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,f'Xx ,K ff Q M l APWX The 53 X . , 9 W mx Keniuckzan if r I fdY!WW1l I9 0 'Hmmm 1 : f-is if '. ' :Ziff-' " I -5-iii 1f6VN':i1? :E - Psy: X: QI hi Ffijfjif -1:35:12 -I.-I-I:-?f' 'fi 'Y y 2 4 f' 'jg' 7TfCI'f4-WIFE-Lw'L'i-T-xcwrq-L1-Ei--cs. - Z f V " -mi"-L ! .9.'?gg II , --f 'Till Y , Y .. - ng 'y"m1" A l'-F-245555 .if ' -4 cg - ' " 'nl A-AL m I . L X . V W 3, gp + X K V ex ' Vs- f 1 'W f .,'JfZ7?W1f-1' X , f 1 'afzfq 'f 'f f 2 W 1. ffff, if f f"W7?W1Y 7 X 455 f ' 1 W mf6?"M' 'I W!4M'iMw" f y L54 f w I xiii" fly! l' ilfifffffi' 1 N' W my VW L52 Y I G y M 6 I - 'Hi 'f I mfg f3v:f,'N -- - H , - ' ' ' -'T hz: 1'e-4.-.wr , -J -1 'A ' -- If ' W 'ff ,... ff if , xJh j' - --W - II. 'fliiiV-v f+ ' 'lfx I ,ifTQ-2:J1,g,FTEf'Q5:Z:fi2'T-fflTff'6: 1,4 . I af 3. 1 . '.C"'1: S - 7 ' . E , .. Ugv I - 1 L.. 5 ,.... .. , , '. ', 'j Y N' 4 , 0 . . .' 'PQ ', . '4'." ' V ' v 7 P 'K C ' , . -F A tk v Vx - 4 , , U . if 'gi-' . Q 5 V 'Wu . Lg kk, T! ,N i"x ' ff xr, -r ' .' -5 ,kJ x A 'o' if H ' 0, s ' X 'JA f' ' 'r k r In .fl XMS, Q' Mfg! .s7. ,- Yell If WM , ,N Nwlxxi U" A SM. i . " .Km.,,, ' ' Nl' ' L ,N ? ,ag -. 1, ax fr , 1 A f f. ' nw - . , N O I .L M.. ,ga by Qu -' 1. ' 114. J L k,n-uf! I. W, I 4 N T, , an - 1. 1 'Y .pk J' ,, J A 1, , . ig 4 ' I L , - ' ' ' , . Pm- ,, .L P... '1' " .,'l51'. 3 FP- ' x - ,UQ . -nga-'m ,A r - .. - . . v ' J' 'ILJ-si' , - , . . - Q f . "::.L!r'.R'y n V1 1 I 1 I ' Jr t xx, N nav, V ' ff- VQIXBVI7- 'A u m ' T . '. ' ' Y' ' --'f,': ',,','2 ' 'U'-' waz- 5-3: . -, - "' f W ' V ,', .' 1 ' .4m,,v7f.3 .. ,A IQ ' V V1 . ,K 4 ,Q.' 4 ' I 'tr .QC , 'I Q' , LM" -4' A rg. . 91' Q -4 1 14 ' , -, 3. A . 1 nv -. ' , -'v iff .k,:,.. , 1 . -L - ' ' 1- ' ' -r f ' . .. I MW . Ax , Iwi., V I .Q.g,,Mw ,,.,. -1 my H JV tw 1.12, . l V X , will -, it , , 4 ' . 4- ,. V ,. 1 . ' ' -' 'W if ,. , - - X - -' . -f ,, Wk I nl- Val !..N:,' Nu.-s , 'B , ww .. K,w"'I' 2,14 M' P if n .' X " i1'L,5'?1LmK.3fw: 7 X, mn-" N - 11 , 'kP:'Pff'.,s,5 V"",I'f ' wh' ' Q4 ', ,V ',' . 7 sa V, ,, ,"Q"a,."Q'h -' . - ' fl, 'ffw .fm-"1F2'?: 1-h 2 THE KENTUCKIA 1950 presents o reminiscing record ot lite ot the University of Kentucky tor the yeor 1950. Herein pleose find o pictoriol occount ofthe foct, feel, foces, domes, gomes, groups, ond grounds which mode your turn-of-the-century yeor ot the University memoroble. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY i.ExiNcToN, KENTUCKY Chorles M. Potrick, Editor Mory E. Shinnick, Monoging Editor E. Jeonne Wilson, Business Monoger .., if.: v V .xi vm X Q.. f 'T' X r 9' " 1 S 3 ,Q 'M' ' 1 7 ' 4' ' : . :Fwd N 0 I , iT, ,.- . rw L M r,-3,.,,,:v f F wr. 7? H C W '!!!!z. wx. I- .fYt A, 'filkgf JFm,f6- at -fl 1-W. 'QL 4. Af. W l ,M .k.m,, Q 'gh 'x C., asf'-.X AL ' A vm. K, , s , fy 1, P- ' "H X1 QV " " M' J . rv If -+- ,fg 'Q . P' .1 U ' :ew . 3, f " HK, X gnu. ' 3 M aI5g-.K J A ,sly 9 - r ,f N3 QI f 'I ii g ' . ' 0 4 A - I I 4 Q, V BIG EVENTS MADE OUR YEAR GREAT . . . And even the little events will haunt our memories. There were our COLOSSAL dances, our STUPENDOUS games, our TREMENDOUS activities, our' HUGE assignments, and best of all, our BIG dates. We were crazy for this college life. . What we did made our year in- teresting. For a perspective of our year, l950, follow the Kentuckian guide: Page Beauties ......., 26 Administration ...... 36 Activities ........ .. 42 Sports 165 Classes ..., .. .. l88 Greeks ...... ...,.. 2 72 Dorms ...... ...... 3 63 THE RIGORS OF REGISTRATION . . . . . and freshman frustration was only a starter. Who will forget climb- ing to the rafters in Alumni Gym . . . finding a dusty bench . . . ond sweat- ing over schedules? The floor below was a maze of pained expressions . . . a mass of serious suffering . . . Sorry, Physics is full . . . Here's a snap . . . Where is Basket-Weaving? . . . Ad- visors! Where do they hide? . . . Tic- ket Books! . . . Odd or even? . . . The foculty was hardly understanding! And then . . . it was over . . . We were primed and ready to go! We were OFFICIALLY REGISTERED at U. of K! 49".s 49"-N V it ,Q ff . ,nl X kjilf' .Myanma- 1 J g ' "Xl 'T' 1 K. I '-sq K. ill V 'rf F 1 -""" ww f , fam Q3 ,J , Q? U' 5' ,gf K ' W Xa Vg, ,fan X- I 1 M Q' ""-Q--Q-...www 35 A V xy 7 ,,A, .. xy, 4 af . It V. i " ,W 52? M- ,Ar bk Y! an ki 1 . , f 1 1' hi V, , W ' 'ffffmmg . ' ' L fi , -W , A g e"m.fMw ,Lff 6 , Qi'i,'i?QiM ,Z Q ,. s Qzgif -., - - W gp - ,L -V n at V 5- .. ., Y ' W X A ? lr . y 3 -H w . mimi. . A JI K ' F 4 '-5 ta, 1-s , fa , 1, 4 f A Q , 5 4 " F' A ' 6 ' 'l , .a vig, 1 Q 55 'xl 'C ff' . H '? x ,l ' M , 5 x . K X L ya Y ! 1 T ,si , nw, H f x F ,W N, , 4 .WHL .sr ' , Y iff 1.4 IN THE SWING... OF THINGS.. .WITH . . . Those hours in the grill . . . and scrambling for seats at "custom- ary" tables . . . cokes and jokes . . . catting AND rotting . . . campus ro- mances which budded, blossomed, or broke up . . . coffee, Camels, and coeds . . . the pushing and picking for favorite frosh . . . none of whom made standings . . . Hats, heels, and hose for stilted sorority socials . . . best foot forward, a mutual must . . . rushees smiling through countless colges . . . and tar- nished trophies were deftly dusted . . . "Paddle" was a nasty noun . . . "Hotbox" - an unmentioned unmen- tionable . . . handshakes were endless agony . . . but RUSHING was the keynote , . . and only the WANTED were wanted. l95O MEANT 2l4 DAYS OF U.K. LIFE.. . . . And life at UK meant many things . . . BIG things like pep rallies cmd football games . . . THE BEST BAND IN DIXIE . . . fantastic frater- nity signs AND men . . . the clink of bottles . . . coke bottles . . . balloons and paper airplanes . . . and how the cheerleaders worked themselves to a frenzy . . . you yelled for the BIG BLUE, too . . . for-if you'II pardon the cliche' -you had the proper SPIRIT. LITTLE things like dances at the Union . . . Sweater Swings on Tuesday nights . . . the stag line . . . and ex- hibitionists . . . who could forget? And how the Library-suddenly and inexplicably - became T H E place . . . the week before exams . . . Seniors asking how to check out books . . . squeezing in study between smokes . . . always on the OUTSIDE, please! Bull Sessions were always spontane- aus . . . no real start . . . no definite end . . . usually when least expected . . . but ALWAYS when you needed sleep . . . or had a test . . . tomorrow . . . REMEMBER? BACKWARD GLANCES AT BIG TIMES.. . . . Like Lances' Carnival . . . with its blaring booths and titanic tent shows . . . and the inevitable RAIN . . . which may have dampened some satin-clad sponsor's gown . . . but nobody's spirit . . . the barkers who pull- ed nickels from your pockets . . . the dancing girls who lured you into dripping tents . . . false fronts . . . the black-face fun . . . Little Egypt . . . the two-headed baby , . . . . . . Like name bands at Joyland . . . Woody Herman and all the rest . . . the too-slick floor . . . the crowded tables . . . the moldy palm trees . . . a clip-joint, you said , , , but FUN . . . . . . Like Homecoming . . . the paint, sweat, and choice cusswords . . . and all-night prayer that it wouldn't rain . . . the early-morning excursions to see what the Kappa Sigs had to show . . . waiting for the judges . . . alums swarming every- where . . . the old-timers who remembered when . . . the game where you forgot fatigue . . . REMEMBER? DREAMS OF THE PROMISED TOMORROW . . . Long hours of exploration and development . . . perfecting technique . . . split-second timing . . . an atmos- phere of absorbing interest . . . the pride when things went well . . . a comradely instructor . . . on inspiring professor . . . the pangs ot doubt . . . was THIS your calling? . . . slide rules, term papers, equations . . . . . . Testing your technique . . . on unsuspecting tots . . . trying to be stern and business-like . . . "Dear Robert . . . we are sorry" . . . spelling B-O-Y . . . the reading circles . . . "Mary had a little lamb" . . . you thought of college humor . . . . , . EXAMS . . . the day of rec- koning . . . wishing you had studied regularly . . . cramming is a futile task . . . trying to put your knowledge on paper . . . the end, the object of study . . . and then forget . . . the emphasis on grades . . . but had you learned? . . . REMEMBER? S '1 5- ., ,. 1' E WV a .v-vi' , sf v 1 W "- 95, A M vga, 3 4 0 TI-IE MATCI-ILESS Tl-IRILL OF WINNING.. . . . and sometimes, the anguish of defeat . . . ADOLPI-I and his priceless sign language . , . more eloquent than any grammarian's . . . lovable Miss Margie, who never missed a game . . . and had more spirit than most of us . crowding into historic old Alumni Gym , . . you came early to get a seat, you said . . , as you plopped down on the hard, straight bench . . . ALWAYS in front of some fanatic . . . with size I5 feet . . . and an over-- worked sense ol humor . . . but Tl-IIS was excitement . . , and you never got your fill . . , wot with the ticket book situation as it was . . . remem- ber the frantic search . . . the banter- ing with those less sports-minded than YOU . . . wondering if the doorman would check signatures . . . watching gangling Bill Spivey . . . and Rupp's other sharp-shooters , . . the Cheer- leaders . . . the white "K" on blue . . . yelling your heart out . . . losing your head in tense moments . . . cle- feat hung in the balance , . . or VICTORY . . . wondering if the strain on the heart, the sore throat . . . were worth it . . . REMEMBER? . . . And the PARTIES . . . after the game . . . or a particularly stren- uous week . . . how you celebrated - . . you knew not what . . . but there must have been something to cele- brate . . . or you wouldn't have felt that way . . , friendly groups around crowded tables , . . the iokes and small talk . . . cooling off between dances . . . all work and no play was in bad taste, as well as the zenith of trite expressions . . . but is seemed to explain your feelings . . . REMEMBER? Qu 3 nm Yxgigg 3 MA 1 9, ' xii 'W Qiiii M x ' fag I nr W ' 5 I K 'fd +A-1 +4-. UQNQ ' A-77 "h ' 'lp' 2 f W- ' Yllw If 4 qt .4 .I Q im' '14 YS N -1 , ' fu ' , 'N' 5? " J ff 'VGA' 'F f fm Q 'ar 1 I . rl- fa V ,w,,,. 3'5 jx 5 si. - 4 Z 4 " R ' l "umm rf ' ' 'Z I , ! xkf - I G 4 :rf ' gl fo 0 s ,L+f 3 . un. x' gxtm' A " x ,IQ ,MO . K s .Nh W., 1 J Fr 4 1 Q." Og 4 ff' -Q ,ig 'Qg ,ia X 5 S '5 E 5 w ,. 2 H I D I G I J a LOOKING BACK . . WE'LL REMEMBER. . . , The highlights of a year at Kentucky . . . things like being a First Nighter at a Guignol opening . . . shades of the New Yawk theatuh . . . formals swishing , . . tuxedos and tails . , . enioying the plush atmosphere of the Fine Arts Building . . . the blaze of flash bulbs . . . smoking in the outer lobby, pelase . . . coffee in the lounge between acts . . . the terrific talent displayed . . , On Stage! . . . maybe, you were there . . . under the burning lights . . . the smell, the taste, of grease paint . . . getting the feel of the audience . . . Wally, Brock, and Lolo . . . feverish activity . . . behind the scenes . , . REMEMBER? . . . The holiday spirit which took the campus at Christmas . . . evergreens in the Union . , . the enormous tree . . . the echo ot carols . . . anal "Merry Christmas" . . . mailing lists and greeting cards . . . candles glowing . . , egg-nog and crisp, clear nights - . . parties for the underprivileged chil- Clfvn . . . the rash of holiday formals . . . giving home for the vacation you really needed . . . taking along the books . . , HOLIDAY!! 4 I DAISY MAE LI'L ABNER 1 4 1 ffl' P lb, :'.'i,' f-'Qif1'f,wf'1,,,y. f, Best-looking Dog-patchers at Key's Sadie Haw- kins' Dance were Jane Webb, Chi Omega, and Tony Rofunno, Kappa Sigma. Tony, above, is playing the part well, by showing Li'I Abner's tradi- tional interest in turnips, like any red-blooded American boy would do in sech a perclickyment. .i ,.,, , LH ,iv 1 .,. 'if'-,5 r-.'ffH.V,I S2 4 JJ: 1. ' 4 1 u , Ira- lf',:,?-aio A .. , ,. ,,-V. ',..-rf' -'.'1- ,I .' '. J ,INT . .' fl Alt E2"n . -L. , 1 , ,.,-- Qrfufl K-.sith Q-'wi mt' v 1 A -,pt 1 ,, vm A 58 fy 4 vs.,-', 'fre' sin f Q-n?1,:3:.... I.- Vu fl --1"'...:-, "-nn' ,, '..-- v 2 ,r . .5--f .1-2, - K' H , , I I ' .. f. . ' " QA., W - . ' M , ., A ' F. ,fn-1,1 - y ,,, In .-A-L-3, 9:1 .,. . -'if--iv 5 , ,"-. Ji", 'wiv ..f .w.Lf'eg," ' y 53,1 1,4 .v ,M . f ,fr FAMILIAR SCENES, INDELIBLE MEMORIES. . . , . Looking back, in l960, at Kentucky in i950 . . . our precious college years . . . we'll remember all the little things that helped to make our college careers . . . the best years of our lives , . . unpleasant associations will have vanished . . . sorrows will have been forgotten . . . tests and tools . . . restrictions and regulations . . . will be pressed into the unconscious . . . ONLY the joys, the accomplishments, the happy hours as care-free students . . . will remain . . . familiar scenes, in- delible memories , , , engraved forever in our hearts. Win WWW 'Qu Z Mx ,, WE'LL REMEMBER. AND FEEL GLAD! . . . The ticket booth in the Union . . . where everything from elections to mem- bership drives were held . . . and some- times, you could even buy a ticket . . . the way we joined the countless campus clubs . . . how nice they would look under our names in the KENTUCKlAN . . . campus athletes were celebrities . . . the crowds outside the Union , . . the little dog that laughed . . . the hazardous campus walks . . . the way we griped about the ditches . . . the statue that never stood . . . and never will . . . meetings at Rose Street on Wednesday night . . . going to Joyland on Friday night . . . popcorn in paper trays . . . glassware under the tables . . . the charming KYIAN beauty, Pat Moore . . . Queen of Queens . . . and we had millions of them . . . the way the Delts always won the Campus Sing . . . Crawford, the kidnapped dog . . . the KA Confederates . . . strolls across the campus in the Spring . . . looking for Venus at the IFC dance . , . cutting classes to go to Keeneland . . . wishing we had stayed home . . . picnics and parting parties to end the year . . . Graduation . . . and stately seniors . . . ioys tinged with sorrow . . . WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? WE HAD AN EYE FOR BEAUTY . . . . And pretty girls were hardly hard to find . . . so numerous were they, we had queens for everything . . . but above and beyond the rest, stood the coveted honor of being chosen for the KENTUCKIAN beauty court . . . unquestioned distinction . . . pride of every mother's son in o cord coat, commonly called a student . . . the rivalry this year was heated . . . sororities squealed as one voice when their candidate . . . in filmy gown . . . ambled down the runway at Memorial Hall . . . the field totaled thirty-one . . . but only the seven luscious lovelies on these pages . . . were in the money . . . Dolls, man, DOLLS! . . . The judges . . . Frances Mason, fashion co-ordinator for H8.S Pogue Company, Cincinanti . . . L. P. Gorian, director of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios, Cincinnati . . . Wanda Boyd, advertising manager for Wolf-Wile Company . . . and Fred Fugazzi, Lex- ington city commissioner . . . showed good taste . . . as any fool can plainly see. . . . The Coronation Ball . . . spon- sored by L.amp 8. Cross for the KEN- TUCKIAN . . . was howlingly success- ful . . . beautifully staged , . . the Queens were properly presented . . . to anxious throngs . . . and joyous screams acclaimed the winnahs . . . AND cracked the plaster of the Union's tired, sound-proof ballroom. . . . Portraits ofthe beauties . . . on the following pages . . . were taken bY BARTON BATTAILE, Lexington Dh0tographer who also has an eye for beauty. ck. 6 V . , ,, . ,, 4 . ,. 'f' 5 Q Al The seven beauties . . . after the Lamp 8. Cross sponsored contest . . . managed a charming smile . . . after an evening of charming smiles . . . from their ranks, would be picked a Queen . . . and ONLY the judges knew. And beauty was crowned at the Lamp 81 Cross dance . . . it took L8.C prexy Nichols and Editor Patrick to place the crown on Queen Pat's lovely head . . . and even so, they got it crooked . . . efficiency . . . so rarely seen. WITH PRIDE, WE PRESENT . The 1950 Kentuckian Queen Kentucky's Queen of Queens . . . a ravishing brunette from Miami, Florida . . . freshman in Home Ec . . . 5' 8" tall with flashing brown eyes . . . creamy complexion . . . only l8 . . . Pat likes painting, sewing, and horseback riding . . . crazy for salt-water sports . I. . a touch of temper seldom shown . . . energetic and studious . . . soft-spoken, with a contagious laugh and instant, piercing charm . . . she reigns with grace. THE TITLE CHANGES . . Like her predecessor, Miss Nancy Brewer, Kappa Alpha Theta from Mayfield, Pat took the campus by storm when she enrolled as a freshman last fall. A Lexington Herald-Leader photog- rapher, impressed with her striking beauty, plastered her all over the Sunday picture section as the typical coed arriving at UK. Since then, nobody has made the mistake of calling Pat typical. Sweet and unassuming, in spite of her great popularity and KENTUCKIAN fame, her Patt Hall neighbors regard her as nothing less than a goddess. Modest to the point of distraction, loyal and completely sincere, sparkling wit, hard-working, and above all, BEAUTI- FUL, Pat represents the perfect fusion ot brains and beauty in the modern American girl. Kcntucky's top two beauties, Pat and lXla"'CY Chatter like ordinary coeds in the Fine Arts Lounge. Dream-children of Chi Omega and Kappa Alpha Theta, respective- ly, lucky is the college man who squiras either of these comaly coeds to a campus function, 5- FIRST ATTENDANT CAROLYN CRITCHLOW KAPPA ALPHA THETA 1" ,Ma rye, Excitable Theta prexy . . . a sophisticated beauty . . . poised and charming . . . shining brown hair. . , hazel eyes . . . 5' 8" . . . 21-year- old junior in A8tS . . . art major . . . transferred last year from Agnes Scott . . . characterized by her throaty voice, carefree attitude, ready wit, and --- when the occasion demands - dead-seriousness . . . brim fuii of enthusiasm . . . dances in Tau Sigma . . . likes to philosophize . . . etfervescent and UNPREDICTABLE. SECOND ATTENDANT CORA FRANCES SAFFELL KAPPA ALPHA THETA Known on campus as "Pinky" . . . her second year in the beauty court . . . fragile beauty . . . brown hair with lights in it . . . hazel eyes . . . 5' 3" tall and 21 . . . a senior in Education . . . very quiet and reserved . . . loves dancing . . . also a Phi Delt, named "Herrn" . . . easily recognized by her flashing smile . . . graceful adagio dancer . . . reputedly a whiz-bang baseball player , . . also likes tennis . . . a transfer from Gulf Park . . . her home is Frankfort. 49 Quiet brown eyes, arched with startling black brows . . . immediately focus admiring stares upon this sophomore coed . . . 5' 8" with shingled, stylish brown hair . . . olive complexion , . . and calm disposition . . . Jane is a popular Alfazee . . . one of those gals you have to call two weeks in advance to get a date . . . quiet charm and untail- ing good humor . . . spends her spare time with a stack of semi-classical records . . . a fancy for canines, of the four-leg variety . . . genteel and lady-like . . .Jane has a flair for fashion and wears some mighty sharp get-ups. ATTENDANT KATHLEEN CARTER DELTA DELTA DELTA Sixty-three inches of West Virginia fthe whole- some typel beauty . . . Kathy is a well-established campus cutie . . . has more beaux than she knows what to do with . . . but skillfully out-maneuvers them on the Tri-Delta-phone . . , light brown hair . . . with peaches and cream complexion . . . brown eyes plus a twinkle . . . ci smile which keeps you guessing . . . was named PiKA Dream Girl last year . . . quiet, BUT quick-witted . . . likes dancing and parties . . . a Commerce Senior . . . our vote for the girl we'd most like to have for a secretary. me ATTENDANT LCUISA WILSON KAPPA ALPHA TH ETA Smiling and personable . . . 20-year-old Louisa likes life at UK . . . transferred from Ward- Belmont, for which the Thetas are adequately thankful . . . a 5' 4" Junior in Education, Louisa gives promise of something new in the classroom , . . soft, hazel eyes which bespeak brains as well as beauty . . . an easy, captivating smile . . . and lustrous brown hair . . . likes swimming, music, and horseback riding . . . also ANYTHING to eat, her Theta sisters say . . . but- and most impor- tant-she never gains a pound . . . a refined sense of humor . . . poised and sparkling . . . has that American look . . . and an unpretentious charm which brought her instant popularity. ATTENDANT KAY Mc CABE INDEPENDENT A luxurious blonde from Trenton, N. J .... Kay holds the current title of "Miss Trenton" . . . and it's easy to see why . . . an I8-year-old freshman in Education . . . and a former Conover model . . . plans to continue looking-prett -for-pay this sum- mer . . . 5' 5" with blue eyes, she looks like Venus wanted to . . . an outdoor girl . . . likes all sports and says she's a pretty good short-stop . . . also throws a mean curve . . , She's partial to ONE football player . . . and is majoring in Physical Education. Our President and First Lady 'I " 'T Eli IIIIII .fff DR. AND MRS. HERMAN LEE DONOVAN Key figures of our University . . . nine year residents of historic Maxwell Place . . . nine years of progress for the University . . , masterful planning and organization, keen insight and broad foresight, the marks of Dr. Donovan's administration . . . a period of material progress for the University . . . of academic triumph . . . of becoming an educational institution of the first rank. "My conception of a state university is that it would be a great service agency in the state. It would be able to take the university to the people, as well as bring the people to the univer- sity . . . " - an ideal realized in Dr. Donovan's administration. CAPABLE ADMINISTRATION . . EFFICIENT ORGANIZATION LEO M. CHAMBERLAIN Like that other famous vice-president, UK's own "Veep" is known for his smile and friendly personality. Dr. Chamberlain became the first vice-president of the Uni- versity in 1946. Formerly he has served as dean of the University and registrar. He is a member of Phi Delta KDDDJ, Kappa Delta Pi, and Omicron Delta Kappa. MAURICE F. SEAY Dr. Seay assumed the double responsibility of being Dean of the University and Registrar in 1946. A former director of UK's Bureau of School Service, Dean Seay Qained national reputation for his administration of the Sloan Foundation Experiment in Kentucky. An orderly, Capable administrator, Dr. Seay is known and respected throughout the state. FRANK D. PETERSON One of the hardest tasks in the entire University be- longs to Mr. Peterson. As University comptroller, he handles all funds of student organizations and depart- ments and serves on the Board of Student Publications and the Student Union Board. He is the author of Ken- tucky's Uniform Financial system, now used by all public school districts in the state, and he designed Kentucky's public school budget system. THE KEYS TO PROGRESS AND A GREATER UNIVERSITY OUR DEANS ARE FRIENDLY LEADERS. THOMAS P. COOPER One of the foremost agricultural leaders in the United States, Dr. Cooper has been dean of the College of Agri- culture and Home Economics since I9I8. He has served as president of the Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities, chairman of the Tennessee Valley Au- thority, and chief of the U.S. Bureau of Agricultural Eco- nomics. Dean Cooper acted as president of the University for one year after the retirement of Dr. Frank L. McVey. DAN I EL V. TERRELL Made dean of the College of Engineering in I946, Prof. Terrell had been on the staff since I9l2. A graduate of the University, he was instrumental in the establishment of the first laboratory in the South for testing road ma- terials and now serves as director of the Modern Highway Materials on campus and of the Engineering Experiment Station. Dean Terrell assisted in the original design, and later, in the enlargement of McLean Stadium. CECIL C. CARPENTER A UK staff member since l936, Dr. Carpenter was made dean of the College of Commerce last year. He is a University graduate and a native of Mercer County. Formerly professor of economics at Marshall College, he was an economist for the Office of Economic Mobiliza- tion in Washington, D. C., during the war. Since i938 he has organized programs for summer bankers' conferences and has had artic es published in several leading profes- sional journals. Quiet, sincere, and hardworking, he is highly respected by students and colleagues. LOUIS A. PARDUE An internationally known physicist, Dr. Pardue bccamc dean of the Universitw Graduate School in l948, suc- ceeding the late Dr. . D. Funkhouser. Dr. Pardue is chairman of the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi. Under his leadership, the University has participated actively in the Oak Ridge research program and has used facilities there to provide additional training for its faculty. Dr. Pardue has always shown a keen interest in the Univer- sity's athletic program and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Athletic Association since it was formed. EVER MINDFUL OF OUR WELFARE l EARL P. sLoNE Collge Unlyerslty's dean "in absentia," Dr. Slone will be- pharma Close' Dart of the University when the College of home aCY moves from Louisville to its proposed new Ame'-icon the UK campus. Dr. Slone. is a member of the American and Kentucky Pharmaceutical Associations, the em Ofns ,ubllc Health Association, the Kentucky Acad- Hislgor cience, and the American Museum of Natural with Jw- A native of Henderson, Dean Slone has been e College of Pharmacy in Louisville since l925. ELVIS J. STAHR JR. Y When he was made dean of the College of Law last year, Elvis Stahr became the youngest dean of an Amer- ican law school. A native Kentuckian, Dean Stahr was graduated from the University with a perfect 3.0 stand- ing. He was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Phi Beta Kappa and received the Sullivan Medallion. A past Rhodes Scholar, Dean Stahr was chosen by the National Junior Chamber of Commerce as one of the "Nation's Ten Outstanding Young Men of l948." qs . Wh, MARTlN M. WHITE thg'l'S experience as acting personnel director and head of DSVCUOIOQY department may be partl res onslble for Eiggsffchgfle s success in his complex taslzl of Reading the Kemuck Pegehof the University. He is president of the CH for me IZYC Qlogy Association and the Kentucky Coun- pa omicro End'CaDDGCl, and a member of Phi Beta Kap- ' 'W alfa Kappa. Sigma xi, and Phi Eta sigma. FRANK G. DICKEY A newcomer to the University's family of deans is Dr. Frank G. Dickey, who last summer succeeded the late Dr. William S. Taylor as dean of UK's growing College of Education. At 32, Dr. Dickey is one of the nation's youngest college deans. Formerly chairman of the UK Division of School Services, Dr. Dickey amply demonstra- ted his fitness for his present high position through his capable work as instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, and assistant dean in the College of Education. Friendly and helpful, he sets a good example for the fu- ture teachers of Kentucky. Our Deans . . . Gooci Friends DEAN OF MEN DR. ALBERT DENNIS KIRWAN It is not an uncommon sight for Dean Kirwan to lope across campus at his standard business-like pace, smiling cheerily and calling by name the students he meets. And perhaps, it is this phenomenal memory for names, and a native friendliness, that have brought "Ab" Kirwan such great popularity. Looking more the athlete than the dean, Dr. Kir- wan has nevertheless proved his prowess in both fields. Head football coach at the University from Big-44, he was appointed Dean of Men in June As faculty advisaor to the lnterfraternity Council, as a history teacher of no little popularity, and as a capable, well-liked Dean, he has reserved his niche among the all-time great men in UK's history. DEAN OF WOMEN MRS. SARAH B. HOLMES On the pleasant middle-ground between the ultra-conservative and the extreme, Dean Holmes reaches the happy medium that makes her at once the comrade and counselor of University coeds. Appointed Dean of Women in I942, after Sarah Blanding went to Vassar, Mrs. Holmes had been assistant dean for thirteen years. She is past president of the AAUW, the Family Welfare Soci- ety, and the Kentucky Association of Deans of Women, Dean Holmes shows a genuine interest in stu- dent activities, is Chairman of the University Social Committee, and is a campus favorite of long standing. ASSISTANT DEAN OF WOMEN' DR. JANE HASELDEN Calm and efficient, Miss Haselden has been As- sistant Dean of Women since l94l. Formerly, she was Dean of Women at Transylvania College and Murray State Teachers College. In addition to teaching French, and working with housing and personnel, Miss Haselden is the fac- ult sponsor for Panhellenic Council and Chi Deita Phi. As a member of Chi Delta Phi, she helped to organize VAGUE, the campus literary magazine. Her friendly and conscientious interest in the University has paid dividends of friendship with faculty members and students alike. KEENLY INTERESTED IN WHAT WE DO . . a title to enhance established distinction Head of the Sociology Department since '45 T . defeoted l42 eligible candidates for the title dismissed the glory with a shrug . . . authority on the Balkan countries . . . prolific writer . . . native of Millersburg . . . author of "Balkan Vil- E lage" . . . another book off the presses soon . . . graduate of W8iL . . . Phi Bete . . . Ph.D. from Cornell . . . time now for leisurely research . . . a crown of laurel for this outstanding prof! DISTINGUISHED EDUCATORS ON THE JDB s -v I K g f ' xx I x -X : .X K X, X 1 I v x . s v M ,HMM MLA. VW ,, - M If K E ' gk In Q 1 I 1 .9 X Q K Ji? ,S ,. MX . Y - 7 N ' 4 . jg., , ,, X -x XX K D V S uf K: "la , NVQ X X fu I f ,, ,Q 1, Q X. ,-. , W , 4 xxx fl! f A .' A 4 ,gli 4 1' 'P' j xg Y ' ' i X - Afr' -.M.:"'-vain, ' 1, rn '3u..'5f-4 Wfsh ,f ff . Sf xr Hi: " . """'-, L' ' W ' 'l..,,., """ C . L a yy f 1 l -x 3,7 dw' H 'H ' "' ' f , ' ' 4-' A Mmf A ff gf 1' 'A 4, V- , 'JS' .. 'fV:t' K hw- " 'fic 1- N '. , "A , . X . ' . Q W mg . , ' 53' HI ,, . '-' , V 1 ' "-A J-l- , K- ' . ..L A ' ' - Zi' I ' ' N - . 'vnu' Y K f . X .5 41- 194 We Divided Our I nterests . . . and our time , . . but NEVER our loyalty . . . by taking on untold ac- tivities. We were "joiners" To The hilt, and four o'clocl4 sessions at the Union were our meat. We were "in training" for leadership . . . prospective campus wheels. The points we argued . . . the causes we championed . . . the keys we cherished . . . were probably unimpor- tant . . . but "belonging" was part of our education. V"'7M Presidcnt Robert Wharton, and secretary Carol Chambers presiding over one of the regular Monday night SGA meetings, Walter Patrick presenting a bill proposing that SGA assume respon- sibility for the parking problem, and cut down aid to other campus organizations to provide funds for lhc program. Vice president Kathy Barnett leading a discussion concerning the proposed decrease in financial aid to campus publications, the House Presidents Council, and other cam- pus organizations. Student Government Association ' The Student Government Association was installed on the University campus in 1939. lt replaced a divided system in which men were represented by a Men's Student Gov- ernment Council and women by a Women's Self-Governing System. The constitution of the Student Government Association was drawn up in the spring of 1939 and went into effect in September of the same year when it was ratified by the student body. ' The constitution drawn up then was re- vised in 1943 and the revised constitution is now in effect. The Student Government Assembly is Composed of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and twenty-nine mem- bers selected by and from the various col- leges at elections held during the first and second semesters. The president and secre- tary of the Student Union Board and the president and secretary of the House Presi- dents' Council are ex-officio non-voting members. Three non-voting faculty mem- bers recommended by the Assembly and ap- pointed by the University faculty, also at- tend Assembly meetings. Purpose: To act as the responsible authority in re- lations among student organizations, to act jointly with the University staff in matters affecting common interests, and to advise, request, and recommend ac- tion with respect to matters of the Student Govern- ment Association to promote projects that are of in- terest to the student body. Faculty advisors: A. D. Kirwan, J. S. Horine, D. E. South Officers: Robert A. Wharton, president, Katherine Barnett, vice-presidentg Carol Chambers, secretaryg Waller Cooper, treasurer Members: Jack Ballantine, William Barkhau, Judy Barnett, Katherine Barnett, Frank Bassett, Juliet Bradley, Kathleen Carter, Allison Caudill, Carol Chambers, Waller Cooper, Helen Deiss, Sue Dossett, Gibson Downing, Grover Ethington, Bruce Ferguson, Charlotte Garr, Claire Hicks, Elliot Jones, Jerry Jones, Joseph Joyner, Charles McMeekin, Sidney Neal, Walter Patrick, Suzanne Rogers, Paul Scott, Robert Smith, Roger Stark, Charles Tackett, Robert A. Wharton W ,v 4' , Q S ' N, . X ' f i '51 'M i 3. Q Z, r l'. . . --sig:-13 . . 2,5 Z 9 it ' ----Q i fi ass, i . is I JA Q. Wharton, K. Barnett, Chambers, Ballantine, Deiss, Ferguson Rogers, Joyner, Patrick, Garr, J. Jones, Bradley Neal, Dossett, Ethington, Carter, E. Jones, Smith Bassett, J. Barnett, Caudill, Hicks, Tackett, Downing 45 Student Union Board The Student Union Board was founded on the campus of the University of Ken- tucky in l938. Purpose: To make leisure time more fruitful through a broad program of recreation and entertain- ment, to develop leadership, to enrich student life and to encourage finer appreciations through a mean- ingful cultural program. Director, Mackie Rasdallp Social director, Margaret Bruce Cruise 0:5 ff f . I 1. . if Faculty advisors: Dr. A. E. Bigge, Dr, James S. Calvin Members in faculty: Dean Sarah B. Holmes, Dean A. D Kirwan Officers: Sara Mae Greene, president, Robert McCowan I vice-president, Betty Ball, secretary, Suzanne Rogers, treas- UTCV Members: Betty Ball, Juliet Bradley, Joan Cook, Richard Crafton, Helen Deiss, Kenneth Felty, Sara Mae Greene, Robert McCowan, Suzanne Rogers 'Kas WSF? ,lb lisi fy , 4"' an "UN Zv- Greene, McCowan, Rogers, Ball Felty, Deiss, Bradley, Crafton, Cook 46 House Presiclent's Council l - E R ' ay. g' A gg, . Q , K L X K n -XP ,R ' N K A 4 . ' st. , 'af , E x 4, , , I fi, ' 7 ' , R ac- 8' if uf i , R- ' " -ef sz? 1' f ,J y rf 1.. . l T M x an ,I i'g.,..t QW: N I I x .fE4f5?'f- -. Q Q Q . A t ...-g L, r Kirwan, Bealmear, Call, Ayres, Harrell Dossett, Graham, Burks, Martin, Pardue Redford, Kennedy, Vaughn, Frieberghouse, Futrell The House Presidents' Council wos or- Qonizecl ot the University of Kentucky in l944. Purpose: To promote better living in women's resi- dence holls. Advisor: Margaret V. Storey Officers: Barbara Kirwan, president, Kathleen Bealmear, vice-president, Lolly Call, secretary, Louise Ayres, treasurer Members: Betty Andes, Hamilton House, Louise Ayres, Al- pha Gamma Delta, Kathleen Bealmear, Jewell Hall, Martha Burks, McDowell House, Lolly Call, Kappa Delta, Sue Dossett, , Alpha Delta Pi, Elizabeth Frieberghouse, Patterson Hall, Patsy Futrell, Delta Delta Delta, Martha Graham, Delta Zeta, Jean Harrell, Barracks and Chi Omega, Karen Kennedy, Lydia Brown House, Barbara Kirwan, Kappa Alpha Theta, Louise Martin, Zeta Tau Alpha, Mary Pardue, Boyd Hall, Dorothy Redford, Sayre Hall, Barbara Rosson, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Betty Jo Vaughn, Alpha Xi Delta 47 Engineering Student Council The Engineering Student Council was founded at the University of Kentucky in l946. Purpose: To promote cooperation between the en- gineering students ond the faculty, the various depart- ments of the College of Engineering and to forward to the faculty those opinions of the engineering stu- dents which it deems worthy of consideration. Faculty advisor: Staley F. Adams Officers: James N. Buckner, chairman: John Miles Flesche vice-chairman, Vernon Lewis Moore, secretary-treasurer Members: James N. Buckner, Joseph W. Campbell, Allison H. Caudill, John Milos Flesche, Jr., Vernon Lewis Moore, James J. Pollitte, Donald Ray Russell, Harry L. Washburn Fr eshman representatives: George W. Gayharf, William T. Clark ,. qv-'N ,wg K. rat fo- Buckner, Flesche, Moore, Campbell McKenney, Caudill, Washburn, Russell 48 1 I nterfaith Council McLean, Elkins, Rev. Detmer, Myles, Smith, Swift, Perraut, Testa, Father Herlihy Toomey, Connley, Guthrie, Nelson, Mr. Peak McCaw, Sullivan, Daugherty, West, Crump, Mrs. Durham Miller, Lancaster, Scott, Henry, Johnson, Strunk The lntertaith Council was installed at The University of Kentucky in l929. pufposez To help strengthen the individual religious 9"0UDS, tO coordinate their activities, and to promote Cooperative interfaith activities. Advisor: Father James Herlihy O Dregdenfi Betty Crump, secretary, Carlos Scott, treasurer fficers: Virginia Henry, president, Kenneth Darnell, vice- Members: Arthur Glickstein, Bernice Bergem, Rabbi Sid- ney Ballon, Adath Israel, Marilyn Miller, Charles Elkins, Rev. Ralph McLean, Broadway Christian, Carol Tichenor, Frances Jernigan, Rev. Herbert Zachary, Calvary Baptist, Betty Strunk, Kenneth Darnell, Rev. Donald Yohe, Central Christian, Roger Snow, Jean Barger, Lawrence Baxter, Christ Episcopal, Morris Franklin, Henry Maiser, Rev. Edwin Detmer, Faith Lutheran, Pat Lancaster, Robert Smith, Miss Virginia Lipscomb, Maxwell Street Presbyterian, Betty Crump, Jimmy Nelson, Rev. Wil- liam Swift, First Methodist, Bernard Perraut, Angelo Testa, Father James l-lerlihy, Newman Club, Richard Tomey, Bar- bara Sullivan, Eugene Lindhead, Gamma Delta iLutheranl, Cline Duff, Carlos Scott, Bart Peak, YMCA, Virginia Henry, Rosemary Haley, Margaret Ann Durham, YWCA 49 Board of Student Publications The Board of Student Publications was established at the University of Kentucky in l930. The board is composed of five members: the faculty advisor of the student publications, the university comptroller, the editors of the Kentuckian and the Kernel, and 0 representative of the Student Government Association. Purpose: To advise on policies regarding operation of the printing plant and the Kentuckian and the Kernel publications, to provide for the rules and regu- lations governing the selection and election of major members of those staffs. Members: Bruce Ferguson, Student Government repre- sentativeg Charles Patrick, editor of the Kentuckian, Frank D. Peterson, Comptroller of the University, Dr. Niel Plummer, Head of the Journalism Department, George Reynolds, editor of the Kernel. Members of the Board of Student Publications discuss staff appointments for the coming year. Shown above, from left to right, are: Frank Peterson, Comptroller of the University, Charles Patrick, KYIAN editor: Bruce Ferguson, SGA representative, George Reynolds, KERNEL editor, and Dr. Niel Plummer, Journalism Depart- ment Head. 50 l I .1 Publications ,. I. I .---qv--' Asas ,4 is i , INK. QA, +1-, is . x- S ,Li V Q , ,M rmj NY A M Q ft., , +1 " ' 4,4 A take-off on those Chinese monkeys . . . these T ' God-forsaken J-students know their fate. A flair N S for the sensational . . . and o sensitive nose for news . . . they re helpless . . . for . . . 51 Here is your 1950 KENTUCKIAN . . . a Golden Anniversary issue for the turn-of-the-century year. We have endeavored to present a pictorial record of doings and duties at the University during the year 1950. We hope we have accomplished more than to give you mere pages of print. The staff has worked very hard to gain your ap- proval and a great deal of credit is due them. Our deadlines always seemed to come at exam time, and many other obstacles had to be overcome. A mix-up in pictures plagued us at Christmas-time, but we won't tell you about that. We only hope your picture matches up with your name. We're expecting great things from the KENTUC- KIAN in future years, when the new Journalism Building is completed. We bow to the East and praise Allah each time we view the enormous hole they've dug next to McVey Hall to put it in. lt's more than a traditional campus ditch to us- it's a forecast of Heaven. We sincerely hope this year's KENTUCKIAN is a sign of better yearbooks to come. Charles M. Patrick, Editor. Durham Babbitt Bere and Coulter faithful Business Suit, Glass, Perdue, and Boteler were merciless in their Staff ers were kept busy meeting Boss Wilson s constant bill collecting and relentless in their super-sales campaigns. i- Charles Patrick .... E. Jeanne Wilson .... Mary E. Shinnick ..... Charles Tyroler ........ Janet Anderson, Bert Katheryn Whitrner Frederick Dorr ......... Earl Conn ........ Editor Business Manager Managing Editor Assistant Managing Editor McKenna, Associate Editors Assistant Business Manager Sports Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Andy Anderson Joan Armstrong Julie Blumenthal Margie Boughton lla Gaskin Helen Dees Harris Henrietta Hill Shirley Porter Jean Pryor Robert L. Ray William Schulenberg Pat Sewell Jane Webb Mary Jane West BUSINESS STAFF Dorothy Allen Hugh Barber David Bere Joan Babbitt Polly Boteler Yolande Coulter Henry Durham Carter Glass Mary Pardue Robert Sult The Kentuckian Business Manager Wilson and her assistant, Dorr, proved themselves skillful schcmers in every business protect. Schulenbefg, Whitmer, Tyroler, and Anderson were handy Wilson, Allen, Conn, and McKenna pasted pictures furi- T0 have around when deadlines snuk up, a nasty habit ously and patiently wrote copy during infrequent holidays deadlines seem to have. -anything for the printer and the public, they said. 53 Kentucky Kernel 1? Nell Blair, news editor, Bob Cox, managing editor, and George Reynolds, editor in chief, check page proof with Bob Sparks in the composing room just before press time. fxiis., i Student newspapers at the University of Kentucky date back to about l890, but the first Kentucky Ker- nel was not published until l9l5. For about two years, the type was set on campus and taken down- town to be printed. After that, a press was acquired, and the Kernel has since been printed on campus. The present Kernel plant is valued as approximately Sl80,000 and is engaged in job printing as well as publication of the Kernel. The Kernel serves two main purposes. lt is a sounding board for student opinion and also a prac- tical laboratory for journalism students. lt attempts to print fully all campus news as well as other features which will interest its readers among students, facul- ty, and alumni. In adding entertainment and humor, it attempts to present its 7500 readers with a news- paper comparable to any well-rounded weekly. ,w Mansfield, Cook, Lee, Blair Hilling, Diskin, Cox, Mackey Wilfred Lott, advertising manager, Harold Fleenfif, business manager, and Bruce Dun- laD, check ads prior to press time. Kentucky Kernel . Editor George N. Reynolds ..... ................. . Managing Editor Bob Cox ............... Nell Blair ....... Tom Diskin ....... Harold Fleenor ..... Betty Boggess ...., Holton Mastin ..... Wilfred Lott ..... Joan Cook ............ News Editor Sports Editor Business Manager Society Editor Head Feature Writer Advertising Manager Assistant Managing Editor Circulation Manager Dorothy F. Allen ...................... Joe Lee, Dick Macke ............,................... Copy Desk Bruce Dunlop, Joan Cook .............. Advertising Staff Rosemary Hilling, Bill Mansfield .................... Assistant News Editors Earl Conn, Kent Hollingsworth, Bob Gorham .................... Assistant Sports Editors Herbert Moore, Gene Phillips .................. Cartoonists Bob Fain, Katheryn Whitmer, Janet Anderson ................. ...... N ews Desk Ben Williams ..............,............ ...... P hotographer Irwin Higgs ......,................,...................... Librarian Reporters: Henry Maloney, Simpson Tompkines, Bob Fain, Shirley Porter, Linda Patteson, Frances West, Joe Coyle, Marilyn Faulkner, Julie Blumenthal, Joyce Cooley, Mary Swetnam, Bill Simon, Lewis Donohew, Janet Anderson, and Kotheryn Whitmer A mmmninnlnnm :mm Tomkies, Fain, Faukner, Porter, Boughey Mitchell, Blumenthal, West, Swetnam, Cooley, Blair, Neal 55 The Kentucky Engineer The Kentucky Engineer wa-s established on the University campus in I939 as the official publica- tion of the Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers. It is published by the students and alumni of the Col- lege of Engineering, and is a member of Engineer College Magazines Associated. Faculty advisors: F. J. Cheek, Jr., chairman and general adviser, G. R. Gerhard iM.8t M.E.l, R. B. Knight iM.E.J, H. A. Romanowitz iE.E.l, E. E. Williams iM.E.l Fall semester staff: G. C. Ethington, editor, Doyle Baker, associate editor, Robert Wharton iC.E.l, Paul Wright iE.E.l, Charles Young tM.E.l, Harry Washburn iM.8. M.E.l, assistant editors, James Clayton, feature editor, Warren Albright, business manager, Robert Summers, Robert C. Brummett, cir- culation, Gene B. Drake, advertising manager, Barbara Beam, William Meredith, Ronald Walker, staff assistants Spring semester staff: Warren Albright, editor, Robert C. Brummett, associate editor, Barbara Beam iC.E.l, William Meredith iE.E.l, Charles Young iM.E.l, Harry Washburn lM.8- M.E.l, assistant editors, Paul Wright, Frank R. Myers, feature editors, Leslie K. Adams, business manager, Ronald Walker, Napoleon M. Smock, circulation, Gene B. Drake, advertising manager, Robert W. David, photographer, W. R. Browne, Jr., librarian, Byrnes C. Fairchild, Ann Clark, staff assistants Standing, Brummett, Drake, Myers Seated, Baker, Ethington, Prof. Cheek, Summers, Wright 56 4 The Kentucky Law Journal was established in l9l3 to develop skillful research among the students and to encourage writing in the legal field. lt fosters growth in the law by publishing articles written by prominent men upon subjects pertaining to the low, and increases the prestige of the Law College through the circulation of scholarly material among legal practitioners. Officers: John Jerald Johnston, student editor, Clarence Creech, note editor, Delbert L. McLaughlin, managing editor, Roy Moreland, faculty editor Editorial Board: D. Ashley Akers, James C. Blair, A. Single- ton Cagle, George F. Charles Jr., C. V. Collins, Dempsey A. Cox, Hollis E. Edmonds, Gerald R. Griffin, Charles R. Gromley, Gladney Harville, Delmar Ison, John J. Larkin, James V. Mar- cum, Robert F. Stephens Kentucky Law Journal Wheels grinding a grave-the administration board: McLaughlin, managing editor, Johnston, editor, and Creech, note editor Akers, Gromley, Griffin, Blair, Stephens Ison, Marcum, Edmonds, Collins, Charles 57 K-Book The 1949-50 K-Book was distributed this year to all new University of Kentucky students for the pur- pose of aiding them to become acquainted with school life. The K-Book traces its history back to 1912. At that time it was called "The Freshman Handbook" and contained "information that will be of great value to both old and new students." It was published annually until 1917, when it was discontinued because of World War I. Publication of the book began again in 1921 and has continued until today. From 1912 to 1921 the book was published by the YMCA on the campus, and from 1922 until 1947 by the YMCA and the YWCA. ln 1947 it was decided that the book would be of more value if it were made all-inclusive. lt was de- cided that the book would be published thereafter with the Student Government Association, House Presidents Council, Student Union Board, Panhellenic Council, and lnterfraternity Council joining the YMCA and the YWCA. During 1947 the book was known as "The Key," but in 1949 it was decided to return to the original name of "The K-Book" which it had been called since 1921. Work on the 1949-50 K-Book started during the first semester of 1948, and continued during the 1948-49 school year. Publication of the book was completed during the 1949 summer school session. Work on next year's K-Book was started last fall in preparation for the next fall term. The 1949-50 K-Book contained a revised may of the campus, school songs, information about UK sports, fraternities, sororities, and other student or- ganizations, in addition to Student Union Building rules, UK social customs, UK history, and the 1949- 50 University calendar. lt also contained information about the SGA, UK publications, marking system, religious organizations, YMCA, YWCA, student vo- cabulary, and churches of Lexington. Serving as editor of the 1949-50 K-Book was Earl L. Conn. The associate editors were Ann Macklin and Stanley Portmann. The faculty advisor was R. W. Henderson, while Kenneth Wood was the business manager. The staff was comprised of Betty Bryant, George Coican, Margaret Larkin, and Bob Gorham. The cover design was by Caroyln Critchlow. ,If- Coican, Larkin, Portmann Gorham, Conn, Martin, Wood 58 i The Arts r i fig 5 A chisel o hunk of wood o hammer o screechinoclorinet . . . or coco . . . downuo lonely Fine Arts corridor . . . 0 subject for Picasso . . . long hairs . . . grease point . . . and boss "ARTS" horn's booming . . . 59 Marching Band Wien! 1 eff-s'aw5x1v The famous University of Kentucky marching band, an all-male organization this year for the third time since the war, was tagged with the mythical title, "Best Band in Dixie," back in i936 by an Atlanta sports scribe as he subtly criticized the poor showing of a visiting Wildcat football team. Throughout the years since, the descriptive title has become traditional in referring to the University musical aggregation. Taking the title bestowed upon them seriously, UK bands have clearly demonstrated their claim to it with precision marching ability and intricate formations. The band is under the direction of Frank J. Prindl, and Warren Lutz is his assistant. The band's drum major is William Jones, and the baton twirler is Don Wilson. Charles Chinn serves as business manager, and Wilfred Lott is librarian. Helen Heltsley, Delta Delta Delta, is sponsor of the I949-50 band. 60 Members: Billy Alt, Don Anderson, James Anderson,, Nathaniel Baggarly, Charles Broaddus, Ernest Carleton, Forrest Campbell, Stuart Carpenter, John Carver, K. Caudill, Richard Cherry, Charles Chinn, Paul Chung, William Cole, Billy Creech, Herbert Creech, Robert Currie, U. K. Custred, Delynn Dagley, Jerry Day, Charles Desmond, Wes Dickens, Billy Disney, James Eversole, Carl Fair, Robert Featherston, Stanley Fizcr, Holly Forkner, William Fouse, Theo Gesling, Burdis Gideon, James Gresham, Harold Hall, John Hall, Ken Harding, Freeland Harris, Don Hartford, Dee Haun, Harold Henry, Fred Hines, Arch Howard, Carl Howard, Warren Howard, Norman Howells, Jack Humphries, Russell Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Robert Johnston, James Kennedy, Paul Knapp, Robert LeCompte, Rich Lehman, Harry Lessley, Robert Link, Wilfred Lott, Stan Masonberg, Jim Maturo, George McCann, John McGhee, Mal- colm McGregor, Wllliam McKenzie, Robert Mefford, Fred Miller, Henry Moody, Arthur Nachand, John Neville, Charles Patrick, Robert Planck, Marvin Pogrotsky, Edward Rue, Custer Ruley, Davis Schmieder, James Scott, Joseph Seeley, Gene Shinn, Alan Solomon, Gene Stewart, Robert Stewart, Don Stone, Robert Tuttle, Richard Walker, Doug Webb, Earl Wil- liams, Milward Wilkie, David Woodhead, Charles Wills, Thomas Yadon X i -kg, University C horisters Mildred Sinclair Lewis, Director Members -- Women: Betty Andrews, Martha Jane Anthony, Betty Bartee, Doris Catlin, Terpsythea Chal- l40S, Peggy Corum, Joyce Davis, Phyllis Dean, Patricia Eads, Ann English, Helen Hamblin, Ann Lura HOYCl9n, Helen Houden, Ann Huddleston, Doris Johnson, Nancy Carol Link, Ruth Miller, Joan Morris, Zoe Parker, Lorraine Pennock, Dorothy Redford, Ana Teresa Rios, Martha Shindelbower, Roberta Spicer, Jo Ann Thomas, Sarah Utterback, Jo Ann Walden, Joyce West Men: Ronald Anderson, John Biggerstaff, George Creedle, Howard Curry, Delynn Dagley, Robert Dean, Joseph Denny, C. P. Goodin, William D. Grote, Don- ald Harfford, Donald lvey, Joe Mack Kelly, Aimo Kiviniemi, Cecil McGee, William Ralph, John Rogers, Howard Tilson 61 Mens Giee Club 4 . The University of Kentucky Men's Glee Club was founded in l9l8 for the purpose of promoting good music on the campus. Director: Aimo Kiviniemi Officers: Howard Curry, president, Cecil McGee, vice-president, David Holland, secretary-treasurer Accompanist: Huddleston Members: Ronald Anderson, Nathaniel Baggarly, John Baldridge, Anthony Berry, John Biggerstaff, Edmund Blythe, Louis Calhoun, Kent Campbell, Earl Caudill, Bill Clark, Jack 62 Colley, Bruce Cotton, Herbert Creech, Robert Crutcher, How- ard Curry, Embry Curtis, Delynn Dagley, Robert Deen, Joc Denny, Charles Druitt, Henry Durham, Jim Eversole, Jim Fothergill, Warren Feafherston, Richard Felner, Charles Good- ln, William Gordon, Charles Greenfield, Robert Gregory, James Gresham, Joe Grimes, Bill Grote, John Hancock, Don Hartford, Fred Hines, David Holland, Louis Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Thomas Lawson, Robert LeCompte, Caswell Logan, Ramon Lowry, Cecil McGee, Lawas McClure, Wayne Maddox, C. Douglas Martin, Charles Matthews, Fred Miller, Vernon Miller, William Miller, Marvin Nicholson, Seth Nuckols, Douglas Os- born, Thomas Pardue, David Robinson, Walter Roy, Joe Seeley, Earl Siria, William Sither, Julian Smithson, John Street, Samuel Swope, Charles Trimble, William Valentine, Jack Wheeler, Jesse Williams, Allen Wilson, David Woodhead, Richard Wohlstein, Raymon Yancy Symphony Orchestra The University Symphony Orchestra was founded at the University of Kentucky in l9l8. Its PUVP059 is lo Drovide fine orchestral music for the campus, to Qive students at the University opportunity to POV' 'flCipate in the performance of great music? lo train music majors in this field of great music, and to allow interested persons in the community the ODDOVYUNTY fo Participate in a symphony orchestra. The facuItY director is Dr. Edwin E. Stein. Members: Perry R. Adams, Ellen C. Allen, BarbOfO Baldwin, George Barbieri, Margaret Boller, Mary Cal'- 0lY"1 Carver, Charles W. Chinn, Edward E. Curtis, ZYQrnund Darzynkiewicz, Jerry C. Day, Charles Dick- erson, Jim Eversale, Catherine Fitch, Stanley Fizer Jr., George S. Fleishman, William L. Fouse, Burdis Gideon, Edith Gold, Mabel Gumm, Don Hartford, Charles Honeycutt, Arch Howard, Bill Johnson, Robert John- ston, James L. Kennedy, Gordon Kinney, Morvyth Kinney, Robert Lancaster, Gerald LeMasters, Luther Lester, Warren Lutz, Mary R. Marcum, Thelma Mat- tox, Georgia Myers, Howard M. Pence, Warren Ptet- ferle, Frank J. Prindl, Virginia Rohde, Jane Rubin, David Schmieder, Jackie Senters, Pat Shely, Dudley E. South, Herman Spivey, Olin Spivey, Gene Stewart, Don Stone, Martha Jane Stone, Sylvia Tempest, Ruth Trimble, Allen Wetzel, Ruth C. White, Kenneth Wright, Thomas Yadon, Erma Zerkle, Zaner Zerkle 63 Womens Glee Club QSECTIONIJ Director: Mildred S. Lewis Studio accompanist: Annette Siler Members: Shirlee Akers, Ellen C. Allen, Janet An- derson, Betty Andrews, Martha Jane Anthony, Anne W. Barker, Betty Bartee, Mariorie Blair, Margaret Boller, Nancy Bowles, Billie Bryant, Doris Catlin, Ter- psythea Chalkas, Betty Fox Collins, Joyce Cooley, Peggy Joyce Corum, Mary Anne Crum, Marjorie Cut- ler, Joyce Davis, Phyllis Dean, Betty Dodge, Ida Dod- son, Sue Dossett, Patricia Eads, Catherine Fitch, Miri- am Gerber, Helen Hamblin, Ann Lura Hayden, Mar- tha Hayden, Frances Henslee, George Ann Hertlein, 64 Shirley Hewitt, Betty Holstine, Mary Frances Hord, Barbara Hughes, Ann Hutchcraft, Doris Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Jean Lindsey, Nancy C. Link, Mary Marcum, Julia McCalla, Molly McCoulf, Betty McGinnis, Faye Miller, Ruth Miller, Joan Morris, Elizabeth Mowat, Virginia Myers, Mary Pardue, Zoe Parker, Gertrude Patch, Jo Ann Rhodes, Caroline Riel, Ana T. Rios, Betty Rowland, Eliza Rowland, Florence Ruley, Lois Sasser, Barbara Shafer, Dorothy Senters, Martha Shindelbower, Annette Siler, Elner Smith, Lucille Spencer, Roberta Spicer, Barbara Stewart, Eu- nice Taylor, Janet Taylor, Jo Anne Thomas, Ernestine Tribble, Glenna Waddell, Jo Ann Walden, Ann Weis- l'Y1ClI'1 Womens Glee Club CSECTION Ill Director: Ann English Accomponist: Lucille Spencer Members: Jean Allison, Betty Ar1Cl6Si -lflne Barnett' MQW Ann Barnett, Dorothy Boyll9S, l-eslle Boleler' illie Bryant, Elizabeth Bryant, Carol Chambers, Katherine Cook, Leta Cooper, Alice Craig, Marlorle D0 te ver, Eloise Ewbank, Shirley Elias, Marv K- F05 'f Mflgdalene Gamblin, Frances GFGQOVYI George Ann Hertlein, Ann Horning, Mary Ingles, Patricia Lancas- ter, Virginia Lewis, Mary McCollum, Mary McKinley, Barbara Montague, Elinor Murphy, Virginia Murray, Beverly Neudecker, Beverly Niles, Marna Perry, Mary Lou Priestly, Kitty Richardson, Lois Romanowitz, Bar- bara Rosson, Martha Routt, June Sandusky, Helen Short, Marlys Smith, Mary Strode, Wilma Sumpter, Betty Lois Talbot, Carolyn Taylor, Joan Thompson, Lou Ellen Trimble, Marilyn Violette, Louise Willhite, Dorothy Wilson, Grace Wilson, Dorothy Lee Wood, Laura Jane Young 65 The Fine Arts Building was officially opened and dedicated as a part of the cele- bration of Kentucky's 85th Founders Week, Feb. l9-25. Students had eagerly watched the dallying construction of the ultra- modern structure and were overioycd to be able to start work in its plush interior. Housing the music, drama, and art depart- ments, the building was constructed at a cost of Sl,500,000. "The erection of the Fine Arts Building and its dedication is a new milestone in the accomplishments of the University. The educational program of music, art, and drama which will be carried on .in the build- ing will have a tremendous influence on the people of Kentucky and their aesthetic values." These words, spoken by President Herman Lee Donovan at the Founders Week Convocation, fittingly dedicated the new building not to the University alone, but to the people of Kentucky. This scene in the art gallery, generally open to the public, is a sample of the modern beauty of the Fine Arts Building. The gallery's curved walls, simple lines, and indirect lighting, make modern art much easier to appreciate . . . and sometimes, understand. Religious Groups h Union's impressive Noon-doy clevotionols in t e little "Chapel" . . . Bart Peak . . . ond his busy "Y" workers . . . the stondord "food ond fellow- d' for THEIR FAITH ship" meetings . . . 'mid countless rlves charity . . . tl'1ey're . . . 67 Baptist Student Union ----v-1vuQplv- - -F 68 The Baptist Student Union was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in l93l. It is the connecting link between Baptist students and the local Baptist churches. lt coordinates the religious ac- tivities of the Baptist students in Lexington. Officers: Weston Bergman, president, Frances Jer- nigan, first vice-president, Nancy Bowles, second vice- president, Lois Calhoun, third vice-president, Mae Arnold, secretary, Robert Francis, treasurer, Laura Lykins, King's Hour chairman, Jack Amis, publicity chairman, Leah Calhoun, publications chairman, Ed- ward Cunningham, evangelistic chairman, Mary Ann Crum, missions chairman, Marian Purdy, poster chair- man, Hoge Hockensmith, music chairman, Walter Price, librarian, Gene Reese, building and grounds superintendent, Lora Adkins, nurses' representative, John B. Daley, Mary Ann Graham, Mary B. Cook, Carroll Tichenor, Faye Montgomery, Clyde Danks, Mary A. Smith, Chester Self, church representatives, Dr. Vernon Musselman, faculty advisor, Dr. E. N. Wilson, pastor advisor An exchange of greetings . . . and news follow noonday devotionals And the scriptures say . . . A retreat by a lake, blue skies and trees . . . a boy, a girl, a Bible Along with the mustard, "The Fire Song" is a 'must' at a Weiner roast. "Where the ivy doth twine" . . . Traditions include the Student-Faculty Christmas Coffee. Unto the least of these . . . . . . mission work through missions of local Baptist churches. Baptist Student Union 69 Canterbury Club The Canterbury Club was founded at New York State Teachers College in l9l8. lt was installed on the campus in 1945. Purpose: To promote the teaching of the Episcopal Church on the campus. Faculty advisors: Dr. Frank Rainwater, Prof. T. K. Dyer Honorary member: Dr. Herbert Stroup Officers: Charles Hope, president, Rufus King Nightingale, i ,:iTiW""7"'7f"f'Tb'JY"" """'5'7'7'W""'W'Uf'l'7"E . vice-president, Bertie Lou Rankin, secretary, Cordie Lee Moody, treasurer Members: Jean Bargcr, Emily Barron, Carolyn Brabender, Kent Button, Joan Clark, Bob Crcgor, Phyllis Dean, Betty Dickinson, Charles Druitt, Jean C. Farney, Catherine Fitch, Jean Harris, Charles Hope, Barbara Hughes, Betty Hyatt, Bert Jody, Ed Kane, George Klauder, Jo LaFollette, Jack McGhee, Betsy Maury, George L. Meyer, Al Meyers, Cordie Lee Moody, Rufus Nightingale, Victor Pappas, Sarah Pickering, Juan B. Pinto, Robert Powers, Bill Powers, Monty Price, Bertie Lou Rankin, Scott Riggs, David Roper, Allen Sither, Roger Snow, Betty Jean Stanson, Sylvia Tempest, Bosworth Todd, Roy Turner, Frances Vance, Richard Walker, Anita Watkins, Eva Nell Wilson, Macfarland Woody, Priscilla Young 43' ff, 70 5 Rufus Nightingale, vice president, Cordie Lee Moody, treasurer, Charles Hope, presi- dent, and Dr. Frank Rainwater, advisor, discuss plans for the coming year. Cross sections of the Canterbury CIub's Sunday feast, complete with smiles. Chaplains: The Reverend William D. Smith, and the Reverend Laurence Baxter. Canterbury Club 71 Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation was founded at the University of lllinois and was installed at the University of Kentucky in l945. Purpose: To nurture the religious life of the Methodist students at the University of Kentucky, to strengthen their loyalty to the Methodist church and the Kingdom of God, and to promote Christian living among its members. Faculty advisors: Robert H. Coieen, William V. Brook Officers: James M. Pride, president, Arthur Seelhorst, first vice-president, Harvey Selwitz, second vice-president, Martha Burks, secretary, Frank E. Clegg, treasurer Members: James Acree, Glenn Alderdice, James Aldridge, Betty Andes, Loumoyne Ball, Edward Banks, Judy Barnett, Katherine Barnett, Sue Barnett, Fred Bradley, Walt Boone, Shelby Brammer, Ruth Jane Bristow, Emmett Burkeen, Mar- tha Burks, Barbara Burns, Charles Carman, Norval Ray Cope- .. 'vvP"v" land, Robert Chowning, Frank Clegg, Jr., Robert Crain, Caryl Crayne, Payton Creech, George Creedle, Dorothy Criswell, Betty Crump, Woodford Watts Crutchfield, Virginia Cunning- ham, Elizabeth Connor, Doris Cook, Ted Dunn, Bill Dulaney, William Eblen, Kenneth Elliott, Marlene Farmer, Marvin Fra- Iey, John G. Francis, Lynn Gamblin, Mary Lynn Gonterman, Lillian Griffey, Frank Gulley, Geraldine Hall, Dora Jane Hen- dry, Harvey C. Hensley, Henrietta Hill, William Hinkle, Gene Hodge, Helen Hollingsworth, Edward Holt, Jeanne Hubbard, Nancy Hukill, W. A. Jewell, Robert Jones, Peggy Johnson, W. Edwin Johnson, Philip Johnston, Ben Kanatzer, Marion Kearby, Cecil Kleeney, Clair Langebrake, James Lyon, Ruth Ann Maggard, Kenneth Minnich, George Morgan, Willis Moreman, Henry Moss, Lee Myles, Charles McMurry, Col- leen Norton, Robert Petsch, Barbara Powell, James M. Pride, Mrs. James M. Pride, William A. Pugh, William C. Ragland, Billy Redden, Kathryn Ridgell, Caroline Riel, Joe Roper, Eliza Rowland, David Rose, Priscilla Sache, Carlos Scott, Edward Self, Arthur Seelhorst, Harvey Selwitz, Mrs. Harvey Selwitz, Robert Smith, Suzanne Swayze, Margaret Stewart, Ruth Stilz, Albert Stone, Robert Sult, Martha Swofford, Morris Swofford, Edward Syra, Arnold Taylor, Bob Thurman, P. C. Vickers, Shelly Frank Watson, Jay Wallace, Frances Cox West, S. R. Whisenant, Jan White, Louise Willhite, Margaret Wilson, James Alvin Workman, Charles Wright, Jessie Lee Wriqht I l i l ' ' ' 'T' iN!!! 72 William Swift, assistant pastor of the First Methodist Church, and advisor of the Wes- ley Foundation, is kept busy supervising plans for the many activities of Wesley Foundation. Members of the Wesley Foundation gather in the little Chapel of the "Y" for prayer. The group meets hero regularly, in addi- tion to its regular Sunday breakfasts and evening meetings at the First Methodist Church. Newman Club The Newman Club was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1893 and was installed on the campus of the University of Kentucky in l9l-4. Purpose: To foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interest of the Catholic students of the Univer- sity, to weld them into a common union, to assist the University and its students whenever possible, and to aid by Catholic action, through the Bishop of this diocese, the work of the church. Faculty advisor: Paul Oberst Members in faculty: Joseph Schwendemann, Marguerite McLaughlin Officers: Bernard Perraut, president, Roger Day, vice- president, Rosemary Hilling, secretary, Libby Link, treasurer, Mary Bert McKenna, historian 0 A . Members: William Augustyn, Doris Barry, Carl Beglcy, Ray Bauer, Paul Biebel, Pat Bradley, Betty Buchignani, Charles Cantjell, Adolph Carreiro, Michael Calvaluzzi, B. A. Coke, James Connor, Mary Crafton, Joanne Crossland, Roger Day, Gloria Eastburn, Charlesetta Ellis, Alice Elorutz, John Emmick, Doug Ey, James Fehr, Jim Finnerran, Frank Fontana, Eliza- beth Frieberghouse, Betty Fritz, Louis Gentry, Mary Gilbert, Mary Jo Ginocchio, Don Goodenough, Carl Gorham, Mary Griffin, Julia Ann Heacox, George Healey, Sam Hill, Rosemary i-lilling, Lawrence Hines, Betty Holstine, Robert Hurst, Agnes Hutchinson, Marian Johnson, Jim Jones, Betty Kelley, Leo Kelley, Martina Kelley, James Kinser, Kathleen Kreps, Libby Link, Paul McCarty, Mary Bert McKenna, Mary Jane Madden, John Mangiona, Mike March, Dick Martin, Anthony Martina, Gerald Mayer, Melvin Mitchell, Dick Moloney, Mary Ann Murray, Larry Myers, Mary Lee Nohr, Patricia Patterson, Ber- nard Perraut, Jack Pettit, John Poage, Richard Rabe, Edward Rassenfoss, Bob Ruberg, Gene Ruhl, James Saurer, Martha Sheridan, Henry Spaulding, James Stock, Mildred Sutherland, Margery Swint, John Talbott, Emily Talbott, Helen Talbott, Angelo Testa, Ruth Trefz, Rosemary Tully, Salvatore Vertuca, Ann Walstenhomle, Katheryn Webb, Ann Williamson, Jane Williamson, Pat Wurtenberger, Paul Young. 74 Disciples Student Fellowship The Disciples Student Fellowship is an Organization of Christian Church students Sponsored by Central Christian Church and designed to provide for the Christian educa- llOn ot college students and to train stu- dents in churchmanship. The local chapter, University for Lite," was installed in I943. Director of Student Work: Donald Yohc lOfficers: Betty Strunk and Kenneth Dean, co-presidents: Jlmmv Todd and Owen Hungerford, co-vice-presidents, Bar- bara Watson, secretary, Kenneth Darnell, treasurer Members: Marian Adams, Raymond Adams, Peter Ainslie, Slwlee Akers, David Alexander, Ray Allen, Alma Anderson, Janet Anderson, Katherine Anderson, Martha Jane Anthony, Jun? Ashley, Sherman Banta, Anne Barker, John V. Barnett, DOFIS Bentley, Ora D. Boots, Betsy Bowen, Morgan Boyd, Jim Bradbury, John B. Brannon, Jr., John Bray, Barbara Brown, Charlotte Budd, Barbara Burch, Ralph Burgin, Libby Casler, D- D. Cayce, lll, Katherine Chandler, Shuang Ching Chang, Carolyn chenawefh, Jim Cherry, Anne Clark, Par Clark, Ruth Clayton, Edward M. Coffman, Jack Colley, Charles Cook, BCTTV Coomer, Lee Congleton, Dick Cooper, Vernon Cooper, Ravmond Correll, Barbara Costello, Charles Cox, Harold Cox, Robert Cox, Sally Crawford, Marian Cronenberger, Don Cun- Cllff, Chester W. Curry, Jr., Georgia Curry, U. K. Custred, Kenneth Darnell, William E. Davis, Kenneth Dean, Henry Dennis, Lois Jean Dennis, Dorothy Deysher, Ed Deysher, Stan- l0V Dlckson, Gene Drake, Sara Dugan, Reva Duncan, Elizabeth Elem, Dick Eldridge, Frances Elkins, Nancy Elliott, Dick Endi- Coffr Frances Farmer, Carol Faulconer, Jimmy Faulconer, lfyarren Featherston, Richard Felner, Bruce Ferguson, Buddy Lf-?"QU50n, Buddy Florence, Jack Foley, Elma Fox, James Free, Rlnda Gibson, Roy Giehls, Wilbur Gilles, Alethea Gillespie, OQEI' Gobler, Monroe Grant, Albert Graves, Mary E. Green, Sara Mae Greene, Alice Greer, Iris Grider, John Griggs, Eu- genia Haden, John Hall, Graydon Hambrick, Jack Hardwick, Patti Harned, Ira Harris, Dudley Harrod, Bobby Hatchett, Jean Heckler, Helen Henderson, Virginia Henry, Newell Hob- good, Gene Hoke, Paul Holleman, Arch Howard, Carl E. How- ard, Nancy Hubbard, Peggy Humbert, Owen Hungerford, Charlotte Hutcheson Willis Jackson, Ben Johnstone, Dick Jones, Ken Jones, Bob Kaufman, Bill Keller, Vivian Keller, Marilyn Kilgus, Lucy King, John Kirby, Arthur Kirby, Barbara Kirkland, Ann Kirtley, Joe Koppius, Nancy LaMaster, Jane Lander, Linda Ledford, Nancy Ledford, Pat Leep, Patsy Lewis, Jack Llewellyn, Ramon Lowry, Doris Loyd, Bill Magoffin, Jerry Mahoney, Ruth Marling, Randel Martin, Bill Matthews, Thelma Mattox, H. N. Maxey, Anne May, Mary May, Bobby Mefford, Janis Mendenhall, Ann Meredith, Dottie Miller, Harry E. Miller, Wilma Million, Marilyn Millis, Ruth Mitchum, Herbert Moore, Miguel Mo- rales, John Morgan, Gene Mosley, T. O. Murphy, Margaret Myers, Mary Frances McCaw, Molly McCoulf, Melvin McCurdy, Wilma McCu,rdy, Susie McDavid, Agnes McDowell, Dick Mc- Lean, Elaine McMullin, Edward Naramore, Dorothy Neblett, Phoebe Nelms, Mildred Nisbet, Mary Jane Noland, Lew Odom, Dave Owens, Marna Perry, Warren Pfcfferle, Anna Ptost, Bill Pesci, Moss Patterson, Bob Piper, Claude Price, John Proffitt, Edna Purvis, Dorothy Redford, Jim Renfro, Bess Reynolds, Jim Reynolds, Helen Rice, Nell Robinson, Lois Romanowitz, Cleora Rose, Eunice Rose, Manning Rose, Walter Roy Lillian Safley, Betty Lou Schafer, Jimmy Seale, Shirley Shafer, Clyde Shuler, Jack Simnick, Fa e Simpson, Robert Sims, Ken Skinner, Charles Smith, Ann Seward, Bill Sowder, Julie Stears, Richard Steele, Harold Stevens, Robert Stevens, Virginia Stevenson, David Stewart, Dorothy Stovall, Henry Stovall, Jane Strickler, Betty Strunk, Dick Sweeney, Anne Swords, Martha Tarpley, Janice Tatlock, Jo Anne Thomas, Owen Thomas, Margaret Thompson, Bill Thurman, Jim Todd, Simpson Tomkies, William Toth, Bill Tuttle, Betty VanMeter, George Vaughn, Crystal Vote, Barbara Watson, Fred Watson, I. J. Weaver, Nancy West, Mary K. Wheeler, Orville Wheel- er, Ruth White, Ray Whitson, Bill Williams, Mary Blanton Williams, Alma Lee Wilson, Bill Workman, Cloyde Wiley, Gene Wiley, Dixie Lou Yahras, Mary Lillard Young 75 Hillel Foundation B'Nai B'Rith Hillel Foundation was founded at the University ot Illinois in l923. lt was installed at the University of Kentucky and Transylvania College in l938. Purpose: "To provide a religious, cultural and social program for Jewish students on the campuses of American Universities." Honorary member: Rabbi Sidney Ballon, Counselor 76 Officers: William L. Fletcher, president, Roberta Clarick, vice-president: Louis Frank, secretary, Julia Blumenthal, treasurer Members: Milton Anger, Albert Balows, Jerold Bass, Carl Berger, Julie Blumenthal, Sam Carrol, Roberta Clarlck, Bar- bara Cohen, Murry Cohen, Malcolm Cole, Eugene Du Baw, Daniel Epstein, Marvin Fishman, William L. Fletcher, Louis Frank, Arthur Glickstein, Milton Goldberg, Ivan Goldfarb, Irvin Goldstein, Frances Goldstein, Abraham Goller, Jerry Hurwitz, Stanley Katz, lrvin Kravitz, Irvin Levy, Raymond Levy, Leroy Manes, Alvin Marcus, Jerry Melt, Edward Meyer, Irvin Millman, Annette Nahm, Sue Newman, D. Robinson, Philip Rosenfeld, David Sands, Zelma Scharff, Bernard Selner, Robert Simon, Jerry Soloman, Jackey Spector, Judy Sonna- bend, Henry Toback, Gloria Travis, Meyer Tuekoff, Arthur Weinberg l B- Phalanx fraternity was founded in l92l at the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, YMCA. Its purpose is to unite young men in co- operative effort to practice and to extend Christian standards and ideals. The chap- ter was installed on the campus in I943. Faculty advisor: Bart N. Peak Member in faculty: Ray Sutherland 'Officersz Kenneth Wood, president, Ralph McCracken, vice-president: Arthur Lee Myles, secretary: Brantley Amberg, treasurer: Ray Sutherland, chaplain Phalanx Members: Brantley Amberg, Robert Calvert, Harrison Cooper, Howard Curry, Harry Daugherty, Robert David, AI- bert Drake, James Durham, Kenneth Felty, Walter Ferguson, David K. Holland, Charles Hope, Elliott Jones, Frank Maturo, Joe Mainous, Ralph McCracken, Arthur Lee Myles, Arthur Seelhorst, Robert Smith, Robert Sweeterman, Kenneth Wood, Charles Woodward Pledges: Kenneth Blevins, Curtis Boyles, Morgan Boyd, Charles Cox, Bruce Cotton, Russell Clayton, Paul Cunningham, Dick Dickens, Cline Duff, Henry Durham, Gene Elder, Bruce Ferguson, Bob Gregory, Harold Hall, John Hancock, Bob Kerner, Joe Lee, Marius Lubbers, James Maturo, Lawas Mc- Clure, Walter Roy, David Rose, Joe Craig Smith, Roger Snow, Dan Stamer, William Saunders, Ray Sutherland, Stanley Tar- ter, James Thompson, Charles Yeary l Durham, Yeary, Myles, McCracken, Amberg, R. Smith, Blevens, J. Maturo Cunningham, Feltz, McClure, Cox, Seelhorst, Drake, Cotton, David Mainous, Sweeterman, B. Ferguson, Gregory, Stanford, Cooper, F. Maturo, Hollingsworth Saunders, Dicken, Duff, Jones, J. Smith, Holland, Mosely, Daugherty Tarter, Rose, Lee, Collins, Curry, W. Ferguson, Woodward 77 i Pitkin Club The Pitkin Club was founded at Shady- side Church, Pittsburgh, in l9l3. It was in- stalled at the University of Kentucky in l925. Purpose: To promote friendship, fellowship, and religious growth. Faculty advisors: Dr. E. N. Fergus, Margaret Ann Durham, Bart Peak Officers: Betty Spragens, president: Robert McCowan, vico- president, Betty Strunk, secretary: Ray Myers, treasurer Members: Fain Alexander, Janet Anderson, Jobie Ander- son, Katherine, Barnett, Ken Blevins, William Boles, Barbara Brown, David Brown, Carol Chambers, Tom Collins, Betty Compton, Peggy Compton, Harry Cooper, Charles Cox, Betty Crump, Louise Curry, Jo Daugherty, Dorothy Doyle, Albert Drake, Henry Durham, Jim Durham, Margaret Ann Durham, Martha Durham, Dick Endicott, Eloise Ewbank, Charles Fergus, Juanita Fergus, Carol Fisher, Caroline Freeman, Charlotte Garr, Robert Gregory, John Guthrie, Rosemary Haley, John Hancock, Virginia Henry, David Holland, Wallace Horine, Frances Jones, Lee Jones, Patricia Lancaster, Joe Lee, Vir- ginia Lipscomb, Robert McCowan, Robert Meader, Margery Mitchell, Ray Myers, Barbara Odell, Mary Odell, Jo Patterson, Bart Peak, Shirley Porter, Karen Rains, Wally Rodes, Robert Rouse, Robert Smith, Robert J. Smith, Marian Somers, Betty Spragens, William Spragens, Betty Strunk, Robert Summers, Faye Sumpter, John Tuggle, Marilyn Violette, Dorothy Wilson, Charles Woodward, Eleanor Yates Freeman, Blevins, Mrs. Durham, Lipscomb, Brown, F. Jones, Peak M. Odell, B. Odell, Rouse, Maturo, H. Durham, Mitchell, Spragens, Alexander, Endicott Lee, P. Compton, Tuggle, Cox, Bird, Roy, Guthrie, J. Durham Yates, Daugherty, R. Smith, Doyle, Crump, Summers, Chambers, Barnett, Horine, Curry, Woodward Violette, Porter, Fischer, Wilson, Drake, Henry, B. Brown, Rains, Patterson, Myles, Cooper, R. L. Smith, Gregory Somers, Garr, Bowles, J. Fergus, C.'Fergus, Ewbank, Sumpter, Anderson, Lancaster, Meader, Holland, Hancock Strunk, McCowan, Rev. Johnston, Spragens, Meyers 78 'E M Upperclass Fellowship and Freshman "Y" Club The Upperclass Fellowship was founded on the University of Kentucky campus in l943. lt is a combined group of the mem- bers of the YMCA and the YWCA, meeting weekly for the purpose of seeking to under- stand some of the campus' social and relig- ious problems and discussing their Chris- tian implications. Through working to- gether, the members develop o firm fellowship and o personal and collective means of action toward advancing our university life. Advisors: Bart Peak, executive secretary of thc YMCA, Margaret Ann Durham, executive secretary of thc YWCA. The Freshmon Club was founded at the University of Kentucky in l939. Adult advisors: Bart Peak, Margaret Ann Durham Student advisors: Robert Gregory, Lois Ferring Officers: Oscar Peveler, president, Gretchen Von Bargen, vice-president, Margaret Steele, secretary 79 YMCA Cabinet 7 Hancock, Darbishire, Davis, Jones, F. Maturo, B. Ferguson, W. Ferguson Scott, McCracken, Seelhorst, Myles, Cooper, Gregory, Blevins Hilliard, Huffman, Thompson, Duff, Summers, Moore, J. Maturo The YMCA Cabinet was formed at the University of Kentucky in 1890. Purpose: To help students and faculty members in developing their religious life and to help meet the needs of the students through a program planned for social, mental, and spiritual growth. Advisors: Bart N. Peak, executive secretary of the YMCA: Raymond Sutherland, graduate assistant 80 Advisory board: Dr. Rhea Taylor, chairman, Dr. Howard Beers, Prof. A. L. Chambers, Prof. William L. Matthews, Jr., Prof. Ralph Pickett, Prof. Alexander Edelmann, Prof. Carl M. Clark, Dr. Reid Sterrett, members Officers: Elliott Jones, president, Frank Maturo, vice president: John Hancock, secretary: Bill Davis, treasurer Members: Kenneth Blevins, Harry Cooper, Shelby Darbi- shire, Bill Davis, Cline Duff, Bruce Ferguson, Walter Fergu- son, Robert Gregory, Elliott Jones, John Hancock, Luther Hilliard, Robert Huffman, Robert Kaufman, James Maturo, Frank Maturo, Bacon Moore, Lee Myles, Ralph McCracken, Arthur Seelhorst, Carlos Scott, Robert Summers, James Thompson, Kenneth Wood L The YWCA Cabinet was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1904. Purpose: "We unite in the desire to realize full and creative lite through a growing knowledge of God. We determine to have o part in making this lite possible for all people. ln this task we seek to understand Jesus and follow him. We desire to sup- port the purpose and ideals of the Student YWCA." YWCA Cabinet Advisor: Margaret Ann Durham, executive secretary of the YWCA. Officers: Virginia Henry, president: Dorothy Doyle, vice- presidentg Juanita Fergus, secretary, Josephine Frances Daugherty, treasurer Members: Frances Barnett, Katherine Barnett, Betty Crump, Sue Dossett, Eloise Ewbank, Lois Ferring, Rosemary Haley, Sally Hancher, Marilyn Kilgus, Betty Strunk, Martha Swofford, Jane Webb, Nancy West, Margaret Wilson in if XX - 'R Atl- 5 'J -"' .. 4 . f J. . 2 .. 1 J ' v H... Xl t if tl J Ai .tim . ' l Henry, Daugherty, Doyle, Webb, Hancher, Fergus, K. Barnett, F. Barnett, Swofford, Haley, West, Wilson, Dossett, Ewbank, Strunk, Kilgus, Crump, Ferring 81 Dutch Lunch Club The Dutch Lunch Club wos founded ot the University of Kentucky in l93l. Its purpose is to provide o fellowship in the Y.W.C.A. for town girls ond commuters. Faculty advisor: Margaret Wilson Durham Officers: Nancy West, president, Mary Jo Bishop, vice- president, Carol Chambers, secretary, Eleanor Yates, treas- urer Members: Joan Adams, Evelyn Baker, Mary Jo Bishop, Ann Brittingham, Betty Buckley, Peggy Compton, Joan Craw- ford, Jo Frances Daugherty, Ann Douglass, Peggy Essenback, Phyllis Ewen, Mary Lou Gover, Gail Grogan, Joan Haffler, Betty Handy, Jean Hardwick, Virginia Henry, Jeanne Hub- bard, Peggy Johnson, Joan Kavanaugh, Lillias Kelley, Marilyn Kilgus, Marjorie King, Dorothy Lawson, Betty Paul Linney, Nina Liston, Ruth Ann Maggard, Thelma Mattox, Martha Mefford, Dorothy Miller, Marlene Miller, Patsy McKitrick, Sue Newman, Charlene Oliver, Shirley Porter, Jean Pryor, Lois Romanowitz, Eliza Rowland, June Sandusky, Dot Seath, Jean Sherman, Lelia Sherman, Patty Short, Martha Steele, Ruth Trofz, Charlotte Van Deren, Ruth Vest, Marilyn Violette, Ann Williams, Mary Blanton Williams 82 Honoraries ' Yu fllfllskf Ng-.fu -- .'ffJ'.lf" c,.4,1 BIRTH A pnucv runs croncm y i V1 it nf'-pi c, M , s , . Those priceless Senior honorary keys . . . ond confusing secret horidclosps . . . scholarships for ' l . worthy students . . . the ocid test for campus wheels . . . BMOC's incornotc . . . horci work ond study recognized . . . 83 Alpha C hi Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma was founded at the University of Wisconsin on December ll, l902. Alpha Gamma Chapter was installed on the campus of the University of Ken- tucky, April 2l, l9l7. Purpose: ill To bind its members in a tie of true and lasting friendship: C23 to strive for the advance- ment of chemistry, both as a science and as a pro- fession, C37 to aid its members by every honorable means in the attainment of their ambitions as chem- ists throughout their lives. Faculty Advisor: Dr. N. O. Long Members in faculty: C. B. Barkenbus, L. R. Dawson, A. C. English, T. A. Kendall, N. O. Long, J. R. Meadow, J. R. Mitch- ell, F. E. Tuttle, W. F. Wagner Officers: D. P. Claypool, master alchemist: R. A. Bleidt vice-master alchemist: W, E. Sweeney, recorder, W. K. Snead treasurer, R. A. Bleidt, reporter Members: R. A. Bleidt, T. R. Bosley, O. C. Bradley, D. P Claypool, J. Fletcher, R. W. Kibler, R. L. McNeer, R. N Price, P. G. Sears, W. K. Snead, F, L. Stanonis, J. M. Steno W. E. Sweeney Pledges: C. G. Kreidel, E. A. Reusch, S. M. Tarter Kibler, Tarter, Dr. Wagner, Bosley, Stone, Dr. Meadow Dr. Dawson, Bradley, Fletcher, Reusch, Kreidel, Dr. English Sears, Price, Snead, Claypool, Sweeney, McNeer, Dr. Long 84 i Alpha Lambda Delta XX Chambers, Davis, Bishop, Johnston, Pardue Kilgus, Perrine, Annis, Hendry, Mattox, Harrod Alpha Lambda Delta was founded at the University of Illinois in l92-4. The chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky in i940 to "promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning, and to encour- age superior scholastic attainment among the freshmen women in our institutions of higher learning." Faculty advisor: Virginia Baskett Honorary member: Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes Members in faculty: Virginia Baskett, Helen Hutchcraft Officers: Carol Chambers, president: Joyce Ann Davis, vice-president, Mary Jo Bishop, secretary: Thelma Mattox, treasurer, Margaret Johnson, historian Members: Doris Ann Annis, Jean Barger, Mary Jo Bishop, Carol Chambers, Joyce Ann Davis, Catherine Harlow, Dor- othy Ann Harrod, Dora Jane Hendry, Margaret Grace John- son, Marilyn Kilgus, Mary Louise McClung, Thelma Matrox, Mary Lee Pardue, Ann Perrine, Eleanor Jane Sturm, Ruth Trefz 85 Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, national service fra- terntiy, was founded at Lafayette College, Easton, Penn., in I868. Alpha Zeta chap- ter was installed at the University of Ken- tucky in l934. Purpose: To assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop freindship, leadership, and association among Scout trained men, and to promote service to the student body and faculty, to the youth of the community, to members of the fraternity, and to the nation as participating citizens. Faculty advisors: Dr. N. O. Long, Dr, Rhea A. Taylor, Jim Barta Honorary member: Dean A. D. Kirwan Members in faculty: Prof. Bill Brown, Dr. Harry Best, Dr N. O. Long, Bart N. Peak Officers: Paul Cunningham, president, Joc Craig, vice- president, Thomas Poe, Jr., secretary, William Sparks, Jr., treasurer Members: George David Bere, Kenneth Blevins, Jackie M. Boyd, Stuart Carpenter, Broughton Coke, Harry Cooper, Bruce Cotton, D. D. Cayce, Joe Craig, Gayle Caldwell, Paul Cun- ningham, Don Cundiff, William S. Davis, Dick Dickens, Read Holland, David C. Holliday, Harry Lessley, Clare Langebrake, Wilfred Lott, James W. Lyon, Glen Johnson, Bill McKenzie, Jim Maturo, Robert O. Moore, Gene Myles, Lee Myles, Tom- my Poe, Robert J. Schwartz, Martin Swanson, Bill Sparks, George Sakona, Tom Smith, Roger Snow, Omer Stikeleather, Arthur Whipple, Mike Yakowsky 1 G. Myles, Cooper, Johnson, Sparks, Jenkins, Whipple, MacKenzie, Dickens Cunningham, Dr. Long, Lott, Hepburn, Langebrake, Leslie, Caldwell Craig, Smith, L, Myles, Maturo, Stikeleather, Swanson, Meador l President Paul Cunningham shakes hands with rushees while "Doc" Long, faculty advisor, looks on. The "Doc" has done an excellent job of supervising the activities of this service fraternity. Harry Cooper explains to the other members of Alpha Phi Omega about their annual "Ugly Man Con- test" given to raise funds for vari- ous proiects. This years' contest bought pencil sharpeners for all campus buildings and all fraternity and sorority houses, along with giv- ing them a start on the second of their "Social Calendars." Other pro- iects, off campus, include entertain- ing at the Veteran's Hospital, help- ing needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and repairing public buildings in slum areas. New Pledges: ist row, Craig, Blevens, Reddin, McGregor, Cotton, Swartz, Cundiff 2nd row: Davis, Bere, Boyd, John- son, Snow, Roy, Woodhead 3rd row: Glasscock, Whipple, Car- penter, Haun, Lyon, J. Moore, R. Moore Alpha Phi Omega ,s,, . , 87 Alpha Zeta Alpha Zeta was founded at Columbus, Ohio, in 1897. Scovell Chapter was install- ed at the University of Kentucky in 1912. Purpose: To encourage and develop the actual and potential leadership in the field of agriculture. Faculty advisor: Dr. Dewey G. Steele, Prof. Lawrence A. Bradford Associate member: Dr. Herman Lee Donovan 1 Officers: Willis G. Moremen, chancellor, Robert S. Smith, censor, William D. Burgess, Jr., scribe, Robert L. Enlow, treasurer, Eugene R. Weakley, chronicler Members: John V. Barnett, William D. Burgess, Jr., Cecil C. Burnette, Ewell P. Conyers, Waller Cooper, Richard Craf- ton, Robert Enlow, Alvin K. Faris, Karl S. Grady, Jack Hag- gard, Carl C. Hamilton, Eldred T. Harding, Ed Hogg, Ray H. Hogg, Edgar A. McDavitt, Beryl T. McClain, Carlisle Moore, Wellington Moore, Willis G. Moremen, Robert B. Simon, Robert S. Smith, Kenneth Stewart, Winford B. Thomas, Wel- by H. Timmons, Eugene R. Weakley, Charles B. West, Corless F. Wiley 1 I Moreman, Smith, Burgess, Enlow, Weakley Wiley, Thomas, Crafton, Stewart, Conyers, Moore, R. Hogg McDavitt, Grady, E. Hogg, Simon, Cooper, Hamilton, Barnett 88 l Alpha Zeta Omega Getzel, Chitlik, Figa Bederman, Kaplin Alpha Zeta Omega was founded at Phil- adelphia College of Pharmacy and Science in l9l9. Lambda Chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky in l947. Purpose: The purpose of the members is to en- courage the advancement of their profession through intimate association with one another, and practice of the virtues of mutual trust, sympathy, faithfulness, and unselfishness. Honorary members: Dean E. P. Slone and Dr. Gordon L. Curry Officers: Charles F. Rosenberg, directorum, Arthur D. Kreltman, sub-directorumg Aaron Schwartz, signare, Leslie Waldman, excheque Members: Sidney Bederman, Jacob Chitlik, Leon Figa, Louis Getzel, Edward Kaplin, Merle Kaplin, Alvin Schlossberg, Melvin Zeiden Pledges: Harold Frankel, Marvin Greenwald, Julius Kozlove, Max Kreitman 89 Ch i Delta Phi 1'- if 'Um Deiss, Macklin, Henry, King Kilgus, Hancher, Webh Chi Delta Phi, women's literary honorary, was founded ot the University of Tennessee in l9l9. Xi Chapter was installed at the Zine University of Kentucky in l924. Faculty advisor: Dean Jane Haselden Officers: Virginia Henry, president, Helen Deiss, vice nresidentp Marilyn Kilgus, secretary, Sally Hancher, treasurer Mary King, historian, Helen Deiss, editor of "Vague" maga Members: Evelyn Caudel, Helen Deiss, Sally Hancher Honorary members: Dean Sarah B. Holmes, Prof Grant C. Knight 90 Virginia Henry, Marilyn Kilgus, Mary King, Ann Macklin Jane Webb 1 The National Society of Cwens was founded at the University of Pittsburgh in 1922. Theta Chapter was installed on the campus of the University of Kentucky in 1931. Purpose: To encourage scholarship among fresh- men womeng to promote leadership by encouraging them to participate in student activities, to develop character, and to serve and promote the interests of the University in every possible way. H C wens Faculty advisors: Mrs. Adrian Dorian, Miss Celia Moore Members in faculty: Miss Jane Haselden, Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes Officers: Dorothy Harrod, president, Elizabeth Bryant, vice-president: Eloise Lorch, secretary: Doris Richards, treas- urer Members: Ellen Allen, Doris Annis, Mary Jo Bishop, Nancy Bradford, Elizabeth Bryant, Carol Chambers, Joyce Davis, Polly Day, Sally Hancher, Dorothy Harrod, Margaret Johnson, Marilyn Kilgus, Eloise Lorch, Thelma Mattox, Dianne McKaig, Mary Pardue, Mary Lou Priestly, Doris Richards v fl V! ,v 'T R I 6 W 7 Q -sv' 5' 1 I li N t 1 fi :.l, All f .. ,, Q.. . 6' Q' , if ' sf ' 1 L. A W ' ' X" "' Harrod, Chambers, Bishop, Richards, Hancher, Day Kilgus, Johnson, Priestly, McKaig, Mattox, Pardue Allen, Bradford, Davis, Annis, Lorch 91 Eta Kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu, national electrical engi- neering fraternity, was founded at the Uni- versity of Illinois in 1904. Beta Upsilon Chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky, April 24, l9-48. Purpose: That those men in the profession of electrical engineering, who, by their attainments in college or in practice, have manifested a deep interest ond marked ability in their chosen life work, may be brought into closer union whereby mutual benefit may be derived, Faculty advisor: H. Alex Romanowitz and Hansford W. Farris Members in faculty: Ernest A. Bureau, H. A. Romanowitz, Hansford W. Farris, A. A. Nierenberg, Brinkley Barnett, Earl T. Noble, Nathan B. Allison Officers: Forest Edwards, president, R. C. Johnson, vice- president, David Pruden, secretary, A. A. Moore, treasurer, B. P. Miracle, corresponding secretary, W. R. Meredith, bridge correspondent Members: Keene Adams, Orville Arnett, Russell M. Barnes, Corbett Brashear, Eugene J. Breiding, Roy L. Cole, .lack E. Cook, Earl K. Cottongim, Ernest L. Coulter, Jackson R. Cowan, William L. Dale, Louis W. Dawson, Marcus D. Dodson, Forest R. Edwards, G. C. Ethington, William K. English, Robert T. Fuchs, Edward George, John B. Guthrie, Neil D. Hall, Robert L. Hannigan, P. C. Jackson, Lloyd W. Jenkins, Robert C. Johnson, Raymond A. Kemper, Nicholas Khoury, Frank Kish, A. E. Klemmer, William Linville, Raymond Martin, Charles F. McMeekin, William R. Meredith, Carlyle Michelson, B. P. Mir- acle, J. Howard Monier, A. A. Moore, Gregory J. O'Leary, Fred G. Perkins, David H. Pruden, John S. Renfro, Paul Riddle, W. T. Robertson, Joseph J. Schmitz, William H. Sebastian, Edward T. Simons, Robert Sims, Robert S. Sum- mers, Robert T. Taylor, Ronald E. Terrell, Joe C. Thompson, L. M. Tupman, Carl Vincent, Jack C. Warford, Whit P. Watson .... ,IA 'ff A tf,fg:w5fwf.g.ya. i .,:fsf,w " yy 45-.fq,ifi,itgi.fg tx, , , , . fg,?w.,wfz1.i. , .. y JL.. , ,hai . --53.gii2'23Et1ttCf,,1g5it1P. -A p. ' . ' A Y fltflfiiiagr .yi V12 'vw'-I ViJ1"1kf,t .i , .ii-' ff ', -f . 3 Q' i I .I GA .ii ,y , ,. : io, if ifftfti wi. ,. hfffviaf O --wziwf fs Z-:Wg , f 'Ti' itififii ' 'frfi r " " ltitiitiitiyi'yi,l.,1ii.ffg.5ig,,i1..'5 . :wi fmo.a.11:!fiiiasL2iE.'k41. rg ' Q . 19. Q iy Ely, s. , -0 . 7 1 f W .1 '. V :I 5 3' N fall W' V: ri. :A l I 1 ,- K., ag ffe, Vi.. . ' . ' -k f' t frlll fix r if . r ft., fi i f - ui. iz. fi, M, .W , 1' 5 ,W g iv so X, y , Q71 V I A . .V i . i ii 'wr' Al .X .1 . ? My rv qv S -, V whip., A . , f . . . v is - lang A , -. 352' . . '-.ritz f Y ,-,,f,u Q25 l 1 L-iz . ii .. .fy - .s X 4 'W' ' . ., if if lil lr 1 vw . 9 -' , ' A vt- . ' A-if' ' fl 1 '0 A Q Ii Ki J Qi . Edwards, Pruden, Moore, McMeekin, George, Dodson, Renfro Ethington, Barnes, Dale, Schmitz, Hannigan, Kemper, Robertson, Perkins, Fuchs Meredith, Coulter, Adams, Miracle, Cottongim, Summers, Khoury, Sebastian, Dawson Tupman, Cook, Thompson, Brasheer, Klemmer, Jackson, Taylor, Vincent, Breiding 92 L Members of Eta Kappa Nu assemble in the Engineering study hall for a "bull ses- sion" before meeting. Officers of Eta Kappa Nu: William Mere- dith, vice president: Forest Edwards, presi- dentp Beverly Miracle, corresponding sec- retaryg Bob Johnson, freasurcrg Dave Pru- dcn, secretary. A group of Eta Kappa Nu members in the Engineering Study hall. Eta Kappa Nu I I l l 93 Kappa Psi Kappa Psi, national pharmaceutical fra- ternity, was founded at University of Vir- ginia in 1879. Upsilon Chapter was estab- lished at the University of Kentucky on April 15, 1909. Purope: The objects of this body are to conduct o fraternal organization for the mutual benefit of the members, also to inculcote industry, sobriety, mutual fellowship and esteem, nobility, courage of mind and heart, and to foster pharmaceutical research ond high scholarship. Faculty advisor: Prof. Mattys Jongcward and Prof. Charles T. Lesshafft Members in faculty: Judge Jesse Hubbard, Prof. Mattys Jongeward, Prof. C. T. Lesshafft, Dr. H. C. Morris Officers: Harry W. Houchens, regent, James E. Bell, vice- regent, Robert Benton, secretary, William V. Atherton, treasurer, William G. Marshall, historian, William T. Houchens, chaplain Members: Estcl Altman, William V. Atherton, James B. Bell, Robert Benton, Henry R. Boswell, Robert L. Brown, Richard H. Bryant, Joe Bill Clements, Fred Coffey, William A. Conyers, Gerard Crips, Andy Daugherty, Hubert H. Dennis, Joseph T. Elmes, James L. Eversole, Louis E. Ferguson, Rex H. Haile, Don C. Harris, Jay M. Hemberger, Harry Houchens, William T. Houchens, Edmond King, Charles T. Mansfield, William G. Marshall, William G. McConnell, James F. Mc- Daniel, Joseph C. McMurtry, John E. Passmore, Louis E. Per- kins, John Plcmmons, William Michael Riley, William M. Roach, Richard L. Ross, James T. Sims, R. H. Stone, Dudley H. Taylor, Charles D. Wathen, Thomas C. Willis, Jack W. Woods 4 -if as Uv 1 -4 ov QQ, V, - 4 ,QV A ,. I 5. 1 1 1 ' sl 4 A , 1 -11Q',71 1' li .ma t ,-'jun , ,111 1 . " . . ' i A flies -.Y dz W Q ' 4 g 'll Q 4, 4: ar Y i:,- 143. 5 xx D l . 1 ' --N T' T? ig J ,M 'x"1il-ills Q. I . ... , S Q i S l l L. . - v Q3 I 'A Xi ' 1 I A ,VVS . pr? am H. Houchens, Bell, Benton, Atherton, W. Houchens, Altman Boswell, Conyers, Plemmons, Cripe, King, Coffey, McMurtry, Eversole, Ross Hail, Roach, Taylor, Daugherty, Riley, Harris, Brown, Perkins, Willis Elmes, Bryant, Stone, Hemberger, Wathen, Dennis, Clements, Woods, Ferguson 94 Whenever a photographer comes around, people must always start practicing their prize smiles and lining up in geometric rows. All this is beyond our understanding -the picture was supposed to show a "typicaI pharmactist's bull-session," but these fellows are definitely not trying to cooperate. This is a little more like the traditional bull-session, if it weren't for the interesting bridge game and the very obvious lovers of good music. At any rate, a few minutes in the Lounge of the Pharmacy Building must be a pleasant repast from the daily grind of pill-packaging. Kappa Ps fri O 95 Lamp and C ross X d ,pg ii N i Q 'F-J Q, was 1 1. , , , , i 'bf , ' ' o-.f."f4t, i -'rif f' ' aw J ijt n i1 T! if qsgvf V i vi KVVVV ' - 4 1 I Q 4 A x ' . X K Rouse Owens Nichols Underwood Wharton Coleman , , , f 1 Patrick, Charles, Barnes, Breathitt, McCann, Perkins Claiborne, Coplin, Bixler, Holtzclaw, Mills, Downing Watts, Floyd, Dallas, Sloan Lamp and Cross was founded in l903 at the University of Kentucky to recognize qualities of leadership among outstanding members of the senior class. Faculty advisor: T. R. Bryant 96 Officers: Fred Nichols, president, James Line, vice-presi- dent, lsaac Rouse, secretary, Robert Wharton, treasurer Members: Edwin C. Barnes, William Bixler, Ned Breathitt, Robert Bleidt, A. Singleton Cagle, George F. Charles, Jerry Claiborne, Robert Coleman, Fred C. Coplin, Anthony Dallas, Gibson Downing, Kent Floyd, James Line, Mike Mills, Mar- shall McCann, Fred Nichols, John C. Owens, Charles Patrick, Fred G. Perkins, Isaac Rouse, William Sloan, Thomas Under- wood, Clyde Watts, R""X'Jl'l'1 Weakley, Robert Wharton L Keys was founded at the University of Kentucky in l906 "to honor the outstand- ing sophomore in each social fraternity and to promote the spirit of brotherhood among the fraternities." Perhaps the leading activity sponsored by this sophomore men's leadership honorary is Key's annual Sadie Hawkin's Week. A round of Dogpatch activities are directed by the group, including the Sadie Hawkin's Day Race, a Turnip Chompin' Contest, and ending with the Sadie Hawkin's Dance, at Keys which UK's Daisy Mae and Li'l Abner are chosen. This year, Jane Webb, Chi Omega, and Tony Rotunno, Kappa Sigma, were chosen as the "purtiest Dogpatcher's." A bird's eye view of Key's week of fun fes- tivities will be found onthe following pages, Faculty advisor: Dean C, C. Carpenter Officers: Jack Ballantine, president, Bosworth Todd, vice president: George Fischer, secretary, Irvine Scrivner, treasurer Members: David Brown, Lester Bryant, Robert Calvert, Carl Faith, Roy Giehls, John Godfrey, Bill Haycraft, Donald Moffct, Ray Myers, Bill Spilman ,SM 4 ll , 5 5: el Brown, Fischer, Ballantine, Todd, Spilman, Moffet Faith, Myers, Giehls, Godfrey, Bryant 97 KEYS-Sadie Hawkins Dance "Tinian-,,.,A N wr.. ' This L'iI Abner gcfs a fancy knof fied by a Daisy Mac who has ofhcr ideas in mind . . . Marryin' Sam clears thc path for charging Daisy Mac's . . . Tired after fhc chase, weary Dog-pafchcrs dance . . . Half-hcarfcd Turnip Chompcrs shy away from the camera-man . . . Fif fo be fied wcrc fhcsc L'iI Abncrs, buf who could blame them? . . . Mammy Yocum approaches Hairless Joe fhreafeningly 'cause Pappy is nowhar in site 98 - KEYS-Sadie Hawkins Dance i -r- - , -www, 'F 4: PX? I a r r l f' ,X .rs f:JEEH.!'....l A l l'lll"IIIlll1'l1t1l'l!-IH '. Wk J wr-"' 7 Q , x ' Nw. X isle., l.-,,.. .. .. A gal always gets her man on Sadie Hawkins Oay, thanks to Keys . . . The list of pore UK L'il Abners caught by vicious females is read to the audience . . . Vicious females is rite, the best free-climbers in the South come to UK . . . Champeenship Dog-patchers, Jane Webb and Tony Rotunno, reigned as Daisy Mae and L'il Abner . . . Best-dress Dog-patch folk line up for inspection . . . Lonesome Polecat and Hairless Joe, among other campus notables, were there . . . and Kick-a-pooh Joy-Juice could be had by all . . . Even the Schmoos had fun, as any red-blooded American boy can plainly see. 99 Lances Lances, junior men's leadership society, Members in faculty: Dean A. D. Kirwan, Dean Elvis J. Stahr, Bart N. Peak, ewls Sawin, Charles Maney, Keith Vice was founded at University of Kentucky in 1903. Purpose: To foster good will and recognize qual- ities of scholarship and leadership in the iunior class. Faculty advisor: Dr. William S. Ward Officers: Walter Patrick, president: Robert T. McCowan, vice-president, Clydc P. Watts, secretary, John B. Kuipcr, treasurer Members: Frank Bassett, Waller Cooper, Richard Crafton, Robert C. Deen, Gibson Downing, Davis S. Fields, Jr., J. Roy Hall, Elliott Jones, John B. Kulper, Frank Maturo, Robert McCowan, Kenneth Midkiff, Sidney Neal, Charles Patrick, Walter Patrick, J. C. Powell, Earl Paul Rowady, Thomas O. Townes, Clyde Watts .. .4-U, -1.00 A ",' . to 1. ll., . ' iw , . N L , V , .. 15... ,,,, , . ' . 1, , zlfgw. M-' 5 . -,.1uQ1M.17k - 'A . 't r' , Z '.ff...w ll 41 . V ' ,, " ' 1... " Downing, Kuiper, McCowan, W. Patrick, Fields, Perkins C. Patrick, Bassett, Townes, Crafton, Neal, Cooper Rowady, Deen, Maturo, Midkiff, Jones 4 Lances BRlDt Lances' prexy Walter Patrick looks on as '48 Queen Nancy Shinnick crowns Barbara Mandt, Tri-Delt, as Queen of Lances Carnival. Courtney Hall and Nancy Brewer, representing Delta Tau Delta, took secondary honors . . . ADPi chorus cuties attracted lots of business . . . so did DZ Alco-Holler and ATO Sweets . . . Kappa's bathing suit revue proved revealing . . . AGR's bird-bath proved WET . . . SAE also had Chorus h for all comers . . , The Delt Moller-Drama and Tri-Delt Peep Show cuties . . . Alpha Gams held the torc copped the honors of the evening lOl Mortar Board 19'- nn C' Rogers, Doyle, Dawson, Northcutt, Deiss Barnett, Carver, Henry, Wood, Swofford Mortar Board, senior women's leadership society, was founded at Swarthmore Col- lege in 1918 and installed at the University of Kentucky in 1920. Purpose: To provide for cooperation between so- cieties, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university wo- men, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. 102 Faculty advisors: Miss Helen King, Mrs. A. D. Kirwan, Mrs. Lydia R. Fischer Members in faculty: Miss Virginia Baskett, Mrs. Lela Cullis, Miss Margaret King, Mrs. Lolo Robinson Honorary member: Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes Officers: Suzanne Rogers, president, Venita Dawson, vice- president: Dorothy Deane Doylc, secretary, Geraldine Leet Northcutt, treasurer: Martha Swofford, historian Members: Katherine Barnett, Mary Carolyn Carver, Venita Dawson, Helen Deiss, Dorothy Deane Doyle, Virginia Henry, Geraldine Leet Northcutt, Suzanne Rogers, Martha Swofford, Neree Hatcher Wood h Phi Beta Phi Beta Fraternity was founded in 1912 at Northwestern University. Kappa Chap- ter was installed at the University of Ken- tucky on May 12, 1925. Purpose: To promote the best in music and drama, to live a- life of service, and to seek and develop the highest type of womanhood. Faculty advisor: Mrs. Lolo Robinson ls' aa '79 , 3 r ,gb x 1 I . 0 Officers: Elizabeth Mowat, president: Martha Shindel- bower, vice-president: Mary Carolyn Carver, recording secre- tary, Margaret Larkin, corresponding secretary: Betty Elliot, treasurer: Thelma Mattox, historian, Jeanne Harrell, keeper of the threshold Members: Joyce Davis, Phyllis Dean, Priscilla Hancher, Sally Hancher, Doris Johnson, Thelma Mattox, Betty Mc- Ginnis, Virginia Satterfield, Anna Lee Scalf, Barbara Shafer, Annette Siler, Janice Stille, Sara Bennett Thomas, Jo Ann Range Walden, Joyce West Pledges: Shirlee Akers, Margaret Boller, Ann Huddlcston, Ann Hutchcraft, Martha Kittinger, Marilyn Kilgus, Judith Luigart, Dianne McKaig, Martha Pcnnebaker. 7 L S is 5, V E zb , . , K : A . l - 5: V' '15 L, ..g3.1sn gf' 'YT , ,IE . T 115,35 1 i l fn' in K, 233 '- ' A -.t l 11,17 ' . nw lu. Y-1 ii 1 ' Mowat, Shindelbower, Carver, Elliott, Mattox, Harrell, Larkin Siler, Thomas, P. Hancher, Klttinger, S. Hancher, Davis, West Johnson, Satterfield, Shafer, Hutchcraft, Stille, Pennebaker 103 Omicron Delta Kappa . ,A ,.:ii'sr'i,f R 'yi-"' x T . , gi. i Q if ' fi , ' VA! a ci. L T 9' 7 xi '4 5. 4 - ,. . J - " . lx N 5. ll r' . ll 1 . ",. 4 3:2 is V A.- . T .. K 1 aa J at . 'alt , gi. I, 3 .5 ' l V 0, , 'ei 'Q ' . L J A tl . , ' i FV Q Q 1 ' i l ' lt . I . , ,W , L' f. i KM., A Klein, Nichols, Breathitt, Weakley, Wharton, Weatherspoon Patrick, Barnes, Foster, Smith, Holtzclaw, Owens Claiborne, Reynolds, Cooper, Coleman, Crafton, Fields Johnston, McCowan, Cagle, Lawson Omicron Delta Kappa was founded at Washington and Lee University in l9l4, and Nu Circle was installed at the Univer- sity of Kentucky in l925. Purpose: To recognize men who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate activities: to bring together the most representative men in all phases of college life, and to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and help- fulness. Faculty advisor: Dewey G. Steele Members in faculty: Herman Lee Donovan, Frank LeRond McVey, Leo Chamberlain, Thomas Poe Cooper, Albert D. l04 Kirwan, Martin M. White, Elvis J. Stahr, L. J. Horlacher, Roy Moreland, Robson D. Mclntyre inational treasureri, G. Davis Buckner, William S. Webb, W. P. Garrigus, H. H. Downing, William S. Ward, Robert E. Shaver, Charles E. Snow, Dewey G. Steele, Thomas D. Clark, William L. Mathews, Bernie Shively, Adolph Rupp, Paul Bryant, Virgil Christian, Staley Adams, Lewis Sawin, Merle Baker Officers: Edward T. Breathitt, president, James R. Lino, vice-president: Ryburn Weakley, secretary: Robson D. Mc- Intyre, treasurer Members: C. Edwin Barnes, Robert A. Bleidt, Edward T. Breathitt, Singleton A. Cagle, Jerry D. Claiborne, Robert M. Coleman, Waller W. Cooper, Richard Crafton, Davis S. Fields, Jr., Ellis Foster, Harold Holtzclaw, J. Jerald Johnston, Nor- man Klein, William F. Lawson, James R. Line, Robert T. Mc- Cowan, Frederick E. Nichols, John C. Owens, Charles M. Pat- rick, George N. Reynolds, Robert S. Smith, E. Ryburn Weakley Glenn Weatherspoon, Robert A. Wharton 1 5 Nu Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa was host for the society's Central Province Conference held on the UK campus March 3l-April l. Midwest schools which were represented at the conference were the University of Akron, Albion College, Beloit College, Bowling Green State University, Centre College, the University of Cincinnati, Denison University, Hills- dale College, the University of Louisville, Marshall College, Miami University, Ohio Wesleyan University, Wayne University, Western Reserve University, and the University of Kentucky. National officers of ODK who attended the Con- ference were Dean Martin ten Hoor, University of Alabama, national president, Dr. Ralph C. McDaniel, University of Richmond, past national president, Dean Omicron Delta Kappa Robert W. Bishop, University of Cincinnati, national secretary, Prof. R. D. Mclntyre, University of Ken- tucky, national treasurer, and Dr. Danner Mahood, Denison University, Central Province deputy. Conference activities included a model initiation ceremony conducted by Nu Circle at which Dr. Louis A. Pardue, Dean of the UK Graduate School, and University Comptroller Frank D. Peterson, were taken into membership, a buffet supper at the SUB, a smoker at the Delta Tau Delta house following the All-Campus Sing, a luncheon at the Fireside Room of the Phoenix Hotel, a tour of the new Memorial Coli- seum, conducted by University President H. L. Dono- van, visits to several Blue Grass farms, and regular discussion meetings. This mural, which hangs in the Student Union Building, portrays the varied fields of achievement which membership in Nu Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa represents. Scholarship, Forensics, Athletics, Publications, and Social Service-a campus leader must excel in at least two of these fields to qualify for membership. The height of collegiate achievement, and the "Dean"-as it were-of Greek-letter honoraries, Omicron Delta Kappa embodies the cream of campus leaders. lO5 G. Lentz, Harry B. Phi Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity was founded at South Haven, Michigan in 1902. Henry Clay Chapter was established at the University of Kentucky in l9l4 to promote o strong bond among different classes at the various law schools, to form a strong link between the law schools and their for- mer students, to promote social and intel- intercourse among its members: foster these principles that tend to higher type of manhood. lectual and to form a Faculty advisor: Prof. Wilbert Ham Officers: George Fred Charles, iustice: Bruce Stephens, vice-iustice: Robert G. Lentz, clerk: John W. Sublett, treas- Jrer: William H. Parham, marshall Members: Denver Adams, George Akin, Thomas Bell, Ed- ward T. Breathitt, Jr., Dempsey Cox Morris D. Hodges, Jr., George Fred Charles, Michael Clare, Jr., Gladney Harville, Robert Hines, Jr., Donald C. Hoskins, John J. Larkin, Robert McKeehan, D. L. McLaughlin, B. J. Mann, James V. Marcum, H. Parham, Royce Maubert R. Mills, Blake H. Page, William Pulliam, Ralph G. Ranney, Jr., William E. Scent, William E. Sloan, Bruce Stephens, John Sublett, John D. Welch, Gilbert Wilson, Woodson Wood, John B. Wyatt Pledges: Hollis Edmonds, Donald Floyd, Virgil Fowler, Charles Gray, Sam E. Hill, Robert W. Hodges, Arloe Mayne, Bernard F. O'Laughlin, Earl Osborn, Homer Ramsay, Edwin r Members in faculty: W. L. Matthews, Roy Moreland, Wil- Rice, James F. Scott, Harold M. Streets, Boyd Taylor, Letcher bert Ham White, Allen Wood QI, - is .1 ' Q -Y 5 ,gi 3 Ns l K' .fl - . - i - ' ' ' V .GL 'QL in Y fl : Al 1 g, l , QA! gm, nr f 'R 9 - -di ,v We ' fy . - N r Nth. ns .Lawn 'Win .L ' x .A 1. -wr , - 'W 6--- 4'-' H- at.. , P? , f yn, tl S X.. uh- - in ' 1 ack xii' as A H V A n -K i N Y K l l lf L " 'U' "g W' C.. V mf . 'N Get' , 1 N551 nn J. hi. L. A su... . lr... A ' ' ' my :"' J ' J ,4 Sf, 'N' ' " .G-v .- ps, 'Vaio J - fl " . ' " ' . " , f' f fl I V i. X . . 'fif ' 7. f A ' sri L .L we A A . 1'-wi Abs.. .f :ri Charles, Stephens, Sublett, Parham, Hoskins McKeehan, McLaughlin, Murray, Marcum, Hodges, Larkin, Hines, Breathitt, Taylor, Scent, Harville, Wilson, Sloane, Clare, Adams W. Wood, Rice, Streets, Wyatt, Pulliam, Welch, Osborne, A. Wood Hill, O'Laughlin, Mayne, Ranney, Floyd, Gray, Edmond, Hodger lO6 Mills l Members of Phi Alpha Delta lounge on thc steps of thc Law building. Officers of Phi Alpha Delta: seat- ed Fred Charles, iusticeg Bruce Stephens, vice-iustice. Standing, Robert G. Lentz, clerk: John W. Sublett, treasurerp and William Par- ham, marshall An informal group of Phi Alpha Delta members in the lounge of Lafferty Hall. Phi Alpha Delta lO7 Phi Delta C hi . . ,l . , . fa ' 'V 3 'f ' . . I ,V J if Z 1, ' X -152 S N 'Jig i Il ll tg . , " " 74 W' W' V i x 'efif T' j f it T' R . 7. L ... .. T I N K X X -4 sr ff au- , 1 .a I Q 1 '3 ,Q 'ai S Gregory, Nally, J. Reed, Eblen, Morgan T. Moore, Gladdis, Bertram, Montgomery, Beniamin England, Taylor, Hazelip, Lowe, J. Rogers Miller, Kerr, Allen, Gardner, Baker Hooper, Zax, Ray, Hart, Wallace E. Moore, Roadcap, Morris, L. Reed, Schureck Burd, Brake, T. Rogers 108 . Vex Phi Delta Chi fraternity was founded in the Department of Pharmacy, University of Michigan, in l883. Alpha Beta Chapter was installed in l923. lts purpose is to advance the sciences of pharmacy and chemistry and their allied interests and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members. Faculty advisor: Dean Earl P. Slone Members in faculty: Earl P. Slone, Dr. Ewen Gillis, James W. Miles Honorary member: Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Dilly, registrar emeritus Officers: Jacob W. Miller, worthy chief counselor, James L. Gaddis. worthy vice-counsellor, Sidney F. Brady, worthy keeper of records and seals, Sylvan H. England, worthy keep- cr of finance, Raymond Hazelip, worthy prelateg Leslie E. Reed, worthy master at arms, James Montgomery, worthy inner guard Members: Marvin Allen, Eugene Baker, William Beniamin, Alvin Bertram, Sidney Brady, John W. Brake, Francis Burd, Marvin Eblen, Sylvan England, H. R. Featherstone, James Gadclis, Milton Gardner, Clarence Gregory, James M. Hart, Jr., Raymond Hazelip, Thurman Hooper, J. F. Jefferson, lvan Kerr, Chris Kllgus, James Miles, Jacob Miller, James Mont- gomery, Elmer Moore, Thurman Moore, Charles Morris, Ron- ald Nally, E. R. Panlie, John Reed, Leslie Reed, E. Thomas Rogers, Joe S. Rogers, Carroll Morgan, Sylvan O. Roy, Charles Roadcap, Raymon Schureck, William Strohbeck, Jr., Melvin Taylor, Victor Wallace, Henry Zax Pledges: James Brown, George Callico, Robert Conrad, A. B. Duncan, James Ely, Ollie Emerine, James Fethe, Ralph Fingerle, John O. Freeland, Robert Hardy, James Kaelin, John Lowe lll, Wesley McDaniel, Donald McEvoy, William Monroe, John Morris, Jack Sullivan Q Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia was founded at the New England Conservatory of Music in 1898. Alpha Gamma Chapter was estab- lished on the University of Kentucky cam- pus December 13, 1922. Purpose: To advance the cause of music in Amer- ica, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Faculty advisor: Perry Adams Members in faculty: Perry Adams, Edward Hornowski, Gordon Kinney, Aimo Kiviniemi, Warren Lutz, Ford Mont- gomery, Nathaniel Patch, Frank Prindl, Edwin Stein Officers: Joseph C. Denny, president, John W. Tully, vice- presidentg William Fouse, secretary, Embry Curtis, treasurer, Jim Eversolc, national councilman, Donald P. Stone, historian Actives: Cornelius von Boyer, Embry Curtis, Joseph Denny, James Eversole, William Fouse, Burdis Gideon, William Jones, John Kuiper, Cecil McGee, Jack Steers, Donald Stone, John Tully Pledges: Nathaniel Baggarly, Harvey Berry, Kent Campbell, Howard Curry, Jr., Robert Johnston, Gerald LeMasters, Robert Link, James Nelson Phi Mu Alpha Qu- Dcnny, Tully, Fouse Eversole, Jones, LeMastcrs McGee, Kuiper, Berry 109 Phi Delta Phi Phi Delta Phi, international legal frater- nity, was founded at the University of Michigan in l869. Breckinridge Inn Chap- ter was installed at the University of Ken- tucky in l925. Purpose: To promote o higher standard of profes- sional ethics ond culture in the law schools and thc profession at large, and to unite ourselves in the en- dearing bonds of affection and brotherly love for the purpose of encompassing these ends. Faculty advisor: Prof. Paul Oberst Honorary members: Dean Elvis J. Stahr, Chief Justice Porter Sims, Judge Roy Helm, Judge Shackleford Miller, John Lewis Kilgarriff Members in faculty: Dean Elvis J. Stahr, Alfred B. McEucn, Paul Oberst, Frank Murray, Frederick Whiteside Officers: A. Singleton Cagle, magister: Buford A. Short, exchequer, John T. Orlandi, clerk, Archie C. Nickell, his- torian Members: Dee Ashley Akers, John P. Allen, C. Edwin Barnes, Frank V. Benton, Everett Berger, Jr., James C. Blair, William Bixler, Charles Burton, Everett Burton, Jr., A. Single- ton Cagle,-Dalton Caldwell, Hugh Campbell, Robert E. Cobb, John A. Diskin, William Francis, Roger Fritz, John P. God- frey, Daniel Goodman, Gerald R. Griffin, Charles Gromley, Henry Hardin, James L. Hary, James C. Helton, Robert H. Helton, Jr., Harry Herdman, Richard Hinton, F. Byrd Hogg, Robert Hubbard, J. Jerald Johnston, Jerry Jones, William B. Jones, John W. Kelly, Jason King, Bryan Lewis, James M. Marks, Edward A. Marye, Jr., J. Marshall McCann, Jr., Jack Miller, Jack Moxley, Robert Muncy, Samuel Neace, Jr., Archie Nickell, John Orlandi, Robert M. Pearce, Robert Perry, Virgil Pryor, Ernest Rivers, Richard Robertson, Robert Ruberg, Bu- ford Short, Donald C. Smith, Luster G. Smith, Samuel Smith, JL., tRobert F. Stephens, Thomas Underwood, Clarence L. at Pledges: William B. Byrd, Charles V. Collins, Helton Farm- er, Edwin J. Fenton, Moses Hall, Delmer lson, Charles K. Lacy, Harold J. Maupin, Stewart Miller, Walter Patrick, Ben L. Sanders, Roscoe Tarter, Rodney J. Thompson, Henry Watson, T. ' .A Q .Q A Q, Q.. 3, , V 6,3 pax, . W V ' - . ' ' 3, 93- . l 1 , ,- 1 I . 3, ,K - K : 5. f ,et th, 9 i Q rf J , A 9' W N in .- J .3 P' A . x- -, ,. ,5 , it ,J J A A r , 1 :FQ QL , f V JIU, -IA M I l I cf J A G' .Pl 10 .ai Q, g Q51 if .i g,' xg W, y , fl J ' 6. . hx I ml al can b un, l G- l '.,, M, J it -22 ff. . 'Y E " . . ff as . ' S l A A Q . t 1 V ' l ll. l fs l K. Y .iam ' Barnes, Stephens, McCann, Nickell, Cagle, Short, Bixler, Robertson, Underwood Akers, Campbell, Caldwell, Johnston, Hardin, Blair, Diskin, Burton, Muncy Benton, W. Jones, Fritz, Hubbard, Hogg, J. Jones, Helton, Griffin, Gromley Goodman, Hardy, Lewis, Berger, Francis, Neace, D. Smith, S. Miller, Patrick Ruberg, Pearce, Kelly, J. Miller, Watson, Godfrey, S. Smith, Marye llO Members of Phi Delta Phi and their wives and dates at a fall din- ner-dance held in the Fireside Room of the Phoenix Hotel. Phi Delta Phi's and their partners dance to the music of Robert Bleidt and his orchestra at the dinner- dance. From the speakers' table, Ed Barnes, an officer of the Fraternity, discusses the Phi Delta Phi National Convention held in Canada thc pre- vious summer. Phi Delta Phi . was . Qvwfz iii Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma fraternity was founded in i923 at the University of lllinois. It was installed at the University of Kentucky on December 5, l946. Its purpose is to en- courage and reward freshmen scholarship among men students. lt has had the most rapid growth of any national honorary fraternity. Seventy-five chapters have been chartered since its founding, twenty-four of these in the last three years. Faculty advisor: Dean M. M. White Honorary members: Dr. H. L. Donovan, Dean M. M. White, Professor J. S. Horine, Dr. L. H. Townsend, Dr. Rhea Taylor, Dean C. C. Carpenter Officers: Robert E. Gregory, president, Gino Carli, vice- president: Gene R. Hagan, secretary, Frank R. Myers, treas- urer Members: Otis K. Bach, John T. Ballantine, William D. Barkhan, Sumner E. Bortman, Boyce B. Buckner, Gino Carli, Dominick A. Caselnova, Thomas H. Clore, Edward M. Coff- man, Charles E. Coyle, James W. Crary, Woodford W. Crutch- field, Joseph G. Dahlan, Robert C. Deen, Lawrence E. De- Mumbrum, Richard J. Fuchs, Robert E. Gregory, Gerald R. Griffin, William J. Grubbs, Preben M. Haagensen, Gene R. Hagan, Robert D. l-laun, Jr., Donald L. Hochstrasser, Howard P. Jones, Frank Kasica, Jr., Robert P. Kaufman, Harold J. Logue, James W. Curry, Frank R. Myers, Alfred Ocko, Thomas A. Pardue, Jr., Charles E. Peck, Warren Pfefferle, Arthur W. Purkel, Paul W. Scott, Jack W. Steers, Robert W. Teater, Raymond Thompson, Cecil Walden, Henry Watson, George M. Weller, Robert H. Whisman, Bernard Willett Walden, Kaufman, McCurry, Teater, Steers, Pardue, Fuchs, Grubbs Warner, Prof. Townsend, Myer, Gregory, Hagan, Prof. Horine, Dahlan, Crutchfield ll2 Q Phi U psilon Omicron - 'fy ir. i 'HM V1 Yi , , ' A 1 71.2 3" '- i E f' i. A " ' H an . 1 F ,, .- fi 'figs ii J- . - wing - My ' iii rise ig- :im - . ' E.. elm -,Jag N f iifiill 'wi f A , V may .f i ..- limi, . .WRQ . X,x. . Doyle, Fisher, Milby, Swafford, Warren, Blount Andes, Ridley, Burks, Gillespie, Lawson, Fergus Wood, Dosscit, Reynolds, Johnson, Routt Phi Upsilon Omicron, home economics honorary, was founded at the University ot Minnesota in l909. lota chapter was in- stalled at the University of Kentucky in l922. Its purpose is to establish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote the moral and intellectual development of its members, and to advance and promote home economics. Faculty advisors: Miss Marlo Barkley, Miss Ruth Boyden, and Mrs. Anno Clemmons Members in faculty: Miss Marie Barkley, Dr. Static Erik- son, Miss Ruth Boyden, Miss Elizabeth Helton, Mrs. Anne Clommons, Miss Mary L. Mitts Officers: Dorothy Deane Doyle, president, Marian Fisher, vice-president, Perry Milby, secretary, Martha Swofford, treasurer: Doris Warren, chaplain, Jane Blount, correspond- ing secretaryp Betty Andes, librarian and historian, Mary Jo Ridley, editor Members: Betty Andes, Jane Blount, Sue Dossctt, Dorothy Deane Doyle, Juanita Fergus, Marian Fisher, Polly Freels, Aiethaa Gillespie, Rachel Jownson, Patricia Lawson, Claire Mabry, Perry Milby, Elizabeth Reynolds, Mary Jo Ridley, Martha Routt, Ann Norton Skinner, Martha Swofford, Doris Warren, Neree Hatcher Wood Pledges: Jane Basham, Martha Burks, lris Grider, Frances Jackson, Mary Jane Lucas, Marjorie Mitchell, Dorothy Seath ll3 Pi Tau Sigma .. Q - tw' , V .W "J-f f",-H T 1, nah ? 4 1 4 A ww 5 ti: f , M f '- l'l:..'-J ' A ,..,, . L. W. lvl . Vlllijf - . . , . 4,1 9,4 8' S- I. X., .. A :mf - .1 5 f. 4, . EL. 1 1 124 Walton, Caudill, McEuen, Kappa, Rhodemyre, Bauman, Witherspoon, Flesche Frazier, Martin, Thornton, Sherman, Greathouse, Smith, McLeod, O'Bannon Withers, Fergus, Van Gemeren, Clore, Rogers, Beauchamp, Caines, Womack . Paul, Wilson, Taylor, Mander, Laswell, Craig, Pettit Pi Tau Sigma, national mechanical engi- neering honorary, was founded at the Uni- versity of Illinois in 1915. Kentucky Pi Lambda was installed on campus on May 24, 1947. Purpose: To foster the high ideals of the engi- neering profession, to stimulate interest and coordi- nate departmental activities, to promote the mutual professional welfare of its members, and to develop the attributes necessary for effective leadership and the assumption of the responsibilities of a citizen in a democracy. Faculty advisor: Prof. E. B. Penrod 1 14 Members in faculty: W. J. Barber, W. M. Carter, E. E Elsey, 0. W. Gard, R. D. Hawlkins, J. S. Horine, R. B. Knight Meyer, E. B. Penrod, W. F. Savage, E. E Williams, J J i is Officers: Warren W. Walton, Jr., president, Elvin E. Helms vice-president: Allison H. Caudill, secretary, Marshall M. Mc- Euen, treasurer, William G. Kappa, corresponding secretary Members: R. L. Aspley, W. A. Bauman, R. C. Beauchamp P. E. Burka, J. F. Caines, A. H. Caudill, T. H. Clore, J. L Craig, C. C. Fergus, J. M. Flesche, C. L. Frazier, W. K. Great- house, E. E. Helms, M. V. Johnson, W. G. Kappa, G. E Laswell, J. R. Line, A. R. Mander, C. P. Martin, M. M. Mc- Euen, J. A. McLeod, W. B. O'Bannon, V. F. Paul, J. W. Pettit R. F. Rhodemyre, J. T. Rogers, D. Sacks, B. P. Samuel, G. R Sherman, R. Smith, D. A. Taylor, C. R. Theobald, R. C. Thorn- ton, D. A. Van Gemeren, W. W. Walton, G. Weatherspoon 67 W. Vlllicke, B. A. Willett, D. S. Wilson, L. W. Withers, R. G omac Rho Chi, pharmaceutical honor society, was founded at the University of Michigan in i908 and Alpha Xi Chapter was installed Ot the University of Kentucky in I949. Purpose: To promote the advancement of the phar- maceutical sciences through the encouragement and recognition of intellectual scholarship. To attain this Gnd, high standards of scholarship have been de- manded for election to membership with the view that scholarly attainment indicates the capacity of the in- dividual for outstanding achievement in pharmacy. Rho Chi Faculty advisor: Dr. A. E. Slesser Members in faculty: Dr. Ewen Gillis and Prof. Mattys Jongeward Officers: Sheldon D. Ayers, president, James E. Groves, vice-president, Carl E. Beck, secretary-treasurer, Paul Whitt, historian Members: Sheldon D. Ayres, Carl E. Beck, Eugene J. Blasi, John W. Brake, Jacob Chitlik, William E. Danhauer, Andy V. Daugherty, Hubert H. Dennis, Richard M. Dickerson, Henry R. Featherstone, James E. Groves, Edmond D. King, Elmer B. Moore, Ernest R. Panke, William M. Roach, Edward T. Rogers, Jr., Winston C. Routt, Sylvan O. Roy, George W. Wheeler, Jr., Paul Whitt, William B. Zinser as 4 ow AQ ' ,O Moore, Roach, Beck, Ayers, Blasi, Brake Dennis, King, Danhauer, Chitlik, Zinsor, Groves Routt, Daugherty, Dickenson, Roy, Rogers, Whitt H5 Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sigma Gamma Epsilon, national geology honorary, was founded at the University of Kansas in 1915, and Chi Chapter was in- stalled on the University of Kentucky cam- pus in 1928. Purpose: To further the interest in earth sciences and promote a higher scholastic standard in those studies. Faculty advisor: Dr. William R. Brown Members in faculty: Arthur C. McFarlan, Vincent Nelson William Brown, Daniel Hamilton, Lynn Jacobsen Officers: William B. Macke, president: Robert F. Flege vice-president: Edward M. Self, corresponding secretary: Wil- Iiam R. King, Jr., treasurer Members: Alfred Brown, Elsa F. Burch, James E. Conkin Robert F. Flege, Russell Ford, Ralph Freeman, Jeptha R. Hall George Hauser, William R. King, Jr., Eugene M. Luttrell William B. Macke, William P. Ringo, Jr., Edward Roederer Oren A. Sams, Edward M. Self, Frank Walker Dr. Nelson, Flege, Walker, Dr. McFarlan, Freeman, Hauser Luttrell, Self, Conkin, Sams, Ringo King, Murphy, Hall, Brown, Ford 116 Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma, national physics honor- Ofy, was founded December ll, l92l, at Davidson College, North Carolina. Lambda Chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky, May l5, l93O. Pl-l"D0se: ill To serve as a means of awarding dis- o students having high scholarship and Dromise of achievement in physics, C23 To promote student interest in research and the advanced study Of the subject, i3l To encourage a professional spirit Gnd friendship among those who have displayed fn0I'l4ed ability in physics, 14? To popularize interest 'N DlWYSics in the general collegiate public. tinction t Faculty advisor: Prof. L. W. Cochran Members in faculty: David K. Blythe, E. A. Bureau, L. W Cochran, C. B. Crawley, F. P. Green, R. J. Howard, K. O Lange, R. C. Layson, O. T. Koppius, L. A. Pardue, F. B. Pauls W. O. Shropshire, C. W. Snyder, W. S. Webb Officers: James W. Woody, president, Charles T. Maney vice-president, Judy Barnett, secretary, James E. Hopson, YFBBSUFCI' Members: Carlisle B. Barnes, Russell M. Barnes, Judith A. Barnett, Ernest Coulter, Thomas B. Deen, Douglas E. East- wood, George K. Farney, Davis S. Fields, Robert D. Hayes, David C. Hennessey, James E. Hopson, Roger L. Hulette, Charles T. Maney, Beverly P. Miracle, Arthur A. Nierenberg, Samin Ozgur, George C. Patterson, Louis A. Rayburn, Wil- burn T. Robertson, Bernd Ross, Edward P. Rowady, Raymond Smith, James M. Stone, J. L. Warner, Fred D. Watson, John B. Wells, Jr., James W. Woody ll7 1 Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi Association was founded at Lehigh University in l885. Kentucky Al- pha Chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky in l902. Purpose: To mark in a fitting manner those who 'Vt' , . ' ?. 1 gil W ' ,,,,. .f Q-11,5 have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by dis tinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering, or by their attain ments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. an ' , ' i 11 ,J 'il I Q -' - fd. ,tt .,,- -, i. ' 'iv' 3,4 Q . - og. mg.. Q FQ ' A I T' fbi, L I M .L ,Q E. 4-"V ts' ,, g ,QA g ,JP Qin. ' L . .1 'L L ft 1. H .ir 4. ig ti Air. A 'it sf. 1 'J r 1 0, W, ,Q ,. 4 4a Q-l, AA V -if' t X 4 , in ai' ,tm -34 at ,rt if f 9' Nr rx ima? R a K ,. ,. i C Qf i . ' N, .. 1 x . 5 I ' k A 1. i 1 . Y 1 , 4 . ,aww . rr, H ., , 9, r A he i we K. x 1'- 1 Edwards, Johnson, Stone, Kemper, Walton, Wharton, Witherspoon, McMcekin Foster, Paul, McKnight, Smith, McEuen, Fuchs, Perkins, Elliott Arnett, Coulter, Pruden, Khoury, Meredith, Co Ie, Craig, George Rowady, Caudill, Clore, Washburn, Swain, Hulette, Gordon, Guthrie Harbison, Sherman, Theobald, Endicott, E. King, Threlkeld, W. King, Lawson Burch, Heineke, Barnes, Kappa, Haagensen, Moore, R. Deen, Robertson Brashear, Stark, Miracle, Renfro, Greathouse, Dawson, T. Deen, McLeod H8 Faculty advisors: S. F. Adams, G. R. Gerhardt, A. A. Nieren- be"Qf A. J. Meyer Members in faculty: W. M. Carter, J. S. Horine, R. E. Shaver, L. C. Pendley, W. A. Finnie, L. E. Gregg, E. A. Bureau, H- A. Romanowitz, A. A. Nierenberg, S. F. Adams, E. E. Elsey, L- E. Nollau, D. V. Terrell, E. J. Meyer, O. W. Gard, C. S. Crouse, G. R. Gcrhardt, H. H. Downing Officers: Morris V. Johnson, president: Ray Kemper, vice- Dresident: Warren W. Walton, recording secretary: Robert C. J0l'1nson, corresponding secretary: James M. Stone, treasurer, William Kappa, cataloger Members: Orville Arnett, Russell Barnes, Corbett Brashear, Elza Burch, Gino Carli, Allison Caudill, Thomas Clore, Roy Lee Cole, Ernest Coulter, Joe Craig, Louis Dawson, Robert Deen, Thomas Deen, Forest Edwards, James Elliott, William Endicott, William English, Ellis Foster, Robert Fuchs, Edward George, James Gordon, William Greathouse, Keith Guthrie, Preben Haagensen, Neil Douglas Hall, John Harbison, Howard Hein- 'fkef ROQGF Hulette, Morris Johnson, Robert C. Johnson, Wil- hfim Kappa, Raymond Kemper, Nicholas Khoury, Robert Kimberly, Ernest King, Wesley King, William Lawson, James l-UWC, Marshall McEuen, Shaffer McKnight, James McLeod, Charles McMeekin, William R. Meredith, Beverly Miracle, Vernon Moore, Samin Ozgur, Vernon Paul, Fred Perkins, Joseph Pochomis, David Pruden, John Renfro, Paul Riddle, Wllburn Robertson, Edward Paul Rowady, George Sherman, Edward Simons, Raymond Smith, Roger Stark, James Stone, William Swain, Charles Theobald, Joe Thompson, Paul Threl- keld, Warren Walton, Harry Washburn, Glenn Weatherspoon, Robert Wharton, Lawrence Wilbers As a part of pledging ceremonies, Presi- dent Morris Johnson tells John Renfro how to hit the "gong" correctly. Old members of Eta Kappa Nu extend C0r1gratulations to the newly "tapped" men. Members of Eta Kappa Nu gather in the EflQlneering study hall to discuss plans for initiation of new pledges. Tau Beta Pi ll9 Theta Sigma Phi Theta Sigmo Phi was founded ot the Uni- versity of Washington in 1909. Chi Chop- wos established at the University of Ken- tucky in 1920. The Purpose of this honorary froternity is to fur ther the interests of women in the profession of jour- nolism. Faculty advisor: Marguerite McLaughlin Member in faculty: June Baker Officers: Bettye Lee Mastin, president, Helen Deiss, vice- presidentg Louise C. Ayres, secretary, Dorothy Jean Allen, treasurer Members: Dorothy Jean Allen, Louise C. Ayres, Helen Deiss, Bettye Lee Mastin Pledges: Janet Anderson, Nell Blair, Nancy Gaskin, Rosc- mary Hilling, Shirlee Leathers, Mary Swefnam, Katheryn Whitmer I . My ff' Mastin, Deiss, Ayers, Allen, Blair Anderson, Whitmer, Swetman, Hilling, Leathers 120 Interest Groups A common ground for ieorning . . . let your interejsts be your guide . . . test tubes ogd cogking - . . oiry cows or slide rules . . . o mo ern once . . . o rousing cheer . . . the birds-of-o-feather routine 121 Alma Magna Mater Osborn, Johnstone, Rice, Holtzclaw, Wilson, A. Jones, B. Jones Moore, Kirtley, B. Ferguson, Eimer, W. Ferguson, Griffin, Blumenthal, Maynard, Barker, Kearby Billiter, Bullock, Brown, Garred, Lacy, Cruise, Sewell, King, Shinnick, Creal Harris, Tarpley, Baker, M. Williams, A. Williams, Steele Alma Magna Mater was founded on the campus in l925. The members of the club are children of graduates of the University of Kentucky. Purpose: To serve the University in every possible way. Faculty advisor: Miss Hclcn King l22 Officers: Kenneth Blevins, president, Ann Williams, vice- president, Pat Moore, secretary-treasurer Members: Bob Arnold, Evalyn Baker, Ann Barker, Betsy Billiter, Kenneth Blevins, Julie Blumenthal, Betty Boston, John Brabant, Betty Bruce Brown, Arden Bullock, Martha Sue Creal, Bettye Cruse, Jane Eimer, Bruce Ferguson, Walter Fer- guson, Catherine Fitch, Charlotte Garred, Pat Gormley, May- delle Griffin, Jayne Haley, Helen Harris, Jane Bell Hoffman, John V. Holtzclaw, Ben Johnstone, Ann Jones, Bob Jones, Jim Jones, Martha Jones, Kitty King, Ann Kirtley, Madge Lacey, Mita Maynard, Pat Moore, Ralph Ovilson, .lon H. Rice, Pat Sewell, Mary Shinnick, Martha Steele, Aileen Todd, Ann Williams, Mary B. Williams, Ralph Wilson The F. E. Tuttle Chapter of the Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society was installed at the University of Kentucky in l938. Purpose: To promote interest in chemistry and to create o feeling of fellowship among the students. Faculty advisor: Dr. N. O. Long American Chemical Society Officers: Paul G. Sears, president, Robert Price, vice- president, Rose J. Ruh, secretary: Elizabeth V. Link, treasurer Members: H. Barber, T. R. Bosley, Robert Boyd, O. C. Bradley, Elizabeth Bryant, Robert Combs, J . W. Crary, Jack Fletcher, William L. Fletcher, Norman Klein, Elizabeth V. Link, Lyle L. Lowry, Robert L Maddox, Sam Naive, G. H. Perdue, Robert Reusch, Rose J. Ruh, William A. Schreyer, Stanley M. Tarter, Ansel A. Worley Perdue, Crary W. Fletcher, Maddox, Boyd, Tarter, Loury, Bosley Combs, Worley, Barber, J. Fletcher, Schreger, McNeer Bradley, Sears, Ruh, Link, Bryant, Reynolds, Dr. N. O. Long Charles Kreidel, . McNeer, W. L. Price, Elmer A. Paul G. Sears, l23 American Pharmaceutical Association The American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion was founded in Philadelphia in l852. The University of Kentucky Chapter was in- stalled at the College of Pharmacy, at Louisville in I935. Purpose: To improve the science and art of phar- macy, and to encourage such proper relations among the medical professions and the people at large as may promote the public welfare, Faculty advisor: Charles T. Lesshaft, Jr. Members in faculty: Jesse Y. Hubbard, Mattys Jongeward, Charles T. Lesshaft, Jr., A. E. Slesser, Dean Earl P, Slone Officers: Melvin E. Gardner, president, Eugene Baker, vice- president, William E. Danhauer, Jr., secretary-treasurer Members: Seniors: George W. Akers, Buford C. Allen, Marvin M. Allen, Estel K. Altman, William V. Atherton, Shel- don D. Ayers, James M, Barton, Carl E. Beck, Sidneg A. Bederman, James E. Bell, Alvin R. Bertram, Eugene J, lasi, Gerald E. Bowles, John W. Brake, Robert L. Brown, Richard H. Bryant, Jacob Chitlik, Fred L. Coffey, Harold V. Combs, Hobart G. Conley, William A. Conyers, Jack D. Cox, Gerald J. Cripe, William E. Danhauer, Andy V, Daugherty, James R. Day, Mary Joan Deddens, Hubert H. Dennis, Richard M, Dickerson, Rudolph W. Doerhoefer, Lucy Taylor Easley, Mar- vin Eblen, Joseph T. Elmes, James L. Eversole, Henry R. Featherstone, Louis E. Ferguson, Leon C. Figa, Harold D. Frankel, Milton E. Gardner, Louis Getzel, Clarence R, Gregory, James E. Groves, Don C. Harris, Raymond P. Hazellp, Jay M. Hemberger, Thurman B, Hooper, Harry W. Houchens, Wiliam T. Houchens, Anna Sue Hubbard, Edwin B. Kaplin, Merle E. Kaplin, George Karem, lvan E. Kerr, Chris R. Kilgus, Edmond D. King, Raymond L. Logsdon, Robert L. Long, Keith E. Marple, Loran McAfee, James F. McDaniel, Joseph C. McMur- try, William P. Medlock, William B. Montgomery, Elmer B. Moore, Thurman H. Moore, Carroll L. Morgan, Charles E. Morris, Romuald Nally, Ernest R, Panke, Joseph Parrino, John B, Peak, Louis E. Perkins, John J. Plemmons, Woodrow S. Porter, John W. Reed, William M. Riley, William M. Roach, Charles A. Roadcap, Anna Catherine Robinson, Edward T. Rogers, Joe G. Rogers, Winston C. Routt, Sylvan O. Roy, Carl M. Schwab, Ava Bow Smith, Walter H. Smith, Joseph T. Speer, John J. Stevens, William H. Strohbeck, Thomas M. Taylor, Betty Audrey Thompson, Thomas B. Vance, Arthur J. Voss, Conrid V. Wallace, Dominic C. Wathen, George W. Wheeler, Paul Whitt, Victory G. Wolfenbarger, Jack W. Woods, Henry E. Zax, William B. Zinser Juniors: William N. Adams, Eugene Baker, William K. Beniamin, Robert H. Benton, Henry R, Boswell, Allen O. Boyd, Sidney F. Brady, James E. Brown, Francis M. Burd, George W. Calico, Kenneth D. Calvert, William S, Chance, Joe B. Clem- ent, James W, Collier, William M. Edwards, James Z. Ely, Ollie B. Emerine, Sylvan H. England, Guy P. Fuller, James L. Gaddis, Marvin Greenwald, Rex H. Halle, Robert D. Hardy, James M. Hart, Gloria Hope Hartman, Earl Houchens, James F. Jefferson, Stanley F. Juzwik, Carter W. Koger, Julius L. Kozlove, Max P. Kreitman, Irvin J. Kupper, Samuel Kushner, John D. Lowe, Charles T. Mansfield, William G. Marshall, William G. McConnell, Wesley R. McDaniel, Richard Meena, Carl S. Merenbloom, Jacob W. Miller, Thomas E. Moffett, James R, Montgomery, Dallas G. Osgatharp, John E. Passmore, Ben P. Phillips, Rebecca Joyce Rasnick, Leslie E. Reed, Rich- ard L. Ross, Joe I. Rouben, Harry J. Russell, Hershell Sal- lenges, Alvin Schlossberg, William L. Schuppert, Rayman L. Schureck, Joseph M. Shoemaker, James T. Sims, Murrel Small, Clifford H. Specht, R. H. Stone, Harold T. Sutherland, Dudley L. Taylor, Donald K. Ware, Thomas C. Willis Sophomores: Marvin O. Berr, Leslie L. Bivin, John H. Brazzell, Beniamin R. Bush, Charles A. Butler, Robert R. Con- rad, Robert T. Corum, Marion E. Cox, Myles H. Davidson, Auburn B. Duncan, Joe W. Duncan, Wilfred H. Duncan, Billie J. Earwood, George C. Elliott, James E. Fethe, Sidney M. Figa, Ralph G. Flngerle, John O. Freeland, Norris S. Glenn, Frederick E. Heeb, Cli ton E. Hurst, James R. Kaelin, Edward L. Kahn, Leonard L. Kilgore, Robert L. Kimbrell, Meyer D. Kreitman, Carl H. Ledendecker, Dorothy Alberta Long, Richard V. Man- uel, Thomas R. Mayhugh, Donald V. McElroy, James C. Mc- Kenzie, Billy W. McKnight, Eugene Miller, Elba S. Miranda, William E. Monroe, John B. Morris, Allen Moskowitz, Anthony W. O'Brein, Arnold T. Parris, James E. Parrott, Sammie S. Pope, Charles F. Richardson, Lawrence J. Salzer, Clarice Carol Sharpe, William D. Shelton, Donald J. Smith, Ernest E. Smith, Donald R. Spoonamore, Leonard C. Stamper, David H. Strain, Jack L. Sullivan, Burl J. Whitt, Eugene L. Willis, Alan S. Wrightson, Melvin Zeiden 124 Bacteriological Society Hensley, Balows, Goldberg Townsend, O'Brien, Canon, Bacon, Surgen Pulliam, Whitley, Pruden, Wayman, Alexander Basenbock, Johnson, Swint, Nelms, Ellias Strickler, Smith, Mclntosh, Hart, Brown, lben, Allen, McCoulf Dawson, Patti, Sturm, Bond, Lalley, McQuaid The Bocteriologicol Society wos founded GT the University of Kentucky in l935. Purpose: To odvonce the science of Bacteriology ond to promote fellowship omong the members. Faculty advisor: Dr. Ralph H. Weaver Members in faculty: Albert Balows, Dr. O. F. Edwards, Dr. Mary Hardin, Dr. Margaret Hotchkiss, Dr. James Humphries, Dr. Morris Scherago, Dr. Ralph H. Weaver Officers: Venita Dawson, president, Helen Smith, vice- Dresldentp Ruth Trefz, secretary, Mary Meade, treasurer Members: Ray Albred, Milton Alexander, Jean Allen, Mil- ton Anger, Allen Bacon, Tony Basenback, Paul Bilbel, Robert Blair, Ted Boiter, Betty Bond, Barbara Brown, John Bryan, Jeanne Bucher, Phyllis Campbell, Wanda Canon, Alex Ciegler, Harold Cox, Venlta Dawson, Loretta Ellias, John Fontana, Mil- ton Goldberg, Mildred Hart, Harvey Hensley, John Hensley, Dan Hilliard, James Human, June lben, Marian Johnson, Leslie Karr, Stanley Katz, Jane Kauffman, Raymond Kelley, Pat Lalley, Mary Jane Madden, Harry Marsh, Molly Ann Mc- Coulf, Bernard McGuinness, Mary Ann McQuaid, Mary Meade, Ed Meyers, Phoebe Nelms, George O'Bricn, Billie Pattie, Kathleen Pettey, Ida Pruden, Elsworth Pulliam, Phil Rosenfeld, Herman Sbarra, George Scherr, Helen Smith, Jane Sturm, Ronald Surgen, Marjorie Swint, Sam Townsend, Ruth Trefz, Barbara Wayman, Mary Whitley, James Wilson l25 Electrical Engineers The American Institute of Electrical En- gineers wos founded in Philadelphia in 1884. lt was established at the University of Kentucky in 1910. Purpose: To promote advancement in the theory and practices of electrical engineering and of the allied arts and sciences, to maintain high professional standing among its members, and to develop the in- dividual engineer. Faculty advisor: H. A. Romanowitz Members in faculty: E. E. Bureau, Brinkley Barnett Officers: Joseph W. Campbell, chairman, Carl Vincent, vice-chairman, William Merredith, secretary-treasurer, James Buckner, Engineering Student Council representative SENIOR MEMBERS J. P. Adams, Orville Arnett, C. O. Back, L. N. Back, A. D. Baker, M. G. Baker, D. L. Balch, R. B. Balmut, E. E. Barker, H. Barker, R. M. Barnes, C. P. Bosmaiian, C. Brashcar, J. E. Brosz, A. C. Bryant, J. N. Buckner, S, J, Burdette, C. S. Car- ter, J. T. Cavender, G. L. Christen, R. L. Cole, D. L. Coleman, R. M. Coleman, J. E. Cook, E. K. Cottongim, E. L. Coulter Wm. Crawford, W. L. Dale, J. M. Dawson, L. W. Dawson, R. D Dew, H. L. Dodson, J. W. Dulaney, F. R. Edwards, J. R. Endi- cott, W. K. English, G. C. Ethington, K. H. Fishback, C. R Fisher, R. T. Fuchs R. M. Gallagher, C. A. Gay, Ed George, Ernest Gosney, J. B Guthrie, N. D. Hall, O. C. Hall, R. L. Hannigan, Warren Har- ness, E. T. Harney, R. D. Hatchett, M. L. Hill, J. R. Howell Elmer Isaacs, P. G. Jackson, K. B. Johns, B. P. Johnson, C. F Johnson, R. C. Johnson, E. C. Jones, N. C. Jones, R. A. Kem- per, Nicholas Khoury, E. N. King, W. H. King, A. R. Klemmer D. L. Lafferty, F. L. Lau, C. G. Lynch, Jessee R. Lynch, T. L Lyons, R. L. McKenney, C. F. McMeekin, Raymond Martin P. W. Mayhew, D. A. Mendelson, E. H. Michaelski, B. P Miracle, J. H. Monier, A. A. Moore, W. L. Moore, L. L. Mor- gan, B. V. Morris, G. W. Morton G. J. O'Leary, F. L. Owen, M. M. Pace, J. J. Parsons, F. G. Perkins, D. H. Pruden, J, W. Renfro, Paul Riddle, C. G. Rob- bins, J. L. Roberts, W, T. Robertson, W. C. Ross, Jack Royse, H. B. Salee, W. A. Sams, J. A. Santiago, W. C. Sauteben, J. J. Schmitz, B. L. Sears, W. H. Sebastian, H. A. Shacklett, E. T. Simons, C. D. Smith, E. L. Smock, R. S. Summers, T. E. Suther- land, R. T. Taylor, R. E. Terrel, A. C. Testa, J. C. Thompson, J. M. Threlkeld, H. D. Timmons, L. M. Tupman, Carl Vincent, J. C. Warford, F. R. Washer, W. P. Watson, J. A. Webb, R. S. Webster, M. E. Whalen, C. B. White, R. B, Whitney, L. R. Wiepert, G. C. Williamson, C. R. Wilson, F. H. Wintsch, W. L. Womack, J. E. Young 126 1 J UNIOR MEMBERS L. K. Adams, M. G. Albert, Warren Allbright, F. L. Aton, J. A. Aurand, Kinne Barnett, B. T. Bartlett, J. D. Beatty, J. B Borders, E. J. Breiding, W. G. Briggs, E. G. Brooker, L. P Browder, P. A. Brown, Ralph B. Brown, Gino Carli, W. B Carroll, T. J. Clark, J. T. Collins, J. R. Cowan, W. W. Crutch- field, P. J. Cubranic, J. W. Curry, H. H. Cutter, B. N. David- son, R. F. Delaney, M. D. Dodson, E. J. Dyer, C. W. Fair, J. D. Feehan, Q. L. Gaskin, R. C. Giles, C. W. Greenfield, D. M Gritton, J. H. Hackney, C. W. Hamm, P. C. Harmon, Jack T. I-lerln, James L. Hobbs, W. L. Holcman, F. J. Huffman O. E. lson, P. V. Jacobs, L. W. Jenkins, Wm. D. Jones Frank Kish, R. P. Lambert, Ralph Lanni, J. G. Leach, J. R Lemastus, W. E. Linville, C. S. Little, R. B. Lorch, J. A. Lyne J. C. Mackin, J. G. McCarty, J. R. McNeal, W. S. Masterson L. W. Meade, J. C. Melvin, Carlyle Michelson, C. R. Murphy Luis Morales, G. B. Morgan,-R. W. Neale, J. R. Pauley, C. J Postiglione, W. R. Presser, A. M. PreHyman, J. C. Prichard L. E. Proffitt, T. M. Ragland, E. P. Reed, F. K. Rogers, R. W Schulte, C. R. Scott, D. E. Seasor, W. E. Sell, L. C. Sheehan, D. A. Shockey, H. W. Simpson, C. R. Sims, J J. Size, C. R Smith, Tom R. Smith, R. G. Sprouton, W. B. Valentine, B. M VanBeber, E. N. Vines, R. P. Walker, R. D. Wallingford, W. T. 1 Electrical Engineers Walters, H. C. Whitekettle, E. L. Williams, J. W. Willis, M. F Yackowsky, W. W. Zoellers SOPHOMORE MEMBERS W. L. Antle, F. W. Atkinson, J. R. Bailey, G. W. Baker Thomas E. Baker, W. D. Barkhau, Clyde Begley, R. C. Brum- met, S. J. Callahan, J. P. Chapman, J. L. Chenault, Basil Cole B. L. Cole, B. R. Coleman, C. R. Crabtree, R. W. David, R. J Distler, G. F. Dodge, J. T. Evans, G. K. Fischer, L. D. Fischer J. A. Gomer, J. R. Griffin, w. J, crumbs, w. c. Hale, courif ney Hall, E. L. Halstead, J. F. Ham.lton, K. D. Handy, C. G Hewitt, W. C. Higgins, J. C. Higginson, Cloyd Hoskins, W. Ti Hudson, G. R. Hunt Harold J. Jones, Robert V. Jones, L. J. Kaiser, J. B. Knox E. H. Livesay, R. A. Lucas, Ralph McCracken, V. M. Martin H. G. Mattingly, M. B. Wilburn, Coburn Morgan, Marion T Morgan, F. R. Myers, James Nease, R. L. O'nan, J. A. Owens H. C. Pambookian, F. J. Poulouin, W. F. Quillen, R. G, Rhogdg F. W. Sandusky, H. D. Sanford, Ollie Smith, C. E. Stewart L. G. Tharp, J. W. Tietyen, W. A. Tuttle, T. R. Varson, B. C Wagner, R. F. Wagner, R. K. Walker, C. H. Ward, J. B. Weis A. J. Wert, J. A. Winans, J. J. Woitowicz, M. W. Wood, P. J Wright, Alvin Inglis l27 1 1 1 1 1 Civil Engineers The Americon Society of Civil Engineers wos founded ot New York City in l852. lt wos instolled ot the University of Kentucky in l92l. Purpose: To offord on opportunity for members of the Civil Engineering closs to become acquainted, to promote o spirit of congeniolity between the closs- es, to ocquoint the members with topics of interest to Civil Engineering students through the medium of populor oddresses by competent speokers ond mem- bers, ond to foster o professional spirit omong the students. Faculty advisors: Prof, A, L. Chambers, J. Stephen Wat- kins, contact member Members in faculty: A. L, Chambers, F, J, Cheek, Jr., W, H. Gray, C. K. Hoffman, Earl Moldovan, S. A. Mory, L. C. Pendley, R. E. Shaver, D. V. Terrell, George Williams Honorary member: W. J. Carrell JunioreSenior officers: James Pollitte, president, Roger Hulette, vice-president: Barbara Beam, secretary-treasurer Sophomore officers: Robert Calvert, president, Edward Gedrich, vice-president, Mary Plue, secretary, Anne Clark, treasurer Members: W. R. Abell, J. C, Adams, W. M. Adams, Win- fred Addison, W. G. Akin, M. J. Amburgey, Eddie Ames, E. M. Applebaum, W. T. Austin, H. B. Baldwin, V. Barbieri, C. W. Barnett, B. J. Barrows, Gilbert Barton, Don R. Batten, W. Bayes, J. B. Bays, Barbara Beam, C. M. Bell, C. A. Bentley, Paul Bickel, J. A. Bishop, H. R. Black, F. L. Blackford, W. A. Blue, G. B. Boggs, C. Bowmer, J. L. Branum, D. C. Bray, R. R. Brceden, W. H. Brittian, J. F. Brown, R. A. Brunson, G. T. Burke, M. Cable, D. Callahan, Jr., Robert W. Calvert, M. T. Campbell, Charles C. Cantrill, J. L. Carpenter, J. L. Chandler, John G. Charles, Anne Clark, P. B. Clark, L. Couch, Clark B. Cox, Frederick G. Cox, G. Cox, Jr., J. A. Crawford, D. E. Cummings l28 J. B. Daley, Don W. Daugherty, R. C. Deen, T. B. Deen, R. Denham, Jr., Melvin L. Downs, R. H. Doyle, Gene B. Drake, J. D. Eastin, J. M. Elliott, J. R. Erwin, E. E. Evans, Milton Evans, Jr., C. W. Fair, O. A. Fair, B. C. Fairchild, E. P. Faul- coner, P. A. Faulkner, J. W. Fehr, R. F. Field, A. P. Fish, B. R. Fish, Pedro A. Flores, C. C. Fox, Harold D. Fox, D. M. Fraleigh, L. Gabbard, E. B. Gaither, W. G. Galloway, E. Gard- ner, Jr., Edward Gedrich, T. C. Gesling, E. M. Gilchrist, B. L. Goldstein, A. M. Goller, J. W. Gordon, Alfred J. Graves, J. V. Green, R. O. Grubbs, W. C. Grubbs, J. W. Gutermuth, K. L. Guthrie A. W. Hagan, H. B. Haggard, J. N, Hamby, L. B. Hammet, J. R. Harbison, W. C. Harlow, J. J. Harrington, F. Harris, R. S. Harrison, J. D. Hartley, Gene E. Hatfield, C. C. Hawley, J. L. Haworth, B. K. Hays, D. C. Hays, J. M. Heidenreich, W. T. Henry, J. T. Highland, C. H. Hillebrand, F. D. Hogan, Herbert E. Hoskins, J. A. Howard, Warren E. Howard, R. L. Hulette, W. R. Humphrey, G. B. Isaacs, C. E. Jackson, G. E. Johnson, R. A. Johnson, R. C. Johnson, S. Johnson, Victor Jones, W. P. Jones, R. B. Kazee, S. E. Kanzier, F. Kemper, E. H. Kennady, W. A. King, Clarence R. Krebs, W. F. Lawson G. L. LeBaron, S. F. Lee, J. J. Lewis, A. O. Liles, W. W. Long, H. L. Lurtey, F. D. Lux, W. A. Mackebee, R. A. Mark- ham, C. T. Martin, H. H. Martin, W. G. Martin, J. A. Mar- shall, G. N. Maxey, H. L. May, T. R. McDaniel, Paul R. Mc- Civil Engineers Kerhan, S. McKnight, M. Mercado, N. H. Miller, R. M. Miller, Jr., William A. Miller, G. S. Mills, G. G. Mitchell, Jr., S. E. Mitchell, V. L. Moore, C. Morgan, H. B. Morgan, B. Moyna- han, H. G. Mullins, Victor E. Muncy, L. H. Meyers, E. G. Naramore, D. C. Newberry, E. L, Norris, Robert L. Nord J. E. O'Brien, G. K. Owen, George D. Parrott, W. T. Pat- terson, C. W. Pemble, C. L. Pennington, W. Pfefferle, Vincent B. Pickett, Mary M. Plue, J. E. Pochomis, J. J. Pollitte, W. E. Porter, E. Powers, James E. Rains, Edwin Randle, P. F. Ras- sinier, B. F. Romanowitz, John A. Rodgers, F. R. Rose, G. C. Russell, W. H. Sammons, Normand K. Sanders, D. H. Sawyer, Thomas O. Scalf, H. M. Schimpeler, F. J. Schmidt, W. P. Shoemaker, J. R. Shepherd, R. D. Simmons, C. B. Smart, E. S. Smith, Howard E. Smith, L. B. Smith Ill, Howard Spalding, G. T. Sparrow, G. E. Stanley, J. W. Staley, R. N. Stark, D. J. Steilberg, J. C. Stephens, E. C. Stephens, J. B. Stewart, L. H. Strunk, J. H. Sturgill, C. W. Sullivan, H. S. Sutton, W. T. Swain, Martin T. Swanson G. H. Talbott, Billy S. Taylor, P. H. Threlkeld, V. J. Tosta, E. Trebolo, L. W. Tune, P. B. Vandevelde, W, Marshall Van- Metcr, Charles A. VanWinkle, A. D. Wade, W. H. Walker, J. C. Wash, George Thomas Weaks, W. M. Welch, J. A. Wells, E. M. West, R. A. Wharton, G. L. White, H. G. Whittenberg, G. W. Wilson, J. D. Witt, R. J. Wood, J. H. Word, C. E. Young, Z. Young l29 Mechanical Engineers The Kentucky Student Branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers was founded in 1880 in New York City. It was installed on the campus of the Univer- sity of Kentucky in 1910. Purpose: To promote the art and science of me- chanical engineering and the allied arts and sciences, to encourage original research, to foster engineering education, to advance the standards of technologists, and severally in cooperation with other engineering and technical societies to broaden the usefulness of the engineering profession. Faculty advisor: Oliver W. Gard Members in faculty: W. J. Barber, W. Merle Carter, O. W. Gard, R. D. Hawkins, E. B. Penrod, J. J. Willis Officers: John M. Flesche, chairman, Joe L. Craig, vice- chairrnan, Charles W. Young, secretary, James R. Howe, treasurer: Allison H. Caudill, Engineering Student Council representative Members: R. G. Anderson, R. J. Anspach, G. P. Barker, S. L. Bartalsky, R. G. Bauer, C. T. Beckett, H. B. Benjamin, J. M. Bicknell, H. L. Biggerstaff, D. R. Bingham, W. S. Bird- sall, L. E. Black, W. L. Bradford, J. W. Bradley, L. M. Brown, J. E. Brunk, F. E. Bryan, P. E. Burka, J. F. Caines, A. H. Caudill, J. H. Chenault, V. D. Clark, J. M. Clayton, J. O. Conner, J. R. Cook, T. B. Cooper, J. L. Craig, J. A. Cramer, R. R. Crawford, W. P. Day, E. L. Duffy, J. P. Feather- son, D. N. Felty, C. S. Fergus, F. W. Fest, J. M Flesche, S. E. Fowlkes, C. L. Frazier, J. B. Frounfelker V. S. George, J. R. Gibson, L. F. Gifford, W. E. Gilbreth, E. E. Goodbub, W. K. Greathouse, G. S. Gresham, P. M. Haag- ensen, W. F. Hamilton, H. S. Harlow, B. E. Head, T. J. Hedg- er, E. E. Helms, K. J. Henn, S. R. Hewlett, J. R. Howe, E. J. Huet, R. E. Hughes, C. B. Hurst, H. D. Jenkins, L. U. Jenkins, M. V. Johnson, T. A. Johnson, L. A. Jordan, W. G. Kappa, J. M. Keller, A. N. Kenly, F. M. Kilroy, A. W. Kinsch, C. O. Langbrake, G. E. Laswell, G. E. LeMasters, W. H. Litton, G. W. Loptein, R. J. Lynch, C. G. Lynn, J. R. Lyon J. R. Matchett, W. E. Mattingly, A. R. Mander, C. P. Mar- tin, M. M. McEuen, C. K. McGiothlan, J. A. McLeod, H. S. McLimore, E. H. McNabb, G. E. Menne, R. B. Menser, W. R. Miller, W. A. Neblett, I. S. Noland, W. E. Otto, R. G. Pate, J. B. Patton, V. F. Paul, A. B. Perry, J. W. Pfeffer, K. L. Pollitt, E. J. Radin, D. L. Reed, R. W. Rice, J. A. Ringswald, W. W. Rogers, J. J. Ryan, E. L. Salyers, A. P. Schneider, P. H. Schrader, P. B. Seaton, G. R. Sherman, J. A. Shirley, E. Slone, R. Smith, R. B. Smith, R. C. Stampor D. A. Taylor, C. R. Theobald, R. C. Thornton, L. T. Tiche- nor, A. P. Tolley, R. E. Travis, G. A. Trimble, D. A. Van Gemeren, W. W. Walton, W. R. Ware, W. L. Wayman, G. Weatherspoon, M. P. Wells, G. C. Wert, A. W. Wicke, C. M. Willis, D. S. Wilson, O. A. Woford, R. G. Womack, C. W. Young, H. E. Young 1303- Mining and Metallurgical Engineers The American institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers was founded in New York in l87l. The University of Ken- tucky chapter is known as the Norwood Society. Purpose: To strengthen the bonds of mutual in- terest between Student Societies and the Institute it- self. Faculty advisor: Prof. C. S. Crouse Members in faculty: C. S. Carter, C. S. Crouse, G. R. Ger- hard, E. M. Spokes Counselor: S. M. Cassidy Officers: Harry Washburn, president: Bill Smither, vice- president: Harry E. Miller, secretary: Elze Burch, treasurer J. J. Ghia, sergeant at arms Members: S. E. Adair, J. W. Atkins, B. R. Barrett, E. A Brashear, R. Breeding, D. C. Brown, E. F. Burch, E. Cline, C C. Congleton, E. F. Cook, A. J. Cornette, V. H. Cristoph, C. M Dunn, M. P. Dunn, B. F. Eads, J. B. Elsee, E. L. Foster, A. K Frank, L. Frank, J. F. Gearing, J. J. Ghia, W. B. Gray, S. E Griffin, W. D. Grote, R. A. Hedland, H. Heineke, F. E. Hen- dricks, J. R. Holland, C. N. Howard, H. C. Human, A. G Jacob, V. E. Jennings, B. E. Jessee, G. W. Lockin, C. C Lowery, J. W. Marcum. R. G. Martin, E. L. Massie, G. S Mathis, B. B. McClain, J. A. Merritt, H. E. Miller, C. G Moore, L. Moore, B. Mullins, J. P. Newell, D. P. Newman D. M. Osborn, P. R. Parks, C. Patton, J. P. Perry, A. P Rasmussen, N. T. Ravnsborg, J. P. Robinson, J. S. Roller R. G. Ross, J. J. Rudy, D. R. Russell, J. G. Sauer, B. J. Schroe- derer, D. B. Sebree, H. J. Siegel, W. E. Silas, W. R. Smither C. J. Sparks, R. G. Stapleton, L. G. Stewart, J. M. Stone, W. C Swanson, G. J. Thompson, R. B. Thorp, E. A. Timmel, J. M Todd, W. J. Trent, C. K. Tudor, R. L. Vines, H. L. Washburn J. M. Westfall, R. Witt ' 131 1 Block and Bridle l l ,!. Row One-Seelhorst, Garrigan, Crafton, Hamilton, Thompson, Lafoon, Lawson Row Two--Simon, Haggard, Goggin, E. Hogg, R. Hogg, Stewart, Rose, Enlow, Grady, McClain, McClure, Haring, Bush Block and Bridle was founded at Chicago, Illinois, in 1919 and installed at the Uni- versity of Kentucky in 1922. Purpose: First, to promote a higher scholastic standing among the students of animal husbandry, second, to promote animal husbandry, especially all phases of student animal husbandry work in colleges and universities, third, to bring about a closer relo- tionship between students, faculty, and others en- gaged in animal husbandry. Faculty advisor: Dr. W. P. Garrigus 132 Members in faculty: C. E. Barnhart, L.. A. Bradford, I. G. Culton, Dr. W. P. Garrigus, E. S. Good, A. H. Lawson, R. C. Miller, H, G. Sellards, Dr. D. G. Steele, E. J. Wilford Honorary members: Harold Barber, Brownell Combs, B. C. Cotton, John Frazer, Ray Hopper, Strother Mitchell, Henry Moxley, George Swinebrood Officers: Carl Hamilton, president: Richard Crafton, vice- president, Brent Thompson, secretary, Donald Laffoon, treas- urer Members: Thornas Baldwin, Gerald Bradley, Leon Bush, Daniel Case, Richard Crofton, Waller Cooper, Robert Enlow, Neil Farris, Walter Goggin, Jr., Karl Grady, Jack Haggard, Call Hamilton, Eldred Harding, Robert Hicks, Ed Hogg, Ray Hogg, Donald Laffoon, John Lcbus, Beryl McClain, Lawas McClure, Henry Moss, Bernard Perraut, Arthur Seelhorst, Robert Simon, Kenneth Stewart, Edward Stroube, Brent Thompson, Ryburn Weakley The College Chamber of Commerce was installed at the University of Kentucky in 1947. Purpose: To promote the general welfare of the students of the College of Commerce, to sustain and promote student-faculty relationships, and to stimu- late activities which foster leadership development. Officers: Willis Munro, Jr., president, James Mokas, vice- president, Glenn Wills, secretary, James Inman, treasurer Chamber of Commerce Members: Polly Ann Atkinson, Betsy Billiter, Bryan Blount, Dave Brown, Clifford Camp, Kenneth Casey, Earl Caudill, D. D. Cayce lll, Bill Chandler, Lee Roy Cole, Ruth Combs, Lucy Crawley, Jane Eimer, Bader Elfstrom, Gloria Fcezle, Bill Don Grote, Robert K. Hamilton, James F. Hoge, Paul B. Hylton, Jerry Inman, Jim Inman, Robert Keesee, Eugene Leonard, Howard Locke, Jr., Ora Manning, Betty Jane Martin, George McClanahan, Jack McGhee, Jim Mokas, Willis Monroe, Laura Perkinson, R. L. Pigman, James E. Rader, Richard C. Reeves, David Rose, Dorothy Schmiett, Phil Shannon, Ken Skinner, Charles Smith, Frank Southworth, Jack Strother, Samuel B. Swope, T. E. Tabb, Carl W. Turner, Ray Turner, Robert Tut- hill, Curtis E. Ward, Herman Weber, Joan Whitten, Glenn Wills, Bob Wilson, H. C. Wright I33 Cosmopolitan Club The Cosmopolitan Club was organized by the YMCA on the campus of the Uni- versity of Kentucky in l92l. Purpose: "Friendship, fellowship, and the pro- motion of good will among students of different countries." Faculty advisors: Margaret Ann Durham, Bart N. Peak Members in faculty: A. E. Bigge, Margaret Ann Durham, Martha Huber, Karlis llens, O. T. Koppius, Bart Peak, Thomas Rush, Karl Schneider Officers: Preben Haagenson, Brazil, president, Pierson Oliver, Columbia, vice-president, Mary Nutting, LJ.S.A., sec- retary, Marius Lubbers, Holland, treasurer Members: Sara Ballcnger, Beth Bartlett, Kristina Bergen- strahle, Robert Buck, Alejandro Capablanca, Terpsythea Chalkas, Shuan Ching-Chang, Gloria Chou, Tsun-Tsuan Chu, Paul Chung, Stanley Collis, Charles Cox, Joseph Dahlan, James Duffy, Louis Eades, Hamed El-Sayeh, Else Erlksen, Abdel- Monem Fawzy, Pedro Flores, Rene Garagon, Nicholas Gamboa, Marietta Georgiadou, Mr. and Mrs. Jaswantrai Ghia, Ann Grubbs, William Grubbs, Preben Haagensen, Rosemary Haley, Dudley Harrod, C. G. House, R. C. Huang, Jui-Sheng, Hsieh, Nancy Hurst, Shoukat Husain, Peggy Johnson, Aino Kolk, Townsend Koppiua, Kay Lassi, Harry Lesslie, Mary Lewis, Terry Lohre, Marius Lubbcrs, Federico Lux, Randel Martin, Esteban Martinez, Manual Mercado, Luis Morales, Miguel Morales, Nydia Morales, Mary Nutting, Morihiko Okatsu, Pierson Oliver, Hector Oliver, Samin Ozgur, Moss Patterson, Martha Pcnnebaker, Santiago Perez, Juan Pinto, Juan Puig- subira, Ruth Reinsch, Ana Rios, Norman Raynsburg, lleana Rlgau, Dorothy Redford, Julio Ruiz, Bernd Ross, Madusudan Ruparel, Josue Santiago, Sven-Erik Sjogren, Edmund Stern- bergs, David Stewart, Marjorie Stone, Leonidas Teiida, Gro Tiegen, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Tiao, Vincente Tosta, Mei-Seuh Tsai, Dirk Van Gemcren, Maunel Vila, Carl Walker, Akira Watanabe, Bill Womack, Blanche Ching-Yi Wu, Donald Young ,Y t I - A 'J if Row One-Buck, Oliver, Morales, Lubbers, Redford, Patterson, Durham, Perez Row Two-Mercado, Bartlett, Haagenscn, N. Rigau, Johnson, Georgiadou, l. Rlgau, Chalkas Row Three-Santiago, Duffey, Capablanca, Lux, Watanaba, Sternbergs, Ballenger, Martin, Kolk, Collis, Eriksen Row Four-Huang, House, Manuel, Ruparel, Tiao, Vila, Walker, Womack, Lessley, Teiida, Stone l34 .L Dairy Club ,, .w . Row One-Ridgway, Rau, Burnette, Smith, Dr. Seath, McDevitt, Johnson, Cash Row Two-- Duvall, Tucker, Stamper, James, Boyd, Grady, Porter, Ford, Sims Row Three--Fuchs, Brown, Davis, Benedict, Rogers, Mayers, Schoolcraft Martin, Hamilton The Dciiry Club was founded at the Uni- versity of Kentucky in i933 to promote in- terest in doirying. Faculty advisor: Dr. D. M. Seath Members in faculty: J. O. Barkman, Dr. Ralph Elliot, Dr. H. B. Morrison Officers: Edgar A. McDavitt, president, Robert S. Smith, vice-president, Cecil C. Burnctte, secretary, James T. John- son, treasurer Members: Joseph Benedict, Louis Boyd, Cecil Burnette, Jack Cash, W. H. Coombs, Harold Davis, Allen Duvall, Harold Ford, Richard Fuchs, Karl Grady, Don Hahn, William Hooper, Kenneth James, Bill Johnson, James Johnson, Jim Martin, Edgar McDavitt, Robert Moyers, Tom Porter, Billy Ridgeway, Chuck Rogers, George Schoolcraft, Robert Smith, Dale Stahl, W. H. Stamper, William Tucker l35 4-H Club mt, . . The University 4-H Club was installed at the University of Kentucky in l927. Purpose: To promote bonds ot fellowship among former 4-H Club members who now attend the Uni- versity and to keep in touch with the Extension De- partment and know what is taking place in fields of agriculture. Faculty advisor: J. W. Whitehouse Officers: Jack Cash, president, Rachel Johnson, vice-presi- dent, Emma Barnes, secretary, Leta Faye Cooper, treasurer, Mary Jo Ridley, publicity chairman, Bruce Cotton and Doris Annis, co-social chairmen 136 Members: Doris Annis, Joe Bags, Emma Barnes, Bud Bey- erle, Denver R. Browning, Jack Cash, Richard Clements, Tony Cocanagher, John Cooper, Leta Faye Cooper, Waller Cooper, Bruce Cotton, Ward Crowe, Ed Cunningham, Sue Dossett, C. Allen Duvall, Jr., Jewell Deene Ellis, Shirley Ellis, Betty Ford, Kennth Franks, John Godfrey, Bill Goggin, Iris Grider, May- delle Griffin, Jim Gulley, Thomas Hodgson, Tom Holloway, William Marcus Hopper, Arthur Hounshell, Robert Huffman, Rachel Johnson, Frances Jones, Robert Jones, Robert Layman, Eloise Lorch, Bill Maupin, Eileen McCarthy, Lawas L. McClure, Perry Milby, Vurnie M. Moore, Jr., Robert Moylers, Virginia Murray, Fred Neuville, Jr., Andrew Parker, Claud A. Price, Billy Ridgway, Mary Jo Ridley, Kenneth Dale Stahl, Roy Sims, Charles H. Switzer, Paul Sutton, Louis Garnet Thornton, Wil- liam Lee Tucker, William B. Wash, Ryburn Weakley, Floyd G. Webb, Jr., James R. Wedding, Zackeri Whitiker, John Wilson, Laura Jane Young sl The University of Kentucky Chapter of the Future Teachers of America was in- stalled on the campus on Oct. 4, l939. Purpose: To provide a campus organization for education students wherein we can help one another in solving some of the common problems that con- front usg to work for better recognition of education on the campus, and to assist in the recruiting of able students for the teaching profession. Faculty advisors: Ridgely Park, Helen M. Reed, Mrs. Louise Worthington Officers: John Milkovich, president, Sara Lamb, vice-prcsi- dent, Nancy Payne, secretary, Doris Willson, treasurer Members: Jennie K. Agee, Joy Atherton, Kathleen Beal- mear, Sara K. Beam, Ann Boyd, Marjorie Bradford, John Bur- Future Teachers of America ton Brannon, Jr., Pat Byrd, Alma Carl, Delmon L. Carson, Jane Chitwood, Anne Colburn, Lou Gardner Collier, Patsy Conway, Katherine Cook, Jo Ann Crawford, Charles Daugher- ty, Betty Davis, Frances Sterling Davis, Ellen Drake, Thomas J. Dunn, John Engle, Potter Errickson, Lois Ferring, Betty Foster, Bertha L. Gifford, Frances Goldstein, Irvin Goldstein, Bernard C. Gravitt, Marilyn Haley, Barbara Hall, Betty Ham- mock, Helen Heltsley, Cornelius G. House, Nancy K. Hukill, Mary Ingles, Mildred Jones, Joan Kavanaugh, Charles Kemp- er, Jonquil Kirk, John Kring, Virginia Lake, Sara Lamb, Dor- othy Lawson, Billy Ligon, Sarah Jean Lindsey, Ina Lowe, Lyle Lowery, Anna Jean Lyons, Cecil McGee, Barbara McGhee, Ida F. Manchikes, Jane Marsh, Betty Jean Martin, John Milkovich, David L. Moberly, Juanita Morton, Mary Ann Mosby, Billy Joyce Newsome, Annelle Nutlee, Opal Owen, Mary Pardue, Lois Paul, Nancy Payne, Shirley Porter, John R. Proffitt, Ar- thur Jesse Razor, Mary Nell Rogers, Flo Sanders, John Scavlin, Maxine Schenks, Bonnie Sharp, Martha Sheridan, Helen Short, Richard Silvernail, Bernice Smart, Lloyd Smith, Mary Agnes Smith, C. Paul Steele, Garnett Stephens, Pauline Stephenson, Robert Stewart, Carolyn Taylor, Jane Tucker, Lois Van Meter, Betty Jo Vaughn, Betty Jo Wells, Frances Wells, John A, Wells, Connie Weatherby, Mary Jane White, Ann Weisman, Doris Willson, Annie Laurie Wilson il -'I ' .N...... -Mlm, B I l I37 Harlan County Club The Horlcin County Club was founded ot the University ot Kentucky in I946. Purpose: To promote fellowship omong the students from Horlon county. Faculty advisor: C. B. Stephenson Officers: Harold L. Hall, president, Don Bennett, vice- president, Dorothy Hendrickson, secretary-treasurer, Herbert Dugger, sergeant at arms, Jean W. Howard, Mary E. Pollitte, Cawood Smith, Jane Ellen Tye, board of directors Members: Milton Alexander, Joyce Barton, Clyde Bennet, Don Bennet, Betty Jo Blaire, James S. Burns, Clark Cox, Ed- ward L. Craig, Herbert Creech, Bill Disney, Herbert Dugger, Harold Hall, Dorothy Hendrickson, L. A. Hines, Paul E. Hines, Jr., Stanley Hogg, Jean Howard, Jean W. Howard, Harold G. Irwin, Dorothy Kerns, Louise Massengale, Elizabeth Mowatt, Mary E. Pollitte, James Pollitte, Bob Pope, Margaret Sue Smith, Cawood Smith, James R. Stewart, Lawrence G. Stewart, Kenneth R. Sturgil, Karolyn Spillman, Barney Sword, Jr., Jane Ellen Tye, Charles Ulery, John Whitfield Row OneITBarg1ori, M. Pollitte, Hendrickson, Spillman, M. Smith, Tye, J. Howard, Day, Masengail, J. W. owar Row Two-Sword, Ulery, W. Pollitte, C. Smith, L. Stewart, Whitfield, J. Stewart, C. Bennett, D. Bennett, Disney, W. Howard, Dugger, Hall, Burns 138 Home Economics Club Row One-Warren, Crump, Doyle, Gillespie, Sivis, J. Ellis, Martin, Watlington, Sumpter, Thatcher Row Two-Basham, Wesley, Seath, Milby, Reynolds, Steele, Witten, Foster, Cooley, Cooksey, Wheeler, Lawson, Blair, Ford Row Three-Westerman, S. Ellis, Grider, Barnett, Brabender, McNeely, Arnold, Hill, Ballard, Lowe, Paul, Morton, Parker, Gilbert, Freels, Mrs. Taylor Row Four-Hollingsworth, Isaacs, Ewbank, Cooper, Redd, Coronet, Gamblin, Willhite, Andes, Perry, Routt, Murray, Ackerman, Amis, Cragg The Home Economics Club was founded Gt Montana State College in i895. Purpose: To bind Home Economics students to- gether, give them knowledge and practice in self- initiated group work, provide them with a true vision of Home Economics, and offer friendship between students and faculty. Faculty advisors: Mrs. Sam Taylor and Mrs. Polly Freels Officers: Doris Ann Warren, president: Martha Frances Swofford, vice-president, Martha Routt, secretary: Mary Jo Ridley, treasurer: May Arnold, Jewell Deene Ellis, freshman Tdvisors, Betty Andes, publicity chairman, Betty Crump, song eader Members: Betty Andes, Doris Annis, Mae Arnold, Emma Barnes, Nancy Bowtes, Martha Burks, Mary M. Burress, Eloise Cooksey, Joyce Cooley, Faye Cooper, Betty Sue Cornett, lnda Craig, Betty Crump, Dorothy Daugherty, Sue Dossett, Dorothy Doyle, Sara Dugan, Shirley Ellis, Eloise Ewbank, Betty Ford, Nancy Foster, Lynn Gamblin, Geraldine Gilbert, Alethea Gillespie, Ruth Grider, Jewell Jean Hensley, Betty W. Hicks, Pearl Hill, Helen Hollingsworth, Joyce Hub, Elsie Hunt, Elsie Isaacs, Frances Jackson, Rachel Johnson, Frances Jones, Mayme Joseph, Charlotte Justice, May Leach, Virginia Lewis, Ina Lowe, Mary Jane Lucas, Jean Lycan, Louise Martin, Mary Martin, Nancy McGuire, Charlotte McNeely, Margaret Meyers, Perry Milby, Juanita Morton, Virginia Murray, Nancy New- horth, Mary Jane Noland, Thelma Ockerrnan, Evelyn Osborne, Emily Parker, Sue Peak, Marna Perry, Imogene Redd, Bess Reynolds, Mary Jo Ridley, Martha Routt, Dot Seath, Betty Sivis, Priscilla Smith, Marilyn Steele, Martha Swofforcl, Lillian Thatcher, Mary F. Waggener, Margaret Ann Wanless, Doris Warren, Annette Westerman, Betty Mae Wheeler, Louise Willhite, Louise Wilson, June Witten, Neree H. Wood, Laura J. Young l39 K-Club l 4 i l The K Club was founded at the Univer- sity of Kentucky in l94l to provide a sep- arate club for athletes at the University in which they can act as an organization and can further competitive sports on the carn- pus. Faculty advisor: Joseph Atkinson Officers: Jerry Claiborne, president, Nick Odlivak, vice- president, Dale Barnstable, secretary-treasurer l4O Members: Dale Barnstable, Charles Bentley, Bill Boller, Charles Bradshaw, Bobby Brooks, Albert Bruno, Jerry Clai- borne, Frank Clegg, Jay Cummins, Tony Dallas, Bill Dawson, Don Frampton, Dominic Fucci, Bob Gain, Ralph Genito, Bob Gibson, Allen Hamilton, Kent Hollingsworth, Walter Hirsch, David Holliday, Bob Hatchett, Dick Holway, .lim Howe, Pat James, Wilbur Jamerson, George Kirchner, Norman Klein, Jim Line, Lloyd McDermott, Dick Martin, Jim Murphy, Nick Odlivak, Donald Phelps, Bob Pope, Ray Porter, John Richter, Charles Rose, Anthony Rotunno, Bill Schaffnit, Unis Saylor, Frank Smotherman, John Stough, Hobart Thomas, Lee Tru- man, Harry Ulinski, Bill Wannamaker, Clayton Webb, Harold Woodell, Walter Yowarsky, Humzey Yessin, Ben Zaranka L The Campus League of Women Voters is attilioted with the League ot Women Voters ot the United States, founded in l92O. lt was installed on the University ot Kentucky campus in I946. Purpose: To promote intelligent discussion among the college students ond to encourage active citizen- ship. Faculty advisor: Dr. Gladys Kammerer Officers: Charlotte Garr, president, Martha Bradley, vice- Dresident, Sally Hancher, corresponding secretaryp Annette Siler, recording secretary, Joan Kavanaugh, treasurer, Gloria Eastburn, program chairman, Louise Ayres, publicity chair- man League of Women Voters Members: Joyce Allen, Louise Allen, Louise Ayres, Jean Barger, Jane Barnett, Nancy Bradford, Martha Bradley, Nancy Jean Bright, Jane Butt, Dorothy Combs, Ruth Combs, Doris Cook, Yolande Coulter, Martha Creal, Harriet Crutchfield, Lee Dillion, Lee Dolid, Martha Durham, Doris Eith, Shirley Ellis, Joyce Elrod, Nelda Ewing, Charlotte Garr, Martha Gauntt, Betty Golssman, Barbara Sue Graham, Ann Hall, Sally Han- cher, Helen Dees Harris, Dorothy Harrod, Carolyn Hays, Betty Heiss, Frances Helton, Dora Jane Hendry, Jane Hunter, Betty Hyatt, Nancy James, Joan Kavanaugh, Joan Kenney, Ruth Lenox, Florris Lyon, Louise McDowell, Joan Martin, Betty Nash, Mary Odell, Betty Carol Pace, Mary Parduc, Mary Parker, Emma Louise Patrick, Joan Patterson, Sue Peak, Laura Perkinson, Mary Jane Pinson, Ella Potter, Lana Price, Doris Richards, Elizabeth Rodgers, Bobby Ann Rouse, Pat Sewell, Annette Siler, Ann Shields, Grace Thornton, Jane Tucker, Margaret Tweedy, Frances Vance, Mary Oliver Van- trease, Katheryn Whitmer, Mattie Wood, Julie Yeager, Mary Lilliard Young .of Row One- Kavanaugh Bradley, Garr, Siler Row Two- Dr. Kammerer, Ayres, Eastburn, Hancher l4l Patterson Literary Society The Patterson Literary S o c i e t y was founded at the University of Kentucky in l886. It is a traditional society of selected men who are interested in speech beyond the classroom. The annual University Oratorical Contest, sponsor- ed by the Society in March I949, was won by C. Hoge Hockensmith and Ellen Drake. First place in the Patterson Birthday Oratorical Contest was award- ed to Robert Estill, and Frank Foulconer received the 1949 Patterson Annual Scholarship Award. These contests and scholarships were provided for in the will of the late James Kennedy Patterson, founder ot the society and president of the University from l869 to l9l0. Faculty advisor: Dr. J. Reid Sterrett Officers: Robert T. McCowan, president: Richard Pigman, vice-president, Robert L. Smith, secretary: Charles E. Matth- ews, treasurer Members: Robert Coleman, Earl Conn, Thomas Deen, Charles Daugherty, James L. Frittier, James Inman, Charles Matthews, Robert T. McCowan, Richard Pigman, J. C. Powell, Harvey Selwitz, Don Sherlock, Robert L, Smith, A. P. Steeley, Robert Wilson Smith, Matthews, Conn, Selwitz, Frittier Powell, Sterrett, McCowan, Patrick, Pigman, Sherlock M2 g M Press C lub Coffman, Schulenberg, Moseley, Schill, Finch, Reynolds, Spillman, Eddleman, Smith The Henry Watterson Press Club was founded at DePauw University in l909. It was installed at the University of Kentucky in l925. Purpose: To afford men journalism students an opportunity for mutual association in a professional iournalism society, to further an interest in journal- ism, and to promote a high professional standard of work among its members. The club intends to foster a spirit of cooperation among the students, the fac- ulty, and the working press. Faculty advisors: Victor R. Portmann, Dr. Niel Plummer Member in faculty: Dr. Niel Plummer Honorary members: Victor R. Portmann, J. Ardery Mc- Cauley, William M. Moore Associate members: Haskell P. Short, John W. Sorrclle, Jr., Monte R. Tussey, Charles E. Whaley Officers: Jerald A. Finch, president, James C. Eddleman, vice-president, Thomas R. Spillman, secretary, George N. Reynolds, treasurer Members: Karl Christ, Edward M. Coffman, Thomas E. Diskin, James C. Eddleman, Jerald A. Finch, Harold G. Fleenor, Wynn G. Moseley, Robert B. Pitchford, George N. Reynolds, Alan G. Ritchie, Stanley J. Schill, William E. Schulenberg, Robert G. Smith, Thomas R. Spillman l43 Pryor Pre-Medical Society The Pryor Pre-Medical Society was founded at the University of Kentucky in l9l6. Purpose: To aid all pre-medical and pre-dental students academically and socially and to serve as a medium through which association can be made with leaders in the field of medical science. Faculty advisors: Dr. R. S. Allen and Dr. J. W. Archdeacon Honorary member: Dr. J. W. Pryor Officers: William Edward White, president, Samuel Webb, vice-president: Robert Swieterman, secretary: Joe C. Ross, treasurer, Carey T. Vinson and Ronald O. Naser, executive committee Members: Joseph C. Abell, Robie Ackworth, Jack D. Amis, Mary M. Anderson, Wilma Jean Ard, Bob Arnold, Bob Bennett, Gerald Berryman, Robert Brashear, Clyde R. Burress, Evelyn L. Caudel, Malcolm A. Cole, Jack Colley, Harry J. Cowherd, Joshua Cummins, Paul Cunningham, Clyde R. Danks, Harry Daugherty, John F. Daugherty, Ben E. Davis, Virginia Ann Day, K. W. Dungan, Joe Elliot, Bill Erwin, Evalyn Evans, Douglas Ey, Frederick Fair, W. E. Faree, Marvin C. Fraley, Joe Greathouse, Arthur E. Hess, Cecil Holcomb, Ed- ward R. Holt, Lawrence C. Howard, Lewis Huffaker, Henry A. Huggins, John L. Jenkins, Bob Kernen, Charles F. Lawrence, Mike March, Alton R. Mayberry, L. C, McCloud, Jerry B. McKenney, William J. Meyers, Henry H. Moody, Dempsey Moore, Ronald O. Naser, Charles W. Nelson, Jr,, Keith Oldfield, Ronald Orner, Jack W. Owens, Charles E. Peck, Harvey Mac Pewitt, Edward N. Porter, J. E. Price, Jr., Wil- liam Reynolds, Luther Ritchie, Raymond L. Rosc, James E. Ross, Joe C. Ross, Walter Roy, William Rye, Richard D. Saunders, David Scott, Paul Scott, Steve Smith, Jr., William B. Snyder, Herman Spivey, Collis Stanley, Robert H. Steilberg, Conrad S. Steiner, James E. Stepp, James Sullivan, Robert P. Swieterman, Douglas C. Thomas, Ertle Thompson, J. R. Thompson, Robert G. Townsend, Tom Vinson, James T. Ward- er, Sam Webb, William E. White, William J. White, Douglas Wickham, Kenneth Wise, Lawrence Wolper, George B. Wom- bwell, David M. Woodhead, Walter Yates Row One - J. Ross, White, Dr. Allen, Webb, Swieterman Raw Two-Cole, Caudel, Ey, Colley, Ard, Day, Evans, Naser Row Three-Mayberry, Moody, Greathouse, Elliott, Button, Cunningham, Berryman, Felton, Collir Row Four- Eiursole, Burress, Lawrence Holt, Foree, Fair, Woodhead, Wombwell, March, Kernen Row Five-McCloud, Brashear, Vinson, Flege, Fraley, Wickham, Amis, Danks, J. E. Ross, Ramcy Row Six -Arnold Snyder, Huffaker, Spivey, Fontana l44 Officers of the Pryor Pre-Med Society pose for a picture in their meeting room in the Funkhouser Building. Seated from left to right are: Robert Swieterman, secretary, William E. White, presidentg Samuel Webb, vice-president: and Joe C. Ross, treasurer. Standing behind them are Executive Com- mittee members Ronald O. Naser and Carey Thomas Vinson. Jack Amis acts as toastmastcr at the annual Pryor Pre-Med Society banquet held in the ballroom of the Student Union Building prior to the Christmas holidays. Dr. Robert I. Watson, Assistant Dean of the Medical School, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., was the principal speaker for the oc- casion. Dean M. M. White of the College of Arts and Sciences and student members of the Society arc shown at the speakcr's table. Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles is a national military so- ciety which was founded at the University of Nebraska in l895. V Purpose: To encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals of the military profession, to promote American citizenship, to create a closer and more efficient relationship: and to provide appropriate recognition of a high degree of military ability among the cadets of the several senior Reserve Officers Training Corps units of the government. Faculty advisor: First Lieutenant Lawrence B. Babcock Sponsor: Jean Hardwick Officers: Mack Morgan, Jr., captain, John Pedigo, first lieutenant: Frank Bassett, William F. Lawson, Paul W. May- hew, and Brantly D. Amberg, second lieutenants, T. H. Ells- worth, first sergeant l46 Members: T. F. Arnold, J. T. Ballantine, D. R. Batten W. H. Burks, E. M. Coffman, D. M. Cooper, C. H. Dishman W. T. Eblen, T. H. Ellsworth, K. O'H. Fagan, O. K. Fischer W. B. Gaines, O. H. Geralds, Jr., A. J. Graves, R. A. Griffith W. D. Grote, Jr., S. Halpern, G. O. Hambrick, J. R. Holland E. E. Harber, B. Jody, H. J. Jones, J. H. Jones, A. Lett, J Levin, A. R. Mander, G. R. Marsh, J. W. McCurry, W. R Meyer, M. E. Mitchell, B. R. Moore, R. J. Moreland, D. A Parry, R. N. Reyneirson, R. E. Rogers, E. I. Scrivner, H. W Simpson, R. O. Sisk, C. J. Sparks, D. W. Stanfill, R. P. Swiet- erman, T. N. Tackett, R. W. Teater, B. W. Todd, G. L. Turner W. A. Usher, D. A. Veach, G. E. Weeks, Jr., S. Welch, W. L Welch, D. C. Wester, A. H. Wieman K Candidates: M. K. Abbott, W. B. Baumstark, W. Benassi B. O. Brooks, S. T. Burklow, T. D. Carnes, J. W. Coleman, L Congleton, J. Connor, J. B. Cunningham, T. F. Driver, T. C Dixon, C. A. Duvall, B. W. Estes, E. H. Fallon, R. G. Filton M. C. Fraley, F. Fontana, M. S. Fry, T. I. Glasscock, F. R Guthrie, H. M. Hancock, E. R. Holt, J. E. Houck, T. F. Hutzler B. Johnson, B. Kernen, B. W. Kilgore, T. R. Kittinger, A. K Lenville, H. Maeser, G. S. Meyer, G. H. McCauley, R. O. Mc- Ginley, J. B. Moore, L. W. Neville, L. G. Peleske, O. P. Peve- ler, J. Poage, J. R. Proffitt, J. Rexroat, Z. C. Saufley, E. D Sinider, W. F. Sowder, T. J. Stamper, C. V. Suitor, W. E Thurman, J. M. Trimble, T. H. Vaughan, C. R. Wessllng, D. T Williams, J. S. Williams, L. M. Wills 4 4 4 4 4 Scabbard and Blade, an honorary mili- tary fraternity for advanced military stu- dents, was founded at the University of Wisconsin in l905. In l922, D Company, Fourth Regiment, was installed at the Uni- versity of Kentucky. ' Purpose: To unite in closer relationship the military departments of American colleges and universities: to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers: to prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the com- munities in which we may reside, and, above all, to ,Q.,.. !' ' Scabbard and Blade spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. Faculty advisor: Major J. R. Pickett Officers: John Pedigo, captain: Harold Fleenor, first lieu- tenant: D. E. Season, first sergeant, J. C. Smith, second lieu- tenant: Frank Bassett, sergeant-at-arms: R. F. Rhodemyrc, chaplain Members: F. H. Bassett, B. B. Buckner, R. V. Buggin, Bert Carlton, Jim Cherry, Jerry Claiborne, J. M. Clayton, Richard Crafton, J. L. Craig, B. C. Fairchild, H. G. Fleenor, P. C. Har- mon, R. P. Holbrook, J. M. Joyner, J. B. Kuiper, J. Q. Lackey, W. F. Lawson, J. H. Lebus, P. W. Mayhew, C. A. McClain, W. Moore, D. C. Newberry, J. A. Pedigo, R. L. Pigman, R. F. Rhodemyre, D. E. Seasor, D. P. Sherlock, J. C. Smith, J. B. Stewart, A. T. Sullivan, C. W. Taylor, R. R. Turner, C. W. Turner, E. C. Williamson - 3. 3-,3 . 3 lll C U19 WU- 9155 UUONAUNG nurnmiau .. wmv if l 3,2 M out iii '. ' , . L 4 A Q 'I47 Student Bar Association The Student Bor Association is on or- gonizotion for Lciw School students. Purpose: To promote the high stondords of the Low School ond to promote fellowship among the stu- dents ot the Low School. Dean Elvis Stohr ond the Low School toculty oct os odvisors. Officers: Robert Hubbard, president, Robert Stephens, vice-president, Pat Moore, secretary, Richard Hinton, treas- urer Third year students: Denver Adams, Dee Ashley Akers, George B. Akin, John P. Allen, Clarence E. Barnes, Jr., Thomas P. Bell, Everett R. Berger, Jr., William H. Bixler, Edward T. Breathitt, Jr., Charles R. Burton, Jimmy N. Buster, A. Singleton Cagle, Dalton B. Caldwell, Hugh K. Campbell, Michael J. Clare, Clarence Creech, Virgil Fowler, Roger E. Fritz, John P. Godfrey, Daniel W. Goodman, David C. Graves, Jr., James L. Hardy, Gladney Harville, James C. Helton, Robert H. Helton, Jr., Robert A. Hines, Jr., Richard L. Hinton, Morris D. Hodges, Floyd B. Hogg, Thomas E. Horne, Donald C. Hoskins, Robert N. Hubbard, John J. Johnston, John W. Kelly John J. Larkin, Bryan L. Lewis, Benjamin J. Mann, Benja- min H. McKeehan, Delbert L. McLaughlin, Jack Miller, Mau- bert R. Mills, Coleman D. Moberly, Patricia A. Moore, Robert F. Morris, Robert O. Muncy, Samuel Neace, Jr., Archie C. Nickell, Earl T. Osborne, Blake H. Page, George C. Perry Ill, Robert M. Perry, Virgil F. Pryor, Royce C. Pulliam, Ralph G. Ranney, Jr., Edwin D. Rice, Harold T. Rogers, William E. Scent, Buford A. Short, William E. Sloan, Don C. Smith, Eliza- beth R. Smith, Jr., William H. Sowers, Maria Jane O. Sparrow, Bruce Stephens, Jr., Thomas R. Underwood, Gilbert M. Wilson, Woodson T. Wood, John B. Wyatt Second year students: Bonnie B. Ayers, Frank V. Benton, Ill, James C. Blair, Warren S. Bowman, Everett Burton, Jr., William B. Byrd, George F. Charles, Jr., Robert E. Cobb, Dempsey A. Cox, Charles R. Coy, Brian W. Daugherty, John A. Diskin, Melvin K. Duke, Hollis E. Edmonds, Alvin J. Foster, William W. Francis, Tom B. Givhan, Kenneth H. Goff, Gerald R. Griffin, Charles R. Gromley, Henry T. Hardin, John W. Hatch, Farmer Helton, Harry T. Herdman, Charles H. Hock- ensmith, Jr., Jack Howell, Jerry Jones, William B. Jones, Jason R. King, William H. King, Robert G. Lentz, Herbert D. Liebman I48 Q James V. Marcum, James M. Marks, Edward A. Marye, Jr,, Arloe W. Mayne, James M. McCann, Jr., Richard J. Miller, Jack E. Moxley, Frederick E. Nichols, Bernard F. O'Laughlin, John T. Orlandi, William H. Parham, Walter Patrick, Robert M. Pearce, John A. Pedigo, Charles A. Pettit, Edward J. Ples- ner, Robert N. Quinn, Thomas B. Ratliff, Ernest W. Rivers, Jr., Richard A. Robertson, Robert E. Ruberg, James F. Scott, John A. Sloan, Luster G. Smith, Samuel Smith, Jr., Thomas B. Spain, Jr., Betty L. Spragens, Robert F. Stephens, John W. Sublett, Clarence L. Watt, John D. Welch, Allen W. Wood First year students: John L. Ackman, George W. Allf, Cavin R. Barnette, Joe E. Bodkin, Crawford Bradley, Dewecsc Y. Campbell, Keith R. Cardey, James E. Clarkson, Charles V. Collins, Fred J. Coplin, James D. Cornette, George R. Creedle, Joseph T. Currence, William M. Deep, James A. Dixon, George T. Duncan, John A. Duncan, Arthur K. Edwards, Hugh C. Evans, Edward J. Fenton, William V. Fishback, Patrick M. Flannery, Jr., Donald K. Floyd, Robert E. Floyd, William R. Gentry, Jr., Richard J. Getty, Daniel J. Goodenough, Charles Student Bar Association S. Gray, Robert L. Gullette, John C. Hagan, Moses Hall, Sam C. Hill, Robert W. Hodges, William M. Howard, Delmer lson, Richard Kirkpatrick, C aries K. Lacy, Charles R. Lockyer, Leslie Barnard Loud, Mitchell T. Louis, Jack M. Lowery, Jr. Clifford Martin, Harold J. Maupin, William H. McCann, Goodloe D. McDowell, Frank McNaughton, William R. Mead- ors, Stewart J. Miller, Leonard T. Mitchell, Leland Monhallon, Mitchell Moore, Jr., Joe Nagle, Iona Jo Neergaard, Mary Louise Osborne, Andrew J. Palmer, Jr., Walter Patrick, Danny D. Ratliff, John R. Rhorer, Eugene J. Richards, Harold E. Richardson, Shelley T. Riherd, Edward P. Roark, William M. Robinson, Don E. Ross, Ben L. Sanders, Joseph L. Schoepf, Glyn T. Seward, Robert H. Smith, Edwin L, Sngder, Harold M. Streets, Charles M. Tackett, Roscoe Tarter, oyd F. Taylor, Rodney J. Thompson, Kenneth C. Toomey, Robert G. Trimble, Charles I. Tucker, Myer S. Tulkoff, Cecil Walden, Jr., Nick C. Wallen, Henry Watson, Jr., Gretchen L. White, Letcher T. White, David B. Whites, Jr., Carl Paul Williams, Donald L. Wood, Jr., Anne H. Woods Officers of the Student Bar Association relax outside of Lafferty Hall. Patricia Moore, secretary, Robert Hubbard, presi- dent, Richard Hinton, treasurer, and Robert Stephens, vice president. A group of Student Bar members as- sembled for a Practice Court in room lO0 of Lafferty Hall. l l49 uky Suky was formed on the University cam- pus in 1920. Purpose: To organize and increase school spirit in the student body, to give active support to the University athletic program, and to maintain the traditions of the campus. Faculty advisor: Dr. Rhea A. Taylor Honorary members: S. A. Boles, Miss Margie McLaughlin Officers: Eugene Stevens, president, Janice Stille, vice- president, Nita Powers, secretary, Eloise Ewbank, treasurer Members: Evelyn Baker, Emma Barnes, Lucia Bland, Carol Chambers, Betty Compton, Bruce Cotton, Dick Crafton, Jack Crafton, Sue Dossett, Eloise Ewbank, Gene Escandon, Peggy Esenbock, Gaile Grogan, James Gully, Elbert Harber, Jim ln- man, Rachel Johnston, Elliot Jones, Lillias Kelly, Kitty King, Martha Martin, Frank Maturo, Jim Maturo, Mary Ann Mc- Quaid, Dorothy Miller, Virginia Murray, Lee Myles, Ann O'Bannon, Bill O'Bannon, Opal Owen, Nita Powers, Tom Rad- den, Mary Jo Ridley, Zell Sharff, Jean Sherman, Eugene Stevens, Janice Stille, Edward Stroube, Ruth Tretz, Richard Walker, Jean Warren, Ryburn Weakley, Nancy West, Betty White, Ann Williams, Glenn Wills, Laura Jane Young. Dossett, Inman, Ewbank, Stevens, A. O'Bannon, F, Maturo, Powers, Stille Jones, Sherman, Crafton, Owen, Wills, Bland, Chambers, Stroube McQuaid, Grogan, White, Compton, W. O'Bannon, Barnes, Escandon, Johnston Ridley, Harber, Williams, Walker, Miller, Murray, Martin, J. Maturo Myles, Weakley, Warren, Young, West, Trefz l50 Suky executive board discussing activi- ties are Janice Stille, vice president, Gene Stevens, president, Nita Powers, secretary, Dr. Rhea Taylor, faculty advisor, Martha Martin, Eloise Ewbank, treasurer, Zelma Scharff UK students, band, and cheerleaders turn out for a pre-game Pep Rally and Snake dance on the intramural field UK cheerleaders at the Kentucky-Georgia game, front row, Dick Walker, Warren Featherston, David Bere, Bill McClure, back row: Jean Hardwick, Mary Lou Clark, Betty White, Eleanor Gash, Ruth Mayo, Jane Webb, Bobbie Yates, Nancy Brown uky 4 . 4 l5l Social Work Club The Social Work Club was founded at the University of Kentucky in April, 1948. It is a social and educational organization. Purpose: To develop and encourage interest in the field of social work on the port of students of the University. Faculty advisors: Mrs. Alice K. Rucker and H. E. Wetzel Officers: Faye Hooks, president, Betty Heiss, vice-presi- dentj Carolyn Carson, secretary, Florris Lyon, treasurer Members: Shirlee Akers, Curtis Boyles, Edith Bishop, Carolyn Carson, Anna Sam Casswell, Henrietta Cohn, Charles Cox, Jo Daugherty, Beth Deen, Martha Durham, Marge Frank, Gloria Garner, Betty Gorman, Sara Mae Greene, Charles Greenman, Leroy Gregory, Elizabeth Heiss, George Ann Hert- Iein, Faye Hooks, Eleanor Hughes, Agnes Hutchinson, LeRuth Jones, Dorothy Lee, Florris Lyon, Elaine Lyon, Susan Macklin, Carolyn McBee, Mary Lou McClure, Juanita McNamee, M. H. Meagher, Sue Neuman, May Beam Noe, Charmaine Petersen, Nancy Ramey, Betty Riggle, Ruth Vest Snowden l Standing: McNamee, Daugherty, Hutchinson, Durham, Cassell, Cox, Hughes, Frank, Bishop, McBee, Meagher, Petersen, Ramey, Mrs. Rucker, McClure, Noe, Snowden Seated: Riggle, Gregory, Hooks l52 Tau Kappa Alpha Ns. fk Mainous Dr. Gifford Blyton, Neal, Hammock, Drake, Gray Shearer, Griffin, Northcutt, Hensley, Rue, Ferguson, Robinson After several years of inactivity, Tau Kappa Alpha, national forensic honorary, was re-activated during 1948. Purpose: To award suitable recognition for excell- ence in extra-curricular forensics and public speaking activities and to foster a respect for, and an apprecia- tion of, freedom of speech as a vital element of de- mocrocy. Tau Kappa Alpha has, in the short time of its re- birth, sponsored such events as debates with Kentucky colleges, plus meetings with the University of Denver, Wofford College, and North Georgia College. The outstanding event of 1948-49 was the National Con- ference at Purdue University, where Ellen Drake, Betty Hammock, .loe Mainous, and Sidney Neal won high honors in discussion, extempore speaking, and a student congress. For 1949-50, an expanded pro- gram has been carried out. ln addition to debates with Kentucky colleges, other schools such as Boston University, Temple, and Notre Dame were invited to the campus. The highlight of the season was Tau Kappa's tenth annual conference, held at UK. Active members of Tau Kappa Alpha are: Ellen Drake, president, Sidney Neal, vice-president, Betty Hammock, sec- retary-treasurer Pledges are Joe Mainous, Bruce Ferguson, Robert Shearer, Joe Bodkln, and Robert Smith Ellen Drake was appointed Debate Manager, with Harold Griffin as her assistant. 153 Tau Sigma Tau Sigma was founded at the University of Kansas in 1928. Delta Chapter was in- stalled on the campus of the University of Kentucky in the spring of l942. Purpose: To study the dance with its accompany- ing arts-music, drama, and design-and to pro- mote general interest in the dance. Faculy advisor: Revell Estill Shaw qi ll! 7, 1 Officers: Betty Elliott, president: Janice Stille, vice-presi- dent: Ann O'Bannon, secretary: Mary Hal Cochran, treasurer Members: Emily Barron, Beverly Brown, Nancy Brown, Carol Jean Carter, Ginny Caudill, Ruth Cavender, Mary Hal Cochran, Betty Compton, Carolyn Critchlow, Beth Deen, Jim Duffy, Betty Elliott, Eleanor Gash, Jean Hardwick, Norman Howells, Caroline Lee, Judith Luigart, Joe Marks, Frances Maxedon, Trip Moody, Ann O'Bannon, Geneal Peterson, Sally Ramsey, Beulah Reynolds, lleana Rigau, Zell Sharff, Jean Stevens, Janice Stille, Mildred Vance, Dot Walthall, Charlotte Watson, Jeanne Wilson, Bobbie Yates, Roy Younger Marks, Vance, Stevens, Rigua, Farris O'Bannon, Luigart, Kllgus, Lee, Cochran l54 A melodrama in modern dance-thc villian leaps toward the three defenseless females, while his two cohorts jump with joy. Do I hear rescue offers? A study in perfection-Joe Marks and Vivian Hereford in a Tau Sigma program in the old Guignol. Night and Day-an old theme with a new twist. With such a twist as these Tau Sigma girls arc exhibiting, who cares what time it is? Tau Sigma tl 155 UK Troupers The University of Kentucky Troupers were organized on the campus in l94O. The group performs throughout the State to stimulate physical education activities and to introduce the people of Kentucky to the various activities sponsored by the Univer- sity of Kentucky. Director: Bernard M. Johnson Officers: John Jeter, president, Bill Birdsall, vice-president, Martha E. Shindelbowcr, secretary, Douglas Osborn, treasurer Members: Edgar Allison, Jim Anders, Betty Andes, John Benton, Bill Birdsall, Billie Bryant, Gail Carmichael, Earl Caudill, George Creedle, Harold Cox, Stan Dickson, Robert Duff, James Duffy, Don Fortenberry, George Francis, Ken- neth Franks, Willis Gray, John Griffin, Renny Hedland, Ralph Hovermale, Bob Hoagland, Don Jennings, John Jeter, Candy Johnson, Lee Jones, Bruce Kunkel, Juanita Lansdale, Alan Marsh, Kay McCabe, Bob McPhail, Margaret Moore, Berry Murphy, Fred Neuville, Doug Osborn, Charlotte Peters, Janet Powell, Sally Ramsey, lleana Rigau, Ana Teresa Rios, Bill Robinson, Chester Roe, Lucian Rouse, Gladys Royse, Douglas Schwartz, W. J. Semonin, Martha Shindelbower, Mary Shin- nick, Charles Smith, Lorentz Smith, Harry Stille, Ruth Stilz, Mildred Vance, Betty Jo Vaughn, Joyce West, Patty Wilkin- son, Eva Nell Wilson, Dick Wohlstein, Kenneth Woodman, Paul Young Robinson, Semonin, Stlltz, Kunkel, Royce, C. Smith, Carmichael, L. Smith, Vance Johnson, Newe , Hovermall, Shindelbower, Allison, West, Fortenberry, McCabe, Frances, Moore, Neuville, Andes, Rouse, Rlios, Roe Wohlstein, Bryant, Dickson, Wilkinson, Duff, Peters, Caudill, Shinnick, Franks, Lansdale Jones, McPhail, Jennings, Benson, Gray, Woodman, Wake, Stille, Cox, Marsh l56 Tumblers in formation-On the bottom: Mildred Vance, Kay McCabe, Margaret Moore, Gail Carmichael. Doing handstands, Juanita Lansdale, Patty Wilkinson, Ruth Stiltz, Sally Ramsey. On top, Charlotte Peters, Gladice Royce. Musicians, dancers, singers, magicians, and announcer-front row, Bob Hoagland, Joyce West, Edgar Allison, Martha Shindel- bower, Dick Wohlstein, Mary Shinnick. Back row: lleana Rigau, Ana Rios, Billie Bryant, Eva Nell Wilson, Lee Jones, Em Fluhr, Bob McPhail, Don Jennings, Lucian Rouse, Stan Dickson, Douglas Osborn Tumblers in a Pyramid- row one: Harry Stille, Bill Robinson, Fred Neuv.lle, Allen Marsh, Chester Roe, Bruce Kunkel. Row two: John Benson, Don Hockstrasser, Ernest Wake, Lorenz Smith, Bill Semonin. Row three: Ralph Hovermail, Kenneth Wood- man, Carl Newey, Charlie Smith. Row four: George Frances, Don Fortenberry, Willis Gray. Row five: Bob Duff, Kenneth Franks, Earl Caudill. Row six: Harold Cox. UK Troupers 157 Veterans Club Jones, Whisman, Smith Caldwell, K. Bruce The Veterans' Club was founded on the campus of the University of Kentucky on November 28, I944. Due to a lessening of veteran attendance during the past year, club members have decided by resolution to inactivate the club during the February- June term of l95O. Unless specific circum- stances should warrant its revival before the last of the war's veterans graduate, this will mark the end of an organization, short in life, unique in nature, but distinguished in service. Faculty advisor: Dr. Lysle W. Croft l58 Officers: Elliott Jones, president: John D. Whisman, ex- ecutive vice-president, L. C. Smith, vice-president in charge of membership, Kelly Bruce, secretary, J. Ken Cauldwell, treasurer Purpose: The nine veterans who attended the first meeting of the Veterans Club set its purpose as being "to promote the causes and protect the interests of veterans attending the University of Kentucky." "Mutual benefit through fellowship," was the phrase selected to keynote the policy. Sometime later a state- ment attributed to George Washington appeared at the masthead of club publications, declaring "When we assumed the role of soldier, we did not lay aside the role of citizen." Services: By 1946 the Veterans Club membership had grown to more than 2500 and club policy of direct action upon urgent problems, well demonstra- ted by this time, gave many members active parts in club activities. Veterans who brought problems to the club frequently found themselves chairman of a club committee to solve that problem, thus making the club active on many fronts. Typical of club services was the provision of liason service between individual veterans and the Univer- sity, the Veterans Administration, the Red Cross and other organizations, as well as the three branches of military service. The club office became a general information cen- ter for veterans and to make the information service more effective, a club newspaper, the POSTwarrior, was published and distributed free to all members. Probably one of the most useful parts played by the club was its service in helping provide housing for University veterans. A door-to-door canvass by club members, with an accompanying program of publicity and promotion, provided about 700 student veterans with living quarters in Lexington. Veterans Club ' 'l 7? A 2 Additional club services included a free employ- ment service for student veterans, a loan service using club funds, weekly radio programs, and representation of UK veterans in the state legislature and in Con- gress an issues affecting the veteran. H. C. Bowles -1946-47 J 1 Darrell B. Hancock- 1947-1948 Sid Neal- 1948-1949 159 Women's Athletic Association The Women's Athletic Association was installed ot the University of Kentucky in 1922 to further the othletic interests ond octivities of the women ot the University. Faculty advisors: Miss Cleo Papatsos, Miss Nancy Poe Officers: Phyllis Kloecker, president, Bettie Bryant, vice president, Mary Nutting, recording secretary: Billie Moore, corresponding secretary, Dorothy l-lonaker, treasurer Council members: Anna Faye Hooks, Tcnnisg Billic Moore, Bowlingg Connie Weatherby, Badminton, Martha Durham, Volleyball, Mary Nutting, Basketball, Carolyn Carson, Table Tennisg Annette Siler, Swimming, Marilyn Ritz, Archery, Har- riette Spaulding, Golf, Anne Ross Boyd, Publicity Nutting, Spaulding, Weatherby, Bryant, Honaker Kloecker, Siler, Ritz, Hooks, Carson, Moore, West, Durham l6O L- Marty McKinney rolls a strike-bound ball, while Ana Rios, Bonnie Sharp, and Paula Hunt wait their turns, in the WAA bowling tournament. The WAA hockey team--tront row, Louise Borie, Bonnie Sharp, Nancy Young, Alice Fisher, Shirley Bunzcr, Wanda Meier, Paula Hunt, Eula West. Back row: Phyllis Warren, Marty McKinney, Ana Rios, Con- nie Wetherby, Luanne Williams, Mimi Franklin, Marilyn McDonald, Pat Bradley, Chris Morris, Anne Ross Byrd, Mimi Smith, Joyce Alan, Ella Rena Potter. Phyllis Kloeckcr ably guards Dorothy Honaker in the Girls Intramural basketball tournament. Women's Athletic Association l6l Northern Extension Center Shown above is the building which houses the Northern Extension Center. Lots of folks still don't know it, but UK has had a nothern center up close to Yankee-Land for the past two years. Of- fering bath undergraduate and graduate courses, The Northern Extension Center in Covington enables residents of northern Kentucky to complete their first two years of college before coming to the Lexington campus for the junior and senior years. Work toward the moster's degree is also being undertaken at the center. Last Fall found l5O full time freshman and sophomores enrolled. Another 150 part-time undergrads and graduate students brought the Center's enrollment over the 300 mark. Operating under the leadership of Thom- as L. Hankins, the Northern Center has smoothly integrated itself into the life of the University. Some of the profs divide their schedule between Lexington and Cov- ington while others have moved northward in order to give the Center full time. Faculty of the Northern Extension Center: Dudley, Van Vetzel, Director Hankins, Warrick, Swing, Loudenslager Martin, Rehting, Goldstone, Sebastian, Carr, Lykins, Clark Baulch, Loundenslager, Elliott, Miller, White l62 L Even though UK students at the North- ern Center don't get a chance to spend much time on the Lexington campus, they are nevertheless activity minded. Their organizations include: Student Council, Glee Club, Band, Athletic Club, Dramatic Society, Press Club, and Stag Club. Part ot the Covington YMCA has be- come a UK Student Union where the center guys and gals "take ten" between classes, or throw a dance on a Friday night. lncidentally, the pictures of the Northern Center you're looking at were taken by photo-minded Fred Hemphill. The Boss--Director Thomas L. Hankins Student Council- Wintersolc, Taylor, Hanben Deegan, Easley, Pitts, Miss Warrick, Van Vctzal Stag Club- Musser, Mr. Martin, Luiz, Houbcn, Deegan, Mr. Hankins, Rasch, Reed, Master, McClure Stain, Flich, Gronefeld, Roddick, Mullins, Maylcbcn, White Northern Extension Center 163 K A , Af-'-A . . .Nb f . , - , , A .::.,. ' " v ,' ' ...f . ,-wi x. A' , ,. 4 h, is V. ,YA ,yzlzgjyiiislys ix x ,gy 4 ' 1 .. 4 V. sl' ',:'-fluff! flip' , ,.,, M 'Q ' ' n ' ig:5.y'k14' Q 51 r A V3 , 7.1 ,wffi -"'i'KQ'i?'9-'V f ' . iz'?f'-Q-V4 ...1 -'f v' "' - uv. '. 4 5 A .L Q . V ,,7' fl1,fr,KIL . 4. 1 sf 4 7--,Y ,, lWf".' fa. 3i'P',?.' Q- - ' 4 F . ,'.' ffw' ,gig Aa, vf 'Luv-' - ' My ' 'Q . ' .4 . 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' ' f ' fl . , f ' Q ' y 1 ? wwf 2 gm 'f, , Q ' 1 3-V. if , "f N' f ' 'xxx A UAL ra ,, 5, 1 - . , h M x -f- my 1 'f g' f rf' , J H+ p KH f nf'1f '41 f,, A, I Q ,iff We Were Wildcats . . . We migrated to Miami. . .by planes, trains, and non-stop cars . . . we found the ORANGE a bitter fruit . . . and Flor- ida sunshine, a press-agent's dream . . . we loved the "Bear" and our Big Blue . . . the pageantry and mid-winter tans . . . the "Flamingo" parties on New Year's Eve . . . even the clip-joints on the Beach . . . a rousing cheer . . . DE- SPITE defeat. Kentucky's Wildcats lost their first major post sea- son bowl game this year when the Santa Clara Broncos stopped the Blue and White 2l-I3 in the l6th annual Orange Bowl contest at Miami, Fla., on January 2. A crowd of 64,816 watched the Kentucky team completely monopolize the play in the first half. The Cats went to the dressing room during the colorful halftime ceremonies holding a 7-0 lead. Kentucky scored the first touchdown of the game in the second quarter when Wilbur "Shorty" Jamerson plunged over from the one yard line and Bobby Brooks added the extra point. However, things took a different turn in the second half. Santa Clara, with a couple of fast backs and a great punter, Hall Haynes, leading the way, smashed back to score two touchdowns in the third quarter and take a l4-7 lead. The score was still the same when the quarter ended. The Big Blue and White was not done yet, though. Early in the fourth quarter Vito "Babe" Parilli passed to Emery Clark for 52 yards and a touchdown. The Cats missed the extra point and-it was l4-l3. The Broncos sewed up the game a little later when they scored and added the extra point to win the hard fought battle 2l-l3. lt was a great team win for the Broncos from Cali- fornia and a great disappointment to the Kentucky boys. The punting of Hall Haynes was largely re- sponsible for keeping the Cats in their own back yard throughout the most of the game. A big break for the Broncos came when Kentucky was driving for a touchdown as the half neared its end. The gun sounded ending the half as Kentucky pounded on the door-only one yard away from the line. A two touchdown lead at halftime might have changed the outcome of the contest. Halftime pageantry at the 1950 Orange Bowl at Miami, Fla.,-a gorgeous spectacle. l66 KENTUCKY PLAYED A POST SEASON Preparation for the start of the 1950 Orange Bowl game at Miami, Fla. Pictured are Ken- tucky's captains, Dick Holway and Harry Ulin- ski, Referee Fred Koster, and Santa Clara's captains, John Hock and Hall Haynes. Three of the queens of the l950 Orange Bowl are also pictured, including Coleen Townsend, middle, former movie actress. f Hhs-.....-. 4 GAME IN MIAMI'S ORANGE BOWL l67 Top row- Martin, McDermott, Pope, Moseley, Phelps, McCIendon, Jamerson, Gain, Ulinski, Rogers, Wooddellg Third row-Zaranka, lgnarski, Jones, James, Wannamaker, Webb, Porter, McConnaughey, Schaffnit, Frampton, Second row-Bentley, Holway, Yowarsky, Vance, E. Hamilton, Netoskie, Lawson, Conde, Brooks, Parilli, Odlivakg Borrow row- Bezuk, Leskovar, Genito, Truman, Boller, Claiborne, A. Hamilton, Fucci, Clark. Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky 1949 SEASON SCORES 71 Mississippi Southern 7 19 Louisiana State O 47 Mississippi O 25 Georgia O 44 The Citadel O 7 Southern Methodist 20 14 Cincinnati 7 21 Xavier 7 35 Florida O O Tennessee 6 21 Miami fFIa.J 6 Orange Bowl 13 . Santa Clara 21 FOOTBALL WAS A SUCCESS The four year tenure as head coach of the Ken- tucky Wildcats has proved a very successful stay for Paul "Bear" Bryant. During this four year period his Wildcat clubs have won a total of 29 games while losing only I2 and tieing two. Last season the Wildcats under Bryant won nine games while dropping but three contests-Tennessee, Southern Methodist, and Santa Clara, The Wildcats won four conference games in l949 and lost but one, the Tennessee game. Head Coach Bryant came to Kentucky after one year as the head coach of the University of Maryland. While at Maryland Bryant's team also compiled an enviable record, winning six games, losing but two, and tieing one. Bryant first received nationwide attention when he held down one of the end positions on the great Ala- bama teams of I933-34-35, including the Rose Bowl team of l935. After his graduation he stayed on at Alabama as assistant coach under Frank Thomas, then moved to Vanderbilt as line coach, He entered the U.S. Navy in l94l and upon his discharge in i945 went to Maryland as head coach. Kentucky has been built into a SEC powerhouse under Bryant, something Kentucky fans have long dreamed of. He has a ten year contract with the Wildcats which still has seven more years to run and Kentucky confidently expects at least seven more years of successful Wildcat football teams. f -i-1" - -I 4 Pictured at the right is Paul "Bear" Bryant, head football coach of the Ken- tucky Wildcats, in a relaxing moment. Bryant led his Blue and White team to a record of nine wins against but three losses last season. Bryant's other claim to fame in the SEC is that he is "the conference! most handsome coach" which is a dis- tinction in itself. FOR THE WILDCATS IN l949 ,lx on ml.: rl -iv I 'ir ' 1, f . A . l69 .RNA ,gigs 'xi Top-Bill Leskovar f33J hits the line in the Tennessee game. The Cats lost this one, 6-O. Center-Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant points onto the field during the Tennessee game as evidently something goes amiss for the Cats. Bottom-Don Frampton, Kentucky end 1843, takes a Parilli pass in the Xavier game at Cincinnati as the Cats win, 2l-7. Kentucky finished the I949 foot- ball season with nine victories and only two defeats. The Wildcats wound up second in the Southeastern Con- ference and earned themselves an in- vitation to the Orange bowl in Miami. They were ranked high nationally all season. There were individual honors too. Tackle Bob Gain made the Players All-America and the Associated Press second team. Center Harry Ulinski and quarterback Babe Parilli gained honorable mention on the Associated Press team. Gain and Ulinski made the United Press and the Associated Press All-Southeastern t e a m s, and Parilli led all voting for the Associated Press All-Southeastern sophomore team. Kentucky 71 Mississippi Southern 7 Kentucky opened the season on September l7 by literally smothering Mississippi Southern in a barrage of ll touchdowns. The Wildcats scored almost at will against the outclassed Southerners as 25,000 fans yelled for more. Kentucky scored four times in the first quarter, once in the second, and three times each in the third and fourth periods. Mississippi Southern scored its one touchdown in the first quarter. Kentucky touchdowns were scored by Charlie Bradshaw, Dopey Phelps, Lee Truman, Emery Clark, Cliff Lawson 2, Jerry Claiborne, Jim Howe, Bill Boller, Bob Bezuk, and Dom Fucci. Bobby Brooks converted four times and Boller once. Kentucky 19 Louisiana State 0 Kentucky and L.S.U. opened their conference seasons in Baton Rouge September 24, and Kentucky emerged on the long end of a 19-O count. The Wildcats scored their first touchdown the first time they got their hands on the ball as Parilli passed 32 yards to Phelps. Howe scored late in the sec- ond quarter when he took a pass from Phelps. Clayton Webb scored the third and last touchdown in the fourth quarter. Brooks converted once in three tries. T70 THERE WAS ACTION APLENTY Kentucky 47 Ole Miss 0 A homecoming crowd of 25,000 watched in deep gloom as Kentucky upset the dope and Ole Miss 47-0 at Oxford. The Wildcats scored once each in the first two quarters, twice in the third, and three times in the fourth while a magnificent Kentucky line mauled the Johnny Rebs into submission. Kentucky touch- downs were scored by Bill Leskovar, Parilli, Howe, Boller, Shorty Jamerson, Don Frampton, and Jim Mc- Kenzie. Kentucky 25 Georgia O Kentucky marched through Georgia 25-0 on Oc- tober 8 before a record crowd of 36,000. Clark start- ed the rout by returning a Georgia punt 6l yards in the second quarter. Boller missed the placement at- tempt, but connected after Leskovar scored the second touchdown. Fucci scored twice in the third quarter to end the scoring for the night. Georgia never got inside the Kentucky 35 and was whitewashed for the first time in l4 games. Kentucky 44 The Citadel 0 Kentucky scored in every quarter as they stopped a band of already-tame Bulldogs 44-0 at Stoll Field. The Wildcats scored in the first minute of play when Al Bohlen fumbled in The Citadel end zone and was smeared for a safety. Phelps scored twice in the first quarter and Boller converted both times. Jamerson scored in the second quarter and Phelps kicked the extra point. Southern Methodist 20 Kentucky 7 S.M.U. upset Kentucky 20-7 at Dallas on October 22. The Mustangs, playing without All-America Doak Walker, were highly-keyed and were sparked by the brilliant Kyle Rote. Penalties hurt the Wildcats, who lust couldn't click against the inspired Mustangs. S.M.U. scored first when Rate swept over from-the nine. Kentucky retaliated quickly as Fucci scored on a 26-yard pass from Parilli and Brooks converted. Rate scored again for S.M.U. in the third quarter and kicked his own extra point to put the Mustangs ahead l3-7. They scored again in the last quarter on a 54- yard pass and Kentucky had lost its first game as against five wins. Kentucky 'I4 Cincinnati 7 Although outplayed most of the way, Kentucky defeated Cincinnati l4-7 October 30. The Wildcats scored both their touchdowns in the second quarter and Cincinnati scored its one in the fourth. Webb scored first for Kentucky after Harold Wood- dell had intercepted a Cincinati pass. Nick Odlivak took a pass from Parilli to account for the second. Kentucky 21 Xavier 7 The Wildcats ruined another homecoming as they defeated the Xavier Musketeers 2l-7 at Cincinnati November 5. Xavier had won seven games in a row and put up a stiff battle, especially on defense, be- fore bowing to the highly-touted Kentuckians. Boller drove one foot to score for Kentucky in the opening period. Leskovar scored twice for Kentucky in the fourth quarter and Brooks kicked all three extra points. The Wildcat line sparkled, holding the Musketeers to a net gain of only nine yards on the ground. Kentucky 35 Florida 0 Kentucky blasted Florida 35-O at Tampa Novem- ber l2, bottling up the vaunted Charlie Hunsinger completely. Florida, which never got behind the Kentucky 35-yard line, had scored at least two touchdowns in every previous game this season. Clark scored in the first quarter and Phelps tallied twice in the second. The Wildcats failed to score in the third quarter, but Lawson took a pass from Paul Jones in the fourth and ran it 65 yards to pay dirt. Brooks intercepted a Florida pass and zig-zagged 65 yards to score Kentucky's fifth and final touchdown and then converted for the fifth time in the game. Don Phelps crashes through for valuable yardage against Xavier as the Cats won this one, 21-7. In the background is Vito Parilli ll0l and on the ground is Kentucky's Jim Howe l20J. FOR FOOTBALL FANS LAST YEAR l7l Tennessee 6 Kentucky 0 Tennessee marred Kentucky's best season by scoring in the first quarter and holding on to win 6-O. The Vol- unteers have not lost to the Wildcats in their last I8 meetings. This year it was Tennessee all the way as a record crowd of 38,000 at Stoll Field looked on in resianed sor- row. Only good defensive play kept the score from going higher. Ken- tucky's most serious threat was made late in the fourth quarter, but Ten- nessee intercepted a Kentucky pass and the threat and the game ended. Kentucky 21 Miami 6 Kentucky closed its season with a 21-6 triumph in a night game at Miami. The Wildcats scored in each of the last three quarters after Miami had scored in the first. Ralph Genito, Phelps, and John Ne- toskie did the scoring for Kentucky. Netoskie scored his touchdown after running an intercepted pass back 80 yards. Brooks kicked all the extra points for his fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth straight. Top--Kentucky's Al Bruno l85l goes high into the air to catch a Parilli pass in the Orange Bowl game against Santa Clara. Bruno was Kentucky's leading pass receiver. Bottom-Nick Odlivak l8lJ waits for the ball in the Xavier game which Kentucky won, 21-7. Though flanked by two defend- ers he made the catch. AWIDE OPEN PASSING ATTACK Bill Boller-senior fullback tram Beaver Falls, Pa. Lettered four years for Cats and was used mainly on of- tense. Lee Truman -- senior fullback from Owensboro, Ky. Lettered three years and was top linebacker in two platoon system. Vito "Babe" P a r i I l i - sophomore quarterback from Rochester, Pa. Out- standing sophomore in the SEC and sparked Cats all year with great pass- ing. Emery Clark--sophomore halfback from Carlisle, Ky. Used sparingly last year but his punt return against Geor- gia broke open the game. Don "Dopey" Phelps-senior half- back from Danville, Ky, Lettered three years for the Cats and dazzled fans year after year with brilliant runs. Dominic Fucci-junior quarterback and halfback from New Village, N. J. Performed well at half and quarter for the Cats but probably will switch to end. Did most of the punting for Kentucky. 4 ' - ei- f . ' 'wax gtlljfam 'F' 'L' .,-L. ., -. 4 fl. .Url ' -L. FEATURED THE UK OFFENSE .173 Clayton Webb -junior fullback from St. Albans, W. Va. Excellent kicker and fine runner who will prob- ably see plenty of service during next year's cam- paign. Bill Wannamaker--senior guard from Charles- town, S. C. He was a great defensive guard last sea- son and spilled many a play before it started. Bob Gain-junior tackle from Weirton, W. Va. Big Bob has proved himself one of the South's greatest tackles. Made one All-American last season and probably more coming up this year. Charles McCIendon-sopho- more end from Lewisville, Ark. Good pass receiver who didn't see too much action. Used quite a bit on defense. Harry Ulinski-senior center from Am- bridge, Pa. Helped form great line backing combina- tion with Lee Truman. Big and rough, he proved a rock on defense. Ralph Genito -senior fullback from Duquesne, Pa. Fancy running back who thrills the crowd when he goes. Fans still recall perfor- mance against Florida two years ago. John Netoskie - sophomore end from New Kensington, Pa. Another soph end who promises to develop. Made great run- back of interception in the Florida game last year. Pat James - junior guard from New Boston, O. Play- ed mostly on defense last season and helped make the great Cat defensive forward wall. He looked good all of the time. Dick Holway-senior guard from Youngstown, O. Alternate Captain for the Cats last season and looked terrific in Cats' contests. Lettered for three years. Jim Howe-senior halfback from Ft. Thomas, Ky. Played a lot of defensive ball last year but fans will remember him for his run in the Villanova game two years ago. Don Frampton- sophomore end from Bradford, Pa. Didn't play too much but always looked good. Scored in the Missi- ssippi game last season. Jim McKenzie - sophomore tackle from Gary, Ind. A real big boy who is plenty hard to move. Filled in while Gain was injured and promises much for the future, Al Bruno--junior end from West Chester, Pa. Here's the boy Kentucky fans always wont. He led all pass receivers last sea- Clayton Webb Bill Wannamaker Harry Ulinski Ralph Genito l74 Bob Gain Charles McClendon John Netoskie Pat James THE WILDCATS WERE RANKED HIGH son while gaining 2l4 yards on his completions. Nick Odlivak - senior end from Aliquippa, Pa. Handsome Nick played a lot of ball last season both offensively and defensively. Made ll completions and gained lO2 yards. Bob Pope-junior tackle from Harlan, Ky. Big Bob helped anchor the Cat forward wall and was a big help to Wildcat fortunes. He weighs 220 and is hard to move. Johnny Ignorski-sophomore guard from South Milwaukee, Wis. Played a lot of offensive guard last season and was highly praised by football experts. Bobby Brooks - sophomore half- back from Gary, Ind. Extra-point specialist for the Cats who also ranks as one of the most deceptive runners in the entire nation if he can whip his in- juries. Bobby Bezuk--sophomore quarterback from Ambridge, Pa. He understudied Parilli at the quarter- back slot and showed well the short time he played. ' k H l Jim Howe Don Frampton Jim McKenzie Duc oway AI Bruno Nick Odlivak Bob Pope John Ignarski AS SOUTHERN GRIDIRON POWER The men behind the Kentucky basketball teams-Adolph Rupp and Harry Lancaster. Rupp is head coach while Lancaster serves as varsity assistant coach and coach of the fresh- man team. Coach Adolph Rupp completed his twentieth sea- son as head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats during the l949-50 season as he guided his predominately sophomore club to a record of 25 wins and five losses. This ran the Baron's victory total while at UK to some 409 wins as against only 77 losses and the prospects for the next few years should make for even a better record. The late l94O's saw the era of great UK power- houses under Rupp. lt was during this time that his team ran up a record of 64 straight conference wins, seven straight SEC titles Cstill unbroken? and 84 con- secutive wins at hime Calso unbroken to datel. During this period he developed All-Americans practically by the carload including, of late, Alex Groza, Ralph Beard, Wah Jones, etc. Rupp learned his basketball at the University of Kansas under Phog Allen and he learned it well. His teams have long been the scourge of the nation. ln I944 he received probably his highest tribute with election to the Helms Foundation basketball Hall of Fame. l we Top row C. M. Newton, Jim Line, Shelby Linville, Walt Whittaker, Bill Spivey, Roger Layne, Walt Hirsch, Roger Day, and George Lambros. Bottom row Coach Adolph Rupp, Capt. Dale Barnstable, Len Pearson, Garland Townes, Arlan King, Lucian Whitaker, Guy Strong, Bobby Watson, Gus Stergeos, and assistant coach Harry Lancaster. COACH RUPP FASHIONED ANOTHER 5. Big Bill Spivey readies his book shot in the Indiana Dale Barnstable, i949-50 captain of the Kentucky Central basketball game which opened the i949-50 UK Wildcats, lays up a shot good for two points in the season and which the Cats won handily. indiana Central game. Dale was the steadying influence on the Cats last year. i949-50 KENTUCKY RECORD KY. TEAM OPP. 84 indiana Central 6l 90 Western Ontario I8 58 St. John's 69 49 DePaul 47 60 Purdue 54 57 Villanova iovertimej 56 7l Bradley 66 57 Arkansas 53 87 Mississippi State 55 83 North Carolina University 44 53 Tennessee 66 6l Georgia Tech 47 60 Georgia 7l SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT V 56 Mississippi State 46 79 Georgia 63 lChampionshipl 95 Tennessee 58 OUTSTANDING TEAM THIS YEAR . TEAM OPP. DePaul 53 Notre Dame 64 Xavier 47 Georgia 56 Vanderbilt 54 Alabama 64 Mississippi 55 Tennessee 52 Alabama 57 Mississippi 50 Georgia Tech 62 Xavier 53 Vanderbilt 66 NATIONAL INVITATION TOURNAMENT City College of New York 89 lt looks as though he's even with the basket and he probably is. lt's Bill Spivey tipping one in against Indiana Central. The big fellow scored 578 points this season. l78 Kentucky's basketball Wildcats end- ed their l949-50 season with a record of 25 wins as against only fivc de- feats. The sophomore club also an- nexed their seventh straight SEC crown and added the Sugar Bowl title during their successful season. They closed out the Wildcat stay at Alumni Gym by running the consecutive win- ning streak to 84 games. The Cats opened the season with wins over Indiana Central and West- ern Ontario but suffered their first loss of the year to St. John's at Madi- son Square Garden. They added wins over DePaul and Purdue before cap- turing the Sugar Bowl title at New Orleans. Sophomore Guard Skippy Whitaker provided the spark while Jim Line hit timely points as the Cats stopped Villanova and then Bradley in the finals, 7l-66. Wins over Arkansas, Mississippi State, and North Carolina followed before the Cats were finally defeated in SEC play by Tennessee. Previously the Cats had won 64 straight confer- ence games. After winning over Geor- gia Tech, Georgia stopped the Cats. The Ruppmen slaughtered DePaul at Chicago but were dropped by Notre Dame. The Cats won their next l l games scheduled during the season by whip- ping Xavier, Mississippi, Alabama, and Vanderbilt twice, and also Geor- gia, Tennessee, and Georgia Tech. The win at Alumni Gym over Vandy was a great game, the Cats overcom- ing a I2-point halftime deficit. Kentucky captured the SEC tourna- ment, mowing down Tennessee in the finals, 95-58, as Bill Spivey hit for 37 points. ' Accepting a bid to National lnvi- tation Tournament, the Cats were smothered by CCNY, 97-50, for Coach Adolph Rupp's worst defeat of all time but, all in all, it was a very satisfying season. EXCITEMENT RAN HIGH C. M. Newton - 'Fig" is the six foot-three guard and forward from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He didn't see much service this season, but, along with the rest of the sophomores, promises well for seasons to come. He is a good shot from out on the floor and works well under the boards. Bobby Watson - This five foot-ten sophomore won a starting berth with his dazzling speed and deadly shooting, it was his set shots that helped penetrate tight opposing defenses this season. He can hit from practically anywhere and did so to the tune of 32 per- cent. He's l75 pounds of fighting guard and he can be found matching bumps with the biggest of the big boys and coming out with the rebound repeatedly. Read Morgan-A talented sophomore who be- came eligible at mid-term and played in only seven games, but in doing so he displayed the fighting spirit and all-round hustle that brought him to UK. Read is big-six feet-four and 200 pounds-and is terrific on rebounds as well as clever in handling the ball. Walt Hirsch --Likable Walt was third in scoring with 297 points, hooking in l27 from the field for a percentage of 28. His left-handed shot was consis- tently good, but it was not his scoring that made him the standout he was - it was his ballhawking. Time after time he stole the ball for much needed lay-ups. The six foot-four junior from Dayton, Ohio, is 20 years old and will captain the Wildcats next year. Bill Spivey -The year's big question mark turned into an exclamation point - a big one, in fact seven feet-one quarter inch of ballplayer. "Grits" led all scorers in the conference this season, amassing a total of 578 points for an average of l9.3 for his 30 games. The lanky sophomore, past pupil of Al Groza, used the rnaestro's technique to advantage in break- ing the individual scoring record for the SEC by hit- ting 40 against Georgia Tech. Bill was named on thc All-SEC season's team. Garland Townes - "Spec" is a fast, slick, six foot, l80 pound junior from Hazard. One of the best de- fensive men an the team, Townes looked better this season than ever before. He is rough on the floor and can be depended upon to give his best when it comes to guarding a man. He is a specialist at tying up his man. I i if 'i ' fl . if , I, If C. M. Newton Bobby Watson Read Morgan Walt Hirsch Bill Spivey Garland Townes l8O THE SOPHOMORE STUDDED ROSTER Dole Barnstable-Barney captained the young Wildcats in his senior year and was valuable in aiding the Cats compile their enviable record. He was fifth high scorer for the team this season getting l79 points on 7l field goals and 37 free throws. Perhaps his top game was the Cat-Vandy game played at Alumni Gym when he tossed in l8 points. Jim Line--One of the two seniors on the young team, "Lefty" helped provide the steadying influence needed to get the club rolling at the onset of the sea- son. Jim blasted the nets for 37 points in the opener against Indiana Central and had he not fouled out, undoubtedly would have set an all-time Kentucky record. He wound up the season with an average of i3 points per game. Jim won a first-team berth on the All-SEC team and honorable mention on several All-American teams. Lucian Whitaker-"Skippy" is the race horse style of ballplayer. He's fast, a classy ballhandler and a very good shot. "Skippy" hit at a one-for-three clip this season and showed some mighty fancy floor play. ln the Sugar Bowl tourney it was Skip who provided the spark that carried the Cats through to the championship. Shelby Linville-An exceptionally good man on the boards, "Shelb" is the most effective at center and therefore provided much needed relief for Spivey. A regular ballhawk and a good shot, Linville hit for IO4 points in his semester of play for a field goal average of 3l percent. He weighs 2lO and hails from Middlesboro, Ohio. Len Pearson - "Whitey" to one and all. This six foot-one lad, who hails from Chicago, is a scrapper in the real sense of the word. The good-natured speedmerchant is deadly from the floor and hit for 30 percent of his shots in his service at the guard position. A good team man, Pearson is the type ball- player that can spark a team or go for a red-hot night himself. Roger Layne- Layne is the six foot-seven junior center from Arkansas. l-le transferred from Magnolia A8. M and seemed to improve as the season devel- oped. The l85 pound cager is handy with a hook shot and a "go-getter" on the boards, His height should help the Cats plenty next season. ln the ten games in which he played this year, Roger shot only 18 times and hit five from the field. Dale Barnstable Jim Line Lucian Whitaker Shelby Linyillc Len Pearson Roger Layne PROMISES WELL FOR FUTURE SEASONS l8l Allen Hamilton, Kentucky's hard hitting outfielder, takes a practice cut as the Cats ready for the current base- ball season. Hamilton was one of the big factors in UK's outstanding success during the 1949 season. Johnny Stough, Kentucky's fancy fielding shortstop, scoops up a ground ball during practice. Stough was one of the long ball hitters for the Cats during the year and played a brilliant game afield. i949 BASEBALL RECORD KY. TEAM OPP. i4 Georgia Tech 7 9 Georgia Tech 8 4 Vanderbilt 2 lO Vanderbilt 8 IO Tenn. Poly. Inst 7 3 Georgia 2 i2 Georgia I3 7 Vanderbilt 2 l l Vanderbilt 6 I4 Georgia Tech i8 9 Georgia Tech l 5 Tennessee 4 8 Tennessee 3 O Georgia I5 7 Georgia I3 4 Tennessee 2 8 Tennessee 10 SEC CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF KY. TEAM OPP. 3 Mississippi State 6 2 Mississippi State 7 4 Mississippi State 3 5 Mississippi State 7 182 KENTUCKY'S FORTUNES ON THE Kentucky's baseball team enjoyed a very successful season during the spring of I949. The team during the regular season won I2 and dropped but five games. Then in the play-offs for the Southeastern Conference title, the Cats were defeated three games to one. Kentucky opened the season by beating Georgia Tech in a two game series I4-7 and a close one, 9-8. Then they went on to win a two game series from the Vanderbilt Commo- dores 4-2 and IO-8. Tennessee Poly was the Cats next victim and they fell in a single game I0-7. The Cats opened their two game series with Georgia with a win, gaining a 3-2 triumph. However, the Bulldogs finally broke the Kentucky winning streak at six games by edging the Cats I3-I2 in a wide open and hard fought contest. Kentucky bounced back, however, to win their next two, beating Van- derbilt again 7-2 and ll-6 to make it four straight victories over the Ten- nessee team. The diamond men of Kentucky then engaged Georgia Tech in another two game series and the Engineers fared a little better in this set, taking the first game I8-I4. However, the Cats came back to win the next game 9-I to hold a three and one overall mar- gin over the Tech club. Tennessee was played for the first time during the season in the Cats next two games and Kentucky handled the Volunteer team, but only after some difficulties. Kentucky won the first game, a close affair, 5-4 and then won the second with a little more ease 8-3. Georgia's Bulldogs gave the Cats plenty of trouble in Kentucky's next two games. The Georgia club won the first game by shutting out the Cats in what became a slaughter I5-0. Kentucky dropped the second game by a more respectable score, I3-7. Top - Kentucky coaches of the UK base- ball team pictured studying the situation before the season starts. At the left is Frank Moseley and Randy Phillips is at the right. Bottom-Walt Hirsch, Kentucky's hard hitting first baseman and pitcher is pic- tured as he stretches for a throw at the first base bag. DIAMOND HIT ANOTHER UK HIGH B The Cats split in their last two scheduled games of the season with Tennessee's Volunteers, The Cats won the first game 4-2 but Tennessee bounced back to win the second game of the set I0-8. In the SEC play-offs, the Cats faced a top-notch team in the Mississippi nine. Mississippi State won the first game 6-3 and then added the second 7-2. Kentucky bounced back to take the third game 4-3 but Mississippi State ended the series by winning the final game 7-5. Kentucky then entered the NCAA district three play-offs and were finally ousted by Wake Forest. The Cats dropped their first game to Wake Forest 5-3 in the double elimination tourney, but came back to defeat the University of Richmond 2-0 and then Mississippi State 2-O. However, Wake Forest won over the Cats 8-O in their final game to eliminate Kentucky. f ' YWQ-,.i I an TENNIS The UK tennis team captured six matches while dropping three during their I949 season to give a good account of themselves in the spring sports pro- gram. Kentucky opened with a 9-0 loss to Kalamazoo and were dropped by the some score to Vanderbilt for two of their three losses. As usual bad weather handi- capped the Cats at the outset of the season. However, Kentucky came back to stop Tennessee 6-I and then won by the some score over Xavier. The Wildcats won over Berea College by blanking them 7-O. Louisville was the next victim of the Cat netmen as they won over UL 5-4 in a tight match. Xavier fell again at Cincinnati by the some score as before, 6-I. The Cats last win was over Kentucky Wesleyan 6-I. In the closing match of the season the Cats fell before TPI 6-3 for the completion of their six and three season's record. TRACK Kentucky's track team under Coach Don Cash Seaton won three meets during the I948 season while dropping but one in a very successful season. The Cats opened the season by participating in the Purdue Relays. The best showing made there was by George Kirchner who placed fifth in the IOOO-yard run. First dual meet of the season was against Cincin- nati and the Cats won this engagement handily, 6626 to 53V3. Then the Kentucky club won over Vanderbilt 78V2 to 52V2. Tennessee came to Lexington and stopped Seaton's team for its only defeat of the year 74 to 57. The Cats closed their dual meet season with a 67M to 54 V3 win over the University of Louisville. ln the SEC meet held in Birmingham, the Cats scored eight and one-half points. Tony Dallas was the outstanding performer for the club in the broad jump, high iurnp, and his specialty, the hurdles. I949 TENNIS KY. TEAM O Kalamazoo O Vanderbilt Georgia Tech 6 Tennessee 6 Xavier Cincinnati 7 Berea 5 Louisville 6 Xavier Cincinnati 6 Kentucky Wesleyan 3 T.P.I. I9-49 TRACK KY. TEAM 0 Purdue Relays 68 273 Cincinnati 78Vg Vanderbilt 57 Tennessee 67 273 Louisville 8V2 S.E.C. Meet 0 Inter-Conf. Meet I949 GOLF RECORD I949 FENCING KY. TEAM OPP. Ayg Vanderbilt IBYQ H 772 Western Ky. St. IOX2 A 8 Vanderbilt IO A 24V2 Xavier 2V2 H I6 Tennessee 2 A V2 Georgia Tech Wy A 8V2 Georgia 9X5 A 22 Miami lOhioi 5 H I I Tennessee 7 H IO Cincinnati I7 H IOV2 Xavier 7V2 A I2 Miami lOhioi I5 A I0 Cincinnati 8 A I 7V2 Louisville 9V2 A I84 KY. TEAM 5 Iliinois I0 Vanderbilt I7V2 Cincinnati I3 Louisville 5 Vanderbilt I5 Louisville I I Cincinnati RECORD OPP. 9 H 9 l-l lRaini A I H I H IRainl H O H 4 A I A lR.ainl A I H 6 H RECORD OPP. A 53 U3 A 52V2 A 74 H 54 IX3 H A A RECORD OPP. 22 A 6 H 9V2 A 4 H 4 A 2 A 6 H THE WILDCATS HELD THEIR OWN I Tennis, top row, Charles Holland, Dave Epley, Ben Kanatzarg bottom row, Omar Tatum, Coach Andy Paton, Jerry Claiborne. Track, top row, Wills, Weeks, Distler, Bruno, Barnstable, Tichter, Sither, Carr, bottom row, Coach Don Cash Seaton, Griffin, Wise, Dallas, Mcihaus, Kirchner, Brewster, Fraiman, Turner, IN THE OTHER SPORTS AT UK Intramural Although still handicapped by the lack of equip- ment and the necessity of sharing facilities with other functions of the physical education department, in- tramural sports at UK consisted of an extensive 25 game sport program and witnessed the keenest com- petition in years. During the period beginning with the spring semes- ter of I9-49 and running through the fall semester of this year, intramurals attracted 4044 participants and some 435 teams. Again the sport with the most participants was basketball with 8l0 men playing. Following basketball were football, bowling, and softball. The basketball elimination was divided into the independent and fraternity groups. Sigma Chi defeat- ed Phi Delta Theta for the fraternity championship while the K-Club topped the World Walkers for the independent title. ln a play-off between the two divisions both independent clubs won over the frater- nity groups to give the K-Club the title, Sigma Chi the runners-up position, World Walkers third place, and Phi Delta Theta fourth place. Last year's all-participation crown went to Delta Tau Delta. Led by Tommy Burke, the Delts by virtue of victories in various major eliminations, waltzed home with the beautiful trophy awarded the winner of the annual award. Ever expanding, the IM division of the physical education department sponsored for the fourth straight year the Blue Grass Tennis Tournament last summer with over one hundred central Kentuckians partici- pating. The highly successful tourney will be contin- ued for the general betterment of sports and social relations throughout the state. Breck Hall won the softball championship last spring winning over the SAE club in the finals. Tom Lawson was the pitcher the winners relied on to carry them to the title. The Men's Dorm team won the football crown last fall as they stopped the same club-the SAE team l86 Sports - in the final game to take the title. This gave the teams of Doc Wall a clean sweep in the three major sports for the year-softball, football, and basket- ball. Of course, the K-Club won the basketball title this winter. In other sports held last spring semester, it went something like the following: ln the badminton singles Newton CSAEI won over Inman IDTDD. ln the doubles Newton and Jacobs KSAEI won over McGee and Ben- son IATOP. The bowling title went to the PDT team while SN finished as runners-up. Maturo IATOJ won the ten- nis crown over Graham KSXJ. ln the doubles the ATO team won. Grugin iKA7 won the golf singles over Wright KDTDJ while Wagner and Stewart lDTDJ won the doubles. Klien lZBTJ won the handball singles over Webb CDTDJ while Hamilton and lgnarski, in- dependents, won the doubles. Delta Tau Delta won the track meet of ten events. The Skeets wo'n the softball title during the summer term from Breck Hall while Grugin IKA7 won the golf championship from Stewart lDTDI. ln the fall tennis events Maturo IATOD won the singles over Howard lSPEJ while Maturo and Stammer lATOI teamed to win the doubles over Day and How- ard KSPEJ. Brown CSND won the golf singles over Shannon iDTDl while Flowers and Smith won the doubles over Miller and Everett KSAEJ. Sigma Nu won the volleyball title by besting the PKA club. Simmons, independent, won the ping-pong singles from Peremetter CTKJ and Portmann and Burke CDTDI won the doubles over Graham and Clayton. Leskovar, independent, won the basketball free throw, with Richardson CKAI second. The AGR team won the wrestling championship over the SX team. The Moonbeams won the turkey run event with the SAE team second. Medals or trophies were awarded to all of the winners and runners-up in all of these events on the basis of tournament play. EVERYONE GOT HIS CHANCE si ... Q,,,..l,lul. I MENS S AEIIS UURM 1 X K rm nov". ' at I , 1 a ,V-1 Top left-Action aplenty in the intramural football league during last faIl's playj top right-The Men's Dorm team which coppod the 1949 Intramural Football titlc by winning over thc SAE club in thc finalsg middle left-Breck Hall, winner of the I949 spring softball titlcj middle right-Ray Zimmerman and Frcd Lawson, top softball hurlers for Doc WaIl's two dorm teams: bottom left - Irv Millman slidcs safely into third base in one of the softball games played last summcrg bottom right-The SAE football team which lost thc I949 football titlc to Brcck Hall ln thc final game. T SHINE IN INTRAMURALS I37 W x -f N I 1'--1-an V 4 ,z-. : -Q R l s .a 'K 1 z, 'L- fw- v , V ,f- S O We Were Seniors . . And our lost yeor ot Kentucky rneont something BIG. We portied with o pur- pose, for college joys were fleeting ond . . . soon . . . we would be gone. We knew there would be promises to "keep in touch" ond invitotions to come bock for week-ends . . . but eoch groduote secretly knew thot when he returned, it would be os o stronger . . . o visitor who no longer belonged to the lite of college prorns ond one-to-tour lobs. AT LAST. . .A SENIOR!! A vw , a,. . 03 ? ,, A 9' at 6 I 'f , A 4 x g I , , . s ! , 1 .fY , A ' V' J ' ,lggv , . A U A A ' 'Af 'WV' X rMF't - W If , 'I i , RIF If tl A' "' 1A Fw , ,, 4 -' f 9' 4 V' . Q5 1' ' ' ' W , ' Ui 'X I 1 I A 'A fy I , I.. I 1, A ' J 0 6' , g 1 J -0' I M ' M A . W ai , M3 M A ,,f ,vu ' ' , X I, N X' 'ty x . 11 'i Q An. E ,JJ A A fi' X A? f 'A 190 7 THE PARTY IS OVER. . ENDED. .DONE JOE L. ABBOTT, Engineering .... Georgetown SAM E. ADAIR, Engineering . . . Paris Mechanical Engineers CHARLES C. ADAMS, Law . . Hazard Sigma Chi DENVER ADAMS, Law .... . . Hyden Phi Alpha Delta, McReynoIds Law Club JAMES H. ADAMS, Ag. 8. Home Ec. . . . Flat Fork JACK D. AMIS, A.8t S. ...... Lexington Baptist Student Union, All Campus Party, Pryor Pre-Med Society CALVIN DUDLEY ANDERSON, A.8t S. . . Owingsville Sigma Nu, Kentuckian, YMCA, Committee ot 240 JAY C. ADAMS, Engineering . . . Greenville, Penn. JOAN C. ADAMS, Education ..... Lexington Alpha Delta Pi, Newman Club, Dutch Lunch Club, YWCA JOSEPH P. ADAMS, Engineering . . . Ludlow JEWELL G. ADDISON, Commerce .... Trenton Alpha Tau Omega JENNIE KATHRYN AGEE, Education . . . Janesville Future Teachers, Baptist Student Union, Bacteriology Soci- ety, YWCA DEE ASHLEY AKERS, Law ..... Carrollton Phi Delta Phi, Fencing, Symphony Orchestra, Law Journal GEORGE AKERS, Pharmacy ...... Louisville ERWIN F. ALBRECHT, JR., A.8. S. . . Louisville Sigma Nu, Sociology Club, German Club, Phalanx, Pryor Pre-Med Society, Intramurals EMILY ANDERSON, Education . . . . . Somerset Kappa Alpha Theta, YWCA, Future Teachers, Student Union Board RALPH G. ANDERSON, Engineering . . Herrodsburg RICHARD F. ANDERSON, Commerce . . Lexington Kappa Sigma BETTY M. ANDES, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . E. Bernstadt Hamilton House, president, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Wesley Foundation' H Ec Cl b' Troo ers' Committee ot 240' ,,0me.u,,D,., . Women s Glee Club, House President s Council, Frances Mc- Vey scholarship WILBUR ANGELL, JR., Commerce . . . Versailles ROBERT J. ANSPACH, Engineering . . .... Charleston, W Va. Kappa Alpha, Mechanical Engineers ROBERT V. ARBUCKLE, A.8t S. .... Greenville Sigma Phi Epsilon HAROLD E. ARMSEY, Commerce . Portsmouth, Ohio Alpha Sigma Phi ORVILLE ARNETT, Engineering . . Sublett Tau Beta Pi MAY V. ARNOLD, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . Owenton Home Ec. Club, Baptist Student Union WILLIAM ATHERTON, Pharmacy . . Louisville Kappa Psi FRANK A. ATKINS, Commerce . . . Lexington Sigma Nu, president, lnterfraternity Council SHELDON D. AYRES, Pharmacy . . Alderson, W. Vo. Rho Chi LOU C. AYRES, A.8t S. ...... Cynthiana Alpha Gamma Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, House President's Council, League of Women Voters CLARENCE O. BACK, Engineering . DOYLE BAKER, Engineering . . . . Monticello . . Delmer JOHN C. ALEXANDER, Education .... Elliston BULFORD C. ALLEN, Pharmacy . . . . Liberty DOROTHY JEAN ALLEN, A.8t S. .... Lexington Theta Sigma Phi GWEN ALLEN, Education . . . Covington I. DEWEY ALLEN, Commerce . Bardstown Kappa Sigma JOYCE ELAINE ALLEN, Education . . Louisville Kappa Delta, League of Women Voters, WAA MARVIN M. ALLEN, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Phi Delta Chi ROBERT E. ALLEN, Commerce . . . Trenton Kappa Sigma JEAN V. ALLISON, A.8i S. . . . . Columbia Kernel, Women's Glee Club, Committee of 240 E. K. ALTMAN, Pharmacy . . . . Louisville Kappa Psi BRANTLY D. AMBERG, Commerce . . . Hickman Alpha Tau Omega, Pershing Rifles, Phalanx MORRIS J. AMBURGEY, Engineering . . . Hindman EDDIE AMES, Engineering . . . . Sturgis Civil Engineers Kentucky Engineer, Baptist Student Union, Electrical Engineers DAVID L. BALCH, Engineering . . . Frankfort TOM BALDWIN, Ill, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Richmond Kappa Alpha, Block and Bridle ANNIE M. BALLARD, Ag.8. Home Ecu. . Winchester Baptist Student Union, Home Ec. Club, Committee of 240 JOSEPH E. BANKS, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Whitesburg CALVIN E. BARBER, Commerce . . . Ashland YMCA, Baptist Student Union l9l WILLIAM A. BAUMAN En ineerin . . Owensboro WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE. .GRAD SCHOOL? ESTILL EUGENE BARKER, Engineering . . Olive Hill GRANVILLE P. BARKER, Engineering .,... . . . . . Mansfield, Ohio Phi Kappa Sigma, Mechanical Engineers JAMES H. BARKER, A.8i S. ..... Lexington Kappa Alpha JAMES L. BARLOW, A.8. S. .... Georgetown Pi Kappa Alpha, lnterfraternity Council, Intramurals EDWIN C. BARNES, Law ...... Lexington Sigma Chi, president, Phi Delta Phi, Lamp and Cross, presi- dent, Lances, president, Omicron Delta Kappa, president JAMES H. BARNES, Ag.8i Home Ec .... Kenton ROBERT B. BARNES, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Kenton RUSSELL M. BARNES, Engineering . . Russell Springs Triangle, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi CLAUDE W. BARNETT, Engineering . . . Frankfort JOHN V. BARNETT, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Bagdad Alpha Zeta, Agronomy Club, president KATHERINE ALLEN BARNETT, A.8. S. . Shelbyville Alpha Gamma Delta, Mortar Board, Cwens, vice-president, Alpha Lambda Delta, president, Student Government Associ- ation, president, Kentucky Research Foundation scholarship, Wesley Foundation Cabinet, Outstanding Freshman Cup, YWCA, treasurer, Alma Magna Mater, Student Directory, editor, Pitkin Club, WSSF Committee, Koffee Club, Future Teachers, Clique, Women's Administrative Council, NSA Committee, Patterson Hall, secretary STANLEY BARNETT, Engineering . Long Island, N. Y. Astronomy Club, Mechanical Engineers BURKETT BARRETT, Engineering . . . Mt. Sterling Norwood Society ' CLYDE R. BARROW, Commerce . Springfield, Oregon STEVEN L. BARTALSKY, Engineering ..... . . . . . Johnson City, N. Y. Lambda Chi Alpha RICHARD W. BARTSCH, Engineering . Buffalo, N. Y. Mechanical Engineers, A.S.R.E. TONY L. BASENBACK, AL S. . . Russell Bacteriology Society, SUB committees JANE H. BASHAM, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Hardinsburg Kappa Delta, Home Ec. Club, League of Women Voters, YWCA, Wesley Foundation LAWRENCE MARTIN BASS, Commerce . . Louisville Beta Sigma Rho FRANK H. BASSETT, lll, A.8i S. . . . Hopkinsville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Student Government Association, Lances, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Alpha Phi Omega, Pryor Pre-Med Society, Freshman Football JOHN W. BASSETT, Engineering . . . Madisonville Norwood Society JAMES HARRY BASSHAM, Engineering . . , Verda Pi Kappa Alpha . DAVID H. BAUER, Commerce . . . Louisville l92 I Q Q Alpha Sigma Phi, president, lnterfratern'ty Council, Pi Tau Sigma, Mechanical Engineers CLARENCE C. BAYES, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Oil Springs GLEN E. BAYES, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Oil Springs WENDELL BAYES, Engineering . . Oil Springs Veterans Club KATHLEEN BEALMEAR, Education .... Marion Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Guignol, League of Women Voters, Future Teachers, House Presidcnt's Council, Jewell Hall, president SARA KATHRYN BEAM, Education . . Bardstown Alpha Gamma Delta, YWCA, Future Teachers CARL BECK, Pharmacy ....... Louisville Rho Chi RODNEY A. BECK, A.8l S. ..... Lexington Kappa Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles CECIL T. BECKETT, Engineering . . . Flemingsburg Alpha Sigma Phi, YMCA, Mechanical Engineers SIDNEY A. BEDERMAN, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Rho Chi JAMES E. BELL, Pharmacy . . . . Louisville Kappa Psi LEWIS H. BELL, Commerce . . Boyd KENNETH M. BELLAMY, Commerce . . Richmond HOWARD BENJAMIN, Engineering . Wexford, Penn. Mechanical Engineers WILLIAM A. BENJAMIN, A.8i S. . . . Providence Sigma Chi, Kernel, Pitkin Club, Veterans Club, YMCA, ln- tertraternity Council WILLIAM R. BENNETT, Commerce . . . Bardstown Kappa Sigma, Wesley Foundation DAVID D. BENTLEY, A.8- S. . . Catlettsburg Phi Sigma Kappa, Rifle Team CLEGG W. BERGER, Commerce . . . Covington Kappa Sigma EVERETT R. BERGER, JR., Law . . . . Newport Phi Delta Phi 7. WESTON BERGMAN, JR., A.8- S. . . .' . . Irvine Baptist Student Union, Men's Glee Club, Sociology Club HARVEY H. BERRY, A.8r S. ..... Louisville Pi Mu Alpha, White Math Club, Band GERALD L. BERRYMAN, A.8i S. . . . Winchester Independents, YMCA, Pryor Pre-Med Society ALVIN BERTRAM, Pharmacy .... Monticello Phi Delta Chi CLARENCE HENRY BESTEN, Commerce . . Louisville HOMER L. BIGGERSTAFF, Engineering . . . Berea Mechanical Engineers DAVID R. BINGHAM, Engineering . . Barbourville Mechanical Engineers THE ALTAR? THE COLD, CRUEL WORLD? f . . 'E' ..v i. .N L'N4 .Ll 0"wLgLA K Q -.La Q ugx 4 , 4' LQ 4 In Lg i nk ffl h 193 UK WILL LIVE LONG IN OUR MEMORIES I, .wg 1 6- L my QI in gm QI P I R , 4. , we LC- Q I RE, V Sf --Zz' 3, if A -I5 I I I -If ",, em . E th ' I A Im I 1 f 'Q I IN.: I' G' S- 1-. 1 :Of . , - 'ga' Arhlx m z I If., , lmrl 2 I I 'Q ' I ,, .., ,F .gm ' I J , I 7 E, I I 133553 U K , I V yi. E um R I 5 II , 5 .L 1: I 'ff ff' 61' 'E-If ' I 'III7 Q nh IK I I94 GREEN YEARS AS WIDE-EYED LOWERCLASSMEN VERNON R. BINGHAM, A.8i S. .... DeWitt WILLIAM R. BINGHAM, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Elliston WILLIAM BIRDSALL, Engineering . Middletown, N.Y. Troupers: Mechanical Engineers EDITH DICKSON BISHOP, A.8i S. . . . Madisonville Kappa Delta: League of Women Voters: Sociology Club: Social Work Club: WCA WILLIAM H. BIXLER, Law ..... Frankfort Phi Sigma Kappa: Lamp and Cross: Phi Delta Phi: Student Bar Association: Cooperstown, mayor LESLIE E. BLACK, Engineering . . . . Irvine Mechanical Engineers LYLE N. BLACK, Engineering . . Monticello ELIZABETH NELL BLAIR, A.8i S. . . . Sacramento Delta Zeta, corresponding secretary: Kernel, news editor: Theta Sigma Phi MARJORIE JEANETTE BLAIR, Ag.8i Home Ec . Corbin Zeta Tau Alpha: YWCA: Home Ec. Club: Women's Glee Club: Choristers EUGENE J. BLASI, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Rho Chi MARY FRANCES BLEIDT, A.8i S. . . . Lexington SUB committees JANE BLOUNT, Ag.8i Home Ec .... Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma: Phi Usilon Omicron: Home Ec Club HARRY H. BOAZ, A.8. S. . . . . . Mayfield Phi Sigma Kappa BETTY RANDOLPH BOGGESS, A.8i S. . Tazewell, Va. Kappa Alpha Theta: Kernel: Kentuckian EDWIN MILLS BONNY, Commerce . . . Ravenna Veterans Club BONNIE BELLE BOONE, Commerce . . Lexington independents WALTER S. BOONE, Commerce . . . Boone, N. C. Veterans Club: Chamber of Commerce: Philosophy Club: Wesley Foundation: Kernel JAMES P. BORDERS, Engineering .... Lexington Band: Radio Studios: Electrical Enginecrs THOMAS R. BOSLEY, A.8i S. .... Lexington Mechanical Engineers: Alpha Chi Sigma: American Chemical Society FRANKLIN GREEN BOSWELL, Commerce . Lexington Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Eta Sigma CLAYTON BOTNER, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Booneville JERRY BOWLES, Pharmacy . . . Louisville LOUIS J. BOYD, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Lingrove Dairy Club MORGAN C. BOYD, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Hopkinsville Sigma Nu CURTIS BOYLES, A.8i S. ...... Louisville Lambda Chi Alpha: Social Work Club: YMCA: Philosophy Club: Baptist Student Union: Veterans Club MARJORIE M. BRADFORD, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . . . . . . Flemingsburg Alpha Xi Delta: Home Ec. Club: Future Teachers: YWCA WILLIAM R. BRADFORD, Engineering . . . Butler Mechanical Engineers GERALD R. BRADLEY, Ag.8. Home Ec . Beech Creek Block and Bridle: Livestock Jlidging Team JAMES E. BRADLEY, Commerce .... Lexington Sigma Chi: Guignol JAMES W. BRADLEY, Engineering . . . Lexington JULIA BRADLEY, A.8i S. ...... Covington Kappa Delta: Student Government Association: Student Union Board: YWCA: Alpha Lambda Delta: Cwens: Koffee Club: League of Women Voters: Phi Sigma Iota MARK B. BRADLEY, Commerce .... Cynthiana MARTHA MARY BRADLEY, A.8i S. . . . Covington Kappa Delta: League of Women Voters, vice president: Jus- tice Harlan Club, secretary: Women's Glee Club: SUB com- mittees: Clique, secretary: Student Bar Association: YWCA OVA C. BRADLEY, A.8i S. ..... Lexington Scabbard and Blade: Alpha Chi Sigma: Veterans Club: Amer- ican Chemical Society JOHN J. BRAKE, Pharmacy ..... Burkesville Rho Chi: Phi Delta Chi SHELBY T. BRAMMER, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Susie Wesley Foundation: 'Poultry Club DOROTHY L. BRANDENBURG, Education . Versailles WAA: Dutch Lunch Club CORBETT BRASHEAR, Engineering .... Corbin Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi: Astronomy Club: Electrical Engineers: A.S.R.E. DWIGHT C. BRAY, Engineering .... Frankfort EDWARD T. BREATHITT, JR., Law . . Hopkinsville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, vice president: Omicron Delta Kalppa, president: Lamp and Cross, president: Phi Alpha Delta: ifle Team: Pershing Rifles: Track Manager: K Club NANCY CAROL BREWER, A.8i S. . . . Mayfield Kappa Alpha Theta: Kentuckian Beauty Queen: Scabbard and Blade Queen: ROTC sponsor: League of Women Voters J. LELAND BREWSTER, Commerce . . . Frankfort Delta Tau Delta: Track JOHN R. BRIDGES, Commerce . . . Henderson Phi Sigma Kappa ANDREW J. BRIGGS, A.8i S. . . . Ashville, N. C. ROBERT L. BRISLAN, Commerce .... Frankfort RUTH JANE BRISTOW, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Erlanger Wesley Foundation: YWCA: Home Ec. Club GERALD S. BRITT, Commerce ..... Louisville Sigma Phi Epsilon: Pryor Pre-Med Society: Kentuckian: Suky GEORGE W. BROOKS, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Parksville JOHN EDWARD BROSZ, Engineering . . . Ludlow Radio Engineers I 95 WHAT WAS THIS THING 1. BARBARA FRANCES BROWN, A.8. S. . . Lexington Alpha xi Delta DOUGLAS F. BROWN, A.8. S. ..., Louisville Delta Chi, Radio Studios, musical director, Guignol, Band, Fencing JEAN FRANKLIN BROWN, Engineering . Lexington LAWRENCE M. BROWN, Engineering . . Paducah Mechanical Engineers LENETH D. BROWN, Engineering .... Marion Triangle, Mechanical Engineers MARTHA SUE BROWN, Education .... Clinton ROBERT L. BROWN, Pharmacy .... Owensboro 2. ROBERT KELLY BRUCE, Commerce . . . Mason Phi Sigma Kappa, Veterans Club JOHN A. BRUCKERT, Commerce .... Louisville Phi Sigma Kappa, Newman Club CLIFFORD L. BRUMBAUGH, Commerce . Owensboro Kappa Sigma JOSEPH E. BRUNK, Engineering . . Mansfield, Ohio ROBERT A. BRUNSON, Engineering . . . Bellevue Civil Engineers FRED E. BRYAN, Engineering . . Brownsville, Tenn. Mechanical Engineers ALBERT C. BRYANT, Engineering . . . Lebanon Phi Kappa Tau 3. RICHARD H. BRYANT, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Kappa Psi JAMES H. BUCKLES, Ag.8. Home Ec . . White Mills PEGGY VIRGINIA BUCKLEY, A.8i S. . . . Louisville Chi Omega, Eta Sigma Phi JAMES N. BUCKNER, Engineering .... Sardis Electrical Engineers, Engineering Student Council VIRGINIA BUCKNER, A.8t S. ...... Paris Delta Delta Delta CALVIN F. BUECHELE, Engineering . . . Louisville Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pershing Rifles, Mechanical Engineers ELZA FAIN BURCH, Engineering . . . Lexington Tau Beta Pi, Mechanical Engineers 4. THOMAS S. BURDETT, Commerce ...... . . . . .Point Pleasant,W. Vo. SAMUEL J. BURDETTE, JR., Engineering . Lexington Electrical Engineers WILLIAM D. BURGESS, Ag.8t Home Ec . Bowling Green Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Zeta MARTHA V. BURKS, Ag.8- Home Ec. . . Hodgenville Phi Upsilon Omicron, House Presidents Council, Wesley Foundation, Home Ec Club V I96 . ORIENTATION? JOHN E. BURNS, A.8t S. . . . . . Ludlow Veterans Club, Psychology Club JIMMY N. BUSTER, Law . . . Jamestown MERLE CABLE, Engineering . . Compton 5. SINGLETON A. CAGLE, Low ..... Owensboro Phi Delta Phi, magistrate, Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta Gam- ma Sigma, Law Journal, editor, Lamp and Cross JAMES F. CAINES, Engineering . Huntington, W. Vo. Pi Tau Sigma, Mechanical Engineers DALTON CALDWELL, Law .... Williamstown Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Student Bar Association LEAH F. CALHOUN, Education . Germantown, Ohio WAA, Baptist Student Union JOHN R. CALVERT, Commerce .... Pikeville CLIFTON D. CAMP, JR., Commerce . . . Trenton independents, Accounting Club, Chamber of Commerce HUGH K. CAMPBELL, Low ..... Lexington Phi Delta Phi 6. JOSEPH W. CAMPBELL, Engineering . . Owensboro Kappa Sigma, Engineering Student Council, Electrical Engi- neers, W KY MILLER T. CAMPBELL, Engineering . . Lexington HOWARD D. CANFIELD, A.8i S. . . . Lexington GEORGE A. CANNON, Commerce . . . Owensboro Delta Chi, president, lnterfraternity Council, Clique, vice- president WILLIAM B. CARLTON, Commerce . Lawrenceburg Phi Kappa Tau WILLARD LEE CARMICHAEL, Commerce . . Loyall Kappa Alpha JACK L. CARPENTER, Engineering . . Bethel, Ohio Alpha Sigma Phi, YMCA, lnterfraternity Council, Civil En- gineers 7. RALPH C. CARPENTER, A.8. S. . . . Lexington Veterans Club, Independents CARL EDWARD CARRIER, A.8- S. . . Lexington German Club CAROLYN L. CARSON, A.8t S. .... Paducah Kappa Kappa Gamma, WAA, Social Work Club DELMON L. CARSON, Education . . Oneida, Tenn. Phi Kappa Tau, SUB committees, Future Teachers CARROLL S. CARTER, Engineering . . . Lexington Triangle, Electrical Engineers CHARLES W. CARTER, Education . Wesley Foundation, White Math Club DAVID LAWRENCE CARTER, A.8t S. . . Lexington Phi Beta Kappa . . Dayton 1 WHO THOUGHT IT UP. . .AND WHY? Q ' A 4 f -if ,' 6-p ln- 3- vs. W'- . , Q95 1 5 V Af T A uni ' ' Shi' -H N G2 . 3' , Gd gy QI 'Nia I 'z K it 'QV X ,Vi . Q V . l . A if Q 3 T Q A U, ' ' 6 , ' 5 T I V Q "I fl H I if 'il , M wh 'A 4- ,:41mfTi T ff T X 80, L S ,Q I Q Q ' R 55 . XA Jw ,A I A Q "' V- K h 5 W Y 'knjl N' V ef. X' T T ,J if ea L: X Jim fi T ww 'hi' n ,E l . 2, " '4 X f, V we su- A 1 1 X14 , N if X, N41 T ' -ee - W T , V ,FV-Jx'f.i T Efiif' . T . 5 K' T T " T v 1' 'TN -fm W.. -., ' 1 , ,.' , if J I S' ul' ' Fr ' 1,01 . , H 5.1 197 REGISTRATION, FRANTIC MOBS, PENCIL PAINS I. .. I I I m.,wW.II. I. III. I I I I ,,,,,, ,.,, I I II II I I I, I I I f Q " ' W, 6, a. Q- X ax, ,Q , QI W I I I1 If , I ',I X II M I ,Iv IL I IIII I. gg 1 f JI I, I I I I II I I I- . J I mt Vx, I QI W ' I 5, -,cg I B' Q I I II.. .2 I6 198 im WHO CALLED KATHLEEN CARTER, Commerce . St. Albans, W. Va. Delta Delta Delta, Student Government Association, YWCA, SUB committees, Attendant to Kentuckian Queen MARY CAROLYN CARVER, A.8i S. . . . Somerset Phi Beta, secretary-treasurer, Mortar Board, Cwens, YWCA, Symphony -Orchestra, Women's Glee Club, accompanist, Radio Studios, Philosophy Club, secretary BARBARA J. CASH, Education .... Lexington Baptist Student Union, International Relations Club, Future Teachers HENRY J. CASH, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Parksville Alpha Gamma Rho, Dairy Club, 4-H Club ANNA SAM CASSELL, A.8i S. HUGH B. CASSELL, Education . Phi Kappa Tau, Canterbury Club, Whit' Math Club, Future Teachers J. T. CAVENDER, Engineering . . . Water Valley Phi Sigma Kappa, Electrical Engineers . . . Lexington . . . Lexington C DELBERT D. CAYCE, III, Commerce . . Hopkinsville Pi Kappa Alpha, Chamber of Commerce, Alpha Phi Omega, Veterans Club, Disciples Student Fellowship LEONARD I. CHAMBLISS, Engineering . . Lexington Mechanical Engineers WILLIAM L. CHAMPION, A.8i S. . . . Lexington Veterans Club, Chess Team, Astronomy Club BILL S. CHANDLER, Commerce .... Carrollton Phi Kappa Tau, Newman Club, Chamber of Commerce JAMES L. CHANDLER, Engineering .... Wingo Triangle, lnterfraternity Council HERSCHEL CHANEY, Education . . . Beattyville GEORGE F. CHARLES, Law .... Catlettsburg Phi Alpha Delta, Lamp and Cross 3.JOHN H. CHENAULT, Engineering . . . Frankfort Mechanical Engineers WILLIAM S. CHENAULT, A.8i S. . LLOYD C. CHILTON, A.8i S. ..... Erlanger Sigma Chi, Kentuckian, Wesley Foundation CHARLES W. CHINN, Commerce . . . Owensboro Delta Chi, Band, Symphony Orchestra ROBERT M. CHOWNING, Commerce . . Frankfort Wesley Foundation, YMCA, Independents KARL A. CHRIST, A.8i S. ..... Henderson Sigma Phi Epsilon, vice-president, Kernel, Press Club, Ken- tuckian . Frankfort GEORGE L. CHRISTEN, Engineering . . . Louisville Delta Chi, Fencing, Veterans Club JERRY D. CLAIBORNE, Education . . Hopiiinsviiie Omicron Delta Kappa, Lamp and Cross, Football, Tennis, K- Club, president, Jerome Lederer Trophy MICHAEL J. CLARE, Law ...... Louisville Phi Alpha Delta, Newman Club, president, Student Bar As- sociation, Interfaith Council JOHN W. CLARK, A.8t S. ..... Middletown Pi Kappa Alpha, Men's Glee Club, Radio Studios THIS A SYSTEM? RAIN' ..Lothair VIRGIL D. CLARK, Engineering . GERTRUDE L. CLARY, A.8i S. .... Lexington Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Bacteriology Society DENNIS CLAY, JR., A.8i S. . . . Henderson X 5. WILLIAM D. CLAY, Commerce .... Covington Chamber of Commerce, Veterans Club JAMES M. CLAYTON, JR., Engineering . Morehead Sigma Chi, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Kentucky Engineer, Mechanical Engineers FRANK EDWARD CLEGG, Commerce . . Lexington Wesley Foundation, K Club, Baseball JOHN R. CLIFFORD, Ag.8i Home Ec . Elizabethtown Sigma Phi Epsilon, Spanish Club, Veterans Club, Agronomy Club FRED L. COFFEY, Pharmacy ..... Cooper Kappa Psi HENRIETTA MORRIS COHN, A.8i S. . . Lexington Social Work Club, Stray Greeks GEORGE COICAN, Commerce .... Gary, Ind. K-Book, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Chamber of Commerce, Ac- counting Club LEE ROY COLE, Commerce .... . McKee Committee of 240, Chamber of Commerce ROY LEE COLE, Engineering . . . . Harlan Tau Beta Pi, Electrical Engineers DANIEL L. COLEMAN, Engineering .... Atlex Sigma Chi RICHARD N. COLEMAN, Engineering . . . Aflex Electrical Engineers ROBERT M. COLEMAN, Commerce . Bowling Green Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lamp and Cross, Omicron Delta Kap- na, Patterson Literary Society, Keys, Lances, treasurer, Beta Gamma Sigma, Student Government Association, Committee of 240, Kentuckian, Alma Magna Mater, president JACK USHER COLLEY, A.8i S. . .... Mayfield Pryor Pre-Med Society, Men's Glee Club LOU GARDNER COLLIER, Education . . . Somerset Dutch Lunch Club, Future Teachers 7. THOMAS A. COLLINS, A.8i S. .... Lebanon Pi Kappa Alpha, Phalanx, Pitkin Club, YMCA WILL HENRY COLLINS, A.8i S. .... Louisville BARKLEY F. COLSON, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Somerset DAVID E. COMBS, A.8i S. . . .' . . Anco Kappa Sigma JAMES R. COMBS, Commerce . . . . Vicco Alpha Sigma Phi RUTH COMBS, Commerce ...... Hazard Stray Greeks, YWCA, Chamber of Commerce, Wesley Foun- dation, League of Women Voters BETTY JUNE COMPTON, Education . . . Lexington Alpha Delta Pi, Suky, secretary, Pitkin Club, secretary, Cwens, Dutch Lunch Club, Westminster Fellowship, SUB committee, Alma Magna Mater, Committee of 240 I99 FUTILE ATTEMPTS TO SEE OUR ADVISORS 1.JAMES E. CONKIN, A.8. S. . . . Sigma Gamma Epsilon . Louisville HOBART CONLEY, JR., Pharmacy . . . Paintsville EARL L. CONN, A.8t S. ..... Marion, Ind. Kernel, Kentuckian, sports editor, Freshman Handbook, edi- tor, K-Book, Patterson Literary Society GEORGE R. CONWAY, Ag.8- Home Ec . . . Milton Phi Kappa Tau JULANNE L. CONWAY, Education . . , Louisville WAA NANCY LUCILLE CONWAY, Education . Ashland WAA, Future Teachers WILLIAM A. CONYERS, JR., Pharmacy . Louisville JOE E. CRAFTON, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Hebbardsville Alpha Gamma Rho RICHARD CRAFTON, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Henderson Alpha Gamma Rho, Lances, Student Union Board, Suky, Alpha Zeta, Omicron Delta Kappa, Block and Bridle, Agri- culture Council, 4-H Club, Pitkin Club, Student Government Association, Livestock Judging Team: Phi Eta Sigma, Scab- bard and Blade JOE L. CRAIG, Engineering ..... Henderson Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Tau Sinma, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Scabard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Phi Eta Sigma, Mechanical Engineers SARA E. CRAIN, A.8. S. ....... Ashland Alpha Xi Delta, YWCA, League of Women Voters Kappa Psi DORIS JEAN COOK, A.8. S. ..... Smithland Wesley Foundation, League of Women Voters, Committee of 240 JACK E. COOK, Engineering . . Eta Kappa Nu JOAN LOWELL COOK, A.8- S. .... Louisville Alpha Delta Pi, president, lnterdarm Council, vice-president, WAA, Student Union Board, Radio Studios, Kernel, assistant managing editor, business manager, Panhellenic Council, vice-president BRUCE COOPER, Engineering .... College, Ga. Mechanical Engineers ERNEST P. COOPER, Commerce .... Lexington . . Covington AHARRY R. cooPER, A.8. s. ..... Louisville Alpha Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, vice-president, Phalanx, vice-president, Student Government Association, Canterbury Club, Band, YMCA Cabinet, Camera Club, Pitkin Club, American Chemical Society JUDSON P. CRAMER, Engineering . . . Lexington Golf, Mechanical Engineers RAY R. CRAWFORD, Engineering . . Whitesburg Mechanical Engineers BARBARA ANNE CREECH, Education . . . London Future Teachers, YWCA GERARD J. CRIPE, Pharmacy . . . . Louisville Kappa Psi GEORGE C. CRISCILLIS, A.8t S. . . Williamsburg Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARY ANNE CRUM, Commerce .... Pikeville Baptist Student Union, WAA, Women's Glee Club BETTY C. CRUMP, Ag.8i Home Ec .... Paris Wesley Foundation Cabinet, Pitkin Club, Home Ec Club, Interfaith Council, YWCA Cabinet HARRIETT LEE CRUTCHFIELD, A.8i S . . . . .Murfreesboro, Tenn. WILLIAM F. COOPER, Commerce . . . Caseyville 3. JAMES L. CORNELIUS, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Victory GROVER H. CORUM, Ag.8t Home Ec . Manchester Veterans Club JOHN F. COSBY, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . Richmond EARL K. COTTOGIM, Engineering .... London Eta Kappa Nu, Radio Engineers EARL C. COTTRELL, Commerce . . Stamping Ground Pi Kappa Alpha HAROLD C. COUCH, Commerce . Charlestown, Ind. ERNEST L. COULTER, Engineering . . . Louisville Delta Chi, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Pi Sigma, Radio Studios CHARLES EDWARD COX, A.8- S. .... Gratz Cosmopolitan Club, Pitkin Club, Social Work Club, YMCA, Veterans Club, Disciples Student Fellowship HERSCHEL W. COX, A.8t S. .... McRoberts JACK D. COX, Pharmacy ....... Corbin JOHN ROBERT COX, A.8- S. ..... Covington Lambda Chi Alpha, International Relations Club, president, Kernel, managing editor, Veterans Club, Men's Glee Club JAMES M. CRAFTON, Education . . Hebbardsville Alpha Gamma Rho, Football, manager, Basketball, manager 200 Kappa Alpha Theta, League of Women Voters HELEN LOUISE CUNNINGHAM, A.8t S. . Peru, Ind. Alpha Delta Pi, Kentuckian, SUB committee, Kernel, YWCA JAMES E. CUNNINGHAM, A.8t S. . . . Clinton Baptist Student Union Council PAUL J. CUNNINGHAM, A.8t S. . . . Princeton Pi Kappa Alpha, Phalanx, Pryor Pre-Med Society, German Club, Alpha Phi Omega, president JAMES HOWARD CURRY, Commerce . . Lexington Pi Kappa Alpha, Phalanx, Choristers, YMCA, Band, Men's Glee Club, president LOUISE CLIFFORD CURRY, A.8i S. . . . Lebanon Chi Omega, Pitkin Club, YWCA, League of Women Voters MARJORIE ANNE CUTLER, Education . . Joliet, Ill. Women's Glee Club, Choristers, YWCA, Westminster Fel- Eavifshipg, Pitkin Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cwens, Kappa eta I JOSEPH G. DAHLAN, Commerce . . . Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma WILLIAM C. DALE, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Shelbyville Phi Sigma Kappa, Veterans Club WILLIAM L. DALE, Engineering . Electrical Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu JOHN B. DALEY, Engineering .... Lexington ANTHONY V. DALLAS, Commerce . . . Lebanon . Erie, Penn. . Paducah Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lamp and Cross, Spiked Shoe Society K Club, Track, 4 I-IAPPIER RESULTS, IF FUTILE, WE FOUND ., , K , V A .. U . V ' :, , , f 2 W - 'im . , -x . . , W N , -- . -51 - ,, 'l'f.1f-Ai ,. 'I . I , K . f' 5.1 A 'L in A 11' 6 , Tb nh r . I ,l N, I , qvqh xx i A"'Wi V fr ' F V' J ' , K V I ' h ' A x K- 201 WE CAUGHT ON EASILY . . . QUICKLY 0 8' Eh A' n ig! J X lm , R' 8451! nt f 1 ff ' Pg 1 .ii', f -fl V fn' M. 202 -J COLLEGE COULD BE FUN. .AT UK WILLIAM E. DANHAUER, Pharmacy . . Owensboro Rho Chi: American Pharmaceutical Association, secretary- treasurer CLYDE DANKS, A.8i S. .... Beaver Dam, Ohio Bowling: Tennis SHELBY W. DARBASHIRE, A.8i S. . . . Lexington WSSF: YMCA Cabinet: Cosmopolitan Club ANDY DAUGHERTY, Pharmacy .... Olive Hill Kappa Psi: Rho Chi HARRY K. DAUGHERTY, A.8. S. .... Florence Sigma Phi Epsilon: Committee of 240: Phalanx: Pryor Pre- Med Society: Alma Magna Mater FRANCES STERLING DAVIS, Education . Flemingsburg Future Teachers: Wesley Foundation: YWCA JOANNE EVELYN DAVIS, A.8i S. . . Orlando, Fla. Delta Delta Delta: Kernel SHELBY C. DAVIS, Ag.8i Home Ec. . . . Fulton CLARENCE LESLIE DAWSON, A.8t S. . . West Point Sigma Nu LOUIS W. DAWSON, Engineering . . . New Haven Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu VENITA LU DAWSON, A.8. S. .... Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta, vice-president: Mortar Board, vice- president: Cwens: .Alpha Lambda Delta, treasurer: Bacteri- ology Society, president, vice-president: Band: Mortar Board Scholarship plaque JACQUELYN L. DAY, A.8i S. .... Cumberland Harlan County Club: Sayre Hall, vice-president: Kernel JAMES DAY, Pharmacy . . . . . Owensboro ROGER X. DAY, JR., A.8t S. . . . Frostburg, Md. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Basketball: Newman Club WILLIAM P. DAY, Engineering . . . . . Paris Mechanical Engineers WILLIAM H. DEAREN, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Bardstown DONALD R. DeBOER, Education . . Norwalk, Conn. Phi Sigma Kappa JOAN DEEDENS, Pharmacy ..... Louisville HELEN DAVENPORT DEISS, A.8i S. . . . Lexington Delta Delta Delta, president, vice-president: Alpha Lambda Delta: Cwens: Kernel, editor, news editor: Vague, editor: K- Book, editor: Chi Delta Phi, vice-president: Theta Sigma Phi, vice-president: Kentucky Press Association Award: YWCA Cabinet: League of Women Voters: Panhellenic Council, secretary: Student Union Board: Board of Student Publica- tions: Phi Beta Kappa: Theta Sigma Phi Award: Mortar Board: Student Government Association: Mademoiselle Col- lege Board FRANK W. DEMPSEY, A.8. S. ..... Erlanger Kappa Sigma: lnterfraternity Council: Guignol: Clique CHARLES S. DENNIS, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Berry l-IUBERT H. DENNIS, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Kappa Psi: Rho Chi JOSEPH C. DENNY, A.8t S. ..... Lexington Phi Mu Alpha, president: Choristers: Men's Glee Club: Madrigal Singers R. BROWNING DENVER, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Cawood Harlan County Club JOSEPH C. DeVITA, Education . . Stanford, Conn. Lambda Chi Alpha: Future Teachers RODERICK D. DEW, Engineering . . Louisville Sigma Phi Epsilon RICHARD M. DICKERSON, Pharmacy . . Louisville Rho Chl PAUL L. DILLINGHAM, JR., Commerce . Madisonville Sigma Nu: Chamber of Commerqe: Accounting Club: YMCA: Veterans Club THOMAS E. DISKIN, A.8i S. .... Ft. Thomas Phi Delta Theta: Kernel, sports editor: Veterans Club: New- man Club: Young Democrats Club: Press Club: YMCA: Kentuckian, sports editor: Postwarrior. sports editor DONALD G. DODSON, Commerce . . . Lexington Phi Sigma Kappa JAMES I. DODSON, Commerce ..... Beltrey Alpha Tau Omega LEE DOLID, Education .... Forest Hills, N. Y. Kappa Alpha Theta: Future Teachers: League of Women Voters: WAA: YWCA CHARLES M. DONOVAN, A.8t S. . . . Lexington German Club: Cosmopolitan Club: Newman Club: Veterans Club: Independents ROBERT F. DOOLIN, A.8i S. .... Peebles, Ohio RONALD C. DORFMAN, Ag.8- Home Ec ..... . . . . . Long Island, N. Y. Zeta Beta Tau: Pershing Rifles: Rifle Team MATTHEW W. DOWNER, A.8t S. . . . Prospect Phi Kappa Tau , GIBSON DOWNING, Commerce .... Lexington Sigma Chi, vice-president: Lances: Student Government Association: Lamp and Cross: Keys: lnterfraternity Council DOROTHY DEANE DOYLE, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Paris Phi Upsilon Omicron, president: YWCA, vice-president: Mortar Board, secretary: Kentucky State Home Economics Association, vice-president: Home Ec Club, vice-president: Cwens: Danforth Fellowship Award: Pitkin Club ALBERT E. DRAKE, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Georgetown Pi Kappa Alpha: Block and Bridle: Veterans Club: YMCA: Pitkin Club: Phalanx DORIS RAE DRAKE, A.8i S. ..... Lexington ELLEN M. DRAKE, Education . . Greenville, S. C. Tau Kappa Alpha: Debate Team, manager: Radio Studios, continuity director: State Oratarical Contest, winner EDWARD LEE DUFFY, Engineering .... Midway Phi Eta Sigma OWEN W. DUGAN, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Brandenburg MALCOLM DUNN, Engineering .... Paducah Kappa Sigma: Scabbard and Blade: Norwood Society MARCE P. DUNN, Engineering . .. . . Paducah Kappa Sigma JAMES L. DURHAM, Commerce . . . Greensburg Sigma Chi: lntertraternity Council: Phalanx: Band JULIAN M. DYER, Commerce . . . Independence Baptist Student Union Council GLORIA E. EASTBURN, Commerce . . Watseka, Ill. Alpha Gamma Delta, president: Newman Club:. Guignol: League of Women Voters: Koffee Club: Panhellenic Council KEITH A. EASTER, Ag.8. Home Ec .... Albany 203 "PARTY" WAS THE PASSWORD WILLIAM P. EATON, Commerce . Bluefield, W. Vo. Sigma Nu, Kentuckian MARVIN EBLEN, Pharmacy ..... Stanford Phi Delta Chi HAROLD L. ECK, Commerce . . Jersey City, N. J. FOREST R. EDWARDS, Engineering . . . Paducah Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi JANE EIMER, A.8t S. .... Woodbridge, N. J. DORIS ANN EITH, Education ..... Louisville Kappa Kappa Gamma, League of Women Voters, Future Teachers, Newman Club PHILIP BADER ELFSTROM, Commerce . Wheaton, Ill. Chamber of Commerce BETTY BLAKELY ELLIOTT, Education . . Lexington Chi Omega, Phi Beta, Tau Sigma, Physical Education Club, Future Teachers, YWCA JAMES M. ELLIOTT, Engineering .... Pineville Tau Beta Pi LLOYD ALLAN ELLIOTT, Commerce . . Crittenden JOSEPH T. ELMES, Pharmacy ..... Louisville Kappa Psi PEGGY G. ELMORE, A.8t S. ..... Lancaster YWCA, League of Women Voters, International Relations Club, secretary ROBERT ELMORE, JR., A.8t S. . . . Wheattey GLADYS A. ELSWICK, Education .... Pikeville YWCA, Future Teachers, WAA JOHN RICHARD ENDICOTT, Engineering . Lexington Sigma Chi, YMCA, Pitkin Club, Disciple Student Fellowship, Radio Engineers WILLIAM E. ENDICOTT, Engineering . . Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi NOEL C. ENGLAND, A.8. S. . . . . . Evarts JOHN T. ENGLE, Education . . . . Yocum Future Teachers, Philosophy Club ROBERT L. ENLOW, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Hodgenville Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Com- mittee of 240 DANIEL s. EPSTEIN, A.8i s. . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Hillel Foundation, Air Lane Theatre JOHN R. ERWIN, Engineering . . Dekoven D. E. ESPIN, Education, . . . . . Lexington GERALD H. ESTRINE, A.8- S. . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Psychology Club GROVER C. ETHINGTON, Engineering . Shelbyville Triangle, Kentucky Engineer, editor, Scabbard 8- Blade, Electrical Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Student Government Association NORMAN ETHINGTON, Ag.8t Home Ec . Shelbyville Delta Chi, Baptist Student Union, Intramurals, Agronomy Club, 4-H Club BILLY W. ETTER, Commerce ..... Paducah 204 DONALD H. EVANS, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Nicholasville Sigma Chi, Intercollegiate Livestock Judging Team, Vet: erans Club: YMCA LUTHER E. EVANS, Commerce .... Lexington JOHN C. EVERETT, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Maysville Siama Alpha Epsilon, YMCA: SUB committees, Young Dem- ocrats JAMES A. EVERSOLE, A.8i S. ..... Louisville Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Men's Glee Club, Orchestra JAMES L. EVERSOLE, Pharmacy .... Louisville Kappa Psi ELOISE GAINES EWBANK, Ag.8t Home Ec . Warsaw Hamilton House, YWCA Cabinet, Sukv, Alma Magna Mater, Home Ec Club, 4-H Club, Committee of 240, Dutch Lunch, Pitkin Club, Disciples Student Fellowship NELDA K. EWING, Education ..... Milton Alpha Gamma Delta DOUGLAS W. EY, A.8t S. ..... Lexington Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman Club, Pryor Pre-Med Society FRANK J. FALCK, A.8t S. . . New York City, N. Y. Psychology Club, Intramurals WILLIAM E. FARRA, Commerce .... Lexington Delta Chi, Band HENRY FEATHERSTONE, Pharmacy . . . Clinton JOHN P. FEATHERSTONE, Engineering . . Lexington GLORIA FEEZLE, Commerce ..... Mayfield Alpha Gamma Delta, Koffee Club, League of Women Voters, YWCA, Chamber of Commerce DAVID N. FELTY, Engineering . . . Ashland Mechanical Engineers KENNETH G. FELTY, Engineering . . . Frankfort Kappa Sigma, YMCA, Phalanx, Student Union Board, Nor- wood Society, Outing Club CHARLES S. FERGUS, Engineering . . . Lexington Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Tau Sigma, YMCA, Pitkin Club -1 -Anim CHARLES FERGUSON, Ag.8t Home Ec . Wayne, W.Va. Agronomy Club LOUIS E. FERGUSON, Pharmacy .... Louisville Kappa Psi WALTER BAKER FERGUSON, Commerce . . Union Pi Kappa Alpha, president, lnterfraternity Council, YMCA Cabinet, Veterans Club, Northern Ky. Club, Alma Magna Mater, Phalanx LOIS JEAN FERRING, Education .... Louisville YWCA Cabinet, Pitkin Club, Interfaith Council, Indepen- dents, Future Teachers, Baptist Student Union, League of Women Voters, Kappa Delta Pl FRED W. FEST, Engineering . . . Weston, W. Va. Triangle DAVIS S. FIELDS, A.8i S. . . -. . . Louisville Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lances, Omicron Delta Kappa, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Eta Sigma, Men's Glee Club LEON FIGA, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Alpha Zeta Omega LIVING, LAUGHING WAS THE KEY HX I' n ,A V X, 'll 55 ATA . f ,T Akl, If E? , 2 . Q . 4 ff ' 'firiai Q , Gr If ,ivy . Q31 .Q 5 I Q- S A V 6' J 5 'X i 5 AI +5 A QL fl 1 , ,L my-Q I XX ., ...'1,ff 1 A ' L it I... --.34 Q 1. YH .I Q .I ,V V, I 1 . . ' , ' Qy at ,J A ' " gy I 'Hn 4 GSX. zax 53 43 4' gy I , . I Q K X . 'na f -M fi -.. fa . il Q 4+ v 205 BALANCE" WAS A DIFFICULT PROPOSITION 'F ' ' 1, gi A 0. is 9' . I iw " A 'pd x. 'f ' V' V5 'E C f F .A el' A . 'f,. I If mflff' A f 5 " ' A va A l GJ E' Ti I Naam A A 1 . 'mi GN FU! xA., 4 xw A at Ifliz J V, 'L an MAMA S Ax ' : f '. ' , I . y.. .V . Aw QA .V V A A J' i'l1Wf.'7x I h . 206 STUDY WAS EVEN MORE SO. JEANNE KELLY FINCH, A.8t S. . . . Lexington Delta Zeta, YWCA JERALD ALLEN FINCH, A.8t S. . . . Lexington Press Club, president, Kernel WILBUR FINCHER, Education . . . Frankfort Pi Kappa Alpha ARNOLD PAUL FISH, Engineering . . . Somerset MARGARET E. FISH, Education . . . Williamsburg Delta Delta Delta, Guignol, YWCA, Baptist Student Union, SUB committee MARIAN H. FISHER, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Lexington Phi Upsilon Omicron, YWCA, Home Ec Club, Future Teach- ers, Newman Club HAROLD G. FLEENOR, A.8t S. . . Lake Worth, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Ar- nold Society for Air Cadets, Press Club, Kernel, business manager, Keys ROBERT F. FLEGE, JR., A.8. S. ..... Irvine Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Alma Magna Mater JOHN M. FLESCHE, Engineering . . Kirkwood, Mo. Engineering Student Council, Pi Tau Sigma JACK FLETCHER, A.8t S. ...... Lexington Sigma Chi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Band WILLIAM L. FLETCHER, A.8t S. .... Lexington Band, White Math Club, Chess Club, Hillel Foundation, American Chemical Society LUCAS FLOYD, JR., A.8t S. ..... Somerset Kappa Sigma ROBERT S. FOLLIS, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Bowling Green JAMES D. FORD, JR., A.8t S. ..... Paducah Kappa Sigma, Men's Glee Club, Pryor Pre-Med Society EDWARD L. FOSSETT, Commerce . . . Falmouth Kappa Sigma BETTY ANN FOSTER, Education .... Stanford Delta Zeta, WAA, YWCA, Future Teachers, Young Demo- crats Club ELLIS L. FOSTER, JR., Engineering . . . Louisville Qmicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, Independents, Phi Eta Sigma, Norwood Society, Mechanical Engineers NANCY FOSTER, A.8. S. ...... Covington Delta Zeta WILLIAM L. FOUSE, Commerce . Parkersburg, W. Va. Phi Mu Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Band, Symphony Orchestra SAMUEL FOWLKES, Engineering . St. Albans, W. Va. WILFORD LEE FOY, A.8t S. ..... Providence LOUIS D. FRANCISCO, Commerce . New York, N. Y. Tau Kappa, Newman Club MARGERY E. FRANCK, A.8t S. . . Big Rapids, Mich. Student Union Board, SUB committees, Symphony Orchestra HAROLD FRANKEL, Pharmacy .... Louisville LAWRENCE E. FRANKS, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Owenton CLARENCE L. FRAZIER, Engineering . . Gilbertsville Pi Tau Sigma SANFORD FRIEDMAN, Commerce . New York, N. Y. Zeta Beta Tau JAMES L. FRITTIER, A.8t S. . . . . Louisville ROGER E., FRITZ, Law . . Lexington Phi Delta Phi VICTOR FRIZZELL, JR., Commerce . . . Owensboro Alpha Sigma Phi JOHN B. FROUNFELKER, Engineering . lronton, Ohio Mechanical Engineers ROBERT THOMAS FUCHS, Engineering . . Erlanger Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Electrical Engineers DELLON K. FULTON, Commerce . Floral Park, N. Y. Delta Chi JOHNNIE M. FULTON, Commerce . . . Mays Lick YWCA BETTY J. GAINES, Commerce .... Panna, III. ROBERT V. GAITSKILL, Commerce . . . Lexington REE MCCOY GALLAGHER, Engineering . . Vincent Electrical Engineers WILLIAM G. GALLAWAY, Engineering . . Maysville AARON L. GANT, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Sharon Grove Veterans Club, Judging Team MILTON E. GARDNER, Pharmacy . . . Louisville american Pharmaceutical Association, president, Phi Delta i RAY GARDNER, Commerce .... Elizabethtown CHARLOTTE RUSSELL GARR, A.8t S. . . Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma, vice-president, Student Government Association, Pitkin Club, Phi Sigma, Iota, Women's Glee Club, League of Women Voters, president BETTY GARST, A.8t S. ...... Lexington Kappa Alpha Theta, German Club, secretary, Guignol QUENTIN L. GASKIN, Engineering . . . Somerset WILLIAM L. GAULT, A.8t S. . . . Lexington Kappa Sigma, Phalanx, YMCA ' WILLIAM RILEY GENTRY, JR., Law . . Bardstown Sigma Phi Epsilon EDWARD GEORGE, Engineering .... Paducah Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Electrical Engineers VIRGINIA S. GEORGE, Engineering . . . Paducah Canterbury Club, Mechanical Engineers, Kentucky Engineer MIRIAM GERBER, Commerce ..... Lexington Women's Glee Club, Radio Studios orchestra, Dutch Lunch Club: YWCA 207 RAIN. .LONG HOURS IN THE LIBRARY ROBERT F. GERDING, Engineering . . Lexington American Society of Metals IRVIN GERGELY, A.8i S. ....... Harlan Zeta Beta Tau: Harlan County Club: Pryor Pro-Med Society: Hillel Foundation LOUIS GETZEL, Pharmacy ...... Louisville Alpha Zeta Omega JAMES R. GIBSON, Engineering .... Lexington Alpha Tau Omega: K Club: Spiked Shoe Society: Mechanical Engineers: Engineering College, president BERTHA L. GIFFORD, Education .... Lexington Phi Sigma Alpha: Future Teachers: YWCA LEWIS F. GIFFORD, Engineering .... Lexington Triangle: Band: Mechanical Engineers MARY FRANCES GILBERT, Commerce . Sibley, Mo. Newman Club: Commerce Club: Future Teachers JAMES T. GILKEY, Commerce .... Winchester ALETHEA GILLESPIE, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Tollesboro Phi Upsilon Omicron' Home Ec Club: Cornell Award: YWCA: Disciples Student Fellowship WILLIAM F. GILTNER, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Eminence Phi Delta Theta MARIAN W. GIVENS, .Ag.8i Home Ec . . Owensboro Alpha Delta Pi: Home Ec Club: YWCA WAYLAND GIVENS, Ag.8l Home Ec . . . Browder Sigma Phi Epsilon JOHN P. GODFRY, Law ...... Lexington Phi Delta Phi: Student Bar Association: Reed Club: New- man Club WALTER GOGGIN, JR., Ag.8t Home Ec . . Danville Block and Bridle BERNARD L. GOLDSTEIN, Engineering . Valley Station ABRAHAM M. GOLLER, Engineering . . Lexington Zeta Beta Tau, historian: Hillel Foundation: YMCA: Civil Engineers EUGENE E. GOODBUB, Engineering . . . Louisville Veterans Club: Mechanical Engineers DANIEL W. GOODMAN, Law . . . Lexington Phi Delta Phi JAMES W. GORDON, Engineering . . . Elkton Tau Beta Pi WILLIAM L. GORDON, A.8i S. .... Frankfort Delta Chi: Radio Studio: Westminster Fellowship BETTY ALLEN GORMAN, A.8- s. . . . Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma: League of Women Voters: Social Work Club KARL S. GRADY, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Munfordville Qlpga Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle: Dairy u EUGENE M. GRAHAM, Commerce . . . Bloomfield Men's Glee Club JOAN COOK GRAHAM, A.8. S. .... Paducah Kappa Delta, treasurer: WAA: Sig Ep Dream Girl 208 M. MARTHA GRAHAM, Education . West Union, Ohio Delta Zeta: House Presidents' Council: Cwens: YWCA: Fu- ture Teachers THOMAS L. GRAHAM, Education . . . Bloomfield Phi Kappa Tau: Phi .Eta Sigma: Men's Glee Club: Future Teachers DAVID C. GRAVES, Law ...... Lexington JAMES ARNETT GRAVES, A.8. S. . . Lexington SUB committees: Alma Magna Mater: Independents BERNARD C. GRAVITT, Education . . . Lexington Delta Chl: Future Teachers: Veterans Club WILLIAM KHENDALE GREATHOUSE, Engineering . . . . . . Sutton, W. Va. Pi Tau Sigma: Tau Beta Pi ALEXANDER GRECH, Commerce . Port Jerves, N. Y. Delta Chi JAMES V. GREEN, Engineering ..... Fulton MORRIS L. GREEN, Ag.8t Home Ec .... Green NEWCOMB GREEN, Ag.8t Home Ec . Wakefield, N. H. SARA MAE GREENE, A.8i S. .... Mt. Sterling Chi Omega, president: Student Union Board: Panhellenic Council: YWCA: Committee of 240: Women's Glee Club CHARLES H. GREENMAN, A.8i S. . . Louisville Social Work Club FRED M. GREER, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Clinton Veterans Club C. R. GREGORY, Pharmacy ..... Monticello Phi Delta Chi GEORGE SCOTT GRESHAM, Engineering . . Somerset Mechanical Engineers GENE GRIDER, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . . Liberty Veterans Club RUTH GRIDER, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Liberty Home Ec Club: YWCA BOBBY L. GRIESINGER, A.8l S. . . . . Bellevue Northern Kentucky Club LILLIAN C. GRIFFEY, A.8. S. . . . . Clinton WAA: Wesley Foundation: German Club GEORGE W. GRIFFIN, JR., Commerce . . . London Kappa Alpha, president: lnterfraternity Council GAILE RUTH GROGAN, Education . . . Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta: Suky: Cheerleader: WAA: YWCA: Physical Education Club: SUB committees ALBERT E. GROSS, Commerce .... Prestonsburg J. E. GROVES, Pharmacy ...... Louisville Rho Chl DONALD B. GRUGIN, Commerce . Stamping Ground Kappa Alpha: Pershing Rifles: Intramurals DWAINE E. GULLET, Commerce .... Lexington Kappa Sigma THE BREAK FROM BOOKS FOR A SMOKE 5' ,' V R ' Q - RV 15. , 7' 'Q .' we n 1 K Ll? , 1- :ah A m u. . E R x 1 0 3 L gi W Q 4 Qt T ,fa ' , MS ' .X 6 iahg Z , .-lm' Af' 51: fy" fi " E " 1 ,,R VO W K Q L54 an .L I4 5 T f 'v 5 6 mv E E Ex if I 209 GRILLOLOGYH WAS A CAMPUS CLICI-IE' gg 5' -A ,gi QQ '. 3 .Q g h 'L' ' ' G1 f A vi I :bf u A f '1"'1"'H -1, , , I , feta-'Z 71 K - A if g it 4. f5QSxif:,',3:k' A QA 4,3 IA A . M 357 Gr I lx. S' 1 ,gy ' " XA if :: ir: T7 . s I 5 him .:f eff- , al ,' . - 4' CW1 1 3 .. rr. 41- Z- . if ,I wg? ,4 'V X A . ,Q A L Q, saw, vw - A f Q .. 5. .h ,, 'wr V Ah In V 6 TL tr M , sh Y 'Gi' K. Ry. vc. V ' Q Oi .1 t if , - - W I - . , A E GQ QGVHA. fy f ,J 210 II ll SO WERE JOKES ABOUT THE STATUE BLAINE A. GUTHRIE, JR., Commerce . . Louisville KEITH L. GUTHRIE, Engineering .... Frankfort Tau Beta Pi ALBERT W. HAGAN, Engineering . Beaumont, Texas ROBERT L. HAGERMAN, A.8t S. .... Hartford H. B. HAGGARD, Engineering .... Winchester DONALD J, HAHN, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Lorain, Ohio Dairy Club, Intramurals KENNETH W. HAHN, Commerce . . . Peru, Ill. MARILYN RAMSEY HALEY, Education . . Elkton exllplga Gamma Delta, League of Women Voters, YWCA, Art u OWNEY C. HALL, Engineering . . . Prestonsburg Stray Greek, Electrical Engineers WILLIAM ROBERT HALL, A.8t S. . . . Franklin Sigma Phi Epsilon, Radio Arts, Psychology Club ROBERT C. HALVORSEN, Commerce . . Lexington FOSTER B. HAMBLIN, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Buckhorn HELEN CREECH HAMBLIN, Education . . Lexington Women's Glee Club, Choristers, Future Teachers, Indepen- dents, YWCA GERALD HAMBURG, Commerce . Hagerstown, Md. Phi Sigma Kappa CARL C. HAMILTON, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Falmouth Alaha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, president, 4- Club, YMCA, Dairy Club, Judging Teams CURTIS D. HAMILTON, Commerce . . . Lexington ROBERT K. HAMILTON, Commerce . . . Carlisle Lambda Chi Alpha, secretary, Chamber of Commerce WILLIAM F. HAMILTON, Engineering . . . Irvine Sigma Phi Epsilon, Band, Mechanical Engineers RALPH K. HAMMERLE, A.8t S. .... Louisville Sigma Nu BETTY DARRELL HAMMOCK, Education . Lexington Debating, Kappa Delta Pi, Tau Kappa Alpha, Future Teachers JOHN C. HANCOCK, A.8t S. ..... LaGrange Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pitkin Club, YMCA, Men's Glee Club, Veterans Club, Pryor Pre-Med Society, Committee of 240, Young Democrats Club ROBERT L. HANNIGAN, Engineering . . Louisville Eta Kappa Nu JOHN ROBERT HARBISON, Engineering . . Ashland Civil Engineers, Tau Beta Pi JOSEPH A. HARDCASTLE, Commerce . Bowling Green Wesley Founndation JAMES L. HARDY, Law ....... Paducah Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association HAROLD S. HARLOW, Engineering . . . Louisville Mechanical Engineers EDGAR T. HARNEY, Engineering . . Lexington JEANNE HARRELL, A.8t S. ..... Louisville Shi Omega, Phi Beta, House President's Council, Radio Stu- :os JOHN J. HARRINGTON, Engineering . . Erie, Penn. Electrical Engineers BARBARA JEFFERSON HARRIS, A.8t S. . . Lexington Chi Omega, Eta Sigma Phi, Student Union Board, Kotfee Club, YWCA, Alma Magna Mater, Leaaue of Women Voters DON C. HARRIS, Pharmacy ...... Auburn Kappa Psi ROBERT S. HARRISON, Engineering . . . Erlanger Pi Kappa Alpha, Veterans Club, Civil Engineers WILLIAM B. HARTLAGE, Commerce . . Louisville Accounting Club, Phi Eta Sigma JOHN D. HARTLEY, Engineering . . . Versailles Committee of 240 GLADNEY HARVILLE, Low .... Jonesboro, La. Phi Alpha Delta ROBERT D. HATCHETT, Engineering . . Danville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, K Club, Baseball Team DOROTHY E. HATFIELD, Education ...... . . . . . Huntington, W. Va. Alma Magna Mater . CHARLES C. HAWLEY, Engineering . . . Louisville Lambda Chi Alpha DOUGLAS S. HAYNES, Commerce . . . Owensboro Delta Tau Delta JOYCE HAYNES, Education ..... Louisville Kappa Kappa Gamma, Future Teachers, Canterbury Club, League of Women Voters, Koffee Club JOHN C. HAYS, A.8t S. . . . . Phi Sigma Kappa MARTHA CAROLE HAYS, A.8t S. .... Mayfield Alpha Gamma Delta, treasurer, Kentuckian, Cwens, Koffee Club, League of Women Voters, Committee of 240, Pan- hellenic Council . . Danville RAYMOND HAZELIP, Pharmacy . . . Asphalt Phi Delta Phi JAMES H. HAZLE, A.8t S. ..... Hodgenville Phi Sigma Kappa BERNARD EVERETT HEAD, Engineering . Louisville JAMES C. HEFFERNAN, Commercel. Providence, R. I. Kappa Alpha, Newman Club JEANNE HEIBNER, A.8t S. . . . St. Petersburg, Fla. Alpha Delta Pl JOHN H. HEICK, Ag.8. Home Ec .... Prospect Phi Kappa Tau, president, lnterfraternity Council JOSEPH M. HEIDENREICH, Engineering .... . . . . . Terre Haute, Ind. 2ll JOBIE'S "SPlCE". .THE WEIRD INSINUATIONS 'l. HOWARD HEINEKE, Engineering . . . Bellevue Tau Beta Pi JOHN J. HEINZE, Commerce . . . Prestonsburg Sigma Chi JEROME A. HEITZ, Engineering . . . Louisville Triangle, Mechanical Engineers HARVEY A. HELM, A.8i S. . . . . . Danville ELVIN EARL HELMS, Engineering . . . Petersburg Pi Tau Sigma JAMES C. HELTON, Law . . . . Pineville Phi Delta Phi ROBERT H. HELTON, JR., Law . . . . Corbin 2.JAY M. HEMBERGER, Pharmacy . . Louisville Kappa Psi CHARLES E. HENDRICKS, A.8i S. . . . Lexington Delta Chi, YMCA, German Club, Men's Glee Club, West- minster Fellowship KARL J. HENN, Engineering ..... Louisville Newman Club, Mechanical Engineers VIRGINIA LEE HENRY, A.8i S. .... Lexington YWCA Cabinet, president, Interfaith Council, president, Chi Delta Phi, president, Dutch Lunch Club, Women's Glee Club, Cwens, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pitkin Club, Disciples Student Fellowship, Guignol, Mortar Board WILLIAM T. HENRY, Engineering Civil Engineers . . . .Dayton ALEXANDER T. HENSLEY, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Hector GEORGE ANN HERTLEIN, A.8- S. . . . Springfield Kappa Kappa Gamma, Social Work Club, WAA, Women's Glee Club 3. GEORGE E. HETZEL, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Ludlow SAMMIE R. HEWLETT, Engineering . . Madisonville Mechanical Engineers JACK W. HIBBS, Commerce . . . Louisville Phi Delta Theta BETTY W. HICKS, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Sebree Home Ec Club DAVID T. HICKS, Ag.8. Home Ec .... Paducah LUTHER THOMAS HILLIARD, Commerce . Lexington YMCA Cabinet, treasurer, Freshman Club Advisor CHARLES F. HINDS, A.8i S. ..... Lexington Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa 4. ROBERT HINES, JR., Law ...... Paducah Young Democrats Club, Phi Alpha Delta JERRY J. HINSON, Commerce .... Lexington Kappa Alpha Theta, secretary, YWCA, Dutch Lunch Club, Future Teachers, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Gamma Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa MARGURETT R. HITE, Commerce . . Morganfield FOREST K. HOBSON, A.8i S. .... Campbellsville Pi Kappa Alpha M. DOUGLAS HODGES, Law . . Williamson, W. Va. Phi Alpha Delta 2l2 JAMES F. HOGE, A.8i S. ...... Lexington Chamber of Commerce, Veterans Club EDD C. HOGG, A.8iS ...... Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Alpha Phi Omega, Veterans Club . Mayking FLOYD B. HOGG, Law . . . . Whitesburg Phi Delta Phi RAY P. HOLBROOK, A.8. S. . . . Ewing YMCA ROBERT C. HOLDER, Commerce .... Louisville Sigma Chi, Veterans Club BARBARA LEE HOLEMAN, A.8. S. . . Madisonville Kappa Delta, secretary, League of Women Voters, Cwens, YWCA, WAA, Sociology Club CHARLES S. HOLLAND, Education . Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wesley Foundation, Tennis DAVID K. HOLLAND, Commerce .... Hickman Alpha Tau Omega, Phalanx, president. vice-president, Per- h' R'fl ' YMCA C b' T P'1'k' Cl b M n' Gle Club, . Gilbertsville singles, aine,iin u, es e secretary-treasurer, Committee of 240, Alma Magna Mater, lntertraternity Council DONALD L. HOLLAND, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Victory KENT HOLLINGSWORTH, A.8i S. . . . Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Canterbury Club, Kernel, K Club, Kentuckian, sports editor, Guignol, Radio Studios, Baseball, manager, Phalanx MARION HONEYWELL, Education . West Town, N. Y. WAA, Guignol, Future Teachers CHARLES B. HOOD, Commerce . . Lundale, W. Va. YMCA, Beta Gamma Sigma FAYE HOOKS, A.8i S. ...... Hopkinsville Alpha Gamma Delta, League of Women Voters, Social Work Club, WAA THURMAN HOOPER, Pharmacy . Jeffersonville, Ind. Phi Delta Chi WINTHROP H. HOPSON, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Cadiz Phi Delta Theta MARY FRANCES HORD, Education . . Campbellsville WALLACE R. HORINE, Commerce . . . Lexington Sigma Chi, Pitkin Club DONALD C. HOSKINS, Law .... Lawrenceburg Phi Alpha Delta WILLARD H. HOSKINSON, Ag.8i Home Ec .... . . . . . Brandenburg HARRY W. HOUCHENS, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Kappa Psi TOM HOUCHENS, Pharmacy . . . . Louisville Kappa Psi THOMAS E. HOUGH, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Paducah Lambda Chi Alpha ARTHUR C. HOUNSHELL, JR., Ag.8. Home Ec . . . . . . . Louisville Alpha Gamma Rho, house manager, 4-H Club ! SOMETIMES MADE BLOOD BOlL,TEMPERS FLARE M Z 64 X il' i In ' 6 :V V . .Q bv "f Li R I ,! .W 1. I J if ' 5 ' ' A .v'4 ju " '- lv ' Y K I A -g Q , ',.-. A. 5, bu n . ' R 11 2 XJ X E-Q A? 6' S Q 5 , ' JT . w , E .N .Q M E M Q, Q , . H M E wld,-P ' I fe A 213 A T Q Q 3, 3, 1 Q' 5- . ,, N 3" I, - L r - f 1 , , - rf' f - F BUT IT WAS FUN ...THIS SCANDAL A if Q ,ffl v l L . 2 A 5' 214 4 SHADES OF THE ROARING 2O's. .THESE 40's FRED F. HOWARD, Commerce . . Kappa Sigma JEAN W. HOWARD, A.8t S. . . . Harlan County Club JULIAN J. HOWARD, Ag.8t Home Ec . Newman Club TED C. HOWARD, Commerce . . Sigma Phi Epsilon ROBERT W. HOWARTH, Commerce . Delta Chi JAMES R. HOWE, Engineering . . . Hodgenville . Bledsoe . Lexington . . Lexington Victor, N. Y. . Ft. Thomas Phi Delta Theta, Football, K Club, Mechanical Engineers, treasurer ANNA SUE HUBBARD, Pharmacy . ROBERT N. HUBBARD, Law . . . . Louisville . Hodgenville Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association, president EDGAR JESS HUET, Engineering . . Tarentun, Penn. Mechanical Engineers GAINES E. HUEY, A.8f S. . . . . Walton FRED J. HUFFMAN, Engineering . . . Benton BYRON G. HUGHES, Ag.8. Home Ec .... Paris ELEANO-R LEE HUGHES, A.8t S. .... Henderson Kappa Delta, Social Work Club, YWCA RUSSELL E. HUGHES, Engineering . . Wickliffe Triangle, treasurer, Mechanical Engineers ROGER L. HULETTE, Engineering . . . . Frankfort Tau Beta Pi THOMAS HUMPHREY, Ag.8t Home Ec . Elizabethtown STANLEY MAX HUNT, Commerce . . . Elizabeth Baptist Student Union, Beta Gamma Sigma JAMES L. HURD, A.8t S. ...... Louisville Kentucky Archeolo ical Society' German Club, Philosophy Club, Psychology CFub, Lances Scholarship CALEB B. HURST, Engineering .... Knoxfork Mechanical Engineers HOWARD E. HURST, A.8t S. ..... Hazard ANN H. HUTCHCRAFT, Commerce .... Paris Phi Beta, Women's Glee Club, YWCA, Alma Magna Mater, Commerce Club PAUL BLAKE HYLTON, Commerce . Chamber of Commerce JOHN A. IDLEMAN, A.8t S. . . . Lambda Chi Alpha . .Pikeville . Paris, lll. JAMES INGLIS, Commerce . . . Glen Rock, N. J. Veterans Club, Chamber of Commerce JAMES W. INGRAM, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Paint Lick Future Teachers KATHRYN H. IRVIN, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Winchester Jewell Hall, vice-president ELMER ISAACS, Engineering .... Gray Hawk CURTIS JACKSON, Engineering . South Orange, N. J. Triangle, Civil Engineers MARY FRANCES JACKSON, Ag.8t Home Ec . Cropper Alpha Delta Pi, Panhellenic Council, YWCA, Home Ec Club PHILLIP GAlL JACKSON, Engineering . . . Paris Eta Kappa Nu PAUL R. JACOBY, Commerce .... Lexington EDWARD HAROLD JENKINS, Commerce . Artemus Alpha Phi Omega HERBERT D. JENKINS, Engineering . . . Ashland Mechanical Engineers LYMAN U. JENKINS, Engineering . . . Lexington Mechanical Engineers FRANCES J. JERNIGAN, A.8t S. . . Portland, Tenn. Euture Teachers, WAA, Baptist Student Union, Phi Beta appa WALTER L. JEWELL, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Buechel Block and Bridle, Poultry Club KENNETH B. JOHNS, Engineering . . . Versailles BENJAMIN P. JOHNSON, JR., Engineering . Frankfort CHARLES L. JOHNSON, A.8t S. ..... Vicco Alpha Sigma Phi, Pryor Pre-Med Society, Veterans Club DORIS L. JOHNSON, A.8. S. ...... Midway Phi Beta, Women's Glee Club, Choristers GLENN E. JOHNSON, Engineering . . . Barlow Alpha Phi Omega HETTIE CROCKETT JOHNSON, A.8t S. . . Owensboro Alpha Gamma Delta, League of Women Voters, YWCA MORRIS V. JOHNSON, Engineering . . . Shelbyville Trianglec, Mechanical Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, president, Pi Tau Sigma R. C. JOHNSON, Ag.8t Home Ec .... Hartford RUSSELL A. JOHNSON, Engineering . . . Lexington HARVEY V. JOHNSTON, A.8. S. . . Dorchester, Va. Radio Studios, Kernel J. JERALD JOHNSTON, Law ..... Lexington Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Ken- tucky Law Journal, editor, Cooperstown Council DONALD E. JONES, Education .... Henderson Sigma Phi Epsilon ELDRED C. JONES, Engineering .... Lexington 215 EVERYONE READ "CONN-COX'UNS" AND LOVED IT 'l.JACK H. JONES, Commerce . . . . Mayfield Kappa Sigma MARY C. JONES, Commerce . . . . Lexington NEIL C. JONES, Engineering . . . Latonia Triangle LYTLE ALLEN JORDAN, Engineering . . . Bellevue Triangle, Mechanical Engineers PAUL R. JORDAN, A.8t S. ...... Garrett MAYME O. JOSEPH, Ag.8. Home Ec .... Keck Hamilton House, vice-president, 4-H Club, Home Ec Club JOSEPH M. JOYNER, JR., A.8i S. . Portsmouth, Va. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Student Govern- ment Association 2. MERLE E. KAPLIN, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Alpha Zeta Omega WILLIAM KAPPA, Engineering . . Lexington Triangle, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma GEORGE KAREM, JR., Pharmacy .... Louisville LESLIE E. KARR, A.8. S. ..... . Corbin Veterans Club, Bacteriology Society LLOYD KENNETH KASEY, Commerce . . Irvington Phi Kappa Tau, Chamber of Commerce HERSHELL L KEELING, A.8. S. .... Joliet, Ill. Alpha Sigma Phi, Intramurals ROBERT DOTSON KEESEE, Commerce . . Lexington Lambda Chi Alpha, Chamber of Commerce 3. JOHN M. KELLER, Engineering . . Rochester, N. Y. Mechanical Engineers HAROLD F. KELLEY, Commerce . . . Bronx, N. Y. JOHN S. KELLEY, Commerce . . . . Bardstown JOHN W. KELLY, Law . . Phi Delta Phi LEONARD E. KELSAY, A.8t S. .... Covington RAYMOND A. KEMPER, Engineering . . Covington Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu ARNOLD N. KENLY, Engineering . Williamson, W. Va. Mechanical Engineers . Springfield 4. JACK K. KENNEDY, Commerce .... Frankfort Accounting Club ROBERT J. KENNEDY, Education . Lawrenceburg, Ind. JOAN KENNEY, Education ...... Frankfort Kappa Alpha Theta, vice-president, YWCA, Future Teachers, Young Democrats, League of Women Voters IVAN E. KERR, Pharmacy ...... Louisville Phi Delta Chl HERMAN M. KESSLER, Commerce . . . Louisville Phi Delta Theta 216 NICHOLAS KHOURY, Engineering . Lawrence, Mass. Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi CHRIS R. KILGIJS, Pharmacy ..... Maysville EDMOND KING, Pharmacy . . Louisville Kappa Psi, Rho Chi ERNEST N. KING, Engineering . . Louisville Tau Beta Pi, Electrical Engineers MARY M. KING, A.8t S. .... . Louisville Alpha Gamma Delta, Chi Delta Phi WESLEY A. KING, Engineering . Chattanooga, Tenn. Kappa Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Civil Engineers, Pershing Rifles GEORGE W. KIRCHNER, A.8t S. . . Fort Benning, Ga. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Independents, president, K Club, Spiked Shoe Society, vice-president, Track Team, captain JONQUIL JUNE KIRK, Education .... Ashland Delta Zeta, YWCA, Future Teachers BARBARA JEAN KIRWAN, A.8r S. . . . Louisville Kappa Alpha Theta, House Presidents Council, president HOWARD EDGEL KISER, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Grayson MARTHA FAY KITTINGER, A.8. S. . . Owensboro Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Beta MILES M. KLEIN, Commerce . . Long Island, N. Y. NORMAN J. KLEIN, A.8l S. ..... Louisville Zeta Beta Tau, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Stu- dent Government Association, Pi Mu Epsilon, American Chemical Society, Football, K-Club, Lances AUGUSTUS E. KLEMMER, Engineering ..... . . . . . Orangeburg, N. Y. Eta Kappa Nu, Lutheran Student Association PHYLLIS JEAN KLOECKER, Education . . Lexington Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, WAA JOE P. KNIGHT, A.8l S. . . . Kappa Sigma, Radio Studios, Guignol . Paducah 7. GEORGE W. KNOX, A.8i S. ..... Carrollton CHARLES GEORGE KREIDEL, A.8. S. . . . Bellevue American Chemical Society, Alpha Chi Sigma JOHN M. KRUMPELMAN, A.8r S. . . . Ft. Mitchell Lambda Chl Alpha, president, lnterfraternity Council, Com- mittee of 240, Pryor Pre-Med Society THOMAS A. KRUTZ, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Georgetown JAMES M. KUHN, Commerce . . Madison, W. Va. Alpha Sigma Phi, president, lnterfraternity Council JOHN B. KUIPER, A.8i S. ...... Lexington Phi Mu Alpha, Lances, Phi Sigma Iota, Scabbard and Blade, Orchestra, Phi Eta Sigma IDA CHRISTINA KUMMER, Ag.8t Home Ec . Franklin Home Ec Club HERE WAS COLLEGE HUMOR AT I TS BEST c V'-., x . v , N E - 'W li E ' M Ah 4 mx V IL- f.,:4 -Q ,E .E ' -- 1 if I 9 A A Q fx P W. 'FH' I, EF 217 FABULOUS COL 4: ' 6 V PK Of -9:9 V wid: B , O Q- TL N- I Y 1 ' 1 , 1 ,P M X X 4? 4 .1 ':, V -I ' ,, ffffffgf I f ' LECTIONS OF PARKING TICKETS A ' A, vw. ' X Ar .dz , A 5 'f fu ,' V A A 4 I mn , N ,V , ' E 1. A Q . ,Q xl ' QIL M I .Q 'z Q 'Q143RX?iixafm f.xx,Jp, 218 L wr 3 ll: SGA MADE A WONDERFUL TRAFFIC COURT DONALD L. LAFFERTY, Engineering . . Lexington DONALD M. LAFFOON A .8t Home Ec . Nortonville I Q Alpha Gamma Rho: Wesley Foundation: Veterans Club: YMCA: Block and Bridle SARA F. LAMB, Education ..... Frankfort Future Teachers: Baptist Student Union: YWCA GEORGE A. LANCASTER, Commerce . . . Fulton PAUL E. LANDRUS, JR., Commerce . . . Lexington Veterans Club CLAIR O. LANGEBRAKE, Engineering . . Ft. Thomas Wesley Foundation: Alpha Phi Omega: Mechanical Engi- neers: YMCA JUANITA RUTH LANSDALE, Education . Lexington Troupers: Physical Education Club JOHN J. LARKIN, Law ...... Lexington Phi Alpha Delta: Kentucky Law Journal: Student Bar As- sociation JOHN V. LARKIN, Commerce .... Frankfort Sigma Nu, social chairman: Men's Glee Club: Veterans Club: lnterfraternity Council GLENN EDWARD LASWELL, Engineering . Brodhead Pi Tau Sigma: Mechanical Engineers FRED L. LAU, Engineering ..... Louisville Triangle: Radio Engineers MARY ELLEN LAWRENCE, Commerce . . Lexington PATRICIA JUNE LAWSON, Ag.8i Home Ec . Hickman Alpha Delta Pi: Phi Upsilon Omicron, secretaig: Wesley Foundation Cabinet: Cwens: Home Ec Club: YW A: WAA: Women's Glee Club WILLIAM F. LAWSON, Engineering . Cincinnati, Ohio Sigma Phi Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi: Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi gtadSigma: Civil Engineers: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and a e JOHN E. COLLIS LAYTON, Ag.8. Home Ec . Midway MAY S. LEACH, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . Jellico, Tenn. Zeta Tau Alpha: YWCA: Dutch Lunch Club: Home Ec Club ROLLIE D. LEACH, Commerce .... Lexington Kappa Sigma SHIRLEE JOHNSON LEATHERS, A.8t S. . . Lexington Theta Sigma Phi WINFIELD GABHART LEATHERS, A.8i S. . Lexington Phi Sigma Kappa: Pershing Rifles: Suky: Kernel: Kentuckian DOROTHY RUTH LEE, A.8. S. . . St. Petersburg, Fla. ROBERT E. LEE, JR., Commerce . . . Monticello Sigma Phi Epsilon CHARLES E. LeGETTE, Commerce . . , Louisville Delta Chi: Fencing GERALD E. LeMASTERS, Engineering ..... . . . . .Parkersburg,W.Va. Kappa Sigma: Phi Mu Alpha: Orchestra: Mechanical Engi- neers WALTER H. LEONARD, A.8t S. . VAN MILTON LESTER, A.8t S. . Stray Greeks JAMES LEVIN, A.8t S. .... . . . Harlan . Somerset Williamsburg Zeta Beta Tau: Pershing Rifles: Hillel Foundation: Interfra- ternity Council, secretary BRYAN L. LEWIS, Law . . . . Phi Delta Phi JACK SMITH LEWIS, A.8. S. . 5.JAMES J. LEWIS, Engineering . . Kappa Alpha ELMER J. LIEBERT, Commerce . . Pi Kappa Alpha GLEN EARL LINDEMAN, Commerce . Beta Gamma Sigma JAMES F. LINDSEY, Commerce . . ELIZABETH VICTORIA LINK, A.8i S. Zeta Tau Alpha: Newman Club: American CHARLES S. LITTLE, Engineering . . WILLIAM H. LITTON, Engineering . WILLIAM H. LITTRAL, Commerce . Veterans Club ELVA MAXINE LITTRELL, Commerce HOWARD LOCKE, JR., Commerce . Lambda Chi Alpha: Interfraternity Council: tion: Chamber of Commerce: Veterans Clu RAYMOND LOGSDON, Pharmacy . JAMES LONG, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Pi Kappa Alpha: Band ROBERT L. LONG, Pharmacy . . . WILFRED M. LOTT, A.8t S. . . . . Dallas, Texas . Whitesburg . Versailles . Louisville . .Erlanger . . Lexington . .Louisville Chemical Society . .Jackson . Morehead . . Lexington . . Lexington . Middlesboro bWesley Founda- . .Louisville . Georgetown . Louisville . Owensboro Alpha Sigma Phi: Kernel: Alpha Phi Omega: Band PAUL M. LOVE, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Taylorville GLENN L. LOVELESS, JR., Ag.8t Home Ec . Somerset JOHN G. LOVELL, Ag.8t Home Ec . Block and Bridle ELIZABETH ANN LOWE, Education . YWCA: Future Teachers INA C. LOWE, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . . . Louisville . Smiths Grove . . Ashland Home Ec Club: YWCA: Future Teachers: Committee of 240 MARJORIE L. LUNG, Ag.8. Home Ec . Independents: Newman Club: YWCA BEN F. LUTES, JR., Commerce . . Lambda Chi Alpha . .Louisville . Hazard 2l9 RAIN. .EXAMS CAME ONLY ON GLOOMY DAYS KENDALL LUTES, Commerce, . EUGENE N. LUTTRELL, A.8i S. . . Sigma Gamma Epsilon CHARLES G. LYNCH, Engineering . . JESSE R. LYNCH, Engineering . . . PATRICK JOSEPH LYNCH, A.8i S. . . Newman Club R. ELAINE LYON, A.8i S. .... . Alpha Xi Delta, YWCA, Social Work Club ANNA JEAN LYONS, Education . . YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Future Teachers THOMAS L. LYONS, Engineering . Triangle, Committee of 240 WILLIAM BERNARD MACKE, A.3i S. . Sigma Gamma Epsilon, president MARK R. MAGGARD, Commerce . Sigma Chi GERALD LEON MAGUIRE, Commerce . Newman Club JOHN PRICE MALONE, A.8i S. . . Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kernel HENRY EDWARD MALONEY, A.8i S. . . Lexington . Lexington . Owenboro . Owensboro . Louisville . Morehead . Berry . . Frankfort . Newport . Paintsville . Lexington . Louisville . Lexington Pi Kappa Alpha, Newman Club, Kernel, Veterans Club IDA FRANCES MANCHIKES, Education . . Ludlow Delta Zeta, vice-president, YWCA, Future Teachers ALBERT R. MANDER, JR., Engineering ..... . . . . . Allison Park, Penn. Pi Tau Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Mechanical Engineers BARBARA ANN MANDT, A.8i S. .... Manton Delta Delta Delta, Lances Carnival Queen BENJAMIN J. MANN, Law .... Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Eta Sigma ORA MANNING, JR., Commerce . . Veterans Club, Chamber of Commerce Bloomington . . Corbin HERBERT M. MARKELL, Commerce . Cincinnati, Ohio Zeta Beta Tau, Keys JOHN G. MARLOWE, Commerce . . Sigma Chi, Guignol . Lexington WILLIAM H. MARNHAUT, A.8. S. . Corapolis, Penn. KEITH E. MARPLE, Pharmacy . . . Bradfordsville JACK A. MARSHALL, Engineering . Dyerburg, Tenn. Alpha Tau Omega BETTY JEAN MARTIN, Education . . . McDowell Alpha Gamma Delta, Commerce Club, Future Teachers, YWCA CHARLES P. MARTIN, Engineering . Hartford, Kansas Pi Tau Sigma, Mechanical Engineers 220 DOUGLAS MARTIN, A.8l S.. . . . . Lexington Delta Tau Delta, Band, executive officer, YMCA, Guignol HARRY C. MARTIN, Education .... Ashland HUNTER H. MARTIN, JR., Engineering . . Paducah JAMES R. MARTIN, Commerce . . Phi Kappa Tau, Harlan County Club MARTHA JANE MARTIN, A.8i S. . . . .Harlan . .Ludlow Zeta Tau Alpha, vice-president, Suky, secretary, Kentuck- ian, League of Women Voters, YWCA, SUB ROBERT LEWIS MARTIN, Engineering . Norwood Society WALTER MARTIN, JR., Education . . Future Teachers, Veterans Club BETTYE LEE MASTIN, A.8. S. . . . committees . Richmond . Wayland Nicholasville Theta Sigma Phi, president, Kernel, Baptist Student Union, Women's Administrative Council, Phi Beta Board Scholarship Plaque HOLTON H. MASTIN, A.8i S. . . . Alpha Sigma Phi, YMCA, Kernel JOHN R. MATCHETT, Engineering . . Mechanical Engineers, Intramurals FRANK F. MATHIAS, Education . . Phi Sigma Kappa, Band ' DINWIDDIE L. MATHIS, Commerce . Sigma Phi Epsilon WILLIAM E. MATTINGLY, Engineering Kappa, Mortar . . .Paris . Covington . Carlisle . Bardstown . .Philpot HAVEN L. MAY, Engineering . . St. Albans, W. Va. Civil Engineers, Intramurals ANNE PARK MAYES, A.8- S. . . . . Harrodsburg Kappa Alpha Theta, Cwens, Alpha Lambda Delta ROBERT T. MAYES, Commerce . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon PAUL W. MAYHEW, Engineering . . Harrodsburg . Lexington Sigma Chi, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade ARVID A. MAYNARD, Commerce .... Pikeville MILLARD R. MAXEY, Ag.8. Home Ec . LORAN MCAFEE, Pharmacy .... CAROLYN McBEE, A.8l S. . . . . YWCA, Social Work Club, treasurer: Alma Jewell Hall, secretary OWEN MCCAIN, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . PAUL I. MCCARTY, JR., Ag.8i Home EC Newman Club GENTRY MCCAULEY, JR., Commerce . Sigma Alpha Epsilon, lnterfraternity Council Ringos Mills . Louisville . . Sturgis Magna Mater, . .Benton . .Stanley . Versailles WHAT GOOD DID CRAMMING DO? 5, Q so x ae' 5? 1 'Q A ,K 4. l Q, ity iw Ei . Q, ,. . V V q y' 4, FE! 'i" 5 M. '. U O 'xr f' w . . f I AV, 'V+ .- ' D 6 H vu, Q1 cle. , ' :JIM 4,25 . nh I HY. I I' ykiio ' D: . gr., XO I 'FL . 1 xl O Q, A 'ga ,gi '57 -, 5 givl g 'ef gt, f 'lv' ,P '59 45 ...A 221 FOOTBALL GAMES, FORMALS, FRIDAY NIGHTS V .Y , Q.. i 5 I , 1 A 1 1,-311' f l 4 I W: 3 ' 11, I 1 1 -0 ' wk A 'ij 0 M' 1 M QW A 'ff ,J x I Q ' M .J-Lf ,k,, ff 4W'fi'L5 u . if A R as L 222 AND NAME BANDS AT JOYLAND GEORGE W. MCCLANAHAN, Commerce . . . . . . . . . Chagrin Falls, Ohio Chamber of Commerce CHARLES MCCLENDON, Education . Lewisville, Ark. Football MARY LOU MCCLURE, A.8. S. .... Owensboro Social Work Club SARA HART MCCONATHY, A.8t S. . . Nicholasville OLLIE W. MCCORMICK, Commerce . . Mt. Sterling Kappa Alpha ROBERT TAYLOR MCCOWAN, Commerce . Lexington Delta Tau Delta, vice-president, Chamber of Commerce, Patterson Literary Sociegf, president: Keys, vice-president, Pitkin Club, vice-presi ent, Lances, president, Student Linton Board, vice-president, Omicron Delta Kappa, secre- ary MARIE LOUISE KELLOG MCCOWN, A.8t S. . Versailles RUTH M. MCCRACKEN, Education . . Jeffersontown Chi Omega, secretary, YWCA, League of Women Voters, WAA, Canterbury Club, SUB commi tees ROBERT McDANlELS, Commerce . New Albany, Ind. Phi Kappa Tau, Chamber of Commerce, lnterfraternity Council EDGAR A. MCDAVITT, Ag.8r Home Ec . . Fisherville Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Dairy Club, president, YMCA, Baptist Student Union, Agriculture Council, presi- dent, Committee of 240 STANLEY L. McELROY, Commerce . . . Lexington GEORGE T. McEUEN, Ag.8t Home Ec ...., . . . . .WiIliamson,W.Vo. MARSHALL MALIN MCEUEN, Engineering . , . . . . . . Williamson, W. Va. Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma CECIL F. McGEE, Education ..... Lexington Phi Mu Alpha, Choristers, Men's Glee Club, Kappa Delta Pi WARREN McGEE, Commerce . . . Cleveland, Tenn. Alpha Tau Omega CLARENCE K. MCGLOTHLAN, Engineering . Irvington Mechanical Engineers BENJAMIN H. MCKEEHAN, Law . Oak Ridge, Tenn. Phi Alpha Delta RONALD L. MCKENNEY, Engineering . . Richelieu Engineering Student Council SHAFTER McKNlGHT, Engineering . . . Lexington Tau Beta Pi DELBERT L. MCLAUGHLIN, Law . . . Lexington Phi Alpha Delta JAMES A. MCLEOD, Engineering .... Lexington Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi CHARLES F. McMEEKlN, Engineering . . Lexington Sigma Chi, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Student Government Association JOE McMURTRY, Pharmacy . . . Nicholasville Kappa Psi JUANITA JEANNETTE MCNAMEE, A.8i S. . Erlanger Zeta Tau Alpha, Canterbury Club, Women's Glee Club, Social Work Club, YWCA CHARLOTTE E. MCNEELY, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Fulton Home Ec Club ROBERT L. MCNEER, A.8t S. . . . Portsmouth, Ohio American Chemical Society, Alpha Chi Sigma MARY ELIZABETH MEADE, A.8t S. . . . Ashland Alpha Xi Delta, Bacteriology Society, treasurer, YWCA ROBERT E. MEADER, Commerce .... Lexington YMCA, Pitkin Club, Alpha Phi Omega HARRY MAC MEADOR, A.8t S. ..... Cecilia MABEL MEARS, A.8t S. . . Jacksonville Beach, Fla. gf-:IE Delta Delta, YWCA, Social Work Club, Canterbury u WILLIAM P. MEDLOCK, Pharmacy . New Albany, Ind. CECIL H. MEEKS, Commerce ...... Corbin Alpah Tau Omega DON A. MENDELSON, Engineering . . . Lexington Electrical Engineers GORDON E. MENNE, Engineering . . . Covington Sigma Chi, Intramurals, manager, Mechanical Engineers RALPH B. MENSER, Engineering . . . Louisville CALVIN F. MERCER, Commerce . . . Ellicottville Sigma Alpha Epsilon KENNETH A. MEREDITH, A.8f S. . . . Louisville Alpha Sigma Phi WILLIAM MEREDITH, Engineering . Bowling Green Triangle, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Electrical Engineers, secretary-treasurer EDWARD HENRY MICHALSKI, Engineering . . . . . . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Intramurals KENNETH MIDKIFF, Education . . . . Dundee Phi Sigma Kappa, Keys, Lances JOHN MILKOVICH, Education ..... Stone Alpha Tau Omega, Future Teachers, president JACK B, MILLER, Law ...... Creelsboro Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association HAROLD F. MILLER, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . East View HARRY E. MILLER, Engineering . . . Ashland Mechanical Engineers H. WENDELL MILLER, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Lawson NATHAN H. MILLER, Engineering . . . Louisville Zeta Beta Tau, Hillel Foundation, Civil Engineers ROBERT MONFORT MILLER, JR., Engineering . . . . . . . Cincinnati. Ohio Sigma Alpha Epsilon, lnterfraternity Council SAMUEL M. MILLER, A.8t S. ...... Harlan Zeta Beta Tau, president, Intertraternity Council, Harlan County Club, Hillel Foundation, Track, manager THELMA C. MILLER, Education . . Thompkinsville WAA, Physical Education Club 223 OUR BEAUTIFUL NEW HALF-OF-A FIELD HOUSE 'I.WOODROW MILLER, Ag.8- Home Ec . . . Waldo Veterans Club MAUBERT R. MILLS, Law ...... Clinton Alpha Tau Omega, Lamp and Cross, Phi Alpha Delta, Stu- dent Bar Association WILLIAM L. MILLS, Education .... Lexington BEVERLY P. MIRACLE, Engineering . . . Trosper Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Pi Sigma, Electrical En- geneers JAMES MOKAS, Commerce .... . . Ashland Delta Tau Delta, Veterans Club, Chamber of Commerce, vice-president, YMCA, Pitkin Club, Men's Glee Club, Intra- murals MARY E. MONTAGUE, Education . North Bend, Ohio Alpha Delta Pi, Suky, Cheerleader WILLIAM MONTGOMERY, Pharmacy 2. AUGUST A. MOORE, Engineering . Eta Kappa Nu ELMER B. MOORE, Pharmacy . . Phi Delta Chi, Rho Chi JOHN F. MOORE, A.8. S. . Sigma Phi Epsilon PATRICIA ANN MOORE, Law . . . Delta Delta Delta, secretary, Student Bar rotary THURMAN MOORE, Pharmacy . . Phi Delta Chi ' VERNON L. MOORE, Engineering . . . . Louisville . Lexington . Louisville . .Danville . Winchester Association, sec- . Morgantown . .Erlanger Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Student Council, Civil Engineers WELLINGTON MOORE, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Lexington Alpha Zeta, Scabbard and Blade 3. WILLIS G. MOREMEN, Ag.8. Home Ec Alpha Zeta, Wesley Foundation CARROLL MORGAN, Pharmacy . . Phi Delta Chi H. B. MORGAN, Engineering . . Civil Engineers E. W. MORGERSON, Commerce . . CHARLES E. MORRIS, Pharmacy . Phi Delta Chi HOUSTON M. MORRIS, Commerce . JOHN DAVID MORROW, Commerce . Sigma Chi . Brandenburg . LaGrange . .Harlan . Lexington . .McKee . Hopkinsville . .Louisville 4. JOHN W. MORROW, Education . . Newport, Tenn. Men's Glee Club, Future Teachers RUTH MORROW, Education . . . . . Paducah Future Teachers, Stray Greeks, Kappa Delta Pi GEORGE W. MORTON, Engineering . . . .Paris JUANITA MORTON, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Bowen Home Ec Club, Future Teachers, YWCA, Committee of 240 224 MARY ANN MOSBY, Education .... Arlington Delta Zeta, Future Teachers, YWCA HENRY F. MOSS, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Bowling Green Black and Bridle, Wesley Foundation, Veterans Club ELIZABETH KATHRYN MOWAT, A.8t S. . . Benham Phi Beta, president, YWCA, Women's Glee Club, Harlan County Club, Choristers MARIAN MULKEY, A.8. S. . . . . . . Louisville Kappa Alpha Theta, Canterbury Club, League of Women Voters, YWCA, Kentuckian JAMES MULLOY, Commerce . . . Phi Delta Theta ROBERT C. MUNCY, Law . . Phi Delta Phi WILLIS MUNRO, JR, Commerce . . Delta Tau Delta, Chamber of Commerce, erans Club LARRY H. MYERS, Engineering . . Alpha Sigma Phi, YMCA ROMUALD NALLY, Pharmacy . Phi Delta Chi JOSEPH R. NARD, A.8. S. . . . Alpha Tau Omega RONALD O. NASER, A.8. S. . . Pryor Pre-Med Society SAMUEL NEACE, JR., Law .... Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Phi, Lurton Club WILLIAM A. NEBLETT, Engineering . CHARLES W. NELSON, A.8i S. . . Pryor Pre-Med Society, YMCA THOMAS A. NEVITT, Commerce . . . Lexington . . Hyden . .Ashland president, Vet- . .Sirocco . Springfield Norton, Va. . Sturgis . . Erlanger . Louisville . Paintsville . Louisville Newman Club, Veterans Club, Chamber of Commerce JOE POWER NEWELL, Engineering . Sigma Alpha Epsilon EDITH E. NEWMAN, Education . . . .Maysville . . .Boston Baptist Student Union, YWCA, Future Teachers, WAA BILLIE JOYCE NEWSON, Education . Future Teachers, YWCA LEWIS H. NICHOLLS, Commerce . . Delta Chi . .Pikeville . .Greenup FREDERIC E. NICHOLS, Law .... Madisonville Sigma Nu, president, lnterfraternitv Council, president, Lamp and Cross, president, Chamber ot Commerce, presi- dent, Constitutionalist Party, president, Omicron Delta Kappa, secretary, Lances, secretary: Student Government Association, treasurer, Freshman Handbook, editor, Kernel, news editor MARVIN NICHOLSON, JR., Commerce . . Lexington Choristers, Men's Glee Club, Chamber of Commerce ARCHIE C. NICKELL, Law .... Phi Delta Phi, historian JAMES M. NICKELL, A.8i S. . . Sigma Nu . .Ashland . .Ashland HOWARD H. NIENABER, Ag.8. Home Ec . Covington ff SEMI-COLISEUM, THAT IS p .sa s 6- ia Q l 'L ns- A gg' -I ,au ' , M ro A 1' wa , Hff4f:E'fg, 1 A Af W xp. I gif. A T 7 "" 234 if f" -W ,fi Asfffstil M qi -.1 W A t .K as X ,ga 6 as A I - A . ' . W T if A N 13. ' 5' 'A t 'L H A A ligxl 45' 'W ,A we Ianni fa lk NJ Q. 1.3 Uv' qc.-, QA A 5,3 NGA, H 3 '39 . ts , V' J V ' U f .4 ' . l Wi'- .fm 4 M H A 1 1 , 'I hw: r A ..1 J 8 fs- L, 11- R' 1 R X X I au, B' 'Q I J 10,3 ' - 4 6 in p 'if' gl. 7 1 fL'5-,fi 225 RAIN . . .AND TRENCHES ACROSS THE CAMPUS 2 S, , , , 2. 2 5 S E X , ?:b '1 I 4 j i V: x 6 1: J AA A Z A sf?" ' f h"' A V A M. 5 K . T fx S mu 9 fx' ' K 55' A fi I' " 33,5-Q5 W ' N: ' W A 7 U A A 4 E H Lg, ,ffm 6 uv. W Q RN 112' Q- 1 If ' ,fs ' F K . W f' ' I 'Y 2,3 I, , Q K ISA: S ,M L11 'A 4-wr ,J gl S WHO DUG THEM. .AND WHEN. .AND WHY? 'I. RUFUS NIGHTENGALE, A.8. S. . . . Savannah, Ga. Canterbury Club CHARLES W. NOE, A.8t S. . . . . Louisville Alpha Tau Omega, YMCA MAY BEAM NOE, A,8t s. . . . . . Springfield Kappa Kappa Gamma, Social Work Club, WAA IRVIN S. NOLAND, Engineering . . . . Versailles WALTER KEEN NORRIS, Ag.8t Home Ec . Burksville Alpha Gamma Rho, 4-H Club BETTY LU NORTHCUTT, Education . Alpha Della Pi . . Park Hills GERALDINE L. NORTHCUTT, Education . Lexington Mortar Board, Kappa Della Pi, YWCA, Glee Club 2. GLENDORA NORTHCUTT, Education . . Park Hills Alpha Delta Pi WILLIAM B. O'BANNON, Engineering ..... . .... College Station, Texas Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pi Tau Sigma, Suky, Guignol EARLE T. OSBORNE, Law ...... Barlow Phi Alpha Delta EVELYN RUTH OSBORNE, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Dover Home Ec Club, Hamilton House, secretary-treasurer, his- torian, 4-H Club, Treasurer VIRGINIA D. OSBORNE, Commerce . . Wheelwright YWCA WILLIAM E. OTTO, Engineering . . FLOYD L. OWEN, Engineering . . . Triangle, Electrical Engineers 3. GORDON K. OWENS, Engineering . Triangle, Civil Engineers OPAL NANCY OWEN, Education . . Alpha Xi Delta, Suky, YWCA, Kentuckian JOHN C. OWENS, Commerce . . . Curdsville . Hopkinsville . Lexington . Glomawr . Lexington Phi Delta Theta, Lamp and Cross, Omicron Delta Kappa, Lances, Student Government Association, Golf Team, Chamber of Commerce, Student Union Board MAURICE M. PACE, Engineering . . Alpha Tau Omega, Electrical Engineers W. C. PADON, Ag.8t Home Ec . . independents, Veterans Club, 4-H Club WILLIAM H. PARHAM, Law . . . Phi Alpha Delta EMILY JEAN PARKER, Ag.8t Home Ec Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, SUB committees, Kentuckian 4. MARY ANNA PARKER, A.8. S. . . . . .Corbin . .Salem . Mayfield Cold Springs Home Ec Club, . . Pikeville Kappa Delta, League of Women Voters, YWCA IRWIN D. PARNESS, A.8. S. . . . New York, N. Y. Beta Sigma Rho, president, Interfraternity Council, YMCA, Interfaith Council, WSSF JOE PARRINO, Pharmacy . . . . . Louisville JOE J. PARSONS, Engineering . . . . Ashland GERTRUDE L. PATCH, A.8- S. . . Nashville, Tenn. Women's Glee Club, Symphony Orchestra ROGER G. PATE, Engineering . . . Colburn, Va. Sigma Phi Epsilon CHARLES M. PATRICK, A.8. S. .... Ashland Delta Tau Delta, president, Kentucklan, editor, managing editor, associate editor, Patterson Literary Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, lnterfraternity Council, treasurer, Press Club, K IL dC YMCA Vtr ClbSUB - erne, amp an ross, 1, le e ans u , com mittees, Board of Student Publications, Lances EMMA LOU PATRICK, Education . . . Prestonsburg Kappa Delta, president, vice-president, League of Women Voters, YWCA, Koffee Club, Student Union Board, Pan- hellenic Council, treasurer, Young Republicans MOSS PATTERSON, A.8t S. .... Madisonville Philosophy Club, YMCA, Outing Club, Disciples Student Fellows ip, Chess Club, Alma Magna Mater JAMES B. PATTON, Engineering . MARY LOIS PAUL, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . Foster Home Ec Club, YWCA, Future Teachers VERNON F. PAUL, Engineering . . Tau Beta Pi MAXINE ANN PAXSON, Education . . PAT PAXTON, A.8. S. ..... . Chi Omega, Newman Club, YWCA, Alma Magna Mater . . Beaver Dam . .Lexington . Lexington . Paducah HOBART E. PAYNE, Commerce . . Welch, W. Va. Sigma Nu, house manager, Chamber of Commerce, Men's Glee Club NANCY PAYNE, Education ...... Riverton Future Teachers, secretary CHARLES PEMBLE, JR., Engineering . Miami, Fla. RAY B. PENIX, Commerce . . . Accounting Club GEORGE TERRY PENN, Commerce . . Alpha Tau Omega MARTHA L. PENNEBAKER, A.8t S. . Cookville, Tenn. Phi Beta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cwens, Guignol, Band, Phil- osophy Club, Cosmopolitan Club CHARLES K. PENTECOST, A.8t S. . . Henderson Pi Kappa Alpha . . Paducah . Lexington . . .Louisville FRED G. PERKINS, Engineering . Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Siama, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Lances, Lamp and Cross, Newman Club, Veterans Club, YMCA, lnterfraternity Council, secretary LOUIS E. PERKINS, Pharmacy ..... Albany Kappa Psi WILLIAM T. PERKINS, A.8. S. .... Owensboro GEORGE B. PERRAUT, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Cynthiana Alpha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle, vice-president, Alpha Zeta, Newman Club, president, Province vice-president, ln- terfaith Council CHARLES PEWITT, JR., Commerce . . . Frankfort MAC PEWITT, A.8t S. ........ Fulton Kappa Sigma, president, lnterfraternity Council, Pryor Pre- Med Society, Student Government Association CARL EUGENE PHILLIPS, A.8t S. . . . Henderson Alpha Tau Omega, YMCA 227 ELBERT POWERS, Engineering ..... Corbin THE BOOKSTORE WE OFTEN CALLED A "RACKET" CHARLES WESLEY PHILLIPS, Commerce . Franklin Chamber of Commerce, Veterans Club, Wesley Foundation KENNETH PHILLIPS, A.8i S. . .... Lexington RICHARD L. PIGMAN, Commerce . . . Lexington Phi Sigma Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Keys, Radio Studios, Alma Magna Mater, Chamber of Commerce, Patterson Liter- ary Society JOHN J. PLEMMONS, Pharmacy . . . Louisville Kappa Psi JOSEPH W. POCHOMIS, Engineering . . Lexington WILLIAM R. POE, Commerce .... Mays Lick Phi Sigma Kappa MARVIN W. POGROTSKY, Commerce . . Princeton Tau Kappa, Band, Hillel Foundation KIMBLE POLLITT, Engineering . Mechanical Engineers JAMES J. POLLITTE, Engineering . . . Lexington Civil Engineers, president, Engeering Student Council HAROLD F. POOLE, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . Frankfort JIMMIE M. PORTER, A.8i S. .... Wilmore RAY H. PORTER, Commerce . . . Cincinnati, Ohio Sigma Chi, Football Team, Tau Sigma, K Club THOMAS PORTER, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Madisonville Sigma Phi Epsilon WALTER E. PORTER, Engineering .... Cadiz Civil Engineers . Lexington WOODROW S. PORTER, Pharmacy . . Ashbyburg ELLA RENA POTTER, A.8. S. ..... Paducah Kappa Delta, treasurer, SUB committees, YWCA, WAA, League of Women Voters JULIUS C. POWELL, Education . . . Harrodsburg Phi Sigma Kappa, president, Patterson Literary Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Lances, Future Teachers, Interfraternity Council PAUL R. POWERS, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Lexington Canterbury Club BARBARA LOUISE PRESTON, A.8t S. . . Louisville Eelta Zeta, WAA, Philosophy Club, German Club, Kentuc- ian JANICE MARSHALL PREWITT, Education . Lexington Stray Greeks, Future Teachers TOM EDWARD PREWITT, Commerce . Mt. Sterling Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Veterans Club, ROTC, Cadet Maior, Chamber of Commerce LONA CAROLYN PRICE, Education . . . Russell Kappa Delta, rush chairman, Panhellenic Council, League of Women Voters, Koffee Club' SUB commitees, Attendant to Ma Queen, Scabbard and Blade Sponsor, Attendant to K Club Queen, YWCA MARY ELLEN PRICE, Education .... Lexington Kappa Alpha Theta, Panhellenic Council, WAA 228 ROBERT N. PRICE, A.8t S. ...... Frankfort American Chemical Society, Alpha Chi Sigma WALTER K. PRICE, A.8t S. . . . . Lexington Baptist Student Union, Philosophy Club WILLIAM C. PRICHARD, Commerce . . . Ashland Sigma Chi, Veterans Club JAMES M. PRIDE, Commerce . . . Morganfield Wesley Foundation, Committee of 240 CHARLES MARTIN PRITCHETT, A.8i S. . Morganfieid Sigma Nu, vice-president, Intramural Sports DAVID H. PRUDEN, Engineering ..... Livia Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Electrical Engineers, Radio En- gineers IDA M. PRUDEN, A.8t S. ...... Owensboro Bacteriology Society, Baptist Student Union ROYCE C. PULLIAM, Law ..... Cynthiana Alpha Tau Omega, treasurer, Phi Alpha Delta FRANK RUSSELL PURDY, Commerce . . Lexington JOHN DANIEL QUERTERMOUS, Commerce . Marion Sigma Nu JAMES EDWIN RADER, Commerce . . Egypt EDWARD J. RADIN, Engineering . Johnson City, N. Y. Mechanical Engineers KAREN DRU RAINES, Education . . . Lexington Kappa Delta, YWCA, Pitkin Club, Dutch Lunch Club, League of Women Voters JAMES W. RAMEY, A.8. S. . . . Pryor Pre-Med Society, Band Mt. Sterling NANCY C. RAMEY, A.8t S. . . . Sharpsburg Social Work Club, YWCA LOUISE H. RAMSEY, Education . . . Danville Future Teachers OLIE F. RAMSEY, Ag.8. Home Ec . . FAYE RANNEY, A.8. S. . . . . . .Murl . Lexington Bacteriology Society RALPH G. RANNEY, Law ..... St. Louis, Mo. Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Association EDWARD O. RAY, A.St S. ...... Louisville SARA CAROLYN RAYMOND, Education . Smithfield ARTHUR J. RAZOR, JR., Education . New Castle, Ind. Future Teachers ELEANOR JEAN RECTOR, Commerce . Independence YWCA DOROTHY E. REDFORD, A.8i S. . . . Roanoke, Va. House Presidents Council, Sayre Hall, president, YWCA, Cosmopolitan Club, Outing Club, Disciples Student Fellow- ship, WAA DAVID LEE REED, Engineering .... Owensboro THE FIGHT TO GET TO THE POST OFFICE E , -,ca V n.--. ex, I F J F 'T T 'T P1 MW' E . Q Wg - yy 1 33? xx I ' Tiff F'x' Q QIVA N I' ' 1 1 'Q X , j , f' LW -1 L 5? Q 'FWF ' 5 , , TQT, P ' IWJ 6. l I . . ,KL .Q .T lTT ' TT hi - Q 'lm , 229 RAIN. . .AND SPLATTERED WHITE BUCKS Q' 3 ' R vs f ' 5? K Q. fs YW ,J Q Q , JF wvs J V6 xg -as ' - 4 I - '. iwyi "Ui I If U J 51 , x n 11524 iz? V IX! Q: 1 --4 J 4 , A 1 K x 4 V ws mg U MX 1 N , I f MN - Egg: far, R 5 ' SMQEKQ at 'J z . ll. I . . - g A7- 230 af THE ATLANTICAL BOTANICAL GARDENS JOHN W. REED, Pharmacy . . . Sellersburg, Ind. Phi Delta Chi LEO B. REED, Commerce . . . Lexington Chamber of Commerce GLENN M. REES, Commerce . . Bradford WILLIAM B. REESE, A.8t S. ..... Lexington Sigma Phi Epsilon JOHN SAMUEL RENFRO, Engineering . . Lexington Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Band ELMER ANDREW REUSCH, A.8. S. . . . Bellevue American Chemical Society, Tennis GEORGE N. REYNOLDS, A.8t S. .... Lexington Alpha 1Tau Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa, Kernel, editor, managing editor, Press Club, Band, YMCA, Veterans Club WILLIAM M. Ri-ioADEs, A.8t s. .... Lexington Delta Tau Delta, Suky, president, Alma Magna Mater RICHARD F. RHODEMYRE, Engineering . . Ashland Delta Tau Delta, Pi Tau Sigma, Scabbard and Blade JO ANN RHODES, Education .... Flemingsburg Delta Delta Delta JO ANN RHODES, Education . . St. Albans, W. Va. Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, SUB committees, K Club Queen EDWIN D. RICE, Law ........ Louisa Phi Sigma Kappa, Phi Alpha Delta, Reed Law Club, Student Government Association RUSSELL W. RICE, JR., Engineering . . . Frankfort Phi Delta Theta, Mechanical Engineers ROBERT V. RICHARDS, Commerce . . . Covington White. Math Club, Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, SUB committees KITTY P. RICHARDSON, Education . . . Glasgow Alpha Delta Pi, WAA, secretary, Inter-dorm Council, YWCA, Cheerleader, Women's Glee Club MARJORIE ANN RICHEY, A.8i S. .... Glasgow Delta Delta Delta, YWCA, Kentuckian, League of Women Voters PAUL RIDDLE, Engineering . . . . McRoberts JAMES W. RIGGS, Commerce . . . Russell Delta Tau Delta WILLIAM M. RILEY, Pharmacy .... Hartford Kappa Psi ALAN G. Rirci-lie, A.8. s. . . . Buffalo, N. Dakota Delta Chi MARILYN M. RITZ, A.8t S. . . . New Albany, Ind. WAA, Stray Greeks AUDAZ RIVERA, A.8. S. . . Atlantic, Ga. Wesley Foundation WILLIAM ROACH, Pharmacy ..... Pineville Kappa Psi, Rho Chi WILLIAM EUGENE ROACH, Commerce . Harrodsburg C. A. ROADCAP, Pharmacy ..... Louisville Phi Delta Chi OVA PAUL ROADEN, A.8l S. . , . . . Loyall Sociology Club CLUSTER G. ROBBINS, Engineering . . . Clay City JOHN LEE ROBERTS, Engineering ..... Paris Triangle, Electrical Engineers ROBERT L. ROBERTSON, A.8t S. . . . . Sturgis Phi Kappa Tau WILBURN T. ROBERTSON, Engineering . Frankfort Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Pi Sigma CARL ROBINETTE, JR., Commerce . . . Ashland ANN RABURN ROBINSON, Pharmacy . . Ashland CALVIN R. ROBINSON, A.8t S. .... Owensboro Alpha Tau Omega, lnterfraternity Council, Debating Team, Philosophy Club, Veterans Club, YMCA, Young Democrats DELBERT ROBINSON, A.8- S. .... Hodgenville Rifle Team EMMETT V. ROGERS, A.8t S. . Sigma Phi Epsilon . Cynthiana FRANK K. ROGERS, Engineering . . . Louisville HARRY K. ROGERS, JR., Commerce . . . Frankfort Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football Team JOE G. ROGERS, Pharmacy . . Phi Delta Chi JOHN T. ROGERS, Engineering ..., Louisville Pi Tau Sigma SUZANNE LOUISE ROGERS, Education . . Maysville Alpha Xi Delta, Student Union Board, Student Government Association, Cwens, Kappa Delta Pi, Mortar Board, YWCA, Alma Magna Mater THOMAS E. ROGERS, Pharmacy . . . Greensburg Phi Delta Chi, Rho Chi WILLIAM WARREN ROGERS, Engineering . . Paris Kappa Alpha . Greensburg FLOYD DAVID ROSE, Commerce . . . Lexington Phalanx, Chamber of Commerce, YMCA, Wesley Founda- tion Cabinet FREDERICK ROSE, Engineering .... Lexington Sigma Phi Epsilon JOHN H. ROSE, JR., Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Louisville Block and Bridle, Newman Club MARY EVELYN ROSE, Commerce .... Irvine Alpha xi Delta RALPH W. ROSE, A.8t S. . . . St. Petersburg, Fla. Kappa Alpha JAMES E. ROSS, A.8i S. ...... Lexington Pryor Pre-Med Society, Scabbard and Blade JOE C. ROSS, A.8t S. ..... Tompkinsville Phi Eta Sigma, Pryor Pre-Med Society, treasurer, Men's Glee Club 23I CANASTA HIT THE CAMPUS...AND "MULE TRAIN" WALLACE C. ROSS, Engineering . . . Centertown BARBARA R. ROSSON, A.8i S. . . Washington, D. C. Kappa Kappa Gamma: League of Women Voters: Women's Glee Club: House Presidents Council ANTHONY F. ROTUNNO, A.8. S. . . Canton, Ohio Kappa Sigma: Newman Club: K Club ISAAC P. ROUSE, Ag.8i Home Ec .... Midway Sigma Chi: Lamp and Cross MARTHA M. ROUTT, Ag.8i Home Ec . Peewee Valley Phi Upsilon Omicron: Hamilton House: Home Ec Club: 4-I-l Club: House Presidents Council: Interdorm Council WINSTON ROUTT, Pharmacy ..... Upton Rho Chi EDWARD PAUL ROWADY, Engineering . Winchester Tau Beta Pi: Lances: Sigma Pi Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Amer- ican Society of Metals: Norwood Society BETTY J. ROWLAND, Education .... Ashland Women's Glee Club: Choristers: YWCA: Dramatics Club: Future Teachers CECIL E. ROWLAND, A.8i S. ..... Glasgow Men's Glee Club: Gamma Theta Upsilon SYLVAN O. ROY, Pharmacy . . Georgetown, Ind. Phi Delta Chi: Rho Chi WALTER L. ROY, A.8- S. .... Lakewood, Ohio Delta Tau Delta: Men's Glee Club: YMCA: Pitkin Club: Pryor Pre-Med Society EDWARD L. RUGGLES, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Springdale ROSE JEWELL RUH, A.8t S. ..... Lexington Zeta Tau Alpha: American Chemical Society: Newman Club: German Club DONALD R. RUSSELL, Engineering . . . Lexington Sigma Chi, president: Engineering Student Council: Inter- fraternity Council: Norwood Society: Pitkin Club: YMCA: Veterans Club ROBERT L. RUSSELL, Commerce . Bluefield, W. Va. Sigma Nu BERNARD C. RYLANDER, A.8- S. . Long Island, N. Y. JOSEPH Z. SACK, Ag.8i Home Ec . Cincinnati, Ohio CORA FRANCES SAFFELL, Education . . Frankfort Kappa Alpha Theta: Troupers: Attendant to Kentuckian Queen HUBERT B. SALLEE, Engineering . . . Lexington Newman Club: Electrical Engineers EARL L. SALYERS, Engineering . . Kings Mountain OREN A. SAMS, JR., A.8i S. . . Parkersville, W. Va. Sigma Gamma Epsilon WILLIE ARNOLD SAMS, Engineering . . Lexington FLORENCE ALAN SANDERS, Education . Lancaster Chi Omega: Committee of 240: Future Teachers: League of Women Voters JOSUE A. SANTIAGO, Engineering . New York, N. Y. Cosmopolitan Club 232 VIRGINIA BOWIE SATTERFIELD, A.8i S. . Princeton Zeta Tau Alpha: Phi Beta: Band: Women's Glee Club: YWCA: Public Relations Club: Choristers JOHN G. SAUER, Engineering .... Lexington American Society of Metals: Norwood Society WILLIAM SAUNDERS, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Hillsboro Alpha Tau Omega: Phalanx: Rifle Team KENNETH M. SAUNIER, Commerce . . Lexington YMCA: Chamber of Commerce WILSON C. SAUTEBEN, Engineering . . Hopkinsville Electrical Engineers JOHN SCANLON, Education ..... Lexington Newman Club: Future Teachers WILLIAM E. SCENT, Law . . . . Danville Phi Delta Theta: Phi Alpha Delta MAXINE SCHENKS, Education .... Closplint gang: Future Teachers: Business Education Club: Commerce u STANLEY J. SCHILL, A.8i S. . Valley Stream, N. Y. Press Club: Kernel: Radio Studios: Veterans Club HENRY M. SCHIMPELER, Engineering . . Louisville Sigma Phi Epsilon: Civil Engineers: Newman Club MARY A. SCHISLER, Education . Portsmouth, Ohio Kappa Delta JEANNINE SCHLEGEL, Education . Kappa Kappa Gamma: Future Teachers . Louisville JOSEPH J. SCHMITZ, Engineering . . . Covington Eta Kappa Nu ARTHUR P. SCHNEIDER, Engineering . Nicholasville Mechanical Engineers PRESTON H. SCHRADER, Engineering . . Anchorage Mechanical Engineers CARL M. SCHWAB, Pharmacy .... Louisville HARRY B. SCOTT, JR., Commerce . . . Lexington HUGH G. SCOTT, Commerce . . . . Lexington JAMES F. SCOTT, Low ...... Lexington Beta Gamma Sigma JUANITA ALMA SCOTT, Ag.8. Home Ec . . London Home Ec Club: YWCA: Baptist Student Union CHARLES K. SCROGGINS, Commerce . . Louisville Phi Delta Theta EVA MAE SEALE, Commerce . . . . Hazard Alpha Gamma Delta BOB L. SEARS, Engineering . . Somerset Electrical Engineers PAUL G. SEARS, A.8t S. . . . . Somerset American Chemical Society MARLIN SEATON, Ag.8- Home Ec . . Kevil 4 I , I h I WITH DELAYED PLEDGING. . .A FITTING TRIO I, .I -w, .,.. I I ww, I' ' ,Lg J ,X in-J q I q I A V, nh "" If :Tax I I I ,bf . In I' K X. , -. I ," I 6: . 'rg I - I , f IAM h 0 II I 6 gi. . I --I I in I XXI' I I h "I'I , C I 6- Xl IF' 5 I 7. A .X 3 X n w' fu ' ' 233 THE ANNUAL RUSH FOR FRESI-IMEN CUTIES r ., '11' 1 ik X 3 -v ,Qi 63, XV A Q I, xx 4 KX 5 , A! I iv A 1 Nf 4 q S If ee? . l ' .g W N A W , N , X A "J ' " 5 695 6 7 ' x Q 1 ' QS -E' .gjf : ' ' ff' , ' , V - A 11 , Ax if 51 Q' 1 gs X V F 5 5' . I ' , Q 5 , A mil ,. ,A , ' Y 1 we G ' I f 'Q' 1 W -' , 0 y W4 . X Q U, 'A 5'-:.:.' KL f M ' X fa vu In ' 'Q i Q 4. . 1 I 1.4 x-" ff ' V A 1 at L., 53, Q QQ 64- 4: . 5. ' 'Q , Q' A 234 THE CIRCLE AT PATT HALL. .STEAMED-UP CARS 'I. PAUL BUSH SEATON, Engineering . . . Lexington WILLIAM H. SEBASTIAN, Engineering . Petersburg Eta Kappa Nu ARTHUR F. SEELHORST, Ag.8t Home Ec .... . . . . .South Shore Alpha Gamma Rho: Phalanx: Block and Bridle: Wesley Foundation: YMCA CHESTER L. SELF, Commerce ..... Olmstead EDWARD M. SELF, A.8t S. ..... Rockfield Phi Kappa Tau: Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Wesley Foundation BENJAMIN R. SEWELL, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Sewell HERBERT A. SHACKLETT, Engineering . . . Island Triangle: Electrical Engineers 2.'BARBARA JEAN SHAFER, A.8- S. . . . Lexington Delta Delta Delta: Phi Beta: Women's Glee Club: YWCA: Choristers LOREN W. SHAFFER, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Karmak, Ill. Dairy Club ZELMA JEAN SHARFF, Education . . . Park Hills Radio Studios: Hillel Foundation, executive board: WAA Council: Suky, tryout manager: Tau Sigma: YWCA ANN SHARP, Education ....... Liberty Future Teachers OLA V. SHEETS, Education ..... Owensboro DON P SHERLOCK, A.8t S. ..... Lexington Delta Tau Delta: Scabbard and Blade: Patterson Literary Society: Radio Studios, sports director: Newman Club GEORGE R. SHERMAN, Engineering . Memphis, Tenn. Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma 3. JAMES C. SHERMAN, Commerce . . . Louisville JEAN SHERMAN, A.8i S. ...... Lexington Delta Zeta: Suky: Panhellenic Council: Cwens: Canterbury Club: YWCA MARJORIE C. SHIELDS, Ag.8. Home Ec . Falmouth Home Ec Club RONALD E. SHIFLET, Commerce . . . Louisville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, president MARTHA E. SHINDELBOWER, Education . Lexington Phi Beta, vice president: Troupers, secretary: Women's Glee Club: Choristers: Future Teachers JAMES A. SHIRLEY, Engineering . . . Lexington Mechanical Engineers WILLIAM P. SHOEMAKER, Engineering . . Irvine 4. ARVIL L. SHORT, JR., Commerce . . . Louisville BUFORD A. SHORT, Law . . . . Lexington Phi Delta Phi HELEN L. SHORT, Education . . . Ashland Future Teachers: Glee Club MARTIN EARL SILER, A.8t S. . . Whitley County JOE S. SIMMS, Education . . . . Springfield Kappa Sigma ROBERT P. SIMON, Ag.8t Home Ec .... Butler Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle: Men's Glee Club KATHERINE A. SIMPF, A.8t S. . . Jersey City, N. J. Bacteriology Club: Newman Club JAMES R. SIMS, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . Jamestown WALLACE EARL SIRIA, Commerce . . Madisonville Sigma Nu: Glee Club ALLEN E. SITHER, A.8t S. . . . . Lexington Radio Studios BETTY MAXEY SIVIS, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Sharpsburg YWCA: Home Ec Club: Live Wires Committee: 4-H Club: House Presidents Council: McDowell House, president RICHARD C. SIZEMORE, A.8t S. . . . Uniontown WILMER H. SKAGGS, Comerce .... Ashland Accounting Club WILLIAM E. SLOAN, Law ..... Lexington Kappa Alpha, vice-president: Phi Alpha Delta, president: Keys: Lamp and Cross EDWARD SLONE, Engineering .... Cynthiana Mechanical Engineers FRED D. SMART, A.8- S. . . . Cloverport AVA SMITH, Pharmacy . . . . . Burkesville CAWOOD SMITH, Law ....... Cawood Phi Delta Phi: Young Democrats: Harlan County Club, presi- dent: Student Bar Association EDWIN S. SMITH, Engineering .... Frankfort Civil Engineers ELIZABETH RATLIFF SMITH, JR., Law . . Irvine YWCA: Mortar Board: Student Bar Association, secretary GORDON M. SMITH, Commerce . . . Lexington Sigma Chi JOSEPH C. SMITH, Commerce .... Cynthiana Alpha Tau Omega: Phalanx: Scabbard and Blade LESLIE C. SMITH, A.8t S. ..... Lexington Veterans Club Officer: YMCA: Pryor Pre-Med Society: Philosophy Club: Chess Club LLOYD WALLACE SMITH, Education . . McKee PAUL M. SMITH, Commerce .... Versailles Kappa Alpha RALPH B. SMITH, Engineering . . . Burnside Mechanical Engineers RAYMOND SMITH, Engineering ..... Inez Pi Tau Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Sigma Pi Sigma: Mechanical Engineers ROBERT G. SMITH, A.8i S. .... Danville, Va. Lambda Chi Alpha, secretary: Press Club, vice-president: Kernel: YMCA: Future Teachers 235 THE LEANING TREES IN FRONT OF BOYD HALL ROBERT L. SMITH, A.8i S. . . . . . Lexington Westmister Fellowship, Interfaith Council, Patterson Literary Society, secretary YMCA Cabinet, Freshmen Club, presi- dent, Pitkin Clu ROBERT S. SMITH, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Hodgenville Alpha Gamma Rho, Omicron Delta Kappa' Alpha Zeta, Stu- dent Government Association, Phalanx, Wesley Foundation, president, Dairy Club, vice-president, treasurer, Agronomy Club, president, treasurer, Pitkin Club, YMCA, Lances, Phi Eta Sigma WALTER H. SMITH, Pharmacy .... Olive Hill WILLIAM W. SMITH, Education . . . Lexington W. RONALD SMITHER, Engineering . . Lexington Mechanical Engineers, vice-president JOYCE E. SNEDIGAR, A.8. S. .... Lexington Bacteriology Society, treasurer, French Club THOMAS N. SNIDER, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Waddy JOHN W. STALEY, Engineering . . Alexandria, Va. DOW STALLARD, Education .... Catlettsburg DANIEL C. STAMER, A.8i S. .... Monticello Alpha Tau Omega, Scabbard and Blade, Track, German Club WILLIAM STAMPEN, Ag.8i Home Ec . Waynesburg ROBERT C. STAMPER, Engineering . . . Jackson Triangle FRANCIS S. STAPLETON, A.8i S. . . Flat Gap IRVINE P. STAPP, A.8l S. . . . . Lancaster Kappa Sigma ROGER N. STARK, Engineering .... Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta, Tau Sigma, Troupers GEORGE O. SNYDER, A.8i S. ..... Newport Northern Kentucky Club FRANK K. SOUTHWORTH, A.8i S. . Pittsburg, Penn. Delta Tau Delta, Chamber of Commerce WILLIAM H. SOWERS, Law . . Portsmouth, Ohio Delta Chi HARRIETTE SPAULDING, Education . Bowling Green Kappa Alpha Theta, WAA HENRY S. SPAULDING, Education . Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman Club . . Bardstown WILLIAM C. SPARKS, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Princeton Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega GEORGE T. SPARROW, Engineering . . . Lexington Alpha Tau Omega MARIA JANE SPARROW, Law . Huntington, W. Va. t Kappa Sigma, Student Government Association, Phi Eta Sigma, Civil Engineers, Tau Beta Pi E. JOYCE STEELE, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Paintsville Delta Zeta, French Club, YWCA, Alma Magna Mater, Home Ec Club GEORGE EDWIN STEELE, Commerce . . . Ashland JAMES K. STEELE, A.8i S. .... . . Fulton Kappa Sigma DONALD J. STEILBERG, Engineering . Valley Station BRUCE STEPHENS, JR., Law ..... Royalton Phi Alpha Delta CHESTER M. STEPHENS, Commerce . . . Paducah JOSEPH C. STEPHENS, Engineering . . . Lexington Triangle EUGENE C. STEVENS, Engineering . . Hazard YMCA, Veterans Club, Suky, president JEAN LOUISE STEVENS, Education . . . Louisville president, WAA Kappa Alpha Theta, secretary, Cwens, Sudent Bar As- sociation, YWCA, Spanish Club, Outing Club, Newman Club CLYDE C. SPEARS, Education . . Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pershing Rifles DONALD E. SPEARS, Education . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon JOSEPH T. SPEER, Pharmacy .... EUGENE SPENCER, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Belle, W. Va. Belle, W. Va. . Louisville . . Jackson MARYANNE SPENCER, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Louisville Delta Delta Delta MERLE VIRGINIA SPENCER, Commerce . , Bellevue geta Tau Alpha, secretary, treasurer, YWCA, Panhellenic ounci THOMAS R. SPILLMAN, A.8i S. . . . Berea Kentuckian, Kernel, Press Club JOHN L. SPINKS, Engineering . . . Lexington Triangle, Mechanical Engineers RAY EARL SPRINGER, A.8i S. . . Henderson 236 Council, Physical Education Club, secretary' JOHN J. STEVENS, Pharmacy .... Fort Knox BARBARA LEE STEWART, A.8i S. . Tiptonville, Tenn. Alpha Delta Pi, Glee Club, WBKY JAMES B. STEWART, Engineering . . . Paducah Kappa Sigma, Civil Engineers, Scabbard and Blade KENNETH G. STEWART, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Wildie Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle ROBERT F. STEWART, Engineering . . . Paducah Delta Tau Delta JANICE CLAIR STILLE, Education , . . Lexington Alpha Xi Delta, Suky, Phi Beta, Tau Sigma, Cheerleader BETTY ANN STOLL, A.8i S. .... Morgantield Kappa Alpha Theta, YWCA, League of Women Voters, Young Democrats GEORGE RIVES STOLL, Commerce . . Morganfield Pi Kappa Alpha, Young Democrats, Veterans Club 1 is 1 W 0 C' wh mm F' 1 THE "CAMPUS", "CALL DOWN", HPRGBATION X ,1 Q' ce , 1 Q' .xi 4 h . x N A - , 5 - 5: uc. , .X 1 5, . Y : I as 1 , E .' 'ff 1 9 H Nga , ' M4 .. ' ' A ,, 7.17, :Z W , , fl J 111' v x -, -mr ,J ',- '- '-,4 inlfhlxh fam 1 M 9 . 5.0 6 -I ' 3 A ,A ' '1' M I JG Ja 2 S. 1 , , ,, 1 1, n. f' Q -" 5f',: 'Q ' ,U - V G- 237 GOODBYE TO WAR-SCARRED, BATTLE-STORIED VETS mx gs 8 ., ' in 'QQAWEK 6 A 1 , ' or ' , ' ' Q, sr -. in X ' .W 4 as va . K , , x 'x F A - xwu N agua . ' A , A K ,Hx '1 F, A . X t 55" "I-f-., Q 2 ' smk 4.571352 .,'h Q Q. ' A Q 'C' 2 Q 54 .Q - ,N ,f vi- ,. ' Q-5 xi A X? i , if Q . . 'eff-a - . QL ' 238 THE LEAN, HUNGRY LOOKS AT END OF MONTH 1. 2. 3. 4. JAMES MORRISON STONE, Engineering . Louisville Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, treasurer, Sigma Pi Sggma, Qlgtha ElribSigma, recorder, Norwood Society, Veterans lub, I in u JOHN B. STONER, A.8i S. ..... Louisville ANGELO STORTI, Commerce . . . Elmsford, N. Y. JOHN L. STOUT, Commerce ..... Versailles Kappa Alpha HORACE M. STRATTON, JR., Commerce . Bondville YMCA JOHN S. STREET, Ag.8i Home Ec .... Cadiz Alpha Gamma Rho, Pershing Rifles, Glee Club WILLIAM H. STROHBECK, Pharmacy . . Louisville JACK H. STROTHER, A.8i S. .... Henderson Delta Tau Delta, Chamber of Commerce, Intramurals BETTY M. STRUNK, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Lexington YWCA Cabinet, Interfaith Council, secretary, Pitkin Club, secretary, Dutch Lunch, secretary, Home Ec Club, League of Women Voters, Glee Club, SUB committee, lst attendant to Fall Festival Queen, Disciples Student Fellowship AARON T. SULLIVAN, A.8t S. ..., Lexington Scabbard and Blade, Veterans Club CHARLES W. SULLIVAN, Engineering . . Lexington Triangle, Civil Engineers ROBERT STEPHEN SUMMERS, Engineering . Glendale Phi Sigma Kappa, Eta Kappa Nu, YMCA Cabinet, Pitkin Club, Ky. Engineer Staff THOMAS ESTILL SUTHERLAND, Engineering . . Q ..... Charleston, W. Va. WILLIAM T. SWAIN, Engineering . Memphis, Tenn. Tau Beta Pi WALTER SWANSON, Engineering . . Kearny, N. J. Mechanical Engineers WILLIAM C. SWIFT, A.8i S. ..... Lexington MARY JOUETT SWINFORD, Education . Cynthiana Kappa Kappa Gamma, League of Women Voters, Future Teachers, YWCA, Koffee Club MARTHA F. SWOFFORD, Ag.8. Home Ec . Richmond Delta Zeta, YWCA Cabinet, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Wesley Foundation Cabinet, Home Economics Club, Mortar Board SAMUEL B. SWOPE, Commerce .... Stanford Glee Club, Chamber of Commerce, Band MARIE L. SYMPSON, Education . . . Bardstown Kappa Kappa Gamma, Newman Club, WAA THOMAS EDWARD TABB, Commerce . . . Dover Sigma Chi, Chamber of Commerce, Baseball GEORGE H. TALBOTT, Engineering . . . Lexington ALLEN Y. TALMADGE, Comerce . . . Owensboro STANLEY MARVIN TARTER, A.8. S. . . Somerset Alpha Chi Sigma, Phalanx, Mens Glee Club, YMCA, Wes- ley Foundation, American Chemical Society OMAR LEE TATUM, Commerce .... Louisville Delta Tau Delta, Tennis, Chamber of Commerce RALPH D. TATUM, Commerce .... Louisville Delta Tau Delta, treasurer, Tennis, YMCA, Suky AARON TAYLOR, Commerce . . Kingsport, Tenn. Phi Kappa Tau, Chamber of Commerce, Veterans Club DANIEL THOMAS TAYLOR, Ill, A.8i S. . . Buechel Phi Delta Theta, Debating Team DELBERT A. TAYLOR, Engineering . . Scottsville Pi Tau Sigma, Mechanical Engineers JACKSON A. TAYLOR, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Victory RALPH NELSON TAYLOR, Commerce . Farmington ROBERT T. TAYLOR, Engineering . . . Erlington Eta Kappa Nu THOMAS M. TAYLOR, Pharmacy . . Bowling Green Phi Delta Chi RONALD E. TERRELL, Engineering .... Barlow Independents, Radio Engineers, Electrical Engineers ANGELO C. TESTA, Engineering . Williamsport, Penn. Delta Chi, Newman Club LILLIAN THATCHER, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Alexandria Home Ec Club, YWCA, Band CHARLES R. THEOBALD, Engineering . . Lexington Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Mechanical Engineers CLIFFORD THOMAS, JR., Education . . Lexington DOUGLAS COY THOMAS, A.8i S. . . Lexington Pryor Pre-Med Society GEORGE R. THOMAS, A.8i S. . . Ashland JAMES C. THOMAS, Commerce . . Maysville Sigma Chi SARA BENNETT THOMAS, A.8i S. . . . Paris Chi Omega, Phi Beta, Canterbury Club WINFORD B. THOMAS, Ag.8. Home Ec . Shelbyville Kappa Alpha, Alpha Zeta, Phi Eta Sigma, Men's Glee Club BETTY THOMPSON, Pharmacy ..... Paris BRENT D. THOMPSON, Ag.8i Home Ec . Hodgenville Alpha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle JOE C. THOMPSON, Engineering . . . Pikeville Eta Kappa Nu, Electrical Engineers THOMAS FOREST THOMPSON, A.8i S. . Owensboro Phi Delta Theta, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade BEAVIN THORNSBERRY, Ag.8t Home Ec . Hodgenville RAYMOND C. THORNTON, Engineering . Lexington Pi Tau Sigma, Newman Club, Mechanical Engineers 239 FAREWELL TO RIVER PARTIES AND SERENADES 1. RANDALL B. THORP, Engineering . . . Lexington Sigma Chi: Guignol: American Society of Metals: YMCA: Veterans Club PAUL H. THRELKELD, Engineering . Tau Beta Pi: Civil Engineers HARRY D. TIMMONS, Engineering . Electrical Engineers ALFRED P. TOLLEY, Engineering . KENNETH C. TOOMEY, A.8- S. . . Patterson Literary Society THOMAS O. TOWNES, Commerce . Delta Tau Delta, house manager: Lances: Scabbard and Blade CHARLES C. TRIBBLE, A.8l S. . 2. ERNESTINE S. TRIBBLE, Education Choristers: Women's Glee Club LOU ELLEN TRIMBLE, Commerce . . Carrsville . Hopkinsville . Lexington . Lexington . . Danville Pershing Rifles: . .Trenton . Cynthiana . . .Burna Zeta Tau Alpha, president, secretarv: Women's Glee Club: Panhellenic Council: YWCA: Secretarial Club LEE C. TRUMAN, JR., Commerce . . . Owensboro Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Football FRED GENTRY TUCKER, A.8i S. .... Louisville JANE C. TUCKER, Education ..... Liberty League of Women Voters: Future Teachers: YWCA: Alpha Lambda Delta CHARLES KENNETH TUDOR, Engineering . Jackson Kappa Alpha: Intramurals JOHN D. TUGGLE, Ag.8t Home Ec .... Albany 6. Pitkin Club: Agronomy Club 3. JOHN WILSON TULLY, A.8i S. .... Fort Knox Delta Tau Delta: German Club: Phi Mu Alpha, vice-presi- dent: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Men's Glee Club LOREN WAYNE TUNE, Engineering . . Paintsville Triangle: Civil Engineers LINUS MARTIN TUPMAN, Engineering . . Bellevue Eta Kappa Nu: Radio Engineers CARL R. TURNER, Commerce . . . Blue Ash, Ohio Lambda Chi Alpha, vice-president: Scabbard and Blade: Spiked Shoe Society: K Club: YMCA: Veterans Club: Cham- ber of Commerce ROBERT L. TUTHILL, Commerce . . . Lexington Chamber of Commerce: Canterbury Club ANN BATES ULINSKI, Education . . . Louisville HARRY J. ULINSKI, Education . . . Louisville Football, Captain: K Club 4. THOMAS R. UNDERWOOD, Law . . . Lexington Phi Delta Theta: Phi Delta Phi: Lamp and Cross: Radio Studios: Democratic Club, president: Lances: Student Union Board ADELE J. URBACH, A.8i S. ..... Louisville Bacteriology Society: Hillel Foundation: Band: Orchestra: Women's Glee Club 240 ROBERT H. UTTERBACK, Commerce . . Frankfort Sigma Phi Upsilon DIRK A. VAN GEMEREN, Engineering .... . .... The Netherlands Pi Tau Sigma OWEN D. VANCE, Commerce . . Lexington Alpha Tau Omega THOMAS B. VANCE, Pharmacy . . . . Upton LOIS LYNN VAN METER, Education . . Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma: Canterbury Club: League of Women Voters: Future Teachers: Cheerleader 5.JOSEPH D. VAUGHAN, Commerce . . . Marion Sigma Nu JAMES T. VAUGHN, A.8t S. .... Williamsburg Kernel MARY WOOD VAUGHN, Education . Dallas, Texas Chi Omega: YWCA: League of Women Voters PAUL G. VAUGHN, A.8i S. ..... Lexington CLARENCE T. VERTREES, Ag.8. Home Ec . Glendale ADA RUTH VEST, A.8i S. ..... Lexington Delta Zeta: Social Work Club: Campus Club: YWCA CARL VINCENT, JR., Engineering . . . Henderson Eta.Kappa Nu: Veterans Club: Electrical Engineers: vice- chairman CAREY T. VINSON, A.8. S. ...... Cadiz Pryor Pre-Med Society: Baptist Student Union: Interfaith Council ARTHUR VOSS, Pharmacy ..... Louisville GEORGE A. VOSSLER, Ag.8. Home EC . . Lexington Alpha Tau Omega: Newman Club: Veterans Club GLENNA ANITA WADDELL, Commerce . Covington Alpha Gamma Delta, treasurer: Women's Glee Club: YWCA DOROTHY L. WAITS, Education . . . Lexington STEWART L. WAITS, Ag.8i Home EC . . Frankfort DOYLE C. WALKER, Commerce . . . .Marion WILLIAM K. WALKER, Commerce . . . Ravenna Sigma Phi Epsilon JOHN H. WALLACE, Commerce . . Sparta, Tenn. VICTOR WALLACE, Pnarnnaay . . . . . Eiva Phi Delta Chi WILLIAM C. WARD, Commerce . . . . Milton Phi Delta Theta WILLIAM E. WARDMAN, Engineering . . Ashland Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Band: American Society of Metals WILLIAM R. WARE, JR., Engineering . . Lexington Delta Tau Delta: Pershing Rifles: Rifle Team DORIS A. WARREN, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Owenton Phi Upsilon Omicron: Home Ec Club: YWCA: Alma Magna Mater: Fluture Teachers BOOKS, TERM PAPERS, AND COMPREHENSIVES 'F . ' A+ , ,V . . 1. -tiygim 41. H L in A Pfff'fx1M , 4 T .WW 1 QD ,ay 242.9 J xx ' M, my 17' ' V-.x "' f ' W gig, Q. SLAM 241 SO LONG TO FOOTBALL GAMES AND ROSE STREET I W 1 ffffi .'TH sf is xq 'gs , 'T ' , If ., A gr 1 ' A I Qg"iC'l W M , lf h f 11, "' ,, . 5 -,f lp' - , I X, .4 5 2 H40 if hiya, ' Al f ' A 1:':'.- ., Af. 'Q 11 V. I A A ff' '. "1 ' aff- . ',w .',m- y ' 1 Q or, ' 'x T' . :F VI ,. Q . ' EQ x QE., T lm 1 as 1 A A - 4 AT ' O! T ' A 5" ' 13, , If 1 , Ay if .L r I ", I1 I-,3 V Q7 ,, J 'gn 1, L 5: . I A I K at 'I w .' I . ' C., xx ', fx, X F ., ' am, T I , 5.2. ., V l 'Y . If , V L1 1. R gh T1 T J ' , T A" fy' T.. sg fm N V"- ,' 3: Q I 11 gil A T' ,T 1 . R' .7 'L ' 1 -I 'fs pf QL T K 'X 242 THE CAMPUS QUEENS, 1. WARREN W. WALTON, JR., Engineering . Allensville Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Baptist Student Union, Ashland Oil Co. Award JAMES C. WASH, Engineering . . . Lexington Pi Kappa Alpha, Civil Engineers HARRY L. WASHBURN, Engineering . . Lexington Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Student Council, Metallurgical Engineers FORREST R. WASHER, Engineering . . . Boston Electrical Engineers CHARLES WATHEN, Pharmacy .... Louisville Kappa Psi JOHN C. WATKINS, Commerce . . . Cynthiana Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SUB committees, Veterans Club CLYDE P. WATTS, Commerce .... Carrollton Sigma Nu, vice-president, Lamp and Cross, Lanccs, secre- tary, Student Government Association, Keys 2.WILLlAM L. WAYMAN, Engineering . . Covington Sigma Phi Epsilon E. RYBURN WEAKLEY, Ag.8. Home Ec . Shelbyville Alpha Gamma Rho, Omicron Delta Kappa, president, Alpha Zeta, Suky, Lamp and Cross, Block and Bridle, Phi -Eta Sigma, president, Keys, Student Government Association, Lances, 4-l-l Club, lnterfraternity Council, treasurer CORNELIA R. WEATHERBY, Education . Middletown GLENN WEATHERSPOON, Engineering . . . Fulton Kappa Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Lances, Scabbard and Blade, president, ROTC, cadet colonel, Mechanical Engineers FLOYD G. WEBB, JR., Ag.8. Home Ec . . Lexington Newman Club JOSEPH A. WEBB, Engineering . . Franklin, N. C. Radio Engineers SAMUEL C. WEBB, A.8t S. ...... Neon' Alpha Sigma Phi, Pryor Pre-Med Society 3. ROBERT S. WEBSTER, Engineering . . Frankfort Triangle RICHARD G. WEIL, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Lexington Zeta Beta Tau WILLIAM M. WELCH, Engineering . . Louisville Pi Kappa Alpha, Civil Engineers BETTY JO WELLS, Education . . . Mt. Olivet Future Teachers, Committee of 240, YWCA, Bacteriology' Society FRANCES EVELYN WELLS, Education . Bloomfieldl Alpha Xi Delta HAROLD G. WELLS, A.8. S. . . Hazard' Lambda Chi Alpha MORRIS P. WELLS, Engineering . . . Frankfort 4. RUSSELL W. WELLS, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Blaine Veterans Club FAYE WESLEY, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . Cloverport Alpha Gamma Delta, Home Ec Club, YWCA, Wesley Foun- dation AND WHEELS, AND HEELS JAMES P. WESLEY, Commerce . . Morehead Delta Chi ROBERT P. WESLEY, Commerce . . Morehead Kappa Sigma JAMES V. WEST, Commerce . . . . Lexington Delta Tau Delta, Men's Glee Club JOYCE E. WEST, A.8t S. ..... Williamsburg Phi Beta, Women's Glee Club, Radio Studios, Choristers, Troupers, YWCA, Committee of 240, Band WILLIAM S. WESTERFIELD, JR., Commerce . Latonia Accounting Club, Chamber of Commerce ROBERT A. WHARTON, Engineering ..... . . . . .Parkersburg,W.Va. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi, lnterfraternity Council, Student Government Association, president, Omicron Delta Kappa, Larnp. and Cross, Lances, Phi Eta Sigma, Kentucky Engineer, Civil Engineers, Track Manager, Band, Radio Stu- dios, orchestra GEORGE WHEELER, Pharmacy ...... Paris WILLIAM H. WHEELER, Commerce . . . Ashland Stray Greeks CARL B. WHITE, Engineering . . . Tallega DOROTHY A. WHITE, A.8t S. . . Newport JAMES P. WHITE, Commerce . . . Lexington JOSEPH L. WHITE, Engineering . . Lexington Mechanical Engineers KYLE R. WHITE, Engineering . Huntington, W. Va. Alpha Phi Omega, American Society of Metals NORMA AILEEN WHITE, A.8. S. . . . Lexington Zeta Tau Alpha, YWCA, Dutch Lunch Club, German Club, Bacteriology Society, White Math Club WILLIAM E. WHITE, A.8i S. ..... Sturgis Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pryor Pre-Med Society, president, treas- urer, German Club EDWARD C. WHITFIELD, JR., Ag.8. Home Ec . Kitts Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Chi Sigma MARY RUTH WHITLEY, A.8t S. .... Paducah Bacteriology Society, YWCA ROBERT BLAKE WHITNEY, Engineering . . Sebree PAUL WHITT, Pharmacy ..... Mt. Sterling Rho Chi WILLIAM WHITTENBURG, Commerce . . Lexington Accounting Club ROGER P. WHITTON, Commerce . . . Frankfort Kappa Sigma RICHARD IRVIN WILDING, Commerce . . Louisville CORLESS F. WILEY, Ag.8. Home Ec . Misawalker, Ind. Alpha Zeta CLARENCE CECIL WILLIAMS, A.8. S. . Nicholasville GEORGE C. WILLIAMSON, Engineering . . Wicklitfe Triangle, vice-president, Electrical Engineers, lnterfraternity Council BARBARA J. WILLING, A.8. S. .... Lexington Kappa Alpha Theta, Panhellenic Council, Canterbury Club, Philosophy Club 243 GOODBYE, FAREWELL, SO LONG. .FOREVER 1.CONRAD M. WILLIS, Engineering . . . Millwood GLENN E. WILLS, Commerce .... Shelbyville Delta Tau Delta, corresponding secretary, Suky, Phil Eta Sigma, YMCA, Chamber of Commerce, Beta Gamma Sigma KENNETH WILLS, A.8i S. . . . Groy's Branch WARREN WILLS, Commerce . . . Niles, Ohio Accounting Club JIMMIE DORIS WILSON, Education . . Moro, Ark. Future Teachers ALLEN F. WILSON, A.8t S. . . . . . Lexington Men's Glee Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa B. L. WILSON, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Russell Springs 2. CHARLES WILSON, Engineering . Williamson, W. Va. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Electrical Engineers, Cooperstown Coun- Cl DAVID S. WILSON, Engineering . . . Lexington Kappa Alpha, Pi Tau Sigma, Rifle Team, Mechanical Engi- neers GILBERT M. WILSON, Law ..... Paint Lick Phi Alpha Delta HAROLD M. WILSON, Commerce . . Paris HOBERT B. WILSON, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . Helton Pistol and Rifle Club E. JEANNE WILSON, A.8i S. ..... Lexington Alpha Xi Delta, secretary, Alma Magna Mater,ALeague of Women Voters, YWCA, SUB committees, Tau Sigma, Ken- tuckian, business manager, Guignol JOHN R. WILSON, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . Cynthiana 3. FREDERICK H. WINTSCH, Engineering . Mumtordville Phi Sigma Kappa, Electrical Engineers GEORGE I. WITT, Commerce .... Lexington Kappa Sigma, Intramurals JOHN D. WITT, Engineering . . Triangle, Civil Engineers ZOLLIE L. WITT, Engineering .... Lexington Alpha Sigma Phi GLENN WOLFINBARGER, Pharmacy .... Irvin RICHARD G. WOMACK, Engineering . . Old Town Pi Tau Sigma, Mechanical Engineers RICHARD M. WOMACK, Ag.8f Home Ec . Harrodsburg Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Krypton 244 4. WILLIAM LEE WOMACK, Engineering ..... . . . . . Huntington, W. Va. Guignol JAMES A. WOMBLE, Commerce ..... Milber Chamber of Commerce, Veterans Club KENNETH L. WOOD, A.8. S. .... Lexington Alpha Sigma Phi, YMCA, Newman Club, Phalanx, Kernel, Freshman Handbook, SUB committees, Radio Studios NEREE H. WOOD, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Alexandria Hamilton House, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec Club, 4-H Club, Mortar Board WOODSON T. WOOD, Law ..... Maysville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Alpha Delta, Student Government A ciati n' Ba d R ed Club resident, Student Bar As- ssp U o , n , e , p sociation JACK W. WOODS, Pharmacy . . Kappa Psi CHARLES E. WOODWARD, Commerce Sigma Chi, Phalanx, Pitkin Club, YMCA WILLIAM L. WOODWARD, Education Future Teachers, Gamma Theta Upsilon CARROLL E. WORD, A.8. S. . . Philosophy Club, Pitkin Club JAMES A. WORD, A.8t S. . JOHN H. WORD, Engineering . . OREN A. WORFORD, Engineering . HUBERT C. WRIGHT, Commerce . Kappa Sigma Louisville Mays Lick Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington . Paducah JOHN B. WYATT, Law ....... Graccy Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Association, Brandeis Law Club CHARLES W. YOUNG, Engineering . . Hopkinsville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, secretary, Mechanical Engineers, sec- retary DONALD J. YOUNG, Commerce . . . Lexington JOHN EDWIN YOUNG, Engineering . . Lexington Triangle, lnterfraternity Council, Electrical Engineers PAUL MARTIN YOUNG, Commerce . . . Louisville Football, Troupers, Spiked Shoe Society, manager, Newman Club, K Club SARAH ANN YOUTSEY, Education . . Ft. Mitchell Kappa Delta, YWCA, Newman Club, Outing Club, Pitkin Club HENRY ZAX, Pharmacy ...... Louisville Phi Delta Chi WILLIAM B. ZINSER, Pharmacy .... Louisville Rho Chi WE'RE GRADUATES OF UK! til Y uw SI'-, Y 1 K In ' V F J 2 A , -, val if -b.Q ff A dz B A X , 1 . , A V4 V ' iii: K , 1 ik .1 ' Q., G Q L- f .. -1 4 ' f , 1 4 . X ' A . k ' '15 ., w.,., AAAI 245 , , 4,-. qt Eg ,rf ,Mi :I gg Jr' '35 'ft 55 11-Q5 it fl E5 ttf ,gi 4, 21 Q1 if if li Q5 E5 W fi 21 , 3 . w .. 2 4 Til K. -r :ef zu 4 'K, R. rw . it if , 1 w, 11 r A x r x I n M s Hgh 4-i'55nS'i'iZnQ T, K. l 'n h a K J ra QL is gi I X vQ 1 V" in -I ?" 1 is E 1 ,gg E H1 22. jd Xl i 5 is il g 1 ,H L12 A N elf 2 W Q 5 xi. fv 1 X f ff 2 5 if i VL' an .cj EI Inf 'n 1 za v. Q...-.. ' ...-qv - -s Ag. wb H Af V' W L' f Z A my 2 , ,mu v 1 2 K 4 , , I ,' Ib, 'xl v A, f'15,k if if u 71' ' ' 3 I I ' I-',1Q , , 1 3L.i ' ,. 1 1 xr ' 4 . ? , ' s X ,. ,i K s . X ,.. Ax I xi 1 . I - fx' ' 'igxx 4 fy. X N Wk., g z.. ' . fkgfgfx . M., 1 .1 -5- Uv X Ui, ,mx-'. , Q., l 'x 7 , . ' x t. 3' h A A 1 g . ' x .if E w' w' EH r , I ' 1 , 1 ,vw . C .7 , .'..,, f M,.m,,..-x,,.,.., F , , W I. l If' H 'QA !"""'W "M" ru ,a,,,.... Wi ,,,,... , f V WW ,, 4 V W.. M. X- , ' ' 4' 2 A .N If , , y Y , w ' . . an , ' V K2 5,,4,,:L ,557 , I -.'WrW:,A.,'4,,...,fY.,T,i:I , X VI, Q :e'j?""", ' ,f 4.5 ,M Li Q. , ' H 'if'-K b 4 Q SJ U L' 9 g, Y N L we: Q nfsyivuhaygk., I av 5-q, l:x53f.l1'df, ll . ' v. .- Some Were Juniors . . . Who hod onother yeor left . . . one yeor to till with memories of college cloys. They wondered how they hod come so for ond knew so little . . . but they hod one yeor left . . . ond they would chonge. The lost yeor . . . o new leot . . . ond they would be Sen- iors ot UK. AS JUNIORS . . . ON WE SOAR! w 4-A B' 2. 5 N, W-- 53 5' 1 3' .' 3 I 6' 'Q' ,f,I ' ga, N " 4 I -W-H A U Y I 1.2 l , . , tl f ks,2 fHk!' f 4 q-. A aj. . ,xl Nj vb il I 61 f'v'1-4 - x , If A'-46' f ' 'R f' . K iii' f-f'af,m:1 Ah ' R K, lv 1h,1 ' F ' ,, 5 . "W ix lg wfk A I g A Q X I U X4 248 TOWARD THAT ASPIRATION HIGH LESLIE KEENE ADAMS, Engineering . . Lexington PAUL W. ADAMS, Commerce . . Ashland WILLIAM M. ADAMS, Engineering . . Ashland WILLIAM NELSON ADAMS, Pharmacy Louisville SHIRLEE AKERS, A.8i S. .... Carrollton WARREN ALBRIGHT, Engineering . Louisville DOROTHY FRANCES ALLEN, A.8t S. Lexington FRANK V. BENTON, Law ..... Louisville ROBERT HARRIS BENTON, Pharmacy . . . Irvine WARREN G. BIGGS, Engineering . Flushing, N. Y. ELIZABETH L. BILLITER, Commerce . . Winchester 2.JANET ALLEN ANDERSON, A.8. S. . . Owingsville MAX W. ANKNEY, A.8t S. . . . Somerset, Penn. EDWARD MYRON APPLEBAUM, Engineering . . . . . . .Brookline, Mass. KENNETH H. ASHBY, Ag.8. Home Ec . Hopkinsville COLLEEN JOY ATHERTON, Education . . Livermore GEORGE B. BAKER, JR., A.8i S. . . Beltrey BETTY EWING BALL, A.8t S. . . Louisville 3. EMMA LILY BARNES, Ag.8t Home Ec . Beaver Dam 'THOMAS E. BARNES, Commerce . . Beaver Dam FRANK EDWARD BARNETT, Engineering . Erlington 'LEVICY JANE BARNETT, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Bogdad KINNE BARNETT, Engineering .... Lexington DORIS ROSE BARRY, Commerce . . Louisville BETH BARTLETT, A.8- S. . . . . Louisville 4. BARBARA A. BEAM, Engineering . . . Bardstown JOHN D. BEATTY, Engineering . . Burlington, Iowa WILLIAM KIRBY BENJAMIN, Pharmacy . Mayfield MARTHA L. BISHOP, Education .... Louisville GEORGE MORRISON BLACK, A.8. S. . . Richmond HAROLD R. BLACK, Engineering . . . London JAMES C. BLAIR, Law ...... Akron, Ohio ANN T. BLAKE, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Paris LUCIA ANN BLAND, Education . . . Lexington JOHN G. BLANKENSHIP, Commerce . . Ashland KENNETH LEE BLEVINS, Commerce . . Covington JOHN C. BOOE, Commerce ..... Frankfort HENRY RAYMOND BOSWELL, Pharmacy . . Union ROBERT D. BOULTER, Commerce . . Hopkinsville ANNE BOYD, Education . . . Huntington, W. Vo. JOHN MICHAEL BRABANT, A.8t S. . . . Elkton MARY ANN BRADFORD, A.8t S. . . Covington LOIS BIRCHFIELD BRADLEY, A.8. S. . . Lexington MARY HOLMES BRAND, Education . Salem, Va. WILLIAM E. BRANDENBURG, A.8t S. . . Lexington EUGENE J. BREIDING, Engineering . Boonton, N. J. NANCY JEAN BRIGHT, A.8t S. . . . Lexington WALTER BROOKS, JR., Commerce . . . Louisville LESTER R. BRYANT, A.8- S. . . . . Lexington 249 THE VISION OF OUR DIPLOMAS ARDEN MARION BULLOCK, A.8. S. . Cincinnati, Ohio RAY H. BURCH, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Nicholasville LANDON K. BURCHAM, Ag.8. Home Ec . Owensboro BERNARD BURCHETT, A.8. S. . . . Prestonsburg FRANCIS MARION BURD, Pharmacy . . Hardyville GEORGE THOMAS BURKE, Engineering . . Danville WILLIAM HAROLD BURKS, A.8i S. . . Borger, Texas EVERETT BURTON, JR., Law . . Portsmouth, Ohio HARRY G. CALDWELL, A.8. S. . . . Williamstown JAMES K. CALDWELL, JR., Ag.8. Home Ec . Walton CHARLES L. CALK, Education .... Lexington LOLLY ANN CALL, A.8- S. . . Mamaroneck, N. J. NANCY L. CAMP, Ag.8. Home Ec . Charleston, W. Va. BERTIE J. CAPSHAW, Engineering . . . Gamaliel JAMES R. CARR, A.8. S. ...... Louisville WILLIAM P CARROLL, Engineering . Elizabethtown DORIS MAE CATLIN, A.8i S. ..... Paducah ALLISON H. CAUDILL, Engineering . . Salyersville EARL E. CAUDILL, Commerce . Huntington, W. Va. ALEX S. CHAMBERLAIN, Ag.8i Home Ec . Ashland MARY JANE CHATFIELD, A.8. S. . . Louisa DAVID CHEEK, Commerce . . Frankfort FRANK R. CHIDRESS, Commerce . . Louisville CHARLES A. CLARKE, Commerce . Mays Lick JOHN C. CLAY, JR., Ag.8i Home Ec . . Paris 250 JOE BILL CLEMENT, Pharmacy ..... Marion ROBERT E. CLEMENTS, Ag.8i Home Ec . Madisonville PHILLIP G. CLIFFORD, Ag.8t Home Ec . Elizabethtown PHYLLIS ANN CLIVER, Education . . . Louisville THOMAS E. CLORE, Engineering . . . Eminence EDWARD M. COFFMAN, A.8t S. . . . Hopkinsville ANNE LOU COLBURN, Education . Cleveland, Ohio WINTER H. COLLINS, A.8- S. . . . Flemingsburg RAY COLTON, JR., Commerce . San Francisco, Calif. DONALD COMBS, A.8. S. . .... Hazard DOROTHY COMBS, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Hazard WILLIAM H. COMBS, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Oneida BETTY F. COMPTON, A.8- S. .... Morehead CONLEY C. CONGLETON, Engineering . Barbourville ELIZABETH MAY CONNER, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . . . . . .St. Petersburg, Fla. JEWELL PATRICE CONWAY, Education . Frankfort EWELL P. CONYERS, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Owingsville KATHERINE V. COOK, A.8i S. . . Pittsburgh, Penn. RUSSELL H. COOK, Engineering . Portsmouth, Ohio HELEN J. COOLEY, Ag.8. Home Ec . Blue Ash, Ohio LETA FAYE COOPER, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Frazer WALLER W. COOPER, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Henderson HAROLD LEE CORNETT, Commerce . . . Hazard SMILEY E. COURTNEY, Commerce . . . Lexington NO LONGER A DISTANT DELUSION ' m x Ilia ' fx Y 1' vu- , K - Q 3 4 I X-T, 5 Q I X ala 7' fl ' vu' " A mf A " J " 'P' ' Lx Q if C K :J .., 5' Q KA I J " V L, y i. NVI, ' is X D4 .1 L 91 . 'A As V A Of ,' 'X 'F ws L V Q . A 1 f I -Q ll? . 1 J, r"Y""' ' 1 ', I I y . J , :Mx '. ' el, - V 9 I '29 iff: , 'Q xx dl 251 WE'RE CRAMMING IN THOSE CREDITS S F' ax, - f '22 if ,J A J 52 ' If fm 4 H 4 H '. Q I-9 xv x FY 2 ? I I 6 E X, M 6: . .N -vii -N, .5 iff: ,A A 1+ f N, Ng E yy G 9 F : if gf nf ,Q I -v2 K, V 1 . 1 4 ,- . Y Q m Q Q 6234 W sn Q 3, ' 7 G 'U y ' 1 ' , If 3 A, , fy , 'D Sm 1 0 I I A' A X, . ' '76 ,- U . Q mu A 7 K f ak A AZ V - A I V 9 , A 6 as A , N ,f .. W v QW V f 2 yd , 1? f- At ,, In gg ' , 252 BUT MILDRED COX, A.8t S. . . WILBUR G. COX, Commerce . . . JOE T. COYLE, A.8t S. .... New JEAN LILLIAN CRAFT, Commerce . . MARY ROBERTS CRAFTON, A.8- S. . ALICE INDA CRAIG, Ag.8. Home Ec . JOAN CRAWFORD, Education . . . CAROLYN CRITCHLOW, A.8t S. . Union CHARLES WARREN CROCKETT, Comme WT'LL . Lexington . . Corbin Orleans, La. . . Neon . Henderson . . Ghent . Lexington City, Tenn. rce . Carlisle IRVING CROSBY, Ag.8. Home Ec . Walterboro, S. C. PHILLIP JACK CUBRANIC, Engineering VIRGINIA CUNNINGHAM, A.8t S. HERBERT H. CUTTER, Engineering . . JIM DARST, A.8. S. ..... . BRIAN W. DAUGHERTY, Law . JOSEPHINE F. DAUGHERTY, A.8. S. . SARAH ANN DAVIDSON, Ag.8i Home Ec MARGARET E. DAVIS, A.8t S. . . WILLIAM E. DAVIS, Engineering . North VICTOR M. DEAREN, Ag.8. Home Ec . ROBERT C. DEEN, Engineering . . . THOMAS B. DEEN, Engineering . . . DICK DICKEN, Commerce . . . HUGH D. DILLEHAY, Engineering . . JOHN DISKIN, Law ...... . Lexington . Bellevue . Erlanger Stanford . Lexington . Lexington . .Hazard . Danville Middletown . Bardstown . Lexington . Lexington . . Mentor Owensboro . Ft. Thomas LET NO FUN PASS BY EUNICE IRENE DIXSON, Ag.8. Ho BETSY BISHOP DODGE, A.8. S. . MARCUS D. DODSON, Engineering . DONALD J. DONOHUE, A.8. S. . . FREDERICK G. DORR, Commerce . SUE DOSSETT, Ag.8. Home Ec . . eEc . . Hazard . . .Paris . . Lexington . Chicago, Ill. . .Ashland Geneva CHARLES E. DRUITT, A.8. S. . . Washington, D. C. E. J. DRYER, Engineering . . MELVIN K. DUKE, Law . . MARTHA L DURHAM, A.8i S. . EDWARD H. DURNIL, Comerce . . CLARA LAVINA EARLY, A.8t S. HOLLIS E. EDMONDS, Law . . . Covington . Lexington . Greensburg . . Louisville . Williamsburg Russell Springs JEWELL DEEN ELLIS, Ag.8t Home Ec . Gravel Switch SHIRLEY ALMA ELLIS, Ag.8t Home Ec . Gravel SN2t:h OLLIE BENNETT EMERINE, Pharmacy . Vine Grove SYLVAN HARLIN ENGLAND, Pharmacy . . Flippin PATSY C. ENNIS, A.8. S. . . . . . . Lancaster DAVID C. EPPLEY, Commerce . . . Lansing, Mich. WILLIAM C. ERNEST, Commerce . JOHN A. EWING, Ag.8. Home Ec . KENNETH O'HARA FAGAN, A.8. S. . . BARBARA LEE FAIN, A.8t S. . . . B. C. FAIRCHILD, Engineering . . Lexington Anchorage Lexington . Lexington . Paintsville 253 WE'VE GOT THE HANG OF PARTIES CARL FAITH, A.8t S. . . . . RICHARD B. FELNER, Commerce . GILBERT L. FELTEL, Engineering . JUANITA V. FERGUS, Ag.8. Home Ec BRUCE S. FERGUSON, A.8. S. . . . KENT FLOYD, Law .... ANN HAWLEY FOOTE, Education . JOHN E. FORD, Commerce . . LOUIS M. FORD, A.8t S. . . . . WILLIAM BAIN FOSTER, Commerce . JAMES D. FOTHERGILL, Education JAMES H. FOWLER, Ag.8t Home Ec . Covington . Millersburg . Covington . Lexington . Union . Eminence . Lebanon . . Praise . Lancaster . Georgetown . Carrollton . . Carson DON FOWLS, Commerce . . . Huntington, W. Va. ALEXANDER B. FRAME, A.8- S. . . WILLIAM W. FRANCIS, Law . . . BILLY JANE FREEMAN, A.8. S. . CAROLINE E. FREEMAN, A.8t S. . WILLIAM T. FRISCH, Ag.8t Home Ec JAMES W. FRITTS, A.8I S. . . . JACQUELINE FROST, A.8t S. . . GUY P. FULLER, Pharmacy . . PATSY ANN FUTRELL, A.8t S. . FLETCHER GABBARD, A.8. S. . . JAMES LEE GADDIS, Pharmacy . . WILLIAM B. GAINES, Engineering . 254 Lynn, Mass. . Carr Creek . Louisville . Lexington Clifton, N. J. Mt. Sterling . Louisville . Louisville . .Cadiz . Sand Gap . Owensboro Hopkinsville MAGDALENE GAMBLIN, Ag.8t Home Ec .... . . . . .Madisonville MARGARET SALENDA GARRETT, A.8t S. . Lexington NANCY JANE GASKIN, A.8i S. . . Buffalo, N. Y. 5. MARTHA ANN GAUNTT, Ag.8. Home Ec .... . . . . .Milltown,N.J. MARIETTA GEORGIADOU, Commerce ..... . . . . .Athens, Greece OSCAR H. GERALDS, JR., Commerce . . Lexington THEODORE C. GESLING, Engineering . . Ashland THOMAS B. GILMORE, Ag.8i Home Ec ..... . . . . . Newburgh, N. Y. JACK L. GOLDBEN, Commerce ,... Lexington FRANCES MARIE GOLDSTEIN, Education . Owensboro IRVIN L. GOLDSTEIN, Education . . Louisville CHARLES R. GOODIN, Commerce . . Lebanon JOEL C. GORDON, Commerce . . . Crofton NORMAN S. GORDON, Commerce . . Lexington PAUL ALLAN GORDON, A.8i S. . Brooklyn, N. Y. DONALD K. GRAHAM, Commerce . . Louisville PEGGY SHIELDS GRAHAM, Ag.8t Home Ec . Bluefield FAWN JEAN GREY, Education . . . Rockford, Ill. CHARLES D. GREEN, Ag.8t Horne Ec . . . Rumsey ROBERT E. GREGORY, Education . . Covington GERALD ROBIN GRIFFIN, Law . . Lexington HAL C. GRIFFIN, A.8t S. . . . . Clinton JOHN T. GRIFFIN, A.8t S. . . . . Lexington JOE S. GRIMES, Ag.8t Home Ec . . . Stanford THE.. . HOW YOU SAY. . . FINESSE? GA" 0 3 '3 Q' 3 4 5, Q, 4 . 4 X 4 . TN fm fn , A u ' e y Q9 V lx m ' Q3 - .V Q Y 4 y J Y i ,,.,-3Q4.,..-M A R x. if 'L -fn, 9 eff ik 5 x"x.-g, "J Q 4 X, , R, 1 , 62 . Q' - R .54 we , .1 , pf . ml A 1 ffg . Q V E Y' K A 5 hfk L 2 255 WE'LL REALLY PITCH A BIG ONE AV 5. Q. 4: 1. 4L9, . . f 1:5 'M xl ning 41 f A, 7' W Q E 0' 4 l.2lmsn x An 9 .:.E..?..S 2.53, qw ,. 71: if .- f A S- lk. G 6' f' ff ,f , f ' J, Y N t 5 . 5. W V 1 faawn 4..Ml.p I 56 THE BIGGEST, BESTEST, YET 1. CHARLES R. GROMLEY, Law . Marion Center, Penn. WILLIAM D. GROTE, JR., Engineering . ANN V. GRUBBS, Education .... ELIZABETH W. GUENTHER, Education JOHN W. GUTERMUTH, Engineering . ANN DRAFFEN GUTHRIE, A.8I S. . Lexington Lexington Owensboro Louisville . Pineville HENRY LEE GUTHRIE, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Danville 2. PREBEN M. HAAGENSEN, Engineering . Recife, Brazil EUGENIA LEE HADEN, A.8r S. .... Richmond REX HAMPTON HAILE, Pharmacy . . . Herndon ROSE MARY HALEY, A.8r S. . . . Brooksville BARBARA ANN HALL, Education . . Campbellsville EDWARD B. HALL, A.8r S. . . . Lexington KATHERINE A. HALL, A.8r S. . . . Rockford, III. 3. THOMAS G. HALLOCK, A.8i S. . . Cincinnati, Ohio ALLEN F. HAMILTON, Education . . . Louisville CLYDE W. HAMM, Engineering . . Flemingsburg PAUL D. HAMM, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Elizabethtown PRISCILLA SHAW HANCHER, A.8r S. . ELBERT EARL HARBER, A.8r S. . . . HENRY T. HARDIN, Law . . 4. FRANK C. HARE, A.8t S. .... . JAMES MARION HART, Jr., Pharmacy . . GLORIA HOPE HARTMAN, Pharmacy . Louisville Lexington . Sebree . Lexington Louisville Lexington JAMES L. HAWORTH, Engineering . . . Arlington JANE H. HAYS, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Somerset, Penn. ROBERT A. HEATH, Engineering .... Frankfort ELIZABETH ANNE HEISS, A.8- S. . . Arlington, Vo. HELEN HELTSLEY, Education . . . Hopkinsville JOAN ELIZABETH HENDRICKS, A.8. S. . Louisville MALCOLM J. HERMAN, Commerce . . . Louisville ALEX G. HERNDON, Ag.8. Horne Ec .... Berea JOSEPH E. HIBBS, Commerce .... Madisonville B. CLAIRE HICKS, A.8r S. . . . Greensboro, N. C. SAM COOPER HILL, Law ...... Lebanon ROSEMARY HILLING, A.8. S. . . Ft. Mitchell CLAUDE M. HINTON, A.8- S. . . Erlonger CHARLES H. HOCKENSMITH, Law . . Irvine RICHARD M. HODDY, Ag.8r Home Ec . . Louisville HAROLD HOFFMAN, Ag.8i Home Ec . Versailles, Ind. BERNARD A. HOGAN, Commerce . . . Burlington CARREL H. HOGG, A.8r S. ..... Whitesburg 7.WILLIAM LEE HOLEMAN, Engineering . . Danville DAVID C. HOLLIDAY, A.8. S. . . . . Jackson CHARLES W. HONAKER, Commerce . . Lexington DOROTHY LEE HONAKER, Education . . Lexington CARL S. HOPKINS, A.8. S. . . . WILLIAM HOSKINS, A.8. S. ..... Lexington . .Paris WARREN E. HOWARD, Engineering . Wallins Creek 257 WE'LL HAVE BLUE BOOKS TO REMEMBER 1. HENRY A. HUGGINS, JR., A.8f S. . . . Lexington BARBARA J. HUGHES, A.8i S. . Mt. Vernon, Wash. HAL T. HUGHES, Commerce .... Louisville JACK T. HUMPHRIES, A.8i S. ..... Corbin KENNETH B. HUNDLEY, Ag.8i Home Ec . Crestwood AGNES T. HUTCHINSON, A.8i S. . . . Lexington LORRAINE O'CONNER ILARIA, Education . . . . Little Falls, N. J. 2. MARY CATHERINE INGELS, Education . . . Paris NANNIE F. INGELS, Ag.8t Home Ec .... Paris EDWIN B. INMAN, Commerce .... Lexington JOSEPH MAURICE JACKSON, A.8i S. . . Georgetown MARJORIE ELLEN JENTZ, A.8f S. . Jersey City, N. J. RACHEL ANN JOHNSON, Ag.8i Home Ec .... . Bowling Green WILLIAM EDWIN JOHNSON, Ag.8i Home Ec . Dover 3. PHILIP G. JOHNSTON, Commerce ROBERT P. JOHNSON, A.8i S. . CARL T. JONES, A.8- S. . . ELLIOTT JONES, Commerce . FRANCES JONES, Ag.8. Home Ec JERRY JONES, Law . . . LeRUTH JONES, A.8. S. . 4. RICHARD R. JONES, Education . WILLIAM B. JONES, Law . . ED JOUETT, JR., A.8i S. . . 258 . . Lynch . Lexington . . Corbin . Beattyville . Lexington . . Fulton Decatur, Ga. . Ashland . Glasgow . Lexington JACK B. JUDY, A.8t S. ...... Lexington CHARLOTTE I. JUSTICE, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Ludlow DOTTE KAHNE, A.8i S. ....... Ashland JACK ALLAN KAIN, A.8i S. . . Lexington FRANK J. KANE, Commerce . . Staten Island, N. Y. JANE P. KAUFFMAN, A.8f S. . Pennington Gap, Va. JOAN CLAY KAVANAUGH, Education . . Lexington A. LILLIAS KELLEY, A.8. S. . . . . Lexington CALVIN C. KELLY, Commerce . . . Burlington JAMES F. KEMP, A.8i S. . . . . . Mayfield EDWIN E. KING, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Falmouth GEORGE GEARHART KING, A.8i S. . . . Lexington MILDRED L. KIRCHDORFER, Commerce . Anchorage MARY ANN KIRKPATRICK, Education . Russellville CHARLES L. KOEHLER, A.8. S. .... Lexington RAY KOONCE, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Campbellsville JOE T. KOPPIUS, Commerce . . . . Lexington ROWLAND F. KRAPS, A.8i S. . . LaCenter 7. MAX P. KREITMAN, Pharmacy . . Louisville JAMES G. LACKEY, Engineering . . . Louisa MARCUS H. LACKEY, Engineering .... Louisa MADGE F. LACY, A.8i S. ..... Tampa, Fla. CLARA J. LaFOLLETTE, A.8i S. . Charleston, W. Va. VIRGINIA FAYE LAKE, Education . Nashville, Tenn. MARGARET L. LARKIN, A.8. S. . . Logan, W. Va. f AND BETWEEN-CLASS TRAFFIC JAMS - v -Aw x , J. H V X lx. ' 1. ,, 9-M N-f 9'- F1 ' 6--1 3, 'gm 'K' M fm' MLA 1 . ,, 1 1 I N. -in R Y 9 "'-' """ QR" ,, Q 'S ff, ' 5' v' , , 7 me 4 W W f , A qw Aft- J A I . .' "L P . w '-- 1 It rr- 1 , ,f,s GQ, 6 m' Vg 'es- , A f A 9- I 'V' ' S fi til as 1: 259 KEY CHAINS JINGLING WITH HARD-WON GADGETS 'J g N t n V , WL 1 WG' J 5 , , " w, A D F ' V L X N K ,X I . ' gdb Q fi li -- -I g an Q gs V ilk l--- ' L aff' ,..,, , f 1 L- ,' I A H .x J 6 A. A 260 THE SLIDE RULES, WITH MEN ATTACHED FRED T. LAWSON, A.8- S. . . . Sevierville, Tenn. CAROLINE HELEN LEE, A.8I S. . . . Sanford, Fla. SAMMIE F. LEE, Engineering ..... Sulphur RAMONA RUTH LENOX, Ag.8. Home Ec . Brooksville HARRY R. LESSLEY, JR., A.8. S. .... Paducah DAVID D. LEWIS, A.8t S. . . . . . Rineyville LELAND C. LEWIS, A.8. S. . . Catlettsburg VIRGINIA EVELYN LEWIS, Ag.8. Home Ec . Ashland CARL R. LEZIUS, A.8i S. . . Shaker Heights, Ohio ALLEN O. LILES, Engineering . . . Dayton, Ohio JOAN RICH LINDSTROM, Commerce ..... . . . . . St. Petersburg, Fla. ROBERT E. LINEHAN, Commerce . . . Covington WILLIAM E. LINVILLE, Engineering . . . Ashland ROBERT B. LORCH, JR., Engineering . . Anchorage JAMES V. MARCUM, Law . . . . . . Louisa ALAN E. MARSH, Commerce . . St. Petersburg, Fla. KATHRINE JANE MARSH, Education . Maysville LOUISE MARTIN, Ag.8- Home Ec . . Barbourville EDWARD A. MARYE, Low . . . . Lexington IRA E. MASSIE, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Lexington LOIS SYLVIA, MASSIE, A.8. S. . . . Lexington JOE MATHEWS, A.8i S. ...... Lexington THOMAS W. MATHIAS, Commerce . Logan, W. Va. RICHARD L. MATRACIA, Commerce ..... Cincinnati, Ohio JOHN DEGARY LOWE, Pharmacy . . . Columbia JAMES LYNE, Engineering ..... Russellville BETTY JANE LYON, Education . . . Middlesboro W. CARSON LYONS, Engineering .... Corbin RICHARD EMERSON MACKE, A.8i S. . . Covington WILLIAM K. MACKEBEE, Engineering . . . . .Jacksburg, Tenn. ANN M. MACKLIN, A.8i S. . . . Elkhorn WAYNE L. MADDOX, A.8. S. . . . Corbin JOE ED MAINOUS, Commerce . . . Lexington SYLVIA GAYLE MAKEPEACE, A.8i S. . Sanford, N. C. A. J. MANGIONE, Commerce . . . Lexington FRANK J. S. MATURO, A.8i S. . . . Georgetown JULIAN W. MAUPIN, Ag.8i Home EC . . Richmond MARY ALICE MAYER, A.8i S. . . . Lexington ARLOE W. MAYNE, Law . . . . Rockholds J. MARSHALL McCANN, JR, Law . . Winchester SUE JORDAN McCANN, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Paris WILLIAM H. McCANN, Law . . . . Winchester JEANETTE H. MCCARTHEY, A.8i S. . . . Maysville CHARLES W. MCCLURE, Ag.8i Home Ec . Henderson LAWAS LEE MCCLURE, Ag.8. Home Ec . Henderson SPENCER MCCLURE, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Eminence ROBERT C. MCCOUN, A.8i S. .... Winchester PATRICIA ANNE MCCUTCHEON, Education . . . . . . . Beckley, W. Va. LOUISE McDOWELL, Education . . . Lexington 26I THE CHRISTMAS 1. BARBARA J. MCGHEE, Education ANN LEOTA MCINTIRE, A.8l S. . LOUISE MCINTOSH, A.8. S. . . MARY BERT MCKENNA, A.8. S. . DEADLINE FOR ED'S ARGYLES Jacksboro, Tenn. . .Lexington . Somerset . .Lexington JESSE W. MCKINLEY, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Valley Oak MARGARET JULIA MCPHERSON, A.8i S. . . Irvine MARY ANN MCQUAID, A.8. S. .... Lexington DAVID L. MOBERLY, Education . . . Irvine JOHN W. MOFFATT, Commerce . . . Frankfort GEORGE B. MONTGOMERY, Commerce . Nicholasville 2. RICHARD MEENA, Pharmacy . . . Louisville JOSEPH C. MELVIN, Engineering . . . Louisville CARL SIDNEY MERENBLOOM, Pharmacy . Louisville BETTY FUGATE MIDKIFF, Education . . . Jenkins JAMES R. MONTGOMERY, Pharmacy . Central City CHARLES E. MOORE, Commerce . . . Paducah CLARE G. MOORE, Engineering . . . Joliet, III. JAMES R. MOORE, Education . . . Lovely GEORGE B. MORGAN, Engineering . . . Riceland JUNE MORGAN, A.8t S. ..... Harrodsburg CHARLES W. MORROW, A.8f S. . . Louisville PERRY R. MILBY, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Greensburg ANNELLE MILLER, A.8. S. . . . . Paris DOROTHY GAIL MILLER, A.8. S. . . . Lexington 3. FRED H. MILLER, Education ..... Carrollton JACOB WILLIS MILLER, Pharmacy . . Louisville STEWART JOSEPH MILLER, Law . . Louisville WILMA G. MILLION, Commerce . . . Richmond EDGAR LYNN MILLS, Commerce . . . Covington EDWARD MILLS, A.8. S. . . . . Pineville HERBERT B. MILLS, Commerce . . . Corbin 4. ROBERT H. MILLS, Education . . . Covington CHARLES MITCHELL, Engineering . Vicksburg, Miss. MARGERY MITCHELL, Ag.8. Home Ec . , Lexington MELVIN E. MITCHELL, A.8. S. .... Frankfort 262 WYNN G. MOSELEY, A.8. S. . . . . Lexington VIRGINIA DARE MURRAY, Ag.8t Home Ec . Prospect ARTHUR LEE MYLES, Commerce . SIDNEY A. NEAL, Commerce . . TOM EDWARD NEAL, A.8t S. . . FRED P. NEUVILLE, Ag.8. Home Ec . ROBERT T. NIKOLAS, A.8f S. . . . JAMES R. NORTHCUTT, A.8f S. . SETH F. NUCHOLS, A.81 S. . . . Owensboro . Owensboro . Joliet, III. Beacon, N. Y. Detroit, Mich. . Covington . . Glasgow MARY F. NUTTING, A.8i S. . . . Pittsburg, Penn. CHARLES H. OAKLEY, Commerce . . . Lexington ANN E. O'BANNON, A.8i S. . College Station, Texas ANN OGDEN, Education ...... Sloughters BERNARD F. O'LAUGHLIN, Low . Smithport, Penn. BREAKFAST AT COMER'S AFTER THE BALL n -at 6 nw 42 ' . - :vi vX ft A 2, fi Q 95, ,I .,l ' me, , 1 X 'A I,- al ,f..' ea ' 4 v ng, 2' . Wx - . " ' W - if T W'T T E- X debit lg .Q 1 1-4- , 4. S. -492' ,W W., -A Ubi, za' G- .w -8 N, w x .Qs '- 'K . . V. K, A A . ' QL :I Ah, QPQ I V 4 A ,g gg. . 6- ,' 6-A ts - , 'Q' ' L ' if TKT E T 'FW A sr Q A QA - :hun M , nrbvx Q.,-, -nA, A ' mr. A,., GL , ml. ' iw ,A is T Q, , 4' 7' 'R A 1' , L A T ' - T vf . L' wi X -5 . Tvl ah 263 MAY DAY FLOATS AND BOONESBORO Q.,-I ' A A 2 K ,... 'qrf' I ,gg- V' ' A i , f ff? wh ff 1fm4X4? fi.ldmM:i H 1.9 El' if ,Q f' ff- ef' A " gag fl ' I A. A V A dh dll 1 , ' 5 n fewn - -5,1 .5 I- D Z A 4 N -' G- 264 FRIDAY CLUB MEETINGS AT THE COTTAGE KENNETH OLIVER, Commerce .... Frankfort DELLA WHEELER OSBORN, Education . . Ashland DOUGLAS OSBORN, Engineering . Winter Park, Fla. ROBERT ALLEN PALMER, Education . . . Carlisle VICTOR GUS PAPPAS, Commerce . St. Albans, N. Y. DAVID A. PARRY, Engineering . WALTER PATRICK, Law . . . BETTY B. PATTERSON, Education JOAN CLAIRE PATTERSON, A.8. S. JACK R. PAULEY, Engineering . JOHN B. PEAK, Pharmacy . . Rexford, N. Y. . Harrodsburg . Harrodsburg . .Lexington . . .Russellville . . Louisville WILLIAM R. PEAK, Engineering . . . Owensboro ROBERT M. PEARCE, Law . . JOHN A. PEDIGO, Law . . Bowling Green . Scottsville LAURA A. PERKINSON, Commerce . Kirkwood, Mo. JEAN LLOYD PERRINE, A.8i S. .... Maysville JOHN PETERS, Education . . . Nicholson, Penn. CHARMAINE ANN PETERSON, A.8i S. .... . . Clear Lake, Iowa KATHLEEN E. PETTEY, A.8. S. .... Columbia Jo:-IN w. PETTITT, Engineering . . Buffalo, N. Y. JOAN PFEIFFER, A.8i S. . . . . . Louisville BARBARA WARREN PLATTER, Education . Louisville SHIRLEY ANN PORTER, Education .... Liberty STANLEY R. PORTMANN, A.8. S. . . . Lexington NITA RUTH POWERS, A.8i S. .... West Point EDWINA MAY PREWITT, Education . . Mt. Sterling JOAN BODLEY PRICHARD, A.8. S. . . . LOuiSvllIe JOHN R. RAKER, Engineering . . . Carrollton BERTIE LOU RANKIN, A.8i S. . . . Lexington EDWIN E. RANKIN, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Marion REBECCA JOYCE RASNICK, Pharmacy . . Garrett ROBERT I. RATCLIFF, A.8. S. ..... Ashland PHYLLIS LEE RAU, AL S. .... Welch, W. Va. THEODORE S. RAU, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Louisville THOMAS ALLISON RAY, Ag.8i Home Ec . Lexington ROBERT L. RAYBOURN, A.8. S. . . . Olive Hill JACK D. RAZOR, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Mt. Sterling CHARLES E. READ, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Magnolia LESLIE EARL REED, Pharmacy .... L. Maud ELIZABETH L. REYNOLDS, Ag.8i Home Ec .... . . . . . Winchester HELEN L. RICE, Education . . . . Mays Lick NANCY J. RICHARDS, Education . Beckley, W. Va. LOUIS K. RIDDLE, Ag.8i Home Ec . . . Glendale MARY JO RIDLEY, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Beaver Dam CAROLINE ALMIRA RIEL, A.8i S. . Newburg, N. Y. ILEANA, E. RIGAU, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Puerto Rico BETTY J. RIGGLE, A.8i S. . . . . Cynthiana PAT E. RILEY, Commerce ..... Middlesboro JOANNE TARLTON ROADES, A.8i S. . . Lexington 265 LOSING OUR SHIRTS AT KEENELAND 1. DIANE B. ROBERTSON, A.8. S. . . . Mt. Sterling RICHARD A. ROBERTSON, Law . . . Owensboro ROBBIE ROBINSON, A.8. S. . . . Lexington MARY NELL ROGERS, Education . . . Pikeville RAYMOND L. ROSE, A.8. S. . . . . Lexington RAY GORDON ROSS, Engineering . . . . Rush RICHARD LEWIS ROSS, Pharmacy . . . Louisville 2.JOE I. ROUBEN, Pharmacy . . Louisville ROBERT E. RUBERG, Law . . Ft. Thomas JEAN V. RUDD, A.8f S. . . . . . Owensboro JOHN J. RUDY, Engineering ..... Maysville SUE RUFFIER, Commerce . . . Huntington, W. Va. HARRIETTE L. RUPARD, A.8t S. . . . Richmond GEORGE W. RYBOLT, Commerce . . Lexington 3. GEORGE D. SALISBURY, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Langley BILLY P. SAMUEL, Engineering . . . Georgetown WILLIAM MASON SAMUELS, JR., A.8l S. . Danville RICHARD D. SAUNDERS, A.8. S. . Cincinnati, Ohio JAMES C. SAYLOR, Commerce . . . Winchester DOROTHY L. SCHMIDT, Commerce ..... . . . . .New Rochelle, N.Y. WILLIAM EDWIN SCHULENBERG, A.8I S. . Louisville 4. RAYMON LOUIS SCHURECK, Pharmacy . Louisville LLOYD S. SCHUSTER, Commerce . . Elizabethtown NANCY RENE SCOTT, Ag.8I Home Ec. . Sacramento BLAIR SEAMAN, A.8- S. ..... Covington 266 DOROTHY J. SEATH, Ag.8- Home Ec . . Lexington MARGARET ELAINE SHAFFER, A.8- S. . Hodgenville BARBARA T. SHANKLIN, Education . Ft. Myers, Fla. BONNIE JEAN SHARP, Education . CHARLES L. SHARPE, Commerce . FERALDINE SHEETS, Education . JAMES R. SHELL, Commerce . STEVE SHELTON, A.8. S. . . MARTHA A. SHERIDAN, A.8. S. . HARDIN C. SHORT, Commerce . PATRICIA A. SHORT, Education . JAMES D. SIGLER, Ag.8. Home Ec . ANNETTE LOWELL SILER, A.8. S. . . . Georgetown . . Danville . Ashland . . Murray . Olive Hill . Bellevue . Lexington . Lexington . . Corydon Williamsburg MARY FORREST SIMPSON, Education . Owensboro GILBERT L. SIRIA, Commerce . BERNICE RUTH SMART, Education HELEN L. SMITH, A.8. S. . . . LINDA ANDERSON SMITH, A.8. S. MARY AGNES SMITH, A.8l S. . . SAMUEL SMITH, JR., Law . . TOM R, SMITH, Engineering . YVONNE E. SMITH, Education . JACK ROGER SNOW, A.8f S. . . THOMAS BUTLER SPAIN, JR., Law . . Madisonville . . .Paris . Owensboro . . Georgetown . .Trenton . Lexington . Lexington Douglas, Ga. . .Fulton Madisonville OUR TEMPERS AT CAMPUS ELECTIONS N Fra .5 . W X ,W.g w . it el T , W 1 H 62 Qrf KJ 61 , 6 Sw, 1 n . ' ,I " N ' V, Q ,E 5? yt. 75 .fx .54 M gf. V 5 Rh! V M HYY A .X lg W 1 5' X '74 .7 . 56 4, TR ' 'W' A 1 9 Q' , w ,gg n lm. :L Qin. as - . - ea 0 X x 1-RN' ,A 4 ' 'A 1 A AML 267 'vig'-s i N THESE WILL BE OUR MEMORIES ' Us ' I, h , . A E ' , L. E , f - 'L , 19 ' - A "" A 7 Q Y f '? im. '1 ,44 L H -mffi -w nw, , 5. GH W.. 4' g . -,ar 'Q' ' SQ x. E ' K ,'W: E 1 E E ji , ' 3 ' , x Q V 6'A gg' Q ,F jg 'K' 0 E Eb , N I V 42 - 5 .xg 4 E i L E h E :EKU ' gy vnu : "'V w. ,i Imyv V k N V' V Alqg- -, A ' 'wg V4 5' .1 x Fu. .- ig 3' A fg . E W J ff mi 1 E f , gf TV . A u... IR an X L 268 ROBERT F. STEPHENS, Low . . KAROLYN SPILLMAN, A.8t S. . BETTY LEE SPRAGENS, Law . EUGENE C. STANFORD, A.8. S. . ANDREW P. STEELY, Commerce JACK E. STEEN, Engineering . . . . Highsplint . Lebanon . Lexington . . . .Corbin Bowling Green . Ft. Mitchell ANNA P. STEPHENSON, Education . . Walton VIRGINIA L. STEVENS, A.8i S. . . West Point, Miss. HOMER L. STIKELEATHER, Commerce . Leitchfield JANE R. STOKELY, Ag.8. Home Ec I. Indianapolis, Ind. RICHARD M. STOLL, Commerce . . . Georgetown R. H. STONE, Pharmacy . . . . . Louisville PAUL STRICKLAND, A.8. S. ..... Barlow EDWARD W. STROUBE, Ag.8t Home Ec . Oak Grove OF LIFE AT U.OFK SYLVIA JEAN TEMPEST, A.8. S. . . Evanston, III. RICHARD A. TEMPLE, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Lewisport PEGGY MARIE THOMAS, Commerce . . Paducah CARROLL TICHENOR, Ag.8. Home Ec . Centertown ROBERT M. TILLER, A.8t S. ...... London VIRGINIA M. TILTON, Ag.8. Home Ec . Lexington MARGARET TOMS, A.8t S. .... Mt. Sterling ROY S. TURNER, Ag.8. Home Ec . . Pee Wee Valley CHARLES M. TYROLER, A.8i S. . For Rockaway, N. Y. WILLIAM B. VALENTINE, Engineering . Covington JEANNE VAN METER, A.8. S. . BETTY JO VAUGHAN, Education . JOYCE VAUGHN, Ag.8. Home Ec ROBERT D. VAUGHN, A.8i S. . . Lincoln, Ill. Logan, W. Va. . Georgetown . . Corbin JOI-IN W. SUBLETT, Law . . Owensboro ROBERT L. SULT, Commerce . . Pochontas, Vo. MARY K. SWETNAM, A.8t S. . . Winchester ROBERT P. SWIETERMAN, A.8. S. . . . Lexington MARJORIE JEAN SWINT, A.8. S. Fostoria, Ohio BARBARA ANN SWITZER, A.8. S. . . . Louisville RAMONA TACKETT, Education . Stamping Ground BERZ C. WAGNER, Engineering . . . Ft. Thomas RAY F. WAGNER, Engineering . . . . Ashland JOE J. WAJTOWICZ, Engineering . . Warren, Ohio RONALD PAYNE WALKER, Engineering . . Louisa EVA FLORINE WALSH, A.8i S. . , Middletown, Ohio ARNOLD G. TAYLOR, Ag.8t Home Ec . . Henderson BOYD F. TAYLOR, Law .... . . London C. WAITMAN TAYLOR, Commerce . . . Lewisport DUDLEY HILTON TAYLOR,' Pharmacy . Hopkinsville DOROTHY ANN WALTHALL, Education . Horse Cave JOHN C. WARD, Commerce . . . Georgetown DONALD KEITH WARE, Pharmacy . . Louisville GAYLE WARNER, A.8t S. . . . . Georgetown JEAN BRENT WARREN, A.8. S. . . Lexington 269 NEXT YEAR WE'LL HAVE A NEW SET 1. KARL J. WARREN, A.8- S. . . . Ithaca, N. Y. PHYLLIS I. WARREN, A.8i S. .... Bristol, Va. JOE F. WATHEN, Engineering . . . Elizabethtown NANCY WATLINGTON, Ag.8iHome Ec . . . Paris CHAROLLETE JEAN WATSON, A.8. S. . . Lexington HENRY WATSON, JR., Law .... Mt. Sterling KATHRYN MAY WEBER, A.8i S. . . Frankfort 2. ARTHUR F. WEINBERG, A.8. S. .... Lexington ANNA MARION WEISMAN, Education . Owensboro JOHN D. WELCH, Law ...... Lexington EUGENE M. WEST, Engineering . . . Williamsburg MARY JANE WEST, A.8i S. . . . Louisville MARY JO WEST, Commerce . . . . Lexington NANCY WILLIAMS WEST, Education . . Lexington 3.ALLEN J. WHALEN, Engineering . . . Cynthiana HENRY D. WHITE, Ag.8. Home Ec . . . Lexington RUTH A. WHITE, A.8i S. . . . Wakefield, Mass. WILLIAM LEROY WHITEHOUSE, JR., Commerce . . . . . . . Melbourne KATHERYN WHITMER, A.8i S. . . . Sacramento H. GILBERT WHITTENBERG, Engineering . Louisville EDWIN C. WILLIAMSON, Commerce .... Paris 4. THOMAS CLINTON WILLIS, Pharmacy . . Franklin CHARLES H. WILLS, Ag.8i Home Ec . . Mt. Sterling 270 LOUISA BOYLE WILSON, Education . . Owensboro MARGARET WILSON, Commerce . Middletown, Ohio RALPH P. WILSON, II, A.8i S. . . Evansville, Ind. WILLA DEAN WILSON, Education .... London RICHARD I. WOHLSTEIN, Commerce . Bronx, N. Y. JAMES E. WOLFORD, Engineering ALLEN W. WOOD, Law . . . LEONARD E. WOOD, A.8i S. . . MATTIE MCINTYRE WOOD, A.8i S. . ANSEL A. WORLEY, A.8i S. . . DALE L. WRIGHT, A.8i S. . JANE A. WYATT, A.8i S. . . . Ashland . Lexington . Elwood, Ind. . Millersburg . .Louisville . Carrollton . Lexington MICHAEL F. YACKOWSKEY, Engineering .... . . . . . Elizabeth, N. J. JULIA FRANCES YAGER, Education RAYMOND H. YANCY, Commerce CHARLES E. YOUNG, Engineering . . LAURA JANE YOUNG, Ag.8. Home MARY LILLIARD YOUNG, A.8t S. . . PRISCILLA LUCY YOUNG, A.8. S.. . .Frankfort . .Paducah . Earlington . .Louisville . Lexington LaGrange, III. ROY ROBINSON YOUNGER, A.8. S. . Fairhaven, N. J. FRANKLIN S. ZINOVOY, Commerce . Brooklyn, N. Y. IMOGENE ZORNES, A.8i S. ..... Ashland LEONARD ZUCKERMAN, A.8. S. . . Brooklyn, N. Y. TO SEND US ON OUR WAY J. nrt I 5' G' fr B N. ..,-' X T X A C A 1 Q' kj A 5 . ' 1 ' X - fa. ,. ' Q ' AQ X j ,. A did. X H ,,. l rum- Q' Q ll' Q 1 i 1 Q , 29 X! AT eff - ,.:.w g.-,Mx sis . , . mr tw. mg, r e 21 . 'ff iifp F131 " , '25-'fi - 'L .ll .w,7ila' A -7 - '-if' - f 6 Q 'fvxbfv ig E, . , Lf- f3Vf?:Lv' AL ,Mufti Greek Letters .... Our Way of Life Secret passwords . . . handclasps . . . smart coeds knew them all . . . jeweled pins in vital places . . . at the HOUSE, a standard cry: "Fourth for bridge" . . . heated rivalry in intramurals. . .Sigma Somebodies or Athletic Alphas . . . RUSH, the comedy of errors . . . sere- nades for sweethearts . . . ALL HAIL! Fraternity. ' r 'de w fry" , 'L-. 4 fr I . will if T, lp , f-it gt, me ,gs ,- K in " I 4 'bv Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi was founded at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, in l85l. Beta Psi, one of 73 na- tional chapters was installed at the University of Ken- tucky, December 7, l94l. Blue and white are the sorority colors, the flower is the violet. The highlight of Alpha Delta Pi's social calendar was the annual spring formal in April at the Lexing- ton Country Club. Faculty teas, house parties, and serenades were the order of the year. The Founders' Day Banquet at the Phoenix Hotel and a final pledge- active picnic at Herrington Lake in May wound up the year's activities. Three ADPi's won several fraternity sweetheart honors - Mary Montague, Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Glenny Northcutt, Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl, and Betty Lyon, Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega. Sue Dossett and Dianne McKaig were elected to SGA, Joan Cook was a member of the Student Union Board, the Kernel, and vice-president of Panhellenic, and Eleanor Gash was a cheerleader. Honorary honors go to Dianne McKaig, who was named by Cwens, Eta Sigma Phi, and Phi Beta this year. Phi Upsilon Omicron claimed Rachel Johnson, Frances Jackson, Sue Dossett, Joby Ridley and Perry Miloy. Ruth Cavender, Dot Wathall, and Eleanor Gash were Tau Sigma pledges. Also, Joan Cook and Dianne McKaig were on the WBKY staff, and Dianne was active in Guignol. Officers: Joan Cook, president, Glendora Northcutt, vicc president, Ruth Whaley, secretary, Jaan Lindstrom, treasurer Members: Joan Adams, Evelyn Baker, Betty Bryan, Ruth Cavender, Joan Cook, Jean Craft, Helen Cunningham, Sue Dossett, Jacqueline Frost, Marian Givens, Jean l-leibner, Claire Hicks, Frances Jackson, Rachel Johnson, Lois Johnston, Fran- ces Jones, Martha Faye Kittinger, Pat Lawson, Joan Lind- strom, Betty Lyons, Dianne McKaig, Arden Milam, Dorothy Miller, Mary Montague, Betty Northcutt, Glendora Northcutt, Fran Nyquist, Mary Osborne, Jean Pumphrey, Kitty Richard- son, Mary Jo Ridley, Barbara Stewart, Marilyn Violet, Dorothy Wathall, Mary Jo West, Ruth Whaley, Dorothy Wilson, Ann Woods Pledges: Betty Andrews, Emma Barnes, Gloria Bilancio, lnez Black, Sara Lynn Boone, Donnie Byrd, Gail Carmichel, Mary Jo Cundiff, Marilyn Faulkner, Eleanor Gash, Gaylen Hansbrough, Peggy Holmes, Joyce Howze, Charlotte Justice, Jane Kauffman, Nina Liston, Perry Mllby, Elinor Murphy, Mary Ann Newman, Ann Ogden, Nancy Steeves, Marion Stone, Jane Strickler, Betty Thompson, Annabelle Winfrey, Nancy Ann Young J 274 MAXWELTON'S BRAES WILL HAVE NO LASSIES ALPHA DELTA .. in, i, A 1- .41 , ,Wersi 31 ,gf 3, ,, :nf 4 - v 'I ,bd X 1- 3' J Ii Q A as. 4 A fl :V 0 L T , S A Aus., A V -K A 1 M 6 , sf . w ' 5-P. -.55 E C- 'bn 4 . A 'L M J 7 ,Q W Q 4 A ,r , S A . .5 3' K, V V Q i in ' V EJ' - hr. V Nl, A J .-" 'rs '-Xl' T R J" "' if 1. 'J vl A . , 1 ' 1 , I 6, ' is F Q, 'V I 5. A gg, if 4 I uf. ' 1' HE? gg, J 1 A Jackson, Cook, G. Norlhcutf, Whaley, Lindslrom, Montague, Cunningham Miller, Cavender, Johnson, Dosseft, Heibner, Nyquist, Frost Lyon, Hicks, Richardson, Pumphrey, Ridly, Wathall, Osborne Jones, Kirtinger, B. Norfhcutt, Wesf, Lawson, Adams, McKaig Stewart, Woods, Johnston, Violet, Bryan, Baker, Milam Wilson, Craft, Young, Ogden, Newman, Murphy, Winfrey Thompson, Hansbrough, Liston, Kauffman, Holmes, Barnes, Stceves, Stone, Andrews, Carmichael, Gash, Justice, Byrd, Black, Faulkner WHO RELISI-l ELECTIONS AND PLENTY OF PASSES Howze 7 ,f-, 'I 1 'Y I f I 1 c r . . nv ,f 5' -JV? : f' ,L In W, Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta was founded at Syracuse Uni- versity, May 30, l904. Epsilon, one of 62 national chapters, was installed at the University of Kentucky in l908. Red, buff, and green are the sorority colors, red and buff roses are the flowers. Homecoming, the first big event of the year, and with it came a Kentucky victory and the year's first trophy to the Alpha Gam house for our "Heaven Help Georgia" theme. To cheer the Wildcats on to victory were our two cheerleaders, Jean Hardwick and Ruth Mayo. A buffet supper for members and friends was held following the Cincinnati game on October 29th. Santa Claus visited l7 little orphans at our third annual Christmas party on December l2th. The Alpha Gam Masque Ball, set up as a model dance by the SUB, was a huge success on the night of January l4th. Several gavels were floating around the Alpha Gam house this year, since Anna Faye Hooks was president of the Social Work Club, Venita Dawson of the Bac- teriology Society, Mary Pardue of Boyd Hall, and Kathy Barnet, vice-president of SGA. Jean Harwick, Alpha Gam pledge, was elected Pershing Rifles sponsor early in the fall. Cinder Hel- ton and Ruth Stilz won the tennis doubles champion- ship. As the Union buzzed with its bevy of meetings, Alpha Gams were to be found hurrying from one to another, since the following organizations claimed them as active members: Mortar Board, Katherine Barnett and Venita Dawson, Alpha Lambda Delta, Jean Barger, Marilyn Kilgus, and Mary Pardue: Cwens, Marilyn Kilgus and Mary Pardue, Chi Delta Phi, Marilyn Kilgus, and Mary King: Theta Sigma Phi, Louise Ayers, Phi Sigma lota, Mary King: Tau Sigma, Marilyn Kilgus, Ann O'Bannon, Jean Stevens, Jean Hardwick, and Mary Toombs. Oh yes, it was a busy year, from the first big event to the last, but it was one of the best we've ever known! Alumnae in the faculty are Sally Pence, Marie Barkley, and Annelle Kelley. Officers: Gloria Eastburn, president: Ann O'Bannon, vice- president: Anna Faye Hooks, secretary, Glenna Waddell, treasurer Members: Louise Ayers, Jean Barger, Mary Jo Barlow, Jane Barnett, Kathy Barnett, Barbara Beam, Sara Beam, Mildred Cox, Joan Crawford, Martha Sue Creal, Venita Dawson, Gloria Eastburn, Mary Potter Errlckson, Nelda Ewing, Gloria Feezle, Billie Jane Freeman, Gaile Grogan, Marilyn Haley, Carolyn Hays, Cinder Helton, Betty Holstine, Anna Faye Hooks, Betty Hyatt, Hettie Johnson, Mary Ruth Jones, Marilyn Kilgus, Mary King, Virginia Lake, Ann O'Bannon, Mary Pardue, Laura Perkinson, Barbara Platter, Peggy Ridlehoover, Eva May Seale, Pat Sewell, Jean Stevens, Glenna Waddell, Faye Wesley, Willa Wilson, Eleanor Yates Pledges: Polly Ann Attkisson, Margery Boughton, Joan Claassen, Cynthia Cunningham, Joyce Elrod, Peggy Esenbock, Marlene Farmer, Betty Ford, Peggy Gray, Betty Goessman, Jean Hardwick, Barbara Hughes, Jeannette Kracht, Ruth Mayo, Betty Martin, Jean Pryor, Sue Rich, Ann Shields, Betty Jean Stansort, Ruth Stilz, Mary Toombs, Mary Oliver Van- trease, Margaret Ann Wanless, Betty Mae Wheeler, Mary Blanton Williams 276 THE ALFAGAM HOUSE IS NICE AND SPACIOUS ALPHA GAMMA DELTA f 1 L . .s 0 i Q Na i ' A A I' V ' , Y W V 5 " ' VL' , J A 1 A MA ,' V. 'wr V14 A! 1 5 ' ffl' fi L i to i f P ,J r- ff 1 J X., " A n , S ,, , .. A , W -:Vw k V , , A ,sh -J J , J. "xfx,.f 'A A X ffl? p S -.A J ' ' l. 1 J. - l 9 ? ., . Fi , A , 'lr . ,, in J .ml f N - K L A .12 , I , i A A ' as A is ' ' J 1 E , INN'-fs X A W h V A Q N 'H -, '9' 1 v A N K ' 5, 7' Zin , MMT. 7A A ,xv-LAX. . ritz A sr 0- - i A qs: Q 'Q if . -' 6 li 7 .. ff Ash ,, .4 iff f 5 i N M. J ' A 1 we J 6 at -. he ,J C v -A iw. , J L A 1, , Ar , ., J f I .. AS ALFAGAM GIRLS Hooks, Waddell, O'Bannon, Eastburn, K. Barnett, J. Stevens, Cox Wesley, Grogan, J. Barnett, B. Beam, S. Beam, Hays, Ayers Freeman, Platter, Feezle, Wilson, Ewing, Yates, Errickson Kilgus, Hyatt, Lake, Crawford, Johnson, Creal, Dawson Holstine, Jones, Bargifr, Pardue, Barlow, Helton, King Martin, Stanson, Per inson, Sewell, Rldlehoover, Haley, Seale Esenbock, Elrod, Claassen, Ford, Farmer, Boughton, Atkisson Pryor, Goessman, Gray, Vantrease, Hardwick, Stiltz, Mayo Rich, Kracht, Toombs', Hughes, Shields, Wheeler, Wanless, Williams ARE QUIET AND GRACIOUS Exgiml , ,5vi'f-"VK, " ' ,I ji 1 'f i I f Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College, Golesburg, lllinois, in 1893. Xi, one of the 65 na- tional chapters, was installed at the University of Ken- tucky in l908. Double blue and gold are the sorority colors, the pink Killarney rose is the flower. Dear Alpha Xi, Just a note to thank you for the lovely time we had at the house this year. lf you will permit me to remi- nisce, then l am sure you will know what l mean. Don't you remember how we griped when rush week and registration collided in the fall to start off with a big bang? How we vowed that we would get to bed early, but stayed up painting and hammering on our Homecoming display? But the next day we welcomed the alums, and started off for the game two hours early, as did everyone else in the University! Can't you just see Janice Stille directing us for our jazzed-up version of the story of "Orpheus and Eury- dice" at the Lonces Carnival . . . and remember how we cheered and brought home the "Best Cheer of the Year" trophy the night before the Tennessee game? Wouldn't it be fun to see Suzanne Rogers, president of Mortar Board, still rushing to meetings, and Mac Larkin dashing off scripts for radio shows, and, most of all, Jane Hunter in the Kentuckian Court? The first basketball game found Frances Henslee hauling away the second place ODK Tag Sales trophy. Christmas vacation found us caroling to the frater- nities - it couldn't have been less than 900 below. Then there was the Orange Bowl game, and Bobbie Dean Yates and Mary Lou Clark, U.K. cheerleaders, were down in Miami, helping to encourage the Wild- cats. Campus Sing practice started soon after, and we were trying to hold the first place trophy. We were so enthusiastic that even the piano started belching smoke, but someone had really dropped an ashtray in it. April l7 found us in the midst of plans for a big Founders' Day celebration, playing host to 200 alumnae. The Alumnae sponsored the annual carnival, and we, never having learned, got sick on the Roll-O-Plane again. Culminating the wonderful year was the Rose For- mal - we had nicknamed it the Derby Dance - but whatever the name, it was unforgetable. Now that we have helped you recall I949-l95O, maybe you will understand why we say, Thank You. Gratefully, The Quill-wearers Officers: Margaret Larkin, president, Suzanne Rogers, vice president, Elaine Lyon, and Jeanne Wilson, secretaries, Ann- ette Siler, treasurer Members in faculty: Margaret Tuttle and Dr. Gladys M. Kammerer Members: Dorothy Frances Allen, Barbara Brown, Marjorie Bradford, Joanne Carte, Dorothy Combs, Yolande Coulter, Sarah Crain, Carolyn Freeman, Martha Gauntt, Barbara Gra- ham, Donna Jean Hall, Jane Hays, Dora Jane Hendry, Frances Henslee, Jane Hunter, Rebecca Hurt, Margaret Larkin, Elaine Lyon, Mary Bert McKenna, Mary Ann McQuaid, Opal Owen, Doris Richards, Dorothy Robinson, Suzanne Rogers, Mary E. Rose, Dorothy Schmidt, Annette Siler, Janice C. Stille, Betty Jo Vaughan, Charlotte Watson, Jeanne Wilson, Frances Wells Pledges: Louise D. Allen, Joan Bobbitt, Carolyn Carte, Claire Carlberg, Mary Louise Clark, Beth Deen, Julian Gon- zenbach, Dorothy Hendrickson, Alice Noe Higgins, Louise R. Hill, Floriss M. Lyon, Mary Meade, Patricia Ann McCutcheon, Martha Milburn, Ruth Aldone Miller, Wilma Gray Million, Joan Morris, Linda R. Patterson, Nannie Sue Peak, Mary Jayne Pinson, Elise Quigley, Mary Karolyn Spillman, Marilyn Edith Steele, Suzanne Swayze, Margery Ann Swint, Jeanne Van Meter, Gretchen Von Bargen, Anita Lee Watkins, Lois Wilson, Bobbie Dean Yates, Imogene Zornes 278 ALFAZEES WORK HARD AND MAKE GOOD PALS ALPHA .Xl DELTA ,Sm . . sr 6 . gf . 6- .35 ,i L - . I ' ' 1 gg I R . - ar QP A sf- - A Q ' ii A . , If l J' 'hifi' 1 . , I ' A ,T"i .ra V has l .0 :I+ g' in A " , Qs Q 2, w T L 7 , , .wW, r W X 5 44' V G. 6. K, X Q, fi ', . sf ' ',. 'W ' .v . 'ff' wr.. , l , nf r .ik 4 T3 is P ,, S 5 W ,Q 0- ' v 45- fi. Q' v l A I' "ffl I. ' " me 4 'Q ' 1 l Q. ' , l, A , X L ' 4 Q . X gg 1 , LQ 9 P A J ff 1 Y if Rogers, Larkin, D. Allen, J. Wilson, Siler, McKenna, E. Lyon Hunter, Brown, J. Carte, Combs, Coulter, Crain, Stille Hays, Hall, Graham, Hendry, Henslee, Freeman, Bradford McQuaid, Vaughan, Richards, Robinson, Rose, Gauntt, Owen Watson, Wells, Schmidt, L. Allen, Bobbitt, Clark, C. Carte VanMeter, Deen, Watkins, Higgins, McCutcheon, F. Lyon, L. Wilson Pinson, Miller, Zornes, Yates, Patfeson, Hill, Peak, Milburn Gonzenbach, Steele, Swayze, Swint, Morris, Million, Spillman, Hendrickson SOME PEOPLE CALL THEM TOOTHBRUSH GALS , . .-.4 4 is if -K is N 5. ov. S ,L S. Chi Chi Omega was founded at the University of Ar- kansas, on April 5, 1895. Lambda Alpha, one of 107 national chapters, was installed at the University of Kentucky, in 1914. Cardinal and straw are the sorority colors, the white carnation is the flower. "Fm a Chi O girl, In the social whirl. My scholastic goal is the honor roll. Study hard, but I have a good time, Keep my standing at a 2.9 . . ." And it pays, too. At the Pan-Hellenic luncheon last spring, Chi Omega received the scholastic cup for the best pledge-active standing on campus. "Midge" Garrett was recognized as the active with the most improved standing at the Eleusinian Banquet. Tapped for Cwens, sophomore leadership honorary, were Polly Day and Sally Hancher. Mary Shinnick was tapped for Phi Sigma Iota, romance language honorary. "All I care about's how I look . . ." Well, maybe not all, but at the annual Sigma Chi Best Dressed Contest, Betty Elliott defeated nine other candidates and won the title of "Best Dressed Woman on Campus." "My Chi Omega sweetheart, You are the one for me. The radiance of your smile, dear, Shines thru eternity . . ." So how could the judges resist that smiling beauty of Pat Moore, the 1950 Kentuckian Beauty Queen? Daisy Mae had nothing on us. Jane Webb proved that by capping the title of "Daisy Mae" last Sadie Hawkin's Day. All four of our May Queen candidates were on the May Queen's Court . . . Nancy Shinnick, Betty Elliott, Mary Ann Hunter, and Nancy Shel- bourne. K fmwm .X ,071-to ' ho- 'F .I., x O '4- QQ ' l 'I Omega "With voices ringing clear . . . Chi Omega won third place in the annual All- Campus Sing, but it was a photo-finish. "Gonna build me a castle of Cardinal and straw, The cutest little castle you Ever sawf' At long last! The Chi O-'s will occupy their new chapter house next semester. lt's been a hard long fight-what with the Lexington Creek unceremoni- ously flooding under the foundation. But we're win- ning! To be in the contemporary style of architecture, like the fabulous Fine Arts Building, which is across the street, it will accomodate forty girls. There'll be open house next semester when the Chi O's en masse move in. You'll be there, won't you? Members in faculty: Margaret Bruce Cruise, Celia Moore, and Helen Hutchcratt Officers: Sara Mae Greene, president: Mary Oldham, vice president: Ruth McCracken, secretary, Florence Sanders, treasurer ' Members: Frances Barnett, Betsy Billiter, Martha Nell Blackburn, Lucia Bland, Leslie Boteler, Peggy Buckley, Patsy Conway, Louise Curry, Polly Day, Nancy Lou Eden, Betty Elliott, Jeanne Forcade, Margaret Garrett, Sara Mae Greene, Priscilla Hancher, Sally Hancher, Jeanne Harrell, Barbara Harris, Ann Lura Hayden, Ann Kirtley, Jane LaFollette, Spen- cer McClure, Ruth McCracken, Mary Oldham, Betty Carol Pace, Pat Paxton, Joan Prichard, Diane Robertson, Joan Rhodes, Flo Sanders, Mary Shinnick, Linda Smith, Sara Ben- nett Thomas, Mary Wood Vaughn, Jane Webb, Mary Lillard Young Pledges: Emily Barron, Dorothy Baylies, Ann Ross Boyd, Harriet Chambers, Gracia Cochran, Lucy Crawley, Charlene Davies, Dottie Dean, Betsy Dodge, Marian Ferguson, Alice Fisher, Bunny Frieberghouse, Jayne Haley, Jane Bell Hoffman, Kathleen Kreps, Joyce Lewis, Julie Minor, Pat Moore, Nancy Nunnelley, Elizabeth Rollins, Elizabeth Ross, Bonnie Sharp, Jane Williams, Jane Wolf, Mattie Wood, Connie Young 230 THESE CINDERELLA GALS NEED NO LONGER ROAM .li CHI OMEGA P fir 55 as fxfif sa, ' ,ffl lsr! , Y. W " , ' 1 CX Q A -211 -x 4 5 g ft is '.'u' ' tml f if" w C Q 5 iii' All A I 'S fi' 'ds V 'ft K A , A. y 7. V 4,. 6' 8 l, 5 If ,Et V. , 1 7 4 MM, M 9 - A , 3511, 3 14 I V I Q A , :W , N. v M W V, l ,, 5: ss. . 'Jr .J .V .,,.. 5' 6 A' Paxton, Greene Saunders, McCracken, Vaughn, Curry, Smith Elliott, P. Hancher, Prichard, Harrell, Garrett, Thomas, Shinnick Pace, Rhodes, McClure, Buckley, Hagden, Bland, Robertson Conway, M. Young Billiter, Webb, arnett, LaFoIIette, Harris Kirtley, Forcade, lackburn, Day, Boteler, Elliott S. Hancher Botts, Boyd, Barron, Hale, Ferguson, Chambers, Haley Ross, Nunnelley, Deen, Dodge, Fisher, Baylies, Wolf Moore, Lewis, Hoffman, Crawley, Sharp, Kreps, Freiberghouse Cochran, Minor, Williams, A. Young, Wood FOR NEXT YEAR THEY'LL HAVE A SWANK NEW HOME 231 Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta was founded ot Boston Univer- sity in l888. Delta Rho, one of 95 national chapters, was installed at the University of Kentucky in 1923. Silver, blue and gold are the sorority colors, the pansy is the flower. Alumnae in the faculty are Jane Hasel- den and Virginia Baskett. Tri Delts started off the fall with Helen Heltsley os UK band sponsor, Barbara Mondt as Lances Carnival Queen, Kathy Carter as Pi Kap Dream Girl and Ken- tuckian attendant, and Nancy Camp as Sig Ep Sweet- heart. This followed the spring's honors: May Queen and attendant, UK's representative to the Mountain Laurel Festival, and Jo Ann Rhodes as K Queen. The chapter was first among all fraternities and sororities in the Lances Carnival and won first place in the ODK Tag Sales. Individual members prominent in activities are Betty Ball, secretary of Student Union Board, Phyllis Kloecker, president and "outstanding member" of the Women's Athletic Association, Pat Moore, secretary of the Student Bar Association, Kathy Carter, SGA, and Helen Deiss, Mortar Board, Student Union Board, editor of "Vague" magazine, secretory of Panhellenic and vice president of Chi Delta Phi ond Theta Sigma Phi. Mary McKinley was chosen "Typical Coed". ln scholarship, the chapter won the cup for the highest active standing and was runnerup for pledges and chapter standings. Helen Deiss was chosen for Phi Beta Kappa, Ann Perrine for Alpha Lambda Delta, Virginia Buckner for Gamma Theta Upsilon, and Anne Jennings for Kappa Delta Pi. A spring tea dance, Founders' Day Banquet, senior breakfast, mothers and alumnae teas, and serenades are included on the Tri Delt social calendar. Officers: Helen Deiss, president, Virginia Buckner, vice president, Marjorie Ann Richey, secretary, Annelle Miller, treasurer Members: Betty Ball, Ginny Buckner, Nancy Camp, Kath- leen Carter, Hannah Croley, Joanne Davis, Helen Deiss, Mary Duke, Betty Fish, Ann Foote, Carolyn Foster, Patsy Futrell, Anne Jennings, Suzanne Kling, Phyllis Kloecker, Mary Ann Laub, Caroline Lee, Barbara Mandt, Mary McKinley, Priscilla McVey, Mable Mears, Annelle Miller, Cordie Lee Moody, Patricia Moore, Carolyn Park, Ann Perrine, Jean Perrine, Joan Pfeiffer, JoAnn Rhodes, Nancy Richards, Marjorie Ann Richey, Barbara Shafer, Mary Ann Spencer, Jane Stokely, Barbara Storm, Jean Warren, Jane Wyatt Pledges: Joan Armstrong, Nancy Boswell, Betty Bruce Brown, Dottie Ann Brown, Betty Buckley, Arden Bullock, Carol Jean Carter, Ann Douglas, Shirley Ellis, Charlotte Ger- rod, Helen Heltsley, Ann Horning, Joan Johnson, LeRuth Jones, Lucy King, Julia McCalIa, Sylvia Makepeace, Jane Martin, Mary E. Pollitte, Kathryn Ridgell, Wanda Tackett, Shelly Thompson, Ann Tracy, Peggy Ward, Shirley Ward, Jean Williamson 1 282 AN EVENLY BALANCED BUNCH OF EXTREMISTS r DELTA DELTA DELTA ' " ' " l I Deiss, Buckner, Richey, Miller, Ball, Camp, Carter Davis, Duke, Fish, Foote, Futrell, Kloecker, Mandi McKinley, Moody, Park, Moore, J. Perrine, A. Perrine, Mears Richards, Jo Ann Rhodes, Pfeiffer, Jo Rhodes, Lee, Shafer, Storm Spencer, Stokely, Warren, Wyatt, Heltsley, Jones, Boswell Buckley, S. Ward, Pollite, Ellis, B. Brown, D. Brown, Garried Thompson, Tackett, Makepeace, Williamson, McCalIa, Carter, Bullock P. Ward, Armstrong, Douglas, King, Johnson TRI-DELTS ARE PERPETUAL PARTY SCHEMISTS 283 ,. ' . l , mf C,-, ig., .Q ff t . ,.,,. Delta Zeta Delta Zeta was founded at Miami University, Ox- ford, Ohio, in l902. Alpha Theta, one of 67 national chapters, was installed at the University of Kentucky in l923. Old rose and vieux green are the sorority colors, the Kilarney rose is the flower. Faculty advisor and member is Miss Mildred Lewis. Between unpacking and registering for classes, Alpha Theta of Delta Zeta enjoyed a successful rush season, pledging a wonderful group of girls. Then after the busy first month was over, the Founders' Day Banquet was held at the Lafayette Hotel, October 26, when Ida Manchikes was awarded the outstand- ing senior bracelet. The Christmas season was marked by both a house dance, and a party for underpriveleged children. The annual White Boll was held in May at the Phoenix Hotel. Alpha Theta has its share of members in campus honoraries with Dorothy Seath and Eloise Lorch, Phi Epsilon, Mary Ann Mosby, Kappa Delta Pi, Martha Swofford, Mortar Board. Officers: Nita Powers, president, Ida Manchikes, vice president, Barbara Wayman and Nell Blair, secretaries, Kath- erine Cook, treasurer Members: Nell Blair, Phyllis Cliver, Katherine Cook, Mary B. Cook, Jeanne Kelly Finch, Betty Anne Foster, Martha Graham, Patricia Graham, Barbara Hall, Marjorie Hedges, Lorraine Illaria, Jonquil Kirk, Jean Lycan, Ida Manchikes, Virginia Meyer, Billie Moore, Mary Ann Mosby, Shirley Porter, Anita Powers, Barbara Preston, Dorothy Seath, Jean Sher- man, Ruth Vest Snowden, Joyce Steele, Martha Swofford, Barbara Wayman, Edna Earl Witten Pledges: Dona Marie Bishop, Annellen Bowne, Joyce Dean Brown, Anna Colburn, Peggy Corum, Ruth Cranfill, Nancy Foster, Patsy Haynie, Jean Howard, Eloise Lorch, Barbara Mc- Ghee, Ann Mclntire, Mida Margaret Maynard, Marlene Miller, Nancy Neuharth, Lois Payne, Priscilla Sachse, Mary Margaret Sanders, Barbara Sullivan, Janet Taylor, Betty Jean Vannoy, Kathryn Weber, Frances West, Louise Wilson 234 SINCE THE TRIANGLES CHANGED THEIR RESI-DENCE DELTA M . x Q .N , .wA. , - I Blair, Powers, Wayman, Manchike, Cook, Clivcr Cooke, B, Foster, M. Graham, P. Graham, Hale, Hedges llaria, Kirk, Lycan, Moore, Mosby, Sherman Porter, Preston, Seafh, Steele, Meyer, Haynie N. Foster, Browne, Colburn, Wiften, Swofford, Vest Howard, Sullivan, Flynn, Weber, Sachse, Mclnfire McGhee, Neuharth, Conway, Dover, Taylor, Miller, Cranfill NO DIZZY DZ'S DANGLE O'ER THE FENCE ZETA zw if fJ 'H .ay W .- AP'- M X . A :- V W:-l' -KV' ' Q fly.- wf, x, ri .H V' s 'z .i, ' A 14.4, Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at DePauw Col- lege, Greencastle, indiana, in l87O. Gamma lota, one of 75 national chapters, was installed at the Uni- versity of Kentucky in 1945. Black and gold are the sorority colors, the pansy is the flower. Half a century- how time does fly! But to Gam- ma lota of Kappa Alpha Theta, time has flown even faster. For this is their fifth year on the Kentucky campus and in those five years the spotlight of time has been focusing Theta way. The 25 fall pledges were received within the fold and began their school work and pledge training. ln October, good news came when Nancy Brown, Ginny Caudill, and Carolyn Critchlow were pledged to Tau Sigma. Nancy Brown and Betty White were also Wildcat cheerleaders. lt really wasn't a surprise when Carolyn Critchlow was chosen First Attendant to the Kentuckian Queen, but the Thetas really cheered when Pinky Saffell was chosen Second Attendant, and Louisa Wilson was in the Court. Once each month at the V.A. Hospital, we danced, sang and talked with the veterans to help prepare them for their life after they leave the hospital. The Thetas enjoyed this as their civic project. Our runner-up prize for Homecoming decoration had a touch of journalism. A huge board was covered with newspapers bombastically proclaiming "WlLD- CATS BEAT BULLDOGS." ln front of the board was the boxing ring with the beaten, bandaged Bulldog and the champion Wildcat. At the Lances' Carnival, six Thetas reigned as sponsors of booths. Nancy Brewer sponsored the run- ner-up Delts. "Winter Wonderland" is a dream of a song, And with our winter formal, this theme seemed even more out of this world. With white trees, a snowman, and a skating rink with our big skate in the center for the dance floor, spotted in blue, seemed like a dream come true. How can women go wrong when they have Jerry Hinson nominated for Phi Beta Kappa, or Joan Ken- ney and Claire Mabry elected to Kappa Delta Pi, or Margery Mitchell and Claire Mabry elected to Phi Upsilon Omicron? The house was in fine hand this year with Barbara Kirwan elected as President of the House President's Council. Faculty member: Norma Cass Officers Fawn Gray, president: Joan Kenney, vice presi- dent: Jerry Hinson and Polly Mulkey, secretaries, Margery Mitchell, treasurer Members: Emily Anderson, Sue Mae Bird, Mary Jo Bishop, Betty Boggess, Nancy Brewer, Bettie Bryant, Carolyn Critch- low, Harriett Crutchfield, Lee Dolid, Martha Durham, Judy Forman, Betty Garst, Fawn Gray, Frances Ann Gregory, Joan Hendricks, Jerry Hinson, Peggy Hughes, Joan Kenney, Bar- bara Kirwan, Claire Mabry, Mary Alice Mayer, Ann McChes- ney, Louise McDowell, Anita Underhill Mills, Margery Mitch- ell, Barbara Montague, Polly Mulkey, Julia Hurst Myers, Bev- erly Neudecker, Judy Pannell, Betty Patterson, Mary Ellen Price, Harriet Russell, Cora Frances Saffell, Maria Jane Spar- row, Harriette Spaulding, Betty Ann Stoll, Marian Stone, Margaret Tweedy, Barbara Willing, Martha Ann Wilson Pledges: Jane Bartlett, Judy Blood, Ann Davis Bohon, Nancy Brown, Virginia Caudill, Mary Jo Chase, Mary Crafton, Clara Early, Kathie Hall, Henrietta Hill, Martina Kelly, Mar- jorie King, Barbara Kline, Zoe Parker, Joyce Reynolds, Vir- ginia Stevens, Shirley Shuck, Mary Strode, Ramona Tackett, Margaret Toms, Billie Turner, Louisa Wilson, Betty White, Dorothy Wood, Yvonne Yates 286 THE WOLVES HOWL NIGHTLY FOR THETA BEAUTIES KAPPA ALPHA THETA 'F -vc: as ,la W T' , r my My x , r . S X K ,gr V, . , Q 1 X ly 1 ,K .. I L ,M Nw L if 157 C' it - Y ics: 2 ,F 0 , lg., LS- V K v ' 0 l ff' S , l tl ' A 3 1' Q .5 5. 4 1 af. is ... I, 'R y Qu y K -' L- '57, I 1, 3' I wif if f 9. 1 , f fill 1 ' ' l 6 fv- Q 5 V' Q, xi i.. V' ' Y. l -E if W " Ur., Q 53 6 5- -5. A 4, vat, ' i . if W r T it W' 5 4 LS- T 3 5. -X . . - n ,,,, W l Q. ffl , .. A "Tis, X 6' I Q A 1 3 4 IA . i Y N Rf U' p I .5 I y r , , , AK ' ns. st l ,X 5 r i! ,f L 7 4 l Kenny, Grraly, Hinson, Mulkey, Mitchell, Crutchfield, Anderson Spalding, cDoweIl, Boggess, Brewer, Critchlow, Tweedy, Price Garst, Durham, Gregory, Hendricks, Kirwan, McChesney, Mayer Montague, Stone, Meyers, Neudecker, Willing, Patterson, Pannell Stoll, Bryant, M. Wilson, Bishop, Saffell, Russell, Bartlett Dolid, Bard, Bohon, Brown, Early, Chase, Crafton Hill, Hall, Kell , King, Turner, Stevens, L. Wilson Kline, Strode, glhuck, Tacket, Toms, Blood, Mayes Reynolds, Sparrow, Caudill, Parker, Wood BUT THETA'S UPHOLD THEIR SCHOLARLVY DUTIES 287 fi. 0 t 9 K D 9 'mit Kappa Delta Dear Kyian, Well, it's another year, and things are just about the same, except that I have a room on the second floor. Speaking of rooms, I fixed mine up this year, but Ruth Lenox and Dot Harrod, who live across the hall, won the room judging contest-our sixth straight year. Oh, did you hear that Dot Honaker won the bod- minton singles and the team won the badminton and volleyball tournaments? Doesn't sound like l've done a thing, does it? Well, I did help Jane Basham dress the night she was chosen Phi Tau Dream Girl and First Attendant of the Block and Bridle Court. And I helped make coffee all those Sunday nights we had our Demitasse Times. Let me know if you can come down for our White Rose Formal in the Spring. Love, Kadie Kappa Delta was founded at Virginia State Teach- ers College in 1897. Epsilon Omega, one of 73 na- tional chapters, was installed at the University of Kentucky in 1910. Olive green and white are the sorority colors, the white rose is the flower. Alumna in the faculty is Mrs. Lydia Fisher. Mrs. Charles Woolridge is the faculty advisor. Officers: Emmie Lou Patrick, president: Sally Youtsey, vice president, Eleanor Hughes, secretary, Ella Rena Potter, treasurer Members: Joyce Allen, Betty Jo Anderson, Jane Basham, Edith Bishop, Juliet Bradley, Martha Bradley, Lolly Call, Carol Chambers, Sue Cooper, Pat Ennis, Joan Graham, Elizabeth Guenther, Catherine Harlowe, Dorothy Harrod, Mary Lou Hatfield, Barbara Holeman, Dorothy Honaker, Eleanor Hughes, Ruth Lenox, Judith Luigart, Beverly Niles, Emmie Lou Patrick, Joan Patterson, Ella Rena Potter, Lona Price, Karen Rains, Lynn Rhodemyer, Elizabeth Rodgers, Mary Alice Schisler, Judy Sheets, Sally Youtsey Pledges: Betty Allie, Ruth Bishop, Louise Borie, Mary Lou Cawood, Catherine Cure, Mildred Franklin, Mary Dudley Har- rod, Jean Hubbard, Karen Kennedy, Mildred Kirchdorfer, Betty Paul Linney, Mary Lou Long, Ruth Ann Maggard, Ra- chel Moody, Elaine Nichols, Barbara Odell, Betty Papania, Mary Anna Parker, Pat Patterson, Sally Ramsey, Jean Rudd, Lois Romanowitz, June Sandusky, Helen Seaman, Marlys Smith, Carolyn Taylor, Francis Taylor, Nancy Thompson, Vir- ginia Thompson, Lou Toombs, Rosemary Tully, Phillis Warren 288 WITH THE STANDARD SHINGLE BOB AND BABY FACES KAPPA DELTA it " if 6 -H f- . l '1 Q. ix -sf x 1 ' in FTLA lj T v J 1 X I I . 6- 6 A 'iv is e S- N ' W .. ms- , A "" V ' i , rs. 5' Lf' 5' .gig ,Q P A T L a. T P' A ' H W 5 gb. V an 5 N , 5, , W 1' Y- 4 9 H " ' WA' Q? mg' AK ,X h. H H 0' if 6 Q A , 4 V Y' nik N v , ' 2 . -1.,, ,4., ,J ,A .Ji l Q--may I3 M. Bradley, Youtsoy, Potter, Patrick, Hughes, E. Bishop, Basham Schisler, Patterson, Rogers, Chambers, Raines, Price, Guenther Holeman, J. Bradley, Anderson, Lenox, Cooper, Harrod, Luigarl' Ennis, Rodemyre, Call, Graham, Allen, Sheets, Niles Honaker, Simpson, Cure, Caywood, l-larrod, Hubbard, Rudd Long, Linney, Maggard, Parker, Paterson, Ramsey, Allie Boric, Sandusky, C. Taylor, Seaman, F. Taylor, N. Thompson, Franklin Kennedy, J. Thompson, Moody, Tully, Toombs, Warren, R. Bishop Romanowitz, Kington, Odell, Smith, Klrchdorfer, Nichols KAYDEEZ ARE ONLY SEEN IN THE PROPER PLACES 289 l J i .l .f- 5 , v F l. in A - ii ft '21 .-. lm, ff Q Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois, in l87O. Beta Chi, on: of 82 national chapters, was installed at the Univer- sity of Kentucky in l9lO. Dark and light blue are the sorority colors, the fleur-de-lis is the flower. After a series of formal rush parties, the Kappas started off the school year with a bang by pledging twenty-six girls. The KKG's received honors in the room judging contest by winning first place for the best house and third place for the best room. Kappa Kappa Gamma also won distinction as being the only organization on the campus to contribute lO0'Xv to the World Stu- dent Service Fund drive. Kappa Keys claimed outstanding offices on the campus with Ann Macklin the president of Panhellen- ic Association, a member of Chi Delta Phi, and a re- porter for the K-Book. Charlotte Garr was president of the League of Women Voters, chairman of the World Student Service Fund drive, and a representa- tive to the SGA. Joan Kavanaugh was treasurer of the League of Women Voters, Bette Heiss was the vice president of the Social Work Club, and Jane Blount was a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron. 290 THESE The Kappas participated actively in all intramural sports and various other campus activities. The Blue and White formal at the Lexington Coun- try Club wound up the year tor the KKG's. Officers: Ann Macklin, president, Charlotte Garr, vice president, Jane Blount, secretary, Bettie Carrick Nash, treas- urer Members: Martha Bishop, Jane Blount, Nancy Bradford, Nancy Jean Bright, Carolyn Carson, Jane Early, Doris Eith, Gloria Garner, Charlotte Garr, Betty Gorman, Ann Guthrie, Joyce Hayes, Bette Heiss, Nancy James, Joan Kavanaugh, Ann Macklin, Joan Martin, Marcia Middleton, Bettie Nash, May Beam Noe, Mary Odell, Barbara Rosson, Bobbie Ann Rouse, Jeanine Schlegel, Barbara Shanklin, Mary Jouett Swinford, Marie Sympson, Virginia Tilton, Grace Thornton, Lois Van Meter, Anne Winburn, Julie Yager Pledges: Carolyn Arnold, Anne Wynne Barker, Beth Bart- lett, Mary Holmes Brand, Doris Catlin, Catherine Fitch, Sally Gano, Joan Haffler, Anne Hall, Martha Havely, Anne Haynes, George Ann Hertlein, Mary Ann Kirkpatrick, Susan Macklin, Betsy Maury, Mary Ellen McCullom, Marilyn McDonald, Helen Morrow, Sarah Pickering, Edwina May Prewitt, Mary Lou Priestly, Leila Sherman, Peggy Thomas, Christine Thornton, Frances Vance, Charlotte Van Deren, Mary Jane West, Mary Wharton, Joan Whitten KAPPA'S, 'TIS SAID, ALL TOE THE MARK KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 'K' C' 1 G. gg 5, , X , ,I is a ix hm Q V Q , SQ' 5- , tw- , -fl ia, ' 1 K B 1, W K' ' R' of. 2 Q A-, I .4 f .- R 9, 5, ea Q. ig. A .4 , 5 l A 1 F 5, V Q. .., E V is T 3? Q25 3, .4 . Y ,R . ' ' A all b S ', 0' l fm, Sz il- ' za I K .f -La. i,,, ' 3 L , WS-55 U 'VN Q ., Qzlx x f as gg fp' . ' 5, G. Thornton, Garr, A. Macklin, Blount, Nash, Winburn, Odell Shanklin, Yager, Bradford, Heiss, Tilton, Swinford, Rosson Rouse, Martin, Schlegal, Sympson, Bishop, Van Meter, Noe Bright, Kavanaugh, Guthrie, Haynes, Carson, Eith, Gorman Haffler, Whitten, Arnold, Wharton, VanDeren, Vance, Sherman C. Thornton, Pickering, Morrow, McDonald, Fitch, Maury, S. Macklin Hertlein, Gano, Barker, Priestly, McCollum, West, Havely Bartlett, Hall, Kirkpatrick, Holmes, Prewift, Haynes, Catlin, Brand BUT WHAT'S THE FUN IN A CHAPERONED LARK? Zeta Tau Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Virginia State Normal College in l898. Alpha Chi, one of 83 na- tional chapters, was installed at the University of Kentucky in 1924. Turquoise blue and steel gray are the sorority colors, the white violet is the flower. The year began with a bang! Formal rushing came hand-in-hand with registration. The first few weeks were hectic ones, but we got a group of fine pledges so we really didn't mind. As soon as possible, after rushing, we had initiation. Along came November before we knew it and Sadie Hawkins Day was upon us. We had our annual party at the house. Everyone got her man, too. Then the Christmas festivities began. We had our Christmas party, which is given every year by our pledges. Our pledges also gave, during the Christmas season, a party for the underprivileged children at the Negro orphanage. The next few days that followed were full of talk about going home. After Christmas vacation, everyone was rested and ready and willing QD to return to school. It was kinda hard for us to get settled down to studying, however, but who wants to study when they can talk about the Orange Bowl and all exciting things that happened during Christmas vacation. One of the biggest events of the year was coming up, so right away we started planning for our annual formal. We used as our theme the "Star-light Ball." 292 WEARY Alpha We decorated with stars and balloons and ivy around posts. l don't know whether we enjoyed the dancing most or greeting our alums. At any rate it was un- forgettable tirne. , Initiation was soon after the second semester be- gan. We gave our annual banquet for the new initi- ates. Our athletic prowess shone through and in bowling we captured first prize, and in tennis, we were run- ners-up. The third place trophy for ODK tags was a pleasant addition. The year was full of fun and excitement. Already everyone is talking about activities for the next year. Officers: Lou Ellen Trimble, president, Martha Jane Mar- tin, vice president: Dorothy Ann Neal and Betty Jayne Sam- son, secretaries, Virginia Spencer, treasurer Members: Jeannette Blair, Audrey Cawood, Trudy Clary, Edith Cones, Agnes Hutchinson, May Leach, Elizabeth Link, Martha Jane Martin, Dorothy Neal, Emily Parker, Ronna Richterkessing, Rose Ruh, Betty Jayne Samson, Bowie Safe,-- field, Virginia Spencer, Jane Sturm, Lou Ellen Trimble, Eva Walsh, Nancy Watlington, Norma White Pledges: Martha Jane Anthony, Pat Barnes, Janie Butt, Betty Conner, Sarah Davidson, Lee Dillon, Eunice Dixon, Sarah Dugan, Betty Hazel, Mary Ingles, Jackie Krieger, Louise Mar- tin, Betty Mulloy, Charmaine Peterson, Janet Powell, Carolyn Ross, Mable Scott, Betty Faye Siddens FROM WORKING IN THE CAMPUS FRAY ZETA r ' W. 'F' QF ,Q H TAU ALPHA 62' an A-.Q N A . Q, 7 lg, "' 'K , is ,fr '- 4 ' , ,gi - gs 'QC , . xg: 5,3 , '.A 5. 8. A K ' to 'A e - W L, ' .A .jar , 61 - a - cr ff' .-1 L35 A at L? ,hs ,L we 1 X pn TrimbIe,'Martin, Neal, Samson, Spencer, Blair Watling, Clary, Russell, McNamee, Gaskin, Krieger White, Ruh, Richferkessing, Leach, Cawood, Link Hutchinson, Parker, Butt, Scott, Barner, Walsh Anthony, Sturm, Martin, L. Satterfield, Ingles, Mulloy Dillon Peterson, Conner, Siddens Powell, Ross, Hazel AT DUNN'S DRUG CORNER, YOU'LL FIND ZTA 293 Travis, Goldstein, Clarick Nahm, Blumenthal, Neuman Tau Alpha Pi Tau Alpha Pi was founded at the University of Kentucky in 1945. Gold and brown are the sorority colors, the yellow tea rose is the flower. Officers are Gloria Travis, president, Frances Goldstein, vice presi- dent, Bobby Clarick, secretary-treasurer. To start the fall season, the pledge class gave a "Big Sister" luncheon for the actives at the Golden Horseshoe. Later on in the fall, a big steak fry and picnic was held. The result was loads of fun and good eating. To end the semester and to open the holiday sea- son, a small party was given for the enioyment of all. Members: Roberta Clarick, Frances Goldstein, Gloria Travis. Pledges: Julie Blumenthal, Annette Nahm, Sue Neuman. 294 SMALL NUMBERS . . BUT LOTS OF FUN .ix 'self' if l' s Pan-Hellenic Council The Panhellenic Council is composed of two representatives from each social sorority on the campus. Purpose: To foster cooperation and observance of social rules and to encourage high scholar- ship and good will among sorority women. Faculty advisors: Jane Haselden and Sarah B. Holmes Officers: Ann Macklin, president: Joan Cook, vice-president, Helen Deiss, secretary, Emma Lou Patrick, treasurer Members: Alpha Delta Pi, Joan Cook, Frances Jackson, Alpha Gamma Delta, Gloria East- burn, Carolyn Hays, Alpha Xi Delta, Margaret Larkin, Bert McKenna, Chi Omega, Sara Mae Greene, Ann Kirtley, Delta Delta Delta, Helen Deiss, Jean Warren, Delta Zeta: Shirley Porter, Nita Powers, Kappa Alpha Theta, Fawn Grey, Barbara Willing, Kappa Delta, Emma Lou Pat- rick, Doll Price, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Nancy Bradford, Ann Macklin, Tau Alpha Pi, Gloria Travis, Zeta Tau Alpha, Lou Ellen Trimble, Eva Walsh ' . ,E MZFWW A' -' Z E553 1 if sf. 'X if? '- Qf-iaasiii J -1. me 'S'-:affix Z "3-. itfi ' :ragga-gifgq l .ilfgsivgiigg fe' ' .sa fr- f w th i, ik., . .i -f : N.- I' f 1 g i .xt 4 L A-if Q H X l h x U , . -Y. S Macklin, Cook, Deiss, Patrick, Greene Jackson, Price, McKenna, Grey, Larkin, Hays Porter, Willing, Trimble, Bradford, Powers, Eastburn f db ...eq x,o UI' ! . J' Q X, if , Q 1 , ff:-,I KVJJI Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Gamma Rho was founded at Indianapolis, Indiana, in l908 and now has 33 national chapters. Omicron chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky in l920. Green and gold are the fraternity colors, the pink rose is the fraternity flower. Mem- bers on the University faculty are J. O. Barkman, Phillip Edwards, W. P. Gorrigus, E. J. Kinney, H. B. Morrison, H. B. Price, Paul McComas and E. J. Wil- ford. The chopter's faculty advisor is Dr. H. L. Town- send. The end of school was not the end of activities for Alpha Gamma Rho. Immediately after finals, the chapter journeyed to Strohmeier's Camp, overlooking the Kentucky River, to seek rest and relaxation from the strain of college life. Later in the summer, the group assembled in Christian County tor the annual barbecue and midsummer bull session. Upon returning to school, it seemed rather strange to have no intensified rushing and pledging program during Orientation Week. However, a series of house parties, outings, and dances, culminated by the an- nual Christmas Formal, rounded out the social ac- tivities for the semester. Alpha Gamma Rho, active in the various campus organizations, placed men in Keys, Lances, ODK, Lamp and Cross, SGA, Alpha Zeta, and Scabbard and Blade. Spring semester activities included a concentrated rush program, informal dances and river parties, and the traditional Pink Rose Formal. The fraternity was active in intramural sports, en- tering teams in all phases of competition. Officers: Waller Cooper, president, Eugene Weakley, vice- president, Edward Stroube, secretary, John Godfrey, treasurer Members: Woodrow Antle, Elmer Bean, L. K. Burcham, Turner Burns, Jack Cash, Allen Cloud, John Cooper, Waller Cooper, Bruce Cotton, Jack Craftcn, James Crafton, Joe Craf- ton, Richard Crafton, Robert Culton, Robert Enlaw, Warren Featherston, James Fowler, Edward Gallrein, John Godfrey, Karl Grady, Joe Grimes, James Gulley, Carl Hamilton, Joe Haycraft, John Heller, William Hendrick, Edd Hogg, Arthur Hounshell, Robert Huffman, Kenneth Hundley, Donald Laf- foon, Robert Layman, J. E. Lynn, James Martin, William Mau- pin, Lawas McClure, William McClure, Edward McDavitt, James Meador, Fred Neuville, Keen Norris, Bernard Perraut, Ted Rau, Robert Smith, John Street, Edward Stroube, Brent Thompson, Roy Turner, Eugene Weakley, Charles Wills Pledges: James Duffy, Arnold Taylor 296 THIS HALE 84 HEARTY CREW FROM ROSE LANE ALPHA GAMMA RHO Four of a kind, Keen, Jim F., Bill, Bruce . . . King Cotton, Queen Burker . . . Jack's and Bill's Model A- and Bruce "Pretty Leg" . . . Carl Grady and Jack Cash, resting on a Brown Swiss cow on a Dairy trip through Wisconsin . . . Putman and Crafton-thinkers . . . Muley and his own true love, Gloria . . . Bernard and his wife-- Ed and his date . . . What is it? . . . Jack clowning for "Mom" . . .'May Day float . . . By the sea-. . . Nature lovers, Ed McDavitt, Martha Swofforci, Dotty Doyle, Bch Smith . . . Dance . . . Mr. "Al" Gulley, Esq .... Roy and Trip look mighty happy AT HOME IN THEIR SCHOLASTIC SADDLE 297 ALPHA GAMMA RHO Q3 Haunshell, Codper, Stroube, Weakley, Godfrey, McClure Turner, Grady, Norris, Martin, Smith, Perranf Hogg, Huffman, W. McClure, Ran, McDavitf, Hendrick R. Craffon, Fowler, Enlow, Joe Craffon 298 RIDE THROUGH COLLICH WITH NEVER A CARE ALPHA GAMMA RHO Jack Craflon, Dash, James Crafton, Maupin, Hamilton, Laffoon Layman, Grimes, Burchan, Heller, Neuville, Burns Meador, Cotton, Hindley, Wills, Cloud, Featherston Street, Sluffly, Taylor, Thompson ' BUT ALWAYS A PLEl5GE PADDLE 299 ii Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale University in 1845 and now has 76 national chapters. Sigma chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky in 1917. Cardinal and stone are the fraternity colors, the talismon rose is the flower. Dr. Lysle W. Croft is faculty advisor. Alpha Sigma Phi's friendly mascot, "Taffy," is fully aware of whot's going on. She reveals all the charm that an English boxer is supposed to possess. "Taffy" heard the boys discussing their Gibson Girl Ball that was held last Spring. Perhaps in her doggish day-dreams she could picture the dates attired in the ribbons and bustles that grandma made famous. "Taffy heard one of the fellows mention that Pi Kappa Alpha and Delta Delta Delta were presented trophies as winner, and runner-up respectively last Spring in the all-Greek bridge tournament the Sigs sponsor annually. She listened attentively as the Al- pha Sigs discussed their winter formal which was held in the Lafayette Hotel Gold Room. "Taffy' was slightly puzzled when she sow her masters getting dressed for their annual Apache Party, but the mascot did realize what the Christmas party for the Lincoln School children was about. She could see happiness beaming from the faces of little children as they unwrapped gifts around the Alpha Sig's brightly decorated tree. "Taffy" was very pleased to see the radio-phono- graph combination that the Alpha Sigs received for winning secondary honors in the Phillip Morris contest. She also took special note of the Georgia Bull Dog that the Kentucky Wildcat was chasing in the Home- coming display. She barked with pride when the Alpha Sigs raised their scholarship 164k this year. She swelled her chest when she heard Omer Stikeleather was elected president of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, and that Roy Giehls was tapped for Keys. She looks for- ward to seeing the Kernel each week now that Wilfred Lott and Holt Mastin are on the staff. And those two bowling trophies above the Sig's fireplace really caught her eye. Officers: William Bauman, president, A. O. Liles, vice president, Zollie Witt, secretary, Harold Armsey, treasurer Members: Doug Allgood, Harold Armsey, William Bauman, Cecil Beckett, Bill Burks, Jack Carpenter, Jim Combs, Hugh Dillehay, Fritz Engler, Victor Frizell, Roy Giehls, Tom Gil- more, John Griffin, Bert Griffith, Tom Hartstern, Charles Johnson, Hersh Keeling, Jim Kuhn, William Lamb, A. O. liles, Wilfred Lott, John Marcum, Holt Mastin, Ken Mere- dith, Clare Moore, Tom Neal, Louis Nichols, Jim Reynolds, Dudley Saunders, William Snead, Omer Stikeleather, Robert vititow, Sam Webb, Mark Whalen, Zollie Witt Pledges: William Carroll, Frank Cornett, Robert David, Ed- ward Hall, William Hay, John Hickok, Arthur Hill, John Neu- ville, M. C. Noger, Pete Rasmussen, Robert Tapscott 300 THE BROTHERS IN THEIR BROADWAY CASTLE '-ui.. ALPHA SIGMA PHI 90' -. Christmas spirits and lots of fun . . . C'est la guerre, eh? . . . Taffy, our mascot lust had her ears clipped . . . Diamond Jack Carpenter and small round friend . . . Sigs relax on their way to SMU . . . George, Tom, and Ken aren't really sneering at the camera . . . Beach Party . . . Ahhh, The Orange Bowl . . . Ole Roy Giehls-Claus spreads good will and candy . . . Pretty Betty Ford makes good with one of our brothers . . . Relaxing again? Hurry or you won't make the SMU game . . . Party boys, John, Bill, Vic, Claire, Tom, and Holt . . . Pole sitting will get you nowhere . . . Just plain Tex . . . And the younger kids have their fling at the house . . . A house party always means lovely gals MAKE SHY COEDS HEAVE A SIGH 301 ALPHA SIGMA PHI . . Q A0-,M , V In if cp ,' 6'yy'v1 Ak My ., ' , H, U . A K, - IA A V Y rvvk K , ' 302 'N kk Ffh Liles, Armsey, Bauman, Witf, Whalen Lott, Vittitow, Stanford, Cook, Keeling Carpenter, Griffin, Giehls, Gilmore, Kuhn Combs, Carroll, Webb, Cooper APACHE PARTIES APE THEIR GAME ALPHA s:c5MA PH 'S :sf K . 'S -in V35 . 1 O0 ,sk 'Q X . D Myers, Dillehay, Frizzel, David, Engler Moore, Johnson, Beckett, Meredith, Mastin Neal, Lamb, Burks, Hall, Allgood Cornett, Reynolds, Myles, Stikeleathcr THESE BOYS OF ALPHA SIGMA PHI 303 Alpha Tau Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Virginia Military Institute in l865. It now has lO7 chapters. Mu Iota chapter was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1909. Fraternity colors are blue and gold, the white tea rose is the flower. The chapters faculty advisor is L, E. Nollau. Members of the University faculty are L. E. Nollau, L. J. Horlacher, Bart Peak, Niel Plummer, Frank Rainwater, John Goodlette, and Walter M. Hatcher. The ATO's calendar of events started this year with a rush party held at Frank Moturo's home in Georgetown. The Tau's had a very enjoyable evening partying with the girls of the Sigma Kappa and Kap- pa Delta sororities. After rush week, social events came often . . . Halloween dance, at the house . . . Lances Carnival, in which we presented a Gay Nineties Revue . . . Homecoming party, our homecoming dis- play was rated fourth this year . . . the annual Snow Ball Dance, ot which time Betty Lyon of Alpha Delta Pi was selected our Snow Ball Queen, two Sleepy Hollow parties . . . party honoring Charles Coburn . . . party for underprivileged children just before Christmas , . . annual Christmas Party at the house . . . French Apache party which proved to be tres interessant . . . Shipwreck Party and finally, our an- nual Derby Dance, just before the Kentucky Derby. Outstanding members in the fraternity this year included: George Reynolds, editor of the Kentucky x t. D 1,1 'v I -, If . . - ! ,, j'. ' s ,P o', s a , nv' o . . ii, 0 - -. 4 4.1. Omega Kernel and elected to ODK, Jim Maturo, tennis singles champion on campus and teaming with Dan Stammer, doubles champions, John Pedigo, president of Scab- bard and Blade, and vice-president of Pershing Rifles, Frank Maturo, vice-president of the YMCA, Joe Craig Smith, treasurer of Scabbard and Blade, Harold Flee- nor, managing editor of the Kentucky Kernel and vice president of Scabbard and Blade, Brantley Amberg, treasurer of Pershing Rifles, and Gene Elder, selected for Phalanx. Officers: John Pedigo, president, Maubert Mills, vice presi- dent, Frank Maturo, secretary, Royce Pulliam, treasurer Members: Jewell Addison, Bill Allen, Brantley Amberg, Tom Arnold, Lee Baker, Robert Blakeman, Walter Brooks, Thomas Cornelison, Jim Dotson, Eugene Elder, Edgar Gaither, Oscar Geralds, William Hall, Stanley Hogg, David Holland, Jack Humphries, James Lackey, Mark Lackey, Carson Lyons, Jack Marshall, Frank Maturo, James Maturo, C. A. McClain, Jim McCowan, Cecil Meeks, John Milkovich, Cliff Miller, Maubert Mills, Dave Moberly, Will Moore, Dick Moorman, Mert Mynhier, Bill Noe, Maurice Pace, James Paralas, John Pedigo, Gene Phillips, John Prichard, Royce Pulliam, Clarence Range, George Reynolds, Ray Robinson, Bill Saunders, Tom Simpson, Joe Smith, Ralph Smith, Gus Snyder, Bill Sparks, George Sparrow, Dan Stamer, Owen Vance, Ernest Vines, George Vossler Pledges: Elbert Harber, Joe McClain, Frank Rainwater, Jack Suttles, Harold Wooclell 304 SNOWBALLING THE GALSON THEIR LARKS , Q - 1 U . N ALPHA TAU OMEGA 'V it . A ,w r wi V 5 1, r 8 .3 fr. ,V 'G 93 1 A ll :Wil I s ki X7 Q ,M I , 1 '4QgxJ Y 1 a l . 6-Ny' , 7 yr ff 1 W J . , U ,Q my W K 'il' ' 5 V LA' A ' si l I- :fi QVAI 1:-fff -Q U . llg ., f , ' 'I I , , 4 R 'vi , i "' P -we , so . , ,if M, ,L , P 5" . A lvl? . ' JZ' BOUN D TOGETHER Meeks, Pedigo, Mills, F. Maluro, Pulliam, Perkins Robinson, Sparrow, Geralds, Reynolds, Boswell, Marshall Lackey, Sfamer, Harber, Pace, Milkovich, J. Maturo Saunders, Penn, Dotson, Smith, Humphries, Range Moore, Sparks, Vossler, Phillips, Gibson, Noe Lyons, Moberly, Vance, McGee, Holland, Elder McKenzie, Lackey, Brooks, Nard, Amberg SEAL BARKS l Delta C hi Delta Chi was founded at Cornell University, Oc- tober 13, 1890 and installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1914. Fraternity colors are red and buff, and the white carnotion is the flower. Professor William Tollman is the faculty advisor. Members on the University campus are William Toll- man, Caroyll Carter, Ken Kuhn. Delta Chi's biggest activity of 1949 was its Spring Formal, held April 28 at the Phoenix Hotel, where Miss Sally Eade, now Mrs. Charles Breckel, was select- ed Sweetheart of Delta Chi. For the Lances Carnival, pledge Joe Owens presented a puppet show. For Hal- loween a costume party was held, and prizes were awarded for the best costumes to Steve Rouh and Dianne MCKaig. The University's fencing team membership is large- ly dominated by Delta Chi's. George Christen, Charles LeGette, and Doug Brown have earned two "K"s apiece, John Ford and Charles Mitchel-l have one each. Bob Doyle is on this year's freshman team. 306 The big event of 1950 for Delta Chi was the Alumni Reunion, which took place March 25 . . . This conference was planned to give all the alumni that have graduated from this chapter a chance to get together and discuss old times. Over fifty men were present. Officers: George Cannon, president, Paul Pratt, vice presi- dent, William Farra, secretary, John Ford, treasurer Members: Doug Brown, George Cannon, Charles Caulk, Dave Chapman, Charles Chinn, George Christen, Jim Darst, Charles Dodson, Norm Ethington, Bill Farra, John Ford, Karl Fulton, Bill Gordon, Alex Grech, Ken Handy, Hank Hardin, Gene Harmon, Charles Hendricks, Dave Holliday, Bob Ho- warth, Bob Johnson, Tommy Johnston, Tom Lawson, Charles LeGette, Charles Mitchell, Pete Nichols, Seth Nuchols, Bill Peak, George Pendergrass, Paul Pratt, Steve Rauh, Angelo Testa, Jim Wesley, Ralph Wilson Pledges: Max Bordon, Paul Bryant, Kent Campbell, Finley DeMoss, Bob Doyle, Bob Dumas, Joe Owens, Dave Parry A HOUSEMOTHER OF GREAT FAME 4 DELTA CHI 1 -l i J ,N - - ,Qs v... Emi' r Tsar f' ,.- .' ,.... , ' , P M? . C V t Y xg O YA , J 'crib' Ls h JS ' lixlitd i 'rg K. , . ,D .N X . ffiiiffili. . I V A gn , A I Fl A :Qi Q- A ' me A L ' . n K n , . , k W X ' 'wa.waf"f ' 'ff'-f' . K ' ' 1 w 'wi i ce , , , C no ' nl . . ' xi ' 14---, ' "io my J ,. to ' .C .- l wr ' 325. ' X ' . f - ,SJ-. '33 , E. y l m as W Y. ,1 I L- A Cannon, Hardin, Farra, Ford, Brown, Testa Mitchell, Sowers, Coulter, R. Wilson, Pendergrass, LeGette Grech, Rauh, Ritchie, Gravilt, Wesley, Lawson Peak, Nichols, Nuchols, Johnston, Johnson, Handy Hendricks, Gordon, Christen, Howarth, Fulton, Holliday Borden, Caulk, Elhington, Dodson, Darsl, Chinn DeMoss, Campbell, Doumas, Mrs. Douglas, Doyle, Owens, Parry 307 FENCING FOILS -A BASEMENT GAME Y' v - -A Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta was founded at Bethany College, Virginia, in 1859, and now has 82 chapters. Delta Epsilon chapter was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1924. The fraternity colors are purple, white, and gold, the flowers is the iris. Delts converged on UK in September and found a completely redecorated "Shelta" a fitting setting for another year of BIG activity. A complete Rush Week in September set the standard for a full semester's rush and paid big dividends with an outstanding pledge class in February. The Delt "Black-face Meller-drama" with lovely Nancy Brewer as sponsor took first place in the fra- ternity division at Lances' Carnival. Our Homecoming Decoration designed by Dick Rhodemyre received honorable mention in Homecoming competition. A series of week-end river parties and house dances topped with the "White Christmas" formal and a party for underprivileged children climaxed the first semester's activities. The Orange Bowl game and New Year's Eve gave everybody a good excuse for a good "tanning" and Delts congregated in Miami to get their share of the celebration. Pat Moore's home in Miami proved a suitable substitute for the "Shelta" in Lexington, even tho "Little Liza" did displace a few rafters. The second semester gave a new impetus to Delt doings, and a maze of river parties, house parties, and 308 dances made it open season for good times. The Or- chid Formal in April at the Student Union ballroom proved a dance to be equalled and highlighted the year's activities. Delts are leaders in all phases of campus life - sports, scholastics, honoraries, publications, and or- ganizations are studded with Delt leaders. Intramural sports are sparked by Delt participation. Delt Sere- nades are a campus tradition and the All-Campus Sing trophy has been taken by Delta Tau Delta for twelve out of fourteen years. Officers: Charles M. Patrick, president, Robert McCowan, vice president, Omar Tatum and Glenn Wills, secretaries: Ralph Tatum, treasurer 4 Members: John Ballantine, Danny Beam, David Beam, Lee Brewster, David Brown, William Browne, Thomas Burke, Kent Button, Gaylord Caswell, Earl Caudlll, Donald Combs, Fred- erick Dorr, Benny Elkin, James Fothergill, William D. Grote, Jack Gutermuth, Courtney Hall, James Inman, Jerry Inman, John Jenkins, Marvin Lear, Carl Lezius, Douglas Martin, Thomas Y. Martin, Robert McCowan, Fred Miller, James Mokas, Willis Munro, Paul Nuckols, Douglas Osborn, Charles Patrick, Stanley Portmann, Thomas Radden, Ray Randolph, Mickey Regan, Richard Rhodemyre, Jim Riggs, Walter Roy, Phil Shannon, Don Sherlock, Charles Smith, Roger Snow, Frank Southworth, Robert Stephens, Robert Stewart, Omar Tatum, Ralph Tatum, Jack Tharp, Thomas Townes, John Tully, Carl Turner, William Usher, Jerry Wagner, Bill Ware, Clayton Webb, Al Wieman, Glenn Wills Pledges: James Anders, Sonny Burton, Louis Cattlet, George Creedle, Joe Pat Gorman, Paul Holleman, Tom Hutz- ler, Wally King, Fred Miller, David Nightingale, Bill Papania, Mickey Smock, Bill Thurman, Monty Trimble, Nelson Whipple ALWAYS A HAT, A SONG, AND A "HEY" DELTA TAU DELTA Fall Rush-and Delts and dates dance . . . Lovely Nancy Brewcr, Dclt sponsor at Lances Carnival . . . ' Luscious Kyian Queen Pat Moore and new-Prexy Ballantine agree . . . Sebree, T. Y., and Tom arc evidently camera conscious . . . So are the snackers . . . Ditto, the couch crew . . . Stille could use a new hat . . . Looks Iikc thc coke crowd at a Union dance . , . Santa Regan filled everybod 's stockings and more . . . Off for the Alps, or just off? . . . Lawn party . . . the angels were There . . . 'Fricks for the kids? . . . Jump! . . . The door will open . . . More cokes ALWAYS "ME-ME" AND A WINNING WAY 309 DELTA TAU DELTA ,, , ma .Lm. .,1.. , N Q 5 Y !,9 .i Patrick, McCowan, Wills, R. Tatum, O. Tatum D. Martin, Southworth, Brewster, Sherlock, Tully Stephens, Strother, Roy, Munro, Riggs Eikin, Stewart, Wilson, Rhodes, Smith Haynes, Townes, West, Mokas, Shannon, Sandner 3lO THESE DELTS ARE TOPNOTCH EXAMPLES DELTA TAU DELTA azz, Rhodemyre, Ballantine, Caswell, Burke, Lezi J. Inman, Dorr, Turner, Combs, E. Inman Gutermuth, Ware, Brown, Caudill, T. Martin Button, Jenkins, Miller, Grote, Wagner US Beatty, Fothergill, Langston, Snow, Osborne, Portmann OF FRAT MEN FROM U.OF K. 311 'film . .251 - 3 .Q,:Q49' Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865 and now has 73 chapters. Theta chapter, installed at the University of Kentucky campus, February 2l, 1893, was the first fraternity organized on the campus. Crimson and old gold are the fraternity colors and the flowers are crimson rose and white magnolia. Members on the University faculty are Colonel G. T. MacKenzie, J. Logan Massie, C C. Carpenter, G. D. Buckner, Harry Best, J. R. Sterret, J. W. Pryor. Dean C. C. Carpenter is the chapter's faculty advisor. After a summer party at the Stoner Creek Country Club of Paris, Kappa Alpha returned to begin the school year. The fall semester included a series of rush parties which extended throughout the entire semester. Other social activities included open houses, hayrides, a serenade, buffet suppers, and dances, of which the highlight was the Christmas Formal given at the Lexington Country Club. January l9th was spent in observance of the birth- day of General Robert E. Lee, the spiritual founder of the fraternity. This was followed by a Secession Day dance at Club Joyland. A highly successful spring semester was ended with the annual Old South Ball at which the men dressed as Confederate soldiers or southern gentlemen and their ladies as southern belles. Other activities for spring days were beach parties, picnics and dances. Officers: Hardin Short, president: Ollie McCormick ll, vice president, W. B. Thomas, secretary, Donald Grugin, treasurer Members: Robert Anspach, Fred Augsburg, George Baker, Thomas Baldwin, James Barker, Cavin Barnett, Frank Benton, James Blair, Raymond Burch, Williard Carmichael, J. L. Car- son, Thomas Clore, Warren Crockett, David Dick, Melvin Downs, Edward Durnil, Clenet Ellis, Richard Felner, George Griffin, Donald Grugin, Frank Hare, William Harris, James Heffernan, Alex Herndon, Richard Hoddy, Jack Judy, Wil- liam Knight, James Lewis, William Mansfield, Joseph Math- ews, Ollie McCormick, Bacon Moore, William Muir, Robert Palmer, John Platter, Warren Rogers, William Rogers, Blair Seaman, Hardin Short, William Sloane, Paul Smith, William Spillman, John Stout, Winford Thomas, Robert Trimble, Kenneth Tudor, Gardner Turner, John Ward, Thomas Wilborn, David Wilson Pledges: Cecil Holcomb, Robert McCoun, Jon Rice, Pat- rick Riley, J. C. Saylor, Roger Williams 3l2 ROBERT E. LEE WOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD KAPPA ALPHA W 1 KZ' , Q, ' c ,N P, ,i g iiu I V: M ' VE R v 'X f. ,iff . K 4 L I W KK. P .- -5- ix , , yr- as 1 W, rs , fe il A W, QI. Q 1 W 74" ang 3 x' iii rn M K 4 ll E F iffifle' e fn' I, Q. 6, FJ, ar, X 6' .w V ! 1- Q., ,LSI WN, . . W .- 1 ' f A , fs, B I i l , R ,fi X, , lixliii ' 1 - Y so v an A - of nn-I 5' H' i' -J 1, l,, LA Qs f , , B 4 A fglfizng, y. ,Z . 'M fiffi , . filfiiiz f.llEJ4L3f . B i k -f"s 'A Q., i-Q, 4:-, vu K. 1'- My ff B Q ,Ze g- . W 5 R A ' V I , J 1 we it ! is ' 3 U 7-, X- . 3- m B iii r ff E -,l A 1. M, 1:+if' . 1 1' ' ,G ru' J 2 ' ' 6: 9' 5 "-fiyilif 5 FN 'L ," -V ' if lf. ' w A X. , W., ..,,, l, , , l, 1 mica 'fir-Q 1- riff '. 1 13? rl w ' f F ' . A' s. Short, Thomas, McCormick, Benton, Grugin, Baker, Baldwin Hoddy, Clore, Carmichael, Judy, Crockett, Barneffe, Moore Dick, Herndon, Seaman, Barker, Mathews, Hefferman, Filner Lewis, Rogers, Turner, Durnil, Douns, Ellis, Palmer Rice, Saylor, Blair, Griffin, Platter, Mansfield, Burch Augsburg, Rogers, Hare, Holcomb, McCown, Riby, Muir Censpack, Spilman, Wilson, Williams, Ward, Wilborn, Sloane Carson, Stout, Tudor, Smith OF THIS JULEPY CONFEDERATE CROWD qt. 3l3 . 2'Q"f . :MW 'N T ' 'Emma-A-Q-lf" ' Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Vir- ginia, Decernber 10, 1869. Beta Nu, one of 117 chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1901. The fraternity colors are scarlet, white and green, the lily-of-the-valley is the flower. Faculty advisor is Frank D. Peterson. The fall semester opened quietly with delayed rush- ing in effect, and first interest was directed toward house improvements. The return to the books, study groups, library dates, the "Shoe", the "Cottage", and the "Spring", was high-lighted by our Fall Formal at the new Boiling Springs Country Club. Kappa Sigma is proud to have as its own the most beloved dignitary on campus . . . namely Crawford, who, although attending classes regularly, finds time for many varied extra-curricular activities. Our homecoming decoration was considered to be one of our best efforts in many years. The ingenuity and skill of Fred Howard was responsible for this, and other decorations which included a witch, twenty-five feet tall, for our traditional Halloween party. Our Dogwood Dog Shop at the Lances Carnival took in more money than any other booth on the Midway, perhaps the biggest attraction was our spon- sor, Pat Moore, later chosen Kentuckian Beauty Queen. A hard fighting Kay Sig touch football team, after a successful season, was nosed out in the semi-finals by the Men's Dorm, the University champions. Officers: Harvey Mac Pewitt, president, William Bennett, vice president, Wallace McCollum, secretary, Ray Colton, treasurer Members: Dewey Allen, Robert Allen, Richard Anderson, Rodney Beck, William Bennett, William Berger, Joe Bodkin, William Brandenberg, Clifford Brumbaugh, Lester Bryant, Robert Buck, Joe Campbell, James Carter, Virgil Christian, Ray Colton, David Combs, Frank Dempsey, Robert Duff, Malcolm Dunn, Marce Dunn, David Eppley, Kenneth Felty, Lucas Floyd, James Ford, Ed Fossett, William Gault, Dwaine Gullett, Robert Heath, Fred Howard, Jack Jones, Milton Ka- foglis, George King, Wesley King, Joe Knight, Charles Koeh- ler, Rollie Leach, Robert Lentz, Gerald LeMasters, Wallace McCollum, Don Moffett, Harold Mullins, Robert Norris, John Perkins, Mac Pewitt, Bob Reynierson, Shelley Riherd, Tony Rotunno, Joe Simms, James Simpson, Irving Stapp, Roger Stark, James Steele, James Stewart, Waitman Taylor, Richard Tomey, Charles Tucker, Dan Warren, Joe Wathen, Glenn Weatherspoon, Robert Wesley, Roger Whitlan, George Witt, Hubert Wright Pledges: William Forrester, Don Frampton, Forrest Grider, Gerald Isaacs, Joe Nace, Carl Warren, Kenneth Wolf, Ben Zaranka 314 THO HOMECOMING TROPHIES ARE THEIR PRIDE lg KAPPA SIGMA Halloween party . . . KS Halloween witch decoration . . , Delegates to thc National Convention . . . Spring on Herrington Lake . . . Five Kappa Sigs and Crawford . . . Crawford, the wonderidog . . . The dcvil in a new role . . . Fall Formal, at Boiling Springs . . . Homecoming Decorations . . . Haloween party, cross section AND LI'L ABNER IS IN THEIR MIDST 315 KAPPA SIGMA 316 Wesley, Pewitt, Colton, Bennett, Weafherspoon Stark, Brumbaugh, Rotunno, Tucker, Knight Whilton, D. Warren, Beck, Fosseft, Jones Leach, Combs, Wafhen, Wright, Bryant Brandenberg, Berger, Dempsey, W. King, R. Allen, Ford WITH KAPPA SIGS, NOT ONE DENIES 3 4 KAPPA SIGMA LeMasters, Simms, G. King, Stapp, Heath Steele, Gault, Riherd, Howard, Eppley Stewart, Campbell, Dunn, Felty, Anderson Floyd, Bodkin, Tomey, Moffett, Dunn I. Allen, Taylor, Carter, Gullett, Koehler, Witt CRAWFORQ TOPS THE ALL-TIME LIST 317 Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston Univer- sity in 1909. Epsilon Phi chapter, one of 131 chap- ters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1930. Purple, green and gold are the fra- ternity colors, the white tea rose is the flower. Alum- ni on the University faculty include Aubrey J. Brown, C. O. Mack, Thomas Hankins, William Ward, Frank McFarlan, and Charles Acton. The pledges that Lambda Chi selected under the delayed rushing system got a good work-out in the little Siberian mine at 319 E. Maxwell Street. Thanks to these gentlemen, and to a good many stalwart ac- tives, who tunneled mud night and day in the cellar, we now have a comfortable basement dining room. A number of Lambda Chi's still have backaches from bending over to pick up Phillip Morris wrappers. But most any evening now, we can be found recuper- ating in a snug chair viewing programs on the tele- vision set we won in the cigarette wrapper contest. Both the Lambda Chi Valentine's Day formal and Annual Crescent Ball were as whirlingly successful as low-cut dresses and Cspiritedl feet can make such occasions. 318 After brother Fred Molsberger's winning the Sadie Hawkin's Day turnip chomping contest, and the Pi- Week pie eating contest, the Lambda Chi's are du- biously proud of having with them the biggest eater on campus. Members prominent in campus activities are: Bob Cox, Kernel Managing Editor, Kenneth Blevins, Presi- dent of Alma Magna Mater, Co-Chairman of YMCA Commission, Carl Faith, SGA and Lances, and Joe Lee, SGA and Kernel. ' Officers: Carl Faith, president, Joe Lee, vice president, Theodore Gesling, Jr., secretary, Alex Chamberlain, treasurer Members: W. Adams, Steve Bartalsky, Ken Blevins, Alex Chamberlain, J. Cox, Joe De Vita, Carl Faith, Theodore Ges- ling, James Getker, Robert Hamilton, Charles Hawley, Harold Hoffman, Thomas Huff, John ldleman, Robert Keesee, John Krumpelman, Joe Lee, Leslie Lingenfelter, Howard Locke, Ben Lutes, Richard Mackc, Robert Mills, Fred Molsberger, Charles Moore, C. W. Morrow, Bernard Noland, William Podulski, Charles Reed, Roy Rhodes, Robert Smith, Fred Stromberg, E. E. Tackett, Carl Turner, Garland Wells Pledges: Jim Aurand, Toni DeFoggi, Layne Fleming, Harold Hall, Frank Kane, Greg Maples, John Peters, Bob Ratliff, Bill Robinson, Bob Tiller, Moss Vance, Ray Wagner ALL SET FOR SGA ELECTIONS LAMBDA CHI ALPHA S GEORGIA 12549 Sanfa Claus DeVi1'a . . . Turnip Chompin' King Molsbcrgcr . . . Carl and Mickey . . . Time out . . . Homo- coming . . . Thanks To Phillip Morris and Company . . . Valentine Dance . . . Snakc'pit . . . The Maze . . . Little Siberia . . . Formal ending CALLS FOR PHILLIP MORRIS YET' 319 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ,-,Aw W- , ,Adv .. f'N N if . , cv. +62-if .4 or f fr- -W f 'W' ' X' L A in so f " i me A ' .RQ xffisgf i , 'A x ' 320 M ,,f ' ,X ' It 1 X V u my , ' , K mg ,h X, t' gif.:-1l.:' , QI! ' Q Q ' -'-Lil' iiziwf i i, A-L ., A f Lee, Faith, Gesling, Chamberlain, Blevins Molsberger, Adams, Bartolsky, Cox, Hamilton Hawley, DeVita, Getker, Hough, Hoffman Lufes, Keesce, ldleman, Locke, Krumpleman THIS LODGE IS NQW DISTINGUISHED V. in LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Q S' WITH A TELEVISIGN SET Mills, Macke, Morrow, Noland, Moore Smith, Sfromberg, Rhodes, Reed, Podkulski Turner, Wells, Hall, DeFoggi, Kane Ratliff, Wagner, Tiller, Peters, Maples 321 4 A QAQ Q -lv s C. 3, .,,,:f-fpfi it 5,1 ,,. ,, sd ' ,, , - f at Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta's biggest news of the year was the launching of the alumni drive to finance the con- struction of our new chapter house. lt is hoped that l95l will see our new home going up. As well as the usual fall and spring formals at the Lexington Country Club, the Phi Delts gave a very successful party for underprivileged children at Christ- mas and had a fine representation in the charity show for orphans. The delayed pledging program made its mark in our rushing program. Many parties were held for the rushees and a fine pledge class was pledged in Feb- ruary. Our intramural teams well represented the frater- nity in all sports. Phi Delta Theta finished strong in every sport. John Owens captained the golf team, and John Stough captained the baseball team. Jim Howe fin- 322 ished his collegiate football career with a sterling performance in the Orange Bowl. Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in l848, and now has ll4 chapters. Kentucky Epsilon chapter was installed on the Uni- versity of Kentucky campus in l9Ol. Azure and ar- gent are the fraternity colors, the white carnation is the flower. Faculty advisor is Dr. Alfred McEwen. Officers: Allan West Wood, president: John Stough, vicc president, Tom Ray, secretary, Ken Scroggins, treasurer Members: Crawford Anderson, Phelps Anderson, Art As- bury, Jack Barrett, Ted Bates, David Cheek, Randy Childress, Sammy Collins, Sandy Cummins, John Diskin, Tom Diskin, Garland Dummitt, John Ewing, Kent Floyd, Bill Giltner, Lee Guthrie, Bill Hall, Tommy Hallock, Jack Hibbs, Winthrop Hopsan, Jim Howe, Ed Jouett, Herman Kessler, Bill Linville, Marshall McCann, William McCann, James Mulloy, John Owens, Harold Potts, Tommy Ray, Joe Richardson, R. T. Richardson, Doc Roemelc, Harold Rose, Billy Scent, Bob Scherer, Joe Schoepf, Kenny Scroggins, Bill Semonin, Hub Spencer, Jack Stevens, John Stough, Tommy Taylor, Tommy Thompson, Tom Underwood, Bob Vatter, Bill Ward, Ed Whit- field, David Wilkinson, Allen Wood, Charley Zurchmeide PHI DELTS LOVE LEISURELY LIVING L PHI DELTA TI-IETA ROP01 ED CuAL"rc..L2 ifillfli -I KINYUCVV r.w-inf. -- DHI DELTA lI.iC'lm uuivnsmvv "' .:Nvi..- .f .1 1 WN, , rg 1 S - ja, . u f , I f t x IMA! 4-f-. 4' Here's how the Phi DeIt's proposed new home will look . . . A powerhouse football team did well in intra- murals . . . Phi Delt Formal at the Country Club-good music, pretty girls-make for good dancing . . . A session with University officials about the new chapter house . . . Discussing plans for thc new house are Dr. McEwen, faculty advisor, Dr. Donovan, Allan Wood, Pryor Hancock, Dean Kirwan, and Comptroller Peter- son . . . Florida vacations are a ioy, aren't they? . . . Looks serious . . . John and Fawn on the lawn, pawn, dawn, etc. AND CLAIM PART INTEREST IN TI-IE CCTTAGE PHI DELTA THETA X 31, 'X Xfx hfv rf ff X , a Y. !!l A ' 1 W i M. McCann, Ray, Wood, Scroggins, Taylor Ward, Underwood, Whitfield, T. Diskin, Childress Thompson, Scenf, Howe, Hibbs, Floyd Schoepf, Hopson, Owens, J. Diskin, Mulloy 324 A HADACCL HOMECOMING BROUGHT THEM FAME PHI DELTA THETA Q 'T .- l I R 'El 'LZ u f! J' X 7 1 ll l H, X O, F J J' M' Mx A AD- ' , Ib it il V iilf rf' Q , , O. A IV' Linville, Sollins, Hallock, Cheek, W. McCann Hall, Wilkinson, Feamsfer, Guthrie, Gilmer Ewing, Roemele, Scherer, Semonin, Joueft Anderson, Polls, Kessler, Rose A NEW HOUSE SOON TO BOOST THEIR NAME 325 Phi Kappa Tau The brothers of Phi Tau's Kappa chapter returned reluctantly back to old UK and began the three-day body-battering ordeal of registration. Next came the iob of getting the big stone house on Broadway ready for another year of activity. When the dust had settled, we found ourselves not in the middle of the usual rush week, but a rush semester-delayed pledging had come to the University of Kentucky. There was the usual round of social events which included stag smokers, after-game open houses, a Hobo Party icomplete with blue-jeans and handlebar mustachesl, a Halloween costume dance fyou should have seen some of those costumesl, and our big event of the year, the annual Fall Formal. Miss Jane Bash- am, Kappa Delta from Hardinsburg, was chosen "Dream Girl of Phi Kappa Tau" and received the traditional cup and red carnations during intermission. A party at Howard's after the dance topped the eve- ning off. Despite such a round of extra-curricular activities, the boys found time to open their school-books oc- 326 casionally and jumped the fraternity's campus scho- lastic standing by l2 places. Phi Kappa Tau was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in l906. Kappa chapter, one of 65 national chapters, was installed at the University of Kentucky in l920. The fraternity colors are Harvard red and old gold, the red carnation is the flower. Robert Mills is the chapter's faculty advisor. Officers: John Heick, president, Matthew Downer, vice president, James McNeal, secretary, Kenneth Kasey, teras- urer Members: Kenneth Ashby, Thomas Barnes, Frank Barnett, William Boles, Warren Briggs, William Carlton, Delmon Car- son,. Hugh Cassell, Billy Chandler, George Conway, Howard Dickey, Matthew Downer, James Glass, Thomas Graham, Willard Harper, John Heick, Robert Holbrook, Kenneth Kasey, John King, Charlie Lucas, Edward Merye, Edward Massie, Robert McDaniels, Kenneth McKeehan, James McNeal, Rob- ert Raybourne, Robert Robertson, Edward Self, Steve Shelton, Kenneth Skinner, Herman Weber, Charles Young Pledges: John Brownfield, Bert Jody, Lloyd Leach, Richard Matracia, Harold Stumbo, Richard Walker HERE'S AN INDIVIDUALISTIC CREW L PHI KAPPA TAU T N ixwf? "Cokes" for The Boys, at The Fall formal af Boiling Springs . . . Halloween Costume, party at the house . . . The "Old Timers" . . . The Phi Tau four . . . New Year's Eve in Miami . . . Tom Graham and B. J. Sampson - "Lovers" and Dream Girl picture . . . Hobo Party, Steve Shelton, Henry Weber FAMED FOR BRIDGE AND CHEERLEADING 327 PH 328 KAPPA TAU WHA MM 5- 1 ase , eic , owner, 1-A- 'FQ . A J, fu, a 4' . , 7' 45 Ashby K y H h D Carson, Barnett, Biggs, Carlton B Ch arnes, an dler, Conway, Dickey raham, Glass, King, Cassell THEY LIVE ON THE BROADWAY LOOP PHI KAPPA TAU Marye, Massie, McDanieIs, Robertson McKeehan, Self, Shelton, Weber Raybourne, Skinner, Mafracia, Bryant Young, Jody, Walker, Sfumba AND G-RILL WHEN CLASSES ARE MEETING 329 Phi Sigma Phi Sigma Kappa began a successful year in the fall by being awarded the Suky trophy for having the most outstanding fraternity Homecoming Display. Highlights throughout the social calendar for the first semester included a tea held at the chapter house honoring the housemothers, as well as several dessert get-togethers, at which Phi Sigma Kappa played host to the sororities. At the froternity's annual Christmas formal, held in the ballroom of the Student Union Building, awards were presented to the men chosen as the most out- standing pledges. An important fraternity event took place in Jan- uary, when the Phi Sigma Kappa Regional Conclave was held at the University. The visiting men and their wives and dates were honored with a dance at the Lexington Country Club at the conclusion of the business meetings. Phi Sigma Kappa heralded the second semester with a Valentine dance at the chapter house. Enter- tainment for the members and their guests was pro- vided by ballad-singing Dick Pigman and other tal- ented brothers. lnitiotion ceremonies were held at the end of Feb- ruary and new members were honored by a fraternity party at Joyland Casino. At the most significant event of the year, the Phi Sigma Kappa Founders' Day Formal, Miss Betty White, Kappa Alpha Theta, the Fraternity's Moon- light Girl, was presented. 'r ima-0 5" s N ,Q AQ? rf A f,p"f,:" 1,' ,ima rl Kappa Outstanding members were Fred Coplin, Lamp and Cross, Walter Patrick, Student Government Associa- tion, Phi Delta Phi, and Lances, president, Kenneth Midkiff, Julius Powell, and Robert Linehan, Lances, Elliott Jones, YMCA President and Student Govern- ment Association. Phi Sigma Kappa was founded at Massachusetts State College in l873 and now has 58 chapters. Phi Deuteron chapter was installed at the University of Kentucky in l926. Fraternity colors are silver and magenta, the flower is the red carnation. Alumni on the University faculty include E. A. Bureau, George R. Gerherd, George W. Whitlow, Harry A. Romano- Witz. Officers: Fred J. Coplin, president: William R. Poe, vice president, Woodford E. Yankee, secretary, John R. Bridges, treasurer Members: Paul Adams, David Bentley, Wesley Bird, John Blankenship, Harry Boaz, John Bridges, Robert Bruce, Ber- nard Burchett, J. T. Cavender, Fred Coplin, Joe Coyle, Wil- liam Crews, U. K. Custred, William Dale, Donald DeBoer, Donald Dodson, William Earnest, William Fields, Charles Fleming, Alex Frame, Clyde Hamm, John Hays, James Hazle, Harold Holtzclaw, Boyd Jessee, Elliott Jones, Richard Jones, Winfield Leathers, Leland Lewis, Robert Linehan, A. J. Man-- gione, William Martin, Frank Mathias, Thomas Mathis, Ken- neth Midkift, James Moore, James Murphy, Robert Nikolas, James Northcutt, Charles Oakley, Walter Patrick, Richard Pigman, William Poe, Julius Powell, Henry Rawlings, Edwin Rice, Donald Rogers, Byron Romanowitz, John Rudy, George Rybolt, Robert Summers, Daniel Tuttle, Ronald Walker, Rob- ert Welsh, Henry White, William Whitehouse, Holland Wintsch, Joseph Woitowitz, L. C. Woods, Woodford Yankee Pledges: Fred Barrick, Jack Bruckert, Charles Clark, Winter Collins, Edgar Dixon, Gerald Hamburg, Fred Menning, Mitch- ell Moore, James Osborne, Jack Reid, Dick Saunders, B. W. Stephens, Bob Tichnor, Robert Wages 330 THIS LODGE HAS A DIVERSE MEMBERSHIP 4 PHI SIGMA KAPPA ,R q-. 'sw ,.ii House Party . . . Moonlight Girl Dance, Fred Coplin and Glendora Northcutt . . . House again with Bernard Burchett, Angela Schmitt, J. T. Cavendar . . . Homecoming, and high spirits!! . . . Jenny Robenson, Jack Bruckert found at Sleepy Hollow . . . At the airport are Winter Collins, Charley Green, John Blankenship, and Woody Yankee . . . Bonnie Spencer, Charley Clark, Betty White, Dick Jones, and Jean Sherman at the Beach . . . Christmas, and Open House . . . Daredevil DeBoer . . . Chow Line finds Bill Crews, Tom Mathis, John Blankenship, Charlie Clark, Don DeBoer, and Jack Bruckert . . . Balfour ware- Inspectors are Dave Bentley, Jack Bruckert, Paul Adams, Joe Coyle, J. C. Powell, Walter Patrick, and Bob Nickolas . . . Fence Sitters Bill Poe, Helen Seaman, Lou Toombs, and J. T. Cavender . . . Homecoming again . . . Engine trouble plagues Woody Yankee, Harry Booz, and Jim Hazle WHICH INCLUDES A PET SKUNK 331 PHI SIGMA KAPPA I 4' I , I 'Kms T . Cf 1 I , K 4 X, I . ,. gy' I ,, I Q, .fd 'gl A . ' ,. , it 1 is I' - Q A. ' b f X ,,,5w"f. if I I' it ' ' in 1 iw ' ' s' -7 ' J 1 fi I 1 K f - 7 - . 1 , - s Q ,". .Qs ,, A I , . xi J V ' ' j ff., ' 'V AZN, an 5, .. TAIL: I , e,, ,.f' , - I , I , I ,I W .,,.,. flfk ,',. 3 W Itxfffwf ' , -I-1 " 5 I A F-Il..,: -V I 4 ' , ,..,. , V W, ff,.,,,:k,,, . -rf f f ,542 .,.L we ,:, I I 5 , - , ,I las'-1. 3,3 wife ' , . 'uwaisllIf.l-tri . xgvg, Iwi, .Q , ., ' -2 vfr,wf,ls.zItf15 .V 4 . .5 4 1 , A , .V I i , I? . W 2 yum, 'f + Y. i e.:gffl-J . , .E ' 5 A I-lg 2 ffilgfg 19 . f.i.,f', "'iG'7: 4' ,---mis A - - V- 1 I ?'i?+?ff?2?2?'f3 'HE "girl, ' 'tsgfii lp "I I 'W I?f5S'--15, 1 A ' - -' W' .r Gisli 'assi t- wal is 'I I f I if ' X ' "W , -I 332 Coplin, Poe, Yankee, Bridges, Patrick, E. Jones, Holtzclaw Hays, Boaz, Powell, Cavender, Burchett, Hamm, Coyle Marigione, Mathis, Martin, Leathers, Lewis, Bird, Linehan Blankenship, Custred, Crews, De Boer, Dodson, Fleming, Mathias Fields, Frame, Dale, R. Jones, Jessee, Benfly, Hazle COWBOY AND RIVER PARTIES ARE THEIR FORTE PHI SIGMA KAPPA 9336 7' is xt ,A W, f of 'wi' ' Aa. ZSQLQ is A 6 ' gf -5 Q f - 'Q -- S is rig 9 S , gifs' se 0, 5561 . i , + Q A M , A ' ff'YVf Q Q g v' I ' , + :img 'fo ' iv. , 'M i'j?:,,.v 1 'H",,,g: - in ' IQ .QQ Q!! I 1: - ' vt , K K- . 4 V A ..kk ":' 5 E, A ' " " A iff,-I W E -if K if Earnest, Bruce, Nickoias, Summers, Adams, J. Moore, Midkiff Norfhcuif, Pigman, Wintsch, Oakley, Walker, Rybolf, Woifowifcz Rudy, Tuffie, Wolford, Bixler, Greene, Whitehouse, Whife Rice, Reid, Tichenor, Menning, Hamburg, Saunders, Stephens M. Moore, Bruckert, Barrick, Clark, Wages, Collins A MOONLIGHT GAL HAS THEIR SUPPORT ' 333 Pi Kappa Due to the delayed rush program, many of the events usually scheduled for the fall semester were postponed until spring to help balance the social cal- endar. Pi Kappa Alpha held open house in conjunc- tion with all of the University's home football games, and held a big open house to welcome the alums on Homecoming Day. The Pi Kappa Alpha display won second honors this year. The Pi Kap "Dream Girl" dance was held last spring at the Lexington Country Club, and Miss Kathy Carter of Delta Delta Delta sorority was crowned "Dream Girl." The fraternity's first major undertaking of the year was the inauguration of Pi Week, which met with great success. Pi Week was started on the campus to attempt to help build friendship and good will between all students. The feature of the week was the dance at the Student Union Building which was open to all students on the campus. The Pi Kaps held a spaghetti supper at Castlewood Barn early in October which was enjoyed by all. The 1950 "Dream Girl" dance was scheduled for the Governor's Mansion in Frankfort on April 29th. It was the biggest and best dance the chapter has ever held and many well known guests attended. 0 - 'ff 0 , , ilil W ini! ..-t-iff1!A9'x M' lll 4. Alpha Governor Clements and Happy Chandler are both alums of Omega chapter. Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia, March l, 1868. Omega chapter, one of 93 chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in l9Ol. Garnet and old gold are the fra- ternity colors, the flower is the lily-of-the-valley. Dr. Robert Haun is the faculty advisor. Members in the faculty are Dr. H. H. Downing and Dr. John Melzer. Officers: Jim Barlow, president, Bob Gregory, vice presi- dent, Joe Craig, secretary, Dick Dickens, treasurer Members: Jim Barlow, William Barrows, James Bassham, Mose Baston, Ed Brannon, Gayle Caldwell, Robert Caldwell, Bill Clark, Tom Collins, Conley Congleton, Earl Cottrell, Joe Craig, Paul Cunningham, Howard Curry, Brian Daugherty, Dick Dickens, Don Donahue, Al Drake, Bob Duncan, Bruce Ferguson, Walter Ferguson, Bain Foster, Charles Goodin, Bob Gregory, Bob Harrison, Dee Haun, Sam Hill, Forest Hobson, Bill Honaker, Jerald Johnston, Paul Knapp, Elmo Liebert, Jim Long, Henry Maloney, Sid Neal, Bob Nethken, Charles Pen- tecost, Bob Pryor, Jerry Reece, Ray Rose, Roger Salot, Bill Samuel, James Sigler, Reeves Stoll, Richard Stoll, Robert Swieterman, Charles Thurston, Gayle Warner, James Wash, Frank Williams, Bob Willingham, Don Wilson, Dick Witt, Leonard Wood Pledges: Dick Daniel, Cline Duff, Charles Goff, Ralph Hovermale, Raymond Lowrey, Jack Rose, Cliff Stamper, Laurel Statham, John Truitt 4 334 MEMORIES' ENTWINED WITH A YELLOW RIBBON PI KAPPA ALPHA r I Pie Eating Confesf winners . . . Winners receiving prizes, longiohns!! . . . Fall formal . . . Kafhy Carfcr, Dream Girl . . . Fall Formal again . . . Presentation of Dream Girl . . . Pi Weak boys THE SERENADE SIREN,AND PI WEEK 335 KAPPA ALPHA V Er' Q f 9 C m ' ' - I 1 W : Sfgigqu, .1 , , ., . 5 J ' f 5 336 ,. r ff, if 1 r r A V.: ,r , f Dicken, Gregory, Barlow, Craig, Wash Sfoll, Daugherty, B. Ferguson, Caldwell, Brandon Clark, Congleton, Cayce, W. Ferguson, Cottrell Warner, Donahue, Drake, Wood, Curry Hill, Haun, Fosfer, Hobson, Honaker ' HAPPILY HOUSED IN A HANDY HALL Pl KAPPA ALPHA nv ms 5 L m 'nr Lg as . 4 - Cunningham, Harrison, Johnston, Neal, Malone Goodin, Nethkin, Long, Thurston, Liebert Samuel, Bassham, R. Stoll, Truitf, Salot Swieterman, Wilson, Willingham, Collins, Sigler Duff, Sfamper, Pentecost, Rose, Knapp Pl KAPS ARE TRUE BLUE GREEKS ' Y Sigma Alpha Epsilon Upon returning to school this fall, the chapter was greeted by a completely decorated house. This fine job was supervised by our ever faithful Minerva Club and some of the local boys. The social season started early with an "Initiation Dance" at the Country Club, then a partnership af- fair with the Phi Delts and, of course, our annual Christmas Formal at the Phoenix. During the first semester, SAE made itself known on the intramural field by becoming runner-up in the football competition, losing only to the Men's Dorm in the play-off. Another trophy was added to the collection when SAE won first place in the sale of ODK tags. Our second semester events were the Founders Day Ban- quet, lnitiation Dance, and a successful Spring For- mal was held at the Country Club. Campus leaders include: Lee Truman and Kova- naugh Rogers, football, Frank Bassett, Lances, Bob Aspley and Clark Beauchamp, Pi Tau Sigma, Bos Todd and lrvin Scrivner, Keys, Bob Coleman and Ned Breathitt, ODK, Robin Griffin, Phi Eta Sigma, John Mercer and Bob Coleman, Beta Gamma Sigma, Tony Dallas, Lamp and Cross, Society of the Spiked Shoe, "Skippy" Whittaker and C. M. Newton, basketball. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the Univer- sity of Alabama on March 9, l856. Epsilon chapter, one of 123 chapters, was installed at the University of Kentucky in l900. Fraternity colors are purple and gold, the flower is the violet. Faculty advisor is Grady Sellards. Officers: Ronald Shiflet, president, Gentry McCauley, vice president, Fred Davis, secretary, Tony Dallas, treasurer Members: Bob Aspley, Frank Bassett, Clark Beauchamp, C. M. Boone, Edward Brcathitt, Bill Brown, John Clay, George Cleveland, Franklin Coats, Robert Coleman, Harold Cornett, George Criscillis, Tony Dallas, Bill Davis, Fred Davis, Josh Denham, Charles Dishman, Jim Dixon, Bill Endicott, John Everett, Van Fishback, Lewis Ford, Robin Griffin, Tom Grif- fin, Larry Hammett, John Hancock, Bill Hardin, Bob Hatch- ett, Charles Holland, Reid Holland, Kent Hollingsworth, Harris Howard, Hal Hughes, Sam Johnson, Joe Joyner, E. T. Kirk, Bill Lancaster, John Lebus, Brock Lippitt, Frank Long, Fred Luigart, Alan Marsh, Finley Mayes, Gentry McCauley, John Mercer, Bob Miller, George Montgomery, Roy Moreland, Mac Nall, Joe Newell, C. M. Newton, Julian Nichols, Jack Razor, Clem Ritter, Dwyer Rodes, John Rodgers, Kavanaugh Rogers, Tom Sawyer, Irvin Scrivner, Ronald Shiflet, Bill Sparks, Bosworth Todd, Lee Truman, Bill Wardman, J. C. Watkins, Lucien Whittaker, Ben Williams, Dick Womack, Woodson Wood, Craig Wright, Charles Young Pledges: Ed Burnette, John Hill, Tommy Pardue, Andy Politis, Bill Soper 338 THE MOST .WHOLESOME, HEALTHY BUNCH SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Hillbilly Party at thc House . . . Mother's Day banquet at the House . . . Can-Can girls at Lances Carnival . . . Christmas party for Fayette County Colored Orphans, Bill Hardy as Santa Claus . . . Lances Carnival Show . . . "Typical Ed", Frank Bassett entertaining at a Hillbilly Party . . . May Day Float . . . Christmas Formal at Phoenix Hotel THIS SIDE OF BOY SCOUT: CAMPS 339 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 1 G i' 'N Is 1 . , , V nj Q27 X M , , 5 XVVIV ' my N - Q ? K .F 2.4 asf, 2, Miller, Davis, Dallas, McCauley, Shiflet, Truman Sparks, Breathitt, Bassett, Coleman, Young, Joyner Wood, Everett, Hatchette, Endicott, Dishman, Criscillis Dixon, Cleveland, Coats, Cornett, Boone, Clay Holland, Harding, Ford, Hollingsworth '340 THE SAE'S AND .THEIR C86 x , WELL-KNOWN "LADY l SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Scrivener, Rogers, Todd, Rodes, Wardman, Nall Marsh, Mercer, Rodgers, Mayes, Beauchamp, Newell Montgomery, Razor, Watkins, Griffin, Denham, Hughes Kirk, Moreland, Holland, Howard, Soper, Pardue Hancock, Hill, Polites MEAN HARD-WORK, SMILES, AND CHAMPS 341 a ' '3 ,"' Q' .. 2.zfDf.fl x xr - if . . Sigma C hi Miss Mary Montague, Alpha Delta Pi, now Mrs. Don Russell, was presented in April, I949, as the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, at the annual Lambda Lambda Sweetheart Dance. Dean Elvis Stahr, an alumnus of the chapter, was first to graduate with a 3.0 standing from the UK Law School. He was later a Rhodes Scholar, Army Colonel, one of IO outstanding young men in the na- tion, and is now Dean of the Law College at UK. Every year Sigma Chi sponsors and produces the only best dressed contest and fashion show at UK, believing that Kentuckians are as well dressed as anybody. Lambda Lambda chapter of Sigma Chi proudly participates in every college activity in which they are permitted to engage. Sigma Chi was one of the first national fraternities to be installed at UK. Lambda Lambda chapter has been undefeated in intramural football for the past six years. Outstanding leaders on the campus are Issac Rouse, Lamp and Cross, Gibson Downing, Lamp and Cross, Sam Neace, Phi Delta Phi, Ray Porter, football team. Sigma Chi was founded at Miami University, Ox- ford, Ohio, June 28, l855, and now has II7 chap- ters. Lambda Lambda chapter was installed on the University of Kentucky campus March 31, I893. Blue and gold are the fraternity colors and the white rose is the flower. Dr. Don Seaton is the faculty ad- visor. Members in the faculty are Dean Elvis J. Stahr, Dr. Don Seaton, and Dr. C. D. Phillips. Officers: Don Russell, president, Gibson Downing, vice president, Bob Boulter, secretary, Lloyd Chilton, treasurer Members: C. Adams, T. Alexander, W. Benjamin, P. Bickle, B. Boggs, R. Boulter, R. Calvert, L. Chilton, J. Clayton, G. Combs, B. Connelly, G. Downing, J. Durham, J. Endicott, D. Evans, J. Faulconer, J. Fletcher, S. Folger, R. French, R. Hass, J. Heinze, R. Holder, W. Horine, W. Hoskins, G. Lawson, M. Maggard, J. Mainous, J. Marlowe, P. Mayhew, C. McMeekin, G. Menne, A. Moats, J. Moon, J. Morrow, W. Mosely, R. Myers, S. Neace, R. Porter, W. Prichard, J. Raker, I. Rouse, D. Russell, W. Simrall, G. Smith, T. Smith, T. Tabb, C. Tackett, J. Thomas, R. Thorpe, H. Whittenberg, C. Woodward Pledges: H. Bickle, J. Bradley, D. Fowls, E. Hendron, R. Holway, R. Kays, C. Yeary 342 IF THREE THINGS MEAN SIGMA CHI I' Q UM? SIGMA CHI ll If ' ' , s '-5? I I rg, N . fx vial. II .II in II-be Men of Distinction . . . "Mr. America" Porter , . . Wheel, cog, and a spoke . . . Homecoming . . . Sweet- heart of Sigma Chi -Mary Montague Russell . . . Sun Worshippcrs at Miami Beach . . . Victory! . . . V.I.P.'s at banquet . . . Getting pointers from Esquire and Mademoiselle editors T'S KENTON, WHITE BUCKS, AND NOISE 343 SIGMA CHI 11 .s- 41, W' s I Chilton, Downing, Ryssell, Boulfer, Beniamin Rouse, Durham, McMeekin, T. Smith, Neace Hoskins, Lawson, Holder, Horine, Marlowe Porter, G. Smith, Morrow, Shropshire, Whrffenburg Graham, Clayton, Mosely, Thomas, Woodward 344 A BACK YARD IS THEIR CLAIM TO FAME -1 G aw, af, KI Fx r N "A P. Bickel, Mayhew, Myers, Fletcher, Combs Boggs, Adams, Heinze, Moon, Haas Yeary, Alexander, Maggard, Tackett, Endicol Mainous, Tabb, Prichard, Raker, Menne Bradley, Thorp, Kays, Fowls, H. Bickel, Evans LAWDY' WHAT PARTIES! OH LAWDY! L' f YJ Q74 Sigma Nu The outstanding social event of the year was the annual "All-Greek" barbeque which was held in the chapter house back yard. Members of all the Greek letter organizations on the campus as well as the University faculty and administrative staff were in- vited. Other social activities included the White Star formal held at the Lexington Country Club in De- cember and May, and a faculty tea. Improvements for the chapter house included re- finishing the sluccoed exterior, painting inside and outside, and re-covering the dining room floor with inlaid linoleurn. In intramural sports, Sigma Nu entered in all events and was awarded the winner's trophy in vol- leyball. Ray Brown won the intramural golf cham- pionship. Outstanding Sigma Nu's on the campus this year were Fred Nichols, president of lnterfraternity Coun- cil, Clyde Waits, Lances, and Lamp and Cross, and Bill Darter, SGA. Sigma Nu was founded at Virginia Military ln- stitute in l869. Gamma Iota chapter, one of l02 chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in l902. Black, gold, and white are the fra- ternity colors, the flower is the white rose. Members on the University faculty include Dean A. D. Kirwan, and Paul Bryant. Officers: Frederick E. Nichols, president, Clyde P. Watts, vice president, Robert N. Brumtield, secretary, Paul L. Dil- lingham, treasurer Actives: John Abel, Erwin Albrecht, Calvin Anderson, James W. Atkins, Frank A. Atkins, John Baldridge, Bruce Blythe, John Booe, Morgan Boyd, Leonard Brewer, Raymond Brown, Robert Brumfield, Billy Joe Cannon, Robert C. Cayce, Robert Earl Clements, Garmon Coburn, Jimmy Cox, Robert Crain, William Darter, Leslie Dawson, Paul Dillingham, Wil- liam Eaton, Carl Evans, A. L. Golightly, Ralph l-lammerle, John Hardin, Gene Hatfield, William Hornback, Hal Johnson, Phillip Johnston, J. V. Larkin, William Mackebee, Robert Marcuzzi, Thomas Mattingly, Frank McNaughton, Robert Nave, Frederick Nichols, James Nickell, Elkins Payne, Charles Pritchett, John Dan Quertermous, William Reynolds, King Rice, Robert Russell, Don Schardein, Fred Schmidt, Earl Siria, Gilbert Siria, Thomas Spain, Conrad Steiner, William Survant, Dick Thompson, Joseph Doyle Vaughn, Jay Wallace, William Wannamaker, Clyde Watts, William Yates Pledges: Hugh Barber, David Bere, John Brabant, Henry Huggins, Scoggins Jones, Kenneth Oliver, William Slusher, Robert Suit, Thomas Wheat 346 THE MOLE HOLE ON THE HILL . . THE WHITE STAR SIGMA NU The reception line . . . EXTRA Edition . . . The Golfers, "National Open Bound" . . . May l have your autograph? . . . "Nails" Brumficlcl goes over some details with his mob . . . Senior Banquet . . , Sleepy Sun-Bathcrs . . . The Sigma Nu "Club Continenfalsn . . . Getting votes . . . Clements, Dillingham and Crain . . . "What's so funny" . . . The victors return . . . "Kozy Korner" . . . Ah! Paree in ze Zpring . . . Sigma Nu Lances Queen-Susan Macklin . . Ramrod goes into business , . . Halloween ALL BEEF- NO BULL--AT THE BARBECUE 347 SIGMA NU 1 l K A-me 'X .. lat , 2 ' wi' Q ...H A . iii", " A ' Q-gg, . " ffl -' F L igzv, , f. I :wifi . ' V' ,Z Mft , , , fl , ,:'.1l 7 ' ' , 348 Pritchett, W. Siria, Nichols, Dillingham, Watts, F. Atkins Hammerle, Johnston, Spain, G. Siria, Larkin, Anderson Blythe, Russell, Cannon, Nickell, Quertermous, Hardin Boyd, Dawson, Wallace, Albrecht, Clements GLAD THE COTTAGE lSN'T FAR SIGMA NU 5 it 6 . . is A A ' Q , . J, ' , -4.2 . 1' 5439, f Q. in . iv 'E' 'hx' s 1-: U . , F" I - . A S I - ,,.ia g,G, WL , I ' V I ' - In 'I X .V , XEQ 1119 " - I ,. ,- u 9 X lf ' , IL X KI f Zi . li 4 Marcuzzi, Mackebee, J. Atkins, Steiner, Vaughn, Eaton Booc, Darter, Brewer, Cayce, Brown, Hatfield Olivcr, Crain, Suit, Payne, Schardein, Bere Barber, Huggins, Coburn, Wheat, Brabant ALL THIS CAND MORE? MEAN SIGMA NU 349 Sigma Phi The Sig Eps returned from summer vacations to a new chapter house at 509 East Main Street. House- warming parties began the season, with rush parties and after game open houses taking the spotlight. The chapter then settled down to maintain and raise its already improved academic standing. The chapter has risen from lost to fourth place in fra- ternity scholastic standings in two years. The outstanding social event of the year was the annual Dream Girl Dance at the Lexington Country Club. Nancy Camp, Delta Delta Delta, captured the title, the golden trophy, and the hearts of all Sig Eps. The Masquerade Ball and the Spring Formal high- lighted the spring social functions. On the campus scene, Bob Wharton led the stu- dents as president of the Student Government As- sociation. The chapter was represented in ODK by Bob Wharton, Jim Line, Bill Lawson, and Davis Fields. Bill White was president of Pryor Pre-Med Society, and Jim Line continued to whip off three point stand- ings and thirty point basketball games. Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at the University of Richmond in l90l. Kentucky Alpha, one of 99 chop-K Q Pi'-1 7-faf 1i'7'1'?,i-t h' -ig-x ,fi , 25 19- .JF fax if W '11 , J 2 fy' -'1 -x., SGA fix? wrqhifr- Epsilon ters, was installed at the University of Kentucky in March, l933. Purple and red are the fraternity colors, violets and roses are the flowers. Rhea S. Taylor is the faculty advisor. Alumni on the Univer- sity faculty are R, E. Shaver, and Rhea S. Taylor. Officers: William L. Wayman, president: William Reese, vice president: Davis Fields, secretary: William Samuels, treasurer Members: Max Ackney, Robert Arbuckle, Joseph Benne- witz, Harold Black, Robert Breeden, Gerald Britt, Calvin Buechele, Geren Bybee, Jamcs Carr, James Clarkson, Karl Christ, Wilbur Cox, Kenneth Darnell, Harry Daugherty, Roger Day, Jack Denny, Richard Dorsey, Melvin Duke, Douglas Ey, Davis Fields, James Fritts, William Gentry, Robert Griffith, William Hall, Everett Halstead, William Hamilton, Joseph Hibbs, William Holman, Chesley Holoman, Harold Hood, Ted Howard, Carl Jones, Donald Jones, Jack Kain, William Law- son, Robert Lee, David Lewis, James Line, Felix Martin, James Marvin, Dinwiddie Mathias, Edward Mills, Herb Mills, Jack Moore, William O'Bannan, Roger Pate, Thomas Porter, Edwin Rankin, Dan Rawlings, William Reese, William Rice, Emmett Rogers, Fred Ray Rose, Ray Ross, William Samuels, Carlos Scott, Paul Scott, Charles Sharp, Ralph Shelby, James Shell, Clyde Spears, Donald Spears, Andrew Steeley, Dan Sullivan, James Todd, Cabbel Utley, Robert Utterback, James Walker, William Wayman, Robert Wharton, William White, Jesse Williams, Harold Wilson Pledge: W. Chauncy Suter 350 Tl-lEY'E 'THE BOYS WITH 'A NEW LOCATION SIGMA PHI EPSILON Scene at Dream Girl Dance . . . Sig Ep Dream Girl . , . Basement Party . . . Loafing on the front porch . . . initiates . . . Officers . . . Sercnading our Dream Girl . . . Sunday afternoon get-together . . . Dr Seaton lectures . . . Dream Girl candidates . . . Pledges . . . Don and Faye a coming to a party . . . Homecoming decorations . . . A game of bridge THEIR E. MAIN MANSION A REAL SENSATION 351 SIGMA PHI EPSILON F I .Lf r ' r w S i I W . qbl' Q ' IT' 17 ' is Q I I? be , gr I. - Q70 HF, , Ik . rr 2, 5- YW! .l I 'H F5 , . J f N ! ., ,,.A I ' Eff, , 429- 4 . y . . I mx, 0 0 3 ' f f V,, ,X A . S ,ig V , 1-,gi A , or ' El is . Moore, Hood, Hibbs, D. Jones, Lawson, Howard Gentry, Sullivan, Buechele, Steely, Williams, Cox Mathis, Lee, Day, Dorsey, Duke, Ey Lewis, Givens, Holoman, Holman, Daugherty, Martin Walker, Carr, C. Jones, While, Mills, Marvin Scott, Mills, Kain, Clarkson, Hamilton THEY'RE THE BIRDS WHO CALL "DADDY-O" 353 O li! 44,1 '17, V -. fir, ' ,. . pt f , . .X . J, Triangle Triangle fraternity was founded at the University of Illinois in 1907, and now has 18 national chapters in American colleges and universities. Kentucky chap- ter was installed on the University campus in 1920. Gray and Old Rose are the fraternity colors. The flower is the gardenia. The engineers of Triangle have been busy remodel- ing their new house at 628 E. Main for the past year. Socially, the Triangles have had their share ot parties, picnics, and dances. Following the Xavier- U.K. football game in Cincinnati, the Cincinnati chap- ter of Triangle was host to the Kentucky Chapter for a dinner-dance. ln return the Cincinnati Chapter was our guest following the Cincy game. The traditional Christmas formal was held at the Joylond Casino. Jimmy Haworth and K. O. Tietyen were in charge of arrangements. To prove that scholarship and social life can go hand in hand, the Triangles accomplished the follow- ing scholastic achievements during the past year: both the Pledge and Active scholarship trophies were won by Triangle, 15 members of Triangle became members of various honorary fraternities with M. V. Johnson being president of Tou Beta Pi, and several others holding various offices in their respective honoraries. Triangle also had two men on the S.G.A., one on the Engineering Student Council, and one as editor of the Kentucky Engineer. The Kentucky Chapter of Triangle received high praise from the National Council for their scholastic rise among fraternities. Triangle is a social fraternity for engineers. The faculty advisor is C. K. Hoffman. Officers: James L. Chandler, president: William G. Kappa, vice president, Robert C. Stamper, secretary, Russell Hughes, treasurer Members: L. K. Adams, Jr., W. Albright, W. T. Austin, R. M. Barnes, K. Barnett, L. D. Brown, C. S. Carter, Jr., J. L. Chandler, R. C. Deen, G. F. Dodge, E. J. Dryer, G. C. Ething- ton, Jr., B. C. Fairchild, G. L. Feltel, F. W. Fest, G. K. Fisher, Jr., L. F. Gifford, Jr., W. H. Harelson, J L. Haworth, J. A. Heitz, E. R. Hughes, C. E. Jackson, M. V. Johnson, N. C. Jones, L. A. Jordon, W. G. Kappa, F. Lau, S. F. Lee, J. A. Legette, J. E. Linville, W. Martin, R. McCracken, J. McElroy, W. R. Meredith, R. B. Morrison, G. K. Owen, K. R. Reynolds, J. L. Roberts, H. A. Shacklett, J. L. Spinks, R. C. Stamper, J. C. Stephens, C. W. Sullivan, J. W. Tietyen, L. W. Tune, R. S. Webster, G. C. Williamson, J. D. Witt, J. E. Young Pledges: J. A. Bishop, R. C. Brummett, A. C. Dobroth, D. B. Fairchild, P. M. Haagenson, R. C. Johnson, M. J. Merideth, W. R. Meyer, F. L. Owen, V. B. Pickett, O. R. Sanders, T. B. Tackett, E. M. West 354 WITH A SLIDE RULE, HE IS VERY WISE TRIANGLE rf' . v' 'n'i'v in TKIIH... Slide rules left at home this time-Fest, Jordon, Fisher, Feltel, Reynolds . . . Sand, HQO, and women equal Beach Party . . . Mother Wood and some of her engineers . . . G. C. "preparing" for Christmas . . . Webster, date, and indigestion at a picnic . . . Hot Dawg! . . . Gulp, Williamson, Porter, and Cranfill . . . Ken and the pooch . . . Hap, G. C., K. O., and Jim . . . Whata racket!! . . . Derrell---posing only . . Engineers at rcst AND FOR BRIDGES, HE HAS A KNACK 355 TRIANGLE WI 4, r V V. MZ' 7 .. fr '51, W if 1,1 .'.' . ' , -4 f 19 A w ' 1- , , - , 1, E. ,sf Q 9'-' , ga f. ' J VX '555531 Q .f h Q' ix X iw V Q , , , .,,, V is PM Q, ba I ,PA I I 7 my 1 Haworth, Sfamper, Hughes, Chandler, Kappa, Shackletf Dodge, Efhington, Fischer, Gifford, Felfel, Fest Williamson, Barnes, Brown, Albright, Deen, Carter Tune, Webster, Barnett, Young, Dryer 356 BUT THOSE FRENCH CURVES, IN ANY GUISE ax ", Johnson, Lee, Heitz, Spinks, G. Owen, Fairchild Jackson, Jordon, Lau, Adams, McCracken, Reynolds Roberts, Sullivan, Harelson, Tielyen, Jones, Witt Meyer, Stephens, Haagenson, Meredith, F. Owen THROW A TRIANGLE OFF THE TRACK TRIANGLE 5- .,g K 357 Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Beta Tau was founded at the College of the City of New York, December 29, 1898, and now has 47 chapters in American colleges and universities. Alpha lota was installed on the University of Kentucky campus on December 3, l942. Blue and White are the fraternity colors, the Spring Beauty is the flower. As the new semester began Alpha Iota was busy remodeling its house. Many improvements were add- ed which included new kitchen facilities, complete remodeling of the basement, added shower facilities, and painting odd jobs of various kinds. Then came the many stags and smokers that were held. Initiation of the previous semester's pledges was also conducted. House dances and parties were held after all home football games, and the winter dinner-dance was en- ioyed at the Phoenix Hotel. The chapter also partici- pated in all campus activities which included the May Day parade, the Ugly Man contest, and the Sadie Hawkins Day festivities, and all phases of ln- tramural sports. Outstanding members include Norman Klein, Phi Eta Sigma, Lances, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Mu Epsilon, American Chemical Society, four years of varsity football, third All-Southeastern Football Team il944l, Vice-president of Zeta Beta Tau, SGA, and K Club, James Levin, lnterfraternity Council, secre- tary, Charles Tyroler, Malcolm Himan, and Sam Mil- Ier, Track team managers, Robert Fraiman, Track team, Charles Tyroler, assistant managing editor of the Kentuckian. Officers: Samuel Miller, president, Norman Klein, vice president, Irvin Goldstein, secretary, Leonard Zuckerman, treasurer Members: Ronald Dorfman, Robert Fraiman, Richard Frank, Sandford Friedman, William Frisch, lrvin Gergley, Jack Gold- ben, Irvin Goldstein, Abraham Goller, Allen P. Gordon, Nor- man Gordon, Norton Greenberg, Malcolm Herman, Norman Klein, James Levin, Herbert Markell, Nathan Miller, Samuel Miller, Lloyd Schuster, Henry Sohmer, Charles Tyroler, Rich- ard Weil, Arthur F. Weinberg, Sol Weisenberg, Leonard Zuckerman Pledges: Henry Abraham, Malcolm Cole, Ivan Goldfarb, David Robinson 353 MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS OR THE ZBT BASEMENT ZETA BETA TAU F... . . . ,4 , .,,k . ,, , 'Q 1 . '53 .1 Weinberg, Zuckerman, S. Miller, Klein, Tyroler Dorfman, Goller, Goldstein, Friedman, Weil Frank, Markell, N. Miller, Zinovoy, Levin A. Gordon, Frisch, Herman, J. Gordon, Sohmer Weisenberg, Gergley, N. Gordon, Schuster, Goldben THE PETTY GAL, A VENETIAN BLIND DEFACEMENT 359 Fair, Masonberg, Bass, Parness Beta Sigma Rho Beta Sigma Rho was founded at Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y., in l9l0, and now has ten chapters. Kappa chapter was installed on the University of Ken- tucky campus May 8, 1949. Blue and gold are the fraternity colors, the white orchid is the flower. Dr. Walter Hargreaves is the faculty advisor. Due to the fact that Beta Sigma Rho has only re- cently formed its local chapter, it has not as yet held the usual fraternity social activities enjoyed by other organizations on the campus. As a new chapter it has been confronted by many problems and obstacles, which have taken up much of the fraternity's time. Beta Sigma Rho has hopes of becoming the top fraternity on the campus as for as scholastic and social functions are concerned. 360 The fraternity wishes to express gratitude to those officers who have served it in the past, but who, owing to graduation and transferring, have had to resign their offices. Beta Sigma Rho also wishes to thank Dr. Walter Hargreaves who has unselfishly donated his time to the fraternity as faculty advisor and "big brother." The purpose of this fraternity is non-sectarian citizenship and fellowship. Officers: Fred A. Fair, chancellor, Stanley Masonberg, vice chancellor, Sidney Halperen, recorder, H. Daniel Wish, treas- urer Members: Lawrence M. Bass, Fred A. Fair, David M. Greenberg, Walter K. Grossman, Sidney Halperen, lrwin Par- ness, Kenneth Wise, H. Daniel Wish Pledges: Arthur A. Bodnar, Stanley Masonberg, Robert Ubanks, Robert Williams, Stanley Yussman A WELCOME MAT Tau Kappa held its first annual dinner-dance on November ll at the Lafayette Hotel. At present Tau Kappa is looking for a national fraternity to affiliate with. Jerry Perlmutter was runner-up in the intramural ping-pong tournament. He was defeated in the final play-off. He was the winner of the Student Union ping-pong tournament. Tau Kappa was founded at the University of Ken- tucky November ll, l947. Blue and grey are the fit l Tau Kappa fraternity colors: the blue dahlia is the flower. Rev. T. B. Cowan is the advisor. Motto: "This is to be an actively non-sectarian fraternity which is not to discriminate against any prospective member because of religions or social background." Officers: Arthur Glickstein, president: Paul Wright, vice president: Ben Cohn, secretary: Marvin Pogrotsky, treasurer Members: Edward Applebaum, Sumner Bortman, Ben Cohn, Louis DiFrancisco, Arthur Glickstein, Joe Kramer, James Lee, Jerry Perlmutter, Marvin Pogrotsky, Paul Radist, George Sa- kona, Dick Wohlstein, Paul Wright, Michael Yackowsky Glickstein, Wright, Cohn, Pogrotsky DiFrancisco, Yackowsky, Applebaum, Wohlstein FOR THESE NEW FRATS 361 X Inter raternity Council The purpose of lnterfraternity Council is to discuss and act upon matters concerning fraternities in general and to act as a medium between the Uni- versity administration and the fraternities. Faculty advisor: Dean A. D. Kirwan Officers: Frederick Nichols, president, Walter Patrick, vice president, James Levin, secretary, Charles Patrick, treasurer Members: Alpha Gamma Rho, Waller Cooper, Bruce Cotton, Alpha Sigma Phi, Bill Bauman, Jim Reynolds, Alpha Tau Omega, John Pedigo, David Holland, Delta Chi, J. D. Chapman, George Cannon, Delta Tau Delta, Charles Patrick, Ralph Tatum, Kappa Alpha, Hardin Short, Ollie McCormick, Kappa Sigma, Mac Pewitt, Frank Dempsey, Lambda Chi Alpha, Charles Hawley, Howard Locke, Jr., Phi Delta Theta, Allan Wood, William McCann, Phi Kappa Tau, John H. Heick, Robert McDaniels, Phi Sigma Kappa, J. C. Powell, Walter Patrick, Pi Kappa Alpha, Walter Ferguson, Bruce Ferguson, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gentry McCauley, R. M. Mil- ler, Jr., Sigma Chi, Don Russell, James Durham, Sigma Nu, J. V. Larkin, Fred Nichols, Frank Atkins, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bob Wharton, Jack Wayman, Triangle, J. L. Chandler, J. E. Young, Zeta Beta Tau, Samuel Miller, James Levin, Tau Kappa, Arthur Glickstein, Beta Sigma Rho, Irvin Parness 'lf M iq 4- nw 1 J, A! l I V F K W 1 'GP R. Miller, Short, C. Patrick, Nichols, Levin, W. Patrick, Wharton McCauley, Durham, Atkins, McCann, Wood, Larkin, Pewitt Robinson, Cannon, Russell, B, Ferguson, Cotton, Heick, Bauman Powell, Dempsey, Locke, Chandler, Parness, S. Miller, Holland, Young 6' N ., . 'Eldf .asia f -' 1. i 2 .V-.-W--.. Women's Residence Units Y Closing hours . . . the boy friend . . . the evil ye from the desk . . . the roommate who shores A , , . our sorrows AND your soop . . . the olorm clock nd dorm food . . . cherished things . . . stoccato ghfs...ond... 363 Jewell Hall 364 Officers: Kathleen Bealmear, president, secretary, Martha Pennebaker, treasurer, Sara Head resident: Margaret V. Storey Row Row One - McConathy, Mowat, West, Allen, Ferring, Two-- Bradford, Bealmear, Johnson, McCarthy, Arnold, Lowe, Paul McNamec, Basenback Row Three-Martin, Gilbert, Payne, Lamb, Cook, Kathryn Irvine, vice-president, Carolyn McBee, McConathy, social chairman Short, Morrow, Rowland, Willson, Wells, Thatcher Tucker, White, Whitley, Lang, Morton, Fulton, Warren, Ballard, Bristow, Carver, Hutchcraft, Elmer, Newsom, Combs, Allison, Walls, Agee, Rector, Newman, Bergenstrahle, Pennebaker, Cutler, Elswick Row Four- Irvin, Kauffman, Ramey, McClure, Johnson, Elmore, McBee, Kolk, Crum, Ritz, Osborne, Shayne, Crain, Ramsey, Minard, Conway, Pruden, Crump, Doyle ,. . -, - . 4 ' . ' - ' Qffflee ,Y Row One- Neil, Nutting, Conner, M. Smith, Makepe Lewis Row Two-Pettey, Mclntosh, Hughes, Wilson, Gero Reynolds, lngels, Akers, Rice ace, Dot Smith, Harris, Bradford, Y. Smith, Rigau, Hill, gradon, Wood, Ruffier, Ogden, Compton, Ellis, Craig, Row Three--Scalf, Ellis, Barry, Swint, Hilling, Hall, Bullock, Kirchdorfer, Haley, Sheridan, Whitmer, Ander- son, Boyd, Jentz, Morgan, Powell, Chatfield, Scatt, Rogers, Stephenson Row Four-Cunningham, Blake, Smart, Atherton, Hayden, Shaffer, Justice, Schmidt, Kahne, Riggle, Davis, Lindsey, Million, Noland, Haden, Weber, Grider, Doyle, Sharp, Dugan, Early Officers: Mary Pardue, president, Leslie Boteler, vice-president, Nancy Boles, secretary, Patricia Lancaster, Betty Hyatt, social chairmen Row Row Row Row --..i.-..ii,.............-. .... . -,, . Row Row Row Row Onc- Kirkpatrick, Birk, Sturm, Burkhart, Conway, Gaskin, Hale, Dover, Hendry Two-O'Toole, Baker, Cruise, Clark, Griffin, McCarthy, Crayne, Hukill, Sutherland, Phen, Lorch Threix-Hsomers, Clarick, Rudd, Goldstein, Holstine, Pace, Honeywell, Boller, Crofton, Ellis, Brownfield, os y Four- Newman, Barrett, Hayden, Sewell, Webb, Forcade, Flynn, Madden, Collier, Duncan ' , U any , r . l 'Q .. -Q One-Montague, Moore, Bard, Dickenson, Rice, Perry, Bird, Brabender, Harris, Hancher, Clark Two- Rogers, Moore, Snyder, Ard, Shouse, Tarpley, Pardue, Whitton, James, Stone, Talbot, Helton Three-Betts, Jernigan, Ballinger, Goessman, Harris, Wilson, Day, Wood, Bowles, Jones, Creal, White, Elsee, Turner, Lancaster Four?Neudecker, Boteler, Milby, Young, Reynolds, West, McDaneIl, Osborne, Woods, Bryant, Hearne, ing 365 Patterson Hall Officers: Elizabeth Freiberghouse, president, Lou Toombs, vice-president, Elizabeth Ross, secretary, Patricia Moore, Ruth Bishop, social chairmen Row Row Row Row OneE-Hewitt, Hanly, Blumenthal, Vance, Racke, Hazel, Siclclens, West, Salle, Barnett, White, Kelley, oe Two- Beaimear, Peters, Whitaker, Collins, Cundiff, Fisher, Carter, Taylor, Terrill, Martin, Bryant, Borie, McCabe, Lyon, Moffett, Hendrickson Three-Nahm, Mulloy, Brown, Wilson, Hill, Gontcrman, Butt, Anthony, Powell, Lilly, Payne, Dillon, Roberson, Harris, Carmichael Four-Stilz, N. Young, Haynes, Fitch, Hart, Winfrey, Ward, Powell, Musick, Webster, Bright, Cronen- berger, Garred, Cordes, Cawood, Ball, Thompson, Gill, Tichenor, Macreadie Row Row Row Row Row Row 366 One-Norton, Phelps, Wolf, Seaman, Ramsey, N. Brown, Reynolds, Davies, Macklin, Parker, Newton, Quigley, Hyman Two-Ferguson, Nohr, Schwab, Swayze, Williams, Jones, Bonzenback, Wanless, Kelly, E. Ross, Kreps, Whitten, Crawley, Moore, Haynes, J. Thompson 1 Three- Pollite, Pickering, Patterson, Barnes, Mayo, Russell, Steeves, Weddie, Milburn, Higgins, C. Ross, Freiburghouse, Nunnelly, Ashmann, Cooksey Four--Stevenson, Spencer, Morris, Goebel, Carlberg, Pinson, McKinney, Wilson, McDonald, Vantrease, Meick, Carter, Toombs, Cross, Minor, Cochran, Brown, Evans, Fisher, Barker, Venable, Brothers Five-R. Miller, Ridgell, S. Miller, Harris, L, Williams, Smith, Reid, Stanson, Watkins, Claassen, Von Bargen, Pendleton, Moody, Graham, Ferring, Tully Six-- Florence, Leslie, A. Williams, M. L. Wilson, D. Bishop, Farmer, Shields, White, Bay, Gromley, Pat- terson, Kearby 4 Row One - Row Two - Row Three - Row Row Row Row Row McDowell and Lydia Brown House Jewell Annex and Sayre Hall MC DOWELL AND LYDIA BROWN HOUSE Combs, McNeeley, Vincent, Adams, Gillespie, Burks, Barnes, Dodge, Cooley Baylies, Tacketf, Thomas, Hunt, Kennedy, Caudill, Kline Sanders, Maynard, Chilton, Smoot, Lusby, Gumm, Ledford, Rivs, Todd I JEWELL ANNEX One-Jones, Tempest, Lacy, Barkley, Egncr, Lee, Lyons, Wiesman, Wetherby, Neergaard, Hord Twog- Dotson, Young, Wooton, Mansberger, Frymire, Stevens, Van Meter, McCutcheon, Kummer, riffey SAYRE HALL Three-Lalley, Barker, Slusher, White, Sheets, Justice, Phillips, Allen, Leclford, Westerman, Harrison, McCaIla, Bergmann Four--Nelms, Hinsley, Ficlde, Scott, Iben, Reaford, Peterson, Strickler, Catlin, Kirkpatrick, Gaines, Bartlett, Tackett, Johnson Five-Davidson, Dixon, Allen, Rau, Peterson, Bryant, Bell, Reynolds, Hunt, Rawlings, Hoenig 367 Hamilton House 1' '1- A A X ' , 5 V ' . ' v l ' , V ' if QE, I' , ' ,'2-f'?i5',: , it 451 - ,, i 1 iq ',h-' ' Cornett, Ewbank, Osborne, Andes, Hollingsworth, Joseph Perry, Gamblin, Simpson, Wood, Isaacs, Murry Ockerman, Routt, Willhite, Annis Hamilton House WGS founded ot the Uni- Officers: Bety Andes, president, Helen Hollingsworth, vice- presidentg Evelyn Osborne, secretary, Eloise Eubank, treasurer versity of Kentucky in 1942. Members: Bety Andes, Doris Anrlis, Betty Sue Cornett, Purpose: To l'Ve'CoOpemt'VeIy' bemg honest' order' Eloise Eubarlk, Magdaline Gamblin, Helen l-lolllngsworllq, Elsie IV' Unified' Sincere and enthusiastic' Isaacs, Mayme Joseph, Margaret Myers, Virginia Murray, Thelma Ockerman, Evelyn Osborne, Marna D. Perry, Martha Faculty advisor: Dr. Static Erikson Routt, Faye A. Simpson, Louise Willhite, Neree Wood 368 Agriculture and Home Economics Banks, William M., Sturgis Barker, Lawrence E., Culver Bates, Theodore B., Emminence Bean, Elmer F., Cox's Creek Brockman, Arthur W., Louisville Brown, Clyde H., Frankfort Bruce, Robert C., Bremen Burke, Allen T., Lexington Burress, May M., Greensburg Bush, Leon F., Brookeville Butler, Willis G., Henderson Carlisle, Robert M., Sadieville Cherry, William N., Model, Tenn. Cole, John M., Williamsburg Colson, Dentis A., Paducah Cornette, Fred W., Daisy Cowan, William G., Ewing Craig, Chester C., Mt. Olivet Culley, Robert L., Lexington Dawson, Jerome, Shepherdsville Duncan, John A., Lexington Durham, Kelsie W., Yosemite Farris, Marian F., Lexington Ford, Jesse C., Lexington Fritts, Thomas, Williamsburg Gatlin, lla D., Sullivan Gerstler, Clarence A., Louisville Gibson, Claude J., Fount Gilbert, Geraldine M., Lexington Gully, James G., Lancaster Hager, Robert D., Nicholasville Haggard, Jack, Ashland Hail, Robert I., Ula Hale, Gene C., Owenton Hawkins, Ora D., Lexington Hendrickson, R. B., Kings Mountain Hensley, Cecil J., Hector Hill, Bernard E., Mima Hockensmith, J. B., Frankfort Holbrook, William R., Olive Hill Hoskins, Harold E., Lowrenceburg Houston, Alfred E., Murray Howard, Richard D., Wilmore Howard, Thomas J., Louisville Hurt, Elsie R., Hickman Johnson, James J., Maloneton Jones, Lawrence R., Jr., Paris King, Edwin E., Falmouth King, General Tye, Lexington Lacey, Paul J., Cynthiana Lebus, John H., Cynthiana Lee, Albert C., Williamsburg Long, James S., Georgetown Lowe, Russell W., Greensburg Lucas, Mary Jane, Erlanger Mabry, Claire L., Hickman May, Edward O., Eubank McBrayer, Homer W., Lexington McFatridge, Louis F., Harrodsburg Mehlenbacker, Ramon J., Avon, N. Y. Mickey, Wesley O., Lexington Seniors Without Pictures Minor, Forrest T., Lexington Mitchell, Naomi Sue, Lexington Moody, Norman, Lexington Moore, James O., Paducah Moseley, Thomas, St. Joseph Nelson, George M., Jr., Simpsonville Oliver, Levi, Princeton Parsons, Alton R., Berea Parsons, Walter E., Sandy Hook Patrick, David, Salyersville Peacher, Marie C., Murray Raney, Harold E., Bradfordsville Rankin, Joe l, Burgin Rardin, Wilbur, Buris Alfred, Calif. Rickett, John A., Wofford Riddle, Louis K., Glendale Robinson, Charles H., Willard Ross, Don, Lexington Roush, Corwin D., Dayton, O. Royster, Morris, Lexington Sanford, Dorothy H., Pembroke Schanding, Raymond, Lexington Smith, Clifford, Soldier Sowards, Arthur P., Lexington Troutman, Joseph L., Battletown Van Sant, John H., Sandy Hook Waggener, Mary F., Burgin Walker, William F., Emlyn Wash, William P., Lexington Willett, Joseph W., Bardstown Williams, James R., Cincinati, O. Wilmott, George F., Jr., Lexington Witt, Everette E., Winchester Wright, Milton, Bloomfield Arts and Sciences Abel, John, Louisville Adams, Armic, Sciotoville, Ohio Allard, John Frances, Louisville Asher, William Curtis, Lexington Auwaerter, Barbara, Manasquan, N.J. Baer, William E., New York, N. Y. Baird, Eugene Dee, Flemingsburg Baker, George Bennett, Belfrey Barnes, Lawrence Samuel, Lexington Barnes, Philip Homer, Lexington Barnette, Calvin, Lexington Beam, John Daniel, Lexington Beauchamp, Emerson, Russellville Begley, Marcus, Hyden Benjamin, Louise Ayres, Lexington Benjamin, William A., Providence Bently, Charles, Alabama City, Ala. Benton, Edward Pat, Ashland Black, George M., Richmond Boggs, Raymond Russell, Blaine Boller, William, Beaver Falls, Penn. Breckel, Charles Lindsey, Louisville . Bronson, Carman Gerald, Princeton Brumagen, Porter Prather, Winchester Brumfield, Robert N., Jr., Monticello Bryant, Jesse Jr., Frankfort Bucher, Jeanne Elise, Lexington Butler, Ray, Greensburg, Ind. Butler, Roy, Greensburg, Ind. Caldwell, Virginia Reed, Frankfort Calhoun, Lois E., Germantown, Ohio Carter, .Robert Lee, Lexington Cherry, James, Gravel Switch Clay, Billy Dwight, Peebles, Ohio Cocuzzi, Felix Joseph, Louisville Cooper, Orval Don, Lexington Craft, Charles Eugene, Lexington Cramer, Harry S., Lexington Crawley, Paul Albert, Louisville Creech, Virgil, Lexington Cronen, Paul William, Lexington Darzynkiewicz, Zygmunt, Jr., New Castle, Penn Davis, Beverly Jeanne, Nicholasville Dorroh, Charles Allen, Princeton Doucoumes, Marjella, Lexington Dungan, Kendrick Webb, Science Hill Eckdahl, Edwin McKinney, Lexington Ekris, Mary, Lexington Fain, Robert Milford, Nicholasville Faith, Carl Clifton, Covington Fizer, Stanley, Jr., Lexington Fluty, Lucian Goodwin, Lexington Fontana, John B., Peekskill, N. Y. Ford, Rodney Ray, Greenville Fox, Elma, Lexington Francis, Thurmond M., Holland Friend, Lew Wallace, Pikeville Fritts, James Woodford, Mt. Sterling Galloway, Patton, Paris Garner, Gloria Barnette, Lexington Gentiens, Leonard A., Lexington Gernert, John R., Louisville Gevedon, Robert E., Lexington Gilmer, Norton Wayne, Winchester Gish, Patricia Burnett, Lexington Gordon, John R., Danville Gorham, James Robert, Wilmore Gorham, Richard Allen, Lexington Gregory, LeRoy L., Lexington Gregory, Miller Lucas, Ludlow Griesinger, Lawrence E., Jr., Bellevue Gruneisen, Donald David, Louisville Hagan, William Kelly, Lexington Hale, Robert Wilson, Leburn Hall, Bruce Browning, Lexington Hall, Jeptha Roy, Lexington Hamilton, Ella Clay, Mt. Sterling Haney, Robert Jasper, Ferguson Harmon, Gene Tindell, Lexington Harrison, Curtis Willmott, Wilmore Hart, Charles Warren, Paris Hayden, Arnold Coleman, Lexington Hensley, John Byrd, Jr., Harlan Hensley, Robert Lansing, Crittenden Herald, Thomas Richard, Dunlow Holbrook, Nancy Jane, Morehead Howard, Arch Layne, Lexington 369 SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Howard, Lawrence, Hazel Green Humphreys, Wallace, Lexington Jacobs, Carroll Wilson, Jr., Lexington Jessee, Boyd E., Ashland Johnson, Marion Huntington, W. Va. Johnson, Samuel Camp, Vanceburg Jolly, Shelby Alken, Hawesville Jordan, James Oliver, Lexington Kavanaugh, Overton, Lexington Kelly, William F., Lexington Kerley, Ellis Royal, Covington Knox, Mary Baker, Mt. Sterling Koehler, Charles Lawton, Lexington Large, Raymond H., Orlando Laub, Mary Ann, Sandusky, Ohio Laulicht, Enid, New York, N. Y. Leavens, Edwin T., Brooklyn, N. Y. Lee, James Andrew, Mayfield Lewis, David Thurman, Rineyville Linville, James Elver, Jr., Lexington Lobb, Vivia Mae, Lexington Loche, Saul Robert, Brooklyn, N. Y. Lowman, Shepard Cherry, Lexington Luigart, Fred W., Jr., Lexington Lyttle, Kenneth Leon, Dayton, Ohio McClain, C. A., Dyersburg, Tenn. McCloud L. C., Jr., Lexington McClure, William R., Mt. Vernon Mclnturff, Eleanor Grove, Lexington McKenney, Jerry Byrnne, Lexington McPherson, Margaret Julia, Irvine Maddox, Wayne Leon, Corbin Marks, Joseph Edward Ill, Lexington Marsh, Harry Ament, Paris May, Lawrence C., Lola Meagher, Margaret Helen, Lexington Melton, Herbert S., Hopkinsville Miller, Raymond Howard, Lexington Moloney, Richard Patrick, Lexington Moore, Dempsey, Mallie Mullins, Alma Frances, Lexington Murphy, James Ewin, Lexington Napier, Boyce Clay, Lexington Nave, William Fred, Versailles Nugent, Ronald Turner, Crutchfield Nye, Roberta Elizabeth, Fairhope, Ala. Oldham, Mary Kavanaugh, Danville Overstreet, Clarence R., Lexington Painchard, Armand Biddleford, Me. Pannell, William L., Greenville Parrish, John F., Lexington Phelps, Orville, E., Lexington Pitchford, Robert B., Jr., Scottsville Porter, Edward Norwood, Lexington Powell, Randolph W., Newton, Mass. Powers, Nita Ruth, West Point Price, James Elmer, Jr., Lexington Pulliam, Elsworth, Bagdad Radosenic, Nancy V., Milwaukee, Wis. Rhorer, Marjorie Hall, Lexington Ritchie, Alan G., Buffalo, N. Dak. Roberson, William, Jr., Lexington Rupured, Charles Hal, Lexington Rye, William Albert, Flemingsburg 370 Sanders, Nancy, Lexington Schmitz, Melvin A., Milwaukee, Wis. Schortz, Douglas W., Erie, Penn. Scott, Paul W., Lexington Seay, Donald Robert, Lexington Shepherd, Edna Ray Sale, Uniontown Shewmaker, John W., Lexington Simon, Wilbur, Butler Simpson, Gordon E., Florence Singleton, Carl B., Lexington Sloan, Bruce Ross, Albany Slone, William E., Lexington Smart, Frederick D., Cloverport Smith, Herbert H., Williamsburg Smithson, Ben Garott, Lexington Snead, William K., Owensboro Stadelman, Paul H., Hopkinsville Stafford, Linley M., Berea Stanonis, Francis L., Lexington Stewart, Gene B., Evarts Stone, Donald Perry, Mt. Sterling Stonehouse, Marie L., Lexington Storner, John F., Lexington Sullivan, Aaron T., Lexington Swieterman, Robert P., Lexington Swinford, Louise, Carlisle Thompson, John Edward, Augusta Thornton, Charles Adam, Lexington Tomkies, S. D., Huntington, W. Va. Turner, Ben Richard, Dawson Springs Violette, Robert T., Jr., Lexington Walden, Jo Ann Rrange, Winchester Wallace, Bowers H., Sturgis Wallen, Nick Clark, Lexington Warner, Maurice H., Mt. Sterling Warner, Sherman, Georgetown Wells, Kenneth, Tongs Whisman, Robert Hobbs, Lexington Wicker, James B., Garrett Wilkinson, James, Lexington Williamson, Ben, Jr., Ashland Witt, Richard C., Louisville Worley, Ansel A., Louisville Wright, Dale A., Carrollton Yates, Charles L., Lexington Yates, Walter F., Lexington Zuckerman, Leonard, Brooklyn, N. Y. Commerce Adams, Elmer, Lexington Allen, Talmadge, Owensboro Allen, William Roy, Paducah Anderson, Griffin, Owensboro Austin, Clarence, Drakesboro Baker, William D., Lexington Bennett, W. Reece, Bardstown Berrier, Cecil, Mocksville,'N. C. Bickel, Byrne, Ft. Thomas Bires, Robert, Ambridge, Penn. Blount, Bryan, Lexington Bodine, Lovelace, Bloomfield Bohon, William Earl, Lexington Carr, John William, St. Mathews Carrico, Harry B., Owensboro Carter, Robert, Louisville Cason, Robert, Florence Chappell, Robert, Lexington Clarke, Charles Allen, Mays Lick Clinkenbeard, Robert, Lexington Cox, Jimmy, Lexington Cox, Otis, Harlan Craft, Reid, Lexington Daniels, James K., Lexington Danks, Harold, Centertown Davis, Jack, Williamsburg Drew, Homer L., Lexington Durnil, Edward, Louisville Endicott, Hubbard, Midway Ernest, William C., Lexington Feura, Ernest, Bradford, Pa. Francis, Kathryn, Lexington French, Vernon, Corbin Franklyn, Bruce, Winchester Gardner, Larry, Dry Ridge Garvey, Gerald, Pleasureville Golightly, Alphus, Lexington Griffin, Roy S., Lexington Guinnaugh, Daniel, Chicago, lll. Hall, William Curtis, Lexington Hardy, Robert R., Louisville Hendren, J. C., Lexington Hopgood, Jack, Morganfield lngels, Fonnie, Lexington lrwin, Clyde, Benham lrwin, Harold, Benham Johnson, John, Lexington Kane, Francis, New York, N. Y. Kendall, Alfred, Bardwell Kerr, William, Lexington Ketron, Walter, A., Lexington King, Joe, Lexington Landrus, Paul, Lexington Lansdon, James, Lexington Lathem, Henry, Lexington Lear, William, Lexington Lee, James S., New York, N. Y. Lewis, John M., Lexington Lyon, Robert D., Lexington , MacMullen, W. H., Waynesboro, Mahon, James C., Louisville Maupin, Paul B., Lexington McClure, Albert, Somerset McCollum, Wallace, Fulton Meador, Robert, Lexington Mignery, Roy W., Newport Miller, Joe, Lexington Miller, Roy C., Paducah Miller, Vernon, Fourmile Mills, Hayden, Kingsport, Tenn. Milman, Irving, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mitchell, Paul, Portsmouth, Ohio Moore, Ben G., Frankfort Moore, George H., Lexington Morgan, Mack, Lexington Mullins, Joe Tom, Syracuse, N. Y. Nave, Robert W., Louisville Pa Neal, Matthew, Carlisle Nuss, Robert, Lexington Perkins, John, Ludlow Perkins, Ralph, Cincinnati, Ohio Potts, Collette M., New York, N. Y. Radist, Paul, Brooklyn, N. Y. Randolph, Ray, Lexington Reeder, Robert, Lexington Rice, King David, Harlan Riddle, Frederick, Lynch Risner, Brain R., Jackson Roberts, William R., Lexington Rowland, Murray, Lexington Sam, Sebren, Lexington Sanderson, Clarence, Lexington Schoepf, Joseph, Ft. Mitchell Shelton, Eugene, Williamsburg Shyrock, Dudley, Lawrenceburg Simpson, William, Louisville Skaggs, Louis, Mayfield Smith, Thomas V., Smithsboro Sparks, William K., Louisville Stewart, Oren, Warsaw Stone, Jack, Lexington Stough, John, Montgomery, Ala. Strong, Joe C., Jackson Survant, William, Lexington Taylor, Lawrence, Whitesburg Taylor, Marion, Ashland Todd, Robert E., Greensville Tuthill, Lloyd, Lexington Tyree, John D., Lexington Wallace, Earl, Lexington Ward, Curtis, Vero Beach, Fla. Ware, Roy M., Nicholasville Weisenberger, Phil, Midway Wells, Hazel, Burkesville Westfall, Julia, Lexington White, George F., Lexington Whitford, William H., Dawson Springs Wills, Warren, Niles, Ohio Yarbrough, Arthur, Lexington Yates, Carroll, Lexington Yciser, David, Lexington Young, Paul M., Louisville Education Alexander, Frank, Coney Island, N. Allison, Evelyn H., Lexington Ball, Mary Jo, Lexington Barnstable, Dale A., Antioch, lll. Belt, Rupert D., Dawson Springs Blakney, Robert L., Lexington Bradley, William, Lexington Brown, Clarence, Volga Burton, Harold, Lexington Byrd, Jacqueline, Lexington Callihan, Orpha, Lexington Chaney, Estil G., Stanton Chitwood, Wilma J., Corbin SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Colburn, Anna, Cleveland, Ohio Colwell, Jettie, Yerkes Colwell, Paul H., Yerkes Conde, William, Charleston, W. Va. Connor, Thomas, Versailles Craig, Cecil, Jr., Covington Crawford, Billy G., Jackson Crowe, Marion, Lexington Curtis, Edward, Lexington DeMoss, lda Mae, Lexington Duerr, Travis Joseph, Lexington Edwards, Ruth Martha, Frankfort Ewing, Carroll M., Milton Field, Mary Goff, Winchester Finnell, Charles W., Lexington Francis, Robert A., Slat Franklin, Burtis, Winchester Gray, Wallis D., Lexington Gunsten, Paul H., Whiting, Ind. Haggard, Ann Sagesar, Lexington Hamilton, Allen F., Louisville Haycraft, Minor R., Snap Herring, Lorenzo, Jr., Lexington Hickey, James, Winchester Hicks, Marion S., Lexington Hill, Nadine, Lexington Hlmes, Harvey, Vanceburg Holcomb, Olive, Booneville Holway, Richard, Youngstown, Ohio Horton, Arthur E., Winchester Howard, Barbara R., Helechowa Howerton, John, Paducah lnsko, James, Paris James, Pat, Wheelersburg, Ohio Jennings, Ann, Louisville Jones, Mildred l.,. Lexington Jones, Paul E., Corbin Kemper, Charles K., Lexington Kinniard, George H., Lexington Kitchen, Leslie D., Lexington Lerding, Eddie Lee, Louisville Ligon, Billie, Owenton Ligon, Pauline, Owenton Martin, Harry C., Lexington Maxey, Karl E., Lexington McDermott, Lloyd I., Covington McGhee, Barbara, Jacksboro, Tenn. McSpadden, Jessee, Lexington Miniard, Wilma C., Daisy Monhollen, Gawinna, Corbin Moreland, George W., Lexington Nickell, Carl Duane, Paducah Odlivak, Nick, Aliquippa, Penn. Osborn, Della W., Ashland Paterson, Betty Brown, Harrodsburg Patterson, Ellis H., Lexington Petty, John L., Marmet, W. Va. Phelps, Don C., Lexington Porter, Shirley Ann, Lexington Powers, Clayton E., Frankfort Price, Thomas J., Lexington Purdy, Marian H., Lexington Ransom, Robert M., St. Joseph Rawlings, Dan, Corbin Rawlings, Henry W., Lexington Reese, Edwin E., Clinton Revel, John C., Midway Rice, Clifton E., Louisville Roberson, Ella H., Lexington Robinson, Samuel, Lexington Rodgers, Elizabeth A., Valley Station Rogers, Harvey A., Paris Rogers, Mary Nell, Pikeville Rubarts, Rose, Stanford Russell, Mary Montague, Lexington Saunier, Earl F., Lexington Saylor, Unis, Middlesboro Schreyer, William, Lexington Selwitz, Harvey, Hardin Sheets, Feraldine, Ashland Smith, Dorothy E., Owensboro Smith, Elmer Y., Douglas, Ga. Spears, Evalena, Lexington Steele, C. P., W. Hamblin, W. Va. Stone, George R., Portsmouth, Ohio Survant, Ann D., Lexington Talft, Gayle E., Lexington Talbott, John S., Lexington Tincher, Wilbur A., Jr., Frankfort Townes, Garland R., Hazard Turner, Lloyd, Hazard Walker, Julian R., Lexington Wallace, Marjorie T., Lexington Watson, Warren, Pippapass Welsh, Robert E., Lexington Wetherby, Cornelia R., Middlesboro Wicker, Voneda, Garrett Wilcutt, Willard J., Drakesboro Wild, George L., Lexington ' Williams, Jessee C., Lebanon, Tenn. Wilson, Lois E., Lexington Yancey, Joseph, Kayford, W. Va. Engineering Akin, Walter Gene, Owensboro Aspley, Robert Luther, Franklin Baker, Morgan Gerald, Lexington Barbieri, Victor, New York, N. Y. Barker, Hobart, Lexington Bassett, John W., Lexington Bauer, Raymond George, Louisville Begley, Jack Winston, Lexington Belcher, Paul Jennings, Lexington Bentley, Charles Alvin, Lexington Bishop, Joseph Allen, Covington Blackford, Frank L., Nicholasville Breeden, Robert R., Midway Breiding, Eugene John, Boonton, N. J Burka, Paul Edward, Danville Carli, Gino, Astoria, N. Y. Caudill, Allison Holland, Salyersville Clark, Paul B., Lexington 371 SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Cooper, James Patton, Ashland Cord, Ramon Adair, Lexington Cowan, Jackson Roy, Somerset Daley, Thomas Medford, Franklin Dawson, James, Franklin Dean, Louis Anthony, Harrodsburg Delaney, Richard Fabian, Lexington Denham, James Russell, Vanceburg Dillehay, Hugh David, Owensboro Dodson, Harold L. Paducah Dulaney, John W., Paducah Easton, John Dudley, Williamsburg Elsee, John Brand, Irvine English, William K., Lexington Erwin, John R., Dekoven Evans, Erwin E., Louisville Fairchild, Byrnes Cecil, Paintsville Fannin, Lionel Edward, Lexington Faulconer, E. P., Danville Featherston, John D., Lexington Feehan, John Daniel, Carteret, N. J. Fishback, Kenneth Harston, Louisville Fisher, Cleston Robert, Louisville Fox, Clarence Clemis, Greenville Fraleigh, D. M., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Frank, Allen Kenney, Lexington Gabbard, Lavern, Frankfort Gardner, Ernest, Maysville Gearing, James Frank, Lexington Gesling, Theodore Carl, Ashland Ghia, J. J., Bombay Giles, Ralph Carlisle, Georgetown Gilliam, James Henry, Pikeville Gosney, Ernest, Jr., Mentor Groneman, Allen James, Ft. Mitchell Guthrie, John Berry, Bardstown Hall, Nell Douglas, Tulsa, Okla. Hamm, Clyde Warford, Flemingsburg Hammet, Lawrence, Anchorage Harmon, Paul Chadwick, Lebanon Haworth, James L., Arlington Hays, Donald Chandler, Lexington Hedger, Thomas Jacob, Dry Ridge Herb, Jack Thomas, Corbin Highland, James Thomas, Lexington Hill, Marvin Lee, Paducah Hogan, Fleming Dean, Versailles Holbrook, Robert Allen, Olive Hill Holeman, William Lee, Danville Howell, James R., Huntington, W. Va. Humphress, Joseph G., Lexington Johnson, Calvin Ford, Belmont, N. C. Jones, Carmen B., Mt. Olivet Kemper, Frank, Rosslyn Kennady, Emmett H., Elizabethtown Kihnley, Norman William, Louisville Kilroy, Frank Martin, Louisville King, William Houston, Sandy Hook Kinsch, Alois Walter, Evanston, Ill. Kish, Frank, Gary, W. Vo. Klein, Keith W., Jamestown, N. Y. Lanni, Ralph, Syracuse, N. Y. Line, James Richard, Akron, Ohio Linville, William Earl, Ashland Long, William Walker, Springfield 372 Lynch, Charles Gyman, Lexington Lynch, Richard J., Frankfort Lynn, Clyde Gordon, Detroit, Mich. Mackin, J. C., Valley Stream, N. Y. Mander, A. R., Allison Park, Penn. Markham, Robert Allen, Sturgis Martin, Raymond, Wayland Martin, William C., Butler Maxey, Gatch Nelson, Ringos Mills McCarty, Jay G., Lexington McElroy, John H., Somerset McEuen, Marshall M., S. Williamson McGlothian, Clarence K., Irvington McKenney, Ronald L., Richelieu McLeod, James Albert, Lexington McLimore, Henry Stuart, Owensboro McMeekin, Charles F., Lexington McNabbs, Ernest Holman, Richmond McNeal, James Robert, Carrollton Meade, Leonard William, Van Lear Michelson, Carlyle, Lexington Mitchell, Sidney E., Lexington Monier, James H., Berea Morales, Luis Alberto, Puerto Rico Morgan, Leroy L., Bedford Morgan, Robert E., Corbin Morris, Villy Van, Covington Mullins, Harold Gordon, Fulton Murphey, Coleman R., Madisonville Naramore, Edward G., Penryn, Calif. Newman, David P., Lexington Norris, Edward Lee, Stanford O'Brien, John Eugene, Owensboro O'Leary, Gregory J., Cincinnati, Ohio Parks, Paul Richard, Wooton Patteson, William Thomas, Lebanon Pauley, Jack Randolph, Russelville Perry, Alwyn B., Lexington Perry, John Patrick, Louisville Pettitt, John W., Buffalo, N. Y. Pfeffer, John W., Lexington Postiglione, Carl J., Corona, N. Y. Prichard, John C., Memphis, Ten. Proffitt, Louis E., Tompkinsville Ragland, Thomas M., eBaver Dam Rains, James E., Williamsburg Rassenfoss, William O., Mt. Sterling Reed, Earl P., Lexington Ringswald, James Adair, Lexington Robinson, Carroll Gene, Carlisle Roschi, John W., Jr., Lexington Royse, Jack, Lexington Rudy, John J., Maysville Russell, George C., Russellville Ryan, George C., Covington Ryan, James J., Covington Sacks, David, Valley Stream, N. Y. Samuel, Billy P., Georgetown Sawyer, Dave H., Albany Sherman, George R., Memphis, Tenn. Seasor, Darrell E., New Boston, Ohio Simons, Edward T., Newport Smart, Calvin Booth, Paris Smith, Charles D., Flatwoods Smock, Edward Leo, Lexington Stanley, Goebel E., Lexington Steele, Adren OL, Lynch Steen, Jack Ewing, Bowling Green Stevens, William Frederick, Lexington Strunk, Loran H., Strunk Taylor, Ernest R., Hartford Thompson, James H., Lexington Threlkeld, John M., Williamstown Timmel, Eugene A., Louisville Todd, James Marker, Louisville Trimble, Glenn Allen, Burna Van Winkle, Charles A., Lexington Vines, Ernest Newton, Belfry Vogel, Victor H., Lexington Wade, Alfred Durhan, Campbellsville Walker, Ronald P., Louisa Walker, William Harry, Drakesboro Warford, Jack C., Flemingsburg Wathen, Joseph Ford, Elizabethtown Walton, Whit Parard, Lexington Wert, Gene Clinton, Lexington West, Eugene M., Williamsburg Whalen, Mark E., Youngstown, Ohio Wicke, Alvin Wm., Lawrenceburg Wipert, Louis Robert, Lexington Wilbers, Lawrence G., Lexington Williams, Edward L., Cincinati, Ohio Wilder, Gillis H., Lexington Williams, Elbert E., Lexington William, James E., Crestwood Wilson, George W., Lexington Wood, Robert J., Lexington Yackowsky, M. F., Elizabeth, N. J. Law Akin, George B., Winchester Allen, John P., Brodhead Barnes, Clarence E., Jr., Lexington Bell, Thomas P., Lexington Burton, Charles R., Lexington Creech, Clarence, Ashland Fowler, Virgil, Lexington Hinton, Richard L., Flemingsburg Moberly, Coleman D., London Morris, Robert F., Woodburn Page, Blake H., Marietta, Ohio Perry, George C., lll, Paintsville Perry, Robert M., Frankfort Pryor, Virgil F., Georgetown Rogers, Harold T., Lexington Smith, Don C., Cawood Pharmacy Barton, James Moore, Lewisburg Combs, Harold Vincent, London Doerhoefer, Rudolph, Louisville Easley, Lucy Taylor, Frankfort McDaniel, James Foster, Manchester Panke, Ernest Rudolph, Louisville Rogers, Edward Thomas, Greensburg Strohbeck, William Henry, Louisville Agriculture and Home Adams, Harrison Allen, Harold D. Allgood, Douglas W. Ammerman, Clarence B Bacon, William G. Banks, Vernon B. Batts, Boyd D. Benedict, Joseph Bentleiy, William J. Bigsta f, Tom J. Bishop, Lewis U. Bodnar, Arthur A. Boggs, Bernard Boucher, William P. Bowman, James R. Boyd, Morgan C. Branscum, Arvel Brown, Carroll W. Brown, William A. Bruner, Herbert S. Bufford, Lewis H. Burnette, Cecil C. Cain, Charles H. Callahan, Fred Carlton, William W. Carpenter, James W. Carter, Tommy A. Caudill, Reuben Clark, Marcus W. Clements, Robert E. Collins, Bobbie S. Combs, Ira Conner, Elizabeth M. Cooper, John T. Cornellson, Thomas R. Davis, Bruce B. Davis, Joe D. Dearen, Victor M. Deaton, Woodrow W. DeMumbrum, Lawrence Denney, Jack F. Derrickson, Charles M. Doerhoeffer, Donald L. Donovan, Garrett F. Dugan, Sara A. Durham, Elvin E. Egner, Molly Eileen Faris, Alvin K. Faw, Wiley B. Foushee, James H. Francis, George P. Frymire, Virginia M. Garrison, Ellis O. Gilbert, Geraldine Grant, Norman Grider, Iris F. Griffin, Thomas R. Hail, Carl W. Hall, Lenvil R. Hansford, Marshall W. Harding, Eldred T. Harrer, Charles E. Harris, Nancy Jane Haynes, Emmit H. Hensley, Jewell J. Holtzclaw, Gene Horton, LaFern Hunt, Alvah C. Jacobs, Eullas H. Jasper, Charles R. Johnson, James T. Jones, Robert M. Keath, Kelvin H. Kelley, James D. Krawczyk, Frank Ladenburger, John L. Leigh, Gerald A. Littrell, Arthur W. Mackey, Horace E. Manley, Billy T. Marshall, Alexander B. Martin, James C. Martin, Richard P. Mauney, Paul H. Maupin, William S. Mays, William L. McCandless, Ed, Jr. McClure, Ella S. McGuire, Haden T., Jr. Miller, William M. Moore, Charles K. Mouser, George T., Jr. Economics E. Mullen, Orie C. Naylor, Raymond L, Neely, Paul G. Noland, Mary Jane Norris, Robert C. Northcutt, James C. Noyes, Gregory D. O'Daniel, Lones, Jr. Oliver, Pierson S., Jr. Parsons, Russell A. Pearson, James L. Phillips, Ronald E. Pickett, William C. Pieringer, Arthur P. Polston, S. Russell Prather, Samuel H. Pumpelly, William T. Rabe, Alvin R. Rains, Eugene D. Ramey, Vernon L. Redden, Billy E. Risner, Robert N. Sawyer, Thomas W. Schoolcraft, George W. Scott, Gene D. Senior, Mary Ellen Shaffer, James A. Short, Rexel R. Skinner, Ann Norton Slinker, Henry C. Solomon, Alan Jay Stevens, John T. Sutton, Paul Taylor, William M. Teater, Robert W. Truitt, Calvin C. Tucci, Frank J. Tucker, Ray E. Turner, John C. Varney, William Y. Victor, John Watkins, Hayden Watson, Harold E. Watson, Richard A. Wedding, James R. Wheeler, Betty V. White, Lucien C., Jr. Whiteker, McElwyn Whitney, Ervin, Jr. Williams, Daniel F. Williams, Guy W., Jr. Williams, Jackson W. Wills, Charles H. Winchester, Norman F. Wolfe, Lawrence H. Wood, Alvah R. Wood, Robert K. Woolum, Odus C. Wright, Charles R. Zimmey, Charles Arts and Sciences Abell, Joseph C., Jr. Adams, Ann Ruth Alford, Elizabeth D. Allen, Robert L. Anderson, Mary Marga Antczak, Salone E. Asbury, Budley S. Atkinson, James B. Ausenbaugh, James D. Baggarly-i athaniel P. Barber, enry Barker, Helen S. Basenback, Tony L. Beard, John G. Begley, Carl E. Bennett, Stanley Bergenstrable, Kristina Berglund, Edward A. Berry, Anthony E. Berryman, Gerald L. Bird, Henry W. Blythe, Edmund Boleyn, Julius Boone, Mills F. Boucghey, William J. Bra ley, Patricia Jean Bristol, Una Power Brown, Frank Evans Bryant, Pleas W. Bush, Charles L., Jr. ret Juniors Without Pictures Butner, Harold R. Campbell, Forrest K. Carl, William A. Carswell, Emory W. Casalenovo, Vito Edward Chalkas, Tersythea Childers, Barry P. Cochran, Mary Hal Cole, Bruce L. Collins, Will H. Combs, Robert B. Connell, Raymond F. Cooley, Raymond K. Cowherd, Harry J. Craft, Marjorie L. Craig, Edward L. Cropper, Evelyn G. Cruse, William B. Currens, Adrian B. Daley, George Daugherty, Harry K. Dawson, William K., Jr. Deaton, Arthur E. Dickenson, James F. Dixon, Robert L. Donohew, Robert L. Dowell, Robert L. Downing, Harvey T. Dummit, Garland D. Dunlap, Bruce R. Durbin, Harold P. Eades, Forrest W. Eberhardt, Daniel L. Edwards, Arthur K. Edwards, Edna l-l. Elmore, Joseph R. Eiy, Walter T. Engler, Frederick E. Feeback, John K. Ferguson, Charles K. Fleming, Charles W. Fluty, William J. Fucci, Dominic Garrard, William T. Garrett, Margaret S. Gerald, Patsy M. Gergely, Irvin Gerlach, Everette H. Gill, Glen N. Glazebrook, Marshall A., Goff, Ralph L. Gorham, Carl J. Graham, Joan C. Gray, James E. Greathouse, Joe S., Jr. Gregory, Robert E. Griffith, Roberta L. Hagan, Gene R. Hall, Eugene Hall, Fordon N. Halperen, Sidney Hancock, Jon C. Harkleroad, Herbert N. Harney, George L. Hart, Albert J. Hatfield, Mary' L. Hayden, Mart a J. Hazen, Francis Nicey Heibner, C. Jeanne Hellyar, William T. Helton, Daymon E. Hendrick, William J. Henry, Louise N. Hessel, Edward F. G., Jr. Hill, Henrietta C. Hirsch, Walter E. Hobbs, James L., Jr. Hochstrasser, Donald L. Hochstatter, Harold J. Hornung, Joseph W. Howard, Harris S. Howard, Lawrence C. Huggins, Henry A., Jr. Humphries, Judith W. Hunter, Thomas B. Hurst, Robert C. Ivey, Donald W. Johnson, Robert W. Jones, Grant, F. Jones, Howard P. Jones, John M. Justice, Charlotte I. Kaufman, Robert P. Kennedy, Frances C. Kilgus, Marilyn R. Knox, George W. Krumpelman, John M. Landgrebe, John C. Lansaw, Paul L. Lawrence, Frederick C. Lawson, Thomas O. Lee, Joe LeVesque, Thomas L. Majeske, Earl C. Mansburger, Lois M. Marion, Jack l. Marsh, Gordon R. Martin, Thomas G. McCabe, Barbara A. McClure, Mary Lou McDaniel, Goebel, Jr. McGinnis, Betty G. McGuire, Donald D. McKaig, Dianne L. Merlin, Eliser L. Middleton, Earl F. Miller, Samuel M. Minnich, Kenneth H. Moffatt, John W. Moore, Edward J. Moore, Leonard E. Morgan, Edith C. Mulder, Herbert A. Munro, William R. Murray, Taylor L. Naive, Samuel G. Neil, Charlotte E. Newman, Joe Robert Ocko, Alfred Stewart O'Day, Thomas A. Offutt, Andrew J. Osborne, Rex H. Osborne, Howard Owens, Jack W. Paasch, Robert A. Palmer, Dorothy J. Pappas, Micheal G. Paris, Carl R. Parman, Charles A. Perdue, George H. Perez, Santiago, Jr. Perkins, Elsie R. Perlmutter, Jerome Phillips, Carl Eugene Pittard, Fred Wilson Podkulski, William D. Poots, Roberta Eleanore Pope, Daniel.B. Powers, Bertie L. Pracke, Alaysius l Prince, Thomas Eli Purcell, Gwen Quigley, Edwards M-. Ji'- Raines, Robert Reed, Thomas B. Reeder, Cecil B. Reynierson, Robert W. Rice, William R. Ridlehoonerhlna L. Robertson, Richard E. Robinson, Roy Charlei Rogers, Dona d W. Sale, Gordon A. Sanders, Raymond C. Sandidge, James S- Saunders, Dudley F. Schmitt, Angela . Schweder, Eva Maurice Sears, Ernest Eugene, JI'- Shelby, Ralph W. Shewmaker, Horace W. Simons, Jeanne E. Simpson, Gordon E- Simpson, Robert K. Simpson, Thomas E. Small, Nurrel Smith, Robert B. Snow, Jack Ramsex, Jr. Sopchek, Joseph . Spellman, Richard L. Stafford, Charles M. Staples, Allen A. Stapleton, Lucille Stein, Norman J. Stephens, Wilbur Stoner, John B. Strickler, Elizabeth J. Sutherland, Charles J, 373 JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Tackett, Eddie E. Thomas, Willard R. Thompson, Ertle Thompson, Forrest G. Thrombley, Woodworth G. Travis, Gloria F. True, James W. Tye, Jane Ellen Waddell, William R. Wake, Ernest H. Warner, Charles G. Watts, Gene T. Weeks, Guy Edward, Jr. Wefirle, John B. Welch, Samuel E., Jr. Weller, George M. West, Kenneth K. West, Mary Jane West, William B. Wheeler, Claude E. Wheeler, Mary K. White, Gretchen L. Williams, John P. Wise, James Eugene Woodford, Mamie S. Woods, John L. Wrench, Joan S. Wright, James R. Young, Paul K. Commerce Acton, Carl Bryan, Jr. Alford, James Durham Allen, Robert Clay Arnette, Ambrose E. Bailey, William D. Baker, Patty Sue Barnett, Carl Wayne Bennett, James Gordon Bodkin, Joe Eldin Bohn, Herbert W. Boles, William O. Bryson, Hugh Allen Boyd, Jackie Mahlon Brannock, Peggy Ann Burgin, Ralph Vernon Chandler, Albert Ben, Jr. Cheek, Charles David Cooke, John Godwin Corbett, James H. Cornett, Wilford Hughes Crawford, Mary Edwina Davis, James M. Davis, William R. Dicken, Wesley C. Dooley, Margaret Doyle, Wanda Jean Duncan, George Taylor Ecton, William Wal ace Eikelberger, Lloyd Finneran, James D. Foster, Carolyn Walker Flanary, Wa ne Thomas Fraiman, Robert Jay Frank, Richard S. Gabbard, Julian Reid Gabriel, Gabriel Umboldo Gelke, Donald Eddie Ghee, William K. Greenberg, David Morris Grider, Josejah Forrest Hall, Louis ackson, Jr. Hammack, William Glen Hampton, Betty Louise Harding, William H. Harmon, Virgil Everett, Jr. Harp, Robert Lee Harris, John Trimble Herald, Daniel Wallace Hill, Arthur Graham Hill, James LeRoy Hoey, George James Horine, Clarence C. Hoskins, Herbert Edgar Humphress, W. L. Hunt, Hugh Glenn Jones, Scoggin, Jr. Justice, Yvonne King, Braxton Russell Lambert, James Owen Leonard, Eugene Leslie, Grover C. 374 Mathias, Charles T. Marchetta, Anthony Albert McConkey1, Simpson Elliott McCoy, C arles Edward McCrystal, Tommy J. Milburn, Richard H. Miller, Harold Henson Moats, Andrew Vincent Moran, James Hassell Moran, Stella Richardson Muth, Joseph Alfred Nace, Joseph Ned Neff, Leonard Curtis, Jr. Nolan, Jack Ouimet, Harry Joseph, Jr. Pasko, Micheal Franklin Patch, Kathryn Gertrude Picklesimer, dward B. Pinto, Juan B. Platter, John Charlie Poe, Thomas Allen Price, Joe Baker Ragland, William C. Reaves, Thomas Herbert Reed, McKay, Jr. Reid, Jack Willard Richardson, George Watson Richardson Randolph T. Rogers, William K. Sca f, Anna Lee Scher, Stanley Selvia, Jimmie Harold Shultz, William Reeves Sither, Gordon Bennett Sither, William Carroll Skeens, Roy Hartzell Skinner, Kenneth Willard Smith, Ralph Edward Smoot, Paul Nelson Sohmer, Henry Stapp, William Dickerson Steers, Jack Walter Tharp, John Whittier, Jr. Thurston, Charles D. Tichenor, Robert T. Turner, Carl Wilson Tuttle, Robert Elmo Usher, Wililam Amos Vance, Ralph Wendell Vencill, Ruth Vickers, Grover William Watkins, Carlos Wester, Dan Cooper, Jr. Whisman, Leslie Thomas White, Joe King Williams, Jesse Edward, Jr. Wilson, Harold Dean Woodell, Harold Herbert Woodard, Robert Clinton Zaranka, Benny Joseph Education Allen, Flora Bess Bailey, John P. Bilancio, Gloria Brandon, Chesley Brooks, Mildred S. Brooks, Paul Robert Burton, Mildred P. Carter, George R. Compton, Peggy G. Conner, M. Vernon Crews, Elizabeth Ann Davis, Betty Ann Davis, William S. Desklns, Tilden Dummit, Evelyn B. Dunn, Thomas J. Durham, James Farmer, Shirley L. Ford, Parker S. Gernert, Elizabeth M. Ginocchio, Mary Joe Gorham, Robert Julian Hall, Betty Jean Hitt, Bill Hoover, Ervell House, Cornelius G. Hunt, Paula Claire Hurwitz, Jerry Jacobs, Lucille Jaeger, Alvin Jamerson, Wilbur Johnson, Margaret Johnston, Josephine Jones, Josephine Kanatzer, Ben Frank Kearns, Dorothy Kendrick, George Layne, Roger H. Lindsey, Sarah Lingenfelter, Leslie MacLeod, Albert J. Mason, John E. Michael, William R. Morgan, E. June Nelson, James G. Olivigni, Robert A. Patrick, Billy L. Phillips, Ishmael Phipps, Carl Pope, Charles R. Proud, Mary Joe Redding, John L. Roberson, Billie Robinson, Donald C. Shipp, David A. Silvernail, Richard Stanley., Tunney Stille, enry C. Stocker, Lee James Straub, Charles Stumbo, Mazel H. Taylor, William C. Vance, Mildred Wade, Seth Watson, Emmett Welsh, Jean B. Widmer, Mary L. Wiesman, Anna M. Wilhoit, Byron Engineering Abell, William Ray Addison, Winfred Roscue Albert, Marvin Gibbons Alley, James Rile Arnold, Thomas Fiiazier Atkinson, Frank W. Aton, Francis L. Aurand, James Alvin Austin, W. T. Baldwin, Henry B. Barrows, Billy J. Bartlett, Ben Taylor Beauchamp, Russell Clark Begley, Clyde Birch, James M. Boggs, George B. Bonn, David Edward Bowmer, Carlie Boyd, William Thomas Breeding, Ralph Briggs, Warren Gilbert Brittain, William Hall Brooker, Elmer George, Jr. Browder, Enoch Browder, Lynn Philip Brown, Claude Mitc ell Brown, Perry A. Brown, Ralph B. Burnett, Jack Edwin Callahan, Sylvester'Jack, Jr. Carpenter, John William Chapman, James D. Chenault, John Lewis Clark, Thomas Jordan Cline, Eugene Coleman, Daniel L. Combs, Ray Condit, Charles Leland Cook, Edmond Finch Cook, John Rallrah Cook, Russell arold Cornette, Aubrey Johnston Cox, Clark Bailey Cox, Glenos, Jr. Cox, Norman Cody Crabtree, Clarence Robert Crawford, James Allen Christoph, Vern Hewit Crutchfield, Woodford Watts Curry, John Wilbur Daugherty, Donald William Davidson, Broadus N. Denham, Randolph, Jr. Digirolamo, Joseph Distler, Raymond Jewel Downs, Melvin Labree Dunn, Marce P. Eads, Billy Frazier Earwood, Edward H. Eschborn, Earl W. Evans, Edwin Ray Fairchild, Donald B. Faulkner, Paul Arnold Fehr, James Wallace Field, Roger Francis Fields, Holloway, Jr. Fish, Blrney Ro ert Flores, Pedro Angel Fox, Harold Douglas Fox, James E. Frank, Louis Gaftin, William O. Gaither, Edgar B., Jr. Gedrich, Edward Gifford, Wright Cushman Gilbreth, We don Eugene Greenfield, Charles Warren Greenwell, Robert L. Griffin, James Richard riffin Samuel Elijah G i Gritton, Davis M. Grubbs, Robert Owen Grubbs, Warner C. Grubbs, William Jennings, Jr Guy, Billy Lynn Hackney, Jess Harold Hale , Paul Edwin Hamby, James Nelson Hamilton, Joe Forrest Harper, Willard J. Hays, Benjamin Kerenza Hedland, Reynolds A. Higginson, Joseph C. Hillebrand, Carl Henry Holland, William Lane Howard, Chester Neal Howard, James Alvin Hudson, William Talmadge Human, Howard Cecil Humphrey, William Roy Humphries, Alvin Fraser Hunt, George Ramsey Isaacs, Gerald Bernard lson, Ollie Elwood Jacobs, Lloyd Kenneth Jacobs, Paul V. Jenkins, Lloyd William Jennings, Von E. Johnson, Kenneth Leroy Johnson, Robert Campbell, ll Johnson, Samuel N., Jr. Jones, Harold John Jones, Robert V. Jones, Victor Clark Jones, William Paul Kaiser, Leslie Joseph Kanzler, Sylvester Ernest Kazee, Robert B. Keeney, Cecil Madison Keplar, Kenneth Wilbur Kirzinger, Richard Louis Knox, John Basil Lamastus, Joseph Ralph Lamb, James M. Lambert, Roy Porter Lawless, Lester M. Layman, Floyd Lee Leach, Ll? Lewis Lebaron, eorge Lynn LeGette, John A. Lockin, George William Lurte , Henry Lee Lux, lrederico Didier Lyon, Richard Wallace Lyons, Willis Carson McClain, Bobby Bruce McKerahan, Paul Robert McMurry, Charles Leroyi Mackebee, William Art ur Magel, Marion Clarence Martin, Charles Thorpe Martin, Felix E. Martin, Virgil Malone Martinez, Esteban Martini, Ralph Clarence Massey, John J. Masterson, William Shirley Matthis, Gene Stuart Mavity, Jesse Robert Mayberry, William R. Mercado, Manuel Merideth, Morris Jackson Miller, William R. Mitchell, Charles Griffith Moore, Luther Morgan, Joseph A. Moser, Kenneth Wm. Mullin, Daniel Francis Mullins, William H. Mullin, Thomas Edward Neace, Ralph W. Nease, James Newman, Allie Hume, Jr. Owen, John Elias Patton, Carmal Pennington, Carl Lester Perisutti, Walter Joseph Pfefferle, Warren Poulouin, Francis Joseph Presser, William Ryle Prettyman, Andrew Milton Quillen, Wm. Franklin Rasmussen, Adolph Paul Rassinier, Paul F. Ravnsborg, Norman Trygve Reed, Charles Berkley Regan, Herman Daniel Rhoades, William Gerald Rhodemyre, Richard Forest Robb, William Carlisle Robertson, J. T. Romanowitz, Byron Foster Sammons, William Hobert Scalf, Thomas Oliver Schmidt, Fred J. Schneider, Francis William Schroeder, Billy Joe Schultz, Richard William Scott, Carlos Ray Sell, William Ernest, Jr. Senior, Kenneth A. Sheehan, Leo C. Shepard, James R. Shockey, Dorsa Allan Shutkutski, John Joseph Siegel, Howard J. Silas, Wyndol Eugene Simpson, Henry Wellington Sims, Clifton Robert Size, John Joseph Slone, Ezra Donald Slone, Orville W. Smith, Charles Richard Smith, Howard Eugene Smith, Lewis Beale, Ill Smith, Ollie J. Sproston, Ralph George, Jr. Stanfill, Donald Wilson Stapleton, Robert G. Stapp, Charles Eugene Stewart, Clell E. Sturgill, John Harold Sutton, Harry Shelby, Jr. Taylor, Billy Spencer Tiao, John Tichenor, Lee T. Timmons, Thomas James Tomey, Richard Dewan Topor Stephen Theodore Tfeboio, Ed Trent, William Joseph Vanbeber Ben M. Varson, Theodore Richard Vines, Robert Lee Wagers, Albert Charles Walters, William Thomas Wannamaker, William David Ward, Charles Haynes Webb, Clayton Eugene Weis, James Bertrand Wellinghurst, Jack Moreman Wells, James Anderson Wells, William R. White, Clarence Walter, Jr. JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES White, Garey Lee Whitekettle, Howard Chest Willett, Bernard Austin Williams, Charles Delphine Willis, James William Withers, Lewis William Witt, Robert, Jr. ef, Wood, McFarland Walker, lr. Young, Harold E. Zoellers, William Ward Law Ayers, Bonnie B. Bowman, Warren S. Byrd, William B. C arles, George F., Jr. Cobb, Robert E. Cox, DempseEA. Coy, Charles . Foster, Alvin J. Givhan, Tom B. Goff, Kenneth H. Hatch, John W. Helton, Farmer Herdman, Harry T. Howell, Jack Jones, Jerry King, Jason R. King, William H. Lentz, Robert G. Liebman, Herbert D. Marks, James M. Miller, Richard J. Moxley, Jack E. Nichols, Frederick E. Orlandi, John T. Parham, William H. Pettit, Charles A. Plesnar, Edward J. Quinn, Robert N. Ratliff, Thomas B. Rivers, Ernest W., Jr. Scott, James F. Sloan, John A. Smith, Luster G. Watt, Clarence L. Pharmacy Boyd, Allen Owsley Brady, Sidney Francis Brown, James Edsel Calico, George Wesley, Jr. Collier, James Wesley Edwards, William Mora Ely, James Zion Fuller, Guy P. Greenwald, Marvin Hardy, Robert Dean Houchin, Earl, Jr. Jefferson, James Floyd Juzwik, Stanley Francis koger, Carter Wilson Kozlove, Julius Lee Kupper, lrvin Joseph Kushner, Samuel Mansfield, Charles T. Marshall, William Gene McConnell, William Glenn McDaniel, Wesley R. Miles, James W. Moffett, Thomas Everett Osgatharp, Dallas G. Phillips, Ben Province Russell, Harry Joseph Sallengs, Hershel Schlossberg, Alvin Schuppert, William Louis Shoemaker, Joseph M. Sims, James Thomas Small, Murrell Specht, Clifford Harry, Jr. Suterland, Harold Thomas Personal I nclex ...A- Abbott, Joe L.--191 Adair, Sam E.-191 Adams, Charles C.-191, 345 Adams, Denver-106, 191 Adams, James-191 Adams, Jay C.-191 Adams, Joan-191, 275 Adams, Joseph-191 Adams, Leslie-92, 249, 357 Adams, Paul-249, 333 Adams, William-249, 320 Adams, William N-249 Addison, Jewell-191 Agee, Jennie-191 Akers, Dee Ashlely-110, 191 Akers, George-- 91 Akers, Shirlee-249 Albrecht, Erwin-191, 348 Albright, Warren-249, 356 Alexander, John-191 Alexander, Tom-345 Barnes, Emma-150, 249, 275 Barnes, James-192 Barnes, Pat-293 Barnes, Robert-192 Barnes, Russell-92, 118, 192, 356 Barnes, Thomas--249, 328 Barnett, Claude-192 Barnett, Frances-81, 281 Barnett, Frank-249, 328 Barnett, John-88, 192 Barnett, Jud -45 Barnett, Kathy-45, 81, 102, 192, 277 Barnett, Kinne-249, 356 Barnett, L. Jane-249, 277 Barnett, Stanley-192 Barnette, Cavin-313 Barrett, Barrett, Burkett-192 Lila-279 Barrick, Fred--333 Barron, Emil -281 Barrow, Clyde-192 ar 277 Allen, Buford-108, 191 Allen, D. Louise-279 Allen, Dorothy F.-249, 279 Allen, Dorothy J.-120, 191 Allen, Ellen-91 Allen, Gwen-191 Allen, l. Dewey-191, 317 Allen, Joyce-191, 289 Allen, Marvin-191 Allen, Robert-191, 316 Allgood, Douglas-303 Allie, Betty-289 Allison, Jean-191 Altman, Estel--94, 191 Amberg, Brantly-77, 191, 305 Amburgey, Morris-191 Ames, Eddie-191 Amis, Jack-191 Anderson, Calvin--191, 348 Anderson, Crawford-325 Anderson, Emily-191, 287 Anderson, Janet-120, 249 Anderson, Jobie-289 Anderson, Ralph-191 Anderson, Richard-191, 317 Andes, Betty-113, 191, 368 Andrews, Betty-275 Angell, Wilbur-191 Ankney, Max-249, 352 Annis, Doris-85, 91 , 368 A h R bert-191 Aniliac , o M rtha 293 n ony, a - Applebaum, Edward--249, 361 Arbuckle, Robert-191, 352 Armsey, Harold-191, 302 Armstrong, Joan-283 Arnett, Orville-118, 191 Arnold, Carolyn-291 Arnold, May-191 Ashby, Kenneth-249, 328 Atherton, Atherton, Colleen--249 William-94,191 Atkins, Frank-191, 348, 362 Atkins, James-349 Attkisson, Polly-277 Augsburg, Fred-313 Ayers, Sheldon-1 15, 191 Ayres, Lou-47, 120, 191,277 Back, Clarence--191 Baker, Eugene-108 Baker, Evelyn-275 Baker, Doyle-191 Baker, George-249, 313 Balch, David-191 Baldwin, Tom-191, 313 Ball, Betty-46, 249, 283 Ballantine, John--45, 97, 311 Ballard, Annie-191 Banks, Joseph-191 Barber, Calvin-191 Barber, Hugh-349 Bar er, Jean-277 Baraer, Anne--291 Barker, Est'll-192 i Barker, Granville-192 Barker, James-192, 313 Barlow, James-192, 336 B rl w Barry, Doris-249 Bartalsky, Steven-192, 320 Bartlett, Beth-249, 291 Bartlett, Jane-287 Bartsch, Richard-192 Basenbach, Tony--192 Basham, Jane--192, 289 Bass, Lawrence-192, 360 Bassett, Frank-45, 100, 192, 340 Bassett, John-192 Bassham, James-192, 337 Bauer, David--192 Bauman, William-1 14, 192, 302, 362 Bayes, Clarence-192 Bayes, Glen-192 Bayes, Wendell-192 Baylies, Dorothy-281 Bealmear, Kathleen--47, 192 Beam, Barbara-249, 277 Beam, Sara-192, 277 Beatty, John--249, 31 1 Beauchamp, Clark-1 14, 341 Beck, Carl-115, 192 Beck, Rodney-192, 316 Beckett, Cecil--192, 303 Bederman, Sidney-89, 192 Bell, James-94, 192 Bell, Lewis-192 Bellamy, Kenneth-192 Beniamin, Howard-192 Benjamin, William-192, 344 Beniamin, William K.-108, 249 Bennett, William-192, 316 Bennewitz, Joe-352 Bentley, David-192, 332 Bemon, Frank-110, 249,313 Benton, Robert-94, 249 Bere, David-349 Berger, Clegg-192, 316 Berger, Everett-1 10, 192 Bergman, Weston-192 Berry, Harvey--109, 192 Berryman, Gerald--192 Bertram, Alvin-108, 192 Besten, Clarence-192 Bickel, Henry-345 Bickel, Paul-345 Biggerstaff, Homer-192 Biggs, Warren-249, 328 Billiter, Betsy-249, 281 Bingham, David-192 Bingham, Vernon-195 Bingham, William-195 Bird, Wesley-332 Bird, Sue Mae-287 Birdsall, William-195 Bishop, Edith-195, 289 Bishop, Martha--249, 291 Bishop, Mary Jo--85, 91 , 287 Bishop, Ruth--289 Blxler, William--96, 110, 195, 333 Black, George-249 Black, Haro d-249, 352 Black, lnez-275 Black, Leslie-195 Black, Lyle-195 Blackburn, Martha-281 Blair, E. Nell-120, 195, 285 a o , M y- Barnes, C. Edwin-96, 104, 110 192 376 I Blair, James-1 10, 249, 313 Blair, Marjorie-195, 293 Blake, Ann-249 Bland, Lucia-150, 249, 281 Blankenship, John--249, 332 Blasi, Eugene--115, 195 Bleidt, Mary-195 Blevins, Kenneth-77, 80, 249, 320 Blood, Julia--287 Blount, Jane-1 13, 195, 291 Blumenthal, Julia--294 Blythe, E. Bruce-348 Boaz, Harry-195, 332 Bobbitt, Joan-279 Bodkin, Joe--317 Boggess, Betty-195, 287 Boggs, William-345 Bohon, Ann-287 Bonny, Edwin-195 Booe, John-249, 349 Boone, Bonnie-195 Boone, Charles-340 Boone, Walter-195 Borden, Maxwell-307 Borders, James--195 Borie, Louise-289 Bosley, Thomas-195 Boswell, Franklin-195, 305 Boswell, Henry--94, 249 Boswell, Nancy-283 Boteler, Leslie-281 Botner, Clayton--195 Botts. Betty-281 Boughton, Margie--277 Boulter, Robert--249, 344 Bowles, Gerald-195 Bowne, Anellen-285 Boyd, Anne--249, 281 Boyd, Louis--195 Boyd, Morgan-195, 348 Boyles, Curtis-195 Brabant, John-249, 349 Bradford, Marjorie-195, 279 Bradford, Mary-249 Bradford, Nancy-91, 291 Bradford, William-195 Bradley, G. R.-195 Bradley, James E.-195, 345 Bradley, James W.-195 Bradley, Julia--45, 46, 195 289 Bradley, Lois-249 Bradley, Mark-195 Bradley, Martha-'195, 289 Bradley, Ova-195 Brake, John-108, 115, 195 Brammer, Shelby-195 Brand, Mary--249, 291 Brandenburg, Dorothy-195 Brandenburg, William-249, 316 Brandon, Chesley-336 Brashear, Corbett-92, 1 18, 195 Bray, Dwight-195 Breathitt, Edward-96, 104, 106, 195, 340 Breiding, Eugene-92, 249 Brewer, Nancy-195, 287 Brewer, Leonard-349 Brewster, Leland-195, 310 Bridges, John--195, 332 Briggs, Andrew--195 Bright, Nancy--249, 291 Brislan, Robert-195 Bristow, Ruth-195 Britt Gerald-195, 352 Brooks, George-195 Brooks, Walter-249, 305 Brosz, John-195 Brown, Barbara-279 Brown, Betty-283 Brown, David-97 31 1 Brown, Dorothy-283 Brown, Douglas--196, 307 Brown, Jean F.-196 Brown, Lawrence-196 Brown, Leneth-196, 356 Brown, Martha-196 Brown, Nancy-287 Brown, Raymond-349 Brown, Robert-94, 196 Bruce, R. Kelly-158, 196, 333 Bruckert, John-196, 333 Brumbaugh, Clifford-196, 316 Brunk, Joseph-196 Brunson, Robert--196 Bryan, Betty-275 Bryan, Fred-196 Bryant, Albert-196, 329 Bryant, Betty-91, 287 Bryant, Lester-97, 249, 316 Bryant, Richard-94, 196 Buckles, James-196 Buckley, Betty-283 Buckley, Peggy-196, 281 Buckner, James-48, 196 Buckner, Virginia-196, 283 Buechele, Calvin-196, 253 Bullock, Arden-250, 283 Burch, Elza-118, 196 Burch, Ray-250, 313 Burcham, Landon-250, 299 Burchett, Bernard-250, 332 Burd, Francis-108, 250 Burdett, Thomas-196 Burdette, Samuel--196 Burgess, William-88, 196 Burke, George-250, 31 1 Burks, Martha Vivian-47, 113, 196 Burks, William-250, 303 Burns, Glenn--299 Burns, John-196 Burton, Everett-110, 250 Buster, Jimmy-196 Butt, Jane Ann-293 Button, Kent-31 1 Bybee, Gerea-352 Byrd, Donnie-275 -C... Cable, Merle-196 Cagle, Singleton-104, 110, 196 Caines,James-114, 196 Caldwell, Dalton-110, 196 Caldwell, Harry-250, 336 Caldwell, James-158, 250 Calhoun, Leah F.-196 Calk, Charles-250, 307 Call, Lolly-47, 250,289 Calvert, John-196 Camp, Clifton-196 Camp, Nancy-250, 283 Campbell, F. Kent-307 Campbell, Hugh-110, 196 Camp5t1e1l,Joseph-48, 196, Campbell, Miller-196 Canfield, Howard-196 Cannon, George--196, 307, 362 Cannon, W. J.-348 Capshaw, Bertie-250 Carlton, William-196, 328 Carmichael, Gall-275 Carmichael, Willard-196, 313 Carpenter, .lack-196, 302 Carpenter, Ralph-196 Carr, James-250, 353 Carrier, Carl-196 Carroll, William-250, 302 Carson, Carolyn-196, 291 Carson, D. L.-196, 328 Carson, James-313 Carte, Jo Ann-279 Carte, V. Carolyn-279 Carter, C. S.- 96,356 Carter, Carol-283 Carter, Charles-196 Carter, David-196 Carter, James-317 Carter, Kathleen--47, 199, 283 Carver, Mary C.-102, 103, 199 Cash, Barbara-199 Cash, Henry-199, 299 Cassell, Anna-199 Cassell, Hugh-199, 328 Caswell, Gaylord-311 Catlin, Doris-250, 291 Caudill, Allison-45, 48, 114 118, 250 Caudill, Earl--250, 311 Caudill, Jinny-287 Cavender, J. T.-199, 332 Cavender, Ruth-275 Cawood, Audrey-293 Cawood, Mary Lu-289 Cayce, D. D.-199, 336 Cayce, Robert-349 Chamberlain, Alex-250, 320 Chambers, Carol-45, 85, 91, 150, 289 Chambers, Harriet-281 Chambliss, Leonard-199 Champion, William-199 Chandler, Bill-199, 328 Chandler, James-199, 356, 362 Chaney, l-lerschel--199 CharlegbGeorge-96, 106, Chase, Mary Jo-287 Chatfield, Mary-250 Cheek, David-250, 325 Chenault, John-199 Chenault, William-199 Childress, Frank--250, 324 Chilton, Lloyd-199, 344 Chinn, Charles-199, 307 Chitlik, Jake-89, 115, 199 Chowning, Robert-199 Christ, Karl-199, 352 Christen, George--199, 307 Claassen, Joan-277 Claiborne, Jerry-96, 104, 199 Clare, Michael-106, 199 Clarick, Roberta-294 Clark, John-199, 336 Clark, Mary Lou-279 Clark, Virgil-199 Clarke, Charles-250, 333 Clarkson, James-353 Clary, Gertrude-199, 293 Clay, Dennis-199 Clay, John-250, 340 Clay, W illiam-199 Clayton, James--199, 344 Clegg, Frank-199 Clement, Joe-94, 250 Clements, Robert--240, 348 Cleveland, George-340 Clifford, John-199, 352 Clifford , Phillip-250 Cliver, Phyllis--250, 285 Clore, Thomas-114, 118,250 313 Cloud, Allen-299 Coats, Franklin-340 Coburn, Garmon-349 Cochran, Gracia-281 Coffey, Fred-94, 199 Coffman, Edward--250 Cohn, B eniamin-361 Cohn, Henrietta-199 Coican, George-199 Colburn, Anne-250, 285 Cole, Lee Roy-199 Cole, Roy Lee-118, 199 Coleman, Daniel-199 Richard 199 Coleman, - Coleman, Robert-96, 104, 9, 304 19 Colley, Jack-199 Collier, Collins, Collins, Collins, Collins, Colson, Colton, Combs, Combs, Combs, Combs Lou--199 Richard-325 Thomas-77, 199, 337 Will-199 Winter-250, 333 Barkley--199 Ray-250, 316 David-199, 316 Donald-250. 311 Dorothy-250, 279 Gardner-345 combsf James-199, 302 Combs Ruth-199 combsf William-250 Compto n, Betty F.-250 Compton, Betty J.--150, 199, 275 Conglet Conkin, Conley, on, Conley-250, 336 James- 00 Hobart-200 Conn, Earl L.-200 Conner, Elizabeth--250 293 Conway, George-200, 328 Conway, Jane-285 Conway, J. Patrice-250, 281 Conway, Julanne--200 Conway, Nancy-200 Conyers, Ewell-88, 250 Conyers, William-94, 200 Coo , Doris-200 Cook, Jack-92, 200 Cook, Joan-46, 200, 275, 295 Cook, Katherine-250, 285 Cook, Russell-250, 302 Cooke, Mary-285 Cooley, Helen-250 Cooper, Bruce-200 Cooper, Ernest-200 Cooper, Harry-77, 80, 200, 302 Cooper, Leta-250 Cooper, Suzanne-289 Cooper, Waller-88, 100, 104, 250, 298 Cooper, William-200 Coplin, Fred-96, 332 Cornelius, James-200 Cornett, Bett -268 Cornett, Franli-303 Cornett, Harold-250, 340 Corum, Grover-200 Cosby, John F.-200 Cotton, Bruce-299, 362 Cottongim, Earl--92, 200 Cottrel , Earl-200, 336 Couch, Harold--200 Coulter, Ernest-92, 118, 200, 307 Coulter, Yolande-279 Courtney, Smiley-250 Cox, Charles--200 Cox, Hershal-200 Cox, Jack-200 Cox, J. Robert-200, 320 Cox, Mildred-253, 277 Cox, Wilbur-253, 353 Coyle, Joe-253, 332 Craft, Lillian--253, 275 Crafton, Jack-299 Crafton, James--200, 299 Crafton, Joe-200, 298 Crafton, Mary-253, 287 Crafton, Richard-26, 88, 100, 104, 150, 200, 298 Craig, Alice-253 Craig, Joe-1 14, 118, 200,336 Crain, Robert-349 Crain, Sara-200, 279 Cramer, Judson-200 Cranfill, Ruth-285 Crawford, Joan-253, 277 Crawford, Ray-200 Crawley, Lucy-281 Creal, Martha-277 Creech, Anne--200 Crews, William-332 Cripe, Gerard-94, 200 Criscillis, George-200, 340 Critchlow, Carolyn-253, 287 Crockett, Charles-253, 313 Crosby, Irving-253 Crum, Mary-200 Crumg, Betty--81, 200 Crutc field, Harriett-200, 287 Cubranic, Phillip-253 Cunningham, Helen-200, 275 4 Cunningham, James-200 Cunningham, Paul-77, 200,337 Cunningham, Virginia-253 Cure, Catherine-289 Curry, James-77, 200, 336 Curry, Louise-200, 281 Custred, U. K.-332 Cutler, Mariorie-200 Cutter, Herbert--253 .....p.. Dahlan, Joseph-200 Dale, William C.-200, 332 Dale, William L.-92, 200 Daley, John B.-200 Dallas, Anthony-96, 200, 340 Danhauer, William-115, 203 Danks, Clyde--203 Darbashire, Shelby-80, 203 Darnell, Kenneth-352 Darst, James-253, 307 Darter, William-349 Daugherty, Andy-94, 115,203 Daugherty, Brian-253, 336 Daugherty, Josephine-81, 253 Daugherty, Harr -77, 203, 353 David, Robert-77, 303 Davidson, Sarah-253 Davis, Frances-203 Davis, Fred-340 Davis, Joanne-203, 283 Davis, Joyce-85, 91, 103 Davis, Margaret-253 Davis, Shel y-203 Davis, William-80, 253 Dawson, Clarence-203, 348 Dawson, Louis--92, 1 18, 203 PERSONAL INDEX Dawson, Venita-102, 203, 277 Day, Jacquelyn-203 Day, James--203 Day, Polly-91, 281 Day, Roger-203, 253 Day, William-203 Dearen, Victor--253 Dearen, William-203 DeBoer, Donald-203, 332 Deddens, Mary-203 Deen, Clara--279 Deen, Dorothy-281 Deen, Robert-100, 118, 253, 350 Deen, Thomas-118, 253 DeFoggi, Leonard-321 DeFrancisco, Louis-207, 361 Deiss, Helen-45, 46, 90, 102, 120, 203, 283 Demoss, Finley-307 Dempsey, Frank-203, 316, 36 Denham, Josh-341 Dennis, Charles-203 Dennis, Hubert-94, 115, 203 Denny, Joseph-109, 203 Denver, R. Browning-203 DeVita, Joseph-203, 320 Dew, Roderick--203 Dick, David-313 Dicken, Dick-77, 253,336 Dickerson, Richard--115, 203 Dillehay, Hugh-253, 303 Dillingham, Paul-203, 348 Dillon, Lee-293 Dishman. Charles-340 Diskin, John-110. 253. 324 Diskin, Thomas-253, 324 Dixon. James-340 Dixson, Eunice-253 Dodcie, Betsv-253, 381 Dodge, Gerald-356 Dodson, Donald--203. 332 Dodson, James-203. 305 Dodson, Marcus-97, 253 Dolid. Lee-203. 287 Donohue, Donald--9 53. 336 Donovan. Charles-203 Doolin, Rohert-203 Dorfman. Ronald-703. 359 Dorr, Frederick-253. 311 Dorsy. Richard--353 Dossett. Sue-45. 47, 81, 113, 150, 253, 275 Douglass. Ann-283 Doumas, Robert--307 Dover, Marjorie-285 Downer, Mathew-203 32R Downing, Gibson-45, 96, 100, 203, 344 Downs, Melvin--313 Doyle, Dorothy-81, 102, 113, 203 Dovle, Robert-307 Drake, Albert-100, 203, 336 Drake, Doris-203 Drake, Ellen-203 Druitt, Charles-253 Dryer, E. J.-253. 356 Duff, Cline-77, 80, 337 Duffy, Edward-203 Duffy, James-299 Duqan, Owen-203 Duke, Mary-283 Duke, Melvin--253. 353 Dunn, Malcolm-203. 317 Dunn, Marce-203. 317 Durham. James-77, 203, 344, 362 Durham. Martha-253. 287 Durnil. Edward-253, 313 Dyer, Julian-203 Earlxg Clara-253, 287 East urn, Gloria--203, 277,295 Easter, Keith-203 ' Eaton, William--204, 349 Eblen, Marvin-108, 204 Eck, Harold-204 Edmonds, Hollis-106, 253 Edwards, Forest-92, 1 18, 204 Eimer, Jane-204 Elth, Doris--204, 291 Elder, Eugene-305 Elfstrom, Philip-204 Elkin, Benny-310 Ellett, Nancy-281 Elliott, Betty--103, 204, 281 Elliott, James-1 18, 204 Elliott, Lloyd-204 Ellis, Clenet-313 Ellis, Jewell-253 Ellis, Shirley-253 Ellis, Shirley Ann-283 Elmes, Joseph-94, 204 Elmore, Peggy-204 Elmore, Robert--204 Elrod, Joyce-277 Elswick, Gladys-204 Emerine,OlIie-253 Endicott, John-204, 345 Endicott, William-118, 204, 340 England, Noel-204 England, Sylvan-108, 253 Engle, John-204 Engler, Frederick-303 Enlow, Robert-88, 204, 298 Ennis, Patsy-253, 289 Eppley, David-253, 317 Epstein, Daniel-204 Ernest, William-253, 333 Errickson, Mar!-277 Erwin, John- 04 Escandon, Eugene--150 Esenbock, Peggy-277 Espin, D. E.-204 Estrine, Gerard-204 Ethinoton, Grover-45, 92, 204, 356 Ethington, Norman-204, 307 Etter, Billy-204 Evans, Donald-204, 345 Evans, Luther-204 Everett, John-204 Eversole, James-109, 204 Eversole, James L.-94, 204 Ewbank, Eloise-81, 150, 204, 368 Ewing, John-253, 325 Ewing, Nelda--204, 277 Ey, Douglas-204, 353 -F- Fagan, Kenneth--253 Fain, Barbara-253 Fair, Frederick-360 Fairchild, B. C.-253, 347 Faith, Carl-97, 254,320 Falck, Frank-204 Farmer, Marlene-277 Farra, William-204, 307 Faulkner, Marilyn-275 Feamster, John-325 Featherston, John-204 Featherston, Warren-299 Featherstone, Henry-204 Felner, Richard-254, 313 Feltel, Gilbert-254, 356 Feezle, Gloria-204, 277 Felty, David-204 Feltyblfenneth-46, 77, 204, Fergus, Charles-1 14, 204 Fergus, Juanita-81, 113, 254 Ferguson, Bruce-45, 77, 30, 254, 336, 362 Ferguson, Charles-204 Ferguson, Louis-94, 204 Ferguson, Marian-281 Ferguassog, Walter-77, 80, 204, Ferring, Lois-81, 204 Fest, Fred-204, 356 Fields, Davis-100, 104, 204, 352 Fields, William-332 Figa, Leon-89, 204 Finch, Jeanne-207 Finch, .lerald--207 Fincher, Wilbur-207 Fischer, George-97, 356 Fish, Arnold-207 Fish, Margaret-207, 283 Fisher, Alice-281 Fisher, Marian-113, 207 Fitch, Catherine--291 Fleenor, Harold-207 377 PERSONAL INDEX Flege, Robert-207 Fleming, Charles-332 Flesche, John--48, 114, 207 Fletcher, Jack-207, 345 Fletcher, William-207 Floyd, Kent-96, 106, 254, 324 Floyd, Lucas--207, 317 Flynn, Lois-285 Follis, Robert-207 Foote, Ann-254, 283 Forcade, Jeanne-281 Ford, Betty-277 Ford, James-207, 316 Ford, John-254, 307 Ford, Louis-254, 340 Forman, Judith-287 Fossett, Edward-207, 316 Foster, William-254, 336 Foster, Betty-207, 285 Foster, Ellis-104, 118, 207 Foster, Nancy-207 285 Fafhergiu, James-2454, 311 Fouse, William-109, 207 Fowler, James-254, 298 Fowlkes, Samuel-207 Fowls, Don-254, 345 Foy, Wilford-207 Franck, Margery-207 Frank, Richard-359 Frankel, Harold--207 Franklin, Mimi-289 Franks, Lawrence-207 Frame, Alexander--254, 332 Francis, William-110, 254 Frazier, Clarence-1 14, 207 Freiburghouse, Elizabeth--47, 2 Freeman, Billy-254, 277 Freeman, Caroline-254, 279 Friedman, Sanford-207, 359 Frisch, William-254, 359 Frittier, James-207 Fritts, James-254, 352 Fritz, Roger-1 10, 207 Frizzell, Victor-207, 303 Frost, Jacqueline-254, 275 Frounfelker, John--207 Fuchs, Robert-92, 1 18, 207 F Il G -254 u er, uy Fulton, Dellon-207, 307 Fulton, Johnnie-207 Futrell, Pasty-47, 254, 283 1 G 1 , Gabbard, Fletcher-254 Gaddis, James-108, 254 Gaines, Betty-207 Gaines, William-254 Gaitskill, Robert-207 Gallagher, Ree-207 Gallaway, William-207 Gamblin, Magdalene-254, 268 Gano, Sally--291 Gant, Aaron-207 Gardner, Milton-108, 207 Gardner, Ray-207 Garr, Charlotte-45, 207, 291 Garred, Charlotte-283 Garrett, Margaret--254, 281 Garst, Betty-207, 287 Gash, Eleanor-275 Gaskin, Nancy-254, 293 Gaskin, Quentin-207 Gault, William-207, 317 Gauntt, Martha-254, 279 Gentry, William-207, 353 Georgiadou, Marietta-254 George, Edward-92 1 18, 207 George, Virginia-207 Getker, James-320 Geralds, Oscar-254, 305 Gerber, Miriam-207 Gerding, Robert-208 Gergley, Irvin-208, 359 Gesling, Theodore--320 Getzel, Louis-81, 208 Gibson, James--208, 305 Giehls, Roy-97, 302 Gifford, Bertha-208 Gifford, L. F.-208, 356 Gilbert, Mary-208 Gilkey, James--208 Gillespie, Alethea-113,208 Giltner, William-208, 325 Gilmore, Thomas-254, 302 Givens, Marian-208 378 81 Givens, Wayland-208, 353 Glass, James-328 Glickstein, Arthur-361 Godfrey, John-97, 298 Godfry, John-1 10, 208 Goessman, Betty-277 Goggin, Walter-208 Goldben, Jack-254, 359 Goldstein, Bernard-208 Goldstein, Frances-254, 294 Goldstein, Irvin-254, 359 Goller, Abraham-208, 359 Gonzenbach, Julian-279 Goodbub, Eugene--208 Goodln, Char es-254, 337 Goodman, Daniel-110, 208 Gordon, James-1 18, 208 Gordon, Joel-254, 359 Gordon, Norman-254, 359 Gordon, Paul-254, 359 Gordon, William-208 307 Gorman, Betty--208, 291 Grady, Karl-88, 208, 298 Graham, Barbara-279 Graham, Donald-254, 344 Graham, Eugene-208 Graham, Joan-208, 389 Graham, Martha-47, 208, 285 Graham, Patricia-285 Graham, Peggy-254 Graham, Thomas-208, 328 Graves, David-208 Graves, James-208 Gray, Charles-106 Gray, Fawn-254 287, 295 Gray, Pe gy-277 Gravitt, gernard-208, 307 Greath5:use,William--114, 118, 2 8 Grech, Alexander-208 307 Green, Charles-254, 333 Green, James-208 Green, Morris-208 Green, Newcomb--208 Greenberg, Norton-359 Greene, Sara Mae-46, 208, 281, 295 Greenman, Charles-208 Greer, Fred-208 Gregory, Clarence-108, 208 Gregory, Frances--287 Gregor , Robert-77, 80, 254, 33,6 Gresham, George--208 Grider, Gene-208 Grider, Ruth-208 Griesinger, Bobby-208 Griffey, Lillian-208 Griffin, George-208, 313 Griffin, Gerald-1 10, 254, 341 Griffin, Hal-254 Griffin, John--254, 302 Griffith, Scotty-352 Grimes, Joe-254, 299 Grogan, Galle--150, 208, 277 Gromlex, Charles-110, 257 Gross, lbert-208 Grote, William-257, 311 Groves, James-1 15, 208 Grubbs, Ann-257 Grugin, Donald-208, 313 Guenther, Elizabeth-257, 289 Gullett, Dwaine-208, 317 Gutermuth, John-257, 31 1 Guthrie, Ann-257, 291 Guthrie, Baline-211 Guthrie, Henry-257, 325 Guthrie, Keith-118, 211 -H- Haagggmgen, Preben-1 18, 257, Haas, Richard--345 Haden, Eugenia-257 Haffler, Joan-291 Hagan, Albert-211 Hagerman, Robert-21 1 Haggard, H. B.-21 1 Hahn, Donald--211 Hahn, Kenneth-21 1 Haile, Rex-94, 257 Hale, Jean-281 Haley, Jayne-281 Haley, Marilyn-211, 277 Haley, Rosemary-81, 257 Hall Hall , Anne-291 Barbara-257, 285 Hall Donna-279 Hall Edward--257,303 Hall Harold-321 Hall Katherine-257,287 Hall Hall Hall , O. C.-211 , William G.-325 , William R.-211, 352 Hallock, Thomas-257, 325 Halstead, Everret-352 Halvorsen, Robert-21 1 Hamblin, Foster--21 1 Hamblin, Helen-21 1 Hamburg, Gerald-21 1, 333 Hamilton, Allen--257 Hamilton, Carl-88, 21 1, 299 Hamilton, Curtis-211 Hamilton, Robert---211, 320 Hamilton, William-211, 353 Hamm, Clyde-257, 332 Hamm, Paul-257 Hammerle, Ralph-211, 348 Hammock, Betty-21 1 Hancliigil, Priscilla-103, 257, Hancher, Sally-81, 90, 91, 103, 281 Hancock, John-80, 21 1, 341 Handy, Kenneth-307 Hannigan, Robert-92, 21 1 Hansbrough, Gaylen-275 Harber, Elbert-150, 257, 305 Harbison, John-1 18, 21 1 Hardcastle, Joseph-21 1 Hardin, Henry-110, 257,307 Hardin, John-348 Harding, William-340 Hardwick, Jean-277 Hardy, James-1 10, 211 Hare, Frank-257, 313 Harlow, Harold-21 1 Harne , Edgar-21 1 Harreflglmanne-47, 103, 211, Harrington, John-21 1 Harris, Barbara-211,281 Harris, Don-94, 211 Harrison, Robert-21 1, 337 Harrod, Dorothy-85, 91, 289 Harrod, Mary-289 Hart, James-108, 257 Hartlage, William-211 H tl J h -21 1 ar ey, o n Hartman, Gloria-257 Harville, Gladney-106, 211 Hatchett, Robert-21 1, 340 Hatfield, Dorothy-21 1 Hatfield, Gene-349 Haun, Robert-336 Havely, Martha-291 Hawley Charles-21 1, 320 Haworti1,James--257, 356 Hayden, Ann Lura-281 Haynes, Anne-291 Haynes, Douglas-211, 310 Haynes, Joyce-21 1, 291 Haynie, Patsy-285 Hays, Jane-257, 279 Hays, John-21 1, 332 Hays, Martha-211, 277, 295 Hazel, Betty-293 Hazelip, Raymond-108, 211 Hazle,James-211, 332 Head, Bernard-21 1 Heath, Robert-257, 317 Hedfges, Marjorie-285 Hef ernan, James-211 313 Heibner, Jeanne-21 1, 275 Heick,John-211, 328, 362 Heidenrich, J. M.-211 Heineke, Howard-1 18, 212 Heinze, John-212, 345 Heiss, Elizabeth-257 291 Heirz, Jerome-212, 1557 Heller, John-299 Helm, Harvey-212 Helms, Elvin-114, 212 Helton, Frances-277 Helton, James-1 10, 212 Helton, Robert-212 Heltsley, Helen-257, 283 Hemberger, Jay-94, 212 Hendrick, William-298 Hendricks, Charles-212, 307 Hendricks, Joan--257, 287 Hendrickson, Dorothy-279 Hendry, Dora Jane-85, 279 Henn, K. J.-212 Henry, Virginia-81, 90, 102, 212 Henr ,William--212 Henslley, Alexander-212 Henslee, Frances-279 Herman, Malcolm-257, 359 Herndon, Alex-257, 313 Hertlein, George Ann-212, 291 Hetzel, George-212 Hewlett, Sam R.--212 Hibbs, Jack-212, 324 Hibbs, Joseph-257, 353 Hicks, Betty-212 Hicks, B. Claire-45, 257, 275 Hicks, David-212 Higgins, Alice-279 Hill, Henrietta-287 Hill, John--341 Hill, Louise-279 Hill, Sam-106, 257,336 Hilliard, Luther--80, 212 Hilling, Rosemary-120, 257 Hinds, Charles-212 Hines, Robert-106, 212 Hinson, Jerry-212, 287 Hinton, Claude-257 Hite, Margaret-212 Hobson, Forest-212, 336 Hockensmith, Charles-257 Hoddy, Richard-257, 313 Hodger, Robert-106 Hodges, M. Douglas-106, 212 Hoffman, Harold-257, 320 Hoffman, Jane Bell-281 Hogan, Bernard-257 Hoge, James-212 Hogg, Carrel-257 Hogg, oy - . R -88 H0991 aY Holbrook, Ray-212 Holcomb, Cecil-313 Holder, Robert-212, 344 Holeman, Barbara-212, 289 Holeman, William-257, 353 Holland, Charles-212, 341 Holland, David-77, 212, 305, 362 Holland, Donald-212 Holland, Reed-341 Holliday, David-257, 307 Hollingsworth, Helen-368 Hollingsworth, Kent-77, 212, 340 Holoman, Chesley-353 Holmes, Peggy-275 Holstine, Betty-277 Holtzclaw, Harold-96, 104,332 Honaker, Charles-257, 336 Honaker, Dorothy-257, 289 Honeywell, Marion-212 Hood, Charles-212 Hood, Harold-353 Hooks, Anna Faye-212, 277 Hooper, Thurman-108, 212 Hopkins, Carl-257 Hopson, Winthrop-212, 324 Hord, Mary Frances-312 Horine, Wallace-212, 344 Hoskins, Donald-106, 212 Hoskins, William-257, 344 Hoskinson, Willard-212 Houchens, H.W.-94, 212 Houchens, W. T.-94, 212 Hough, Thomas-212, 320 Hounshell, Arthur-212, 298 Howard, D. Jean-285 Howard, Fred--215, 317 Howard, Harris-341 Howard, Jean-215 Howard, Julian-215 Howard, Ted-215, 353 Howard, Warren-257 Howarth, Robert--215, 307 Howe, James-215, 324 Howze, Joyce-257 Hubbard, Mrs. A.-215 Hubbard, Jeanne-289 Hubbard, Robert-110, 215 Huet, Edgar--215 Hue , Gaines--215 Hufzman, Fred-215 Huffman, Robert-80, 298 Hugins, Henry-258 349 Hughes, Barbara-258, 277 Hughes, Byron-215 Hughes, Eleanor-215, 289 Hughes, Hughes, Hulette Hal-258, 341 Russell-215, 356 Roger-118 215 Hamphfees, Jack-258, 305 Humphrey, Thomas-215 Hundley, Kenneth-258, 299 Hunt, Stanley-215 Hunter, Jane-279 Hurd, James-215 Hurst, Caleb-215 Hurst, Howard--215 Hutchcraft, Ann-103, 215 Hutchinson, Agnes-258, 293 Hyatt, Betty-277 Hylton, Paul-215 Idleman, John--215, 320 llaria, Lorraine-258, 285 Ingels, Mary-258, 293 lngels, Nannie-258 Inglis, James-215 Ingram, James-215 Inman, Edwin-258, 310 Inman, James-150, 310 Irvin, Kathryn-215 Isaacs, Elmer-215 Isaacs, Elsie-368 - J ... Jackson, C. E.-215, 357 Jackson, Joseph-258 Jackson, Mar -215, 275, 295 Jackson, Phililp-92, 215 Jacoby, Paul-215 Jenkins, Edward-215 Jenkins, Herbert-215 Jenkins, John-311 Jenkins, Lyman-215 Jentz, Marjorie--258, 279 Jernigan, Frances-215 Jessee, Boyd-332 Jewell, Walter-215 Jody, Bert--329 Johns, Kenneth-215 I Jones, W Johnson, Benjamin-215 Johnson, Charles-215, 303 Johnson, Doris-103, 215 Johnson, Glenn--215 Johnson, Hettie-215, 277 Johnson, Joan-283 Johnson, Margaret-85, 91 John3og1iMorris-1 14, 118, 215 Johnson Rachel-1 13, 150, 258 275 Johnson, R. C.-215 Johnson, Russell-215 Johnson, Thomas-307 Johnson, William-258 Johnston, Harvey-215 Johnston 337 , Jerald-104, 110, 215, Johnston, Lois-275 Johnston, Phillip-258, 348 Johnston, Robert-258, 307 Jones, Carl-215, 353 Jones, Donald-215, 353 Jones, Eldred-215 Jones, Elliott-45, 77, 80, 100, 150, 158, 258, 332 Jones Frances-258, 275 I Jones, Ja Jones, Je ck-216, 316 rry-45, 110 zss Jones, LeRuth-258, isa Jones, Mary C.--216 Jones, Mary Ruth-277 Jones, Neil--216, 357 Jones Richard-258, 332 illiam-109, 110, 258 v Jordan, Lytle A.-216, 357 Jordan, Paul--216 Joseph, Mayme O.-216, 368 Jouett, Ed-258, 325 Joyner, Joseph-45, 216, 340 Judy, Jack-258, 313 Justice, Charlotte-258, 275 ...K- Kahne, Dotte-258 Kam, Jack-258, 353 Kane, Frank--258, 321 Kaplln, M, E.-89, 216 Kappa, William-114,118,216, 356 Karem, George-216 Karr, Leslie-216 Kasey, Lloyd-216, 328 Kauffman, Jane-258, 275 Kavanaugh, Joan--258, 291 Kays, Robert-345 Keeling, Hershell-216, 302 Keesee, Robert-216, 320 K ll J h -216 e er, o n Kelley, Harold-216 Kelley, John--216 Kelley, Lillias-258 Kelley, Calvin-258 Kelly, John-1 10, 216 Kelsay, Leonard-216 Kelly, Martina-287 Kemp, James-258 Kemper, Raymond-92, 118, 216 Kenly, Arnold--216 Kennedy, Jack-216 Kennedy, Karen-47, 289 Keneedy, Karen-47, 289 Kennedy, Robert--216 Kenney, Joan-216, 287 Kerr, Ivan E.-108, 216 Kessler, Herman-216, 325 Khoury, Nicholas-92, 118, 216 Kilgus, Chris-216 Kilgusaffarilyn-81, 85, 90, 91, King, Edmond D.-94, 1 15, 216 King, Edwin--258 King, Ernest-118, 216 King, George-258, 332 King, John--328 King, Lucy-283 King, Marjorie-287 King, Mary-90, 216, 277 King, Wes ey-118, 216, 316 Kingtton, Mimi-289 Kirc dorfer, Mildred-258, 289 Kirchner, George-216 Kirk, E. T.-341 Kirk, Jonqull June-216, 285 Kirkpatrick, Mary-216, 291 Kirtley, Ann-281 Kirwan, Barbara-47, 216, 287 Kiser, Howard-216 Kittinger, Martha-103, 216, 275 Klein, Miles--216 Klein, Norman-104, 216, 359 Klemmer, Augustus-92, 216 Kline, Barbara-287 Kloecker, Phyllis-216, 283 Knapp, Paul-337 Knight, Joe-216, 316 Knox, George-216 Koehler, Charles-258, 332 Koonce, Ray-258 Koppius, Joe--258 Kracht, Jeannette-277 Kraps, Rowland-258 Kreldel, Charles-216 Kreitman, Max-258 Kreps, Kathleen-281 Kreiger, Jackie-293 Krumpelman, John-216, 320 Krutz, Thomas-216 Kuhn, James-216, 302 Kuiper, John-100, 109, 216 Kummer, Ida-216 -L.- Lackey, James--258, 305 Lackey, Marcus-258, 305 Lacy, adge-258 Lat erty, Donald--219 Laffoon, Donald-219, 299 LaFollette, Jane-258, 281 Lake, Virginia-258, 277 Lamb, Sara-219 Lamb, William-303 Lancaster, George-219 Landrus, Paul-219 Langebrake, Claire-219 Langston, Thomas-31 I PERSONAL INDEX Lansdale, Juanita-219 Larkin, John J.-106, 219 Larkin, John V.-219, 348, 362 Larkin, Margaret-103, 258, 279, 295 Laswell, Glenn-1 14, 219 Lau, Fred-219, 357 Lawrence, Mary-219 Lawson, Fred-261 Lawson, George-344 Lawson, Patricia-113, 219,275 Lawson, Thomas-307 Lawsgrg,3William-104 Layman, Robert-299 Layton, John-219 Leach, May-219, 293 Leach, Rol ie-219, 316 Leathers, Shirlee-120, 219 Leathers, Winfield-219, 332 Lee, Caroline-261, 283 Lee, Doroth -219 Lee, Joe-77, 320 Lee, Robert--219, 353 Lee, Sammie-261, 357 LeGette, Charles-219, 307 LeMasters, Gerald-109, 219, 317 Lenox, Ramona-261, 289 Leonard, Walter-219 Lessley, Harry-261 Lester, Van Milton-219 Levin, James-219, 359, 362 Lewis, Bryan-110, 219 Lewis, David-261, 353 Lewis, Jack Smith-219 Lewis, James-219, 313 Lewis, Jo ce-281 Lewis, Lelland-261, 332 Lewis, Virginia-261 Lezius, Carl-261, 311 Liebert, Elmer-219 337 Liles, Allen-261, 362 Lindeman, Glen-219 Lindsey, James-219 Lindstrom, Joan-261, 275 Linehan, Robert-261, 332 Link, Elizabeth-219, 293 Linney, Betty-289 Linvil e, William-261, 325 Liston, Nine--275 Little, Charles--219 Litton, William--219 Littrel, William-219 Littrell, Elva-219 Locke, Howard-219, 320 Logsdon, Raymond-219 Long, James-219, 337 Long, Mary Lou-289 Long, Robert-219 Lorc , Eloise-91 Lorch, Robert-261 Lott, Wilfred-219, 302 Love, Paul-219 Loveless, Glenn-219 Lovell, John-219 Lowe, Elizabeth-219 Lowe, John-108, 261 L I -219 owe, na Lowenthal, Carol-294 Luigart, Judith--289 Lung, Marjorie-219 Lutes, Ben-219, 320 Lutes, Kendall-220 Luttrell, Eugene-220 Lycan, Doris-285 Lynch, Charles-220 Lynch, Jessee-220 Lynch, Patrick-220 Lyne, James-261 Lyon, Betty-261, 275 Lyon, Elaine--220, 279 Lyon, Florris-279 Lyons, Anna J.-220 Lyons, Thomas-229, 357 Lyons, W. Carson-261, 305 -M- D Macke, Richard E.-261, 321 Macke, Wm. B.-220 Mackebee, Wm. K.-261, 349 Macklin, Ann M.-90, 261, 291, 295 Macklin, Susan J.-291 ,1I8,219, Maddox, Wayne L.--261 Maggard, Mark R.-220, 345 Maggard, Ruth Ann-289 Maguire, Gerald L.--220 Mainous, Joe E.-77, 261, 345 Makepeace, Sylvia G.-261, 283 Malone, John P.-220 Maloney, Henry E.-220, 337 Manchi es, Ida F.-220, 285 Manderm, A. B., Jr.-I 14, 220 Mandt, Barbara A.-220, 283 Mangione, A. J.-261, 332 Mann, Beniamin J.-106, 220 Manning, Ora, Jr.-220 Mansfield, Wm. C., Jr,-313 Maples, Gregory K.-321 Marcum, James V.-106, 261 Marcuzzi, Robert L.-349 Markell, Herbert M.-220, 359 Marlowe, John G.--220, 344 Marnhout, Wm. H.-220 Marple, Keith E.-220 Marsh, Alan E.-261, 341 Marsh, Kathrine J.-261 Marshall, Jack A.-220, 305 Martin, Betty J.-220, 277 Martin, Charles P.-114,220 Martin, Doug-220, 310 Martin, Felix E.-353 Martin, Harry C.-220 Martin, Hunter H.-220 Martin, James C.-298 Martin, James R.-220 Martin, Jane-283 Martin, Joan-291 Martin, Louise-47, 261, 293 Martin, Martha J.-150, 220, 293 Martin, Robert Lewis-220 Martin, Thomas Y.-311 Martin, Walter, Jr.-220 Martin, Wm. J.-220 Marvin, JamesW.-353 Marye, Edward A.-1 10, 261, 9 32 Masonbert, Stanley L.-360 Massie, Edward L.-329 Massie, Ira E.-261 Massie, Lois S.--261 Mastin, Bettye L.-120, 220 Mastin, Holt H.-220, 303 Matchett, John R.-220 Mathews, Joe-261, 313 Mathias, Frank F.-220, 332 Mathias, Thomas W.-261, 332 Mathis, Dinwiddie L.-220, 353 Matracia, Richard L.-261, 329 Mattingl , Wm. E.-220 Mattox, 'lxhelma R.-85, 91, 103 Maturo, Frank J. S.-77, 80, 100, 150, 261, 305 Maturo, Jimmy L.-77, 80, 150, 305 Maupin, Julian W.-261 Maupin, Wm. S.-299 Maury, Mary E.-291 May, Haven L.-220 Mayer, Mary A.-261, 287 Mayes, Ann P.-220, 287 Mayes, Robert T.-220, 341 Mayhew, Paul'W.-220, 345 Maynard, Arvid A.-220 Mayne, Arloe W.--106, 261 Maxey, Millard R.-220 Mayo, Ruth L.-277 McAfee, Loran-220 McBee, Carolyn-220 McCain, Owen-220 McCalla, Julia L.-283 McCann, J. M., Jr.--96, 110, 261, 324 McCann, Sue J.-261 McCann, Wm. H.-261, 325, 362 McCartheF, Jeannette-261 McCarty, aul G.-220 McCauley, Gentry E.-220, 340, 362 McChesney, Ann P.-287 McClanahan, George-223 McClendon, Charles Y.-223 McClure, Charles W.-261, 298 McClure, Lawas L.-77, 261, 298 McClure, Mary L.-223 McClure, Spencer P.-261, 281 McCollum, Mary E.-291 McConathy, Sara H,-223 379 PERSONAL INDEX McCormick, Ollie W.-223, 313 McCoun, Robert C.--261, 313 McCowan, Robert T.-46, 100, 104, 223, 310 McCown, Marie L. K.-223 McCracken, Ralph-77, 80, 357 McCracken, Ruth M.-223, 281 McCutcheon, Patricia A.-261, 279 McDaniels, Robert E.-223, 329 MCDZQQ, Edgar A.-88, 223, McDonald, Marilyn L.-291 McDowell, Louise--261, 287 McElroy, Stanley L.-223 McEuen, George T.-223 McEuen, Marshall M.-114, 118, 223 McGee, Cecil F.--109, 223 McGee, Warren-223, 305 McGhee, Barbara J.-262, 285 McGlothlan, Clarence-223 Mclntire, Ann L.-262, 285 Mclntosh, Louise-262 McKaig, Dianne L.-91, 275 McKeehan, Benjamin-106, 223 McKeehan, Kenneth J.--329 McKZn9rga, Mary Bert-262, 279, McKenney, Ronald L.-48, 223 McKenzie, Bill-305 McKinley, Mary W.-283 McKinney, Jessee W.-262 McKnight,Shafter-118, 223 McLaughlin, Delbert L.-106, 223 McLeod, James A.-114, 118,223 McMeekin, Charles F.-92, 118, 223, 344 McMurtry, Joseph C.--94, 223 McNamee, Juanita J.-223, 293 McNeely, Charlotte E.-223 McNeer, Robert L.-223 McPherson, Mar aret J.-262 MCQLiBgg, Mary Jann-150, 262, Meade, Mary E.-223, 279 Meador, Robert E.-223 Meador, Harry M.-223 Meador, James S.-299 Mears, Mabel-223, 283 Medlock, Wm. P.--223 Meeks, Cecil H.-223, 305 Meena, Richard-262 Melvin, Joseph C.-262 Mendelson, Don A.-223 Menne, Gordon-223, 345 Menser, Ralph B.-223 Mercer, Calvin F.-223, 341 Meredith, Kenneth A.-223, 303 Mereglggm, Wm. R.-92, 118, 223, Merenbloom, Carl-262 Meyer, Virginia V.-285 Meyer, Wm. R.-357 Michalski, Edward-223 Midkiff, Betty F.-262 Midkift, Kenneth-100, 223, 333 Milam, Arden-275 Milburn, Martha L.-279 Milby, Perry R.-113, 262 Milkovich, John-223, 305 Miller, Annelle-262, 283 Miller, Dorothy G.-150, 262, 275 Miller, Fred H.-262, 31,1 Miller, Jack B.-110, 223 Miller Jacob-108, 262 Miller, Harold F.-223 Miller, Harry E.-223 Miller, H. Wendell-223 Miller, Marlene Y.-285 Miller, Nathan H.--223, 359 Miller, Robert MV., Jr.--223, 340, 362 Miller, Ruth A.-279 Miller, Samuel M.-223, 359, 362 Miller, Stewart J.-1 10, 262 Miller, Thelma C.-223 Miller, Woodrow-224 Million, Wilma G.-262, 279 Mills, Edgar L.-262 Mills, Edward-262, 353 Mills, Herbert B.-262, 353 Millsblbtsubert-96, 106, 224, Mills, Robert H.-262, 321 Mills, Wm. L.-224 380 Minning, Fred C.-333 Minor, Julia A.-281 Miracle, Beverly P.-92, 118, 224 Mitchell, Charles G.-262, 307 Mitchell, Margery-262, 287 Mitchell, Melvin E.-262 Moberly, David L.--262, 305 Moffggimhn W.-97, 262, 317, Mokas, James--262, 310 Molsberger, Fred A., Jr.-320 Montague, Barbara J.--287 Montague, Mary E.-224, 275 Montgomery, George-261, 321 Montgomery, James-262 Montgomery, William-108, 224 Moody, Cordie L.-283 Moody, Rachel-289 Moon, John W.-345 Moore, August A.-92. 224 Moore, Bacon R.-80, 313 Moore, Billie-285 Moore, Charles-262, 321 Moore, Clare G.-262, 303 Moore, Elmer B.-108, 115,224 Moore, James R.-262, 333 Moore, Joan Patricia-281 Moore, John F.-224, 353 Moore, Mitchell, Jr.-333 Moore, Patricia-224, 283 Moorsizhurman H.-108, 1 15, Moore, V. L.-48, 118, 224 Moore, Wellington-88, 224 Moore, Will M.-305 Moreland, Ro J.-341 Moreman, Willis G.--88, 224 Morgan, Carroll L.-108, 224 Morgan, George G.-262 Morgan, June-262 Morgan, H. B.-224 Morgerson, E. W.-224 Morris, Charles E.-108, 224 Morris, Houston M.-224 Morris, Joan-279 Morrow, Chas. W.-262, 321 Morrow, John D.--224, 344 Morrow, John W.-224 Morrow, Helen L.-291 Morrow, Ruth--224 Morton, George-224 Morton, Juanita-224 Mosby, Mary Ann--224, 285 Moseley, Wynn G.-77, 262, 344 Moss, Henry F.-224 Mowat, Elizabeth K.-103, 224 Muir, Wm. Q.--313 Mulkey, Marian--224, 287 Mulloy, Bettye A.-293 Mulloy, James J.-224, 324 Muney, Robert C.-224, 1 10 Munro, Willis, Jr.-224, 310 Murphy, Elinor F.-275 Murray, Virginia D.-150, 262 Meyers, Frank R.--345 Meyers, Julia H.-287 Meyers, Larry H.-224, 303 My es, Arthur L.-77, 80, 150, 262. 303 -N- Nahm, Annette J.-294 Nall, George M.-341 Nally, Romuald-108, 224 Nard, Joseph R.-224, 305 Naser, Ronald O.--224 Nash, Betty C.--291 Neace, Samuel, Jr.--1 10, 224, 344 Neal, Dorothy A.-293 Nealeggney A.-45, 100, 262, Neal, Tom E.-262, 303 Neblett, Wm. A,-224 Nelson, Charles W.--224 Nethken, Robert D.--337 Neudecker, Beverly J.-287 Neuman, Suzanne L.-294 Neuville Fred P.-262, 299 Nevin, thomas A.--224 Newell, Joe P.-224, 341 Newharth, NancEy A.-285 Newman, Edith .-224 Newman, Mary Anne-275 Newson, Billy Joyce-224 Nicholls, L. H.-224, 307 Nichols, Elaine G.-289 Nichols, Fredric--96, 104, 224, 348, 362 Nicholson, Marvin, Jr.-224 Nickell, Archie C.-110,224 Nickell, James M.--224, 348 Nienaber, Howard H.-224 Nightingale, Rufus-227 Nikolas, Robert T.-262, 333 Niles, Beverly J.-289 Noe, Charles W.-227, 305 Noe, May Beam-227, 291 Noland, Bernard C.-321 Noland, Irvin S.-227 Norris, Walter K.-227, 298 Northcutt, Betty L.-227, 275 Northcutt, Geraldine L.-102, 223 Northcutt, Glendora--227, 275 Northcutt, James-262, 333 Nuckols, Seth F.-262, 307 Nunnelley, Nancy Ford-281 Nutting, Mary F.-262 Nyquist, Frances M.-275 -0.- Oakley, Charles H.-202, 333 O'Bannon, Ann E.--150, 262 277 O'Bannon,Wm. v.-114, 150, 227, 352 Ockerman, Thelma-368 Odell, Barbara A.--289 Odell, Mary E.-291 Olgden, Ann-262, 275 O Laughlin, Bernard-106, 262 Oliver, Kenneth-265, 349 Osborn, Della Wheeler-265 Osborn, Doug-265, 368 Osbourne, Evelyn R.-227, 368 Osbourne, Earl .-106, 227 Osborne, Mary Louise-275 Osborne, Virginia-227 Otto, Wm. E.--227 Owen, Flogfd L.-227, 357 Owen, G. .-227, 357 Owen, Opal--150, 227, 279 Owens, John--96, 104, 227, 324 Owens, Joseph-307 ..p- Pace, Betty Carol-281 Pace, Maurice M.-227, 305 Padon, W. C.-227 Palmer, Robert A.-265, 313 Pannell, Judy-287 Pappas, Victor G,-265 Pardue, Mary-47, 85, 91, 277 Pardue, Tom A.-341 Parham, Wm. H.-106, 227 Parrine, Joseph-227 Parry, David A.-265, 307 Park, Carolyn H.-283 Parker, Emily J.-227, 293 Parker, Mary Anna-227, 289 Parker, Zoe W.-287 Parness, Irwin D.-227, 360, 362 Parsons, Joe J.-227 Patch, Gertrude L.-227 Pate, Roger G.-227, 352 Patterson, Betty B.-265, 287 Patterson, Joan C.--265, 289 Patrick, Charles M.-96, 100, 104 227, 310, 362 Patri3l85Emma Lou-227, 289, Patrick, Walter-45, 100, 110, 265, 332, 362 Patterson, Moss-227 Patterson, Patricia Ann-289 Patteson, Linda-279 Patton, James B.-227 Paul, Mary Lois-227 Paul, Vernon F.-118, 227 Pauley, Jack R.-265 Paxson, Maxine Ann-227 Paxton, Pat-281 Payne, Hobart E.-227, 349 Payne, Nancy-227 Peak, John--265 Peak, Sue-279 Peak, Wm. R.--265, 307 Pearce, Robert M.-1 10, 265 Pedigo, John A.-265, 305 Pemble, Charles W.-227 Penix, Ray B.-227 Penn, George T.-227, 305 Pendergrass, George-307 Pennebaker, Martha L.-103, 227 Pentecost, Charles H.-227, 337 Perkins, Fred-92, 96, 100, 118, 227, 305 Perkins, Loui E.-94, 227 Perkins, Wm. T.--227 Perkinson, Laura A.-265, 277 Perrine, Ann-85, 283 Perrine, Jean Llogd-265, 283 Perraut, George .-227, 298 Perry, Marna-368 Peters, John-265, 321 Pewitt, Charles-227 Pewitt, Mac-227, 316, 362 Peterson, Charmaine-265, 293 Pettey, Kathleen--265 Pettitt,Jol'1n-114, 265 Pfeiffer, Joan--265, 283 Phillips, Carl-227, 305 Phillips, Charles-228 Phillips, Kenneth-228 Pickering, Sarah-291 Pigman, Richard-228, 333 Pinson, Mary-279 Platter, Barbara-265, 277 Platter, John--313 Plemmons, John J.-94, 228 Pochomis, Joseph-228 Podkulski, William-321 Poe, William--228, 332 Pogrotsky, Marvin-228, 361 Polites, Andy-341 Pollitt, Kimble-228 Pollitte, James-228 Pollitte, Mary-283 Poole, Harold--228 Porter, Jimmie-228 Porter, Ray-228, 344 Porter, Shirley-265, 285, 295 Porter, Thomas-228, 352 Porter, Walter-228 Porter, Woodrow S.-228 Portmann, Stanley-265, 31 1 Potter, Ella Rena-228, 289 Potts, Harold-325 Powell, Janet--293 Powell, Julius-228, 332,362 Powers, Elbert-228 Powers, Nita-150, 265, 285, 295 Powers, Paul-228 Preston, Barbara-228, 285 Prewitt, Edwina-265, 291 Prewitt, Janice-228 Prewitt, Tom-228 Price, Lona-228, 289, 295 Price, Mary Ellen-228, 287 Price, Robert-228 Price, Walter-228 Prichard, Joan--265, 281 Prichard, William-228, 345 Priestley, Mary-91, 291 Pride, James-228 Pritchett, Charles-228, 348 Proctor, James-303 Pruden, D. H.-92, 118, 228 Pruden, Ida-228 Pryor, Jean-277 Pulliam, Royce-106, 228, 305 Pumphrey, Marian-275 Purdy, Frank-228 ... Q - Quertermous, John-228, 348 -R- Rader, James-228 Radin, Edward--228 Raines, Karen-228, 289 Raker, John-265, 345 Ramey, James-228 Ramey, Nancy-228 Ramsey, Louise-228 Ramsey, Ollie-228 Ramsey, Sally-289 Range, Clarence-305 Ran in, Bertie-265 Rankin, Edwin-265, 352 Ranney, Faye-228 Ranney, Ra ph-106, 228 Rasnick, Rebecca-265 Ratcliff, Robert-265, 321 Rau, Phyllis-265 Rau, Theodore-265, 298 Rauh, Steve-307 Ray, E. O.-228 Ray, Thomas-265, 324 Raybourn, Robert-265, 329 Raymond, Sara-228 Razor, Arthur-228 Razor, Jack-265, 341 Read, Charles-265, 321 Rector, Eleanor--228 Redford, Dorothg-47, 228 Reed, David-2 8 Reed, Leo-231 Reed, Leslie-108, 265 Rees, Glenn-231 Reese, William-231, 352 Renfro, John-92, 118, 231 Reid, Jack-333 Reusch, Elmer-231 Rogers, William-313 Rogers, William-231, 313 Romanowitz, Lois-289 Rose, Floyd-77, 231 Rose, Frederick-231, 352 Rose, Harold--325 Rose, John--231 Rose, Mary-231, 279 Rose, Ralph-231 Rose, Raymond-266, 337 Ross, Carolyn-293 Ross, Elizabeth-281 Ross, James-231 Ross, Joe-231 Ross, Ray-266, 352 Ross, Richard-94, 266 Ross Wallace-232 Rosson, Barbara-232, 291 Reynolds, Elizabeth-113, 265 Reynolds, George-104, 231, 305 Reynolds, James-303 Reynolds, Joyce-287 Reynolds, Kenneth-357 Rhoades, William-231, 310 Rhodemyre, Lynne-289 Rhodemyre, Richard-114,231, 31 1 Rhodes, Jo Ann-231, 283 Rhodes, Jo Ann-231, 283 Rhodes, Roy-321 Rice, Edwin-106, 231,333 Rice, Helen-265 Rice, John-313 Rice, Russell-231 Rich, Sue-277 Rich, William-352 Richards, Doris-91, 279 Richards, Nancy-265, 283 Richard, Robert-231 Richardson, 'Kitty--23 1, 275 Richey, Mariorie-265, 283 Richterkessing, Ronna--293 Riddle, Louis--265 Riddle, Paul--231 Ridgell, Kathryn-283 Ridle , MaryJo-113, 150, 265, 2 5 Ridlehoover, Margaret-27 Riel, Caroline-265 Rigau, lleana-265 Riggle, Betty-265 Riggs, James-231, 310 Riley, Pat-265, 313 Riley: Wm. M.-94, 231 Ritc ie, Alan-231, 307 Ritz, Marilyn-231 Rivera, Audaz-231 Roach, Eugene-231 Roach, Wm. M.-94, 115, 231 Roadcap, Charles A.-108, 231 Roaden, Ova-231 Roades, Joanne-265, 281 Robbins, C. G.-231 Roberts, John-231, 357 Robertson, Diane-266, 281 Robertson, Richard-1 10, 266 Robertson, Robert-231, 329 Robertson, Wilburn-92, 1 18, 231 Robinette, Carl-231 Robinson, Anna C.-231 Robinson, Calvin-231, 305, 362 Robinson, Delbert-231 Robinson, Robbie-266, 279 Rodes, D er-341 Rodger, Ei izabeth-289 Rodgers, John-341 Roemele, Eugene-325 Rogers, Edward T.-108, 115 Rogers, Emmett-231, 352 Rogers, Frank-231 Rogers, Hang-231, 341 Rogers, Joe .-108, 115, 231 Rogers, John-1 14, 231 Rogers, Mary--266 Rogers, Suzanne-45, 46, 102, 231, 279 Rotunno, Anthon -232, 316 Rouben, Joe I.-266 Rouse, Bobbie Ann-291 Rouse, Isaac-96, 232, 344 Routt, Martha-113, 232, 368 Routt, Winston C.-1 15, 232 Rowady, Edward-100, 1 18, 232 Rowland, Betty-232 Rowland, Ceci -232 Roy, Sylvan O.-108, 115,232 Roy, Walter-232, 310 Ruberg, Robert-110,266 Rudd, Jeann-266, 289 Ruddy, John-266, 333 Ruffier, Sue-266 Rugles, Edward-232 Ruh, Rose-232, 293 Rupard, Harryette-266 Russell, Bette-293 Russell, Donald-48, 232, 344, 362 Russell, Harriet-287 Russell, Robert-232, 348 Rybolt, George--266, 333 Rylander, Bernard-232 -5- Sachse, Priscilla-285 Sack, Joseph-232 Saffell, Cora F.-232, 28 Salisbury, George-266 Sallee, Hubert-232 Salot, Rogert-337 Salyers, Earl-232 Sams, Oren-232 Sams, Willie-232 Samson, Betty-293 ' Samuel, Billy-266, 337 Samuels, William-266, 352 Sanders, Florence-232, 281 Sandner, James-310 Sandusky, June-289 Santiago, Josue-232 Satterfield, Virginia-103, 232, 293 Sauer, John-232 Saunders, Richard--266, 333 Saunders, William-77, 232, 305 Saunier, Kenneth-232 Sauteben, Wilson-232 Saylor, James-266, 313 Scanlon, John--232 Scent, William-106, 232,324 Schardein, Donald-349 Schenks, Maxine--232 Scherer, Bolzr-325 Schill,Star1Iey-232 Schimpeler, Henry--232, 352 Schisler, Mary-232, 289 Schlegel, Jeannine-232, 291 Schmidt, Dorothy-266, 279 Schmitz, Joseph-92, 232 Schneider, Arthur-232 Schrader, Preston-232 Schulenberg, William-266 Schureck, Raymon L.-108, 266 Schuster, Lloyd-266, 359 Schwab, Carl M.-232 Scott, Carlos-80, 353 Scott, Harry-232 Scott, Hugh-232 Scott, James-232 Scott, Juanita-232 Scott, Mabel-293 Scott, Nancy-266 Scrivner, lrvin-341 PERSONAL INDEX Scroggins, Charles-232, 324 Seale, Eva-232, 277 Seaman, Blair--266, 313 Seaman, Helen-289 Sears, Bob-232 Sears, Paul-232 Seath, Dorothy-266, 285 Seaton, Marlin-232 Seaton, Paul-235 Sebastian, William-92, 235 Seelhorst, Arthur-77, 235 Self, Chester-235 Self, Edward-235, 329 Semonin, W. J.-325 Sewell, Benjamin-235 Sewell, Pat-277 Shacklett, Herbert-235, 356 Shafer, Barbara-103, 235, 283 Shaffer, Loren-235 Shaffer, Margaret-266 Shanklin, Barbara-266, 291 Shannon, Philip-310 Sharff, Zelma-235 Sharp, Ann--235 Sharp, Bonnie--266, 281 Sharpe, Charles-266, 352 Sheets, Feraldine-266, 289 Sheets, Ola-235 Shell, James-266, 352 Shelley, Richard-316 Shelton, Steve-266, 329 Smith, Yvonne-266 Smither, W. R.--236 Snedigar, Joyce--236 Snider, Thomas-236 Snow, Jack-266 Snow, Rodger-31 1 Snyder, George-236 Sohmer, Henry-359 Soper, William--341 Southworth, Frank--236, 310 Sowers, William-236, 307 Spain, Thomas-266, 348 Spaulding, Harriette-236, 28 Spaulding, Henry-235, 352 Sparks, William-236, 340 Sparrow, G. T.--236, 305 Sparrow, Maria--236, 287 SDS-Brs, Clyde-236, 352 Spears, Donald-236, 352 Speer, Joseph T.-236 Spencer, Eugene-236 Spencer, Maryanne-236, 233 5Dencer, Merle-236, 293 Spillman, Karolyn-269, 279 Spillman, T. R.-236 Spillman, William-97, 313 Spinks, John-236, 357 SDVPQEHS, Betty-269 Springer, Ray-236 Staley, John-236 Sheridan, Martha-266 Sherlock, Don-235, 310 Sherman, George--114, 118,235 Sherman, James-235 Sherman, Sherman, Jean-150, 235, 285 Leila-291 Shields, Ann--277 Stallard, Dow-236 Stamer, Daniel-236, 305 Stampen, William-236 Stamper, Clifford-337 Stamper, Robert-356, 236 Stanford, Eugene-77, 269, 302 Stapleton, Francis-236 a l Shields, Marjorie-235 Shitlet, Ronald-235, 340 Shindelbower, Martha-103, 235 Shinnick, Mary E.--281 Shirley, James-235 Shoemaker, William-235 Short, Arvil-235 Short, Buford-l 10, 235 Short, Hardin-266, 313, 362 Short, Helen-235 Short, Patricia-266 Shropshire, David-344 Shuck, Shirley--287 Siddens, Betty-293 Sigler, James-266, 337 Siler, Annette-103, 266,279 Siler, Martin--235 Simms, Joe-235, 317 Simon, Robert-88, 235 Simpf, Katherine--235 Sims, James-235 Simpson, Faye-368 Simpson, Mary--266, 289 Siria, Gilbert-266, 348 Siria, Wallace-235, 348 Sither, Allen-235 Sivis, Betty--235 Sizemore, Richard-235 Skaggs, Wilmer-235 Skinner, Ken-329 Sloanjygilliam-96, 106, 235, Slone, Edward--235 Smart, Bernice-266 Smart, Fred-235 Smith, Ava B.-232 Smith, Cawood-1 10, 235 Smith, Charles-310 Smith, Edwin--235 Smith, Elizabeth--235 Irvine 236, 317 P15-if Stark, Roger-118, 236, 316 Steele, E. Joyce-236, 285 Steele, George-236 Steele, James-236, 317 M 'l -279 Steele, ari yn Steely, Andrew-269, 353 Steen, Jack-269 Steeves, Nancy-275 Steilberg, Donald-236 Steiner, Conrad-349 Stephens, Bernard-333 Steph Steph Steph Steph Steph ens, Bruce-106, 236 ens, Chester-236 ens, Joseph-236, 357 ens, Robert-110, 269, 310 enson, Anna-269 Stevens, Eugene--150, 236 Stevens, Jean-236, 277 Stevens, John J.-236 Stevens, Virginia-269, 287 Stewa Stewa Stewa Stewa rt, Barbara-236, 275 rt, James-236, 317 rt, Kenneth-88, 236 rt, Robert-236, 310 Stikeleather, Homer-269, 303 Stilleiggnice-103, 150, 236, Stilz, Ruth-277 Stokely, Jane--269, 283 sion, Betty-236, 287 Stoll, George-236, 336 Stoll, Richard--269, 337 Stone, D. Marian--275 Stone, James-1 18, 239, 352 Stone, Mary-287 Stone, R. H.-94, 269 Stone John-239 rl Storm, Barbara-283 Storti, Angelo-239 Smith, Gordon-235, 344 Smith, Helen--266 Smith, Joseph-77, 235, 305 Smith, Leslie-158, 235 Smith, Linda-266, 281 Smith, Lloyd-235 Smith, Marlys-289 Smith, Mary-266 Smith, Paul-235, 313 Smith, Ralph-235 Smith, Ra mond--114, 118,235 Smith, Robert- G.-235, 321 ' Smith, Robert L.-236 Smith, Robert S.-45, 77, 88, 104, 236, 298 Smith, Samuel-110, 266 Smith, Tom--266, 344 Smith, Walter H.-236 Smith, William-236 Stout, John--239, 313 Stratton, Horace-239 Street, Johni-239, 299 Streets, Harold-106 Strickland, Paul--269 Strode, Mary-287 Strohbeck, Wm. H.-239 Stromberg, Fred--321 Strother, Jack-239, 310 Stroube, Edward-150, 269, 298 Strunk, Betty-81, 239 Stumbo, Harold-329 Sturm, Jane-293 Sublett, John-106, 269 Sullivan, Aaron-239 Ii' B b -285 Su ivan, ar ara Sullivan, Charles-239, 357 Sullivan, Daniel--353 Suit, Robert-269, 349 381 wiisonf E. Jeanne-244, 279 PERSONAL INDEX Sumnggig, Robert-80, 92, 239, Sutherland, Thomas--239 Swain, William-239, 294 Swanson, Walter-239 Swayze, Suzanne-279 Swetnam, Mary-120, 269 I Swieterman, Robert-77, 269, 337 Swift, William-239 Swinford, Mary-239, 291 Swint, Marjorie-269, 279 Switzer, Barbara-269 Swofford, Martha-81, 102, 1 13, Tucker, Fred-240 Tucker, Jane-240 Tudor, Charles--240, 313 Tuggle, John-240 Tully, John-109, 240, 310 Tully, Rosemar --289 Tune, Loren-240, 356 Tupman, Linus-92, 240 Washer, Forrest-243 Wathem, Joe-270, 316 Wathen, Charles D.-94, 243 Watkins, Anita-279 Watkins, John-243, 341 Watlington, Nancy-270, 293 Turner, Billie-287 Turner, Carl-240, 321 Turner, Carl-31 1 Turner, Gardner-313 Turner, Ro -269, 298 Tuthill Robert-240 Tuttle,'Dan-333 239, 285 Swope, Samuel-239 Sympson, Marie-239, 291 .. 1' ... Tabb, Thomas-239, 345 Tackett, Charles-45, 345 Tackett, Ramona-269, 287 Tac ket t, Wanda-283 Talbott, George-239 Talmadge, Allen-239 Tarter, Stanley--77, 239 Tatum, Omar--239, 310 Tyroler, Charles-53, 269, 359 Tweedy, Margaret-287 .. U ... Ulinski, Ann-240 Ulinski, Harry-240 Underwood, homas-96, 110, 24 O, 324 Urbach, Adele-240 Utley, Hema-352 Utterback, obcrt-240,352 Watson, Charlotte--270, 279 Watson, Henry--110, 270 Watts, Clyde-96, 243, 348 Wayman, Barbara-285 Wayman, William-243, 352 Weakley, E. Ryburn-88, 96, 104, 150, 243, 298 Weatherby, Cornelia-243 Weatherspoon, Glenn-104, 1 I4 114, 118, 243,316 Webb, Floyd-243 Webb, Jane--BI, 90, 281 Webb, Joseph-243 Webb, Samuel-243, 302 Weber, Herman-329 Weber, Kathryn-270, 285 Webster, Robert--243, 356 Weil, Richard--243, 359 Weinberg, Arthur-270, 359 Weisenberi, Sol-359 Weisman, nna-270 Welch, John-I06, 270 Welch, William-243 Wilson, Allen-244 Wilson, B. L.-244 Wilson, C. Lois-279 Wilson, Charles-244, 352 Wilson, David--114, 244, 313 Wilson, Don-337 Wilson Dorothy-275 Wilson, Gilbert-106, 244 Wilson, Harold D.-352 Wilson Wilson , Harold M.-244 , Hobert-244 Wilson, Jimmie D.-244 Wilson, John-244 Wilson, Louisa-270, 287 Wilson, Margaret-81, 270 Wilson, Martha-287 Wilson, Ralph-270, 307 Wilson, Robert-210 Wilson, Willa--270, 277 Winburn, Anne-291 Tatum, Ralph-239, 310 Taylor, Aaron--239 Taylor, Arnold--269, 299 Taylor, Boyd-106, 269 Ta lor arol n 289 V , C , v - Taylor, Daniel--239, 324 Taylor, Dudley-269 Taylor, Delbert-1 14, 239 Taylor, Frances-289 Taylor, Jackson-239 Taylor, Janet--285 Taylor, Ralph-239 Taylor, Robert-92, 239 Taylor, Thomas M.-94, 108, 239 Taylor Waitman-269, 317 -v.... Valentine, William-269 Vance, William-269 Vance, Frances-291 Vance, Owen-240, 305 Vance, Thomas B.-240 Van Deren, Charlotte-291 Van Gemeren, Dirk-1 14, 240 Van Meter, Jeanne-269, 279 Van Meter, Lois-240, 291 Vantrease, Mary-277 Vaughan, Betty-47, 269, 277 Vaughan, James-240 Wells, Betty Jo-243 Wells, Frances--243, 279 Wells, Harold-243, 321 Wells, Morris-243 Wells, Russel-243 Wesley, Faye-243, 277 Wesley, James-243, 307 Wesley, Robert-243, 316 West, Eugene-270 West, James-243, 310 West, Joyce-203, 243 West, Mary Jane-270, 291 West, West, Weste Mary Jo-270, 275 Nancy-81, 150,270 rfield, William-243 Tempe st, Sylvia-269 Vaughan, Joseph-240, 349 Temple, Richard-269 Terrell, Ronald-239 Testa, Angelo--239, 307 Thatcher, Lillian-239 Theobald,Charles-118, 239 Thomas, Clifford-239 Thomas, Douglas-239 Thomas, George-239 Thomas, James--239, 344 Thompson White Thomas, Peggy-269, 291 Thomas, Sara-103, 239, 281 Thomas, Winforcl--88, 239, 313 Thompson, Betty A.-239 Thompson, Betty-275 Thompson Brent-239, 299 Thompson, James-80 Thompson, Jennie--289 Thompson, Joe--92, 239 Thompson, Nancy-289 Thompson, Shelley-283 , Thomas-239, 324 Vaughan, Joyce-269 Vaughn, Mary Wood-240, 281 Vaughn, Paul-240 Vaughn, Robert-269 Vertrees, Clarence-240 Vest, Ada Ruth-240, 285 Vincent, Carl-92, 240 Vinson, Carey-240 Violette, Marilyn-275 Vittitow, Robert-302 Voss, Arthur J.-240 Vossler, George-240, 305 -W- Waddell, Glenna-240, 277 Wages, Robert-333 Wagner, Berz-269, 31 I Wagner, Ray-269, 321 Whalen, Allen-270, 302 Whaley, Bernice-275 Wharton, Mary-291 Wharton, Robert-45, 96, 104 118, 243, 352, 362 Wheat, Earl-349 Wheeler, Betty-277 Wheeler, George W.-243 Wheeler, William-243 Whisman, John-158 White, Carl-243 White, Dorothy-243 White, Elizabeth-150 White, Henry-270, 333 White, James-243 White, Joseph-243 White, Kyle-243 White, Norma--243, 293 White, Ruth-270 White, William-243, 353 Whitfield, A. C.-243, 324 house, William-270, 333 Williams Thornsberr , Beavin-239 Thornton, ghristine-291 Thornton, Grace--291 Thornton, Raymond-1 14, 239 Thorra, Randall--240, 345 Thre keld, Paul-118, 240 Thurston, Charles-337 Tichenor, Carroll-269 Tichenor, Robert-333 Tletyen, John-357 Tiller, Robert--269, 321 Tilton, Virginia-269, 291 Timmons, Harry-240 Todd, Bosworth-97, 341 Todd, James-352 Tolley, Alfred-240 Tomey, Richard-332 Toms, Margaret-269, 287 Toombs, Lou-289 Toombs, Mary--277 Toomey, Kenneth-240 Townes, Thomas-100, 240, 31 O Travis, Gloria-294 Trefz, Ruth-150 Tribble, Charles-240 Tribble, Ernestine-240 Trimble, Lou-240, 293, 295 Truitt, John-337 Truman, Lee--240, 340 Waits, Dorothy-240 Waits, Stewart-240 Waitowicz, Joe-269, 333 Walker, Doyle--240 Walker, James-353 Walker, Richard-150, 329 Walker, Ronald-269, 333 Walker, William-240 Wallace, Jap-348 Wallace, Jo n-240 Wallace, Victor Conrid-108, 240 Walsh, Eva-269, 293 Whitley, Mary1-243 Whitmer, Kat eryn-120, 270 Whitney, Robert-243 Whitt, Paul-115, 243 Whitten, Joan-291 Whittenberg, Gil-270, 344 Whittenburg, William-243 Whitton, Roger-243, 316 Wilborn, Tom-313 Wilding, Richard-243 Wiley, Corless-88, 243 Wilkinson, David-325 Winfrey, Annabelle-275 Wintsch, Frederick-244, 333 Witt, George-244, 332 Witt, John-244, 357 Witt, Zollie-244, 302 Witten, Edna-285 Wohlstein, Richard--270, 361 Wolf, Jane-281 Wolfinberger, Victor G.-244 Wolford, James E.--270, 333 Womack, Richard G.--I 14, 244 Womack, Richard M.-244 Womack, William L.-244 Womble, James-244 Woods Aillen W.-106, 270, 324, 6 Wood, Dorothy-287 Wood, Kenneth-244 Wood, Leonard-270, 336 Wood, Mattie-270, 281 Wooclktgleree H.-102, 113, 244, Wood, Woodson-106, 244, 340 Woods, Anne H.--275 Woods, Jack W.--94, 244 Woodaward, Charles-77, 244, 44 ' Woodward, William-244 ' Word, Carroll E.-244 Word, James A.-244 Word, John H.-244 Wortord, Oren A.-244 Worley, Ansel A.-270 Wright, Dale L.-270 Wright, Hubert C.-244, 316 Wright, Paul J.--361 Wyatt, Jane-270, 283 Wyatt, John-106, 244 -Y- Yackowskey, Michael-270, 361 Yager, Julia-270, 291 Yancy, Raymond-270 Yankee, Woodford E.-332 Yates, Bobbie Dean-279 Yates, Eleanor-277 Yeary, Charles-77, 345 Walthall, Dorothy-269, 275 Walton, Warren-114, 1 18, 243 Wanless, Margaret-277 Ward, John-269, 313 Ward, Peggy-283 Ward, Shir ey-283 Ward, William-240, 324 Wardman, William-240, 341 Ware, Donald K.-269 Ware, William-240 Willhite, M. Louise-368 Williams, Ann-150 Williams, Clarence-243 Williams, Jane-281 Williams, Jesse--353 Williams, Mary-277 Williams, Ro er-313 on, gdwin-270 Warner, Gayle-269, 336 Warren, D. H.-316 Warren, Doris-I 13, 240 Warren, Jean-150, 269, 283 Warren, Karl-270 Warren h llis 270 289 , P V - , Wash, James-243, 336 Williamson, George-243, 356 Williamson, Jean-283 Willing, Barbara-243, 287, 295 Willingham, Robert-337 Willis, Conrad-244 Willis, T. C,.-94, 270 Wills, Charles-270, 299 Wills, Glenn-150, 244,310 Wills, Kenneth-244 Young Alice-281 Young: Charles E.-270, 329 Young, Charles W., Jr.-244, 340 Young, Donald-244 Young John E.-244, 356, 362 Youngf Laura Jane--150, 244 Young, Mary Lillard--270, 281 Young, Nancy Ann--275 Young, Paul--244 Young, Priscilla-270 Younger, Roy-2-70 Youtsey, Sarah Ann-244, 289 - Z - Tucker, Charles-316 382 Washburn, Harry-48, 118, 243 Wills, Warren-244 Zax, Hen? E.-108, 244 Zinovoy, ranklin-270,359 Zinser, Wm. B.-115, 244 Zornes, Imogene-270, 279 Zuckerman, Leonard-270, 359 Alma Magna Mater ...... 122 Alpha Chi Sigma ............ 84 Alpha Alpha Gamma Delta Pi ...... 274-275 Delta .............. 276-277 Alpha Gamma Rho ................ 296-299 Alpha Lambda Delta ...... 85 Alpha Phi Omega ...... 86-87 Alpha Sigma Phi .... 300-303 Alpha Tau Omega .. 304-305 Alpha Xi Delta ,.,.,. 278-279 Alpha Zeta ...................... 88 Alpha Zeta Omega .......... 89 American Chemical Society .................. 123 American Pharmaceutical Association ,....... 124 Bacteriology Society .... 125 Band ................................ 60 Baptist Student Union ................ 68-69 Beauty Queens .......... 26-35 Carter .............. ......... 3 3 Critchlow ...., ..... 3 0 Hunter 1 ...... ,,,,,, 3 2 McCabe ...... ...... 3 5 Moore ..... ...... 2 8 Saffell ..... ...... 3 l Wilson .............. ...... 3 4 Beta Sigma Rho ............ 360 Block and Bridle .,.......... 132 290-291 Board of Publications ...... 50 Boyd Hall ...................,.. 365 Canterbury Club Chamber of .. 70-71 Deans .... ..... . 37-39 Deans of Women ............ 40 Delta Delta Delta .. Delta Tau Delta .... Delta Zeta .....,...... Disciples Student Fellowship ..... Donovan 282-283 308-31 1 284-285 75 36 Dutch Lunch Club .......... 82 Electrical Engineers ........ Engineering Student Council . ....... 126-127 48 Eta Kappa Nu ............ 92-93 Fine Arts Building .......... 66 4-H Club ................... . .... Freshman Club ..... Future Teachers ............ 136 79 137 Hamilton House ............ 368 Harlan County Club 138 Hillel Foundation ............ 76 Home Economics Club .. 139 House Presidents Council .................... 47 Intercollegiate Debate .. 153 Interfaith Council ............ 49 lnterfraternity Council 362 Intramurals Jewell Annex Jewell Hall ..... ......... Juniors ...... ..... K-Book ..... K-Club ........... Kappa Alpha ........ Kappa Alpha Theta ...... ..... Kappa Delta .......... Kappa Kappa Gamma Commerce ..,... 133 Chi Delta Phi ......,........... 90 Chi Omega ..,......... 280-281 Choristers ,....................... 61 Civil Engineers ...... 128-129 Cosmopolitan Club .... .... 1 34 Cwens ..................... ...... 9 1 Dairy Club ....... .... 1 35 Dean of Men ...... ...... 4 0 Kappa Psi ...... Kappa Sigma Kentuckian .............. Kentucky Engineer . 186-187 367 364 248-271 58 140 312-313 286-287 288-289 .. 94-95 314-317 .. 52-53 56 Kentucky Kernel ........ 54-55 Kentucky Law Journal .... 57 Keys .......................... 97-99 Lambda Chi Alpha .. 318-321 Lamp and Cross .............. 96 Lances ............. 100 Lances Carnival ..... .... 1 O1 League of Women Voters .................... 141 Lydia Brown House ...... 367 McDowell House ............ 367 Mechanical Engineers ,... 130 Men's Glee Club ............ 62 Mortar Board ...... .... 1 02 Newman Club ,..,. .......... 7 4 Northern Extension ........ 162-163 Norwood Society .......... 131 Omicron Delta Kappa ,........... 104-105 Panhellenic Council ...... 295 Patterson Hall .............. 366 Patterson Literary Society .................. 142 Pershing Rifles .... . 146 Phalanx .........................,.. 77 Phi Alpha Delta .... 106-107 Phi Beta ............. ....... 1 03 Phi Delta Chl .........,...... 108 Phi Delta Phi ...,,... 110-111 Phi Delta Theta .... 322-325 Phi Eta Sigma ................ 112 Phi Kappa Tau ...... 326-329 Phi Mu Alpha ................ 109 Phi Sigma Kappa .... 330-333 Phi Upsilon Omicron .... 113 Pi Kappa Alpha .... 334-337 Pi Tau Sigma ..... ....... 1 14 Pitkin Club ..... ...... 7 8 Press Club .................... 143 Professor of the Year .... 41 Page Index Pryor Pre-Med Society .......,.... 144-145 Rho Chi .......,....... ...... 1 15 Sadie Hawkins Day .... 98-99 Sayre Hall ...................... 367 Scabbard and Blade ...... 147 Seniors .................... 190-245 Sigma Alpha Epsilon ............ 338-341 Sigma Chi ............ 342-345 Sigma Gamma Epsilon .. 116 Sigma Nu .............. 346-349 Sigma Phi Epsilon .. 350-353 Sigma Pi Sigma ............ 117 Social Work Club ........ 152 Sports .................... 164-187 Student Bar Association .... 148-149 Student Government Association ........ 44-45 Student Union Board ...... 46 Suky ...................... 150-151 Symphony Orchestra ...... 63 Tau Alpha Pi ..,.,,.,....,.,. 294 Tau Beta Pi .... ..... 1 18-119 Tau Kappa ....,...........,... 361 Tau Kappa Alpha ........ 153 Tau Sigma ....,.....,.,. 154-155 Theta Sigma Phi ............ 120 Triangle ................ 354-357 Troupers ................ 156-157 Upperclass Fellowship .... 79 Veterans Club ........ 158-159 WAA ...............,...... 160-161 Wesley Foundation .... 72-73 Women's Glee Club .. 64-65 YMCA Cabinet ........ YWCA Cabinet Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Tau Alpha 80 358-359 292-293 383 jilgfit. "TU rg.-'N "' DPI, 0 ,. After the melee' . . . the final picture in, the copy finished, the last subscription taken . . . staff heads gave in to emotion. Business Manager Wilson smirks with maniacal glee, Editor Patrick assumes his natural death-warmed-over pallorg and Managing Editor Shinnick-OF ALL THINGS--tries to look sexy. Other staff members were cozily stacked in vacant filc drawers or out--to get a soda. Funny how working on thc KYIAN brings the better side of staff members out in the open. lT'S ALL OVER NOW . . . . . And though our cozy little office, charmingly nestled at the base of UK's radio tower, no longer rings with fiendish laughter or heated argument, we of the staff can't help rejoicing because our work is done. We sincerely hope you like your l95O KEN- TUCKIAN - its pages are marked with more blood, sweat, and tears than you can possibly know, but we've enjoyed every minute of it. Our heartfelt thanks go to the long-suffering print- ers of the Kentucky Kernel plant who bore with us through thick and thin, to the Indianapolis Engraving Company which made all cuts, and to the Kingsport Press for the covers and binding. lndividual photographs were taken by the Jean Sardou Studios of New York, while Ben Williams of Lexington was our official photographer. The beauty 384 queen portraits were taken by Barton Battaile, Lex- ington, and we think he did an excellent job. We are grateful for the use of the Student Union Building last fall for the taking of pictures. Members of the staff gave freely of their time dur- ing exams and vacations, and a wreath of laurel must go to Managing Editor Shinnick for getting the editor out of bed with telephone calls to come to work . . . a prodigious task accomplished only by relentless effort. Finally, thanks to YOU for buying our book. Charles M. Patrick Editor.

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