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1-on-. lr 96 ffm EMM ' 'QQ 9551 4,0 139-six 1942 Kentuckian W KX W W Ny NS X XXX X W? X XXX f I n M emoviam ANN DOUGLAS MCCOWAN, Versailles, Senior College of Agri- culture . . . Born September 8, 1921, Richmond, Kentucky . . . Died November 28, 1941 . - . Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. McCowan, Versailles . . . Treasurer of Chi Omega Sorority . . . Member of Block and Bridle, YWCA, Alma Magna Mater, and 240 Committee CLOIDE SHADE, County Agricultural Agent with Extension Di- vision, University of Kentucky - . . Born August 1, 1934, Lima, Ohio . . . Died February 13, 1942 HARRY E. BULLOCK, JR., Lexington, Graduate, College of Engi- neering, June 1937 . . . Born July 28, 1916, Lothair, Kentucky . . . Killed in Service March 5, 1942, St. Lucie River, Florida JOHN RICHARD EVANS, JR., Fairfield, Ohio, Attended University 1937, '38 . . . Born June 6, 1916, Charlottesville, Va . . . Killed in Service March 5, 1942, St. Lucie River, Florida TED MYERS, Webster Groves, Missouri, Attended University 1938, '39, '40 . . . Born May 9, 1920 . . . Killed in action, February 24, 1942 LEWIS BAILEY PRIDE, Madisonville, Attended University 1936, '37 . . - Born April 22, 1918, Miami- Florida . . . Killed in Action December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Foreword Nineteen hundred and forty-two. As our yearbook went to press at the turn of the year, the University of Kentucky began a celebration of the seventy-fifth year since its founding. A few weeks before New Year's, the United States was plunged into the present conflict, the news of it shocking the University faculty and student body. So far there have been few war-time changes, and we continue our work normally. As the cover indicates, our theme this year is the University of Kentucky's Diamond Jubilee-seventy-Five years of dis- tinguished service in student instruction and contribution to the state through experimentation, research, and public ser- vice. In three-quarters of a century, our University changed from an Agriculture and Mechanics College of 190 students to a nationally-known school of over 3,000 students, attending classes in the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Law, the College of Education, the College of Commerce, the Graduate School, and a Department of University Exten- sion. Chronologically, our University first appeared as a part of Transylvania College in 1887, under the name Kentucky Uni- versity. Each of the First three years saw a change in presidents -john Augustus Williams, 1866-67, james Desha Pickett, 1867-68: and James Kennedy Patterson, 1868, 1910. The latter served as president for 42 years. We severed connections with Transylvania College in 1879, and were known for the next thirty years as the State Agri- cultugral and Mechanical College. In 1909, when our president was Henry S. Barker. the name was again changed: this time to State University. The University's present name, the Uni- versity of Kentucky, became known when Frank LeRond McVey was inaugurated in 1917. President McVey remained until his retirement last year. "Granny", who is our theme interlocutor this year, will ramble on the divisional pages, discussing the new and the old. She represents an alumna who went to our University from 1886 to 1890. We Honor john Augustus Williams who was the first president of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky. It was under him that the first organi- zation of this college was effected in 1866, when it was established in Lexing- ton as one of the Colleges of Kentucky University. Professor Williams attended the best schools of Paris during his boyhood and graduated from the Kentucky University, in 1843. He received the degree of L.L. D. at the Masonic University of La Grange, Kentucky. He was one of the original movers in the organization of the State Teacher's Association and took a prominent interest in everything looking to the educational advancement of the state. We Dedicate To Dr. Herman Lee Donovan who became president of the University of Kentucky July 1, 1941. Dr. Donovan of Maysville. Kentucky, was graduated from Kentucky State Normal School in 1908. He obtained his B. A. degree from the University of Kentucky, 1914, and his M. A. from Columbia, 1920. It was in 1924 that he was a graduate student at the University of Chicago, and he received his Ph. D. degree from George Peabody College for Teachers in 1925. "Hello May I introduce myself? Perha f . A. . ps some o you have heard of the fabulous grandmother who was to appear in the 1942 issue of the Kentuckian and wondered why an unobtrusive old lady should be so featured? Therefore, I think I should explain how and why I am here. You see, I was born in 1876, too, and have always felt a sisterly kinship with the University of Kentucky. I attended the institution from 1886 to 1890, and as an alumna have h watc ed her continuous growth with family pride. This past fall I had an urge to visit her to see what changes time had made and to celebrate with her our seventy-fifth year. I found that where age had dimmed the human, it had brightened the school I h . ave withered with the years, while my sister has blossomed. At first the difference rather bewildered me, but things soon fell into the logical pattern in which I had always placed them. No matter what the changes, certain basic things remained in their simple order-there are still those who impart and those who seek, those who lead and those who toil, and still there's beauty and lots of fun. Among the students I met at the University were some who were working to publish an anniversary issue of the annual. They asked me all sorts of questions about my years in school-and it was finally agreed that I help them add bits of history to this year's interpretation of school life S . 0, scattered throughout the pages are little notes of mine, largely comparisons of my school days with yours. The staff even used my simple cataloguing of school events for their table of contents. It appears on the next page. I'll see you later . . . " P x ,, l j J vi 1 1 Table Of Contents S OM E I M PART ADMINISTRATION WHILE OTHERS SEEK CLASSES SOME MUST LEAD STUDENT GOVERNMENT HONORARIES FOR MANY TOIL ATHLETICS MILITARY MUSIC PUBLICATIONS AND MANY MEET CLUBS ORGANIZATIONS STILL THERE'S BEAUTY KENTUCKIAN COURT AND LOTS OF FUN GREEKS UNIVERSITY FUNCTIONS LMP. , , I -lx? 'Hin . 1""'- uf " wx, ,,,,f ,I '1 1, f 4'h"5 l f 1, AQ N Ll 1 g-I, K lf! Q lvlk . , , sf ' x I' 3 Q W ,ni uf -' "D h and .1'-.4 '5's',' -ah' u WIK6 THE EARLY CAMPUS . . . An early view of the Administration Building and White Hall, formerly the Men's Dormitory . . . they had a swimming pool then . . . CBelowJ A few years later . . . the Armory had been added. . . and the top of the Administration Building removed y,,. . ,gi f , V, Q Jar, L Wang- s'! 1 X - felqgv ' 52-X2fEYii1q?:h 'ai-ek xx x THE STUDENT UNION new lines rise where students used to row - . . dances and cokes take the place of moonlight rides . X wrllfryyfmmmh lf gum NIV . Qluumr thnls X 'HI Hyun 'Y Q ' Hn., f. 5 . 5 f mmm hal- 151' 5 Qin 4x45 KINKEAD HALL the modern home of U. K. men rod brick and southern columns . THE ARMORY you saw it then . . . you see it now . . . national defense continues through the years . . . CAMPUS SHADOWS cool shade for spring strolls . . . the steps lead to the President's Home . . . the walk to the library - . . MEMORIAL HALL center of thc University culture and entertainment . - . home of convoca- tions and Sunday afternoon concerts. fa sid ,XQ X4 I Ns-X, ' .I Ajb .Nav 'Q A UNIVERSITY BY-WAY one of the roads which wind in and out of the campus . . . to the left are Neville Hall and Engineering Quad- rangle . . . straight ahead is Limestone .eg '-1' ' ig? Some Impavt "One of the First things I thought of when I came to the University this fall was of paying a visit to the personnel of the college, for I believed that to be the best method of learning the new ways of my alma mater. Thus I had my first realization of the tremendous growth of the school, Buildings and figures had not convinced meg but when I saw the list of the University staff I had planned to visit. I began to understand. "During my school years the entire faculty was composed of a little over a dozen men, so perhaps you can imagine my astonishment when the list of the 1942 teaching staff was placed before me. "I did. however, manage to visit a few of the higher officials, ,and from them learned about the new set-up of the University. It seems that when Dr. Herman Lee Donovan became President, the entire administrative sys- tem was reorganized. At present practically the entire executive power is vested in the President. "Several new offices were created-The Dean of the University Qoften known as the 'Dean of Deans'J relieves the President of some of his many duties, and the Comptroller replaced the Business Agent and has wider respon- sibility for all types of financial activities. The old University Senate composed of all the teaching personnel with the rank of assistant professor or above is replaced by the new Faculty of the University. This comprises the President, Dean of the University, Deans of the six colleges and the Graduate school, and Comptroller. "It sounded complicated to me who was used to knowing the entire faculty personally, yet it seemed to be a most efficient system . . ." EX OFFICIO MEMBERS KEEN JOHNSON, Governor JOHN BROOKER, Superintendent of Public Instruction W. H. May, Commissioner of Agriculture FROM THE STATE BOARD OF AGRICULTURE Romsm' TwAv, Louisville H. S. CLEVELAND, Franklinton HARRY W. WALTERS, Shelbyville MEMBERS AT LARGE RICHARD C. STOLL, Lexington R. P. HOBSON. Louisville LEE KIRKPATRICK, Paris MRS. PAUL G. BLAZER, Ashland JOHN S. COOPER, Somerset HARIJER GATTON, Madisonville ALUMNI MEMBERS LOUIS HILLENMEYER, Lexington MARSHALL BARNES, Beaver Dam JAMES PARK, Lexington OFFICES OF THE BOARD KEEN JOHNSON, Chairman RICHARD C. STOLL, Vice Chairman D. H. PEAK, Secretary JOHN SKAIN, Treasurer GOVERNOR KEEN JOHNSON EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE RICHARD C. STOLL, Chairman R. P. HOBSON JAMES PARK H. S. CLEVELAND LEE KIRKPATRICK Board f Trustees ' W. Gayle' Stnrnvs, Proslclz-nt H. L. Donovun. Rlclmrcl C. SLoll. R. P. Hobson, Loc IflI'kDll.l,l'llIk, Frank D. PPLIIYSOII 17 . ' ' 1. .gm If cf, . 1 2 .I1 ,Qi sn i. , I Q Hill Peterson Henry Harrington Hill, Dean of the University. received his A. B. and A. M. degrees from the University of Yirginia. He obtained his Ph. D. degree from Columbia. Mr. Hill is from Statesville, North Carolina. Frank D. Peterson, Comptroller of the University, received his A. B. degree from Centre College and did special work at Bowling Green Business Univer- sity. Mr. Peterson's duties in main consist of management and control of finances, accounting and operation of the several service departments of the University. Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes, Dean of Women, received her A. B. degree from the University of Kentucky. Before becoming adviser to women students, she taught at Sayre College. Dean of Men, T. T. Jones of Clay County. Kentucky, received his A. B. degree from the University of Kentucky and obtained his M. A. and Ph. D. degrees from Harvard University. Dean Jones advises men on subjects relative to their interests and welfare. Assistant Dean of Women, Miss Jane Haselden, is a native of Lancaster, Kentucky. She was formerly Dean of Women at Transylvania College. Holmes Jones Haselden 18 I I-I-:,,.,,Q.,7,....,.,.........., ,, ,,... .L..... ...Y f.. .1 V , Deans , PAUL PRENTICE Bovo THOMAS P- QOOPER College of Arts and Sciences College Of AEYICUIYUYB of the l Colleges ALVIN E. EVANS JAMES H. GRAHAM College of Law College of Engineering W. D. FUNKHOUSER WILLIAM S. TAYLOR EDWARD Wussr Graduate School College of Education College of Commerce 19 Clifton Chamberlain Louis Clifton, director of the Department of University Extension since 1935, received his M. A. degree from the University of Kentucky. Leo M. Chamberlain, Registrar, received his A. B., M. A., and Ph. D. degrees from the University of Indiana. Mr Chamberlain is responsible for all registration, and for the maintaining of complete records of academic standings. He also serves as secretary for many committees and for the faculty. David Howard Peak, secretary of the University of Kentucky, Y. M. C. A., primarily directs the men's religious activities on the campus, and aids students in personal adjustments. Mr. Peak received his A. B. and LL. B. dgrees from the Unversity and did graduate work at Vanderbilt. Miss Anne Faw Morrow, secretary of the Y. W. C. A., supervises women's religious activities on the campus. Miss Morrow, who studied at Yale Divinity School, helps students to solve personal problems of adjustment. peak Morrow Profs Are People Asher puts a little psychology on U16 ball . . . i .W Morland demonstrates the laws of bllseball , . . i Plummer rides again . . . P A . ' ' m . MN Tablejennis fills the idle hours lor Bekker . . . 21 Education college's Prof. KeHer studies the microbes . . . Blackout throws light on Nollau's hobby . . . Prof. Ringrose and his daughter view the stamp situation . . . V ,IE L.. VVMWXQ1 QfQ QT f N X X "Six hundred students receiving college diplomas is a stirring sight, yet no graduation has ever thrilled me as much as the one I attended when 1 was freshman at the University. It was not an elaborate affair-all the commence- ment functions were held in one day-and there were only three graduates. "But Dr. Patterson CHe-Patj was at his best that year. The state had finally been allowed to sustain the University and all the bills were at last paid. Each of the three graduates spoke, one of whom was Thomas Hunt Morgan-a Nobel Prize winner. That was the day of days, and with a vicarious excitement I enjoyed more than my own graduation in 1890 when eight of us obtained our diplomas. "Just as the custom of each graduate delivering an address was relin- quished when the number of those receiving degrees increased two hundred times in size to what was then. so have other methods of graduation changed. Baccalaureate was first admitted in 1908, and as you know-graduation now is a matter of days rather than hours. "As for you underclassmen who resent that little bell that so rings so con- sistently right on the dot of ten of the hour, I wish you could have heard the bugle that called us to classes. School was really under arms regulations then. In 1911 the University devised a new system-a siren---but that was so loud and annoying to townspeople that it was substituted in 1918 by the bell system used today. "In fact the whole exterior of the school system has changed. but one fact remains the same. 'Students may come and students may go, but classes go on forever.' " N 03:34- W? fb ,, "-- ""- M ft Vie AGRICULTURE on LYNN ALLEN . .' ....... Eminence Phi Delta Theta: Scabbard and Blade: Gulgnol Production Staff: 240 Committee: Pershing Rifles: R O. T. C., Captain. PEGGY JO ALLEN . . Langley Home Economics Club. JOHN R. ALLISON . . Cave City JOSEPHINE E. ANDRES .... Russellville Phi Beta Phi: Y. W. C. A.: Home Economics Club. JOYCE LYNN ARCHER ...... Louisville Phi Beta Phi: Y W. C. A.: Home Economics Club. SARAH EVELYN ARMBRUSTER . . . Clinton Home Economics. Club: 4-H Club: Y. W. C. A. HELENE LOUISE ARNOLD ..... Frankfort Home Economics Club: Y. W. C. A.: F. T. A. SAM H. BAUGMAN ...... Moreland Agronomy Club: 240 Committee: Poultry Club: Alma Magna Mater. FRANCES BEARD ......... Paris Chl Omega: Home Economics Club: Y. W. C. A. MARY ELIZABETH BENNETT . . . Mayfield Home Economics Club: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. L. Allen P. Allen Allison Andres Archer Armbruster Arnold Baughman Beard Bennett in-...- 1 Berkowitz Billingsley Bolln Boone Bostlck Bradford Browder Brown Buck Byers SONIA RHEA BERKOWITZ .... Lexington Home Economics Club, Program Chairman: Forum Com- mittee: Student Union Committee: American Country Life Association Delegate: Student Legislature, Clerk: Phi Upsllon Omicron. President: Agriculture Council: Women's Admin- istrative Council: Women's Banquet, Decoration Chairman: Annual Flower Show. Kappa Delta: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. JAMES BROWDER . Dairy Club. NORA CATHARINA BILLINGSLEY . Ciaro, Ill. CHESTER L' BROWN Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle: Poultry Club: 4-H Club: R. O. T. C. Officer: Y. M. C. A4 . Clinton EARL M. BOLIN . FRANK BUCK . . JAMES KENNETH BOONE . . Cowan Poultry Club: Dairy Club. NANCY ORESSA BYERS ..... 4-H Club: Home Economics Club: Y. T. Cl DOROTHY BOSTICK ...... Home Economics Club: 4-H Club: Y. W. C. A.: 240 Committee. Water Valley x Peggy' 6- l AGRICULTURE : WL K 4 SE 10125 B .. f - 1 41 , :iff er ? ., ll ,: !Q,,Ki':.J 26 MARIAN HOLLIS BRADFORD . . Lexington . Fulton Shelbyville Dairy Club: . Grayson Caneyville . ' f 'fi ' SE Ions AGRICULTURE FRANK K. CALVIN ....... Shelbyville Dairy Club: Poultry Club: Agronomy Club: U. K. Troupers. LOWELL DALLAS CAMPBELL . . Water Valley Block and Bridle. MARY CARY ....... . Hopkinsville Home Economics Club: Y. W. C. A. EDNA JUANITA CATES ...... Hickory Home Economics Club: Baptist Student Union. MARTHA VIRGINIA CHANEY . . . Woodburn ChlOmega: Home Economics Club: Y. M. C. A. MARIAN CLARK . . Paris PAUL CLARK ....... . . Lebanon Alpha Gamma Rho: Block and Bridle: Y .M. C. A. JOHN B. CLAY ........ Frankfort Phi Delta Theta, Librarian: Block and Bridle., JOE L. CLAXON Jr ........ Owenton Block and Bridle: Poultry Club: Baptist Student Union. ALICE WILLIAMS CODELL .... Winchester Alpha Gamma Delta: Home Economics Club: Dutch Lunch Club. Calvin Campbell Cary Cates ' Chaney M. Clark P. Clark Clay Claxon Codell -.... 1 fl 1. ,X A he ' " 1' I AGRICULTURE Ax '1 9, f I' fd-- . , f DOROTHY COLLINS ....... Lexington Y. W. C. A.: Home Economics Club: W. A.. A. JEWELL COLLIVER ...... Owingsville Block and Bridle: Alpha Zeta: Dnlry Club. VIRGINIA COMER . . Falmouth Y. M. C. A. WILLIAM H. CORD . . . . .... Ewing Phl Upsllon Omicron: Home Economics Club: Catholic Club. EDITH M. COYNE . .... Omega, Minn. Phi Upsllon Omlcron, Home Economics Club, Catholic Club. JOHN WILBERN CROWE ..... Princeton Alpha. Zctn: Block und Bridle: Dairy Club: 240 Commlttcc. HELEN CULTON ..... . Parksville Home Economics Club: Y. W. C, A. REEVES DAVIS ......... Hickman Y. M. C. A.: University 4-I-I Club: Dairy Club. SUE HELLON DAWSON . . . Olmstead 4-H Club: Home Economics Club. MARY LOUISE G. DELANEY . . . Lexington Home Economics. Club: Phi Upsllon Omicron. Collins Colllvcr Comer Cord Cgync Crowe Culton Davis Dnwsgn DMM-my nn-.-M Denney Donnell Dnrman Dorsey Duffy Eblen Embry England MARY Lois DENNEY ....... Bronston Y-' W- C. A.: 4-H Club: Home Economics Club. ELIZABETH DONNELL . . HAROLD WARREN DORMAN Y- M. c. A. cabinet. BERNARD DORSEY . EMMITT DOZIER JR. . . Paris . Coxington . Flemingsburg . Versailles THOMAS F. DUFFY . Block and Bridle: Dairy Club: Dairy Cattle Intra-Mural Sports. LUCILLE D.ELBEN . Home Economics Club: Y.. W. C. A. LAWRENCE BRYAN EMBRY . . Dozler Erwin . . Midway Judging Team: . Shelbyville . Morganlield KENNETH ENGLAND .... Campbellsburg Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle: Alma Magna Mater: K Club: Varglty Basketball: Poultry Club: Dairy Club. JAMES WARREN ERWIN . AGRICULTURE . Murray :F .3 C uf 4' A I3 W . Vi 1 - F ' T . , -I 3 If - 9 1 Francis Fugett Gabbert Gaunce Gee Gillespie Glnter Goodin JESSIE HOCKER FRANCIS ..... Stanford Delta Delta Delta: -Association of Women Students: Cwens: Pitkin Club: Woman's House Council President: Boyd Hall President: Student Standards Committee: Photography Club: Kentucklan Staff: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. KENNETH AGEE FUGETT . Stamping Ground Alpha Zeta: Block and Brldle: 4-H Club: Y. M. C.. A. JANE GABBERT ......... Lancaster Y. W. C. A.: Home Economics Club: Baptist Student Union Council. STEWART M. GUANCE . . North Pleasureville JOE A. GAYLE ..... . . . Lexington Alpha Gamma Rho, President: Block and Bridle, President: Agricultural Council, President: SuKy, Treasurer: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: R.. O. T. C. Lieutenant Colonel: Alpha Zeta: Omlcron Delta Kappa: Confederate Squad: Student Legislature, Social Committee Chairman: Livestock Judging Team. ' .y .' X. GENEVIEVE WATTS GEE . . Y., W. C. A.: Home Economics Club: 4-I-I J ULIAN ELMO GILLESPIE . Alpha Zeta. HAROLD G.GINTER . NANCY LEE GOODIN . . . Home Economics Club: Newman Club. I OSEPHIN E KIRTLET GRANT Gayle Grant . . . Grayson Club. . Tollesboro . Lexington . Lebanon . . Burlington Home Economics Club: Phl Upsllon Omicron: Y. W. C. A. .ff Y AGRICULTURE 9 Nl N 1?-4 fi' - ln E 1 QRS . A nl --sf - are ,re . A Q 1 -A L' Y ,nw LL," ,,. ,- ic.. ff - . J it x Q f - :ff AGRICULTURE JOHN H. GRAY ........ Harrodsburg Mews Glee Club: 4-H Club: Y. M. c. A. LEONARD F. GREATHOUSE . . . Lexington ggma Alpha Epsilon: Men's Glee Club: Chorlsters: Lances: UIEUOIS Alpha Zeta: Omlcron Delta Kappa. WILLIAMI-LGREGORY . . spfingneld MARGARET JOSEPHINE GULLEY . Lancaster Home Economics Club, President: Phi Upsllon Omicron, Sec- retary: Y. W, c. A. : CLAUDE E. HAMMOND . . Williamson, W. Va. K Club: R. O. T. C., Captain: Football Team. GANO T. HARDING . . Ewing LORRAINE HARRIS ....... Lexington Phi Upsllon Omlcron: Mortar Board: Y. W. C.: A.: Home Economlcs'Club: 4-H Club: Alma Magna Mater: Union Forum Committee: Union Poster Committee. L. MORGAN HILL . . Benton JOSEPHINE HOWARD . . Versailles INA MAE HUDDLESTON . . . Campbellsville Dutch Lunch Club: Home Economics Club. Gray Greathouse Gregory Gulley Hammond Harding Harris H111 Howard Huddleston Ryzom . ... V l , . -'ily .jjj 5,71 A . . " ' -"1 ' -.' 1 J, nf . ,ff ,"gf1jl .f , ',! gm .i. !M C. ly!! ' ' 1,6 ,, I if 'f If 5. . 9, -y I ,-1 -.:, ' ' " MARY FRANCES HUME ..... Mackville Alpha Xl Delta: Home Economics Club: 4-H Club: Y. W. C. A. GERALD WAYNE HURD . . Clinton JAMES HUBERT ISON ...,. Harrodsburg Alpha Gamma Rho: 4-H Club: Block and Brldle: Alpha Zeta: Omlcron Delta Kappa: Agriculture Council. WILLIAM FRAZER JOHNSTONE . . Lexington Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha. Zeta: 4-H Club: Lamp and Cross. GENE MORTON JONES ...... Lexington AGRICULTURE ESTHER ALENE KALB ...... Brooksville 4-H Club: Home Economics Club: 240 Club: Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club. RUTH BRYAN KEENEY .... Independence Y. W. C. A.: Home Economics Club: 240 Club. DONALD KEIJLS ........ Williamstown Alpha Gamma Rho: Dairy Club: Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle. ALLIE GARNETT KENDALL .... Cynthianu Kappa. Delta: Y. W.. C. A.: Home Economics Club: 240 Club: Alma Magna Mater. Home Economics Club: Alma Magna Mater: Y. W. C. A.: JAMES W. KIDWELL . . Irvine Baptist Student Council. Y. M, C. A, Hume Hurd Ison Johnstone Jones Kalb Keeney Kells Kendall Kidwcll M..- Klngton E. Landrum D. Landrum Lewis Litton C. Luckett L. Luckett W McConnell McCown Mallory BETTY KINGTON ....... Madisonville JOSEPH CYRIL LUCKETT ...... Milton Alpha Xl Delta: Y.. w. c. A.: 240 Club. Dulry Club, Chairman: Block and Bridle: Agriculture Councll. ELLA . LEWIS KING LUCKETT . . Milton Phi LANDRUM ' ' Fmnklm Y. M. c. A.: Poultry Clubu Uliisllon Omlcron. D ROBERT MCCONNELL ...... Versailles ELLA LANDRUM ...... . Franklin Poultry Club, President: Block and Bridle: Agriculture Home Economics Club: Dutch Lunch Club. Council? AIPUH Zeta? 240 Club- MARY ELIZABETH LEWIS . Anchorage DOUGLAS MCCOWN ..... Versailles Y, W. C A. H E i cl b Chl Omega, Treasurer: Y W. C. A.: Block and Bridle: Alma ' " ome comm CS u ' Magna Mater: 240 Club. :UTH LITTON ...... . Clarence GAYNELL E. MALLORY . Lexington ome Economics Club: Dutch Lunch Club Home Economics Club. A G R I C U L T U R E SE IORS fn I 1-'Eff n M71 QW u 'S - 'gf cf Q J G My . f! ' "5 Q I S '??"'1l:- li mi ff" ' 2 A we lw.'l.f5 ik, ' - If fy 'w 3 9, 4. '- I H I ., 9115... -1 '-.,,,., .,,lf.1:v.l ..:' Meshew Mlchler Netherland Newcomb ROBERT LEE MESHEW . . . 4-H Club: Horticulture Club: Poultry Club. KARL WINFIELD MICHLER . Y. M. C. A.: Union Committee. E. B. MILLER Jr. . . . . . Y. M. C. A.: Intramurals: Baptlst Student RICHARD F. MOORE . . . Poultry Club: Horticulture Club. MICHAEL S. NELSON . Alpha Zctag Agronomy Club. ,-4 'I Miller Moore Newell Pasco . . Arlington WILLIAM E.NETHERLAND Block and Bridle: Alpha Zeta.. - Lexington MARGARET NEWCOMB . Home Economics Club: Y. W. C. A. - Boudville WILLIAM o. NEWELL . Union' Poultry Club: 4-H Club. Catlettsbum EDDIE CHESTER PAsco . Block and Brldlc. . White Mills HAYS PIGMAN . AGRICULTURE SE IORS 34 Nelson .Plgnlall Campbellsville Campbellsville . Bronston . Central City . Hindman Q SE IORS MARTHA FRANCES POE . . Lexington Glee Club. CARL V. PORTER ........ Buechel Block und Bridle: Alpha. Zeta: Dairy Club.: BETTY ANN RAIKE . . . . . Logan, W. Va. Delta. Delta Delta: Y, W. C. A. WILLIAM L. RENAKER ..... Cynthiana Alpha Gamma Rho: 4-H Club: Y. M. CQ A. PAUL R. ROBBINS ...... Commisky, Ind. WILLIAM A. SCHNEITER Band: Glee Club: 4-H Club: WILLIAM KEITH SHARP BARBARA SHELTON ..... if .K N- -. dr' f.,'S' U' 'r WH'-1' ,1 ml ll -. A ' ' ' ' '91, .9 I f V- L' . . Jeffersontown I-Iarrodsburg . . Paducah Home Economics Club: Newman Club. LYDA MAXINE SHORT . Home Economics Club. FRANK M. SHY . . Pi Kappa. Alpha: Lamp and Cr Dalry Club, Vlce President: Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle. Council. Poe Porter Ralke Renaker Schnelter Sharp Shelton Short in-....,.............-.,. , . Stanford . . Paris OSS: Band: Intel-Fraternity Robbins Shy 1-mv ,N. Q - I l 'I D- ' gf .', 7 " -,'!"f A "n"'4-M - ...' - - " f '---fi' 4 h -S, - 1 . 5 ,, 5. I -1 " x fu A -s A .. In V,,,. M-- - Rn'-. uv fgvly ,-J' 7' J el' di! ,f SE was JAMES W. SIMPSON . Alpha. Zeta. AGRICULTURE . . Burnside DOROTHY STILES ..... . Stiles Y. W. C.. A.: Home Economics Club. MARY LOUISE STOKES ...... Lexington MARGIE SMITH ------ Campbellsville Alpha, Xi Delta., Recording Secretary: Home Economics Club: Y. W. C. A.: 4-H Club: Home Economics Club: 240 Com- W- A- A-I Y- W. C- A-11 Alma MHEIIB- M9-C013 mittee. AGNES SUBLETTE ..... . . . . Cayce Home Economics Club: 4-H Club: 240 Committee: Y. W. C.. A.: EDWIN P.STAMPER . . . Waynesburg Phi Upsllon Omlcron. Dairy Club: Block and Bridle. RACHEL LEE TOWNES . . Lexington Delta Delta, Delta.. W. B. STAMPER . . Owenton Baptist Student Umm- SARA LUCILLE TRIPLETT . . . Henderson Y. W. C. A.: 4-H Club: Home Economics Student Clubs. State President: Phi Upsllon Omlcron, Vice President: . H E lClb,Vi P id t:MtrB d:Shlb oLIvE STEWART . . Carlisle H212, Q','12QH,':,ft, " ce 'es en 0' E on' e Y Simpson Smith E. Stamper W. B. Stamper Stewart Stiles Stokes Sublett Townes Triplett Wallingford Weaver 4 Wells Whlte Wigginton H. Williams M. Williams H. Wilson J. Wilson Winchester HARRY W. WALLINGFORD . Y' M' C. A.: Men's Glee Club: Chorlsters. ROBERT TILDEN WEAVER . 240 Club: Dairy Club. MARVIN THOMAS WELLS . MARGARET LOUISE WHITE . Kappa Delta: Orchestra: Y. W.. C, A. ELIZABETH WIGGINTON . . ggi Omega: Home Economics Club: Y. Gulilslaturc: Agriculture Council: Phi 81101: W. A. A.: Union Committee.. . Nepton HILTON WILLIAMS . . Murray u Taylorsville MARGUERITE WILLIAMS ..... Elizaville Alpha Delta Pl: Y. W. C. A.: Home Economics Club. - Pleasufeville HAZEL WILSON ......... Lexington Phl Mu: Home Economics Club: Y. W.. C. A. . Henderson JEAN WILSON ......... Barbourville Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Home Economics Club. . Lexington W. C. A.: Student Upsilon Omicron: AGRICULTURE EDITH AMONETTE WINCHESTER . Lexington 2 4' his .QA 1 .141 1 x A C9 o B 'P' ':" ,I' 37 5 Y 4, N .- 1' " K rp- I 1 M , - ig .' K . ,-., .S r-ew ESQ. ' ' ii' ff :I-iff 'L , I-.I Q WL M- Q I' I xuflli., u Word Wright SUSAN I-IANBERY WORD .... Hopkinsville 4-H Club: Home Economics Club: Baptist Student Union: Y. W. C. A. JAMES EDWARDS WRIGHT .... Franklin Dairy Club: Agronomy Club, Presldentg 4-H Club. JOHNR. ALLISON . . THOMAS S.BARNES . . Without Pictures . Cave City Mt. Sterling WILLIAM B. MARTIN . . WELLINGTON R. MEADE. WILLIAM H. BELL . . . . Lexington JOE L. MOBLEY . . . . HOWARD D. DUNIGAN . . . Birmingham JAMES B. MOYNAHAN . MRS. HELEN WILLIAMS GUY . Lexington EDGAR H. MURPHY . . WRENO M. HALL ..... . . Cecelia ELLETT WAYNE PACE . GLENN A. HARNEY . . Cynthiana THOMAS N. PETTUS . . BARNETT C. JEWELL . . Taylorsville WILLIAM E. ROUTEN . . DOROTHY E. KEITH . . . . Buffalo DURWARD E. SALISBURY JAMES W. KIDWELL . . . . Irvine W. ALBERT SEAY . . . H. DAWSON LANTER . . . Dry Ridge FRANK M. SHY . HOMER MCALLISTER . . . . . Waddy JAMES K. STACEY . . WM. CHARLES MCCLURE . Benton, Tenn. CONRAD B. THOMAS . JOSEPH EDMOND McGARY . . . Arlington KATHRYN L. WAHL . 'fm i AGRICULTURE SE IORS Taylorsville Williamsport . . Oneida . Scottsville . Chilton . Salem . Stanford Farmington . Hunter . Clinton . Paris . . London . Herndon . . Springfield 1 J .F N 6 ,-M I. - , ' ' filer. ARTS AND SCIENCES SANFORD ALLEN ALVERSON . . . Lexington Phl Delta Theta, Secretary and Rush Chairman: Kernel Business Stall: Y. M. C. A.: Chorlsters. WILLIAM H. AMES ..... Cincinnati, Ohio sigma NU: Pryor Pre-Med Society: Lamp and Cross: Student Union Board. HELEN BABBITT ........ Louisville KHDPB. Kappa Gamma: Guignol: French Club: Y.. W. C. A. LOUISE BAILEY ...... Rochester, Mich. Kappa Delta: Y. w. c. A.: w. A. A. JACK BARTON BAKER ..... Science Hill Kappa Sigma: Radio Studio: Glee Club: Chorlsters. ALMA LOUISE BARNARD .... Mt. Sterling Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice President: Y.. W. C. A.: German Club: Gulgnol: Pan-Hellenic Council: W. A. A. MARY ELIZABETH BARNES . Phi Mu: Y. W. C. A.: Girls' Band. . Lexington ALBERT C. BAUER . . . . . . . Hobart, Ind. Delta Chi, President: Lamp and Cross: Phi Mu Alpha: Radio Studio. JANE WEBB BAYNHAM ..... Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma: Y.: W. C. A.: Campus Representative for Originals' Guild: Sponsor for R. O. T.. C.: Pan-Hellenic Council. MARY ELIZABETH BENNETT . . Louisville Zeta Tau Alpha Alverson Ames Babbitt Bailey Baker Barnard Barnes Bauer Baynham Bennett 1... I l W SE IDRS .459 li. ., " Av ' X.. L v rig, A i:0dw'.2F" .Hlhl . ,yj V ,Y 1 lj' ' A 1 1' .f y Jig, rl J -ww A R T s A N D s c 1 E N c E s MARGARET M. BLACKERBY . . . Lexington French Club: Student Union Board: Catholic Club: Y W. C, A. JEANNE FRANCES BOWNE .... Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta: German Club: Art Club: Y. W.. C. A.: Student Union Board: Women's Glee Club: Brush and Pencil. LOUISETHOMASBRIGHTWELL . . Frankfort Women's Rifle Team: Gulgnol: Student Union Committee: Pitkin Club: Glee Club: Y. W. C. A.: Philosophy Club. ANNA RUTH BURTON . . . . Monticello Chl Omega: Y W. C. A.: W. A. A. MARIE CORINNE PALMS CARHARTT . Irvine Chl Omega: Y. W. C. A.: Art Club: Catholic Club. RITA RAGLAND CATES . . Hickory MARY HELEN COCKRIEL . . Owensboro Dutch Lunch Club: Catholic Club. ARTHUR S. COLLINS ....... Lebanon Alpha Chl Sigma: Sigma Pl Sigma: Student Legislature: Student Affiliates of Amerlcan Chemical Society, President. BRADY MARSHALL COLLINS .... Lackey Pryor Pre-Mcd Society: Rifle Team: Photography Club: WILLIAM THOMAS COLLINS . . . Lexington Phl Delta Theta: Pryor Pre-Med Society. Blackerby Bowne Brlghtwell Burton Carhartt Cates Cockrlel A. Collins B. Collins W. Collins l L l Combs Comley Cooper A. Cox E. Cox V. Cox Crofton Crowe J. Davis M.. 0. Davis PAUL CHURCHILL COMBS . . Prestonsburg VERNA MAE COX ..... Simpsonville sigma- Chi. Delta. Zeta: Y. W. C. Al: Social Work Club. GEORGE B. CRAFTON . . F l VICTOR EDSEL COMLEY . Nicholasville mor P,e,Med society. u ton Y- M. C. A.: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. . ALLEN EDWARD CROWE ..... Lexington Btrll Slt:Plt hClb1Y.M.C.A.:F l- EARL COOPER, Jr. . . Salyersville mZi.eA3.?S.f..'25Z,?..?.....J8 "mp Y U y0r Pre-Med Society. JUNE GILBERT DAVIS ...... Shelbyville ANNA LOUISE COX Mt Sterling Senior Intramural Manager: German Club. Bacteriology Society: Y. W. C. A. MARY OLIVE DAVIS ....... Lexington Alpha Delta Pl: W. A. A.: Photography Club: Y. W. C. A. EVELYN COX Madisonville Cabinet: Junior-Senior Y. W. C. A. Fellowship. President' Y- W. c. A. Gulgnolg Pitkin Club: S. G. A., Womeu's Vice President: Board of Student Publications. ARTS AND SCIENCES 6 f I MA'-664 tnqimlf S., '- W 'X De Roode Dozler Earle Ellis Faln Fowler Frank Gabrellan G. H. de ROODE .... Berkeley Heights, N. J. Swimming Team: Alma Magna Mater. GEORGE STEPHENSON DOZIER, II . Stanford Evans Galloway HELEN JOYCE FAIN ...... Bacteriology Society: W. A, A.: Y. M. C. A. . Farina, Ill. EARLE CABELLE FOWLER .... Delta Tau Delta, President: Sigma P1 Sigma.: Alpha Chi Sigma: Gulgnol: Pitkin Club, Lexington ELEANOR SOUTHGATE EARLE . . Lexington French Club: Alma Magna Mater. ELIZABETH ELLIS ..... Bacteriology Society: Newman Club. LUCILLE ELIZABETH EVANS . . Nicholasville Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A. "' 4 zM"'N" if ,f - if "' , F' E' 'wi' -- 'J 'i M3 'f'f'i!54., ,JZ A M, . ' '55 F22 4 ' 3 A-'12 :V - if 5' g' f. ,t at ', ' . - , .fb 1 ,' ykflfm. PAUL FLOYD FRANK . . Schenectady, N. Y. Alpha Sigma Phi: Bacteriology Society. . . Paducah A. GABRIEL GABRELIAN . . . New York City DONALD W. GALLOWAY . . . Hazard Sigma Nu. SREWEEEEE 42 SE IORS MARY ELEANOR GARNER .... Winchester Kappa Kappa Gamma: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Mortar Board: Pitkin Club: Glee Club. JACK S. GATHOF . . Louisville 31811121. Phi Epsilon. MARGUERITE GOODYKOONTZ . . . Lexington GLUZUOI: Student Union Committee: Glee Club. MARJORIE PENN HALL . . 1 , 15 ff? X .V V ,, W. A. A.: Future Teachers of America. JAMES WILEY HARRIS . . Kappa Alpha: Lamp and Cross: Tennis Tean Blade. MARY FRNCES HATFIELD . Y. W. c. A.: 240 Club. ff . Lexington . Anchorage 1: Scabbard and . Danville WILLIAM U. GUNE ..... . Harlan BERNARD HEITMAN ..... New York City S1S'mu Chi: Pryor Pre-Med Society. Bacterlologlcnl Society, Vice President: Fencing Team. HENRYETTA HALL . . Nicholasville SALLY HELEN HEMINGWAY . . . Warren Pa. Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A. Y. W. C. A.: Bacteriological Society. Garner Gathof Goodykoontz Gunc H. Hall M. Hall Harris Hatfleld Heitman Hemingway u-..... l i Ay- Q .F -4' ' . . lj -,I I .YTV ARTS AND SCIENCES '1 M. 'I . l1"5" MARYHUME HERRINGTON . . . Lexington Delta Delta Delta, Publlclty Chairman: Student Union Dance Committee: Y. W. C. A. FRED HILL ......... Somerset Kappa Sigma, Officer: Intramurals: Kernel Sports Editor: Kentucklan Sports Editor: Athletic Publicity Manager: Press Club. JANE KATHERINE HOLLADAY . . Lexington ARTHUR HOLMES ......... Hazard Pryor Pre-Med Society, President: Philosophy Club. NELSON HOSKINS . . . . . . . Lexington Delta Chl, President and Vice President: Inter-Fraternity Council: Radlo Studio: Orchestra: Philharmonic Orchestra: Band: Student Standards Committee: Lamp and Cross. Herrington Hlll H ll d LIDA BELLE HOWE ....... Louisville Delta Delta Delta, Vice President and Secretary: Mortar Board, Vice President: Student Legislature: W. A. A., President: Pltkln Club: Alma Magna Mater, President: Freshman Y. W. C. A., President: Cwens, Vice-President. JANE WHITE HUMBLE ....... Paris Chl Omega: W. A. A.: Y. W. C A 1 French Club. BETTY JEANNE HUNTER . . Lexington Catholic Club: German Club. AGNES JENNINGS ...... Buena Vista Y. W. C. A.: Kentucklan Art Editor: Kernel: Art Club. EUGENE JOHNSON ...... Georgetown Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Glee Club: Pryor Pre-Mcd Society. o a ay Holmes Hoskins Howe Humble Hunter Jennings Johnson n............, . Johnson Jones Keellng Konopka J. LaBach M. LaBnch Lamason Lewis Lobb Lyon LULAGENE JOHNSON . . . Brookfield, Mo. Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.. JACK JONES ........ Sigma cm: Y. M. c. A..g 240 committee. DAVID W. KEELING ..... . Prestonsburg . . Springfield Lambda chi Alpha, President: Lamp and cross.. EDWARD A. KONOPKA . . 51Ema. Nu. JAMES PARKER LaBACH . . . Orchestra: Band: Slmfonletta: Phi Mu Al Irvington, N. J. . . Lexington pha. MARY LaBACH ......... Lexington Chi Omega: Pltkln Club: Cvulgnol: Mortar Board: Phi Alpha Theta, President: Student Union Board: Owens: Y. W. C. A.. BEN LAMASON ......... Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Student Union Board. WINSLOW GRANT LEWIS .... Anchorage Kappa Alpha: Varsity Tennis Team: Lamp and Cross: Inter- Fraternity Council, Treasurer. WILLIAM C. LOBB . . Washinghon, Pa. Lambda Chl Alpha. BOBETTE LYON . . . . . . . . Peoria, Ill. Chi Omega. House President: Phi Alpha Theta: Kentuckian Staff: Kernel Staff: Student Union Committee: Y. W. C. A. ARTS AND SCIENCES S I 0 Nm + Q 4 Aff' F ,.. 'N - If I lx ' g"e. 1' f w 1" f i"':' ka Q-l,"':316I.'.u l -. ., , " "" ' 752' A - ' ' T: ,XP -I x. A 1 . 4. . g . -.fg 4. W.. 'IQ I "A '-'1 ' - . . , , W.. ,t'..f.,.M. ,QL ,M X McMullen Macon Marshall Miles Mlller Mllllkln Mitchell Moffett Mohney Morettl ANN FOREE MCMULLEN ..... Anchorage Kappa Kappa Gamma, President: Pan-Hellenic Council. ELIZABETH STEWART MACON . . Fort Knox Chl Omega: Y. W.. C. A.: Student Union Committee. HAZEL G. MARSHALL ...... Frankfort Y. W. C. A.: Social Work Club: W. A. A. ROBERT WHITFIELD MILES Jr. . . Lexington Phi Mu Alpha: Orchestra: Philosophy Club: Glee Club. FRANK WALTER MILLER . . Morehead Tennis Team. A I' . BETTIE RAE MILLIKIN ..... Hopkinsville Alpha Gamma Delta., Editor: Y. W. C. A.: Kentucklan Staff: La. Cercle Francaise: Student Union Committee. LILLIAN MITCHELL ..... Evansville, Ind. Kappa Delta, Political Representative and Social Chairman: Y. W. C. A.: Spanish Club: 240 Club.: HOWARD PAYNE MOFFETT, J r. . . Lexington Pershing Rifles: Glee Club: Gulgnol. NANCYE JANE MOHNEY ..... Lexington Alpha Gamma. Delta: Cwens: Pltkin Club: Y. W. C. A.: Radio Stafh BEATRICE MORETTI ...... Lexington Student Union Art Committee: Student Art Club. ARTS AND SCIENCES W SE IOR Q f :NV -' F3 SE I OR ARTS AND SCIENCES AIMEE KATHARINE MURRAY . . . Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta: Cwens: Y. W. C. A.: Pitkin Club: Catholic Club: Art Club: Outing Club: Phi Alpha Theta: Kernel Staff: Union Art Committee. MARY ELDONE NICKERSON ..... Paris Chl Omega, Secretary and Actlvltles Chairman: SuKy: Social Work Club. LOUISE NISBET ..... . Lexington Delta Delta Delta: Mortar Board. GEORGE FENTON NOLLAU .... Lexington Alpha Tau Omega. Secretary: Intra-Murul': 1942 Kentuc- kian, Business Manager: Student Legislature, Treasurer: Scabbard and Blade, First Sergeant: R. O.. T. C., First Lieutenant: Student Union Committee. MARY KATHERINE ORSBURN . . Flemingsburg Zeta Tau Alpha: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A4 HUGH OWEN ...... . Owensboro Sigma Nu: Inter-Fraternity Council. MARTIN PACKMAN .... . Lancaster Photography Club: Philosophy Club: ELOISE PALMORE ........ Frankfort Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer: Kentuckian, Sales Manager and Managing Editor: Boyd Hall Council: W. A. A.4 Council. Golf Manager: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Membership Chairman: Alma Magna, Mater. MARY NUTT . . Staten Island, New York RAYMOND LEON PATTERSON . . Louisville Bacteriology Society. ' Glee Club: Alpha Chi Sigma: Newman Club, President. Murray Nickerson Nlsbet Nollau Nutt Orsburn Owen Packman Palmore Patterson 'S' 01,2 A ii , , fi w ' z,,f.,.'.,..' fl! , f 1 ,-1, . , 4 , f '7' , Qu! 'Q' 1, 1'- l '7'. f . ' -. I or '-' -51-, ' ,fm - ff.. A L, M '..f--s, w,,,u .f on .i ,.V"" , gfxg. 4 -I ff SE IORS MQ. ARTS AND SCIENCES X DOROTHY E. PAUL ..... Indianapolis, Ind. Mortar Board, Secretary: Pitkin Club: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Patterson Hall Council: Boyd Hall Council: Woman's Glee Club: Coimopolltan Club: Kcntucklan Stafl: Alpha Lambda Delta, Senior Advisor: Phi Beta. GUS PETRO . . . . Mt. Sterling Kernel Staff: Y. M. C. A. BEN WILLIAM PLOCH . . Henderson Sigma Gamma Epsilon. BETTY ANN POTTER . . Louisville Bacterlologlcal Soclcty JAMES ROBERT POWERS ...... Fulton Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President: Pershing Rifles: Track Team: K Club: Athletic Council: Lamp and Cross. LLOYD H. RAMSEY ....... Lexington Basketball: Golf: Scabbard and Blade, Lances. MARY LASWELL RAY . . . Fort Worth, Texas Delta Delta Delta, Soclal Chairman: Bacteriology Club, President. BRONSTON REDMAN .... Lawrenceburg Sigma Phl Epsilon: Lamp and Cross: Y. M.. C. A. DORIS JEAN REICHENBACH . . . Anchorage Student Legislature, Welfare Committee: W. A. A., President and Vice President: Photography Club, Vlce President: State W. A. A. President: German Club: Spanish Club: Y. W. C., A.: Pitkin Club: Physical Education Club: Cwens, Treasurer: Mortar Board: Student Union Committee: Modern Dance Club: Women's Rifle Team: Glrls' Drill Squad: Hall Council: Folk Dancing Center: Future Teachers of America: Troopers: Kappa Delta Pl. BETTY WELLS ROBERTS . . . . . Lexington Kappa Delta: Phi Beta: Chl Delta Phi: Cwens, Treasurer: Y. W. C. A.: Pitkin Club: La Cercle Francais: Gulgnol: Radio Players: R., O. T. C. Sponsor: Future Teachers of America: Freshman Adviser. Paul Petro Ploch Potter Powers Ramsey Ray Redman Relchenbach Roberts Robinson Robinson B. Rose E. Rose J. Rose Ruth Sanders Sea Seelbach Skaggs H. CLAYTON ROBINSON Jr ..... Lexington Glee Club: Choristers: Alma Magna Mater: R. 0. T. C.: Pryor Pre-Med Club. CONNETTE ROBINSON ..... Nicholasville Delta Delta Delta: Pan-Hellenic Council: Y. W. C. A. BETTY LOVELL ROSE . . . Fort Thomas, Ky. Delta Delta Delta, President: Pun-Hellenic Council, Presl- deflt: Glee Club: Y. W. C. A.: Choristers. EARL B. ROSE Jr .... . Lexington Kappa Alpha: suxyg cslee Club. JEAN ROSE . . Hazel Green OREL RUTH . . . . . . . Freemont,O. Delta Delta Delta, House President and Corresponding Secretary: Y. W. C. A.: Student Union Dance Committee: Kentucklan Staff. GLOVER SANDERS . . . . Bondville Pryor Pre-Med Club: Y. W. C.. A. ANDREW SEA . . . Louisville Glee Club: Outing Club. HEINZ H. SEELBACH ..... Elizabeth, N. J. Tennis Team: Kernel Staff: Gulgnol. OPAL SKAGGS ...... . Ashland Kappa Delta: Pryor Pre-Med Society. ARTS AND SCIENCES ff! gf nf A' .. staff-.1 ff 'ZQQ N x Smith Snapp Snowden South Stablle Stein Stoll Sullivan Sutton Thoman JUNE SMITH SMITH . . Lexington VIRGINIA ANN STEIN . . . Detroit, Mich. MARTHA SNAPP . ........ Lexington Peace Fellowship: Methodist Youth Fellowship: Y. W. C. A. JAMES G. SNOWDEN ...... St. I-Ielen's Delta Chi, secretary: Glee Club: Keys: 240 Committee. BETTY GARRARD SOUTH .... Frankfort Y. W. C4 A.: President and Vlce President: Jewell Hall President: Cwens, President: Pltkln Club: Phi Alpha Theta: Mortar Board: Phl Beta, Treasurer: Alma Magna Mater: 240 Club: W. A. A.: Rifle Team: Gulgnol: Glee Club: Orchestra.: Philosophy Club: German Club: Woman's Ad- ministrative Council, Vlce President. v ANTOINETTE STABILE . . . Elizabeth N. J. Newman Club. Bacteriology Society: Y. W. C. A. LIDA CHENAULT STOLL .... Lexington W, A. A.: R. O. T. C. Sponsor: Y.t W. C. A.: Alma Magna Mater. CLARENCE FRANCIS SULLIVAN . . Paducah MARTHA LOUISE SUTTON .... Miami, Fla. Alpha Gamma Delta: Phl Alpha Theta: Y. W. C. A.- JACK ELLSWORTH THOMAN .... Ashland Alpha Sigma Phi: Phi Mu Alpha: Band: Glee Club: Sym- phony: Llttle Symphony. .-1 A ,f?:?"6Q'...,r ARTS AND SCIENCES A n SE was ,Z i z ' :ill fa " t if U P 1'4" L if -F ff, W Le.- 58 ,Qi my , X -4.4 , ' " ARTS AND SCIENCES MARGERY THOMAS ....... Erlanger Alpha Gamma Delta, Treasurer and First Vicc President: Y- W. C. A.: French Club: Pan-Hellenic Council: Kernel: Radio Staff. MARTHA GLOVER THOMPSON . Shelbyville Kflllpa Kappa Gamma. MARGUERITE TUTTLE . . Lexington LYSBETH WALLACE .... Kansas City, Mo. Alpha Gamma Delta: Student Union Committee: Kentuckian Staff: Kernel Staff: Alma. Magna Mater: Freshman Advisor: Hall Council. JANICE WARD ...... Beckley, W. Va. Kappa Delta: social work Club: YJ w. o. A. LAVENIA HELEN WARNER . . Quogue, L. 1. Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer and Historian: Kentucklan Staff: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. BARBARA JEAN WELCH . . . Baptist Student Union: Y. W. C.. A. . . Lexington MARJORIE F. WHEELDON ..... Stearns Delta Zeta: Social Work Club: Spanish Club. H. R. WHITE Jr ....... Williamsburg Band: Student Union Committee: Committee for Publicity Department. FRANCES WHITFIELD ..... Tate, Georgia Chi Omega: Glee Club: Kentucklan Staff: Y. W. C. A. Thomas Thompson Tuttle Wallace Ward Warner Welch Wheeldon White Whltfleld 1.-......- , l ii, ..,....... ,-4. 6 5" ' ' .454 fs ,X X r .5 -"fi ' . Q 4L.,,v'j .T '! SE I ORS . A' A ' pk, "' Y 1 -"fl A 9"-9 ,F'f:L..' ARTS AND SCIENCES ROBERT WILLIAM WILLMOTT . . Lexington ANGELINE WYATT ...... Lexington Alpha Tau Omega. Delta Delta Delta, Soclal Chairman: Y. W. C.. A. HAROLD E- WINN - - - Marion JAMES LEWIS YOUNG . . Lexington 240 Club: Scabbard and Blade. sigma Alpha Epsilon' ALICE REBECCA WOOTTON .... Hazard I I Pitkin club. Guignol. spanish Club. W A' Al. Y. W' C. A' VIRGINIA ZUNIGA . Costa Rica, Central Amenca Senior Cabinet. Glee Club. Wlllmot Winn Wootton Wyatt Young Zunlga F I 52 ROBERT ALLPHIN . . MAURICE E. ANDERSON JOHN J. ARCHDEACON H. M. BALDWIN . . . HUNTER C. BELT . . MABEL E. BOSWELL . .IEANNE BOWNE . . THOMAS BOWMAN . . MILTON R. BRADLEY . LARRY BRANNON . . J AMES BURDETTE . . ROBERT BURMAN . . CHARLES R. BURTON . JOHN CARRICO . . . RICHARD T. CENTERS . MARGARET P. COHEN . BRUCE E. COOPER . . CARLETON DAVIS . . . ANNE SCOTT DICKENS CLAUDE D. DONALDSON WM. H. DOWNING . . . MILFORD D. ESTILL . JOSEPH FAMULARO . TOM K. FARRIS . . . MARGARET FELTON . SIDNEY FORSYTHE . MARTIN FREEDMAN . MARY V. FULCHER . . MRS. MERL D. GUARD . MAY F.GUFFEY . . . BUFORD HALL . . . MARY L. HANLEY . B. PAUL I-IASKELL . . . JACK HICKEY .... JOE MARION HODGES . . STEPHENP.HOGG . . MARGARET JOHNSON . . RAY KEIFER ..... THOMAS M. KELLY . . RAYMOND s. KENDALL F-DOWKINDRED . . ANN M. KIRK . . GAIL KIRN . . . VIRGINIA LAKE . . . CONSTANCELARSON . Without Pictures . . Warsaw . . Madisonville . . Lexington . Lexington . Midway . Lexington . Lexington . Lexington . . Louisa . Frankfort . . Richmond . Lexington . Louisville . . Paducah . Lexington . Ashland . Lexington . . . Lexington Stamping Ground . . Lexington . . New York City . Louisville . Lexington . Woodsville . Pembroke . Pikeville . . Danville . . Georgetown . . . Lexington Blue Plains, D. C. . . Alva . . Lexington . Salem, Ohio . Springfield . Lexington . Versailles . Maysville . Louisville . Lexington . Lexington JOSEPH L. LEWIS . EMILY c. LOGAN . ROBERT F. LONG . . WYNNEMCKINNEY . . RUTH McQUOWN . . WESLEY J.MAs'r1N . J. B. MAXWELL . . o. L. MEADORS . ELMER MORGAN . JOHNT. MORGAN . HARRY C.MULLINS . NOAH MULLINS . . HENRYRNEVERS . . . New Britain, Conn. JOHN ED PEARCE ...... KATE PENDLETON . ALMA F. POTEET . . ANGELA T. PREIS . . MARCIA RANDALL . CHAS. E. RANKIN . . H. M. ROBERTSON . . JESSE A. SANDERS . . ELIZABETH E. SCHERER . . Yancy Winchester . Lexington . Danville . Lexington Winchester . Lexington . Corbin . . Hazard Cynthiana . Pineville . Versailles Norton, Va. Winchester . Bramwell, W. Va. . Louisville Lexington . . Cynthiana . Lexington GEORGE W. SCHLEGEL . Huntington, W. Va. JAMES A. SCOTT ........ Harry WM. H. SEWELL . . . H.D.SHANKL . . . JOHNM. SMITH . . . EMIJEAN SNEDEGAR . BERNARD GEORGE STALL . . BENJAMIN STANLEY . RICHARD STOLCL . . . EUGENIA FUNK STONE DOROTHY L. STOPHER MARION F. STUMBERG MARY AGNES SWOPE . THOMAS TALBERT . . . Jackson . Ashland . Soft Shell . Lexington . Lexington . Lexington . Lexington . . St. Charles, Mo. . Lexington Hopkinsville PAUL A. TAYLOR . . . Morgantown, W. Va. JAMIE C. THOMPSON ..... Lexington ELMER TRENTELMAN . . Amsterdam, N. Y. RICHARD WALLER . . . . . Georgetown LAURA S. WALTON . . . Lexington ALBERT C. WASSER ...... Newport ELEANOR WILLIAMS . . . St. Albans,W. Va. MARCIA K.WOOD . . H.H.WOODSON . . ARTS AND SCIENCES Q-J SEN IDRS V QT f l Adams Arrowood Barrow Bondurant Bowne Branson J, Brown R. Brown Burton Cantrlll BEN T. ADAMS ..... Memphis, Tenn. J EAN WALLACE BRANSON . . Columbus, 0. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice President: Men's Glee Club: Student Union Music Committee: Y M. C. A.: College Chamber of Commerce. ESTILL ARROWOOD . LORA BARROW . . . Kappa Kappa Gamma: Y. W JOHN C. BONDURANT Alpha Tau Omega. EDWARD BOWNE Jr. . . . . . A.: Student Paintsville Lexington Union Board. . Hickman Cloverport Kappa Alpha, Treasurer: Aviation Club: Y. M. C. A.: Intra- mural Manager: Scabbard and Blade: Pitkin Club: Beta Gamma Sigma: 240 Committee. Alma Magna Mater: Newman Club. JAMES WYATT BROWN, Jr. . Sigma Nu, President: Interfraternlty Council, Secretary: Lances. . Bowling Green ROSEMARY BROWN . . . . . . . Lexington Chl Omega: Y. W. C. A.: Secretarial Club: Girls' Drill Team. ROBERT DEAN BURTON . . Nicholasville Delta Tau Delta. MRGARET SHELBY CANTRILL . . Lexington Kernel Society Editor: Alma Magna Mater: College Chamber of Commerce: French Club, Secretary-Treasurer: Secretarial Club: Dutch Lunch Club. coMM ERCE .11 'Ry ' a Q' if l, 1-.Eli SE I ORS ff . . Mn- 'L 54 if 9 1 Q :'QEf ,ig COMMERCE JOHN DENNIS CLARK . . Lebanon Newman Club. RICHARD LYLE CLINKINBEARD . . Lexington SUKy: Freshman Y. M. C. A. DAVELCOON . . . . . . . Billings, Mont. Seabbard and Blade: Freshman Advisory Council: Football: Y- M. C. A.: Rifle-Pistol Club: Rifle Team, Varsity: R- 0. T. O. Rifle. OSCAR T. DORTON ...... . Paintsville Lambda Chl Alpha, T'reasurc1': Keys: Y. M. C. A. FORREST DOYLE . . Nicholasville WARREN C. EVANS . . St. Charles,W.Va. JEAN EWERS ......... Somerset W. A. A. Cabinet, Tennis Chairman: Cosmopolitan Club. President: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Inter-Racial Chairman: VAIDEN COX , G1-atz Pitkin Club: 240 Committee: University Orchestra. Y. M. c. A. GEO Q MEAD BOYKIN FERRIS ...... Anchorage RGE DODSON --""'-- Pans Kappa. Alpha, Treasurer: Golf Team: Wildcat: Scabbard and Alpha Tau Omega: Glec Club: Accounting Club. Blade: Y. M.. C. A. Clark Clinkenbeard Coon Cox Dodson Dorton Doyle Evans Ewers Ferris 'num-......t.N.. . v 55 li ,ff 5, si V 1 ' . ,- ITU 5 5' . .1 X A 2 I -A A li '1 elf' c o M M E R c E HAROLD FREEDMAN . . . . Ashland Gamma Tau Alpha, Vice President. MARY AGNES GABBARD ..... Lexington Delta Zeta, President: Y. W. C. A.: Pan-Hellenic Council. RUBY JO GEVEDON . . . Lexington Alpha xi Delta: Y. W. c. A. DAVID B. GRAHAM . , . . . . . . Clinton Alpha Tau Omega: 1940 Kentuckian Staif: Student Union Board: Baseball Team, Manager. EARL F. HADDEN .... . . Princeton, W. Va. HENRY R. HILLENMEYER Phi Delta Theta: Lamp and Cross: mlng Team Captain. MASON HOCKENSMITH . WILLIAM EARL IRWIN . Alpha Tau Omega: Y. M. C. A. JAMES MOSS JOHNSON . Newman C Lexington lub: Swim Lexington Ashland Clinton Alpha Tau Omega, President: Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President: Patterson Literary Society, Secretary: 1941 Ken- tucklan, Managing Editor: Student Legislature: Who's Who. Sigma Nu, Reporter, Chaplain, Rush Chairman, and Dlvls- , . ional Secretary: Lances: Lamp and Cross: Student Standards ELLIS JONES ' - ' GH11Hfm,Tefm- Committee. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Freedman Gabbard Gevedon Graham I-Iadden Hlllenmeyer Hockensmlth Irwln Johnson Jones i G. Jones J. Jones Knaebel Landrum Logan Long Marlowe Maxedon Mitchell Moore GLENNA MELROSE JONES . PLUMMER M. JONES .... Kappa Sigma: Pershing Rifles: Lances. WILLIAM EMIL KNAEBEL . Kappa Sigma.: Y. M. c. A. CALVIN O.LANDRUM . . Scabbard and Blade: Y. M. C. A., THELMA ALLEN LOGAN . . . Brooksville . Lexington . Fort Thomas . Lexington . . Georgetown Delta Zeta, House President: Y. W. C. A.: W. A1 A. JOHN D. LONG . . . . . . . . Earlington Y. M. C. A.: President: Beta Gamma Slgma: Onricron Delta Kappa, Student Secretary: Patterson Literary Society, President: Pitkin Club: K-Book, Co-Business Manager: Ken- tuckian Business Stan. JAMES R.MARLOWE . . Lexington Phi Delta Theta. WILLIAM DIXON MAXEDON . . . Lexington Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Confederate Squad: Rl O. T. C. Cadet Lt. Colonel: Rifle Team, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer: Glec Club: Freshman Football Manager. RANDALL MITCHELL . . Paducah Baptist Student Union. STUART M. MOORE . . Paris COMMERCE I A ,Q ,L ,.6'm . . .. "1 'N I' V: l V : s.-- . - ,A . .- Us Fwy '15 L." fd-far '. 1 .x A Wff. I-. - ,wg 'fin ff 'W lib " qtW,LMy l Morrls Murray Nickerson Orsburn Perllck Potts Powell Prewltt Prlcc Recktcnwald DOUGLAS HOLMAN MORRIS . Dawson Springs Phl Kappa Tau: Lamp and Cross: Y. M. C. A. PRESTON MURRAY . . Horse Cave RICHARD E. NICKERSON . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Delta Chi. FRANCES LOUISE ORSBURN . . Flemingsburg Zeta Tau Alpha: Yr W. C. A.: W. A. A. WILLIAM CLIFTON PENICK .... Lebanon Phl Delta Theta: Student Union Board Presldent: Lances: Patterson Literary Society: Kernel Editorial Staff: Y. M. C. A. Senior Cabinet: K-Book, Editor: Pltkln Club: Beta Gamma Sigma: Omlcron Delta Kappa: Who's Who: Bargains in Brains, Editor .f 4 M, ,. IVAN J. POTTS ....... Shelbyville, Tenn. Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer and President: Student Union Board, Vice President: Lamp and Cross, Secretary: Kentuc- klan Staff: Glee Club: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade. Captain: Freshman Advisory Committee. HELEN BAKER POWELL . . . Bowling Green Chl Omega. Vice President: Kernel, Assistant Society Editor: Secretarial Club, Vlcc President. W. JEFFRIES PREWITT ..... Mt. Sterling Pltkln Club: Scabbard and Blade: Alma Magna Mater: Y. M. C. A. BRUCE PRICE ......... Lexington Alpha Gamma Rho: Lances: Radio Staff: Freshman Advisor Commlttee: Y. M. C. A. KENNETH LEE RECKTENWALD . . Lexington Newman Club, Chairman of Membership Committee: Outing Club. COMMERCE ' SE IORS X , 6 SE IORS COMMERCE LLOYD P. ROBERTSON ..... Lexington JOHN TICCO . Kappa Alpha, President: Inter-Fraternity Council. SHELBY SHANKLIN, JI' .... Fort Myers, Fla. WILLIAM VENTERS l Kappa -Alpha: Lamp and Crois. GEORGE E. SHELLEY ....... Lexington Kappa Sigma: Y. M. C. A. Senior Cabinet: Pitkin Club. ARTHUR J'WALSH "" Alpha Tau Omega: Student Legislature: SYLVIA SIEGEL ......... Danville W., A. A. Council: Y. W. C. A., Secretary of Junior-Senior Forum: Pitkin Club: Photography Club: Glee Club: Womezrs RAS WARE . Rifle Team: Student Union Reception Committee: Troupers Ka a A1 ha lTrloJ: Accounting Club: College Chamber of Commerce. pp P ' SARA M. TAYLOR . . Beaver Dam Cosmopolitan Club, IVA WATTS . Robertson Shanklln Shelley Siegel Tlcco Venters Walsh Ware C .Ii -- J . af - : :wrt A A 4- ' , if' '-.L Q... ,-. . Jenkins . Pikcvi'Ze . . Cynthiana Intramural Sports. . Georgetown . Nicholasville Taylor Watts 59 'Ps' Weaver Wells White WILLIAM H. WEAVER . Alpha. Tau Omega. BERNARDA. WELLS . . . Wilford . Mayfield . Louisa SARAH MARGARET WHITE .... Perryville e . Y. W. C. A.: W. A. AJ W0men'S Rlfl HAROLD JOSEPH BAKER . . CLAUDIA GILLIS BROWN . . JOHN UPPINGTON COURTNEY LYMAN H. EVERLY .... CHARLES SPEED GRAY . . . ROBERT LACKART HORN, JR. ELIZABETH ANDREWS HORN BILL KARRAKER ...... BETTY LONGSWORTH . . Team, Glee Club. Wilson FRANK EDWARD WILFORD . CATHARINE WHITE WILSON Without Pictures . Lexington Winchester . Lexington . Hartford . Frankfort . Frankfort . . . Paris . Lexington . Lexington JOE CALVIN LOVELL . . WALTER LESLIE MCCOMAS CARL MANNING . . . . . CHARLES EDWARD MEYER WALLER R. PURYAER Jr. . CHARLES B. RICHARDSON LUCILLE SMOOT .... JOSEPH MARSHALL STAFFORD BENDAVIS SUBLETT . . . A I simioias . 9 I S N :L .ft ' .tf2.1'T,Q.?4E ' Q, K I ' Q, 2 ' in 60 Lexington . Irvine Richmond . Hazard Henderson Greenville Paducah . Carlisle Lexington . Cayce 6: E 10125 EDUCATION MARVIN AKERS ...... Jeffersonville, Ind. Basketball Team: Baseball Team. LADYE KATHLYN ALLEN ..... Mayfleld Kappa Kappa Gamma: Tau Sigma: Y W. C. A.: Physical Education Club. MARY LOUISE ANDERSON .... Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Spanish Club: French Club: U. K. Troupers: Future Teachers of America. LOUELLA BARRY ........ Ludlow Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Guignol: Future Teachers of America. ROBERT LEE BEELER, jrf .... Bardstown K Club: Football: Track: Advanced Military. BILLY BLACK . . . . Paducah K Club: Football: Baseball. BETTY BOTTORFF ........ Goshen Alpha Gamma Delta: Gulgnol: 240 Committee: Y. W. C.- A.: Student Union Committee: Kentucklan Staff. BETTY TAYLOR BRONSTON .... Lexington Chl Omega: W. A. A.: Y. W4 C. A. Alma Magna Mater: Rifle Team. GISI-IIE BEDERMAN . . . . . . . Lexington DAVID BROWN . . . . . . . Paducah W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Future Teachers of America. K Club: Scabbard and Blade: Football. Akers Allen Anderson Barry Bederman Bceler Black Bottorff Bronston Brown .4 ' ,. ,H o J: SE IORS W 5 - If . 1 1 ' "1 9 1- , - 'QQ 1.03.1 . '4'. lfhlglif. ' I . -' l V'- ' 5 - f . ff "V"'f.,f-, w w- , -W if 145 EDUCATION MARGARET HAYNES BROWN . . Paris Pike Chi Omega: Tau Sigma: Physical Education Club: Woman's Rifle Team: W. A. AJ: Future Teachers of America. MARY LEE BURNETT ....... Mayfleld Alpha Gamma Delta. Secretary: Y. W. C. A..: Business Education Club: W. A. A.: Girls' Swimming Team: Ken- tucklan Staff: Student Union Committee: Future Teachers of America. CHARLOTTE BYRN . . Mayfield Alpha Gamma Delta. MARGARET CALLIS ....., Delta Zeta: Y. W, C. A.: Future Teachers of America. . Frankfort PEARL CLARK . . Future Teachers of America: Y. W. C. A. . . . . . . Shelbyville LORRAYNE COCKRIEL ...... Owensboro Alpha Gamma Delta: Catholic Club: Dutch Lunch Club. MILDRED COLEMAN . . Allensville Zeta Tau Alpha: Y. W. C. A4 JOSEPH A. CONFORTI . . Kenosha, Wis. Intramural Otllcial. . Falmouth BERNICE DAUGHERTY ..... Kappa Delta, Assistant Treasurer and Treasurer: 240 Club: Freshman Club, Secretary: W. A. A.: Secretarial Club. MARGARET De BORD . ...... Louisville Y.. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Orchestra: Glee Club: Troupers Brown Burnett Byrn Callls Clark Cockriel Coleman Conforti Daugherty De Bord E, 5 Eckles Ellison Ewan Gallaher Gibson Gregory Halfhill Hardwick Harkey Harris AGNES ECKLES ........ Hopkinsville Chl Omega: Y. W. C. A.: Kentucklan Staff: Chi Delta Phl, Vice President: Future Teachers of America.. CATHERINE MANNING ELLISON . . . Twila Y. W. C. A.: Cabinet, Vice President: Phi Alpha Theta: Pitkin Club: Philosophy Club: German Club: Cosmopolitan Club: Future Teachers of America. 'LOUISE EWAN ......... Lexington Kappa Delta: W. A. A.: Alma Magna Mater: Y. W., C. A.: Kappa Delta, President: Pan-Hellenic Council. SARAH E. GALLAHER . . LaFollette, Tenn. Alpha Delta Pl: Y. W. C. A4 LUCILLE GIBSON ....... ' . Clintonville Future Teachers of America: Y. W. C. A. BETTY GREGORY ........ Louisville Kappa Kappa Gamma: Alma Magna Mater: Pitkin Club: Student Union House Committee: Y. W. C.. 'A. WILLIAM WALTER HALFHILL . Nicholasville FRANCES BARTON HARDWICK . . Lexington MARY LOU HARKEY . . North Little Rock, Ark. Kappa Delta. RUTH HARRIS ....... Hopkinsville Chl Omega: Y. W. C. A.: Future Teachers of America. EDUCATION f . cf " MI , N galil' ' A 4111, 51 l r ' w L , ,, . Hatter Hawk Haynes Hicks Hulette Johns Jones Kemp Koger Kraycr ANN RHOADS HATTER ..... Franklin OPAL JOHNS . . Nicholasville Alpha Gamma Delta, Treasurer and Secretary: Cwens: W. A.. A. Council, Secretary: Baptist Student Councll, Secretary: Alma Magna Mater: Future Teachers of Amerlco, MARY ELIZABETH JONES ' U . i Salvisa Y. W. C. A. Y. W. C. A.: Future Teachers ol' America. ISABELLE ELAINE HAWK . . E ' P . Zeta Tau Alpha, Y W C A., ne' 8 MARYMEGLONEKEMP . . . Springfield, 111. ' ' ' ' ' W4 A. A.: Glee Club: Future Teachers of America: Alma Magna Mater: Physical Education Club: SuKy, Vice Presl- Cl t. MARY BELL HAYNES . . Hopkinsville on ETHEL BROOKS KOGER . . Miami, Fla. 'LETHA HICKS ......... Paducah Kappa Kappa Gamma. Zeta 'I'au Alpha, Treasurer and Rush Chairman: Y. W. C. A.: Tau Sigma: Modern Dance Club: W. A. A.: Gulgnol. MIRIAM ANNE KRAYER . . St. Petersburg, Fla. Zeta Tau Alpha, Rush Chairman: Kentucklan, Edltor-ln- chief and Associate Editor: Pan-Hellenic, Secretary: Student RICHARD S' HULETTE """' Ashland Legislature: Kappa Delta Pt: Board of Student Publications: F00lQbl1ll Team: K Club: R. O. T. C.. Captain. Who's Who: Kernel Style Show Committee: Y. W. C. A. EDUCATION uf 2'ff s If A- A 34545. V. ' 1 1 , ,,': ' gy ' A Y 'wr .144-5 l,'. ',+'w ' 'aa-. J- m f' 64 . ,F E if E 4 .QA X 1 V A r ' 'ti I . ' ., H, wt- 1 X U -A ee... EDUCATION JOHN F.KURACHEK . . New York, N. Y. Baseball Team: "K" Club. RITA SUE LASLIE ....... West Point Cwens: Mortar Board: Chi Delta Phi: 240 Club: W. A. Al, Vice President: Baptist Student Union: Y. W. C. A.: Jewell Hall Council: Theta Sigma. Phi Award: Kernel Staff: Glee Club: U. K. Troupers: Student Welfare Committee. WALTER L. McCARRELL . Travelers Rest, S. C. Intramurals: Y.. M. C. A. K JAMES COOPER MATHEWSON . . Vanceburg Basketball: Baseball: K Club. SHIRLEY MATTOX .... . Madisonville Kappa. Kappa Gamma: Y. W. C. A. ROBERT D. MONTONDO . . . Lockport, N. Y. Sigma Chl: Scabbard and Blade: Keys: U. K. Troupers. PATRICIA AGNES MULROY . . . Waynesburg Y. W., C. A.: Cosmopolitan Club: Future Teachers of America. CHARLOTTE MYERS ...... Glasgow Y. W. C. A.: Future Teachers of America: Baptist Student Union. - LEE OVERSTREET . . Nicholasville Kappa Delta. MARJORIE LEE OWENS . . Lexington Kurachek Laslle Mccarrell Mathewson Mattox Montondo Mulroy Myers Overstreet Owens 7" ., fl A I .' , if f ,fa.J, . .g - -If , 'll l f s i. ,n2',4.Q' ' N- f--. -lff'-vyr-' EDUCATION CARRIE LOUELLEN PENN .... Georgetown Kappa Delta: Pan-Hellenic Council: U. K. Troupers: Y. W. C. A. ROBERT PLAGA . . . . Alpha Tau Omega: Pershing Rifles. . Newport MARY THOMAS POWERS . .. . . Lexington Mortar Board: Y. W.. C. A. Cabinet: Future Teachers of America. DOROTHY DEE PRESTON ..... Louisville Kappa Delta: Glee Club: Y. W. C. A.: Future Teachers of America. LILA JUNE ROBERTSON ...... Bethel Delta Delta Delta: Future Teachers of America: Y W. C. A.: W. A. A. EVELYNMERRELL RUSSELL . . . Louisville Chl Omega: Pitkin Club: Y. W. C. A.: W.. A. A.: Student Union Committee. CHARLOTTE SALE ....... Lexington Alpha Delta Pl: Y. W.. C. A.: W. A. A.: Future Teachers of America: Phi Beta: Physical Education Club: Modern Dance Club: U. K. Troupers: Tau Sigma. LOUIS J. SCHWARTZ ....... Maysvillc Catholic Club: Physical Education Club. RUTH HUNT RICE . . Lexington BARRY SHAW . . Belle Harbor, L. I Penn Plaga Powers Preston Rice Robertson Russell Sale Schwartz Shaw -.......-..., Schubert C. Smith W. Smith Smoot Snyder Steele Stevenson Traugott. Trosper Tucker MARY JOY SCHUBERT . . .' .... Warsaw Y. W. C. A.: 240 Club: Future Teachers of America. CHRISTINE COLLINS SMITH . . Lexington WILLIAM K. SMITH . . Ashland LUCILLE sMooT ........ Carlisle Business Education Club: 240 Club: Future Teachers of America: Y. w. c. A. MARY KIRKWOOD SNYDER J . . Lexington Allihd Xl Delta: Glee Club: SuKy: Alma Magna Mater. MARY ANITA STEELE ....... Hazard Alpha Xi Delta: Y, W. C. A.: Concert Band: Woman's Glee Club: 240 Club: Philharmonic Orchestra. ELAINE STEVEN SON ...... Brooksville Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club: Future Teachers of America. WANDA TRAUGOTT . Phi Mu. . Brooksville ORVILLE WENDELL TROSPER . . . Corbin Alpha, Sigma Phi: Band: Orchestra: Glee Club: Phi Mu Alpha.: Alpha Sigma Phi, Treasurer. WILLIAM A.TUCKE'R . . . Louisville Football: Track. EDUCATION SE IDRS M T: ix 1 rl 'fx 1 's - rev. K 1Q1g-we O ' ' ,J 'nf si Al' Aff, Q :- ' .!,7'.f-if . I- -,V '0i11".,,':1,L5 O ' lj -K. 7' 1 ,iw A . 'if' .gf - I '.:,7f 1,7 i' f' L 'V T: f 3-3' , 7 5 "-T. lx ' ' Ei, '-, . v . .f f. 3 v 'fm- ,1,,,.vM. M, ,Nw .,..,. Walker White Vaughn Q Vermillion DOROTHY DALTON VAUGHN . . . Louisville JEAN I-IAYS WALKER ...... Springfield Zeta Tau Alpha. President: Y. W. C. A. Senior Cabinet, Y. W.i C. A.: W. A. A.: Future Teachers of America. Secretary: Pan-Hellenic Council: Pitkin Club. ROSE VERMILLION . . . . Jellico, Tenn. WALLER WHITE . . Lawrenceburg Y, W, C, A, Basketball. Without Pictures ERMAL GLEN ALLEN . . Morristown, Tenn. ELIZABETH HEWETT BOTTORFF . Goshen ALONZO COMBS ......... Ary MARTHA LOUISE DONNELL . . . Versailles LUCILLE BUSH DUNCAN .... LaGrange SARA REVELL ESTILL . . . . Lexington LAWRENCE GAMBLE . . . Earlington ANNA GLOVER GEIGER . . . Lexington STEVE GRABEN . .... Campbell, Ohio CHARLES ROBERT JONES . . . Louisville GERTRUDE KOHLER . . . . . Lexington DOROTHY LEE MCNEILL . . Lexington ROY R. MAY ........ Winchester LUCIAN YANN MOREMAN . . Valley Station THELMA C. PEACE ........ Corbin ARMINTA HELEN ROBERTS . . .Osborn MARY JOY SCHUPERT . . . . . Warsaw RUTH WALDMAN TAYLOR . . . Louisville KENNETH E. VANLANDINGHAM Crittenden TOM S. WHITAKER ...... Frankfort ANITA MARY KALFAIAN . Weehawken, N. J. THOMAS F. ZINN . . Burnsville, W. Va. ' E D U c A T 1 o N f' SENIORS SE IDRS X i' 'I 41 '-.--- .fs F.. Li' I. . " t A I lfg 9 ' U' "-P Q' ff.. .L 1 ENGINEERING JOSEPH ADAMS . . Lynch CECIL ANDERSON . . Lancaster RONALD ANDREW .... Schenectady, N. Y. Band: 1940 Kentucklan Staff: Concert Band: Norwood Mining and Metallurgical Society, President. ROLLIE C. ASI-IURST ...... Georgetown TWIHEIG: SuKy: Lances: Norwood Mining and Metallurgical Society. EDWIN BARKMAN .... Watkins Glen, N. Y. American Institute of Mechanical Engineering: Intramurals. JAMES BOWLING ........ Harlan Delta Tau Delta: President: Lamp and Cross: Band: Y. M. C. A.: Gulgnol House Manager: Mechanical Engineering Society. CHESTER BROWN ........ Lexington Triangle: Scabbard and Blade: Pershing Rides. Second Lieutenant: American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Pistol and Rifle Team, President. WILLIAMBRUCKART . . . Washington, D. C. Pi Kappa Alpha: Nnrwood Mining Soctlety: American Institute of Mechanical Engineering: Keys: Y. M. C. A.: Pitkin Club: Photography Club: Kentucklan, Sophomore Assistant Editor and Associate Editor: Fencing Teagn: Inter- Frnternity Council: Student Standards Committee: Guignol. WILLIAM CAMPBELL . . . . Lexington Triangle: Y. M. C. A.: Pitkin Club. WILLIAM CARLEY ....... Georgetown American Institute of Electrical Engineering: U. K. Radio Studios: Engineer. Adams Anderson Andrew Ashurst Barkman Bowling Brown Bruckart Campbell Carley 'Q ' V f .Mr -' '1"'aQ L SE IORS x 'Y . Somerset JOHN CARSON ....... Fencing Team, Captain: Pitkin Club: Y. M. C. A., Senior Cabinet, CARLCOMBS . . . . . . . . . Langley Triangle: American Society of Civil Engineers. . N - f -' fa n l ig fi ' ,e ff ,gy E N G I N E E R I N G JAMES DELANEY . . Lexington DONALD DESEY ....... Stamford, Conn. Norwood Mlnlng and Metallurgical Society: Fencing Team. ANDREW EDWARDS .... . Burlington JAMES CONNER ' ..'.'..- Burlington American Institute of Electrical Engineers. American Institute of Electrical Eenglneerlng. RICHARD EVANS ..... . Martin VARGE CORNETT , , Blackey American Institute of Electrical Engineers. LOUIE CUMMINS ..... . Brooksville WILLIAM FORSTON ....... Lexington American Society of Civil Engineers. American Society of Clvll Engineers. Carson Combs Conner Cornett Cummins Delaney Desy Edwards Evans Forston v ...,,, 4 l l 1 g Guthrie Haskell Hermann Hood Hopper Jackson Jones Klssel Lewis Ligh 1 HARVEY 'LOGAN GUTHRIE . . . Danville TOM CLEVELAND JACKSON .... Lebanon Pershing Rides: Scabbard and Blade, Secretary: Pitkin Club, President: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Sec- retary, Vice President, President: Student-Faculty Round B. PAUL HASKELL ' ' ' B1ueP1Hins, D- C. Table: Lances, Vice President: Y. M. C. A. P1 Kappa Alpha: Track Team. ' X LOREN JONES . . California EDWARD R. HERMANN ..... Newport I Intramurals: American Society of Civil Engineers. CHARLES KISSEL . . Louisville CHARLES RAY HOOD ....... Ashland American Institute of Electrical Engineering., QUENTIN HULEWIS I u u . I Whitesburg American Society of Civil Engineers. EWIGHT LEE HOPPER . . . Jacksonville,I1l. h - . Pi? rifeEg1r3al:hsac?g2'La9.Phi Sigma., Vice President, Tau Beta H- KU0-DENG LIGH O New York City E N G I N E E R I N G fl' 3 ' it .I , 6lQ1'f7"F" is A " Q' I 1' L" 'N- 4'feW mvaqgrf.. QE! H' 1 ,-an ff ,- A- 23, x A - Ziftzff uf at , -iii ft 'N fda - ,fm 2 J' Mahan Marcum Mercer Mitchell Moore Nltzschke Padgett Patterson Penne. Pickard THOMAS ARCHER MAHAN .... Frankfort Lances: 240 Committee: Sigma Pl Sigma: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. CHARLES RAY MARCUM ..... Richmond Tau Beta Pl: American Institute of Electrlcal Englneersl JERRYLONGEST MERCER . . . Central City Norwood Mining and Metallurgical Society: American In- stltute of Mechanical Engineers: Alma Magna Mater: Student Legislature. PEYTON LOVING MITCHELL . . Lexington STANLEY MILWARD MOORE . Pittsburgh, Pa. Phi Delta Theta: Keys: American Society of Mechanical J. D. NITZSCHKE ....... Danville Triangle, President: Tau Beta Pl: Inter-Fraternity Council: American Society of Clvll Engineers. GLENN E. PADGETT ....... Somerset Band: Sigma Pl Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Kentucky Englneer, Associate Editor: American Institute of Electrical Engineers, President: Confederate Squad. ANTHONY RUSSELL PATTERSON . Louisville Lamp and Cross: Student Government Acsoclatlon, Presl- dent: Tau Beta Pl: Who's Who. STANLEY W. PENN A ....... Louisville Tau Beta Pl: Student Government Assoclatlon, Vlce Presl- dent: Student Board of Publications. E,,g,m,e,S, RALPH CARMAN PICKARD . . Mayfield 'T A P' , ENGINEERING SE I ORS R 1 V '1 C, SE I ORS , O E X, .fi f I A.,-i Q. ENGINEERING WALTER L. PICKLESIMER . . . Paintsville American Instituto of Electrical Engineers. HOWARD E. PRICE . . Painesville, O. Delta Chi. HAROLD BELL REVLETT . . Calhoun MILTON C. RICE ........ Paris Alpha Tau Omega: American Society of Mechanical En- gineers: Y. M. C. A. EDWARD ROBINSON ...... Lexington Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. HASKELL JOHNSON ROSS .... caneasburg Alpha Tau Omega: Kentucklan Staff: Kentucky Engineer: Scabbard and Blade: Inter-Fraternity Council: Y. M. C. A. TEDDYV.ROUSE . . . . . . . . Cox's Creek Triangle: American Society of Civil Engineers. DAN sABo ........ East Chicago, 111. Triangle, Vice President: American Society of Civil En- gineers, Secretary. . GEORGE A. SCOTT . . Frankfort WILLIAM C. RICE . . Lexxngton Dena Tau Delta. Keys. Plckleslmer Price Revlett M. Rice W. Rice Robinson Ross Rouse Sabo Scott -gi.. , 6 x lf... ENGINEERING ,ffl 4' 1 'if 'V -I SE IORS ., lf W 1 Lay 43, fi 1-v 'f'v, .-, -: ,. - , tv-'-3 I RAY VERNON SCOTT . Photography Club: Boxing. . Bardstown WILLIAM SISCO ...... Bardstown Sigma Phi Epsilon: American Institute of Electrical En- gineers: Y. M. C. A. ALBERT J. SPARE ....... Covington Triangle: Pershing Rifles: Scabbard and Blade: Unlverslty Catholic Club: Rifle and Pistol Club, ESTEN WARFIELD SPEARS .... Lexington FRED STEEDLY . . Louisville THOMAS MARION STEWART . . . Lexington Triangle: Catholic Club: American Society of Civil Engineers. GEORGE WILLIAMS TERRELL . . Lexington Kappa Sigma: Y. M. C. A. Senior Cabinet: Lamp and Cross: SuKy: Glee Club: Student Union Board. Kappa. Alpha: American Society ol' Mechanical Engineers: CHARLES J' WADE ' ' Lebanon Pershing Rifles. Sigma Alpha EDSUOYI- JOHN ROGER SPICER .... New York City I u Phi Kappa Tau: Kernel Staff: Boxing Team: Catholic Club. BUFORD R- WHITT ' ' Williamson: W' Va' Scott Sisco Spare Spears Spicer Steedly Stewart Terrell Wade Whitt 4 Williams Young J IM B. WILLIAMS . . Shepherdsville D. W. YOUNG . . Verne Without Pictures SAM C. BERRY . . . Lexington ANDREW A. GYOKER .... Hammond, Ind. FRANK H. BROWN . . . . . Lexington RAYMOND H. HAYS . . . Lexington WILLIAM L. BRUCKART . Washington, D. C. PAUL W. HENSLEY . . . . Lexington JEAN ROGERS DeJ'ARNETT . . . Coxington JOE C. LEASURE . . . . Madisonville DANN WOOD DENNY . . . Lexington CHESTER F. ROBARDS . . . Shepherdsville ROBERT M. DRAKE . .U . .Cynthiana J OE P. ROYSDON ....... Lexington VALORIS H. FLORENCE . . Crittenden CLAYTON H. SHACKELFORD . Mt. Sterling JOHN GAINES ...... . . Frankfort JOHN WARNOCK .... . Ashland ALLEN GIBSON . . . . Mayfield E N G I N E E R I N G QT SE was '- 2. 75 -:: 'N' ' f' . 1 . le ff. Q! 15 ' 4. ?,s,,,.... " 1'f"Jg5g:.Uk 1, I' 1-.. L J Q 'f , . , YJ f .t 5 Xu ' fi A Y 11,3 A ,- If - .. l' .-1. 4 mv. A SE was Q ,QP LAW MARY LOUISE BARTON ..... Falmouth Kentucky Law Journal: Student Bar Association: Unlverslty Speakeasy Club: Chl Delta Phi: Phl Delta Phi. JOHN BOLES ......... Lexington Phi Kappa Tau: Phi Delta Phl: Beta Gamma Sigma. JOHN H. CLARKE ........ Maysville Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer: Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Alpha Delta: Omlcron Delta Kappa, Presldent: Kentucky Law Journal, Business Manager:Patterson Literary Society, Vice Presldent. JAMES R. HOWELL Jr ..... Hodgensville Sigma Nu: Phi Delta Phi: Y. MJ C. A.: Kernel Staff: Delta Sigma Chi: Lances. A. W. LEE ....... Louisville .......... Kappa Alpha: Scabbard and Blade: Pershing Rifles: K Club: ELMOND L. MARTIN .... . Lexington Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Alpha Delta. IVERSON DILLARD MARTIN . . Lexington Alma Magna Mater. SAM BOYD NEELY ......... Hazel Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer: Student Bar Association, Second Year Class Representative, ROYVANCEJL . . . . . . . . Paducah Kentucky Law Journal, Editor: Student Bar Association. Track Team: Lances: R. O. T. C., First Lieutenant. JOHN LUCIAN WARD ' ' Harrodsburg Barton Boles Clarke Howell Lee E. Martln I. Martin Neely 1 Vance Ward HIRAM BROCK . W. TICOMISKY . JOHN FULTON . . GRANT KNUCKLES CHARLES LANDRUM PHILLIP PHILLIS . Williams SQUIRE WILLIAMS ...... Lexington Sigma. Chi: Phl Sigma Alpha: Phi Alpha Delta. Without Pictures . . Harlan ALAN ROBIN S .... Freeport, N. Y. . Lexington MAHLON SHELBOURNE . . Paducah . Frankfort K. SHEPHERD .... . Lexington . Beverly ROBERT STEVENSON . . Henshaw . Lexington PARIS SWINFORD . . . Disputanta . Paintsville JAMES WINE . . Prestonsburg L A W I I j, 77 Z: ,E .C fb ' M795 'yi' 4 L- .. 4 UN I ORS MARTHA RAY ADAMS Louisville Chi Omega DOROTHY P. ANGLE Woodburn N. ROMEY BARDWELL, Jr. Clarksville, Tennessee MYRTLE BINKLEY Fulton GEORGIA BOOHER Cynthiana Kappa Delta DOTTY BUTTS Versailles 3,-'xi-' A ' 1 N-f I 5' I , 7 1 ' '1' ' I v il aff-121' fl, R 'T . .. 'lf if ' , 9171 ,aes f sy ,O H. 4' ' ","'1,x LEONARD BARNES ALLEN Cleveland, Ohio Alpha GammaRho REBECCA BAKER Owensboro GARLAND M. BASTIN Hardyville MARY MARRS BOARD Lawrenceburg Chi Omega BETTY JANE BREWER Paintsville NELSON CANDE Dalton, Massachusetts Alpha Gamma Rho JIMMY R. COFFEY, Jr. J effersontown CATHERINE C. COOPER Lexington ROBERT COURTNEY Lexington Phi Delta Theta JAMES CROWLEY Butler Alpha Gamma Rho JAMES S. DINNING Franklin REID B.ENG LAND Tompkinsville Alpha Gamma Rho 2 J. FRANCIS COLLIS Richmond JAMES E. CORBIN Providence Alpha Sigma Phi BEULAH M. CROPPER Lexington WARD T. DARNELL, Jr. Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon META BUSH DOWDEN Franklinton HAROLD J. EVANS Woodburn Alpha Gamma Rho 79 Agriculture 9 UNIQ1-is ELIZABETH FILE Beckley, West Virginia Chi Omega VIRGINIA GAY Lexington ELMER HIXSON Lexington MARIAN KENDALL Vanceburg JEANNE LANCASTER Lebanon LUELLA LAWRENCE Bardstown A f" ,Q Zetq Tau Alpha 1- ,firs- RIAA f X pu - If . X I , ' 'Pg . + uf. -I Ji 'fu-I . fin. ,,.'6+., .1 ! ,- l,. 1 Nlgflg n It 'iw' 'V ' 'W 59,51 if , ' aw 4. Q --H4 vvv! - ,',, g .gif ' -1--N. X-.laxv-l ,.J"" DOROTHY J' EAN GARRISON ' Paris JANE B. HAYS Lexington ELEANOR J. HYDE Westfield, New York ROBERT KIBLER Paducah Alpha Gamma Rho WALT LUNDRUM Cumberland Lambda Chi Alpha MARY DENTON McCHESNEY Lexington BETTY MacGREGOR Lexington Alpha Xi Delta MARTHA MARLOW New Albany, Indiana FRANCES MORGERSON Lexington MARVIN J. POWERS Whalen JANE RANKIN Buena Vista Phi Mu VIRGINIA LEE RVEIMER Hebron C4 lfx I E ! MW' Q X 4 ' ' 'U' .0 ' rg DAVID C. McCORD Lexington Kappa Alpha CLIFFORD K. MARTIN Livia J. W. POE, J r., Williamstown BETTY PROCTOR Lexington Kappa Delta WILLIAM PORTER READ Glasgow Alpha Gamma Rho JAMES S. ROBERTSON Eminence Phi Kappa Tau 81 Agriculture UN I ORS DOROTHY CORNISH ROWE Lexington FLOY DEANE RUSSEL Hartford GERALD SCHAFFER Henshaw Alpha Gamma Rho MARY ROTH SINGER Lexington MILDRED MATILDA SNAPP Lexington LYDA MAE SUTHERLAND Wingo M' 1 Q ,if 14' 5, ff ,FC A ,F I' 1' 3' 0,3 1 I 'gin .H v , I 'H ,-V, - ,' f . "'f'-W' r sl Eg, M , , I ,-N EVAN RAY RUSSEL Hartford MARY LOUISE SCEARCE Shelbyville Delta Delta Delta BERTIE FRANCES SEXTON Lexington VIRGINIA LEE SKIDMORE Gary's Knob JIM M. STRAUSS Louisville FRANCES TIMBERLAKE Munfordville 'f 82 mir' ff, ,Z ff C4 :Qi .. A, . what ' fi X 4x , . 1 0 .. 2-4":- If' ,en .. LESLIE VAN HOY ALMA RUTH VINSANT Henderson Lexington FRANCES ELIZABETH WALKER FRANKLIN M. WALKER Elizabethtown Crestwood THOMAS JACKSON WEAVER Maylield Alpha Tau Omega Without Pictures Lynn Allen Imogene Art Lucian W. Barnes Lauson R. Beahl Raymond A. Bracken Marian H. Bradford Raymond A. Brockman All T. Burke Frank K. Calvin Robert L. Carneal James E. Click Willie C. Coleman Dorothy L. Collins Alice F. Connell Sam Coppock Jr. Eulice Cornett Edith M. Coyne Beattie M. Delong Jody M. Di Giacomo Mary E. Feltner Robert D. Flowers Donald W. Galloway Melford L. Garrison Genevieve Gee Roger E. Gish Robert L. Goodpaster John I. Gray Billy R. Greene Violet S. Gregory Mildred K. Hanock Ann Louise Harrison John S. Harrison A. F. Hicks Jr. Gladys M. Hill Luther J . Hutcherson Hiram J. 'Johnson James L. King Carl Hestian Lay Mary H. Manley George D.Noble Jewell M. Piper James A. Porter Marie Ratliff William L. Renaker Agriculture sf Q a , 1 - ,gs ' L ,' I .5 ! + . -.. I 'l 'ff QL 'uihfi f V.,,,7, 1..:, ,. L . W Nil- 'V L -7 Qi '- ' E us, Sa" 4, - .v 'wi "r,v,,,k 1,5 I -1 UN I ORS ROBERT LEONARD ADAIR Lexington DORIS J EANE ALDRIDGE Kansas City, Missouri ROBERT JAMES AMMONS Lexington Delta Tau Delta BETTY AVENT Lexington Chi Omega JANE CARPENTER BIRK New Albany, Indiana JOSEPH A. BOHNAK N am on Massachusetts M o Q fl, Ita Chi ' if' uf if JACK ADAMS Vanceburg Phi Sigma Kappa MARY ZOU ALLEN Paducah ANN AUSTIN Williamsburg Delta Delta Delta FRANK A. BAUER, Jr. Louisville MARY LOCKHART BLAIR Parkersburg, West Virginia VIRGINIA BREEDING Crab Orchard Alpha Delta Pi LUCILLE BRITTON Versailles JAMES JOSEPH BUCKLEY Maysville Kappa Sigma VIRGINIA CALLOS Lexington MARIO CATINI Ashland Delta Tau Delta ELIZABETH GRIMES CHAPMAN X Paris Kappa Kappa Gamma ROBERT CONWAY Ashland ,F ,: J ULIETTE BRYSON Ashland Alpha Gamma Delta BETTE BUDDE Ft. Mitchell Delta Delta Delta JAMES H. CARROLL Elizabethtown BETTY JANE CHAPMAN Lexington Alpha Xi Delta PAUL CHEAP Ashland Alpha Tau Omega ELINOR B. CULLISON Coshocton, Ohio Kappa Delta Arts and Sciences I 0 A- '4 X 41 Qt wx? , " 'SY ' Af. W' A I A ' if o fff- ,j' H ,tw .. UN IDRS it CHARLES R. DANIEL Lexington Kappa Alpha LELAND E. DAY Lexington Delta Chi FRANCES BOND ENLOW Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Alpha Chi Omega BOB FARRISS Akron, Ohio ANNE FUSS Frankfort Alpha Gamma Delta RICHARDIGARD Lexington Kappa Sigma ,"l 2:49 ,Qc f .' 1 .- .4 f IL ,, . N , ey, ,,,-1 ,, qt A in dl h X . L -, 7124 ' 1 , T' 4 . -.,..-th,, ,..,-W NANCY WILSON DANN St. Petersburg, Florida Chi Omega GEORGE EDWARDS Harrodsburg Sigma Chi MARY ANN FARBACK Anchorage Kappa Kappa Gamma ELSIE MAY FLEISHMAN Lexington CATHERINE GROVER GAINES Georgetown Kappa Kappa Gamma SARAH GOERING Hawesville Alpha Gamma Delta DORIS JEANNE GOLDEN Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Gamma Delta WILYAH ELLIOTT GRAVES Lexington Delta Zeta PAT HANAUER Fort Thomas HELEN MARTHA HATCHER Victor, Colorado Kappa Delta MARY GARNER HAYWORTH Lynch MARTHA MAE HIXSON Lexington Alpha Xi Delta is -2 JI! X 41 "--'N 'N A Y. lv I Q o ff' v. 17 ,. SUE FAN GOODING Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma BEVERLY ANN GRIFFITH Fort Wayne, Indiana PAUL HARRISON Mason MARGARET HATCHER Trenton CARL T. HENDERSON Covington Delta Chi BETTYE ANNE HOWARD Louisville Kappa Delta Arts and Sciences W EUNIORS ROBERT HUMPHREYS Owensboro ESTHER DULIN JOHNSON St. Petersburg, Florida Chi Omega ALLEN C. KARSTROM Evanston, Illinois Kappa Alpha JOSEPH McCLURE KEiLLY Lexington Kappa Alpha MARTHA ALICE KITHCART St. Petersburg, Florida Chi Omega HILDA McCLARAN Jackson, Tennessee Chi Omega ia- X -its nys I ' L '5' ' u 3 f 1' -,...11'! . fa.-",7'p'lff L 5 LM. -iff' f 'J tw-f' 1 RUSSELL A. HUNT Lexington RAYMOND JOHNSON Frankfort JOHN MORSE KELLY Lexington Kappa Alpha MARY PATERSON KENT Bagdad J. DONALD LAIL Lexington Phi Kappa Tau FAY MCDEARMAN Cleveland, Mississippi JOHN SIDNEY McLELLAN Kingsport, Tennessee Sigma Phi Epsilon KATHERINE MICHELSON St. Petersburg, Florida LINDA MILLS Sylvania, Georgia Alpha Delta Pi SAM MORROW Louisville Sigma Chi BERNARD GALE NEAL Huntington, West Virginia Sigma Chi OLIVE OFFENHAUSER Bluff Point, New York Kappa Kappa Gamma rn fl .E .F N Z ' 1' , ,439 9 1 ' 1 " .- - ,s,VM . . JANE MAGRUDER Lexington Alpha Xi Delta CHARLES HARRIS MICHLER Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon GLENN ELWOOD MOHNEY Lexington MILDRED MURRAY Lexington JUNE NICHOLSON Portsrnouth, Virginia LOIS CLAIR OGDEN Covington Alpha Xi Delta Arts and Sciences ff UN I ORS ANNE CASSELL OVERSTREET Nicholasville Kappa Delta ROBERTA PHILLIPS Lexington Delta Delta Delta EMMA BELXL PORTER Madisonville Alpha Gamma Delta BETTY JANE PUGH Lexington Alpha Xi Delta MARJORIE REYNOLDS 3 .f f' 90 Lexington Alpha Xi Delta MARY LUCILLE RION Lexington -' 41 2 , T 2 L.-1 .. , -fy via- .zljf J K -rw.. Tie- . ,KW W-' BETH PAGE Cuba Chi Omega MARION KATHRYN PIRKEY Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta J ENNIE C. PUCKETT Indianapolis, Indiana BARBARA REI-IM Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta SUSANNA REYNOLDS Carlisle JANET RODES Fort Riley, Kansas Kappa ,Kappa Gamma JOYCE ROGERS Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York GEORGE ROTH Martin's Ferry, Ohio ANN LOUISE SAUNDERS Flemingsburg Kappa Delta HUBERT FRANK SCHEER Louisville Delta Chi MARY KAVANAUGH SCOTT Lancaster Kappa Kappa Gamma AGNES SMITH Lexington lf lf 4, '4 -fi 4 W" 4 o ' f " ff ELLEN LILLIAN ROPER Hopkinsville WILMA HOPE SALMON Lexington PAUL SAVAGE Lexington Alpha Sigma Phi IDA MOORE SCHOENE Webster Groves, Missouri Delia Zeta BUFORD A. SHORT Lexington Kappa Alpha BEVERLY SMITH Somerset Kappa Kappa Gamma L Arts and Sciences if 5: 5. fix 451, ff ., M , llb, J "" UN I URS PATRICIA SNIDER Bloomfield HOWARD SOUTHWOOD Danville JOAN E. TAYLOR Cynthiana Kappa Delta THERESA THEILING Orangeburg, South Carolina Zeta Tau Alpha SHIRLEY THOMAS Erlanger Alpha Gamma Delta VIRGINIA GAY WALKER Vero Beach, Florida Alpha Gamma Delta i Q 'S f if 92 VINCENT SPLANE Louisville LILLIAN TATE Hopkinsville Alpha Gamma Delta JOHN LAFFERTY TAYLOR Cynthiana Phi Delta Theta HAROLD THEOBALD Shively Phi Kappa Tau OLIVE JANE VANCE Maysville Alpha Gamma Delta ELSIE WARREN Lexington Delta Delta Delta EDWARD BASTIN WEBB Science Hill FRANCES WILLIAMS Lexington Alpha Xi Delta MARCIA WILLING Lexington Alpha Xi Delta JAY WILSON Detroit, Michigan JAMES WOOLDRIDGE Hopkinsville Kappa Alpha 'B p 4: 1. Alai "wir .L ' 0' , A . WILLIAM WHARTON Columbia, Missouri Sigma Alpha Epsilon J EAN WILLIAMS Lexington HELEN B. WILSON Hot Springs, Arkansas KATE HEMPHILL WOODS N icholasville Arts and Sciences ,f 'N r If . 1 i , ' Ig ' s V - i -1 , ,iff WE" 'lu W lva- I fi ,-,, N. ,, ,.' 47 -. - ., f b F .'-Hy' , .gif . o ., M., V, - V S - 5.1, fi ' - amz- -- 'ww-M., .,-X A. ...N UN I ORS Louise E. Adams Perry R. Adams Vernon G. Alexander Henry C. Barnett G. D. Beach Joseph B. Beard Marion N. Berry Frances Bogie Nettie Ruth Bootze Robert Borden E. Marie Brackett Margaret Bradshaw Harold Butner Dalton Caldwell Donald Carr Van Deren Coke Richard Colvin Hollie Conley Evelyn Cox Jane Cramer Theophalus Croft William Cross Guy Cunningham Roy Cunningham Tilden Deskins Martha Dickstein Virginia Lee Dixon Nerita Mary Dodge George Doyle William Duggins Hollis Edmonds Richard Farmer Demetrius Fassas Dick Cyril Ferguson John Fitzpatrick Betty Lee Foster Arthur Francis Anne Fryer Margaret Fulton Russell Gilkey Jack Godhelff Virginia Goldsmith Walter Graubart Jeanette Graves Richard Griffith John Hankins Rachel Hardin If ' 1- 05 'R' A 94 f Without Pictures Paul Hargett William Harris Martha Hayman Allison Hearne Dorothy Hill Harriett Hord Robert Houpt John Hubbard John Hudson Jane Lee Humphrey John Hyatt Eugene Ison Bill Ison Raymond Johnson Jack Jones John Kelly Ralph Kemp Shirley Kilgore David Kinnaird Lowry Kohler Paul Laine Eugene Lair Herschel Lowenthal Laura McConathy Trilby McKeehan David Marcus Carolyn Marsteller Margaret Maupin Nancy Maxwell Dick Mayo Ann Myers Merideth Jane Meyers John Minogue Lillian Mitchell Robert Montgomery Marjorie Moran Kathryn Morrison Stanley Morton Robert Myers William Naylor John Neely Wharton Nelson Virginia Lee Nickell Oleta Newell William Oliver Louise Ostrander Willard Overstreet Janet Palmer Robert Parr Horace Pendleton Olga Pennebaker Tom Poole Charles Pope Emma Pope Luther Powell Wilma Powell Mary Prather Glenn Price Seymour Pudding Henry Ramenda Omar Ratliff Bronston Redmon Scott Reed Bromfield Ridley Ethel Roberts Ruth Robinette Harold Rogers Charles Schiller Frank Skillman Marshall Smith Robert Snowden Charles Steinfort Maurice Stevens Edwin Stewart Roberta Stone - Cofer Sunderman Robert Tanner Cecil Taylor Ethel Terrell Clayton Thomas Houston Thomas Dolores Thompson Fanny Trautmann Marian Dolores Tucker James Walker George Warwick William Welborn Jewell Williams Edgar Wilson George Wilson Clark Wood Betsy Woodford John Woodyard Marjorie Wyatt Leonard Zakem fl? Arts and Sciences UN I ORS JACK E. AICKEN Louisville Sigma Phi Epsilon JOHN BILL BLACK Barbourville Alpha Sigma Phi MARTHA BOOHER Cynthiana ROY MONTGOMERY COONS Lexington Phi Delta Theta ROBERT EVERETT DAVIS Upper Montclair, New Jersey MARY KATHERINE EARLE Lexington 6 f ..,,X. . s-,' -. , 0 RUBY EVELYN BAXTER Lawrenceburg MARY LEWIS BOAZ Franklin Alpha Gamma Delta JAMES MERLE BUELL Cumberland MILDRED CRAWFORD Lexington WILLIAM MITCHELL DEEP Lebanon WINFRED M. ELLIS Chaplin Sigma Alpha Epsilon 07717718768 I ,v ,.4 A , X- ' 74 A I 'if , , , 4- 5 an I A f ' ' ' ,A fjlii 1 -.J I Q., p '-- ' ---W. ue raw- ,.:" UN I ORS JAMES ROBERT EVANS Martin WIN STON KEY GARDNER Dry Ridge RUSSELL GRESHAM Lexington Phi Kappa Tau ALEXANDER DANIEL HALL, J r. Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon LEE ROY HUGHES Franklin Sigma Alpha Epsilon RUSSEL C. JONES Berea ,-4 . Kappa Sigma ,521 W' Ai" Q fi Y' ff? 96 WILLIAM M. FLOYD Eminence Phi Delta Theta BRADFORD T. GARRISON Lexington WALTER C. GUNNELL Emma ROBERT H. HILLENMEYER Lexington Phi Delta Theta JOHN THOMAS JACKSON Lexington Kappa Alpha GUY MCCONNELL V Covington Delta Chi MARION STUART MAHURIN Henderson Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARY ELIZABETH MILLER Memphis, Tennessee VIRGINIA PINEUR Nicholasvile MORTON RAYMOND Morehead Sigma Chi IRENE BERNICE SALUTSKY Somerset JACK R. THOMPSON, Jr. Louisville Phi Delta Theta f if .C no 1' Y NN . q2q3,v:q" iq , ' ,Me J 1... ' ---V" TOWNSELL G. MARSHALL Prestonsburg TERRY NOLAND Richmond Sigma Alpha Epsilon NANCY PRICE Paris CHARLES R. ROSE Lexington WILLIS ROBERT SUTHERLAND Lexington Sigma Alpha Epsilon CLAUDE WHEELER TRAPP Lexington Sigma Chi 07717718768 12" UN I ORS MARY J O UN DERWOOD Winchester EUGENE WHALEN Cynthiana WILLIAM P. WILSON . Lexington Kappa Sigma Emilie August Aldridge Thomas D. Arkle William Edward Balden Joseph Boatman Melvin Charles Brewer John Burgin Ray W. Burnette Ann Cannon Alfred Cogdill Virgil L. Christian David W. Collins Brooks Coons Ralph Lee Dean Harold Dever George A. Dodson Carlyle Driver Bettie Dunn Frank G. B. Etscorn Paul Frank Robert Grogan M' Frank B. Hale 1 I us Ed Hank C :rip if 5 lf. .4 I A, .f 1 .9 q . E' 'gf' .A -.. H 'l ,, .. .. 4, 'if' VH 4.1 Z - Q ln.-,514 . N. v 71,...'f 1 . V 3577 . A W '1F"'v.,--. ' 'S' mv, Without Pictures LeGrand Hatcher George Hanley J oe Howard Ellis Franklin J ones Robertson Kagin Margaret E. Keaton John LeRoy Keller Jim Keneipp John Harvey Kerr Julian Knippenberg John Lanier Lowell Lepp Harold Lathram Mary Fletcher Mann Woodrow Marcum William McCrosky John William McDaniel Arnold F. McRae Charles Robert Minton Caroline Newell Richard E. Nickerson Bernard S. O'Nan 98 THOMAS WALKER Louisville Phi Delta Theta WILLIAM ATLEE WILSON Lexington Phi Delta Theta Gordon Parsons Martin Raymond Edward Reinhardt Charles O. Rice Anthony Joseph Roche Lewis Rowady Walter Ruby Louis Scheinman Walter J. L. Schick Glenn W. Sellers Otho Shadwick Wallace B. Southall Roger E. Sproles Eileen Sullivan John Stephen Swift Milton M. Ticco John O. Tyler Norbert Ward Robert D. Warth William H. Weaver Hugh Witt Lee Porter Witt 07717718768 UN I ORS WANDA AUSTIN ' Miami, Florida Kappa Delta IRENE COLETTE COLE Harlan Chi Omega WILLIAM BRUCE DAMRON Burdin EVELYN DOLBERG Lexington PHYLLIS RAY GERALD Glasgow Alpha Xi Delta SARAH ANN HALL Frankfort Delta Delta Delta sin' T .I Al Af WW il l . . , L. A ' " -.,, gf 'O C M 4, E .1 -Qu, r f ANNA LOUISE CAUDILL Shelbyville Chi Omega GENE RAY CRAWFORD Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta CHESLEY ISABELLA DAVIDSON Mayfield Alpha Gamma Delta ANNE BENNET ELLIS Eminence Delta Delta Delta MAME GODMAN Versailles Chi Omega C. EDWIN HAYES Campbellsville I Education UN I ORS WANDA LEE HIGDON Clardson 'LAURA FRANCES JONES Anchorage Kappa Kappa Gamma CAROLYN D. PETRIE Hopkinsville Alpha Gamma Delta MARJORIE LEE RANDOLPH Lexington Kappa Delta AMY RUTHERFORD Lexington ETHEL SMITH ,-f , exington 1 : ' VQQ.,-,'f:,J " V UQ . m ,-ft f.:,?j.,- J .5 53 it 'f is ef ff-- ef-. fatl w-W GENEVA HOUSE Lexington Alpha Xi Delta LOUISE PEAK Cynthiana Kappa Kappa Gamma MARY HELEN POWELL Paducah DOROTHY RIDDLE Stone JUANITA H. SHELY Lexington Delta Zeta ARTHUR F. VOGELMAN Park Hills LOUISE R. WILSON Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma Without Pictures Jeanne Marie Aplustille Margaret Virginia Arvin Josephine Mayer Baldauf Charlotte Baugh James Allen Beazley Betty Berry Alta Reva Baker Bonta Lucille King Boyd Otis Carter Brumfield Margaret Ann Cassity Theodore Wilford Clark Laura Cleveland Mary Lida Comer Joseph Antonia Conforti C. Phil Cutchin Betty Smithwick Dew Tom Downing Joseph W. Dunlap Jack Yorke Durham Bess I Gravitt Walter Clay Gunnell Isabelle Elaine Hawk Charles Robert Johnson Clyde Elmer Johnson Mazye Johnson Barbara Kilpatrick J. Austin McGinnis Robert Roger Mahan Inez Jones Mullaney Opal J oy Rader Margaret Christine Reed Marie Robards Louis Monroe Robertson Betsy M. Ross Mrs.Aunelle Maitland Smith Mary Anita Steele Jesse Willard Thornton Betty Jane Underwood Betty H. Vallandingham Rose Wiley Goldie Margaret Wilson Helen Mae Woodrum 'Vw x 2' 'I are " in 1 1 ,fm mit, 'Y A a h J a 9 .. 'fs '- " ' , '51- is- Education UN I ORS BILL BOSTON Mayfield Sigma Chi BILL BRYANT Harlan Sigma Chi JAMES M. CARIGAN Liberty CAROLINE CONANT Lexington Chi Omega GIVENS DIXON Henderson Delta Tau Delta GUS GREEN Lexington Phi Kappa Tau ,-A M,,. , 4545 X aw if A Hg. , ' 1 .' fl V - -,4 A . Q ti A ', , Q..-,.,1q7! I .fur I-'lf '4' X 'f4'vf.f., ' .. 3, V gn-N' 'i ,-lf, . 'gas' 'H' lx 55' 4' ., 7.3, , A, , . - . 4.5.-N 31,2 Z., "'a""'..-vw. xewx g ,.J"" 'U- JAMES R. BOYD Ceruleau CLYDE S. CALVERT Lexington Triangle ALVIN LEE CHAMBERS, Lexington Triangle PAUL CRISCILLIS Williamsburg Sigma Alpha Epsilon RALPH J. ESCHBORN Buffalo, New York Alpha Tau Omega CLYDE HILL Fulton Triangle ' JAMES HINTON - Flemingsburg 1 Triangle MAURICE MITCHELL Campbellsville Delta Chi ARTHUR HOWARD SAWYER, J' r. Ashville, North Carolina Delta Tau Delta THEODORE WILLIAM SELIN Cynthiana KERMIT TUSSEY Cynthiana Alpha Tau Omega MEREDITH W. WILSON Bradfordsville f 5 E 1 ff: , M 4 'ft' f'fL' ml'H x ', ' V, UQ: Q1 '. ! -vbuifj. WILFRED KELLEY Lexington Kappa Sigma GORDON P. MUNDRANE Morristown, New Jersey Triangle WILLIAM WARREN SCHICK Stearns Triangle JOHN P. SHEEHAN Ossining, New York ROBERT A. WELCH Lexington Pi Kappa Alpha Engineering UN I ORS .4 4' HU? fi Without Pictures Joe F. Atkins Charles E. Baierlein Glendon L. Barrow Ben Bartlett Herman Bernstein Caldwell C. Bickel Charles T. Boone Jack B. Boston Seymour Busch R. J. Calvert Wm. F. Campbell Claude V. Chandler Charles Chapman Robert N. Crapster Wm. D. Danks Jack A. Dearinger B. W. Duncan H. B. Dyer Joseph A. Eyl Alex Fielder Campbell Floyd James W. Gardner Wm. L. Garrott A. N. Kitchen Kenneth Lawrence Birney S. Lawson Ben H. Lowry John H. Wilso Wm. E. Nolan Erwin J. Nutter George Orton Frank R. Parks Billy L. Patton Lawrence C. Pendley Everett S. Penick Ralph C. Pickard Guy John Rappleyea Bennett E. Rector Neil O. Rice Bill M. Richardson Joe W. Rogers David G. Schultz George A. Scott Jr. Robert D. Short Jr. O. L. Shultz Albert E. Smith Raymond L. Souther John R. Spicer Loyd H. Thompson Lloyd B. Tune Joe R. Twinam C. J. Wade Winfield W. Ward Hargus Watts John O. Wiggin n Il ff.. is , 4. . 'ti . L . E ' ' - 'ngmeefmg UN I ORS HENRY H. BRAMBLET Carlisle Kappa Alpha PAUL WILLIAM KELLEY Decatur, Indiana EDWIN FOSTER OCKERMAN Corbin A Without Pictures Uhel Barrickman Robert Boone Dale Booth William Buford Alexander Burrus Marshall Davidson Byrne Allen Evans James Francis Elizabeth Gillespie Robert Hammond William Gant John Howe Caesar Rose 105 Joe Lewis Edwin McClelland John McKinstry Donald Moloney Charles Neikirk Marcus Redwine Paul Rehm Charles Shipley Robert Spragens Helen Stephenson Reuben White Dillard Martin C7 I 11.4. fig V ' Ate! c X A . I , 451. - 4-if' JAMES COLLIER Crab Orchard Sigma Nu BARBARA MOORE Frankfort Law Sophomoves 4' av' AGRICULTURE Anna Mae Allen Virginia Allen John Anderson Derwood Baird Robert Baird Joseph Banks Robert Banta Eugene Barnett Carl Bell Charles Bennett Elizabeth Bennett Lucy Berry William Bewley William Boggs John Brandenburg James Bratton Eugene Brittingham Grace Brown Ray Bunch Robert Camenisch Ted Cathey Jack Chambliss Doris Chrisman Kindel Clark Dorothy Clark Elliot Clifton Thomas Cobb Orvell Cockrell Robert Courtney William Cowden James Criswell Albert Cross Oscar Cull George Cunningham Edith Curliss John Dallavo James Dowden Early Dulworth Doris Enlow Ruth Eubank Betty Ewing Rhema Ewing Sara Ewing Robert Faulkner Armstead Feland Gordon Fogle Margaret Forman Jane Fort William Foster I .F F 1 V li. 1 ' I -CF 'gi K ilu" Q ,-GUY. + .1-,ff sf' j 's 'Sr' , , ', iff, 'R rw, 1- "' Eugene Fox Vern Galloway Dorothy Garrison Maurice Genton Beulah Gibson Josephine Glasscock Ernest Gooch Margaret Graham Paul Gray Henry Grayson Joe Hall Leona Hall Myrtle Harned Charles Hill Thomas Hill Ernest Hillenmeyer William Hockensmith Elizabeth Hogg Amanda Holland Peggy Howard Elizabeth Ann Hughes Roy Hunt Robert Hutton Teddy J aracz Rosella J aegers Robert Johnson William Johnson Kenneth J ones Royal Kelly Kenneth Kelly Frances Kendall Charles Kirkpatrick William Ledford James Leer Virginia Lindsay Charline Lisanby Lilliam Lycan Arnetia Lykins Edna McReynolds Clarence Maloney James Marshall Douglas Meade Howard Meade Sara Lee Mock Edward Mulberry Joe Mulholland Robert Nedham Emmett Newby Asa Overall Yancy Owen 106 John Patrick Donald Peden Alfred Pettus Robert Philpot Robert Pieratt Paul Pierce Elbert Powell Eugene Price Anne Rice Norma Rose John Rowland Seymour Rowland Aileen Rue Clifford Sachleben Mary Saunders James St,Clair Frank Scanlon Marjorie Schwartz Wanda Scrivner Mary Searcy Carl Shearer Charles Silver Virginia Skidmore Russell Skinner Emily Smedley Reba Smith Virginia Smith Ivan Stewart Alma Tarkington Mary Taylor Charlotte Terry Cornelia Thomas Patricia Thornton Holland Thrasher Gladys Tilton Ralph Travis John Trimble Boone Tucker Kathe Underwood Leslie Van Hoy Keith Vice Jess Vinson Anne Viox Hazel Weakley Camilla Weathers Jean Whaley Ruth Wheat Rosetta Wiggins Romanza Wigginton Juanita Williams Otis Williams Mary Wilson Ora Wood Albert Wright Mitchell Yowell ARTS AND SCIENCES Troy Adams D. Ashley Akers Mary Zou Allen Carl Althaus Alice K. Anderson Aileen C. Andrews Charles C. Arnold Maureen S. Arthur Vaheh G. Asbed Bernadine Aulick Byron T. Bach Adrian G. Back Mary Frances Bach Anna N. Baird Robert A. Baker William H. Baker Wm. Henry Balden Nancie E. Baldwin Dennis W. Ball Robert E.Bardwell Louis F. Barker C. Edwin Barnes Henry L. Batsel Howard C. Beadle Jessie T. Beard Celia Bederman Chester E. Bennett Betty E. Bertrand Nancy Lee Bird Sarah E. Blanton Henry C. Blount Michaelene J. Bogan Betty Bohannon Hazel Bondurant Lewis Bondurant M. Adaline Boots Charlotte M. Bostetter Wm. A. Bowling Mary L. Breeden Andrew Broaddus Russell B. Brooks Dennis Owens Brown Florence E. Brown Greenbury E. Brown James W. Brown Wm. Olive Brown Ella Watson Brown Dick H. Bruner James J. Buckley John S. Burkert Margaret S. Burton Osmond F. Byron Colonel Luther Caldwell Wm. D. Calvert Virginia Cantrill William Thomas Carroll John R. Carter Ulysses Castle Ed H. Cassada Kathryn J. Catron Thomas W. Chawk Lucille M. Clark Martha Gayle Cockrell Ben M. Combs Cleon K. Combs Ann Beverly Conner Eugene A. Cooper Eugene C. Cooper Wm. C. Corbin George E. Countzler Anne L. Cowgill John L. Cox Walter C.Cox Robert H. Cundiff Betty Jo Daniels Taylor L. Davidson Victor E. Davis Leland E. Day Jane L. Denny Algernon S. Dickens John B. Disney Donald T. Donahue Cecil B. Donnelly Charles C. Drake Helen B. Drake Auburn B. Duncan Wm. A. Dunlap Norma C. Dury Hugh P. Earle Dorothy J. Ecklar Sarah F. Edmonds Betty. R. Edwards Nancy Elam Edward E. Elsey 107 9 'Lf' T. Fred Erwin Richard Lee Eubanks Aubrey Evans Douglas W. Faris Jack L. Farris John H. Feamster Ernestine L. Fish Joseph B. Fontana Esther C. Friedman Chas. J. Fritts Wm. H. Fulton Elizabeth H. Garr Florida R. Garrison J. E. Gates Mary Jessica Gay Douglas G. Geddes George F. Gilbert Ann M. Gillespie Julius Goldberg John C. Goodlett Robert H. Graviss Robert W. Greene Thos. R. Gregory Ralph L. Gullett Mabel Claire Gumm Lillian M. Haddix Kathleen Hagan Wm. B. Hamilton James P. Hancock Joe. T. Hancock Charles W. Harbaugh James W. Harris Marguerite R. Harris Helen L. Harrison Dorothy D. Hawkins Marie A. Hays Carl Thos. Henderson Virginia Henderson Kenneth Henry Robert H. Herbert Arthur H. Herman George J. Hermann Allene B. Hershling Richard E. Hicks Juanita M. Hingst John N. Holeman Helen Hooe Patsy I. Horkan Eric Knud Hoyer Kenny Hume Sophomoves 1' ,f , , Q 1' 'J ff: is ., fx A Y. ' '1' K X ,W ,.'1 Sophomofres -I 'U John L. Hurst Joseph E: Hutchison Bryan Hutchison Jack W. Ireland Ilena Jackson Frances L. J inkins Ada Julia Johnson Marcia L. Johnson Dale Vance Keith Lucille Kennedy William H. Kincer Martha T. Koppius Charlie W. Kuhn Mary Bayne Lackey Ann E. Land Walden E. Lander Mary F. Leach George Langstaff Betty F. LeBus Robert M. Leedy Leo A. Levereault Madelyn Levy T. Edward Logan Alyce E. Long Wynona L. Lowe Mary L. Lyle Martha McCauley Wm. H. McCollum Wanda R. McCulley Arthur C. McFarlan Sarah Anna M. Mclnteer John McLellan James H. McMahan Robert MacDonald Dixie L. Macklin John D. Maloney Georgeanne H. Mander Chas. P. Mansfield Elsie Lena March Harriet P. Marshall Lula B. Martin Mary King Martina Carolyn Mason Robert Meagher Edith Measel Rosemary Megibben Robert Lee Meredith Ralph E. Meyer Robert W. Meyer Isaiah K. Miller Elizabeth Miller Fr fl Mildred H. Miller Glenn W. Million John D. Minton Carlton C. Moore Helen O. Moore James C. Moore Vivian Nass Irvin H. Neltner Mildred F. Newkirk Alfred D. Nicholson Charles P. Nolte Martha Obitz Robert H. Oenbrink Lois C. Ogden Philip M. Orr Jack Paritz Roberta Parker David C. Parry John Arthur Patton Betty Jane Payne Joseph H. Payne Anne E. Pettit John Pfeffer M. D. Phelps Charles H. Pinson Robert M. Perry Ruth A. Porter Wm. E. Portwood Harry Potts Garland F. Prater Leonard L. Preston N. B. Pritchett Ellen J. Purcell Earl C. Purvis Charles L. Racke Rita Mae Rawe Alexander C. Reed Frances L. Renfro Richard E. Richards Anne Ricketts Nancy H. Rigg Anna C. Rigsby Annie L. Riley Clarence A. Riley Patricia Rimmer Dorothy V. Robinson Ella V. Robey Anita May Roos Donald R. Rose Joe H. Ross Frances Rowland .hi .4 Nig s -ff , .ix hu- ' -17,5-,W i f pr 3 -f . .Af 108 "M"'..--. we "' Philip R. Sallee John O. Sandbach John H. Sandy Maureen Savage Paul Savage Horace L. Sawin Lawrence Schneider Russell Schwartz Warren D. Schweder Robert C. Scott Robert G. Seaman N. Frances Sellars George F. Sengel Cyril E. Shadowen Maxine Shenk J. C. Sherman Doris B. Shewmaker Daniel Shindelbower Alfred P. Shire Betty J. Simpson Marjorie Sims Charles L. Smith Emory A. Smith Wm. J. Smith Wm. Joseph Smith Harriet L. Sneed Katie Lee Snyder Carolyn Spicer Carola J. Spurr Mary J. Stamper Raymond N. Stephens Adalin Stern Joseph Stites Richard T. Stopher Dan Amos Sturgeon John Sutterfxeld George W. Sweeney Fred Wagner Tate George S. Tate Eleanor P. Taylor Harry Taylor Jack H. Taylor John L. Taylor Lois Taylor Martha Taylor Lillian Terry Helen M. Thacker Joyce E. Thomas Paul T. Thomas Frebert V. Thompson Paul Webb Triplett Nancy Tutt Wm.K. Underwood James L. Vallandingham Marion Van Arsdell Olive Jane Vance Maryan Vogt Charles Walker George W. Walker Patricia Wallace William E. Ware Elizabeth C. Warner Elsie D. Warren Julia Ann Waters Mary Jane Watt Mary Weatherspoon James. L. Weber Francis Weiland Josephine A. Weinberger Edith Weisenberger William P. Wharton Treva A. Whayne Quinton B. Wieman Frances Williams Nancy Wilson Nancy Wombwell Nelson Woolcott Emily C. Young William H. Young Urban P. Zoeller COMMERCE James Edward Abell Sarah Gibson Anderson George Edwin Barker Billy K. Barlow James C. Bartlett Thomas Pearce Bell james Donald Bonta Mary Bozarth Warren Boone Kenneth Bruce Ann Hilton Bryant Merle Buell Robert Harold Chapman Patrick C. Conley Miriam Cutler William Davidson Page M. Davis Charles Louis Devitt Carl Diamond John H. Dixon John Edwin Doddridge Pat 'Lee Doyle George E. Dudley Butler Durham Kenneth C. Dutton Ben W. Dyer Claude Irvin Emrich Hubbard M. Endicott Julius Porter Evans William Settle Evans Tommy Ewing Betty C. Fitzhugh Lula Jean Foley Olen G..B. Foley Benet P. Frokt Ann Mason Greene Floyd B. Guthrie William L. Hanson Margaret Anne Hackney Newell Perry Hadden Virginia Haynes Virginia Hendricks Donald Hillenmeyer Margaret Hook Carl Hopkins Nellie Hopkins Elmus L. Houston Charles W. Howard Billy Jean Jones Howard Robert Jones Emily C. Johnson Edward Johnstone George Kietzmhan Helen Kafoglis Eugene O. Kelly Eugene Lee Kessinger Jr. Martha Lacefield William L. Land Robert Landrum Mary Emily Lawson Walter Leet Jr. Iva F. Leggett Walter Leet Harold B. Lindsay Virginia Lipscomb Wells Thomas Lovett John D. Lynch Ben Lynn David Mahanes Nancy Mansfield 109 And' 1:-rW"" Anthony Sebastian Marshall John B. Martin Dela McCarty Mary Ellen McConnell Pauline Amos McDonald Claude Ray McGaughey Glenn H. Meadors John L. McNeal Amanda Miller Harry Milton Miller James Edward Moore Hugh Morehead Aaron Moss Ruth C. Mullinaux Roger L. Mulloy Ellen Murphy Napoleon Napier Wilbur Hoyt Noble George T. O'Brien David Oldashi Evelyn Page Robert F. Pennington Mary Elizabeth Peter Lawrence E. Potts Betty Purnell Richard C. Ramsey Mortie Raymond Wickliffe S. Rogers Elizabeth Ann Ross Mary Jean Runyon Melvin Samms Hugh Scott John Thomas Scott Everett Paul Scranton Mary Jane Ripy David Siegel Willie J. Silvers William R. Simmons Doris A. Smither Marion Dailey Snell Lillian H. Stanton James M. Stathis William Thomas Stevenson Benjamin Bruce Sullivan Carroll Lee Sweeney Edward L. Swift J. K. Thompson Martha Lee Thurman Billy Maurice Thurman Dorothy Vance Sophomoves ' -4 ef, JV. mir' ' X . x Y ' H' , -. r ' " ,I Sophomoves ff1',2 I Lloyd William Waddell Charles D. Walker Jane Warren Harold B. Watts Margaret Webb Richard Webb Russell Edwin White John Edwin Young Willis R. Young John J. Zawisge EDUCATION Marian Beushausen Bruce Delano Boehler Don William Boehler Robert Max Bookbinder Mary Atchison Burrier John R. Casner Annie Winn Crutcher Marjorie Nesbitt Cummins Charles Dewey Eblen Anne Ellis Roberta Josephine Hall Randall Floyd Hammer Mary Horan Ben Harrison Johnson Virginia Averie Long John Carlisle Myers Helen Jane Truby Virginia Elizabeth Wesley ENGINEERING Cecil J. Baker George G. Barnett Richard W. Bartsch James V. Beatty Norman C. Beck Frank J. Blankenship William L. Blanton Winston L. Blythe Fred E. Bond Seth T. Botts Fred G. Brady William C. Bryant Sterling L. Bugg Elbert A. Cheek James A. Caywood William C. Caywood Addison L. Chrisman Robert F. Clark Coleman C. Clement Paul J . Cohen 4 , 5 15. 5 Wai-'Q J- 1 - I 04 ' , , l at o -1 V 'l,"'T'.: - lv, " . --, I wr : 1- . we '.AQ,'f'f' ' 1" , 1 w, L. , . , My gy. ,Q A .-Q. A :I ,gn- .'r-,.,,,,' , XYV M. '1 '1- K-.ff 3 Albert G. Craig Paul A. Criscillis S. F. Crow Gerald A. Cundiff Bill Daniels John J . David Jim C. Davidson Ansel L. Davis Louis R. deRoode Carroll W. Downs Louis Dusina Harold W. Estill Earl M. Evans Ben P. Eubank J . N. Floyd Joe H. Fothergill Carleton Foushee Howard C. Freer Emmet Fulkerson Oliver W. Gard W. P. Glass Felix M. Gossum William H. Graddy Roy C. Gray Gus E. Green Kenneth R. Grunewald C. N. Haggard Claude H. Hall John G. Hamby Wick R. Harlan Gilbert B. Helton John L. Hicks Ralph L. Hucaby Donald R. J essee Arthur L. Johnston J. E. Johnston William P. Jones Vernon F. Kalb George E. Kelly Jr. Karl D. Kirk Charles G. Cramer Wing Lee Lee Ernest W. LeMasters James O. Lewis Milton H Lewis W. H. Likens Donald G. Lowry Ottis G. McBeath W. B. Lowrey 110 John H. McElroy W. W. McKinley Rodney D. McKitrick Harry J. Macke Anzel R. Mann C. R. Martin Thomas Joseph Martin James R. Masterson H. W. Maynor Andre J. Meyer Jr. Jackson F. Morris James Louis Morrissey Gordon P. Mundrane L. T. Ockerman Bart N. Peak Waddill Platt Francis L. Rice Norman Ritchie Jr. Ratliff C. Rogers H. J. Ross Forest G. Rowe Theodore C. Ruthmayer Donald L. Sallee James H. Satteriield Richard Schubert Theo. William Selin William W. Schick C. Green Smith William C. Staley Joseph F Stanton James B. Steele Richard W. Storey Troy M. Strong J. A. Thacker Jack M. Taber Wallace R. Taylor Robert D. Thompson J ere S. Thornton Leon Trimble David M. Trapp Russell E. Travis C. D. Vallandingham M. D. VanHorn Jacob B. Walters Darrell E. Ward James A. Weaks R. A. Welch Ben Whitmer William W. Wichman LeRoy J . Zimmerman AGRICULTURE Bertha A. Allen Rozella Allen Gloria M. Allender Harriette Allison Doris A. Alsop William J. Applegate Carolyn Atkins Roy L. Ballard Vernon B. Banks Charles R. Barker Hobert Barker Donald R. Barnes Austell Beaton Stephen H. Black Lorene W. Blankenship Luis Carlos Boneta Bettye R. Bowsher Charles H. Bozarth Jr. Helen M. Bradford Betty B. Broaddus Henry H. Burnet Jr. Charleen Burris Price C. Burruss Jr. Rex E. Bush Willis G. Butler Charles L. Cable William N. Carter Harry M. Caudill James H. Chaney James R. Chaney Juanita E. Clark David L. Cleveland Lillian E. Click Marie Coburn Bob W. Collins Catherine P. Collins Ann E. Collins Clyde C. Cropper Clyde Davis William H. Dearen Russel Des Cognet Jr. Patrick H. Dicken Dorothy A. Dold Mattie E. Douglas Tom G. Dulin Mary E. Duncan Carl E. Dunning Ruth Ann Earnest Thomas L. Ellis Carolyn B. Elston James B. Estill Curtis P. Evans Denver L. Farmer Ralph H. Farmer John Feland Elsie L. Ferguson Anne R. Frye William R. Gabbert Patricia L. Gable Harry W. Gatton Jr. Stanley D. Gillespie Helen Graddy William E. Graves James C. Grundy Frank E. Guthrie Martha B. Guyn Marvin F. Hall Margaret J. Hammons Myra Harris Marian V. Harris Charles L. Hatcher William S. Haughaboo James E. Head George H. Hellard Evelyn Hill Virginia A. Hill Reece G. Holloway Silvion C. Hopkins Charlotte L. Housh Steve M. Howerton Opal C. Hurley James E. Irvin Madge M. Irvine John R. James Jacqueline L. Jenkins George W. Jewell Constance I. Johnston Frank F. Jones Martha Lee Jones Katherine Johnstone Richard C. Jones Billy Bowen Kash Ruth E. Klapp Wallace Lake Marjorie J. Land John J. Larkin Mary Ann Leach Thomas R. Leathers J unius C. Lewis Mary P. Lewis James K. Lindenburg Mary L. Lynn Joe Maupin Marien McDarnell Elizabeth J. McMilIian Joe W. Meng Willis G. Moreman Sylvia I. Morgan Martha S. Moser Mary M. Murphy Reuben E. Naylor Lelia Nichols Conrad C. Parrish Martha L. Parthemore Philip L. Pearce Raymond Poe 111 , J I Joseph E. Porter Edgar L. Price Robert B. Pride Raymond L. Pugh Sara K. Rankin Mary J . Riggs Judith Rowland Fred F. Roser James S. Roser Anna K. Savage Ella Schenker John W. Seltsam Robert L. Shields Nancy C. Shropshire Harry W. Smith Richard T. Snelling John W. Soper Erwing Soward Donald D. Stanley John H. Stark Mrs. Evelyn A. Steele Mary B. Steele James W. Stephens Margaret J . Stokes Nancy Mae Stolts Mildred A. Tatum Chester B. Theiss Jr. Clyde T. Thomas George R. Thompson Vernon R. Thurman Robert F. Traylor Isaac B. Tuttle Sarry B. Vandiver Jack A. Vennes Fred B. Wachs Stanley A. Warner Roger C. Watts Sam D. Weakley James A. Welch Allen B. White Mary Jo Whitehouse Cameron J. Williams Jr. Garva G. Wilson Tom H. Wolfe Edward Wood Hazel M. Wood Ann W. Writt Walter S. Wyatt Emily J. Young William H. Young William H. Zimmerman ARTS AND SCIENCES Edwin Abeling Joan Akers Elizabeth A. Aldrich Martha J. Allen Ronald Allen Winston Anderson Betty Jean Arnett Freshmen Freshmen Richard Arnspiger Earl Ashcraft John Atchinson William Augustyn Harriet Axler Lorena Bach Paul Baldwin Lois Ball Anna Bailey Thomas F. Baker William Baker George Ballou Ida May Bannon William Barlow Gene Barr Mrs. Elizabeth Baskett Virginia Baskett Riley Vernon Bennett Alice Benton Bennie Benton Bernard Berkowitz Helen Bertram V Henry Bialick Euneva Bias Betsy Blevins Charles G. Boggs M. Fillmore Bowen Emma Helen Boye Margaret Brown John B. Brown John Y. Brown Robert Brumbach Lelia Bucher Hazel Buckley Kathleen Budde Mrs. Josephine H. Bull Elizabeth M. Caddy Oaks Caldwell Sam Caldwell Leah Calhoun Kenneth Cameron Livingston Campbell William Garth Campbell James Cantrill Mary Jo Carr Thomas Cash Donald Cawood Donald J. Clark Leslie Clark William G. Clark Robert C. Coburn Roy Cocanougher George B. Coe Marvin Cohen Martha Coleman J, Jeanne A. Collins Tremen Conley J. E. Conner Lillian Cook George Cooper Leo Cordell Mary P. Cottrell Mary E. Crawford Robert Crenshaw Walter Crory Martha Cross Charles Crouch Jane Daniel Jane Daugherty Laurie Davis Martha E. Davis Mulford R. Davis Betty Dawson Claude Dickerson Frank Di Giovanni Bryon Dixon Robert Dodd Thelma Donnell Elizabeth Dosker Fowler Doyle Jack Drummy Virginia Eggemeyer Joseph E. Ehmet Carojean Elsey John P. Estey Dorothy Evans Sue Dell Ewing William H. Eyl Vestina Mae Fairfax Earl Farrell Nancy Faulkner Ann C. Felts Frances Fletcher Field Frank Ferrier James Randall Fields John W. Fielder Jr. Julia Foley John R. Foote Imelda Forsythe William Fowler Betty Fraysure Gilbert Frederick Rosalyn Freedman Marjorie Freeman Albert Frey Rudolph Fryer Robert Fuller Anne Garrison Jack Giannini Earl Gibson Mary V. Gibson A Mary C. Gillespie 251 "Na: ' .ert Mason Combs Carl Gorham .11 ' ' aret Concannon Fred Granneman Ewa aird Conley Sonya S. Grayenkemper U ,,.,.m2 ,. 1 an - 5 2 ' -1. ,X 1' Q V ? ""' 112 Ledford Gregory William Griffin Robert Grinstead Edward Gudgel Alfarata Haas Alice Ann Hale Darrell W. Hall Gladys Hall James K. Hall Mary Jo Hall Norman Hall William Hamm Anna Hammell Catherine Hardin Jane Hardwick Grover Harrod M. Shirley Harned Jean Harper Jimmy Thomas Harris Margaret Hartman Riter Haymond John C Hays Dorothy Hellard Francis Hellard Robert Hellard Geraldine Helm William Hendricks Marion Henning Hampton Henton Laura Hershler Floyd Hibbs Robert B. Hicks Carolyn Hill John P. Hill James Hilton John W. Hinkle William James Hockaday James Hodskins Martha Hogg David Homra Jesse Hope Mary L. Horr Donald Houpt Jack Howerton Hallie Hudson John W. Hudson Roy Hughes Jacqueline Hugelet Marjorie Hunsinger Bill Hurt Ollie James Hurt Dorothy Hutcherson William J. ISe1't Fred Jackson George Jaeger William Thomas Johnson Mize Johnson John M. Johnson Florabelle Jones James B. Jones Mary Neal Jones Norma Jones Vera Louise Jones Arnold Jordon Roscoe Jones Milton Kafoglis Mary Steele Kaye Marguerite Keene Margaret Keller Horace Kelley Alben Kennedy Alice Kinnaird George Kinniard M. Roy Kircholf Phillip Kline James Kuhn Matt Lair Elwood Lanter William Laslie Betty Ann Lawler James Lenihan Charles Leonard Chester Lewis Fritzie Liebel Delbert Ligon Helen Lipscomb Gratia Ed Locke Caswell Logan T. Edward Logan William Long Mary Frances Longsworth Charles Looney Charles Lovett Robert Lyon Anne Howard Lyttle Robert McAllister William McAlister Ruth McClandish Bettye McClanahan Wendell McCollum Jane McConnell Ralph McCracken Jane McGuire Phil McGuire Mary Elizabeth Mclntire Martha McKinlay Maisie McMichael Joe Carr McMurtry Helen Smith McMurty Elizabeth McNeal Jack McPherron Marietta McRae James McTierman Mary Ann Macke Elizabeth Macy William Mahan John Edwin Malone Dorothy Manning Peter Manos Betty Lynn Matlack Betty Maybrier Lura Ann Mayer Roy Mays Jr. Leota Meade Eugene Meeks John Carroll Meihaus B. F. Melton Charlie H. Meng Spencer Merwin Harriet E. Messer Pero Metro Lucy Guy Meyer Evelyn Miller Mackenzie Miller Louise Milward Monroe Mink Charles Minor Virginia Mitchell Norman Moody Billy Virginia Moore Mary Carolyn Morehead Harvey H.Morgan Edward J. Morris Mary Payne Mountjoy Juanita Alice Murphy Mabel Ruth Murray Mary Beale Mylor Robert C. Neal Nick Nicholas Edwin W. Nolan Quentin Nolan Elizabeth Nollau Paul Nortker Charles Nuckols Jr. Ellen Louise O'Bannon Carl Oder Charlotte Patton Oldham Dana Reed Oliver Michael Joseph Ott Ruth Pace Virginia Page Marjorie Palmore Gene Witmer Parrard Clyde Wendell Parker James Richard Parks Jimmy Anderson Parrish Elizabeth Payne Allie Clay Peed Elliot Melvin Peel Charlotte Penhale Thomas Jefferson Penn Juan Maurice Pennock Eugene M. Perkins Louis Edward Perraut Jean Phipps Eleanor Powell Robert D. Preston 113 I ,F A l,.x4 AQ f l L' ' 0 4, f Q' 1' I. ig - Margaret Mason Price William Sterling Price Virgil Pryor Jack Tandy Pryor Pierre Pujol Louis Lyon Pulliam Willard Purser David Rabold Forest Radcliff Susan Randall Harry Reagan Jane Ann Redd John Ward Reister Emma Lee Reynolds Frieda Rieser Rufus Ritchie Hazen Roberts Carroll H. Robie Margaret Robinson Robert Robinson George Roby Bettie Gayle Roehm Kenneth Rollins Virginia Rosen Grace Roser Calvert Rozell Jane Rubin Margaret Ann Sallee Barbara Salisbury Murrell Leeon Salutsky James H. Sanders Ellen Schooler Marvin Schulman Ann Mae Scott Dorothy June Scott W. R. Scruggs John Houston Seay Don Burdette Sebastian Harry William Settle Robert N. Shaw Charlsey Shearer Reva Sheinburg Ralph Powell Sherlock Pearl Shilling Betty Simpson Thomas Simpson Betty Jane Sledd Frances Devonne Smith George Frederick Smith Humphrey Dillon Smith Howard W. Smith Lorraine Wheeler Smith Bobby R. Smither Woodrow Smither Ruth Smoot- James Linwood Snyder Milton Kirkwood Snyder Foster K. Spence Waller H. Squires Freshmen Freshmen Mary Elizabeth Stigall Lucille Stokes Neville Bradley Stone John Storner Perry Thomas Stough Walter T. Sutton James Edward Sweeney William E. Sweeney Mrs. Kate T. Swink Anne Orr Taylor John Joseph Terre Martin C. Thomson Betty Thompson Phil Thompson John Quentin Thornbury Joanne Thornton Ross Todd William Dickerson Todd James Trevathan William B. Triplett Roy T. True Jesse Allen Tunstill Harry W. Turner Richard Turrell G. Edwin Tussey Jesse Stokes Tyler Jeanne Valleau William Lyman Veech Mary F. Van Hooser George Velotta Eugene Wainscott Thomas Wald Paul Russell Walker William Owen Walker Ann Oldham Wallace Francis Ford Waller William E. Waters Batie Watts Glenn Weatherspoon Ann Brooks Webb Jean Welker Louis Smith Wetherill Raymond Lewis Wetzel Wynette White Garland N. Wilkinson Benjamin Williams Esther Storey Williams Geraldine Williams Sarah Mildred Wills Barbara F. Winters James Eugene Wise James Eugene Withers Chester Bryant Woods Homer Baxter Womack Robert Worthington ,la b Harold Bell Wright '53 Guy Yager Jr. 4' I 1 5 arion Yates fp l Glenn Yaeger I S. Yellman Q :. 5" -1 2 if , A ' if aft' 43 gp, , ,' ff .. - 7'5' ,. x ,L ' IC... -1 am, .,r,w,l -3 Jacob Douglass York Ramon Young Newton D. Zinn COMMERCE Grizilda Briggs Allen Irvine Joseph Baker Ben Isaac Biggerstaff Jr. Howard James Bilharz Sarah Smith Bogan Mitchell Bernard Boland Jr. Ruth Thompson Bradford Irene Bridgeman Elmer C. Bryant Jr. Leon Lycurgus Calvert Wilma Gene Cannon Leonard Chambliss Sylvia Chasteen Marvin Lee Churney Howard Thomas Clark Molly Harp Clayton Philip Lee Clements Evelyn Reister Cook Oscar Frank Curd Mary Helen Daley Joel Thomas Dobbins Margaret Wark Erskine David Louis Estes Eugene A. Fister Anne Frances Foley Mary Katherine Foley Elizabeth Gardner Virginia Jacqueline Gevedon Sarah Frances Goodwin John Edwad Gorham Henry Hart Hagan William Bruant Hahn John Andrew Hancock Wilma Havens Herbert Donald Hays Garry Joseph Hearn Janet Helsel Doris Holtzclaw Minor Russell Hooe Allen Burton House William Clarence Hubbard Billy Roy Humphrey Bryan Iglehart Bobby Whitfield Jenkins Charles M. Jones William Beaty Jones John Phillip Kearney Paul Edward Kenton Albert Kesselring John William Kiger Charles William Custer Charles Thompson Lang Edward D. Leach Maurice Derby Leach Jr. William Glenn Lehnig 114 Louis William List Jr. Pansy Marie Little Jack Augustus Luigart William Ben McAllister Jack Dixon McComas Dwight Leonard McCray Reb Jay McGohon Donald McMullin Minerva Louise Mains Teresa Jane Mann Sarah Nancy Mastin Marvin Bernard Meyers Clarence Grinstead Morehead Callie Ann Morris Herschel Morris Howard Emery Nelson Margaret Irene Newell Elizabeth Noble John A. Palumbo W. E. Patrick Dora Leslie Peery Ben Humphrey Roberta Jean Pyle Edward Harold-Scott James Fontaine Scott Crittenden Mahan Shields Robert Bradford Simon Guy Francis Simpson Vincent Spagnuolo James Thomas Sparrow Jr. Edwin Carter Spurlock Winale Stacy Marvin Talbott James Robert Taylor William Robert Thomas Lute Emerson Thurmond Joe Woodfin Treas Don M. Tucker Raymond Tucker William Leman Underdown Dan M. Van Sant Glenn E. Van Slyke John Fred Voth Charles Lloyd Waller Luke Ware Edward Leon Westlake James Philip White Lindsay Melton Wigginton Don Henton Wilhoit EDUCATION Willie Semenda Adams Helen Marjorie Barnes Anna Fightmaster Day Gloria Virginia Henderson Billie Anne Kirtley James R Merchant Jean Rich Mills Beatrice Morgan Mary Anna Piper Lydia Mae Roberts ENGINEERING Hugh B. Abbott Henry W. Althaus Salvator J. Amato John W. Ambrose Richard P. Ayres William F. Baxter James W. Beard Jack W. Begley George William Blair Robert B. Boies David A. Bowman Warren S. Bowman Charles B. Browning Frank W. Button Harold L. Carr Robert Carrier H. M. Cassidy F. H. Cawood Walter T. Childs Thomas S. Combs Edith D. Conant Alvin D. Cosby Reed Craft Mitchell S. Crain Jr. Milton N. Crowford Milton Dean Cunningham Robert H Davis John D. Delano Arthur H. Dexter Duane Doty James Drymon Robert C. Duncan David W. Dunn Earl W. Eschborn Philip E. Feistritzer William H. Finnie Malcolm J. Fisher John R. Fortenberry William A. Fraser Thomas Garnett Richard E. Gerrish Robert M. Gillim William D. Goodloe Warren Gordonwood Calvin G. Grayson Bartley A. Greenwell S. E. Griffin Harry M. Hadden Bobby M. Halpern Robert G. Harper William D. Hatcher Wilton A. Hawkins Robert A. Hay Cassell F. Haydon Henry A. Hettel M. W. Holbrook Joe Holman William G. Holt Vernon C. Hughes James Ross Hunter Bill Imwall Herman B. Jasper Chester C. Jenkins John Jenkins Shelby M. Jett Glenn E. Johnson Kenneth P. Johnston Thornton L. Johnson Edward S. Jones George E. Jones Frederick T. Kaye Jasper Keeling William H. Kelly Francis R. Kennedy Kenneth W. Keplar Carl A. King Harold Koenig Ernest E. Lane Carl Leasure Harold B. Leasure Charles C. Lee 3Lohn D. Lindner James H. McClure Paul B. McDaniel Paul F. McDaniel Karl McNight James C. McMillion William F. McShane Fred Mahan Charles T. Maney Frank L. Milburn William G. Moseley Jack S. Neal Michael Vogt Nevitt R. K. Nevitt William E. Noel Darwin G. Norton John Owlsey Thomas E. Pearce Jack E. Penncck David M. Phelps Charles M. Pickens William S. Powell William A. Pribble William P. Price J. E. Proctor Charles R. Puryear Jay E. Rhodemyre Fred R. Riddle Walter K. Robbins A. Paul Rogers Robert T. Rose L. J. Rouse Owen C. Rouse Aubrey H. Russell Roy L. Sallee Robert G. Schneider Warren Shipp Leondard R. Short 115 F? 41 'L 1 if "Q:- f 4-'ii i N .N. A V " ' 35 If f X f ' '--L.. .. , 195- i' Marshall Shouse A Charles W. Simpson Michael Simms James Slaton James E. Smith Albert W. Specious Al Frank Stanonis James B. Stevenson Ralph G. Sullivan Paul L. Simpson Charles G. Taliaferro Herbert Thompson Martin Thompson Kermitt L. Tussey Williab A. Wade Homer A. Walker John T. Walthall Harvey S. Watts Donald L. Weldon Vernon H . Wetherby George C. Williams Robert T. Winfree James L. Wyatt Leo S. Yarutis Henry D. Yeary Stanley Zakem Denny L. Yocum Nick Zalenek LAW William B. Adams Jr. James E. Adkins Armand P. Angelucci S. Charles Barnard Harald F. Bassham David L. Bisset John C. Bondurant Sam H. Caddy Samuel Carlick James Collier Carleton M. Davis Ernest Gregory Mary E. Garner Miller Holland Raymond Howard Wallace E. Hughes Richard A. Kirby Paul W. Kelly Paul W. Kelley A. W. Lee Herman J. Michael Lee E. Oxley George N. Silliman Charles E. Skidmore Martin L. Snyder William D. Sparks Richard P. Stoll Edward A. Thompson John J. Yeager WheelerBoone Louis Rives Freshmen w v' r., 4 ,,.fy f 1 fn, .lfu -'.z.' fllh. fl' I l:r.rf.f.i ..,-M V . ... lllf f fan., ln...-if.. fx ff .'. :- it V 1 Q r .4 . - 9 ' 4 ,,f 15.4 In-"' -v " ' A ff ..., .. ' I ' yr 1l:a. " The purpose of the Student Government Association shall be I to enact and enforce such legislation ns is hereinafter set out, with a View to n harmonious coordination of the vnrious organ- izations on the campus, to effect n centralized student govern- ment, better faculty-student cooperation, and to promote the general welfare of the student body. The Student Government Association shnll be superior in authority to all student organizations on the campus. PART THREE: Membership Article One: l. There shall 2. There shall body, one 5. These three manner: a. b. be a president of the student body. be two vice-presidents of the student man and one woman. officers shall be chosen in this Each aspirnnt shall formally petition for can didacy, and such petition must be in the office of the Registrar at least ten days before the election. The petition must in- dicate which of the three offices the aspir- ant desires. Each aspirant petitioning must successfully fulfill the following requirements before he msv become a candidate 7 Some mst " . . . It's astonishing, isn't it? I clipped these two sets of laws and put them in my album to constantly remind myself that such a change is possible. Students today would never abide by such a system as was dictated to us by the rules of the old Student Senate. What seemed rather harsh to us then, appears only ridiculous to the independent undergraduates now. "Student authority in government didn't begin until around 1911. It was then the Honor system was adopted, and the "Student Self-Organization of Kentucky University" was organized to enforce honesty. All sessions were kept strictly secret then, a far cry from the publicity the Campus rulers obtain today. "It wasn't until 1914 that the First Student Legislature was formed. Presi- dent Barker suggested it, and the membership consisted of the class presidents and students elected by campus vote. " . . . The strength and quantity of the honoraries was another thing that showed to me the marvelous growth of my alma mater. We had them, it is true, but they were few in number and comparatively unimportant. The Pat- terson Literary society was one of the foremost in my day, and the majority of campus activities centered around the literary societies which held annual open sessions with speeches and entertainment for all. "We didn't seem to realize that there were ofher things that deserved merit and prestige-and I think the modern university is much to be con- gratulated for placing honor where it is due. Scholarship, leadership, and char- acter are the merits on which the students choose their leaders." lf' Patterson Penna Davis Powell Dixon Ockerman Hurt Ammons Howe Collins Krayer Reichenbach Noble Walsh Wlgglnton Gayle Kinnnlrd Wilson Berkowitz Hlllenmeycr Crutcher Crowley Nollau Student overnment Association Established in 1939 PURPOSE The purpose of the Student Government Association is to enact and enforce such legislation as is needed, with a view to a harmonious coordination of the various organizations on the campus, to effect a centralized student government, better facultv-student cooperation, and to promote the general welfare of the student bodv. OFFICERS A. RUSSELL PATTERSON . . . MARY OLIVE DAVIS . STANLEY W. PENNA HELEN POWELL . . GIVENS D1xoN . . SONIA R. BERxowITz STUDENT MEMBERS Robert H. Hillenmeyer Lida B. Howe Ollie J. Hurt David W. Kinnaird Miriam A. Krayer Jerry L. Mercer George Givens Dixon Elizabeth Noble Joe A. Gayle George F. Nollau Edwin F. Ockerman Richard P. Adams Robert J. Ammons Arthur S. Collins V James W. Crowley Ann W. Crutcher Mary O. Davis 119. . . . President Women's Vice-President Men's Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Clerk Rex H. Osteen Russell Patterson Stanley W. Penna Helen B. Powell Doris J. Reichenbach Arthur J. Walsh Elizabeth B. Wigginto Louise R. Wilson fl Penick LaBach Hanauer Walker Ames Potts Lamuson Blackerby Noland tu ent mon oar S d U ' B d PURPOSE The Student Union under the direction of the Student Union Board serves as a center of student life. Its objectives are to make leisure time fruitful through planning a place for the growth of friendship among students and facultyg to enrich student life and encourage finer appreciation through a meaningful cultural programg and to aid in the development of useful members of society. ' FACULTY MEMBERS R. D. McIntyre M. E. Potter Sarah B. Holmes UNION DIRECTOR Bart N. Peak ASSISTANT DIRECTOR A. H. Thiele SOCIAL DIRECTOR Rebecca Van Meter OFFICERS Blu. PENICK . . . . . IVAN Po'rTs . - . PAT HANAUER . TERRY NOLAND . . . . . STUDENT MEMBERS Bill Ames Tom Walker Ben Lamason 120 T. T. Jones . . President . Vice-President Secretary Treasurer i Mary LaBach Margaret Blackerby Alpha Chi Sigma NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL CHEMISTRY FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Wisconsin, 1902 ALPHA GAMMA, Established in 1917 PURPOSE 15 To bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friendshipg 21 to strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and a professiong and 35 to aid its members by every honorable means in the attainment of their ambitions as chemists throughout their mortal lives. FACULTY ADVISER Dr. H. M. Bedford X OFFICERS WAYNE MCCONNELL . . . . . President H. J. ROSE . . . . Vice-President ANDREW GYOKER . . Secretary ARTHUR COLLINS . . . . Treasurer THOMAS SHELLEY . . . Reporter RUSSELL HUNT . . . Master of Ceremonies STUDENT MEMBERS Actives Russell Gilkey Benton Neff John Sheehan Robert Montgomery Raymond Patterson Dirk Verhagen Pledges Wendell Cropper Beverly Duncan Wharton Nelson Robert Cundiff Ray Johnson Irvin Neltner Willam Danks Ralph Meyer Joseph Stites John Minogue McConnell Rose Gyoker Collins Shelby Hunt P8-NSGTSOH 121 Ison Colliver Crowley England Porter Netherland Simpson McConnell Brown Robbins Evans Luckett Porter England Johnson Gayle Kells Martin Fugett Greathouse Gillespie Nelson Crowe Alpha Zeta HONORARY AGRICULTURAL FRATERNITY Founded at Ohio State University in 1897 SCOVELL Chapter Established in 1912 PURPOSE To promote the profession of agriculture: to establish, foster and develop high standards of scholarship, character, leadership and a spirit of fellowship among all its members: to create and bind together a body of outstanding technical men who by scholarly attainment faithful service and maintenance of ethical ideals and principles have achieved distinction and are capable of honoring achievement in othersg to strive for breadth of vision, unity of action und accomplishment of ideals: to commend all worthy deeds and if fraternal welfare to counsel with its members. FACULTY ADVISERS Lawrence A. Bradford . Dana G. Card W. A. Templeton OFFICERS JAMES H. IFON . . . . Chancellor JEWELI. B. CFLLIVER . . . . Censor JAMES W. CROWLEY . . . Scribe KENNETH H. ENGLAND . . . Treasurer CARL V. PORTER ..... Chronicler WILLIAM EARL NETHERLAND . . . Guide STUDENT MEMBERS Chester L. Brown Julian Elmo Gillespie Wm. Earl Netherland Jewell B. Colliver James H. Ison Carl V. Porter John W. Crowe William Johnstone James A. Porter James W. Crowley Donald Kells Paul Robbins Kenneth H. England Joseph Cvril Luckett James W. Simpson Reid B. England Robert McConnell James K. Stacey Harold J. Evans Clifford Martin Conrad B. Thomas Kenneth A. Fugett Michael S. Nelson James E. Wright Joe A, Gayle Patch G. Woolfolk 122 Queen Helen Cultnn rind attendants Sum Trlplctt llcftl :md Wanda Scrivncx' Fall Festival Festivity reigned over the Agriculture College for two nights when the 21st Annual Fall Festival was held by the Agriculture and Home Economics students. The celebration is annually' sponsored by the Block and Bridle, Animal Husbandry Honorary Fraternity. Entertainment for a large group of visitors included stunts by Block and Bridle pledges and among the students, contests such as milking, corn husking, and chicken picking. A large group of exhibits. almost completely running to a patriotic theme were displayed by individual clubs. This year the Poultry Club won the trophy given each year by Alpha Zeta, for an exhibit which displayed the part poultry plays in defense. The climax of the first evening came with the presentation of the Queen, King, and their attendants. The Queen, Miss Helen Culton, Parksville, and her attendants, Miss Sara Triplett, Henderson, and Miss Wanda Scrivner, Lexington, were selected by the men in the College of Agriculture, while Joe Gayle, Lexington, was chosen to reign as King by the women of the College of Home Economics. Kenneth England, Campbellsburg, and Kenneth Fugett, Stamping Ground, were selected as Knights. Climaxing the festivities was a dance in the Union Ballroom which was broadcast over W. H. A. S. radio station. 123 Gayle Colliver Schaffer Ken England McConnell Kells Allen Fugett McKenzie McCown Robbins Brown Luckett Claxon Duffy Campbell Wright Stamper Clark Dinning Ison Bastln Strauss Cande Russell Hlxon Netherland Evans J. A. Porter Crowley C. V. Porter Rcld England Corbin Crowe Hunt PURPOSE To promote the improvement and increase the interest among the students of Animal Husbandry and to bring about closer relationship among men pursuing some phase of Animal Husbandry as a profession. W. P. Garrigus J OE GAYLE . J EWELL COLLIVER FACULTY ADVISER ASSOCIATE MEMBER Ann Douglas McCown OFFICERS GERALD SCHAFFER . . KENNETH ENGLAND . . . . . Leonard Allen Garland Baston William Bewley Chester Lee Brown Lowell Campbell Nelson Cande John Clay Jewell Colliver John Crowe James Corbin James Crowley Joe Clapon Paul Clark Sam Coppock STUDENT MEMBERS Thomas Duffy Joe Gayle Robert Goodpastor Elmer Hixson Glen Harney Roy Hunt James Ison Don Kells Kenneth Kelly Cyril Lyckett Robert McConnell, J r. Marshall McKenzie Edgar Murphy 124 . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Earl Netherland Tom Pettus Carl Porter James Dinning Reid England Harold Evans Kenneth Fugett James Porter Paul Robbins Evan R. Russell Gerald Schaffer Edwin Stamper Jim M. Strauss James Wright Beta Gamma Sigma MERCE HONORARY NATIONAL COM Founded at the University o ALPHA OF KENTUCKY Established in 1928 PURPOSE The purpose of this Association shall be to encourage and reward scholarship and accom- plishment along the lines of business activity among students and graduates of colleges of commerce or in business administration in American colleges and universities, to promote the advance and spread of education in the science of business, to foster principles of honesty and integrity in business practice, and to encourage a more friendly attitude of the business public toward graduates of commercial courses. HONORARY MEMBER Dr. Frank LeRond McVey FACULTY MEMBERS Robson D. McIntyre Edward Weist Wendall E. Beals Lucian H. Carter Robert D. Haun Evelyn McAlister ROBERT D. HAUN HENRY B. MooRE Howard K. Ammerman Ruby E. Baxter john Stanley Boles Edward Bowne, III Walter W. Jennings Marshall D. Ketchum James W. Martin STAFF MEMBERS Dorothy Salmon OFFICERS STUDENT MEMBERS John H. Clarke, Jr. Robert W. Guely John D. Long Joe Logan Massie Henry B. Moore Edgar Z. Palmer William A. Tolman Anne Lewis Wilson . . President Secretary-Treasurer Pattie McCormack William Clifton Penick Helen B. Powell Charles Shipley 125 Cwens SOPHOMORE WOMEN'S HONORARY Founded at the University of Pittsburgh, 1922 THETA Chapter Established in 1931 PURPOSE To foster leadership, scholarship and fellowship among the women of the sophomore class. FACULTY ADVISERS HONORARY MEMBERS Dean Sarah B. Holmes Mrs. Ethel Lebus Dr. Margaret Ratcliff Mrs. Mary Lee Collins Miss Sarah Blending OFFICERS FRANCES JINKINS . . . . . . . President CAROLYN SPICER . . . Vice-President VIRGINIA L1PscoMB . . Secretary VIRGINIA WESLEY . . Secretary CHARLINE LISANBY . . . Historian STUDENT MEMBERS Betty Bohannon ' Martha McCauley Annie Laurie Riley Ann Crutcher Carolyn Mason Anita Roos Helen Harrison Sarah Mclnteer Virginia Smith Frances Jinkins Claudine Mullinaux Carolyn Spicer Martha Koppius Betty Payne Carole Spurr Virginia Lipscomb Betty Purnell Adalin Stern Charline Lisanby Virginia Wesley Jlnkins Spicer Lipscomb Wesley Lisanby Mason Mullinaux Payne Purnell Smith Crutcher Mclntecx' Harrison Roos Spurr Bohannon Kopplus McCauley 126 Mahanes Beard Darwin Nolte Chrisman Scranton Evans Martin Rose Barker Pettus Combs PURPOSE Keys is a representative organization fostering good will and fellowship among fraternity men, and promoting all activities to further these ends. Each year the most outstanding freshman of each fraternity is initiated. Eligibility is based on scholarship and activity in extra-curricular work. FACULTY ADVISER DAVID MAHANES . JACK MCNEAL . . KILMER CoMBs . GEORGE BARKER . H. B. More OFFICERS . . . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer STUDENT MEMBERS Charles Barker, Pi Kappa Alpha jesse Beard, Alpha Tau Omega Lyle Chrisman, Triangle Kilmer Combs, Sigma Chi Earl Evans, Phi Kappa Tau Harold Likens, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Harold Lindsay, Sigma Nu David Mahanes, Kappa Alpha T. J. Martin, Sigma Phi Epsilon Jack McNeal, Delta Tau Delta' Paul Nolte, Delta Chi Al Pettus, Alpha Gamma Rho Charles Rache, Phi Sigma Kappa Donald Rose, Alpha Sigma Phi Lewis Sawin, Kappa Sigma Everett Scranton, Lambda Chi Alpha Oscar Wright, Phi Delta Theta 127 P'I'Of6SS01' T. R. Bryant Lamp and ross SENIOR HONORARY FOR MEN Founded at the University of Kentucky in 1903 The purpose of Lamp and Cross is to recognize qualities of leadership among outstanding members of the senior class. Lamp and Cross was organized in 1903 as an Honorary Society for Senior Men. The fundamental requirements are scholarship, leadership and participation in athletics. At first the membership was limited to teng however, as the school enrollment increased, Lamp and Cross extended this limit. The organization now has twenty-eight members, who are both fraternity and independent senior men. The original ceremony was held in April at Tap Day Exercises. First the initiates were tapped with the leg bone of a skeleton, and then paraded around, following the captain. Although the ceremony has changed in the passing years, it still contains much of the old ritual. Judge R. C. Stoll, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, has been made an honorary member of Lamp and Cross. Among the outstanding alumni are: J. R. Johnson, Professor Emeritus: Joseph A. Kastle, Dean of the College of Agricultureg John T. Faig, President of Ohio Mechanic Institute, Dr. Davis Buckner, W. E. Freeman, Bart Peak, James Shropshire, Louis Hillenmeyer, A. B. Kirwan, Niel Plummer, Professor T. R. Bryant. Professor T. R. Bryant, Faculty Adviser, was initiated in 1906. He has served from time to time as Faculty Adviser, and has held this position for the last four years. 128 Lamp and Cross SENIOR HONORARY FOR MEN Davis Buckner W. E. Freeman J. R. Johnson J. ARTHUR SANDERS JR. BRONSTON R. REDMON FACULTY ADVISER T. R. Bryant MEMBERS IN FACULTY Ab Kirwan S. J. Lowry G. Lee McClain J. E. Parker, Jr. OFFICERS WILLIAM FRASER JOHNSTONE JAMES IVAN POTTS . JAMES HUBERT ISON . . . . William Howard Ames Albert Charles Bauer James Thomas Bowling John Burgin, Jr. Kenneth H. England Russell Lawrence Gresham Earl French Hadden Claude Ellis Hammond James Willy Harris STUDENT MEMBERS Henry Reiling Hillenmeyer Wallace Lenox Hislop Nelson Hoskins Wallace Elkin Hughes James Hubert Ison William Fraser Johnstone David Woodrow Keeling Roland F. Lamb Winslow Grant Lewis Anthony Russell Patterson Bart N. Peak Leonard Neil Plummer James K. Shropshire . . . President . lst. Vice-President 2nd. Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Stanley William Penna James Ivan Potts James Robert Powers Bronston R. Redmon J. Arthur Sanders, Jr. Howard Edmonds Sellars Shelby Shanklin Frank Morton Shy George Williams Terrell Sanders Redmond Potts Ames Bowling Harris Hillenmeyer Lewis Penna Hughes Hoskins Gresham Burgln Hatter Terrell Shanklin Kelling Shy Powers Patterson Bauer Johnson 129 Hillenmeyer Deep Kerr Nolan Bohnak Kinnalrd J. Wilson A. Wilson Theobald Shultz Rector Allen Daniels Hall Garrison Davis Mohney Crowley Shadwlck JUNIOR MEN'S HONORARY Founded at the University of Kentucky, 1901 PURPOSE To promote a closer feeling and a cooperative spirit among members of the Junior class and to recognize exceptional attainment in members of the lower divisions. FACULTY ADVISER W. S. Ward OFFICERS Bon HILLENMEYER . . . . . . President ABRAHAM DEEP . . . Vice-President TERRY NOLAN . Secretary JOHN H. KERR . . . Treasurer STUDENT MEMBERS Leonard Allen Jay Wilson Terry Nolan Joseph Bohnak James Crowley William Daniels Robert E. Davis Abraham Deep Bradford Garrison Alexander Hall Bob Hillenmeyer John H. Kerr David Kinnard Glenn Mohney 130 Bennett Rector Othor Shadwick O. L. Shultz Harry Theobald Atlee Wilson M ofrtav Board HONORARY FRATERNITY FOR SENIOR WOMEN Founded at Syracuse Uuiversity, 1918 STAFF AND CROWN Chapter Established in 1920 PURPOSE To advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University womeng to maintain a high standard of scholarshipg and to recognize and encourage leadership. FACULTY ADVISERS Sarah Holmes Mildred Lewis Margaret Lester FACULTY MEMBERS Lolo Robinson Sally Pence Lulie Logan OFFICERS MARY GARNER . . . . . . President LIDA BELLE HowE . . . . Vice-President DOROTHY PAUL . . Secretary LORRAINE HARRIS . . Treasurer ' Louise NISBE1' .... Editor STUDENT MEMBERS Rita Sue Laslie Mary Powers Betty Garrard South Mary LaBach Doris Reichenbach Sarah Triplett Charlotte Sale Garner Howe Paul Harris LaBach Reichenbach South Powers Triplett Laslic Nisbet Sale 131 Omicron Delta Kappa NATIONAL MEN'S LEADERSHIP FRATERNITY Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1914 NU CIRCLE Established in 1925 PURPOSE A national organization which recognizes outstanding junior and senior men in the various phases of campus life. Men are selected on an earned point system and elected to membership by the circle. The circle recognizes men who have attained a high standard of efliciency in collegiate activities and inspires others to strive for conspicuous attainment along similar lines. FACULTY ADVISER FACULTY TREASURER M. E. Potter W. Gayle Starnes FACULTY MEMBERS R. D. McIntyre Huntley Dupre William S. Webb Henry Beaumont Dr. H. H. Downing OFFICERS JOHN H. CLARKE, JR. . . . . . President JAMES M. ,TOHNSON . . . . Vice-President JOHN D. LONG ..... Secretary STUDENT MEMBERS Robert Ammons Leonard Greathouse Bill Penick Givens Dixon James Ison Carl Staker Joe Gayle Russell Patterson James W. Wine ALUMNUS MEMBER Ralph Edwards Clarke Johnson .Penick Long Gayle Ammons Ison Patterson Greathouse Dixon 132 Ellison South Eckles Myers Murphy Lyon Murray Hall Sale Sutton Phi Alpha Theta NATIONAL HONORARY HISTORY FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Arkansas, 1921 Dr. William F. Church Dr. Ford Messamore MARY LABACH . . CATHERINE ELLrsoN JACQUELINE BULL Uhel Barrickman Betty Berry Jacqueline Bull Doniphan Burrus Elaine Deal Agnes Eckles Catherine Ellison TAU Chapter Established in 1937 PURPOSE To encourage the study of history. FACULTY ADVISER Dr. J. Huntley Dupre FACULTY MEMBERS , Dr. T. D. Clark OFFICERS STUDENT MEMBERS Gabriel Gabrelian-Aghajan Sarah Anne Hall Mary LaBach Bobette Lyon Mrs. Ruby Huffman Murphy Aimee Murray 133 Mr. Robert Lunde Mr. Ellery Hall . . . President . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Charlotte Myers Luther Delano Prater Charlotte Sale Betty South Martha Sutton Stoney Walton Mrs. Grace Crawer Webbe Sale Rose Nisbet Guffey Taylor South Paul Roberts Breeding Austin Phi Beta NATIONAL HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL MUSIC, DRAMATIC, AND DANCE FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded at Northwestern University, 1912 KAPPA Chapter Established in 1925 PURPOSE The purpose of Phi Beta is to promote the best in music, drama, and the dance, to live a life of service, and to seek and develop the highest type of womanhood. FACULTY ADVISER Clara Hughes FACULTY MEMBERS Margaret Warren OFFICERS CHARLOTTE SALE ...... JOSEPHINE "Joost" D1G1AcoMo . . . MARGARET C01-IEN . . JANET PALMER . NORMA Rosa ..... LOUISE NISBET .... STUDENT MEMBERS Charlotte Sale Betty South Joan Taylor PLEDGES Ann Cowgill Sara Revel Estill Marguerita Goodykoontz Mabel Gumm Kathleen Hagan Lucille Haney 134 Wanda Austin Virginia Breeding Margaret Cohen Josephine DiGiacomo Mae Frances Guffey Louise Nisbet Janet Palmer Betty Wells Roberts Norma Rose Mary King Kouns . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Doorkeeper Historian Dorothy Hill Jeanne Lancaster Helen Lipscomb Betty McGregor Trilby McKeehan Dorothy Paul Anita Roos Anita Steele Louise White Phi Delta Phi NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL LEGAL FRATERITY Founded at the University of Michigan in 1869 Established on campus in 1925 PURPOSE The purpose of Phi Delta Phi is to instill into its members the highest professional ethicsg to foster a spirt of brotherhood and fellowship among the lawyers of today and tomorrowg to promote the cause of justice and humanity. JAMES R. HOWELL JR. SAM Bovn NEELY JOHN HOWE OFFICERS ROBERT SPRAGENS Frank H. Randall Uthel Barrickman John Boles Henry Bramblet Hiram Brock, Jr. William Buford Byrne Evans David Francis John Fulton Robert Hammon John Howe James R. Howell Mary Garner Elizabeth Gillespie FACULTY MEMBERS STUDENT MEMBERS Grant Knuckels Edwin McClelland John McKinstry Sam Boyd Neely Foster Ockerman Phil Phillis Marcus Redwine, Jr. Paul Rehm Charles Shipley Robert Spragens WOMEN'S AUXILIARY Mary Louise Barton Jackson . Magister . Exchequer . Clerk Historian Frank Murray Pollard White James Wine PLEDGES James Adkins Carleton Davis William Gant Homer Niekirk Alan Robins W. D. Sparks Robert Stevenson Roy Vance, Jr. Barbara Moore Helen Stephenson Howell Boles Bramblett Francis Bradford Neely McKinstry Ockerman 135 Phi Upsilon micron HONORARY HOME ECONOMICS FRATERNITY Founded at University of Minnesota, 1909 IOTA Chapter Established in 1922 PURPOSE The purpose of this honorary organization shall be to establish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote the moral and intellectual development of its members, and to advance and promote Home Economics. FACULTY ADVISERS FACULTY MEMBERS HONORARY MEMBERS Statie Erickson Ronella Spikard Myrtlye Weldon Marie Barkley Statie Erickson Mrs. T. P. Cooper Marie Barkley OFFICERS SoN1A BERKow1'rz . . . . . . . President SARA TRIPLETT . . . . . . Vice-President DOROTHY ANGLE . . Recording Secretary VIRGINIA GAY . . Corresponding Secretary MARGARET GULLEY . . Treasurer ELLA LANDRUM ..... Chaplain STUDENT MEMBERS Dorothy Angle Eulica Cornett Josephine Grant Floy Russell Sonia Berkowitz Edith Coyne Margaret Gulley Agnes Sublett Myrtle Binkley Beulah Cropper Lorraine Harris Sarah Triplett Catherine Cooper Mary L. Delaney Jane Hayes Elizabeth Wigginton Virginia Gay Ella Landrum PLEDGES Imogene Art Sue Dawson Esther Kalb Margaret Newcomb Dorothy Bostick Mary Lois Denney Jeanne Lancaster Martha Poe Nancy Byers Josephine DiGiacomo Gaynell Mallory Lyda Sutherland Helen Culton Anna Jane Gabbert Martha Marlowe SUSHII W01'd 1-4-or Berkowitz Gay Triplett Angle Landrum Gulley Coyne Poe Lancaster Ward Mallory Bostick Sutherland Delaney Cooper Harris Byers Marlowe Cropper Grant Binkley Denney Russell Hayes Lawson Kalb Sublett Wigginton Newcomb 136 ,..a- ,--sw ' ff ' ''Li" " 1' , swwfxg " ' A . ' M ' ,ez V-gasa?5':?21:sf1.., N-,L ,..Qgm23s--.:,.r+',-74.1fr-.Zta - a ,. A .2 qv Wifui --t"e"'p H" .'-: viva!-fr f".,-rismw 4,1--an .,,:fq,'fe tw, --': H 'i--4.vrl,g.,.-,x .. ci.: , Qi- 'f-vf-xftwa Mg iw my ,- 4. -gf' . '.- ., ' .'-,- '-- ,-Q' A ,a 4, 15spr5,,5',54 -away . . .A ...., 'vi 1 Qwviwgfr- -. . A iv gm, 1 -fc-utr: A .,.' -MH .5 - , , p ',,x.r4'4.': . -7 1, y ," .. , Lggg-.,q' .ni -en .ly 'I 45 '-,Q,,,j,:'1 731.4-fy-,k 3. ,.d.Li,., Jxggqg-44. 1,-3,4 , , QL,,,,,4,,,, v -v ,, ,f -ws v . is lir -' 'an 1 .ui " 'K Sigma Gamma Epsilon NATIONAL METALLURGICAL FRATERNITY Founded at the University of Kanses, 1915 CHI Chapter Established in 1928 PURPOSE This national metallurgical fraternity shall have for its objects, the social, scholastic and scientific advancement of its members, the extension of these relations among universi- ties and scientific schools with recognized standing in the United States and Canada, and the upbuilding of a national college society devoted to the advancement of the Earth Sciences, The Earth Sciences shall include: Geology, Mining, Metallurgy, Ceramics, Petroleum En- gineering, and allied subjects. Dr. A. C. McFarlan Dr. Carl C. Branson BEN PLOCH . . COFER SUNDERMAN RICHARD GARD Hubert Moore FACULTY ADVISER David M. Young MEMBERS IN FACULTY David M. Young OFFICERS MEMBERS Luther Powell 137 Vincent E. Nelson William G. Haag . President Vice-President Secretary James Young if rl 'ac' ' s Sigma Pi Sigma PHYSICS HONOR SOCIETY Founded at Davidson College, Davidson, N. C. LAMBDA chapter established 1930 PURPOSE To serve as a' means of awarding distinction to students having high scholarship and promise of achievement in Physics. OFFICERS CHARLES L. OWENS . . . . . . President DWIGHT L. HOPPER . . . Vice-President GLENN A. PRICE . . Secretary ARTHUR S. COLLINS Treasurer FACULTY ADVISER T. M. Hahn FACULTY MEMBERS W. S. Webb Jarvis Todd L. A. Perdue O. T. Koppius F.W. Warburton STUDENT MEMBERS G. G. Dixon E. C. Fowler Jacob Schroeder V. H. Florence Thomas Mahan C. J. Wade F. B. Pauls 138 Tau Beta P1 NATIONAL HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY ' Founded at Lehigh University, 1885 ALPHA chapter established 1902 PURPOSE To mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. FACULTY ADVISERS C. C. Jett J. S. Horine FACULTY MEMBERS C. C. Jett J. Russell E. A. Bureau J. W. May D. V. Terrell L. E. Nollau A. Langston E. Jarris J. H. Graham P. Emrath W. E. Freeman W. Beebe J. S. Horine C. S. Crouse A. J. Meyer OFFICERS STANLEY PENNA . . . . JOE N1'rzscHKE . . GLENN E. PADGET . VALoR1s FLORENCE ..... STUDENT MEMBERS Stanley Moore Joe Nitzschke Glenn R. Padgett A. R. Patterson George Givens Dixon V. H. Florence Jack Gaines Dwight Hopper H. H. Downing L. O'Bannon . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Bennett Rector Vernon Reynolds William Rice Robert Short Fred Steedly Charles Ray Marcum Stanley W. Penna Penna. Nitzschke Padgett Hopper Steedly Dixon Reynolds Rice Patterson Moore Marcum Rector ' 139 Theta Sigma Phi WOMEN'S NATIONAL HONORARY JOURNALISM FRATERNITY Founded at the University ot' Washington, 1909 CHI Chapter Established in 1.918 PURPOSE To unite women engaging in or planning to engage in journalismg to confer honor upon women who distinguish themselves in journalism and letters: to achieve definite standards in journalism and letters: to improve working conditions for women in these fields: to inspire members to greater individual effort. FACULTY ADVISER HONORARY MEMBER Miss Marguerite McLaughlin Mrs. Enoch Grehan FACULTY MEMBERS Marguerite McLaughlin Sarah Gentry Sarah Ratcliff Vera Gillespie Helen King Elizabeth Doyle Marjorie Hoagland OFFICERS PATRICIA SNIDFR ...... . . President JEAN WILLIAMS . . . . . . Vice-President ANN LOUISE SAUNDERS . .... Secretary MILDRED MURRAY . .... Treasurer BETTY JANE PUGH . . Keeper of the Archives STUDENT MEMBERS Pat Hanauer Betty Jane Pugh Antoinette Stabile Mildred Murray A Ann Louise Saunders Jean Williams Patricia Snider CUB CLUB Celia Bederman Florida Garrison Juanita Hingst Betty Bohannon Jessica Gay Mary Lyle Mary Norma Weatherspoon 'S Snider Williams Saunders Stablle Hanauer Bederman Gay Garrison Weatherspoon Pugh Lyle Bohannon Murray 140 GRADUATE SCHOOL COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Amnions Gayle Hillenmeyer Johnson Nollau Patterson Pcnnn Garner Hanauer Long Davis R050 South Kraycl' Pcnlck Clark Howe Rolchenbncli W ho's W ho IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Founded at the University oi Alabama in 1934 PURPOSE The purpose of Who's Who is to create one national basis of recognition for American college and universitv students devoid of politics, initiation fees, and dues. For several years it has published a book containing the biographies of outstanding students in American universities as well as every phase of actvity in the college world. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY MEMBERS Joe Logan Massie, Lexington Carl Staker, Maysville COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Joe Gayle Lexington COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Stanley Penna, Louisville Russell Patterson, Louisville COLLEGE OF LAW Mary Garner, Winchester John Clarke, Maysville COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Bob Ammons, Lexington Mary Olive Davis, Lexington Pat Hanauer, Ft. Thomas Lida Belle Howe, Louisville George Nollau, Lexington John Ed Pearce, Norton, Virginia Lloyd Ramsey, Lexington Doris Richenbach, Anchorage Betty Rose, Ft. Thomas Betty South, Frankfort . James Wooldridge, Hopkinsville COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Bob Hillenmeyer, Lexington Jim Johnson, Clinton Miriam Krayer, St. Petersburg, John Long, Earlington Florida Bill Penick, Lebanon Fm M any Tail "Don't I look a sight? Whoever depicted me, however, ought to be ashamed, because things weren't really as absurb then as my caricature would imply. It is true our activities were limited, yet we were not 'jailed' from all extra-curricular pursuits. "In fact we had certain advantages then . . . ladies were admitted free to football games when I was in school, and although We didn't have a coach, the games were exciting all the same. Two years after I graduated, the University had its first football coach-so this year you all celebrate the 50th an- niversary of a great sport. "Now, can you conference winners imagine the University without basketball? This prominent athletic endeavor was later introduced. It wasn't until 1903 that the first inter- collegiate game was played. "And as for the military units, there was no lack ex- cept in size. There was only one battalion of three companies with about forty men each, and only one military officer, but an hour was spent every day in drill. The men wore grey uniforms-the infantry with a broad black stripe down the outer seam, the artillery with a red. Even then, there were many lads who were 'shot with it.' "The first music teacher arrived at the school five years before I did, yet the growth of this art was slow. In 1904 there were but seventeen pieces in the band, and it wasn't until 1908 that a forty-member Glee Club was formed. "Publications were not prominent in our student life. In my junior year a maiden issue of a handsomely gotten up pamphlet called The Bayonet was published by the cadets of the A8aM college, and it was only after 1900 that any real interest was taken in student publications. The Kentuckian was so named by vote of the student body at a meeting in 1906, and in 1909 the Idea, a weekly paper, was made the official organ of the University. The Kentucky Kernel succeed- ed the Idea in 1915. It, too, was a weekly paper, and it sold forvfive cents a copy . . . " Athletics I BERNIE S1-uvanv I Athletics Director Coaching Staff Following is a thumb-nail sketch of Kentucky's coaching staff, most of whom are veterans in view of their service at UK. Two of the staff, Frank Moseley and Joe Shepherd, have recently left for military service, and so to you fellows the Kyian staff wishes the "best of luck." To you men still in charge of the University's athletic program, congratulations to you for keeping Kentucky on the sports map. Scholarly Ab Kirwan is head football coach, and serving under him are Joe Rupert, end coach, Shively, line coach, and Moseley, who tutored the backs until his recent induction into the navy. Gene Myers, ex-Kentucky line great, is head fresh- man coach with Shepherd as his assistant until Joe's departure for military duty. Adolpn Rupp, more familiarly known as the "Baron" or "the Man in the Brown Suit," is head cage mentor, with Paul McBrayer, former 'Cat net star. assisting him. McBrayer is head frosh coach. Rupert is track coach, and Billy Black, former Wildcat footballer, was named baseball pilot to succeed Moseley, former Big Blue diamond impre- sario. Kentucky's oldest athletic figure in point of service is S. A. "Daddy" Boles, golf coach. Coach Boles served as athletic director and head grid coach before becoming the mentor of UK's greensmen. Another veteran of Kentucky coaching experience is Dr. H. H. Downing, who has piloted the tennis squads at the University for 21 years. The 1942 swimmers were headed by Henry Hil- lenmeyer, and the fencing squad was coached by Dr. Charles Knapp after Scott Breckinridge j'r.'s induction into the armed forces . B. F. M. Football Coach Ab Kirwan's fourth year as skipper of the Kentucky ship saw the Wildcats compile a not-so- Impressive record of five victories and four reversals. Kentucky's off again-on again calibre of perform- answer to the 1941 gridiron campaign. True, the Wildcats did look like potential champions at times, and then again the Kirwan-tutored-eleven would dis- aPPo1nt its most loyal followers. Best example of this was the Vanderbilt contest, when Kentucky played superb ball during the first half. and then blew a 15-16 lead after the intermis- 51011, finally losing, 15-39. The Wildcats' fluctuation in dependability is also manifested in the game-by-game record. after walk- Ing-away with V. P. I., 37-14, the 'Cats could barely decision Washington and Lee, 7-0. Following their humiliating loss to Vanderbilt, the Big Blue snapped back to wallop Xavier, 21-7, and West Virginia, 18-6. Next, the Kentucky eleven dropped tilts to Alabama, 3Q'0, and to Georgia Tech, 20-13, and then followed with a 33-19 victory over Southwestern and a 20-7 loss to Tennessee. A. D. KIRWAN Head Football Coach A weak line and faulty blocking were consistently the chief causes for Coach Kirwan and his assistants, Line Coach Bernie Shively, End Coach Joe Rupert, and Frank Moseley, who tutored the backs. Noah 'Fir nl . , i- of-7 ,,, . , M- . Q, -1,5 ak, ' 6 ' ' - ' ' . '-. S . A , bw., -, ,AL Myra A, . . . ..., Xfsax. X .-,,. .... . - - Q- - - -, , n r it -s ..,..o ,...,.,,, ., ... ,. .. l Q1 nv fry- 11-ff. A ' '. 7'.':"f -' -'F.'-7547 ,. "":4.1 -4' -I' ' H, K xi 'Cv' 1 t. to ie,-5 ,.'.. ., . 5. . .. . . .. ...K Q.. ..,.. . .A H Qlgfpfsif - f gyqvipih if -1-.'3S,..,f!'. '- f A-,.f e, ,Af it f 9 . fi ",,g , f Q - y ."- Q, Ag' '- '- ' ., ' ' - v.: 9' I -' " if W N' Q75 2.13. f'.p,-,mga aft--'Pg Pb'-P GCD-1. ,,f ., ' 5-W '- as XJ I 1 .X . ,'. .' 1 I V , I First row: Walker, Hammer, Wood, Kafoglis, Herbert, Bell, Hoyer, Hurst, Cutchln. Second row: Sengle, Eblen, Beck, Welbourn, Preston, Kuhn, Edwards, Webb, Casner. Third row': Boehler, Mullin, Jaraczp Parr, Johnson, Althaus, Colvin, Kesslngcr, Triplctt. 147 r ":fM'1:'ij1 , x ' F.-' U ' -Q ' . , , E K f m V' .1 f l ' 15,1 fl Bill Portwood, end. and Ermal Allen, quarterback Noah Mulllns, halfback Noah Mullins, halfback Football Mullins, the speed demon from Versailles, and Ermal Allen, the "Mighty Mite," made many long runs, some of them touchdown sprints. However, these two backs, named by all Kentucky foes as among the best backs in the Southeastern Conference, never had decent interference. Time and time again. Allen, touted as one of the South's bst passers, was smo- thered behind the line of scrimmage for huge losses, after the enemy had broken through the 'Cat line with little or no trouble. Another omnipresent difficulty was the lack of a good field general to marshall the 'Cat forces in action. Junie Jones, former quarterback, was switched to running back, and a satisfactory successor was never found. Tommy Zinn, Eric Hoyer, and John Hurst all alternated at the signal-barking slot, but none ever gave the service expected of them. Sensational jaunts to the double stripe territory by Allen and Mullins, together with Allen's bullet passes, featured the campaign. Other backs giving creditable performances were jones, Claude Ham- mond, and Bob Herbert, the latter two fullbacks. Phil Cutchin, sophomore halfback, displayed the most promise among the backfield newcomers. Cutchin can run and pass, besides kicking with the best of them. In the line Bill Portwood's play at end was no- thing short of sensational. Despite broken noses and ever-present injuries, this sophomore did honor to the blue and white uniform in every game. Consist- ently smearing enemy runners behind the line of scrimmage, he was named on several All-Southeastern sophomore teams. At the end of the season, for the First time in Kentucky's athletic history, the most valuable player award was made to two players, Mullins and Allen, at the annual Alumni banquet for the gridders. KENTUCKY 37, V. P. I. 14 Following a yearly custom, the Wildcats made their coming out party a huge success, smothering V. P. I., 37-14. in the season opener at Louisville. Scoring almost at will Kentucky completely out- classed the Virginians. Ermal Allen's 38 yard sprint around right end in the opening moments gave his 'Cat mates a lead they never relinquished. Jones made the conversion. The jubilant Kentucky fans had scarcely regained their seats when Portwood blocked a Gobbler punt, and Kincer went over from the one yard line to make it 13-0. The next marker came following Mullins' inter- ception of V. P. I. pass on the Gobbler 34. From there, Cutchin heaved an 18 yard pass to Carl Althaus, and the lanky Louisville end went over for the touchdown. The final first half touchdown for the rampaging Wildcats came on a march from the Kentucky 41 to the V. P. I. four yard stripe, Hammond carrying the ball over. As the second half got underway, Bill Walker recovered a V. P. I. fumble on his 45, and after two plays, Jones went 32 yards behind beautiful blocking for the score. 'Twas now, with the Wildcats leading, 31-0, the V. P. I. offense came to life. Sophomore Jim Lively climaxed a 64 yard passing and running spree with a 10 yard trek to pay-dirt. McClure aded the extra point. Kentucky's last touchdown came on Cutchin's pass to Althaus going over standing up. The Gobblers scored one more when Bob Smith threw a 20 yard pass to Lively, and the Gobbler back outdistanced the Kentucky secondary. McClure again added the v'. 2' x . -.A min. '- Clark Wood stops a West Virginia ball-carrier, while "Big Stoop" johnson rushes in to help. extra point to make the hnal score read Kentucky 37, V. P. I. 14. KENTUCKY 7, W. 8nL. 0 Picked to win by three or four touchdowns, Ken- tuCkYiS Wildcats were able to score but one on Washington and Lee, and thus gained a 7-0 decision over the Generals on the W. 81. L. gridiron. l A 63 yard dash down the sidelines by Noah Mul- lms was the only marker of the game. The score Came early in the second quarter, after Kentucky had recovered Socha's fumble on the 'Cat 37 yard line. Kentucky scored another time, also by Mullins, but the play was nullified when officials spotted a Wlldcat player pushing. A journey to the land of double stripes by Bob Herbert was also declared void OH a backfielrl in motion penalty. Qn two other occasions Kentucky got within whis- Perlng distance of the general goal, only to lose the ball on downs and one time by the game's end. g Washington and Lee never threatened, the closest Ili ever got to the Kntucky goal being the 37 yard line- A hard-charging Kentucky forward wall repeat- edly threw the General backs for losses. A West Virginia drive stops on midfield as Steve Graban and Allen Parr tackle a Mountaineer ball-toter KENTUCKY 15, VANDERBILT 39 After putting a Stoll Field homecoming crowd in a joyous frenzy by leading Vanderbilt, 15-6, at half-time, the Wildcats went to pieces in the last half, and the Commodores won easily, 39-15. Kentucky scored only after seven minutes had elapsed, when Rebrovich, intercepting Mullins' pass to Portwood, fell behind his own goal line for a Wildcat safety. Not content with a 2-0 lead, the 'Cats registered a six-pointer on Mullins' 72 yard run to the Vandy 12, a series of line plays, and Allens low pass to Port- wood. Midway in the second period, Allen ran a Com- modore punt back to the Comie's three yard line. Herbert took the ball to the one in two tries, and Allen went over for the score. Late in the second stanza Vanderbilt scored when Rebrovich took the ball and lateralled it to Jack Jenkins in the end zone. Vanderbilt routed the Kentuckians in the second half nightmare, the Wildcats being completely de- moralized. The Commodores scored touchdowns on runs by Jenkins, Rohling and Rebrovich, and passes from Burns to McDavid, and from Moore to Jenkins. The "Best Band in Dixie" puts on another show. Steve Graban, guard Tommy Zinn, quarterback Jack Casner, guard Bob Herbert, fullback Football KENTUCKY 21, XAVIER 6 Kentucky belied its showing in the Vanderbilt melee by trouncing Xavier, 21-6, at Cincinnati. The Kentuckians scored twice in the second quarter and one in the third to ruin the Musketeers' home- coming program. After dominating a scoreless First period, Ken- tucky went ahead in the second stanza on Jones' toss to Mullins. Jones conversion was good, and Ken- tucky held a 7-0 lead. Six minutes later Coach Kirwan's proteges scored again. jones intercepted a pass by Goodreau on the Xaxier 45, and returned it to the 26. Herbert, Charley Kuhn and Jones made a first down on the 13. Jones and Herbert drove the two for another, where Ham- mond, in for Herbert, went over for the marker. jones kicked the placement. Ermal Allen's 28 yard punt return set the stage for the last 'Cat tally. . V .,,.,,i,:i:, ....,. After Kentucky had made a first down on Xavier's four yard line, Allen tossed the pigskin to Mullins in the end zone. Xavier scored on Stanovich's thrust over left tackle, after reserves were sent into the visitors' lineup. Goodreau's three tries had carried the ball to the three. KENTUCKY 18, WEST VIRGINIA 6 Kentucky notched its fourth victory in live starts by trouncing West Virginia 18-6 on Stoll Field. The visitors outgained Kentucky, 195 yards to 124. and also registered 16 first downs to four for the Wildcats. But Kentucky took to the air to score two touchdowns and Mullins outdistanced the entire West Virginia secondary on a 67-yard gallop for the other. Mullins tossed the first score-to-be pass to Allen, the latter receiving it on the 38, and going the rest of the way behind beautiful blocking. ii rf' 1 ' ' 3 1 ,..,4 ay. - . The Walker boys, George and Charlie, both centers, vie for the pigskin. 1 l 1 Noah Mullins is run out of bounds. Ik West .Virginia knotted the count at 6-6, when e Martin climaxed a long march by plunging over from the one. -Kentucky retaliated with another aerial thrust, this time with Allen pitching to Jones on the two, and Jones EDU122 over to break the deadlock. Mullins, on a reverse, got the entire West Virginia team out of position, and cut down the sidelines for a 67 Yard journey to Scoreland. KENTUCKY 0, ALABAMA 30 Alabama's power and fleet running attack proved tO? much for the Wildcats, and the Crimson Tide triumphed, 30-0, at Tuscaloosa. Poor blocking and tackling were the outstanding factors in Kentucky's reversal. ' with Jimmy Nelson, heralded Red Elephant back, -3 .,. . a if A f 7. ,Ji ' . .-r. " .5 ., W . .A 5 Cl yde '70hUS0f1, tackle Junlc Jones, quarterback in the starring role, the Crimsons experienced little trouble in rolling over the Big Blue. Scoring a touch- down in each of the first three quarters, and two in the last one, Coach Frank Thomas' Cotton Bowl- bound Tide handed Kentucky its second defeat in six starts. Nelson drove over standing up for the first marker, and Moseley passed to Weeks in the end zone to account for the first half scoring. Nelson's heave to Rast in double-stripe territory, and Mims' 43 yard ,iaunt after receiving a pass in- creased the 'Bama lead after the intermission. McCoy scooted 52 yards to tally the Final Tide touchdown. KENTUCKY 13, GEORGIA TECH 20 An outstanding pass-pitching exhibition by "Flip" Allen went for naught, and Kentucky bowed, 30-12. FN""N"W45"?"'1'Y" 'lP'F"1" . Q Sam Hulette, center Allen Parr. end Vandy's jack jenkins is brought down by ,Iunie Jones. to Georgia Tech at Atlanta. The "Mighty Mite" completed nine of 14 passes and also had a punting average of 40.2 yards per kick. Bad breaks spelled defeat for the Bluegrass en- tourage, whose blocking and tackling showed decided improvement. Tech went into an early 6-0 lead on Dodd's pay-dirt trek. A 45 yard drive in the second quarter with Plaster scoring sent the Engineers into a wider lead. Phil Cutchin's 37 yard heave to Noah Mullins as the half-time gun sounded registered the first score for Kentucky. Tech, howevr, came back in the third quarter with Bosch culminating a 35 yard march by hitting over left tackle for the score. Allen's accurate right arm continually kept the Engineers in trouble. However, Kentucky could score but once more, this time on Bob Herbert's plunge from the four yard line, after Allen passs to Althaus and Mullins had carried it there. KENTUCKY 33, SOUTHWESTERN 19 A 140 pount halfback from Southwestern, Kenny Holland, forced the Wildcats to go all-out in what was supposed to be a "breather" before the Thanks- giving Day clash with Tennessee. The victory-starved Wildcats didn't triumph over the Lynx as easily as expected, but finally won, 33-19, before a high school day crowd of 12,000. Holland scored two touchdowns, completed all the Lynx passes, made eight of their 11 first downs, gained three-fourths of the yardage, and did practic- The "Mighty Mite" delights homecoming fans by gaining against Vanderbilt. Ermal Allen treks goalward against Vanderbilt 5 L Mullins treks 70 yards to pay dirt against Southwestern. Mullins changes from the role of groundgainer to ally all the kicking. He also made the longest run of the afternoon. Noah Mullins and Carl Althaus each scored two touchowns for the winners, Kuhn tabbing the other one. In addition to Holland's two scores, Bowling notched a six-pointer for the visitors. KENTUCKY 7, TENNESSEE 20 An early first quarter 'Cat touchdown that brought hopes of breaking Tennessee's victory string was a false alarm, and the Vols went on to win, 20-7, in the Thanksgiving day classic on Stoll Field. The score, however, did break a five year scoring drouth against Tennessee. It came on Allen's pass to Portwood. Not since 1935 had a Kentucky team registered a point against the Vols. tackler as he nnbs Soutl1Western's elusive Kenny Holland Tennessee quieted the bedlam among Kentucky rooters when Dick Mulloy caught Johnny Butlr's pass on the Kentucky 20, and squirmed his way to pay-off land. Another Vol score came when Graves, Tennessee center, intercepted Allen's pass on the Kentucky 29 and sped goalward. Coach John Barnhil1's eleven registered its last marker on a pass from Slater to Partin. All of the point-making in the first half, as the two squads waged a punting duel after the inter- mission. Johnny Butler averaged 44.6 yards per kick for the Vols, but Mullins topped this, averaging 48.2 for the Wildcats, including a 72 yard boot. Kentucky's backfield gave a better performance than the Vol ball toters, but the Tennessee line over- shadowed Kentucky's forward wall. vm.. r , --...-.4.4 at 4 West Virginia's Ike Martin, behind good interference picks up yardage against the 'Cats. 153 ' ' l"',.,132 V, ' nl -,r , .1 6 , if z ,, .J 41 5- 4" ..... 1 ' 'f"" ' Q gfotiaf' Y- -.1 . if I 'VL W-f,,. . 1 V V -, V." ri " 6' , X' .H M .La . .X X. V VV. 1' . . v f :'f1.l.' ' ,Q '-,V,,.'I'f:i,i I " 4 .Y M X.. . V v ' Q "JJ I i . n 'ffffjffj L , ill. , y. ..,,,l', " . . , j V'-1, 2. V Z x f" ' '41 ..-muy' 'P' 57 Vgqzu ..:'.w.f.V.,'1V:: V' ,z 3 ' V V ' V . . , ,,. ' J, V,f V Qing .p ' iggtgcgs .qty " 4',j'33nV . V ...Ls ,V , " If vi .V. 5, L . " 5,74 , .V A , " V " 1 V V 8' ' ,' B , '. N ' ' ' I , , V V . if ,z My 91 3. I . ,, A 4 'Y' Mg Q ffm, ' , H , ,' . . V., ,.. . ie. N Vi Vw Q f . , W Q 4 V V V 5 V rj url , I if iv -O' 1 i -at 11, V05 , Back row: Veenes, Hill, Augustyn, Griffin, Barnes, McAllister, Crouch, Browning, Duning, Todd: Warner: Kennedy. First row: Jones, Brumbach, Kohl, Wilson, Tunstill, Lair, Moseley, Meeks, Walker, Rhodemeyer, Freshman Football From scores to style and style to material the Kentucky Kittens have proven that they will make capable substitutes for their Big Blue brothers in the gridiron tussels of the coming seasons. neighboring states the nets and have drawn material available and From the Bluegrass and 'Cat scouts have cast their some of the best high school herded them to Lexington where Coach Gene Myers and assistants have molded it into a smooth working cleat-clad machine that easily rolled over two oppon- ents and badly gnawed the third. Being members of the Southeastern Conference the Kittens were obliged to comply with the three game ruling and for their opposition they chose the University of Cincinnati and Vanderbilt, and the baby Vols from the University of Tennessee. ' In the first game the Kittens "played" with Cin- cinnati's 'Little Musketeers' when the UK freshmen, led by Tunstill and Meeks, slipped over ends and 154 guards to tally up a score of 52-0 in favor of the Kittens. Stoll Field again saw the Kittens win over another freshman group, this time a much heavier and much favored team from Vanderbilt who the week before had defeated the Baby Vols of Tennessee. The Ken- tucky freshmen, with no particular star for this game, cooperated with closer coordination and won their best game of the season by Da 13-7 score. It was a sick and injured team that traveled to Knoxville to play their only road game, and as a result, the Kittens suffered their first and only defeat of the season at the hands of the Tennessee Freshmen who crossed for two touchdowns and an extra point- while the Kittens failed to score. Results-a 0-13 loss for Kentucky. Outstanding in the Kitten line were Rhodemeyer, Jones, Yarutis, Warner, Griffin, Augustine and Zelinik. Outstanding backs were Meeks, Tunstill, Walker, Blair and Moseley. Basketball Fourteen victories in 18 scheduled starts against the top cage quintets of the entire nation, the South- eastern Conference championship, a post-season clash with the strong Great Lakes Naval Training Station five, and a berth in the eastern eliminations of the National Intercollegiate Basketball Tournament- that, in brief, is the story of the 1941-42 Kentucky hardwood season. "They weren't great because of natural ability, but because they wanted to win," said Coach Adolph Rupp in commenting on the sensational record, and certainly the veteran 'Cat mentor knew what he was talking about, for his charges met representatives from the Big Ten Conference, the Far West, the deep South, Mexico and the Mid-West. in addition to members from their own Southeastern Conference during the regular season. In a special game for char- ity at Louisville, the 'Cats were pitted against a highly touted bunch of former All-Americans and college stars representing the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. The Big Blue also participated in the na- tional tournament eliminations, a very great honor bestowed upon only eight of the nation's best teams. Gaining momentum as the campaign progressed, the Kentuckians won their opener, lost the second outing, then copped three straight, dropped another, ADOLPH RUPP Head Basketball Coach triumphed four more times in a row lost two and then won their last four scheduled starts before entering the Southeastern eliminations at Louisville. Not a single home Hoor loss was sustained by the Wildcats, thus keeping at only seven the number of home defeats suffered by Kentucky basketball teams since Coach Rupp assumed the pilot's post 11 years l l l 1 'Back row: Evans, Barlow, Althaus, Akers, King. Brewer. Lander, Adams, Whltc. Second row: Rupp. Shivcly, England, Allen, Stnkcr, White. Tlcco, Ramsey, Mann, McBraycr. Front row: Boehlor, Robertson: Splane, Buck, Etscorn, Mnthcwson, , Aa, Akers, guard White, forward Allen, forward Brewer, center Striker, guard, captain ago..All except one of 1941-42's four defeats were atoned for in return engagements. Ermal Allen and Waller White at forwards, Mel Brewer in the pivot position, and Captain Carl Staker and Marvin Akers at guards were the 'Cats who started the majority of the games. Captain Staker's steady floor work and leadership, Akers' long shots, Allen's speed and offensive punch, Brewer's rebounding and White's point-making is the "behind- the-scenes' answer to Kentucky's great record. Capable replacements were handy in Ken England and Adrian Back at guards, veteran jim King at center, and Milt Ticco and Lloyd Ramsey at forwards. Vincent Splane also saw some service at a forward post. "Big Train' Akers, mentioned on many All- American selections, paced the team in regular season scoring by tallying 150 points. Brewer cam enext with 140. Allen was placed on the All-Conference team upon the conclusion of the tourney in Louisville, and Akers and King were awarded second-team berths. KENTUCKY 31, MIAMI U. 25 The Wildcats began the season unimpressively, defeating Miami University, 31-25, in Alumni gym. The Big Blue was never in danger, but failed to show its expected strength. Defense was up to par, as the visitors were held to eight flld goals, but the highly touted 'Cat offense didn't live up to expectations. Waller White, Kentucky forward, was the game's high scorer with 10 points. O1-no STATE 43, KENTUCKY 41 Displaying a much better brand of ball than that shown in the opener, the charges of the "man in the brown suit" were nosed out, 43-41, by Ohio State on the Buckeye court. Kentucky, trailing 42-39 with less than a minute to go, almost copped the verdict. Jim King scored on a crip, and with seconds remain- Mel Brewer goes up with some Alabama players l l Milt Ticco and Mel Brewer scramble to keep the ball away from Georgia Tech ing, Milt Ticco missed an easy crip that would have put the Wildcats ahead. Miller scored the last Ohio State tally by sinking a free throw. The score was knotted 11 times during the closely- contested melee, being deadlocked at 24-24 at half- tim. Ticco tabbed nine points to gain scoring honors for Kentucky, while Dick Fisher's 14 topped the Buckeye attack. KENTUCKY 42, NEBRASKA 27 Coming from behind in the second half, Coach Rupp's cagers sent the Kentucky students home for the Xmas holidays in happy spirits by trouncing Nebraska, 42-27, at Lexington. The Wildcats were badlyxoff form in the first half, making only seven of 46 attempts from the field, and trailed, 16-15, at half-time. After the intermission, however. the Ken- tuckian's made 10 of 34 field goal trys. Mel Brewer score 11 points in addition to playing an excellent game on rebounds. Held, towering Nebraska center, led the boys from the corn country with 13. KENTUCKY 64, SOUTH CAROLINA 25 V tucky had little trouble in bestmg the gamecocks of South Carolina The pace by the victors was so rapid Jumping into a 35-13 first half advantage, Ken- M that a befuddled Gamecock, Stanley Statisca, even scored a fielder for Kentucky. UK's Ticco scored 15 points during the first nine minutes of the game to captuer scoring honors. While Westmoreland's six were tops for the losers. KENTUCKY 49, TEXAS A. Br M. 29 Coach Rupp used 14 players in the Texas A. Sn M. rout. A near capacity crowd witnessed the fast tilt, which saw the Texans fight to the very last. Jim King's rebounding and Marvin Aker's long shots stood out for the Kentuckians. Akers amassed 14 point, nearly all of them on efforts from far out on the fioor. Ermal Allen played a good Hoor game and was outstanding on the defense. Ted Nabors nine points was the best A. 8a M. scoring mark, all tallied in the second half. KENTUCKY 62, WASHINGTON AND LEE 42 The 'Cats ran up a 17-5 lead over Washington and Lee in the first five minutes of play and increased it to 36-16 at the intermission. The Big Blue's first five left the game six minutes before the first half ended with the score at that point being 32-13. Ticco's 16 points vanned the Kentucky attack, while a Paris, Ky., boy, Bill Bryan, led the losers with nine. King, center Ticco, forward Ramsey, forward Buck, guard England, guxud Ermal Allen takes the ball away from a Georgia Tech player KENTUCKY 40, XAVIER 39 Two charity heaves by Allen with only three seconds left to play erased a 39-38 Xavier lead and gave Kentucky a 40-39 hairbreadth decision over the Musketeers at Cincinnati. Rough play marked the contest, with 24 personals being called on the Wildcats and 17 on the losers. The score was tied three times during the first half, but the Big Blue pulled away to a 22-15 half-time lead. Captain Bert Robben of the losers was the game's offensive star with 19 points, while Brewer was best for the winners with 10. KENTUCKY 40, TENNESSEE 46 Tennesee stopped the Kentucky winning streak at first straight by handing the 'Cats a 46-40 setback at Knoxville. The Vols were in top form, and held a slight lead all the way, despite the efforts of Allen, who scored 17 points for the losers. The game got off to a slow start, but the defending SEC champions rallied to lead, 26-20, at the half way mark. Captain Bernie Mehen registered 13 points to top the Vol point-making, and also played a good fioor game. KENTUCKY 51, GEORGIA 26 Delving deeper into the Southland, Kentucky handed Georgia its worst basketball defeat in four years by trampling the Bulldogs, 51-26, at Athens. The visitors ran up a 9-0 lead before the Bulldogs scored. Akers led the Kentucky scorers with 11 points, and Captain Bobby Moore, touted as one of the best players in the SEC, topped Georgia with 13. KENTUCKY 63, GEORGIA TECH 53 The boys from the Bluegrass won their second straight game in the cotton kingdom by trouncing Georgia Tech, 63-53, at Atlanta. Kentucky could never go into a commanding lead, and topped the Engineers only 55-51 with four minutes left to play. Lax guarding by the hosts in the waning moments allowed Brewer to score the winning points. Brewer and Captain Carlton Lewis of Tech were the game's high scorers with 20 points each. Kentucky made 15 of 16 free throws, Akers missing the only one. Mel Brewer leaps to intercept a pass to Tennessee's Dick Mehen under the Vol basket. Waller White scores a field goal against Tennessee, despite the efforts of Dick Mehen. KENTUCKY 56, MEXICO- 26 Coach Rupp's proteges violated the "good neigh- bor" policy by running roughshod over the Univer- sity of Mexico, 56-26, on the 'Cat hardwood. In settling the international basketball question the Kentuckians jumped into a 11-1 lead in the first five minutes of play, increasing it to 33-7 at the intermis- sion. Fifteen players saw service for the winners, with Ed Lander, third-string Center, setting the scoring pace with nine points. Bribesca of the Mexicans topped individual point-making with 10 markers. KENTUCKY 55, GEORGIA 38 The Wildcats were unimpressive in scoring their second win of season over Georgia Tech, 55-38, on the home court. Kentucky turned in its worst per- formance of the season, as the 'Cat cagers passed poorly, fumbled and had about as much grace and poise as a herd of elephants. Akers was high point- maker for the home squad with 12 points, while R0wland's 17 points led Georgia. KENTUCKY 35, ALABAMA 41 Alabama registered a mild upset by defeating Kentucky, 41-35, at Tuscaloosa for the Tide's 11th victory in 12 starts. 'Bama used only seven men in registering its first victory over UK since 1940. The winners held the lead throughout the first two min- utes of play, topping the invaders, 23-18, at half-time. Kentucky's Captain Carl Staker was banished for what the officials ruled an intentional foul on Roth, Alabama guard. Adair dropped in 11 points to pace the Tide, and Akers scored 12 to lead Kentucky. KENTUCKY 42, NOTRE DAME 46 Notre Dame trailed Kentucky, 22-15, at halftime, but came back to score a 46-43 triumph and continue its jinx over the Bluegrass basketeers. It was the roughest game of the season on the Irish court, as the 22 personals on Kentucky and 15 on Notre Dame testify. The visitors appeared headed for their first victory over the "Fighting Irish," but the hot pace fell short. Rensberger topped the victorious attack with 17 points, while Staker and Brewer shared top honors for the Wildcats with seven each. KENTUCKY 50, ALABAMA 34 After a nip and tuck first half battle that ended with the score knotted at 21-all, the 'Cats came back after the intermission to nip Alabama, 50-34, on the Kentucky court. A whistle concerto by the referees marred the tilt which saw Alabama's Roth removed for unnecessary roughness, and technical fouls called on Forward Ramsey and Coach Rupp of Kentucky for what the horn-tooters deemed too vigorous pro- tests of decisions. The 'Cat rebounding in the second half was the decisive factor, as the Kentucky squad scored 22 points to Alabama's six during the first 15 minutes of play in the second period. KENTUCKY 36, TENNESSEE 33 A capacity crowd saw Kentucky avenge its early season defeat at Knoxville by handing Tennessee a 36-33 setback in Alumni gym. Brewer of the Wildcats completely outshone the liighly publicized Points, Inc.. composed of brothers Dick and Bernie Mehen, by scoring 13 points and turning in an excellent de- fensive game. Bernie collected eight tallies, while Dick registered nine. The Vols led, 21-20, at the half in the tilt which was a typical Kentucky-Tennessee game in which just about everything happened. Doc Clark, Vol guard, even made a pass at colorful Coach Rupp when the Kentucky mentor stood up to protest the decision. KENTUCKY 57, GEORGIA TECH 51 Kentucky merely toyed with Georgia Tech in gaining a 57-51 decision over the Engineers at Lex- ington. The Wildcats played a sluggish game and trailed, 44-43, at one stage of the tilt. Waller White of Kentucky and Stevens of Georgia fI'ech were ejected early in the game for unnecessary roughness. Both teams displayed accuracy at the free throw line, the winners converting 17 of 19 attempts, and Georgia Tech making 11 of 13 tosses. Akers con- tributed 18 points toward the 'Cat cause, while Johnson and Hearn with 12 each led the Engineers. Kenny England gets ready for a try at the basket in the Georgia game FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM Back row: Davis, Withers, Board, Hamm, Benton, Parker. Front row: Harris, Allcn, Stevenson, Rolllns,I-lead, McBa.ycr. KENTUCKY 44, XAVIER 36 The Baron's basketeers concluded the regular scheduled season with their fourth straight victory, a 44-36 verdict over Xavier on the Wildcat fioor. The calibre of play displayed by both teams was poor, but the game was one of those typical nip and tuck UK-Xavier meetings. Kentucky was weak on rebounds during the first half, which saw the score knotted four times. Roughness marred the tilt, with the Wildcats being guilty of 18 personals and the Musketeers 15. Akers' 12 points topped the vic- torious offensive, and Captain Bert Robben's 14 was the best scoring mark for Xavier. KENTUCKY WINS SOUTHEASTERN DIADEM Entering the Southeastern Conference tournament as co-favorite with Tennessee, the Wildcats bested Florida, Mississippi and Auburn to advance to the titular melee, where they nosed out Alabama, sur- prise winner over Tennessee in the semi-finals. The 'Gators from down Florida way gave Ken- tucky a little more trouble than anticipated, before bowing, 42-36, in the 'Cats' first tourney tilt. The quarter-final round held little anxiety for Coach Rupp's mapleboard disciples, as Kentucky scored a 59-32 decision over Mississippi to advance to the semi-final eliminations. lTwas the semi-final clash with Auburn that pro- viedd the first real scare for Kentucky. Only a rally sparked by Jim King, substitute center, in the last I0 minutes of play saved the day for the Wildcats. Trailing 18-11 at the half, Kentucky deadlocked the score at 28-28 with eight minutes to go on King's one- handed effort from the side, and went on to win, 40-31. The championship classic kept the 8,500 fans present in a constant state of excitement, as the 'Cats and 'Bama waged a fierce duel before Kentucky gained a 36-34 nod. Accuracy at the free-throw line won the game forthe Bluegrass netters, who held a bare 16-15 half-time lead. Alabama made 13 field goals to Kentucky's 12, but the 'Cats converted 12 of 13 free throws, while the Tide could make only eight of 12. Kenny England, sub guard, tabbed 13 points to pace the Kentuckians to the title. Hines and Roth divided 'Bama offensive honors with seven points each. Governor Johnson presented the trophy to the victorious 'Cats, and Lt. Gov. Myers awarded the runner-up trophy to Alabama. 'CATS PLAY PosT-SEASON GAMES First post-season bit of work done by the SEC titlists was against the strong Great Lakes team at Louisville, where Uncle Sam's seamen the second half, but the first-period advantage of 30-17 was too much to overcome. The 'Cats scored a mild upset by toppling Illinois, Big Ten basketball champion, 46-44, in the first game of the eastern eliminations of the National Basketball Tournament at New Orleans. An improved man-to-man defense in the second half enabled the Kentuckians to overcome a 22-20 half-time deficit and notch the verdict. Dartmouth combined speed and finesse to hand Kentucky its worst defeat in many years, 47-28, in the tourney final. The Wildcats were badly off form and had lost their poise. Freshman Basketball The University ol' Kentucky freshman basketball team passed through one of its shortest seasons in playing a four game schedule. In the win and loss colum we find that the season was a split affairg Kentucky losing two to Cumberland Junior College and winning two from the soldiers of Fort Knox. The Cumber- land College team defeated the Kittens in the first game, 37-35. and in the sccond, 39-35. On thc win half of the schedule the Freshmen defeated the Knox boys, 57-39, in the first and 58-48 in the second games played here and there. Due to the fact that the freshman teams are only so much matter in the hands of the coaches to be molded into varsity players and that very little attention is paid to the individ- ual! player unless he is exceptional, we find that it is hard to judge this year's team, for it made but four public appearances and was given very little publicity. Thus it would be unfair for one who stands on the outside' to praise or criticize, for the freshmen haven't had the oppor- tunity of showing what type of sophomore basketeers they would make if given the chance. But we Firmly believe that they will make good, for Coach Paul McBrayer has told us that even though the schedule was light and two losses were suffered the kittens didnlt fold up and quit as it might be expected but continued to drill as hard as if they were playing a full schedule of tough opposition. "They worked hard when there were no games to play for they wanted to better themselves," McBrayer said. The starting live on this year's Kitten team were Benton, Davis, Parfler, Rollins and Hamm. Those filling in as able substitutes and completing the squad were Allen, Head, Beard, Harris, Dickerson, and Stevenson. -JIM CARROLL 161 Baseball Nine victories and ten defeatsg that's the story of Kentucky's 1941 baseball season. Everyone predicted a rosy season for Coach Frank Moseley and his charges, but-well, ball games are won on the field, and not on paper. The host of returning lettermen and experienced squad members was the reason for a favorable out- look on the campaign to follow. But the 'Cat com- bine failed to click in the manner expected, and fin- ished deep in the second division of Southeastern Conference standings. Ohio State, Tennessee, Eastern and Vanderbilt each dropped two decisions to the Kentucky diamond artists, while the University of Cincinnati lost one engagement to the Moseleyites. Recorded in red ink on the 'Cats' won-lost ledger were two games each to Georgia Tech, Alabama, Tennessee and Vanderbilt, and one each to Mississippi State and the University of Cincinnati. The worst defeat of the season was a 28-2 shel- lacking suffered at the hands of Mississippi State dur- ing an extended southern trip. Kentucky, having al- ready played four games on the road trip, was short on pitchers, and thus the Rebels had little difficulty in making a race-track of the basepaths. Milt Ticco, 'Cat first baseman, was the best all- round performer on the team. Ticco, in addition to playing a great defensive game at the initial sack. led the squad in hitting with a mark of .330. Carl Staker was the top Kentucky moundsman, with Rathbun ranking next. Bill McCubbin, Lincoln Ellington, and Jim Mathewson also saw some service on the hill. Eddie Fritz's work behind the plate stood out for Kentucky. Voluble Fritz, with his rotund, square-set figure and continuous chatter, reminded the fans of Gabby Harttnett, former Chicago Cub catcher. Fritz was an excellent handler of pitchers, and the best dis- tance hitter on the team. Phil Cutchin at second, Joe Shepherd at shortstop, and Noah Mullins at third rounded out the 'Cat in- lield. John Kurachek and Nolan Navarre alternated in center field, Captain Ike Willoughby was the right gardener, and Ray Graviss saw considerable duty in lhe left pasture. Georgia Tech caused the Kentuckians to get their season under way in a dismal manner, topping the 'Cats, 12-5, and 17-5, in the opening games of the season played on Stoll Field. Then came the disastrous southern jaunt for Coach Moseley's baseballers. Kentucky managed to cop only two decisions on this trip, while losing four. lnnv.L4oml llllliliitlll nmvlwlml lIlllfl4IIlll n -uuunsullq vllbww--1 my News lasers. - r l. 4 H 1 3. v 4 Front row: Black, coach: Hammer, Kuhn, Boehler, Spence, Bauer, England, manager Back row: Mullins, Ticco, Cutchin, Akers, Kurachek, May, Green, Mathewson H l 1 i Lower left: Milt Ticco, first baseman: lower right: Bruce Boehler, third baseman and Noalt Mullins, outfielder. Upper left: Marvin Akers, pitcher, upper right: Charles Kuhn, catcher. Baseball First stop on the tour was at Nashville, where the Wildcats split a two-game series with Vanderbilt. Kentucky won the opener, 13-10. but fell to the Com- modores in the other tilt, 9-3. Delving deeper into the land o' cotton, the Blue- grass visitors dropped two verdicts to Alabama's Crimson Tide, 9-3. and 7-3. Then came what was destined to be the worst setback of the season when Mississippi State routed the Kentuckians, 28-2. Stopping off at Knoxville on their way back to Lexington, the Wildcats lost one game to their hosts, 8-1, but came to win the other meeting, 4-2. Eastern's Maroons enabled the victory-starved Big Blue to regain a win position in the win column by losing, 11-6, at Richmond. Still on foreign soil. Coach Moseley's nine was nosed out by the University of Cincinnati, 6-5, at Cincinnati. Vanderbilt's Commodores helped Kentucky cele- brate its return home by bowing, 5-2, but turned the tables on the 'Cats next day to score an 8-6 triumph. The Vols of Tennessee handed Kentucky its tenth and last defeat by a 15-6 margin on Stoll Field. Next day. however, the host disciples of the hickory and horsehide turned in a 6-3 success over Tennessee. Eastern dropped its second game of the year to Kentucky, 6-5, at Lexington, in the 'Cats' next ap- pearance. This was followed by two triumphs over Ohio State, 4-3. and 8-3, at Columbus, Ohio. The University of Cincinnati was the victim of a 11-2 trouncing by the Big Blue in the season finale on Stoll Field. Letters were presented to Fritz, Graviss, McCub- bin, Navarre. Shepherd, Staker, Willoughby, Rath- bun, Ellington, Cutchin, Herbert, Kurachek, Mathew- son, Mullins and Ticco. Bright things are expected on the Kentucky base- ball front this year with seven lettermen and an equal number of experienced reserves scheduled to report for practice. Billy Black. leading hitter in 1940, but who was forced to stay out of baseball last season with an in- jured knee, will bolster the team by this return to action. The outfielder will add much offensive punch to the club. Bruce Boehler, shortstopping newcomer, batted well over the .300 mark in Cleveland, Ohio- city league last summer. Noah Mullins, Black and Phil Cutchin played with the central championship club of Versailles last summer. Track In Kentucky's first game of the track season, the Wildcats bowed to Vanderbilt University. Vandy, taking ten out of fifteen first places, chalked up a score of 71 to Kentucky's 46. Hardin, of the Blue- clads, copped top honors in the 100 yard dash, while in the two mile run Montgomery gained first place. Bernard Johnson out-jumped the Vandy lads in the broad jump. Woods of Kentucky was best in the discuss throw, and Zoeller proved the best javelin hurler. ,lv- 'hmulr' JOE RUPERT, Track Coach ...,,.,.. ............. , . -............ .W ...Tug . .i....... -1- ""' 'ry --r' ' ' 1-wi-""-vu ' . . . may-'e'1r ,r--"'f' . '- '-vr1""'v" "'f""""""' "f""" " """""""" PTF' il " 5i','f'7 ,'.:"w1il "1-ss" "" -on-uv-Q ' 'w- ""1nl'i: -mv-A -Q, ..,.,--.-53,553 ,W ,Zi , n al ' P, Y -. H V P aw-.7?..nvn-.-fa ........I-, - .. .M- 'wr' 4..:'f'K5T. .. r,-I , 71"T'r"fs-wh f " W" . ,:',n,,.,..,,. K, I ',,.l,3.,.,. , 4... , rr'-"W - ,gd G., Q A. , . , I - ' , ' tg ,pr I 1 Ah f V fx, -I ., .! 1 Q M ' 4 f ' A I l' i " . I First row: Coach Rupert, Slther, Taylor, Johnson, Montgomery, Savage. Second row: Nolan, Colvin, Haskell, Zoeller, Wood. 164 Track The next game was lost to Missouri Teacher's College, who didn't lose a single meet during the season. Kentucky, which lost by a score of 92-41, was handicapped by the loss of ineligibles Billy Mitchell and Carl Althaus, and injured Robert Long. John Montgomery, captain of the Wildcats, jaunted to victory in the two mile journey. Most of the Cats' points, however, were made in second and third places. Kentucky's thinlies redeemed themselves against Hanover by winning, 81-50. Due to a slow track, no one made exceptionally good times. Nevertheless, Montgomery ran one of the best two-miles ever run by Rupert's men. Tennessee defeated Kentucky in the fourth game of the season, 90-27. First places for Kentucky were garnered by Dick Montgomery, John Dunn, and Dave Zoeller. Montgomery finished first in the two mile run with a time of 10:16. Dunn cleared 11 feet to win the pole vault. In the javelin hurl, Zoeller came first with a hurl of 177 feet, 6 inches. The Volun- teers' leading scorer, Willis Tucker, took a photo- finish decision over Kentucky's Hardin in the 100 yard dash. With their last game, against the University of Cincinnati, Kentucky ended the season with two wins FRESHMAN The Wildkittens played only one game last season. It was a telegraphic meet with Tennessee. The oflicial records show that Tennessee beat Kentucky 59-58. But after recalculation it was found that it was Kentucky who owned the extra point. The books were never changed. Alas, history will not record what the Frosh did to Tennessee. The numeral winners were winners were Frank and three losses. UK won, 72 2l3-59 1I3. The Wildcats took 10 out of 15 first places, losing only in the high and low hurdles, 880 yard run, discus throw and high jump. Scoring honors went to Jim Hardin, Dave Zoeller, and John Montgomery. Hardin and Montgomery seized two firsts each. Zoel1er's 190 foot, 4 inch javelin throw was his best of the season. The two Wildcats sent to Birmingham to represent Kentucky in the Southeastern Conference were John Montgomery and Dave Zoeller. They tabbed 6 points to place tneth in the conference. Montgomery came in third in the two mile race while Zoeller placed in the javelin throw. Lettermen were John, Dunn, James Hardin, Paul Haskell, Bernard Johnson, Addison Lee, John Mont- gomery, Charles Sither, Lawrence Spears, Jack Tay- lor, Clark Wood, and Dave Zoeller. Coach Rupert commented that each time a track season rolls around some or most of his better men are lost by ineligibility. This time, however, Uncle Sam eclared them eligible and as a result, six are accounted for in the armed forces. They are the season's high score man and captain, John Montgomery, Bernard Johnson, John Dunn, Charles Sither, Lawrence Spears, and Jack Taylor. TRACK Ferrer, W. A. Dunlap, J. O. Lewis, J. H. Clements, J. L. Weber, Lester Hill, Leonard Preston, Bruce and Don Boehler. Coach Rupert expects some of these men to see considerable service with the Varsity this year. I-Ie's looking forward to a bright season after adding some of these outstanding neophytes to his regulars. --JIM ABELL 4 Dave Zoeller john Montgomery i 1 - f A 5 , - w, m ' I . i Front row: Thompson, Carroll, Swift, Pudding Back row: Dr. Knapp, coach, Hubbard, Desy Fencing This past year has definitely proven that the Uni- versity of Kentucky's fencing team has what it takes to go places. Handicapped by lack of material on the campus, and by the coaching staff being changed three times the team has been kept from the wins that it has had in previous years. The death cf Dr. S. D. Breckinridge, last year's coach, was a great loss to the team. Scott Breckin- ridge Jr. was to take over the coaching position at the beginning of school, but was called into military service. This again left the team without a coach. Harold "Red" Riley a member of last season's team, then offered his services as coach. He did a Fine job up until December, when he was also called into military service. Then Dr. C. M. Knapp, who fenced at Columbia University in his undergraduate days and has had an active interest in the team since its start, took over the position, and has done an excellent job of coaching. These things were enough to get any team down, but the fellows showed that they had what it takes to keep going. The team has not had a successful season when one looks at the win and loss column, but considering the fact that there is only one varsity man from last year's squad, fencing this year, the team started up well. The U. of K. fencers started the season by fencing in a triangular match with Case University and Cin- cinnati U. at Cincy. They then traveled south to Nashville to fence Vanderbilt, and on down to Atlanta to cross swords with the 'Ramblin Wrecks' of Georgia Tech. Back home again the team met Vanderbilt, Cincinnati and Georgia Tech, and finished up the season March 21, in a match with the Charleston Fencers Club. The members of the squad were Virgil Thompson, John Hubbard, Jack Swift, William T. Carroll, Sey- mour Pudding, Donald Desy, William Wharton, Karl Holland and Ben Eubanks. The majority of these men will be back next year, so the team should im- prove for the next season. -FILL BOWEN Front row: Neal, McElroy, Don Hillenmeyer Back row: McFarland, Kevlar, Gregory, Henry Hlllenmeyer, Myer Swimming The 'Catfish form a swell example of what all teams should stand for. Win or lose, they're in there fighting. Practically every year they are outclassed but they donlt give up. They lost their coach, James Shropshire, but Captain Henry Hillenmeyer took over the coaching responsibilities. l'Hennie" also won the Bob Freeburg Memorial Plaque for high point swimming. They have no pool, but does that stop them? No, they adopt hospitable Eastern's pool for their home games and make the best of it. At practice, when they can practice, you'll find nearly 100W of the men there anxious to better their team. It's almost like going to the theatre with no play or to Japan without a gun. Launching their seventh year as a squad, the Cat- fish succumbed to a 57-18 defeat by the Volunteers of Tennessee. Kentucky won the relay, but failed to gain another first. A beam of hopeful light shown through when the University of Georgia barely won with a score of 38-37. Were it not for a disqualified win of the medley relay. Kentucky would have won. Don Hil- lenmeyer captured the backstroke for the 400 yard dash relay, diving and the 100 yard freestyle. Kentucky's third defeat of the season was credited to Georgia Tech, which won, 66-9. To even score on such a great team was a feat in itself. Georgia Tech, Southeastern Conference champions, set two records to prevent the 'Catfish from scoring a place or a win. Next, meeting the University of Indiana. Ken- tucky suffered another defeat by a score of 59-23. Here, the Cats were performing against Indiana's Franklin. holder of the Big Ten breast-stroke record. The final meet with Tusculum College was another 38-37 nod. It was here that the sophomores began to look well. Tom Gregory captured the diving event after a splendid performance. Donald I-Iillenmeyer won the backstroke, while Cousin "Hennie" won both the 50 and 100 yard freestyles. Kentucky won the 400 yard relay, and turned in one of the best times recorded all season. Lettermen were Tom Gregory, Gayle Neal, Donald Hillenmeyer, and Henry Hillenmeyer. The Big Blue tubsters ended their season with five losses and no wins. No outstanding records were made and nothing sensational was gained except evidence that Kentucky has some swell swimmers, good leaders. and above all, good sportsmanship. All Kentucky says is, "Just wait, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Indiana. and Tusculum, until we get our pool. Then the 'Catfish will be heard from in the swim- ming world." --JIM ABELL Boles, Ramsey, Allen, Myers The 1941 'Cat golfers of Coach S. A. 4'Daddy" Boles set the greens afire with a blazing pace that carried them to nine victories in as many scheduled starts. Captain Granville Clark. Ermal Allen, Meade Ferris, Lloyd Ramsey, and Carlisle Myers-these were the linksmen who compiled this impressive record. Kentucky's only unsuccessful effort came in the Southern Intercollegiate Tourney, which opened the season for the boys from the Bluegrass. In the ensu- ing season's play, however, Kentucky notched vic- tories over most of the competitors in the tourney. In copping those nine straight decisions the Ken- tucky golfers scored 136W points to 25W for their opposition. Thus, the Wildcats averaged better than 15 holes per game, while their opponents annexed an average of less than three per contest. Two scores of 18-0-over Miami University at Oxford, Ohio. and Missouri State Teachers College on the home greens-were included in the record. The closest any adversary came to gaining the nod over Coach Boles' proteges was the 11W-616 tally in a match with the University of Tennessee on the Knoxville course. Ermal Allen, also known for his football and bas- ketball prowess, was top man among the 'Cat greens- men with a season average of 72 strokes per match. a very good mark for a collegiate golfer. Lloyd Ramsey followed closely with a 73 average. Ramsoy's 63 total was garnered on the par 68 course at Oxford, Ohio, in a match with 74 strokes per game. The University of Cincinnati opened the Ken- tucky scheduled season by bowing, IZW-SW, in a match played at Lexington. Missouri State Teachers College was the second victim of the Boles-tutored- team. acquiescing, 18-0. Taking to the road, the 'Cats trounced their home- state rivals from Western State Teachers College by defeating the Hilltoppers, 15 W-2 W, at Bowling Green. Coach Boles and his linksmen returned to their home haunts to score a 14W-SW victory over Tennes- see, and a 17-1 triumph over Western. Allen's 72 on the par 71 course paced the Kentuckians to the suc- cess over the Vols. Journeying to the North this time, the Bluegrass entourage walloped the University of Cincinnati, 16 W-IW, at Cincinnati. before going to Oxford, Ohio, and trampling Miami University, 18-0. Ramsey's 63 on the par 68 course vanned the Kentucky golfers. Allen also shot under par, tallying a 66 score. Tennessee lost its second contest of the year to Kentucky, 11W-6VQ, on the Holsom Hills course at Knoxville. Miami University was the ninth and last victim of the Wildcats, losing to them, 13-5, at Lexington in the season finale. Coach Boles is anticipating another good season this spring. as all of last year's regulars, with the ex- ception of Captain Clark, will return. Nine games have been scheduled so far, including matches with Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, the University of Cincinnati and Western. Tennis Professor H. H. Downing of the mathematics de- partment organized the first U. K. tennis team in 1922. Despite lack of Finances, he has annually turned out a team of which the students of the Uni- versity are rightly proud. At the start he scheduled the weaker teams. Soon, however, he discovered that the boys played their best tennis against stronger teams. With this in mind, he scheduled stronger teams with the result that the boys not only showed better form but also won a greater percentage of their games. Kentucky has a team that is widely recognized for its merit and sportsmanship. In fact, few teams have consistently been as truly sports- manlike in their conduct on the court as has been Kentucky. Under the capable coaching of Downing the Ken- tuckians finished a fourteen game schedule in 1941 with a record of nine wins and tive losses. The Wildcats started the season unimpressively by losing, 4-5, to Depauw University, at Lexington. Then followed a successful southern tour which saw the cats beat the University of Tennessee, 6-2, at Knoxville, but drop the second meet at Atlanta, 3-5, to Georgia Tech. However, the boys bounced back with a 6,3 vic- victory over Sewanee to show that Professor Down- ing's racqueteers are not discouraged by one defeat. The remainder of the jaunt included a 6-3 win over Vanderbilt at Nashville, and a 9-0 defeat of Western Kentucky State Teachers' College at Bowl- ing Green. Back home again, the Kentucky team bowed to a strong Spring Hill team, 1-5. Coach Downing's net- ters regained the win column by conquering Tennes- see 6-1 on the Cat courts. Two more games at home gave Kentucky a 6-3 victory over Wayne Universit' md a 3-6 loss to Notre Dame. Treking then to Cincinnati Kentucky won. 7-2, over the University of Cincinnati. Returning home agan, the Wildcats felt the sting of defeat once more by losing, 3-6, to Michigan State. The remaining two games, however, resulted in easy victories for Ken- tucky with Berea's losing, o-1, and the Clarksville Independents falling, 7-2. After the completion of a successful season, Ken- tucky made its best showing of the campaign in the Southern Conference Tournament held at Nashville on May 8, 9, and 10. by ranking fifth among nine tcams. Although Coach Downing lost his Number 1 and Number 2 men, Captain Lee Huber and Kenneth Ragland by June graduation, Wilmore Garret by mid-year graduation, and Billy Hedges by enlistment in the Air Corps, he still has good reserves from which to choose replacements including these re- turning lettermen: Frank Miller, winner of the Michigan State Tournament last summer. Omar Rat- liff, captain-elect, Heinz Seelbach, Grant Lewis. Marshall Smith, and Jim Harris. Even with good material Coach Downing must do fine work with his proteges this year, for a northern trip has been carded that includes such strong teams as Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Wayne Univer- sity. His boys will also clash with a potent Spring Hill team that has not been defeated in three years. --JAMES HURT First row: Seclbnch, Hodges, Lewis. Garrett, Ragland, Miller, Second row: Smith, Mgr. Harris, Cunningham, Capt. Huber, Conch Downing. 169 Intramurals A Statement: The intramural sports program at the University of Kentucky has come of age. In a period of about sixteen years it has developed from the faltering uncertainty of its inception through the early period of rapid growth to its present state of acceptance in the ordered life of the Universityg to a yearly pro- gram consisting of participational opportunities in eighteen different sports in 1941-42. The number of participants has increased in the same period from approximately five to Fifty per cent of the male stu- dent body. The program in intramural sports is, by and large, organized and operated by the male undergraduate student body. The University, through its department of physical education, provides supervision and or- ganization of the program. Such a procedure has resulted in a wholesome arrangement which provides students with worthwhile sports participation, leader- ship and organizational opportunities. It is reasonable to expect that the intramural sports program will assume an increasingly important role in the extracurricular affairs of the University. Obviously, sports participation as a means of physical welfare and development will assume a significant place in the nation-wide program of national defense. The future for intramural sports is bright, and I an- ticipate an enlarged and enriched program at the University of Kentucky. M. E. -POTTER, Head of the Dept. of Phys. Ed. University of Kentucky The autumn program of intramural sports con- sisted of tennis, singles and doubles, touch football, volleyball, boxing and wrestling. In the novice tennis singles, Sigma Alpha Epsilon carried off the honors with Ben Eubanks as winner and Jodie Wade runner-up. Again the SAE's proved their ability as tennis players by taking the doubles, winning with Jodie Wade and George Dudley and runners-up with Ben Eubank and Bob Collins. ' The SAE's also won in the intramural touch foot- ball and were followed closely by the lads from Phi Delta Theta. Volleyball, divided into A and B leagues, saw the farm boys from Alpha Gamma Rho out-volley the Phi Kappa Taus in the'A division. In the B league the SAE's again appeared as winner, and, as in touch football, were trailed by Phi Delta Theta. W' jack Farris passes, while Kinnaird blocks jim Parrish . . . The Phi-Delt vs. SAE struggle for intramural championship on November C . . l S. A. E. football team, intramural champions. I ntframumls In boxing, champions were adjudged in eight dif- ferent classes. The 115-pound class titlist was H. Scott, Alpha Sigma Phi, over E. Evans, Phi Kappa Tau. In the 125-pound division it was J. Palumbo, Independent, over Reuben Naylor, Independent. Dickie Naylor, Alpha Sigma Phi, won from K. An- derson, Independent, in the 135-pound field. Maxie Bookbinder, Gamma Tau Alpha, defeated Bob Foote, Alpha Tau Omega, in the 145-pound bout. The 155- pound class crown went to P. Haskell, Pi Kappa Alpha over G. Green, Phi Kappa Tau. W. Crory, Alpha Sigma Phi, won the 165-pound class with S. Busch, Independent, running up. Winner of ,the 175- pound fight was Art Francis, Phi Delta Theta, and runner-up was Givens Dixon, Delta Tau Delta. The heavyweight crown went to Bill Sharp, Independent, after his defeat of Milt Kafoglis, Independent. Among the wrestlers, J. Porter, Alpha Gamma Rho, pinned Dick Young, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, in the 115-pound tussle. One-hundred twenty-Five pound G. Schaeffer, Alpha Gamma Rho, rolled 125-pound A. Dexter, Alpha Sigma Phi. In the 135-pound weight Dickie Naylor, Alpha Sigma Phi, came through vic- torious over Nixie Peak, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. C. Ledford, Alpha Gamma Rho, and R. Leer, Alpha Gamma Rho, were winner and runner-up in the 155- pound wrestle. Walt Crory, Alpha Sigma Phi, nailed B. Montgomery, Sigma Alpha Epsion, for the 165- pound class victory. One hundred and seventy-five pounds Independent Gene Meeks tumbled Dillon Smith, Phi Delta Theta, for honors in that weight. In the heavyweight division Bill Todd, Independent, pinned Jim Thacker, also Independent. Indoor sports reigned supreme on the gym courts during the winter season, ping pong, singles and doubles, handball, singles and doubles, basketball, free throws, bowling and basketball games. In the ping pong field Frank Miller, Independent, out-pinged Bob Warth, Independent, for the singles honor. Kappa Alpha's G. Lewis and J. Jackson won over M. Schulman and M. Bookbinder, Gamma Tau Alpha, in the finals of the ping pong doubles. The handball results, singles division, show K. Anderson, Independent, winning over J. Spicer, Phi Kappa Tau. In the doubles of the handball games J. Kurachek and J. Spicer, Independent, teamed up to defeat J. I-Iall and N. Peak to win the cup. On the'free throw line the Sigma Alpha Epsilon A fast bit of action during an intramural boxing bout. Intramurals tossers out-pitched the Alpha Gamma Rho boys. Individual highscore honors in the free throw class went to Paul Criscillis, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, who was followed by john Doddridge, Phi Kappa Tau. In intramural basketball four leagues were un- tested: leagues A, B, and C, and the Independent league. The outstanding teams in each loop were al- lowed to try for the University championship. The league A cup went to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon team which defeated Phi Kappa Tau. League honors again went to the SAE's when they out-pointed the Alpha Tau Omega team in the B league. And again the Class C players from Sigma Alpha Epsilon won over the Class C group from the Alpha Tau Omega lodge. The Unknowns in the Independent league de- feated the University K Club in that group's finals. Th SAE's, winners in the league group, played the victors of the Independent league, the Unknowns, for the University championship. The final results showed the fraternity boys to be the holders of the cup. In the bowling league's A division, the Kappa Alpha Keglers defeated the New York Yankees. The B team of Sigma Nu succeeded in downing more pins than Sigma Alpha Epsilon to give them their only outstanding win in the 1941-42 Intra- murals. With a 186.5 average, L. List, Kappa Alpha, won the highest average bowler prize. The objective of intramural sports as set forth by the physical education department are: Health Athletic sports give an individual a strong incen- tive to be at his best so that he may play at his maximum ability. Recreation Intramural sports provide wholesome recreation during the school year and acquaint boys with a num- ber of sports that can be played with pleasure in their leisure time out of school and during life. . Citizenship 1 Team play and self-control through athletics help to make good citizens for school, community, and nation. Social Development By being in different groups under student leader- ship, boys become acquainted with a large number of boys and learn to mia harmoniously with them. -JIM CARROLL 'K' Club Founded at the University of Kentucky, 1938 PURPOSE The purpose of the "K" Club is to promote friendship between the boys who earn varsity letters in major sports. FACULTY ADVISERS Frank Mosely Mr. Downing OFFICERS BILLY BLACK . . . . . .... President CARL STAKER . . Vice-Presideni DAVID BROWN . Secretary-Treasurer ERMAL ALLEN Marvin Akers Ermal Allen Carl Althaus Norman Beck Bob Beeler Billy Black Mel Brewer David Brown Bill Boston R. H. Colvin Phil Cutchin Kenneth England Steve Graban MEMBERS Claude Hammond Paul Haskell Sam Hulette Bob Herbert Clyde Johnson junior Jones jim King Charley Kuhn john Kurachek Addison Lee Billy Mitchell jim Mathewson Noah Mullins Allen Parr Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Portwood jim Powers Lloyd Ramsey George Schlegle J oe Shepard Carl Staker Harry Taylor James Taylor Milt Ticco Charley Walker Waller White Clark Wood Tommy Zinn ' a l 173 M Cheerleaders Elliott Peel, Carojeem Elsey, Jacqueline Kirwan and Suky bigwigs rally the Gevedon, and Ed Gudgel stop work for a tense moment. enthusiasm of U. K. students. Band royalty stand forth. The footballers sally forth for the battle. Benchmen look unhappy during an exciting moment ol the Tennessee game M ilitafry Col. Paul C. Paschal was graduated from West Point in 1914 whereupon he saw service at San Francisco, Plattsburg Barracks, the Mexican Border, and in France during the World to 1922 he served in Washington as Chief He has been both student and instructor College and served in Panama 1929-1931. returned to Washington to serve on the General Staff until 1935. Until recently he was Commander of the 38th Infantry. Col. Paschal consumed the duties of Professor of Military Science and Tactics at the University of Kentucky in March War. From 1920 of Infantry Office. in the Army War Col. Paschal then 1942. COLONEL DONNELLY The Croix de Guerre, the World War, following a grad- uation from West Point in 1915 are among the outstanding achievements in the life of Col. Howard Donnelly. He has also had training at the Infantry School, advanced course, Fort Benning, Georgia, and at the Command and General Staff School at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Col. Donnelly was sta- tioned in Hawaii with the Hawaiian Department preceding his transfer to the University of Kentucky os Professor of Military Science Tactics. In March 1942, Col. Donnelly was placed in command of the 8th Training Regiment at Camp Croft, South Carolina. ommandomts 176 First row: Milos, Grillln, Saunders, Pnschnl. Brannon. Croft.. Cnrnvntvr Sccond row: Johnstone. Lollnk. Cnrtrr, Myers. Allison Third row. Hoy, Klnkrr. Boswell, Wollord. Perkins Faculty Staff COLONELS Howard Donnelly, P.M.S.8z.T. Patil C. Paschal, P.M.S.8rT. LIEUTENANT COLONEL Arnold R. C- Sander MAJORS john E. Brannan Lyslc W. Croft Gerald Griffin Dauris C. Carpenter LeRoy M. Miles CAPTAINS Chauncey S. Johnstone Phil Lofink FIRST LIEUTENANTS Leslie Allison John L. Carter Gene Meyers TECHNICAL SERGEANTS Henry S. Hoy Elmer O. Kinker Fred Perkins SERGEANTS Julian E. Bosworth The four year course in military science and tactics has once again assumed a position of great import- ance because nf the war into which the Americans were recently thrust. The basic course of two years is required of all students entering land grant colleges or universities as ' set forth in Morrill Act of 1862. An advanced course is provided for those students who wish to further their military training. This consists of two years training by instructors on the campus and six weeks summer camp training. For several years the enrollment in the advanced course jesse L. Wofford has grown greatly, but the last few years necessitated many enlargements in the department to accommo- date the greater demand for military training. Under the guidance of outstanding leaders the military students are doing much in the cause of na- tional defense. Almost all of the graduates of ad- vanced military science are with the armed forces in lands scattered over the face of the globe. To those of the past, to those who go into active service this year. and to those who enter the United States Armed Services in future years we pay tribute. KEEP 'EM FLYING KEEP 'EM FLOATING KEEP 'EM ROLLING Y - V-, v., ,Q -, First row: Ramsey, Maxedon, Potts Second row: Black, Brown, Jones, Spare, Hammond, Gayle, England, Robinson Third row: Conway, Witt, Gresham, Hndden, Berry Fourth row: Wilson, Floyd, Coons, Word, McBcnth Regimental Staff CADET COLONEL Lloyd H- Ramsey CADET LIEUTENANT COLONELS William D. Maxedon William R. Black Albert J. Spare J oe A. Gayle CADET MAJ ORS James I. Potts David A. Brown Claud E. Hammond Kenneth H. England CADET CAPTAINS Charles R. Jones, Jr. H. Clayton Robinson, Jr. Russell L. Gresham CADET ' ' NON-coMM1ss1oNED oFF1cERs Robert O. Conway Lee P. Witt Earl F. Hadden Marion N. Berry William M. Floyd Brooks M. Coons Winfield W. Ward Otis G. McBeath James M. Wilson 178 Tl" '80, , ,pw , First row: Cndct Cnpt. L. Allen, Cud:-L First LL. W. A. Tnckvr, Cudvt Second Lts. J. R. Powors G. H. dvRoorlv ocond row: Cudvt Socond LLS. S. Grnbnn, J. R. Hows-ll, Jr.. W. B. Acluxns, Jr., I-I. J. Bnkvr, T, F, Zinn Third row: Cndvl, Sgts. W. L. Blanton, L. B. Allen, Jr., W. A. Wilson, G. J, Sclmllor First row: Cxrdot Cnpt. G. K. Schlcgvl, Jr., Cndr-t First- Ll.. B. C. O'Nnn, Cxxdct Svcond Lis. J. E Glllvspiv, R. L. Bovlor. Jr. Second row: Cudct Second Lts. H. J. Ross. D. W. Young, C. D. Lcnsurc, P. M. Jones, D. Kvlls Third row: Cndct Sgts. V. D. Splnnv. C. F. Wood, R. A. Pnrr, M. L. Akers. S. F. Crow First row: Cudr-t Second Lbs. C. L. Brown, H. Frcvdnmn, B. T. Burtls-l.L, Cndz-L Cunt.. A. R. PnLLm'son, Cndct, First LL. R, R. May, Jr., Cndc-L Sfzts. R. W. I3urnvtt.c', J. A. Bohnuk Second row: Cudct Svcond Ll.. G. B. Crufnon. Cndct Sgtrs. W. T. Dnrnvll, Jr. R. B. Englnnd. G. E Hnnk, Cndvt S1-cond. Lls. J. B. Br-ard, III, R. Monro Third row: Cndct Srcond Lt.. E. Bownc, Jr., Cndc-L Sgt.. J. F. Atkins, Cadet Sc-cond Ll.. J. T. Minogue, Cndcl. Sgt. M. C. Brower First row: Cadet Second Lt. E. B. Rose, Jr., Cndet Capt. J. J. Arehdcncon, Cadet First Lt. G. F, Nollau Second row: Cadet Second Lts. I-I. E. Winn. T. H. Mn.cDona1cl, A. C, Wasser, L, B, Embry Thlrd row: Cndet Sgts. J. H. Carroll, R. E. Humphreys, C. N. Beck, R. E. Davis, V. D, Coke First row: Cadet Capt. R. R. Taylor. Jr., Cadet First Lt. Allen T. Burk, Cadet Second Lts. C. S. Gray, J. H. Ison, W. R. Monde Sncond row: Cadet Second Lts. W. A. Seny, W. K. Sharp, O. H. Ratliff, A. D. Hnll, R. E, Courtney First, row: Cadet Captain A, W. Lce, 111, Cadet Flrst Lt, L. W. Barnes, Cadet Second Lts. W, U. Gunn, A. F. Vogelmzm, .T. E. Adkins, K L. Reel-ctenwuld Second row: Cadet Second Lts. G. W. Terrel, W. L. Gurrott, E. C. Pasco, J. W. P'l11fl'er. C. H, Hull Third row: Cadet Sgts. S. M. McElroy, R. J. Eschborne, G: R. Sllliman 180 First row: Cndct Capt. R. Plngn, Cndot First Lt. S. Cnrlick, Cndot Second Lts. I-I. R. Hlllcnxnycr, R. F. Long, B. A. Wvlls, Jr. . Second rnw: Cndct Sr-cnnd Lts. W. P. Murrny, H. P'. Mnth-tt. Cndot Sgt. J. L. Hurst. Cadct Sccond Lt. C. D. Lnudruxn Third row: Cndvt Sccond Ll.. W. P. Grcvn Fourth row: Cndct Sgt. A. C, IfX1l'BLl'0lll, Cudct S1-cond Lts. C. R. Martin. C. E. Chnpmnn, Cadet Sgtw. R. J. Axnlunns, H. II. Lowonthul First row: Cndct Cupt. R. S. Hulotto. Jr., Cudvt First Lt. B. II. Lowry, Cadet Socond Lts. J. C. Luckctt, .1. W. McGraw, H. S. Dcva-r, M. B. Fvrriu, .I, L. Kvllvr Swcoud row: Cudct Sgts. W. L. Blytho, J. W. Wilson. D. C. McCord, Cadet Svcond Lts, R. J. Calvert, C. S. Culvert, W. M. Hull Third row: Cndct Sgts. A. F. Hicks, Jr., W. P. Wilson, J. S. Swift., W. N. McCro:1ky. M. M. Ticco Fourth row: Cndvt Sgts. W. M. Ellis, C. E. Johnson. J. R. Cnsnvr First row: Cndct Second Lts. J. W. Crown, M. S. Nvlson. Cndnt Cnpt, J. W, Dunlnp, Cndot First Lt 'T': A: Mahon, Cndct Sc-cond Lt. W. J. Froxvitt. Cndot Sgt, J. M. Lm-r Sccond row: Cndct Svcond Lt. Ed Wntcrs, Cndct Snts. J. H. Fmnnstcr, N, W. Mullins, C. P. Cutchin, R. H. I'Iillm1111L'yv1' Third row: Cndvt Ss-cond Lts. L. J. Schwartz. J. W. Hnrris. J. Burgin, Jr., Cndr-L Sgts. M. M. Mitchnll. T. L. Wn!kr-r I S ee, - - - L - - First row: Aimee Murray, .Io'ephine Bnuldnuf, Curollne Conant, Murcia Willing, Lidn Stoll, Marjorie Schwartz. Second row: Burn Ewing, Louise Ewan, Ann Austin, Jnequeline Geveclon. Third row: Maureen Arthur, Gene Ray Crawford, Adxslin Stern, Marjorie Randolph. First row: Geneva House, Julia Johnson, Louise Ewnn. Second row: Sylvia Siegel, Cnrollne Conant, Mnrjorle Schwartz, Kntle Lee Snider. Third row: Surnh Ewing, Josephine Bnuldnuf, Harriet Hord, K Mttcirt Willing, Jnequelnle Gevedon. Fourth row: Bnrbnra Rehm, Aimee Murrny, Mary Beale Mylor, Marjorie Randolph. Fifth row: Kathleen Budde, Gene Ray Crawford, Jeanne Allen Collins, Mrturccn Arthur, Edith Weisenberger, Anne Austin. l l 2 l I Pershing Rifles The purpose of Pershing Rifles is to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals of the military profession. to promote American citizenship, to create a closer and more effec- tive relationship, and to provide appropriate recognition of a high degree of military ability among the cadets of the ROTC units. The George A. Knight chapter, named in honor of its founder, Warrant Officer George A. Knight, was established on the University of Kentucky campus in 1931. The company boasts a record which is the envy of every unit in the country, having won nine of ten regimental competitions and finishing a close second in 1938. OFFICERS A. J. SPARE . . . . . . . Captain ROBERT PLAGA . . First Lieutenant R R. TAYLOR . . Second Lieutenant W. D. MAXEDON . Second Lieutenant J. L. MCNEAL . . First Sergeant C. E. BARNES . Stat? Sergeant FACULTY ADVISER Major John E. Brannon SPONSOR, Miss Julia Johnson DRILL MASTERS Captain Phil Lofink Lt. John L. Carter Muxcdon Taylor Plngn Sparc 183 Nollau Ramsey Potts Tucker C. P. Taylor Prewitt Montondo Gayle Spare Maxedon Coon Dunlap Karstrom Hillenmeycr O'Nan Ross Landrum Bowne Ferris Harris Allen Loc R R. Taylor Scaloloard and Blade NATIONAL HONORARY MILITARY ORGANIZATION Founded at the University of Wisconsin, 1904 D COMPANY, 4th REGIMENT, established in 1925 PURPOSE The purpose of Scabbard and Blade is to defend American traditions and idealsg promote the interest of R. O. T. C. training: preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient oflicersg and to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. FACULTY ADVISER Col. Howard Donnelly ' MEMBERS IN FACULTY Major Gerald Griffin Lt. Col. A. R. C. Sander OFFICERS IVAN Porrs . . ........ Captain WILLIAM TUCKER . . lst. Lieutenant LLOYD RAMSEY . . 2nd, Lieutenant GEORGE NOLLAU ..... lst. Sergeant STUDENT MEMBERS Lynn Allen Russell Gresham Bernard O'Nan Billy Black Edward Bowne Dave Brown Gene Bryant Allen T. Burke Dave Coon J oe Dunlap Meade Ferris J' oe Gayle J im Harris Henry Hillenmeyer Allen C. Karstrom Addison Lee Calvin Landrum T. H. McDonald W. D. Maxedon Douglas Montondo George F. Nollau 184 A. R. Patterson Ivan Potts W. J. Prewitt Lloyd Ramsey H. J. Ross A. J. Spare C. P. Taylor R. R. Taylor William Tucker M usic V,.-,, A ...,.,, I .iw I , 1 Marching Band The University of Kentucky Band has continued to carry its name higher and higher under the direc- tion of C. V. Magurean, Director of Marching and Concert Bands. The "Best Band in Dixie" is com- posed of eighty-eight musicians and four Pershing Riflemen who act as the Color Guard. The band has has played for all home games and has accompanied teams to Louisville, Cincinnati and to Tuscaloosa, Ala. The Marching Band has also provided the cam- pus with music for the pep rallies and military parades. For several years the band has been guest of the track officials at the Derbyg it seems as though this may become an annual event. The Concert Band presents two concerts in Mem- orial all in conjunction with many other appearances both on the campus and at other schools. Both Con- cert and Marching Bands aid in the State High School Music Festival. Much of the year's success should be attributed to the director's able staff, composed of drum majors Dirk Virhagen and Brooks Coons, manager Perry Adamsg assistant Donald Gallowayg and the six sec- tion heads. Miss Barbara Rehm has upheld the long traditional line of beautiful sponsors. Her appearance was of vital importance to an outstanding performance. Brooks Coons, Drum Major, Barbara Rehm, Sponsor, Dirk Verhagen, Drum Major Concert Band OFFICERS C. V. MAGUREAN . . . . , , Dhecm, PERRY R, ADAMS . . . . . Manager DONALD GALLOWAY Assistant Manager BARBARA REHM . , Sponso, DIRK VERHAGEN , Drum Maja, BROOKS CooNs . . . . Drum Major Cornets Jack Thomanifil George Langstaffiiif Robert Farrisifif Raymond Wetzelifi Doniphan Burrusilc Newell Haddenififl Charles Barkerff' David Siegel Melvin Samms Ben Pumphrey William McShane27' Albert Frey Rudolph Fryer Garland Wilkinson Waldron Haymond Don Cosby Bob Dodd Ward Reister Bob Fullerifi Bartley Greenwall Trombones Jim Davidsonilil Floyd Hibbs Russell Travisiliil Robert Prestonili Arthur McFarlane:7: ff uv. , F -.'. ya-H I 1 Y K. 4 H L f 4 All 1 Ill Charles Kirkpatrick William Patton Abbott Cullifi Cofer Sundermaniff Baritones joe Lovellifil Tom Gregory Robert Cundifftlil .Iohn Burkett James Parrishili Bill Kellyiii Joe Fontana Horns Paul Nolteilfil H. B. Pendleton? Basses George Rothflil Joe Roysdenilff Jacob Godhelfzlzil Troy Strong Byron Bachf: Jim Floyd Darwin Norton'7: Vaheh Asbed Clarinets H. R. Jonesifi' Bill LeMastersi1f3 Charles Kramerifi Dick Schubertiff LeRoy Hughesifiil Gerald CundiffU Caswell Loganifi Murrell Salutskyiff Arthur Hermanifi Joe Ehmetili David Oldashitli Robert Lyon if: Chester Woods? Jim Drymonifi William Lehnigifi Elmus Houston Frank Shyifi Elwood Lanter Saxophones Elmer Bryantift Hayes Burnettifi Russell Jonesif Harold Koenigifi Garland Prateril James Jonesiii Bill Young'5: Bassoons Pierre Pujolif: Leland Smithifi Glo ckenspiels Bunny Booneifi Drums Buford Whittiil Marshall Smith: Harold Scott Allie Peedififl Bill Watersfi Jesse Hope W. B. Jonesili Oboe Ben Dyer Alto Clarinet Milton Lewistl: l Section Head 2 Snrgcnnt " Corporal "'Membcrs of Con 1' I ll X I r l l I JOHN KERR . HARRY WALLINGFORD ROBERT BORDEN Jams Abell Perry Adams Leonard Allen Irving Baker George Ballon Lewis Barker C. Edwin Barnes Hunter Belt H. C. Blount Robert Borden Tobert Brunbach William Calvert Don Cosby Walter H. Crory Billy Daniels Robert Dodd Colman Drake George Dudley Ben Dyer J oe Ehmat Bob Farriss Paul Frank Rudolph Fryer Donald Galloway D. W. Galloway M en's Glee Club DIRECTOR DONALD W. ALLTON OFFICERS MEMBERS Jack Giannini John Gray Paul Gray Bradford Garrison Leonard Greathouse Miller Holland John Holman Jesse Hope H. L. Kelly McClure Kelly Ralph Kemp John Kerr John Kiger Miroy Kirchoff Donald Lail George 'Langstaff Elwood Lanter William C. Ledford Chester Lewis Harold Lindsay William Maxedon Ralph McCracken James McMahan Howard Moffett Edwin Nolan . . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Paul Nolte David Phelps William Powell Leslie Rice Hazen Roberts Marion Roberts Earl- Rose George Roth William Schneiter John Seltsam Othor Shadwick Robert Simon Leland Smith James Snowden Foster Spence Roger Sproles Tom Stough Marvin Talbott J oe Terre J ack Thoman William Underwood Keith Vice Harry Wallingford Louis Wetherill Raymond Wetzel 188 L tg lP' Raimi Il llllll V' I I n iiiillli ' II Ill llllllll II llllllll ,.-'x -'L Joan Akers Elizabeth Aldrich Bertha Anne Allen Mary Zou Allen Virginia Allen Wanda Austin Mary Frances Bach Mrs. Elizabeth S. Baskette Anstell Beaton Euneva Bias Jane Birk Sarah Blanton Ruth Bradford Betty Jane Brewer Louise Brightwell Margaret Brown Anne Ruth Burton Ruth Caddy Anna Louise Caudill Sylvia Chasteen Anne L. Cowgill Margaret Erskine Ann Carter Felts Betty Lee Foster Marjorie Freeman 51' 'RM i Women's Glee Club DIRECTOR MILDREU S. Lewis Mary Virginia Fulcher Elizabeth Garner Betty Garr Anna M. Gillespie Doris Jeanne Golden Mrs. Merle D. Guard May Frances Guffey Alfarata Haas Kathleen Hagan Lucille Haney Catherine L. Hardin Mary Lucille Horr Jane Humphrey Emily Johnson Esther Kalb Anita Kalfaian Alice Kinnaird Anne Kirtley Mary Jeanne Lancaster Rita Sue Laslie Fritzie 'Liebel Virginia Lipscomb Anne Howard Lyttle Elizabeth Macy Jane Marie Magruder Gaynell Mallory Martha Marlowe Lula Martin Sarah Mclnteer Leota Meade Katherine Michelson Mildred Miller Jean Mills Mildred Newkirk Lelia Nichols Ellen O'Bannon Ruth Pace Janet Palmer Marjorie Palmore Dorothy Paul Betty Jane Payne Louise Peak Marian Pirkey Dorothy Preston Dorothy Riddle Nancy Helen Rigg Mary Jane Riggs Annie Louise Riley , Anita Roos Norma Rose Jane Rubin Anne Louise Saunders Anne Scott Frances Sellers Bertie Sexton Sylvia Siegel Betty South Mary Anita Steele Elaine Stevenson Mary Stigall Lillian Tate Mildred Tatum Joan Taylor Frances Terrel Cornelia Thomas Joyce Thomas Frances Timberlake Mary Underwood Olive Jane Vance Anne Wallace Julia Anne Waters Margaret Webb Jean Whaley Sarah White Mary Whitehouse Frances Whitfield Virginia Zuniga aw iv . H" ff l'.a,, lg" i 6' . at : I E ' I K , ,z, 7 F' . 4. . 5, ig A , 1,3 University horistefrs Leonard Allen Adaline Boots Robert Borden Don Cosby Ann Cowgill Robert Farris Ann Carter Felts Betty Lee Foster Marjorie Freeman Mary Virginia Fulcher DIRECTOR Mildred S. Lewis Donald Galloway D. W. Galloway Jack Giannini Leonard Greathouse Kathleen Hagan Lucille Haney Jane Humphrey Emily johnson Jeanne Lancaster Robert Lewis Harold Lindsay ' 190 J. H. McMahan Henry Moore David Phelps Annie Laurie Riley Clayton Robinson Anita Roos Betty Rose George Roth Lillian Tate Harry Wallingford I i - Violin Mary Kapp Allton Ledford Gregory Mabel Gumm Georgia Myers Louise Jones Viola Wilyah Graves C. T. Cravens Violincello Byron Bach Jane Rubin Bass J. Parker La Bach Little Symphony DIRECTOR Dr. Alexander Capurso Flute Grace Oliver Charles Dickerson Oboe Perry Adams Mary Robertson Winn Clarinet Murrell Salutsky Caswell Logan Bassoon Pierre Pu jol Cornet George Langstaff Robert Farriss Trombone James Davidson French Horn Paul Nolte J ack Thoman Percussion Marshall Smith Librarian Janet Palmer 191 hi Mu Alpha Sinfonia MUSIC HONOR SOCIETY Founded at Boston College, Boston, Mass. ALPHA GAMMA chapter established 1922 PURPOSE To advance the cause of music in America, to foster the mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music, to devlop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to the alma mater. OFFICERS JACK THOMAN . . . . . . President RALPH KEMP . . . Vice-President PERRY ADAMS . . Secretary JOHN KERR . . . . . Treasurer ROBERT MILES ....... Historian CLAYTON ROBINSON . . . Sarge-ant-at-Arms FACULTY ADVISERS Donald W. Allton FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Alexander Capurso Prof. Ford Montgomery E- G. Suller Prof. Carl Lampert E. J. Asher STUDENT MEMBERS P. Adams V R. Farriss R. Miles L. Allen D. Galloway P. Nolte A. Bauer R. Kemp C. Robinson R. Borden J. Kerr L. Smith J. Davidson P. LaBach J. Thoman G. Langstaff Allen Thoman Robinson Nolte Langstaft' Bauer Trosper ' Galloway Farris Miles Adams LaBach 192 Publications Board of Student Publications The purpose of the Board of Student Publications is to advise on policies regarding operation of the printing plant and the KENTUCKIAN and the KERNEL publications: to provide for the rules and regulations governing the selection and the election of major members of the staffs. FACULTY MEMBERS DIRECTOR OF STUDENT PUBLICATIONS . . . HEAD OF JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT . COMPTROLLER OF UNIVERSITY . JOURNALISM INSTRUCTOR . NIEL PLUMMER NIEL PLUMMER FRANK PETERSON . WILLIS TUCKER STUDENT MEMBERS MIRIAM KRAYER BOB AMMONS STANLEY PENNA MARY OLIVE DAVIS EDITOR OF KENTUCKIAN EDITOR OF KERNEL . - MEN'S VICE PRESIDENT WOMEN'S VICE PRESIDENT 194 The Kentuckiom Since the year 1942 is the seventy-fifth anniver- sary of our school, it seemed only appropriate that we pay tribute to the birthday of this institution by making "seventy-fifth anniversary" our theme. So, we have tried to recognize not only those persons who have helped UK grow into a large state university and have been a vital part of its progress but also those former students who have given moral support and an active interest to its growth. We have tried to present a glimpse into the past to make clearer the present, maintaining at the same time a proper balance between 'the formality of the old and the informality of the newg between a serious- ness due a treatment of the Past and a lightness nec- essary io the interest of the readerg between an op- timism at the sight of progress and an awareness of the present world situation. A certain telescoping was necessary in order to present this tribute to the many years of the University's existence along with a thor- ough review of the year's activities. Our "grandmother" was included for the follow- ing reasons: lj to add human interest to the book, 23 to put a touch of humor into the art work, 33 to make the copy more interesting and readable and 45 to tie history up with reality. To us, she has become MIRIAM KRAYER Editor-in-chief a real person. We hope the same transformation will take place in you. So here it is-the 1942 Kentuckian--a tribute to the Old and an analysis of the New. MIRIAM KRAYER F. ,,.-..,,.. .. ' ' 2 J l 5 E 'I SID Il ll ll J lSllIllI574l7l a . EI.o1sE PALMORE Managing Editor A very specialized staff organization is necessary in the publication of a yearbook the size of the Ken- tuckian, for innumerable details must be assigned and supervised. Every phase of the book must be under the supervision of a certain member of the staff who in turn must be responsible to one general head. And this was the system used for the 1942 Ken- tuckian. The editor-in-chief Miriam Krayer planned the book and assigned jobs to the rest of the staff. She was the general supervising head and the person to whom the rest of the staff reported. Eloise Palmore, ,... - l l l e ,f'l24YS?IS?l?N I Kentuclzian managing editor, was in charge of all copy and the division pages and also helped with planning the book. Many ideas, including "Grandma", are hers. The three associate editors, Joe Bohnak, Bobby Kibler, and Bradford Garrison, were assigned various jobs. Thev worked unusually well this year and are to be commended on their splendid and willing co- operation. B. F. Melton took charge of the sports section of the book. Carolyn Petrie made appointments for all organizations' pictures. Sarah Ann Hall did a splendid job in compiling sorority and fraternity data. Rachel Hardin helped, immensely by collecting college class lists. Kim Underwood and Agnes Jennings, art editor, designed the division pages and drew the grandmo- thers. Venie Warner drew the sorority and fraternity pledge pins and designed the cover. Ninety students applied for staff positions this year and although there was not enough work to keep all of them as busy as they wanted to be, every person who signed up for the staff was willing and cooperative when called on. And it is to them, as well as to those staff members who received more recognition, that we offer our appreciation at this time. Outstanding freshmen staff members were Wy- nette White and Tommy Wolfe and the sophomore who stood out was Josephine Glasscock, who effi- ciently took over the job of snapshot editor after Lys Wallace was taken from school after being in an automobile accident. x I 1 l l . ,nj Robert Kibler, Bradford Garrison, Joe Bohnak, Associate Editors Warner Melton Wallace Hall Petrie Glasscock G'8lI'l'lSOIl JEI'lI'llI'lgS Drake Underwood B0l8S Jones Bennett Wolfe Conant Proctor Weatherspoon Lyon McCauley Bottorfl' Whlte Burnett Welsenberger Gooding Eckles Mylor Aldrich Saunders Paul Webb K 1: lt' Ed 't ' l St EDITOR-IN-CHIEF MANAGING EDITOR Miriam Krayer Eloise Palmore ASSOCIATE EDITORS Joe Bohnak Bradford Garrison Robert Kibler SPORTS EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHERS PICTURE EDITOR B. F. Melton R. B. Boies Carolyn Petrie Walter Leet SORORITY AND FRATERNITY CLASS EDITOR SNAPSHOT EDITORS EDITOR Rachel Hardin Josephine Glasscock Sarah Ann Hall Lysbeth Wallace ART STAFF Agnes Jennings Jim Abell Doris Jean Aldrich Eloise Bennett Charlotte Bostetter Betty Bottorff Fill Bowen Mary Lee Burnette Jim Carroll Kim Underwood OTHER STAFF MEMBERS Helen Drake Agnes Eckles Sarah Frances Edmonds Florida Garrison Sue Fan Gooding James Hurt Louise Jones Bobette Lyon Venie Warner Betty Proctor Mary Catherine Saunders Mary Scearce Jane Warren Mary Norma Weatherspoon ' Allie Webb 'Edith Weisenberger Jean Whaley Edith Conant Martha McCauley Wynette White Miriam Cutler Mary Beale Mylor Tommy Wolfe Nancy Dann Dorothy Paul Kate Woods 197 GEORGE NOLLAU Business Manager In our attempt to maintain the high standards set by past Kentuckian business staffs, in organizing and coordinating its duties with those of the editorial staff, the business staff of the 1942 Kentuckian has completed a most successful year. In making these efforts records were set both in the sale of organiza- tion pages and number of yearbooks sold in advance. These achievements aided in making the 1942 Ken- tuckian financially secure. The Kentuckian may boast of the fact that there is no advertising within its covers and that it is still presented to the students at a low cost. This is made possible by economy both in materials and in the arrangement of the book and by operating on a very narrow margin. Although small in number, the staff has assumed its duties and performed them in a very efficient and satisfactory manner. Much credit must be given to Bettye Howard--Sales Manager-and her assistant--- Terry Noland--who were responsible for the success- ful sales campaign, and to many student salesmen who aided them. Joyce Rogers, Circulation Manager' was equally efficient in her job' In fact each staff member did his part wellg and without the combined efforts of all, this yearbook would not have been at- tained. It has been a pleasure to aid in the publishing of this year's annual, and the responsibility that has been mine is reluctantly released. GEORGE NOLLAU Kentuclaiom Business Staff Joyce Rogers Amy Rutherford Chester Thelss Bettye Howard Bottyn McClnnnhnn Mary Pnt Kent Betty Bolmnnon Ethel Smith The Kernel Sixty-two nights this year the big Duplex in McVey hall basement rumbled, and sixty-two morn- ings The Kentucky Kernel was stuffed into post office boxes, sometimes with the ink still wet, always pre- senting the news. features, pictures, and comment about current campus goings-on. With the staff war-depleted in both editorial and mechanical departments, and enough Kernel men in the armed forces to make up a fair-sized newspaper staff, the paper still managed to put forth its Bodoni bold face every Tuesday and Friday mornings. To the armed forces during the vear went Leonard Bell. linotype operatorg Bobby Daves and Bob Meagher, floor meng Wynne McKinney. pressmang John Car- rico and Jim Brown, sports editors: Allenby Winer and Bob Baker, columnists, and Roland Rogg, re- porter. To jobs opened by the war boom went Pat Hanauer, managing editor- and over half of the report- ing staff. The Kernel, which normally operates with ten to fifteen reporters, ended the year with six. Nevertheless, The Kernel kept up its policy of full coverage of campus news. representing the students, and offering itself as the one organ of student expres- sion on the campus. The year saw the newspaper, through its editorials and columns, back these things particularly: C15 free student governmentg C25 reg- ulation of hazingg C35 increased student conscious- ness of their responsibility in the war and ensuing peacegg C45 establishment of the War Fund on the campusg C55 a greater interest in scholarship. Most comment was stirred by a three-installment editorial on "The What-The-Hell Generation"-an analysis of the state of the 1941 undergraduate-which was discussed extensively by both faculty and students. The Kernel also interpreted events of importance to the nation and the South in their relation to the campus. In addition to giving voice the student opinion in regular columns and editorials. the Kernel main- tained the traditional open column for letters, and ROBERT AMMONS E di tor-in -chief was the scene of several verbal duels between stu- dents in the medium of letters to the editor. The Kernel circulation now reaches every county cf Kentucky and almost every state in the nation. The printing plant, located in the basement of McVey hall, employs approximately 30 students in varying capacities. The Kernel itself is set, composed and printed entirely by student labor. Th equipment of the Kernel plant, now valued at over S65,000, has been purchased over a period of years from profits from printing done in the plant. ROBERT AMMONS HAROLD WINN, Managing Editor PAT HANAUER, Managing Editor Jnvi WOOLDRIDGE, News Editor Snider Stablle Pugh H Powell Carroll Seelbach Cantrill Conway Adair Hawkins Williams Underwood Saunders Murray Hurt Bederman Cole Sawln Baskett Coa Wallace Lyon Drake Thomas K LEM ' lst ff EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Robert Ammons NEWS EDITOR ' MANAGING EDITOR ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR James Wooldridge Patricia Hanauer Lewis Sawin Harold Winn CARTOONISTS ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR SOCIETY WRITERS Aimee Murray Kimball Underwood Dan Shindlebower Dana R. Oliver COLUMNISTS Jimmy Hurt Bob Warth Bob Baker John Ed Pearce Fred Hill Bill Penick Roy Steinfort Lys Wallace Margery Thomas Betty Jane Pugh Patricia Snider SOCIETY EDITOR Margaret Cantrill REPORTERS Sue Fan Gooding Maureen Arthur Heinz Seelbach Jean Williams Antoinette Stabile Mary Norma Weatherspoon Celia Bederman Jessica Gay Robert Conway Virginia Baskett Helen Drake Bobette Lyon 200 Dawson Hawkins Helen Powell Irene Cole Mary Lyle SPORTS EDITORS Joe Hodges June Davis John Carrico Baxter Melton PROOFREADERS James Carroll Celia Bederman Phil Orr 5 ROBERT HILLENMEYER Business Manager Ever important in the publication of the KERNEL is the Business Staff. Among its important duties is the selling of advertising space to local merchants, thereby placing the paper on a sound financial basis. The small student fees are insufficient to cover the cost of a semi-weekly newspaper, and consequently it funds. The tremendous amount of work involved in the business department of the KERNEL offers adequate opportunity for many students to work their way through the University. In addition they are trained ADVERTISING STAFF George Barker Fillmore Bowen Vincent Spagnuolo George Coe Bob Brumback Ed Westlake Kernel Business Staff by the Business Manager and directed by the Ad- vertising Manager for future work in advertising and selling on the publication. The success of the advertising in the KERNEL can be attributed directly to the business staff. New promotions and ideas for lay-out are followed exclus- ively. The KERNEL has been recognized by leading authorities as an outstanding advertising medium among college newspapers. BOB HILLENMEYER Ii, 5 JAY WILSON Advertising Manager o Kentucky Engineer Edited and Published by the Students of the College of Engineering 1 PURPOSE The purpose of the Kentucky Engineer is to further the College and the University of Kentucky by providing a means for both students and alumni to publish articles of an engineering nature. FEATURE EDITOR A. Gyoker, Met. E. '42 B. W. Duncan, Met. E. '43 jerry Macke, M. E. '44 B. L. Patton, E. E. '43 Prof. D. V. Terrell Editorial Adviser Prof. F. T. McGuire Mining and Metallurgical Dept. PUBLICATION STAFF EDITOR Jim B. Williams, E. E. '42 BUSINESS MANAGER H. J. Ross, Met. E. '42 ASSOCIATE EDITORS G. E. Padgett, E. E. '42 R. J. Eschborn, M. E. '43 STAFF MEMBERS W. C. Caywood, M. E. '44 .Tohn McElroy, C. E. '44 Ralph Hucaby, E. E. '44 FACULTY ADVISORY BOARD Prof. J. W. May Mining Engineering Dept. Prof. E. B. Farris Business Adviser Prof. E. A. Bureau Electrical Engineering Dept. CIRCULATION MANAGER A. J. Spare, C. E. '42 , H. C. Freer, C. E. '44 W. E. Nolan, C. E. '43 Clay Vallandingham- E. E. '44 Prof. R. E. Shaver Civil Engineering Dept. Prof. L. E. Nollau Photography and Composition Gyoker Williams Ross Freer Spare Eschborn Padgett 202 Kentucky Law Journal PURPOSE To encourage legal writing and research. FACULTY EDITOR Roy Moreland FACULTY MEMBERS Faculty of Law College serve as ex officio members of staff. OFFICERS Rov VANCE JR. and MARY Lou1sE BARTON . . . . Co-Editors CHARLES V. SHIPLEY . . . . Managing Editor JOHN H. CLARKE JR. . . Business Manager STAFF Henry H. Bramblet Robert S. Hammond Grant F. Knuckles William Buford John E. Hoene Ballard Wihte Carleton M. Davis Marcus Redwine Jr. John L. Ward John A. Fulton Robert M. Spragens John J. Yeager Helen C. Stephenson ...ff Barton Vance Ward Bramblct Clarke SU-113116115011 203 mmf r i "The comfort and luxury of the surroundings in which the club meetings were held delighted me. Of course it took me some time to get adjusted to the modemistic chairs in the Student Union Building, but once firmly established I enjoyed watching the organizations and their proceedings. "How the students ever accomplished anything while lounging through a meeting was more than I could understand. They always appeared half-asleep in easy relaxation, yet things were crried oh in an efficient manner. It was quite startling to see a student come alive to the discussion, when I had thought his mind miles away. "We had few clubs in our day, and most of them were interesting only to a select group. The faculty with its Monday Club and other forums really out-shadowed our meetings. Living units were formed into clubs which later became fraternities, and aside from these and a few literary societies that I have mentioned before, we functioned only to a small extent. . "It wasn't until after 1900 that the idea of clubs took hold. The Y. W. was organized on the campus soon after, and by 1911 clubs were flourishing. From organizations of a more serious nature, the trend turned to a lighter vein. "Some of the organizations around 1912 included the Order of the Bald Heads, the Skirt Worshippers' Club, the W. C. T. U. CWomen Can't Touch Usb, and the W. C. T. U. CWomen Come Take USJ. The Brevity Cub was composed of those men of a certain stature. "Various sectional clubs began, such as the Louisville Club and the Mountain Club. Forming an organiza- tion became the vogueg and the crazier the name and purpose, the larger the enthusiasm and membership. "Club-forming seemed to be somewhat more settled on the campus this year. To be trite, there was 'method in their madness' ..." 5 S 5 Gayle Ison McConnell Wigginton Berkowitz Luckett Crowley Lisanby Steele Wright C O Agmculture Counczl PURPOSE The Agriculture Council is composed of the presidents of all organizations and a few other selected students in the College of Agriculture. It is a coordinating body for the College of Agriculture. FACULTY ADVISER Dean L. J. Horlacher OFFICERS J OE A. GAYLE . . . . . . . . President JAMES H. ISON . . Vice-President ELIZABETH WIGGINTON . . Secretary ROBERT MCCONNELL .... Treasurer STUDENT MEMBERS Sonia Berkowitz, Phi Upsilon Omicron James H. Ison, Alpha Zeta William Johnstone, 4-H Club Joe A. Gayle, Block and Bridle Robert McConnell, Poultry Club Margaret Gullcy, Home Economics Cyrill Luckett, Dairy Club James Wright, Agronomy Club Club Elizabeth Wigginton, Senior Representative of . Agriculture College in Student Legislature James Crowley, Junior Representative Cary Bell, Sophomore Representative Charline Lisanby, Sophomore Representative Mary Steele, Freshman Representative James Chaney, Freshman Representative 207 Electrical Engineers Founded in Philadelphia, 1884 Established locally in 1910 PURPOSE The purpose of the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS is to advance the theory and practices of electrical engineering and of the allied arts and sciences, to maintain high professional standing among its members and to develop the indi- vidual engineer. FACULTY ADVISER Professor E. A. Bureau FACULTY MEMBERS Alvin Langston W. E. Freeman OFFICERS VERNON F. REYNOLDS ...... WILLIAM L. GARROTT .... STUDENT MEMBERS E. A. Bureau GLENN E. PADGETT . . Brinkley Barnett . . . Chairman . . Vice-Chairman S ecretary-Treasurer Joe Adams Vernon Scott Neil Rice William Carley William Sisco O. L. Shultz James Conner J. B. Williams Lloyd Tune Wood Edwards Richard Evans Dwight Hopper Valoris H. Florence Ray Marcum Glenn E. Padgett W. Picklesimer Vernon F. Reynolds C. Shackelford Glendon Barrow Alvin Chambers Claude Chandler Charles Chapman Givens Dixon james Hinton Frank Parks Billy Patton Bennett Rector Meredith Wilson George Barnett Fred Bond James Boyd Seth Botts Osa Kitchen C. Krammer Billy Daniels John David Louis Dusina Earl Evans joe Fothergill Henry Graddy Ralph Hocaby Donald Jessee W. P. Jones B. S. Layson Earl Kirk R. McKitrick Chester Martin Jack Morris Gordon Mundrane Bart Peak Thomas Pearce Norman Ritchie R. C. Rodgers James Scatterfield Wallace Taylor Milton H. Lewis Leon Trimble Donald Lowry C. Vallandingham 208 Alma M agua M atm' PURPOSE Alma Magna Mater is a club for the children of the former students of the University. FACULTY ADVISER Mrs. Frank L. McVey OFFICERS LIDA BELL HowE . . . . ' . President SARAH ANDERSON . Vice-President MARTHA MCCAULEY . Secretary DICK STOFER Treasurer 209 Civil. Engineers Founded at New York City, 1852 Established on Campus in 1920 PURPOSE The purpose of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS is to further the knowledge of the standards and ethics of the engineering profession. FACULTY ADVISER W. J. Carrel OFFICERS A. J. SPARE . . . . . . , , President W. C- RICE - - - - . Vice-President LLOYD THOMPSON . . . Secretary JAMES M. CARIGAN .... . Treasurer STUDENT MEMBERS C. F. Anderson R. N. Crapster F. L. Rice Louie Cummins R. C. Pickard C. A. Baierlein W. L. Blanton J. B. Boston G. W. Boston F. L. Brown Seymour Busch J. M. Carigan C. C. Clements C. L. Combs T. S. Combs G. E. Green Caroline Conant H. L. Guthrie P. W. Hensley E. R. Hermann C. B. Hill A. 'L. Johnston L. N. Jones W. I. Kelley C. C. Kissell W. W. Lee Q. H. Lewis Harry Ligh W. D. Lowry J. R. Masterson W. C. Rice T. V. Rouse F. G. Rowe Dan Sabo D. L. Sallee R. Schubert G. A. Scott R. D. Short A. J. Spare J. F. Stanton T. M. Stewart R. W. Storey S. F. Crowe 210 J.C. Davidson J. A. Dearinger J. E. Delaney M. P. Eubanks J. M. Faber W. C. Forston J. W. Gardner Allen Gibson J. H. McElroy P. L. Mitchell J. D. Nitzschke W. E. Nollau L. C. Pendley G. J. Rappleyea H. B. Revlett J. W. Taber G. W. Terrell J. A. Thacker Lloyd Thompson W. W. Ward J. A. Weeks W. W. Wichman J. O. Wiggin W. G. Wolf Dewey Young Mechanical Engineers PURPOSE The purpose of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS is to promote the art and science of mechanical engineering and the allied arts and sciences: to encourage original researchg to foster engineering educationg to advance the standards of engineeringg to promote the intercourse of engineers among themselves and with allied technologistsg and severally in cooperation with other engineering and technical societies to broaden the usefulness of the engineering profession . Toivi C. JACKSON . . FACULTY MEMBERS C. C. Jett J. W. May S. B. Walton Perry West OFFICERS . . . . President STANLEY M. MOORE . Vice-President C. MILTON RICE . Secretary JOE W. ROGERS ..... Treasurer Sam C. Berry James T. Bowling Chester Brown John W. Carson Varge Cornett Dann W. Denny Robert M. Drake John Gaines Tom C. Jackson Thomas A. Mahan Stanley M. Moore A. R. Patterson Stanley W. Penna Howard E. Price C. Milton Rice Charles E. Robinson R. J. Calvert Wm. F. Campbell Ralph J. Eschborn Joseph A. Eyl Alex Fielder Campbell Floyd K. R. Grunewald Claude H. Hall Gilbert Helton Ben Lowry Maurice E. Mitchell Ervin J. Nutter Bill M. Richardson Joe W. Rogers Arthur H. Sawyer Albert E. Smith J. P. Roysdon Raymond L. Southern E. W. Spears John R. Spicer Joe F. Atkins Charles J. Wade Caldwell C. Bickel Hargus Watts Charles T. Boone Hugh B. Abbott Clyde S. Calvert Cecil Baker STUDENT MEMBERS Richard Bartsch Frank Blankenship Winston Blythe Warren S. Bowman Fred G. Brady Lee Brummett William C. Bryant William C. Caywood Elbert A. Cheek Addison L. Chrisman Paul J. Cohen Albert Craig Paul Criscillis Gerald Cundiff Ansel L. Davis John D. Delano Louis Robert de Roode James C. McMillian Duane Doty Andre Meyer Carroll W. Downs Monroe J. Mink Harold W. Estill James L. Morrissey Philip N. Foley William R. Nickell Emmett Fulkerson Jack E. Pennock Oliver W. Gard Felix Gossum C. N. Haggard John G. Hamby W. R. Harlan Robert G. Hay Jolm L. Hicks Vernon Kalb George E. Kelly Harold B. Leasure Ernest Le Masters James O. Lewis Harry J. Macke Anzel Mann Thomas J. Martin Karl McKnight Jolm Edw. Proctor A. Paul Rogers Theodore C. Rutmayer Robert Schneider Theodore Selin Warren Shipp Michael Simms Charles G. Smith Albert W. Specius William C. Staley James B. Steele Troy M. Strong Herbert Thompson Robert D. Thompson J. S. Thornton David M. Trapp Russell Travis Kermit L. Tussey I t ..... M. D. Van Horn Jacob B. Walters Darrel E. Ward LeRoy Zimmerm Hn Baptist Student Union Founded at the University u Established on campus of Georgia, 1922 in 1931 if PURPOSE To connect the Baptist students of the University to the local Baptist Churches and to unify all the voluntary religious activity of Baptist students on the campus. FACULTY ADVISER C. C. Ross ' OFFICERS MARGARET ANNE JOHNSON , . . . . . President BUD STAMPER . . . . . First Vice-President RITA SUE LASLIE . Second Vice-President ARNOLD MCRAE . . Third Vice-President BARBARA JEAN WELCH .... Secretary CARROLL ROBIE . . . . Treasurer CATHERINE RIGSBY Magazine Representative H. C. BLOUNT . . . . . Chorister Boa HUMPHREYS . Radio Chairman RANDALL MITCHELL . . . Publicity CHURCH REPRESENTATIVES Kenneth Dutton Josephine Grant Frank Parks Ilena Jackson Mary Patterson Kent Agnes Smith Maurice Genton Marietta McRae Keith Vice Helen Woodrum Johnson St Hmller McRae Laslle Welch Roble Mitchell Ross 212 Founded at the University ot' Kentucky, 1933 PURPOSE To provide a means for closer Contact between Dairy Students and leading men of the industryg to enable the students to gain employment and experienceg to sponsor a dairy cattle judging teamg and to recognize men in the state who have contributed much to the dairy industry. Dr. Fordyce Ely Prof. J. O. Barkman John Nutter Oscar Ewing Adolph Moser J. Cvmr. LUCKETT PAUL ROBBINS EVANS RAY RUSSEL DONALD KELLS FACULTY ADVISER Dr. Fordyce Ely FACULTY MEMBERS H. B. Morrison HONORARY MEMBERS Emil Von Allman Perry B. Gaines OFFICERS EDWIN STAMPER .... Garland Bastin James Browder Chester L. Brown Frank K. Calvin Thomas Cobb John W. Crowe Reeves Davie J. C. Dowden Thomas Duffy Thomas L. Ellis STUDENT MEMBERS James D. Estill Charles L. Hatcher Johnson Hill Elmer Hixon Thomas R. Leathers Homer J. McAllister Charles McClure Willie Cooper Coleman William Ervan Routen 213 George M. Harris A. A. Spielman M. D. Harrison R. J. Shipman Charles Vahlkamp . . President Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Reporfer Robert Philpot Jewell Piper Joe Porter Marvin Powers D. E. Salisbury R. C. Shearer Jim Strauss Roger Watts R. T. VVeaver Kenneth Young 31 A -H ..j,,.gf sw, 1. fflvw' i, ,L 4 Jew ' V. .,'ff. 3, '- yf,,eQ,wf: ,' 5 ,Ani JAWLJU' ' bf' ig A-'-.V University 4-H Club Founded at the University of Kentucky in 1927 PURPOSE To promote bonds of fellowship among former 4-H Club members who attend the University. FACULTY ADVISER W. H. Wihtehouse OFFICERS WILLIAM JOHNSTONE . . DOROTHY ANGLE . . Anna Mae Allen Dorothy Angle Robert Baird Rebecca Baker Dorothy Bosticlc Myrtle Binkley Charles Burris Nancy Byer James Chaney Francis Collins James Crowley Reeves Davie LYDA MAE SUTHERLAND ROBERT NEEDHAM .... STUDENT MEMBERS Sue Dawson Pat Dicken James Dinning Warren Duncan Kitty Earle Doris Enlow Harold Evans Armstead Feland John Feland Kenneth Fugett Harry Gatton Genevieve Gee Lorraine Harris Myra Harris Charles Hatcher Robert Johnson Bill Johnstone Frances Kendall Marian Kendall James Monroe Leer Mary Lynn J oe Ming Robert Mesheu Shirley Moser Robert Needham 214 . . President . Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Porter Reed H. W. Rowland Judith Rowland Roberta Sanderson Gerald Shaifer William Schnerter Mary Searcy Margie Smith Mary Smith Reba Smith J. W. Soper Nancy Stolts Agnes Sublette Lyda Mae Sutherland Holland Thrasher Gladys Tilton Francis Timberlake Sara Triplette Bruce Tuttle Mary Jo Whitehouse Cameron Williams Mary Wilson James Wright Susan Word Home Economics Club PURPOSE The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to train active and efficient leaders among young women for home and community life and to furnish opportunity through organization for professional acthivities. MARGARET' GULLEY DOROTHY COLLINS . SARAH ARMBRUSTER BEULAH CROPPER Peggy Jo Allen Dorothy Angle Imogene Art Helen Arnold Dotti Butts Mary Elizabeth Bennett Nora Billingsly Dorothy Bostick Nancy Byers Edna Cates Martha Chaney Frances Collis Frances Coyne Catherine Cooper FACULTY ADVISER Dr. Statie Erikson OFFICERS STUDENT MEMBERS Eulice Cornett Beulah Cropper Helen Culton Sue Dawson Mary Louise Delaney Elizabeth Donnell Meta Dowden Lucille Eblin Margaret Graham Margaret Gulley Genevieve Gee Jane Hayes Ina Mae I-Iuddleston Mary Frances Hume . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Esther Kalb Mary Elizabeth 'Lewis Martha Marlowe Floy Russell Bertie Sexton Virginia Skidmore Mary Singer Mildred Snapp Agnes Sublette Lyda Mae Sutherland Sara Triplett Juanita Williams Marguerite Williams Hazel Wilson 215 M cDowell House WOMEN'S COOPERATIVE HOUSE Founded at the University of Kentucky, 1941 FACULTY ADVISER HOUSEMOTHER ' Mrs. Sarah Holmes Mrs. Lucy Berry oFFIcERs ' ANNA MAE ALLEN . . . . . MARIAN KENDALL . FRANCES KENDALL STUDENT MEMBERS Myrtle Louise Harned Agnes Jennings Frances Kendall Marian Kendall Anna Mae Allen Rozella Allen Dorothy Bostick Betty Jean Ewing . President Vice-President Secretary Joyce Rogers Ellen Roper Mary Searcy Margie Smith Kendall Allen Kendall Berry Jennings Harned Smith EWIIIE Rogers Roper Bostick Searcy Allen 216 T Sigma NATIONAL DANCING FRATERNITY Modern Dance Group Established in 1939 PURPOSE Tau Sigma, Honorary Dance Fraternity, aims to increase interest in the dance as a fine art. Each year Tau Sigma presents a recital in which all members participate. SPONSOR Mrs. Mary King Kouns OFFICERS CHARLOTTE SALE . ..... President DoR1s JEANNE GOLDEN . Vice-President LINDA MILLS .... Secretary PATSY HORKAN . . Treasurer MAY FRANCES GUFFEY Accompanist STUDENT MEMBERS Marie Brackett Margaret Brown Sara Revel Estill Doris J. Golden Letha Hicks Patsy Horkan Linda Mills Charlotte Sale Ethel Smith PLEDGES Kathryn Allen Norma Dury Priscilla Graddy Marian Harris Geneva House Elizabeth Lewis Norma Niswonger Betty Purnell Betty Simpson Marcia Willing 217 1 Newman Club Federation Founded at the University of Pennsylvania, 1893 Established on Campus in 1914 PURPOSE To foster the spiritual, intellectual and social interests of the Catholic students of the University, weld them into a common union, assist the University and its students whenever possible and aid bv Catholic Action through the Bishop of this Diocese the work of the Catholic Church. FACULTY ADVISER MEMBER IN FACULTY Miss Margaret Lester Miss Marguerite McLaughlin OFFICERS RAYMOND L. PATTERSON . . . .... President ELIZABETH E. ELLIS . . Women's Vice-President ALBERT J. SPARE . . Men's Vice-President MARGARET M. BLACKERBY . . Secretary JOHN W. CARRICO ...... Treasurer MARY A. GABBARD . . . Assistant Treasurer Anna Mae Allen Rozella Allen Betty Bertrand Michaelene Bogan Jean Branson Betty Budde Kathleen Budde Corinne Carhartt James Carroll Herbert Cassidy Paul Cheap Dennnis Clark Mary Comer Margaret Concannon Joseph Conforti James Patrick Conley Edith Coyne Jane Cramer Chaplain: Rev. George J. O'Bryan STUDENT MEMBERS Vincent Crowdus Henry Hillenmeyer Charles Devitt Robert Hillenmeyer Jody DiGiacomo Anne Foley Mary Katherine Foley Joseph Fontana Margaret Jane Fulton George Gilbery Mary Godman Carl Gorham Carolyn Gott William Hanson Paul Harrison George Herman Allene I-Ierschling Wanda Higdon Johnson Hill Donald Hillenmeyer Ernest Hillenmeyer Betty Hunter George Kinnaird John Kurachek Betty Anne Lawler Anne Lyttle John Malone Betty Matlack Philip McGuire William McShane Ralph Meyer Marjorie Moran Juanita Murphy Irvin Neltner Michael Nevitt Russell Patterson Betty Payne Edward Perrant Mary Prather Rita Rawe Kenneth Rektenwald Barbara Rehm Paul Rehm Anne Racketts Joyce Rodgers Stanley Saunier Maureen Savage Frank Scanlon Robert Schneider John Sheehan Barbara Shelton Michael Simms James Smith Vincent Spagnuolo John Spicer Antoinette Stabile Joseph Stanton Joseph Stewart Thomas Stewart Eileen Sullivan John Swift Joseph Payne James Taylor Morrison Swift Jere Thornton John Trimble Henry Turner Patricia Wallace Edith Weisenberger Quentin Wieman James Wise Mary Charles Wood Scott Yellman Urban Zoeller ovwood Society Founded in 1911 PURPOSE The purpose of the NORWOOD MINING AND METALLURGICAL SOCIETY is to promote enthusiasm and interest in mining, metallurgy and associated subjects. FACULTY ADVISER COUNSELOR C. S. Crouse H. Comer Wolf FACULTY MEMBERS C. S. Crouse F. T. McGuire M. W. Beebe P. C. Emrath OFFICERS RONALD ANDREW . . . J. C. LEASURE . . . WILLIAM D. DANKS . ANDREW A. GYOKER . . . MEMBERS Ronald Andrew C. Faushee Rollie C. Ashurst W. P. Glass Edwin C. Barkman A. A. Gyoker Ben Bartlett R. H. Hayes Herman Bernstine William L. Bruckart H. M. Cassidy William D. Danks Donald H. Desy B. W. Duncan J. de Jarnette J. E. Johnston K. Lawrence J. C. 'Leasure W. H. Li Kens H. W. Maynor H. B. Dyer Jerry L. Mercer J. Russell . . President Vice- President Secretary Treasurer Owen L. Mitchell L. T. Ockerman George Orten C. F. Robards John P. Sheehan Fred Steedly Joe W. Stewart John W. Warnock R. A. Welch Ben Whitmer John H. Wilson Q, :.:.,,...-.,-gy, - .,.,,,, . .-, V. M .- 219 Q 'Q- Shelby House WOMEN'S COOPERATIVE HOUSE Founded at the University of Kentucky, 1934 PURPOSE Shelby House was the first cooperative rooming house for girls established at the Univer- sity of Kentucky. It is organized and run by a group of girls who were formerly 4-H members. FACULTY ADVISERS Dr. Statie Erikson Mrs. Anita Burnam Davis Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes OFFICERS SARA TRIPLETT . . . . . . . President DOROTHY ANGLE . . . Vice-President LYDA MAE SUTHERLAND . . . Secretary SUSAN WORD . . . . . Treasurer , VIRGINIA REIMER . . Reporter-Historian STUDENT MEMBERS Dorothy Angle Helen Culton Judith Rowland . Sarah Armbruster Doris Ann Enlow Reba Annette Smith Rebecca Baker Margaret Gulley Lyda Mae Sutherland Myrtle Binkley Myra Harris Frances Timberlake Charleen Burris Shirley Moser Sara Triplett Jane Francis Collis Nancy Price Mary Wilson Evelyn Cox Virginia Reimer Susan Word Triplett Angle Sutherland Word Reimer Wilson Gulley Collis Harris Baker Culton A Blnkley Moser Rowland Cox Burris Smith Timberlake Armbruster Enlow Price 220 Massie Kenm Wilson Tllton Rose Forman Jackson Hunter Spurr Pettus Warren Booher Davis Cllnkenbeard Schaffer Callos Marshall Aulick McCord Gerald Read Chambers Proctor Robertson Meyer Terrell Short Dixon Ashurst Cande o 'LL - 'LTC 8 Established on campus in 1921. PURPOSE To promote e spirit and interest of the University of Kentucky in its sports and athletics. FACULTY ADVISER . H. B. Moore OFFICERS JOE MASSIE . . . . . . President MARY KEMP . . Vice-President LOUISE WILSON . . . .... Secretary JOE GAYLE ....... Treasurer MARJORIE RANDOLPH . Corresponding Secretary STUDENT MEMBERS Rollie Ashurst Joe Gayle Betty Proctor Dick Clinkenbeard Jack Jackson Gladys Tilton Jack Gaines David McCord Billy Nickell Earl Rose Bufford Short Dawson Hawkins George Terrell Marjorie Randolph Nelson Cande Mary Kemp Louise Wilson Bernadine Aulick Joe Massie Dorothy Robinson Elliott Peal Bob Davis James Leer Carola Spurr Ross Hunter Gerald Schaffer Martha Booher Phyllis Gerald Alvin Chambers Porter Read Daune Van Horn Givens Dixon Paxton Marshall Jane Warren 221 'Virginia Hendricks Virginia Callos Peggy Forman Robert Meyer Harrison Dixon UK Aviation lub PURPOSE The purpose of the University of Kentucky Aviation aviation among the students of the University. EDWARD BOWNE OFFICERS ROBERT DOUGLAS MONTONDO JOHN L. KELLER Edward Bowne Dann Denny John E. Disney STUDENT MEMBERS Edward E. Elsey John LeRoy Keller John Morse Kelly Elmond L. Martin 222 Club is to promote and advance . . President . . Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Robert Douglas Montondo Wickliffe Scott Rogers Willis R. Sutherland U K Ttoupevs Founded at the University of Kentucky in 1940 PURPOSE To give those students who wish it an opportunity to have experience in participating in public performances. To provide entertainment for social functions on the campus. Prof. M. E. Potter Mary King Kouns Harold Butner Leah Calhoun Frank Calvin Lucille Clark Alonzo Combs Margaret DeBord Jody DiGiacomo Nancy Elam Carojean Elsey Joe Gayle Phyllis Gerald Doris J. Golden Steve Graban Glenn Harney Jean Harper FACULTY ADVISERS Margaret Warren STUDENT MEMBERS Patsy Horkan Ted Jaracz Ben CM.C.D Johnson Mary johnson Louise J ones Rita Sue Laslie Elizabeth Lewis Margaret Litsey Dixie Macklin Trilby McKeehan Helen McMertry Douglas Montondo Reuban Naylor Jack Neal Martha Obitz Elizabeth Payne M. G. Karsnar Robert Rouse Doris Reichenbach Marie Robards Kenneth Rollins Charlotte Sale Donald Sallee Philip Sallee Gerald Schaffer Sylvia Siegel Ethel Smith Chester Theiss Billy Tucker Marion Tucker Sara Mae Taylor J ack Walters Virginia Wesley 223 Women's Athletic Association Established on Campus ini 1922 PURPOSE The purpose of the Women's Athletic Association is to create a growing interest in sports and to provide recreation for women on the campus. FACULTY SPONSOR Margaret Warren FACULTY ADVISERS Mary King Kouns Alberta Server OFFICERS DORIS REICHENBACH . . RITA SUE LASLIE . ANN HATTER . WILMA SALMON ..... COUNCIL MEMBERS Sylvia Siegel, Hockey Agnes Smith, Hockey Wilma Salmon, Archery . Phyllis Gerald, Archery Dorothy Paul, Volleyball Jennie Sullivan, Volleyball Lida Belle Howe, Basketball Martha McCauley, Basketball Ann Hatter, Riilery and Riding STUDENT MEMBERS Sarah Holmes . . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Edith Heaton, Riflery Lois Hall, Tumbling Betty Dew, Tumbling Jean Williams, Softball Jean Ewers, Tennis Jennie Puckett, Swimming Eloise Palmore, Golf Mary Searcy, Bowling Helen Harrison, Hiking There are around 150 paid and active members in addition to those listed above. Reichenbach Laslie Hatter Salmon Harrison Puckett Siegel Howe Paul Palmore Gerald Searcy Williams Smlfth McCauley 224 Long Terrell Mohney Dorman Ellis Lall Crowe Carson Shelley Prewitt Deep Bruckart: Price Penick Campbell Davis Y. M . C. A. Senior Cabinet Founded in London, England, 1844 Established on Campus in 1890 PURPOSE The purpose of the Y. M. C. A. Senior Cabinet is to act as the executive, policy forming body of the Young Men's Christian Association in developing the religious life of students and faculty members of the University and in helping meet the needs of the students through a program planned for social, mental, and spiritual growth. FACULTY ADVISER Dr. E. N. Fergus, Chairman of Y. M. C. A. Advisory Board OFFICERS JOHN D. LONG . . . . . . . . President ROBERT M. SPRAGENS . . Vice-President GEORGE E. SHELLEY . . Secretary BILL PENICK . . . . Treasurer Thomas Bowling Warren Dorman Glenn Mohney William Bruckart Winfred Ellis W. Jefferies Prewitt William Campbell Fred Erwin Bruce Price Vaiden Cox Don Lail A. W. Rowland Robert E. Davis Walter Leet George Terrell Joe Logan Massie The YMCA Senior Cabinet is composed of the officers of the YMCA and the Chairmen of the various YMCA committees. 225 South Graves Vaughn Bradford Spicer Rogers Paul Ward Andres Puckett Francis Davis Wooton Rlon Ellison Garner Palmore Lancaster Ewers Crutcher Murray Salmon Y. W. C. A. Senior abinet Installed on Campus in 1904 PURPOSE The purpose of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet is to realize full and creative life through growing knowledge of God, to have part in making this life possible for all people to seek, to under- stand Jesus, and to follow him. RESIDENT SECRETARY Anne Morrow ADVISORY BOARD Mrs. A. D. Kirwan Mrs. E. G. Trimble Mrs. Howard Beers Miss Mary Munford Miss Anna Peck Mrs. L. P. Graves Mrs. Amos H. Elben Miss Rebecca Van Meter Dean Sarah B. Holmes Mrs. E. N. Fergus Mrs. F. L. McVey Miss Jane Haseldon OFFICERS BETTY SOUTH . . . . . . . . President JEANETTE GRAVES . . . . Vice-President DOROTHY D. VAUGHN . . . . . Secretary MARION BRADFORD ...... Treasurer STUDENT MEMBERS Eloise Palmore, Membership Ann Crutcher, Sophomore Commission Marjorie Palmore, Freshman Representative Mary Olive Davis, junior-Senior Assembly Dorothy Paul, Freshman Adviser Kay Ellison, Peace . Mary Powers, Social Jean Ewers, Interracial Mary Rion, Dutch Lunch Mary Garner, Campus Service Joyce Rogers, Economics and Labor Sara Ann Hall, Library Wilma Salmon, junior-Senior Assembly Jeanne Lancaster, Worship Caroline Spicer, Y's Owl Mildred Murray, Publicity Alice Wooton, Social Service MEMBERS AT LARGE J o Andres Jesse Francis Jennie Puckett 226 Iunim'-Senior Fellowship Y.M.C.A. - Y.W.C.A. Founded at Cabinet Retreat, University of Kentucky in 1941 MARY OLIVE DAVIS . FRED ERWIN Dorothy Angle Sarah Armbruster Ann Austin Louella Barry Betty Berry Myrtle Binkley Jane Birk Mary Marrs Board Frances Bogie Martha Booher Louise Brightwell William Campbell Corinne Carhartt Anna Louise Caudill Martha Chaney Irene Cole Dorothy Collins Evelyn Cox Vaiden Cox Helen Culton Bob Davis Winfred Ellis OFFICERS WILMA SALMON . SYLVIA SIEGAL . GEoRGE SHELLEY . . . Jean Ewers Anne Fuss Betty Gallaher Virginia Gay Genevieve Gee Sarah Goering May Frances Guffey Margaret Gully Sarah Anne Hall John Harrison Margaret Hatcher Elaine Hawk Dorothy Hill Agnes Jennings Ben Johnson Marion Kendall Jean Lancaster Fay McDearman Glenn Mohney Mildred Murray Caroline Newell Glenn Price . Co-Chairman . , Co-Chairman . Vice-Chairman . Secretary Secretary Joy Rader Virginia Reimer Mary Rion Joyce Rogers A. W. Rowland Evelyn Russell Wilma Salmon Ann Saunders Ida Schoene George Shelley Sylvia Siegal Agnes Smith Margie Smith Patricia Snider Lyda Mae Sutherland Frances Timberlake Fanny Trautman Jean Walker Mabel Warnecke Sarah Margaret White Marguerite Williams Kate Woods 227 Sophomore Commission Founded at the University of Kentucky, 1935 PURPOSE Sophomore Commission is an organization for Sophomore men and women to study Social and Religious problems and to share in Christian Fellowship. FACULTY ADVISERS Anne Morrow Bart Peak OFFICERS WALTER LEET ........ . . President ANNE CRUTCHER ....... Vice-President DOROTHY JACK ECKLAR and FRANCES KENDALL . S8Ct'6f8I'i6S RUTH WHEAT ..... Treasurer Anne Mae Allen Alice Anderson Eloise Bennett Robert Bonta Grace Brown Lucille Clarke Anne Crutcher Dorothy Ecklar Betty Edwards Betty Ewing Margaret Graham Florida Garrison Louise M. Harned Helen Harrison Virginia Haynes Virginia Hendricks Allene I-Ierschling Lester Hill Patricia Hopkins Amanda Holland Frances Jinkins Billye Jones B. L. Kessinger William Land Walter Leet Carolin Mason Martha McCauley Bonnie Miller Roberta Parker John Patton Nixie Peak John Procter Betty Purnell Pat Remmer R. C. Rodgers Frances Rowland John Rowland Jean Runyon Mary Saunders Maureen Savage Wanda Scrivner Mary Searcy Reba Smith Carolyn Spicer Carola Spurr Bill Stephenson Charlotte Terry Boone Tucker Duane Van Horn Patricia Wallace Dick Webb Ruth Wheat 228 -6 .4 I I wif Q gngtf I. 2 I 'ua' ' 'nl F V, It 'iff- ' 457522 . 6 LIS' Martha Ann Colem mmm 'N-wwmpvn Freshman Club PURPOSE To orient the Freshmen within the University of Kentucky, to educate the mind to a broader perspective, and to deepen the understanding of Christian faith. Dorothy Paul STUDENT ADVISERS OFFICERS GEORGE SMITH . . . MARJORIE PALMORE and ED GUDGE. . Betty Aldrich Berta Allen Martha Jane Allen Rozella Allen Gloria Allender Harriet Allison Betty Arnette Lorena Bach Anna Mae Bailey Virginia Baskett Benny Benton Sarah Bogan Helen Boye Helen Bradford Ruth Bradford Irene Bridgeman Betty Broaddus Charlene Burris Willis Butler Bob Brumbach 'Leah Calhoun Gene Cannon James Chaney Molly Clayton Marie Coburn MABEL MURRAY . Betty Dawson Pat Dicken Danny Dickerson Dorothy Dold Elizabeth Dosker Mattie Douglas Thomas Ellis Carojean Elsey Earl Fairell Elizabeth Faulkner Ann Carter Felts Elsie Ferguson Bill Fraser Ann Frye Bob Fuller Pat Gable Tom Garnett Elizabeth Gardner Sarah Goodwin Priscilla Graddy Ed Gudgel Mary Jo Hall Anna Hammel Barbara Hammonds Shirley Harned an Jean Harper leanne Allen Collins Jimmy Harris Mary Crawford Jane Daugherty Henry Hattel Jerry Helm Gloria Henderson Marion Herring Janet Hesel Caroline Hill Virginia Hill Minor Hooe Mary Horr Marjorie I-Iunsinger Jimmie Hurt Dorothy Hutcherson Tommy Iglehart Madge Irvine Joseph W. Isert III Elwood Jaegar John Jenkins Thornton T. Johnson Katherine Johnstone Flora Belle Jones George E. Jones Jimmie Jones Mary Neal Jones Norma Jones Bruce Kesselring Anne Kirtley Charles T. Lang William Laslie Maurice Leach Pat Lewis Fritzie Liebel Bob Spragens President . Vice-Presiden ts . . Secretary Mary Little Mary Longsworth Betty McClannahan William McShane Minerva Mains Elizabeth Macy Roy Mays Lura Ann Mayer Leota Meade Harriet Messer Gene Mills Beatrice Morgan Sylvia Morgan Mary Mountjoy Mary Murphy Mabel Murray Mildred Newkirk Lelia Nichols Betty Nollau Ellen O'Bannon Marjorie Palmore Martha Parthemore William Patrick Dorothy Paul Elliott Peel Jean Phipps Margaret Price Roberta Pyles Susan Randall Mary Jane Riggs Carroll Robie Peggy Robison Judy Rowland Ann Savage Mortreasia Schooler Jane Scott Betty Jane Sledd George Smith Vincent Spagnuolo Bob Spragens Mary E. Stigall Margaret Stokes Mildred Tatum Martin Thomson Bill Triplett Don Tucker Brooks Vandiver Ann Wallace S. D. Weaklev, Jr. Ann Webb Vernon Wetherby Mary Jo Whitehouse Lindsay Wigginton Jerry Williams Marion Yates Emily Young Stanley Zakem Bill Zimmerman Dutch Lunch Club To bring all the MARY RION ' . . ELSIE FLEISHMAN . DOROTHY COLLINS VIRGRINIA GAY Willie Adams Ruth Ann Earnest Doris Jean Aldridge Dorothy Jack Ecklar Jeanne Aplustille Carojean Elsey Ollie Marie Bean Ruth Eubanks Betty Barry Elizabeth Faulkner Jane Birk Mickie Bogan Frances Bogie Helen Boye Helen Bradford Betty Broaddus Evelyn Boone Charleen Burris Dorothy Butts Beth Caddy Leah Calhoun Virginia Callos Wilma Gene Cannon Anna Lois Carter Elsie Fleishman Elizabeth File Martha Fogie Mary E. Garner Florida Garrison Genevieve Gee Priscilla Graddy Jeanette Graves Jane Hardwick Lorraine Harris Myra Harris Helen Harrison Jane Hayes Martha Hayman Founded 193 1 PURPOSE town girls and commuters together. OFFICERS . . . . . President . . Vice President . Secretary Martha Jones Shirley Kilgore Martha Koppius Della Landrum Betty Ann Lawler Fritzie Liebel Ruth Litton Virginia Lipscomb Charlene Lisanby Alice Long Betty McClanahan Laura McConathy Sarah McInteer Masie McMitchel Lula Martin Laura Ann Mayer Lucy Meyers Louise Milward Shirley Moser Juanita Clark Dorothy Hill Inez Mullaney Catherine Cooper Evelyn Hill Claudine Mullinaux Beulah Cropper Mary Lucille Horr Mabel Murray Ann Crutcher Betty Huckle Mildred Murray Mary Helen Daley Ina Huddleston Mary Beale Mylor Jane Daugherty Ilena Jackson Margaret Newcomb Betty Dawson Katherine Johnstone Mildred Newkirk Lela Nichols 230 . Treasurer Ellen O'Bannon Virgina Gay Osborne Ellen Page Martha Parthemore Dorothy Paul Betty Payne Virginia Pinuer Marion Pirkey Betty Purnell Roberta Pyles Joy Rader Sarah Rankin Anita Roos Virginia Rosen Amy Rutherford Wilma Salmon Ida Schoene Margery Schwartz Wanda Scrivner Mary Searcy Bertie Sexton Charlsey Shearer Betty Jean Simpson Betty Jane Sledd Barbara Smedley Agnes Smith Ethel Smith Virginia Smith Martha Snapp Mildred Snapp Pat Snider Carola Spurr Carolyn Spicer Ann Taylor Lillian Terry Martha Thurman Jesse Stokes Tyler Alma Ruth Vinsant Ann Wallace Mable Warnecke Julie Ann Waters Allie Webb Virgina Wesley Ruth Wheat Mary Jo Whitehouse Rosetta Wiggins Jean Williams Mildred Wills Hazel Wilson Barbara Winter Kate Woods Emily Young P 'tk ' C l lo Founded at the Universih' of Kentucky in 1925 PURPOSE The purpose of the Pitkin Club is so intelligently face moral, social, and religious problems. OFFICERS Joi: L. M.-xssnz . . . . . . President CATHERINE COOPER ..... Secretary-Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. E. N. Fergus Rev. J. K. Johnson Bart Peak Bob Ammons Josephine Andres Francis Bogie Edward Bowne Marion Bradford Louise Brightwell Bill Bruckart William Campbell Martha Chaney Catherine Cooper Vaiden Cox Dorothy Collins Anne Crutcher Bob Davis Mary Olive Davis Betty Dew Kay Ellison Jean Ewers Ruth Eubank Ernestine Fish Miss Anne Faw Morrow Marguerite Ford John Fortenberry Bill Fowler Earle Fowler Jessie Francis Mary Virginia Fulcher Robert Fuller Mary Garner Jeannette Graves Virginia Gay Tom Garnett Helen Harrison John Harrison Elaine Hawk Jane Hays Martha Hayman Lida Belle Howe Tom Jackson John Jackson John Keeler George Kelly Martha Koppius John Keller Jeanne Lancaster Walter Leet John Long Joe Massie B. F. Melton Glenn Mohney Nancy Mohney' Mildred Murray Dorothy Paul Bart Peak, Jr. Elliott Peel Bill Penick Jeff Prewitt John Proctor Lloyd Ramsey Barbara Rehm Evelyn Russell Mary K. Scott George Shelley Leonard Short Sylvia Siegel Barbara Smedley George Smith Betty South Bob Spragens William Shires Fred Tate George Terrell Bill Triplett Martin Thompson Dorothy Vaughn Duane Van Horn Charles J. Wade Frances Whitfield Alice Wooton Doris Reichenbach Kate Woods W L 'T""T"""'I' 9 U ff ff f A Qxxunf mx X I ,, , . f'7b 1lm:lQ'W 'iffy' w QD fm! My .Ll 2, , 2fbu .L Q5 ll., f!3KfAQ3,fi f I "When I saw those twenty-eight beautiful girls walk across the stage at Memorial Hall in the Kentuckian Beauty Queen Contest, I didn't see how the judges, Mrs. Robert Long, Mayor Ward T. Havely, and Major Griffin, could pick any one girl as being more beautiful than the rest. In my days at college there was neither an annual nor a beauty queen, for the prece- dent didn't start until 1915, when my daughter was at college. In the fall the staff of the publication sponsors a two-fold campaign-to promote the sale of annuals and to select the beauty queens and the most popular man. For every fifteen annuals contracted for by an organization, it may put up one candidate for the beauty court. Of all the candidates competing, the judges pick five, one of which is the queen, and four acting as attendants. The most popular man is elected by student vote at the ball and is presented with the queen and attendants. This year the vote was a tie, and two most popular men escorted the queen of the Annual Kentuckian Ball." 6. '75 1-"' Race F 01' Beauty In the paddock . . . The call . The Queen and another man to Spare! . . IH fh6' SfI'6fCh . . . The Hnfgh 235 M iss 1942 Kentuckian SUE FAN GOODING Lexington Kappa Kappa Gamma COLORING: BRUNETTE HEIGHT: 5'6" First Attendant HENRYETTA HALL Nicholasville Delta Delta Delta CoLoR1NG: BRUNETTE HEIGHT! 5'5" Second Attendant ANN AUSTIN Williamsburg Delta Delta Delta COLORING: BROWNETTE HEIGHT! 5'5" Third Attendant ' Lexington Alpha Gamma Delta CoLoR1NG: BLoNn HEIGHT: 5'5 Fourth Attendant ELOISE PALMORE Frankfort Delta Delta' Delta COLORING: BRUNETTE HEIGHT: 5'6 ll J i. :A .H Ei .QQ 1 ' nl . 'xii A ry QQ, 41 'W umigis no matter what the "You can't suppress the normal zest for living on any college campus, year. Customs have changed, it is true, but not the fun-loving hearts of the students. 'fThe pleasures today are more varied than ours--the campus is larger and the capacity ' ' ' ' ' hu e dances- for merriment has enlarged propo all these were unknown to us. "In our leisure hours we often used to stroll by Maxwell Springs. There wasn't a lot to do in our free moments, but we filled them with walks or chatter. At the site of our past now stands the McDowell house-the pretty little springs have given way to rtionally. Sororities, fraternities, movies, g promenades make living quarters for increased enrollment. "Spelling matches and tugs of war between classes, too, have disappeared. Fraternities came on the campus' a ' ' tures began their student alure. Times changed and amusements changed. . fter 1893, and around 1896 moving pic "Yet with all the growth of student activities and the time now spent in more and more diversion, I can't quite believe that campus life holds much more fun today than it did for us -it was just 'out of this world' in 1890, too! . . ." Pride Lamason Jones Hughes Bryson Botts Jouett Bowman Lee Berry Walsh Caldwell Collier Sims Fish Reid Drury ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA DELTA PI . . ALPHA XI DELTA . CHI OMEGA . . . DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA ZETA . . KAPPA DELTA . . KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA ZETA TAU ALPHA . McDOWELL HOUSE . SHELBY HOUSE . . ALPHA GAMMA RHO ALPHA SIGMA PHI . ALPHA TAU OMEGA H ousemothers . Mrs. John Hagan . Mrs. Ben Lamason . Mrs. Will Hughes Mrs. Bessie Bryson . Mrs. Harry Lee Mrs. Sarah S. Jouett Mrs. L. M. Hancock Mrs. George Newman Mrs. J. M. Collier . Mrs. Lucy Berry Mrs. Lillian Caldwell . Mrs. Fred Beeler . Mrs. J. T. Pride Mrs. Spillman Jones DELTA CHI . . DELTA TAU DELTA . KAPPA ALPHA . . KAPPA SIGMA . . LAMBDA CHI ALPHA . PHI DELTA THETA . PHI KAPPA TAU . PHI SIGMA KAPPA . PI KAPPA ALPHA . SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA CHI . . . SIGMA NU . . . SIGMA PHI EPSILON . TRIANGLE . . . Luxon Sweatt . Mrs. H. C. Botts Mrs. J. W. Burbridge Mrs. Andrew Bowman Mrs. G. Trapnell Jones . Mrs. Anna Walsh . Mrs. Walter Reid . Mrs. Burt Simms . Mrs. Lucie Broaddus Mrs. Lillian Warner . Mrs. Ballard Luxon . Mrs. Hill Spaulding Mrs. Walter Drury . Mrs. T. W. Sweat . Mrs. Ethel B. Fish If Aff Robinson Krayer Rose Ewan Anderson Vaughn Penn McMullen Petrie Pugh Rehm Hixson Carter Chandler Gabbard o 0 QTL' 8 8'YL'LC O'LL'Y1C'L PURPOSE The Women's Pan-Hellenic Association is composed of two representatives of each social sorority on the campus. Its purpose is to foster cooperation and observance cf social rules and to encourage scholarship and good will among sorority women. BETTY ROSE . MIRIAM KRAYER BETTY AVENT ALPHA DELTA PI Ann Carter Hallie Chandler ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Carolyn Petrie Barbara Rehm ALPHA X1 DELTA Martha Hixson Betty Jane Pugh OFFICERS . . . , . President . Secretary Treasurer FACULTY ADVISERS jane Haselden Sarah B. Holmes REPRESENTATIVES CHI OMEGA KAPPA DELTA Betty Avent Louise Ewan Sarah Fox Louellen Penn DELTA DELTA DELTA Connette Robinson Betty Rose DELTA ZETA Mary Agnes Gabbard Kathryn Wahl 246 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Jane Baynham Anne McMullen ZETA TAU ALPHA Miriam Krayer Dorothy D. Vaughn Inlzevfvatevnilzy ouncil FACULTY ADVISER Dean T. T. J ones OFFICERS J. D. Nrrzscl-:KE . . . . . . President HOWARD BEADLE . . . Vice-President NELSON HOSKINS . WINSLOW G. LEWIS T. T. JONES . Secretary . . . Treasurer Honorary President STUDENT MEMBERS James Ison, Alpha Gamma Rl:o Bill Daniels, Alplra Sigma Phi Haskell Ross, Alpha Tau Omega Nelson Hoskins. Delta Chi Ben Johnson, Delta Tau Delta Winslow G. Lewis, Kappa Alpha Joe Hodges, Kappa Sigma Howard Beadle, Lambda Chi Alpha Dave Kinnaird, Phi Delta Theta John Keller, Phi Kappa Tau Frank Shy, Pi Kappa Alpha George Dudley, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pat Conley, Phi Sigma Kappa Paul Combs, Sigma Chi Hugh Owen, Sigma Nu John McLellan, Sigma Phi Epsilon J' oe D. Nitzschke, Triangle . Nltzschke Beadle Hoskins Lewis Ison Daniels Ross Hodges Keller Shy Conley Dudley Combs i rst row Carter Plylcr Snlc Horknn ecfmrl row Mills Davis Williams Jinkins Earnest Third row McC1nnnhnn Spicer McDcnrmnn Glnsscock R080 Fourth, row Fowler McCul1ey Chimdlcr Pylcs Breeding Filth row Hatcher Dawson Mander Gnllnhor Gray N I Anna Lois Carter Mary Olive Davis Virginia Breeding Betty Dawson Ruth Ann Earnest Josephine Glasscock Virginia Gray Alpha Delta Pi ..- ' Founded 1851 , f fl 5' --v ,, ft, if , 7mm 61 Chapters ,gi A 'QB A 'B-, 4 Q ,B N.Q,, .,l "5 FACULTY Sara Hall GRADUATES Hallie Chandler SENIORS Betty Gallaher Charlotte Sale JUNIORS Linda Mills SOPHOMORES Patsy Horlmn PLEDGES Margaret Hatcher Frances Jinkins Betty Ann Lawler Betty McClanahan Wanda McCulley OFFICERS ANNA Lois CARTER HELEN PLYLER Vice PATSY HORKAN CHARLOTTE SALE -President ' Helen Plyler Marguerite Williams Fay McDearman Georgeanne Mander Roberta Pyles Norma Rose Carolyn Spicer President Secretary Treasurer 249 Epsilon Chapter Established 1909 250 First row Mohney Mlllikin Rohm Hatter Burnett M. Thomas Svcond row Murray Wallace Bowne Codell Johnson Bottorll' Third row Crawford Golden Porter Anderson Cockriel Sutton Fourth row Cowglll J. Thomas Bryson Boaz Goering Petrie Walker Fifth row Browne Pirkey Fuss Tate Foley Edwards Davidson Sixth row Atkins Locke M. Jones Redd S. Thomas Bennett Jenkins Seventh row Helm Phipps Payne Leggett Byrn Haas Yates Eighth row Coleman Collins Williams Warren Bogen Gillespie Vance Alpha Gamma EIB El WW Marie Barclay Larry Anderson Betty Bottorff Jeanne Bowne Mary Lee Burnette Lorrayne Cockriel Mary Lewis Boaz Juliette Bryson Gene Ray Crawford Sarah Goering Ella Watson Browne Anne Cowgill Carolyn Atkins Eloise Bennett Sarah Bogan Charlotte Byrn Martha Ann Coleman Ann Collins Chesley Davidson OFFICERS BARBARA REHM . . President MARGERY THOMAS . . Vice-President MARY LEE BURNET1' . . Secretary ANNE RHOADS HATTER . Treasurer Founded 1904 52 Chapters FACULTY SEN IORS Alice Williams Codell Anne Rhoads Hatter Lulagene Johnson Bettie Millikin J UNIORS Doris Jeanne Golden Carolyn Petrie Emma Bell Porter SOPHOMORES Betty Edwards Gratia Ed Locke PLEDGES Julia Foley Ann Fuss Ann Gillespie Alfarata Haas Geraldine Helm Jacqueline Jenkins Mary Neal Jones Iva Leggett l 251 f I' 1 ' I-I O ,' I f '51 4:0 U ZXLLG' All if I Sally Pence N ancye Mohney Aimee Murray Martha Sutton Margery Thomas Lysbeth Wallace Barbara Rehm Lillian Tate Shirley Thomas Virginia Walker Kathryn Pirkey Joyce Thomas Elizabeth Payne Jean Phipps Jane Ann Redd Olive Jane Vance Jane Warren Jerry Williams Marian Yates X L.. Xi Chapter Established 1908 252 First row Pugh Gerald Second row Williams M. L. Stokes Klngton Steele R. Gevedon Snyder Third row MacGregor House Hume Reynolds Willing Ogden Fourth. row Henderson Dold Fraysure Magruder Burrler Bognn Fifth row Lawson Macklin Rlgg Clmpmnn Hlxson Elnm Sixth row D. Robinson J. Gevcdon Horan M. Stokes P. Robinson Runyon Seventh row Hayes McGuire Savage Lewis Allen Matlock Ruby Jo Gevedon Mary Hume Betty Jane Chapman Phyllis Gerald Martha Hixson Mary Burrier Michelene Bogan Martha Jane Allen Ida Bannon Grace Brown Dorothy Dold Betty Fraysure Jacqueline Gevedon OFFICERS BETTY JANE PUGI-I . . President FRANCES WILLIAMS . . Vice-President MARY LOUISE STOKES . . Secretary PHYLLIS GERALD . . Treasurer Founded 1893 56 Chapters FACULTY Lovaine Lewis SENIORS Betty Jane Kington Mary Kirk Snyder J UNIORS Geneva House Betty MacGregor Lois Ogden Betty Jane Pugh SOPHOMORES Nancy Elam Virginia Henderson Mary Emily Lawson ' PLEDGES Antoinette Hayes Mary Horan Patricia Lewis Jane Magruder Betty Matlock Alpha Xi Delta Anita Steele Mary Louise Stokes Jean Reynolds Frances Williams Marcia Willing Dixie Macklin Helen Rigg Dorothy McGuire Dorothy Robinson Peggy Robinson Jean Runyon Maureen Savage Margaret Stokes F 253 Lambda Alpha Chapter 254 First row Powell Avent Nickerson Newell McCown Bronston Second row Macon M. Brown Humble Burton Chaney Wlgglnton Third row Adams Cole R. Brown Russell LnBnch Whltfleld Beard Fourth row Board C. Conant Lyon Godnmn Ecklcs Carhartt: Harris Fifth rom Anderson Welsenbergcr Caudlll Hook McC1aren Bohannon Kopplus Sixth row E. Conant Klthcnrt Dunn Taylor Collins Weakley Weablxers Seventh row B. Simpson Hall Nichols Hearno Mylor Steele Flle Eighth row Daniel Sneed Page Hale Johnson I-Iunslnger Hardin 'ireaelisa ' Frances Beard Betty Bronston Margaret Brown Rosemary Brown Anna Ruth Burton Martha Chaney Martha Adams Betty Avent Mary Marrs Board Sarah Anderson Betty Bohannon jean A. Collins Edith Conant Nancy Dann Elizabeth File Alice A. Hale Mary Jo Hall OFFICERS BETTY AVENT . . President HELEN POWELL . . . Vice-President MARY ELDONE NICKERSON . . Secretary DOUGLAS McCowN, CAROLINE NEWELL Treasurer Chi Omega Founded 1895 95 Chapters SENIORS Agnes Eckles Ruth Harris Jane White Humble Mary LaBach Bobette Lyon Douglas McCown JUNIORS Corrine Carhartt Anna Louise Caudill Irene Cole Caroline Conant SOPHOMORES Margaret Hook Martha Koppius Louise Lowe PLEDGES Rachel Hardin Marjorie Hunsinger Esther Johnson Martha Kithcart Mary Beale Mylor Lelia Nichols Beth Page 255 - .55 .., ... .... .0 r n T "' I O xo U , . , ,' 1 . . 5. -..,' f' Betty Macon Mary Eldone Nickerson Helen Powell Evelyn Russell Frances Whitfield Elizabeth Wigginton Mamie Godman Hilda McClaran Caroline Newell Hazel Weakley Edith Weisenberger Mary Jane Ripey Betty Jean Simpson Harriet L. Sneed Mary Bewlay Steele Mary Mason Taylor Camilla Weathers "-, Ti " V v Delta Rho Chapter Established 1923 255 First row Ruth Palmore Howe Rose Evans Hall Second row Robertson Wyatt Robinson Fulcher Ralkc Ray Third row Wayne Phillips Herrington Francis Towncs Hall Conner Fourth row Wesley Hutchinson Drake Crutcher Cantrill Forman Johnson Fifth row Peery Fenhale Baskett Barnes Budde Ellis Auitin Sixth row Irvlnc Evans Thompson Warren Erskine Cutler Whitehouse Seventh row Meyer Land Terry Miller Lindsay Klnnaird White Eighth row Mayer Randall Scearcc Shropshire Schwartz Simpson Jones Delta Delta Lucille Evans Jessie Francis Mary Virginia Fulcher I-Ienryetta Hall Mary Herrington Sarah Anne Hall Patricia Hanauer Virginia Cantrill Beverly Connor Ann Crutcher Ann Austin Helen Barnes Virginia Basket Bette Budde Kathleen Budde Miriam Cutler Ann Ellis Margaret Erskine Dorothy Ann Evans Madge Irvine OFFICERS BETTY Rosa , . . OREL RUTH . . LIDA BELLE Hows . ELOISE PALMORE . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Founded 1888 88 Chapters FACULTY Dean Jane Haselden SENIORS Lida Belle Howe Elizabeth Jones Eloise Palmore Mary Laswell Ray Betty Anne Raike Lila June Robertson JUN1oRs Ann Land Betty Bow Miller SOPHOMORES Helen Drake Peggy Forman PLEDGES Billye Jean Jones Alice Kinnaird Jane Land Peggy Lindsay Lura Ann Mayer Lucy Meyer Evelyn Miller Dora Peery Charlotte Penhale Delta Connette Robinson Betty Rose Orel Ruth Rachel Townes Angeline Wyatt Roberta Phillips Treva Wayne Bryan Hutchison Julia Johnson Virginia Wesley Susan Randall Mary Scearce Marjorie Schwartz Nancy Shropshire Betty Simpson Charlotte Terry Betty Thompson Elsie Warren Wynette White Mary Jo Whitehouse 257 Alpha Theta Chapter Established 1923 258 First Vow Whccldon Jones Gubbnrd Sccnnd row Cnllis Viox Graves Logan Third row Lyttlc H028 Bondurant Noble Fourth, row Schocno Troutmnn Shely Bias Q Verna Latzke Margaret Callis Mary Agnes Gabbard J UN IORS Wilyah Graves Euneva Bias Hazel Bondurant Martha Hogg OFFICERS MARY AGNES GABBARD . . President JENE MORTON JONES . . Vice-President WILYAH GRAVES . . Secretary MARJORIE WHEELDON . . Treasurer Delta Zeta Founded 1902 52 Chapters FACULTY SENIORS Jene Jones Virginia Lake Thelma Logan PLEDGES Anne Howard Lyttle Elizabeth Noble Ida Schoene if". - 1 vi Q or 'r-5" Mildred Lewis Kathryn Wald Marjorie Wheeldon SOPHOMORES Ernestine Fish Juanita Shely Fanny Troutman Anne Viox 259 Epsilon Omega Chapter Established 1 910 260 First row Tnylor Dougherty Ewnn Randolph Bnilcy Bradford Second row Kendall Felton Roberts Hnrkcy L. Overstrect Prctton Third row Penn White Hatcher Mitchell Cullison Booher Fourth row Hnymnu A. Overstreet Mock Howard Rchfro Cntron Fifth row Hmnmons Rimmer Whaley Dnvls Johnson Tutt Sixth row Proctor Llebel Snundcrs Skaggs Slcdd Scott Seventh row O'Bmmoh Smedlcy Elscy Foley Bradford Young Ward Eighth row Buch Saunders Collins Mclntiro Hill Austin Longsworth jean Abel Adams Louise Bailey Marian Bradford Bernice Daugherty Louise Ewan Elinor Cullison Georgia Booher Martha Hayman Kathryn Catron Page Davis Wanda Austin Frances Bach Ruth Bradford Kitty Collins Carojean Elsey Jean Foley Margaret Jean Hammons Carolyn Hill OFFICERS Louisa EWAN . . President IOAN TAYLOR . . Vice-President MARJORIE RANDOLPH . . Secretary BERNICE DAUGHERTY . . Treasurer Kappa Delta Founded 1897 71 Chapters FACULTY Anita Gardner Helen King SENIORS Margaret Felton Mary Lou Harkey Allie Garnet Kendall Lillian Mitchell Lee Overstreet JUNIORS Helen Hatcher Bettye Howard Anne Overstreet SOPHOMORES Emily johnson Sara Lee Mock PLEDGES Fritzie Liebel Mary Longsworth Pauline McDonald Mary McIntyre Ellen O'Bannon Betty Proctor Pat Rimmer Hazel Nollau Louellen Penn Dorothy Preston Betty Wells Roberts Louise White Marjorie Randolph Frances Renfro Joan Taylor Nancy Jean Tutt- Jean Whaley Ann Saunders Mary Saunders , June Scott L Opal Skaggs Betty Jane Sledd Barbara Smedley Janice Ward Emily Young 261 ' 13 , V' WN 4., .. , 3?fff V ' ' np- 'wwf J QQ "' it ml: llvff Fl ffm f ,x"9 X ,rf V? 70 i . :Q , ff Beta Chi Chaptev Established 1910 262 First row Wilson Thomp: on Babbitt McMullen Chnpman Gregory Second row Bnynhnm Kogm' Fnrbnch Scott Rodos Allen 'I'll.ird row Edmonds Marstcllc-r Mnttox Pettit Gan' Gny Fourth. row Hawkins Moorhead Pvnk Huguclct Field Smith Milwnrd Fifth row Burrow Oldham Gooding Davis Dlckson Rice Mnson Sixth row S P Thornton Pnrkcx' McCauley Hcrshlcr Lyle Gaines Pvtvrs ,vcnth row Ross McKlnlny McConnell Allen Felts Jones Oflcnllnuser Kappa Kappa Gamma A l iv-5 : .zu c i1'4m.m--- . Mrs. Charles Kouns Lady Kathlyn Allen Helen Babbitt Lora Barrow Elizabeth G. Chapman Mary Ann Farbach Ethel Koger Patricia Doyle Sara Ewing Sara Frances Edmonds Jessica Gay Grizelda Allen Martha Key Cross Martha Davis Algernon Dixon Ann Carter Felts Frances Field Margie Freeman Catherine Gaines OFFICERS ANN FOREE MCMULLEN . Louisa WILSON . . . MARTHA GLOVER THOMPSON ELIZABETH GRIMES CHAPMAN . Treasurer . President Vice-President . Secretary Founded 1870 74 Chapters FACULTY Mrs. John Van Cleve SENIORS Jane Baynham Mary Garner Betty Gregory JUNIORS Carolyn Marsteller Janet Rodes SOPHOMORES Betty Garr Dawson Hawkins Mary Lyle Martha McCauley PLEDGES Sue Fan Gooding Laura Herschler Jacqueline I-Iugelet Laura Frances Jones Elizabeth Lewis Martha McKinlay Louise Milward Mary C. Mcorehead e"5 p. k N ,,,.., , .. Q .4 :H '.f"l" QQ. 'Q A -1 fs Q' gp Rebecca Van Meter Ann McMullen Shirley Mattox Martha G. Thompson Mary K. Scott Louise Wilson Betsy Brooks Woodford Mary Ellen McConnell Caroline Mason Anne Pettit Betsy Ross Olive Offenhauser Charlotte Oldham Roberta Parker Louise Peak Betty Peters Ann Wood Rice Beverly Smith Joanne Thornton 263 Alpha Chi Chapter Established 1924 264 First row Barxmrd L. Warner Vnughn Theillng Hicks Second row Krnyer Coleman Bennett Hnwk K. Orsburn Third row Lawrence Young B. Warner Stophex' Brown Fourtll, row Parthemore Horr Scherer Daley F. Orsburn Fifth row March Long Cotrcll Stnmper Wnllnce Zeta, Tau Alpha Alma Barnard Mary Elizabeth Bennett Mildred Coleman Letha Hicks Florence Brown Virginia Allen Maureen Arthur Patricia Cottrell Mary Helen Daley OFFICERS DOROTHY D. VAUGHN . President ALMA BARNARD . . . Vice-President THERESA THEILING . . Secretary LETHA Hlcxs . Treasurer Founded 1898 81 Chapters SENIORS Elaine Hawk Miriam Krayer Kathryn Orsburn JUNIORS Theresa Theiling SOPHOMORES Betty Warner Marjorie Wilson PLEDGES Mary Horr Luella Lawrence Virginia Long Elizabeth Scherer Dorothy Stopher Dorothy D. Vaughn Lavenia Warner Emily Young Elsie March Louise Orsburn Martha Parthemore Ann Wallace l 265 Omicron Chapter Established 1920 266 First row Gayle Porter Ison Pettus Rennker Johnstone Second row I-Iarney Kclls B. Price Wnters P. Clark G. Price Third row Crowley Schaffer Read Klbler Cnnde Hunt Fourth row J. Hill Leer E. Johnstone Allen Needham Overall Fifth row Yowcll Hatcher Lcdford Evans Thelss Burnett Sixth row Baird Roser Cvrny Bnkcr Young Weukley Seventh, row Tutc Mnrshnll Cleveland Powell England L. Hill Alpha Gamma Rho Dr. Fordyce Ely Dr. W. P. Garrigus Paul Clark Joe A. Gayle Glenn Harney L. B. Allen Nelson Cande James Crowley Johnson Hill Roy Hunt Ed Johnstone Robert Baird Fountain Baker Eugene Barnett David Cleveland Thomas Cobb Reid England Harold Evans OFFICERS Jon A GAYLE . . President JAMES H. ISON . . Vice-President ALFRED PE'r'rUs . Secretary JAMES A. PORTER . . Treasurer Founded 1908 31 Chapters FACULTY Dr. H. B. Price Dr. A. T. Ringrose SENIORS James H. Ison William Johnstone Don Kells J UNIORS Robert Kibler James M. Leer James A. Porter SOPHOMORES Robert Needham Irvine Overall PLEDGES John I. Gray Charles Hatcher Lester Hill Robert Johnson Kenneth Jones Bill Kash Clifford Ledford Paxton Marshall w QW J' g.L'l P 'lily . Dr. L. H. Townsend Prof. E. Wilford Bruce Price Bill Renaker Edmond Waters Glenn Price Porter Read Gerald Schaffer Yancey Owen Alfred Pettus Mitchell Yowell Elbert Powell Marion Roberts Fred Roser Fred Tate Chester Theiss Sam Weakley Kenneth Young 267 Sigma Chapter Established 1917 268 First row Dnniels Trosper Johnson Black Second row Frank Thomas Savage Corbin Third row Cox Rose Lnngstatf Roberts Fourth row Marcum Scott Dexter Metro Fifth row Naylor Knight Carter Storner Crory Alpha Sigma Phi Henri Beaumont Paul Floyd Frank John Bill Black Walter Clay Cox William Jean Daniels John Raymond Carter J im Corbin Founded 1845 45 Chapters FACULTY Major Carpenter Major Lyle Croft SENIORS Jack Ellsworth Thoman JUNIORS Paul James Savage SOPHOMORES William Baker Johnson PLEDGES Albert H. Frey Carl McKnight Woodrow Wilson Marcum Arthur Harlan Dexter Jr, Glenn Homer Meadows John Phillip Estey Pero Costa Metro Walter Harry Crory Jr. 5 David Young Orville Wendell Trosper Roger Elliot Sproles George Frederick Langstaff Donald Russell Rose William Virgil Naylor Hazen Stevens Roberts Edward Harold Scott John Frederick Storner Benjamin Harrison William s Jr OFFICERS JOHN BILL BLACK . . President WILLIAM J. DANIELS . . Vice-President WILLIAM B. JOHNSON . . Secretary ORVILLE W. TROSPER . Treasurer 269 M u, Iota Chapter Established 1909 270 First row Walsh Beard Phillis H. Ross Nollau Second rou' Wilmott Martin Dodson Johnson Bondnmnt Third row Irwin J. Ross Graham Rice Plugu. Fourth, T010 Pritchett Jenkins Kramer Thompson Wolfe I-Iooe Fifth row R. Eschborn J. Weaver Fr-user Thornton Rogers E. Eschborn Sixth. row Pennington Russell Smith Cheap W. Weaver Tussey A Alpha Tau L. J. Horlacher James May J. C. Bondurant George Dodson William Irwin James Johnson Jesse Beard Paul Cheap O. F. Curd Charles Eblen Earl Eschborn Bob Foote William Foote Fred Granneman Minor Hooe OFFICERS HASKELL Ross .... President ARTHUR WALSH . . Vice-President JESSE BEARD . . Secretary Pl-ui. P1-uLLIs .Treasurer A 1 'U 1 '1 Founded 1865 u . .vjgf , ' 98 Chapters 1 ' FACULTY L. E. Nollau Niel Plummer Bart Peak Karl Rapp SENIORS George Nollau Phil Phillis Robert Plaga J UNIORS Ralph Eschborn SOPHOMORES Bradford Pritchett Scott Rogers PLEDGES Bill Hurt Charles Kramer John Jenkins Charles Kuster John Owsley Sam Papania Milton Rice Haskell J. Ross Arthur Walsh Robert Willmott Jere Thornton Joe Ross Aubrey Rusesll John Smith Herbert Thompso Kermit Tussey Bill Weaver Bob Frank Pennington Jack Weaver Tommy Wolfe fl 271 Kentucky Chapter Established 1913 272 First row Bauer Bohnak Second row Hoskins Price McConnell Snowden Third row Henderson Day Schccr Mitchell Fourth row Inwnll Carroll Nolte Van Horn Fifth row Baldwin Manos Bowen Kirby A Capt. C. S. Johnson Al C. Bauer Karl Holland J oe Bohnak Leland Day Bill Carroll Paul Baldwin Fill Bowen Milton Fryer J im Hodskins OFFICERS AL BAUER ..... President KARL HOLLAND . . Vice-President JIM SNOWDEN . Secretary JOE BO!-INAK . Treasurer .Delta hi Founded 1890 51 Chapters FACULTY Dr. J. Huntley Dupre GRADUATES Dirk Verhagen SENIORS Nelson Hoskins Howard Price JUNIORS Carl Henderson Guy McConnell SOPHOMORES Paul Nolte PLEDGES Bill Imwall George Kietzman Pete Manos William Tollman Al Robins J im Snowden Maurice Mitchell Hubert Scheer M. D. Van Horn Charles Mansfield Spencer Moore Leland Smith Denny Yokum 273 Delta Epsilon Chapter Established 1924 274 First row Fowler Bowling Scott Second row Price Stevens Smith Campbell McComas Third row Catlvl Burton Roble Sawyer Jr. Myers Fourth row Fowler Elscy McA1ister Gudgcl Ammons Filth. row Hockuday Winifree Mrmey Davis Dixon Slrtlz row Pryor Hays Wright List Evans Delta. Tau Delta William Haag R. H. Hawkins James Thomas Bowling Earle Cabell Fowler Robert James Ammons Robert Burton John Cassner Harrison Dixon Early Vaughn Dulworth Edward Everett Elsey Jr. William Fulton Troy Adams Bennie Benton William Garth Campbell Mario Thomas Catini Robert Henry Davis John A. Evans William B. Fowler Edward Gudgel Donald Hays OFFICERS EARLE CABELL Fow1.ER . . President HUGH Moonl-IEAD . . Vice-President R DURHAM SHORT, JR. . Secretary ROBERTSON KAGIN . Treasurer Founded 1859 76 Chapters MEMBERS Edward Johnson SENIORS Robertson Kagin William H. Karraker Thomas H. McDonald J UNIORS George Givens Dixon Ben H. Johnson James Keneipp SOPHOMORES William Glass Edward Lander A. C. McFarlan PLEDGES William Hockaday Randall Hudson Edward Jones Louis William List Robert C. McAllister Jack D. McComas Charles T. Maney Preston Price Jack T. Pryor 275 V' 1 ' 4 Dean C. R. Melcher R. D. Miller George A. Scott Jr. Bernard George Stall III Walter Jessie McComas Arthur Howard Sawyer Jr. Robert Danham Short Jr. John McNeal Hugh Morehead John Carlisle Myers James Satterfield Carroll Robie Robert Scott William J. Smith Maurice W. Stevens John Sutterfleld William Todd John Trout Waltham Robert Winifree Harold Bell Wright Q ,4 nl ' I First row Cohen Goldberg Lowcnthnl Second row Miller Baker Freedman Third row Froct Paritz Churncy 4 Gamma Tau Harold Baker Paul Cohen Max Bookbinder Bennett Frokt Irving Baker Marvin Churney Established 193 7 SENIORS JUNIORS Herschel Lowelthal Jack Paritz SOPHOMORES Julius Goldberg PLEDGES Marvin Cohen OFFICER S HERSCHEL LOWENTHAL . . Pfesidenf PAUL COHEN . . . Vice-President SEYMOUR S. PUDDING . Secretary JULIUS GOLDBERG . . Treasurer 277 Alpha Harold Freedman Seymour Pudding Harry Miller Lawrence Schneider Marvin Meyers Russell Schwartz Theta Chapter Established 1893 278 First row Robertson Short Second row Ferris Bowne Ware Wooldridge Rose Mnssle Third row Spears Shnnklln Harris Kelley Lewis Woolcott Fourth row Karstrom Lee Jackson McCord Lowry Greenwcll Fifth row Daniel Squires Kelley Brown Blair Greddy Sixth row Freer Hunter des Cognets Dallavo Van Slyke Morris Seventh row Brown Myers Mahanes Floyd Ware Ynger x ., C. C. Carpenter G. D. Beach Edward Bowne Mead B. Ferris James W. Harris Richard Daniel J. Ross Hunter John T. Jackson III Andrew Broaddus G. Bedford Brown John Dallavo William Blair John Young Brown Russell Des Cognets James Floyd OFFICERS LLOYD P. ROBERTSON JR. . . President Buronn A. SHORT . . Vice-President JAMES H. M. WooLDR1DGE . . Secretary MEAD B. FERRIS . . Treasurer Kappa Alpha Founded 1865 67 Chapters FACULTY SENIORS Addison W. Lee III Winslow G. Lewis Loyd P. Robertson Jr. Earl B. Rose Shelby Shanklin JUNIORS Allen C. Karstrom John M. Kelly Ben Hugh Lowry David McCord SOPHOMORES William Dunlap Howard Freer David Mahanes Daniel P. Marshall PLEDGES Bartley A. Greenwell Henry Graddy james Morris William Simpson lm . . if-' I . 4" -'fl C' fl. Dean Graham Esten W. Spears Richard P. Stoll Richard Waller Ras Ware Buford A. Short Waller Squires James H. M. Wooldridge Robert W. Meyer Nelson Woolcott Joe McClure Kelly Glen Van Slyke F. Ford Waller L. Luke Ware Guy U. Yager 279 Beta Nu Chapter Established 190 1 280 First row Jones Buckley Kelley Hodges Jones Second row Hill Terrell Knaebel Shelley Baker Third row Sawin Combs Gard Clark Wilson Fourth row Lewis ' Goodloe White Lulgnrt Earle Fifth row Hill Siegel Phelps Nortker Travis Kappa Sigma 1552 YES' Founded 1869 iegigf' 110 Chapters swf FACULTY Dr. L. L. Dantzler Fred B. Hill Joe M. Hodges Percy Adair Jack Baker Charles Brauer Howard Clark Mason Combs Hugh Earle Bill Goodloe Jack Hill OFFICER S JOE M HODGES . . . . President RUSSEL JONES . . Vice-President WILFRED KELLEY . . Secretary JAMES J BUCKLEY . . Treasurer SENIORS P. M. Jones Bill Knaebel J UNIORS James J. Buckley Richard Gard Russell Jones SOPHOMORES Lewis Sawin PLEDGES Shin Houston Milton Lewis Jack Luigart Paul Nortker A 39!i'u 6' ggjl' in Q-'j4?.'e,ff':. 1 , nv ,uwsm Xi? Dr. W. D. Funkhouser George Shelley George Terrell Wilfred Kelley Alfred Nicholson Bill Wilson David Phelps David Siegel Roy Steinfort Russell Travis Russell White 281 Epsilon Phi Chapter Established 1930 282 First row Beadle Second row Calvert Keellng Landrum Third row Downs Minton Anderson Fourth. row Lobb Rogers Scranton Lambda Chi V Mr VV Frank T. McFarland Maurice E. Anderson Walton Landrum Howard Beadle Leon Calvert Harry Caudill OFFICERS HOWARD C. BEADLE . . President DAVID W. KEELING . Vice-President HAROLD ROGERS . . Secretary OSCAR T. DORTON . . Treasurer Founded 1909 107 Chapters FACULTY Lt. Gene Myers Wellington Patrick SENIORS Oscar T. Dorton David W. Keeling JUNIORS C. Robert Minton Garland Prater SOPHOMORES PLEDGES Robert Fuller Alpha William S Ward William C Lobb Harold Rogers Everett Scranton William Iohnson James Warren 283 Epsilon Chapter Established 190 1 284 First row Kinnnird Walker Moore Potts Allen H. Hlllenmeyer Second row Clay Hughes Marlowe Penick R. Hlllenmeyer Alverson Tlzzrd row Feumster Collins Thompson Coons Courtney Downs Fourth row Harris Floyd H. Taylor DeLong Wilson Francis Ftjth row Tuney D. Hlllenmeyer Hancock Rabold De Roode J. Taylor Sixth row Bilharz Sparrow Atchison Triplettz Meng Henton Brandenburg Seventh row Sebastian Yellman Clements Black Miller Roszell Wyatt Phi Delta George Ensminger Lynn Allen Sanford Alverson John B. Clay J. David Francis David Collins Roy Coons Robert Courtney Beattie M. DeLong Carroll W. Downs Riley Bennett James Pryor Hancock John G. Atchison' William Bilharz Steve Black John W. Brandenburg Phil Clements Mitchell S. Crain Louie Deroode Hampton Henton OFFICERS DAVID WALKER KINNAIRD . . President STANLEY MOORE . . . Vice-President THOMAS L. WALKER . Secretary JAMES IVAN POTTS . . Treasurer Founded 1848 106 Chapters FACULTY SENIORS John W. Gaines Ernest Hillenmeyer Wallace Hughes James R. Marlowe J UNIORS John H. Feamster William Floyd Arthur Francis Gus E. Hank William S. Harris Robert Hillenmeyer SOPHOMORES Donald Hillenmeyer J. William Mattingly PLEDGES Charles Lang William Mahan Charles Meng MacKenzie T. Miller Conrad Parrish Charles Puryear David Rabold Theta X fe IA 4 :-.l AY.,-1' 1" Qlglwi-Lal' '. - fu. 1 'fi ' ,' .' 1' P31 ' ' ' ' ,A M il .. 1 , ,fig liar .Inf ' Leroy Miles Stanley M. Moore William C. Penick Ivan Potts Waller R. Puryear David W. Kinnaird Harry Taylor Jack R. Thompson Jr Thomas L. Walker Atlee Wilson Charles Nuckols William Tuney Cal Roszell Don Sebastian Dillon Smith James Sparrow John Taylor William Triplett Sim Wyatt Scott Yellman 285 Kappa Chapter Established 1920 286 First row Evans David Kcllcr Morris Burgin Second row Lnll Theobald Gresham Eubanks Cnywood Third row Watts Green Emrich Waddell Doddridgc Fourth row Caywood Coe Parrish Simpson Amato Fifth, row King Underwood Kirchhoff Nicholas Voth Sixth. raw Mulloy Boles Robertson Jaegcrs Howcrton Spicer J ACK J OHN J ox-:N EARL J. F. Freeman Dr. Koppius Russel Gresham Jack Burgin Gus Green J im Caywood John David John Doddridge joseph Amato William Caywood George Coe James Harris J ack Howerton Elwood Jaegers OFFICERS BURGIN . President KELLER Vice-President DAVXD . . Secretary EVANS . Treasurer hi, Kappa Founded 1906 49 Chapters FACULTY Henry B. Moore SENIORS JUNIORS John Keller SOPHOMORES Claud Emrich Dick Eubanks PLEDGES Carl King Roy Kirchhoff Roger Mulloy Howard Nelson James Parrish Tau Roy Mooreland Maurice Seay . Douglas H. Morris Don Lail Harold Theobald Earl Evans Lloyd Waddell Harold Watts Elliott Peel J. S. Robertson Guy Simpson Foster Spence Kim Underwood John Voth 287 , -1. Lf..- , . ,........ Phi Deutevon Chapter Established 192 6 288 First row Adams Racke Conley Second row Jernigan Bennett Witten Third row Soaper Lathrcm Bewlcy Fourth row Moore Check Pumphrcy Phi Sigma Kappa -.-...W--:....-v I .f- --I---.1 ' .:?! f:.'!!f' t.. ..... .ul .-..--rl -. . -- rn.-.-J --. In uunu u nun u ' v un ---- n . -.--. -.H .U ...I nun.. -- - . I. nn u nun...--...U Dean Paul Boyd E. A. Bureau Pat Conley Jack Adams Chester Bennett Bill Bewley Bert Cheek OFFICERS PAT CONLEY . President STOY G WITTEN . Secretary CHARLES RACKE . Treasurer Founded 1873 54 Chapters FACULTY Robert A. Griffin Raymond H. Lickert GRADUATE Stoy G. Witten SOPI-IOMORES PLEDGES Jack Conner Rupert J ernigon Bill McDaniel L twain'-Q C' 1 ,rpg O' his rn 'IWW :Q nf." Edward Wiest J. D. Williams Charles Racke Ray Moore Ben Pumphrey J. W. Soaper Bill Thomas 289 Omega Chapter Established 190 1 290 First row Sanders Shy Barker Second row Buford Bruckert Haskell Third row Lewis Mulhollan Kenton Fourth row Welch Basshnm Taylor d Pi Dr. H. H. Downing Frank Bassham William L. Bruckart William Buford Charles Burton George Barker Sam Caldwell Tom Dulin Lowell Lepp OFFICERS FRANK M. SHY .... President B. PAUL HASKELL . Vice-President GEORGE E. BARKER . . Secretary J. ARTHUR SANDERS . . Treasurer Kappa Alpha Founded 1868 -89 Chapters FACULTY Dr. Driver SENIORS B. Paul Haskell Joseph Lewis John McKinstry Bernard 0'Nan SOPHOMORES Donald Bonta Paul Kenton PLEDGES Nick Nichols Seymour Rowland James Taylor 291 Dr. Haun Willard Overstreet John Ed Pearce Arthur Sanders Frank M. Shy Joe1VIulholland Luke Thurman Bill Walker Robert Welch Kentucky Epsilon Chapter Established 1900 292 First row Dudley E. Jones Osteen Johnson Grcnthouse Clarke Adams Powers Second row Bchlegel Darnell Alexander A. Hall Hughes J. Young Noland C. Wade Third row Sutherland Morehead Lnmason Calvert Shndwlck E. Penick O. Penlck Mnhurin Fourth row Ellis Ireland Kelly J. Hall Gilbert Eubnnk Evans Dyer Fifth row Webb Llkens Peak Vallandinghnm Trlplett Wharton Tabor Million Sixth row W. Young Campbell Blount Collins Ballou Baker Burnett, Arnspiger Seventh row Parrish M. Hall Wm. Young W. Wade Nevett Lovett Farmer Criscillls Eighth row Traylor Stough Wnchs Saunders Purser Perkins Vincent Gnbbert Sigma Alpha Epsilon lc N 1"' A ii 1 Q' ll. 'z' x ,V Az Thompson Bryant E. S. Good Ben T. Adams John H. Clarke Jr. Leonard Greathouse Gene R. Johnson Gayle Alexander Ward Darnell Floyd Guthrie Alexander Hall Lee Roy Hughes William D. Calvert George E. Dudley Ben Dyer Winfred Ellis Ben P. Eubank William S. Evans III Richard Arnspiger William Dudley Baker George W. Ballou Henry Clay Blount Henry Hayes Burnett Livingston Campbell Robert Collins Paul A. Criscillis OFFICERS JAMES R. POWERS . . President JAMES R. MASTERSON . Vice-President GEORGE DUDLEY . . . Secretary JOHN H. CLARKE . . Treasurer Founded 1856 113 Chapters FACULTY C. C. Jett Paul McBrayer Joe Rupert SENIORS Ellis F. Jones Wesley J . Mastin Rex H. Osteen Robert Perry J UNIORS Ben Lamason Stuart Mahurin James R. Masterson Charles H. Michler Robert K. Montgomery SOPHOMORES George F. Gilbert Joe Hall Jack Ireland George E. Kelly Harold Likens Glenn W. Million PLEDGES Ralph Farmer William R. Gabbert Marion F. Hall Matt Lair Wells Lovett Richard Nevett James L. Parrish, Eugene Perkins E Grady Sellards Job Turner James R. Powers George W. Schlegel Charles J. Wade James L. Young Clarence Morehead Terry Noland Everett S. Penick Othor R Shadwick Willis Sutherland Bart N. Peak Jr. Jack Tabor Carl Vallandingham Richard S. Webb III William P. Wharton Willis R. Young Willard J. Purser James H. Saunders Tom Stough Robert Traylor Jesse Vincent Fred B. Wachs William A. Wade William H. Young 293 Lambda Lambda Chapter Established 1893 294 First row Williams Gunn Morrow Edwards Boston Second row Schubert Gerrlsh C. Trapp Montondo P. Combs Third row Neal Cnntrlll McGuire K. Combs Warren Fourth. row Barnes Brumbach Bryant Ayres Rouse Fifth, row York Walker Stanton Riley Merwin D. Trapp Sixth. row Westlake Turrell Nolan Sullivan Raymond Thornbury Major Brannon Bill Boston Paul Combs William Gunn Ray Burnette George Edwards C. Gilmer Combs Dick Gerrish Dick Ayres C. Edwin Barnes Bob Brumbach Bill Bryant Campbell Cantrill Judge Caywood Robert Grogan OFFICERS SQUIRE WILLIAMS . . . Consul BILL GUNN . . . Pro-Consul GEORGE EDWARDS . Annotator SAM MoRRow . Quaestor Sigma Chi Founded 1855 98 Chapters FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. Cheek SENIORS Hal Hackett Douglas Montondo Paul Rehm JUNIORS Sam Morrow Gale Neal SOPHOMORES Phil McGuire PLEDGES Spencer Merwin Edwin Noland Morty Raymond C. A. Riley Owen Rouse Bill Spears Joseph Staunton o,.Q.,.! ,, ,il P'-A .i , 'ff E-I.. ri Prof. West Squire Williams James W. Wine Tom Zinn Dick Schubert Claude Trapp Spencer Merwin Everett Warren Ben Sullivan John Thornbury David Trapp Dick Turrell George Walker Edwin Westlake Doug York 295 Gamma Iota Chapter Established 1902 296 First row Ward Hale Adams Second row Hope Klger Pickens Ellis Griffin Galloway Third row B. Barlow Lindsay Scott Thomas Wm. Barlow Bach Fourtll row Ames Booth Bowling Holomnn Warwick Blanton Fifth row Brown Haddon Howell Wilson Hnrbougll Ehmct Sixth row Anderson Laille Petro Johnson Powell Collier Seventh row Konopka Owcn Clarke Wilkinson Ruby Berry 493 Amos H. Eblen Bill Adams William Ames Jim Brown Marion Berry Dale Booth Jim Collier Bill Barlow Bill Blanton Marvin Akers Winston Anderson Byron Bach William B. Barlow Bill Bowling Melvin Brewer Moffet Clarke Joe Ehmet Tom Ellis Sigma Founded 1869 97 Chapters FACULTY A. D. Kirwan SENIORS Earl Hadden Jim Howell J UNIORS Frank Hale Hiram Johnson SOPHOMORES Bill Harbough PLEDGES Frank Etscorn Don Galloway Sam Griffin John Holeman Jesse Hope John Kiger George Kinnaird John Lanier "Dook"Laslie C. W. Maloney 'N OFFICERS WINFIELD W. WARD . . . President HIRAM J. JOHNSON . . Vice-President WILLIAM B. ADAMS . Secretary FRANK B. HALE . . Treasurer I--..--... X fm if . A' 55 X33 A. R. C. Sander Edward Konopka Hugh Owen Gus Petro Walter Ruby Winfield Ward Edgar Wilson Harold Lindsay George Warwick Gene Meeks Bill Mitchell Malcolm Pickens William Powell Brom Ridley John Scott Paul Thomas C. B. Woods G. N. Wilkinson I Kentucky Alpha Chapter Established 1933 298 First row McClellan Second row Huddle Gnthof Flowers Maynor Third row Boyer Lindner Velton Campbell Fourth row Eckhart Jetta Abell Pember Fiftlz row Martin Alcken Redmon Slsco Sigma Phi Epsilon Jack S. Gathof Harley Huddle Jack E. Aicken Winston Blythe William E. Boyer T. J. Martin J im Ed Abell Edward Countzselor OFFICERS JOHN S. MCCLELLAN . . President WILLIAM B. SISCO . . Vice-President T J MARTIN . . Secretary J E AICKEN . Treasurer Founded 1901 70 Chapters FACULTY R. E. Shaver SENIORS Dudley Flowers JUNIORS Nathaniel Campbell Francis E. Eckhart SOPHOMORES PLEDGES Douglas Delano Hart Hagan Shelby Jett s -X, Xv Iki l xggwi ir: a' -1.-gs "1 i N,..,.xlg, ,E ' ' ff 5: lWg ,if 1 wi in-7:'f 'nijivfl William B. Sisco John Velton John S. McLellan Hal W. Maynor Ray W. Pember Bronston Redmon Charles Jones Dorsey Lindner 299 Kentucky Chapter Established 1920 300 First T010 Nltschke Second row Spare Sabo Stewart Rouse Lowry Third row Schick Brown Smith Ashurst C. L. Combs Fourth, row Mundrane Hinton McBeath Martin McK1tr1ck Fifth row Morris Calvert H111 Chrlsmzm Chambers Sixth row T. Combs McDaniel Schneider Lane Davis A E. A. Bureau A. L. Chambers C. S. Crouse R. C. Ashurst C. C. Brown C. L. Combs Clyde S. Calvert A. L. Chambers Jr. Clyde B. Hill J . S. Hinton A. L. Chrisman Shelby Bowman T. S. Combs A. L. Davis OFFICERS J D NITZSCHKE . . President D M SABO . . Vice-President W B LOWRY . . Secretary T V Rousa . . Treasurer Triangle Founded 1907 17 Chapters FACULTY E. B. Farris J. H. Graham SENIORS J. D. Nitzschke T. V. Rouse JUNIORS W. B. Lowry O. G. McBeath R. D. McKitrick SOPHOMORES PLEDGES P. N. Foley J. E. Johnston E. E. Lane 301 if 1:1 We-Vff . - 15.5 ,v , sw ' ,. 7 ' .. L. E. Nollau S. T. Saunier D. V. Terrell D. M. Sabo A. J . Spare T. M. Stewart C. R. Martin C. P. Mundrane W. W. Schick C. G. Smith Jack Morris P. B. McDaniel R. G. Schneider R. G. Sullivan Learning to write all ovor again. v. P' f' af, 2 , , . . SP' ' i ws I .ff pill. You're just getting started, brothcr. "Shc's got n nice personality too," Jay Rhodcmcycr tells Delt Elliott Peel. Emma Bell Porter, Dlck Fisher, and B. L. Kessinger discuss that old problem of "What shall I take? SEPTEMBER School began again . . . a deluge of unhappy freshmen, knowing sophomores, blase juniors, and superior seniors flooded the campus . . . trunks, bags, furniture, people, hugs, and greetings ganged up the driveways to Patt Hall . . . freshmen were put through a bewildering series of placement tests . . . they spent long hours in the dispensary being stuck with needles . . . Y. W. C. A. sponsored a week of orientation for them . . . freshman mixer . . . loyalty circle . . . parties . . . new blue skull caps . . . boys swarmed over the lobby of Patt Hall to look over the new crop . . . then came regis- tration . . . tiring . . . but sort of exciting . . . six hundred new students rode into the firing line of eighteen fraternities and nine sororities . . . some were caught . . . some escaped . . . to make decisions hard- er, a new sorority joined the ranks . . . A. D. Pi . . . bull sessions started . . . student body moved to Louisville to see Wildcats trounce V. P. I. . . . quote freshmen, "There's nothing like college" . . unquote . . . they hadn't seen anything yet . . Relaxation to syncopation. Dorls Enlow shows her milking skill at the Full Festival. Phi Dvlts, runners-up to SAE's in intrnnuxrnl football, grin OCTOBER Air grew crisper . . . leaves started to fall . . . activities were organized with a little high-pressure salesmanship . . . weary line-ups in the basement of McVey Hall heralded the taking of KYIAN pictures . . . politics reared its ugly head again in the semi- annual struggle of the Independents and Constitutional- ists . . . they broke even this time in the election of freshmen representatives to the legislature . . . "The Philadelphia Story" opened at Guignol . . . enjoyed huge success . . . college jitterbugs swung out for Jimmy Lunceford at the Bluegrass Ball . . . first con- vocation . . . SGA constitutional revision plans were begun . . . President Donovan was introduced to the student body at a huge reception in the S. U. B. . . . full of dignitaries . . . Baptist students went en masse to state B. S. U. convention . . . amidst an atmosphere of "Auld Lang Syne", fraternity competition, and general celebration, Homecoming was ushered in . . . Golden Jubilee of football . . . clever frat and sorority displays . . . Z. T. A.'s and S. P. E.'s won SuKy cups for the best ones . . . bonfire . . . pep rally . . . Vandy won . . . seniors strutted into the Registrar's Office to make application for degrees . . . intramural football brought grunts, groans, bruises, limps . . . Blythc, Vnn Hoy, Witt, and Blanton "Keep it flying." f0l' Lllt' CtllllCl'X'tlTAX1Il. ,,iw'!"' i A high 1, l gf!!! Q 77 'ni The stand for victory. school nmjorottv twirls for the football fnns on high school dny. vi' pg- ., ,ull V 'few 'af . P g . tl im-., V. , . , , .1 , , n U ' sf ' . ' fins l ' '-n...., . . The "Best Band in Dixie" goes to Alnbumn NOVEMBER Began to look and feel like winter . . . Aggies frolicked, contested, and exhibited at their annual celebration, Fall Festival . . . girls took a fling and boys got punished when the Union held a Dogpatch Cbackwardj Sweater Session . . . the girls had fun anyway . . . Leighton Noble made our toes tingle at the ODK Formal, benefit the Fieldhouse Fund . . . mid-semester tests made us go into seclusion and burn the oil for awhile . . . concert stage celebrity James Melton was honored by a Delt Reception, along with Governor and Mrs. Keen Johnson . . . birds blitzkreiged the campus, much to the dis- comfiture and embarrassment of many unwary students . . . "What the Hell Generation" was discussed by the Kernel and the generation itself . . . Thanksgiving . . . turkey dinners . . . but only Thursday off . . . P. R.'s splurged on the annual P. R. Ball and announced Tri Delt Julia Johnson sponsor . . . K. D. Betty Wells Roberts appeared over a national hook-up on the Fred Allen show . . . Guignol scored another hit with "Ladies in Retirement" . . . SuKy sponsored a "Maul the Vols" campaign . . . but the Vols did the mauling, amidst rain, severe cold, and sleet at that . . . Ken- tuckian sales campaign was held . . . record breaking . . . beauties paraded in Memorial Hall . . . Sue Fan was presented as queen of them all at the annual Kentuckian Ball . . . and we came up with two "Most Popular Men" . . . Col Sander enjoys n smoke during e tense moment of the Tennessee game. James Melton and Governor Johnson ure entertained by Delt Earle Fowlel 5 pl ft. . .,.. ,- Betty ,is ffiif Lawler, Nlckey Mander, Betty McClnnnlmn, and Wtmdn McCullcy, A. D. Pl's, ln n game of bowling DECEMBER Shops downtown displayed Christmas gifts and decora- tions that made our empty purses seem even emptier . . . organizations planned innumerable Christmas parties . . . an atmosphere of celebration filled the air . . . then . . . Pearl Harbor . . . and WAR . . . first, we were surprised and shocked . . . then our surprise turned to anger and a sense of grim foreboding . . . groups of students congregated in the Grill and Book Store . . . but the happy laughter was gone . . . boys by the dozens left school to join the armed forces it wasn't so terribly long before affairs settled in their settled grooves again . . . but it wasn't quite the same . . . sorority pledges were presented with pomp to all other sorority girls at the annual Panhellenic Banquet . . . campus sing helped us along with a spirit of Christmas . . . Independent Girls and Delts won . . . administration announced that degrees would be granted seniors who were called to service a few weeks before their graduation . . . basktball started out with a bang that never let down . . . Shakertown Swing was held in the Union . . . music by Dave Mahanes . . . Willie Snow Ethridge addressed convocation . . . and was the sole topic of conversation for quite a while . . . Christ- mas parties and Christmas parties . . . presents and presents . . . dorm girls gave a party for underprivi- leged children of Lexington . . . S. G. A. anounced disorder and inefficiency existed in the men's dorms . . . Red Cross and civilian defense called girls into action . . . Deke Mofifitt played for the Christmas Formal .. . homecalled . . .bycar. . . bytrain . . . by bus . . . or by thumb . . . a tidal wave of outgoing students hit the highways . . . and the campus stood empty and quiet . . . Kenny Bruce. plow to William Houson, and Marlon Sncll classes through the Ilret snow. W Q51 ,.cl,. , l,,, South in the snow. The glrls turn about and do the cutting with K. D. Cnrojean Elsey winning out here with Dclt Ben Johnson. Icy blasts hlt the Engineering Quadrangle. ...E 52 .,-l .Rs P. R.'s Moore and Bruce get spring fever early. Intramural supporters find plenty of power in that left hook. JANUARY A consistent month . . . always begins the same . . . with New Year's Eve . . . and the next morning . . . came back to zero weather . . . and SNOW . . . which brought whoops of joy to Florida students . . . but moans from the Kentuckians . . . Paschal succeeded Donnelly in the military department . . . the army kept on taking our boys . . . and the ratio between girls and boys began to look bad for the girls . . . plans were set in motion to adopt the quarter system . . . Lamp and Cross flung a Gay Nineties' Ball in the Union . . . oh, the costumes! . . . basketball . . . and more basketball . . . we were aroused out of our customary apathy . . . because it was good . . . in fact, we went wild and packed the gymn . . . Union gave a cadet hop . . . efforts were made to obtain credit for draftees . . . Grill had a formal night opening . . . exams drew near . . . sort of pulled down our morale . . . we studied . . . or at least we made the attempt . . . weary, dragged out students plodded to the "quizzes" . . . the latter is a mild term . . . cokes and coffee . . . late hours . ..busy typewriters . . . and flying pencils . . . although some were painfully still . . . some of us made good grades . . . some of us didn't . . . finally no more exams . . . and the weight of the world was gone from our shoulders . . . for another semester . . . 547-2 Y Loopstcrs get vocal support from cheerleader Betsy Lou Blevins. Tri Delt Kathleen Budde, Chl O Edith Conant, and Alphagam Virginia Walker and Jean Phipps look over the boys at a "backward" sweater swing. Intramural boxing gets tougher and tougher. wr- are The Chandlers go to the Georgia Tech loop game . . . He has a reason for being "Happy" at the reception afterwards FEBRUARY Still definitely winter . . . cold . . . and wet . . . and many's the time we sat in class with :soggy feet . . . registration again . . . this time in the Student Union Building . . . classification confused us in the gym as or usual . . . we started out the'semester with all sorts of good resolutions . . . Bill Cross played for the Defense Prom . . . "Old Acquaintanceu opened at Guignol . . . . tl State legislators had their fling the week-end they saw the Georgia Tech game . . . which we won . . . and frolicked at a reception afterwards . . . Co-eds acted as hostesses . . . Kadets gave a tea dance for military men . . . "--" Week . . . fraternity pledges were put through it . . . sorority pledges did a good bit of spring house cleaning . . . Valentine's Day . . . flowers and candy . . . a deluge of it . . . more rush- ing . . . started our second semester course in "Grill- ology' . . . we beat Tennessee . . . in basketball . . . lessons really started to pile up . . . what did we say about good resolutions? . . . U. K. co-cds do their bit to welcome state officials to the campus. Governor Johnson beams at Legislators' Reception. I I . A. T. O. George Nollnu. Kappa Sara Ewing. Chl O Caroline Ben Dyci'---ivory-beater' for Dave Mahanes' Band- Conant, and Phi Dclt Ivan.Potts "Keep 'em smiling" plays "The Shrine of St. Cecelia." M the Millbllfy BHU- L' 11? Q, L, 'f A' X " W M QW bn.,- Betsy Lou Blevins, Charles Howard, and Kenny Bruce play a hand of brldgc. Jay Wilson relaxes from his arduous Kernel advertising duties. An ideal athletic couplcYClark Wood and Tri Delt Llda Belle Howe. , ,. .--.-.,. .,.. ,,.,... ,-,. Au Mmm' MARCH Weather was even worse than usual . . . we had wind added on to all the rest . . . war was brought home to us when we sighted Dr. Plummer riding to school on a bike every morning . . . spring seemed awfully far off . . . Greeks announced new officers . . . Vocational Guidance meetings were held in all campus corners . . . Wildcats did us proud by Winning the Southeastern Conference Championship in basketball . . . campus went en masse to Louisville to view the spectable . . . and then they were bid to the N. C. A. A. Tourney . . . Spring Formal brought out our fancy dresses . . . even if it was cold and rainy we had Sonny Dunham . . . who was really in the groove . . . female contingent of the campus flooded the stores downtown . . . you see Easter was approaching . . . Ft. Knox soldiers, thirty or forty of them, started their week-end trips to the campus . . . much to the joy of the girls . . . Guignol again with "Ah Wilderness" this time. An., N-1-m-w-nm--.tlwn hr-tween class ruSh. 1 ' ' . One would never guess from, this V Spring in front of Putt Hall. Convocation? Better try the Grill. that the Weatherspoons are sister and brother APRIL April Fool's Day . . . Easter vacation and Easter . only a week-end off but we made good use of it . . . and the campus took another of its periodic emptiyngs spring style show in the Union . . . weather satisfied us at last . . . things started growing and we got the fever , . . "The Man Who Came To Dinner" at Guignol . . . then came the Junior-Senior Prom with Charlie Barnet . . . ballroom was packed . . . underclassmen had spent hours tracking down bids . . . jitterbugs were in their glory . . . slower dancers sat and watched . . . and looked sort of wistful . . . cotton clothes appeared . . . and Keeneland drew its share of cam- pusites . . . and their money too . . . P. R.'s drilled hours on the green . . . and won their 12th national victory . . . military parades burst forth in all their pomp . . . annual Women's Banquet was held in the ballroom . . . better than usual . . . and many girls took on happy smiles that are still there . . . exams were just around the corner . . . library was packed . . . which was an unusual sight . . . Patt Hall visitor shows surprise, disgust., or what have you at the hall'sinmates. Doris Chrlsman or Daisy Mae? Chi O Caroline Newnll and Kappa. Sig Russell Jones amble to classes after 11 sojourn in the Grill "Home was never like this", says John Taylor tl if ' -N W gn. A ,QQL-A Suky's May Day Queens glow for the Lexington crowds. Z. T. A. girls try for May Dny award MAY Warm, lazy days . . . flowers and leaves . . . couples lounging on the grass . . . that was May . . . there was and Derby Day and empty purses . . . and the pomp the ceremony of the presidential inauguration . . . trips to Boonesboro . . . and then Lances' and SuKy's May Festival . . . with booths . . . street dancing . . . typewriters still clanged at a terrific pace . . . but there were sunbaths and softball games . . . military parades became quite common . . . Field Night and army in- spection made an impressive and beautiful sight . . . then the final studying spurt . . . seniors started to look sort and and and bye of wistful . . . Baccalaureate rolled around . . . Graduation on Stoll Field . . . long rows of caps gowns . . . diplomas . . . congratulations . . . then the campus emptied again . . . 'twas "Good- now" . . . Barbara Rehm enjoys ra, swim at the Alpha Gam camp P111 Tau John Keller upholds the honor of C. P' T. And leaves the band for the intricacies of n sun bath Martha Cockrcll, Zeta. Flo Brown, and Doris Chrlsman exhibit Flo's panda to Putt Hall habltues. U- K.'S P. R.'s drill for their 12th national victory. mai-N 'al Q. 5' .nr-,Q .1 . 'Q . -- . f I X Top, revolving clockwise-The men in the iron masks . . . Ellen Jane Purcell .. . K. A. Ed Bowne. . .Zeta Dorothy Vaughn . . . Z. T. A.'s Vaughn, Orsburn, and Hicks . . . Sports hero Ermal Allen . . . Pearl Marie Schilling , . . Gene Bryant, Ed Bowne, Don Brown, and Blll Burk at R. O. T. C. Camp . . . Schlegel and the team . . . Sam Neely and Convocation in the Grin . . . S. A. E. Johnson, Trl Delt ShrolJshire, and Sigma Chi Cantrlll . . 1 Marion Beushauser and Alma Tarking- ton . . . Mary Blair and Zeta Luelln. Lawrence . . . Alpha. Sig Rose, and A. D. Pl's Curllss and Earnest, . . . 1 l I 1 was . Nxvza-f Ralph Eschborn, A. T. O .... A. D. P1's Margaret Hatcher and Betztye Mc- Clanahan . . . Betsey Lou Blevins and A1 ha Xi Jac ueline Gevedon D p q . . .A. . Pl's Virginia Breeding and Norma Rose ,VJ Top revolving clockwise U K Band nt Georgia Tech game Elliot Peel and Chi O Edith Co nnnt at the WSSF Style Show The rifle team . . . Dclt Elliott with Eple Hughes . . . A sweater swing . . . Bacteriology lnb : : : SuKy at a Pep Rally . . . Card Section at the Vnndy game . . . Sergeant Hoy and the rifle team examining the scores . . . Stu- dents of Commerce-Mulmnes, Housen, and Webb . . . Marian Clark and Joe Fnmulnro . . . Fall Festival . . . Student pep- ster-Vlrglnio Hendricks. ,X f' egg! 1 J 'lah IX Vx ,X LL fcQX i 'T 35'-1' m U li 1. NNKx' ., ., - ' ' wxnx '-p ' s -uw 'mx , x X'?.Qj in - 'Q-X '-.-fan 9,95 , 2' -5 2-" Agriculture Council . . . A. I. E. E. ........ . Alpha Chi Sigma . . . Alpha Delta Pi ....... Alpha Gamma Delta . . . Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Sigma Phi . . . Alpha Tau Omega .... Alpha Xi Delta .... Alpha Zeta ....... Alma Magna Mater . . . A. S. C. E. ...... . A. S. M. E. . . Athletics ..... Baseball ............. Basketball .............. . . . Freshman Basketball .. Fencing ............... Football ............. Freshman Football . . . Golf ............... Intramurals . . . K-Club ..... Kirwan . . . Rupert . . . Rupp .... Shively .... Swimming . . Tennis .... Track ..... Aviation Club ....... Baptist Student Union Beauty Queens ...... Austin ...... Gooding . . . Hall ..... Palmore .... Rehm ............ Beta Gamma Sigma .... Block and Bridle ............. Board of Student Publications Board of Trustees ......... Chi Omega ..... Choristers . . . Index 248, 250, 266, 268, 270, 252, Page 207 208 121 249 251 267 269 271 253 122 209 210 211 145-174 161, 162 155-160 ... 160 165 147-154 154 167 170-172 173 147 163 155 146 166 168-169 163-164 222 212 235-240 254, 238 236 237 240 239 125 124 194 17 255 190 Page Classes .................. . . . 25-115 Agriculture Seniors ....... . . 25-38 Arts and Sciences Seniors .. .. 39-53 Commerce Seniors ...... 54-60 Education Seniors . . . . . 61-68 Engineering Seniors . . . .. 69-75 Law Seniors ............ . . 76-77 Agriculture Juniors ........ . . 78-84 Arts and Sciences juniors .... .. 85-94 Commerce Juniors ........ . . 95-98 Education Juniors ...... 99-102 Engineering Juniors .. 103-104 Law Juniors ........ .... 1 05 Sophomores . . . 106-110 Freshmen . . . 111-115 Concert Band . . . . . 187 Cwens ....... .. 126 Dairy Club ... .. 213 Deans .... . . 18-19 ' Boyd .. 19 Cooper .... . . . 19 Evans ....... . . . 19 Funkhouser . . . . . . 19 Graham ..... .... 1 9 Haselden . . . . . 18 Hill ..... . . . 18 Holmes 18 jones . . . , . 18 Taylor... .....19 Wiest ....... Delta Chi ....... Delta Delta Delta . . . Delta Tau Delta . . . Delta Zeta ........ Donovan, President . . . Dutch Lunch Club . . . Fall Festival .... Foreword .... 4-H Club ....... Freshman Club ..... Gamma Tau Alpha .... Home Economics Club . . . Housemothers ........ 19 272,273 256, 257 274, 275 258, 259 . . . . . 7 .. 230 .. 123 . . 5 ... 214 229 276, 277 .... 215 . . 245 Index Page In Memoriam .......... ...... 4 Interfraternity Council . . . 247 Johnson, Gov. Keen . . . . . 17 Junior-Senior Fellowship Group . .. .... . 227 Kappa Alpha ........ 278, 279 Kappa Delta ......... 260, 261 Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . . . . 262, 263 Kappa Sigma ........ 280, 281 Kentuckian ........ 195-198 Kentucky Engineer . . . . . . 202 Kentucky Kernel . . . 199-201 Keys ............ . . . 127 Lambda Chi Alpha . . . 282, 283 Lamp and Cross . . . 128,129 Lances ........... . . . 130 Law journal ...... . . 203 Little Symphony . . . . . 191 Marching Band . . . . . 186 McDowell House . . . . . . 216 Men's Glee Club ...,. . . . 188 Military Department ..... . . . 176-184 Companies A, B, C .... . 179 Companies E, F, G .. 180 Companies I, L. K . . . 181 Donnelly ....... . . 176 Faculty Staff . . . . . 177 Paschal ........ . . 176 Pershing Rifles . . . . . 183 Regimental Staff and Color Guard . .. . . 178 Scabbard and Blade . . 184 Mortar Board .......... .... 1 31 Most Popular Men ...... . 241 Music Department .... . . . 185-192 Newman Club .......... .... 2 18 Norwood Mining Society . . . . . . . Officials ............. Chamberlain Clifton Morrow Peak 219 20 Page Omicron Delta Kappa . . . 132 Pan-Hellenic Council . . . 246 Phi Alpha Theta ..... .. 133 Phi Beta ....... . . . 134 Phi Delta Phi ..... . . . 135 Phi Delta Theta . . . 284, 285 Phi Kappa Tau . . . 286, 287 Phi Mu Alpha .... . . . 192 Phi Sigma Kappa . . . 288, 289 Phi Upsilon Omicron . . . 136 Pi Kappa Alpha .... 290, 291 Pitkin Club ....... 231 Professors Are People .... 21 Publications ....... 193-203 Scenes ....... .. 10-13 Shelby House ..... . .. 220 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 292, 293 Sigma Chi ........... . . . 294-295 Sigma Phi Epsilon ...... . . . 298,299 Sigma Gamma Epsilon .... ....... 1 37 Sigma Nu .............. . . . 296, 297 Sigma Pi Sigma ........ ..... 1 38 Sophomore Commission .. 228 Student Legislature . . . . . 119 Student Union Board . .. 120 Suky ............... .. 221 Table of Contents . . . . . . - 9 Tau Beta Pi ....... -- 139 Tau Sigma ....... Theta Sigma Phi . .. 217 140 Triangle ....... . . . 300, 301 Troupers .. ----- 223 W. A. A. ......... . . 224 Who's Who ....... -- 141 Williams, President . . . - - - 6 Women's Glee Club .. .. 189 YMCA Senior Cabinet . . 225 YWCA Senior Cabinet Zeta Tau Alpha . . . ....226 264, 265 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Inks, BRADEN SUTPHIN COMPANY Cleveland, Ohio Engraving, REPRO ENGRAVING COMPANY Cincinnati, Ohio Portraits and Commercial Prints, LAEAYETTE STUDIO Lexington, Kentucky Paper, CHAMPION PAPER AND FIBRE COMPANY Hamilton, Ohio Old Prints, PROF. L. E. NOLLAU and PROP EZRA GILLIS Lexington, Kentucky Printing, KENTUCKY KERNEL Lexington, Kentucky Covers and Binding, KINGSPORT Kingsport, Tennessee PRESS Autographs Autographs Autographs

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