high success as a teacher. THOMAS, Donoruv L. Vinalhaven, Maine South Hall Vinalhaven High School Grades 5 and 6. Training School " DOT " House Committee, '28, '29g Gym Exhibition, T283 C. A., '29g Girls' A. A., '29. "I like fun, from care I am free, lfVhy arcn't you all happy like mf:5"' If you happen to feel blue just call on Dot. XVith her abun- dant good humor she always makes us feel better. Now I can understand why she has so many "brothers". Yet I wonder if they are merely brothers. The best of luck to you. E FFESSENESS-1930 THoMAs, NIILDRED A. Milo, Maine Guilford High School Grades 7 and 8, Training School " MRS. THOMAS" Always willing and able to help, also to give good advice to classmates. THURLOW, MARJORLE E. Gardiner, Maine South Hall Gardiner High School Grades 3 and 4, Training School " MARGE " C. A., '29, '30, Hiking Club, '29, Gym Exhibition, '29. Less noise in here, jvleasvf' Impossible, Marge is having one of her spells again and when she does. the walls of "-19" tremble, You have never had a good laugh until you have seen her in one of these specialties. You have always been willing to help, Marge-Good luck. Trmnsrs, ALICE H. Farrningion, Maine Town Farmington High School "ALICE" C. A., '30, Alice seems to prove that worry is certainly useless. XVe Wish that we might borrow the recipe for it has stood a good test. Torr, NIARY ANNE South Portland, Maine Lubec High School Grade 8, Town School "TOFTSKY" C. A., '29, '30, Gym Exhibition, '29, House Committee, '30, Head Monitor, '30, Christmas Festival Committee, '30, A. A., '30, Tennis Club, '30, It 's uirc' to get up in the morning, but 1't'.r nicer fo lit' in your bmi." Mary can make us believe almost anything until we notice that twinkle. She likes popcorn and sardines, dark curly hair, broad shoulders and narrow waistlines, and preserving that girlish figure. It seems that we have heard something about Lubec, too. EFFESSENESS-19 TOWNE, RTARJORIE Dover-Foxcroft, Maine Milo High School " MARI " C. A., '29, '3Og Hiking Club, E295 C. A. Publicity Chairman. '30g Gym Exhibition, '29, " Marj is one of the quiet kind, But 'when it comes to fun' all round, Tlzcrelr not a jollicr one to bc found." It has been said that the world delights in sunny people. Surely the world delights in Maris pleasant words and sunny smile. Marj, we will never forget those "artistic " dogs which you used to draw for us in Music class. She claims to be a man hater but her mail d0esn't show it. TOXVNSEND, :XLICE M. Readheld, Maine South Hall Winthrop High School Grades T and 8. Fairbanks " ALICE " Assistant Joke Editor, '30: Gym Exhibition, 'Z39. making up poetry. lf there is any Alice has great ability in doubt, look in this magazine. You will End two of great interest, TRASK, HAZEL M. Sidney, Maine Belgrade High Sclmnl Grades 3 and 4, Training School A' HAZIE " "'Hsre's to Hasicj Thc jvridt' of lllIHll7UI' sr'z'C:z." Never mind, Hazie, you may find the right one yet. Variety is the spice of life. TUFTS, MARION I. VVilton, Maine The Wlillows XVilton Academy Upper Grades, Town School " MERRY " Gym Exhibition, T293 C. A., '30. "Q-1 marry heart maketh a merry CU1lllfDll11HL'B.U Since she always finds a silver lining, that 's what the future holds for her. 30 EFFESSENESS-1930 TUTTLE. ESTHER Norridgewock, Maine Perkins Street Norridgewock High School Grade 1, Training School Christmas Folk Festival, '30, C. A., '30, "Sho was thc fairest of the fair, The gcnflcsf of the kind,- Suarclz ye the wide 'world czfcrytvlicre, Her Izlre ye shall not find." Esther's classmates are not the only ones who feel this way about her. XVe realize that a certain graduate holds this same opinion. LTPHAM, HAZEL I. Lynn, Mass, South Hall Edward Little High School Grades 5 and 6, Training School A' PEANUTS " House Committee, T305 C. A., '30, Hiking Club, '29, Gym Ex- hibition, '29, Tennis Club, '1?9. XYhen Hazel moved to Lynn, she almost decided to Finish her course at Salem. After much persuasion she returned to F. S. N. S. VVe are glad that you decided to do this. Hazel, and we all wish you much success. VINING, CHRISTIE E. Strong, Maine Purington Hall Strong High School " CHRIS " C. A., '29, '30, Girls' A. A.. '30g Gym Exhibition, 'Z?9. "Such a one as anyone tvoula' 'zvish to know," Two years at F. S. N. S. have made Chris quite a lady. She is one of those quiet girls who prefers a horse and buggy to a "roadster"??? XYe feel assured that you will be a great suc- cess even though you insist on going home week-ends. XYALKER, Lois F. Norriclgewiock, Maine Puriugton Hall Norridgewock High School Grade 1, Training School C. A.. '29, '30, Hiking Club, '29g A. A., '30g Gym Exhibition, .09 She 's cheery and she 's busy. There 's never a pout or a frown. But when it comes to Friday night, She 's off for a nearby town. How does she get ready To leave us quite so quick? She packs while going down the stairs, Then hear her heels go click. EFFESSENESS-1930 ll VVALKER, TXIARGARET G. Howland, Maine South Hall Howland High School Grade 1, Training School " MARGIE " Gym Exhibition, '29g Christmas Festival, '30. Her name was Margie XValker And she was out to kill, Vl'ho was her victim, sir, you ask? XYhy, Mr. john McGill. Good luck, Margie, in your chosen career. XNARDXYELL, GI-IRTRUDE Lisbon Falls, Main: Purington Hall Lisbon Falls High School Lower Grades, Farmington Falls " GERT " C. A., '29, '30, Hiking Club, '29g House Committee, T291 Christmas Festival, 'llllg Monitor, Till. "'Ge1't, though things may not look brighl, ihuy :will turn out all right, if wt' kucp painting tht' clouds with .rm15lzzm'." XVhen gum is sold no Moore, One disappointed Gert there'll be. But, the Moore Power will be left, For the ruler one, two, three. VVATsoN, CLARICE Kennebunk, Maine Purington Hall Kennebunk High School Grades 5 and 6. Training School " SIS " C. A., '29, '30, Senior Cabinet, '301 Tennis Club, '29g Gym Exhibition, '29, Treas. C. A.. '30, Always smiling, Imffy and gay, IV: :raver .raw Clarita' any other icuii." If you know Sis you will be convinced that good things are done up in small packages. Don't forget the " Three Musket- eers". They wish you good luck. XYEBB, LEoxoRA C. Stonington, Maine South Hall Stonington High School Grade 2, Training School " XVEBBIE " Girls' A. A., '30g Vice-President of Hiking Club, '29, Poland Spring Conference, '29g Delegate to Maqua, '29g Junior Cabi- net, '29g President C. A.. '30, Hockey, '29, '3tlg Gym Exhibi- tion, '29g Christmas Festival, '30, Basketball, '29, '3llg House Committee, '30, Leonora says she 's going to be an old maid school teacher, but we can 't picture her as such. Of course we know she will make a good teacher, but not an old maid. Cheer up, you will meet him somewhere, and as you admit you do not care whether he is light, dark, or medium, we know you will be satisfied. N5 EFFESSENESS-1930 WELCH, CATHERINE Madison, Maine The Willows Madison High School "KIPPY" C. A., '29, '30: A. A., '29, '3O: Hiking Club, '30, Modern Authors, '30, Proctor, '29, '30, VVillows Play, '30. Catherine is studious and conscientious about her work. Reading seems to be her hobby. She has made many friends during her stay here and has spurred us on-" To look ever upward". Added to this she has ability as an actress. Cath- erine we wish you great success. XYHIZELER, CLARISSA B. Oakland, Maine Purington Hall Williams High School Grade S. Town School C. A., '29, '30, Choral Society, '29, '30, Gym Exhibition, '29. Clarissa, you have served F. S. N. S. faithfully during your staylhere. lVheneyer a program was to be given you were ready to give your services. You have been a friend worth having. "'O friend, O bus! of frz'cna'.v, Thy absence more Than thc 1.ll1f7Fll!l'fllg Might, Darkeus flu' Iaudrcatfc a'Dr." XYIIITNEY, GERTRUDE R. Milo, Maine Purington Hall Milo High School Grades 5 and 6, Training School " TRKDY " C. A., '29, '30, Secretary C. A., '30, House Committee, '29, 'illlg Poland Springs Conference, '29. Trudy has talent which spreads in many directions. She could not be otherwise than accurate, Nevertheless, she works for what she attains. ll'e wish you a realm of success, Trudy, in whatever you may attempt and happiness unlimited for all times. Wnnsixs, AIARGUERITE Houlton, Maine The Willows Houlton High School Grades 1 and 2, Town School " MAG " Hiking Club, '29, Gym Exhibition, '29, Music Festival, '30. Mag is a quiet little miss. always ready for a good time or something to eat. She comes from " up North" where the spuds grow. EFFESSENESS-1930 57 Class of 1929 NAMES AND TEACHING ADDRESSES Additon, Ethelyn, Ripley Allen, Nathalie, Charlotte Ames, Eunice, Poor's Mills Ayer, Helen, Bucksport Bartlett, Irene, Sangerville Bartlett, Margaret, Chelsea Bean, Helen, Rumford Bean, Iva, Bingham Bears, Annie, E. Millinocket Bears, Viola, Millinocket Bendix, Mary, Casco Billings, Roydon, Bryant Pond Blaisdell, Jeanne, Milford Bowden, Mildred. tnot teachingj ford Boynton, John, Boothbay Harbor Bradbury, Ruth, Scarboro Briggs, Norma, Houlton Brown, Elaine, Nobleboro Bryant, Hope, Thorndike Burns, George, Boothbay, R. F. D. Carter, Laura Chamberlain, Dorothy, China Chase, Irene, Farmington, R. F. D. 5 Clapp, Ruth, New Haven, Conn. Clark, Emma, Boothbay Clifford, Halstead, Augusta Connor, Patrick, Long Pond Cook, Syrena, Brooklyn, New York Corbett, Mary Cordiner, Arthur, East Boothbay Crombie. Marcia, Bingham Currier, Auvena, Dryden Cushing, Eleanor, Freeport Cushing, Maddaleen tmarriedl, New York City Davis, Virginia, Rumford DeVere, Jennie, deceased Downs, Ruth, Boston University Drake, Kathleen, Albion Dunphy, Doris, St. Petersburg, Florida Dutton, Muriel Elliott, Louise, Roxbury Everett, Ellen, Brownville Junction Fanning, Marvel, Auburn Ferguson, Irene Rum- Forni, Dante, Franklin Roads Franklin, Mary, Peru Frederic, Lily, New Vineyard French, Carlton, Livermore Gagnon, Mabel, Millinocket Gauthier, Jeannette tnot teachingj, San- ford Gilpatrick, Madeline, Milo Goodine, Barbara, Rangeley Grant, Phyllis 1,McDonaldJ, deceased Green, Edgar tnot teachingj, Mexico Griflin, Alice QMcFaddenj, Medford, Mass. Griffin, Geneva, VV. Boothbay Harbor Griffith, Grace Haggerty. Jean, Houlton Business Col- lege Haines. Leeman. Apponaug, R. I. Haley, Christine, Madrid Haley, Dorothy, Dallas Harvey, Ruth, Milton Hatch, Nathalie, Chesterville Hayford, Marjorie, Belfast Heath, Emeline. Auburn Hennessey, Evelyn, E. Livermore Hewey, Evelyn, Ripogenus Dam Hobbs, Herbert Knot teachingJ, Caribou Hobbs, Mildred, Caribou Holt, Faith. Fairlield Hoppe, XYalton, North Jay Horne, Marion, XYinslow Howes, Lyde, Boothbay Harbor Hoxie, Emma, Cambridge Johnson, Elizabeth, Freedom Jones, Beryle, North Jay Jones, Doris, Temple Jones, Florence Cnot teachingj, Man- chester, N. H. Jones, Freda, Brownville Jordan, Elizabeth, Brewer Kenrick, Mabelle, Livermore Falls Kershner, George, Somerset Jct. Kimball, Barbara, Mattawamkeag Larcom, Freda, Farmington Leavitt, Marguerite, Strong Libby, Elizabeth, Freeport Libby, Irene CDillinghamj, Auburn 58 EFFESSENESS-1930 Libby, Ruth, South Poland Luce, Mildred, Madrid Mackie, Jennie, Auburn Magoni, Florence, Springheld Maxlield, Frances, Belfast, R. F. D. McCann, Rita, Jackman McCarthy, Mary, Auburn McLaughlin, Rachael. Farmington Falls Merriheld, Muriel, Auburn Mersereau, Audrey, Brownville Miller, Paul lstudentj, Boston Univer- sity Morrell, Bernice, Auburn Morse, XVilma, Auburn Murray, Helen, Auburn Neal, Agnes, Holden, Mass. Nelligan, Alice, Skowhegan Nelson, Allegra, Berlin, N. H. Nelson, Hilda, Otisneld Newton, Bernice lnot teachingj, New- port Nichols, Alverna, North Anson Clinton, Wayne Eleanor, Middle Dam Gladys, Corinna Nickerson, Lucia, Fort Fairfield Nowell, Doris, Bingham Nute, Pauline, Carrabassett Osgood, Louise, Williamsburg Owen, Lulu QChevrierJ, Eastport Pennell, Madalene Potter, Dorothy OYheelerJ. W. Rox- bury, Mass. Prescott, Gwendolyn, Boothbay Harbor Randall, Betsey, Harpswell Norway Nichols, Nichols Nichols, v Rich, Frances, Ricker, Nellie, Brunswick Riggs, Louisa, North New Portland Roberts, Rena, VVinslow Robertson, Elizabeth fMcKenzieJ fnot teachingj. Rumford Robinson, Cyril, Apponaug, R. I. Rock, Helen, Greenville Royal, Virginia, Freeport Sanborn, Mildred, Canaan Savage, Elsie, New Vineyard Savage, Viola, Qakfield Sawyer, Margaret, North Anson Shattuck, Leta, Boothbay Harbor Shaw, Dorothy, Argyle Shefheld, Marion Sprague, Lila, Rangeley Stevens, Alice, New Vineyard Stevens. Marion tnot teachingj Stinson, Myrtle, Wilton Stone, Louise, Waterford Sullivan, Clayton, Kingman Swett, Ava, Newport Tarr, Dorothy, Fayette Thompson, Elizabeth, Lincoln Thompson, Isabel, Temple Thurston, Helen, Buckfield Tower, Lovica, North Anson Trask, Chester, Otisfield Tucker, Hope tPorneroyJ, Dexter Tuttle. Cathryn, Vienna 'XVakely, Dorothy, Topsham YYatts, Harry tnot teachingj, Jonesboro Wleeks, Amber, Lake Moxie XYelch, Florence fnot teachingj XYelts, Minnie, Parkman YVheeler, Bernice, Auburn VVhite, Ethelyn, North Anson XN'hite, Hazel Sprague NVillett, Laura, Solon Williams, Millie, Scarboro, R. F. D. 6 VVilson, Ernest fstudentb, Springfield College, Mass. Wilson, Madeline, Millinocket VVolcott, Edna, Orrington Hioodside, Gardys, North Dexter VVooster, Ardella, North Anson VVorcester, Freda, Hanover Vl'right, Helen, Charleston Yeaton, Helen, N. XYayne York, Esther tKemptonJ, Knot teach- ing5, Farmington Young, Ruby, Greenbush Home Economics Ames, Catherine. Millinocket Blaisdell, Sarah, Madison Brooks, Shirley t'HobbsJ, Caribou Bradbury, Emily, Alton, N. H. Burbank, Marion, N. Yarmouth Douglas, Elizabeth, Mapleton Eaton, Alfreda, Sanford Graves, Elizabeth, Brunswick McLeary, Maxine, student, Boston School Art Porter, EFFESSENESS- 1930 Natalie, Cumberland Center Sanborn, Doris, Cootoocook, N. H. Sargent, Helen, student nurse, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital Skillin, Staples. Adams, Adams, Ames, Ames, Bailey. Alfreda, Bath Frema, Castine Normal School First Year Class Blanche, Levant Edna, Skowhegan Emma, Brooks Eva, Bingham Ruth, S. Andover Bane, Eleanor, XV. Ripley Barnaby, Mira, N. Anson Barnett, Helen, Oldtown Bates, Elizabeth, Hersey Bean, Margaret, Saco Bean, Marian, Bethel Bell, Eleanor, Guilford Bernardini, james, Bar Harbor Berry, Frances, Gardiner Bohnson, Priscilla, Portland Bragg, Brann, Brown, Brown. Brown, Cates, Edith, Corinna Eva, Kenduskeag Josephine, Augusta Julia, Augusta Martha, Hartford, Conn. Helen, Vassalboro Chamberlin. Hazel, Rum ford Clark, Clark, Clark, Arlyne, Farmington Gertrude, Kennebunk Maxine, Gardiner Coburn, Doris, Corinna Cole, Everett, Bryant Pond Colesworthy. Olive, Yarmouth Connor, Theresa, Portland Cooper, Myrtle, Canton Corson, Alice, Solon Craig, Curtis, Hortense, Mars Hill Lucille, Vllinterport Cushing, Irene, Freeport Cyr, Virginia, Jackman Station Davis, Davis, Elizabeth, Rumford Kathleen, New Sharon Deming, Madeline, Flagstaff Desmond, Mary, S. Portland Dolloff, Millicent, Livermore Falls Doore, Mildred, Dover-Foxcroft Durgin, Alice, Bridgton Dyer, Ruth, Charleston Edwards, Elinor, Madison Ellis, Ruth, N. Anson Field, Annie, Detroit Fitz, Frances, Auburn Furbish, Eleanor, Kennebunk Gagne, Edward, Farmington Gould, Bertha, Brunswick Grant, Priscilla, Cherryfield Gray, Paul, Lincoln Grindall, Florence, l,Vaterville Hagerman, Grace, Gardiner Hall, Alberta, Livermore Hall, Florence, Andover Hall, Helen, Andover Hallowell, Edna M., Bath Hamlin, Etta, Bangor Hanna, Alta, East Sullivan Hanna, julia, East Sullivan Harmon, Natalie, ,lonesport Harnden, Zelda, Phillips Harris, Marian, S. Brooksville Hart, Luella. Bangor Harvey, Annie, Dover-Foxcroft Havey, Dorothy, North Sullivan Hinds, Alma, Livermore Falls Hisler, Marcia, XYeek's Mills Hogan, Medora, Farmington Holden, Roland, .lackman Howard, Leota, XN'aterville Howland, Marion. Oldtown Hummer, Emma, Brunswick Humphrey, Rosella, Brewer Hurley, Mamie. Kittery Ingalls, Reginald, Bar Harbor jewett, Elizabeth, Skowhegan hlewett, Theresa, Auburn Johnston, Clementina, Pittsfield Knapp, Nelda, Kingfield Koritsky, Rosamond, Farmington Laakso, Lempi, Livermore Falls Ladd, Eva, Bethel Leadbetter, Rena, Livermore Falls Leith, Phyllis, Houlton LeSan, Ruth, Frankfort Libby, Vera, VV. Stonington EFFESSENESS-1930 Lishness, Hilda, North New Portland Littlefield, Irene, Kennebunk Locke, Doris, Rumford Longley, Ruth, Norridgewock Lord, F. E., Gardiner Lovatt, Ethel, Lubec Lowe, Evelyn, Gray Lowell, Evelyn, Randolph Luce, Delbert, North New Portland Lunt, Geraldine, 'Waterville Macaulay, Donald, Trevett MacDonald, Hazel, Greenville Mapes, Frances, Saco Martin, Catherine, VVaterville McCully, Lydia, Farmington McLaughlin, Sylvia, Farmington Megquier, Ellen, Gray Merrill, Louise, Bangor Merrill, Opal, VVillimantic Messer, Marjorie, Portland Miller, Verna, Clinton Milton, Alice, Andover Morrell, Frances, Farmington Morse, Jennie, Auburn Moulton, Martha, Rangeley Murphy, Gertrude, Augusta Newell, Elizabeth, Belfast Nichols, Joann, VVest Cheshire, Conn. Nickerson, Edith, Vinalhaven Odlin, Ruth, Fairfield Oliver, Gladys, Bangor Olson, Anna, Cape Elizabeth Paine, XYilliam, Buzzard's Bay, Mass Palmer, Birdena, Farmington Parks, Madeline, Waterville Patten, Shirley, Skowhegan Pendleton, Portia, Waterville Perkins, Velma, Oakland Perkins, lYalter, XYinthrop Perry, Dorothy, Farmington Pillsbury, Martha, Rangeley Pinkham, Idella, Guilford Piper, Harvey, Franklin Poland, Edward, Loudville Ready, Marjorie, Skowhegan Reed, George, Jackman Station Reid, Isabel, Lewiston Riley, Rosilla, Livermore Falls Roberts. Virginia, Sherman Mills Robinson, Marion, Augusta Rolfe, Helen, Skowhegan Rose, Lena, Brooks Rose, Vera, Guilford Rowe, Ruth, Wilton Runnels, Gladys, Clinton Russell, Irma, Farmington Sanborn, Emily, Dryden Saruborn, Foster, Dryden Seymour, Dorothy, Rumford Simmons, Louise, Oakland Small. Emily, Livermore Falls Smellie, Marguerite, Anson Stafford, Bertha, Mexico Stevens, Elinor, Skowhegan Stevens, Marvin, Temple Stewart, Harold, Farmington Stinchfield, Lucille, Skowhegan Stitham, Dorothy, Monticello Stone, Berniece, Garland St. Pierre, Alphena, Fort Kent Thompson, Louise, VVinterport Thorne, Geneva, Island Falls Thurlow, Mertelle, Pittsfield Tibbetts, Virginia, Lewiston Tibbetts, Letha, Millinocket Tiffany, Abbie, Camden Tingley, Elizabeth, Island Falls Tobey, Rachael, Skowhegan True, Bertha, Springfield Tuttle, Esther, Norridgewock Vainio, Taimi, Kingfield Viles, Clara, N. Vassalboro VValker, Kathryn, Ridlonville Vl'alker, Susie, Canton XYard, Eunice, Kennebunkport VVay, Katherine, Auburn VVebber, Lewis, Farmington VVeeks, Gertrude, Patten Weeks, Helen, Farmington Weeks, Olive, Farmington NYendell, Eleanor, North New Portland Wheeler, Elmira, Bethel VVhitmore, Erma, Vinalhaven VVilbur, Signa, Rangeley VVilder, Leigh, Dennysville VVing, Earle, Norridgewock VVitham, Florence, Kingfield Uhr Svrhnnl Zfiuilhingn 15 X xg, ,Xl v . ...Q -. .wifxthv-Q:-vii-S5-. . BL'II.DINLi L A M OR N EFFESSENFSS-1931! 433 Q illarmingtnn 912112 nrmal Srhnnl OR more than half a century, Farm- ington State Normal School has maintained standards of scholarship and progress that have secured it a name among the Normal Schools of the coun- try. .-X careful observer would note that it has always been progressive, yet recently there has been a marked advancement due to the more modern procedure adopted for class room and student life. .-X still further interest in modernization of the school has been evidenced in a con- ference of Normal School llrincipals for the purpose of discussing the revision of the courses of study. xxlsll, beginning next year. provision has been made so that graduates of F. 5. N. S. may transfer their work to the lfniversity of Maine with two year's credit. This will enable many students to carry their education to a higher development and thus profit even more from the benelits received here, v , pu Q PURINCTON HALL EFFESSENESS-1930 liuringinn 3115111 OXV we will miss old Purington Hall And our rooms in that Dorm. Those beans and brown bread, even prunes And our "Happy Birthday " song: Our matron dear who watched o'er us Forgiving our misdemeanors NVe'll always remember with grateful hearts As one of the best of house mothers, And it will seem so wonderful In the long years to come To meet again in memories Our friends of Purington. The following oiiicers served: FALL TERM Prvsidczzt - Bernice Simpson Sucrvfary - Beatrice Bickford Provtors Mildred Humphrey Ruth -lohnson Mary Toft Elena Carter Fredrica Harrington Inez Briggs Blandine Brooks Gertrude XYhitney Louise Shaw WINTER TERM Prt'.r1'dc11t - Evelyn Baxter Sucrvfary - Beatrice Bickford Proctars Ruby Lathe Emily Sanborn Eleanor Mclieen Lillian Pond XVinona Bailey Era Ladd Anna Smith Ruth Arrington Alice Durgin SOUTH HALL EFFESSENESS-1930 Sanity I-Iall HE fondest memories of our two years at Farmington will be those of our life at South. How could we for- get the wonderful times we have had to- gether with our dear friends. Mother Allen certainly deserves our love and devotion for the numerous things she has done for us, giving us lunches after mountain hikes, preparing the coffee her- self for the lunch after the Gorham game. permitting us to use South Hall for the Hop, bringing us viands to tempt our ap- petites whenever we are ill and numerous other things that we shall never forget. To her we extend our heartfelt love :md admiration. Our ollicers: FALL TERM P 1't' .ridunt-Ethel Butterfneld Sec 1't' fury-Josephine McDonald Proctors Violet Garland Marita Paul Miriam Cates Hazel L'pham Geraldine Morrison Edna Page Maxine Goucher Virginia Glines XYINTER TERM Pivsiiicizt - Ivanetta Newton Set'a't'fary - Dorothy Colonny Prodorr Dorothy Thomas Irene Loon Mildred Dolloff Madelyn Lord Kathleen Haskell Evelyn Ryder Rena Stewart Leonora XYebb +.. 3. ,...,q+:' ,Q ,f f I -www., w ,.,.--A ,fc ' .ly-' iles! .ff Jr' an 3 O ,-I PHE NVIL EFFESSENESS- 1930 Ihr millnnm E who have liyecl at the llvillows know what good times are. 'XVe shall long rcineniber the picnics on the lawn and the many parties we have en- joyed. Most of all we shall relneinlner our loy- ing House-mother who is always ready to share our joys and sorrows. XYe extend our thanks to Mrs, Mahoney, Miss Mahoney and Miss Hayey, who are always willing to help us. HlTL'5E CoMMiT'r12ES FALL TERRI P1'us1'dc:1t - Eleanor Kearney Svt'l'rf411'y E Ruth Dyer E.i'wt'11t1':'f L'0n1v11'lIi'u Clara Bunker Ruth Dyer Prorfors Catlierine XYelch Corinne .lnlins-In Helen Staples Esther Bryant XYINTER TERM Prus1'4li'11f - XYH1-ena Christie St'cl'i'fi1ry? Ruth Dyer Proufors Clara Bunker Olive McElwee Alice Banks Respa Anderson THE LODGE EFFESSENESS-1930 Ihr Euhgr HEN we came to Farmington. The Lodge was where we stayed. Through the days of rain and sun, 'Twas here we worked and played. Mother Kendrick has been to us A matron kind and true, For if perchance we made a fuss She still remained true blue. lYhen we came to Mother K4 She adopted one and all, And we have been a family gay Although the house is small. The fireplace, which we all enjoyed. The garden, with Howers fair, And the dining-room were all employed. lYe had gay parties there. Through laughter and through snow, Through sunshine and through rain, XYhatex'er comes tomorrow Thoughts of the Lodge remain. Houszi COMMITTEES FALL TERM Honra Pruridcut - Thelma Hammond Proctor-5 Julia Brown Marjorie Scott Mamie Hurley XYINTER TERM Honsc Presiduzzt-Liicille Dill Proftors Luella Hart Mertelle Thurlow Mary Desmond qw -1.- 2 V V Risk, . S L4 is 1 ,.,,,,g',, i., agua :va 3,3 S C PALMER HALL EFFESSENESS- 1930 Balmer Hall HIS year the Junior and Senior House was changed to the former Franklin County Hospital. VVith Mother Tabbutt we have spent many happy hours and to her we owe our appreciation for all fthe splendid advice and helpfulness she has given us. In honor of Miss Mary Palmer, our friend and former teacher, we atlection- ately named our dormitory, Palmer Hall. FIRST SEMESTER Pr'ux1'dt'11f - Violet McSorley Junior Proctor-Hazel Patterson SECOND SEMESTER President - Helen Furber Juuior Proctor No. I-Dorothy Brown I 1l11z' or Prodor No. 2-Ellen Hannaford S UN ATR M ... 'Z E rs F- :rf L. ..-4 4 E +: - 4 95 2 2 CJ 5 5 an Z E LE I 91 IJ 5 .S H 4 ! 'Z sf 2 'C i Z. 'Ci U ': EJ w EFFESSENESS- 1930 In Uhr Qlllatrnnn E'D like to be the sort of friends That you have been to us, VVe'd like to lie the help that You'x'e been always without fuss: XYe'd like to mean as much to you Each minute of the day. As you have meant, dear House-Mothers To us along the way. CHORAL SOCIETY I -A ... V F '-E 2 2 TS EFFESSENESS-1930 S1 C tl Choral Society HE Choral Society, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Ingalls, held its first meeting in Room 1, Thursday, Sept. 215. The society lost many valuable members through graduation last year. but those places have been ably filled by students from both classes. At the First meeting the constitution was discussed and revised. The following of- ficers were elected: Prt'.ririt'11t Neal Howard Vice Prcs1'tit'11i Lester Gattrell Svc. and Trans. Priscilla Henderson lelbl't17'l-HH George Studley .-lttcizdaucc Oflicur Beatrice Bickford An executive committee composed of Harold Libby, Helen Donough and Lucille Small was chosen. .Xt the weekly meetings the best and most artistic music was studied. The group made many public appearances, including those at Music Hall, Old South Church and the Chapel exercises on Friday mornings. These appearances were greatly enjoyed by the audience, and to those taking part the work has proven of great value. The Society and Orchestra will give a Promenade Concert in April. The Society will also furnish music for Baccalaureate Sermon in june. A special program will be arranged for the last chapel exercises of the year. At this time the two year members of the Society who are eligible will receive pins and the first year members will receive lerters. The Society has encouraged further study of music, and its success this year prophecies well for years to come. School Orchestra HE Orchestra and their director, Mrs. Ingalls, have worked very hard this year and deserve much credit for the line work which they have accomplished. During -the year, they have given sev- eral programs. Many times they have had requests to play and the response has al- ways been whole-heartedly given. At the end of the year the members will be awarded pins and letters which they have well earned. The orchestra is composed of the fol- lowing instruments: T Yiolins l Flute 1 Viola 2 Saxaphones 2 Cellos 1 Base Horn 1 Tuba 1 Sousaphone Drums and Piano The following are the officers for the year: Cancer! Master Harold Libby BZISIIIIUSS Manager Reginald Ingalls Prt'siu't'r1I Myron Starbird Svc. and Trens. Violet Larland Librnlitm Irma Allen EI. Com. E. Kearney, E. Baxter and M. Paul Room Com. E. Russell and Allen Jones An Appreciation HE love and appreciation of good music, which we have acquired the past two years, is due to Mrs. Franca Ingalls, our greatly admired music in- structor. To her we owe the well organ- ized orchestra, which we have all enjoyed many times: also the choral society which has been trained with great patience and care. Yet, her most important work is 5 w in I z Q E P z I S0 EFFESSENESS-1930 that of teac'hing and inspiring us to see and understand the real beauty in the best of music. The word ca-:mot is not to be found in her vocabulary. With great patience and perseverance, she is always helpful and considerate. It is our hope that the incoming students may be afforded such a well supervised course as we have enjoyed the past two years. Effesseness Entertainers HE Effesseness Entertainers were organized during the first quarter of school, 1928. with the purpose of playing for school dances and socials. Increasing popularity led to outside engagements bringing additional success. During the remainder of the school year the orches- tra was busy filling its large number of engagements - parties, dances, socials, proms, and graduation exercises. During the summer vacation the mem- bers continued the orchestral work. En- gagements in Maine and New Hampshire were accepted and soon the orchestra was playing six nights in the week: during this time two musicians were selected to Hll vacancies in the orchestra. Popularity and success continued to favor this organ- ization and it was then recognized as "Maine's Greatest School Orchestra ". Completing the summer engagements the members again entered school. Regu- lar engagements are still being played by this orchestra with the best of success. This year it will have the distinction of being the first school orchestra to furnish music for the "B" Hop, Nor1nal's big event of the year. The members of the orchestra wish to extend their thanks to Mrs. Franca Ingalls, director of music, for her interest and cooperation in making it " Maine's Greatest School Orchestra". The present personnel is: " Les " Stax-bird Trombone " Red " Golding Trumpet Carl Milliken B flat Tenor Sax " Chizzy" Snell Drums " Jimmie " Studley Piano Elmer J. CTuggleJ Russell Bass " Puss " Ingalls Banjo " Runt " Starbird E flat Alto Sax Sigma Omecron Sigma O. S. as it is usually known by 0 flourished greater than ever this season. This fraternity was founded several years ago by the young men of the school for the purpose of promoting greater interest among the men students of the school in regard to the outside activities and especially along the music line and entertainments. Each year this group has put on an entertainment and plan to put on another this spring. .-Xs usual the membership is limited to the fifteen active members and the initia- tions last fall afforded much amusement to the student body. A petition has been sent for admittance to Kappa Delta Phi, a National College of Education Fraternity, and it is hoped that a chapter will be granted us. The following are members this season: Pres, - " Pete " Gattrell " Doug " Barker Y, Pres. - 'A Mutt " Scott " Jim " Bernardini Sec. - " Blister " Howard " Bob " Higgins " Dud " Ingalls " Gyp " Fenalson " Pnss " Ingalls " Don " Perry " Chizzy " Snell Allen Jones " Ted " Gagne Roland Holden A' Curt " Brown X Q, ,Q +- XXXI I fff' ..,v Qxy GK VID , . Q 4. figs- 5. K Q, A 5 ww X , .Q E ' 'Q--.-.Q S THE ABSOLOMS c 5 Q C I6 an ul of L4 o o T' 4 O E an m 5 DG hi 3 0 D5 .M o cvs O3 EFFESSENESS-1930 Qllilly CAPT. AND MGR. BASKETBALL CAPT. AND MGR. TENNIS Gattrell, Ingalls Gattrell, Snell S4 EFFESSENESS-1930 Basketball LTHOCGH our basketball team failed to uphold the wonderful rec- ord of last year's championship quintet, nevertheless, the team. in spite of a more difficult schedule, scholastic difliculties and numerous injuries, displayed a lighting spirit that left little to be desired. It was this spirit. which was always in evidence whether the boys were winning or losing. plus the untiring efforts of our coach, -Ioe Roy, which carried us to victory in the majority of our games. 'When the candidates for the team were summoned in November, a very large num- ber came out and with several veterans back from the preceding year Coach Roy soon rounded a team into shape for the opening game of the season. This game, which was played at New Portland with Central High School resulted in the ex- pected easy victory for us and we won handily. 33-13. A large crowd was at hand for our first home game. but were treated to an un- pleasant surprise when the supposedly weak team from .lay High School badly defeated us, 41?-17. 'lay played remarkable basketball and it would have taken a super ball team to have defeated them on that particular night. This marked the begin- ning of a four game slump which 501119- what marred our season's record. Wie were defeated! both games of a two day trip. by Gilman High of Northeast Harbor. Sli-27' and also by E, RI. C. S. of Ilucksport. HS-14. Both games were ex- tremely rough due to poor officiating. The team then disbanded for the Christ- mas Holidays and it is the opinion of many, including Coach Roy, that had we gone on the usual Christmas Trip as in former years, playing seven or eight games, the team would have gained that ntuch needed experience which a trip of this sort gives and would have been better prepared for the hard games to come. Un- doubtedly a trip will be arranged another year. After our return from the holidays and with only three days of practice, we gave battle to the powerful Kent's Hill team, Prep. School Champs. of the previous year. In this game, the boys hopelessly outclassed the first half, came back to out tight and out score their opponents for the rest of the game, the final score reading K. H. Normal 19. The all around play of Capt. "Dud" Ingalls was a feature. This was the last game of our slump and though defeated, the team showed great promise for future games. F. S. N. S. G. F. PTS. Bernardini. rf 1 1 3 Fenwick, rf 0 0 0 Henderson. lf 2 0 4 Luce. c 2 1 5 Scott. C 0 0 O Ingalls, lg 3 1 7 Perkins, rg 0 0 0 Totals S 3 19 KENT'S HILL G. F. PTS. Sproul. rf 1 1 3 Holden. rf O fl 0 Cxratfam, lf 2 0 4 Davis, c 6 2 14 Johnstone, lg 1 0 2 Macdonald, lg tl 0 0 hYiSE1'I12il'l, rg 4 2 10 Mayberry. rg 0 0 0 Totals 14 5 33 The following night we journeyed to North Anson and though rather tired from the game of the night before had little or no trouble in defeating the Academy 33-13. A large number of the student body, en- thused by the fine showing of the team against Kent's Hill, accompanied the team to XVilton for their next game and were amply rewarded as the Normal defeated lYilton by the lop-sided score of -17'-21, T' o 2 2 va D 2 I 1 '2 if w ri. E 5. F C E T Hr- ...- ff Fc' ,,' 'I' ru C.- F' I U7 U C .-f -1 5 rn 2 fl 5 -1 -1 'PU :Q F 'T fu D' .LLISHVA VH IXIVEH, 'l'IVfI.l.?IHF? Ni EFFESSENESS-1930 w i t h " ,luicy " Henderson rolling up twenty-one points. The team had certainly hit its stride and proved it by nosing out Coburn in a fiercely played contest. At the end of the regular playing time the score was tied at 235, but our team, with Bernardini leading the way, beat them to the wire in a wild finish. F. S. N. S. G. F. PTS. Bernardini. rf 73 1 T Fenwick. rf 2 0 4 Henderson. lf 5 T 17 lYebber, c 1 1 3 Ingalls. lg 3 2 S Luce, lg 0 0 0 Perkins, rg 0 0 0 Totals 14 11 39 COBURN G. F. PTS. Chamberlain, lf 3 0 I6 Manter, rf 0 3 3 Joyce, rf l 0 2 Forte. c, rg 4 0 S Rattigan, lg, C 2 1 5 Hickey, lg ll 2 2 Casey, rg li' 73 2 Totals 15 S 33 And now for the game of the season, the Gorham game. The boys from Gor- ham came in a large motor bus, instead of by train as in previous years and were escorted to Purington Hall, where an en- joyable banquet was held, the meal being greatly enlivened by cheers and the sing- ing of the school songs. Then the " Big Parade " to Music Hall where the strug- gle was to take place. .Xnd then the game-and what a game it was! The boys got away to a good start and were out in front at the half 103-10. but the Gorhamites came back strong and tied the score at 2-L all with one minute to play. From then on it was a mad scramble. with shots rebounding off the backboards in all directions until Fen- wick showed his mettle by sinking a foul shot for the winning point just before the final whistle blew. After the game we danced to the music of our renowned F. S. N. S. Entertainers and so to bed, tired but gloriously happy. F. S. N. S. G. F. PTS. Fenwick, rf 3 1 7 Bernardini, rf 0 0 0 Henderson, lf 5 1 11 XYebber, c 1 1 3 Ingalls, lg 2 0 4 Perkins, rg O 0 0 Totals 11 3 25 GORHAM G. F. PTS. XVescott. lf 3 1 7 XYatson, rf 5 0 10 Leahy, c O 0 0 Newman. c 0 0 0 Bagley. lb 3 1 7 Verrill, rb 0 0 0 Totals 11 2 24 u and the following night we travelled to -lay deter- mined to wipe out the stigma of that earlier setback. VVere we successful? And howl XVe defeated them 30-16 and The team was still "clicking maybe revenge wasn't sweet. Our opponents in the next game were the strong Livermore Falls High team whom Gorham had barely defeated the previous week. The Normal quintet, how- ever, was much superior and the game was more one-sided than the score of 22-12 would indicate. ll'e celebrated our seventh consecutive victory by swamping Lisbon Falls High, G4-15, with everyone having a share in the scoring. The boys then sojourned to Gorham for the return game and were tendered a warm reception-in more ways than one. Our students showed their school spirit by send- ing telegrams and telephone messages of good luck, but though the team fought hard all the way, it just wasn't our night and We lost in a rough and rugged set-to. PI H IS HE EI A VH S 'l'IV?I,l.EIN VG! .L N FH EFFESSENESS-1930 Showing a complete reversal of form and playing its last game on foreign territory the team defeated Coburn in a sizzling game. This was the first Normal team to ever turn the trick. The score was close all the way until the Normal "put on steam" and coasted home a -11-32 victor. Returning to our own floor we again took into camp the Livermore Falls quintet, 29-21. Much personal fouling slowed up an otherwise interesting game, On XYashington's Birthday we had as our opponents E. M. C. S. of Bucksport. This team was the champions in the East- ern Division of the Prep. Schools and were strong favorites to win, but we gave them the battle of their lives and had it not been for slips at unopportune moments would have defeated them. This fast and interesting game was enjoyed by everyone even though our team was defeated. F. S. N. S. G. F. PTS. Fenwick. rf 0 0 0 Bernardini, rf 1 ll 2 Henderson. lf 5 3 13 XYebber, c 4 0 S Ingalls, lg 2 2 6 Perkins. rg 0 ll 0 Totals 12 5 29 E. ll. C. S. G. F. PTS. XYentworth. rf T 1 15 Berez, lf 4 2 10 Sleeper. c 3 2 3 Cochrane. rg 0 0 0 Stanley, lg U 1 1 Totals 1-1 6 28 Another easy victory for us resulted in our return game with XYilton Academy, which team later won the Farmington Tournament. They were outclassed how- ever and we romped 22-12. The last game of the season was the game with Salem. Mass. Normal School, at Music Hall, and a large crowd turned out to see what the lads from the Bay State had to offer. This game was anybody's game. first one team leading then another, but we lost out in the Hn-al minutes of play and thus Salem had her revenge for the numerous defeats which we had adminis- tered to teams from Mass. in previous years. F. S. N. S. G. F. PTS. Fenwick, rf 2 2 6 Bernardini, rf 0 O 0 Henderson, lt' 2 1 5 XVebber, c 2 0 4 Ingalls, lg 1 1 3 Perkins, rg O 0 0 14 -1 18 SALEM G. F. PTS. Talbot, rf 3 0 6 Carlin, lf 1 0 2 Macione. c 3 1 7 Tirnan, lg 0 0 0 XVeinstein, lg 0 0 0 Canty. rg 1 2 4 16 3 19 The following men were awarded letters: " Dud" Ingalls QCapt.D 'tjim " Bernardini "Juicy" Henderson " Perk " Perkins " Fen " Fenwick " P. D." Luce "Mutt" Scott " Web " Webber " Pete " Gattrell CMgr.J BASKETBALL SCORES F. S. N. S. 33 Central H. S. 13 F. S. N. S. 17 Jay H. S. -10 F. S. N. S. 27 Gilman H. S. 36 F. S. N. S. 14 E. M. C. S. 38 F. S. N. S. 19 Kent's Hill 33 F. S. N. S. 33 Anson Academy 13 F. S. N. S. -LT Wilton Academy 20 F. S. N. S. 38 Coburn 37 F. S. N. S. 25 Gorham Normal 24 F. S. N. S. 30 Jay H. S. 16 F. S. N. S. 22 Livermore Falls H. S. 12 F. S. N. S. 6-1 Lisbon Falls H. S. 15 F. S. N. S. Gorham Normal F. S. N. S. 41 Coburn 32 F. S. N. S. 29 Livermore Falls H. S. 21 F. S. N. S. 29 E. M. C. S. 34 F. S. N. S. -12 Wilton Academy 12 F. S. N. S. 18 Salem Normal 19 'T' C T' ff E 90 EFFESSENESS-1930 Reserve Basketball Team HE Normal Reserves, playing their customary separate schedule, enjoyed a very successful season, winning eight of twelve games played. Several new men were developed and doubtless will see service on the Varsity next year. Notable among the victories was the win over the Anson Academy team, who were strong contenders for the tournament title. Their record for the season: Reserves 17 jay Seconds 229 Reserves 24 Rangeley High 34 Reserves 47 Abbott Ir. College S Reserves 26 XVilton Seconds 25 Reserves 12.3 Anson Academy 13 Reserves 15 ,lay Seconds 32 Reserves 16 Livermore Seconds 14 Reserves 40 Norridgewock 123 Reserves 29 Livermore Seconds 16 Reserves 33 Xorridgewock 19 Reserves 4lI Phillips 36 Reserves 26 VVilton Seconds 27' The following men played for the Re- SCFVCSI " Puss " lngalls " Mac " Macaulay "Bob" Higgins t'Ted" Gagne " Nick " Mickalide " Stoop " Stewart Neal Howard " Cronk " Cronkite " F " Club Tournament N March 'Tth and Sth the " F" Club staged its first annual Farmington State Normal School Basketball Tourna- ment for the nearby small high schools, and it was a big success in every respect. Lack of space prevents us from giving an account of the games played but suffice to say the large crowds which attended were treated to some fast and interesting bas- ketbaill for two successive days. Wil'ton Academy was the Tournament winner but had to display a championship brand of ball to win the much coveted honor. A beautiful silver cup was presented to the winning team as well as individual medals to the players. Medals were also given to the boys of Rangeley High, who were runners-up. An added attraction was the annual game between the first and second year boys, which was played just prior to the deciding game of the tourney. This game was as fine an exhibition of basket- ball as one could wish for and the second years were victors only after a great come- back in the last part of the game. lt is to be hoped that this tournament, which so many enjoyed. will become an annual event, that will tend to promote in- terest and sportsmanship in athletics. Following is the list of the teams who participafted in the tournament: XYilton Academy twinnersj Rangeley High trunners-upj Cakland High Jay High Farmington High Norridgewock High Phillips High GIRLS' ATHLETICS LANS were made at the suggestion of Miss Allen to organize an Athletic Association for the girls. All the girls in the school had the privilege of joining and more than two hundred did join. The Hrst meeting took place in the Gym and the officers were elected: Adrienne DeLisle, President: Helen Staples, Vice President: Helen Robinson, Secretary and Treasurer. Wlieii the Athletic Council was elected these girls were to formulate a constitution, 'which would set forth the point system and the requirements of the members. It was decided that Basketball and Field Hockey should be the major sports and Captain Ball, Volley Ball and Baseball the minor sports. The Council also provided the motto for the Association: " To provide a program of wholesale sport and happy recreation for everyone throughout the school year, to create in each individual a lasting inter- est in sport for spont's sake, to improve general health, vigor and endurance, to develop greater class consciousness and a spirit of good sportsmanship." FIRST YEAR BI-XSKE'I'Ii.'XLI. GIRLS Luck Row, Left to Right-XI, HIITIIJAIHX, I.. StinchI:1eI4I, S. IXIcI.nugI1Iin, II. Priest. Emma :Xu font R1IXV1EY2l JXIHCS, F. llrimigxll, Capt. I. L4IliIlIlljl, D. Nlcrrill, RI fMIIin SECOND YEAR BASKETBALL TEAM Back Row-Leavitt, Reeds, jewett, Lynn, XYQ-bb Front Row-Staples. Lufkin. Capt. Holbrook, DeI.isIe. Flint 92 EFFESSENESS-1930 Let us hope that now we have an Asso- ciation that it will be a lasting affair and not pass into oblivion in a few years. Captain Ball HAv1i you ever heard a brawl? It 's the First Years call. NYhen they play, in the fall, Their games of Captain Ball. But the feature of the hall And the champion of all Is the Second Division team. The line-up of the Second Division team: Captain, Bates Guard, Cushing Guard. Stinchheld Guard, McLaughlin Guard. Bohnson Baseman, Craig Baseman. Pendleton Baseman. Vanio Baseman, Ames Baseman. Dyer The other teams were the Home Eco- nomics Freshmen, the First, Third, Fourth and Fifth Division teams. Basketball ASKETB,-XLL is one of the major sports and this year there girls' were five teams representing the Dormi- tories and other places where the girls stay. There was no little competition for the different positions but at last all was ready for the first game. All these games were played in the gym. with Miss Allen refereeing. The first game was played by the Wil- lows and Palmer Hall. The teams were so well matched that it was necessary to play two overtime periods to decide the winner. The final score was 20-18 in favor The winners of this first game now had to meet the strong South Hall team and then and there a stop was put to their progress, for the South Hall girls were players and then some! Grindall starred for South, Moore for Palmer. The final score of this game was 31-20 in favor of South. Lineup: SOUTH Merrill, rf P. Pendleton, cf Capt. Grindall, lf Hagerman, rg Flint. cg Lynn, lg PALMER rf, jewett cf, Holbrook lf, Mower rg, Towne cg, Gammon lg, Bauman The third game was a fast and furious game between Purington Hall and the Out- siders' team of F. S. N. S. Both teams were made up of experienced players and the shooting and passing was great but nothing could beat the splendid team work of the Outsiders and the final whistle blew with the score 33-20 in favor' of the Out- siders. Lineup: PURINGTON HALL Oursmggs Capt. DeLisle, cf cf, Lufkin Barnaby, rf rf, Ames Harmon. lf Priest, rg lf, McLaughlin rg, Stinchtield Craig, cg cg, Bates cg, Leavitt Rolfe, lg lg, Capt. Cushing The fourth and final game was between the winners, South Hall and the Outsiders. The game started with the Outsiders scor- ing in the hrst few minutes of play and that 's what they did all through the game. But the losers of the game were certainly sports and when Betty Bates crashed to the Hoor dislocating her elbow they agreed to let the score stand as it was, at 38-12, of Palmer Hall. The lineup: PALMER XVILLOXVS Moore. rf rf. Tinsley Capt. Holbrook, lf cf, Viles Jeyyett, lf lf, Pearson Gammon, rg TE, Oliver Towne, cg Cg- Beads Bauman, lg lg- Staples Dyer, Wendell, subs. favor of the Outsiders. ' The lineup: Sour!-I HALL OUTSIDERS Grindall, rf rf, McLaughlin P. Pendleton, cf cf, Lufkin Merrill, lf lf. AIIICS Hagerman, rg rg, Bates Lynn, cg Cg, Odlin Flint, lg lg, Cushing Lowell, Davis, subs. HL"l'SllJl-QRS l!.XSKl2'l'l!.XI.I, 'ILIQXN Huck R-rw, I1-fi In Right- If. 1X111rN, R, 0111111 If11111w:1 .Xml I Imxm Ifrwxu R:1w-- Lf l.11t'k111. I. 5111151111 l'.111t, l. l'11xl1111g, lf. 11111 'H NILI 111 111 Il TENNIS CLUB OFFICERS Back R0wfGn11rell. Barker Front Row- Towne. Russell, DeI.isle excellent season is being looked forward 9-1 EFFESSENESS-1930 After many flowery speeches and much advertising the night of the Big Game came. Once a year the basketball teams of the First and Second Year Classes meet. For the past two years the First Year teams have been winners but not so in 1930 for the Second Years won by a score of 29 to 13. The victors were garbed in red kilties and jerseys while the other team wore green and white. All the students who watched were dressed in their team's re- spective colors. The game was one of fair, fast, furious playing with few fouls called on either team. At the end of the Hrst half the Greens were leading by one point. But that was the end of their lead for the Reds came back strong and wiped it out. The girls of both teams showed fine sportsmanship. The referee was Miss Caliendo of Mexico who handled the game well. The time was four S-minute periods. The lineup: Fmsr Ymas SECOND Ymas Odlin, cf cf, Capt. Holbrook Tennis Team ROSPECT for another winning team this season in tennis seem very bright at the present writing. Last year's team went through the season winning seven straight matches along with the New Engl-and Normal School Champion- ship, and this certainly brought this sport to the front. Last year the matches drew large crowds to each contest, and quite a Little interest in this sport was stimulated, Matches were played on the School Court and thanks to Mr. Butler of Farm- ington we were allowed to use his excel- lent court. Wiith the following letter men of last year's team, Snell, Russell, Barker, Gat- trell and Cronkite, and with the addition of Moore, a transfer from Colby, another Merrill, rf McLaughlin, rf Grindall, lf Cushing, cg Priest, rg Stinchlield. lg rf, DeLisle lf, Lufkin cg, Flint rg. Staples lg. Leavitt lg, Beede tO. The following schedule has been arran- ged Manager " Pete " Gattrell: May Deering H. S. Portland May Skowhegan H. S. A. M. Skowhegan May Keene, New Hampshire Normal Farmington May Hebron Academy Farmington May Open May XVilton Academy XVilton May Hebron Academy Hebron May Skowhegan H. S. Farmington May Open May Open M. May Fort Fairfield H. S. P. M. Fort Fairfield ,lune XYilton Academy Farmington june Edward Little H. S. Auburn S NNELL .L IXIVEI .I M LJ z L, - LJ fi 4 ch 4 M E 2 7: 2 5 'C P. ... Z L: 11 5 of Iii 11 -ff U P 4. .. 9 'Tx D ... .z . in at o .. .. -.. Q1 . - 5 Q DC .M U F2 Q 9 f an 5 Ju : E -v ,- -N .L Q-1 an U :ii :ci U m I -'R fx E 7 Q4 2 al I -1 DJ cz 4 uf 1 C QE mi 2 5 L5 5 as +: 5 L- I1-4 EFFESSENESS-1930 97 5 9 T' 99 -ll' S, ,W ,H I , 1 fl I I ' 36' .I September Log 243 Mr. BIallett's desk begins to look like Sept. a bargain counter. All lost and found 11 School opened with a large entering 3ftlClC5 TCPOSC tlleff- Claas, 27' Another week-end at hand, now what . 1 r V P 12 The Freshmen are exceedingly green, shell ll? do' M . and are waiting to have their Yoicei :ZS Long hike taken bythe Girls' Athletic C' K ' . . v A. tested Association. NK ent to Llearwater, . . . . zl-"'l t-f-l l' ME'- 13 Evidently the incoming class is ecrv im mjwel Ou O, Comfmmr l . . . . ' ervone was exceedingly tired, but verv musical as another division was added ' K' i ' this 'ear 'happy when they arrived home. - y . ' . . . 29 All the hikers are foot sore, and mount I1I'ltCl'l3.llllT1CI1T given to incoming Class. . . the stairs verv slowlv. The Fresh- Evervthing went well, but the gun! ' '. . .' . ' . men are actually' turning a bit Hesh- Sociial held in each dormitorv. ' 'D Re ular dave are in e img colored, they are learning F. S. N. S. -s s s ss . . g . wavs very tast. 17 Freshmen have changed trom sea- 0 ' ' . . N . 00 Trv-outs tor Dramatics Llub begin green to green. ' 5 . t l '. 18 Hoorah! Afternoon off to attend the of ai County Fair. n 19 Petition for another afternoon off re- School Entertainment Course ceived very graciously by Mr. Mallett, E haw h'-3911 PflVllC5l'9d T0 WUIWSS but it arrived too lata for I-eauha. a number of excellent entertain- Q0 First School dance of the year held ih ments this year which were furnished by recreation hall at South Hall. Every- Daft 01 UUY "1I1C1fif'11IHl fee one had a good time, Nov. 122. Helen Simpson of Boston de- Q1 First long hike taken by gh-15 today: lighted the school at Merrill Hall, by a waht Over to the ZOO, and had dihhar number of readings of various character. She changed her costumes and anlied at t e cascade. ll Q3 Students 51eep-QyQdy per usual Blom- llel' make-llp l1CfOI'C tl'l6 ZillCllC1'lCE, XYl'llCl1 day morning' amused and delighted all. 2-L Hockey practice for second year stu- Dec. 17, The Boston Jubilee Singers dents, were a grow of colored folks who enter- as P 25 Edna M. Clements, a former class- tained us for two hours with Negro mate, was instantly killed when struck by an automobile in Lewiston today. She had been attending the Teachers' Convention in Lewiston. Spirituals, jubilee and plantation songs and humorous readings. Feb. 18. Gertrude Thompson Co. with Helen Cannon, reader, entertained the .1 'J Z :J C ' 'J Z rn Cl L1 H U2 EFFESSENESS-1930 99 school at Merrill Hall with singing. read- ing and character sketches. Mar. 10. Mrs. Louise Cates Clark gave a reading of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet " at Merrill Hall, which was greatly appreciated by the audience. Mar. 12. De -len 81 Co., the famous magician, entertained the school and -townspeople, at Music Hall, with his mys- tic power and authentic presentation of Chinese mystery and mental telepathy, which confounded and bewildered the audience. This type of performance was very different from the usual trend, but was thoroughly enjoyed by all. "Lib " Davis seemed to be the only one able to expound all the mysteries. lYe have rea- son to believe that " Lib " is pursuing a correspondence course in this subject. Apr. 15. Charles Gorst delighted the school by mimicking many, many birds. Psalm of Study ELL us not in mournful 'whispers when test-time comes drawing near, While our lazy neighbors slumber, we will rise with ne'er a tear, Cheating will be resented, and we 'll not be con- tent With the thrill that is presented in that seventy- five per cent.! Lives of students all remind us. we can do with- out a Hunk And in passing, leave behind us, notebooks full of written junk, Notebooks, that perhaps another faithful student may consume, Helping some poor, failing brother on his jour- ney to the tomb! Flinf, '3I. With Apologies to Milton ASTE thee, Imp, and bring with thee The Hunks and 70's for me to seeg Scolds and talks and severe blame, Jests and scorn and humble shame. Such as place upon my head Then lead me to my little bed: And in my dream of future life Let me forget this bitter strife. And if I make the best of things Tell me frankly will Fortune bring The pardon of my useless aim And give me a share of splendid fame? Horror, '31, The Christian Association HE Christian Association is a very vital factor in the school interests. The Thursday night meetings. together wi-th the many good times staged by the C. A. endears this organization to the hearts of all. NVe have a splendid cooperative council consisting of the Senior and junior Cabi- net members. A new feature was added to the organization this year. in-as-much as three extra members were elected to serve on each separate committee, making possible a much larger representation of the school body. This plan has been I11Ost satisfactory this year. and will no doubt continue in force next year. Perhaps you would like to know just what the C. A. has done, and is doing. First. we must tell you about the C. A. Fair. It was the best one staged in years. Saturday morning, February lst, Music Hall resembled a carpenters shop. Boys and girls with hammers, nails, and saws were busily at work endeavoring to get their booths in readiness for the after- noon. The morning passed very quickly, and there wasn't a shirker in the crowd. The booths certainly looked beautiful, and the committees deserved great praise. The Candy Booth, representing a huge May basket, received first prize, while the Fancy Sewing Booth, representing a Chi- nese garden, secured second prize. The Financial Booth, revealing a futuristic de- sign, obtained honorable mention. VVe sent a Christmas box to the Sea Coast Mission. and purchased a Health Bond from the Red Cross. The C. A. presented Miss Palmer with a picture before she left for her home in Pennsylvania, where she is to remain for a year. fi z Q -s , U M Q Z 1:1 um Qi LJ EFFESSENESS-1930 101 Whenever a student is obliged to remain in the hospital room for any time, the C. A. always send flowers to cheer and com- fort the person. The C. A. has been very successful this year and we wish it the best of success in the years to come. Christmas Folk Festival IN place of the usual gymnastic exhibi- tion staged every year, the second year students, assisted by a few first year stu- dents presented a Christmas Folk Festival in Merrill Hall, Saturday, December 14, 1929. I Great credit is due Miss Allen for the splendid work she accomplished, in view of the fact that rehearsals consumed just two weeks. The hall was crowded, every available standing space being taken, and the audi- ence declared tlhe presentation to be the finest of its kind staged locally. The " B " Hop OR weeks we had been 'hearing such remarks as these reverberate through the halls of the dormitory: " Oh, say, have you seen Gerry's dress?" "lt's simply gorgeous." "I expect mine anytime now, my sister is sending it from New York." "Do you suppose F-- will take C--?" 'A Say doesn't L- look regal in her gown! lt's supenb, really." " Can you 'feature this? RQ- is taking a 'Blind' and I hear that he is coming froln Boston." if Half of the glirls here are going to takc 'Blinds,' gosh but I am anxious to see what they draw." Saturday, March 15th, dawned calm and clear, and resembled most any other Sat- urday, but by ten o'clock one could easily tell that something was afoot. The very air seemed electrified with excitement. Hammers banged, step-ladders creaked, paper flew, and voices grew loud with ex- citement. 4 At eleven o'clock the station platform was crowded with eager girls, waiting for their swains, and some anxious to know how kind Fortune had been in sllowering her ultra fine " Blinds ". Sons of Maine, Bowdoin, Bates, Colby and other schools were in evidence. with eager, anticipating faces. The boys were escorted to the hotel, and the girls walked back to the dormitories each one delighted with her " Find " and declaring that the assortment of " Blinds " were the very best ever. The town was literally sivarnled with groups of youllg folks during the morning and early afternoon. The Tea Dance was held at the recre- ation room which was attractively deco- rated with panels and balloons. The school orchestra furnished music for the two hours' dancing. At eight o'clock the young people as- sembled in the living room and dining room at South Hall, which had been trans- formed into a veritable futuristic ballroom, the decorations being black and silver with .hangings of futuristic desigll, and multi- .colored srtreamers 'hanging from the lights. The F. S. N. S. Orchestra furnislled music for the dancing and received high praise for their work. The orchestra was placed on a platform in the hall, which was deco- rated similar to the dance hall. I Refreshments were served in the living- room, which had been converted' into a lounge, with banners, floor lamps and cushions, with a cozy tire burning in the fireplace, giving the whole scene the aspect of home. This is the first time that the Hop was ever held at South Hall and we owe Mrs. Allen many thanks for her kind assistance and willingness in permitting us to have it there. 4 At eleven fonty-five the saxophones wlailed their last tumultuous sobs and were placed in their cases, and the echoes of the 102 EFFESSENESS-1930 piano were still faintly audible when the good-nights were being said. The best ever " B " was over. Sunday the guests departed to their re- spective schools. and the Normalites en- deavored to turn their thoughts back to the betterment of their minds-which proved to be no easy task. C. A. Annual Masquerade RID.-XY, -lanuary 31st, the C. A. held their annual masquerade at Music Hall. Folks began arriving at 6.-L5 and such an array of people, clowns, peasants, Italians, dolls. twins, Arabs, fashion plates told and modernj, piorettes, news- boys. gypsies, clothespin rack, spoons, towel and accessories, and last but not least the Ghost, who entered unceremoni- ously during the grand march. The judges were Miss Porter, Miss Stone and Miss Havey. and their task proved to be a very difficult one. Prizes were awarded to B. Simpson, M. Flint, R. Koritszy, B, lewett. V. lewett, and Miss Hill. The F. S. N. S. Orchestra furnished music during the evening and they were at their best. A splendid program was introduced during intermission which was as follows: Saxophone solo by Myron Starbird, with piano accompaniment by -lames Studleyg "l Want a Primitive Man," solo by Myra Barnaby, accompanied by a chorus made up of M. Holbrook, G. Condon, A. Keweza, A. DeLisle, M. Brown, M. Goucher, Pat Henderson and B. Browng a takeoff on some of the teachers by C. Hoctor: stunts by Don Beals: "Button Up Your Overcoatf' song and dance by M. Robinson and P. Bohnson. Punch and cookies were served between dances. As the dancing progressed everyone grew hilarious, and streamers and confetti were thrown about with wild abandon, the climax coming when Addie and Marge ap- peared in the balcony with 'hundreds of multi-colored balloons. Such stretching, scrambling and shouting as accompanied the attempt to secure a balloon was ade- quate price for them. The Goodnight piece sounded long be- fore anyone was prepared for it, and it was with great reluctance that the stu- dents donned their wraps and departed to their respective abodes, after declaring C. A. night to be one of the best ever held at Normal School. The Student Council THE Student Council is a very impor- tant organization in our school. Its main purpose is to settle -cases that will in- evitably arise in the best regulated schools. This body consists of two representa- tives from the first year class, one from the freshmen and sophomores, and one from the juniors and seniors of the Home Economics Department, who serve for two quarters with Mr. Mallett, who speaks for the faculty, making a total of seven mem- bers on the council. VVe have been most fortunate this year in having very few cases the nature of which would merit the harshest penalty- expulsion. The members for the school year 1929- 30 were as follows: Myra Barnaby Dorothy Russell Edith Coleman Dorothy Colomy Harry MacNeil Helen Staples Geraldine Morrison Reginald Clark Roland Holden Student Conference FARMINGTON Normal School was rep- resented this year at the New England Student Conference held in Poland Springs, Maine. Our delegates were Eunice XN'ard, of t-he first year class, and Eleanor McKeen and Reginald Clark, of the second year class. A full report of EFFESSENESS-1930 10:3 the entire trip was given in C, A. Meeting and was of great interest to C. A. mem- bers. Maqua THERE were eight delegates from the C. A. Senior Cabinet at CHITID Maqua, Poland, Maine. this last summer. They were Lenora XYebb, Helen McDonough, Bernice Simpson, Evelyn Baxter, Helen Robinson, Gertrude Vllhitney, Clarice Vl'atson and Eleanor McKeen. The dele- gates came back this year with many new ideas to boost the C. A. and with many happy memories of "Down XYhere the Birches Sway." New York Alumni Association THE New York Alumni Association, made up of alumni in New York City and vicinity, held its annual luncheon at Penn- sylvania Hotel, Saturday, February 1. Mr. Mallett represented the school and thirty members of the association were present. This is the association which offers a cash prize of twenty-five dollars annually to the member of the graduating class who in the judgment of the faculty attains to the highest level in speech, inan- ners and spirit of helpful service. Ella P. Merrill, '91, presided and Kath- leen Connelly, '25, is secretary. Massachusetts Alumni THE annual luncheon of the Massachu- setts Alumni was held at the Pioneer, Hos- ton, Saturday, March 15. Mr. and Mrs, Mallett and Miss Porter from the school were present to greet the one liundred fifty alumni who represented various classes from 1871 to 19229. Charles Varney, '15, Superintendent of Schools in Stoneham, Massachusetts. was president and Myrtle A. Bacon, 'DN secretary. C. ll. Knowlton, '94, is treasurer, The en- tire afternoon was spent in renewing old associations. Xear the end of the day a dozen or more graduates who are students at Boston University came in to greet the older members of the association and the guests from Farmington. -L 4.11 252, U rpg! 1 I ' I u 4. v If 9 X"e2sf QM? flea" ,E I? TIC EFFESSENESS-1930 1115 The Dramatics Club HE Dramatics Club, under the ex- pert supervision of Miss Hill, has done some excellent work this year. The membership of the club is increas- ing steadily. There are new members who show great enthusiasm and ability. W'ith the new members. it is assured that the fine work of the club will be continued next year. The otlicers for the year 19:29- 30 are as follows: Pmzsiilwlf Helena Purvis Secretary Adrienne DeLisle Trvas1n't'r Faith Cony On Thursday evening, November 221, "Mice and Men," a romantic comedy, was given. The cast was made up of new members while the old members acted as Property Committee. It was a delightful piece of acting and was very much en- joyed by everyone. The cast was as fol- lows: Mark Embury .. Eleanor McKeen Roger Goodlake .,... .. Portia Pendleton . . . . . Olive Colesworthy Gladys Condon . . , . Clementina Johnston Capt. George Lovell . Sir Harry Trimbleston ...,.... Kit Barniger ....... ... . Hilda Lishness Peter ......,..., Joanna Goodlake .. Audrey McGown Mrs. Deborah .,....... .... J ean Culleton Peggy ................. ,. . Joann Nichols Matron of the Hospital . . . . . . Ruth Dyer Beadle ...............,. ...., C lara Bunker Molly ...................... Elizabeth Bates In February, a short play in verse was given by the children of the Training School. The play was written and directed by Miss Hill and given in recog- nition of the patriotic holidays in Febru- ary. In March, a play, 'K How the Moon Learned to Smile." was given by the Training School. The scenery was very effective. and the play was a huge success. The plays given by the children are an innovation this year. Miss Hill thought- fully arranged and gave them in order to give us material and ideas to be used when we get into the field. Cn May three one-act plays were given: one by the first year group, one by the second years, and one by the Home Economics. The play given by the first years was " Lone-Some Like " by Harold Brighouse. The cast was as follows: Sarah Ormerod ........... .. Alice Durgin Emma Brierley . . . ..... Isabelle Reid Sam Horrocks ..... . . . Foster Sanborn Rev. Frank Alleyne ..... ...... L ewis lVebber The second year selection was "At the Golden Goose." The following people took part: Molly Desmond. an actress ..... Lucille Small Ebenezer Asheson, a puritan soldier ........ Allen Jones The Landlady of The Golden Goose ....... Virginia Glines Sir Anthony Verschoyle ........ Harold Libby The Home Economics Club play was "lust Women" by Colin Campbell Clem- ents. The cast was as follows: Mrs. lVarren ..... ....... B eatrice Mower Betty .,........ . . Frederica Harrington Mrs. Pickering . .. .. . Dorothy Coloniy Mrs. Lawty ..... .... T hais Harding Mrs. Romney . . . . . Adrienne DeLisle Lady Bloshire . . . ..... Doris Gammon Clara ..,. . . . . Helen McDonnough :fx xxx' 1111 .fi lf! .- li 9.015 R if 5 :- 3X t . -' ' Ygfjipf CLUB DRAMATI CS liili! EFFESSENESS-1930 107 I .- f pl ' ,cf . 'UL- Winter Day Ei"rEicr'ii Visirs OUR F.-icvmv HE dawn was dark. the noontide grey, We saw no sun till the close of day? But just before she sank to rest A brilliant gold lit up the west. The wind blew Clrear through the belfry tower-- And long before the midnight hour Had sounded over the village below, Old Mother Earth had a blanket of snow. So fast the crystal tlakes did fall That by noon that day, the old stone wall And the gate with the posts, in the misty light NYere buried in snow and lost to sight. For a God-mother now had lifted her hand And changed the orchard to fairy-land. XYhere if you looked close, you would surely see A dear little elf, behind each tree And a miniature fairy on every bough. Ready to spring to the ground, I trow. And capture those elves twhat a robber band!! And spirit them off to their fairysland. But just when that picture the thought enshro-nds And lancy's lost in the tilmy clouds. The sun once more. mounts into the blue And the beautiful vision-is lost to view, Louist' Hill. God's Stars The heavens declare the glory of God-Psalms. ATIENCE LINDSAY, she stood on the porch of Quaker Ridge Home- stead, in the spring evening, knew there was a God. She could feel his touch in the softness of the air and hear his com- forting voice in the whisper of the old X pine standing so straight and tall nearby. In her simple faith and contentment, which seems to come to all who suffer physically, she stood there for many minutes, loving to feel his nearness. She started, guiltily, when brisk steps sounded along the hall and the door opened. It was her sister. Deborah. "Patience Lindsay, whatever will be- come of yon! I'm sure I don 't know. XYithont a shawl, tool I might have known. lt'll be a wonder if you don't get a terrible cold. Hurry up and come in. IIon't you know we 've got to make that butter so I can take it to the city tomor- row? I should think you'd be tired enough, after piecing quilts all afternoon, to want to get it done in time to go to bed early. Come in now and hurry up." She took Patiences arm but Patience clung to the porch railing. "Oh, Debby. let me look at the stars sonte more. I always loved to and now that I'm growing' blind I love them more. They look like little bits of heaven shin- ing through. I wonder if God put them there." " Don't be foolish, Patience! God wants people to work-not look at stars. They are there and always will be and you can't change them by staring at them when there's work to do." "I don't want to. Oh, well, Debby, let's rnake the butter." Together they went into the kitchen. Patience sighed heavily as she plodded behind Deborah. It seemed 108 EFFESSENESS-1930 to her that life, according to Deborah, was made of ugly, common-place things, like butter and quilt-making. Sihe thought it foolish and useless to cut 'big pieces of cloth into little squares for patchwork. She wondered what Deborah would think if she knew how she pitied her because her life and thoughts couldn't reach beyond the roof and up to G0d's stars. The house, inside, was neat and clean. Deborah kept it so. She 'beamed with pride at the sight of it, even as she was leading Patience in from her dreams to the butter. They started workiing at once. Deborah had already turned the old barrel churn until butter came. She drained the fresh butter milk into a 'big pail and put the gleaming, yellow' but-ter into a pan. For a long time they were silent as they patted out the buttermilkg put in the salt, molded the butter and wrapped it in wet butter- paper. At last Patience spoke, " Debby, what time will Myron Skillings call to take you and the butter to the train tomorrow?" " About half past six, I guess. Land! He 'll be here before we get through if we don't hurry up and finish so 'we can go to bed." Another silence followed, then Patience spoke again, a little sadly, " You know sometimes I'm sorry I didn't marry him the time he asked me, when I was only eighteen. Then little Marcia Darrell might have been my grand-daughter instead of Rose Perkins's." Deborah turned quickly, her face show- ing horrified amazement, " Patience Lind- say! For shame on you-wishing for other people's husbands and grand-chil- dren. VVhat would Myron think if he could hear you say those dreadful things ?" "It's all your fault, anyway, Debby. You said he wasn't any good just because he didn't go to our meeting. I think there's a lot of good people who aren't Baptists. I don't believe God cares." " Patience! Go to bed at once. Now I mean it. Go on!" she said sternly as she handed Patience her cane from the corner. With tears in her eyes Patience hobbled over to the window and stared out, " Oh, Debby,', she sobbed, " the stars are all gone and some day when I'm all blind I can't see them even when they 're there. I'm afraid I shall lose God when I can't see his stars." Deborah pursed her lips and said noth- ing. Sometimes she found her sister's thoughts about the stars rather exaspera- ting. The clock struck twelve. " There," said Deborah, as she put the churn in the pan- try, "the clock struck twelve so I guess we 'd better go to bed. I want to wind the clock first so it won't stop before morning. W'hat on earth are you sniflling about now? " " Oh, Debby, I hate that clock. It gives me horrid thoughts. We 're just like it- all run down and ready to stop. I don't want to die, Debby. Sometimes I hate to go to sleep at night for fear I will-now that I'm so old. I wonder if God will be as good as he was when I was out-of- doors. Sometimes I'm afraid, Debby." " Nonsense, Patience, come to bed. I've got to get up early to take that butter to the city." That night, in her room, Patience looked again at the stars before sleeping. She thought perhaps they might be people's souls shining their adoration at the feet of God. She prayed tha-t she might never be like Deborah. The next night, in the sitting room with its bright carpet and tidied chairs, Patience sat, rocking peacefully, 'her hands folded in her lap. Deborah, seated stiffly in a straight backed chair was virtuously knit- ting. Patience spoke. "Debby, did you see lots of people you knew today?" " Yes, I saw Torn jucld's wife and she 's just as foolish as ever. She bought eight pounds of pork roast and asked the clerk if it was to boil or fry. And then I saw EFFESSENESS-1930 109 Lem Johnson too. His baby just died and he was feeling bad about it. Land sakes, Patience Lindsay, if you aren't snifliing again. Wlhat 's the trouble now? " " Oh, Debby, I was all alone today and I got to thinking how I wish we could have a little girl to stay with us. Do you suppose Rose would let me teach Marcia how to cook, when she 's big enough?" " Patience, now donlt start that foolish- ness again tonight. I've something nice to tell you. I've invited some company to come and see us." " I hope it isn't the man who tried to sell us some shares in his orange grove in Florida or the one who tried to make us think the end of the world was coming last August." " VVell, I guess you 'll be surprised when you hear. It 's a girl I met on the train. Her name 's Lucy Mitchell. She looks awfully young but she 's been married two years. Her husband in the pool business -whatever that may be. He has pneu- monia now and I'm not surprised, being in the water all the time as he must be. I told her where we live and she 's coming some Sunday. She 'll let us know and she 'll come from the train with Michael, on the milk-wagon." "I hope she will but I don't think she will just the same. Oh dear, Debby, sometimes people and things seein so hate- ful and God seems so far off when I'm in the house. Wiha-t is the matter with me? " "You forget your blessings, Patience. just think of poor old Deacon Tubbs." " Yes, I suppose I can be thankful I've never been murdered on the way home from church, as he was." "Patience Lindsay, I don't wonder you 're afraid to die. Sometimes I think you're going blind just as a punishment for your wickedness." Patience got up and hobbled to the kitchen windows and looked, through her tears, at the stars. Deborah rose hesitatingly, put away her knitting and went to the big cloth basket where she fumbled with the patch- work. Patience hobbled back. "I'm sorry, Debby." They kissed. After all, they were sis- ters and loved each other. ak X if if 1- Summer passed but Deborah's visitor never came. One cold fall evening when the sisters were sitting together, Deborah serving and Patience looking out of the window, deep in thought, a knock was heard. They look up, startled, but before either could rise the door opened and a strange woman, carrying a bundle, walked in. " I 'm Mildred XYilkes from the Garfield Hospital," she said. " A young woman, by the name of Lucy Mitchell. came there last week. She said her husband was dead and she had no friends. She died Sunday morning leaving his baby girl. She wanted you to have her. She said Miss Lindsay was the only person in the world who had ever been kind to her. Do you want to keep her or shall I make arrange- ments for her to be put in H11 asylum? " Patience held out her arms and in them, the nurse placed the bundle. Patience looked, then huddled her close. " Oh, Debby, God sent her to me for he knew that before long, I can 't see his stars any more. I shall name her Rachel and when she 's older I'll tell her about Gods stars. She 'll love them too." Deborah pursed her lips and said nothing but her eyes looked suspiciously damp. Brusquely she motioned for Miss Vifilkes to come with her 'to the next room. As they were talking matters over and deciding that the sisters should keep the baby there came, from the kitchen, the creak of unaccustomed rockers and Pa- tience's tremulous old voice contentedly crooning, 110 EFFESSENESS-1930 rr He leadeth me! Oh blessed thought! Oh words with heav'nly comfort fraught! VVhate'er I dog where'er I be Still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me." Verna. Lcadbcttcr, '30, " The world is full of poetry-the air Is living with its spirit: and the waves Dance to the music of its melodies." Pvrcizfal. Dreams A DREAM! A worthless thing. Distorted fancy, action of a mind Ott guard, the lingering Of thoughts in memory, cast off-left behind. Yes. such are dreams! At night, I seek repose By quiet darkness, guarded-wrapped about. My tired eyelids close, And now there is no longer left a doubt! My dreams are real. Pageants in endless line L'nroll before believing, faith-full eyes. A shining dream-life mine. Unbounded by repression of the wise. I live my dreams. And then, my gorgeous dreams Are mixed with thoughts of an awakened mind Misgivings - doubts! In, streams My flooding reason through an opened blind. XVhat, then, are dreams? Marjorie Scott, '30. Sophistication VVith apologies to Mary C. Davies ONCE I was a "First-year". How did it feel? I can't remember how- Once I was a " First-YE31' H"- Oh, callow 'A First-years "! I'm a "Second-year" now. Francis Beane, '30. Of Thought THOUGHT was dancing her lite away. VVhen, of a sudden, one bright day, She stopped before a pool. Enrapt, she stood, transtigured-dazed. Eyes wide-spread, with wonder much amazed! The words she spoke, " I've been a fool." Echoed and thundered o'er the land. And were jealously copied by every hand, For Thought, on many had played a trickg And had enhanced the Fancy dear To roam with her o'er many a drear VVoodland. meadow, and creek. But now she stood before the glass, Revealing to all, who chanced to pass, The true reflection of a spotless soul, Stripped of the ugly raiment-Evil! She vowed this blessed word: "I will Be pure and through the whole Of my life endeavor to appease Each craving hunger and to ease Every far-searching heart." M, Barnaby, '31. That Second Gorham Game AT ten o'clock in Merrill Hall Joe Roy sat dreaming of the hour, XVhen Gorham Normal's sturdy five Should crumble 'neath his power. For once had Gorham bowed her head To -Ioie's lusty band, "This game to-night," quoth he, "should bring Another cup to hand." The hours passed on, he 'ranged his crew, They travelled Gorham bound: Before the game that very night, He called the boys around. " You know that old Bozzaris guy," He cried, his eyes flashed brightg " He threw those Greeks a heavy line, Remember it to-night. Shoot-till the score mounts higher and higher, Shoot-till the last green foe expire, Shoot-till the baskets catch on tire, That cup is ours by right." The battle raged, the whistles blew. lYith cheers the ceiling rung, They fought like brave men strong and true, And valorour deeds were done. An hour passed by, Joe Roy awoke. A sad. sad man was he. His one bright dream gone up in smoke! A Gorham victory! The moral of our little tale Is. someone 's got to win! And if it be the Gorhamites. VVe'll take it with a grin. Another year is rolling 'round And listen to us, Gorhamg W'hen basketballs begin to bound, If scores are scored, we 'll score 'em. L. P, Grey, '29- R. Ingalls, 1.29. EFFESSENESS-1930 111 Napoleon Bonaparte CAST OF CHARACTERS Josephine de la Pagerie Madame de la Pagerie Negro Prophet Napoleon Bonaparte Servant Messenger Boy Act I Takes place about ITTS Act II Takes place about 179-I Act III Takes place about 1797 Act IV Takes place about 1810 Act V Takes place about IS 1 6 XYritten after reading L. Mulbach's historical novel of the Empress Josephine. JXCT I Scene 1 In a disreputable hovel tEnterj M. de la Pagerie and Josephine, M. de la Pagerie: Come, my child, let us consult the aged prophetess that she may tell us what is in store for my be- loved daughter. Josephine tdrawing hackj: Ah no! The place is dark and gruesome. K.-Xn old hag enters from back.l The woman is ugly and dirty-I am afraid. Let us leave this horrid place! IXI. D. L. P.: Oh, no, my dear, she will never harm you. She will tell you much. she can read your stars. Come, let us go in. tThey enter and seat themselves in front of the Iiag.l Prophetess: I will ask the Gods-they will not fail to tell all-all. perhaps too much. tPeers into the girl's face.j In the face I see lofty, supreme happiness, a chance to achieve greatness-Ah! a call to higher destinies to a position where she will o'er look all France. tTo childj You will live glorious, brilliant days. Ah -but in our hand I see evil, unhappiness, despondency, disgrace. Misfortune will come and carry you to your grave in a day of rebellion. The Gods bestow their gifts upon you, but you must pay, tThe girl utters a cry and draws back.j M. D. L. P.: It is enough-you sense- less hag! The child is afraid-Come. Exit tThe hag sits gazing at the ball.J tfurtainl EXCT II Scene 1 The drawing room of Viscountess of Beauhannais tThe Vis. is reclining on a lounge in one corner.l tEnter, servantil General Napoleon Bonaparte. tNapoleon enters walking rapidly to- ward Y. and bows.J Good evening, Madame. Vis.: I perceive, General, that you are sorry it was your duty to till Paris once more with blood and horror. You would undoubtedly have preferred not to be obliged to carry out the bloody orders of the afrightened Convention. Bonaparte: That is very impossible but what do you expect, Madame? XYe mili- tary men are but the pendulum which the government sets in motion. Nearly all my cannon were loaded only with powder. The fire of grape shot from my guns quickly dispersed the mob. The whole affair was nothing but the impress of my seal upon France. I wanted to give the Parisians a little lesson. Vis. twith angerl: If you must pur- chase fame at such a price, I would sooner you were one of the victims. Nap. lpacing in front of her, turns suddenly! 1 Madame! I have a proposition to make: give me your hand. Be my wife! Vis. tastonished and a little irritatedlz Is it a joke which you are indulging in? Nap. fwarmlyl: I speak in all earnest- 11ess. VVilI you do the honor of giving me your hand? Vis.: Wlho knows, I might be inclined to accept your distinguished offer, if un- fortunately. Fate stood not in the way of your wishes. 112 EFFESSENESS--1930 Nap.: Fate? Vis.: Yes, fate, my general. But let us speak no more of it. It is enough that Fate forbids me to be the wife of Gen. Napoleon Bonaparte. Nap.: Ah but you cannot turn me away with so evasive an answer. I pray you- explain the meaning of your words. Vis.: XVhen I was a young girl, a for- tune teller predicted my future and thus far her oracular words have been fulfilled. I have been married, transformed from merely Josephine de la Pagerie to the Vis- countess de Beauhannais. My marriage has been unhappy. The people oppressed -the revolution-I can see the day. Robespierre and his guillotine-playing 'havoc-heads rolling from the block, bouncing like gambler's dice. It was on the awful day of St. Bartholomew, Alex- ander de Beauhannais, my husband went from the Concierge to visit La Guillotine. On that day it worked well. And Marat, Danton, and Robespierre imagined that they were physicians healing France by thus opening her views. The heads have falled like puppies. You see I have had a sad experience which I cannot soon for- get. I think that I could love you. I am sure I trust and respect you. Give me your hand, I will be your wife. Qffurtainj :XCT III Scene I Notre Dame Cathedral-altar lighted- Priests and Pope at altar-soft music. Enter Napoleon dressed exquisitely in white velvet. At his side, Josephine dressed in silver and gold. The people in the church rise and bow low. They march forward with attendants. They bow at altar while attendants draw to one side. The ceremony takes place-Napo- leon crowns himself - showing that church does not rule state. Josephine kneels before him and is crowned. The pope holds out his hands over them and says, " In hoc solio confirme vos Deus, et 'in regno arterno regnare faciat Christus. tHe then kisses the emperor on cheek and turns to audience-In a loud voicej Vivat imperator in aeternumf' Everyone rises -shouts-" Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empress!" A salute is heard from the Tuilleries and all France knows that the Emperor is crowned. Church empties slowly, shouts, and sounds can be heard in the distance-fainter and fainter. " Long live the Emperor ". Scene 2 In the palace Josephine and Nap. enter. Nap.: My love, the prophecy was true. You are greater than a queen- an emper- ess. You hold the highest position in all France-the wife of the great Napoleon. But, my dear, it changes you not at all. You are the same charming woman I loved and married. Jos.: How proud I am of you, my dear husband, the emperor. Qdramaticallyj Napoleon of France. You are here by your effort alone and your merits well de- serve you this place. But you are still my husband. QEmbracej fCurtainj Acr IV At Malmaison-a drawing room Jos. fsobbingj: The prophecy is true -I am surely suffering disgrace and sor- row. I am thrown aside, as a child dis- cards a toy. The great Napoleon fcyni- callyj has forgotten me and forsakes me for Maria Louisa. I pray to God that he may now establish a Napoleonic dynasty for France. It has been five interminable years-and my heart is breaking. There is nothing left-Yet, I still love him. How I wish I could see his son-his son and not mine. I cannot help but feel a little bitter-I must not-He does it for France-his country and mine. fEnter a messengerj A letter, Madame. fJos. EFFESSENESS-1930 113 rushes to him and grasps it eagerly. Reads, silentlyj Aloud: This child in concert with our Eugene will secure the happiness of France and mine also. Act V At Elbe Island-St, Helena Napoleon Qsitting beneath the treesib fthoughtfullyj tsadlyj: She is dead. The only woman I ever loved-she who helped me, and loved me as only a woman can. She 's-gone, gone! I have brok- en her heart-killed her as if I had plunged my swod through her. I cast her aside, for ambition. for France. Here I am, desolate, unloved. I have sacrificed everything to the altar of amhition-am- bition which brought me nothing. Why, oh why! My heart, too, is broken. I have hurt that which I loved most-and now she is gone. There is nothing left -nothing at all. Faith. COIZXJ '50, . . . . . 'Twas Pastime to be bound VVithin the sonnets scanty plot of ground," H'art1'stx'0r!Iz, The Little House YON lies the little house wherein I dwell A part of me is every cozy nook: The tiny window whence I pause to look And marvel at the beauties of the dell. The blue capped mountain with its rocky fell Is meeting place for glossy pluinaged rookg Beside my doorway runs a babbling brook: Its murmur whispers gently, "All is well". My little house is all in all to me, 'Tis hallowed with the memories of years, True happiness has reigned within its door. I pray that when at last 'tis time for me To pass beyond the realm of human fears My soul may linger here forevermore. JI. Lucille Small, "30. Tempus Fugit THE day is done and night comes on anew: The golden sun and earth in quiet rest, And all the joys of day which have been best. Are gone forever! bid them sad adieu. Another day has passed into that deep Mysterious land of time forever gone: The thought of which would be but more forlorn XYere it not blanketed by peaceful sleep. Oh time! why tlee thee thus so fast away? XYe have too little time to learn, my friend, Yet too much time in which we may forget. XYhy haste upon us yet another day? For lo! the morning brings but night again. And night but more time to regret. .TIAIVIDUII .5'i'.rs1'011.v, 130. Vespers T115 sun had set, Above the distant hill rose the moon, softly gliding' its way upward until it reached a commanding height in the heavens. Here and there the sky was dotted with tiny stars, set like jewels in the vast background, In the distance stood a lone pine tree, its form outlined clearly against the horizon. Beneath, lay the town where all was peaceful and still. Here and there a bright light gave forth its dazzling bril- liancy, while smoke curled lazily from the chimneys. Bvatr1'c'c G. ,lIotc'vr, '3o. 'I A UTHORS CLUB N A MODER EFFESSENESS-1930 115 Bblnhrrn Anthura' Olluh NDER the efhcient leadership of Miss Virginia Porter, our Modern Authors' Club is nearing the close of its fourth year. The success which this or- ganization has realized through these years has been entirely due to the untiring and enthusiastic efforts of our gifted leader who has endeavored to create in us a love and appreciation of all that is fine in modern literature. And indeed, upon con- sidering the fact that the world of today has seemingly gone " bookish " and con- sequently that an infinite number and vara iety of books has been placed at our dis- posal, one would readily conclude that In indicate the choice of such a mass would be no slight task. Our work this year has been centered around an informal study of the novel, short story, poetry and drama of today. Reviews and readings of these given by our members have proved most delightful. To our ever-Cfrowinff book corner we D D have added Rolvaag's splendid " Giants of the Earth Placing stock in the old ailage-" livery little helps we are con- fident that for having some day soon, our ambitions a real library instead of a cor- ner will be realized. Although it is doubt- ful if even an extensive library could irean a source of greater enjoyment :ban our book corner has proved this year. Aside from its inter-member aftivities the club also sponsors, each year, the dona- tion of two prizes. One is awarded for that selection of prose and one for that selection of poetry which has been entered in the literary columns of the year book and which the club deezns to have the best literary merit, This program has proved conductive to inspire the best of creative work among our students. The otiicers of the club for this year were! l"res., Pauline Douglas, Yice Pres., Faith Cony. Sec. and lreas., Rosine Klongillo. lfbr. llentbersliip thniniittee, lidna Page. Chr. Prograin Lioininittee. llilrlegarde Rogers. W i C llli EFFESSENESS-1930 XA M ff f X 4 N eecl ay lvelp ?n C106 Joke-,S -limmy Iluriizuliiii: "That last run of -Iuigy ulucpilylz "Did you? Ilutter yoiirs mlb gn-rd. I In-zu' you Iirokc your call Z1 iloctoif' IYIAUYIIIIIN rem Progress Klicknlidisi " Yr-, IQ fi-ui' Necoiiilx, txxo l'Il1x. :md Il In-"' Freslilnziii: "I do11't know." Solmli.: "I am not lJl'C1H1I'CCllu Sm-II: "KI5i'oi1. xvliy nu- you xxuznriiig your glzivew in ligdi " Dluiiior: "I don't exactly 1'c1uc1nlJc1'I" Senior: "I do11't lielicve I can zidrl :my Stcwliiiwlz 'AI'm gm-itiiig' fo neur- -iglituil I Cllllil 11-cfrgiiizc dw pvopls rlrczim :iIiout." .Xiid tlzuu tlivrc ix Liu' znlvxciit-inimlcml Coiixliwictivc idczis to wlmt luis zdruiidy In-on sfiidl H Vlimlme liurrz "I'm :1 little stiff from Iimxliiigf' guutlciiism xxlio put Iiiw pzijziiiiaa to lied :md tfiruxx' Iiimfclf flown the lziuiidry- clinic, Iillllllilflj' ll-QIIUCIQIIIQ' :lt Hemlc1'son's lmcnlrooiii doom: "Iii-"lit Jclockl Eiffllt dclock! " 5 D limi Klzicziulcyi UI clou't Cure where you 'rc from." Ted Tliurlow: I' I 'll count the days uu- til I see you again." Iius Spclmau: "'Well I hope you have a good liozid for Hgiiresf' EFFESSENESS-1930 117 Miss Hill: " Despise not the lowly, the underjaw does all the work." Through the courtesy of the Hollywood producers we dedicate the following movies: The Laughing Lady-.Terry Lunt. Three Live Ghosts-Thelma Black- more, Emily Butcher, Kitty VValker. Idle Rich-Juicy Henderson, Bob Hig- gins, Pedie Luce. Four Devils-Studley, Russell. Snell, Starbird. VVise Girls-Bertha Stafford, Bee Bickford, Enid Sawyer. Sunny Side Up-Sunny Robinson. Men Without VVomen-Libby, Lord, Goofus. City Girl-Kay Way. Hell's Heroes - Mickalide, Harris, Barker. Venus - Alice Townsend. Oh Yeah- Dud Ingalls. The Very Idea-Leaving for a week- end. So This is College-Farmington Nor- mal. Red Hot Rhythm-E. S. N. S. Or- chestra, Their One Desire-To graduate. Side Street - Abbott Gym. It 's a Great Life-Exam week. Dot Carter: " You 've heard the 'Egg Spots on Your Tie' song?" Edna Adams: " Finish the joke, I never guess them." Dot: "Button Up Your Overcoatf' His Omnipotent Presence NVhen silence the large room possesses And all are bent over their books, Of a sudden there falls on the ear drum. Loud laughter, accompanied by "looks!" And then panic, in great waves, enfolds us, And we tremble with laughter and fear, All ready to be ground to mere sawdust VVhen the sound of a sprung latch we hear. We glance in the office location And directly before our Fixed gaze Stands the well-known figure of a man Who, by nothing in life can be fazed. One look in itself is sufhcient. And before him we meekly succumb, And resume the lure of our text-books NVhich, in truth are too wholly " hum-druml' Barnaby, 731. Susie Frost: "I used to snore so loudly that I'd wake myself up but I've cured myself." Opal: " How?" Susie: "I sleep in the next room." Gorham Coach: "'Why did Mr. Roy take Peddie out of the game?" Spectator: " The cameraman claimed he didn't photograph well," Dud Ingalls to Kay Hoctor: "lYho is the best-looking boy in Farmington State Normal and why am I? " Mr. Roy to Mr. Fenwick in the corner: " What does al. stand for?" Fen fdreamilyb: "Alpl1cna." Fits and Misfits Haughtiest - Audrey McGowen. Daintiest - Marion Tufts. -Iazziest - Bob Harris. Mightiest - Marjorie Scott. Smilingest - Ethel Butterlield. Wfildest - Marion Churchill. Humblest - Pete Gattrell. Snappiest - Velma Coy. Sheikiest - Goofus. Fairest - Mutt Scott. Liveliest - Chamberlain B. Innocentest - Gladys Condon. Musicalest - Peg Flint, Dumbest - Kay Hoctor. Vampiest - Ted Thurlow. Lovingest - Lily Pond. Girlest - Mac Heal. Sweetest - Martha Brown. Sporrtiest - Bee Lynn. Cleverest - Mira Barnaby. 118 EFFESSENESS-1930 Quietest - Madaline Burns. Shyest - Addie DeLisle. Shortest- Nat Preston. Talilest - Irene Loon. Thinnest - Caroline Patterson. Fattest - Helen Staples. Artisiticest - Maddy Randall. Tenderest - Carl Fenwick. Holiest - VVarny Russell. Petitest - Pedie Luce. Craziest - Bertha Stafford. Politest - Briggs. Gamest - Betty Bates. Agreeablest - Reggie Clark. Likeablest - Geraldine Morrison. Gracefulest - Celia Lampher. Friendliest -- Edna Page. Freshest- Everett Cole. Naughtiest - Emily Small. Meekest - Irene Magoni. Quietest - Casey Lufkin. Goodest - Betty Morton. Curliest - Thais Harding. Smartest- Lucielle Small. Loudest - Maddy Lord. Goofus: " 'Tis bitter cold, without." Poland: " XYithout what? " Goofus: " VYithout teeth." Ann Ward tat grocery storej: "I want a ound of mincemeat, and lease P take it from a fresh young mince." NX'hen Pat Henderson visits the " big Cities" we need never worry about her being taken for a " Mainite" as her New York accent has almost reached perfec- tion by now. Hilda Avery: " Is my face dirty or is it my imagination?" A. Townsend: " Your face isn't dirty, but I don't know about your imagina- tion." Mr. Mallettt "You missed my class yesterday, didn't you? " McNeil: "Not in the least, sir, not in the least." Addie: " Did you take a bath this morning?" Betty: "No, did you miss one?" Libby advertises for sale: A violin, by a young man in good condition except a loose ply in the head. Miss Porter: " Mr. McLaughlin, how would you punctuate this sentence, 'The wind blew a ten dollar bill around the cor- ner '? " Mac: "I would make a dash after the ten dollar bill l " Russell, Starbird and Studley were out walking one morning when they chanced to meet an old man with a long flowing beard. Deciding to have some fun at the old man's expense they accosted him in the following manner: Studley: "Good morning, Father Abra- ham." Russell: " Good morning, F a t h e r Isaiah." Starbird: " Good morning. F at h e r jacob." The old man looked surprised at first but with a knowing smile he answered: "I am neither Abraham, -Iacob, or Isaiah but I am Saul, son of Kish, out hunting for my father's asses and lo! I have found them! " Ruth LaSan: " Why are some women called Amazons?" Kitty Haskell: "Because they are so wide at the mouth." Lu Leavitt: " That car of mine is sure fast. She could travel a mile a minute if it wasn't for one thing." Casey Lufkin: " What 's that? " Lu: " The distance is too long for the shortness of the time." Mutt Scott: " The photographers never do me justice! " Gregoire Qsweetlyj: H You want mercy, not justice dear." EFFESSENESS-1930 119 Feature: Miss Porter on roller skates. Mr. Mallett at a loss for big words. Mr. Preble without an hereditary trait. Miss Broadbent dean of the school. Miss Hill with a placid countenance. Miss Mantor confusing her " dates "? Miss Lockwood before she entered "the Field ". Mr Dearborn with suspenders. Miss Stone on spike heels. Mrs. Ingalls on Hat heels. Miss Miss Miss Mrs. Havey with a pug. Mahoney riding a bicycle. Cox playing football. Dakin tongue-tied. Mr. Roy not being sarcastic. Miss Allen knitting socks. Miss Johansen in the Follies. Harris: " Hey! " Red Lowell: " My name ain't 'Hay' an' don't try to shines either." make me while the sun Mr. Ingalls: " May I sit on your right hand at dinner? " Miss Hill: "I may need it to eat with, but you may hold it a while." Kay Hoctor: "Don't bring me any more of that horrid milk, it is positively blue." Fenwick, who had become a farmer: " It ain't our fault, lady. It 's these long. dull evenings as makes the cows so fle- pressed." With Apologies to Kipling IF you can keep your money when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you: If you can trust yourself when teachers doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too: If you can stay here and not be tired of staying. Or. getting homesick. donit be that way, Or being tempted. don't give way to tempting. And yet don't have too much to say. If you can ask for week-end permissions Without trembling with fearg If you can read the book of rules and regula- tions In the two whole years you 're here: If you can meet with examinartion and disaster And greet these two imposters with a cheer: If you can bear to hear your name in chapel Spoken by lips to make you known afar, Or wait in agony 'til you 'll be asked to sing do, re. me, fa. sol, la. If you can learn the names of all the trees and birdies, And know the difference between an aboe and a tin pan, And can show a lot of manifestation. And never breathe except from the diaphramg If you can force yourself to eat three prunes each morning. For they will be served long after you are gone, And can get the dirt all on you bath-tub Except the ring which says "Stay-ON! " If you can dance and keep your virtue. Or walk with Abbott boys nor lose the common touch, If neither matrons nor loving teachers can hurt you. If all men count with you, but not too much: If you can make it from the fair grounds Before the bell rings the hour of ten, Yours is the Normal School and everything that's in it. And what is inoregyoull graduate my friend! T07vli.n'mi. '3H. Perkins to waiter in restxttirant ffm bas- ketball tripl: "XYhat is the name of the piece the orchestra is now playing?" VVaiter: "Go Feather Your Nest." Perkins: " Go fry your neck! I asked you a civil question." V. Fitield: "My brakes won't work. 'Would you mind dragging your foot along the pavement a little?" Dot: "In what course do you expect to graduate?" Briggs: " In the course of time, I guess." Jerry Morrison tat baseball gamel: " Oh look, we have a man on every base." Faith Cony: " That 's nothing, so has the other team." 120 EFFESSENESS-1930 Vacation Chant Oh. it 's home again and home again My home town for me: I want a train that 's homeward bound That 's where I long to be. In that blessed land of sleep enough Beyond the school room bars, NYhere the air is full of freedom And I may ride in cars. Blackmore, '30. Lucille S1nall: " Do you feel like a cup of tea? " Maddy Lord: "Course not! Do I look like one? " Pete Gattrell: "This is my fire wagon." She: " Your tire wagon?" Pete: "Yeah, I take all my flames rid- ing in it." Mr. Hallett: "Are you using crib notes in this examination?" Fenlason: " No sir, I'm copying out of the text." Mr. Hallett: " Oh. I beg your pardon." An English Lullaby Say the poem so softly, Pitch your voices sweet and low: For it 's slumber time for Arthur And he needs the rest I know. Two Bold Knights There once was in this Normal School Two men of greatest zeal. The one was Douglas Barker, The other Harry McNeil. They knew two lasses far away :Xs many lovers do. But when these lads to school did come They swore they would be true. Now " Doug" and " Mac " thot they would like To learn to cook and sew And so with lace and spice they said, "To the cottage we will go," They found two charming teachers, The best ones in the state. Little Klary taught the sewing XYhile Dotty made the cake. Now Douglas liked to stitch the best XVhile Harry liked to bake. The rest our histories now have claimed So I will not relate. Four score years have now gone by For lads who would be true, For lasses who lived far away, Have faded from the view. Two youths are now two baches As their ages will reveal, The one is Douglas Barker, The other, Harry McNeil. Tozwzsuud, '30. Louis VVebber: " Here's two dollars on account." Don Macouley: " On account of what? VVebber: "On account of that's all I got." H Uncle: "I hear you made the basketball team at school." Bernadini tmodestlyj: "Well, the other boys helped a little." Ducl Ingalls in health class: "I 've just been reading these statistics and it says that every time I draw a breath a man dies." Miss Johansen: "F'evens sakes, why don't you use Listerine?" Song Hits at Normal School I'm on a Diet of Love-Margie 'NValker. If I XYere King-Pete Gattrell. Hot Town - Farmington. Arabian Lover-Joe Roy. Got a Big Date-Thelma Blackmore. All That I'm Asking is Sympathy- Czoofus. My Love Parade-Juicy Henderson. Rio Rita - Mildred Marble. Look lYhat You 've Done to Me- Ciladys Condon. Singing Fool-Allen jones. Beautiful Lady- Priscilla Bohnson. Satisfied - Cronkite - Daly. My Fate is in Your Hands-Students. Chant of the Jungle-Shirley Pattern. Sweetheart VVe Need Each Other- Lily Pond-Lee VVilder. Never Had a Reason to Believe in You -- Miss Stone. Miss Wonderful -Peggy Lutz. EFFESSENESS-1930 121 You 're Responsible - The Faculty. You're Always in My Arms But Only in My Dreams-Audrey McGown. Exam Slogan H And what is writ, is writ Xllould it were worthierf' Revised Motto Failures are to the heroic minds The first steps of success So why be blue or make repine lVher1 you Hunk out a test? -lust grin and snap your Fingers And start at it once more For failure cannot linger If you sweep it out the door. Greg: "I always say what I think." Betty tsweetlyl: " Is that why you 're been so quiet all evening?" Ann: "I wonder what part of a pig the chops come from?" Stevens: " Pooh! I know that. Hayen't you ever heard of animals licking their chops ? " An English Student's Psalm Miss Porter is our teacherg we shall not want another. She maketh us to study hard lessons: she leadeth us through the pages of our English: she bringeth us knowledge for our diploma's sake. Yea, though we walk into the class room, we I3 shall fear no hundreds: for she is with us. Her questions discomfort us. She prepareth an examination before us in the presence of our ignorance. She annoints our papers with red marks. Our grade runneth low. Surely ignorance and failure shall follow us all the days of our lives and we shall dwell in F. S. N. S. forever. Adapted. G. Haggerman: "VVhat gave you such a bad cold, Bob? " B. Higgins: "Drinking out of a damp tumbler." E. Grosse: "This mountainside is very hard to climb, can 't we get a donkey?" D. Macauley: "Ain I not here? Lean on my shoulder." Miss Mantor: " Do you think the radio will take the place of the country news- paper? " Dot Park: "I doubt it. You can 't swat a fly with a radio set." Marg Holbrook: "Something mannish in a hat, please." Clerk: " Here 's the very thing! " Marg: " But it isn't mannish enough." Clerk: " But that 's a man's hat, madamf' Father treading school reportl: " His- tory - D 3 Arithmetic - D: Hygiene - D: Sociology-D3 Methods-D! W'hat is the meaning of this, Edna?" F. Ambrose: "I can 't understand it, Dad. Do you think it might be forgery? " Pedie Luce: "I raise wonderful straw- berries." Peggy Flint: "Are they really good?" Pedie: "Absolutely the best, luscious, large and juicy fruit." Peg: "Do you put fertilizer on them?" Pedie: "No, just cream and sugar." XJ QW 79 is we NY! M TEA BASKETBALL I, H A L PALMER V 'X' gb A r E-X GYTIC COHOTHICS Depaftmeh t 12-L EFFESSENESS-1930 "All education, rightfully speaking, for Homemaking. All homemaking is expression of the fruits of education." Faculty HELEN E. Lockwoon LILLIAN H. GATES BIABEL E. Moss SARAH A. RICHARDSON Seniors Blewitt, Mildred Douglas. Pauline Fossett, Madeline Furber, Helen Furlong, Hazel Gammon, Doris jewett, Velma McDonough, Helen McSorley, Violet Mower, Beatrice Parke, Doris Pinkham, Arline Ramsdell, Mary Russell, Dorothy Shibles, Elouise Juniors Bauman, Martha Black, Lenora Brown, Dorothy Coleman, Edith Hannaford, Ellen Holbrook, Marjorie Lutz, Marguerite Patterson, Hazel Purvis, Helena is an Robinson, Helen Towne, Dorothea Sophomores Colomy, Dorothy Darrah, Pauline Dolloff, Mildred Garland, Violet Goodwin, Dorothy Harding, Thais Leonard, Florence Preston, Nathalie Rideout, Doris Rogers, Hildegarde Stewart, Rena Su-minsby, Gene Ward, Anne Freshmen Allen, Erma Bailey, Winola Brown, Gwendolyn Burke, Isabel Hamblin, Hazel Harrington, Fredreca Irish, Kathryn Jewett, Elizabeth Nickerson, Stella Nottage, Sereen Pendleton, Katherine Pond, Lillian Priest, Elizabeth Provencher, Carmelita Rhoades, Doris Sawyer, Merna Snow, Virginia VVhitman, Tola EFFESSENESS-19 BLEWITT, lXLlILDRED IRENE Winslow, Maine The Cottage VVinslow High School " MIL " Hiking Club. '27-'29: Girls' A. A., '30: Gym Exhibition, '2Tg Home Economics Club Treasurer. 'ESQ Class President, '2Sg Junior Orchestra. '29: Big Cyclone. '29g XYorld Fellowship Committee, C. A., '30. To be or not to bc, that is thc q11v.vf1'on." XVhat would we have done these long four years without Mil and all of her watchful care? lYe have decided that she is a light sleeper for she often plays the part of "Jack-in-the-Box". However, if she doesn't sleep well she does half hour hikes well and soon will be walking at a rate which cannot be beaten. XVe wish you great success out in the "Field DOUGLAS. PAULIXE Brunswick, Maine Palmer Hall Moses Brown School, Providence. R. l. 'tPOLLY" Junior Cabinet. 'QTJ Gym Exhibition. 'iii Hiking Club Secre- tary, 'ZBTQ Student Council, 'ZTQ Hiking Club President, 123: Home Economies Club Secretary. 'TISS Modern Authors Club Prize for best contribution to Year Book, 'ZSQ Modern Authors Club Program Committee, 'QSM C. A, Music Committee. 'lilli Girls' A. A., '30: Home Economics Club Program Committee. 'SUQ Modern Authors Club President. '3lilg Senior Class Secre- tary and Treasurer. lf! CIM' my friund, and quit your books, ll'liy all llzi: toil and U'0lll7!t'.7'i Spare us a little of your time. Polly! You are just the per- son we need to put this across cleverly-with your scheming and your dreaming and your poetic feeling. XX'e have always found you a most willing and helpful classmate, even if you do contend that there is NEVER any hurry. lX'e are sure that suc- cess awaits you just around the corner. FOSSETT, RLXDELIXE Bl.-XRIE Bristol, Maine The Cottage Bristol High School .. JOE ., Girls' A. A.: Editorial Board. .301 Basketball, T253 Club Sec- retary, '27, " Yan ca11't fridge a book by its r0t'1'f's." One might judge Joe couldnt make a noise or get into mis- chief, but take it from us who know-she can and does. lVe were glad to have you come back to join our class. You were so calm and industrious the tirst half year we wondered-but now the "Sailor " has come home, our queries are answered. lYe don't blame you for life on an ocean wave is exciting and we hope you continue to ride on the crest of the wave. FURBER, HELEN Eowlxa New Sharon, Maine Palmer Hall New Sharon High School " LITTLE HELEN " Hiking Club, 'QTQ XVorld Fellowship Committee, C. A., '30g Home Economics Club Pianist: Gym Exhibition, '2T: Chair- man Music Committee, '30, House President, Palmer Hall, '30. " Lim: to Low." Smile for us. Helen. as we love to see you when you do. "Ohl for a custard pie, girls. they are so good!" Did we like Helen as House President? VVe'll say we did, for she radiated cheer when she was around. Those frequent letters from Hebron did much to " VVin " our Helen from being so for- getful. Every member of your class joins in wishing you suc- cess and happiness in whatever you undertake. 3 0 125 M EFFESSENESS-1930 FURLONG, HAZEL FRANCES Berlin, N. H. Palmer Hall Richmond High School " DINTY " Hiking Club, '25-'27, Tennis Club, '27, '30, Tea Dance Com- mittee, '30, Girls' A. A., '30. " To bt' 1'udz1sH'ion.r is n0bIc." Another one of those ambitious persons who has come back to Farmington for a degree. VVe have admired your determination of purpose, not only in studies but in your dieting program, and Dinty, your dry wit has been a constant source of enjoy- ment for your classmates! Our only regret is that you could not have been with us longer. May all your future plans suc- ceed. GAMMON, DORIS BTARY Auburn, Maine Palmer Hall Edward Little High School " DOTTY " Basketball, '27, '28, '30, Volley Ball, '27, Hockey, '27, '28, Gym Exhibition, '27, '29, Junior Cabinet, '27, Girls' A. A., '30, Chairman D Hop Committee, '27, B Hop Committee, '28, '30, Dramatics Club, 'aug Editorial Board, '30, House Com- mittee. '28, Tennis Club, '28, Cyclone, '29. " fl fl'l'L'l1d' in need is a fr1't'11n' I'1lfl'L'L'd." Dotty's sympathetic nature and guiding hand have turned many a cloud to sunshine in the Clothing laboratory. Everyone has learned to love her for her friendliness and helpfulness. VVC wish you all the success and happiness possible. ,lEXVIi'l'T, HARRLET VELMA Head Tide, Maine The Cottage Lincoln Academy " RED," " VEM " Hiking Club. '26-'29-President, '27-Secretary and Treas- urer, '26, Basketball, '27-'30, Camphre, '26, '27, Social Coin- mittee Class, '26, '27, Tennis Club, '27-'30, Tea Dance Com- mittee, '27, '30, Publicity Committee, C. A.. '30, Girls' A. A. Athletic Council, '30, Executive Board, Home Economics Club, '27, Professor Pepp, '30, Dramatics Club, '29, '30, Young People's Club Social Committee, '30, Basketball Games Com- mittee. '27-'30g D Hop Committee, '26, Field Hockey, '29, '30, Big Cyclone. '29, President 4-H Club, '29, '30, " If is belfcr to ham' Iowd and lost than 11t'1'c'r to have I0'Z'UC!' at all." Hi, Vein! lYhy all the hustle? Is it field hockey or basket- ball or are you just going downstreet? lt's too bad some of us haven't a little of your surplus energy. XYhen it comes to outside activities whether it is a picnic or a play at Music Hall we can always depend on Velma to do her share of the work. AlCDt'JNCDL'CSII, HELEN lRw1N Bangor, Maine Palmer Hall Bangor High School " MAC " Hiking' Club, '27-'30: Choral, 'QS-'30, Junior Cabinet. '26, Senior Cabinet, '28, '30, Dramatics Club, '30, Delegate to lllaqua. '27, '29, Modern Authors, '30, just XVomen. '30, Assistant Editor Year Book. 'zzng President Young People's Club. '29, Choir, '27-'29, Girls' A. A., T205 Gym Exhibition, '27, Tea Dance Committee, '30, Play at Church, '29-'30, Sun- day School Teacher, '27f'29, Junior Orchestra, '29, "Rvjo1'cc and men will .rruk you, Gl'I'L'2'C and they turn and fly, Feast and vom' halls arc rrotvdvd, Fast and the world goes by." Helen is a true friend to all. She is faithful and conscien- tious about everything from writing letters to making " Brown- ies lf she tires of her present profession we suggest that she take up secretarial Work since she has had much practice in tak- ing notes. XVe know she 'll be successful no matter where she fs. EFFESSENESS - 19 BTCSORLEY, VIOLET Guilford, Maine The Cottage Guilford High School .. VI ., Dramatics Club, '29, '30, Secretary Class, '29, Home Eco- nomics Council, '29, Gorham Committee, '29, Social Commit- tee, C. A., '30, House President, Palmer Hall, '30, Proctor, Card Hall. '29, Hiking Club, '27, '28, '29, Girls' A, A., '30, Tea Dance Committee, '29, '30, Cyclone, '29, Gym Exhibition, '27. " To know lzrr is fo love her." How we have enjoyed this "lVIN"sonie lass these four years! Vi's Scotch customs and dish breaking have proved a source of amusement to us all, but the good Scotch sense of humor was always present. Vi's good cooking will surely XVIN some man-soon we think. She is one of those dependable souls who always does her work cheerfully and well. As house president she couldnt be beaten. Best of success always, Vi. MowER, BE.-XTRICE GRACE Auburn, Maine Palmer Hall Edward Little High School " BEE " House Committee, '27, '29, '30, Class Secretary, '27, Tennis Club, '27, '28, Hiking Club, '27, '28, Class Editor of Year Book. '27, Secretary Home Economics Club, '29, President Home Economics Club, '30, Big Cyclone, '29, Dramatic Club. '29, '30, Professor Pepp, '29, just XYoinen, '30, Modern Authors Club, '30, Girls' A. A., '30, Delegate of Boston Con- vention, '29, Young Peoples Club Social Committee, '29, Music Committee, '30, Palmer Hall Basketball Team, '30, Tea Dance Committee, '30. " True tvorth is in being, not scc11zz'ng,- " XVhy all the hurrying and bustle about? Oh, that's just "Bee" getting ready to go to lVilton. XYith a staunch "Max- well" and Non-Skids" you can go far. and you may be sure that your classmates wish you the best of success. PARKE, DoR1s E. Bangor, Maine The Cottage Bangor High School A-nor" Class President, '27, D Hop Committee, '27, Gorham Com- mittee, '27, '28, Tennis Club, '28, '29, '30, Vice President Home Economics Club, '30, 7 '28, Girls' A. A., '30, Tea hibition, '27, " ,-I ready heart Field Hockey. ZS, Hiking Club. Dance Committee, '30, Gyni Ex- and zz ready hand." that "Dot" believes in the old proverb-"A bird in the hand is worth two on the wing", that's all right, "Dot," we know that variety is the spice of life. Our four years with you have been happy ones, due to your ever ready humor and your willingness to lend a helping hand to all. May your generosity bring you rich harvests in the future. lVe are forced to realize PINKHAM, ARLINE J. Lincoln, Maine Orchard Street Lincoln High School " LYD 'i JENNIE JENCKS " Class President, '30, Council President, '30. Hlllaster of human dcsfiuic: am I, Fame, Iozfe and fortune on my footsteps wait," How fortunate we were when that black haired girl from Lincoln decided to join our class! She has helped us over many a difficulty with her initiative and clever ideas. Her jolly ac- counts of practice teaching have shown us her ability to over- come obstacles. lVe wish her every success and happiness and Xef know she will come out on top with her "Philosophy of 1 e". 30 Us EFFESSENESS-1930 RAMSDELL, BIARY ESTELLE Livermore Falls, Maine The Cottage Livermore Falls High School "MAMIE" Hiking Club, '27, '28, '29, Student Council, '28, Gym Exhibi- tion, '27, '28, Executive Board Home Economics Club, '29, Girls' A. A., '30, Big Cyclone, '29, Tennis Club, '28, Tea Dance Committee, '29, '30, " Good things are dana up in .small package.r." Hear that merry laugh! That's " Mamie" who has danced her way into all our hearts. We have no worries about success, for her sympathy and understanding will always win her many friends, Here's hoping she sometime finds her "primitive man". RUSSELL, DoRo'rHx' Farmington, Maine School Street New Sharon High School " DOTTIE " President of Class. '29, Student Council, '29, Girls' A. A., '30, Gym Exhibition. '27, Tea Dance Committee, '3U. "'Daz'ng kindly rlfcds nach day, l'VL't17'1.l1g bright ,rnzllcs all the way." " Dottie" is a friend in need. You can always count on her to be ready with a helping hand at any time. Her willingness to do for others, and her calm and pleasant manner have made her dear to us all. Happiness and success are sure to await her in whatever work she undertakes. to Maqua, '28 '29 5 Dramatic '27, '28, Big '27, '28, Tea junior Cabinet, '28, Girls' A. SH11sLEs, ELOUISE ENNIS Knox, Maine The Cottage Unity High School 'WVEEZERU '28, Poland Springs Conference, '28, Delegate '29, Senior Cabinet, '29, '30, Professor Pepp, Club, '29, '30, Home Economics Club Committee, Cyclone, '29, Tennis Club, '29, Hiking Club, Dance Committee, '29, '30' President 4-H Club, A., '30, Gym Exhibition? '27, Head Vllaitress Purington, '28, '29 "' The tongue can no man. tame." Elouise, your sudden sallies of dry wit are much Never mind, enjoyed whatever the occasion. VVe have appreciated your friendship these four years and wish you the best of success during your brief sojourn "in the field". Please keep all our names on your mailing list for wedding invitations. EFFESSENESS-1930 129 The Legend of the Class of 1930 Y the shores of Sandy River, At the end of Central Maine's road, Farmington, a lovely town, stands. There, is found the school called Normal, There, in twenty-six, we Freshmen, Seniors graced a garden party, Rain poured down on that occasion, Luncheon served we in the Cottage. Then. we saw the stately Seniors Pace the aisle with haughty heads high, First degrees from Normal won they. Thus, the second year was ended. Seeking knowledge and attainment, Came: and fourteen was our number. Oh. the first meal that we ate there! Oh, the tumult and confusion! Oh, the shouting and the laughter! Oh, the frightened looks and glances! Pined we for our doting parents. Know ye of that awful sickness? Quickly. new friends helped dispel it. Very soon we grew familiar lYith the customs and the usage. Xl'e survived initiation. We respected all the Juniors. Bowed in lowliness before them. As was due unto their station. Much we sorrowed for Bliss Palmer. Yet adored that other, Gilkey. Heeded we Miss XVicke's teaching. Yes. we studied and we played some, Built new fires every morning. Dot annexed that manly Vanner, Bee excelled in all her subjects. Thrilled we were by each occasion. All school functions-the mock wedding, Then that picnic on the Sandy. There, we entertained our teachers, Hurled we Chem. books in the river. Thus. did pass the fearful first year. Soph'mores we returned the next year. Then, we threw aside our meekness. And did force the timid Freshmen To assume our former burdens. Bow they must to mighty Seniors! Made we sandwiches and sold them, Labored on the Christmas boxes. Ardently we courted Leo. Each earned fifty cents for his sake, And by means most strange and eerie. Flocked we to a buffet luncheon Served by Seniors, kind and gracious. Mourned by all, Dot Brown departed. Saw we, then, a diamond sparkle And from Eoluise, herself, learned That her heart was now another's. In the spring that Cascade picnic, There. we made the resolutions. Honored we the tyrant, Howard With a picnic and may-basket. Though on samplers hard we labored, Oh, the tedious notes she gave us! In response to our bidding Yea, a busy one the third year, Hazel came not back among us, Lucy, too, we missed them greatly. Velma came to share our labors, Arline, also made we welcome. Owe we much to these two sages. Herded were we then in Card Hall, Where we bowed our heads to Freda. There we talked and never studied: Quick we asked our Freshmen sisters To a party, made fine fudge there, Got acquainted. learned to love them: There, we launched that frightful "Cyclone"3 There too. fed the cheerful players. Dined we once again the Seniors. Day by day prepared the School Lunch. NVorked most hard to give a Tea Dance. VVith our Freshmen sisters ate we, Each our pickle and our sugar, Made of maple in the Springtime. Tribute oft we paid to Heather, Furnished actors for the playlet. Oh, that "Pepp" and "Buttonbuster"! Next we rode on hobby horses, Built play-houses, learned to count then, For the pleasure of our charges, Those pre-schoolers seeking knowledge. Clinics two we gave for mothers, Doctors-Leonard. Foster, Austin. Read we. read we, oh, what volumes! Every child a problemvchild is. Sutfered we with vaccinations, Painful. too. our formal dinners: Elouise's complant grew louder. To a doctor went she quickly, And with tonsils gladly parted. Freshmen sisters us remembered By a party on the Saints' Day, Sophomores were guests at sunrise At our breakfast in the forest. Guests we were of Soplfinores, later, In the garden, was the party, Rain descended not upon us. Then we Juniors went one week-end To that pond which men call, lVatson's There, we slept. and ate. and slept more, There, we climbed up French's mountain, There. we fished with Fisher Freda, There, we rowed and took our sun-baths, There we had the junior Party. 30 EFFESSENESS-1930 Tea to sixty, we did serve once. Fixed we. too. the Seniors' luncheon For that spree which they call Class Day. And we gave the Senior banquet, Gave to them, and to their brethren, Thus, did pass our busy third year. Stately Seniors we, this fourth year Foremost stand we in importance XYe the feted, we the honored, Much we glory in our prestige. Great our pride was, on those First days, Greater will it be commencement, XYheu sedately. press we forward Smilingly. to get diplomas. Dinty, came to share this honor, Fossett, also, sought a sheepskin, Sn our number now is hfteen. But we clansmen were divided, To the cottage half cavorted, Palmer Hall. the rest did shelter. Loved we Tabbutt! Could we help it? Mr. Gates and Mrs. Mossie. Sad was parting with Miss Palmer. Slavish worship gave we Joyce, lYaked at midnight-still we loved her! Courted her with many favors. At the Cottage reigned confusion. Months and months the builders labored, Dining room at last completing: Celebrated we Thanksgiving, Ere that time, we did proclaim it Open house, one night. at Palmer. Some did struggle practice teaching. Some in keeping house did revel. Homesick Freshmen. early cheered weg lintertained we all our friends then. Mothers. ministers. and teachers. Brothers, not our own, however. Abodeen. and Hawes we sought him, But he came not to our testing. Jonah ever. was our courser, Oft we had to stop and feed him. Once our Mossie. she did leave us, ln the hospital to sojourn For a long time. Fared she well there. Parke seduced by its allurements Tarried there, though very briefly. Furber then to gain distinction. Hied her to a greater city, There she had an operation, Had her tonsils amputated. 'Violet now, a diamond sported. At the ending of the half year, Our abode, then, changed to Palmer, To the Cottage came the othersg New ones had their practice teaching, New ones reveled, giving dinners. Tea was served and much enjoyed. Feted we the Sophs and Freshmen. Juniors took us on a sleigh ride, Then with cocoa warmly fed us, joyful was the whole occasion. Class day soon will be upon us, Next we will be graduated, And the good times here so ended. Thus. our fourth year swiftly passes. Pazflim' Douglas, '3O. My Diary 1940 June 17- ,lust ten years ago to-day the graduat- ing class of Farmington Home Economics Department was marching proudly to Music Hall where we received our long coveted degrees. That day we wondered what each would be doing in ten years, and agreed to start a "Round Robin " let- ter on june 17, 1910. june 18 - Got my Hrst letter. Of course she would be the one who was right on time just as she was in school. Any of our classmates would know it was Bee Mower. She writes from New Jersey but writes more about XVilton, Maine, than about New -lersey. Oh yes. to be sure, Bee al- ways was interested in that town. She says it has grown to be a thriving city of industry and I should judge from her let- ter that the garage business was thriving, too. Now that 's queer, everyone of us at Farmington were sure that Bee would be one of the first to marry from our class. She and that tall, good-looking chap from VVilton were so attentive! However, she says that she expects to teach two years more and then settle down in Wilton. VVell, here 's wishing her well in teaching and also in married life. june 19- That letter from Bee yesterday brought back so many memories of the old days that I had -to get out all my pictures and books of Farmington and look them over. There were pictures of our picnics- grand old times down by the Sandy River. EFFESSENESS-1930 131 And the teachers, they look so natural. I could just hear Miss Lockwood's laugh and jolly words to all the girls. june 20- This afternoon I had the pleasure of entertaining Dorothy Russell, recently re- turned from Europe. She always said she would sometime cross the puddle, didn't she? Dottie broke the news to me that she is soon to become Duchess Flatwallet, having met her nance during her travels. They plan to be married in a few weeks and will then settle down at Beans Cor- ner where the Duke will run a cabbage farm. June 21 - Dot Gammon was next to be heard from and what a surprise! We all ex- pected to see her in some gown shop or Paris hat shoppe in New York, but imagine it, she has become editor of the Snappy Stories Magazine and is giving other people some of the many thrills she so often experienced during our school days. June Q2- This morning I had a great surprise when I answered the doorbell and there before me stood Mary Ramsdell. Mary was on her way to a House Party at Bow- doin for in spite of the fleeting years she has kept up a lasting affection for that in- stitution. Mary is another one of our fortunate members who has had the privi- lege of a trip to Europe. She is now wearing a diamond and in answer to my inquiries tells me she met the "one and only" over there and in December will become Lady Often-broke. To think our former class has had a Duchess and a Lady in its midst! But I forgot to say how much more portly Mary is now than when she was at F. S. N. S. She weighs 225 lbs. fthe ice cream having at last taken effectl. During the year previous to her sea trip she traveled through the states with Ringley Bros. Circus. june 23- Met Mildred Blewitt in Boston to-day as she was hurrying along with a dozen parcels under her arms and a worried look on her face. I dislocated her packages during our greeting, but the worried look left her face and she smiled the old smile we knew so well at Farmington. On in- quiry I found Mildred was Supt. of an Orphans' Home in Stoneham. Mass. I was quite surprised to find her in this type of work until I remembered she proved to be a born nurse in the Practice Home. That worried look meant motherly concern for 1111 little orphans. Long ag-3 I had lost track of Madeline Fossett and Velma -lewett but Mildred knew all about them and proceeded to tell me, She drew a clipping from her bag and there I found a picture of Madeline and an article speaking very highly of her work in teaching Home Economics among the children of the mining district in Penna. She looks just the part of a "Maiden lady" school marm with her hair drawn tightly back from her fore- head into a pug behind and her dark- rimmed spectacles resting on the bridge of her nose. Velma is not married yet. Her search for a man has been fruitless and now. in order to save other lonely people from her sad fate, she is heading a Matrimonial Bureau for all graduates of State Normal Schools. june 2-1- The other day while looking at the chil- dren's section of the Youths Companion I found a large picture and a write-up about the editor of that section, Pauline Douglas. I was glad to hear something of my old schoolday pal. Here she is writing all kinds of poems and jingles for the kiddies. XVhat's this? During her spare time she gives lessons in Voice Cul- l kept so faithfully to her has become a master of ture! She ias Ho-ing that she the art and now imparts it to other stum- bling tongues. 132 EFFESSENESS-1930 june 25- XYhen we entered the exhibition hall at the county fair I heard a voice which sounded very familiar. It brought back memories of the old Normal school days for I recognized it to be that of Elouise Shibles. There she was standing on a soap box giving a speech on "The Value of Fresh Air in Modern Life "! It was extremely interesting so we stayed on un- til the end, and then snatched a few min- utes of her time to chat. She said that as soon as she made her fortune she was go- ing to take up Aviation. Elouise spoke of stopping off at Fairbanks where she visited .-Xrline Pinkham who is now Mrs. Lydia Tanlac, Ph.D. Arline is now an in- structor in Child Care at Fairbanks Uni- versity and seems to be doing excellent work. During the summer months she travels throughout the state as agent for " Non-scratching all wool undergar- ments ". June 26- met our old friend, Dinty Furlong. She has diet which she started ten years ago and do This afternoon while shopping I been very faithfully keeping to her you know she has lost 34 of a poundl? You remember it was always Hazel's de- sire to become an Osteopath,-well her dream has come true for now she has her own establishment in Leeds Junction. Her latest hobby is caring for indisposed cats and dogs. June 27- On a motor trip toward Moosehead Lake we stopped at a very attractive tea room just outside of Guilford. IYe seated ourselves at a table and glancing up to give our order were surprised to see Vi- olet McSorleyt?l neat and fresh in her crisp uniform just as she looked in the kitchen at the Cottage. Violet married a year after graduation and now has two young daughters who bring her much joy. June QS- This morning I received a letter from Helen McDonough, the girl in our class whose weaknesses while at school were ministers and First Nationalists. Well, Helen is now a full-fledged writer. Her latest book, "The Art of Dieting," is to be published next month and is to be in- troduced as a textbook at Farmington College in the Home Economics Depart- ment. Helen is also author of a series of articles that are running in the Crowley's Junction Special. June 29 - This morning's mail brought a nice long letter from Doris Parke. During her Senior year at Farmington she seemed particularly interested in Anthropology and what do you suppose? She has con- tinued that study at Leavitt Institute, Turner. Maine, and now is a full fledged Anthropologyist. :Xt present she is do- ing research work in Derby, Maine. Her latest publication, "New Facts of the Pithecanthropus Erectusf' is attracting world wide attention. June 30- Xot having heard from Helen Furber and being anxious to make my records of the class complete this month. I called her to-day and reminded her of her promise. I find her living on a farm outside of New Sharon where she raises, as a spe- cialty, onions and parsley, which she takes into the village once a week to " batter " away for other edibles which please her delicate taste and which will not yield too much carbohydrate to destroy the much sought sylphlike form. EFFESSENESS-1930 133 Soliloquy LONG, bumpy ride: a yellow house: seven smiling faces that seemed to say all at the same time: "VVhere is she?" " Oh! Isn't she sweet! " " I'sn't she a dear? " Then milk and sleep. That was on September 18, 19:29-six and a half months ago, when first I arrived at the Cottage. Such months! I wonder-are all babies' lives like mine? First of all there is my family-four grandmothers, fourteen mothers, one uncle, twelve aunts and twenty-eight sis- ters and not one family resemblance be- tween them! There must be something the matter with the laws of Galton and Mendel. Then there is my "daily schedule " which my nurse thinks must be "rigor- ously kept ". It tells just what I ought to do and when I ought to do it all through the day! And next there is my "daily dietary " and "Weight curve" that my Aunts have planned and recorded. Such discussion of calories, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins, and water con- tent as they have had. Such curves as they have plotted. They look like kites flying straight in the air. And then - my "physical, mental, social development records " which my Mothers faithfully have kept. lIf only my teeth would come through I believe my I. Q. would be 110!l And my clothes-even those, too, are class: baby hunting, honnets, rompers, "problems "! My Sisters make them in dresses. Again and again I hear my Grand- mothers say that I " vitalize the Child De- velopment study here ".-I wonder just what they mean. It doesn't matter much anyway-I only know that I'm glad, glad. glad I'm here! Joyce IVz'1ztc1's, Practice Home Baby, 1929-1930. Class Will E it remembered that the Senior Class of the Home Economics De- partment of Farmington State Normal School, town of Farmington, county of Franklin, State of Maine, being, " sup- posedly ", of sound mind and memory, and about to depart from our beloved school, do so make, publish and declare this, our last will and testament. 134 EFFESSENESS-1930 The bequeaths are as follows: 1-To the Faculty we bequeath our loyalty and appreciation. 2-To Peggy Lutz, Elouise Shi-bles leaves her ability to make breaks in class. 3-To Hazel Patterson, Vi McSorley leaves all of her Scotch customs. 4-To Pat Henderson, Dot Gammon leaves all her thrills and weaknesses for the opposite sex. 5--To Bob Robinson, Helen McDon- ough leaves her great sense of humor. 6 6-To Dot Towne, Polly Douglas leaves her curly hair and little feet. 7-To Ellen Hannaford, Mary Rams- dell leaves all her "Primitive men ". S-To Marj Holbrook, Dot Parke leaves her grape dance and monkey act. 9-To Dot Broxvn, Velma ,lewett leaves her athletic ability. 10-To leaves her place in reading class. 11 - To itt leaves her ability to cook. 12-To Martha Bauman, Dinty Fur- Nora Black, Arline Pinkham Helena Purvis, Mildred Blew- long leaves the fat she lost dieting. 13-To Edith Coleman, Bee Mower leaves her ability to get things done. 14-To the Sophomores, we leave our many thanks for the delicious dinners cooked for us during this year. 15-To the Freshmen, we leave all our examples of good behavior and the right to sit with thfe rest of the Department next vear. 16-To Joyce, our practice home baby, we leave our love, tender thoughts, and wishes for a happy future. 17-To anyone who would like them we leave- 1-Our numerous not-ebooks, out- side reading reports and good dispositions. 2-Our thrills of practice teaching. 3-The privilege of using the green cake box. QWe feel sure the junior class w-ill accept this be- cause it has saved so many of their lives.j 4-The motto, "Silence is Golden ". 5-The good times around the Hre- place. 6-Our inspirations and ideals of what a Home Economics girl should be. 18-XYe do especially leave to all classes 'Che wonderful friendships of Miss Gates and Miss Moss who have made our living in the Practice Home a real pleasure. And last, we hereby constitute and ap- point the president of the class of '31 to be the executrix of this, our last will and testament, in witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand and seal, this sev- enteenth day of june, one thousand nine hundred and thirty. Dol Parke Velma Jcwett Hclcn F11l'bc'l' Mary Ramsdell ?4 A5 K HN X W fl-J Xi' "S-'ies ' - T 5:5-"' Ti 3:-.7 'EQQ nf!! 3 , 'v Q ll 313' s , X Q . ', - Al, 'in ' f ..r' iQ. -' " ii EFFESSENESS-1930 135 JUNIOR CLASS, HOME ECONOMICS The Juniors ARK! what can that noise be? Is it the fire alarm? Rushing to the door I find an old car coughing and pant- ing, made of parts manufactured in 1914, overflowing with girlsg I did not know that one old Ford could hold so many people. That was my first sight of the juniors and Dot Towne's famous car, " Asthma ". Later in the day a few more Juniors arrived until the class numbered twelve happy, fun-loving girls. The third lioor was to be their living quarters and they were soon settled and ready for work. The Juniors are a musical class. Sweet melodies float down from the third fioor. sometimes a little discordant when two victrolas are grinding out jazz while a dignined Senior is playing her classical selection on the living room piano. But we encourage musical talent at Palmer Hall. The first quarter came to a close and poor old " Asthma ", having carried the juniors on many house parties and picnics, breathed her last asthmatic hreath and passed out, so the Juniors had to walk where they once so proudly rode, The first lvreak in the class came when Helen Robinson lllohl was ill and had to go home but after an ahsence of a month she returned, much to the joy of her classmates. The loyal, care-free -luniors have been preparing to take the responsibilities and privileges of the dignified Seniors and I feel sure the Seniors are leaving their class honor in competent hands. Ella B. Tabbzzif. jolly occasion, held in the recreation room 136 EFFESSENESS-1930 Home Economics Club HE Club has held meetings once a month throughout the school year, the first being the fall picnic and initia- tion of the Freshmen. This was held on the banks of the Sandy River, in Wfest Farmington, and was a jolly affair with the Freshmen dressed to meet Sophomore requirements. Each one felt better ac- quainted after the supper, stunts and group singing around the campfire and all voted it a wonderful time. The rest of our meetings were held in South Hall with the exception of one which was held in the Cottage. The pro- grams have included: " An Account of the W'ork of the Child Welfare Society " by Miss Ridgeway of Augusta: " Experi- ences of Sea Life," Capt. and Mrs. Mallert: "Things I Found Good to Eat W'hile Abroad," Mr. Mallett: " Experi- ences during My Trip Abroad," Miss Hill: an International meeting in April: and our final picnic made memorable by Mrs. Ives. The social events of the club were pic- nics, a Christmas party, and the Costume Review presented by the Sophomore class. At different meetings new club songs were presented. The Christmas party was a at South Hall. About fifteen children were made very happy by the beautiful tree, the games, and gifts distributed by dear old St. Nick. We felt very grateful to the Christian Association for their gen- erosity in helping to make the party such a success. In order to raise money to carry on the activities of the club. the play, "Just W'omen was given May W'e are very grateful to Miss Hill for her untir- ing efforts in making this a success. We also presented a movie, "The Hoosier in Merrill Hall and at we sold many Christmas Schoolmaster ", Christmas time cards. Our activities included the sending of a to the " Maine Children's at Christmas time. The cluib has kept in touch with Miss Helen box of clothing Home Society " Small, who was with us last year, and is now in Turkey. A year's subscription to "The ,Iournal of Home Economics " was sent to her. W'e have been very happy to have as guests this year, Mr. and Mrs. Mallett, Mrs. Mantor, Mrs. Allen. Mrs. Kendrick, Mrs. Tabbutt. Miss Greenwood. Mrs. Greenwood, Capt. and Mrs. Mallett, Miss Hill. Miss Johansen, Miss Ridgeway, Miss Stone, Miss Porter, Mrs. Thompson. Mrs. Preston, Mrs. Ives, the C. A. Senior Cabinet and Students of the regular de- partment. Our Club welcomed Miss Richardson to its midst, but deeply missed the presence of Miss Palmer. who, we hope, will be with us again in the near future. The Club gives us a wonderful oppor- tunity to work together in worthwhile activities and through the efforts of our efficient president and her staff this has been a most successful Officers : P1'C.YfU'r'7l! Vim: Pi't'.v1'du11t 5vcrt'fai'y Trcas u Vw' year. Beatrice Mower Doris Parke Martha Bauman Dorothea Towne Committee Chairmen: Edzrcatfonal Pauline Douglas Social Lenora Black Social Sc1'z'1'ce Dorothy Colomy Financial Adrienne DeLisle Publicity Marjorie Holbrook GI KOH S.3IIXIONI'lfH2I CI I :I V. ' .LN IIXLLH EFFESSFNECHQ-1930 Grant's Restaurant Private Booths Lunch Counter and Tables VXE NILXRF X SPFLI-XI TX OF LOUD I-OOD9 RI' XSONABLE PRICFS AND PROXIPT SFRVICE OLR XX EI LONIF TO STUDFNITS IS HERE AS USUAL G R A N I ' S EFFESSENESS-1930 130 COMPLIMENTS OF Lewiston Buick Company Compliments of E. E. FLOOD THE FANIILY SHOE STORE Farmington, Maine DEPENDABLE MERCHANIJISIQ - RE.XSUNAXIZI,Ii PRICES Farmers' 19--L Maine 119 LET US FINISH XN'H.'XT YOUR KODAK U EG,-X N Marr's Drug Store The Rexall Store 62 MAIN STREET, FARMINGTON 140 EFFESSENESS-1930 COOK IVITH GAS Wiggin Appliance Co. FUELITE NATURAL GAS GRAYB.-XR COMPLIMENTS OF HLECTRIf.'XL APPLIANCES R A D I O S Main Street, Farmington, Maine Compliments of if 1-91: ' 9 Plne s Cafe Stearns Furniture Co. Complete HOT DOGS HOUSE FURNISHINGS Successors to HOME NIADE PASTRY ROY Fi G.-XKIMUN CO. Farmington, - - Maine HOT COFFEE 66 77 Compliments of Dr' L' Bufsey BROADWAY, - FARMINGTON EFFESSENESS-1930 111 NO MYSTERY, NO MAGIC:- Style, Quality, and Price are the Secrets of Our Iuereasm FOOTXYEAR SALES to NORMAL STUDENTS l..alce's Little P lace TOILET SUPPLIES XYe Make a Specialty of Toilet Gomlh zmcl Om' Stock Always Afforrls Excellent Absortiuent of XYlmt is Newest :mul lleft Tarhox 81 Whittier COMPLIMENTS OF W. M. Pierce, D. D. S. The Valetor Shop Compliments of CLEANING and Milliken Hall Boys PRESSING 147 EFFESSENESS-1930 BOSTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Is Calling You. GR.-XDLYATIQS of FARMINGTON STATE NORMAL SCHOOL Add 11 Collvgv Dvgrvc fo Your Normal Ijfffltlllltl Dean Arthur Wilde Arbo C. Norton DRY AND FANCY GOODS SILK HOSIERY SILK UNDERVYEQXR CO,-XTS AND DRESSES Farmington, - Maine The Peoples National Bank Farmington, Nlaine COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Member Federal Reserve GeorgeMcL.Presson OPTONIETRIST Farmington, - Nlaine +4 EFFESSENIYSS-1930 143 0 +++++++ W . W. Small Company XVholesnle :md Retail Dealers in FLOUR GRAIN FEED GROCITRIIYS PROVISIONS HARDXYIXRI2 .'XGRICI.'LTI'R.XI. TOOLS GLASS ITXINTS AND OILS LIME SgXI.'I' CICKIIQNT IJJBIIZIZR .XXII COUNTRY I"ROIJL'L'Ii DUCO .XND MANLKXI. TRAINING SL'I'I'I.IITS I. G. A. STORE . . I-IODGDON Farmington, Maine CROCKERY STATIONERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1-I-I EFFESSENESS-1930 IN APPRECIATION Of the Large Share of FARMINGTON NORMAL PATRONAGE XXYIIII XYhicI1 VVe Have Been Favored L. W. Harris CASH LEATHER STORE COMPLIRIENTS OF Broadway Theatre Frank W. Butler ATTORNEY-AT-LANV FaI'ITlir1gt0I1, Maine Portland Engraving Company 12 MONUMENT SQR., PORTLAND, MAINE PHOTO - ENGRAVERS Elflsl-.5blzNlLb5-192111 ll.. EVA M. GARVIN MILLINERY ART GOODS A SPliCl.Xl.TY PICTORIAL l'qX'TTElQXS Compliments or Dr. F. C. Lovejoy 1lE.YTl.S'T ++?Y++ Webber's Bakery l7.XRKllNtl'llllN. Kl.XlNlf STANWOOD PARK LARGEST ZOO IN MAINE K. M. ROBASI-l ART GOODS Ill JSIFRY Agent for MCCALIXS PATTERNS QllJllllllllIlCl'lls ,I Dr. W. Nichols Business Always Appreciated Collins Shoe Store KlHllllllll'llL'lllN I Clyde L. Austin, D. D. S. Farmington, - - Blaine 141: EFFEbSENIl1QC-1930 +++++++4-+44 4-++++++++++4 G0 TO Barkefs Auto C. B. MOUDY Eleotric Service For ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PLLTXIBING RADIO SETS and HEATING 1'xRNI1x Tax RIAINE W. D. BARKER I-Il.ldSOI'l - Essex NIOTOR CARS FxRx11xLTox XIXIXE Xll Xour VX 'mia Ill NT XTIHNT I X IERFUMES and ROD ARS Should Come From I-IARDY'S EFFESSICNESS-1.lZfI 14 ++++4 4 Low 1 num oF The First National Bank Farmington, Maine Clvilllrirjlx' Lillc uf Morton Motor Co. FRUIT5 LTJNFICCTIUNITRY C H EV R o L ET :mil SALES and SERVICE t Lzirgc Yxiricty or WILLARD STORAGE HV CRFAXM SHDAXS Q :incl BATTERY 5FRYICE W i FXNCY KOKYJIQIFS Garage - Repair Shop i 4 , I IVI A G 0 N I S .- 4- 7 +4 ++ ++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++V+++ EFFESSENESS -- 13220 BETWEEN ERIENDS The true spir'it of school days is best expressed by some remembrance. Your Portrait What could be more fitting? LUCE'S STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS ENLARGEMENTS FRAMES AND FRAMING Main Street 1 f FARMINGTON, MAINE Farmington State Normal School This school is training teachers for the Elementary Schools and Home Economics teachers for all schools. By arliliation with Boston University our graduates who came to us prepared for college may earn a Bachelor's degree in Education in two years in its School of Education. Admission of candidates is selective because of inability to accommodate all who apply. W. G. MALLETT, Principal + +4+++++4 ++ ++++ I'FI'l lNEl'-1.3: 1-U + The L. G. Balfour Co. Attleboro, Mass. Engravers to the Class of rogo Nine out of ten fraternity badges on practically every college campus are BALFOUR MADE. Sole oliicial jeweler to Phi Beta Kappa and other honor organizations. Aslc any College Greek THE BARTUN PRESS Commercial Printing 35 Broadway f Farmington, Maine 1 Specialists in All Kinds of School Printing Agents for"L. G. Balfour Co. Place your orders through us. 150 EFFESSENESS-1930 WELCOME TO OUR STORE Your :Xcceptance of This Invitation, XYB .-Xre Sure. XYill be Pleasant and A-Xdvantageous to You Ernest W. Voter FARMINGTON. 1 RI.-XINE Compliments of Margaret M. Longfellow Merle C. Hutchinson BEAUTY PARLOR 37 RTAIN STREET FARMINGTON, MAINE COMPLIIXIFNTS OF Beedy 81: Carville K. E. RAMS.-xx' F. E. Kxowmox Currier Insurance Agency Estalwlislied 1994 Farmington, Maine This book was printed by The Knowlton 85 McLeary Co. 51 and S3 Main Street FARMINGTON, MAINE EFFESSENESS-1115341 THE COVER FOR THIS ANNUAL VVAS CREATED BY THE David oIIoy Company 'SST NORTH IYICSTIIRN AXYENUIZ, LIIIICAKIU. II.I4. Maine State Bookbinding Co., Inc. TIII2 MUST COBIPI-Ii'l'Ii IILJHKIZIXIDICRY IN KIAXIXI-I Iftlitirlii XYHVIQ of ,Xll Kilixls Illzmk Ilooks Klzuiiifacturcil :mil Ruled to .Xny l':tttc1'n Ki-zxxmzizt' -IoL'Rx.x1. I'IL'II.IlINll. - - ,XL'KiL'ST.X. MAINE This Book was Bound by the MAINE STATE BOOKBINDING CO. THIS BOOK IS PRINTED ON Oxford Coated Book Paper KI.-XDR IN THE 5'I'.X'I'I2 OI" MAINE Distributors C. H. Robinson Company PORTLAND, MAINE Dealers in Printing Paper, Wrapping Paper ITFFESSENESS-1930 Good Printing and Moderate rices With Printing as with most other lines of work, the price and quality are in harmonyg low prices mean inferior work. For this reason We cannot talk low prices. Quality counts, and that is what our patrons want and get at a rea- sonably moderate price. When you want anything in our line, come in and let's talk it over. THE KNOWLTON 8: MCLEARY COMPANY 51-53 MAIN STREET FARMINGTON, MAINE L. GOODWIN LEON R. GOODWIN THE BEST THERE is IN Musical Instruments and Radios Conn Instruments f Bosch Radios Supplies of All Kinds 53, Main Street Farmington, Maine Autngrapha My gmail ' QE gggzfhkgby JQELMJM M ff Y iffffasizfffw aaeXme,'K:X-A Y' ' 74144-QQM " A ' fimwfffg Q7W'Z5, Q 'V . QM Wwvmm M4 4 ifw QW, M1541 if , "A' 1 N ' 5' f V! 7 Gino, Q wLMM -X 7770. GQQOHWQJ f3l.,.,,,J1c.n,q', fgfmw i fb,-I - Awww . ' - - fl J H Qsilwwiygd, Qiwvk, QW 4,1 f 6: ,ifywff 125,44 Cafbziuwlw Ol Lfqawffbw 1 Autngraphn WLAN WQCZLQU - WWW, GM- I A , 'K - 94' ' ,ww ffawmfw , gin Wmfvvwf, - may fawm Q QWW ifgff f wM,fwQff-L, 5 AM We WW, 471 Q- lifting' 'WWW' ' vx,:V,5-,CMM ggjig, wmgk Mud C1 JLQLLMRA k Xmlw, Qglwgy' W- QMMPKZZ ELM? xjffmf GEQKWM M' , " , J ' . 7-Mwfwox, 5V 76,2 ZAQQI : QjddvCz.! U. fa,bL,4' - . 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