University of Kentucky - Kentuckian Yearbook (Lexington, KY)

 - Class of 1947

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University of Kentucky - Kentuckian Yearbook (Lexington, KY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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L 'S bww 1 ' PK 1f.:J?,-TYQf'1 ff-"Lf "' 1. , - -,.4,"y'viq ggyw-. . I- lk' Y V ',w1: I,.--if.-w - T fx-I-'K nu. -A ,. , K- ,JQ O L. ' 5 V rn' . N. '?? g , J V,-.vw 1 V " 4 1 1 f -sv 3 ' Arms ' BLR? xmfmsxxm, V Univensity of 2KEn'Eu oky j V is breientkd to your big? Qchwal V library vrlth the complzfinggrbs 'gf U.K.g in the hope thgf imijiml wa, of interest to your ut Public 1 x, ' If xwwwmsmrnm 'f .! A 1 'LQ 5 Q ' ye' ' . I 32 UQ' ' , , 3731 ,, .I,.f ,. In .. .lf Wk .gg'Q:Lw.1g,,, 1,-h s"'2.x .' '- " ---f ' , 1 -I - . , Q' " Q' , N' . I"-f'I": f Wifi' N ' . - ' 5 Qmff 1 -' ' , . ' ,' S' ' , - ff ff 4 ' rs. 2 ,535 V ' q ' L . 4 ', it fig X, 4 ' . I L -. T7 .f .- " V L Li., v K - was-f -- . U 1 215 ' 1Ii"'- ' ' 241: R 'J U C I ' Vx, 2559 ' - 3 it-1. -3 1 ' ' I 1'1" W ,, iv' ' if? df", g,',,3-I fe 'Lk Hfgf-qwt fi' ' Q., - 5 - ' 1' , MST, ' 1 - M' if. f .N "' 'Q A!k5'1'.r 1 ' ' , ' uf'- -:fig . V ., " H Q ' N 5, fm. " " .1 -315' ' , 5 ' ' bpm . f -1 ' my i ' , .gy , -'Q' 'V 7' t , ,fniff X -:sl as If 1. w ,,-, -L v:i,,f , X we if'-s 2, J - A ff? A ' 4' B T' g 1' . I '- V ,- I. .mW'NW QL? .+w. ' ' ' 4! P4':i1'!Jb 'if' zff"': ' W 'N . .-nun fy' ff- J 'NYS' 4. 'fif- if' A " - ' A - fx wr' . V , My , A bww fwww-1 - iNVmUVMWNWW5kHf Nwf 'f -+r . N 111 I '-ff if r,7,-'lf ff' g f J ,-5 , - - ,A i iw TH. -,,:1v4i,1x.-, 5 i I 1' 4. . 1 , , ,' , w'iL if-L-I Q, 'ag -1! Q.-1 , .gf 'v 'LL '1v,a,,,'. nv' 5'-X HS. fg3,11', , .nf f1,1.1'1.y.,'--3' ' ' 1- 'w,,Q4,4 ,Wig N 7, if5q"T" f"f" "' H ' 1' " .x'5Wi' "1 n15" ' f ""'-' 5 ! 11 X , '. ilgivffa 'mini .. f . -A., .. H . J- . . f ,-- , -. - . LL 5 if EY U li V 1 E 4 Q 'i ' . if N ! V 'a If 1 1 'A S 1, -1 5? E .1 n, L fx 'E 'I ?i 1 P il ! Q' Ii '1 I 1 61.07. A'0 c 'l-'xx 9 4 'Y K e 11 t u c k ian The Kentuckian Published annually by the Senior Class of the University of Kentucky 1947 F'il' ig31'- I ' Af-1. oo Vim-57 if !! 1 K y J "!,ga4K I Dedication To the memory of Frances Jewell McVey, beloved First Lady of the campus, the 1947 Kentuckian is dedicated with treasured memories of a life devoted to the Uni- versity, to the Commonwealth, and to the highest ideals of living. In Memoriam Head of DR. HENRY BEAUMONT Professor of Psychology DEAN C. R. MELCHER Former Dean of Men PROF. C. C. ROSS Department of Educational Psychology MR. T. C. TUCKER Superintendent of Shops MISS JESSIE WILSON Registrar's Office Professor Of The Year Dr. Thomas D. Clark, head of the department of history and noted Southern historian, was named "Distinguished Profes- sor of the Year" by the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Clark joined the University staff in 1931. He was made acting head of the department of history in 1941 and head in 1945. He was recently named president of the Southern Historical Association. 17, 'S ,cg QXX, 'iz ,,1. 1 i t 1 Q K li' K fl .I X 8 5 65 1 ku luuiigrpnynuc X xi ., it y ifiifiiii 9 wx! NUS yt NK 4 Q 1 4- mg' KH Beauty CLASSES Senior Junior . Sophomore Freshman Honoraries . Administrative Sports . . Publications ROTC . Clubs GREEKS Fraternities Sororities Girls' Dorms Service . 14-20 . 26-64 . 66-95 97-104 105-118 123-150 151-178 179-199 201-207 209-222 223-261 266-303 306-327 331-338 L 1 N w 1 ix' ' be Q A X V V ,par-'iq QQ gk b nkm M E, my 9 xxx nv QV ff? 'eamnmvwfnll BK 'Tas AX? Q f ,,0MxJ , Q 0 , A . m f O 5 , i Z . WI 'S Nl A wwf 1 . o 1 , Q ' 0 ,QW 09 , NT , I' I HV' M, 'L L f If 'fl K 4' I " fm M W W ' f f ' QW JI M U ' ' X , U: -..,, QM, if mi' Q President DR. HERMAN LEE DONOVAN EDWARD Wmsr Commerce ALVIN E. EVANS Law W. D. FUNKHOUSER Graduate School Deans '34 'Z-L' E. L -'ff 1 ' ' ,... .X .. I . PAUL PRENTICE BOYD WILLIAM S, TAYLOR Arts and Sciences Education THOMAS P. COOPER Agriculture and Home Economics DANIEL V. TERRELL Engineering -uunqu v N z 1 'x A Q 4. ,, ,H "Iii L," , .. . ' "7 ,iff Y ' ' Qgiw , , " . A l W I , V ' V --i-' l' - , , '- , - .2 - ' '11 ' ' WJ Q -. , H ' -----.ffl 'JR'-r - "- I., I H- .E ,L --fi ' -.H - :Lg ' .'-, ' 'Q v' -"J - , LM' x 1' J' .W VN ",: 1-" f -' ' ' 2:2 gk, AJ- A ' '41, Y' .Q 1 f.-' '7"i ,:- ' 'V ' Pin'-' -. r-.Nl rf 'I '31,-'fl' .,:...,:,. I 41' '- , 1 , l 'i1,!-A, W W 1 W F ,fr f."1N' ' r ' 'J . ' '1- , W V 'I -V 4'--I , , . ., 1"-fy - .f - - .X la - I, ' I E 1 19, ' ' ' " is -. 'I ' A ,C IF- Lf .3 :.'73.,,h'fT '1 A :L ' ff "'5-A552-7255545534 ,' -,. K Q. - 1 . - . fr - ,'p-arg? , 1 E , . ,..'Q,, , . '- jif:'qg2Yfjj'34-. , I-M' W" I Tfxrglifi J.. egg- tb. 1-1 .-V Y a. . .' '- .k..'a-L..-4,!. - . ' -:'v3'f?' il" 1' ' - . 3' iff:-,:' T .fi " f' -'71 2 :W--.,'N - A ,"'Yi!' f in 'LQ -,QgAi1,.,3'f1",-5,1 A ' .I , .- ... 5 N 3 'Q --..,'15,-Q, H . ' ""-' ig 165' I-Imzinjv ' '-:' QL. " 1 4 ' l ' , -'- -,H---f"."' ',5f,f'Q7b A' Q- - - -' - - .. 1:1 ' X A -'ff' - '-H,-1, -s 1, H." ' ' "'A -5 ' ' -4, L- .x I Sf: ,,,- if 'lg-'vga 5,1-xi"-12 -"ff-itZ.w ' " ' Sfd, -'-A: f14:.gA' 'X,'.1'.-"-l- 9. -I -. , ' -4-- QU, - --x-: 4 .Nw--fy- 5. ,I ' Y 1, . ' ,Q ' 2 PX! UWfiJ'?4:vs-f-5:-,1-2,-.FV 5551- , 'rl ,' -'- ,uf .- ' ' , '- 1 f- . -: -h14a1"' 22' .Kal ' .gf f' ' .Zn '-Qfrii-2,155 'vi . W " - " - H 5-.' 14- ""l4"1' ',.'1n:-:',.' ' V , ' w 1. "1 f V - I l.: . v ' - Q - - Q f -,Q--L .Q -- X Phi? X Y V 4,3 :V ,-I :rg M--1155 ,- , - , ' 1 -'1 .,,,, H th'-in . " .pw-, J , x Q , ' x g...:25-- V 4.23 1 if df' .-w - A- . 1 :pf-,: ' Q :Q 5, M' .' YW'-5' 3 .0 " A '. - ff, -- , V - . ' " ig, I V A -- A . gil , Q 'rf-' 4 " -' . A ., .. , ' . " - 1 ,' - , ' F f f 9 -- 1 - -- . . ' 3 Q 4. L ,F , Q gnfuc W f . , X , ,V M It A r N F ,tak z A , , 1 I V I f 'l .Jim E, I , at , .f -' ' 1. ' w'., 1 .u ., I . ei- - k,5,,-f lc Q f uk' . J- f A JK, T v M '., f 4 -.Q -, ' - 1 f , , , , N' rdf-it' A ' - -- C V-I 1 , -nf" f I M p, fl .-F .Q H 4 an - tx. -J -. - .:. 'Zi . , 15419 f .' -V v. - -,- , - 5 - iw, , - I - , 34" .fa ',':""',' ,,' " -, 'YL - ,ggi if-N--3, , . A A- 1, V VVAT1- ,QA .4 1 '11-.."' I f- C , 14fk,,r.,,,,'.'.f 'F 1 ' ., , , fef, ' . f . , , . mf , N L' . V ' .w','7j A - , " 4 v"K' ' , 4 , ' 1-214. ff. - . A 1' V' f ' 5 . . fx , 1 K ' -G., mn, .-V 3 j .- W, . '- Wi-:, L- .-1.'z ' V- - X , , . , I, - - 1 Q 4 -1 ' - - H . L- - '35 , 3 - Q , , ., ',J-vm' :A "' -5, ' ' If-, ' . ' ' , v . - - ' uf.-, 1,-f "".2,'i-- .gil ' - 1 ' ,,v I -- '. , 'A "1" ' ' Wifi, UV" - ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' 'xx -. ' N 4 ww x , K l , 1 vis v .l..- , ,, in ,, -1- ,, , 7" IL- ,is -ff ,f.n, 'f' 1 . J.- If . I I ..,. ! ' -L v E f ,, g f i:.,, Q ,. W..,. 'V fb 'W . uw + " J yiixiiw wh, 2 xg ,NX , EVELYN EWING PATTERSON HALL FIRST ATTENDANT ANGELA MEISCH DELTA DELTA DELTA SECOND ATTENDANT OPAL HALL ALPHA DELTA P1 THIRD ATTENDANT GRACE HUFFAKER JEWELL HALL FOURTH ATTENDANT MARTHA SUE CROSBY KAPPA DELTA FIFTH ATTENDANT A young man's fancy . . . The May Queen and her court. Sig Ep Shiek Shreek! They got the ride . . . Jean Shropshire . . . Troupers A Tri-Delt, who else? . . Bill Lawson, Cary Lawson. See the similarity? The Tri-Delt jalopy, with Tri-Delts in it .... Miss Liz Kappas on a picnic and more Kappas, same picnic . . . Why the seat between? Another view of the queen . . . Bottoms up Suky . . . Looney and Spagnuolo i 1 I l 1 Pals . . . Chat 'n' nibble Roundup . . . One of the crapsters . . . Lucky gal Lucille Crawford . . . Jo Barnett, Martha Lou Brydon . . . Profesor's eye view Someone, I say, someone . . . Melancholy . . . Cathy Plain Ford, Pryor, Reed . . . lt's always spring for these two . . . The last mile Nl S X xfi K x X X' N xr QW ? Q Q f 'Wi ' X. AX l 's vi o X O E 06,5 X fi 98, 0 l A 'ef f X Q I w I S 0 N, Y f Wim A K S Q dw 2 A My xx.. .. ?N U M Ai u Q 'U 4 Q , I 'X ' x 77 f 5 X LH -tp N J fanv V -9-Z-W5 X X X .-. ARTSGSCIENCES SENIORS JAMES E. ABELL ..... Bardstown Sigma Phi Epsilon: Kentuckian: Kernel: Men's Glee Club: Choristers: Veterans Club: Mixed Chorus: Seab- bard and Blade: lnterfraternity Council PERRY R. ADAMS . . . Parkersburg, W. Va. Phi Mu Alpha: Band: Orchestra: Men's Glee Club BARBARA ALLEN ..... Lexington Bacteriological Society, Treasurer: Mortar Board, Pres- ident: Phi Beta: Y.W.C.A. Cabinet: Cwens: Band: Or- chestra: Pitkin Club, President: Westminster Fellowship GLENNIS A. AMBURGEY . . . Thornton FRANCES JENKINS ANDERSON Sebree Kappa Delta: Kentuckian KATHRYN ARMSTRONG . . Stevenson, Ala. Alpha Delta Pi: WAA: YWCA: French Club MARARET ARMSTRONG . . Danville Delta Delta Delta: YWCA BETTY JO BAECI-ILE . . . Live Oak, Fla. Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Chairman: YWCA: K-Dets: Guig- nol: Student Union House Committee: Student Union Board: Panhellenic Council FLORA BAKER ...... Richmond Kappa Kappa Gamma: Student Union, Dance Committee: Activities Committee: K-Dets: YWCA EDNA BALL . . Middlesboro DELTA JOY BARKER . . Ava, Mo. Band: YWCA: Wesley Foundation C. EDWIN BARNES ..... Louisville Sigma Chl: Omicron Delta Kappa, President: Lamp and Cross, President: Lances, President: Pershing Rifles: Men's Glee Club: Kentuckian: Kernel: SGA: Student Union Board: YMCA DAVID E. BARNETT . . Bromley Alpha Chi Sigma: Veterans Club JOAN BARNETT .... Rockport, W. Va. Alpha Xi Delta, Vice-President, Rush Chairman: Pan- hellenic Council: YWCA DOROTHY BEARD Cooperstown LESLIE BRUCE BELL .... Lexington Delta Delta Delta: Student Union Activities Committee: YWCA: WAA: K-Dets ELEANOR ANNE BENNETT, . . Butler, Pa. Alpha Gamma Delta: YWCA, Vice-President: Student Union Board Committees: French-Club: Philosophy Club REBA MARIE BENNETT . Falmouth 26 SENIORS ARTS 81 SCIENCES JOE BENNEWITZ . Greenville Sigma Phi Epsilon VIRGINIA D. BERNARD . Albany GEORGE WILLIAM BLAIR . . . Akron, O. Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Treasurer: Phi Mu Alpha: Veterans Club: Choristers: Men's Glee Club: Inter- fraternity Council MARJORIE GREEN BLAISDELL . . Lexington Kernel, Reporter: Band: Symphony Orchestra: WBKY, Staff Orchestra, Pianist, Script Writer JOE BOTTO ...... Munfordville Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President: YMCA: Pryor Pre- Medical Society, President: Phalanx SAMUEL V. BRENTS, JR. . . Albany YMCA: Baptist Student Union ELIZABETH B. BROADDUS . . . Louisville Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer: House President of Fresh- man Dormitory: House Presidents' Council, Secretary: Cwens, President: YWCA: Student Union Board Com- mittees: K-Dets LOUIS BROWN . Frankfort Fencing Team WILLIAM O. BROWN Lexington MARGARET WATKINS BUCHANAN . Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta: YWCA: Guignol: German Club: Kernel, Business Manager: Theta Sigma Phi PATRICIA ANN BURNETT . . . Lexington Alpha Xi Delta, President: Kernel, Editor, News Editor: Cwens: Alpha Lambda Delta: YWCA Cabinet: Student Government Association: Theta Sigma Phi: Panhellenic Council: Kentuckian: Who's Who: Mortar Board DALTON B. CALDWELL . . Williamstown Advanced ROTC DEWEESE YOUNG CAMPBELL . . Olympia Phi Sigma Kappa: Pryor Pre-Medical Society BETTY JEANE CANNON . . . Deland, Fla. Alpha Gamma Delta: YWCA: Jewell Hall Chorus: League of Women Voters MARY ELIZABETH CAREY . Savannah, Mo. Chi Omega: Student Government Association: House Presidents' Council: League of Women Voters: Student Union Building Committee: YWCA MARGARET KALEI-IER CARWELL . Louisville YWCA: WAA: K-Dets: Newman Club: Outing Club MARGARET BLAINE CHAMPE Charleston, W. Va. Kappa Kappa Gamma JOE PREWITT CHENAULT, JR. . . Richmond Kappa Alpha 27 ARTS8-SCIENCES SENIORS MARY J O CHIPMAN . Falmouth LOUIS G. CHRISTIAN . Sturgis Sigma Nu SALLY WARD CLARK . Frankfort MARY PATRICIA CLARKE . Lexington WILLIAM D. CALVERT . . . . Maysville Sigma Alpha Epsilon: 240 Club: Student Union Com- mittees: Men's Glee Club MARTHA PATTERSON CLEMENTS . Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma: League of Women Voters ARTHUR CLINTON . Williamsburg Sigma Alpha Epsilon ANNABELLE COHEN . New York, N. Y. PAUL COMBS ....... Hazard Delta Tau Delta: Kentucky Fraternity Man, Business Manager: Interfraternity Council CHARLOTTE CATHERINE CORN . Harrodsburg Guignol: Phi Beta: Radio Studio: YWCA MAYME FRIEDA CORNELIUS . . Beattyville Alpha Xi Delta: Women's Glee Club: YWCA MARGARET ANN COURTNEY . Lewisburg, W. Va. Jewell Hall. Social Chairman: Interdorm Council: K- Dets: SuKy: YWCA CHARLES RICHARD CRAIG . . . Louisville German Club: YMCA: Radio Studios KATHERINE NELSON CRAPSTER . Winchester Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer, Pledge Captain: Ger- man Club, Vice President: Chl Delta Phi, Vice-President: WAA: Vague Stall' CORONA SMATHERS CRARY . . Lexington LILLIAN RUTH DAMERON . . Louisville Delta Zeta: YWCA JOE WILSON DAUGHERTY . I-Iarrodsburg Sigma Phi Epsilon: Band: YMCA TAYLOR DAVIDSON :. . . Onida Art Club: Veterans Club: YMCA 8 SENIORS ARTS 8- SCIENCES EUGENE ALLEN DAVIS . . . Versailles Phi Delta Theta: Student Union House Committee, Dance Committee: Philosophy Club LILLIAN L. DAVIS ..... Beattyville YWCA: Wesley Foundation: Independents MARGARET BOONE DAVIS . . Orlando, Fla. Bacteriological Society, Vice-President, President: Cwens: Alpha Lambda. Delta: Freshman Mortar Board Award: YWCA: Women's Glee Club: German Club ORDIE DAVIS . . Beattyville Phi Sigma Kappa WENDELL C. DEMARCUS . Knoxville, Tenn. Kappa Sigma: Student Government Association CAROLYN N. DENNING .... Franklin Delta Zeta: Alpha Lambda Delta: YWCA: Pryor Pre- Medical Society: Wesley Foundation Cabinet: Band! German Club: French Club THOMAS D. DUNCAN .... Louisville Pi Kappa Alpha, Corresponding Secretary: Kernel, News Editor: SGA: Band: YMCA: Kentuckian, Layout Editor GERALDINE M. DUGAN . . . Rockford, O. Kappa Delta, President: SGA: Bacteriological Society: Kampus Kous-ins: Cwens: YWCA: Newman Club: K-Dets: Panhellenic Council MARY ELIZABETH ELLIS .... Danville Bacteriological Society: YWCA: Outing Club EDWARD E. ELSEY, JR. Lexington Delta Tau Delta MILDRED ORDELLE ERD . Lexington JANE ERRICKSON ..... Lexington YWCA: Cwens: German Club: Pryor Pre-Medical So- ciety: Bacteriological Society: WAA Council: WAA Medal: Canterbury Club RICHARD LEE EUBANKS . . . Fort Mitchell Phi Kappa Tau: Reserve Officers Association: Veterans Club PATRICIA EVANS ..... Lexington Guignol: League of Women Voters: YWCA: Student Bar Association: Philosophy Club WILLIAM S. EVANS .... Nicholasville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer, House Manager: Persh- ing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Tennis Team: Basket- ball, Manager: YMCA ANNETTE NEWMAN FAULCONER . Winchester Delta Zeta: League of Women Voters: Student Union Board: YWCA CHARLOTTE A. FERGUSON . . Monett, Mo. Zeta Tau Alpha. President: Panhellenic Council, Treas- urer: YWCA: Westminster Fellowship: Bacteriological Society JEAN FIELDS ...... Louisville Delta Delta Delta: Pryor Pre-Medical Society: YWCA: Bacteriological Society: Koifee Klub 29 ARTSGSCIENCES SENIORS V WILLIAM BROWNFIELD F OWLER . Lexington 5 Veterans Club BURTIS FRANKLIN .... Whitesburg Sigma Phi Epsilon: Alpha Chi Sigma: Radio Studio: YMCA: Guignol ALBERT HARRY FREY . . Charleston, W. Va. Alpha Sigma Phi: Phi Mu Alpha: Band: Radio Studio: OPCIISSIZYB, CHARLES JOSEPH FRITTS . . . Somerset German Club: Student .Affiliate of American Chemical Society: Alpha Chi Sigma RENICE LINVILLE GARDNER . . Lexington Phi Beta: chi Delta Phi: Radio: Guignol JAMES E. GATES ..... Ashland BEVERLEY ELAINE GAULKE . . Lexington Delta Zeta, President: Alpha Lambda Delta: Dutch Lunch Club: Panhellenic Council: German Club: Outing Club HELEN GAY . ..... Roanoke, Va. Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer: YWCA THOMAS EDWARD GISH .... Seco Pi Kappa Alpha: Kentuckian, Editor: YMCA, President: Phalanx: Pitkin: Kernel: WBKY: Who's Who BILLIE FISCHER GODFREY . . Lexington K-Dets: Kernel Staff: Boyd Hall, Social Chairman MARIE GOFF .... Lexington, Tenn. Alpha Gamma Delta, Secretary: K-Dets: Philosophy Club, Vice-President: YWCA CATHERINE C. GOMAN . Sand Creek, Mich. Zeta Tau Alpha: Kentuckian: Kernel, Managing Editor: Band: Orchestra: Radio: Theta Sigma Phi: YWCA: SGA: Who's Who BONNIE GORMLEY .... . Versailles Bacteriological Society: Newman Club: Independents RICHARD GREATHOUSE . . . Wilmore THOMAS RONALD GREGORY . Lexington Freshman Track Team: Swimming Team: U. K. Troup- ers: Kentucky Kernel, Business Manager: Cooperstown, Councilman: Omicron Delta Kappa, President: Lamp and Cross: Veterans Club PATRICIA LEE GRIFFIN . . . Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma: League of Women Voters MARY JANE GRIMES .... Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma: Dutch Lunch Club: K-Dets: YWCA: Student Union Activities Committee: League of Women Voters CAROLYN GWINN . . Beckley, W. Va. YWCA: Bacteriological Society 30 SENIORS ARTS 8. SCIENCES HOMER KEITH HALL ..... Hazard Pi Kappa Alpha, House Manager: Pryor Pre-Medical : Society: Men's Glee Club 3 THURMAN JEROME HAMLIN . East Bernstadt RUTH J OSEPHINE HAMPTON . Beattyville Alpha Xi Delta: Women's Glee Club: Choristers: YWCA: WAA Council JAMES PRYOR HANCOCK . Harrodsburg Phi Delta Theta JOSEPH T. HANCOCK . . Midway Veterans Club SHIRLEY NELSON HARDIN . . Winchester AMANDA HELEN HARDY . . . Louisville Delta Delta Delta, Publicity Chairman: Chi Delta Phi, Secretary: Theta Sigma Phi, Vice-President: YWCA: Kofiee Klub: Student Union House Committee: Vague Magazine Staff ROBERT E. HARGROVE .... Hickory Bacteriological Society: Veterans Club CHARLES RUSSELL HARRIS . . Columbia Kentuckian, Business Manager: Veterans Club PAUL HARRISON . . . . Williamstown MARY DAMON HELVENSTON . Live Oak, Fla. Alpha Delta Pi, President. Treasurer: Panhellenic Coun- cil: Student Union House Committee, Secretary LELA LENORA HENRY .... Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta: Chi Delta Phi, President: YWCA, Cabinet: Dutch Lunch Club. President: Mortar Board: Cwens: Inter-Faith Council: Women's Administrative Council. Secretary: Vague. Editor: Guignol: Women's Glee Club: Pitkin Club: Disciples Student Fellowship, Vice-President: Who's Who PATSY JO HIBBS ..... Pikeville Alpha Gamma Delta: Inter-Faith Council: YWCA Cab- inet: Koffee Klub THOMAS J. HOFFMAN, JR. . Paducah Alpha Tau Omega JOHN NEVILLE HOLEMAN . Madisonville Sigma Nu: SuKy: Men's Glee Club FRANK W. HOOD, JR. . . Georgetown Lambda Chi Alpha: Kernel MARY HORNBROOK . . . Beckley, W. Va. Delta Delta Delta:: YWCA: Koffee Klub: Student Union Committees BERENICE LEWIS HUDSON . . Frankfort Delta Delta Delta, Outstanding Freshman Woman: Alpha Lambda Delta: Cwens: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Women's Glee Club: YWCA: Home Economics Club: Student Union Recreation Committee 31 ARTS8-SCIENCES SENIORS ROBERT COBLIN HUME Ravenna Sigma Chi: Guignol SARAH RILEY HUNT ..... . Delta Delta Delta: YWCA Cabinet: Inter-Faith Council: Student Union House Committee WILLIAM ROBERT INSKO .... Paris Alpha Tau Omega. Rush Chairman: Phalanx: Pitkin Club: Interfraternity Council: Veterans Club: Canterbury Club: YMCA: Keys: Editor, Alpha Tau Omega News- paper "Midnight Imp"1 Football Manager 6 MARGARET COLVIN JACKSON Henderson PATRICIA LEE JACKSON . . . Ironton, O. Bacteriological Society: Pitkin Club: YWCA: West- minster Fellowship ANN GARLAND JEFFERIES . Springfield Chi Omega: Phi Beta LOUISE M. JEWETT .... Cynthiana Kappa Alpha Theta, President: Panhellenic Council, Vice- President: YWCA MADGE JOHNS . Winchester Kappa Kappa Gamma JACQUELINE LOVE JOHNSON . . Peoria, Ill. Kappa Delta: Guignol: German Club: Radio Station: YWCA JEAN MARGARET JOHNSTON . Mexico Alpha Gamma Delta EDWARD H. JOHNSTONE . . . Lexington Alpha Gamma Rho: Student Bar Association: Veterans Club CHARLES KIRKPATRICK JONES . Lexington Phi Delta Theta: Pitkin Club: Student Government Association HOWARD JONES . . . . Lexington JAMES HOWARD JUNKINS . . Bishop, Calif. Alpha chi Sigma MILTON S. KAFOGLIS .... Lexington Football: Baseball: Boxing: Intramural Wrestling: K- Club: Independents, President: Veterans Club, Steering Committee: Phalanx: YMCA: Philosophy Club MARY PATRICIA KASSENBROCK . Louisville Chi Omega: K-Dets: YWCA: WAA: Newman Club: Kernel Staff: Student Union Dance Committee: 240 Committee JENNINGS HIRAM KEARBY . . . Fulton Phi Alpha Delta: Band: Guignol: Ride Team SHIRLEY KEETI . .... Cumberland K-Dets: YWCA: Kernel: Kentuckian: Hillel Foundation 32 SENIORS LON LaHEIST KEITH, JR. . . Elizabethtown Kappa Sigma, President, Secretary-Treasurer: Keys: YMCA VIRGINIA LOUISE KENNEDY . . Somerset Kappa Delta: House Presidents' Council: K-Dets: YWCA: Student Union House Committee: Koifee Klub: Guignol LORINE L. KENT . . Lexington YWCA: Baptist Student Union MURRAY RAMSEY KING . . Bronx, N. Y. :X Veterans Club MA ANN KUBES . . Somerset Alpha elta Pi: Newman Club MARY BENNETT LaMASTER . . Lexington YWCA Cabinet: Interfaith Council, President: Dutch Lunch Club: Pitkin Club: Philosophy Club: Home Eco- nomics Club: Women's Glee Club: Cwens: Alpha Lambda Delta: Outing Club: Art Club: Who's Who SARA LEEGAN . Bowling Green Kappa Alpha Tteta DOROTHY ROSE LEVY .... Lexington Sigma Delta Tau, President: Panhellenic Council: YWCA: Hillel Foundation, Vice-President: League of Women Voters, Secretary: Alpha Lambda Delta MARTHA PATTON LINNEY . . . Lexington Kappa Delta. Historian: YWCA: WAA: Art Club: Stu- dent Union Art Committee: Dutch Lunch Club WILLIAM B. LONG ..... Maylield Kentuckian: Tennis Team, Player and Manager: Chess and Checker Club, Secretary-Treasurer RICHARD LOWE ..... Covington Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary: Kernel, Sports Editor: Kentucklan, Sports Editor: K-Book, Sports Editor: SGA: WBKY NELL DAVIS LOWREY . . . Leitchfield Alpha Gamma Delta, President: WAA: Philosophy Club: Guignol HAZEL YVONNE LYON . . . Morehead Alpha Xi Delta: YWCA: WAA: House Presidents' Council ELBERT L. McCLUNG ..... Elkton Delta Chi, President: Veterans Club: Interfraternity Council: 240 Club WANDA MCCULLEY .... Madisonville Alpha Delta Pi: House Presidents' Council: YWCA: Stu- dent Government Association, Social Chairman POLLY JO MCCULLOCH . . Beckley, W. Va. Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President: Student Union Board, Vice-President: House Presidents' Council, President: Kernel: League of Women Voters: Chi Delta Phi: Student Government Association: YWCA: Who's Who MARY E. MCDONALD . . . . Frankfort Kappa Delta, President, Vice-President: Panhellenic Council: YWCA: Women's Glee Club MARGARET HARRISON McDOWELL Lexington Kappa Alpha Theta, Secretary: Mortar Board, Vice-Presl- dent: Cwens: Alpha. Lambda Delta, President: Chi Delta Phi: Radio Studio: Guignol: YWCA: Student Bar Asso- ciation: SuKy: Who's Who ARTS 8- SCIENCES 33 ARTS 81 SCIENCES 34 SENIORS MELROSE McGURK .... Lexington Cwens: YWCA Cabinet: Phi Beta, Secretary: Interfaith Council: Women's Glee Club: Pitkin Club DORIS McWILLIAMS . . . . Versailles Kappa Kappa Gamma: Dutch Lunch Club: Philosophy Club JOHN PAUL MAGGARD, JR. . I-Iyden WILLIAM CLELLAND MAHON Lexington YMCA: Veterans Club: Pitkin Club JULIA ANN MAIER ..... Louisville Kappa Kappa Gamma: K-Dets: YWCA: Home Economics Club: French Club: Kernel: Sweetheart of Sigma Chl MARY MARGARET MARKS . . . Danville Kappa Delta, Treasurer: YWCA: Kolfee Klub: K-Dets: Bacte riological Society MARTHA MATLACK . . Alpha Xl Delta, Secretary: Newman C Dance Committee: K-Dets: YWCA ANGELA MEISCH . . . . . Lexington lub: Student Union . Stanford, Fla. Delta Delta Delta. President: Panhellenic Council, Presi- dent: Home Economics Club: YWCA: May Day Attendant: Queen of Lances' Carnival BAXTER FORD MELTON, JR. . . Corydon Alpha Tau Omega: Kernel, Sports Editor: Kentuckian, Sports Editor: K-Book, Sports Editor: Club: Cosmopolitan Club: YMCA PATRICIA ANNE MENDENHAL LENORE ROBERTS MERRITT H. H. MORGAN, JR .... Veterans Club: Pryor Pre-Medical Soc Community Chest Committee JEAN MULLINS . . Kappa Alpha Theta: YWCA WILLIAM V. NAYLOR, JR. Alpha Sigma Phi JO ANN NEAL . . . . Alpha Delta Pi: Phi Beta: Choristers CHARLES PAUL NOLTE . . Press Club: Pitkin L . Paris . Lima, O. . . Maysville iety: Independents: . Mayfield Lexington . Milton Wheeling, W. Va. Delta Chi: Phi Mu Alpha: Keys: Orchestra MARY EDNA O'BRYAN . . . Owensboro Delta Delta Delta: YWCA: Koffee Klub BETTYE WOOLLUM OGDEN . . . Lexington K-Dets: Guignol: Freshman Club: French Club: Stu- dent Union Dance Committee: YWCA: Alpha Lambda Delta SENIORS DONALD F. ORWIN . Somerset Band: Veterans Club EDITH MAE OWENS ..... Eminence Delta Delta Delta: Bacteriological Society: Pryor Pre- Medical Society CAROLYN ELIZABETH PALMER . Louisville Delta Delta Delta: Student Union Committees: YWCA PETE PANZERA . Logan, W. Va. Alpha Chi Sigma BETTY JEAN PARDO .... Lexington Alpha Lambda Delta: Phi Beta Kappa Book Award: YWCA: K-Dets: Mortar Board Plaque: Dutch Lunch Club: Kampus Kousins PERRY GOGGIN PARRIGIN . . Lexington Phi Mu Alpha: Pitkin Club: Men's Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Chorlsters EVELYN PEAVY . . . Baptist Student Union Council SAMUEL H. PERKINS, JR. . EUNICE GWENDOLYN PETREY Kernel: Independents: Dutch Lunch PATRICIA PINE . . . Philosophy Club: French Club EMILY ELIZABETH PLOCH . Club: Lexington Lexington Middlesboro YWCA Dayton, O. Henderson Kappa Delta: House Presidents' Council: Student Union Board: Radio Studios: YWCA JUNE Momzow Porrs Alpha Lambda Delta FRANCES A. PR ITCHETT . Lexington . Paducah Alpha Gamma Delta, Vice-President: Alpha Lambda Delta: Owens, Treasurer: Band: Mortar Board. Secretary: K-Dets, Lieutenant: YWCA: Bacteriological Society: Pryor Pre-Medical Society: Student Union Activities Committee JACK T. PRYOR . . . Henderson WILLIAM ROBERT RABORN . . Lexington YMCA: Veterans Club LUCILLE PRESTON RAY .... Jackson Alpha Xl Delta: Choristers: Phi Beta: Band: Orchestra HARRY C. REAGAN .... Danville. Va. Veterans Club: YMCA: Pitkin Club: Men's Glee Club: Kernel: Independents ALLENE REINSCHREIBER . . . Joliet, Ill, Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-President, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer: Hillel Foundation: YWCA ARTS 81 SCIENCES 35 ARTS 8- SCIENCES 36 SENIORS JEANNE CAROLYN RATLIFF . . Princeton CAROL VIRGINIA RHODES . Indianapolis, Ind. Delta Zeta: Phi Beta: Orchestra: Radio Studio Orches- tra: Panhellenic Council FRANCES L. RILEY ..... Pikeville Alpha Delta Pi: House Presidents' Council, Vice-Presi- dent: YWCA: Bacteriological Society BARBARA ROSE RICE , . . Paris Alpha Xi Delta, Secretary: YWCA MARTHA JANE RINGO .... Lexington YWCA: Guignol: K-Dets: Chi Omega, Vice-President: Owens: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Mortar Board, Vice-Presl- dent: Student Union Board: Who's Who BETTY GROTE RIVES . . . Beckley, W. Va. Delta Zeta: Student Government Association: YWCA: Student Union House Committee HOUSTON C. ROBERTS . Hickman Veterans Club DONALD ROSE .... St. Petersburg, Fla. Alpha Sigma Phi: Keys: Bargains and Brains EDYTH INEZ ROUTT ..... Sonora YWCA: Baptist Student Union Council: Cwens: Shelby House: Interfaith Council: Kampus Kousins: 4-H Club: Home Economics Club CATHERINE ROWADAY . Winchester Spanish Club: Outing Club BRYCE W. RUCKER . , Chelyan, W. Va. Psi Delta: Veterans Club CLAY SALYER ..... Salyersville Sigma Phi Epsilon, President, Vice-President: Student Government Association, President: Veterans Club AUDREY GRAY SANNER . . . Lexington Outing Club: Baptist Student Union: Bacteriological So- ciety: YWCA: German Club , LOIS PEARL SASSER . Corbin Band: Glee Club PAUL J. SAVAGE . Ashland Alpha Sigma Phi HORACE LEWIS SAWIN .... Lexington Kappa Sigma, Master of Ceremonies: Lamp and Cross: Keys: Lances: Radio Studio. Chief Announcer: Kernel, Managing Editor FRANCES LOUISE SCEARCE . . Louisville Alpha Gamma Delta: YWCA: League of Women Voters RAYMOND SCHLACTER Alpha Sigma Phi: Kernel: Veterans Club: Newman Club SENIORS ARTS 81 SCIENCES RUTH ELLEN SCHROEDER . Evansville, Ind. Kappa Kappa Gamma: YWCA: Tau Sigma: Student Un- ion Dance Committee WARREN D. SCHWEDER Lexington CHARLES ARTHUR SCOTT . . . Lexington YMCA Cabinet: Pitkin Club: Phalanx: Veterans Club: Westminster Fellowship: Philosophy Club ANN WALLACE SHEEHY Lexington Newman Club JAMES SHERBURNE . . . Nicholasville Alpha Tau Omega: Patterson Literary Society MARGARET DICKEY SHIRLEY . . Lexington Phi Beta: Theta Sigma Phi, Secretary: El Ateneo Castel- lano, President: Cosmopolitan Club: YWCA, Foreign- Aftairs Committee: Women's Glee Club: Choristers ANN SHOUSE ...... Lexington Delta Delta Delta: Newman Club: YWCA: Student Union Committees SHANKY SHROUT .... Owingsville Kappa Kappa Gamma: Koffee Klub: YWCA: League of Women Voters HOMER J. SIMON ..... Barbourville Phi Delta Theta: Veterans Club: YMCA MARGARET LEE SKINNER . . Camden, Ark. Alpha Gamma Delta: Mortar Board: Phi Beta: SuKy: Student Affiliate of American Chemical Society: Student Government Association: Pitkin Club: Alpha Lambda Delta: Pi Mu Epsilon: Cwens: YWCA: Baptist Student Union SARAH R. SMITH ..... Shelbyville YWCA: Dutch Lunch Club: Outing Club: Independents ROBERT RAY SMITHER . . Owenton l PAULINE SPILLIS . . . Miami, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha: Canterbury Club WILLIAM CLARK SPRAGENS . . Lebanon Veterans Club, Secretary: Phalanx, Secretary: Inter-Faith Council: YMCA Cabinet: Freshman Club, President: Ker- nel, Sports Editor: Pitkin Club: Postwarrior, Staff Writer: Radio Studio, Announcer, Script Writer: K-Book R. MYRENE STEPPE .... Inez RAYMOND N. STEPHENS . . Prestonsburg Sigma Chi HOWARD WILLIS STEPHENSON . . Midway Pl Kappa Alpha, President: SGA, President: Philosophy Club. President: Constltutionalist Party, President: Omlcron Delta Kappa: Interfraternity Council: YMCA Cabinet: Inter-Faith Council, Adviser: Phalanx: Pitkin Club: World Student Service Fund Drive, .'Colone1: Dis- clples Student Fellowship Representative: Who's Who ROBERT LOUIS STONE .... Frankfort Phi Sigma Phi: Bacteriological Society 37 ARTS8rSCIENCES SENIORS MARY MARRS SWINEBROAD . . Frankfort Kappa Kappa Gamma, President: League of Women Vot- ers: Panhellenic Council: Freshman YWCA THOMAS H. TARTAR ..... Dunville ANNE ORR TAYLOR .... Lexington Canterbury Club, President: Inter-Faith Council: YWCA: Dutch Lunch Club: Outing Club: WAA Council CECIL TAYLOR . Corbin Sigma Phi Epsilon JEAN MARIE TAYLOR . . . Berea MARJORIE JAMESON TAYLOR . . Cynthiana YWCA: Kernel: WBKY: Guignol: League of Women Voters LILLIAN TERRELL . . . Lexington IJUCY KENNEY THOMAS . . . Lexington Kernel: Outing Club: Guignol: YWCA ROGER S. THORNTON . . . Buffalo, N. Y. Alpha Tau Omega: Pershing Rifles: Men's Glee Club: Guignol JANICE SHEPHERD TIMMONS . . Lexington Dutch Lunch Club: Baptist Student Union, Reporter: Cosmopolitan Club DOROTHY PAULINE TITSWORTH . . Kevil Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary, House President: Baptist Stu- dent Union, Social Chairman: House Presidents' Council, Publicity Chairman: Pryor Pre-Medical Society: Bacteri- ological Society: German Club: YWCA MARGARET TOY .... Henderson LORRAINE TURCK . . . New York, N. Y. Alpha Delta Pi: Canterbury Club: Alpha Lambda Delta: Cwens: Bacterioloical Society: Womerrs Glee Club: YWCA: Kentuckian: Inter-Faith Council NANCY JEAN TUTT .... Georgetown Kappa Delta: Canterbury Club: YWCA: WAA JEAN LOUISE VANCE .... Paducah Kernel: Student Union House Committee: YWCA ' GEORGE WILLIAM VELOTTA . Owensboro 'Sigma Nu: Sigma Gamma Epsilon RAYMOND RICHEY VINCENT . Williamstown Student Bar Association: YMCA FREDA WADE , . . . Louisville Kappa Kappa Gamma 38 SENIORS JEWELL BRYCE WALKER . Bumpus Mills, Tenn. YWCA: Pryor Pre-Medical Society: Student Councilor: German Club DELORES WALLACE . . Applegrove, Bacteriological Society: YWCA SUE THOMAS WALLACE . . . Lexington Choristers: Phi Beta, Vice-President: Women's Glee Club ELEANOR VANARSDELL WARREN . Lexington Delta Zeta, Social Chairman: Kentuckian: YWCA: White Math Club SAM D. WEAKLEY, JR. .... Shelbyville Alpha Gamma Rho, President: Interfraternity Council, Vice-President: Pryor Pre-Medical Society: Omicron Delta Kappa: Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle: Lances, President: Keys: 4-H Club PAULINE WEIGHT . Ashland Zeta Tau Alpha: YWCA PAULA WELLS . . . . Tongs MARJEAN WENSTRUP . . . Cincinnati, O. Delta Delta Delta, Social Chairman: Mortar Board, Treas- urer: Student Union Board, Treasurer: SGA, Secretary: Pryor Pre-Medical Association, Vice-President: Cwens: Student Union Dance Committee: Koifee Klub: Constitu- tionalist Party, Vice-President: YWCA: Who's Who: K-Dets: Liedertaffel: Kampus Kousins GENE ALLEN WHICKER . . . Lexington Phi Mu Alpha: Band, President: Orchestra: YMCA, Sec- retary: K-Book, Editor: Radio Studio: Kernel: Baptist Student Union Council: Men's Glee Club: Choristers: Phalanx: Pitkin Club: Outing Club, Co-President, Intra- mural Manager BEN T. WHITE, II . .... . Cadiz Phi Delta Theta: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade LOIS KATHRYN WHITE .... Lexington Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary: YWCA: Baptist Student Union: K-Dets: Pryor Pre-Medical Society WANDA YVONNE WHITE . . Williamsburg Alpha Xi Delta: YWCA: Secretarial Club FRANCES WICKLIFFE .... Henderson Delta Delta Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary LEE WICKLIFFE . . Greenville Delta Delta Delta, Historian HORACE D. WILDER .... Georgetown Lambda Chi Alpha: Pryor Pre-Medical Society EDGAR V. WILSON . Covington Sigma Nu: Kernel MARY LOU WITHERSPOON . . Lawrenceburg Delta Delta Delta: Mortar Board: Student Union Board: YWCA: Who's Who JAMES LEE WOOD, JR, . . Beckley, W. Va. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chapter Editor: Kernel, Managing Editor: YMCA: Freshman Club: Philosophy Club ARTS 8. SCIENCES 39 ARTSQSCIENCES SENIORS KATHLEEN JUNE WRENCH . . Lexington Alpha Xi Delta: Phi Beta: Women's Glee Club: ORMAN R. WRIGHT, JR ..... Dixon Phi Delta Theta: Pitkin Club: Kernel: YMCA OSCAR C. WRIGHT, JR ..... Louisville Phi Delta Theta JOHN I-I. YOUNG ..... Lexington Sigma Chi, Treasurer: Lamb and Cross: YMCA Cabinet: Phalanx: Student Government Association, Treasurer: Pitkin Club: Gulgnol, House Manager: Who's Who AGRICULTURE 81 HOME ECONOMICS SENIORS JOHN I. ANDERSON .... Burlington Block and Bridle: Poultry Club, President DERWOOD M. BAIRD .... Maysville Block and Bridle MARVIN CARL BELL . . . . Centertown Alpha Gamma Rho: Lamp and Cross: Block and Bridle WILLIAM E. BEWLEY . . Elizabethtown Block and Bridle ANNE KATHRYN BIGGERSTAFF . Lexington YWCA. Vice-President: Baptist Student Union, President, Vlce-President: Home Economics Club, Treasurer: K- Book, Editor: Freshman Club, Secretary: Kentuckian: Pitkin Club: Dutch Lunch Club: Bacteriological. Society: War Effort Committee: Who's Who REVA INGRAM BISHOP .... Versailles Independents: Dutch Lunch Club: Home Economics Club MAURICE EMIL BLESS . . Waynesburg VIRYL A. BOYD . . Villa Rica, Ga. BLANCHE BROWN . . . Donerail YWCA: Home Economics Club ' 40 SENIORS AGRICULTURE 81 HOME ECONOMICS EWING McGAVOCK BROWN . . Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma: Home Economics Club: Veterans Club BETTY FRANCES BROWN ING . . Falmouth Home Economics Club: YWCA: RAY D. BUNCH . . . Outing Club . . Waynesburg Block and Bridle: 4-H Club: Veterans Club JEFFERSON CALLAI-IAN Alpha Zeta RAY CHAFFINS Veterans Club JACK CHAMBLISS . WALTER F. CHILDRESS . FRED CHUMBLER, JR. . Booneville . Blackey Hardinsburg . Stanford . Benton Veterans Club: Baptist Student Union THOMAS J. COBB . . . . . Owenton Alpha Gamma Rho. Vice-President: Block and Bridle: Dairy Club, Vice-President: 4-H Club: YMCA: Interfra- ternlty Council: Agriculture Council CLINT R. COLLINS . . . . . Corbin YMCA: Dairy Club: 41-I-Club: Veterans Club RUTH COX .... . . . Raceland Alpha Gamma Delta: YWCA: Home Economics Club CLARENCE W. CRABTREE Veterans Club HARLON I. CRENSHAW Veterans Club JAMES E. CRISWELL . Veterans Club ELLIS B. CUNNINGHAM . Dairy Club: Block and Bridle: 4 ANN DEUTSCH . . . 4-I-I Club: YWCA: Independents EUGENIA DONAHUE . Newman Club, Secretary, Social . . . Bowen . Monroe . La Center Paducah -H Club: YMCA . . Louisville . . . Lexington Chairman: Home Eco- nomics Club: K-Dets: Dutch Lunch Club MOLLY ANNA DUNN . . . . . Greenup Delta Zeta: Home Economics Club: YWCA AGRICULTURE 81 HOME ECONOMICS SENIORS WAYNE C. EASTERLING . Block and Bridle 1 HOMER CLARK EVANS . 3 Alpha Zeta EUGENE H. FOX . . EDGAR A. GILBERT . DOROTHY ANN GOLDMAN Alpha Xi Delta: Home Economics ERNEST D. GOOCH, JR. . ROTC CARMON WADE GRAHAM FRANK EDWIN GUTHRIE JOE BURGESS HALL . Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pershing Blade LESLIE LOGAN HAMMONDS DENVER W. HANEY . . Alpha Gamma Rho RALPH G. HAYS . Alpha Tau Omega EVA CAROLYN HENSLEY YWCA PAULINE GRACE HILL . Delta Zeta 42 Blairs Mills RALPH LINDON ESTES . . . Kings Mountain YMCA: 4-H Club: Independent Council ROBERT CLARK FAULKNER . 240 Club: Poultry Club: Veterans Club: Pershing ANNE ELIZABETH GARRIGAN . Alpha Delta Pi: Wesley Foundation: 4-H Club: Rifles: S Tyner . Leitchfield Rifles Lexington . Hickman Club: YWCA . . Berea Rockport, Ind. YWCA Waynesburg . Murray Anchorage Georgetown cabbard and Barbourville Veterans Club: YMCA: Cooperstown, Mayor JOHN SCOVILLE HARRISON . YMCA: Pitkin Club: Omicron Delta Kappa: Veterans Club: Intramural Basketball Hamilton House: Home Economics Club: Demosville . Lexington Alph B. Zeta: . Henderson . Frankfort 4-H Club: . Lexington SENIORS AGRICULTURE 8. HOME ECONOMICS VIVIAN HINES ..... Bowling Green YWCA: Wesley Foundation: 4-H Club: Hamilton House, Manager: Home Economics Club: Women's Glee Club WILLIAM THOMAS HOCKENSMITH . Lexington Delta Tau Delta MAX EDWARD HOWARD . . Farmington ROBERT HUTTON .... Georgetown Lances: Lamp and Cross: ,Alpha Zeta VIOLET MILLER JONES .... Salt Lick Zeta Tau Alpha, social chairman: YWCA: Wesley Foun- dation: Outing Club: Home Economics Club: Student Union Dance Committee: WAA ROBERT LEE KELLY . Murray JO ANN KLOECKER .... Lexington Delta Delta Delta: Mortar Board: SuKy: Newman Club: Panhellenic Council: Phi Upsilon Omlcron: Owens: Stu- dent Union Committees: Student Government Association: YWCA: Who's Who FLORENCE LANDRUM . . Franklin Home Economics Club LUCILLE LAYMAN . . Caneyville YXVCA: 4-H Club MARY BETTY LIGON .... Owington YWCA: Bapist Student Union: Home Economics Club LEO A. LINK ....... Louisville Sigma Phi Epsilon: Newman Club: Veterans Club GEORGE LOWELL LUSTER . . McKinney Alpha Zeta: Veterans Club HANNAH ALICE MCCOLLOM . . Henderson Pitkin Club: Home Economics Club: YWCA CYRENNE MCCOUN .... Winchester Phi Upsilon Omicron, President: Home Economics Club: YWCA NOEL DELMORE McDONALD . Sigma Phi Epsilon OLIVER B. MAJORS, JR. . JAMES PAXTON MARSHALL . Alpha Gamma Rho MARY FRANCES MATHENY . YWCA: Home Economics Club Louisville Wingo Maysville Stanford AGRICULTURE 8. HOME ECONOMICS SENIORS BEN F. NEWMAN, JR. . 4-H Club: YMCA: Outing Club nomics Club EDWIN A. PROCTOR . Alpha Gamma Rho BETTY JEAN RAMSEY . BETTY JEAN RIDDLE . Independents: Home Economics JAMES S. ROBERTSON . Phi Kappa Tau: Basketball JOE A. ROSS . . . ALGERNON W. ROWLAND Alpha Zeta: YMCA: Agronomy JOHN LEE ROWLAND . Alpha Zeta RALPH RAY ROYSTER . Veterans Club PHYLLIS ANN SAVAGE . Club: 4-I-I Club: Who's Who 44 Baptist Student Union Council: Presidents' Council MARJORIE JEAN NEWMAN . . Boston . Portsmouth, O. Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice-President: YWCA: Home Eco- WILLIAM CHARLES PADON . . . Salem Veterans Club, Chaplain: Kentucky Association of Stu- dent Veterans, Chairman of Intra-State Committee: Baptist Student Union: YMCA: Independents: 4-H Club JAMES EDWARD PARKER . . . Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Lamp and Cross: Basketball Squad CATHERINE TALMADGE PLAIN . . Bremen Club Club Shelby House: House . Owenton . Winchester Brodhead . Eminence . Murray Maceo . Maceo Robards Charleston, W.Va. Alpha Gamma Delta: Home Economics Club: YWCA JOAN SCOTT ....... Hanson . YWCA Cabinet: Wesley Foundation Cabinet: Student Gov- ernment Association: Interfaith Council: Home Eco- nomics Club: Independents: Cosmopolitan Club: Pitkin CARL C. SHEARER .... Monticello Block and Bridle: Dairy Club: Veterans Club MARGARET ELLEN SHELTON . . Paducah Newman Club, Social Chairman: Home Economics Club: YWCA: House Presidents' Council: Student Union Com- mittees: League of Women Voters RALPH D. SHREWSBURY, JR. . . Caneyville S E N I O R S HELEN MARIE si-1RoU'r . . AGRICULTURE 8. HOME ECONOMICS . . Carlisle Alpha Xl Delta: Wesley Foundation, President: YWCA: Phi Upsilon Omicron CARL W. SINCLAIR ..... Lexington Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta: Veterans Club MADGE SPEARS ...... Pikeville Home Economics Club: 4-H Club WILLIAM STONE . . . Owensboro VELLA DANE STRONG .... Liberty Home Economics Club: 4-H Club: Baptist Student Union: Independents JANE HOLLAND TALIAFERRO . Shelbyville Home Economics Club: 4-H Club: YWCA: Baptist Student Union: Student Union Committees CHARLES MALCOLM THOMPSON . Sandy Hook Block and Bridle: Alpha Zeta.: Livestock Judging Team: Veterans Club MARY THURMAN ...... Murray lielttga Zeta: YWCA: K-Dets: 240 Club: Home Economics C u CLAYTON RAY TURNER , . Elliottsville Block and Bridle KATHLEEN SUE VANCE . . Paducah KEITH R. VICE . . Lexington Lances FRANKLIN M. WALKER . Crestwood Veterans Club: Poultry Club JAMES T. WALKER . . Sturgis EMMA SUE WARREN . . . Mayfield Home Economics Club: 4-H Club HOWARD B. WEBB . . . Alpha Gamma Rho: Block and Bridle: JAMES ALEXANDER WELCH Evansville, Ind. Poultry Club . Versailles Alpha Gamma. Rho: Lances: Block and Bridle: Alpha Zeta: 4-H Club: Community Chest Committee MARY HELEN WILDER . . . Georgetown Baptist Student Union Council: Home Economics Club: YWCA FRANCES LOUISE WILHOYTE . . Prospect YWCA, Treasurer: Cwens: 4-H Club, Secretary: Home Economics Club, Secretary, President: YWCA Cabinet 44... AGRICULTURE 8- HOME ECONOMICS SENIORS RUSSELL DELONG WILLIAMSON . Inez Block and Bridle VIRGINIA ALBERTA WILSON . . . Liberty Home Economics Club: YWCA: 4-H Club: Independents PATCH GREGORY WOOLFOLK . Brandenburg Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle: Livestock Judging Team MARTHA ANN WORD .... Oak Grove Hamilton House, President, Vice-President, Social Chair- man: 4-H Club, Treasurer, Reporter: Home Economics Club, Treasurer: House Presidents' Council: YWCA: Baptist Student Union: SuKy: Outing Club: K-Dets ROSA WUNSCI-I .... Brooklyn, N. Y. YWCA GEORGE ALEXANDER YOUNG . Greensburg Veterans Club: Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle PENELOPE YOUNG ..... Paducah Zeta Tau Alpha: Home Economics Club: YWCA COMMERCE SENIORS I EDWINA ABRAHAM .... Lexington 1 Outing Club, President: YWCA, Social Committee: Dutch Lunch Club: Independents, Executive and Planning Com- mittee: SuKy: K-Dets: Sigma Epsilon Chl: Women's Glee Club: Business Education Club: Commerce Employment Association: Kentucklan: Student Union House Com- mittee, Activities Committee: Baptist Student Union HENRY W. BAILEY ..... Piqua, O. GEORGE EDWIN BARKER . . . Lexington Pi Kappa Alpha: Keys: Kernel Business Staff: Lamp and Cross: Scabbard and Blade: Interfraternlty Council 1 WILLIAM K. BARLOW . . North Vemon, Ind. Sigma Nu: Varsity Basketball JAMES CORBETT BARTLETT, JR. . Lexington THOMAS PEARCE BELL . . . Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Football: Track: YMCA: Phalanx 46 SENIORS RUTH GOLDWYN BILLINGS . . . Stanton YWCA: Independents: Sigma Epsilon Chi PATSY BONNEY ..... Madisonville Alpha Delta Pi, Treasurer: Secretarial Club: K-Dets: YWCA JAMES M. BONTA . . Versailles JAMES BOSTIC . . . Lexington Veterans Club: Sigma Chi SUE ANN BRADFORD .... Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice-President: Beta Gamma Sigma: Band Sponsor: Military Queen: May Queen At- tendant: Alpha Lambda Delta: Women's Glee Club: K-Dets: Guignol: Chi Omega Economics Award: Student Union Committees KENNETH S. BRUCE . . Lexington Pershing Rities BETTY JEAN BURGIN .... Lexington Alpha Xi Delta: Student Government Association: YWCA: Sigma Epsilon Chi JOSEPH SNOWDEN BURNETTE . . Maysville Pi Kappa Alpha: "The Wildcat," Associate Editor: In- terfraternlty Council: Scabbard and Blade RAY W. BURNETTE ..... Ashland Sigma Chi: YMCA MARY ELLEN BUTLER . . Steele's Tavern, Va. MARY THELMA CANNON .... Bethel SuKy: YWCA DOROTHY ELAINE CHAMBERLAIN . Tampa, Fla. Alpha Gamma Delta: YWCA: SuKy: Sigma Epsilon Chi: K-Dets: Wesley Foundation: Student Union Committees ANNE CHANDLER . . Johnson City, Tenn. Kappa Alpha Theta, Rush Chairman: Panhellenic Coun- cil: YWCA ELBERT A. CHEEK ..... Lexington Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice-President: Pershing Rifles, Cap- tain: Scabbard and Blade, First Lieutenant: Men's Glee Club: Choristers: Interfraternity Council: Phi Mu Alpha: Lamp and Cross VIRGIL L. CHRISTIAN, JR. Horse Cave Kappa Sigma: Fencing Team ALLAN ELMER CLARK . Walkerville, Ont. ,. WILLIAM VERNON CLARK . . . 'Lexington SIDNEY CARROLL COALE . Upper Montclair, N. J. Freshman Football: Intramural Wrestling: Canterbury Club: Chess and Checkers Club: Camera Club COMMERCE 47 l li COMMERCE 48 SENIORS MRS. GREENWOOD COCANOUGHER Lexington Mortar Board: Secretarial Club LAMBERT YOUNG COLEMAN, JR. . Frankfort JACK M. COMBS .... . Jackson JAMES PATRICK CONLEY . . . Carlisle Phi Sigma Kappa, President: Newman Club, President: Lamp and Cross: Interfraternity Council: Student Union Board: Student Government Association, Social Chair- man: Student Bar Association UTHA RAE CONRAD .... Dry Ridge Sigma Epsilon Chi: K-Dets: YWCA SARA BERNICE CREECH . Richmond HOMER G. CROWDEN .... Chicago, Ill. Delta Tau Delta: Football: Pershing Rifles CHARLES MCCONNELL CROWELL . Ashland Veterans Club MARIE P. CURRENT . . Lexington K-Dets FRED F. CYRUS .... Kenova, W. Va. Sigma Chi: Veterans Club CATHERINE JEFFERSON DADE . Hopkinsville Delta Delta Delta: Student Union Activities Committee: YWCA: Chi Delta Phi JOHN HARRISON DIXON . . . Henderson Delta Tau Delta: Pershing Rifles: SuKy: Lamp and Cross GEORGE ELLSWORTH DUDLEY . Earlington Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-Presl- dent: Student Union Board: Student Government Asso- ciation: Pershing Rifles: Men's Glee Club NAOMI DUNCAN ..... Whitley City YWCA: Secretarial Club: SUB Public Relations Committee MARY ELIZABETH ESTILL . . . Lexington Alpha Lambda Delta: K-Dets EVERETT HAYES FAIRCHILD . . Cooper Veterans Club: Phalanx: YMCA BYRAM H. FARIS . . Mt. Sterling Phi Kappa Tau: Lances JOHN LEWIS FLEMMING .... Ashland Sigma Chi: Commerce Employment Association: Veterans Club ' 1 S E N I O R S JOY FRANCIS ..... . . Martin Hamilton House, Secretary: WAA: K-Dets: Outing Club: Women's Glee Club MARY ELIZABETH FULTON . . Flemingsburg Baptist Student Union Council: Cosmopolitan Club: YWCA: Philosophy Club: Sigma Epsilon Chi, Secre- tary: Independents DURL J. GONSER . . . Commerce Employment Association ELI COLBERT HALL Veterans Club, Treasurer . Lexington Beattyville SARAH GAY HALL ..... Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice-President, Scholarship chair- man: Student Union Dance Committee K-Dets: Beta Gamma Sigma LOUANNA HAMMONS . SuKy: YWCA WILLIAM HANSON . . Veterans Club: Newman Club NANCY CALVIN HART . . . Corbin Lexington . . . Paris Kappa Kappa Gamma: YWCA: League of Women Vo- ters: Canterbury Club: Dutch Lunch Club MILDRED HEATH .... Secretarial Club: YWCA: Outing Club JAMES ALPHONSUS HODSKINS . . Hazard . Owensboro Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer: Lances: Newman Club: Student Government Association: Interfraternity Coun- cil: Keys: Veterans Club: Student Union Committees: Pershing Rifles ALICE PATRICIA HOWARD . Mt. Hope, W. Va. Zeta Tau Alpha: Sigma Epsilon Chi: YWCA WILLIAM C. HUBBARD . . Dubuque, Iowa Kappa Sigma, Treasurer: Lances: Interfraternity Council JOHN BUFORD HUDSON . . Delta Tau Delta: Veterans Club M. ELIZABETH JAMES . . Sigma Epsilon Chl: Band: Outing Club: THOMAS A. JUETT, JR. . . ELIJAH KEITH . J. C. KEITH .... ALBERT BRUCE KESSELRING Sigma. Nu . . Frankfort Charlotte, N. C. YWCA . Wickliffe . Oneida Manchester . Louisville COMMERCE 49 COMMERCE 50 SENIORS WILLIAM LESLIE LAND .... Eminence YMCA Cabinet: Veterans Club: Alma Magna Mater ROBERT KINKEAD LANDRUM . . Lexington Basketball Team, Manager: Scabbard and Blade: Beta Gamma Sigma: Lamp and Cross: Phalanx: Omicron Delta Kappa: Lances, President WILLIAM OWEN LASLIE . . . West Point Sigma Nu, Treasurer: SuKy, President: Lances: Inter- fraternity Council: Veterans Club THOMAS W. LEFNER, JR. . Louisville Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA LEMMONS . Lexington HAROLD R. LETTON . . Carlisle Kappa Alpha HAROLD B. LINDSAY .... Madisonville Sigma Nu: YMCA: Men's Glee Club: Choristers: Keys: Lances: Lamp and Cross: Student Standards Committee JACK MCNEAL ...... Ashland Delta Tau Delta: Pershing Rides. Honorary Officer: Keys. President: Interfraternity Council, President: Delta Tau Delta: Scabbard and Blade: Lamp and Cross DAVID MAHANES, JR ..... Lexington Kappa Alpha: Pershing Riiles: Keys: Lances: Lamp and Cross: Radio Studio: Freshman Track STUART MAHURIN . . . Henderson Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Veterans Club JACK F. MATTINGLY . . . Hardinsburg Veterans Club ROWENA MAY . . Harrodsburg Sigma Epsilon Chi: YWCA HARRY MILTON MILLER . . . Lexington Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Rifle Team HUGH MOORHEAD ..... Ashland Delta Tau Delta: Pershing Rifles: Kentuckian: Kernel JOHN A. MOORHEAD . . . Brooksville ROBERT J. MULLE . . Collingswood, N. J. Delta Chi, Secretary: Riiie Club: Riile Team: Veterans Club ELSIE CATHERINE NEVITT . . . Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta: Cwens: Newman Club: French Club: German Club: YWCA ROBERT BRUCE OGDEN . . . Lexington Sigma Chi: Guignol: Student Union Dance Committee SENIORS LEE PALMER, JR. . . Louisville Phi Kappa Tau ALEX TWYMAN PAYTON Louisville Triangle: Phalanx: YMCA CLIVE WELDON PHELPS Morgantown Veterans Club RAYMOND L. PUGH . Vanceburg Delta Tau Delta EDWARD REINHARDT, JR Louisville Veterans Club CHARLES B. RICHARDSON Lexington ARCHIE L. ROBERTS, JR. Lexington WILLIAM B. ROBINSON Lexington Baptist Student Union ANTHONY ROCHE . . Lexington Newman Club: Veterans Club CHARLES R. ROSE . . Lexington Freshman Football, Track: Football: Baseball: K-Club WARREN W. ROSENTHAL . . Lexington Veterans Club FRANK KENNETH RUSH . . Versailles Delta Tau Delta MARION MAYO SALISBURY . . Prestonburg Alpha Gamma Delta, House President: House Presidents' Council: Glee Club: Secretarial Club: YWCA: Student Union House Committee EVERETT M. SCRANTON . West Haven, Conn. Lambda Chl Alpha: Keys: Newman Club FLORENE M. SHATZ . . . Mayfield Phi Sigma Sigma: Stray Greeks JOSEPH WILLIAM SILLIMAN . . Danville Phi Delta Theta., President, Vice-President, Treasurer: Interfraternity Council: Student Union Activities Com- mittee, Chairman LEE T. SMITH . . . . Lexington MARION DAILEY SNELL .... Paris Outing Club: Commerce Employment Association COMMERCE 51 COMMERCE SENIORS VINCENT SPAGNUOLO . . . Cumberland Student Government Association, President: Kernel, Business Manager: Kentuckian, Sports Editor: Newman Club, President: War Chest Drive, Chairman: Student Union House Committee: Football: Sports Publicity Bureau, Director: Dormitory Council: Who's Who: Vet- erans Club, Soclal Chairman WILLIAM R. SPEARS . . Louisville Sigma Chi, Social Chairman: Guignol, House Manager LANCE M. TRIGG, JR ..... Glasgow Sigma Nu, President: Interfraternity Council: Veterans Club, Steering Committee DANIEL M. VAN SANT . . . Mt. Victory Wesley Foundation, Cabinet, Finance Committee IMOGENE VENTERS . . . . Shelbianna Alpha Delta Pl: Secretarial Club: YWCA LLOYD W. WADDELL .... Covington Phi Kappa Tau, President, Vice-President, Secretary: Veterans Club: Interfraternlty Council: YMCA: Com- merce Club JUANITA WARREN .... Greensburg Kappa Delta: Kentucklan: Gulgnol: Koflee Klub: YWCA CLYDE M. WATSON . . . Scenery Hill, Pa. Kappa Sigma Kappa: Stray Greeks RICHARD S, WEBB . . . Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon CALVIN O. WEST . . Hazel RUSSELL EDWIN WHITE .... Hima Kappa Sigma, President: Interfraternlty Council: Stu- dent Government Association ROB WORTHINGTON . Lexington Phi Delta Theta MARIANNA YOUNG .... Providence Alpha Gamma Delta: YWCA: Secretarial Club: Gulgnol: Student Union Committees: K-Dets WILLIAM H. YOUNG, JR ..... Franklin Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Swimming Team: Band 52 ssrfuons EnucA'rloN CHARLES FRANCIS ADAMS Barbourville Kappa Delta Pi: Men's Glee Club GLORIA ALLENDER . . . Nicholasville Business Education Club: Secretarial Club MORTON AVRACH . . Brooklyn, New York Independents: Intramural Wrestling: Varsity Football JAMES V. BOLEN . Mousie MARY ANN BOWMAN .... Louisville Kappa Kappa Gamma: House Presidents' Council EMERY BREWER .... Denniston HELEN VICTORIA BURKE . . . Lexington Newman Club, President: Independents, Secretary, Treas- urer: Dutch Lunch Club: WAA: Outing Club BETTY JEAN CARR .... Louisville JOSEPH HARDIN CLEMENTS . Owensboro Business Education Club: Secretarial Club: Accounting Club: Philosophy Club: Veterans Club: YMCA: Dutch Lunch Club: Westminster Fellowship OLGA JUANITA CREECH Cumberland YWCA: Independents MARTHA SUE CROSBY . . . Paducah Kappa Delta: WAA: Koffee Klub: YWCA BETTY JANE CROWE . . . Dixon WAA Council HENRY GEORGE DAVIDSON, JR. . Pleasant View Veterans Club ANN DONOVAN . Carlisle YWCA: Secretarial Club NANCY DONOVAN ..... Carlisle YWCA: Secretarial Club: Business Education Club CARLENE ECTON . . Winchester Alpha Xi Delta: YWCA: WAA EDWIN EVERIDGE . . Hindman KENNY FARMER . Stinnett 53 EDUCATION SENIORS GERALDINE GOOCH . . . ELIZABETH GELTZ HAMES . WAA: YWCA Group: Home Economics Club: YWCA FLORENCE MARGARET HICKEY Club: K-Dets: YWCA WAA: Kentuckian, Business Staff MARGARET JEAN KINGSLEY . K-Club: Varsity Football, Baseball WILFORD McINTURFF . Football JOANNE TURNER MANLOVE Zeta Tau Alpha : YWCA MATTIE MARTIN . YWCA RALPH GENE MARTIN . Kappa Alpha MARGIE ANN MATTMILLER . Club: Guignol: Philosophy Club MATTIE LOUISE MIRACLE 54 Kappa Alpha Theta: Tau Sigma: YWCA: KATHRYN FRANZ .... Raceland Alpha Xi Delta: YWCA: WAA: Wesley Foundation . Somerset Kappa Delta, Historian: YWCA: K-Dets: Secretarial Club: Outing Club: Dutch Lunch Club: Art Club: Art and Poster Committee: House Presidents' Council Award . Pikeville BETTY RUTH HARRIS . . . Lexington SuKy, Vice-President: Student Government Association: Cwens: Pitkin Club: WAA: Art Club: Dutch Lunch Club: K-Dets ESTER BERNICE HERMAN . . Lexington Phi Upsilon Omlcron: Hillel Foundation: IZFA Study . Winchester Independents: Veterans Club: Newman Club ALBERT HARDIN HURST Beattyville Veterans Club MARTHA JACOBS .... Lexington SuKy: Pitkin Club: WAA: Independents: Dutch Lunch HAZEL KENNEDY .... Lexington Alpha Xi Delta: Cwens: Pitkin Club: Kappa Delta Pi: . Lexington Chi Omega, Rush Chairman: Student Union Dance Com- mittee, House Committee: War Efforts Committee: YWCA: Guignol: League of Women Voters: K-Dets CHARLES WILLIAM KUHN . . Louisville NITA RUSSELLENE McELHANEY.South Portsmouth Kappa Delta Pi: Future Teachers of America: YWCA Pineville Hazard Mallie Lexington . Lexington Dutch Lunch Lexington S E N I 0 R S THELBERT ROSS Mooiza . . Mt. Olivet YMCA Cabinet: Pitkin Club, Advisory Board: Indepen- dents: Inter-Faith Council: French Club: Cosmopolitan Club NELL RUTH MORRIS YWCA GENE B. OETJEN . . . Pikeville . Ft. Thomas K-Dets: YWCA: Student Union Dance Committee: New- mall Club HENRY PAUL . EARL RAY PAYNE . . Veterans Club MARTHA BURDETTE RICH , . Paducah . Flat Lick . Columbia Jewell Hall. House President: House Presidents' Coun- cil, Treasurer: Kappa Delta Pi: YWCA: Independents: Business Education Club: Student Government Asso- ciatlon LAURA BELLE ROBERTS . Outing Club . Lexington JUANITA RUTH ROBERTSON . . Lexington K-Dets: WAA: Art Club: Tau Sigma JEAN L. ROBINSON . . . Leitchlield Alpha Gamma Delta: House Presidents' Council: SuKy: Student Union Committees: Guignol: Foundation CAROLINE RODES Kappa Kappa Gamma SHARLEEN SELVAGE . . YWCA: Outing Club: Baptist Student Education Club GEORGE FRED SENGEL . Football WASHINGTON FRANK SERINI . Football HUGH R. SHANNON . . YWCA: Wesley . Lexington . . Denver Union: Business . Louisville Tuckahoe, N. Y. Jacksonville, Fla. Phi Delta Theta: Football Squad: Pitkin Club MARY ANN SI-IELTON . . Kappa Delta: WAA: YWCA JEAN FLORENCE SHROPSHIRE . Russellville . . Paris Alpha Xi Delta: WAA Council: YWCA: Outing Club: Physical Education Club ELIZABETH SIMPSON . . . Owensboro Chl Omega: Student Union Dance Committee, House Committee: YWCA DENVER SLOAN . Kappa Delta Pi Pikeville EDUCATION 55 EDUCATION 56 PAULINA V. FIELDS SLOAN GORDON SPARKMAN . BEVERLY MARIE STEFFE Kappa Delta. Pi SYBIL BAKER STERN BETTY L. STEWART . MRS. NELL J. STOOKE . ROBERT HAROLD TAYLOR Alpha Tau Omega. SARA LEE TRABUE . SENIORS Lexington Mousie Cynthiana Lexington . Warsaw Bowling Green Lexington . Hopkinsville Chl Omega., President: Mortar Board: Panhellenlc Coun- cil: Kappa Delta. Pi: League of Women Voters: Spanish Club: Student Union House Committee: Who's Who LOUISE WELLS VOSBURGH . . Bloomfield YWCA: Business Education Club THOMAS WADDELL . Mousie LYLE BROOKS WATSON . . . Lexington Phi Beta: Guignol: Radio Studio: YWCA JAMES L. WEBER .... Archbold, O. Basketball: Track HELEN FLORENCE WILLIAMS . . Hitchins Sigma Epsilon Chi: Interfaith Council: YWCA: Pitkin Club: Westminster Fellowship, President: German Club: Outing Club: K-Dets JANE ALLENE WOLF . . . Nicholasville Independents: Band: YWCA: Dutch Lunch Club: Koffee Klub: Student Union Committees EDNA COLMAN WOODHEAD . Falmouth SENIORS HUGH BROWNING ABBOTT . . Sulphur American Society of Mechanical Engineers STALEY ADAMS .... Lexington Tau Beta Pi: Omicron Delta Kappa: Sigma Pi Sigma: American Society Civil Engineers DAVID ALPER .... New York, N. Y. Hillel Foundation: AIEE: Veterans Club CECIL JAMES BAKER . . . Central City American Association of Mechanical Engineers: Tau Beta Pl GEORGE GILLIARD BARNETT . Covington American Institute of Electrical Engineers ROBERT B. BOIES .... Lexington Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Alpha Chi Sigma: Kentuckian: Guignol: American Institute of Mechanical Engineers: Rifle Team SETH TALBOTT BOTTS, JR. . . Lexington Delta Tau Delta: Pershing Rifles: American Institute of Electrical Engineers JOSEPH A. BOYD ..... Barlow Triangle, President: American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Chairman FRANK W. BUTTON, JR. . Louisville Alpha Chi Sigma: Tau Beta Pi HAROLD LEONARD CARR . . Louisville Kappa Alpha: Band: Kentucky Engineer WILLIAM CAPRON CAYWOOD . Manchester, Conn. Phi Kappa Tau: Pershing Rifles: Lances: Lamp and Cross: Scabbard and Blade: Sigma Pi Sigma: Omicron Delta Kappa: Tau Beta Pi: Student Government Asso- ciation: Kentucky Engineer CHARLES EMMETT CHAPMAN . Henderson Pitkin Club: Pershing Rifles: American Institute of Electrical Engineers ALBERT CRAIG . Ghent JoHN J. DAVID, JR ..... Louisville Phi Kappa Tau, Secretary: YMCA: Freshman Swimming Team: Kentucky Engineer, Treasurer WILLIAM B. DRAKE . . . . Somerset Kappa Sigma: American Society of Civil Engineers EDWARD L. ELDER ..... Brodhead Triangle, President: American Society of Mechanical Engineering Interfraternity Council CHARLES HENRY FOX . . . Lexington Triangle: Newman Club: American Society of Mechanical Engineers HAROLD DAVIS FOX . . . Lexington Triangle: American Society of Civil Engineers ENGINEERING 57 ENGINEERING SENIORS HENRY GLEIXNER .... Peru, Ill. American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Veterans Club GUS GREEN ..... Lexington Phi Kappa Tau: Interfraternity Council JOHN GORDON HAMBY . . Dawson Springs Tau Beta Pi l FRANK HEILMAN Bannar Elk, N. C. JOHN L. HICKS, JR ..... Hustonville Kappa Alpha: Tennis Teamg UK Troupers CLYDE B. HILL ...... Fulton Trlangleg American Society of Civil Engineers THORNTON LEE JOHNSON, JR. . Shelbyville Triangle: Pershing Riflesg American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers ALICE PHILLIPS KABECK . . New York, N. Y. Kentucky Engineer, Associate Editor: Intercollegiate Zionist Federation of America, Secretaryg American Society of Civil Engineers VERNON F REDERIC KALB . . Brooksville Tau Beta Pi, President: American Institute of Electrical Engineers: Veterans Club PIERCE V. KEATING . Chicago, Ill. JESSIE MARIE KEMPER . . . Lexington Pitkin Club: American Institute ol' Electrical Engineers: Kentucky Engineer FRANK LEACH . . . . . Lexington American Society of Mechanical Engineersg Newman Club HARRY JERRY MACKE . . . Newport Tau Pets. Pig Lancesg Lamp and Cross: Sigma Pi Sigmag Kentucky Engineer: American Society of Mechanical Engineers CHARLES ROBIN MARTIN . . Bardwell Triangle, Presldentg American Institute of Electrical Engineers FRANK LEWIS MILBURN . . . Mt. Sterling American Society of Mechanical Engineers JOHN MILLER . . Cave City Kappa Sigma: Tau Beta Pi JOHN SMITH NEWBY . . . Burkesville American Society of Civil Engineers ARTHUR A. NIERENBERG . New York, N. Y. Tau Beta Pi: Phi Beta Kappag American Institute of Electrical Engineers 58 55141035 ENGINEERING l BETTY c. PETERS .... Lexington 1 Kentucky Engineer: Radio Studios: American Institute of Electrical Engineers: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mortar Board ANNE CHARLOTTE PHILLIPS . Dawson Springs American Society of Civil Engineers, Secretary-Treas- urer: Kentucky Engineer: YWCA HAROLD EUGENE POPE . . . Victory Veterans Club: American Society of Mechanical En- gineers: Wesley Foundation: Chess and Checker Club JEANETTE REYNOLDS . . . Greenville Zeta Tau Alpha, President: Kentucky Engineer, Associate Editor: Women's Glee Club: K-Dets: YWCA: Women's Administrative Council: Panhellenlc Council: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Secretary, Chairman: Kernel: Mortar Board JOE LEE ROBBINS .... Beverly Alpha Chl Sigma: Veterans Club: American Institute of Mechanical Engineers RATLIFF C. ROGERS .... Cerulean American Institute of Electrical Engineers HASKEL J. ROSS .... Lexington Alpha Tau Omega, President, Treasurer: Scabbard and Blade: Interfraternlty Council: YMCA: Kentucky En- gineer, Business Manager: Kentuckian: Norwood Mining and Metallurgical Society FORREST G. ROWE Rowletts Triangle JAMES H. SATTERFIELD Henderson Delta Tau Delta: Pershing Rifles WILLIAM WARREN SCHICK . . Stearns Triangle, Treasurer: Student Government Association: Interfraternity Council: Pershing Rifles: 240 Club: American Institute of Electrical Engineers: Veterans Club ROBERT G. SCHNEIDER . Eggertsville, N. Y. Triangle: Pershing Rifles: Keys EUGENE STENECK .... Lexington Alpha Kappa Pi: American Society of Civil Engineers HOWARD G. STEWART . . . Hartford Triangle, Vice-President: Student Government Associa- tion: Interfraternity Council: Engineering Student Coun- cil: American Institute of Electrical Engineers, President WALLACE REED TAYLOR . . Whitesburg Tau Beta Pl: Sigma Pi Sigma: American Institute of Electrical Engineers CLAY D. VALLANDINGHAM . . . Owenton Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Sigma Pi Sigma: YMCA: Student Union Music Committee DARRELL E. WARD .... Hartford American Society of Mechanical Engineers FRED M. WELLS . . . . Murray JAMES LUTHER WYATT . . Lexington Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary, Pledge Master: Alpha Chl Sigma, President: Kernel, Photographer: Kentucky Engineer, Social Editor: Outing Club: American Institute of Mining Metallurgical Engineers: American Society for Metals 59 ENGINEERING LAW 60 SENIORS BALLARD J. YELTON, JR .... Butler Triangle: American Society ot Civil Engineers CHARLES E. YOUNGBLOOD . Bethlehem, Pa. Triangle: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Engineering Student Council: Canterbury Club: Ken- tucky Engineer ELLEN ZIGLAR .... Charlotte, N. C. Delta Delta Delta: Band: American Society of Civil Engineers: Kentucklan: YWCA C. A. ZOELLERS . . . . ' . Lexington American Institute of Electrical Engineers SENIORS JAMES E. ADKINS . Catlettsburg Phi Delta Phi: Law Journal JOSEPH C. COVINGTON . . Bowling Green Sigma Chi, President: Veterans Club, President: Phalanx, President: YMCA Cabinet: Student Bar Association, Secretary and Treasurer: Phi Delta Phi: SGA: Pitkin Club: Canterbury Club: Kentuckian: Interfraternity Council, President WILLIAM GRAY COX . . . Lexington Kappa Alpha: Phl Alpha Delta: Student Bar Association PRESTON MARSHALL DAVIDSON . Prestonsburg JAMES RODMAN FORD . . . Owenton Student Bar Association J. DAVID FRANCIS . . . Bowling Green Phi Delta Phi: Student Bar Association WILLIAM M. GANT . . Owensboro WILLIAM O. GILBREATH . . Lexington Kentucky Law Journal: Phl Delta Phi FRANK SELBY HURST . . . Lexington Sigma Chl: Phi Beta Kappa: Omlcron Delta Kappa.: Editor, Kentucky Law Journal: Phi Delta Phi: Who's Who SENIORS LAW PAUL W. KELLEY . . . Anderson, Ind. Veterans Club ' JULIAN W. KNIPPENBERG . . Lexington Phi Delta. Phi CORDELL H. MARTIN . . . Hindman Phi Delta Phi, Historian: Veterans Club CHARLES EDWIN SKIDMORE Lexington Phi Delta Phi CHARLES WILLIAM SWINFORD . Lexington ELMER DURWARD WELDON . Georgetown Kentucky Law Journal: Student Bar Association 61 WILLIAM B. ADAMS . ROBERT ALLPHIN KEAN ASHURST . . . BETTY BISCHOPP BAEHR . IRVING R. BARTLEY . . MARIE THOMPSON BASKETT JOSEPH B. BEARD . . . PRENTISS C. BEATTY . LLOYD LANCASTER BELL BERNARD BERKOWITZ . MARY MARGARET BERRY DAVID BOWMAN . . A. B. BROOKE . . JOHN B. BROWNING . ALTON BRYANT . . MARTHA L. BRYDON . JAMES BUCKLEY . SAM CADDY .... SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES ARTS Richmond Warsaw . Lexington Lexington Lexington . Lexington Lexington Milan, Tenn. . Beechwood . Lexington . Lexington Berea Wayland . Frankfort . Ludlow . Earlington Maysville . Lexington COLONEL LUTHER CALDWELL Munfordville JEAN LEWIS CALE . . . STANLEY CARTER . BETTY JEAN CATLETT . JANE CLARKE . . BEN MATT COMBS . CLARENCE COMBS . WILLIAM WARD CRANE . ROY R. CRAWFORD . FRANK FOWLER DAVID ROBERT L. DAVIS . MARCELLA DOUGLASS JAY C. DOYLE . . MEREDITH EVANS DOUGLAS W. FARIS . ARTHUR FRANCIS . JOE FRIEDMAN . KATHLEEN GALVIN . DOUGLAS T. GEDDES SMITH HYSON GIBSON 62 Uniontown, Pa. . Versailles . Frankfort Prestonsburg . Irvine Congleton . Louisville Whitesburg . Paducah . Winchester . Hazard Lexington . Pineville . Ludlow Richmond . Lexington . Lexington Lexington Evarts 81 SCIENCES JULIUS GOLDBURG . . . JOHN CAMPBELL GOODLETT JOAN GORHAM .... MARTHA M. GREATHOUSE ROBERT WILKINS GREENE WILLIAM C. HAMILTON . VIRGINIA PRIEST HAYNES DOROTHY ANN I-IELLARD . GEORGE J. HERMAN . ROBERT S. HOWELL . . ALBERT HARDIN HURST JOHN S. HUTCHESON . EDWARD H. JOHNSTONE . LOUELLA M. JONES . Buffalo, N. Y. Lawrenceburg . Lexington . Lexingotn . Greenville Mt. Sterling . Reed . Lexington Owensboro . Frankfort . Beattyville . Corbin . Lexington . Grayson JAMES ALLEN JORDAN . . Chester, W. Va. ELVA JEAN KELLER COLINA KENNEY . PAUL T. KING .... . Frankfort . Owenton . Earlington MARY ELIZABETH KRUGER . . Lexington ELIZABETH THOMAS KUSTER DELBERT L. LEE .... ALLAN B. LEEDY . . JAMES W. LEWIS . DARRELL M. LLOYD DOROTHY LOCKE . GEORGE McALISTER . . . . Lexington . Owensboro Jaeger, W. Va. . Mayfield . Lexington Winchester . Lexington WILLIAM HOWARD MCCOLLUM . Lexington A. C. McFARLAN, JR. .... Lexington VIVIAN JOHNSON MacQUOWN . Lexington ANN METCALF . . . . Madisonville BETSY L. MOORE . . Huntington, W. Va. HAROLD MALONE . . . . Grayson MARY KING MARTINA . Lexington MARGARET MEADOW . Lexington ROBERT W. MEYER . . Lexington CARL MILLER .... . Frankfort WILLARD A. OVERSTREET . . Lexington ISABEL L. PRUNA . . La Habana, Cuba SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES ARTS 81 SCIENCES-Continued WILLIAM QUIREY . . . Sturgis MARY JANE RAMSEY . . Madisonville RICHARD C. RAMSEY .... Lexington MARGARET DOROTHY SALMON . Lexington WILLIAM J. SMITH . . . Lawrenceburg JACK SPICKARD ..... Princeton DORALEE WAGNER ST. CLAIR . Hampton, Tenn. LOWELL M. STEPHENS . . Whitley City RAYMOND N. STEPHENS . . Prestonsburg R. T. STOFER ...... Lexington GEORGE WILLIAM SWEENEY . . Liberty AGRICULTURE JAMES L. BLUE . . Robards FRED BROCKMAN . . Sand Gap ROBERT C. BUCKNER . Greensburg LONNIE M. CLICK .... Sandy Hook KATHERINE B. CARMICHAEL . Lexington OTHELLO GASKIN . . . Russell Springs C O PAUL G. BLAZER Ashland CHARLES BOYD . Lexington HOWARD CLARK . . Lexington CASSIUS M. COOPER . . Inez HARRY LLOYD COSTIGAN . Owingsville JAMES WILLARD ELLINGTON . Ashland GLORIA HENDERSON . . Dallas, Ga. LEIGHTON LEROY HINE . . Lexington JAMES A. HOTALING . Schenectady, N. Y. CHARLES T. LANG . . Louisville HAROLD M. LATHREM . Louisville JACK AUGUSTUS LUIGART, JR. . Lexington PETER F. MANOS Port Chester, N. Y. BETTY SWIFT . . NANCY PAIGE SWIFT . . SUE ANN TURLEY . . POLLY TUTTLE . ELEANOR VAUGHN . CHARLES W. WALKER . JACOB L. WARNER . . MARGARET JANE WAYNE . ARTHUR C. WHITE . . ROBERTA WILSON . WENDELL WITTEN . 81 HOME ECONOMICS ROBERT STANISLAUS KOCH CHARLES HARRIS MICHLER ORVILLE RAY MILLER, JR. HOWARD K. TRAMMELL . EDMOND WATERS . BARBARA JANE WYATT . MMERCE JAMES MILLER E. JOHN MUNCY . JOHN HORD NEVITT . GORDON R. PARSONS . WILLIAM PAUL . DAN PRICE . GEORGE RILEY . . MARY ELIZABETH SEALE DAVID SEIGEL . . . WALLACE BROWN SOUTHALL, JR. . WILGUS TURNER . . RICHARD YOUNGERMAN . . . Lexington Goldsboro, N. C. Madison, W. Va. Paia Maui, T. H. . Frankfort Lexington Lexington . Danville . Williamsburg . Owensbom Paintsville . Lexington . Lexington Buechel Stearns Lexington Lexington Pikeville Richmond Lexington . Yancey Williamsburg . Barlow Lexington Lexington . Lexington Lebanon Jackson Louisville 63 JESSA RUTH ALBRIGHT . MARY FRANCES BACK . MCKINLEY BISHOP . . . ROBERT MAX BOOKBINDER . TAFT B. BOTNER .... MULFORD RAY DAVIS . NAN CECIL DAWSON . . RUTH LOUISE EPPERSON . EDWIN EVERIDGE . . RUTH S. GILDART . HERMAN BERNSTEIN . . RALPH BURTON CONLEE . JAMES CORBETT DAVIDSON, JAMES W. LEWIS . . UHEL O. BARRICKMAN ALBERT W. BECK, JR. JAMES M. COLLIER . . WILLIAM H. FULTON, JR. . HALPIN O'REILLY HACKETT CHARLES L. HOBSON . . CHARLES A. LARNARD, JR. 64 JR. . SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES EDUCATION . Georgetown . Monticello . . . Taft Woodridge, N. Y. Travellers Rest . Orestes, Ind. . Versailles Winchester . Hindman . Shelbyville ENG Glen Cove, N. Y. . . Stanton Mayfield . Mayfield Louisville Lexington . Georgetown Louisville Louisville Frankfort . Shelbyville ELOISE GOINS .... . Corbin RANDALL FLOYD HAMMER . Lexington AUREL HARDISON . . Kirtmansville JAMES W. HOLMES . . . . Butler WILLIAM DONALD HOWARD Lexington LOU AVAH JOHNSON . . Frankfort THOMAS JOHNSON . . . Marion ROBERT WILLIAM SALLING . . Lexington ELIZABETH CORDER WEST Mill Springs HARRIET F. WOLFE . Redondo Beach, Calif. I N E E R I N G DONALD GRIGGS LOWRY . . Chicago, Ill. BERNARD WILLIAM MAYBERGER Lexington WILLIAM EDWARD WATERS, JR. . Lexington LUKE COX WOOLDRIDGE . Lexington L A W EDWIN' R. McCLELLAND . Lexington RAYMOND B. 'MURPHY Lexington EDWIN F. OCKERMAN Frankfort MARCUS C. REDWINE, JR. Winchester JOHN B. TURNER . . Lexington REUBEN POLLARD WHITE Hopkinsville ARTS 8. SCIENCES Q i 1 I 66 J U N I O R S ANNE COOKE ADAMS, Alpha Gamma Delta . Hopkinsville BARBARA AKERS ..... Carrollton MARJORIE AKERS, Alpha Xi Delta . . Glasgow JOHN MORGAN ALLEN, Sigma Chi . Jackson MARTHA ALLEN, Kappa Alpha Theta . Mayfield BETTY JANE ALLISON .... . Frankfort ROBERT LYTLE ANDERSON . Mayfield JOHN C. ANGGELIS ....... Versailles SANDRA ELEANOR ASHER, Delta Delta Delta . Pineville MARY ANN BACH, Alpha Xi Delta . . Lexington FRANCES LORRAINE BALL . . . Middlesboro MARIETTA BALL . . . Harlan BETTY JEAN BARTEE, Zeta Tau Alpha . Cleveland, Ohio JEAN BAYLOR . . . . . Versailles RICHARD BEAL, Sigma Chi . . Covington DORIS MAURINE BLACK, Kappa Delta . Lexington BENNY ANN BLESSING, Kappa Alpha Theta . Harlan HARRY HOUSER BOAZ, Phi Sigma Kappa . Mayfield PEGGY GENE BOCKMON, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Paducah JOSEPH R. BOLTON, Phi Sigma Kappa . Hazard MARARGET LEE BOLTON . . . . Hazard JUNIORS LEWIS BONDURANT, Alpha Tau Omega GEORGANN BOVIS, Chi Omega . . . MILLARD FILLMORE BOWEN, Delta Chi . Brandenburg Elizabethtown . Rye, N. Y. SALLY BRANCH, Kappa Alpha Theta . Huntington, W. Va. BARBARA BROUGH, Alpha Delta Pi . Fort Myers, Fla. BEVERLY ANNE BROWN, Kappa Alpha Theta . Lexington CLARENCE GORDON BROWN, JR. . MARTHA JANE BROWN, Alpha Xi Delta Louisville . Lexington ILEY BAKER BROWNING, JR. Phi Delta Theta . Ashland CARMAINE BRUCE, Delta Delta Delta . JANE ELLEN BUCHANAN, Chi Omega . Williamsburg . Lorain, O. JOYCE LOUISE BUCHANAN, Alpha Gamma Delta . Hazard BETTY ANN BUCHER, Alpha Delta Pi . . Lexington MARTHA ELIZABETH BURKMAN . New York, N. Y. BERNICE BUTTON, Alpha Delta Pi . . Louisville KATHERINE REBECCA CALVERT . . Lexington CLIFTON CARPENTER, Lambda Chi Alpha JOANNA CARPENTER, Delta Zeta . . JAMES CHILDERS, Phi Kappa Tau . ELLA MARSHALL CLOYD, Chi Omega . MARVIN S. COHEN, Zeta Beta Tau . . West Liberty Bethel, Ohio . Pikeville . Richmond Brooklyn, N. Y. ARTS 81 SCIENCES 2 3 68 JUNIORS JEAN TAYLOR COLEMAN, Kappa Delta . . Lexington FRANCES JANE COMBS, Alpha Gamma Delta . Anco IMOGENE COMBS ...... SUZANNE CONCANNON . CORINNA COOK, Chi Omega . . . MILDRED JO COOPER, Alpha Xi Delta HELEN LUCILLE CRAWFORD . . . FRED H. DAUGHERTY, Pi Kappa Alpha JOSEPH FRANKLIN DAUGHERTY . BETTY LOUISE DAVIS, Zeta Tau Alpha SUE VANCE DAY ...... WELDON DEMUNBRUN, Pi Kappa Alpha CLELL F. DeSPAIN, Phi Sigma Kappa . . Hazard Lexington Danville Lexington Whitesburg Georgetown Florence Danville Somerset Brownsville Hodgenville MARJORIE ANN DOLIBER . . . Marblehead, Mass. JAMES M. DONOVAN, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . Georgetown HELEN DORR ....... . Ashland MARY DOSKER, Kappa .Kappa Gamma . . Louisville ROSEMARY DUMMIT, Delta Delta Delta . Lexington IVIARY DUNLAP, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Versailles MERRY DUNN, Kappa Alpha Theta . Fort Pierce, Fla. JEROME F. EASTI-IAM . . . . Palatka, Fla. JUNIORS DORIS ELLIOTT . PEGGY ELLIS . . MARTHA M. EVANS . THEODORE JACKSON EVERSOLE JACK FEIRABEND ..... PHYLLIS FELDMANN, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Lexington JANE H. FETTER . . . WILLIAM WALTER FISHER . JOE M. FITCH, Kappa Alpha . CECILLIA FLORENCE .... BOBBIE LOU FOIL, Delta Delta Delta HAROLD CHRISTIAN FRIEDLY, JR. CHALMER FUGATE ..... BARBARA FUTRELL, Delta Delta Delta . . Cadiz THOMAS L. GAINES, Kappa Alpha . ELIZABETH GAY, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Lexington GARNETT EVA GAYLE, chi omega JACK THOMAS GIANNINI . . MILTON GOLDBERG, Zeta Beta Tau WILLIAM D. GOODLOE, Kappa Sigma FRED GRANNEMAN .... ARTS 81 SCIENCES . Covington . Lexington . Wilmore . Louisville Louisville Anchorage Louisville Cloverport . . Cynthiana Spartanburg, S. C. . . Frankfort . Lexington Stamping Ground Lexington . Princeton Brooklyn, N. Y. . Somerset Covington 69 ARTSGSCIENCES JUNIORS ANNE GRAY, Delta Delta Delta . . Ced MARY F. HAGAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma . MARJORIE HALL, Alpha Gamma Delta . VIRGINIA ANN HALL, Kappa Alpha Theta O. C. HALYARD . JANE HAMERSLEY ..... . AUDREY CAROL HANKINSON, AGD . Orang RUBY GENE HARDIN, Delta Delta Delta . PRINCE HARRILL ...... JUANITA HARRIS .... sf. Beane JOYCE ANNE HARRIS, chi omega . . GLORIA HOPE HARTMAN MARTHA JUNE HATTER MARY HILLENMEYER, Alpha Delta Pi . MARY PICKFORD HINKLE . . . DONN D. HOLLINGSWORTI-I . EUPI-IA YVONNE HOPKINS . . FRANCES HAMILTON HORTON . 70 artown, Ga. RITA GREENWALD, Sigma Delta Tau . Middletown, N. Y. Louisville Lexington . Harlan Louisville Lexington BETSY HAMMOND, Delta Delta Delta . Hopkinsville e City, Fla. CHARLES W. HARBAUGH, Sigma Nu . Gettysburg, Pa. Carrollton Lexington hem, Tenn. Lexington Lexington I Russellville Lexington . Carlisle Lexington Covington Owingsville JUNIORS GAY HUGHES, Delta Delta Delta HELEN GIBSON HUTCHCRAFT . JOHN G. IRVIN, Kappa Alpha . JUDITH ANN JACKSON, Kappa Delta JANE VAUGI-IAN JAMESON, Alpha X . Louisville . Paris . Carlisle . Beckley, W. Va. i Delta . Cynthiana EMILY JEAN JOHNSON ...... Lexington JUDITI-I KEEN JOHNSON, Chi Omega . . Richmond AMELIA ANN JOHNSTON JO ANN JOHNSTON, Alpha LOUISE JONES . . RUTH ELLA JONES . JULIUS C. JOSEPH . FLEM M. JUSTICE . FLEETA KATTERJOHN JEAN LOUISE KESLER PATRICIA KESSACK, Kappa JOCELYN KILHAM . . RALPH DOUGLAS KIRK Xi Delta Delta Wilmington, Del. . Ft. Thomas . Lexington Somerset . Jackson . Millard Paducah Shelbyville . . . Louisville Milwaukee, Wis. . Catlettsburg CHARLOTTE E. KNAPP, Kappa Alpha Theta . Lexington ESTHER MAE KNUCKLES, Alpha Xi Delta . Beverly ANN C. LAIR, Alpha Gamma Delta . . Renfro Valley ARTS 8- SCIENCES 71 ARTS 81 SCIENCES 72 JUNIORS ELEANOR MAYE LEE, Alpha Delta Pi . EVA LEWIS, Kappa Delta . . . LILLIAN MARIE LEWIS . JOHN D. LINDNER, Sigma Phi Epsilon . RICHARD THOMAS LINN, Sigma Chi . Lexington Lexington Georgetown Dallas, Tex. Ft. Thomas RICHARD LEON MCCONNELL . . Kingsport, Tenn. ANNA JANE MCDONALD . . Lexington PATRICIA ANN MCGRUDER . . Lexington PHIL MCGUIRE, Sigma Chi . . Maysville MARIAN MARTIN MCILVAIN, Kappa Delta BARNARD E. MCKEEHAN, Pi Kappa Alpha CAROLYN MCMEEKIN, Chi Omega . MRS. MARJORIE MADISON . DELIA NEWEL MANNING . . DIXIE GEANE MAY, Zeta Tau Alpha ANN METCALFE, Delta Delta Delta . CAROLYN K. MEYER, Kappa Delta . Cynthiana Barbourville Lexington Lexington Stanford . Louisa Madisonville Henderson VIRGINIA W. MINTER, Kappa Delta . Beckley, W. Va. MARILYN MITCHELL, Kappa Alpha Theta . Columbus, O. BILLIE JEAN MOORE ...... Lexington CELIA CONLEY MOORE, Chi Omega . . Harrodsburg JUNIORS PATRICIA ANN MOORE . JACK M. MORRIS . . RUTH MOUNT FLOYE Avis MULLINAUX RAY MURPHY, sigma chi MARTHA MYERS . . MARTHA NEWMAN, Alpha Delta Pi . LEO C. NICKELL ..... DONNE FRANCIS O'DONNELL . NANCY O'HARE .... BETTY R. OATES, Chi Omega . . MARY LOUISE OLSON, Alpha Delta Pi RIDGELY PARK, Kappa Kappa Gamma NELLE PAYNE, Delta Delta Delta . JAMES E. PEAVLY . . . BOBBY JEAN PERRY . DORIS LaVERNE POOLE . GEORGE W. POPE . . OLIVE J. POTTER . AMY ADELL PRICE . . RAY PRYOR, Kappa Sigma . . Winchester Lexington Lexington . Corbin . Lexington Maysville Fort Mitchell . Paintsville St. Paul, Minn. Nicholasville . Frankfort Winnetka, Ill. . Lexington . Glasgow . Corbin . Pineville . Lexington . Lexington Wheelwright . Ashland Mayfield ARTS 81 SCIENCES 73 A ARTS 8- SCIENCES 74 J U N I 0 R S ROYCE C. PULLIAM, Alpha Tau Omega . . Cynthiana GENE QUALLS ..... Greendale MARTHA ANNE QUILLEN, Delta Zeta . Ashland PATRICIA ANN QUINN, Pi Beta Phi . Kansas City, Mo. JANE QUISENBERRY .... . Mt. Sterling FORREST F. RADCLIFF . Jeffersontown GERALD BROCKER REAMS, Phi Delta Theta . Harlan REITA RADDEN ........ Lexington BETTY COLLINS REES . Maysville MAYBELLE REICHENBACH .... Anchorage ELIZABETH C. REYNOLDS, Kappa Alpha Theta . Oakland MARY MARGARET REYNOLDS . . . Morehead BETTY REE RHOADS, Alpha Gamma Delta . Lexington HUBER RHORER, Phi Kappa Tau . . Lexington BEVERLY RITCHIE .... . Lexington NANCY CLAY ROBERTS, Chi Omega . Mt. Sterling DENVER ROBERTSON ....... Lackey MARY A. ROLL, Alpha Gamma Delta . Jefferson Island, La. PENNY ROSE, Alpha Xi Delta .... Greensboro ROGER FRANCIS RUTH, Pi Kappa Alpha . Lexington PAUL F. SANDS . . . Louisville JUNIORS OSCAR SANDUS . . New York, N. Y. FORREST SCHENKS . BETTY SUE SCOTT . DON B. SEBASTIAN, Delta Tau Delta . JO ANNE SELLARDS, Kappa Kappa Gamma DOROTHY SHOEMAKER . . VIRGINIA SILVERS, Alpha Gamma Delta MOLLY SIMMS ....... SOULE THOMAS SLEDD, Chi Omega . DOROTHY SMITH . . . ELIZABETH R. SMITH, JR .... GEORGE F. SMITH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon HUGH C. SMITH . . . BEN SMITHSON, Sigma Chi .... JOHN W. SORRELLE, JR., Kappa Alpha . HOWARD D. SOUTHWOOD . JEAN SPICER, Kappa Alpha Theta . MARY LEE STAMPER, Delta Zeta . EMILY STEELE ....... L. VIRGINIA STEPHENS, Alpha Gamma Delta . CAROLYN STEVENS, Alpha Gamma Delta Lexington Lexington Lexington . Lexington . Falmouth Lexington Springfield Miami, Ariz. Frankfort Irvine . Lexington . Pineville Hopkinsville . Burlington Danville Lexington Lexington Lexington Hitchins Cynthiana ARTSKSCIENCES JUNIORS ANN W. STEVENSON ..... JEAN STEWART, Kappa Alpha Theta . GLENN STILLE, Pi Kappa Alpha . GLORIA STIVERS ...... ANN J. STRAUGHN, Alpha Gamma Delta ALICE JANE STREET, Alpha Delta Pi GILBERT L. TAYLOR, Kappa Sigma . EDITH THATCHER .... JANE THOMAS . PAUL T. THOMAS, Sigma Nu . TILLY THOMPSON .... HOLLAND PARMLEY THRASHER MARGARET TINDER, Chi Omega . JAMES LESLIE TOLL, JR., Chi Omega FRANCES TREACY, Kappa Kappa Gamma HELEN TROUT .... . JAMES TUCKER, Pi Kappa Alpha . ROBERT JOE TURLEY, Kappa Alpha . AUDREY TURNER . BETTIE JANE TUTTLE . DORIS TYE, chi omega . Henshaw . Lexington Lexington . Lexington Evergreen, Ala. . Lexington Springfield Alexandria . Lexington . Lexington . Paris Ellington . Frankfort Lawrenceburg . Lexington . Lexington . Louisville . Mt. Sterling . Drift . Lexington . Eminence JUNIORS CAROLINE VAN SANTVOORD, KKG . Bennington, Vt. LOUTILLE MAE WALKER .... Lexington BETTY WALLACE, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Lexington FRED D. WATSON ..... . Lexington EDWARD L. WESTLAKE, Sigma Chi . . Cincinnati JOHN D. WHISMAN ..... . Clay City WILLIAM WHITEHEAD, Kappa Sigma . . Falmouth JAMES B. WILBUR, Sigma Chi . Manchester, Vt. RUTH HELEN WILDE, Kappa Delta . . Ft. Thomas PEGGY WILKERSON ..... Memphis, Tenn. ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Ashland JAMES CARROLL WILSON, Sigma Chi . . Louisville LOUISE ANNE WILSON, Kappa Alpha Theta . Lexington THOMAS G. WOLFF . . New York, N. Y. ELLEN WOOD . . . Lexington NELSON WOOLCOTT, Kappa Alpha . Lexington BEN F. WORKMAN, Sigma Chi . . Brooksville HAROLD B. WRIGHT, Delta Tau Delta . Ashland MARJORIE WYANT . . . Lexington DOROTHY ALLEN YANCEY . . Mayslick MARTHA YATES, Alpha Gamma Delta . . Lexington ARTS 81 SCIENCES 77 ARTSQSCIENCES JUNIORS RUDY YESSIN ...... . . Harlan JOSEPH G. YOUNG, Delta Tau Delta . St. Louis, Mo. MARY LOU ZIEGLER, Zeta Tau Alpha . . Frankfort AGRICULTURE 81 HOME ECONOMICS JUNIORS MAE KATHRYN BLACKFORD LINVILLE JOHN BUSH . STEVE CALLAHAN . . ROBERT I-I. CAMENISCH . MARGARET JANE CAMPBELL ANNA RUTH CARTER, Zeta Tau MARY HELEN CARTER . WALTER F. CHILDRESS . . 78 W LLOYD GEORGE ANTLE, Alpha Gamma Rho . Lexington THOMAS HALEY ASBURY, Sigma Chi . Lexington MARJORIE D. BEARD, Alpha Xi Delta, . Campbellsville CHARLES W. BERCKMAN, Alpha Gamma Rho Frankfort JOHN H. BURRIER, Alpha Gamma Rho . . Alpha Calhoun Lexington Winchester Booneville Stanford Russellville Marion Harlan Stanford DAVID L. CLEVELAND, Alpha Gamma Rho . Pleasureville THELMA COMBS ........ Hazard JUNIORS AGRICULTURE 8. HOME ECONOMICS ELLA ROSE CRUME .... . . Bloomfield RUSSELL DES COGNETS, JR., Kappa Alpha . Lexington JAMES C. DOWDEN, Alpha Gamma Rho . Pleasureville CHARLES EASTIN, Alpha Gamma Rho . Lexington JOHN T. EVANS, JR ....... Winchester MORGAN PENDLETON FEARS, Sigma Chi . Lexington TALLU FISH, Delta Delta Delta . . Williamsburg EMERY Lou FLANDERS ..... Lexington MARGARET SUE FLYNN, Delta Delta Delta Frankfort MARCENA JO FOWLER, Delta Zeta . . Ashland GEORGE FREAS, Alpha Gamma Rho . Franklin HARRIET D. FREEMAN, Alpha Xi Delta Lexington WILLIAM R. GABBERT, JR., SAE . Lexington SAUL DANIEL GOINS . . . Manchester MILDRED GRAHAM Lexington GRANT GRAYSON, Alpha Gamma Rho . . Lexington EMOGENE GREGORY, Alpha Xi Delta . . Somerset WILLIAM STUART HAGGARD, JR., Kappa Alpha . Paris SELDON V. HAIL ..... . . Ula OLLIE LEE HAYS, Zeta Tau Alpha . . Bloomfield DORIS JEAN HILL, Alpha Xi Delta . Campbellsville AGRICULTURE 81 HOME ECONOMICS JUNIORS we-Y 80 FRANCES T. HORLACHER, Delta Zeta . LINDSEY HORN, JR. . NORA LEE JOHNSON . KYLE HUNTER, Alpha Gamma Rho . . MARTIN DOUGLAS JOHNSON . . . THOMAS H. JOHNSON, Alpha Gamma Rho KATHERINE GUION JOHNSTONE . MILDRED D. JOSEPH . .... ERNEST L. KIRKPATRICK, Kappa Sigma MARYKAY LaMASTER . JUNIUS CORTNEY LEWIS . . . . Lexington Philpot . Hazard Marrowbone . Columbia Flemingsburg . Lexington . Jackson . Lorain, O. Shelbyville La Center JEAN M. MCCRAY, KAT . . Barboursville, W. Va. JAMES HULETT MCMAHAN . . . . Lexington CHARLES EAVES MARTIN, Sigma Phi Epsilon . Rumsey HAROLD MARTIN ...... JERRY MAY ...... MARY SNOW PARRIGIN, Chi Omega . WILLIAM B. PAWLEY, Sigma Phi Epsilon . LOUELLEN PREWITT . WILMA A. PROFFITT . JULIA POGUE . . Hopkinsville Winchester . Monticello Elizabethtown . Lancaster . Lexington . Lexington JUNIORS AGRICULTURE 8. HOME ECONOMICS KATHLEEN L. POOR, Kappa Alpha Theta . Lexington DOROTHY JUETT RAY . Lexington BOONE ROSE, JR. . Eminence WILLARD A. ROSEBERRY . . Grayson EDWARD L. RUGGLES . . Springdale JACK J. SCOTT . . . Brandenburg BERNICE SEBREE .... . . Florence SUZANNE R. SEESE, Alpha Delta Pi . Clendenin, W. Va. CHARLES EDWIN SHELBY, Alpha Gamma Rho . Salem EDGAR R. SMITH . . . . Olaton HELEN FARRIS TRIPLETT . Lexington ISAAC BRUCE TUTTLE . . Winchester ALEX B. VEECH, Phi Delta Theta . . . Finchville JOHN O. VENABLE, Alpha Gamma Rho . Winchester FRED B. WACHS, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Lexington MARTHA LEE WARD . Mumfordville HOMER D. WELLS ........ Blaine MATT R. WILLIAMS, JR., Alpha Gamma Rho . Ft. Thomas JANE LASHBROOKE WOOD, Chi Omega . Maysville JANE E. YOUNG, Alpha Xi Delta . . Morehead 81 EDUCATION JUNIORS DOROTHY LOUISE ADAMS . DOROTHY BASHARA . . E MARY JANE BLACK . I BETHEL BURDINE MARJORIE BURTON, Chi Omega . BETTY BUTTON . STUART W. COHEN . FRANK R. DEAN, Sigma Chi . . . MARGARET LOIS DOWELL . JUANITA ELKINS ...... LYDE GOODING, Kappa Kappa Gamma MARGARET HALL ...... WILLIAM D. HOWARD, Sigma Phi Epsilon BETTY JANE LEET, Kappa Alpha Theta MARY ELIZABETH LOWRY, Phi Mu . MARILYN MATHERLY, Delta Zeta . MARY O'NEILL, Alpha Gamma Delta . 82 Lexington Pikeville Pikeville . Stab Monticello Lexington SHIRLEY L. CARMICHAEL, Alpha Delta Pi . Rockford, Ill. BETTY COCKRELL ...... Independence Louisville EDNA F. CRAWFORD ...... Lexington MARY PRICE CREAMER, Kappa Alpha Theta . Louisville Lexington Horse Cave Campton Lexington Middlesboro Lexington Lexington Chicago, Ill. Louisville Covington JUNIORS BILLEE JANE PENN ...... Cynthiana BETTY BROWN PENNINGTON, Chi Omega . . Paris REBECCA PERRY, Alpha Delta Pi . . . Lexington LOUISE PITTMAN . Liberty THOMAS POGUE .... Fredonia PEGGY SUE PURYEAR, Kappa Delta . . Dixon JEAN L. RANKIN . . . . . Flemingsburg NYANA RAYNES, Alpha Delta Pi Point Pleasant, W. Va. WILLIAM ROBERTS, Sigma Chi . Lexington WILLA DEAN ROSE ...... Lexington BETTY LOUISE SELLERS, Kappa Alpha Theta Stearns CATHERINE SNOWDEN ..... St. Helens MAR-IORIE STEMBRIDGE, Alpha Xi Delta . Princeton LOLA JUANITA STOKES ..... Lexington ANN TUCKER, Kappa Delta . Parksville WILLIAM S. VALENTINE . . . . Lexington MARGARET WI-IITESIDE, Chi Omega . . Lexington MARGARET YAGER, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Frankfort ESTHER YEARDLEY . . . Parkersburg, W. Va. FRANCES YOUTSEY, Kappa Delta . Covington EDUCATION w.,,,. 'in-an 83 ENGINEERING JUNIORS i 2 EUGENE AMBURGEY . WALTER W. ATON, Triangle CLIFTON H. BASSETT . PETER B. BLACK, Zeta Beta Tau . New BROWNIE B. BOLTON, Phi Sigma Kappa . PATRICK H. CARIGAN, Phi Kappa Tau ROBERT F. CLARK, Alplta Sigma Phi . THOMAS COMBS, Triangle . . JEAN GRAY CRAWFORD . . . BILLY J. DANIELS, Alpha Sigma Phi REUBEN G. DENHART, JR. . HAROLD G. DIXON ...... WILLIAM JOHN DONOVAN, Kappa Alpha BARBARA ELIZABETH DYCHE . . HAROLD WALTON ESTILL MALCOLM JACK FISHER .... JOSEPH H. FOTHERGILL, Phi Kappa Tau JAMES WILLIAM FRASURE, Kappa Sigma WARREN J. GORDONWOOD, Triangle . 84 BRYAN BLOUNT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Littcarr Milburn Lexington York, N. Y. Lexington Leitchfreld . Liberty Richmond . Langley . Murray Charleston, W. Va. Decatur, Ga. Paintsville Georgetown . Corbin Lexington McHenry . Carrollton . Lexington NATHAN I. GOFF, JR., Zeta Beta Tau . Memphis, Tenn. . Lebanon JUNIORS BARTLEY A. GREENWELL, Kappa Alpha . Shelbyville JOSEPH HALL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Henderson LEWIS ROBERTS HART, JR., Sigma Chi . Lexington RAY E. HILL . . . Corbin MATTHEW J. HOGAN . Trenton, N. J. DAVID HYSINGER . Brodhead WILLIAM ROBERT INGRAM, Triangle . . Cleaton BOYD EDWARDS JESSEE, Phi Sigma Kappa . Ashland EDWARD S. JONES, Delta Tau Delta . Lexington HARRY R. LAWSON, Triangle ..... Gratz WILLIAM THOMAS MCCLAIN, Delta Tau Delta Bardstown JOHN MCELROY, Triangle ..... Somerset GEORGE CLARKE MARTIN, Phi Kappa Tau Lexington HORACE MAXEY .... . . . Wickliffe GEORGE O. MILLER, Triangle . . Campbellsville JAMES L. MORRISSEY . . . Lexington JAMES EARL MORREAU, Triangle . . Lexington R. J. MULHOLLAND, Pi Kappa Alpha Huntington, W. Va. GERALD EDWARD NAPIER, Triangle Lebanon Junction RICHARD OCKO ...... Brooklyn, N .Y. CLARENCE E. PARKS, Triangle Lexington ENGINEERING r w N 85 ENGINEERING 86 BART PEAK, JR .... RAYMOND GEORGE PREECE KEN RECKTENWALD, Triangle . JOSEPH FANNIN RICE, Theta Chi RAYMOND DALE RUSSELL, Triangle ROBERT D. SCHUMANN, Triangle JUNIORS . Lexington Buffalo, N. Y. . Lexington . Ashland . Morning View Los Angeles, Calif. WALTER SIEGEL, Zeta Beta Tau . New York, N. Y. MARJORIE C. SULZER, Kappa Alpha Theta Lexington DAVID M. TRAPP, Sigma Chi . . . . Lexington WILLIAM A. WADE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Lebanon JOHN E. WALDEN, Alpha Sigma Phi FRED A. WESLEY .... R. I. WESTERFIELD . BEN F. WHITMER, Triangle . . BILLIE HOPE WHITTEN, Delta Zeta ED WHITFIELD, Phi Delta Theta . LUCILLE REEDY WILSON . . Lexington . Lynch . Owensboro . . Sacramento Huntington, W. Va. . Harlan Irvine JUNIORS ALLEN S. ABRAMSON, Zeta Beta Tau . . Bloomfield ROBERT A. BABBAGE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Harlan FRANK T. BACON ....... Frankfort WILLIAM H. BALDEN, JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon Harrodsburg CHARLES RAY BARKER, Phi Sigma Kappa Lexington WILLIAM PRICE BARLOW, Sigma Nu North Vernon, Ind. MORRIS WILSON BEEBE, Phi Delta Theta . Lexington BEN I. BIGGERSTAFF, JR. . . Lexington MARY LYNN BLEVINS . . Ashland MARY G. BLOCKER, Kappa Delta . . . Owensboro VIRGINIA BRADLEY, Kappa Alpha Theta . Franklin E. T. BREATI-IITT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Hopkinsville HELEN ELIZABETH BUNCH . Olive Hill HOLLEEN CAIN, Zeta Tau Alpha . . . Olive Hill HARRY B. CARRICO, Alpha Tau Omega . Owensboro JEAN JACQULION CAWOOD, Zeta Tau Alpha . Evarts HOWARD CLARK, Kappa Sigma . . . Newport CORNELL C. CLARKE, Sigma Phi Epsilon . Louisville ANN TALBOTT CLAYTON, Kappa Kappa Gamma Paris JAMES T. COLLIER ...... Frankfort RALPH DANFORD, Pi Kappa Alpha . Cincinnati, O. COMMERCE E S l I f n 87 COMMERCE I 88 JUNIORS CHARLES L. DEVITT, Phi Sigma Kappa Bridgeport, Conn. ROBERT J. DUNCAN, Pi Kappa Alpha . Nicholasville HENRY JOHN EGALITE, JR. . . Lexington RALPH H. FARMER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Lexington R. G. FEAGANS .... . . . Ashland WILLIAM GUY FEAGANS . Catlettsburg OLEN FOLEY . . . Webb's Cross Roads ROBERT J. GEESLIN . . . Lexington FRANCES ANNE GERBER . Lexington ROBERT L. HARDIN, JR. Phi Kappa Tau . Carrollton NORMA GREEN, Kappa Delta .... Paducah DOROTHY JANE GRUGIN, Zeta Tau Alpha . Frankfort HARVEY H. HARPER . . Franklin, Tenn. JOHN M. HATCHER . . . . Pikeville WILLIAM M. HART, Phi Kappa Tau . . Lexington MARJEAN HILL, Chi Omega . . . Carrollton JAMES C. HODGETTS, Phi Kappa Tau . . Covington ANNA LOU HOFFMAN, Chi Omega . Mt. Sterling JOSEPH B. HOLLAND, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Benton FRANCES HOLLEMAN, Kappa Alpha Theta . Mayfield GRACE ADELE HUFFAKER . . . . Louisville JUNIORS JAMES P. JACKSON, Sigma Nu . JOHN DUDLEY JONES, sigma Nu WILLIAM BEATY JONES . GEORGE KELLY, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon EDGAR L. KENEIPP, Delta Tau Delta . JOHN WILLIAM KIGER, Sigma Nu BILLY ROGER KIMBEL, Sigma Nu . MARY R. KINNAIRD, Alpha Delta Pi . MARTIN ROY KIRCHHOFF, Phi Kappa Ta RUTH KIRTLEY, Alpha Gamma Delta . W. G. LAMB, JR., Alpha Tau Omega . JAMES EDWARD LETT, Delta Tau Delta JACK A. LUIGART, JR., Kappa Sigma MARY CAROLYN MCLEAN . . SPENCER MERWIN II, Sigma Chi VIRGINIA LOUISE MEYER . . Owensboro West Point . Glasgow . Lebanon . Louisville . Ft. Mitchell . Louisville . . Glasgow u . Lexington . Horse Cave . Paducah . . Ashland . Lexington . Russellville Frankfort . Henderson ALVIN H. MILLER, Zeta Beta Tau . Ellenville, N. Y. IONE MILLER, Kappa Delta . . Owensboro CHARLES R. MINTON, Lambda Chi Alpha Middlesboro CHARLES H. NOEL, JR., Phi Delta Theta . Harrodsburg COMMERCE 89 COMMERCE 2 S i 2 90 JUNIORS HELEN M. OLMESTEAD, Kappa Delta . Logan, W. Va. EDWARD L. PALMER, Alpha Tau Omega Elizabethtown JOHN A. PALUMBO, Phi Sigma Kappa Schenectady, N. Y. ANN PEEL ....... . Lexington PATRICIA LEE PICKERING, Chi Omega . Princeton CLYDE F. PITTMAN, Delta Tau Delta . Lexington BETTY JANE PRIESTLEY . . . Madison, W. Va. BEN HENRY PUMPHREY, Phi Sigma Kappa . Carlisle VIVIENNE RAMBO, Zeta Tau Alpha . Forks of Elkhorn NANCY GERTRUDE RIPY, Chi Omega . Lawrenceburg HAROLD ROGERS, Lambda Chi Alpha . . Pikeville LIDA FERGURSON ROGERS, Kappa Kappa Gamma Paris MORRIS ROZEN, Zeta Beta Tau . . . Lawrenceburg MARY JULIA SAMUEL, Delta Delta Delta . Maysville JAMES Q. SANNER ..... Lexington MARTIN SCHNEIDER, Zeta Beta Tau . . Louisville WILLIAM R. SIMMONS, Sigma Chi . . Shepherdsville JAMES SNOWDEN . . . . Winchester CHAMP SAMUEL STOPHER, JR., Sigma Chi . Lexington EDWARD H. SUTHERLAND, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Paris MARVIN S. TALBOTT .... Winner, S. Dak. JUNIORS COMMERCE NANCY K. TAYLOR, Alpha Gamma Delta . Hardinsburg BALLARD TRIGG, Sigma Nu . . . . Glasgow ELIZABETH WALTERS, Alpha Xi Delta Stone ROGER C. WATTS, Sigma Phi Epsilon . Harrodsburg CARL WEBER, Pi Kappa Alpha Frankfort HAZEL FAY WELLS . . Burkesville MARTIN G. WILSON, Kappa Sigma . . Owensboro J U N I 0 R S LAW JOHN G. ATCHINSON, JR., Phi Delta Theta . Lexington JAMES ECKLUND BANAHAN . . . Lexington JAMES C. BROCK . . Harlan CHARLES R. BURTON, Pi Kappa Alpha . Lexington SAMUEL CARLICK .... . . . Paducah JOHN LOGAN COX . West Liberty WILLIAM E. FRANCIS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Lexington R. MILLER HOLLAND, JR., Delta Chi . . Lexington JOHN HOPKINS, Phi Delta Theta . . Carlisle 91 LAW 92 DOYLE B. INMAN . JOHN M. KINNAIRD . . . CASWELL P. LANE, Kappa Alpha GILES J. MCCARTHY . ARNETT MANN . . ELMER E. MORGAN . GEORGE MUEHLENKAMP . JOHN G. PRATHER . . CALVERT ROZZELL . CECIL c. SANDERS . . . STAN SAUNIER, Phi Kappa Tau CYRIL E. SI-IADOWEN . . . CHARLES ARTHUR SITHER . BERTHEL M. SPARKS . . WANDA LEE SPEARS . JU NIORS Whitley City Nicholasville Mt. Sterling Cold Spring Paintsville Lexington Ft. Thomas Somerset Lexington Lancaster Lexington Dayton, O. Lexington . Waneta Pikeville HOMER W. STEPP ..... Naugatuck, W. Va. WILLIAM L. SULLIVAN, Phi Delta Theta . Harrodsburg WILLIAM A. WICKLIFFE, Beta Theta Pi . Greenville EUGENE S. WIGGINS, Phi Gamma Delta . Richmond CLYDE WILLIAMS, JR ...... Campbellsville JUN IORS WITHOUT PICTURES Arlie Adams Robert R. Adams Edward W. Allin, Jr. D. C. Atkins, Jr. Raymond David Aubrey Robert Allen Baker, Jr. Lillian Finley Bassett Mose Baston, Jr. Mary Nevin Battle Wendell Bayes Anne G. Benckart Frederick Ernest Berger William Harvey Bixler Louie Paul Blanchet Rose Marie Blanchet Colonel Edward Blankenship Robert Anthony Bleidt Harry Houser Boaz Maurice Bowling Teamus Bowling Luther Albert Boyd Ann Lee Brown James Wendell Brown John Boyer Brown Clemont Hughes Bruce Edward Jay Brumlield Elmer Cecil Bryant, Jr. Betty Button William Duff Calvert Margaret Kaleher Carwell Bill Morris Chambers Paula Choate William S. Coakley Roy Kelly Cocanougher Joe Hayden Combs Ann H. Congleton Eugene Alan Cooper Orval Don Cooper Virginia Faye Crabtree James W. Craig, Jr. John Edison Crawford Helen B. Crews Paul Thomas Crowdus Robert Hall Cundiif Thelma V. Davis Victor Emmanuel Davis William Erras Davis Mary Ann Devereux Carl Mervin Dicken Donald Thompson Donahue Lindsey Russell Douglas, Jr. Elizabeth Dowell Hugh P. Earle ARTS 81 SCIENCES Robert Betts Eastburn Jewell Frances Estill Mary Jo Farmer Richard Echols Farmer Jack James Farris Crawford John Ferguson James Randall Fields Helen Ray Ford Charles Marshall Foster Herschel Allen Fouts Robert Dennis Galvin Charles Thurman Gardner Sarah Gatewood Betty Newberry Gay Dabney Garrett George Cassius Billy Gravitt, Jr. Mary Eva Greer Richard Randolph Griffith John Campbell Hagan William Bruce Hamilton Charles A. Harris William Dudley Hatfield William M. Hicks Elizabeth May Hilton Roy James Hogg Denn D. Hollingsworth Charles Franklin Hood Elson Irving Howard Roy W. Hughes Frank Young Hukill, Jr. Bryan Thomas Iglehart Clara Elizabeth Jacobs Martha W. Jett Garnett Hood Jones Sam Fred Kibbey Earl Thomas King Wendell Roy Kingsolver William Caden Kranz Robert Vernon Leach Chester R. Lewis Leo A. Leversault Arthur Lieber Edward Orlet Linville Thomas C. Little Caswell Saufley Logan Ralph Edwin Looney Marjorie Kerr McBride Bruce McClure N. John McIntyre Clifton Campbell McMullin Howard Mann Delmar Lee Manning William Bryan Martin Howard Leslie Meade Dwight Leman Messel Eugene John Meehan Spencer Merwin II William Lynn Moberly A. J. Napier Nich N. Nicholas Louis Thomas Ockerman Jess Willard Oliver John Milton Owen Charles Paul Owens Robert Authur Paasch Harold Eugene Pace Harry Mead Palmer Ida May Parr William Allan Parsons William W. Peavyhouse Jack Evans Pennock Hugh Hunter Platt h Patsy Katherine Prewitt Joseph I. Puente William T. Rafferty Harold Morton Rice Bromfield Lewis Ridley, Jr. Edward Philip Roederer, Jr Robert Chinn Rogers Harold James Rucker Kenneth Claude Russell William Bond Rutherford Charles David Schifler Marvin Julius Schulman Eve Maurice Schweder James Edwin Scott Mary Lee Scott Robertson Cory Scott Harry Dean Seay Benjamin Ralph Sewell John Will Shackleford Mary Abigail Shea Daniel Nash Shindelbower Claude Lewis Smith Hubbard Wright Smith Mary Louise Smith Richard Stivers Smith John David Snowden James Linwood Snyder Raymond Estill Standiford Virginia Lee Steele Martha Hulfman Stivers Lucy Jane Thomas Patricia C. Thompson Robert Jack Tingle William Gray Traber Geneva Warren Robert Leer Turner JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES ARTS 81 SCIENCES-Continued Mary Frances Wilson Carroll Emerson Word William Elvis Vick Gilbert Osborne Wymond, Jr. Thomas Dean Whittinghill AGRICULTURE 81 HOME ECONOMICS Stephen Q. Allen Billie Sue Arnett Dillard L. Bolt Clyde Harrel Brown Robert C. Bryan Kermit R. Burdette Vance Cornett Walter H. Crory Harlan I. Crenshaw William B. Cropper Martha Ann Deutsch Mike W. Duff Ralph L. Estes Robert C. Faulkner Justus D. Foster Paul H. Gray Margaret E. Grigsby L. C. Acton John Ambrose John Barath, Jr. Anna Frances Barnes James C. Bartlett Richard Tunis Benton Lovelace D. Bodine George Bumett Mary Ellen Butler Singleton Cagle Kenneth Cameron Granville L. Cayce William Newton Cornett Clayton Cox Henry M. Cox John W. Cox Louis C. Craig Charles Allen Cropper William E. Crouch Charles F. Dearth William Duggins Robert Dunagan Frank Dewey Edwards Robert Lloyd Elmore Byram Farris John Lewis Fleming William Broadus Fowler Marion F. Hall Paul M. Hanna Shirley F. Harned Charles L. Hill Thomas J. Hill, Jr. Vance Courtney Johns Edsel L. Karrick Virgil G. Kinnaird, Jr. Wallace Lake Lloyd D. Lowry Noel D. McDonald Everette Mackey James P. Marshall Mildred G. May George H. Paine Porter Lee Powers COMMERCE Wallace E. Foy Arthur Galloway Felix Gossum Francis Gute Donald W. Hall Eli C. Hall Richard Lewis Hinton Denton Alda Johnson Seatta Juanita Jones Billie Whitesides Kee Lionel Travis King James Taylor Lanham Virgil P. Lary Harold R. Letton Robert Wilson McDonald Samuel Elliott Mcllvaine John McKenzie Delbert Levi McLaughlin John D. Maloney Robert Lynn Manley Alison May John E. Miller R. B. Ogden David Oldashi William Peele Eugene Perkins James Walter Perry Sidney Albert Phillips Brown Lee Yates John J. Yeagers Ann Elizabeth Zeigler Leo Zimmerman Reuben N. Pribble Audrey Carolyn Romann Ralph R. Royster Carl Cook Shearer John Van Shipp Ivan Stewart Vella Dane Strong Roy Newman Van Arsdall Samuel T. Vanover Martin R. Watson James A. Welch Virginia A. Wilson Dave T. Wright Orem G. Wright Rosa Wunsch Dorothy A. Yancey Payne R. York Cleo Pope Harold C. Rector Inez Rogers Harry Rouse John Gabriel Rowady Lee Frank Sadler Vera Vivien Salyer Hugh Scott Martha Short Robert C. Simpson Kenneth Levi Stephens Burkett Hall Stephenson Benjamin Brucy Sullivan Robert Theiss William Robert Thomas Gloria Johnson Thomposn Jere S. Thomton Lance Trigg Juanita Warren Clyde Watson Walter James White Thomas Cooper Whiteside James David Withers Raymond Wood Robert B. Worthington Lloyd George Wright Willis Richard Young Troy Edward Adams Gladys Marie Bowling Albert Kenton Campbell Nicholas John Englisis Bernard Efraim Farber Kenny Farmer Kathryn Ann Franz Phillip Gene Haas Margaret Jean Hall Emmett Layton Hardy Annis C. I-Iuttman Josephine Gee King James Russell Alley Donald Franklin Barker Herman Bernstein J . D. Blackburn Frank J. Blankenship Kenneth Blythe Earl Boggs Charles Folger Boyle Oakley Ray Brown J. R. Burdsal Robert H. Carrier J. D. Caudill Floyd Hall Cawood Claude V. Chandler John I-I. Clark III Ralph Burton Conlee Joseph M. Connelly James D. Crabtree James Webster Dalton Ansel L. Davis Carolyn Boyd Eubank R. W. Eubauk Milton James Evans Eugene Ray Ferguson William Horace Finnie Fauntley Miller Foley Marius L. Anderson Winfred M. Ellis Carl F. Englehart Douglas W. Faris JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES EDUCATION Matt Richard Lair, Jr. Walden Edward Lander Julia May Leach Rosemary Lumley William B. McAllister Louis W. McDonald Thelbert Ross Moore Lucian Y. Moreman William G. Mosely Mary Louise Mylor Leonard Lee Preston Mary Nichols Rogers Polk Saunders ENGINEERING Thomas R. Galloway Oliver William Gard Clark L. Haggard Horace Howard Hail Hubert Hall B. M. Halpern Joe Hays, Jr. Graham S. Higgins George Edward Jones W. H. Kelley Aaron Tomlin Kendrick Edward Mac Kenney Karl Douglas Kirk John P. Krug Donald G. Lowry Fred Milton Mahan Joseph T. Maupin Carlos Edward Moore James Earl Morreau Earl W. Nelson Roy Newcome, Jr. Chester Harlan Paris C. E. Parks William R. Payton Paul Shell Powell, Jr. LAW Cabell D. Francis John Charles Klotter Dwaine H. Lowry James A. McCrocklin Betty Louise Sellers Barbara Ball Smith Charles Leland Smith Scott S. Smith Gordon Sparkman Beverly Marie Steffe Jesse Allen Tunstill Nicholas Wanchie Lyle Watson Margaret Whiteside Ruth Helen Wilde Virgil F. Young Horace C. Redding Rufus H. Ritchie A. Paul Rogers Donald L. Sallee James Owen Schreck Julian Sell-ers Austin L. Shelley Michael Louis Simms James David Slaton James Holmes Snodgrass William Chass Staley Harold Story Ray S. Taylor R. L. Teater Leon Franklin Trimble Layton C. Tuggle Lloyd B. Tune Orlando Milton Van Arsdell Manuel A. Vila Raymond P. Wamer Donald Warren J. S. Weller James M. White William Willis Wichman John J. Willis Charles B. Wooldridge John G. Prather Harry Vernon Rouse William L. Sullivan William T. Wathen .Q-M. SOPHOAAORES Jack Melvin Abbott Kathryn Stillwell Adair Joan Cecilia Adams Rubie V. Adams Mary Jane Agnew John Morgan Allen Martha Jean Allen Jean Amato Marvin Leslie Anderson, Jr. Roberta Mary Anderson Nadine Ankney Robert Vaughn Arbuckle Argus Butler Armes Emily West Asbury Jeanne Taliaferro Asbury David C. Asher Ethelyn Elaine Ashley Frank Aulick, Jr. Henrietta H. Avent Mary Ann Bach Joseph Harrison Bailey Eugene D. Baird John Leslie Baker Mary Josephine Baker Thomas A. Ballantine, Jr. Ruth Elliott Ballenger Sara E. Ballenger Steve J. Banahan, Jr. Elizabeth L. Barkman Franklin A. Bardwell Clifford E. Barker James Esco Barnes Jack Roberts Barrowman James Semple Baskett Ann Louise Bates Dorothy Mae Beall Ralph Milton Beard Oscar Carl Beasley, Jr. Russell Leon Beatty Joanne Patricia Belden William Rowan Bell Frank V. Benton, III Elizabeth Ann Bicknell Nancy Meredith Bird Susan Black John Jackson Blackburn Thelma Joyce Blades Elizabeth Blair John Bascom Blair William David Blair Benny Ann Blessing Georgann E. Bovis Helen Virginia Bowman Glenn Edward Bradley Herbert Bradley, Jr. Ova Cletis Bradley William Norwood Branch Chesley Edward Brandon Mary L. Bridgewater Mary Bright Lois D. Briskey Paul Jerome Brittain Julia D. Broaddus Geraldine F. Brock Barbara Frances Brown Cecil Boone Brown Joseph Reed Brown Owen Lester Brown Venus Clyde Brown Burnetta Brownfield Martha Rebecca Bryan Emmet Lewis Bryant Garland G. Bryant Mary Hilleary Bryant George L. Buchanan Roberta Lee Buchanan Billy Louise Bullis Donald Burdette Howard Overton Burgin Joe Miles Butler William Monroe Byron Lee S. Caldwell Luther Bower Caldwell Catherine Rebecca Calvert Howard Dixon Canfield Jo Allan Caplinger Harry Clayburn Carl Helen Kramer Carney Frank James Carollo Joanna Carpenter Russell Lee Carpenter Edward Fletcher Carr, Jr. Edward Jackson Carter Ellis Ray Carter Maria Jane Carter Marjorie Ann Carter Jackie LeRoy Carwell Leslie E.Center Frank Donald Cassidy Elnor Fair Castle Elizabeth Wright Catlin Evelyn Louise Caudel Eugene M. Cecil Roberta D. Chandler Lois Gwendolyn Cheek Paul Chandler Chenault John Carroll Cheshire William Todd Cheshire James C. Chestnut Jimmie Childers Otis P. Childers, Jr. Irvin Wallace Christopher James Edwin Chumley Donald K. Clark Samuel Jackson Chewning Lillian E. Click Helen Van Arsdale Coleman David Coleman Collins Wayne W. Collier Robert Wentworth Collins Frances Jane Combs Gwen Comley Robert Compton John Edward Conner Gene Farris Conway Anna Lee Coop Betty Kathleen Cooper Roger Frost Cooper Cleo Cordell George R. Cornett Earl M. Cornette Otelio Rose Cosden Carolyn Cotton Earl Coleman Cottrell Virginia Lee Cowan William Douglas Cracraft Harry S. Cramer William Crawford John Richard Crockett Robert Clinton Cross, Jr. Eugene Joseph Crouse Eula Maureen Curtis Myra Dale John Russell Damron James Robert Dance Orrille Daniel Billy J. Daniels Joseph Franklin Daugherty Stacy E. Davenport Beverly Jeanne Davis Carolyn Davis Doris M. Davis Emmett R. Davis Paul Ford Davis Robert M. Dean Charles R. DeSpain, Jr. William J. Deatherage Robert William Dodd John Irvin Disney Frank Raymond Dornheim Charles Dougherty Bette Irene Doyle Charles S. Doyle David Dunn Drye Jerome Fields Eastham Mary Louise Eblen James W. Elam Laura Jane Elswick George Edward Estill Anne Elizabeth English Phyllis Marion Etters Mary Louise Evans Mary Evins John Wyche Fabel ARTS 8 SCIENCES Freida Fair Frances Gibson Farmer Lois Ella Farmer William Samuel Farmer Doreen Eleanor Farrell Francis Daugherty F aulconer Mary Anne Faulkner Phyllis A. Feldmann John Harold Fenton Harold Lee Fightmaster Jack D. Fightmaster Jane Finley Jo Anne Finnie Warren Edward Fischer Silas Barry Fisher William Walter Fisher Joe M. Fitch Walter Ballard Fletcher, Jr. John Preston Fletcher Margaret Ware F ogg John B. Fontana Thomas Shelby Ford Julian E. F ortney Eileen Foster Marius Chester F oushee Virgil Fowler Mrs. Cabell D. Francis Margaret Fumeaux Mary Frances Futrell Betty Lou Galiin Lawrence Russell Gaitskill Mary Ann Galloway Jane Garrett Robert R. Gash Miriam I. Gerber John Richard Gillespie Carolyn Holman Glenn Sara Nel Glover John Patrick Godfrey James Alvin Goins Joyce Miriam Goldberg Mary Anne Goodson Harry Curry Gorham Richard Allen Gorham Margaret Lillian Gorin Aaron Glenn Graff Ernest Filson Graham Betty Janis Gray Robert Louis Green William N. Griffin Margaret Rebecca Grigsby Robert F. Grinstead Patsy Ruth Grizzard Paul W. Grumbles Lois B. Guilfoil Annie E. Gullett Dwaine Emerson Gullett Hilda Wade Gumm W ARTS8'SCENCES Virginia Haag Robert Habermehl Mary Frances Hagan Charlotte S. Haggard Yamile W. Haldimann George Marion Hale Alice Marie Hall James Kevin Hall ' Marjorie Alice Hall Norman Whitley Hall Opal Pearl Hall Virginia Ann Hall Wallace Reed Hall Bonnie Lee Hamilton Charles Wesley Hamilton Jean D. Hamilton Jack D. Hamrick Darrell Basham Hancock Dallam B. Harper Homer Harper Jean A. Harper Betty Joe Harris David Lewis Harris Evelyn Harrison Gladney Harville Charles E. Hatcher Elvia Clark Hatton Wilma Lee Haverly Marjorie Susan Hawkins Chester Campbell Hawley Walton E. Hayes Herbert Kerr Hazelip, Jr. Julia Ann Heacox Shirley Jo Heath Raymond H. Heifington Jeanne C. Heibner Eloise Helton Juanita J . Hemlepp Hugo Oscar Hempel Dorothy N. Henderson Gene Dwight Heniser David Cook Hennessey Robert William Hicks Mildred Higgason Ida May Hill Thomas E. Hill Carrel Hiram Hogg Gene Hogwood Edwin Gardner Holliday Mildred Jean Holstun Frances C. Holton Charles Owen Hopkins Eupha Y. Hopkins William Hombach Beryl Lois Horton William Kenton Howard Charles W. Huddleston Walter Taylor Hudson W Sam L. Huey, Jr. Belue W. Huff William S. Huffman Mary Ann Hunter Lester Ewing Hurt John A. C. Idleman John W. Ireland Henry James Irvin William Bruce Isaacs Estill C. Ishmael Byrd Rondall Ison Bettye Jayne Jackson Kenneth Jackson Herbert E. Jepson, Jr. Ruby Carroll Jesse Betty J. Jeter Arnold Lee Johnson Eva Rae Johnson James Henry Johnson John Riley Johnson Paul Rodgers Johnston A. Louise Jones Dan Henley Jones Grover Nelson Jones Marvin Francis Jones Neil C. Jones, Jr. Robert Dudley Jones Wallace Jones Irene Joyce Jordan Ruth Mae Jordan Virginia Dell Juett Milton Z. Kafoglis Mary Beth Kallbreier Anne Blair Keeton Horace Kelley William F. Kelly Charles W. Ketron Mary Lou Keyser William C. Kibbey Alice Givan King James Earle King Lionel Ray King Nancibelle King Mrs. Nancy C. Kirby Joseph Kramer Robert David Kretschmer Arch Sanders Laceiield George A. LaFrana Paul Henry Latimer Nilda Leigh Latta Tevis Wilkerson Laudeman Vincent C. Lawler Cary Louise Lawson Simpson Fremont Lawson Betty Louise Leece Anita Ruth Levy Francis L. Lewis, Jr. James Jack Lewis Joyce Lee Lewis Paul Marion Lewis Robert H. Lewis William B. Lewis John Dorest Lindner William Robinson Lint Orville O. Linville Joan Maria Logan Frank McDowell Charles Leslie Lovett Joseph Lowenthal Elizabeth Lowry Albert C. Lusby Wilmer B. Luster Joseph Samuel Lyle Ranald F. MacDonald Carolyn Gay McCann Mary Elliot McCauley Wendell Douglas McCollum Kathryn McDaniel Frances Jean McGowan Patricia Ann McGruder William F. McGuire Robert Lee McKenney William A. McKenney Anna Louise McMullen Mary Elizabeth McRoberts Mary Sue McWhirter Claire Louise Mabry James Edward Maher Henry Edward Maloney Barbara Ann Mandt Gloria Inez Manter Lillian Helene Marcus James Wootson Marion James Morgan Marks Joy Kendall Marsh Wade Miller Marsh Robert Anthony Mason Estill Massey Joe Hawkins Mathews James W. Mattingly, Jr. Thomas H. Maxedon Julia R. Maxwell Sylvia Ann Mayer Creston Clark Mayhall Eugene F. Meeks Henry Meigs James B. Messer Howard Bruce Metcalfe Joyce E. Miller MacKenzie Todd Miller Mary Frances Miller Sally Jean Miller Maubert R. Mills Frances Louise Mitchell Lester S. Money, Jr. Jack M. Montgomery SOPHOMORES Ben G. Moore Nannie B. Moore Elizabeth Lee Morat George Morgan William F. Morgan Edward James Morris Marilyn Morris Bettye Ray Mosby Betty A. Muir Elizabeth Lee Mullikin Robert C. Muncy Ray E. Murphy, Jr. John Kenneth Murray Martha Ann Muth Wilma S. Myers William Noble Nash Robert Dudley Neill Alden Nelson Margaret Nevius Joe Power Newell Arthur Joseph Newman Martha Jane Newman Ramona C. Newman Lawrence R. Nickell C. Susan Nicholls Frederick E. Nichols Hudson McAfee Nichols Marvin Nicholson, Jr. Rebecca Louise Noble Kathryn D. Noe Betty Sue Nunn Frances Ockerman Dorcas Bell O'Neal Bert Richard Osborne Earl Thomas Osborne Barbara Anne Owens Lillian Anne Pardue David Edmund Parker Margaret Ann Parker Paul Glenn Parker Paxton Alan Parrish Elliott Melvin Peel John Frederick Pennebaker Patricia Ann Perrone Burl Phillips Ben P. Phillips Thomas McRoberts Phillips Carolyn Lucille Pogue Doris LaVerne Poole William E. Portwood Nancy Jean Potts Robert Wendell Poundstone Earl M. Prater George Russell Preston Joseph E. Pugh Virgil F. Pryor Royce Carter Pulliam Robert E. Puryear SOPHOMORES ARTS 8- SCIENCES George Curtin Rader Rebecca Joyce Rasnick Mrs. Lilian Unger Rathell Stephen Winslow Rauh Evan Jay Ray Gerald Brock Reams Gerald W. Recktenwald John Lewis Redding Beulah Jane Reed Charlotte B. Reed Ruth Elizabeth Reichenbach Norris Whipple Reigler Ben Frank Reynolds Elizabeth C. Reynolds George B. Rice Paul Rice William E. Richards Dorothy Jean Richardson J . Craig Riddle, Jr. Rebecca M. Riley Edward Allen Roberts Everett Hanson Roberts Fielding G. Rogers, Jr. Raymond Clayton Roland Kenneth Herman Rollins Harvey D. Ross, Jr. Charles H. Rupured Betty Louis Ruth Mary Charlotte Salisbury Mary Lynn Sanders Nancy Sanders Paul Franklin Sands Charles A. Sargent, Jr. Don Clay Sargent Valerie Louise Saunders June Schadner Martha Elizabeth Schubert Charles D. Scott, Jr. Charles Dewey Scott Lee Anna Scott Jo A. Sellards Ramon Selles Stella Sexton Betty Beasley Seay Charles B. Shaaber Dolores R. Shaikun SOPHOMORES Joseph W. Allen John W. Amburgey, Jr. Mildred Jean Amis Ledgel C. Bailey Thomas E. Baldwin Torrance Bartley Sedwich Lee Bean John J. Begin Isaac Vernon Berry Ann Peake Shehan Harold Sheehan Nancy Shinnick Haskell Penn Short Betty Ann Shropshire Fred N. Sievers Reidus Phil Skidmore Rhodes S. Skillman Willia Jean Slattery William Edmund Sloan William E. Slone Beverly Jean Smith Henry P. Smith, Jr. Louis Quirey Smith Robert W. Smith Ben Garrott Smithson William K. Snead Mrs. Nancy Park Speakes Nervil Spears John Wesley Sorrelle Roberta K. Spicer Marion Wharton Stafford Philip T. Stafford Osso B. Stanley Prudence Stearman Ernest Clyde Steele Mildred Mae Steele Sandra W. Steele Betty L. Stephens Carolyn Stevens Margaret Jane Stevens Charles Fulton Stewart Jean Shelby Stewart Viola Beryl Stewart Paul E. Stigall Shirley M. Stivers Ralph W. Stokes Frances Stuart Albert A. Stubbs Barkley J. Sturgill Janet E. Sulzer Robert L. Sumner Elizabeth Ann Sunley Edward Supe John Louis Sutak AGR Elvin Cooper Bertram Robert Paul Beyerle Judith Mae Blevins Sam Boggs, Jr. Mary Jane Bradfield Anna M. Bright Elizabeth M. Bright Robert Harding Bright Thomas G. Brough William E. Sweeney, Jr. Louise Swinford Carol Jean Swope Wanda Carolyn Swope Bety Alden Talbert Eleanora M. Tarter Eleanor C. Taylor Gilbert L. Taylor Marion R. Taylor Sam. D. Taylor William C. Taylor Betty Lou Terrill H. Dale Thomas James R. Thompson Joseph C. Thompson Martin F. Thompson Philip D. Thompson Alice Lee Thomson Cecil Thrasher Harold Leroy Thurman Donald B. Towles P. Anders Tranberg George Bryant Tuggle Robert J. Turleyi W. Ray Turley, Jr. Audrey Mae Turner Betty L. Turner Margaret Helen Turner Raleigh Turner Ruby Jane Turner Wilma Ione Tutt Ingrid B. Ullman Thomas R. Underwood Green W. Unthank Owen Davis Vance Mazelle Katherine VanCleave Baylor VanMeter, Jr. Lois Lynn VanMeter Beverly Jean Vawter Juan Ramon Vazquez John Barry Vigle Charles Burton Wade John T. Wallace Vera Ann Wallace Barbara Sue Warren Allan Cecil Watson Billie Lee Watson Robert E. Weaver William V. Weaver Katherine Mary Webb Arthur Wrightson John Carter Welden Margaret Louise Wells Reva Mae Wells Mrs. Helen Welsh Carl Wesley B. Harrison Westfall Edward Leon Westlake Louis Smith Wetherill Charles Edward Whaley George William Wheeler Joe Wheeler, Jr. Betty Mae White Carl B. White Miss John Frances White Norma Aileen White William Ashley Whitehead Quintin B. Wieman Howard O. Wiles Patricia Anne Williams William Ralph Williams Mary Jane Williamson Margaret M. Wilson Robert A. Wilson Thomas Henry Wolfe Aurella Bagby Wollin Nancy T. Wombwell Donald L. Wood Woodson T. Wood Raymond E. Woods J anelynn Wooldridge Mrs. Anne Cassell Wright Thomas Lee Wuerdeman Harold W. Wurtenberger Leo Yarutis Humzey Yessin Rudy Yessin Athena Yonkas Shirlee Younger Dean G. Youngman Walter Reed Young ICULTURE 8. HOME ECONOMICS Clarence Osman Bryant James Derosette Bryant John Hart Burrier Price Cleland Burruss Willis Garland Butler Fred Callahan George Campbell Elizabeth Shelton Caylor William Thomas Chafiin, Jr. Margretta V. Cheshire Bennie Davis Clark David Laurence Cleveland ' Harding J oward CoHey James Volney Coleman, Jr. Nadine Combs Harry Russell Conrad Pauline Rae Corbin Evalyn P. Crawford 99 SOPHOMORES Bertha J . Cundiff Jane Dabney Fiank s.Da1ze11, Jr. Ralph E. Davis Amy Elizabeth Dean Spurgeon Young Dewitt John H. Dink, Jr. Thomas Richard Dink James C. Dowden, Jr. James Earl Durham Elizabeth C. Duty Armilda Collen Duvall Walter Blaine Early, Jr. John C. Everett Juanita Jean Ewbank Denver Loyal Farmer John Allen Fears Morgan P. Fears Richard Gray Ford George Wilson Freas Pauline E. Freels Murray Arnold Freeman Marjorie Ann Funkhouser Suzanne N. Futch Landon Garrett, Jr. Bonnie Maxine Garrigan Bramblette Gillaspie, Jr. William Fairleigh Giltner William Gaylord Ginn Wayland Givens Hartford Frank Granitz Mildred E. Grehan Charles H. Gulley Theodore Hacker Charles Alva Hall Evelyn L. Hammond SOPHOMORES Frank Adams Wilbur G. Adams John Philip Allen Lewis C. Bader William Dudley Baker Joseph Wilfred Ballard Robert Morris Barnes Morris Vemon Baxter Carolyn Sue Bealmear Manuel Beer Dan H. Benckart Carroll Adkins Bennett Richard Bensinger Lewis Edward Bianchi Paul Vernon Biddle James Matt Bingham Robert E. Bires Mitchell B. Boland lm AGR Robert G. Harned Elise Kathryn Hartman David Ellis Hatchett Milton Covington Haynes Robert Peyton Hays John Lee Herald Jack Duvall Hibbs Moss Carroll Hill Raymond C. Hill Lillian F. Hixon Claude Lee Hixson Kathleen Hovermale Betty Keller Howe Oliver L. Hudson Janice M. Ingram James B. Jackson Marvin S. Jackson Thomas L. Jackson J eptha Rayburn Jett Mary Queen Jewell Robert Lawrence Johnstone Lawrence Raymer Jones, Jr. Paul Wallace Jones George Garret' Judge Floyd Ernest Kells James Dillon Kemp Ernest L. Kirkpatrick, Jr. Harry J. Landrum Betty Louise Lawless Robert R. Lawson Sidney A. Leathers Henry Sherman LeGrand Virginia Ann Link Earl MCG. Linville Doris Jean Livingston Harold Gibson Love Russell Wilson Lowe Hubert Bourne Howard C. Bowles Lucille Bridges Douglas Keith Brown John Carlton Brown Martha Sue Brown Betty Joyce Bryan Frank Andrew Bryson William Gaines Bryson Ben F. Buckley Henry Bumstead Frank Thomas Bunch Samuel Burdette Garry George Butterman Elizabeth Ann Carpenter Maurice Pittman Carpenter Ann Elizabeth Carter James Franklin Chandler ICULTURE 8 Mary E. Lutes Ilus Ray Mackey Joanna E. Marsh Calvin Martin, Jr. Charles Eaves Martin Harold R. Martin Carol M. Massey Mary E. Montague Norman McClare Moody Mary Neil Taylor Moore Walter Loy Moore Robert Nelson Morris Louis Muller Clara E. Newton John Harris Parke, Jr. William G. Paasch Walter Edgar Parsons Laura Bess Peavy James Robert Perkins J acquelyn Phillips Shirley Hobert Phillips William Preston Price, Jr. Mary Jean Prinz Wilbur Leroy Rardin Alexander C. Reed, Jr. Richard Raymond Redle Alfred Jesse Richardson Eloise Ridley Francis Arthur Roberts, Jr. Boone Rose, Jr. Anne Rudd Edward Logan Ruggles Arlie Scott Harold Keith Shelburne Charles Edwin Shelby Louis Shelton Lora Jean Clark Ann Talbott Clayton Allen Ernest Cloyd Vernon Cole Charles M. Combs DeCoursey Combs William Thomas Coons Jenny Isobel Corn George Jenkins Covington Benjamin Lee Cowgill William Frank Cowgill Kirby Cox James Marshall Craig MaeiMarie Crawford John J . Cremin David Clayton Cruise Martha Anderson Crutchfield William S. Dalton HOME ECONOMICS Clarence H. Short Robert Bradford Simon Mary Ann Simpkins Robert A. Simpson Ernest Holmes Smart, Jr. Edgar R. Smith Hazel Jo Smith Sylvia Anne Smith Richard Tolliver Snelling Milton Kerkwood Snyder Thomas Morgan Sorrell Ralph Amold Speakes Nancy Jo Stevens Joyce Stewart Raymond Butler Stivers Nancy Mae Stolts Paul Bean Sturgill Bonnie Syck John Lewis Taylor Timothy Henry Taylor Isum James Terry William Turner, Jr. Anna Lois Vamey George Carter Ward Mary Frank Ward Ray M. Walters Alma Jean Weisert R. C. Wells Charles B. West, Jr. Romanza F. Wigginton Claude N. Wilcher, Jr. Dorothy Jean Williams Ashton Ryland Wilson, Jr. Mitzi Pearl Wilson Jay Young, Jr. William Kenneth Young COMMERCE John Watt Davis Earl Scott Denham Claude Daniel Dickerson Louis Richard DiFismer Frank DiGiovanni Dorothy Donahue James Irvin Dotson Charles Coleman Drake Hugh Dunbar Harvey H. Dunn Thomas P. Dwyer Auldon Gates Edwards Betty Ruth Edwards Mildred Josephine Edwards Carojean Elsey Charlotte E. Erskine Carl Vincent Evans Catherine Grey Fleming COMMERCE Eugene Flood Edward Vernon Fox Catherine Francis Emily Frank Charles W. Frazier Edward Allen Fricke Sue Watts Furgerson Allene Gaines James Bruce Garwood Robert J. Geeslin Arthur H. Goodwin George Goodykoontz Edmund D. Gray LeRoy Gregory George Griflin Andrew Jackson Gross Jane Katherine Guess Burt Halbert Wendell Hall Varge Hampton Charles Edward Hanson Lillian Doris Hardesty Martha F. Harmon Betty Joe Harris Thomas Wright Harris Jane L. Harrison William Morris Hart Minor Haycroft Riter Haymond Earle R. Heffner Dorothy Mae Hensley Lee Roy Hensley Henry A. Hettle Patricia Marie Hine Harry Russell Hinton Robert Vernon Hogan Walter Allen Hogge Ernest Leroy Hommel Hugh Hood Julia Lee Home John B. Howe Clarence Hudson Grace Adele Huffaker George Hughes Bonnie Jean Jackson Fern Elizabeth Jacobs Amy Belle Jenny Oswald G. Jett EDUCATION Patsy Clay Allen Jack Ballard Archer Frances Benjamin Sue Vaughn Brown Victor Samuel Bruner Bethel Burdine Randall Eugene Karrick John Philip Kearney Winfred L. Kelly James Cecil Kennard Warran J. Kennedy John William Kiger Billy Rogert Kimbell Paul McKee Kinnaird John J. Larkin William T. Latta James Edward Lawson Edward Douglas Leach Arthur W. Leche Henry William Lentz James Edward Lett David Vincent Lococo William Wesley Logan Patsy Ruth Lowe William Rives Lucas Edward Hampton Lynch William A. McCann Bruce MacDonald Claude R. McGaughey William M. McGinnis Julian Bruce McKee Thomas McKinley Gene Baker McMurray George Dennis McWilliams Dexter Mann Ann Stanley Marcum John G. Marlowe Dewey V. Martin Lawrence Martin Jack Elwood Maxley William Richard Meadors Joe D. Miller Lawrence Miller Monroe Mink W. T. Minke David Warren Mohney Jack Monroe Wally Lambert Morgan Hershel Morris Charles Mullins Robert Nelson Archie C. Nickell James D. Nickell Robert James Nuss Eleanor Cooper Stephen J. Comett, Jr. Frank Dean, Jr. Norma Bernice Giles Alvina Frances Griffin Marie Haick Marjorie E. Jones Gaylord Pack William Henry Parman Channing E. Pierce Clyde Franklyn Pittman William Sidner Powell Geraldine Virginia Pratt Alton B. Pulliam Mary Alice Pumphrey John Luke Quertermous Clayton Randall Raymond Rankin Geron E. Rathell Almer Reese Theodore Renekar Reynierson, John Oscar Varda Marie Rice Russell E. Ricketts Kenneth Roberts Halden Robinson William L. Roche Frank A. Rounsley Murray Lee Rowland Robert Rupard Willard T. Russell Bruce Sayre Ruth Sayre Ann Scott James F. Scott Ella L. Seale Herbert Segler Patricia Selfe Greene Adam Settle Nancy Shearer Robert Shearer James Collins Sherman Marshall Shouse Charles Shrout George Simpson Guy Simpson Thomas Simpson Mary Dolores Slaughter Billy Swinford Smith Frank Edward Smith Nathan S. Smith Marion Milward Smith Woodrow Wilson Smith Violet Earle Sneade Billy Ray Snellen Roscoe H. Jones Frances Masterson Edward Shelby Moores Thomas H. Pogue Jane B. Price Georgia Emma Pruden William Earl Ralph SOPHOMORES William Osborn Springate Jerry Spurr Harold Lloyd Stancil 0 Catherine Stapleton Merle Stepley Edna Lucille Stevens George Stewart Jack Stewart Ishmael Stinson Gene Benton Stokley Daniel Paul Sullivan William Klair Sutton Marion Talbot Henry Taylor Nancy Catherine Taylor Peggy Joyce Taylor David Thomas Wanda Thompson Charles L. Thornsbury Robert Thornsbury James Buford Todd William A. Toombs Josephine Redd Trapp Raymond Tucker William E. Tuttle Martha Van Hooser Robert G. Vatter George D. Venters James Volner Omer L. Wagoner Richard Edward Walker Graden Neil Walter Mary Allene Weathers Lawrence R. Wester Vassia Lee Westfall Robert Whalen Jack L. Whicker Allen Briscoe White Henry Stanley White, Jr. Howard Wilkerson William Howard Williams Charles Henry Wills Martin G. Wilson Joe Wombwell Robert Eugene Yates Thomas O. Youtsey Quinzie Zabban SOPHOMORES Hazel M. Sheperson Randolph G. Simpson Mary Louise Skidmore Donald O. Spillman Bertha F. Ward George H. Yankey 101 ENGINEERING SOPHOMORES Virgil Adams, Jr. John R. Akey Othneil Alsop Salvatore J. Amato Roy Walter Amidon Alex H. Anderson, Jr. Stellian V. Anderson Thomas E. Anderson George E. Ashley Walter W. Aton Cecil Ray Baker Oddis J. Baker Cecil Vernon Barnett John M. Barstow, Jr. Richard Walter Bartsch Martin Arnold Bauer J. F. Baugh George L. Baxter William F. Baxter James William Beard William Bryan Bechanan E. Theodore Beck Robert Beeler, Jr. Jack Winston Begley William R. Belcher Sherwood Bennett Samuel Berman Clarence H. Beston William Richard Bidger Peter B. Black David Henry Blalock William H. Blalock Bryan W. Blount Don W. Boehler Robert P. Borden James William Bradley Lyle C. Brandenburg W. J. Brockenbrough Mrs. Charline H. Brokaw W. H. Bronston A. J. Brown, Jr. James R. Brown Charles Bryant Browning, Morris E. Broyles Kenneth E. Bruckart Edmund A. Brumleve J. O. Brummett George Ray Bryan Samuel T. Bryant Robert B. Buckner Oakley Burch Robert Burch Claude Flowers Buster, Jr. 102 J Y. Edwin D. Cantler Cardin W. Carmack C. L. Carr John M. Cashman James H. Caudill Leon L. Chitwood Andrew Harrison Clark James A. Clutts Frank P. Cole Daniel Lawrence Coleman J. O. Conner James L. Cook Hardman J. Corman McKinley Cornett, Jr. Hassell Henry Craft, Jr. Allen Eugene Cramer Jean G. Crawford Talmage Crawford Bernard R. Crouch John Crosthwaite, Jr. Roy R. Crouch Harry C. Current Byrl Edwin Curry Fred C. Curtis Charles C. Dalton Allen W. Daugherty Harold B. Daugherty Herman D. Davis Robert H. Davis John Douglas Delano, Jr. Reuben G. Dennard Harold G. Dixon C. V. Dobson Danny R. Duff Robert P. Duff Frederic Lamar Dupree Harold P. Durbin Butler H. Durham James A. Early, Jr. Thomas William Eades F. L. Eblen Thomas Bruce Elliott Paul R. Ellis R. G. Emerson John R. Endicott William Earl Endicott, Jr. Earl W. Eschbom Herbert Dowey Estes Joseph C. Evans Lewis G. Evans William Siles Evans Samuel Feingersh Fred William Fest, Jr. James N. Floyd Thomas Young Fitzpatrick Herbert L. Fogel Robert Ford Frank G. Foreman John Robert Fortenbery Edgar Burnett Francis William F. Franks Sanford W. Free, Jr. Joseph Elmer French George W. Fugate Samuel Fuqua James E. Fust James Arthur Gaskins Lewis Foster Gifford, Jr. M. H. Gifford James William Gillespie Robert M. Gillim Curtis Goodin C. O. Goodykoontz Warren J efferson Gordonwood Charles C. Gorman James M. Graves Calvin G. Grayson Bartley A. Greenwell Thomas Calvin Gregory George B. GuBin, Jr. Chester Haggard Theodore Haggard Joseph W. Hall Elwood Halley Franklin H. Hancock Warren Harness Robert Harp Edward L. Harper W. C. Harrison Carl A. Hart Lewis R. Hart, Jr. Jack E. Hartlield Eugene Edward Hartmann Charles Hawley Robert D. Hayes Leonard S. Haynes Burt Edwin Hedeen Elvin Helms Richard E. Hicks George J. Hoey Charles Raymond Hoffman Vernon A. Hopkins Joe Holmanf John Richard Hook Bemard J. Hbppenjans, Jr. James E. Hopson " Morris Neal Howard Charles V. Hughes Willard L. Humphress Auval L. Hurt Emory H. Hutchins W. R. Ingram W. G. Irvan William M. Jenkins Roy K. Johns J. E. Johnson Charles R. Jones Moses L. Jones, Jr. William P. Jones James Richard Kayse Pierce V. Keating Morris D. Keesee John P. Kelley Orie L. Kelm William G. Kendall Joseph C. King Lamar R. Kissling Morrison G. Kitchen Keith Koenig R. E. Kuhnhein Paul A. Laine, Jr. Wayne Lowell Lawrence Harry Lawson Glenn S. Layne William Evans Leegan James L. LeMaster Farnum O'Neil Lewis William K. Lisanby Louis William List, Jr. John D. Longabaugh William Malin Lyon William Glenn McAllister Elmer A. McBride, Jr. Isham Railey McConnell Ralph McCracken, Jr. Dwight Leonard McCray Karl K. McCready Bruce McCullough Theodore R. McDaniel John H. McElroy Herschel D. McGuire Karl McKnight John Leo McLaughlin William H. McLellan James Curtis McMillion William B. McMullin William F. McShane Gene Ray Madison William B. Mardis SOPHOAAORES William G. Marks George Clarke Martin Glenn E. Martin Thomas G. Martin Thomas Walter Martin William C. Martin Albert Franklin Masters Horace Hagood Maxey C. E. May Howard Daugherty Mayhew Charles W. Meade, Jr. Robert E. Meek James Robert Mercer Cecil H. Meeks Bernard L. Meredity James E. Metcalf John E. Miller Robert Monfort Miller, Jr. Daniel Boone Mitchell John Robb Mitchell Earl Moldovan D. F. Montfort Alfred Moore D. H. Moore James Wallace Moore Lee F. Moore Leroy L. Morgan William Duncan Morgan Jackson F. Morris Loriece Morris Donald M. Morrow James D. Morse Russell Emerson Motsinger James A. Mullins, Jr. Joe T. Mullins Amold Addington Murphy H. A. Murphy George T. Murray Paul Murray Larry H. Myers Gerald E. Napier J. P. Napier Robert Bruce Neal David Hotchkiss Noble Robert Eugene Nugent Robert Francis Olson Richard Ocko Jesse B. Osborne William Robert Overhultz J. E. Owsley Maurice N. Pace James M. Paget John Palumbo, Jr. Bob L. Paris Philip L. Pearce John C. Pearson Allie Clay Peed R. D. Poole Thomas Cleland Potter Thomas A. Prather R. W. Preston William Alva Pribble Charles C. Price Robert Davis Pryor William P. Quinn Thomas J. Ready J. T. Rector Clarence Reynolds Robert A. Reynolds Jay E. Rhodemyre James William Ridgeway W. P. Ringo, Jr. Norman Ritchie James Michael O'Neal Roan Charles D. Roberts Dave A. Robins Carroll G. Robinson Robert Leslie Rogers William Coleman Rogers John Smith Roop, Jr. A. H. Runyon, Jr. Paul Rupard Henry Clay Russell G. C. Sakona Roy Lee Sallee Oren A. Sams, Jr. James J. Sattur Robert E. Saunders Logan G. Savage Dave H. Sawyer Donald Kirth Saylor J. L. Scott John W. Scott O. C. Seevers T. D. Sharp Joseph Eugene Shelton, Jr. James A. Shirley Harold Singleton Dewey Sizemore Clinard Slone Stanley Slone James Edward Smith Omar T. Smith Robert F. Smith Thomas J. Smith Walter Lee Smith W. W. Smither Raymond Soard, Jr. Lawrence Hayes Spence Robert C. Stamper B. M. Stames John M. Staton Carlton Edward Steele James B. Steele James Wesley Steiner Irvin H. Stern W. J. Stevens Clarence H. Stewart Robert F. Stewart Ross Elliott Stewart James Carter Stitas Stanley S. Stolt George Grundy Stone Jack Mink Stone Willard N. Stooke Ralph Sullivan William Summitt Clifford L. Surface Carl E. Swanson Thomas E. Tabb Charles G. Taliaferro Charles L. Taylor Edward B. Taylor James William Taylor James Robert Thomas William John Thomas Frederick Joseph Thompson Guy Patrick Thompson Herbert H. Thompson Robert D. Thompson Melvin L. Tinsley Harry C. Trent Robert Sidney Tucker James Thomas Underwood B. G. Valentine Guy F. Vansant, Jr. M. L. Vaughn ENGINEERING Frederick Christian Vogele William G. Voorhes Alexander J. Walker III F. L. Walker Homer M. Walker William King Walker George Daniel Wallace, Jr. R. A. Wallace, Jr. Harry Edward Waller Edwin Shane Walters James Edward Walters Paul W. Walters John H. T. Walthall Chester E. Ward John R. Warren L. P. Warren J. C. Wash W. R. Wash Joseph F. Wathen C. L. Watson William L. Wayman Louis C. Weber James Edward Wessels Vernon Henry Wetherby, S. J. Whalen O. P. Wheat George Korb White Howard Ray White E. C. Whitfield, Jr. Gillie Hope Whitten E. E. Williams E. G. Williams James Edwin Williams John Nelson Williams Charles R. Wilson, Jr. Larry Wilson Edward Winchester, Jr. Charles D. Winges William Harold Wise William Thomas Wood James W. Woody J. R. Wooten Donald T. Worthington Harry Wright, III R. G. Wright William A. Wyatt John V. Yarbrough Johnston Albert Young Ramon Young Jr. N3 LAW William E. Allender, Jr Robert H. Allphin Marius L. Anderson Richard W. Asher George E. Barker Maxwell P. Barret Robert W. Bennett William B. Blackford Lloyd L. Booth Abraham Bowling Waldamar D. Bratcher Frances E. Brewer Daniel N. Brock John B. Browning Stanley Carter George M. Catlett Harry M. Caudill Paul E. Cheap James S. Chenault Theodore W. Clarke Murphy C. Combs Ben M. Combs James P. Conley John R. Cook, Jr. Walter C. Cox, Jr. 104 Roy Cunnngham Frank F. Davis Edward M. Dooley Winfred M. Ellis Hubbard M. Endicott Carl F. Engelhardt, Jr. Milford D. Estill Patricia Evans Douglas W. Faris Bradford T. Garrison George T. Gess Frank G. Gilliam Catherine E. Gillis David Goin Daniel W. Goodman Henry McHenry Griffin Buford W. Guerrant William F. Hamilton Alexander D. Hall George W. Hatfield Paul E. Hayes Stanley Hays John K. Hickey Walt W. Hollon Raymond E. Howard Melvin E. Huddleston Edward Jackson John P. Johnston Edward H. Johnstone Jennings H. Kearby John L. Keller Ben L. Kessinger, Jr. John C. Klotter Mary G. Lair Ottis P. Lanter James M. Lassiter Dwain H. Lowry James A. McCrocklin Margaret H. McDowell Joseph H. McKinley Marion S. Mahurin Neil R. Maxey Everett H. Metcalf, Jr. Harry B. Miller, Jr. Coleman D. Moberly Joseph A. Montgomery Edward F. Murphy Glenn E. Nippert Alton S. Payne Dwight L. Pendleton, Jr. SOPHOMORES Robert M. Perry John T. Pryor Homer W. Ramsey Hartwell D. Reed, Jr. Howard P. Rives Charles R. Rose Elwood A. Rowsey, Jr. Thomas B. Satterwhite Frederic A. Scott James G. Sheehan, Jr. Forest Smith Samuel L. Spears George W. Stephenson George W. Terrell Edward A. Thompson Rex McKenson Turley James A. Tyler Robert E. Vick Raymond R. Vincent Frank K. Warnock William T. Wathen Bemard A. Wells, Jr. Michael E. Whitiill Lewis P. Williams Bunyan S. Wilson ARTS 8. SCIENCES Betty Jean Abraham Martin Russell Abshear Raymond Kenney Acree David L. Adams Denver Adams Harold T. Adams Owen P. Adams Robert D. Adams Jennie Kathryn Agee Earl Akemou Erwin F. Albrecht, Jr. Douglas Keith Albright John Mitchell Alcom Charles Vemon Alexander, Elizabeth Dedman Alford Bobby Gene Allen Charles E. Allen Dorothy Jean Allen Thomas Edward Allen William Henry Allen James Riley Alley Jack Dugger Amis Ora Verlin Anders James Russell Anderson Raymond Cherry Anderson Richard Frits Anderson Betty Marie Andes Robert Leo Andrejunas Mary Virginia Anewalt Neal Rice Angel Georgia Anna Anthony Edgar Frank Amold, Jr. James Burford Atkinson James S. Atteberry Louise Carleton Ayres James Powell Babb Richard W. Bachmeyer Clarence O. Back James Nelson Bailey Oldran C. Bailey Andrea E. Bain Thomas F. Baker William Royce Baker Betty J. Baldridge Eugene Baldwin Alva F. Ball Dizney Allen Ball Betty Jane Ballard Bessie Lee Bannon Harold Lloyd Barber Colbum Barger Mary Barber David Barahill Barker Joyce G. Barker Lawrence E. Barker Powell Mathew Barlow Emmitt Raymond Barnes Howard Cecil Barnett 106 Billy Lyman Barnette Allen Thomas Basham Frank Houston Bassett Wanda Hammons Batson ' David H. Bauer Kathleen Bealmear Sara Kathryn Bean Doris E. Beck Chester D. Beeler Curtis Belcher Margaret L. Belcher Omis G. Belcher Paul Jennings Belcher Homer Joel Beliles Graydon D. Bell Doris Mae Bender William Allen Benjamin William Kirkly Benjamin Alice G. Bentley Charles W. Bentley Edward P. Benton Frank V. Benton Shirley Ann Berg Clegg W. Berger Everett Raymond Berger Kelly Berger Eleanor E. Berry Margaret B. Berryman William Carl Beuttell Vernon R. Bingham Lois J. Bird Margaret Ann Bird Robert Blackburn William F. Blackerby, Jr. James Bowman Blalock James Curtiss Blanchard George Blanda Evelyn Doris Blankenship Mary J. Blanton Joe W. Bledsoe John Daniel Blevins Phyllis Jean Blevins Robert Joseph Blumer James Byron Boaz Forrest Caperton Bobbitt Raymond R. Boggs William Boller John R. Bolser Peggy M. Bondurant Louis Bonnell Edwin Mills Bonny Arthur W. Boone Frank W. Boone Dan C. Botts Edward C. Bowling Marcus F. Boyd Jackie M. Boyd William T. Boyd James E. Bradley Mark B. Bradley Martha Mary Bradley Raymond H. Bradley Carolyn Bramble Mina Muriel Bramblette Betty C. Bramlage William E. Brandenburg Robert F. Brashear Charles M. Brawner Charles L. Breckel Franklin Breeden Strother Breeze Douglas B. Breibenstein Josef L. Brewster Gerald S. Britt George Edward Brooking Walter N. Brooks Dennis Edward Brown Douglas Franklin Brown George Sigal Brown, Jr. Harry Donald Brown Joseph Gordon Brown Lawrence Martin Brown Roger Brown Willis Elmo Brown Delmar Browning Suzanne Bruning Thornton E. Bryan James Allen Bryant William Arnett Bryant, Jr. Jeanne Elise Bucker Betty Gene Buckignani Betty L. Buck Mary Martin Buckner Rosa Gay Bugg' Warren J. Bullis Charles Evan Bullock Robert Bunting Ada Eugenia Burgin Harold Dean Burgiss Helen Louise Burk Janice Ann Burke Charles Homer Burkman Geno A. Burns John Edward Bums Willard Burress Adelaide D. Burton Harold Burton Paul Sheeler Burton Robert Allen Button Carmen C. Calaway George Wesley Calico Carroll Parish Callender Alexander Hart Calvert Ben Samuel Calvert James Brooks Calvert Clifton Durrett Camp FRESHMEN Joe Frank Campbell John Joe Cantees Mary Lee Campbell William Bert Carlton Donna M. Carmichael Ralph C. Carpenter John William Carr Bernard Taylor Carter Carroll Benton Carter Charles William Carter David L. Carter Mary Carolyn Carver Carlton H. Case, Jr. William Walter Casebier Philip G. Cash Anna Sam Cassell Thomas Livingston Cassell Cecil Ray Caudill George H. Caughey Carl Malcolm Chadwell William Lancaster Champion James Lee Chandler Estill Gray Chaney Charles Chapman Kenneth H. Cheatham Ruth Cheatham Joseph Cheuvant Jim Cherry William C. Chesnut Evelyn V. Chesser Lloyd C. Chilton John Chonko Charles Franklin Christian Jerry David Claibome Charles Wallace Clark Harold Franklin Clark John W. Clark Joseph A. Clark,J r. Leo Edwin Clark Robert S. Clark William G. Clark William Guthrie Clark Thomas Edward Clarke Gertrude L. Clary Billy Dwight Clay Frank Edward Clegg Margaret Clegg John R. Clifford Eugene Cline Robert Morris Clinkinbeard Mary Emily Clause Clyde D. Coatney Paul Livingston Coatney Elsworth G. Coburn Herbert Jacob Cochran Clemet Lee Cockrel Felix Joseph Cocuzzi James Edward Coffey FRESHMEN Jimmy William CoEey Elizabeth Wheeler Collins Thomas A. Collins Will Henry Collins James Riley Combs Betty June Compton Loyd M. Compton Ivory Dee Conley Thomas Ignatius Connor Waltz Vemon Conner Richard Harlan Conover Patricia Anne Conway N elle K. Cook Maurice Clinton Cooke Harrison Raymond Cooper Jo Ann Cooper Wingate W. Cooper Fred J. Coplin Daniel Landon Corman Jacqueline S. Cotton Thomas F. Coughlin Thomas Bass Covington Burton Gerald Cox Eugene Cox Jimmy Cox John Robert Cox Marvin Edwin Cox Agnes C. Coyle George Manson Cozine Charles E. Craft James Milton Crafton James Patrick Craham Edward Lewis Craig Jack C. Crawford James William Crawford Juanita Reed Crawford Virgil Creech Layton Porch Creekmore Joseph S. Crenshaw Alex. J. Cress Charles Scott Cross James Wesley Crow William Roy Crume Joyce M. Crutchfield Audrey Jean Cummins Dewey Elwood Cummins Joan Cummins Billy Ryan Cunningham Helen Louise Cunningham James Edward Cunningham Paul Johnston Cunningham Charles Bruce Current Edward Embry Curtis Irvin A. Daily James Lloyd Daniel Clarence J. Daniels William Russell Daniels Robert Wells Darlington Betty Jeanne Darst James Monroe Darst Alfred Otis Dartt Henry Ford Davis Linda P. Davis Clarence Leslie Dawson William Edward Dawson William Kirk Dawson Venita L. Dawson Roger Xavier Day Stallard Dan Day Arthur Eugene Deaton Thomas Blackburn Deen Helen Davenport Deiss Joseph C. Denny Bellvia H. Denson Owen S. Dennis Ralph T. Derickson Richard Derrickson Cecil Derr Glentis Deskins Sonny Carroll Deskins William Taylor DeWitt Marian T. Diamond James Dickenson Mary Boone Dickston Robert Smith Dillon John Anthony Diskin Thomas Boyd Diskin William Allen Doan William Henderson Dobbs Mary Jo Donahue Charles M. Donovan Howard G. Donovan Roy Norman Dooley Charles Allen Dorroh Martha Ann Dorroh John Philip Doucoumes Mathew Woods Downer David Thomas Doyle John L. Doyle Doris Rae Drake Donald Glenn Draper Thomas B. Drescher Joe A. Dress Homer Lee Drew Bettie B. Driver Robert C. Drury Sereno Calvin Duerr Cecil E. Duff Robert Lee Duff James T. Duke Melvin K. Duke Garland Derand Dummit Newman Elwood Dunagan Charles Duncan George Taylor Duncan Leon Cline Duncan William Y. Duncan Keller Johnson Dunn Jack Clark Dupree James Edward Durham James Leslie Durham William Kirtley Durr Elinor M. Durs Daniel Louis Eberhardt Edwin M. Eckdahl Howard Douglas Eldridge Mary Evelyn Elfers Littleton T. Ellett James D. Elston Donald Stone Elliott Elizabeth Blakely Elliott G. Faye Elliott Joe David Elliott John Trivette Elliott Jean Louise Ellis Joseph Roger Elmore Peggy Gibbs Elmore Robert Thompson Elmore Alice Irene Elowitz Stanley Eskowitz James Elston Joseph G. Elston Noel Cortez England Harold James Engle Robert Grayson Engle Walter M. Enlow Elizabeth B. Erdman Jack W. Estes Robert W. Estill Edwin Ray Evans Hugh S. Evans William Hyden Evans James Lee Everton Robert Wilford Fain Margaret K. Fallon Edmond Fannin Virginia Ruth Farris Charles M. Feameybough George B. Featherston Porter P. Featherston Mary Jo Federer George Feigenbaun George Feilds Emily A. Feltman Howard H. Ferguson Doctor Taylor Ferrell Joyce M. Ferris James W. Fetterman Harriet S. Field Kenneth E. Fincher Myron Finkelstein Charles William Finnell Mary Jo Fishback Barbara W. Fisher ARTS 8-SCIENCES Harold G. Fisher Harold G. Fleenor Robert Fred Flege Lucas Floyd Richard D. Floyd Joseph L. Flynn Robert Charles Flynn Timothy B. Foley Robert S. Follis Edward M. Fontaine Thomas Edward Fonville James D. Ford Russell James Ford Harl T. Foreman Ralph Forester Robert Lee Fortney Kenneth M. Fortune Ray A .Fosson Henry G. Foushee Paul J. Fowler Wilford Lee Fay Thomas H. Francis James Francis Thurmond M. Francis Eugene R. Frank Keith B. Frank Eugenia Freeman Vincent Freeman Jacqueline L. Freppon James B. Frick George K. Frith James W .Fritts Eugene R. Fronk Dommie Fucci Robert K. Fuller Adrian A. FyEe Betty J. Gabbard George Edwin Gaines George Truitt Gaines Kenneth A. Gaines Robert V. Gaitskill Patricia J. Gallagher Danney Galloway Frank G. Gambill Harold L. Gant William N. Gardner Charlotte R. Garr Hugh Garrett Jr. Betty Garst Gerald W. Gamey Mary Francis Gash Joanne R. Gaskins William L. Gault Herbert F. Geddes Carl Edward Genito Ralph S. Genito Edward W. Gentry William R. Gentry ARTS 81 SCIENCES FRESHMEN Irvin Gergely Robert J . Gerner Clarence A. Gerstle William G. Gess Barbara P. Gibson Charles W. Gibson Matt Gifford Jr. Thomas M. Gilchrist James F Gilkey Mildred L. Gill Betty Ann Gillespie James T. Gillespie Joseph R. Gillespie Willard T. Gillespie Anne J . Gittins Harry B. Glass Marion F. Glass Mary F. Gleason George L. Godbey Geraldine Godbey Rose Helen Godman Bill Brown Godwin William Boaz Goins Bessie J . Goldsmith Vemon D. Gooch Charles Goodin Thomas A. Goodin Edgar Gordon Carl J . Gorham John Gorham Jacqueline Graham Joan C. Graham Marion B. Graham Thomas L. Graham David C. Graves Charles M. Gray Sara M. Green Gerald P. Gregory Lyman Gregory Lillian C. Griffey Frank Lee Griffin Gerald R. Griffin Roy S. Griffin Jack S. Griffiths Gaile R. Grogan Alex J . Groza Jeanette Grubbs Warner C. Grubbs Roy M. Guess Charles Gullett John B. Guthrie Keith Guthrie Billy L. Guy Silas M. Hagan William K. Hagan William E. Hahn William P. Hale Paul E. Haley 108 Charles J. Hall Donald M. Hall J eptha R. Hall John William Hall Richard H. Hall White C. Hall William C. Hall William Robert Hall Allen Hamilton Curtis D. Hamilton Ella Clay Hamilton Harold Hamilton Ralph K. Hammerle Paul Edward Hampton Douglas B. Hancock Marion K. Haney William J. Hanna Suzanne Hannahs Edgar M. Hansen Ellsworth L. Harbett William G. Harbett Clabern Hardigree James L. Hardy Robert R. Hardy Gene L. Harmon William D. Harr Kenneth G. Harrington Betty V. Harris Howard Harris Frank C. Hart Maurice E. Harter Mary E. Hartley Charles A. Hatcher Jack Thomas Hatcher Alvin Grant Hatfield George A. Hauschild Robert E. Hauser Harold W. Hawkins Harold D. Hayes Joyce Haynes Donald C. Hays Hallie Fay Hays John C. Hays Martha C. Hays John B. Hazelip Francis N. Hazen Houston Hedges, Jr. Robert H. Heilman Benedict J. Heinzinger Dorothy L. Hellard Francis M. Hellard Harvey A. Helm Farmer Helton James C. Helton Robert H. Helton Paul L. Hendrickson James B. Hendrix Paula C. Hengemel Betty J. Henry Louise N. Henry Virginia L. Henry William L. Henry Betty Hensley John B. Hensley Tom S. Hensley Richard Earl Hensley Carolyn R. Herdt Vivian Hereford Lorenzo H. Herring Myron B. Hess Robert E. Hess Charles T. Hesser George E. Hetzel Ruben G. Hicks Betty J. Higgins Douglas S. Hilpp Dennis J. Hines James Hines Walter E. Hines William P. Hines William H. Hinkle Jerry Hinson Oscar G. Hinton Ruth Hoaz Charles H. Hockensmith Dudley B. Hodges Morris Douglas Hodges Edson A. Hoffman Fleming Dean Hogan Katherine A. Hogan Joseph E. Hoggard Raymond A. Holbourn Ray Holbrook Raymond P. Holbrook Charles Holder Barbara L. Holeman Marianna Holeman Hall Hollingsworth Kent Hollingsworth Charles Holloway James E. Holloway Charles E. Holmes Harold Wilson Holtzclaw Richard J. Holway David C. Hopkins Lee T. Hopkins William E. Hopkins Walter C. Hopper Taylor Horne, Jr. Milton A. Horner Joseph W. Hornung Donald C. Hoskins William M. Hoskins Anna B. Howard Fred F. Howard Jack B. Howard Joe N. Howard Mary Lou Howard Ted C. Howard Winifred M. Howard Jack Howell William K. Hubbell George J. Hudack Charles D. Huddleston Walter D. Huddleston Glenn Hudson Gaines E. Huey Eula J. Hughes William C. Hughes John Otis Hughson Howard C. Human David Hume James J. Hume Charles O. Humston John W. Hundley Paul E. Hunley Stanley M. Hunt Lida Clay Ingels Lafon R. Ingels James G. Ingram Juline Grant Inman James Harold Insko Wyatt Marion Insko Charles Fay Irvin Fred William Irvin Charles Milton Isaacs Elinor M. Isaacs Joseph Williams Isert Anita Marie Jacobs Carroll Wilson Jacobs Charles Eugene Jacobs Mary Ellen Jacobs Eileen Jackson George E. Jaeger Pat James Hugh E. Jenkins Anna Mae J essee Mrs. Virginia S. Jessee Thelma F. Jeter Beatty Marie Jewell Kenneth B. Johns Alice Mayo Johnson Doris Lucille Johnson James Keller Johnson James Harvey Johnson John Frank Johnson Mary Elizabeth Johnson Rachael Johnson Russell Alvin Johnson Samuel Camp Johnson Shirlee Jewel Johnson Barbara Ann Jones Charles B. Jones Donald E. Jones FRESHMEN Emest Paul Jones Garnett Cecil Jones J acquelyn Jones Marvin Francis Jones Melvin Thomas Jones John Lee Jones Robert Warren Jones Smith Jameson Jones William L. Jones William Pryse Jones Paul Richard Jordan Elizabeth Ann Joy Esrom Gayle J uett Mildred J uett William Winston Justice John A. Kamer Mary Jane Kash William G. Kaster Lester Kastleman Overton C. Kavanaugh Marshall Eugene Kays Boyd Raymond Keenan William Paul Keith Walter L. Kellen Anne Talbot Keller George Edward Kelly' Howard W. Kelly Jane Gordon Kelley John William Kelly Robert Lawrence Kelly Leonard E. Kelsay Jack K. Kennedy Cosley R. Kenney Charles K. Kennper Francis C. Kennedy Ralph Francis Kennedy Ira Cecil Kenryon William David Kercheval William H. Kerr Thomas Burl Kessinger Herman Milton Kessler Ann Bailey Kimbrough John Howard King Lucien Lee Kinsolving George W. Kirchner Betsy Lorraine Kirk Kathleen Kirk Sherwood Kirk Barbara Jean Kirwan Bertrand Klass Alvin Leonard Klein Norman Jerry Klein Joan Marie Kaslowsky Bill Ashburn Klosteimann Charles Joseph Krekel John Meador Krumpelman John B. Kuiper James G. Lackey William A. Lancaster Rudolph W. Landin Juanita R. Lansdale James J. Lansdere John V. Larkin Wilfred M. Latt Carl R. Lawson Patricia J. Lawson Ralph A. Layne William Marvin Lear Winfield G. Leathers Donald Guyn Leedy Dorothy Louise Leedy Knox D. Lefler Alice N. Leibson Herman E. Leick Robert L. Leininger Joseph R. Lemaster Ramona R. Lenox Walter H. Leonard Harold C. Lethgo George N. Levi James Levin Jack Levitt Raymond M. Levy Alpha B. Lewis Charles E. Lewis Jack S. Lewis John M. Lewis Marjorie A. Lewis Allen O. Liles Carolyn B. Lindle Medley G. Ling David E. Lisle Jeanne E. Little Lois Joy Littleton Kathryn F. Lloyd Harold L. Lockwood Joseph G. Logan Ann C. Looney Paul M. Love Iva C. Lowe Fred William Luigart Lyle L. Lowry Billie M. Luke Eugene M. Luttrell Kendall H. Lutes Charles G. Lynch David L. Lynn Elmer Lee Lynn Betty J. Lyon Thomas L. Lyons Carolyn McBee Betty L. McCally James W. McCann Jeanette M. McCarthey Andrew J. McCarty Charles C. McCarty William D. McCarty William McClelland L. C. McCloud James F. McClung William R. McClure Sara H. McConathy Coleman McCord Marion D. McCord James B. McCowan Robert L. McCowan John H. McCoy William F. McCoy Ruth M. McCracken Edith L. McDaniel Lloyd I. McDermott Stanley Lee McElroy Kenneth McGinnis Frank R. McGrath Goebel W. McKee Joe Patton McKee Charles V. McKeehan Jerry Byrne McKenney William J. McNabb Juanita J. McNamee Charles M. McNeil John C. McQueary Jack McQueen Paul Franklin MacCarter Joyce L. Mackey Warren F. Magee Jessie D. Maggard LeRoy Mauer Thomas F. Manion Benjamin J. Mann Charles D. Mann Ora Manning Anthony J. Marasa Robert A. Markham Delia Marks William H. Marnhant Edyth A. Marshall Greenberry S. Marshall Billy M. Marston Charles D. Martin Harry C. Martin Martha J. Martin Walter Martin Jr. John Masters Betty Lee Mastin Holton H. Mastin Martha L. Mathew Frank F. Mathias William E. Mattingly Julian W. Maupink Jesse R. Mavity Oscar B. May Dorothy J. Mayer Robert T. Mayes ARTS 8 SCIENCES Robert L. Mayhugh Curtis Meade Donald L. Meade Leonard W. Meade Lowell B. Meade Dock Meador Thomas Means Clay J. Medcalf William R. Megibben Alvin Z. Meisel M. Kathryn Mellenbruch Kenneth A. Meredith William R. Meredith Thomas A. Meriss Easton F. Meyer Elise G. Meyer William R. Michael Eunice L. Miller Jack Miller Marion J. Miller Robert T. Miller Samuel M. Miller Thelma C. Miller W. Scott Miller George S. Mills Clarence J. Mills Robert R. Milne Betsy P. Milton John W. Minor Karra E. Miranda Joseph W. Mohan Modica Helen Mokas George Montgomery James J. Montgomery Thomas N. Montgomery Carolyn Moore Guy N. Moore James H. Moore Leonard E. Moore Thomas C. Moore Carolyn Moorhead William A. Mordica Ramon A. Morgan Betty J. Morton David L. Morton George W. Morton Mary A. Mosby Mary Ann Moser Fernay W. Mosgrove Herbert A. Mulder Marian Mulkey Dixie Mullin Charles W. Mullins Dale W. Mullins William G. Mullins James J. Mulloy Judy Lee Murfin Cleo Murphy ARTSQSCIENCES James H. Murphy James K. Murphy John D. Murphy John T. Murray John E. Myers Joe Nagle Virginia Catherine Nave Patricia Anne Nay Ralph W. Neace Mathew T. Neal Thomas Porter Neet Donald Emil Nehring Charlotte Neil Thomas A. Nevitt James Allen Newbolt Henry L. Newell Hilda Rhea Newland Edith E. Newman William Clarence Newman William Thomas Newman Charle Robert Nicholls Lewis Howell Nicholls Phyllis Mae Nicholson Carl Duane Nickell George A. Nightingale Nanct Ollive Noble B. Rebecca Noe Charles William Noe Sue G. Noe Carson Young Nolan Rollie Edwards Norris Betty Lee Northcutt Glendora G. Northcutt Boyd M. Nuckles Seth Ford Nuckols Ronald Turner Nugent Louise Bruce Nutting James Young O'Bannon Charles Albert Oberst Robert O'Brien Thomas Anderson O'Day Nick Odlivak Calvert Harrison Ogburn Lou Elva Oldham Jackie Oliver Kenneth Oliver Robert M. O'Mara William M. O'Nan Barbara Jane Osbome Raymond Lee Otey William Emest Otto Dorothy Jeanne Owen Opal Nancy Owen Francis Scott Owens Mitchell Valdor Owens Russell Powell Page William Cecil Palmore Winston Eugene Pannell 110 Francis Papania Francis Rhea Parish Curtis Jackson Park Betty Parker William Parks John F. Parrish Helen Ann Patterson Charles M. Patrick Dewey P. Patrick Emma Louise Patrick James J. Patterson Thomas H. Patterson William Emerson Peace Hugh Leonard Peavler John Albert Pedigo Cecil Pence Martha Lee Pennebaker William Kirtley Pennebaker John Kimbley Penrod James A. Perkins Otis Perkins Royce Perkins Charles Edgar Perry Fannabell Perry Don C. Phelps Kent Phelps Thomas Ray Phelps Kenneth S. Phillips Philip R. Phillips Glenna Jean Piersall Richard Lynn Pigman Robert Burns Pitchford Walter Clinton Pitts Nancy Ray Pless Mary Rita Plock Thomas Allen Poe Bert Edward Politte Robert Thomas Polgrove Russell Carl Pollard Alice Virginia Poole Gerry Moore Poor Fred Douglas Poplin George Joshua Porter Raymond Howard Porter Roy Lonnie Potter Glenna J. Powell Samuel R. Powell Robert Michael Powell Robert William Powell Barbara J. Power Nita Ruth Powers Andrew Milton Prettyman Mary Noland Pribble Carl W. Price Everett Carl Price Lona Carolyn Price Walter K. Price James Elmer Price Ellis Taylor Prince Charles A. Pritchard Charles Martin Pritchett Lawrence Morton Proctor Martha Ann Puritt Bernice C. Racke Karen D. Rains Wendell Ralph, Jr. James William Ramey Raymond Lewis Ramsey Jo Ann Range Thomas A. Rankin William French Rankin Robert M. Ranson Robert I. Ratcliff John Wright Ratcliff Dan Koger Rawlings William H. Ray William Lee Ray William Thomas Reams Kenneth Lewis Reaves Eleanor J. Rector Byron Edgar Reed Roberta Lee Reed Talmidge J. Reed William G. Reed Robert M. Reeder Glenn Reedy Glenn Meyer Rees Benjamin Franklin Reeves Betty Lou Reeves John Moore Reeves Joan M. Rehm John C. Revel Sara Margaret Renfro George Newton Reynolds Marjorie Reynolds William C. Reynolds Joseph H. Rhoades James Randall Rhea Howard Rhudy Clifton Albert Rice Dennis Calvin Rice Ernest Pollard Rice Robert Vernon Richards John H. Richter Frederick Riddle Donald H. Ridge Henry S. Riley Hurl Risner Cranston Ritchie Mary Margaret Robards James Robbins Marie Jane Robertson Calvin Ray Robinson Jack Robinson Chester B. Roe Donald W. Rogers FRESHMEN Gaylord P. Rogers Harry K. Rogers William M. Rogers Anna Elizabeth Rookard Berd Ross Robert Rose Don Ross James E. Ross Marian Drake Ross Paul D. Ross William Stuart Rosson Anthony F. Rotunno Walter Lee Roy Naomi K. Ruby Pete Elwood Ruckel Harry Rogers Ruggles Rose Jewell Ruh John Russell William F. Russell James R. Rutter Mary Francis Ryles Ann Sageser Howard Sanders, Jr. Clarence Orville Sanderson Earl T. Saunier James C. Sauter Charles William Sawyer Jane M. Sawyer Oscar Saylor Unis Samuel Saylor Martha Schaeffer Maxine G. Schenks Earl James Scherago William R. Scherle J. Louis Schlegel III Joseph John Schmitz William Earl Schmalz E. P. Schroeter William Edward Schupp Margery Schwant Arthur Scott Thomas Dudley Scott William H. Scott Betty Jane Schrivner Don Seaman Frank Blair Seaman Elbert Selby Harry W. Settle Albert R. Sewell Herbert Schacklett William McDowell Sharp Patsy Hoy Shawhan Betty Jean Shearer Leo Connellee Sheehan Don Paul Sherlock Jean Sherman George William Shetterly Ronald Edwin Shiflet FRESHMEN Charles A. Shocket Charles R. Shown Ray Pryor Shrene William Reeves Shultz Dudley J. Shryrock Joseph S. Simms Cordia Gentry Simpson James H. Simpson Lawrence S. Simpson L. W. Simpson Carl Brown Singleton John William Siry George Dillard Sisson Allen E. Sither Allen Ervin Sither Richard C. Sizemore John N. Skidmore Stanley Carl Skirvin Keith V. Slack Ann Gordon Slappey Herbert Davis Sledd Emile A. Smallwood Bailey P. Smith Carolyn U. Smith Clay H. Smith David F. Smith Leslie C. Smith Richard Lee Smith Roaul Smith Roy B. Smith Thomas Smith Walter E. Smith Walter Emest Smith Edward Leo Smock Richard F. Smotherman Betty Jean Snedegar Edith Snedegar Joyce E. Snedegar Ernest C. Snider Harold Snowden Jess F. Snowden Woodford R. Snowden William Henry Southall Forrest M. Sparrow Clyde C. Spears William F. Spence Henry Stone Spencer Thomas R. Spillman Betty Lee Spragens Ray Earl Springer Loui E. Stahl Betty Louise Stahr Ann Stall Daniel C. Stamer Barbara Stanfill Dorothy E. Stanley Jesse Wilburn Stanley Robert Adams Stansbury Harry Dean Stanton Donald B. Stapleton Jake Walter Stapleton John Stapleton Irvine P. Stapp Tula B. Stebbins Clara Margaret Steele James K. Steele Jerry Steele Philip C. Steele James E. Stephens John Lloyd Stevens Jean Louise Stephens James Edward Stepp Betty Alleen Stevens Henry Miller Stevens Herbert H. Stewart Howard C. Stickler Janice Clair Stille Albert J. Stivers g George Rives Stoll Donald Stone Franklin Eugene Stone John B. Stoner Patricia B. Storey James Wilson Strader Harry M. Stratton Benjamin Seymoor Street Margaret R. Strong Jack Hood Strother James MacMillan Strother Bernadine Lucille Stump John Harold Sturgill Isham Harris Summars Suzanne Sumser Elmer C. Susemichel Kenneth Darrell Susong Helen May Sutherland John F. Swain Benjamin F. Swanner Gayle Earl Talft John S. Talbott J cAnn Talley Charles Edward Tamme Roscoe Tartar Aaron Taylor Betty Jane Taylor Ellis R. Taylor Evelyn N. Taylor Leon V. Taylor Martha Ann Taylor Tom C. Taylor Thurston C. Taylor Donald B. Templin Herbert Nelson Terry Walter Stone Tevis, Jr. Lillian Thatcher Clifford Thomas, Jr. Douglas Coy Thomas Marion Lloyd Thomas Sara B. Thomas William S. Thomas Forest G. Thompson Patricia Thompson Rodney Jackson Thompson John Q. Thornbury William T. Threlkeld Jessie M. Thurman John Hancock Thurmond John William Tietyen Kenneth C. Toomey Garland Ray Townes Hogan David Trammell John Roy Travis Edward Trebole Patricia Jean Triplett Charles Cabin Trisler George W. Trotter Hannah Joyce Trout Mercedes Trujillo Lee Caldwell Truman Eleanor Gibson Tucker Nathaniel Lee Tucker Robert Charles Tucker William Hobbs Turner George William Tye Richard Aatkins Tygrett James W. Tyler - Richard Udry Harry John Ulinski N. Joel Ungerleider Robert William Unterreiner Adele Jean Urback Victor B. Uttinger Jay Stanley Utz Phyllis B. Valleau Cornelius Van Boyer Robert Witten Van Hoose Louise B. Van Meter Jesse Van Sant Albert Allen Vaughn Lynn Ed. Vaughn Mila Hope Vaughn Paul Glenn Vaughn Virginia Lee Vaughn Leslie Gordon Veal Antonio A. Vertuca Ada Ruth Vest Ernest Richard Vicars Doris Jean Vick Alfred Byron Vimont Carey Thomas Vinson Glenna Anita Waddell William A. Wagner Oliver Wagoner Benjamin Lester Walker ARTS SSCIENCES Jewel Landon Walker Robert Shields Walker Martha Jane Wall Bowers H. Wallace Earl D. Wallace Elmer Lee Wallace Howard Adam Wallace Robert Walton William David Wannamaker Maurice Hunter Warner Barbara Ann Warren James Franklin Warren Chester Arthur Watson Donald Lee Watson George C. Watson Joanne Robertson Watson Clyde Purcell Watts Graham Webb Samuel Clinton Webb Robert Sanford Webster John B. Wehrle Robert Vernon Weiner Truett C. Welch Jack R. Wellons Betty Jo Wells Francis B. Wells Harold Garland Wells Jerry Wells John Bono Wells Marian Wells Morris P. Wells Williams Blair Wells Arthur Welsh John W. Welsh Robert Edward Welsh James Patrick Wesley Joseph Kenton Wesley Wayne W. Westley James Vernon West Joyce Elizabeth West John M. Westfall Allen Jennings Whalen James Hassel Wheeler Jessie Serona Whisman Ann L. White Dorrit Jean White George Francis White Holton Clay White James F. White William E. White William L. Whitehouse Jack Kenneth Whitman Louis Robert Wiepert George Leo Wild Robert Eugene Wilder Sara C. Wilder Warren Howard Wilder Richard Irvin Wilding 111 ARTS 81 SCIENCES Frank Endicott Wiley Robert Montgomery Wilhite Byron C. Wilhoit Patricia Anne Wilkerson Clarence Cecil Williams Edith Louise Williams Jesse Charles Williams Robert T. Williams Thomas Evans Williams William Donald Williams Barbara Jean Willing Athlyn E. Willingham Orville Allen Wills Jimmy Doris Willson Allen Filmore Wilson Anna Y. Wilson Bumett Wilson Charlene Clay Wilson Eleanor Jeanne Wilson Hal Hibner Wilson June Estes Wilson Ray Wilson Norman F. Winchester Katherine R. Winebrinier AGRICULTURE 8- HOME ECONO Carl Ray Adams Audrey M. Allen Maurice Anderson Mervin Keith Applegarth Alwyn Marrow Arkle Fred Sevier Arms May V. Arnold Owen Blackburn Arnold John Sherman Ashworth Walter Stephenson Atkinson, John Posey Bailey John Alexander Baldridge Mont William Ball Annie M. Ballard James Hunt Barker Alco Godsey Barnes Elmer F. Bean Florence S. Bederman Marion Walton Belt William Hanson Bemiss John Hamilton Berry Marjorie J. Blair Emilie Jane Blount Wallace Mitchell Bowles, Jr. James Reubin Bowman Marjorie Bradford Clarence Brandenburg Thomas E. Bright Orville Brightman Hugh Hampton Brinkley Jack Brisbay Ruth Jane Bristow Guy R. Brooks Denver Ray Browning Herbert Bruce, Jr. 112 Jr. Robert Carol Bruce Betty Anne Brugh Donald Gardner Buchanan Margaret T. Burdett Charlotte E. Burris Bernard A. Burton Charles Linville Cable Harold Cornelius Carter Henry Jack Cash Eleanor L. Caslick John Lewis Chaney Charles F. Chappel Charles Keith Chesnut Karl Anthony Christ Ernest Lee Clark Joseph Newton Clark Mary W. Claunch Hilda B. Coatney Madeline M. Collins Roy Paynter Collins, Jr. Anne N. Colliver Forrest B. Colson James W. Cook John Frederick Cook Hubert LeGrand Corneliso Grover Allen Corum Arthur Leon Cotterill William Gene Cowan Ernest Clay Crabtree Neola B. Crane Robert Malcolm Crouch Richard Crafton Betty C. Crump John Goodall Crutchfield Robert Clarence Cull Margaret Irene Winfough William Whitlow Winfree Leland F. Wisner John D. Witt Don Harold Wolfe Cecil D. Wood Charles Donald Wood Earl Clinton Wood Robert Meredith Woodard Ben Woodford Mamie Stivers Woodford John Xavier Woodruff Kenneth J. Woodruff MICS Robert Henry Culton Sue Anderson Cunningham Wister Maple Curtis Mona K. Dale Ben Randolph Damron Emily M. Daub Bobby G. Davis Shelby Clay Davis William H. Decker Charles Smiley Dennis Samuel Alfred Dennis Anne L. Dennison Lowell Osborne Denton Harry Ridgeway Donoho John Ingels Dowden Robert G. Downing Dorothy Deane Doyle Marvin B. Doyle Phyllis C. Draper J. T. Duncan Henry Owen Dunigan William Durrett, Jr. Woodford Nelson England Logan Eberhardt English n, Jr. Robert Lewis Enlow Jacob Daniel Ernst Ruby F. Estes Thomas Paul Etherington Lovel Evans Donald Haynes Evans Eloise G. Ewbank Evelyn B. Ewing Robert Elmer Farrell James Neil Farris Marian H. Fisher FRESHMEN Lewis W. Woods, Jr. Betty Ann Workman Benton Mack Wright Betty Jameson Wright Fred Howard Wright, Jr. Margaret Louise Wright Margaret Ruth Wright Herbert Howard Wyatt Ida C. Wyman William M. Young Archerd Eli Youngblood Wendell Joyce Yuro FRESHMEN Rozanna Flanders Alvin Florence Kenneth Estel Flowers Carl Milton Foster Lawrence Edward Franks Alan G. Furnish Ruby E. Gaines Ila Davis Gatlin, Jr. Robert McCreary Gay William C. Gayle Howard Coleman Giles James Edward Gilchrist Stanley Otto Gillespie Warren Edward Gilmore Thomas Bartram Givhan James Clemont Godfrey Walter Tate Goggin, Jr. Adrian Wallace Gooch Harold Mac Gooding Roger Collins Gosser James Creichten Gragg Ruth C. Graham Roy C. Gray, Jr. Fred Moss Greer Andrew Warren Gross Thomas R. Griffin Kenneth Franklin Grizzell Robert Donald Hager Charles Larue Hamilton H. Louis Hamilton James L. Hamilton Marshall Wallace Hansford Sanford Dawson Hardin Wilbur K. Harmon Kenneth Marion Harrison FRESHMEN Eulas B. Hatcher Helen N. Hatcher Meddis Reid Hay Jacob B. Hayden, Jr. Marvin Coolidge Hedden John Henry Heick Hugh Barrett Helm Elizabeth Emmert Hempel John Edward Hetterman James Ormand Hill Alice E. Hockensmith Richard Mann Hoddy Edd Coolidge Hogg Aubrey Russell Hopkins Kathleen Hoskins Shelton Hoskins Arthur Curtis Hounshell, Jr. Clarence L. House Sue Ann Houston Julian Joseph Howard, Jr. Noble Earnest Howard Richard Dale Howard J . D. Hume Elsie R. Hurt Nannie Frances Ingels Kathryn H. Irvin Roscoe Isaacs, Jr. John Thomas Jenkins John Jeter Walter Ledman Jewell, Jr. Lester Caywood Johnson Ernest Eugene Jones, Jr. Maxine Joseph Leslie Ernest Karr Clement Francis Kelly, Jr. John M. Kelly Robert B. Kendall Lebus Reath Kidwell Granville E. Kitchen Joseph Townsend Koppius Edwin Kubale, Jr. Rube Travis Kubale Charles J . Kuhling Paul Jackson Lacey John Lewis Ladenburger Donald M. Laffoon William Francis Lampman James Warren Lancaster Chester Baker Lawrence Chester Rexford Layne Howard Glenn Lea May S. Leach Betty Lee Robert P. Lenox AGRICULTURE 8- HOME ECONOMICS Elbert Spurgeon Lewellyn Frank W. Lewis William W. Lewis Frank Bernard Linton Andrew Jackson Lisle Robert J. Lilly, Jr. Columbus C. Litton Nancy Carole Logan John Green Lovell William C. Lowry Joseph H. Luallen, Jr. Barbara Lutes Jack Lee Lyons James Edward Lynn Edward Lowell Maggard Ann Elizabeth Maloney Russell Marshall, Jr. Jack Marston Cletus Eldon Martin Charlie Mason Marion Mason William Goebel Massie, Jr. Lewis Gamett Matherly Betty James Maxey Donald Elliott McCarty Beryl Thomas McClain John William McCord, Jr. Glenn Hyrdis McFarland William Landrum McGowan James Frank McKinley David Herman Meyer, Jr. George Bernard Midden, Jr. Henry Allen Middleton Bernie Cleveland Milam Charles Kimble Miller Woodrow Miller Richard Melbourne Mills Eileen C. Minihan Willard H. Milton William T. Minton Carl H. Monhollen Wellington Moore George David Morris Juanita Morton Paul W. Mudd James Harlan Muntz Paul Jarbo Neil Franklin Pierce Newell John Hagan Newton Mildred L. Oliver Moses Carroll Orem Ben Miller Osborne Evelyn R. Osborne Anne Field Park Emily Jean Parker John Allen Parker Willie Ray Partin Warly Herman Perry, Jr. Hughel Dene Phillips Jack Marshall Pickerill William Clare Pickett Thomas Herschel Porter Paul Robbins Powers Harold E. Prather Robert Rainey Pugh Daniel Boone Razor Marie A. Renyer William M. Reynolds William McHenry Rhoads Dwaiin Greggs Rice Thomas Leslie Riley Albert Morse Robertson Delbert Ray Robinson Douglas Ross James Cecil Ross Isaac Parrish Rouse Julia F. Rowland Fred Lee Ruppel Rubert Nelson Samples Hoyt Sanders William Presley Saunders, Jr. Donald William Schamberger Herman Wallace Schoolcraft Maxine P. Scott Howard Ivan See William Arthur See Arthur Frederick Seelhorst Hugh Edwel Sellers Robert D. Selvidge James A. Shaffer Emmett Maxwell Shane Zelma Jean Sharif James Blaine Shaw Ivan Shelburne, Jr. Patricia Ann Shepard John Robert Shields Martha Elise Shindelbower Allen M. Skillman Russell Virgil Skinner Benjamin Franklin Smith Arthur Pridemore Soward Edythe S. Speckter Clinton Ray Springate Eugene Curtis Stamper Carl Davis Stamper J unius Garnett Stapp E. Joyce Steele Richard Drakeford Steele Margaret E. Steers William Frederick Steers, Jr. Otha Victor Steger Woodford Alexander Stevens Charles Ellwanger Stone James M. Stovall Wendell R. Straughn John S. Street Betty M. Strunk Harold T. Sutherland Jess Tamme, Jr. Charles E. Taylor Wilburt T. Taylor William McDowell Taylor Talbert B. Terry Brent D. Thompson James W. Thompson, Jr. Beavin Thomsberry, Jr. J . William Thomton Paul A. Thomton Carolyn J . Trees Betty Jane Triplett James S. Trosper John P. Tuggle James M. Tyler George M. VanMeter John Victor Charles R. Wagoner Stewart L. Waits Billie V. Walden William Carlisle Wallace Doris A. Warren Harrison H. Warren Eugene R. Weakley Floyd Gray Webb, Jr. James A. Wells Kenneth Wells Lillian Wesley Sue G. Wilkins Betty J . Williams Frank G. Williams Lowell D. Williams Paul E. Williams Evelyn Wilson Richard M. Womack James E. Woodrow Herbert H. Works Marian Wright William G. Yankey Betty Ann Zimmerman Edwin Charles Zuemer 113 COMMERCE John Abel David Abner Charles Adams Elmer Adams Willard Freeman Adams Elizabeth Carter Adkins Marie Lois Alfred Fred Alloway Mary Helen Alvey Brantley DeWitt Amberg Margaret E. Ambrose Lucien Allen Armstrong Elgan Louis Baker James K. Baker James L. Banta Porter Baxter Rodney Beck Thomas Wadell Beeding James M. Bell Lewis Holton Bell Robert David Bell William Reece Bennett Kenneth B. Berry Byrne Milton Bickel William French Blackburn Robert Wilson Blakeman John Gregory Blount Louise Ward Bohon William Earl Bohon Delmar Lee Carson Robert Lyle Carter Robert Howard Cason Frank F. Cawood Billy Steele Chandler John Thomas Chasteen Charles W. Chinn Michael James Clare Harold R. Clark Charles Allen Clarke William Dean Clay Robert Milton Coleman Sara Elizabeth Crain Sue Ann Crawford Robert Leroy Crites Mary Martha Curry Sidney G. Daniel Ettna Davis Truitt DeMoisey William Coleman DeRossitt George Dillow Betty Jane Dimmitt Donald G. Dodson Price Donald Dougherty Samuel D. Downs Robert M. Doyle Travis Joseph Duerr Neville M. Dunn Anna Mary DuVall Margaret Katherine Bondurant Walter Lee Eades William Edmund Bonfield Bonnie Belle Boone Robert D. Boulter Robert Lee Bowman Richard Arthur Boxwell William Martin Boyd Robert Warren Brannum Wilmer David Brashear John Robert Bridges Harold Gene Britton Elizabeth Jane Brown William Coleman Brown Richard Lee Browning Samuel A. Browning John Allan Bruckert Robert Martin Brumback James Allan Buchanan Ralph Burton William Lloyd Butcher Ann Thomas Button Charles Arthur Byrley Arthur R. Campbell I Hugh K. Campbell George Cannon Edward Scott Carlyle Willard L. Carmical Harry Carothers Carl E. Carrier 114' Chester Harold Easley William Daugherty Edens Raymond Edwards Philip B. Elfstrum Lloyd Allen Elliott William Clayton Ernest Jerry M. Estes Allen Ray Evans Luther Eugene Evans June Juanita Everman Leo Robert Ey Robert Caldwell Ferris Norris Allen Fetzer Robert Albert Fisher Ruth Elizabeth Flottman Lucien Fluty Allene Francis Foley Sherley Clay Folger Henry Ford James Keith Forman Alvin J. Foster Vernon H. French Sam W. Frentz Elizabeth Fust Larry Watson Gardner Mariella Garner Howard Hughes Garvey Benny Gill V James Mariman Glenn Robert Gilbert Glenn Alphus Lucien Golightly Ala Frances Goodpaster Carolyn B. Goodpaster Joel Charles Gordon Betty Allen Gorman John Patrick Gorman Eugene Moores Graham Roger Howard Grason Samuel Porter Gravitt Virgil Gray Daniel Harold Gregory Gerald J. Griflin William Robert Griliin Andrew January Grundy Royal Alvon Hall Violet M. Hall Robert Christian Halvorsen Ruby Hamblen Samuel Lloyd Hamilton Jean Francis Hammel James Ray Hardy Stuart E. Harlowe Jack W. Harmon Allene Harrod Robert Andrew Hartlage Stirling Price Hays Royce Bridwell Hedden Betty Ann Henry Jack Wallace Hibbs Morris Hider Mary A. Hill Marguerite Ruth Hite Ralph Hoefelman Emmett Overton Holbrook Robert Crews Holder Raleigh Potter Hollingsworth Clarence Calhoun Horine Carol Foley Houchen Harold T. Hunt Paul B. Hylton Irene Conrad Ireland Robert Porter Irvine Ilene Jackson Jane J. Jarvis Martin Jesse Sidney Jett Andrew G. Johns Hal W. Johnson Courtland Joyce Robert Kaiser Gene G. Kearns Charlie David Keller Audley Keown Thomas E. Kilgore Joseph William Kilroy Robert Kincheloe FRESHMEN Louise Kinder Patricia King William Henry King John Lewis Kring Nancy Adelia LaMaster John Brown Lasley Henry Cooper Latham Mary Ellen Lawrence Benjamin Leavell Thomas Bedford Letton, Jr. James Henry Levyg Jr. Woodson Lewis James Franklin Lindsey Charles E. Lingenfelser, Jr. William H. Littral Elva M. Littrell James Kenneth Lloyd Howard Locke, Jr. Elizabeth Anne Lowe Joseph Elwood Lucas Milton Elliott Lukins Dudley Frank Lykins Edward P. Lynch Robert Dale Lyon James Potter McCauley Gentry Elliott McCauley Betty Jean McCarty George Warren McClanahan Eugene F. McGlone William Gerald McIntyre Robert Haller McKenzie Miles Bernard McMenams Malcolm H. McMullen Jack B. Mackey James Warren Madison Marcus Ray Maggard James S. Mahan, Jr. Raymond Franklin Mains Max Elmos Mallernee Edward Bryce Mann Gerald J. Mansbach Loretta Ann Mantle Anthony Joseph Margione Herbert Morris Markell Carl Reese Markert Asa K. Martin, Jr. James R. Martin Nora Lee Martin Robert Elliott Mathis Dudley Woods Mattingly Paul Bryant Maupin Richard Truman Mayes Charles William Mayfield Marjorie Mae Maynor Roy Hickman Mays, Jr. Harry Eugene Melton Mary Alvis Mercer Burton Freeman Merritt FRESHMEN Ray Waldo Mignerey, Jr. Alvin Lee Milby Leatrice Joy Miller Roy C. Miller Vernon Miller Wilma Clarice Minlard Paul Dee Mitchell Andrew Vincent Moats James Ellis Monach Alice Scott Money Reginald Aldine Montgomery Charles Robert Moore Jack Hoyt Moore Mack S. Morgan, Jr. Paul Manning Morgan John C. Morris William D. Morris John Davis Morrow William A. Morrow George Robert Moseley, Jr. Louis Tweedie Mulloy Clarence Bethel Overiield Rose Erdine Page Charles S. Parish Mary Edna Parish Glenn Harry Pauly Ernest L. Pence George Terry Penn Paul Thomas Penn Adrian W. Pennington John Richard Perkins Ralph W. Perkins Robert Howard Perkins Mathew Roy Perrone Phyllis Joyce Perry Augustus Grady Poe FRESHMEN Dale Barnstable Charles Idus Bradshaw Victor Neal Broaddus Hugh B. Cassell Helen Agnes Creech Kathleen Crum Albert B. Cummins Joshua W. Cummins Marjorie Anne Cutler Frances S. Davis Ida Mae DeMoss FRESHMEN Sam Ewalt Adair Arthur Franklin Adams Joseph P. Adams Carl Elliott Adcock Homer Douglas Allen Louis Edward Pope Collette Morrow Potts James Wilbur Powell Richard Bruce Powell Helen Elizabeth Pratt Paul Russell Pratt Robert Newton Price William Stirling Price Charles Rupert Puryear James E. Rader Robert J. Rand Carl Shirey Ratliff Leo Boone Reed Richard Vernon Rhoads James M. Rice Joseph McLean Richards Edward Carlton Richardson Russell Hackett Riggs Joseph Collis Ringo Louis Raymond Ritter William Ralph Roberts John Franklin Robertson Robert Lever Robertson Donald Harry Robinson Harold Hoover Robinson William K. Rogers Cecil Edward Rowland Samuel Adams Ruark Mary Frazier Saunders John Graves Schoepe Harry B. Scott Janie A. Scott Robert Lee Scott Ernest Hugh Searcy, Jr. William A. Senning Carroll Merlin Ewing Margaret Lorette Gentry Mary Joe Ginocchio James B. Hall Franklin W. Hecker Charles Gosney Holmes Meredith Paul Kennedy Betsy W. Laib Geraldine Leet Leslie Lingenfelter, Jr. Isaac Dewey Allen Jasper David Allgood Joseph Washington Anderson Richard Thomas Anderson, Jr. Robert James Anspach Bill Lee Shields Charles C. Shields Newton Combs Shouse Robert Byron Simmons John Polin Simms Emanuel B. Singer James Richard Smith John Morgan Smith Margaret Cassell Smith Paul Merriman Smith Charles Marion Smither Charles Ray Southerland Ernest G. Spears Merle Virginia Spencer Claude Scott Sprowls June Staker Piercy Dalton Stanley William Dickerson Stapp Chester Stein Thomas Reed Stevens Horace McKinley Stratton William Thomas Survant Wesley Chauncey Suter Wilda Jean Tanner Omar Lee Tatum Ralph Davis Tatum Milton Cody Teater Albert Earl Thomas Charles Clay Thomas James Cooper Thomas Kendall Cheney Thomas Ezra Antis Thompson Neilan Reid Thurman Lorraine Todd Robert Edward Todd Roy Leland Tolliver Ida Frances Manchikes Betty Jo Mayse John Carroll Meihaus Barbara Jean Peel Nancy Elizabeth Price Louise Rodgers Mildred Rodgers Suzanna Louise Rogers Stanley Wallace Salchi William Francis Schaffnit Harold Everett Armsey Howard T. Asher Wallace C. Aylor Lyle Newton Back William Lewis Baggett COMMERCE William Mitchell Totty William H. Trivette Paul W. Troup, Jr. Chester E. Tuell James Russell Turner Robert H. Utterback John Frederick Waddle Alfred Henry Wallace, Jr. Claude L. Warnecke Richard Earl Warren John Crates Watkins Leslie J. Watts Richard Gustav Weil Anne Holton Wells Louis Allen Whaley Paul Edward Whelan James Philip White Bryan Watkins Whitfield William Henry Whitford Roger Pollock Whitton, Jr. Peter A. B. Widener Glenn Elmore Wills Russell Louis Wilmhoif Herbert Theodore Wilson, Jr. Dorothy Emogene Winkler Norman S. Wolfson James Arnold Womble William Cahill Woodrow Charles Emmons Woodward John Alexander Wurtele Donald James Young Elizabeth Young Paul Martin Young William Rubin Young Franklin Stanley Zinonoy EDUCATION Minnie Alice Scott Troy Amster Shackelford Frances A. Skaggs Robert Bruce Stewart, Jr. Martin Hiram Taulbee Betty Ruth Teipel Glo D. Tumer Frances E. Wells John A. Wells William Lee Woodward Sally Ann Youtsey ENGINEERING Harry Edward Bailey Thomas D. Bailey, Jr. William Dexter Bailey Charles Adam Baird Arnold Doyle Baker 115 ENGINEERING David L. Balch Carl Byron Baldridge Sylvester Ball, J r. John Garland Ballard, J r. Robert Benjamin Balmut Estill Eugene Barker Hobert Barker William F. Barnes Claude William Barnett Kenneth H. Barnett John Wesley Barr Clyde R. Barrow Harold Bryan Barton Burkett R. Barrett John William Bassett James H. Bassham Raymond George Bauer Waco I. Bays, J r. Barbara Allen Beam Charles W. Bebout Cecil Thomas Beckett J ack Rowland Bell Charles Alvin Bentley james Elbert Berry Paul jacob Bickel, J r. Leslie Bertrand Bickett Homer Lewis Biggerstaff James Mahan Birch Leslie Edward Black james Luther Blair William Sunday Blue George B. Boggs Warren George Boggs Nelson F. Botts Drucilla Bowling James L. Branum William Luther Bradford Corbett Brashear Ernest Brashear Dwight C. Bray Ralph Breeding Glenn Loren Brooks Garnett Grayson Brown, Jr. james Alexander Brown james E. Brown jean F. Brown Lawrence Patrick Brown Leneth Derral Brown William T. Brown John Edward Brosz Albert Cook Bryant Chester Mac Bryant J ess Bryant., jr. Joseph Noe Bryant James Noble Buckner Calvin Frederic Buechele Elza Fain Burch George Burch 116 Thomas Stuart Burdett Samuel L. Burdette, J r. John W. Burdin Paul Edward Burka George W. Burton Charles D. Byers Merle Cable Joseph Warren Campbell Miller T. Campbell J ack Lynn Carpenter William Benton Carroll Lloyd S. Carter Paul Davis Carter William Henry Cassidy, J r. Douglas Rives Cayce Leonard Chambliss Will Rice Chance George L. Christen Howard Armstead Churchill Herbert Maloy Clark Julius Graves Clark, 1 r. Thomas jordan Clark Virgil Davis Clark James Dennis Clay, J r. Glover L. Claycomb Chester V. Claypool, Jr. J ames Morgan Clayton, Jr. Luther Coleman Coffey Roy Lee Cole Richard M. Coleman William P. Coleman james T. Collins Marion Albert Comstock Charles Garnett Cook Jack Edward Cook Ernest Pascal Cooper Wendal Brooks Cooper Carl Sigler Corbin Ramon Adair Cord Berdell L. Cornelius Olan C. Cornett Walter Baker Cosby Atalay CoskunoGallari Earl Kenneth Cottongin Carl Price Cox Otis Milford Cox John W. Cozine Ralph Augustus Crabtree J oe Lockett Craig Hugh Johnston Cramer Frederick G. Crary Samuel Edward Crouch Thomas Morton Crutcher Franklin C. Cunningham J ames Howard Curry, III William C. Dale, jr. Thomas Melvin Daley Gilbert W. Damon ' Robert Blair Daniels Harold Barnard Danks Chester Cecil Daugherty Broadus Napier Davidson Roy E. Davis James E. Deaton Edward Philip Decker Richard Fabian Delaney James Russell Denham Randolph Denham, J r. Hugh David Dillehay Henry Alan Dizney Rodger McKay Donaldson Harry Ernest Donovan Robert Floyd Doolin William Edwin Dougherty Edward Lee Duffy Paul Dunbar Charles Malcom Dunn, Jr. Marce P. Dunn John Dusina, Jr. Joseph C. Dusina Julian M. Dyer, Jr. Chester Roy Edwards William Harold Ellison Ivan Dale England William Kirk English Hubert Lawrence Ernst John Robert Erwin Wallace Estill Grover Cleveland Ethington Byrnes Cecil Fairchild Elijah Potter Faulconer, III Paul Arnold Faulkner John Preston Featherston John D. Feehan Carl Clifton Faith Philip Robert Feigel Kenneth Gordon Felty Charles Shannon Fergus Robert Maynard Ferguson Harvey John Field, Jr. Davis Stuart Fields, jr. John Wesley Fields, J r. Arnold Paul Fish Cleston R. Fisher George Anderson Fisher Lawrence Jack Fleischer John Edsel Ford Harry Forman Edward Lee Fosset Donald Baker Forsythe Ellis Louis Foster, Jr. William L. Fouse Thomas G. Francis Victor Duprey Frizzall, J r. Gilbert E. Fulley Robert M. Fuller FRESHMEN Elbridge Gerry Gaines, Jr. Ree McCoy Gallagher Claude M. Galloway Robert Hayes Gardner, J r. Quentin Loyel Gaskin Nevil William Gatewood Chester A. Gay Edward George Robert F. Gerding J ames Robert Gibson William Walter Gibson Elmer N. Gilchrist Abraham M. Goller Edwin Millikan Good William Lee Goodin John David Goodlette William M. Goodwin Ernest Gosney, J r. J oe H. Goodlette Garland Kendall Grace Raymond Eugene Grant J ack Robert Greely Warren Paul Gregory George Scott Gresham William E. Grugin Wilbert Edward Grimme Felix Guthrie Glen Fred Haagensen Dossie Benjamin Haas J ess Harold Hackney Cullum M. Haggard Willmer Halcomb jack Harold Hale William David Hall Joseph Vernon Hamilton William Frederick Hamilton William Glenn Hammack Hugh Buford Hammet Lawrence Buford Hammet Thomas Ragsdale Hancock Robert Lee Hannigan James Knox Hansee john R. Harbison Richard L. Haring Harold Stephen Harlow Wendell E. Harris George William Harrison J ack N. Hart John Dennis Hartley Robert Delavon Hatchett James L. Haworth Alton Alroid Haynie Douglas Stanley Haynes Benjamin Kerenza Hays Thomas jacob Hedger Charles Dewey Hedges, J r. George Edward Heibel Joseph M. Heidenreich FRESHMEN Howard Heineke Robert Lewis Hellard Jerome Anthony Heitz M. E. Hendricks William Dan Hendrickson Karl Joseph Henn Julian P. Henry Jack Herb Sammie R. Hewlett Carl Vinson Herron James Thomas Highland, Jr. Thomas Harold Hickey Clement Hall Marvin Lee Hill Luther Thomas Hilliard Charles Franklin Hinds Roy Hixson Roger Owen Hoffman Robert A. Holbrook William Lee Holeman David K. Holland Oliver Lee Horn Howard J. Horton Cloyd Hoskins James R. Howe Malcolm Marshall Howell Paul Allen Hughes Russell E. Hughes David Otto Humbert Joseph Glenn Humphress Charles Leon Humphrey John Turner Humphrey William Randolph Humphrey William Humphrey Clyde LaVerne Irwin Elmer Isaacs Charles Thomas Jackson Philip G. Jackson Thaddeus Edward Jackson, Jr. Algia Jacobs, Jr. Herman Brenton Jasper Benjamin P. Johnson, Jr. Martin M. Johnson Clement H. Jones James F. Johnson Joe Frank Johnson Morris V. Johnson Robert Crockette Johnson Thomas A. Johnson Eldred Carlton Jones Glenn Dale Jones Harold Lloyd Jones Lytle Allen Jordan Rudolph B. Justice Lloyd Kenneth Kasey Robert Borders Kazee Charles Coolidge Keeton Arnold Nelson Kenly Emmett H. Kennedy John Morton Kent Ellis Royal Kerley Frank Martin Kilroy Jack Hart Kimball Robert Lewis Kimberly Ernest New King William Houston King H. L. Kirkpatrick Keith William Klein Calvin Carl Klemt Earl George Klinglesmith, Jr. Charles Lawton Koehler W. W. Kruse James M. Lamb Clair O. Lamgebrake ' Glenn Edward Laswell William C. Laverty William Frazier Lawson John Edd Layton, Jr. John H. Lebus Elmer Tandy Lee Sammie French Lee Charles E. LeGette Charles R. LeMaster Gerald Edwin LeMasters Vestal Ray Lester Thomas Lewis LeVesgue Henry C. Lewis Willis F. Lewis James Richard Line , James E. Linville Robert D. Livesay Hoyle Franklin Long J. B. Long William Walker Long Calvin C. Lowery, Jr. Ray Lucas Lawrence Arthur Luebbe Charles C. Lush, Jr. Wheeler Lykins Jesse R. Lynch Patrick Joseph Lynch Richard Joseph Lynch James R. Lyon Anthony B. McCain Bob Bruce McClain Wallace Green McCollum Ollie W. McCormick, II Elber Lee McDaniel Walter L. McGaughey Clarence Kendall McGlothlan Carl Jack McHargue James Albert McLeod Frank McNaughton Durward Edwin McPherson William Bernard Macke Reuben Edwin Maine John William Marcum William Frederick Marcum William Norman Markert John Thomas Marks Benjamin P. Marshall Hunter Martin, Jr. Robert Lewis Martin Wash Martin, Jr. William S. Masterson John Robert Matchett James William Matlock James Thomas Mattingly Albert H. May Haven Lawrence May William Robert Mayberry Finley McElroy Mayes, Jr. Paul White Mayhew Dallas Meadors Gordon Eugene Menne Ralph Bane Menser Eliser Lee Merlin Almon L. Mentz Len K. Metzner Warren Layne Michler Kenneth B. Clark Midkiif Thomas D. Miles George Edward Miller James Preston Miller James W. Miller Edward Mills Charles B. Minor William Howard Miranda William Paxton Mitchell James Mokas James Howard Monier George Thomas Moodly August Adolph Moore Charles Edwin Moore John Robert Moran Henry B. Morgan John Simmons Morgan Joseph A. Morgan Eugene Wilson Morgerson Houston McCullach Morris Leonard Moses James Edward Mountjoy Dewey Arnold Mullins Harold Gordon Mullins William Smith Munday Coleman Ray Murphey William Eugene Murphy Billy Boyd Nall Ronald Otis Naser William Amos Neblett John D. Neet Leonard Curtis Nei? Fred Nelson Robert N. Nelson ENGINEERING Charles Edward Nichols Arwin Smith Noland Edward Lee Norris Clark Chowning Nowland James Vincent O'Bryan Eugene B. O'Neal James Theodore Orr John B. Ott Floyd Lollard Orwin, Jr. Gordan K. Owen Samin Ozgur Robert Bruce Pace Alex Baird Parker Paul Richard Parks Roger Graham Pate James B. Patton Thomas Edward Pearce Milton Hart Pearson Gillis O. Pendley Fred G. Perkins Alwyn Brooks Perry George Earl Perry, Jr. Dallas M. Peyton, Jr. John W. Pfeffer Daniel Lee Pferrer Charles Wesley Phillips William Roy Poe James William Poindexter Kimble Lawson Pollitt Samuel Crowe Pottinger Floyd Wellman Potts Elbert Powers Joe Mack Powers Thomas Edward Prewitt James Morgan Pride James Allan Proctor David Herman Pruden William Franklin Quillen William James Quillen George Warren Ragan Edward Ross Ramsey Raymond T. Randolph, Jr. Harold Edwin Raney William Oliver Rassenfoss Clayton Emory Ratcliff Billy John Razor Louis Alfred Rayburn David Lee Reed Earl Dickett Reed William Hurt Reed Cecil Boyd Reeder, Jr. John Samuel Renfro Elmer Andrew Reusch Malon G. Reynolds Marshall Rhodes, Jr. Roy Wilson Rhodes, Jr. Edward E. Rice Maurice Rowland Rice 117 FRESHMEN Russell Wilson Rice, Jr. Charles Leroy Riggen Wynford Marshall Riley James A. Ringwald, Jr. Gene Earl Risner William Carlisle Robb Cluster Glenn Robbins William L. Roberts Elmer K. Robertson Wilburn Thomas Robertson Gerald Lacy Robinson Frederick Rose Wallace C. Ross Edward Paul Rowady Donald Ray Russell George C. Russell, Jr. Paul Saad Hubert Bernard Sallee Joseph Leonard Sallee Earl Logan Salyers Leighton B. Sams Willie Arnold Sams, Jr. Kenneth Martin Saunier Wilson Coleman Sauteben Thomas Oliver Scalf Henry Mastayer Schimpeley Arthur P. Schneider Edward Alfred Schuster Billy B. Scott Carl James Scott James Russell Scott william Allen Scott Paul Gregory Sears Derrill Eugene Seasor William M. Seymore James Louis Shackelford Herman Hampton Sharp Louis H. Shelton Arvil L. Short, Jr. James Cueman Sigler Bill Siler, Jr. Robert Lee Simpson Joseph Cass Sims, Jr. 118 Wallace Earl Siria Gilbert Lee Siria John J. Size Elward Slone Robert Madison Smothers Clay Bronson Snedegar Charles Douglas Smith Edwin Scott Smith Frank Enz Smith Harold C. Smith John Terry Smith Joseph Craig Smith ' Raymond Smith Thomas Price Smith Lewis P. Smith William R. Smither Augustus Wall Snyder George Oscar Snyder Thompson Snyder John T. Sowders, Jr. Richard Douglas Spalding William Keller Sparks George Truman Sparrow John Lee Spinks Jack Ward Stapleton Adren O. Steele Harold Douglas Steele Jack Ewing Steen Harold A. Stephens Eugene Cecil Stevens James Bedford Stewart James A. Stidham Paul J. Stock, Jr. Elizabeth B. Stoll Francis R. Stone James Morrison Stone Roy E. Stone Sidney Stone, Jr. Joe C. Strong Arthur Victor Stutz Robert Stephen Summers Albert Francis Surmont William Etheridge Sutherlan George H. Talbott, Jr. Ben G. Taylor Billy Madison Taylor Delbert A. Taylor James Donald Taylor James Parker Taylor John Douglas Taylor Lonzo J. Taylor Robert Thomas Taylor George R. Thomas Kenneth Joseph Thomas Conrad Leighton Thompson James H. Thompson Lynville L. Thompson Roy Estil Thompson Randall Blair Thorp George Thomas Thornton John Milton Threlkeld Paul H. Threlkeld Lee T. Tichenor ' Harry Dyer Timmons Charles Allen Trankler Charles Cooper Tribble Robert Green Trimble Loren Wayne Tune Linus Martin Tupman William Alfred Tuttle Marcus Pierce Tyra Paul Bernard Vandevelde Salasian Van Gondoever Alex Vaughan, Jr. Carl Vincent, Jr. Ernest Newton Vines Alfred Wade Ronald Payne Walker Gordon Edward Wall Allen Douglas Wallingford Warren Ware Walton, Jr. William Edward Wardman Ray Miller Ware William R. Ware, Jr. Forrest Raymond Washer d ENGINEERING Glenn Weatherspoon William Mac Welch Gene Clinton Wert Robert A. Wharton James Ronald Whitaker James William Whitaker George Crawford White, Jr. Robert B. Whitney ' Everett Arthur Wick Gerald Francis Wight, Jr. Gillis Wilder Charles Delphane Williams Earl Malone Williams Erwin Lee Williams George Thomas Williams Paul Revere Williams Robert Campbell Williams Ann Rae Williamson George C. Williamson Conrad Melvin Willis James William Willis Bingham H. Willson Byron L. Wilson David Sawyer Wilson Robert H. Wilson Fredrick Holland Wintsch George T. Witt Wesley G. Witt Oren A. Woford R. Wickliffe Wood Hoyt Woosley James Arthur Word John H. Word Ralph Brent Wortham Alvin W. Wright Paul Curtis Wright Joe Taylor Wyatt John T. Yates Charles William Young John Edwin Young William Zachary Young Zane Young Chorus . . . Gerry Gooch . . . A Kentucky Wildcat "Ducky" Huffaker . . . ADPi's . . . Champe and Baker Kappas . . . That famous building . . . Strength, yet! Madge Johns . . . It's so nice here Kappas again . . . That sun's hot . . . Jean Kesler 'in 91+ What a charge . . . Patterson enjoys this Homer Hall . . . Kesler hasn't seen this . . . Midsummer concentration Don Towles . . . Blumer, Stille and Tucker with unknown girls . . . ADPi's There's the whistle . . . Pi Kaps at play . . . Shrop and Stem if That's foldin' money . . . Kernel and Kyian get together Gooch and Towles . . . Jewell roof Cover Shelby house girlsj . . . Sulzer lights up Aw-w-w, aren't they just darling! . . . Friedly . . . What a life Hardy and Broaddus . . . Jim Donovan, Marie Lewis . . . Having a wonderful time. 3 2 v do 1 ' 1 ,3 ' fm: 4 . 'll ' r X I I1- -cv I . 7 ' x ffm!! ,, , sx k f I, ,V Q Q ' a S H1 x Ffa fo iv U - 1 'lf CJ .- X Mg! QF gs Xxx. 'o' 0 lg Q e E g 'ay 5 , ' "H W 2 3' Q g 2 5 QI . 'xg 5 S 1 E V is if g 5 :Y I xx I E u U1 k u Q ! Ii: Q Ei: Xw S . 9 fi? W eff , i ff ,,.. ., 'B. m fg U si I Shinnick, Garrett, Haick Potts Estill, Anderson, Reed, Caudel, Scott, Brown, Schubert Asbury, Faulkner, Meyer, Talbott, Levy, Dean, Stevens Cotten, Fume-aux, Kallbreier, Bicknell, Hamilton, Slaughter, Lowry Alpha Lambda Delta Founded at the University of Illinois in 1924 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1940 PURPOSE Its purpose is to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning, and to en- courage superior scholastic attainment among the freshman women in our institutions of higher learning. FACULTY ADVISER Miss Jeanette Graves OFFICERS Marie Haick . . . . . . . President Jane Garrett . . . . Vice-President Charlotte Reed . . . Recording Secretary Nancy Potts . . . Corresponding Secretary Martha Schubert ..... Historian HONORARY MEMBERS Dorothy Adams Mary Elizabeth Estill Dorothy Levy Tau Beta Pi Founded at Lehigh University in 1885 Installed at the University oi Kentucky in 1909 PURPOSE To mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. OFFICERS Frank W. Button, J r ...... . . President Wallace Reed Taylor . . Vice-President William Capron Caywood . Secretary Harry Jerry Macke . Treasurer FACULTY ADVISERS E. A. Bureau J. S. Horine C. S. Crouse A. J. Meyer OTHER FACULTY MEMBERS Dean D. V. Terrell M. W. Beebe L. E. Nollau W. M. Carter H. A. Romanowitz H. H. Downing R. E. Shaver E. E. Elsey T. R. Terry MEMBERS Staley F. Adams Cecil James Baker Joseph Aubrey Boyd Harold Leonard Carr William Horace Finnie James William Frasure Henry Gleixner John Gordon Hamby George Edward Jones Vernon F. Kalb James Otis Lewis Joseph Thurmond Maupin John Alfred Miller Arthur A. Nierenberg Donald Warren Fred Milton Wells ' Button. Caywood, Taylor Baker, I-Iamby, Miller Adams, Boyd, Kalb Macke, Gleixner, Wills Cwens Founded at the University of Pittsburgh in 1922 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1931 PURPOSE To establish and maintain chapters of Cwens in colleges and universities for the sake of fostering leadership, scholarship, and fellowship among the women of the sophomore classy to promote leadership among freshman women, to serve to promote interest of the college and university in every way possible, and to supervise and direct these chapters in their at- tainment of their common ideals. FACULTY ADVISER Miss Charlene Burrows OFFICERS Jane Garrett . . . . . . . President Ruby jessee . Vice-President Jeanne Asbury . . Secretary Nancy Potts Treasurer MEMBERS Patsy Allen Jane Garrett Cary Lawson Jeanne Asbury Marie Haick Betsy Lowry Ann Bates Bonnie Hamilton Elizabeth Morat Beth Bicknell Jean Hemlepp J oy Marsh Betty Bright Shirley Hood Elise Meyer Beverly Brown Eupha Hopkins Nancy Potts Maria Jane Carter Ruby Jessee Ruth Reichenbach Mary Anne Faulkner Phyllis Kesler Charlotte Salisbury Winifred Fissell Nancy Shinnick Hopkins, Garrett, Asbury, Potts, Jessee, Bicknell Salisbury, Shinnick, Allen, Meyer, Morat, Brown, Lowry Reichenbach, Bates, Haick, Carter, Faulkner, Marsh, Hamilton Henry, Kloecker, Allen, Pritchett, Wenstrup, McDowell LaMaster, Skinner, Trabue, Reynolds, Cocanougher, Witherspoon Mortar Board Founded at Swarthmore College in 1918 Installed at the University of Kentucky in 1920 PURPOSE Its purpose is to provide for the co-operation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among university women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and to develop a finer type of college woman. A senior women's organization, its members are elected in the spring to serve as actives the following year. Mrs. Lela Cullis Mrs. Dorothy Evans Mrs. Lydia Fisher Barbara Janet Allen . Margaret H. McDowell Frances Pritchett . Marjean Wenstrup jo Ann Kloecker Barbara Janet Allen Pat Burnett , Greenwood Cocanougher Lenora Henry Jo Ann Kloecker MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss Jeannette Graves Miss Margaret King HONORARY MEMBER Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes FACULTY ADVISERS Mrs. Dorothy Evans OFFICERS MEMBERS Mary Bennett LaMaster Margaret H. McDowell Betty Peters Frances Pritchett Miss Ellen O'Bannon Mrs. Lolo Robinson Miss Irma Poole . . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Editor Jeanette Reynolds Margaret Skinner Lee Trabue Marjean Wenstrup Mary Lou Witherspoon Whaley, Crockett, Midkifi, Freas, Miller Ingram, Thurman, Hodgetts, Beck, McLaughlin Keys Founded at the University of Kentucky in 1906 PURPOSE Keys is a representative organization fostering good will and fellowship among frater- nities. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding qualities of leadership in sophomore fraternity men. John Crockett . Robert Puryear Kenneth Midkiff Charles Whaley Ted Beck Delta Tau Delia Irvin Christopher Lambda Chi Alpha John Crockett Sigma Alpha Epsilon I-Iarly Dunn Sigma Nu George Freas Alpha Gamma Rho FACULTY ADVISER Dr. M. M. White OFFICERS MEMBERS William Harrison Delta Chi James Hodgetta Phi Kappa Tau Robert Ingram Triangle Joe Mathews Kappa Alpha Kenneth Midkiff Phi Sigma Kappa Joe Miller Kappa Sigma . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer john McLaughlin Pi Kappa Alpha Robert Puryear Phi Delta Theta Harold Thurman Sigma Chi Charles Whaley Sigma Phi Epsilon George White Alpha Tau Omega KEYS revives Sadie Hawkins Week on the campus .... Top row-Bart "Marryin' Sam" Peak performs the traditional hitchin' ceremony at the Sadie Hawkins dance ..,. Marjorie "Hairless Joe" Hall and Galle Grogan are all set to catch their men. Middle row-Hunter Martin and Do Ann Goldman were chosen "Li'1 Abner" and "Daisy Mae" for the year ,... The Wolf Gal created a hullabaloo when she walked into the ballroom, complete with bear 'n everything. Bottom row-Mary Ann Hunter and Emma Lou Patrick tow their catches across the finish line in the Sadie Hawkins day race .... No matter how hard the poor guy tries, he can't seem to escape from her clutches. Never underestimate the horsepower of a female. Lamp and Cross Founded at the University of Kentucky in 1903 PURPOSE To recognize qualities of leadership among outstanding members of the Senior Class Lewis Sawin Jack Atchison . . George Barker . Stanley Saunier . Jack Atchison Jim Ed Abell Ed Barnes George Barker Carl Bell Bill Caywood Bert Cheek Pat Conley Jim Crowley FACULTY ADVISER T. R. Bryant MEMBERS IN FACULTY Davis Buckner J. E. Parker J. R. Johnson Bart Peak S. J. Lowry Niel Plummer OFFICERS . . . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer MEMBERS George Dudley Tom Gregory John Hopkins Bob Hutton Harold Lindsey Bob Landrum Jack McNeal David Mahanes Jerry Macke Hugh Moorhead Buddy Parker Cal Roszell Lewis Sawin Stanley Saunier Bill Sullivan Howard Stephenson David Trapp Sam Weakley John Young Sawin, Atchison, Saunier, Barker, Sullivan Barnes, Roszell, Trapp, Caywood, Bell, Abell Young, McNeal, Parker, Cheek, Stephenson, Dixon Weakley, Salyer, Beebe, Hubbard, Hart Hodskins, Gillespie, Mitchell, Welch, Freas, Faris Lances Founded at the University of Kentucky in 1901 FACULTY ADVISER W. S. Ward OFFICERS Sam Weakley . . . . President Clay Salyer . . . Vice-President William C. Hubbard . Secretary Morris Beebe Treasurer MEMBERS Fred Daugherty Lewis Hart Byram Faris James Hodskins George Freas Bryan T. Iglehart Richard Gillespie Daniel Mitchell James Welch ODK Mural Cmicron Delta Kappa Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914 Nu Circle installed at the University of Kentucky in 1925 PURPOSE A threefold purpose: First, to recognize men who have attained a high standard of leadership in collegiate activitiesg second, to bring together the most representative men in all phases of college lifeg third, to bring together members of the faculty and student body of the institution on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness. FACULTY ADVISER M. E. Potter OFFICERS Thomas Ronald Gregory . . . . . President James E. Banahan . Vice-President C. E. Barnes . . Secretary Dr. C. E. Snow Treasurer - Cmidron Delta Staley Adams James E. Banahan C. E. Barnes William C. Caywood James Crowley Dr. Henry Beaumont Dean Paul P. Boyd Dean Thomas P. Cooper Dr. H. L. Donovan Dean W. D. Funkhouser Dr. W. P. Garrigus Dean L. J. Horlacher MEMBERS George E. Dudley J oe Gayle Thomas R. Gregory John J. Hopkins Ray Hunt Frank Selby Hurst FACULTY MEMBERS R. D. McIntyre Dr. Frank L. McVey Dean C. R. Melcher Roy Moreland Dr. Niel Plummer Adolph Rupp Robert E. Shaver Kappa Robert R. Landrum James St. Clair Lewis Sawin Howard Stephenson Samuel Weakley Bernie Shively Dr. Charles E. Snow Dean William S. Taylor Dr. W. S. Ward Dr. William S. Webb Dean Edward Wiest Dean M. M. White Landrum, Barnes, Gregory, Banahan Sawin, Dudley, Hurst, Stephenson Adams, Weakley, Hopkins, Caywood Founded at Ohio State University in 1897 Installed at the University of Kentucky in 1912 PURPOSE To confer honor upon students who signify that they have the essential qualities of leadership and scholarship. FACULTY ADVISERS Lawrence Bradford Dana G. Card OFFICERS Patch Woolfolk . . . . James Welch . . Thomas H. Johnson John Harrison MEMBERS Dave Cleveland Thomas H. Johnson James Crowley A. W. Rowland John Harrison John Rowland Robert Hutton Carl Sinclair J. B. Kelly . . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Holland Thrasher James Welch Patch Woolfolk Sam Weakley Antle, Harrison, Woolfolk, Welch, Row1a.nd,.John Luster, Callahan, A. Rowland, Slnc1a,irQ Cleveland, Freas Kemp, Thrasher, Thompson, Huttonfweakley, Evans Fall Festival For the first time since 1942, the annual Fall Festival of the Agriculture college was held under the joint sponsorship of Alpha Zeta and Block and Bridle, both Agriculture honoraries. The function of the Festival is to offer a representative show of Kentucky's farm pro- ducts and to provide entertainment in the traditional rural manner. Officials make a special attempt each year to reincarnate some of the country customs which, unfortunately, have become almost extinct in recent years. The Festival includes showmanship, dairy and fat stock events and educational exhibits by most departments of the college. This year's queen was Sylvia Smith, a sophomore from Brandenburg, and her attendants were Sue Warren and Marjorie Bradford. Tom Cobb reigned as king of the Festival. l ,af Davis, Hardy, Yates, Henry Park, Mullinaux, Dade, Crapster, Dayton Greenwald, Gardner, Bicknell, McCulloch, McWhirter Chi Delta Phi Founded at the University of Tennessee in 1919 Installed at the University of Kentucky in 1924 PURPOSE To discover, encourage, and motivate literary talent and individual writings among women students. FACULTY ADVISER Jane Haselden HONORARY MEMBER Sarah B. Holmes OFFICERS Lenora Henry . . . . Martha Yates . Helen Hardy . Eve Greer . Beverly Davis . . MEMBERS Elizabeth Ann Bicknell Kitty Crapster Catherine Dade Beverly Davis Marilyn Dayton Renice Gardner Rita Greenwald Eve Greer Helen Hardy Lenora Henry Ann Lankford . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer . Historian Polly Jo McCulloch Mary Sue McWhirter Floye Mullinaux Ridgely Park Martha Yates Phi Upsilon Omicron Founded at the University oi Minnesota in 1909 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1922 PURPOSE To establish and strengthen bonds of friendshipg to promote the moral and intellectual development of its members: and to advance and promote Home Economics. Statie E. Erikson Marie Barkley Cyrenne McCoun Marie Shrout . France Horlacher Katherine Guion Emogene Gregory Ollie Hays Bernice Herman Frances Horlacher FACULTY ADVISERS Mary C. Woolridge MEMBERS IN FACULTY OFFICERS Johnstone MEMBERS Bernice Lewis Hudson Katherine Guion Johnstone Jo Ann Kloecker Cyrenne McCoun Elizabeth Helton . . President . Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Martha Jane Ringo Marie Shrout Helen Triplett Jane Wood Horlacher, Shrout, Johnston, McCoun, Wood Herman, Kloecker, Ringo, Triplett, Hudson Sigma Gamma Epsilon Installed on the University oi Kentucky campus in 1928 PURPOSE To promote an active interest in the study of geology. A. C. McFarlan, Jr. FACULTY ADVISER Wm. R. Brown OFFICERS Harvey C. Sunderman James Gates William Robert B. Boies Lowrence F. Boland James Gates V. Naylor, Jr. MEMBERS A. C. McFarlan, Jr. William V. Naylor, Jr. Evert Oconnel Jay M. Shield . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Harvey C. Sunderman George Velotta Jim Young Gates, McFarlan Jr., Velotta, Brown Sunderman, Shields, Naylor, MacQuown, Hamilton Nelson, McF'arlan Sr., Boland, Oconnel, Boies- Gorham, Hardy, Yates Burnett, Goman, Taylor, Gayle Theta Sigma Phi Founded at the University of Washington, April 8, 1909 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1918 PURPOSE To further the interests of women in professional journalism. Martha Yates Helen Hardy . Margaret Shirley Joann Gorham Margaret Watkins Buchanan Pat Burnett Garnett Gayle Catherine Goman FACULTY ADVISER Miss Marguerite McLaughlin OFFICERS MEMBERS Joann Gorham Helen Hardy Judith Johnson Margaret Shirley . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Tilly Thompson Pauline Weight Louise Wilson Martha Yates MEMBERS Biggerstaff, Young, Yates, Clarke, Henry Bradford, Weakley, Goman, Salyer, Allen, Stephenson, Kloecker Burnett, Gish, Sands, Trabue, Babbage. Meisch, Hurst McDowell, Scott., Witherspoon, McCulloch, Wenstrup, Banahan, LaMaster Who's Who Campus leadership, personality, scholarship, and contribution to campus activities are qualities considered in naming students to "Who's Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges." These students were selected fall quarter to appear in this year's publication of the University equivalent of "Who's Who in America." Barbara Allen Sue Ann Bradford Robert Babbage Patricia Burnett Anne Biggerstaff James I anahan Cornell Clarke Thomas Gish Catherine Goman Frank Selby Hurst Lela Lenore Henry Jo Ann Kloecker Mary B. LaMaster Angela Meisch Polly Jo McCulloch Margaret McDowell Clay Salyer Paul Sands jo Ann Scott Howard Stephenson Sarah Lee Trbue Marjean Wenstrup Samuel Weakley Mary Lou Witherspoon Martha Yates John Young Alpha Chi Sigma Founded at the University of Wisconsin, 1902 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus, 1917 PURPOSE First, to bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friendshipg second, to strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a professiong third, to aid its members by every honorable means in the attainment of their ambitions as chemists throughout their mortal lives. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Charles Barkenbus C. E. Holley J. R. Meadow M. W. Beebe T. A. Kendall J. R. Mitchel FACULTY ADVISER Dr. Charles Barkenbus OFFICERS . . . . . Master Alchemist Vice-Master Alchemist James Luther Wyatt . Boyd jessee . . . . Frank W. Button, J r. . . . Recorder J' oe Lee Robbins Treasurer ACTIVES David Eugene Barnett Edward Scott Rhoads J oe Lee Robbins Roger Francis Ruth Joseph B. Beard III Robert B. Boies Button, Jesse, Robbins Barnett, Whltneld, Boles, Peak Ruth, Dcnnart, Fritts, Panzera Whalen, Junklns, Wiles, Whitmer Wyatt, Voorhees, McConnell, Franklin Frank W. Button, J r. Charles Joseph Fritz Boyd Edwards Jesse Eugene Pope McAdams Royce H. Reiss Clyde Raymond Tipton James Moberly Walker Theodore Albert White Edward Clark Whitfield Benjamin Franklin Whitmefr James Luther Wyatt Glennis Albert Amburgy Mose Baston Robert Anthony Bleidt William W. Crane Robert Cundii Donald Danford Donald Donahue Fred Lamar Dupre Jack Fletcher Burtis Franklin Michael Goldben PLEDGES James Howard Junkins Richard L. McConnell Pete Panzera Bart Peak, J r. James R. Powers Harvey D. Rose Thomas J. Smith William Voorhees Lawrence Webb S. J. Whalen Howard Wiles Welch, Burrler, Anderson, Eastln, Kemp, Phillips, Scott, Venable, Cobb Shearer, Baldwin, Weakley, Thompson, Berckman, Turner, Bunch, Delong, Bell Baird, Bewley, Webb, Horn, Cunningham, Woolfolk, Sinclair, Easterling, Freas Block and Bridle Founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1919 Installed at the University of .Kentucky in 1923 PURPOSE First, to promote a higher scholastic standing among the students of animal husbandryg second, to promote animal husbandry, especially all phases of student animal husbandry work in colleges and universitiesg third, to bring about a closer relationship among the men pursuing some phase of animal husbandry as a profession. James Welch . Derwood Baird Carl C. Shearer Carl Bell Derwood Baird Carl Bell Ray Bunch Clarence W. Crabtree Wayne Esterling Johnson T. Hill, J r. FACULTY ADVISER W. P. Garrigus OFFICERS MEMBERS Robert S. Koch Edwin A. Proctor Jack J. Scott Carl C. Shearer Clayton R. Turner . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Charles M. Thompson Sam D. Weakley Howard Webb Jame Welch Russell D. Williamson Patch G. Woolfolk First row-G. R. Griffin, Guidon Bearer, Cadet 2nd Lt. C. H. Wills, Cadet lst Lt. W. E. Tuttle. Cadet, Capt. E. A. Cheek, Cadet 2nd Lt. D. B. Caldwell, Lt. Col. -T. L. Carter tfaculty advisery, Second row-J. L. Rice, D. E. Mann, E. R. Ramsey, C. R. Barker, D. M. Peyton, C. S. Corbin, M. R. Taylor, H. 0. Hemple, T. H. Maxedon, W. M. Byron, Third TO1D?QR. C. Williams, M. J. Morgan, J. L. Craig. J. Levin, J. S. Street. R. R. Barrett. F. W. Luigart, W. F. Lawson, E. M. Good, O. S. Dennis, T. B. Deen, Fourth row-S. E. Harlowe, R. K. Fuller, H. W. Holtzclnw, W. G. Leathers, R. E. Maine, J. Q. Lackey. S. J. Jones, J. Y. O'Bannon Jr.. J. U. McAuley, P. W. Mayhew. Fifth row-S. F. Lee, D. S. Fields, J. K. Whitman, D. K. Holland, J. M. Clayton, R. F. Mains, J. R. Carter, J. A. Pcdigo, H. O. Wiles, R. M. Ferguson, G. D. Sisson. Pershing Rifles Founded at the University of Nebraska in 1894 Installed on the University campus in 1931 PURPOSE To promote good citizenship, military efficiency, and a competitive spirit among the leading universities of the nation. FACULTY ADVISER Col. J. F. Carter OFFICERS . . . . . . , Cadet Captain . . . . Cadet First Lieutenant . Cadet Second Lieutenant E. A. Cheek . W. E, Tuttle . . C. H. Wills . . D. B. Caldwell C. R. Barker B. R. Barrett W. M. Byron J. R. Carter J. M. Clayton C. S. Corbin J. L. Craig T. B. Deen O. S. Dennis R. M. Ferguson D. S. Fields R. K. Fuller S. E. Harlowe H. O. Hemple . . Cadet Second Lieutenant MEMBERS D. K. Holland H. W. Holtzclaw S. J. Jones J. Q. Lackey W. F. Lawson W. G. Leathers S. F. Lee J. Levin F. W. Luigart J. P. McAuley R. E. Maine T. H. Maxedon R. W. Mayhew M. J. Morgan J. Y. O'Bannon J. A. Pedigo D. M. Peyton E. R. Ramsey J. L. Rice G. D. Sisson J. S. Street M. R. Taylor J. K. Whitman E. M. Good G. R. Griffin R. F. Mains D. E. Mann H. O. Wiles R. C. Williams Phi Alpha Delta Founded at South Haven, Michigan, in 1902 Henry Clay chapter installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1914 PURPOSE To promote a strong bond among different classes at the various law schoolsg to form a strong link between the law schools and their former studentsg to promote social and intellec- tual intercourse among its members and to foster those principles that tend to form a higher type of manhood. Bertel M. Sparks . . FACULTY ADVISERS W. L. Roberts Roy Moreland MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. L. Roberts Roy Moreland OFFICERS . . . . . . justice Giles J. McCarthy . . . . . . Vice-Justice Bunyan S. Wilson, jr. . . Clerk Abraham Bowling Treasurer Samuel Carlick . . Marshall MEMBERS Marius L. Anderson Armand P. Angelucci Richard W. Asher Daniel D. Ball Abraham Bowling Walter L. Brock, Jr. John L. Cox Walter C. Cox, J r. William G. Cox Ben M. Combs Preston M. Davidson Douglas W. Faris Cabell D. Francis Robert E. Humphreys John Johnston Clyde Jones Jennings'H. Kearby William G. Lehnig Dwain I-I. Lowry Marcus Mann Giles J. McCarthy Elmer E. Morgan George T. Muehlenkamp William S. Riley Cecil C. Sanders Frederic A. Scott Cyril E. Shadowen Charles A. Sither Forest Smith Bertel M. Sparks Homer W. Stepp George W. Terrell Robert S. Wellman Bunyan S. Wilson, Jr. Cox, Bowling, Sparks, Corlick, Morgan, Lowery, Johnston, Lenlg, Ferris, Shadowen, Kearby, Stepp, Davidson, Anderson, Francis, Muehlenkamp, Sither Phi Delta Phi Founded at the University of Michigan in 1869 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1925 PURPOSE To promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in this and other law schools and in the profession at large, and to unite ourselves in the endearing bond of affection and brotherly love for the purpose of encompassing these ends. FACULTY ADVISERS Frank Randall Frank Murray Paul Oberst OFFICERS Julian Knippenberg . . . . Magister J. David Francis . . Exchequer John J. Hopkins . . Clerk Cordell H. Martin Historian MEMBERS James Adkins John G. Atchison James E. Banahan Maxwell P. Barrett Uhel Barrickman Clay M. Bishop Harry H. Bohannon James C. Brock William B. Buford Charles R. Burton Thomas C. Carroll George M. Catlett Harry M. Caudill William Coldiron Conley C. Congleton Lindsey S. Conner Joseph C. Covington Carl F. Engelhardt J. David Francis William E. Francis William Fulton George T. Gess, Jr. William O. Gilbreath Frank L. Gilliam Halpin O. Hackett Stanley Hays Frank C. Henry John K. Hickey Charles Hobson John J. Hopkins Nelson Hoskins Selby Hurst Doyle B. Inman Willis V. Johnson Paul Kelly Benjamin L. Kessinger, Jr. John M. Kinnaird John C. Klotter Julian Knippenberg Caswell P. Lane Charles Larnard Arnett Mann Cordell H. Martin Neil R. Maxey Robert Meagher Harry B. Miller, Jr. Foster Ockerman Robert M. Perry John Prather Marcus Redwine, Jr. Robert Rice Calvert T. Roszell Stanley M. Saunier, Jr. James G. Sheehan, Jr. Charles Skidmore William L. Sullivan William Swinford William Wathen William A. Wickliffe Eugene Wiggins Clyde Williams Phi Delta Phi Burton, Knippenberg, Francis, Martin, Hopkins, Hurst Gilbreath, Carroll, Francis, Covington, Banahan, Williams Atchison, Adkins, Skidmore, Prather, Lane, Wiggins Roszell, Kelley, Brock, Maxey, Inman, Sullivan Kinnaird, Swlnford, Engelhardt, Saunier, Klotter, Wickliffe Horlacher, Neal, Akers. Hutchcraft, Yates, McGurk, Wallace, Dummit Pennington, Thomas, Kallbreier, Faulkner, Jeffries, Kesler, Wrench, Hall, Skinner Shirley, Gardner, Corn, O'Neil1, Watson, Allen, Scott, Rodes, Ray Phi Beta Founded at Northwestern University in 1912 Installed at the University of Kentucky in 1925 PURPOSE To promote good music and speechg to foster college spiritg to advance its members intellectually and socially, and to develop the highest type of womanhood. A Mrs. Barry Shaw Helen Gibson Hutchcraft Sue Thomas Wallace Melrose McGurk . Joan Neal . Barabara Akers Martha Yates Barbara Akers Barbara Allen Charlotte Corn Rosemary Dummit Mary Ann Faulkner Renice Gardner Marjorie Hall Frances Horlacher Helen G. Hutchcraft Rae Johnson Uarda Rice FACULTY ADVISERS OFFICERS Dr. Alexander Capurso . . . President . Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Ann Jeffries Mary Beth Kallbreier Jean Kesler Melrose McGurk joan Neal Mary O'Neill Lucille Ray Carol Dcub Rodes PLED GES Treasurer . Historian Margaret Shirley Margaret Skinner Martha Jane Stone Jane Thomas Sue Ann Turley Sue Thomas Wallace Lyle Brooks Watson Kathleen Wrench Martha Yates Betty Sue Scott Marion Stafford Phi Mu Alpha Founded at the New England Conservatory of Music in 1898 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1922 PURPOSE To advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to en- courage loyalty to the Alma Mater. Perry Adams J oe Young Parker LaBach Ken Fincher Al Perry Adams Charles Barker Bill Blair Bob Bleidt Bob Bordon Bert Cheek J ack Eversole Jack Feierabend OFFICERS . . . . President . . . . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer . . Historian Frey . . . . Warden Bill Waters Alumni Secretary MEMBERS Ken Fincher J ack Pennock Al Frey Forrest Schenks Bill J ones Don Stone Parker LaBach Caswell Logan Bill McKenney Paul Nolte Perry Parrigin Marvin Talbott Bill Waters Gene Whicker J ack Whicker J oe Young Blair, Adams, Frey,, Young G. Whicker, J. Whicker, Cheeck, Schenks, Jones Nolte, Barker, Parrigan, Eversole, Feierabend Scabbard and Blade Reactivated in 1946 PURPOSE To unite in closer relationship the military departments of American universities and colleges, to aid the members in their military education and in becoming better reserve officers and to lit them to have intelligent influence in military affairs within their communities. FACULTY ADVISER Major D. G. Glenn OFFICERS Glenn Weatherspoon . . . . . Captain Ova Bradley . . First Lieutenant Redwood Taylor Dallas Peyton ACTIVE MEMBERS K. McGinnis L. L. Preston W. W. Smithers Second Lieutenant First Sergeant W. M. Byron B. Cheek C. Barker C. Survant P. L. Pearce C- Corbin D. Caldwell J- J- Bl9QkbUYn P. Thompson C- W111S W. E. Tuttle B. Willson B. Halburt J. Roop W. Kendall PLEDGES R. Simpson . J. F. Race H' Hem1?el E. Luttrell G. Martin W. Blackford . A ...M -. M 3, . 3 W ww N S '1 0 SQ' - MVQQ' I Ao Q Q W X .tu uv . Q I I H K X xt II, Vw X ' 'llllllm I I 4. ffmlllll I 5 nw ww ' 44, 755 Q vi f 4 Il. , H xy' ' p rl' l' E Xu . 1 6.13 X ' ' f -Y f' .3 x I EEE' X fl.h'9'. Q ' 1,4 LTA.- V ,N 'mwxm o df Ill Q5 hk u m ,m e I if U! A :Q A MQ5?fl,i?kN"'5?ff:,'g gr fvwffjf QQ MH---'5 . ' . A ' . A wss.g,,, 'X-,.......,.,,, .. ., ... , ... K , K , 1 , .W ., . Band PURPOSE To serve as a laboratory for Band and Orchestra Majors, i.e., give qualified students opportunity to conduct and arrange for the Band. To contribute to the cultural life of the campus through presentations of formal concerts. Supplement athletic events with necessary music, i.e., pep rallies, meeting team at train, appearing at home football and basketball games. Assist R.O.T.C. department by appearing for Reviews, Inspections, and Parades. DIRECTOR Frank J. Prindl OFFICERS Gene Whicker . . . . . . . . . President William Peavyhouse . . . Vice-President Woodford R. Snowden Secretary-Treasurer Perry Adams . Business Manager BAND SPONSOR DRUM MAJORETTES DRUM MAJORS Sue Ann Bradford Perry Adams Elizabeth Adkins Delta Barker Jack Barrowman Oscar Beasley William Benjamin john Blair Arthur Boone D. Brown Jess Bryant Price Burruss Allan Carpenter C. Chinn Hero Cochran R. M. Coleman Harrison Cooper Stephen Cornett Samuel Crouch James Curry Edward Curtis Joe Daugherty Venita Dawson James Durham Jerome Eastham Anne Button Wilma Prolitt Philip Feigel Jack Fletcher Charles Flynn Harry Forman William Fouse Albert Frey Sue Ferguson Catherine Goman Jospeh Haggard Eugene Hartmann George Heibel Martha James Boyd Jessee Elizabeth Ann Joy Boyd Keenan Warren Kennedy William Kercheval Lionel King Gerald LeMasters Caswell Logan Wilfred Lott K. Lutes William Marcum Doule Martin Jane Quisenberry Jerry Steele MEMBERS Marlyn Matherly Frank Mathias Dixie May H. Mayhew William McGinnis William McKenney Bernard Meredith Ben Moore Robert Pace Williarri Peavyhouse MarthaAPennebaker Ben Pumphrey James Ramey William Rassenfoss John Renfro George Reynolds Ed. Rowaday L. Sallee Forrest Schenks Maxine Schenks Arthur Scott Woodford R. Snowden Harry Stanton Robert Stewart Kenneth Fincher Billy jones Don Stone Ellis Taylor Edith Thatcher Lillian Thatcher Marion Thomas Douglas Thomas James Tyler Richard Udry Leslie Veal Cornelius Von Boyer B. Walker William Wardman Harrison Warren Robert Weaver F. A. Wesley Robert Wharton Gene Whicker Jack Whicker Earl Williams Thomas Williams Jane Wolfe Woodson Wood Helen Zigler DIRECTOR Mildred Sinclair Lewis Betty Bartee Mary Bright Frieda Cornelius Josephine Hampton Jean Kesler James Abel Robert Borden Glenn Bradley William Chawk Howard Curry, Jr. Jack Giannini Choristers WOMEN Anne Cowgill Lewis Jo Ann Neal Jo Ann Range Lucille Ray Uarda Rice Margaret Shirley MEN Wallace Kelly Aimo Kiviniemi Robert Kuhlman Chester Robert Lewis Harold Lindsay Marvin Nicholson William Ralph ORGANIST Lela W. Cullis Marion Stafford Martha Jane Stone Jane Thomas Sue Ann Turley Sue Thomas Wallace John Rogers O. C. Seevers Marvin Talbott Howard Tilson Martin Wilson Joseph Garland Young House Presidents' Council PURPOSE To publish annually the rules and regulations of all University women in residence, in conjunction with the Student Government Associationg to assist in shaping the policies of individual houses and their house councilsg to disseminate to the residents information con- cerning University womeng to sponsor worthwhile campus activities, including the annual room judging contest and the women's vocational conference. Polly jo McCulloch . Frances Riley . Judith jackson Martha Rich Jean Asbury Ann Bowman Corinna Cook Joan Graham Jean Henry Patricia Hine FACULTY ADVISER Irma A. Poole OFFICERS MEMBERS Judith Jackson Wanda McCulley Polly Jo McCulloch Jean Mullins Catherine Plain . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Martha Rich Frances Riley jean Robinson Dorothy Titsworth Sue Warren Jane Young Cook, Mullins, McCulloch, Jackson, Riley Asbury, Graham, Titsworth, Plain, McCulley Henry, Warren, Bowman, Rich, Robinson Inter-Dorm Council PURPOSE To correlate and relate the roblems of all the residence units, to provide an appellate P body for disciplinary problems arising in the various House joint activities of all the Halls, MEMBERS Betty Buck Mrs.James Caldwell Mrs. Lewis Harvard Millie Johnston Mary Sue McWhirter Mrs. George Newman Jacqueline Phillips Irma A. Poole Martha Schubert Councils, and to sponsor the Mrs. Hill Spaulding Edna Stevens Margaret Storey Franklyn Wolfe Ellen Zigler W Stewart, Youngblood Engineering Student Council PURPOSE To promote cooperation and understanding between engineering students and the faculty, and between various departments of the College of Engineering. FACULTY ADVISER Robert E. Shaver OFFICERS Howard G. Stewart . . . . . . . . Chairman Edward S. jones . . . . . . Vice-Chairman C. Edwin Youngblood . . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Staley Field Adams James R. Gordon Howard Gayle Stewart Frank W. Button, Jr. James L. Haworth Ralph Glyn Sullivan Edward Leslie Elder Edward S. Jones Charles Edwin Youngbloo Rufus H. Ritchie d Ann Phillips was crowned Engineering Queen at a ball sponsored by the council in March. Chairman Stewart escorts the queen through an arch of T-squaresg the queen and her court are shown at right. Interfaith Council Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1929 PURPOSE To help strengthen the individual groups, to co-ordinate their activities, and to promote co-operative interfaith activities. Mary Bennett LaMaster Larry Fleischer . Ann Taylor . Edith Routt First Methodist Church Allan Wills Joan Scott Maxwell Street Presbyterian Bill Spragens Helen Williams Central Christian Wendell Poundstone Mary Bennett LeMaster FACULTY ADVISER Edgar Perkins OFFICERS MEMBERS Adath Israel Temple Lawrence Fleischer Shirley Younger Christ Episcopal Ann Taylor Harold Friedley Calvary Baptist Edith Rolitt Fred Chumbler . . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Broadway Christian Jane Street Gene Luttrell Y.M.C.A. Arthur Scott Ross Moore Y.W.C.A. Melrose McGurk Sarah Hunt Taylor, Scott, La.Ma.ster, Rolitt Hunt, Chumbler, Wills, McGurk, Moore Friedley, Spragens, Williams, Younger Inter-Fraternity Council PURPOSE To discuss and act upon matters concerning fraternities in general and to act as a medium between the University administration and the fratemities. Bob Babbage Sam D. Weakley . George Barker . Caswell P. Lane Alpha Gamma Rho Sam D. Weakley Thomas J. Cobb Alpha Sigma Phi Ray Schlachter Bill Daniels Alpha Tau Omega Roger Thornton J im Hoskins Delta Chi E. L. McClung Peter Manos FACULTY ADVISER T. T. Jones OFFICERS MEMBERS Kappa Sigma Russell E. White Virgil L. Christian Lambda Chi Alpha Robert Minton Bert Masters Phi Delta Theta J ack Veech Bill Sullivan Phi Kappa Tau Allan Parrish Lloyd Waddell Delta Tau Delta Phi Sigma Kappa Edgar L. Keneipp Pat Conley Leland Wisner Bert Cheek Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Bartley A. Greenwell Robert Mulholland Caswell P. Lane George Barker Stray Greeks William F. Russell . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bob Babbage Ned Breathett Sigma Chi Joseph C. Covington Lewis Hart Sigma Nu Lance Trigg William O. Laslie Sigma Phi Epsilon Clay Salyer Dorsey Lindner Triangle Lolly Elder Howard Stewart Zeta Beta Tau Martin Schneider Nathan Goff Inter-Fraternity Council Elder, Lane, Babbage, Covington, Waddell Weakley, Veach, Stewart, Hart, Covington Hoskins, Breathett, Laslie, Wisher, Cobb Trigg, White, Cheek, Mulholland, Schneider eague of Women Voters AHiIiated with the League of Women voters of the United States of America, which was founded in 1920. Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in March, 1946 PURPOSE . To promote intelligent discussion among the college students that they may be better mformed on present day affairs when they are eligible to vote. FACULTY ADVISER Miss Gladys Cammerer OFFICERS Mary Keith Dosker . . . . . . . . President Phyliss Feldmann . . . . . Vice-President Elizabeth Ann Bicknell . . . Recording Secretary Dorothy Levy . . Corresponding Secretary Mary Price Creamer . . Treasurer MEMBERS Patsy Allen Marjean Hill Roberta Anderson Mildred Lee Hill Elizabeth Ann Bicknell Anna Lou Hoffman Ann Bowman Mary Ann Hunter Beverly Brown Mary H. Bryant Jane Ellen Buchanan Elizabeth Carey Maria Jane Carter Margaret Champe Paula Choat Ella Marshall Cloyd Mary Price Creamer Helen Deiss Boonie Dickston Mary Keith Dosker Charlotte Erskine Pat Evans Annette Faulconer Phylliss Feldmann Barbara Fishers Mary F. Futrell Mary Ann Galloway Charlotte Garr Jane Garrett Ruth Gildant Betty Ann Gillespie Carolyn Glenn Joanne Gorham Charlotte Haggard Nancy Hart Joyce Haynes Clara E. Jacobs Judy Johnson Anita Levy Dorothy Levy Ruth McCracken Helene Marcus Joy Marsh Pat Moore Betty Northcutt Bruce Nutting Bette Oates Mary Snow Parrigin Pat Lee Pickering Mary Pribble Nancy Ripy Nancy Roberts Maria Robertson Naomi Ruby Betty Scrivner Margaret Shelton Nancy Shinnick Betty Ann Shropshire Sara Bennett Thomas Margaret Tinder Leslie Toll Martha Van Hooser Louise Wilson Jane Wood Betty J. Wright Feldmann, Dosker Creamer, Meyer Levy, Bicknell Toll Panhellenic Council Founded in Chicago, 1902 PURPOSE For organization and co-ordination of sorority life. FACULTY ADVISER Jane Haselden OFFICERS Angela Meisch . , . . Louise jewett . . Lyde Gooding . Charlotte Ferguson . MEMBERS Alpha Delta Pi Mary Damon Helvenston Betty jo Baechle Alpha Gamma Delta Nell Davis Lowry Marjorie Hall Alpha Xi Delta Pat Bumett Elizabeth Walters Chi Omega Lee Trabue Carolyn McMeekin Delta Delta Delta Angela Meisch jo Ann Kloecker Delta Zeta Beverly Gaulke Mary Elizabeth McRoberts Kappa Alpha Theta Louise Jewett Anne Chandler . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Kappa Delta Mary McDonald Virginia Minter Kappa Kappa Gamma Mary Marrs Swinebroad Lyde Gooding Sigma Delta Tau Dorothy Levy Allene Reinschreiber Zeta Tau Alpha Charlotte Ferguson Jean Franklin Ferguson, Trabue. Meisch. Gooding, Jewett Burnett. Swinebroad, Baeclile, McDonald, Kloecker, Chandler Gaulke, Helvenston, Lowry, McMeekin, Levy, Minter Men's Glee Club PURPOSE To foster and promote good singing and high standards of music for the University students and the community. DIRECTOR BUSINESS MANAGER Aimo J. Kiviniemi Forrest Schenks james E. Abell Charles F. Adams John Barstow Robert D. Bell McKinley Bishop Glenn E. Bradley Edward Breathett Gerald S. Britt Victor Broaddus Elbert A. Cheek john W. Clark Herbert J. Cochran joseph Denny William H. Evans Robert C. Farris George C. Feirabend Davis G. Fields Paul j. Fowler MEMBERS Albert H. Frey Edward W. Gentry Jack T. Giannini Glen Haabensen Homer C. Harper David L. Harris David K. Holland Wyatt Insko Chester R. Lewis Jack S. Lewis Harold Lindsay Caswell Logan Ranald McDonald Denvil Maggard William McCoy William McKenny Marvin Nicholson Perry Parrigin Jack E. Pcnnock William Ralph Huber Rhorer Forrest Schenks William Schmalz Robertson L. Scott Clarence Short Harry D. Stanton Marvin S. Talbot William Threlkeld George Tuggle James V. West Charles Whaley Allen Wilson Harold Wright Robert Wright Joseph Young Quinzio Zabban Women's Glee Club DIRECTOR Mildred Sinclair Lewis Barbara Akers Betty Bartee Doris Beck Margaret Berry Martha Mary Bradley Mary Bright Rosa Gay Bugg Carmen Calaway Frieda Cornelius Virginia Lee Cowan Sue Crawford Ann English Mary Ann Faulkner Charlotte Garr Miriam Gerber Betty Janis Gray Ann Gullett Dorothy Elizabeth Hammond Josephine Hampton Vivien Hines Frances Horlacher Helen Hutchcraft MEMBERS Elinor Isaacs Ann Jeffries Virginia S. J essee Doris Johnson Rachel Johnson Rae Johnson Mary Beth Kallbreier Mary Jane Kash Lorine Kent Jean Kesler Betsy Kirk Kathleen Kirk Joyce Lewis Lois Mathewson Melrose McGurk Kathryn Mellenbruch June Morton Jo Ann Neal Lucille Ray Betty Rees Uarda Rice ACCOMPAN IST Helen Gibson Hutchcraft Lois Sasser Betty Sue Scott Mary Louise Skidmore Hazel Jo Smith Mary Smith Roberta Spicer Betty Lee Spragens Marion Stafford Mary Lee Stamper Betty Lue Stephens Gloria Stivers Jo Ann Talley Jane Thomas Leslie Toll Pat Triplett Sue Ann Turley Caroline Van Santvoord Glenna Waddell Sue Thomas Wallace Joyce West Kathleen Wrench Margaret Wright Hisle, Spragens, Gerber, Thompson, Blaisdell, Halyard. Westertield McDowell, McCready, Craig, Sorrelle, Elliott, Ocko, Feierabend, Peters West, Landin, Bassett, Abramson, Preece, Goman, Jones, Talley Radio Studio Founded at the University of Kentucky in 1929 WBKY, F. M., began broadcasting in March, 1945 FACULTY ADVISERS E. G. Sulzer Lolo Robinson PERSONNEL PRODUCERS Casey Goman William james Margaret McDowell ENGINEERS James M. Hisle, Head Studio Engineer Robert Westerfield, Head Transmitter Engineer Clifton H. Bassett J oe Elliott Rudolph Landin Karl McCready Richard Ocko Betty Peters Bill Summitt Robert Thompson Lloyd Tune VOCALISTS Margaret Berry Miriam Gerber Paula Hengemel Emily Plock Jo Ann Talley NIGHT SUPERVISORS Charles Craig Walter Huddleston Raymond Preece ANNOUNCERS O. C. Halyard, Chief Announcer Allen Abramson Gordon Brown Clem Cockrell Hugh Dunbar J ack Fenton Dick Lowe Paul Owens Jack Redding Brice Rucker Jack Sorrelle Bill Spragens Bill Toombs PIANISTS Marjorie Blaisdell Mary Carolyn Carver J ack Feierabend Frances Gerber Joyce West Symphony Orchestra PURPOSE To provide University students, faculty, and citizens of Lexington and surrounding towns an oportunity to study and perform the standard orchestral literature of the great masters, a program of which music is annually presented to the Lexington community. VIOLIN I J. Preston Bryan Mabel Gumm Howard M. Pence Edgar Perkins Carrol Rhodes Edward Roederer Eleanor Rubin Vilem Sokol Dr. Dudley South Mrs.Trudie Strauss VIOLIN II Dr. Howard Beers Geraldine Brock Mary C. Carver George Fleischman Robert Miles Dr. Hobart Ryland Glenn Stille Mila Vaughn Nancy Logan FLUTE Barbara Allen Allan L. Carpenter Grace L. Oliver FACULTY DIRECTOR Dr. Alexander Capurso MEMBERS VIOLA Mary Anne Faulkner Wilyah Graves E. E. Myers Virginia Rohde CELLO Mrs. G. Bruckman Eugene Brown Milford Estill John Kuiper Martha Stone James W. Tyler CONTRA BASS Argus Armes Parker LaBach Frank Prindl OBOE Perry Adams Lionel King J ack Whicker CLARINET Mary Donahue Morton Reitman TRUMPET Albert Frey Joseph Friedman Sam Rainey FRENCH HORN Charles W. Chinn Paul Nolte Richard Udry Gene Whicker TROMBONE Fred Moore Woodford Snowden Ellis Taylor Thomas Williams PERCUSSION Casey Goman William Waters HARP Orville Boone BASSOON Thomas G. Martin James B. Trice 1 4 Spears, Francis Student Bar Association Founded at the University of Kentucky in 1939 PURPOSE To act as a social unit and to promote the general welfare of the college. FACULTY ADVISER Alvin E. Evans OFFICERS J. David Francis . . . . . . . President Frank C. Henry . . . . . Vice-President Wanda Lee Spears . . . Secretary Bunyan S. Wilson, Jr. Treasurer THIRD YEAR J ames,Adkins Armand Angelucci Uhel Barrickman Albert W. Beck, Jr. David Bisset Harry Bohannon William Coldiron James Collier Lindsey Conner Marius Anderson John Athison Daniel Ball James E. Banahan Clay Bishop Abraham Bowling James Brock Walter L. Brock, Jr. William Buford Samuel Carlick Thomas Carroll Harry Caudill Ben Combs Murphy C. Combs 166 Joseph Covington Preston Davidson James Ford James David Frances William Fulton, Jr. William M. Gant William O. Gilbreadth Halpin 0. Hackett Frank Henry SECOND Paul Combs Conley Congleton John Cox Walter Cox Wm. Gray Cox John Charles Denney Edward Dooley Carl Englehardt Douglas Faris Cabell Francis Wm. E. Francis George Gess William Hamilton Stanley Hays Charles L. Hobson Reuben Holland Frank Selby Hurst Paul Williams Kelley Julian W. Knippenberg Charles A. Larnard, Jr. Cordell Martin Edwin McClelland Raymond B. Murphy YEAR John Hickey John Hopkins Nelson Hoskins Raymond Howard Robert Humphreys Doyle Inman Willis Johnson John P. Johnston Russell Jones John Morrow Kinnaird John Klotter Caswell Lane Ottis Lanter William Lehnig Edwin F. Ockerman John Prather Marcus C. Redwine, Jr. Stanley Saunier Charles Skidmore Charles Swinford John B. Turner Elmer Weldon Pollard White Dwain Lowry Amett Mann Marcus Mann David Martin Neil Maxey Giles Justin McCarthy Robert Meagher Elmer Morgan George Muehlenkamp Edward Murphy James Neill Robert E. Rice, Jr. William Riley Calvert Roszell Student Bar Association Cecil Sanders Frederic Scott Cyril Shadowen Jim Sheehan Charles Sither William Embry Allender Robert Hance Allphin Richard Asher George Edwin Barker Maxwell Pringle Barret Robert Winston Bennett Wm. Bledsoe Blackford Lloyd Lee Booth Woldemar D. Bratcher Betty Brewer Daniel Nathan Brock John B. Browning Theodore Caddell William Calvert Stanley Carter George Macklin Catlett james Chenault Joe Prewitt Chenault, jr. Thodore Wilford Clarke james Patrick Conley John Cook Roy Cunningham Frank Davis Winfred Ellis Hubbard Endicott Forest Smith Bertel Sparks Wanda Lee Spears Homer Stepp FIRST Milford Estill Patricia Evans Paris France Farmer Bradford Garrison John Richard Gillespie Frank Gilliam Catherine Gillis David Goin Daniel Goodman Henry Griflin Buford Guerrant Alexander Hall John Hamby William Frank Hamilton james Hancock Tom Pavis Harris George Hatfield, jr. Paul Eugene Hayes Walt Hollon Melvin Huddleston Edward Jackson Jackson Johnstone Jennings Hiram Kearby John LeRoy Keller Ben Lee Kessinger Bill Sullivan George Terrell Robert Vick Frank Warnock YEAR Sam Fred Kibbey William Kibbey Mary Gene Lair james Madison Lassiter Marion Stuart Mahurin Flavious B. Martin, Jr. jack Mattingly james A. McCrocklin Joseph McKinley Margaret McDowell Henry Meigs II Everett H. Metcalf, Jr. Harry B. Miller, jr. Cleman Moberly Joseph Montgomery Glenn Nippert Paul Williams Alton Payne Dwight L. Pendleton, Jr. Robert Perry Walter Prince John Pryor Homer Ramsey Hartwell D. Reed, Jr. Thomas E. Riley, jr. William Wathen William A. Wickliffe Eugene Wiggins Clyde Williams, jr. Bunyan S. Wilson, jr. Howard Rives Houston Roberts Boone Rose, Jr. Charles Rose Harry Rouse Elwood A. Rowsey, Jr Harold Rucker Thomas Satterwhite Richard Smith Robert Smith Robert Spears George Stephenson William Threlkeld P. Anders Thranberg Robert Turley James Arnold Tyler Raymond Vincent Robert Wellman Bernard Wells joe Stewart Wheeler Micheal Whitlill Lewis Williams Norris Wilson Dorothy Wollin Li,,, .. , 167 Student Government Association W Stephenson The Student Govemment Association was in- stalled on the University campus in 1939. It replaced a divided system in which men were represented by a Men's Student Government Council and women by a Women's Self-Governing System. The constitu- tion of the Student Government Association was drawn up in the spring of 1939 and went into effect in September of the same year when it was ratified by the student body. The constitution drawn up then was revised in 1943 and the revised constitution is now in effect. The Student Government Assembly is composed of a president, vice-president, secretary and trea- surer and twenty-nine members elected by and from the various colleges at elections held in the fall and spring quarters. The President and secretary of the Student Union Board and the president and secretary of the House President's Council are ex-oflicio non- voting members. Three non-voting faculty members, recommended by the Assembly and appointed by the University faculty, also attend Assembly meetings. The oflicial purpose of the Student Government Association is: To act as the responsible authority in relations among students and among student organi- zationsg to act jointly with the University staff in matters affecting common interestsg and to advise, request, and recommend action with respect to matters reserved to the University staff. It is also the purpose of the Student Government Association to promote projects that are of interest to the student body. Young, Dosker, Wenstrup 168 Student Government Association Howard Stephenson FACULTY ADVISERS W. S. Ward H. W. Beers I. T. Sanders R. G. Lunde OFFICERS Mary Keith Dosker Marjean Wenstrup John Young Eugene Amburgey Sue Ann Bradford Mary Hilleary Bryant Pat Burnett Elizabeth Carey Shirley Carmichael John Crockett Russell Des Cognets Thomas Duncan J erry Eastham Charles Gardner MEMBERS Casey Goman George Goodykoontz Lewis Hart Robert Ingram J. Pelham Johnston Katherine Johnstone Jo Ann Kloecker Karl McKnight Amett Mann Helen Olmstead . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Wesley Pritchard Virgil Pryor Martha Rich Betty Rives Charlotte Salisbury Joan Scott Margaret Skinner Howard Stewart Lee Trabue James Trice James Welch Duncan, Des Cognets, Pryor, Carmichael, Skinner Ingram, Rives, Trabue. Scott, Carey Bryant, Olmstead, Stewart, Kloecker, Hart Student Union Board Established at the University of Kentucky in 1938 PURPOSE To make leisure time more fruitful through a broad program of recreation and entertain- mentsg to develop leadership and to enrich student life and to encourage finer appreciation through a meaningful cultural program. FACULTY ADVISERS A. E. Bigge Sarah B. Holmes John Kuiper T. T. jones DIRECTORS Mackie Rasdall Dorothy Evans OFFICERS Jack Veech . . . . . . . . President Polly Jo McCulloch . Vice-President Ellen Wood . . . Secretary Marjean Wenstrup Treasurer MEMBERS James E. Banahan Polly Jo McCulloch Marjean Wenstrup Morris Beebe Carolyn McMeekin Mary Lou Witherspoon Rosemary Dummit Jack Veech Ellen Wood Wood, McCulloch, Wenstrup, Veech McMeekin, Dummit, Beebe, Banahan, Witherspoon Crowe, Reynolds, Stokes, Wilde Hampton, Hall, Shropshire, Asbury W A A C o n c i 1 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1922 PURPOSE To further the athletic interests and activities of women students in the university. OFFICERS Ruth Wilde . . . . . . . President Margaret Wilson . Vice-President Peggy Reynolds . . Secretary Ann E. Lankford ..... Treasurer COUNCIL MEMBERS Emily Asbury Jo Hampton Henerietta Avant Peggy Reynolds Betty Crowe Margaret Hall Jean Shropshire Lola Stokes SuKy Organization and encouragement of school spirit in the student bodyg active support of the University athletic programg and maintenance of the traditions of the campus. Harrison Dixon . . Betty Harris . Charlotte Knapp Ruth Mount Jerry Britt Mary Ann Burdette Mary Cannon Elaine Chamberlaine Cornell Clark Betty Compton Charles Cross Margaret Courtney Edna Crawford Ann Dennison Harrison Dixon Frances Farmer Emery Lou Flanders Lou Anna I-Iammonds Betty Harris Dave Hatchet Alton Haynie John Holeman Frances Horlacher Frances Horton OFFICERS MEMBERS Edwina Abraham Isert Fem Jacobs Martha Jacobs Anne Keeton J o Ann Kloecker Charlotte Knapp Bill Laslie Winfield Leathers Martha Martin Dick Mayes Mary Montague Charles Moore Ruth Mount Virginia Nave Opal Owen Doris Poole Nancy Potts , Nita Powers Beulah Reed Betty Ree Rhoads Billy Mac Rhoads . . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Jean Robinson Bill Seay Betty Sue Scott Jim Shaffer Jean Sherman Margaret Skinner Lola Stokes Janet Sulzer Jo Ann Talley Ralph Tatum Carolyn Trees Helen Triplett Bill Voorhes Loutillie Walker Sue Warren Ryburn Weakley Charles Whaley Jessie Whisman Ellen Wood Ann Word Lefler, Kilroy, Montgomery Dixon Sulzer, Keeton, Montague, Stille, Grogan was A2 SuKy IDQ Wood, Flanders, Mount, F. Jacobs, Clark, Robinson Horlacher, Potts, Kloecker, Farmer, Poole, Skinner Chamberlain, Courtney, Stokes, Hammons, Warren, M. Jacobs Laslie, Rhoads, Harris, Hamilton, Triplett, Scott Holeman, Walker, Crawford, Knapp, Cannon, Word YMCA Cabinet PURPOSE To help students and faculty members in developing their religious life and to help meet the needs of the students through a program planned for social, mental and spiritual growth. OFFICERS Thomas Gish . . . . . . President Paul Sands . . . . . Vice-President Warren Fischer . . Secretary Ralph McCracken . . . 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I uw 'QQQQQHW' ' M04 all E" .MW xwfmmmm WX!! 2 W 'Q ' f iI1 lllll"' W QWJ' 6 " A 'Il N"'w F N? II x 4 nu M, X- 1 N -5---25' vs n Basketball ADOLPH RUPP Kentucky's cage coach, Adolph Rupp, came here in 1930. Since that time the Kansas-born mentor has produced many great teams, the 1946-47 aggre- gation being admittedly the finest. In 384 games, Rupp's Wildcats have taken 317. Of the 67 losses in 18 cage campaigns, only eight have occurred on UK's home court. This record is probably the best of any major basketball team in the nation. Known throughout the country as the "Man in the Brown Suit" or "The Baron," the 45-year-old Adolph Rupp has, year after year, kept Kentucky on top of the basketball world. In 1944, he was elected to the hoop hall of fame, one of the highest honors in the basketball world. The inimitable Adolph Rupp was the tenth cage coach so honored. Despite their loss to Utah, 49-45, in the final game of the National Invitational Tournament, the L946- 47 Wildcat basketball team was rated by many as the best cage squad in the nation. There is little doubt that this Kentucky aggregation was the finest hoop team in the long history of the University. In a rugged 37-game schedule, the Blue and White quintet won 34 contests, while losing only to Okla- homa A. lla M., DePaul, and Utah. Only a total of 16 scant points separated UK from an undefeated campaign. By winning the Southeastern Conference last March in Louisville, Kentucky boosted their con- secutive SEC titles to four straight seasons. The Fayette County Felines have now copped the con- ference crown ten times: in 1933, 1935, 1937, 1939, 1940, 1942, 1944, 1945, 1946, and 1947. In their own lair-Alumni gym-the "Caintuckey" Cats are nearly invincible. They won 16 straight games on the home court this season and have now taken 52 consecutive cage battles in Alumni gym since 1943. The tall Kentuckians started off the 1946-47 season by winning 11 straight Cand 26 con- secutive victoues over a two-year stretchl, but this Rollins Barnstable, Tingle, Holland, Beard, Coach Rupp, Groza, Jones, Manager Yessin, Ass't Coach Lancaster Rollins, Parker, Line, Barker, Trainer Hudson Jones Brannum Tingle streak was stopped in the Sugar Bowl cage game with the Oklahoma A. lk M. Cowboys. The sharp- shooters from Stillwater, Okla., upset the Wildcats, 37-31, in New Orleans. The Lexington Lynxes bounced back to take ten more games before the DePaul disaster in Chicago. The Cats lost to DePaul, 53-47, in spite of having trimmed the Blue Demons earlier in the year by 20 points-65 to 45-in Louisville. Between these first two losses, the fighting felines had trounced a strong Notre Dame quintet, 60-30, in the Louisville Armory. just two nights later, the Wildcats went to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and stopped the Crimson Tide's surprising 14-game winning streak. Later Kentucky captured the conference halo by whipping Vanderbilt, Auburn, Georgia Tech and Tulane in rapid succession. A week later, UK hu- miliated the Temple Owls, 68-29, and prepared for the Invitational scrap several days later. As defending champions, Kentucky nosed out Long Island U., 66-62, in a quarter-finals thriller. The king-sized Kentuckians then blasted North Car- olina State, 60-42, to move into the N. I. T. finals with the "Blitz Kids" of Utah, who had previously bumped off two seeded teams, West Virginia and Duquesne. Although losing 49-45, Kentucky scored 18 field goals to Utah's 15, however, it was the free throws that lost the Kelleher Trophy for the Wild- cats. The "Blitz Kids" collected 19 charity tosses, while UK made only nine. All in all, it was a great season for the wiry Wildcats of the University of Kentucky. SENIORS JACK TINGLE: a six-foot, four-inch forward from Bedford, Ky. 'jumping jack," in four years with the Wildcats, scored a total of 950 points and was elected captain of the squad in his sophomore year. In 1944, he scored 177 points, 1945, 2933 1946, 2783 and this season tossed in 202 tallies. The 22-year- old Kentuckian was nominated on the second team All-American cage squad last March. He made All- Southeastern four straight years, for a new record. MUFF DAVIS: a six-foot forward from Elwood, Ind. The handsome Hoosier's cage career was in- terrupted by the war. Last year, after his dis- charge from the Army, Davis returned to the Wild- cats for his final season. He scored 54 points in the 17 games in which he played. Mulford had the second highest average on the team of goals attempt- ed and made, with a percentage of .387, being second only to Line's .41 average of shots made. BUDDY PARKER: a five-foot, eleven-inch guard from Lexington. In three years on the varsity, Buddy tallied a total of 225 points. In the fall of 1944, Parker was stricken with infantile paralysis but gamely fought back and won a place on the Wildcat cage crew. The 21-year-old Lexingtonian came to UK from Henry Clay High School. He served for a period in the Navy. JUNIORS KENNY ROLLINS: a six-foot guard from Wick- liffe, Ky. Last year Rollins was elected as captain of the Wildcats. He was also awarded the Most Valuable Player trophy of UK's team. The popular Kentuckian served for three years in the Navy dur- ing the war. He didn't get into the limelight as often as some of the other stars, but a Cincinnati sports writer called Ken "the classiest of the classy Kentucky Wildcats." Rollins flipped in 310 points to finish third in scoring on the Cat squad. He made All-Southeastern Conference and All-Southern this season. DUTCH CAMPBELL: a six-foot, four-inch center from Newark, Ohio. "Big Dutch" made All-South- eastern in his freshman year, after tossing in 146 markers at the pivot position. He has scored 248 points in three years on the Lynx team. Campbell came to UK after starring for two years with the great Newark, Ohio, high school quintet. He served as a reserve center this season. SOPHOMORES RALPH BEARD: a five-foot, ten and one-half-inch guard from Louisville. A 175-pound ball of fire on the hardwood, he plays a dashing, driving, darting game. lennessee fans, after watching Beard help trounce the Vols, called roaring Ralph "the closest thing to perpetual motion we've seen yet." The lo- quacious Louisville lad has made the All-South- eastern team two straight seasons. This past cam- paign, after scoring 392 points for Kentucky, Beard was a unanimous choice for All-American honors. He was also named as "the most outstanding visit- ing player to appear in New York" during the 1946- 47 season. Ralph has tallied 671 points in two years with the Cats. WAH WAH JONES: a six-foot, four-inch forward and center from Harlan. "The Harlan Hurricane" was the fifth highest scorer on the cage team with 217 points in 33 games. He was the "man of the hour" in both post-season toumaments, scoring 50 markers in the SEC tourney and was again UK's individual high scorer in the N. I. T. in New York with 36 tallies. Wallace Jones, like Beard, has made the All-SEC quintet in his first and second years with the Ruppmen. Wah Wah has scored 507 Beard Groza Holland Barker markers in his two seasons. He made All-American at forward late this spring. ALEX GROZA: a six-foot, seven-inch center from Martin's Ferry, Ohio. The Brobdingnagian basket- eer was the team's leading scorer with 393 points. Alex served in the Army after playing one season with the Lexington Lynxmen. He was discharged last September and was a big factor in UK's suc- cessful campaign. The gargantuan Groza was named on the All-American team after the season ended. He and Jones were also selected on the All-N.I.T. squad. He made All-Southern along with Beard and Rollins. JOE HOLLAND: a six-foot, three-inch forward from Benton. Joe finished fourth in individual scoring with 224 tallies in 37 games. The Benton basketeer excels on rebounds under both hoops and is con- sidered one of the best in the South when it comes to grabbing the ball off the backboards. Hustling Joe Holland served in the Navy and played with the strong Iowa Seahawks' cagers. He made All-SEC after playing brilliantly in the tournament. CLIFF BARKER: a six-foot, one and one-half inch forward from Yorktown, Ind. The colorful and ver- satile cager, in 34 games, hooked in 120 points. Like Holland, clever Cliff hit his peak for the season in the SEC tourney in Louisville last March. He is rated by some experts as one of the best ball- handlers in the nation. BOB BRANNUM: a six-foot, Five-inch Center from Winfield, Kansas, He made All-American here in 1944, before his induction into the Army. "Bruising Bob," playing in 29 contests, scored 125 markers at the pivot slot. FRESHMEN JIM JORDAN: a six-foot, three-inch guard from Chester, W. Va. At North Carolina, Jordan made All-American in 1945 and 1946, scoring 389 points in the latter season. The 185-pound cager appeared in 29 contests and scored 80 markers in his first year with UK. JIM LINE: a six-foot, two-inch forward from Ak- ron, Ohio. The 20-year-old Buckeye has a wicked left-handed push shot that tallied 199 points in 35 struggles. He finished seventh in the individual scoring column for the Lynxmen. DALE BARNSTABLE: a six-foot, two-inch guard from Antioch, Ill. He started the season at forward, but was switched to guard early in the season. An Army veteran, Barney is one of the best long-shot artists on the squad. He tallied 71 markers in 29 games. ALBERT CUMMINS: a five-foot, ten-inch guard from Brooksville. The smallest man on the squad is the 20-year-old Cummins, who scored 27 points as a reserve guard this season. He is also one of the fastest men on the team. Results in all games played by the Wildcats the past season, with the U. K. score listed first in each instance: 78-36 64-35 68-31 80-49 65-35 65-45 83-18 62-49 70-50 75-34 96-24 31-37 46-36 70-29 82-30 54-39 70-47 84-45 71-34 86-36 60-30 Indiana Central CHD Tulane CHD Fort Knox CHD Cincinnati Idaho CHD DePaul CAD Texas A. Bn M. CHD Miami of Ohio CHD St. John's CMD Baylor CHD Wabash CHD Okla. A. Sa M. ClossD Ohio U. CHD Dayton U. CHD Vanderbilt Tennessee Georgia Tech Georgia Xavier CHD Michigan State CHD Notre Dame CAD SEASON'S RESULTS 48-37 Alabama 47-53 DePaul ClossD 81-40 Georgia CHD 61-46 Tennessee CHD 63-33 Alabama CHD 58-31 Xavier 84-41 Vanderbilt CHD 83-46 Georgia Tech CHD SEC Tournament 98-29 Vanderbilt CAD 84-18 Auburn CAD 75-53 Georgia Tech CAD 55-38 Tulane CAD 68-29 Temple CpostseasonD CAD National Invitation 66-62 Long Island CMD 60-42 N. C. State CMD 45-49 Utah ClossD CMD CH--played at UK gym. A-at Louisville armory. M-at Madison Square GardenD. Football PAUL "BEAR" BRYANT Paul "Bear" Bryant, the man picked by Kentucky to lead it from the football depths, did the expected. In fact, he did more than the expected when he di- rected the Wildcats to seven wins and three losses, their best record in 34 years. Except for a couple of had breaks the "Bear" and his boys might have enjoyed an undefeated season and certainly would have received a bowl bid. Hard- est blow the Cats got was the ineligibility ruling on Ermal Allen after the triple-threat halfback had paced them to two triumphs. The "Mighty Mite" was not allowed a fourth year on the varsity, though wartime rules permitted this and other teams used such players. , Trainer Hudson, Balltsaris, McCubbin, Laslie, Bryant, Moseley, Atkinson Mississippi fell, 20-6, as Kentucky ushered in its new era of pigskinnery. The Cats topped the University of Cincinnati, winner over Indiana, by a 26-7 margin to really set the footbal world thinking. Kentucky came back to rout Xavier, 70-0, and run its win streak to three straight before bowing to Georgia, 28-13, at Athens. A field goal by Phil Cutchin enabled the Bryant- men to send more than 20,000 Homecoming fans home happy with a 10-7 win over Vanderbilt. Ala- bama put a damper on Cat enthusiasm with a 21-7 win in Montgomeryg the Kentuckians recovered to smack Michigan State, 39-24. Marquette next felt the claw of the rejuvenated Wildcats, 35-7, West Virginia succumbed, 13-0, but Tennessee returned a punt for a one-touchdown 7-0 victory in the season finale. Phil Cutchin, Allen's alternate before loss of the "Mighty Mite," bore the brunt of Kentucky's offense all fall. The Murray athlete led the team in the field, did most of the passing, most of the kicking, as 348 " and a considerable share of the running. He was named "most valuable player" and honorary captain at the end of the season. Don "Dopey" Phelps, Dan- ville's darling, was an able associate. Jim Kennard, Bill Boller, Bill Chambers, Jack Farris, Dennis Rice, Gene Meeks, Jimmy Babb and Bill Moseley were other ball carriers who gained much yardage. Farris probably would have developed into an outstanding back if an early season injury had not sidelined him for the rest of the campaign. Bill Blanda, Jerry Claiborne and Harry Ulinski shared quarterbacking duties. The line was Kentucky's best asset because more experienced men played here. Dick Hensley and Wallace Jones at the end positions compared with any wingmen. "Wah-Wah" was named to the Associ- ated Press All-Southeastern first team and made many other honor lists. At tackle veteran "Wash" Serini and Hut Jones or Bill Griffin held forth. Guards were Matt Lair and Leo Yarutis or Len Preston and Gene Haas. Yarutis 37 5035383 35 ea IB, 29 N Phil Cutchin and Serini played with the Rebel eleven that beat the Yankee team in the annual Blue-Grey game in Montgomery, Ala. Center position was handled by Jay Rhodemyre, who was ably assisted by Charley Bill Walker. Wealth in depth was one of the biggest reasons Kentucky recorded its best win tally since 1912 and looms as a real conference threat in 1947. No longer do the Wilcats present a weak status on the gridiron, but they figure as real power with which to reckon. The 38 letters awarded to players represented the highest number ever given here. Athletes receiving the awards were Babb, Bentley, Blanda, Boller, Brad- shaw, Browning, Chambers, Claiborne, Cutchin, Daw- son, Farris, Ferrell, Carl Genito, Griflin, Haas, Hamilton, I-Ieinzinger, Hensley, Roscoe Jones, Wallace Jones, Kennard, Klein, Lair, McDonald, Meeks, Moseley, Phelps, Preston, Rice, Rhodemyre, Ridge, Sengel, Serini, Tunstill, Ulinski, Walker, Yarutis, and student manager Sadler. Only Cutchin, Tunstill and Walker are seniors, thus Kentucky has high hopes for autumn. Also helping the varsity next fall will be several additions from this year's B squad, which won four, lost two, and tied one in a seven-game schedule of its own. Numeral winners were Bassett, Brown, Dartt, Duncan, Fritts, Fucci, Ralph Genito, Frank Griffin, Hodges, Holway, Jacobs, James, Kennedy, McDer- mott, McKee, Mayhugh, Meihaus, Mullins, Odlivak, Porter, Ray, Richter, Rogers, Saylor, Schaffnit, Shields, Simpson, Smotherman, Southall, Clyde Spears, Donald Spears, Summers, Stephens, Troup, Truman, Williams, Young, Wanamaker and student manager Huey. KENTUCKY 20, MISSISSIPPI 6 The largest crowd in Kentucky football history, 19,600, saw the Cats open the season by besting Mississippi, 20-6. The success gave Kentucky a 2-1 edge in the series which began in 1944. Few moments had elapsed before it was evident that the Wildcats had carried onto the field some of the drive and power so publicized in pre-game reports. Kentucky's first touchdwon came on Cutchin's aerial to Jones. The second Cat score was realized on Allen's pass to Bill Portwood, and Cutchin's try for extra point was good. A long run-back by Phelps set up the last six-pointer, which Allen bulled over from the Mississippi six. Boller's kick was good. The visitors escaped a shut-out by getting the best of Kentucky in a punt exchange, and by gaining on two penalties. Clayton Blount's toss to Ray Poole gave the southemers their only marker. KENTUCKY 26, CINCINNATI 7 Bryant and his boys quieted bowl talk in Cincinnati by giving the Bearcats a sound 26-7 lashing. The Queen City men, surprise winners over Indiana's Big- Blll Griffin Jesse Tunstill Jay Rhodemyre Bill Portwood Dick Hensley Ten champs, had become the wonder team of the nation. The largest crowd ever to see a football game in Cincinnati, 30,000 fans, watched the Kentuckians roll over the favorites. KENTUCKY 70, XAVIER 0 Kentucky ran up its biggest score in 24 years by overwhelming the Xavier Musketeers, 70-0, before 20,000 fans, an all-time record for Stoll field. Not since 1922, when the Wildcats outclassed the Univer- sity of Louisville, 73-0, had Kentucky followers witnessed such a triumph. Game statistics picture the game even more vividlyg Coach Paul Bryant's men tallied 20 first downs to only one by the Ohio visitors. Xavier netted only one yard by rushing, while an assortment of Big Blue backs totalled 352 behind excellent blocking. Ken- tucky led in passes 133-23, completing nine of 13 passes. Only three of 18 Muskie aerials were com- pleted. Picking out individual stars is like coming to grips with smokey there were many great performances by Kentucky representatives. Touchdowns were scored by eight players. Cutchin kicked seven extra points and ran one marker across. GEORGIA 28, KENTUCKY 13 Kentucky's winning streak was halted by Georgia's Bulldogs 28-13, when Charley Trippi ran and passed the Bulldogs to victory. While 25,000 onlookers braved showers in Athens' Sanford stadium, the Bulldog captain ran two touchdowns across and tossed the winners downfield in another drive. Quarterback johnny Rausch grabbed a Cat fumble and headed for the other score. Kentucky tallied seven plays after the kickoff scoring before Georgia ever got the ball. Cutchin plunged over from the four-yard line after a down- field drive. The losers were outscored but not outfought. Ken- tucky's play could be termed "Almost, but not quite." sl- 1' if "Best Band ln Dixie" Several Cat drives were halted by fumbles of the wet ball or with only inches lacking for first downs. KENTUCKY 10, VANDERBILT 7 Kentucky alumni went back to their homes talking about Kentucky's lirst Homecoming victory in 20 years. The Cats edged Vanderbilt's Commodores, 10-7, before 21,000 spectators-another record crowd- with Phil Cutchin figuring in all the point making. His toss to "Wah-Wah" Jones for a touchdown on a double fake in the third. quarter was the first time the Vandy goal had been crossed all season. His field goal later in the same period proved to be the margin of victory. Even the extra point was tallied by Cutchin. The losers recovered Boller's fumble on the Ken- tucky 15 midway of the last quarter and went across Matt Lair Harry Ullnski Charley Kuhn Wash Serlni Wallace Jones .num Gene Haas on four straight line bucks by J. P. Moore, chief Commie ground-gainer. Bobby Berry converted. ALABAMA 21, KENTUCKY 7 "Gilmer" is a brief but accurate story of Kentucky's second defeat, for it was he who almost single-handedly engineered Alabama's 21-7 victory. A crowd of 22,500, largest ever at any sports event in 'Bama's capital, saw the contest. The Wildcats counted their only touchdown when Bill Chambers intercepted a Gilmer aerial on his 35 and behind good blocking raced down the right side to score. "Hurlin' Harry" scored the Tide's iirst touch- down on a thrust through center in the second quar- ter. A few moments later he tossed from Kentucky's 37 to Hugh Morrow, who ran across. In the third period he passed to Ted Cook in the end zone from the 'Cat eight. Morrow converted all the tries. KENTUCKY 39, MICHIGAN STATE 14 It was not billed as "Phelps Day" at Stoll Field, but the halfback made Michigan State wonder why not: he made four touchdowns as the Wildcats trounced the Spartans 39-14. Kentucky maintained its repu- tation of being a "second-half" team, having trailed, 14-13, at half-time. KENTUCKY 35, MARQUETTE 7 Kentucky not only topped and stopped Marquette, 35-7, but beat the Hilltoppers at their own game. Dopey Phelps Gene Meeks George Blanda Leo Yarutis Marquette's offensive threat lay in its passing gameg Kentucky held that aerial advance in check until the last two minutes of play, when the Wisconsin team brought some better-late-than-never joy to a small crowd. Even greater humiliation was realized in the 'Cats' scoring two of their five touchdowns on passes, gaining half of their total yardage on tosses. KENTUCKY 13, WEST VIRGINIA 0 A steady drizzle failed to dampen the spirits of Kentucky's football squad in the home finale, for the Wildcats achieved a 13-0 win over West Virginia's Mountaineers, Phelps notched both 'Cat markers, running one across and receiving an aerial from Cutchin for the other. TENNESSEE 7, KENTUCKY 0 For three quarters Kentucky and Tennessee waged a brilliant defensive duel in Knoxville's Shields- Watkins stadium before Walt Slater tucked a 'Cat punt under his arm and behind good blocking ran 54 yards for a touchdown and the decision. Charlie Mitchell added the extra point by placekick, but it proved unnecessary, for the host gridders resorted to time-consuming tactics for the remainder of the game. Worst feature of all to at least 6,000 Kentucky rooters among the 40,000 fans present was the vic- tory on the one run, the score not indicative of the great game between old rivals. Leonard Preston Jack Farris Charley B111 Walker Hut Jones A ..,.,,v. . Outfielders Tabb, M. Smith, Rollins, J. Cummins Infielders Beard, Laudeman, Stough, A. Cummins, H. Yessin Baseball After losing their first four games, the baseball Wildcats slowly picked themselves off the ground and grew stronger as the season progressed. In the last six contests, the Lexington lynxes won Eve of them. The Kentucky team finished the season with a record of seven wins against nine losses. Capable Harry Lancaster was the coach of the Wildcat nine. The high spot of the campaign came near the end of the 16-game schedule when the Cats trounced the Vanderbilt Commodores twice on May 17 with Cliff Barker and Wallace Jones each hurling a shut-out. ln the initial game, Barker bested Vandy's star pitcher, Jimmy Stephens, by the score of 8-0. Stephens, for the season, won seven games and had an earned run average of 2.63. In the nightcap, fast- ball pitcher, Wallace CWah Wah? Jones, tossed an- other no-run game against the Nashville nine. Coach Lancaster's biggest headache. besides the rainy weather, was his mound corps-especially early in the season. Wild, Hatchett, Yankey, Allen, Barker, and Chambers were all used on the hill in an attempt to Find a consistant winner. It wasn't until early May that the pitchers found themselves. and later Jones joined the staff to help form a winning combination. For the year, Jones won three games: Hatchett took twog Barker and Wild each won one contestf At bat, the leading hitters were Marion Smith. Tom Tabb, Wally Jones, John Stough and Cliff Barker, the latter cavorting at first base and on the mound. Ralph Beard, infielder, collected two home runs to lead the Cats in that department. In Southeastern Conference competition, the Ken- tuckians won four and lost the same number-all eight games being played against the Tennessee Volunteers and the Vanderbilt Commodores. Against other teams, the Blue Grass diamond athletes won three times in eight battles. Early in April, 104 candidates reported to Coach Harry Lancaster for the baseball team. The squad was quickly reduced, and at the conclusion of the season 14 baseballers and two team managers were awarded K letters. Those players were: four pitchers, Wah Jones, Harlan, Cliff Barker, Yorktown, Ind., Willie Allen, Lexington, and Bob Hatchett, Danville. Catchers, Gary Butterman, Louisville, and Bill Thomas, Dear- born, Mich. Outfielders, Ken Rollins, Wickliffeg Jay Cummins, Brooksville, Tom Tabb, Dover, and Marion Smith, Lexington. Infielders, Ralph Beard, Louisvilleg Al Cummins, Brooksville: johnny Stough, Montgomery, Alabamag and Tevis Laudeman, Lexington. I-Iumsey Yessin served as assistant to Harry Lancaster. The two team managers were Kent Hollingsworth, George- town and James Baskett, Lexington. The breakdown by games follows: XAVIER 18, KENTUCKY 15 Kentucky's baseball team inauspiciously lost the initial game of the 1946 season to Xavier, 18-15, in a three-hour battle held at Lexington's Legion Park. Lancaster used four pitchers in the fracas, none prov- ing to be effective. Chambers started on the mound, followed by Wild, Barker and Allen. At the plate Thomas banged out three doubles: Stough, Hammer and Rollins got two each, and Beard smashed out a home run. CINCINNATI 6 KENTUCKY 4 The invading Bearcats thumped Cat hurler, Hatchett, for six runs early in the game while UC's big Hinger, Bob Huber, was holding the Blue Grass nine in check. For Kentucky 13 unlucky batters struck out in the game. Cliff Barker and Ken Rollins led the Wildcat attack with two hits apiece. EASTERN 13 KENTUCKY 4 Six costly errors were committed by Kentucky defense as the hapless Cats suffered their third loss in a row. Eastern pounded out 11 runs in the first four innings off UK's Allen and Chambers. DeVenzio was the winning pitcher for the Maroons of Richmond. MURRAY 9 KENTUCKY 7 The first game away from home found the Wildcats extending their losing streak to four games. Rain stopped the contest at the end of six innings with the Cats two run behind. Wild was the losing hurler and needed relief from Willie Allen in attempting to silence the Murray sluggers, who collected 10 safeties. KENTUCKY 5 VANDERBILT 3 VANDERBILT 3 KENTUCKY 2 In a double-header played in Nashville, the Wild- cats copped their first win in the opener as Chambers hurled six-hit ball while the Cat batters were collect- ing five runs. In the finale, Cliff Barker lost a close game to Vandy, 3-2. Each team got five hits and made one miscue in the field. KENTUCKY 12 GEORGETOWN 2 At Legion Park, the Lexington lynxmen slammed Tiger hurler Bridges for 15 base knocks and 12 runs to take their second victory of the campaign with Hatchett the winning moundsman. Wild, Yankey and Hendrix were also used on the hill by UK. Beard garnered his second home-run of the season. TENNESSEE 12 KENTUCKY 2 In Knoxville, the Vols scored six runs in the first two innings as Chambers and Wild had little control, giving up several walks early in the game. UT's tosser, McDonald, gave up seven hits and two runs to Ken- tucky. TENNESSEE 3 KENTUCKY 2 Cliff Barker, Wildcat flinger, lost a tough game to the Vols, 3-2, as Orange pitcher, Bob Stewart, allowed but six hits to the UK felines. Rollins led the Cats with two bingles. The defeat was the seventh for the Lexington crew against two wins. CINCINNATI 6 KENTUCKY 5 Two errors in the twelfth inning cost Kentucky its second one-run loss in a row. Bill Chambers hurled the entire game for UK, while the Bearcats used Huber, Wicke, and Heine. Seven miscues-five by UK-were made in the contest played in the Queen City. KENTUCKY 8 VANDERBILT 0 KENTUCKY 5 VANDERBILT 0 With Barker allowing three hits in the opener and Jones six safeties in the nightcap, the Kentucky base- qmilgf L' 'fb -X Coach HBIIY LHIICBSLCI' .gt 1 55,8 TUQQA T llc, 132' if 'Ei' lil fe. rmf Pitchers Barker, Allen, Jones, Yankev Pitcher Hatchett and Catchers Thomas and Butterman Baseball ballers swept both games from Vandy in a double- header at Legion Park. The improved Cat defense fumbled only once in the 16 innings of play and UK nabbed their third and fourth wins of the season. Tom Tabb, Ken Rollins and Stough were the leading hitters for Lancaster's lynxes. KENTUCKY 6 GEORGETOWN 2 Hatchett and Yankey gave up only two hits as the rejuvenated tabbies picked up their third straight victory, 6-2, in a game played at the Tigers' home park. Bridges was the losing pitcher. TENNESSEE 6 KENTUCKY S Four miscues by the Cats gave the Orangemen a narrow win over Barker and the felines. McDonald was the winning slinger. setting the Catmen down with seven hits. Marian Smith and Beard got two eachg Barker, Laudeman and Stough one apiece, KENTUCKY 6 TENNESSEE 2 Led by Wah Wah Jones, the determined Lexington- ians came back the next day and pounded Steward, Vol hurler, for six runs at Legion Park to defeat the Orange and White nine. Big Wally Jones allowed but three scattered hits, one of them a two-run homer. For UK, jones got three bingles, Rollins and Tabb one each. KENTUCKY 12 EASTERN 2 In the Fmal game of the season. UK gained revenge for an earlier defeat by trouncing the Richmond nine, 12-2 at the latter's home field. Marian Smith led the 12-hit attack with three singles: jones, Beard and Tabb got two for the Kentucky team. Geltner, of Eastern, was the loser while Jones won his third game giving up only Eve hits. Track Led by big Jim Weber, an elongated 6' 7" lad from Pettisville, Ohio, the Kentucky track team, under the tutoring of UK Atheletic Trainer and Track Coach Phil Hudson, won three meets and lost two close ones by a total of seven points in the first full- scale track season at Kentucky since pre-war days. Weber, a senior, entered four events in each meet and picked up 96 points this year, his last as a UK thinclad. His specialties were the 120-high and the 220-low hurdles, shot put, and the discus throw. His only two defeats were received in the discus heave when he was out-thrown by the 4-lb. weight-tossers from the Tennessee Polytechnic Institute and the University of Tennessee. Kentucky's only two points earned in the South- eastem Conference meet, held at Birmingham, Ala. and won by Louisiana State University, were split between Weber and Johnny Meihaus, a product of Louisville's DuPont Manual high school, who finished fifth in the 120-high hurdles and the broadjump, respectively. Had Don fDopeyJ Phelps, football player from Danville, come out for track at the beginning of the season, the defeat given the UK thinlies by the Vanderbilt track and field performers would probably have been a victory for the Wildcats. Running the dashes in Kentucky's last three meets, Phelps won every running event he entered. In the Vandy meet a Tennessee harrier won the century in .10:9, while Dashman Phelps was never clocked in a meet at a time slower than 10 seconds flat. In the longer sprinting distance, the 220, winning time by a Vanderbilt man was 24 seconds even, but had Phelps even entered and run the race in his average time of 22.8, the meet victory would have been Kentucky's by three points. In Kentucky's other loss, a 59M-57W defeat at the hands of the Tennessee Volunteers, three-fourths of the Wildcat mile-relay team was declared ineligible scholastically on the day before the dun! meet. As it tumed out, closing event of the meet was the mile relay and the Volunteers were trailing three points, 54W-57M, but the Kentucky substitutes put together at the last minute were not fast enough to give UK the much-wanted victory. Winning time in this event 3:33.3, a full four seconds slower than the time of 3.29.2 recorded in a meet by the Wildcat regulars. Wildcat harriers dominated much of the TPI meet at Cookesville, Tenn., as they copped 10 firsts, 10 seconds, three thirds and tied for two other third places in piling up a margin of 84 5-6 points over TPI's 45 1-6, in their first outing. They were prepared for the meet by only a few weeks of practice because of the unpredictable Kentucky weather. After losing to Vanderbilt, 56-61, Kentucky came roaring back to topple the combined strength of Georgetown and Centre colleges by a score of 78-42. Led by Weber, who tallied 20 points, the UK men captured 12 firsts and 6 seconds, to build up an over- whelming margin in a meet in which third places were not even counted. Taking first places in all fifteen events, the Wildcats nearly multiplied Berea's total by four in the meet that was to be the warmup for the SEC meet held in Alabama. The final tally was Kentucky 104, and Berea 27. UK also took seven seconds and seven thirds in this meet to pile up their highest score of the season. Plans for 1948 include the organization of a chapter of the National Society of the Spiked Shoe, a frater- nity for men that have letters in track. There will be a cross country team beginning next season, besides a possible Kentucky Relay, to be an invitational event. Tennis The UK tennis team, although blocked and almost tackled several times by rain, an inadequate schedule, and an all-over lack of enthusiasm from the University, finished their season with three wins and five losses. Elmer Reusch proved the only ray of sunshine on Kentucky's damp, clay courts, as his game .im- proved steadily throughout the season. Reusch didn't even make the team for the first part of the season, but broke in with a win as the number six man, in the first Wildcat encounter with the Centre Colonels, of Danville, garnering one of the three team points. At the next match, with Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ruesch displaced Juan Balzola and won the number five match, as Kentucky won 7 to 0. The next match, with Centre, Reusch ousted Bob Collins from the number four position, finishing the season in that spot. Tommy Asbury, number two man, won the most individual matches, five, losing only to Notre Dame, Cincinnati, and Sewanee. Danny Dickerson, Kentucky's ace, had tough going, winning only from Xavier and Berea twice. With only live days' practice, due to lack of all weather tennis courts, the Wildcat netmen journeyed to Sewanee and back, losing 9 to 0 during their disastrously short stay. Fresh from one day of practice, the Wildcats scratched and clawed on the University of Cincinnati's cement courts without making a mark, losing again, 9 to 0. Defeating Berea 9 to 0 built up the Cat's morale, but not quite high enough to counteract the 9 to 0 crushing loss to Notre Dame. Out'of the eleven men who participated in the tennis matches, seven received letters: Tommy As- bury, Juan Balzola, Bob Collins, Danny Dickerson, Ed Lander, Elmer Reusch, and Omar Tatum. Lo Gettv, Schvrlc, Coach Holland, Bl'f'll,L'l1SliPll'l, Christi-n Thompson, Maine, Hurst, Linton Fencing Team Louis Brown Frebert Thompson Mickey Kaufmann Louis Brown K. R. Miller Holland George Christen FOIL TEAM Frank Linton William Scherle Lionel King DUELLING SWORD TEAM Charles LeGette K. R. Miller Holland SABER TEAM Christen. Holland john A. Breitenstein Albert Hurst Charles LeGette M. Joel Ungerleider Reuben A. Maine Stanley Hayes COACH K. R. Miller Holland FACULTY SPONSOR C. W. Hackensmith Golf With a record of seventeen wins, one tie, and one loss, the Kentucky varsity golf team finished the season sporting the best record of any UK team, including the basketball team, which was rated No. 1 throughout the cage season. Leading the all-freshman quartet was Captain Johnny Owens of Lexington, who was the actual as well as the nominal leader of the '47 Wildcat linkmen. Five times during the season he posted a score in the sixties, including a five-under-par 61 over the Miami, Ohio, greens, to average a score of just a fraction over 72, the par of an average course, for the 19-match campaign. Topping the par-busting Kentuckiens in the num- ber of triumphs was Marvin Lear, also of Lexington, who was downed by his individual rival only once in 19 starts. But it must be remembered that Owens drew the opponents' top shotmaker in every match and still finished with a record of 15 wins against four losses. Bill Dudley Baker, also a Lexington product, downed 12 men, tied two, and received setbacks from five others, while Leland CBudl Lewis, of Ashland, held in reserve for the first six engagements, came on in fine style to win 11 matches, lose two and tie one. Before being sidelined because of academic difficul- ties, Dick Hicks, another Lexingtonian, won all of his starts to finish with a perfect record of six wins, suffering no losses or ties. Hicks was last year's Kentucky captain ard winner of the state amateur title last summer. After the close of the season this spring, Captain Owens continued his below-par firing to win the Winchester Memorial Invitational toumament for the third time. Marvin Lear, also a toumey entry, won the final match in the fourth fiight. Over the same Maysville course where he won the '45 Kirk Memorial toumey, Owens won the 12th Annual Chippeways, invitational toumament of the Maysville Country Club, over his UK teammate, Hicks. In becoming the first two-time winner this first winner's trophy came in '45J Owens was the tourney medalist. Lear, continuing to rise in his golfing activities, finished third in the contest by winning the finals of the second Hight. Kentucky's scores for the 19-match schedule are printed below, with the UK niblickers' points given first each time. UK nearly trebled the score over their opponents by picking up 306 of the possible 420, and giving up only 114 points. 12 6 Vanderbilt 18 18 Notre Dame- 29 7 Louisville 1 6 1 IA West. Mich. 14 7 Purdue 1 1 M 6 M Xavier 22 5 Miami 10 8 Cincinnati 14 M 3 IA Tennessee 10 M 7 IA Georgia Tech 2 2 IA 4 lb Cincinnati 1 5 3 Tennessee 3 15 Georgia Tech- 2 1 6 Xavier 1 7 1 Eastem 14 W 6 IA Miami 18 0 Eastern 1 7 1 Centre 20 7 Centre Intramurals Intramural sports had one of the largest years in Kentucky history with 2,682 individuals participating in 15 sports and 22 toumaments during the fall, winter, and spring months. The over-all participation trophy, presented annu- ally before the war, was reinstated and the coveted prize went to the Delta Tau Delta fratemity. The ATO's received the runner-up trophy, and the SAE's finished third. Under the guidance of Bill McCubbin, intramural director, the student sports program was enlarged be- yond its pre-war size, and additional expansion plans are figured for 1948. Touch football highlighted the fall schedule, and 20 teams scrimmaged on the gridiron for the cham- pionship that finally went to the Sigma Chis. In volleyball, it was the Sigs again, winning this time in a 14-team tournament played in Alumni Gym. Golf and tennis rounded out the fall program, with both doubles and singles offered in each sport. The Delts, off to an early start in the trophy race, claimed both events. Bill List copped the singles crown, and Marvin Lear teamed with J im Stewart for the doubles title. The SAE's captured the tennis toumeys. Bill Evans took the singles, and joined with George Dudley to win the doubles. For the winter quarter, basketball was the main attraction, and 40 teams signed up for the competi- tion. After a hard-fought elimination tournament which saw favorite after favorite drop from the run- ning, Sigma Chi was victorious. Bill Barlow of the Sigma Nus outlasted 42 con- testants and won the free-throw contest. Bowling was initiated into the intramural program, and 108 keglers from 14 teams rolled for the trophies. The Phi Sigma Kappa team, a dark horse in the running, finished an easy winner. Badminton and ping-pong made up the balance of the winter intramurals, with singles and doubles in both sports being offered. All four drew large fields, and while Jerry Thomton took the singles in ping- pong for the ATO's and Bill Corman and Dave Hatchett, an Alpha Sigma Phi team, walked off with the doubles, the newly organized Lambda Chi Alphas dominated badminton. Nathan Smith topped 43 men in the singles and with the assistance of Jim Dance brought home the doubles prize. Spring intramurals saw three new sports introduced into the program. Boxing and wrestling were offered for the first time since the war and had a combined registration of more than 50 musclemen. Large crowds witnessed the battles held at night under the ring lights in Alumni Gym. The Delts came through in both sports to virtually cinch the partici- pation trophy with six tournaments still undecided. Again golf and tennis singles and doubles were in- cluded. The Kappa Alphas ruled the golf links this time and recorded their first wins. Bill Griffin was the singles champion, and Charles Gorman played with Lucien Kinsolving for the doubles title. The tennis singles ended with a fast final match between Teddy Ray and the 1945-46 defending champ, Bill Sullivan, both Phi Delta Thetas. Sullivan won and retained the crown. ATO's Claude Sprowls and jerry Thornton defeated all opponents in the doubles. Track made its debut during the spring session, and 283 thinlies entered in the meet. The Sigma Chis and the SAE's fielded the largest groups of con- testants, and the final results showed the SAE's first and the Sigs a decided second. Softball brought down the curtain on the year's intramural program, and the hard-luck Phi Kappa Taus finally recorded a winner in the 22-team com- petition. The SAE's were knocked out of the toumament and dropped second place in the participation contest to the ATO's, but the Delts remained safely out in front and rode home easy winners for the year. 1 .. . Vfkwf Intramurals N ' Q ' rx' 'BEST S f ,yy .,:?,:. QQ J ff X Ir -QAQ f X XXX A k :X X Q I K 'lr r Kgsgvclcqi X LAW ix, IGM? I Q vga 5 Z X - ',I"l lilly . X Q X xv- WWW A A I II . J N' i 3 l, , M o Mx Q fiw Q9 " A W ' N mm 3' 5 f x " ha B o 0 0 Kentuckian EDITOR Thomas E. Gish Gish ASSOCIATE EDITORS MANAGING EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER Charles Whaley Helen Dorr Charles R. Harris Cary Lawson ASS'T. BUSINESS MANAGER Harold Friedly Amy Price Dorr, Whaley, Lawson, Friedly, Harris Barbara Brown Peggy Puryear James Lee Woods Kentuckian EDITORIAL STAFF Baxter Meton Martha Yates Beth Bicknell Kenneth Fortune Tom Drescher Mary Lou Olsen Gerald Britt Frances Jenkins Anderson O. C. Halyard Barbara Brough Winfield Leathers BUSINESS STAFF Virginia W. Minter Helen Olmstead Roberta Mary Anderson Judith Ann Jackson Carolyn Hays Sally A. Branch Juanita Warren James Elmo Peavley Brown, Puryear, Wood, Price, Potts, Britt, Brough, Melton Meyer, Olmstead, Yates, Peavely, Derr, Rains, Jackson, Bicknell Warren, Anderson, Fortune, Drescher, Minter, Anderson, Olsen, Hays Kernel The Kernel provides training for future journal- ists and an outlet for student opinion. From a weekly of strong opinion, virulent attacks, and "good-will" advertising, it has developed since the first issue in 1915 into a weekly of campus news coverage, editorial campaigns, objective presentation, interpretation, and profit-returning advertising. The newspaper is printed in a 360,000 student- operated plant, which contains three linotypes, two automatic Kelly presses, and a Duplex press capable of printing 3,500 papers an hour. On the pages of The Kernel are found campus news, editorials, sports coverage, notices, gossip and other columns, and features. It furnishes an actual laboratory for tyro journalists. Many graduates of the department of journalism who are now successful newspapermen had their start as reporters for The Kemel. EDITOR Pat Burnett NEWS EDITOR MANAGING EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER Tom Duncan Casey Goman Tom Gregory Duncan Goman, Gregory ASSIS'T MANAGING EDITOR Jack Sorrelle ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR Frederick Nichols SPORTS EDITOR Baxter Melton ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR O. C. Halyard Emily Asbury Elizabeth Ann Bicknell Barbara Brough Helen Deiss Tom Diskin Jim Donovan Helen Dorr Kernel FEATURE EDITOR Orman Wright SOCIETY EDITOR Janey Jameson REWRITE EDITOR Tilly Thompson REPORTERS Martha Evans Garnett Gayle Bill Ginn Tommy Gish John Irvin Winfield Leathers Martha Myers ADVERTISING SOLICITORS George Barker Edgar Wilson Dick Stofer Betty Tuttle CIRCULATION MANAGER Jane Hamersley Amy Price George Smith Albert Stubbs Janet Sulzer Charles Whaley Jim Wood Harry Wright Hamersley, Nichols, Donovan, Wright, Jameson, Barker, Melton Whaley, Halyard, Wood, Tuttle, Sorrelle, Bicknell, Wilson Thompson, Gish, Asbury, Sulzer, Diskin, Brough 205 Kentucky Engineer Ye ur' , Peters ASSOCIATE EDITORS Alice Phillips Kaback John A. Miller Jeanette Reynolds CIRCULATION MANAGER Ellen Ziglar ASSISTANTS Thomas E. Anderson James C. Wash William R. Wash Dan L. Pferrer EDITOR Betty Peters FACULTY ADVISERS F. J. Cheek S. A. Mory H. A. Romanowitz R. B. Knight M. W. Beebe FEATURE EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER W. R. Ingram Anne Phillips ASSISTANTS ASSISTANTS John J. David, Jr. G. C. Ethington, Jr. Albert Surmont, Jr. ADVERTISING MANAGER Marjorie Sulzer Walter W. Aton James W. Ridgway Charles L. Taylor Jack R. Bell Davis S. Fields Dossie B. Haas James Mokas James L. Morrissey ASSISTANTS Robert B. Buckner George B. Griffin Auval Hurt Rogers, Reynolds, Kaback, Phillips, Ziglar, Miller, Bell Aton Morrise Elder Ethin ton David Wri ht Kem , Y. , 8 , . 8 . Del' Hogan, Chapman, Pferrer, J. Wash, Martin, W. Wash, Donovan Kentucky Law Journal Established on the Univerity of Kentucky Campus in 1913 PURPOSE To develop skillful research among the students and to encourage writing in the legal field. It fosters growth in the law by publishing articles written by prominent men upon subjects pertaining to the law, and increases the prestige of the Law college through the circulation of scholarly material among legal practitioners. STUDENT EDITOR MANAGING EDITOR Selby Hurst William Coldiron FACULTY ADVISER James E. Adkins James C. Brock William E. Francis William Gilbreath Doyle Inman Roy Moreland STAFF J. Pelham Johnston John Kinnaird Giles J. McCarthy Arnett Mann Bertel M. Sparks Durward Weldon Hurst Adkins, Kinnaird, Brock, Johnston, Inman Gilbreath, Mann, Walden, McCarthy, Francis, Sparks V w r P flow 'E M,."Sgt. A. W, Segerquist, T,fSgt. J. C. Jones, T. Sgt. Ollie E. Day, T.'Sgt. C. M. Ferguson. Sgt. William L. McDaniel, MfSgL. Edward B. Raber, MfSgt. Emer O. Kinker, M."Sgt. J. C. Durr Lt. Col. John L. Carter, Lt. Col. G. P. Lerner, Maj. Edgar L. Kiser, Capt. L. E. Spears, Capt. R. E. Ellison Lt. Col. Jerome Tarter, Col. G, T. Mackenzie, Maj. D. W, Glenn Military Staff The object of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps at the University of Kentucky is to provide systematic military training for the purpose of qualifying selected students as Reserve Officers in the military forces of the United States. This objective is attained by em- ploying methods which fit men physically, mentally, and morally for pursuits of peace as well as for duties as leaders in the defensive forces of the nation in an emergency. The primary purpose of all training is the development of character, leadership, and good citizen- shipg character through high standards of honor and integrity, leadership through the acquisition and use of knowledge, good citizenship through the idea of service as the real measurement of accomplishment and success. During the past year the ROTC has experienced a rapid growth. The Elementary and Advanced Course enrollment has more than doubled in the past year. The majority of the students entering the Advanced Course are veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps with continuous service ranging between one and four years. In addition to the estab- lished Infantry and Signal Corps units, an Air Force ROTC unit was activated at the beginning of the ROTC Regimental Staff fall quarter. The University Staff and the students have received the Air Force program enthusiastically. The post war courses include the following new sub- jects which have stimulated the interests of the stu- dents: World Military Situation, Occupied Territories Military Problems, and Methods of Instruction. The Regiment turned out for close order drill at the beginning of the spring quarter. Almost immedi- ately the Regiment was called upon to perform a full-dress review. During the same week, the entire ROTC Unit participated in an Army Day Parade through the city of Lexington. Upon completion of these activities, the attention of the ROTC was focused on May 13th the date of the War Department Annual Inspection. Every effort was made to prepare the Regiment for a commendable performance on that date. On the date of the Inspection, the Regiment was in excellent condition and performed in a manner that was a credit to both the students and the Univer- sity. On May 21st, the Regiment participated in Military Field Day. Companies, Platoons, Squads and Individuals competed against one another for high honors and drill proficiency. Cadet Corp. Howard Wiles, Cadet Mfsgt. Ralph McCracken, Cadet Mfsgt. John E. Walden, Cadet Corp. Charles E. Hatcher, Cadet Corp. Alexander H. Calvert Cadet Maj. James C. Chestnut, Cadet Capt. James S. Tucker, Cadet Capt. Thomas H. Maxedon, Cadet Second Lieutenant Alan C. Watson Cadet Lt. Col. William Blackford First Battalion Staff lLeft to right! Cadet lst Lt. Charles H. Wills, Cadet Capt. Glen E. Martin, Cadet Maj. Buriiell Willson, Cadet Capt. William G. Kendall, Cadet Capt. William T. Survaiit, Cadet MfSgt. Leonard L. Preston Second Battalion Staff r'Left to right! Cadet M'Sgt. Denver L. Farmer, Cadet 1st Lt. William E. Tuttle, Cadet Capt. Elbert A Cheek, Cadet lst Lt. Dalton B. Caldwell, Cadet M,'Sgt. William J. Detherage C o m p a n y A CADET CAPTAIN Glenn E. Martin CADET FIRST LIEUTENANTS William E. Byron J. E. Lawson C. R. Barker D. M. Peyton W. G. McIntyre C. S. Corbin J. M. Pride J. B. Frick William B. McAllister L. G. Wright L. O. Denton E. P. Benton CADET SECOND LIEUTENANTS R. W. Preston CADET SER GEANTS W. T. Boyd J. P. Bailey L. F. Wisner N. L. Tucker K. Wells J. W. Kiger W. R. Mayberry J. L. Rice G. P. Thompson M. D. Hodges A. W. Wright W. T. Taylor H. G. Lea J. W. Bassett C. E. Van Hoose W. A. Scott B. P. Johnson W. R. Bilger C. H. Wills E. D. Baird G. Weatherspoon E. F. Albrecht J. T. Horb W. L. Humphress M. R. Kirchhoff C. W. Jacobs M. S. Jackson R. M. Fuller B. C. Wilhoit C o m p a n y B CADET FIRST LIEUTENANTS P. L. Pearce CADET SECOND LIEUTENANTS W. H. Williams CADET SERGEANTS W. S. Powell M. R. Hay M. D. McGinnis J. S. Humphress W. B. Macke G. E. Kitchen E. T. King A. E. Willingham j. H. Caudill D. E. Mann R. B. Simmons J. F. Van Sant W. D. Bailey H. D. Stanton R. D. Lyon G. H. Wilder W. L. Smith W. G. McCollum H. C. Current Ralph W. Perkins B. V. Halbert L. H. Shelton B. I. Biggerstaff R. B. Simon W. N. Cornett W. W. Smither William R. Lint C. I. Bradhaw W. B. Martin D. A. Johnson Company W. H. Survant CADET FIRST LIEUTENANTS CADET SECOND LIEUTENANTS J. J. Blackbum CADET SER GEANTS W. M. Taylor W. P. Jones J. W. Carr Dixie Mullin J. B. Garwood C. R. Wilson H. H. Brinkley F. G. Crary P. S. Burton H. C. Friedly H. K. Shelburne J. B. Vigle S. R. Powell O. Saylor H. W. Settle J. H. Thompson J. W. Moore J. Palumbo J. E. Deaton W. E. Tuttle W. E. Hahn W. A. Toombs R. V. Gaitskill J. L. Peavley M. L. Tinsley G. Harville E. H. Sutherland A. H. Miller Company D CADET FIRST LIEUTENANTS C. L. Thornsbury CADET SECOND LIEUTENANTS Roy C. Perkins CADET SERGEANTS J. E. Shelton C. B. Overfield S. T. Bryant C. L. Cockrel L. G. Savage C. J. Kuhling A. M. Trigg C. H. Ferguson P. H. Threlkeld K. L. Guthrie H. A. Jepson George Martin H. T. Hunt J. D. Murphy J. M. Craig P. R. Power J. P. Gorman J. K. Steele R. M. Levy B. Ross T. W. Eades H. C. Roberts J. R. Howe J. H. King O. C. Bradley L. F. Sadler E. R. Ramsey E. M. Luttrell L. R. Hensley E. M. Shane L. E. Karr C o m p a 11 y E CADET CAPTAIN J. S. Roop CADET FIRST LIEUTENANTS R. G. Simpson H. O. Hemple CADET SECOND LIEUTENANTS W. B. Mardis CADET SERGEANTS L. S. Carter W. T. Harbett R. M. Shearer C. M. Brawner Burnell Wilson W. R. Williams R. T. Snelling M. L. Jones J. H. Bassham J. B. Edwards R. L. Kimberly W. Estill C. R. Fisher T. M. Francis W. F. Hamilton E. W. Waller E. A. Schuster R. Harp Infantry, Advanced Course James C. Chestnut Elbert A. Cheek James E. Lawson Eugene D. Baird Charles R. Barker James H. Bassham john J. Blackburn W. M. Byron Dalton B. Caldwell CADET LIEUTENANT COLONEL William Blackford CADET MAJORS CADET CAPTAINS Thomas H. Maxedon William E. Tuttle CADET FIRST LIEUTENANTS William T. Survant CADET SECOND LIEUTENANTS James B. Garwood Burt V. Halbert III Hugo O. Hemple, Jr. Herbert A. Jepson, Jr. William B. Mardis Ralph W. Perkins Roy C. Perkins Bingham H. Willson James S. Tucker Charles L. Thornsbury Houston C. Roberts Randolph G. Simpson Allan C. Watson William H. Williams Charles H. Wills Lloyd G. Wright Infantry, Advanced Course Erwin F. Albrecht, Jr. Edward P. Benton Ben I. Biggerstaff, Jr. Ova C. Bradley Charles I. Bradshaw Charles M. Brawner Samuel T. Bryant John W. Carr James H. Caudill Clement L. Cockrel Carl S. Corbin Lowell O. Denton William J . Detherage Denver L. Farmer Crawford J . Ferguson, III Robert V. Gaitskill Keith L. Guthrie William E. Hahn William D. Bailey John W. Bassett William R. Bilger Hugh H. Brinkley Paul S. Burton Frederich G. Crary Harold C. Friedly, Jr. John P. Gorman James R. Howe Earl T. King CADET SERGEANTS William T. Harbett Gladney Harville Lee R. Hensley Morris D. Hodges Joseph G. Humphress Marvin S. Jackson Carroll W. Jacobs, Jr. Denton A. Johnson John W. Kiger John H. King, Jr. Martin R. Kirchoff Charles J. Kuhling Eugene M. Luttrell Dexter E. Mann William B. Martin William B. McAllister William G. McIntyre CADETS Granville E. Kitchen Howard G. Lea Raymond M. Levy Robert D. Lyon William B. Macke William R. Mayberry Kenneth D. McGinnis Joseph F. Rice Oscar Saylor Robert B. Simmons Robert B. Simon Alvin H. Miller Dixie Mullin Jame E. Peavley Samuel R. Powell Leonard L. Preston Emmet M. Shane Robert M. Shearer Harold K. Shelburne Louis H. Shelton Jack D. Spickard William O. Springate Edward H. Sutherland John E. Walden II Glenn Weatherspoon Kenneth Wells Byron C. Wilhoit William R. Williams Burnell Wilson Woodrow W. Smither Harry D. Stanton James K. Steele Wilbur T. Taylor William M. Taylor Clifford E. Van Hoose Jesse F. Van Sant John B. Vigle Athlyn E. Willingham Alvin W. Wright Scott, Ramsey, Pride, Peyton, Waller McCollum, Threlkeld S 'th Th u , mn , ompson, Deaton, Carter, Wilder, Bilger Kimberly, McCracken, Palumbo, Current, Johnson, Harp, Eades, Boyd G, Thompson, Pearce, Martin, Roop, Kendall, Wilson Signal Corps, Advanced Course W. R. Bilger W. T. Boyd L. S. Carter H. C. Current J. E. Deaton T. W. Eades R. Harp CADET CAPTAINS G. E. Martin J. S. Roop CADET FIRST LIEUTENANTS P. L. Pearce W. G. Kendall CADET SECOND LIEUTENANTS G. P. Thompson C. R. Wilson CADET SERGEANTS B. P. Johnson R. L. Kimberly W. G. McCollum R. M. McCracken, Jr. J. Palumbo D. M. Peyton J. M. Pride E. R. Ramsey W. A. Scott W. L. Smith J. H. Thompson P. H. Threlkeld E. W. Waller G. H. Walker Air Corps, Advanced Course CADET SERGEANTS J. P. Bailey C. B. Brownfield J. M. Craig J. B. Edwards W. Estill C. R. Fisher T. M. Francis J. B. Frich W. F. Hamilton M. R. Hay J. Herb W. L. Humphress H. Hunt M. L. Jones W. P. Jones L. E. Karr J. W. Moore J. D. Murphy T. A. Patterson W. M. Powell P. R. Powers M. G. Reynolds F. Sadler L. G. Savage H. W. Settle C. E. Shadowen J. W. Siry M. K. Snyder E. Supe C. E. Taylor M. R. Taylor H. H. Thompson W. R. Toombs N. L. Tucker J. J. Wilkins L. F. Wisner Karr, Craig, Toombs, Estill, Tucker, Patterson, Hay, Humphress, Moorv Brownfield, Bailey, Reynolds, Edwards, Supe, Shadowen, Savage, Herb. W. Jones, Settle Powers, Siry, Taylor, Murphy, Thompson, Snyder, Wisner, M. Jones, Powell, Hunt Fricli, Hamilton, Fisher, Taylor, Francis, Sadler, Wilkins 22 W, D. Saunders, K. Cummins, D. G. Rice, N. L, Tucker, T. B. Deen M. R, Hay. J. R, Frick, J. Alley, D. Wilson, J. W. Kilroy, D, R. Robinson Capt. R. R. Ellison, E. R. Weakey, E, S. Walters, J. B. Hudson, W. P, Watson, F, A. Bryson. J. F. Rice, M,f'Sgt. E. B. Raber Rifle Despite the fact that the 1946-47 season was the first since 1942 when enrollment in the Military Dept. could be considered normal the Rifle Teams snapped back and turned in perfect records on Postal Meets. The Varsity Team late in getting started was sucess- ful in obtaining nine matches winning all of them. The ROTC Team was able to get a slightly earlier start and fired in 14 Postal meets with a perfect record. The ROTC Team also engaged in the William Randolph Hearst National Intercollegiate ROTC Match and placed eighth in the Second Army Area. It was more fortunate in the Second Army Inter- Collegiate where it placed fifth and thus earned the right to be one of the teams representing the Second Army in the National ROTC Inter-Collegiate. Results Team have not been received to date on this match but the scores submitted are higher than in the past and it is felt that there is an excellent opportunity for a good standing. Those men whose efforts and ability did a great deal to produce this record include Master Sergeant Elmer Kinker, assistant coachg Whit Watson, and Edwin Walters of the Varsity, and Jimmie Ally, Meddis Hay, Delbert Robinson and Ryburn Weakley of the ROTC. It was a rare afternoon that several of these men could not be found on the range at practice. To the ROTC freshmen go the bulk of the credit for the work accomplished. The ROTC Squad included over twenty men with only two Juniors and three Sophmores listed. 1 N, It ., -lw Xp.: +V K' g q f ff 'I Aww f ,,r- WMV ? is Mfvq W N Un X ' ,j j V' . ' 5Q-,-Q GD Electrical Engineers Founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1884 Installed on the University oi Kentucky campus in 1910 PURPOSE To contribute to the technical and general development of students of electrical engineer- ingg to offer the opportunity to begin a lifetime connection with the national organization in electrical engineering and for acquaintance with the personnel and the problems of those engaged in this field. Also to aid in the development of the latent abilities of students by giving them opportunities to carry on activities similar to those carried on by the Institute, such as holding meetings, presentation and discussion of papers, reports, abstracts, etc.g participation in inspection trips to places of engineering interest. Howard G. Stewart . Eugene Amburgey Betty C. Peters James R. Alley David Alper Eugene Amburgey George C. Barnett Frank J. Blankenship Kenneth Blythe Seth T. Botts Joseph A. Boyd Charles Boyle James R. Burdsal Jefferson D. Caudill Claude V. Chandler Charles E. Chapman Robert F. Clark Joseph M. Connelly John Joseph David, Jr. R. W. Eubank Eugene R. Ferguson William Scott Fields M. Jack Fisher Joseph H. Fothergill FACULTY ADVISER Brinkley Barnett OFFICERS MEMBERS James William Frasure Graham S. Higgins Ray Ellis Hill Matthew J. Hogan Thornton L. Johnson, Jr Vemon F. Kalb J. Marie Kemper Karl D. Kirk Donald G. Lowry Chester R. Martin Joseph T. Maupin Bernard W. Mayberger John A. Miller Arthur A. Nierenberg Chester H. Paris Betty C. Peters William R. Peyton Raymond G. Preece Kenneth L. Rectenwald Horace Redding Rufus Ritchie . . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Ratliff Rogers James H. Satterfield William Warren Schick Julian Sellers Austin L. Shelley Walter Siegel Howard G. Stewart Harold O. Story Ray S. Taylor Wallace R. Taylor Leon F. Trimble Layton C. Tuggle Lloyd B. Tune Clay D. Vallandingham William E. Waters J. S. Weller Robert I. Westerlield, Jr James M. White Lucille R. Wilson Luke C. Wooldridge Clement A. Zoellers o o M1n1ng and Metallurgy The local chapter of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers is the Norwood Student Chapter. FACULTY ADVISER C. S. Crouse PROFESSIONAL ADVISER Frank W. Button, Jr. Edward S jones . . H. L. Kirkpatrick . Reuben C. Dennard E. Theodore Beck jack W. Begley Herman Bernstein Robert B. Boies W. H. Bronston Kenneth B. Bruckart Frank W. Button, Jr. Reuben G. Dennard Denny R. Duff Frederic L. Dupree F. L. Eblen H. Comer Wolf OFFICERS MEMBERS Boyd E. Jessee Edward S. Jones H. L. Kirkpatrick John D. Longabaugh W. T. McClain Robert B. Neal C. E. Parks Bart N. Peak, Jr. Joe L. Robbins Haskell J. Ross . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Louis H. Shelton Edward B. Taylor Melvin L. Tinsley john E. Walden Donald Warren John R. Warren S. J. Whalen Ed C. Whitfield William H. Wise Ben Whitmer James L. Wyatt 5 Civil Engineers Founded in New York City, 1852 Installed on the University ol Kentucky campus in 1921 PURPO SE To afford an opportunity for the members of the Civil Engineering class to become acquaintedg to promote a spirit of congeniality between the classesg to acquaint the members with topics of interest to Civil Engineering students through the medium of popular addresses by competent speakers and membersg and to foster a professional spirit among the students. FACULTY ADVISER A. L. Chambers OFFICERS Staley F. Adams . . . .... President A. E. Green . . . . Vice-President Anne Phillips . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS S. F. Adams W. B. Drake O. Alsop Barbara E. Dyche S. J. Amato P. R. Ellis M. J. Amburgey W. E. Endicott M. A. Bauer Carolyn B. Eubanlf W. R. Belcher W. H. Finnie J. R. Brown H. D. Fox J. Brummett G. R. Bryan R. Burch P. H. Carigan C. W. Carmack C. L. Carr H. L. Carr F. H. Cawood J. H. Clark J. A. Clutts F. P. Cole T. S. Combs R. B. Conlee J. G. Crawford F. C. Curtis C. C. Dalton J. W. Dalton A. W. Daugherty R. H. Davis T. R. Galloway M. H. Gifford R. M. Gillim N. I. Goff A. E. Green C. L. Haggard Theo. Haggard H. Hall C. A. Hart J. Hays C. B. Hill W. L. Humphress W. R. Ingram J. E. Johnston G. E. Jones Alice P. Kaback J. C. King J. P. Krug W. H. Kruse R. E. Kunhein W. E. Leegan J. L. LeMaster L. W. List G. C. Martin L. P. Mathews J. H. McElroy W. H. McLel1and J. C. McMillion J. R. Mercer J. E. Miller G. O. Miller E. Moldovan D. F. Monfort C. E. Moore G. H. Moore L. F. Moore R. J. Mulholland L. H. Myers E. W. Nelson J. S. Newby J. E. Owsley Anne C. Phillips P. S. Powell W. P. Ringo C. D. Roberts F. G. Rowe G. C. Sakona D. L. Sallee L. G. Savage J. L. Scott J. W. Scott J. B. Steele E. Steneck IQ H. Stern Ralph Sullivan R. L. Teeter D. L. Trapp O. M. Van Arsdell G. F. Vansant F. L. Walker H. M. Walker R. A. Wallace J. H. Walthall J. C. Wash F. A. Wesley B. H. Wetherby O. P. Wheat C. B. Wooldridge J. R. Wooten W. W. Wichman R. G. Wright B. J. Yelton Ellen J. Ziglar MEMBERS echanical Engineers , Founded in New York City, 1880 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus, 1911 PURPOSE To promote an appreciation of personal contacts, an interest in the field of mechanical engineering and to afford its members an opportunity to become acquainted with the person- nel and activities of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. FACULTY ADVISER T. Rankin Terry OFFICERS C. E. Youngblood . . . . . . Chairman William C. Caywood Vice-Chairman H. Jerry Macke . . . Secretary H. B. Abbott C. J. Baker A. G. Craig O. R. Brown R. H. Carrier J. D. Crabtree F. M. Mahan J. E. Morreah J. L. Morrissey E. L. Elder A. L. Davis R. Newcome C. H. Fox W. J. Donovan A. P. Rogers J. G. Hamby H. W. Estil J. D. Schreck J. O. Lewis M. J. Evans R. D. Schumann F. L. Milburn F. M. Foley M. L. Simms H. E. Pope O. W. Gard J. D. Slaton J. Reynolds N. H. Hail J. H. Snodgrass R. G. Schneider F. A. Heilman W. C. Staley D. E. Ward J. L. Hicks M. C. Sulzer F. M. Wells D. M. Hysinger M. A. Vila D. F. Barker W. H. Kelley W. A. Wade E. Boggs A. T. Kendrick R. P. Warner B. B. Bolton E. M. Kenney J . J. Willis F. C. Leach 2 Founded at the University of Kentucky, 1940 To further interest William Hatfield . . Mildred Colvin Jackson Beverly Jeanne Davis Taylor L. Davidson Ruth Albright Frances Bach Doris Beck Virginia Callos Stuart W. Cohen Helen Lucille Crawford Taylor L. Davidson Beverly Jeanne Davis PURPOSE and enjoyment of art a FACULTY ADVISER Raymond Barnhart OFFICERS MEMBERS Harriet Freeman Gloria Hartman William Hatfield Betty Higgins Mildred Colvin jackson Ann Lair Mary LaMaster mong the students. . . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Martha Linney William C. Mahan Kathryn Robins Daniel N. Shindelbower Martha Stivers Cecil Thrasher, Jr. Polly Tuttle John Vigle Bacteriological Society Founded on the University of Kentucky campus, 1935 PURPOSE The advancement of the science of Bacteriology and the promotion of fellowship among the members. Margaret Boone Davis Mary Jo Farmer . Mary Lou Keyser Barbara Janet Virginia Agee Barbara Janet Allen Cordelia Alexander Louise Ayres Evelyn Becker Bernard Berkowitz Joyce Blades Colbern Borger Art Brown Rafael Cartine Elnor Castle Sally Clark Ella Marshall Cloyd Cherry Cohen Charles E. Craft Juanita Crawford Betty Davis Margaret B. Davis Marjorie Doliber Ann Dorrah Eleanor Duns Joseph Elston Phyllis Etters Mary Jo Farmer Angela Fabrizio FACULTY ADVISER Dr. R. H. Weaver OFFICERS MEMBERS Charlotte Ferguson Frances Foster Paul Frank Marge Furneaux Mary Frances Gleason Joyce Goldberg Milton Goldberg Rita Greenwald Juanita Harris Martha Hatter Ann Howard Pat Jackson Mary Lou Keyser Melvin Lieberman Joyce Mackey De1iafN. Maninng J. W. Marion Mary V. McAdams Frances McGowan Ruth Mount Martha Muth Virginia Nave Barbara Owens Edith Owens Frances Pritchett . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Martha Ann Prewett Pat Quinn Peggy Reynolds Denver Robertson Mary Ann Roll Ann Rompf Audrey Sanner Margaret Sibert Mollie Simms Jane Stevens Robert Stone John M. Stewart Rhodes Stuart Betty Jane Taylor Martha Taylor Dorothy Titsworth Lorraine Turck LeMoyne Unkefer Adele Urbach Mazelle VanCleve Jane Wall Delores Wallace Mary Elizabeth Wallace Robert Weaver Jimmie Wilson Baptist Student Union Founded at the University of Georgia in 1922 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1931 PURPOSE To connect the Baptist students of the University to the local Baptist churches and to unify all the voluntary religious activity of Baptist students on the campus. ADVISERS Dr. William Taylor, Rev. O'Ray Weeks OFFICERS Reita Redden . . . . . . . . President Anne Biggerstaff, J. C. Lewis . . . First Vice-President Dorothy Titsworth, Tommy Johnson . Second Vice-President Jean Amis .... Third Vice-PresidentL Catherine Plain . Secretary Bethel Burdine Treasurer COUNCIL MEMBERS Ben Biggerstaff, Jr. Hoge Hockensmith Bill Pennebaker Sam Brentz Nora Lee Johnson Georgia Pruden Linville Bush Fred Chumbler Gene Crawford Marie Crawford Julian Dyer Mary Fulton Rae Johnson Lorraine Kent Lyle Lowry Bill McLelland Marvin Nicholson Charlotte Reed Bill Robinson Edyth Routt Helen Trout Joyce Trout Evelyn Peavy Mary Helen Wilder Ann Peel Biggerstaff, Peel, Amis, Redden, Lewis, Plain, Burdine, B. Biggerstaff Crawford, Brents, G. Crawford, Johnson. Bush, Pruden, Wilder, Kent Fulton, Peavy, Chumbler, Reed, Hockensmith, Johnson, Trout, Routt Cosmopolitan Club Founded af the University oi Kentucky in 1921 PURPOSE Friendship, fellowship, and promotion of understanding and good different countries. Dorothy Collins Ramon Selles . Phyllis Draper Mrs. Karl Schneider Karl Schneider Manuel Antonio Arce Mrs. Hume Bedford Manuel Beers Laura Bentley A. E. Bigge Mrs. A. E. Bigge FACULTY ADVISERS Martha Huber OFFICERS MEMBERS Helene Bourdis Morris Broyles Mrs. Morris Broyles A. E. Bureau Mrs. A. E. Bureau Margaret Campbell will among students of Bart Peak . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Graziella Capablanca Rafael Angel Cartin Alan Clark Mrs. Alan Clark Dorothy Collins Dr. H. L. Donovan Canterbury Club Founded at New Yor Installed on the Uni k State Teacher's College in 1918 versity of Kentucky campus in 1 945 PURPOSE To serve the mission of Christianity in higher education by fostering among the students of the University of Kentucky a better understanding of the faith and practice of the Episcopal church and loyalty to its corporate life. James E. Morriss Robert Estill . Edward Johnstone FACULTY ADVISERS Dr. Ellis F. Hartford Chaplain The Rev. Daniel K. Davis OFFICERS Caroline Van Santvoord .Bill Lyon Lorraine Kitty Adair Henrietta Avent Betty Baehr Mary Battle Peggy Berryman Beth Bicknell Nancy Bird Sally Branch Rebecca Bryan Mary Buckner Ann Button Betty Button George Cannon Helen Carney Hugh Cassell Evelyn Caudel Thomas J. Clark Sidney Coale Thomas Coleman Harry Cooper Gypsy Cosden Gloria Crump C. C. Dalton Bellvia Denson Mary Keith Dosker Carojean Elsey Everett Elsey Turck MEMBERS Bill English Ben Erdman Elizabeth Erdman Phyllis Feldmann Jane Fetter Barbara Fisher Harold Friedly, Jr. Mary Ann Galloway Mildred Gil Ruth Gildart George Graves, III James Gregory Homer Hall Wendell Hall Elise Hartman Joyce Haynes George Heibel Katherine Johnstone Robert Johnstone Ann Keeton Ann Keller Charlotte Knapp Delia Marks William T. McCoy Marilyn Mitchell Ross Moore Polly Mulkey Ray Murphy Socia Dr. C. S. Crouse . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer I Chairman Kathleen Poor Virgil Pryor Jean Sherman Allen Sither Slide Spears Ann Stall Pat Storey Victor Stutz Janet Sulzer Marjorie Sulzer Betty Alden Talbert Marian Talbott Anne Taylor Edwin Taylor Mary Taylor Sara Bennett Thomas Tilly Thompson Frances Treacy Nancy Jean Tutt Thomas Underwood Missie VanMeter William Voorhes Allan C. Watson Katherine Webb Louise Wilson Archie Youngblood Charles E. Youngblood Canterbury Club Van Santvoord, Johnston, Lyons. Estill, Pryor Thompson, Friedly, Ingles, Spillis, Byrd, Erdman Taylor, Sulzer, E. Taylor, Button, Johnston, Cooper Talbott, Stall, Knapp, Youngblood, Erdman, Turck Fetter, Feldman, Bicknell, Haynes, Story, Tutt Dairy Club Founded in 1933 at the University of Kentucky PURPOSE To establish closer relationship between students and the dairy industry. FACULTY ADVISER Dr. H. B. Morrison OFFICERS Thomas Cobb . . . . . President Carl Shearer . . . Vice-President George Freas . Secretary J oe Allen Treasurer MEMBERS joe Allen James Crowley Chester Lawrence George Antle James Blue Carl Clifton Thomas Cobb Russell Conrad Charles Eastin George Freas Landon Garrett Ralph Hayes Kyle Hunter Harold Martin Robert R. Pugh Carl Shearer Ralph Speakes Edwin P. Stamper Disciples Student Fellowship An organized fellowship of college students of the Christian church CDisciples of Christi at the University of Kentucky and Transylvania College and the religious program designed especially for students sponsored by Central Christian Church. PURPOSE 1. To develop loyal and intelligent churchmanship and to promote greater fellowship among Disciples on the campuses of Lexington. 2. To provide a student religious program designed to stimulate a student's thinking in the field of religion to keep pace with an expanding secular knowledge. ADVISERS Gentry A. Shelton, Director of Education and Music at Central Christian Church. Howard W. Stephenson, Student Representative of Central Christian Church on the campus. OFFICERS Wendell Poundstone . . . . . . President Lenore Henry . . Vice-President Barbara Brown Secretary l 3- es- Dutch Lunch Club Founded on the University of Kentucky campus in 1931 PURPOSE To provide an opportunity for town girls and commuters to participate in the program of the Y. W. C. A. FACULTY ADVISER Dorothy Collins OFFICERS Lenora Henry . . . . Beverly Ritchie . . . . President . . Vice- President Mary Ann Bach . Barbara Brown Secretary- Treasurer Food Chairman MEMBERS Mary Ann Bach Lenora Henry Beulah Reed Doris Black Barbara Brown Margie Clegg jean Coleman Betty Compton Edna Crawford Elinor Duns Evelyn Elfers Martha Evans Frances Farmer Mary Jo Farmer Mary Anne Faulkner Jean Hamilton Nancy Hart Virginia Henry Jerry Hinson Fern Jacobs Mary B. LaMaster Margie Mattmiller Mary McRoberts Dois McWilliams June Morton Ruth Mount Elsie Nevitt Margaret Nevius Betty Pennington Nancy Potts Karen Rains Joan Rehm Betty Ree Rhoads Beverly Ritchie Lida Rogers Jean Sherman Mary Louise Skidmore Caroline Smith Martha Stivers Lola Stokes Jane Tutt Phyllis Valleau Sue Warren Jessie Whisman Dorritt White 2 Hillel Foundation Founded at the University oi Chicago in 1921 Installed on the University ol Kentucky campus in 1931 PURPOSE A cultural, religious, and social organization on the campus. OFFICERS Emanuel B. Singer . . . . . President Dorothy Levy Vice-President Rita Greenwald Secretary Morris Rozen Treasurer MEMBERS David Alper Florence Bederman Richard Bensinger Samuel Berman Herman Bernstein Peter Black Robert Bookbinder Louis Brown Marvin Cohen Bernard Farber Samuel Feingersh Myron Finklestein Lawrence Fleischer Herbert Fogel Rosemary Freedman Irvin Gergley Joce Goldberg Julius Goldberg Milton Goldberg Joel Gordon Rita Greenwald Esther Herman Anita Marie Jacobs Lester Kastleman Shirley Keeti Bertrand Klass Alvin Klein Norman Klein Joseph Kramer James Levin J ack Levitt Anita Ruth Levy Dorothy Levy James Levy Raymond Levy joseph Lowenthal Helene Marcus Harry Miller Richard Oko Allene Reinschriber George Reise Morris Rozen Naomi Ruby Oscar Sanders Earl Scherago Martin Schneider Walter Seigel Dolores Shaikum Zelma Sharff E. B. Singer Edythe Shirley Speckter Chester Stein Joseph Ungerleider Adele Jean Urback Richard Weil Norman Wolfson Shirlee Younger Frank Zanovoy 5 1 Home Economics Club PURPOSE To train active and efficient leaders among young women for home and community life and to furnish opportunity through organization for professional activities. In accomplishing this, the club offers an o t 't f f ' ' ' ' Frances Wilhoyte Sue Warren Ann Garrigan . Anne Biggerstaff Jean Amis Toni Bartley Anne Biggerstaff Mae Kathryn Blackford Marjorie Blair Marv Jane Bradfield Betty Bright Ruth Briston Betty Browning Margaret Campbell Hilda Coatney Nadine Combs Pauline Corbin Evalyn Crawford Joyce Cundiff Jane Dabney Emily Daub Amy Dean Dorothy Doyle Eloise Eubank Jean Eubank Evelyn Ewing Emery Flanders Suzanne Futch Ann Garrigan Maxine Garrigan Do Ann Goldman Emogene Gregory ppor um y or un and friendship among Home Economics girls. FACULTY ADVISER Elizabeth Helton OFFICERS MEMBERS Evelyn Hammond Neree Hatcher Carolyn Hensley Vivian Hines Frances Horlacher Nannie Ingels Mary Queen Jewell Violet Jones Nora Lee Johnson Kay Johnstone Jo Ann Kloecker Florence Landrum Betty Lawless Betty Ligon Virginia Link Mary Lutes Cyrene McCoun Frances Matheny Betty Maxxy Jerry May Clara Newton Evelyn Osborne Catherine Plain Julia Pogue Louellen Prewitt Dorothy Ray Eloise Ridley Phyllis Savage . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Joan Scott Bernice Sebree Suzanne Seese Margaret Shelton Mary Ann Simpkins Hazel Jo Smith Sylvia Smith Joyce Steele Margaret Elaine Steers Nancy Jo Stevens Vella Strong Mary Truman Betty Triplett Helen Triplett Kathleen Vance Anna Varney Billie Walden Martha Lee Ward Sue Warren Frances Wilhoyte Betty Williams Evelyn Wilson Mitzie Wilson Virginia Wilson jane Wood Ann Word Marian Wright Penelope Young Founded at Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Y.M.C.A. in 1921 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1943 PURPOSE To unite young men in cooperative effort to practice and ideals. FACULTY ADVISER Bart N. Peak OFFICERS Harold Friedly . . . . . Ralph Danford . Thomas Gish . . MEMBERS James Durham Everett Fairchild Brantley Amberg J ack Banahan joe Botto George Campbell Harry Carl Edward Carter Russell Conrad Harrison Cooper Joe Covington Ralph Danford William W. Fisher Harold Friedly Thomas Gish David Holland Milton Kafolgus Gerald Napier A. T. Payton Bart Peak Paul Sands and to ext end Christian standards . . President . Secretary Treasurer Arthur Scott Charles E. Shelby Bill Spragens Eugene Stamper ' Howard Stephenson Joel Ungerleider Allan Watson Chales Whaley Howard Wiles john Young Friedley, Whaley, Gish, Covington, Sands, Danford, Stephenson Young, Fisher, Wiles, Conrad, Cooper, Payton, Banahan Spragens, Scott, Shelby, Carl, Fairchild, Holland, Botto 2 ewman Club Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1893 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1914 PURPOSE To foster the spiritual, intellectual and social interests of the Catholic students of the Universityg to weld them into a common uniong to assist the University and its students whenever possibleg and to aid by Catholic action, through the Bishop of this diocese, the work of the church. ADVISERS Dr. J. R. Schwendeman Chaplain Rev. R. G. O'Neill Newman Club Pat Conley . . Bryan Blount Eugenia Donahue George Martin . Joan Adams Joan Adams Jean Allen Manuel Arce Joe Ballard Jack Banahan William Barlow Russell L. Beatty Robert Beyerle Rose Marie Blanchet Bryan Blount Jane Blount Betty Buchignani Helen Burke Donna M. Carmichael Jane Carter Karl Christ Emest L. Clark Pat Conley Allen E. Cramer Harry S. Cramer James Crawley Anne L. Dennison Mary Ann Devereux Charles Devitt Spurgeon DeWitt Louis R. D'Francisco Dottie Donahue Joe A. Dress Edward Duffy Elinor Duns Thomas P. Dwyer Evelyn Elfers Henry J. Egalite, Jr. Alice Elvity George E. Estill OFFICERS - - . . President . Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . Assistant Treasurer MEMBERS Virginia Meyer James Miller Eileen Minihan Joe Modica Doreen Farrell George B. Midden, Jr. John D. Feehan Emily Frank Dennis Calvin Bob Gerner Mary Jo Ginocchio Allen Gorham Carl J. Gorham Alvina Griffin Tom Griffin Miles Hogan George J. Herman John K. Hickey Mary Hillenmeyer Walter Hines Jim Hodskins William Lee Hoodin Clarence L. House Julian Howard John B. Jeter Thelma Jeter Jimmy Kayse William Kelly Joseph W. Kilroy Jo Anne Kloecker Mary Ann Kubes Frank Leach Robert Lernington Cassy Lloyd George Martin Martha Matlack John Murphy Charles A. Oberst Elizabeth Oberst John Oberst James O'Bryan Tommy O'Day Donne 0'Donnell John A. Palumbo Ken Recktenwald Joan Rehm Stanley Saunier, Jr. Raymond Schlachter Alben Shea Barbara Shelton Margaret Shelton Ann Shouse Mike Simms Molly Simms Sylvia Smith Vincent Spagnuola Betty Stahr Betty Sunley George H. Talbott Jo Ann Talley Mercedes Trujillo John Vigle William A. Wagner John Wehrle William Matlack Ann White Pat McGruder Ann Williamson lin Joe'Wombwell Marguerite McLaugh William McShane Anggelis, Moore, Sands Independents PURPOSE To represent and to protect the rights cf independent students on the campusg to provide assistance to independent students who wish to compete for University honorsg to provide an opportunity for leadership and social service to independent studentsg to insure a means of expression for independent studentsg to strive for fair representation and participation of independent students in campus affairs. FACULTY ADVISER Dr. Charles E. Snow OFFICERS Paul Sands . . . President john Anggelis . . Vice-President Billie Jean Moore . Secretary Carroll Robinson Treasurer Independents ,E-X SS- xX.-- 1 1 '.,, 2 Pitkin Club Founded at Shadyside Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1913 Installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1925 Dorothy Collins Barbara Allen Edna Crawford . Charlotte Knapp Bill Russell Barbara Allen Jack Banahan Delta Barker Ann Biggerstaff Lloyd Lee Booth Pat Burnett George Campbell Edward Carter Cornell Clarke Ann Clayton Russell Conrad Utha Rae Conrad Joe Covington Vaiden Cox Edna Crawford Ralph Danford Margaret Davis PURPOSE To promote friendship, fellowship, and religious growth. FACULTY ADVISERS Bart N. Peak OFFICERS MEMBERS Tommy Gish Betty Harris Jane Hamersley Lenora Henry David Holland Helen Hutchcraft Robert Insko Pat Jackson Martha Jacobs Jane Jameson Marie Kemper Hazel Kennedy Charlotte Knapp Mary LaMaster Melrose McGurk Ross Moore Howard Morgan Mary Keith Dosker Gerald Napier Pat Evans Annette Faulkner Charles Fergus Cecillia Florence Harriet Freeman Harold Friedly Landon Garrett Alice Owsly Perry Parrigan Tom Phillips Wendell Poundstone Bob Raborn Dot Ray Harry Reagan Rev. J. K. Johnson . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Martha Ringo Harry Rouse William Russell Clay Salyer Arthur Scott Joan Scott Charles Shelby Martha Short Margaret Skinner Bill Spragens George Smith Mary Lee Stamper Howard Stephenson Martha Stivers Lola Stokes William Swift Ellis Taylor George Terrell Lorraine Turck Elizabeth Walters Alen Watson Carl Weber Charles Whaley Helen Williams John Young Robert M. Wilhite Pryor Pre-Medical Society Founded at the University of Kentucky in 1915 Its purpose is to stimulate and aid students in the study of medicine. FACULTY ADVISER Mrs. Constance Cole HONORARY MEMBERS W. D. Funkhouser C. Barkenbus M. Scherag0 M. M. White C. Crawley R- S- Allen A. Brauer J- W- PFYOT OFFICERS Joe Botto . . . . . . . . . President Truman Demunbrun . Vice-President John M. Allen Maurice Anderson David Asher Ruth A. Ball Oscar C. Beasley Kelly C. Berger J oe Bolton Margaret P. Bolton Arthur Boone Joe Botto Gerald Britt Beverly Brown Helen Carney Irvine W. Cristopher Anne Dorroh Weldon Demunbrun Carolyn Denning David D. Drye Joe D. Elliot Wendell Kingsolver . Ken McGinnis . . . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer Harvey Morgan . . . Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS Jean Fields William Fisher J ames D. Ford Mary Futrell Homer K. Hall Gardner Holliday Melvin T. Jones Cecil Kenyon Herman M. Kessler Wendell Kingsolver Ralph D. Kirk Thomas C. Little Ranald MacDonald Kenneth McGinnis James Messer Harver H. Morgan Ruth Mount Leo C. N ickell James Y. O'Bannon Edith Mae Owens Olive Potter Wendell Poundstone Ray Pryor ' F. Radclift, Jr. James Ramey Gerald Reams Sam A. Rechar Walter Roy Ramon Selles Margaret Skinner Denver Sloan Leslie C. Smith William Threlkeld Joe Ungerleider William A. Wagner Jack Whitman Gene Qualls Bill Allen Paul Cunningham Moel England Warren Fischer Ann Gardner John Hornsby Doc Meador Barbara Osborne Carey Vinson Jewell B. Walker Sam Weakley Horace Wilder Donet White William G. White James S. Tucker J oe Butler Botto, Tucker, Demunbrun, Potter, Fields, B. Allen, Morgan, Anderson, Brown Sloan, Wilder, Hall, ,MacDonald, Qualls, Wilhite, Denning, Kirk, Poundstone Pryor, Bolton, Drye, Owens, Carney, Nickell, Britt, Weakley, Walker 245 Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society Mose Baston . . Carolyn McMeekin . Loutillie Walker Robert Anderson Robert L. Anderson Mose Baston, Jr. Robert Bleidt John B. Brown Luther B. Caldwell Gloria Hartman E. C. Howard OFFICERS MEMBERS Earl King Richard McConnel Carolyn McMeekin Dixie Geane May George Pope Charlotte Reed . . . President . - . . Vice-President S ecretary-Treasurer Program Chairman Betty Ree Rhoads Oscar Sandus John W. Siry Margaret Skinner Dorothy Smith Loutillie Walker Allan Wills 246 Walker, May Pope, Anderson, Skinner Smith, Wills, Rhoads 4-H Club Founded on the University of Kentucky campus in 1927 PURPOSE To promote bonds of fellowship among former 4-H Club members who now attend the University, and to keep in touch with the Extension Department and know what is taking place in the fields of Agriculture. FACULTY ADVISERS J. W. Whitehouse Carl N. Jones Vivian Hines . . Hazel Jo Smith . Frances Wilhoyte Evelyn Hammond Donald Hoskins George Anal Charles Berekman Vernon Berry Nlae Kathryn Blackford John Burrier Margaret Campbell Richard Crafton Edward Cunningham Ann Duetsch Eloise Eubank Jean Eubank Landon Garrett Maxine Garrigan M - OFFICERS MEMBER S Evelyn Hammond Neree Hatcher Carolyn Hensley Vivian Hines Donald Hoskins Kyle Hunter Mary Q. Jewell Bob Johnstone Lucille Layman Sherman LeGrand Harold Martin Robert Morris Clara Newton Evelyn R. Osborne Q! . . President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Social Chairman Shirley Phillips Louellen Prewitt Dorothy Ray Alfred Richardson Bernice Sebree Hazel Jo Smith Betty Triplett Ryburn Weakley Frances Wilhoyte Betty Williams Virginia Wilson Martha Lee Ward Marion Wright M ' 2 o T a u S 1 g m a Founded at the University oi Kansas in 1928 Delta, the local chapter, was installed on the campus in 1942 PURPOSE To study dance with its accompanying arts, and to promote general interest. Carolyn McMeekin Margie Mattmiller Juanita Robertson Jo Trapp Julia Maxwell Beverly Brown Shirley Carmichel Tillie Gumm Margie Hall Vivian Hereford Joyce Barker Ann Button Martha Sue Crosby Boonie Dickston Betty Elliott Joyce Ferris FACULTY ADVISER Revell Estill Shaw OFFICERS MEMBERS Nancibelle King Margie Mattmiller Julia Maxwell Carolyn McMeekin PLEDGES Virginia Hall Virginia J essee Carolyn Pogue Elizabeth Reynolds Mary Lynn Sanders Business . . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Manager Mary O'Neil Dorothy Richardson Juanita Robertson Ann Shehan Jo Trapp Betty Scrivner Nancy Shearer Jean Stewart Janice Stille Betty Lou Terril Athena Yonkos 2 wi- an K Iii' Jones. Blair, Wills, Shrout, Hemlepp, Sands, Scott litters, Anderson, Clegy, Van Sant. Yanks-y. Denning. Dean Thomas, Jewell, Potts, Rompf, A. Garrigan, Strotlxer. M. Garrigan Wesley Foundation Founded at the University of Illinois The local organization was installed in 1945 PURPOSE To represent the Methodist Church to its college students, and to promote Christian living -both personal and social-among this group. FACULTY ADVISERS Bart N. Peak John H. Bondurant M. W. Beebe OFFICERS Bruce Strother . . . . . Director Marie Shrout . . . . President Paul Sands . . Vice-President Ann Garrigan . .... Secretary Ruth Bristow . Attendance Secretary Jean Hemlepp . . Treasurer Nell Blair .... Founder Editor V CABINET MEMBERS Robert Anderson John Ashworth Margie Clegg Herbert Cochran Amy Dean Carolyn Denning Phyllis Etters Maxine Garrigan Mary Queen Jewell Howard Max Jameson Jones William Leegan Nancy Potts Ann Rompf Dan Van Sant Joan Scott Jane Thomas Jack Thurmond George Yankey Allen Wills Ralph Wortham Jrizgmf I ft fi - f X Q X59 0 OXD I0 14 f X, X YI THE UDIVEPISITLH OF HEVITUCHHJ VETEHRDS CLUB Lal, M . 21 Veterans Club Founded on the University oi Kentucky campus in 1944 PURPOSE To promote the causes and protect the interests of veterans attending the University of Kentucky. FACULTY ADVISERS Dr. A. Vandenbosch Dr. M. M. White OFFICERS Howard C. Bowles . . . . . . President Darrell B. Hancock . Vice-President William C. Spragens . Secretary Eli C. Hall Treasurer In fall of 1945 the Veterans Club had some 150 members. A year later the total membership was 2,125. This phenomenal growth has a story behind it, and it reflects the new emphasis of the postwar University-an effort on the part of veterans to ren- der service while settling down to serious study. The president of the Veterans Club for 1946-47, Howard C. Bowles of Hazard, surrounded himself with capable workers and the oflice of the club was a beehive of activity all year. To give some idea of what the club did during the year, we quote from POSTwarrior's editorial, "Just For The Record," in the March 14, 1947 issue: "A quick thumbing through the pages of past issues of POSTwarrior, of the Kernel, of publications throughout the state and nation shows what the club has done and what has been said about its actions. "Space doesn't permit a glowing account of past achievements, but some of them we will list brieiiy. "Said the Cincinnati Enquirer: Cincinnati . . . might well take a lesson from veterans attending the Univer- sity of Kentucky at Lexington, who dug up a total of 650 housing spaces for veteran students in a town supposed to be filled to capacity months ago.' "Club leaders-the president in particular-spent untold hours night and day last summer to nudge University FPHA and construction officials onward N in getting housing space on the campus to accommo- date students. The club was solely responsible for settling the housing strike when everyone else was afraid to 'touch the delicate situation! On a compara- tive basis the housing situation is better at the Uni- versity of Kentucky than at any other school in the nation .... "From a mere handful of men the club has grown to be outstanding and active on the campu .... It has had aggressive leadership which stopped at nothing short of academic exclusion to get things done for the veterans enrolled at UK . . . "The club has sponsored a weekly radio program which disseminates information to veterans in this area via a Lexington radio station .... "It has maintained a full-time secretary and office, serving as a 'co-ordinating center' for veterans on the campus in helping them obtain needed information on any subject. "It has organized and operated a job placement agency for veterans .... "Through its influence, the club helped secure passage of important veterans legislation by the 79th Congress. "Through its activities it has gained prestige for Kentucky veterans all over the nation." Committees HOUSING COMMITTEE John Murphy, chairman The housing committee, headed by John Murphy, was the biggest and busiest of all the committees for several weeks when it made a complete housing canvass of Lexington. At one time, more than 250 workers were aiding in the drive to locate additional rooms for students. STEERING COMMITTEE Edward Breathitt, chairman The steering committee, headed by Edward fNedJ Breathitt, served as the "guiding eye" in determining club policy. It met weekly with club officers and mapped out overall policy to be approved later at general club meetings. RADIO COMMITTEE Kirby Cox, chairman The radio committee has directed a weekly radio show over local radio stations which was de- signed to air problems concerning veterans on the campus. Many prominent men in the fields of educa- tion, politics, industry, and foreign affairs have been heard on these programs. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Vincent Spagnuolo, chairman The social committee handled club dances. and other social events. It sponsored a party for freshmen and directed a Halloween dance during the fall quarter. Several other events were scheduled later in the school year. WOMEN'S DIVISION Marsha Cloyd, chairman A wornen's divi ion of the Veterans Club was organized on November 14 and Marsha Cloyd of Richmond was named chairman. The division holds separate meetings from the club in line with the different interests of the Club's women-membership. Murphy Breathltt Cox 51198511010 Cloyd BFFIGM HOUSING BUTLUGK K BRSGHTER H H. ly TWH! PM QYHKK ww-mms nw Vw: vxfufraam L Nia-J.nw prugr-v! I'!'J famaiiv-4 ks may mmm-:ms I' B41 Hhs may K.. 3 -A -flmrfly hxxngfirfn it-ek rmxa led, immmrgg .mmf :mm mx Ewa ws Que- W' wading ,axchw , Skms T UW SQILAQUCJ .wvemi qu aww Mws- iusmiiwy feisvve 1 phiwn Mm' 215.6 21 Glbilliik? xwicrfg P5911 PW umiw ' Nan? Tm 1 'X Ma . . W ffm, 'pm on. xrwzf 5 n 744113 .f affnr J.-., Mrwmxaviig si, J 4 APAR fs ul x.-f M ' wi fs,-,Q -4. gi U -51-XM U. ww gl, f A-sf Emmy. is :sf 51:4 ww. :S Mwxg mf 1.5 X -u-1 Q-.ns s. fs .L-N wx' : xg vu 10 pi Y MY! 53 r. 'Wvinn ex hum wilmg , wvfibna s.. m onxsmwfv vi rf E Y me anuxxgh mv. wand brim- .Q w wksvdviw tim, In mr mv-nt A f'.14'wMiiw'r' -di uebwf ilk, m is 1' - M. ..., y " 'A hmm' nhwi Kiki!!! Ki-:vii ' W, x M sm-I' iff ummm wi V 3,11 Q.-1-1,rr,mM!xpdm.w ,wr A,g.Q.,M gm, ..,,..-a-- cwfwwu 6'fXiuw'w 14-L' 11 fm sn u 1 .w fm- FFW4 NIU 'F wma Wwsafft 7 XG - V I :wuz x Jimfm -vm 'Sh TWA. 'T' 'SVHN 'Y K Elfwhf Kill!!!-QU Club Election March 10th ' Qzeuxxbxmm 1:S'9,i!.a Qfsevrw clmwn Hatch is , H Q A if sin.-JM. great wi arvz sms: - diem, Darrfrh R lumxwk, v4f'cX wskirnik 513: if Mall. trmwurm, ' Nxilacms f Spwgf ns. an-cw' 1'-V ffm? 'X pwwzxx lamlxy Simi UC Id M, Willie, CL RYTON CHAIRMAN Pubuc 'JOM II!'NH15MmK PEATURF EDTTOR 'HASKELL SHORT, NEWS EUFTOR' FDM DTSKIN. SPORTS HNTGR ' ? 2 DARRELL a. MANCOCK . . , . . . Mmuxesno Emrow.. QAKMEIT GAYLE ...... vwmu vhs sorrow.. CLAUDE SPROWLS, DRCK STOFER, NANCY WOMBWELL, '- Tom P+zATHsR,mLL5PFvR5EN5.J .STAFF WRITEKS. BILL MORMCA. , . . , .ausmess MANAC-fern 1 Mmzsm cnovu, mmm cnmfm, oomw NEHRSNG ,JAMES M. wvmmxssz, soma smfm, am. Fosreu . . 5 Massasvmrus. BOB MARSHALL. , . . .CHZCULAUON Vx-'XNMESS-1, SPURGEON UEWUT, DOUG BROWN, JOHN MURPHY, ASSISTANTML Grim D. kmry Vzmdmre- Jack M. Abbott James E. Abell Allen S. Abramson Arlie Adams Arthur F. Adams, Jr. Carl R. Adams Charles C. Adams Charles F. Adams Denver Adams Iarold Thomas Adams John M. Adams, Jr. Joseph P. Adams Mack Adams Robert D. Adams William E. Adams Carl E. Adcock vin Frederick Albrecht, J Douglas K. Albright John M. Alcorn Wilson Alexander Ermal G. Allen Herman Allen Homer D. Allen Isaac D. Allen Jimmie Allen John P. Allen Julian G. Allen, Jr. Ronald G. Allen Stephen Q. Allen David Alper Glennis Amburgey Roy W. Amidon John I. Anderson M. F. Anderson William H. Anderson Robert L. Andrejunas Neal R. Angel Robert J . Anspach Jack Ardier Fred S. Arms Carold K. Arnold Edgar F. Arnold, Jr. David Asher Richard W. Asher Robert Asher Walter S. Atkinson, Jr. Walter W. Aton Robert A. Babbage Lyle M. Bach Clarence O. Back Lyle N. Back William L. Baggett John P. Bailey Ledgel C. Bailey Oldran C. Bailey Thomas D. Bailey Derwood M. Baird Elgan L. Baker John L. Baker Irvine Joseph Baker Robert Allen Baker, Jr. William H. Balden Paul Baldwin Daniel D. Ball Dizney A. Ball, Jr. James L. Banta Harold L. Barber Colburn Barger David B. Barker Estill E. Barker Lawrence E. Barker Alco G. Barne Robert M. Barnes David E. Bamett Howard C. Bamett Kenneth H. Bamett Billy Lyman Bamette Veterans Club Members Uhel O. Barrickman James C. Bartlett Irving Bartley James S. Baskett John W. Bassett James H. Bassham Henry L. Batsel Raymond G. Bauer George L. Baxter Porter N. Baxter Wendell Bayes Sara K. Beam James William Beard Joseph B. Beard III William B. Bechanan Thomas W. Beeding John J . Begin Curtis Belcher Onis G. Belcher Paul J. Belcher William R. Belcher Graydon D. Bell Jack R. Bell James M. Bell, Jr. Lewis H. Bell William H. Bemias Doris N. Bender William K. Benjamin William R. Bennett Charles A. Bently Edward P. Benton Frank V. Benton III Richard T. Benton, Jr. Everett R. Berger, Jr. Frederick E. Berger Kelly C. Berger Herman Bernstein Kenneth B. Berry E. Cooper Bertram Robert P. Beyerle William R. Bilger Bessie Mae Birchlield Warren R. Bishop William H. Bixler Peter B. Black Clyde Blackburn John J. Blackburn William Bladsford William G. Blair William David Blair Lovie P. Blanchet Colonel E. Blankenship Frank J . Blankenship Bryan W. Blount III Judy Blevins Allen J. Blucher William Blue Harold Stephen Blythe Byron J. Boaz Henry Boaz Lovelace D. Bodine, Jr. Harry Bohannon Steve Bohannon, Jr. James E. Berry Robert P. Beyerle Ben I. Biggerstaff, Jr. Homer L. Biggerstaff Leslie E. Black James Curtis Blanchard Joe W. Bledsoe Earl Boggs Raymond Russell Boggs, Jr. Warren G. Boggs Robert B. Boies John R. Bolser Dillard L. Bolt Edwin M. Bonny L. Lee Booth Robert Borden Nelson F. Botts Robert D. Boulter Hubert Bourne Howard C. Bowles Abraham Bowling Edward C. Bowling Gladys Marie Bowling Maurice Bowling Teamus Bowling Robert L. Bowman Charles C. Boyd Jackie M. Boyd Luther A. Boyd William M. Boyd William T. Boyd Corneilius Van Boyer Bill Bradley Glenn E. Bradley Herbert C. Bradley, Jr. Mark B. Bradley Ova C. Bradley Raymond H. Bradley William E. Brandenburg, Jr. James Louis Branum Robert F. Brashear Wilmer D. Brashear Charles M. Brawner Edward Breathitt Charles L. Breckel Scott D. Breckinridge, Jr. Robert R. Breeden Ralph Breeding John R. Bridges Jack Brisbay Paul J. Brittain Shields A. Brobeck James C. Brock Glenn L. Brooks James Brockenborough Ed Brooking Guy R. Brooks Thomas G. Brougl Cecil B. Brown C. J. Brown, Jr. Douglas K. Brown Garnett G. Brown, Jr. James Brown J. C. Brown Lawrence M. Brown Oakley R. Brown, Jr. Owen L. Brown Robert Paul Brown William A. Brown William C. Brown Willis E. Brown Delmar Browning Denver R. Browning Iley B. Browning, Jr. John C. Browning Samuel A. Browning Morris E. Brayles Shields A. Brubeck Kenneth B. Bruckart James O. Brummett Victor S. Bruner Robert C. Bryan Thornton E. Bryan Albert C. Bryant Clarence O. Bryant Samuel T. Bryant William A. Bryant, Jr. George L. Buchanan Isaac H. Buchanan, Jr. John T. Buck James N. Buckner Bob C. Buckner Robert C. Buckner Calvin F. Buechele James M. Buell Billy L. Bullis Warren J. Bullis Robert V. Bunting James R. Burdeal Kermit R. Burdette Samuel J. Burdette, Jr. David Burnett Joseph S. Burnette John W. Burdin John Burgin Charles H. Burkman Martha Burkman John H. Burrign Adelaide D. Burton Harold Burton Bemard A. Burton George W. Burton Paul S. Burton Claude F. Buster, Jr. William L. Butcher Joe M. Butler Garry Buttermann Merle Cable Sam Caddy A. Singleton Cagle Dalton B. Caldwell Earle G. Caldwell Lee S. Caldwell Carroll P. Callender Ben S. Calvert Courtland E. Calvert Robert H. Camenisch Clifton D. Camp, Jr. Joe F. Campbell Miller T. Campbell Joseph W. Canida Edwin D. Cantler Samuel Carlick Edward S. Carlyle Frank J. Carollo Clifton C. Carpenter Robert H. Carrier Gene D. Carroll Thomas C. Carroll Delmon L. Carson Harold C. Carter Jashie L. Carwell Henry J . Cash Philip G. Cash Robert H. Cason Herbert M. Cassidy Logan Caswell Harry M. Caudill James H. Caudill Frank F. Cawood, Jr. Douglas R. Cayce Leslie E. Center Carl M. Chadwell Roy Chaffins William T. Chaflin Jack N. Chambliss Billy S. Chandler James L. Chandler William L. Champion Will R. Chance Kenneth H. Cheatham Elbert A. Cheek Jim Cherry William Carpenter Chestnut, J Otis P. Childers Walter F. Childress Lloyd C. Chilton, Jr. Alleen Christen 255 George L. Christen Virgil Christian Robert A. Christoph Irwin W. Christopher Fred Chunkler, Jr. James Edwin Chumley Allan E. Clark Bennie D. Clark Donald E. Clark Ernest L. Clark John H. Clark Harold F. Clark Robert S. Clark Joseph A. Clark, Jr. Leo E. Clark Virgil D. Clark Ralph W. Clarke Thomas E. Clarke Theodore W. Clarke Wm. Daniel Clater James D. Clay, Jr. Wm. Dean Clay J. R. Clifford Allen E. Cloyd, Jr. Clyde D. Coatney Paul L. Coatney Roy K. Cocanougher Clemet L. Cockrel Harding H. Coffey James E. Colley J immy N. Coffey Stuart W. Cohen Franklin P. Cole Vernon J. Cole Coleman L. Daniel James V. Coleman,J r. Lambert Y. Coleman, Jr. Blanton N. Collier James T. Collier James T. Collins Robert W. Collins Will H. Collins Barkley F. Colson Carl L. Combs DaCoursey Combs James R. Combs Kilmer Combs Murphy C. Combs Robert U. Compton Marion A. Comstock Joseph T. Conforti James P. Conley Bill Connell Thomas I. Connor, Jr. James Wilma Cook John R. Cook Jr. Maurice Clinton Cooke W. Thomas Coons Bertram E. Cooper Ernest P. Cooper Eugene A. Cooper Orval D. Cooper William F. Cooper William S. Cooper Fred J. Coplin Carl S. Corbin William H. Cord Cleo Cordell Denver Cordle Daniel L. Corman H. J. Corman Paul E. Cormican Herbert L. Comelison Berdell L. Comelius Olan Cornett William N. Cornett Earl M. Comette 256 Veterans Grover A. Corum Walter B. Cosby Harry L. Costigan Earl K. Cottongim James E. Couty Joe C. Covington Thomas B. Covington Ben Cowgill William F. Cowgill Carl Cox Clayton R. Cox Carl P. Cox Eugene Cox Qi Q ll, no . 'xv un 1 , NIIFNVS . .9 '- Henry M. Cox John L. Cox John R. Cox Kirby W. Cox Marvin Edwin Cox Vaiden Cox William G. Cox Russell des Cognets Clarence W. Crabtree Ralph A. Crabtree Hassell H. Craft, Jr. Edward L. Craig Louis C. Craig Noela B. Crane William W. Crane James W. Crawford Jean Grey Crawford Milton V. 'Crawford Harlon I. Crenshaw James E. Criswell James R. Crohan Walton H. Crosley Albert J. Cross Robert C. Cross, Jr. John S. Crosthwaite, Jr. Charles S. Cross Bernard Res Crouch Charles E. Crouch Roy R. Crouch Robert L. Crites William E. Crouch James W. Crow Homer G. Crowden Charles M. Crowell Glen D. Culp Dick Cunning F. C. Cunningham Fred C. Curtis Fred F. Cyrus Irvin A. Daily William C. Dale Charles C. Dalton James W. Dalton Milburn Dalton Frank S. Dalzell John R. Damron Donald A. Danford Ralph E. Danford Charles R. Daniel Sidney G. Daniel Clarence Daniels Herman L. Daniels Club Members Harold B. Danks James N. Danner James N. Darst Broadus N. Davidson Harold E. Davis, Jr. Herman D. Davis Shelby C. Davis Roger X. Day, Jr. Frank R. Darnheim Harold J. Dartch Fred H. Daughtery Henry George Davidson, Jr. J. C. Davidson, Jr. Taylor Davidson Paul Ford Davis Arthur Eugene Deaton James Deaton Keller J. Deern Glenn W. Denham John Hudson Denham John C. Denny Charles F. Deorth Lowell O. Denton Robertson Denver Richard Derrickson Charles R. DeSpain Hugh D. Dillehay Thomas B. Disney Wm. J. Ditherage S. Y. Dewitt Carl M. Dickens Z. S. Dickerson, Jr. George W. Dillow Frank Di Giovanni James W. Dixon Harold G. Dixon Donald G. Dodson Rodger M. Donaldson Robert F. Doolin Harold B. Dotson James I. Dotson James E. Douglas Lindsay Douglas James C. Dowden Matthew W. Downer Robert M. Doyle C. C. Drake William M. Drake Homer L. Drew Wm. J. Drummy, III David D. Drye Cecil E. Dui? Danny R. Dui Mike W. DuH Edward L. Duffy Robert T. Dunagan A. B. Duncan George Taylor Duncan J. T. Duncan Warren C. Duncan William Y. Duncan Henry Dunigan Keller J. Dunn P. W. Dunn, Jr. Neville M. Dunn James Leslie Durham Raymond Durham Roy Durp Joseph C. Dusine Louis Dusine Thomas C. Dwyer Theodore Dyer Wayne Dyer Thomas Eades Wm. A. Eades Walter B. Early Chester Harold Easley Robert B. Eastbum Jerome F. Eastham Charles E. Eastin Daniel L. Eberhardt Fred L. Ebler Frank D. Edwards, Jr. Harkness Edwards Joseph B. Edwards David M. Elam James L. Elder Howard D. Eldridge Joe David Elliott John T. Elliott Thomas B. Elliott 1 Lawrence Moore Ellis Paul R. Ellis Donald L. Elmore Robert L. Elmore Robert T. Elmore, Jr. Ed Elsey James D. Elston Joseph G. Elston ' John Leonard Enders Hubbard M. Endicott John D. Engle, Jr. Lloyd Erhard, Jr. Jacob D. Ernst Joseph Esenbock Jack W. Estes Jerry M. Estes George E. Estill Wallace Estill Thomas P. Etherington Grover C. Ethington Carl Vincent Evans William Hyden Evans William Siler Evans Carroll M. Ewing Leo R. Ey Bernard E. Farber Fithian Smith Faries Robert Caldwell Farris Everett H. Fairchild Douglas Faris Denver L. Farmer Arthur G. Farris Edward A. Farris James Neil Farris Paul A. Faulkner Wiley B. Faw Chas. M. Feameyhough John A. Feans Patricia Fenton Crawford J. Ferguson Eugene R. Ferguson Harvey S. Field, Jr. James Randall Fields H 7 I x .. .fu - , xx S0 1 X Sara Lee Finch Kenneth Fincher Robert G. Fiser James W. Fitterman George Fields John W. Fields, Jr. William S. Fields John Lewis Fleming Wiliam H. Finnie Harold D. Fisher Harold G. Fleenor Robert F . Flege, Jr. Eugene Flood Ruth E. Flottman Kenneth E. Flowers Carl W. Fylnn Francis G. Fogle Olen Foley W. J. Foley Sherley C. Folger Robert S. Follis Henry E. Ford James R. Ford Bob Ford Thomas S. Ford Frank G. Foreman Harl T. Foreman Ralph Forester Kenneth M. Fortune Alvin J. Foster Ellis L. Foster, Jr. Carl Millon Foster Justus D. Foster Carleton Foushee Wm. Brodus Fowler Wm. Brownfield Fowler Wilford Lee Foy Eugene H. Fox Harold Davis Fox Wallace E. Foy Claude Frady, Jr. Cabell Francis C. D. Francis James Francis Edgar B. Francis Thurmond M. Francis William C. Francis James W. Frasure George W. Freas J. E. French Edward A. Fricke James B. Frick Joe M. Friedman George K. Frith Charles Joseph Fritts Harry G. Fritts William H. Frigazzi Dora Frost Chalmer Fugate Robert Mabry Fuller Olan G. Furnish Edward Gabbard William R. Gabbert, Jr. Rae M. Gallagher Thomas R. Galloway Elbridge G. Gains, Jr. Kenneth E. Allen Gaines Maurice Lee Gaines Lee B. Gaither Lawrence Gaitskill Robert V. Gaitskill Arthur D. Galloway Claude M. Galloway Charles T. Gardner Ernest Gardner, Jr. Robert H. Gardner William Gardner Hugh Garrett, Jr. M. L. Garrison Mariella Gamer Bradford T. Garrison Howard H. Garvey Robert R. Gash Stanley J. Gatdik Veterans Club Members James E. Gates Ila D. Gatlin, Jr. Chester A. Gay William C. Gayle R. J. Geeslin Robert F. Gerding Clarence A. Gerstle William W. Gibson, Jr. Lewis F. Gifford, Jr. M. H. Gifford Edgar A. Gilbert William G. Gilbert Elmer Gilchrist Thomas M. Gilchrist John R. Gillespie Willard T. Gillespie Warren Gilmore Robert H. Giltner Thomas B. Givhan Henry Gleixner James M. Glenn Robert G. Glenn Adrian Gooch Vernon D. Gooch Curtis P. Goodin Thomas A. Goodin William L. Goodin Harold M. Gooding Arthur H. Goodwin Orville L. Goodwin Charlton O. Goodykoontz George B. Goodykoontz Ernest Gooney, Jr. Durl J. Gonser Edgar Gordon Warren J. Gordonwood Ben W. Gorham, Jr. Carl J. Gorham Jack Gorham Roger C. Gosser Carmon W. Graham Eugene M. Graham Thomas L. Graham Garland Kenland Grace David C. Graves, Jr. Fred A. Granneman Edmond D. Gray . Charles M. Gray Ulysses G. Grayson Daniel H. Gregory Bartley A. Greenwell Augustus E. Green Fred Moss Greer George S. Gresham Lyman Gregory Warren P. Gregory George B. Griffin, Jr. Henry M. Griffin UNIVERSJRE VETERAN - Jlwvi'-lil 'I lf-' Richard R. Griflith Robert F. Grinstead Andrew Jackson Gross Paul W. Grumbles Charles E. Gullet Felix W. Guthrie Keith Guthrie John B. Guthrie Dossie B. Haas Paul D. Hackworth Silas M. Hagan, Jr. Theodore R. Hacker Clark L. Haggard Theodore M. Haggard Seldon V. Hail B. V. Halbert Paul E. Haley Willmer Halcomb Charles A. Hall Eli Colbert Hall Donald M. Hall Hubert Hall Royal A. Hall, Jr. William C. Hall William D. Hall William Walter Hall Witham R. Hall Wreno M. Hall Charles O. Halliday Bobby M. Halpern George Haly Charles L. Hamilton James L. Hamilton J oseph V. Hamilton Charles W. Hamilton H. Louis Hamilton Samuel L. Hamilton William Bruce Hamilton William F. Hamilton Thurman Jerome Hamlin Paul E. Hampton Ralph B. Hammack Leslie L. Hammonds Vorge Hampton Jack D. Hamrick Douglas B. Hancock Thomas R. Hancock D. B. Hancock Joe T. Hancock Marion K. Haney Paul M. Hanna Charles E. Hanson Marshall W. Hansford William Land Hanson Clabern Hardigree - Robert E. Hargrove Robert Harp, Jr. H. C. Harper Harvey H. Harper, Jr. Ellsworth L. Harbett James L. Hardy Robert Russell Hardy K. G. Harrington George T. Harris George W. Harrison John S. Harrison Gene L. Harmon Wilbur K. Harmon Charles R. Harris Kenneth M. Harrison Carl Hart Frank C. Hart Lewis R. Hart William M. Hart Gladney Harville Jack T. Hatcher William D. Hatfield Elina C. Hatton James L. Haworth Ronald Haycroft Jacob B. Hayden, Jr. Cecil E. Hayes Douglas S. Haynes Leonard S. Haynes C. Milton Haynes Virginia P. Haynes Alton A. Haynie Donald C. Hays Joe Hays, Jr. Stirling P. Hays Robert G. Harned Francis W. Hazen William D. Head Franklin W. Hecker Marvin C. Hedden Royce B. Hedden James W. Hedges Qs? -ei F ff' Q ,yo f ,...,m-1. --- R. B. Hehr Howard Heineke Frank A. Heilman Dorothy M. Hellard Francis M. Hellard Harvey A. Helm Farmer N. Helton Huge O. Hempel Robert Hendon Raymond K. Hence James B. Hendrex Julian P. Henry William T. Henry Lee R. Hensley Tom S. Hensley John L. Herald Carl V. Herron Myron B. Hess Robert E. Hess Henry L. Hettel, Jr. John E. Hetterman Jack Hibbs John King Hickey Thomas Harold Hickey Ruben C. Hicks William M. Hicks Morris Hider Bemard E. Hill Charles L. Hill, Clyde B. Hill James O. Hill , Marvin Lee Hill Ray E. Hill Raymond C. Hill Thomas J. Hill, Jr. Luther T. Hilliard Charles F. Hinds Leighton L. Hine Charles A. Hines Dennis J. Hines, Jr. Hobart H. Hines James A. Hines William H. Hinkle Harry R. Hinton Richard L. Hinton Marguerett R. Hite Roy Hixson C. Hoge Hockensmith,J r James A. Hodskins Ralph W. Hoefelman Anna Lou Hoffman Edson A. Hoffman Edd C. Hogg Walter A. Hogge 257 Gene Hogbrood Ray Holbrook Robert A. Holbrook Robert C. Holder William L. Holeman Charles G. Holmes James W. Holmes Raleigh P. Hollingsworth Charles W. Holloway Charles E. Homes Ernest L. Hommel John R. Hook . . f ff ,aff ,ym .2 .f f ff , , ff' 9? lilr 1 f Aubrey R. Hopkins Charles O. Hopkins David C. Hopkins Lee T. Hopkins James E. Hopson Lindsey H. Hom, Jr. Oliver L. Horn Taylor Home, Jr. Robert S. Horned Joseph W. Hornung Donald C. Hoskins Shelton Hoskins William M. Hoskins James A. Hotaling Carol F. Houchen Thomas E. Hough Clarence L. Hou e Elson I. Howard Fred F. Howard Joe N. Howard Miranda W. Howard Morris W. Howard Raymond E. Howard Richard D. Howard William K. Howard Winfred M. Howard William P. Howard John B. Howe Jack Howell Robert S. Howell William K. Hubbell George J . Hudack Charles W. Huddleston Walter D. Huddleston Glenn Hudson John B. Hudson D. F. Hudson Walter T. Hudson Gaines E. Huey Sam L. Huey, Jr. Paul A. Hughes Russel E. Hughes William H. Hughes John O. Hughson David O. Humbert Joseph G. Humphress Willard L. Humphress John T. Humphrey William R. Humphrey Charles O. Humston, Jr. Dick Hundley 258 Veterans James M. Hunter Oltey K. Hunter Aulbert H. Hurst Arwal L. Hurt Lester E. Hurt, Jr. John S. Hutcheson Paul B. Hylton David M. Hysinger Bryan T. Iglehart William R. Insko John Irvin Robert N. Irvine Clyde L. Irwin Elmer Isaacs Roscoe Isaacs, Jr. James D. Ishmael Charles T. Jackson Eileen Jackson James B. Jackson Kenneth E. Jackson Kenneth T. Jackson Marvin Jackson Philip G. Jackson Thomas L. Jackson Clara E. Jacobs Charles E. Jacobs Thomas Walker James Harry Jenkins John Thomas Jenkins W. M. Jenkins H. O. Jepson Oswald Jett Sidney M. Jett, Jr. Walter L. Jewell, Jr. Kenneth B. John Roy K. Johns Vance C. Johns Bernard Johnson Hiram J. Johnson James H. Johnson Dewis N. Johnson Hal W. Johnson Martin Douglas Johnson Martin M. Johnson Samuel C. Johnson R. T. Johnson Thomas Allen Johnson Paul Rodgers Johnston Edward N. Johnstone Charles R. Jones Dan A. Jones Eldred C. Jones Emest P. Jones Ernest E. Jones Garnett C. Jones Jerry M. Jones Grover N. Jones John D. Jones Lawrence Raymer Jones, J William B. Jones Powers Jones Robert D. Jones T. K. Jones William H. Jones, Jr. William Leslie Jones Julius C. Joseph Lytle A. Pordan Paul R. Jordan Courtland Joyce Thomas A. J uett, Jr. Flem M. Justice Rudolph B. Justice F. G. Kaestner Milton S. Kafoglis Vernon Fredric Kalb Bill Karraker Edsel L. Karrick Club Members Randall E. Karrick Leslie E. Karr David H. Kaufman Marshall E. Kays, Jr. Gene G. Keams Pierce V. Keating J. D. Keeling Norris D. Keesee Charles C. Keetan Elijah Keith J . C. Keith Walter L. Kellen John L. Keller Paul W. Kelley Robert Lee Kelley William H. Kelley Clement F. Kelly, Jr. George E. Kelly Robert L. Kelly William F. Kelly Leonard E. Kelsay Garland W. Kemper Charles K. Kemper George Kendall Jack K. Kennedy Ellis R. Kerley Stanley W. Kern, Jr. Benlor Kessinger Charles William Ketron Lebus R. Kidwell John W. Kiger Thomas E. Kilgore Frank M. Kilroy Robert Lewis Kimberly Sherwood Kirk Jack H. Kimball Harrold Wayne Kimbell William R. Kimble Murray Ramsey King William H. King Karl D. Kirk Nancy C. Kirby Ralph Douglas Kirk Granville E. Kitchen Leslie D. Kitchen Wm. Ashburn Klostermann Keith Koenig John C. Klottes Robert S. Koch Lee Tomes Kurtz Charles J . Krekel Rube L. Kubale Robert E. Kuhnkein . Paul J . Lacey James Parker LaBach George LaFrana Donald M. Laifoon William Allen Lancaster r, James I. Lansden John Van Larkin Virgil P. Lary Paul H. Latirher William T. Latla William C. Laverty Carl R. Lawson Glen S. Layne Arthur W. Leche William E. Leegan Wm. R. LeGrande Paul A. Laine, Jr. Wallace Lake William Leslie Land Paul E. Landrus, Jr. William O. Laslie Glenn E. Laswell Tevis W. Laudeman Chester B. Lawrence Joe L. Lawson Mary F. Leach William H. Leach Sidney Andrew Leathers B. S. Leawell John H. Lebres A. W. Lee Delbert L. Lee James H. Leech William R. LeGrand Charles R. LeMaster John LeMaster Vertal Ray Lester Walter H. Leonard Harold R. Letton George N. Levi Charles E. Lewis Frank W. Lewis Jack S. Lewis James W. Lewis Keith L. Lewis John M. Lewis John B. Liasley Allen O. Liles Leslie Lingenfelter, Jr. James F. Lindsay Jack A. Luigart, Jr. James R. Line Leo A. Link William R. Lint Frank B. Linton Earl M. Linville James E. Linville, Jr. William K. Lisenby David E. Lisle Thomas C. Little Columbus C. Litton Tazewell Ellett Littleton Wm. H. Littral Kenneth Littrell Howard Locke, Jr. Harold L. Lockwood Caswell Logan William W. Logan J . B. Long William W. Long Joseph Lowenthal Dwain H. Lowry Lloyd D. Lowry Lyle L. Lowry Joseph Hill Luellen, Jr. Joseph E. Lucas Ray Lucas Jack G. Luigart, Jr. Charles Gyman Lynch 'x 7 H ii: a- 'f I :EX -w g-il., 'saugag LJ Yi al vas? I I sig' A Edward H. Lynch Patrick J . Lynch William Lundergan Louis Albert Clifford Lusby W. B. Luster Kendall H. Lutes Rex Lyons Thomas L. Lyons Paul F. MacCarter Elmer A. McBride, Jr. Giles J . McCarthy adrew Jackson McCarty, Jr Bill D. McCarty William T. McClain Beryl T. McClain Edwin P. M. McClain E. B. McClaskey Elbert L. McClung James F. McClung Richard L. McConnell Coleman McCord John W. McCord, Jr. John H. McCoy William G. McCoy Jim McCrocklin Karl F. McCready Glenn H. McFarland Jerry B. McKenney Robert H. McKenzie Bruce McCullough J. H. McElroy, Jr. Stanley L. McElroy Conley K. McIntosh Miles B. McMenama N. John McIntyre Barnard E. McKeehan Cortis McKenzie Tommy McKinley John L. McLaughlin James H. McMahan Marion S. Mach James S. Mahon William Mahon Marion Stuart Mahurin Matney Maier James M. Main Robert Lynn Manley Arnett Mann E. Bryce Mann D. L. Manning Peter F. Manos William Mernhout Wade M. Marsh Benjamin P. Marchall Charles E. Martin Cordell Martin Dewey V. Martin George Martin George C. Martin Glenn E. Martin William C. Martin Estill Massey Albert Franklin Masters Maier Matney Jack F. Mattingly Joseph T. Maupin Horace H. Maxey Julia Maxwell Alicen Jack May Frank McNaughton Charles N. McNeil Durward E. McPherson John C. McQuary Wiliam F. McShane, Jr. Gene R. Madison John P. Maggard, Jr. Max E. Mallernee Thomas F. Manion Ora J. Manning John W. Marcum William W. Markert Robert A. Markham John G. Marlowe Jack Marston Ora K. Martin Veterans Cletus E. Martin Hunter H. Martin James R. Martin Lawrence F. Martin Robert L. Martin Walter J. Martin Charlie W. Ma on Mason Marion Holton H. Maston Frank F. Mathiss Robert E. Mathiss William E. Mattingly Jesse R. Mavity Albert Hansford May William R. Mayberry Charles W. Mayfield, Jr. Creston C. Mayhall Howard D. Mayhew Leonard W. Meade Dick Meador Dallas Meadors W. R. Meadors Robert W. Meagher Clay J. Medcalf Baxter F. Melton, Jr. Harry E. Melton John C. Meihaus Thomas A. Merriss Burton F. Ferritt James E. Metcalf Len K. Metzner Karl W. Michler George Bernard Midden, Jr. Harry A. Middleton Kenneth C. Midkiff Arthur L. Milburn Thomas D. Miles Alvin H. Miller George E. Miller J. K. Miller James Francis Miller James L. Miller Joe D. Miller John Elliot Miller Hansford S. Milligan Monroe J . Mink Ray W. Mignerey Alvin L. Milby A Jack Miller James Preston Miller John E. Miller Robert L. Miller Stanley A. Miller Thelma C. Miller Woodrow Miller Clarence J. Mills Richard M. Mills William T. Mills John William Minor Charles R. Minton Willard H. Minton William T. Minton John Minton William Howard Miranda Clarence W. Mitchell Daniel B. Mitchell Jqhn Robert Mitchell Robert Mitchell Coleman D. Moberly Joseph W. Modies Earl Moldovan Ashley S. Mixson Coleman D. Moberly David W. Mohney James H. Monier Donald F. Monfort Jack Montgomery Club Members James J . Montgomery George H. Moody Alfred Moore Ben Gardner Moore Charles Edwin Moore James H. Moore Thomas Carlton Moore, Jr. John A. Moorhead W. T. Morgan Edward J. Morris Herschel Morris Jack M. Morris Jackson F. Morris Joseph A. Morgan Ramon A. Morgan Anthony Joseph Morass William A. Morcice Ernest H. Morgan Herman H. Morgan William J. Morgan George D. Morris Houston McCulloch Morris William D. Morris James R. Morrian John D. Morrow William Arthur Morrow James D. Morse Edward B. Moss Jack E. Moxley George Muehlenkamp Herbert A. Mulder Robert J. Mulholland Robert L. Mullay Robert J. Mulle Louis F. Muller Daniel F. Mullin Dewey A. Mullin 03.- .J .ri Arnold A. Murphy Robert C. Muncy William S. Munday Billy S. Munson John D. Murphy James A. Murphy John Kenneth Murray Paul N. Murray Robert B. Myers Billy B. Nell Gerald E. Napier Matthew T. Neal Robert B. Neal Paul J. Neel Robert D. Neill Earl Nelson Thomas P. Neet Leonard C. Neff, Jr. Donald E. Nehring Robert N. Nelson Thomas A. Nevitt John S. Newby James A. Newbalt Franklin P. Newell Henry L. Newell William C. Newman Charles Robert Nicholls W? Lewis Nicholls Carl Duane Nickell Charles N ichell Archie C. Nichell Lawrence R. Nickell Glenn E. Nippert David H. Noble Carson Y. Nolan Awin S. Noland ' Terrell N offsinger Rollie E. Norris Seth F. Nuchols Robert J. Nuss Charles A. Oberst J mes Vincent O'Bryan Richard Ocko Thomas Anderson O'Day Ben W. O'Lee Calvert H. Ogbum Jackie Oliver Kenneth Oliver Robert O'Mara L. Burke O'Neal Ben M. Osborne David H. Orr Donald F. Orwin Earl T. Osborne John B. Ott, Jr. Ase Overall Clarence B. Overfield Willard A. Overstreet Floyd L. Owen John E. Owsley Bill Padon James Pagot George H. Paine Edward L. Palmer William C. Palmore Winston E. Pannell Pete Panzera Bob Panis John H. Parke, Jr. Buddy Parker John A. Parker C. E. Parks William H. Parman Lyman J . Parrigin John F. Parrish James V. Patterson Cassie J . Patrick Glenn H. Pauly William B. Paulley Earl R. Payne William E. Peace Bart N. Peak, Jr. John C. Pearson Milton M. Pearson Phillip L. Pearce H. L. Peavler James E. Peavley Evelyn Peavy Robert L. Peavy Allie C. Peed, Jr. George Terry Penn Paul Thomas Penn Otis N. Perkins Early A. Perry, Jr. Gayle B. Perry Robert M. Perry Dallas M. Peyton, Jr. Daniel L. Pferrer John W. Pfeifer Clive W. Phelps Kent Phelps, Jr. Ben P. Phillips Harold L. Phillips Hughel D. Phillips 259 Charles W. Phillips Kenneth S. Phillips Phillip R. Phillips Shively H. Phillips Bill C. Pickett Isidore Pineur Robert B. Pitchford Clyde F. Pittman Walter C. Pitts Thomas Molloy Pogue Russell C. Pollard Russell D. Poole Kimble L. Pollitt George W. Pope Harold Eugene Pope Roy H. Potter Thomas Cleland Potter Samuel H. Pottinger, Jr. Floyd W. Potts James Edward Potts Robert W. Powell James R. Powers Joe M. Powers Paul R. Powers Robert W. Poundstone Earl M. Prater Harold E. Prather Thomas A. Prather Paul H. Pratt Leonard Lee Preston Ralph Preston, Jr. Thomas E. Prewitt Louis R. F. Preyss Charles Carlyle Price James E. Price Robert M. Price Charles A. Prichard James W. Prichard James M. Pride Charles Martin Pritchett Virgil F. Pryor Robert D. Pryor Joseph E. Pugh Raymond L. Pugh Louis L. Pulliam Charles R. Puryear J. Luke Quertermous Leland E. Quieto James E. Rader Robert Rabom Forest Fulton Radclii Wendell Ralph, Jr. William E. Ralph Homer W. Ramsey Robert J. Rand Clayton K. RadcliK Adrian M. Razor Thomas J. Ready III Harry C. Reagan Kenneth L. Reaves James R. Redden Byron E. Reed, Jr. David L. Reed Leo B. Reed William H. Reed Cecil B. Reeder, Jr. Almer Winfield Reese, Jr. William B. Reese Morris W. Reigler Edward Reinhardt, Jr. Royce Reiss Theodore R. Renakel' John S. Renfro Elmer A. Reusch John O. Reynierson Ben Frank Reynold George N. Reynolds 260 Veterans Club Members Malon G. Reynolds William C. Reynolds Joseph H. Rhoadps Marshall Rhodes, Jr. Clifton A. Rice Edward E. Rice Ernest P. Rice Harold M. Rice Paul Rice Robert E. Rice, Jr. Alfred Jesse Richardson C. B. Richardson Edward C. Richardson Russell E. Ricketts Frederick Riddle Thomas L. Riley James W. Ridgway George J. Riley William P. Ringo James A. Ringswald Hurl Risner Norman Ritchie, Jr. R. H. Ritchie Louis Raymond Ritty Howard P. Rives Chester Robards Chester F. Robard Chester Glenn Robbins Joe L. Robbins James Robbins Charles D. Roberts Edward Allen Roberts Everett H. Roberts W. L. Roberts Wm. R. Roberts Denver Robertson John F. Robertson Robert L. Robertson Wilburn T. Robertson David A. Robinson Gerald L. Robinson Harold H. Robinson Jack Robinson Edwin Louis Rogers Harold Rogers Lida F. Rogers William K. Rogers Robert L. Rogers William M. Rogers, Jr. Thomas F. Rogers William C. Rogers R. Clayton Roland John S. Roop, Jr. Boone Rose, Jr. Fred R. Rose Orville S. Rose Haskell J. Ross Warren W. Rosenthal Bernard Ross Harvey D. Ross James C. Ross Wallace C. Ross George Roth Frank A. Rounsley Cecil E. Rowland Murray L. Rowland, Jr. Ralph R. Roystbr Samuel A. Ruark Bryce W. Rucker Raymond Russell William F. Russell William D. Ruth, Jr. George C. Sakons Stanley W. Salchli Ray L. Sallee R. M. Samples Leighton Sams Clarence O. Sanderson Howard J. Sanders Paul Sands Hoyt Sanders Oscar Sandus Oren A. Sams, Jr. James Q. Sanner Don C. Sargent Polk Saunders P. J. Savage Stan Saunier, Jr. Edzel Sawyer Donald K. Saylor Oscar Saylor Thomas O. Scalf Forrest Schenks Earl J. Scherago Hank M. Schimpeler R. W. Schlachter William E. Schmalz Joseph J. Schmitz John C. Schoepf H. W. Schoolcraft James O. Schreck Marvin J. Schulman Edward A. Schustor Arlie Scott Carl J. Scott Jack Scott James E. Scott James F. Scott John W. Scott Joseph L. Scott Frank B. Seaman Paul G. Sears Harry D. Seay William Arthur See Arthur F. Seelhorst I7 - J Herbert L. Sefer Robert D. Selvidge Clyde Senters Greene A. Settle, Jr. William M. Seymore James Louis Shackelford Herbert A. Shacklett Cyril E. Shadowen James F. Shene Herman L. Sharp Tommy D. Sharp Carl C. Shearer Leo C. Sheehan Charles E. Shelby Austin L. Shelley Kirk Sherwood George W. Shetterly Daniel N. Shindelbower Al Shire James A. Shirley Harrison B. Shope Haskell P. Short Charles R. Shoun John F. Shouse Ray P. Shreve Ralph B. Shrewsbury, Jr. Willard Weale Shropshire Horace Aude Silver Jacob Silverberg W. R. Simmons John P. Simms Cordia G. Simpson L. W. Simpson Robert L. Simpson Robert B. Simon Robert A. Simpon Gilbert L. Siris John W. Siry John J. Size Richard Clayborne Sizemor Ray Sizemore Stan T. Skees, Jr. Allen M. Skillman Russell V. Skinner Stanley C. Skirvin Keith V. Slack Randall H. Slayden Denver Slean Edward Slone Benjamin F. Smith Clarence A. Smith, Jr. David F. Smith Donald Cawood Smith Edgar R. Smith Forrest Smith Henry P. Smith John M. Smith Joseph C. Smith Leslie C. Smith Richard L. Smith Thomas P. Smith Omar Thomas Smith, Jr. Robert F. Smith Walter Lee Smith Charles M. Smither Woodrow W. Smither Edward L. Smock Robert M. Smothers Martin L. Sneider Jess F. Snowden Augustus W. Snyder George Snyder James L. Snyder Milton K. Snyder Richard W. Snyder Thompson Snyder John W. Sorrelle, Jr. Charles R. Southerland Arthur P. Soward Vincent Spagnuolo Albert J. Spare Bertel M. Sparks Forrest M. Sparrow Clyde Clayton Spears Narvil Spears Ernest G. Spears Lawrence H. Spence William F. Spence Donald O. Spillman William C. Spragens Clinton Ray Springate Jerry L. Spurr Claude S. Sprowls Phillip T. Stafford Louie E. Stahl Eugene C. Stamper Karl D. Stamper Bamey Stanley Piercy D. Stanley Osso B. Stanley Harry D. Stanton Jack W. Stapletors Irvine P. Stapp William D. Stapp Bayard M. Starnes James D. St. Clair Richard D. Steels Adren O. Steele Ernest C. Steele John L. Stephens Jack C. Steen Roy Steers Bryce Stephens, Jr. Kenneth L. Stephens Lowell M. Stephens Robt. E. Stephens James E. Stepp M6Kfig Q P .4 C George W. Stephenson Jack W. Stephenson Homer W. Stepp Eugene C. Stevens Thomas R. Stevens Irvin W. Stern, Jr. William J. Stevens Ivert Stewart Ross E. Stewart Howard C. Stickler Paul R. Stigall James C. Stites Raymond B. Stivers Richard T. Stofer Ralph W. Stokes George R. Stoll Stanley S. Stolt Don Perry Stone Edward Stone Franklin E. Stone James Morrion Stone Francis R. Stone Robert L. Stone Sydney Stone, Jr. Willard N. Stooke Champ S. Stopher, Jr. Ben Story, Jr. Harold O. Story William D. Stout James M. Stovall Horace M. Stratton, Jr. Benjamin S. Street, Jr. Joe Strong Rhodes Q. Stuart Ellsworth H. Stumbo Paul B. Sturgill Leotas Sullenger Bill Sullivan Daniel Paul Sullivan Robert S. Summers Robert L. Summer Cliiford Surface Albert F. Surmont Kenneth D. Susong William E. Sutherland John F. Swain Benjamin F. Swanner Charles G. Taliaferr Charles E. Tamme Roscoe Tarter Thomas H. Tarter Fred W. Tate, Jr. 0 Veterans Club Members Omar L. Tatum Ralph D. Tatum Charles E. Taylor Aaron Taylor Ben G. Taylor Billy M. Taylor Delbert A. Taylor Edwin Warren Taylor James P. Taylor John D. Taylor Lonzo Taylor, Jr. Roy S. Taylor Robert H. Taylor Robert Thomas Taylor Malcolm P. Taylor Marion R. Taylor Timothy H. Taylor Wilbur T. Taylor William Taylor William C. Taylor Wilton C. Tester Isom J. Terry Talbert B. Terry Albert E. Thomas, Jr. Charles M. Thomas Clifford Thomas, Jr. Douglas C. Thomas George R. Thomas James C. Thomas, Jr. William S. Thomas Charles M. Thompson Conrad L. Thompson Edward A. Thompson Forest G. Thompson Joseph C. Thompson Robert D. Thompson Roy.E. Thompson Chester L. Thornsbury John Q. Thornbury George Thomas Thornton Paul A. Thornton Roger S. Thornton Cecil Thrasher, Jr. Holland Thrasher George W. Threlhold Paul Threlheld William 'Ifhrelkeld Weilan R. Thurman Iohn H. Thurmond Lee T. Tichenor T. C. Tichenor Clayton Ray Tierne Thomas C. Tittler Roy Leland Tolliver Kenneth C. Toomey William M. Totty Howard K. Trammell Charles A. Trankler Pat Tranbury John R. Travis Charles C. Trester, Jr. Charles C. Tribble George W. Tratter Ballard Trigg Knox Trigg, Jr. Charles R. Trumbo James S. Tucker Nathaniel W. Tucker George B. Tuggle Layton C. Tuggle Linus M. Tupman Robert J. Turley Rex M. Turley Bill H. Turner Raleigh Tumer Nancy Jean Tutt Bruce Tuttle R. A. Tygrett James Arnold Tyler James Paul Ufert J. T. Underwood Green W. Unthanh Vic B. Uttinger Billy G. Valentine Baylor Van Meter, Jr. Samuel Thomas Vanover Daniel M. Van Sant George M. Van Meter C. C. Vatter Paul G. Vaughn Maurice L. Vaughn William J. Vaylor, Jr. Leslie Veal Alex B. Veech, Jr. Robert B. Veech George W. Velotta George D. Venter Antonio A. Vertuca John Victor John B. Vigle Carl Vincent, Jr. Doster Vincent Frederick C. Vogele Lloyd W. Waddell John F. Waddle Alfred D. Wade William A. Wagner Benjamin L. Walker Farris Walker F. M. Walker Gordon Wall Stewart L. Waits Robert S. Walker William K. Walker William E. Wall Elmer L. Wallace Howard A. Wallace, Jr. John T. Wallace George D. Wallace, Jr. William C. Wallace Harry E. Waller James E. Walters Ray M. Walters Clay Walton Darrell E. Ward George C. Ward Joe Ward Lafe P. Ward William E. Waters, Jr. William T. Wathen Allan Watson Charles Watson Mable L. Warnecke Maurice H. Warner Louis P. Warren Forret R. Washer John C. Watkins Fred D. Watson George C. Watson Clyde P. Watts Margaret Jane Wayne Louis C. Weber Graham Webb Samuel C. Webb Robert S. Webster J. S. Weller Francis B. Wells Harold G. Wells Homer Douglas Wells John A. Wells John B. Wells, Jr. Kenneth Wells William Blaid Wells Robert'S. Wellman Bernard A. wells Fred M. Wells James Alton Wells Arthur Welsh, Jr. Fred A. Wesley Joseph K. Wesley Calvin Orr West John M. Westfall Vassia Lee Westfall, Jr. Edward L. Westlake Allen J. Whalen Louis A. Whaley Joe S. Wheeler, Jr. Paul E. Whelan John D. Whisman James W. Whitaker Carl B. White, Jr. James M. White Howard R. White William L. Whitehouse, Jr. Michael E. Whitlifl Robert B. Whitney Cameron J. Williams, Jr. William A. Wickliffe Claudins Wilcher, Jr. Charles D. Williams Clyde Williams James W. Williams Everett Arthur Wick Peter A. B. Wickener Romanza F. Wigginton Gerald F. Wight, Jr. Robert Eugene Wilder Howard F. Wilkerson Conrad M. Willis Byron Carlyle Wilhoit Jesse J . Wilkins Gay Campbell Willard Charles D. Williams Elbert E. Williams George Thomas Williams John N. Williams H. Williams Williams Charles H. Willis Orville Wills Bingham H. Willson Charles Richard Wilson Gilbert M. Wilson James C. Wilson Mary Frances Wilson Edward Winchester, Jr. James E. Wise Wesley G. Witt Zollio L. Witt Norman S. Wolfson Patch Gregory Woolfolk , 1 7 ZZ -Z W x 261 Yea, Kentucky . . . Daisy Mae Patt hall . . . Housed again Alpha Xi's at homecoming Must be wonderful . . . Rush week at the ADPi house Daisy Mae contestants . . . Comin' thru the corn Li'1 Abner with Daisy Mae . . . Marryin' Sam The Pi Kaps at the dance . . . Pretty scenery Sweet Adeline . . . When! jack-in-the-box . . . Dopey Phelps and ice cream cone Anything for us? . . . The fans liked this The theater that was . . . Mary Montague . . . Let's rest awhile In front of the Tri-Delt house . . . The winnah HLHQHHI M k fin W' My . I' W .fr X X" I u s An :M 6 , n N VM W' I j in f NV' f n U' Ex Awljwx s ah lx X! riillff' l: I 211 if M 433 , V vis' 1 ' 1l 'xg X . , , I "IN x " 'J 1 ' 1, fl' V' ' ' N i M' ' A. W lmllll , '- Q? 1 M4 X I D Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Gamma Rho was founded at Indianapolis, Indiana in 1908. Omicron, one of thirty- three national chapters, was installed at the University in 1920. Green and gold are the fraternity colorsg pink rose is the flower. Members in faculty are J. O. Barkman, Phillip Edwards, Fordyce Ely, W. P. Garrigus, E. J. Kinney, H. B. Morrison, H. B. Price, L. H. Townsend and E. J. Wilford. Maurice F. Anderson George Antle, Jr. Marvin Carl Bell Charles W. Berckman Hugh Brinkley Robert C. Bryan John H. Burrier David Cleveland Thomas J. Cobb Charles E. Eastin George W. Freas Landon Garrett, Jr. William Gayle Bramblett Gillaspie, Jr. Joe Allen Elmer Bean Jack Brisbay George Campbell Jack Cash Robert Culton Harry Clay Current J. C. Dowden ACTIVES Charles H. Gulley Paul Hanna David Hatchett Charles L. Hill Thomas J. Hill James B. Jackson Thomas L. Jackson Thomas H. Johnson Edward H. Johnstone Harold Love J. Paxton Mashall Calvin Martin, Jr. Edwin Proctor PLEDGES John Dowden Grant Grayson, Jr. Kyle Hunter Paul Jones James D. Kemp Chester Lawrence Henry Sherman LeGrand Jimmie Lynn OFFICERS Sam D. Weakley, Jr. . . President Thomas J. Cobb . Vice-President James A. Welch . Secretary George W. Freas Treasurer Wilbert D. Haney Marshall Shouse Robert A. Simpson Carl Sinclair Ralph R. Speaks Roy Van Arsdall John Venable Edmond Waters Sam D. Weakley, Jr. Howard B. Webb James A. Welch Matt R. Williams, Jr Jay Young William Kenneth Young Orville Ray Miller Walter Moore Shirley Phillips James C. Shaffer Ivan Shelburne, Jr. Charles E. Shelby Paul B. Sturgill Ryburn Weakley S. Weakley, Welch, Freas, Haney T. Jackson, Berckman, I-Iatchett, Antle, Bell, Johnson Burrier, T. Johnson, Anderson, Brinkley, Eastin, Webb, Sinclair M. Williams, Garret, Venable, Cleveland, Proctor, Gulley, Gayle, J. Jackson E. Johnstone, J. Dowden, Culton, Shelby, Moore, Hunter, Grayson Lynn, Allen, Current, Kemp, Brisbay, Shaffer, Sturgill E. Weakley, Lawrence, Cash, Phillips, J. C. Dowden, Le Grand, Marshall Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Phi was founded at Yale University in 1845. Sigma, one of 48 national chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1917. Cardinal and stone are the fraternity colorsg the flower is the cardinal rose. Member in faculty is Lysle Croft. MEMBERS Jack Carpenter Glenn McAlister Robert Clark Dickie Naylor J im Corbin Donald Ross Walter Cox Paul Savage Billy Gene Daniels Raymond Woodrow Schlachter Al Frey J ay Walden PLEDGES Wendell Cooper Gene Madison Eddie Hatchett J ack Miller OFFICERS Raymond W. Schlachter President Jay Walden . . Vice-President Walter Cox . Secretary J ack Carpenter Treasurer Alpha Sigma Phi Walden, Schlachter Savage, Cox, Naylor, Carpenter Miller, Rose, Madison, Daniels Frey, Cooper, McAlist,er, Clark Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega was founded at the Virginia Military Institute in 1865. Mu Iota, one of the ninety-Five national chapters, was installed on the University campus in 1909. Colors of the fraternity are azure and old goldg white tea rose is the flower. Members in faculty are L. J. Horlacher, Niel Plummer and Watson Armstrong. Wilbur G. Adams William Blackburn Lewis Bondurant James Brockenborough Harry Carrice Earl Eschbom Silas Fisher William Gatewood Felix Gossum Ralph Hays J ames Hodskins Brantly Amberg Frank Boswell Walter Brooks, Jr. E. C. Bryant, Jr. Joseph Clark William Detherage Sonny Deskins James Dotson Harold Fleenor MEMBERS Thomas Hoffman Robert Insko William Lamb Dwain Lowry William Lyons Lawerence Martin, J r Roy C. Miller Russel Motsinger Robert Nelson Jimmy Nickell J ohn Owsley Edward Palmer PLEDGES Eugene Flood William Hall George Hermann David K. Holland Winifred Kelly Warren Magee, Jr. James McCowan Baxter Melton George Midden, Jr. Royce Pulliam Evan J. Ray George Sparrow George Stewart Jack Stewart Herbert Thompson Jere Thornton Roger Thomton Owen Vance George White Thomas Wolfe Charles Noe Maurice Pace George Reynolds Edward Roberts Bailey Smith Joe C. Smith Claude Sprowls Charles Thomas Claude Wilshire OFFICERS Roger Thornton . . . President William Lamb Vice-President Lewis Bondurant . Secretary James Hodskins . Treasurer Thornton, Lamb, Bondurant, Hodskins, Nelson, Gatewood, Insko Brockenborough, Pulliam, Nickell, Ray, Martin, Thompson, Ross Hays, J. Stewart, Carrico, Adams, Sparrow, G. Stewart. Holfman Lowry, Miller, Aschbarn, Wolfe, Lyon, Palmer, Fisher Kelly, Boswell, Dotson, Ballard, Hall, Melton, Roberts Sprowles, Clark, Fleenor, Holland, Midden, Noe, Pace Dethrege, Magee, Smith, Reynolds, Amberg, Welcher, Brooks Delta Chi Delta Chi was founded at Cornell University in 1890. Kentucky chapter was installed on the campus in 1913. Colors of the fraternity are red and buffg white carnation is the flower and the publication is the Delta Chi quarterly. Members in faculty are Alfred Brauer and William Towlman. MEMBERS Russel L. Beatty James M. Bell John D. Blevins Millard F. Bowen Charles L. Breckel George A. Cannon Charles W. Chinn C. M. Cooper James W. Gillespie Dave Holliday Gene L. Harmon William C. Harrison K. Miller Holland james P. Wesley Nelson Hoskins Charles E. Legette Peter F. Manos Elbert L. McClung Dwight L. McCray Robert R. Milne Robert J. Mulle Charles P. Nelte Robert M. O'Mara William L. Roche William S. Rosson Bruce A. Sayer William Summitt PLEDGES David Chapman J ack W. Harmon James T. Collier Robert E. Hauser Robert L. Compton Howard C. Human jack C. Crawford Marvin Jones James W. Crawford Samuel Mcllvaine James M. Darst Louis H. Nichols Fred L. Dupree Murray M. Schearard William R. Scherle OFFICERS Elbert L. McClung . . President Robert J. Mulle . Vice-President james W. Gillespie . Secretary Dwight L. McCray Treasurer Delta Chi Mulle, McC1und McCray, Holland, Nolte, Gillespie Harrison, Bell, Chinn, O'Mara Bowen, James Crawford, Milne, Jack Crawford Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta was founded at Bethany College in 1859. Delta Epsilon, one of 75 national chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1924. Purple, white and gold are the fratemity colorsg iris is the flower . Member in faculty is R. D. Hawkins. Troy E. Adams Maxwell P. Barrett Ellis T. Beck Robert D. Bell Joseph Leland Brewster William G. Bryson John W. Burdin Frank D. Cassidy Andrew H. Clark Paul Combs Frank F. Davis Robert Davis Robert M. Dean William T. Dewitt Harrison Dixon Charles Daugherty Edward Everett Elsey William H. Fulton Stanley Hays Douglas S. Haynes Edward S. J ones Daniel Beam David Beam Frank A. Bryson MEMBERS Edgar L. Keneipp W. Edward Lander Marvin Lear james E. Lett L. William List William T. McClain Robert T. McCowan Arthur C. McFarland john L. McNeal Daniel B. Mitchell ,I ack M. Montgomery James Mokas Hugh Morehead Robert B. Neal William R. Overhultz Elliott M. Peel Frank C. Pittman Earl M. Prater Preston W. Price John T. Pryor Raymond L. Pugh PLEDGES Calvert Brooks Earl R. I-Ieffner John W. McWhorter William M. Rhoads Raymond T. Randolph Hartwell D. Reed Elwood A. Rowsey Kenneth Rush Henry Clay Russell John Russell James H. Satteriield Roberton C. Scott Donald B. Sebastian Robert F. Stewart James C. Stites Richard T. Stofer J ack H. Strother Ralph D. Tatum Omar L. Tatum Robert D. Thornbury John T. Walthall Leland F. Wisner Harold B. Wright joseph G. Young Thomas O. Youtsey Walter L. Roy Robert A. Stansbury William R. Ware OFFICERS Edgar L. Keneipp . . . President Jack L. McNeal . Vice-President James H. Satterfield . Secretary Hugh Morehead . Treasurer Delta Tau Delta Beck, Satterfield, Moorehead, Keneipp. McNeal, Peel, Pugh Elsey, Stevens, Overhultz, Wood, Dougherty, Crowden, Russel, Young Edward Jones, Strother, Mitchell, Brewster, Mordica, Montgomery, Frank Davis, Rowsey Clark, Cassidy, Youtsey, Lear, Pittman, Wisner, Dixon, Hockensmith Rush, Wright, McLain, Combs, R. Davis, Walthall, Mokas R. Tatum, Sebastian, Stewart, Stites, Lett, 0. Tatum, Rhoads, Haynes Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865. Theta, one of the sixty-seven national chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1893. The colors of the fraternity are crimson and gold. The flowers are the red rose and white magnolia. Members in faculty are C. C. Carpenter, G. D. Buckner, Col. J. H. Graham, Col. G. MacKenzie, Harry Best, W. C. Tucker and J. W. Pryor. Robert Anspack George W. Blair Harold S. Carr Howard Churchill Russell Des Cognets John W. Donovan James W. Floyd T. Lucas Gaines Charles C. Gorman Bartley A. Greenwell George W. Griffin, Jr. William R. Griffin William S. Haggard Tom Baldwin III James H. Ezrlzer Frank Benton Billy Boone Botts Dan C. Botts Alex Calvert Willard Carmichael Joe P. Chenault William G. Cox ACTIVES John Hicks James N. Hise John W. Hundley, Jr. John G. Irvin Lucien L. Kingsolving Caswell P. Lane Virgil P. Lary Harold R. Letton Mack Linville Joe H. Mathews Ralph G. Martin Jack Money James E. Morris William N. Nash PLEDGES Joe M. Fitch John Gorman Richard M. Hoddy Paul Latimer Jimmy J. Stewart Greenberry S. Marshall J. Louis Schlegel III Blair Seaman Earnest M. Searcy Robert O'Brian John F. Pennebaker Carl S. Ratliff William P. Ringo Harry V. Rouse III William E. Sloan Holmes Smart John W. Sorrelle, Jr. Woodford R. Snowden Ben A. Thomas James W. Thornton Nelson Woolcott, Jr. Robert G. Wright Larry Simpson Paul Smith Harold Snowden Phil C. Steele Robert Trimble Robert S. Tucker Bobby Joe Turley David Wilson Bill Winfree OFFICERS Bartley A. Greenwell . . President George William Blair . Vice-President John G. Irvin . Secretary Ben Allen Thomas Treasurer Kappa Alpha Blair, Griffin, Irvin, Lane des Cognets, R. Martin, W. Snowden, Sorrelle, C. Gorman, J. Lewis, Latimer, Smart Ratliff. Carmichael, Wilson, Turley, Money, Simpson, Carr, Hundley Baldwin, O'Brien, Wright, Trimble, Thornton, P. Smith, H. Snowden, Kingsolving Steele. Nash, Gorman, J. Barker, Morris, Schlegel, Gritfin, Ringo Marshall, Hicks, Sloan, Fitch, Gaines, Hoddy, Winfree, Benton Hisle, Searcy. Woolcott, Linville, Tucker, Letton, Seaman, Botts Haggard, Rouse, Thomas, Anspach, W. Snowdon, Chenault, W. Donovan, Mahans Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Virginia on December 10, 1869. Beta Nu, one of the one hundred-thirteen national chapters, was installed on the University campus in 1901. Color of the fraternity are green, white and scarletg lily of the valley is the flower. Members in faculty are W. D. Funkhouser, L. L. Dantzler and Frank D. Peterson. Faculty adviser is L. L. Dantzler. Richard Anderson James R. Brown james Joseph Buckley James M. Craig Virgil L. Christian, Jr. Howard Thomas Clark Rodger Frost Cooper Cleo Cordell Wendell Corden DeMarcus Allen W. Daugherty William B. Drake Hugh P. Earl William Fearn Franks James William Frasure William Gault ACTIVES William Duncan Goodloe Dwaine Emerson Gullett William C. Hubbard William Huffman Robert H. Kaiser James R. Kayse Lon La Hurst Keith Howard W. Kelly Earnest Kirkpatrick Gerald LaMasters Paul A. Laine, J' r. John A. Luigart, Jr. William Guthrie Marks James Maher Julian Browning McKee J' oe D. Miller John A. Miller David L. Morton Harold Gordon Mullins John Ray Pryor Horace Louis Sawin james Simpson James K. Steele David Seigel Bamey Stanley Gilbert L. Taylor J ack Wellons Russell Edwin White William Ashley Whitehead Martin Galden Wilson George Witt PLEDGES L. C. Acton William Guy Benjimen Phillips Rodney Beck Jack Hartiield Jack Redding William Benjamin Fred Howard William Reed William Bennett Knox Lefler J. O. Reynerson J ack Berry William Lentz William Settlemeyer William Brandenburg Roy Cunningham William Long Wallace McCollum Chick Simms Rodger Stark Paul Steigel Malcum Dunn Johnny McKenze Marce Dunn Clark Nowland Joseph Williams L. T. Ellit John Howard King, J r. Edward Willingham Lucus Floyd Robert Nickols Glenn Weatherspoon R. D. Floyd John Perkins Rodger Whitten Edward Fossett Don CDopeyJ Phelps Jerry Wight OFFICERS Russell Edwin White . . President William Duncan Goodloe . Vice-President William Franks . . . Secretary William C. Hubbard Treasurer Kappa Sigma Sawin, White, LeMaster, Goodloe, Whitehead, Christian, Franks, Hubbard Pryor, Drake, Kelly, Demarcus, Kirkpatrick, Anderson, Luigart, Cooper Daugherty, Floyd, Frasure, McKee, Taylor, Miller, Wilson, Huddleston Keith, Morton, Clark, Reynierson, Stanley, Reed, Miller, Kaiser King, Benjamin, Fossett, Beck, Berry, Hartileld, Stigall, Long M. Dunn, C, Dunn, Whitlnwe, Nowland, Cunningham, Guy, Phillips, Howard Weatherspoon, Perkins, Lentz, Wight, Simms, Stark, Brandenburg, Williams Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston University in 1909. Epsilon Phi Zeta, one of the one hundred and fourteen national chapters, was installed on the University campus in 1930. Purple, green, and gold are the fraternity colorsg white rose is the flower. Members in faculty are Dr. William S. Ward and Dr. Frank T. McFarland. Maurice Anderson Irvin W. Christopher Charles Hawley Hugh Hood Earle R. Martin Ralph Breeding Clifton Carpenter Douglas Cayce Donald Clark James Dance julian Henry Frank Hood Edwin Holliday David I-Iysinger ACTIVES Bert Masters Robert Minton Harold Rogers Everett P. Seranton PLEDGES John Krumpleman Howard Locke, Jr. Kendall H. Lutes J ack Mackey Bernard May James E. Monach Louis Pulliam John S. Renfro Roy W. Rhodes, Jr. Patrick H. Tignor James Warren Bill Williams Charles B. Williams Wesley G. Witt Cranston W. Richie Robert Rogers james R. Rutter Hearl Singleton Nathan Smith George Talbott, Jr. William Trivett Lynn Vaughn Horace Wilder OFFICERS Robert Minton . . . President Harold Rogers Vice-President Bill Williams . Secretary Wesley Gordon Witt Treasurer Lambda Chi Alpha Rogers, Minton, Williams, Witt, Christopher Wilder, Mackey, Hawley, Rhodes, Anderson Carpenter, Master, Monash, Rutton, Scranton Krumpelman, Henry, Renfro, Hood, Lorke Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta was founded at Miami University in 1848. Kentucky Epsilon, one of the one hundred-tive national chapters, was installed on the University campus in 1901. The colors of the fraternity are argent and azureg carnation is the flower. Marvin L. Anderson John G. Atchison Morris W. Beebe John B. Browning Luther B. Caldwell George Covington Alan Davis Jack J. Farris Harry Feamster Julian E. Fortney Charles T. Gardner William Gardner Frank Gilliam William Giltner J. Pryor Hancock Wendell Hall Thomas Harris Hubert Hazelip John J. Hopkins Forest Bobbitt Iley B. Browning, Jr. Garland Dummitt Robert Estill McCreary Gay Woody Hanna Stuart Harlowe Dallam Harper Hill Hazelip ACTIVES Lafon Ingles Charles K. Jones Wallace C. Jones Charles T. Lang Frank McGrath Thomas D. McKinley Donald Meade Mac Miller David Mohney Ben Moore Hudson W. Nichols Charles H. Noel Gaylord Pack Jack Park Eugene Perkins Robert Puryear Clayton Randal Gerald Reams Joseph Richards PLEDGES Burleigh Kaster Herman Kessler William Lewis Marshall McCann James Mulley Kim Penrod Thomas Rankin John Reeves Russell Rice Fielding Rogers William Rogers Calvert T. Roszel Clarence H. Short J. William Silliman Homer J. Simon Herbert Sledd William Sullivan David A. Thomas Jack Tingle Robert Vatter Alexander B. Veech James L. Volner Ben T. White Stan White Edward C. Whitfield Robert B. Worthington Orman R. Wright, Jr. Oscar C. Wright, Jr. Arthur Scott Thomas Smith James Strader William Sutton Forest Thompson James Thompson Richard Tygert Thomas Underwood George Van Meter OFFICERS William Sullivan . . . President John Atchison Vice-President Luther Caldwell . Secretary , William Silliman Treasurer Phi Delta Theta Atchison, Sullivan Hancock, illiman, Roszell, Caldwell, Howe, Veech, Sutton, Browning G. Renms, J. Browning, O. Wright, Penrod, Gay, Kaster, Harlowe, Harris Price, Simon, Klssler, Tygrett, J.Haze1ipp, Dummit, Lewis, Shannon Davis, H. White, Thompson, C. Jones, Hopkins, B. White, Whltridge, Richards Short, Rogers, McCann, Beebe, Covington, Worthington, Thompson, Randall Scott, Smith, Sledd, Bobbitt, Nichols, Whittield, R. Puryear, C. Noel Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Tau was founded at Miami University in 1906. Kappa, one of fifty national chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1920. Harvard red and old gold are the fraternity colors: red carnation is the Hower. Fred W. Alloway S. J. Amato Porter Baxter Pat Carrigan William Caywood Billy S. Chandler John J. David Robert M. Doyle George Davis Matthew Dovmer Richard L. Eubanks Earl E. Evans Harold Estill Byram H. Faris Joseph H. Fothergill Augustus Green Bill Bebout Albert Bryant James Childers George R. Conway Russell Dameron Larry Gardner Bruce Garwood William G. Gess Roy Griflin MEMBERS William Hammack Roy Hall Robert L. Hardin Morris W. Hart Neil Hart W. Riter Haymond John Heick William Hicks James Hodgetts Robert Hayes John Keller Roy Kirchoff Joe Kuhling Harold Lockwood William Mardis George C. Martin William McCann PLEDGES Jack Gerstle Thomas J. Hedger Myron Hess Emmet Holbrook Robert Holbrook Kenneth Kasey Richard Mayes William T. Mi!'s James R. McNeal Floyd L. Owen OFFICERS Robert L. Hardin, Jr. . . President John J. David . Vice-President Bill Robers . . Secretary Bayard Starnes Treasurer Alan Parrish Lee Palmer Howard Rives Huber Rhorer J. S. Robertson R. C. Rogers William Rogers Stanley Saunier Louis G. Smith Bayard Starnes John B. Vigle Lloyd Waddell Bowers Wallace L. Smith Wetherill William Williams Charles Wills John Parrish Philip Phillips A. B. Quiery James Shackelford Charles Shockey Ben R. Tumer Alex Walker Hal Wilson W. H. Whitford Phi Kappa Tau R. Rogers. B, Starnes. Hardin, David, Palmer, Martin, Bowers Willis, Williams, Waddell, Robertson, Wetherrill, Saunier, Doyle Carrigan, Fothergill, Alloway, Haynard, Mardes, Hall McCann, Kuhling, Eubanks, Rhorer, Amato, Hort, Hannock Vigle, Green, Porter, Kirchoff, Farris, Downer, Hodgetts Bryant, Mayes, Childers, Holbrook, Dameron. Shockey, Parrish Chandler, Shackelford, Gess, Lockwood, Owen Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa was founded at Massachusetts State College in 1873. Phi Deuteron, one of the fifty-five national chapters, was installed at the University in 1926. Colors of the fraternity are silver and magentag red carnation is the flower. Members in faculty are Dean Paul Prentice Boyd, Dean Edward Wiest, Ernest A. Bureau, Raymond H. Lickert, George P. Summers and G. P. Whitlow. Charles Ray Barker William Harvey Bixler Brownie B. Bolton Joseph Richardson Bolton William Monroe Byron Deweese Young Campbell Frank James Carollo Paul Eugene Cheap Elbert Alston Cheek James Patrick Conley Ordie V. Davis Harry Houser Boaz james B. Boaz Strother Breeze, J r. Eugene M. Cecil William Craveson Dale, Jr. Charles Louis Devitt Darrell Hancock Boyd Edwards jessee Dan Jones ACTIVES Clell F. DeSpain J ack Clark Dupree William Harold Ellison Joseph Carson Evans Robert Joseph Gemer Paul Wesley Grumbles Chester Campbell Hawley Herbert Albert Jepson William Pryse Jones George Garrett Judge Lloyd Douglas Lowry Kenneth Clark Midkiff PLEDGES James Cecil Kennard Charles McKeehan Frank Mathias Kenneth McGinnis Charles Blyford Minor William Howard Miranda Thomas Neal Montgomery William P. Newman John A. Palumbo Thomas Albert Prather Ben Henry Pumphrey William Patrick Quinn James Mack Rice William August Senning James Macmillian Strother Marion Redwood Taylor William Robert Thomas Homer Maurice Walker Michael Edwin Whitfill Benjamin F. Reynolds Jay E. Rhodemyre Robert Franklin Rupard Donald Beecher Stapleton Robert Stephen Summers Paul Troup Charles B. Wade Ronald P.Walker Johnson A. Young OFFICERS james Patrick Conley . . President Elbert Alston Cheek Vice-President Michael Edwin Whitfill Secretary Brownie B. Bolton . Treasurer Phi Sigma Kappa Cheek, Whitfill, B, Bolton, Despain, Strother, Taylor Hawley, Senning, Rice, Rupard, Grumbles, Judge, Pumphrey Evans, Jones, Prather, Midkiff, Davis, Gerner, Campbell J. Bolton, Palumbo, Quinn, Byron, Barker, H. Walker, Carollo J. Boaz, Hancock, Minor, Newman, Mathias, Summers, H. Boaz Cheap, Reynolds, Dale, Wade, Cecil, Devitt, R. Walker Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. Omega, one of eighty naticnal chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1901. The colors of the fraternity are garnet and old goldg lily-of-the-valley is the Hower. Member in faculty is Dr. H. H. Downing. Thomas A. Ballantine, Jr. George E. Barker Mose Baston, Jr. Oscar C. Beasley, Jr. Robert J. Blumer Joe D. Botto Chesley E. Brandon, Jr. Charles R. Burton Earl C. Cottrell Truman W. Demunbrun James M. Donovan, Jr. Fred H. Daugherty Robert J. Duncan James S. Atteberry James H. Curry III Ralph E. Danford, Jr. Travis J. Duerr Charles S. Fergus Henry E. Ford James D. Ford, Jr. Kenneth M. Fortune Aaron G. Graff ACTIVES Thomas D. Duncan Samuel Frentz, Jr. Thomas E. Gish Burt V. Halbert III Donald M. Hall Homer K. Hall Warren J. Kennedy William C. Laverty Joe L. Lawson, III Joseph S. Lyle Ranald MacDonald III Bormard E. McKeehan PLEDGES Warner C. Grubbs William E. Grugin Eugene E. Hartmann Roy Hixson Walter D. Hudleston Kenneth T. Jackson Simpson F. Lawson James H. Moore John L. McLaughlin Robert J. Mulholland Phillip L. Pearce William W. Peavyhouse, Jr Virgil F. Pryor Roger F. Ruth Howard W. Stephenson Glenn G. Stille James S. Tucker William A. Wagner James C. Wash William R. Wash Carl E. Weber, Jr. Leonard Moses James Y. O'Bannon, Jr. Daniel L. Pferrer George R. Stoll Kenneth D. Susong Albert E. Thomas, Jr. William M. Welch Jack Whitman Orville A. Willis OFFICERS Robert Jesse Mulholland . President Joe Donald Botto . . Vice-President Ranald Forrest MacDonald III . Secretary Thomas Austin Ballantine, Jr. . Treasurer Pi Kappa Alpha Botto, MacDonald, Mulholland, Ballantine Donovan, Burton, Demunbrum. Daugherty, Hall, Weber, Barker, Stephenson Ruth, Tucker, Pryor, Gish, B. Duncan, Stille, Pearce, Frentz Hall, T. Duncan, Baston, Halbert, McKeehan, McLaughlin, J. Wash, W. Wash Laverty, Kennedy, Beasley, Wagner, Fergus. Hixson, Graff, Danford Bassham, Susong. Ford, Wills. Jackson, Curry, Attebury, Duerr Moses, Pferrer, Grugin, Moore, Stoll, Hartman, Hucldleston, Fortune Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama on March 9, 1856. Epsilon, one of the 119 national chapters, was installed on the University campus in 1900. Purple and gold are the fraternity colorsg the violet is the flower. Robert A. Babbage William D. Baker Bryan Blount Ned Breathitt William Bronston Benjamin Buckley William D. Calvert Robert Carter Allen Cloyd Benjamin Cowgill William Cowgill John Crockett Clayton Cruise Robert W. Darlington J. W. Davis George Dudley Benjamin Dyer Robert Drury Winifred Ellis John C. Everett Ralph Farmer William Gabbart Richard Gillespie Edward F. Arnold James Bailey Frank H. Bassett John G. Blount Frank W. Boone William C. Brown Harry S. Caruthers Robert M. Coleman William E. Endicott Benjamin K. Erdman Joseph Flynn Gerald R. Griffin Hugh B. Hammett Lawrence B. Hammett L. Hall Hollingsworth ACTIVES Joe Hall J oe B. Hall John Hall Marion Hall Marion Hogwood Gene Hogwood Joe Holland Harold Hunt Raymer Jones Benjamin L. Kessinger Paul Kinnaird George Kelley John Lebus William R. Lint Frank Long James Mahan Stuart Mahurin James F. Miller Robert Miller Hoyt Moore William McCord Jack Newton Buddy Parker PLEDGES Kent Hollingsworth Charles Humpston Carroll Jacobs Charles Jacobs Samuel C. Johnson Clement F. Kelley Emmett Kennedy William T. Latta John Lebus John M. Lewis William C. Lowry Fred W. Luigart Finley M. Mayes Robert T. Mayes George Montgomery James R. Power Paul Rice Craig Riddle Bond Rutherford Frank Sadler Robert M. Shearer Jesse Snowden Ed Taylor Don Towles Chester E. Tuell Clay Vallandingham Baylor Van Meter William Wade Roy M. Wallace Garden Walters Fred Wachs Buddy White Howard Wilkerson Don Wood Woodson T. Wood Joseph Wombwell William Young Willis R. Young Gentry E. McCauley William L. McGowan Joseph P. Newell William M. Reynolds Harry K. Rogers Ronald E. Shiflett George Smith Lee C. Truman Alfred B. Vimont Earl D. Wallace William Wardman John C. Watkins Harry Wright Richard Womack Charles W. Young OFFICERS Robert A. Babbage . . President George Dudley . Vice-President Paul Kinnaird . Secretary Stuart Mahurin . Treasurer Babbage, Bassett, Kinnaird, Mahurin, Holland Wachs, Sutherland, Everett, J. Hall, Cruse, Wallace, Parker, Davis, Hunt Taylor, Ellis, Wood, Wombwell, Crockett, Kelly, Breathett, Towles, White Evans, Gabbert, Jones, Wood, Count, Young, Cloyd, Miller, Webb Vallandlngham, Gillespie, McCord, Riddle, Shearer, J. Hall, Rice, Wilkerson, Bronston Hogwood, Wade, Farmer. Cowgill, Clavert, Bell, Carter, Lint, Smith McCauley, Watkins, Lebs, Truman, Mayer, Rogers, Mayes, Vimont, Hammet Kennedy, Coleman, Erdman, Johnson, Wardman, Carothers, Womach, Lotta, Luigart Dudley, Lowry, Wright, Griffin, Newell, Endicott, Young, Arnold, Reynolds Sigma Chi Sigma Chi was founded at the University of Miami in 1885. Lambda Lambda, one of the one hundred and four national chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1893. Colors of the fraternity are blue and old goldg white rose is the flower. Members in faculty are Dr. C. D. Phillips and Dr. Frank J. Cheek. John Allen Tom Asbury C. Edwin Barnes Richard Beal William Benjamin William Blackford William Branch Ed Brooking Andy Brown Harry Carl James Clutts Dan Coleman Joe Covington Robert Cull Robert Cummings Fred Cyrus Victor Davis Williams Eden Richard Endicott Bill Allen Paul Bickel Roger Brown Lloyd C. Chilton Julius G. Clark Albert Cummins Truett DeMoisey David Drye Neville Myers Dunn Jim Durham Allen R. Evans Donald H. Evans John Lewis Fleming Walter Fletcher Sherley C. Folger Paul Fowler Keith Franks Bill Ginn Tom Givhan ACTIVES Morgan Fears Jack Fletcher Henry Foushee Harry Gorham Lewis Hart Robert Hume Selby Hurst James Jordan Robert Kretschmer Francis Lewis Richard Linn John Marlowe James McCrocklin Phil McGuire Spenser Merwin Lee Moore Bryan Morgan Arthur Roberts William Roberts William Simmons PLEDGES Bill Goodwin Kenneth F. Grizzell Jimmie Hardy Brooks Hodges Robert Holder Milton A. Horner Billy Bruce Isaacs John Kramer Bill Lancaster Mark Maggard Thomas Marion Doug Martin Bob Matchett Howard W. Mayhew Malcolm McMullen Charles McNeil Gordon Mesme Scott Miller Andrew Moats Robert Simpson Ben Smithson Slide Spears Raymond Stephens Champ Stopher Barkley Sturgill Ben Sullivan Harold Thurman Harry Trent Ray Turley Bob Warren Ed Westlake James Wilbur Haword Wiles James Wilson B. F. Workman Sing Yeary John Young Richard Youngerman Herbert A. Mulder Carson Y. Nolan Winston Pannell Jimmy Price Don Robinson Pete Ross Isaac P. Rouse Don R. Russell Don Seeman Newton Shouse James Steiner Thomas S. Smith Randall Thorp Bill Thomas James C. Thomas Mason Tyler Lan Walker Charles Woodward Robert Wilhite John D. Morrow OFFICERS Joseph C. Covington . . President Claude Trapp . Vice-President Richard T. Linn . Secretary John H. Young . Treasurer Shouse, Ogden Dunn, Wilhite, W. Allen, Mayhew, Holden, Fleming, Woodward Matchett, Minnie, Bostic, Murphy, Bickel, McCarty, Ginn Steiner, Chilton, Warren, Drys, Smith, Robinson, Folger Fowler, McNeal, Pennell, Durham, ltMo1sey, Miller, Russell Maggard, D. Evans, A. Evans, Rous X Egg, Homer, Hodge Grlzzell, Thorp, Faulconer, Morrow, A. Comm s, lrnomas, Glvhan S1gma C111 Snaps fe Row One Two year All Amerlcan J1l'l'l Jordon Pledge Blckel shlnes lt up . Slg President Ray Turley ODK Pres1dent Ed Barnes Row two- Toot tells Folger and McCronk1m to dress it up McCarty s Heart Throb KAT Anne Keeton Lmn wms Hume loses Row three Three Musketeers Sturglll Beal and Sullivan KKG Lyde Goodmg and ADP1 Wanda Scrxvner Cottage Stock Holders Westlake, Spears and Workman Hume takes revenge on Pledge Moats Row four KKG Betty LB1l1 Slmonsl Wrlght . . 1947 Unlverslty Champs produced by Coach Sturgxll and Star Gorham Cederxc How s the chow Lewls KD Ava "Have you seen Jlm Mattingly Row five The Wheels Clutts Turley and Warren Tri Delt Hut Flelds waiting for Lmn Toot wins the sweetheart cup Row su: KAT Margaret Im wxld about Harry Blrd . Bill Collector Merewin hears com plamts from Brookmg Evans and Stopher Ray Lets have a Party Stevens Ed Barnes better halt Sigma Nu Sigma Nu was founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869. Gamma Iota, one of the ninety-nine national chapters, was installed at the University in 1902. The colors of this fraternity are black, gold and white: white rose is the Hower. David L. Adams William K. Barlow William P. Barlow Robert B. Buckner Frank T. Bunch Granville L. Cayce Louis Christian Elsworth Coburn William W. Cooper, Jr. William B. Cropper john S. Crosthwaite Robert W. Dodd Harley Dunn William B. Fowler William W. Gibson Glen I-Iaagenson Jack Baldridge Ridley Bromiield Leslie C. Dawson Robert G. Engles Jerry Estes Carl Evans Norri Fetzer Roger Grason Ted Haley ACTIVES Charles Harbaugh Charles Harris Harry Hinton John N. Holeman William B. Hornbac james P. Jackson john D. J ones Billy R. Kimbel Robert Kincheloe Albert Kesselring John W. Kiger Lamar Kissling William O. Laslie Harold B. Lindsay Donald G. Lowry James D. Morse Frederick Nichols PLEDGES Harold D. Hayes Charles L. Hesser Hal Johnson Tommy Kilgore Tommy Mattingly Robert Mayhugh ' Robert Mosely John H. McCoy Robert Powell k Bob L. Paris Sydney A. Phillips Augustus G. Poe William Powell William Reynolds George Rice Charles B. Shaaber Thomas Simpson Ralph W. Stokes William Survant Paul T. Thomas William Toombs Alanson Trigg Ballard Trigg S. J. Whalen Edgar V. Wilson Charles M. Pritchett J oe Ringo Robert Simmons Gilbert Siria Wallace Earl Siria Victor Stutz William Totty J. T. Underwood Clyde P. Watts OFFICERS Alanson Trigg . . . President james D. Morse . Vice-President William B. Hornback . Secretary William O. Laslie Treasurer Sigma Nu L, Trigg, Morse, Hornbnck, Laslie, Toombs, Rice, Nickols, Jackson, Fowler Kilger, Lowry, Cropper, Holman, Stokes, Jones, W. K. Barlow, Gibson, Coburn Christian. Kincheloe, W. Powell, Wilson, Dunn, Hinton, Haagerson, Shaaber, Thomas Paris, Lindsay, Crosthwaite, Harris, Buckner, Survant, Dodd, Cayce, Phillips Simpson, Whalen, W. P. Barlow, Cooper, Bunch, Kesselring, Poe, Harbough, Hayes Ringo, Fetzer, Baldridge, Totty, Grason, Johnson, Mosely, Kissling, Beuttel Dawson, Kilgoe, Prichett, Watts, McCoy, Simmons, Stutz, Hesser, S. Powell Estes, Evans, W. Siria, Engles, Underwood, Mayhugh, Matingly, Haley, G. Siria Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at the University of Richmond in 1901. Kentucky Alpha, one of the seventy-three national chapters, was installed on the University campus in 1933. The colors of the fraternity are royal purple and blood redg the American beauty rose and the purple violet are the Bowers. Members in faculty are R. E. "Zeke" Shaver and Dr. Rhea Taylor. James Edward Abell Robert Andrejunas Robert Arbuckle Harrison Bailey William Balden Joseph Ballard Joseph Bennewitz Douglas Bumsted Charles Byrley Karl Christ Cornell C. Clarke Joseph Daugherty Richard Dink Burtis Franklin Wayland Givens Charles Hatcher John P. Bailey Louis Bonnell Gerald Britt Carroll Calender John R. Clifford Cecil Derr MEMBERS Walter Hines William Donald Howard William Hughes Edward Mac Kenney Paul King George Kirchner John Dorsey Lindner Leo Link Richard Lowe C. E. Martin Noel McDonald Gene McMurray Joseph Meers John R. Moran Wally Morgan Paul Parker Charles Parish PLEDGES Thomas B. Drescher William Gentry Ted C. Howard Donald E. J ones Glenn D. Jones John Kelly Thomas Earl King Roger Pate William Pawley Dan Rawlings Clay Salyer Cecil Taylor Charles Taylor Thomas Taylor Clyde R. Tipton Robert Utterback William Voorhes Richard Walker William Wayman Charles Whaley Richard Wilson James Lee Wood James L. Wyatt Thomas W. Martin Howard Morgan Charles A. Oberst Thomas H. Porter jesse W. Stanley Roger C. Watts OFFICERS Clay Salyer . . . . President Dorsey Lindner Vice-President Richard Lowe Secretary Roger Pate . Treasurer Pate, Lindner, Salyer, Lowe, Clarke Abell. Wood, Bennewitz, Wyatt, McDonald, Pawley, Daugherty, Meers Whaley, Christ, Ballard, Parker, H. Bailey, Hines, Kirchner, McMurray Link, Walker, Parish, Rawlings, Bryley, Wilson, Franklin, W. Morgan Hatcher, C. Taylor, Voorhes, Bumstead, Balden, Wayman, Hughes, Moran Arbuckle, Dink, Givens, T. Taylor, Oberst, Clifford, C. Martin, Andrejunas H. Morgan, E. King, Porter, D. Jones, Callender, T. Martin, Derr, Drescher Howard, Stanley, J. Bailey, Gentry, G Jones, Bonnell, Watts, Britt 9 Triangle Triangle fraternity was founded at the University of Illinois in 1907. Kentucky chapter, one of eighteen national chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1920. The colors of the fraternity are gray and old gold. The flower is the gardenia. Members in faculty are Steve Saunier, C. S. Crouse, Louis Nollau, E. B. Farris, A. L. Chambers, Robert J. Spare, J. S. Horine and D. V. Terrell. Joseph Aubrey Boyd John Marvin Cashman Thomas S. Combs Bemard R. Crouch Ansel Davis Edward Leslie Elder Charles Henry Fox Robert Ingram Walter W. Aton J. W. Begley Gerald W. Dobson Fred Fest Harold D. Fox Warren J efferson Gordonwood Garland K. Grace James L. Haworth ACTIVES Thornton L. Johnson, Jr. C. R. Martin William C. Martin George O. Miller James E. Morreau George T. Muray Gerald E. Napier Alex Twyman Payton Dan M. Price PLEDGES Russell E. Hughes Harry Lawson James Elver Linville, Jr. John Henry McElroy J. A. Murphy C. E. Parks Ken Recktenwald OFFICERS Edward Leslie Elder . . President Howard G. Stewart . Vice-President Gerald E. Napier . Recording-Secretary T. L. Johnson, Jr. Corresponding-Secretary A. T. Payton . . Treasurer C. R. Martin . Editor William W. Schick Robert Schneider Robert D. Schumann Howard G. Stewart Ralph G. Sullivan Donald Warren Ben F. Whitmer George C. Williamson Forrest G. Rowe Raymond D. Russell Omar Thomas Smith Paul J. Stock Wick Wood B. J. Yelton John E. Young C. E. Youngblood 'i Triangle Elder, Napier, Stewart Aton, Yelton, Dobson, Wood, Payton, Murphy, Whitmer Grace, Young, Youngblood, Cashman, Linville, Smith, Lawson Miller, Sul!ivan, Parks, Hughes, Rowe, Gordonwood, McE1voy Morreau, Schick, Ingram, Schneider, Combs, C. Fox, Martin Johnson, Schumann, Williamson, Boyd, H. Fox, Murry, Martin Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Beta Tau was founded at C. C. N. Y. on December 29, 1898. Alpha Iota, one of the thirty-five chapters, was installed on the University campus December 3, 1942. The colors of the fraternity are blue and white. Its purpose is to promote a fraternal union, to study and to discuss problems of interest and to exercise an influence for good in the community. Allen Abramson Samuel Berman Robert Max Bookbinder Marvin Cohen Lawrence Fleischer Nathan Goff Peter Black Samuel Fein Herbert Fagel Irvin Gergely MEMBERS Julius Goldberg Milton K. Goldberg Bertrand Klass Joseph Lowenthal Alvin Miller PLEDGES Lester Kastleman Alvin Klein Norman Klein James Levin Morris Rozen Martin Schneider Walter Siegel Emanuel Singer Chester Stein Richard Weil Raymond Levy Sammy Miller Earl Scherago Norman Wolfson Abraham Galler James Levy Frank Zinororl OFFICERS Martin Schneider . President Morris Rozen Vice-President Alvin Miller . . Secretary Emanuel Singer Treasurer Zeta Beta Tau A. Miller, Schneider, Rosen Levin, Lowenthal, Zinoran, Klass, Fleisher S. Miller, Siegel, Goff, Berman, Cohen Singer, Gergely, Abramson, Fogel, Goller T. T. JONES Dean of YNomen Dean of fMen SARAH B. HOLMES S t r a Y G r e e k s Founded at the University of Kentucky on October 13, 1946. Its purpose is to further the social, academic, and fratemal life men and women. Ernest Gardner, jr. Phi Kappa Donn D. Hollingsworth Alpha Delta Phi Harry L. Kirkpatrick Delta Kappa Epsilon Joseph Kramer Tau Epsilon Phi Rusty Russell . . . President Elizabeth Lower MEMBERS Elizabeth Lowery Phi Mu Mary Edwards Miller Phi Mu Robert D. Pryor Delta U psilon Pat Quinn Pi Beta Phi J oe F. Rice Theta Chi OFFICERS y . . Vice-President Mary Edwards Miller Secretary-Treasurer ofu naliiliated fraternity Rusty Russell Beta Theta Pi Florence Shatz Phi Sigma Sigma Clyde Watson Kappa Sigma Kappa John J. Yeager Delta Upsilon Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi was founded at Wesleyan Female College, Macon, Georgia, in 1851. Beta Psi was installed on the University campus in 1941. The colors are blue and whiteg violet is the sorority flower. Kathryn Armstrong Betty Jo Baechle Patsy Bonney Barbara Brough Betty Buck Bemice Button Shirley Carmichael Marjorie Funkhouser Suzanne Futch Anne Garrigan Alice Hall Opal Pearl Hall Andrea Bain Wanda Batson Jane Black Betty Bramlage Janice Burke Betty June Compton Ella Rose Crum Mary Frances Gash Jacqueline Gittens MEMBERS Suzanne Hannahs Jeanne Heibner Mary Damon Helvenston Jean Hemlepp Mary Hillenmeyer Mary Ann Kubes Eleanor Lee Mary Lutes Jo Ann Marsh Jo Ann Neal Martha Jane Newman Mary Lou Olson PLEDGES Mary Frances Gleason Betty Harris Sue Houston Barbara Jones Betty Joy Mary Kinnard Betsy Kirk Kathleen Kirk OFFICERS Mary Damon Helvenston . President Shirley Carmichael . Vice-President Jeanne Heibner Secretary Patsy Bonney Treasurer Joy Rasnick Nyanna Raynes Sara Margaret Renfro Frances Riley Ruth Sayre Suzanne Seeze Beverly Jean Smith Ann Stall Jane Street Lorraine Turck Emogene Venters Lois White Barbara Lutes Aileen Minihan Mary Montague Betty Lou Northcutt Glendora N orthcutt Rebecca Perry Roberta Reed Betty Stahr Patricia Triplett Alpha Delta Pi Funkhouser, Helvenston, Stall, Heibner, Bonney, Carmichael Rasnick, Hillenmeyer, Baechle, White, Garrigan, Turck, Brough. O. Hall Venters. Smith, Renfro, Kubes, Newman, Armstrong, Buck, Marsh Neal, M. Lutes, Raynes, Button, Hemlepp, Olson, Riley, Street Gittens, G. Northcutt., Minihan, See-se, Lee, Hannahs, Futch, Sayre Gash, Reed, Montague, B, Lutes, Bramlage, Kirk, Houston, B, Northcutt. Bain, Batson, Joy, Stahr, Perry, Gleason, Kinnaird, Jones Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma Delta was founded at Syracuse University in 1904. Epsilon, one of the Fifty-four national chapters, was installed on the University campus in 1908. The colors of the sorority are red, buff and greeng red and buff roses are the flower. Members in faculty are Sally Pence and Marie Barkley. Eleanor Bennett Frances Benjamin Joyce Buchanan Margaret Buchanan Betty J ean Cannon Elaine Chamberlain Ruth Cox Josephine Edwards Carolyn Eubanks Frances Farmer Mary Jo Farmer joan Finnie Ray Ford Marie Goff Marjorie Hall Ann Cook Adams Louise Ayres Kathrine Barnett Frances Combs Venita Dawson ACTIVES Audrey Hankinson Eloise Helton Lenora Henry Patsy Jo Hibbs Jean Johnson Ann Lair Betty Leece Nell Davis Lowrey Elsie Nevitt Mary O'Neill Frances Pritchett Betty Ree Rhoads Jean Robinson Mary Roll PLEDGES Eleanor Duns Evelyn Ewing Gaile Grogan Carolyn Hays Alice G. King Charlotte Salisbury Marion Salisbury Phyllis Savage Louise Scearce Mary Virginia Silvers Margaret Skinner Ann Straughn Virginia Stephens Carolyn Stevens Jean Stevens Nancy Taylor Polly Tuttle Mary Frank Ward Martha Yates Marianna Young jerry Steele Sandra Steele Jane Stevens Barbara Warren Billie Lee Watson Ann Dorroh Ruth Kirtley Dee White Joan Rehm OFFICERS Nell Davis Lowrey . . President Eleanor Bennett Vice-President Marie Goff . . Secretary Ann Straughn Treasurer Alpha Gamma Delta Lowry, Pritchett, Goff, Bennett, M. Salisbury, J. Buchanan Chamberlain, Straughn, Nevitt, Henry, Johnston, Young, Skinner, Hibbs Scearce, Rhoads, Lair, Yates, Cox, P. Buchanan, C. Stevens, Savage C. Salisbury, Finnie, Taylor, Cannon, Silvers, Roll, Benjamin, Robinson Adams, Farmer, Leece, Combs, Edwards, O'Neill, Jean Stevens, Hall Rehm, Watson, White, Grogan, Barnett, Helton, Ayers, Dawson Warren, Dorroh, Ewing, Hays, Kirtley, Duns, King, Jane Stevens Eula Jo Hughes Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College in 1893. Xi, one of 58 national chapters, was installed at the University of Kentucky in 1908. Double blue and gold are the sorority colorsg pink Member in faculty is Margaret Tuttle. Nadine Ankney Mary Ann Bach Betty Barkman Joan Barnett Mary Lynn Bridgewater Barbara Brown Martha Jane Brown Patsy Burnett Mildred jo Cooper Frieda Cornelius Carlene Ecton Harriet Freeman Dorothy Ann Goldman Emogene Gregory Marjorie Akers Toni Bartley Dean Beard Eleanor Caslick Agnes Cecelia Coyle MEMBERS Jo Hampton Martha Harmon Evelyn Harrison Marjorie Hawkins Jane Jameson jo Ann Johnston Ruth Mae jordan Hazel Kennedy Esther Knuckles Cary Lawson Virginia Link Yvonne Lyon Loretta Mantle PLEDGES Margaret Fallon Kathryn Franz Killarney rose is the flower. Martha Matlack Sally Jean Miller Rebecca Noble Lucille Ray Barbara Rice Martha Short jean Shropshire Marie Shrout Marjorie Stembridge Peggy Joyce Taylor Elizabeth Walters Wanda Yvonne White Kathleen Wrench Jane Young Mary Alvis Mercer Suzanne Rogers Betty Ann Gillespie Margaret Cassell Smith Bess Goldsmith Janice Stille Mamie Woodford Doris Jean Hill janelynn Wooldridge Mary jane Kash Jeanne Wilson Ann Talbot Keller Emily Daub Betty Jane Dimmitt OFFICERS Patsy Burnett . . . President Joan Barnett . Vice-President Jane Jameson . . Secretary Mildred Jo Cooper Treasurer l Alpha Xi Delta x :M Burnett, Jameson. Shrout, Barnett, Cornelius, Gregory, White, Walters Young, Matlack, Rice, Goldman, Shropshire, Ecton, Wrench, Ray Lyon, Hampton, Knuckles, Freeman, Johnston, Miller, Lawson, Stembridge Ankney, B. Brown, Kennedy, Link, Bridgewater, Bach, M. Brown, Noble Franz, Coyle, Beard, Rogers, Wilson, Harrison, Caslick, Harmon Hughes, Keller, Daub, Mantle, Bartley, Stille, Hill, Woodford Wooldridge, Jordan, Dimmitt, Gillespie, Akers, Mercer, Kash, Goldsmith fb Chi Omega Chi Omega was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895. Lambda Alpha, one of 4. ninety-eight national chapters, was installed at the University in 191 The colors of the sorority are cardinal and strawg white camation is the flower. ACTIVES Katherine Adair Patsy Clay Allen Elizabeth Ann Bicknell Betty Bright Rebecca Bryan Jane Ellen Buchanan Margie Burton Elizabeth Carey Corinna Cook Margaret Fogg Georgann Bovis Lois Cheek Paula Choate Ella Marshall Cloyd Gypsy Cosden Betty Duty Betty Elliott Betty Erdman Mary Ann Galloway Jane Garrett Garnett Gayle Mary Ann Goodson Martha Jean Hill Ann Garland Jefferies Judith Keen Johnson Mary Kassenbrock Peggy Kingsley Caroline McMeekin Nannie Bowman Moore Betty Oates PLEDGES Sara Mae Greene Charlotte Haggard Doris Hardesty Betty Jean Henry Anna Lou Hoffman Mary Ann Hunter Jacqueline Jarvis Rachael Johnson Ruth McCracken Martha Ringo Nancy Shearer Nancy Shinnick Elizabeth Ann Simpson Margaret Tinder James Leslie Toll, Jr. Lee Trabue Margaret Ann Whiteside Jane Wood Ann Zeigler Betty Lou Park Mary Snow Parrigin Betty Brown Pennington Patricia Lee Pickering Nancy Ripy Nancy Roberts Maria Jane Robertson Katherine Sledd Sara Bennett Thomas Doris Tye Carolyn Glenn OFFICERS Lee Trabue . . . . President Judith Keen Johnson . Vice-President Elizabeth Ann Simpson Secretary Caroline McMeekin . Treasurer Chi Omega E. Simpson, Trabue, McMeekin, Johnson Cook, Shearer, Burton, Greene, Roberts, Glenn, Celia Moore, Parrlgin Pennington, Harrison, Bovis, Gayle, Cheek, Kingsley, Carolyn Moore, Carey Jarvis, Henry, McCracken, Tye, Elliott, Whiteside, Adair, Cloyd Garrett, Tinder, Ripy, Oates, Hill, Erdman, Haggard, Hunter Shlnnlck, Pickering, Allen, Jeifries, Toll, Wood, Galloway, N. Moore Kassenbrock, Buchanan, Fogg, Bicknell, Ringo, Thomas, Hoffman, Sledd Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta was founded at Boston University in 1888. Delta Rho, one of the ninety national chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1923. The colors of the sorority are silver, gold and blue: pansy is the flower. Member in faculty is Miss Jane Haselden. Margaret Armstrong Sandra Asher Angela Meisch Blair Betty Broaddus Jane Hamilton Clarke Catherine Dade Rosemary Dummit Charolette Erskine Jean Fields Sue Flynn Bobby Lou Foil Barbara Futrell Mary Barber Joyce Barker Judy Broaddus Carmaine Bruce Nelle Cook Helen Deiss Harriet Field Tallu Fish Mary Frances Futrell Sara Nel Glover ACTIVES Ann Grey Ruby Gene Hardin Helen Hardy Mary Hombrook Jo Ann Kloecker Polly jo McCulloch J oy Marsh Ann Metcalfe Elise Meyer Betsy Moore Edna O'Bryan Edith May Owens PLEDGES Hilda Wade Gumm Betsy Hammonds Sarah Riley Hunt Eleanor Isaacs Alice Mayo Johnson Barbara Mandt Delia Marks Jean Moore Bruce Nutting Caroline Palmer jane Price Mary julia Samuels Mary Lynn Sanders Valerie Saunders Ann Shouse Jo Trapp Eleanor Vaughn Marjean Wenstrup Frances Wickliffe Mary Lee Wickliffe Mary Lou Witherspoon Peggy Parker Nell Payne Betty Ann Shropshire Betty Alden Talbert Pat Thompson Martha VanHooser Louise VanMeter Joanne Watson Frances White Aurella Wollin OFFICERS Angela Meisch Blair . . President Polly Jo McCulloch Vice-President Frances Wickliffe . . Secretary Betty Broaddus . Treasurer Delta Delta Delta Shouse, Foil, Wenstrup, E. Broaddus, F. Wickliffe, McCulloch, Meisch Flynn, Fields, Kloecker, Hardy, Dummit, Witherspoon, Armstrong Metcalfe, Hornbrook, Gray, L. Wickliffe, Hardin, Sanders, Marsh Samuel, Owens, Asher, Trapp, Price, O'Brien, Mandt Meyer, Dade. Erskine, B. Futrell, Deiss, Barber, Nutting Hunt, Cook, M. F. Futrell, Fish, Payne, Parker, Shropshire Gumm, Hammond, Glover, J. Broaddus, Watson, Bruce, Johnson Delta Zeta Delta Zeta was founded at Miami University in 1902. Alpha Theta, one of sixty national chapters, was installed at the University in 1923. The colors of the sorority are old rose and vieux greeng Killarney rose is the flower. Member in faculty is Mildred Lewis. Roberta Anderson Joanna Carpenter Jane Dabney Ruth Damron Stacey Davenport Carolyn Denning Betty Doyle Elizabeth Dowell Mary Blanton Elizabeth Carpenter Carolyn Davis Molly Ann Dunn Evelyn Elfers Marcina Fowler Wilma Lee Haverly Betty Hensley ACTIVES Annette Faulconer Jane Finley Beverly Gaulke Margaret Grigsby Patricia Hine Mary Elizabeth McRoberts Gloria Manter PLEDGES Nannie Ingels Amy Belle Jenney Mary Lou Keyser Louise Kinder Carol Massey Betty June Morton Bettye Ray Mosby Mary Ann Mosby Carolyn Pogue OFFICERS Beverly Gaulke . . . President Mary Elizabeth McRoberts Vice-President Joanna Carpenter . . . Secretary Ruth Damron . . Treasurer Marilyn Matherly Martha Quillen Carol Rhodes Elizabeth Rives Barbara Ann Smith Mary Lee Stamper Mary Thurman Eleanor Warren Peake Shehan Jean Sherman Joyce Steele Wilda Tanner Anna Lois Varney Ruth Vest Billie Walden Billie Whitten Delta Zeta Gaulke, McRoberts, J. Carpenter, Damron Keyser, Fowler, Thurman, Anderson, Shehan, Rhodes, Sherman Horlacher, Varney, Steele, Rivis, Davenport, Jenny, Mosby Morton, Davis, Manter, Stamper, Denning, Kinder, Hine Walden, E. A. Carpenter, Elfers, Mosby, Matherly, Faulconer, Whitten Haverly, Tanner, Dunn, Quillen, Ingels, Dabney, Warren Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta was founded at DePauw University in 1870. Gamma Iota, one of 70 national chapters, was installed on the University campus in 1945. Member in Faculty is Norma Cass. Mary Jane Agnew MEMBERS Virginia Ann Hall Marilyn Mitchell Nancy Bird Frances Holleman Jean Mullins Benny Ann Blessing Louise J ewett Jeanne Newman Sally Branch Anne Keeton Patti Perrone Beverly Brown Mary I-Iilleary Bryant Maria Jane Carter Ann Chandler Mary Price Creamer Ann Creech Merry Carol Dunn Martha Allen Margaret Bird Virginia Bradley Patricia Conway Jackie Cotton Charlotte Knapp Sara Leegan Betty Leet Joyce Lewis Margie Mattmiller Sylvia Mayer Jean McCray Margaret McDowell PLEDGES Barbara Kirwin Claire Maibry Dorothy J ane Mayer Marian Mulkey Barbara Osborne Kathleen Poor Jean Spicer Jean Stewart Janet Sulzer Marjorie Sulzer Anne White Louise Wilson Elizabeth Reynolds Betty Seay Betty Lou Sellers Betty Lee Spragens Shirley Stivers Jerry Hinson Ann Park Jean Swope Katherine Hogan Geraldine Poor Barbara Willing OFFICERS Ann Chandler . . . President Jeanne Newman Vice-President Margaret McDowell Secretary Louise Wilson Treasurer Kappa Alpha Theta spawns. Chandler, Newman. McDowell, Wilson, Mattmiller Mullins, Leegan, Creamer, Mitchell, Jewett, Spicer, Brown Hollman, Knapp, White, Brauch, Keeton, Stewart, Poor Agnew, Blessing, M. Sulzer, J. Sulzer, Bryant, Perrone, Lewis Osborne, Dunn, Carter, Mabry, Sellers, Allen, Spragens Conway, Bradley, Park, Byrd, Hinson, Reynolds, Mulkey Kappa Delta Kappa Delta was founded at Virginia State Normal in 1897. Epsilon Omega, one of seventy national chapters, was installed at the University in 1910. The colors of the sorority are olive green and whiteg white rose is the flower. Member in faculty is Lidia Fischer. Emily Asbury Joanne Belden Jo Allen Caplinger Ann Congleton Martha Sue Crosby Gerry Dugan Carojean Elsey Catherine Fleming Gerry Gooch Norma Green Judith Jackson Doris Black Mary Blocker Martha Bradley Mary Martha Curry Joyce Ferris Jacqueline Graham Joan Graham ACTIVES Jacqueline Johnson Virginia Kennedy Patricia Kessack Nancibelle King Betty Lee Eva Lewis Martha Linney Mary McDonald Marian Mcllvain Mary Margaret Marks Carolyn Meyer Virginia Weston Minter PLEDGES Mary Alexandria Hill Barbara Holeman Marianna Holeman Mary Lou Howard Romona Newman Emmie Lou Patrick Mary Rita Plock OFFICERS Mary McDonald . . . President Carojean Elsey Vice-President Frances Youtsey . Secretary Marian Mcllvain . Treasurer Helen Olmstead Emily Plock Peggy Sue Puryear Mary Jane Ramsey Mary Ann Shelton Ann Tucker Nancy Jean Tutt Juanita Warren Ruth Wilde Roberta Wilson Frances Youtsey Lona Price Karen Rains Barbara Stanfill Reva Wells Katherine Winbrinier Dorothy Winkler Sally Ann Youtsey Kappa Delta F. Youtsey, McDonald, Mcllvain Kennedy, Meyer, Johnson, Dugan, M. Holeman, Asbury, Minter, Ferris Warren, Olnistead, Blocher, Lirmey, Newman, Lewis, E. Ploch, Anderson Kessack, Belden, Patrick, Green, S. Youtsey, Jackson, Marks, Crosby Puryear, Shelton, Howard, Wilde, Gooch, Joan Graham, Winebrinier, Tutt Bryan, Coleman, Winkler, Tucker, Jacqueline Graham, Bradley, Miller, M. R. Ploch B. Holeman, Price, Lenox, Rains, Curry, Black, Wells, Lee qw 0.4 Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded at Monmouth College in 1870. Beta Chi chapter was installed on the University campus in 1910. Light blue and dark blue are the colors of the sororityg fieur-de-lis is the jewel and the publication is the "Keys" Flora Baker Mary Battle Margaret Berryman Peggy Bockman Nancy Hart Bobbet Ann Bowman Sue Ann Bradford Ewing Brown Margaret Champe Ann Talbott Clayton Martha Clements Katherine Crapster Mary Keith Dosker Mary Dunlap Phyllis Feldman Elizabeth Alford Jane Blount Mary Buckner Elizabeth Catlin Elizabeth Collins Mary Boone Dickston MEMBERS Betty Gay Ruth Gildart Lyde Gooding Joanne Gorham Mary Jane Grimes Patricia Griflin Mary Frances Hagan Sarah Hall Gay Hughes Madge Johns Dorothy Locke Betsy Lowery Julia Ann Maier Caroline McCann Mary McCauley PLEDGES Barbara Fisher Charlotte Garr Mildred Gill Betty Gorman Jean Hamilton Joyce Haynes Lida Clay Ingles is the flowery sapphire Doris McWilliams Ridgley Park Caroline Rodes Joanne Sellards Ruth Ellen Shroeder Margaret Shanklin Shrout Mary Marrs Swinebroad Frances Treacy Sue Ann Turley Caroline Van Santfoord Lois Lynn Van Meter Freda Wade Betty Wallace Betty Williamson Margaret Yager Lida Rogers Betty jane Scrivner Margaret Shelton Pat Storey Eleanor Tucker Sally Wilder Betty Wright Mary Jo Fishback Mary Pribble OFFICERS Mary Marrs Swinebroad . President Sue Ann Bradford . . Vice-President Phyllis Feldman . Secretary Ruth Gildart Treasurer Kappa Kappa Gamma Bradford, Griffin, Feldman, Swinebroad, Gooding, Crapster Hall, Bowman, Hughes, Rodes, McWilliams, Schroeder, Dosker, Gay Maier, Grimes, Dunlap, Treacy, Wade, Williamson, Yager, Johns McCann, Gorham, Park, Hart. Van Santvoold, McCauley, Bockman, Brown Wallace. Clements, Rogers, Sellards, Shrout, Clayton, Baker, Lowry Catlin, Fisher, Garr, Hamilton, Dickston, Gorman, Collins, Scrivner Gill, Pribble, Blount, Wilder, Storey, Ingles, Wright, Haynes Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha was founded at Virginia State Normal College in 1898. Alpha Chi, one of seventy-nine national chapters, was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1924. The colors of the sorority are turquoise blue and steel grayg white violet is the flower. Member in faculty is Mrs. Lysle Croft. Carolyn Bealmear Holly Cain Ann Carter Jackie Cawood Jenny Com Betty Davis Beverly Davis Charlotte Ferguson Helen Gay Catherine Goman Betty Bartee Doris Beck Jeanette Blair Marjorie Carter Virginia Chesshire Margery Clegg Anne Dennison Bellvia Denson Doris Davis MEMBERS Dottye Grugin Jane Guess Ann Gullette Ollie Lee Hays Elise Hartman Pat Howard Bonnie Jackson Violet Jones Joanne Turner Manlove Marilyn Morris Martha Muth PLEDGES Betty R. Higgins Joyce Jordan Pat Lowe Ann Marcum Annette Marshall Martha Martin Dixie Jean May Wilma Meyers Alder Nelson Vivienne Rambo Jeanette Reynolds Stella Sexton Pauline Spillis Dorothy Titsworth Pauline Weight Mary Jane Williamson Penelope Young Mary Lou Zeigler Eunice Miller Hilda Newland Barbara Power Martha Schubert Patsy Shawhan Jo Ann Talley Margaret Turner Norma White Betty Workman OFFICERS Charlotte Ferguson . . President Ollie Lee Hays . Vice-President Dorothy Titsworth Secretary Helen Gay . . Treasurer Zeta Tau Alpha Titsworth, Ferguson, Gay, Hays Corn, Beverly Davis, Bartee, Cawood, Weight, May, Jones, A. Carter Sexton, Betty Davis, Muth, Rambo, Spillis, Parker, Workman, Clegg J. Reynolds. Cain, Goman, Martin, D. Davis, Young, Guess, Morris Hartman, Grugin, Beck, M. Carter, Marlowe, Jackson, Turner, Schubert Lowe, Myers, Ziegler, Shawhan, Howard, Talley, C. Bealmer, Jordan Nelson, Williamson, White, Cheshire, Marcum, Power, Blair, Dennison From the Zetas' Albgm x i MP' Sigma Delta Tau Sigma Delta Tau was founded at Cornell University in 1917. Alpha Gamma, one of twenty-seven national chapters, was installed on the University campus in 1946. The colors of the sorority are cafe o'lait and blueg yellow tea rose is the Hower. Rosemary Freedman Rita Greenwald Florence Bederman OFFICERS Dorothy Levy . . . President Allene Reinschreiber Vice-President Rosemary Freedman . Secretary Rita Greenwald . Treasurer ACTIVES Anita Levy Dorothy Levy Helene Marcus PLEDGES Zelma Sharrf Allene Reinschreiber Dolores Shaikun Shirlee Younger Marcus, Greenwald, D. Levy, Reinschreiber Shaikun, Younger, A. Levy, Bederman, Sharrf Watch out, Jean . . . It's cold out here Conflagration . . . YM-YW party I hit him! . . . Get up, Mary Dee . . . Sweetheart couple Dixie May and Phil Pearce Careful there . . . Jolly Kilborn and Phi Taus This was in March . . . Bugs Bartee Delta Zetas . . . Valentine dance Barbara Brough . . . That's ADPi they're writing . . . Wanda White and Emogene Gregory Millie Johnston . . . ADPi's I i w i w Danger and disaster . . . don't learn too hard Independents at meeting . . . The queen of hearts Smile now . . . Pryor again . . . won't you come in? It's slippery here . . . almost spring - I loo Rt 6 .H ' ', U Z-R Alllhyx X Ia . It QQ , 5' 'Hg' X Q TL Q Mx no ' AQXN XNQ ,xp , Wxw 0ulnn DQS5,,,, 0 X ...W ., lg 'fiimiffi fl. I ' "ff f UM 0 af O Q al" Q Q g W wg: M2101 a f 0 Barbara Akers Bette Jane Allison Frances Bach Edna Ball Lorraine Ball Delta Barker Betty Jean Bartee Ruth Billings Mary Jane Black Mae Kathryn Blackford Mary Lynn Blevins Margaret Lee Bolton Helene M. Bourdis Gladys Bowling Blanche Brown Betty F. Browning Helen Bunch Mary Ellen Butler Betty Jeane Cannon Mary Thelma Cannon Betty Jean Carr Mary Jo Chipman Sally Ward Clark Bettye Jean Cockrell Frances Jane Combs Imogene Combs Utha Rae Conrad Margaret Courtney Ruth Cox Lucille Crawford Juanita Creech Lillian Davis Margaret B. Davis Sue Vance Day Marjorie Doliber Helen Dorr Margaret Dowell Phylis Draper 332 Jewell Hall Naomi Duncan Barbara E. Dyche Doris E. Elliott Mary E. Ellis Jane Fetter Pauline Fields Cecillia Florence Rosemary Freedman Mary E. Fulton Ann Garrigan Dorothy Ann Goldman Rita Greenwald Eve Greer Carolyn Gwinn Margaret Hall Elizabeth Hames Louanna Hammons Emma Jean Hardin Juanita Harris Martha J. Hatter Elizabeth Hayden Mildred Heath Elizabeth Hilton Mary Hinkle Frances Horton Grace A. Huffaker Helen G. Hutchcraft Annis Huttman Pat Jackson Mildred C. Jackson Martha James Nora Lee Johnson Millie Ann Johnston Ruth Ella Jones Violet Miller Jones Fleeta M. Katterjohn Shirley Keeti Colona M, Kenney Jean Kesler Jolly Kilham Ruth Kirtley Mary K. LaMaster Florence Landrum Maris Lewis Betty Ligon Rose Mary Lumley Nita R. McElhaney Delia Manning Dixie Geane May Rowena May Pat Mendenhall Lenore Merritt Virginia L. Meyer Nell Ruth Morris Martha Myers Donne F. O'Donnell Gene B. Oetjen Nelle Payne Billee Jane Penn Bobby Jean Perry Anne Phillips Patricia Pine Emma Louise Pittman Olive J. Potter Mary Louellen Prewitt Amy Price Frances Pritchett Jean L. Rankin Betty C. Rees Maybelle Reichenbach Alene Reinschreiber Mary Margaret Reynolds Martha B. Rich Jean Riddle Elizabeth Robinson Vera Salyer P Lois Sasser Phyllis A. Savage Mary Lee Scott Sharleen Selvage Margaret Shelton Dorothy Shoemaker Marie Shrout Dorothy Smith Elizabeth R. Smith Catherine Snowden Wanda Spears Myrene Stepp Ann W. Stevenson Mrs. Betty Lillard Stewart Vella Dane Strong Marjorie J. Taylor Edith Thatcher Matilda J. Thompson Margaret Ann Toy Lorraine Turck Audrey Turner Jean L. Vance Kathleen Vance Imogene Venters Louise W. Vosburgh Delores Elinor Wallace Pauline Weight Paula Wells Peggy Wilkerson Helen Florence Williams Virginia A. Wilson Charlotte Wood Rosa Wunsch Margaret Yager Dorothy Yancey Frances C. Youtsey Ellen Ziglar Jewell Annex and Lydia Brown Ann Cooke Adams Marjorie Jean Akers Martha Breckenridge Allen Marietta Ball Marjorie Dean Beard Virginia Dare Bernard Peggy Bockman Jan Bovis Virginia Bradley Carmaine Bruce Paula Choate Ella Marshall Cloyd Thelma Davis Molly Anna Dunn Elizabeth Adkins Georgia Anna Anthony Betty Buck Charlotte Elaine Burris Carmen C. Caloway Ann Crawford Mary jo Donahue Lillian Griffey JEWELL ANNEX Betty Edwards Tallu Jones Fish Mareena jo Fowler Dorothy Elizabeth Hammond Florence Hickey Doris Jean Hill Anna Lou Hoffman Kathleen Gay Hughes Jolly Kilham Mary McLean Ione Miller Celia Moore Jean Austin Moore Pat Moore LYDIA BROWN Ruby L. Hamblem Suzanne Hannahs Betty Jean Henry Jean Holstun Louise Marie Kinder Ina Chlotene Loew Lorette Ann Mantle Mary Alvis Mercer Mary Parrigan Isabel Pruna Patt Quinn Sara jane Quisenberry Jeanne Ratliff Elizabeth Reynolds Nancy Ripy Nancy Roberts Mary Ann Roll Betty Lou Sellers Florene Shatz Molly Simms Doris Cecile Tye Elizabeth Williamson Betty Mosby Mary Ann Mosby Glenna Jean Piersall Sara Renfro Marie A. Renyer Pat Selfe jo Ann Talley Mercedes Trujillo Martha Jean Allen Nadine Ankney Jeanne T. Asbury Henrietta H. Avent Dorothy Bashara Ann L. Bates Dorothy M. Beall Frances Benjamin Joyce Blades Helen Bowman Mary Bradfield Mary L. Bridgewater Mary Bright Julia D. Broaddus Burnetta Brownfield Betty Ann Brugh Roberta Lee Buchanan Bethel Burdine Helen K. Carney Marjorie Carter Elnor Castle Elizabeth Catlin Evelyn Caudel Roberta Chandler Virginia Cheshire Lora Jean Clark Ann Talbott Clayton Helen Coleman Nadine Combs Eleanor Jo Cooper Kathleen Cooper Jenny I. Corn Gypsy Cosden Carolyn Cotton Joyce Cundiff Myra Aileen Dale Stacy E. Davenport Doris M. Davis Amy Dean Mildred Josephine Edwards 334 Boyd Hall Laura Jane Elswick Phyllis Etters Freida Fair Doreen Farrell Jo Ann Finnie Eileen Foster Pauline Freels Marjorie A. Funkhouser Sue Furgerson Margaret Furneaux Mary Frances Futrell Bonnie M. Garrigan Carolyn Glenn Joyce Goldberg Sara N. Glover Margaret Lillian Gorin Betty J. Gray Alvina Griffin Rebecca Grigsby Patsy Grizzard Jane K. Guess Anne Gullett Virginia Haag Mary Frances Hagan Marie Haick Alice Hall Bonnie Hamilton Doris Hardesty Martha Harmon Betty Jo Harris Evelyn Harrison Jane Lee Harrison Elise K. Hartman Gloria Hartman Eloise Hilton Dorothy M. Henderson Vivian Ruth Hereford M. Allyne Higgason Eupha Y. Hoskins Julia Lee Horne Kathleen Hovermale Betty J. Jackson Bonnie Jackson Marjoree Jones Ruth Mae Jordan Virginia D. Juett Mary Beth Kallbrier Mary Lou Keyser Alice Givan King Nilda Latta Betty Leece Alpha B. Lewis Lois Jay Littleton Joan Logan Patsy Lowe Elizabeth J. Lowry Mary McCauley Frances McGowan Sue McWhirter Ann S. Marcum Barbara Ann Mandt Lillian H. Marcus Eunice L. Miller Joyce E. Miller Bettie Lee Morat Marilyn Morris Betty A. Muir Judith Murfin Martha Ann Muth Wilma Myers Elsie A. Nelson Rebecca Noble Bettye Nunn Dorcas Bell O'Neal Barbara Owens Anne Pardue Carolyn L. Pogue Georgia E. Pruden Joyce Rasnick Ruth Reichenbach Uarda Rice Betty Louise Ruth Ruth Sayre Martha Schubert Margery Schwant Stella Sexton Dolores Shaikun Hazel Sheperson Mary Ann Simpkins M. Dolores Slaughter Mary Louise Smith Sylvia Smith Violet E. Sneed Catherine Stapleton Prudence Stearman Joyce Stewart Nancy Jo Stevens Viola B. Stewart Louise Swinford Marian Talbott Betty Lou Terrill Alice Lee Thomson Ruby Jane Turner Betty Lou Turner Ingrid Ullman Anna Lois Varner Beverly Jean Vawter Bertha Ward Katherine Webb Alma Jean Weisert Margaret L. Wells Betty M. White Frances White Jean Williams Patricia Williams Mary Jane Williamson Margaret Wilson Mitzi Wilson Janelynn Wooldridge Betty Workman Mary Ann Hunter Rosemary Louise Abshear Jennie Kathryn Agee Elizabeth Alford Margie Lois Alfred Helen Mary Alvey Mary Virginia Anewalt May Virginia Arnold Louise Carleton Ayres Andrea Bain Annie Mae Ballard Mary Barber Kathryn Allen Barnett Kathleen Bealmear Barbara Allen Beam Sarah Kathryn Beam Doris Mae Beck Doris Mae Bender Shirley Ann Berg Eleanor Earle Berry Margaret Bird Marjorie Jeanette Blair Drucilla Bowling Marjorie Bradford Martha Mary Bradley Betty Castleman Bramlage Ruth Bristow Susanna Abigail Bruning Rosa Bugg Ada Eugenia Burgin Janis Ann Burke Geno Ann Burns Mary Lee Campbell Mary Carolyn Carver Elenor Lier Caslick Ruth Cheatham Evelyn Virginia Chesser Mary Wylna Claunch Elizabeth Collins Madeline N. Collins Patricia Anne Conway Jo Ann Cooper Jacqueline Stearns Cotton Sarah Elizabeth Crain Kathleen Crum Betty Catherine Crump Audrey Cummins Joan Cummins Helen Louise Cunningham Sue Anderson Cunningham Mary Martha Curry Marjorie Anne Cutler Mona Kathleen Dale Patterson Hall Betty Jeanne Darst Emily Daub Frances Sterling Davis Betty Jane Dimmitt Gloria Elliott Jean Louise Ellis Peggy Elmore Ruby Estes June Everman Evelyn Ewing Margaret Katherine Fallan Mary Jo Federer Emily Feltman Harriet Field Elizabeth Herdon Fust Jacqueline Lucy Freppon Betty Jim Gabbard Mariella Garner Margaret Loretta Gentry Barbara Proctor Gibson Mildred Lee Gill Betty Ann Gillespie Jacqueline Gittens Mary Gleason Bessie Jean Goldsmith Carolyn Goodpaster Jacqueline Webb Graham Joan Cook Graham Sara Mae Greene Jeanette Grubbs Ruth Haag Jean Hammel Joyce Dexter Haynes Martha Carolyn Hays Louise Henry Carolyn Russell Herdt Marguerett Ruth Hite Barbara Lee Holeman Kathleen Hoskins Georgeann Houschild Sue Ann Houston Anna Howard Eula Jo Hughes Elsie Hurt N annie Ingels J oline Inman Charlie Fay Irwin Eileen Jackson Jane J acquelyn Jarvis Betty Maris Jewell Mary Johnson Rachael Zennetta Johnson J acquelyn Jones Elizabeth Ann Joy Anne Talbot Keller Betsy Kirk Kathleen Kirk Barbara Jean Kirwan Betsy Wynn Laib Patricia June Lawson Ramona Lenox Nancy Carolyn Logan Elizabeth Ann Lowe Marie Luke Barbara Lutes Betty Lyon Virginia McBee Betty McCally Jeanette Herndon McCarthey Sara McConathy Ruth Marquis McCracker Juanita Jeanette McNamee Joyce Mackey Ida Frances Manchikes Edythe Annette Marshall Martha Jane Martin Martha Mathewson Thelma Miller Betsy Milton Wilma C. Miniard Alice Money Carolyn Moorhead Mary Ann Moser Marian Mulkey Patricia Ann Nay Charlotte Evans Neil Hilda Rhea Newland Phyllis Mae Nicholson Betty Lee Northcutt Glendora Northcutt Louise Bruce Nutting Barbara Jane Osborne Dorothy Jeanne Owen Opal Nancy Owen Emma Louise Patrick Frances Rhea Parish Anne Field Park Betty Lou Park Betty Parker Emily Jean Parker Mary Parrish Helen Ann Patterson Martha Lee Pennebaker Alice Virginia Poole Barbara Jeanne Power Nita Ruth Powers Mary Pribble Lona Carolyn Price Nancy E. Price Martha Ann Pruitt Bernice Racke Eleanor Rector Roberta Reed Betty Reeves Maria Robertson Mildred Rodgers Wilmoth Rodgers Suzanne Rogers Namoi K. Ruby Zelma Jeanne SharH Pat Shepard Avalon Skaggs Ann Gordon Slappey Edythe Shirl Specter Merle Spencer Betty Lee Spragens Betty Louise Stahr Emma Joyce Steele Jerry Nell Steel Margaret Elain Steers Elizabeth J . Taylor Evelyn Taylor Martha Taylor Betty Ruth Teipel Lillian Thatcher Sara Bennett Thomas Patricia Jean Triplett Glo Tumer Virginia Vaughan Glenna Anita Waddell Martha Jane Wall Barbara Ann Warren Doris Ann Warren Joanne R. Watson Betty Jo Wells Frances Wells Marian Wells Joyce Elizabeth West Katherine Poston Winebrinier Margaret Winfough Dorothy E. Winkler Betty J . Wright Margaret Ruth Wright Ida Carolyn Wyman Sarah Ann Youtsey Betty Ann Zimmerman 335 Jesse Albright Sue Vaughan Brown Thelma Combs Ruth B. Dotson Kathryn Franz Yamile Winifren Haldimann Virginia Haynes Anita Jacobs Wanda McCulley Claire Mabry Elmside Carole Marie Massey Betty B. Seay Margaret Siebert Catherine Francis Mary Ann Galloway Mary Frances Miller Margaret Parker jacquelyn Phillips Mary Ploch Glenna Powell Mary Prinz Anne Rudd Barbara Ball Smith Sandra Steele Shirley Stivers Wanda Thompson Mozelle VanCleve Billie Watson Reva Wells Hamilton House Founded at the University in 1942 FACULTY ADVISERS Dr. Statie Erickson Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes Miss Jane Haselden OFFICERS Sue Warren . . . . . . President Mayme Joseph Vice-President J oy Francis . . . Secretary Martha Lee Ward . . . Treasurer Mary Queen Jewell . . . Historian Ann Word . . . Special Chairman Vivian Hines House Manager MEMBERS Betty Andes Carolyn Hensley Hazel Jo Smith Dorothy Dean Doyle Vivian Hines Martha Lee Ward Ann Mary Duvall Mary Queen Jewell Sue Warren Joy Francis Maxine Joseph Betty Williams Evelyn Hammond Clara Newton Evelyn Wilson Neree Hatcher Evelyn Ruth Osborn Ann Word Dorothy Ray Hensley, Ward, Warren, Francis, Joseph, Hatcher Ray, Word, Hammond, Smith, Newton, Doyle Andes, Osborne, Williams, Hines, Wilson, Jewell Shelby House Founded at the University in 1934 The lirst cooperative house for girls at the University, it is organized and run by a group of former 4-H club girls who were selected upon the basis of their scholastic records and qualities of leadership. It promotes more cooperative and economic living. FACULTY ADVISERS Dr. Statie Erickson Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes Miss Ruth Latimer OFFICERS Catherine Plain . . . . . President Bernice Sebree . Vice-President Evalyn Crawford . . Secretary Lucille Layman Treasurer MEMBERS Nell Blair Lucille Layman Betty Maxey Catherine Plain Eloise Ridley Margaret Campbell Evalyn Crawford Eloise Ewbank Jean Ewbank Joan Scott Bernice Sebree Edna Lucille Stevens Betty Triplet France Wilhoyte Marian Wright Triplett, Sebree, Crawford, Ridley, Scott, Ewbank, Stevens Wright, Campbell, Blair, Ewbank, Wilhoyte, Maxey, Plain ,, ,,.,... ...,........... 4 Dedication ..........A.,.. ,. Acknowledgments .,.... ,,,,,,,,,,, 3 51 Alpha. Chl Sigma ....,. ,,,.,,,.,,,,,, M .,,,,, 1 42 Alpha Delta Pi ..,,,,....,,,, ,gm 306-307 Alpha Gamma Delta ...,... ...,,,, 3 08-309 Alpha Gamma Rho ....,,. ....,,, 2 66-267 Alpha Lambda Delta ....... ..,,...,,..,,., 1 24 Alpha Slgma Phi .....,,,.,. A,..... 2 68-269 Alpha Tau Omega .....,.. .... - 270-271 Alpha Xl Delta ..,.. 310-311 Alpha Zeta ............, .......,.,.. 1 34 Art Club ....- ....... .,,,.... 2 28 Bacterlologlcal Society .... -. .,,,,,.. 229 Band .............. , ........ ....,..,....,.. .,,.. 1 5 2 Baptist Student Union ....... ..- .... 230 Beauty Queens .........,..... ........ 1 4-20 Crosby .,.,.. ...M 20 Ewing ,......, Hall .....,,,....,., Huftaker ....,,, Melsch .,,..... Price . .....,.,......... . Block and Bridle ........ Boyd Hall .,,,.......,,.. Canterbury Club ..... Chemical Society ..,..,,. cm omega .......-..... Chi Delta Phi ....... Chorlsters .,...........v. Civil Engineers ...,Y... Classes .....,-.... . .......-. Seniors .,.,,.., Juniors .... Sophomores Freshmen .,,..., Cosmopolitan Club ...,.... Owens ...... .- ............... Dairy Club ........ . Dean of Men ...... Dean of Women ....,, .... Deans .-.. -.-. . .---------- -- Delta Delta Delta Delta Chl .- .... - ............ Delta Delta .,,... Tau Delta ................,.-..l W.-- Zeta -.. . ,...,. ......,..v......v ....... ..... . . ......, 16 18 19 17 15 232- 143 334 233 246 813 136 153 226 25-118 26-64 66-95 97-104 106- 118 231 126 234 304 304 .... .. 11 272-273 314-315 274-275 3 16-3 1 7 Disciples Student Fellowship , .... ..,.v- , . Donovan, President .... ,..... Dutch Lunch Club ...., Electrical Engineers , ,..,., Elmslde -. ,.... 1. .V....., .,...............-.-..,. . Engineering Student Council ,..,, Fall Festival ...,, 4-H Club .,.. ... ..,....... Freshman Club ....... 235 10 236 224 336 156 135 247 176 Page Index Girls' Dorms ,..,,,,, ,1AA.-., 3 31-333 Hamilton House ..,. . ,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,.., 337 Hillel Foundation ......,..,,.,,, ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,, 2 37 Home Economics Club ,,.,., 2 ,,,,,,,-, N, 238 House Presidents' Council ,,.,... -..Um 154 Independents .......... 242-243 In Memoriam .,......,..., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 Interdorxn Council ...- ,..,.. ,,,,, 1 55 Interfaith Council .....,........ ,,,,,,,, 1 57 Interfraternlty Council ....... 158-159 Jewell Annex ,..., ,,,, 3 33 Jewell Hall .,....., ,4,,, 3 32 Kappa Alpha - ................ 276-277 Kappa Alpha Theta .,....,, 318 319 Kappa Delta ..,................... 320-321 Kappa Kappa Gamma ,...1........ ,,,...,. 3 22 323 Kappa Sigma ..,- ........,, - ...,....,...,.Y...,...... 278-279 Kentucklan .........,.,...., ,.. -.. .,........,, 202 203 Kentucky Engineer ...,,1. ...,.,,..... 2 06 Kentucky Kernel ...........,. 204-205 Kentucky Law Journal ..,,,, .............,.. 2 07 Keys .,,.,,,,,,.....1,,,,......,.,......,,, 128-129 Lambda Chl Alpha 280-281 Lamp and Cross .....,.. ....... ..... - ..... 1 3 0 Lances ,..1 ..................... - ....... - .... -- ..,,.. ....- 131 League of Women Voters ....,,... ..... 1 60 Lydia Brown House ....... -... .... . 333 Mechanical Engineers .,...... ......... 2 27 Men's Glee Club ...........,... ......-.,...... 1 62 Mllltary Department ..., ,,....... .2 09-222 Mllltary Staff ..,........,.... .......... - 210 ROTC Regt. Staff ...... -.., 211 lst Battalion Stall .... .,..,.. ..... 2 1 2 2nd Battalion Staff ..,, - 1 .,........ .am 212 Company A ..............,. ..,.. 2 13 Company B ...... ....,....,.....v.............. 2 14 Company C ...... -..L ..... - .......... 215 Company D .....,... , ....... . 216 Company E ,,.,... - ...... -,.- ....v... - ................, 217 Adv. Course, Infantry - ...,......,,., 218-219 Adv. Course, Signal Corps .................. 220 Adv. Course, Alr Corps .... -W .............,. 221 Rifle Team ......,.,...........,..,.Y... H.- 222 Mining and Metallurgy ...... ............. 2 25 Mortar Board .............,...... - ...... 127 Newman Club ..... 240-241 Omlcron Delta Kappa ...... 132-133 Panhellenlc Council ,,.- ,Mu ,. ,,,,,.,,.,,- .R 161 Patterson Hall ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,-, , 1 .,,--' 335 Pershing Rides ..,,,,, mm 144 Personal Index ,,,,,,, ,1,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.--.,, , 3 41 Phalanx .,..,.....,.,,,,,,,, -W 339 Phi Alpha Delta .,,, -, .,,1,,,, 1 1 -,,- M 145 Phi Beta ..,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,, mmm- .--- -H 143 Phi Delta Phi .,, ,1,,,,,., 143-147 Phi Delta Theta .... -. 232-333 Phi Kappa Tau .......,.,,, ,MN ,,,., W 234-335 Phi Mu Alpha .., ,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,. 1 -W1 ,,.--,- 1- 149 Phi Sigma Kappa .-.- .,,.... - ...., :as-237 Phi Upsllon Omlcron ,,1,,,,, N ,..,, ,,,, N .1-.---,. 1 137 Pi Kappa Alpha ., ,.,,.,, ., ,,,, , ,,,, g ,,,,, 1 .,., 233.339 Pltkln Club .,.,.., -.,,,,,,,,,g,,,N ,,,,, -,.. 1 344 Professor of the Year ,,,,,, ,,,w-, 1 .--,.,. 5 Pryor Pre-Med ..,,.,,,,,,,,,. N ,,,,, 2 ,W 345 Scabbard and Blade umm, ,,,,,..,., H ,,,---1-, W 150 Shelby House ,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,1, N -,,,,.-,1,,--,.-,.1 338 Sigma Alpha Epsilon M, ,,,,,,,,Y,, 290-291 Sigma Chl ,...,.,,...,,,,,, Q.,,, ,mum ,,,,, 292.295 Sigma Delta Tau ,,.,,.,,,,.,,. ,,,, , , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 327 Slgma Gamma Epsilon ,,,,,, , ,,,, MW ,,,,,,, 138 Sigma N11 ----------------...-....... .Y...,. 2 96-297 Sigma Phi Epsilon ...,,.. .,,. ,,,,,,,,,,, 2 9 3-299 Sp0rtS ---.-...-.........--.......... - ........ - 179-199 Stray Greeks ..,..,..,.,......,,.. - .......,,,.... - .,...,.,,,, 305 Student Bar Association mm.-- ,,,, ,,, 106.167 Student Government Association 168-169 Student Union Board ...-.... ...,,.,.1..,....,. ,... 170 Suky ,,,....... ,...,,.-v................ - -- .,... - ....... 172-173 Symphony Orchestra ..,,.. M.. 165 'A Tau Beta Pl ..,.,.....,.,. -..I .,...,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,, , 125 Tau Sigma .V..,..vv.Y,,....... - ..... 31 ,........Y........ 24s-249 Theta Sigma Phi ... ,,..., -- .......... ..- ...,, ...W 139 Triangle ..,.,........, - .... 1 ..,. -- .....,.. - ....... -.. 300-301 Upperclass Fellowship .,... .... 177 Veterans Club ...-..- ...... 251-261 W.A.A, Council ..... .- ...., 1 .... :yi ..,,.... .- ....... . 171 WBKY ..-...- ....,...,... .... ......, - , is ......, M., 164 Wesley Foundation .,. ..... 1 .......,..... - .,.. ..... 2 50 Who's Who ....... 3 ..... J ....e is .t,.. -...-.. ........ 140 Women's Glee Club ....,, .. ......,. -.. ,... ..- 183 Y.1tI.C.A. Cabinet .,..... - ..... - ......., - .... ,I-74 Y,W C.A Cabinet ....,,. ...., ... .........,.... 1 75 zeta Beta Tau , ..,,. - ..... Q- ....... -...- ...,. -.. eq:-sos Zeta Tau Alpha' .,..,. -.-...-,. -.-... 324-326 339 Bell Personal Index A Abell, James E.-26, 298 Abbott, Hugh Browning-57 Abraham, Edwlna-46, 172 Abramson, Allen S.-87, 164, 303 Adair, Katherine-312 Adams, .Anne Cooke-66, 308 Adams, Dorothy Loulse, 82 Adams, Perry R..-26, 149 Adams, Staley-57, 125, 132 Adams, Wilbur-270 Adkins, James E.-60, 147 Agnew, Mary Jane-318 Agworth, James L.-300 Akers, Barbara-66, 148 Akers, Marjorie-66, 310 Allen, Barbara-26, 127, 148 Allen, John Morgan-66, 292 Allen, Joseph W.-266 Allen, Martha-66, 318 Allen, Patsy Clay-128, 312 Allen, William Henry-245, '292 Allender, Gloria-58 Allison, Betty Jane-66 Alloway, Fred-284 Alper, David-57 Amato, S. Joseph-284 Amberg, Brantley-270 Amburgey, Eugene-34 Amburgey, Glennls-26 Amis, Jean-230 Anderson, Frances Jenkins-26, 2 Anderson, John I.-40, 143 Anderson, Maurice F.-266 Anderson, Maurice E, 245, 280 Anderson, Marius L.-145 Anderson, Richard-278 Anderson, Robert L.-66, 246, 250 Anderson, Roberta-124, 203, 316 Andes, Betty Marie-337 Andrejunas, Robert L.-298 Anggells, John C.-66, 242 Ankney, Nadine-310 Anspach, Robert-276 Antle, Lloyd George-78, 134, 266 Arbuckle, Robert-298 Armstrong, Kathryn-26, 306 Armstrong, Margaret-26, 814 Arnold, Edgar-290 Asbury, Emily-171, 204, 320 Asbury, Jeanne-124, 126, 154 Asbury, Thomas Haley-78, 292 Asher, Sandra-68, 314 Atchison, John G.-91, 130, 147, 282 Aton, Walter-84, 300 Attebury, James S.-288 Avrach, Morton-53 Ayres, Louise C.-308 B Babbage, Robert-87, 158, 290 Bach, Mary Ann-68, 172, 310 Bacon, Frank T.-87 Baechle, Betty Jo-28, 161, 306 Bailey, Henry W.-46 Bailey, John P.-298 Balley, Joseph H.-298 Bain, Andrea-306 Baird, Derwood M.-40, 143 Baker, Cecil J.-57, 125 Baker, Flora-26, 322 Balden, William H.-87, 298 Baldrldge, John A,-296 Baldwin, Tom-276 Ball, Edna-26 Ball, Frances Lorraine-66 Ball, Marietta-66 Ballantine, Thomas Austin-283 Ballard, Joseph W.-298 Banahan, James E.-91, 132, 147, 170, 239 Barber, Mary-314 Barker, Charles R.-87, 149, 286 Barker, Delta Joy-26 Barker, George E.-46, 130, 205, 288 Barker, James H.-276 Barlow, William K.-46, 296 Barlow, William P.-87, 296 Barnes, C. Edwin-26, 130, 132, 292 Barnett, Davld E.-26, 142 Barnett, J oan-26, 310 Barnett, George-57 Barnett, Katherine-308 Bartee, Betty Jean-66, 324 Bartlett, James C.-46 Bartley, Torrance-310 Bashara, Dorothy-82 Bassett, Frank H.-290 Bassham, James H.-288 Baston, Mose-.288 Bates, Ann Louise-126 Batson, Wanda-306 Baxter, Porter N.-284 Baylor, Jean-66 Beal, Richard-66, 292 Bealmear, Carolyn-324 Beard, Dorothy--26 Beard, Marjorie Dean-78, 310 Beasley, Oscar-288 Beck, Doris--324 Beck, Theodore-129. 274 Beck, Rodney A.-278 Bederman, Florence-327 Beebe, Morris-87, 131, 170, 282 Belden, Joan-320 Bell Jack-206 Bell, James M.-272 Bell Leslie B.-26, 314 Marvin Carl-40, 130, 143, 266 Bell, Thomas, P.-46 Benjamin, Francis Irene-308 Benjamin, William A.-292 Benjamin, William K.-278 Bennett, Eleanor-26, 308 Bennett, Reba M.-26 Bennewitz, Joe-27, 298 Benton, Frank-276 Berckman, Charles W.-78, 266 Berman, Samuel-203 Bernard, Virginia D.-27 Berry, Jack-278 Beuttel, Wllllam C.-296 Bewley. William E.-40, 143 Bickel. Paul-292 Bicknell. Elizabeth Ann-124, 126, 160. 203, 205, 232. 312 Blggerstaff, Anne Kathryn-40, 175, 230 Biggerstafl. Been-87, 230 Billings, Ruth-47 Bishop, Reva I.--40 Black, Doris M.-66, 320 Black, Mary Jane-82 Black. Peter--84. 303 Blackford, Mae Kathryn-78 Blair, George William-27, 149, 276 Blair, Marjorie J.-324 Blair, Nell-250, 338 Blalsdell, Marjorie Green-27, 164 Bless, Maurice E.-40 Blessing, Benny Ann-66, 171, 230, 318 Blevins, Mary Lynn-87 Blocker, Mary G.--87, 320 Blount, Bryan-84, 240, 290 Blount. Jane-160, 322 Boaz, James B,-286 Boaz, Harry H.-66, 286 Bobbltt, Forrest C.-282 Bockman, Peggy-66, 322 Boles, Robert B.-57, 142 Bolen, James V.-53 Bolton, Brownie-84, 286 Bolton, Joseph R.-66, 245, 286 Bolton, Margaret Lee-66 Bondurant, Lewis-69, 270 Bonnell, Louis-298 Bonney, Patsy-47, 306 Bonta, James M.-47 Bostlc, J ames-47, 292 Boswel. Franklin G.-270 Botto, Joe,-27, 239, 245, 288 Botts, Dan C.-276 Botts, Seth T.-57 Bovls, Georgann E.-67, 312 Bowen, Millard F.-67, 272 Bowling, Abraham-145 Bowman, Mary Ann-53, 154, 322 Boyd, Joseph A.-57, 300 Bradford, Sue Ann-47, 322 Bradley, Martha Mary-320 Bradley, Virginia-87, 318 Bramlage, Betty C.--306 Branch, Sall-67, 318 Branch, William N.-1292 Brandenburg, William-278 Breathltt, Edward T.-87, 158, 290 Brents, Samuel V.-27, 230 Brewer, Emery-53 Brewster, Leland-274 Bridges, John-292 Bridgewater, Mary Lynn-310 Brinkley, Hugh H8-mptfm-265 Brisbay, Jack-266 Britt, Gerald S.-203, 245, 293 Broaddus, Elizabeth B.-27, 314 Browddus, Judy-314 Brock, James C.-91, 147, 207 Brockenborough, J ames-270 Bronston, William-290 Brooklng, George E.-292 Brooks, Walter-270 Brough, Barbara-67, 203, 204, 306 Brown, Andrew J .-292 Brown, Barbara-203, 310 Brown Beverly Ann-67, 124, 126, 245, 318 Brown, Blanche-40 Brown, Clarence G,-67 Brown, Ewing M,-41, 322 Brown, Louis-27 Brown, Martha-67, 310 Brown, Roger-292 Brown, William O.-27 Browning, Betty F.-41 Browning, Iley Baker-67, 282 Browning, John B.-282 Bruce, Carmaine-67, 314 Bruce, Kenneth S.-47 Bryan, Betty J.-320 Bryant, Albert C.-284 Bryant, Hllly-168, 313 Buchanan, Jane Ellen-67, 160, 312 Buchanan, Joyce L.-67, 308 Buchanan, Margaret W.-27, 139, 2 Bucher, Betty Ann-67, 306 Buck, Betty-306 Buckner, Robert B.-296 04, 308 341 Bumsted, Henry D. C.-298 Bunch, Frank Thomas-296 Bunch, Helen E.-87 Bunch, Ray-41, 143 Burdlne, Bethel-82, 230 Burgln, Betty J.-47 Burke, Helen V.-53 Burkman, Martha E.-67 Burnett, Patrlcla Ann-27, 139, 140, 161 204, 310 Burnette, Joseph S.-47, 288 Burnette, Ray W.-47 Burrler, John H.-78, 266 Burton, Charles R.-91, 147, 288 Burton, Marjorie-82, 312 Bush, Llnvllle-78, 230 Butler, Mary Ellen-47 Cheek, Elbert A.-47, 130, 149, 156, 286 Cheek, Lols-312 Chenault, Joe P.-27, 276 Cheshire, Vlrglnla-324 Childers, James-67, 284 Childress, Walter F.-41 Chilton, Lloyd C.-292 Chinn, Charles W.-272 Chipman, Mary Jo-28 Christ, Karl-298 Christian, Louis G.-28, 296 Button, Button, Button Button 1 1 Ann-232 Betty-82 Bernice-67, 306 Frank W.-57, 132, 142 Christian, Vlrgll L.-47, 278 Christopher, lrvln W.-129, 280 Chumbler, Fred-41, 157, 230 Clark, Allan E.-47 Clark, Andrew H.-274 Clark, Howard-87, 278 Clark, Joseph N.-270 Clark, Robert-84, 268 Clark, Sally Ward-28 Clark, William V.-47 Byrd, Nancy-232, 318 Byrley, Charles A.-298 Byron, Wllllam M.-286 C Cain. Holleen-87, 324 Calbert, Alexander H.-276 Caldwell, Dalton B.-27 Caldwell, Luther B.-286 Callahan, Jefferson-41, 134 Callahan, Steve-78 Callender, Carroll Parish-298 Calvert, Katherine-67 Calvert, Wllllam D.-28, 290 Camenlsch, Robert H.-78 Campbell, Deweese Y.-27, 245, 286 Campbell, Margaret J.--78, 175, 338 Cannon, Betty Jeane-27,308 Cannon, Mary Thelmaf-47, 172 Carey, Mary Ellzabeh-27, 168, 312 Carlgan, Patrick-84, 284 Carl. Harry-239, 292 Carllck, Samuel-91, 145 Carmichael, Shirley-82, 168, 306 Carmichael, Willard L.-276 Carney, Helen-245 Carollo, Frank James-286 Carothers, Harry-290 Carpenter, Cllfton C.-67, 280 Carpenter, Jack L.-268 Carpenter, Joanna-87, 816 Carr, Betty Jean-58 Carr, Harold L.-57, 276 Carrico, Harry B.-87, 270 Carter, Mary Helen-78 Carroll, Thomas C.-147 Carter, Anna Ruth-78, 324 Carter, Marla Jane-126, 318 Carter, Marjorie-324 Carter, Robert Lyle-290 Carwell, Margaret--27 Cash, Jack-286 Clarke, Cornell C.-87, 172, 298 Clarke, Mary P.-28 Calvert, Wllllam D.-28, 290 Clayton, Ann Talbott-87, 322 Clegg, Margie-250, 324 Clements, Joseph H.-53 Clements, Martha-28, 322 Cleveland, David-78, 131, 134, 266 Clifford, John R.-298 Clinton, Arthur-28, 290 Cloyd, Allen-290 Cloyd, Ella Marshall-67, 160, 175, 312 Clutts, James A.-292 Coale, Sidney C.-47 Cobb, Thomas J.-41, 143, 158, 266 Coburn, Elsworth-296 Cocanougher, Mrs. Greenwood O.-48, Cockrell, Bettye Jean-82 Cohen, Annabelle-28 Cohen, Marvin S.-67, 303 Cohen, Stuart W.-82, 174 Collier, James T.-87 Collins, Clint R.-41 Collins, Elizabeth--322 Coleman, Jean Tavlor-68, 320 Coleman, Lambert Y.-48 Coleman, Robert-290 Combs, Frances J.-68, 308 Combs, Imogene-68 Combs, Jack M.-48 Combs, Paul-28, 274 Combs, Thelma-78 Combs, Thomas-84. 300 Concannon, Suzanne-68 Congleton, Conley Cole-91. 147 Conley, James P.-43. 130. 158, 240, 286 Conrad, Harry Russell-174, 239 Conrad, Utha Rae-48 Conway, Patrlcla Anne-318 Cook, Corinna-68, 154, 312 Cook, Nelle-314 Cooper, Harry-232, 239 Cooner, Mildred Jo-68, 310 Cooper, Roger F.-278 Cecll, Eugene-286 Covington, Joseph C.--147, 158.239, 292 Cashman, John Marvin-174, 300 Casllck, Eleanor-310 Cassidy, Frank Donald-.274 Catllne, Elizabeeth-822 Caudel, Evelyn Louise-124 Cawood, Jean-87, 324 Cayce, Granville-296 Caywood, Wiliam C.-57, 125, 130, 132, 284 Ohafllns, Ray-41 Chamberlain, Dorothy Elaine-47, 172, 308 Chambllss, Jack-41 Champe, Margaret-27, 322 Chandler, Anne-47, 161, 318 Chandler, Billy Steele--284 Chapman, Charles E.-57 Cheap, Paul-286 Cooper, Wendell B.-268 Cooper. W. W.-296 Corn, Charlotte-28, 148 Corn, Jenny-324 Cornelius, Mayme Frieda-28, 310 Cotton, Carolyn-124 Courtney, Margaret Anne-28, 172 Covington, George J.-282 Cowglll, Benjamin Lee-290 Cox Cox Cox Cox , John Logan-91, 145 , Kirby-78 , Ruth-41, 308 Cox, , William Gray-66, 145, 276 Walter C.-91, 268 Coyle, Agnes Cecelia-310 Crabtree, Clarence-41 1 Craig, Albert--57 Craig, Charles Richard-28 Crapster, Katherine-28, 136, 322 Crary, Corona Smathers-28 Crawford, Edna-82, 172, 175 Crawford, Evalyn-338 Crawford, Helen Lucllle-68 Crawford, Jack--272 Crawford, James W.-272 Crawford, Jean Grey-84, 230 Crawford, Mae Marie--230 Creamer, Mary Price-82, 160, 171, 175, 318 Creech, Olga Juanita-53 Creech, Sara Bernice-48 Crenshaw, Harlon I.-41 Crlswell, James E.-41 Crockett, John Richard-129, 290 Cropper, William-79, 298 Crosby, Martha Sue-53, 320 Crosthwalte, John S.-296 Crowden, Homer G.-48. 274 Crowe, Betty Jane-58. 171 Crowell, Charles M.-48 Cruise, David C.--290 Crume, Ella Rose-79 Cull, Robert C.-292 Culton, Robert H.--266 Cummins, Albert B.-292 Cummins, Joshua-.292 Cunningham, Ellis B.-41, 143 Cunningham. Roy A--218 Current, Clay--266 Current, Marie-48 Curry, James H.-288 Curry, Mary Martha-320 Cyrus, Fred F.-48, 292 D bne , Jane-316 gide, Catherine Jeilerson-48, 136, 314 Dale, William C.-286 Damron, Lillian Ruth-28, 315 Damron, John R..-284 Danford, Ralph-87, 174, 239, 288 Daniels, Billy J.-84, 268 Daub, Emily-810 Daugherty, Allen Wayne-279 Daugherty, Fredg.g68a::3 hert , Haro .- gzxgherty, Joseph Franklin-68, 245 Daugherty, Joe Wilson-28. 245' 293 Davenport, Stacy-316 David, John J.-57. 284 Davidson, Henry GGOUIB-53 Davldscn, Preston Marshall-60 David Davis, son, 'ravlor-zw. zzs. 253 Bettv Louise-68. 324 Beverly Jean-136, 324 Davis, Davis, Carolyn-316 Davis, Doris-229, 324 Davis, Eugene Allen-29, 282 Davis, Frank F,-274 Davis, J. W.-144, 290 Davis, Lllllan L.-29 Davis, Margaret Boone-29, 229 Davis, Ordle-29. 286 Davis, Robert I-1.--274 Dawson, Leslie-296 Dawson, Venlta-308 Day, Sue Vance-68 Dayton, Marilyn F.-36. 322 Dean, Amy Elizabeth-124, 175, 238. 250 Dean, Frank R.-82, 292 Deiss, Helen-314 Demarcus, Wendell C.-29, 278 DeMolsey, Truett R.-292 Demunbrun, Truman Weldon-68, 245, 288 Dennart, Reuben G.-84. 138, 142 Denning, Carolyn R.-.29, 245, 250, 316 Dennison, Anne Lulgart-172, 240, 324 Derr, Cecil Vance--298 Des Cognets, Russell-79, 168, 276 DeSpaln, Clell F.-68, 286 Detherage, William Julius-270 Deutsch, Ann-41 Devitt, Charles Louis-83, 286 DeWitt, William T.-274 Dlckston, Mary Boone-322 Dimmltt, Betty Jane-310 Dink, Thomas Richard-298 Dlskin, Tom-204, 253 Dixon, Harold G.-84, 230, 253 Dixon, John Harrison-48. 130, 172, 274 Dobson, Gerald-300 Dodd, Robert William-296 Dollber, Marjorie Ann-68 Donahue, Eugenia-41 Donovan, Ann-53 Donovan, James M.-468, 238 Donovan, Nancy-53 Donovan, William John-68, 206, 276 Dorr, Helen-68, 202 Dorroh, Ann-308 Dosker, Mary Keith-68, 160, 168, 175, Dotson, James Irvin-270 Dowden, James C.-79, 234, 266 Dowden, John Ingles-266 Dowell, Margaret Lois--82 Downer, Matthew-284 Doyle, Dorothy Deane-337 Do-yle, Robert Milton-284 Drake, William B.-57, 226, 278 Drescher, Thomas B.-298 Drye, David Dunn-245, 253, 292 Dudley, George Ellsworth-43, 133, 290 Duerr, Travis J.-288 Dugan, Geraldine M.-29, 320 Dummlt, Garland-282 3 rskine, Charlotte-314 Eschborn, Earl-270 Estes, Jerry-298 Estes, Ralph-42 Estlll, Harold W.-84 Estlll, Mary Elizabeth-48 Ethington, Grover C.-206 Etters, Phyllis Marlon-250 Eubanks, Richard Lee-29, 284 Evans Evans, Evans, Evans Evans Evans, Evans, Evans, Evans , Allen Ray-292 Carl V.-298 Don-292 Homer C.-42, 134 John T.-79 Joseph C.-286 Martha-88 Patricia-29 Wllllam S.-29, 290 Dummit, Rosemary-68, 148, 170, 175, 314 Duncan, Naomi-48 Duncan, Robert J.-88, 288 Duncan, Thomas D.-29, 168, 202, 204, 288 Dunlap, Mary McCord-68, 322 Dunn, Charles Malcolm-278 Dunn, Harley Willis-296 Dunn Marce Presnell-.278 Dunn Dunn Dunn Duns. , Merry Carol-68, 318 Molly Anna-41, 316 I Neville Myers-292 Elinor Mae-308 Dupree, J ack-286 Durham, J. L.-292 Dyche, Barbara Elizabeth-84, 226 E Easterlihg, Wayne C.-42, 143 Eastham, Jerome F.-68 Eastln, Charles--79, 267 Ecton. Carlene-53, 311 Edens, William D.--293 Edwards, Mildred-309 Egalite. Henry John-88, 240 Elder, Edward L.-57, 159, 301 Elfers, Evelyn-316 Elkins, Juanita-82 Elliott, Doris-69 Elliott, Elizabeth-312 Elliott, Joe-164 Ellis, Mary Elizabeth--29 Ellis, Peggy-69, 242 Ellis, Wlnfred M.-290 Elsey, Edward E.-29, 274 Endicott, John R..--292 Endicott, William E.-290 Engelhardt, Carl F.-92, 147 Engles, Robert G.-298 Erd, Mildred O.-29 Erdman, Benjamin-232, 290 Erdman, Elizabeth-232, 312 Errlckson, Jane-29 Everett, John C.-290 Everldge, Edwin-53 Eversole, Theodore-69, 149 Ewbank, Eloise--338 Ewbank, Juanita Jean-338 Ewing, Evelyn-308 F Fairchild, Everett Hayes-48, 174, 239 Faris, Byram H.-48, 131, 264 Faris, Douglas-92, 145, 167 Farmer, Frances Gibson-172, 308 Farmer, Kenny-53 Farmer, Ralph Hampton-88, 290 Faulconer, Annette Newman-20, 316 Faulconer, E. P.-292 Faulkner, Mary Ann-124, 126, 148 Faulkner, Robert Clark-42 Feagans, R.. G.-88 Feagans. William Guy-88 Fears, Morgan Pendleton-79, 292 Felerabend. Jack-69. 149. 164 Feldmann, Phyllis-69, 160, 232, 322 Fergus, Charles Shannon-288 Ferris, Joyce-320 Ferguson, Charlotte A.-29, 161, 245, 3 Fetter, Jane I-I.-69 Fetzer, Norris A.-298 Fields, Jean-29, 245, 314 Finnie, Jo Anne-308 Fischer, Warren Edward-174 Fish, Tallu-79, 314 Fisher, Barbara Whitney-322 Fisher. Malcolm Jack-84 Fisher, Silas-270 Fisher, William Walter-69, 239 Fitch. Joe M.-69. 276 Flanders. Emery Lou-79, 172 Fleenor, Harold-270 Fleischer, Lawrence Jack-157. 302 Flemming. .Tohn Lewis-48, 292 Fletcher. Jack-292 Flood. Eugene-270 Florence. Ce5:il1ia4-69 Floyd, Richard D.-278 Flynn, Margaret Sue-79, 314 Foael. Herbert L.-302 Fowl. Margaret-312 Foil. Bobble Lou-89, 314 Foley. Olen-88 Folaer. Sherlev C.--292 Ford. Henry Edsel-288 Ford. James Rodman-60 Fortune. Kenneth M.-203, 288 Fossett. Edward L.-278 Fothergill. Joseph H.-84, 284 Foushee. Henry Gilbert-292 Fowler. Marcena J.--79, 316 Fowler. Paul Johnson-292 Fowler. William B,--298 Fowler, William Browntleld-30 Fox, Charles Henry-300 Fox, Eugene H.-42 Fox, Harold Davis-57, 300 Francis, Cabell D.-91, 145 Francis, J. David-60, 147 Francis, Joy-49, 337 Francis, William E.-91, 147, 207 elth 292 Frank, K - Franklin, Burtls-30, 142, 298 Franks, Wllllam F.-278 Franz, Kathryn Ann-54, 310 Frasure, James William-84, 278 Freas, George-79, 129, 131, 266 Freeman, Harriet Dietrich-79, 310 Friedley, Harold Christian-69, 157, 174, 204 232, 239 Frentz, Samuel W.-288 Frey, Albert Harry-30, 149, 266 Fritts, Charles Joseph-30, 142 Fugate, Chalmer- 69 Fulton, Mary Elizabeth-49, 230 Funkhouser, Marjorie Ann-306 Furneaux, Margaret-124 Futch, Suzanne-306 Futrell, Barbara-69, 314 Futrell, Mary Francis-314 G Gabbert, William Richard-79, 134, Gaines, Thomas Lucas--69, 276 Galloway, Mary Ann-312 Gant, William M.-60 Gardner, Renlce-30, 136, 148 Garr, Charlotte--322 Garrett, Jane-124, 126, 312 Garret, Landon-174, 266 Garrigan, Anne-250, 308, 421 Garrlgan, Maxine--250 Gash, 'Mary Frances--306 Gates, James E.-30 Gatewood, Bill-270 Gaulke, Beverly--30, 161, 316 Gay, Elizabeth-69, 322 Gay, Helen-30, 324 Gay, Robert M.-282 Gayle, Garnett-69. 312 Gayle, William-266 Geeslln, Robert-88 Gentry, William R..-298 Gerber, Frances-88, 164 Gergely, Irvln-302 Gerner, Robert-286 Gess, William-284 Glannlni, Jack-69 Gibson, James-292 Gibson, William-298 Gilbert, Edgar-425 Gllbreath, William-60, 147, 207 Glll, Mildred-322 Gillespie, Betty Ann-310 Gillespie, James-272 Gillespie, John-131, 290 Ginn, William G.-292 Gish, Thomas E-30, 140, 174, 203, 288 Glttlns, Jackie-306 Givens, Wayland-299 Glvham, Thomas B.-292 Gleason, Mary Frances-306 Glelxner. Henry-58, 125 Glenn, Carolyn-312 Glover, Sara-314 Godfrey, Blllle Fischer-30 Goff, Marie-30, 308 Got, Nathan-84, 302 Goins, Saul-79 Goldberg, Milton K.-69, 302 Goldman, Dorothy Ann-42, 310 Goldsmith, Bessie-310 Goller, Abraham-302 Goman, Catherine-30, 139, 204, 324 290, 204, 239 343 Gonser, Durl-49 Gooch, Ernest D.-42 Gooch, Geraldine-54, 320 Gooding, Lyde-82, 161, 322 Goodloe, William-69, 278 Goodson, Mary Anne-312 Gordon, Irene-324 Gordonwood, Warren-84, 300 Gorham, Joann-62, 139, 322 Gorman, Betty-160, 322 Gorman, Charles--276 Gorman, John P.-276 Gormley, Bonnie-30 Grace, Garland-300 Graft, Aaron Glenn-288 Graham, Carmen W.-42 Graham, Jacqueline-320 Graham, Joan Cook, 154, 320 Graham, Mildred-79 Granneman, Fred-89 Grason, Roger-298 Gray, Anne-70, 314 Grayson, Grant-79, 266 Greathouse, Richard--30 Green, Gus-58, 284 Green, Norma-88, 320 Greene, Sara-312 Hammonds, Leslie-42 Hammons, Louanna-49, 172 Hampton, Ruth Josephine-31, 171, 310 Hancock, Darrell-253, 286 Hancock, James P.-31, 282 Hancock, Joseph T.-31 Hannahs, Susanne-306 Haney, Denver-42, 266 Hanklnson, Audrey Carol-70, 308 Hanson, William-49 Harbaugh, Charles-70, 298 Hardin, Robert L.-88, 284 Hardin, Ruby Gene-70, 314 Hardin, Shlrley-31 Hardy, Amanda Helen-31, 136, Hargrove, Robert E.--31 Harlowe, Stuart-282 Harman, Martha Florence-310 139, 314 Harper, Harvey H.--88 Harrlll, Prince-70 Harris, Betty Ruth-54, 172 Harris, Charles A.-93, 298 Harris, Harris, Harris, Harris, Charles R.-31, 203 Joyce-70, 312 Juanita--70 Thomas-282 Greenw Greenw ald, Rita--70, 186, 327 ell, Bartley-85, 276 Gregory, Emogene-79, 310 Gregory, Thomas-80, 133, 204 Griffin, George-276 Griffin, Grlflln, Gritlfln, Gerald-290 Patricia-80, 322 William--276 Grimes, Mary Jane-30, 322 Grlzzell, Kenneth-292 Grogan, Galle-808 Grubbs, Warner C.-288 Grugln, Grugln, Grumbl Dorothy Jane-88, 324 Wllllam E,-288 es, Paul-246 Guess, Jane Katherine-324 Gulley, Gumm, Charles H.-1268 Hilda-314 Guthrie, Frank Edwin-42 Guy, Billy Lynn-278 Gwinn, Carolyn-80 Harrison, Evelyn-310 Harrison, John Scovlll-42, 134 Harrison, Paul-31 Harrison, William C.-129, 272 Hart, Jack N.-284 Hart, Lewis R.-85, 131, 159, 169, 292 Hart, Nancy-49, 322 Hart, William M.--88, 284 Harttleld, Jack E.--278 Hartman, Elise-324 Hartman, Gloria H.-70 Hartmann, Eugene-164, 288 Hesser, Charles L.-298 Hatchett, David E.-266 Hatcher, Charles E.-298 Hatcher, John M,-88 Hatcher, Neree-337 Hatter, Martha J.-70, 230 Haverly, Wilma Lee-316 Hawkins, Marjorie Susan-310 Hawley, Charles C.-280 Hawley. Chester C.-287 Hinton, Harry Russell-298 Hisle, James-164, 276 Hlxon, Roy-288 Hockensmlth, Hoge-1230 Hockensmlth, William T.-43, 274 Hoddy, Richard--276 Hodges, Dudley-292 Hodgetts, James C.-88, 129, 284 Hodskins, James A.-19, 131, 159, 169, 270 Hoffman, Anna Lou-88, 312 Hoffman, Thomas-31, 270 Hogan, Matthew-85, 204 Hogwood, Gene-290 Holbrook, Emmett-284 Holder, Robert C.-292 Holeman, Barbara-320 Holeman, John N.-31, 173, 298 Holeman, Marianna-1320 Holland, David-174, 239, 270 Holland, Joseph-88, 290 Holland, R. Miller-91, 272 Holleman, Frances-88, 318 Hollingsworth, Donn-70 Hood, Frank W.-31, 204, 281 Hopkins, Erupha-70, 126 Hopkins, John-91, 133, 147, 282 Horlacher, Frances-30, 137, 148, 172, 316 Horn, Lindsey-80 Hornback, William B.-298 Hornbrook, Mary-31, 314 Horner, Milton-292 Horton, Frances-70, 172 Houston, Sue-306 Howard, Alice Patricia-49, 324 Howard, Fred-278 Howard, Mary Lou--320 Howard, Max-43 Howard, Ted-298 Howard, William D.-82, 298 Howe, James R.-282 Hubbard, William C.-49, 131. Huddleston, Charles D.-278 Huddleston, Walter-288 Hudson, Bernice--31, 137 Hudson,John Buford-49 Huffaker, Grace Adele-88 159, 278 H Haagensen, Glen F.-298 Hagan, Mary Frances-70, 322 Haggerd, Charlotte-312 Haggard, William-79, 278 Halck, Marie-124, 128 Hail, Seldon V.-79 Haley, Ted D.--298 H all Hall Hall: Hall, Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Q 1 f Donald-255, 288 Ell-49, 255 Homer Keith--81, 245, 288 Heptha Roy-284 Joe Burgess-42, 290 Joseph-85, 290 Margaret-82, 171 Marjorie-70, 148, 808 Opal Pearl-806 Sarah Gay-49, 322 Virginia Ann-70, 318 mu: Wunam o.-zvo mnyara, o. o.-vo, 164, 204 Haxnby, John G.-58, 125 Hayes, Harold D.-298 Haymond, Riter-280 Haynes, Douglas-274 Haynes. Joyce-238, 322 Hays, Martha Carolyn-203, 808 Hays, Ollie Lee-79, 324 Hays, Ralph-42, 210 Hazellp, John-282 Heath, Mildred-49 Heibner, Jeanne-306 Heick, John H.-284 Hellman, Frank A.-58 Helton, Eloise-308 Helvenston, Mary D.-80, 161, 306 Hemlel-TD. Jean-128, 250, 306 Henry, Betty-154. 312 Henry, Julian-280 Henry, Lela Lenora-31. 136, 175, 308 Hensley, Eva C.-42, 337 Herman, Ester-54, 137 Hlbbs, Patsy-81, 157, 174, 308 Hickey, Florence-54 Hicks, John L.-58, 276 Hill, Clyde B.-58, 300 Hill, Dorls Jean-79, 210 Hughes, Bill-298 Hughes, Eula-310 Hughes, Gay-71, 314 Hughes, Russell-300 Hume, Robert Colvlng-32, 293 Hundley, John W,-276 Hunt, Harold T.-291 Hunt, Sarah-32, 157, 175, 314 Hunter, Mary-312 Hunter, Kyle-80, 268 Hurst, Albert Hardin--54 Hurst, Frank Selby-60, 147, 207, 292 Hutchcraft, Helen Givson-71, 148, 175 Hutton, Robert-43, 134 Hyslnger, David-85, 280 I Ingels, Llda Clay-232, 322 Ingels, Nannle-316 Ingram, William Robert-85, 129, 169, 300 Inman, Doyle B.-92, 147, 207 Insko, Wllllam Robert-32, 239, 270 Irvin, John G.-71, 276 Hamersley, Jane--70, 203, 204 Hames. Elizabeth-54 Hamilton, Bonnie-124, 128 Hamilton, Jean-322 Hamlin, Thurman-81 Hammack, William G.-284 Hammet, Hugh-298 Hammond, Betsy-70, 814 Hammond, Evelyn-887 Hill, Marjean-88, 312 Hill, Pauline--42, 816 Hill, Ray-85 Hlllenmeyer, Mary--70, 306 Hlne, Patricia-318 Hines, Vivian-43 Hines, Walter-298 Hlnkle, Mary P.-70 Hinson, Jerry-818 J Jackson, Bonnie-324 Jackson, Kenneth-288 Jackson, J ackson, James B.-266 James P.--89, 296 Jackson, Judith Ann-71, 154, Jackson, Mildred Colvin-32 Jackson, Patricia Lee-32 203, 320 Jackson, Thomas L.-268 Jacobs, Fern-172 Jacobs, Martha-54, 172 James, M. Elizabeth-49 Jameson, Jane Vaughn-71, 205, 310 Jarvls, Jacqueline-312 Je1'l'eries, Ann Garland-32, 148, 312 Jenney, Amy Bell-316 Jessee. Boyd Elwards-85, 142, 286 Jessee, Ruby-128 Jewell ,Mary Queen-250, 337 Jewett, Louise M.--32, 161, 318 Johns, Madge-32, 322 Johnson, Alice Mayo-314 Johnson Emily Jean--71 Johnson, Hal-296 Johnson, J acquellne-32, 320 Johnson, Judith Keen-71, 312 Johnson, Martin-80 Johnson, Nora Lee-80, 230 Johnson Samuel-290 Johnson Thomas-80, 174, 280, 286 Johnson Thornton-58, 300 Johnston, Amelia Ann-71 Johnston, Jean Margaret-32, 308 Johnston, Jo Ann-71, 203, 810 Johnstone, Edward I-I.-32, 266 Johnstone, Katherine Gulon-80, 137, 175 Jones, Barbara-308 Jones, Charles-32, 282 Jones, Donald E.-298 Jones, Edward-85, 274 Jones, Glenn-298 Jones, Howard-32 Jones, Jameson-250 Jones, John D.-89, 296 Jones, Lawrence Raymer-290 Jones, Louise-71 Jones, Ruth Ella-71 Jones, Violet-48, 250, 324 Jones, Wllllam Beatty-89. 149, 164 Jones, Wllllam P. -286 Joseph, Jullus-71 Joseph, Maxine-337 Joseph, Mildred D.-80 Jordan, Ruth Mae-310 Joy, Elizabeth Ann-308 Judge, George Garrett-288 Juett, Thomas A.-49 Junklns. James Howard-32, 142 Justice, Flem-71 K Kaback, Alice Phillips-58 Kafoglls, Milton-32, 239 Kaiser, Robert H.-278 Kalb, Vernon Frederic-58, 125 Kallbreler, Mary Beth-124, 128, 148 Kamer, John-292 Kash, Mary Jane-810 Kassenbrock, Mary Patrlcla-32, 312 Kaster, William B.-282 Katterjohn, Fleeta-71 Kearby, Jennings-32, 145 Keating, Plerce-58 Keetl, Shirley-32 Keeton, Anne-318 Keith, Elijah-49 Keith, J. C.-49 Keith, Lon-33, 278 Keller, Ann Talbott-810 Kelley, Paul W.-81, 147 Kelly, George-89, 290 Kelly, Howard-278 Kelly, Robert L.-43 Kelly, Wlnfred-270 Kemp, James-58, 286 Kemper, Jessie Marie-58 Keneipp, Edgar-89, 274 Kennay, Emmett-290 Kennedy, Hazel-54, 310 Kennedy, Virginia L.-33, 320 Kennedy, Warren-288 Kent, Lorlne-33, 230 Kesler, Jean-71, 148 Kessack, Patricia--320, 71 Kesselring, Albert Bruce-49, 296 Kessler, Herman M.-282 Keyser, Mary Lou-316 Klger, John William-89, 296 Kllger, John-296 Kilgore, Thomas-296 Kllham, Jocelyn-71 . Kllroy, Joseph William-240 Klmbel, Bllly-89, 296 Kincheloe, Robert D.-296 Kinder, Louise-316 Klng, Alice-308 King, Earl Thomas-298 Klng, John Howard-278 King, Murray-33 Kingsley, Margaret-54, 312 Klnnalrd, John M,-92, 147, 207 Kinnalrd, Mary R.-89, 306 Klnnalrd, Paul M.-290 Klnsolvlng, Lucien+276 Kirchner, George-298 Klrchofl, Martin R.-89, 284 Kirk, Betsy-306 Kirk, Ralph D,-245. 71 Kirkpatrick, Ernest L.-80, 278 Klrtley, Ruth--89, 308 Kissllng, Lamar-296 Klass, Bertrand-1302 Kloecker, Jo Ann-43, 127, 137, 161, Klotter, John-92, 147 Knapp, Charlotte-71, 172, 282, 318 Knlppenberg, Julian-81, 147 Knuckles, Esther-71. 310 Krumpelman, John M.-280 Kubes, Mary Ann-33, 306 Kuhllng, Charles-.284 Kuhn, Charles William-54 Kuhnheln, Robert-296 L LeBach, J ames-149 Lair, Ann Crawford-71, 308 172, 314 LaMaster, Mary B.-33. 126, 157, 175 LaMaster, Mary Kay-80 Lamb. W. G.--89, 270 Lancaster, William-292 Landrum, Florence-43 Landrum, Robert-50 Land. William Leslie-50 Landln, Rudolph-164 Lane, Caswell-92, 147. 159. 276 Laslle, Wllllam-50. 159, 172, 296 Latta, William-290 Latimer, Paul-278 Laverty, William--288 Lawrence. Chester-268 Lawson, Cary-128, 203, 310 Lawson, Harrv R.-85. 300 Layman. Lucille-43, 338 Leach, Frank-58 Lebus, John-290 Lear, Wllllam-274 Lee, Betty-820 Lee, Eleanor-72, 306 Leece, Betty-308 Leegan, Sara-33, 318 LeGrand, Henry Sherman-266 Leet, Betty Jane-82, 318 Lefner, Thomas-50 Lehnlg, William-145 Le Master, Gerald-278 Lemmons, Vlrglnla-50 Lenox, Romana Ruth-320 Lentz, William-278 Lett, James E.--39, 274 Letton, Harold R.-50, 276 Levin, J ames-302 Levy, Anita Ruth-171, 327 Levy, Dorothy-33, 160, 161, 327 Lewis, Eva-72, 320 Lewis, F. L.-292 Lewis, Jimmy J .-276 Lewis, Joyce Lee-318 Lewls, Lillian Marie-72 Lewis, Junlus-80, 230 Lewis, Wl1llamf282 Llgon, Betty-43 Lindner, John D.-72, 159, 298 Lindsay, Harold B.-50, 296 Link, Jimmy-310 Link, Leo-43, 298 Linn, Richard-72, 292 Linney, Martha P.-33, 320 Llnvllle, Earl-276 Llnville, J ames--300 Lint, William-290 Locke, Howard-280 Lockwood, Harold-284 Long, wuuam-as Long, W. W.-278 Lowe, Pat-324 Lowe, Richard-33, 298 Lowenthal, Joseph-302 Lowrey, Nell D.-33, 181, 308 Lowry, Betsy-124, 1.26, 322 Lowry, Donald-296 Lowry, Dwalne-145, 270 Lowry, Mary Elizabeth-82 Lowry, William-290 Luster, George-48, 134 Lutes, Barbara--306 Lutes, Mary-306 Luigart, Fred-290 Lulgart, Jack-89, 278 Lynn, J ames-286 Lyon, Yvonne-33. 310 Lyong, William-270 Mc McA1lster, William G.-268 McCann, Carolyn-322 McCann, J. Marshall-282 McCann, William A.-284 McCarthy, Giles J .-92, 145 McCarty, Charles C.-292 McCauley, Gentry-290 McCauley, Mary Elliott-322 McClain, William T.-85, 274 McClung, Elbert L.-33, 272 McCollum, Hannah-43 McConnell, Richard L.-72, 142 McCord, John W.-290 McCoun, Cyrenne-43, 137 McGowan, James B.-270 McCoy, John H.-298 McCracken, Ralph-174 McCracken, Ruth-312 McCray, Dwight-272 McCra.y, Jean M.-80, 318 McCready, Karl F.-164 MnCrockl1n, James A.-292 McCulley, Wanda-33, 154, 306 McCulloch, Polly J0-33, 136, 140 154 170, 314 McDonald, Anna Jane-72 McDonald, Noel D.-43, 298 McDonald, Mary E.-33, 181, 820 McDowell, Margaret 11.43, 127, 318 Mclillhaney, Nita R.-54 McElroy, John-85, 300 McGruder, Patricia-72 McGuire, Phil-72, 292 McGurk, Melrose-34, 148, 157, 174 Mcllvain, Marian M.-72, 320 Mclnturfl, Wilford-54 McKee, Julian B.-278 McKeehan, Barnard E.-72, 288 McLaughlin, John L.-128, 288 McLean, Mary C.-89 McMahan, James H.-80 McMeekIn, Carolyn-72, 161, 312 McMurray, Gene B.-298 McNeal, Jack-50, 130, 274 McN1el, Charles-292 Mcftoberts, Mary E.-316 McWhirter, Mary Sue-136 McWilliams, Doris-34, 322 M Mabry, Claire-318 MacDonald, Ranald F.-288 Macke, Harry-58, 125 Mackey, Jack B.-280 Madison, Gene-268 Madison, Marjorie-72 Magee, Warren F.-270 Maggard, John P.-34 Maggard, Mark-292 Mahanes, David-50, 276 Mahon, Wllllam-34 Mahurln, Btuartr-50, 290 Maier, Julia Ann-34, 322 Majors, Oliver B.-43 Mandt, Barbara-314 Manlove, Joanne T.-54, 324 Mann, Arnett-92, 207 Mannlng, Della N.-72 Manter, Gloria-316 Mantle, Loretta-310 Marcum, Ann-324 Marcus, Lllllan H.-327 Mardls, William B.-284 Marks, Mary M.-34, 320 Marlowe, John-292 Marsh, Joanne-306 Marsh, Joy-128, 314 Marshall, Greenberry-276 Marshall, James P.-43, 266 Martin, C. E.-80, 172, 296 Martin, Charles-58, 300 Martin, Cordell-61, 147 Martin, George C.--85, 284 Martin, Harold-80 Martin, Lawrence F.-270 Martln, Martha-324 Martin, Mattie-54 Martin, Ralph G.-54, 278 Martin, Thomas-298 Martin, William C.-300 Masters, Bert-280 Matchett, John-292 Matheny, Mary F.-43 Matherly, Marilyn-82, 316 Mathias, Frank-286 Matlack, Martha-34, 310 Mattingly, Jack F.-50 Mattingly, J amesf298 Mattmlller, Margie Ann-54, 318 Maxey, Betty-338 Maxey, Horace-85 Maxey, Nell R.-147 May, Dlxle Gene-72, 324 May, Jerry-80 May, Rowena-50 Mlayes, Mac-290 Mayes, Rlchard T.-284 Mayes, Robert-290 Mayhew, Howard D.-292 Mayhugh, Robert-296 Meets, Joseph T.-298 Melsch, Angela-34, 161, 314 Melton, Baxter Ford-34, 203, Mendenhall, Patricia-34 Menne, Gordon-292 Mercer, Mary A.-310 Merritt, Lenore-34 Merwln, Spencer-89, 292 Metcalfe, Ann-72, 314 Meyer, Carolyn-72, 203, 320 Meyer, Elise-124, 126, 160, 314 Meyer, Virginia-89, 240 Mldden, George B.-270 Midklff, Kenneth-129, 286 Mllbur Miller, Mille r, Miller, n, Frank Lewis-58 Alvin H.-89, 302 George-85, 300 Harry M,-50 Miller, Ione-89, 320 Mlller, Jack Lytle-268 Miller, J0e D.-129, 278 Miller, John--58, 125, 278 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Milne, Mary Frances-306 Robert M,-290 Roy C.-270 Sally-310 Samuel-302 Wllllam Scott-292 Robert-272 204, 270 Mlnlhan, Eileen-306 Minor, Charles-286 Mlnter, Virginia-72, 161, 203, 320 Minton, Charles R.-89, 280 Miracle, Mattie Louise-54 Mitchell, Daniel-131, 274 Mitchell, Marilyn-72, 318 Mokas, James-274 Monach, James Ellis-280 Money, L. S.-245, 276 Montague, Mary E.-306 Montgomery, Jack M.-274 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore, Billy Jean-72, 242 Carolyn-312 Celia-72, 312 James H.-288 Moore , Jean-3 14 Moore. Moore, Moore, Moore, Moore. Lee F.-292 Nannie B.-160, 312 Patricia Ann-73 Thelbert Ross-55, 157, 174 Walter L.-174. 266 Moorhead, Hugh-50, 274 Moorhead, John A.-50 Moran, John R.-298 Morat, Bettie Lee-126 Mordica, William A.-274 Morgan, Bryan-292 Morgan, Elmer EL-92, 145 Morgan, E. Howard-298 Morgan, H. H. Jr.-34, 245 Morgan, Wallace Lambert-298 Morreau, James-85 Morris , Edward James-276 Morris, Jack M.-73 M0l'I'iS MOYYlS , Marilyn-324 , Nell Ruth-55 Morrissey, James L.-85 Morrow, John D.-292 Morse, James D.--296 Morton, Betty June-316 Morton, David-278 Mosby, Mary Ann--316 Mosby, Bettye Ray-316 Mosely, Geeorge-296 Moses, Leonard-288 Mount, Ruth-73, 176 Muehlenkamp, George-92, 145 Mulder, Herbert Alden-292 Mulkey, Marian-318 Mulle. Robert J .-50, 272 Mulllnaux, Floye Avls-73, 136 Mullins, Jean-34, 154, 319 Mulholland, Robert-85, 159, 288 Murray, George Thomas-300 Murphy, James A.-300 Murphy, Ray-'73, 245, 292 Muth, Martha Ann-324 Myers, Martha-73, 205 Myers, Wilma-324 N Napier, Gerald-85, 300 Nash, William N.-276 Naylor, William V.-34, 268 Neal, Jo Ann-34, 148, 306 Nelson, Alden-324 Nelson, Robert E.-270 Nevltt, Elsie Catherlne-50, 308 Newby, John-58 Newell, Joe Power, 290 Newman, Ben F.-44 Newman, Jean-44, 318 Newman, Martha-73, 306 Newman, Ramona Charlotte-320 Newman, William T.-286 Newton, Clara-337 Nichols, Fred-205, 298 Nichols, Hudson-282 Nickell, James D.-270 Nickell. Leo C.-73, 245 Nlerenberg, Arthur-58 Noble, Rebecca-310 Noe, Charles William-270 Noel, Charles H.-89, 282 Nolte, Charles P.-34, 272 Northcutt, Betty Lou-306 Northcutt, Glendora-306 Nowland, Clark C.-278 Nuttlng, Bruce-314 O oates, Betty R.-'13, 312 Oberst, charles A.-298 0'Brlen, Robert-276 0'B1-yan, Mary Edna-34, 314 Ocko, Richard-85, 164 O'Donnell, Donne-73 Oetjen, Gene-55 Ogden, Bettye Wollum-34 Ogden, Robert B.-50, 292 O'Hare, Nancy-73 Olmstead, Helen-90, 169, 203, 320 Olson, Mary Louise-73, 171, 203, 306 O'Mara, Robert M.-272 O'Neill, Mary-82, 148, 308 Orwln, Donald F.-35 Osborne, Barbara-318 Osborne, Evelyn-337 Overhultz, Wllllam-274 Owens, Edith Mae-35, 245, 314 Owen, Floyd L.-284 P Pace, Maurice--270 Padon, Wllllam-44, 257 Palmer, Carolyn-35, 314 Palmer, Edward-90, 270 Palmer, Lee-51, 284 Palumbo, John-90, 286 Pannell, Winston-292 Panzera, Pete-35, 142 Pardo, Betty-35 Paris, Bob-296 Parish, Charles-298 Park, Anne-318 Park, Rldgely-73, 136, 322 Parker, Emily Jean-324 Parker, James-44, 130, 290 Parker, Margaret-314 Parker, Paul-298 Parks, C. E.-85, 800 Parrigln, Mary Snow-80, 312 Parrlgln, Perry G.-35, 149 Parrish, Alan-284 Pate, Roger-298 Patrick, Emma-320 Paul, Henry-55 Pawley, William-80. 298 Payne, Earl Ray-55 Payne, Nelle-73, 314 Payton, Alex-50, 289, 300 Peak, Bart-86, 142 Pearce, Philip-288 Peavley, James E.-73, 203 Peavy, Evelyn-35, 230 Peel, Ann-90, 230 Peel, Elliott-172, 274 Penn, Blllee-83 Pennington, Betty-83, 148, 312 Penrod. John-.282 Perkins, John-278 Perkins, Samuel-35 Perrone, Patti-318 Perry, Bobby Jean-73 Perry,Rebecca-83, 308 Peters, Betty-59, 164, 208 Petrey, Eunice-35 Pferrer, Dan-288 Phelps, Clive-50 Phillips, Anne Charlotte-59 Phillips, Ben-278 Phillips. S. A.-298 Phillips, Shirley-268 Pickering. Patricia-90, 312 Pine, Patricia-35 Pittman, Clyde-90, 274 Pittman, Louise-83 Plain, Catherine-44, 154, 230, 388 Ploch, Emily-35, 320 Ploch, Mary Rita-320 Poe, Augustus-296 Pogue, Julia-80 Pogue, Thomas-83 Poole, Doris-73, 172 Poor, Kathleen-81, 318 Pope, George-73, 248 Pane, Harold Eugene-59 Porter, Thomas-298 Potter, Olive J.-73 Potts, June Morrow-35 Potts, Nancy-124, 128, 172, 203, 250 Poundstone, Robert-157, 245 Powell, Samuel-298 Powell. William-298 Power, Barbara-324 Prather, John G.-92, 147 Prather. Thomas A.-129, 286 Preece, Raymond-88 Prewltt, Louellen-80 Prlbble, Mary-322 Price, Amy-15, 73, 203 Price, Charles-282 Price, James-292 Price. Jane-814 Price, Lona-820 Prlestley, Betty Jane-90 Pritchett, Charles-.298 Pritchett, Frances A.-35, 127, 245, 308 Proctor, Edwin-44, 288 Proffitt, Wilma-80 Pruden, Georgia-230 Pryor, John-35, 274 Pryor, Ray--73, 278 Pryor, Virgil-189, 232 Pugh, Raymond-51, 274 Pulliam, Royce-74, 270 Pumphrey, Ben-90, 288 Puryear, PGBZY-88, 320 Puryear, Robert-129, 232 Q Qualls, Gene-74, 245 Quillen, Martha Anne-74, 316 Quinn, Patricia-74 Quinn, William B.-288 Quisenberry, Jane-74 R Reborn, William Robert-35 Radclilie, Forrest-74 Rains, Karen-203, 320 Rambo, Vivienne-90, 324 Ramsey, Betty-44 Randall, Clayton-282 Rankin, Jean-83 Rasnlck, Joy-308 Ratlifl, Carl-278 Rawlings, Dan-298 Ray, Dorothy-81, 337 Ray, Evan J .-270 Ray, Lucille-35, 148, 310 Raynes, Nyana-83, 306 Reynolds, Ben -288 Reagan, Harry-35 Reams, Gerald-74, 282 Rectenwald, Ken-86, 300 Redden, Reita-74, 230 Reed, Charlotte-124, 230 Reed, Roberta-306 Reed, William-278 Rees, Betty-74 Rehm, Joan-308 Relchenbach, Maybelle-74, 175 Relchenbach, Ruth-128 Reinhardt, Edward-51 Relnschreider, Allene-35, 327 Renfro, John-280 Renfro, Sarah-306 Retliff, Jean-38 Reynlerson, John-278 Reynolds, Elizabeth-74, 318 Reynolds, George-.270 Reynolds, Jeanette-59, 127, 206, 324 Reynolds, Mary Margaret-74, 171 Revnolds, William-290 Rhoads, Betty Ree-74, 172, 175, 246, 308 Rhoads. Wllllam-274 Rhodes. Oarol-36, 143, 316 Rhodes, Rov-280 Rhorer, Huber-74, 284 Rice, Barbara-38, 310 Rice, George-298 Rice, James-286 Rice, Joseph-86 Rice, Paul-290 Rich, Martha-55, 154 Richards, Joseph-282 Richardson, Charles-51 Riddle, Betty-44 Riddle, Craig-290 Ridley. Eloise-338 Rlley, Frances-38, 154, 306 Ringo, Joseph-296 Ringo, Martha Jane-36, 137, 140, 312 Ringo, William P.-276 Ripy, Nancy-90, 312 Rltchle, Beverly-74 Rives, Betty-36, 169, 316 Robbins, Joe-59, 142 Roberts, Archie--51 Roberts, Edward-270 Roberts, Houston--36 Roberts, Laura Belle-55 Roberts, Nancy-74, 312 Roberts, William-83, 292 Robertson, James-44, 284 Robertson, Denven-74 Robertson, Juanita-55 Robinson, Donald-292 Robinson, Jean-55, 154, 17 Robinson, William-51, 230 Roche, Anthony-51, 240 Rodes, Caroline--55, 322 Rogers Rogers Rogers Rogers Rogers Harry K.-290 HB1'Old-90, 280 RDBETS, , Llda-90, 322 Ratliff, 59, 284 Suzanne-310 ,William C.-282 Roland, Clayton-254 Roll, Mary Ann-74, 308 Rompf, Ann-250 Rose, Boone-81 Rose, Charles-51 Rose, Donald-38, 308 Rose, Penny-74, 310 Rose, Willa Dean-83 2, 308 Roseberry, Willard-81 Rosenthal, Warren-51 Ross, Haskel-59, 270 Ross, Joe A.-44 Roszell, Calvert-92, 130, 147, 282 Rouse, Harry Vernon-276 Rouse, Isaac-292 Routt, Edyth-36, 157, 230 Rowaday, Catherine-38 Rowe, Forrest-59, 300 Rowland, Algernon-44, 134 Rowland, John Lee-44, 134 Rowsey, Elwood-274 Royster, Ralph--44 Rozen, Morris-90, 302 Rucker, Bryce-38 Ruggles, Edward-81 Rupard, Robert-286 Rush, Frank Kenneth-51, 274 Russell, Clay-274 Russell, Donald-292 Russell. Raymond-86 Ruth, Roger Francis-74. 142. 233 Rutter, James R,-280 S Salisbury, Charlotte-128, 308 Salisbury, Marian-51, 308 Salyer, Clay-36. 131, 293 Samuel, Mary Julia-90, 314 Sanders. Cecil C.-92, 145 Sanders, Mary Lynn-314 Sands, Paul F.-74, 174, 239, 242, 250 Sandus, Oscar-75 Sanner, Audrey Gray-38 Sanner, J ames-90 Sasser, Lois-38 Satterfleld, James H.-59, 274 Saunler, Stan-32, 130, 145, 147.284 Savage, Paul-38, 288 Savage, Phyllis-44, 308 Sawln, Horace Lewis-38, 130, 133, 278 Sayre, Ruth-308 Scearce, Frances-36, 308 Schenks. Forrest-75, 149 Schick, William W.-59, 300 Schlachter, Raymond-36, 288 Schlegel, J. Louis-276 Schneider, Martin-90, 159, 302 Schneider, Robert-59, 300 Schumann, Robert D.-86, 300 Schroeder, Ruth-37, 322 Schubert. Martha-124, 324 s Schweder, Warren-37 ' 5' Scott. Arthur-282 Scott, Charles Arthur-37, 174, 239 Scott, Betty Sue-75, 148, 172 Scott, Jack J.-81, 143 Tltsworth. Scott. J anle-124 Scott, Joan-44, 157, 169, 175, 250, 338 Scranton, Everett-51, 280 Scrlvner, Betty Jane-322 Seaman, Frank B,-276 Searcy, Ernest-278 Sebastian, Don-75, 274 Sebree, Bernice-81, 338 Seese, Suzanne-81, 306 Sellards, Jo Anne-75, 160, 322 Sellers, Betty-83, 318 Selvage, Sharleen-55 Sengel, George-55 Sennlng, William-286 Serlnl, Washington Frank-55 Sexton, Stella-324 Shaaber, Charles-296 Shackelford, James-284 Shadowen, Cyril-92, 145 Shaffer, James A.-268 Shalkum, Dolores-327 Shannon, Hugh-55, 282 Sharif, Zelma-327 Shatz, Florene-51 Shawhan, Patsy-173, 324 Shearer, Oarl-44, 143 Shearer, Nancy-312 Shearer, Robert-290 Sheehy, Ann-37 Shehan, Ann Peake-316 Shelburne, Ivan.-172, 268 Shelby, Charles Edwin-Bl, 239, 266 Shelton, Margaret-44, 240 Shelton, Mary Ann-55, 320 Sherburne, James-37 Sherman, Jean-318 Shlnnlck, Nancy-124, 128, 312 Sh1rley,Margaret-37, 139, 148 Shockey, Charles-284 Shoemaker, Dorothy-75 Short, Clarence-282 Shouse, Anne-37, 314 Shouse, Newton-292 Shrewsbury, Ralph-44 Shropshire, Betty-314 Shropshire, Jean-55, 171, 310 Shrout, Helen Marie-45, 137, 250, 310 Shrout, Shanky-37, 322 Siegel, Walter-38, 302 Sllllman, Joseph Wllllam-51, 282 Sllvers, Vlrglnla-75, 308 Simmons, Robert-296 Simmons, Wllllam-90, 292 Simms, Joseph-278 Simms, Molly-75 Simon, Homer J.-37. 282 Simpson, Elizabeth-55 Simpson, Larry-276 Simpson, Robert C.-292 Simpson, Thomas-298 Sinclair, Carl-45, 134, 286 Singer, Emanuel-302 Slrla, Gilbert-298 Six-la, Wallace-296 Sither, Charles-92, 145 Skidmore, Charles-61, 147 Skinner. Margaret-37, 127, 147, 183, 172, 246, 308 Slaughter, Mary Dolores--124 Sledd, Herbert-282 Sledd, Soule-75, 812 Sloan, Denver-55 Sloan, Pauline-58 Sloan, William-278 Smart, E. Holmes-276 Smith, Beverly-308 Smith, Dorothy-75, 248 Smith, Edgar-81 Smlth, Elizabeth-75, 175 Smith, George-75, 290 Smith, Hazel-337 Smith , Hugh-75 Smith, , Lee-51 Smith, Smith Smith Smith Smith Joe Cralg-270 Omar-300 , Paul-276 , Sarah-37 , Thomas-282 Smith, Thomas S.--292 Smither, Robert R..-37 Smithson, Ben-75, 292 Snell, Marlon-51 Snowden, Catherine-83 Snowden, Harold-276 Snowden, James-90 Snowden, Woodford-149, 276 Sorrelle, John-75, 164, 204, 276 Southwood, Howard--75 Spagnuolo, Vincent-52 Sparkman, Gordan-56 Stutz, Arthur-296 Sullivan, Ralph-300 Sullivan, William L.-92, 130, 147, 1 Sulzer, Janet-172, 204, 232, 318 Sulzer, Marjorie-88, 318 Summers, Robert-288 Survant, William-296 Susong, Kenneth-288 Sutherland, Edward-90, 290 Sutton, William-282 Swinebroad, Mary--38, 181, 322 Swinford, Charles-80, 147 T Talbott, Marian-124, 232 Talbott, Marvin-90 Sparks, Bertel-92, 145, 207 Sparrow, George-270 Spears, Madge-45 Spears, Wanda-92 Spears, William R.-52, 292 Spicer, Jean-75, 318 Spillis, Pauline-37, 232, 324 Spragens, Betty-318 Spragens, William-37. 157, 174, 239 Sprowles, Claude-270 Stahr, Betty-306 Stall, Arm-306 Starnper, Mary Lee-75,316 Stanley, Jessie-298 Stanley, O. Barney-278 Stark, Roger-278 Starnes, Bayard-284 Steele, Emlly-75 Steele, Joyce-316 Steele, Phil-276 Stelfe, Beverly-56 Steiner, James-292 Stembrldge, Marjorie-83, 310 Steneck, Eugene-59 Stephens, Virginia-'75, 308 Stephens, Raymond-37, 292 Stephenson, Howard-37, 133, 174, 239, 288 Stepp, Homer-92, 145 Stepp, M yrene-37 Stern, Sybil-56 Stevens, Oarolvn-75. 308 Stevens, W. Alex.-274 Stevens, Edna-838 Stevens, Jean-308 Stevens, Margaret-124, 308 Stevenson, Ann-76 Stewart, Betty-56 Stewart, Stewart, Stewart, Stewart. Stewart, George-270 Howard-59, 159, 169, Jack-270 Jean-78, 318 Robert--274 140, 168, 300 Tallaferro, Jane Holland-45 Talley, Jo Ann-324 TBDDST, Wil da-3 1 6 Tartar, Thomas 1-I.-38 Tatum, Omar-274 Tatum, Ralph-274 Taylor, Anne-38, 157, 171, 175, 232 Taylor, Cecll-38, 298 Taylor, Edward-290 Taylor, Edwin-232 Taylor, Gilbert L.-76, 278 Taylor, Jean Marie-38 Taylor, Marjorie-38 Taylor, Nancy Katherine-91, 303 Taylor, Redwood-286 Taylor, Robert-56 Taylor, Sam-288 Taylor, Tom-298 Taylor, Wallace-59, 125 Terrell, Lllllan-33 Thatche Thomas Thomas: Ben Allen-276 r, Edith-76 Albert E.-zaa Thomas. James C.-292 Thomas, Jane-76, 148, 250 Thomas, Lucy-38, 205 Thomas, Paul T.--76, 298 Thomas, S Thompson Thompson Thompson ara-312 , Charles-45, 134. 143 , Forrest-282 , James-282 Thompson, Herbert H.-270 Thompson, Robert-164 Thompson, Tilly-76. 205, 232 Thornton , Thornton, J ames-278 Roger S.-38, 270 Thorp, Randall-292 Thurman, Thurman, Thrasher, Tl!l'lll'10'llS, Harold-129, 292 Mary-45, 316 Holland-76, 134 Janice-38 Tinder, Margaret-76. 312 Dorothy-38, 154, 324 Stlzall, Paul-278 Stllle, Glenn-76. 283 Stllle, Janice-310 Stltes, James-274 Stivers, Gloria-76 Stokes, Lola-83. 171, 172 Stokes, Ralph-298 Stoll, George-288 Stone, Robert-37 Stone, William-45 Stooke, Nell-58 Stopher, Champ-90, 292 Storey, Patricia-322 Straughn, Ann-76, 308 Street, Alice-76, 157, 306 Strong, Vella-45 Strother, Jack H.-274 Strother, James M.-288 Sturglll, Barkley-239, 292 Sturgill, Paul-266 Toombs, William-184, 298 Toll. James Leslie-78, 160, 175, 312 Totty, William M.-298 Towles, Donald-76, 205, 290 Toy, Margaret-38 Trabue, Sara Lee-56, 127, 161, 312 Trapp, Jo-314 Trapp, David-88, 130, 292 Treacy, Frances-76, 322 Trent, Harry-1292 Trigg, Ballard-91, 298 Trigg, Lance--52, 159, 298 Trimble, Robert-276 Trlplett, Betty-338 Triplett, Helen-31, 137, 172 Trout, Helen-78, 230 Truman, Lee-290 Tucken, Ann-83. 320 Tucker, James-76, 174, 288 59, 282 Weldon, Elmer Durward-60, 207 Tucker, Robert-276 Turck, Lorraine-38, 232, 306 Turley, Ray-292 Turley, Robert-76, 276 Turner, Audrey-76 Turner, Clayton-45, 143 Turner, Margaret Helen-324 Tutt, Nancy-38, 320 Tuttle, Bettie-76, 203, 205 Tuttle, Isaac-81 Tye, Doris-78, 312 Tygrett, Richard-282 Tyler, James M.-292 Underwood, James T.-296 V Valentine, William-83 Vallandlngham, Clay D.-59, 290 Vance, Jean-38, 205 Vance, Kathleen-45 Van Sant, Danlel-52, 250 Van Santvoord, Caroline-77, 232, 322 Varnay, Anna Lois-316 Veech, Alex-81, 159, 170, 282 Velotta, George-38, 296 Venable, John O.-81, 266 Venters, Imogene-52, 306 Vice, Kelth R.--45, 181 Vlgle, John Barry-284 Vlmont, Alfred-290 Vincent, Raymond R.-38 Voorhes, William G.-142, 298 Vosburgh, Louise-56 W Wachs, Fred B.-81, 290 Waddell, Lloyd W.-52, 159, 284 Waddell, Thomas-56 Watson, Fred D.-77 Watson, Joanne-314 Watson, Lyle Brooks-56, 148 Watts, Clyde P.-296 Watts, Roger C.-91, 296 Wayman, William Lloyd-298 Weakley, Eugene Ryburn-266 Weakley, Sam D.-39, 131, 133, 134, 1431, 159, 245, 266 Weatherspoon, Glenn-278 Webb, Howard B.-45, 143, 242, 266 Webb, Richard S.-52, 290 Weber, Carl-91, 288 Weber, James L.-56 Weight, Pauline-39, 324 Welch, James Alexander-45, 131, 134, 1 266 43, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, I v Charles Richard-298 David-276 - Edgar V.-39, 204, 296 Eleanor Jeanne-310 James Carroll-'77, 292 Wilson, Louise Ann-77, 160, 318 Wilson, Lucille Reedy-86 Wilson, Marie Evelyn-337 Wilson, Martin G.-91, 278 Wilson, Mltzle-175 Wilson, Vlrglnla Alberta-46 Wlnebrlnler, Katherine-320 Wlniree, Blll-276 Winkler, Dorothy-320 Wisner, Leland F.-159, 274 ' Witherspoon, Mary Lou-39, 127, 170, Witt, Wesley G.-160 Wolf, Jane Allene--56 Wells, Wells, Wells, Wells, Wells, Fred M.-59 Hazel Fay-91 Homer D.-81 Paula-39 Reva-320 Wenstrup, Marjean-39, 127, 169, 1 Wesley, Fred A.-86 West, Calvln O.-52 West, Joyce E.-164 Westertleld, R. 1.-86, 164 Westlake, Edward L.--77, 292 Wetherlll, Louis Smith--284 Whalen, S. J .-296 Whaley, Charles Edward-129, 298 Whlcker, Gene Allen-39, 149 Whlcker, Jack-149 Whlsman, John D.-77, 254 White, Ann Louise-318 White, Ben T.-39, 282 White, Dorrltt Jean-308 White, Henry Stanley-282 70, 314 203, 204. 239, Wolfe, Thomas H.-270 Wold, Thomas G.-77 Womack, Rlchard Muse-290 Wombwell, Joseph Henry-290 Wood, Cecil D.-274 Wood, Donald L.-290 Wood, Ellen-77, 170, 172 Wood, James Lee-39, 204, 298 Wood, Jane Lashbrooke-81, 312 Wood, R. Wlckllffe-300 Wood, Woodson T.-290 Woodford, Mamie-310 Woodhead, Edna Colman-56 Woodward, Charles Emmons-292 Woolcott, Nelson-77, 276 Wooldridge, Janelynn-310 Woolfolk, Patch Gregory-46, 134, 143 Word, Martha Arm-46, 172, 337 Workman, Ben F.-77, 292 Workman, Betty Ann-324 Worthington, Rob-52, 282 Wrench, Kathleen June-40, 148, 310 Walker, Wade, Charles B.-286 Wade, Freda-38, 322 Wade, William A.-86, 290 Wagner, Walden, Walden, William A.-288 Billie-316 John E.-86, 159, 268 Walker, Homer M.-286 Walker, Franklin M.-45 Walker, James T.-45 Walker, Jewell Bryce-39, 245 Walker, Lan-29:2 Walker, Loutlllie Mae-77, 172, 246 Richard Edward-298 Walker, Ronald Payne--286 Wallace, Betty-77, 322 Wallace, Bowers H.-284 Wallace, Delores-39 Wallace, Roy A.-290 Wallace, Sue Thomas-39, 148 Walters, Elizabeth-91, 810 Walthall, John H. T.-274 Ward, Darrell E.-59 Ward, Martha Lee-81, 337 William 290 Wardman, - Warren, Barbara Ann-308 Warren, Eleanor VanArsdell-39, 316 Warren, Emma Sue-45, 154, 337 Warren, John Robert-292 Warren, Juanita--52, 203, 320 Warren, Sue-172, 204 Wash, James C.-288 Wash, William--288 Watkins, John C.-290 Watson, Blllle Lee-S08 Watson, Clyde M.-52 White, John Frances-314 Whlte, Lois Kathryn-39, 306 White, Norma Aileen-3.24 White, Russell Edwin-52, 159, 278 White, Wanda Yvonne-39, 310 Whitehead, Wllllam-77, 278 Whiteside, Margaret Ann-83, 312 Whltileld, Ed-86, 142 Whitnll, Michael-286 Whltmer, Ben F.-86, 142, 300 Whltrldge, Estill Robert-282 Whitten, Billie Hope-86, 316 Whltten, Roger P.-278 Wlcklltfe, Frances-39, 314 Wlcklifle, Lee-39, 314 Wlcklliie, William A.-92, 147 Wiggins, Eugene S.-92, 147 Wight, Gerald Francis-278 Wllbur, James B.-77, 292 Wllcher, Claud N .-270 Wllde, Ruth Helen-77, 320 Wilder, Horace-39, 245, 280 Wilder, Mary I-lelen-45, 230 Wilder, Sally Caldwell-322 Wiles, Howard Olen-142, 239, 292 Wllhlte, Robert-245, 292 Wllhoyte, Frances Louise-45, 175, 338 Wilkerson, Peggy-77 Wilkirson, Howard F.-144, 290 Wright, Wright Wright: WI' ight wright, Wright, Betty Jameson-322 Harold B.-77, 274 Harry-290 Marian-338 Orman R.-40, 204, 283 Oscar C.-40. 282 Wright, Robert G.-276 Wunsch, Rosa-46 Wyant, Marjorie-77 Wyatt, James Luther-59, 142, 298 Y Yager, Margaret-83, 322 Yancey, Dorothy-83 Yankey, George-174, 250 Yates, Martha-77, 136, 139, 148, 308 Yeardley, Esther-83 Yelton, Ballard-60, 300 Yessin, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Rudy-78 Charles-290 George-46 J ane-8 1 , 3 10 J ohn-300 3 John H.-40, 130, 169, 174, 239, 292 Joseph-78, 149, 274 Marianna-52, 308 Penelope-46. 324 Williams, Betty-337 Williams, Clyde-92, 147 Williams, Helen Florence-56, 157 Williams, Matt Robert-81, 266 Williams, Robert T.-278 Williams, William H.-284 Williams, William R.-280 Williamson, Elizabeth-77, 322 Williamson, Mary Jane 324 Williamson, George C.-300 -46 Williamson, Russell DeLong Wills, Wllls, Allen-157, 246, 250, zaa ' Charles H.-284 143 Young, William H.-52, 290 Youngblood, Charles-60, 232, 300 Younger, Shlrlee-157, 327 Youtsey, Frances-83, 320 Youtsey, Sally-171, 320 Youtsey, Thomas-274 Z Ziegler, Mary Lou-78, 324 Ziglar, Ellen-60 Zlnovoy, Franklin-302 Zoellers, C. A.-60 cknowledgments Covers and Binding KINGSPORT PRESS, Kingsport, Tenn. Engraving ART-CRAFTS ENGRAVERS, Cincinnati, Ohio Ink BRADEN-SUTPI-IIN COMPANY, Cleveland, Ohio Paper CHAMPION PAPER AND FIBRE COMPANY, Hamilton, Ohio Photographs LAFAYETTE STUDIO, Lexington, Ky. Printing THE KENTUCKY KERNEI. I I - --- n J, ,- ... -., . ....u,uel'l1... " ka. .. sz . .21 .'f

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