University of Kentucky - Kentuckian Yearbook (Lexington, KY)

 - Class of 1953

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University of Kentucky - Kentuckian Yearbook (Lexington, KY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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W fa Tw.. b " 4 f . .- il 'i' "T f HI fri . I o 1 - H W. ,, it ummm, V wwf.. F M Y ,, LIAINNNKM,bpm! YV " ' Y.,4x-,Q V-"""',:?'- L lg v ww , , , , +ff1!v??'M, K xl! ,rv ,,,' lg, I Jvi' 1 l 1 1 I I If Y--Vg. 1 A '4T?:T""'Y'E:mg,LM " ' ff"5Wac.,m 'We-IQ . " "W-:mr-isa, " v. ':w:f2':i1Q-L:-- " M """f 'wli H-M .A "M-:Str-.4 f' sf M" 'f . 2' 9- 'mr M-.. m.,.,,A . , K ,f mmm 5- --I M 4 CKIH H A . . Q we M-.,. -' ,M ., wr H M b . . , ... --.X A X X A H l - ' --'iw we 'f . sgxf-521, 33 asl- if .2 2 3 mf fm 1'- , W, fx W, '33 The University of Kentucky campus is only a small part of the United States and of the state of Kentucky, yet there are within this area that comprises the Uni- versity of Kentucky all the things that have made the country and state great. The University is a training ground for tomorrow's citizens, it is here they learn the concepts and traditions that have made possible the growth of our country, so that when they leave, they will be fitted to be citizens of the United States and Kentucky, even as they have been citizens of their University. That they may never forget their life here on the campus, we present this, the 1953 KENTUCKIAN, for the students of the University of Kentucky. 151 vi' w ..', M A -s 1.5 fy! rm If Mgg X Leaning trees, the lover's legend Illitun-s...,,,,,,, , ..W...-www . 6 The University of Kentucky is rich in tradition, for every institution must have those things that are individual to it alone. The things that are reverenced through beauty, honor, dignity, or sentimentg the things that are remembered when college days are over. Memorial Hall has become the symbol of the University to all who pass through its majestic white columns or set their watches by the tower clock and its chimes. Memorial Hall and many other buildings have seen .the styles and the tempo of the times changeg but they themselves remain the sameg symbols of the educational cen- ter of the state and of traditions that will and should be carried on .... Down, boy! , .I I' f is 4...qy,,.,.w . m y K x,.,,,,... Me. . - 1 ml 7 ,. Z" A . ,if ' J 'X Jr, 1 51 dwg, . .P ',- , r,. " K , , 1, If .J . . 4. V , v4f:2.' .. 3' 1 -if 1' H . ,gf ,., . . , ... , :Wi-. 1 ' I ,-KIM. ug M-IU. ' y 'V' ,QNX flier 'v 'if 1 FV' 5' f A- ' iw' :VA . 3 5 'fav f ,541-fat' " 'K - I 1 V. 71 9, Q - M mg H A' ' , ' v " QM "' '. we .1J!2f.e53:' I :K ' 'iz X' 11, 00" A it is Y 2 ,, 1 nn, .wif 4 3 A it W 'A U fy: 59 ru , fwxwnf -W 'A W -,,. my , A, ,W ,M ' fL 4 my "ri, ,,,- , W . ww X4 if 1 5 +- 'N A 1 , . n lil I-if-H' I .! , If A f M nd 3? .. ? M , ,.,...f-4 1 I A i QQ Q Modern as tomorrow I Our university has taken on a new look as she has continued to grow. The many new build- ings have given it a new and modern look physi- cally. But, it is not the buildings alone that make our university modern, it is a thing that cannot be photographed, the minds of men. Within the expanding university appears a - kigtrxmq' its '- ' WW 4 , H -1-"ii ig... M ,A new attitude and approach to higher learning. In effect, we have a kind of student, a man who sees college as a means to an end rather than the end itself, a man whose chosen field is most likely measured in degree of opportunity, a man who is not content to simply drift. Where he -aww..- , , if wqbfilm. has seen need, he has spoken up or has taken direct action. Of tradition and the collegiate mode of life, he has accepted part, rejected part and developed still more. With growth we have mass education. Tim- ing and farsightedness are requisite. There, the executive leadership has observed and has taken action. Finally, we have the spirit of the people of our state and nation. Today, they fully realize that education is the bulwark of our way of life and the foundation for an even greater America. SW, We'Il talk about it later it WBKY, student operated The University of Kentucky is demo- cratic in spirit. A university is the leader of the people in its stateg it 'sets the stand- ards and formulates the concepts of de- mocracy that its people will have. In the University this year, We have students from farms and cities, from many states and foreign countries. Good edu- cation Without good citizens is valuelessg for a university can only he called great when it recognizes the needs and capa- bilities of each and every student and ac- cords him his deserved place. Thus the need for a democratic spirit . . . Stuffing the ox SGA m action? ,Q-4 Wi' 1. Wm . fx" f ,E e ,N N. A... fu, ,g "aw if WW' Qx If ...v' X XJ X xv Sli ,Qx x Q A N ' SSWMXQN my A' MM ww A X N :QW qw m. X xx wxhimgx QNX1' W :ww X M l N' 1 QNKWN MQW i MSM W 6.4 hp., - Bw? 'W 1 :EL 1 2 Q :" R' WP , w i f 3" 1- Q Q-Y Wg" , 5' f 4 S f 1 , ,.p .1 Xa , f I x 6 A kt "1 A ,any . 1 Qin? K Eff. .f g1.s'w,,g, - vf"m f,?f vi A ,7 ,Q Qzygfkk X ,Y 613- ,K .y .Ax ' M A X1 ww 5: AQQB . . 9' . YI N A , , . X gh N - f M , .1 A U . mm W1 , V Q ' ffm f U 'jf' fi f W . + 'if !vA, V ' 4 r f MF, Q s F' f ,gf 'A The University of Kentucky is spirited and triumphant through loyalty. Love for one,s schoolg a feeling of pride in its ac- complishmentsg and joy and anticipation in its possibilities for the future-these are the things that make a school live and occupy a place in the hearts of its students. Called school spirit or loyalty, it means that no university can make any real prog- ress or contribution to its country or to its state without the cooperation of its students. The University of Kentucky is a great university-rich in tradition, modern as to- morrow, democratic in spirit, triumphant through loyalty-the future of the state of Kentucky is the future of its University. Man dug those CRAZY Ronsons! I3 I 01, -and -..,k NK. y54,,,-Q" 5J"'f'1'.x','? 471 .,.. Features Colleges Sports . Activities Greeks . Housing Seniors . Contents .'-Q 'M' I , , W, H ., YWf,,T,,,,,v-,,f Y,,.7f?, 4 . xx 'I A If A xi ,1 'X ' 4 .-.1 f , . cz I Lf , Y I I I I , I It 9 , 4 , I P I r O ,. JU 'I . - I I .1 '- V . wh sf",- .f ,,,M,. ffm? 'WNW , VIIIIIAM I' 1 W I -I H I I .J 5- 4' - f" www ,,f + gg X.. f Wi- 'jj 5. , . IM Q 2 an IW it ,QW I ,,,,'I. ,ev 'Ai I6 f inter Comes ...- D Du, ew 1. 'X V5 fum- ian. D102 'U- , Y Y L Q T 11 ff 1 'W Q, W N A 4 3 We Wish to dedicate this, the 1953 KENTUCKIAN, to MISS MARGUERITE MCLAUGHLIN, Whose efforts have contributed and are contributing to the progress of the Univer- sity of Kentucky. Miss Margie, graduated from UK in 1903, was an in- structor in the School of Journalism from 1914 until her re- assignment last year. Miss Margie is one of the best known and best loved persons among students, faculty, and alumni. I ' M, my ,A or :Qi ,, x m l Lu- X X if , . , 1 .J H3 A -53 W, " w , K 3,6 ,,, N, 10' N V. , ,," 'M"u""'W" 4' Um. , -f Qpww,,4 Wi- xwww 11 A A Wm gg ff xi' fi LE I , . L9 fixj-FQ if T 2" -n " '-.m .j'! 'fur I 4 J-. 5 , 1 A . ,gdb Q' ' .W'f5Y' ,FJ-.'21TJ'u " f fer ,J ,,:, ff-1-Q. rw- .M , P 'N ,.,, up M f n. r,, 1 w, -1 ul f 1 . f 1 ww ,U AF' - 1 'L ' :- A- ,, a-v mf, YW . W cm, - , x,,.1f. 1 . . . -r f . - .NK ,A .gf ,- ,,.. , r .Wg-, - AMAJQ-ggi-551 ' 7 W' , j . ,, ,.v-swf :ffm1l:ff'2+f M ' ' 0,1 'N:'5?',j-,5.1:,'f ' ' , Q- gif-W' an 0, 42"-' ' Y, df' . -1 52' M , " ful' .. V 'TL V .. vv. ,, 6 . 43.4 4 4-fm . fQg,,-Q' A , 4,,y.,,h1Akf A , ff", 'W' N-, 5. W, .n rv ' as , , . , mf Y ..-f M 2 N., V, , A ,M . ,, ,V .. , , 49 , ,,. , . is . Q 9 ly Anti :J If' ' . ' V ' ,. 1 fm. ' gm., M,m ,, wwwfhf W. . ,4 s ,, , ' 1 -",',3 wt' ' wma., ,W whAfj'Q' ,,p w',w,f1 Vf'M ' .H . M 1 . ,gnu mf , I. v - -nr, "Wm V u 4' A ., N . ,vb EET ' n Lfdfhrwg 4,-"v,J'fi,ff 0 A M4-Q-.Aww 5 Q , M rx. IW A. X .1 4' r' frm" '- F' J . L "' -Lfgija. Q' ' -'+V by ,,M4" 1 M -'L Qin, Q, 3' ' sm, ,rn why! A 5- 'va b , . , fm' A 9 . sr sgwhi' ' . ' 4, .VgQ.,..9".w ' . 4 1 M y, ., . HQ, . ' JN" F"-'Y' a' ' Q' 3" fi' 5 ' - y4,f:iw,gj- I all u A 1.x l i AJ' Why. Ni Q-.AP gb f-"' . 1' ..-4 ' 1. 3? V " i"h Lad ,' Q dWJ ' ' . 0 yzgjhpff g , ,Ki gg, ju,-gf I. flair ' " xiii, .av bluff, 'M i Q X ,, .. 5' .gil f ' 4' 'if 1' gy V "' ,J ' ' :gn a."'ff 'T A ' 4 Uv y ' x51f'f'15' av. z ' 'UNH 'T 'v y 1 'S' -. , A ' V ww 32. ,-, vfv' mga f . V . 7 , M M V 1 'F "" , 4 ,f Jn ."' ' f Us " I , r- A if x -4 . 1, 'S W ' -al' xii .xl 1 D Q ., -ws N 3 1 in-I ,y , , P Y I av W A 4z,,, M w TN vK . "hf wh' 4 Q- ' -"As" :W M ' u' .07 EQ'-.. I 1 r L. f by H 4-' . 47' ' ..5fff Qv ' W "4 4-4 ,, 3 -1 ,QI 4 A L Q4 fi 4, 1. V1 U f v' rw' X X -,X X0 Aryan n - Q A X r .F fs XL, A I' M ' 45. W ww N f .fum 1 fl Q 3' f ' f' V' 1 1 . , , v Jf WMfw, f L, t fl f' 'e, ' ' .H 1 A 'M f 7 ' QF' ' I 'UW X 11-., X ,Q X 9 Y 5 K "", 4' N. . -N fx av . .N X "J :J F 1 ' ' ',q',:,fW,,,.l if 'KX , 62- Q' ' X:'f'2si'?2???2'rf Sbtq iipff :kg :1,r,QQgEmQfEaLU rl ,.- Q-Q' ,' 5. "75. f 4:5 ,,fQ" 'I 'f 72 ,fm , gl lvvl .,1 . 163' L Q ghv . J 0 IA- Q I. x. ,fk, wa-nv-Jann Q fi' 1 F M 711' 'WW A If "7 1 4 . ' 1 Q. I f ,fflmm-nfs fjfgnigz In f A ,A N 'S uuV we E NTUCK Y AI fl e E 5 7 2 i I I my O 1 "wen fi, na mu," -' -. Jw www y f 51: I2 Q.,2,, .. M ,'f4','lD"f9' Q'-411 va,,W,,WL x wil-446-vgfl ' Mm- '4Q..4.4wv ,. . , nga' I - ., , : 1' fy. I V . , . 4. A , . Q,-,.. , , Y z,, , ,- A "pu -w l ., --n 2-'xiii' --ysw W- wg,-yr ph " Tia 1 MW 'R' ,L. W'-'R'9"!vf?' 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A . , , ,' .A-51 4 'V' gre. ,,,A ' R I Q., 'AAA-A, , -'A 'A A' , A . A -, ,, . , K R: x lm, lx! M 4 wi' .1 5. A-A' M' 'fs , QA M 0 .q 2, auf' 'ag 4' if! N Lev V' xv, ni U 4 4,4 x A V .Apu AQ . . 4'.,fv. 1-, t, A 1 A i 4.5 -,N -,ary d . W 1- fx 1 L 1511, A .37 A ' i,QAM1WHY S" g.,V'f"fgX, 4, A ' ' gg ,.A-AQJ f' 1,1 , uh n A ,. , wk AA .g gh, , A A,. ,, A M "AMA ' K ' AA rr- "-"' ..- f 4-15'Q3"" A- ' i V' '1:f'f?'Af ., A 1. , A' gg-Qu."s,,i g' A 455, A gf" '.,,-,rp ,g " " 'A 1. 'Lk 5' A A I A " M j Lf, ,Q-, "1 'A-A' 'A A 44 'R 1 eq -vi ' ' - ' ,.' f'-.-. . ' I '1 2 -gl-A P'-gzfrA 1' .. , ,Si J R 1 .M M W, H' ,rl , A ...,' hw' ' . Y V - by ky h .. I It N in fy 1,1 43 5 --WFAQ4., ' K ,K X N Q45 iq AA QAM-I .I , ' Agfia-.A -,ug ., ff-:QW , 4 'nm fx. W fx 'ff ' A S RM ' 'f A A 9,1 'A A , -5, ' frfg A 'N' '33 ' pf" - 'A ' . .- ,. A .K df" ' 'R , ' Aw . 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K A , 5, - 'I ,. . .- , ' -- 3 Q3 5? ,Q 3 A , Q, " M' " .fn Nham , A ., lx ,W A . , .V Il A65 5. :kg I A, L I ly 325, x, f,:"",-and-5 'f.i":" ' 7, -if .sw ff 1 ' in "Qu A ' -fi-323' of S iw ,.-.43 --S ' ' , 7, 'i x fn, ' mi. -1.-.1 xr: zz. F555 I - -f' -1,4514 r , V 4 , ,, ... A 1 . : ,f- - 1 ,QQ .Ang XL 1 ,..2,,s 4 N-fi, in we , 515, . ,M W 2,22 - ' - - ' Y 4. 1' A H' . . ,A -,,. f ' K' :Ei Q3 ' Q , S, 'Ky .- , W, A N A , ,Mft -f , '1k"9w-.'. . A V' +I , . fm -.W X uw L Q 1,5 Q? V5.1 H Wy ' jg ,Qi 'wifi 2 U if "wg f.'sf-gf' 'iff' U.. 1- W, si'-I M12 Qwfni .593 2- WX " ' -f' V. 'MN' "' K" ... au t Nw ' x 2:35 33: .. , ,I . ,, M K N qxzvu V. I i d V n K what ' A :J V A--W ...K ,A -- ' "h 1: 1 Q 1 1 - I f 'OL ra- SW ' i "' x I : ":' 'i-,L . Y V Q x ' Q ' W ' r ag fs ' Nm i 3 1' ' 552, ' ' A N? if W K , ' x 9 M K 1f'4'?if V'MMk65Y'5iaisTm . X if ' L rs ,H f f I Y r ' 1 , , ' i K 17X 1. .. , ,.f Mi P N. x l - ' 1 'rw A Q' immwkfv MMM ,W ,Adv """ , A 1 . 31:3 .I Kentucky is a land of beauti- ful women. No one who saw the array of loveliness on Me- morial Hall stage this year could deny this. With 19 grace- ful girls gliding past them, the judges were lost in a confusion of beauty. We feel that the judges did an excellent job in selecting the queen, Gay Hamilton, and her attendants, and We are greatly indebted to them for 'their s.plendid cooperation. The contest was co-spon- sored by Lamp and Cross and the Kentuckian. Judges William Ogden Clssy Gregg H. Harold Davis 31 A With Pride, We Present . . . THE j1953 KENTUCKIAN QUEEN GAY HAMILTON e te t DelteLfDelta Delta +4 Eff' YSL wx afffki? 5 , FIRST ATTENDANT Barbara Baldwin Boyd Hall SECOND ATTENDANT Carmen Pigue Chi Omega Lucille Mills Kappa Alpha Theta Gan Martin Kappa Kappa Gamma Hildegarde Taylor W, Barbara Leet Alpha Delta Pi 1- The Queen and her court UN 3 ,- W I r i, 1, li w ,, ..- A A .faq - , :.... v x I 'R 'N 4' AZ 4 ' vm N, MX . if A ny ,.. N. ..A,"' .av MDMA nm-nf 4... vw wc., r W 'Mm an N V ,,, ' ? lk I, 4'-T. MW aa, "I vw . , 'L Xi '6 . xx A! hs. Q, X x W s I , , .- , 4. -" S V M ,. N X xA. 5 .Rn w A , 'X 5, X KL ,, rf, agua -4 M 'MM- was Aww W V M ,W "5" W 4,- was -4""2m -Q-dvi ""0n-.Wu 1 4 5 M... f 5 L., x4 , 1' ,W Winter at , FW 't I 7' 'f- .I 1 '--intl if I H!!! In 'W 0,4 iliyp Q Dig that crazy snowman 56 ? -.. A Freshman at Old State U. H S l l Physically fatigued, ii- ancially Heeced, mentally morbid, and scholasti- cally matriculated, the Kentucky student follow- ing registration, classilica- tion, and book store visi- tation is prepared to face different surroundings, new instructors, and the semester ahead. X X v- w 'L .m..,., .. ii- -M. N X , ,gag Y 14.52 M Mew-A-Q, ,., Q L ,, L. , , . ' 5 X 1 l n 5 f A 90 I -if 4- Vr , ,QW A Mm IX Q!! 'n . A A 6 W4 4 .I - lls r W ef4:fyf:,,51, ' 'K , 91 1 ,W - Ju, L' igeji ' A fm V 5 frff fg " 7 44' , 7 E""""" , -zz.-we M . 'Q wg K . x Q L 1 fn 295W . M ,.,... M, 2 ' W 'I su h 3 , ! 'W 7 -fm ' Q wf if r .A W' id ll Q X, 2 I N M Nj A A, ,, Q A W S! in "5 V F25 .Q- 5 YD M? 3 Y A v' A ,fm Y A U . X 1 Y K JK-.L...., -.. W "" ' f"?,,y5wQ1"3" Q XV.. - N K-., .ggnzix av- Xi' pl 1... ,QI J. , I ,J 4 s f - - 2 , . Q -V+ -.1 - . 'fag' 5 , , .H-'3,,,, -.kwa , X 1 gm,-1 . , ,. , ., . 'Q f ' .4-385 X M55 l . ' mf, -.K-J,y.g'tgf ' '. xp' 75-.Q-14' ' . 'U , I v -.' sf-'ff , ', - ,Y t e 65 1-Wifi' wg ' " Bryn-nw! AAF' ,W- 1 sw: . Liv! .' . .. Nia.,- "fi I 11' ,funn . uni? 31Ji"U'5....4 ,,f, my' 'K 'ggi 1 'f K! 'Wifi f ,Ll'7Qi"A fwcwff was ,WY iw ,I M! 435 ,ff , QW YM, f ,fv af, M wfW 'fL9,:m,' 'cw' If M 5 ,,.f A, wwf? ' ,, , WWW , ,, , I ,,,,A, Wm M I W, ,QV , V 1 v , AM. ,sf nw 7 Q Q4 QW W5 E L W J M . , ' W4 ,7 fffdy, N 'f y f 125 vw W lv W, 'f,,, W 4, f W f" V, 'V f 'LH 70" f , M W' fd!! Q -bg 2 Q, l Wa VV v M w"' W, ,, I, , ,fr ,, ,, ' " I ,wwwf M W b ' N mb: mfb V, A7- 'Q- A QX 1, ' V - 1 H 5 1. ,' I. , , ld- wif, .W M51 gv f A ,W '- fair, "Wi:-., ix in Q x ' ,4 f il! 'www-.M K 'Su Q V' ' A 1 '. ,v V Rush itself is a Whirl- Wind Week- exciting days of regulated calling, and parties, both formal and informal. So, after a Week of hectic fun, con- fUSion, and desperate at- tempts to remember names, the climax comes. Ribbons and pledge but- t0HS appear and another Year of rush has gone by Suddenly. i C 3 Sl 2- Wat' 61- Q , ,. , r"f f f '1"f'4x",,, 'ff' friv' r rf ff ff' vi , .af ,- ,.- .--' ff: v.. - ksx W -wx W'--. LW, 5 Wy' V, M12 F929 -552 if-aw Q - -fi? ill' 5, '21 I ai iz ? , 535: 4 ' YV: : '54, M. if -M., ' 355 A - MW Yi 'eg ,x in 5 v . 4.4 . Mx, .Q vy, ie A b, , ,3gzv. ' A' iz: kf f E' 7 5 f ? :gif - wwe: ' , up Q F ff. 5 r ,-I pu- ' fffiivl x il 2-EMS infix ' Q N 'ui if 'Ny'-' GRETEL GROOS Delta Delta Delta SIGMA ALP Homecoming Queen Homecoming, greatest weekend of them all, with its a c t i vit y and color, brought grads, parents, and visitors back to their Alma Mater. House deco- rations sprouted up like mushrooms and hotel space was at a premium. Back-slapping, hand- shaking, and reminiscing gave a nostalgic air to the festivities. The fraternities and sororities held open houses and parties. The Alumni Association spon- sored a brunch in the Stu- dent Union and a dance in the ballroom of the Lafay- ette Hotel. Dr. and Mrs. Donovan welcomed guests with a tea in their home following the game with Tulane. SPECIAL TODAY GROUND GREENIE BURGER5 WI BEAT HA EPSILON Qi HOMECOMING 0 The pep rally the night before Homecoming was highlighted by an all girls, football game with promi- nent UK faculty members acting as oliicials. CHER SHOP 1 4' ' Fu lfsf Place Fraternity Division L W 11- il' Pg, A , nan - 9' if ll ffl rl' nm VFW F 1, m v, 5l 9 xh. 'Wg -nfl DELTA DELTA DELTA 53 First Place Sorority Division "I Kentucky, Take Thee, Tulane" ,Hx hk. - 4 " . 'TAM ' s . if L.. DANGEROU ,-4. , , .1 Yi Q 'lax . la 512 'If' .lg X N X lA Y IVA vs sv. tl :f3AalJ!lA .1 'A I 'S ' fp I -' : on rg? jk l ' 4 ,El gin' Ak fx e I-aw, ,y -1 A may ,bl Q K A Y 1 W VY' l. V 5 , I .xml f ' x"s X A I g Q If MCGREW As A .A is .al . + 'f1sfs es Q "MS ' 4 A , . 1 ' EPS? "emu"-L' ' f 15' 1:46 gfhrQ4g!!i.f3..f,.,, ' A iz 39,5511 X.: 'vp-.uf Q ' '. ff' vfzsrf' 'ur' fqlnf fx A 4' T- WL? 54' 'fi "1-45", ,-1 V 3, ,jd ,.ax' :yr na-,f - 'I s ,I flrf--VI. pn! 1 + 1' N ' , f fb' , iff-f:ff,ff.1:, ,if ' fi.: . up"W!"' ef 'K-, ' 4 sf'-la M 'I .lf .nn-'11 I " '33 : K x 2 ' if ,V ' ? u 1 If Qf Z I ' ,N A The Rah Rah Brigade Q We Z"""" 'H -sk- L Q i Y' Q Z V 5 ' - ff ,. gig , 5' Q E, ,, J. 32 j ' f?- K3 - 1,5 X ILE: K M "fl I If Li ,. 5 .4 " WI, , .,,,., 'eww gl I ,I 1 rfxx I ' ! If 4 ami We fl EQ If, - 'fl Jaroff Chorus and Dancers SERIES Chestra, Dorothy Kirsten and Eugene Conley, Senator Wil- liam Fulbright, and El Gershwin night. This was the third YGar for the concert Series held in Me- morial Coliseum. Students were ad- mitted on presenta- tion of ID cards. Backstage with Serge 4 K . i A r ' . NT vii, Yi 'N-1 4 if fx Ill: Xl: 'nv- V", I I, F 1 V 5' LET? HA E Qf- L Time out comes in work and study as Well as in football games. It takes those extra points made at dances and parties, in shows and concerts to make the pic- ture of the year complete. From the strains of "On On U of K" in the fall to the refrain of "Good Night Sweetheartv at the spring formals the memories of fun and laughter shared this year will go on. No one will forget the bridge games, the coke parties, and the old fashioned get-togethers with the gang on Friday afternoons. When the whistle blows at the end of another year, there will be plenty of dates, people, and places remembered Outside of the classrooms. Everyone knows that these times of happiness make up in height what they lack in length. A PARTY! ,fav ln--... FORST on rw' ,IH 713m f. I A ,' fe 'e WL? av x Y 1'3" fix? Nfig A it ' 5 r 1 yi f' 55: g,, j Z' 3 Sometimes are t1mes when speaking logically of course one must open a book and study. The only figures to be seen are 1n math problems, and the only dates found have to do Wlth Caesar and the American Revolut1on The library becomes a well known place after a few term papers which require reading every book in the bu1ld1ng and the supply of midmght oil runs low after the first few quizzes But with pencils behind our ears and glasses perched on our noses we diligently aspire to the methods of higher learning. VVe cram the classics to the latest recipes for fools into our heads because from contemplation one be- comes wise, but knowledge only comes from study. ' 0:4 Wong ' t wasn't all pla . . . ,s 1 a a E 2 . , ff E l s i I f x 4 NW X 1' L 5 -- Q-'+L..'c., 'E w 54,.g,,' . , J" . w 'Zan 'M fr 11+ w. S , , , K 'Q' Q 8 Q ,w 9"5ii n? 155. ,nv .X 9- Q XY! M Y fm! A 'P 2-fx! Q , 2 4. 1 X A ' gr' YQ ,W 'Q K Q ag' N 5' M s -xvwavj V252 FV A, WSL 4L .. ,.., .,,.,-W'-N,..,!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... .... , ,,,. . Q .-a """"!l-HMV iwnnnupmk f ' 'wh ,sq .4-r-vw' Q Mm- Mfxwfjf 4 fig, A, ,...M, ,M , G Q 5 s 4 . ? 9 1 5 s I A Y' v-I N' WA,,,,W, , ,,,,g ..,Y,...w,- I M., . l I aaa ,,,4....,, W 2-' in Q v , 1 . I . ' A , . . 5, ,,,.,. "' X , 1 1 'S a 4 I I cf' .ii an X' Y 9 .f fs ,--. 4 . . 4 A YQ: 5? PM - ' Z Q. " Eh- L, A 1 Q8 4 ,+,.,.,Q. 0 mx 95,1--gxf ,1 . ' ,.N -.' .7 ', N -A " ' ff-M, , -J Vi -,YQ--'ffvw ' 3,-'f x-"' A. 4 ' . sw '-HT:-s'f:'37f qf : ' iai?ggf47f5fg7i"3' .sg Ls5,4,s:e p ,. 'izmvw FRANK D. PETERSON Comptroller LEO M. CHAMBERLAIN Vice-president RICHARD L. TUTHILL Registrar fv ,A -.Y S.,- DR. A. D. KIRWAN Dean of Students i 1 A 'x ft MRS. SARAH B. HOLMES Dean of Women MISS JANE HASELDEN M Assistant Dean of VVome11 ' ,.... ' ,M ,,,,.....--v-"""" f .gn-qulll"""' iq...-. 73 .G. A. The Student Government Association was installed on the University campus in 1939. It replaced a divided system in which men were represented by a Men's Student Government Council, women by a Women's Self-Governing System. The constitution of the Student Government As- sociation was drawn up in the spring of 1939 and went into effect in September of the same year when it was ratified by the student body. This constitution was revised in 1943 and the revised constitution is now in effect. The Student Government Assembly is composed of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and twenty-nine members selected by and from the var- ious collcges at elections held during the first and second semesters. -if r I ., W The president and secretary of the Student Union Board, and the president and secretary of the House Presidents Council are ex-ollicio non-voting members. Three non-voting faculty members are recommended by the Assembly and appointed by the University fac- ulty to attend the Assembly meetings. These faculty members for the past year were A. D. Kirwan, Lee Townsend, and I. S. Horine. I Oil-icers: George Lawson, president, Pat Patterson, vice-president, jane Stockton, secretary, and Henry Maeser, treasurer. Members: Ed Berry, Iim Bradbury, Pete Carter, Alice Clayton, Wayne Carrol, Jack Early, Bill Gatton, T. I. Glasseock, Robie Hackworth, Paul Ilolleman, Vu Tam Ich, Bob Jones, Dodgie King, James Kostes, Jim McCurry, Elaine Moore, Pat Moore, Henry Neel, Charles Ncgley, Abdel Nour, Zoe Parker, John Red- den, John Robertson, Dick Rushing, Suzie Swayzc, Iane Truitt, and Fred Williams. Glasscoclc Carter, Hollemarlu Kirwan, Neel, Kostas, Jones, Berry, Hackwortlr, McCurry, Williams Linville, Truitt, Clayton, Swayzc, oore, Patterson, Lawson, Stockton, Negley, Robertson, King, Bradbury, Ich tx 'QQWFQM Aa !,.--QQ., ij Election Committee judiciary Committee Directory Committee 'w'.4 A ,. Ha , 'K "- ,,g. , 'Q-Q. ,,.:' ' ' 'de 9 V if .3 .vpw - 'V GR. I , , D , wi "Q ?!'r , , . ,k, fy, -f,r-- ' 1. 0 H -v .Fw l , .nwmwrvp - f ff l f :Eff if .M MQ! ' -. ' A AGRICULTURE 81 HOME ECONOMICS Dean Frank I. Welch and Dean L. I. Horlacher direct the College of Agriculture and Home Economics. The College is primarily an insti- tution to serve rural people. The College is successfully aiding rural people and has developed an educational procedure that fits students to assume responsibilities in various aspects of rural, as well as urban life. The aim of the College is to educate young men and women for careers as useful citizens and leaders in all phases of agri- culture and home economics. This may be on the farm, in the home, extension work, teaching, nutrition, research, commercial Work, or any oth- er Work that requires knowl- edge of the place that agri- culture and home economics have in the World today. On the Ag. farm Class in clothing ' 'I' 1 "1 X fu af- x a i' T Q'Q72'f,i ff - "' I A.: W A .- . S .MI M ...Wai . mi , , ,N It W A I N V. t ' """'A' ' --- - v .1 ..-..Ti'l'm.'.Q 1' ' E YJ' TiQ.,.iQ MM.: AQQ:i: "'!'i7 'I ,st -" Q lm , - I A., , 'I' ' A 1-41-1. V x+iML:41 L1-sigh " I . " f-ff-M J A x ,..:.. .,-. . gf I lt I-f-fini ---J-- - .- -.. ...................,. .4 , A jj" ' +L U Q ..,... J 1 ,z 4,1 , g , n 1 vi , , V. W., , f 1 UH " mi .. Ls, 1? 4' fx- - 4- b A 1 ' ' x 'M - Qw h . W., ,Q ,., .. .- .. ,,, . . " 'A - , M.. - -- - ff. ..-. .- V 4 "' ' ..3,1,::: 1:1315 E W 5 --- , It 1'-fc gg' v AY fc I f.. ' f w H' , Q 5' 1, k if n fc' ,lf Q I' J ,'! F if' fr-a nk -'fir Q , I' 1 .nfl fi: ', '?,2Z'.- 'J 9' ip. f V' it 'W Juv ' I' pg ,Z.9. ' rf 'jf W Ill fy'-1 if? , , 1 '9f,4jj,,' a QL.-531 1,7- Z. 4-,.,J.1.4',fZ , 'f KY , Y U fl A Y ' p. " 'fa 5 'H L - -W ' 1 ""'1'1"' ,f.f,'0' 5 ,Jr ,fwl IU W . 4 , -if 5 1 'NL ,ugfflm 'H 'i"'i5f" -' ' " W ' , 1- V, A A-.arf v x -.. - ,.A,, 0 ,,,- Q, ,.. xp. ,ANQWV 'H' -5 , A A gy.: srfw- af . 0 ra, 4 ,N I A' :A , ,A .Q vvqmw, WWW ,ISSN g, 'Va 535' 5 "'-swmwlmmwwllw, 1 ' Q"SQ55 ' . 'W fr iv 'H 'Tl- ,ii .W T 9' 5-r1.7 im 4 ' i f 5, . W 4 Q v, , xsxx ,K Q K f'-Q A . ,. 8 'Q 9' Q 'N ' C ,, I 'E 4,8-W 49 v 1 A - 4 Q . I ,N 5 if ' P46 , -1 lm., ., HM .LQ ,L X , J' .fQ,.'9 ff 'Mft ' , hx M '7m.-Ar" , 5 ,Aw ,rim A U 1 Taylor, Bless, Wnldon Smith, Shipp Hurtmnn, Brown, Robertson, Pedigo, Norvell, Soulcyrcttc Agronomy Club The Agronomy Club was installed on cam- pus in 1938, with membership open to all Students interested in agronomy. The pur- poses are to stimulate interest in agronomy, to foster a spirit of cooperation, to provide Opportunities, and to correlate activities. The officers for the year were John Norvell, president, B. T. Robertson, vice-president, Dick Pedigo, secretary, Adlie Brown, treas- urerg Paul Burris, corresponding secretary, and Jack Taylor, reporter. The Agronomy Club is the Student Activi- ties Section of the Agronomic Education Di- vision of the American Society of Agronomy. William Survant and Roy Sagifus are faculty advisers. Actives: Elmer Boggs, Paul Burris, Adlie Brown, Walter Edison, Ronald Froedge, Henry Hartman, John Norvell, Dick Pedigo, B. T. Robertson, Bob Shipp, Dumont Souley- rette, jack Taylor, Dot Walden. Pledges: Emil Bless, Jesse Shipp, James Smith, Raymond Wilson, jack Winstead. Bradford, Hnmm, Collins, Armstrong, Utz, Card Williams, Herndon, Hopkins, Wente, Plummer, Wilson, Keck, Ernst Fuchs, Greer, Ellison, Rust, Brough, Guthrie, Perkins, Small, White, Turpin Dickson, Hatfield, Carter, Winstend, Witten, Mitchell, Mattingly, Carpenter, Slagel, McKenney Alpha Zeta Alpha Zeta, agriculture honorary fraternity, was founded at Columbus, Ohio, in 1897. Scovell Chapter was installed at the Univer- sity of Kentucky in 1912. Faculty advisors include Dr. Dana C. Card, Prof. L. A. Bradford, and Dr. William G. Survant. There are over sixty former mem- bers of Alpha Zeta on the teaching staff and in agricultural research and extension. Officers for the year were Stanley Dickson, chancellor, Miles Mattingly, censor, Ioe W. Rust, scribe, John Ernest, treasurer, and Thur- man Hopkins, chronicler. The purpose of Alpha Zeta is to encourage and develop the actual and potential leader- ship in the field of agriculture. Members: James Carpenter, Miles Mattingly, Lloyd Mitchell, Rollie Graves, Paul T. Hamm, Harrod Col- lins, Emery Keck, Ir., Danna Griffin, John Wentc, Luther Small, Fielding Williams, Joe Rust, Stanley Dickson, Gene Rawlings, Thurman Hopkins, Alvin Egbert, Robert Carter, Walter Ellison, Edward Fuchs, Iohn Ernest, Jack Winstead, Melbourne Brough, Orel Lee Plummer, Joe Armstrong, D. H. Boyd, Donald Slogel, Raymond Wilson, Sidney White, Marvin Greer, Fred Williams, Charles Witten, Tom McKen- ney, Tom Herndon, Frank Gutheril, Joe Turpin, Charles Perkins, Albert Hatfield, Alan Utz, Ir. 1- Cross, Rebensdorf, Cox, M., McConnick, McCoy, McKinney, l-lintt, Cocnnougher, Hall Keck, Emmick Taylor, Rust, Fuchs, Helley, Tash, Knight, Perkins, Mullins, Pearce, Moore Walton, Riley, Crowe, Selby, Snile, Lorch, Jones, Cox, W., Nutt, White Block and Bridle The Block and Bridle Club was founded in Chi- cago, Illinois, in 1919 and was installed on campus in 1922. Faculty advisor is Dr. P. G. Woolfolk, and members in faculty are Dr. James Kemp, Dr. W. P. Garrigus, Prof. Kob Ryen, Strother Mitchell, Henry Moxley, J. Lindsey Nunn, George Swinebroad, Har- old Barber, Henry Besuden, Ray Hopper, V. V. Cooke, Brownell Combs, B. C. Cotton, Henry Fischer, John Fraser. Officers for the year were M. Ward Crowe, presi- dent, Van Nutt, vice-president, Edward A. Fuchs, secretary, Jean Saile, treasurer, and John Taylor, Mar- shall. The purpose of Block and Bridle is: "First, to pro- mote a higher scholastic standing among the stu- dents of animal husbandry, second, to promote ani- mal husbandry, especially all phases of student ani- mal husbandry work in colleges and universities, third, to bring about a closer relationship between students, faculty, and others engaged in animal hus- bandryf' Members: E. G. Adams, Jimmy Carson, William J. Cox, Tony Cocanougher, Trosper Combs, Marion Cox, John Cross, Stanley Dickson, John Emmick, Carl Fischer, Jr., Louis Flowers, Marie Coggins, Robert Hall, Edward Hayes, Marion K. Haydon, Jack Heller, Tom Herndon, Andrew Hiatt, Thurman Hopkins, Bob Jones, Edgar Kash, Jr., Emery Keck, Jr., Warren Knight, Eoise Lorch, Glen McCormack, Malcolm McCoy, John McMurtry, Bowen McKinney, Gerald Mayer, Henry Meyer, Stanley B. Moore, Auttis M. Mullins, Jack Millikan, Charles Perkins, Bruce Pearce, Louis Rebensdorf, Dick Riley, Joe Rust, Lois Selby, Thomas Streeter, Joe Turpin, John Walton, Sidney White, and Jack Wise. Lawson, Williams, McGee, Herbst, Bnstin, Witten, Iones Wintc, Greer, Fuchs, Ellis, Denton, Hamhlin, Langford, Herndon, Woeste, Combs Rust, Brough, Milliknn, Sims, Stuinhnuser, Terhunc, Hopper, Mitchell Dairy Club The Dairy Club was founded on campus in 1933. Faculty advisors are Mr. Garland Bas- tin and Dr. T. R. Freeman. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in dairying and fellowship among students in dairy courses at the University and to prompt dairy judging teams. Oflicers for the year were Joe W. Rust, president, Marcus Hopper, vice-president, Robert Herbst, secretary, Edward Fuchs, treasurer, John Wente, corresponding secre- tary. This year the Dairy Club published an annual with Marcus Hopper as editor, Tros- per Combs, business manager, Edward Fuchs, circulation manager. Among the other highlights of this year were the Homecoming Football breakfast, the Dairy Cattle Showmanship Contest, the Dairy Products Iudging Contest, the Dairy Cattle Judging Contest, the Dairy Club Honor Ban- quet, and Our Honored Guest. L Bunch, Crowe, Wash, Yancey, McKinney, Hiatt, McCoy, Bailey, Shipp J., Shipp R., Townsend Heller, Cox W., Sherfey, Cox M., Kash, Walton, McCormack, Wm-ste-, Soulcynvttu, Nutt llnnkin, Knsh, Lorch, Snile, Lester, Pitchford, Cooksey, Luct, Collier Turner, Former, Shoulders, Wyatt, llullugc, Lynn, Condor 4-H Club The University 4-H Club was installed at the University of Kentucky in 1927. The pur- pose of the club is to promote bonds of friend- ship illTlOIlg former 4-H Club members who now attend the University and to keep in touch with the Extension Department and know what is taking place in fields of agricul- ture. The faculty adviser is Mr. Pheane Ross, and the oil-icers for the year were: jack Heller, president, jean Saile, vice president, Emma Conder, secretary, Glen McCormick, treas- urer. Members: Emma Conder, Iaek Heller, John Woeste, Byford Cobb, Betty J. Taylor, Eloise Cooksey, Mary Eades, Fayetta Elswick, Beu- lah Potter, Martha Jane Holt, Iesse H. Shipp, Ioyce Y. Hoskins, Mildred Correll, Wilma Howard, Ward Crowe, Alden Steinbauser, John Walton, William Bailey, George Sturgen, Billy Terhune, Mary Ann Rankin, Bowen Mc- Kinney, Tom C. Herndon, Iohn Lorch, Eloise Lorch, Fay Sumpter, Helen Stephens, Geneva Gill, james D. Sherfey, Ray Bunch, Stella Ray Flowers, Mary Black, Doug Ridley, Ann Lutes, Martha Clark, Mary Jo Maddox, Betty Hamil- ton, Bill Rice, Martha Turner, Martha Carter, Lou Pitchford, Joyce Ahmann, Julia Collier, Bill Wash, Glen McCormick, jean Saile, Inez Toohey, Jack Hiatt. 1, 5 wx, ,mi 2 M . . , .Mrk 5-maxi ,, .,,. 5 fn, 14 . . ' li , .2 rv in I . Q ,, 'V my fi? ,, 1' X , 4 . 7 fl v 14 fmewi, f A T 1 ,. K L ,- , "d.,,, ,,,,..-new H'r'i1p. 'wiitui' 0 L... ef m .gs f 1 Moore, Steele, Baldwin, Hutchison, Haynes, Thompson, Westennnn, Pitchford, Kercheval, Howk, Langsford Cooksey, Clnrk, Ruby, Fanner, Forte, Isaacs, Smith, Lorch, Lntton Phi Upsilon Omicron Phi upsilon Omicron was founded at the University of Minnesota on February 10, 1909. Iota Chapter was installed on campus in 1922. As a home economics honorary it strives to es- tablish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote the moral and intellectual develop- ment of its members, and to advance and pro- mote home economics. Faculty advisors are Miss Elizabeth Helton, Dr. Statie Erikson, and Mrs. Anne Clemmons. Members in faculty include Miss Marie Bark- ley, Dr. Static Erikson, Miss Elizabeth Hel- ton, Mrs. Anne Clemmons, Miss Ruth Boyden, Dr. Adelia Weis, and Miss Iris Clark. Oflicers: Marlene Farmer, president, Ioan Thompson and Lois Smith, vice presidents, jane Dale Clark, secretary, Margaret Forte, treasurer, Annette Westerman, corresponding secretary, Marilyn Steele, librarian-historian, Elsie Curry, chaplain, Karen Kercheval and Ann Latta, editors. Members: Barbara Baldwin, Jane Dale Clark, Eloise Cooksey, Elsie Curry, Marlene Farmer, Margaret Forte, Martha Hackworth, Margaret Haynes, jane Howk, Patricia Hutch- ison, Karen Kercheval, Rebecca Langsford, Ann Latta, Eloise Lorch, Patricia Moore, Lou Nell Pitchford, Martha Baby, Lois Smith, Marilyn Steele, Faye Sumpter, Ioan Thomp- son, and Annete Westerman. .,,,., Jyllfs lv, , ? 4 A n gn, X ..., Mm. W , fs L :U"'w x ' ,J fl ' 32 J, vtfw wg fw- ' , , 1,167 " , Y., -' 14 4 'vgfl ,z,+e?if'?9 i X X X. v M I I .-. ,N ARTS 81 SCIENCES The aim of the College of Arts and Sciences, under the direction of Dean M. M. White, is to train the indi- vidual student as thoroughly as possible in the four years in the directions of his inter- ests and powers, in order that he may lead a happy and use- ful life and contribute his share of leadership in social, intellectual, economic, and political advancement. The College strives to at- tain its purpose by imparting knowledge and by training the student in the proper methods of acquiring and us- ing knowledge, to the end that he may be broadly in- formed and skillful in the solution of problems, and that he may develop habits of self-reliance, initiative, judgment, and those inner resources that lead to self- mastery and happiness. Karl Shapiro after lecture Physics Lab :WB 1. 'iff-r .1 Citi? -sgfif 1 w 1 4 , I0 M545 mf' VT' Check that form! Funkhouser Building-Home of Biological Sciences 1 I 1 T L J v I Z Q 2 H I A 4 1 1 l 4 n.,.n".'A u . 5-5 ",Hg?e -X N HC . fsfif- p:,., H ,121-X'n'. , xfL,fQ4,r3?'v' Jigixp. rl-' ' '1?Ef?r11f'?f 511-,::w::' ' 1355 , iii, Qu... . M ,f-"' H Q - 1 .,. -.N ffv, 4 an 391 Jw-l. f ' ,. I A Q A - . 1? J1!Kfl1'1' 'XV' , nf ,.w'r' 1- - .W ' , , - , . L H ww . ' , - k. x , fm mlwfx 4 Wim Wg A fymmgxif ,Nw,...,,A: . g 'Y f A ,H 'was 9' Taylor, House, Marinaro, Lawson, Durham, Mmnous, Neel, Mayors, Mann Stcrrelt, Reddun, McGhct-han, Knapp Patterson Literary Society The Patterson Literary Society was founded at the University of Kentucky in 1886 and bears the name of the late james K. Patterson, President of the University from 1869-1910. It is a traditional honorary society composed of twenty men whose interest in speech beyond the classroom merits their selection. In addition to regular meetings the society sponsors oratorical and extemporaneous con- tests. The annual University Oratorical Con- test, the State Oratorical Contest, and the Crumm Extemporaneous Speaking Contest are all under the direction of the Patterson Literary Society. Oflicers for the year were John McGeehan, president, Frank Myers, vice-president, Bill Douglass, treasurer, and john Redden, secre- tary. Faculty advisor is Dr. I. Reid Sterrett. Members: Joe Dier, Bill Douglass, Paul Holleman, James Harris, Paul Knapp, John McGeehan, john Redden, Edward Rue, George Schrader, Henry Durham, Stanley Portmann, Frank Myers, Floyd Mann, Luther House, Arch Mainous, Joe Marinaro, George Lawson, Robert Taylor, Garry Newton, Bob Smith. -Q an 7 - wer 'Hn Anderson, Sanders, Hardwick, Snndncr, Barker, Keegan, Dale, Roberts, Shaw, Winn, Davis Senters, Karriek, Iluddleston, Thomas, Weesner, Fields, McGee Phi Beta Phi Beta, national music and speech frater- nity, was founded at Northwestern University on May 5, 1912. Kappa chapter was installed on the UK campus on May 12, 1925. Its pur- pose is to promote the best in music and speech, to live a life of service, and to seek and develop the highest type of womanhood. Miss Virginia Stallings is faculty adviser. Kappa chapter annually presents a scholar- ship to some deserving woman student. They also present three awards to the three seniors who excel in leadership, professional ability, and service to Phi Beta. The animal Phi Beta Convention is to be held in Lexington in August, 1953. Officers for the year were Io Ann Thomas, presi- dentg Ann Iluddleston, vice-president, Shirley Karrick and Barbara VVeesner, secretaries, jackie Senters, treasurer, Normaglen Fields, historiang Joanne McGee, doorkeeper. Members: Margaret Bailey, Ann Barker, Lois Dale, Sally Davis, Normaglen Fields, jean Ilardwiek, Pris- eilla Hepburn, Patricia Herren, Sally Hoffman, Ann lluddleston, Shirley Karriek, Barbara Keegan, Mor- veth Kinney, Molly McCoulf, Joanne McGee, Mary Lewis Patterson, Eloise Roberts, Nina Sanders, liuth Sandner, jackie Senters, Betty Shaw, JoAnn Thomas, Ruth Trimble, Carolyn Turner, Suzanne NVallaee, Bar- bara Watson, Barbara VVeesner, Rhoda Winn. Kennedy, Knapp, Bames, Hartford, Baldwin, Arnett Creech, Barnett, Schmieder, Abraham, Wintersole Carter, Thompson, George, Ethcrton, Fouse Smith, Hines, Asch, McIntyre, Steiden, Ford, Curry Phi u Alpha Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America was founded at the New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts, on October 6, 1898. Alpha Gamma chapter was installed on the UK campus on Decem- ber 13, 1922. Its purpose is to advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students in music, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to en- courage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Professor Ford Montgomery is the faculty adviser. Phi Mu Alpha recently held its National Conven- tion in Cincinnati, Ohio. Highlighting the conven- tion were the Phi Mu Alpha Men's Chorus and the Phi Mu Alpha Orchestra, conducted by Thor John- son. Alpha Gamma was represented in both organi- zations, The chapter sponsored a concert of music by con- temporary Americans in March. Oflicers for the year were Fred V. Hines, Jr., president, Donald R. Hartford, vice-president, Charles E. Ford, corre- sponding secretary, Bryson Curry, recording secretary, Max L. Smith, treasurer, William Steiden, alumni secretary, Claude Fouse, delegate to National Convention, Albert J. Asch, war- den, Paul Knapp, historian. Members in the faculty are Dr. Edwin E. Stein, Dr. Ken- neth Wright, Marvin Rabin, Arnold B'1ackburn, Gordon I. Kinney, 'Warren Lutz, James King, Aimo Kiviniemi, Nathaniel Patch, Ford Montgomery. Professor Il. D. Mclntyre is an honorary member. Members: Iay Abraham, Edsel Arnett, Albert Asch, Rich- ard Baldwin, Ernest Barnes, Lewis Barnett, Harry Carter, Her- bert Crcech, Bryson Curry, james Ethcrton, Charles Ford, Claude Fouse, William George, Donald Hartford, Fred Hines, William Jones, James Kennedy, Paul Knapp, James Moore, William Runnels, David Schmieder, Max Smith, William Steiden, Forest Thompson, Richard Walker, William Winter- sole. Pledges: Joseph Buchanan. Pesci, Lawrence, Scott, Turner, Rosen, Edwards, Voll, Park, Severs, Beard Morris, Wilhoit, Perrine, Baker, Walker, Hall, Ray, Powell, Ireland, Hibbs Evans, Barnhill, Seherago, Barkenhra, Allen, Boyarsky, Archdeacon, Chumbler, Ashbrook Pr or Pre-Med Society The Pryor Pre-Medical Society was founded on the University of Kentucky campus in 1915. Its purpose is to aid all pre-medical and pre-dental students academically and socially, and to serve as a media through which association can be made with leaders in the Held of medical science. Faculty advisors are Dr. R. S. Allen, Dr. J. W. Arehdeaeon, and Dr. L. L. Boyarsky. Dr. I. W. Pryor is an honorary member. The Pryor Pre-Medical Society meets the second Tuesday of each month to hear a prominent doctor, dentist, professor, or dean of a medical school speak on some phase of medicine. Once a year there is a banquet or picnic which is financed by the dues of the members. Officers: William Pesei, president, Sam Baker, vice-presi- dent, Charles Severs, secretary, George Grady, treasurer, and Joe Anderson, corresponding secretary. Members of the Pre-Medical Recommendations Committee: Dr. L. L. Boyarsky, professor of anatomy and physiology, Dr. J. W. Arehdeaeon, professor of anatomy and physiology, Dr. Alfred Brawer, professor of zoology, Dr. R. S. Allen, chair- man of anatomy and physiology department, Dr. Charles Barkenbus, professor of organic chemistry, Dr. O. T. Koppius, chairman of physics department, Dr. Morris Sherigo, chairman of bacteriology department, and Dr. M. M. White, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Members: James Anderson, Alton Arney, Bob Arnold, Douglas Adamson, Mary Ashbrook, joseph Anderson, James Adkins, Louis Bunyan, Robert Burkhart, Clyde Burress, Emma Barnhill, Paul Beard, James Baker, John Baughman, Don Ber- nard, Sam Baker, Bernard Campella, Dean Chitwood, William Callaghan, Wallace Combs, Roland Combs, Richard Cooper, jun Combs, Jackie Chumbler, Ralph Dunbar, John Denforth, Paul Eggum, Garth Edwards, Evelyn Evans, Mildred Flan- nery, Ann Futrell, Roger Fyffe, Charles Gross, George-Grady, Glenn Holbrooks, Martin Huffaeker, Russell Hibbs, Russell Heltsley, joan Hall, Anita Hurst, joe Ireland, William James, Jr., John Jones, Bob Johnson, Roger Justice, john Kelly, Hal Keller, Carl Kennedy, Malcolm King, William Kafoglis, Bobby Lester, Robert Levin, Stanley Lawrence, james Love, Travis Merril, Jacob Mayer, John Morris, Lewis McFarland, Don Mos- ley, Al Nolan, Harold Owens, Gerard Park, Jack Perrine, Sam Pressman, William Pesci, Ida Plue, William Popplewell, George Rosen, James Roberts, Glenn Roberts, Ann Rezzonieo, Roy Ross, Mary Ray, Bobby Richie, Bill Robbins, William Smith, Frank Seinda, Wilma Slone, Fred Scott, Charles Severs, Rus- sell Schmitt, Dan Travis, john Turner, Frank Tilton, Lewis Wash, Jacke Wilhoit, Merrill Winchester, Bobby Wills, Bill White, Bill Wheeler, Robert Walker, and Francis Walker. Radio Studios The Radio Arts Department is one of congenialty and friendliness. A close relationship exists between thc faculty and the students which is hard to find in other departments on the campus. The department broadcasts a variety of programs over their own station, WBKY. These programs in- clude drama, music, community life, and there is op- portunity for the student to express originality. The radio arts student will learn the profession by "doing," The station is on the air three hours each evening Monday through Friday and the beginning student will participate in the programming and broadcasting. This year the operation of the station is completely under student management. The purpose of the station is to train students who wish to go into professional radio and television work, to provide courses in certain phases of broadcasting for students in agriculture, education, journalism, poli- tical science, commerce, social work, and other fieldsg and to make available courses in the liberal curri- culum. In the past year the students have worked in the field of television and have produced several shows over WHAS-TV, Louisville, and WLW-TV, in Cin- cinnati. The University of Kentucky Radio Service QUKRSJ offers its staff and production facilities to various state and local agencies as part of their plan to tell the Ken- tucky story to Kentuckians. The service is fed and broadcast to stations throughout the state. WBKY, located on the third floor of McVey Hall, is housed in one of the most beautiful and functional studios in the state. H 5"H ra rv Q 41" 'QQ Q x gh: A, w 4. I1 QE: Lyn ' 3 Z ,r, in 2 Q xx Q.. V y.. lb .U Us is 1 fi ' 9 v 1 ,Aye .QQ an pn" Q8 .Q S -1 4 y- R fb . w 1: yy fern iii ,ra N 6 4 fl , ., ,S+-. u -iii +1-Q ' H A , 3-JW U' 4' e 'frf' wg f f ." If rl' A-14-rl if-I 'M 'fp-:.., N' . ,,. LK' na Yi rl A Y 'V W, 3 5 5 we W Xi So 1 5 2 'wwf' W 1? f COLLEGE OF COMMERCE The aims of the College of Commerce, under the di- rection of Dean Cecil C. Car- penter, are twofold. In the first place the offerings in the Held of Economics, together with some of the offerings in the field of Commerce or B u s i n e s s Administration, provide an understanding of that segment of human be- havior which is concerned with securing a living. -In the second place the offer- ings in, the two fields of Eco- nomics and Business Admin- istration provide professional and vocational training for a great variety of positions in business and governmental bureaus. Students are af- forded the opportunity of preparing themselves as pro- fessional economists or as specialists in various fields or as managers of their own businesses. Commerce advertising class Latest Keeneland odds ...Q ,. was., W AI' in gn' 'W' 9 "ti 4. I ' 6 - E ., .f 1 , , R , , 0 ,, i, .N , 4 5 'Em N 4. 'wx " ' ,L . r I Q ,. X '! 4' 4 5 ,... A v . I ' ., I . Wi , wmv , h 3 ki XSIWQ J WM 21 . +"'13s:f Vgvlaq- , :M fx: .K " X52 , if , 4-125125 yqygl-,.g as +L-f ' nX,.+,X ft -rum '-wg. A - - ,ips . V i IU if ' .m 'kk I 47 .., I 1 - , -I aw. y ,sm 5 47.71 .X 1. . C Qg.t,'w1rQfQl' SX QA x K K ,gt V11-gy., m, ., x. , ., an . r, . Y 'N w lx . .xii JA ifip..mtg'ff i NW . , A x -:ff naw ' 5xjfj':Qg.j , K hx t iz, X KN .S . . la Q X. - v .,- , 1 , W, , , f ,WV , -, A' nf - - "W A 42,7 ,. X .V 4. 1 Johnson, Stewnrt, Ward, Roberts, Bntscl, Cnud Il. Slnton, Arrington Grady, Ridwcll, Kenton, Hnll, Hubbard, Amato Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi, National Accounting Fra- ternity, was founded at the University of Illi- nois in 1919. Alpha Mu Chapter was in- stalled on campus on March 29, 1952. Faculty Advisor is Prof. Russell S. Grady, and mem- bers in faculty are Professors Robert D. Haun, Wendell E. Beals, and Robert H. Cojeen. Oflicers for the year were John L. Hall, president, William L. Kenton, vice-president, James B. Landrum, secretary, and Anthony J. Amato, treasurer. The purpose of Beta Alpha Psi is: "To en- courage the study of accounting and its high- est ethical standards, to develop high moral, scholastic, and professional attainment in its members." Members: Anthony J. Amato, Almer D. Ar- rington, William M. Batsel, Hugh A. Bryson, Durward W. Caudill, Martin C. Dawahare, Thomas M. Green, George H. Helton, Conrad Hubbard, John L. Hall, Glenn B. Johnson, William L. Kenton, Curtley W. Kidwell, James B. Landram, John C. Nichols II, James R. Price, John B. Roberts, Jr., Frank T. Slaton, Charles A. Stewart, Billy R. Thomas, Teddie H. Ward, and George J. Wertheim. Harper, Caudill, Carroll, Slaton, Schorsch, Shacloan, Vahlkamp, Clark, Johnston, White, Bastin Jenney, Clark, Stillwell, Cravens, Jones, Gentry, Cornett. Bohon, Truitt, Cronin Gum, Rose, Margaritis, Chandler, I-lall, Goebel, Densford, Foster, Pace, Cronin hamber of ommerce The College Chamber of Commerce was installed at the University of Kentucky in 1947. Faculty ad- visor is Frank Coolsen, and Dean Cecil C. Carpenter is an honorary member. Oilicers for the year were John Chandler, president, Ed Faulkner, vice-president, Janet Stone, secretary, Bill Howerton, treasurer, Cerold Bass, Jim Boggcss, Thomas Densford, Harold Hall, Henry Maeser, Board of Directors. The College Chamber of Commerce is an organiza- tion of students which strives for the cooperation and close association of these students in activities which aim to prepare them by actual experience and associ- ation in the business world for their future position in business. Members: Cerold Bass, Charles Bastin, Mary Lou Bceler, Barbara Bercaw, Jack Berry, William Blake, Kenneth Blevins, Alan Bloomfield, Jim Boggcss, Jerry Bohn, Ann Davis Bohon, Carroll Bottom, William Bratton, Robert Bunting, George Burke, Beverly Burnett, Edwin Burnett, John Butcher, Ronald Butler, Wayne Carroll, Durward Caudill, John Chandler, Sam Chestnut, Charles Clark, William Clark, Coleman Coffey, Jack Combs, Donald Cooper, Paul Cornett, Ilarold Cox, Alfred Cra- vens, Gene Croft, Mildred Cronin, Timothy Cronin, John Cross. Martin Dawahare, Ted Densford, Philip Dixon, Patsy Edmundson, J. C. Farncy, Ed Faulkner, Richard Fenley, Mai'- ian Ferguson, Tom Fillion, Mary Katherine Foster, Matt Frank, Josephine Fngate, Olin Gentry, Dick Gesling, Sara Givens, Virginia Goebel, Jean Grant, Ann Grillot, Edgel Grimm, Helen Gum, Thomas Haat, Warren Hale, Harold llall, John Hall, James Iflammons, Pat Harkins, Douglas Harper, Phyllis Ilart, John M. Hawkins, George Haye, William Hedden, Arthur Hendrick, Gloria llenslee, Harry Homeier, Clarence Ilorrine, Bill Ilowerton, Jay Jacobson, William Jolmston, Claud- ette Jones, Ray Jones, Walt Kenney, Arthur King, Evangelos Levas, Phillip Levy, Donald McClanahan, John McKinney, Calvin Mainow, William Lewis, John Lorch, Jane Mainous, Robert Mareum, Saula Margaritis, Felix Martin, James May- nard, Alhert Meyers, Willimn Miller, Julia Minor, Anita Myers, Betty Ann Myers, Jolm Newton, Wanda Pack, Samuel Peege, John Pitman, Mary Evelyn Pollitte, Frank Ramsey, Charles Ray, Robert Ray, Donald Reed, Aim Reichle, John Roberts, Victor Roerk, Harold Rose, Shirley Ruby, Arnold Schneider, Walter Sehorsch, G. W. Shadoau, Sandra Shaikun, Sylvia Simmons, Frank Slaton, David Smith, John Smith, Max Smith, George Spalding, Martha Spcllman, Ben Stillwell, Jack Stivers, Janet Stone, Sonia Stone, Gus Story, Larry Taylor, Billy Thomas, Jane Truitt, Al Vahlkainp, Donna Villcsvik, Ted Ward, Samuel Warren, Virginia Weisner, Barbara Welsh, George Wertheiin, Ronald White, Dot Whitehead, Mary Wil- kins, Carl Williams, Don Williamson, Patricia Williamson. Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors fi EF ,,o. .mf is Fnwzy, Ward, Roberts, Abraham, Cooper, Melford, Valentine Schrader, Burton, Lev s, xchols Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi was founded at New York University on November 7, 1907. Eta Chap- ter was installed on campus on November 27, 1920. Faculty advisor is Prof. R. D. Mc- Intyre, and members in faculty include C. C. Carpenter, R. D. McIntyre, and W. W. Jen- nings. Officers for the year were Morris E. Burton, president, George D. Schrader, vice-president, Evangelos S. Levas, secretary, and Iohn C. Nichols, treasurer. The purpose of Delta Sigma Pi is: "To Fos- ter the study of business in universities, to encourage scholarship and the association of nN' students for their mutual advancement by re- search and practice, to promote a closer af- filiation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture, and the civic and commercial welfare of the community." Members: I. Jay Abraham, James G. Ben- nett, Morris E. Burton, John Richard Cooper, Robert Dodson, Abdel Monem Fawzy, john Hall, William Hartley, Evangelos S. Levas, James Mei-ford, John Nichols, John Roberts, Ir., George Schrader, Marvin Suit, Robert Valentine, Teddie Ward, Douglas Williams. M--v'l91!l1-g--g-I-'3---A V 4 ,,---.,. ,. V4 ,.,.,- L,L,M.....,., vm w-1 VW.-, .awry my gpg' M-1'-f -3I,w-.,.w- .,,mf. A 5ggf,y,,'nwnx....i......Mgq,v... ....,..7.-..--..-W WWW-...,...f....,.., -. " 1 LJ'-f??'Jf"f f' , , I 1 f .. A .M fm!w5gQ5,fh -JL ,- Z . - W5,f5ff,V,.u A ' , . .. , 1- - f Q - ., Q y H y ' ' . 1, 'f J, iff:-15v,Qxe-.A K 1 .r ' . ' ' . 'ffl . -1-f .,Qk,M:V'g.,.,J.V,,, 1 I I Y x , , A wwf?-Q.', :. , ' ' ' f " 973555, ' 2 4':g:,N ..,-W. ' Q. , H. 5 T1 Q 52 I' uf v' 'W .Y -' 'V 1 v - 8 15,31 , -as' V , '. ' M, M,--.y r Q4 U .. Fwd: , I .- . Qfsfqfiif' ' g V f -,-' ',gf... ff "S2i?E'A Y i 1.g .-nm- .un , . ..... .24-1-"A - . 1 .H yv, , f nu 1, . v- ,V V '- -',,.' I 4-ml . .QL College of Education ,fy f g , f , ,av-4 ,...- COLLEGE OF EDUCATION The College of Education, under the direction of Dean Frank C. Dickey, was estab- lished by the University to provide for the education of teachers, administrators, and other school personnel. The curricula of the College give students an opportunity to equip themselves for the kind of educational Work in which they are interested. Each student is given an opportu- nity to learn accepted and desirable methods and to de- velop skill in teaching. Strike Up The Band! University School handicraft class ': h, N T35-d -Xnw i.ls57- - '1'-7... " pg 5 ,r ,N ,pix 0 ff' - ',- ll J- 4, ' 1' ',ly. , 'IA . , 4.. ' . .Q wg? ,.q,fj'qy,j rj V5 5 , .N if-f'C, pn'-ig, ,e4,Jv' 3 :gagg':,kW'wf.z,.,.A, ,"'f?47x Swhn' v- 'e RJKIQJ' Wm, , ' I 1 n":7,1'v .1 ,555 - I ., Mx V I 'Q-lQv.6j54' .au.."4flf5,5fY' X 3:6 A , in I V X ,bfif-1ff,".,uqF,,4 rl 1 7 I f, 'N , ' A ,V 'f V I 'v if ,Y v H ' 4 I Y N G 1 , fb Q f ' . A 3 ,'. V34 Lftrw 4' Q i A ,n V' WJ w 1 . . . s 9 , 4 5 , , ,- ' - 1 It y f ' Y' ,Y W W I ' L"N vaav.wvwmsamo4nspq , W I 1 3 15,1 35 Qxem.-: ' -f JK. H- 5 - W, M- A ' Y If fQ'L.4f--1, , L , w 31 s P L Q I f w il, X ' Dv "' wx w4.A,,4 M -,720 9, 5-qv ., V L,?A,,1,,? u' lv J", Qafffbfhif 7 '1' 4 1 , ' Fl. 15" x 'as' N nw? ,. ,. COLLEGE. OF ENGINEERING The College of Engineer- ing was organized in 1918 and its present head is Dean Daniel Voiers Terrell. The purpose of the Col- lege is, first, 'to provide engi- neering educationg second, to promote the development and utilization of the state,s resources through organized research and through consul- tation With industry. Students receive training in the fundamental and ap- plied sciences in preparation for careers in their chosen branches of engineering. They receive instruction in- tended to develop a strong professional consciousness and they are encouraged to broaden their education by including courses in the fields of the humanities and social sciences as a part of their elective Work. Descriptive Geometry Class Complex short circuit Q N . 2 ws is if s? , 5 N4 Q M fm w,LNt. if ml V: L ., , YEg?wA3aT,. '7 5 -, 25. x '1 . X32 ,E mg, K , n Y s + 'fir J if 35' if A315 I ug. , 5? gym. 215 : Q K .3831 A nv, 'tif y5Q0..I.qS,5?,Q 4' .1 4 fs' N . . UPN! , i - S ww 5 1 1 'A ,r M uh R , 1 ,. N' . I 1. o 5 1 5, ' i . -v - . ..yl'v"fA...,-,, "' ww ,eewy " ' so A 9 1 1 4-M 1 ,,,. ' - 31 at , fx , 5.3 , - ,,, w - N M4 111 I. ii i ff ei af QL L' . xx Jn . White, Sgroul, Dahl, Sproeton, Jones, Browning, Calhoun ox, Alle, Mills, Hastings, Iewett, Catlett Meyers, Freeman, Francisco, Davidson, Giles Eta Kappa u Eta Kappa Nu, national electrical engineering fra- ternity, was founded at the University of Illinois in 1904. The Beta Upsilon chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky on April 24, 1948. The purpose of the organization is that those in the profession of electrical engineering, who by their attainments in college or practice have manifested a deep interest and marked ability in their life's work, may be brought into closer union for mutual benefit. The fraternity maintained a "Thought for the Week" board in the study hall. Each week a famous saying or quotation was put on the board. Engineering exhibits for Engineers Day were set up by the group and plans were made for the elec- trical cngineers to take a spring trip. An initiating award was presented to the outstanding sophomore in electrical engineering. Officers: James Carroll Hastings, president, Louis E. Catlett, vice-president, Glenn S. Mills, recording secretary, Bobby O. Allen, treasurer, William E. Iewett, corresponding secretary, and Clyde E. Cox, correspondent. Members: Bobby O. Allen, Herbert N. Boys, Abner L. Browning, Fred L. Calhoun, Louis E. Catlett, Clyde E. Cox, Willard D. Dahl, Charles C. Davidson, Armad I. Franchi, Robert E. Freeman, George R. Giles, James Carroll Hastings, William E. Jewett, Jerry M. Jones, Glenn S. Mills, Frank R. Myers, Rob- ert L. O'Nan, Ralph C. .Sproston, John A. Sproulc, and Robert G. White. Mabe, Dawson, Cole, Bishop, Shubert McCurry, Mcycr, Brooks, Grnvitt Pi Tau Sigma Pi Tau Sigma, national mechanical engi- neering fraternity, was founded in 1915 at the University of Illinois. It was installed at the University of Kentucky in 1947. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding ability in mechanical engineering and to es- tablish a closer working bond between stu- dents and faculty. Oflicersz Hans Meyer, president, Don Rich- ardson, vice-president, Bob Brooks, secretary, and James W. McCurry, treasurer. Members: Sam J. Basham, Bob Brooks, Frank Gravitt, Charles Lansil, William Mabe, james McCurry, Hans Meyer, and Don Rich- ardson. Pledges: john Bishop, james Cole, William Dawson, Perry Perkinson, and Walter Shu- bert. McFnrlnnd, Francisco, Layson, Sproul, Perkinson, Cntlett, Campbell, Allen, Jones, Sproston, Iewett Wright, Stutzcnbcrgcr, Meyer, Humphry, Mills, Hastings, Florence, Brooks Bennett, Frccmun, Mcudor, McCurry, Mitchell, Mubc, Evnns au Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi Association was founded at Lehigh University in 1885. Alpha Chapter was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1902. Faculty advisors are S. F. Adams, W. M. Carter, G. R. Gerhard, and A. A. Nierenberg. The purpose of Tau Beta Pi is to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as un- dergraduates in engineering, or by their at- tainments as alumni in the Held of engineer- ingg and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. Civil Engineers The Student Chapter of the American So- ciety of Civil Engineers was founded in New York City in 1852. The local chapter was in- stalled on campus in 1921. Faculty advisor is Prof. Alvin L. Chambers, and members in faculty include Dean Daniel V. Terrell, Prof. Robert E. Shaver, Prof. David K. Blythe, Prof. Alvin L. Chambers, Prof. Frank I. Cheek, Ir., Prof. William A. Grey, Prof. Iames L. Leggett, Prof. Samuel A. Mory, Prof. Laurence C. Pendley, and Prof. L. E. Gregg. The Civil Engineers won Brst place in their division in football and formed a basketball team. They had their own dance in the Stu- dent Union in the spring, presented an ex- cellent display on Engineer's day, held a pea- nut party for the mid-term graduates, and took part in the annual engineers picnic at Boonesboro. They met with other students from Louisville and held a speech contest and sent two representatives to Denver, Colorado, for the National Meeting of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Officers for the year were T. Y. Martin, president, Robert Brummet, vice-president, W. E. Fluhr, secretary-treasurer, Glenn Alder- dice, Engineering Student Council represen- tative. 1 ivil Engineers Senior members: Wallace T. Bennett, Clyde E. Brown, Tom C. Brown, Robert C. Brummett, Bailey Hall Bryner, Knox R. Burehett, Edwin E. Burnett, 'Sr., John William Carpenter, James L. Carter, Jr., John G. Charles, William M. Cochran, Oren L. Depp, Milton Evans, Jr., Oscar Allen Fair, William S. Foy, Thayer I. Glasseock, Jr., William T. Hill, Charles R. House, James Ellison Humphrey, Jr., Ronald L. Jackson, Vic- tor C. Jones, Charles F. Latham, Jr., Donald Bradley Lewis, David S. Lin, Terry J. Lohre, Thomas L. McReynolds, Thomas Y. Martin, Earl W. Meador, Robert B. Morrison, Robert W. Patterson, Walter J. Perisutti, Clarence L. Range, Gerald L. Stevens. William J. Stutzenberger, Raymond L. Thompson, Thomas J. Timmons, George T. Weaks, Sidney R. Whisenant, Frank D. Whitney, Paul C. Wright. Junior members: Glen E. Alderdice, Eugene Daniels Beam, Andy B. Blankenship, Jr., Paul H. Brown, William G. Bul- lock, Boles Burke, Jr., Charles H. Camrphcll, Rolla S. Cava- naugh, Jr., Charles H. Cole, Kenneth M. Cooper, William E. Creel, William M. Damron, William D. Daugherty, Vernon W. Deem, Jack A. Dutton, Jackie Edwards, Jr., John M. Farris, Carroll Lee Florence, Wallace E. Fluhr, Jose Ramon Franco, Martin H. Ginnocchio, John W. Gorrell, Gene Edwin Hatfield, George Alexander Head, C' rles J. Herrick, Anthony I-I. Hessling, William L. Hiekerson, Robert W. Hodges, Robert M. Holmes, 'Thomas F. Hutzler, Clark F. James, William I. Klein, George Land, Jr., William C. Laverty, Cyrus S. Lay- SOI1, Gene B. Leslie, Arthur K. Linville, James T. Lockard, Thomas B. McHugh, Arnold B. McGee, Robert G. Magruder, Kenneth Van Leer Miller, Coburn Morgan, Donald W. Neal, Hector M. Oliver, Paul A. Patrick, Edward F. Rassenfoss, Montford L. Reed, William H. Rice, James W. Riddle, Rich- ard J. Roberts, James F. Robinson, David W. Sehanding, Jr., Napoleon M. Smock, Arthur J. Stoll, Forest E. Stone, Barney Sword, Jr., Leonidas A. Tejeda, John L. Tucker, John W. Walker, Philip A. Yelton, Jimmy Yonkos. Sophomore members: Harry W. Alexander, Kent S. Angel, Richard D. Baldwin, Henry R. Bennett, Kenneth N. Berry, Robert E. Blakeman, Lawrence S. Blevins, James R. 'Boyle, Jr., Richard W. Braun, Granville Speed Brock, Fred J. Brooks, Robert Edward Burdette, Querido Castillo, Bruce L. Cole, Byron J. Colvin, Charles. R. Denham, Robert F. Dickson, Jr., William R. Dupps, Robert D. Edwards, George M. Ely, Jr., Verne Ned Engstrom, Louis C. Evans, Ronald R. Farnsley, Thomas C. Francis, Lawrence Ray French, Marshall Get- tings, Rohert L. Graham, Scott S. Gregory, Richard G. Grone- feld, James D. Haddaway, Alvin D. Harnice, William C, Harrison, William L. Hinkle, Owen Meredith Hockensmith, Robert C. Hoskins, Jr., Ronald D. Hughes, Terry W. Hughes, Samuel D. Hutcheson, Jr., Rolla Russell Jefferson, John C. Justice, Louis Hill Kanne, Warren L. Kammer, Marion F. Lail, Bobby J. Lookey, Carson T. Lippold, William B. Locker, David L. Linkous, William B. Lynch, Carl B. McGuire, Frank R. Mcliargue, Thomas L. McKnight, Ellis O. Maggard, Fred- die C. Maggard, James E. Maggard, Jr., Lawrence F. Marcum, George K. Martin, John A. Meiners, John E. Monarch, James W. Moore, Sr., Billy D. Mullins, Victor H. Musick, Henry Elliott Netherton, Jr., Lloyd W. Neville, Jr., Edgar C. New- lin, Victor T. Nicholas, Jr., Earl G. O'Nan, Milton E. Out- law, Frank E. Owens, Luis E. Pacheco, Richard C. Page, Jr., Gary A. Perry, Joseph L. Poage, Alva O. Pope, Jr., Charles P. Rapier, Oliver H. Raymon, Jr., William C. Reynolds, Ro- berta L. Rice, Cecil L. Riley, Bobby G. Rogers, Thomas A. Scott, Jaek R. Sellars, Ben M. Simcox, Joe A. Simmons, Gran- vil C. Smith, Homer T. Smith, Jr., Henry A. Steilberg, Ed- munds M. Sternbergs, David E. Stewart, Howard J. Stone, Jr., Paul H. Swanson, Kenneth A. Taylor, Logan W. Wal- lingford, Eugene Louis Walsh, Don H. Weber, Donald Lee White, Carrol Williams, Douglas Wheeler Witt, Forest J. Yocum. Electrical Engineers The Electrical Engineers Assembly was founded in 1884 and was installed on campus in 1907. It is a student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. The purpose of the organization is to promote the maintenance of a high professional standing among the members and the development of the individual student engineer through regular seminars and lec- tures. Officers for the year were Thomas L. Denton, chair- man, Glenn S. Mills, vice-chairman, Robert Freeman, secretary, J. Carroll Hastings and Clyde T. Cox, pro- gram chairmen. Faculty advisor is Prof. Charles T. Mancy, and members in faculty include Dr. H. A. Romanowitz, Dr. N. B. Allison, Prof. G. E. Smith, Prof. G. Barnett, Prof. P. J. Graham, Prof. W, F. Shock, Mr. R. G. Brown, Mr. R. L. Boggess, and Mr. L. K. Adams. Members: Bobby Allen, William Jewett, Louis Catlett, Clyde Cox, Carrol Hastings, Glenn Mills, Thomas Denton, William Carroll, Wayne Cornelius, Clarence Crabtree, Williard Dahl, Matt Flannery, George Francisco, John Hudson, Thomas Jen- kins, Jerry Jones, Robert Jones, Leslie Kaiser, John King, Henry Lay, Leonard McFarlan, Fred Minning, Robert 0'Nan, Bill Pack, Ray Riley, John Size, Ralph Sproston, Robert White, Joe Wojtowicz, Paul Wright, Herbert Boys, Richard Bozeman, A. Browning, Frank Burns, Orin Brumhach, Fred Calhoun, John Combs, Charles Davidson, Gerald Dodge, Leo Edwards, George Giles, William Glass, Robert Howard, James Kings- bury, Gayle Lawrence, Rayburne Lee, Herbert Loy, George McCann, Winfred Miller, John Moren, Erman Mullins, Frank Myers, Oakle Petrey, Virgil Rogers, Robert Schwartz, Clyde Simmerman, Billy Simpson, Charles Spindler, John Sprould, 0. Swoiford, J. Turner, David Wright, David Young, Robert Armour, Gene Barber, Thomas Bowling, Donald Brown, Oren Clore, William Cockerill, William Collins, Joe Cooke, James Dean, Lan'y Dickerson, Hughey Edwards, John Fischer, Lloyd Gambrall, G. Gossage, W. Cover, James Griffin, R. Harris, Robert Herrick, James Holiday, Linn Jones, Victor Justice, Gunars Klipsons, Martin Krimm, Ted Long, Thomas Lovan, Donald Mackey, John Maloy, Lloyd Massey, Williard Moore, Donald Nace, T. Nagle, Louis Nacy, Pierre Olberz, Morris Pitts, Thomas Proctor, Harold Rice, Robert Sounders, Donald Sims, Arvis Stephens, Bobby Stephens, C. Sullivan, 0. Taylor, Paul Terhune, E. Thacker, R. Underwood, Robert Varson, Dewey Young, Lawrence Watson, E. Young, James Boggess, Ralph Campbell, George Green, Edward McCann, G. Brown- ing. Colley, Denton, Crawford, McCurry, Martin, Marshall Hnll, cruc , Mills Ald l' e ' Engineering Student Council The Engineering Student Council is an or- ganization which conducts the relations be- tween faculty and students in the Engineer- ing College and plans and promotes functions and events held by the college. It is composed of the presidents of the as- semblies of each of the four departments of the college, one other member from each freshman class. Included in its activities are department, and two representatives of the the sponsoring of Engineer's Day, two dances annually, and the SCA election in Engineer- ing College. Faculty advisor is Prof. Staley F. Adams. Officers for the year were Glenn S. Mills, chairman, Glen E. Alderdice, vice-chairman, Paul G. Hall, secretary-treasurer. Members: Glen E. Alderdice, Civil Engi- neering, Amon L. Colley, Freshman Engineer- ing, Jack Crawford, Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, Tom W. Denton, Electrical En- gineering, Paul G. Hall, Mining and Metal- lurgical Engineering, James W. McCurry, Mechanical Engineering, Ernest D. Marshall, Freshman Engineering, Thomas Y. Martin, Civil Engineering, Glenn S. Mills, Electrical Engineering, Don R. Richardson, Mechanical Engineering. ......,,,:u:n Mechanical Engineers The University of Kentucky Student Branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers Was installed on the campus in 1911. Its purpose is to promote the art and science of mechanical engineering, to encourage origi- nal research, to foster engineering education, and generally broaden the usefulness of the engineering profession. The Faculty Advisor is Willis Merle Carter. Officers were: Iim McCurry, chairman, John Anderson, vice-chairman, Henry Krebs, secre- tary, Perry Perkinson, treasurer. Members: O. I. Akel, I. S. Anderson, S. I. Basham, E. R. Berry, I. L. Bishop, I. C. Bouchy, H. L. Brewer, C. L. Brooks, R. O Brooks, A. W. Browning, C. T. Carmen, I. K Cole, C. I. Cosenza, H. L. Creekmore, B. T Crutcher, L. W. Dunn, C. Flynn, N. J. Figazzi H. F. Head, S. H. Horton, J. A. Isham, H. L Krebs, C. B. Lansill, H. A. Linares, I. H. Love C. H. Lowry, W. B. Mabe, W. I. McCarty J. W. McCurry, H. Meyer, C. Miles, H. L Minton, J. A. Moore, W. S. Norman, P. M Perkinson, I. V. Pigford, D. Prater, J. G. Price I. M. Pruden, D. C. Raney, K. R. Reynolds D. R. Richardson, D. G. Risch, E. B. Rodman R. E. Rodgers, J. I. Schmitt, W. C. Shubert C. R. Slusher, T. R. Smith, N. E. Stasel, C. W Sturgeon, J. T. Walton, C. H. Wheeler, O. Williams. 5 5 3 7 7 Norwood Society The Norwood Society is a branch of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgi- cal Engineers, founded in 1871 in New York. Its purpose is to promote the arts and sciences connected with the economical production of useful minerals and metals, with interest to the welfare of those employed in these in- dustries. Oilicers for the year were Jack Crawford president, Tom McHenry, vice-presidentg James Stewart, secretary, Richard Bee John- son, treasurerg John Bastin, Sgt. at arms. Fac- ulty advisor is C. S. Crouse, and members in faculty include E. M. Spokes, G. R. Gerhard, J. P. Hammond, and R. E. Swift. W 'W vw, Q WW' A 4 --4 'X f, if :Qi '3 x .H 'M V, f , 'www - - , . f fr if sv , 5 V -- 42 v ' ' 4 ' 'L Ms.. , xv A! -791-'A , ' fp! Y-ml ' HQ, ' ,IQ ,,, K 1, 'Y ' W, My 3 E N P fmzwir ,, . ,, . www: bf N n . u , vw I 'H "' ,,7"?wZ.?Jl7fTi ' ' A , , 31.1, K , ' M mf -A mf, gm, . ww.. 1 EU A? . s 1' 5 ls: ,,,,,,...,,M 3 .,,. ,af 1 l 1 l if '11 1 u,. 'M U11 I v W HY' I 1 . M in I ,mmLQ4,,?,3x in 'A M 1 x VgQ5f9,3g,1f5s.waaa' , qw T4 E w 5 , V , - I . Sem? 'Q V M? .A Q , ' ' J m2Mmhwm,." 1 I Y fx WW .c ,quf rf V M HwvA',,jny.w. P vi:.,v"',A I wwf' iff? .F'F3..' A s "L ' In ' 5fS'f'g4q,f N 'W fb", ,- uf? Turner, Moreland, Kostns, Mullins, Hinnnnt Leatherman, Rice, Cook, Gnblmrd, Compton, Gross, Duff Dickinson, Franks, Judge, Hurtlcsty, Myers, Simpson, Murphy, Lyon, Hnlc Robinson, Willmmson, McKaig, DcVnsicr, Hogg, Smith, Monroe Mofiit, Johnson, Schrader, Stumpcr, McDonald, Doyle Bmfford, Williums, Mitchell, Neel, Fuqua Student Bar Association The Student Bar Association is an organiza- tion for Law School students. Its purpose is to foster intellectual achievement and stimu- late social activity among law studentsg to provide a convenient forum for discussing problems of student interest, and to promote harmony between the faculty and student body concerning matters of common interest. Oflicers were Bill Rice, president, Charles Carnes, vice-president, Norma Boster, secre- tary, and Bill Compton, treasurer. 4 ml. ' ,QQ ' z A 3 - Wa ix Wm nz X , 51- Q, jg f,:1f"'ff A E a ftfiks li' 1 li 11 1 1 1 ' 15 , 1 K 5 1 3 E l , 1+ . i T' 1 gl l l1 ,1l E 1 i i 3 A' 3 1l li i i , 6 f i 3 I . The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy is located at 104 West Chestnut Street, Louisville. The College is accredited by the American Council on Pharmaceutical as a Class A college, and is a member of the American As- sociation of Colleges of Pharmacy. The lecture rooms and laboratories are equipped with the latest devices for audio-visual instruction, and are well stocked with apparatus and equipment. i W?-Sa IM - 1 ,L-W' .A .4 .. .!A.Z:,..' 1.35.5 ' Q5 -A ll! I College of Pharmacy i ' ---5--i -f----'-'Hi kv 1 ' .J - fs. 1 A Stern, Hyman, Ernest Koby, Meit, Weinberg Alpha Zeta Omega Alpha Zeta Omega was founded at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in 1919. Lambda Chapter was installed on campus in 1923. Faculty advisors are Mr. Doughty and Mr. Rehberg. Honorary mem- bers are Dean E. P. Slone, and Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Dilly, Registrar Emeritus. Oflicers for the year were Arthur Kreitman, Directorumg Milton Berman, Sub-Directorumg Arnold Parris, Signare, Charles Rosenberg, Exchequeg Sid Bederman, Bellarumg Zach Op- penheimer, Chaplain. The purpose of Alpha Zeta Omega is: "To encourage the advancement of the profession through association with one another and practice of the virtues of mutual trust, sym- pathy, faithfulness, and unseliishnessf, Members: Joe Ernest, Bernard Hyman, Jay Koby, Ierry Meit, Donnie Stern, and Hershey Weinberg. Fugate, Earwood, Betz, Krecker, Spinks, Amburgey, Schmalhausen, Yeager, Suppa Holt, Schultz, Holland, Raines, Weisert, Wilson, Johnson, Doughty Simmons, Winklc, Davis, Jones, Rodgers, Boyd, Richardson, Kemp, Duha Self, Fitch, Shadwiek, Hopkins, Schnntter, Wheeler, Berry, Asher Kappa Psi Kappa Psi, pharmaceutical fraternity, was founded at the University of Virginia in 1879. Upsilon chapter was installed on campus on April 15, 1909. Faculty advisor is Richard Doughty, and members in faculty include Richard Doughty, Jesse Hubbard, Charles Lesshaft, and Charles Tucker. Officers for the year were Steely A. Rod- gers, president, Ralph T. Boyd, vice-president, Russ H. Jones, secretary, Eugene B. Duba, treasurer, Farrell Richardson, chaplain, and Thomas A. Kemp, historian. Actives: Azra R. Amburgey, Herbert G. Betz, Ralph T. Boyd, Alfred Brooks, Robert H. Davis, Eugene B. Duba, Billy Earwood, Ir., Donald Fritz, Iames A. Fugate, James H. Holland, Edward R. Holt, Russ H. jones, Russell Iohnson, Thomas A. Kemp, Edward C. Krecker, Donald G. Marsh, Robert Raines, Farrell Richardson, Steely A. Rodgers, Harold L. Schmal- hausen, William R. Schultz, Hayward F. Spinks, Samuel V. Suppa, Robert Waddell, Thomas Weisert, Willard E. Wilson, Vernon Winkle, James E. Yeager. Pledges: Duncan Asher, John H. Beirlc, Donald W. Berry, Gilbert W. Hopkins, Milmitch C. Maupin, Richard F. Schnatter, Benjamin R. Shadwick, Lex Simmons, Paul Watson, Wayne L. Wheeler. J' aff? , . ,gn 124 Whitehead, Sims, Taylor, Walker, Water, Hensley, Snider, Litehtefeld, Loeser, Henderson Bilottn, Oliver, Paulin, Southall, Sloan, Holmes, Rehberg Rick, Hill, Dunbar, Horn, Bronner, Breckinridge Phi Delta hi Phi Delta Chi, pharmaceutical fraternity, was founded at the University of Michigan in 1883. Al- pha Beta chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy in Louisville in 1923. The social activities of Phi Delta Chi during the past year included "Smokers", one held early in the fall in honor of the new sophomore men and another in February. The Christmas dance was held at the Seelbach Hotel in December. The purpose of the group is to promote fraternal organization, mutual fellowship, courage of mind and heart, and to foster pharmaceutical research and high scholarship. The faculty adviser is W. F. Rehberg. Other mem- bers among the faculty include E. P. Slone, E. Gillis, C. A. Walton, D. Robinson, and J. W. Miles. Officers for the year were Frank Southall, worthy chief counselor, Edward Paulin, worthy vice coun- selor, Fred Butze, worthy keeper of records and seals, J. T. Oliver, worthy keeper of finance, Tom Edd Holmes, worthy prclateg Bob Sloan, master at arms, Roger Kilgus, worthy inner guard. Members: Thomas Bilotta, Al Loeser, Robert Liehtcfeld, Doyal Snider, H. S. Dunbar, Robert Brenner, Byron Wilborn, William Walker, Norman I-Iorn, George Taylor, jr., Charles Breckenridge, John Hensley, Ir., Fred Butze, Roger Kilgus, Donald Hill, Ralph Whitehead, Frank Southall, Edward Paulin, james Oliver, Bob Sloan, Tom Holmes. Pledges: William Cheatham, James Grugan, Charles Henderson, James Rick, Byron Sims, Allen Waters. 'SW L1 .FW wtf., 'ffl' 'f' in-iv Lynch, Wilborn, Meit McDaniel, Brvckinridgc, Bronner, Winklc Rho Chi Rho Chi, pharmaceutical honor society, was founded at the University of Michigan in 1908. Alpha Xi chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky in 1949. The fundamental objective of Rho Chi has always been to promote the advancement of the pharmaceutical sciences through the en- couragement and recognition of intellectual scholarship. Dr. A. E. Slesser is faculty advisor. Other members in the faculty are Dr. Ewen Gillis, Charles A. Walton, Carl E. Beck, and Richard M. Doughty. Officers: Robert Bronner, president, Charles E. Breckinridge, vice-president, Vernon Winkle, secretary-treasurer. Members: Charles Breckinridge, Robert Bronner, James Lynch, Jr., Gerald Meit, El- mer McDaniel, Arthur Byron Wilborn, and Vernon Winkle. ,ff url? n ' x Student Council Northern Extension With the skyline of Cincinnati visible from its classroom Windows, the Northern Center at Covington, has entered its fifth year. Main- taining an average student body of 300, the Center has ceased to be an experiment and has won recog- nition as an integral part of the University of Kentucky. Operating under the leadership of Thomas L. Hankins, the North- ern Center has smoothly integrated itself into the life of the University. Some of the professors divide their schedule between Lexington and Covington while seven faculty and staff give the Center full time. Social Events The distance which separates Covington from Lexington makes it necessary for the Center to plan a social calendar of its own. One of the gala events is the Snow Ball, a winter formal dance climaxed by the crowning of an annual Snow Queen. Chosen this year,s queen was Sue Bird, sophomore from Covington. Attendants were Miss- es Mary Milton Marheny, Margie Yelton, Loris Eckler, and Martha Clark. Upsilon Kappa Psi was formed in October, 1951, by women students of the Northern Center as a social organization whose additional ob- jective was to advance the interests and objectives of the Center and the community. The admission re- quirements conform to the demo- cratic ideal in that all female stu- dents of good character are eligible for admission. Officers of the sorority are: Barbara Lyons, president, janet Chandler, vice president, Beverly Earlywine, secretary, and Jane Roettgers, acting treasurer. I t'Y'4i' F Circle K, the college men,s or- ganization sponsored by Kiwanis, was formed at the Northern Cen- ter during the fall term. The func- tion of the society is to encourage good fellowship and to work for the advancement of school and com- munity. Ofiicers of the club are: Bob Acree, president, Roy Klein, vice president, Wayne Bridges, secre- tary, and Dave Altemuehle, treas- urer. The Northern Center organiza- tion is the first chapter of Circle K to be established in Kentucky. XS H H K Club The K-Club was founded on the University of Kentucky campus in 1941. It is a club for athletes at the University in which they can act as an organization to further competitive sports on the campus, and to foster harmoni- ous relations between athletes and other stu- dents on the campus. Bernie Shively is faculty advisor, and Coach Bryant and Dr. Donovan are honorary mem- bers. Oflicers for the year were Frank Ram- 0420 sey, president, Herbie Hunt, vice-president, Hugh Roe, secretary, and Tommy Atkins, treasurer. In the spring the K-Club sponsored K-Day which consisted of an intra-squad football game, a track meet, a baseball game, and a dance. Funds from this day are to be used toward a K-Club house, planned for the fut- ure. few' , . K , , -n I-Y' 4 ' V ima fm, Q ' Qr . ., sl 1'-' ' " . X A 1 P - N' w s 4 5,3 lw.,1 as -4' ,, ndfzi' 1"' Wiz' ,iw .1 M X' .t K " .f 1 ' 1 , 4, Mk 'A V J 'gm r'..w.. ,, np' Q' I A 1 2 . A , , H ,H , ' ' ' 'xf V J 6' . A '- X . vs 1' v , . . ' X I ' E 'N L pb 4 1 ru T ' , . ' K . '-1 ' f 1 ' A .4 m .- A-,. . . P x ' ' V. xc- ay fp h . if fb 5- : 4. is .kg 'I W A S 1 , , 4 ' www- rk ,,, , . . . , . ' 1 'Q r ' X f ' + , x ,. l A -.-ff ,. ', , Q "fa, , r u .111 ,' n A1.',.p" ' .s .. a ' v.7 ' 1' - u , p -. W f. Q. G fi .., w""""'N A 5 1 X H, 1 , , T Y ,,- x X X ri r M, vs Q . 1, ' w Q . - i Vik u ff-,K X ll T- V 2 A QM W K. . Q Y y ,x , w.x4 .A A . . fx v 63,1 Y' I 4' ,A I L A4-.. 4 kvA .x --fx! Aw. 3, M JR V4 en' X ?z L, KU.2"fi' 0 ,W x 4 F X bf 'T Y ' s NA X V x XX t s. 'Q 'P' 21:15 ,vs.,x -K . W E . WILLKE 'Wx ...mmf 3' g, ,, ,A FOOTBALL Coach Paul Bryant came to Kentucky in 1946. In the six seasons that he has been here his teams have compiled a record of 58 wins, 21 losses and four ties. Bryant has raised Kentucky from the football cellar and firmly established UK as a national power year after year. For his feats here at Kentucky he has become recognized as one of the top young coaches in the country. When the coach came to Wildcat land he Wanted a five-year contract because he said it would take that long to produce a Winner. Needless to say our coach produced the,1'irst year and has had three bowl winners. Ark... .u . . ..11:a5E3E5E55E2?Ei5EE5E5EE3EfEE5:ElIS""R ..-.4fag5:5:5:5:513:5:3:2::1:5-3:1121-1111121i:5,,3.:,, .v.-:-:IEuv:3:5:5:5:5i:Evi9rE1ErEr:1E5535512231223-E5,ErE1E1Ef'11iE'z131v:'IX , -.5::75:5:::::g:::g.:.:.1,:.:-11:14:-ag:gigIn:-:-:-1':1:g.g:f,1:,'gv:g:g-Cf' wr ff' K , J., 4 ,.5,:::,11:1:::::1::r:r:1:r:,1::5,14:::gysir ..-.-::f122r21E53:3:5:3:3:E:E2325151225551553:515:3:512:E'E12512211?i:i3E5E5E3:21E:2.ga5:E1E11:E1E2ErE:E:13E515:3:5:5:2:E12vErErErE1Eg2 Zz,11:,1grp2:1:f:1'2:4:-:-:-:-: :1,:2:I:':f:l:-1-nv:-:fag :gr:I:1:iz-:':-1':-:-:-:-z::1:,:::3:::1:g:grp-:-:-:':-:-:':4g:5:::::1::: DYER WILLARD l 3,1 5, ' STRANGE OWENS SIMPKINS CLAIBORNE DIETZEL BAILEY The young Wildcats with very little football under their belts at the beginning of the campaign and a schedule loaded with football powers turned in an overall record of five wins and four losses together with two important ties. It was a long hard grind for the up and coming gridders but they made up for what they lacked in experience with courageous spirit and the will to win. Things look bright for Coach Bryant and the Cats for the next few years. MILLS KENTUCKY 6 VILLANOVA 25 A band of older more experienced Wildcats from Villanova spoiled the debut of the young, inexperi- enced Kentucky Wildcats to the tune of a 25-6 vic- tory. Harry jones scored early in the game on a long punt return but from there on in it was all Villanova on the offensive side of the ledger. The Kentucky de- fense was very good at times and gave the opening game crowd something to cheer about. Gene Filipski, the brilliant back, of the Pennsyl- vania Wildcats was the shining star of the game. The All-American candidate thrilled the crowd on numer- ous occasions with his football prowess. co-CAPT. emacs Kocn 5 P BALDWIN ' PHn.PoT l xr' ima if A l I F 4,."'x, 1 4 .W -.4 h -,g . K! 4. b. I jj I ,. ax fa!! S KENTUCKY 13 OLE MISS 13 CO-CAPT. FRY TEXAS ASLM KENTUCKY it Inf V LOWRY A .Ar A! wxrhns' E y fi 41. , .- , in f' is '1 X CARLIG 5 A K 1 M. xx. The Wildcats scored their Hrst victory of the season as they downed the Texas Aggies 10-7 at College Sta- tion, Texas. Bob Bassett, the extra point specialist, booted a 34- yard field goal for the Big Blue in the third quarter and this salted away the initial win for the young campaign. Harry Jones counted the only six pointer for the Cats on a ten-yard maneuver in the first half. This game marked one of the best shows of sports- manship ever shown the Blue Crass boys when all the partisan Cadets of the Texas school streamed onto the field and showered the victors with congratulations and well wishes. The game was rated a toss-up prior to game time but the Cats came through with a very well played ball game with the defense particularly shining. This victory gave the Wildcat followers much to cheer about and made them remember that this was a bunch of game young ball players with many good years in front of them. M-at ,.,,i,a.. Y MEILINGER HOOPER 1 X :Wax Q if -fw- MITCHELL The battling Tigers of Louisiana State University tamed the game but outclassed band of Kentuckians in a 84-7 ball game. The weak Kentucky pass defense was given a severe beating in this contest as the Bayou boys completed 16 of 28 passes for 229 yards to gain the overwhelming vic- tory before 28,000 fans at Stoll Field. The Tigers combined their deadly passing attack with a devastating running game that netted 244 yards to have things pretty much their own way throughout the entire game. Prior to this game LSU hadn't scored against the Wild- cats in two years. Dick Shatto passed to Steve Meilinger for the only ,Ken- tucky marker of the game. Coach Paul Bryant directed the team from the sidelines after undergoing an appendectomy two nights earlier. MINGUS KENTUCKY 7 L. S. U. 34 . ,-.. .,.. ,,,,. ...,, . ,,,.., '-1133.1131-,.g,14,.:qg s 0 . N ,I ff 0, ' , of wa ff WW' 4. W H Wwwrm imSCHEl'E KENTUCKY 14 MISS. STATE 27 The fumbling Wildcats handed the Maroons of Mississippi State the ball game October 18 at State College, Mississippi, by a score of 27-14. In the course of the game the Cats lost six fumbles to the alert Maroons and this proved their downfall. The Mississippians pleased their homecoming crowd as they put together the Wildcat miscues and the notoriously weak pass defense to take the victory. Kentucky moved the ball well early in the game but the old fumble jinx caught them and after that they just cou1dn't hold on to the elus- ive oval. The Cats scored their first touchdown in the second quarter and added their second in the fourth stanza. Herbie Hunt scored on a Z I one yard sneak after "Bull" Felch had been largely responsible for a 74-yard drive. In the fourth quarter Dick Shatto heaved a scoring pass to Steve Meilinger ADKINS flat' xg The Big Blue hit the vic- tory column again with a hard fought 14-6 decision over the Bearcats in the Ohio city. The strong Cat line proved the difference in this bruising contest as the boys up front put on what was probably their best show of the cam- paign. Neither team scored dur- ing the first half but the Wild- cats came back in the third stanza very determined and pushed across the first mark- er. Herbie Hunt lifted a high pass to the great Steve Meilinger who made a sensa- tional catch on the Cincy 45 and outraced the bewildered defenders for the first touch- down. It was Hunt passing again on the sec- ond scoring play but this time it was Clyde Carlig who turned acrobat and made a great catch in the end zone for the counter. KENTUCKY 14 CINCINNATI 6 RUSHING mdk 0 Q V ZAMP lN0 was K wi- FULLER FELCH av?" Ll 'lb KENTUCKY 29 MIAMI 'L' . TM' A . M.. ,ww 'M An underdog Blue team from Kentucky turned the tables on the Miami Hurricane and walked off with a convincing 29-0 victory. The game was played in the Orange Bowl at Miami. Coach Bryant unveiled his secret weapon in the per- son of Steve Meilinger. Big Steve played his first game at quarterback and left the Miamians very bewildered. After Steve took over the Cats ran and passed a guessing Miami into submission. When he wasn't biting huge chunks out of the line he was sweeping end or throwing. This game gave the avid Kentucky rooters much to cheer about and a lot to look forward to in watching Steve operate from under the center. H. JoNes it Vi! 45 L. JONES ' HENNESSEY KENTUCKY 27 TULAN E 6 FILLION Homecoming fans were treated to a sound thrashing of Tulane 27-6. The young Cats were a much im- proved ball club and played an outstanding ball game. Steve Meilinger was again at quarterback and gave the well pleased fans quite a show. The big man passed to Clyde Carlig for the Hrst touchdown. Mr. Versatility stuck to the ground for the second counter as he sprinted 41 yards for the score. It was Steve again for the third six pointer. He swept left end for seven yards. Don Iirschele skirted left end for 14 yards and the Hnal tally. Bob Bassett made good on three of four extra point attempts. The 81,000 fans present saw a great one man show but they also saw a squad that was much different than the youngsters that opened the season some two months ago. It was a hustling, lighting ball club that overwhelmed the Tulane Greenies. wwwwg- -vilvuwvf-vm'-v-:mln-1.4 -mum-su-r -ul! fr l"i M 1 if ww-sv' w l A new backfield outscored the Clem- son cadets to notch a 27-14 victory in prepping for the annual affair with the Tennessee Vols. Meilinger, Shatfo and Paolone watched as Larry jones, "Bull" Felch and Tom Fillion rolled over Clem- son Larry jones scored first for the Cats on a six yard scamper. It was a run- ning pass from jones to Carlig, who made a great catch, that scored the sec- ond time for the Wildcats. A recovered punt set up the third marker and Herbie Hunt sneaked over for the fourth TD and this iced the game. This was the first game that Steve Meilinger had missed in all his football career. PAOLON E PLATT ME KENTUCKY 27 CLEMSON 9 'N- N' , l' N54 A s". ' '-- qu 'x 'I Q' ln' -- , "u,,:'u.,1 -r 9 14 H U NT BASSITT PROFFITT KENTUCKY 14 TENNESSEE 14 IT HAPPENED! Regardless of what hap- pened before, these Wildcats will long be re- membered for what they did in the snow at Knoxville in 1952. After spotting the big Vols a two touchdown advantage the courageous kids from the Blue Grass caught fire late in the fourth quarter and scored two touchdowns to gain the tie. The Vols were happy to see this game end because the fighting Ken- tuckians had them on the ropes. This. was the first time since 1947 that the Cats had crossed the Vols' double stripe. Herbie Hunt sneaked over for the first score and Bob Bassett recovered his own on side kick to set up the TD that meant a tie. After the recovery Hunt dropped back and lofted the soggy pigskin to Jim Proffitt who made a sensational catch to score. Bob Bassett calmly added both points and Kentucky had tied a heavily favored Tennessee team. After the game .ended the jubilant players hoisted Coach Bryant to their shoulders and carried him off the field. Let's say it was a great Victory. it f, ,sr 7 at E a JQ 1 gl.. sl,-' w,I,!e1l' 4 W .. KENTUCKY O FLGRIDA 27 SHA'l'l'O SCHNELLENBERGER ul In the anti climax of the long season the Big Blue traveled to Gainesville, Florida, and ab- sorbed a 27-0 pasting from the Gator Bowl bound Gators. It was a loosely played affair with very little excitement from the Blue standpoint. Florida punctured the pass defense almost at will and this coupled with the running of Rick Casares and Papa Hall was just too much for the tired but game Wildcats. The Gators scored early and from there on in it was all in favor of the home team. The Cats threatened several times but the old fumblitis caught them and that was the story. L ' - . .ll l flung' 1. 1 '1""'?-'Q---f-f-2 , ' is '2--- 1 . f T 1 Sgr---V 2 ... ' 34 F' ASICS. 2 3l3i-'f'-rr+- T' T W! l 'L ,f 5' G? 1 1' Vik! , gf 44 5- fy--5 My Q uf Q 'g1I""7n:7p,q m qaq " 'QD 'gn t........ W a af .1 1 pw'-1 1 1 551 1952 FOOTBALL SCORES Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Villanova 25 Ole Miss 13 Texas A8zM 7 L. S. U. 34 Miss. State 27 Cincinnati 6 Miami 0 Tulane 6 Clemson 14 Tennessee 14 Florida 27 if 2 1 ga' . .....- .... ,.... is ., 1 : in fi S Q51 .9 , QA 1, as GQ lt 791 QB GSW? 194 TSIOROPOULOUS EVANS HAGAN Wait and See . . . The best team in college basketball had to miss a season so they could practice. The Wildcat basketballers were setting out a one year suspension handed down by the NCAA. Coach Rupp took advantage of the small time lapse by preparing his boys for the coming season. The team staged some intra-squad exhibitions that were well attended by the basketball hungry central Kentuckians. Great things are in store for the Blue and White in the 1953-54 campaign. The present team should remain intact and will have the addition of some fine young ball players. Some of the freshmen who'll give someone a battle next year are Jerry Bird, Pete Grigsby, Phil Grawemeyer and Linville Puckett. With these fine prospects to go along with Hagan, Ramsey, Tsioroupolis, Rose, Evans, and Rouse, there isn't much for the teams on the schedule to look for- ward to. PUCKETT GRAWEMEYER ROUSE 4 1 . 4 V x BIRD RAMSEY ROSE ,Ql'w"'vr-X X, U L ,,..fQn N,,,,g Hfffi PNN COY GRIGSBY 'sill Tllgh 1 A ll: lar I 1" BASEBALL Ten lettermen returned for the 1953 campaign of Coach Harry Lancaster's baseballers. Charlie Keller and Gene Nell were lost, during the off season, to major league teams. To plug these gaps Billy Evans took over at first and Jess Curry became the third outfielder with John Shanahan and Frank Ramsey. The infield was set with Miles Wil- lard at third, the Jones twins at the key- stone and Evans at Hrst. The Cats had three .800 hitters back in the persons of Larry jones, Frank Ramsey and John Shanahan. For 1952 the Cats posted an 8 and 7 won lost record. GRAWEMEYER I fy' I . ,-M.. I T2-'- ,2- J"v4-- W :QM u. f 113 ' Q A na., at -ow f"' TRACK The Michigan State Relays and the Southern Conference meet were the big spots in the track schedule. In the MSC relays Larry Jones gained third place in the broad jump. Doug Adamson, Ray jones and jay Wallace were also in the meet but failed to place in their events. Kentucky had two representatives at the Southern Conference meet. jay Wallace placed. second in the 880 yard run and Larry jones gained second place in the broad jump. Coach Seaton's team had several blows during the campaign with the loss of a few prospects through scholastic deficiencies but was bolstered by the addition of some football players when it was decided to hold spring practice so as not to conflict with the track schedule. ,f WELLS X xv' iw 4 J 'RQ A-11 V gig. Wil' MQ.. X, ,ap - I A, 1' WW WALLACE f' - nuff ,.f"QX "Q: I 1, iq, W R ADAMSON and RISH ELL 17'-H' X . I . PROFFITT X 4 BIVIN 'I49 F ENCIN G , ,bflvx QL u 3 The fencing team led by Capt. Bill Seiller broke even in their season,s schedule. The Cat fencers copped four decisions and dropped a like number. Besides Capt. Seiller other members of team included: Tom Prather and Lee Shine with the saberg Charles Vittitoe, Ed Sternbergs and Bob Dotson in the epeeg and Seiller, Iohn Whitten- berg and Paul 'Wright in the foil. GOLF One of its best golf teams in many cam- paigns represented Kentucky this spring- All the team members were veterans and this crop was bolstered by the addition of Cay Brewer, one of the state,s best ama- teur golfers and well known among the amateur golfers in the south. Brewer has annexed many dilferent titles and is con- sidered the outstanding golfer of this area. Capt. Ches Riddle also returned for an- other season of golf as a Wildcat. Charlie Crabtree and Don Smith, both lettermen, also added much to the power laden team. N f Sf'Qm-ss-its .. W 'HQWU i qi ,ts X ' .N ,, wwf' pl vi!! j' 1 ' ' ? l r L if X K N. 3 Wm , Us ,I nv. t, ahh. BREWER is .Q . , Q in 'iw W5 ltmif -, ,gig U A lt, -T -ifrjiffii e" lX"'w:Y1:f.l gm - - -Q - i ..-fag. ,Mu --. . ' -was . ' " wx f dm L, f' :X . ,gm.3,q': X ,, ,LY .jf k.,' - 2. ' ., 1. f .-. . 1 ,,. A . .- -wi, , f -' Vin-,5 N?""fgmy,-gc wasnt ,Q 'i - . w 'wwsx-W R, 1 N. u """" fa6r.dGsr4'i-Swift wk- 5 :!'ex-LJ r' ' - Q.. ' '-.ww s. -lf eh wa, 3991- s- ' ,qi f 5 -'R' 46" 1'4" -x l 4 W f ' :Lu ,MQ wid' n .HJ TENNIS g X -5 -5 as ...Xe -cv- S. I! X X' 'I KP x5 '7L- ""' The loss of tennis star Billy Evans was a severe blow to the Blue and White netters. He had been counted on to carry the load this year as he was the most experienced man on the young team. The squad had to use players without much experience as many of last year's team did not return. Capt. Carrol Price led the charges of Dr. Downing in their matches this spring. PRICE " . X f .M L LI. fx. I SWIMMING Led by freshman Roger Messick the Wildcat mermen enjoyed their best season under Coach Algie Reece. The yearling sprinter added much to the surprising sea- son record for the tankmen. In addition to Messick the twelve man team was made up of Capt. jack Mac- Donald, George King, Jim McCabe, Dan- ny Deane, Gene Lewis, Kenneth Glass, Lou Karibo, Bruce Kunkel, Johnny Burke, John Taylor and Dave Linkous. The Cat swimmers were undefeated during the regular season and tasted de- feat only in the SEC meet at Athens, Georgia. They carried a record of nine straight victories in dual meet competi- tion prior to the conference meet. During the regular season Messick bet- tered the SEC records in the 50 yard and 100 yard freestyle events. .,- in .. .H-. X' W, . ' A' 7 - 9 - 5 ll , , ' 1 Ni' lv' +13 . XM ,fi I I ,,.. Li, ,.,. Q ,I . H A ., U ' ' w:...:a l W 1 N 'Q :rr r"1'm?4""' . Q 5 P R fi it f KARIBO W . .,,, ffl all I M' 'I MESSICK rf fu.. N, p L,.,, ,,,, 'H---.,.,,,,,.. f ar- Y Phn- !x,,,,, Q ,Q ...ETB -N' CROSS COUNTRY RIFLE TEA M COMBS-NATIONAL CHAMPION 'X' N, Y J IN TRAMURALS The intramural program at UK Was greatly improved this year. Director Bill McCubbin gave up his football coaching duties so as to devote full time to running and improving the intra- mural program. For the first time intra- mural basketball games were played in Memorial Coliseum and many improve- ments were made in the other facilities. L Sigma Alpha Epsilon captured the fraternity basketball crown by downing ATO by a score of 47-27. By virtue of this victory they Won the right to play the independent winner for the cham- pionship. The Porters defeated the Clifton Cats 38-26 to take the indepen- dent throne. SAE beat the Porters in the playoff to become campus champs in basketball. Play in football leagues this year was very exciting and of much better caliber than usual. SAE finally took the bunt- ing by downing the Civil Engineers 2-0 in the playoffs. SAE Won over ATO 7-6 and the Engineers beat BSU 7-0 to an- nex the respective top spots in their leagues. jim McCabe, Sigma Nu, Won the an- nual free throw contest by connecting on 49 out of 50 attempts from the gratis line. Kappa Sigma took the volleyball championship by besting Sigma Phi Ep- silon in the finals by scores of 15-5 and 17-15. V. Ted Phillips downed Gene Black, SAE, to walk off with the fall tennis singles crown. jim Bradbury, Sigma Nu, Won the annual Turkey Run just before the Thanksgiving holidays. AGR took first place in total points with 44. Sigma Nu was second with 66 and DTD and SAE tied for third with 67 points apiece. Wrestling, ping pong, golf, tennis, bowling, and softball were played after the Kentuckian went to press. if, :"0'e'!4 I 9 N 1' 4 A-L! .vs 4' 9 ', K V '44 I ind Q ll sb wi? ,ef Ai YY 5, . nw 1 s if-Q 4 n M- J- 1 1 K 1 wx! ' .5 , L vc 4 wr WSH!!-ix, Amir, ' 'UQ A xv' S--is McCord, Bradley, Plummer, Peterson, O'Ronrk Board of Student Publications The Board of Student Publications was es- tablished at the University of Kentucky in 1980. The board is composed of five mem- bers: the faculty adviser of the student publi- cations, the University comptroller, the editors of the Kentuckian and the Kernel, and a rep- resentative of the Student Government As- sociation. The purpose of the board is to advise on policies regarding operations of the Ken- tuckian and the Kernel publications, and to provide for the rules and regulations govern- ing the selection and election of major mem- bers of those staffs. Members: Niel Plummer, Director of the School of Iournalismg Frank D. Peterson, Comptroller of the Universityg Ann O'Roark, Student Government representativeg Merrill McCord, editor of the Kernelg Fred Bradley, editor of the Kentuckian. X ix swf A l ANI PUBLICATIO .,'fM5i,g,t4Qkk-,gm ky ' Wx X 159 O K., 1, f The Kentucky Kernel XXX .9 A Z f, - I x DICK CHERRY V l 9 MERRILL MCCORD Full Editor ' Full News Editor QIQ Spring Editor D Ulf" r 9109 E ""0f DICK KRAPS gh... Business Manager I Sf 'v , Ax CHARLES ARCHER Spring News Editor EDITORIAL STAFF: Larry Meyer, sports Editor, Betty Baugh, Photographer, Bar- bilrfl Hickey, Assit. News Editor, Ann Oylloark, Society Editor, Linda Patteson, Circulation Manager, Ronald Magcl, Herb Moore, Cartoonists. QOPY DESK: Jim Crawford, Lealand Sul- hV2lU, Louis Dellossett, Ronnie Butler, Jean Grant, Dolly Sullivent. REPORTERS: Judith Henry, Kathy Fryer, LYHD Sleeth, Bill Billiter, Carol Dorton, Ruth McMichael, Kim Sanford, Betty Jo Martin, Judy Boteler, Claire Wood, Diane Renaker, Robert David, Peggy Sabel, Jody Teflley, Frank Marnhout, Jean Rosenstone, Jack Thompson, Elaine Moore, William Martin, Louis Pritchett, Phyllis Rogers, Laura Roberts. SPORTS wiurnusr Quentin Allen, David Nflkdimen, John Ryans, Jim Turley, John MIIYO, Leslie Morris, John P. Jones, Dick PurkillS, Jolm Newland. ADVERTISING SOLICITORS: Leland Brannan, Sarah Conklin, Janice Rogers, Jlck Clover fy rf V . . '1 . 3, 211, . gr-9, Thanks to the printing plant We Wish to sincerely thank the Kernel printing plant for their cooperation and untiring efforts to print a successful year- book. We could not have possibly done Without their services for We knew litt-le about typography, makeup, layout, type faces, and many other problems in printing an annual. We especially Want to thank Don Grote, manager of the printing plant, and Ed Swift, foreman. l E V 1 i i The printing plant The S200,000 printing plant on the ground iioor of the Journalism Building, consists of seven presses of various sizes. The multi- press is used to print envelopes only. It can print 6,000 envelopes an hour. Other presses are the ATF Giant, Kelly C, Kelly 2, Big Chief, and the Miehle 41, the largest press. Their jobs are varied and numerous. There are four linotype machines now in operation in the Kernel composing room. The first of these machines was acquired in 1924 by Professor Enoch Grchan, who signed a personal note to obtain it. Another linotype was bought after the Kernel was moved from Miller Hall to MeVey Hall. The last two of the four linotypes were purchased in 1951 when the printing plant was removed from MeVey Hall to its present site. The newest press is the Big Chief, a 22 by 29 offset press which can print 5,000 sheets an hour. The 1953 Kentuclcian was printed on this press. In this plant there is a monotype machine for casting borders and strip material for advertise- ments. Besides the Ludlow type and linotype, the Kernel printing plant has a large supply of hand set type. In addition, the Kernel has a perforater, a cutting machine for trimming page edges, a jogger for straightening stacks of printed ma- terial, and stitching machines. For maintaining and operating this up-to- date printing plant the University has 14 full- time employees. Bruee F. Denbo, Supervisor and Director of University Press, Don Grote, Manager and Assistant Director of Student Pub- lications, Edward L. Swift, Jr., Foreman, Miss Stella Mac Ison, Bookkeeper-Secretary, Karl E. Davis, Robert Haney, Robert Rhodus, Stanley McMurray, Owen Montgomery, Mike Scanlon, David Stryker, Charles Rogerson, Robert Sparks, Bernice Walker, Printing Department. fail .. if a N 55- 4? ,ff gi ,4,,. 41- -'V' ....n 0 by A ,J-, ' ,, X firix ,NJ rv 5.5, FRED BRADLEY Editor-in-Chief The 1953 Kentuckian When people come to the Kentuckian of- fice they step over the threshold into the confusion of glue pots, typewriters, sheaves of paper, and tables laden with old books, scissors, red pencils, T squares, rulers, and a razor blade or two. After stumbling over the waste paper basket, which the business manager has placed in the middle of the floor where she is more apt to miss it, they wonder how anyone could possibly get anything done. Things have been happening like this all year, however. After spring appointments of the 1953 Kentuckian staff, the editorial office went to work planning the following year's book. During the summer the Ken- tuckian went on. The managing editor drew up the prospective dummy. Confer- ences were held with engravers and print- ers. When school started again in the fall there was the mad rush to start getting pic- tures, especially snaps of autumn activities before the leaves fell. V J ew. Mx Q JIM MGH PERRY af aging Edna, JULIE BLUMENTHAL Associate Editor fU' XI' 'in-vfkikv ggi, F7 1 X All during the fall it was a scramble, people forgot to show up for their pic- tures, we had monetary trouble with S. C. A., organizations complained about the price per page 'increase, form sheets were neglected, but despite it all, the mas- ter dummy was Hnally planned and drawn, and some semblance of progress could be hazily established. Around the first of March a rumor started around the office that there was a deadline to be met. And it was true, there was a deadline. We were severely handi- capped by the loss of some of our staff. There were only six staff members besides the four editors. These six performed mir- acles during February and March. Plates were furiously mounted and marked, idents were typed, organizational copy was writ- ten, cutlines and copy were pasted up, and after a few night sessions everyone breathed a sigh of relief. From here on in there is a mad scramble between editors, the printers, the engrav- ers, cover designers, and the book binders to see if something resembling a yearbook can't be ready for distribution before grad- uation. ' ,fn i I L'- V X qY Lf! 1 W W 4 ll I "f"---AF' fir . 1,-t rv Jqsmeu- cam' Ay- -,ua 3 i Y r ...X V1 N M J Qi ii" A is I Mkt., fp gfgc If fir, -v Q Kgkffq-fmtQJ Kentuckian Business Staff Long before there was even a scrap of paper resembling a new yearbook, the Kentuckian business office was already sell- ing books. At fall registration their crafty salesmen coerced un- suspecting freshmen into buying, and as the semester progressed their propaganda spread over the RAY JONES Assistant Business Manager ANNE DOWNING Business Manager campus until enough people fin- ally broke down and paid the necessary iive bucks. Then came the job of making the columns add up and also of being sure they were in black ink. After the other desks were locked up and growing musty the business staff still had to distribute the books and take care of final accounts before we could close up shop on another Kentuckian. Fred Bradley .... Editor-in-Chief Jim Perry . . Managing Editor Anne Downing . . . Business Manager julie Blumenthal . . Associate Editor Pray Jones . . Asslt Business Manager Joe Bill Howard Doris Morgan . . . Don Risch . . Rae Harris Betty Jo Martin Kaki Edwards Bob Powell Jean Skinner . Barbara Penhale Pat Wheatley Iudy Henry Gail Carmichael . Sports Editor . Cover Design Panel Designer . Copy Writers Picture Mounters . Business Staff Li --if s .....M.,, .,,... , ,. ,.... s,,,,, -f im L-A Threlkeld, Stewart, Morrison, Netherton, Baldwin, Kaiser, Cole, Kelley Rice, Evans, Myers, Blount, David The Kentucky Engineer The Kentucky Engineer is the student pub- lication of the College of Engineering and the Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers. Included in the staff are students and faculty of the College of Engineering. Articles are of a semi-technical nature and of engineering interest. The publication, which comes out quarterly, is a member of the Engineering Company College Magazines Associated. Faculty advisor is Prof. E. Everett Elsey. Ray Myers was editorg Bob Morrison, man- aging editorg Roberta Rice, secretaryg Dan Kelley, business manager, A. K. Linville, fea- ture editorg and Dick Baldwin, picture editor, The stall included Bill Blount, Ken Cole, Rob- ert David, joe Kaiser, Elliott Netherton, Jim Stephens, Ronald Stewart, and Orville Threl- keld. ' McKaig, Boster, Moffit, Cnrncs, Lewis, Kostas, Murphy Kentucky Law ournal The Kentucky Law journal, established in 1913, is published by the College of Law fac- ulty and student body. Containing chiefly articles of legal interest, the Journal hopes to develop skillful research among the students and to encourage writing in the legal field. Frederick Whiteside is faculty adviser. Robert C. Moffit was editor-in-chief of the Kentucky Law Journal this past year with William Rice as associate editor. Norma D. Boster was business manager and Charles C. Carnes was note editor. Members of the staff were Norma D. Bos- ter, Charles C. Carnes, James Kostas, Thomas P. Lewis, Dianne McKaig, Robert C. Mofiit, and William Rice. 'hr' -xx Dorton, Myers, Wood, Redding Pcrry, Henry K-Book The K-Book was started on campus as the Freshman Handbook in 1912. It is an in- formational booklet distributed in September to all freshmen and new students, providing them with useful suggestions on the Univer- sity and helping to acquaint them with col- lege life. It is financed by contributions from the Student Government Association, the House K- T lv Presidents Council, the YMCA, and the YWCA. Minor contributions are collected from individual organizations by Alpha Phi Omega. Faculty advisor is William E. Baer. The staff for the year included Iudy Henry, editor, Carol Dorton, assistant editor, jim Perry, busi- ness manager, and Larry Meyer, Claire Wood, and Rosalie Redding. m. sq: X Kgx -'lining-g,, ' x , gf. ' Freshman Women's Honorary Sophomore Wl7ll1Cl1,S Honorary Alpha Lambda Delta Cwens - . 3 lL , C k 'll B rry, Carroll-, Taylor Dupps, Severs, Justice Fischer, Burnett, Konsler Boyle oc ellollgcis, House, Townsend, Walker, Steilln-rg, Behnett, Morris Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the Univer- sity of Illinois in 1934 and was installed' OH campus on December 5, 1946. The principal activity of this fraternity is to help plan the annual Honors Day Convocation. At this time recognition is given to all students with a 2.3 standing or better. Scholarship and other awards are given to other outstanding students also. Faculty advisor is Dr. L. H- T0W1l5eHd- Other members in faculty include Dean M.. M. White, Dr. H. L. Donovan, Prof. J. S. Horme, Dr. C. C. Carpenter, Dr. Rhea Taylor. Oflicers for the year were John W. Walker, president, Ken McGee, vice-president, Carl Kennedy, secretary, Alan Steilberg, treasurer. Members: Wendell S. Norman, Robert L. Rodgers, Frank F. Taylor, Henry R. Bennett, James R. Boyle, William C. Coekerill, William R. Dupps, John C. Jus- tice, Lewis B. Barnett, Luther P. House, Leslie VV. Morris, Charles B. Severs, Wayne J. Carroll, Thomas R. Konsler, Jolm D. Fischer, William Daugherty, Eu- gene D. Beam, D. H. Boyd, Jr., Jack W. Clark, Tho- mas Todcl, Ray T. Reynolds, Penrith Goff, Jaek Win- stead, Rodney Giles, Edwin R. Berry, Ken McGee, John VValker, Gerald J. Sehwendeman, llenry A. Steilberg, Carl Kennedy, Alvin Egbert, James T. Bradbury, Charles H. Campbell, Stuart G. Carpenter, John W. Ernst, W. Emery Fluhr, James C. Hastings, Paul D. Holleman, Edward R. Kearns, llenry Maescr, William J. McCarty, Fred A. Nichols, David H. Sehmieder, Jack B. Boylan, John B. Brannon, James W. McCurry, Lawrence ll. Riddle, William B. Snyder. M... .Q l,.,,.,,1,3f LM , L. ,A ef-GN ,-1, 3 -s- j 1-4. it Ta 1 t-rf NJ xi L il i Morris, Phelps, Poor, Shadonn, Ashbrook, Bennett, Stcilheryz, Fischer, Suit, Adams Palmer, Kennedy, Norman. Carroll, House Keys Keys was founded in 1906 at the Univer- sity of Kentucky to honor the outstanding sophomore in each social fraternity and to promote the spirit of brotherhood among the fraternities. The faculty advisor is Dean Car- penter. Officers: Carl Kennedy, president, Charles Palmer, vice president, Luther House, secre- tary, Wayne Carroll, treasurer. Members: Carl Kennedy, Wendell Norman, Leslie Morris, Henry Bennett, David Adams, Glenn Sanderfur, Luther House, George Sha- doan, Wayne Carroll, Allan Steilberg, John F iseher, james Ashbrook, Bill Phelps, Charles Palmer, Lewis Barnett, Marvin Suit, Cary Newton, William Poor. A o g K 'New' The Valentine Dance, sponsored by Keys, Was held in the Stu- dent Union Building. Keys held this dance in place of their former Sadies Hawkins Day Dance. Hazeleen Pace Was named Miss Valentine. Her attendants were Janet Wood and Iacke Cottom. "9m,...,i.v,4... Wertheim, Hovermnlc, Douglas, Myers, Whnlin, Nutt, White, Walker, Hastings, Baughmun, Hudson, Ernst, Linville Dickson, Glass, Perry,.Cnrtcr, LL-vas, Smith Lances Lances Carnival was a major event again last October, with Kappa Alpha taking first place in the fraternity division and Chi Omega in the sorority division. Pat Wheatley was chosen Queen of Lances dance. jane Tinder was first attendant, and Sally Trimble was second attendant Lances was founded at the University of Kentucky in 1903. It is a junior men's leader- ship society, and it aims to foster good will and to recognize qualities of scholarship and leadership in the junior class. 176 Officers for the year were James Hudson, president, john Baughman, vice-president, James Carter, secretary, and William Douglas, treasurer. Faculty adviser is Dr. Earl Kauff- man. Members: Evangelos Levas, Max Smith, William Douglas, William Gerrard, john Baughman, J. Kennity Cole, Ray Meyers, john Walker, james Hudson, Pete Carter, Sidney White, Charles Whalen, George Wertheim, Charles Campbell, Van Nutt, john Ernest, Wayne Carroll, Fred Williams, Kennith Mc- Gee. 1? '5'f'.f a, 142' 7 ., H59-fi. 9' QU! jf. . Q , M .435lf?Z"wv- fl Hovermale, Linville, Richardson, Thompson, Proffitt, Dickson, Bradbury Neel, Glass, Holland, Holleman, Gardner, Carpenter Lamp and Cross The purpose of Lamp and Cross is to rec- ognize senior men who leave displayed out- standing leadership abilities throughout their college careers. Members must maintain a 1.5 standing and be active in campus organi- zations. Lamp and Cross was founded on this campus in 1903. The faculty adviser is Thompson R. Bryant. Oiiicers: Read Holland, president, Paul Holleman, vice-president, Carter Glass, sec- retary, Jess Gardner, treasurer. Members: Douglas Adamson, James Brad- bury, Stuart Carpenter, Stanley Dickson, Iess Gardner, Garter Glass, Read Holland, Paul I-Iolleman, Ralph Hovermale, I. R. Jones, George Lawson, Evangelos Levas, A. K. Lin- ville, Henry Maeser, T. Y. Martin, Glenn Mills, Henry Neel, James Perry, Iohn Profiitt, Don Richardson, William Snyder, and Ray- mond Thompson. l Compton, Cnton, Hubbard, Fisher, Moore, King, MeCouIf, Steele Sandner, Kelley, Hurt, Farmer, Maggnrd, Romnnowitz, Karrick, Milburn Mortar Board Mortar Board was founded in 1918 in Syra- cuse, New York. Staff and Crown chapter was installed on campus in 1920. Its purpose is to provide for the cooperation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to ad- vance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and en- courage leadership, and to stimulate and de- velop a finer type of college WOIUCH- Honorary members include Miss Mildred Lewis, Miss Sally Pence, Miss Lulie Logflfl, Miss Anne Callihan, Mrs. Lola Robinson, Mrs. Sarah B. I-Iolmes, Miss Margaret I. King, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, and Mrs. H- L- Donovan. Faculty advisors are: Miss jean Marie McConnell, Mrs. Henry Taylor, and Mrs. Mary Carver Lutz. Oflieers for the year were Ruth Ann Mag- gard, president, Betty Jo Kelley, vice-pregi- dent, Lois Romanowitz, secretary, Molly Ann McCoulf, treasurer, and Bonnie Compton, editor. Members: Carol Sue Caton, Bonnie Compton Mar- lene Farmer, Elizabeth Fisher, Mildred Hart ,leanne Hubbard, Shirley Karriek, Betty lo Kelley Marjorie Kin!-Z, Rllfll A1111 Maggard, Molly Ann McCoulf Mar- tha Milburn, Patricia Moore, Patrieia Pattersori Lois Romanowitz, Ruth Sandner, Marilyn Steele. l Q zg,,3.fg5,fif,.2, MY' 1 'NE . , we 2 'ff wi Proffitt, Jones, L. Jones, H. Richardson, McCurry, Spivey, Campbell, Dickson, Bradbury, Cherry Stein, McIntyre, Holland, Holleman, Lee, Cruose micron Delta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa was founded in 1914 at VVashington and Lee University, and Nu Circle chap- ter was installed on campus on May 4, 1925. Its purpose is to recognize men who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate activities, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of college life, and to assemble members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpful- ness. Officers for the year were Paul Holleman, presi- dentg Joe Lee, vice-president, Read Holland, secre- tary, R. D. McIntyre, treasurer. Faculty advisor is Dr. Edwin Stein. Omicron Delta Kappa through its football tag sales campaign has contributed to student welfare by pro- viding lights for the intramural field, by'installing a new television set in the Student Union Building, by sponsoring a marriage clinic, and by sponsoring All Campus Sing. Members in faculty include Herman L. Donovan, Leo Chamberlain, A. D. Kirwan, Frank Peterson, Ezra Gillis, Elvis Stahr, M. M. White, Cecil Carpenter, Frank Dickey, Daniel Terrell, Herman E. Spivey, Dewey Steele, Thomas Clark, Charles Snow, Robert E. Shaver, Roy Moreland, James W. Martin, L. J. Horlacher, David Blythe, Staley Adams, H. H. Down- ing, R. D. McIntyre, Paul Bryant, Bernie Shively, Adolph Rupp, Edwin Stein, Paul Dietzel, C. S. Crouse, W. P. Garrigus, G. Davis Buckner, William S. Ward, William L. Matthews, Niel Plummer, and Virgil Christian. Honorary members are Albert B. Chandler, Keen Johnson, James Park, Barry Bingham, Eugene List, Raymond McLain, Fred B. Wachs, and James Ken- nedy. Members: James T. Bardbury, Charles H. Camp- bell, Richard E. Cherry, Stanley Dickson, Jess L. Gardner, Paul Hollemen, Harry Jones, Larry Jones, Joe Lee, Henry Maeser, John R. Proffitt, Don L. Richardson. As? 3 ORGANIZATIONS K W Q I Vnllenn, Roberts, Threlkeld, Carpenter, Schmitt, Netherton Doyle, Rnek, More, Harrison Pfanstriel, Levas, Grover, Adams, Smith, W. Gerrard, Jones, Newton, Young, Smith, C., Compton Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega was founded on Decem- ber 16, 1925, at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania. Of the 285 chapters in the country the local chapter, Alpha Zeta, was in- stalled on campus in 1931. Officers for the year were Marvin jones, president, Bill Gerrard and Gerry Newton, vice-presidents, Jim Hampton, secretary, Bill Valleau, treasurer, Don Adams, corresponding secretary, and Elliot Netherton, Historian. Faculty members are Dr. Lyle Croft and Bart Peak. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is: "To assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship and promote service to humanity." Actives: Don Adams, Caden Blincoc, Stewart Car- penter, Robert Cobb, William Gerrard, Ivan Gold- farb, Thomas Cover, Rick Grimes, Jim Hampton, Marvin Jones, Evangelos Levas, Earl Levy, William Locker, Arch Mainous, Robert Moore, Elliot Nether- ton, John E. Roberts III, James Sandidge, Russell Schmitt, Donald Schott, Norman Schott, Allen Shew- maker, Isaac Thacker, Andrew Wallace, Don Weber, Douglas Wilson, William Valleau. Pledges: William Compton, Milles Doyle, Iohn Harrison, Everett Peansteil, Glenn Roberts, Jim Rob- erts, Carl William Smith, Brian Taylor, Orville Threlkeld, Robert Young, and Mike Ganji. Davis, Maloney, Payne, Coleman, Barnhill, Farmer, Ward, King, Redd Campbell, Hcuser, Harney, Schrider, Heinz, Dunlap, Mauser, Hamilton Watlington, Latimer, Parr, Lane, Murad, Hillhorn, Truitt League of Women Voters The Campus League of Women Voters, founded in 1920, is affiliated with the League of Women Voters of the United States. It was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1946. The purpose of the group is to promote intelligent discussion among col- lege students and to encourage active citizen- ship. Dr. Gladys Kammerer is faculty ad- viser. Oilieers: Lucy Ward, president, Marlene Farmer, vice-president, Emma Belle Barnhill, recording sec- retary, Chickie Shrider, corresponding secretary, Katherine Campbell, treasurer, Anne Crockett, pub- licity chairman, Jane Dale Clark, program chairman. Members: Marlene Farmer, Sue Hillborn, Joyce Stephens, Jane Murad, Katherine Campbell, Pat Huff- man, Pat Harney, Elizabeth Smith, Chickie Shrider, Leila Heinz, Peggy Redd, Ginny Snidow, Lucy Dun- lap, Anne Crockett, Joan Martin, Emma Carol Smith, Pat Watlington, Sue Fields, Janet Payne, Beverly Hughes, Ruth Maloney, Emmy Glo Davis, Anne Cov- ington Phelps, Norma Wright, Barbara Routt, Lucy Ward, Jane Truitt, Betty Lane, Bonnie Redding, Diane Parr, Hazeleen Pace, Phyllis Jones, Martha Jones, Nancy Roberts, Judy Hamilton, Wyona King, Betty Ann Latimer, Mary Ashbrook, Marjorie Bailey, Ida Ann Plue, Nancy Riddle, Lillis Beam, Amy Par- ish, Margy Clift, Charlotte Jarvis. utmg lub FFF, in X YD? Steilberg, Stivers, Jett, Stone, M. Pardee, Rice, Hulett, Bowman, Adkins, Logan, Ahmann, Masan, Pitchford, Linknus, Caudill, Daughtery, Lorch, Fletcher Johnston, Healy, Huflage, May, Schwarz, Jenny, Gum, Blevins, Jennings, Siria, Thomas, Parker Carpenter, Kurz, Mobley, Adams, Ashbrook, McFadden, Harrison,,Scrivner, Boteler, Myers, Herndon, Songster Carver, Youman, Shelburne The Student Union Outing Club was founded on the University of Kentucky campus in 1949. Its pur- pose is to encourage outdoor activities among students and provide a varied program of events in this field. Dr. Carl Clark is faculty adviser. The first event of the year for the Outing Club was a boat cruise on the Kentucky river with forty mem- bers present. Other events included Sunday after- noon hikes to places of interest near Lexington, cave exploring, mountain climbing, and overnights on the Kentucky river. Officers: Skippie Youman, president, Ricki Cald- well, vice-president, Eloise Lorch, secretary, Nancy Allen Turman, treasurer. Members: Donna Adams, James Adkins, Joyce Ahmann, Barbara Ashbrook, Allenc Bach, Mary Jo Bach, Nancye Lou Ballard, Mary Sue Bell, Jonnye Bishop, Jean Blevins, Judy Boteler, Marjorie Bouton, Patricia Bowman, Glenn Bromagen, Gerald Browning, Roy V. Bunting, Johnny Burke, Stuart Car- penter, Ricki Caldwell, Jesse Caudill, Dave Chatwell, Connie Combs, Jane Combs, Bill Daugherty, Mary Eades, John D. Fisher, Bud Fletcher, Mary Lou Garver, Jimmy Graybill, Allen Grillot, Helen Gum, Jim Harris, K. K. Harris, Helene Hat- rison, Ken Hatfield, Joan Healy, Lil Hensler, Cynthia Hern- don, Pat Hoffman, Ralph Hovermale, Mary Ann Hullage, Bar- bara Hulett, Virginia Jennings, Joyce Jenny, W. R. Johnston, Bruce Kunkle, Virginia Kurz, David Linkous, Martha Tom Logan, Eloise Lorch, John Lorch, Martha Mason, Martha May, Marilyn McDonald, Virginia McFadden, Frances McGuire, Anna McNeill, Betty Menough, Al Meyers, Mary Ann Miley, Dorothy Mobley, Pat Mohlcy, Ruth E. Moore,'Martha Morgan, Betty Ann Myers, Ann Officer, Elaine Osburn, Clarence Purdee, Margaret Parker, Diane Parr, Nancy Paul, Lou Pitchford, Carolyn Rees, Marilyn Remmers, Ann Rezzonica, Harold Rice, Bob Robinson, Tom Sandidge, Sarah Schumann, Debbie Schwarz, Frank Scinta, Phyllis Scrivner, Eugene Scroggin, Emily Shelburn, Bill Simpson, Anna Siria, Rosanne Smith, Curtis Songster, Philip Spalding, Alan Steilberg, Ruth Stilz, J. R. Stivers, Marc R. Stone, Donna Sturdevan, James R. Sum- merlin, Sarah Ann Taylor, Margie Ann Thomas, Bill Thornton, Virginia Todd, Nancy Townsley, Nancy Allen Turman, Bill Valleau, Johnny Walker, Mary Wilkins, Skippie Youman. 'J' Glass, Barnhill, Student Union Board The Student Union Board sponsors the ac- tivities of the Student Union through its seven committees. These activities include Sweater Swings, informal student discussions, hikes, overnight camping trips, art exhibits, bridge lessons and tournaments, billiard tournaments, and ping pong tournaments. The seven committees and their chairmen were: Activities, Pat Hervey, Art and Poster, Joyce Miles, Coffee Chat, Ruth Sandner, House, Carol Milkeyg Publicity, Emma Belle Barnhill, and Sports, Corky Glass. Hervey, Miles, Dickson, Youmnn, Sanders Ollicers for the year were Stanley Dickson, president, Corky Class, vice-president, Ioyce Miles, secretary, and Ruth Sandner, treasurer. In order to be eligible for the Board, a stu- dent must render outstanding service on one of the committees, maintain a standing of at least 1.5 and be an upperclassman. All students are eligible for membership on one of the Student Union Committees. gg . Suk Roberts, Officer, Phillips, Campbell, Looney, Snodgrass, Renaker, Rose, Gash, Asher, Hardwick, Nutt, Lutz, Lorch, Ernst, Leathers Downing, Sahel, Watts, McGary, Anderson, G. Anderson, J. Gudgel, Conyers, Faulkner, Perkins, Calvert, Rott, Schnattcr, Wilson, King, Levas Gallivan, Hervey, Phelps, Hager, Dawkins, Fischer, Rezzonico, Cooksey, Kearby, Ahmnnn, Blumenthal, Matlock Suky, University of Kentucky pep organiza- tion, was formed in 1920. It is dedicated to organizing and increasing school spirit in the student body, and to giving active support to the University athletic program and main- taining the traditions of the campus. Member- ship is limited to fifty students and is based on a point system for a year's tryout period. Suky sponsors all pep rallies, the card sec- tions at football games, and Welcome and sendofi celebrations for athletic teams. The biggest event sponsored by Suky is the annual May Day parade, queen eoronation, and dance in the SUB. Officers: Evangelos Lcvas, president, Carol Milkey, vice-president, Jean Phelps, secretary, Louise Wil- hite, treasurer, and Bob Faulkner, try-out manager. Members: Joyce Ahmann, Glenna Anderson, Joyce Anderson, Neal Asher, Julia Blumenthal, Ronnie But- ler, Virginia Calvert, Nancy Campbell, Patsy Conyers, Eloise Cooksey, Ann Dawkins, Ann Downing, Martie Driskill, Jolm Ernest, John Faulkner, Bobby Finn, Janet Fischer, Elizabeth Fisher, Beth Galvin, Eleanor Gash Fothergill, Marie Goggin, Carl Gudgel, Jody Hager, Jean Hardwick, Pat Hervey, Marian Kerby, Marjorie King, Angel Levas, Audrey Looney, John Lorch, Jim Lyon, Peggy Matlock, Doris McGary, Pat Morrissey, Van Nutt, Ann Ofiicer, Carolyn Perkins, Jean Phelps, Mary Phillips, Diane Renaker, Ann Rez- zonico, John Roberts, Gene Rose, Peggy Sabel, Bob Schnatter, Gerry Snodgras, Annette Watts, Louise Wilhite, and Marilyn Wilson. Cheerleaders: Susan Druley, Beverly Hagan, Mary Ann Miley, Lois Smith, Red Leidner, E. T. Kash, Buddy Greco, and Ted Bennett. Cretel Groos Homecoming Queen Old King Cole May Day Float Attitude! U9 l Thornton, Burke, Cnudill, McKnight, Millcy, Bulkhead T wnslcy Shirley Hnrrls Ilondurnnt, Hudson, Elliott, Hartford, KLlly Blgstaff Gill Rohuts Rose Pvrlmix, Tindull, Fischer, Sullivvnt, Locke, Ruydcn, L Muulow lloydcn M 'looln Duttlhoff Abruhnm, llczzonico, Burke-r, Fauquier, Songstu Irullt C oggxn Smith L Johnson Troupers The University of Kentucky Troupers were organized on campus in 1940 to stimulate physical education activities and to introduce the people of Kentucky to the various activi- tics sponsored by the University of Kentucky physical education department. A 45' Lv, I 4-lil f Y' F 1 V F 4, 1 lux P w- " F 3 A f 1 1 9, E. 1 '-' ,fm ffl -N '. , g ight SEI 1 Eg, :fig ,Ni 3 rg w.- I, ,X 1, al V-'rd na. , 4 F " 44, i Qu , if ,,..,.,,,, V g.,'9E,.L eg? 11wf,efL ,I 5 LIFT? f '1 1 W xt' , A A. 'MHA' "'f.1 v x . ', ,M -G : " gif ' A ' y,a,f,, ' Jw - X, V .15 J xi 5 '.. , 15 I z: W, . - im 1 ' y y iff 3 Cagey Cooters Two-way stretch l Worriens Athletic Association The Women's Athletic Association sponsors the intramural series of sports for women on campus. These include hockey, basketball, swimming and volleyball. The WAA also sponsors two Play Days each year. One of these is for Fayette County high schools, and the other features all col- leges in Kentucky plus the University of Cin- cinnati. All women's sports trophies are pre- sented at the annual WAA banquet. WAA was founded on the University of Kentucky campus in 1922. Since then it has tried to encourage athletics for all undergrad- uate girls at UK and to develop a spirit of fair play, sportsmanship, and fellowship among the students. Officers for the year were: Marilyn Mc- Donald, presidentg Nancy Lilly, vice-presi- dentg Cissy Hatfield, secretaryg and Ann Mc- Dade, treasurer. Matlock, Tinsley, Vaughan, Wood, Villesvik, McIntosh, Gilb, Downing WhD'htFdWttBh c cr, aug, cry, or , ya , uc lit-xzonico, Payne, Crnwlcy, Tusscy, Hardwick, Combs, Stilz, Warton, McKinney Blue Marlin The Blue Marlins is a Womenis swimming group whose purpose is to promote interest in aquatics and syn- chronized swimming. Miss Jane Fink is their advisor. The club is divided into two groups -the Guppies or pledges and the Major Group. Tryouts are held in the fall to select new Guppies. A Guppie 192 becomes a member of the Major Group after she has participated in at least one Water show and certain re- quirements in aquatic skill. The main events of the year were the water show held in February, the UK intramural swimming meets for girls, and a banquet. The Blue Mar- lins also participated in Play Day. 6' Q fc. 0 A I m A AQA, af' '7 lx nf 1, K Q " 's a vw 'av-"Eff 1 "' ,IE 2 K5 L41-.25 ' -A 'S A . N- A " -tv +---mi' 'iw M A- , 1 f' 1 . N , hh ,.-, sg.. Amr ly t.. Q J! v I V 4 A l y K R V- '.ignM-.. 1 , I I Y I -x V, V Q In 4-WY' N V W . any ' ' ' - niwsus-.R-,,,,m 'S .Rr , , Aw-, 13 1, 410 .L 6 .tn--K., 3 3- 'X Y iii an, Qu ki. ' Wa.. A , T' V fi? K' P' 5 ' , , .. -.. sg -m A ,5 X '-Lf" 2794? " 'H' N' 7153, " ' Jani, , ' Q.. mA k5N . ln, ' ' mqwu 'F a ..3...-Hhs If Q, Sy, au Sigma fl i ,ZS ,fygrgl-w , XWww'wff:'ff:gf'f'w1' Q f K flfi,-,Ma .W ...E M- , A , Z, X, .nwafaii Cgfg, Qiy :,, 5, F' W' " 'Wie 1 '- 1Mw f:f x"SM,fg?3't'E? fri lrtrv K , 75 A 'lliff s -wi A 4, Q if x Z qg Vffhl A 11- RELIGIOUS GRUUPS Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union CBSUQ is the connecting link between the University stu- dent and a Baptist church in his college com- munity. The BSU Center, "your home away from homef' is located just across from the Cirls' Dormitories at 371 South Limestone St. The BSU seeks to coordinate the religious activities and to promote the spiritual devel- opment of the Baptist students in the Univer- sity of Kentucky. The over-all program is planned by an Executive Council that is elected annually. Some of the regular features of the BSU program are: Noonday devotions Monday- Friday at 12:00-12:15, three BSU choirs Cregular, boys, and girlsj, Christmas Coffee, Spring Banquet, Ridgecrest, numerous fellow- ships, girls, and boys, intramural sports, pro- visions for ping pong, badminton, cooking, etc. at the Center. In BSU, the student finds not only a place of friendship and fellowship but also a place of service to Cod and to his fellow man. The Baptist Student Union was founded at Baylor University in 1920 and was installed on campus on December 14, 1981. Faculty advisor is Sherman Vanaman, Ir. Officers for the year were Bill Dawson, president, Bob Amis and Betty Batson, vice- presidents, Martha Carter, secretary, and Roy Hamilton, treasurer. Q E -t C7 Ny L 4'- X ff.. Cousins, Copeland, Shine. Tudor, Ford Meyers, Fryman, Jones, Smith, Ilorton Shine, Shumaker, Steilberg. Head. Slagcl, Sturdr-van anterbury Club The Canterbury Club, Episcopal Student Organiza- tion, was founded at New York State Teachers Col- lege in 1918. It was installed on campus in 1945 and is under the guidance of Rev. W. D. Smith. Fac- ulty advisor is Mr. Arnold Blackburn. Officers for the year were Robert H. Steilbcrg, president, Albert L. Meyers and Daniel Gene Tudor, vice-presidents, Elaine Shumaker, secretaryg Charles E. Ford, treasurer. The group meets every Sunday night at 6:00 for slipper and a program at the Church of the Good Shepherd. Other activities throughout the year in- clude fall and spring retreats, Lenten tea forums, socials, and a spring and fall hike. Holy Communion is given each Tuesday morning in the Interfaith Cha- pel at the Student Union Building. The purpose of the Canterbury Club is to promote a better understanding of the faith and practice of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. Members: Charles C. Bastin, Norval R. Copeland, Robert S. Cousins, Margaret Crudden, Charles E. Ford, Betty Carol Fryman, George A. Ilead, Marvin B. Horton, Susan A. Hottel, Glenn lloehstrasser, Bar- bara T. jones, XVilliam C. Laverty, Albert L. Meyers, Ainslec Pearce, Robert Pollett, Nancy Riddle, George F. Scarborough, Karen B. Shine, Lee C. Shine, Elaine Sbumaker, Donald E. Slagel, Robert Il. Stcilbcrg, Frank F. Taylor, Mary G. Taylor, Daniel Gene Tudor, Caroline E. Turner. and 1 'U nu Q Q1 'Hs 1 VD' Xl lil... Reece, Harris, jones, Kirby, Howard, Beard, Sellards, Daugherty Highfield, Adams, Carter, Shaw, Asch, Thompson, Taylor, Moore, Jones Coeanougher, Foster, Wykes, Kirby, Akers, Walters, Shaw Rowland, Popp, Williams, Millers, Inglc, Loveland Disciple Student Fellowship Disciples of Christ Student Fellowship was founded December, 1947, in Lawrence, Kansas. The local chapter, Disciples Student Fellowship, is affiliated with the Central Christian Church. Staff advisors in- clude Mr. Lyle D. Sellards, Director of Student Ac- tivities, Dr. Leslie R. Smith, Minister, Mr. Gentry A. Shelton, Minister of Education and Music. Activities include retreats, cabinet and committee meetings, parties, study and prayer groups, and serv- ice projects. Ollicers for the year were Harry Carter, president, Dale Robinson and Beverly Shaw, vice- presidentsg Mary Iane Kirby, recording secretary, june Loveland, corresponding secretary, Paul Shaw, treasurer, Norma Devine and VVayne Carroll, Inter- Failh representatives. The DSF is for all Christian Church students who desire to keep their Christian faith central in their educational experience. Members: Eddie Adams, Anna It-an Akers, Pauline Allen, Walter Anderson, Albert Asch, Mary Ann Ashmore, Nicl Barry, Jr., Paul Beard, Doris Bentley, Betty Ann Bishop, Bette Blakemore, Dean Bottrell, Peggy Brandenburg, Beverly Brown- ing, Bobbie Browning, Sophia Burgin, Alice Callahan, Wayne Carroll, Harry Carter, Billy Clark, Jane Clark, Mildred Joyce Clark, Jane Cocanougher, Bobby Wayne Cook, Betty Coomer, John Crowdcn, Lois Dale, Betty Lou Daugherty, Clayton Daugherty, David Robert, Norma Devine, Alberta Elkins, Betty Ellis, Barbara Featherston, Lo Ann Fields, Mary Foster, Bonnie Gibson, Charles Highfield, Archie Howard, Peggy Ilumbert, Margaret Ingle, Willie Jackson, Ellen Karnes, Rich- ard King, Arthur Kirby, John Kirby, Mary Jane Kirby, Pat Knadler, janet Kohl, Carolec Kurtz, Bobby LeMnrr, Nancy Lick- ert, Joanne Loekenour, June Loveland, Ann Lutes, Morton MeAnally, Patsy MeCutchen, Joyce McGuire, Randel Martin, Judy Miller, Malcolm Miller, Roy Miller, Margaret Myers, Phoebe Nelins, Carolyn Oliver, Everett Pfanstiel, Carolyn Popp, Alice Porter, Robert Bruce Poundstone, Ierry Reece, Peggy Redd, George Dale Robinson, Ruth Rowland, George Ryals, Lillian Safely, Beverly Shaw, Paul Shaw, Emily Shelburne, John Simmons, Harold Ray Smith, Leslie Smith, Ir., Stanley Smith, Ann Snyder, Ben Stapleton, Barbara Storm, Martha Tarpley, Larry Taylor, Jo Anne Thomas, Edward Thompson, Margaret Thompson, Cecil Upchurch, Laura Vance, Iohn Vos- burgh, Cecilia Ann Walters, Ioyee Walters, Barbara Jean Watts, Maurice Webber, Barbara Weesner, Gloria Wiggins, Katherine Williams, Barbara Wilson, John Paul Witte, Ann Peyton Young. A L Freshmen Y Upperclass Fellowship Roth, Tiller, Levy, Abraham, DuBow, Frankel, Frost, Mayer, Bond, Carroll, Cole Clickstcin, Sonnubr-nd, Goldberg, C.. Wishnin, Goldberg, K., Travis, Shuikun, Ruby, Iossclson, Bullows, Cohen, I acohscn Bcdcrnmn. Nz-wman, Golclfarb, Stone, Davis, Blumenthal Hillel Foundation Hillel Foundation was organized on the University of Kentucky campus in 1938 to bring an educational, social and cultural pro- gram to the Jewish students on campus. Hillel meets twice a month at Temple Adath Israel. Meetings are held on Sunday evenings. Throughout the year, Hillel pre- sents religious services, noon-day forum lunches, and other programs of interest. Ivan Goldfarb is president of the Hillel Foundation. Other Officers are Sanford Bed- erman, vice-president, Sonia Stone, secretary, and Sue Newman, treasurer. Rabbi Maurice Davis is advisor for the group. The Newman Club was founded at the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania in 1893 and was in- stalled on campus in 1914. Its purpose is to promote and foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social activities among the Catholic stu- dents on campus. Faculty advisor is Mr. Paul Oberst. Olli- cers for the year were Olin Gentry, president, Betty jo Kelley, vice-president, Carol Gudgel, Newman lub secretary, James McDonald, treasurer, Iody Terney, historian. The Newman Club sponsors numerous so- cial aflfairs including several picnics during the year as well as one of the largest dances on campus, the Mardi Gras Ball. Every third Sunday of the month the Club attends Mass in a body at the 9:20 Mass at Christ the King Church, and this is followed by a Breakfast in the school cafeteria. Owens, Buick, Stewart, Meriman, Ressenfoss, Ising, McGullen, Ginocchis, Coffman, Dolan, Sutherland, Sweiter- man, Anderson, Vandevelde, Shircliff, Carter Fehr, Butler, Schmitt, Elsncr, McAnallen, Spalding, Hutchinson, Parker, Bean, Rust, Winn, Rutmnycr, Looney, Averill, Sharp, Weher, Francis, Ilesshig, Heilim: Barnoth, Ritter, Walton, Donovan, Terncy, Gudgcl, Gentry, Kelly, McDonald, Wetherby, Crossland, Houlehan, Stiernan, Mulcahy Shouse, Leeds, Carroll, Bowman, Gentry, Marquis, Notaro, Stoeckinger, Elder, McDonald, Swieterxnan, Keller, Wesscl, Bcclcr ,,., Phalanx M Holtzclaw Wright, Perry, Shadoan, W., Cole, Hudson, Shadoan, G., Morris, Prather Noglcy, Jones, M., Nletherton, jones, R., Carpenter, Profitt, Brabant, Schnatter, Ireland, Harrison, Jones, B. Young, Wnlkcr, Copeland, Schrader, Jones, B., Ilcxront, Brannon, Kane, Peak Phalanx fraternity was founded as a branch of the YMCA at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in 1921. Peak chapter was installed on the UK campus in 1943. Its purpose is to unite young men in cooperative effort to practice and to extend Christian standards and ideals. Bart N. Peak is the faculty adviser. Phalanx meets at noon on Tuesday each week. Their projects for the year include the Easter Lily sale for aid to crippled children, weekly trips to entertain the boys at Green- dale school for boys, programs at the Good Samaritan Hospital, the Crippled Childrens Home, and Cardinal Hill Hospital. 202 Officers for the year were Iames jones, president, james Rexroat, vice-president, Nor- val R. Copeland, secretary, George Schrader, treasurer. Members: I. Altmiller, L. Barnett, I. Bishop, T Brabant, I. Brannon, C. Campbell, S. Carpenter, K Cole, N. Copeland, M. France, K. Glass, I. Harrison I. Holtzclaw, I. Hudson, I. Ireland, R. Jones, M Jones, I. Jones, W. Jones, E. Kane, J. Kelly, I. Morris C. Ncglcy, H. Netherton, C. Palmer, J. Perry, T Prather, I. Proffitt, I, Ilcxroat, G. Schrader, E Schreiner, B. Schualter, G. Shadoan, W. Shadoan, R Walker, I. Wright, W. White, R. Young. YWC abinet Miller, Fitch, Hobgood, Edwnrds, Youmnn, Hubbard, Mnggnrd, Bartlett, Bnrnhill Pcnk, Rice, Young, Hu Lnttu, Devine, Snnford, Short YMCA abinet Carter, Wnlkcr, Holtzclnw, Doyle, Lewis, Ernst, Jones dson, Brnnnon, Proffitt, Watson, Boggcss, Barker, jones, Ncthcrton 46 , ., . af :XA 4' X ' e, fi ' a 54-W -1 M lid, 'jg I .V f 5 W. 3' 6 F 'Q gi, 1' L f , ,., wav.. X 'S' rx W? Concert Band The 1958 Concert Band numbered 92 mem- bers. It made its annual spring tour from Feb- ruary 26 to March 2. On this tour the band appeared in Louisville, Owensboro, Paducah, Bowling Green, Glasgow, Lebanon, and Nash- ville, Tennessee. This group also made numerous civic ap- pearances, including Founder's Day, Bacca- laureate, Commencement, Kentucky Educa- tion Association, Kentucky Derby, and South- eastern Kentucky Music Festival. It appeared in a formal Sunday afternoon Musicale on May 17th. Warren Lutz was Director, Albert Asch, President, Bob Cooke, Vice-President, and Arthur Salutsky, Treasurer. 205 Choristers i lflfl J , 3, I 0, lllllllllllllfll ,I S , if University Choristers was founded at the University of Kentucky in 1932. Mrs. Mil- dred Sinclair Lewis is Director. Members: Anna Jean Akers, Betsy Baesler, Anne Wynn Barker, Joyce Blair, Anita Daniel, Lucy Jane Dunagen, Betty Lynn Farris, Shir- ley Fauquier, Normaglen Fields, Patricia Her- ren, Sally Hoffman, Ann Huddleston, Anita Hurst, Gail Jennings, Charlotte Lambert, Mary Lanter, Joan McGee, Carol Milkey, 206 ALJ Eloise Roberts, Mary Carolyn Schenck, Bet- ty Shaw, Carolyn Siler, Joan Skaggs, Jo Anne Thomas, Carolyn Turner, Sarah Utterback, Barbara Watson, John Biggerstaff, Wallace Briggs, Harry Carter, James Lee Crawford, Bryson Curry, Kenneth Hake, Gus Kalos, Aimo Kiviniemi, James Moore, Chants Neal, John Brooks Pitman, William Ralph, John Roberts, John Veach Rogers, Max Smith, Charles Taylor, Howard Tilson, William Twaddell, James Woodward. l Men's Clee Club The Men's Glee Club was founded at the University of Kentucky in 1918 for the pur- pose of furthering good music on the campus. Donald Schott was secretary for the year, and Donald Boone and Carlos Van Valey were librarians. The director of the organization is Iames King. Members: Charles Adams, Robert E. Amis, Iohn Allen Berkwith, Donald Boone, George E. Bugg, Donald I. Cooper, Russell Hibbs, Earl Jones, Frank jones, james Moore, Harry Perkins, jack Perry, Jeff Ray, Ronald T. Rey- nolds, John Roberts, Donald Schott, Marvin Suit, Carlos Van Valey, James Woodward, Tom Smith, Fred Sears. 207 Mixed Chorus The University Mixed Chorus, directed by founded in 1950, with membership open to Aimo Kiviniemi, presented Handel's Messiah all students, faculty, staff, and townspeople in- for their winter concert in Memorial Coliseum. terested in performing outstanding choral lit- The Mixed Chorus is a group which was erature. Womenls Glee Club The University W0men's Glee Club was group presents a concert every spring in formed in order that non-music majors could Memorial Hall as one of the University Musi- participate in a choral organization. The cales. Miss Virginia Lutz is the director. Symphony Orchestra y ,ii i wunuuw'-v The University Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1918 to provide a Iine orchestral music for the campusg to give students an op- portunity to participate in the performance of great musicg to train music majors in this 210 fieldg and to allow interested persons in the community the opportunity to participate in a symphony orchestra. Dr. Edwin E. Stein is the conductor. WEB? an 66 1- Q r I -1--f MILITARY my , 2 , W Q ' an 'f ' Q61 L g 2 'T , L if I I W mtv xg J, " g Q ' ' if Q V W lv W I I x ' I an ,,.. aux , . 5 1 ui! QA AB y X31 X3 14, ' 'Nw 9' 1 ,N' - J 7' 1.4 1 Ii Pi 'wx . 74- :Q Q 5 -Lg... W Q C O O 10 U !' Q, ll l O 0 J my ,qw U. W xx, -.. ' kfrw 'X x'txX Cx Sr ' i , 'N 'W ' - - -1. 3, ., E ff s. ff In " R gg. 1 ,. 1 I ,. 1 Q is -.. VN . I 4 ' 0 . I ,K new 0 O W f . A , ' n s f Y , 3 N k fvww -X' . My xx. .l -1 - . :Q , Q 1- U X 19 i 3. K ' 4 A 1 J, if X Mauser, Roberts, Green, Williamson, Adamson Smock, Levas, White, Vance, McGee, Proffitt, Amato, Alexander Burton, Nichols, Coleman, Catlett, Sparks, Riddle, Hastings, Major Hatcher Arnold Air Societ The Arnold Air Society, Senior AF ROTC Honorary, was founded in 1947 at the Uni- versity of Cincinnati. The local chapter, Gen- eral Albert M. Woody Squadron, was installed on campus in 1948. Major Walter M. Hatcher, jr., is the faculty advisor, and Colonel Edward C. Davis is an honorary member. OfHcers for the year were Louis E. Catlett, Squadron Commander, Cul- lie 1. Sparks, Executive Otlicer, john C. Nichols, Adjutant, Lawrence R. Riddle, Fi- nance Ofiiecrgbj. Carroll Hastings, Operations Officer, Morris E. Burton, Publications Officer. The purpose of the Arnold Air Society is to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the Air Force as it pertains to the ROTC program. Members: Douglas A. Adamson, Morris E. Burton, Louis E. Catlett, .Malcolm A. Cole, I. Ward Coleman, J. Carroll llastings, Henry Maeser, John C. Nichols, John R. Proffitt, Lawrence R. Riddle, Napoleon M. Smoek, Robert G. White, Charles R. WVhalin, Ken- neth 1. McGee, Cullie J. Sparks, Charles ll. Camp- bell, Anthony J. Amato, Evangelos Levas, Don I. Williamson, Fred Bradley, Louis ll. Green, Henry Moss, and Jack R. Roberts. Y 4 5 is ! 5 i l s Pershing Rifles Q Pershing Rifles was founded at the University of Nebraska in 1894. Company C-1 was installed on campus in 1921. Faculty advisor is Lt. Col. Hun- gate. Jo Ann Shelton was chosen sponsor and Hon- orary Captain this year. Captain was Capt. Lee Congleton, Executive, lst Lt. Robert Arnold, Social Chairman, 2nd Lt. Morris Burton, Treasurer, 2nd Lt. Henry Grall, PIO Ollicer, 2nd Lt. Morton Fry, Supply Officer, 2nd Lt. A. K. Linvilleg lst Sgt. George Shadoan. The purpose of Pershing Rifles is to encourage, pre- serve, and develop the highest ideals of the military profession, to promote American citizenship, to create a closer and more efficient relationship, and to pro- vide appropriate recognition of a high degree of mili- tary ability among the cadets of the several senior Reserve Oflicers Training Corps units of the govern- ment. Seniors: M. Alexander, R. E. Arnold, M. E. Burton, I. W. Coleman, L. Congleton, D. A. Delaney, M. S. Fry, F. E. Galloway, H. I. Grall, F. R. Guthrie, T. F. Hutzler, A. K. Lin- ville, J. Mayer, I. Poage, J. Rcxroat, L. W. Neville, C. Whalin, L. M. Wills. i i 4 i 2 Juniors: B. C. Burleson, J. D. Butler, D. I. Cooper, J. A. Carter, G. Caudill, E. L. Conders, B. R. Engle, R. I. Finn, I. NV. Fust, M. H. Franck, G. R. Giles, J. B. Hall, S. D. Hutcherson, R. E. Johnson, I. C. Leachman, F. C. Maggard, D. W. McC1anahan, W. C. Mudd, R. E. Prichard, D. W. Ryles, J. Steinburg, C. H. Walters, B. J. Yeiser, I. Yonkos. Sophomores: D. L. Adams, R. B. Adams, D. Baulch, K. F. Burns, W. I. Clark, O. B. Clore, R. Crisp, R. E. Croft, M. M. Dickson, A. A. Dusing, W. H. Eddy, R. W. Field, R. S. Fraser, C. K. Harris, K. K. Harris, G. N. Hart, J. L. Head, W. G. Martin, I. I. McGee, F. R. Mclrlargue, I. O. Merchant, G. W. Newton, W. T. Perkins, P. R. Reynolds, R. I. Schmit, W. E. Schriener, G. W. Shadoan, W. L. Shadoan, R. D. Shockey, I. T. Taylor, I. W. Taylor, D. W. Thomas, L. K. Tower, C. E. Turner, R. F. Wachs, A. Wallace, I. T. Walton, I. C. Whittenburg, J. K. Wills, R. E. Jones. Pledges: H. Asher, R. Ballard, L. R. Griffin, W. Blount, Neville, R. Abraham, D. Adams, L. Aiken, N. Britt, B. Baldwin, I. Cross, W. Cole, T. Dowell, A. Birmingham, R. Florence, R. Finly, D. Hisle, E. Hall, I. Hicks, K. Hatfield, A. Harmon, K. Harris, D. Larrimore, B. Goraham, R. Pack, E. Jones, K. Lucas, R. Ladenburger, S. Mareum, A. McFee, G. Horn, E. Phanstiel, L. Massey, B. Macklin, B. Lane, Newman, I. Perrine, R. Reynolds, H. Rice, C. Stevenson, R. Scott, R. Sympson, C. Sturgill, W. Schorch, Schur, Shelton, C. Neal, I. Teague, Wilson, D. Young, R. Hudson, ,H. Prather, E. Trichman, I. Partin, H. Tipton, B. Hardin, A. Barnes, D. Cannon, Hampton, H. Jaggers, H. Wooten, J. Harbor. 1 .rv as ' ' 'X .N ,,. 1 . . '. 4 .AIS .AW . k - -' ,i ' "3Q.mli-fl .- - Q rs .I Q., .gms K Q A Q 2. -l 5 Buckner, Bullock, Proffitt, Greene, Weicr, Robertson Al l , Morrison, Nicho 9, Linville, Vh ll, th . UXIHK Cl' ' l. ' '.X nil Gu rie Moore, Stevens, Dowden, Amnto, Perry, Adamson Seahhard and Blade Scabbard and Blade, an honorary military fraternity for advanced military students, was founded in 1904 at the University of Michi- gan. Company D, Fourth Regiment was in- stalled at the University of Kentucky in 1923. Membership in Scabbard and Blade re- quires a 2.0 standing in military. Officers: Capt. John Nichols, president, lst Lt. Frank Guthrie, vice-president, lst Sgt. Charles Whalin, secretary, and 2nd Lt. A. K Linville, treasurer. Members: D. Adamson, F. F. Bradley, C E. Burton, F. R. Guthrie, H. Macser, I. Nich- ols, L. Riddle, L. Weier, M. Alexander, A. M. Buckner, D. R. Dowden, P. D. Holleman, R. D. Moore, I. Perry, I. S. Robertson, C. R. Whalin, A. J. Amato, W. G. Bullock, H. T. Greene, A. K. Linville, R. B. Morrison, J. Proffitt, R. T. Stevens, and D. J. Williamson. S xii Q Alpha Gamma Delta First Place-Women's Division All-Campus Sing Baptist Student Union First Place--Men's Division Wd so fa ,w ox'-u 1 fi E ,New A 1' 0 'ck ly 'Q. : L AM A v'jlf'llls4: wijg-iyaiof' 91015211 v9 X ' 4? . , A' " fs' .. .Q, WJ? Pb 0 kfgi fgs M - ffLg2,g'!1 'Qog. 'X , 1 -1,7 . in A L' ,,s5.1,,.:,1. P 6:5 iq. in - 74 fl .SF ffy5h:T'tQ6-g, ,Jw ,N Qi rv" 55 MQW? My A 9. Hsfr' S,' AW. .A ,F .ci v5 52 K 'Q QZBT5 U 6' xx 4. mm- ' QWXNU wmwhyf M , V ,lk A Q? Q fp. WN .wx www 'Fx . ns ,wwf ,, .aw- , 4 In-,Q Q LQ .N .ex if it Interfraternlt ouncll f 218 Rv:- Morris, Smith, Robertson, Browning, Holleman, Martin, Neel, Jones, Lawson, Nichols, Wash, Palmer, Roe, Cam bell Gardn r Scherer D - 0 i Proffitt, Riddle, Glasseock, Linville, Delaney, Baughman, Rawlings, Walters, Goltermann, Snyder, Cocnnougher, Rodgers, Meyer, Copeland The Interfraternity Council is organized to discuss and act upon matters concerning fra- ternities in general and to act as a medium between the University administration and the fraternities. The organization was formed on the Uni- versity of Kentucky campus in 1928. Faculty advisor is Dean A. D. Kirwan. Officers: George Lawson, president, Don Richard- son, vice-president, John Nichols, secretary, and Rob- ert Jones, treasurer. Members: Jerald Bass, Zeta Beta Tau, John Baugh- man, Kappa Alpha, James Boggess, Phi Kappa Tau, Donald Butler, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Stuart Carpenter, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tony Cocanougher, Alpha Gamma Rho, Norval Copeland, Phi Sigma Kappa, Edward Cunningham, Alpha Sigma Phi, Robert David, Alpha Sigma Phi, Donald Dowden, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Eu- gene DuBow, Zeta Beta Tau, Robert Dumas, Delta Chi, Ronald Farney, Triangle, Jess Gardner, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Carter Glass, Sigma Chi, T. I. Glass- cock, Phi Kappa Tau, Kurt Goltermann, Kappa Sig- ma, Paul Holleman, Delta Tau Delta, Robert Jones, Alpha Gamma Rho, A. K. Linville, Triangle, Jack McDonald, Phi Delta Theta, T. Y. Martin, Delta Tau Delta, Henry Meyer, Sigma Chi, John Morris, Alpha Tau Omega, Henry Neel, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Charles Palmer, Kappa Alpha, William Price, Delta Chi, John Proffitt, Sigma Nu, Philip Rawlings, Lambda Chi Alpha, Lawrence Riddle, Sigma Nu, John Robertson, Farm House, Dale Robinson, Phi Delta Theta, John A. Rogers, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Hugh Roe, Pi Kappa Alpha, Gary Smith, Phi Sigma Kappa, Hugh Smith, Alpha Tau Omega, William Snyder, Kappa Sigma, Philip Walters, Lambda Chi Alpha, William Wash, Farm House, and Paul J. Wright, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Panhellenic Council W H Strode, Roberson, Moore, Buckley, Cano, Steele, Henslee Boster G ldbcrg Hnseldcn Cones Reynolds Ward Blumen hal , o , , , . , Y McKinney, Pollitte, Toombs, Sandusky, Simmons, Gum The Panhellenic Council is composed of two representatives from each social sorority on the campus. Its purpose is to foster co- operation and observance of social rules and to encourage high scholarship and good will among sorority women. Officers for the year were Mary Io Rey- nolds, president, Mary Evelyn Pollitte, vice- president, Marolyn Steele, secretary, Lucy Ward, treasurer. Dean Sarah B. Holmes and Miss jane Haselden are faculty advisers. Members: Norma Boster, Alpha Gamma Delta, Betty Buckley, Delta Delta Delta, Edith Cones, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sally Gano, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kay Goldberg, Phi Sigma Sigma, Helen Gumm, Delta Zeta, Myra Henslee, Alpha Xi Delta, Marty McKinney, Al- pha Gamma Delta, Julia Minor, Chi Omega, Betty Neblitt, Zeta Tau Alpha, Pat Moore, Chi Omega, Sue Newman, Phi Sigma Sigma, Zoe Parker, Kappa Alpha Theta, Mary Evelyn Pollitte, Delta Delta Delta, Mary Io Reynolds, Alpha Delta Pi, June Sandusky, Kappa Delta, Sylvia Simmons, Delta Zeta, Virginia Rober- son, Alpha Delta Pi, Marilyn Steele, Alpha Xi Delta, Mary Stroud, Kappa Alpha Theta, Lou Toombs, Kappa Delta, Lucy Ward, Kappa Kappa Gamma. The year of 1952-1958 was a gay and event- ful one for the Alpha Delta Pi's. Studies, ac- tivities, and parties kept their lovely house on Rose Street humming. With a dessert bridge, the group introduced their new chaperon, Mrs. Fred Haagensen of Madisonville, Ken- tucky. Mrs. Haagensen, who arrived com- plete with mascot, Susie the collie, is a wel- come addition to their home. The chapter is proud of their members se- lected for outstanding campus honors. Ricki Caldwell was chosen Dream Girl of Sigma Phi Epsilon while Evelyn Baker was named "Lit- tle Sister" to Alpha Gamma Rho. Barbara Leet was attendant to the Kentuckian Queen and alternate to the Mardi Gras Queen. Members who received special honors this year were: Carol Dorton, Jody Terney, Judy Henry, and Kathy Fryer who were pledged to Theta Sigma Phi, Eleanor Gash who was pledged to Phi Beta, Jane Ann Stockton and Carolyn Carter who were named to Alpha Lambda Delta, Elaine Shumaker who was chosen by Eta Sigma Phi, Ernestine Huston who was pledged to Phi Alpha Theta, Virginia Roberson who received the Chi Omega Eco- nomics Award, Dianne McKaig who was ap- pointed to the Kentucky Law Journal staff, Geneal Peterson who was selected by Phi Beta as their outstanding woman, and Judy Lester who received top honors in the nation in the Rural Youth Speech Contest. A ljiha Delta ,vp -i f -fe ' GF: hi' yr' "' 5 " Q fi! . it if - QE? 'Wg 4A QW! ms nv, G? ia? in 0 9 Outstanding ADPi's in campus activities were Judy Henry and Carol Dorton, editor and assistant editor of the K-Book. Mary Jo Reynolds presided over Panhellenic and Em- ma Bell Barnhill served on the Y Cabinet and the Student Union Board. Jane Ann Stockton served as secretary of S.G.A. Mary Ann Miley was elected UK cheerleader and Ann Oflicer was admitted to SUKY. Anna Franklin Siria, Barbara White, Gail Carmichael and Jean Morrison were pledged to Tau Sigma and Judy Henry served as business manager. Not to be forgotten are the Christmas Buf- fet and the annual spring formal at the Lex- ington Country Club. Alpha Delta Pi was founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, in 1851. Beta Psi, one of 80 chapters, was installed at the University of Kentucky December 7, 1941. Blue and white are the sorority colors, the violet is the flower. Officers: Virginia Roberson, president, Judy Henry, vice- president, Phyllis Hart, secretary, Ernestine Huston, treasurer. Members: Emma Bell Barnhill, Dorothy Blackwell, Ros- anne Caldwell, Gail Carmichael, Barbara Dearien, Carol Dor- ton, Peggy Duncan, Peggy Ellis, Eleanor Gash, Anna Lee Haines, Phyllis Hart, Joyce Harrison, Judy Henry, Ernestine Huston, Virginia Jennings, Barbara Leet, Judy Lester, Jane Lewis, Suzanne McCamey, Anne Officer, Joanne Ramsey, Mary Jo Reynolds, Susan Schimmel, Eleanor Shelton, Elaine Shu- maker, Jane Ann Stockton, Jody Terney, Doris Trossky, Pa- tricia Watlington, Peggy Wheeler, Barbara White. Pledges: Shirley Beckman, Jean Blevins, Sophia Burgen, Carolyn Carter, Ann Everly, Anne Fraser, Kathy Fryer, Peggy Gibson, Evelyn Hartlet, Marianne Jones, Ellen Karnes, Martha Mason, Jo Ann Menne, Ann Meyers, Mary Ann Miley, Jean Morrison, Patricia Preston, Rosalie Redding, Marilyn Remmers, Margaret Santon, Patsy Shaw, Joan Shearer, Anna Franklin Siria, Lois Sweiterman, Joan Wilkerson, Lynn Wolf, Ann Young. -s iran 1 :vs S all - ss K J Q A" may 5: 1 ' r A ilu- n 5 Xi K. 5 '7 . - i ix , 'll ..?.'f"' ,A A l ,, N ag- 'ii-7 . 755 'Sa' "' if fp or ' ff ,gi 4 r . 3' ww X W 1' 1 ,UN 1 5 W is .2 ..f"' A is W La N L ifi wr'sw.K N- , '-if , X , ve. I -Q 1. i er, - so , A A.. , - ..: - - fe- Q Q 5 n r eff , Y dl 'X I A ll , s 1 M X Q Q W A ,X ,N Y , Nu' ,sf new r A 2 rf r fr ,L , N , 1 Q me 1 5 25- "T gs ' I, N K .i IZ. - S W 8- 4, A in . l SM l- ' ' ' It ' ' v," h, I s. - if X51 ll Blevins Cmldwell Carmichael, Carter Bnrnhill, Beckmnn, Blnokwe , , . , Dearicn, Ellis, Everly, Fraser, Gibson, Harrison, Hart Henry, Huston, Jennings, Lester, Leet, Lewis, Mnson Mennc, Miley, Morrison, Myers, MeC:uncy,,McKuig, Officer Puce, Redding, Remmers, Reynolds, Hoberson, Snnten, Shaw Shelton, Shumnker, Sirin, Stockton, Swictermnn, Terney, Troskey Warren, Wutlington, Wheeler, White, Wilkerson, Wolf wifaq mf The Alpha Gam's won the trophy for the best sorority house on campus. They also won first place for their May Day float last spring. "Two-Lanes to De-Feet" won second place for them in the Homecoming contest. Alma Jo Atkins was chosen first attendant to the Pershing Rifles Sponsor. Several members were outstanding in cam- pus activities. Marilyn Farmer was president of Phi Upsilon Omicron, treasurer of the House President's Council, vice-president of the League of Women Voters, and a member of Mortar Board. Marilyn Youman was presi- dent of the Outing Club and a member of Phi Sigma Iota. Janet Clarke and Jean Hard- wick were members of Phi Beta and Tau Sig- ma, and Janet was vice-president of Tau Sig- ma. Fay McReynolds was a member of Eta Sigma Phi and Norma Boster was Business Manager of the Kentucky Law Journal. Vir- ginia Calvert and Lucy Barriger were mem- bers of Cwens. The first chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was founded in 1904 at Syracuse University. The sorority was installed on this campus in 1908. The sorority colors are red, buff, and green, the Howers are red and buff roses. 2? P , J ,kf hd Gamma Delta M27 A Aafg Mar a Oflicers: Norma Boster, president, Mary Blanton Williams, vice-president, B etty Wheeler, recording secretary, Mary Ann Bar- nett, corresponding secretaryg Joan Claasen, treasurer. Members: Allene Bach, Mary Ann Barnett, Lucy Barriger, Carol Bonnell, Norma Boster, Pat Bowman, Ruth Breitenstein, Virginia Cal- vert, Pat Carter, Jan Clarke, Joan Claassen, Vyvyan Combs, Jacke Cottom, Jane Dauss- man, Marlene Farmer, Marilyn Garrison, Jean Grant, Peggy Gray, Mary Ann Grillot, Jean Hardwick, Jo Harris, Jeannette Kracht, Betty Latimer, Mary Rush Lynch, Martha McKin- ney, Faye McReynolds, Carolyn Smith Per- kins, Ruth Stilz, Jackie Theobald, Margaret Ann Wanless, Betty Wheeler, Mary Blanton Williams, Donna Sturdevan, Marilyn Youman. Pledges: Alma Jo Atkins, Barbara Bode- mueller, Greta Boswell, Nancy Crockett, Caro- line Croft, Delores Cummins, Susan Daniels, Pat Fletcher, Betty Frentz, Pat Gray, Barbara Hale, Marvin Horton, Barbara Hulett, Jill Jus- tice, Elizabeth Kemper, Shirley McCubbin, Marilyn McKnight, Ama McNeil, Anita Myers, Francis Nave, Janice Oaks, Sallie O'Bryan, Margaret Parker, Rosanne Smith, Carleen Schneider, Joanne Sims, Margie Thomas, Gayle Tackett, Joy Wilson, Ann Wenninger. I Q- 1' '45 .2 i. :. bv' W ix 4 ,,. Q1 - 'F i 4. H ,Q 5 tk l K sw - as as M 1. . ' X 'KX 1 fi- 4 9 lg 'CT' th Q'-f 'Cf X , ,- NK fv- 2 I+. ,E- . N m Q iv Q gg 'fi' A 1: Q l ., ..,. 'E f ' , ar- K7 'X J: .A + , 'l' J 2, L Q J Nix A S- Q - .fb YS' 'T Kat.- Y' f" A '4 , To ,K no ii.. . , .V vw - QXW 9 ' , T' at f ' , . 2' A . fm -if ,, l Q. g. Atkins, Burnett, Bnrrigur, Youmun, Ilodcmullvr Donnell, Bostvr Boswell, Bowman, llrcih-:ish-i11, Cnlvvrt, Clmissvn, Clnrkc, Cmnlms Cottom, Crockett, Croft, Cummins, Dania-l, Furmm-r, Flctcln-r Garrison, Grunt, Put Gray, Pvggzy Gruy, Grillot, Hardwick, Ilnrris Hulctt, Justice, Kc-inpvr, Kmcht, Latinu-r, Lynch, McCuhhin McKinnz-y, McKnight, McNeill, Mcllcynolds, Navc, Oaks, Pawkvr Patton, Penn, Perkins, Sclnwilli-r, Smith, Stilz, Tuckvtt Thomas, Wnnlcss, Wcnningur, Willinms .nv Q "Ply 16501 og ag' e s The year of 1952-53 got off to a big start for the Alpha Xi's when Pat Wheatley was chosen queen of Lances Carnival. The pledge class then won the Sigma Chi Derby and De- lores Kercher and Pat Wheatley were chosen Queen of the Big Top and runner-up respec- tively. In the fall the Alpha Xi's welcomed a new housemother, Mrs. Bernice Hayes. After the Homecoming game, an open-house was held for alumnae, friends, and families. In De- cember a dance at the Veterans' Hospital and an annual Christmas party for the children at Shriners' Hospital were given. The annual Rose Formal was held in the spring, along with State Founders' Day. Just before the end of school, a breakfast was given for all graduating seniors. Martha Milburn, Patsy Bach, Beth Deen, Barbara jones, Peggy Neal, and Marilyn Sum- mers were all members of Tau Sigma. Susie Swayze was a member of S.C.A. from the College of Education. Marilyn Steele and Martha Milburn were chosen members of Mortar Board. Sally Hill was awarded the first Juliet Shouse Memorial Scholarship. Mar- tha Lou Breit was pledged to Eta Sigma Phi Q A lplz Q Delta and Sally Hill was initiated by the same group. Marilyn Steele was a member of Phi Upsilon. Martha Milburn, Linda Patterson, and Sally Hill were members of Phi Sigma Iota. Sixteen scholarship cups were awarded to Alpha Xi's who made a standing of 2.0 or higher. The first chapter of Alpha Xi Delta was founded April 17, 1893, at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois. Xi chapter was installed on this campus in 1908. The sorority colors are double blue and gold, the flower is the pink Kilarney rose. Officers: Marilyn Steele, presidentg Martha Milburn, vice- presidentg Linda Patterson, recording secretary, Lyn Sleeth, corresponding secretaryg Patricia Morrissey, treasurer. Members: Patsy Bach, Betty Bishop, Sara Ann Bobbitt, Claire Carlberg, Cynthia Collis, Jean Corrill, Betty Jean Davis, Glenna Day, Janis Dent, Jackie Dickerson, Myra Henslee, Alice Higgins, Elizabeth Higgins, Sally Hill, Alcie Howard, Jane johnson, Barbara Jones, Mary Ann Marston, Martha Milburn, Janis Morris, Patricia Morrissey, Peggy Neal, Betty Ogden, Marilyn Overfield, Linda Patterson, Mary Jayne Pinson, Elise Quigley, Lyn Sleeth, Marilyn Steele, Marilyn Summers, Suz- anne Swayze, Ruth Swift, Marilyn Summers, Nancy Yunt, Pledges: Polly Allen, Eleanor Richardson, Sharon Miller, Sally Cornell, Renee Clemons, Ollie Slusher, Patricia Patter- son, Martha Morgan, Deloris Kercher, Mary Wilson, Marjorie Bouton, Peggy Jones, Pat Wheatley, Ellmarie Locke, Dolly Chandler, Martha L. Breit, Carolee Kurtz, Nancy Lickert, Maxine Thompson, Barbara Scouten, Donnie Floyd, Mickey Donavan, Winnie Calhoun, Sarah Tabb, Frances Adsit, Io Blair, Martha Whalin. Q. ,. A V , J M 1- 5 Q Y it f I X, 1, . V.. . I ' A4 if , Q W 3 H. .. W V ' V ," xr W Q af-. W 5 'Q , vo. .R 'J 'lin M mt. , fm 4- 1 3 N. 4' gif Q 'Ai an Q t 1. 3 ww'- I 'Q A - ' le nv ' r. i " 'Q' A Y L is gf Q' A lr- Y V. Qs 57 , Qi W , gl, wt- v , if 1 im . ,N iw ". V , i. E Vg ,V y , l We ' 1 : V ,wx N 1 if ' 5 if 4.. . ', - is v Y' 'Cf 4-Ns, ll 5- ' e- , A- Q , il , Q. as 5: M ,H ,, Wu 5. A .K , , K x ,M , 2, r 5' Y., ' E Q, 1 ' I ,M an V :V W 'K C v F-f it , vi - ,li ,mx i . S' W5 - tv-w r ls 3 5 Q. 5 fl Q, X A LI , fm Q 3-,. sr ., sr .:.. af i .Q 4 5, ' fi' ' - . . ' if I K Q7 . -f fs kit"-' f U' 1-Q T. , Wa Q.. kfg. . ,L I Allen, Bach, Bishop, Blair, Brcit, Bobbitt, Bouton Carlberg, Chandler, Clemons, Collis, Cornell, Corrill, Davis Day, Dent, Dickerson, Gudgcl, Henslec, A. Higgins, E. Higgins Hill, Howard, johnson, B. Jones, M. Jones, Kercher, Kurtz Lickert, Locke, Marston, Milburn, Miller, Morgan, Morris Morrissey, Neal, Ogden, Ovcrfleld, Patteson, Patterson, Pinson Richardson, Sleeth, Slusher, Steele, Summers, Swayze, Swift Thompson, Wheatley, Wilson, Yunt ' k.v" . ww The Chi Omega's received several trophies during the year. They won first place honors in the Lances Carnival booth contest and were awarded the Pan-Hellenic Scholarship cup. They also received the runner-up trophy in softball and in volleyball. Carmen Pigue was chosen second attendant to the Kentuckian Beauty Queen, Jane Dun- can won the annual Sigma Chi Best Dressed Contest and Pat Moore represented U.K. at the Mountain Laurel Festival in Pineville. Hazeleen Pace was Keys Valentine Queen and Janet Wood was a member of the court. Car- men Pigue was also second attendant to the Fall Festival Queen. Members in campus activities were Kim Sanford, president of the Y.W.C.A., member of S.G.A. and Theta Sigma Phi. Ann O'Roark was chosen outstanding freshman women in 1951-52, was awarded the Theta Sigma Phi Journalism Award, was president of Alpha Lambda Delta, Kentucky Kernel Society Edi- tor, and a member of S.G.A. and Cwens. New oflicers of Chi Delta Phi were Ann Oldham, vice-president, and Elizabeth Ross, secretary. Members included Ann O'Roark, Kim San- ford, Marilyn Jody, and Virginia Morse. Pat Hervey and Carol Milkey were members of the Student Union Board, Jane Duncan and Peggy Perkins were members of Kap a Delta Pi, and Pat Moore was a member of, Mortar Board and S.G.A. Anne Latta was treasurer of the Y.W.C.A., Sue Ann Hobgood was a member of the Y.W.C.A. cabinet, Pat Hervey presided over House President's Council and Barbara Weesner served as Corresponding Secretary of Phi Beta. Jane Crawley, Betty Chi Omega Q fa Q5 9 s QQ gf v QQ Q f Z Q 1 Q '4 Payne, Ann Vaughan, Donna Villesvik, Ann McIntosh, Jacque Tinsley, Janet Wood, and Jean Ford were members of the Blue Marlin Swimming Club. Jane Crawley was presi- dent, Betty Payne, secretary, and Jean Ford, treasurer. Members of SUKY were Pat Her- vey, Carol Milkey, and Beth Callivan. Carol was elected vice-president. Members of the W.A.A. council were Ann McDade, treasurer, Cissy Hatfield, secretary, Alice Fisher, Shirley Smith, Jacque Tinsley, and Marilyn Jody. Kaki Edwards was vice-president of Fresh- man Y and Judy Boteler was secretary. Joan Meadow was a member of the Troupers. The first chapter of Chi Omega was founded April 5, 1895, at the University of Arkansas. Lambda Alpha chapter was in- stalled on this campus April 6, 1914. The sor- ority colors are Cardinal and Straw, the flower is the white carnation. The purposes of Chi Omega are Hellenic culture and Christian idea s. Officers: Joan Patricia Moore, presidentg Marilyn Jody, vice- presidentg Alice Fisher, secretaryg Kim Sanford, treasurer. Members: Margaret Apking, Cosette Baker, Marion Clay, Bobbie Congleton, Jane Crawley, Jane Duncan, Elizabeth Erdman, Betty Linn Farris, Marian Ferguson, Alice Fisher, Elizabeth Gallivan, Patricia Hervey, Sue Ann Hobgood, Mari- lyn Jody, Barbara Kington, Anne Latta, Matilda McCracken, Ann McDade, Ann McIntosh, Shirley Maxwell, Carol Milkey, Julia Minor, Patricia Moore, Virginia Morse, Martina Mouser, Ann Oldham, Ann O'Roark, Mary Lewis Patterson, Betty Payne, Peggy Perkins, Carmen Pigue, Elizabeth Ross, Kim Sanford, Shirley Smith, Jacque Tinsley, Ann Vaughan, Donna Villesvik, Barbara Weesner, Janet Wood, Mary Jane Wyatt. Pledges: Peggy Adams, Betty June Bassett, Rebecca Bishop, Judith Boteler, Betty Bryan, Margaret Campbell, Mary Camp- bell, Martha Clark, Ann Crockett, Katherine Edwards, Ann Everett, Mary Forcade, Jean Ford, Sara Don Henry, Virginia Hunt, Betty Kilgore, Eleanor Kington, Betty Jo Martin, Joan Meadow, Joan Richardson, Betty Shaw, Donna Thieman, Jane White, Caroline Proc Wood, Betty Woodford. rc: my m 3- gs All V ,QL1 Z2 C i AA iid, at -Q 1 rw' FF' 'wr 1-.Q ,' , 4 A , A K Y I . s L , I , , , 1 I Wi LA LA 1 nw. I a. 1 -' r '-' 4 , f -, ,gf I .N sk -3. v if , ' Q . A 'W "F" . :za 5 f I LL . LI A All an Q I. 15' Q -2, . , if ., nr V . , . -M 1 '.. A t A 45:4 A -, x ' , 3, , ff LA A M' . Q I ' X. an if X 'la qi A 5. an ig 'fi A i 5 'F f' . 6 ' I AMN K 5 K , i . A L 1 L 411 A AL Ak L LL L Adams, Apking, Bassett, Bishop, Boteler, Bryan, M. Campbell M. F. Campbell, Clark, Clay, Congleton, Crawley. Duncan, Edwnrds Erdman, Everett, Farru, Farris, Ferguson, Fisher, Forcnde Ford, Gnllivan, Henry, Hervey, Hohgood, Hunt, Jody Kilgore, B. Kington, E. Kington, Latta, Martin, Maxwell, McCracken McDade, Mclntosh, Meadow, Moore, Morse, Mouser, Oldham O'Roark, Pace, Patterson, Payne, Perkins, Pigue, Richardson Ross, Sanford, Shaw, Thiemnn, Tinsley, Vaughan, Villcsvik Wcesner, White, Whitesell, Wilson, C. P. Woodxj. Wood, Woodford, Wyatt The three stars and crescent moon over- looked a great bridge season at the Tri Delt house this year. They opened the bidding in the fall with Gay Hamilton-as "Miss Lexington Trots." She with her partner, Barbara Baldwin, opened the next hand for Kentuckian Beauty Queen. Barbara raised her as First Attendant and Cay took the trick with the Queen. The next trick taken was by Gretal Groos as Homecoming Queen. A grand slam tallied the score when the SuKy iirst place was presented for our Home- coming house decorations with the theme "I Kentucky Take Thee Tulane." In one hand opened we found three fsweetl Hearts. Betty Buckley, the Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl, Ruth Sandner, the Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl, and Ruth 1McMichael, the Alpha Tau Omega Sweet- eart. A hand played last spring took two good tricks. The first by Barbara Baldwin as Mili- tary Ball Queen and the other by Boo Brown as attendant in the May Court. At the Sigma Chi Derby, Nancy Don Freed and Martha Wagner bid for the Charleston contest and made their bid. But when it came to ODK tag sales the Tri Delts jumped the bid and went down one. An addition to the score for the Tri Delts came when they won second place in Lances Carnival with the election theme "I Go Pogo." As we count our honors up to now we find Ruth Sandner on Mortar Board, Phi Beta, Stu- dent Union Board, and President of English Club, Kay Fisher in Cwensg Anne Downing as Kentuckian Business Manager, Barbara Bald- Delta Delta Delta If W AV fs ,af win in Phi Upsilon Omicrong Peggy Sabel in Theta Sigma Phi, Janet Stone, secretary of Chamber of Commerce, Mary Evelyn Pollitte, vice-president of Pan-Hel, Barbara Russman, vice-president of Blue Marlins, Claire Wood as vice-president of Guignol players, Katsy Downing in Tau Sigma, Ann Reichle in Beta Gamma Sigma, Lillis Beam in Troupers, and Evalyn Duncan on WAA Council and secre- tary of Phys. Ed. majors club. Members of SuKy are Ann Dawkins, Martie Driskill, Doris McGary, Peggy Sabel, Peggy Matlock, and Anne Downing. Members of Guignol players are Claire Wood, Gay Hamil- ton, Lillis Beam, and Sue Jackson. Members of the Kernel Staff are Peggy Sabel, Claire Wood, and Ruth McMichae . So the bridge game ended at the Tri Delt gouge with many honors and a grand slam an . Delta Delta Delta was founded at Boston University in 1888 D lt Rh n of 96 national ha ters was inst lled . e a o, o e c p , a at the University of Kentucky in 1923. Silver, blue, and gold are the sorority colorsg the pansy is the flower. Officers: Mary Evelyn Pollitte, presidentg Anne Downing, vice-president, Ann Reichle, secretaryg Peggy Matlock, treas- urer. Members: Eleanor Addams, Rebecca Adams, Jeannine Archibald, Barbara Baldwin, Betty Bruce Brown, Betty Buck- ley, Kitty Comer, Ann Dawkins, Anne Downing, Martha Ann Driskill, Evelyn Duncan, Gretel Groos, Gay Hamilton, Peggy Matlock, Doris McGary, Ruth McMichael, Elouise Nantz, Dot- tie Pfeiffer, Mary Evelyn Pollitte, Virginia Preston, Shirley Rankin, Ann Reichle, Wilma Robertson, Barbara Russman, Peggy Sabel, Ruth Sandner, Joey Scofield, Barbara Slaughter, Janet Stone, Joyce Wallingford, Nancy Wildman, Linda Gib- son, Regina Marshall, Jean Rosenstone, Joyce Scurlock. Pledges: Joy Allen, Lillis Beam, Barbara Bercaw, Patsy Coons, Katsy Downing, Nancy Don Freed, Ann Futrell, Betty Lou Garner, Helen Vance Gilb, Judy Hamilton, Rae Harris, Helene Harrison, Pat Harkins, Phyllis Henry, Suzanne Jackson, Virginia King, Virginia McFadden, Jean McMichael, Sue Nall, Nancy Nickerson, Barbara Penhale, Gwen Shropshire, Peggy Shouse, Garland Sims, Martha Spillman, Dana Stidham, Mil- dred Terrell, Martha Wagner, Barbara Watts, Louise Whitt, Page Williams, Patricia Williamson, Claire Wood. mil' 2. I ww ,la L Q X 5: 7 s, , -43 ,-3, B, rg, ., RB Q Y r 6-is A xv' , - , 4i,'s. I nf, -:M .4 -2, A 2, 4 'Tw 'fx tw 2, .1 X A A A A A nw, 4 3' V 'll ii, it - 3 I U' A vm. 1 hifi . , :gn -3 A A L if Ya .gr M KA ' Q M gr Q N QQ. E ' ' X ,L . 17 n . J.. a ,u XA-,rr f. i .w G+ " 12. A if .4 . Mfr if 5' it ...ST T' W i' qv'-' sv, -gr , 4' , 1' .9 LA B AN A' 1? fs. I 6: ' A Y .. ' S a f is f v, - X A l ne I N V 3 4 h W ll I A LLQAA fi-fx h I , Q M X ' Ani R SN , x me I-Sf? fe' A ' ' 'tar' Kg: W fl' km A .AIA X A A 1 . A Adams, Addams, Allen, Archibald, Baldwin, Beam, Bcrcnw Brown, Buckley, Comer, Coons, Dawkins, A. Downing, K. Downing Driskill, Duncan, Freed, Futrell. Garner, Gibson, Groos G. Hamilton, J. Hamilton, Harkins, Harris, Henry, Jackson, King . Marshall, Matlock, McFadden,.MeGary, J. McMichael, R. McMichael, Nall Nantz, Nickerson, Penhale, Pfeiffer, Pollitte, Preston, Rankin Reichle, Robertson, Russmnn, Sahel, Sandner, Scofield, Scurlock, Shropshire Shouse, Sims, Slaughter, Spillman, Stone, Storm, Stidham, Terrell Wagner, Wallingford, Watts, Whitt, Wildman, Williams, Williamson, Wood mp ,,,,..----.NNN-W -...Rss The Delta Zeta's celebrated its Founders' Day with a banquet in October. Frances West and Eloise Lorch received awards for being the two outstanding senior members of the chapter. The Golden Jubilee tea was held in November. Not to be forgotten was the Christmas White Ball held at the Lexington Country Club in December. Helen Gum was the 1952 Delta Zeta Dream Girl. Mary Alice Phillips was chosen 1952 Christmas Queen of Triangle Fraternity at their Christmas dance. Entertainment for the year included a Christmas party at the house for underprivi- leged children, and a pirate party held in the fall. ' Outstanding DZ's were Sally Hoffman and Carolyn Turner who were elected to Phi Beta, Eloise Lorch and Joan Van Beber, members of Kappa Delta Pi, and Deborah Schwarz and Barbara Featherston, members of Chi Delta Phi. Jean Fraser and Helen Gum were mem- bers of the Green Pen editorial staff, and Eloise Lorch is secretary of the Outing Club, GT? IIIIIIIIIII Delta Zeta social chairman of the 4-H Club, and a mem- ber of the social committee of the Home Ec Club. The first chapter of Delta Zeta was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on Oc- tober 24, 1902. Alpha Theta chapter was in- stalled on this campus May 26, 1923. The sorority colors are old rose and vieux green, the flower is the Killarney rose. Oflicers: Sylvia Simmons, president, Joan Van Beber, vice-president, Sally Hoffman, secretary, Wanda Pace, treasurer. Members: Nancy Campbell, Barbara Feath- erston, Jean Fraser, Negia Gilpin, Helen Gum, Joan Healy, Joann Hessel, Sally Hoffman, Joyce Jenney, Eloise Lorch, Martha May, Soula Margaritas, Mimi Nollau, Wanda Pace, Mary Alice Phillips, Sylvia Simmons, Deborah Schwarz, Joan Van Beber, Francis West. Pledges: Jackie Allgeier, Jacqueline Averill, Sue Bailey, Joan Belcher, Ann Bell, Mary Sue Bell, Nancy Carraco, Lynn Deitelhoil, Yvonne Eaton, Beta Eversole, Mary Lou Garver, Irene George, Patricia Hoffman, Mary Ann Hufllage, Claudette Jones, Jane Judge, Janet Kohl, Jill Mahoney, Josephine Preston, Sarah Schu- mann, Joyce Smith, Carol Staren, Judith Tin- ker, Carolyn Turner, Marcia Wright. .u-. ,- as A A? ' K' X' 'fx w- .hy ff P Y ,K fn, .-2. f l 4, "M -e' L gy 'Q' ..,,. -11- 65, Qw- : gf' if il Q" 1 vw as 'HWS fi A Z., S gr. Q- X ffl., Q A bl ,-ni, 1 fm . ,Y ax qvff Q gi 'cf' 'P' 'Oi N Q. l 'fly ,.,.,., 1, . ., ' l ,N 4.- , A A l Q. 'Q 'mf "' K 3. tvmg X I 45" A' V 5?.'1,x , is ai ' W . ,,,, A . -" "F, . . Allgeier Averill, Belcher, M. Bell, L. Bell Butler, Campbell, Deitelhoff, Eaton, Evcrsole Fcnthcrston, Fraser, Gnrver, Gum, Healy Hesscl, Hoffman, Jenn:-y, Jones, Kohl Lawrence, Lorch, Mahoney, Margaritis, May Nollnu, Phillips, Preston, Schumann, Schwarz, Simmons Smith, Staren, Tinker, Turner, VunBcbcr, Wright The Kappa Alpha Theta's began the year's social events with a tea introducing the new housemother, Mrs. Thomas P. Bright. The next event on the social agenda was a party for the new pledges, and shortly after Christ- mas vacation, the Cinderella Ball. Three Theta's were chosen to sponsor booths in the Lances Carnival, and Sally Trimble, representing the Delts,'was chosen as attend- ant to the queen. Lucille Mills was an at- tendant to the Kentuckian Queen and Sue Wetherby was second attendant to the Home- coming Queen. Kay King was the sponsor for U.Kfs "Marching 100" and Susan Druley served on the cheerleading squad. Jane Bart- lett was the 1952-53 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, and the KA's chose Yvonne Yates as their KA Rose. The Thetas were well represented in cam- pus activities and honoraries. Zoe Parker was secretary for both the Panhellenic Council and the Student Government Association. Joyce Williams was a member of "Clique", the Y.W.C.A. cabinet, and the Student Union Board. Joyce Miles also served on the Stu dent Union Board. Thetas elected to campus honoraries were: Lynn Marshall, Cwens, PP A ljiha Theta M e S 5. A 5. iff QQ- ? X66 awo ,Q Q Q, a A a AQ Q fd V Vickie Shaver, Alpha Lambda Delta, Patsy Edmundson, Beta Gamma Sigma, Dodgie King, Mortar Board, Coleman Hunter, Educa- tion honorary, and Nancy Harper and Dede Link, Tau Sigma. Vickie Shaver also won the Mortar Board Freshman Scholarship Award. The first chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at DePauw University, Green- castle, Indiana, in 1870. Gamma Iota chapter was installed on this campus in 1945. The sorority colors are black and gold, the flower is a black and gold pansy. The group's pur- pose is the development of social, intellectual and moral growth. Officers: Mary Strode, president, Marjorie King, vice-presi- dent, Virginia Todd, secretary, Martha Menaugh, treasurer. Members: Nancye Lou Ballard, Jane Bartlett, Bess Clem- ents, Betty Booth Coleman, Patsy Edmundson, Patricia Gill, Joanne Hager, Nancy Harper, Diane Hunt, Coleman Hunter, Kay King, Marjorie King, Delia Link, Lynn Marshall, Martha Menaugh, Joyce Miles, Lucille Mills, Zoe Parker, Martha Nix- on Powers, Joanne Reynolds, Joyce Reynolds, Diane Roddick, Victoria Shaver, Bonnie Shupert, Cuppie Speck, Mary Strode, Sarah Ann Taylor, Virginia Todd, Barbara Vance, Beverly Vance, Sue Wetherby, Yvonne Yates. Pledges: Barbara Ashbrook, Mary Jo Bach, Emily Bell, Laura Blackburn, Betty Jane Carter, Georgia Lee Cox, Susan Druley, Margaret Ford, Martha Hankla, Lillian Hensler, Jackie Hill, Charlotte Jarvis, Frances Jones, Connie Leichhardt, Min- nie Beth Lewis, Martha Logan, Patsy McCoy, Roberta Miller, Joanne Montgomery, Joyce Mosley, Mary Louise Patterson, Janice Roberts, Joan Sandman, Catherine Shelburn, Barbara Stevens, Sue Clay Stewart, Sidney Stone, Sally Trimble, Han- nah Wallace, Barbara Wetherby, Ann Zimmerman. "TN is 6' . x' ' A 3 " M ,,,, t mf -H - I .lg ,xv 'if Z- K' A 'Q' N, ,Qi ,. A .N jg W 'B' IZ' Q ' X . v awk N . x ,wi Q 1 I' 'sf af K A U Q .. 'K ji, 'f I ' '. 'wr' f . is . ,. vw , Q, . , I g I Wx vig " N W In K 3 'ali' ,X , , Q A 9 f- so ' 6' 5' . 7 , ky., . 1, nl V6 "' V - MQ Ashbrook, Bach, N. Ballard, R. Ballard, Bartlett, Bell, Blackburn Bohon Carter, Clements, Coleman, Cox, Druley, Edmundson Ford, Cill, Hager, Hankla, Harper, Hanseler, Hill Hunter, Jarvis, Jones, K. King, M. King, Leiclmrdt, Lewis Link Logan, Marshall, McCoy, Menaugh, Miles, Miller Montgomery, Mosley, Parker, Pntterson, I. Reynolds, Joyce Reynolds Roberts Roddick, Snndmnnn, Shelburn, Shuppert, Speck, Stevens, Stewart Stone Strode, Taylor, Todd, Trimble, Barbara Vance, Bev. Vance Wullaice, Wetherby, Williams, Zimmerman TE I The Kappa Delta's retired the All-Campus Sing trophy by winning the contest for the third year in a row. At the Stars in the Night program they received a trophy for the high- est active standing and also a trophy for the highest chapter standing on campus. Pat Patterson, Jean Hubbard, Lois Romano- witz, and Ruth Ann Maggard were taken into Mortar Board, and Ruth Ann was elected president. Cecelia Gorman and Marcia McDaniel were attendants in the Mardi Gras Court. The first chapter of Kappa Delta was founded at Virginia State Normal, Farmville, Virginia, on October 23, 1897. Epsilon Omega chapter was installed on this campus in 1910. The sorority colors are olive green and white, the white rose is the flower. The purpose of Kappa Delta sorority is to promote true friendship among the college girls of our country by inculcating into their hearts and lives those principles of truth, of honor, of duty, without which there can be no true friendship. Kappa Delta QQ Q 5 KV W Q V o 9 fs? Oflicers: Lou Toombs, president, Pat Pat- terson, vice-president, Georgia Motz, secre- tary, Marcia McDaniel, treasurer. Members: Marilyn Acker, Carol Bell, Ruth Bishop, Shirley Ann Bryant, Ann Lewis Cole, Pat Curry, Carolyn Davis, Sara Givens, Ce- celia Gorman, Joyce Hamrick, Jean Hubbard, Kathy Jackson, Barbara Jones, Ann Long, Ruth Longhurst, Ruth Ann Maggard, Sally Maggard, Pat May, Marcia McDaniel, Matilda Metzger, Georgia Motz, Pat Patterson, Pat Pauli, Jean Phelps, Barbara Poole, Lois Ro- manowitz, June Sandusky, Ann Smith, Fran Taylor, Lorelle Terret, Peggy Tipton, Lou Toombs, Mary Helen Tucker, Doris Jean Weaver, Joan White, Jeanne Willis, Kate Zim- merman. Pledges: Marilyn Bergman, Jane Branden- burg, Martina Campbell, Charlene Cross, Mary Ann Dempsey, Ann Denes, Georgene Duckworth, Katie Greenwade, B everly Hughes, Shirley Kaliker, Jacklyn Love, Ann Carol Miller, Jane Murad, Betty Ann Myers, Leslie Neel, Barbara Niemann, Nancy Niles, Nancy Riddle, Marilyn Rigg, Jane Rizor, Phyllis Scrivner, Barbara Shaver, Jean Skin- ner, Ruth Swinford, Hildegarde Taylor, Sue Waller, Mary Wilkens, Mary Ann Williams. N I r . 4. 5 I 5, L I Q F qtfll M' I A M " 2 , 3- 9 L 7- f 'fm 4. re ix . . L - . T Q 4' ? 4 W 2. l Q. A S Y' t' 3- ' X , M. 5' - gg ,C ,L ,, .X , , K Q Q' 'Y' , Q ' ' X 5? tx Q as 'x -4 L+ -QW 43 uc. Q9 - gtg! if t, il J Q i .1 K P' ii , L 4- 'S as lk il tt.: 1 l . ol L T if f L t Lf .Q .2 ."',- Z4 4, lf' Acker, Bell, Bergman, Bishop, Bryant, Campbell, Cole Cross, Curry, Davis, Dempsey, Dunes. Duckworth, Duke Creenwndc, Gorman, Hamlxriek, Huhlmrd, Hughes, Jackson, Kalik Long, Longhurst, Love, Maggnrcl, May, McDaniel, Metzger Motz, Myers, Neel, Nicmunn, Niles, Patterson, Pauli Phelps, Poole, Riddle, Rigg, Iiomunowitz, Rule, Sandusky Scrivner, Shaver, Skinner, Smith, Swinford, F. Taylor, H. Taylor Terrett, Tipton, Toomhs, TuCk0l', Wllllcr, Weaver, White Wilkins, Williams, Willis, Zimmermann Cl' The spring of 1952 caught the Kappas in a social whirl with the spring formal followed by the senior breakfast. The pledge class walked off with the trophy for the highest standing. The summer was highlighted by the Kappa National Convention in Hot Springs, Virginia, with thirteen Beta Chi Kap- pas attending. Coming back to a newly decorated house this fall, the Kappas entertained with a Par- ent-Faculty tea and a supper party for the pledges and their dates. A Christmas party was given and also a Founders Day picnic at Betsy Maury's farm. The Kappas were active on campus, too, with Lucy Ward as president of the League of Women Voters, Marilyn McDonald as president of the WAA, and Diane Parr as president of Boyd Hall. Jane Truitt was elected to the Student Government Associa- tion, and Noi Peers was selected as managing editor of the Kernel. Joyce Stephens is vice- president of the House President's Council and Carey Adams is a Tau Sigma pledge. Along the beauty line, Joan Martin was chosen a member of the Kentuckian Beauty Court, and Joyce Stephens was first attendant to the Homecoming Queen. Jane Dale Clark was elected Fall Festival Queen, and Jane Walker Tinder was Hrst attendant to the . , , Kappa Kappa 19? ' Q A00 ff 2 , 5.5 ,me 1 IGli l' ,!!hlQI..J I Gamma Lances Carnival Queen. However, the near- est the Kappas came to supremacy on the athletic field was the potato sack race won by the pledges at the Sigma Chi Derby. Honoraries on campus chose several Beta Chis this year. Nancy Bradford was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Noi Peers to Theta Sigma Phi and Suzanne Wallace to Phi Beta. The Home Economics Honorary, Phi Upsilon Omicron, elected Janie Howk, Marilyn Mc- Donald and Martha Hackworth. Marilyn Mc- Donald was initiated into Kappa Delta Pi. The first chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth College in 1870. Beta Chi chapter was installed on this campus in 1910. Light blue and dark blue are the sorority colors, the Fleur-de-lis is the flower. Officers: Sally Gano, president, Jane Truitt, vice-president, Frances Vance, secretary, Priscilla Gatling, treasurer. Members: Martha Lee Bray, Mary Louise Blakemore, Jane Dale Clark, Margaret Clift, Sue Fields, Betty Fryman, Sally Gano, Priscilla Gatling, Martha Hackworth, Joan Haifler, Merle Haifler, Patsy Harney, Martha Holbrook, Jane Howk, Betty Lane, Joeline Lewis, Jane Kelly, Marilyn McDonald, Betty Martin, Joan Martin, Betsy Maury, Betty Ann Mauser, Noi Peers, Ann Perry, Anne Phelps, Peggy Redd, Bonnie Redding, Barbara Routt, Barbara Smith, Libby Smith, Mary Carol Smith, Jenny Snidow, Joyce Stephens, Jane Truitt, Nancy Unsworth, Frances Vance, Suzanne Wallace, Lucy Ward, Mary Caldwell Wharton, Anne Winburn. Pledges: Carey Adams, Ann Clark, Martha Clark, Lucie Dunlap, Harriet Ecton, Leila Heinz, Sue Hillborn, Joya John- son, Nancy Winn Johnson, Diane Parr, Joan Potter, Mary Inez Shrider, Carolyn Siler. ""' is K .QQ J' ,f LN, A ,Lx !. A 1 f., ff :S - ,Q ,i I , y lux H' M. in ,R x 3 5. . rx -'ef -r . , -1 J . V , F I? xwtryk N . J I A., 4 6 ,., TQ' 2.5 t Q L- gr t . 1 fy X QT' i , 1' R X, - ' G.. Q , Q -xl - ti. A E 1 , nth" . Q in Q, I , A J 1 A 5 ik 54 K W-X K X 'S-X Y "--1 ga, 3 - ,- ,L . . t , Q W w, .F er if-i 4 Q . ' Y ' ' . 4 I "' ' , R f ' .W . g ve f' Q , ' Z8 :gf M Y 1. vw, W ' ' ,F , ' ff' 9- B , ,As , A 4 A-A , . f .M . L Adams, Bray, I. Clark, M. Clark, Clift, Dunlap, Ecton Fields, Gntling, Gunn, Humor, llnckworth, Harney. Heinz Hillhorn, Holbrook, Hnwk, I. johnson, N. Johnson, Kelly, Lane Lewis, B. Martin, I. Martin, Mnusvr, Maury, McDougal, McDonald Parr, Peers, Perry, Phelps, Potter, Redd, Redding Routt, Royce, Siler, Schridcr, E. Smith, C. Smith, Snidow Stephens, Tindcr, Truitt, Vance, Wallace, Ward, Whnrton 237 The Zeta Tau Alpha's sent Eadie Cones to the twenty-first national and tenth inter- national convention of the sorority at the Huntington Hotel at Pasadena, California. Eadie also served as Y-Teen advisor at Morton junior High School, and was speech director at University High in the spring semester. The Zetas won the Sportsmanship plaque given by the Women's Athletic Association. Two members were on the WAA Council. Peg Driscoll served as bowling manager and Lois Holland served as basketball manager. Catherine Campbell was the treasurer of the League of Women Voters. Lee Dillon was a member of the discussion team, and went to the convention of Tau Kappa Alpha, national forsenic society. In the Sigma Chi Derby Connie Cady caught the greased pig for the group's only athletic triumph. At Christmas time the Zetas entertained ten underprivileged children. They also parti- Z eta Tau A ljvlza. fr zlllfa .A l ' vi PW ' W wa, , Q' 3 964415 Q 005910 cipated in the entertainment at the Crippled Children's Hospital. The last event of the school year was the annual "April Showers" formal. The first chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Longwood College, Virginia. Al- pha Chi chapter was installed on this campus in March, 1924. The sorority colors are tur- quoise blue and steel gray, the flower is the white violet. The purpose of the group is to intensify friendship, to promote happiness among its members and in every way create such sentiments, to perform such deeds and to mold such opinions as will conduce to the building up of a nobler and purer womanhood in the world. Officers: Catherine Campbell, presidentg Betty Neblett, vice- presidentg Lois Holland, secretaryg Connie Cady, treasurer. Members: Ellen Byers, Connie Cady, Catherine Campbell, Edith Cones, Lee Dillon, Peg Driscoll, Jane Exon, Pat Gold- smith, Phyllis Heuser, Lois Holland, Pat Mobley, Betty Neb- lett, Lorraine Pennock, Lois Peterson, Tommye Pirtle. Pledges: Donna Adams, Virginia Ku.rz, Lois Marshall, Ruth Moore, Dorothy Mobley, Betty Io Shropshire, Judy Stoothoif. vs Qin my 1 swf: JN 4--. OW' 'EV' 'bb 'EN ,r VW'- 'Ex C3110 phv af' 1999-- ll, Curly. Cones, Dillon Driscoll, Exon, Ile-nscr, Holland Mohlvy, Nchlvtt, P1-nnock, Pctl-rson Pirllv, llyrcs, Shropshirv, Stootholf 239 Phi Sigma Sigma 515 ,., :rm 'IA 0 - A , A151 -FA ,Ali Z. ,',? - -- . X- r- N , - ,. 1 X ,- ,- X A .n A L -.195 ,519 gn, j., fl, v.v Ads TSA gg: 319, fs- 2, 'JB g. . . 'YB' , 5 Blumenthal, Cohen, Coo er, Goldberg, Iosselson, Neuman Perlmutter, Schulman, Shaikun, Sonnabend, Stone, Travis The Phi Sigma Sigma's held a Founders' Day Banquet in November at the Phoenix Hotel. A "Secret Desire" Party was held at Gloria Travis's home just before Christmas vacation. Other parties planned are a party in honor of the new actives and pledges. A beach party is also planned for May. The first chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma was founded at Hunter College, New York, on November 26, 1913. Beta Mu, one of 36 chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1952. The sorority colors are king blue and gold, the ilower is the American Beauty rose. Officers: Sue Newman, president, Annette Perlmutter, vice-president, Marcia Ann jos- selson, secretary, Judy Sonnabend, treasurer. Members: Iulie Blumenthal, Barbara Co- hen, Kaye Francis Goldberg, Marcia Ann jos- selson, Sue Newman, Annette Perlmutter, Sandra Shaikun, Judith Sonnabend, Sonia Stone, Gloria Kaye Travis. Pledges: Doris Cooper, Lynette Schulman. Hamilton House 'UN G. Anderson, N. Anderson, Boyd, Conyers, Correll, Cornett Craig, Eades, Elswick, Greenwnde, Hamilton, Hoskins Howard, Leathers, Potter, Taylor, A. Wise, A. M. Wise Hamilton House was founded at the Uni- versity of Kentucky in 1942 to teach women students to live cooperatively, being honest, orderly, unified, sincere and enthusiastic. Mrs. Robert Henry is housemother at Harn- ilton House and Dr. Statie Erikson is faculty adviser. Oflicers: Marie Leathers, president, Betty Hamilton, vice-president, Anna Mae Wise, secretary, Glenna Anderson, treasurer, Fay- etta Elswick, house manager. Members: Glenna Anderson, Ioyce Ander- son, Patsy Conyers, Mildred Correll, Betty Sue Cornett, Ann Craig, Mary Eades, Fayetta Els- wick, Evelyn Greenwade, Betty Hamilton, Wilma Howard, Ioyce Hoskins, Marie Leath- ers, Beulah Potter, Betty Ioan Taylor, Ann Wise, Anna Mae Wise, Mary K. Boyd, Louise Willhite, Anna Lee Osborne, Mary Ann Ran- kin, Leila Clarke, Margaret Ann Myers, Elsie Marie Isaacs. The AGR's were outstanding in the field of athletics last spring. They won the intra- mural championship in both basketball and track, and were co-champions in wrestling competition. They were also runner-up in softball. James Burrus was a member o the varsity football team. In another field of competition the AGPCS took honors. They were runner-up in the ODK tag sales. The U.K. Judging Teams were outstanding in national competition and the AGR's had several members on these teams. Jack Butler and Joe Turpin were on the Livestock Team which placed third in the nation. Tony Coca- nougher, Bob Hall, Warren Knight, Bowen McKinney, Jack Hiatt, and Frank Guthrie were on the Livestock Team, which ranked second in national competition, and Jim F ehr was on the Vegetable Team which was sixth in the nation. Several members were outstanding on cam- pus this year. Jack Heller was President of the 4-H Club, and James F ehr was President of the Horticulture Club. Ward Crowe was President of the Agriculture Council and Jack Heller, James Fehr, Jim Sherefy, and Bob Shipp were members. At the Block and Bridle Fall Festival Glenn McCormack was crowned as King, and Jack Butler was chosen as the Champion Showman. Ward Crowe was President of Block and Bridle. Bob Jones was President of Phalanx, Treasurer of the Interfraternity Council, Secretary of the Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, a member of Lamp and Cross, and a representative to S.G.A. Bill Gat- A ljvha Gamma J Rho Q33'l':a f'5 . ii" 'W x I . . . NQ-QR ? '.,. ton was also on S.G.A., and John Ernst was on the Y.M.C.A. Cabinet. Members of Alpha Zeta were Tom McKinney, Frank Guthrie, Charles Perkins, and Joe Turpin. John Ernst was Treasurer of this organization. Van Nutt and John Ernst were in Lances, and James Ashbrook and Bill Phelps were members of Keys. E. T. Kash was a cheerleader. Marion Cox and James Ashbrook won Dan- forth Scholarships. Two AGR's were ex- change students this summer. Joe Peden went to Lebanon and Syria, and Herbert Brown went to Turkey. The first chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho was founded at Indianapolis, Indiana on April 4, 1908. Omicron cha ter was installed on this campus in 1920. The fraternity colors are green and gold, the flower is the pink rose. The purpose of the group is to make better men and through them a broader and better agriculture. Officers: James R. Jones, president, Tony Cocanougher, vice- presidentg John W. Ernst, secretary, James P. Fehr, treasurer. Members: James Ashbrook, Charles Bastin, Roy Bunch, Bill Bailey, Carl Black, James Burrus, Paul Burrus, Jack Butler, Oren Clore, Tony Cocanougher, Broughton Coke, Billy Cox, Marion Cox, Ward Crowe, John Defevers, John Emst, James Fehr, Carl Fisher, William Gatton, Frank Guthrie, Bob Hall, Gibbs Haydon, Charles Hamilton, Jack Heller, Jack Hiatt, James Jones, E. T. Kash, Baxter Kelly, Edgar Knight, David May, Glenn McCormack, Bowen McKinney, Tom McKenney, Van Nutt, Bruce Pearce, Richard Pedigo, Charles Perkins, Bill Phelps, Gamaliel Phillips, Louis Rebensdorf, Doug Ridley, Calvin Short, James Shelton, James Singer, Lorendz Smith, Joe Turpin, John Walton, John Wills, Leonard Wills, Jack Wise, James Wilson. Pledges: Reid Bacon, James Combest, Robert Jones, Rich- ard Little, James McWilliams, Wallen Neeley, Ethan Rogers, Laverne Sebree, James Sherfey, Robert Shipp, Lee Thurmond, Duane Townsend, Charles Yancey. , 'V ff 4.49 'bs ,l n-Q ' sl' F05 5 if . ' I ' ,N ,T .iv- Q X A W ' Wu- 'Q' -'vw Q 45 it C-X QW 45 11 "Uv ur- f'DP' 3: 'Mt 5,344 J Ashbrook, Bacon, Baston Bunch, Bun-ns Cocnnougher, Coke, M. Cox, W. Cox, Crowc DcFevers, Ernst, Fchr, Fisher, Guthrie Hall, Hamilton, Haydon, Heller, Hiatt I. Jones, R. Jones, Kash, Knight, May ,134 T, KN. 243 J , , J I .. 16571, ,Q I7 , Q 0 ,V ,,,p,,-q ,ypvavvf 'if ?!7J!"3" 'Y 54: I may V V, ' ,.of1z,'-f r ..l..u:.....W Omicron Chapter '1 Q I ,gm I sw-3' ? A 'Ph assi .ae WDC' -le . A wi E N ' I ,af fbs my rf' V , I UN x 21 'J W, ' 'L KT was 4Jv Mayer, McCormack, McKenney, McKinney, Necley Nutt, Pcnrcc, Pcdigo, Perkins, Phelps Phillips, Rcbensdorf, Rogers, Sebrcc, Shelton Sherfcy, Shipp, Singer, Smith, Stull Thurmond, Walton, I. Wills, L. Wills, Wise, Yancey nh Hw -ws Q 4 'Ea 245 2 1 Jean Skinner, Alpha Sigma Phils candidate, was crowned Mardi Gras Queen. Fraternity parties during the year included a Poverty party, an Apache party, a "Red Sox Slide", and a Club 334 party. Also the Moth- ers and Wives club held a benefit bridge. Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale Uni- versity in 1845. Sigma chapter was installed on campus in 1917. The fraternity colors are cardinal and stone, the flower is the talisman rose. Alpha Sigma Phi is the oldest national fra- ternity in existence today. Its purpose is to foster education, to maintain charity, to pro- mote patriotism, to encourage culture, to en- courage high scholarship, to assist in the build- ing of character, to promote college loyalties, 157 e' ef -4 til l 25 I . Q 5 E' Z J ' ? ff .2 if ll . E Xi ff' I m.,,,,Nx,..:-Qg,g---" 'KN ls' A ljalza Sigma Phi to perpetuate friendships, to cement social ties within its membership, and to foster the maintenance of college homes by chapters for their active members. Officers: Edwin Cunningham, president, Robert W. David, vice-president, Kenneth E. Baldock, secretary, Guy T. Browning, treas- urer. Members: Kenneth E. Baldock, Nelson F. Britt, Guy T. Browning, William B. Carroll, Walter Clarke, Ir., Luther C. Coffey, Edwin L. Cunningham, John T. Danforth, Robert W. David, Donald A. Delaney, John C. Neuville, Donald F. Bobillard, Wesley Waddell. Pledges: Charles Blackburn, Donald Clark, Donald Hager, Charles Martin, Dean Popple- well. sv'-X, WUN Y xii. ,L Q Q1 'A v pbjqlrwl Q' 9 I 'iz' fm ' ff r ff P Baldock, Britt, Browning, Clark Coffey, Cunningham, Danforth, Robillard, Waddell Delaney ff.: The Alpha Tau Omegais held their annual Snowball Formal on January 16, with a large crowd making it a great success. In the line of sports the ATO's took second place in intra- mural football. Alpha Tau Omega was founded at V.M.I. on September 11, 1865. Mu Iota chapter was installed on campus on February 22, 1909. The fraternity colors are blue and gold, and the flower is the white rose. The purpose of Alpha Tau Omega is to promote good fellow- ship and to learn the use that Christianity has in everyday life. Actives: Bob Arnold, Marshall Amos, Harry Banks, Lewis Barnett, John Barnett, Bill Bur- leson, Jack Crawford, Ted Darlington, Larry A ljiha Tau Omega 423 Dickerson, Tom Ellswick, Marvin France, Robie Hackworth, Paul Head, Bill Jackson, Kenneth McGee, J. B. Morris, Stanley Neil- sen, Hugh Smith, Thomas Streeter, Layne Taylor, Lou Tsioropoulos, Bill Turpin, Dick Underwood, Jim Waldron, Reese Bentler, Paul Huffaker. Pledges: Charles Fuqua, Don Evitts, John Kelly, Dave Gregory, Paul Hall, John Miller, George Sharp, Bob Sympson, Wayne Watson, Don Wedding, Bill Thompson, Thomas Mos- grove, Charley Prather, Jim Dickinson. Oflicers: Hugh V. Smith, president, J. B. Morris, vice-president, Marvin France, secre- tary, Ken McGee, treasurer. fQa. if 'V' Q-.1-,-I ... Q5 ' Barber, Burnett, Bcntlev, Crawford, Dickerson Dickenson, Elswick, Evitts, France, Fuqua Hall, Hnckworth, Huffnker, Jackson, Kelly McCurry, Morris, Nielsen, Prather, Runge Streetcr, Thompson, Turpin, Underwood, Wald atv 7 K- Y X R ron, Watson Q' .il Y NW 6 15.1 'funn .-4. has---.-.r.,, W .. ,W .. . . ..,,.. WW 'W' A K Delta Tau elta Delta Tau Delta began this year with a tremendous success in the new formal rush system. Thirty-seven boys were pledged on bid day and three more were taken during the informal rush period. Delts again undertook the sponsorship of the Christmas parties for the underprivileged children of Lexington. Nearly two hundred children were entertained by the various fra- ternities and sororities. Thirty children at- tended the party at the Delt house. Several house parties were enjoyed by all Delts and their friends during the year. The Christmas season was topped by a wonderful dance at the house. A spring formal and the lzlnpdual Founder's Day celebration were also e . Delts were first in their division in Intra- mural football and volleyball, and they ad- vanced to the semi-finals in the golf and ten- nis tournaments. The scholarship and leadership achieve- ments of the chapter again proved outstand- ing. Bill Douglass, a junior, was in the finals at Chicago in the competition for Rhodes Scholarships. Paul Holleman was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa and served as President of Omicron Delta Kappa. Evangelos Levas was elected President of SUKY, Marvin Suit headed Delta Sigma Phi, and Louis Catlett made Tau Beta Pi, engineering honorary. Four of seven selected seniors initiated into Lamp and Cross were Delts. The first chapter of Delta Tau Delta was founded at Bethany College, West Virginia in 1859. Delta Epsilson chapter was installed on this campus in 1924. The fraternity colors are purple, white and gold, the flower is the Iris. Delta Tau Delta is a constructive adjunct to the system of higher education. Her objective is to educate, contributing to the young men within her sphere of influence a moral, spirit- ual, and social development commensurate with the intellectual training supplied by the colleges and universities. Officers: T, Y. Martin, presidentg Paul Holleman, vice- presidentg Mickey Smock, secretary, Larry Weier, treasurer. Members: Doug Adamson, Jim Anders, Jack Boylan, Glenn Bullock, Tommy Burke, Morris Burton, Gayle Caswell, Louis Catlett, Earl Caudill, Don Combs, William Douglass, Jack Fust, Tom Haag, Jim Hampton, Carter Hamilton, Chuck Har- ris, Paul Holleman, George Houliston, Dink Hutcheson, Tom Hutzler, Gus Kalos, A. P. King, Angel Levas, T. Y. Martin, Lloyd Massey, Don McClanahan, James McGruder, Fred C. Miller, Hilton Minton, James Moore, Gary Newton, Stan Port- mann, Jeff Ray, Bill Reed, Mickey Regan, James Rowe, Phil Shannon, Don Smith, Max Smith, Mickey Smock, Ken Stoll, Marvin Suit, Ted Tillman, Bob Valentine, Larry Weier, Jim Woodward, Bill Yeiser. Pledges: Norman Anderson, Tevis Bennett, Carlisle Besuden, Carl Blankenship, Curtis Boyd, Harry Carter, James Cornett, Earl Cox, James Crawford, Glenn Dorroh, Don Farmer, Tony Fowkes, Ray Griffin, James Hammons, Bob Hardy, Charles Hellman, Bob Hodge, Louis Kahne, Ray Kavanaugh, Hal Kel- ler, Ed Lambert, Don Lennartson, William Lewis, Jack Lind- say, James McKechnie, Buz Mattingly, Jack Nelson, John Per- rine, Everett Pfanstiel, George Pickens, Kent Perce, James Quisenberry, William Reed, Glenn Roberts, Roger Scott, Rob- ert Simmons, David Vories, Sam Warren, Charles Wheeler, Warren Wolfe. f' 3 ...,, 'C' i Y Q . A fa- .QC x :sms Q C. x . s 1 U ey x I k Q.. 3194, X x Qwbhn . .V ,IX hl Q :Q Sflfvm i5f'f5f7ffY:- xi' 2293! ' l 7 ls . ', Q : if , K . G M wm if .... was N Y I B L G l 1- .' ,lx x ' 'x . in 1? 5 X C C: ' 'KN Q -'GM .1 ll x K . , X Q Th' f f in X l xl 1:- . , ,N , Q1 XQ"'v z Adamson, Anderson, Besudcn, Blankenship, Bullock Cnrtcr, Caswell, Cutlett, Cnudill, Cornctt Cox, Crawford, Douglas, Dorroh, Farmer Fowkcs, Hampton, Hnmmons, Hellmnnn, Hodge Hollcnmn, Hutzler, Kavunaugh, Keller, Lennnrtson Lcwis, Levas, Lindsay IEW AZ' s . .U 1 !.,u , I wt' , . buf 1 4 Q?" 'N ". 4? Wx? f b ' H wsu Delta Epsilon Chapter R' , , R g .3 E ,ag M ,X I 1235, Q k M M I 1 Q " -S - - fund " I Q . ' 1 1 nil E 'R' "" ? i 5 ' 3 N if i , i .punt R' vt 4 I in Q15 t N me , , , X V an , , 4 . 1 kwf?,Uiw,w t v i , , P, 2' ' Martin, Massey, Mnttinlly, McKechnie, Miller Minton, Nelson, Newton, Perrine, Pfanstiel Pierce, Pickens, Quisenberry, Ray, Reed Regan, Roberts, owe, Scott, Simmons D. Smith, M. Smith, Smack, Stoll, Suit Valentine, Weier, Wolfe The KA's began the year by winning Hrst place in the Lances Carnival booth contest in the fall. Several KA's have been outstanding on var- sity athletic teams during the year. Roger Messick was on the varsity swimming team, Bill Holton and Jack Kloecker were on the varsity golf team, and Jim Flynn and Willie Rouse were on the varsity basketball team. The iirst chapter of Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865. Theta chapter was installed on the Uni- versity of Kentucky campus on February 21, 1893. The fraternity colors are crimson and old gold, the flower is the magnolia. Officers: John S. Baughman III, president, John C. Nichols, vice-president, George B. Miller, secretary, Joe F. Moore, treasurer. Kappa A ljnha A 0 .Q C BPKA 2000 0 Q 0 o 0- 0 0 f- Members: Ben Ardery, John S. Baughman, John F. Cash, Ken Cole, Whitney Dunlap, Jack Kloecker, Joe Moore, Hugh Moore, Bill Muir, Bruce Miller, John Nichols, Willie Rouse, Don Williamson, Bill Gerrard, Eugene Clayton, Jim Etherton, Jim Flynn, David Hag- er, Bill Holton, George Howard, Willard Igle- hart, John McGee, Charles Palmer, Buddy Sanders, Ashley Ward, Don Young, Sonny Hooker, Jim Carson, George Stone, Rick Grimes, Michael Lowery, Tom Darnall, Doug- las Jones. Pledges: Jake Herndon, Graham McCauley, Sammy Kinkead, Frank McVey, Lynn Wilder, Roger Messick, George Carey, John Long, Dan Walton, Bob Goeke, Dick Finley, Jack Clore, George Adams, Bobby Caywood, Guthrie Goodman, Jack Congleton, Billy Tal- bot, Bob Noe, Harry H. Baughman, Bill Co- dell, Joe Gilliam, Dan Chandler, Duanne Ben- nett, John Chenault, Jack Norris. X, .. 1 'W Q- ' fx gf X uv . Q . 3-e 1-r f MA 4 ,,-gn in Kb 4, , - 9,1 wb xr i N f f N I, 'EVN ' G-. , x 4. .Q ? ., -"'u .. ' Q :svn K i in l 'DW Adnms, H. Baughman, I. Baughman, Beard, Bennett Cnrcy, Carson, ash, Caywood, Chandler Chenuult, Clayton, Clore, Codell, Cole Congleton, Dnrnall, Dunlap, Ellis, Etherton Fcnlcy, Flynn, Gerrard, Gilliam, Goodman Grimes, Hager, Herndon nf. , ' 4 ilk P a R. Theta Chapter ll. -0-,7 if N if ' Qi' I 4 KH 1 4 ' -xx, ,- 'N ,ss ,,'-215 'C' Y an b 'CF' ,- Q Eh 4 P l xv Pin vi' tg me-M xx 1 , .fl - S' ' Y V f , R fl. .. 4. Q- ' i Hooker, Holton, Igleheart, jones, Kinkead Kloecker, Long, Lowrey, McCauley, McGee McVey, Messick, Miller, Moore, Muir Nichols, Noe, Norris, Palmer, Rouse Sanders, Stone, Talbot, Walton, Ward Williamson, Young 5 .,-.agizl v. 1 f rss. 'H jf? V . Q I J-.",' , .., t ellie liz, N-Q.. pe 1 r ri. l The Kappa Sigma's had many outstanding campus leaders this year. Henry Maeser was president of Lances and the Lutheran Students Association. He was also a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Interfaith Council, the United Students Party, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Lamp and Cross, and Omicron Delta Kappa. He was treasurer of the Stu- dent Government Association. Bill Snyder was a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Keys, Lances, Lamp and Cross, and the Inter- fraternity Council. Pete Carter was a member of Lances, United Students Party, Student Government Association, and the YMCA Cab- inet. George Shadoan was in Keys and was First Sergeant of Pershing Rifles. Wayne Carroll was a member of Phi Eta Sigma, Keys, the Student Government Association, and Lances. The Kappa Sigs were also outstanding in athletics. They won the intramural volley ball trophy and were represented on the varsity fencing and football teams by Bill Seiller and Dick Rushing respectively. Kappa Sigma o00o as . Quia The fraternity's main social events for the year were a Halloween Party, a Steak Fry, and the annual Black and White Formal in the spring. Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Virginia on December 10, 1869. Beta Nu chapter was installed on campus April 5, 1901. The fraternity colors are scarlet, white, and green, the ilower is the lily of the valley. Officers: William B. Snyder, presidentg Joseph Kirchdorfer, vice-president, John Cross, secretary, Franklin Richardson, treasurer. Members: Asa Barnes, Boles Burke, Wayne Carroll, Pete Carter, Jack Christian, Charles Cole, John Cross, John Dicken, Larry Depp, John Emmick, Jim Fossett, Robert Gipe, Kurt Goltermann, Edward Haick, Russell Hibbs, Carl Hoffman, Douglas Holiday, Thomas Kavunedas, Leland Kennedy, Joseph Kirchdorfer, Jon Kresin, Richard McDowell, Fant Martin, Henry Maeser, Robert Newman, Tom Owen, Thomas Proctor, Edsel Rawlings, Richard Rushing, 'Franklin Richardson, George Shadoan, William Shadoan, Jack Stivers, Logan Wal- lingford, Tom Weeks, Neal Werner, Charles Whalin, Sidney White, Robert Wilson, Jimmy' Yonkos. Pledges: Larry Aleken, Ronald Bonnell, Arthur Curtis, Ted Dowell, Ellis Easterly, Franklin Florence, Joy Ray Gatewood, Albert Hall, William Harding, Kenneth Harris, William Hoer- nel, Richard Larimore, Bill Macklin, David Marshall, John Roberts, Frank Scinta, Jay Thornberry, William Wash, Bill Williams, Farris Wilson. K' ' x 'e 1. WI' R' is S Q as 5 X 'f -I 'V' z as gt 'CT if favs lg. an Q-Q? 'fm ' gl 'U' G' 1 fqgl. Barnes, Cannon, Carter, Carroll Christian, Cross, Depp, Dickens Easterly, Emmick, Florence, Fossett Gntewood, Gipe, Goltermnnn, Hnick Hnll, Harding, Harris, Hibbs Hoffman, Holiday, Kafogilis, Knvune QQ ffk dus C' Beta Nu Chapter . J .Jai-' - "dai .4 ... "" 4 ' nr' , 12 lf l 'S "' : 515' 5.1 y fav- A 1' 'Q 'F' mx f-In i ,a 52, Kirchdorfcr, Larimore, Macklin, Marshall Martin, Moore, Newman, Rawlings Rice, Richardson, Roberts, Shndonn Snyder, Stivers, Thomas, Wallingford Wash, Weaks, Whalin, White Williams, F. Wilson, W. Wilson The Lambda Chi's had several outstanding parties this year. One of the most successful of these was the French Water Front Party. Others included the Mother's Day Dinner, the Crescent Ball, and the Inevitable Beach Party at jones Beach. Lambda Chi Alpha was founded in Boston, Mass., on November 2, 1909, and Epsilon Phi chapter was installed on campus on February 14, 1930. The fraternity colors are purple, green, and gold, the flower is the white rose. The purpose of this organization is to con- tribute in the largest measure possible to the pre-eminence of truth and justice and the well being of human kind. Oilicers: Gene D. Rawlings, president, Wil- liam T. Clark, vice-president, David W. Adams, secretary, Edwin R. Berry, treasurer. Lambda Chi A libha QD ia Q -296 . 1 Igfwl Q9 Actives: David W. Adams, Edwin R. Berry, Kenneth L. Blevins, William T. Clark, john A. Cooper, Lewis W. Dunn, Harold K. Franklin, Morton S. Fry, Jeff Haley, Gene D. Rawlings, Gerald R. Slusher, Robert T. Stevens, Iordan Hoolick, Marvin V. Horton, Iohn W. Harri- son, Ernest Moore, Harold G. Oakley, Ralph I. Palumbo, Philip V. Walters, Marvin B. jones, William G. Martin, Carl W. Smith, john C. Whittenberg, Daniel W. Stai-ford, Norman L. Schott, Eugene L. Marvin, Mal- colm H. King, Charles R. Hamm, Charles A. Johnson, Roger N. Justice, John A. Spoule, Oswald Kington, Joe Lee, Leslie Linkenfelter, Harold G. Wells. Pledges: Iohn H. Miles, Donald I. Scheer, James C. Carpenter, Fred Chapman, David Coapman, George Head, Donald Hughes, John Jones, Robert A. Pack, Frank Robinson, Brian I. Taylor. il 45- 3 12,- 'vi rd V , 3 A .., Q X ms Q1 li N X ... F -s.. .f A K rf .. . Pa X v V X 54' , , Ki 49" L C 1 , 'fr Q Q, I . 1 mi xy Q1 if ,Q ' my y 'Q ,. 47 fs: . 'edu 3325, .. f 3 i Adams, Berry, Carpenter, Chapman Clark, Coaxpman, Dunn, Franklin Fry, Gosling, Haley, Hnmm Harrison, Head, Hoolick, Hughvs J. jones, M. jones, justice, King M fx ' ' uma' V Epsilon Phi Zeta Chapter A ,,,., NGN? fi- if Q L .Fil if 4 v K i l Aw' stil. 6. il "JST 4' l 4' A 'fIlYl"'A i " K1 K' v . Q, Q, 'ISI' I f Kington, Lingenfelter, Martin, Marvin Miles, Moore, Onklcy, Rawlings Robinson, Scheer, Schott, Slusher Smith, Sproule, Stafford, Stevens Taylor, Walters, Wells, Whittenberg Upon returning to school last fall, Phi Delta Theta members were greeted by a completely redecorated fratemity house. This fine job was done by fraternity members and the Mother's Club. Many house parties and social affairs were held by the fraternity. The social season was topped off by the annual Spring Formal at the Lexington Country Club. The Phi Delts also gave a very successful party for underprivi- leged children at Christmas. Phi Delta Theta was well represented on all intramural teams and finished strong in every division. Outstanding men in athletics included: Don Smith, Lewis Flowers, John Y. Brown, and Charles Crabtree, golf, Jack McDonald and Charles Jett, swimming, Bob Scherer and Harry Alexander, tennis, and Bobby Lester, baseball. Members outstanding in campus activities this year included Stanley Dickson, president of Lances and of Alpha Zeta, and member of Keys, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Lamp and r Phi alta hem 'Xp .lg QQEL e c LQ is 6' 7 Q if. bw. f n me Q 'l Y Q Q71 Ni! Cross, Leslie Morris, member of Keys, Phi Eta Sigma, and Eta Sigma Phi, Henry Bennett, member of Keys and Phi Eta Sigma, and Jim Boyle, member of Phi Eta Sigma. Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami Uni- versity, Oxford, Ohio on December 26, 1848. Epsilon chapter was installed on campus in April 1901. The fraternity colors are blue and white, the flower is the white carnation. Officers: Robert Scherer, president: Lewis Flowers, vice- president: Leslie Morris, secretary: Stanley Dickson, treasurer. Members: Harry Alexander, Henry Bennet, Jim Boyle, How- ard Bright,'AlIen Buckner, Charles Crabtree, Jack Cross, Stan- ley Dickson, Bill Denes, Steve Dummit, Lewis Flowers, Britt Franklin,Jack Giles, Lewis Greene, Edward Hayes, John Hol- way, Alex Huguelct, Charles Jett, Jack Kleimeyer, Doug Mc- Cullough, Jack McDonald, Albert Moffett, Leslie Morris, Dick Nichols, Harold Potts, john Quinn, Oliver Raymond, Jack W. Roberts, Jack J. Roberts, Dale Robinson, Harold Rose, Nat Sanders, Bob Scherer, David Schoepf, Bill Semonin, Day Shanklin, Don Smith, Gene Smith, David Swor, Frank Tilton, Ray Tucker, Dan Wester, Frazee Wilson, Henry Young, Bill Blake, Bobby Borders, Tom Tate, Ted Igleheart, Dick Kessler, Denny Steineker, Joe Teague. Pledges: Bill Billiter, Henry Bnll, Sam Batts, John Y. Brown, Walter Curry, John B. Davis, Jim Dobbs, Bill Eddy, Don Gibson, Bob Kirn, Bob Lester, Bob Lee, Dan Newton, Forest Reeves, John Rodgers, Kenneth Summers, Sonny Wiggington, Bill Curlin. 'HUP Bennett, Billitter, Boyle Bright, Cross, Davis Dickson, Dummitt, Eddy Greene, Hayes pn-un I I , ,gal -al .41 ' 7 Kentucky Epsilon Chapter ,xx - Xt . XX u , '- ' N I. an .f w eg , N , LUV -f ,. . ' QI gy 'Qtr . xx , "L 4' ' .nl 5 . ,,,, ' , s ' ., f ga P 'R-f Jw-: --I-PM:-'ms-f.f ' F v K.: 93:1 .,. 'W'.1-: -f."'.--Lf"5f""'-"9" 'vs .psy js! 'E' lm hs- ,. Henley, Kessler, McDonald Morris, Raymond, Robinson Scherer, Schoepf, Smith Tucker, Wilson 43' ' T '3 1 Y . Q . xx 'Il 'ik 'K ala X an f 1 .Uijy it 4 hi up-nv., K Phi Kappa Tau again sponsored their third annual Barbershop Quartet contest, which was held at Memorial Hall. Merrill McCord 'was news editor of the Kentucky Kernel, and was later appointed editor-in-chief at mid-year. Gene Neff, varsity basketball and baseball player signed a baseball contract with the Detroit Tigers. Phi Kappa Tau took second place in Lances Carnival with their Cafe Parisienne and Style Show. Doris Morgan was their sponsor for the event. T. I. Glasscock was elected upper classman Engineering representative for Student Gov- ernment Association. The Dream Girl formal was held at the Avon Oflicers Club in April. ACE og :Q Q 0 Q Q Q 0 Q QQ Phi Kappa Tau was founded at Miami Uni- versity, Oxford, Ohio on March 17, 1906. Kappa chapter was installed on campus No- vember 6, 1920. The fratemity colors are Harvard red and old gold, the flower is the red carnation. Its purpose is to promote fel- lowship, scholarship, and Christian ideals. Officersz' James E. Boggess, president, Joe P. Richardson, vice-president, George E. Burton, secretary, T. I. Glasscock, treasurer. Members: E. G. Adams, Anthony J. Amato, James E. Bog- gess, George E. Burton, Charles I. Cosenza, Larry N. Delar- nette, David E. Feld, T. I. Glasscock, Robert S. Horine, Bert Jody, Jr., Hugh G. King III, John Kiera, Merrill T. McCord, Albert L. Meyers, Ronald L. Miller, John E. Monarch, Robert E. Moore, Eugene Neff, George T. Reynolds, Joe P. Richard- son, Orman Shewmaker, Billy S. Simpson, Howard Stone, Douglas E. Williams, Don Young, Jr., James Bondurant, Eu- gene Fontaine, Walter D. Holbrook. Pledges: Max L. Biederman, Jack D. Combs, William F. Evans, Charles F. Hite II, Harold F. Janecky, J. Wesley Johnson, William F. Jolly, John A. McKinney, Robert Lock- hart, Ron L. Magel. vhs 'G-Tr 'QQ Y'-.' L 4237 +R. ' 45'-"n L... Fin sr' -"" rx 1 Adams, Ammo, BicdL-rnmn, Boggcss Brmdurant, Burton, Combs, Cosenza Crow, Dcjnrncttc, Evans, Feld Fontaine, Glnsscock, Grccn, Holbrook Horinc, Hudson :N- ,... A Wm I m s 1 ,., 14 .rf . Kappa Chapter ..,.-o p 1 i 1 4 1 90? g 'gm an .- WN l .. fi. IIN ,sv 1 tk 5-' X ic-, N Q ,V jzmecky, Jody, Johnson, Jolly King, Kjcm, Lockhart, McCord McKinney, Meyers, Miller, Monarch Neff, Reynolds, Richardson, Shewmnkcr Simpson, Williams ...,, . f, A Ml I - f 'I "W I I? Q ., T hxffg. fgjitlgg .y , x . ,J iw a ,X f .I , x .XA .- x X 'N ux , 4 .N , X r t I 3 f I L,.. ,- nit ' 1, A Eff' I l fs . - .-H sf, - . .f . fs ' i .. 'ima-,,..s . . 1 K .5 ,ww a -e ,. .,,.....,..., , l w, Q A . rm weep af . ' , 5 ,J I i Phi Sigma.Kappa's outstanding members of the year were Charlie Negley and Elliott Netherton who were initiated into Phalanx, Luther P. House who was selected as the out- standing member of Keys and initiated into Phi Eta Sigma, Glen Sandefur who was ini- tiated into Keys and elected to the Student Government Association, and Bud Florence who was initiated into Tau Beta Pi. Phi Sigma Kappa was founded at the Uni- versity of Massachusetts on March 15, 1878. Phi Deuteron was installed on campus on November 27, 1926. The fraternity colors are magenta and silver, the flower is the red car- nation. Its purpose is to promote brother- hood, stimulate scholarship, and develop char- acter. Oflicers: Norval Ray Copeland, president, Tom McHenry, vice-president, Charlie Neg- ley, secretary, Bob Richie, treasurer. S I Phi Sigma Kappa e Q Q ' W ai ' 93, 3 ffl- Q2 6 Members: George Birmingham, James A. Brown, john R. Cooper, Norval R. Copeland, Frank E. Craniill, Warren K. Dulin, Carroll L. Florence, james T. Haydon, Luther P. House II, Charles W. Johnson, Milford I L. Jones, William L. Iones, Richard L. Marchett, Howard T. McHenry, Read B. Miller, Fred C. Minning, Don W. Neal, Charles L. Negley, Elliott Netherton, Tom E. Newman, James V. Pigford, Don R. Richardson, Bob G. Richie, Eugene C. Riley, Edward G. Sanderfur, George D. Schrader, Gary E. Smith, Arthur I. Stoll, Tom I. Timmons, Dan G. Tudor, Robert E. Westerman, Forest Dean. Pledges: John M. Baker, Ted Reichart, Roy Ross, John T. Shannon, Orville Threlkeld, Hugh Thurman, john M. Williams, Gene Grif- fin, Gene Thomas, Doyle Oliver. r iw gn - X ..,. " g W-5 1 QQ - . ' 'I if ' K 6 J 7 , be i ' 5 ,. ' Q' X x , , 5' 1 o ' 'il' 0-M , xxx A Q ,ik . - , , -ivy if ' f , X x H. i f J qw., K 5 ,F ' ' ' -, Xp, ,YN vw I Ig, is "1 W ' Q53 fi k in f R ki? if i - if YH. 3331 ws k is A 5 ,A 'Sm ' ,wk . X Xml - , vii, . lil 5 .. V' A . F A gi f' ' ' ' if ffifim -no .. i g K 11: i . 'JS , K' " ll E' wg , ' , " Q' , I f , I i 5 i 11' 2' if XX K '- x s if i 7 r ri , Q' iw Birnninghuin, Copeland, Cooper, Crunfill Dm-nn, Dulin, Florence, Griffin Hayden, House, Johnson, Jones McHenry, Miller, Minning, Ncglcy, Ncthvrton qui' A F i ,N wx' 275 ws-4 6 C7 I ,fgimg Ill! '-we JH .dll Phi Deuteron Chapter I E-1, -ri' 'xffx ' . X K 'Qs 'Uh rw' mn! i A 3 ,nm fv- Qv-V , fuk vi? ' '64 '1 Y 745: f y n - t in A M, - ff, A,,L 1 , J , V ,, , .V ,K Newmnn, Pigford, Reichnrt, Richnrdson Richie, Ross, Sanderfur, Schrader Shannon, Smith, Stoll, Thurman Timmons, Tudor, Wcstermun, Wojtowicz, Thomas 277 The Pi Kappa Alpha's ended a very success- ful rush season this year with the pledging of eighteen men. They were also privileged to start the year oil with a new housemother, Mrs. Maggie M. Stewart. Among the parties given by the Pi Kap's this year were a hayride and a Weiner roast, a housemother's tea, a costume party at Cas- tlewood, and an open house after the home- coming game which many alums attended. The most outstanding success of the social events, of course, was the Dream Girl Dance given in the spring. Outstanding members were John Walker, Phi Eta Sigmag Don Wilson, Alpha Phi Ome- ga, and Ralph Hovermale, Alpha Phi Omega. Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the Univer- sity of Virginia in 1868. Omega chapter was installed on campus in 1901. The fraternity colors are garnet and gold, and the flower is the Lily of the Valley. The purpose of Pi Kappa Alpha is to establish friendship on a iirmer and more lasting basis, to promote Pi Kappa A lplza QYJA Q Q .ari - , QQ gf air. QE if A Q9 fi . brotherly love and kind feeling, to provide for mutual benefit and advancement of those with whom they sympathize and deem worthy of their regard. Officers: Hugh David Roe, president, Stuart Carpenter, vice-president, Richard K. Leh- man, secretary, Thomas Prather, treasurer. Actives: Jim Anderson, Albert Asch, De- Witt Baulch, Glenn Bromagen, A. C. Byrn- side, Charlie Campbell, Stuart Carpenter, John Carver, Don Hartford, Jim Harris, Bud Hinton, -Ralph Hovermale, Paul Knapp, Al Innes, Richard Lehman, Terry Lohre, Donald McClure, Ray McClure, Art Maddox, James Osborne, Cordon Prather, Thomas Prather, Hugh David Roe, James Sandidge, Ray Thompson, Dan Travis, John Walker, Jack Wilhoit, Donald Wilson. Pledges: Joseph Crispino, Leroy Hammons, Jimmy Jacobson, Harry Landon, Robert Mc- Carthy, William Miller, James Smith, William Smith, William Stevens, Burton St. John, Spalding Smith, Eugene Spragens, William Wilson. ,if QA ' - m , xv . 1 735153 X w"""V-rx dp. 'Pi' fr' A W .7194 .aG MV' :VA ' s K. f., ., fl 1,419 f 'xl' XV N 1' VD' "RTT, W' HHUwC'af M 'g 1. s. :Y Q S .: 'HI , E.- ,Qj:':" 'Wav slr- Y'---... ,Q Anderson, Buulch, Bromngcn, Byrnsidc Campbell, Cnrpvntcr, Harris, Hartford Ilovcrmnlc, Jacobson, Lahman, Landon Lohrc, D. McClure in 279 Omega Chapter ,A . MQ , .10 Y 'fa' 44-.. 3' allffs . Q I-, i4A,? L, , if I I . ik gig. V ' A A . 4. .,"5' Y, A w1'fT'L 'il' li. McClure, Osborne, Prather, Recd Roe, I. Smith, W. Smith, Statham Stevens, Thompson, Travis, Walker Wilhnit, Wilson 02,9 if' .4 .,,,,4 f:,,:ff,Evf T 53,1 .HQ ,.,. , .L The SAE's won first place in the Home- coming decoration contest last fall. They also won the Intramural trophy for 1951-1952. They were the University champions in both football and swimming for 1952. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama on March 9, 1856. Kentucky Epsilon chapter was installed on campus on February 10, 1900. The fraternity colors are purple and gold, the flower is the violet. Officers: John Alden Rodgers, president, James Read Holland, vice-president, Jack W. Clark, secretary, James H. Lucas, treasurer. Members: James Baker, Norman Boggess, Dave Clark, Jack Clark, Ward Coleman, Lee Congleton, William Corbin, Robert Cregor, Gene Croft, Todd Crutcher, David Devasier, Pat Dickinson, Gordon Finnie, Jess Gardner, Will Glass, Dave Grey, Ken Harris, Read Hol- land, Robert Holmes, Bill Howerton, Conrad Hubbard, Harry Jones, Larry Jones, Carl Ken- nedy, James Kingsbury, George Koper, Bruce Sigma A ljuha Epszlon ff I lr! X X ,ill ff . , X Kunkel, Bob Lancaster, James Lucas, Jack Martin, Billy D. McDonald, David McDonald, Jack Mandt, Floyd Mann, Charles Mollitt, James Moore, George Nall, Wendell Norman, Dick Page, Hunt Perkins, Bill Pesci, Monty Price, Frank Ramsey, Ches Riddle, Robert Robbins, John Alden Rodgers, Edmund Rod- man, John Ryans, James Shannon, Donald Slagel, Ben Stilwell, Robert Strother, Don Sturgill, Charles Sutherland, James Taylor, Jerome Taylor, Powell Taylor, Douglas Witt, George Wombell, Thornton Wright, Gus Wylie. Pledges: James Baxter, Danny Boone, Gene Black, Bill Campbell, Curtis Congleton, Don- ald Crutcher, Don Finney, Zip Gayle, Bos Gorham, Allen Grillot, Jim Hardyman, George Harralson, John Kelly, Charles Kenney, John Kirkham, Vic Meyer, Fred Meyer, Charles Mulfinger, Ken Nace, Austin Owen, Gene Pigue, Bob Robinson, Jim Stevens, Charles Taylor, Lucien Terrell, Sherrill Ward, Don Young, Bill Adams. x 'if ' xl Q 33 .V t . res, H e IW' l lg C' x 1--' 'ra . G' l 'BL 1 X 'S , cr ,fl- vc: .Q was .mx "FV 1 f A .u ' , gr I' ' xx - r aww, , .K xy I 7' , 53, .fy 3: Bruker Bnxtvr, Black, Boggcss, Bonne, Brown 4 n -8 iff ?- .,,, 3 Cnmplzell, Chestnut, C. Clark, J. Clark, Coleman, C. Congleton L, Congleton, Corbin, Croft, D. Crutcher, T. Crutcher, DcVnsicr Dickinson, Finney, Finnic, Gardner, Glass, Corhnm Grny, Grillot, Hnrdyman, Hnrrnlson, Holland, Holrncs Howerton, Hubbard, Kelly, Kennedy, Kenney, J. Kingsbury P. Kingsbury, Kirkham, Koper, Kunkel, Lucas Y. Epsilon Chapter 17Ol '70 t I ax' U SV NNW' .5 2 . of H. , Q, an Y. V 1,0 sr, 3 V .P ' f A .A TQ V' cha- y ay. an Q, 1. :Pi U A7 R, H mg gp.. YV, TA is W. V, Q 33 ,Lf A 1- M V , vw x. , eo 4. . - , 'Y s. 1: . s,,,,.JV , fir? in 4... A ah: lr .--t .AA ' K? .zu 'Sl' 'L-1 Y' 'r lun-. 5, .54 A 4 I Lancaster, Mnndt, Mann, Martin, B. McDonald, D. McDonald F' MLlyL'f V. Meyer, Moflitt, Moore, Nace, Nall Norman, Owen, Page, Perkins, Pesci, Piguc Price, Ramsey, Riddle, Robbins, Robinson, Rodes Rodgers, Rodman, Ryans, Shannon, Slagel, Stevens Stillwcll. Sturgill, C. Taylor, I. Taylor, J. Taylor, P. Taylor Witt, Wombell, Wood, WYlil', Young 'X The Sigma Chi's celebrated a very success- ful 60th Anniversary this year. The rush.sea- son came to a happy ending with the pledging of twenty-two outstanding men. In October the Sig's sponsored their Third Annual Derby on O.D.K. Field. Alpha Xi Delta Sorority won the rotating team trophy, and Delores Kercher was selected Derby Queen. The "Welcome Home Alums" Homecoming Party and the Annual Christmas Party were highlights of a wonderful social season which also included house parties and a hayride to Clifton. Continuing into the Spring Semester, the social whirl saw the celebration of the 60th Anniversary and the Best Dressed Con- test. The curtain was drawn on another year with the Annual Sweetheart Dance. Jane Bartlett, Kappa Alpha Theta, repre- sented the Sigma Chi's as Sweetheart on cam- pus during the year. Among the Sig's in out-. standing campus positions were: George Law- son, President of both the Student Government Association and the Interfraternity Council, john Griggs, Captain of the '52 Wildcat foot- ball teamg Dwight "Speedie', Price, Captain of the '53 track team, Frank P. Myers, Editor of the Kentucky Engineer Magazine, Lances, Sigma hi fj 6' 4 if-'llhifk QQQKR' M Vice-President of Patterson Literary Society, and Eta Kappa Nu, Carter Glass, Vice-Presi- dent of Lances, Vice-President of the Student Union Board, Chairman of the Sports Com- mittee, and Vice-President of Lamp 8: Cross, Arch Mainous, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Patterson Literary Society, Henry Durham, Patterson Literary Society, Student Government Iudici- ary Committee. Sigma Chi was founded at Miami Univer- sity, Oxford, Ohio, on June 28, 1855. Lambda Lambda chapter was installed on campus on March 31, 1893. Officers: Carter A. Glass, presidentg Stuart B. Dalton, vice- president, John Scott, secretary, Wilber C. Fisher, Ir., treas- urerg Frank R. Myers, pledge trainer. Actives: William Boggs, Thomas I . Bradley, William Choate, Bruce L. Cole, Stuart B. Dalton, Henry C. Durham, Wilber C. Fisher, Jr., Carter Glass, john Griggs, Richard A. Haas, Kenneth Hatiield, Harry W. Homeier, William jackson, Rob- ert L. Kays, George M. Lawson, Arch G. Mainous, William Marcum, Henry A. Meyer, Frank R. Myers, Ioseph R. Planck, Dwight Price, Carl Baker Rankin, Herbert M. Richardson, John S. Rinehart, William Runnels, John Scott, Frederick Silhanek, Harvey Young. Pledges: Robert Anderson, Conway C. Carrico, Ben Clove, Leslie B. Combs, Robert Cooke, Lawrence M. Crump, Clay Downing, Edwin Fieldhouse, Kenneth Glass, Ira Gray, Albert Harmon, Daniel Kelly, William K. Lutz, Lynn Murray, Ed- ward Peterhoff, Thomas Porter, Ronald Roe, Lea Rowland, Robert Gayle Rose, Robert Thomas, Donald Weaver, Douglas Williams. WN s H. e N .nl1!"' frwx G- 2 if am l s 12- X 'L Q is R l , ,Dv- fir Bradley, Cnrrico, Choate, Dalton Downing, Durham, Fieldhouse, Fisher C. Glass, K. Glass, Gmy, Hans Homeier, Lawson, Mainous, Marcum l N 'Su-7 ,,gnn0'l '9' Ky, .ff ,.,..f' W4 fwh? M 1 Q V Lambda Lambda Chapter m i q, 'J' 1 .nu-.. Wi. lu. ,-'wx QR mx KUNG E4 . Ki ,E gf x Meyer, Murray, Myers, Planck Porter, Price, Rankin, Richardson Rinehart, Rowland, Runnels, Scott Silhanek, Young, Wilson 289 The Sigma Nu's won first place in the May Day float contest last spring. Jim Bradbury, representing the fraternity, won the annual Turkey Day Run, and their five man team placed second in the same event. Jim McCabe was the winner of the basketball free-throw contest. Along with other campus- organizations, the Sigma Nu's entertained a group of under- privileged children during the Christmas sea- son. The fraternity's annual VVhite Star spring formal, held at the house,'was again one of the finest dances of the year. Sigma Nu's active on campus during the year included Jim Bradbury who was Presi- dent of Lamp and Cross and of the American Chemical Society, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Kappa, Fred Bradley, editor-in-chief of the Kentuckian, Cliff Hagan and Ray Jones who were repre- sentatives to the Student Government Associa- tion, Jim Perry, managing editor of the Ken- tuckian, and a member of Lances and Lamp and Cross, John Proffitt, president of the YMCA, and a member of Lamp and Cross and Omicron Delta Kappa, Larry Riddle, a Sigma Nu 1-sa X341 "x ,J 'P Z-31-1. .., .,. sw R130 member of Phi Eta Sigma, the Interfraternity Council, and Beta Gamma Sigma, Jay Wallace, president of Alma Magna Mater, and Olin Gentry, president of the Newman Club. Representing the fraternity on varsity ath- letic teams were All-American Cliff Hagan, captain of the basketball team, Jay Wallace, captain of the track team, Bay Jones, track, Jim Proflitt, football, Jim McCabe, swimming, and jim Day and John Shanahan, baseball. Sigma Nu was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869. Gamma Iota chapter was installed on campus January 18, 1902. The fraternity colors are black, gold, and white, the flower is the white rose. Officers: John R. Proffitt, president, Joe Bill Howard, vice- president, Lynn Hudson, secretary, Dean Anderson, treasurer. Members: Dean Andersorr, Sam Blythe, Jim Bradbury, Fred Bradley, Bob Cobb, David Cole, Frazier Dawson, Jim Day, Olin Gentry, Bob Gleason, Cliff Hagan, Tom Henritze, Joe Howard, Jim Hudson, Lynn Hudson, Ray Jones, Ben Kilgore, Cliff Lattn, Ken List, Francis Mabelitini, John Mankin, Jim McCabe, Bill Mudd, Mike Murphy, Jim Proffitt, John Profiitt, Jim Perry, Louis Pritchett, Don Risch, John Richardson, Larry Riddle, Jack Suylor, Bob Schnatter, John Shanahan, Jay Wal- lace, Shelly Watson, Don Weber, Tom Wheat, Eugene Walsh, Don White, Bill Yates. Pledges: Kent Angel, Tom Brabant, George Browder, Al Cravens, Bud Greco, Mac Osbome, Omar Pace, Charles Ray, Frank Scott, Joe Simmons, Don Sheng, Tom Whiting, Bob Barlow, Don Felker, Norm Miller, Dave Noyes, Bob Powell, Eddie Ernest. 'Q-nu. h-ff - WN 'Wh 'iff' o'5'b 'Q-f 6. . . ' '57 'sg my ' R. gg W A 'C' W - x 1' 'TON Q . C' Anderson, Angel, Brahant, Bradbury, Bradley Blythe, Cobb, Cole, Day, Eison Gentry, Gleason, Hngnn, Hcnritzc, Howard L. Hudson, I. Hudson, Jones, Kilgore, Lnttn List, Mnbclitini, Mankin . ff K-'fi Gamma Iota Chapter smkwnolws WILL BE I 1, ilBL rJ9k, Y REMOVE D., sry, .5 x .YQ Q x I "fix Y np.. T 1-- fi" 'T 18' W is ...rf K. was iw McCabe, Murphy, Mudd, Nickcll, Pace PL-rry, Pritclu-Qt, jim Proffitt, John Proffitt, Ray Riddle, llisch, Schang, Schnntter, Simmons Wnllncc, Wnlsh, Watson, Weber, Whcnt Whiie, Whiting, Yates 1 .affera-'izv . atv 2 r ' 1. , y f -..- f . -1 6 Q. ' ' N. ' "if J - SQ V: G 1 "ff ll KT lan, . , 1,.gl ?N't""X V ' l. - - f gg- 2, .. . jg: jf: Q i. .., . ,K . D sim? If x Wi S I H - iv N1 t X hu m p, All ' f 'iii--I J. ' Hz... -. f 3 ,601-J J SQ A h ' 4V,L 1 .,,, f?ll,il5liJ. ' f if Z W P . " -11 f a . ,JL Q , f .5 . n W A ,af Ejvszlon 4. Q 5 ' A' 'T A 1 Y 4' if as I s sw f K',i if 1 B 21 ' ff? i 1 1 j Q is .", . ..V.V W.. 2' " 1' "ff It M Xf 1-,Ziff f ,gf H A a t vw Q ilk- 'gist fill? ,, ... 'LJ If S "1" Q M, ,... ,,..,,.,,,,,... 1, X' gg- H f 3, .- Q, 0 ,X Q Q VX 9 W Q Bruner, marshall of Phi Alpha Delta, Bill Webb, Neal Asher, and Don Stewart, SUKYg Ken Darnell, president of the Disciples of Stu- Sigma Phi Epsilon opened the year socially in fine style with its annual Dream Girl Dance held at Avon Ofhcers' Club. Miss Ricki Cald- well, Alpha Delta Pi, was chosen 1958 Dream Girl. The Frankfort Troubadors furnished the musical entertainment on this gala occasion for the dancing pleasure of two hundred couples. Lances Carnival was also a scene of Sig Ep festivities with a show entitled "Night In A Sorority House". Sig Ep won the runner-up trophy in volley- ball, and thrashed all the way into the semi- finals in both football and basketball. Wellie Walker was elected president of Alpha Chi Sigma. He also was awarded the Clifford B. Scott Scholastic Key for having the highest scholastic standing in Kentucky Alpha. John Faulkner was appointed pledge-master of SUKY. He is also a member of the Political Science Club, and a delegate of the 240 Club. Other Sig Eps active in campus activities were Henry Neel, Inter-Fraternity Council, SGA, and the United Students Party, Jim dent Fellowship, and a member of the YMCA, Jack Taylor, swimming team and Block and Bridle, Joel Deming, Pershing Rifles, Don Stewart, publicity chairman, Newman Clubg and Bob Wilson, chief announcer of WBKY. Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at the Uni- versity of Richmond in 1901. Kentucky Alpha was installed on campus on March 4, 1983. The fraternity colors are red and purple, the flowers are the roses and violets. Officers: Henry Neel, president, Jack Taylor, vice-presidents Bob 0'Nan, secretary, John Hall, treasurer. Members: Jim Mainard, Felix Martin, Bill Rice, Dick Dor- sey, Richard Hood, Bob O'Nan, Jack Taylor, Don Dowden, Don Slone, Oakle Petrey, Henry Moody, Granville Brock, Paul Davidson, Ronald Fuydal, Simpson McConkey, Gayle Law- rence, Arnold Dosby, Henry Neel, Payton Creech, Joel Deming, Bill Green, John Hall, Wellie Walker, Neal Asher, Phillip Dixon, Jim Bruner, Charles Shinnick, Fred Bodycomb, James Buell, Bob Burkhart, John Chandler, Jack Deming, Jim Mef- ford, Kenneth Miller, John Newton, Harold Seale, Bill Webb, Robert White, Pete Purdom, Barney Sword, Bruce Graham, Don Stewart, Nick Glaser, Bob Bodycomb, Don Clayton, Jim Marvin, Bob Maranville. Pledges: Gerard Parker, John Collier, Bill Thombury, Rob- ert Windland, David Middleton, Daniel Smith, Gayle Asher, Paul Hibbs, Ben Stapleton, Donald Boone, Roland Combs, Charles Hildreth, Louis Stevens, Tom Collier, Larry French, Jack Rose, Marion Thacker, Jim Barnes. 4 , Q PM-1 A ., W ,vii , ,M x ., 'L 5 ' 1 4 n K' 'KZ' 'N x. F iw ,Qs gl" , B., o 'ff 1 I wr? ,- Q I huh, . 43- H .W U, . Q 35- 3, l , M Q x , W r 1' -Q Q nfl le- , B nv-g 'W' ,f I . R. Bodycomh, F. Boclycomb, Boone, Brunvr, Buell, Burkhart, Chandler Collier, Combs, Cosby, Creech Dorsey, Glaser, Graham, Hall Hihhs, Hildrcth, Mefford, McConkey Brock sg,- g! Kentucky Alpha Chapter ,nv- 99' qQ?..,Q.f ga 'F' gp-av Q:--. Middlotzm, Millcr, Moody, Nc-cl N4-wton, O'Nun, Purdom, RiCL' linsv, Shinnick, Slum-, Smith Stnplvtzm, Stn-vm-ns. Sword, Taylor Thuckvr, Thm'nhury, Wnlkm-1' ali' N V178 X W R' Y .Qi FTVTW i ,-ug. :sw A The first semester was opened by the Tekes with a "Welcome Back' costume party, and followed by the Homecoming dinner-dance. In late November the Barn Yard Scratch was held at Castlewood Farms. In December the annual tree-trimming party and the Christmas party for orphans were held at the chapter house. The second semester included such events as a hayride to Clifton, a beach party with Triangle Fraternity at Boonesboro, a lawn party in March, and a Gratz Kitchen celebra- tion in April. The annual Carnation Ball was held in May. Other events sponsored by the chapter dur- ing the year were the Clothing Drive for the needy people of Lexington, and the forum on religion in May. Tekes active on campus were Paul Wright, president of the Constitutionalist Party for SGA and a member of the varsity fencing team, Robert Felton, Cadet Colonel of the ground forces of the R.O.T.C. unit on. campus Kappa Epsilon YQ Q 1 J VW S2253 and a member of Pershing Rifles and Scab- barfl and Blade, Larry Meyer, sports editor of the Kernel and a member of Henry Watter- son Press Club, Joseph Dier, member of the Patterson Literary Society, Frank McHargue and Al McFee, members of Pershing Rifles, and Robert Hoag, member of the Marching 100. K Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity was founded at Illinois Wesleyan University on January 10, 1899. Gamma Sigma chapter was installed on campus in january, 1951. The fraternity colors are cherry and gray, the flower is the red carnation. Officers: Paul I. Wright, president, Frank R. McHargue, vice-president, Larry K. Meyer, secretary, Albert Lupinetti, treasurer. Members: Jean C. Bouchy, Donald R. Butler, Stanley Collis, Joseph Dier, Robert G. Felton, Albert Lupinetti, John Meiners, Frank Mcl-Iargue, Billy D. Mullins, L. B. Powers, Tom White, Hugh Williams, Larry K. Meyer, Thomas Williams, Paul I. Wright, William P. Williamson, Douglas Dean, Arthur F. Glickstcin. Pledges: Frank Gnaw, Robert Hoag, Robert Iohnson, James Lubbers, Thomas Morith, Robert Krauser, Robert Ward, Louis Garriott, Robert Beckwith, Louis Nagy, Al McFee. X A ,pw fb' .1 K f 92 5 r .L -4 fp ., ' - '.-2 v . P513 Z ff 7-3 Altenberg, Bouchy, Collis Deun, Dier, Gnau Hoag, Johnson, Krausel Lubbers T au Kappa Clmiymp .l1Z,.'L, N0 RASS N0 KNO'-S X GLBWES mmm IW W QS- -. sv Meiners, Meyer, Mullins McFee, McHm-gue, Powers Ward, H. Williams, T. Williams Williamson, Wright 1 ? Triangle had several members active in campus organizations this year. Members of Phi Eta Sigma included John Justice, Alan Steilberg, Randy Dupps, and John Fischer. Alan Steilberg and John Fischer were also members of Keys. Arthur Linville was a mem- ber of the Inter-Fraternity Council, the Ken- tucky Engineer Staff, Scabbard and Blade, Lamp and Cross, Pershing Rifles, and a rep- resentative to the Student Government As- sociation. Paul Patrick was a member of Lances. William Neville was a member of Pershing Rifles, and Ronald F arnsley was on the Inter-Fraternity Council. Triangle was founded at the University of Illinois in 1907. Kentucky chapter was in- stalled on campus in 1920. It is a social fra- ternity restricted to engineers and architects. Triangle :urn 4 . mn I 6 eg I . f, QQIQBXQQA Oflicers: Arthur K. Linville, president, Rob- ert B. Morrison, vice-president, John D. Fischer, secretary, Paul A. Patrick, treasurer. Members: Richard Braun, William Creel, Gerald Dodge, Randy Dupps, Ronald Farns- ley, John Fischer, John Correll, William Hin- kle, Terry Hughes, John Justice, Arthur Lin- ville, Thomas McReynolds, Stuart Meyer, Robert Morrison, Robert Magruder, Theodore Nagel, William Neville, Paul Patrick, Kenneth Reynolds, Joseph Rice, Joseph Simons, Alan Steilberg. Pledges: Norman Asher, Guy Carter, Charles Claypoole, Bruce Correll, James Fen- tress, David Haddaway, Warren Kammer, Lee Phillip, Harry Mason, Thomas Neville, Thomas Watkins, Arthur Wilburn, Jerry Yo- cum. 3 1 Q. "CZ: , fv- fr 5 . , V, 551-3 in ik. lg """' -vc.. if W ,MH ...,, x . i -ee' .1 I til l ,l pw- - - .p1'X-wg , ., ,,-,, eu Mm? J' I f gg-rwl' - -3 '-?-'-.. ' Vfrfvxf -wie'--:ff f W - . L X , 1 xl S "" Q ' "' A-if .R -lv rv' . gg x Q Y 8 ' x 6-P ,GW ,JS LAL I E F' .- rw , Mi, , ', "F ,V hm b N. '32 6 X f lv Asher, Brnun, Claypoole, Correll, Creel Dupps, Fnrnslcy, Fischer, Gorrell, Hinklc justice, Knmmer, Lee, Linvillc, Mnson McReynolds, Morrison, Nagel, L. Neville, Patrick, Reynolds, Rice, Shubert, Steilberg Watkins, Wilburn, Yocum T. Neville 'K'-.ii.sLs..," 'A -' The ZBT's were glad to welcome back their housemother, Mrs. Sears T. Moss, for the 1952-58 school year. They entertained with several social events this year. These included a Monte-Carlo party held at the house in the fall, the annual formal dinner-dance held at Boiling Springs Country Club on March 28, a Christmas party at the house during December for some of the less fortunate children of Lexington, a Buffet supper at the house for the Hillel Foundation during Religious Emphasis Week, a Home- coming party, and dinner at the Campbell House in honor of their alumni and also of their Tenth Anniversary on this campus. The ZBT homecoming decoration theme was "Smooth Sailing Over the Green Wave",- while a penny pitching booth was their at- traction at Lances Carnival. Dr. Albert Ballows was initiated as an ad- junct member of Zeta Beta Tau on April 8. Zeta Beta Tau N742 QQ 49 598 .QQZ Q o L3 6 Q QQ 9 Q55 ZBT's active on campus during the year were Ierold Bass, co-chairman of the, Reli- gious Emphasis Week, and George Wertheim, member of Keys, Lances, English Club, and Beta Alpha Psi. Zeta Beta Tau was founded at City College in New York City on December 29, 1898. Al- pha Iota chapter was installed on campus on December 3, 1942. Oilicers: Eugene DuBow, president, Ivan Goldfarb, vice-president, Henry Abraham, secretary, George Wertheim, treasurer. Members: Henry O. Abraham, Jerald N. Bass, Sanford H. Bederman, Theodore Breg, Malcolm A. Cole, Eugene L. DuBow, Ivan J. Goldfarb, William I. Klein, Erle L. Levy, Mar- tin B. Solomon, Jack M. Steinberg, Ronald E. Tiller, George J. Wertheim, Stuart Yussman, Myron Zuckerman. Pledges: Alan F. Bloomfield, Ierry Bohn, Phillip Frost, Sheldon L. Ianowitz, Phillip Levy, George E. Rosen, David Smith, George Spector. Qi H, iii. -.. . 1 A--:X-Q35 , ....,,-:-'Q 1 -:::r..g::,., -' 'K - .Q :SM ,on , Mr' ..-32 5 gf, me ,-3 . L ws F522 if1,:a1"Z:3 - r Ahmhnm, Bnss, Bedermnn, Bloomfield Bohn, Breg, Cole, DuBow Frost, Junowitz, Klein, E. Levy P. Levy, Smith, Solomon, Steinberg Tiller, Wcrtheim, Yussman, Zuckerman jig-. Wy QQ, , ,, ..:. .1 1 7 'ni 5 Q f A l rl I' 3. 'QL :av as iw' ' S gi, F , Q in . 5 3, v- 4 5 i X, 1 S Q 31g.f5' Q Q lf 'S F arm ouse A . l -,,.w ' ar- . '-3' 1:4 if Q4 th. D .4 my Elf, , - v gm.. f Q lr . 30 I. ' .Qui , 5 . . - F, , ' , .2 +' fl .l ' 'N .Ky I ' x .gl 7'-. -if X ,jg . F' .a.. 1. nl Bless, Brinkley, Brough, Caudill, Collings, Combest Fuchs, Goodlett, Hartmann, Hopper, McMurtry, Neale Norvell, Poor, Ridgway, Robertson, Roberston, Rust Stahl, Sims, Wash, Williams, Willis The Farm House entertained with several parties during the year. They started the fall season with a Halloween party, followed by a house dance and a square dance. A Christmas party was also held. Spring brought another house party and the annual spring formal, along with a skating party. In the spring, also, the Farm House held an outing at Natural Bridge and Herrington Lake. The first chapter of Farm House was founded at Missouri in 1905. Kentucky chap- ter was installed on this campus on May 12, 1951. The fraternity colors are green, gold, and white, the flower is the sunburst rose. The purpose of the group is to serve as builders of men. Officers: John C. Robertson, president, Melbourne C. Brough, business manager, Henry C. Hartman, secretary, B. T. Robert- son, treasurer. Members: Melbourne C. Brough, William C. Brinkley, Ben- jamin H. Collings, Edward L. Conder, Edward A. Fuchs, Harold M. Gooding, James I. Goodlett, Henry C. Hartman, William M. Hopper, John H. McMurtry, Ashby Neale, Iohrl R. Norvell, William Poor, William T. Ridgeway, B. T. Rob- ertson, John C. Robertson, Joe W. Rust, Roy D. Sims, Kenneth D. Stahl, William Wash, Fred D. Williams, James D. Willis. Pledges: Donald Applegate, Iohn C. Burgess, Emil Bless, Iesse Caudill, James Combest, Cecil T. Ellis, Jack E. Graham, Marvin Greer, George McKinney, Ronald I. Ryan, Iames L. Simmons, Raymond P. Sims, Wilmer A. Steinhauser, Glenmore Terhune. gfigfvxfn, , 1 H. ,V ,..,, E YN R 'v N lx- QS : K .N tai.. tl Q. 'ylgx' . . I X ' 'I F lg ' . w 5 W 75 'E' , A x. x JUN' , 4, . Q gg a . 5' 'vfvzz s- 3' " ,psi '.' ix'-' .,..H1f " 'K . A fl, 1, f ' ' -P'Pi5."' i-. . HOUI G X Q - a ,,,,, it N Everybody's doing it v MY,-I - fp A www ' r W , , . From - ,Mig 51314 W -- I- 4 'r- HQ E ggi X -if Morning after "Shake it, break it,hang it on the waII" Boy dates girl l -I, A WOMEN S RESIDEN CES L 'iw' J 5 U an I1 .,. 1 fl W A U .T HI H .1 11 H ,'k1l"1' if A " Q Q ' 4 ? ,,.A ...--- ..s. ly, r- 'A Irvs-N W - - " 'f -' .K ,Q J .LLL House Presidents ouneil 'YV' 'CD of Q-p 'Ov Blackwell, Stevens, Farmer, Swinford, N. Cnmpbell, Henderson, M. Campbell, Patterson, Marshall, O'Bryan K. Campbell, Higgins, Shoulders, Cornett, Scrivner, Sutherland, Noll, Parr, Tower, llussman, Ilervey The House President's Council meets semi-monthly to discuss problems which arise in residence halls and to try to make the residence life of women stu- dents morc enjoyable. In an effort to encourage well-kept and attractive rooms, the Council sponsors a lloom judging contest in which awards are given to the best individual rooms and also to the best-decorated houses. The Ilouse Presidcnt's Council also cooperates with two other organizations in sponsoring Mother's Day, inviting the mothers of all women students to visit the campus and learn more of dorm and school life. The llouse Presidcntfs Council was founded at the University of Kentucky in 1944. Miss Margaret V. Storey is faculty advisor. Officers: Patricia llervey, president, Joyce Stephens, vice-president, Barbara llussman, secretary, and Mar- lene l"armcr, treasurer. Members: Dorothy Blackwell, Alpha Delta Pi, Catherine Campbell, Zeta Tau Alpha, Martina Camp- bell, Barracks No. 33, Nancy Campbell, Delta Zeta, Betty Sue Cornett, Ilamilton llouse, Marlene Farmer, Alpha Camma Delta, Mildred Henderson, Jewell llall, Patricia llcrvcy, Chi Omega, Lynn Marshall, Kappa Alpha Theta, Dolores Noll, Barracks No. l, Maureen O'Bryan, Lydia Brown, Diane Parr, Boyd llall, Mazie Patterson, G35 Maxwelton Court, Bar- bara llussman, Delta Delta Delta, Phyllis Scrivncr, Patterson llall, jackie Shoulders, Dillard llousc, ,loyce Stephens, Kappa Kappa Camma, -Ioan Suther- land, McDowell llouse, lluth Swinford, Barracks No. 2, Lorelle Terrett, Kappa Delta, Barbara Tower, G43 Maxwelton Court, and Libby Higgins, Alpha Xi Delta. 3 G 69,53 0 on 000 D Gym fi ajfmfw. F- wi -.1 4 v 4 vu Jewell Hall mfmfwm qs 'Q V if pf r b 'K www ,yy - - , ' ,VM , ., ,,..,...,.........-.-,...H.. ., - GQFWUWDQQFQ A s W Q1 p Nui, A ft-X -'Pfam'-rww L 1 Boyd Hall V vi 1' VY o0Q09p0QN0i mwwnfgwv-fm Raw v W Patterson Hall I A .xx Dillard House Lydia Brown House aux- 'flu McDowell House I vmlqllqllf Pg ,Q wh M1 Maxwellton Court Jewell Hall Annex urn. , W u fdil-'f 'Q' r 4 A'fm,..- ,nk my '!7!'A'N" -1-.1-,,..A 451' ..,.,.,-1 .4 mv! 11i" SENIORS Every once in a While during the past four to ten years you,ve been Wondering if you ever really would graduate. You,ve watched the seniors march to commencement but you couldnit realize that you would some day be in the procession. But now it is you, and others Watch. Commencement! It bursts upon you like a bolt out of nowhere. There you are, sitting in the Coliseum wear- ing a cap and gown. Pretty soon you,re on your feet Walking across the stage, your name sounds like a deaf- ening roar, someone hands you a small roll of paper and there you are. The World is yours. There are promises to Write regu- larly, invitations to come back and visit Week-ends, yet each graduate secretly knows that when he returns it will be as a stranger, a visitor who no longer belongs to the life of college dances, mid-night bull sessions, and three-to-live labs. You,re now an alum! Q 1- 111 N VM A, 03 'M " V "W x . 1 NI x xi 8 A F xx I9 , ' "al ,. -f . . , . " M . ,.c NW' ,B n ' , ' sl XO". .muh up H 1 Q h - 'wld Q r :l..,,,A. O ff: " afiiwttix f 4.51 ' , W 1-JN. 91 mg-fi X ' .f ,f .., 0 - A .. 'Q O N: 'QQ' ..w.'.AI. ' .- L D, . , . . S735 xt 1 Q . , , .. ,eg N 'i :nr '.'. lvlfq .. , . .ui M1 1. 'AQ54 Q!-z 2 1, bt! ft ., "' .- 0 sn . S f- if .. 84, 5, W ffr. ,F A - .. ,,. ,qs f3Q"f1. PM 43 s 4 s f 31367353 , - fn.-1 A X F'-5' if f. -1 ' , ' 'D 'Inf a' M x , .xl 49 'qw IA' 3- Q Q 1' ff!" " "aging 0 -rs 'K WJ- ffiq - f ' --In A-.i. th 4, finmg qi". Q. ' Q ' M M u WM- -wi 2' 1, JL" if ' 4, A H fN K 6 -xx , .. " Qc ,. rm I ,F 5 Q? :VH fs' E "rw-1-1 1 15" "'f"'f D, fl' I. Umm 57 L A '-- , If - 1, ' , f' ' I' ,g ' - -1 jf- - .,. A, - :-A,' ' - f nf, : fr, - '- 'j'.1i"'!4Q-'V' ff.- 1, . ,1- 1' -D-1 ---v ,-. ff- - ,1 f'w, y ,Q,,b::v1ifSwf?1 f.- 1L'J.'kL-.:'!!f'1",A'45'?JRa . .1 . -.f , 1 ii?'H'A1FfrfFa1Ff -"- - '6'f".'13"f'5f'5"L f' ex -...J 'ffvizw-,-1514, fy' f si- -4' -,., 'P'-11" i'-:rdf "f5b4-'Ff5sw.r,.i'- G 2 4 -S fit ..4' . .1:' -z,,.1 "" gf' ,BT-em'-'AQ X' ' " 'WL . W ' A Q ' ' :lf-"' 'L' if.. - . ffm' A - ' V 5 ia . r K 2,3413 j' i wl x 'Jr 'lf' 'f . nu. 7 J z . 'azswf ,gJ4Z'Wi.n1.i 1'LEJ '-skfkr N Q, -1' 1' 1-I -J-'41 .. 'Aff-f " ..- 1 K '94S,i,4i"5,' t:-s11,:""' he 5.1 A -lv"'vu-visa lg! di ,H 0 . ,,..i N0 K K K 'N . , - . 7 'A 'px I. nr ""x ' X N JJ 6 s A L ff Q - Q - f . 5 N I .AA 'SW 4 "1" :W K Q .f wiix N E I ' A hh , Q .! QM A N- "M . lf' 5 , s 3' ' 'kann ' I Q 3 --:Q , "' f...A li-f- -"""""'- .,.,, .4-M A I5 4lA W' ft f 5 f M n f .va Arg -wal me 3.5.53 P, .mimi , azmwi .JM ffl A ,hs ,,, 'vQ ,. iff: . ,.:,w?, if X s HENRY ABRAHAM, Commerce . . . . Louisville Zeta Beta Tau, treasurer and secretary, Hillel Foundation IRVIN J. ABRAHAM, Commerce . . Phi Mu Alpha, Delta Sigma, Troupers E. G. ADAMS, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . . Lexington Hopkinsville Phi Kappa Tau, BSU, Block 61 Bridle, Beef Judging Team PAYTON ADAMS, Commerce . . PEGGY ANN ADAMS, A151 S . . Radio Studios, Guignol, YWCA ELLIE ADDAMS,A.8zS . . . . Delta Delta Delta G. DOUGLAS ADAMSON, A.8zS . . . Winchester . . Jenkins Atlanta, Ga. . Louisville Delta Tau Delta, Lamp and Cross, Spiked Shoe Society, Arnold Air Society JOYCE AHMANN, A.8zS . . SnKy, Outing Club, 4-H, FTA BOBBY ALLEN, Engineering . Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, treasurer GEORGE W. ALLF, Law ..... . Louisville . Versailles . Covington Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association BLUCHER F. ALLISON, Engineering . HENRY ALTENBERG, . McRoberts Ag.rSz Home Ec . . . White Plains, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon ANTHONY I. AMATO, Commerce . . . Lexington Phi Kappa Tau, Beta Alpha Psi, treasurer, Phalanx, Commerce Employment Association, Chamber of Commerce, Scahbard 61 Blade DORIS AMIS, Ag.6z Home Ec . . Home Economics Club, BSU . Lexington DEAN ANDERSON, Commerce . . Pontiac, Mich. Sigma Nu, College Chamber of Commerce JAMES E., ANDERSON, A.8z S. . . Pi Kappa Alpha, UK Band, Glee Club, Pryor CHARLES ARCHER, A.8z S ..... Watterson Press Club, Kernel, News Editor DONALD L. ARMSTRONG, A.8z S. . WILLIAM F. AUGUSTYN, Education . Football, Intramural Baseball, Newman Club PATSY BACH, A.8zS. . . . . . . . . Corydon Pre-Med . . Corbin . Henderson Chicago, Ill. . Lexington Alpha Xi Delta, Tau Sigma, Social Work Club, president BARBARA ELLEN BAILEY, Education . . . Huntington, W. Va. KEA JOHN BALDWIN, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Louisville Varsity Football, K Club DOREEN BANNINGER, A.8z S. . . Toronto, Canada Newman Club, Dramaties Club, WBKY JOHN K. BARNES, Ag.vSz Home Ee . . Williamstown MARY ANN BARNETT, Ag.8z Home Ee . . Bagdad Alpha Gamma Delta, corresponding secretary, seeretary-treas- urer, Boyd Hall, League of Women Voters, Home Economies Club, Glee Club EMMA BELLE BARNHILL, A.8z S. . . Providence Alpha Delta Pi, Student Union Board, Guignol Players, YWCA ggwnct, League of Women Voters, secretary, Pryor Pre-Med, JANE BARTLETT, Education . . Owensboro Kappa Alpha Theta SAMUEL J. BASHAM, JR., Engineering . Bardwell A.S.M.E., Phi Tau Sigma, corresponding secretary, Tau Beta Phi, 240 Committee JEROLD BASS, Commerce ...... Louisville Zeta Beta Tau, Hillel Foundation, president, Inter-Faith Council, president, SGA, Chamber of Commerce, director, Co-Chairman of Religious Emphasis Week CHARLES C. BASTIN, Ag.8z Home Ee . . Louisville Alpha Gamma Rho, SGA, Keys, Block 8: Bridle, 4-H Club, Horticultural Club, Canterbury Club BETTY JEAN BAUGH, A.6z S .... Valley Station Kernel Photographer, Dillard House, social chairman HERMAN A.BAYS,A.8z S. . . Hubbard Springs, Va. SANFORD BEDERMAN, Education . . Lexington Zeta Beta Tau, Hillel Foundation, vice-president CAROL L. BELL, A.8z S ..... . Carrollton Kappa Delta, Troupers, Guignol Players MARY LOIS TICHENOR BELTZ, Eddcation . . . Erlanger Alpha Xi Delta, FTA MARY L. BENARD, A.6z S. . . Jeifersontown WALLACE BENNETT, Engineering . . , Sacramento A.S.C.E., Tau Beta Pi, Highway Scholarship THOMAS JOSEPH BILOTTA, Pharmacy . Louisville Phi Delta Chi, APhA RUTH BISHOP, Education ...... Sturgis Kappa Delta, Panhellenie, vice-president, WAA, YWCA, Cuig- nol Players, League Women Voters JOYCE BLAIR, Commerce ....... Corbin Alpha Xi Delta, Clee Club, Choristers, 240 Committee, FTA, Mixed Chorus JULIE BLUMENTHAL, Education . Indianapolis, Ind. Phi Sigma Sigma, SuKy, Kyian, Assoc. Ed., Hillel Foundation, WAA, FTA SAM BLYTHE, Commerce . . Louisville Sigma Nu, Swimming Team i 1 cs K Y Y., is- 'CX walq, 2, tho N..-f 1,1 gina A- A rw -:iii 3. 1 ,-A, 1 . LR was-M x ,Q - .Ki xg-'rr ar- 'ms 40" ev. P951 2 ,fl :lla , ' ' V Q.-l x fi- . 3 - iw vw, . I rc - Q , aw: 7' 'Fe A ' mvr 11- We ' JV' A 1. ice x k 4 Y X MB'- A 1: T 'X J Q- 'K 2 f TN YN ' I ' svn., A .ggwwx A77 f fa l Y . I K. lm . f . :gl f f ,af 1 I 'aa f' L 'P fl fd Q Q Q 1. ab.. I I' X if 3 ' ,.- Wgifs if I ,V 24 45... g I 1, Jie ! ' N i I . . Nitin X I is . KSA lt L ,Aix .1 . 1' W . cz. L , I ' 5. ' 4f:fM , 7 A J A' , ., I ,' ' l ' " ' 4 L. . I ft 0' SARAH BOBBITT, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . Somerset Alpha Xi Deltag Troupersg Blue Marlins, YWCA JAMES E. BOGGESS, Commerce .... Grayson Phi Kappa Tau, president YVILLIAM E. BOGGS, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Jackson Agronomy Club ANN DAVIS BOHON, Education . . . Lexington Kappa Alpha Thetag FTAQ Alpha Lambda Delta KATHERINE BOHON, Commerce . . . Lexington JAMES BONDURANT, A.8zS .... Brandenburg Phi Kappa Taug YMCA, Political Science Club EDWIN R. BOOHER, A.8zS .... . . Albany NORMA BOSTER, Law ...... Russellville Alpha Gamma Delta, presidentg Panhellenicg Kentucky Law Journal, business manager, Jewell Hall, lpresidentg Sayre Hall, vice-presidentg House President's Councig Inter-dorm Councils Student Bar Association, secretary, Rutledge Law Club CARROLL W. BOTTOM, Commerce . . Mackville 240 Committee, College Chamber of Commerce JEAN C. BOUCHY, Engineering . . . Dayton Tau Kappa Epsilong A.S.M.E. JAMES BOWEN, JR,, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Inez 240 Committeeg Agronomy Club VERA R. BOWEN, Ag.6z Home Ec . . Inez 240 Committeeg Home Economics Club RALPH THOMAS BOYD, Pharmacy . . Murray Kappa Psi, vice-president, APhA JAMES T. BRADBURY, III, A.6z S. . . . Louisville Sigma Nu, Keysg Lancesg Lamp 6: Crossg IFC: Track Teami Student Affiliate of American Chemical Society, Phi Eta Sigma: ODKg Phi Beta Kappa FRED BRADLEY, A.8z S .... . . . Providence Sigma Nu, secretary and marshallg Scabbard 6: Blade, Kernljll Staffg 240 Committee, Arnold Air Society, Distinguished Mill- tary Student, Board of Student Publications, Intramural Sp0rtSi Kentuckian, Editor-in-Chief JOHN B. BRANNON, JR., Education . . Louisville FTA, presidentg YMCA, presidentg Phi Eta Sigma, Phalanlfi Pitkin Club LELAND W. BRANNAN, A.8z S ...... ,PariS Kernel Staff, Watterson Press Club CHARLES E. BRECKINRIDGE, Pharmacy . Louisville Phi Delta Chi, Rho Chi, vice-president, APhA JOHN F. BREWER, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . Avon by the Sea, N. I- HOWARD H. BRIGHT, Ag.vSz Home EC . Shelbyville Phi Delta Theta, Outing Club, Mixed Chorus ROBERT R. BONNER, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Phi Delta Chi, presidentg Rho Chi, president, APhA GLENN L. BROOKS, Engineering . . ADLIE F. BROWN, Ag.8z Home Ec . CLYDE E. BROWN, Engineering . A.S.C.E. TOM C. BROWN, Engineering .' . ARLIE W. BROWNING, Engineering A.S.M.E. NAOMI BROWNING, All S .... YWCAg Library Science Clubg 240 Committee ROBERT C. BRUMMETT, Engineering Inman, Va. . Liberty Willisburg . Lothair Ravenna Ravenna Shelbyville A.S.C.E., vice-president, Kentucky Engineer, society editor SHIRLEY ANN BRYANT, Education . . . Bagdad Lizappat Deltag Pitkin Club, House President's Councilg Pan- e emc BAILEY H. BRYNER, Engineering . Ohio Pyle, Pa. Tau Beta Pig Phi Eta Sigma BETTY BUCKLEY, A.8zS ....... Lexington Delta Delta Delta, rush chairmang Panhellenicg Cwensg SUB Comm itteeg YWCA JAMES R. BUELL, Ag.6z Home Ee . Buellton, Calif. Sigma Phi Epsilon JAMES D. BURKS, Ag.8z Home Ee . . Waynesburg JAMES S. BURNS, Commerce Commerce Employment Association CLYDE R. BURRESS, A151 S. Pryor Pre-Med PAUL B. BURRUS, JR., Ag.6z Home Ec Alpha Gamma Rho PEGGY BURRIS, A.8zS ...... Lexington . . Campbellsville . . Lebanon, Ohio Alexandria GEORGE E. BURTON, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Rockvale Phi Kappa Taug Outing Cluhg Scabbarcl 6: Blade JOHN C. BUTCHER, Commerce . . . Worthville FRANCES BYERS, Education .... Lexington Alpha Xi Deltag Panhellenicg Mixed Chorus, Choirstersg Glee Clubg Phi Beta ALEX BYRNSIDE, A.8zS .... . . Lebanon Pi Kappa Alphag Gamma Theta Uplison WANDA CANNON, A.6z S ...... Hopkinsville BSU, Bacteriology Societyg 240 Committeeg Book of the Month Club, jury 27" . fl 2 Y ar . al 'NSA-q inf- N. 2' 4 af- ...SR ,lx Q.. 17" A vs K-M K X fm Aw - 1 'Y , 5. ,I CLAIRE CARLBERG, A.6r S. . Grand Rapids, Mich. Alpha Xi Delta, treasurer, German Club CHARLES T. CARMAN, Engineering A.S.M.E. GAIL CARMICHAEL, Ag.8z Home Ec Alpha Delta Pi, Tau Sigma, Kentuckian publican Club, WAA, SUB, Troupers CHARLES N. CARNES, Law . . . Phi Delta Phi, president, Student Bar Asso dent, Kentucky Law journal, note-editor STUART G. CARPENTER, A.8z S. . Pine Grove . . Louisville Staff, Young Re- . Lexington ciation, vice- presi- . Lexington Pi Kappa Alpha, vice-president, Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer, Lamp 8: Cross, Lances, treasurer, Keys, vice-president, Phi Eta Sigma, president, Physics Club, Phalanx, Band, Outing Club, IFC EULA MAE CARTER, A.5zS .... BSU, 4-H, Outing Club . Hartford ROBERT L. CARTER, Ag.8z Home Ee . Touristville Alpha Zeta CECIL T. CARTER, Ag.8z Home EC . . . Mayfield LOUIS CATLETT, Engineering . . Lawrenceburg Delta Tau Delta, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Arnold Air Society GAYLORD CASWELL, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Carlisle Delta Tau Delta ANNABEL CAUDILL, A.8zS. . JESSE CAUDILL, Ag.8z Home Ee . Farmhouse JOHN CAUDILL, Ag.8z Home Ec . . MICHAEL CAVALUZZI, A.8z S. . Newman Club JOHN G. CHARLES, Engineering . PHYLLIS CHATFIELD, Education . FTA, House President's Council, YWCA WILLIAM E. CHOATE, A.8z S. . . Sigma Chi ALICE JACQUELINE CHUMBLER, . . Hazard Crab Orchard Pomeroyton Elmira, N. Y. . Pikeville High Splint . Frankfort A.8z S .... Campbellsville BSU, Bacteriology Society, Pryor Pre-Med, Alma Magna Mater JOAN CLAASSEN, Commerce . . New York, N. Y. Alpha Gamma Delta, Kentuckian, College of Commerce Em- ployment Association, WAA, Blue Marlins JANE D. CLARK, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma, publicity chairman, Dutch Lunch Club, DYF, recording secretary, League of Women Voters, Phi UK- O ' d' t M' d Ch WA silon micron, recor mg secre ary, ixe orus, , Home Economics Club, Young Democrat Club, Student Union Board CHARLES D. CLARK, Commerce Palo Alto, Calif. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Track Team ROMA L. CLARK, A.8z S. . . . Amba Glee Club, Mixed Chorus WILLIAM T. CLARK, Commerce . . . Vanceburg Lambda Chi Alpha, Engineering Student Council, SUB Com- mittee NANCY CLARKE, Commerce . . Millersburg WAA, BSU, Chamber of Commerce TONY COCANOUGHER, Ag.8z Home Ec . Lancaster Alpha Gamma Rho, vice-president, Block and Bridle, Live- stock Judging Team, Meats Judging Team, 4-H WILLIAM M. COCHRAN, Engineering . . Danville A.S.C.E. BARBARA COHEN, A.8zS ..... Savannah, Ca. Shi Sigma Sigma, Bacteriology Society, WAA, Hillel Foun- ation MALCOLM COLE, A.8zS ....... Ashland Zeta Bcta Tau, Pryor Pre-Med, Arnold Air Society, Hillel Foundation WARD COLEMAN, Commerce . . Bowling Green Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, Arnold Air Society BENJAMIN COLLINGS, Ag.6z Home Ec . Shelbyville Farm House, Dairy Club HAROLD D. COLLINS, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Pulaski Alpha Zeta STANLEY COLLIS, A.6zS ...... Winchester Tau Kappa Epsilon, Cosmopolitan Club, Pryor Pre-Med TROSPER N. COMBS, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Lewisburg, W. Va. Block 6: Bridle, Dairy Club, Poultry Club BONNIE COMPTON, A.8z S .... Cincinnati, Ohio Guignol, Mortar Board, Chi Delta Phi, editor, Vague, editor, BSU, art chairman, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, 240 Commit- tee, English Club, SUB' Committee, Student Union Board, YWCA, Book of the Month Club WILLIAM D. COMPTON, Law .... Pikeville Phi zglplaa Delta, Wesley Foundation, YMCA, Young Demo- crat u EDITH CONES, Education ...... Danville Zeta Tau Alpha, president, FTA, Panhellenic LEE CONGLETON, Commerce . . . Barbourville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pershing Rifles DORIS M. CONNER, Commerce . . Erlanger JACK M. CONNOR, Commerce . . Walton JAMES COOK, Law ....... Vanceburg Student Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi, Vincent Law Club ELOISE COOKSEY, Ag.8z Home Ec Willisburg Outing Club, secretary, 4-H, secretary, Home Economics Club, treasurer, Freshman Advisor, president, Troupers, BSU Coun- eil, SuKy JOHN R. COOPER, Commerce . . Lexington Phi Sigma Kappa, Delta Sigma Pi M X-be , it if, Is' K 1 AI . 4 ft' .,.. if RN ,J 1 ,fe ' RH' km, W.. -rv' I x , P' . f :LI NI Q xl.. gy do Q? 5 ' at it " 1 3 ll 'Uv V x,. fv- T.. A,- t.. '4- '51 ' 'rr . 0.5 S as -4-.W t 'CSS r aw ii 5 .v s, it 5' wc..- into R' pi ,ty , I ix fw- 3' -f"" ,fi 9 V . r gg. 4 . f.h: W I if .fx I., . , , ":f 1 Q M .X , 5... -- W ' T K 'S..f' ' ' -. ff- A ge Q2 j. V I1 - 2 rf ' 1.21- w e A A ,Wi-i Mi.. i .rw :if - K' 1 'FFT D ,K-. "II" .N rf GL cv" an if ng' Y 4 'K 's .. Q., V x IK ji .'f' me ,4 . ' v an ,F 'N A ,-. 5 NORVAL R. COPELAND, A.8z S, . . . South Gate Phi Sigma Kappa, president and secretary, Phalanx, secrctaryg Pitkin Club, tri-asurcrg English Club, vice-prcsidentg YMCA Advisory Boarclg YMCA Cabinctg SUB Co Union Board, IFCg Canterbury Club mmitteeg Student WAYNE A. CORNELIUS, Engineering . Lexington A.I.E.E. BETTY CORNETT, Ag.81 Home Ec . . Fogertown Hamilton House, president, Home Economics Club ARNOLD COSBY, Education .... Henderson Sigma Phi Epsilon CLARA COTTENGIM, Ag.5i Home Ee . . Hazard Home Economics Club CLYDE T. COX, Engineering .... . Burgin Eta Kappa Nu, Scabbard 61 Bladeg A.I.E.E. MARION COX, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Madisonville Alpha Gamma Rhog 4-Hg Block Gi Bridle, YMCA WILLIAM I. COX, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . Campton Alpha Gamma Rho, 4-Hg Agronomy Club JAMES COYLE, A.8rS ........ Lexington WBKY, assistant sport director CLARENCE R. CRABTREE, Engineering . Owensboro HERBERT L. CREECH, AJS: S. . . Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Orchestra PAYTON CREECH, Commerce . Sigma Phi Epsilon LAWRENCE R. CRUMP, A.6z S. . WILLIAM N. CURRY, Ag.8z Home Ec JOHN I. CROSS, IR., Commerce . . Phi Delta Theta WAYNE CROW, Commerce . . . Phi Kappa Tau M. WARD CROWE, Ag.8i Home Ec . Alpha Gamma Rhog 4-H, presidentg Lancesi Block 8: Bridle, president, Agriculture Council, president ED CUNNINGI-IAM, Ag.8z Home Ec Alpha Sigma Phi ROBERT L. CURRY, Pharmacy . . . APhAg Band . Cumberland . Corbin . Covington . Mt. Sterling . Lexington Beaver Dam Madisonville . . Versailles . Louisville WILLARD D. DAHL, Engineering . Washington, D. C. Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E.g I.R.E. STUART D. Dalton, Commerce . Sigma Chig Phalanx, Guignol . Louisville JOHN T. DANFORTH, A.5z S. . . Beacon, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi DOROTHY DAUGHERTY, A.8z S. . WILLIAM S. DAUGHERTY, IR., Ag.8z Home Ec . CAROLYN DAVIS, A.8zS ..... . Lexington . Lexington . Paducah gappgl Delta, YWCA, cabinet, Pitkin Club,' Student Union oar EMMY GLO DAVIS, Education .... Lexington FTA, League of Women Voters, Mixed Chorus, Kappa Delta Pi ROBERT H. DAVIS, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Kappa Psi, APhA WILLIAM C. DAWSON, Commerce . Lawrenceburg BSU, president BETTY DAY, Education . . . . Winchester LLOYD DEAN, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . Morehead BETH DEEN, A.cSz S ......... Lexington Alpha Xi Delta, Panhellenic, Tau Sigma, secretary, Social Work Club, Kappa Sigma Sweetheart JOHN P. DE FEVERS, Ag.8r Home Ec . . Canmer Alpha Gamma Rho LARRY N. DE JARNETTE, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . Glen Dean Phi Kappa Tau DONALD A. DELANEY, Commerce . . Lexington Alpha Sigma Phi, Pershing Rifles THOMAS L. DENTON, Engineering . . . Robards Engineering Student Council, Electrical Student Assembly, president, I.R.E., A.I.E.E. , LARRY DEPP, Engineering . . . . Owensboro Kappa Sigma JOSEPH J. DIER, Commerce . . . Clifton, N. I. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Patterson Literary Society, Newman Club DONALD D. DICK, Pharmacy . . . . Somerset APhA PAT DICKINSON, Law . . . Barbourville Sigma Alpha Epsilon STANLEY DICKSON, IR., Ag.6z Home Ec . . Paris Phi Delta Theta, president and treasurer, Lances, president, Alpha Zeta, president, Student Union Board, president, Keys, Lamp 8: Cross, Block dr Bridle LEE A. DILLON, Education ..... Louisville Zeta 'Tau Alpha, vice-president and rush chairman, League of Women Voters, Young Democrat Club, Political Science Club KENNETH M. DIX, A.8zS ..... . Vanceburg i ig ,, in r Hi , ,,,,, 2 I 55+ , 'A -4 ' fi? ,Y :A B ,F ,xxx A 34 f I i'-,rfgeftgaa ' A , Q A g A , " :W ,fyygf Q.-1 SL.. S 9 J , he S, . l , - Q A L- Y ,mx g ! . M 5 V, ur if Y ,S . , 'IQ' Q 5. , .. A1 4 Wx lgmxm l 3 f' n ,lf I gl ' Q . np. -. A , . NL in , , gi 1-51 1 I it fr ,A I if .V K y ew, gf 9 L' 'Q if 1 Q A H uri .ve , x Q, I ' fi wmv" 'R - Q Jim I f at gr., Wk 'iii ' rr' H, ' ' In it 1- . an Q' l W G E. .f K.. 63 I F' ag t -1 4. . :gm v 1, A lm. lv . ,X E' .M - fi M . Q, 'em . ,wg 6- I HAROLD DOLAN, Engineering . A.I.M.E. RICHARD DORSEY, A.8zS .... Sigma Phi Epsilon, Gamma Theta Upsilon LIBBY DOUGLAS, Commerce . . WAA R. H. DOUMAS, Commerce . . . Delta Chi . Louisville Independence . . Lexington Gaylord, Mich. EUGENE DUBOW, A.6z S ..... Bronx, N. Y. Zeta Beta Tau, president, Hillel Foundation, president, Intel'- faith Council, IFC, Religious Emphasis Week Committee BOBBY DUCKER, A.6zS. . . . WARREN DULIN, Ag.8z Home Ec . Phi Sigma Kappa, Keys HENRY S. DUNBAR, Pharmacy . . Ludlow . Pembroke . . Louisville Phi Delta Chi, secretary, APhA, Sophomore Class, secretary: Junior Class, secretary and treasurer JANE DUNCAN, Education . Chi Omega REVA DUNCAN, Commerce . . . Chamber of Commerce, Pitkin Club LEWIS W. DUNN, Engineering . . . . Russelville . Stephensburg . Ashland Lambda Chi Alpha, A.S.M.E., R.O.T.C. Rifle Team HENRY DURHAM, Commerce .... Greensburg Sigma Chi, YMCA, vice-president, Pitkin Club, Phalanx, Ken- tuckian Staff, SGA, 240 Committee BILLY I, EARWOOD, Pharmacy . . Louisville Kappa Psi, APhA PATSY EDMUNDSON, Commerce . Kappa Alpha Theta, Beta Gamma Sigma, merce, Outing Club, YWCA IVEN A. ELLIS, Ag.6z Home Ee . . WALTER ELLISON, Ag.8z Home Ee . . . Alpha Zeta, Agronomy Club THOMAS ELSWICK, Commerce . Alpha Tau Omega JOHN EMMICK, Ag.8z Home Ec . Kappa Sigma ELIZABETH ERDMAN, A.8z S. . . Chi Omega, YWCA, SUB Committee WILLIAM D. ESENBOCK, Commerce ANILINE ESTILL, Education . . YWCA Pulaski, Tenn- Chambcr of Com' Bradfordsville Myra . Pikeville . Lewisporf . Fort Kn0X . . Lexington . Lexington DORIS ETHINGTON, A.8zS ..... Shelbyville glallgigphy Club, Psychology Club, Inter-Dorm Council, EVALYN G. EVANS, A.8r S ....... Ashland BSU, Pryor Pre-Med, Boyd Hall, president, Jewell Hall, vice- president, House Presidcnt's Council, YWCA, WAA MILTON EVANS, IR., Engineering . . Lexington Kentucky Engineer, editor, Scahbard 6: Blade, YMCA, A.S.C.E., Arnold Air Society, Tau Beta Pi, IntramLu'al Sports ANN EVERLY, Education . . David Alpha Delta Pi, YWCA, WAA JANE EXON, A.8z S ......... Danville Zeta Tau Alpha, music director, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus OSCAR A. FAIR, Engineering . . . . Liberty MARLENE FARMER, Ag.6z HomeEc . . Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta, Mortar Board, Phi Upsilon Omicron, House President's Council, League of Women Voters, Pitkin Club, Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation, Agricul- tural Council, Cwens JEAN C. FARNEY, Commerce .... Lexington Chamber of Commerce, Commerce Employment Association PHYLLIS FAULKNER, A.8zS ...... Pikeville Social Work Club, secretary, Mixed Chorus JAMES FEHR, Ag.8z Home Ee . . . Cold Springs Alpha Gamma Rho, treasurer, Horticulture Club, president, Agricultural Council RALPH E. FEHR, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . Louisville Horticulture Club, Newman Club, Intramural sports MARION FERGUSON, Commerce . . Wayne, W. Va. Chi Omega NANCY S. FIELDS, A.eSz S. . . Amherstdale, W. Va. Kappa gappa Gamma, League of Women Voters, WAA, Ker- ne Sta , ALICE FISHER, Education . . Athens, Tenn. Chi Omega, WAA ELIZABETH FISHER, Education . . . Louisvfille SuKy, YWCA, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, WAA, Glee Cub, Inter-Dorm Council, Gamma Theta Upsilon WILBER C. FISHER, JR., AJS: S .... Louisville Sigma Chi, secretary and treasurer, Phalanx, Guignol MATT FLANNERY, Engineering . . Olive Hill MILDRED K. FLANNERY, A.8z S ..... Banner BSU, Pryor Pre-Med, Bacteriological Society ANN FLORENCE, A.8z S. . . Cynthiana Social Work Club EUGENE H. FONTAINE, Commerce . Brandenburg 240 Committee MARY FOSTER, Commerce ..... Lexington Glee Club, Commerce Employment Association 'f .uv M Pv- A 'lk Q ve fn, 'Ds is ,,., fig Q 'FL- A ..,, an. ,M 'L PD-. 'E rf.. ,, W 1-il, .2'SIji,i .-15.2, tx' T CHARLES GARRITY, A.8z S. T- Q I S vi X .1 " '- Q. , r. X . gg e . . T -- - rv' 5 ll 'Y x w l Q sy was I c V V J' , ' f I ' 40- 'Q WILLIAM S. FOY, Engineering ..... Murray MARVIN FRANCE, Ag.cSz Home Ec . Elizabethtown Alpha Tau Omega, Phalanx GEORGE FRANCISCO, IR., Engineering A.M.E.E., I.R.E., Tau Beta Pi, RIXIE D. FRANKLIN, Ag.8z Home Ec LELAND B. FRANKS, Law ROBERT E. FREEMAN, . . . Cincinnati, Ohio Eta Kappa Nu . . Monroe, Tenn. . . Welch, W. Va. Engineering . . . Murphysboro, Ill. Electrical Engineering Assembly, secretary and treasurer: A.I.E.E., Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kap pa Nu MORTON FRY, Ag.8z Home Ee . . . Ephrata, Pa. Lambda Chi Alpha, Poultry Club, president, Agricultural Council, Pershing Rifles, publicity officer IULLIAN R. GABBARD, Law . . . West Liberty Student Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi, Reed Law Club GEORGE GAINES, JR., Pharmacy . . . Louisville APhA SALLY GANO, A.8zS ...... . Georgetown Kappa Kappa Gamma, League of Women Voters, English Club, Panhellcnic JESS L. GARDNER, A.8z S ...... Hodgenville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, vice-president, Keys, president, Lancesg SGA, Lamp 6: Cross, treasurer, IFC, ODK, SGA J'udicial'Y Committee, chairman, Constitutionalist Party, vice-president MARILYN GARRISON, Edu cation . Campbell, Mo. Alpha Gamma Delta, Wesley Foundation, FTA . . Medford, Mass. Qi I R 1 Q f il -' 4 fir, av" up v fe? l LOUIS GENTRY, Commerce ..... Lexington Sigma Nu, rush chairman, Newman Club, president and social chairman, Mardi Gras Chairman, Chamber of Commerce ROBERT E. GIPE, Commerce . . . . Owensboro Kappa Sigma, manager and pledge master, Intramural sports: YMCA, Chamber of Commerce CARTER GLASS, A.8zS ..,... Galion, Ohio Sigma Chi, treasurer, Lamp 8: Cross, secretary, Kentuckian: Lances, vice-president, Student Union Board, treasurer and vice-president, SUB Committee, Outing Club, chairman? Phalanx THAYER GLASSGOCK, Engineering . Hardinsburg Phi Kappa Tau, SGA, IFC WILLIAM M. GLASSGOCK, A.8z S. . . Lebanon 240 Committee, Gamma Theta Upsilon VIRGINIA A. GOEBEL, Commerce . . Ft. Mitchell College Chamber of Commerce, vice-president, Outing Club: Commerce Employment Association, State Oratorical Contest, winner PENRITH B. GOFF, A.8zS .... New Castle, Pa- Philosophy Club, 'German Club, Cosmopolitan Club KURT E. GOLTERMANN, A.8z S. . . Hammond, Ind. Kappa Sigma, IFC, Interfaith Council, Gamma Delta BRIAN GOODMAN, A.8r S. . , Williamson, W. Va. Bacteriological Society, Westminster Youth Fellowship GLENN A. GORDON, Education . . Williamstown TERRY D. GRANT, Pharmacy . APhA . . Murray DAVID GRAY, Law ........ Louisville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chamber of Commerce, Canterbury Club PEGGY GRAY, Education . ..... Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta, FTA, Young Republican Club, League of Women Voters FAYE S. GREEN, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Frankfort Hamilton House, 4-H, Home Economics Club THOMAS M. GREEN, Commerce . . Lexington Beta Alpha Psi LEWIS GREENE, Ag.6z Home Ec . Mt. Sterling Phi Delta Theta, Scabhard 8: Blade MARVIN GREER, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Kevil BSU, Dairy Club WILLIAM GREER, Commerce . . . Lexington JACK L. GREGORY, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Somerset DANNIA GRIFFIN, Ag.8z Home Ec . Creston, Ohio Alpha Zeta, Horticulture Club, secretary and treasurer EDGEL L. GRIMM, Commerce . . Stanmbaugh Chamber of Commerce CHARLES W. GROSS, A.8z S. . . . Crittenden Pryor Pre-Med NANCY J. GUILFOIL, Ag.a5z Home Ec . . Lexington Dutch Lunch Club, Home Economics Club FRANK R. GUTHRIE, Ag.6z Home Ec . . Barterville Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Scnhbard 81 Blade, Horticul- ture Club, Pershing Rifles RICHARD A. HAAS, A.8zS ...... Louisville Sigma Chi, Koifee Klub, YMCA, IFC MARTHA HACKWORTH, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Logan, W. Va. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Jewell Hall, social chairman, FTA, Home Economics Club, English Club ROBIE HACKWORTH, Education . . Prestonsburg Alpha Tau Omega, SGA, FTA, K.E.A.9 N.E.A., Pryor Pre-Med JOAN HAFFLER, A.8z S. . . . . . Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma CLIFF HAGAN, Education . . Owensboro Sigma Nu, BSU, K Club ,'...v yqn. , ' , 2. J. . f m 'fins -J ' we '5 S.,- ,...-. '? ,DDQ .L x I I V "rv I . 5 l .N mi A? wvv-,AN I.. + -Q---f .' . Y Ere I 'Vu A 'M 'Ji- 65- WIT' N, . f ,vs nw f Q Q' GH ri. ip x ' Q f 'fix I3-if ' MVS- . S --fl-2 . - . TxKi,i.ff3,'f RFK n e.-ss, ,mwiasssl . 4 1 -1 .shui aaa .. .Qt avi' X i f ll ff' in , K fm. 5. J I Xiu ' -. it 6 gn. f g.....,.,- ' . . W fig-,, x 5- , aA:'Lf' '21 A V' A, . A i V ll! 5 K' ., l bib.. ss. 'W-rl . I M EDWARD I-IAICK, Education . . Louisville Kappa Sigma BESSIE N. HAGER, A.8zS ..,.. Nieholasville BSU, Social Work Club, Cosmopolitan Club JODY HAGER, A.8zS ........ Anchorage Kappa Alpha Theta, SuKy, SUB Committee WILLIAM F. HALE, Ag.8zHome Ee . . Lexington CHARLES M. HALE, Law ..... Owensboro Phi Delta Phi, magister, SGA, vice-president, Student Bar Association, treasurer, Young Democrat Club, committceman WARREN HALE, Commerce .... . Corbin HAROLD L. HALL, Commerce .... Benhain Phalanx, College Chamber of Commerce, Band, Harlan Coun- ty Club, president, Commerce Employment Association JOHN L. HALL, Commerce , ..... Danville Sigma Phi Epsilon, treasurer, Beta Alpha Psi, president, Delfil Sigma Phi, junior warden, College Chamber of Commerce PAUL HALL, Engineering . . . . . Prestonsburg Alpha Tau Omega, Engineering Student Council, secretary and treasurer, Norwood Society, president ROBERT HALL, Ag.8z Home Ee . . . Georgetown Alpha Gamma Rho, Poultry' Club, president, 4-H, Block 51 Bridle, Livestock Judging Team, Meat Judging Team CHARLES L. HAMILTON, Ag.8z Home Ee . . Shepherdsville Alpha Gamma Rho ROY HAMILTON, JR., Commerce . . Louisville BSU PAUL HAMM, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Pulaski Alpha Zeta LOUIS HAMMACK, Commerce . . . Morganfield MERRILL R. HAMMONS, Ag.8r Home Ee . Stanford LEE W. HARDESTY, Law . . . Winchestef JACK HARDWICK, Engineering . . Burnsidfl A.I.M.E., Norwood Society JEAN HARDWICK, Education .... Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta, Dutch Lunch Club, Phi Beta, Tau Sig' ma, Blue Marlins, WAA PATSEY HARNEY, A.8z S. ...... Richmond Kappa Kappa Gamma, SUB Committee, League of Women Voters, English Club JUANITA J. HARRIS, Commerce .... Elkton Alpha Gamma Delta, 240 Committee, Chamber of CommerCC JOHN w. HARRISON, A.1SzS ...... Ashland Lambda Chi Alpha I 4 JOYCE M. HARRISON, A.6rS ..... Byrdstown Alpha Delta Pi, League of Women Voters, English Club MILDRED HART, A.6z S ....... Louisville BSU, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Interfaith Council, Bacteriology Society, treasurer PHYLLIS HART, Commerce .... Roanoke, Va. Alpha Delta Pi, recording secretary, WAA, SUB Committee DONALD HARTFORD, Education . . . Park Hills Pi Kappa Alpha, music chairman, Band, Glee Cluh, vice- prcsiclcnt, Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia, treasurer and vicc-presi- dent, Choristcrs, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra, Troupcrs, Guignol, WBKY, Madrigals, Cosmopolitan Club CLIFFORD HARTMAN, Ag.8z Home Ec . . English Farmhouse, Agronomy Club EDWARD B. HAYES, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Shelbyville Phi Delta Theta, Block 6: Bridle, Alpha Phi Omega J. C. HASTINGS, Engineering .... Winchester Eta Kappa Nu, president, Tau Beta Pi, Lances, Phi Eta Sigma, Arnold Air Society, SGA, l.R.E., chairman, A.I.E.E. MARION K. HAYDEN, Ag.Z5: Home Ec . . Cecelia MARGARET HAYNES, Ag.8r Home Ec . . Philpot Home Economics Club, BSU, Dillard House Council, treasurer, Chi Delta Phi JOAN HEALY, A.8zS ...... Westfield, N. Delta Zeta, Outing Club, Cosmopolitan Club, WAA JOHN HELLER, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Pee Wee Valley Alpha Gamma Rho, 4-H, president, Block 6: Bridle WANDA HELTSLEY, A.8rS ..... Waynesboro BSU, Bacteriology Society MILDRED HENDERSON, Commerce . . . Old Hickory, Tenn. Jcwcll Hall, president, WAA, House President's Council, Mixed Chorus, Chi Delta Phi . WENDELL H. HENDERSON, Education . Charters ARTHUR G. HENDRICKS, Commerce . . Lexington Lambda Chi Alpha, secretary, Commerce Employment Associ- ation, Keys, Band ALAN HEROLD, Commerce . . . Covington ANDREW IIIATT, Ag.8z Home Ee . . Wildie Alpha Gamma Rho, Block Br Bridle BARBARA HICKEY, A.8z S .... . Lexington Newman Club, secretary, Kernel Staff ALICE HIGGINS, A.8z S ........ Hazard Alpha Xi Delta, marshall, YWCA, League of Women Voters, Social Work Club DONALD B. HILL, Pharmacy ..... Jenkins Phi Delta Chi, prelatc, APhA, Senior Class, secretary EDWARD O. HILL, A.8zS .... Cincinnati, Ohio Bacteriology Society, vice-president ,. 2 f? :' .. 7, . . Y r fb' P ' Par """'N 'Wi I , - 2 'Z-13 6' ,gr . ,A QP: S , ,.. er xrf . ' - , 5. ea p eii'.iw!, it F I 2, , .S 7, Vis ,ol 1 Q I ?s 'UN l .I Wild? ,Ai ...f ... ' . T pr In ., TCI, J 53' ,WZ A 'A 6. ' N, , . 7 4? V fu. v "" A, 'K' r it-o , .4 , . , s ...J A .VX Aj .af ' A .P s r.f.ff,,, W, sk I. 2.259 if l " WN 1 'L 'I W, 'ra , " lsr , , 4 eg I ,, x ..,,, 'F ' me x 3 i' ,. an 'VV . if-Ig i '-C ,A r FORREST L. HILL, Law ..... Franklin, MO. WILLIAM T. HILL, JR., Engineering . . . Fulton A.S.C.E. ROBERT HOAGLAND, Education . . Frankfort CARL C. HOFFMAN, A.6z S ..... Pittsburg, Pa. Kappa Sigma CHARLES B. HOGG, JR., Commerce . . . Russell DEE HOLBROOK, Ag.8z Home Ec . Phi Kappa Tau . Olive Hill PRICE HOLBROOK, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Salyersville HARRY W. HOMEIER, Commerce . . Akron, Ohio Sigma Chi, College Chamber of Commerce JAMES H. HOLLAND, Pharmacy . . Bowling Green Kappa Psi, APhA JAMES R. HOLLAND, Engineering . . . . Fulton Sigma Alpha Epsilon, president and'vice-president, Tau Beta Pi, ODK' Lamp 8: Cross, president- Lances, SGA, Swimming Team, Alpha Phi Omega, Scabbard 6: Blade, Pershing Rifles? Phalanx, YMCA, cabinet and treasurer PAUL HOLLEMAN, A.8zS .... Evansville, Ind- Delta Tau Delta, vice-president, ODK, president, Phi Eta Sig' ma, Lamp :Sz Cross, vice-president, IFC, Patterson Literarl' Society, president, Lances, SGA TOM E. HOLMES, Pharmacy . . Garlin Phi Delta Chi, prelate, APhA EDWARD R. HOLT, Pharmacy ..... Fulton Kappa Psi, APhA, Sophomore Class, vice-president THURMAN HOPKINS, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . Dawson SpringS Alpha Zeta, Block 8: Bridle, Livestock Judging WILLIAM M. HOPPER, Ag.6z Home EC . . Fonthill Farm House, Dairy Club, vice-president, Dairy Cattle Judging eam CLARENCE HORINE, Commerce . . . Lexington College Chamber of Commerce NORMAN C. HORN, Pharmacy , . Elizabethtown Phi Delta Chi, prelate, APhA JAMES HOUGH, A.8zS ..... . Paducah Track Team, Sigma Gamma Epsilon CHARLES HOUSE, Engineering . . . Lond01'l A.S.C.E. RALPH A. HOVERMALE,.A.8zS ...... PariS Pi Kappa Alpha, Lances, Lamp 5: Cross, Track, Troupers, Gamma Theta Epsilon, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Alpha Chl Sigma, A.C.E., Spiked Shoe Society, Alpha Phi Omega ALCIE HOWARD, A451 S. ' ...... Wayland Alpha Xi Delta, Young Republican Club, Political Science Club, secretary, League of Women Voters JOSEPH W. HOWARD, A.8zS .... Madisonville gigaia Nu, lt. commander, Kentuckian, sports editor, Kernel ta MARTHA HOWARD, Education .... Glasgow WILMA HOWARD, Education . . . Tompkinsville Hamilton House, FTA, secretary, BSU, 4-H, Kappa Delta Pi WILLIAM L. HOWELL, A.8z S. . . Rosedale, N. Y. Political Science Club, Intramural Sports, Phi Beta Kappa BILL HOWERTON, Commerce .... Paducah Sigma Alpha Epsilon JANIE HOWK, Ag.eSz Home Ec . . . . Cynthiana Kappa Kappa Gamma, Home Economics Club, YWCA, Eng- lish Club, Coffee Chat CONRAD E. HUBBARD, Commerce . . Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Beta Alpha Psi, Keys JEANNE HUBBARD, A.8zS ...... Lexington Kappa Delta, Dutch Lunch Club, SUB Committee, Pitkin Club, YWCA Cabinet, Coffee Chat, Cwens, Wesley Founda- tion, cabinet, Mortar Board ANN HUDDLESTON, A.8i S ...... Lexington Phi Bcta, vice-president, All Campus Sing Chairman, Madri- gals, Choirsters JOHN B. HUDSON, Engineering . . . Russellville A.I.E.E. LYNN HUDSON, A.6z S. . . . Bluefield, W. Va. Sigma Nu BETTY HUME, A.8z S. . . Maysville WBKY JAMES E. HUMPHREY, Engineering . . Lexington gand, BSU, Tau Beta Pi, Highway Scholarship, Intramural ports COLEMAN HUNTER, Education . . Ashland Kappa Alpha Theta, Blue Marlins HYLA HUNTER, Commerce . . Bloomfield ERNESTINE HUSTON, A.8zS ..... .Louisville Alpha Delta Pi, treasurer, English Cluh, League of Women Voters, Phi Alpha Theta, YWCA, Philosophy Club BERNARD D. HYMAN, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Alpha Zeta Omega, APhA ELSIE M. ISAACS, Ag.6z Home Ec . . Winchester Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Economics Club, Hamilton House, BSU HENRY ISAACS, A.8zS ..... Castlewood, Va. NEUCEDIA ISON, Education . .... Isom FTA, WAA RONALD JACKSON, Engineering . . Paris was-f '51 " all si 'uf- ..- . A - p ,Q il ,Dx lin fi 4 its a sc 'U-. 'tr N., . an in-i ax Q' Q Z W 3 ', My N.. X 1 5' p dxt' . . ew a If ' Q-rr Q, . . , 4 g , 1 l i R as J, ' Jn 5, 1 f" z -a- A f . , x , 1 , A ,,. Hwy, ' .2 ,f ,AV 5 7' ' 'Ura rt, , Wt' I ,, 5 , ii 3, X f it 'GN 'Y he WILLIAM E. JACKSON, A.8z S ..... Pikeville Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, secretary, K.M.I- JOHN M. JAMES, Pharmacy . . . . Louisville APhA ELIZABETH B. JAYNE, Education . . Ashland BSU, American Chemical Society, FTA WILLIAM E. JEWETT, Engineering . . . Lakewood, N. I- Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E. BERT JODY, JR., A.8lS ...... Sewickley, Pil- Phi Kappa Tau, vice-president, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard H Blade, steward MARILYN JODY, Aa s ...... Sewickley, Pu. Chi Omega, Chi Delta Phi, president, YWCA, WAA, Lcaguv of Women Voters BEE JOHNSON, Engineering ...... Risner Delta Chi, A.I.M.E., Norwood Society GLENN JOHNSON, Commerce . . Ansted, W. V11- Beta Alpha Psi, Commerce Employment Association JANE JOHNSON, Ah S ...... Bowling Green Alpha Xi Delta, League of Women Voters FRANCIS JOHNSTON, A.8tS .... . . Paris YVILLIAM JOHNSTON, A.8zS ..... Paducah Political Science Club, Outing Club, Chamber of Commerce BARBARA J. JONES, ARS ...... Covington FTA, Chi Delta Phi, Cosmopolitan Club, Wesley Foundationi German Club, Psychology Club, English Club HOWELL E. JONES, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Hodgenville JAMES R. JONES, Ag.8z Home Ee . . . Quicksand Alpha Gamma Rho, president and secretary, IFC, treasurer, Phalanx, president, Block 61 Bridle, Lances, secretary, 4-Hi YMCA, secretary and cabinet, Agricultural Council, SGA, Al- ma Magna Mater, Lamp 81 Cross, Constitutionalist Party, treas- urer JOHN R. JONES, A.8z S ...... . . . Sexton Lambda Chi Alpha, Pryor Pre-Med, German Club LA VERNE JONES, Education . . Corbin Mixed Chorus JERRY M. JONES, Engineering . . Clinton Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu MARTHA JONES, Education . . Quicksand FTA, YWCA, Alma Magna Mater VICTOR JONES, Engineering . . Maysville A.S.C.E. DONALD JORDAN, Commerce . . Louisa Young Democrat Club NORMA JUSTICE, Education . . Pikeville Glee Club, BSU, executive council WILLIAM S. KAFOGLIS, A.8z S. . Kappa Sigma, Pryor Pre-Med L. JOSEPH KAISER, Engineering . I.R.E. THOMAS KAVUNEDUS, A.6z S. . Kappa Sigma MARION KEARBY, A.8zS ..... . Lexington . Louisville . Harlan . . . Fulton Wesley Foundation, secretary, Wesley Founder, secretary, SuKy, Outing Club, 4-I-I Club, Boyd Hall, president and vice- president, Glce Club, FTA, House President's Council, Wom- en's Administrative Council OWEN F. KEARNEY, A.6zS .... . Harrodsburg WBKY, chief announcer, WI-IAS-TV, producer EMERY KECK, JR., Ag.5z Home Ec . Alpha Zeta, Block 8: Bridle . . . Corbin DAVID W. KEELING, A.vSzS. . . . Springfield BETTY J. KELLEY, Education . . . . Cyntbiana Mortar Board, vice-president, Newman Club, vice-president, FTA, president, Interfaith Council, treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta JANE KELLY, A.6zS ..... . Flemingsburg Kappa Kappa Gamma, Coffee Chat THOMAS R. KEMP, Pharmacy . Kappa Psi, historian, APhA JAMES L. KENNEDY, A.6z S. . . Phi Mu Alpha WILLIAM KENTON, Commerce . Beta Alpha Psi, vice-president JOHN KING, Engineering . MALCOLM KING, A.8zS. . Lambda Chi Alpha MARJORIE KING, A.8zS ..... . Falmouth . Lexington . Lexington . Rockholds . Ashland . . Lexington Kappa Alpha Theta, vice-president, SuKy, SGA, Mortar Board, Blue Marlins, Panhellcnie PHILIP C. KINGSBURY, Ag.eSz Home Ee . Fort Knox Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cheerleader, Troupers, Pryor Pre-Med BARBARA KINGTON, Education . . Madisonville Chi Omega, social chairman, FTA, Outing Club OSWALD M. KINGTON, JR., Ag.8z Home Ee . . Lambda Chi Alpha, ritualist and treasurer, WARREN KNIGHT, Ag.8z Home Ee Alpha Gamma Rho, Block 61 Bridle IEANNETTE KRACHT, Education . . Madisonville YM CA . . Henderson . Freeport, Ill. Alpha Gamma Delta, FTA, Young Republican Club, Blue Marlins, League of Women Voters HENRY L. KREBS, Engineering . . A.S.M.E. . . Louisville - Q r fr- Viv 7 igfg-yf',' 9 M of-..... 736,14 ' F . . l I . '22 G27 -up - I I as-1 , xg, dm. 1..- A7' 1 ..l:L.....-. . ,E R7 ' A f m iijillllli Q, L "-ii 'N :LQ J Ax I K , . 2 -. I W' an . ,-.,. . X5 P, 6' 2 ju ,bv . H f ff" . -. -. A ' ,---. fs 't , ., A ,:,:. .gn , wtf.. 5151-J 1 Q 'WX ,r-f-Q S, S 1 gfffii BRUCE KUNKEL, Engineering . . . . Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Blue Marlinsg A.S.M.E.g TrouperS5 Scabbard lk Blade THOMAS R. LANGFORD, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Celina, Tenn. Dairy Clubg Poultry Club CLIFFORD B. LATTA, Law . . Prestonsburg Sigma Nu CHARLES F. LATHAM, Engineering . . Lexington ROBERT M. LATHROP, A.8z S. . . . Louisville CAROLYN P. LAWRENCE, Education . . Wilmore Delta Zetag FTAg League of Women Votersg SUB Committee ANNE T. LAWSON, Education . . PariS Mixed Chorus, YWCAg FTA GEORGE M. LAWSON, A.8zS ..... Lexington Sigma Chig IFC, president, SGA, presidentg Lamp 81 Cross HENRY G. LAY, Engineering ..... Stanford LARAMIE LEATHERMAN, Law . Martinsville, Ill, Phi Alpha Delta AUSTIN LEAVELL, A.8z S. . . Trinton ARCHIE L. LEE, A.6z S. . . Albany WBKY HERMAN E, LEICK, Law . . . . . Corbin Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association JOHN K. LEOPARD, Law ..... Gallatin, Mo. EVANGELOS S. LEVAS, Commerce . . Lexington Delta Tau Deltag SuKy, presidentg Alpha Phi Omega, presi- dentg Delta Sigma Pi, secretaryg Lancesg College Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors DONALD B, LEWIS, Engineering . . Frankfort ROBERT I. LICHTEFELD, Pharmacy . . Louisville Phi Delta Chi, presiclentg APhA DAVID S. LIN, Engineering . . . Foochow, F ukien, China Swimming Club LESLIE LINGENFELTER, Education . . Lexington Lambda Chi Alpha ALBERT G. LOESER, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Phi Delta Chi, APhA TERRY I. LOHRE, Engineering . . . FlorenC6 Pi Kappa Alpha RUTH LONGHURST, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Nashville, Tenn. Kappa Delta, Home Economics Club, Canterbury Club, Young Republican Club ELOISE LORCH, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Anchorage Delta Zeta, Home Economics Club, 4-H, social and publicity chairman, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Block 6: Bridle, Folk Dance Society, YWCA, WAA, Cwens, secretary, Outing Club, secre- tary, Fencing Team, Hockey Team, Pitkin Club, Westminster Fellowship, Dutch Lunch Club JAMES W. LYNCH, IR., Pharmacy . . Louisville Rho Chi, historian, APhA BETTY L. LYNN, A.8z S. . . . Lexington Bacteriology Society WILLIAM MABE, Engineering . . . Jenkins Phi Tau Sigma, Tau Sigma Phi, A.S.M.E. C. F. MABELITINI, A.8zS ..... Dayton, Ohio Sigma Nu JACQUETTE MAFFETT, Ag.8c Home Ec . Cynthiana FTA, Home Economics Club, Young Democrat Club RUTH A. MAGGARD, Education . . . Lexington Kappa Delta, Mortar Board, president, YWCA, president, Pit- kin Club, Wesley Foundation Cabinet, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi RUTH MALONEY, Education .... Lexington FTA, League of Women Voters, Newman Club BETTY MALLICK, Education . . Louisville Social Chairman of Barracks 2 LUCILLE H. MANIS, Ag.6i Home Ec . . Bulan Home Economics Club FLOYD MANN, A.8z S ....... Prestonsburg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, YMCA, Patterson Literary Society BARBARA MARANVILLE, Commerce . . Hazard ROBERT L. MARANVILLE, A.8zS .... Hazard Band, Guignol, Bar Bell Club, Troupers, Scabbarcl 61 Blade, Patterson Literary Society, WBKY, continuity editor, Intra- mural sports, Distinguished Military Student SOULA MARGARITIS, Commerce . . . Lexington Delta Zeta, SUB Committee, Chamber of Commerce, YWCA, WAA OE MARINARO Educltion Elkhorn City I a .... Delta Chi, pledgelnaster, Newman Club, Scabbard 6: Blade WILLIAM I. MARSHALL, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . Flemingsburg Poultry Club, secretary and treasurer, Dairy Club, Poultry Judging Team BETTY MARTIN, Education ..... Richmond Kappa Kappa Gamma, League of Women Voters, FTA FANT W. MARTIN, A.8z S. . . Lexington Kappa Sigma EUGENE MARTIN, Education . . Wayland GWEN MARTIN, Education . . Pineville FTA, Westminster Fellowship x RV' . 6 in U Jean., cz, . C51 ,Q I' as ,,,,,. I. .5 ,,,,.,,. 'fi' 'K ws:-I, ,. Q, , wi f ,Ll lk i ,I mms! .AI- 'll '55 V, ,J in 1 fl 4-8 nfl JEAN MARTIN, Education .... . Greenville Karyn Kappa Gamma, president, League of Women Voters, PAULETTE MARTIN, Education . . . Allen FTA, English Club, Social Work Club THOMAS Y. MARTIN, Engineering . . . Ashland Delta Tau Delta, president and treasurer, Engineering Student Council, A.S.C.E., president and vice-president LLOYD G. MASTERS, Pharmacy . . SanderS APhA MARGARET MATLOCK, A.8zS .... Owensboro Delta Delta Delta, treasurer, SuKy, Blue Marlins, League of Women Voters GENE MATTICK, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Campbellsbufg Block 8: Bridle MILES P. MATTINGLY, Ag.8z Home EC . Louisville Alpha Zeta, vice-president BETSY MAURY, A.8z S. ....... Versailles Kappa Kappa Gamma, English Club, Coffee Chat, SUB Com' mittee, SGA, Judiciary Committee SHIRLEY J. MAXWELL, Agal-rome Ec . . Fulton Chi Omega, Home Economics Club GERALD MAYER, Ag.8z Home Ee . New York, N. Y- Alpha Gamma Rho, Pershing Rifles, Block 6: Bridle JIM MCCABE, Education .... , . Springfield Sigma Nu, Swimming Team DONALD R. MCCLURE, A.6z S. . . Union Pi Kappa Alpha, Pryor Pre-Med SIMPSON E. MCCONKEY, A.8z S. . . Irvine Sigma Phi Epsilon MERRILL MCCORD, A.a.'Sz S ..... Hopkinsville Phi Kappa Tau, Kernel Staff, Editor and News Editor, YMCA: Kentuckian Staff, Watterson Press Club, president, Studefjf Board of Publication, Seabbard B1 Blade, Distinguished Mill- tary Student, Rhodes Scholarship Candidate ROY H. MCCORMACK, Commerce . . Danville FTA MOLLIE MCCOULF, A.8zS ...... Lexingtoff Bacteriology Society, president, Mortar Board, treasurer, Phi Beta, Cwens, Alpha Lambda Delta MALCOLM McCOY, Ag.8z Home EC . Cloyds Landing YMCA, 4-H NEVILLE MCCRACKEN, Education . . Winchester FTA JAMES MCCURRY, Engineering . . . Horse CaVC Alpha Tau Omega, president, Tau Beta Pi, Lances, ODK9 IFC, Phi Eta Sigma, A.S.M.E., president, SGA, Pershmg Rifles, Engineering Student Council, Scabbard 6: Blade, 240 Committee, Arnold Air Society, Pi Tau Sigma, treasurer ELMER E. MCDANIEL, JR., ,Pharmacy . Owensb0I'0 Phi Eta Sigma, Rho Chi, APhA, vice-president, Otterbaflh Award, Junior and Senior Class, president JACK MCDONALD, Law . . . . . Frankfort Phi Delta Theta MARILYN MCDONALD, Education . Logan, W. Va. Kappa Kappa Gamma, WAA, president and secretary, Cwens, Blue Marlins L. R. MCFARLAND, Engineering .... Rockhold IOHN MCGEEHAN, A.8z S. . . New Rochelle, N. Y. Patterson Literary Society, president, WBKY, sports director and sports caster TOM C. MCKENNEY, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Lexington Alpha Gamma Rho, president, Troupers, Outing Club, Bar Bell Club BOWEN G. MCKINNEY, Ag.8z Home Ec . McKinney Alpha Gamma Rho, 4-H, Block 6: Bridle, Meat Iuding Team MARTHA MCKINNEY, Education . . . Atlantic Beach, Fla. Alpha Gamma Delta, rush chairman and social chairman, Pan- hellenic, Blue Marlins, treasurer, WAA Council, YWCA, League of Women Voters THURMAN R. MCKINNEY, Pharmacy . Bowling Green APhA RUTH MCMICHAEL, A.8z S. . . . . Macon, Ga. Delta Delta Delta, publicity chairman and social chairman, SUB Committee JOHN H. McMURTRY, Ag.8z Home Ec . Nicholasville Farm House, Block 81 Bridle THOMAS L. MCREYNOLDS, Engineering . Lewisburg Triangle, A.S.C.E., Keys, Lances, IFC BETTY MEADE, Education . , . . McDowell EARL W. MEADOR, Engineering . . Elizabethtown A.S.C.E. NATELLA H. MEADOR, Education . . McDaniels GLENN MEADOWS, A.6zS .... Russell Springs DAVID P. MEERS, Pharmacy . . Bald Hollow APIIA JAMES R. MEFFORD, Commerce . . Georgetown Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi GERALD E. MEIT, Pharmacy . . Louisville Alpha Zeta Omega, Rho Chi, APhA DAYTON MERRITT, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Liberty MATILDA METZGER, Education .... Paducah Kappa Delta, WAA, Newman Club ALBERT L. MEYERS, Commerce . Long Beach, N. I. Phi Kappa Tau, Phalanx, Pitkin Club, Canterbury Club, Out- g1lgIClub, Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, Young Republican U D HANS MEYER, Engineering ..... Lexington Tau Beta Pi, treasurer, Pi Tau Sigma, president, Phi Eta Sig- ma, A.S.M.E.. .,,,..,:y - S. X. W- vw-vw if ff I 1 L.. - -,. I QM x t N W ,fl X T i X . . N. ' lx il if eg 'Wx ai if s 5 ,ae if P - nl , .M V ,S K Ii, itil, El E 13-I . Mr. Q I 9, i We ir? U tl ,... ,, -R Qs, f I' if ,M i ,,...a., l. 1 at W Q , f , ., 2+ l 'Vw fd. N 4. Q Lv y-wg, , L filing. All 9- ' rv- v 'rf 15 6 LL ws- JL, funn-. lv G. ...A ' I I 5' il' F- HENRY A. MEYER, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Anchorage Sigma Chi, consul and magister, Block 6: Bridle, IFC, Live- stock judging Team MARTHA L. MILBURN, A.8zS ..... Louisville Alpha Xi Delta, vicc-president, corresponding secretary Bild treasurer, Cwcns, Alpha Lambda Delta, secretary, Phi Sigrflf' Iota, vice-president, WAA, Outing Club, Mortar Board, THU Sigma, treasurer, YWCA, Westminster Club FRED MILLER, Commerce . . Huntington, W. V21- Dclta Tau Delta, College Chamber of Commerce LAFE MILLER, IR., Education . . . Grant SHIRLEY MILLER, Education . . . Ieifersontown Political Science Club, Philosophy Club, FTA JACK MILLIKAN, Ag.6z Home Ec .... Kuttawa Dairy Club, Block 6: Bridle GLENN S. MILLS, Engineering . . . Barbourville Engineering Student Council, chairman, BSU, president, Tw Beta Pi, corresponding secretary, I.R.E., A.I.E.E., Eta KRPPH Nu, recording secretary GENE D. MINER, Ag.8z Home EC . . . Cynthianv' LLOYD A. MITCHELL, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Franklin Alpha Zeta, Dairy Club, Dairy Judging Team WVILLIAM L. MITCHELL, Engineering . Owensb0f0 A.I.M.E. ROBERT C. MOFFIT, Law . . . . Ionia, MiC.l1- Kentucky Law Journal, editor-in-chief, Student Bar Assoclft' tion, Phi Delta Phi HENRY H. MOODY, IR., A.8z S .... Cynthianfl Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pitkin Club, Pryor Pre-Med HERBERT A. MOORE, A.8z S. . . Lexingt0I1 Kernel Staff JAMES E. MOORE, Commerce . . FrankfO1't Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOAN P. MOORE, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Miami Shores, Fla- Chi Omcga, president, Cwens, Phi Upsilon Omicron, SGA? Panhellenic, Mortar Board ROBERT O. MOORE, Education . . Lexingwn Scabbard 8: Blade, Alpha Phi Omega STANLEY B. MOORE, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . L01-lisa Block 5: Bridle, Young Democrat Club THOMAS J. MOORE, Commerce . . Prestonsbllfg FRANCES MOORMAN, Ag.8r Home Ec . Carx'0llt0n Newman Club, Home Economics Club JOHN B. MORRIS, A.8zS .... - . . Pikeville Alpha Tau Omega, vice-president and pledgemaster, IFC' Phalanx, YMCA, Pryor Pre-Med ROBERT B. MORRISON, Engineering . . Lexingtoff Triangle, vice-president' Scabbard 6: Blade, lst lieutemmi' Pitkin Club, Kentucky Engineer, managing editor A VIRGINIA MORSE, A.8zS ..... Ithaca, N. Y. Chi Omega, Mixed Chorus, SUB Committee, YWCA GEORGIA MOTZ, A.8rS ...... Akron, Ohio Kappa Delta, secretary, Phi Sigma Iota, WAA, Coffee Chat E. C. MULLINS, Law ........ Stanford ROBERT I. MULLINS, IR., Commerce . Covington Commerce Employment Association, Chamber of Commerce MARGARET MYERS, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . Dover Home Economics Club, 4-H GEORGE NALL, Commerce . . . . Fulton Sigma Alpha Epsilon ASHBY NEALE, Ag.6r Home Ee . . New Castle Farmhouse HENRY C. NEEL, A.8z S ....... Henderson Sigma Phi Epsilon, SGA, IFC, Lamp Br Cross, Newman Club, Student Bar Association SUZANNE NEUMAN, A.8z S ...... Lexington Phi Sigma Sigma, president, Hillel Foundation, treasurer, WAA, YWCA, Dutch Lunch Club, Social Work Club, Pan- hellenic, Women's Administrative Council CARL T. NEWEY, Education . . . Chicago, Ill. Troupers, president, Intramural Sports JOYCE D. NEWTON, Education . . . Hickman FTA, YWCA, League of Women Voters MORTON NICKELL, Commerce . . Ashland Sigma Nu .IOHN NICHOLS, Commerce ..... Lexington Kappa Alpha, vice-president, Seahhard 61 Blade, president, Arnold Air Society, secretary, Delta Sigma Pi, treasurer, Beta Alpha Psi, vice-president, IFC, secretary LEE NICHOLS, A.8rS ....., Welch, W. Va. STANLEY NIELSEN, Education . . . Pineville Alpha Tau Omega, FTA JOHN NORVELL, Ag.8z Home Ee . . Sebree Farmhouse, Agronomy Club, president FRANCES NUNNELLEY, Commerce . . Lexington Newman Club, Commerce Employment Association NANCY F. N UNNELLY, Commerce . . Georgetown Chi Omega VAN NUTT, Ag.8z Home Ee . . Mt. Washington Alpha Gamma Rho ANN OFFICER, Ag.6z Home Ee . . . S arta, Tenn. P Alpha Delta Pi, SuKy, Home Economics Club, Outing Club TAGUSH V. OHANIAN, Education . . Tehran, Iran Cosmopolitan Club A 4'-x W TF? Tn. sw V- ,u r , , ,-an -1 I WT! pl-f . on 'K' x His. Q 2 'U v I In x Q . . , J a 1 -f ev my . N' A X w,,. G I 'ak ie. ' , L .. It.-o 2 4' as. l 'S' xl I P V TMP f 1 i . S 1 l .1 Sizllli -. ml g.e,,b "uf I , . M J g l -at " Q W 4 W' K if J I A A L ,Elf ....., , Q, x I I I I x 4 K KN "' fl' iw' 2' K- A L, V' Q tm ' in 'I 0 ' . ' , .., ab- xy - I if ft- ' ,-V, I .4 A ANN OLDHAM, A.8z S ........ Danville Chi Omega, rush chairman and pledge trainerg Panhellenicg Chi Delta Phi, vice-president JANE OMOHUNDRO, A.8z S. . Huntington, W. Va- ROBERT O'NAN, Engineering ..... Sturgiss Sigma Phi Epsilon, chaplain and secretaryg Fencing Team? I.R.E.g Arnold Air Society, adjutantg Eta Kappa Nu , BILL PACK, Engineering . . Paintsville I.R.E.g A.1.E.E. ZOE PARKER, A.8z S. ....... Maysvillc Kappa Alpha Thetag SGA, secretary, Panhellenie, secretary: gwensg Choristersg Glee Club, Mixed Chorusg Constitutionalist arty LINDA PATTESON, A.8z S. . . Washington, D. C- Alpha Xi Delta, social chairman and recording secretary, Kef' nel Staff, reporter and circulation managerg English Club: League of Women Votersg Phi Sigma Iota PATRICIA PATTERSON, A.8z S .... Hopkinsville Kappa Deltag SGA, vice-presidentg Mortar Board ROBERT W. PATTERSON, Engineering . Vine Grove MARILYN PATTON, Ag.8z Home Ee . . . Ashland Alpha Gamma Delta NOI W. PEERS, A.6zS ...... Pine Bluff, Ark- Kappa Kappa Gammag Mixed Chorusg Glee Clubg Kernel Staffi Theta Sigma Phi VIRGINIA PENN, Education . . Poplar Bluff, M0- Alpha Gamma Delta LORRAINE PENNICK, A.8:S. . . Lexington Zeta Tau Alpha CHARLES T. PERKINS, Ag.8z Home Ee . Georgetown Alpha Gamma Rhog Block 51 Bridle HUNT PERKINS, A.8zS ...... Williamsburg Sigma Alpha Epsilong Mixed Chorusg YMCA Cabinetg Sigma Gamma Epsilon, president MARGARET A. PERKINS, Education . . Lancaster Chi Omega, FTAQ Glee Club ANN PERRY, A.8z S ......... Lexingtfm Kappa Kappa Gammag YWCAQ Phi Alpha Theta, secretary LOIS PETERSON, A.6zS .... Milwaukee, Wis' Zeta Tau Alpha WILLIAM PESCI, A.8z S ...... Blairsville, P3- Sigma Alphn1Epsilong Pryor Pre-Medg Newman Club KATHLEEN PETTEY, Education . . Columbia Pitkin Club, FTAg YWCA ANNE c. PI-IELPS, Education . . . Richmond Kappa Kappa Gammag Glee Clubg Mixed Chorusg Yolmg Democrat Clubg-FTAg League of Women Voters GAMALIEL D. PHILLIPS, Ag.8z Home Ec . Fedsereek Alpha Gamma Rhog YMCA JAMES V. PIGFORD, Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa EUGENE PITTMAN, Ag.8z Home Ec JOE R. PLANCK, A151 S .... Sigma Chi J LOWELL V. POLING, Commerce . MARY E. POLLITTE, Commerce . . . . Ashland . . Mayfield . Louisville . Lexington . . . Harlan Delta Delta Delta, president, Panhellenic, vice-president, 240 Committee REBECCA N. POWELL, Ag.8r Home Ec . Winchester Home Economics Club WILLIAM F. POWERS, A.8z S. . Canterbury Club VIRGINIA PRESTON, Commerce . Delta Delta Delta AUDIE PRICE, JR., Ag.8r Home Ec C. M. PRICE, Commerce . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tennis Team DWIGHT PRICE, Education . . . . Hickman . Glasgow . Science Hill . Harrodsburg . . Lexington Sigma Chi, Track Team, Spiked Shoe Society, Basketball, Out- ing Club JAMES K. PRICE, Education . Intramural Sports JAMES R. PRICE, Commerce . Beta Alpha Psi, Chamber of Commerce JOHN PROFFITT, Education . . . Lothair . Winchester . . Louisville Sigma Nu, president, Phalanx, YMCA Cabinet, YMCA, presi- dent, Arnold Air Society, Lamp 8: Cross, Scabhard 8: Blade, Lances, Pitkin Club, Glce Club, Mixed Chorus, FTA, IFC, Interfaith Council, ODK MARY J. PROUD, Education . . FTA IOHN PURDOM, Commerce . Sigma Phi Epsilon MARTHA RABY, Ag.cSz Home Ec . . glFilUpsilon, Troupers, Home Economics Ll I ROBERT RAINES, Pharmacy . . Kappa Psi, APhA WILLIAM R. RAMEY, Law . . Phi Alpha Delta FRANK RAMSEY, Commerce . . . . Louisville . Murray . . Lexington Club, Dutch Lunch . Cumberland . Flatwoods . Madisonville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, K Club, Basketball Team, Baseball Team CLARENCE RANGE, Engineering Alpha Tau Omega, A.S.C.E. . . . Beuchel N -- .gg we-. Q , ' Q.- . J, K . I W . , new W: 'X if A 5 A 0 . , 'fi' H 'vs V--We, A QI rf, az.. t ,pa- W FVUN1 'hx H-- X ibn: L X I 1 l 91 I 'tr' I x L I - , ws. I '., 9" ' 'ESX um, aqu- . .. aim. 1 1 'tiatl' -nz? SA., N.. , mfg. ta if - 1: , - - A I aww, .. S ,L 'f""'r 'WS Fa I J 'D 3 , 5- qrc . - 5 'Q--V-X .V 63 I :M I ,, IM lg 4. I . if ri, at M. K Wm. : K 2 ' 'S 'Q' A '62 ' 4--- ,Q 5 I lg f 7 at A 'T 9. , vm. M. ,5- lw uc Q' SHIRLEY RANKIN, A.8zS ...... Monticello EFI? Delta Delta, Guignolg Young Democrat Cluhg EngliSh ll GENE RAWLINGS, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Germantown Lambda Chi Alpha, Alpha Zeta EARL B. RAY, Commerce . . Louisville BSU ORDELL RAY, A.8zS ...... . . Bypro BSU, Pryor Pre-Med N LOUIS C. REBENSDORF, Ag.8z Home EC . Ft. Thomas Alpha Gamma Rho, Newman Cluhg Block 6z Bridle BETTY REED, Commerce ..,... Lexington Mixed Chorus, YWCA, BSU DONALD E. REED, Commerce . . Ft. Mitchell Pi Kappa Alpha JOHN M. REED, A.cSz S. . . Georgetown Bacteriology Societyg Band CAROLYN REES, Education . . . May'S Lick YWCA, Outing Club, FTAg Troupers ANN REICHLE, Commerce . . Jeffersonville, Ind. Delta Delta Delta, recording seeretaryg League of VVomen Voters, SUB Committeeg Chamber of Commerceg Beta Gammil Sigma ELIZABETH REID, A.8zS .... . . Danville JOYCE REYNOLDS, Education .... Greenville Kappa Alpha Thetag WAA, Student Union Board, YWCA? Outing Club, Wesley Foundation KENNETH R. REYNOLDS, Engineering . . Jackson Triangle, A.S.M.E. MARY J. REYNOLDS, A.8zS ...... Ashland Alpha Delta Pi, rush chairmang Panhellenic, president, YWCA: League of Women Voters, Guignol Players, WAA CHARLES J. RICE, A.6z S ....... Lexington EUGENE C. RICE, Ah S. . . Paintsville NICHOLAS RICE, A.8z S. . . Independence Square and Folk Dance WILLIAM A. RICE, Law . . . I-Iarlan WILLIAM K. RICE, Ag.8z Home Ec .... Paris Sigma Phi Epsilong Young Republican Club, vice-presidenii Basketball, manager, Cheerleader, SuKy CHARLES F. RICHARDSON, Pharmacy . . Irvin6 Kappa Psi, APhA DON R. RICHARDSON, Engineering . Catlettsburg Phi Sigma Kappag ODKg Lamp 8: Cross JOE P. RICHARDSON, Commerce . . Catlettsburg Phi Kappa Tau, vice-president and secretary CHESTER RIDDLE, Education . . . Madisonville LAWRENCE R. RIDDLE, Commerce . . Bnechcl Sigma Nu, Phi Eta Signing Arnold Air Society, treasurer, Seah- bard Gr Blade, IFC, Phalanx, Beta Gamma Signmg Alumni Exesutive Committee Representative, Distinguished Military tu ent BILLY RIDGWAY, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . Wilmorc Farm Houseg Dairy Club, Cattle Judging Team DICK RILEY, Ag.i5z Home Ee ..... Kuttawa 240 Committee, Dairy Club, Block 61 Bridle RAY J. RILEY, Engineering . . St. Petersburg, Fla. JOHN S. RINEHART, Commerce . . Louisville Sigma Chi, Phalanx DON RISCI-I, Engineering . . . Sigma Nug A.S.M.E. GEORGE RISHELL, Ag.8i Home Ee . . Winchester . Ft. Thomas EDYTHE C. RITCHIE, Education . . Tina LUTHER RITCHIE, Education . . Talcum INA E. ROBERTS, A.6z S. . . . Somerset JOHN ROBERTS, Commerce . . Paducah Delta sigma Pi K B. T. ROBERTSON, Ag.6z Home Ec . . English Farmhouse, Agronomy Club JOHN ROBERTSON, Ag.8z Home Ee . . . English Farm I-Iousc, president, SGAQ Dairy Club, IFC, Scabbard 8: Blade, Agronomy Club MARY K. ROBINSON, A431 S ..... Nicholasville YWCA, Social Work Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Outing Club ALDEN RODGERS, A.8zS .... Nashville, Tenn. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, president, IFC STEELY A. RODGERS, Pharmacy . . . Corbin APhA, president, Kappa Psi, president DYER RODES, Ag.5z Home EC . . Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon -RUBY E. ROE, Education ..... . . Paris LOIS ROMANOWITZ, A.6z S ...... Lexington Igiitppa Delta, Pitkin Club, Mortar Board, secretary, Mixed orus N QQ fx, IM 'i 5 ' I iihi 4 s .N Q , ,, , , X -' ,. 5 I: ,, l . ,ig JA ' , :gs S, 'I . '1ff.A'T?.1.,?3iil Q., .Q A: I X, f 1 Q All A N -, Q. '. L x lr n ar ' . 93 lv"AN3s1 W ,Q , I X V A v , , .,,, 5 ,h on ' 'Q .fe "" . f 'X 1 'Q . IW, X' Y - " 8 1 r I 1 X A I ' wr' V 1 1 I fl I X ..: N uni: b Mg: ll .l l A O. ll, f :R , a 5 2 W- A! ,', f ' 3 :ffm Qt: 'E X 7 . fbv 5 ,Q xr 4 it Y iii wi., X, V I J K, v tr M BILLY ROSE, Ag.8z Home Ee . . Helechawa ELIZABETH ROSS, Education .... Louisville Chi Omega, treasurer, Cwens, Chi Delta Phi, secretary, Patt Hall, secretary and treasurer ASA M. ROUSE, Law ........ Walton Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association, student counsel, Northern Center BARBARA ROUTT, Education . . . Nicholasville Kappa Kappa Gamma, FTA, League of Women Voters, YWCA GAYLE ROYCE, A.8zS ...... Carrollton, Ky. Kappa Kappa Gamma JACK ROYCE, A.8aS. . . Sanders EDWARD M. RUE, A.8zS ....... Danville Band, Debate Team, president, Patterson Literary Society, sec- retary, Newman Club JOE RUST, Ag.8z Home Ec ....... Butler Farmhouse, Dairy Club, president, Block 6: Bridle, Alpha Zeta, scribe, Newman Club JEAN SAILE, Ag.8z Home Ee . . Batavia, N. Y. Block 8: Bridle, 4-H, WAA RUTH SANDNER, A.5zS ...... Ft. Thomas Delta Delta Delta, scholarship chairman, Mortar Board, Coffee Chat, chairman, Student Union Board, treasurer, English Club, president, YWCA, Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl, Book of Month Club, Phi Beta JEAN SANDERS, Commerce . . Harrodsburg BSU ORBY R. SANDERS, Engineering . . Pikeville LOLA J. SANDUSKY, Education . . . Lexington Kappa Delta, Panhellenic, Young Republican Club, WAA CHARLES W. SAWYER, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Albany ROBERT SCHERER, Commerce .... Louisville Phi Delta Theta, president and treasurer, Varsity Tennis, IFC? Distinguished Military Student HAROLD I... SCHNIALHAUSEN, Pharmacy . . . Olney, Ill. Kappan Psi, APhA ARNOLD SCHNEIDER, Commerce . New York, N. Y- GEORGE D. SCHRADER, Commerce . . Lexington Phi Sigma Kappa, Delta Sigma Pi, vice-president, Phalanx, treasurer, Patterson Literary Society, Alpha Phi Omega? YMCA, Student Bar Association JOYCE SCURLOCK, Education . Portsmouth, Ol1i0 Delta Delta Delta CHARLES SEITHERS, Ag.lSz Home Ee . Flemingsburg JACQUELINE SENTERS, A.8z S. . . . Corbin M.E.N.C., Phi Beta, Orchestra LLOYD V. SHAWLER, Ag.5z Home Ec . Cox's Creek JAMES SHELTON, Ag.8z Home Ec . Inkster, Mich. Alpha Gamma Rho WILLIAM D. SHELTON, Pharmacy . Williamsburg Kappa Psig APhA LEILA SHERMAN, A.6z S ....... Lexington Canterbury Clubg English Club, secretaryg Guignol Playersg Mixed Chorusg Dutch Lunch Clubg Cosmopolitan Club, Inter- faith Councilg Scabbard B: Blade Sponsor ORMAN E. SHEWMAKER, A.8z S .... Phi Kappa Tau Lexington CHARLES SHINNICK, Commerce . . Evanston, Ill. Sigma Phi Epsilong Newman Club IACQUELINE SHOULDERS, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Princeton Home Economics Clubg 4-Hg BSUg House President's Council WALTER C. SHUBERT, Engineering . . . Jenkins Triangleg Arnold Air Society, Pi Tau Sigmag A.S.M.E. PAUL M. SIMON, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Georgetown ROY D. SIMS, Ag.8z Home Ec .... Jamestown Farmhouseg Dairy Clubg Block 6: Bridleg Products Judging Team, 240 Committee RAY SISK, A.8z S .......... Lexington Pershing Rifles, warrant officer, Arnold Air Societyg Air Force Rifle Team JOAN SKAGGS, Law ........ Russell Newman Club, Student Bar Associationg League of Women Voters 5 Pitkin Club GERALD SLUSHER, Engineering . . London Lambda Chi Alpha DONALD E. SLONE, Commerce . . . Lexington Sigma Phi Epsilon LUTHER H. SMALL, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Lovely Alpha Zeta DON SMITH, A.6z S. . . . Anchorage Phi Delta Thetag Golf Team JAMES B. SMITH, Ag.6z Home Ec . . . . Paris Agronomy Club LORENDZ SMITH, IR., Ag.8z Home Ee . Lexington Alpha Gamma Rhog Troupersg BSUg Outing Club MADGE SMITH, Ag.8z Home EC . . . ROClCl'10ld CAROL M. SMITH, A.8z S ....... Flora, Ill. Kappa Kappa Gnmmag League of Women Votersg Psychology Clubg Sociology Club EDWIN DOYAL SNIDER, Pharmacy . . Anchorage Phi Delta Chig APhA u P aa., ii cull! if .Y we . 9.1.1 Y I .H , 4.L4v'M M fr A ,.,,A , ff? at A l -dw 3, -v-' 1m Ku. 'Be ,N fr 'Gi V. ' N W' fi- ,ig , -. 'Q Q A EJ QW Fr ,CLA fa. ,., ml' l JEANETTE SNIDOW, AAS: S. . . Princeton, W. Va. Kappa Kappa Gamma, League of Women Voters, WAA WILLIAM SNYDER, A.8r S ...... Frankfort Kappa Sigma, IFC, Phi Eta Sigma JUDITH SONNABEND, Education . Newark, N. I. Phi Sigma Sigma, Hillel Foundation, FTA, WAA VENA M. SOUTHWOOD, Education . . Monticello Kappa Delta Pi, BSU, FTA DAVID SPAETH, Ag.6r Home Ec . . . Big Clifty EDWIN G. SPALDING, Pharmacy . . Okolona APhA WILLIAM L. SPOO, JR., Pharmacy . . Louisville APhA RALPH G. SPROSTON, Engineering . Catlettsburg 'g:'i1ubBeta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, A.I.E.E., I.R.E., Radio Amateur u DAN W. STAFFORD, A.6z S. ..... Wurtland giinlrbda Chi Alpha, assistant pledge master, YMCA, English U KENNETH D. STAHL, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Bowling Green Farmhouse, 4-H, Dairy Club, Agronomy Club JUNIUS STAPP,Ag.8z Home Ee . , . . Jamestown LAWRENCE M. STAMPER, A.8z S. . . Lexington LAUREL STATHAM, A.8zS .... . Lexington Pi Kappa Alpha MARILYN STEELE, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Lexington Alpha Xi Delta, president, Panhcllenic, Mortar Board, Cwcns, YWCA, SGA, Phi Upsilon Omicrong Pitkin Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, Outing Club, Mlle' College Board, YWCA Cabi- net, Ag. 6: Home Ee. Council ROBERT H. STEILBERG, A.8z S. . , Louisville Theta Xi, Canterbury Club GARNETT L. STEPHENS, Education . . Cynthiana FTA, Mathematics Club HELEN M. STEPHENS, Ag.8z Home Ee . Bloomfield Home Economics Club, BSU, 4-H, FTA, 240 Committee GERALD L. STEVENS, Engineering . Birdseye, Ind. ROBERT T. STEVENS, Ag.8z Home Ec . Maysville Lambda Chi Alpha, Scabbard 61 Blade JAMES R. STEWART, Engineering .... Loyall Sigma Gamma Epsilon, secretary and treasurer, A.I.M.E., Nor- wood Society, secretary, Student Affiliate Kentucky Mining Institute PAUL R. STIGALL, A.z'Sz S. . . Louisville RUTH STILZ, Education ...... Louisville Alpha Gamma Deltag WAA, Blue Marlins, Outing Club, Cwensg Alpha Lambda Deltag Troupers CHARLES STINNETT, A.6z S . . Wickleffe KENNETH STOLL, A.6z S. . . Louisville Delta Tau Delta BARBARA STORM, A.8z S. . . Lexington Delta Delta Delta GUS STORY, Commerce . . . Paducah Chamber of Commerce MARY STRODE, A.8z S. . . Maysville Kappa Alpha Theta CHARLES W. STURGEON, Engineering . Louisville DON S. STURGILL, Law . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon WILLIAM STUTZENBERGER, Engineering . A.S.C.E., Tau Beta Pi LEALAND SULLIVAN, A.8z S. . Kernel Staff, Political Science Club FAY SUMPTER, Ag.8r Home Ec . . . Lexington . Jeflersontown . Burlington Partridge 4-H' Home Economics Cluhg Pitkin Club! Phi llpsilong West- minster Fellowship, vice-president SUZANNE SWAYZE, Education . Charleston, W. Va. Alpha Xi Delta, social chairman, FTA, Kernal Staff, Newman Clubg House I'resident's Council, Clique ANNETTE TAYLOR, Education . FTA CAROLYN TAYLOR, Education . . . Columbia . . Mt. Sterling Kappa Delta, FTA, League of Women Votcrsg Pitkin Club, YWCA, Dutch Lunch Club FRANCES H. TAYLOR, A.8zS ..... Cynthiana Kappa Delta, WAAg SUB Committeeg Pitkin Clubg Outing Club, League of Women Voters GEORGE W. TAYLOR, Pharmacy . . Louisville Phi Delta Chi, APhAg Senior Class, treasurer JOHN TAYLOR, Ag.8z Home Ec .... Lexington Sigma PhilEpsilon, vice-president, Swimming Team, fagronomy Club, president and reporterg Block 8: Bridle, marsha N. POWELL TAYLOR, Commerce Sigma Alpha Epsilon, social chairmang ASPASIA TAVLARIDON, A.8z S. . ARNOLD TEWELL, Commerce . IO ANNE THOMAS, A.6z S. . . Phi Beta, president, Choristers . . . Lexington YMCA . Athens, Greece . Ft. Mitchell . Millersburg Q-- 'vv X 'ST' 5 - af in " ik sis. I! I f Q5 Sw' W . P sys li R 4, 'ASQ iQ, . Qt X' A A 1 ii H V , Q.. of ,,, 4-n , Nh S Ng ,. . vu if , A W '17 I t 'pe . "ww PS1 , .v f gi 12:-, PN. 'ie ii- M hil- We as .. as fr lx nfl fi? Ev 452, Q x :-Q 3' A "c f . .X .. . x h I ,X 'wks 13- 'EX 'Nm nr- l I ,.C 3"".. fs ' 'R I. I K .J 5 349 . A' I :gi ' ,f3, f " "' I JACK W. THOMPSON, A.6zS. . . . . Ashland ETHEL E. THOMPSON, Commerce . . Feds Creek FTA JOAN THOMPSON, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Bardstown Phi Upsilon Omicron, 4-H RAYMOND L. THOMPSON, Engineering . Lexington Pi Kappa Alpha, social chairman, Tau Beta Pi, Lamp dz CroSS5 Shi Sigma, IFC, Arnold Air Society, Scabbard 8: Blade? RICHARD A. THOMPSON, Pharmacy . . Louisville APhA HAROLD W. THURMAN, Ag.8r Home Ec . . Island THOMAS J. TIMMONS, Engineering . . . Buecliel Phi Sigma Kappa, A.S.C.E., Scabbard 6: Blade VIRGINIA TODD, A.8zS ..... Ft. Meade, Md- Kappa Alpha Theta, YWCA, Outing Club, Blue Marlins, Stu- dent Union Board LOU TOOMBS, Education .... Dayton, Ohi0 Kappa Delta, president, SuKy, FTA, Panhellenic, WAA GLORIA TRAVIS, A.8z S ...... . Lexington Phi Sigma Sigma, Hillel Foundation, Panhellenic, YWCA DORIS TROSSKY, A.8c S ........ Lynch Alpha Delta Pi, president, Newman Club, League of Women Voters, Glee Club, WAA JOHN J. TRIBELL, Law ..... Middlesbow WILLIAM S. TRIBELL, Law . . . Middlcsbor0 JANE TRUITT, Commerce ..... Morganfield Kappa Kappa Gamma, SGA, Chamber of Commerce, C0500 Chat, WAA League of Women Voters TANEKO TSUBAKI, A.5z S ..... Hilo, Hawaii BSU, Troupers, Cosmopolitan Club MARY H. TUCKER, .Education ..... Harlan Kappa Delta, editor, Activities Club, Outing Club, FTA? Young Republican Club, English Club JOE T. TURPIN, Aga mme Ee .... Richmond Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Block 8: Bridle WILLIAM D. TURPIN, Commerce . . . Ashland Alpha Tau Omega JOAN VAN BEBER, Education . . Corbin Delta Zeta, WAA, FTA JANE VENABLE, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Winchester Home Economics Club FRANCES VANCE, A.6z S ....... Louisvill6 Kappa Kappa Gamma, secretary and treasurer, English Club? goffee Chat, Canterbury Club, League of Women Voters' WEUS PRELL VICKERS, A.6z S .... Williamson, W. Va. JOHN VAUGHAN, Engineering . . . Prestonsburg Kentucky Mining Institute, vice-president, A.I.M.E. JOSEPH VVAGGENER, A.6z S. . .... Dixon DOT WALDON, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Kevil Agronomy Club FRANCES C. WALKER, A.8z S. . . Burkcsville BSU, Proyor Pre-Med RICHARD WALKER, A.8z S ..... Drakesboro Shi M5 A,lpha, Phalanx, YMCA Cabinet, Band, Mixed Chorus ec u WELLINGTON E. WALKER, A.8z S. . . Owenton Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Sigma, American Chemical So- ciety WILLIAM R. WALKER, Pharmacy . . Anchorage Phi Delta Chi, APhA, Senior Class, vice-president JAY WALLACE, Commerce .... . Carrollton Sigma Nu, Southeastern Conference Spiked Shoe Society, presi- dent, Track Team, captain, Spiked Shoe Society, president, K-Club, Cross Country Team, captain, Vets Club, IFC, Spiked Shoe Relays, manager, Alma Magna Mater, president, Com- merce Employment Association, vice-president JOYCE WALLINGFORD, A.8z S. . . Maysville Delta Delta Delta MARTIN . WALSH, A.8z S. . . Lexington Bacteriology Society ALLIE M. WALTON, Education . . West Liberty JOHN WALTON, Ag.8z Home Ec . . . Burlington Alpha Gamma Rho, 4-H, Block :Sz Bridle MARGARET WANLESS, Ag.8z Home Ec . Louisville Alpha Gamma Delta, Patt Hall Student Counselor, League of Women Voters, Home Economics Club TEDDIE WARD, Commerce ..... Hartford Delta Sigma Phi, Beta Alpha Xi, Scabbard 6: Blade, College Chamber of Commerce WILLIAM WASH, Ag.6z Home Ee . . Lawrenceburg Farmhouse, 240 Committee, 4-H, Dairy Club, IFC SHELLY WATSON, Commerce . . . Madisonville Sigma Nu, corresponding secretary, YMCA, Chamber of Com- merce, Commerce Employment Association, Wesley Foundation GEORGE WEEKS, Engineering . . Water Valley Kappa Sigma TOM WEIDE, A.8rS ...... New Castle, Pa. 'grafjk Team, Cross Country, Cosmopolitan Club, Psychology ll LAWRENCE L. WEIER, Law ..... Newport Delta Tau Delta, treasurer, Scabbard 8: Blade, Student Bar Association HERSHEL WEINBERG, Pharmacy . . Louisville Alpha Zeta Omega, APhA ,5 W P 'Q K we N 'R . ,. 4. x ' Q 5 X s i ll 550, Q 1 'xi . r it QIKF ,fa Q a M ' I 'K V 5 M ' S' 5" if IPA ,G-fx, ,X EF: :- Why ,ft F. lfit iliiiil' . was Q , -1' if .- .4 if ..- I Ts. I 'ill VW! 'gt . li 1 , gt. A I xl '. 1 5' it 'E' wil GEORGE WELCH, Ag.4Sr Home Ee . . Brooksville Delta Chi HAROLD WELLS, A.8z S ........ Hazard Lambda Chi Alpha ANNETTE WESTERMAN, Ag.8z Home Ee . Ludlow Home Economies Clubg Mixed Chorusg Pitkin Clubg Phi Up- silon Omieron MARY WI-IARTON, Education . . . Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma EARL WHEAT, Commerce . . . Frankfort Sigma Nu PEGGY WHEELER, Ag.8r Home Ee . . Paintsville Alpha Delta Pig SUB Cemmitteeg Home Economies Club? YWCAg WAA MARGERY WI-IISENANT, A.6zS .... JOAN WHITE, Education . . . Kappa Deltag WAAg Mixed Chorus, Coffee Chatg FTAg House Presiclent's Council ROBERT G. WIIITE, Engineering . . . Arnold Air Societyg Eta Kappa Nug A.I.E.E. . . . Manchester BSUQ YMCA, Commerce Employment Assoeiatio RONALD WHITE, Commerce . . Fulton Louisville Outing Clubs . Hazel RALPH E. WHITEI-IEAD, Pharmacy . . Louisville Phi Delta cm, APhAg sigma Pi sigma JAMES WHITIS, Commerce .... . Dabney FRANK D. WHITNEY, Engineering . . . Sebrco JEANNE WHITWORTI-I, Ag.8lIiOH1CEC . Shelbyville Home Economics Club BYRON WILBOURN, Pharmacy . Phi Delta Chig Rho Chig APhA JACK WILHOIT, A.8z S .... Pi Kappa Alphag Pryor Pre-Med LOUISE WILHITE, Ag.8r Home Ee SuKyg Home Economies Club DALE WILLIAMS, Engineering . . A.S.M.g A.I.M.E. FIELDING WILLIAMS, Ag.6z Home Ee . Alpha Zetag BSU I-IELEN WILLIAMS, Education . MARY WILLIAMS, Ag.8z Home Ec Alpha Gamma Delta, vice-president and rush chair Dutch Lunch Clubg Panhellenie, presidentg YWCA . Kingsport, Tenn- Lexington Eminence Louisville Spottsville . Jackson Lexingt0I1 mang SuKY5 DON WILLIAMSON, Commerce . . . Louisville Kappa Alpha, Scabbard 8: Blade, Chamber of Commerce ERNESTINE WILLIAMSON, Education . . Phyllis JAMES D. WILLIS, Ag.6r Home Ee . . Waynesburg Farm House LEONARD M. WILLS, Ag.8z Home Ee . Mt. Sterling Alpha Gamma Rho, Pershing Rifles, Band, Horticulture Club DONALD D. Wilson, A.8zS ...... Covington Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Chi Sigma, Band LOIS WILSON, Education ..... Owensboro WAA, FTA, Philosophy Club LOUISE WILSON, Ag.8z Home Ee .... Liberty FTAelHIome Economies Club, 240 Committee, Young Republi- can un MARILYN L. WILSON, Education . . Covington SuKy, YWCA, BSU, WAA, FTA WILLARD E. WILSON, Pharmacy . . Corbin Kappa Psi, APhA VERNON WINKLE, Pharmacy .... Owenton Kappa Psi, Rho Chi, secretary and treasurer, APhA, vice- president RHODA WINN, A.6z S ......... Irvine Phi Beta, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra, M.E.N.C. VVILLIAM R. WINTERSOLE, A.8z S. . . Newport Sigma Nu, Phi Mu Alpha, Guignol, WHAS, music, radio and television productions, Troupers JACK L. WISE, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Georgetown Alpha Gamma Rho, Block 81 Bridle DANIEL H. WISH, Commerce .... Lexington - Beta Sigma Rho, president, Intramural Sports CHARLES WITTEN, Ag.8z Home Ec . . Upton Dairy Club, 240 Committee JACK WOODHOUSE, A.8z S. . . . . Versailles Eta Sigma Phi, president WILLIAM C. WOODROW, Ag.8z Home Ec . Buechel GEORGE WOMBWELL, Commerce . . Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOE J. WOJTOWICZ, Engineering . Warren, Ohio Phi Sigma Kappa PAUL C. WRIGHT, Engineering . . Spring Station Tau Beta Pi, A.S.G.E. PAUL L. WRIGHT, Engineering .... Jenkins Tau Kappa Epsilon, president, Fencing Team, I.F.C., A.I.E.E. f . Y R' 4 ,pi ,.kS. A .af ' 0-. ,om K .ag -N' i . ti NW. 1' -3' 9 409- J .rp .1 fr Q!! .Xt W 'T Xgm.. 'N ,Hyun-X 'Q' iN if J l Rh, , MARY I. WYATT, Education . . . WAA CHARLES G. WYLIE, AJS: S. . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Q A WILLIAM A. YATES, Commerce . 7 fs: Sigma Nu W x v ' ,.hf,, - MYRON ZUCKERMAN, A.8zS. . K . Zeta Beta Tau fo, A' 9 1. vs sis , if 3 ,fs r 7' 5 V Chi Omegng Blue Mnrlinsg FTAg YWCAg . . Mayfield SUB Committccg Nicliolasvillc . . Glasgow . Owenton ,-4af0?'W444 XXI I! s 5 W Ng 1 'xx-.. Interfraternity Dance Anthony, and "Slaughter On Tenth" Some found room to daece f i Others listened and liked g-"5 .li MQ , ix xx .f' KN ..., 'sbs :S-,QQ iz. A, .' J' 4 x g.'1 xl-' M '.'? b Y 421 51.42 A2 x D 1 '..Av- in we ,vviim 1 V- Q .Mflf-g0l.7 ,...- LQ X x. y X, . r 5 3 :ku g V KX , . x V I N vx. xx k , , . ' SWQMNQ 5, A X ,bf , ? gg I.. 1- A-:kbs , . 4 E 'f N -In A ' V ' E suv . J, - K .""..1" ,x " - ' L""f., A M -nw F . : 'M' 'M ', F' ., 'N' ,..""",Q, - L - ,A ' ,... .qq!y"ffQ ' , .. K 4--M .4-:,qKrE7': ill- V X H., .,. .Mg --ni 1 s N' .gsnrar . l .m.wnn,m1. up Q, ,v, - W ww . :Af M ,, 1.5,- ' . . , . A,f""!' mf-M ,' 5'-1 -.ff.f4u....,. - X 4. ........,,, .hx . Am' ' fx -1 .V+ an ph !,,g fi - f '-'W-V A '. 'K in mm' K X L5 Raw I 7, . X , x .-,.tzjf"gi KAY' :',- Q X W in fi-W' i alia' . '.' . W, , ,.,., ,V 'vp t 5 - t . i ,J .'g' Q M . V ,f . . . ,a f I Ugg f ' 1 . ,-vial , 0 V ,, M N - 'L ' ' W .- .55 A .J fwf Tin ,, A we W,wN,,,,V l ' ' . , Q -A .' J' , , .alib- l' V 1 Y 'Y r w f, I w 4 f I L V3 L -If Q , , H5 4 51? , Rig 'F Lmggmz wqg f5?rtfff?i'm5S155y 'S f 554' 1 ' ' 'L'fi"f'Z?u QW' ll W v 1 M W: . Q. A, V A' Q y'- X if 2 if ., Aj, , ia- X. 4 an-f Q 1. A N ,g Nga nw ,I fix 1 X PAGE INDEX ORGANIZATIONS Alpha Zeta Omega .......,.. ........ Agronomy Club ........,....,.. Alpha Lambda Delta , ...,.. ,...... . Alpha Phi Omega ..,...,,. ......,. Alpha Zeta ......,.....,........ .....t.. Arnold Air Society .,......,. ..,..... Baptist Student Union ........ .,.. Beta Alpha Psi .,....,..,... .... Block Sz Bridle ..,.. Blue Marlins .,.....,....,.... ........ Canterbury Club ....,......,.............. Chamber of Commerce Chorlsters ........................ ..,..... Civil Engineers ......... Concert Band ......., Cwens ........,...,... Dairy Club .,.....,....,........,............ Delta Sigma Pi ............................ Disciples of Student Fellowship.. Electrical Engineers ..........,.,,...... Engineering Student Council ..., Eta Kappa Nu ...........,........,........, 4-H Club ,.,..............,..,.........,....... Freshman Y ....,,........,.,.. .....,.. Hillel Foundation .......,.... ,..,.... Home Economics Club ..,...., .... House Presidents Council .,....,.., Interfraternity Council ..,...,..,....,, K-Book .............,,.,...........,. ,,...... K-Club .,.............,,.. Kappa Psi ,..,................... ........ Kentucky Engineer .......... .....,,. Kentucky Law Journal ...,.........n.. Keys ,,.,..,,.,...,,.,..,.....,........ ..,...,. Lamp 8z Cross ,...........,.. ........ Lances .......,.....,................. ....... Mechanical Engineers ,.,............. Men's Glee Club ,...........,.. ....... Mixed Chorus .,....,..,..... ....... Mortar Board .,...... .. Newman Club ,...,.......,.. ....... Norwood Society ,..,..,........ .....,. Omicron Delta Kappa ......,......... Outing Club ....,..,.....,......, .,..... Panhellenic Council .................... Patterson Literary Society .......... Pershing Rifles ..,..,..,..,........,......... Phalanx ...............,...,...,..,., ..,..., Q Phi Beta .......i...... .....,. Phi Delta Chi ...... ,,..,.. Phi Eta Sigma .....,,,,,., .,,,,,, Phi Mu Alpha .....,,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,, Phi Upsilon Omicron ....... .... Pi Tau Sigma ..,.,..,.,.,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,, Pryor Pre-Med Society ......,.. ..,. Radio Studios- .,,,,,,,,.,,,..,,,, Rho Chi .......,......,,..,,.,,,. ,,,,,,. Scabbard Sz Blade ...,..,,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,, Student Bar Association .,............ Student Government Association Student Union Board ,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,4, SUKY ,...,..,.,..,,,,,..,,,4,.4,,,, 4,,,,,, Symphony Orchestra ....... ....... Tau Beta Pi ,,,,,.,,,,4,,,4.,,,4 ,,,4,,n Troupers .....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Upper Class Fellowship ,.......,..... YMCA ...,..,,,.,,,4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,, YWCA ..............,r..,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Women's Glee Club ......... .,..... Women's Residences ,...... ....... PAGE INDEX GREEKS Alpha Delta Pi .,........ Alpha Gamma Delta ....... ......... Alpha Xi Delta ............ ......... Chi Omega .............. Delta Delta Delta ........ ......... Delta Zeta ................ Hamilton House .......... ......... Kappa Alpha Theta ....... ......... Kappa Delta ...........,.. Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Sigma Sigma ..,.....,.... ,........ Zeta Tau Alpha ....,..... Alpha Gamma Rho ......... ......... Alpha Sigma Phi ......,. Alpha Tau Omega ..., Delta Tau Delta ...... Farm House ........4 Kappa Alpha ........... Kappa Sigma ........,..... Lambda Chi Alpha ....... Phi Delta Theta ........ Phi Kappa Tau ....... Phi Sigma Kappa ...... Pi Kappa Alpha ,............ Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi ........,............ Sigma Nu .................... Sigma Phi Epsilon ..,.... Tau Kappa Epsilon ....... Triangle ...................... Zeta Beta Tau ......... Y A ll 42 306 254 258 262 266 270 274 278 282 286 290 294 298 302 304 Or THE END of many long, hard hours that were spent in producing this yearbook for the class of 1953. In looking through a yearbook one seldom realizes the countless hours, even days and nights, of work and planning done by the staff. Yet a staff, seeing its book moving out to take its place along side a half century of shelved Kentuckians, does not regret a single hour in- vested in the job. Hard work it was-yes-but fun, too. This year we switched to a new style of print- ing-offset printing, which permits the use of more pictures and a more varied layout. This transition, plus having only a small staff, had all of us on the ropes more than once, but we rallied and came back for more. And here we are, still alive! Those of the editorial staff whom I especially wish to thank for the excellent work and long hours they contributed are: jim Perry, who planned the dummy and drew the cartoons, Kaki Edwards, who did all of the final paste-ups. Jim and Kaki spent practically all of their spare time, including vacations, work- ing on the annual. Betty Io Martin and Rae Harris did a marvel- ous job in writing all of the organizational copy. Jean Skinner, Reggie Marshall, and Bob Powell worked diligently in mounting all of the Greek and senior individual pictures. There are many other people besides these staff members who contributed to this annual and we wish to sincerely thank all of them. The one person who especially contributed to this yearbook was Mr. Charles D. Mitchell, own- er of the Kentucky Engraving Company which produced the offset plates for the 1953 Ken- tuckian. Mr. Mitchell spent many hours working with us. He was invaluable in showing us how to do many things-how to layout pages to obtain the best appeal and balance, how to crop pic- tures, do final paste-ups, and many other jobs. Dr. Niel Plummer, our advisor, was a con- stant source of help. He handled many of our problems and read proof on the book. Our thanks to Mr. Don Grote and the printing plant are found in the publications section of this book. And thanks to all of the many students who helped make this book a success. We sincerely hope you like the 1953 Kentuckian-it is your book! Fred Bradley Editor

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