University Liggett School - Rivista Yearbook (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI)

 - Class of 1949

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University Liggett School - Rivista Yearbook (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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,,,.,,,,... 4,-.,. ,:,,,..,.,,-.,...-,.,,- ,, - ... , , JW- ..R-,.-xffm..-..--W-.W-.. , . , X A. .. . xc- L..f,:.'.g.-.Y-.,., ..a.+:-r.-,-... .....:i....1 .....-., 1-nf.-1-.......f Q' xx LQ A ji x.X C' X-X 'b - L. QQJ F ' 1.-K :lj X A V 1 xibn The Publications Board presents RIVISTA wud' awww' The PM J Yearbook of Llggett School l949 N! 6 ,l .L 005,97 'ir -SA .?' . " g x Ywxx I g Q4 wtf! 3 N 'hi ' !l X x X Q' E Q 3 ' S , .ay Q A 3 f K H r. 1 an me H 1 : V, I '-,,,f,'fY Trl?-5 A Headmlstress KATHARINE OGDEN B A Vassar College Ph D Umversrty of Illnnors ff ANY YEARS AGO before Henry Ford became famous and whale model Ts were strll consldered the mlracle of the age there was a tract of land on the east srde of Detroit known as the Cook Farm This beautlfully wooded quret section became a highly desrrable resldentral drstrlct known as the lndlan Village It was before the days of the Charlevorx street car lrne There was no traffrc to menace the safety of children on the streets Rlgld restrlctlons were lard down to keep the neighborhood strrctly resldentral A group of the frrst settlers rn lndran Vrllage after they had bullt their comfortable homes on the bag tree shaded lots went on to plan a good school for therr chrldren These men rarsed the necessary money to buy land and put up the burldrng for the Eastern Lrggett School the part of our present bulldlng which IS the lower school ln the 36 years slnce that school was opened there have been many changes whrch any of us could lust Remarkable It rs that throughout Detrorts tremendous expansron In splte of fantastic development of automotive plants and other rndustnes the lndran Vlllage and Lrggett School have kept the same close relatnonshlp with whrch they started Fam: Iles have moved away Apartment houses have been bullt on the fringes Llggett School has expanded thanks to gen erous alumnae and other frrends so that rt has the playfreld across Burns avenue In addrtron to the upper school wmg and the smaller playfleld besrde the school The latest acqulsrtlon rs the house and property whrch Miss Jeannette and her brother left to the school and whlch rs now the headmrstress home the foods class laboratory and a pleasant meetmg place for school business groups and for Informal reunrons Throughout the years real estate men have cnted Llggett as makrng property In the nerghborhood more desirable New famrlues replace the old as classes graduate and Lnggett gurls chrldren sat at the desks where therr mothers sat There rs now an lndran Vrllage Assocratlon wrth considerable authonty The restnctrons whrch were orlgrnally set up are strll largely adhered to Our school and this assocratron work together to one another s advantage The wonder ful Pow Wow held on our playfleld last June with great red footprints polntmg the way on crty pavements to the tent rn the mrddle of the hockey freld brought together lndrans large and small for a happy evening of feasting and fun The annual meetmg of the assoclatron rs held In school ln the fall In return the assoclatlon IS interested rn helping Lrggett get ln touch wlth new comers to the neighborhood Llggett gurls now come to 2555 Burns from all parts of the clty and suburbs They return then One lrttle two lrttle three lrttle lndrans to homes as far away as Windsor Grosse lle and Wyandotte to make their famnlles and friends acquainted with the lndlan Vrllage communrty ' A , ' 'I . ., I Q 1 M . , . . . I I ' I . . 1 I ' , . , . I I ' ' 1 u I ' I . . . , . I I , . . . . . , I , . . . . ,, . . ' I I . . ,, . . . . . 1 r 1 U I J fl ,Yl ff' v. . -1-' 2 Q, Q A iw. i o ,H 'X 5 1' "F N 1 'YW L 'S-J 'm,xk, 'TZ- '3 xs.!f'--f M305 :i s 4-,,,,...--u 3 She IS more than Mass Ogden s personal secretary more than a smlllng presence and a cheery volce In the school office or her radiant sense of humor or her quick sympathy and genuine understandmg or her unusual Interest In all Lnggett gurls or her eagerness to help lhem at any time We thank Mrs Ruhla GOOdWIllI6 And to hcr we dcdlcatc thus IXIVISTA 4 FACULTY l948 1"'? Muslc Frrst Grade KATHARINE BROWN ROSEMAE S CLARK Surette School of Muslc Kent Sfdfe UMVGFSIYY Longy School of Music B E Chicago Teachers College Wayne Unlversaty Northwestern Unlversuty aw i Filth and Sixth Grades English NM' CO'-E ETTA JEAN CRAIG l949 'J Mathematncs ALMA B COCKBURN Toronto College of Education Unlverslty of Toronto Columbla Unlverslty B A Wayne University -Qi Hustory Diploma National Education of lreland NEVA CRHGHTON Queen s Umversnty Belfast Marlboro College Dublm Pupil of Wllllam Orpen John Keatmg Dublm School ot Art Umverslly of Clucago i B A M A Unnversrty of Mlchlgan A University of Mlchlgon Sensor Kmdergarten French Second Grade LILIAN CURT0 JEAN FOX DOLORES Gosnosxs B A M A Wayne Unlversvty Mrchngan State Normal College Mlddlebury Summer School of French B U:lve:xa4lln:A'g1clll2ge Sorbonne 9 n 5 A A 2 sg 50 U' I It ll 'lm I "r X11 Annan!! " - ' V! I X if 'Z' A A J t4E'r N -5 'Q ls! Physacal Educatlon Mathematics and Geography HELEN GRINNELL MABEL H'-YS Ohlo Umverslty western College B S Ohlo State Unlversntv Thlrd and Fourth Grades Junlor Kmdergarten RHODA PEARL INNES GLADYS KING B A Unlverslty of Clnclnnatl Hamline Unlverslty Wayne Unlversuty Wayne Unlverslty Speech and English SALLY O'CONNOR LOIS PULFER Flrst Grade VIRGINIA HEBB Bennett Junnor College f ALMA KNUDSEN Boston Museum School of Fme Arts Columbia Unlverslty Student of John Carroll Deborah Kallen Samuel Halpert Typmg and Mathematlcs LAURAINE RICHARDSON B A, Mlchlgon State College, Dennison Unnverslty, B A, Umverslty of Michigan, Wayne Umversnty B A, Wayne UHIVSYSIIY Wayne Umversuty 6 4,3 L L A, y .I I ,Q x ,f 445 14 g. . . . A, F' if 'T i x Physical Educohon Blology and Chemnstry Latm ALICE DMYTROW SMYTH JUDITH S WARDWELL JANE L WELSBY B A Oberlun College B A Mount Holyoke College B S Umversuty of Mlclngan M A Wellesley College Boston Unuversnty OLIVE H LOUD ELISE MARSCHNER Mlchngan State College Wayne Unlvemty Marnne Blologlcol Lsbrory Hlstory and English English CLARE C BOND EVA MCKINLEY WEST B A Unlverslty of West Vlrglnla B A Wellesley College M A Columbia Unlverslty ADMINISTRATIVE s I D! GRETCHEN KNIGHT BLACKBURN CHRISTINE CHRISTIE 7 MARY ALICE DIETRICH PATRICIA BROWN -up Lk... lkk x -- x 4 IX' 4 ' 1' N. X 5 N N Y X X.: lllll .. l -jg , , J' X 4 , Q' .', I Y . . J .- 4 x- - - - . . -. ,- ...L ,x, .. - . N AA V F - A - 'lk1,L. '..n.' N X., . N Q ' I .'-x U' ',1A.x- . ' fl.. 1 .MQ 'x.,i , 1-5 ' ..,.'i ' 'dqu 'Q 1.1. Q ' . ..'Jl'. X , -1 , , E' 42,11 .!'. ' I-.,.ll'lN .. ,' A x In x 1 y iN.'k J,A Q , -5 '3' A Q - w V : ' I . .pl -4, xl' 1-3 . -L4 1' i. A 'uf 1 . 1 , I ,' ' lx X v. , .' :ff .. Hu. J .-Q ,. ' I I ' I ' 'U 11' 'lffffl' CJ- 'I Q11 Z lv . I ,1 .1 ,. , ' iz XM ,HU I 41. .'xC 'NLM' Yfu "Q TN . L: . , Y '. . A X. ' ,- ,. 4. . C' F ICK 'X ""' f P' G, P v I 1 . " L5 5 ,, 4, ' ' 0 - r , ff ,iff fi I , A 1s X X R M M, Nancy Irene Burgess Ill D3 ' 10 PAST Original member of class A LAD FROM STRATFORD MAN WITH THE BOWLER HAT Sophomore class presrdent Lake Forest Con ference class numerals Self Government Board presldent May Queen PRESENT Humorous qulps cashmere sweaters rmpush smile Impromptu comedian U of M football games Slx Mule road races-abllrty to get along wrth everyone FUTURE Bradford or Pune Manor S H X 1 Ann Threse Bolton l94J 1949 PAST PRESENT FUTURE Publlcatlons Board business manager 47 var srty and class basketball A LAD FROM STRATFORD-THE SANDLEWOOD BOX Christmas program solos-class L-all mono grams chairman of the Publucatnons Board Frank unusual competence-calm assurance and perfect posse snappy come backs-rn dlvlduallty teasing nature attractive ecutrve abrlrty talented sewer Unrversrty of Mrchlgan Phylum Chnds I944 l949 PAST PRESENT FUTURE lnterclass basketball and hockey freshman vnce president double quartet 46 47 punror May Queen attendant sophomore and purnor dance decoratnon commlttees Phldge strnkrng profule mama for crew cuts and cars sudden schemes l mean' sentrmental streak blarney rnterested an others personallty plus Mnchugan State College - . . . , .. . -Q . nc . -ex- N ' I9 A, w ax 39'-. . W , , . . , , . . ,, . ,,- .. .- . I -T J Ili- T l0 Antoinette Renee DeCary I941l94Q PAST RIVISTA art edutor Chrnstmas tableau-class hockey and baseball-decorotlons commlttee for sophomore and IUDIOY dances A LAD FROM STRATFORD BRIEF MUSIC PRESENT Ton: unusual dark eyed beauty vlvld um agmatlon-artustlcally mclmed-defunltely ac complnshed-dnmpled smrle aesthetlc soft muslcal speak mg volce FUTURE Columbla Umversuty Mary Suzanne George I94Jl949 PAST Senlor varsity basketball A LAD FROM STRATFORD-class hockey and baseball Photography Club sensor Community Chest chairman-decoratlons committee fo lUUl0f dance Joseph ln the Chrlstmas tableau PRESENT Photography fiend Grosse lle again' knlttmg tall llthe brunette warm smile soft shun mg haur perfectnonnst of dead pan qulps FUTURE Mnchugan State College Il Joan Frances Fltzslmons l94bl919 PAST Jumor class president varsnty hockey and bas ketball Junior Senlor Banquet Committee Lake Forest Conference member of the Sym mathetea Board class wlnner In swlmmlng meets numerals knntter droll Boat Club escapades loyal friend untamed twankle and fetching giggle FUTURE University of Mlchlgan , Y X i .- . PRESENT. . . Fun-loving "Fitz"-that blond streak-eternal . I X ' ., ,, '1 . . . r . . -X 'IKM X . l W 'beam Kbwee, SBQIJNAQJYS Swan LXQL, 'X SAM Sumo mesmemksm PN mm team mm km VLSJJQN gs-L2 use mgkood We Omftheaa. ' OU-O.1m"'Dleasa SL?-5 lensndqsagglvgt WM 19 unonx 'Yo mmm 0.11:-Lm.e1,Ot Joan Elalne Jaekel 1943 1949 PAST PRESENT FUTURE N1nth grade May Queen attendant THE MAN IN THE BOWLER HAT-double quartet eleventh grade bowlmg champlon lnterclass basketball and baseball secretary of he senuor class numerals Chrlstmas program soo Jake -outstondung soprano-art enthus1ast stunnlng clothes d6llCIOUS shy charm dozens of shoes never end1ng hospltalrty stra1ght forward gaze devoted fr1end Soc1ety of Arts and Crafts QCD 'vw cxzlluck G1 so mTE!BlT 0U3an Hadley 1431 9 G5LLlQQ5"-QQUUW QER-l"E, beach Mm mmloawd as et all a phomgSl' cts mi Li, class presldent THE SANDLEWOOD BOX Lake Forest Conference perennlal baseballls CL-Q-S wJ1- capta1n Llggett L Jun1or Senlor Banquet commlttee pres1dent of the Athletlc Board TQ PRESENT Had beammg face teddy bear laugh worrled look at vars1ty games weekends at VQJJQ, Bloomfreld and Chatham hard worker well luked by all school sp1r1t , FUTURE mi QS Kms. ut. Q95 Qi Vmmwsckawnl ox The bmkwqg IES SJJQT Mary Evelyn Johnson 1940 1949 PAST PRESENT FUTURE I2 Vars1ty and class hockey and basketball A LAD FROM STRATFORD MAN WITH THE BOWLER HAT art work for RIVISTA tenth grade song leader mus1c solos gunlor class hockey capta1n-class L-ed1tor of GOPHER Frnvolous banter-comely spontaneous laugh ter-d1vers1f1ed talents honey blond-aglle teacher ducker -charmlngly natural vlable flgure and carnage M1ch1gan State College or Stephens P ole - - TQ X f , QW 1 7 ffm F' 4 1 ..... n ' - l :Q . ' ' 1 .- cya ,, ' L - ' ' - ' ' -'Wa ,. H- . -,, ,, - X I wmv . 1 1 - y . N I . 1 . . 1 ' , , l I K Q . . : . 1 . l i 1 , at y - 1 l . .Q H . . 1 ' ' 1 . . ' Q ' - - ' . , N , . V, ACH, ' ' '-ff' . L ' ' if L 1 . 3 .. . , l ' F' 1 'L ll Il T' 1 as ' t I -en- TTQ ll Of lindbasqt hw lb'-HQQUTWJ-0 Eoeetdenf Julre Ann Komar 1941 149 PAST PRESENT FUTURE fF7z1acJ1J lkrvirlfln-' Lj:.hLu-Ln.: l ,,fxc:LcJ 55cJLL'll jg, v 5-UL 611 C.1."' Ll., -ka 1. CJLILI 6ym,aJ'.Su.Lpto crvi ..IlLn l' rY1'tJww '50 LALO-L v-,,Ls.1. N- Senlor varsrty basketball A LAD FROM STRATFORD swrmmmg meets class baseball decoratrons commrttee for rumor dance class hockey and basketball numerals Photo graphy Club Presrdents Proclamatuon Ambrtrous photographer pert and peppy swrmmrng-catchrng laugh Johnny -optum 1st1c Harsens Island spunky completely and del1ghtfully herself New York lnstrtute of Photography BOCIJLA Joan Estelle Mayberry 191s 1949 PAST PRESENT FUTURE A LAD FROM STRATFORD decoratrons com mrttee for all dances-chasrman of punlor dance speech programs THE PLOT TO OVERTHROW CHRISTMAS-class hockey and baseball Frlendly skrlled wth the pen and brush grggly braves all weather naturally curly ha1r-a warm smrle wrllrng and capable Mrchrgon State College Mary Susan Lrvmgstone c.sJ3l'l"-if lxJ:s111svmJL.CQ -.inch Mn.n.J H115 lm 1969 1949 CLJWQAOOL 'E-li-Lf ' PAST 3'lJ..a CLALQD ko'L1-xVi- PRESENT LL xg- 'LQJCLJID , rurune CLI-Jlna N-3Q Grace Whrtney Hoff Scholarshrp-edrtor of RIVISTA Lake Forest Conference varsrty commrttee-Lrggett L-class basketball and hockey captarn-senror Moy Queen attendant -all monograms presldent of senror class Our number one redhead-dependable-ex presslve brown eyes Fnnnush flame refresh ALLJLL bye.: .er 'S rngly honest perseverrng vrvrd rmagrnatron W-D coupled wrth sound Ioguc qualutres we envy Q.-11 uoutesl :rcs-Y .paepd-D Ln.n.1pc.s..1's-vt-40 Jxmi-V-LH Am l-HLA 0-RA mt cqjsqy 1hE bN.'D , - T-lol X . 1 A X .. 1 1 , 1 , ' U- - if E - hockey org basketball-Junior-Senior-Eanquet H Q I S- . i Nl --- . , 13 H . . A X , . - .-7 .1 1 5 0 'JP N - . f 1 ' 1 ' Yo 'fi ,- N st I3 Carol Margaret Serenberg l944l949 Class hockey A LAD FROM STRATFORD MAN IN THE BOWLER HAT speech assem blues uunuar varsuty hockey vuce presudent of the Self Government Board ballet assembly PAST program PRESENT Talented 49 s one claum to lame Hardung weekend at the Waldorf-graceful com mand performance un England-always the bal 9 FUTURE Montucello l4 Beverly Jean Radcluffe l'J-141 lf? 119 PAST Varsuty hockey and basketball decorotuons commuttee for sophomore and uunuor dances speech programs THE PLOT TO OVER THROW CHRISTMAS class hockey-art work for RIVISTA PRESENT Art unterest Duck unmustakable sunceruty Peter Pon hour cut unduvudual approach luterary skull wullung and co operatuve spurut dustunctuve prettuness FUTURE Not certaun Lenore Eluzabeth Smuth l941I949 PAST Cluaurmon of nunth grade tea Publucatuons Board luterary edutor sophomore dance chaur man summer theater THE SANDLEWOOD BOX-art work for RIVISTA the Madonna PRESENT Accompluslued lyruc wruter laughing streaks art and luterary enthusiast creator of our senlor room s darung UI murals Grosse Pounte truendly loyal suncere FUTURE Muchugan State College , x , . . . . . . , I r, y tl? E 4 H J Y A I ,,,,,y, K x it , , 2 r.... ar lf- ' V , uf - N 1 al " Marilyn Jane Stebbins PAST PRESENT FUTURE 1 Freshman class presudent class song leader monogroms double quartet 46 47 A LAD FROM STRATFORD MAN WITH THE BOWLER HAT numerals rumor prng pong champuon vrce president ot the Symmathetea Board Stu b peppy bubblrng personality I w s a smrle that allurmg TABU' can scnentlous mlxabllnty wrnsome ways rare ond precrous trarts Mrchlgan State College Ann Townsend PAST PRESENT FUTURE Il Sophomore dance decoratrans commrttee Photography Club sensor varsnty basketball sophomore class shuffle board champion Carpool mrx ups photography enthusiast Hally genurne platrnum blond smooth dancer poker face U ol M weekends anrmated talker Umversrty of Mrchlgan I5 Helen Patricia Ann Texter 1 PAST Varsrty and class hockey and basketball A LAD FROM STRATFORD MAN WITH THE BOWLER HAT French award for the most progress monograms punror class basketball captaun all crty hrst team basketball and sec and team hockey Llggett L president of the Symmathetea Board PRESENT Petite scads of men srde wuse glance re nowned hard worker enthuslastlc partncrpator energy FUTURE Muchrgan State College IW-I-l-I HID ..." b"- - A A-0- oy . - . I- - . . . I A . V' 1 'wid' 3 . Ill-ll-lelelfl in all activities-big, blue eyes-boundless 5 I' I ' ' . lfl-l3- llfl , , . . cxj' . . r I - I I , 4 I " .IS f n .af f - D, .., f"1"' :', 1-9.3 " N ' Lf Edith Madelyn Werback 1941, 1949 PAST PRESENT FUTURE Sophomore and semor class treasurer Lake Forest Conference chanrman of the Junror Senior Banquet decoratnons commuttee for punlor dance Christmas tableau president of the Photography Club member of the Self Government Board sensor May Queen attend an Quiet charm changing moods whlmslcal humor Have you ever7 thoroughly com posed mren modest warm radrant laugh one of our best Not certam ann, 2 X! ,,,f" .fy Pat 15 is vw ..,,. arvy ii Joan :N Jake fad Vary 'unamb- Q59 as 's.M dle .Jim Bolt I5 Carol DEV V1 tz ..,,s Toni NV 164-y Sue Stebb "f" Q .5 Pbldge Sue nf M QM gffmfl J ,A I Om V, I f f , xv' K' -J Borrowung May I wear your luscuous blue sweater tan skurt pearl choker black gurdle and your sheer seamless stockungs to the bug dance tonught7 That us a famuluar call un a large dormutory at any college Now the gal who owns all these thungs us always afraud that somethung wont get back to her The gurl who borrows mught be druven out un the country and have to leap over a barbed wure fence or the pearls of the choker mught break and go streamung all over the dance floor What should she do? Should she say yes and have the borrower ruun everythung but call her the best fruend she ever had or should she say no and make an enemy for Iufe7 In famulues uts always the younger suster or brother who looks longungly un the older ones closet wushung to wear her bronze low cut pumps or hus checked bow tue Why us ut the older member of the famuly always has the desurable clothes that one wants to borrow7 Also mothers and fathers have to lend theur clothes to all the members of the famuly so for that reason the parents wuth three chuldren arent half as un demand as the parents wuth thurteen chuldren Oh I am now un class the door us shut and everyone has a pen but me Yesterday the teacher had explucutly told us to brung a pen to class for a test I thought my pen was un my pencul case but lo and behold ut usn t The teacher angrrly asks me where the pen us and I answer I dont know She sends me bewuldered out of the room to the lubrary and I automatucally flunk the course When the buzzer rungs I dolefully walk down the hall to my locker and who should appear but a very good fruend who says 'Thanks a lot for your pen I took ut out of your pencul case because I dudnt have anythung to do last hour so I used ut to draw cartoons' I feel luke commuttung nothung less than murder but Borrowung of course can be observed from both a good and bad angle The borrower looks at ut from the good sude and the lender from the bad sude Pluyllus Cluulds Twelfth Grade Untouched Beauty Its hard to remember when I came to love what we call the country or the out of doors It seems as though there has always been a specuol spot reserved for ut un my pleasure storeroam When I was just a Iuttle gurl the whole famuly used to spend a week or two of the summer at Daddys cottage on the Manustee Ruver Al though we were near the famed wunter resort of Graylung and the much publucuzed Au Sable Ruver whuch I stull unsust does not even approach our Manustee for fush or beauty we seemed cut off from the outsude world We played hude and go seek un hugh tangled grass that was almost as tall as we were took walks through moss covered blueberry sprunkled land and sometumes had the excutement of a boat rude down the wund road that leads to Burchwood Lodge the road that us Iuned by towerung punes untermungled wuth the stark whute burches for whuch the cottage was named and across whuch a tumud whutetauled deer mught dart suddenly And sometumes whule lyung un bed I hear the clear note of the whup poorwull puercung the calm stullness of the nught One of my furst football games was a memorable experuence not for the brulluant plays or the sturrung musuc of the smartly dressed band as you mught umagune but rather for the spot we chose to stop and eat our lunch We ate on land that was marked pruvate but can or should beauty be kept away from people by a sugn7 A crusp breeze rufflung the slopung hulls brown un the autumn sunlught and sturrung the trees whose leaves faded gradually from brulluant shades of red unto soft deep browns why should only one reap the harvest of such beauty? I thunk my love for the out of doors grew and flourushed more at camp than anywhere else It us there that l luved and stull do lrve summer after summer among all the beautues of the God made world that one can ask for Who can help notucung the moods of an ever chongung lake the days when ut us calm and smooth and clear as glass the days when ut us blue yet green and farther out there us a dustunct Iune of greyush brown broken occasuonally by an edge of whute or the days when ut reflects a dark fearful sky and roars uts mayestuc waves upon a fast dumunushung shore? There us no other sound that makes me feel as the roarung ofa great body of water does and no wund us so refreshung as that off a stormy sea whuch pulls at your haur and seems faurly to tear away any grume or durt and leave you clean throughout Every spot un camp us famuluar to me for one reason or another and perhaps that us why I fund so much beauty there Fo usnt famrluaruty partly responsuble for makung you love your relatuves for fundung joy un a household pet or for seeung beauty un a sunrayed road' taste for the country us not merely the habut of beung out of doors not just a desure to have fun un wude open spaces but rather a realuze ut now ut us a love of seeung beauty And un my knowl edge there us no place so magnufucently beautuful as one that has been left untouched by man to rupen change and grow more awe some and wonderful through the ages For what man can create beauty that can compare wuth that wrought by Gods hand? Nfary Sue Luvungstone Twelfth Grade I9 . u ' ' ' - - ' H , . , . - . I . A I I - I . . . . ,I I . , I . I . I i . . . . . . . , . . ,, - , , - , , . ., . - A - . , . , . , . . . , , - . , . . ,, . . . . , . , -'. , , . , . I ' ' 1 . . . . , . . I ' T . . - . I . - - h . . I I - I . I . , -. . 1 ing river. Perhaps you'd say I was too small to appreciate the loveliness around me, and perhaps you'd be right. But to this day I can picture the ,, . l,, . . .... . . . . I ' . . . I . . . . . I . . . ,, . ,. , - , , 1 . I ' . .. U . - . . I l 2 . . . . ' ' : , - . . . . . . I . . ' r . , . . My ' ' ' - - I I I ' I I I S I . . I . . . . . - I I I - - . t . U '-1 Twelfth Grade ACK ROW Joan Fltzslmons Beverly Radcllffe Potrlcua Texter B MIDDLE ROW Lenore Smnth Sue George Phyllus Chulds Joan Hadley Julae Komar Ann Townsend Ton: de Cary Edlth Werback Carol Serenberg FRONT ROW Manlyn Stebbms Dorothy Smgelyn Ann Bolton Mary Johnson Joan Jaekel Mary Sue Luvmgstone Nancy Burgess ALSO IN CLASS Joan Mayberry Class Officers Presudent MARY SUE LIVINGSTONE Vace President NAN Secretary CY BURGESS JOAN JAEKEL EDITH WERBACK Treasurer Class Mascot Class Color YELLOW Monograms ANN BOLTON MARY SUE LIVINGSTONE PATRICIA TEXTER ANN BOLTON NANCY BURGESS JOAN HADLEY MARY SUE LIVINGSTONE JOAN MAYBERRY CAROL SERENBERG PATRICIA TEXTER 20 CLEMENTINE L,xUfCJf'1 D ,Q A Q 1 4 1 I , . ,4 V K f A , 3.4 ' .43 ,V l' . A L ,Z " 1- PV ' , 7 , - , V SP 4 . VA , , W' ' I . I 3 7. ' . , xt A "' . 6 E eventh Grade BACK ROW Joyce Bevan Dnanne Montgomery Mary Lou McCoy Ann Knox Ann Burton Mary Rea Ruth Longs Susne Chenot MIDDLE REAR ROW Patrrcla Oppenhelm Vnrglnra Smlllle Ruth Henderson Sldney Ann Boales Janet Allen Joan Wllson Jlll Predmore MIDDLE FRONT ROW Abby Anne Campbell Joan Harness Mums Rohn Barbara Warner Suzanne Shafter Jnll Gerrard Mlnam Baxter FRONT ROW Nancy Alles Nancy Meacham Barbara Carse Jane Austln Joan Lyons ALSO IN CLASS Joan Fllntermonn Susan Essmgton Kay Stanton Bette Ross Class Color Class Officers President RUTH LANGS Vlce President JOAN HARNESS Secretary MARY REA Treasurer JOAN WILSON NANCY ALLES JOYCE BEVAN BARBARA CARSE RUTH HENDERSON RUTH LANGS PAT OPPENHEIM SUE SHAFTER KAY STANTON BARBARA WARNER Monograms Class Mascot JANET ALLEN NANCY ALLES MIMI BAXTER JOYCE BEVAN ANN BURTON BARBARA CARSE RUTH HENDERSON RUTH LANGS PAT OPPENHEIM JILL PREDMORE SUE SHAFTER BARBARA WARNER 22 UNCLE REMUS Homework Done? What shall I do my homeworks not done. Television s on and its much more fun. History test tomorrow oh why oh why Drd so many klngs have to dne7 lf I studled now I thought wrth a smlle I could take a rest and watch for awhnle I thumbed through my math book page 208 lf x equals 30 whats the tram s rate7 A few mmutes more and Im golng to see Whatever the story happens to be My French IS not done yet QUELLE HEURE A T DIX HEURE PLUS QUATRE' how time seems to ree' Just one more subject I thought with delight Then Ill be through for the rest of the mght Chaucers work rs stall remembered today Whon that Aprll e wrth hrs shoures soote I closed my books breathed a slgh of content My homework s all done an evening well spent But what was the use why bother to try Televlsuon s off and another mght gone by Sur, Slmllcr Eleventh Grade A Yearlmg In Sprung She stands a bronze statue agamst the sprung sky Coat polished copper and mane sllky fme True thoroughbred blood shows In every llne Then snghtmg wlth glee some Imaginary foe She reared rn the our Ilthe as a doe A leap to rnght a snort of delight Up flung dainty heels and shes off an full flight At the end of the meadow she paused from her tear Her rnquusmve nncker let rung In the alr Two yearlmgs approached her In their mrschrevous pay ne palomrno the other blood bay e fully lmpatrently pawed at the ground n the tram Inttle bay was off In one bound Wlth that young palommo both fearless and bold Wlth plume tall of snlver coat dappled wrth gold As all three stampeded with all of their might Thelr hoofbeats ebbed as they faded from sight And I firmly declded upon this one thang That nothing s so lovely as a yearllng rn sprung r ld X 4 Eleventh Grade 1,2 I ff Evening The sun was slnkmg an the west Its rays like rrchest alchemy Wrought from each form that man knows best A masterplece for gods to see Nrght slowly approached and the cares of the day First staggered then faltered then passed on away And the bustle and clamor that day owns by reght Were replaced by the soft peace ful sounds of the mght Jane Austm Eleventh Grade ' a f f , X ' r - F - ' H B -IU., , ,, .rr r I. I A . I . . I v r 1 I , . V I 1 V - -1 X ,, ,,.. . . .. ,. ,, I , ? - X . V Ears pricked alert, and head held on high, . . . . , F . , , . . I . . . . . . I I ' O ' , . 5 Th ' ' ' , , A d . . . ' . . I - J ll I II ll - 23 UD .Q A sa" LYON5 I GERRFXRD I TH Qi 'U 1 V U2 GMA 1 QQQ' zm M VREDMQRE E EU A W l-SON P4 REA WARNER L NTQRMAN v ' i' 4" ' C 'v" LUQTO N 'N Q40 'fi B U 455' H Gi! Q.. EMH 5 .3 X Aff' '79 L O 24 I :Or Rv Hcav NCT HE I i ,3 K. w.lGG5ETnT 'ui' Rl-K .1 4- s-.-l-E l.A"E Pa ti O G5 ggva J 9 Oc 'U ,,..---- f,,..-111' fidxq -,.,....---J RLLES HHFTER Y SQ Q 'pta ' 0 Q6 EE W 07 U' J' X XM U U gg 0 , X Q" L. YX A. I Q s 1" 1 4 I E X: Q,-3: ' WU, If M ,'l sf. 1 1 ' 'Q Y P A - A 60 LE5 I L ao.-1 0 OA 2-- r pp , t 6,0 NS 'sq-r auf X C C 5224+410 -4,:,!1FTL. Es N lx:-+ -' ao- 99 LA X' ' ,490 +4490 OJCPVY-+ O ix ' + Q? ' 7. A W ' is b f 1 ? dan . C' 7' Akai K ,J-,SV S A STA:-Noni MFJNCH NN 13 WC JU XJ! XC , xx 4 r 'Y XJ . 1, 4 Ning Tenth Grade BACK ROW Emlly Hardy Connue Hodges Judy Hubbard Mary Weaver Dorothy White Sandra Kress Barbara Boerslg MIDDLE ROW Joanne Lewis Lola May Doelman Julne Later Theresa Font Carol Beyschlag Patrlcla Ward Vlclu Schlafer Becky Ann Patterson Barbara Allen Duane Johnston Susan Crawford FRONT ROW Cynthia Keydel Elame Goodwlllle Jane Patten Joan Robertson Mary Ann Chenault Ann Maese Carolyn Race Dorothy Hull Cynthla Hadley Class Officers President JUDY HUBBARD Vlce President MARY ANNE CHENAULT Secretary JULIE LAFER Treasurer BECKY ANN PATTERSON Class Color 'Monograms BLUE CAROL BEYSCHLAG CAROL BEYSCHLAG MARY ANNE CHENAULT SUE CRAWFORD ELAINE GOODWILLIE EMILY HARDY JUDY HUBBARD CYNTHIA KEYDEL JULIE LAFER BECKY ANN PATTERSON VICKI SCHLAFER MARY WEAVER MARY ANNE CHENAULT SUE CRAWFORD ELAINE GOODWILLIE EMILY HARDY CONNIE HODGES JUDY HUBBARD CYNTHIA KEYDEL JULIE LAFER BECKY ANN PATTERSON VICKI SCHLAFER MARY WEAVER 26 Class Mascot LIL EIGHT BALL SUPPILU f 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1 I 1 ln Domremy a town of France There llved a maiden fanr Who looked upon her fathers sheep When shepherds were not there One day whlle busy rn the flelds She heard strange vorces say Go save your country Joan of Arc lt needs you dont delay And so sweet Joan at eighteen years Her chnldhood town dld leave Her land from Englishmen to save And llberty achieve To Chmon then she went at once An army for to get But Charles Seven Kung of France Responded with regret Now darllng dont you thunk that you Are just a lnttle young To lead a band of flghtmg men The Englushmen among? Joan of Arc At last dear Joan went out to war Her army at her srde A brave and vallant warnor A valuable guude Whate er she dvd she dad lt well Whenever In the fight As splruted as a hart was s e As luvely as a sprnte New Orleans and Pans too She won them with her grnt Her shlnlng armor sparkling brlght The clash of swords alr splrt But came that sad and frnghtful day When .loan was taken In Her enemles could then all slt And through therr teeth could grm Condemned to due was poor dear Joan But never dnd she flmch As hungry flames dld luck her feet And finally every Inch Oh no slr cried the eager voice I do not thunk you see lt s God himself and all Has host That wlll be gundrng me l must explaln nght here and now About this certam lung lt seems that fear had seized his mlnd Hrs soul began to stung Oh Joan Salnt Joan rlse up agam lYou are not wrthered yet! And pull the world from flames of greed So no one wlll forget Becky Ann Pallerxurr Tenth Grade ncephon of Life What do they say when we are young? They soy for us llfe s just begun They llken us to tuny streams That have not yet fulfilled their dreams And pomed the oceans stmgnng spray O God that you should see us In thus way What do they say when we have grown? They re others whore more versed IN life They see us as a grant wheel That turns and turns never to feel The agony of endless day O God that you should see us ln this wa 27 What do they say when we are o 7 They say we ve lost our youthful spice They see us as a dummmg Ilght That qulvers and nts ebbmg sight ls frt only for those wha pray O God that you should see us nn thu But now they say smce we are dead They gave us all thenr best advnce They say we were lake shups at sea That weathered storms trnumphantly And entered port from mnghts dismay s way O God how could you judge by what they say7 lmrlmm lmcrxrg Tenth Grade 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . , 1 . . . , I 5. 1 1 , . 1 I' 1 1. 1 1 hi , 1 11 I , . 1 . 11 I ' '1 1 , .. . . 1 1 . . 1 1 1 . . 11 - 1 - 1 1 . . , .. I 1 11 11 -11- - 11 1 U ' . , . , 1 1 1 , . . ' . ., ,, I . C A , .,. , . 1 .. , .. . , . 1 . 1 , , .. . , 1 .,. 1 Y- 1 - U, , 1 45 fi' 1' yn N04 xx' xv """J -v 'Uw- .P 28 781. fffyavsf V' Mmm ff X K f""-fvfgf Ku W bv K'-s .f' X? T- ,Xb : 11,1 I Ax , . , , ,A J Q 'Q 1 Q V1 1 1 5 Q ' 51 . Q my .L xx rf as Q Q: xi ' ,, fx .Q I , ,x , ., Y VV Q ' fs x A 4 K s., n,, ,D 'A'-A M -. i 1 . ..' ' XE Hgx, A 3 . ' .a , C ," H W f' , - 1 if 5 X' ' ' 57, J a X5 2 Nwx cf 5 4 --Mx X ' Y , T, f A ml 'Q K Ki x lj Lk 9 0 Z , xg ' . N 2 -5 f " 1 - Q Nl , W' ' -5 31, Q 7 SC 5 vw 5 'YS 1' i If - . fx . ' ' J- ' I I , . I ,X J X if ,V I!! 'L t , J Q, a f K M2 N:'g L N A X ' K X. - 'v K -v- , -1' X If , I L . , X 's Q I, 4 I - ' ', L .QQ ' X Ur ' A 9 . , Kc! 3 313 U J lk .H .W 7 9 A .I Q1-X24 J 3 fx Lk 3 ... ,ef ff .3 - -7 YS- '5 ut' fa, X .I x g C "'3"Yl1..., f M J J .Q rf - 1 X ,, , 7135 X X W X if K f Q 5 lg Raj 'v 34 ji 7 f LK mth Grade SECOND ROW lleft to nghtl Peggy Carter Suzanne MacLean Marcia Chen Shrrley Langs Kay Jordan Glynne Robnnson Barbara Graham Marllyn Robertson Gall Lovejoy FIRST ROW Sandra Brown Connle Cllbbon Nancy Brinker Barbara Murphy Madalyn Fluent Janet Mclnally Judy Helgho Eleanor K Johnson ALSO IN CLASS Eleanor Peer Class Officers Preslclenl' JANET MclNALLY Vlce President MARCIA CHEN Secretary SANDRA BROWN Class Color Treasurer BARBARA MURPHY Class 'Wascol GREEN DONKEY Monograms MARCIA CHEN MARCIA CHEN BARBARA GRAHAM BARBARA GRAHAM KAY JORDAN KAY JORDAN SUE MacLEAN SUE MacLEAN 30 -B V M- ,..--..- 'L Q .. .,1 Q . , . ' ' : X, , U , ,V 0 .. s A, ,Q , 1 if 4 . - Q - A J ' V 5 R , A , A 4 l . ,fl 'sf ' ff I E I I I I l I 1 1 - 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , l The Storm Comes and Goes Drrvrng swrftly homeward wrth lrttle hopes of wrnnrng we entered the race the storm gatherrng around us A narrow two lane road wound ahead of us bound on erther srde by deep drtches flanked by many trees Thrs approachrng storm heralded by prolonged deep rumblrngs off rn the drstance had suddenly ended our pleasure drrve and left but one thought to reach home safely before rt struck The arr became strll and expectant wartrng for the fury so loudly promrsed Overhead great masses of dark angry clouds rolled up from the horrzon and thrust long frngers ahead of them These omrnous srgns surroundrng us burlt up tensron wrthrn the car We sat tense nervously wart rng for what was to come Conversatron became drscannected rnterrupted as each of us excrtedly exclarmed at and drew attentron to new prod rgres of the storm now raprdly overtakrng us The once drstant thunder growled and rattled rnterspersed wrth vrolent flashes of dartrng Irghtnrng rllumrnatrng the sullen clouds Abruptly the wrnd came The frrst vrolent gusts settled down to a steady pushrng roar As though thrs were the srgnal the clouds opened and the rorns came Great torrents fell from the skres drrven by the gale of wrnd and actrng as a curtam hrd all before us Drrvrng became an rmpossrbrlrty We pulled up at the srde af the narrow road and prcked as best we could a spot not too near any trees The arr wrthrn the car became hot and close as we sat there a lrttle group of people awed and frrghtened by thrs drsplay of nature s mrght Trees were bent and tossed rn the wrnd as though they were mere bushes The outsrde world was frlled wrth flyrng branches torn loose and drscarded by the wrnd Wrth a great crash the road was suddenly blocked by a tree no longer able to wrthstand the buffetrng Behrnd us another tree fell vrctrm to the same force We sat there thrnkrng that the rntensrty of the storm could not last much longer and that each moment would brrng a slackenrng rn rts fury After what seemed hours to us wartrng rn the closed cars the frerceness of the storm gradually subsrded to a steady rarn The combrned force of all persons wartrng pushed the obstructrng trees asrde and we proceeded slowly homeward down the slrppery cluttered road wrth vrsrons of the peace and quret of our home Suzanne MacLean Nmth Grade The Runaway He must hurry He drdn I' have much time Oh' what was wrong wrth hrs Iegs7 Mad thoughts raced through hrs head What rf they caught up wrth hrm frrst? What rf he drdnt reach there rn trme7 What rf someone got there before hrm' Oh why couldn t he run faster? There was a heavy feelrng rn hrs stomach He was so wor rred Hrs heart was poundrng rn hrs chest and hrs lungs were dry What rf they came and took hrm back to the home? Trme was so rmportant Why drd the hands hrm? They were all probably on hrs trarl by now Frnally rt loomed rnto srght There was the graveyard Never was he so happy to see rt Its gravestones gleomed rn the pale moonlrght and the stars all seemed to twrnkle down on hrm He was so trred he dropped to the ground and started to crawl to the famrlrar spot Hed been there only once before but he had the spot so clearly memorrzed rn hrs mrnd that he saw rt all day long and could hardly wart for the nrght to make hrs break He was rrght over the spot He began drggrng wrldly at frrst and at a very raprd speed The drrt was flyrng everywhere but hrs speed began to slacken slowly Then he sow rt a but decayed but he certarnly drdn t mrnd He serzed rt He gazed upon rt affectronately Then he ran under neath the tree The dog settled down to frnrsh the bone that he d burred there a few days earlrer a bone from the famrly steak Cunnre Clrbbon Nrnth Grade A Sunday Afternoon It rs late afternoon The wrnd rs howlrng and rt has rarned frequently durrng the day The dog rs Iyrng somewhere around the housenl don t know exactly where for he s the type of dog that you never can frnd untrl you trrp over hrm rn a dark corner The house rs perfectly str except for the radro and Jack the Bellboy who rs tellrng me to Irsten rn tomorrow rn hrs most appealrng manner Ive just frnrshed talkrng on the phone and we ve decrded that rts not worth walkrng rn the paurrng rarn srnce we see each other every day Its gettrng late and Im gettrng hungry so I thrnk III make some fudge and surprrse the famrly when they get home Now lets see-mrlk chocolate-sugar7 no sugar Well now what can be made wrthout sugar? At least I can have a coke Or do we have any' Well there s nothrng lrke a nourrshrng glass of mrlk' Gorng back I srt down and prck up my knrttrng I look at rt speculatrvely and before my half closed eyes I see a hole-a hole rn my beautrful h I h ld ossrbl answer rt Argyles' The telephone rrngs Ill get rt I yell and dash towards the phone forgettrng that I om t e on y one w o cou p y Hello? No thrs rsnt the Royal Laundry You must have the wrong number Yes goodbye I hang up and go back to my knrttrng and the radro whrch rs tellrng me to use Palmolrve soap and rn fourteen days III have beautrful skrn Then I hear the sound of a car turnrng up the drrve mrngled wrth a loud thump from the room above me whrch rs the dog as he rolls off the wrndow seat and comes bumprng down the starrs to greet the famrly I put down my fholeyl knrttrng and go to the door glad to hear vorces and have companronshrp but somewhat sad at the drsturbrng of the peace and quret of my Sunday afternoon Judy Hergho Nrntll Grade 3l . I . I I ' , , . . . Q l . . . ' I I . . I . . . . ' ,' - . . '- . I I ' I - I 4 . I. .I . . , . I , . , , . . , , . , , U , . , . I - I- . . . I , - , . I . . . I . . . I I l . I ' , I , , . , . . . on the clock seem to race so madly? What if the man in the white uniform caught . . I , - , ' r r ' . . , . , . . . . . . . - ' ' I ' I ' . .' , . . . . . . I . . 'I . - ,I Q Q - I ' ' ' ' I r ' ' , . . , . . . . . , . , . , . . , - - I - - ' ' . I 1 - - .- . , , . . x , ' ll I ' ll ' ' ' I I I ' ,, . . , u ' ' ' . , . . , . , I I ' . ' . . . , I N-s XA X Mak W 32 34-QC, Sgr 1 Y ,A 1 1 Ry :L I i ff " 5 ' ii i, X Q Y. 82 ii A 22 ' ra 5 ff 17, ,Y J ' 'NTFS :MW Jo -7 if , 1 f P s' 15,9 , J l ., x mi , " 7 . I 4 ,' - Q 1' , Q "XT 1 -VIZV ' ' 1 Q I R I- 2 , 314 5 1 WI I 1 X-4 4 x'.:"' ...s.l' Oh Llggett School we sung to you In you our hearts an bound anew 33 P , 4 Q - 1 - - "1- xl 79 ,, X A af "-V O -X V' ' V. Ixos ' YJ? 1 a , 3 -r o 1 x ' 1 u nf sf Y ,J And in our hearts your lasting grace ls precious worth to all endears 36 x x ur, ,, and ,Lf Y , aw--85. . A JR: A 'ix N, 'J 345' g-'of'f'N f g " ,--A x. .H 'A ,-.L -1, Ju LQ., xl-A xrk J' fa 4- 'sri' T' ff V' .1 4- Xxx A Xxbgvlrf f f-itz., '-+R ' . 'QA' sys? fl X' A ' x ' !Y""i, ' W, Y, 1591 K ,"Nf" . .1 -f-155 as m S nu 4 -. 4 r 1 ' 3 'K v R K ...4....x , . Z.,-.iw b , if For one and all umted bring The splrlt which has made her fame 38 Eighth Grade THIRD ROW lleff to rlghtl Johanna Berke Mlml Jackson Lynn Connor Vnrglma Nalr SECOND ROW Barbara Bonney Eloise Gorton Cornelia Von Mach Gay Wright Judith Ebllng Joyce Mitchell Georglana Clark Mrs Richardson FIRST ROW Joan Blsceglla EleanorJ Johnson Wlnlfred Oades Susan Boomer Elaine Mllner X XX f I lf ,ye 0--.s HA 40 I I J ,rl . J 4, 1 . ,' -g J 7 1 I - ' . V S. 'A x A' I lb L ld, I . X 5 1 Y " 2 I N ' ,. 1 A xx fl J E ' I E c Q J., F Christmas Eve The ground outslde IS whlte wuth snow A strange peace covers the earth All seems as It was so long ago On the nlght of Our Savrors blrth Far In the distance the church bells rmg N? And through the wmdow a candle burns And under the street lamp the carolers sung yygN' And we all are at peace wnth the world Wll1l1 IC Oades Eighth Grade Fa When the sunny summer IS over The months of damp and cold creep ln Now It rs fall and the month of October 14-4' And the trees are bare and thln 'fs The skles are cloudy dark and gray The days are shorter too And the mornmg grass IS a blanket of dew ZF" By all these slgns you know at s fall And the prettiest trme of the year But soon the butter wlnd of winter wlll call And to fall well have to say goodbye for another happy year Elame Milner Eighth Grade The Character I Most Admlre The character l most admlre ns my grandfather He IS a man about seventy sux and he loves baseball He IS stlll qulte actuve for hrs age and even plays baseball with me He IS much better than l am There as one thing l dont like about hum and that IS he gets nervous lf he ever goes out anywhere he IS afrald hes golng to be late so he always starts out an hour ahead of time Once he was gomg to puck up someone at Willow Run Airport The plane got ln at l O0 p m He was there one hour ond a half before the plane arrived and then It was late Also If his favorite radlo program IS on he calls my grandmother mother and father and If they are busy he yells untll they come I suppose he IS this way because he IS gettmg old l feel sorry because all his friends are dying and he feels he will be going soon But all In all he s the nlcest grandfather anyone could ever have Cornclra Von Nach Erghth Grade 4l , I Q . . , . , , ' : . I .4 I ' 1 . . X K ' T fig iff ll I T I N . 1 , , 1 , , ' ' T f . There's o cold, swift wind all through the day, Q ' if ,fl ' . . , - ' v . . , . , , . . , . , - 1 , 1 - , , , , ' I ' I D , . . ' I s Seventh Grade SECOND ROW Neff to rlghrl Barbara Golmske Mary Ellen Budd Sylvna Hadley Carol Larsen FIRST ROW Mrs Bond Valene Oppenheum Anne Murphy Dollene MacKenzie Sally Boales Marjorie McConnell Lynn Markus Linda Carden ALSO IN CLASS Shelley Scarney J'Flus'l'-11 42 'Q 2- ,,3g" A K. 'l v-A r ll. M L f I xl K I h A all I Q I fy-, ' hgf, 1 gy ax Ert 1 L if -9.7! N Q KJ kv I . ' 'FSS' The Night The night IS black like the stormlng sea From whose terror all do flee And rts clouds are luke the blllowlng foam And the stars are the treasures ut trles to own When the sea IS calm and the nrght IS clear And the ones about have nothlng to fear Then the stars are free to wander and roam Llke the llttle fishes that swlm rn the loom The nnght has a thousand thmgs to see As the moon souls oer each meadow and lea And the round part slightly touches the sea Mary Ellen Budd 'af ss Seventh Grade 43 Gremlins Gremlins are everywhere Ive heard of gremlrns good and bad Ive also seen them happy and sad Some are small and some are tall And some you cannot see at all Sometimes when a gremlm s ln your house He rs as quiet as a mouse But when he happens to sprll the glue Everything IS blamed on you When you can t hnd your book A lnttle gremlm knows where to look When your bow as tred m knots A aertann gremlm laughs lots and lots When queer thmgs happen all around You know the gremluns are m your town Lyn n M a rkus Seventh Grade fl W ' Q . s On your clothes and in your hair. lv I 1 ' .J V , I ' l . , . . . I ,',A A N' l l . f I , ' , Q . of W X Sixth Grade SECOND ROW lleft to nghll Mary Campbell Ann Bacon Mlss Cole Mrs Hays Jean Ellen Marhn June Goodwlllle FIRST ROW Patty Blsceglla Gall Webster loan Allen f"""Kf3'2'U ' mg id!! 44 ,- -di Fifth Grade SECOND ROW flefl to right! Marlon De Keyser Judy Davidson Barbara Standish Vlrglnla Schneck Garlln Wood Elizabeth Gray FIRST ROW Mary Jane Fox Peggy Jo Benson Carolyn Wagstaff Kendra lsbey 45 x 3 '::4:: 1 , .::: L ,, 'n . . A - H. 1 .5 J -1 . H ' 1 -, X-. . V v L . h . , M ' 1. I in 'A ,' I 1 K M.. , 'x ' N, ' -A ut 'Z I H, ' "Q .- .Q V JV X X .. P I 4' R , Lb 6 I I . . I . I . I . .. I . I . Z I I I ' My Favorite Christmas Present This year I got a lot of presents but the one l liked best was my Super Deluxe Schwin Bicycle. I got it from my mother and my father. It is blue ond white. The seat is o white one, and you can bounce up and down in it. lt has a beautiful white light on the front wheel and a red light on the back wheel. I found it under the tree Saturday. I love my new bicycle very much. ,loan Allen Sixth Grade My Pet I have ci little dog He is a Boston Terrier He will be three years old in January We will have had him three years in April He is black and white His name is Chubby Every night he sleeps in my room or my brother s room When l go down in the morning he always lies by the radiator to keep warm He always barks at squirrels and other dogs One day we took him over to my grandmothers house She has a little English Setter My dog and her dog barked and fought ln the evening Chubby always sits home Then he goes to sleep He is very friendly l think he is a swell dog the best dog in the world ary CIarnlHJeH Sixth Grade Christmas Time Christmas with its lots of toys And when its time for Christmas dinner ls only for good girls and boys With its cranberry sauce and turkey winner And the Christmas tree with candy canes I have myself such o wonderful time And holly round the window panes I feel that Christmas is all mine Lulfllll Wiiiiil Fifth Grade Someone I Know It is the funniest sight to see old Mose the gardener come through the gate on Wednesday afternoon Old Mose is thin He is an old colored man of the South My grandmother who knows he wants work to get rid of him ond yet pay him gives him chickens to clean He cleans them out In the back yard Old Mose is kind and he is so funny and queer If you are in the blues he can do one trick and you re full of fun too He always wears smile and is always a pocket full of fun Don t you wish you knew Mose too? X nginm 3LIlI1CLIx Fifth Grade My Pet I have a little cat thats the cutest thing in all the world He is black with a white face and black ears Muggins Ithat is what I call him? has a big blue marble that he rolls along the floor One day his marble rolled down the basement stairs Muggins would have followed it but something caught his attention What was that that stood in the corner? lt was the wastepaper basket ln quisitive Muggins lumped inside The wastepaper basket started to tip It ro led down the steps with Muggins inside Down it rolled with a bang to the basement with Muggins still inside Meow screamed Muggins as the wastepaper basket hit the furnace Fphtt said Muggins as he lumped from the basket fur obristle Now do you understand why I like Muggins, Peggy lo Benson Fifth Grade 46 - - , . , , . M' r A , . , i , , , , , , , - r , , . - Mase made a rock garden in the dog yard. He tries to make work for himself. 1 - 1 1 - 0 , . X, 1 . .g . X 4 X I I - - - ' . . - V . H I. . - H ,. - . . , - , , - f r 1 1 K Ag c Fourth Grade SECOND ROW Ileft to nghtI Hendrlcka Van Rrper Sandra Noll Barbara Shannon Llsa Guensche Marlorre Relds Mrs Innes FIRST ROW Lmdajoy Edwards Cynthua Scott A Cold Shock A Big Family One hot summer day my srster Jane and I were playmg near a stream It looked clear and cool We wanted to go wadlng In t Jane suggested that we race to see who could get her shoes and socks off furst Jane won the race Bravely we went mto the stream As soon as our feet touched the water we screamed and turned back The water was so :cy that before we got ashore we thought our feet would freeze off A rancher told us the water was from a glacier Ll ndajoy Edwa rds Fourth Grade In an ant family eggs are Iald by the queen ant Young ants look luke llttle fat whlte worms The nurse ants take care of the babues The bables are fed and aured by the nurses Food called honeydew IS grven to the bables Aphlds grve honeydew to the babres When baby ants have grown larger they can make cocoons In the cocoons the baby ants are warmed and arred The cocoons do not stay rn one place They must be warmed aired and moved about In the wmter the bug and Ilttle ants go to the roots under the ground Ants get honey dew In the wmter from the aphids that lrve on the roots Aphlds are often called ant cows Hendrreka Van Rlper Fourth Grade ' 4 Q- Q- , 5, - , ,E . D 1 N . , ,V I' .1 , Q, . L I' e. 9. PT 5 7' , M'-' f Y-,Z Z . . I . . , , 47 Thlrd Grade SECOND ROW lleft to rlghtl Marulyn Wood Lols Dickenson Susan Kress Terry Harper Sandra Loynd Mrs Innes FIRST ROW Julle Schneck Mary Warren ALSO IN CLASS Ellen Stanny The Village Garden Patch The vullage garden patch IS In the mlddle of the woods The patch rs a fleld wuth trees all around It Breadfruut and coco nut and banana trees are growmg around ut Men and boys take turns working m the garden In the held they plant taro They keep the weeds out whule ut grows Boys clamb trees and knock down the coconuts The workers puck up the coconut breadfrult and banana and put them In baskets After their work us fmrshed about the mrddle of the day everybody takes a nap When It cools off the worker wall carry the baskets of food to the village 'Terry liarper Thard Grade Trammg A Reindeer Every year Johan s father gave hum and has slster a remdeer Each family had a specnal way of markmg thenr remdeer In men take turns In taking care of them The dogs help too Johan wanted to tram one of hrs remdeer to pull a sled They selected a two year old remdeer and Johans father threw a lasso around hrs neck The lasso was made of remdeer skun A cord was put around the relndeers neck and a log fastened to the other end of the cord The remdeer ran around wuldly Then they took the cord from has neck Johan s father sand We will have to put the rope on ham every day If you want hum to wear a harness next wmter Each year the family lulls some of their remdeer From the sknns they make thenr clothes tents rugs and blankets The bags In whlch they keep theur clothes are made from remdeer skm too Sandra Loynd Third Grade 0 H , 1 , I f' ' - - al I r fluff P , A A A . . . - - - the summer, all the reindeer are kept in one big herd. The . . . . , 48 Second Grade THIRD ROW llett to raghtl Marllyn Fellows Sandra Posvar Elizabeth Howard Evelyn Fisher Julne Ann Hartmann Phyllns Zerullu SECOND ROW Jon Budd Mary Loulse Rudlck Bully Walker FIRST ROW Andy McGaughey Ann Laurence Michael lrwm ALSO IN CLASS Frederlck MacMillan Cynthia S Dog A Cat Cynthia has a dog Hls name rs Pepper I lrke hum He IS my trnend Warn lyn Fellows Second Grade The Story of the Silly Woodpecker At home there IS a cat lt IS always on our porch step It slts there and meows It rs the neighbors cat Julie Ann Hartmann Second Grade Tap Tap Tap went Mr Woodpeckers drum but when Bully came out Mr Woodpecker stopped pecking at hrs tree and tell Into a puddle And what do you thlnk7 He was soaked from head to foot and he had to dry m the sun My First Tram Rude Ann Lawrence Second Grade When l was three or tour years old I had my flrst and only tram rude My slster Justme didnt go For my doll I took Llttle Bo Peep My halt snster Audry went so dld my father and mother The mght at my tram rude I was wakened up by a long Tooooo Toot I looked through the green curtains and saw that we were gomg under a tunnel The next mommg we were at New York N Y 49 Evclyn flxln r Second Grade J" ll " an -- X, aa .1 v ac 0 l ,, 4 :1 1 L . - 1 1 1 1 1 - . , , . - 1 1 - ' I . . . . , I 1 , . . . . 1 1 1 - 1 1 - . . , . 1 1 1 I ' f f - I ' - 1 1 I - 1 ' - , . , . . . 1 - . I K , First Grade FIFTH ROW lleft to rlghtl Mnss Hebb Mrs Clark Pamela Lyons FOURTH ROW Bud Lott Merry Joy Edwards Barbara Rynearson Justlne Flsher Nancy Olnver Julla Hodges THIRD ROW Bonny Blom Sharon Sorenson Suzy Tllley Lunda Kingswood SECOND ROW Tummy De Conlnck Carol Everts Keren Dnetrnch Dems Bourke FIRST ROW Rosamond Fendler ALSO IN CLASS John Kllpatrlck Dorothy Campbell Kathy Kelg 'W K CNC VW o Q FLD KCI' V740 c CQ XD Q WG ,Q qyes s hose bac A f 9 mb., VX QL like 50 A : ' , . , . 5 1 1 1 1 I - : I I I ' . ' 7 I I l l 1 U - : , , ' . X KCI ' 7 -,yy 5, N ,Anna :we ow, Vbbkx in ' I ' rx L some F , 'H My no x KG Y , K X. T V5 vt SKI. f1'f rv'. ' X 7 lx l 'fr -X ' , . I C 16 ,tcm , w,4e lc? rlfoezs thy-vw fx x IIQIC, fmfl pa' Nun- :G 5- 'E l. ,a K X ,K ' puts we LlCtf A fxfw 71 QW, , N N 1 l 'X y, CG WD , I I X ' ,jxg ,kj X Fug, 52.3 'H M Xu ry on F 1 1 I K ,A , ff ' Q7 'H ,X C U . 5 D 0 S A ll U 'N if ,Q K X K1 he- Bef, 'iw ' V . Jw I La V S. ? :f-- 5 +C, ' ' F ' 4:,f'5 L-v0",f:T 4. he fha isfv- wr-'f , non ' -L 'E F9 - -l' 7' ' ' +350 L pre", aff fg::.,Ae: S.-, rf., I FF E NWI H "Cf A " lL'AwQ'? Dem' e cf Tri, Trai I, fr-If of.-1 .15 "SWS F '- 'TC' '27 V Z 'L .lex QOL, Za N Vxi'gxsC, rfftmf- '- swf' EM 5 "Hz 'mi 5 MW Elf" wma rpm vl' .ifg me DNV! A I 3.51 'li " V-Qggjyfgx 30j,.T ,ll 1' foe 3 Lg' me 5A'.'qg'le t ef'-.A Ov-1 nrcsq L veg' my rf: fr' - Q0 43? cf 'lni l Q X. ff y QE?-QT' .A X .v X9 QQ. I 'IW fevxw 2 Z f X ff Q 3 ar' Senior Kindergarten KLEFT TO RIGHTI Dorothy Campbell Lee Carrick James Nenlsen Thomas Guastello Nancy Pullon Josephine Walker Stephanie Ford Lmda Llenau Margaret Courtls Pamela Smlth Mlss Sles lschool nursel ALSO IN CLASS Selden Kaufman Estelle Torres Terry Davrs Cynthua Scherz Donald Jams Darla Gunnlngham Duane Hust Junior Kindergarten THIRD ROW Mrs Kung SECOND ROW 'left to rlghtl Walllam Briggs Michael Qumn Peter Thom Davnd Kales Judy Rlshel Robert Kelly Betty Lmsky Cathleen Fltt Patrlcla Johnson Peter Smith FIRST ROW Davnd McGaughey Mary Lee Gnbb James Levis ALSO IN CLASS Colm Campbell Sandra Mattman Wnllnam Vogel Mary Burbach James MacMlllan Sl 1- 1' "'f"'4+ M.: --, ,, s' 'M' -, ., Y' xhfni 5 .. ..,, . , ,,., . A 1... '-u A ' ii" W... 1 1' A ' " "- ff N .... , X, ,. ., .V .VL A V - ' V 'ri wa . V V laugh ., -4 . . ng. -4 A - I a r F . .. S-9. A ..- Pi s ' 2' . -W' Wg, ," ...W ,'z-- W .A R ' ,u L, an , .: , , l I V' 5, 5 5 if 1 ' 9 M' ,-EU . -' 4 tg. I 7' 7 "pi: 'QQ 4 . i SJ7 , ' - "' Q 'Y N wt' ,. at . ,fb ' f ' 'Jin' ' ' 'f - . A. , f ' K f'- . 4,7 M m .V-.Q,"n.N, Q' 1 i V , k . . - . qw . " A ., iq., .- f , 1 R . f!,,'f- '. -f t ,' 31 'f f ' H - ,, ' V . 'X' -' if zu , ., ' , , ff' an "V "' I 1 ' '- , 4 ' w -f V .,,.- 1 A 'HY X . VY h A -.. H' . X' fi .am . f . 1 , , W ' ' U? . . ., , . ' , LQ Lg" An . . " f .V , ' -.9 Qu' 2 .QW 'le 'wry uq ,FL ,V - ,sg k ,' . -:Sw , f , ff.. a , ... , ., , ., " . 2:43-. .EV ' .1'r' i M' ' K . 1- .gxffef . V A,-' ,. f, , , A ,Q , , . , . . ,, , 'K W 1 5 4.5, ., ...M , xii, ',f .,' 'il ' " 7 '.. -' ", JW? 5' ' tg 2 ATS ' " in M, f -4.4 ', 'fJ"!.'f,2,2? aw- f 'A IT- ..,,:ff3 ,,, ,qy.,,,a.- . A wr' ' , ,e ,W My f', .' .1 ,,A,h 1 14' -,nwf xfwg - if wa Q V4 ,Y 1, Qi?g,?,. . 4. fyfj fx, vi- t we .. 4? f:w."f -fx" f . f W 1 s..m 'Af 'H Z 81' iw. ,Q , V? 'j'1-L -. fk , ,V -v 'A 1, ,,, R ' . , we ' -.Q , ,W ' - . KQL. f. " . tru., A 5"i,,,4.-r:4,Y-.M Y, . iii, :Q '33 4 . ki -'- 'H .9531 n.""5'2wa' 1, kiwi? 1 ' V ,. . f fb ,AQ ',?A1,,, JVM., ya W fm , .E+ t ' in J .fy-. I BQ, W-?".r , ww-1-rniiwaa P Q 5 . . M ' 4 , Ax 'V .,., fl. M' -'-' 1 ' V A ,,. R 'sfwg 'f.'kMt,. 1"-35' ,'Q"'7. ?W"f.Q 3' 1 , H , 'M . . Aj 5:19 Ji,"-w.P+LLAk' fag., I ,,"' 'ful t --1 Q ' Q- "tm . 5 .' M WU 4 . ff' , ' 4 ,U A 2 Q kr- 43 4'g.i5:J'f,'V ,,.Qilg.'+' ...V , ?' . , w Y ' Q .,. , . -- Q 4K'.x, :,,,- x A ., M- . "4f.,.' 'w Nu-. w-""7'f':' , 9 .M ' " - " v5l.g,yw":,V-',.,,.y?14A.,'f-ifigag F A . , fn .- ,., . a . a 1 .3-,wg ,.,-1fQ,Q,.gf,fw..2 if 3, . ,A . ,. 1 ,J P ,. 'w' ..",,l A A.- fxf f ., . '. ' -1. ,V 5 vw ' 4 1 912: 515.3 ,.gQg:.yW:xQg:.jiQ:-bgn, KMQ , kvvk wr -V e. X 4. if K . . : --1. - - uf ' M Mit-.,'f"'+ Sv- ' A A . 4 4 , - 1 f ,. xi- ' ,ku V - 1,Lf"'3k"'-i'mf in 5 ff "f 1:3 , ' if, L..1 1 ,sag-Lina, V5 V in ., , , ,- QM k -'H' wiygxif- ,fs.g j.,"4,v2,,'i,, ., , V L uf A - F-f , .:g7,,1?, 1- m 3, .wi 4 Ai' 5,,.' de. -w fw gs. M 1,-M' If - L . Q 1' ,. -.- 1 -,. 'f - f up ", . N ,lt-QQ,-'MT'-1, 4 " .aff , L. M h Q 1- 4 - -3. If, bf ak X .'b3'Q,,'f. A 4 NJ 'w , L4 ','. ,- -'3"."r '51, ':'- 'W-Q J ' ' -' .-f -,-, ., 'K --ffff -4. . . ,vs ky ,,5,-- 'Ss-gyv gs. p .5 .-.A V- :rw 5 V. ,K .,,, . f -ww. -F "5 , -1 -vx.zu,'i45v f fr- -K N., 3 , Q J. ' ia sg H W.. 1 'm qv. Y' M144-Q' , , . Qfffzw'-vf .figs QW L 1 ' ' n If V- 'Lv ff' 2 ' I - v ,W fr .i-, .., ff- -'M - - L K, V' ., . - 4. ,-. . , " 'A . 4 't"' I ' 1. '1'f-':'H'lrR4',"-114k-fir f .crw 'in H' ' I -win! "L:'!.l W' " 5. - if ,g,"','-',A- 'M 5 -.Q -Q 9 qv. if Q' 1 1 I wr '11 ' .Www - frlgg, 2. . . unch Q , ,.,3',,', 1 3: L, .Ma .:,fTT:' f , .M Ya' , gt ugh.: D ,J R X A -2.3. . W -uf ,, . ,W . .f 4. -fa ,W -vm . gf . in x IJOCI Us U X35 Y th ef C QT ereq KWX x A FMA S l 1 4 J x x, K 'X N S J xl! M ff 1' L: I' 1 4 W N1-H Q Ah Kc n.n.c. 'SiN' Q I 1' 5j"""" X' A " if Q... I T' C s RTW nmen bl CC' 'On - Self Government Board AT DESK Mlss Katharine Ogden President NANCY BURGESS LAST ROW Suzanne MacLean Cyntlua Keydel Nancy Burgess Kay Jordan Edith Werback V'Ce Pfesldenl CAROL SERENBERG Carol Serenberg FRONT ROW Mary Weaver Barbara Curse Sidney Ann Boales Secretary SIDNEY ANN BOALES If Symmathetea Boa rd BACK ROW Joan Fntzslmons Mlss Sally OCon President PATRICIA TEXTER ner Elame Goodwnllne Jlll Predmore Suz anne Shatter Cynthia Hadley Patricia Tex Vlce Presldenl MAMLYN STEBMNS er Secretary MlMl BAXTER FRONT ROW Mlm: Baxter Manlyn Stebbins Treasurer SUZANNE SHAFTER 54 Publications Board LAST ROW Rebecca Ann Patterson Abby Ann Chairman of the Board ANN BOLTON Campbell Mary Johnson Mrs Dnetrnch Ann Bolton Mlss Crolg Mary Sue Livingstone GOPHER Ed"0" MARY JOHNSON Antomette de Cary Lenore Smith MIDDLE Row Barbara Allen umm Mom R'V'5TAEd""' MARY SUEL'V'NG5T0NE gomery Busmess Manager ANN BOLTON FRONT ROW Barbara Warner Susan Crawford 5ARgARA ALLEN Marcla Chen Nancy Brmker Athletic Board BACK ROW Miss Helen Grinnell Carol Beysch President JOAN HADLEY I J H dl J B R h L G9 can ha ey me mn U' ang, vm Presndent JOAN HARNESS FRONT ROW Mlm: Rohn Emlly Hardy Dorothy Secretory JOYCE BEVAN Smgelyn Janet Allen ALSO ON BOARD Joan Harness Treasurer RUTH LANGS Mrs Smyr 55 A A . , ... 1 1- 1 . I I I .... , . . . , - - I 1 , . A . , - ....... 1 J , , ,, ' ' ' ....... , . Va rslty ockey BACK ROW Eleanor K Johnson Nancy Alles Patrrcla Oppenhelm Shlrley Lungs Cynthla Hadley Ann Bolton Mlm: Baxter Joan Fltzslmons MIDDLE ROW Emily Hardy Cynthia Keydel Mrs Smyth Barbara Warner Theresa Font Juduth Hubbard Carol Beyschlag Joyce Bevan Mary Sue Llvmgstone Gall Lovejoy Joan Hadley Ruth Langs FRONT ROW Janet Allen Sidney Ann Boales Rebecca Patterson Joanne Lewis Nancy Brinker Joan Varsity Basketball LAST ROW Ruth Langs Joan Harness Joan Hadley Cynthia Keydel Kay Jordan Edrth Werback Carol Beyschlag Shnrley Langs MIDDLE ROW Muss Helen Grmnell Joyce Bevan Mary Johnson Mary Sue Lnvmgstane Dorothy Slnge Iyn Mary Rohn Mary Rea Judrth Hubbard Cynthra Hadley Mrs Smyth FRONT ROW Patrucla Texter Barbara Warner Julla Komar Suzanne MacLean Barbara Graham Eleanor K Johnson Nancy Brunker Madalyn Fluent Gall Lovepoy 56 I : - ' ' I I I I V I V I l I l I , , - : l I l I ' I - I I V , , , , . , : I A . I I I I I I Lyons, Suzanne Shatter, Patricia Texter, Mary Rohn, Mary Johnson. Q , . , , , , , - . . ,,,. Double Quartet Miss Katharine Brown Julie Later Joan Jaekel Barbara Allen Cynthia Keydel Dianne Montgomery Judy Hubbard Patricia Ward Ruth Henderson Camera Club LAST ROW: Mary Weaver, Patricia Oppenhiem, Eleanor K. Johnson, Ann Burton, Patricia Word, Sandra Kreis, Gail Lovejoy. MIDDLE ROW: Julie Komar, Joan Jaeliel, Miss Helen Grinnell, Edith Werbock, Joan May- berry. FRONT ROW: Mary Suzanne George, Cynthia Keydel. President . . Vice- President Secreta ry . . Treasurer . . Faculty Adviser Organized . . EDITH WERBACK . JOAN JAEKEL . JULIE KOMAR JOAN MAYBERRY HELEN GRINNELL December l0, l948 X X09 Cookmg Class AT STOVE Mlss Judlfh Wardwell LAST ROW Nancy Burgess Joan Hadley Beverly Radcliffe Julie Komar FRONT ROW Jaan Fltzslmons Phyllls Childs Lenore Smith 44' If 58 wb U l..: U.. 4 Ill-I ' u::' m ..J 0.0 w Q. Q Q': .Q 'Q Q90 1 nfs' Q lla.. n n .lllllll Hllllll- Mlllilll lllzlll sf' 14, Q,f' 'gl 7 Alumnae, President ludv McKean Rfynnldx and Headmlstresx it the Celebration of Vins Ogden s Twentieth Year Uur Headmistress' New Home 59 As RIVISTA goes to press, the Publications board wishes to express Its deepest gratltude to those who have gwen It encourage ment by thelr Patronage Sldney Ann and Sally Boales and Mrs Wullnam G Boales and Mrs Frederick R Bolton J L Brown an an an an and an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs A de Cary Russell F Montgomery Walter H Serenberg Rnchard T Stebbuns Elmer C Texter Paul H Townsend Asslstance Miss Katharme Ogden Headmnstress ofthe Luggett School Miss Alma Knudsen and the art department Mrs Olive Loud hnanclal adviser Mrs Laurame Richardson and the typmg department Mrs Clare C Bond Cum Laude Iettenng Mrs M M Burgess and for advertlsmg E N Bossner the Michigan Book Bmdmg Company Paul Gach photographer James Motschall the Motschall Company Edward Krawczak the Motschall Company an Our Advertnsers 60 Mr. . ' ' . Mr. . ' . Mr. . . Mr. d . . Mr. d . . Mr. d . . Mr. d . ' . ' Dr. . . Mr. d . . Mr. and Mrs. Sydney W. Warner Mr. . . , ' ' ' ' Mr. , Mr. , Mr. , d All ' MANUFACTURING CUMPANY D T T 23 M Compliments of DETBUIT GASKET 8 e roi , ichigcm Z BUSIER and BUSIER . . . Industry IS busler than ever before and so are we at Detrolt Edxson Each week more homes and shops are gomg up farms are modernnzmg All are usmg more and more electrlcxty Thxs growmg buslness and lndustrlal aCtlVlty means greater opportunmes for tramed people We congratulate the class of 49 and look to you the graduate today, for leadershlp tomorrow THE DETROIT EDISON COMPANY 91155 fi sz I I afiaumwnn 3 ii iiilmmm EQEEQ V W wr1vl 1 cm R ,EEENUE H Nifrryyz cCD,AEf f NWWU You cAN mst: 7039, W THE DIFFERENCE ASK PIIH LAPEH HHUIHEH5 WAIEHFESFEII IIUFPEE IEA SALAD IIHESSINIJ MAYUNNAISL PANLHHE .JYHUP AI' YUUH NEIIJHHUHHIIUII LIIIILEHY 63 4 X x. ' Q f -i X .ff 'V X X. ff! 'l'-' E In N X- fff 'X -: ?i1 W E Wm ' v' f" ' C ' Wvllmu Il wllllllll I I ' I Y 'Wh ' ' ' 3 "' V vnu. 15511-K, i, I. 'f ry b R , 13 . , 4 ng nullllllllull lun UIQ I XX X 1 I I ,. 'V , n,' Ill IIIIIIIIII I Hlnnllunll 1 Ha. 1 - , nifguzgf r E 05,1 ll I , + KS' n 2 1 f V 'ff snomms j 6' fl - 1: siPL 2 J 1.'...'51ie2.g:i:3 H U I I Y I I Y I I I 1 I I I rl I 1 U I O Q30 'zfzaifi IN GROSSE POINTE gym. FUI TCL 345 FISHER ROAD TUXEDO 1-OSOO X Comphments of Hardy Munufoclurrng Corporuhon 65 gtmQ1e5iF101z had them 'L X320 4,4 W e -45? If J! '23 up When S Simon met the pleman he didn t that came to eve no slr' He wanted to try before he would bug Ifrankly we don t blame him In many cases that is the only way to be sure of getting what vou want In dairy products though there is no need for sampling Just say Vhlson s please That s the short way to say Give me the WILSON mery best there zs' 1 1 xi k IMIY A WILSON 81 SONS DAIRY 5255 Tillman Avenue TYIer 5-6000 66 , 0 1 X ' ?2 . , f- 0 ,X I px ' W ' I A ir? V I X , 1' I V , I 6 'fi n b, I f ' A i' I 'Q 'rf v Y ' A " fx, ' -Q 'S- is , . . . , A . 3 throw away his money on the first thing U S 1 x ' . va . , ' 1 ' 9 0 -I, .xx . x , Q .xx ss - 91 sm '- 1 W sv . t , t ., . . v , , is w' ' 7 1 I I K .Sn ,, 0 Mel 0-" J" . il U Ice Cream 0 Candies ' Dairy Foods I R C O . 47' for line printing For a thlrd of a cc nturv through two wars and changing economic condltnons Wlotschall Com pany has continued to bulld .1 solld reputation for fine prmtmg and llthographmg In one of the midwest s newest and most modern plants, Motschall Company has combmed llthogrdphmg, printing and hmdmg under one roof to render 4 streamlined and complete service for tts cus tomers We mute you to mspect our facllltles ':fiE::l - ' X my ! 1 F ll: :: 'J ii IH 'I Vi-T Q M T1 WWIIQSUUU' gpflwfngmg yHl"Tn1 '!. 67 ' I -i'Jw-,::.f-'- . ' I P.- ':- , w-1. ilu. 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A flxf' 1 I ' 1 I - ' -1: S J,f"!x J 'I V , LI If ' ,- 'X H ' ' gm WO o w r - O O Q 'NJ Best WlShGS Parks MucM1chuel Inc Fcnrd Sales and Servlce 14240 West Se Q Mle Road o I vm' MORTGAGE LOANS REAL ESTATE DETROIT MORTGAGE and REALTY COMPANY 751 Gris old Street 3rd Floor Telephone WO 3 3680 1 bl h d .1--fu.:--in.:--.1--i-1f'Nf-f--f'-fni'nf'hi'sl'.l-.f'-.fw.f--1--f'.p--f-fN.f'.f1+ 91,-P I FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN Assoclatlon Grls old at Lafayette dP tML Ct .ah-1'-fini'-1--i--fN.f-i'-f'J'-i--f-iuf'-i-1'.i-1'v3".f-J--1'J'.1'--i'-f' -Do. 8l 6- sg 513 5 1 'lfxs ,. I THE BETTER SPUHTS EUUIPMENT That added someth ng for Spa ts s Knowlng that you have Equlpment Thats R ght Famous athletes and teams kno thus and for over sev enty yea s have k o n that Rayl s IS the ght place to get A 1.4 i wir? uw, , .4 .11 1 Al. GRISWOLD "Mm cor STATE Cdrgbgfr .xdirfemla ll :WC S ER EM 131111111155 11. 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O I WOODWARD HEIGHTS BOULEVARD JORDAN 4-6060 FERNDALE 20, MICHIGAN 82 Cl Fnend Skis C M IMILLIE 81 COMDANY PRECISION MACHINED and GROUND PARTS TOOLS GAGES FIXTURES Compliments nf FLORICE 'N 1514 WASHINGTON BLVD MYRUN BLGY Florist :Io 80 9 Ag A VA1ly 31122 DETROIT IRYQINI S Juvenile G Sporfs Foofwear cfzossf Polmh nyo atquafymtras At prices that ar rght 8 MIIIIUI INMBEII and IIIIII CIIMPIINY 22620 Wood d Pag f and Ma n F ndale Roy I Oak JO 4 621 R y I O IQ O 5 SIIINNY MIIIIIIIS IIVINGSIIIN III HOTEL SUPPLY BUTCHERS W NV I Nlaqara H224 ITLUHIST ,414 CIP Nl 7I HIQHEHLVX-XL AVL Grosse Iomte Farms JU M1r:I1 Z' nes ve. e - WI'1e u w n Ii a ei I ' e i I C II I war en i er a rdan -6 o a a 46 r ur . ade 2 MEMBER F.'r. D. A. l5l3 indcr Sl. Oni ward 2-H335 Detroit 7, Michigan J A f - 83 Telephone WOodxx'ard 2-4444 3,4019 sgn jar -X4 sS7naCL W J HHRTWIG C0 DISTRIBLTORS OF HIGH GRADE Electrlcal Supplles Llghtmg Equxpment and Mamtenance bupphes F1ShBI' Hljfid GHUSSE PUINTE Construction Maternal 123 127 East jefferson Axe DETROVI' Z6 MICHIGAN ..I.. il?" ,H nd 4""i-Y' 84 I I l , 1 C Esta is e' 1893 9 O I 'N D' . r- 5. ra. fag, 3 l " 1 - 1 Y I ' X 1 it A 1 N2 N . .3 i .1 .' F i f ALFRED I-' STEINER CUMPHNY 16901 Mack at Gmyton TUxedo 54000 compummrs Jack O Connor RAD10 TELEVISION RECORDS Sales Serfvlce WESSELS CQMIPDAINIY W d 1 R IN 813 T 1 OMF 'me 'fd EUMPLIMENT5 UF 0 a James II Jnhnslnn lellf I Established 1924 9 4 li LY!! 1 or , 7231 . ack Ave. at East Cv B1'C1. 1'OO 'ercl ' I at N D .4 L. -16' C f , Ev I 5 Compliments uf BHUSSE PUINTE HARDWARE The Uldest Business Establishment in Grosse Pointe 16915 E .IEFFEHSIJN TUxelln 5 4420 and 21 liamonab ana! wafcAeJ STARK GL LANGE Sp ializing in Repairing the World's Finest Watc U R I bl y D h tmost e ia iit in iamond Platinum Work 1002 METROPOLITAN BUILDING 33 JOHN R STREET CAd ll 8839 ompl S A WERBAC K INSURANCE WE DELIVER 16604 Normandy Detroit 21 Mich UNiverslty 3 1993 EIIIII. IIIILZBIIIIIIII Authori Ld 6 Defmler 11900 Cl 1 RAIN 1 USED CAR LCDTS 1093012 rW WEb r J 916 P M I L G R I M JUNIOR SHUI? Dresses f Suits f Coats f Formals IN THE FISHER BUILDING Comphments of mf 'M PEIIIIISIILIIII GEUHHE SHERMAN METIIL PRUIIUCTS CURPUBATIDN nmolr, MICHIGAN I I L mr evoix at Lcmay - 7 e -4600 as arren at Fairview - IVa1l 9898 8800 Gratiot at Crane - WAIIXLII 1-7800 RN 1 521 I.ivern0is- s er '- 5 We urcha f h ll I-c f d C1 rkryfrhb'1r'. 6 f of 87 AMERICAN METAL PRUDUCTS C0 Mdnutdcturers of Welded Steel Tube Tubutdr Pdrts dnd Assennbhes ter the Trdnsportdtten Industry eaese a et s tto ds hot a d cold p ocess pse t g fo fo eld g eatte t c AMERICAN METAL PRODUCTS CGMPANY 5959 Lrnsddte Avenue Detrett Mtchtgdn I W r rving manuf cturers in th ron por 0 i n in u fry with quantity produced welded-steel tubular ports made by the n r .. .u t in , rming, swoging, rging, w in , h r o ing and ma hining. Mondry Cleaners Inc COLD STORAGE Wwfa VAULTS WIS 375 F1sher Road TUXedo 5 4800 D dMC hes Hllllll LUIIH ln the CLASS UF 1949 57 Lower School Drawings .g S-T I X-- f six' 4 w oy . X Q 15" F -1 16' 1 i p X i A. X off! 1- fj Wh -f-'H wg.-5. if Prize-Winning Photographs QQ Upper School Winner Lower School Winner SUE GEORGE SANDY NOLL T elfth G ode Fou Yh G ode yuv ww 91 www.. W'9U3gg,.' mr! QM P1 955 was bww f"""" 'O iw.. 92 40' 4 xl 'B' .56 "L- , ,' .1 , , ,Afi ,k B K 4 ' 1 I .h 4 ' 2 A' V, N ,, ' 1, nvwfkf Q? 4 1 'f 'M 'W 1 5 V1 2 Q E - I s' X I 8 k 1 1' f 1 V use 1 A 4, , M1 I HOW , ,f ,51,m. A V, I yu-MQ-W I I f if Qjffl fmfiA W. A G -- y K ,,,' X, V xx., . A3 I I ,kb as A W7 mv . 6 f ,.-sg Q 3 flfi " f. ' K . 1 Q' 4 ' sf ' O . . 1 . 8 ,S Q UA . 'A B K, COMFLIMENYS OF JACK RlCnARDs COMPLIMENYS Or JACK nlcnmims "ah Anti QW wud g , i,V r jgl f 12 cans TRE PURE ORA TREESW 2 COMPLIMENYS OF THE DEYROIT FREE PRESS COMPLIMENYS OF YHE DEYROIT FREE PRKSS I T9 L ' -Q F Y I E SAIYA 2 . A V f in wifi , I V' , 5 - VK V L i f A o - V . -4. '2 , Q M A f ' l Atg h M MJ' WMM J, -WQZTMMYWZMZQZM Ziwffiff fwjjgfff TEC' VW! WWW 0J"""'U0!fwffj7!'VL7i .S-WM PM ffff-zfxjwwy V . V -X X 'Nia ot I: . , X 4 ' I ' ' L A W ' u 0 rap s " 1' sgo-Ln., ,A..u.xJ.,, fxaJC-L. G- Qc-ed 4911-62, yygll' ,ko i,nJ-CAF0 sf?-ilsgbork' was wwf ,9,i,a.szJo.J1-DJ fNaJfLL1'l7Kl., moa.b'OQ-J-1' c,4,u.AL Qigwlqueginhnp-H J? colli-431' Jfvqv-fo ' w,9,,,,3. M 'mam Qbcvv -p,u-ux, -f9'9""L" Q ,haf .fx-921-DJJ-' 'Loan C.mrc.r'u1.-9-lx U-390 Say OJ'-D""'NQ'. JG ,bo GMA GAAO A .,b3e""-q"'y Q,,c..Q.A.L-93"-D'l-Lb' 13:00-3' L-fwvw M' fire'-R9 'Sm 'MM 5.1.1, -"?"""" may ,7u't,0-3" QM.:r.:..nJ""'La-Ja ..44.1.oc5:z.z.3'f5 GJN-6 rn'o',?h'Q-J -L xM,u,,,,., ,Mun A bf 4-U3 Q-ui OK C-'WLW' The End fy Fd, Sp A X NS.L-Tk'-3, L-no-d,,vDx.Ln1cL:x.AJ.u.r.L-wg-9-58 as WXUJ1-95-'J-9-' vxbo ' - ' J ,,, W1 ' I 2. 2, I 1 ' D ' ' o ' - GLJ-.1 - K ix mix - ':.L..-.,T. 'tr ' o 9.-C . rn 1' "'A' . I - Jw '12 pl ' ' j J' J' - UQ xr! 0 O' G, 9 xi! t X I cf-.ew . - qlk' ji xl N . eo - . no o Q.. - V Q . ., HV,-.,. .- ,,..-.. . - ,M 1-A sem- L -, V-pw 1 ff 1' ' L W Ay. '. J-.31 Q, , , J. . ,TTRJ-,4-:fifffi f'f,1f"',,

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