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a m lUII ' •■■IB IIUI ■ r -- v_y V. r K K. n r y - n u Ihe fhene, Avenues of Beauty, symbolizes that indelible beauty created by a uniform receding into tbe distance ... it provides a medium to suggest the beauty of the University and the Bluegrass ... it sen es abstractly to alta a retrospective glance. V fditor, Sid Bucliley Business lllgr, James (Juisenberry liirty-fline Dean Graham Risifiy to nem heights the architectural designs of the campus portray the progress of the engineers in building a greater University of Kentucky. AssT. Dean Freeman fach brick reflects an advancement in construction ... is a symbol of tbe intensive efforts of tbe College of fngineering. r- - n - y v_y K Doctor fiOK L IflcVfy President of ttie University lUtiose guiding hand has pointed the may for 22 years to greater Univer- sity achievements. He leads the parade of University progress - ' „, - ' ' « «;? ' I . IHf f06lflfffiS CRffllE fid flvfoot 10 iHfifi sflncTom rBSBtMnaasx utiuiim m IHfy DUPUCfllE lifCEDIflG flRCHUjflys 10 iHf STUDtni union tsmtusmaam .COM I, HOT oiiy, fis m siootoi m iHf oesMTOfiy msiimmi! yiimKHitsss!iimtwiSBii»astmm mmmaima MwmwMiiinuw.tiMmwMimii BawM tr wMa K BafeaMMsgiWMiflatmw Dfly, ooT niBHi, Hf IS founo w m mem Room ! !Sp a Hf PEepgyflLiy toes- .•■ ' fyirfi s ' . ' j ' j ' wonom fl flVfnyE Of Bffluiy . ' .•«lV ?3X VSVViC»U . - N O - -y - 1 V-y n FRANCES WOOD LOIS KING LEIGH BROWN MILDRED CROFT Cr ' « »v JUDGES IN THE KENTUCKIAN BEAUTY QUEEN CONTEST Miss Chloe Gifford Col. Howard Donnelly Mr. Willis C. Tucker ; MILDRED CROFT Queen Delta Delta Delta r m JEANNE BARKER First Attendant Alpha Gamma Delta RAMONA PERKINS Second Attendant Kappa Delta VIRGINIA SMITH Third Attendant Kappa Kappa Gamma ¥ ' -: % 1 w jjsawa.Hf ■ ' aEjffjjBi y,! f DOROTHY BOND Fourth Attendant Kappa Delta HERBERT HILLENMEYER Most Popular Man Phi Delta Theta Winners And Honorable Mention In Kentuckian Snapshot Contest Conducted By The University Of Kentucky Camera Club Among The Better Snaps 1938 May Day Festivities T THE UNIVERSITY BIRTH OF A COLLEGE MAN The frrst step typical freshman Jim Johnson takes on arriving at the University is to hurl himself into the teeming Alumni Gym- nasium, where he signs registration blanks, designates which college he wishes to enter. Occurring usually during the warm- est period of Kentucky ' s sizzling September, the task proves a hot, sticky ordeal. In an effort to combat the weather, Jim con- sumes endless bottles of Coca-Cola, sold by penny-wise members of Cwens, sophomore women ' s honorary. Little does he realize that his next registration will require him to stand outside the gym for hours on a chilly February morning. Jim ' s more im- mediate concern is thought of classification which college veterans tell him necessitates hours of standing in line, arguing with pro- fessors, rearranging his class schedule to suit them, finding that " no Saturday classes " is just a pipe dream. For identification purposes, new students are photographed convict style. Jim receives some consolation from the fact that his name, rather than a penitentiary number, appears on the card during the sitting. Chances are the picture did not flatter him. Farther down the line, Jim pauses at a table, where he pays ' $55 tuition, receives an Athletic Association ticket-book which will admit him to all the University sports events. Later on he is docked 35c for a Freshman cap, to be worn until the night be- fore the Homecoming football game. The next gauntlet to be run is the strenuous Fraternity Rush Week. At this time the Greeks give parties, try to im- press prosperous-looking first year men. Jim IS " taking the button, " the collegiate term for being pledged. After going through " Hell Week " in March, he becomes an active member and may wear the pin. His next goal is to " pin " his best girl a campus custom which gives him an ex- clusive right to date her. Some students regard pinning as a virtual engagement. LIFE BEGINS FOR THE CO-ED tKOr ' -T 9 y-yaw " ' a --- ssigned to each room are two girls. This system enables Dorothy and her sister co-eds to develop their personalities, learn he fundamentals of " give and take. " " Hall " girls seldom go ;arlv to bed. frequently stay up all hours of the night studying ior quizzes, playing bridge, engaging in " bull sessions. " )uring her first weeks at U. K., Dorothy learns the fine art f balancing tea cups. Sorority rush parties and teas at Maxwell rlace afford numerous occasions for practice. Here is acquired e ability to converse in delicate, tea-time fashion. 4 Freshman Co-ed Dorothy Bond, pictured on the cover arriv- ing from home with Jim Johnson, is shewn above getting her first glimpse of " Patt " Hall, her home for the year just ahead. Freshmen girls are required to live at Patterson Hall, a women ' s dormitory, for at least one year after entering the University, Later, if they wish, they may move into various sorority or room- ing houses. Some upperclassmen prefer to stay on in the dormi- tories, because they like their nearness to the classroom buildings, become attached to the " dorm " atmosphere. For these. Boyd Hall was provided. Construction recently was begun on a third dormitory which will house the ever increasing feminine popula- tion who must now seek residence in nearby " town " houses. Other upperclassmen live in sorority houses, prefer a brisk walk to an " eight o ' clock " and a " not so rigid " enforcement of the rule re- quiring male visitors to leave girls ' houses at the sound of the bell. t the Hall Dorothy is required to sign out " on leaving for town, the library r to go on a date. She must be in by 0:30 on week nights, 11:15 on week-ends. During sorority ' Hell Weeks, " pledges are required to do house-work, press ac- tives ' clothes. Above Dorothy is shown mopping the porch of the KD house. In March the sororities hold initiation, a proud moment for the new " sisters " after their six-months ' apprenticeship. Dorothy is caught admiring her brand-new pin. HE DRESSES HE IS DRESSED HE PHONES HER T Night life at the University centers mainly around the formals, held annually at the rate of almost one per week from early December until April. Given by the fraternities and sororities, and such organizations as the Kentuckian, Scabbard and Blade and the Junior Class, the dances take place in the Ballroom of the University ' s quarter-million dollar Student Union Building. The occasions call for formal dress, and students welcome the opportunities to show off new tailcoats and evening dresses. The pictures above depict the rather elaborate preparations of a typical couple in preparing to attend one of the year ' s outstanding formals. The boy, Herb Hillenmeyer, who is captain of the swimming team, was voted Most Popular Man by HERB AND LEIGH CAUGHT the student body. The girl, Leigh Brown, was selected as Beauty Queen at last year ' s Kentuckian Ball. Before going to the dance. Herb and Leigh stop at the Canary Cottage, a favorite down-town rendezvous of collegians. Hero, through a haze of cigarette smoke, they watch their close friends come in, greet them with an invitation to sit down, share the latest gossip. SHE IS DRESSED SHE DRESSES Lift Other ph3SeS of night life, important but less spectacular than the formals are the all-campus dances, and visits to various popular hangouts, commonly known as " making the rounds. " Campus dances feature informal dress and low ad- mission charges, are characterized by a large quantity of " jitterbugging. " Student orchestras usually play for these dances, which occur most often during the early fall. Friday night invariably calls for a jaunt out into the country to Benton ' s or Castle Heights, the two most popular out-of-town taverns. There students spend their time sipping beer and relaxing after a hard week of study or the avoidance thereof, as the case may IN ACTION AT THE DANCE - some dance with their dates to the music of nickleodeons, into which they pour an endless stream of nickles and dimes. The records of Artie Shaw are played most often, his band being the current favorite of U. S. collegians. The Paddock, a restaurant done in the race-horse motif, is one of several favored after-dance rendevous. Here are Herb and Leigh in the said place ordering a midnight snack, a custom indespensible to college-folk. Sandwiches, hamburgers and waffles are the most common choices of food. Milk also is in high esteem. tM i?»SJ? STUDENTS ARE DOING THIS . . OR THIS m £ WHE WHEN THEY SHOULD BE DOING THIS! TYPICAL EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITY IS WORK IN RADIO STUDIO HEAD ANNOUNCER VOGELER SIGNALS " TEN SECONDS ... " iniOGRAMWMCtdR THORNTON OPERATOR STRATTON WATCH FO GEOLOGIST YOUNG READS SCRIPT WHILE SWEENEY AND VOGELER WAIT FOR CUES M ' KENNA SINGS A MEXICAN BALLAD ACCOMPANIED BY STUDIO BAND ONE OF UNIVERSITY ' S LISTENING CENTERS PREPARES FOR RADIO EDUCATION THE SERIOUS SIDE OF STUDENT LIFE I AN is not play for students at U. K. Classwork manages to occupy a major portion of collegians ' time, " snap " sched- ules being few and far between. Above is pictured a large class in Heredity, taught by Dr. W. D. Funkhouser, one of the more popular professors on the campus. Classes last 50 minutes, attendance is compulsory. Most are divided into three unofficial sections: 1) the front rows, consisting of bright scholars out to impress their teachers, 2) the middle rows, comprising the average, easy-going, garden variety of collegian. 3) the back rows, employed mainly as impromptu dormi- tories by drowsy students. The latter division is seldom out for good grades, seldom gets them. Much of students ' time is occupied by laboratory work, learning to apply the principals learned in the classroom. Here, future journalists are typing out news stories for next day ' s assignments. Occasionally a student finds a workable machine. Chemistry ranhs among the most difficult of courses offered at the Uni- versity. Many hours each day are spent among the test tubes and Bun- sen burners, many efficient chemises are produced. Students wear lab aprons as shown in the above cut. The engineering school boasts en- tirely new buildings, an abundance of equipment, laboratory space. Here is shown a class hard at work learning the intricacies of mechanical drawing. Engineers are known by the rest of the student body as " the slide rule boys. " n COLLtet llESUfllf nCLUDES N§v imOMSOfSOCeLDfVEOPlOT flUDLflSTllGfRfllDSHPSfOfilDl ffl ' flSSOCflTtSnMGfi££lilRLD...llllfS THIlTlilLLIlOTfflDtflLOIlGTHtflVWOf Lff • n r U V- n L u wF y4_.- C! • OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF WOMEN a Delta Ihela (5 Beta 26 CHAPTERS =: OFFICERS SARAH RENAKER PEGGY PAYNE LUCY BACK ANNE PHILLIPS SENIORS Lucy Back Nancy Belle Davis Sarah Renaker JUNIOR SOPHOMORE Anne Phillips Janette Renaker PLEDGES Mary Elizabeth Barnes Edith Bush Marguerite Ford Eleanor Fox Marjorie Griffin Mildred Griffin Stanley Hazelwood Daisy Higgins O. E. Jansen Martha Rose Leet Jane Le Vesque Audrey Reiss Louise Ostrander President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Peggy Payne Catherine Sheehan Mary Sheehan Betty Stewart Doris Taylor Audrey Reiss Alpha Delta Theta, national social sorority, was founded in 1919 at Transyl- vania College. Beta chapter was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1922. The sorority colors are Turquoise, Blue. Silver, and Scarlet; the flower is the Sweet Pea; and the publication is " The Portals. " 45 • (llplia Gamma Delta 47 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY Sally Pence Marie Barkley OFFICERS JEANNE BARKER President MARY ELLEN FERGUSON Vice-President ANNETTE KLINGHOLZ Secretary MARTHA MOORE Treasurer Molly Acree Ann Chambers Lillian Berry Clark Ellen Coyte Elizabeth Crain Jeanne Barker Mary Bryson Lucille Bertram Billie Dyer Ruth Hodson Dorothy Ammons Betty Artz Ruth Bennett Louise Brightwell Elizabeth Bottorff Jeanne Bowne Anne Bringardner Elizabeth Butler Harriet Canary Margaret Clark SENIORS Mary Ellen Ferguson Alice Ford Jane Lewis Bettye Murphy Nancy Orrell Martha Moore JUNIORS Betty Burgin Mildred Kash Martha Mitchell SOPHOMORES Annette Klingholz Betty Mitchell PLEDGES Alice Codell June Crain Carolyn Cramer Jo Carroll Dudley Effie Kimbal June Mehne Bonnie Middleton Nancye Mohney Marjorie Moran Ruth Clay Palmer Elizabeth Damaby Jane Potter Martha Riley Barbara Shipp Mary Ann Stilz Dorothy Wolfe ' Maxine Maiden Fannie Belle Pirkey Mary D. Porter Aimee Murray Marjory Shrock Jane Elgin Dudley Loretta Funk Ann Hatter Mary Saunders Betty Sexton Margory Thomas Ellen Vaughn Florence von Sydow Lysbeth Wallace Leona Robertson I • Alpha Gamma Delta, national social sorority, was founded at Syracuse University in 1904. The Epsilon chapter was founded on the University of Kentucky campus in 1909. The flowers are Red and Buff roses; the colors are Red, Buff, and Green; and the national publication is the " Alpha Gam- ma Delta Quarterly. " I 46 Epsilon Acree E. Grain Coyte Barker Chambers Orrell Stilz Shipp Potter Moore Murphy Lewis Riley Bryson. Kash Clark M. Mitchell Ferguson Burgin Porter Dyer Shrock Maiden Wolfe Bowne B. Mitchell Palmer Hodson Dudley Pirkey Bringardner Mohney Klingholz Cramer Canary Bertram Darnaby Bottorff Ammons Wallace .1. Crain Mehne Artz Saunders Mlddleton ford Moran Von Sydow Funk Thomas Bennett Vaughn Butler Kimbal 47 fllplia l Delta 57 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY Margaret Tuttle OFFICERS MARGARET STEWART President RUTH KATZENBERGER Vice-President ALICE WOOD BAILEY Secretary EMILY CLAY Treasurer Ellen Elaine Allison Alice Wood Bailey Eva Richmond Clay SENIORS Florence Elizabeth Greene Ruth Claire Katzenberger Jean McElroy Sue D. Sparks Margaret Stewart Ann Eizabeth Wyatt Emily Clay Marjorie Carolyn Doyle JUNIORS Nathalie Roberta Dye Evelyn Rice Ewan Edith May Giltner Lovaine Carol Lewis Nancy Lipscomb Welcii Lannie Graham Anne Louise Johnson SOPHOMORES Betty Jean Lee Helen Eileen Long Mary Katherine Luigart PLEDGES Mary Kirkwood Snyder Dorothy Sutherland Mary Ann Blevins Elsie Rose Buten Mary Clarke Carmen Betty Jane Chapman Georgia Wright Daniel Jane Farmer Carol Harl Llewellyn Holmes Jean Lawson Annetta Jane Mason Jane Elizabeth Merton Alice Frances McGauhey Betty McGregor Alice Louise Smith Ann Graham Spicer Mary Louise Stokes Virginia Phelps Umstead • Alpha Xi Delta, national social sorority, was founded at Lombard College in 1893. Xi chapter was installed on the University of Kentucky campus in 1908. The sorority colors are Double Blue and Gold; the flower is the Pink Rose; and the publication is the " Alpha Xi Delta Journal. " 48 Xi Katzenberger Stewart Bailey Wyatt E. R. Clay E. G. Clay Sparks Allison Smith Dye McElroy Ewan Greene Spicer Welch McGregor Doyle Lewis Johnson Long Harl Holmes Snyder Blevins Buten Chapman Graham Lawson Giltner Merton Mason Carmen Stokes Sutherland Luigart Daniel Lee Parmer 49 Chi Omega • 93 CHAPTERS OFFICERS LILA TITSWORTH President BETSY ALLEN Vice-President ANN FILE Secretary GLENDA BURTON Treasurer SENIORS Betsy Allen Molly Day Levianna Miller Martha Ammernian Harriet Estes Ida Jean Phillips Alice Blanton Joyce Hicks Ruth Richmond Glenda Burton Nancy Ann Jackson Mary Ellen Saunders Katherine Crouse Mary Elizabeth Koppius Mary Jane Smith Jane Crump Nancy McKee Lila Titsworth JUNIORS Lucy Anderson Mary Ellen DeMaro Susan Jackson Didi C astle Ann File Mary Stuart Pile Elizabeth Cruise Clara Belle Haley Chick Young Jane Day Jean Jackson Do Ann Young SOPHOMORES Betty Bronston Frances Hannah Billy Jackson Helen Burks Natalie Henton Cicely McMurtry Ann Harding Davis Edna Hill Mary Frances Parker Lida Garred Taylor Bess Rollins PLEDGES Margaret Brown Ann Ward Harris Mary Eldone Nickerson Rose Mary Brown Jane White Humble Mary Mitchell Rees Alene Calvert Nan Kirby Martha Jane Sandifer Caroline Conant Mary La Bach Geneva Sego Maryt onant Dorothy Lair Virginia Watson Eleanor Edwards Martha Lair Mary Louise Weisenberger Naomi Estill Jane La Fetra Lyl Warwick Elizabeth Furr Doris McCowan Elizabeth Wiggington Mary Ann Gott Lillian Moss Mary Margaret Van Arsdell Chi Omega, national social sorority, was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1895. The Lambda Lambda chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1914. The flower is the White Carnation; the colors are Cardinal and Straw; and the national publication is the " Eleusis of Chi Omega. " SO Lambda Lambda Saunders Burton Titsworth Grouse Smith Hicks McKee Allen N. Jackson File Koppius Crump M. Day Phillips Richmond Miller Estes Cruise S. Jackson Castle Marty deMaro J. Day C. Young J. Jackson Rush Pile Bronston Anderson Davis Harrison Garred Burks McDowell Henton Hannah Haley B. Jackson Sandifer Edwards Humble Kirby Warwick Nickerson Weisenburger Watson Estill D. Lair Gott Calvert McCowan Furr M. Lair Moss Harris LaBach M. Brown M. Conant LaFetra Wiggington Tuttle VanArsdell R. Brown Rees C. Conant Sego 51 • Delta Delta Delta 88 CHAPTERS OFFICERS DOROTHY HILLENMEYER President EUDORA VANCE Vice-President MARY KATHERINE BOLAND Secretary MARY LEE HOPE Treasurer Eileene Baker Betty Bakhaus Mary K. Boland Mildred Croft Ann Gwyn Charleene Davidson SENIORS Dorothy Love Elliott Mary Lee Hope June Lassing Mary E. Conley Jane Evans Dorothy Joy Lewis Margaret Anne Rhodes Susan Smith Ruth Stewart Eudora Vance Alice Redding Frances Woods Sara Biggs Betsy Covington Vie Crutcher Betty Elliott Dorothy Hillenmeyer JUNIORS Lucy Cottrell Martha Hume Virginia Eversole Mattie Enfied Montgomery Florane Justice Estalene Lewis Fay McCarthy Peggy Weakley Lois Sullivan Betty Denny Dorothy Colliver Jean Elliott Anne Myers SOPHOMORES Louise Nisbet Anne Lee Stoll Laura Walton Charlotte Stagg Kathryn Byrd Roszell Jane Thompson Sue Basket Jean Douglas Glen Edwards Jessie Francis Mary Virginia Fulcher Mary Carolyn Gregory Patsy Hanauer PLEDGES Ann Harpring Jean Harpring Emily McNab Betty Bow Miller Lida Belle Howe Kathryn Owen Mary Agnes Penney Marcia Randall Sheila Robertson Mary Lyne Robinson Betty Rose Mary Dee Rowland Ruth Sanger Harriet Woods • Delta Delta Delta, national social sorority, was founded at Boston University in 1888. Delta Rho chapter was installed on the campus in 1923. The flower is the Pansy; the colors are Silver. Gold, and Blue; the national publication is " The Trident. " 52 Delta eiio Weakley Hillenmeyer Davidson Boland Hope Bakhaiis Lassing E ' er5ole Covington Rhodes D. Elliott Lewis Gwyn Biggs B. Elliott Douglas Crutcher Baker Justice Stewart J, Elliott Harpring Evans CoUiver Walton Francis Thompson Howe Woods Gregory Scott Montgomery Robinson Rose Fulcher Sullivan Randall Rowland Nisbet Hanauer McCarthy Penney Robertson Owen McNab Sanger Basket Miller 53 • Delta Zeta 58 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY Mildred Lewis Verna Latzke Helen Fry Jessie Wilson OFFICERS FLORINE HURT President WINIFRED JAYNE Vice-President HAZEL HARMON Secretary VIRGINIA ROBERSON Treasurer Hazel Harmon Dixie Hellmers Florine Hurt SENIORS Winifred Jayne Margaret Massie Charlotte Percival Virginia Roberson Mary M. Smith Mary F. Holliday JUNIORS Nancy Noble Virginia Rich Frances Britton Catherine Collins SOPHOMORES Edith McKinney Mary E. Phillips Patricia Stem Evelyn Warren Menelle Beuther Mary Bouden PLEDGES Catherine Durham Mary Agnes Gabbard Virginia Lake Jean Tye Verna Mae Meader • Delta Zeta, national social sorority, was founded at Miami University in 1902. The sorority colors are Old Rose and Vieux Green: the jewel is the Diamond: and the national publication is the " Lamp. " 54 • Kappa Delta 68 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY Anita Gardner Willie Hughes Adams OFFICERS JEAN ABEL President BETTY PHELPS Vice-President CORDELIA FORREST Secretary HARRIET HENDERSHOT Treasurer Jean Abel Virginia Batterton Mary Jane Braly Natalie Corbin Katherine Dawson Mary Frances Bradley Virginia Chase Catherine Crawford Cordelia Forrest Mariam Gardhouse Adele Ball Helen Horacher Carol Keeton Martha Ann Archer Pauline Bailor Louise Bailey Bernice Barr Dorothy Bond Nancy Brown Mary Rose Crook Susan Darnell Bernice Dougherty SENIORS Ada Dougherty Marie Eba Virginia Fowler Lulu Gardhouse Ruth Johnston Mary Byrd Kendall JUNIORS Jean Hubbard Harriet Hendershot Mary Margaret Johnson Mary Lou McFarland Barbara MacVey Jean Ann Overstreet SOPHOMORES Allie Garnet Kendall Ann McDuffie PLEDGES May Christian Dedman Mary Ellen Evans Louise Ewan Elizabeth Fishback Mary Margaret Gentry Ella Given Wilma Gorman Peggy Ingels Betty Longsworth Lillian Mitchell Elizabeth Ligon Jane Mitchell Erni Sahli Dorothy Woolcott Frances Young Virginia Pettus Betty Phelps Elizabeth Rand Sara Ransdell James Charlotte Sanders Avis Norman Geraldine Stapleton Margie Williams Juanita Northcutt Lee Overstreet Ramona Perkins Polly Pollitt Helen Ransdell Sue Ransdell Betty Wells Roberts Ann Valentine Sybil Wimmer • Kappa Delta, national social sorority, was founded at the Virginia State Teachers College in 1897. The Epsilon Omega chapter was installed on the Kentucky cam- p us in 1910. The sorority colors are Olive Green and White; the flower is the White Rose; and the national publication is " The Angelos. ' 56 Sanders Phelps Hubbard S. L. Ransdell M. Gardhouse Rand J. Overstreet Johnson Bradley Ball McFarland MacVey Crawford Forrest Horlacher A. Kendall Perkins McDuffie Pettus Chase Hendershot L. Overstreet Ewan Point Evans Williams Stapleton Keeton S. M. Ransdell Daugherty Darnell Crook Roberts Gorman Fishback Given Wimmer Bailor Ingels Dedman H. Ransdell Bailey Valentine Barr Brown Archer L. Mitchell Longsworth Bond j W 57 • liappa Kappa Gamma W m 73 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY Sarah Blanding Mary King Montgomery Mrs. John Van Cleve OFFICERS DOROTHY BABBITT President MARY LOUISE NAIVE Corresponding Secretary PATTIE FIELD VAN METER .... Recording Secretary DOROTHY CLEMENTS Treasurer SENIORS Virginia Alsop Mary Daingerfield Mary Louise Naive Dorothy Babbit Gladys Dimock Ann Otter Ann Bishop Sarah Gaitskill Pattie Field Van Meter Martha Chauvet Agnes Gilbert Ruth Ware Susan Clay Mary Morton Kirkpatrick Lillian Gaines Webb Dorothy Clements Mary E. Mills Genevieve Montgomery JUNIORS Mildred Bryan Mary Henderson Josephine Thompson Laurie Cannon Sarah E. McLean Emmy Lou Turck Lucy Elliott Mary Gore Rodes Mimi Wiedeman Mary Ellen Simmons SOPHOMORES Leigh Brown Bee Ficklen Betty Smith Mary Duncan Patricia Hamilton Virginia Smith Nancy Duncan Laura Lyons Peg Tallman Mary Ellen Mendenhall PLEDGES Deedie Allen Bennie Ree Crabb Natalie Patton Helen Babbitt Phoebe Dann Margaret Purdom Lora Barrow Mary Ann DeLong Margaretta Ratliff Jane Baynham Mary Stuart Fishback Martha Jane Rich Eleanor Cannon Margaret Huey Clara Taylor Spencer Margaret Cantrill Adelaide Klock Margaret Trent Jane Cherry Ish McKay Mary Allen Wombwell Patricia Parker • " U-- " 1 J3f w m m s Bogxm y Miiip mss .- ' r: -- ' ■- . - 1 mSky- ' itt -Of « .? Wti J ! - iia K Kappa Kappa Gamma, national social sorority, was founded at Monmouth College in 1870. The Beta Chi chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1910. The colors are the Blue of the Sky and the Blue of the Sea: the flower of Fleur de Lis; the jewel is the Sapphire; and the publication is the " Key. " 58 Beta Chi Clements Ware D. Babbitt Alsop Kirkpatrick Mills VanMeier Trent Otter Chauvet GaUskill Dimock Montgomery Clay Naive M. Duncan Webb Rodes McLean Simmons Thompson Mendenhall Bryan Henderson Tallman Elliott V. Smith Ratliff B. Smith Purdom Hamilton Lyons Brown Barrow Cantrill Huev Gilbert Rich Ficklen Wombwell Crabb Parker Cherry Allen H. Babbitt DeLong Patton Klock Baynham McKay Dann I f M ' v v % •1 »4i . „ 3 ' n ® on-.-. 59 ' U 5?- Ttj fe : ' L ' : ' n2[f • ' ;l ' !i! iiy fii5?i 76 CHAPTERS rtiljj. ' iK; ' H:i2rS !;i«lHSUi;M:;Hk;i::} " Hli5!»5??«ri innui?tni;!;{-» lR:: Barbee McGuire Kruse Shepard Richie Rankin Waters Taylor Becker Benelli Creecli Parks Barnard Fislier Dale OFFICERS LOUISE SHEPARD . . . . ESTHER RANKIN HATTIE RICHIE MARGARET BECKER President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer JUNIORS Esther Montgomery Hattie Richie SOPHOMORES Margaret Becker Fannie Benelli Barbara Dennis Sara Kathryn Fisher Lyda Palmer SENIORS Kay Kruse Frances Utley Esther Rankin Louise Shepard Ella Waters PLEDGES Iva Barbee Alma Barnard Elizabeth Creech Mary A. McGuire Frances Dale Betty Pepiot Kay Taylor Ruth Russell Jo Wills Ann Parks Zeta Tau Alpha, national social sorori- ty, was founded at the Virginia State Nor- mal College in 1898. The Alpha Chi chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1924. The sorority colors are Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray; the flower is the White Violet; and the national publication is the " Themis. " - 60 n to • OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF MEN • • lilplia Gamma Rho 32 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. S. Anderson J. Holmes Martin H. B. Price E. J. Kinney S. E. Wrather A. T. Ringrose J. O. Barkman Fordyce Ely E. J. Wilford OFFICERS JAMES QUISENBERRY President WILLIAM McCONNELL Vice-President FRANK CLARK Secretary ROBERT BOOTON Treasurer SENIORS Wendell Binkley Warren Holt Campbell Miller Sidney DeLong William McConnell Bourke Mantle O. D. Hawkins James Quisenberry Lyle Harmon R. W. Rudd W. C. Blakeman Robert Booton Louis Clarkson Frank Clark John Clore JUNIORS Bcrl Fowler Franklin Frazier John Gay George Gibson SOPHOMORES Frank Cox Paul Hanna Harold Simpson Arthur Harney William Smoot S. J. Stokes, Jr. Thomas Haynes Benjamin Butler Nelscn Cande Paul Clark Edward Hanna Glen Harney Ernest Harris Tom Pettus 4 air. f PLEDGES Robert Price Bruce Price William Renaker Clarence Rouse Thomas Spickard James Sutherland Warren Thompson Porter Read Edmond Waters William Johnstone Sam Coppock C. A. Berry, Jr. • Alpha Gamma Rho, national social fraternity, was founded at Indianapolis in 1908. The fraternity colors are Green and Gold; the flower is the Pink Rose; and the publication is the " Sickle and Sheaf. " mm 62 Onicron Binkley Quisenberry Clarkson Miller Hawkins Fowler P. Hanna Gibson Harmon McConnell DeLong Mantle Sutherland F. Clark Frazier f r yA Simpson Cox Booton B. Price Smoot 19 C O ! -ai -»» «b ' !r isr • «« k. ilik iAlNH A E. Hanna Butler R. Price P. Clark Stokes 1 Renaker Rudd G. Harney Pettus Harned | 55! -ST ' . .f «fe. " Haynes Coppock Holt Read Clore A. Harney Cande Thompson Lickert Harris 0 ■ y » . - il . :it_ S. Wzrl ,jj r - ■■-■ ' ) V ' t.-i«? c. ' : 63 • Alpha Siyma Plii 28 CHAPTERS Lysle Croft MEMBERS IN FACULTY Lester O ' Bannon L. C. Robinson David Young OFFICERS COLEMAN SATTERFIELD . President WILLIAM HUND Vice-President THOMAS REES Treasurer WALTER HOLLISTER Secretary Coleman Satterfield William Hund Thomas Rees SENIORS Godfrey Hunter Raymond Schlachter Walter Hollister Raymond St. John Tapp Corbin William Merton Oscar Corbin JUNIORS Sam Cannon Robert Harness Paul Frank John Dooley Gerald Fifield Irvin Safriet SOPHOMORES Mark Cochrane PLEDGES Kenneth Morgan James Curry Hiram Johnson Alfred Hood Charles Hood Dwight Hopper Jack Henning Raymond Guy J. W. Smith I • Alpha Sigma Phi, national social frater- nity, was founded at Yale University in 1845: and the Sigma chapter was founded on the University of Kentucky campus in 1917. The fraternity colors are Cardinal and Stone; the Cardinal Rose is the flower; and the publication is the " Tomahawk. " 64 Sigma Schlachter r. Corbin O. Corbin St. John art Q :ott; f «i t«;::n n:;:;n t;tfnirji:{;;. 65 liiiiilit !li«lliiJ5iL SSssJ I m ' ' « j M 5 a3%5 : • lilplia lau Omega 96 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. J. Horlacher J. W. May Watson Armstrong Nei! Plummer L. E. NoUeau F. A. Hughes Bart Peak K. M. Merriwether OFFICERS JOE R. JOHNSON, JR President ROY E. TOOMS, JR Vice-President SIDNEY BUCKLEY Secretary CARDEN MEERS Treasurer Joe Johnson, Jr. Sidney Buckley John R. Clark William Elder Fred B. Fischer Merle Fowler Phil Angelucci Armand Angelucci George Booher SENIORS Dave Lewis Carden Meers Elmer Mullen Elliott Garrison Carroll S. Rankin JUNIORS Joe Creason John Keller Elmond Martin Harold Redd Arthur B. Rouse Cliff Shaw Paul Slaton Roy E. Tooms Jesse Willmott Charles Moler Robert Nickerson Roy Williams Kyle Leonard SOPHOMORES James Scott Malcolm Alfrey Doug Blair Lowell Collings Jack Cook Edward Davis George Dodson William Fuller PLEDGES David Graham Philip Jenkins James Johnson James Lail Lewis Niceley George Nollau Clayton Robinson Haskell Ross William Scherer Charlie Smith James Stapp Roger Thornton Robert Willmott Phillip Phillis • Alpha Tau Omega, national social frater- nity, was founded at Richmond, Va., in 1865. The Mu Iota chapter was installed on the University campus in 1909. The flower is the White Tea Rose, the colors. Azure and Gold; and the publication, " The Palm. " 66 Ulu Iota Tooms J. R. Johnson Buckley Shaw- Lewis Meers Fowler Rankin Mullen J. Willmott Nickerson Booher Clark Leonard Martin Redd Rapp Williams Garrison Keller Graham Cook Collings Elder J. Johnson Niceley Lail Alfrey Ross Blair Thornton Robinson Smith NoUau Dodson Phillis Puller Scherer Davis R. Willmott «« % 2k :- .V tyff ' - m " " m X ■42 .A s,. ■-i ■Ste s o w 67 Delta Chi 35 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY Alfred Brauer William Tolman OFFICERS ANTHONY J. DUBAN President JAMES F. DOWNING Vice-President ROY McBRAYER Secretary JOHN W. KERR Treasurer SENIORS Jarres Downing John C. Bode Frank J. Kees Edward Bittenbender Roy McBrayer JUNIORS Charles Aitkins Anthony J. Duban SOPHOMORES Sinclair L. Raynor Harold C. Schuyler John W. Kerr Anthony J. Frezza, Jr. E. Alan Robins David Gilmore Thomas Hiestand Clarence Mobly Sylvester Nash. Jr. Alex Parda PLEDGES James Staley Charles Stidham Paul Shields James Snowden Ralph Jackowski Dick Sievwright Paul Pendergrass Al C. Wasser Edward Fritz Howard Hook • Delta Chi. national social fraternity, was founded at Cornell University, October 13, 1890; and the Kentucky chapter was in- stalled on the campus September 13, 1913. The fraternity flower is the White Carna- tion; the colors are Red and Buff; and the publication is the " Delta Chi Quarterly. " 68 Kentucl y;;:fi, Duban McBraver Schuyler Downing Kerr Bode Kees Robins Raynor AitkJns Snow den Gilmore Faulkner Hook Pendergrass Hiestand Stidham Mobly Stale y SdtssS ms M Mj ' ■ ■ -h ' £L •OSJC 69 • Delta lau Delta 76 CHAPTERS R. D. Hawkins R. D. Miller MEMBERS IN FACULTY Edward Johnson Paul Averitt Carroll Weisiger Dean C. R. Melcher James Shropshire OFFICERS E, H. MUEHSLER President ORVILLE PATTON Vice-President THOMAS BOWLING Secretary CLAYTON L. BULLOCK Treasurer SENIORS Orville Patton E. C. Wooton Roy Batterton J. B. Faulconer E. H. Muehsler Arthur Bryson F. F. Davis Charles Parrish Stanley Hays Jamie Thompson Louis Haynes Steve Featherston JUNIORS William L. Tudor William W. Hopewell Thomas Bowling J. D. Davis Jerome Day Jack Mylor Elbert Cooper Clayton Bullock John Meredith Glenn Stanford Carl Combs William Bryson Emory Horn Fount Crow Thomas Heavrin William Lucas Samuel Robinson William Ryan Clarence Murphy Robert Thomas Kenneth Rush SOPHOMORES Cecil Kittinger T. H. MacDonald PLEDGES Thomas Kendrick Barney Stall William Hobbs Earl Cornette Harry Dougherty Edwin Short Robert Snowden Wynne McKinney Manville Fryman William Karraker Earle Fowler Melford Garrison Robert Martin William Sewell Robert Dean Steve Bach William Taylor Arthur Holmes • Delta Tau Delta, national social frater- nity, was founded at Bethany College in Virginia in 1856. The local chapter of Tau Delta Alpha became Delta Epsilon chapter of the national organization in 1924, after ten years existence. The flower of the frater- nity is the Pansy; the colors are Purple. White, and Gold; and the publication is the " Rainbow. " 70 Delta Epsilon Batterton Muehsler Tudor J. Davis Paulconer Patton Day Wooton Haynes F. Davis Parrish A. Bryson My lor Bullock Bowling Meredith Hays Combs MacDonald Cooper W. Bryson Kitting r McKinney Rush Kendrick Short Fryman Horn Karrakpr Ryan Hobbs Robinson Fowler Martin Taylor Thomas Crow Dougherty Lucas Heavrin Bach Garrison J- " ' ri ' u».J:; ,rr. . fV, Cji U»l C n ff , i ie . . C Oft . f c p f - ' " . «■. ■ .: ' £ ?S Jfc M •jSj.y V. 71 • Kappa fllplia Wm. Freeman C. C. Carpenter 69 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY Garrett D. Buchner Joe W. Pryor W. C. Tucker Hiram Graham OFFICERS ALBERT MOFFETT President ELLIOTT BEARD Vice-President JOHN C. TUTTLE Secretary RUDOLPH DE ROODE Treasurer E. M. Allen Jr. Scott Breckinridge Elliott Beard Marshall Beard Joseph Greenwell Jcck Gough Albert Hoskins Robert Cloud Marshall Adams Richard Allen William Askew G. D. Beach John Bell Henry Bosworth Ted Cozine James Daniels Granville de Roode Richard Farmer Mead Ferris SENIORS Robert Brummal Robert Gillig Marshall Hart JUNIORS Granville Coblin Jack Maxwell Albert Moffett John Tuttle SOPHOMORES Weldon Coblin Roy Whayne PLEDGES Ed Gough William Hannah Jimmy Harris Phelan Hawn Clark Henderson Harry Jones John Jones Allen Karstrom Addison Lee Grant Lewis Joe L. Massie Jack King Walter Stevenson F. L. Satterwhite J. D. Tolbert Eugene Wright Bruce Kenney Joseph Cogar James Groseclose Richard Mayo Bob Miles Lloyd Robertson Earl Rose Shelby Shanklin Esten Spears Richard Stoll Richard Waller Ed Bowne Ras Ware Charles Amberg Y ' -ZWli • Kappa Alpha, national social fraternity, was founded at Washington and Lee Uni- versity in 1865. The Theta chapter was established in February, 1893, on the Uni- versity campus. The fraternity flowers are the Red Rose and the Magnolia Blossom: the colors are Crimson and Gold; and the national publication is the " Journal. " 72 Iheta Wright Tuttle Maxwell Karstrom Stoll Farmer Shanklin Adams R. Allen Bell E. Gough Beach deRoode Massie Bosworth Waller J. Gough Askew Hawn Amberg Ferris Pishback Daniels Lewis ft, e. a f i 3 S. Breckinridge - W I -» ,T=» »- -« I . j O (!5 Q IF- ' - CT= C C O- t! u Wf T « T ' . !:=,« . ' • ' jx ' ' c™ ;v l| o a D a fs 1 fe. ■■ s ' « Robe rtson f Z JH - ' ■ " • f - Zc , .- Henderson ;; ' j " a — • H. Jones . ' : ry — W Vt ' Rose ;: y J tr J.Jones - ' V 1 73 • liappa Siyma 107 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. D. Funkhouser L. L. Dantzler OFFICERS JOHN H. WAY, J R President GLEN HARDYMON Vice-President ARTHUR J. DOTSON Secretary ROBERT McNAMARA Treasurer John H. Way, Jr. Arthur W. Plummer SENIORS Glen Hardymon Arthur J. Dotson David Thomas Bethel Ream Harry L. Read JUNIORS Beamis Samuels Frank Shipe Henry Hodges Howard Davis Hal Harned James Lewers SOPHOMORES Fred Reynolds John Welch Lee Huber Eu-an Phillips Don Orme Don Bennett Barry Melloan Percy Adair Ted Meyer George Shelley PLEDGES John Womack William Knaebel Charles Gray George Terrel Plummer Jones Joe Hodges • Kappa Sigma, national social fraternity, was founded at the University of Virginia in 1869 and the Beta Nu chapter was found- ed on the University campus in 1901. The fraternity flower is the Lily of the Valley; the colors are Scarlet. Green, and White; the national publication is the " Caduceus. " 74 Beta Du Plummer Way Hardyman Melloan Dotson Ream Samuels H. Hodges Thomas McNamara Phillips Read Davis Harned Shipe Huber J. Hodges Lewers Bennett Reynolds Barnes Jones Orme Shelley Meyer Welch Womack Knaebel Terrell Gray ■■::;;;?■ U;:o:-:;;i::: ' i .I ' .i-iy ' tlli O- O Ok ; ' :!::: he::. .•;:i::; ; a: " mm ■•.f.:; :;!ir:« fcSJ .••f . s.-: ■ ' 1 m ' ' ■■•ass 75 Lambda Clii Alpha 91 CHAPTERS Frank T. McFarland MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. O. Mock Wellington Patrick OFFICERS GEORGE MARTIN President HERSCHEL WARD Vice-President LEE A. BOWLING Secretary C. P. JOHNSON Treasurer GRADUATE STUDENTS OUie Montgomery Jack Boyd Herschel Ward SENIORS George F. Martin John Morgan William Lobb Lee A. Bowling C. P. Johnson JUNIORS Charles Byrd Williams SOPHOMORES Samuel Simonton George R. Cayce Robert Scott W. J. Simonton Edward Ewen Jack Lewis Ray Bryan Oscar Patterson Gordon Hambrick PLEDGES Harold King Jack Dupuy William Bevins Walter Blount Carl Mosier Raymond Johnson Harry Hinton Oscar Dorton David Dorton Robert Folkerth • Lambda Chi Alpha, national social frater- nity, was founded at Boston College in 1900. The chapter was established on this campus in February, 1930. The fraternity flower is the Purple Iris; the colors are Purple. Green, and Gold; and the publication is the " Cross and Crescent. " ' 76 Epsilon Phi Zeta Montgomery Martin Ward Morgan Bowlin? ; , iii ; !:::!{v " ' ::• ' . utvli; Lewis W. Simonton Boyd Lobb Blount C. Williams Scott C. Johnson D. Dorton Ewen Bevins Patterson Dupuy R. Johnson Mosier S. Simonton Hambrick King Folkerth O. Dorton % I m ... S m- ' ■ (g ' % y « g T1 i 77 • Delta Tlieta 108 CHAPTERS OFFICERS HERBERT HILLENMEYER President WILLIAM DUTY Vice-President GENE RIDDELL Secretary THOMAS R. McDonald Treasurer Ray Brown William Hall Herbert Hillenmeyer SENIORS W. Worthington Ensminger Robert Lewis Clarence McCarroU Thomas McDonald Bethel Murray John Creech Lisle Bohon Logan Caldwell JUNIORS William Duty John Greathouse Frank Allen Rogers Robert Houlihan James Caldwell John Dexheimer Daniel Doggett SOPHOMORES C. T. Eddie Joseph Houlihan Gene Riddell William Swope James Ramsey C. Rollins Wood Sanford Alverson John Clay William Collins James Marlowe W. L. Matthews John Gaines PLEDGES James Spratt Stanley Moore Henry Hillenmeyer Ernest Hillenmeyer Frank Hutchison Wallace Hughes Raymond Wallace Ivan Potts John Courtney Robert Hansen Dameron Davis • Phi Delta Theta, national social frater- nity, was founded at Miami University in 1848 and Kentucky Epsilon chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in May, 1901. The flower is the White Carnation; the colors are Blue and White; and the national publication is the " Scroll and Palladium. " 78 Kentud y tpsilon McDonald H. F. Hillenmeyer Lewis Brown Hall Creech McCarroU Duty Bohon Eddie Wood Rogers Murrav Riddeli Dexheimer Doggett L. Caldwell Alverson Marlowe Spratt Ramsey Collins Hutchison Clay Hughes Potts Howard i:i; 0 C O p pi ' e: .a r ■■li B 3(f H. R. Hillenmeyer J. Caldwell Moore Gaines E. Hillenmeyer £ " .- 4 r 5i ; sfei. a « a ' 79 • Phi km Tau 46 CHAPTERS Roy Moreland Maurice Seay MEMBERS IN FACULTY Otto Koppius J. Frank Freeman Henry Moore Robert Baker OFFICERS WALTER S. COE President JACK STONE Vice-President PHIL JONES Secretary JACK CLINKENBEARD Treasurer SENIORS Jack Stone Walter S. Coe Jack Clinkenbeard Manuel Schofman Phil Jones Jodie Halcomb Frank Ellis Vernard Voss Garth House Jack Nuxol Arthur Bicknell Glenn Purdy Earl Oliver George Jesse JUNIORS Mark Jacobs John Boles Robert Cottrell Vincent Fanelli Edwin David Elwood Stephenson Daniel Terrell Jay T. Muncey Thomas Rusk Jack Reeder Tex Treanor Roland Lamb Billy Baker Richard Bondurant Richard Clinkenbeard Stuart Costello Vernice Day Perry Dean Harold Dever Russell Gresham John Harvey SOPHOMORES Morry Holcomb PLEDGES Billy Keeton Kenneth Krausgill Reginald Palmore Bill Pennycook Robert Pf eiffer Travis Ridley Layton Rouse Mickey Sherman James Small Holeman Morris John Conrad William Price Elmo Miller Robert Doeker Lee Scherer Orville Wheat Sam Rainey William Bowling Stanley Hand Jesse Mountjoy • Phi Kappa Tau, national social frater- nity, was founded at Miami University in 1906. The local chapter was established on this campus in November, 1920. This fraternity flower is the Red Carnation; the colors are Harvard Red and Old Gold, and the publication is the " Laurel. " 80 Kappa J. Clinkenbeard Coe Ellis Schofman Jones Stephenson Stone House Johnston Halcomb Voss Rusk Fanelli Terrell Purdy Nuxol Boles Muncey Oliver Conrad Bicknell Jacobs Krausgill Morris Treanor Reeder Ridley Lamb Sherman Price Holcomb R. Clinkenbeard Cottrell Pfeiffer Da%-id Baker Wheat Gresham Day Palmore Bondurant Costello Rainey Pennycook Mountjoy Dever Small Dean Hand ■•t;: iJm i| P W f ' f f» tw fc w " f % f } f p 4 C- ' j r ;- " - tof- « i ' j feJtesifcS? isiist 3g •■ ' " r? £5 I Ahti . K « • Phi Sipa Kappa 50 CHAPTERS Dean P. P. Boyd Newell M. Wilder Earnest A. Bureau MEMBERS IN FACULTY J. D. Williams Matthew H. Bedford Raymond H. Lickert Dean Edward Wiest Robert J. Griffin OFFICERS ROBERT RANKIN President EDSEL PENN Vice-President ROLAND ROGG Secretary WILLIAM BERTRAM Treasurer SENIORS Robert Rankin Willie McGary William Bertram Walter Davis Edsel Penn JUNIORS Woody Belcher Dominic Gentile Robert Allen Alonzo Dorsey Porter Ross James Flagg Paul Ross Harry Reckner Kenneth Fritzland Chester Mason SOPHOMORES Frank O ' Brien PLEDGES O.C.Hall Garret Fitzpatrick Gilbert Reynolds Roland Rogg William Linss Tc m Dingus John Fitzpatrick • Phi Sigma Kappa, national social frater- nity, was founded at Massachusetts State College in 1873 and the Phi Deuteron chap- ter was founded on the University of Ken- tucky campus in 1926. The fraternity flow- er is the Red Carnation: the colors are Silver and Magneta; and the publication is the " Signet. " 82 Deuteron Rankin Allen Kelley Belcher Bertram Ross Hall McGarv Rogg Flagg Bailey Dorsey Reynolds Dingus 83 • Pi liappa fllplia 80 CHAPTERS H. H. Downing MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. D. Haun George Sparks OFFICERS WYMAN BISHOP President JAME S D. GRAHAM Vice-President E. L. SNAPP Secretary WILLIAM C. PALMER Treasurer Wyman Bishop SENIORS James D. Graham Billy Beck Andre Bowne Joe Burnette JUNIORS Vert Eraser Harry Gorman Marshall Guthrie Lun Herndon T. P. McCann Elbridge Snapp Bob Brown Sam Ewing Tom Harris Bill Foley SOPHOMORES Paul Haskell William Palmer John Ed Pearce Sam Pole Bobby Rice Letelle Stephenson Billy Sugg Harry Zimmerman Wick Boggs Charles Boone William Burkart Tommy Carroll Bill Downing Billy Hedges Walter Hodge PLEDGES Homer Knight Fred Lucas Charlie Meacham William Neiser Harmon Oates Jack Osborne Eugene Ramsey Billy Robinson Albert Sauer Pete Smith Ncel Spencer Marshall Vaughn Glenn Wilson Louis Barker John S. Cole • Pi Kappa Alpha, national social frater- nity, was founded at the University of Vir- ginia in 1868. and the Omega chapter was founded on the University of Kentucky campus on June 5. 1901. The fraternity flower is the Lily of the Valley; the colors are Garnet and Gold; and the publication is the " Shield and Diamond. " 84 Omega Graham Snapp Bishop Bowne Ewing Herndon W. Gorman H. Gorman Beck Guthiie Smith Fraser McCann Foley Carroll Sugg Ruark Spencer Brown Rice Stephenson Boge;s Kni iit Zimmerman Pole Osborne Harris Ramsey Bruckart Lucas Meacham Sauer Robinson Oates Haskell Hedges Boone Downing Palmer Cole Wilson Neiser Barker •; ' ;w;; ;;;. ' , ' . ' ■• i " ' ' :: ■■ y- ' . T. ' A ' , ,,;;:•:: .;;;t!i::::;;; :jit::J ;ri iSi yiii ];Uy.:l: ::r. ' .:- ' :,i ( f ■ ' xiv o ft f!i ' ; : zr T r1 f J . . fl g ' ! C: f ( . , ' j a J[ 1 jt -i -S»r- A jj , 85 • Siyma fllplia fpsilon no CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. S. Good Grady Sellards Thompson Bryant C. C. Jett Job Turner OFFICERS WILLIAM T. YOUNG President ROBERT STONE Vice-President DAVE SCOTT Secretary ROBERT COLE Treasurer Owen Jones Oscar McCutchen Donald Irvine Jim F. Doyle Dave Rogan Robert Nash John H.Clarke Jr. Andrew C. Duke Harris C. Walker Thompson Bryant Jr. Carroll Franklin Ben Williams William Francis SENIORS Edward Jefferson Robert C. Stone Lawrence Garland Jack Baker JUNIORS Frank Roberts Crittendon Lowry George Lamason Charles Garnett Granville Clark SOPHOMORES William Harp Buford Hall Jim Masterson Charles Bruce William T. Young Robert Cole Walter Butt Jack Sutherland Clayton Congleton Dave Scott Jimmie McConnell Austin Triplett John H. Snider Billy Spicer Harry K. Hauge Bob Rogan William Lockett Billy Nash Milton Sorensen Jack Herndon Jim Powers Jack Graham Leonard Greathouse Jimmy Young Lloyd Ramsey Julian Nichols PLEDGES Bush Brooke Wilfred Crutchfield C. B. Preston Johnson Shelton Ben T. Adams Jr. Henry Walker Joe Knight Milburn Keith Bob McGill Wilton Little Fred Triplett Charles Butler J. W. Duvall Burt Paynter Bob Snyder Harry Alexander George Schlegel • w 1 e } 3 01 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, national social fraternity, was founded at the University of Alabama in 1856. The Kentucky Epsilon chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1900. The fraternity colors are Purple and Gold; the flower is the violet; and the publication is the " Record. " 86 Congleton Stone W. Young Baker Doyle Jones Irvine Butt Garland Cole Sutherland McCutchen Jefferson D. Rogan Garnett Snider Spicer Lamason Lockett G. Clark Nash Roberts McConnell Duke H. C. Walker Bryant Francis Hall J. Clark Lowry Franklin R. Rogan Knight Herndon Harp Masterson Sorenson Brooke Williams Powers Graham McGill Crurchfield Keith Snyder Shelton Triplett Duvall Paynter Little J. Young Ramsey Adams Greathousc Preston M. Walker fli ft. . ft. c - f : o - it. ir. e o p c - p ■ " o . 4.4 ik-w i 4.k k I ' i r a ft e f ir ! IS 4C i A . : kl g £. ' i : tkfA " rc Jk ' » ■ ' . f j fif . 4.t Ai 4i i . 1 .., 5? 3 l ' i ' -M w. TSr OSlSlS 87 • Sigma Chi 97 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY George White Fithian Francis Cheek Perry West WiHiam Hansen OFFICERS JAMES PALMORE President SHERMAN HINKEBEIN Vice-President BUCKNER HAMILTON Secretary ROY BACHMEYER Treasurer James Palmore Gordon Bugie Roy Bachmeyer L. F. Boland SENIORS B. G. Simms James W. Whitt W. F. Adams Sherman Hinkebein L. E. Trent Jack Sullivan Albert Dolby James Stevenson Paul Smith Robert Rawlins William Killea John Allen Fulmer James Wine JUNIORS Arch Hamilton Buckner Hamilton William Tracy Squire Williams Richard Colbert John Simms Hoiner Given John Doerr Lloyd Ramsey Harry Cooke Hilary Boone William Belt SOPHOMORES Thomas Greis Paul Rehm G. D. Poole Carl Miller Douglas Montondo Marshall Burlew Ben Lyin Scott Dickstein Raymond Fleming Clifford Thompson Donald Douglass Joseph Beard Fred Rogers PLEDGES Paul Churchill Combs Robert Long Carroll Hamilton Richard Piatt Charles Marcum Robert Reusch Wilmore Garrett Howard Endicott Huston Curtis Clarke Cramer James McGraw James Ireland Bill Davis Jack Jones Sam Hale • Sigma Chi, national social fraternity, was founded at Miami University in 1855. Lambda Lambda chapter was founded on the Kentucky campus in 1893. The fraternity flower is the White Rose: the colors are Blue and Old Gold; and the publications are " The Magazine of Sigma Chi " and the " Sigma Chi Bulletin. " 88 Lainbda Lamya Rawlins Trent Palmore Bachmeyer Ireland Cooke Wine Sullivan Ramsey Fulmer Davis Stevenson Hale Tracy Curtis Dickstein Fleming Thompson Boone Lyon A. Hamilton Marcum Greis Colbert Killea B. Hamilton McGraw Combs Poole Rogers Long Reusch Beard Piatt Jones rfPr!7!S? n??!?§gSM! l«MfS? S ' §i i2 s .a JL m .ISWM .s. I - 89 • Siqma Hu 96 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY A. D. Kirwan Maury Crutcher OFFICERS JAMES F. GORDON President WILLIAM EDGERLY GARLAND Vice-President C. B. MARCUM Secretary KENWOOD P. HAMILTON Treasurer Roger Fuson Thomas Watkins SENIORS James Greene Wimmer Leonard K.P.Hamilton Denny Gooch, Jr. John C. Cook A. B. Stacey JUNIORS James Howell James Gordon SOPHOMORES Billy Garland Jesse Holbrook Gene Lloyd Davis CJiarles Oates Billy Adams Billy Wilcox Bill Corum Warren Shaw PLEDGES Jamgs Brown Harris Stancil Spillman Cobb Joe Hill Taylor Charles P. Klein Gus Petro Louis Harris Charles Harris William Mitchell Edward Knepfle Dick Fox • Sigma Nu. national social fraternity, was founded at the Virginia Military Institute in 1869. Gamma Iota was established on the Kentucky campus in 1902. The fraternity flower is the White Rose: the colors are Black. White, and Gold: and the publication is the " Delta. " 90 Gamma Iota Gordon Hamilton Fuson Taylor Watknis Holbrook Stancil Garland Stacey Greene Gooch Wilcox Klein Howell Corum Davis Brown Adams Petro Gates Shaw L. Harris C. Harris ' ' fcJtssAfii ' •X ' w ' ■- s; T ' ' ' m. ' 5 A 91 • Siyma Phi (psilon 73 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY R. S. Shaver Tom Boyd OFFICERS ARTHUR V. PERKINS President CLIFTON W. VOGT Vice-President D. C. MILNER Secretary CARL COLBY Treasurer Charles Kelly SENIORS Arthur V. Perkins Alfred Wathen Luther Boyd Carl Colby John Hunsaker JUNIORS Fabian Mathis D. C. Milner Clifton W. Vogt William Von Allmen Joseph Rapier Milton Yunker Harley Huddle Wallace Pember SOPHOMORES Jack Ramos C. J. Rice J. Darlington Raine Nat Campbell John Velten Max Antle William Sisco PLEDGES Fred Wolfe William Allen Jack Gathof Philip Scott Lawrence Spears William Carley Bruce MacDonald Richmond Terrill Philip Saul • Sigma Phi Epsilon, national social frater- nity, was founded in 1901 at the University of Richmond. The Kentucky Alpha chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1933. The fraternity colors are Red and Purple: the flowers are the American Beauty Rose and Violets: and the publication is the " Sig Ep Journal. " 92 Raine Wolfe Wathen Sisco Carley Pember Yunker TerriU Saul Rapier Mathis Campbell Antle Huddle Colby Boyd ' % X ■• 1 «!P ' ' : I li a- JS 93 • 16 CHAPTERS MEMBERS IN FACULTY C. S. Crouse E. B. Farris Steve Saunier Louis Nollau A. L. Chambers D. V. Terrell Phil Emrath Robert Spicer OFFICERS THOMAS J. PATTERSON President WICKCLIFF BYRON HENDRY Vice-President ROBERT K. BROWNING Secretary MELVIN R. DOWNEY Treasurer J. E. Barton W. B. Hendry Frank Lambert SENIORS C. O. Landrum P. J. Mathis T. J. Patterson J. R. Strohm T. S. Ruth Fred Van Arsdell S. P. Bourbaki J. J. Howard R. R. Taliaferro N. B. Faukner JUNIORS Ed Brown L. C. Nelson Russell Ramey M. R. Downey E. R. Randall Roger Lyons Joe S. Farcht SOPHOMORES Robert Browning Chester Rauechle T. P. Carhartt D. K. Blythe John Hubbard Rollie Ashirst Robin Martin PLEDGES L. T. Moore T. M. Stewart Paul Hensley William Wilson Robert Moore Elmo Tonini WilliamCampbell • Triangle, a fraternity for engineers, was founded at the University of Illinois in 1907. The Kentucky chapter was established on the campus in October, 1920. The frater- nity flower is the White Carnation; the colors are Old Rose and Gray, and the publication is the " Triangle Review. " 94 Mt:»fj5, ' t: ' . ; Hendry Patterson Strohm Landrum Bourbaki Mathis Downey Lambert VanArsdell Ruth Rauechle L. Moore Faukner Browning Nelson Blythe R. Moore Farcht Ashirst Martin Lyons Randall Tonini Hensley Wilson Campbell A Akag k .M 7..M .-,t -m ' ■• St m ' ' M XS " K ft, % 45%5=!S m ' Oi 95 Burbridge Warner Smathers Fish Renaker Francis Sweatt Hughes Simms Allen Jouett Broadus Hagan Pride Luxon Stebbins Housemofliers MRS. STELLA RENAKER Alpha Delta Theta MRS. JOHN HAGAN Alpha Gamma Delta MRS. W. S. SMATHERS Alpha Gamma Rho MRS. TEVIS WILKIRSON Alpha Sigma Phi MRS. F. EMBRY Alpha Tau Omega MRS. WILL HUGHES Alpha Xi Delta MRS. JOHN HAGGIN Chi Omega MRS. H. C. BOTTS Delta Chi MRS. HARRY LEE Delta Delta Delta MRS. J. T. BURBRIDGE Delta Tau Delta MRS. SARAH JOUETT Delta Zeta MRS. ANDREW BOWMAN Kappa Alpha MRS. J. T. PRIDE Kappa Delta MRS. GEORGE NEWMAN Kappa Kappa Gamma MRS. G. TRAPNELL JONES Kappa Signia MRS. W. P. REED Lambda Chi Alpha MRS. T. S. HAGAN Phi Delta Theta MRS. BURT SIMMS Phi Kappa Tau MRS. WILLIAM S. BROADUS Phi Sigma Kappa MRS. LILLIAN B. WARNER Pi Kappa Alpha MRS. BERTHA ALLEN Shelby House MRS. ELIZABETH LUXON Sigma Alpha Epsilon MRS. HILL SPAULDING Sigma Chi MRS. EDITH FRANCIS Sigma Nu MRS. T. W. SWEATT Sigma Phi Epsilon MRS. ETHEL B. FISH Triangle MRS. T. A. STEBBINS Zeta Tau Alpha 96 n n - - J avf mULTIPLf COLLfGf SPOfilS PROVIDf fVffiy SIUDtllT IIJITH mony niioRifs of lOTfRCOLLeiiiTf flOD loiRflmuRflL companion iohich ioughi IHf LtSSOnS Of SCHOOL SPIRIT flOO ffllR PLfly (J Shepherd Spears foofba By Joe Creason From a standpoint of games won and lost the 1938 season was not scrolled on the Kentucky football ledger in letters of fire. In fact, but two of the nine games played were listed on the right side of the account book. But something was happening behind the grid scenes that will make the year memorable. When Chet Wynne yieldpd to internal pressure and threw in the Athletic Director Shively Coach Ab Kirwan In the Dressing Room Before The Game Ishmael Hammonds Hinkebein THE KENTUCKY LINE HALTS A MARYVILLE OFF TACKLE PLUNGE SHEPHERD ON AN END SWEEP SCORES AGAINST OGLETHORPE football towel as Athletic Director. Bemie Shively was handed the job. In turn. Shively recalled to his alma mater Ab Kirwan, to head the football coaching staff and the first leg of an All-Kentucky coaching faculty was com- pleted. As his assistants Kirwan named Shively. Frank Moseley. Gene Myers and Joe Ruperl. While Moseley and Shively were not grad- uated from Kentucky, both received degrees at the University. Thus a staff composed of Kentucky graduates and catering to state play- ers, a previously unheard of thing, was in- stalled. With which to form his team, Kirwan was given a varsity squad of 41 men. Of this number. 27 were untested sophomores and 10 were resurrections from the substitutes bench of the previous year. Only Captain Sherman Hinkebein. Dameron Davis. Luke Linden and Harry Brown could be considered as true veterans. Opening with their traditional sparring partner, Maryville College, the Wildcats fol- lowed a sluggish first half show with a second half offensive that was hotter than a fireman ' s love letters to slaughter the Scotties by 46-7. The margin surprised even the team. Only two touchdowns were scored the first half but five markers were ferried over during the final canto. Two touchdowns were scored by hula- hipped " Hoot " Combs, sophomore speedster, Dave Zoeller, a sophomore with a passing arm as deadly as Robin Hood ' s bow. and the veteran Dameron " Hun " Davis. Larry Spears chalked the other six-pointer on a pass from Zoeller. In their second start, the Cats, scoring at least to touchdowns in every quarter, rolled over Oglethorpe by a margin of 66-0. Kentucky rocked the entire grid world in their third start, still at home, by forcing Vanderbilt to call forth all its aerial magic in eeking out a narrow 14-7 win. Unawed by the Vanderbilt prestige, the Cats not only refused to walk the Commodores plank but kept pulling up the plank and batting the Sailors across the profiles with it. Davis scored in the opening quarter when he accepted a DAVIS ADDS ANOTHER MARKER AGAINST OGLETHORPE Willoughby Bailey s bama ' s Band Sponsor Parades Before The Homecoming Game The Mighty Circus Of The Kentucky Bandsmen Four Feminine Cheerleaders Give Kentucky Yells bullet pass from Combs on the 20 yard line and stepped the remaining distance to the double stripes. Vandy ' s superior strength told the final story in the final half and two markers were shoved over to win the game. An inspired Washington and Lee team handed the sluggish Cats their second defeat of the campaign in the next start by a margin of 8-0 on the Stoll pasture. A total of 12,000 customers, including 5,000 high school visitors, groaned as Kentucky utterly refused to take advantage of any of their scoring opportunities and in the final quarter allowed the Generals to count a touchdown and a safety when Zoeller was trapped behind the goal line. Folding like an opera hat after scor- ing in the first quarter, Kentucky in the first foreign field appearance dropped a 26-7 game to the Xavier Musketeers in Cincinnati before 12,000 fans that turned a the stadium into an outdoor madhouse. Kentucky scored when Carnes sped around end for 12 yards and a marker standing up. But then the injury stricken Cats, playing with five regulars out with the miseries in their legs, began to weaken and the alert Muskies pushed over four fast touchdowns in the final half. Still in the doldrums, Kentucky next was trapped by the powerful Alabama Crimson Tide before 14,000 homecomers, most of whom pickets the Cats to finish Zoeller Returns A Punt 15 Yards Before Stopped by W. . L. Bishop (55i c; ' (imA 103 Ramsey Spickard Phillips ' If il ' i ' W: The " Best Band in Dixie " Gives The Wildcat Formation Card Stunts Welcome Oglethorpe Football an even poorer second in the game. The Tide, with a line that made the wall of China look like a beaver-board partition, pushed over two mark- ers in the first quarter and another pair late in the game. The Cats did score the first touchdown re- corded against Alabama in four years. In the fourth quarter Dave Zoeller, from deep punt forma- tion, cut over tackle, reversed his field and cut sharply toward the East sideline and galloped 75 yards to the promised land. Only a severe nose-thumbing from fickle Lady Luck denied the hard-luck Wildcats a win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Atlanta in their sixth start of thd year. Band Sponsor Bakhaus Deserves the Bouquet " Ab " and " Shiv " Are Plotting Again 104 The Jackets won, 19-18, but in every phase of play Kentucky was superior, outgaining the Engineers by three to one in yardage and first downs. McCubbin scored first on a pass but then Tech pushed over three markers. Then Ishmael and Shepherd came bacK with sccres to put the Wildcats within two points of victory. In the StoU finale of the season the Clemson Tigers trapped the Cats by a 14-0 margin in an intra-feline scrap before 10,000. The offense, that was hotter than a four-alarm fire against Tech, locked a bit warmed ever and but one serious threat that was stymied on the 1 1 yard line, was made by Kentucky all afternoon, Clemson, led by Gus Goin and Banks McFadden, presented one of the best all-around teams met by the Wildcats all season. Tennessee, in the 33rd renewal of the historic Thanksgiving Day feud for the beer barrel, nailed the lid on the season by skinning the Cats by a 46-0 margin in Knoxville. The field made slippery as the soaped end of a bath tub bj ' the intermittent snow flurries, grounded Ken- tucky ' s over-head attack and left the Cats ofTense-less before the Vols, Let by George Cafego, Babe Wood and Bowden Wyatt, the Vols, later to win the Orange Bowl classic after an undefeated season, scored almost at will. Following the playing season Captain Sherman Hinkebein, 200 pounds of senior, was given credit for his splendid work by being picked for the center slot on the mythical All-South honor team. In a poll among college newspapers of the Southeastern Conference conducted by The Kentucky Kernel, Hinkebein was selected for the league first team pivot post, while Joe Williams, College Humor sports expert, placed him on his second All-America team. Joe Shepherd, later to be chosen captain for 1939, received many ballots for an All-Conference position as did Bill McCubbin and Dave Zoeller. Shepherd, 1 65 pound junior quarterback, played through six of the toughest games on tho schedule without substitution. At the annual banquet given by the Alumni Club, Shepherd was elected captain and presented the Lexing- ton Lions Club plaque, given each year to Kentucky ' s outstanding individual player. Athletic Director Shively presented varsity letters to Captain Hinkebein, Shepherd, Joe Bailey, Harold Black, Harry Brown, Wilce Cames, Carl Combs, Dameron Davis, John Eibner, Ed Gholson, Jim Hardin, Chet Mason, Charley Ishmael, Ed Jacobs, Ralph Jackowski, Bill McCubbin, Bob Palmer, Randall Phillips, Walter Reid, Phil Scott, Larry Spears, Tom Spickard, Pete Vires, Emmett Willoughby, Dave ZoeKer and Manager Paul Durbin, 5=j •p»4 I r- ItfSH mimj m ' :-§ : Mm Huddleston McEneely ( aptain Ilinkt ' bein Poses The Coaching Staff . . . Mosely, Myers, Kirwan, Rupert, Shively. St ' iiior Manajifi ' Paul Durbin H standing- Hulletlc, Da is. Ziiiii Muilms. Parr. AtltM " . Shmlr, Sdiull ., Paikt-r. WattT.s. (.iraiiam, Tuckt-r. Jones. Kneeling — Young. Knox. Robnison. Abel. McGraw, Beeler. Helton, Crepeau, Mitchell, Black, Goatley. Seated — Penman, R. Kelly, L. Kelly. Brown, Allen, Zechella, Cole, MRyo. 106 n D Bashelba By Joe Creason Coach Adolph Rupp S. A. " Daddy " Boles Topping a banner year by annexing the championship of the South- eastern Conference, Coach Adolph Rupp ' s 1938-39 basketball creation presented Kentucky cage customers with one of he greatest teams since the days of Aggie Sale. Against the cream of competition from the East, South and Midwest, the Wildcats proved their championship calibre by rolling up 13 wins in 17 times out. The season marked the 8th anniversary of Coach Rupp ' s appearance on the campus. In the days B. R. (Before Rupp) basketball and Chinese checkers held about the same athletic rating at Kentucky. Not enough customers attended the games to furnish sides for a fast game of two-eyed cat. The teams were groping along with mediocre success, playing the slow breaking, listless game that is so characteristic of Southern basketball. Then in 1931, from the University of Kansas where he was considered one of the best players developed under the famous Dr. Phog Allen, via two small high schools, Mr. Rupp, like a prophet of old, appeared to lead Kentucky out of the basketball wilderness. The bleacher Pinkertons ' shook their heads and said that trying to revive basketball was as impossible as trying to put Niagara through a soda straw. The first Rupp coached team turned in a report card of 15 wins against 3 losses and the campus rubbed its basketball-drowsy eyes. But in 1932, when 15 of 17 games were won, the fans were thoroughly aroused and went after the sport like parched throats go for ice water. In those 8 years Kentucky has won a total of 142 games and dropped but 31. Kentucky has taken three Southeastern Conference titles in the 6 years of the league ' s existence, while in 1935, when no tournament was held, was undefeated for the year. Thus it came to pass that since the Opper M. Cluggish Goodman Adclph and " His Boys " Talk It Over Captain Bernie Opper eventful day in 1931 when fate sent Kentucky the soft-spoken Adolph Rupp, the Wildcats were lifted from the mire of middle class mediocrity to the peak as one of the nation ' s annual cage powers But to a forgotten man. Freshman Coach Paul McBrayer. goes much of the credit for Kentucky ' s rocketing toward the top. Himself one of the greatest guards to ever wear the Blue and White. McBrayer returned to his alma mater as frosh mentor in 1934 and since that time his teams have rivaled even the success of the varsity. From the time that the first call was made for team candidates it was evident that the Wildcats would be hotter on the trail of the Conference title than a pack of bloodhounds after a jail breaker. Returning lettermen numbered Captain-elect Bernie Opper. Homer Thompson. Fred Curtis and Elmo Head, all seniors, and Marion Cluggish. Layton Rouse and James Goodman, junior members of the squad. A full month of practice was fur- rowed into the Wildcats ' brows before the team, enrolling the veterans and three newcomers, Lee Huber, Keith Farnsley, and Harry Denham, set out for the cage wars. The opening game found Kentucky rolling over Georgetown College by a 39-19 score in a thrill-void game in Alumni Gym before 3.000 fans. Senior Manager Faulconer Thompson Parnsley Basketball The only pleasing factor of the game, since the famed Wildcat offense was colder than an eskimo ' s kiss, was Kentucky ' s iron-bound defense that held Georgetown to a total of five field goals during the entire game. Led by Curtis, Opper and Farnsley, the Wildcats crucified Kentucky Wes- leyan College on a 58-18 cross in the second game of the season. So error- less did the Cats play that Wesleyan was not granted a shot at the goal during the first 8 minutes of the game. In a game that was termed the acid test, Kentucky operated an offense that was hotter than a burglar ' s pistol to smother the University of Cincinnati by a 44-27 score in their third game of the campaign. Curtis again led the scoring steeplechase. Rolling out points faster than a streamlined adding machine Kentucky climbed all over Washington and Lee with a 67-47 score for the fourth straight win of the season. Curtis and Thompson, exploiting the jump and hook shots to their fullest extent, seared the hemp with 17 and 16 points, respectively. After holding a 25 point advantage at intermission the Cats eased up and allowed the Generals to fatten their score late in the game. About this time the Cats were being touted as invincible. But then the team hit a slump that sent it toppling from the heights like a dynamited smoke stack. After losing four of the next five games the season began to look as crazy as Cousin Minnie ' s quilt. Kentucky hit the toboggan January 4 when, after an absence of three years, Coach Rupp returned with the team to Madison Square Garden, New York City. This time the foe was Long Island University who turned the Cats Christmas cheer into Bronx cheering. Unbeaten in 22 games the New York team fired a homicide offense at the Cats that brought a 52-34 win. Throughout the game Kentucky, as far off as a four sided triangle, failed miserably to show its true class. Cluggish and Curtis, with 9 points each, led the scorers for Kentucky. The game was played before an audience of 14,000 customers. The second and concluding stop of the Eastern tour sent the Kentucky Marco Polos into Philadelphia ' s Convention Hall and then cut with a 41-30 win over St. Joseph ' s College. Still far off their usual form, the Cats, with Curtis rifling 17 points through the cord, experienced little trouble in side stepping the Quakers. One of the largest crowds ever to see a basketball garrie in William Penn ' s home town, 9,500, jammed their way into the auditorium. Kentucky ' s loss complex became thicker than smoke in a Harlem night club when Notre Dame, cashing in on 22 out of 24 foul shots, nipped the Cats by 42-37 in a game that provided more thrills than a dime detective magazine. Played in the Louisville Armory, the game drew 7,500 customers past the box-office, the largest crowd ever to see a basketball game in the state. In field goals the Cats held a 14-10 advantage but the phenomenal success of the Irish at the foul line provided the margin of victory. Curtis led the scoring with 11 points while Rouse finished second high with 9. Returning to Alumni Gym the Wildcats treated 4,000 fans to a miserable demonstration as they dropped a 30-29 decision to Tennessee. Despite the warmed-over appearance of the offense, Kentucky held a 10 point lead at half time but fiddled the final half while the Volunteer attack burned. The third successive loss, a new high for Rupp, came when Alabama trapped the Blues by 41-38 in Birmingham. With Ciuggish cramming 18 points through the net, Kentucky slapped Vanderbilt by 51-37 in the final stand of the abbreviated Southern jaunt. The fans, who had once predicted great things of the team, shook their heads and g roaned. The outlook was indeed blacker than a war cloud. But behind the scenes something was happening. In their next game the Blues looked like an entirely different unit. From the bunch that previously had been inclined to loaf, the Wildcats were transformed into a serious minded team with but one object in mind — to win. And win they did — 7 straight times. An offense that was as tireless and relentless as Old Man River operated behind a vacuum tight defense that brought a 37-31 win over Marquette. Came next a 41-31 win over Xavier, followed by revenge on Alabama by 110 a 45-27 margin. Then Mississippi State was collared by 39-28 and Tennessee meat tasted by 36-34. With Curtis sacking up 19 points, Xavier was again looted and this time a 43-23 win was crated off. The regular playing season ended with a 52-27 win over Vanderbilt. In the drawings for the annual conference tournament Kentucky was seeded at the top of the list, fol- lowed by Tennessee. Alabama, L. S. U., Vanderbilt and Georgia. In the first start of the tourney, Kentucky, with Huber and Opper sparking a last half offense that was hotter than a four alarm fire, smashed the Univer- sity of Mississippi by 49-30. The semi-final game found the Cats taking L. S. U. into camp by 53-34. Captain Opper, playing his final game in a Blue and White uniform, paced Kentucky to a sparkling 46-38 win over Tennessee in the final game ' Sports writers covering the tournament honored Opper ' s play by unanimously selecting him, for the second year, as an All-Conference guard. Thompson and Farnsley were named for the second team while Huber, Rouse, and Cluggish received honorable mentions. Opper followed this honor by being selected for All- America second team honors by the NEA newspaper service. At the annual basketball banquet, with Governor A. B. Chandler as the principal speaker, James Goodman, junior forward from Paris, Kentucky, was selected to succeed Opper as net captain. Letters were awarded to the 10 members of the tournament squad. At a later banquet, given by Lexington Mayor Reed Wilson, each member of the squad was presented with a miniature key to the city. With but four of the Conference championship squad walking the June diploma plank, Kentucky ' s strangle hold on Southern basketball seems secure for at least another season. Up for varsity berths on the 1939 team are Walter White, Carl Staker, Hoot Combs, Donald Orme, and Stanley Cluggish, all of whom were this year members of the " lost battallion. " The battallion was christened by Coach Rupp and was composed of men who. although able enough to make ordinary " ieams. were withheld from competition to make them eligible for three more full seasons of varsity play. Standing - Seated - Trainer Mann. Goodman. Curtis. Thonipscn. M. Cluggish. S. Ciuggish. Staker. Nelson. Mgr. Faulconer. -Coach Rupp. Huber, White. Denham. Farnsley, Opper. Head. Rouse. Orme. Assl. Coach McBrayer. Ill NOSNC Standing - MgT. Martin, Mgr. Burton, Moore. Miller, Kiger. Hedges. Mgr. Dean. - Moreman, England, Palmore. Ramsey, Mathewson. King. Akers. Allen. Abel. Coach McBrayer. freshman Basketba At the start of the season Kentucky ' s freshman basketball chances seemed about as formidable as Eliza crossing the ice but as the year progressed the team improved like a gold digger and the program was con- cluded with a record of 9 wins and but a single loss. Under the direction of Coach Paul McBrayer the Kittens grew into full-fledged snarling Wildcats before the season ended. The moulding of the team into Kentucky ' s fast breaking whirlwind ways was slow and the team did not apply full pressure until the last in the campaign. The opening assignment on the chart found the Kittens murdering Maysville high school by 40-8. return gaine, Kentucky, playing droopy ball, was able to defeat the same team but by a 27-25 edge. In With James King, all-state center from Sharpe, searing the hemp with 23 points, the Kittens outscored Sue Bennett Junior College by 67-61 for the third win. The season ' s loss was dealt by Lindsey-Wilson Junior College champs of the state, in the fourth start with a 51-34 score. Then the team began to show the effects of diligent coaching and in their next time out mashed Anchorage high school 30-16 and followed that with a 48-12 victory over Flemingsburg high school. Next the Ewing In- dependents felt the Kittens ' claws by a margin of 40-19 as King hit a total of 12 points to lead the slaughter. Ermal Allen, flea-sized forward, and King, scoring 20 and 17 points, respectively, led Kentucky to a sparkling 62-32 win over Campbellsville Junior College for the eighth win of the season. The final game cf the schedule found the Kittens reaching their peak to trim Lindsey-Wilson by 45-36 in a return game in Alumni Gym. Taking an early lead, Kentucky held the advantage throughout the bout as King, Allen, and Akers each contributed 10 points to the total. Numerals for service during the year were, at the annual cage banquet, awarded to James King, Ermal Allen, Henry Walker, Marvin Akers, Jim Mathewson. Ray Abel, Lucien Moreman. Lloyd Ramsey, Kenneth England, Reginald Palmore, and Billy Hedges. 112 « n . Baseba Along with the clear skies of early April came Coach Frank Moseley ' s call to candidates for the base- ball team and the result was a large turn-out. This year will mark the first time the Wildcats have had an official team in several seasons. The revival of baseball is in line with the many other progressive steps which the present athletic organization has put into effect after having taken office a little more than a year ago. Coach Moseley expects to build his team around some of the players returning from 1-ast season ' s team which did not play a regular schedule although it did engage in some unofficial practice games with nearby nines. Returning from that outfit will be pitcher George Tognocci who shared the mound duties with Jefferson last year. Tognocci a right-hander, possesses a varied assortment of curves along with a straight fast ball and his delivery should puzzle opposing batters this season Jefferson dropped out of school and consequently is no longer available. Randall Phillips is another holdover and he should see a lot of servic e around first base. Phillips shows signs of becoming one of the best first sackers the Cats have ever had. The outfield will be built around Dameron Davis who has unquestioned ability as a fly snagger and as a power at the plate. Early this year Davis signed a contract with the Cincinnati Reds and will report to them when school is out in June. Versatile Joe " Red " Hagan wi! ' be missed at third base where he sparkplugged the team during last year ' s practice season. Thus, with only a few men returning who have shown real baseball ability Coach Moseley is faced with the problem of building his team around these key men. While there are some new men reporting who show promise it is likely that Coach Moseley will depend mostly upon some of the more capable reserves of last spring ' s team to fill in the gaps left by graduation and ineligibility. Nevertheless, some of the new candidates, particularly some of the boys from the freshman ranks, will give the more experienced players plenty of competition for their positions. The 1939 schedule brings several Southeastern Conference schools to Lexington to battle the Wildcats. Besides confer- ence opponents the Big Blue will meet several Kentucky nines. Among the teams on the schedule are the following: Ten- nessee, two games; Cincinnati, two games; Xavier, two games; Eastern, one game; Vanderbilt, two games. What Are They Saying? 113 Baseball Tognocci Winds Up Slugger Hagan Swings The revival of baseball at the University of Kentucky seems to be in line with a general movement throughout the colleges and universities of the South. Tennessee, one of Kentucky ' s opponents, will put a team on the field for the first time in several years. This year the Wildcats are ready to prove that baseball is here to stay and is destined to take its rightful place along side football and basketball as major sports in the athletic program of the University. I.. I :...:. -Buddy, batboy. First Row — Frilz. Robinson. White. Combs. Tognocci. Second Row — McEneely. Ellinger. Carne.s. Smitii, Hagan. Raine Standing — Willoughby, Conter. Martin, Phillips. Staker. Cardwell. Manager Johnson. 114 r- n L D r ' s K-y n J zr r -- . y. ' M ' " Varsity Iracl By George Lamason On the verge of the first track meet with Vanderbilt April 16, Coach Joe Rupert and Jack Grain, assistant, saw little hope of making their initial season a success. Wha t seemed to be a death blow to the thinlies came when Dave Rogan. distance runner supreme, was declared ineligible two weeks before the first meet because of scholastic illness, making him lost to the team for the year. The loss of Rogan, easily the greatest runner to attend the University, meant the weakening of his team by possibly 50 per cent. Up to last year Rogan had registered the fastest mile ever achieved in a Southeastern loop competition when he was clocked in the 1936 tournament with an effort of 4:26.8. In the 1937 eliminations Rogan sliced a neat 10 seconds from his time, lowering the time to 4:16.3. With marked superiority in the running events added to a strong showing in the field contests, the Wildcats made the Stoll field debut a success April 23 by trampling Hanover college 85-47. A total of nine firsts. 12 seconds, and three third places sent the Wildcat score mounting skyward. Hellard and Durbin took the mile event with a one-two respectively, Hel- lard annexed the 880 yard dash first place points. To conclude the track events, the Wildcat team of Hellard, Doyle, Veal and McMakin took the mile relay in the tempo of 3.37.1. Captain Simpson and Hinkebein supplied first and seconds in the shot put and discus. Berea college cinder artists suffered a severe steam rolling April 30 in the second and final home engagement of the Wildcats. Final compilation showed 89-37 in the Blues ' favor. Lured into the open by perfect weather conditions, several hundred fans sat patiently through the entire show and cheered lustily as the Cat varsity collected first place tokens in 11 of the 15 events. A slow track, caused by rain the night before the meet, prevented entrants from hitting their fastest times and most of the clockings were not exceptionally good. Kentucky was off to a flying start when Hellard breezed home ahead of the mile run pack in 4:44. After the 110-yard dash, in which Kentucky ' s Hineman, Rankin, and Forden placed 1-2-3, respectively, the ultimate out- come of the meet was never in doubt. McMakin, Forden, and Hineman further added to the Berea embarrassment by placing in that order in the 220-yard dash. Bob Rankin defeated Powell, KIAC hurdle king, by covering the 220-yard low hurdle route in :26.4. Hellard and Durbin clicked cff one-two in the 880-yard dash, while on the adjoining field, Simpson, Hinkebein, and Spears were collecting all the points in the shot put. Hinkebein followed this per- formance by heaving the discus 122 feet, 4 inches to nose out Simpson for first place. Hammond cleared 1 1 feet to collect the pole vault first and Head won the broad jump with 20 feet, 6 inches, with Hammond p lacing second. The Ken- tucky mile relay team of Hellard. Combs, Veal, and McMakin travelled the four laps in 3:40.5 to break first tape. The Blues were outcounted by the University of Tennessee Volunteers by a score of 63-53 V2 May 7 at Knoxville in the season ' s nightcap. Kentucky showed a marked superiority in the field events with Vol ' s showing their power in the track competition. The Cats were denied a decisive first place when Paul Durbin, after leading all the way in the two mile run and finishing on top by 20 yards, was disqualified by the judges who ruled he caused a Vol to break his stride by bumping him as he rounded a curve. 116 Mentors Rupert and Grain Captain Simpson Poises Spears Strives As usual, Kentucky was off to a flying start as Hellard and Durbin placed one-two in the mile run with the slow time of 4:51.6. Captain Simpson ' s win in the javelin with a toss of 171 feet 2 inches, with Combs ' second and Hinkebein ' s first in the discus test with Simpson following second boosted the Blue ' s score to within shooting distance of the Vol ' s as did Hammond ' s firsts in high and broad jumps, but the Tennessee thinlies had all else their own way. The year ' s count was two wins and two losses, winning from admittedly weak teams by top heavy scores and losing to strong outfits by medium but decisive margins. Seated — Simpson. Hinkebein. Durbin. Lyons. Manager Corbm. Second Row — Hillard. Veal, Forden, Rankin, Lanter. Hammond. Hineman. Third Row — Assistant Coach Grain. D. Doyle. Combs. Raynor. Spears. Cluggish, J. Doyle. McMakin. Ramsey, Coach Rupert. 117 First fioir - Beniluiin, Mmitgomery. Haskell, Ramsey. Williams, Johnson. Second Roiv — Manager Obnen. Henman, Saunders, Scott, Glass. Mulvaney. Fishback. freshman Track Although participating in but one meet against Berea, which they won easily, the Freshman Track Team had an active season. Daily " scrimmages " with the varsity team, which they helped to condition, and hard practice sessions gave the boys plenty of work which Coach Gene Myers hopes will make the members poten- tial first-string men next year. The squad included: Johnson, Haskell, Fishback, Williams, Ramsey, Saunders, Montgomery, Bernheim, Scott, Thompson, and Dunn. Bernard Johnson was high scorer against Berea, with victories in the 220-yard dash, broad jump, and many runner-up places in other events. Fishback, Haskell, and Montgomery were close behind Johnson in points. Fishback gained victories in the high and low hurdles, while Haskell took first place in the 440-yard dash, third place in the high hurdles, and ran the important anchor leg of the winning relay. Montgomery gained victories in the two-mile run, mile run, and third place in the half-mile. Thompson won first in the 100-yard dash and second in the 220-yard dash. Ben Williams performed credit- ably in the high jump, broad jump, low hurdles, and dashes. Dunn added another victory in the pole vault with little opposition. The mile relay team won by almost a hundred yards, with time that nearly equaled the varsity time. The relay team ran in the following order: Johnson, first; Saunders, second; Williams, third; and Haskell, anchor. These men will play an important part toward the success of the next year ' s varsity team. 118 -old. Sweeney. With the opening match scheduled to be played against the Uni- versity of Louisville on April 11, 18 candidates answered the call of Coach S. A. Boles the last week of March. From this aggregation Coach Boles kept 8 men to make up his team, in contrast to 6 men who have composed the Wildcat golf team in past years. Heading the list of candidates was Captain Bill Adams. Other returning letter- men were Mack Hughes. .Jack Gough, and Bob Thaxton, last year ' s captain. The Wildcats had a fairly good year on the links last year but expect to improve this spring. After dropping their first match to the strong University of Michigan golfers at the Ashland Country Club, the Big Blue then turned in excellent golf in winning six consecutive matches, including victories over Cincinnati, Louisville. Dayton, and Tennessee at Lexington, and return matches with the University of Louisville and the University of Tennessee. The Wildcats ran into some bad luck after the second Tennessee match when it was found that Bill Adams and Cyril Dannenhold were ineligible. Their places were filled by Jack Gough and Mack Hughes who played good golf the rest of the season. The next trip took the Wildcats to Cincinnati where they lost two matches to the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University This loss to Cincinnati gave the Wildcats an even break with the Bengals for the season. Late in May the Wildcats traveled to Louisville for the State In- tercollegiate Championship matches. In this event the Cats followed the University of Louisville to the wire by placing second. This marked the first time in four years the University of Kentucky had tasted defeat in the annual intercollegiate tourney. This year the divot-diggers have vowed to avenge that defeat. eoif .4 Captain Tha. tcu Suinys 119 OACH DOWNING SHOWS CAPTAIN EVANS i MAINSTAY PHIL ENGLEBARDT SERVES HUBER IS DETERMINED EVANS BATTLES KENYON CHAMP M ' NEILL V Varsity lennis By Louis Haynes Coached by Prof. H. H. Downing who studies celestial bodies at night and develops tennis stars in the afternoon, the University racqueteers had their most successful season in 1938 by winning twelve meets out of fifteen. William Young, manager of the team, booked fifteen meets with some of the stronger schools in the country. Outstanding opponents of the Wildcats were Northwestern, Kenyon, Wayne. Michigan State, Notre Dame, Tennessee. Purdue, and other leading teams. Returning lettermen from the 1937 squad were Captain Robert Evans. Phil Englebardt. Walter Botts, and Ruel Foster. Added to these were four men who as freshmen had formed the best freshman team ever to represent th University. These four were George May, " Bubby " Boone, Dave Rag- land, and Herbert Holman. The Wildcats opened their season at Lexington during the Easter holidays with an ea sy win over Ohio State 8-1. Four sophomores played their first Cat varsity match. They were George May, " Bubby " Boone, Dave Ragland, and Russell Cooley, who was a transfer from Austin Peay at Nashville, where he played several important tournaments. Berea ' s Mountaineers journeyed down for the next Lexington meet April 22, but returned home smarting from a 9-0 lacing. For their next meet the Wildcats left their stamping grounds and went to Knoxville. where they de- feated the Volunteers 8-1. After the Cats returned home Lexington was invaded by a band of Wayne Tartars from Detroit who left after handing Kentucky its first loss by 4-3. This tilt was one of the best played meets on the home courts. Phil Engle- bardt, playing the No. 1 position, defeated Jack Schlesinger, a ranking player, in two sets. The Wildcats held a 3-2 lead going into the doubles, but the Tartars swept both dou bles and the meet. On, April 30 the Kentuckians took out their spite on Vanderbilt by hand- ing the Commodores a 7-0 defeat at Lexington. Kentucky then began its northern invasion with a close 5-4 victory achieved at the expense of Indiana University at Bloomington. Dave Ragland and Phil Englebardt. in the No. 2 doubles position, saved the day with a 4-6. 6-2, 6-0 victory. From Bloomington the Cats went to Lafayette, where they had an easy time marking up a 9-0 triumph over the Purdue Boilermakers. The Kentuc- kians then went to South Bend where they clawed the Notre Dame Ramblers in a meet that was in doubt until the final two doubles matches had been run ofiF. Chicago was the next stop, and the Big Blue absorbed a 7-2 licking from the Northwestern Wildcats in a tilt played on courts swept by a 50-mile-an- hour gale. After losing to Northwestern the Kentuckians journeyed to East Lansing. Michigan, and conquered the Spartans on Derby Day. The final score was 7-2 with the Bluegrass boys sweeping the singles. Following this engagement the Kentuckians headed home to play the University of Tennessee again. This time their margin of victory was greater, as they swept both singles and doubles for a 9-0 triumph. Bruce Barnes brought his Kenyon College aggregation from Gambler, Ohio, and they left with a 7-2 verdict. This meet brought Don McNeill, ninth rank- ing amateur and winner of numerous tournaments, into action against Captain Bob Evans. McNeil displayed beautiful strokes as he conquered Evans in two hard-fought sets. The Wildcats took their last trip May 16, going to Berea, where they brushed aside the Mountaineers 9-0. Next on the card was the University of Cincinnati, who were nosed out by the Cats 5-4. Kentucky closed their schedule with a victory over the University of Georgia, 5-1 on the local courts. 120 FROSH HOPEFUL GARRETT PRACTICES Kneeling — Evans. Englebardt. Standing — Manager Young. May, Boone. Botts. Coach Downing. Holman. Cooley. Ragland. Assistant Manager Haynes. Kneeling — Huber. Chappell. Standing — Coach Evans, Mullins. Garrett. Manager Lowry. 121 Seated — Riddell. Phillips. David. Triplett, Ramsey. Curtis. Stephenson. Sellers. Standing — Manager Sumpter. Lewis. Hinkebein. Hillenmeyer, Doyle. Roberts. Scott. Adviser Shropshire Suiimming Kentucky ' s " dry land " swimming team finished an undefeated season in a blaze of glory by leaving Berea College and Eastern Teachers College stranded as they stroked to their fourth consecutive state title at the Richmond pool late in March. This victory was the climax of a season which saw the Wildcats drench nine opponents, score an average of 54 points per meet, while holding their foes to an average of 25 points, and establish five new state records, which brings their total up to 6 of the 8 existing marks. Lloyd Ramsey, coach and member of the team, called the tank- men together a little after Thanksgiving and, early in January, the Cats ducked Eastern easily. In February the boys took Maryville, Tennessee, and Georgia Tech. The remainder of the season saw the Kentucky mermen outswim all competitors including two very strong mid-western teams, Depauw and Butler. In their final scheduled meet of the season and their second with Eastern the Wildcats submerged their foes under the top-heavy score of 60-15. Frank Roberts heads the list of record holders as he holds the 50 yard mark at :25 and the lOO-yard mark at :57 Bud Scott cut his own state record for the 150-yard backstroke to 1:53.2. Sherman Hinkebein reduced his own record for the 200-yard breaststroke to 2:50. Against Georgia Tech, Kentucky ' s crack 300-yard medley relay team churned the distance in 3:21.9, a time which bettered the state mark by five seconds and also eclipsed the Southeastern Conference mark. The sprint relay team reduced their mark to 3 : 54.5 for a new state record. The prospects for another great team next year are very bright despite the loss of Captain Hillenmeyer, and Sherman Hinkebein. Returning for further competition will be such holdovers as Ramsey. Roberts. Triplett, Scott. David. Curtis, Stephenson, Riddell. and Lewis. Captain Hillennu-yt- r Enu-rgt-s 122 Kneeling — Wides. Hammersley. Jones. Riley, Breckinridge, Clark. Bailey, Bruckart. Bondurant. Standing - Carson. Sutherland, Bryant, Dr. Breckinridge iCoachi. Dr. Knapp. Triplett, Henry, Melloan. fencing With only two lettermen returning from the 1937-38 team, the first fencing team in the history of the University of Kentucky, Dr. S. D. Breckinridge, volunteer coach and former Olympic fencer and national foils champion, was forced to develop much new material in building the present year ' s team. When the first call was issued for candidates a total of 36 turned out. With the gradual rounding into shape of the team the squad was reduced to 17. Through a series of rcund-robin eliminations the team was picked for the first meet with Ohio State Uni- versity. Immediately one of the saber fencers was declared ineligible because he was a transfer student. This was a severe blow on the eve of the opening match, nevertheless, the Wildcats turned in a highly credit- able performance, although losing by a 9-8 score. The outcome was in doubt until the final touch of the final bout. The Buckeyes continued their season in good style and were one of the best teams of the Big Ten. Consequently, the Wildcats got off to a satisfactory start. After a layoff for Christmas vacation, the next trip took the Cats again into Big Ten competition. This time the foe was the University of Illinois, a team which finished second in the Big Ten last season. The experienced Illini smashed out an impressive 13-4 triumph over the boys in Blue. That same evening the blue colors waved against the strong Chanute Field team at the air corps training field. Making somewhat of a comeback the Kentuckians fenced to a 10-7 loss against the soldiers, who were rated evenly with the Illinois team. After another layoff, for examinations, the Wildcats ventured forth again, this time to match points with the University of Cincinnati. Fencing off form they lost this match by 10-7. Meeting Chanute Field again, but this time on the home court, the Big Blue lost to the Illinois outfit by 1 1-6. The bouts were closer than the score indicates, as the touch score shows a difference of only 7 touches, 58-51. The boys finally hit their winning stride when they ran through La Tanachce of Cincinnati to the tune of 11-6. The return meets with Cincinnati and Georgia Tech proved this point. Those who saw action this year were: in foils, S. D. Breckinridge. Jr.: J. L. Jones, and W. L. Riley: in epee. John Carson. Ralph Hammersley. Raymond Sutherland and Norman Wides: in saber. Cliff Bailey, Dick Bondurant, and Frank Clarke. Other members of the squad were: R. Burns Baker, Thompson Bryant, Robert Henry, Barry Melloan. and the freshman squad: W. L. Bruckart. Cliff Thompson, and Fred Triplett. 123 Boxiny Sl ' ii:a::.:: Hii;t!i. Moore. Warf, Slatt. Combs. Coach Huddleslon. Seated — Chambers, Gragg. Bernheim. Durbin iCaptalni, Baker. 124 Intranurals The Triangles Bowl Away The Delts Serve To Alpha Gamma Rho ' s Badminton, Popular Intramural Sport It ' s A Strike: Pi Kaps Tie The Score. Training For The Tournament. 125 Clarkson Prur. Hrmdun, fi;i H:aU , Ruljinson, Simpson Intramural flttiletics The year 1939 marks the end of a decade of successful conducting of Intramural Athletics by the Intra- mural Department of the University. In this period rapid strides have been made in fostering a sense of fair play, sportsmanship, competitive spirit, and good fellowship among the men students of the University, both fraternity and independents. An increased interest was shown in all sports, both team and individual. The highlight of the season was the formulation of three divisions of basketball, players being divided according to their ability and previous experience. A marked increase in participation was also seen in Boxing, Wrestling and Bowling. PERSONNEL C. W. Hackensmith M. E. Potter Director Hackensmith SENIOR MANAGER Louis Clarkson JUNIOR MANAGERS Clifford Bailey J. W. Smith, Jr. Harold Simpson FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE TRY-OUTS Robert Price William Robinson Max Antle Ed Harper SPORTS PROGRAM Team Sports Volleyball, Basketball. Diamond Ball. Track, Touch Football, Free Throw, Bowling Individual Sports Tennis, Boxing, Wrestling, Horseshoes, Handball, Ping-Pong, Badminton, Golf, Fencing 126 - n K vy i ♦ 4. RtcoGniiion fOfi stRvicf flCTIVIIIfS BfilflGS mfdlOfilfS Of UPLIflG flSSOCIflllOnS flllD inSIILLS 11 DESIfif fOR fURIHfR PROGRfSS J " - ., -N n K to HP k y Mmlii k ; M Tudor Quisenberry Young Omicron Delta Happa MENS LEADERSHIP FRATERNITY [lu Circle Founded at Washington and Lee University in 1914 Installed on campus in 1925 PURPOSE A national organization with the purpose of recognizing outstanding junior and senior men in the various phases of campus life. Men are selected on an earned point system and elected to membership by the circle. The circle recognizes men who have attained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities and inspires others to strive for conspicuous attainments along similar lines. FACULTY ADVISER Adolph Rupp MEMBERS IN FACULTY Frank L. McVey W. E. Freeman M. E. Potter Adolph Rupp W. D. Funkhouser L. J. Horlacher H. H. Downing Robert W. Spicer Paul P. Boyd C. R. Melcher G. Davis Buckner James Shropshire Thomas P. Cooper L. C. Robinson James May Gene Myers William S. Taylor Roy Moreland Bernie Shively George Murausker Edward Wiest R. D. Mclntyre Albert Kirwan OFFICERS SHERMAN HINKEBEIN President EDWARD MUEHSLER Vice-President R. D. McINTYRE Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Sidney Buckley John H. Morgan David Pettus David Scott William Duty Edward Muehsler Arthur Plummer William L. Tudor Campbell Miller James Palmore James Quisenberry William Young 132 I i .,,-. . ,, ■.f:!::)dn: i: ' KJijIitVU ' t ' ■f- iill jai i WKm- m Ni - " cJ f ' V ' - W- " m B i jgn;: ... . Hendry H- Smith Davis R. W. Smith Hall Simpson Palmore Wahl Auping Scrugham Weaks Blythe Jefferson Young Tau Beta Pi NATIONAL HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Hentucky fliplia Chapter Founded at Lehigh University, 1885 Installed on campus April 5, 1902 PURPOSE The purpose of this organization is to mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as under graduates in engineering, or by their attainments as alumni in the field of engineering, and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. ADVISORY BOARD W. E. Freeman J. S. Horine C. S. Grouse J. W. May OFFICERS DAVID LEON DAVIS President WILLIAM HOOVER HALL Vice-President STUART ARTHUR WAHL Recording Secretary JAMES ANDREW PALMORE Trearurer DAVID KNOX BLYTHE Corresponding Secretary MEMBERS William Auping Edward Jefferson Harry Smith David Blythe George Kurachek Raymond Smith David Davis James Palmore Stuart Wahl William Hall John Russell Harry Weaks Wickliffe Hendry Hal Scrugham William Young Clifford Simpson 133 M r m m- i a ' -;fc M - W- ' ' ' Dyer Sparks Young Jones Grouse Johnston Palmore Tillett Stilz Sigler Roby Koppius Stewart Silverman Hlorfar Board HONORARY FRATERNITY FOR SENIOR WOMEN Founded at Syracuse University in 1918 Installed on campus in 1920 PURPOSE The purpose of Mortar Board is to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University women; to maintain a high standard of scholarship; and to recognize and encourage leadership. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Sarah Blanding Anne Callihan Sarah B. Holmes Marguerite McLaughlin Lolo Robinson FACULTY ADVISERS Sarah Blanding Statie Erickson Margaret Ratliif OFFICERS SUE D. SPARKS President FRANCES YOUNG Vice-President MARY JANE ROBY Secretary VIRGINIA DYER Treasurer LESLIE LEE JONES Edy or MEMBERS Katherine Crouse Runelle Palmore Margaret Stewart Virginia Dyer Mary Jane Roby Mary Ann Stilz Ruth Johnston Carolyn Sigler Elizabeth Tillett Leslie Lee Jones Grace Silverman Frances Young Mary E. Koppius Sue D. Sparks 134 !■ ' ! :z ' HH P» g llBfii f ' I ' l ' ns.;rjt.- ««v ftiiJs,, .., , v IT JBJBI i " i ' ' [ I lir rn- ' - ' - ' F i! p ;i ; i 10K [0 mmm -i Mi -jr Coe Hillenmeyer Johnson Garland Way Palmore Strohm Hall Rudd Parrish Stone Patterson Lamp and Cross HONORARY FOR SENIOR MEN Founded in 1903 PURPOSE The purpose of this organization is to recognize qualities of leadership among members of the senior class. FACULTY ADVISER T. R. Bryant MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dean W. E. Freeman J. Richard Johnson Bart Peak OFFICERS LARRY GARLAND President TOM PATTERSON Vice-President JOE R. JOHNSON, JR Secretary WILLIAM H. HALL Treasurer MEMBERS Charles M. Parrish, Delta Tau Delta Tom Patterson, Triangle Larry Garland, Sigma Alpha Epsilon R. W. Rudd, Alpha Gamma Rho Walter S. Coe, Phi Kappa Tau John E. Stone, Phi Kappa Tau Herbert Hillenmeyer, Phi Deha Theta J. Robert Strohm, Triangle Joe R. Johnson, Jr., Alpha Tau Omega John H. Way, Kappa Sigma James A. Palmore, Sigma Chi William H. Hall. Phi Deha Theta 135 Abel Duncan Stilz McConnell Lewis Mendenhall Robinson Ligon McLean MacVey Forrest Valleau Winkler Kruse Rich Megerle Jenkins 1 Phi Beta NATIONAL HONORARY MUSIC AND DRAMATIC FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Kappa Chapter Founded at Northwestern University in 1912 Installed on campus in 1925 PURPOSE The purpose of Phi Beta is to promote the best in music and drama; to live lives of service; and to seek and develop the highest type of womanhood. FACULTY ADVISER Lela Mason OFFICERS ADELLE GENSEMER President MARY ANN STILZ Vice-President ELIZABETH RHE TILLETT Secretary MARJORIE JENKINS Treasurer VIRGINIA RICH Historian MARY LOUISE McKENNA . Doorkeeper MEMBERS Jean Abel Jean Megerle Dorothy Love Elliott Mary Duncan Virginia Rich Cordelia Forrest Adelle Gensemer Helen Robinson Virginia Hayden Marjorie Jenkins Mary Ann Stilz Genevieve Howard Katherine E. Kruse Velma Swaite Mary Ellen Mendenhall Ruth Jean Lewis Elizabeth Rhe Tillett Grace Oliver Elizabeth Ligon Marion Valleau Jean Ann Overstreet Jean Marie McConnell EIna Winkler Betty Phelps Sarah Elizabeth McLean Elaine Allison Susan Price Mary Louise McKenna Nancy Duncan 136 •• " li T. -C:- C ' »- ' ' •• • ' A Kt _ I - H 1 l r ' " •— i -•»., --»-»- A.«-J- j ' -n.l ' " " ' ' ' J iCt rtT Trrni " lXC7 1i- ' - »f ■ ' Mjl 1 Jr 1 ' ; wr:;:, 7: ;:; X X;C C ' iiX ' C - 5i]i n jH; iii| J STHsil nii -l-ili ' --S -:; L. iL. ( l l 2v B vi ' - ' - Duty Smoot Tudor Purdy Hargett Johnson Vogt Kelley Hoskins Howell Snapp Bode Lances HONORARY FOR OUTSTANDING JUNIOR MEN Founded on the campus in 1927 as successor of the " Mystic 13 " — deeply traditional honorary founded in 1910 PURPOSE The purpose of Lances is to recognize exceptional attainment in men students of the lower division; to bring together leaders of the Junior class from each social fraternity and the two outstanding Independents; and to promote class spirit and campus fellowship. Lances endeavors to be a connecting link between students of the lower division and Omicron Delta Kappa, foremost honorary on the campus. FACULTY ADVISER Dean Lysle Croft OFFICERS WILLIAM S. DUTY President JOE C. CREASON Vice-President BILLY R. SMOOT Secretary CLIFTON P. JOHNSON Treasurer MEMBERS William L. Tudor, Delta Tau Delta David C. Scott, Sigma Apha Epsilon William S. Duty. Phi Delta Theta Glenn D. Purdy. Phi Kappa Tau Joe C. Creason. Alpha Tau Omega Carl S. Kelley. Phi Sigma Kappa Billy R. Smoot, Alpha Gamma Rho J. R. Howell. Sigma Nu Clifton P. Johnson, Lambda Chi Alpha Albert B. Hoskins. Kappa Alpha John C. Bode. Delta Chi Herbert Hargett. Kappa Sigma Robert K. Browning. Triangle Clifton W. Vogt. Sigma Phi Epsilon James W. Wine. Sigma Chi Julian L. Smith. Independent Elbridge L. Snapp. Pi Kappa Alpha Robert T. Sweeney. Independent 137 : . -- y - ;;u;zj • " W f Valleau McConnell Forrest Duncan Oliver Horlacher Fergus Hannah Megerle Mendenhall Kilpatrick Nisbet Galloway Becker Zenger Cmens HONORARY SOPHOMORE ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN Iheta Chapter Founded at the University oi Pittsburgh in 1922 Installed on campus in 1931 PURPOSE The purpose of this organization is to establish and maintain chapters of Cwens in colleges and universities for the sake of fostering leadership, scholarship, and fellowship among women of the sophomore class: to promote leadership among freshmen women; to serve and promote the interests of the college or university in every way possible; and to supervise and direct these chapters in the attainment of their common ideal. FACULTY ADVISERS Sarah B. Holmes and Ethyl Lebus OFFICERS TANET FERGUS President HELEN HORLACHER Vice-President LOUISE GALLOWAY Secretary MARION VALLEAU Treasurer MEMBERS Margaret Becker Frances Hannah Mary Ellen Mendenhall Jeanne Beckett Helen Horlacher Aimee Murray Mary Duncan Gladys Kilpatrick Grace Oliver Janet Fergus Gail Kirn Ann Lee Stoll Cordelia Forrest Louise Nisbet Marion Valleau Louise Calloway Jean Marie McConnell Irene Wilmott Patricia Hamilton Jean Megerle Doris Zenger 138 )). .,=. H j- ' ••• ' ' f ) l»»=ff. » ■ Pole Ramos Conrad Kittinger Riddel! Whayne Davis Raynor Clore Simonton Keys SOPHOMORE MENS HONORARY PURPOSE An honorary fraternity for sophomore men, composed of one representative from each social fraternity on the campus, whose aim is to promote better friendship inter-fraternally. FACULTY ADVISER H. B. Moore OFFICERS SAMUEL B. POLE President GENE RIDDELL Vice-President CHARLES O. BRUCE .... . . . Secretary JOHN B. CONRAD Treasurer WILLIAM GARLAND . . . . Sergeanf-af- lrms MEMBERS John Clore, Alpha Gamma Rho John B. Conrad, Phi Kappa Tau James Slapp, Alpha Tau Omega Frank O ' Brien, Phi Sigma Kappa Sinclair Raynor, Delta Chi Samuel B. Pole, Pi Kappa Alpha Cecil Kittinger, Delta Tau Delta Charles O. Bruce, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Roy Whayne, Kappa Alpha Douglas Montondo, Sigma Chi Howard Davis, Kappa Sigma William Garland, Sigma Nu Samuel Simonton. Lambda Chi Alpha Jack Ramos, Sigma Phi Epsilon Gene Riddell, Phi Delta Theta John Chappell, Triangle 139 Asburv Orr Gilliland Moreland Bush White Dean Rhodes Plii fliplia Delta PROFESSIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY Henry Clay Chapter Founded at Kent School of Law in 1866 Installed on campus in 1914 PURPOSE To promote higher scholarship and to form a closer union between the law student and the practicing attorney- Law students with a standing of one are eligible for membership. W. Lewis Roberts MEMBERS IN FACULTY William H. Pittman OFFICERS Roy Moreland JOSEPH B. ORR .... Vice-Justice WIRT TURNER. JR Clerk JASON GILLILAND Treasurer HARRIS RHODES Marshal MEMBERS Claude Asbury Richard Bush, Jr. Earl Dean Robert Denny Charles Metcalf Jason Gilliland Joseph B. Orr Howard Hadden Harris Rhodes William Hazlett Paul Slaton Wirt Turner. Jr. Lloyd Wathan Steven P. White, Jr. Charles Zimmer Katherine Richardson John Cornett Robert Houlihan Clarence PLEDGES Harry Roberts Joe Johnson W. L. Mathews Joseph G. Clark Robert Stone Kelly Clore Cornelius James Childers J ack H William Wheeler Clinton McGuire Paris Swinford enard 140 :;. ' ;rf;r.T;r.-.»tj« . ; mir Sf?-. ' ! ' ife ?i ;l ' - j iv;;Vu■ ' 5■ • ' " - c. C C W ( " fir J jT J .C ' 1 ' ' " • i ® I- ' - -4 u- St " ' ■ ' " ' Sf pfHyS lijfii. K;i ' .f} itJriK ' ?- Cy ' ; ' ij:VJJf;; Molloy Vogeler Lear Oberst Bryson Farley Stephenson Ruark Woodall Allen Pllppin McCarthy Odell Ferguson Shouse Runyan Dotson Jacobs Hume Young PROFESSIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY Breckinridge Inn Chapter Founded at the University oi Michigan in 1869 Installed on the campus in 1925 PURPOSE To promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in law school and in the profession at large; to encourage development of legal scholarship: and to promote fellow- ship among law students. FACULTY ADVISERS Frank Murray Frank Randall OFFICERS PAUL OBERST Magister JO M. FERGUSON Historian JOHN LEE YOUNG Clerk JAMES D. ALLEN Exchequer ARTHUR BRYSON Gladiator MEMBERS James D. Allen Jo McCown Ferguson Frank Howard McCartney Eugene L. Stephens Arthur T. Bryson, Jr. Walter N. Flippin, Jr. Coleman C. Molloy Thurman Tejan William R. Carnahan Douglas Graham Paul Oberst Marvin Tincher John Paul Curry James Greene Loren W. Odell Frank G. Trimble Herman Dotson Palmer Hall James D. Ruark Alan Vogeler Charles H. Ewing Forest Hume Charles W. Runyan Ramon Woodall Clarence E. Farley William J. B. Jacobs Weldon Shouse John Lee Young Robert Lear PLEDGES M. G. Alley Paul Durbin Vincent Goodlett Howard Trent Charles Dolby Major Gardner Eddie Jackson Eugene R. Webb K. P. Hamilton Robert C. Stilz Preston Young 141 -. .i ri::ur ' »:i:: :::■ ;: X...;-- r::t:!::i. ' ». ' T;r::,-v r :vri: " : r! ( » - ' " %ii n% j_irrtc ---.-w-»- I.VJTJ Binkley Barnett Rudd Winchester Young Holt Strauss DeLong Stephenson Tolbert Hughes Quisenberry Miller Wilkins Duty Scott C. D. Allen Booton C. W. Allen Whitney filplia eta HONORARY AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY Scovell Chapter Founded at Ohio State University in 1897 Installed on campus in 1912 PURPOSE Thp purpose of Alpha Zeta is to promote the profession of agriculture; to develop high standards of scholarship, character, leadership, and a spirit of fellowship; to unite outstanding technical men: to further achievement; to strive for breadth of vision, unity of action, and accomplishment of ideals. FACULTY ADVISERS Dana G. Card C. A. Mahan OFFICERS R. W. RUDD President PAUL T. BARNETT Vice-President ALFRED J. STRAUSS Secretary WARREN HOLT Treasurer WILLIAM S. DUTY .... Chronicler MEMBERS Carl Allen Franklin R. Frazier William Dale Scott Cyrus Allen Curtis Hancock Everette Stephenson Paul Barnett Arthur Harney Alfred J. Strauss Wendell Binkley Robert W. Harrison J. D, Tolbert Robert Booton Warren Holt Holace Whitney Howard Campbell Woodrow H. Hughes Graham Wilkens Cliff D. Carpenter Campbell Miller Stanley Willmott Sidney DeLong James Quisenberry Ralph Winchester William Duty Robert W. Rudd James Young 142 1 u 0l fall festival Ooeen HELD NOVEMBER 11, 1938 For the third consecutive year, Alpha Zeta, honorary agricultural fraternity, conducted the Fall Festival. The highlight of the occasion was the coronation of a queen by the president of Alpha Zeta. The Fall Festival is sponsored by the Block and Bridle club, an organization composed of agriculture students majoring in Animal Husbandry. This program, which is always given in the fall, is the outstanding event of the year in the College of Agriculture. All the student organizations in the College of Agriculture combine to make the Fall Festival a representative show of Kentucky ' s farm products and to provide real wholesome entertainment for the capacity throngs which come to the gala event. Miss Mildred K. Brown, Brandenburg, Senior in the College of Agriculture, was elected by popular vote of the men students in the College of Agriculture to reign as the third queen of the Harvest amid the rustic setting of this unique event. Miss Helen Louise Culton, Parksville, freshman in the College of Agriculture, and Miss Susan Darnell, Frankfort, fresh- man in the College of Agriculture, were chosen as the Queen ' s attendants. 143 . (Cl 1! ,1 Ca C P- p. p . " f!% = ,», c . O P ' L.M r,,- f! r: e o c . Quisenberry Binkley Fowler Mantle Barnett Rudd Brownfield Cottrell Scott Booton Gibson Kelly Hawkins Frazier McConnell Duty Cox Hardin Hanna Hughes Smith Colbert Clarkson Smoot Wilkins DeLong Harvey Stephenson Bell Knight Holt Caldwell Jones Strauss Kitchen Blocl and Bridle AGRICULTURAL HONORARY PURPOSE First: To promote a higher scholastic standard among the students of animal hus- bandry. Second: To promote more interest at Intercollegiate judging contests by presenting suitable awards. Third: To bring about a closer relationship among the men pursuing some phase of animal husbandry as a profession. Fourth: To encourage students to take up animal husbandry in some phase as a profession. FACULTY ADVISER MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. J. Horlacher James H. Bywaters W. P. Garrigus OFFICERS JAMES H. QUISENBERRY President RAY B. BROWNFIELD Vice-President PAUL T. BARNETT Secretary ROBERT W. RUDD Treasurer ROBERT W. BOOTON Marshal ALFRED J. STRAUSS, JR Reporter MEMBERS Audra E. Bell Norvell Colbert Clyde Flannery J. B. Jones T. L. Noffsinger Wendell C. Binkley Oscar M. Corbin, Jr. Berl Fowler William Judge W. J. Pierce W. C. Blakeman B. F. Cottrell Franklin Frazier Charles Kelly J. K. Ramsey James L. Blue Frank R. Cox George Gibson J. Harold Kitches F. A. Rogers Benjamin J. Butler Daniel Culton Curtis Hancock Homer Lee Knight Elmon Salyer Logan Caldwell Horace Davis Paul M. Hanna E. Bourke Mantle William Scott Howard Campbell Robert Davis William Hardin Phil A. Marsh Harry M. Smith Kearney Campbell Sidney DeLong Arthur Harney James A. McConathy Billy R. Smoot Frank E. Clark Andrew Duke O. Davis Hawkins James W. Wilson E. S. Stephenso n Glen W. Clay William Duty Charles Hogg William McConnell Silas J. Stokes Robert Cleveland Cecil Elmore Warren Holt J. W. Montgomery W. F. Threlkeld John G. Clore Sam R. Ewing, Jr. J. Stanley Howard E. J. Noffsinger Graham Wilkins Woodrow Hughes 144 Royalty Whayne McGoldrick Pettus Young Crafton Gentry Silverman Meshew Phi Upsilon Omicron HONORARY HOME ECONOMICS FRATERNITY Iota Chapter Founded at University of Minnesota in 1909 Installed on campus in 1912 PURPOSE The purpose of this organization is to establish and strengthen bonds of friendship, to promote the moral and intellectual development of its members, and to advance and promote home economics as a profession. FACULTY ADVISER Ronella Spickard Statie Erickson MEMBERS IN FACULTY Marie Barkley Ronella Spickard OFFICERS GRACE SILVERMAN MARY ETNA BAIRD VIRGINIA DYER FRANCES YOUNG VIRGINIA PETTUS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer l ftVCKl lE. H MEMBERS Mary Bina Baird Cornelia Crafton Virginia Dyer Anna Louise Elsey Dorothy Gentry Anna Louise Kelley Mary Frances Kells Louise McGoldrick Maria Meshew Marian Miller Virginia Pettus Virginia Roberson Laveme Royalty Grace Silverman Edna Whayne Frances Young 145 Jones Rieser Moore Campbell McElroy Christian Orrell Lewis Iheta Sigma Phi NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTIC FRATERNITY FOR WOMEN Founded at the University of Washington in 1909 Installed on campus in 1920 PURPOSE To unite in the bonds of fellowship college trained women either engaging or proposing to engage in the profession of journalism. FACULTY ADVISER Marguerite McLaughlin MEMBERS IN FACULTY Marguerite McLaughlin Kilty Conroy OFFICERS LESLIE LEE JONES President RUTH JEAN LEWIS Vice-President MARY WALKER CHRISTIAN Secretary MARJORIE RIESER Treasurer Elizabeth Brown S. Louise Calbert Lois Campbell MEMBERS Jean McElroy Mary Walker Christian Leslie Lee Jones Nancy Orrell Ruth Jean Lewis Martha Moore Marjorie Rieser 146 Jones Abel Forrest Silverman Friedman Dorn MacVey Estes m Delta Phi Founded in 19 IQ at the University of Tennessee PURPOSE A national honorary literary fraternity for women which has as its purpose the discovery and encouragement of literary talent among women students. Membership requires a stand- ing of 2.0 and the submission of an original manuscript of literary value. FACULTY SPONSOR Mrs. George E. Smith FACULTY ADVISER Grant C. Knight OFFICERS KADELL DORN .... .... President JANE LEWIS V ce-Pres denf HARRIET ESTES Secretary LESLIE LEE JONES Treasurer MEMBERS Jean Abel Cordelia Forrest Louise Nisbet Mary Louise Barton Helen Friedman Mary Potts Adda Beth Clabaugh Leslie Lee Jones Gracie Silverman Mary Kadell Dorn Jane Lewis Marian Spelman Harriet Estes Barbara MacVey Betty Vosmer 147 iBii C ( .-..... Buckley Faulconer Howell Wathen Hopewell Shaw- Tread way Rankin Lamason Hughes Garrison Irvine Delta Sipa Chi MEN ' S PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM FRATERNITY PURPOSE After disbanding the Kentucky chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, national honorary journalism fraternity, Delta Sigma Chi was founded on this campus in 1936 for the purpose of recog- nizing outstanding men in journalism on the University of Kentucky campus. FACULTY ADVISER Elmer G. Sulzer OFFICERS DONALD IRVINE President CLIFF SHAW ; ' ice-Presidenf WILLIAM HOPEWELL Secretary SID BUCKLEY Treasurer MEMBERS Douglas Blair Bob Rankin Sid Buckley James Howell Charles K. Steele Joe Creason Mack Hughes Cliff Shaw Vincent Crowdus L. T. Iglehart William Taylor J. B. Faulconer Donald Irvine Jack Treadway Rumsey Garrison George Lamason Al Wathen Wm. Hopewell John Ed Pearce Tom Watkins 148 Rapp Lipscomb Young Zimmerman Meader fllplia Chi Siyma PROFESSIONAL CHEMISTRY FRATERNITY Founded at the University oi Wisconsin in 1902 Installed on campus in 1917 PURPOSE The purpose of Alpha Chi Sigma is to strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a profession, to aid its members bv every honorable means in the attainment of their ambitions as chemists throughout their mortal lives, and to bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friendship. FACULTY ADVISER Dr. M. Hume Bedford Charles Barkenbus Robert H. Baker MEMBERS IN FACULTY F. E. Tuttle R. L. Brown J. E. Martin J. R. Mitchell Marvin Dunn T. A. Kendall OFFICERS KARL E. RAPP M. C. FORBES ROBERT L. BROWN .... ROBERT SMEDLEY J. E. MARTIN .... A. S. KENYON MEMBERS Ernest K. Bean, Graduate Student Robert L. Brown. Instructor M. C. Forbes. Senior John Gay, Junior T. A. Kendall. Instructor Allen S. Kenyon, Graduate PLEDGES Master Alchemist Vice-Master Alchemist Treasurer Reporter Recorder Master of Ceremonies J. E. Martin, Instructor Arthur W. Plummer. Senior Karl Rapp. Senior C. A. Rosewell, Graduate Robert Smedley, Junior Robert Young, Graduate E. H. Davis William Eubanks George Land William Lipscomb R. Pemberton A. L. Meader J. R. Powers F. E. O ' Brien Harold Schuyler Harry Zimmerman W. M. Von Allmen G. Whitehouse T. B. Withers 149 Sigma Pi Sigma NATIONAL HONORARY PHYSICS SOCIETY Founded at Davidson College. North Carolina, in 1921 Installed on campus in 1930 PURPOSE " The objects of the society shall be to serve as a means of awarding distinction to those of high scholarship in physics; to promote interest in research and in the advanced study of the subject; and to encourage a professional spirit and friendship among those who have displayed marked ability in this subject. " MEMBERS IN FACULTY T. M. Hahn O. T. Koppius Jarvis Todd W. S. Webb L. A. Pardue F. W. Warburton B. P. Ramsey FACULTY ADVISER Jarvis Todd OFFICERS WELLINGTON COCHRAN President CARL C. SARTAIN Vice-President E. LYNN CLEVELAND Secretary JOHN F. JOHNSTON Treasurer MEMBERS W. S. Webb T. M. Hahn F. W. Warburton L. A. Pardue J- F. Johnston W. S. Webb J. C. Anderson O. T. Koppius W. T. Young M. Carter F. J. Lambert. Jr. D. A. McCown E. L. Cleveland A. W. Plummer J. H. Schroeder L. W. Cochran B. P. Ramsey E. W. Smith E. Corum C. C. Sartain L. Sturkey D. E. Gerster R. W. Smith F. M. Sweets M. Griffing J. Todd J. W. Troutman V. Griffing S. A. Wahl J. R. Wright 150 Pjr H «5lr W W Havs Parrish Smith Plummer Moffett Hall Hillenmever Boiling Gooch Hart Hendry Dotson Bachmeyer Schuyler McNamara McCutchin Schafer Scabbard and Blade NATIONAL HONORARY MILITARY ORGANIZATION D COMPANY FOURTH REGIMENT Founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904 Founded on this campus in 1925 PURPOSE " Believing that military service is an obligation of citizenship and that greater oppor- tunities afforded college men for the study of military science place upon them certain responsibilities as citizens, we, cadet officers in various colleges and universities conferring baccalaureate degrees, do form this Society and adopt this constitution in order to unite in closer relationship the military departments of American universities and colleges; to preserve and develop the essential qualities of good and efficient officers; to prepare ourselves as educated men to take a more active part and to have a greater influence in the military affairs of the communities in which we may reside; and above all to spread intelligent infor- mation concerning the military requirements of our country. " — Preamble oi the Constitution of the National Society oi Scabbard and Blade. FACULTY ADVISER MEMBERS IN FACULTY Lieutenant Colonel Howard Donnelly Major Eugene E. Morrow Major W. S. Barrett OFFICERS ALBERT W. MOFFETT Captain ARTHUR W. SMITH First Lieutenant CHARLES M. PARRISH Second Lieutenant WICKLIFF B. HENDRY First Sergeant MEMBERS Roy Bachmeyer James B. Faulconer Marshall Hart Robert McNamara Sidney Smith Roy Batterton Merle Fowler Stanley Hays Elmer Mullen Charles Sternberg James Boiling Dennie Gooch Herbert Hillenmeyer Delwin Schafer James Taul Arthur Dotson William Hall Robert Houlihan Harold Schuyler William Young Oscar McCutchin 151 ), f «»■» ' tf " ' fi »« ' » . ' ' » Fowler Barnett Quisenberry Allen flgricultufe Counci Organized in 1936 PURPOSE It is the function of the council to coordinate the work of all the student organizations of the College of Agriculture and to take charge of the Annual Banquet of Students and Faculty of the College of Agriculture. The council consists of the presidents of all the student organizations in the College of Agriculture and two sophomores and two freshmen appointed by the Dean. FACULTY ADVISER L. J. Horlacher OFFICERS ROBERT RUDD Chairman GRACE SILVERMAN Secretary PAUL BARNETT Treasurer MEMBERS Cyrus D. Allen, Horticulture Club Mary Bina Baird, Home Economics Club Paul Barnett, Poultry Club Benjamin Butler, Sophomore Class Frank E. Clark, Future Farmers of America Jewell Colliver, Freshman Class Grace Silverman, Phi Upsilon Omicron Susan Darnell, Freshman Class Berl Fowler, 4-H Club Mary Louise Graddy, Sophomore Class James Quisenberry, Block and Bridle Club Robert Rudd, Alpha Zeta Dale Scott, Dairy Club 152 7T " Dickey Auxier Murphy Rabin Allison Drane Linville Sickler Plii fliplia Ilieta Founded at the University of Arkansas in 1921 Installed on campus in 1937 Tau Chapter PURPOSE The purpose of Phi Alpha Theta is to encourage the study of history. FACULTY ADVISER T. Huntlev Dupre OFFICERS DORIS SICKLER LESLIE ALLISON RUBY H. MURPHY Secretary VIRGINIA DICKEY Treasurer MEMBERS Leslie Allison Vito Herbert Catenaro Marvin Rabin Jane Day Auxier Virginia Dickey Doris C. Sickler Eileene Baker Ray Elizabeth Drane Dow Stapleton Louise S. Calbert Ruby H. Murphy William Stanley Riley Louise S. Linville 15:; iT 4 Beard Potter Quisenberry Clinkenbeard Abel Bailey Terrell Ewing McFarland Lamb Elliott Rusk Clarkson Parcht Rice Greenwell Buchanan Elder Jackson Ewan w. Coblin Fisher Palmer Warren Clay Snyder Pole Davis G. Coblin Stapleton SuHy PEP ORGANIZATION PURPOSE SuKv is fundamentally a pep organization interested in the development of school spirit. With the money earned from the sale of refreshments at athletic events, SuKy sponsors Homecoming and May Day festivities, and awards cups for these events, contributes funds for band trips and for the Student Union. Membership is based on amount of sales by tryouts at football and basketball games. FACULTY ADVISER Coleman Smith OFFICERS ELLIOTT B. BEARD President ALICE WOOD BAILEY Vice-President TANE POTTER Secretary JAMES QUISENBERRY Treasurer MEMBERS Jean Abel Katherine Byrd Roszell Sam Ewing Alice Bailey Mamie Snyder Joe Farcht Emily Clay Jerry Stapleton Jake Greenwell Ann Harding Davis Evelyn Warren Robert Nickerson Betty Elliott Elliott Beard William Palmer Evelyn Ewan Tommy Bryant Sam Pole Billy Jackson Louis Clarkson James Quisenberry Helen Markwell Jack Clinkenbeard Bobby Rice Mary Lou McFarland Granville Coblin Tommy Rusk Jane Potter William Coblin Dan Terrell William Elder 154 n u -y flmerican Institute of flectrical Engineers Founded at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1884 Local student branch founded on campus in 1914 PURPOSE The organization strives for the advancement of the theory and practice of Electrical Engineering and the allied Arts and Sciences and the maintenance of high professional stand- ing among its members. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Brinkley Barnett E. A. Bureau E. B. Doll Dean W. E. Freeman FACULTY COUNSELOR E. A. Bureau OFFICERS DELWYN C. SCHAFER Chairman WILLIAM H. HALL Vice-Chairman HARRY R. SMITH Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS H. W. Brooks V. P. Drake G. W. Toman R. B. Harness C. G. Conrad W. B. Elder B. R. Whitt L. M. Holloday J. J. Dickerman N. B. Faulkner H. K. Wood C. R, Hood G. J. Foster V. S. Fuller W. Strotz J. R. Hubbard D. H. Foust J. A. Fulmer C. F. Anderson R. B. Huffman W. H. Hall J. C. Greenwell S. Berry P. M. Kinter C. W. Mathews J. H. Ham C. T. Boone C. E. Lacef eld J. S. Murray R. Hamlin J. W. Brown J. Little T. J. Patterson T. L. Henry D. Campbell G. E. Padgett G. P. Smith J. Y. Jackson A. Combs G. A. Reynolds H. R. Smith A. Langston J. C. Conner C. F. Robards D. C. Schafer R. H. Lewis J. K. Ford G. D. Robertson J. B. Williamson W. T. Love D. H. Fox W. B. Schuyler G. L. Baggerman R. L. Lyons Tom Fritz R. V. Scott J. Ballard J. R. Miller R. W. Gaines M. O. Thomas E. W. Brown E. Railey S. N. Hale B. M. Thompson H. P. Steel R. Hardy R. R. Withers 156 Founded at New York City in 1880 Local branch installed in 1925 PURPOSE The purpose of A. S. M. E. is to add to the students acquaintance with the practical side of the field of Mechanical Engineering, and to enable tho student to meet men engaged in active practice. MEMBERS IN FACULTY L. S. O ' Bannon C. C. Jett HONORARY CHAIRMAN C. C. Jett OFFICERS NORMAN A. WIDES Chairman EDWARD N. JEFFERSON Vice-Chairman FRED VAN ARSDELL Secrefary WICKCLIFFE B. HENDRY ... . Treasurer E. V. Albert J. T. Bo wling Jesse K. French D. L. Hopper Keith Koenig Jack D. McNamer William Pendleton C. L. Price MEMBERS Edward Robinson J. P. Roysdon John Spicer Robert Cottrell T. C. Jackson L. M. Ransdell Robert S. Triplett Paul H. Brown Fred Crowley David L. Davis Palmer D. Evans Robert S. Higley J. V. Penick Clifford Simpson Mearl M. Vice Earl G. Welch Fred N. Reynolds Grover N. Conley 157 flmerican Society of Civil Engineers Organized in 1921 PURPOSE The purpose of this society is to afford an opportunity for the members of the Civil Engineering department to become acquainted; to promote a spirit of congeniality between the classes; to acquaint the members with topics of interest to Civil Engineering students through the medium of popular ad dresses by competent speakers and members; and to foster a professional spirit among the students. OFFICERS STUART A. WAHL President WILLIAM B. AUPING Vice-President DAVID K. BLYTHE Secretary HARRY J. WEAKS Treasurer FACULTY ADVISER W. J. Carrel MEMBERS W. B. Auping Aaron Steele C. S. Rankin C. C. Kissel J. P. Bowling L. P. Thompson J. H. Rapier Q. H. Lewis S. P. Bourbaki S. A. Wahl H. Revellett J. R. Masterson William Dunlap J. W. Abbott D. V. Terrell R. W. Pember F. F. Flowers J. H. Baughman J. H. Viox E. G. Ramsey W. A. Gray D. K. Blythe H. J. Weaks L. D. Rekoon C. T. Hancock W. G. Coblin J. C. Bode W. L. Robards J. W. Hund J. H. Cowgill R. P. Brown T. V. Rouse F. P. Lacy M. Cox R. K. Browning C. Staker C. O. Landrum M. R. Downey J. E. Delaney T. M. Stewart J. T. Lynch P. W. Hensley W. C. Forston W. O. Tracy P. J. Mathis F. B. Fischer A. Gibson C. R. Vice G. Rassenfoss J. F. Johnston B. W. Hamilton O. P. Wheat L. H. Reynolds C. A. Moler P. A. Johnson C. Baierlein T. S. Ruth L. C. Nelson S. N. Johnson S. Busch J. K. Orndorff D. R. Kelly 158 oriuood [Ilininy and IHetalluryical Society Organized in 1911 PURPOSE The purpose of this group is to promote enthusiasm and interest in mining, metallurgy, and associated subjects. FACULTY ADVISER C. S. Crouse OFFICERS H. ROBERT CLAYTON President T. R. MORGAN Vice-President JOHN N. SWEITZER Secretary DAVID LEWIS Treasurer J. M. Barron H. Robert Clayton Frank J. Lambert W. J. Leonard David Lewis J. Robert Strohm Ray W. Yancey Hal Scrugham F. W. Stepp W. G. Bolt C. L. Colby F. E. Collins John Howard H. L. Jones George Kurachek MEMBERS Laban T. Moore J. R. Morgan J. A. Rassenfoss " J. V. Russell John A. Creech Thomas Carhartt Russell W. Ramey T. H. Strunk W. G. Yancey M. S. Yunker Floyd Brown Paul Eichenlaub David Gilmore Joe P. Hammond J. P. Jones Harry Mercer D. C. Milner John Moorman N. L. Navarre B. J. Nelson C. G. On- John N. Schweitzer Fred Steedly J. P. Endris Joe Farcht J. T. Franklin E. R. Gardenhire R. F. Moore Joe W. Stewart Leo Thaler 159 V I I « " m i f Baptist Student Union PURPOSE The Baptist Student Union is an enlisting agency, enlisting students in participation in church work and in deeper Christian living personally. It has been called " the connecting link " between the college and the local church in the college center. Every Baptist student who is a member of a unit organization in the church is automatically a member of the Baptist Student Union. The Baptist Student Union offers all students an attractive year- round program of religious activity. It promotes spiritual development and growth through sustained Bible study, prayer, mission study, and participation in the work of the church. The organization, which is world wide in scope, had its beginning in 1918 on one of our southern campuses. The Union at the University of Kentucky was founded in 1931. FACULTY ADVISOR COUNCIL PASTOR Dr. C. C. Ross Rev. Wesley Shrader OFFICERS J. V. CASE, JR President PHYLLIS ELAM Vice-President MARGARET HOLLAND Secretary PAUL BARNETT Treasurer Virginia Jackson Nannie Owens Maurice Willis Marjorie Jenkins COUNCIL MEMBERS Robert Denny Ray Brownfield Achel Colvin Georgia Conley Donald Doyle Marguerite Ford James Lee Geraldine Wesley 160 Poultry Club Established at the University in 1935 PURPOSE To develop ways and means of furnishing students in the College of Agriculture whose rr.ajor interest is in the field of poultry with a broader understanding of the poultry industry. The club also strives to promote scholarship, leadership, interest in poultry and a lasting fellowship among its members as well as high ideals of quality, efficiency, and service among the poultrymen of the state. FACULTY ADVISER Dr. A. T. Ringrose OFFICERS PAUL T. BARNETT .... DANIEL J. CULTON ELMON L. SALYER ALFRED J. STRAUSS . GRAHAM WILKINS Paul T. Bamett Garland M. Bastin Sam H. Baughman Audra Earl Bell Omer Bryant Benjamin J. Butler Glen W.Clay Robert H. Cleveland Paul P. Core Ben F. Cottrell Bernard M. Crigger Daniel J. Culton James Curry Allan C. Davis MEMBERS Russell Davis Franklin R. Frazier Robert W. Harrison Floyd J. Heird Clinton Jett John B. Johnson James H. Lee Harry Lindenberg Otto H. Losch Lewis K. Luckett Bob Meshey Homer J. McAllister Reuben McKenzie John Montgomery Estil J. Noffsinger President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Terrell L. Noffsinger Howard O. Paschall James D. Rees Elmon L. Salyer Martin G. Shearer Richard E. Smith Drexel Southworth Alfred J. Strauss Jr. Walter E.Thompson John W. Tuttle Cecil C. Walker Burnett Whitt Graham Wilkins Ralph D. Winchester 161 Dairy Club Founded on campus May 16, 1933 PURPOSE The Dairy Club has as its purpose the promotion of interest in dairying. FACULTY ADVISER Fordyce Ely OFFICERS DALE SCOTT .... EVERETT STEPHENSON FRANKLIN FRAZIER President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Lucian Barnes Garland Bastin A. E. Bell James L. Blue Wendell C. Binkley Warner A. Broughman Omer Bryant Benjamin Butler Howard Campbell Nelson Caude Glen Clay Carl Clifton John Clore B. F. Cottrell James B. Curry Russell Davis Cecil Elmore Franklin Frazier Clyde Gillum MEMBERS Robert Griffith Edward Hanna Paul Hannah Clifton Hardesty Sam Harrison Stanley Howard Clinton Jett William Judge Hugh James Wallace L. King Cyril Luckett Murrell Ludwick Otto Lush L. Marker Bourke Mantle W. B. Martin Francis Matlock James Montgomery Phil Marsh Estil Noffsinger Terrell Noffsinger Joe H. Oslin Tom Pettus Robert Price, Jr. Clarence Rouse, Jr. Maurice Rudolph Dale Scott Everett Stephenson Billy R. Smoot George Threlkeld Joe Voll Calvin Walker Willard Welsh Horace Whitney Graham Wilkins J. T. Coots 162 4-H M PURPOSE To keep alive the spirit of 4-H Club work. FACULTY ADVISER J. W. Whitehouse OFFICERS BERL FOWLER President LUCILLE SKIDMORE Vice-President MILDRED K. BROWN Secretary and Treasurer RAY BROWNFIELD Reporter MEMBERS Sara Armbruster Cathryn Diachun William O. Newell Mary B. Baird Helen Early Joe Oslin Christine Barlow Berl Fowler Sarah Jean Potter Paul T. Barnett Franklin Frazier Robert Price Garland Bastin Dorothy Gentry W. Porter Reid W. C. Blakeman George Gibson Russell Reynolds Robert Booten Margaret Gulley Beverly D. Richards Mildred K. Brown ■ Carl Hadden Virginia Roberson Ray Brownfield Arthur Harney Dale Scott Bessie Campbell O. David Hawkins Dan Shacklette Mary Clarke Carmen Kenneth Helton Lucille Skidmore Isabelle Cash Laura Johnson Everett S. Stephenson Paul Clark William Judge Agnes Sublett Louis Clarkson Esther Kalb W. LeGrand Thompson Glen Clay Earl Kelley William A. Threlkeld Norvel A. Colbert Allie Garnett Kendall Jennie Mae Trigg James Thomas Coots Byrd Kendall Sara Triplett Joyce Cotton Verna Mae Meador Mollie R. Turner Frank Cox Maria Jane Meshew John Turner Cornelia K. Crafton John Montgomery Beatrice Wayne Margaret Cromwell Sarah Moore Edna Lynn Whayne Helen Culton Sally Annette Newell Vivian Wilkinson 163 Home fconomics Club PURPOSE Thp purpose of the club is to train active and efficient leaders among young women for home and community life and to furnish opportunity through organization for professional activities. OFFICERS MARY ETNA BAIRD President MARY JANE BRALY Vice-President MARIAN MILLER Secretary DOROTHY GENTRY Treasurer MEMBERS Seniors Roxie Arnold Mildred Brown Ruth Harris Marian Miller Mary Jane Smith Bina Baird Bessie Campbell Florine Hurt Jane Mitchell Naomi Stephenson Frances Bower Georgia Con ' .ey Marjorie Jenkins Beatrice Monk Jennie Mae Trigg Mary Jane Braly Catherine Durham Mrs. J. B. Jones Lillian Piper Louise Tucker Frances Brock Marie Eba Byrd Kendall Beverly Richards Mollie Turner Cecilia Brown Alice Ford Agnes Messersmith Clara Robinson Kathryn Wiley Mary Nell Gillespie Levianna Miller Laverne Royalty Juniors Jessie E. Ballard Joyce Cotton Marjorie Hayden Helen Mastin Virginia Pettus Lucille Bertram Eleanor Edwards Marjorie Helton Louise McGoldrich Mary D. Porter Mary Clark Carman Anna Louise Elsey Nola Jane Ruth McKenzie Jean Potter Floris Chambers Dorothy Gentry Florence Justice Sarah Moore Lois Strauss Margaret B. Cromwell Jean Hadden Mary Frances Kells Dorothy Neal Beatrice Wayne Sophomores Mildred Agnew Katherine Diachun Helen Horlacher Hazel Martin Ida Jo Shouse Jane Allen Mary Louise Grady Christine Johnson Verna Mae Meador Marietta Smith Frances Crouch Dorothy Hill AUie G. Kendall Margaret Schnacke Margaret Trent Freshmen Sara Armbruster Susan Darnell Esther Kalb Gaynel Mallory Dorothy Stiles Anne Bringardner Athelene Evans Efhe Kimbell Betty Bo Miller Agnes Sublett Helen Culton Margaret Gulley Edna Lausman Alice Louise Smith Sara Triplett Betty MacGregor Margaret Stacy 164 Richards Baird Skidmore Trigg Campbell Crafton Ambruster Triplett Wilkerson Whavne Mesher Brown iachun Cotton Bailow Sebree Culton Cromwell Gulley Gentry Shelby House Founded in 1934 PURPOSE The Shelby House is organizeri and run co-operatively by a group of girls who are members or former members of 4-H Clubs. MEMBERS IN FACULTY Statie Erickson OFFICERS MARY BINA BAIRD LUCILLE SKIDMORE DOROTHY GENTRY Mary Bina Baird Mildred Brown Bessie Campbell President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer Joyce Cotton Christine Bailow Sara Armbruster MEMBERS Seniors Cornelia Crafton Maria Jane Mesher Beverly Richards Lucille Skidmore Juniors Margaret Boyd Cromwell Sophomores Catherine Diachun Freshman Helen Culton Margaret Gulley Jennie May Trigg Vivian Wilkerson Edna Lynn Whayne Dorothy Gentry Katheryn Sebree Sara Triplett 165 Di itkin Club RELIGIOUS, SOCIAL, AND POLITICAL PURPOSE The purpose is the development of religious ideals and standards FACXH.TY ADVISER E. N. Fergus LEADERS Bart Peak Elizabeth Cowan Rev. Warner Hall Cyrus Allen Dorothy Ammons Jane Auxier Frank Bean Arthur Bicknell William Blandford Jack Bleidt Don Buchanan Ann Chambers Susan Clay Lynn Cleveland John Courtney Susan Darnell Gypsy Joe Davis Jane Davis Bob Denny Gladys Dimock Mary Duncan MEMBERS Janet Fergus Marguerite Ford Earle Fowler Helen Garono Ralph Hammersley O. D. Hawkins Harriet Hendershot Jesse Holbrook Morry Holcomb Llewelyn Holmes Helen Horlacher Lida Belle Howe Freelon Hunter Susan Jackson Marjorie Jenkins Leslie Jones William Karraker Herman Kendall Mary E. Koppius David Lewis Lloyd Mahan Bob Martin Anna Jane McChesney John McFarland Mary Louise McFarland Barbara MacVey Mary Ellen Mendenhall Campbell Miller Betty Mitchell Martha Mitchell Nancye Mohney Charles Moore Robert Nickerson Runelle Palmore Bill Pennycook David Pettus Virginia Pettus Bob Pf eiffer Susan Price Virginia Richardson Martha Riley Robert Ritter Mary Jane Roby Margaret Schnacke Julian Smith Sue D. Sparks George Spragens Robert Spragens Bob States Ray Sutherland Bill Talbot Emmy Louise Turck Marion Valleau C. J. Wade Dorothy Wolfe Clayton Young 166 Lieut. Colonel Howard Donnelly, P. M. S. T. 168 (Ililitary Department The four year course in Military Science and Tactics at the University, including at present more than 1200 cadets, is divided into two parts: the basic course of two years, which is required of every physically fit male student, and the optional advanced course of two years. The advanced course cadets are recommended by their instructors as outstanding in basic military training and are chosen by the staff officers. At the completion of the prescribed four years ' work, including a six weeks ' summer camp at Fort Knox, these cadets are commis- sioned second lieutenants in the Officers ' Reserve Training Corps of the United States Army. The University regiment is comprised this year of three infantry battalions, each including three com- panies. Activities within the department include Pershing Rifles, honorary basic military fraternity; Scab- bard and Blade, honorary advanced course fraternity; the Varsity and R.O.T.C. Rifle teams. The Military department annually sponsors regimental and battalion parades, which culminate in the May field day exercises, during which the senior cadets receive their commissions. The destiny of the R.O.T.C. at the University of Kentucky is guided by Lieutenant Colonel Howard Don- nelly, Infantry, Professor of Military Science and Tactics. The Colonel was graduated from West Point, class of 1915. He served in Mexico with General Pershing in the Villa Expedition of 1916. With the coming of the World War, Colonel Donnelly spent three years, 1917-18-19 on the other side of the Atlantic; first in France, and then with the Second Division, American Expeditionary Forces, in the occupation of Germany. While in France he received a citation for action rendered and was awarded the French fourragere in the colors of Croix de Guerre. The years 1922 through 1925 were spent as an Instructor with the Officers ' Reserve Corps, New York City. While in New York, the Colonel was awarded a degree. Doctor of Jurisprudence, from New York Uni- versity. After serving in New York, he attended the Infantry School. Fort Benning, Georgia, and was grad- uated in 1926. After being graduated in 1927 from the General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Colonel Donnelly instructed the New York National Guard from 1928 through 1932. In 1933 he became District Commander of the Indiana CCC Camps and served in that capacity for two years. Then came three years ' service in the Hawaiian Islands, 1935-1938, and finally after being returned to the United States, he was named Commandant of Cadets at the University of Kentucky. The Military Staff 169 First Row — Cadet Major A. B. Colvin; Cadet Colonel Albert W. Moflett; Cadet Lt. Colonel William T. Young. Second Row — Cadet Lt. Colonels Frank P. Davis. Stanley Hays, Wickclifle B. Hendry. Cadet Major Harold C. Schuyler. Third Step — Cadet Major Arthur W. Smith. Cadet Major James P. Boiling. Fourth Step — Battalion Adjs.. Cadet Captains R. R. Smedley. Oscar McCutchen. J. R. Rash. Fifth Row — Cadet Sergeants Triplett. Scott, Hansen, Spickard, Dickerson. Rawlins, Bryant. First Row — Lt. Col. Lewis, Colonel Bakhaus. Lt. Col. Albert, Lt. Col. Barker. Second Row — Captain Adjutants Crolt and Batterton. Third Row — Captains Young, Abel, Murphy, Jackson, Palmore. Fourth Row — Captains Tallman, Spencer, Brown. 170 171 172 AC Vl 9 SP IVv ' iiiillL H l W ' M Sfe L ' — fc sit S ■ 1 ■■■■ ■■■■ 1 lajHl B HH H H HIM 1 ■ 1 coniPHiiy L 19 173 Pershing fiifles Pershing Rifles, national basic military honorary, was founded at the University of Nebraska in 1894 by General John J. Pershing. Its foremost aim is to promote good citizenship, military efficiency, and a com- petitive spirit among the leading universities of the nation. Company C-1 was established on the University of Kentucky campus in 1931 by Warrant Officer George A. Knight, and, in honor of its founder, the local unit is known as the George A. Knight Chapter of Pershing Rifles. Under the guidance of Lieutenant Colonel B. E. Brewer, former P. M. S. T., the drill team became heralded nationally for its fine record, unequaled by any other unit in the country. Company C-1 has enter regimental competition seven straight years and has returned victorious six of those times, being judged a close second the other year. Lieutenant Colonel Howard Donnelly, P. M. S. T., is the new adviser of the unit and is assisting the drill team in every way possible in order to continue its fine record. Major W. S. Barrett succeeded Major Irvin C. Scudder as drill master and is after his first victory. Miss Mildred Croft, Delta Delta Delta, Crofton, has been re-elected sponsor. mm s — ARTHUR SMITH Captain FRANK F. DAVIS First Lieutenant WICKLIFFE HENDRY Second Lieutenant ALBERT W. MOFFETT Second Lieutenant R. H. CLOUD First Sergeant Hendry 174 n n - v Ky K V. Stilz Johnston Davis Jones Rush S. Clay Koppius Rcichenbach Winkler Richie McParland Montgomery Crook Garono Acree South E. Clay Francij Renaker Middleton Percival Baird Association of Ulomen Students PURPOSE Every woman student on the campus is a member of the Association of Women Students. The A. W. S. Administrative Council, elected by the women students, is the women ' s govern- ing body and has as its function the promotion of the welfa re and better living conditions for the women students. FACULTY ADVISER Jeanette Scudder OFFICERS RUTH ELOISE JOHNSTON President MARY ANN STILZ Vice-President LESLIE LEE JONES Secretary SUSAN CLAY Treasurer MEMBERS OF ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL Mary Lou McFarland, Town Representative Elna Winkler. Kappa Delta Gypsy Jo Davis, Boyd Hall Representative Genevieve Montgomery, Kappa Kappa Gamma Helen Reichenbach, Boyd Hall Representative Hattie Richie, Zeta Tan Alpha Elizabeth Clifton, Boyd Hall Representative Clara Evansky, Goodykoontz House Frances Young, Patterson Hall Representative Natalie Patton, Huddle House Betty Garrard South, Patterson Hall Representative Harriet Woods, Montgomery House Jessie Francis, Patterson Hall Representative Mary Rose Crook, Perkins House Bina Baird, Shelby House Helen Garono, Marshall House Beatrice Sexton, Bailey House Ruth Sanger, Ramsey House Janette Renaker, Alpha Delta Theta Mary Lou Park, Garr House Molly Acree, Alpha Gamma Delta Ibana Rush, Groves House Eva Clay, Alpha Xi Delta Bonnie Middleton, Fisher House Alice Blanton, Chi Omega Nancy McKee, Honaker House Martha Hume, Delta Delta Delta Nan Owens, Mclntyre House Charlotte Percival, Delta Zeta Mary Elizabeth Koppius, President Y- W. C. A. Dorothy Babbitt. President Pan-Hellenic Council 176 :i: i? Buckley Plummer Quisenberrj ' Parrish Way Sauer Thompson Student Council MENS GOVERNING BODY The Men ' s Student Council, in co-operation with the Office of the Dean of Men. acts as a means of communication and co-ordination between the University administration and the student body; exercises a general supervision over student activities, self-government, traditions, and customs: and acts to crystalize and make effective representative graduate opinion. OFFICERS SID BUCKLEY President CHARLES PARRISH Vice-Presidenf JOHN H. WAY Secretary and Treasurer EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS L. T. Iglehart, Editor of the Kernel Homer Thompson, President Senior Class Sid Buckley, £d;(or of the Kentuckian Sherman Hinkebein, President Omicron Delta Kappa John H. Way, President Inter-Fraternity Council Walter Sauer. Mens Dormitory Representative APPOINTED MEMBERS James Quisenberry, College of Agriculture James McCarthy. College of Education Arthur W. Plummer, College of Arts and Sciences Thomas Patterson, College of Engineering Charles Parrish, College of Commerce Wilbur Dean, College of Law J. R. Rash III. Graduate School 177 Hillenmeyer Barker Babbitt Abel J. Renaker Castle S. Renaker Rankin Elliott Fisher Hurt Noble Shepard Steward Doyle Stapleton Uloman ' s Pan-Hellenic Association PURPOSE The Woman ' s Pan-Hellenic Association is composed of two representatives of each social sorority on the campus. Its purpose is to foster co-operation and observance of social rules and to encourage scholarship and goodwill among sorority women. The officers are rotated according to the date of the sororities ' establishment on the campus. OFFICERS DOROTHY BABBITT MARGARET STEWART Vice-President JEAN ABEL Treasurer REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Delta Theta Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Xi Delta Janette Renaker Jeanne Barker Margaret Stewart Sarah Renaker Billie Dyer Marjorie Doyle Chi Omega Delta Delta Delta Delta Zeta Lucy Anderson Dorothy Love Elliott Florine Hurt Mary Betty Castle Dorothy Hillenmeyer Nancy Noble Kappa Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma Zeta Tau Alpha Geraldine Stapleton Lucy Elliott Esther Rankin Jean Abel Dorothy Babbitt Louise Shepard 178 f.-. ' .i ' " l Johnson Way Patton Perkins Coe Allen Hillenmeyer Rees Patterson Graham Kees Palmore Martin McConnell Young Interfraternity Counci PURPOSE The Interfraternity Council is composed of an officer of each social fraternity on the campus. Its object: to establish and maintain a harmonious relationship among fraternities, to have co-operation between fraternities and the University, to encourage a high standard of scholarship, and to foster all activities that advance the best interests of the University and the fraternities. Members are elected annually. It is the custom for the council to send a representative to the annual National Interfraternity Conference to represent the University. ADVISER Dean T. T. Jones, Honorary President OFFICERS .TOHN H. WAY .... HERBERT HILLENMEYER JOE R. JOHNSON JAMES GRAHAM President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS William McConnell, Alpha Gamma Rho Coleman Satterfield. Alpha Sigma Phi Joe Johnson, Alpha Tau Ome a Frank Kees, Delta Chi Orville Patton, Delta Tau Delta Albert Moffet, Kappa Alpha John H. Way, Kappa Sigma George Martin, Lambda Chi Alpha Herbert Hillenmeyer, Phi Delta Theta Walter Coe. Phi Kappa Tau Bob Allen, Phi Sigma Kappa James Graham, Pi Kappa Alpha William Young, Sigma Alpha Epsilon James Palmore, Sigma Chi James Gordon, Sigma TVu Arthur Perkins, Sigma Phi Epsilon Tom Patterson, Triangle 179 Lowry Wine Gorman Thompson Ramsey Palmore Student Union Board PURPOSE The activities of the Union Building are divided into separate committees. The Board of Directors brings the different chairmen together in order that greater efficiency and unity can be effected in the operation of the Union. UNION DIRECTOR STUDENT ASSISTANT James S. Shropshire James W. Wine, Jr. OFFICERS THOMAS REES President RUTH JOHNSTON MEMBERS Mary Duncan Lloyd B. Ramsey William Gorman Thomas Rees Ruth Johnston Homer Thompson Crittenden Lowry Dean Sarah Blanding Runelle Palmore Professor Dana Card Arthur Plummer Dean T. T. Jones James S. Shropshire 180 v_ n u n u University of Kentucky Band The 1939 edition of the " Best Band in Dixie, " composed of ninety skilled musicians, has attained new heights this year under the direction of John Lewis. During the past year, the band has furnished music for many of the basketball games, military parades, and pep meetings. It has performed at all the home football games and in addition accompanied the team on two trips — one to Cincinnati and the other to Knox- ville for the annual Thanksgiving day game with the University of Tennessee. At the home game With Washington and Lee it had as its guests a number of the local high school bands. On this occasion the program consisted of a gigantic three ring circus with animals, clowns, acrobats, and a circus parade in which all the high schools took part. The band gave an outstanding performance at the Kentucky Derby last spring at the invitation of the Derby Commission. Its popularity with the crowd was confirmed by the fact that it has been invited to attend the classic event again this year. Much of this year ' s success may be attributed to the efforts and guidance of Bruce Sullivan, who has finished his third year as Drum Major, to his assistant. B. B. Sullivan. Jr.. and to John Omdorff. Personnel Officer. Miss Betty Bakhaus. a favorite with both the bandsmen and the spectators, has com- pleted her second consecutive year as sponsor. Her beauty and personality drew praise in every performance. Best Band In Dixie 182 conctfii BAUD The concert band, consisting of thirty-two expert musi- cians, has made more progress than ever before in its endeavor to increase in students and the general public alike an interest and appreciation of good music. It conducted a series of spring concerts, in the Amphitheatre, appeared in two vesper concerts in Memorial Hall, and presented programs and clinics at Harlan and Paintsville High Schools. On the trips to the respective high schools the band not only gave concerts for the townspeople but also for the benefit of the student players; it conducted regular instrumental classes, which were taught by the bandsmen. The students were coached on such points as the historical background of their instrument, proper tone production, correct playing habits, methods, and materials. John Lewis, Jr., Director Through the efforts of Mr. Lewis and the co-operation of the concert group, a meeting of the state band conductors was held for the purpose of studying the contest numbers for the high school bands, recent composi- tions, and modem teaching methods. Wherever the band has played, it has presented flashing and unique performances, and has, in every case, con- ducted itself in such a manner as to show that it is proud of the colors it is so conspicuously allowed to wear. Kit f f J ii ' » ' . Concert Band 183 Band Personnel DIRECTOR John Lewis DRUM MAJORS Bruce Sullivan, Captain Benjamin Sullivan, Assistant SPONSOR Betty Bakhaus PERSONNEL MANAGER John Orndorf TROMBONES Mark Cochrane Hal Hamed James LaBach Paul Cawn Sam Simenton Ronald Andrew Charles Garland Clifford Thompson Sam Rainey James Palmore ' ' Bill Keeton James Bell James Bowling John Clore Bill Crouch Bill Echols Joe Friedman Robert Guely Ed Harper Bill Keeton Ben Sullivan, Betty Bakhaus, Bruce Sullivan Bill Crutcher Nelson Hoskins Billy Lipscomb Manville Fryman Harold Katz Harry Zimmerman Roy Bean Glen Padgett Douglas Blair PICCOLO CLARINET Damon Hart Rudy Wells Bernard Crutcher Ernest Delaney T. S. Haynes HORNS Bill Garland John Harvey Thomas Bowman Bob Martin DRUMS TRUMPETS ' Chester Gierlach ' Frank Mainous McCoy Craig James Neil Bill Vance George Nollau Charles Noe Bill Noffsinger Joe Rogers Bill Schneiter Warren Smith Asher Seale Jack Thoman Wayne McConnell Charles Medcalf Eldon Sonnenurg Bill Richardson Jim Williams William Strotz Thomas Stewart OBOE Presley Wood Buford Whitt Clifford Shaw Norman Lewis ' ' ' Raymond Curtois Joe Lovell John Fietz E. C. Ammerman - Paul Marsh Tom Heavrin BARITONES B. B. Mclnteer BASS Bill Durham John Orndorf SAXOPHONES James Rees CYMBALS Don Galloway ■= Section heads and top sergeants Sergeants Corporals John Sarama George Queen Ralph Willhite Thomas Fritts Virgil Medcalf Vernon Albert Joe Roysdon Caywood Thomson Jacob Walters 184 University Choristers PURPOSE The University Choristers is an organization of members of the Men ' s Glee Club and Women ' s Glee Club which provides extra training and credit in the field of music and singing. DIRECTOR Mildred S. Lewis ACCOMPANIST Jean Marie McConnell MEMBERS Elaine Allison Flaris Chambers Ray Drane Mary Duncan CaroljTi Elliott Women Anna Louise Elsey Nelle Foster Virginia Fulcher Ouida K. Jones Mary Louise McKenna Betty Phelps Anna Belle Prather Helen Robinson Betty Rose Margaret Ellen Smith Mary Lou McFarland Marian Valleau Men Billy Adams Charles Bruce Jesse Mountjoy Donald AUton Robert Dean Dawes Thompson Clifford Bailey Leonard Greathouse Edward Valleau James Bowling Robert Hardesty Harry Wallingford Charles Bradford Robert Jones William Merton Billy Wilson 183 lUomen ' s Glee Club PURPOSE A musical activity as a means of self-expression for some; a laboratory of musical training for others. DIRECTOR Mildred S. Lewis ACCOMPANIST Adele S. Gensemer Harriet Abraham Elaine Allison Dorothy Jean Ammons Helen Burks Flaris Chambers Betty Jane Chapman Alice Codell Elizabeth Covington Susan Darnell Ray Drane Mary Duncan Carolyn Elliott Anna Louise Elsey Evelyn Ewan MEMBERS Nelle Foster Virginia Fulcher Aletha Henderson Helen Horlacher Ouida K. Jones Florance Justice Jean Marie McConnell Mary Louise McFarland Mary Louise McKenna Jane Merton Mary Elizabeth Moore Jean Ann Overstreet Ruth Clay Palmer Betty Phelps Beatrice Pigg Anna Belle Prather Margaret Purdom Helen Robinson Margaret Ann Rhodes Mary Gore Rodes Betty Rose Margaret Ellen Smith Mamie Snyder Virginia Thomson Elizabeth Rhea Tillett Marian Valleau Vivian Wilkerson Eleanor Winkler 186 s Glee Club Organized in 1921 PURPOSE The glee club intends to give to the men of the University an opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of good music and to present such music to the public in concert form. DIRECTOR ACCOMPANIST Donald W. Allton Adele Gensemer OFFICERS JOHN H. CLARKE President H. CLIFFORD BAILEY Vice-President JOHN K. ORNDORFF Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS William Adams Ben Adams Richard Allen M. Alfrey Leroy Almond Clifford Bailey Lewis Barker James Bowling Charles Bradford Charles Burton Walter Butt Charles Bruce John H. Clarke Carl Conner McCoy Craig W. Crutchfield William Elder Palmer Evans Donald Galloway James Gardner P. E. Goodwin Jack Graham Leonard Greathouse Robert Hardesty Jack Herndon Wallace Hughes Frank Hutchison Harry Haynes C. P. Johnson Robert Johnson William Karraker Harold Katz G. H. Kendall Joseph Lovell Sam William Martin James Maxedon William Maxedon H. P. Moffett Richard Mayo John Moorman Lewis Nicely John Orndorff Philip PhiUis Ivan Potts M. Rabin E. Robinson C. Robinson Robert Rice Earl Rose Lloyd Ramsey Robert Snyder Simonton Milton Stewart Eldon Sonnenburg James Snowden Warren Smith William Schneiter Robert Thomas Jack Thoman Dawes Thomson Roger Thorton George Terrell H. Walker Billy Wilson Jimmy Wilson Harry Wallingford Carrol Wood Jimmy Young Richard Waddle 187 n r i n u u Editor Iglehart Ihe Kentucky Kernel This year The Kentucky Ker- nel celebrates its twenty-fifth birthday, having been issued for the first time in 1914 as an out- growth of The Idea, the early stu- dent newspaper. Since that time The Kernel has progressed stead- ily until today it is recognized as one of the leading collegiate news organs in the country. During its early life, The Kernel was print- ed in the basement of the Admin- istration Building which was also the location of the journalism de- partment. In this early period The Kernel was not printed on the campus but was printed by the local firm submitting the lowest bid. In sharp contrast to 1914, both in location and printing facilities. The Kernel is now located in the basement of McVey Hall and has a student printing plant valued at approximately $60,000. The press which prints the paper twice a week during the regular University semester and once a week during summer school is a Duplex eight-page press which can print 3,500 papers per hour. The Kernel is primarily an or- gan through which students can express their opinions. This spring a series of articles were printed which were based on an actual survey of student opinions on the campus concerning general problems and questions. Thus, The KERNEL acts as a collector and an interpreter of student thought. It is also the journal through which University news is dis- pensed, and on numerous occasions during the past year it has initiated and carried to a successful conclusion worth- while projects. Students in journalism no longer learn to write entirely from the theory found in textbooks. Today, The Kernel provides a training ground for students who hope to enter the newspaper field as a life work. It offers them actual experience in reporting, securing advertisements, and in many other functions connected with the publication of a news- paper. There are many prominent newspaper men who received their start by working on The Kernel. A glance through any issue of the campus journal will discover a wide selection of reading material. One portion deals with the latest campus news. Another column is devoted to edi- torials in which the more serious type of comment is found. A sec- tion deals with the social life of the University and gives a written description of the campus dances. parties, and other social functions at j B which help enrich college life. Still another section of the paper is concerned with the happenings in sports, both in intercollegiate and intramural. Dispensed among the above sections may be found campus notices, gossip, and other news of interest. Founded originally as an outlet for student expression. The Ker- nel is following this policy in every issue and is willing to print any well-founded student opinion, as well as complete campus cov- erage. Leading advertising authorities name The KERNEL as one of the leading ten college publications in the country. Business Manager Smith 190 ' ■ ' , .■-- ' — - -«»srV ' 9 V - ' - ' ' - ' ' - ' - - ■ .1. ?% Muehsler Lamason McElroy Faulconer Williams Howell Moore Ransdell Garrison Orrell Editorial M LOUIS T. IGLEHART Editor-in-Chief NANCY ORRELL Associate Editor RUMSEY GARRISON Associate Editor E. H. MUEHSLER Managing Editor ANDREW C. ECKDAHL A ssistant Managing Editor PAT HAMILTON Assistant Editor HARRY WILLIAMS Assistant Editor JEAN McELROY News Editor JAMES HOWELL Assistant News Editor LOUISE CALBERT Assistant News Editor GEORGE LAMASON .... Assistant News Editor Sports Editor Society Editor Assistant Society Editor Joe Creason Patricia Hamilton Virginia Hayden Art Editor Proofreader John Hunsaker Jane Day REPORTERS Ben Williams Tony Frezza Mints Hockaday Lloyd Lewis J. Caldwell Bob Cole Martha Moore Bill Costel Bee Ficklin James B. Faulconer Ruth Jean Lewis Louis Haynes 191 MORGAN fm. " SMITH •V l ' HUeHES TREANOR Business Department Under the able support of an efficient business staff, The Kernel enjoyed the most successful year in the quarter century of University of Kentucky news- paper history. One of the most important factors in the publication of any newspaper is the advertising contained in its columns. The small student fees are insufficient to cover the cost of the semi-weekly publication and, consequently, it is necessary that the business department provide the necessary funds. The tremendous amount of work involved in the business department of The Kernel provides necessary funds for many students to work their way through the University. John H. Morgan returned to the University this year to complete his degree and accept the position of Advertising Manager. Under his direction Kernel advertising showed a definite increase. Dorothy Clements, completing her third year as secretary of the business department, was elected " Queen of McVey Hall " by a vote of the Kernel employees. She is to be congratulated on her efficiency and painstaking work The success of Kernel advertising can be attributed directly to the advertising staff. New trends in typography and lay-out are followed exclusively. This suc- cess is recognized by advertising authorities of the country and The Kernel is the recipient of an unusually large number of national advertisements. One of the largest national advertising agencies names The Kernel as one of the ten leading publications among college papers of the United States. BUSINESS STAFF HARRY M. SMITH Business Manager JOHN H. MORGAN Advertising Manager WYNNE McKINNEY. JR Circulation Manager DOROTHY CLEMENTS Secretary WILLIAM HOPEWELL . . Student Foreman ADVERTISING STAFF Charles Smith Clift Thompson Tex Treanor Ben Buffet Gus Petro Wallace Hughes 192 The Hentucliian Editor Buckley FROM THE EDITOR: If a yearbook may have an edi- torial, the following should be in that category. Herein I may relax from formal presentation to ex- plain the purposes of the book and to express my indebtedness to the many assistants without whose work this publication would not have been possible. The 1939 Kentuckian carries a unique, but rather obscure theme through 320 pages. " Avenues of Beauty " attempts to portray the beauty of the University by a re- ceding into the distance, so well typified by an Avenue of symmet- rica! trees. If it is not the beauty we see on the campus, it is at least that which we wish to see. The theme proves well adapted to mod- ern, angular layouts and an earnest endeavor has been made to " be different. " The cooperation of Mr. Jimmie Shropshire has been most grate- fully accepted. He has allowed numerous increases in the budget which have made possible a pad- ded cover, a " picture on every page, " an addition of a photographic feature section, " LIFE at the University, " and other improvements. The dedication to the College of Engineering should not meet rebuff. However may be your personal feelings concerning the new structures on the campus, the Engineers must be credited with expending untold effort on the many new projects. Techniques new to The Kentuckian have been tried and their success has been in a great part the result of the ingenuity of the art editor, John Hunsaker, who has attempted to coordinate the theme throughout. Photomontaging, use of wood cuts in abstract design, and other novelties were accomplished through the work of the art staff. Gratitude is expressed to Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Long of the Lafayette Studio, who have cooperated in the portrayal of new ideas through photography. Difficult shots included the still life set-ups used on division pages and the contents page. The University Camera Club, who conducted the snapshot contest, the Campus Book Store and the Blue Grass Optical Company, who offered prizes, are thanked for their cooperation. I wish also to express my appreciation to the judges of the Beauty Queen contest. Miss Chloe Gifford, Colonel Donnelly, and Mr. W. C. Tucker, for fine selec- tion of Bluegrass Beauty, Not evidenced in the book, but nevertheless the basis of many of the ideas used herein, is the library of annuals of other schools, initi- ated this year through the efforts of the Exchange Editor, Jeanne Barker, who enabled us to make an exchange of eight college year- books. Finally, I wish to thank Mr. Dave Griffith, Mr. Don Grote, and Billy Hopewell for their help in printing the book. Not too much credit can be given the students who worked multitudinous after- noons in preparing the annual. William L. Tudor, Jack Nuxol, J. D. Davis, Douglas Blair, Jim John- son, Dave Graham, Jack Ramos, Sam Ewing, Earl Fowler, and Ir- ving Danzigger. Dave Lewis should be given recognition for a splendid job as photography editor. And so to press, with the hope that you, the students, approve of your copy of the " Avenues of Beauty " Kentuckian. -SID BUCKLEY Business Manager Quisenberry 193 T ador Nuxol Davis Jones Barker Faulconer Lewis Graham S Jackson Ewing Fowler N. Jackson Johnson Blair Orrell Vogt Coyte Lamason Moore McKee Bennett Killea Bailey aitorial Staff EDITOR MANAGING EDITOR Sid Buckley William L. Tudor ASSOCIATE EDITORS SPECIAL EDITORS J. D. Davis Jack Nuxol James B. Faulconer Harry Williams ART EDITOR John Hunsaker DEPARTMENTAL EDITORS Fraternity Sorority Classes Earle Fowlei Kibby Vogt Alice Bailey Jane Elgin Dudley Susan Jackson Jim Johnson Dave Graham Sports Joe Creason Louis Haynes George Lamason General Staff Files Dogulas Blair Sam Ewing Jack Ramos n Irvine M. Danziger Marjorie Rieser 1 H ' H k -4ct v fies Honoraries Clubs ■iK l Bill Killea Haskell Ross Robert Hansen Billy Lucas George Nollau Ellen Coyte a i ' Exchange Pfiotography Secretaries Jeanne Barker Nancy Mohney David Lewis Ellsworth Bellinger Spencer Lisle Charles Garland Bob Willmott Eddie Davis Martha Moore Nancy Orrell Sheila Robinson Nancy Ann Jackson Nancy McKee Ruth Bennett Hunsaker 194 Business Department 79 ' " The start of the year found The Kentuckian Business Staff unable to spon- sor sales of the yearbook as previously done through sales by sorority girls inter- ested in nominating a candidate for Kentuckian Beauty Queen. By offering a sizable commission to salesmen, a very competent sales organization was set up. A word of praise should be given to all the salesmen who sold Kentuckians but special praise should be given Patricia Parker and Ellen Coyte for the large number of books which they sold. Although individuals starred, it was the untiring work of the entire business staff which insured the success of the 1939 Kentuckian from a financial stand- point. The record set is one of which we are justly proud. .FRAZIER Franklin Frazer, the assistant business manager, deserves special recognition. A word of thanks should also be given William Tudor, Managing Editor, for the valuable assistance rendered in getting mountings ready for the engraver in record time. This page would not be complete without giving a profound round of ap- plause to Doradel Young, the Circulation Manager. By constant and con- scientious effort, " Chick " made the organized distribution and sales a reality instead of a vague dream. Other members of the business department, each of whom lent their support to the aggregate whole were Sam Robinson, Tom Heavrin, John Conrad, Tex Treanor, Sam Ewing and Jack Graham. Their efforts are also deeply appre- ciated. Through the competent sales force organized this year, future business man- agers will have a basis on which to build. CONRAD BUSINESS STAFF JAMES QUISENBERRY FRANKLIN FRAZIER DORADEL YOUNG Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Circulation Manager SALES ASSISTANTS Sam Robinson Tex Treanor Tom Heavrin Ellen Coyte John B. Conrad Sam Ewing Patricia Parker Jack Graham TREANOR ROBINSON 195 Vogeler Oberst Ferguson Schiff Curry Breckinridge Kenfucl y Lam Journa Founded by University of Kentucky College of Law in 1913 The Kentucky Law Journal, published quarterly by the College of Law, contains leading articles by prominent legal authorities and student notes and comments on recent decisions written by the staff. It was founded to encourage student and faculty research and to make their work available to the public. The student staff is selected on the basis of scholarship and ability to write. FACULTY EDITOR Roy Moreland OFFICERS BETTIE GILBERT PAUL OBERST JO M. FERGUSON STEVE WHITE Student Editor Note Editor Business Manager Circulation Manager James Douglas Allen John Bayne Breckinridge James Richard Bush John Paul Curry STAFF MEMBERS Marvin Tincher J. Wirt Turner Alan Roth Vogeler Ramon A. Woodall Palmer Hall Granville Clark Preston Young John L. Young Editor Gilbert Phillip Schiff B. H. Henard 196 — - N. n A J I • • r • • ■.-.(CxtV. Jackson McFarland Roby Palmore Koppius Silverman Stewart Albert Perkins Sparks Davis Clay Elliot MacVey Pettus Hendershot y. HI. C. fl. Senior Cabinet PURPOSE " We unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. We determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. In this task we seek to understand Jesus and follow Him. " RESIDENT SECRETARY Elizabeth Cowan OFFICERS MARY ELIZABETH KOPPIUS President SUE D. SPARKS Vice-President FRANCES YOUNG Secretary VIRGINIA PETTUS Treasurer CABINET MEMBERS Mary Jane Roby. Social Service Susan Clay, Fine Arts Susan Price, Worship Margaret Stewart, Campus Service Susan Jackson, Social Anna Jane McChesney, Economics and Labor Betty Elliott, Freshman Harriet Hendershot, Publicity Leslie Lee Jones, Kernel Publicity Gypsy Jo Davis, Y ' s Eyes Hazel Perkins, Representative at Large Grace Silverman, Representative at Large Mary Lou McFarland, Dutch Lunch Club Runelle Palmore, Membership Marion Valleau, Sophomore Commission Barbara MacVey, Junior Round Table Vashti Albert, Senior Forum Ruth Johnston, A. W. S. Representative 198 y. HI. C. fl. Sophomore Coinmission The Sophomore Commission is composed of sophomore members of the Y. W. C. A. who actively participate in the program. OFFICERS MARIAN VALLEAU President MARGARET ELLEN COLLINS Vice-President ANNETTE KLINGHOLZ Secretary COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Program Social Service Janet Fergus and Rosalie Herman Frances Hannah Social Publicity Louise Galloway Margaret Schnacke 199 W K Plummet Campbell Bicknell Kees Smith Lewis Stephenson Kendall Knight States Hawkins Ellis Marlowe Waters Neiser Bryant Allen Barker Sutherland Stancil y. m. C. a Senior Cabinet PURPOSE To help students and faculty members find an adequate philosophy of life and lead them into avenues of Christian living. ADVISORY BOARD CHAIRMAN Dr. E. Z. Palmer OFFICERS CAMPBELL MILLER President ARTHUR W. PLUMMER Vice-President ARTHUR BICKNELL Secretary THOMPSON BRYANT Treasurer MEMBERS Arthur Bicknell Jimmy Howell Carl Ramsey Thompson Bryant Herman Kendall Ray Sutherland Manuel Corey Homer Knight Harry Stancil John Gay Dave Lewis Robert States Howard Goodpaster Campbell Miller Everett Stephenson Marshall Guthrie Charles Moore Buford Whitt O. D. Hawkins Arthur Plummer Howard Waters Pete Smith Clayton Young 200 y. fH. C. fl. Soptiomore Group OFFICERS CHARLES BRADFORD President THOMAS BOWLING Vice-President ARTHUR MEADOR Secretary MEMBERS Vernon Albert Edward Crowe Arthur Meador Robert Allphin R. Lee Crowe John Montgomery Bums R. Baker Harold Dorman Kenneth Morgan Frank Bean William Garland Bailey Montjoy William Blandford Robert Harness Louis Rekoon James Bonta Glenn Harney Robert Rice James Bowling Morry Holcomb Charles Robinson Charles Bradford Alvin Isaacs James Rogers Walter Brehm William Karraker John William Stevens Benjamin Butler William Knaebel William Talbott Harry Buttermore Eli Levy Joseph Wade John Clore Lewis Luckett Orville Wheat Reginald Courtois William Cleveland Mahan Ralph Wilhite Fred Pinson Glenn Wilson 201 . C. fl. and y. UJ. C. fl. freslmian Club OFFICERS Co-Presidents ROBERT PFEIFFER LIDA BELLE HOWE Co-Vice Presidents FRANK HUTCHINSON SUSAN DARNELL Co-Secretaries GEORGE TERRELL BERNICE DAUGHERTY COMMITTEE CO-CHAIRMEN Program Bob Spragens Nancy Mohney Social George Nollau Lee Overstreet Membership Frank Hutchinson Susan Darnell Publicity Dorothy Amnions Wallace Hughes Worship Joe Massie Mary Thomas Social Service Patricia Hanauer Ted Meyer 202 7.:! : :ri ; ::r. ' Bryson Palmore Hume Kilpatrick Schreck Dye Peden Snyder Giltner Otter Perkins Lewis Sparks Reichenbach lilomen ' s flttiletic Association PURPOSE The purpose of this organization is to further the athletic interests and activities of the women of the University of Kentucky. The W. A. A. is affiliated with the state and natiotiai organizations of the association and also the National Field Hockey Association. FACULTY ADVISERS Margaret Warren Alberta Server Sarah B. Holmes OFFICERS RUNELLE PALMORE SUE D. SPARKS HAZEL PERKINS NATHALIE DYE President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer COUNCIL Helen Reichenbach, Hockey Manager Jane Crump, Archery Mary Bryson, Volley Ball Anne Otter, Rifle Edith Mae Giltner, Basketball Mary Frances Snyder, Basketball Rena Pearl Peden, Tumbling Josephine Hume. Tennis Frances Laval, Golf Lovaine Lewis, Publicity Nathalie Dye, Baseball Frances Schreck and Gladys Kilpatrick, Hiking, Riding, Swirnming 203 other Organizations PHI BETA KAPPA Dr. R. H. Weaver, President SPANISH CLUB Natalie Corbin, President BETA GAMMA SIGMA Dr. L. H. Carter, President ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Harry M. Smith, President GUIGNOL THEATER Frank Fowler. Producing Director PI MU EPSILON Sally Pence, Adviser PAN-POLITIKON Barbara MacVey, Chairman PI SIGMA ALPHA George Comfort, President CATHOLIC CLUB Bob Houlihan, President PHI EPSILON PHI Joe Moore, President COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Joseph E. Bou rgeois, President ORDER OF THE COIF Amos Eblen, President ALMA MAGNA MATER Walter Flippin, President CAMERA CLUB Robert Young, President GERMAN CLUB Ellen Jay Schoene, President SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON Phil Miles, President KAPPA DELTA PI Mrs. Legrand Briggs, President WHITE MATHEMATICS CLUB Glenn Cark, President PHI MU ALPHA Donald AUton, Sponsor BACTERIOLOGY SOCIETY Sam Saslow, President PATTERSON LITERARY SOCIETY James Wine, President HORTICULTURE CLUB Cyrus Allen. President LA CERCLE FRANCAISE Eugene Thompson, President COMMITTE OF 240 Elmer Sulzer, Director " K " CLUB Harry Brown, President DUTCH LUNCH CLUB Mary Louise McFarland, President 204 n u L n n u u n to fl fitlflOSPKTIVf GLflnCf BfllflGS miflfilfS Of m HIGH SCHOOL flOD fOOR EHVIOBLE COLLtGt yfflRS. TODfly, UIITH DIPLOffl HflOD, ujt fflcf en flvtouf of beckooiog fuiufifs n u - »C5v " " ■»• L i- 7 n v ' r , n u K n u n cno S. A. WALL Treasurer GRACE SILVERMAN Secretary RUNELLE PALMORE Vice-President HOMER " TUB " THOMPSON President NT SfOIORS E06ll]EEIlin6 Ax - WILLI AM B. AUPING .... Cleveland, Ohio JARRED BARRON OWENSBORO Scabbard and Blade S. P. BOURBAKI, Triangle .... CHICAGO, III. American Society of Civil Engineers HERMAN BROOKS Mayfield PAUL H. BROWN AsHLAND Americar; Society of Mechanical Engineers H. ROBERT CLAYTON, JR Versailles President Norwood Mining and Metallurgical Society, Intra- mural Sports GROVER N. CONLEY CoRYDON American Society of Mechanical Engineers CLARENCE G. CONRAD .... Dry Ridge American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Radio Engineer University of Kentucky Broadcasting Studios JOHN ARTHUR CREECH JR., Phi Delta Theta, Danville Norwood Mining and Metallurgical Society. Pershing Rifles. Glee Club FRED V. CROWLEY Lexington 212 (OGioHRine stnioRS f DAVID LEON DAVIS Louisville Tau Beta Pi. American Society of Mechanical Engineers JOHN DICKERMAN .... Northport, N. Y. American Institute of Electrical Engineers WILLIAM ERNEST DUNLAP Kansas City. Kansas American Society of Civil Engineers PALMER DAVIS EVANS Lexington GEORGE FISTER Lexington FRED F. FLOWERS Lexington American Society of Civil Engineers. Keys. Scabbard and Blade. Lances. Pershing Rifles E. H. FOUST Lexington WILLIAM A. GRAY Frankfort American Society of Civil Engineers. Advanced Military WILLIAM H. HALL, Phi Delta Theta Nicholasville Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade. Vice-President Tau Beta Pi. Lances. Treasurer Lamp and Cross. Vice-President American Institute of Electrical Engineers CARL T. HANCOCK Stamping Ground 213 sfnioRS tllBllltERIIlG WICKCLIFFE B. HENDRY, Triangle . . HoLT Pershing Rifles. Scabbard and Blade. Tau Beta Pi RICHARD HUGHES WiLMORE WILLIAM HUND, Alpha Sigma Phi Henderson American Society of Civil Engineers; Vice-President Alpha Sigma Phi EDWARD JEFFERSON. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Providence Tau Beta Pi. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Band FLOYD LACY Hopkinsville Advanced Military. American Society of Civil Engineers FRANK J. LAMBERT, Triangle Schenectady, N. Y. Sigma Pi Sigma. Keys. White Mathematics Club. Junior Prom Committee. Norwood Mining and Metallurgical Society CHARLES O. LANDRUM. Triangle Demossville Pershing Rifles. Scabbard and Blade. American Society of Civil Engineers DAVID LEWIS. II, Alpha Tau Omega, . MiDDLETON, Ohio Treasurer Norwood Mining and Metallurgical Society. YMCA Senior Cabinet. Kcntuckian Staff. President Camera Club. Freshman Advisory Committee. Pitkin Club JOHN T. LYNCH Louisville PHILIP MATHIS, Triangle .... LEXINGTON American Society of Civil Engineers, ROTC Rifle Team 214 fflGIOtffilllB SfOIOfiS GARNI MORETTI JOHN S. MURRAY, JR. Lexington Lexington Frankfort JAMES A. PALMORE, Sigma Chi . American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Inlerfraternity Council. Lamp and Cross. Tau Beta Pi. Keys, YMCA. Senior Cabinet, President Sigma Chi THOMAS J. PATTERSON, Triangle Bardwell American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Lamp and Cross, Student Council, Interfraternity Council JAMES PENICK Lexington GEORGE RASSENFOSS, JR. . . . Mt. Sterling American Society of Civil Engineers. Glee Club. Catholic Club TOM S. RUTH, Triangle OWENSBORO H. C. SATTERFIELD. Alpha Sigma Phi HENDERSON President Alpha Sigma Phi, American Society of Civil Engineers, Interfraternity Council H. C. SCHERFFIUS Murray American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Committee of 240 D. C. SCHAFER Lexington 215 sfoioes fllGlllffRIIIG r -srf- • : CLIFFORD SIMPSON Lexington Tau Beta Pi HARRY R. SMITH Brandenburg Tau Beta Pi PAUL SMITH Bardwell ARRON STEELE Central City ERNEST W. STEPP Nolan, W. Va. J. R. STROHM, Triangle .... CHICAGO, III. Football. Basketball, President Junior Class, Norwood Mining and Metallurgical Socity, Lamp and Cross FRED VAN ARSDELL, Triangle Sharpsburg American Society of Mechanical Engineers MEARL VICE Means STUART WAHL Rochester, N. Y. Treasurer Senior Class. Tau Beta Pi. Sigma Pi Sigma, Intra- mural Sports EARL WELCH, JR Lexington t; Z ' S di 216 fnGinffRinG SOIOfiS NORMAN WIDES President American Society Mechanical Engineers WILLIAM T. YOUNG, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lexington Lexington DDK, Tau Beta Pi. President Sigma Alpha Epsilon, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Interfraternity Council. Scabbard and Blade. Sigma Pi Sigma, Pershing Rifles, Keys, Lances JAMES E. BARTON .... Lexington DWIGHT H. BRAY . FRANKFORT WILLIAM W GREENWELL Morganfield ROBERT S. HIGLEY Cedar Rapids, Iowa WIMMER JOSEPH LEONARD . . Ashland CHARLES W. MATHEWS Louisville LESTER H. REYNOLDS . . . Tyner HAL SCRUGHAM .... Lexington LATHON P. THOMPSON Lexington RAY W. YANCEY FoRT Thomas 217 stniofis flGfilCULIURf : ix?;air«l; • •.AlH . ' U.O. 4 4 «« Krx .M .« CARL W. ALLEN Henderson Alpha Zeta. Horticulture Club, Secretary-Treasurer 4-H Club, YMCA CYRUS D. ALLEN Henderson Agriculture Council, Alpha Zeta, President Horticulture Club, Poulty Club, YMCA Freshman Cabinet, Pitkin Club ROXIE ARNOLD Bowling Green JAMES ART EWING MARY BINA BAIRD HODGENVILLE Vice-President Phi Upsilon Omicron, Agriculture Council, . WS. President Home Economics Club, 4-H Club, Committee of 240, YWCA, President Shelby House PAUL T, BARNETT Bagdad Vice-President Alpha Zeta, Secretary Block and Bridle, President Poultry Club, Treasurer Agriculture Council, Treasurer Baptist Student Union, Horticulture Club, 4-H Club, Alma Magna Mater PEARL BEGLEY HVDEN AUDRA EARL BELL Providence Livestock Judging Team, Block and Bridle, Poultry Club, Dairy Club WENDELL BINKLEY, Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle FRANCES BOWER Fulton Parksville Camera Club, WAA, Agriculture Society, Home Economics Club, Bacteriology Society 220 IIGfllCULIURf stniofis BOYD BOYLES MARY JANE BRALY, Kappa Delta TOMPKINSVILLE Madisonville Committee of 240. Vice-President Home Economics Club. YWCA. Sophomore Commission, AWS. Treasurer Kappa Delta BERTHA FRANCES BROCK Home Economics Club. YWCA CECILIA BROWN Home Economics Club Paris Olive Hill MILDRED KATHERINE BROWN YWCA. 4-H Club, Home Economics Club RAY BROWNFIELD Brandenburg Buffalo Vice-President Block and Bridle. 4-H Club. Horticulture Club. Baptist Student Union BESSIE CAMPBELL . , . , YWCA. 4-H Club, Home Economics Club KEARNEY CAMPBELL Committee of 240. Block and Bridle Butler Taylorsville ALFRED DONALD CAVEN Football Manager NORVEL A. COLBERT Cincinnati, Ohio Bedford 4-H Club. Agriculture Society. Committee of 240. Block and Bridle 221 SfOIORS flGfilCULIUfif GEORGIA ELLYN CONLEY Falcon YWCA. Home Economics Club, Committee of 240. 4-H Club BEN F. COTTRELL Stamping Ground Block and Bridle, Poultry Club, Dairy Club, Livestock Judging Team, YMCA ELLEN K. COYTE, Alpha Gamma Delta Louisville YWCA, WAA, Kentuckian Staff, Home Economics Club CORNELIA K. CRAFTEN Henderson Phi Upsilon Omicron, YWCA. Home Economics Club, Inde- pendent Club, 4-H Club MARTHA CRAVENS Home Economics Club, YWCA BERNARD M. CRIGGER Poultry Club Morton ' s Gap West Van Lear HORACE NEWTON DAVIS, JR. Block and Bridle JANE DAVIS Lexington Lexington YWCA, Home Economics Club, Pitkin Club. Dutch Lunch Club Maysville MOLLIE DAY, Chi Omega YWCA, WAA. Home Economics Club. Girls ' Band. Alma Magna Mater SIDNEY W. DeLONG, Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zeta. Block and Bridle Lexington 222 aefiicuLTURf stnioRS MABEL DIETZ Home Economics Club WiLMORE GLADYS DIMOCK, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Lexington CATHERINE DURHAM, Delta Zeta YWCA. Home Economics Club VIRGINIA DYER Greensburg Des Moines, Iowa Phi Upsilon Oinicron. Treasurer Mortar Board, YWCA. Home Home Economics Club MARIE EBA, Kappa Delta . Cleveland, Ohio Home Economics Club. YWCA. Secretary Kappa Delta CAROLYN ELAM Home Economics Club Lexington JOHN W. FIETZ University Band. Phi Mu Alpha Somerset C. H. FLANNERY AULT ALICE G. ford, Alpha Gamma Delta Owensboro Home Economics Club. 4-H Club. YWCA. WAA. Transfer Club BERL fowler. Alpha Gamma Rho MadiSONVILLE Block and Bridle. Agriculture Society. Dairy Club. YMCA. 4-H Club 223 stniORS flGRICULTURf Hm k HELEN FRANTZ YWCA. Home Economics Club JOHNNY EMERY GAMBILL LULA GARDHOUSE, Kappa Delta AWS. Home Economics Club. YWCA JAMES GAY MARY NELL GILLESPIE YWCA, WAA. Home Economics Club Lexington Datha Louisville Mt. Sterling Paducah WILLIAM HOWARD HARDIN Taylorsville Livestock Judging Team, Block and Bridle MARVIN T, HARNED, Alpha Gamma Rbo LYONS RUTH HARRIS Alexandria D, STANLEY HOLLON WARREN HOLT, Alpha Gamma Rho Treasurer Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle Jackson Arlington 224 flGRICULTURf SfdlORS WOODROW HOUSE HUGHES . . Trammel Alpha Zeta. Block and Bridle. Livestock Judging Team FLORINE HURT, Delta Zeta Albany YWCA. Dutch Lunch Club. Home Economics Club, Committee of 240. Agriculture Societ.v. Pan-Hellenic Council MARJORIE JENKINS Lexington Phi Beta Kappa. Treasurer Phi Beta. Owens. Guignol. Pitkin Club. Phi Beta Kappa Freshman Scholarship Award. Sophomore Commission. Junior Round Table. Senior Forum. YWCA. WAA. Home Economics Club. German Club. Baptist Student Union. Dutch Lunch Club. Pryor Pre-Med Society. Bacteriology Society. Camera Club JOHN B. JOHNSON Sadieville JOHN B. JONES Somerset Block and Bridle Club ZONA SEARS JONES Elihu Home Economics Club. YWCA CHARLES KELLY. Sigma Phi Epsilon Block and Bridle Club MARY BYRD KENDALL, Kappa Delta Lexington Cynthiana Sophomore Commission. Junior Round Table. Senior Cabinet. Senior Forum. YWCA. Secretary Home Economics Club. National Secretary American Country Life Association. 4-H Club. Agriculture Society, Democratic Club. Alma Magna Mater PRITCHARD KING WALLACE KING John ' s Run Berry h. - A • -H ' l ' - v, ,, ;«;_ :: , " 225 sfnioRS flGRICULTUfit n I I :r ii r. TO 1 JAMES HAROLD KITCHEN Block and Bridle Club MARGARET CLEO LANE Versailles Lexington YWCA, Junior Round Table. Senior Forum. Home Economics Club WILLIAM McCLENDON Somerset WILLIAM G. McCONNELL, Alpha Gamma Rho. Princeton Glee Club. Block and Bridle, Vice-President Alpha Gamma Rho. Kentuckian Staff. Lances. Interfraternity Council, YMCA OSCAR McCUTCHEN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Paducah Scabbard and Blades, Pershing Rifles REUBEN McKENZIE Martha Agriculture Society, Horticulture Club, Poultry Club, 4-H Club BOURKE MANTLE, Alpha Gamma Rho Bardwell Block and Bridle, Dairy Club, Intramural Sports HELEN MASTIN Cynthiana Home Economics Club, YWCA MAYME MATHERLY Springfield Home Economics Club, YWCA MARIA JANE MESHEW Arlington Phi Upsilon Omicron. Home Economics Club, Committee of 240, YWCA 226 flGRICULIURf SfniORS CAMPBELL E. MILLER, Alpha Gamma Rho, Lexington Omicron Delta Kappa. Alpha Zeta. Freshman Cabinet YMCA. Pitkin Club. President Patterson Literary Society, Debate Team. Secretary Horticulture Club. President YMCA LEVIANNA MILLER, Chi Omega YWCA. Home Economics Club MARIAN MILLER YWCA. Home Economics Club Eminence JANE MITCHELL, Kappa Delta YWCA. Home Economics Club. Committee of 240 Hatcher Irvine BEATRICE MONK East Springfield, N. Y. YWCA. Home Economics Club. WAA VIRGINIA NICHOLS Paducah YWCA. Home Economics Club, Dutch Lunch Club. Chairman Leadership Group LILLIAN OTHELLE PIPER .... Clinton Home Economics Club. 4-H Club. YWCA, Rifle Squad HENRY H. POPE NAN OWENS Hazard Glee Club, Home Economics Club, Baptist Student Union CHARLOTTE PERCIVAL. Delta Zeta Clermont, Fla. 11] Guignol Theater. YWCA. AWS. Panhellenic Council Harlan JT- 227 flGRICULTUflf JAMES QUISENBERRY, Alpha Gamma Rho, Winchester President Alpha Gamma Rho. President Block and Bridle, Business Manager Kentuckian. Treasurer SuKy. Student Council. Agriculture Council. Alpha Zeta. Omicron Delta Kappa ELIZABETH BOYER RICE Home Economics Club Silver Grove BEVERLY RICHARDS . . . . Home Economics Club. YWCA. 4-H Club VIRGINIA ROBERSON, Delta Zeta 4-H Club. Home Economics Club. YWCA Warsaw Elizaville GENEVIEVE ROBINETTE PiKEVILLE LA VERNE ROYALTY WiLLlSBURG Home Economics Club. YWCA. Phi Upsilon Omicron ROBERT WILLIAM RUDD, Alpha Gamma Rho . HANSON President Alpha Zeta, Agriculture Society, Block and Bridle, Lamp and Cross, YMCA ERNA SAHLI, Kappa Delta Buffalo, N. Y. WILLIAM DALE SCOTT . , . . Lexington Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Dairy Club, 4-H Club DAN F. SHACKLETTE MORGANFIELD 228 llGBICULIURt StniORS •s t •-• «« GRACE SILVERMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. President Phi Upsilon Omicron. Mortar Board. Secretary Cwens. Vice-President Chi Delta Phi. Kernel Staff. Co- Editor Freshman " K " Book LUCILLE SKIDMORE .... YWCA. 4-H Club. Home Economics Club Harlan MARY JANE SMITH, Chi Omega YWCA. Home Economics Club, WAA Belfry EVERETTE STEPHENSON , . . , Carlisle Alpha Zeta. Block and Bridle. YMCA. 4-H Club. Dairy Club NAOMI STEPHENSON Home Economics Club. YWCA GEORGE STILES MAURICE STURGILL WILLIAM F. THRELKELD Block and Bridle. Horticulture Club. 4-H Club JAMES DAVIS TOLBERT, Kappa Alpha Alpha Zeta. Glee Club JENNIE MAE TRIGG YWCA, Home Economics Club, 4-H Club Carlisle Stiles Shelbiana Uniontown OWENTON Louisville 229 SffllORS flGfilCULIURf 0t£C£ r LOUISE TUCKER Parksville Bacteriology Society. German Club. Dutch Lunch Club. Agriculture Society. Home Economics Club MALLIE ROBINETTE TURNER Home Economics Club. YWCA. 4-H Club Drift AUSTINE TUTTLE Lexington JOSEPH J. VOLL Louisville Poultry Club. Dairy Club. Agriculture Society MALLIE TAYLOR VOLL Gamaliel Home Economics Club. 4-H Club, YWCA. Baptist Student Union. Agriculture Society CECIL CALVIN WALKER . . Germantown Dairy Club. Horticulture Club. Poultry Club EDNA LYNN WHAYNE .... YWCA. WAA. Home Economics Club. 4-H Club Clinton HOLACE WHITNEY Alpha Zeta. 4-H Club GRAHAM WILKINS Campbellsville Fulton Block and Bridle. Poultry Club. Alpha Zeta. Dairy Club. YMCA STANLEY S. WILLMOTT Horticulture Club Lexington ■SiTrl -- ' •••- -•■«, .»—•« •. » . •z - . —.„ 230 (IGRICULTUIIE StniORS JEAN WILSON Richmond RALPH WINCHESTER Alpha Zeta Buffalo Valley, Tenn. RAY ALLEN WOOD FRANCES LEE YOUNG, Kappa Delta Phi Upsilon Omicron, Mortar Board Lexington Frankfort JAMES R. YOUNG Alpha Zeta. Phi Epsilon Phi Central City HARRY C. BROWN MORRIS P. CAUDILL CECIL L. ELMORE CHESTER F. ESHAM ROBERT T. FAULKNER CECIL B. GORDON Paint Lick . Salyersville Cleveland, Tenn. KiNNlCONICK Leitchfield Flemingsburg EARL GREGORY CARL T. HADDEN ROBERT W. HARRISON JAMES N. MARSH JAMES N. WALLACE BURNETT W. WHITT Stamping Ground Elkton Lexington Paris Parksville Sandy Hook BESSIE K. CAMPBELL ANNA LOUISE KELLEY AGNES MESSERSMITH HOME ECONOMICS Butler Lexington Lexington SALLY PEMBERTON Lexington CLARA ELIZABETH ROBINSON Willard KATHRYN LAY WILEY Barbourville 231 sfnioRS liiiis flfiD scitncts JEAN ABEL, Kappa Delta Lexington Guignol. Phi Beta. YWCA. Radio Players. SuKy. Chi Delta Phi. Cwens. Pan-Hellenic Council. Pre.sident Kappa Delta MOLLY AGREE, Alpha Gamma Delta Paducah ywCA, Committee of 240. AWS. Bacteriology Club. House Committee of Student Union Building E. M. ALLEN, JR., Kappa Alpha JEFFERSONTOWN ELLEN ELAINE ALLISON, Alpha Xi Delta . Millersburg Alma Magna Mater. Spanish Club. Pan-Hellenic Council. Radio Broadcasting. Glee Club. Chori ters. Phi Beta. YWCA LESLIE ALLISON Phi Alpha Theta VIRGINIA ALSOP. Kappa Kappa Gamma YWCA Paris Lexington CAROLD ARNOLD Pryor Pre-Med Society, Guignol. German Club Sturgis DOROTHY B. BABBITT, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Louisville President Pan-Hellenic Council. YWCA. Guignol. Spanish Club. WAA. President Kappa Kappa Gamma ROY W. BACHMEYER, Sigma Chi Ft. Thomas Pershing Rifles, Rifle Team, YMCA, Advanced Military. Scabbard and Blade. Treasurer Sigma Chi ALICE WOOD BAILEY, Alpha Xi Delta Lexington Kentuckian. Kernel. Alma Magna Mater. French Club. Vice- President SuKy. Sour Mash. WAA. Dutch Lunch Club. Pan- Hellenic Council. Junior Prom Court, May Day Court. Assis- tant Manager Rifl e Team. Secretary and Vice-President Al- pha Xi Delta 234 flRTS floo scitncts SfOIORS EILEENE BAKER, Delta Delta Delta JACK BAKER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon BURKESVILLE Paducah BETTY LOU BAKHAUS. Delta Delta Delta Lexington YWCA, Guignol, Dutch Lunch Club, Band Spon.sor. Attend- ant to Kentuckian Queen. ROTC Regimental Sponsor MARTHA BARTON Erlanger MARGIE BAXTER EUGENE BELL Lexington Lexington MARK K. BOLAND, Delta Delta Delta. Williamson, W. Va. SIDNEY BUCKLEY, Alpha Tau Omega Sturgis Editor 1939 Kentuckian. President Student Council, Omicron Delta Kappa. Radio Players, Patterson Literary Society. Treasurer Delta Sigma Chi, Keys, Secretary Alpha Tau Omega, Assistant News Editor Kernel, Guignol. Sour Mash, Committee of 240, Who ' s Who Among Students JOHN VICTOR CASE, JR. ANN CHAMBERS, Alpha Gamma Delta. Harrodsburg Lexington YWCA. Pitkin Club. Sophomore Commission. Junior Round Table, Senior Forum, Transfer Club, Alma Magna Mater, Vice-President Alpha Gamma Delta r4 ;. ;3;c n: ::-■ ' iTr. y: 235 sfnioRS flfilS HOD SCItOCfS MARTHA CHAUVET, Kappa Kappa Gamma, OAK Park, III. Catholic Club, Pryor Pre-Med Society. AWS. YWCA MARY WALKER CHRISTIAN Secretary Theta Sigma Phi. YWCA Horse Cave LILLIAN B. CLARK. Alpta Gamma Delta LEXINGTON YWCA. Dutch Lunch Club. Kernel. Guigiiol. French Club. Catholic Club WALTER S. COE, Pti Kappa Tau Erlanger Interfraternity Council. Lamp and Cross. Pryor Pre-Med So- ciety, Lances, President Phi Kappa Tau ELIZABETH COLE WAA, YWCA. Pryor Pre-Med Society ROBERT COLE. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Nicholasville Hazard ACHEL B, CALVIN NATALIE CORBIN, Kappa Delta Williamstown Lexington President and Vice-President Spanish Club. YWCA. Dutch Lunch Club TAPP CORBIN, Alpha Sigma Phi CLARENCE COURTNEY Nebo Erlanger 236 efiis HUD scitncts stniORS WALTER RUSSELL COX ELIZABETH GRAIN, Alpha Gamma Delta Greensburg Lexington KATHERINE CROUSE. Chi Omega Lexington Cwens. Mortar Board. Guignol. YWCA. Phi Beta Kappa JANE CRUMP, Chi Omega WAA, YWCA, Guignol Park City PHOEBE DANN. Kappa Kappa Gamma, St. Petersburg, Fla- CHARLEENE DAVIDSON. Delta Delta Delia . Uniontown FRANK F. DAVIS, Delta Tau Delta Paducah Pershing Rifles. Advanced Military. Freshman Military Cup. Sophomore Military Cup. Guignol Production Staff. Radio Staff. Interfraternity Council. Executive Council Pan Politi- kon Vice-President Pryor Pre-Med Society. German Club. Treasurer Delta Tau Delta GYPSY JO DAVIS Middlesboro AWS Council. YWCA. Senior Cabinet. Senior Forum RAYMOND FRANKLIN DAVIS .... YMCA Cabinet. Cosmopolitan Club. Committee of 240 EZEL VIRGINIA DICKEY Flemingsburg YWCA. Treasurer Phi Alpha Theta. Committee of 240, Phi Beta Kappa, French Club 3c;i?i{ f :i;iiM;::j; 237 SffllORS ARTS flllD SCIfOCtS VERNON ELIZABETH DODSON ARTHUR J. DOTSON, Kappa Sigma Lexington Lexington Scabbard and Blade. Pershing Rifles. Secretary Kappa Sig- ma. Kernel. Intramural Manager TAVNER DUNLAP Versailles Pershing Rifles, German Club. Pryor Pre-Med Society DOROTHY ELLIOTT. Delta Delta Delta LEXINGTON Pan-Hellenic Council, French Club. Guignol. YWCA, Dutch Lunch Club GRACE D, EMBRY. Chi Omega ywCA. French Club HARRIET ESTES, Chi Omega Chi Delta Phi. YWCA Lexington Macon, Ga. JANE EVANS. Delta Delta Delta J. B. FAULCONER, Delta Tau Delta NiCHOLASVILLE Lexington Assistant Managing Editor Kernel. Special Editor Kentuc- kian. Senior Basketball Manager. Delta Sigma Chi. Guignol, Scabbard and Blade. Intramural Manager Delta Tau Delta. Senior Cabinet YMCA. Sour Mash. Assistant Sports Editor Kernel, F ' reshman Cabinet YMCA. Pledge President of Delta Tau Delta CYLE FERGUSON Pryor Pre-Med Society M. C. FORBES Alpha Chi Sigma MiDDLESBORO HOPKINSVILLE 238 llfiTS HUD SCIfOCtS stniofis MERLE W. FOWLER, JR., Alpha Tau Omega . . IRVINE Interfraternlty Council. Pershing Rifles. Scabbard and Blade. YMCA. Pryor Pre-Med Society. Glee Club VIRGINIA FOWLER, Kappa Delta YWCA Paris ROGER FUSON, Si ma Nu Pryor Pre-Med Society Hazard SARAH GAITSKI LL, Kappa Kappa Gamma Paris YWCA. Sophomore Commission. Gulgnol. Radio Staff HELEN ADELE GARONO Buffalo, N. Y. Bacteriology Society. Catholic Club. AWS Council. Pitkin Club RUMSEY ELLIOTT GARRISON Lawrenceburg Glee Club. Pershing Rifles. Delta Sigma Chi. Associate Edi- tor Kernel AGNES GILBERT, Kappa Kappa Gamma . Lawrenceburg VICTOR GINSLER Treasurer Bacteriology Society Bellerose, N. Y. WILLIAM EARLE GORMAN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Lexington Pryor Pre-Med Society ANN YOUNG GUYN, Delta Delta Delta . . Nicholasville :5bi;HHhc:}i»iiiKi:r?UUaiil! i;:5J-?J?Bi 239 sehiors iiRis flfiD scitncts i;; F. J. HALCOMB, Phi Kappa Tau Pryor Pre-Med Society. Committee of 240 MARK HARRIS Franklin New York, N. Y. NANCY B. HARRISON, Chi Omega Akron, O. French Club. Camera Club. Orchestra, YWCA. WAA. German Club LOUIS HAYNES, Delta Tau Delta OWENSBORO As. i-staiit Managing Editor Kernel, Assistant Sports Editor Kernel. Senior Tennis Maiiager STANLEY HAYS, Delta Tau Delta McDowell Fencing Team. Pershing Rifles. Scabbard and Blade. Pitkin Club. Guignol HERBERT HILLENMEYER, Phi Delta Theta . Lexington Catholic Club. Vice-President Interfraternity Council. Vice- Fresideiit Junior Class. Lamp and Cross. President Phi Delta Theta. Scabbard and Blade. Captain Swimming Teaiii MARY LEE HOPE, Delta Delta Delta, St. Petersburg, Fla. Treasurer Delta Delta Delta, YWCA ROBERT V. HOSKINS LOYALL Pryor Pre-Med Society. German Club. YMCA. Bacteriology Society. Physiologists ' Luncheon Club HARRY MACK HUGHES Lexington Delta Sigma Chi, Football Manager. Golf Teain. Kernel Staff. Sour Mash. Kentuckian. Camera Club DONALD IRVINE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lexington Guignol. Associate Editor Kernel. Editor Sour Mash. Patter- son Literary Society. President Delta Sigma Chi, Microphone Players, Kentuckian Staff 240 ARTS HOD SCIfOCtS StniOfiS VIRGINIA JACKSON Lexington Baptist Student Union. French Club. Guignol. YWCA. Dutch Lunch Club WINIFRED JAYNE, Delta Zeta Vice-President Delta Zeta. YWCA. WAA Lexington LESLIE LEE JONES Louisville Mortar Board. YWCA. President Theta Sigma Phi, Associate Editor Kernel. Kentuckian Staff. Treasurer Chi Delta Phi. Co-Editor K Book. Editor University Bulletin. Secretary AWS. Pitkin Club HERMAN KENDALL Ashland Pi Sigma Alpha. Patterson Literary Society, Pan Politikon. Guignol. Glee Club. President Independent Association. Pitkin Club. Freshman Ad Committee MARY M. KIRKPATRICK, Kappa Kappa Gamma Paris YWCA, Dutch Lunch Club, Radio Staff E. KATHRYN KRUSE, Zeta Tau Alpha Committee of 240, Radio Staff, YWCA JANE LA FETRA, Chi Omega YWCA. Bacteriology Society Louisville LOCKPORT, N. Y. JUNE LASSING, Delta Delta Delta . St. Petersburg, Fla. YWCA. President German Club JANE LEWIS, Alpha Gamma Delta Chi Delta Phi LLOYD H. LEWIS, JR Kernel Staff. Freshman Advisory Committee Fulton DiONE ■ ' li ' .rt ' lH ii 241 stniofis flfiis HUD scitncts RUTH JEAN LEWIS London YWCA. Kernel Staff. Phi Beta. Theta Sigma Phi. Guignol. University Bulletin Staff EDWARD SPENCER LISLE Lexington MARY LEE LITTELL LEXINGTON YWCA, Secretary Phi Epsilon Phi. Dutch Lunch Club CHARLES SUTTON LONG Lexington WINIFRED LUCAS Frankfort AWS. German Club. French Club, Guignol. Sour Mash Staff. White Mathematics Club. YWCA. Dutch Lunch Club JEAN Mcelroy, Alpha Xi Delta . . . PRINCETON Theta Sigina Phi. Chi Delta Phi. News Editor Kernel MARY LOUISE McKENNA Glee Club. Radio Staff. Phi Beta Lexington GEORGE MARTIN, Lambda Chi Alpha Cincinnati, O. President Lambda Chi Alpha. Spanish Club MARY E. MILLS, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . FRANKFORT ALBERT W. MOFFETT, Kappa Alpha Lexington Second Lieutenant Pershing Rifles. Captain Scabbard and Blade. Guignol. President Kappa Alpha iSss-i-snc-.nnii. 242 ARTS HUD scifncfs SffllORS GENEVIEVE MONTGOMERY Kappa Kappa Gamma AWS Council, YWCA MARTHA MOORE, Alpha Gamma Delta Frankfort Fulton Theta Sigma Phi Kernel Staff, Kentuckian Staff, Treasurer Alpha Gamma Delta MONROE MOOSNICK JOHN H. MORGAN, Lambda Chi Alpha Versailles Madisonville Advertising Manager Kernel, Kentuckian Staff. Radio Staff, Keys, Interfraternity Council, Committee of 240. Executive Committee of Pan Politikon, YWCA, ODK EDWIN H. MUEHSLER, Delta Tau Delta . Rockford, III. Vice-President ODK. President Managing Editor Kernel, Delta Tau Delta. Guignol VIVIAN MUNICH Lexington WILLIAM TAYLOR NEEDHAM NANCY ORRELL, Alpha Gamma Delta Jackson KUTTAWA Theta Sigma Phi. Kentuckian Staff. Associate Editor Kernel, YWCA. Committee of 240. Second Vice-President Alpha Gamma Delta RUNELLE PALMORE Horse Cave student Union Board. Mortar Board. President WAA. Vice- President Senior Class, YWCA Cabinet, Vice-President Pit- kin Club, AWS Council. Guignol ORVILLE M. PATTON, Delta Tau Delta Jackson Vice-President Delta Tau Delta. Interfraternity Council. Keys. Guignol. Alpha Delta Sigma, Sour Mash Staff, Intra- mural Sports 243 stniORS flfiTS flno scitncts A. W. PLUMMER, Kappa Sigma MiLLERSBURG President Freshman YMCA. Pitkin Club. Keys, President Sopohomore Class. First Sergeant Persiiing Rifles. Lances. Regimental Sergeant Major. Vice-President YMCA. Scabbard and Blad°. Alpha Chi Sigma. Captain Pershing Rifles. Stu- dent Union Board of Directors. Who ' s Who Among Students, ODK. Phi Beta Kappa. Student Council ESTHER RANKIN, Zeta Tau Alpha Lexington President and Vice-President Zeta Tau Alpha. YWCA, Pan- Hellenic Council. Dutch Lunch Club ROBERT M. RANKIN, Phi Sigma Kappa Dayton Guignol. Kernel. Keys. Lances. Delta Sigma Chi, Varsity Track. YMCA. Senior Section Leader. Sour Mash Staff. Pre- sident of Phi Sigma Kappa KARL E. RAPP, Alpha Tau Omega Advanced Military. Glee Club. YMCA. American Chemical Society BETHEL REAM, Kappa Sigma Catholic Club Glasgow student Affiliate of Versailles SARAH RENAKER, Alpha Deha Theta Lexington ANN RHODES, Delta Delta Delta Glee Club. YWCA. French Club RUTH RICHMOND, Chi Omega YWCA MARJORIE RIESER Charleston, W.Va. Murray Louisville Treasurer Theta Sigma Phi. Guignol. Kernel Staff. Kentuc- kian Staff MARY JANE ROSY Lexington President Cwens. Outstanding Freshman Award. Business Manager K Boole Two Years. Chairman Freshman YWCA. Sophomore Commission. Junior Round Table, Senior Cabi- net, Secretary-Treasurer International Relations Club. AWS Award to Outstanding Junior Girl. May Day Court. Secre- tary Mortar Board, Secretary-Treasurer Pi Sigma Alpha. Chairman National Cwens Convention. Pitkin Club. Pan- Politikon Committee, Membership Chairman Dutch Lunch Club, Student Union Building Committee 244 ARTS HOD SCItOCfS SfniORS i- ' i.iiK -r rr. DAVE ROGAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon MiDDLESBORO Track Team, Boxing Tea m. Cross Comitrv Team. Captain Golf Team MICHAEL ROWADY Pi Sigma Alpha Winchester RAYMOND SCHLACHTER, Alpha Sigma Phi . LEXINGTON Catholic Club. Kernel Staff MANUEL SCHOFMAN, Phi Kappa Tau Pryor Pre-Med Society. Cheer Leader. SuKy Ashland WILLIAM P. SCULLY, JR Lexington Catholic Club. German Club. Kernel Staff CLIFFORD F. SHAW, Alpha Tau Omega Louisville Vice-President Delta Sigma Chi. Microphone Players. Uni- versity Band. Sour Mash. Associate News Editor Kernel, Pro- motion Director Guignol WILLIAM SHEPHERD Wilmore PAUL WELCH SIMPSON .... NlCHOLASVlLLE SYLVIA SKULLER Lexington FRANCIS JEROME SMITH .... Louisville 245 stnioRS flfiTS m scitncts . - ' ♦• » ' - " ■ . » •■ " -i " " " ■ • • •• » W V » ' V k LILLIAN FRANCES SMITH SUE D. SPARKS, Alpha Xi Delta Lexington Lexington President Mortar Board. Vice-President YWCA, YWCA Cabinet. Vice-President WAA. Cwens. Vice-President Phi Epsilon Phi. Pitkin Club. Alma Magna Mater RAY ST. JOHN, Alpha Sigma Phi . . SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Guignol. Catholic Club, Advertising Staff Sour Mash MARGARET STEWART, Alpha Xi Delta Lexington President Alpha Xi Delta. President Women ' s Choral Club, Secretary Pan-Hellenic Council. Cwens. Mortar Board, WAA. Sophomore Commission. Junior Round Table. Senior Cabi- net. Women ' s Rifle Team MILTON JOHNSON STEWART MARY ANN STILZ, Alpha Gamma Delta Covington Lexington YWCA, Sophomore Commission, Junior Round Table, Sen- ior Forum. Guignol, Vice-President Phi Beta. Vice-President AWS. Cwens. Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa RAYMOND SUTHERLAND Lexington President Pitkin Club, YWCA Cabinet. Patterson Literary Society. Lances, Oratorical Champion DAVID BOVARD THOMAS, Kappa Sigma YMCA, Committee of 240 ELIZABETH RHE TILLETT Versailles Danville YWCA. Cwens. Mortar Board, Phi Beta. Junior Round Table, Glee Club. Committee of 240. Girl ' s Band. Senior Forum LILA TITSWORTH, Chi Omega Bandana President Chi Omega, Vice-President Bacteriology Society, Committee of 240 246 flUTS flOD scitncts stnioRS RUTH S. TRAMMELL CHARLES A. VANCE Lexington LETCHER E. TRENT, Sigma Chi . . . Lexington Lexington PATTIE VAN METER, Kappa Kappa Gamma. WINCHESTER YWCA. Secretary Kappa Kappa Gamma. Dutch Luncli Club VERNARD F. VOSS, Phi Kappa Tau Latonia YMCA. Bacteriology Society. Pryor Pre-Med Society, Sec- retary Phi Kappa Tau O ff HERSCHEL WARD, Lambda Chi Alpha Van Lear RUTH WARE, Kappa Kappa Gamma Kentuckiah Staff ALFRED WATHEN, Sigma Phi Epsilon Kernel Staff DOROTHY WATKINS CHARLES F. WILKINS Georgetown Bardstown Lexington Hopkinsville i :;; 247 stnioes ARTS BOO SCIfnCfS VIVIAN ELIZABETH WILKINSON Glasgow WAA. YWCA, Glee Club. University 4-H Club. Committee C of 240, Girl ' s Band JESSE D. WILLMOTT. Alpha Tau Omega . . Lexington E. C. WOOTON, JR., Delta Tau Delta Alma Magna Mater. Lances, Band. YMCA KITTY JANE WOOTTON Kernel Staff ANNE WYATT. Alpha Xi Delta German Club, YWCA Hazard Frankfort Paris W. F. ADAMS .... ANNA M. ASBURY JAMES BANNAHAN WANDA BERRY ANN A. BISHOP ESTHER M. BOLOTIN SCOTT BRECKENRIDGE JAMES CARSON VITO HERBERT CATENARO, JOSEPH W. CHENIAE LOUISE SWINFORD CLARK EDITH FROST COLBERT Louisville AUGUST. Lexington Versailles Winchester Lexington Lexington Lexington Uniontown, Pa. Lexington Lexington Berea LAWRENCE COLLINS . . Whitesburg EUGENE CORUM .... Louisville WILLIAM C. CROWELL Maysville MARY DAINGERFIELD LEXINGTON NANCY BLANCHE DAUGHERTY. Nicholasville DAVID H. DORTON Paintsville ARTHUR J. DOTSON . LEXINGTON HELEN CECIL FEARING Lexington HERSCHEL FOUST .... LEXINGTON ROBERT GODFREY Lexington STEVEN J. GREGA Lynch MARGARET GRIPPING . Lexington 248 MTS HUD scitncfs stnioRS VIRGINIA GRIFFING LEXINGTON LESLIE GROSS Frankfort ALICE ELAINE HARPER Kenova, W. Va. JAMES HUMPHRIES .... Cadiz JOSEPH INTERMAGGIO Oceanside, N. Y. EDWARD HAROLD KASS Westbury. N. Y. A. H. LAZARUS New York, N. Y. NORMAN V. LEWIS .... Ashland JAMES A. LYLE .... Lexington THOMAS MAGRAW Cadiz LLOYD MAHAN Lexington WILLIAM A. MERTON Lexington JOSEPH C. MOORE .... Covington ELIZABETH MOSELEY Lexington MALCOLM PATTERSON Lexington H. P. PRICHARD Paris HAROLD J. ROSE Ludlow GEORGINE D ' JALNA RUMRILL, Harrodsburg JERRY SCHULTZ BARNEY G. SIMMS ROBERT SMEDLEY SUSAN SMITH MARTHA STAPLES WILLIAM O. STONE WALLACE SWINK JAMES TAUL FRANCES R. UTLEY CHARLES VANAMAN EUDORA ALICE VANCE BEAUMONT W. WHITAKER ALICE WILKERSON CARL E. WILLIAMS SQUIRE WILLIAMS FRANCES WOODS MARJORIE WOOLFOLK Mt. Olivet Springfield Lexington Chattanooga, Tenn. Lexington hopkinsville Lexington Winchester Portsmouth. O. Lexington owensboro Frankfort Valley Station Lexington Lexington Ashland Chicago, III. WILLIAM WORTH Lexington 249 SffllORS comfiifRCf JULIAN B. ADAMS . . . . . Covington Beta Gamma Sigma VASHTI ALBERT Harlan YWCA, WAA BETSY ALLEN, Chi Omega Paris YWCA. WAA. Treasurer and Vice--President Chi Omega DELYNN E. ANDERSON Stearns HAROLD ARNOLD Sturgis Guignol. YMCA HAROLD B. BAER DANVILLE EVERETTE LESLIE BAILEY ELLIOTT BEARD, Kappa Alpha Shelbyville Shelbyville President SuKy, Vice-President Kappa Alpha. Advanced Military. " Who ' s Who Among Students " MARSHALL BEARD, Kappa Alpha WYMAN BISHOP, Pi Kappa Alpha President Pi Kappa Alpha Shelbyville Louisville 252 comnifRCf Sfniofis ANDRE BOWNE, Pi Kappa Alpha Guignol. Glee Club. Track CHARLES C. BOYD Lexington Maysville RAY BROWN, Phi Delta Theta . . . Frankfort Lamp and Cross BERT BRUMETT Shelbyville YMCA DON BUCHANAN Lexington SuKy, Lances. Pitkin Club WALTER BUTT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Fulton Glee Club CHARLES CARPENTER .... Lexington FRANK C. CLARK Sea Cliff, N. Y. Fencing Team JACK CLARK, Alpha Tau Omega YMCA Paris DOROTHY CLEMENTS, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lexington Cwens. Kernel. YWCA Cabinet. Treasurer Kappa Kappa Gamma. Dutch Lunch Club 253 SfOIOfiS commfRCf JACK CLINKINBEARD, Phi Kappa Tau SuKy CHARLES C. COMBEST Lexington Liberty M. C. COMBS Hazard CLAYTON CONGLETON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lexington YMCA BERNARD CRUTCHER .... Frankfort University Military and Concert Band, Sargents Club, YMCA HOWARD NEWTON DAVIS WILLIAMSTOWN Secretary-Treasurer International Relations Club, BSU Council. YMCA. Freshman Advisory Council KADELL DORN President Chi Delta Phi A. S. DORSEY, Phi Sigma Kappa Greenwood, S. C. Bellevue JAMES DOWNING, Delta Chi Catholic Club, YMCA CORBIN JIM F. DOYLE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . MONTCLAIR, N. J, Football. Boxing, Swimming. Captain Track. YMCA, Cath- olic Club 254 commfRCf StOIOflS ' .ajciX; ; :: FRANK ELLIS, Phi Kappa Tau California, Ky. Radio Broadcasting. Guignol. YMCA. Pitkin Club, Spanisli Club. Committee of 240 RALPH FRANZ Russell J. LEE FRIEDMAN Louisville Beta Gamma Sigma. Chairman Senior Prom Committee WILLIAM J. GORMAN .... Board of Directors Student Union Building Frankfort FLORENCE E. GREENE, Alpha Xi Delta, Mt. Sterling YWCA. Committee of 240 GLEN HARDYMAN, Kappa Sigma Maysville BERNARD J. HARRIS Louisville MARSHALL FRAZEE HART. Kappa Alpha, Flemingsburg YMCA. Committee of 240. Scabbard and Blade. Intramural Sports J. EMMETT HATCHETT DIXIE COMBS HELLMERS. Delta Zeta Harrodsburg Hazard YWCA, WAA. Secretary and Publicity Chairman Delta Zeta. Alma Magna Mater ::J • w f 255 stniofis comnifficf ki a: ra HARRY HINTON, Lambda Chi Alpha THOMAS HOLLADAY Lexington Lexington WALTER HOLLISTER, Alpha Sigma Phi, Schenectady, N.Y. Secretary Alpha Sigma Phi. Intramural Manager. YMCA. Beta Gamma Sigma WILLIAM HOLT Baptist Student Union Council Lexington ALFRED HOOD. Alpha Sigma Phi GARTH HOUSE, Phi Kappa Tau Somerset Louisville Varsitv and ROTC Rifle Team. Glee Club. Interfraternity Council. Keys. Intramural Sports, Orchestra Leader GODFREY HUNTER, Alpha Sigma Phi Committee of 240. YMCA NANCY ANN JACKSON. Chi Omega Hartford Lexington Alma Magna Mater. YWCA. Guignol. Kentuckian Staff. Student Union Building House Committee. Chi Omega Per- sonnel Board. WAA JOE R. JOHNSON, JR., Alpha Tau Omega Clinton Interfraternity Council. Lamp and Cross Alma Magna Mater. Patterson Literary Society, President Alpha Tau Omega. Beta Gamma Sigma HONSHELL K. JOHNSTON, Phi Kappa Tau, Catlettsburg 256 comoitRct StOIOfiS RUTH ELOISE JOHNSTON, Kappa Delta, Cincinnati, O. President and Treasurer AWS. Mortar Board, YWCA Senior Cabinet. Guignol. Cwens, Vice-President Phi Beta RUTH M. KATZENBERGER, Alpha Xi Delta, Fort Thomas Catholic Club, YWCA, Young Democratic Club JACK KING. Kappa Alpha .... Lexington JOHN KURRE Nicholasville Catholic Club CECIL T. LANTER Frankfort LEWIS W. LAREW .... Beckley. W. Va. OPAL LESTER Science Hill YWCA ROBERT T. LEWIS, Phi Delta Theta . Burnside W. B. McGARY. Phi Sigma Kappa JAMES E. McHATTON Arlington Lexington 257 SfOIORS commtRct NANCY McKEE, C i; Oine a AWS Council. Kentuckian Staff Frankfort ROBERT G. McNAMARA, Kappa Sigma . Elizabethtown Catholic Club. Scabbard and Blade, Committee of 240 WILHELM J. MAYER Cosmopolitan Club, German Club Lexington WILLIAM C. MEERS, Alpha Tau Omega MARROWBONE Vice-President Freshman Class. Lances. Treasurer Alpha Tau Omega, YMCA ROBERT MONTGOMERY Lexington CHARLES GRAY MOORE .... Franklin Patterson Literary Society: Pitkin Club. YMCA KENTON MULLINS Whitesburg BETTYE B. MURPHY, Alpha Gamma Delta . BlOOMFIELD YWCA. Committee of 240. Kernel Staff. ROTC Sponsor JANE MURPHY Lexington Catholic Club, Freshman Advisory Committee; Sophomore Commission, Junior Round Table, Senior Forum MARY LOUISE NAIVE, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Versailles Secretary Catholic Club. Committee of 240 258 coiumtiict sfniofis WILLIAM NEAL CHARLES PARRISH. Delta Tau Delta Lexington Lexington Kentuckian Staff, Vice-President Delta Tau Delta, Secretary Scabbard and Blade. Vice-President Student Council, Lamp and Cross, Advanced Militar.v PEGGY PAYNE, Alpha Delta Theta YWCA Lexington ARTHUR W. PERKINS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Cincinnati, O, President Sigma Phi Epsilon, Interfraternity Council CHARLES A, PERSINGER ALVIN POLK, JR, Covington Louisville JANE POTTER, Alpha Gamma Delta Lexington SuKy, Dutch Lunch Club, Sophomore Commission. Junior Round Table, Junior Prom Committee, Junior Prom Court, Sports Queen, Senior Forum, YWCA RUSSELL M, PROCTOR , , . . Winchester Patterson Literary Society, White Mathematics Club, YMCA THOMAS REES, Alpha Sigma Phi Schenectady, N. Y, President and Vice-President Student Union Board, Treas- urer and House Manager Alpha Sigma Phi, Business Manager " K " Book, Kernel Advertising Staff, Co-Business Manager Guignol Theatre Program, Interfraternity Council VIRGINIA REYNOLDS Ludlow I 259 m m comintRCf MARTHA RILEY, Alpha Gamma Delta Pitkin Club, YWCA, Campus Cousin Lexington WALTER E. SAUER, JR Louisville Freshman Advisory Committee; Men ' s Student Council, YMCA MARY ELLEN SAUNDERS, Chi Omega MiLLERSBURG AWS Council. YWCA, WAA WILLIAM C. SHEA Lexington ARTHUR W. SMITH LEXINGTON Glee Club. Advanced Military. Captain Pershing Rifles MILTON SORENSEN. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, MEXICO, Ky. JAMES M. STALEY, Delta Chi WALTER STEVENSON, Kappa Alpha Lexington Lexington JOHN E. STONE, Phi Kappa Tau Lexington Interfraternity Council. Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class, Vice-President Phi Kappa Tau, Lamp and Cross JACK SULLIVAN Sigma Chi Lexington V»% r » ' y " - •r 260 comfflfRCf SffllOfiS BILLY MAC SUMPTER CORBIN JAMES A. SUTHERLAND, Alpha Gamma Rho, Bloomfield YMCA. Alma Magna Mater J. T. SUTHERLAND. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Williamsburg ROY E. TOOMS, JR. Alpha Tau Omega Clinton ALFRED H. VOGEL, Alpha Sigma Phi, SCHENECTADY, N. Y. Alpha Delta Sigma Advertising Manager Kernel. Bu.siness Manager Kernel. Business Manager Sour Mash. Publisher Sour Mash. Publisher Guignol Programs JOHN H. WAY, Kappa Sigma Carrollton President Interfraternity Council. Student Council. Presi- dent Kappa Sigma. Lamp and Cross, Keys JACK W. WHEELER ROBERTA WILSON Somerset Cwens. YWCA. Guignol. Dutch Lunch Club. Glee Club. WAA DOROTHY WOLFE. Alpha Gamma Delta . HOPKINSVILLE YWCA MAEWOOD YONTS Neon ■ .XJ WT ' , tbklk Midway " 261 SEOIORS codimtRct JAMES p. ALCORN . . . Lexington MARTHA JOHN AMMERMAN Lexington WILLIAM HAROLD BUSH Lexington WILLIAM W. ENSMINGER Harrodsburg STEVE B. FEATHERSTON Lexington FRED VON HEINMAN . . LuDLOW CHARLES S. JONES . . . LEXINGTON KADELL KREMER . . Lexington MAURICE LITTLETON . . Grayson LOUIS MUCCI Versailles BETHEL R. MURRAY . . . Lexington MURRELL R. NEBLETT . Louisville REBECCA PATTON . . NATHAN R. PHILLIPS, HELEN ADA ROBINSON SAMUEL CARL SALUTSKY MALVIN RAY SEBREE PAUL KISER SMITH SIDNEY RICHARD SMITH RUBY SPENCE LEE DUNCAN STOKES JACK TERRY SUTHERLAND JOE W. VANAMAN ALICE CATLETT WARD morehead Montgomery, Ala. Lexington Somerset Crittenden Paris . Louisville Providence monticello Williamsburg Lexington Lawrenceburg 262 SfdlORS fDUCHTIOn JANE DAY AUXIER Winchester Pitkin Club. Alma Magna Mater. Vice-President Phi Alpha Theta. YWCA. Young Democratic Club. Cominittee of 240. Sophomore Commission. Junior Round Table LUCY BLACK, Alpha Delta Theta MONTICELLO 1 MARY VIRGINIA BATTERTON. Kappa Delta. LEXINGTON Alma Magna Mater. YWCA. Dutch Lunch Club. Glee Club GLENDA BURTON, Chi Omega Somerset Baptist Student Union. YWCA. Dutch Lunch Club. WAA ADDA BETH CLABAUGH Rifle Squad. WAA EVA CLAY, Alpha Xi Delta Clinton Crittenden AWS Council. YWCA. Spanish Club. International Relations Club SUSAN CLAY, Kappa Kappa Gamma AWS. YWCA Cabinet. Dutch Lunch Club FRANCES GRAIN Winchester Versailles KATHERINE DAWSON, Kappa Delta Spanish Club. YWCA ADA DOUGHERTY, Kappa Delta Kernel Staff. Committee of 240 Three Point Falmouth 264 fDUCflTIOn stniofis DONALD DOYLE Lexington Track. YMCA RAY ELIZABETH DRANE .... Louisville Glee Club. Phi Alpha Theta. Choristers BRIDGETT DUFFY Midway ANN EVERSON Louisville MARY E. FERGUSON, Alpha Gamma Delta, S. Carrolton YWCA. Alma Magna Mater. Committee of 240. Dutch Lunch Club, Vice-President Alpha Gamma Delta SHERRILL FRAZIER Cracker CHARLES R. GARLAND, JR. Geneva, Iowa Philharmonic Orchestra. Concert Band. Secretar.v Camera Club. Kentuckian Staff, Phi Mu Alpha LAWRENCE GARLAND, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lexington President Lamp and Cross. President " K " Club. Football. Catholic Clu b. Intramural Sports. YMCA DOROTHY GRADMAN YWCA. AWS DAVID H. GRIFFITH Louisville Lexington «. r •»-. 255 sfniORS fDUCflTIOn CARROL STANLEY HARL, Alpha Xi Delta, . Fordsville YWCA. WAA CECIL HELLARD Lexington Track. YMCA JOYCE HICKS, Chi Omega Clinton Transfer Club. YWCA JOSEPHINE HUME Paris YWCA, WAA. Guignol JOE TAYLOR HYDEN . . . West Prestonsburg EDNA MARIE JARVIS WOODBINE EVAN LLOYD JONES Brooksville EVELYN M. JONES .... Ontario. Canada Cosmopolitan Club PHILLIP JONES, Phi Kappa Tau Mortons Gap MARY ELIZABETH KOPPIUS, Chi Omega Lexington President YWCA. Mortar Board. AWS Council, Pitkin Club, " Who ' s Who Among Students " 266 foucflTion SffllORS DOROTHY LANCASTER Danville YWCA. Guignol MARY ELIZABETH LEE Louisville Alma Magna Mater, YWCA RUTH R. LEVY Lexington ELIZABETH LIGON, Kappa Delta . . . LEXINGTON Alma Magna Mater. Phi Beta. Pan Hellenic Council. Ken- tuckian Staff OPAL LYON Louisa YWCA. WAA. Spanish Club. Committee of 240 JAMES McCarthy lynch German Club. Catholic Club THOMAS McDonald, P u Oelta Theta Eminence MARY C. MOCQUOT Paducah FORREST T. MULLIKIN German Club BERNICE NAYLOR YWCA BURTONVILLE Lexington 267 m m tDucfliion m Md M ' Tl i mM BERNARD OPPER ANNE OTTER, Kappa Kappa Gamma WAA, Rifle Team. YWCA. AWS New York, N. Y. Louisville BONNIE G. OWEN YWCA is? IDA JEAN PHILLIPS, Chi Omega Glomawr PiNEVILLE MARVIN RABIN South Bend, Ind. Alpha Lambda Tau. Orchestra. Glee Club, Guignol J. M. REED FALMOUTH LEOLA MAE REYNOLDS London Kappa Delta Pi MILLARD ROBBINS Brodhead Baseball OVANA RUSH, Chi Omega .... Versailles Alma Magna Mater, YWCA. AWS Couiicil. Dutch Lunch Club rU LOUISE SHEPARD, Zela Tau Alpha . . LOUISVILLE , J. Pan Hellenic Council. AWS. YWCA. Catholic Club 268 fDucfliion SOIORS DORIS SICKLER .... Mechanicville, N. Y. President Phi Alpha Theta. YWCA CAROLYN SIGLER MORGANFIELD Mortar Board. Chairman Freshman Group. YWCA. WAA. Owens. Kappa Delta Pi. Student Union Committee. AWS GENEVIEVE SNIDER RUTH STEWART. Delta Delta Delta YWCA Bloomfield Dixon CARL MORGAN STUTSMAN Glee Club FRANCES THOMPSON Lexington Versailles HOMER " TUB " THOMPSON Jeffersonville, Ind- Basketball Team. Intramural Boxing. President Senior Class. Student Council. Board of Directors Student Union Building ROBERT TICE Lexington . CHRISTINE LILLIAN TURNER YWCA HELEN HUGHES VEAL YWCA. Dutch Lunch Club Lexington Lexington 269 stniORS tDUCflTIOn LILLIAN GAINES WEBB, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lexington MARGARET WELLS NiCHOLASVILLE GENEVA WHITE YWCA, Dutch Lunch Club CHARLOTTE WIBLE Shelbyville Lexington DOROTHY WOOLCOTT, Kappa Delta Guignol. Dutch Lunch Chib. YWCA. WAA CHRISTINE W. YOUNG Lexington NiCHOLASVILLE NANCY ELIZABETH ARNOLD Versailles HAROLD BLACK Covington ALICE BACON BLANTON Frankfort MARGUERITE WIGGINS BROOKS, Mayfield CHARLES A. BROWNING Flemingsburg JULIA CASSITY .... Greendale FREDERICK CREUSERE . . . Newport MILDRED CROFT .... Crofton NELVA LOUISE CURRENS Harrodsburg ALICE C. DAVIS Fork Mountain, Tenn. THEDA McPERRY GILBERT West Orange, N.J. ELMO CURTIS HEAD Lexington MRS. J. H. HELLMERS .... Hazard HAROLD C. JOHNSON Morning View FRANCES M. LAVAL Lexington MAYME LEWIS .... Frankfort LOUISE S. LINVILLE .... EwiNG EDITH HOLBROOK REEVES . . Denton ADA CHRISTINE ROGERS . . Danville JENNIE ROGERS .... Danville KEITH S. SOPER .... Lexington DOW STAPLETON VOLGA ELFREIDA STOVALL . Lexington MAERENE WAITS .... Lexington 270 SOIOfiS LflUJ wrkCiM JAMES D. ALLEN, Delta Chi Fredericksburg, Ind. Kentucky Law Journal, Treasurer Phi Delta Phi CLAUDE ASBURY Phi Alpha Delta Lexington JOHN BRECKINRIDGE. Kappa Alpha THOMAS L. BURRESS Phi Delta Phi Lexington Greensburg JAMES RICHARD BUSH, JR. Lexingt on Kentuckian Staff, Kentucky Law Journal, President Phi Alpha Delta NATHAN B. COOPER Providence J. P. CURRY EARL DEAN Wayland Salvisa ROBERT S. DENNEY Lexington Baptist Student Union. Pershing Rifles. Phi Alpha Delta HERMAN GARRETT DOTSON, Sigma Chi . Lexington Phi Delta Phi. SuKy. Guignol, Interfraternity Council -- ' " .Ti " i.:nr r ' i ' v » 272 LflUJ SfdlOflS CLARENCE E. FARLEY Phi Delta Phi JOE M. FERGUSON PiKEVILLE Lexington Business Manager Kentucky Law Journal, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Secretary-Treasurer Pi Sigma Alpha WALTER N. FLIPPIN, JR.. Phi Delta Theta . Somerset Athletic Council. Freshman Advisory Council, Phi Delta Phi. Freshman Golf. President Alma Magna Mater, Instruc- tor Physical Education BETTY M. GILBERT, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Lawrenceburg Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Delta Phi. Journal. Catholic Club Editor Kentucky Law J. S. GREENE, Sigma Nu Harlan Phi Delta Phi FOREST HUME Richmond Phi Delta Phi WILLIAM J. B. JACOBS Montgomery, W. Va. Phi Delta Phi ROBERT DICKSON LEAR Louisville Phi Delta Phi. YMCA CHARLES METCALF Winchester Phi Delta Phi COLEMAN C. MOLLOY, JR. Kuttawa Phi Delta Phi 273 UOIORS LflUJ ■ ' I diMiMM- I : ' , 4(5 .-jSi ' b- ' i PAUL OBERST .... Phi Delta Phi. Kentucky Law Journal OWENSBORO LOREN W. ODELL Phi Delta Phi Charleston, W. Va. KELLEY ROGERS Murray JAMES DORRIS RUARK, Pi Kappa Alpha . Uniontown Phi Delta Phi PHILLIP SCHIFF Newport Kentuck.v Law Journal WELDON SHOUSE Taylorsvillle Phi Delta Phi PAUL SLATON, Alpha Tau Omega Lexington Phi Alpha Delta. Scabbard and Blade. Lances. Pootball Manager ROBERT LLOYD WATHEN Phi Alpha Delta STEVE WHITE Kentucky Law Journal. Phi Alpha Delta London JOHN L. YOUNG Phi Delta Phi HOPKINSVILLE Winchester ♦ • " ii ' 274 r U JOE BAILEY President Paducah. Ky. ROGERS LYONS V ice-President Cave City, Ky. NAOMI ESTILL Secretary Bluefield, W. Va PAUL DURBIN Treasurer Fulton. Ky. i: Alk r n u n IG m m MARGARET ABEL WILMA ABRAMS ASBURY Park. N. J. Lexington, Ky. BETTY H. ALEXANDER Ashland, Ky. ROBERT N. ALLEN. Phi Sigma Kappa Georgetown, Ky. ■ ! K [ V. LEROY ALMOND. JR. Covington. Ky. SSS M CLIFFORD B. AMOS JOE WILLIAM BAILEY JACK BALLARD JESSIE ELIZABETH BALLARD PiKEVILLE. Ky. BETTY RHINE ARTZ. Alpha Gamma Delta . . McPhee. Col. Paducah, Ky. Frankfort. Ky. Lexington, Ky. SS. £S JEANNE BARKER. Alpha Gamma Delta MARY CLAIRE BARRICK Louisville, Ky. Lexington. Ky. iSi Sst ROY BATTERTON. Delta Tau Delta Lexington. Ky. SHI WOODY BELCHER. Phi Sigma Kappa WILLIAMSON, W. VA. 276 ELIZABETH BOWMAN BENGE Lexington, Ky. RUTH BENNETT. Alpha Gamma Delta WiLLIAMSTOWN, Ky. LUCILLE BERTRAM, Alpha Gamma Delta Vanceburg, Ky. WILLIAM CLAY BERTRAM, Phi Sigma Kappa. Vanceburg, Ky. WILLIAM BEVINS, Lambda Chi Alpha Meta, Ky. ARTHUR J. BICKNELL, JR., Phi Kappa Tau . Fitchburg, Mass. SARA ROBERTSON BIGGS, Delta Delta Delta . Henderson, Ky. DAVID KNOX BLYTHE, Triangle Georgetown, Ky. JOHN C. BODE, Delta Chi Freeport, N. Y. WICKLIFFE BOGGS. Pi Kappa Alpha . . Nicholasville. Ky. LISLE BOHON, Phi Delta Theta Harrodsburg, Ky. JOHN STANLEY BOLES, Phi Kappa Tau LEXINGTON. Ky. GEORGE BOOHER, Alpha Tau Omega H. J. BOONE. Sigma Chi Falmouth, Ky. Springfield, Ky. m m sas 4 l( ' m M 1 0f KtK m 277 juniofis pilj - L still: O Lai ROBERT BOOTON, Alpha Gamma Rho . . Flemingsburg. Ky. MALINDA BOUDEN, Delta Zeta Phillipsburg, N. J. GREY W. BOWEN Cornell, Ky. LUTHER BOYD. Sigma Phi Epsilon MARY FRANCES BRADLEY, Kappa Delta MARY BRYSON, Alpha Gamma Delta BETTY BURGIN. Alpha Gamma Delta HELEN BURKS, Chi Omega LOIS CAMPBELL MARY CLARK CARMAN. Alpha Xi Delta 278 Louisville, Ky. Ashland, Ky. MILDRED BRYAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . LEXINGTON, Ky. T. R. BRYANT. JR.. Sigma Alpha Epsilon LEXINGTON, Ky. ARTHUR T. BRYSON. JR.. Delta Tau Delta . . Ashland. Ky. Ashland. Ky. CLAYTON L. BULLOCK, Delta Tau Delta . . CINCINNATI. O. Burgin. Ky. Lexington. Ky. Butler. Ky. Murray. Ky. WILCE CARNES, Kappa Alpha Cincinnati, O. m m 1 f li - — ,__ aai! » JOHN W. CARSON RAYMOND CARTY NATHAN HEATH CENTERS Somerset, Ky. PiNEVILLE, Ky. Paducah, Ky. FLORIS JANET CHAMBERS Martin, Tenn. KATHRYN CHANDLER Lackey, Ky. VIRGINIA CHASE, Kappa Delta JOHN CLARK, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon LEWIS CLARKSON, Alpha Gamma Rho EMILY CLAY, Alpha Xi Delta GRANVILLE COBLIN, Kappa Alpha CARL COLBY, Sigma Phi Epsilon Massena, N. Y. Maysville, Ky. Maysville, Ky. Crittenden, Ky. Frankfort, Ky. Chicago, III. DOROTHY JANE COOK Nicholasville, Ky. BERT COOPER, Delta Tau Delta Benton, Ky. 279 J -S? z I m is m ■SR, f f . M m m mi H. ' S Ssi ■ l " ISH OSCAR M. CORBIN. Alpha Sigma Phi Nebo, Ky. ROBERT B. COTTRELL. Phi Kappa Tau Chicago, III. ELIZABETH COVINGTON. Delta Delta Delta . Lexington, Ky. MAROW COX Lexington. Ky. TED COZINE, Kappa Alpha FRANKFORT, Ky. CATHERINE CRAWFORD. Kappa Delta ASHLAND, Ky. MARGARET BOYD CROMWELL MARY ROSE CROOK. Kappa Delta ELIZABETH CRUISE. Chi Omega Morganfield, Ky. London, Ky. Lexington, Ky. VIE CRAMER CRUTCHER. Delta Delta Delta . Lexington. Ky. JAMES B. CURRY. Alpha Sigma Phi Richmond, Ky. EDWIN JOSEPH DAVID. Phi Kappa Tau . . LOUISVILLE, Ky. A m J. D. DAVIS. Delta Tau Delta HAZARD, Ky. JANE DAY. Chi Omega Maysville. Ky. 280 juniofis JEROME DAY, Delta Tau Delta Lexington, Ky. TAB I- -St DOROTHY PEMBERTON DEAN NiCHOLASVILLE, Ky. MAY CHRISTIAN DEDMAN, Kappa Delta . . McIntosh, Fla. MARY ELLEN deMARO, Chi Omega DOROTHY DISHON MELVIN R. DOWNEY. Triangle MARJORIE C. DOYLE, Alpha Xi Delta ANTHONY J. DUBAN, Delta Chi Ashland Lexington, Ky. Bowling Green, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Jamaica, N. Y. JANE ELGIN DUDLEY. Alpha Gamma Delta . . Sturgis. Ky. ANDREW DUKE. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Maysville, Ky. ii •SB !9 m 1 m tS JACK DuPUY, Lambda Chi Alpha Pikeville. Ky. Si! -» ■« PAUL DURBIN Fulton. Ky. WILLIAM DUTY. Phi Delta Theta NATHALIE R. DYE. Alpha Xi Delta Winchester, Ky. Newport. Ky. m. 281 laiyi m m U 7 k Kb: HELEN EARLY ELEANOR EDWARDS, Chi Omega Greenwood, Ky Jacksonville, III. WILLIAM ELDER, JR., Alpha Tau Omega . . LEXINGTON, Ky. BETTY ELLIOTT, Delta Delta Delta Lexington, Ky. LUCY M. ELLIOTT, Kappa Kappa Gammn . . Lexington, Ky. ELMO H. MACKEY ANNA LOUISE ELSEY Allensville Lexington, Ky. NAOMI ESTILL, Chi Omega WILLIAM RODERICH EUBANK MARY ELLEN EVANS, Kappa Delta VIRGINIA EVERSOLE. Delta Delta Delta Bluefield, W. Va. Winchester, Ky. Ashland, Ky. London, Ky. EVELYN RICE EWAN, Alpha Xi Delta . . LEXINGTON, Ky. EDWARD EWEN, Lambda Chi Alpha . . Cameo, W. Va. VINCENT FANELLI. Phi Kappa Tau 282 Anchorage, Ky. m m N. B. FAULKNER, Triangle ANN LOUISE FILE, Chi Omega Flemingsburg, Ky. Beckley, W. Va. MARGUERITE FORD, Alpha Delta Theta- . . Lexington, Ky. HERSCHEL FONTS Russell, Ky. iS -. VERT ERASER, Pi Kappa Alpha Providence, Ky. 3a FRANKLIN R. FRAZIER, Alpha Gamma Rho . Upper Tygart, Ky. ANTHONY FREZZA, Delta Chi HELEN FRIEDMAN Bound Brook, N. J. Lexington, Ky. THOMAS N. FRIEDMAN Louisville, Ky. JOHN A. FULMER, Sigma Chi Ft. Thomas, Ky. ELIZABETH FURR, Chi Omega MIRIAM GARDHOUSE, Kappa Delta Frankfort, Ky. Louisville, Ky. SS!- CHARLES GARNETT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Hopkinsville. Ky. 3Si DOROTHY GENTRY Henderson, Ky. 283 juniORS Hi-fl: SSi lliii His 1 J. B. GENTRY Danville, Ky. GEORGE GIBSON, Alpha Gamma Rho Brooksville, Ky. ROBERT GILLIG, Kappa Alpha Lexington, Ky. EDITH MAY GILTNER, Alpha Xi Delta . Parkersburg. W. Va. HARRY GORDON EDWARD H. GOUGH, Kappa Alpha JOHN H. GOUGH, Kappa Alpha Harrodsburg, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Lexington, Ky. •mii JAMES D. GRAHAM, Pi Kappa Alpha . . HARRODSBURG, Ky. MILDRED GRAVETTE Lexington, Ky. « i JOSEPH GREENWELL, Kappa Alpha Shelbyville, Ky. MARSHALL B. GUTHRIE, Pi Kappa Alpha . . Lexington, Ky. JEAN HADDEN Paris, Ky. CLARA BELLE HALEY, Chi Omega IVY HELEN HAMMONDS Paris, Ky. Lexington, Ky. 284 CURTIS R. HANCOCK Fulton, Ky. m m Cl STANLEY I. HAND, Phi Kappa Tau HERBERT HARGETT LYLE HARMON. Alpha Gamma Rho O. D. HAWKINS, Alpha Gamma Rho MARJORIE HELTON HARRIET HENDERSHOT, Kappa Delta Louisville, Ky. Lexington. Ky. Perryville, Ky. ARTHUR HARNEY, JR., Alpha Gamma Rho Cynthiana, Ky. ERNEST L. HARRIS. Alpha Gamma Rho . . Union City, Ky. Owenton, Ky. CORBIN. Ky. Louisville. Ky. MARY HENDERSON, Kappa Kappa Gamma Lexington, Ky. LUN F. HERNDON. Pi Kappa Alpha Georgeton, Ky. DOROTHY HILLENMEYER, Delta Delta Delta . Lexington, Ky. MINTA ANNE HOCKADAY HENRY HODGES, Kappa Sigma Lexington, Ky. Alva, Ky. m aSS m 285 JuniORS m (Ti O CHARLES HOGG Versailles, Ky. MARY FRANCES HOLLADAY, Delta Zeta . . Lexington, Ky. HOWARD HOOK, Delta Chi Albany, N. Y. WILLIAM W. HOPEWELL, Delta Tau Delta Lexington, Ky. ALBERT HOSKINS, Kappa Alpha JAMES R. HOWELL JEAN HUBBARD. Kappa Delta JOHN HUNSAKER, Sigma Phi Epsilon L. T. IGLEHART JEAN JACKSON, Chi Omega SUSAN JACKSON, Chi Omega MARK JACOBS, Phi Kappa Tau C. P. JOHNSON, Lambda Chi Alpha LAURA G. JOHNSON 286 Beattyville, Ky. Hodgensville, Ky. Covington, Ky. Van Lear, Ky. HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Madisonville, Ky. Franklin, Ky. MARY MARGARET JOHNSON, Kappa Delta . . Ashland, Ky. JOHN F. JOHNSON FLORANE justice, Delta Delta Delta MILDRED KASH. Alpha Gamma Delta EMILIE F. KEENEY FRANK J. KEES. Delta Chi CAROL KEETON, Kappa Delta CARL KELLEY, Phi Sigma Kappa MARY FRANCES KELLS WILLIAM D. KILLEA, Si ma Chi Wilmington, Del. PiKEVILLE, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Independence, Ky. Alexandria. Ky. Ashland, Ky. JOHN E. KELLER, Alpha Tau Omega Lexington, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Williamstown, Ky. Washington, D. C. m m r -KB 1 R HOMER LEE KNIGHT, Pi Kappa Alpha . . Georgetown, Ky. VIRGINIA K. KRZAK Dunham. Ky. GEORGE LAMASON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Montclair, N. J. r 287 m •Mi: — dA. iiiij J flP M w t « B m ii ' ij 1 • i ---•; 1 " 1 ■ r 3 -- aixt WSK. r mMM A .--r- inOi JEAN LAWSON, Alpha Xi Delta CORBIN, Ky. DOROTHY JOY LEWIS, Delta Delta Delta . . GRAYSON, Ky. LOVAINE LEWIS, Alpha Xi Delta Lexington. Ky. CRITTENDEN LOWRY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Princeton, Ky. ROGERS LYONS, Triangle Cave City, Ky. THOMAS McCANN, Pi Kappa Alpha Georgetown, Ky. FAY MCCARTHY. Delta Delta Delta ANNA JANE McCHESNEY Lexington, Ky. Lexington, Ky. JAMES F. McCONNELL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . LOUISVILLE, Ky. MARY LOU McFARLAND, Kappa Delta Lexington, Ky. ROBERT McGILL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Alva, Okla. LOUISE BARBARA McGOLDRICK THERESE McKENNEY SARAH McLEAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma Versailles, Ky. Chattanooga. Tenn. Lexington, Ky. 288 juniofis BARBARA MacVEY, Kappa Delta Canton, N. Y. MAXINE MAIDEN, Alpha Gamma Delta . . Williamsburg, Ky. JAMES R. MAXEDON Lexington, Ky. n J. B. MAXWELL, Kappa Alpha Lexington, Ky. l ltl»Ji ARNOLD J. MEADE Paintsville, Ky. -« !■:» «i m JOHN R. MEREDITH, Delta Tau Delta Kenova, W. Va. BONNIE MIDDLETON, Alpha Gamma Delta . . HiCKMAN, Ky. KATHLEEN MILLER Vortex, Ky. Si P m m Sac iSii mi D. C. MILNER, Sigma Phi Epsilon Louisville, Ky. MARTHA MITCHELL, Alpha Gamma Delta . . Lexington, Ky. MATTIE MONTGOMERY, Delta Delta Delta . Versailles, Ky. ELIZABETH MOORE Etowah, Tenn. LABAN MOORE, Triangle Catlettsburg, Ky. r ROBERT MOORE, Triangle Harrodsburg, Ky. 289 m m - -s Si pB SARA MOORE LILLIAN MOSS, Chi Omega ELMER MULLEN, Alpha Tau Omega Berea, Ky. Williamsburg, Ky. Lexington, Ky. JOHN T. MUNCEY, Phi Kappa Tau . . . Lexington, Ky. ■58» 4r fSil ,1 i SSI !:»: " 1 JACK MYLOR, Delta Tau Delta ROBERT C. NASH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon SALLY ANNETTE NEWELL Lexington. Ky. Lexington, Ky. Bronston. Ky. ROBERT D. NICKERSON. Alpha Tau Omega Paris, Ky. m NANCY NOBLE, Delta Zeta JACK NUXOL, Phi Kappa Tau ANNA FRANCES ODOR Hendersonville, N. C. Louisville, Ky. Williamstown, Ky. JANE OGG La Grange, Ky. S ' •S 5-.- M EARL OLIVER, Phi Kappa Tau JOHN K. ORNDORFF 290 Evansville, Ind. Adairville, Ky. junioiis RUTH CLAY PALMER, Alpha Gamma Delta . . Providence, Ky. PATRICIA PARKER, Kappa Kappa Gamma, St. Petersburg, Fla. BURT PAYNTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . LawrenceburG, Ky. SS WALLACE PEMBER, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . LOUISVILLE, Ky. HAZEL PERKINS VIRGINIA PETTUS, Kappa Delta Somerset, Ky. Stanford, Ky. BETTY PHELPS, Kappa Delta Somerset, Ky. ANNE PHILLIPS, Alpha Delta Theta Lexington, Ky. € ISO! ss PHIL PHILLIS, Alpha Tau Omega Paintsville, Ky. BEATRICE PIGG London, Ky. FANNIE BELLE PIRKEY, Alpha Gamma Delta . Lexington, Ky. POLLY POLLITT, Kappa Delta Ashland, Ky. i - gs MARY D. PORTER, Alpha Gamma Delta . . Madisonville, Ky. SARAH JEAN POTTER Rich Pond, Ky. 291 m m m •:» «!■ - ii N ' i k - 1 1 HI iSSi m ■.Si- IP i JOHN G. PRATHER Somerset, Ky. GEORGE E. PRICHARD CoRBiN, Ky. MARGARET PURDOM, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Hazard, Ky. GLENN PURDY, Phi Kappa Tau Dawson Springs, Ky. LLOYD RAMSEY. Sigma Chi Somerset, Ky. ELIZABETH RAND, Kappa Delta FOLEY. Fla. .li EDWARD R. RANDALL, Triangle . . . ToWACO. N. J. HELEN M. RANSDELL, Kappa Delta SARAH RANSDELL, Kappa Delta JOSEPH RAPIER, Sigma Phi Epsilon SARAH ELIZABETH RATCLIFF ROBERT H. RAWLINS, Sigma Chi HARRY L. READ. Kappa Sigma Prestonsburg, Ky. Shelbyville, Ky. Louisville, Ky. Covington, Ky. Ft. Thomas, Ky. Louisville, Ky. V i?V HAROLD REDD. Alpha Tau Omega 292 Lexington, Ky. JACK MARTIN REEDER, Phi Kappa Tau . . Lexington, Ky. junioRS HELEN LOUISE REICHENBACH Anchorage. Ky. MARTHA JANE RICH, Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Newark. N. J. VIRGINIA E. RICH, Delta Zeta Covington. Ky. HATTIE RICHIE, Zeta Tau Alpha Cynthiana. Ky. FRANK ROBERTS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon LEXINGTON, Ky. SI? 39 ' -« US. HARRY W. ROBERTS. JR Columbus, Ky. SHEI.LA ROBERTSON. Delta Delta Delta Bethel. Ky. iSa. MARY LYNE ROBINSON, Delta Delta Delta . Nicholasville, Ky. MARY GORE RODES. Kappa Kappa Gamma . . Lexington. Ky. FRANK A. ROGERS. Phi Delta Theta ARTHUR B. ROUSE. JR. Mt. Sterling. Ky. Lexington. Ky. 9£ Kgi THOMAS RUSK. Phi Kappa Tau Covington, Ky. ELMON L. SALYER Hagerhill, Ky. - In ' M 293 xat ' ts » JUfllORS , E. B. SAMUELS, Kappa Sigma Cox ' s Creek, Ky. JAMES CHARLOTTE SANDERS, Kappa Delta . Lancaster, Ky. RUTH SANGER, Delta Delta Delta Hickman, Ky. JOHN SAUL, Sigma Phi Epsilon TiFFiN, O. MARY P. SAUNDERS, Alpha Gamma Delta . Hopkinsville, Ky. ELLEN JAY SCHOENE HAROLD C. SCHUYLER, Delta Chi BOB SCOTT, Lambda Chi Alpha Webster Groves, Mo. KATHERINE SCOTT Lexington, Ky. Carlisle, Ky. Lexington, Ky. CATHERINE SHEEHAN. Alpha Delta Theta . Greendale, Ky. MARY SHEEHAN, Alpha Delta Theta FRANK A. SHIPE, Kappa Sigma Greendale, Ky. Phillipsburg, N. J. BARBARA SHIPP, Alpha Gamma Delta . . LEXINGTON, Ky. IDA JOSEPHINE SHOUSE Sturgis, Ky. 294 MARY SIMMONS, Kappa Kappa Gamma Forest Grove, Ore. CHARLES A. SMITH, Alpha Tau Omega . . La Grange, Ky. HARRY M. SMITH, Pi Kappa Alpha Georgetown, Ky. J. W. SMITH, JR Lebanon, Ky. MARGARET ELLEN SMITH, Kappa Delta Danville, Ky. VIVIAN SMITH Canmer, Ky. BILLY R. SMOOT, Alpha Gamma Rho ELBRIDGE L. SNAPP, Pi Kappa Alpha JOHN SNIDER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARY FRANCES SNYDER Maysville. Ky. Lexington, Ky. Henderson, Ky. Lexington, Ky. NOEL SPENCER, Pi Kappa Alpha Flemingsburg, Ky. WILLIAM H. SPICER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . LEXINGTON. Ky GEORGE SPRAGENS Lebanon. Ky. JAMES DEAN SPRATT. Phi Delta Theta . Mt. Sterling, Ky. 295 m m ' C ss, §i M li ii n i il : M M m iionioiis ■ys MILDRED STAGGS Vanceburg, Ky. HARRIS A. STANCIL. Sigma Nu . . . Wheelwright, Ky. ROBERT E. STATES EvANSTON, III. i i S. J. STOKES. JR., Alpha Gamma Rho Lexington, Ky. ■B ,55» ROBERT STONE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . LOIS STRAUS MONTCLAIR, N. J. Louisville, Ky. S _ - 0 ! «» ALFRED J. STRAUSS, JR. LOIS SULLIVAN. Delta Delta Delta Louisville, Ky. Harrodsburg, Ky. ir PEG TALLMAN, Kappa Kappa Gamma Miami, Fla. ! 1 1=1 ' Ji m. ikW WILLIAM R. TAYLOR. Delta Tau Delta Winchester. Ky. D. V. TERRELL, JR., Phi Kappa Tau JAMES C. TREADWAY Lexington, Ky. Mt. Sterling, Ky. i3!i. ROBERT TRIPLETT OWENSBORO, Ky. WILLIAM LEWIS TUDOR. Delta Tau Delta . . Lexington. Ky. 296 junioRS JOHN C. TUTTLE. Kappa Alpha GEAN TYE, Delta Zeta Lexington, Ky. Barbourville, Ky. ANN VALENTINE, Kappa Delta Fulton, Ky. ELLEN VAUGHN, Alpha Gamma Delta MoRGANFIELD, Ky. CLIFTON W. VOGT, Sigma Phi Epsilon Buffalo, N. Y. WILLIAM M. VON ALLMEN, Sigma Phi Epsilon . LOUISVILLE, Ky. EMILY WADE Lexington, Ky. GUY WAINSCOTT Frankfort, Ky. HARRIS WALKER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Maysville, Ky. MILDRED WALLERSTEIN Paducah, Ky. VIRGINIA WARING Russell, Ky. J. HOWARD WATTERS Frankfort, Ky. BEATRICE WAYNE Parksville, Ky. JULE WEAKLEY Shelbyville, Ky. 297 " xXi i etas JSStS si si m m i3|: - w f- J 5S12 iiiili iii iJagSBsaF-TiS illHpipfkyjHiii PEGGY ANN WEAKLEY, Delta Delta Delta . FT. Thomas, Ky. HARRY JOHNSON WEAKS GRANT WHITEHOUSE Water Valley, Ky. Henderson, Ky. CHARLES WILLIAMS, Lambda Chi Alpha SalyERSVILLE, Ky. W. C. WILSON Lexington, Ky. ELNA WINKLER, Kappa Delta JOHN WOMACK, Kappa Sigma RAMON A. WOODALL, JR. HARRIET WOODS, Delta Delta Delta EUGENE WRIGHT, Kappa Alpha Hazard, Ky. Grayson, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Ashland, Ky. Maysville, Ky. CHICK YOUNG, Chi Omega Paris, Ky. MILTON YUNKER, Sigma Phi Epsilon OWENSBORO. Ky. HARRY ZIMMERMANN, Pi Kappa Alpha Louisville, Ky 298 junioRS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES M. Elma Adkins James C. Anderson Armand Paul Angelucci Ira Lee Arnold Dennis A. Ayres A. J. Baldwin James T. Barger Martha Barton Margaret C. Blanton Lawrence F. Boland Frances Elizabeth Brown William Gordon Bugie S. Louise Calbert Dorothy A. Calhoun George P. Carter Jimmy Gary Janet Chanslor Robert Chapman Elizabeth C. Clifton Marian Harriett Cohen Stanley Combs Carl T. Conner Manuel Corey Thomas William Crady Joe C. Creason Fred R. Curtis Homer L. Davidson Dameron Davis Oscar T. Davis William A. Davis Harry C. Denham Betty Jefferson Denny Riley Max Dison Tom Downing Andrew C. Eckdahl Carl B. Edwards John R. Evans Elizabeth Feland Jerome Thomas Flynn Bernard Freedman Edward R. Fritz John Gay James R. Gragg Gerald Greenfield Carl Griggs Mrs. Charlotte B. Haggin Mary Elizabeth Harrell Ruth E. Harrison Georgene Hatcher Hope Drummond Hatton Virginia Hayden James E. Hixson Jesse S. Holbrook Martha R. Hume Elizabeth M. Hypes John P. Jackson Philip Jenkins George Jesse Emily Ward Johnson Mrs. Margaret Preston Johnston Philip Preston Johnston Ouida Kentucky Jones Thomas Enloe Jones Harold R. Katz Wilburn B. Keeton Ray F. Keifer Charles L. Klein James LaBach Evelyn R. Lannert Mary E. Lee James H. Leech Mabel Lovens John H. Lynn Fred R. McCrea William Ed. McCubbin John M. McFarland Frank D. Mainous Betty Malmberg Norman J. Marshall Robert W. May Arcenith M. Mitchell Esther L. Montgomery Arlis M. Napier Lawrence Oliver Ellen Overstreet William E. Palmore Mary Lou Park Mary Thomas Parks Robert Pemberton Mildred F. Penix Frazier E. Penn Lydia E. Perrine A. Edwin Pettit Mary S. Pile Willis M. Ponder William Prahl Susan Price Margaret Pruitt David Ragland Nellie Rash H. C. Reckner William S. Riley Robert A. Ritter William E. Rodman Layton L. Rouse John F. Ruggles. Jr. George M. Rust Irvin Y. Safriet Elizabeth Sams Harold M. Schildkraut Minnie Schrieber David Scott James R. Scottow Joe David Shepherd Robert E. Sherman Andrew M. Slatt Truman S. Smith Warren L Smith Leo S pence A. B. Stacey James K. Stacey Eleanor Chinn Steele Leon Stein Charles von Sternberg Samuel M. Sternberg Frances L. Still Eleanor M. Sweeney Robert T. Sweeney Stephen M. Suren Amelia M. Talbott William L. Taylor George P. Thomas Austin Triplett John B. Trivette Emmy Louise Turck Charles D. Turnipseed Edward D. Valleau Florence Van Bever Ben F. Van Sant Betty Vosmer Neil B. Waddle J. S. Washburne Thomas N. Watkins Joe K. Wetherill James W. Whitt Mary P. Wiedeman John W. Wilkirson Maurice P. Willis James W. Wine Thomas B. Withers Bertha E. Wright Russell S. Wright Dorothy Young 299 JUfllOfiS Jean H. Blain W. C. Blakeman Warner Broughman Barlyn Brown Omer Bryant Logan Caldwell Howard Campbell Leon Chesnin Robert H. Cleveland Robert B. Conover Dan J. Culton Edward H. Curtis Allan C. Davis William E. Davis Kelly Earle, Jr. COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Howard W. Endicott Berl Fowler William H. Funderburk Charles H. Futrelle Howard T. Goodpaster Thomas O. Harris Sam T. Harrison James A. Hoover James S. Howard Frederick G. Irtz Clinton Jett Lloyd Johnson Clint T. Karnes Paul Keen Charles T. Kirk Luther W. Lindon Lester D. McDaniel Orville W. Meade Howard O. Paschall William Julian Pierce Hays Pigman Charles W. Pope Walter R. Reynolds, Jr. Arch B. Rue F. L. Satterwhite Martin G. Shearer Julian L. Smith Floyd F. ' i hompson Howard K. Trammel! Willard M. Welch James W. Wilson Margaret Adair Joyce Cotton Nancy Belle Davis L ula E. Gardhouse Marjorie F. Haydon HOME ECONOMICS Eleanor Howard Nola Jayne Margaret Kendrick Marian H. Kuebler Ruth A. McKenzie Helen Mastin Betty J. Mulberry Dorothy J. Neil Josephine Thompson Harry S. Alexander Philip John Angelucci W. Tuthill Bayley William Beck Lee Bowling J. C. Bristow Rosa Lena Brumfield Russell F. Calvert Laurie Cannon Thomas Ray Carter Josephine E. Cassady Elwood Chambers Stanley Combs Mary Evelyn Conley Charlie Cottrell Billy Stone Crutcher James Damelio Claud Fields Kenneth G. Fritzlau John Fudald John J. Galvin Charles Garnett Paul E. Goodwin John W. Greathouse Raymond C. Guy Arch W. Hamilton COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Ralph E. Hamersley Robert Hansen Velmer H. Harper Hazel Harmon Bernard J. Harris Lillian Harrison John W. Henshaw Murrell S. Hickey S. D. Hodge Sam Walter Holsclaw, Jr. Roy Hulett Freelon Hunter Ralph Jackowski Theodore P. Jones Welch H. Jones. Jr. Bill Juett John W. Kerr Frank T. Kees Rosalia Koonz Kenneth M. Kraugill Ottis Lauter Estaline Lewis Jack B. Lewis Estill ElHs Lyons Clarence McCarroll Bob L. McGill Cicely Bowmar McMurtry George C. May William Franklin Morell Dorothy Jean Neal Alex Parda John M. Parsons Marjorie Purcell Edna May Quarles Alice Redding James H. Robinson. Jr. Esther Regina Rosen Alvin L. Royalty James C. Sams Alice Eugenia Sanders Joe D. Seed Edgar Sergent Charles Vernon Shipley Joseph Marshall Stafford Elwood Stephenson A. Donald Stevens William S. Stewart Carolyn Janet Stidham Roy Edward String J. Bruce Sullivan Robert Tabor Fred Juett Thompson Lavada Thompson Wallace Wallen Arnold C. Watson Roy Williams John Womack 300 m m Clinton Stanley Adams Ruth Evelyn Ball Mae B. Brown Marion Cluggish Bonnie W. Cook Lucy Vaughan Cottrell Bertha Ada Crase MoUye Elaine Croft Irving M. Danziger COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Mabel Eleanor Dixon Phyllis Bonta Elam James Morgan Fishback Frances Pearl Frogge Inez Marie Gaskin Frank Goodfriend Frances Gilbert Greene Mrs. Ralph Leah Huber George Robert Hukle Ray W. Lanum Orville G. Leach Ruth Marcus Mary Elizabeth Maupin Berta Mae Miller Ollie James Moore Jean Ann Overstreet Reva Pearl Peden Blanche B. Range Mary Mitchell Rees Lettie LaVerne Rigsby Constance Salisbury Ella Owen Sams Howard Bruce Shepherd Lawrence Eugene Spears Frances Thompson Taylor Imogene Ward Margaret Katherine Wells Stanley White Eleanor June Wolf John W. Abbott G. L. Baggerman Lester M. Ballard Charles W. Bates John H. Baughman James O. Bell James P. Boiling W. G. Bolt G. L. Bortner E. W. Brown G. G. Cardwell, Jr. Thomas P. Carhartt E. E. Collins Varge Comett Jack H. Cowgill COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING V. p. Drake William J. Drummy Thomas C. Finnie Fred B. Fischer E. S. Foreman, Jr. J. Sidney Fuller John C. Gilmor James H. Ham Richard Hamlin Robert G. Hardy E. T. Harney Paul W. Hensley Sherman Hinkebein J. J. Howard Joe Y. Jackson T. C. Jackson Paul A. Johnson H. L. Jones George Kurachek Alvin Langston Richard H. Lewis William T. Love J. Richard Miller, Jr. Charles A. Moler John B. Moore Laban T. Moore J. R. Morgan Louis C. Nelson John C. New Donald W. Pennock Ernest Railey Russell W. Ramey Luther M. Ransdell Carroll S. Rankin J. A. Rassenfoss Leslie M. Rawlings Harold Revlett J. V. Russell Joseph C. Smith Raymond W. Smith H. D. Steele T. H. Strunk R. R. Taliaferro George W. Toman James H. Viox James B. Williamson William G. Yancey H. C. Young 301 Lam THIRD YEAR STUDENTS CLAUDE ASBURY WILLIAM R. CARNAHAN HAROLD H. GEARINGER HOWARD C. HADDEN ROBERT D. HAUN Lexington, Ky. Freeport, III. Lexington, Ky. Mt. Sterling, Ky. Lexington, Ky. JOHN K. wells THOMAS E. KEE JOE B. ORR HARRIS RHODES FRANK G. TRIMBLE EDGAR N. VENTERS Paintsville, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Bowling Green, Ky, Stanford, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Pikeville, Ky. Moses G. Alley C. R. Baker Albert William Beck James H. Gavins William Fred Crooks Charles Ewing SECOND YEAR STUDENTS M. B. Fields Jason B. Gilliland Branch Heard Henard Joseph B. Hennessey Thurman L. Hibbitts Mallam Lake Frank McCartney Everett Lee Miller Roscoe Morgan L. L. Parrott Charles W. Runyan Eugene L. Stephens James B. Stephenson J. Wirt Turner, Jr. Alan R. Vogeler Ramon A. Woodall, II Charles Zimmer Marshall I. Barnes Charles Bentley Russell Bramlage Scott Breckenridge James L. Childers Joseph Clark James Lloyd Clay Harold Kelly Clore Richard J. Colbert John C. Cook FIRST YEAR STUDENTS Clarence Cornelius John C. Cornett Robert L. Dickerson Charles Dolby Fithian Lee Durbin George Fike Henry L. Gardner W. Major Gardner Henry S. Hale K. P. Hamilton Dan P. Hardin William H. Hazlett S. M. Honaker R. F. Houlihan Eddie Perkins Jackson William Bernard Jobe Clinton McGuire H. F. Mathis William L. Matthews Edward E. Oliver Katherine Richardson Louis Rives Michael Alexander Rowady Burwell K. Shepherd Albert Lawrence Sherman Marvin Snyder Robert Coleman Stilz Paris V. Swinford Elbert Taggart Thurman C. Tejan Walter Thorp Marvin Tincher Roy E. Tooms Howard E. Trent, Jr. Joe M. Waller Eugene Rupert Webb William Godfrey Wheeler Edward Preston Young 302 -N r v_ r JOHN CLORE President Prospect, Ky. JOHN ED PEARCE Vice-President Norton, Va. FRANCES HANNAH Secretary-Treasurer Shelbyville. Ky. - n n — - — - - J y SOPHOmORfS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Harriett G. Abraham Betty Adams William R. Adams Charles W. Aitkin Maurice Alexander Katharine Alfred Robert V. Allen Robert H. Allphin Matthew J. Amato Lucy C. Anderson William Arciss Henry C. Bailey J. Margaret Baker William S. Baker Bernice H. Baldwin Henry H. Baldwin Adele Marie Ball Evelyn Barker Uhel O. Barrickman Mary L. Barton Sue Baskett Frank D. Bean Margaret S. Becker William B. Bell Hunter C. Belt Fanie Benelli Jack W. Bernheim Stanley T. Berry Nora C. Billingsley Edward H. Bittenbender Jack R. Bleidt Mabel E. Boswell Landon E. Bowers Thomas H. Bowman Jeanne Frances Bowne Charles R. Bradford Bert Branham Esther Betty Breeden Walter R. Brehm Frances L. Britton Marjorie H. Britton Betty Bronston Chester Brown Hargus T. Brown Leigh D. Brown William G. Bryson William B. Buford James E. Burdette Marshal Burlew Elizabeth F. Butler Harry K. Buttermore, Jr. Virginia Byrnside Nat C. Campbell Harriet L. Canary Charles Candioto Sallie S. Cannon Helen Carberry Mary B. Castle Stanford Cluggish H. Mark Cochrane Alice W.Codell Carroll G. Cole John S. Cole Lowell A. Collings Margaret E. Collins Dorothy Colliver Chesley Colson Carl Combs Paul Combs Mary W. Conant J. P. Conley Byron Thomas Cook Glenn L. Creech Anetta Crouch Vincent J. Crowdus Allen E. Crowe Dorothea Cummins James R. Dade Ann H. Davis Carleton M. Davis Ernest H. Davis Walter T. Davis Imogen S. Dawson Dorothy Dean Horace E. Dean John R. Dexheimer Maxine Dixon John C. Doerr William H. Downing Nancy Duncan Mary P. Duncan William C. Durham Billie Lenora Dyer William Echols Mary Helen Eckel John R. Eibner Sara R. Estill Clara Evansky Stansell H. Fain Keith W. Farnsley Effie Moncure Ficklen Gerald F. Fifield Elizabeth Fishback Mary S. Fishback Sara K. Fisher Garrett B. Fitzpatrick James H. Flagg Raymond G. Fleming Marguerite Ford Cordelia Forrest Richard S. Fox William E. Francis Burtis Franklin Carroll S. Franklin William Howard Freck Wheeler S. Frink Elizabeth Fudold John A. Fulton Louise Galloway Lawrence Gamble Constance M. Garber Paul D. Gard Lida C. Garred Robert Wilmore Garrett Melford Lee Garrison Chester M. Gierlach Ella E. Givin Homer H. Givin Myer B. Godhelff James F. Goodman James F. Gordon Peter A. Gragis Laura Graham George R. Graviss James W. Groseclose Robert R. Groves Jesse W. Gulley Samuel N. Hale O. C. Hall Patricia Hamilton June Hammond Garland Hardin David W. Harp Ann W. Harriss Hudson L. Hatcher Thomas S. Haynes Natalie Henton Rosalie Herman Edna E. Herring Thomas F. Hiestand Edna Hill Ruth E. Hodson Morris Holcomb Lucy Horn Nelson Hoskins H. J. Houlihan Genevieve R. Howard Lee G. Huber Charlie M. Huddleston Elvert T. Humble Shirley Grace Hutchins Alvin C. Isaacs Charles W. Ishmael John E. Jackson Edwin A. Jacobs David E. James John N. Jameson Ernest O. Jefferson Anne Louise Johnson Greer Johnson M. Bernard Johnson Rebecca A. Johnson John Lewis Jones Owen B. Jones Robert K. Jones Marie Kabrynez Milburn C. Keith Tommie Geneva Kelly Melvin L. Kenyon Harold Lee King Gail Kirn Annette Klingholz 304 SOPHOfflORfS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Adalaide C. Klock Frederick F. Knapp Dorothy Lair Virginia ' A. Lake George Land George S. Lawrence William P. Linss William N. Lipscomb William E. Lockett John B. Lovett Mary Katherine Luigart Laura Lee Lyons Walter Leon McCarrell Mary Louise McConathy Mildred E. McCarty Jean McConnell Wayne McConnell Joy F. McCuddy Martha Louise McCuddy Anne W. McDuffie Bernard John McEneely B. B. Mclnteer Edith McKinney Wynne McKinney Anne Louise McMurtry Harold G. Malone Mary L. Malone C. B. Marcum Paul Marsh Charles F. Martin Mary E. Martin Chester E. Mason Mary E. Matlack Mary O. Mattingly Mary M. May Arthur L. Meader, Jr. Jean M. Megerle Mary Ellen Mendenhall Violette A. Merton John H. Metcalfe Carl L. Miller Sara S. Minor Betty B. Mitchell Joseph Mitchell Donald P. Moloney Mary Jo Moloney Kenneth C. Morgan Raymond Morgan Robert O. Moss B. Waller Mountjoy Anne Myers M. Benton Naff Sylvester M. Nash Emma Lou Neel William A. Neiser Henry Rogers Nelson Ellsie B. Newman Henry B. Nevers Lewis D. Niceley Katherine Nichols Helen Louise Nisbet William G. Noffsinger Avis C. Norman Frank E. O ' Brien Edward F. O ' Bryan Grace L. Oliver Harry T. Overby Hugh Owen Lyda Palmer Mattigene Palmore Jane K. Parrish Oscar Patterson Natalie S. Patton John Ed Pearce Mary A. Penney Bette Alice Perdue Samuel H. Perkins Gus T. Petro Mary E. Phillips Cecil Owens Pinckard Robert Plaga Ben William Ploch Samuel B. Pole George Poole, Jr. James Lee Poole Lucy E. Partman Don E. Powell James Robert Powers Anna Belle Prather William Sam Rainey Jack M. Ramos Marcia P. Randall Margaretta Ratliff Alma Martha Razo r Thomas J. Ready John D. Reeve Paul D. Rehm Royce H. Reiss Elizabeth J. Renaker Robert E. Rice Virginia Lee Richey Gene Thomas Riddell Martha W. Ringo Tony J. Rives Robert Allen Robards Alice O. Robertson Leonna Robertson Robert M. Rogan Alia I. Rommel Paul M. Ross Kathryn B. Roswell Eleanor Katherine Rubin Grover B. Sanders Charles Schenker Weal P. Scott Quentin L. Scott Kathryn G. Sebree Ava F. Sellers Oscar W. Sellars William R. Shannon Thomas H. Shelley Marjory Jean Shrock Richard H. Sievwright John M. Simms Sam W. Simonton Virginia M. Smith William L. Smith Mary K. Snyder William H. Spicer Charlotte Stagg Norman W. Staker Benjamin Stanley V. Geraldine Stapleton James M. Stapp Charles K. Steele Virginia Ann Stein Patty G. Stem Catherine Stephenson William Letelle Stephenson Charles B. Stidham Dorothy F. Sutherland William R. Swope Kenneth B. Tackett Janet M. Tadlock William H. Talbot Jerome T. Tartar Jackson A. Taylor James C. Taylor Katherine G. Taylor Richmond C. Terrill Jamie C. Thompson Jane P. Thompson George J. Tognocchi Byford E. Treanor Marguerite Tuttle Marion Reed Valleau Pete Vires Charles Wade Stoney Walton OlIieM. Ward Walter N. Warf Lyl Warwick Mary L. Weisenberger John W. Welch Leonard R. Wells Mildred Geraldine Wesley Wayne D. Whitcomb W. Harris White D. G. Wiley Ralph V. Willhite Ben L. Williams Harry H. Williams Henry E. Willoughby Glenn Wilson Mary S. Wimmer Allenby E. Winer Alleen E. Wolke Charles L. Woods Doris Zenger David A. Zoeller 305 SOPHOmORfS James P. Ammerman Edward C. Ammerman Lucian W. Barnes William O. Blandford Bill Blanton Coy Baylock James L. Blue James C. Bonta Harry Boyd Benjamin J. Butler Frank E. Clark Glenn Clay John G. Clore Paul P. Clore Frank Cox Robert C. Davis Russell Davis Harold W. Dorman C. T. Eddie Harold D. England Sam R. Ewing, Jr. Theodore B. Forbes Richard Foy Charles E. Gibson Clyde Gilliam Leonard Gooch COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Robert B. Griffith Stanley C. Hager Buford Hall, Jr. Claude Hammond Paul Hanna James L. Hardesty Thomas C. Hardesty Glenn A. Harney Emmett P. Hatter, Jr. James C. Hawkins Floyd J. 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Crouch Cathryn Diachun Anna Mae Duncan HOME ECONOMICS Jean Elliott Athelene Evans Janet Fergus Mary Louise Graddy Mattie W. Harrison Dorothy E. Hill Helen H. Horlacher Pauline Johnson Ruth Keeney Allie G. Kendall Hazel Martin Verna Mae Meador Leisia R. Moran Ruth M. Pile Evelyn Pullen Erna Jane Ries Nettie Lee Riggs Olive Roser Margaret Schnacke Marietta Smith Helen Stafford Margaret Trent Rachel Underwood Sarah Louise Veech Jean M. Walker Dorothy Louise Warner 306 SOPHOmORfS James Herbert Adamson Margaret Ambrose Ruth Anderson Omar L. Ash Roy Bean Donald S. Bennet Charles John Bergh Anna Mae Bevins Elisha Richard Bondurant Sherwood Louis Boughton James G. Bowles Clyde H. Brown Joe S. Burnette James Milton Caldwell John Paris Campbell Klias Irvine Carey George R. Cayce Carmel Gorden Clark Margaret B. Clark Robert H. Cloud Weldon Smith Coblin Robert S. Cohen Jack L. Cook Margaret Catherine Collins John Browning Conrad Virginia Cord Dave L. Coon John Upington Courtney Reginald Harold Courtois James Couty Ralph K. Cox McCoy Craig R. Lee Crowe Houston Curtis Gabe Davis Howard C. Davis Elizabeth May Dennis Kline Dickerson Thomas Dieterle Dan Doggett, Jr. Edward F. Donahue John Allen Dunn Lyman Every Nan Farmer Henry Ferony COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Robert E. Fishback William Joseph Foley Melvin Francis French Christopher Frishe Manville Fryman William E. Fuchs Louise Jane Fugazzi William A. Garland Tom Gherman Edward Gholson Jack Goldenberg Harry Gorman Jack W. Graham Billy Green Mary Carlyn Gregory Thomas Greis Marjorie Jane Griffin Frances Hannah William Hannah James Russell Hardin Hal Harned, Jr. Charles Harris Tom Davis Harris Damon C. Hart Clark Henderson J. C. Hendren John Harris Hockensmith Billie Carol Jackson L. P. Johnson David W. Jones Helen Hughes Jones Frank John Kees James G. Kennedy Bruce Hager Kenny Gladys Kilpatrick Julian William Knippenberg W. E. Knoebel William Cecil Kittenger Roland Lamb Arthur Kler Leder William Kyle Leonard Eli Levy Simon E. Levy Edward A, Long Helen E. Long John Thomas Lyons John T. MacCarthy Thomas H. MacDonald Jack A. Marshall Elmond Martin Roy McBrayer Arnollis Meade Barry E. Melloan Edward Meyer Ben Ely Miller Lillian Milem H. P. Montgomery Douglas Holiman Morris Harry Mullins Roy W. MuUin Clarence Murphy William Thomas Nash Sarah Neander John Sherman Nickell William Carter Palmer Mary Frances Parker Chester C. Raeuchle Joe W. Raine Rex Rasnick Sinclair L. Raynor Connie Richmond Clayton J. Rice E. Alan Robins Roland H. Rogg Bertha Rose Helen Rowady Eva Rowe Kenneth Rush Frances Adele Schreck James E. Scott Clarence Scoville Asher F. Seale Lindsay C. Shea John Raymond Sibley Betty Redding Smith Billy M. Stewart John William Stevens Anna Lee Stoll Dorothy Stopher Billy Sugg Joe H. Taylor Lorraine B. Towles Jean Truly Dennis Waggoner Evelyn Warren Thomas Weathers Roy Wayne Waller White Harold Barclay Williams Margie Williams Carroll Rollins Wood John G. Womack Catherine Louise Woollam 307 soPHomofits COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING E. V. Albert Cecil F. Anderson R. Burns Baker Sam C. Berry C. T. Boone James T. Bowling Chester C. Brown Floyd Brown James W. Brown, Jr. Robert P. Brown Robert K. Browning Seymour Bush Dean Campbell Paul J. Cavise Gilbert W. Cheniae Alfred John Cogdill Joseph M. Cogar Adrian Combs Ralph S. Cobb James C. Conner J. Ernest Delaney D. W. Denney Robert M. Drake Andrew W. Edwards Paul W. Eichenlaub Joseph P. Endris Joe S. Farcht Fauntley M. Foley James K. Ford William C. Forston, Jr. David H. Fox Harold Davis Fox J. T. Franklin Jesse K. French Thomas Fritts Robert U. Gaines, Jr. Roy Galloway Allen Gibson David Gilmore T. J. Gragg B. W. Hamilton J. P. Hammond Robert B. Harness B. Paul Haskell T. Leonard Henry Lloyd HoUoday Charles Ray Hood Dwight L. Hopper Fred C. Horlander James A. Hotaling Harley E. Huddle R. B. Huffman Samuel M. Johnson J. P. Jones John V. Kalb A. T. Kendrick Paul M. Kintner Charles Cyril Kissel Keith Koenig C. E. Lacefield James D. Lewers James W. Little J. D. McNamer Jerry Mercer John Moorman N. L. Navarre Ed W. Neal Ben T. Nelson K.V. O ' Neal Don R. Orme Charles G. Orr Glenn E. Padgett William B. Pendleton Charles L. Price Howard Ed Price Carl W. Ramsey Eugene G. Ramsey A. V. Rathbun Louis D. Rekoon G. A. Reynolds C. F. Robards W. L. Robards George D. Robertson C. E. Robinson T. V. Rouse J. P. Roysdon John N. Schweitxer Ray V. Scott W. B. Schuyler Robert J. Shaw John S. Smallwood O. Harold Snyder E. W. Spears John R. Spicer Carl Staker Fred Steedly Joe W. Stewart T. M. Stewart W. M. Strotz E. E. Survant Leo Thaler M. O. Thomas Bryon M. Thompson W. O. Tracy, Jr. Carl R. Vice John C. Walsh Raymond P. Warner Joe Webb Orville P. Wheat Buford R. Whitt Raymond R. Withers 308 n to DOUGLAS BLAIR President Harlan. Ky. HARMON GATES Vice-President Madisonville, Ky. ROBERT PFEIFFER Secretary -Treasurer Bantam. Conn. - — - J — - - V. n fRfSHmfn COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Ray G. Abel Barbara Adams Evelyn L. Adams Marshall Adams William Blake Adams Marvin Akers Gertrude D. Allen Ermal G. Allen William O.Allen Charles Amberg Sanford Alverson Dorothy Jean Ammons Florence L. Anglin Elmer M. Antle John Joseph Archdeacon Martha Archer Carolyn Asher Perle Asher William Askew Helen V. Babbitt Steve Bach Joseph Back James B. Bacon Karl R. Badgett Pauline Bailer Nancy M. Bailey Robert Baker Edwin Ballard Iva Netherton Barbee Louis Barker Alma Barnard Mary Barnes Bernice Barr Jane Baynham G. D, Beach Joseph B. Beard Prentice C. Beatty Gishie G. Bederman J. Peter Bedford Robert L. Beeler John W. Bell Andrew Benson Ester M. Bickel Billy R. Black David L. Black Margaret Blackerly Douglas Blair Marion Bloom Phyllis J. Blount Virginia D. Blount Walter Blount Phyllis E. Blumer Dorothy Bond Henry M. Bosworth Elizabeth Bottorff James A, Boyle Samuel Brents Louise Brightwell Edna E. Broaddus Albert B. Brooke Margaret H. Brown Nancy Brown Nymandale Brown Rosemary Brown Virginia L. Burgess Billy Burke Charles Burton Charles Butler Lois Calhoun Eleanor Cannon Benny Carollo John W. Carrico Thomas Carroll Edward A. Cave Jack H. Cave Paul S. Cawn Betty Jane Chapman Jane Cherry Anna R. Ciccarello John H. Clark Pearl Clark Ruth D. Clore Sidney C. Coale James R. Coffey Margaret P. Cohen Albert Cole Allan P. Collins Arthur Collins William T. Collins Paul C. Combs Caroline Conant Victor Comley Joseph Conforti Winston Cook Carl Cooper June Cooper John Cornelison Roy Cornelius Bill Corum William Costel Anna Louise Cox Bennie R. Crabbe Theophalus G. Craft George B. Crofton June G. Crain Carolyn Cramer Elizabeth Creech Billy E. Crouch Vernard Crowe Margaret Cummins Jane A. Dalbey Frances W. Dale Jimmie M. Daniels Verena M. Daniels Charles Daugherty Robert Daves Donald Davis Gene L. Davis John Davis June G. Davis Mary Olive Davis Thelma Davis Vernice Day Charles W. DeHaven Mary Ann DeLong B. Allene DeMent Grenville H. DeRoode Tom G. Dirgus Garnett D. Divine Anita Dodge John C. Dooley Harry Dougherty. Jr. Dorothy A. Douglass Jean Allen Douglass Tom D. Douglass George S. Dozier William B. Drone Joe Dunlap Mary L. Dunn John William Duvall Elinor S. Earle A. G. Edwards Glen Elizabeth Edwards Carolyn Elliott James A. Estes Harold L. Etler Louise M. Ewan Joyce Fain Joseph Famularo Richard E. Farmer Richard C. Ferguson John Fritzpatrick Robert Folkerth Bascom Ford Harold B. Ford Sidney Forsythe Nelle S. Foster Earle C. Fowler Jessie Francis Paul F. Frank Martin Freedman Joe Martin Friedman Mabel K. Fugett Mary B. Fulcher Mary V. Fulcher Billy Fuller Victor Fuller Eugenia L. Funk Mary A. Gabbard Jack W. Gaines John F. Gaither Donald N. Galloway Elizabeth Gardner 310 fRfSHIfltn COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES J. S. Gathof James R. Geary Robert Geddes Mary Margaret Gentry William H. Gentry Gorden Godbey Mildred Lynn Gooch Virgil Goodman Marguerite Goodykoontz Mary Ann Gott Steve Graham Sarah K. Greene Mildred Grii=fin Andrew Gyoker William W. Halfhill Carolyn Hall Roberta J. Hall Ted Hall Gordon Hambrick Patricia R. Hanover Thelma Handy Barbara Hanson Frances B. Hardwick Edward Harper Anna K. Harpring Jean M. Harpring Mary F. Hatfield Anne R. Hatter Marjorie J. Haug Harry K. Hauge Jimmie B. Hawkins Milton R. Hawkins Phelan C. Hawn Stanley Hazelwood C. Thomas Heavrin Billy Hedges Birchell R. Helton Gilbert B. Helton Aletha W. Henderson Anne C. Heumann Martha Hiatt Letha Hicks William M. Hicks Daisy Rose Higgins Mary Louise Hirt Walter H. Hobbs Stephen P. Hogg Joe Hodge Roy Glendon Holbrook Jane K. HoUaday William Hollohan Arthur Holmes Tommy Hopkins William Hopkins Irene Howard William Thomas Howard Lida Belle Howe Flaura Howell Billie Louise Hughes Richard S. Hulette Jane White Humble Neal Cardwell Hundley Betty Jeane Hunter Larence Huneitz Seymore Hurwitz Virginia Hutcherson Peggy Ingels James E. Ireland Eugene C. Ison Bill W. Ison Bogle P. Jackson Mary Emma James Orleana E. Jansen Opal Johns Margaret Anne Johnson E. Harry Jones Charles R. Jones Jack Jones Mary E. Jones Iva Mildred Juett Robertson Kagin Rae Katz David Keeling John LeRoy Keller Stafford Kelley Charles W. Kelley Dick Kelly Louis Kelly Thomas M. Kelly Nan Eff Kirby Paul Joseph Kirby Carlisle Kirkpatrick Joe F. Knight Louis B. Kopp Jack Krabill Francis Kurachek Mary LaBach James G. Lail Martha E. Lair Calvin Landrum Rita S. Laslie Martha R. Leet Keith Lyle Lewis Grant W. Lewis Perry Little Ruth M. Litton Robert Long William Lucas Maramartha Lusk Billy A. McCarty Anne D. McCown Alice McGaughey Mary Agnes McQuire Ruth McQuoun Frank Mack William C. Mahon Hugh D. Mahon Emily MacNab Harold Maines Vernon Manning Charles Marcum Jack D. Marcum John T. Mainaro Hazel Marshall Elizabeth L. Martin Robert Martin Robin Martin Doris K. Marty Annetta Mason James C. Mathewson Roy May Richard Mayo Charles Medcalf Virgil Medcalf June Mehne Zula F. Melton Jane Merton Arthur L. Milboum Robert Miles Donald Miller Jennie Miller John T. Minogire Lillian P. Mitchell William E. Mitchell Vincent A. Modica Howard P. Moffett Nancye J. Mohney Robert D. Montondo Stanley Moore Marjorie Moran Beatrice Moretti Charles E. Morron Lucian Moremen John Morgan William Moyer Noah MuUins Patricia A. Mulroy William V. Naylor Mary D. Needham James L. Neill Ruth Helmes Mary C. Nickerson Julian M. Nichols Wesley Nichols George Nollau Frank Nunnelley Charles K. Dates Egcratt M, O ' Connell Bernard S. O ' Nan Louise Ostrander Virginia L. Overstreet Willard Overstreet Kathryn S. Owens 311 fflfSHdifn COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Marjorie Owens Martin Packman Helen F. Page John L. Palmer Regie E. Palmore Mary Papania James W. Parker Ann B. Parks Harlan Paris Robert A. Parr Cacus Partin Marcia Pedersen Allen S. Penman William M. Pennycock Romona Perkins George E. Perry John W. Pf effer Frank S. Phillips Jesse Phillips William W. Phillips Mildred Pierson John C. Pile William T. Pinkston Fred C. Pinson Blanche K. Poindexter Doris M. Poindexter Charles L. Pope Charles Posey Bettie S. Potts Mary Thomas Powers Betty Prebble Christopher B. Preston Jane F. Purcell Mary F. Purnell George R. Queene, Jr. Arthur W. Quinn Harry J. Ramey Lloyd H. Ramsey Charles E. Rankin Mary E. Ratliff Katherine Ray William Raybould Doris Reichenbach Audrey Reiss Robert Reuseli Gilbert Reynolds William J. Reynolds Ruth Hunt Rice Louise Riddell Harry Woodward Ritter Betty W. Roberts Henry M. Robertson Hermon C. Robinson Jacob E. Robinson William B. Robinson Jim B. Roby Anthony J. Roche Joseph T. Rogers Betty L. Rose Evelyn M. Rose Earl B. Rose Jean Rose Donald M. Roser Mary D. Rowland Morris Royster Orel A. Ruth John Samara Jesse A. Sanders Martha Sandifer Ralph L. Sapp Albert F. Sauer Edna Saunders Frederick Scholnick Robert Scholtz Helen Schuhart Louis J. Schwartz Anne Scott Andrew W. Sea Geneva Sego Heinz Seelbach William R. Selby William Sewell Mahlon Richard Shelbourne Norbert R. Sherman Edwin R. Short John L. Shouse Jessie Shuckman Sarah A. Simpson David Skaggs J. Franklin Small Christine C. Smith June Smith Martha C. Snapp James G. Snowden Robert C. Snowden Eldon M. Sonnenburg Betty G. South Eugene H. Sparrow Nelson T. Spencer Anne G. Spicer William Stafford Grosjean Stagg Bernard G. Stall Thelma Stamper Elizabeth Stewart Paul Stewart Oscar B. Stivers Joel L. Stokes Mary L. Stokes Richard P. Stoll Chester Stratton John Strawhorn Clarence F. Sullivan Eva F. Suter Velma L. Swaite C. P. Taylor Doris G. Taylor Roy S. Taylor Ora Lee Taylor Royce R. Taylor Roger Temant Jack Ellsworth Thoman Margery A. Thomas Robert D. Thomas E. Allan Thompson Clifford Thompson Lloyd H. Thompson Virginia Thomson Cay wood C. Thomson Dawes Thomson Nancy Thornbury Roger S. Thornton Bill A. Tucker Clifford Tussey Myron H. Ukelson Mary M. Van Arsdell Sue Ruth Van Deren Carl R. VanHood Kenneth C. Vanlandinghan Dorothy Mae Vaughn Florence VonSnydore Joseph R. Wallace Arthur J. Walsh Laveina H. Warner Albert C. Wasser Virginia F. Watson John S. Waters Raymond Wedlake Judy Weil Jean Welch Bernard A. Wells Anna Sue Whalen Marjorie F. Wheeldon Charles F. White Helen White Elizabeth Wigginton Cassie R. Wilcox William Wilcox Robert W. Willmott Georgia E. Wills Billy Pope Wilson Harold E. Winn Marcia K. Wood Wildren Louise Wilson Kathryn M. Wobbe Jeremiah Wolpert Mary Ellen Wombwell Sam Wood William A. Woods Alice R. Wooton Hester L. Young Wilson Young Ila W. Young James Lewis Young Alex Zechella Franklin Zinn 312 ffitsHditn Allan Percy Adair, III Raymond E. Allen Kenneth Anderson Steve V. Backer Paschal Ballard James C. Bamhill Garland Bastin Sam H. Baughman C. A. Berry James K. Boone Hugh Brookshire Chester L. Brown David A. Brown, Jr. Lowell D. Campbell Nelson Cande Paul Clark Milton Clark Joe L. Claxon John B. Clay Donald L. Cole Willie C. Coleman Jewell B. CoUiver Sam Coppock. Jr. William H. Cord Earl M. Cornette Walter Cox Clark Cramer John W. Crowe Perry S. Dean John C. Dickens Scott Dickstein Emmitt Dozier, Jr. Claude D. Donaldson John H. Ellis Kenneth England Omer E. Evans James C. Farmer Kenneth Fugett Julian E. Gillespie Harold G. Ginter William H. Goatley Sarah Armbruster Sonia Berkowitz Mary Anne Blevins Isabelle Cash Vivian Louise Combs Helen Culton Elizabeth Darnaby Susan Darnell Mary Lois Denny Lucille Eblen Rachel C. Essex Jane Farmer Evelyn Foster Margaret J. Gully Frances Hall Ann Harrison Helen E. Hatfield Elva Haye COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE John Gray William H. Gregory Everett Griffith Henry C. Hamilton J. Carroll Hamilton Sam E. Hancock Edward Hanna Gano T. Harding Harry Haynes Kenneth M. Helton Cloyd V. Hendrickson John B. Hemdon Dan Isgrigg James H. Ison Byrd Ison Raymond S. Jacobs William Johnstone Donald Kells Luther Kelley Allen R. Kessler Burton A. Kimbrough James King Charles M. Law Miller Levi Lew Daniel Lewis George F. Lewis Edward J. Lickert Fred E. Lucas Clifford K. Martin Homer J. McAllister Everett B. McDowell Howard Meade Wellington R. Meade Karl W. Michler Laymon Miller Richard F. Moore Lewis E. Mulcahy Michael S. Nelson William E. Netherland William O. Newell HOME ECONOMICS Mary Miles Hieronymus Margaret Holland Margaret Huey Mary Frances Hume Lucille Jett Jean Duncan Jones Marjorie C. Jones Esther Kalb Effie Kimbell Delia Landrum Ella Landrum Edna Lausman Jane Garnett LeVesque Betty McGregor Gaynell E. Mallory Betty Bow Miller Margaret Newcomb 313 Jack Osborne JoeH. Oslin Thomas N. Pettus James P. Phelps Carl V. Porter Marvin J. Powers Robert H. Price Edwin A. Proctor William P. Read James D. Rees, Jr. William L. Renaker H. I. Price Tom Robinson Clarence J. Rouse. Jr. Dewitt Rowland Maurice E. Rudolph William R. Scherer Carl E. Schneider William A. Schneiter William K. Sharp Richard E. Smith, Jr. William H. Smith William Stone William C. Strumbo Virgil Sullivan James W. Swinford Edward H. Tandy Loyd C. Taylor Conrad Thomas James Thornton Kenneth D. True John W. Tuttle James T. Walker Harry W. Wallingford Edward Waters Robert T. Weaver John L. Williams James W. Wilson Wallace D. Wilson Roy M. Yewell Charles T. Ziegler Geneva Belle Paynter Josephine Pelphrey Dorothy C. Rowe Ruth Scott Lyda Short Ruth Slaughter Alice Louise Smith Margaret F. Stacey Dorothy Stiles Agnes Sublette Jennie Sullivan Leola Tarkington Ethel Terrell Mary Lucille Thompson Marjorie Trammell Sara Lucille Triplett Virginia P. Umstead Lysbeth T. Wallace fRtSHmtn B. V. Abram Stanley Adams Harold C. Aiken Malcolm P. Alfrey Lynn Allen Ronald Andrew Rollie C. Ashurst Charles Baierlein M. E. Bailey Edwin Barkman Glendon Barrow Ben T. Bartlett James Bell W.H.Bell Herman Bernstein Caldwell C. Bickel Robert R. Boone W. A. Bowling Aubrey Boyd James Boyd Ralph B. Brown W. L. Bruckart, Jr. John E. Bryan James Buchanan Ray Burberry Clyde S. Calvert, Jr. Robert J. Calvert W. M. Campbell William Campbell James M. Carigan W. Sutton Carley Sam Carlick Ligon J. Cason Claude V. Chandler John H. Chenault Carl M. Clarke Thomas H. Cline Wallace S. Costello Oreal Crepeau Samuel F. Crow, Jr. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Louie Cummins, Jr. E. T.Davis Robert S. Dean Donald Desy Robert Doeker George Dodson Eugene J. Donlon B. W. Duncan David I. Dunning Harry Dyer William C. Estes Mac C. Eversole John Featherston Eugene R. Ferguson V. H. Florence E. Mitchell Fulkerson W. M. Gamboe James W. Gardiner W. L. Garrott Robert S. Grogan Harriel Gudgell Cullum Haggard Claude H. Hall Francis Harmon Louie Harris McClellan J. Heath Burr Hereford Edward R. Herman Ernest B. Hillenmeyer John Richard Hook John R. Hubbard Frank Hutchinson Eugene Johnson B. D. Johnston, Jr. Charles F. Jones L. N. Jones William H. Karraker Dudley R. Kelly Bennie Kirkendall Edward J. Knepfie Arthur Knox Guy R. Lamb, Jr. Kenneth Lawrence J. C. Leasure Quentin H. Lewis Harry Ligh Raleigh B. Litsey, Jr. Wilbur W. Little James E. Maddox Thomas A. Mahan David Marrs, Jr. James H. Masterson, Jr. Billy May C. A. Miller Eugene Minnix William H. Montague Stanley M. Moore Charles Noe Louis Parker Frank Parks, Jr. Anthony R. Patterson S. W. Peel James Pendergriss Lawrence C. Pendley Stanley W. Penna D. M. Price George R. Rawlings Fred N. Reynolds V. F. Neynolds Milton Rice William C. Rice Billy M. Richardson William B. Robinson Haskell Ross William H. Ryan Dan Sabo Edgar H. Sawyer Lee R. Scherer George W. Schlegel Clayton Shackelford Warren L. Shaw J. Paul Shields, Jr. Russell Shrout William Sisco Brent Southwood Albert J. Spare, Jr. Tim W. Spears K. L. Steele George W. Terrell Elmore W. Tonini O. M. VanArsdell William T. Vance Jacob B. Walters Jim B. Williams James G. Wilson John Holden Wilson Meredith Wilson Dewey W. Young 314 fRfSHUlfn Ben T. Adams, Jr. James Edward Adkins Dick Mayo Allen Estill Arrowood Louise Bailey Harold Baker W. Edward Balden Lora Barrow Russell Baxter Ellsworth Alphonso Bellinger Haskel Blandenship Edward Bowne Jack Burgin Robert D. Burton Edith Juanita Bush Mary Alene Calvert Margaret S. Cantrill Richard Lyle Clinkinbeard Wilfred Benjamin Crutchfield Georgia Wright Daniel Bemice Daugherty Charles Albert Daugherty Dawson Young Davis Ralph Lee Dean Paul Francis Decker Harold Dever Oscar Trigg Dorton Betty Bowman Dunn Milford D. Estill K. Jean Ewers Lewis Faulkner Charles Lynwood Feathers Meade B. Ferris Eleanor Lee Fox Harold Freedman Morris L. Friedman Vernon Webb Garrison Ben W. Gorham Wilma Cathryn Gorman Davis Graham. Jr. Charles Speed Gray Russell Lawrence Gresham Leonard Franklin Greathouse Robert William Guely COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Paul Hargett James Willey Harris John Harvey, Jr. Jack Henning Virginia Hester Henry R. Hillenmeyer Wallace T. Hislop Mason Hockensmith Llewellyn Holmes Herman H. Houck William Thomas Howard Wallace E. Hughes Hiram Jackson Johnson James Moss Johnson James Raymond Johnson Glenna Melrose Johnson John E. Jones Plummer Mason Jones Allen C. Karstrom Paul William Kelley Raymond Kendall Royal Kendall Robert Berry Lander Mimie Carol Landreth William B. Lawrence Addison W. Lee Pauline L. Liuville Thelma Logan John Douglas Long Betty Longsworth Joe Calvin Lovell Vernon B. Lussky Ben Selby Lyen Walter Leslie McComas Patie L. McCormack Bruce McDonald James Warren McGraw Mary Banner McKay Harry Mahoney James R. Marlowe Joe Logan Massie William D. Maxedon Ted Meyer Donald Elmo Miller Clarence C. Mobley Williar Kerkeek Mobley Carl H. Moser James Edward Murray W. Preston Murray Juanita Northcutt Harmon Whitson Gates George Lampton Payton W. C. Penick Betty Pepiot Robert John Pfeiffer Richard Burns Piatt Katherine Poor James Ivan Potts Hugh Bruce Price William Robert Price William Quinn Sue Ransdell Kenneth Lee Recktenwald Jesse Redding Oswald Rodman Renfro Travis Ridley Archie L. Roberts Lloyd Pugh Robertson Sam Allen Robinson Edward P. Roederer Fred C. Rogers James Claiborne Routt Joseph W. Royalty William Fontaine Scott Beatrice Sexton Shelby Shanklin, Jr. John R. Shelton Paul R. Shields Charles E. Skidmore Mary Margaret Smith Lucille Smoot R. M. Spragens George Eli Shelley Bonnie Lee Stapleton Ben D. Sublett Benjamin Sullivan. Jr. Sara May Taylor Robert Andrew Thomas Norma Jane Thompson Fred A. Triplett Marshall E. Vaughn Johnie Azelle Walker Henry Means Walker Richard Waller Ras Ware Iva Frances Watts James Hassel Wheeler Frank Edward Wilford Edgar Vincent Wilson Joe Rankin Whitaker Helen Windsor Fred Floyd Wolfe Presley Wood 315 -. -z -I h f l3 ' 7 flOIOGRflPHS ' ' ' - - ' 7 .,. 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Suggestions in the University of Kentucky - Kentuckian Yearbook (Lexington, KY) collection:

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