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- ■) - -i l-ow S . The KENTUCKIAN CO IM R 1 (. H I I !); (i Ba il 1,. BAKhR, Ephor-in-Chiff Jamks L. BbRsoi, Bi siMss . f(;R. ENTUCKIAN YEAR BOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1 9 ' mM KEN TRAI To Kentucky Traditions, which have made this State famous throughout the world, we dedicate The 1 936 Kentuckian. The name " Kentucky " wherever mentioned is synonymous with Beautiful Women, Fast Horses, Stately Colonels, Mint Juleps, Burley Tobacco, and Sturdy Pioneers TUCKY ITIONS ADMINISTRATION k GRADUATES ATHLETICS CONT Judge Mulligan wished to make his readers appreciative of Ken- tucky Traditions when he wrote " In Kentucky. " Since that is our purpose also, we will use his poem in collaboration with our theme: FEATURES ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES ENTS The moonlight is the softest In Kentucky Summer ' s days come oft ' est In Kentucky Friendship is the strongest Love ' s fires glow the longest Yet, a wrong is always wrongest In Kentucky I. E A ' I N G 1 H E LIB R A R V A L I, 1 s 11 I I IL 1 IN I 11 E ROCK (. A R U L N J ' 1 N E - C O ' E R E D MECHANICAL li A I. L M F. N S R I S 1 I) K N c: i: 11 I, 1 s M E M O R I A I. I () I ' R 1 s I 1) 1 N 1 P A 1 I 1. K S () ! I V IN P 1 . r. S N V. , R M A X W K 1. I. I ' I. A C 1£ i)7 ' y ;.v Bounds li A Fii.s.siii i I ' d III Fieher mid Miiy ■■Sinn l u. s " (iiiiliiiir Your Mniilli ' s Oji ' -ii. Piii Ijri ' i ' ill HIdiiiii Si I iiininiiii ' " Bud " Aiiili ' ison Two Rasjniliii.s ll rlln yiiuisrlf! I The sunshine is ever brightest In Kentucky The breezes whisper lightest In Kentucky Plain girls are the fewest Maidens ' eyes the bluest Their little hearts are truest In Kentucky m FRANK Lk ROND McVEV, Ph. D., LL. D. Prestdim oi ' iHii UNi i:Ksriv 3n Upmnrtam Jltuitrurtnr in tbr Dppartnipnl of CEl)rintstry in Jrauk A. iiuiihPH Ifiriitral laff of thr DtsppiiHani JuKtrurtnr in tlic (Unllrgp nf lEnyinppring Dean T. T. Jones I . r. [oNis. ikMii ol moil, was 1)0111 ill Clav County. Kentutky. He attended the University where he ol)- tained his A. li. decree in 1902. beini; tlie honor ;iaduate tliat year; he hitei went lo Harvard wliere he obtained iiis I ' h. 1). decree. He has l)een head ol the Depailnienl ol AntieiU; - iias es si 111 e U)04; was acting dean ol the (.ladiiate School until Ui:M, when he was ai)|)oiiiled dean ol men upon the letiieiiKiU ol Dean Meldiei. Imie. H».1 i. will mark the loinpletion ol ihe lliiid eai ol othce lor T. 1. Jones as dean ol men ol ihe l!iii eisiix, and in thai short period ol lime, he has endeared liimsell to every- one wiih whom lie has tome in loniad. His li ieiidshi]). st ' iiialitv, and imparlialilv have made him honored and respeded 1)V all the men ol ihe Univeisilv. The iwo iiiajoi piohleiiis wliii li lia e (oiHioiiuhI Dean joius ha e heeii llu ' adminis- lialion ol sludeiit leliel work in llie loim ol I ' KRA and NVA. and ihe liiiaiuial sinialinii ol ihe lialernilies on the campus, lioth piojeds lia e been handled in a ei (ommcndable maiinei. The liaternities were leciuiied lo siibmil Imaiuial slalemeiils and a (ouiuil com- posed ol ihe piesidenls ol all llie lialernilies was h)iiiied b Dean Jones. Another iinio alioii which has been a boon lo ihe social lile ol ihe I ' niveisilv are the Wednesdav iiinlit dances inaugurated by ihe genial dean, ihe |)ro(eeds liom wliidi have been used to buv a piano lor the gyinnasiitm and also adtl to ihe Sludeiil I ' nioii building hind. His achievemenis have been ouistanding during ihe lour ' ears s|)eni al ihe I Iiii ersitv bv Ihe Class of ' .%. 21 DEANS ' . I). Fi NKiiorsiR, (lc;in ol ihc (iiadiiatc School, was 1)1)111 ill Rixkpori, Indiana, in 1S SI. He obtained his A. B. degree licnii Wahasii (College in ' 0 " ). M. A. Iioiii Coiiiell in " 12. Ph. 1). Iroin Cimnell in ' 1(1. and .St. D. Iioni W ' abasii in ' 29. He has liaxfiled around ihe voild in liis iiuessaiU seareh loi rare and siiaiige s]K ' iiiiiens ol Ijugs. snaises. and dead Iiuhans. In spile ol ihe lad thai he is nuuiied. Dr. Funkhonser has vi itlen ahonl ' iOO books and scieniilic publitations. Not being a er biisv man. lie was a|)poiiued ihaiiiiian ol ihe Athletic Council and secretaix ol the Sontheastein Coniei- eiue. He is a ineniber ol Ka|)pa Sigma. Phi Beta Kappa, the Rolai C:lnb. and iiiaiu (ielllilK oigani ations. Thomas P. CkJOi-i-R, dean ol the Clollege ol , giicidune. was born in I ' ekin, Illinois, in I. SSI. He is an expert gai- dnei ' . and .dso enjoxs iiaxeling. He received his A. B. and A. B. in .Vgriciillnre lioin the lJni ersil - ol Minnesota. Beloie toniing to the nni ci sii . Dean Cooper i.iughi at the Univeisity ol Minnesota, was connected iili the United States Dei)ai iineiii ol Agricultme. and Director ol North Dakota Better Fauns Association. Besides being an author ol a book, he has also written several bnllctiiis on agriculture. He is a member of Sigma Xi. . lpha Zeta, Ma- sons, Rotaix Club, and other clubs. L. |. IldKi xctii K. assist, lilt (lean ol the College ol Agri- culture, was bom at I ' l aiikloi I. IiuHana, in IS91. Fie re- ceived his B. S. degree at Purdue in I ' ,I17. his .M. S. at Kan- sas State College in l ' .»l!l. and did giadu.ite work at the L ' ni- eisit ol Chicago. Piolessoi Hoilachei is the author ol sev- eral books on li esto(k, and is a leiiowned authorilx on sheep. " hile in school Prolessoi Hoilachei xvas .i iiieiiibei ol Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Xi. Gamma Sigma Delta. Fan Kappa Alpha, and O. D. K. DEANS 1 . r. Ro ' i I), (lc:m ol the College ol Aits and Sciences, was boiii in C;anien)n, West ' iiginia. in 1877. He received his A. B. Ironi Olierlin in 1898. A. M. Iioni I ' aik College, and M. A. and I ' ll. 1). lioni Cornell. He is iiiairied and has nvo ilaiighters, X ' iiginia and Beitie. Reading, long trips, and college sports interest him ei nuuli. Dean Bo (l is a niend)er ol Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma i. Omicion Ka])])a Delia, and .Sigma Delta Chi, be- sides being prominent in aiioiis societies. He h as written .se eial anitles on education and was co-aiithor of a text- hook. Belore coming to Keniu(k he was connected vilh Hano er Colleue and Park Colle ' e. Edward WnM, dean ol the College ol Conmierce, was boi n in Florida. 1878. He received his A. B. Irom George Washington Uni ersit in 1912. his , . M. Irom Cohindjia, and his I ' h. D. from Colinnbia in 191(i. Dean AViest was connected vith the L ' niied States Weather Pjineaii. has taught at the Uni ersit of X ' ermont, and is the aiuhor of sc eral publications. He is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa, Beta Gannna Sigma, and several acad- emies of sciences. Wnrrv.M S. " f avlor, dean of the College of Ediuaiion, since I92.i. as born in Bea er fiam in 1885. He obtained his B. S. liom Kentucky in ' 12. iM. S. liom the Uni ersity of Wisconsin in ' Ki, and Ph. D. Irom Columbia in ' 24. He is an ardent golfer and cjuitc natinally. is also cpute a gar- dener (always digging). He is a member of Phi Delta Kajipa, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Zeia, Kiwanis Club, Masons, N. E. A., A. A. A. S., and K. E. A. Dean laxloi has written se eral bcjoks on educa- ticjn, in addition to being a member of the federal Bcjard of ■Vocational Education. 23 DEANS |ami }1iram (.rmiam. (kail ul ihe College ol Engi- neeriii " -. was horn in Louis ille in 1879. He receixed his B. C. E. in ' 00. and C. K. in ' Oj Irom the University of Ken- tnckw . ltcr the aniiisiiie was signed terminating the World War, he " ivas in charge ol the engineeiing operations of the . . E. K. in Fiaiue. He was awarded an office in the Legion ol Honor in France and the Distinguished Service Medal by the United States. He is a member ol the Pen- deniiis Club. Masons, and Ka|)pa . lpha. This is Dean Graham ' s Inst vear at the univeisiiv. bin he has .shown miuii enthnsiasin in the proposed campus im- provements wliich inciiide the Student Union Building, re- modeling Mechanical Hall, iiiipi o enieiUs on the siadium. and construction ol a iicating plant. V. E. Fkkicm.w. assistant dean ol the Clollege ol Engi- neering, i-. a nali e ol Lexington. He obtained his . . H. Irom Transyhania in 01, B. M. E. Irom U. ol K. in ' 01. and E. E. Irom Keimick in IL ' . Dean Freeman is another mem- ber ol the stall who is an aiclent gaicleiiei . ,nid stiangeK enough, he too is a gollei. Dean Freeman vas acting clean ol the College ol En- gineering (hiring the past eai. prior to ihe airival ol the ne v dean. Ciolonel ( .iiid vas acli e in the install. i- tion ol a new (ledit s sieni in the college. He is a memijer ol ' Lati Beta j ' i. Omicron Delta Kappa, A. L E. E.. Rolaiv C:iul), and Kappa Alpha. . i,viN E. Evans, (le.m ol ilie (College ol Law, was boiii in X ' alley, Nebraska, in IS80, and spent his early lile on the laim. He attended the L ' ni ersii ' ol Nebraska, vheie he received his . . B. and A. M. degrees. He then married and now has two (hildieii. P.ilmer and Patrica. his teaching career at the LIniversit) ' of He startec Washington, then went to the State College of Washington, University ol Idaho, and later to George Washington Uni- ersit . He is a member of the Rotary Club, Delta Thet.i Phi, Kenttick - Bar Association and other legal societies. 24 DEANS S RAH C;. Ri AMKXC, (Icaii ol ' ()nK ' n and assistant prn- lissdi 1)1 poliiiial scicme. was lioi n in Fa cttc Count). Kcn- tiukv. in ISdS. Slu- ictvixod lici A. B. at thi ' iini cTsit and lui A. M. at Coluniljia. l.tidic becomini; dean ol Avonicn, slu ' insniutcii in plnsical t ' dmation and assistant dean ol ;vcinun. Siic s|)cnds her sininncis as diifilcii at I tail ' s Lnd Claiiii), loiaicd on the Reniiick Rixci. While in school. Dean Blandini; was a nienibet ol Kapixi kappa Gamma, and active in i.iinpiis lile. She is a membef ol the . mei ican As- sociation ol l ' ni eisit Women and piominent in llie held ol politic .d sc ience. Mrs. SAKUt li. Hc)i.Nti:s, assistant de.m ol women, was hoiii at Shawnee on the Delawaie, Pennsylvania, and at- tended the Univeisitx ol Kentnekv wheie she obtained her .A. B. degree. lielore she came to the tini ' eisity as a member ol the lactiltx, she taught at East Stioudsbmg and Sayie College. She is a memi:)ei ol Kappa Delta Pi and Moi tai Board. Mrs. Holmes ' |jopiilaiit among the students ol the iini eisil can piobabh be attributed to the l.icl that she lealh knovvs hovv to get along vith oung people, being the mothei ol lour. Kendall. .Mildied. Lillian, and |ohn, all ol whom ha e made ei line lecoicls at the nni c ' isi( . SiKlll ' llil (Is Wi-lili mill Bi-y.sDt Ddvis Cci.s Lcji . I Idiic lii ' dil ' liiii initl ] ' i ' i-j) i " !• isli moiigcr " " " Rciil Olir (il l ir Uny.s Tim (hi - ii. mill a Kro (•II lo, Abie Lcl ' s Cm Clii.ys Bi oi li mill ll ' ' cv .S7 ,- . 1 1 ■ " ( Life ' s burdens bear the lightest In Kentucky The home fires burn the brightest In Kentucky While the players are the keenest Cards come out the meanest The pocket empties cleanest In Kentucky Senior Class Officers I ' l CMllilll KlAIS |. SlAllR. LcxillglOII ri( c-Fi rsniciil R Ai I ' ll 1 li (.111 1 1 . Priiucloii Sr( )clin Kkancis kiRK. Lc inj;U)n Tii ' dsincr CoiiMius l- ' i.() i). Staiiloid 1 1 ' — 1 I.OVU KERR SI llk I n ( . 1 1 1 II I he campus politician inq m iheir arqumenis, s were at their peak, revelmq qloatinq over their successjul ruses, and lookinq crestTallen when their cratty schemes were a tailure. I his proved to be the last or the vJld Keoime elections, due to the tact that the Dtudent L ouncil wisely declared the subsequent elections null and void, thereby put- ting an end to such practice COLLEGE OF ACiRICULl LRE RUTH A ' ERITT LrxiNOTON I I r Al " ALPHA strollers, Guignol. Glee Club, Pan-Hellenic, Y. W. C. A., Alma Magna Mater. Home Ec Club. FR ANCKS UROW ]lu M)i MiiiRc; Y. W. C. A.. 4-H Club. Agricultural Society, Home Ec Club, I If I CAWOX I.I IN(.10 I I ' ll (. l l 111 II Plii Upsilon Oinicron, Alma Magna Mater, Y. W. C. A., Home Ec Club, Agricultural Society. KI.OISK I . C ARRIT I.lxlMr.ioN i I ' ll i 111 I I Alma Magna Mater, Home Ec Club, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. ANNA I (11 M1U RS Nl IKll ' - II 1 I [ARv (., c.H. i ' i:r ' i i ' i - i " 1)1 I 1 1)1 I TV 111 II Phi Up.silon Omicron. Home Ec Club, Y. W. C. A, BJ f ti -a jtiU.fcfc_J MAR 1 HA .s. CI.IA 1 l.AM) (111 OMICA t.r.sailli;s M R 1. COLLINS 1 I.I MiM.siuKi; Phi Upsilon Omicron. Home Ec Club, Y. W. C A. HLRM W . (OOls R1--MIIMI1I; Al rii I, i i s Kilo Block and Bridle, 4-H Club, Agricultural Society, Alpha Zeta, Y. M. C. A., Dairy Club, I-.t ' f;r. K Cl ' LlON, jR I ' MiKsMILI- Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Dairy Club, Pat Stock JudK- ing Team 1934, Dairy Judging Team 1935, W. !•:. niLLORO 1)1 1. 1 A I.MI 1)11. 1 Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles, Guignol, ANN. K. K ' A S .... Plii Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec Club. I.oi ISMI.I.K. LrxiNcrroN rrm 30 cioi.i i(;k of r;Ri(;ui riiRE |lssll I. Hills I I I M 1 I ' ll Y. W. C. A., Homo Ec Club. SllMI usi 1 s. (.11 1 s I.I l (.l() Home Ec Club. Y. W. C. A.. Agriculture Societv. Dutch Lunch Club. (.1 R l lli l II l I I,i lM.r() Home Ec Club. Y. W. C. A.. Agriculture Society, Dutch Lunch Club. I )1 IS Mil I I n I R, |R nil KM I V I III I f.i i III (.ins i I ' ll 1. i i lii 1 1 Y. W. C. A.. W. A. A. R I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 I R (III (i ii (. Y. W. C. A., Home Ec Club. 1,1 xiNtnoN I ' llsi II I.F S(l ll KSI I E A 1 r H ik jK.WXK IREL.Wn .... cm () ii ( V Y, W. C. A.. W. S. G. A., Home Ec Club. |()ii w. iR i r. Lexint.ton D ii.r.E Alpha Zeta. Block and Bridle. Agricultural Societ.v, Band, Tuesday Club. r.ll 111 It, IR INI ' , .... ni 1.1 I 1 Y. W. C. A., Home Ec Club, Kernel Staff. AI.IU ' R I I, ISII I Block and Bridle. Alpha Zeta. Chronicles. Lkxincton Lorrs F. iso I ' l K1 V ' IIXE II MiRonsrumc l I ' ll (, l l UIKi President Alpha Gamma Rho. Student Council. President Block and Bridle. Pitkin Club. Lamp and Cross. Ken- tuckian Sta ll. Agricultural Society, Lances. Horticul- ture Club. Business Manager " K " Book, lOIIN V. LWCII Lexington 31 COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE Ml ' ll I. I I M I Alpha Zcta, Block and Bridle. IR k I( cool. Football. Y. M. C. A. I ' l K MT l I ' ll (IIARI.IS I. M,(,R1II Block and Bridle, Agricultural Society. C«:il, K. MARSH i I ' ll I. i i mm President Agricultural Society. Dairy Club. , l. l RK K H IISH1 Al I ' ll (, Wl l UIIO Pre.sident Da!r - Club. Block and Bridle. Ill I I A I,. MORC.W lil IIM ' II II KoscuskA. .MlS ' Scii.Nci; HiLl i ( 111 sn K , iu,i (;r(i I,()M)() Home Ec Club. 4-H Club, Agricultural Society. Y. W. C. A.. W. S. G. A. l 1 1. MIS! 1 R l s II I Nl W (tUK { . IS. BI 1 1 1- S. Mill s 1 I IN President Mortar Board. Phi Upsilon Omicron. Home Ec Club Agricultural Society. Junior Prom Court. Pan Politikon, Y. W. C. A., Cosmopoliton Club. WII-S A. I ' A I 1 I RS() .SK.MA NU LOl ISi: S. I ' Nil 1.1 IS(, IIIN 1.1 IM,II1 111 I I I I Phi Upsilon Omicron, Pan-Hellenic, Home Ec Club, Y. W. C. A., Kernel. Agricultural Society. Cl.l niM. RICIIARHSON ... MditMNc. ii w I I ' ll (. WIM KIKl Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle. Agricultural Society. M. RV L. SHEARliR ( III OMI (. Phi Upsilon Omicron, Y. W. C. A.. German Club. Li;. I.N(. lo.N 32 COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE I MI s W SIMMONS Rrssi I 1 11 1 1 ' l I ' ll I. 1 M KIKl Block and Bridle. Piesideiil, 4-H Club. Agrlcwltuiiil Society, Senior Council Y. M. C. A. jor ri;RR Fkwkiout I I ' ll . l l KIKl Block and Bridle. Agricultural Society. Dairy Club. IKWtls IIIORIDX Bu iitoKiis ii.i r Ai.i ' M XI nri.T A Y. W. C. A.. Hoinc Ec Club. Agricultural Society. I Wll S n. i) .... Debating Team. Phi Epsilon Phi. xor.i I 1 s() 111 Mil UMINI S( 11 Ncr Hii.L ' , (. MM Kilo Alpha Zeta. Block and Bridle. Dairy Club. Dairy Judging Team 1935, Agricultural Society. R W. W II.SOX Nil 11(11. .SMI,I.E COLLEGE OF AR F.S AND .SCIENCES P M . 1. R . SHER w ADK , i i.ic;k Football. li II. I.. RAKFR Lrxi.N ' r.TON Latonia r. rOKCKTOWN I ' l K ri ' Al I ' ll A Editor Kentuckian. Omicron Delta Kappa. Associate-editor Kernel, Scabbard and Blade. Captain R. O. T. C. Stu- dent Council. Lances. Strollers. Who ' s Who In Colleges Of America. EI.I ,, IU ' . IH R.MI ' IK Theta Sigma Phi, Kernel. Lebanon li Rli R RICK I.ixi r.TON Al.l ' ll «. l l lilI.TA Guignol, Y. W. C. A. f.Ol.nil. liKI.L MONTICELLO , 1.PII III I.T 1 111 T Phi Beta, Phi Epsilon Phi, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A. COLLEGE OF ARl S AND SCIENCES FR.WR HORRIES LonsMM.r rm KAPPA TAU Omicron Delta Kappa. Sigma Delta Chi, Scabbard and Blade, Keys, Managing-editor of Kernel, Pan-Politikon, Captain R. O. T. C. Kentuckian Staff. Varsity Baseball. Interfra- ternity Council. Winner Charles R. Brent Memorial 1935. (.1 ORC.I A lU) IRIX .... Y. W. C. A.. Dutch Lunch Club. W. A. A. UETTIE nOM) LlXINr.TON LrxiM.ioN K PPA K PP r; KMMA Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, Kappa Delta Pi. Guignol, Strollers. Y. W. C. A. Senior Cabinet 1934. SuKy, Glee Club. R. O. T. C. Sponsor 1932. RICH Ri) iiovn I.OUISVII.I.F- sir.M PHI rpsiLON ' Omicron Delta Kappa. Scabbard and Blade, Associate-editor Kernel, Kentuckian Staff, SuKy, Intenraternity Coun- cil. Pan-Politikon, Lances. Pitkin Club, Glee Club, Presi- dent Y. M. C. A. J. n. liRrcKixRincir, K PI ' At I ' ll IR(.I I M. UROWX jl(. l K M ' l ' A 1,1 XlNf.lON 1.1 I (.I()N JOSEPH E. BOl ' RGEOI.S . German Club. M AR G. RRVAX PI BiriA PHI 1.1 :xi f:TON I. (II ls M M GRAX n,I,E R. R RXE RRookMiiir SIGMA U Lances. Patterson Literary Society. Phi Epsilon Phi. Glee Club. U ' .M.IFR R R RXE Rissi i i.vii.i.i- Ml. l M I ' ll I PSII.ON EMM. L. ( ARROI.I H KRoiisin R(. Y. W. C. A. J. MES S. CARROLL Lkxint.ton ' DELTA CHI Interfraternity Council. Pryor Pre-Med. Presidents Council. 34 coil r(;F. OF AR IS AND SCIFXCF.S II M wi c, { i nil I I ' UISroNSlU K(. lOM CH AI kl I I ' l. [iTf:iiiii. Y. M. C. A.. Pryor Pre-Med, Gci ' man Club. 1 K 1 II I . { IIRIS I lAX . HoRSF C vi: President Mortar Board. Y. W. C. A. Senior Cabinet, French Club. JOHN ( HRIS 111: rill SK.MA K l ' l Sigma Delta Chi. Kernel Staff. W I n R ( HRISTAPHF.R Willi WI c. c:i,ovn. jr. M(,M i,Pll 1 l-sll.ON Oi i ( V, Mass. Irvine C: wiE ' iii ii.sMi.i.r t? w CHARLES C. COLLINS COLSON f " " ' l ,,.•.;= RILL COXLEV f ARI.ISIT. IMII SIGMA KAri ' A President Phi Sigma Kappa. Omicron Delta Kappa. Inter- traternity Council. SuKy. Strollers, Glee Club. Guignol. Intramural Junior Manager, Catholic Club, Kentuckian Staff. Kernel Staff. Lamp and Cross. Lances, Presidents Club. M.VRCAREl CRAEl .... 1)1 I.l 111 1 I 111 ITA W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. DOROTHY Cl ' RTIS KAPPA K 1 ' P (. WIM H RI1 Mavsville strollers, Guignol. Military Ball Queen, Company Sponsor R. O. T. C, Chi Delta Phi, Theta Sigma Phi, MARY DANTZLER Lexington ' KAPPA K PP r. MM Phi Beta. Cwens. Glee Club. Y. W. C. A., Guignol. German Club. JOHN D. n R ELL Frankfort PHI KAPPA TAU Glee Club. Pryor Pre-Med. Y. M. C. A., Democratic Club, Kernel Staff. 35 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES WILLIAM C:. 1) WVSOX CoMNf.TON " si(. i f:iii Pershing Rifles, Keys. Guignol. First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Lances. AIDRLV luWlLDE .... 1$ u.mviN. Lo (, Im.. .m l I ' ll 1. M I III 11 Guignol, Cwens, Y. W. C. A. W I SI I , l)()l)(,E .... Ill i.r 1 i 111 I I y. M. C. A., Editor " K- Book. 1 ' A I l l( k I)()()I.L Pi Sigma Alpha. HAROI n B. DOISOX .... SK.M V (lit Pryor Pre-Med. Second Lieutenant O. R. C- II Mill, 1 . DOWNING .... M.I ' ll iiri.T TriiciA President Alpha Delta Theta, Pan-Hellenic. M(i K )i , Wis. . I 11)111. ISllOlil) Li;xi r;r )N Li DOROTHY A. DUNDON P.vris ALPHA (. I I M LTA Cwens. Y. W. C. A., Spanish Club, French Club, Freshman Award. Catholic Club, Mortar Board. Confreria de los Conquistadores, Fleus de Lis, Dutch Lunch Club. FRAXCES niXL.M ' ' i rsah.i.i s l.IIl OMIC.A MARV E. DIXX Lr.xiNt.roN 111 II 111 II HI I r Strollers, Y. W. C. A., Guignol. RICHARD L. DR ' iE Br nFoKi)s ii.i.r k srr M.iMi Glee Club, y. M. C. A. MARY E. EARI.E Lixincton K ri ' 111 1,1 Pitkin Club, Chi Delta Phi, Phi Beta, Y. W. C. A. RHOEBE ELLI.S ....... fo x r Olivi T DIM A I)II,T DCLTA ? 6 COllKCiK Ol ' AR I S AM) SCIKNCIES l ( K 11. I II 111- R 1?K() ,N. V, Prvor Prc-Med, Gernuiii Club. HV - f M K|ORII IIMUR Xuiioi.vsMi.i.u " " ' K- A Nfc III I I III I I III I I HH hlM ' W: L f ' L y. W. C. A.. W. S. G. A.. May Queen Attendant 1933. Com- pany Sponsor 1933, Battalion Sponsor 1934, Regimental Sponsor 1935. Vl.RKi:s ' --- j P " Baptist Student Union, Kentucky Youtli Crusade. W fl I KWIS FIMIV GioKi.i low.N I ' lll III I I I III 1 tr t " " President Phi Delta Theta. i w ' ' ' H J.VMF.S B. FLO n Lexingion B ' Pryor Pre-Medlcal Society, Y. M. C. A. J r M.VRTHA FUGETT Lfxington , .. J -- DII.TA IirLIA III I.T 3|H M " Phi Beta, Mortar Board, Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. B X Hjl XOR.M AN (.ARLIXG Sl(. l M I ' ll 1 rsll UN Ciii(: (,(i, III Editor Kentucky Kernel. Editor Sour Mash. Student Coun- cil, President Sigma Delta Chi, President Kentucky In- tercollegiate Press Association. Kentuckian Sports Edi- tor, Radio Staff, Assistant Director of Athletic Publicity. RI H. E. GILTXER E.MINKNCL (III (IMI I. President Chi Omega, President Pan-Hellenic, W. S. G. A., Chi Delta Phi. Y. W. C. A. M. RV E. GILI.IG 1 I ' ll I. WIM DLLt.V Guignol. Y. W. C. A. . I. RGl ERIFE GOODFRIl D Y. W. C. A., W. A. A.. Guignol, Pitkin Club. LOUFS GORnOX Sigma Pi Sigma, German Club. LL iNf;roN Xlwpoiu Mr SnRLiNC. EDWIXA C. GOREV Y. W. C. A., Dutch Lunch Club, Theta Sigma Phi. Paris 37 COLLEGE OF AR IS AM) SCIENCES H()A ARI1 (,Ri:i: K Sigma Delta Chi. MAR I HA . HAM. M I . Si 1; SK.M M .Mciki 111 Al K n ' K M ' r i. M i Y. W. C. A., Guignol Orchestra. Symphony Orche.stra. French Club. German Club. ll.ll lORI) {.. H. R1)1 H kii lU R I (). 11 klXS J.I IM.IC1 k l ' l ' K vr I. l l Alma Magna Mater. Girl ' s Glee Club. Spanish Club. Pitkia Club. Baptist Student Union, Y. W. C. A.. Dutch Lunch Club. French Club. 1.IC:K I.Ori.SF. HILLEX CHI OMEG . U l. HII.M-.XMEVER DELTA DELTA DELIA Pan-Hellenic. Y. W. C. A. LdLIlSVlLLE Li ULLI.W HOL.MKS Lexington Ai I ' ll i;a i ia I ' l 1,1 A Guignol. French Club. Strollers. Company Sponsor. Pitkin Club, May Queen Attendant. President Alma Magna Mater ,Y. W. C. A.. Dutch Lunch Club. Beauty Attend- ant. Mountain Laurel Representative. W. S. G. A., Ken- tuckian Staff. Cwens, W. A. A. WILLI. M G. HOLTOX ,M. R LOL HlMr. W. A. A.. Y. Vf. C. A. TklNli V Paris Ll XINCION V. LTER M. HI X II R, JR KAl ' PA ALPHA Pryor Pre-Medical Society, Kentuckian Staff. JAMES H. ]R IX Llxini.ion .SII.M 1 I ' ll LP.MLON Alpha Chi Sigma. IRGIXE JOHXSOX Tkenton.Mo. ALPHA GA.M-MA DELTA 38 COllKCl- OI ' AK IS M) SCIKXCES j. !■ JOMN ION 1.1 is(.r(iN Captain of PershiiiK RiHes. Scabbavd and Bladp, President Pi Sigiiia Alpha, Atliletic Council. M s lOIINs I 0 ()l,l I R s. k sll ),IM (.1() 1 1 ' l ' K l ' r (. MM I ' lii si(, i K n Sigma Delta Chi. Assistaiit Managing Editor Kentucliy Ker- nel. Strollers. jl- SI Ml I II MI.M AI.I ' ll 1 I ' SIl ll M K ( , H N Al) cm o.Mu. V IR A ( IS Kl.RR 1 l ll ' lvl S III I Kl.l lll I II IllWN 1,1 IM.10N Mi ' ii (. i i ri 1,1 Phi Beta, Mortar Board, W. S. G. A.. Y. W. C. A.. Guignol, Cwens, Glee Club, Phi Beta Kappa. JOHN . . kin(:hi,i,oi: H. RDINSburc . Lril T All OMW.A Keys, Lances, Lamp and Cross. ELL.WOR KNIGHT Lexington Pleur de Lis. Y. W. C. A., Glee Club. WAlllR , I. LANCASTER Danville Kernel Staff. 1 n , Rl) 1 WCASIER Lexington ALPHA SIG L rni J. W. LAXCWSEER Lexington rill KAIT ' A TAU . . M. 1„ D Lexington DELTA CHI COLLEGE Ol " ARTS AND SCIENCES WII-LIAM 1 1,1 lUS German Club. KLSA LISLE IMll m Ll UILI A C I MI Ll i (.i() Sigma Pi Sigma, Alma Magna Mater. Dutch Lunch Club. Pitkin Club, Y. W. C. A. JOHX A. LLCrAN J AMISIOW N, N. V. I ' ll! k l ' l ' l M Strollers, Pan Politikon, Alpha Delta Sigma. Manager Var- sity Tennis. Kernel Sports Editor, Kentuckian Sports Editor, Winner K. L. R. A, Sports Award. [LLI. Nt F. Ll IHIK. JR. Band, Alpha Chi Sigma, German Club. IARV MILLKR ALPHA XI DELT.V HoPklNSMLLE . L RV MARSHALL Ll l .T()N ' Al I ' ll (. M. I M 1,1 Guignol, Y. W. C. A. Lexington JAMFS H. MILLFR Fkwkiout i I ' ll sK.Ni nil Strollers. Band, Philharmonic Orchestra, Glee Club. liELLV .MOFFETT Llxincto.n I 111 o ll (. Phi Beta. Cwens. Mortar Board. Y. W. C. A.. Spanish Club. President French Club. Fleur de Lis, Los Conquistodores, German Club. JAMES A. MOORE CALII ()K 1A, Mil. SK.M i U Tennis Captain. Debating Team. Glee Club. StroUcr.s. Inter- Iraternity Council. Keys. Lances. Omicron Delta Kappa. Patterson Literary Society, Student Council, Pan Poli- tikon, Oratorical Champion. IRC.I L .MLRRELL Somerset 1)1 1 I I 1 President Phi Beta, Pan Hellenic, Cwens, Glee Club, Radio Ensemble, Pan Politikon, Mortar Board, Senior Cabinet Y. W. C. A., University Choristers. SAMUEL C. NUCHOLS, JR. kAI ' l ' A AI.l ' II OLXEV B, OWEN ' er.sailles Glo.mahi 40 COI.l.lX.K Ol ' AR JS AND SCIKNCES II I I M II. I ' l-l.l. 1,1 w iM ' iiur ri Mu Epsilon. Sigma Pi Sigiiia. Kappa Delta Pi, Tail Beta Pi Slide Rule Award. White Mathematics Club. Dicker Engineering Society. AWl I ' l I ' l KK . . , . Ix U ' l ' 1 Ml ' I, 1 M 1,1 MM.ION President Kappa Kappa Gamma. Pan Hellenic. President W. A. A.. Y. W. C. A., R. O. T. C. Sponsor, 1 K I ' O I I s Chi Delta Phi. Y, W, C, A. II 1 l ' ,l 111 I . I ' R I III R k V ' 111 1,1 Y. W. C, A.. Spanish Club. ( }( RI 1 s C, RANDALL . Varsity Tennis. EDITH RE.VGER (; iu.iM,u K s s ( ' 1 11 ' , Mo. K M ' l ' K l ' l ' 1. I I Ll MM.ION Louisville F 1 M I lAl ' . L. RKDWFNL W, A, A,, Y, W, C, A. J Al KSOiN I RANCKS RFJD Lexington Guignol. Phi Beta, Theta Sigma Phi. Chi Delta Phi. 111,1. i-, RICH Covington SuKv, Guignol, Glee Club. Stroller.5. Kernel Staff. W. A, A,, W, S, G. A. AR I HIR ROI ' l.R Pryor Pre-Medical Society. LL.sLiE R. scorr Lexington Lexington Band. Glee Club. Y, M, C, A.. Kernel Assistant Editor. Pit- kin Club, Alma Magna Mater. ELIZABETH I. SCHOCKEXCV (HI OMFG. Y. W. C. A„ Alpha Delta Pi. Eminence 41 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES EMMA GRACE SHARl ' W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., German Club. i L(:()EM snorwi I.I, . l.i ' EI -.K.M I ' lil London CORIU.N President Alpha Sigma Phi. Lances. Strollers. Stage Mana- ger Guignol. Lamp and Cross. Interfraternity Council. German Club. Assistant-Editor Kentucician. Sigma Del- ta Chi, Kernel Staff. C:. R()LV .S.MITHSOX Hoi ' KlNSViLLli i I ' ll M nil I W. R. SI ' ARKS Al.lll I 1 OMI (. Pryor Pre-Medical Society, Y. M. C. A. 1 lA IS j. SIAHR LOMJON HiCKM.VN MI.M Will Phi Beta Kappa, Rhodes Scholarship, Omicron Delta Kap- pa. President Senior Class. President Sigma Chi. Cadet Colonel R.O.T.C. Tennis Captain. Scabbard and Blade, Lieutenant Pershing Rifles. Lances. Lamp and Cross. Student Council, Pan Politikon, Kernel, Kentuckian, Debating. CHARLES H. S l.WLEV B. Ruslow KM ' l ' A ,SICM V Senior Intramural Manager, Lances, Interfraternity Coun- cil, Strollers, Pan Politikon. ER.WK V. sr.VRKS, IR K i r i riiA Ll- 1N(.I )N HUGH V. STEWARI Rome Y. M. C. A., Varsity Rifle Team, Track, Alpha Chi Sigma. WILLI M M. S I R() (, 1)1 I I I Ml III 1.1 A Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade. SAMLEL J. TEDESCO nil .sir, i KAri ' A Band, Interfraternity Council. J (.KSON CL.VUDE B. TERRELL Bkmk.i I ' liKi , Conn. LtXINClON I ' lll KM ' PA lAU Senior Basketball Manager, Su-Ky, President Lances, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Mu Epsilon. LOUIS M. THOMPSON- Glee Club. SrRINCFIELD 42 c.()i.i.i.(.i; oi AK is AM) sc:ii: c;ks I I UI 1 1 HORN I ( iv ri ' k i ' r (. v i i ' l KSAIl.l.I-,S Cwciis, W. S. G. A.. Y. W. C. A.. Stephen Collins Foster En- semble. Extension Studios. Strollers. I ' .l I n 1 II Ml I K l I ' ll V KM I I III I Guignol. W. S. G. A.. Piin-Hellenie. I I I WOl I Kl I ' I 0 M I ' ll M III I I y. W. C. A.. W. S. G. A. OlNUNN Ml. (). l.llll I! I IMI.LK Ui.c. ruK, III. . 1 R 1 Kiscil I I I l M I ' ll Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A.. Home Ec Club. DOROiin 1 Kl R LIXI.NGION in LI A 1)LI T A DELI Stroller.?, Y. W. C. A., Cwens, W. A. A., W. S. G. A.. Guignol. N[. R(.. RK r E. W. RRE Lexi.ngton Strollers, President W. A. A.. W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. S. . I WARREN Louisville KAITA SICMA Omicron Delta Kappa, Su-Ky. Alpha Delta Sigma. MAR1 G. WEBR Lexlnctox Y. W. C. A.. SuKy. Guignol. W. A. A,. French Club. Pleur de Lis. B, S. U. Council. Alma Magna Mater. Mortar Board. Cwens. I ANK . . WV.IW, Llxington K l ' l ' 111 1,1 Phi Beta. Glee Club. Y. W. C. A., Pitkin Club, President Al- ma Magna Mater. RICHARD II l DOLE SK..M. (III ( ARROEE WEISIGER. JR. IILLT TAti IirLl.V Alpha Delta Sigma, Guignol. CATHERINE C. ER.ST . . . . .MI ' II (. WIM 111 LIA Somerset Louisville Lexington 43 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES IRC. IMA ARURO I ' ADUCAII CHARI.F.S A l [ rFR Lexington rui lu I I A I iji I Interfraternity Council. Chairman Junior Prom. Strollers, Lamp and Cross. Scabbard and Blade. .VL.M.V 11. UGG Charleston, West Va. 1 COLLEGE Ol- C;{),NL IERCE l.I.I. M . ( OSI A . . . . nil K ri ' I ij i.r.sri-R c. A ni Rs() MII.KRl) A l)l RS() nil k n ' I MI Captain Basketball in36. SYLVESTER ]5. . A Lex INCH ON Ll MNi.lON Con iNt.roN Amm M) J. L. ATCHISON ' Lexington I ' llI MI.MA KAITA Lances, Lamp and Cross. Presideiit Phi Sigma Kappa. CLARENCE T. AVRES Corbin Scabbard and Blade, Y. M. C. A., Football, Kentuckian Staff. 44 COl.l.l.C.K OF COMMERCE ( ARl I 11 MRU RK 111! U kl R I | I I hi I I III I I MciUt. 1 II Ml ]il UKl SVII.I.F. Wll s I I ' .IRsol .Siiri.iivviLLE I I ' ll I. l M IIIO Omicron Delta Kappa. Business Manager Kentuckian. Lamp and Cross. President of C. S. E. A.. Strollers. Pan Poli- tikon, Y. M. C. A. Senior Cabinet. Radio Staff, Associate Editor of Kernel. E. W liOl 1). jR Intramural Manager. 1 ()l Is l I ' .ROC k Will Is W l!R() rill urn tin r I ' l. Ml Kill 1,1, LrXINCTON Luni.ow f ' r Ul Ki k.MHlRINK L. C. LL. V. V CI II (i iir; Lexington Cwe " S. German Club. SuKv. W. A. A.. Catholic Club. Rifle Team, Y. W. C. A. (.1,()R(.I. ( A.MI ' liELL .... SIGMA Al-PIIA EI ' SII.ON MlDllLESBORO President Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lamp and Cross. Basketball Manager. CHRIS I i i (oMi ' I () III 1 r 111 I I 111 i.r W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. W. 11 C:()l RINia ' , JR. I ' lll III 1,1 I III I V Keys, Strollers, Football Manager. l l ( () I,. l)() f.. COX 1 1 , Si 1 lu.iNG I.EXINGTOM Gl OUGITOWN Lexington 45 COLLEGE ()E ClOMMERCE lU RM.l i DADISM AN FRANK. M. DAII.F.V Lexington Frwkiokt I ' l K l ' r ALPH student Council. Lamp and Cross, President Interfraternity Council, Scabbard and Blade. J. R. nARl.ING ION IIRICI- I I) IS 111 I.I T ii rin.TA WIl.l.l.Wl I.. DAWSON .... M(. l VI I ' ll IPSII.ON ' DWIl) DIIIORI) Fr wkfort Ffxincton La Grange LOUISVIIXF. Ill I r T l ' DULTV President Delta Tau Delta. President Omicron Delta Kap- pa. Alpha Delta Sigma, Student Council, Kernel Busi- ness Manager. DAN C. E VING Harrods Crefk n KAPPA ALPHA President SuKy, President Pi Kappa Alpha. Strollers. . ERNFST TALI, Lamp and Cross. ,SI(., 1 .M.l ' ll FPMLON HELEN FINNER.VN L. E. FISH Fulton Vfrs.mllf.s Lf.xlngton ROSS C. FOX J.VMES . FRIEND PHI K PPA T l ' I ' l KM ' PA . I.PH. MAniSONVII.LE Lexington 46 c;()1,i.i;(;f. ok commerce (II RI Is «. I I S ( I RI ( I U. (.Rl I l ARSII l 1. W. II Will I () Ki 1 r ( III I.l I (.IC1N Sin I i " i II 1 I [ i M( , . . President Plii Mu Alpha, Delta Kappa Alpha. Interfraterni- ty Council. Band, Lamp and Cross. Delta Kappa Alpha Award. I ( k HI 1 lU R RoniR r HI si I ' UIS 15l Kl IN(.I() I ii!ii I in Ai III President Lambda Chi Alpha. Phi Alplia Delta. University Democratic Club. Kernel Staff. ROBl R 1 1). HI SS W ' llMI III. III.. IMII |)I I T THI.TA Lances. Interfraternity Council. Pershing Rifles. Freshman Track, Kernel. Snapshot Editor Kentucl ian. £ £ I KIOR C. HOBD.VV F I. MOUTH Keiituckian Staff. Scabbard and Blade. Lieutenant-Colonel R. O. T. C, Pan Politikon. Patterson Literary Society, Pitkin Club. M AR 1). HtKKl.R 111 I i Dam . I.PH XI i ri,i A CARI. HOWF.I.I H.iiM.i will I. SK.M NU Plii Alpha Delta. Lamp and Cross. Interfraternity Council. I ( k HOW RI) I.l I (.I(1N SICMA Nil President Student Council. Golf Team. Intramural Mana- ger, C. E. A. RALPH H. Hlf.HFTT I ' UIM I 1() Omicron Delta Kappa. Scabbard and Blade. Strollers. Pit- kin Club, Pershing Rifles. Kentuckian Staff. Alpha Delta Sigma. Lances. Lamp and Cross. Student Council. Cap- tain R. O. T. C. WILLIAM ,S. jF.rr .... riii KAPrA TAU Phi Alpha Delta, Law Journal. RlfllMdNTI 47 COLLEGE OF COMMERCE SWUM, C. RI M•n Scimirsi ; sic i cm Phi Delta Phi, Lances, Law Journal, Law School Council. ANA 1.. KIMS cnwii ' i.K.ox 1 I ' ll 1 M (IMI (. Lamp and Cross, Band. 1 K I,, Ml KKMKIKR Catholic Club. C. A ris McC AII.F.V .... M(. l 1 I ' ll I I ' MI Cl Football Manager. |. (;k H. MiC.OXNELL .... Ill I.TA T. U DELT. Kernel, Kentuckian, Y. M. C. A., Guignol. l( 11(11 s II I I I.i X1. (.I()N Ik WkldKl I.r l (.l(i . rlli)l (.l C.I.. ' S ION l R I l HAKRV . N[ ASOX .... ri K I ' 1 ' A M I ' ll SuKy. Strollers. Scabbard and Blade. I ' l Kin u I.I. ()k(. will in |()I1X s I N Sn KiK HiK.iiis.O. M(. M MI ' ll irSII.ON Manager Basketball Team. Kernel, Kentuckian. M. R ' i k. MORCAX Catholic Club, Dutch Lunch Club. Ill R ).. n i rs. |r I.I l (,l() ], ll ISVII.I.I GF.ORGF. K. . (.F.L Tiirsviii.i, I ' v. 1)1 I.T T. U ni!LT. 49, col 1 rCF OF COMMERCE ROI ' l K I 1 l 1 1 lolH.J II I I ' M(.M nil I l ' ll ON President SiKina Phi Epsilon. Lamp and Cross. Y. M. C. A., Guignol. I M s l OR I i I i I ' ll I i () ii (. Strollers. Pershmg Rjllcs. Glee Club. [I RROl I) 1). () lll 1 M I ' ll I 1 (l ll 1. I ' l KIO II I I (.1 l ION Track Captain. Intramural Wrestling Champion. El Ateneo Castellaiio Club. Captain Cross-Country. I ' I () Rl R ] ' k WKI ClKI I III OMI C Alma Magna Mater. Y. W. C. A.. Guignol. Battalion Sponsor R. O. T. C, May Queen Attendant. 1 R K I ' .. I ' MMI R I K I ' lllI I ll ' S l I ' ll M(. l I ' lll M(. l ( III C. Mil Mo llCl I.I.O Am iM ROliKRl !.. I ' onKR, JR. R M.l ' ll (;. Rl.l ' AKS .... SK.M rlM KPSII.ON (.II.BI RT v.. RORIXSON Li xiNt.roN Fkvnkiokt II MiKiinsni ' Rc Ml R I,. ROI.I.W AGE Lomsviu.r rnr K rp T i ' Varsity Track Manager, Varsity Cross-Country Team Manager. l ' l) ir ll (.. SHEKHV Nrwi ' ORT PI KAPPA , LPnA |()ll V. SIEELF. Vfrsailles KAPP.V , LPH Pershing Rifles. SuKy, Golf Team Manager. Golf Team. 49 COLLEGE OF COMMERCE ROniRI H. SIF. ' F.XS si(. r Nu President Sigma Nu. Lamp and Cross, C. S. E. A. EARI. M. srOKFS 1 I ' ll I l oMl GA Golf Team, C. S. E. A. IlAI, H. I A.WFR Strollers. I ' lii HI I I I 111 I WIFS TFIRFFKKI.n Scabbard and Blade. LFOXARI) AN ARSDAFF 111 1.1 A T l ' DELIA Clll(. .0. Jl.l,. I,Ol!IS II.I.K Lr lN(.l() I.I Ii f;TON l W (lUK X. V. Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Pershing Rifles, Strollers, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Guignol, Rifle Team, Lamp and Cross. FDW ARl) I . MIFKWII ' II ].l I (M ) International Relations Club, Cosmopolitan Club, German Club, Spanish Club. WILLFWI F. W A I F. JR. Ill 11 1 M 1111.1 Pershing Rifles, Guignol, C. E. A. JOHX G. WEBB FRAXK E, WEHLE Al.l ' ll T M (1 11 (. Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade. F R1 C I FCFI Catholic Club, Dutch Lunch Club. ANNA L, WILSON Ll ' XlM.KlN Will 11 si ' .ntc I.l I (.1C1N I.I XIM.ION ROIiFR 1 ' (.. W IFFl WISON, |R. J f ksdwii.i.r. Ela. M.rii lAL iiMi r. Li;xiN .To. K l ' l ' K l ' l ' (. 1 1 c;()i.i.i.c;k oi i.ducation wc HI ( kl R J.I I (.1()N K MM ' V 1)1 I r Pan-Hellenic, President Dutch Lunch Club. Y. W. C. A.. So- ciety Editor Kernel, strollers. President Kappa Delta, Guignol Key. is I 111 R r.RU.C.S 1 ' . HIS DM I V 111 I 1 ni I 1 V May Queen, Y. W. C. A.. Beauty Queen Attendant. I n V IIROW M I ' ll l 111 1 1 I ' RI S I () 11R I . JR. Y. M. C. A.. Bpnd. Orchestra. Glee Club. JU WKKIKT Ni(:iioi. .s ILl.E ISAUIM I I.. lU RRITR ].l l i.fO i I ' ll i 111 1,1 Y, W, C, A,. Pitkin Club. Dutch Lunch Club, W. A. A. I ' RANCKS 1, lUMI , ' 1 1 I r M.iMi Guignol. Y. W. C. A., W. S. G,A., Pan-Hellenic, Li xiNcioN Ol ' .M, J, C,l.i: Kl, M) Transfer from Asbury College. i I „ H, c:i.i: ' i:i.. Nn Transfer from Asbury College, Southern College, WlLMORE WiLMORE RORERT K. UICKEV Football, Radio StatT. CONNl ' .Al ' T, O. Ill 1,1 A (111 l,rc;il.l,l. 1)()1)S(), Science Hill Kappa Delta Pi, Alma Magna Mater, White Mathematics Club. JAM-: I. 1X. . I .M. RIE L. 1 ERNOW .... Transfer from University of Louisville. Ll XINCTON Louisville 51 COLLEGE OE EDUCA ' I ION i VR ' i rox (,i.R i.i)i i 1). cii r,i R r K l ' l ' III I I Strollers, Guignol. KI.I Mil III R (.R WITT i.orisi: (,r i Louisville 1! i K w I.I xi (noN I.I XIM(.I()N f: RI HAIC.HKR I „,,, Transfer from Pikeville College, Georgetown College. I (. W II MI, I I.I ' I1 I I ' SII () Football. Track, Wrestling. Im i i M.AR I H. HOMRKWir ( .1 .ikci lou i I ' ll III I I I 111 1 W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Pan-Hellenic. DRlSf III IIOKSINS KiMnMiii K wr K rr (. i i JO.SEPH HUDDLK.STON inam AC. Imi. M . I MI ' II I I ' SILON Football, Scabbard and Blade, Captain R. O. T. C. jO.Sl.I ' II {,. kAI l( il(s il, D.WIl) 11. KNOX GFORr.rrnwN ri K i ' i ' Lrii M. R K. KOC.l.R I ' niicAii ALI ' ll (.A- I- I I ' l Ll ' Guignol, Y. W. C. A., Owens. iiilr CiOl.l.lX.K Ol ' KDl ' CA ; ION (, kl AM) I.I.W Is Basketball, Baseball. )l 1 I I KMIW II 1 I . I U. l I s (., 1 ()M. CiRorn R Ml.M M I ' ll I I ' SII (1 Football Captain 1935, Track. Y. M. C. A.. Officer R. O. T. C. I) i M, ( l M I ' ll l 111 I I Guignol, Y. W. C. A.. Kappa Delta Pi. CII.VRI.KS I((irR(, Football. SAR ll L lc(.()K IA{ k jAMl s . M, Mil I 1 1.1)1 ls II 1.1, (!() IN(.I(I, .Nk.hoi.a.smlli; .MlI.l.lM.TON, Tr.NN. I ' l K i ' r .M.i ' ii Football, Track, Y. M. C. A., First Lieutenant R. O. T. C, Most Popular Man 1936. H: ORI. W. MOORK Lrxi.NT.TON EL.SIK MUI-I.IGAX Lfxinoton KI.I AIU I II MC.HOLL.S Lfxi.noton Ft T I! M.PII Guignol. Glee Club. Pitkin Club, Alma Magna Mater, Kernel, Y. W. C. A. .VRI ' I Rl) I OI,. ll COWKAUT, O. Ill Lr (111 Football, Track, Y. M. C. A. SAM I ' OITER RoNA Football, Basketball. LLF.WOR K. SHORT Lkxincton CHI OMIX Y. W. C. A., Transfer Club, Dutch Lunch Club. 5.3 COLLEGE ()!• KDUCA I ION HARliAR A S II I H Iimncion K M ' l ' k l ' l ' (.WrM A Y. W. C. A., President Dutch Lunch Club, French Club, Guignol. I R K. M ' RA II ni It 111 I I 111 I I Kappa Delta Pi, Y. W, C. A., W. S. G. A. lEW M. |()H l I ' ll (. I I III M .SAMIII. 11 I AUi; Kappa Delta Pi. Y. M. C. A., Student Council. ROlilRl II. 1 AM.OR M 1. Sll KI.IM. 1 k( ,0. Ll IN(.IO C.oviNcroN I ' lii K rr T u Basketball. President Phi Kappa Tau. Lamp and Cross, Y. M. C A. WILMA lAM.OR Hi I K 1) l I IMIA XI DILI A GLA1) S . l,M,R AViiEELi.Nr:, V. A JULIA W II MAMS . I.1M1 A l.A.M.MA Dl.LlA OWKN [ON MAR 1.. WILSON W. A. A.. Y. W. C. A. Ill I.TA ZETA VIrSI SciMl KM 1 coi.i.ix.K ()!■ i:n(.ini;i;ri c. C :. K. VKClll R B. S. ill M. E. Tail Beta Pi. Ill WIS l!()(.(.s B. S. Ill E. E. Tail Bcla Pi. A nil s. W. ' . MCHOI S C:. lUKKilll R till K |-| ' I l B. S. m C. E. w II 11 i I . r.m w K! (. ' s ( Kl 1 K M K]ON 1.1 l C.ION III 1 I I ! Ill I.I B. S. in M. E. Tau Beta Pi. Pitkin Club. Sigma Gamma Ep- silon. President Y. M. C. A., Norwood Mining Society, Pershing Rifles. W 111 I 1 I r.l I I I R B. S. in M. E. J. C; l, l CR AMI R M(.M I III 1,1 l (.IO 1)1 1,1 I.M 1)1X1 A B. S. ill M. E. Taj Beta Pi. Sigma Plii Sigma. Persliing Rifles. Omicron Delta Kappa. Kentuckian Staff. Scabbard and Blade. WIIIIAM 1,. CLARR. JR. B. S. in E. E. A. I. E. E. ' Ml, I " . COMBS B. S. in M. E. F.nWlX !,. CULI B. S. m E. E. Tau Beta Pi. A. I. E. E. . I. l 1,. liOWMXG B. S. in E. E. A. I. E. E. JKS.SK J. 1 RRA ... Ill IIA f 111 B. S, in C. E. Lamp and Cross. RlfllMoMi I ' l MIIKOKE Carrolton lrllol. s ll,l,n |()ll H. I.MNCE 1,1 xiNcroN i« ■oKK Cut TRIA (.l,i; B. S. in M. E. Keys, Lances, Lamp and Cross. S ' iKv Circle. Kentuckian Staff. Omicron Delta Kappa, Athletic Coun- cil, Interfraternity Council, President Triangle, Fresh- man Football, A. I. E. E., Norwood Mining Society. COLLEGE OE ENGINEERING M. itfi D miM MiA |m,. f. %i RK HARD A I B. S. in M. E. A. I. E. E.. Catholic Club. WII 1,1AM li. I ' lSH .MlLl.l.USlilJK(. Ll XINCTO.N TRI AM.I.i; B. S. in C. E. Freshman Football. Varsity Football, Scabbard and Blade, President Triangle. President A. S, C. E, C;OLl MIUI.S FLOMl Si M()K|] B. S. in M. E. Tau Beta Pi, President Sigma Gamma Epsi- lon. Norwood Mining Society, A. I. M. E. II. I ' . IK l-,R B. S in C. E, GORDON (.All 111 R B, S, in C. E, Y, M, C. A,, Pitkin Club. A. S. C. E. A, li;s S. (,R IUR B, S, in E, E. A. I. E, E, 1,1 IN(,I( M M l( K . s lIL M) JOHN H, nil, I Ri ' ssixL I ' lii K pr 1 i B. S, in Metallurgy, President A, I, M, E., Tau Beta Pi, Per- shing Rifles, ICSEPH E, H0C:K1 ' .R Owi NMioRo B, S, in C, E, Tau Beta Pi, A, S, C. E., Scabbard and Blade, M, 1 I,R H, HOCKKR B. S. in C. E. A. S, C. E., Track, VII.I,I, M I., HOONl ' R B, S, in M, E, H.ARGIS I, HIGHES B, S. in E, E BUFORD P. JOHNSON B. S, in C. E, Xic;n()L. s iLLi: OwrNsiioKO Lexington Georgeiown 56 COl.LW.L. OF KNG1NEER1N(; ( I i ni |()ii si() B. S. m C. E. 1.1 l (.l() lUI Wl.l.l W II I I ! ! . I () k li 11(11. sMi. 1.1 I ' l K i ' r i I ' ll B. S. ill M. E. Scabbard and Blade. Junior Class President. l (.1 s 1 1 I s( III K. JR. B. S. in M. E. Band, A. S. M. E. JOI li. lc 1 I I.I, 1 B. S. in C. E. A. S. C. E. Ik WKldUl ll(HM.i (. (.1(1 i.N .S. I . l() i (.OMl K B. S. in C. E. liDUWRl) C:. 0 ' RK. R S. N Francisco. Cai.if. B. S. in M. E. Men ' s Student Council, Tau Beta Pi, Advanced R. O. T. C, A. S. M. E. . ' A, Mi A ROIll K I S. ORWIX B. S. in E. E. Tau Beta Pi. LIIHIR l I ' ARklR B. S. in M. E. Advanced R. O. T. C, A. S. M. E. 1 :1K,. R C. RILKV B. S. ill C. E. Glee Club, A. S. C. E. l ' ,F. RAC.LWn B. S. in E. E. JOHN . RIXGE B. S. in M. E. A. I. E. E. RK HARD Sl ' ROLES ALPHA SIC..MA Till B. S. in C. E. Guignol, Lamp and Cross, A. S. C. E. LlXINCTON I.l XIM.ION Lexington Newport CORBIN COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING im 1 B CHARMS r. STOrCKI R LoiisMili - . ' ' j -1%. ' ' •. B. S, mC. E. W. n. sriHl-Rl.AM) Niciioi.Asvii.u; A k B. S. m M. E. A. S. M. E. , wiii.iwr swissHi 1 r c iR(i.ii.i.. H f III S 1W r B. S. ill M. E. Keys. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Senior Ball Committee. Jh ; " »- M. (.. rXM.OR ' |N(|||M1H i. H ' 1 B. S. in C. E. Track, A. S. C. E. ARNOLD M. THOMPSON .... Ou i r.s ii i,i: B. S. in E. E. Tau Beta Pi. Scabbard and Blade, Baseball, Captain R. O. T. C. WAMIR I WHirsON CoRBlN V - B. S. in M. E. _ ■ II1I M R ■! ANkKV Lexington COLLEGE OF LAW V. MI:R R. KINDER Hamilion.O. Pill Delta Phi. V 4i 9. D.Win W. C. RIER Lf.xincton Plii Delta Phi. BEN T. OOOI ' ER Benion T Jk 1)1 1 1 I M 111.1,1 i — f Phi Delta Phi, President Delta Tau Delta. " V- , . ' - - E . NS t ik ft Delta F ' H Pv . H IRC. IE II. CMISKUE. |R Ausii£RLiTZ f M M riii iiLLiA tiii;t. ■■ ■iiiin«-- y V JOHN , . GEVER Elkhart. End Bcl ' Phi Delta Phi, Lances, Kentucky Law Journal, student m m jufr 58 c:()I,li:(;k ok law J. nVRO HANNAH r )kis i(.riii. (). Plii Delta Phi. l lU R I R. jONIS Lf.xincton nil IH I I Mil I Phi Delta Phi. Circulation Manager Law Journal. Editor Law Jotirnal. R. I. NtllllR Si Mn i. (.KdiMi Y. M. C. A. Freshman Cabinet. Track, Radio Announcer WHAS. Phi Alpha Delta. Republican Club. JA.MF.S K. MOORT. Nf Ri()N Phi Alpha Delta. t.NU.RSON AV. S.M.ISIURV Cii ki i si(i , V. Va. I ' l K ri ' i ni Phi Delta Phi. C.tORC.r. 1 . Nkl.NNlR Li. i. ,loN IIEI.TV TAl ' DKl-TA Phi Delta Phi, Kentucky Law Journal, Tennis. HENRY F. 1 L ' RXER, JR. Phi Alpha Delta. Paiiucau JOl n. WILLIAMS Phi Alpha Delta. Guthrie E. RI, .S. WILSON Phi Alpha Delta. Livingston 59 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES I 1)1 I, MAR ADAMS I 1). ANDRl N l) 11) 1.. ARNAI.L MARli: BEE15E C;. H. BENSON |. 15. BODDIE |. E. BOLRGEOIS nK Ers liRASHEAR |()11 BRIICK lot ISE CAMCr.I.EL AMKll CARRKK. JOHN L. CARTER ANDREW CHARLES JOHN c;line l,ERO COM US II M. COOKE I CK M. (RAIN HELEN A. DWIS MKI 1N L. DEAN NELLE DlER-iON JAMES N. ELLIOTT . T. C. ENDICOET JOHN A. EVANS CURTIS ELETCHER SVL ESTER FORD IRENE FOSTER HARR W. ERXNKS DOROIHV GARRIOLT (. RRlSON C.ELLER . JAMES B. GILBERT THELMA GOODRICH I.IXIM.ION LL 1N(.I(1 Li;xi ( ION Hoi ' KIN VILl.L Ltxi (;i()N M nis(i Mi,i.i, Li i (.i() in i( Li im. ion I ' ll rsiiuiK.. I ' A. Li:xim.I()N LlXl (.l()N Praisk I ' lKtVILLE i ' resionburg Gk son I ( ksoN Lexi (.ton XlCHOLASVILLE Li:xix(.ton Lexington Lexington Logan, Ia. Paducah Lexington Lexington Lexington Bedford Lexington Lexington Still vater, N. Y. JESSE HARNED HENR S. HARRIS -MILDRED HAR 1 FRED E. HAZELWOOD W. H. HEAIH JOHN (.. HEUER CO E HEll.liRONNER lC:rOR C. HOIIDAV 1 REDDIE J. HORN DM. MAR HOW RI) W.M.I. ER 11. HIN 1 H. 1). INGLES NAOMI 1S(,RI(, E. 1 ' . JAVNE JANE H. JEFFRI ES JOHN W ' . JONES ROSEM. R JLETT . FIENRV 1 " . KINCAID MRS. MAVBEl.L.i; KREMER JENNIE LEE . . . . IHORN ION LEWIS 1 HOM. S K. LISLE . NN E. LONG ROBERF LIBIT . . LICE McCRE.V MILTON MAGRl DER WILLI. M E. .MILLER MARMN S. MOORE JOHN E. MORRIS MRS. RLBV H. .MLRTHV Xeu Bos I ON Franklin Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Henderson F.VLMOUTll Ll.XIN(.10N l ' ii ' i ' . r, .ss Lexin(. ION CVNIHIANA I ' . RIS I ' L.M G. P i ' ineville Paducah Bari.oxv CORBIN Lexington Louisville Lexington Lexington Lexington Haven, Conn. Lexington Lexington Somerset Burlington Lexington Lexington MARTHA NELH. RDT . Viieeling, W. Va. 60 COLLlXiK Ol AR IS AM) SCIENCES I Wll S 1 ' . ()I.I l.R ( . I . OSIIORNK SI MOIK 1 ' l R Rl I II I.I ' RKI R R l I ' ll s l. KRS I ii() i s |. SCO 1 r W l kl R sill R1 R M AK|()RII SI ' I C 1:R RlSSl-.l.I. SI ' I A ROC.KR li. SI KI ' UKXS I ' mii n I ' AkK lIll.l.S i w ()RK City 1.I 1N(.I() Bl Ml M Ll IN(.l() Li;xi (.ioN Li;xiN(.r()N ' I i I(: . N. ' . Will I WISIll R(, S. li. .I (Kl RM KM. A I,. SION " ' . FRANK IRIMIUI ' . (.10R(.l-. Ill, LOCK WILLIAM J. U! A IR F.T ' GLXF. R. WFIUl ). n. WHIIL Jill A H. WIFilO FRANK li. WILLIS I ' All.lXF WILMOI I j c:k ' i ARIU) iiKooki 1 . N. . I.ixi (.r()N LlXIM.lOS Okmii 1 . Om . Liixiiox I ' l MIlKdkl M ( III .sii u Li i .i( 1,IXI (.1() 1) MII I ' l)l: ; ll COLLEGE OF COMMERCE C.H, RI.FS H. « RR l() l H. Cl.OWFR RAI I ' ll CONCa.FFON |A n s K. CRAK. |A n S F. DAI. ION ii rr c. dams w. llac:f DiHAVEN ROBERT j. DRVKE HENRV W. ELLIOl F Wll, Mom Kii.dXi, Miss. LiixiNcrox LiXIM.ION Loi is ii.i.i; LiXIM.IIIN LlXIM.lOX Hoi ' KixsMi.i.i: LlXINC.lOX THO.MAS E. SHUCK GFORGF GES.S |, KF GREEN C:riiA HARDIN. JR. . JAMES HARR. LSON ERNEST HATFIELD LOU HENEGAN I5EN F. KING . JOHN LeSTOURGEON CLAYTON MARTIN . Li;xiN no LF-XINGTON ' WINCIM ,sTi:n OUINSIIOUO OulXSliORO L. (:.. ster Ci (;iN Ml. O. Lrxixt.iox Bridceton. N. j. Perry VI LIE C()LLE(;E ()!• L. ' }. T. ARNOLD . JOE K. BEASLEV JA. IE,S G. BEGLEV C. RL J. BOONE . ROBERT B. HEN.SLEY Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington BlRI lN(.ION CARL J. HOWELL WILLI. M ,S. JETT ICFOR R. MUCCI JERROLD D. OBRVAN I HOW RI) WHIFEHFAD hodgenville Somerset T RSMI.I.ES Clin ' ion Mr. Sll KIING 61 COLLEGE OE EDUC;Ari()N COLEMAN AllORD HE. R 1 ' . liAC:()N EUGEXF. 15R I ILI AKE IH lULL LIII.Ii: ni-R ION F.R A CABLE DAISY CAIN . . . . R a. johxslox NL R . jOSEI ' H M. C. RARSM R EUXA . L L KIRK. XF.rriE KCRIH E ' lHLL MAE M( DOXALl) GLAnVS MEni.E ' i ESCOM CHAXDLER I XE I CHRIS IIE E ' ELYX tiOLKMAX riioM s coxnoR 1 nX DARXELL L R(.ARI I DALCIll R lA MRS. X. nW EXI ' OR I ELI AIM I II I) IS MIL I OX DOXXELL EVEL ' SX M. I DWARDS MAR I HA Et.XER EDXA EEAIHERIOX C.R. CE EEATHERSEOX GEORGE l()RS II-IE K. l HERIXE EILLER LILLIE GR.MILE G EXI)OL X (.R.W Lexington hopkinsville Lexington Lexington Lexington P. RIS LOIH.SMI.I.I LOI ISMEI.l loiismei.e Lexington Lexington Loi!isvu.i,E WlI.MORE El.l ABETlirOU N P.MNTSVII.I.E Loiii.svn.LE LlXINGlON .S i.vis LiMM.IIlN ] KSMI.I.IS Xk.iioi. SMI.LE El IIVNON I ' MtIS Xl(. 11(11. s 111 I LolTSV II.I.I Lexington LlXINGTON Lexington Lexington loi ' isvh.le Lexington . n IIEALIXE MACRICE 15. HEALLX ' E IU.. IRICE HOCKER MOI.A HORD E EL X ISAACS liER I H. JEXNE MRS. HERHERE JOHXS . I. RGARET M. MEYER K. I HERIXE XEUWIRTH CH. RLES ORNfE Lexington loiisville Xk 11(11. SMI. IE Richmond Loui.sviiT.i; LoiTSVII.LE NiGIIOI.ASMI.LE Bellevue Loi ' ISMI.I.E GeOIU.I TOU N. I Ml. eli .. iu:eh axx earsoxs kcla peel .... c.vrlixe proehl mrs. thelma rice . ruth sipple bessie sxedeker ii i iie sxowoen I Vi IK s I AI ' I ' (,ORI) ) SI MI ' SOX EIHEl. IRESSl.AR JOHX IRl ' E RE 1 II r I lERBACK KA 1 IIIRIXK WADDLE MRS, I.EI.. I SOX I Rl MAX Will IMAX XEII. W ' II.I.1. MS IAR 1. WILEMOET DOROI m WILSON EI.OREXCE VILSOX I.IEI.IAX I). WOOD JOHX WORIH S ll III! NII N ' ll.ll()l. SMl.I.E LOIIISVII.I.E P. RIS Winchester I.rXIXGTON X ' iciioi. svn.i.i Ml. Sii Ki.i (. B KI1SI(I Bl( KNI I 1 . I ll. Si Mri (. (iR(HINl) I.IXIM.ION S() ii usi I Lexin(.io Sni.i.w All K, X. . . l.l M1K1.V Lexington Lexington . l 1 S II.I.E P. RIS LEXiN n() 02 (.()i.i.i ' ,c;r. OF KN(;iNr.FRi r. 1 R 1 1 1 siri M. M c; HORN ' ll u n |. 1. DRl R l.i i i.u (;. I ' . KKl.LEV .... Lr.xiNcrroN 11. |. n. i:n.i (. .... i.i i (.io J. r. Lixinoton . I., mi. I RlSMII, J. . . I AM.OR .... Ll ' .XlNGTON |. 1 ARl. HdCKKR .... CouiiiN 1!. C. AIC.HX .... Li xiNOTON C:()L1.EC.E OK . (,RIC:LlLriIRE RIC 11 Rn r AI I.ISOX . . no iR iL l.l.XIl.R n. hart . . Ii RnsT nv c KoniRl CMl Klll. . . Ausii-Ri.rr 1 ' . M. JOHNSON MuiR LOri.S U. (.ARRIOIT . . BuiioKii HOMKR MUllR . . LvNN Grove ROIU-.Rl ' 1. HAWA . El,l iii imouN I ' ORRl-.S 1 1. M I M R . . . DvNMLLF. jAMKS r. RWkIN . . . LANcasiKR MoMK Economics AI.ICIC I " . ALFORD . . . Lexington ANNA F. ' ANS .... Lexington MRS. MAssll. 1. |ONi:.S . 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ANDKRSON. py A« »r( .( ( ,„ I,i- iiisloii |r K . SH1-,R. (; ■ ()„„o,i I ' l.Knillc ROIll ' .R I A A I KINS. (,7( OH ryr, . . . Si raiylu Creek IO l n 1KI S. , ,„ lull ( iiii:j,ii i 1.1)1 I H 1V CH. . (» Delia Tin-Ill (.lORCl, li. n. RrLi:rT. AVi j w . ; »( I Wll s i . IIAR I ON. Tiiaiiolr C. C. BK(,1.IA Tiiciiii;,lr jOll.X H. liKLL. JR., - «( (.iinniui lih,. H(j] kins ilk ' I,e iiml m Loui.sville I.e int;l()M Midillcsburo Palis |OH r. lU.I.L. ' ( Drilii TlicUi . . Hopkinsville C:H. RI.1,S . . lUA ' NKTT. Phi Knjilin Tnii . . Le in,i;loii V. I). ]•:. HKRR ' i. Ihlla Dillu Ihllu ' ersaillcs 66 M Riiiv niiTM-R. i) ii(i n,ii,i n ii,i |011 lU Ol KIH.AR BOOM . ' ( i; ;i« A ( ( ),( Louisville 1 .()iiis illc I.c iiij;um lil I I nOSWORIH. Clii Omriin . . l,c in,i.|()ii U 1 1 ( 1 liRK.C.S. ' , A« » « TiiK . . . C; )vin; l( i. UOROIH ' i HRO l)Bi: I . . . ,( Caniina Delia Cadi , ' ll.(.l s s, HROIFMl, Si. iiui Piii KI slloii . I.i ' iii.i;l(in HA KL HROWN, . ) „( XI Drllii .... 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Lexington l R|{)R (.ALLAC.HKR, .elu Tan Alpha . Lakeuood, O. IK l l E. (.ILLENWA ' PER, I ' hi Kappa Tan . Cave City HERHER 1 (.LASSOX Wilinoie HERXEW (.RAHA.M, I ' i Kappa Alpha . . . radinah CUVRI.KS (.RA I-,S. Sivnia Alpha Epsilnu (:ain|)l)ells illc MARGARET GREATHOUSE, Kappa Delia Lexington BERTH.V L. GRLMES. Delia Delia Delia . . Milleisbuig CHARLES C. GUV, Alpha Tan Omega . . Lexington JAMES A. HAGLER, Delia Tau Delta TOWN HALL RUTH HAMMERSLEV, Delia Zcla H. C. HARMON. Alpha Gamma Rho THONL S HARMON KATHERINE HATCHER St. Panl, Minn. McDowell Lexington I ' ci iNville Feiiyville Clinton (.will II ' innc.KS. .lljtlKi Ciimnui Delia . Mop inliclii JINK UKRllllX Spiiiij lnM noKdlin 1. lIKkS Lc iii.i;Uiii I M ' I K n. HODSOX. Kapl}a Sin,,,,! . . . Louisxilic W l-NDll.l. |. HOl.lU-Rl. .tlt lHi Sliiiiia I ' lii . Coiuv;i , S. C. l.tL. n R. HONXAKKR, .S j;»i« Plii iqisiUni . LouiMillc JOHN j. HOl ' I.IHAX, Sigma Xii .... Lcxinslon CAROLS HI RST. Delia Delia Delia . . 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Delia Delia Delia . . . l, iuis illc l RN (.. I.II.IS, x« ) )rt A» ) )« f;« ini)« C ' .liaj nii Falls, (). W II, SON LOWRKV. Alpha Sjonia I ' lil . . Lcilchlicld ill m III 1 I IKEMEIER Eiankloit MWIII- M l)l)() , Clii Oiin- a . . . IllakcK, (.a. kll n l ll , Delia Delia Delia . . . Lc iii. t(iii l l ll l R(:i l, ! « Caninia Delia . . Cdiliiii M Rk MNRIOWI ' , l,c in ;l(in Mil DRIl) M KII . Illiha Caninia Delia . l,c iiis ' l()M M K IAsrERSO, . Chi Oiiieiia . . . Xcu Claslle 1 nil II MAI, lljilia i Delia .... LcxinsloM I l II. M((;, I , Tiiaiiiile Lcxin.nton I)()R()1H Mi(:, M,MISH. Kaplia Kaltpa Cainina. cisaillcs UOOKl R Mi:C;EASKE KlciniiilicUl ()M K Ml DOWELL. Sigma Phi Ej. ' .ihiii . LakcuoocI, O. |()1IN E. MiKENNEW Alpha Tau Omega . . crsaillcs (.. 11. M( H RI1 . (« CiiiiiiiKi Itlii) lliun;i isl i 11 , I1 ( 111 R(), Vrm ,;; ,- .... lloh iiiii. ( iili.i l IRI 1 1 II Ml l( 1 r, Kiijil ' ii ;.;; i» . I.(i;iis illc Dl W I 1 . Mil MR HI R Mil MR. Tniiiiol, MAR I H Mil, I () . Clii Oniiiiii ll;i cl.;;ic ' CM S;i mnah. (ia. l.awiciKcbiiig I)() l.n 15. MM l.S Williainslduii 1. |. .MON IC.() 1 ,R . Siiiniii Alliliil l.jnilfll l ' llK illL- IKl M. MOORI , Drlhi Jim Delia . . Lc. iii ;l(m (.1 l MM RS. I.iiiiihilii! Iljihri .... llailan Jl ' .W N, (.ia., )( .■« Delia Delia . . . Tilu.sviile, I ' a. I HOM s li. . l . Iljiha ,S(-» ,j ' . . . .Slanlc) . I ARV i;. M: 1. S Lcxini lon iKIROlin MCllOI.S. (. ,; Omega . . . Lc, iiit;l )ii IMOMAs MCHOI.S. jgiiia Aljilri l-jiyiloii Lc iii;4loii 1 . .M. l .]. . Ilpha Delia Tliela . . Lexiiigloii JOHN C. ()H. R , Alpha Sinma I ' h, . . Jcllico, Tcnn. C.HARLUS B. 0LM: . Delia Tau Delia . . Lcxinglon ROnr.R 1 li. OLNK . Delia Tau Delia . . Lcxiiigloii K. rHERIXI-: I ' ARk, ( ) )(( Kajilei Camilla. Kansas City, Mo. LKN.A PE.AK. A« ' «( Delia LaGiange ilMj w 73 MARjORII. I,. I ' l.RRV, Chi Oiiirgii . . Harrogate. 1 enn. JOHN R. RAMtlTA, Delhi Clii . Moirisiouii. N. J. WII SOX ROtTTE. Sif iiiii ii .... Nicholasvillc (.1 oRc.r, c;. RKii) I AM ' . (). RKVNOLns, Drll,! Delia Delia RK(.I AM) I. RICK. Delia Tan Delia AVillisliintf Coxingloii I ' linceiou JAMI S RICHARDSOX. Lambda Chi Alpha . Ashland I AMI ' S RICHMOXn. Lambda Chi .llphti Kcrniil. V. ' a. WMIIR RIDDKLl,. I ' lii Delia Tliela . . Lexington DOXAII) RIFSTKR (). |I,XXIX(,S RIFi:. Kajifui Alpha II.ORI XCI. RK.XEV EI.SIK RII I V. Alpha C.amnia Delia CECIL ROIURSOX. Triangle IRK.IXI ROIUXSOX . . . . WILLIAM ROSE, Kappa Sigma Rl III ROW lU) I HANL -ela Tan Alpha (AMIS I). RLARk. • Kappa Alpha WILLETT H. RUSH. Alpha Tau Omega CHARLES L. RVAX. Sigma Chi ROBERT .SALVER. Sigma Chi Frankfort Kenova. V. ' a. Anchorage Lexington Mayslick Lexington Ft. Thomas Lexington Lniontown ' ersailles Lawrcncebing Lexington 74 (HNKlls SMNDl-RS. i »i .S m ,„, ' , H(i|)kins illc n , MO I I, ' ( Dilld Ihrhi . . . l,c iiij;li ii | |ll . Ml 111. Kiijijiii l iij l i ( ' .annua l ' ' r:mkl( rl Kl si A TON, AtpJia IMla Tluia 1:RM 1 SHC) IA, AlpJia Sii aia I ' lii IF.ANM-: SHORI ' . Delia Delia Delia Aslihiiul .Sc1r-iiciI:kI . N. ' i . M-I.I. sm- R1:R. Chi Omei a .... Lc in.t;l(m GLENN 15. SKEEN Lccshui;;. Fla. PAl ' I. SLATON. .lll ha Tail Oiiiiga . . . Lexingloii .SH1RI, SMIIH, Chi Omega . . ■ Ciiuinnali. O. SHIRRII. M. .SMliH. Sigma Xu .... LoiiisxilK- EM()R ' . .SMriH, Sigma Xii Gicciiiip VII,I.IAM H. SMITH RaxcniKi ELE.VNOR SNI DEKER Eiccpoit, N. V. JOY . . SNM)ER. Kaplm Delia .... Celiiia, O. SAM J. Sl ' .MLDING Lebanon JOHN SI ' R. (.ENS Lebanon J. .MES L STEPHEN.S Independence J. D. STEE ' HENS. Lambda Chi Alpha SA.M H. .STLLH J. D. SUTTERLIN. Kappa Sigma Piesionsbni.L; Brandenbuig Fiankfoit 10 ■V " J- , III RKKR I ' I ' , S R I , Drlhi Chi ]. I l-.RRV r. M,()R, I ' hi Delhi 111, hi W AM l-.R IHOMAS. ' ( Kajijw I ' liii I I R Wkl IN W AM ACK II y. W XRRKN. ' ( A» i if .llji in Will, 11. ASSON, ' ( Sii uiii Kdjijiii Mavslkk ( A n(liian;i Ashland 1 ' l I IXK IHOMl ' SON Ia l(irs illc |()11 r. rOOHIA. Si inii Chi .... Winthcstei A (A IRIMIU.l., . ,» Ciiiiiiiiii Ilvlhi . W ' iiulicslcr |()ll H. IRAVNOR. ' A M , ' (( . I ,c in;. l(iii i.MiiA c. ri;c;ivKR. . « i i ,ii,i . . i,(iuis iiic |()S1 rillXK 1 IMS. k,il liii kiijijiii Kiiiiiiiiii . . l,c iii,!;l( n ( RI. (n. I. null), III Chi M jiliii . Madisoiix illc (IIVRI.IS W AM ACl-.. Mpliii Ciniiiiiii llho . Cahcil Calv M XR ' i , W XM.ACK, lljiha Drihi Tlirhi . . l.cxln. lon Lc in,i;loii Sebree I.ittlc Rock Rl 1 11 W I 1 111 RIORI). ) « (7« . limluuK illc |l-,. i:iS. Clii Oiiirna Ma s illc I AMI ' S 1 ' S I UROOK. ' hiililM Inn W ' iliiiiiij Kiii. S. C. DOROlH ' l 1., WllAM-.N, A« )n Udhi . . I.cxingloii MAR(.. R1-.I I.. VH. LKV MLiinut;sbiiig WILLIE h. WHEELKR. A« - m Siomn . . I ' aints ille 7(i IK)n(.l- 1.. WllIl ' lM 1-. riii Drill, riirlii Paris 111 M W 111 1 1 , kiil lm Ihllii I C ' xill. lotl III m o w III 1 1 () K - il 1 R ( IS 1) Willi WIS Kli ;ivillc lil C , Willis. kajiJH, Aljtliii ( ' .ilU illllilli. ( . 11 ssll W 11, SON . . . . 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Boui.din MVRTI.F CflOK |ri.i Dixon Ruth Hicks Jfanne Irfland Eleanor Ligon MiNFRVA I ' URNFI.I. Anne C. Robinson RosETTA Sexton Theema D. Sharp Ell Mil III IWlok COLLEGE OI- . R IS . M) .SCIENCES John T. Adair Carv G. Andfr.son (;i (IRI.F I " . . r(:II1 R Duff Arni ri Wii.i.iAM 15. Am I MR Rom Ki C:. B Jamis B.MUIl Ovn Banks K i I ' ll R. Bates Lucille G. Baugfi Charles M. Blocher Mrs. E. a. Bouden Jil AIKICI Br m h R ONAI.I) J. BrINCARDNER Robert O. Brock I wii s Ukvson . . ii I.I G. Br(.ki.i I wns R. Bush Luciii.E B RON Edward Carder r i.imi k. g ki.1s1,e O. Ct.vdf G rkoi.i. - nn Bess Ct. kke Helen Cogswell Lawrence Collins Helen Congli:ton Mrs. Hii en Conlee b i four ■. gowfi.l } (Hi n. Conrad Louis r. Cook Alice Copfedce Charles Cracraft Cecil B. Craft Nell W. Cr, ik Mary B. Culton Mii.TON Davis I,Ewis C. Dawson Amelia Denton Frederic deWilde Stanton Dondero Don ld J. Doei.ker Jane Evans John B. Eversole Jesse E. Eversole George Feskoe David L. Flanders Mary Z. Foster Mary B. GAiiii Rii James Gable Adei.i: Gallie .Sara Gentry Marion J. Gibbs Bettie Gilbert Esther Goldberg J.vcK M. Goodykooni William Gormley Eleanor Y. Grah.vm 78 COlLEGi: OF AR IS AM) SCIENCES R. 11. C.Kii I 1 1 II AlickC. (.1 I Rk s 1 BhrnickE. H All. Ri ' ssi I.I, H Ai.i. ■SllIRl 1 HkRI) I I M I . II kiii sl C)l ls L. H KKIS j. Rom KT H si 1 wiioii ( n Ri I s 1. Hi i ki( h Rl ' lll HiMlKUK jiM V. Hi(.(.i s Hi K1 I l(IKN in RiiH M. Hour. |. r.Hiiv Ci. R S. Hi (.iii;s BlLI.V HvDi Hi RSCIll L H. [ i I.I I ( KSO C.y j. |0IINS0N CaRIKR JOHNMO.N Joseph H. Jom;s Robert L. Kf.sti- rson Nancyi I.. KiDwri.L k( I II klUM UK l M M R|(ii ii Km Ki IK Mil I I K C. 1. Hm (ollN W . 1. M I R (;. R. i.ii I.I WIS I ' .. I.I I I I I Sa.mii 1. (.. M(.l)() i.i) Nelson McLom v RollERI E. . I M(l l V Dwil) . lA i V I ' RI. R. M RI i M ] I M M I INCIA Evi Ri I 1 L. M 11.1.1 R M Mi M. .Mii.i.i R I K .Mil I.IR 111 RNARl) N. .MlMS DoRoiin . ll Ml N I KI 1)1 RKK r. .Moore Lee Moore llll ODOR NaOELSTEIN I NOMAS 11. N. My, liElTV 1$. N ' U.NN M R1 V. OEM I I |. II. Orr I, owl 1,1. I ' l 1,1 Kr . N I ' lllI.l ' S k l III R I ' OC.IU I.OIRN I ' OI llNf.ER |oM I ' ll W. ()ri I) W Ml R WDM.l. llll. 11 Kl UNION r.Mii.i O. Reeves M K|oiE Reeves M i)(:i 1 ' . Ri c Dossi I I Ri 111 II I I 111 IM Roi DIRER ClI K1 1 s A. RosWELL TaNMI 11. Rr Nil RFORll n will H. .Salvers Warren .Sergent Edward H. .Shannon DoKonn Sii ri ' e Mary Shraberg Nancve Shrout Lvc D. Simpson vANEEi.r M. Smith M IRI V l S ll I II 111 Mil III Son K (), I). Sr Kks. |k. ( .1 (1K(.I l. Si ' l (,1 R I Wll s . Sl ' l NCIR |. S Wll 1 1. Sll R lll R(, .M, R(., RI I Si I W K1 Trici. Si 1 vKi W l,l- (.l SwlNk )oll M. 1 N l,OR Ann ,M. I ii Kr ( .1 (IKC.I II. 1 I UNI i; j, ne 1 ' . 1 urni k Charles ' an i n John 1 . KD Makiii Warren DoRoiin Willi! II 1 K11 I.. Wll i 1 N IsMU 1. Will 1 M R Evelyn A. ' iiii.M- n Ruth Williams James C;. Wilson II Roi,n R. Wali ' I Ri COLLEGE OF EDUCATION M R |. Ai iiRi I rciN liUGi: vr, Atkins CiiARi.i s Baku Rl III I ' . Mill I I 1 M Auicci. Bum. Ik iMus. John Cakkick I ' l.lOS (111 1 II i [i w ( I M I I l) l.Ol ISI (a KKI I H. j. Daily, Sk. RlSSI ' I.L Kl.I.INdON Fka IS K. El I! Mv Kl.l M ' .l I II {.l W I I I I ' lisl I ' lllM (.Kllll I.I.Il 1) W 111 H. (.KIM I III, |k. I MI S (; )F()KITI I I IIS II H WKINS Ik i H RRIS (), H. Huikis. Jr. S U Ml I lol I ll l RII I I KIHN M Mil I, I.dW R M KRl L. UX. RI 111 ' S IK Ml M. M( CciRM rK M M (. RI I l( L(1M V . li;s. (,i i McOwN I M I l I RIIOSKI M i I II Oil I) 1R(II in I ' l RKI S 1.1 Ml, I ' OI IIR N ' ancv ()ik:ksai,l Ri III Ranki.n [ RV K. RdlUNSON M (l .SlllNKIl Rom Ki Si (i M Rolil Rl r liOR GrACI I ' llRK. Ei,i Mil I II W ' l SI 1 -s JlI.IA W II.I.I WIS C;OLLEGE OF ENGINEERING J. 11, . l). MS R. L. ; Nnr.Rs )N R. U, k iish All J. 1.. li, RRON L. E. IJr.ooM R, l„ Boris ] ' , E. R D. M. Brock C, C, Buou N 1,, r. r.Ri N 1 W. R. tjll RR (;, ' , (UlLLlNS S, 1 . Crawford R. D. E ANS I ' m [, Fi i,cmi;r XoRRis Gordon RoiitKi Grace ( .oi.i.ii K Ham. R, B, H Ki i R [, E. HiNRV I, W. llokiNi; L, B. How ARi) ). H. Johnson 1. B. JOHNSON |. 1). klRM ' MRICK |. I.. Lk(.(.I 1 I. Jr, C;, E. Mosi 1,1 V I,. W. Mn.Nf.iR |. R. I ' l KKINS 1 . R, Rii I V C:, II, Ro(.(.l NK MI ' I . D. Ross |, - S( rum r W, S. Sharp Si ANI l Sill l KI R C, I ' . SMIl II Rich ri) Strolfs E. C Weddinc R, G, WlHElDON 1 ' . J. Will IE . , 1, W ' IKOFF SO COl.l.KC.l-. OF 1, ' . 1 . HsiinMN I IKiNI s II KI I I II M II K R. lil Mil K |(i|l li. lil ( KlU K K. S. ( Wll ' lil I.I. I hvv Kii ( m;i u k . I1KI W . ( J. liK |(iiis I,, n IS S. II. Downs |( i I.. Cm 1 M I wii s I ' . Hr 1 I i 1 1. |l I I KM s L.WVRKNCl C. |l NKINS KllIU Kl |l WII I ) WII s I-., kl ll ' l u C). n. Ki AMI Kl ii u I. wir.i Kl Cm .km S K. . 1iiN K.CIMI U-, V. V. Null. R i I ' u i.i. ' lRi.i i !■ . Rii I ' I |. IV ' sll WNDN |(lll . . .SlIUdl ' MllKI ' : ClIARI.ll I II.NdK L. K. 1(11111 1 IIIIM s W l II l( M I 1 K Will I 1 M UII R. W ' ll SON Cl SI M1 I COLLEGE or C;ONL IERCE )(1S1 I ' ll D. .Vl.LEN CloRiLANDT Bliss Hou ARii Bolton MlLDRl ' l) BOONL ' irc.1l s. bowslk Charlks H. Brooks !• ARRIS Cleveland (ill R1.0I IE COFFM.VN Christine Compton CioRr.E F. Crowder .S. W, Dant llk RoltlKI S. 1)1 NNV Charles Dunn G i.E Fields ) MES FlNNERAN . |. I ' lNNl KAN Eugene Fryman Henkv G.mtskill .SiiiNiA I.EE Gall l.Dw Ki) Gibbons Basil Gilbert Glenn B. Gill John R. Hari ' er Franklvn Heath WooDRow Holbrook Chester Jones C;eorce Johnson Ri HI Marie Jones Brooks Kirk Hakkv 1). Kremer G. B. Long Don i.d L. Luques Omar M Dowell John Meyers M RT1N B. Gene H. Myers Frank B. Palmer Louise Patterson Richard L. Perrine Mf)RTON Potter H NN Rosi N G. M. .Shi 111 n Wall.vce .Shuhari Howard Smaihers kl 1 1 II Son K R. L. SlIVEKS AV. C. Weill Ik nk E. Wehle Curtis L. Willmot i W. M. V00LEM Rdlll RI ■oU GBERG 81 MiiliiiliiKi f.iK iaii Silliii ' Pri ' lly Chcri Icados Bosu ' fi) th Hell Week A. T. O.s DunbU ' -cU ' chc) l j)si(U ' - hnv)i FrcslniKiii Daze Oh. K(iy sumc III) ' Aiiiilc I ' ll! Tans Two Piexies ]uc ihiiini COLLEGE OF AGRIC.LILTURE Enu ARD Allison CllARLIS F.. BVRRLTT ( II RL1S F. Ur VMS H VROl.I) R. BiNKLIV Vi;M)1LL C. BlNKLLV Alex Brame AV. P. BiiNTON, Jr. CvRi. R. Camemsch Damel E. Clark EiCENE Combs Harold C omus Clieeon COOIM,-! |. l$i KR Dams Eric Dewis Kenneov Dickson Kenneth Downing C. L. Elmore Drill. I Fi.o i ' ERs Kermith E. FoRitis C. T. FORKNER (oiiN Gantlev Don Gii.more Marvin Giihrie Kelly Hale .SxM H. H Mil V. Jr Andrew H ri)Esi v J .ACK V. Harrison O. D. Hawkins Leonard Hinson Cecil M. Hinton FORRI SI Hoci E CiiRiis Hi ' rroN Obie E. Johnson scoei |()ii son Ja.mes R. Kabli r Cyril C. Kellx Leon L. McCroskx Rob Roy Norton John Orwin Damd Peti l:s Henry H. I ' ope ) wii s R. Price 1 MEs B. Ramsey Donald Rash M. A. Rouse Dale Scott J. F. Spears Allan Stears Everette Stephenson Damd Setherland Robert L Thaxton Edmond Thompson Clinton Tucker Harlan ' r i. J.J.VOLL Roy Wallace Eugene Warren Arnold W.vtson I VMEs White M MiRR.E Wll I I WIS HoMK Economics Dixie Abram Inez C. Bmsden Adee ii)E Bewlay Ruth BLANkENSiiiP Ruth Cash Ellen Coyte Pauline D.vvid Frances Dayis )anet Descheer Floren( E Fori Helen Fran iz Ruth Greenwade Julia Hall m mie e. h ki Martha H kins M rcaret Hu.mble Opal Huston Bessie Johnson Leslie Jones Maryetta Kobert Nancy Lagre v H RRiEiT Lancaster Cleo Lane Mildred Lemons JuANiTA Lewis ALVRGARET MaRKLE Belcen Mencer Virginia Nichols AL RY J. Odor S. LLY Pe.mberton Iris Proctor ircinia L. Rowe Rachel Rowland Gladys Royce Eleanor Snedeker Alyce Swope Anne Todd Sara L. Tucker Cornelia Wallace Jessie Whiteield Minnie R. Wilkinson Ji LI ' ooi) COLLEGE OF EDUC A FION Barb.vra Allen Cecilia Armstrong Joseph Bosse Mrs. Le Grand Briggs Ralph Button Maxine Coeeey Charles Co.mbs J. T. Craig Bob D.wts Edward D.wis Ruth Ecto.n Robert Evans Ren A Fain Mary Lewis Foley Ida Fox Robert Freeberc X. L. Garrison Lee Gearheart Verna Graber Joe Helen Harber Nellie Hardin Cecil Hellard Billie Hiestland Gail Hocker Lee Holder Allabell Holtzclaw Frances House Virginia J.ackson Eliz. eeth Jett Harold Johnson Lucille Jones Pete Kur.ychek Theda McPerry Dorothy Moore Virginia Mount Lucille Ne vton Elsie Patrick Jessie Penix Tre ' a Polly Winona Probus Edward Recano Margaret Redmon Annaeell Roberts Vincent Robinson Fr, nces Sadler Laura Sebree Elmore Simpson Eileen Simpson Mary H. Strouse Ruby Taulbee Mrs. Mary D. Thomas J. E. Wadlington Louise Ward Helen Williams 81 COLLEGE Ol AR 1 S AM) SCIENCES C K(II IM 1). ll Wis Hi NK I.. AllAMs | )H I!. Al l I K Ci. Ri N( 1 H. Albro Al.K I I.. Ambi R(. DoRonn K. Armsironc; |()M I ' ll C;. Arvin E. [. H AMBI K(.l R Wallaci; H. Barron ROBE-RI S. IJkKH AM HtNRii;rr Bidford Ann a. Bishop Ml£RRII.I, M. Bl.bVINS Lau Ri :nc;i; F. Boland JuNt Li 1 Bollinger Walier C. Botts John S. Bovfrs J. Wellincmon Boxllv Valler S. Bovn Joe C. Brav Scott U. Breckinridge Dorothy M. Brooks Joseph M. Brown Meade M. Broun Roger Brou n Alton R. Bk w i Arther T. Bk son. Jr. J. Frank Bi rger Fdmoni) IUrton Clara Bush WiLMA W. Bush William M. Butler Xauneree N ' . Caleioun Gerirude C. Carigan Frow ' de Career Frank L. Cawood Rowena R. Cavlor John S. Chambers Ross J. Chepeleff Ruth Clopton E A R. Clay I CK Cleek ErnI SI L. ClE ELAND W. RoBERi Cole RoBERi M. Coleman .Murphy C. Combs R M.PH B. Congleton Blanche L. Cook C. M. Cooper John Coppinger Elizabeth E. Crain Joe M. Craft Lee Crook Mar .aret B. Cruise Bern ri) L. Crutcher Jess L. Cusick Elizabeth M. Daniel Charles L. Davis William A. Davis Hari.owe F. Dean Gamble C. Dick Harry F. Dills I ' M I l)l IM 1)(1 Ml) I ' . Dowl |(IIIS K1II III DoNdlll I l.WSRI ( I F. Dool.l Hi RMAN G. DOISON h ei. c. douthiit Charles F. Dierson Herberi L. Duncan M AR 1 HA Sue Durham Donald Eckler |0Y M. EdGI RUIN William H. Edmunds J. W. Flam Frank W. Ellis CxKRoLi. English |()iiN English )()si I ' ll |. Ennfking DoRoiiiY E. Ere Loi IS D. Etiierinoton Sarah E. Evans William H. Evans Ben A. Farmer FuLip Feigin M. B. Fields Ben D. Flanarv C R()L E. Flohr John B. Flo d m r(.aret folger M. C. Forbes R M. FORDEN Al DRl FoRSTER Rule Forster William T. Foster J NE Freeman Frank M. Gaines I ACK G. Gaitskill j n s L. Garrison F RMN N. Gay Edwin O. Gilbert Harriet O. Gilkev ' er V. Gillespie William E. Gorman GuLLioN E. Gross Blanche Griffin Leslie " SI. Gross GroKGi [ E Hale Doroihy Hardesiy Elizabeth B. Hardwick Betty P. Hargis Philip E. Haring Doroihy C. H rris Wai.ti r H tcher Jr. AL RY L. Henderson Charles T. Hertzsch Fred L. Herzoc, Preston T. Hicgins Thomas J. Holbrook Eloise .M. Holden |oiiN H. Holmes L i RA E. Hoskins Oscar R. Hoskins Ruth Howell H R()LD E. Huber M ( K Hughes |. Sii ' .LEV Hi ghett Godfrey Hunter John W. Histon J. Wilson Huston Willi m E. Huston l IM 1 . j ( oils II I RI II (.. I l.(.l RS M R|(iRii Jenkins 1.1.1 Mil I II B. Ji u I I.I. BiRI E. |ollNSON Pauline .M. Johnson Cmherine Jones Mildred K. )ones .Norman P. Judy Rum M. K TZENBER(.l R |i iiN |. Kelch. |r. Gioiu.E M. Ki 1.1. Sidney Kelly John R. Kenmdv . l.I.EN S. KEN ()N Gl ()R(.E H. Kereer .M RY KOPPII s Joe Henry Kurre Clay Lancasier M VRJORIE L Land William A. Lankln Anne Lang O FITS P. LaNTER R YMOND T. LaTHREM ]U RTON D. LeM Sylve A. Levinson Norman V. Lewis Lois L. Lilly Virginia E. Logan Lreih . L Luc, s N. H. LuTZ W NDA L. Lynch W ' lELiAM H. Lyon Ann Law Lyons William W. McCabe Frank H. McCarinev Chester M. McDanii i. DuARD E. .McDaniel Mildred Lee .NRDanii i. L tt j. McLaughlin John R. .Mc.Mii.i.hN c pel w. .m ,. s!i William L. .NFmian Ctiarles . L .M ier Elizabeth .M in Evelyn ALvrksbur Helen F. , L rkui el FlIOMAS ALVRSHAEL Marie A. Meyer .NLarion E. Mehler Jim Miller RoBERE L. Mills Bei iy j. .Mucin ll N NCY .Mitchell Jack .Mohney Ion B. .Montgomi r Eugene Moore Morris . Ior(. n Di iii.EY C. MuRPin DOROEHY MlRRELL James C. Nash Charli;s W. Netherion 83 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES C;il ARI.IS W. NoRVI l.I, |i)HN S. Nini RolU ' Rl Ol.NKV Howard M. ORMii joi; B. Orr John B. Ovi£rall Mabix I ' Av o i A. VV. PLllMNfl-R Bi riv K. Prick JOHN O. Pvi.K, Jr. ArIIH R K. QlUM.AN, [r. Harrii L I. Ralsion William R. R mm Richard M. R wmn Karl li. Rait iRciMA B. Rawlins Lucy V. Ray Pftlr a. Riimnclr Tim I. MA K. Ri.nner W ' ali.acl Ri.lse Harris Rih)Di:s Ben H. Rice JlMMIF. E. RiCGINS VV. H. RoiuRi Jrssn K. RoiiY Gayle E. Roik.lrs Herbert C. Ross PoR lER Ross William C. Ross Wll.DI K C. ROWE l ry E .Rudicel Ra .MONO St. John Dorothy E. .Santen Philii ' Schiff Ereuerick W. .Schule i E RY Alice .Scranton Fred R. Scrocgin V ' alton . Sexion B. K. Shepherd CXarence F. Martha L. Shipi ' Wkldon Shouse Harlan Shiiperi Irene Silvers liARNEY G. SIMMS William Sisco Sylvia Skit Shirley R. Smi hi Frances C. Smith WiLLi.v.M P. Smith Sam Spalding Martha Jane Staples Eleanor M. Steele James B. Stephenson John W. Siroihi r Phil Sutterheld .Stanley Sttton Robert Sweeney Ruth Tarki ,i() Winnie B. Evii lloSEMARV EaVEOR -AlRCINIA I ' lIARP R VLPii . . Thomas W KU1 I. ElloM s ] 1 lt1 (.. 1 ODD . l, IN I Kl(.(. Willi I 1 1). El I ELR |()11N li. EURNER John W. Turner J. Wist Eurner, Jr. AUSIINE M. ' EUTTLE B. H. EUTTLE Dorothy A. Van Arsdell Charles A. Vance Jessie ' an Meter Daniel C. Wade GiiARi.Fs |. Walker MlI.DRl D ALKER RoBiRi Walker Mil iiRi D E. Webb .Mildred Wheeler PaI I. Will I AKER Anna W. White Lewis O. White ' iviAN E. Wilkinson William H. Will.son Sam Wilson VVesion Winkler Gordon B. Winburn Oscar E. Wisner Mary E Wolf Frances H. AVoods William W. Wrk.iit W. S. ■S A(.ER Tom D. Vocu.m colle(;e of l. ' Jack Baki k Steven I . Bladi k I B. Breckinridge R. Lee Brow n Arvin E. Bunger J. S. Carroll ' . H. Catenauo W. C. Caudill Earle L. Cole Bert T. Combs W. F. Crook UlRNETT DaDISMAN Frank M. Dailey Pat E)o()i.fy Ri II Ri) Drve I wii s . E Elliot Ll W IS ElNl.EY Ross C. Fox H RRY W. Franks J. S. Ereeland Charles M. Gadd Clarence B. Green Llmer Ham.mond RoBERi D. Haun M. S. HoI.LINt.SWORTH Dflmar How ard W. B. JOBE Vincent Kelley Seba W. Kirkpatrick Lfe Lai ier Harry L. Li.Anr |ollN LUCIAN W. R. McCoy John G. Mein Clarence L. Sam Milner B. T. Moynahan B.O.Olney Sam .T Purdy Robert W. Reynolds M RGARET D. S LMON RoBLRi L. Smith Frank W. Starks Sa.muei. [. Tedesco Edgar N. ' enters Robert H. Wall W. C. Weart W.J. Weaver JOHN R. Wells J. D. White Robert Williamson Earl S. VVillis Roger C. AV ' omack Ben B. Wright 86 (:()1,I.F.(.K Ol ' COMMERCE Julian B. Adams Makiha J. Ammkrman Mary Fr. nces Bach RoiK.i Rs Uaki.r Marv Noll Barron Marsiiali. Beard Thelma Becklev Joseph E. Biancke W. V. Bishop Elizabeth B. Black Taber Brewer Fred Bringardner Stuart Brooks Allan Brown )i Li A M. Brown LoMi Brown Ray Brown Hakold Bi Ml Uamd Carbon e Ann B. Carter Eugene Caidill Leonard Carr Pauline Clarkson Clyde B. Collins achel colvin R, R. Combs Cl ton Conoleton T. V. Crady Norman Ckau ford Clifton V. Cropper E RL Croich Henry B. Crouch llFN P. DfHaven Harold Davidson l KV C. I) USON Cl RIIS l)i Maiii.da 1)1 n ion Rudolph UeRoode Prentiss Doi c.i s. )k. e. w. uownard L wren :e Edmonson Kr k M. Ellis Pllll II ' ENta.EBARDT Koiii Ki Ellison An I iioNV [. ]l i. 1I1AI.ENA Fa A SiEXE Feaiiilrston, Jr. John Fietz K i in RiNE Finnfran Ann Eli akfih Fishbai i K MIIRX N FlANERY MlI.ION Fl.IIIIART R. DoU(.i,As Ford Franklin Foster I MLS R. FuRi.oNr: VFSrFRN FURR. J R. M K|ORY C; l I (,IIFI ' ' iU(.iNi B. Goodrich )i AN Glosifr ' F. G. Gray V. R. Graham Roger Green Chris Gkinstead [amis Hagler John G. Hall AiJiFRi L. Halllnberg June B. Hfathman Hi LEN L. Hegarty Joseph A. Hk.ks Ali.fn Hif i I F " R NK Hll.i. Sherman Hinki bi in Jasper D. Hodson Lucy Hoge J. Houlihan Beverly Hubbard F ' . Saufi.ey Hughes, Jr. C. Edwin Hurd Donald Irvine Edward Isaacs Bi: ITY Jackson Fori SI G. James Billy Jones, Jr. Cii Ri,Fs S. Jones Willis O. Jones W.T.Jones Coleman Judy George C. Keli.ond James Kellond Morgan J. Riipmrkk Bertram L. Klein K nELL J. Kremer W. Edwin Lamb L. C. Langs I ON Robert D. Lear William Left Frvnk S. Lewis James Lewis Rae Lewis Nathalie Lin ille Evelyn Mc.Vi.ister Sam McDonald W. B. McGary I Wll s I ' , I( 1 1 M ION k .11 Mil J s M 1 II() I) N Ml I LI K, JK. Ia 1,1 I .Mo(,D C. 1). . loRAi, Jr. Louis Mucci Fr n(t s .Murphy I.. Felix Murray lAr;K Ni i.soN (.FORGE L. NEUBAUFR F.Dw RD Oliver 1 OM 1 ' RRV lin I 111 Pairu:k Deene Paiifrson Ed ;ar I ' iNN Philip F. Pokifrfifld H. (;. Pierce, Jr. l$FLMONT Ramsey Eleanor Randolph R, L. Rash Kenneth Raynor Walter G, Rfiim E, .Alan Robins Ben Rose Mil iii Rosenblum R. B. Roberts Julia . . Ro vady J. Saiilr Harry Schoberth . ' lbert W. Schreck R. E. Sherman Wendell Skaggs W. C. Shea 87 COLLEGE OF COMMERCE )i. r. iiE Saux Alfrkd E. Smuh C:ii ARLPS H. Smuh CiAKKii-; Lv Smith Lp;ster Smith [. William Snvdkr William Si ' Iclr William M. Si ' ivey Thomas Spraclns Marcarlt G. Stanlev M ARV L. Stark Warren Steckmest p. Stephens Robert Ste enso.n Gi raldlne Stewart Robert Stilz Harold Stockton MaRCI RV A. SL IHERLANI) Hope Sullivan Paul E. Tanner Tom T lor Ike Van jMeier J. Rice Walker, Jr. Carl V rd Mar(;aret J. Welch John Wesi Ro Lee Wk.gin ion A. L. UiLHoiTE. Jr. Clarence 15. Wolfi Dot Wunderlicii Gordon . . ancev Jr Ni I Zw III. ki COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING O. li. . eD1 RMAN G. E. .- llen E. M. . rand Eluood . RAM) V. p. AupiNC. J. H. Banes Kenneth Barker. Jr. M. H.Bauch B. H. Benneso.n 1). R. Berrv |. I,. BOMON S. S. Bo I IS R. W. Bk iii I I.. L. Brock 1). E. BUCHAN.VN H. E. Bullock William Cannon C. J. Cvrney V.M.Carter Ernest Collins I. N. Conrad Frfd Crawford Edson Current W. A. Denniston John Dixon W. K. D ER R. E. Fish D.J. ElSTER E. E. Flow ERS Pail Forbes E. H. Gates R. E. Gilmore 1 . S. Gore, Jr. J. F. Gregory W . W . Greenwell C;. R. HlCDON M. B. HoLL DAV Willi M HOESTER J. W. HoEi, Jr. J. . HoO ER R. HOIALINC |. V. HU.ND G. W. ISON.JR. W. L. Jacobs E. B. Jefferess L. C. Johnson E. P. Karr T. H. R. Keith L. G. Kress C. O. Landrum W. J. Landrum W. J. Leon rd C. W. Leslie C. P. Lew IS R. H. Le vts H. H. LovEi I, Jr. J. I. L NCH A. G. McCoNNEI.L D. L. McDowell J. . . McIntosh j. L. -McIntvre L. C. McIntvre D. M. McMakin B. M. Mahan Austin Mann Bernard .Merriss Garni Moretti J. S. MuRRA ' i . Jr. J. B. Xeill " SL a. NlLES R. E. NuTE Guv Pendleton R. W. Prid e W. G. Riley J. T. Roberts W . E. Rodman W. F. Rose Howard Russell H. C. Satterfield H. C. SCHERFFIUS R. E. Sears J. cK Shanklin K. W. Sharp J. J. I ' . .M. Sl. T£R R. W. Smith W. O. S.mitu Mike Snider C. A. Si.vccs T. H. Strunk J. S. Stulck R. J. Sutherland Kenneth Sylvester J. T. Taylor r nkin i errv Elmer Tullv E. C. Vice M. M. Vice J. H. ' iox G. R. ' atkins J. L. Walton W. B. Wheeler R. V. Vancey 88 Freshman Class Officers liiDM AS W ' atkins, London Pirsldnit Garden Mf.ers, Mairo ' wbonc J ' i e-FrcsnIciil [amks Rheu, 0 ini;s ille Secietiiiy-Tica.sinci Coiiiicihnen RouERT L. Connor, Simpsonville CrRiis Bai ' M(.ardner, Middlesboro « rRESHMEN -i- C:OLLEGE Ol " ARTS AND SCIENCES SUSAN J. ABEL EDWARD ABRAMSON MOLLY ACRtE JEANNE ADAMS JAMES S. ADAMSON JOSEPH B. ADLER WILLIAM r. ALCORN L RrHA ALEXANDER E. M. ALLEN CERALDINE ALLEN ROGER H. ALLEiN ELLEN E. ALLISON LESLIE ALLISON VIRGINIA ALSOP RUBIN D. ANDERSON ALLEN S. ASHBV JANE D. AUXIER DOROTHY B. BABBITT ALICE W. BAILEY JACK E. BAKER WILLIAM M. BAKER ROY BALDBRIDGE VILLARD S. BALL JAMES B. BANNAHAN HILLY BARBER ORAL G. BARNETT MARTHA V. BARTON JOE R. BATES MARY V. BATTERTON ROY J. BATTERTON VIRGIL K. BEASLEY EMMA BEDERMAN HELEN H. BELL RONALD E. BELL JEANNE P. BELT FRANCES BENGE CONSTANCE A. BERGERON HERBERT M. BERTR, M HENRY L. BETHEL EDWARD F. BIRCHHEAD CAROLINE E. BISBEE KATHERINE BISSETT HAROLD BLACK MARY K. BOLAND ANNA C. BOLES ERA L. BOONE CEORGE W. BOSTON MRS. MARY G. BOTTOM SAMIT L F. BOU MAN ALEXANDER W. BOYLE WILLIAM T. BRADLEY JOAN BRfVI I SCHNEIDER CHARLOriE BRIGGS MARGARET S. BROADDUS VVILLETTE F. BRUNER MARY BUCK SIDNEY BUCKLEY WILLIAM G. BL ' GIE CLAYTON L. BULLOCK DOROTHY M. BIRK J. P. BURNETT MRS. IRENE M. BURNS ETHEL L. BYRD |OHN P. CAMPBELL SAM S. CANNON ELMER L. CARR EUGENE W. CARR WILLIAM J. CARRICO JAMES CARSON VIRGINIA CAWOOD WOODROW W. CERE J. T. CHAMBERS JANET CHANSLOR LENA G. CHASE C. CREAL CHENAULT MARY . CHRISTIAN JOHN R. CL. RK LILLIAN B. CLARK JOHN E. CLINKINBEARD ELIZABETH R. COLE CLINTON R. COLECLOUGH DAN O. COLGAN CHARLES COLLIER CIIESLEY S. COLSON WILLIAM M. CONLEY NATALIE R. CORBIN WALTER R. COX WILLIAM C. CRAIG MARTHA L. GRAIN WILLIAM C. CROWELL K AIHERINE E. GROUSE .MRS. L. H. CRUTCHFIELD IHOM AS B. CULTON MARY W. D.MNGERFIELI) JOHN J. DARCY CARL DAMDSON GYPSY JO DAVIS FRANK F. DAVIS J. D. DAVIS NANCY B. DAVIS JAMES K. DAY VIRGINIA A. DICKEY RUTH DILLEY GL. DYS DIMOCK PETTY V. DODSON JOHN L. DORSEY ARTHUR J. DOTSON GEORGE E. DUNCAN JOHN A. DUNCAN TAUNER DUNLAP, JR. JAMES P. DURBIN N. NCY DYER WILBUR H. EDENS DAVID EDWARDS DOROTHY L. ILLIOI I NED M. ETHERINGTON RICHARD R. EVANS WALTER K. FAAS J. B. F. llI.CONER MARY E. FERGUSON SILOUS C. FERGUSON MARGUERETE FORD MERLE VV. FOWLER, JR. MARY C. FOX M K(. RET H FRANKLIN ROBERT L. ERASER DAVID FRIEDMAN FRANCES L. FUNK ROGER B. FUSON JACK GABLE SARAH S. GAITSKILL LAWRENCE J. GARLAND MILDRED D. GARRISON WILLIAM J. GATHOF MARTIN GERSHMAN AGNES M. GILBERT M.VRY N. GILLESPIE SEV.MOUR P. GLINE ROBERT GODFREY MADELYN GOLDEN FRVNK J. GOODFRIEND RUTH CRAMER RI NERO (.R (;G MARGARET E. GRIFFING VIRGINIA GRIFFING GEORGE GRIFFITH MARY A. GROOM IRMA J. GROSS RAYMOND C. GUY ANN Y. GUYN LEWIS K. HAG(.I FRANCIS J. HALCOMB LFLIA B. HAMII TON CHARLES HARBIN CARSON B. HARRELD ROBERT W. HARRISON W. SMITH HARSELL LOUIS IIAYNIS, JR. FRANK J. HAYS 90 c;()Li.i:(;r. oi ' ar i s and sciences JOHN . 11 s .SIANLLV llAVS DORIS IIENURtN THOMAS J. IIFNMSSV LU lIltR HICKMAN lllRliLRl O. nU.KS Ol ' AL V. HOBBS 1 ARRIl.L I). IIOI-SKL M RV F. HOLLAllAV Bll lY L. HOl.Sn.lN CIRALIIS. HOLSn I.N WILLIAM W. HOl ' LUKLL J. LACY HOPSON MARY J. HOWSOiN . S. HUGHES M K XV. HUGULLET NOVELLO L. HULL KLVERTT. HUMBLE MARTHA J. HUNGER JANE IRVl.N DONALD IRVINE MRGINIA L.JENNINGS lORVALD E. JENSEN moM.VS M. JOHNSTONE ESTILL B. JONES LESLIE L. JONES M. ELAINE JONES ONIDA K. JONES OWEN B. JONES WILLIAM C. JUSTICE JOSEPH KARETH W ILBURN B. KEETON KATIIRYN M. KELLEY MARY P. KEMPER WILL .M. KENDALL LOIS KING W ILLIAM M. KIRBY ROBERT J. KOEHLER K ALEEN E. KOURY RICHARD A. KRONMAN WILLIAM D. LANCASTER CECIL T. LANTER MARY S. LEBUS PARKER LARY JAMES LEBRE VIVT.VN L. LEE EDWARD J. LENGYEL JAMES B. LEONARD (Tl.VRLES J. LIGON LOKEN W. I. II. LIS WILLARD H. LINDBEKG EDWARD S. LISLE RUTH V. LITIRAL WILLIA.M C. LOBB CHARLES S. LONG WINIFRED E. LUCAS EDWARD LYNCH ESTILL E. LYONS CLOYD N. m ' aLLISIER ISHAM R. MCONNELL JOHN R. M ' CRE.V THOMAS R. MDONALD THOMAS A. M ' DYER FRANK M. M ' gEE CARLOS M ' INIOSH MARY L. MKENNA RUSSELL E. M ' KISKI MARY M. MMILLEN LUCY H. MADDOX STEVEN L. MAHANES. JR. WILMOTH MASTERS MILDRED L. MASTIN FRANCES Q. MATTINGLY WILLIAM B. MAY ARNOLD J. MEADE BETTY MENZIES JULIA D. MERRIFIELD i ILLIAM A. MERTON W. LTER W. MILEM PHIL M. MILES JAMESE. MILLER, JR. JOHN W. MILLER DAN T. MITCHFXL HUGH R. MOORE JOSEPH C. MOORE STUART M. MOORE JAMES MORAN JOHN H. MORGAN WESLEY R. MORGAN WILLIAM W. MOSS EDWIN H. MUEHSLER VIVIAN J. MUNICH WILLIAM T. MURRAY, JR. HOMER L. NKTIOLAS E. A. NICHOLSON MARY E. NOR ELL GEORGE A. OCHS JOHN ROBERT o ' cONNOR LEON OETTINGER, JR. PHILIP D. OLDS BEN W. OWEN BONNIE G. OWEN LLOYD E. OWEN RUNELLE PALMORE HIRAM S. PATTERSON t)RVILLE M. PATTON HARRY PATT SON XMLLIAM C. PAULEY JACK PEARL JOHN E. PECK LLOYD PENNINGTON CHARLES A. PERSINGER GEORGE AV. PETTIT JOHN J. PEZZAROSSl Jl NNI I II II. I ' ll Kl I I IR(.I IA E. PILL I inv KII K. l ' OLI. C. B. PRESTON VEE I ' . E. PRICE GEOR( E E. PRICII KD I ' OULR I ' RU II KI1 REBECCA l ' KI ( 1 JANE G. PROCIOK LEO H. PROI II I HELEN E. RALSION CARROLL S. RANKIN MARGARET E. RANKIN ROBERT M. RANKIN ANNABEL REGEN.SIEIN HARRY C. RECKNER FRANK R. REISCII ROGER T. RIDDI LI, JOHN RIEHL .MARJORIE H. RIE.SER MARIHA T. RIEI Y WILLIAM S. RILI V I ' F RL G. ROBERTS I l.l ABI TH C. ROBINSON , l KV J. ROB DA E ROGAN HAROLD J. ROSE RUTHMARIE ROSE M X ROSENBERG SARA T. ROUNSA ALL MICHAEL A. ROWADY JOHN F. RUGGLES, JR. W ILBUR A. SALE JAMES H. S. LVER ALBERT J. SANDERS JAMES G. SAWYER JOANNA SAVLOR PAUL R. SAVLOR M NUEL SCIIOF.MAN JOSEPH D. SCHOLTZ PHILIP H. SCHOLTZ HAROLD C. SCHUYLER HAROLD E. SEIDMAN EUGENE F. SERGENT CHARLES J. SEWELL, JR. 91 colle(;e of arts and sciences :liffoki 1. ' ' H wv W MSON SHr VM AKER KDlil Kl « . sllll l.D-S li K li KA . SHiri ' ( K n.lM: SILLER (.K ( 1. SILVERMAN I ' AUL W. SIMPSON ROIIERT M. SINGLETON ALEENE J. SIPE FRANK E. SIPE FRANCES SLEDD ROBERT R. SMEDLEY ARITU ' R U . SMITH HELEN C. SMIITI JEANNE SMIIH PAL ' L K. SMITH HITMI T. SNEAI) M U(. R1 T F. SNYDER LESLIE II. SPARKS SUE I). SPARKS 1 IIOMAS (.. SPELLACY IRUTN M. SPL ' RLOCK MAR(.ARET SIEU ART I 11 i!i,i s li. SI mil i, |K. il lt A. MIL M I)ISON STRINK FI.DRFD STL ' ART 1 in IN C. SWEENEY J VMESTALL SIDNEY I ' . TWI.OR WILLIAM L. TV ' SOI R JAMES E. TRACKER FRANCIS WILLIAM TIU IS ROBERT M. TICE ELI ABETH R. ITLLETI D ID B . THOMAS JOHN L. TOBIN DOROl HY D. T0RSIRK:K WILLIAM O. IRACY. JR. RUTH TRA.MMELL C, RL R. VERTUCA DAVE W. ICTOR VFRNARD F. VOSS CHARLES S. VV.M.I.RS DEE WALDFN EDWARD B. ALL INA . I. ALLACE HERSCHEL VARD IIOROI 11 M. V I KINS IIIO.MAS N. S ATKINS VERNON F. WATSON LILLIAN G. WEBB W RREN R. V EBSl ER HUGH E. WEDDING FRANCES B. VELLS RAY WESSLING ULV ESSES C. WHITEHOUSE JAMES W. WHITr ch rlotte wtble barbara d. wiley ;harles t. wilkins james w. wilkerson JE.SSE D. WTLLMOIT TIIOM. S M. WILSON SUE K. WINES Z. T. WOMACK DOROTHY VVOOLCO I 1 E. C. WOOTEN WILLIAM B. WORTH JOHN W . WORTHINC.ION MILDRED H VMAN COLLEGE OF ACIRICULTURE CYRUS D. ALLEN JAMES F. ART HARRY A. BALDWIN, JR. E. RL M. BATSEL PAUL T. BARNETT AUDRA E. BELL FRANK BELL COY BLAYLOCK Il.VRRY C. BROWN RAY BROWNFIELD GEORGE L. CAMP J. ELLIS CAMPBELL MORRIS CAUDILL ALFRED D. CAVEN FLETCHER CLARK PHIL H. CLORE NOR EL COLBERT CHARLES COMBEST GEORGE COOMER ROBERT L. CONNOR B. F. COTTRELL BERNARD M. CRIGGER EDWARD H. CURTIS HORACE DAVIS, JR. H. WOODROW DAVIS SID DELONG OREN W. DILTZ SHUBAEL DIMOCK ROBERT B. DOTSON JA.MES C.FANNIN JULI.VN FINNELL BERL FO SLER WILLIAM C. FRIED JAMES B. GAY EARL O. GREGORY ROBERT B. HALL CURTIS R. HANCOCK MARVIN T. HARNED f.EORGE M. HARPER HERBERT HILLENMEYER W. DEVEAU HlGDON CHARLES W. HLNKLE FOREST HOLBROOK GRADY HOLLAND JA.MES A. HOOVER W. O. HUBBARD JOHN B. JOHNSON JOHN B. JONES CLARENCE JORDAN CLINT KARNES CHARLES W. KELLEY ' VILLIAM J. KFPHARI EDGAR KING JAMES H. KirCHEN EDGAR LAND LUTHER LINDON VVILLIAM M ' CONNELL ROY MCRAY LESTER M ' DANIEL RAYMOND MINTOSH REUBEN MKENZIE THO.MAS H. MACRAW JAMES N. MARSH CAMPBELL E. MILLER PIRDY H. OBANION ROMA J. PICKLESIMER JOSEPH POLIO CHARLES W. POPE JAMES QUISENBERRV JOHN R. REECE ARCH RUE JACK D. SALISBURY ELMON L. SALYER EARL J. SANDS LUCI.YN M. SCOTT MURRELL SCOTT ALBERT I. SELTSAM JAMES L. SHEMWELL GAYLE SHIELDS GEORGE STILES ZACH P. S.MH H NEVILLE J. TATU.M W II.LIAM K. TAYLOR ROBERT E. TUCKER V. B. W.VDE JAMES C. W. LLACE ROBERT A. VELLS JAMES C. WHITE GRAH.YM WILKINS ANCIL C. WILKINSON GLEN D. W ILLIAMS ST. NLEY WILLMOTT JOE E. W ISE GEORGE YOUNG JAMES R. YOUNG 92 (.Ol.l.lX.F ()!• a(;ri{:iii. 1 URK lloMI KCONOMK s S K H I . KM)I n M K 11, IIMKII IK ( I s IKIW 1 K III I II 1. Il(l I KS l K |. IIRM IKS. NN l. ( H Kl.rS i.oLisi; c.o. rus CORN! LIA K. CRAFTON I M IIWIS M Kll |. 1 h ( K(I1 I I. l I I.I WOK IKiW AKI) I MIl.V |()I1 S ) (ISSIl I . JOM s SS 1 . Kl I lA M K li. KINDAI.I, MARV MARHSM.I, jam: MuciiixL MAKJORIF. NAAS i.orisi: NicnoLLS ( II UI OITF. rERCIVAI. Itl 1 Kl h. KU II KIIS II M 1 11 Ki( nil MAI.l.IE 11. rA FOR (M.AnVS TIIRFFKFI.l) I l I I I I IS IMlKCIlin ( . WIKllI RAY A. MOOD ANNE E. WVAIT FRANCES YOUNG COLLEGE OF COMMERCE MI 1 I l 111 Kl J M1 S Al.l.OKN ELLIN AFFXANUFR llARRV AFEXAMJFR BETSY ALLEN FRED ANDERS ( AROI.I) VRNOIll (IIRIS AR(,FS E. L. BAILEY ANDREW W. B KFR PAUL BARINCER HOWARD BARNES HOWARD BOAZ LEE A. BOWLING fHARLFS BOYD HI (.11 BKINT HAROLD BROOKING J. D. BRUNKER FREE.M N BR ANT JOHN L. BtTLFR GALE BYLAND JESSE D. GARDEN CHARLES C. CARPENTER W. H. CASSELL ALICE G. CATLETT EARL E. CENTER ALLAN CHAPMAN DOROTHY D. CLEMENTS MRS. C. COCANAUGHER HELEN COMBS CARL CONNER JACK CONNER WILBUR CONOVER l ' R IN I.. CONREY I LIU Rl I.. COtJI ' ER (II KI.I s COtlNTRYMAN Mil; CROWDER TOMMY CURTIS BFDDY CURY HOWARD N. DAVIS JEROME H.DAY J MI S DOWNING J VMFS F. DOYLE H. T. DEAN j nh:s L. DRAFFEN BRIDGET DUFFY JOE DUNLAP FRANK DUTTON ALEXANDER EDELEN C. O. ELLISTON LVWRENCE FACKERT FLORENCE M. FINNERAN ELLA SCOIT FISHUACK FRANK FITCH RICHARD FREEMAN ' .RNOLD F. FUST JOHN GALVLN CHARLES C. RY JACK F. GAYNOR II R()LD GLASS ELIZABETH R. GELDER JAMES M. GIBSON W. J. GORMAN JACK GRAHAM ARCH HAMILTON KENWID HAMILTON GENEVIEVE HANCOCK AD.VM ANDY HANNA E. D. HARDIN JANE D. HARDWICK GLEN HARDYMAN ELAINE HARPER W. FI, HARPER NANCY B. HARRISON MARSHALL HART J. E. HATCHEI I J. T. HATCHETT LUN HERNDON HARRY HINTON WALTER HODGE CHARLES T. HOLLADAV THEODORE R. IIOI.LIDW IIARLES R. HOLLOW N-i ALFRED HOOD EDGAR HOPKINS ROBERT HOULIHAN GARTH HOISE GLEN HOW ARD FRANK C. HUGHES JOSEPHINE HUME DORIS IllLER MRGINIA lUI.ER FREDERICK (.. IKT GEORGE L. JACKSON HELEN JENNINGS CALEOWA JOHNS H. K. JOHNSTON KEITH JONES THEODORE P. JONES JOE R. JOHNSON. JR. PENELOPE JOHNSON RICHARD JOHNSON RUTH ELOISE JOHNSTON CHARLES JUSTICE ELIZABETH KARSNER ROBERT KASH GEORGE KING JACK KING TRED V. KOEHLER JOHN KURRE D. NIELLALI.Y W. ALFRED LAV 93 COLLEGE OF COMMERCE. l-n IMAN p. LEGATE KOBI RT LEWIS MAURICF LITTLETON DALION LOWE OPAL LYON CA LE M KKSlillRV ItESTV l liERMCE MAVFILLI) T. P. M ' CANN CLARENCE M CARROLL EREDERKIK I.. MLEAN JEAN M ' MILLAN W. B. MEARNS W. GARDEN MEERS JEAN C. MILLER GEORGE W. MILLER ALBERT MOFFETT ROBERT MONTGOMERY BRVCE MOORE CHARLES G. MOORE CM RLIS B. MOODY W M.I.ACE C. MOODY JESSE MOUNTJOY ELMER C. MULLEN II RRY C. MULLINS BETTYE MURPHY JANE C. MURPHY BETHEL R. MURRAY KARL NATHANSON MURRELL NEBLETT BERNARD OPPER CHARLES OREM CHARLES M. PARRISH VILLIAM PATTON E. KATHLEEN PERRY ALFRED PETERS CLARA PHELPS EARL PHILLIPS N. R. PHILLIPS MARY JANE POFTER SAMUEL II. POWILL, JR. JOSEPH E. PUCH Will 1 M PIT. LI l FRWCIS C. PUSXM Rl JAMES R. RANSDALL CARL RA ENSBI RG AARON REECE JOHN B. REGAN J. FREDERICK RELYEA TOMMY RENT , CURTIS REYNOLDS VIRGINIA REYNfJLDS HELEN RIDDELL GEORGE RILI; ' JOHN M. ROACH ROY ROBINSON HELEN ROBINSON FRANK W. RODES W. J. RODMAN III Gil M. ROSE I-OBERT R. ROWE . LFRED RUSSELL CARL SALUTSK E. BEAMIS SAMUELS TRE ' A SANDERS WALTER E. SAUER MARY E. SAUNDERS WILLIAM SCHLEHUSER CHARLES J. SCHUTZ GUIDO SCIANTARELI.I JOHN R. SCOTI JAMES SCOTIOW KARL E; SEARC ' DAVID F. SEARY MELVIN SEBREE ED SHIPP W. EDWARD SII:GKL SIDNEY R. SMITH JERRY SPEARS JOE STAFFORD JAMES STALEY ( EORCE STAMATIS FREDERICK S. STEPHENS WALTER STE ENSON ROBERT C. STONE JACK STONE I RANGES STORED WANDA STRONG JOHN V. SUGG CAMILLE SULLIXAN JOHN C. SULLIVAN JAMES A. SUTHERLAND ROBERT TABERLING THELMA TAURMAN FRED THOMPSON ALBERT TI.MM ROY E. TOOMS GLENN Y. TUTT JOE ' ANAMAN LUCY AUGHN ALFRED H. VOCEL J. H. VAY THOMAS J. WEATHER MAE WEBB RICHARD G. WELLS ELLA MAE WEST JACK W. WHEELER RUTH WIDES L RY VILMOTH MYRA WILMOTH ARTHUR R. WILSON ROBERTA WILSON ELSIE WOODSON JOYCE WRIGHT COLLEGE OF EDUCAFION NORMAN . DAMS CORINNE ALLEN EDITH . LLEN DELYNN ANDERSON IM.MA BALLINGAL EX ELYN BARKER K THERINE BARNARD AIHAI.IE BASSETT JEROME BRESSLER ADDALYN BROWN HAZEL R. BROWN MARY E. BURGER MARIE CARPENTER JULIA CASSITV LUCIAN CAYCE ROBERT CLUTCH TOMMY COLEMAN HARRY COMBS ANNA L. CROUCH FRED CURTIS DAMERSON DAVIS MOREL DAX IS ELIZABETH DIETERICII ADA DOUGHERTY CLIFTON B. ESTES DELLA M. GOINS CLAR. B. HALEY MURRIEL HARCAN DOROTHY HAZELRIGG ELMO HEAD MARY H. HENRY RICHARD HEWLING BILI.IE IIOI.LIDAV JOUNCE HOWINGTON ARTHUR JACOBS PHILIP JONES MARY E. LEE ELIZABETH LIGON MARTHA II. LOWE CHARLES MADES GEORGE MILKOVICH MILDRED MILLER RUBY MOORE ELDRIDGE MOTE THOMAS MUI.LIKIN STAN RASKI MARTHA RECORDS EDMUND REDMON JAMES REED LEOLA M. REYNOLDS SARA SHAW LOUISE SHEPARD TOM SHOCKEY LUCILLE SKIDMORE LAURA SMITH BLANCHE STEPPE ELFREIDA STOVALI. CARL STUTSMAN FRANCES J. THOMPSON WINSTON THOMPSON HELEN H. VEAL NOEL WESLEY GENEVA WHITE WILLIAM HARMON KENDRICK WILLS BRUCE WRIGHT CHRISTINE YOUNG 94 COl.l.F.C;! ' OK EN(;INEER1NG K. I., ll l Ol Al.l K M I Will K . » . M 1 1 Cl.lITON A 1 wool) I,. I.. II (.(J KM N J. L. KVRRON J. M. U KK() J. II. KM I Mil t:l RTIS B Al ' M(. VRIM K 1.. II. HI KI) F. W. Ill Mil R II VROI.I) HI VKIM S mi I Kii 111 ii( . . H(l , |K. |. r. lioi.Li.Nf: X ' ARRI . IIOLI F. F. BRI VI R IIIRMAN IIROdks (.. I . IIKdW r. II. IlkdW |. 1 . liRl MIUCK S. M. BIRI I SS l- WRi; :i: bitlik |:R I ST CAN IIA ' JIM.MV CARV KENIS CASSADV JOSEPH CHEMAF C. C. CHERRY J. E. CHUMLEV y. F. CLARK D. R. COLLINS I . REX COLMNSWORTH R. B. CONLEE EnWlN CONNER M. F. CORBIN ROBERT CORNEI.I, EUGENI CORl ' M JACK COUCILL CM RLES DAVIS 1). L. DAVIS J. i I. DAWSON M. R. DOWNEY V. H, DOWNING A EHONV dubanowk:?. C. A. ELLISON J. R. EMERY J. S. FARCHT j. B. FAKRIS N ' . B. FAI ' I.KNER Rl N(l III Fll.iri ' O I . :. I INNII I. |. I ISCIU R. JR. II (11 II CAMPBELL II. II. FOUST J. R. |. ( . (.11. MORE I. J. I.R (.(. J. II. (,KMI M W . A. CRAY II. H. HAIL- W. II. HALL I.. R. IIAMNER I RIC II RBORNI MELVIN HAYNES FRANK MENDKICK VMCKI.IFFE HENDRY RII.SSI I.I. HENRY R. P. HILL ROBERI HOFFMAN ' KdHI RI HOLCOMB JdllN J. HOWARD III KBERT L. HUDSON J. P. JACKSON EDWARD JEFFERSON JAMES C. JOHNSON. JR. W. H.JONES, JR. WILLIAM JUETT ALEX KASANOVICII E. P. KEENLY D. R. KELLY WILLIAM KEI.LEY II. (1. KIMP, JR. IIARI.H KISER E. P. LACY FRANK LAMBERT S. B. I.ANCavORTIIV J. T. LAWRENCE L. G. LEARY RUTH R. LEVY FRED M ' cREA R. R. I ' NA L RA T. E. MVICKER C. P. MAHAN H. H. MANDLY R. P. MARSHALL E. D. MARTIN P. J. MATHIS II. C. MILNER J. II. MOORE L. T. MOORE ROBERI ' MOORI; L. C. NELSON J. C. NE V S. T. NISBETT REMEO NORTON ORIENT OI.DFIELD KENNETH ONEAL II. M. PALMER J. A. PAL roRE J. M. PARSON.S T. J. PATTERSON FRANK P. MIL C. C. PAYNE J. V. PENICK D. W. PENNOCK Mill S PONDER ' . II. PRICE CII RI.l;S OI ' M.LS e. c. railey c. w. ramsey e. r. randall l. m. r nsi1e1 i. (;eorge rasseneoss i. m. rwvlings c. F. REED II K(ll.l) REVl.EI ' T 1.1. RK.SBY (1. U . KdMAINE lOM Rum I.A ARIIS SCOTT HAL .SCRIIGHAM R. C. SEWELL WILLIAM SIMON ION (T.IFFOkll SIMPSON H. R. SMIIH R. W. SMITH J. H. SNIDER R. S. SN DER R. E. SPENCER H. V. STAGGS H. P. STEELE EVERETT SI EPP CH.XRLES STERNBERG A. T. SIEWARI W. O. .STONE ROBERT STROIIM J. C. IHOMPSON J. C. I RI ADW.VY G. A. VAN ARSDAI.E IV. L. WALKER S. A. WAHL E. B. WALLIS H. J. WEAKS E. (.. WELCH II. C. WIHTE U . . . WIHTE W. M. W HI FN EL NORMAN WIDES L. E. WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMSON M. P. WILLIS J. R. WILLSON E. P. WILSON EUGENE YOUNG H. W. YOUNG WILLIAM YOUNG ■Sn This Is Cnllror Wcslbi ooh Hllghcll iiixl Yniiiiir Cli)il:s(iilrs " SnuiiY l ' i ' A I Ease Tinnliliiiii Siniday .Ijlci Diiiiici Incc ]] ' ilil((ils Diililiii ( ' •(iiilt ' us (irrrn (ind Boyd Tennis Men Orators are the grandest In Kentucky Officials are the blandest In Kentucky Boys are the fliest Danger ever nighest Taxes are the highest In Kentucky I Coach Chki Wynne ATHLETIC niRFCTOR OF UNIVERSITY S FOOTBALL ' . THE THOROBRED Volu me University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., September, 1935 Number JIMMY LONG. Captain of the Wildcat eleven tor 1935. is one of the most outstanding ends in the South. VVILDCAIS V.W.V. MARVMLLE IN OPENING G AME Varsity Re}K)i ted to Be in Fine Shape for Test Against Y aker Eleven Bringing lo a diiiuix three hard weeks of imciisi e uaining. Coach Chet Vyn e ' s high-s eaied Wildcat football machine will lace Marwille ' s Mountaineers at 2:30 p. ni. tomorrow on StoU field in the season ' s opening " ame Starting on Laboi- Hay. Ihe Cats have been woiking twice each dav at .C.ieentiee Farm, and once e er dav Ihis week on the piaclicc licld and shotdd be in line |jh sical shape. In- juries have been leu and it appeals that the cntiie stpiad will have an op- porliMiitN to see action against Ihc Muiinlainccis. Cxxith ' nne has nol dcciilcd on a regular lineup for the opening Iracas and expects lo stibstitute freciv in Older to find the proper combination to carrv on the remainder of the cam- paign. A ol clcians aic icuinnig and these along willi a gionp ol promising graduates ol last season ' s liosh squad are expected lo linnish kenlucky with a vasilv inipro eil tun- lit. . mong the piobabic slailers will be Captain |iinin Long at one end. with (.cue lir ani. f)uke Kilinglon. Red Hagan, and Big Jim C.olorlh all battling for the other posilion. I he most promising tackle aspiianis are .Stan Nevers and . rpcid Olah. with Dusty Rhodes, Joe liosse. j. 1 Wal- lace. Skaggs. and .Mclnlvie sine lo get into action. Coach Wynne will probably have his most difTicult job in selecting his first string guards, with several good smart plaveis from which lo choose, inclutiing thiec or lour letlernien. Sam ancl Lexie I ' otter, Joe Huddle- slon. Frank McCluig, Homer Nichols, and Bill Jobe, converted from tackle, will be available for duty and give the guard berths the siiongest reserve material of any line spot. t center, the veteran Gene Myers, whose woik as a soijhomorc last sea- son was outstanding, will get the call over Sherman Hiiikebein and Pete Ktirachek, both ol whom will plav in iheit liist varsilv game lonioi tow . In the backfielil. llie (;;ils will pie- scnl ;i hist liisi siring group cMtli some capable rcseive stienglh. Head ing the list will be Bci I Johnson, whose gridiron leti ' s in HI. " ! 1 niticle him Ihe most leaietl niiining back in Ihe .South tind one ol the oulslaiiding performeis in ihc counttv. . s a rtiiniing male to Johnson the Blue team will have Bob Dtivis. who will be making his vaisiiv debiil this vear. after turning in some scnsalional performances with Itisi season ' s fiesh- mtiii team. Two mole sophonioics will be likelv lo complete ihe sitnling backlield, with f ' bnoie Shiipson al lullback ancl flick Robinson calling signals. . nv one of ihe scveitil litic btuks mav be inserted inlo the siarling line up and in anv cvenl are sure lo han- dle the ball against Marvville. V;id- liiigton. McCool. lioland. Hav. Svm])- son. Sherman. Caaig. or .McMillan mav all find regular spois in ihe C al lineup before the season is over. led Twomev, line cotich, litis been selected as a tackle on .Notre Dtniie s iill-lime team during the period the Irish were coached l v the imnioilal Knuie Rotkiie. bt)l) l);iv is. sojjhomoie iiallbtick. won tlic middleweight boxing ch.Liir pionship of Ohio in I9! ' i I. llcrt " Mtin O ' War " |cilitison. ken ttickv ' s outstanding candidate lot . ll- . nierican honors this season, tnid James Long. Wildcat captain, tiie the onlv married men on the Wilckal squad. Both lost their freedom dui- ing the past summer. Johnson is a halfback and Long is an end. 1935 WILDCAT FOOTBALL SC UAD 100 THE THOROBRED I) W IS LEADS r. k. (i()-(i Ror 1 oi IAR II I.F. S()|)li(iiii()H ' I ' lai k Sillies Willi Easf as r. I . Wins ()|)iiur I.cxin.niiin. K .. Sv n. " l- iili lUih Davis, a sopliomorc liam DaMiiii. K .. slidwiiin ilic va . iIk- 1 Mivcrsit ol kciinukv Wililiais ihis aricinooii Kiinpcd llin)iii h llii ' Hii lilaiulcrs ol Marwillc C ' . illci;c, rciiii., lis lill lo (i. I he Cats wcic liaril prcssal a veai asjo U) win from Marwillc l) i!l) to 6. Storins two loiuhdowns in the lirsi ijuarlLi. the kciii iickians went on m inaik ii| three more in the seiond. another in the lliiMl. and ihiee more in the lotnlh. and i)iol)al)l woidd ha e reached a nniih larf cr maigin had Head Coach WMnie tieiiiled to leave his regulars in longer. Starting a hrand new so|)h(imore team. Coach ' Mne allowed the voiingsters to rema in in llie bailie un- til they had scored a loiahdown. be- fore he sent in liis regulars in (he old Notre Dame marnicr. after wliiili it was just a (|tieslion of ho v man points the regidars woidd score. The sophomores hesitated a bit be- fore scoring a lonchdowii. but the halted the Nfarwillc oiillit without gain. Craig and Jones carrieil the ball lo Mar illes 3- ard stripe, from which point Craig tossed a pass to Jones for a lonchdowii. after which Simpson placekiiked the exlia point and the Wildcats were leading 7 lo 0. .Marwille. classed just as strong as I.isl car. was able to make ()nl Iwo liisi downs against Kentnck . and was liK k .11 ihal. Il was kenln k lioni llic opening kiikolf. MaiA ille practicalh gave the WikUals their lirst score. . poor |nnit BOB DAVIS, sensational fophomore halfback, outdistances the entire Maryville leam on one of his brilliant runs ABIE AYERS. Alternate-Captain of the Kentuck.v team, is the most accurate passer on the squad b . Iar)xille gave the Kentiickians a lirst down on the 2.5-vai(l line. This pinil was almost straight up and was Insi down on the 2. " )-yard stripe. " Red " Caaig. a oungsler from . sh- land, bounced six ards through the line, alter which Hillv Jones whipped off seventeen more. Craig then losscd a nice pass to Jones. .Alter the second team had made its tontlulown. WMinc sent in his shock Hoops, and. aflci a lew plays, Bob Davis broke through the line for 01 vaiils for the second marker. Langan Hav. a senior fullback from Irvine, place-kicked the extra point. Davis and |ohnson alleinalcd in making lirsi downs until ihe Wild- cats had a lirsi down on the cight- vard line in the second period. Bert Johnson ploughed through the line to the ihrcc-yaul stripe. Johnson hit the line. Hav lepeated and Johnson broke through the line for the marker. Hay ' s try for the extia pohii missed the u|5righls bv inches. The next Kenluckv touchdown was casv. [arvvillc |)untcd lo the Ken- luckv 2-vard line, after which Davis bioke through right tackle lor anoth- er niaiker. Hav made a beautiful jilace kick for the extra point. . few more plays and Bert John son broke ihiongh for 3S yards and a first down on Nfarvvillc ' s 2()-vard marker, ending up wiih a lateral to Lilly for three moie. Johnson then tossed an easy to Davis for an- olher touchdown and it was 33 to 0. W ' vnne started his sophomores in Ihe Ihiid C|uaiter. .A couple of inter- ccpled passes and Kenluckv had the ball on Marvville ' s f " ). Simpson then reeled off 2 yards. Craig cut through to the 22 and Frank McCool circled end for another touchdown, and Simpson made Ihe extia point. The eighth touchdown was easy. Davis made a -17-vard run through the line without a Maryville man touch ing him. Boland made the final Ken- tutkv touchdown when he reeled off 3!) vards aioiuul right end and l.uly. a ,so]jhomoi e, made good Ihe extra point. Kentucky (60) I ' os. (II) Maivville Coforth I..K (.lav Bossc I., r C.amble Nicholas L.(, Hollowav Hinkeliein C Johnson S. Johnson R.Ci tchi.son Skaggs R.T Millsaps Hagan R. E Henrv Robinson C). B Shields Jones R.H l.ocssburg Ciaig L.H Hulett Simpson KB Overly Kenluckv II Ml 7 20-fil) Marwillc (I 0—0 I out lulnw ns — Dav is I; Johnson 2: Boland I: Jones I: Mctiool I. I ' oinis after — Hav 3; .Simpson 2; I. Substitutes: Kentucky — S. I ' otter. Stephenson, Bivant, Ltitz, Sherman, rilnlvre. Ktirachek. L. I ' otter. Jobe. .M(C:ool. Svmpson. McC:iurg. Olah. Long. McMillan. B. Johnson. Hav. Da- vis. Mvers. . veis. ATarvv ille — Odcll. Bla er. Picpcr. Renho. Hall. Prolfitt, Crawford, rl I.aughlin. Holid.iv. Rich. Dinui. Sophomoies compose the majority of players on ihe Ken ' iukv football srpiad. which includes 1(1 seniors. 10 juniors, and 27 sophomo-cs from last V ear ' s undefeated freshman outfit. Oiilv one member of last veai ' s first string backficid is considered a mem- ber of the startitig backlield this vear. He is Beit Johnson, one of I934 ' s outstanding sophomore halfbacks of Ihe entire nation. Sophomoies have ( rowded the veterans out of the other llnee places. The University of Kentucky foot- ball scpiad boasts of two left handed |)assers. both tpiarterbacks. Thev are Dick Robinson, a sophomore from Richmond. Ky.. and Jim Wadlington. a sophomore from Princeton. Kv. Id THE THOROBRED GENE MYERS, center, intercepted a pass in the Xavier game and accounted tor one of Kentucky ' s three touchdowns SLOPPY FIELD L R.S PLAYING AS CATS WIN Xavier ' s " Mighty LiiK- " Wills Under Cals PowltIuI Drives Cinciiinali. Oliio. Sc|il. liT- I liwait- ed on most of llicir riiniiiiii; plays by Xavier IhiivcisilNs " lioii Line. " the L ' niveisitv ot Kcimukv WiUlcals to- night reversed the atlai c lliat a good offense is the best dclcnsc and scored three tingling touchdowns liy inter- cepting a pair ol Xavier passes and by running a Musketeer pinil the goal line lo whip |oc Mcvcr ' s green shirted lads III in 7. And. sirangc as il ina stem, ihc Xa icr niarkci was made wliilc ilic home lads were on the defensive, wlien little Leo .Sack, brilliant ([uai- lerback of the Catholics, ga c the Musketeer rooters their biggest thrill ol the night bv rclinning a Wildial |)nnl H) xartis loi llic a icr liiuili- down. It was almost one lor Ripley this hair-raising battle in a drizzling rain lonight— lor all of ihc linn louih- dowiis made were .scored on inns of more than 4.5 ards and not one was made on a scrinnnagc |)la . This same drizzle knocked Kcnln(k onl of two more almost certain loiKhdowns as the Wildcat backs fimililcd on Iwn oc- casions when it ap|)carc(l ihal (cilain scores were in Ihc oiling. I .oni cr llniu , " ), " 1 aul All three of KcnliickNs touchdowns were made on rinis of more than 5.5 yards. Mvers, licrcch scrap|jing cen- ter, accounletl ioi ihc Inst when he intercepted a pass ami lore along for 6.5 yards, the longest sprint ol the en- gagement; Davis, brilliant sophomore halfback from jnsl across the river in Dayton, Kv., made the, second when he returned a pmu for (il) ards. and Johnson, Kenltick s candidate for . ll- Americair, scored the Inial Kentiuk marker bv intercepting a pass and reeling off 55 yards. It was one ol ihe few games on rec- ord in whicli so man loiKhdowns were made lhal all ol the poinls after touchdown were comeiled. Hay of Kentucky making ihiee perfect place kicks, and Schmeig, hallback on the Xavier team, making a beatniftil goal from placement for his teams e lra point. The game was jiisl what man of the experts hatl piedicleil. Most of the prognoslicators hgured the Wild- cats lo make three touchdowns, for Xavier to score, for Xavier ' s line to outplav the Wildcat forward wall and lor Keiuuck s batkfield lo onlshine ilie ball carriers of ihc Cancinnati leani. I hc were correct. Leo Satk. ihe mile who geneialed Ihe a ier oullil, was expeclcd to be .1 ihorn in Kenttickys side, and he was. Bert " Man O ' War " |ohiison and Bob " Twentv Grand ' Davis, famous Kentucky halfbacks, were expected to be rank poison lo Xavier and they were, (;ene Mvers, Wildcat center, was expected lo itirii on and he dis- appointed nobody. 10.000 .Vcc Ciiinc . crowd estimated al between 10,- , 000 and 12.000 cash ctisiomeis braved | a miserable evening lo gel more than their monev ' s worlli in ihrills which left main of them almost loo weak to leave the stadium. The final period was scoreless and evenlv fought, with Kentucky making four iirsl clowns to three for the Mus- kies. The only thing ol impoilance was that Xavier ' s heralded passing at- tack was not good enough to bolhei the Kentuckv raiders. Mosi ol this period was played in ihe middle if Ihc field. filings began to happen in ihc sec- ond stanza. Joe .Schnhman. a Louis- ville boy and the big ollcnsive thrca! in the Xavier backheld. began lo wor- rv the Kentuckians by trashing ihiotigh their line and the Wildcat lans were preparing for the worst when Myers slepped loiwaul ,ind made his beauliful inn. leiciviiig great help from his blocking le.iiii mates. Outside of that run. ihc Xa ier bt:) s outclassed ihe ' ildcats that period despite Ihe fine delensive line plav of Caplain James Long and Joe Bosse. a sophomore tackle. S ill More Arliiiii " Ihc third tpiailer was Idled wiili more action than Joe Louis. I he . a- V ier crowd went wild when Sack made Ids scnsaiional touchdown run but the Xaverian jov was slicjrl lived loi Davis nenlralized Sa.ks performance just a lew plavs later when he caught Bucklew s punt aiul. almosi without help, reeled olf his O0- ard loiicli down run. All the credit for the Xa- vier score cannot be given lo Sack, lor it was a 70-yard puni by Bucklew which went oul of bounds on Keii- luckv ' s three-yard stripe lhal put Kentnck) in Ihc hole, causing John- son to pnni Irom IicIiIikI his own goal line. , fter .Sack ' s score, which etiiagcd ihe Wildcats, the Kenlinukv liallbacks really turned on, lealuring a 27-yard end run by Davis and a 2.Syarcl dash by Johnson, but, with the ball on Xavier ' s nine-yard stripe, Johnson ftnnbled and Xavier slopped the drive. Johnson ' s long run came in the last frame and il made victory certain. In- tercepting Halfey ' s pass, the big Wild- cat tenor, shook olf half a dozen Mus- kies as he lugged the leather lo the goal. Not loirj afterward, Kenluckv, by dint of a 35-vard punt return by Davis and a 30-yard pass from John- son to Davis, had a first down on Xavier ' s one-yard line but Davis fiim bled and Xavier recovered on ilie nc i |)lay. Johnson showed ihal he is siill ilie mighty " ManO ' War " by his consisieiu gains, his accurate passes, his nice punts, and his vicious defensive work. Xavier had loo much of Johnson and Coach Francis Schmidt of Ohio Stale. Kentucky ' s next opponent, after scout- ing the game, left the press box lalk- ini ' lo himself. riie 1935 l ' niveisitv ol Kentuckv football scpiad ol 12 men. includes plavers from 10 states— Kenlnckv. In- diana. Ohio. Mississippi. Tennessee, Coiineclicnt. ' csl ' iigiiiia. Illinois. . labania and New ork. Lcjt I ' j Kujht Wyiinr. Mo.-ily. Shi ely, Twomey, and Graul 102 THE THOROBRED BOB DAVIS and BERT JOHNSON are claimed by many sports writers to be the best pair of backs in the South DAMS SCORES ON POWERFUL BUCKEYES kcimicky Hokl Ohio State To Three TouchcloAvns (!( liiiul)iis. Oliio. Oti. 3— Suii;iiii; a iiiasniHcent game againsi a team laiikeil as one of tlie l)esi in [lie na- (ion. ihe I niveisitx ol Kentucky Wildcats this atteinoon ilirilleil a rec- ord cioHil of Sfi.fiSfi when tlic held the Buikeves of Ohio State to a 19 to () ictor . It was a soul-satisl ing game lor tlic thousands of Kentuckians who (anic here expecting to see tlieir WiUlcats drul)bed uiniiercilullv. I hev saw those Kentucky l)o s give the Hucke cs just about all they could liaiuUe des])ite the celebrated tiicks resorted lo b C.oach I ' lancis A. Sthmidt ' s warriois, Oliio Stale earned t () tomhdowns. but one was a pure gift on the part of the Wildcats, whereas, the onK Ken- tucky marker was the icsult ol a 40- yard driye culminating ui a break through the massiye Buckeye line by Bob " Twenty fJrand " Da is. Dayton sophomoie. Ohio ' s first marker was made b passing, the second alter a Kemuckv fumble and the third thiough the line after " Jumping |oe ' Williams. star Buckeye halfback, lound the Wildcat ends uluerable. The ■ildcat halfbacks. Dayis and Bert " Man O ' War ' Johnson, kept the Buckeyes worried stifl all during the game. Johnson gaining a total of lOS ards and Dayis picking up CiL ' . Johnson was easily the outstanding player on the field, although Wil- liams, who gained 76 yards for the Bucks, displayed a world of class. But it was the all-around |)la ing of John- son that caused the lans to gi e him a mighty roar ol applause Oicn he was taken out of the game for a brief period after haying the wind knocked out of him. Not only did Bert steal the show in carrying the mail, includ- ing a .SO-yard dash, the lotigest run of the game, but his punting was perfect and his defense work was a joy lo be- hold. Sliiji ' . Tici) Uliio Tliridts . lthough he did not scoie a touch- down, (ohuson single-handed pre- enled two Buckeye maikers. Bert stepped into the breach just as the lirst half was about to end and nailed a fleet Ohio State back who was tear iirg out around eiul from the four- ai(l line, . uollier time he hulled his body through the air and knocked down a pass which, if lompleted. would haxe meant another talh. Ken- tuck ' s line, which didn ' t look so good against Xa ier a week ago. fought a aliaut battle. Out-weighed nearly 1 0 pounds to the man. the Kentucky forwards ga e the lUickeye line a right merr afternoon, although .Sam hot- ter, a starting guard, had to be carried off the field after the second pla of the game when his bad knee was re- injured. The Kentuik line did not wilt at an stage and most of Ohio States aidage was picked up through the air and around the encfs, especialh in the final period, when the Wildcat llankmen. one ol whom. Chaplain Jimmy Long, was nursing a liactured toe, began to tiic. Vsc • ' iitirx Pl(j i Ihe yict ory was hard-earned and the game was not safe until after the third Biickexe marker was made. Leading by 6 to (1. the Bucks used all kinds of fanc plavs in a desperate at- tempt to widen the margin. Then, when they linked into iheir second touchdown, but failed to kick the goal, Keiituck still was threaten- ing lo break awav. . fler Dayis made Keiuiicky ' s loiuhdown and the score was ' to (i. Coadi Schmidt still wasn ' t (omiortable enough lo begin lo sub- stitute ficelv until the linal score was a((()m|)lislie(l. The opposing Inks pia ed grand football, with dene .Meyers. Ken- tucky ' s battling (enter, and Stan Xey- ers, 20, ' j-pound Wildcat tackle, taking off their hats to none of the enemy forwards, .Statistics ol the game show the Cats .gained 187 ards by rushing to 2()S gained by the Buckeyes and made ten lirsi downs against IS. Neither Cliel Wynne, coach of the Wildcats, nor Schmidt of the Buck- eyes seemed pleased with the game. " My boys loughl haul during the first part of the g.ime. They shoved us around in the latter part. " Wynne said. Schmidt said. " " The) haxe got a darn good team. We ' ye got lo do bet- ter than this. " ■With Johnson back in the game as (he linal frame began, the Wildcats took fresh hope. Then " South I ' aw ' Dick Robinson, sophomore Kentucky (]uarterback. intercepted one of Bill Dxe ' s passes oit Ohio State ' s 4(l-yard line, and brought it up to the , ' i4. Featining sharp adyances by Johnson and Dayis. Kentucky soon hact a fiist down on Ohio .State ' s fiye-yard stripe and Dayis weiU through left tackle lo score, -dyers ' place kick for the extra point went wide. Williams came into his own in the last Stan a. demonstrating why he is ranked as one of the best baks in the l$ig Ten. He reeled off two end runs, one for 24 and another for 20 yards, placing the Bucks in position to score. ELMORE SIMPSON, driving full-baclc from Alabama is the Cats main threat against a goal-line stand lO. ' i THE THOROBRED SAM POTTER, a senior on the squad, was Injured in the Ohio State game and will not dress for the Georgia Tech game r. OF K. BF.VrS TECH R.XMBl.ER El.EXEN, 2(U 75 Yanl Run 1 l):i is Scovcs For C.ns: |:ukcis ' F;illy Fiisi I.cxiiiHUiii. K .. Oil. i; — AUIi(m.s;li kentuckv ' s bin -.lioi. Ilci i " M.iii {) ' War " Johnsoji. was in a luispilal lo dav. Ilie W ' ildiais. biildin; lor rcco;;- nilioii in llie Sdnlhcrn jjiitliion circles, made good use ol iheir sparklini; sophomore liallhack. lioli Davis, to ! i e Georgia lech a sound llirashing 1) liliO on Stoll Field lieu- this aficr- noon beloic 11.(100 persons. KenliiikN missed ils greal haUliack. |ohnson. Inil " I ivenly (.rand " l)a is. Willi the burden on his shoulders, came ihrough like a ihoronghbred. reeling oil sensational runs, making fine tackles and punling the ball so hi ' jh and so lar that twiic llie Tech safetv man was loiced to signal for lair catches. This sophomoie lii ni Dayton, who scored on Ohio Stale last .Saturday, picked up Hi!) ards licim .scrimmage and scored three times. Dm ' is M il!r I.oii Itiiii Tn scoring Kentucky ' s second touch- down Davis reeled oil 7. " ) yards, one ol the longest runs on aii gridiron this season. His second maikei was on a run of nine yards aiul his third was on a ixiss which he accepted liom little . bie . yers. a total of ,S3 yaids oti the pass and lun cond)ined. That ])uts Dayis right up among the leading scorers of the .Southeastern conference. He made four touchdowns against .Marwille and one each against Xavier and Ohio Stale. But Davis wasn ' t the only player on the field. That long-legged sopho- moie. " Dutch " Konemann. of lech, who landiled through the Kentucky ■team like a manifest freight. -13 yards to score Tech ' s marker, could play on anybody ' s football team. . nd Law- lence Havs. left halfback on Hill .Alex- ander ' s eleven, did some inhuman passing until the WiliUats developed a defense against it. .Avers, who scoied the touchdown that might have won the game for Kentucky, showed that, on olfense. Kentucky will go on having a fairly good team even with Johnson out. . ers was the spark plug belli ntl Ken- tucky ' s fiist scoring di ivc. He riooed off a 28-yai(l end run while the Wild- cats were trailing liv (i to 0, then after Klmore Simpson, huskv fullback, had made 27 at the opposite flank, pushed ;Mid wiggled his wa .iionnd v t lor Iti ards to scoie. IJni ' Plit } ' i(ii n The line plav was vicious, both sides playing sparkling football, but the honors must go to the forward wall of the Kentuckiaus, who, al- though a bit smaller than the Tech- nicians, outrushed their opponents. The Kentucky tackles Stan e ers and Wendell Skaggs, and their center, r.ene Mvers. were the class of the line- men b fai . For three tpiailers it was anvboch ' s game, and durini; that time the lans, melting in the Indian summer heal, were broutihi to their feet auain and a " ain b thrilling and daring feats by lio ' li elevens. It was a lateral liioughi Ken- tuckv ' s second touchdown when Davis accepted one from . ve ' s behind the line and lan 7. " ) vards. Then soon aft- erwards Davis fi " tired in another lat- eral pass plav which btought a roar of applause. Little " Double O " McMillan. Cat cpiarterback. received Konemaiui ' s punt on his own lO-vaid line and whipped in the field lot .SO vaicls. but i as tiaoped. I.ookinsr around while in full swiiiir. he located Davis on his left, some five vards awav, and threw the l)all to him. Davis nabbed the pass and came on lo mid-field, where he was rmi out of bounds. ' Fhc over- zealous lech liovs piled c)ii him and knocked liim out for the time. I ' tiiiJilc tn Continu e Davis vcas unable lo continue, lull returned in the second luill, Keniurkv trailed for half a c|uarler, hut finally generated power enough to score in llie initial frame, and . yers put Keniuckv in the lead when he place-kicked the extra ]joint. Ken- iuckv scoied again in the second, was outplayed in part of the third, neither side scoring, and then, with Davis go- ing into high gear again, piled up two more markets in the fourth c|uaitei. Kentucky could have rolled up a larger score but Wynne used just about all his subs in the last quarter. .VUBURN HOPE BL.K.ST.S C.AT.S OF GRID .SPOIL,S Johnson and Davis Held in Check l)y Fast Chai inu; Line Montgomery, .Ala.. Oct Ml— Ken tiickv ' s hopes for a share in the South- ern gridiron spoils were rudely blasted here this afternoon bv a hard charging .Auburn line that got its backs into the clear to help them on to a bristling 2. " lo victoiv. While .Auburn ' s " Spark- plugs " were matched against Ken- tucky ' s thoroughbreds— " Man, O ' War " Johnson and " Twenty (irand " Davis— ' he Tiger line made the path smooih- et in a surging dis] lav of power and co-ordination, Kenluckv ' s line was visil)l weak on the left side, but Captain |immv Long came out ol the battle with all llie honors that could be heaped on an end. His defensive exhibition was su- perb, but the small leadei of llie Wildcats was eflectivelv covered on ollense. Aiibiun stalled oil with a line at- tack. .Alter bottling up |ohiison and Davis, the 1 igers took the ball in the (irst period on the A ' ilclcat ' s .SO as a icsult of |ohiison ' s kick that was ] ait- Iv blocked. Hiinkv O ' Rouike, who siibhecl loi the supposedly irie|)lace- able Wilton Hilgoics at fullback for Auburn, slashed out II vaicls and Billv Hitchcock weaved liis w.iv oiii cide to the right, sucked Johnson ov ei .iiicl then cut inside of the great Wildcal back for a touchdown. His swill ex hiliilion of running at this poiul locked the C ats back on llieii heels. .Vuburu ' s team was lighting (;het Wynne, Kentucky coach, lormeilv ol .Vtiburn. vjiose line on the left side was badly weakened without Poller ■■RED ' HAG. N. .sophomore end. will fur- nish some needed security on the Ken- tucky flanks this year 101 THE THOROBRED HAY, McCOOL and OLAH are three seniors on the squad this year, who are being hard-pressed to lieep their places in the starting line-up and Neveis. I lie I ' lain.smen riddled ihe line and shot down the Wildcat sfcondai ' v in an (iH ' cnsivc display thai dimii)r mnded sonic 10,(1(1(1 partial t;! id t nsioinci s. Hell |olinson and iioli l)a is (iiulil nol lie denied in (he ihinl pel iod. riie did a job thai was iiia! nilicent to liehold. The Wildcals, calchiiif; the rii ers slij;liil iciavcd. he;4an a pass- ills ' ; and ninniii;4 atlaik that started on the Kenlncky 2() and only an alert . iil)iirn secondary checked the drive alter the Wildcals had churned np more than (illy ards in a wild I ' liry. John Tipper leaped into the picture to snag a pass lioni . veis on the fisher goal line. He iiiana eil to work his wav out ot this almost two-pointer for Keniiukv. as Wikkal latkleis lnnt;ed for him and missed as he tore wildly out of the close corner. I ' ateison l.iikd lo kick lliis goal. The (piarlei ended with . nliiirn so far ahead it was apparent lo the ctis- lomers the woiiUl see some spectac- ular stiill— wiih Ken(tick goin.g into I he air. Keiilii(k did go into the air. 1)111 to no a ail. . iil)iirn had taken llic hall lo midlield as the ihird staii a ended, and on (he seciiiid pla , which was a huildiip pla . |oe liob Miuhell loiiiid an opening. He shot slightly to his lell, Initdled over two prostrate . iihinii men who had Iried lo block out Red Hagaii and .Abie Avers and he did an Aliit.m " Dealir " tiancc as he kepi on Ini a , " )(l- anl loiitbdowii. . ller a ear ' s la (ilf, llie Iniversity of Keiiiii(k and (.eoigia Tech will enter on a loiir- ear football series this fall. In ihc three games between ihe two teams. Kenlncky has won two. One was a , ' i lo . ' i lie. (.rim.sox tide () i-:r wildcats i3-o ]V H . l:il),niia I.iiif Holds Ken- ltuk in Own Icnilorv Birmingham. .Ma.. Nov. 2—. hard- (haiging .Mabaina line pushed Keii- lii(k aside lieloie 11.170 |)eisons a ' Legion I ' ield here lodav. and ihe Crimson Tide won by 1, " ! lo 0. " Xfan O ' Wai " Tohnson and " Twcn- ly Grand " l).i is. KeiiliKk " s iwo oiin- (ipal ihreals. nexei weie able lo ' jel Ihe ball past midlield, ThrnsIs for Alabama IoikIuIowiis came in Ihe Insi and (bird periods. In I he middle ol ihe opcniii " periotl. .Mabani.i ni,ii(lK-(l (17 ;m(1s for a ( (iiinlci . Xisiicl anil Kilgiow smaike il ihr line for II in Uvo pla s and iheii Ril- ' Mow shot a pass to (iaiilain fiiiinn Walker, who look il oiil of a Kenlncky rilaver ' s hands for 22 more. Air ' elidi and Xisbel made anoihc ' (nsi down in Iwo plunges and Kilgiow swenl around lell end Ini 1(1 aids [o ilu- Keii(ii(K li e i. lirl Ciiiiiih liiKl Xisbel trashed over on ilie llii ' d plav and Rilev Smilh kickeil the e lia point from placemenl. .As the second half opened. .Mabaina laniulied anolhei dii c from Keii- Inikv ' s 12 to sidle. Kilgrow starled il wilh a ll- aid dasli ihrotiL ' h left i liard. and llnee pl.i s made ano ' hcr liisl down on I he 1( . , fler Iwo nice gains, a l. ' j-vard holding |3enalty set -Mabaina back on ils 22. bnl Kilgrow shot a long pass lo [. Walkei. who look ii in ihe end one. MiMilkin lilocked ihe try for cxlia poiiil, Kenliak batlleil alianll lor a score for the remainder of the game, but .Mabama ' s batks broke up passes when il looked as il ihe imadeis might cross mid liild. and ihe .Ma- baina line held. eNcii with iiiain sub siittites playing. Just before the end ol ihe game. Kenmcky completeil two passes lo work Ihe ball oiil near mid lieUI aft- er Smith ' s pmit liati placed it on the Kenlncky thrcc-yaid line, but Xisbel ended ihe threat by inlercepting ihe iie l loss on .Mabama ' s l. ' i. .Vri ' D ' .s K ' tilu l: Slur I ' ' oi Keiilnck , ihe weak ol Xe eis al lell laikle and Ihe deUiisi c t,i kling of Ihc backfield, krpi llie game Iroin being more one-sidtd. laleial p,isses, one Iin ea h leaiii, Miiked willioul leal a:l anlagc. Ken liKk liied one on llie ki(k-oll allei .M.iliaiiia s liisi loiK lidow II, MiMillan lossing Ihe o al lo l)a is, bill llie lal lei was smatked down haul on his own 2. ' !, Ihe ildi,ils (ouldn ' l peiielialc llie .Mabam.i line. liowe ei. and llie re maindei of ihe lirst half was priiici pally a punling duel, wilh liig Rile ' Smilh hohling .i sliglil eilge in aid age. 15ei I |oliiison, .Ml-Soulheasiern con- ference halfbaik lasl year as a sopho- more in Ihe Wildcal backfield, caused Ihe Rose Howl winning .Mabaina leaiii more grid in Hi, ' ! I ihaii an other pla er. In one game he scored iwo louclulowns against the Crim.son Tide. One of ihese was a (ifl-yard run. the longesi individual gain made againsl Alabama all season. l(), " j THE THOROBRED JOE HUDDLESTON has won a berth as regular guard in his senior year on the Cat squad HOLID.W C:R() 1) THRILI.Kl) BY RUN Large Crowd ol Aliiiinii ' :iuh Kentucky Win, IJ in (i Lexingion. K .. (i . ' .I— A l.isi iiiiii- iile touchilow n run ol " )i aitls i) Keimick ' s ijical sophomore hallliack. IJol) " rwciuv (.land " Davis. iiukIc a pcrlctt lioniccoming iof llii ' oiii s ol aluinni, loimer I iii crsii ol Kcii- tuikv suidcius who ictimicil loday lo Lexington lo sec ihcii W ' ildtals lick Florida 1 I ' l lo li. It was a ni] and I ui k hallle. Ken- Hick torged into a 9 l i (i lead in the second i|iiarter. onh to allow the l)o s h ' om riorida to tome within slrikini; distance in the final lianu- uhen the imatlers took ad anlage ol a Wildcat Innihic to scoie a tonihdovui. The scoie stood at ' .I to li in Ken- tucky ' s l ' a or with a niinnte and a half to piav and the Alligators weic pla - ing almost siipei human loothall in a despeiate elTort to win when Davis was hurt. Ordered out ol Ihe game, the Day ton sophomore walked to the sidelines, threw his headgear to the groinid in chagrin and then stalked to his place in the lineup when the Reniucky coach. Chet WMnie. nodded that it was all right. Kentnck was in a longh spot at the lime, lacking II! ards ol having the hall where it was onh two pla s be- fore. With 10 yaiils to go for a first down. Davis had been thiown for a five -vard loss on an atleiniJled left end run. Then little . l ie . eis. who had pla)ed a bang-up game all after- noon, tried another end run and was nailed for an additional seven-vard loss bv . Hickland. sterling ' Gator left tackle. Davis went back into shoii punt formation. All afternoon the Wildcat right halfback who leads the South in scoring, had been hailed for short gains or for no gains at all. although playing a fine game both on ollense anti defense. l$ut this time he rang ihc bell. I-le started aroinid lell end. cut back toward the right, found himself in the clear and straightened out to gallop Ihe last 20 vards with no one in throwing distance of him. Hilj)i-(l iv rcdiiiindlcs Da is received some line assistance from his mates as he began his dash, but before long he had outdistaiKed his interlerers as well as out-ilodged the . lligator secondary defensive men who tried to corner him. Davis did all this without the use of a still-arm. so valuable to a halfhaik. lor he plaved while sulfering from a nerve injiirv which rendered his righl arm piat- tically useless. The nerve injury did not interfere with Davis ' leg motion, which not oidv accounted for that touchdown, but kept Florida ' s back to the wall with superb punting. Many of Davis ' |)nnts went out of bounds deep in Florida terri- lorv. and one of Ihcm was downed on Ihe . lligators ' one-vard stripe bv Gene . Ivcrs. Wildcat center. Bert " Man O ' War " |ohirson. regular left halfback, who has not been in shape since the Ohio Stale game, plaved onlv a short time and. ahhongh he was a constant ihieat to the Floridans. his cosllv finnble let the invadeis make iheir touchdown and get within strik- ing distance after Kenluckv had what appealed lo be a sale lead at the half. Johnson received a faulty pass from Sherinair Hinkebein. reserve Wildcat center who had leplaccd Mvcrs. and was starting on an olf-tackle smash when the ball slip])ed out of his hands on Kentuckv ' s 14. Hughes, substitute Floi ida guard, pounced on the leather and lor the onlv time the ' Gators were in reallv dangerous terriloiv. «SSEii BO ■■OO " McMillan, wtio pla ' ed so bril- liantl.v in the Ohio State game, is an- other senior on the team On the next |jlav the Kentiickv lans —most of the 10.000 in Ihe stands were pulling lor the Wildcats— were heart- ened when Skaggs. a sophomore tackle, smeared Chase, Florida ' s excellent halfback, for no .gain. 15ut Christian, on an end around play, caught the C:ats olf guard and picked tip live vards. CHiase then split the right side of Kentuckv ' s line lor an almost liist down, and Mc.Anly made it a first down on a line plunge to the two-yard strijje. Mc.Anlv tried a lerriliic buck at the 15ig Blue wall on the next plav bin gained onlv hall .i vard, and when Chase tried the same place again lor no gain the crowd went wild. But on the next plav Mc. nlv found a huge opening on the right side ol Ken- tuckv ' s line and went sailing through with hardh a hand laid on him. " J " jft ' . ' ■ K i ' -y i ' dent managers — Slaiun, .MrCiiuh.-v, LIIi.som. Hug 106 THE THOROBRED McCLURG IS one of ihe hardest charging hnemen on the Wildcat squad this year, which is his last TULANE PASSES PRO ' E TOO MUCH FOR CATS Sdplioniorc Hallhatk Leads Git ' cii a (. ' lo ' iit(ir New Oilcans. La.. N(i . Ki— 1 iilanc ' s Giccii Va c swept lo a Ijiillianl 2(1 lo I " i(i()r lodav o cr llic liii eisii% ol KeiuuikN Wildiais lichiiul ihc lillc- liko passiiii; ol lro Odom. IS. ' i-poiiiKl sopliomoiL " hairiiatk. Odom. alilv assisted b anollicr soplioiuoie. Ditk Watson, was on the lossinj; end ol Iwo ol llic Va e ' s scoi - ins; thrusts an l lii;nieil inatciial] in llic third. KciitiKk s liii;h |)owcred scorin.s; coiiiliinalion. lioli D.ixis and Beit lohnsoii. |iio idcd C oath led Clox ' s men with a lull alteinoon ol lioiible. biitthcN were unable to mauh ihe Va cs seiiitillatiim Insi-veai backs. Tcni|jeralnics lanniiv.; in ilic low 10s coiiti ibiitcd to main liimbles and kept the Itl.OIIO speila ' .ois under blankets. Odniil l ' l s I I ' 11 ,IV Odom. ulio not started a ;.;ame lliis cai. entered the lra a! the be- i;iiniiiin ol the seioiid period and (|uickl tiansrormcd the ' a e from an api)aienth hopelessK outclassed clc en to a lier trew. I he lirsi (uiartei was all KenUtcky ' s. I he Cats, spurred l) the knife like thrusts of . yeis and Davis, lost no time makin.s; their first totitlidown. I akin.i; the l)all on the Cats ' 40. .Avers circled lifilit enil for 22 and Davis added 2(i around the opposite end. Two more stabs and . yers was over. . vers missed liis ti from placement, alter a j ootl ki(k was nullilicd b a Kentuckv holdiiv.; penaltv. rulanc ' s (iisi toiuhdown came early in the second period after Odom re- coNcicd Simpsons Inmblc on the Wildcats ' . ' i7. Odom then passed to Watson. i ho snalihed the ball from three IvenliukN backs and dashed live ards lor the score. Watson failed to (oiuert. 1 he Wave ' s setcmd crunilei was tab- ulated at the end of the peri;id after it had stopped a Cat cbi e on its own hi. Odom faded back and hurled a p.iss lo Doc " Sclmeiclau. who was dropped on ihc kcnluckv 2li. With less than a ininiKi ol the h.dl Icll (Jdom af ain dropped back and tossed sdiiarch into the arms of Menitsas. I ' lilanc end. who scampered the rc- inainin.i; eii ht ards for the touch- down. Watson ' s placemenl split llie npi lights for the extra point. Andrews, pluuuiuu luUback. tallied I ulancs Imal touchdown from the one-loot line after a cpiick kick and a poor punt had given the Va e the ball on Kcnliickv ' s 26. .Slices ott tackle and end sweeps exectUed by Watson. Odom and . iidrews accounted for the push from the 26 to ihe one-foot stripe. Watson ' s placement was good. Davis scored Kenttickv ' s last touch- down after taking a short pass from Johnson on I iilane ' s 40 and weavin.o tbioiigh a half-do en AVave tacklers. Hav added the extra point. The Cats threatened a.gain late in the period when Robinson recovered a 1 ulanc Inmblc on the Wave ' s . ' il. but . Ioreau. Ctreenie c|uartei back, put the game on ice for the locals bv intercepting John- son ' s pass behind his own goal line for a toucbback. KERNEL COLUMNIST DEFENDS JOHNSON Editor ' s 7iote: The following article was clipped from The Kernel. November 22 From JiciiK nil ' ry f ' v He was the one who circled the L-nd. Scoring the winning plav. He was the one who blocked the ball, . ik1 the one who saved the da . liul lie is onh voiir lorgotleu one Yielding to llie stars ol toilav. We relei lo Uei 1 |olnisc n. It seems as though a lew on our campus have alreadv forgotten those breath-taking, heart-testing gallops that featured our games last vear. and the two touch- downs made against the great Rose Ikiwl champions of UI. ' M. a team which was supposed tcj be six or seven touch- downs better than the Wildcats of a vear ago .... and the would have had it not been for this one man .... wlio could forget for a moment those long punts, tliose bullet-like passes. and tliose bone-crushing plunges that stood out in the Ohio Stale game this year? .... He was the one who was ]Dattcd on the back and given " sweet " words of praise, but who is now called b a few " know il all men. " a (piillei. —if he can ' t do aiiv better than lie did ill the Florida game. I hese lew who say siuli as this have never had a nni form on or they would know how loin muscles ache when running at lull speed, how boils are irritated bv pads, or how badlv an infection can cause a person lo feel. I ' liev do not stop to take these ihings into consideration lor they would rather attract attention at the games bv shouting out " What is the matter with Johnson? " On the other side of the feiue there are those who have idolized 15ert to the extent that they think he does c er tliiiig jtisl right, and who are prone to criticize Coach Wynne for jerking him out of the Florida game after be fumbled, and also for not al- lowing him lo plav more in ihc 4 " ii- laiie game. Coach Wvnna knew ihe condilion llial lien was in. . fler he was taken from the Florida game, the IcUow had the jitters so bad that he could not sit still. Johnson was the most feared back in the .South last vear: consctiiiciitly he is " on the spot " whenever Kentucky meets an oppo- nent. They are out to stop him and if he is not at his best, he is unable to overcome such odds. Then it is to the greater advantage to have a man in there who is less conspicuous. Bert, old fellow, if a player ever had tough luck, you have had it but the majority of us still think you ' re the " lops. " and know that vou will come through. S. . . " Daddy " Boles, graduate man- ager of athletics at the University of Kentuckv, was head coach at Texas Christian I ' niversitv before coming lo the Cniveisitv here in 1916. He has served Kentucky as athletic director, varsitv foolliall coach. Ireshmau foot- ball coach and basketball coach. He is a native of (iiaut C:ountv. Kentuckv. ELLINGTON, reserve enci. is a junior this year and will be a great asset to the ' 36 eleven 107 THE THOROBRED Inspired Wildcats Truimph Easily Over Volunteers KENIUCkV SWAMPS lENNESSEE BY SCORE 27-0 IN ANNUAL GAME Cat ict()iy Marred li To ' ol Center Injur) ' Lexington. K .. () . 2S— Playing a glisieniiig l)iancl ol lootliall. the I ' ni- ersi[ ot Kenliukv W ' ililials this aft- ernoon coinpleIeI onlclassed their ancient ri als. tlie l ' ni crsii ot Ten- nessee olunteers, piling up four H)Mch(l ) vns to win l) 21 lo 0. riie Kentntlvians waiteii 10 long years to whip tlic ' ols. hut when they linally trashed tlnough they made a thorough jol) of it and at no time was the enem in (.lose proximity of the Wildcat ' s goal. The last Kcnluikv vic- lor o er the Orange and While vas a thrilling ' 2.?i to win in lill . ' i. .Scoring a ] air of touchdowns in ihc second perioti and two more in the final frame, the Wildcats clispla ed a smoolhh working machine thai did e er lhing correclK. and Coach C ' .het W nne was highh pleased al the man- ner in hich the ended their season. The Kentucky team has uoii li e games and lost fom . ' (il Ct ' iilrr C lli nfl Ilinl . n inilortunalc accidenl added a tragic touch to the game when Hei - hert Fade. 2l- ear-old ' olinueer cen- ter, from I ' aducah. K .. sidlered a frac- uned skull late in the game which physicians fear may cost liis life. His condition yvas described as critical Ihursday night at the Good Saniari Ian hospital. Fade was injined on a pla near I he goal line in the final period when Simpson. Kentuck fullhack. dro e four yards to within a ard ol ihe Tennessee goal. His parents. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Fade, were heiiig driven lo Lex- inglon tonight l I ' hilip . Uexarh. lade ' s coach at high school several years ago. Kentucky ' s smashing i(ioi re- gained for ihe liluc and While ihe " beer keg " end)lemalic of gridiron su- premacy between the nvo unixersi ' ies. Kenlucky fans injcclcd ihe keg into the pi cture in 1!)2. " ). wlicii ihc Wild- cats won 23 to 20. Ihe next year Ken- lucky took the keg lo Knoxyille and left it there to the accompaniment of a (i to defeat at the hands of their old rivals. Ciit iliish Tiinira ' tn I; It would be a hard mailer lo single out any Kenlucky players as indiyid- ual stars, for it was grand teamwork that accounted lor the victory which set Lexinglon wild tonight. Kentucky ' s siiperioriiv is rellecled bv stalisiics showing thai the Cats made I. " ) first downs lo six for the ' c)l- untcers, gained 22. " yards to 41 on •.MiM»L . ,-i4 »!iai JfefM ; ' ,• r • . ' ' ' ■.•. •r- ' fi f ' - !.tW«fe:i W ' ' «-i«fe4-..- — 1- ■» iiT JOHNSON gains on a spinner around Tennessee ' s end ni the Cats ' first victory over the Vols in a decade sciimmage plavs and annexed SO vaids lo ()1 bv passes. Ihe alerlness ol ihe Cat secondary is demonslialed in the six limes that ' olunl eer passes wc:e inlercc])ted. lohiisoji, )f T7 On Ra 111 j)tt rr . llhough the Wildcal vicloiv was considered an upsel by some. Coach Wvnne had said ihal if loluison was in shape he believed his bo s would win. . ncl was [ohnson in shape? One might ask that quesiion to any of the ' ols or to any of the l.l.OOO fans who shiyeied in the raw wind thai whipocd ihioiigh the sladiiim heie today. The big halfback from .Vshland I in tied in one of ihe finest | erfoi maii ' es of his career to giye plenty of impetus to the demoialia lion of Major Hill Riiilon ' s gallant lads. .Mwavs consisicnl. Davis cipiaU ' d lohnson ' s woik. rarely failing lo gain wheneyer he was giyen Ihe ball. Il was his inierceolion of Phil Dickens ' |)ass in midlield on ihe ihiid olav of ihe game that seemed lo give liis leam the confidence it needed lo slap cIovmi ihe ' ols a bit lalci. K( ' ntiich ToiicJulim ' ii t iiidrd o scoring took place in ibe first c|uarter. allhoii ' di Keiini ' kv. alter rc- ceiyin.g the ball in midlield, marched light down lo the nine-vard slri ' c beloie losiii " ' he ball. I hev aclnallv scored a touchdown in lhal ] eiiocl bill il did not coiinl. Thai was a peculiar plav. demon- siraling llie llcxibiliiv of ihe " slow- whistle " lule. Dayis tried to skirl around Tennessee ' s left end but was iraoped. Hailed for an insianl hut still on Lis feet, the Davlon flash whipped oul a laieial lo Norris " Dou- ble O " McMillan. Kentucky ciuailci- l)ack. who picked his way across the line. Ihe olTicials ruled, boweycr. that the whislle had lilown before the lat- eral was made and so ii didn ' l toiinl. Kentucky ' s initial marker came al the end of a 62-yard march. Taking ihe ball on their own 3.S. the C:ats de- clined to be headed off until they had chalked up a touchdown. |ohnson. Davis and F.lmore " Siiiicase " Simp- son, fullback, allernaled in ripping Ihroiigh ' Fennessce ' s line lor gain of Iwo lo eight yards unlil il was lirsi down on the four-yard stripe. Davis picked up two on a vicious smack al right guard and then there occinied .i fancy trick plav lhal caiighl ihc Vols napping. Coming oul ol llieir hnddlc. the Cals, with the exception of three backs, wenl into position. These three backs were apparently arguing with each other when McMillan receiyed ihe ball from Myers and scooted lliroui h Ihe ceiiler of ihe line lo score. Flie op|)osing center was laid Hal on his back bv Mvers on lhal plav. Simosoii place-kicked ihe exlra |)oinl. lhal louchdown was ibe liisi lime- kcn- Inckv had scored on I eiinesscc since I (i:5 1 . Srcdlld ScDlr liy foliiisini Kenlucky had .i liil ol liu k in scor- ing the second time a lew iiiinules aft- er that first marker. The Cats had the ball on their own 49. In two plavs Johnson ran 10 yards lor a lirsi down on the Tennessee 39. Johnson llien drified back and heaved a long pass which Afoses almost inierccpled. Fhe ball bounced oul of his hands and landed inio the arm of Russell I ' .lling- lon. sophomore Kenlucky end from Louisville, for whom il was inlended. on the II -yard line. Simpson hii ibe line for two yards and Johnson sliih- ered around riuht end for nine vards and a touchdown, . gain Simpson place-kicked for the extra point. During the entire first half the ' ols failed to make a single first clown and 108 THE THOROBRED STANLEY NEVERS, Captai ' i-Elect of the ' 36 Wildcats is one of the most out- standiiig linesmen in the South. iiKisi ol llicii six (anic in llic final miiuitcs uhilc llic Kcnnickv second lc;ini was on the field. 1 liei ' c was no great excitement in llie third quarter altlioiigh tlie Wild- cats were continually in ' ()liinteei tei- litoiy. The ])eiiod. Iiom the stand- point of a I ' enncssean. was marked b a 4(5- ard ])init by Derryberry. which went out of boinids on the Rentuckv 20. From a Kenttickx standpoint il was featured bv the fine defensive work of Chaplain Long and the inter- ception of a lenncssee pass b Myers, who brought the ball to the X ' ol ' s 2U before he ivas dragged down. lot ' s Center Weali Ihc inteiceplion of another Ten- nessee pass l)v Skaggs. a soplioniorc Wildcat tackle, paveil the wa loi Kcnliicky ' s third marker. Ibis (iung- stcr nabljcd a pass heaved b Dickens on lenncssec ' s 18. Then licrt John- son went to work again. Kenlucky had found a weakness in the center of Ten- nessee ' s line, and with .Myers ])lowing ahead of him. ihe " Varhorse ' kept smashing through center until he had the ball on the one-yard line. Simp- son then hit lighl guard for ihe louch- lo n and oiue mole made good ibe cMi.i poinl. . lol ol cra things liappened to bring Keimickv its final marker. Fiist Simpson ' s kick-olf went ha wire. trav- eling oiii to I cnnessee ' s 41) where two oluiiteers tried to pick it up but the failed to hold on lo it and Captain Long piled on the leather on the 33. Lwo pla s failed lo net anv yardage and the Wildcats went into the lateral business in a big way. Johnson took ihe ball and forwarded it to Da is. who took a few steps and then shot a lateral to McMillan, who ran the re- maining If) yards lo score wilh no Vol- unleer close lo him. Simpson ' s plate- kick went wide. t ' tiniih Sld ' c Mil lit ' iwii 1 bus Kenlii(k ' s IoihIkIowii against rciniessee toda was made I) :( lad from Tennessee. McMillans home is at Millinglon. neat Memphis. He is a senior, fler ihe fourili lonili- (i i ii. ( ' oacli ■ tlm■ sent in his subs, who lo htrld ihe X ' ols store- less for the remaining li e minutes. Il was Ihen. howe ei, that Tennessee pierced deepesi inio Kenluck icrri- lorv. maiching from iheir own 3S (low 11 to Keiiliuk ' s 20 w lien Ihe game ended. ' The Kcnliuk and Tennessee bands, nearly 1(1(1 pieces in each, staged their manemers belween liahes. g iing ihrough hiiu lorinalions. GoNeinoi-eled . . B. ( handler paid a isit lo ihe press box belween hahes. Ihc game loda was ihe ihinielh of a series that began in 1S92. Il marked Ihc close of a successful season for the Cials in iheir second ear under ihe leadeisliip of fxiach W nne. Il was their (bird Souiheasicrn Cionfer- eiice yidorx againsi the same number of (Ideals. Sniie hy t ' ciiiiih 12 3 4 Tennessee (I (I (1— (I Kenlucky (I 14 1) 13-27 Kenlucky scoring: ' Touchdowns — Johnson 2; MiMillan 2. Toints aftei touchdown — Simpson !! (pUuenients) Referee. Slrupper, CJeorgia Tech ' umpire. Maxwell, Ohio .State: head linesman, Wessling, Kcmoii: field judge. Wells. Michigan. The ri:i cisii of Kentucky foot- ball coaching stall is represented by a wide geographical difference. Portei Grant, end coach, is a native of Doth- an, in the Southern part of . labama, while Ted Twomev. line coach, first saw light of day in a lili aicl at Dti- liith. .Minnesota. NKVF.R.S. MYKRS CIHO.SEN •, ' !( ' . II. K. (.RID c;. i ' r.VIN.S l.tiuniuii :ii .XiiiiiKil I ' ' ()()iljall i :iii(|ii(i ,Silc( I l.inciiu ' ii ;is I ' odlh.ill (;:i|)lMiiis si.Liiles rvcis. New Itiiiain. Goiin.. .is eiecleif lo laplaiii ibe f!l3() Ken- lu(k loolfiall leam afler a vote liv the ledermen al ihe annual football ban- (|nel held Wedncsdav nighl a( ihe I ' hoenix Hotel, (.enc M ers, Harlan, w:is ii,mied allernale-capl:iin. Ibis is ihe second honoi lonleited upon e eis in tlie |):isl lew weeks. |us[ ln4oit ' ibe I ennessee game, he was Miud Ihc mosi aluablc player lo Ihe UMiii. Ilc ' is ,1 junioi in ihe Col- lege of l-.du(alioii Tliionghonl ihe season Ne ers was niiisi;Hidiiig al his lackle position and won menlion on main of the alf-siai icams sefeded fi coaches ami spoils w rilcrs. Dr. W . 1). Tunkhoiiscr, chairman ol ihc .Alhlelic Council, aclecl as loasi- iiiasier al ibe l)an(|iiei. and inlroduced Coach Cbel Wviine, who, in turn, in- lroduced the senior letter men. Jimnn Long, Clarence " .Abie " .A ers, . rperd Olah, C:harlcs McChiig, Frank Mc- Cool, Xorris " l5o " McMillan, Laiigan Has. :iiid Sam Poller, all spoke Ijiicfh. Dr. Tunkhoiiscr announced thai ihe Aibletic Council had granted a peti- lion presented by the football team, allowing Ihe senior leltermcn lo choose while monogram sweaters il they desired. ' Twcnlv-lhiee phi cis :iiid ihe sen- ior manager verc awarded lellers. The pla eis iiKluclcd liniiny Long, Russell Tllinglon, |(je Hagan, joe Orr, Sianlc Xevers, . rperd Olah, Wendell Skaggs, |oe Hosse. Joe Hudcllesion, Charles McCling, Lexie Poller, Sam Poller, Gene Myers, Sherman Hinkebein, Norris McMillan, Dick Robinson, Bert Johnson, . bie . yers. I ' lmore Simpson, l.angan Hay, Bob Davis, Frank Mc- Cool, James Wadlington, and . fanager G.iles McC ' anlcN. Kentucky makes a touchdown against Tennessee before a record crowd in the annual Turkey-Day game 109 THE THOROBRED lass fRKSHMAN SyLiAlJ SANDS LEADS RIITENS !N SEASONS FIRST MCTORV Keniuck) Erosli Sliow Power By Easily Winning Opening Game I,cd by Earl Sands and Toiiiiin Coleman, Ihe llnivcrsilv ol Kcniutkv freshman foolball team defcalcd llic Morehead College frosh, 2( -( ' ), Tridax afternoon on Stoll field. The lighter Morehead team snr- ])riscd the Kittens bv pushing the ball to the one loot mark as the open- ing j eriod closed from where the scored on the first |5la of the second (piartcr. The ])ass lor the extra [joint was incomplete. . ftcr this score the Kcniiukians got started and with Sands and Hodge lairving the ball, marched down the field on successive ])la s for (iO yards and a score. Hodge missed the al- tem|)t to convert. Morehead received the kickoff bill lost the hall on downs. Coleman made 10 vards th)oiigIi tackle. Sands made 10 more, and lioa ran . ' 52 vards to the one-yard line. The Kittens were penalized 1.5 vards, bnt Tioaz and Sands alternated to put Ihe ball back on the onc-vard stripe. Sands cariied it over and added the cMia |«)int from placement. Coach Pribbic, snbsliiulcd liceh in the third cpiartcr. giving all the plav- ers an opportiniity to perform. Howering passed to Garland for a gain of 30 vards, giving the Kittens a first down on the Morehead five-vard line. Howcrington plunged over from this point and Ewing adilcd the final marker from placement. FROSH BEAF BABY ' OLS IN FOURTH QUARIER Kittens Push Ovei ' ' I v() ' I ' oiich- (lowns In I ' Pet i()(l Knowille, Tcnn.. Oct 12 — . fight- ing band of llniversitv of Kcntuikv freshmen made a gallant c »ineback in the fourth t|uarter to overcome a one- point lead and defeat the Univcrsitv of Tennessee yearlings 20 to II, here today. Going into the fourth quarter with Ihe score 7 to 6 against them the Blue Grass boys rushed over two touch- downs while the babv ' ols were onlv able to tally once. Taking the ball in midfield, the Kentuckv Kittens marched to theit opponents ' 2l- ard line. From here Coleman, halfback, bullctcd a pass over the goal line to Hewing, substitute end, for a touch- down. Later, ColemaiV intercepted a Tennessee pass, raced to the Vols ' 10- yard line, to.s.sed a lateral to Sands, fullback, who crossed the goal line standing up. .Sands made both extra points by placement. Tennessee scored in the final period ivben Sneed. halfliack. ran olf right tackle for 28 vards to the visitors four- vard stripe, .- ftcr two plavs. Walland. halfback, carried the ball over. . march down the field from their owir 15-vard line netted the Kittens their touchdown in the first (piarlcr. The first pass, Hodge to Labrc, gained 24 yards, placing the ball on Tennessee ' s 45-vard line. On consec- utive plays .Sands ripped through the line to the ' ols ' one-foot line, and Hodge plunged over. Starting a drive on their own ' i ' !- yard Hue in the third c|uartei. the baby Vols drove to Kcntuckv ' s se eu- vard line from where Sneed went through the line lor Tennessee ' s sec- ond touchdown. NUMERALS A VARDEI) . t a meeting of the VihUiii (nun cil the following hcshmcii looiball |jlavers were awarded nmnerals: iVn nette. Black, Boa , Boston. Brooking, Brown, Cayce, Coleman. Curtis, 1) - . rcv, Davis, Dovle, Dunlap, CJarland, Hall, Havnes, Hewling, Hodge, Hal- land, Howinton, Irtz, Jones. I.ebre. Lengyel, Lindon, Lvndi. ((;lea, Milkovich, Xelson, O ' Neal. I ' hillips, Retisch, Sands, Scianlarclli. Mio ke , Scholtz, Spiuev, Spurloik, Sialloid. Tavlor, Tracy, ' anaman, X ' crtuca, aiul " Webster. The University of Kenln k lool- ball sc]uaci boasts its own " Ic and Paul. " They are Sam and Lexie Pot- ter,, brothers from the Kentuckv Mountains. Both are guards and both plaved in the backfield of Whilesburg High School team a few years ago. Toolball plavers at Kenluikv range in height from . " feet 7 inches up to (i feet I inches. The largest man on the siinad is Pranklin Wallace, |r.. ington, who weighs 22. " ) pounds and lowers 6 feet -I inches. His reach is the same as that of Primo Camera. The University of Kentuckv fo(ilI ,ill team goes in for ends as captains. )oe Rupert, captain of the 1931 team, plaved left end, wliile James Long, this year ' s captain plays right end. in Coach Adolph Rupp OF c:h AAri ' roNS - ' ISV, BASKETBALL ' ■% THE Volume I THOROBRED University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., January, 1936 Numb er Frovl Row — Coach Rupp. Ellington. Taylor. B. Davis, Craig. Captain Anderson, Spicer, Combs. W. Davis, Trainer Mann Back Row — Manager May, Mcintosh. Bliss. Walker. Donohue. Lewis. Hagan. Goforth. Carlisle WlLDC.VrS DOWN IIGER.S 42-17 IN .SEASONS OPENER Emiie Sciiuid Sees .Vilion When Cats Take l i Lead At Halliime Lcviii.i lciii, K .. l)ct. ()— 1 hf I iii ci- sii ol Kciiuick Viirsily ;iiul ricshnuiii baskclldill icaiiis opened theii- season here tonight with a doiilile iclory o er the Geoi ' .t;eto Mi C ' .olle,i e varsity and lieshnien (|uintcts. The Kcntiick Wildcats liad cas sail in,;; in dowiiin;. the Tigers l ' 2 to 17. lint the Kittens had their hanils lull in liimming the Cnbs hv 23 to 17. The aisit g.niie was a mere hieathci lot the Wildiats ui were leading 1 1 to 7 at half lime, and Coach Adolpli Rupp. whose teams ha e made haskelball liistory here during the last five yeais. sent in e ery man available in the second hall ' . The Vildcats played ragged at times and the absence o( Leroy Kilwards. .Ml . meriian from last year ' s team, was noticeable, especially when it came to bal-in shots. Most ol the five Tiger field goals were on shots l)e ond the foul line. LEWIS LEADS C.VTS . 8-30 VIN OVER REREA Mountaineers Gi e ketiUnkv ' Lrouble Viili Iluir Defense Lexington. Iw.. Uec. 17 — Led b lank Garland Lewis, the jelieison- ille. Ind., youth who is attempting to fill the shoes vacated b the . ll-. mer- ican Lerov Edwaids. the Kentucky Wildcats submciged a plucky Ilerea basketball team here tonight by .5,S to , ' il). but they looked none too impies- si e in cfoing it. Lewis dropped in nine baskets and a cou]jle of fiee thiows to score 20 points, while Joe " Red " Ha.gan was next in scoring with 12 points. The AVildcats had a world of tiou- ble with Coach Gunkler ' s Mountain- eeis in the first half, which ended with Kentucky leading bv 20 to l. !. During the period the Cats did almost e ery- thing vrong. missing shots the should ha e made, passing the ball wildly out of bounds or into the hands of some Arountaincer. and allowing the Berca boys to take shots the should ha e stopped. WILDCAFS VRECK PITT PANTHERS IN 35-17 WIN keiiitukv Holds 22- ' l Lead At Intel mission: Famous " I " is- tne Eight " Fails Lexington. Kv.. Dec. 2.S — Showing iitlei contempt for the famous " ligine eight " olfense bicnight to the South b the l ' ni cisitv of I ' illsbuigh ' s herald- ed I ' anlhcrs, a gang of Keiitu(k ild cats tonight calmh butclieied the in aders bv 35 to 17 before some 2.. " i(IO patroivs at the . luinni gxinnasium. The fact that liie pantheis held a height athaniage and weie consideied the " class " of Eastern basketball daunted . dolph Rupp s wrecking crew not a whit. To the ama ement of the fans, who had risked their necks on icv stieets and loads to see the en- counter, scarcely hoping for the Ken- luckians to make a decent showing, the nonclialant Wildcats got right down to business and started tearing the I ' anthers limb fiom limb. The Cats had piled up 17 iioints be- fore the fiist I ' itt score was chalked up and held a 22 to 2 ad aiitagc at the half. THE THOROBRED ANDY ANDERSON. Captain of the Ken- tucky five. IS the key man in the Wild- cat defense NEW YORK r. ki-xn c:k CRUSHES CATS 11-28 C;:iiiu- l ' hi (. ' (l 111 (.aiikii licloic IS.OOO Howlinu S|jc( lalors Xtnv ' loik. );ni. !l— KfiUiKk) ' s valu- ed W ' ililcils were just anolher ball tliil) as ihe lieadeil home Uiday. lol- louing their II to 2iS luiiiiiliallon on llie haskeiball court 1) New oik I ' lii- xei ' silv here last night in Madison Siitiaie Carden heloie IH.OOO houliii; laiis. It uas the worst deleat that the Cats lia e absorbed since Coach Adolpli Riipp became their (oadi si eais ai o. The name was last and ftnioiis. both teams fotilinj excessivly. The plav was rotis;h and manv bruises were dished out as the result. Ihree Ken- ni(k plavers — Donohiie, Anderson and Lewis— were put out of the game lor too manv jjeisonal fouls. Ruben- stein was the oiilv ' iolct man to be cjecled from the game. During the first half llic New Work- ers appealed to be olf their stride, al- though lhe led the Wikkats bv 17 to 12. . t the end of the fust ten minutes the score was tied. to 6. Kentuckv forged to the front on the next plav. Carlisle was fouled and made the free throw. Ralph Carlisle. Kentuckv s ace forward, was high point man of the evening, scoring a total of 17 points, seven field goals and three free throws. Kentucky had no excuse tonight. The officiating, handled by Frank Lane and John [urray was not ques- tioned, with the exception of a foul called bv Murrav on Red Ha.gan of Kentuckv. The ball changed hands main times dtniiig the first part of the game as each team worked into plavs that didn ' t click. Kentuckv was forced to shoot from outside the foul line and the ball usiiallv missed the back- board bv .se eial feet. Will the score 20 to IS soon after the beginning of the second half, the X ' iolets began pulling on ilie pressure, kenliukv. unable lo pieite Ihe N. .1 ' . defense, resoiled more and more lo long sliols with liule siuccss. " Ihe score was 23 to 22 and nine minutes were left to plav. lioth leams made a visible ellorl lo turn on Ihe steam, bill this ellorl made Kentucky reck- less and their long shots ne er (ante I lose lo the basket. Ihe iolets. how- evei. conlinucil vilh their accurate long shots and die ' awa lo win easi- l . aflcr Lewis and Donohiie letl ihe game on persona! fouls. WIIDC.Vrs B. RELY BE. T X.WIER ;Ui-.S2 SCORE Rti|)iiiiR ' ii Siatic Garrison Eiiiish lo I ' m Liil On Close Game Cincinuali. Ohio. Jan. 11— Tl was fireater Louis ille night at the Xaviei lieldhouse here loni ' du as the Iniver- silv of Kenluckv Wildcats continued iheir masicrv o ei the Xavier Mus- keteers .S(i lo :i2 111 the third meeting in two years. W ' arfield Donohiie. Garland Lewis. Red Hagan. Jim Coforth of Kenliukv. and Joe Kriise. Xa icr center, demon- siraled the Greater Louisxille brand of basketball lo 1.000 net fans. Kenluckw favored to win bv ten points, had lough going afler the first leu miniiles. but managed to rallv in Ihe final minutes and wlii| llic fren- zied Ohio bovs. Ihe L ' ame was oxer-officiatcd and until Ihe coat lies and officials con- ferred at the half, evci v member of both teams threatened to go out on fouls. Coach Rupp. Kentuckv. and Coach Clem Crowe. Xavier. agreed thai five fouls would be necessary to eliminate a ]ila er. Living up lo his advance reputation. Ralph Carlisle dropi ed in two bun- nies and a free throw in the opening minutes of the game. The lankv for- ward conl ribuled most of Kentucky ' s Ijoinis in this half, sccning five sroals and a free throw for a total of 11 points. The first LS minutes of plav found the Musketeers without a floor shot to iheir credit, but thev finally found the raiiL ' e and little Leo Sack scored Iwice in (|uick succession to bring the Muskies wilhin two points of the visitors. . fter ihal both leams scored inler- mittentlv from ihc foul line and with a minule to go in the first period, the score was lied lS-18. Goforth dropped in two charity throws to put Kentuckv ahead al I he half. S irl; I.rnch Altnrk Sack electrified the crowd in the opening minute of the second stanza bv dropping three straight shots to put his males ahead 2 to 20. a lead WARFIELD DONOHUE. regular guard, is one of the best ball-handlers ever to don a Kentucky uniform wliiih Ihev susiaiiieil unlil ihc final Iwo miiiiiles ol the (oiilesi . With live luiiiules lo go and the sioie knotted al 30-31). both leams were plaving desperate ball and biinnv sbois were missed bv both. Ciarlisle and .Sweeney lonneclcd and the score leinained lied at 32 32 vviili Iwo min- iiles to play. , iiil Anderson Scores The long-shooting Donohiie scored from near Ihe center of llie Moor and Captain .Anderson capped the eve- ning ' s enlcrlainmeni uth a btinnv as the final whistle blew. TUL.ANE E. LLS BEFORE AVILDC. TS OFFENSE 49-24 CajJtain Andeison Is S]jaikplug For Kentucky ' s Fifth Mctorv I.exinglcai. Kv.. J.iii. 17 — Chunkv Milerd . ndeison. the orchestra leadei who captains the Ihiiversity of Ken- tuckv basketball team, demonstrated his worth to the Wildcats tonight in his team ' s easy 19 to 21 victory over the Green Wave of Tulane on the Kentuckv court before some 3.000 fans. The visitors were giving the home lads plenty of trouble during the first eight minutes of the scrap but Cap- tain .Andeison was on the bench at ihe lime. Kentuckv was clinging to a slim 9 to 6 lead when Coach . dolph Rii|ip sent .Vndtrson into the frav. From that instant on it was a rout, the Kcn- luckians scoring almost at will. .Al- ihough , nclersoii made only one point during the game, his jiresence convert- ed the Vildcals from a mediocre (|uin- tct into a power plant. C,oforll Is Stnrlcr For tlie liisl lime this season Coach Adolph Rupp broke up his regular starting combination of Hagaii. Car- lisle, Lewis. Donohiie and Anderson. J 13 THE THOROBRED " DUKE " ELLINGTON and " BIG JIM " GOFORTH are reserve guards on the squad this year, and will be valuable to Coach Rupp next year liin |ini (.iilnilli slailcd in |il.u(.- o! Aiuleisoii lonis lu. Anderson was sciil inio ihc liav when llie Cats were lioliliiii ' a mealier 9-6 lead, and in llie next lonr ininntes the tonnted 11 jjoints. lunninf their total to 20 while Tnlanes remained stationar at six. Carlisle and Hainan tossed baskets to give the Kentiitkv lads a 2-1-7 inar;4in at the end iil the hall. Coach Riipp kept a steady stream of snbstitiites vnnnin.i into the game most of the last halt, nsing l. ' i men in all, 13 ol whom tjioke into the stoi- ing tolnmn. Ralph Carlisle, plaving slightly o ei half the game was high point man with 10 markers, one more than made by Lewis and Hagan. WILDCAT.S TRIP GREEN VAVE BY 3 ' .)-2l .SCORE Kentucky Is Hani Pushed For ■Second Consecutive Victory Lexington. K .. Jan. IH— Showing a vast improvement over their exhibi- tion of last night, the Tnlane basket- ball team outplayed the Kentucky Wildcats for the fnst half of the game toni,ght at the University gymnasium, but succumbed to a withering Ken- tucky attack in the last period, and ended on the short end of a 39 to 21 score. For the fiist time in years the Wikl- cats yvere behind at the half in a Con- ference game, the determined Greenies nursing a 17 to 13 advantage at the in- termission. Up to that time the visitors made Kentucky look like a high school team. The Wildcats, except for the brilliant shoyving of Ralph Carlisle, could do nothing right in that first stanza. The Cats passed wildly, and blew their op- portunities to count, yvhereas the in- y aders took adxanlage ol e ei oppoi - liuiity and sank an iiniiMialK large percentage of their shots. Riipl)nir)i Stmt Hittin! Hagan. who was consideiablv olf form in the opening period came back with a bang as the second half start- ed tossing in a crip shot yvith ridicu- lous ease. Then came a follow shot and a free ihro v by Carlisle and two free throws b W ' alkei. Mc(!losk broke Kentucky ' s stride momentarily, tossing in a .gratis shot, but Walker came right back and looped in a beau- ty fiom the west side of the floor. Car- lisle swished in a couple more fiee throws and Walkei came back with a looping shot from the side. Hagan scored another crip and Lewis hit a free throw before Tnlane was able to count again. The final eight minutes of the contest saw Kentucky in coni- |)lete control. WILDCATS TROUNCE MICHIGAN STATE. 27-19 Kentucky Avenges Last Year ' s Defeat At Hands Ol Spartans Lexington. Ky.. Jan. 21 — ' I ' he far famed, high poyvered Vildcat C|uintct performed the supposedly impossible tonight here in the .Mumni gynmasi- nm ychen thev defeated the highly touted Michigan State College cagers by 27 to 19 after trailing the green sinned Michigan lads 1312 at the half time. Coming cjut for the second period with renewed vigor, the Wildcats im- mediately put themselves into a two point lead, and a lead which they kept the rest of the evening, yvhen Carlisle and Donohne scored a crip shot and a free throw in succession. , fter gain- ing this margin the Big Bine team limited the Michigan Staters to one field goal and foiu ' free thiows for the second half. It yvas the inimitable Ralph Car- lisle Kentnckys sparkling loiwaid. who led the Wildcats to this scintillat- ing victory over the East Lansing lads when he scored 16 markers to be high point man of the game. The next man to receive high point honors in this nip and tuck court tilt was lock, captain of the Michigan team, who managed to garner a total of sc - en counters in the 40 minutes of play. Rice Walker, sophomoie center, who leplacecl Garland Lewis at the pivot pcjst near the end of the first lialf. tin lied in a good lloor game for the winners and aided greatly in the victory b) getting the tip-olf most of the time during the final period. Defensive Il-r ; (,ni„l The delensiye work of .Anderson and Donohne. eteran guards, was nearly perfect in the second hall. I he visitors failed to connect with a held goal in that stan a until Smith popije.l in a shot from the center of the Mom with only about I, " ) seconds of playing time remaining. Kentucky had foui reserves on the floor at the time. The first half ended with Michigan State leading by 13-12. but after about two minutes of play in the second pe- liod. the Vildcats took the lead yvhen C:arlisle folknved in Ha.gan ' s unsnccess- Inl long shot for a basket. Donohue ' s free throw made it I. ' ) l. ' i. but Garlock knotted the count on two gratis heayes after eight minutes of the period had passed. In the next 1 1 minutes of play the Michigan State team failed to add to its total, yvhile the Kentuckians chalked up 12 points. Playing cautiously and taking up as much time as possible. Kentuck maintained possession of the ball most of the remaincier of the period and with tlie score standing 27 to 1.5 Coach Rupp sent in a nimibei of snbsiitntes to finish the game. WILDCATS SCORE 40-31 WIN OVER VOLUNTEERS Tennessee Causes Kentucky Much Trouble Bef ' oie Succumbing Lexington. Ky.. Jan. 25 — The Vol- unteers of Tennessee tonight gave . dolph Rupp ' s Kentucky Vilclcats plenty of grief befoie finally succumfj- iiig by 10 to 31 in ])robablv the rough- est basketball .game ever played on the Kentucky coint. Each side lost tivo regulars, one for slugging and one for accuimdating four perosnal fouls. Kentucky lost llie services of Ralph Carlisle, sharp-shoot- in.g expert, at the opening of the sec- ond half yvhen Referee Frank Lane caught him taking a poke at Johnson. ' olnnteer guard. Tennessee lost this same Johnson late in the .game when 114 THE THOROBRED 111 ' was seen lakiiio a iali al " Red " Hassan. ilcU .11 loi iaiil. W ' alkfi. sul)siiiuU ' l fiuink ic-nici. ami Kiel ' , ' oUiiUi ' CM i;uai(l. wiiil iiul l) llio pcisonal loiil loiilc. Ri ' d Hai:;an a |)la ini; laiillic hall, sioiinj; 1 " ) ol Kcimukx ' s |)oiiils ami |)la iiin a uhalc ol a lloor f anic. He siarii ' tl slowh. hui vas vli{)(t| ini; ii ii|i as tlio name pros;rcssc(l. (.ar- lam! l.cuis. Kciinuk ' s laiikx tenter, iloseh lollowcil the eickthaltheil loi- wani with 10 ol the W ' ildrat iiiaikers. Diijif I ' nvdrcd Cats Tciincssce liail heeii touted this eai as one ol those to wateh in the Soiitli- easiei ti (lonlcieme late. Inn alter the ' ( ls ' Sit-20 loss to a ier a! (antin- nali l ' ii la nif;hl. I einnik fans hieathed nioie easih. as the Ruppmcn had tiininied the Mtistketeeis Sti-S a shoi ' l time beloie. But as c|iiickl as Reteiee Lane had tooted his openins whistle, it was ohvious that the Cats were wa oil (orm. aiul the lennes seans, not such a hot hall team them- selves, i;a e the Riippmen plent of irav hails. The final peiiod was all keiuuck with the 15i,ir liliic being just too wa rm for Cioach Blair (.ullion ' s lads in the dosiii " miniites. KENTUCKY DOWNED BY l ' O VER l!l, AND ' FI E Fit St .S()ttllic;islci 11 Cloiilei fiuf Loss Foi Kentucky Iti Foui ' ' cais Nashville. Tcnn.. Feh. 1— PlaNing biilliant basketball the ' anderbilt Commodores tonight tiounteil the I ' liivcrsitv of Rcnimkx ca.gers 33 to 24 for the ' ikkat ' s Hist defeat in a le " - ularlv scheduled conference game in four ears. More than 2,000 fans crowded all available space in the Hippodrome to sec Josh Codv ' s bovs win their seventh game within the Southeastei n Con- lerence and hand the KeiUuckians iheir first defeat. Tlie plaung of the Codvmen was a thing of beautv. the skin tight defense ihey laid over the Wildcats rarelv .giv- ing the visitors decent shots and al- most none at all under the basket. The victory ga e the Commodores the inside track in the conference race, and for the liist time in four vears re- duced the highh rated Kenliickv fi e to the level of just another competi- tor. KeiitiKk was never ahead after the first 111 minutes of the game. X ' aiider- bilt leading b double score for almost half the game. The Wildcats were liandicapped when Carlisle and Lewis, forward and center respectivelv. were ejected for cMeeding the personal foul limit. The battle was full of bodilv contact and fin ions ad ion. espctialh in the second CARLISLE and LEWIS liave gained berths in the starting line-up this year, while BLISS i.s a reserve forward. Carlisle and Lewis are the main scoring threats half when the Wildcats tried alianl- l to lalcli up with C odx s fasibreak- ing crew. ' I his was impossible, with and s tight defense anil the pla ers ' uiicann e e for the basket from all angles. . fter the game. Coach Rupp. whose bo s were unbeaten, save lor a loss at the hands of New ' ork I ' niversitv. praised the teamwork of lire Tennes- see team and said that he had it com- ing after four vears of good luck. Comin,g oiil aliei the rest, the Ken- tuckians Hied tlieii utmost to break tlnongh for short shots, but when thev did. their aim was olf, the Blue lagers missing several tries from an open field. The Wildcats did not be- gin to crawl up al all until there was less than fixe minutes left to plav and the score standing at 31 to IS. Goforth sank a field goal 10 ralh the Riippmen and then Donohue added another as Genv contributed a free shot to the ' andy cause, bring the count to 32 to 22. A few seconds later with the game almost gone, . iiileison sank one from the foul line to bring the Kenliiikians two points iloser. but Cailoss partially annulled this threat with a charit goal as the game ended. CATS DEFE.AT TIDE IN FIN.AL MINUTES Ahiliama ' s Lasi Hall ' Rally Al- most Ovei ' conies Cats ' Early Eead Birmingham. . la., Feb. 3— Kentucky staved oft a Iiair-raising finish by .Ala- bama tonight to win a 32 to 30 victory ill a basketball .game which kept those attending on their feet for the final five minutes. After the invaders had run up what seemed a safe lead. 30 to 19. .-Mabama scored four field goals from the field in succession, two of them long tosses by Nogi, and pidled within striking distance. . nilerson. keiituck ' s star guard was out of the game, anil the .Alabama partisans were howling for a ictoi that seemed almost within their grasp. Lewis broke away for a goal and then McLeod put the Crimson back within striking distance by matching it. As the final seconds ticked oil. Bouska made .good on a foul shot to bring the score 32 to 30. but Keniuckv held the ball until the final gun sounded. . fasi-bieaking otteiise, which gave them niaiiv shots under the basket, biougbt most of Kentucky ' s scores, and the) seemed to Inne the contest well in hand until .Anderson went out on folds. 1 he winners ran up leads ol 7-1. II-. ' ). and l, ' )l(l before a briel Ala- bama iall made it IS-15 at the hall. .f ' irA iiitahs hi- Marling slo vl in the second hall, the two teams sparred around with the count 18-16 for six minutes before Lewis broke the ice with a .goal, and Hagan and Uonohue followed suit to 1 nil the margin hi.gher. l-oi the winners. Lewis. .Anderson. C:arlisle and Donohue were the stars. Bouska. MiLeod and Whalley did ex- cellent woik lor Alabama. WILDCA ' I S .SCORE .SECOND VICTORY OVER ALABAMA Kentucky Retains .Second Place B 1 Tide Standing Bv Defeating Lexington, Ky., Feb. 7 — The Uni- versitv of Kentucky ' s high powered basketball team tonight retained its second place standing in the .South- eastern Conference net race following its 40 to 24 defeat of .Alabama here in the .Alumni gvninasiuni. The Tide defeated ' and . conference leaders. 32 to 20 in Nashxille Thursdav night, but the C:ommoiloies retained the loop lead with seven victories and one de- 1L5 THE THOROBRED BILLY SPICER is a brother of the former Cat cage star; •RED " HAGAN has made the starting line-up as a for- ward in his first year on the squad feat to Keiitiickv ' s fixe wins and one loss. The Wildcals ' onh loss was lo ' an(leibilt last week. Alabama ' s miglitv (inintet gave Ibe Vikkats a tough siniggle in ibe first half, although the Big Blue team leil at the rest period bv 15 to II. after a last minute rally by Walker and Lew- is. With the score A to and a min- tue and a half to go in the fust period. Valker. who leplaccd Hagan. dioppeil in one of his sideline shots, and Lewis immediately follo cd with a trip shot. On the next top-off. Walkei took the ball and dribbled llie length of the floor to make another trip baskel. VILDC. T,S ,S V. MPED BY NOTRE D.AME 40-21 Carlisle Is Held .Scoreless As Kentucky Fails To Get .Slatted South Bend. hid.. Feb. 10 -Noire Dame completely otilclassed Kentuck in a one-sidetl basketball battle here tonight, defeating the invadeis li a store of 11 to 20. Johnny Moir and I ' aiil Xowak, sophomore forward and renter, rcspec- liyelv. paced the Irish attack with 12 field goals, seven of which were made by Moir. Kentucky was held lo three field goals in the first half. The locals piled uo a 29-7 lead in the firsi 20 minutes of play. They ran their advantage to 38 to 7 in the first six minutes of the second half after which Coach George Keogan substituted freely. " Red " Hagan was Kentucky ' s lead- ing luminary with six field goals for 12 of the points luade by his team. Ralph Carlisle. Kentucky ' s ace scor- ing forward, was held wilhotU a single point by Frank Wade. Irish guard. and finally was removed from the ?ame. . fter the regnlais had piiiMidcd ihe ball through ihe hoop. Coach Keogan substituted freeh and ga e his replacc- nieius insimttions lo pass ihe ball rather than shooi. Uonohuc and Lewis weie ihe onh olher Wildcats lo scoie Ikhii ilie held. KENTUCKY MCTORIOUS OVER HI ' ri.ER RY -59-28 ' ildcats Rebouiul Alicr Notre Dame Dcleai To Win Easily Indianapolis. lud.. Feb. 1 1 — ' Ihe Iniversily of Kentucky team did an about-face from their play against Xotre Dame last night, here lonighl. and trounced the Butler Lnivcrsiiv team by 39 to 28. The Wildcats jumped into an 11 to 1 lead in a short time and were ahead by 17 to 7 at the half. The bovs of . dolph Rn| p stayed ahead all during the secoiul half, al- though Butler did get up lo a 31 lo 26 score at one time. Lewis, center, with fi e field goals and three free throws, was leading scorer, but was hard jjiessed by Car- lisle and Hagan who had five field goals and one tree throw apjiece. FIGHTING VOLS DEFE.AT C. TS IN SURPRISE WIN Second Conference Loss Kentucky Wildcats This Season For Knoxville. Tenn.. Feb. 15— Before a cheering crowd of 3..500 fans a fighting LIniversity of Tennessee basketball team defeated the hi.ghly rated I ' ni- versity of Kentucky Wildcats 39 to 2S tonight in a .Southeastern Conference game. It was the first lime the Volunteers had toppled a Kentucky cage team since the organi ation of the confer- ence in 1932. The surprise icU)r prailitallv seats Tennessee among teams that will play in the .Southeastern Conference lour- nament here February 2H lo March 3. It was the startled Wildcats ' second conference loss of the season. Hagan. red-haired Kentuck for- ward, was high scorer for the Wild- cats, getting nine poiius. He and ( o- forlh, guartl. were oulstanding lor the Kenluckians. 7 ' cnnessee onh missed Iwo oul of 13 free throws, while KenliKk missed (ixe out of 13. Kenluckx got olf lo a fast starl in Ihe Inst half with . ndeison. gnaid. anil Hagan looping baskets. Ihe game was lied four limes dining ihc hall, willi Marshall ' s four field goals keep- ing the ' oluntecis in the game. The half ended 17 lo If) in fa oi of ihe W ' ildcals. wiLi)C. rs nowx x.wier MUSKE ITERS IN 19- Kl VIN Second ' ict()i Oxer Xavici This Season; Many Fouls Called Lexinglcn. Ky.. Feb. 18 — Coat h Adolph Rupp ' s Llnixersilv of Ken luckx Vi!dcats. fighting to prcscrxe a record that few teams can boast. |)ul Ihe sign of ihe evil eye on Coach Clem Croxve ' s Xavier I ' niversitv Muskcleers lonighl in the .Munini gvmnasinni and pot-sholled their gleeful xvav lo a 19 to 10 triumph and their 37th lonsec- utixe victory on the home floor. It xxas a weird game in xvhich not ihe least of the players ' contein xxas a slippery floor that sent ihcin spraxvl ing and somersaulting and stumbling all over the place. The players toUid- ed xvith each other xvilh a crash, com- mitted fouls until Ihe officials weie out of breath blowing their xvhisiles. and ihrexv the ball out the xvindow. . nd all this serio-comic see nario ran an under-current of goal- shooting proxvess that kept the fans in an uproar and the lialllc iliiillinglx close. The Wililcats enlered last nighl ' s I ill Ihe underdogs nolxxithsianding I heir 3(5 lo 32 x ictory over the Mus- kcleers earlier in the season, but aft- er thev burnt up the hoop xvilh seven Doinls in ihe last three minutes of the first half lo xvrcst awav the lead again from an Xax ier team that had fongbl a gallant, uphill battle, the issue xvas never in doubt. Xavier fought grimlv and cotiraaeouslv but the goal-shool- ing of Ralph Carlisle. " Red " Hagan and C.arland Lexvis. the craftv jiassing of Warfield Donohue. and the re- boiniding of diminulixc, ton -headed nd . nderson formed a idinbinalinii that xvas loo much for the Iiish. 116 THE THOROBRED Xm ' ift ' Fart ' s ] ' t ysf ' riic sli|i|in llooi. ilii- |i,i t ' 1)1 ihr !;:miic ;im(1 iIu- ii-l like winnlinj; and M|iiii iniii ; (il llic Wihliat maikMiicii niatlc a ici IIr ' lu ' a it ' i sultt ' iei on ihc lasuallv li ' -l ul ix ' isonal loiiK and no less llian llncc Slnskflfcrs. one iil ilicni a suhsiiiiilc— Ku( ia— who plaveil dcteiiniiicdh il nol l rilliantl . uciil onl ol llic jiainc l conipnision. I Ins liclpcil Xavii-i ' s lausc link- alihoui;h ihc siihs who uciil inio Ihc till scored, on Iwo dillcrcnl ociasions. enough |:oinis in snccession lo lorcc Cloacli Un| |i lo send his rcunlars. who had licen lakcn oul ol ihc i;aine hcianse il seemed ihal the Clals had a safe leail, scnnviii ' ; hack inlo I he liav. Carlisle, Ihc Lau ' iencebini shooler who (an hii ilieni Irom anv angle when he ' s liglu. and can miss them when ils doesn ' t look possible when he isn ' t, was right vilh a cngeance last nioht and he piled up 2(1 points to his crcdil. Fight ot the points were the result ol eight chances to sink free throws. Olliris Hiliiiiii 11, Hagaii and Lewis were hitting well, loo, and their II points apiece were Ihe echoes to Carlisle ' s ringing blows on the bell. Donohuc. .VikIcisoh ' s partner at guard, outshone himself as a passer and several of the field goals made In Carlisle. Lewis and Hagan followed accurate hea cs from him. U. K. C;. I.S SN.ARE {.AV-S. 68 K) 38 IN FIR,ST " GAME Gaiiand Le vis Leads Kentucky X ' ictorv Bv ,St()rins 22 Points Le.xingtoii. Kv,. Feb, 22— Kcnttickx ' s Wildcats and Cieighlon I ' niveisilx s Bluejay.s will clash here tonight in a .second basketball game on consecnli e nights with local fans aiuicipating a battle loval. basing their iudgmeni on the rough nature of last night ' s frav in whith the Big Hluc team downeil Ihe isitors bx (js to . " iS. .Starting wiih the liisi ii|i-()ir Iioih Icams ranted and raged up and dovui the floor for the entire 40 minutes ol play, bill it was a thrill to watch these two basketball machines wDrk their offense and defense. It was Garland Lewis. Jeffersom ille. Indiana. Kentucky ' s lank center, who led the Wildcat attack as he scored a total of 22 points. Ralph Carlisle, the Big Blue ' s sharp-shooting forward, ran him a close second when he dropped in IS markers. Jack Lomax. the Blue Jays ' flashy forward, and one who gaxe the Kentucky guards much trouble, look first place scoring honors for Creighton as he pnsluil 12 |)oiius through the nets. Both teams used the last break and lhe laced up and down the floor at WALKER and LEWIS alternate at the pivot pcsition. Lewis usually shifting to forward when Walker enters the game bicak-netk speed. I ' ic(iiieiil louU ic- suited, and a lew passes icnl asira . but lor the most part it was an amaz- ing exposition of skill. Field goals were made liom e ery conceivable angle, with Kentucky ])opping in several, and Lomax a couple, that brotighl shouts of astonishment from the crowd. (aeighion made a ])ieH good battle ol it foi a brief period afler Kentuck bail run its total to 13 points. Trail- ing 13 lo I. Creighton scored fnc points in tpiick succession. Il was just a flash in the pan. however, lor Car- lisle. Lewis and Hagan got bus and the Cats pulled awav (itiicklv. CAIS BEATEN WHEN ■JA S REVER.SE FORM OiiKilia Ki e Hands Kentucky Its First Deleai On Home Floor in Three Years Lexinlgoii, K .. Feb. 22— The aston- ishing Caeighton t ' niversity BIueja s toniglr. lelebiatcd Washington ' s birth (lax b (hopping down Kentucky ' s (lierrx liec. defealing ihe Wildcats 31 lo 29 in the most complete icversal of loiiii ever vvilncssed in Lexington. Ihc Kentiickians had binied Cieigh- lon beneath a (iS to 38 avalanche he re last nii hi. and were doped to repeat the massa(ie. des|)iie the fact that the visitors showed class even in defeat. . n ania ed crowd of 2.. ' iO() |ieople watched ihe in-and-out A ' ild(als do a lot of things with the ball, but most of them were in favor of the Blnejavs. Thev passed wildlv and muffed shot after shot, whereas the vidois plaved a hard calculating game. It has been long since Kentucky was defeated on its own floor— not sintc lannarv. 1933. when the championship ()hi(i State five ran rough-shod over the Vildcals. Joe " Red " Hagan was high point iiia)i lor Kenliukv with II poiiils, with (ai lisle gailiciiiig 1(1. C ' s Looked Tiyfd Kciituckv looked tired, as well it might alter the si zling pace it main- tained ill the game on the preceding iiiglu. and ihe Wildcats ' play was not lip lo standard. Their reckless ing and their leakv defense ke|)t them in hot water all the way. On the other hand, Creighton pl.ivcd .1 smart, calculating game. The Blnejavs went about their work as if Ihev had planned every move, and had studied eveiy weakness of their op- ponents. When the Cats tied the score in the waning moments. Creighton for a moment looked as if it might crack, but Monleen, Loinax and Englebret son steadied themselves and their leammales and ihe Cals ' last hope for a V it lorv laded. 1,0(10 SEE CATS TROUNCE ' ANDY COMMODORES Kentntkv Fakes Lead In Con- ference Race By (il-41 Victory Scoring Lexington. Kv.. Feb. 2: " i— (Kiwd of 1.0(11) was Ihiilled lo the point ol bvs- teria last iiiglit in the .Alumni gvmna- sium as they watched the Kentucky Wildcats lake flrsi place in the South- eastern Conference race bv defeating Ihe highly-touted ' anderbilt Commo- dores. 61 to -II. Earlier in the season Ihe Commodores beat the Big Blue icam bv 33 to 24. handing Kentuckv ils Hrst defeat in four years of South- ern basketball competition. Last night ' s game rang down the (iirtain on both Kentiuky ' s and ' an• derbilt ' s 193r)-3() basketball schedule. Before the game N ' anderbill was hold- ing the conference lead with nine vic- tories and three losses, while the Cats had Ave victories and two setbacks. But last night ' s tilt put the Wildcats into undisputed lead, with only the 117 THE THOROBRED FRESHMAN BASKETBALL SQUAD Soiiihc.islc-i II CioiilfiL ' iKC louniainciu pla -olt hiiideiiiig llicin liciin liciiiu; ilic inuhical clianipioiis. Kent Lick) s ace forwards. Joe ■Red " Hagaii and Ralph C ailisle. were llic Icaclers ol the Vildcats ' oltense. scor- ing 19 and 18 niaikeis. respectively, while Lewis, the Big Bine ' s laiikv cen- lei ' . took thii ' d place honois with a total of II conntei ' s. Oxeiiv. the Com- modores ' sharp-shoot inn lorward. was X ' anderbilt ' s .ne in the hole, and he managed to drop in If) points. CMS WIN FlR.Si ROUND GAME OK rOURNAMENT Kentucky I):irel Wins Fiom Mississippi .Stale In Rnox- illc Game Kiiowillc. lenn.. Keli. 2M— I he lUi- xersiiy of Kcinnck Wildcats came through the first ronnd of the .South- eastern Conference tournament by the skin of their teeth here tonight when thev managed to eke out a 11 to .S!) ictor ner the sharp-shooting lads from Mississippi Stale College. Playing a haid and furious game the Mississippi hovs kept in front of the Wildcats until ten minutes of tlie second period had |)assed, and then the Big Blue team forged to the front with a 3,5 to 3t advantage when Don- (.luie lame in lioiii the side lo sink .i beautiful crip shot. I ' p to this lime Mississippi was alua s t Mi ol three poiiils ahead jI the Keiitiit kunis. At tlic half time llie bo s lioiii the deep Soutli held a HI to lill achanlagc. but the usual Wildcat precedent Kjok place tind the came out ol their ihess ing room with renewed vigor and •ptuk, and started to drop their shots Irom e ery place, . fter the Wildcats gained their one ])oiiil margin late in the second period the .Mississippi cag- eis could ncxer again forge to the front, although mam ol their shots hit the rim and rolled oil. W ll.DCl.VIS HE. VI EN RV ' OI..S IN .SE.MI-FINAL.S Gailisle, keiUittkx, .Scine.s 17 Points . s Tennessee ' in.s 39 to 28 knoxville. Tenn.. Keb. 29— 1 he I ni- versity of KeiUuckv l)askctball team — champions of the Southeastern Con- ference—was forced out of the con- ference tomnamenl here tonight In bad olhrialiug. bad pla ing, and bad bleaks, and the l ' ni ersit of lennes see ' olunteers took the Wildcats ' measure by a 39 to 28 score. It was an ill wind that blew Ken- tucky no good when they met the ' ols loiiight in w luu ill piobabi be the best game of tlie 193() tournament. Pla ing a last and furious game, the Wildcats eie unable lo cope with the sharp shooting of the ' rennessee hids. whcj were able to connect with the baskets from almost any angle. One of the main reasons that the Wildcats were on the short end ol the score was the lact that thev could not coineil their free thro s— onh mtiking 12 onl of a possible 22. while the ols dropped in 17 oiil of 21— a good aver- age in an man s league. |ne " Red " Hagan. the Kcninck loi ward ho has had the knack ol pul- ling the ball through the nets at close iiiter als during the Wildcats ' last three or lour games, was held lo four points Kinighl In Rile. Teiiuessee guard Irom . shlaiid. k . Hagan could not get in a position to make a shot until five ininues of the second period had ticked awa , and then lie connected with one of his lamoiis angle shots from the side. Ral|)h Carlisle, the Wildcats ' sharp shoc)ting lorward. was the leading scoiei ol ihe esening- dropping ill a total ol 17 loiiniers. al- though he llacl two pc-lsonal touls agaiiisi him betoie li e miiiules ol llie game had been plaved. Colorth. Kliinglon. Hagan. Walker, and Craig were all members of the ' . ' i. ' i varsity football sc|ttad. .Ml were ends except Craig who plaved lialtback. 118 Coach liicRNiK Shi i- ia mi: AD IRACK AM) KIOIHAl.l. I.IM: COACH ' ' - f THE Vol ume THOROBRED University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky., May, 1935 Number JOE RUPERT. Captain of the ' 35 track squad, is one of the best all-around athletes ever to attend the University SOl ' HOMORE STAR LEADS CAl.S IN NANDV ICIORY Bcii Willis, Reiuutk), Takes Eoiii Firsts In Opening iMeet Lexinglon, lv .. A|)iil l. ' i — Ikii Wil- lis. l ' ni eisi[ ol KcniLKkN sophoiiunc. took (list |)l;icc ill the 10(1 and 22(1 yard dashes and llie high and h) v hurdles, storing 2(1 points to lead the Wildcat iratk team lo an 8.5 to 32 ic- tory over the Xandcrliill Cloniiiiodoies this allenioon on Moll held in the opening meet ol the season. The KenttiLky Ihinlics outclassed the Commodores in e ery e ent except the high jump and the discus, and the pole valiil, in uhich Ha . Kentucky, and C:ampbell. X ' aiiderbilt. tied lor first place. The Cats look first place in 12 events and scored second in seven, vvhile andv registered oiih two firsis ;iiul si seconds. ProlialiK ilic closest race of the alt- eriioon wis tlie mile rela . which uas won by the KenHick c|tiartel. Near- ly every lap ivas run neck and neck initil Gates. Kentuckv anchor man. pulled away from the ' anderbilt man to the finish line two ai(ls ahead. Hocker and Spragens took first and .second in the tw o mile run for Ken- tuckv. but thev finished over a hall lap behind Dave Rogaii. tiddlesbol(l. and |()c Moore. W ' ashingion. D. C. both Kentucky freshmen who were al- lowed to run in the race lo increase the held. Rogan ' s lime in this e ciu was 10:59.5, and he looked exlreineh well as he sprinted the last half lap with apparent ease. 1 he suinmar : lOO-yard dash -Willis (K). lilack ( ' ). ' lime, 10.5. Mile run— Ford (K), Hocker (K). lime. 4:56.5. Shot put— Riipcil (K). Olali (K). Distance, 10 feel !! imhes. Pole vault — H;i (K) and ;.Miipl)cll ( ' ) lied for lusl. clglll. 10 Icel (i inches. IIO- ard dash — Millet (K). Siew;irl ( ' ). Time :55.(). l20- aid high hmdlcs-Willis (K). C ' .ollman (K). lime. :l(i. I. SSO- ard run— Ford (Ki. liavis (Ki lime, 2: I2..S. Di-scus- Heck ( ). Riipcii (K). Dis- lance. 1 15 feel iiu Irs. High jump- L nii ( ' |. .Mason ( ' ). Height. 5 feel S iiulu-s. 220- aiil dash - Willis iKi. HLuk ( ' ). lime. :23.l. jaxelin — Svmpson (K). McMillan (K). Dislame. 15iS (eel I indies. Broad jump — Carlisle (K). Ryan ( ' ). Distance, 19 feet 7 inches. Two-mile run— 1-Iocker (K). Spia- ,gcn (K). Time 11:26.9. (Rogau ' s lime in this event was 10:59.5). 220- ard low hurdles - Willis (K). Harvev ( ' ). Time, :27.5. Mile relay — Kenlucky. Winning leaiii members. Miller, Grain. Led- ridge and Gates. GEORGIA TECH RUNS OVER CAT CINDERMEN Willis, Wildcat Star, Gets Two Firsts . s Kentucky 8! ■] ' () . " )() . llanla, Ga.. . piil 20 — Winning eleven out of nfleeii events. Georgia lecfr irackiucn defeated the Univer- sity of Keiuuck tiiidetmen by 81 lo 50 here on Grant held this afternoon. Willis, the Wildcat track dash man. starred for tfie visitors with 16 points. He capttiiett bolh the dashes and placed a step behind Dean, lech ace liurdlei, in bolh high and low ob- stacles. Willis got away lo a big lead, bill faltered slighlly on llie last hurdle and lost out in two thrilling linishes. Hocker and Xe eis tapnned Ken- tiuk ' s oihfi two i(Iones. Iloikei i oii llie [ (t mile lull in the l.iM 10 ards and Nevers lossetl the jasclin 125 (eel 6 inches. De:in w:is Icdi ' s aie stiiici willi lliiee lirsis and one third. He (iii bolh. hurdles, the shot, and got a ihird in llie iliscus. Ford ol Kenluck :ipp:iienll ihc best m:in in ihe li.ill mile, bin .i foul on Ihe l;ist linn. ga e ihe rate lo CMipliiin l),i etipoil ol lech. I he lime o( the dashes and the iinis ueie eMcplionally fact, consicfering Ihe soggy irack. Rain fell during the last hall of the meet. I he siimiii.n : Mile 1 nil — . lcLaiii ( f ). West [1). I lavis, (K). 1 ime. -1: 18. I lO-vard dash — Jones (F). Gales (K). Miller (K). Time, :53.3. IOO- aid dash-Willis (K). . liKiii- le (1). Walker (K). Time ;10.2. Pole xaiill-.Smilh fF), Hay (K), Simpson (K). Height. 10 feel 6 inches. 16-potind shot ])ul— Dean (T). Ru- pert (K), Preston (Ki. Distance. 42 leel. 2 inches. 120-vard high hurdles - Dean ( F). Willis (K). f lifts ( T). Time, :f5.9. 8S0- arcf run— Davenport (1). Ford (Ki. Ikiilev (T). Time. 2:3.01. 220-xard ' dash-Willis (K), Walker (K|, Faylor (T). ' Fime :22.9. Running high jump — Hvder (F), Carlisle (KI, Hayes ( F). Height, 5 feet, 5 intties. Two-mile inn— Hocker (K). Kodel (T). liaison ( 1). 1 ime. f0:3l.l):i. 220-vard low hurdles — Dean (1), Willis ' (K), Fulls (T). Time :25. Discus thioH— e ers (K), Fiusim- ?P5 !%s??KlX RELAY TEAM Left to right — Grain, Gates, Ledridge. Miller 120 THE THOROBRED COFFMAN uu;ts the high liuicile in fine form lllll ( I :. Dean ( I ' l. Oisiaiuc 12 " ) li-c-l. I iiuh. Ruiiiiiiis; liioad iiiin|)— Mdorc ( I i. Ha es (1). Carlisle (K). Disiaiuc. 21» Iccl. II iiulics. Ia cliii llirow Koil (1). riiillips, I I). Sxinpson (K). DisiaiKt-, Kil led. I iiulies. Mile iela — letli. Sca , West. Junes and I)a cni« rl. lime. . ' !:;i2.2. nis( lis — Xeveis I ' K ' i. Sdnilei (H), Riiperi (ki. Dislame. 121 leel . 101 , iiu lies. Mile run lldckei iKi. Ii.i is (Kl. kilin I II 1. I ime. , " :(). " ). I III , ml (l.ish -l.edridKe ik). C.ales iki. (.aidnei lU). Time. ■.Mi. ' t. Mill xard dasli - I ' aiinenler (Hi, Have ' Hi. kii isk (H). lime. :lll.2. l20- ai(l his h linrdles - Willis (ki. Works (H). Collman (K|. lime. :17.l SSO-vaid inn — Ford (k). uinii; (Hi. rra is (k|. liiiie. 2:Hi. 220- ard low Iniidles - Willis (ki. Works iH). Collman (kl. 1 ime. 22. !t. Iwo-mile run — Hotker (kl. kilin (Hi. (.raler (H|. 1 ime. I I ;2. ' !. Hit;h iinn|) — (.ardnei (Hi. Cai lisle (kl. Haillex (H|. Heii lil. " leel S Inthes. [avelin— Sini|isnii (ki. larlin (H). Xe ers (ki. Distance. I: " )(l leel 3 inches. .Shot pul — Rupert (k). Denton (H). e ers (K). Distance, :i!) leel 10 inches. 220-vard dash-Willis (K). Walker (ki. I ' ariiicnler (H). Time. :24.6. .Mile relax — kenttukN . linic, 3:15. 1L1K;. 1 THINLIE.S VIN IRO.M H.XNOVER 77 TO 54 Willis. Is.tiiuuk . cc. Scores I ' iliccn I ' oims To Lead Victors Hiinover. Ind.. April 27— The I ' ni- ersitv ol kenltick wdii a dual tr.ick meet liom Hano er Collei;e here ihis ariernoon. 77 to 54. The track was heavv with mud and time in all e eiits was slow. Kcntiickv was first in all but three of the lillccn e euls. Inn Hanover scored the onh ■slam. " in llie l(IO ard dash. I ' ar- iiienler. Ha e and kri iskv finished in that order. The hi,»;h point was ' illls of kentuck . who look I he 22l) aid dash and the 220- ard hijih and low liurdles ior lilteeu jjoints. Hocker of kenliickv. who won ihe one and Iwo- mile races, was second hi ;h with ten points. The kenttuk relax team clindieil the ictor heloie the last iwo exenis had lieen loniesied. I he suininai : I ' ole .lull - SI illlianinier (Hi. |. Ha e (Hi. I.. Ha (k). Heij;ht. 1(1 lect. () inches. Ilroad iiinip — Ha e (Hi. Carlisle (K), .SMupson (k). Disiaiue, 20 feet, lOi inches. C;. 1.S RE.ADV IOR BEREA AFTER HANOVER WIN Tiack Team In Good .Sliajjc For Alieriioon rilt; Bcrea Has .Strong Tcaiir Lexington, kv.. . pril 30 — Fresh from iheir 77 to 54 victory over Han- over College .Saturday, Coach Bernie .Shi elv ' s arsitv track team will face Beiea Collcfic at 3 p. m. this afternoon on .Stoll field. The freshman track team, which has been practicing for the past several weeks, will engage the Berea fresh leant at the same time. . gainst Hanover last ,Satiirda the Cats were handicapped bv the muckh conditions whith atcoiinted for the poor times in most of the running e ents. Ben Willis, sophomore dash star, was once more high point man for kentuckv with 15 poinls. scoied in winning Ihe 220 aul dash, and the high and low hurdles. Valker and Willis were dis(|ualilied in the 100 vard dash when ihev had loo many false starts. N ' e ers again look first place in llie discus throw and Bud Hocker came through with a double victors in ihe mile and two mile runs. Billv Ford won handilv in his faxorile distance, ihe half mile exent. The Berc.i leam ha e al a s gi en the ' ildials plent of trouble and il is e [ eiled that lhe will extend Coach .Shi el ' s teams to the limit this afternoon. Ihe varsitv and freshmen events will be run simultaneotislv so that all the events will be concluded in regulation time. BEN WILLIS, Wildcat speedster, is the mainstay of the thinlies this year U. OF K. FRACRSl ERS AVIN DUAL MEET FROM BERE. X ' arsity And Fieshnian Tiack Feanis Score Easy X ' ic lories 0 er Mountaineers Ijexinglon. ky., April 30 — Winning 12 of the 13 first places, the keiiluck Wildcats casilv defeated the Berea Mountaineers bv a score of S5 lo 4(i. while the kittens subdued the Beiea frosb. 107i i to 251 . in a double meet held this afternoon on Stoll field. lien Willis, crack dash and hurdle sophomore, was the outstanding Wiltl- cat performer, running the century in 10 seconds flat, and winning three other e enls lo score a total of 20 points. Da e Rogan. bv winning ihe iialf mile and mile e ents. !)esides be- ing lead-oil man on the winning relav leam. was the outstanding kitten run- ner. Rogan ran the mile in the excel- lent time of 1:31.3. bettering the old l ' ni eisit letxntl of 1:35. ( ' iiiler. io eiing the mile in 1:13.3. :iihI Siewaii. doing the two mile in 10:55.2. weie the otitslandiug Berea men. l.ediidgc Avon the 440 lor kenliick but bis teammate. Gates, louled a Berea runner on the first turn and ol- fi i;ils ruled the kenluckx lads oiii. glxing Berea a clean sweep in this e ent. Coach Shixeh and his ild(als x il] be hosts lo liie t ' ni eisil il 1 eiuies- see olunteeis Sattirdax alleinoon on Sloll field. Ihe sumniarv: Mile run— Carter (B). Stewart (BV M( Mister (B). lime. 4:43.3. I ' ole vault — Hav (k). F zard (Bi and .McMillan (k) tied for second. Height, 10 feet. 121 THE THOROBRED -Y . , ., ' .V MCMILLAN and NEVERS, tuo l.iutiiall plav in the field ll(l- :ir(! (lash- AliiKiii ilii. Wulk-i iB). Wheclei (Hi. lime yiM. 100- aiil dash-Willis (K.|. Walker (K), MtMillaii (K). fiiiic :I0. High jiini|) — Carlisle (K . l " . aid (B). Millei iki. Hcij;hl j leet (i inches. lL ' (l- aid hisli luiiilks-W ' illis iK). HaTu doii (Bi. Ccillniaii iKi. Fime. : 1(3.1. KH()- aid run — I-oid iki, C;arlci (B). Bvion (B). Time 2:.5. 220-yaid dash — Willis (K). . lmon (B). Time. ;i;( Discus — Rupert (K.). Nc ers (ki. Xesbit (K|. Distance. 121 feet 8 inches. Two-mile run — .Stewart (B), Mc- Daniels (B). Hocker (K). Time, 10:2. " ).!. Broad jump — tiarlislc iKi. S nip- son (K). Lanih (B). Distance. 19 leet . " inches. 220-vard low hindles - Willis iK.). Coflman iKi.;.;dan iBi. lime. ;27.1. .Shot— Rupert (K). Ncshit (B). Nev- ers (K|. Distance, l feet. .5 inches. |a elin — McMillan (Kl. S nipson ik). Nesbit iBi. Distance IIS feet. Relax — Kcntuckv. ( ' rain. (.atcs. Ledridi e and Millei. r, ' .. take carr 01 the uneh:i anci discus events derson matched strides o ei the iciule to leach the finish line tos ethcr loi a perfect dead hciii in the c-xcepiional time of 9.8. A short time later. Willis led . nclcr- son to the tape in the 220 aid dash in the lime of 21.8. . nderson was high point man ol the meet, scoring first place in the shot put and the high jump, second place in the broad jump and 220 yard clash, and a tie in the ccntuiay for a total of 20 points. Willis was second high point man with a first in the 220 ;ii " cl dasli and high hurdles, second in the low hurdles and a tie in the ccntinx clasli for a total of 17 points. The Wildcats, who ha e gone all car xvithout a captain, elected Joe Rupert, weiglit man. and former cap- tain of the Kcntnckx football team, as this year ' s track captain. This alter- noon ' s meet was the last dual encoun- ter of the season for the Big Blue, bni Coach Bernie Shivch will lake sexcial of his stars to Birmingham loi ilic lENNE.S.SEE WINS FROM CAT.S IN FINAL MEEI Willis ;m l .Aiulcisoii Rim Duiul Heat in Fast Ciciiuiix Dash Lexinglon. k .. Ma 1 - Willi Ben Willis. Wddcai sophomore flash, and . nderson. Fcnnessee sprint star, hold ing the spotlight, the Kentuckv cinder artists recei ed a (iSI-.S to 18 2-3 de- feat at the hands of ihe Volunteers this afternoon on Stoll field before sev eral hundred spectators. The outstanding event of the meet was the 100 yard clash. Villis and .An- Soinheasiern Conference meet Mav ' i and IS. KENFUCKV I.S .SE ' EN TH IN SOUTHE.VS lERN iMEET IV ' ii Willis, WiUkal .Slar, .Scores All OI Kemucky ' s Points As L. .S. U. ' Wins Biimingham. . lii.. I.i Is— I.ouisi- ;nia State L ' ni ersil wmi ilic Sotnli- easiern Conference annual iriiik and field meet today willi 7S pciinis, e activ double those made li Ahibiima. which finished second. Scores of other teams were ;is fol- lows: Georgia. 2li _,: . uburn 2O1 2; lidane, 15: rennessee and Mississip- pi State, 14: Kentucky 10; Georgia Tech, 8; Florida, . " 1. anderbilt and Sewanee failed to score and Mississip pi was not entered. Willis scored all ol kemucky ' s points, finishing second in the 220- ard low litnches; tliiicl in the 100- ard dasli: and third in the 220- ard dash. .SE ENTEEN THINLIES AWARDED LEI lERS Squad Von I ' hiee And Lost Two iMeets Dining Season Graduate Manager S. . . " Daddv " Boles announced that the following men would be awarded letters in rec- ognition of their participation in in- tercollegiale competition on the 193.5 Kentucky track scpiad; Joe Rupert (Captain). Jack Grain. Ralph Carlisle, Cameron Colfman. W. H. Ford, Charles Gates. Langan Ha , V ' alter Hocker, Paul Ledridge. Norris McMil- lan, W. L. Miller. Scanley Nevers. Crordon Svmpson, Robert Travis, Har- i Walker, Ben Willis, and Henry Roll wage, manager. HAY displays fine form in the pole-vault. CHARLES OLNEY takes care of the high jump and broad jump 12:; THE THOROBRED I . K. lU I1.1)1N(. MODERN OlAR I l-R ■ Mll.F TRACK I ' W I- uniK 1 1) Inipi i) rniriu Field Sioll il slll.ddO liolii ) cinincnl uill lie used ihc lootliall ilcUl :t n 11 was annoiiiut ' cl 1) I ' rolcs All .i| {iiii|ii ialioii I ho Icvlcial ill iiii|)r i iii.i{ vuuliiiin vol n, . Ifiicll. ci il c-n »iiiccMins; ilfpailiiiciu. llif plans lall loi l.lOli Icel ol lonticlc wall, a miinins; Hack, press l) i and a .Suk stand. In I he plaic ol the wooden leiite which is now on ihe norlh side ol ihe held a ten loot loncretc wall. 500 leei Ions ' 11 ' " ■ I ' liill. I he wall, about lour Icct thick, will slope to the top. On the south side of the Held a 600 loot ictainini; wall will be erected. I his wall will be built out from the present fence and will include about iialf an acre more ground in the held. A modem press box, accomodating se eni writers, will be built at the top ol the south stand. The box will be constUKled of concrete, with a large plate glass window at the front. It will be S5 feet long. 18 feet high, and will contain three tiers of tables on the inside. Included in this strut - Hue will be a broadcasting room, a ])laie lor the public address system and other facilities. The present running ti.iik. aiotind the outside of the pla ing lield, will l)e remo ed and a new; track put in. It will be a ipiarter of a mile long, with a 220- aid sti ' aighl-awa hlled to a depth of 18 inches with crushed stone. A drainage system will be put in. coveted with 18 inches of crushed stone, topped with cinders ar.d then coal ashes as the top la er. HKREA IRO.SII FOSK K) KiriKNS; SIMl ' SON .STARS kcilliitlvN c. 11 lilies Take l I ' laics 111 Three Fxcnis l,c ingtiiii. K .. piil 30 — I ' aced b " Red " .Simpson. Iicsliman football star, the I ' nixersitx of Kentucky year- lings easih defeated Ueiea frosh here this afternoon in a dual track meet on SloU field, running up IO71 2 points to 2.51 , for the isiiors. ' Simpson look hisis in ihc ja elin and disius and a sciniid in the shot loi .1 loial ol 13 poinls. The Kittens look all llncc |)laces in the fill. 100. broad jump, and the shot. Rogan. freshman milei. clipped 3.7 seconds olf the old l ' ni ersitv recoixl when he covered the distance in 4:31.3. Ihc Mile Moore record). I ' ole anlt l ' owell iH). Koher (K) and Carter (Ki tied for second. Height. 10 feet. 44(l- :ird dash - Hellard (K). Gor- man (K). eal (K). Time. 55.7. 100-vard dash — Rigsby (K). I ' ardo (K). p ' orden (K). Time. 10.3. High jump— Raynor (K|. Lutz (k), I)a is (K) and Powell (1$) tied for third. Height. 5 feet 6 inches. 120- ard high hurdles-Morat (K). Stephenson (K). I ' ouell (15). Time. :1 ).I. S80-vard run — Rogan (K). Vard (B), .Steckmest (K). Time. 2:7.1. 220-yard dash — Rigsbv (K). I ' ardo (Ki. Vogel (B). Time, :23.7. Discus — Simpson (K.). Jones (K), summary: 11111- (K|. -Rogan rime. (Ki. 4:31.3 Hatton ( new (B). track V L. tztwokivwJS -Hatton (K). Moore Time. 10:55.2. jump— Leonard (K). Davis (K|. Distance. Chepe- 20 feet. ' i)KI) .uKi ri.;. I.s aif two of the middle- distance men on the Cat squad hitehoiise (B|. Disiaiuc. Ill feel. I inches. rwo-milc rtin- (K). I)a is (K|. liroad lelf (K) 8 inches. 220- :ird low hindles-Forden (K), Cassell (Hi. Nforat (K). lime. :28.5. Shot put — joiies (K). Simpson (K), Hinkebein (Ki. Distaiue. 37 leet. 8 inches. lavelin — Sinipson iKi. Combs (K). Cassell (Bl. Disiaiue. 152 feet. 8 inches. Relav— Kentucky. Rogan. eal, Hel- lard and Currv. • •- , l; i,! . ' .. :.i Mllkili, Millrr, I, , i ' :,rii-i. i till man , Ciiiii], II;u, ' Il ' aliiir Mai Sccund rou.— Coach Shively. Lcdndgc. Ohiey, Travis. Hocker. Nevcrs. Ford. Wilhs 123 THE THOROBRED r 1 ■ -» — " vcmc ' ■ n " nii %.» • ■ fanp3p " ■— ' ■ t " ■» ' ■ ' ■■ ' ■»- -—ii ' ■ ' f f — - — «• — ' - FRESHMAN TRACK SQUAD First rOKJ— Simpson, Combs. Steckmest. Leonard. Veal. Forden. Pardo. Scott Second row — Moore. Stevens. Carter. Wallace. Chepeleff. Raynor. Price TENNES.SEE WINS E. ,SILV FROM KENTl ' C-.RV l-RO.SH I ' oinicT l ' iiK illc I ' Ootball Star I,c;k1s Bab) ' ()ls To Xicioiy Le in ' ;ton. K ., Ma Id — Tlic I ' lii ersily ol Iciiiifssce licshiiicii had an easy time delcalini; llic Liniycisiiy ol Kentucky (rush this altciiiooii in a dual track meet on Stoll ticid, the dual track meet on .Sloli held. The isitois piled up S i i points to 34i, , " Red " Harp, former football star of Pineyille High School, picked up two firsts and a second for 13 points on individual scoring honors. ' Red " Simpson, a freshman from Uessmer. Ala., was Kentucky ' s leading point maker, annexing (lists in the ja elin and discus throws for 10 points. Tennessee made clean swec|js in fiye events, wliile Kentucky giaml slannned in only one. Sinnmai : Mile — Oveiholl (1). .Sunil (I). lime, I: l. ' i.,-i. I ID-vaid dasli-l ' i(k ( I i, cal (K). I iinc. i.M.dL ' . l(IO- ard (lash (Kl. lime. :lll. Shotpnt - HaMU ' s i I , |(ines nisiance. 10 feel 10 iiuhes. I ' olf vault— Ciiswell (I). Carter Heiglu. 10 feet 6 inches. 120-yard high hurcUcs— Fisher Weber (T). Tiiiie. :l " Hall mile— Overholi (1). I ' .|)peison (1). lime. -A. Discus — .Simpson (K). Jones (K). Uistance, 118 feet. 220-yard dash-Harp (I). Pick (T). Time, ' :22.8. High jump- Andcisim ( 1 i. cbci (V) and Raviior iKi. lied lor sccoiul. Heiglu, . " ) feet, G inches. Two-mile run— Mouic (ki, Riniiei (1). lime, 11:08. Jayelin — .Simpson (Ki, Haves (1). Distance. 107 feel, (i iiulics. 220 vard low hurdles — l- ' ishei ( 1). Harp (I 1. lime. :2(i.OI. Hroad jump— Anderson i 1 ). Rigsi)v (K). Distance. 21 feel lli, iiuhes. Rckiv— Tennessee. Kppeison. BrovMi. Oveiholt and Pick, IRESHM.AN lR. t:R MEN . W. RDED NUiMER.M.S Freshmen track men were au aided numerals at a meeting of the .Vthletic Council, yesterday. Those leeciving them were Carter. Che|K ' lelf. Jones. Moore. Pardo. Ravnor, kigsbv. Simp- son, Steckmest, and Veal. WRITER RECALLS KE. 1 S OF " SHIPWRECK " KELLY, ONE OF KEN1UC;KYS ALL-IIME 1R. CK SI ARS Hal p ( 1 I, Rigsbv (K). (K). ■.(). |ohii simms " Shipwreck ' Kelly is undoubtedly one ol llie most oiU- standing track siais ui allcnd the Iniversitv. His record is onlslanding, sinie he look ]jarl in oiilv two veais ol var- siiv compclilion, due to the lad that in his senior vear he sullered a ctil nhich became infected and was forced Id absiain from iimning uiilil ihe last nieel of ihe veai. In 1930, Kelly ' s sophomore )ear. llic Big Blue track team won four out of live dual meets and made a creditable showing in the C.eorgia lech relays and the .Soulhern Confer- ence meet. In the first meet against CJeorgelown. Kelly took first in the 100-vard dash, broad jump, and 220- vard dash, . gainsi ' anderl ilt he scored 15 points and ran the 100-yard dash in 10 seconds, which at that lime was exteptionallv last. The fact that lennessee gave the Cats their onlv setback did not over- shadow Kelly ' s sparkling performaiite in which he garnered 18 of his team ' s 49 points, . gainst Sewanee he took three fusts, and against Cincinnati he broke the tape lour limes and liii- ished second once. " Shipwreck " was to-captin of the 1931 thinlies who went through Ihe season undefeated and look eight h place in ihe Sonthein Conference Hack meet at liirmingham. Ilial vear Kellv ran the century ilash in 9,9 and won eyery race in which he compel- ed. He also won eyery 220-vai(l clash in which he was enleied in dual com- peiilion and took second in the con- ference meet. In addilion lo his work in ihe dashes Kelly showed fans thai he ccjuld jump as well as sprini and set a new record of 23 feet live ami ihree-cpiarlers inches in ilic liioail jump. , s was previoiislv slaUil, Kellv was unable to compete in .inv mecis in his senior year, uiuil the Soulhern Conference meet, where he managed lo lake hflh ])lace in the 220 v aid clash in spile of his weakcnecl con clilion and lack of piacliie, Ihe record of " Shipwreck " Kelly is indeed oulsiaiuling and will long be remembered in the annals of the University of Kentucky. 124 INOR SPORTS kv (Oil INS ■hoc " llOW ' MNf. M ' CIW SKIWIK SI MIK l . RWIIMI KKOW C.RWIIMI ]l kl S Varsity Tennis The LIni cisii ol Kciuiukx uniiis icain, toailR-d 1) " Doi " H, H. l owiiint;, cmic iluDu li a MU(i- .sliil net season in Ul fi. winnini loiii matches and losins iwo. Su|)|)()ilc(l In al)le iesei es IVoni the 19, 51 lieslinian team, the a)sit scjuad lounded into sliape and In the end (il llic season was |)laying lop-nouh tennis. lOSf) N ' F r SCHEDl ' I.E St. Xavier rain Berea. 2 Rentiick , 7 ' andei hill, , ' i Kenliu k , () Tennessee vain Sewanee lain .Alabama, f) Rentiitkx . Auburn, 2 Renluek , 7 Georgia Tec h rain Georgia, 9 Kentucky, Berea, 3 Kentiukx, fi Geoige Tulloch was niunbcr one man ol the team, with James Moore liold- ing second position. LETTERMEN James, Moore, captain; Geoige Tulloch, alternate captain; Ehis Stahr, Law- rence Jenkins. Da e Randall, Maiion Brown. George Skinnei, Gharles Randall, and Julian Lncian, nianagei . 126 n % " VI IU ' R M ' m(.l NS vol I. lOSTFR KOITP Freshman Tennis Diif lo iiuk ' iiiciH wcatluT all iln- iiKilthcs which had been sclit-chilcd h)i the ficshiiian leiinis team wi ' ic caiucilcd. The Icaill, vhich vas (oaduil l) I ' homas Rose, should add sliciit;lh lo the 1936 varsity squad. Alth()ii ;li ii phncil no maulics, ihe team was (|iiite aliial)le in its assistance in rounding; the aisii inio shape. Competition between mem- bers of the arsily and I ' leshmen s(nia(ls was ery keen and this inteiesi tended lo kei ' p ihe arsil on edf e loi inleix ollej iale (ompelilioii. Those makin. ; mimeials veie: Phil Kn kl)ardt. Harold Hiiher, Riiel Foster, VV. C. Botts, John Spragens, Anhui X ' oll, illiam Edmunds, and ' a ne Fran , nianasfcr. 127 iMKL-.mKim » i 1 1 I i . nil. II Wll 1 k 1 1 KM)I I , i h 1 . III! I I . Ml i I u mm M;h Golf Team Cioir cst;il)lislicd as a niiuor spoil on the iani|)Us in Ml. ' ij and ihc leain hatl a sncic-sslnl season. tlt. ' s|)ilc the lad llial llic had no coach. The Icani divided ihe legidai season with loni ic lories and the same number ol deleats. bill closed with a smashiii " cUma b winning the State Intel colleuiate GoU lournameiil hehl at I.oiiisx iilc. |(ilin Kxeisole, iiiniibei one phiNei on llie team, •was llie mechibsl in tliis lomnamenl. The lestdts ol the season aie as hdlows: L;ni eisit ol L()iiis ille. iliere. won; lieie. von. llni ersit of Tentiessee. there, lost. V estein .State Teachers College, here, won. University of Dayton, there, lost: here. lost. Eastern State Teacher College, there, lost; here. won. Kentiickv Intei coUesiate Tournament. Loiiis ille, won. o Members of the team included Captain John 1). Haggard. John Excrsole, Walter Hillenmeyer. Jack Howard, and Louis Hillenme er. 128 S|(_ M; II I kl NsNN I II (. l M s Sl ' l I 1 Kill I I) -MM I M ( i 1 1 m;i kK S MULI,S ntramura Siiuc its ()|i ani ;ai()ii in 19L ' S, ilic inlianuir;il Dcparliiicnl ol llii- I ' iii fi sil has made rapid strides in i()sKiin athletics aninni; the Irateinilies and ihc inde- pendent i ioiips on the iani])tis. It has instilled in ihe l)ci s (onipelin; lh ' sense of fail pla . spDt tsnianship. and has promoted ood lelloAvship am in;; llie men stnilenls. A special note ol praise shoidd go to ihe man - vho makes inli.nnnials pos- sible, the direilor. C. ' . I lac kensmilli. and also lo the stmlenl m. makers. I ' ERSONNEL M. K. I ' onKK, He Ill (if I III- Drlxiyliiiriil if I ' ul F.iliii iiliini t.. V. Hackknsmiiii, ! Ill laiinniil Dnrihn |. Mil I I R JUNIOR MANAGERS l. (. i rs A. Aki RS FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORE TRY OU IS . Swn lis Piiii, Neni Rrirri) ]. 1.. KeRRi M. I C1K[)F V. (.MIIOl |. ()l ISI Mil KRV SPOR IS PROGRAM Trtiiii .S ' or .s— Vollcxhall. Basketball, Diamond Ball. Track. Free ' I ' hicm- Iiidividudl Sixiiis—Tennh. Boxin.g-. Horseshoes, Wrestling, Handball, Ping-Pong. Fencing 129 A Sillily III Wliilr lirll mill Tiilr ( ' .liiiliM airs mill Skiniiri Tii-Drll .liil liiiic I ' l Kaj) (liiiiiliijilrl. ' , Di ' llii y.rlii (iiiiilrii Ddii ' l Iiiol; Sine. Hill — ( ' .mill ' s Cliiiliriiii rlir Oiirvii liiioiis AiiiKi liiiiii mill Mm Lib l.inlus iij I III- CnlllL The blue grass waves the bluest In Kentucky Yet blue bloods are the fewest In Kentucky Moonshine is the clearest By no means of the dearest And yet it acts the queerest In Kentucky «K.o - AMON6 KENTUCKY ' S - v - QUEENS Miss V r a n c v. s W o o d s , Kl , irCKIAN BEAT I ' Ql ' UKN -i A A Miss E I I a b e t h Jones CJUEEN ' s AllENDAN r AAA Miss Lois K i n (. . qui-kn ' s attendant K K r Miss Lucy M a d d c j x , queen ' s attendant i I I S S 1)11111 1 1) s W () R 1 II . N QUEEN ' S Al lENDANl ' N () k R I s • ■ (I ir ' M c M I I. I, A . II k II)SI I ' LU ' I I AR MAN Iii( Inn ' .s ii Ml iil ic mill Sin i)l)sli ' ni ' riir Tlinikrys Tlii ' Srciii " Bninil " " Enil ' inini " I ' lii iizzi ]] ' liiil-ii-. lini lii III I; mill ( n ' ln Tji ' i) ' rniiiili Hninlncs Slnnjislinr hi ' i niiiio •iiiiii (Una Is Tliiil Oilr? The dove ' s notes are the saddest In Kentucky The streams dance on the gladdest In Kentucky Hip pockets are the thickest Pistol hands the slickest Cylinders turn quickest In Kentucky - rganizatlons FRATERNITIES AND - SORORITIES ' A LI. IN SMITH I-ISIIHM K II (.(.l joui. n I Kllil s;ii f. H) i ilk H ousemotners thi An iiuci;i,il j)ai i ol c cn lialcvnil and si)ii)iil n iIk L ' ni crsil ol kcnuuk cain|Jiis i ils lioiistMiiother. Hers is mu an eass lasL. since slie must ha e palientc. tnl- crancc. charm, and man other iriiies. Ih s-, ' charming hicHes have so endeared them- sehes to e er one with iioni lhe iia e come in contact, that : e are indeed pioiid to be tile (nsl Rentiukian to iia e ihe ])ri ile;;e oT dechcalini; a pai e to them. Mrs. lii Kill Ai [ I . . I|)1kl Oelui I licla Mrs. |. V. Smn n. .Alplin (iaiimia Delia Mrs. N[ Bi:i. Ftsub c:k, .M|)lia Xi Delta Mrs. John H u;caN. Chi Onicua NfRS.!S R H JoiT II. Delia .cla Mrs. J. T. I ' Riiir. Kappa Delia AFrs. . i IRI 11 W siii (.io . Kappa kappa t. Mrs. I ' m i ii H. Fr vscas. cla Tan Alpha Mrs. K. W. Dr ii R. lpha C.aniiiia Rho Mrs. . n i I I . Alpha Sii ina I ' hi Mrs. V. F.MBR . lpha Tan Oine.i;a Mrs. H. C. Boi is. Dcli.i Chi .Mrs. W. F. .Skm kin. Delia 1 au Delia Mrs. . ni)rku Mow m n. Kappa -Aljiha Mrs. Dais Pkiik.o. Kappa .Sij iiia Mrs. R. I,. Si.ADK. l.ainbcla Chi - lpha Mrs. 1 . S. H (. N. I ' hi Delia Ihela Mrs. () I I II Hk.i.i nhoih i, I ' hi Siniiia Kappa Mrs. Fii i i n W rni r. I ' i Kap])a lplia Mrs. Fi 1 iu i ii Foiiii n. .Sinnia , lpha Fpsihm NfRs. [ n s F(H HON. Sinnia Chi Mrs. Fr n( is S i I 1 1 1 . ,Sij nia Nil Mrs. Ri n D. Ri 1 1 . Siirnia I ' hi Fpsihm Iks. Fi III I H. Iisii. Iri.iin ' le 144 Alpha Delta Theta li.-i Cll 1 ' I I KS Beta Chapter OIFICERS Haii.ii: Ddw.nim. I ' lcsidcnl Mary Edith Bach .... ] ' i(c-P fsi (lritl Martha HoNKRK.VNH ' .. Sciiclmy CoiDir I5i i.[ Ticii.Miici Sl.XIORS (.11] nil lii [I II Mill )ii i c. M i i II Hum kk mi ' I ' ll in I II Ml " 1 I K H MORS l Md Kill 111 li i II Ri Si i(i SOI ' HOMORl.S ]i i I !i 1 II i Rrin T ri lu i I ' l.EnOF.S .Aw Ci 11 lORIl IJoi I s . f VRCXKI I 1$R() 1)[1I S Till I.M A Col.I.lI K |li l ' Hll (.l R W ii l. ( 11 I ' . M Xi i 1 1 i M Trim ior Till 1 i I i R i ' lRr.l IA Jl ' NMM.S M R . l SI l W Ml ( 1 iii:mi:vi R 111 I.I. l M I I V IIOWNINC IIOM RK . II ' n cii WAM.ACF. ( oll.ll K I Mil 111 1 ll l TVULBTlE SKXTON HUNGER JI ' N ' NINT.S HOLES TAURMAN BROADnr.s I ' " WlmilMlltinW- " ' Alpha Delta Theta -iva.s founded in 1921 at Trans I ania College, hciiis; ihc oiiiurowih of a local group. Alpha lliela, which was e.stab- lished in 1919. Ikta chapter was installed on ilie University taiiipus in 1922. The sorority colors are Tiircjuoise Hhie, Sihci, and .Scarlet; the flower is tlic Sweet Pea; and the publication is " The Portals. " 145 r.iLLK; KERR FARMl U MARSHAI.l. HOLMES DE IIlir.HKS WERST D11M)0 BECK JOHNSON ' ST. JOHN CANNON RIl.[ Y 11 ARDESTY MARTIN llROADlil N 1 ROGER IRIMISI.E JON I ' .S It.KI.l k MARCUM JOHNS M 11.1.1 WIS IM IIGFS COOPICR rr ro 111 Mlll.l l COYTE SHirr KMSlKON(. I Vl.l.lSllR Ml Rl ' llV ACRll 1 I. NM K lil ' RCrROX I ' OTII R Kllllll 1.1 SMITH 11. MERrin 11. MIM ' I ' riuM r FERGUSON STIIZ E. JOM.S OODSON in kij OFFICERS HUI.F.N F.AKMl ' .R FirsKh-iil Mary Eckler I ' ice-Presideiit Virginia John.son Srrrrliny Mary King Roger Ticasinin Ttfi Alpha Gamma Delta 1(1 (II 1 ' I IRS Epsilon Chapter MEMBERS IN FACULTY Makii U K( I Sai.ia 1 1 c:i: 15 Kii K HrcK C ' .OIRIM 1 C N () 151 I i 1 D WIS DoKoi in Aw I)i! i)() M K I ' ll Mil I II KCKUI K SI MORS l K1 l-.l.l Mil I 11 (.11, 1. If. 1,11 I.I Hoi Ml -. C.I.IM Hri.iii s ' ll((.l l J(lll SO I ' KWCl s KlUR l K Ki (. Koc.i K M K M KMi xr.i, )i w Si. Joii.s Cm III rim W ' i RSI DoROIIl ]{R() l)lil I Marcari T Cooi ' j R I ' ll Mil I II Cr IN i iii;i I ' .i W ' li III H MORS Him jN !• r.mi k Oamii.i.i- Hidci s C R()l.i,M Johns (AllllRIM |oMs Iii.i)Ri-i) Mariin KiSII RiLKY Ani Rohkrson Nancy Trimbi.k SOI ' IIOMORKS DoKoi in , k isiro c. r.Li.i Oov II K IHRVN Fl.WM R Hi 1 1 1,1 I Hi (. Rn I ' Ml IM |oii, so Kvl■,I. . Mc.Ai.i.isii R l ' ' R C:r,S MllRI ' H I lll 1 I ' ' l ION Hi I in Run 1 1 Hi in I ' Rici l Ki II I.oi isi Siiirr l-R N( IS S irm Moi I II ( ui I All! 1 . |1 |S . n I OINl I I I Hi R(.l RON I, I III I, L NI1 li Rl I NI lA NS M Mn I ' .ii.i N FiRi.i ' soN I ' l I l)(.l S ' i I.MA Hardi sn F.I.AINI |0NIS l RII M KI I M Hi I M Ml Ki ' in I NI I ' ol I I R Ri III cc I ' rincI ' : .M RIII A Rll lA H RIIARA SlIII ' l ' Marv .Ann Srii.z JHI.I Wll.I.IWIS I ' .lsll W ' oolisoN .y - " .: l H 1 C «fl ■ ' ■ , ' fn " 1 ' ' 3 m Alpha Gamma Delta, national social so- roiitv was founded at .Syracuse llni ersity in 1904 and the Epsilson chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1909. The flowers are Red and Buff Roses; the colors are Red. Buff, and Green; and the national publication is the " , lpha Gamma Delta Quarterl). " 147 m MR KKOVV SMI I IISON I ![(lk ION ROVCE Jl NKINS I.INMLLr. KM lMil l! .l 1 Jl M GS JONES W 1 Ml I.1.1S ) k ARSM-k SP RkS iU k(.l R OFFICERS Hazel Brown Picsidriil Mary Miller Viic-Piesidciil Eloise Carrei Sf ' crelary iMarv Hocker Treasurer 148 Alpha Xi Delta :,(i (II i ' 1 1 Rs Xi Chapter M kii Bi I 111 I ' lIN P.KOW KmU I I.I 111 KKII U SKNIORS !■ I oisi (; Kui 1. M kl I IdC M u II 1 I N 1 Clk I ' k ( I s 1 H()K ION l.l.l (ll( lid I ' lOW H i I I ' .uiix I ' .l.l (1R 1) IS 1 1 MORS iu(.i i Fi R(;i ' so I ' m I II M v M ki M 11,1.1 K 1,1 1)1 1 ICKIR |l N C.I.OSII R I K (.KMll 1( SOI ' IIOMORI.S l l |cikll {l NKINS Rl III K l l Mil K .1 K . l l.ll I.IW 11.1.1 El.KANOR Sni Lli IrENF. SiKVF.RS I 1 MM l 1 IMI . l IC 1 15 Mil I k I ' ll MilTH Bl k(.l k D MSV C MN Rl I II C.I.CJI ' TON I ' l.KOca.s K A C.I. AV Hi I I )i NMM.s .Mil i Ki n |o ES I ' ll MU ink ks I i (.1 iii s R i e:i: CAR()l. l .Smiihson Sui D. Sparks M Ki. ki 1 Si I Kr Li 1 M M W ' l sr An ' . i 1 i.rn Xi Dii 1 a. intional social sororil), vas fcHinded at Lonibaid College in 1893. Xi chajjier ■as installed on tlie Kentucky campns in 1908. The soioiity colors are Doidile Blue and Gold: the flower is the Pink Rose: and the national publication is the " . lpha Xi Delta |ournal. " I ' .f ( 1 I (IW 111 M. l ' 1.11. I M K ( I I I I M MOI I I I I I1K N IIII 1.1 Mi t:K|.:Nc;v l Kl AR M m;i)Y Mil KI R 1 s I I KS() M KK l IIIK) SMI KI k l I I I 1 III I ri UKI 11 WILLS lUI L ND I M s sin It ( ' l LOR II Mc:in:K kclIU RI wiiu Rt; III IIFORD l ll KM N I Wll ) ( KSO MOORE ( Rl ISE II Ml V III M SM MILRS LOl.CER W ILMOlll II KKISO Itl (.1 MI IN II Mill II (.(II 111 N mMiI I I N M llllll I (l I. M.LL.N IsRAl ' S MIICHLLL I I .LLRIGG OFFICER.S MaRIH.V GlLTNl.R Prcslilciil K.viHERiNE Caii.owav I ' ict ' -Picsidc ' ti t Pat O ' Rear Sccretaiy J. NE H. Jki iRiKS Ticiiiincr 150 Chi Omega SS (.HA I ' I I.KS Lambda Alpha Chapter si; MORS k I III HIM ( M 1 n w I u i I s ))i M r M l; I 11 ( . 1 1 I M R l II I 1.(11 IM 1 III I.I |l M IKI 1 M) k ' i kl l in I ' ll I I MllIM I I V i () Ri i I MCl I,. Sill KI U Kl.l lll 1 II SlUlf KI.NCV 1 1 Au.i Jim AsHiR r.i 1 1 II r )s ()i!iii l l I (.11 KKW 1 jl MORS I wi 1 1 |i I FKii :s M will M VDDOX Mary M asm rson M Ki 11 Mil i(i DoRoi in 11 11(11 1 BlvnV llRlCK NUNN I Ni Turner SOI ' llOMORES l K 1 . M1!I KC. Ill SKIl M lil lllllKII I5i:i rv Brwivi 1 UI II C ' .l 1 I 1. M1 M l!l. KI I llRIIOI. CRinsF, 1 I 1 Mil III Daniils lil I I 1 I ( IsSdN iM AK|()KM. 1,AM) DoRoiin MooHi ' SllIRII V S.Mllll M 1.(11 Si ark . l,MIM llillLE 111 l . l.l.l Rom ri . iki s Row r C I OK Mar(. R1 1 FoK.l R M Mil llNi: GoLDl N C I R1 BlLLI Hvi.i V ( 1 H NRKISON k 1 111 KIM H r( III K i Li:u(;i:s Ddkiii in H i.LRlf.c I K1 1 I 1 KoBl RT M K I I 1 Mil III KoiM ' ii s Catmirim; Krais Martha Harrii; r Lowr. Lucy Maddox Jkan McMiixan I ' ll I 1 1 .Mill 111 I.I. Loi.s i ' l rry ' iRfMMA Pile Ann R ( I K r.i.Ei.N Saunders )i;an AV ' eis M K Wii Moiii M K ll.Mol II Chi Omega, nalional social sorority, was founded at the Uni ersitv of Arkansas in 1895. llie Lambda Alpha chapter was installed oir the Rentuckv campus in 1914. The flower is the White Carnation; the colors aie Cardinal and .Straw: and the nalional jjiiljlication is the " El- eusis of Chi Omega. " 151 |af . If ' fW FIUIiliR ' _p J? 1 HILLLNMl ■i I R Hj rfc , jfi fc- 4H ' 9 f:RAFr i •« »v W " ' - ' W CHAllV XT j W — coNr.LiroN s «- ■ , - Sb Lii; Aa oaiHlr y mmf ' mm ' " ■ " - - " . - lUUSON W - . . • im RMIMON L miMiii.i; w ...m ' ■ " - ■- ri.ow [ us Ml will l( « 4 M ' ' ' JT .»,. N i. -- -- ' - sBBi. »- ■ m t " " " ' a Sl _ k- H -. . ' ' — ,A ii Rii siiK . ' Ij B UlSSET " c:av 0()D ■« ' t CROOM k t ' Jr . WRIGHT OFFICERS Anna Bain Hii.lenmeyer President Marjorii: Fieber I ' iee-President Katherine Mahan Secretary DoRfjiHV A ALKER Treasurer 152 Delta Delta Delta S. ' i ( II l ' I IKS Delta Rho Chapter M MORS Kii nil li M K 1m III K llkn.(.s M K Cm i 1 r M K(. KI I (u i I M lfi I ' ll iii 111 1)1 I ' lioi HI Kills I k|()Rll I ' ll lil K I k I II !■ I I.I I I AsN 14 Ai Hull Mi, I It |i;,NNir. Li K M K1 l- ' .II.lCl Sl ' KM 1 DoKoi in i; IIMORS W M1 Hi KK M K1 II Bl 1 I M K k I 111 KIM Scoi r Cji Willi US Ann IJi-ss Ci.ark CllRISIIM COMI ' HIN I ll 1 1 (,(1N(.I 1 1 ) 111 Kill (.RIMI s ' 1K(.1M A H CK1 R C; R()I IM Hi RSI Hi I.IN IRMN |l)Sl I ' lllM Lll. K Mill rim; Maha.n |i Naoel J M Rl OI.I)S J I AN Short soj ' IIOMORI ' S m r1 (! n 1) us in Nancy Dvir I5l. N(lll (.KHUN I ui. Ki I Hr ini.i. 1.1 1 l!l I 11 ||)NI s Ann Is Mil I. R M.sniN MARC.ARI I Rl IIMON W ' lNNII. TaII. M RV lOni) PI I ' DC.I.S M Km All Ni)i K K Aim RiNi 151SSI I Kl.I Alil TH I5l ( k M RV Kmhirini liol.XNll J() N BrI nSCHNI IDER IKG1N1A CAVUOOn N N(: I.oi ' Col IM N Mll.DRI I) Dl NNV noKOlin l,0 l El.LlOT M RV R Flou IRS M RV Ai.ici: ClROOM |ANr. Hardwick Uii I. or Hoi shin M RV Ll Bus Bii I V MiNziES Km Mil 1 11 C ' .iRRV Robinson Frances Woods Joyce Wright M k(, ret Young Dki.ta Delta Delta, nalional social soroii- i . as founded at Boston Uni ersity in 1888 ami the Delta Rho chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in 1923. The sorority flower is the Pansy; the colors are Silver, Gold, and lilue: and the national publication is the " Tri- delt. " 153 W l III ]• M Ml UUI I.I. M Mill KlOUIl »HH!I KN II l Ml KM. I 1 Ml 111,1 R C IMIIIF UCIl 1 U Mil! M KAV VMl.SON W 1 IC.I Kl r.ixiiiiR « II.SON OFFICERS EdIIH W ' oOUlSLKiN I ' l( ' . l(lcnl Mary Ne. i. ' ai.i)f.n J ' ii c-l ' icsiilcn Dorothy Santln SccycUny-Ticasun ' r 154 Delta Zeta r.S CIIAI ' I !■ KS Alpha Theta Chapter MEMBERS IN 1- AC:i ' l.l V M II DRI I). Ij.wis !■ I i m;l 1 11 l)ii I 1 Sl.MORS IU(.IM M I RKI 1.1. l.OIISF, V -. ■M Mn W ' ll Sll .S K 1.(11 IM C lMlll I Rl 111 I I 1 Ml KM 1 ■! IIMOKS M K(, K1 1 S 1 I R 1 ,M K l 1, 1 111 Rr 1 11 W 1 1 111 1(1 ciKii Em 1 11 W (Miiiiinn.N l)l ll . llKAM Ann CxKiiiR SOI ' llOMORl.S M Ki i .Ml 111.1 k Lucv R v . N 1(1111) |l M 1 , H.l Kl DoRo 1 in S 1 1 I I 1 Mil 1 11 Dl 1 I Kl( 11 I I 1 M ' .l 1 II (ll 1 111 K I ' LEUGES W V. In N( 1 s 11(11 1 lll 1 M K1 I.dllM M( kl w Cll U1 (11 1 1 I ' l K( 1 1. Rdlll Kl W ' ll.SdN Delta Zfia, national social soioriiv. A as lounded at Miami University in 1902. The Al- pha Theta chapter as installed on the Kentucky campus in 1923. The sorority colors are Old Rose and Vieiix Green; the jewel is the Dia- mond; and the national ptiblication is " The Lamp. " 155 r- ■ . lUCKl R w r.Liii lARLI , . ■ ' - ILr ' ■ ;■ 2p.. S i R " ii - K " " " • rf MrKIIIIL »V i «» J " " . B |OII S|0 AHiaHHiV if [ ' -» • _ .i a,- .IP ' - " ij i-— » " «- B ;; ' „ OFFICERS Nancv Bec:ker Pie.sidcil Jane Allen W ' Er.ii Vice-President Elizabeth Ann Kriegel Seoelary Betty Earle Trcasincr 156 Kappa Delta 71 ( II l ' I I KS Epsilon Omega Chapter MEM HERS IN FACUEIV A l I (. RI)M U ( Bl flKI li l K 1-11 Mil I II r. M!l I SKMORS Cir KM iii i (.11 nrnT F.I.I MU I II I ' K Mil R I i Aims W ' i lui Ami 1.1 Di ii Hi 111 I. ki I Mil IIKI II (.(IKM jlMORS I. AIR |(lllNSO Ki.i Mil I II Rrii CI I. I.i .N A 1 ' i;ak JOV SWDl R • DoRoi in W ' ii M iM I ll I I N Will I 1 SOI ' IIOMORKS )i N Ami. ( ' . M ()i i i Ah WIS l I II ll 1)1 ll llll l. F.IK.l RION Aw 111 Mil I II l ' ]SIIl! CK. : i((ii. lidiiR Al IIKI 1 I- ' OKSII K Hi I I II Miiii R GiM II I II N( (K K El.l N(1K R Wlllll I ' ll I ' l I DOES lRf.l l Battirion M RV J r Br u. DoKoniv Brooks M R Brc K M GoRlilN . ll I)o( (.III RiV M Rii: r.iiv Im.i. Scott Fisiiu ( k I ' lll I II llol I.IIIW Rl I li )oll MO M AR i Rll Kl M)M L FRWCI S KlIM ' INC F.I i Ani 111 Li(; ) |R(,1. IA I,0(. , M l (. KI I M RkLl V 111 IS I V I l Ml Kill I.L Pkari. ROHIKIS Franci s Si. 1 1)1) M RC R1 r SNM)1 R )l RRV Sl ' l RS Franci s Story DOROI H FORSTRK.K Si r Vi rs Done II in Wooi.r.oTT Kapp. Delta, national social sorority, was InuiKlcd at the Virginia State Teachers ' College in 1897. The Epsilon Omega chapter as in- stalled on the Kentucky campus in I ' JIO. The sorority colors are Holly Green and White: the llowcr is the White Rose; and ilic naiiona] ])Lib- licaiion is " I ' he Angelos. " 157 -i ' w ' f% " i ( ID ( I ' RTIS JOIIWION IM ItKl 1 1 1 1 i k 1 lUIKN l() II 1.L HOSKINS Kl (.l K W 11 Mill I W 11 SON SMI I II 1. I . (I.W irMS s. V. ci.w M ' cwniisii SI 1 I 1. 1 I ' KKS 11 « Kl s S III 1 1 1 u l;. II kINS I . Ill SI I I Kl I l N W . Ill sll IlKdM I I, (IK M (INS III Nlll KSON II, (.11,111 Kl ' |l 1 I LI. « ii.rv IIIMIK K I,S(1I ' M. «l 111! , . (.iiiirkr Mils r.Ki( (.s 1 . Vi 111! (1,1 MKMS III (.11,1 I 1 l; lllll I I KOI NSW MI oi iic:er.s Annf, P.wnk Perry Pyr.sidoil M R Dant i,fr Sri ifliny Annf. Vn..soN Tic(i.siin-y l. S Kappa Kappa Gamma 71 ( II l ' 1 1 RS Beta Chi Chapter Ml-.Mr.l ' RS IN 1 C:ULTV Uii ' .iccx Axikiii. Di ' .w Sak ii r.i , i)i (. Si MORS III I I ll(l 11 OoKlll in (l K I IS M k I) i i 1 K . I K I 1 1 1 1 V I 1 . Mll.llkl I) 1 1 MU III k l(l II KINS Drdsciiiv Hdskins Srsw )oii si() Anm I ' i I ' i kk I. Ill III Rl M.I k B KI ' . k S ll I II 1.1 c II I rii(ik iii k I III kl l Mini I I ' M I l l II l(l I I . 1 ' ll.S(), . ii I I Hi I Ki I Si i M III Mil I M (;i. hi I M (.11.111 KI IIMOUS Diikoiin M( (; wiMisii M l FoKii Oi 1 11 VN(A I ' m i.i ' s |cisi niiM: Tunis !■ iiiA .Si I [I.I M BlslKII ' 1 1 I I I I Ik Hkow W II i Hi sii Ci k Hi sii l l kl I C M II 11 N SOI ' IIOMORI S l II ( k lk I l I ' KI I l l kN 1.(11 ISI hi I Mil KSO I.I ( 11(11.1 I I 1 M.I III |l i I I Aw 1, i I. ' i (INS ROSI M XKI I I (II! Mil llkl II W ' l 111! Mil liki 11 Will I Ilk I ' I. I IH.I S IKI.INI l S(ll I (ik(ii in H M ' .iii I I [l N Nl Ul I ] ( n ki (II 1 1 Hkii.i.s I k ' l I.l I NClk ( j.W Ddkdi in ( .1 1 ii N IS I XKI I) 1N(.I Kl II I II (.1. m s 1)1 M(i( K S k (. M ISKIIl, (,NI s (,11.111 Kl !■ kki 11, H(ii SI 1 I Vkl Will I Nl 111 (.11, 1 1 I Lois Kim. fJlNI AlrVF L I.l s s k I I OR Rcii ' Nsw i i K kll R, W ' lLLV Kappa Kappa Gamma, second oldest na- tional social sororitv. was founded at Monmouth C ollege in 1870, and the Beta Chi chapter was installed on the Kentucky campus in l ' .)]0. Tlie llowei is the Fleur de Lis; the colors, the Blue of the .Sky and the Blue of the .Sea; the ]nd)lication, iIr- " Kc " : and ihe jewel is the sapphire. 159 lU Sll WIKIII IKIMH MCHOl.LS 1 11,KMI I. I.1, (.II1 l( KdWIlOlll r r.lBBS SI I.l.l S |( II S() CRUMP II Ml .SIIII ' KII 11IR i;i) LEE K NM OFFICERS Frances Bush PrcsiilenI Eli abeih Nk:h()I.i.,s J ' i( e-Pirsidoil RuiH AvERiTT Secrcldry Mar Trisch Trcdsinrr C 0 Zeta Tau Alpha 71 (11 1 ' 1 1 Rs Alpha Chi Chapter MEMBERS IN lACULl V Lois Nkai. Ri I If v I Ki I r |-k ( I s lil Ml SINIORS |i ssii Gimis l-.l.l Mil TH NiCHOI.I.S |R(,IM A RlLEV M AKv Trisch |L MORS (M 111 KIM C KI ' MI ' SOI ' HOMORKS l KJOKII (. VI.I.M.HI K K 1 Bl k KII I I I I lllslll r. (.1 (iKi.i H i.i: I k K. H wiii.ioN ri I l)(.l S H M I II R I K.I III 1 lll ||IIINS(1 M K I.n- r.MIII k R WKIN Ri I II R(iH lioiH I 1,(11 IM Sill l ' KI) Hoi i Siii.n Zeta Tau Alpha, national social soroiit ' . was founded at the ' iiginia State Normal Col- lege in 1897. The Alpha Chi chapter was in- stalled on the Kentucky campus in 1924. The sorority colors are Tmquoise Blue and Steel Gray; the flower is the White Violet; and the na- lional ijuhlication is the " Tlieniis. " 161 : » - _ ' l " IS() l ( OM S lU KMH M l IO S M lvMi lSO Ml MM U Kl( II Rnso ( OOTS l 1 I K I KV Kl I [ K !(.n I II K I(» Is ; K I W KKI M KINS ( k i OKI) W Ml ( I K l kl I I Ilk w I ' kii I W HI 1 1 SI I IMII sO ( l IS! Mil kk M () 1 I i. { () (»k I ' l IMS K sll M MSLL I () I.I K SI I l.I ( ( I hi kl Kl I ' ll KI IIO(l I R 1 () f. i ' ( k()sK I l» SI I 1 s | Alpha Gamma Rho " .i; (II w 1 1 Rs 162 Omicron Chapter |. ( ), h VKK l N lllKdl (I 1 1 MEMBERS IN I AClU.l V I ' . |. kiN ] I 11(11 Ml s l K1 IN II. B. Morrison H. 15. I ' RK I K. I W ' li I (luii OKFICER.S i is IsoN I ' lrsiilriil | )i Tfrrv I ' iic-l ' ri-sidcnl S. si Crawiord Sc( ii-lin Cecil Marsh Tnuismrv I ii s III Ksor 1,01 IS IsdN ClClL M KS11 SI l()Ks I ' i 1 Ml Com s Cl l l Rll II VKIISON I VMis Simmons |oi Tfrrv ol I W 1S0N IIIN H. Ill I L H MORS S i Crwviord (.1 OR(.l KlRI f .11 B RRriT )ol liK l I.I ON I( C:ROSk SOPHOMORES I) will I ' l 1 ri!s I wii s I ' Rici; I)ON, U) Rasm KiioKNE W. rri:n I wii s Vmiii. . slOK . KI.R,S Earl Batsix or i i.i. Coi.hi rt Rom Ri Connor SiDNi Di LoN . Hi Rl. F l MR |(1IIN (. N II I Koiii Ki H l.L ri.IIK.ES Or H w kins H.C:. HlRMVN Jamks Hoover M RviN Horned W ' ll i.iwi Kn n RT Kmcht I ' .IK. R I. NI; Wll.l.lAM McCoNNILL CjAMN Mc.Ml RIRV ROMA PiCKLESIMER James Qiiisen berry . l.IlKRT SeLTSAM Evi RETT S I El ' HENSON David .Sueeivan |A. rE.S SlIEEIVON Charles Wallace Alpha Gamma Rho. national agriculture fraternity, was founded in 1908 in Indianapo- lis by the union of the Alpha Gamma Rho fra- ternity of Ohio .State University and Delta Rho Sigma of the University of Illinois. At present there are 32 chapters located in 31 states with a membership of approximately 5,500. Omicron chapter was installed on the University campus ill 1920. The fraternity colors are Green and (iold; the flower, Pink Rose; and the publica- lioii, the " Sickle and Sheaf. " 163 sr ' " l « !»• f f f . : O ' O -• 1 ( sri K II 11 k SIKIIUI LL SPROI.I S Mill 1 K N 1 slUl 1 A 1 ( l Rl s l Mil US 1,1 1 1 Alpha s 1 1 1 mil 1 II I ' M Ml K Sigma mil r.i Ki (i I Phi 1 S(I I.111S 1 M . |(111 :!l ( H IM IRS 1 1 1 N 1 1 K 111 Ml M ' l 1.1. (A ' f ii 1 Clkll c (IKM 1 1 m (,l N ( IRl IS , KI 1 Mil IIS Kcm 1 SI Mil l; |1 -.liN Ml Rlll Rl M 1 Mil 1 1 K |11M s 1 11 1 IS HI 1 111 I 1 111 IS P n VSON ( N ON 1 1 1 ISKIX 11 1( 111 11 n(.l I. IG4 Sigma Chapter MKMBKRS IN lACl ' l lA ( : ss 1 ()|U ( » 1,1 SI 1 U () II N (1 I) W [ l ()l (. ()I-kic:er.s M l col M Snoi w 1 1 I I ' lcsidciil ,S i Mil R.s : I ' ii c-l ' ic.sidi-nl |()|{ Mil I lu Si-iicliny Ermm Siion ' i a Tiiii.sinc) Kin Rii 1. Nc sn li SKMORS I MI s l II Ilk M M ( (IIM SlIOIWI I.I, I wii s Aim 1 woodroh hoiiikook William Hum) 11 .MORS W ' lLMlN I.dU HI 1 MOM s M (II RI I s S l Mil KS H. C. .S.MII RFll I.I) ERMi;.sr .SiioviA )(lll .Ml MIR .S()l ' liO l()Ri:s I ii(i i s ,Sri II i A Ra ,Si. |()1l I ' llDCKS .S M Cannon Rom Rl CORNI LL I ' llOMAS Cl ' LION I MOM s CURII.S Dim (,i. s I-()ki) I Wll s C.lli.sON R i MiiNi) Guv I Mil I lllll 111 K 1 ( .Olll Rl Hi N ILR OWI N JoNtS Rom Rl l.AUSON Norm w I.i w is 1 CIRI N l.ll 1 IS Wll 1.1 i Ml H io W xi I M1 Mil I 1 R l,I.o II C) V1.N H VRin I ' M I so RoiiIRi Rouii IrI II Rl L I A (I Rl IS Rl M)i i)s I ' .RM SI SmiIII John .Sn) hi r Traxcis I ' m i,s . i IRI II ' or;i.L .Vi.i ' iiA .Si(,,MA 1 ' hi, iiaiioiKil social iraiernit), was founded at Yale University in 1845 and has e |)anded until it has at present 34 chapters ihi()iif)hoiit the coiinliA ' . In 191 1 a ilub kno n as Scroll and Crescent vas organized on the Ken- tucky campus, but later changed to Phi Sigma and as such was granted a charter by Alpha Sig- ma Phi in 1917. The flower is the Cardinal Rose and the colors are Cardinal and Stone. 1 6.5 f r r% f: r e.) STOKES DANIELS GUY R rr M. BROU GARDEN ATKINS KINCHELOE HE ATS MAH N RUSH IIARUIN M KENNEV EICON LEDRIDf.E FISHER FOUM R M ELLEN IIROW N SPARKS SIMON III (.IIFTI MircHFEL REGAN Willi WISON WFHLE CONGEETON LINDBERG LANCASTER HUGHES O BRYANT NORVELL FUGAZZI WIELMOTT R NK1N IIOWARU OFFICERS John F. McKenney Prcsidoil Thomas B. Atkins Vice-President Robert G. Wh.liamson Sccrelary Roger Brown Tycusurer I nr, Alpha Tau Omega ill. ( II Al ' I I RS Mu Iota Chapter I! kl I ' l N I.. |. HoKI ( III K 1.. li. Nol l.M .MKMRERS IN lACL ' LIV I ' . A. Hi (IMS I W M w 11- 1 M I uiw II 111 i I ' liii II ' I( (.1 1 I ' l I . I ' UIIUII I W ISON Akmsikom. Nil I I ' l.lMMI K SIMOKS 11 I I M I) MI I s Willi M H. Ill Mil I I KR KiKK ( W MI ' I.K.ON Mil l(l M. N[ AGRIDLR Willi M R. Sparks I. KI l. Slllkl s Fk Nk I " . Willi 1 Rcmi Ki Ci. Will I Ms(i H MORS 1 ll() l s U. A I Kl s KiK. VR Dl.AIS FrIlI) F " uga i |(lll C.DI IISCIIMLIIIM, Cm Ri.i s C.[ | )IIN HlSKIN I ' l I. 1,1 DRIIH.l |llll Mc.Kl NM V I MI.S NoRVlCl.I. I ' AUL SlATON SOI ' HOMORl-S Rol.KR BRf) N R Vl.l ' Il B. CONCLI ION 1 KI 111 RICK F ' lSlll R !■ 1 I lol CiARRISON 1) M Ml k. I R MT Jl SSI D. W ll.l.MOl 1 I ' LFDCKS Ml Mil liKCIWN Lr IAN CvMP ]issi; C. Riii N Darwin Dotv Ml Rl.l FOXVLFR |(iiiN f; iM Cm i How ri) Frwk Highis |()siMi S, HiiGHirr Wll I I M I, N( ASTFK W ' llI.ARI) Lixniii RG I) N Ml Kill l.L 1.1 Ml K I|i|.I.l ' .N C RR()II R KI [OIIN R| ; N VVii.ii IT Rush I.I SI. 11 Sparks 1)1 (: SIOKIS At.pha Tai ' Omf.(;a, natiniial sixial liatci- nii . ■as foimdfd in IHfir) al Rithniond, Vir- i;inia. with it.s fust chapter being established at ' iiginia Military Institute. The Mil Iota chap- ter was installed on the Kentucky campus in l ' .l()9. being the outgrowth of a local known as .Mil lota, or the " Midniglii Imps. " as they were siinictinies called- The liower is the White Tea Rose; the colors, Aziue and Gold: and the pub- lication, the ' Talm. " Kw I will IC1 : fZT fTj m f II (l K. A -.» ' I. sou M 1 SI K KOHBINS sM ii: mil 1 R OFFICERS Kenneth Raynor Prcsidcnl Jesse Farra I ' icc-Ficsidciit William Foster Secyrliny Herbert Swartz Treasuycr IC.S Delta Chi . ' is ( II l ' 1 I Ks Kentucky Chapter MFMiii.Rs IN lA(; l, 1 ' . (). Wll I I WIS Al 1 Rl 1) IjKAI 1 K SIMORS )lssl l Kk M ksli 1 [ H WIII.HIN , I n(i I. Wll Nl II. W ll.LI AMS jlMOkS I 1 1 Hill Kl SU KI Kl MS (1 ss ll II I I i Komi K Joi Hicks SOI ' llOMORtS W II I I M I ll (.111 s Ul NM III R Al Nt)R liiw Kii Km n i • Vi.A.N Robins Jamks Smi e I ' LKDGES kol.l K l I I N 1. KK Ul III K Ml KI ' IIV CoMIiS C. M. Cooi ' ER FKI I) C:i KTIS |(lll I) s(l I Wll s 1) M . I llc l)l II WDWICZ I ( In (. NOR llii I )rsi K.ii I ' KI II . I( I.I W Eddii k FkWCIS I ' llSAIIKI Rl( II Mill Roll! KIJ. J MI .S 1 ALU. Delta Cm, national social rialcrniix. was founded at Cornell University in 1890 and the Kentucky chapter was installed on the campus in 1913. The fraternity flower is the White Car- nation; the colors are Red and Buff: and the publication is the " Delta Chi Quarterly. " 169 ( K l I K nciiK.i l ( (1 M I I 1)111 OKU DAMS SIR() (. 1 ISK.l k (.l 1 KM11 l.L OLM V lOWLKR C. i 3 -! 1 tf i nmii B i - i . M I.I.I V MOOKI I ' D I 11 K RICK (II. MA 111 N ' I ' dKI I kl II 1 II II (.l I k I I.SII SI. Ml K II 1 1 1 MU kl. I I (11 II COMILS DIXON IIOl.MLS 111 kIkAM hkown ROSE . IUEHSLI R FKATHLRblON lllll ll ' S(l II ' . IS III I I (1( k U I I I kl(). II RRILD Delta Tau Delta ■| CHAPTERS 170 Delta Epsllon Chapter MKMl ' .l-.RS IN lACl 1 r ' i Klilil K I n. II KINS I Wll s SlIKdCMIIKI Iv. I)- Mil I I U Kll " Mill |cill S() OFI ' IC.r.RS Dwin Dm loki) I ' rrsitlcnl Wii i.iA.M W ' ai 1 I ' ll c-I ' ifsidriil W ' iMi Doix.i; Sriii-layy (1 KKoi.i. W ' l isK.i K Tii ' ii.siiirr SI MORS 11 I I M Uk I 1) 111 Dll 1 IIKll Cll kl I s OiSM III S ( (Jlin K W 1 1 c I 1)11 1 cikli II I 1 1 Sll ()N(. I (k(1k i 1 si m DoiK.i 1 ,1 ON kii Ksn i,i: ( Am i ( kwii K I ( K li ( :cj u 1 W 11 I I i W i I Hki ( I Dwis (.idki.i (,i I. (: kk(iii I isu.i K )l MORS ( 11 kl 1 S liROOkS Hl l(l llK MOKIIIN I ' cJIllk I kl 111 kl( k 1)1 W M 111 MOKKIN kl 1 1 1 Rl .1 1 11 Kll 1 11 1 1 i l) 1 k I ki Mdoki R n;i kl I k Is SOI ' IIOMORIS |(11 HkllW |(111N HdlMI S |l)ll (111 Willi KS Si I ! I I 1 111 ksKlN W 11 1 1 l 1,1 1 1 H AKl.OU I 1)1 I ( Kll (nil Rolil Kl Ol.NEV KknmI) Dickson Rmiiki I ' ki i lu k(. I ' liii I ' tiki i RFiixi) ROBKRl Kl I ISIIN |(111N (,11 1(1KI III Si silk RoHlRlIlsll I ' ll kl H I. 1.1 Nl ' .l kl. I NDI I.I. .SK I.(.S ri.l ' .DCKS Ren IIMIIKKIN . I( ki 1 RdSl Hi RBI Rl 15l RIRA.M I.l s I I k S M 1 I 1 1 , l.FRI II Rl SSI 1.1. Ci.w ION Bullock | wii s II m.i i k DwidSlai Gene Combs (. ks in 11 kki i n Xiailli T.vum RrRrCooiTR Kins rii .Mil iisi.i k |, mii: TiioMrsoN ).I).n ls OkMI.1.1 I ' lldN E.C.WddllN Brut Aldlrnlw Wii i m i i i nii m | wii s W miiiiinckin Delta Tau Delta, national social fraterni- ty, was foimded at Bethany College in 1859. The local chapter ol ' Tan Delta Alpha became Delta Epsiloii (liapicr nl ihc national or,i ani aiion in 1921. 1 he ilo ' er is the Pansy: the ci)lors are Pnrple, Vhite, and Gold: and the publication is the " Rainbow. " 171 z ' P _;■ ll KII I I I k k Mil I I H _ 1 . ' M " . , ». . T " - m „„. J MHII ic " " -- IIIINMLT OFFICERS John Breckinridge Pirsidoil John Lynch Vicr-Pirsiclcut Ben Willis Secretary Frank Cawood Treasurer Kappa Alpha lis ( II l ' I I KS Theta Chapter MKMF.F.RS IN FACUl.IV II I I wi 1 . I ' KI 1 M Iaik II (.kl II w )( iM I ' ll W I ' m Ok (. kki I I l . Kl ( KM K I I K lil M SI MORS W M I ( I Hi II M W l I I k I ll II 1! S WI l ( lllll S I M K Si I I ir joiiN Uki ( Kixkim.i I k Nk (. (H1I1 W II I I I 1)1 MM () (. wini I Dii k W ki II I n DoNoiiM ( llkis ( -klNsI I l H MORS H Kkis RiioDis )l () Rill Kl 1 1 II Sill I ' m kn II I I l Smi I II I ' k k Si kKs Rom k I S 1 I i I OKIil I I I llo l vs l kMSI ' ll)l)l (. I5i I 0 l 111 IM Bi Di H WIS (. M«)l. K.M.l.lSIl soriioMORi s ( II kl I llll.lloN I ' lllI Mills I l k Sll Wkl IN W Ikl I t kM It I ,Okl II II WIS ]■ l l I I (.1 (Ikl. I II ikM 1 II I I 1 lol Ul l li M ksii I Kl kii S( )l I KkII KINklllM Cki M, Cm Mil Ri 11(11 I ' ll III Roiiiii I ' ll 1)(.IS |oll 1)1 ( N W II I I WI I ' ii ir i) Rol ' .l K I ( .11 1 II. II I I M HlNkl 1 I ( k Kim: I ' .nw AKi) Lvxcii l) 11.11 1 li M ki (;i ki i I Mil I I k . l.Hi Kl Moiii I 1 Wll.l.l M RoiiM w W M.llk Slk l ' .NSON Hl ' (.ll Wi DDINC W ' li 1,1 WI oki II K. i ' i ' , . i I ' ll , iiaiional social Iratcinity. was founded at Washington and Lee University in 18()5 with the special influence of Gen, Robert E. Lee. Theta chapter of Kappa .Alpha was the first social fraternity established on the Univer- sity of Kentucky campus. The flowers are the Red Rose and the Magnolia Blossom; the col- ors are Crimson and Old Gold; and the publi- calion is ihe " [ouinal. " 173 r sr 1 li kM s 1 1 Ks ik JM Mill 1 1 III 1 1 1 u ( fS ■o S( IIOllI Kill I ' l 1 J II K 1 A III hi R 1 1( )I)S[ )S 1 e f « ' 7 j (X IIS 1. l l ■. s M I 1 " LS k mM BsC l. J» 11 KKI R rs C % - ' i. W l Kl K 1 l KSOV mA M nk ? 1 MOM s W ' J3 1 I WMN K(l l I I II Kl) l() W 1 W ' UMWl 1 G. Rosi: OFFICERS I ' yi ' snlr)il Sam ARRKN yiic-i ' yi ' . i(U ' ui ExKRKiT H. Mkh:ai.i Secrelrny Charlfs H. .Si ' AM.K ' N ' Tii ' ii.siiiei 17-1 Kappa Sigma HIS (11 AC I I KS Beta Nu Chapter MKMIU.RS IN 1 ACL 1.1 WllllWI 1). llNkllorslR ' L. L. l)A,NI llk SINKJRS Cll KI I S Si SI,I A. S l W M KI I SMM kill l(liPSI I i Kl I I H. Ml l( M I jlMORS II I I M (., Rosr 11 U 111 II. S 1 I KS 1)111 (.1 s Si 1 1 1 hi i Hmi I Win 1 1 1 K SOl ' IIOMORl S Kl P III . II KKI k Ik SK M. (. l l s II k( l hill 111 K (.1 (Ikl.l ( )( IIS Ak I 111 H . I ' l 1 l Ml k H kkl Si iioI ' .i k I II j.C. I- NMN (.11 H kll 1I)N ( l (ikr.l I v Kso I ' l 1 Riiiii kl lc i i () I R l l IM 1 11 WHS S wu I IS 1) 111 I ll(l I s W II 1 I I W AI.KIR |(iii W v Kappa Sigafa, national social fiaiernii . was foimdcd at the Uni eisity of ' irginia in 1869, and has expanded until it is nuK one ol the lara;- est ol the social Iratci nities, ha ing 108 chaiJteis. The Beta Nu chapter was loimded on the Ti an- sxhania rani))iis in 1896 but was tianslerred to Keniuik in 1901. The flower is the Lily of the X ' alley; the colors are Scarlet, Green, and W ' liiie; and the pidjlication is the " Caduceiis. " Xn ' iyxn-u ' -iitiiiMimwii 175 7 r D iP T ' - -rsf- ' S-rOK Vi ' l - ' " S - T RICH RI)S ) J ( liillii OFFICERS RoiiKRr Hi-.N,si.F. ' Prcsldciil Jamfs Rk:hmoni) I ' ice-Prcsidctil James Richardson Secrrtaiy Cari. Vannoy Treasurer 17fi Lambda Chi Alpha S(i (11 l ' I IRS Epsilon Phi Chapter MEMBERS IN FACULTY Fkwk r. li l ' K[. Ni) Ci.irroN M(h:k W ' l JM (.1() r MlUrK R VLIMI EnwvRDs SKNIORS Rom R[ HiNsi.KV R I I ' ll RS Earl Martin GiM Myfrs Al.I.l N Rl IM (.I R JUNIORS I AMIS Richardson J wri s Richmond I Wll s SllPHKNS Jack Carl Vannoy Wksion Vinkler SOI ' HOMORF.S A. K. Ol ' IM N EdT.AR STFPHrNS Lef. Bowling Edmi ' nd Ri-rton coi.lii r h li. Harry H in ion DaLF. Hoi.llROOK I ' l.EDGF.S RoHFRF KaSII JAMF.S IVflLLFR John NForcan HlR M I ' AIITRSON Will I l SiMONTON CllARLI S StIDHAM HirschelWard Earl Wflc:ii J. K. Wells Lambda Cm Ai.rnA, national social fraternity, was [oiuicled at Boston College in 1909. Lambda Chi Alpha was established on the LIni eisity tanipns in 1922 as a local fraternity, Alpha Gamma E|)silon. It was gi en a charter by the national organization in 1929 and became ihc Epsilon Phi chapter. The fraternity (lower is the Xiolet; the colors are Purple, Green, and (iold; and the public a- lion is the " Cross and Ciescent. " 177 ( " . Phi Delta Theta KKi CllAI ' I IRS FINLEV WHIPPLE BELL VANCE M ' con NELL II.IIILLENMEVtk V. TAYLOR ZIMMI.R HESS FMPPIN H US ION IHCCINS WILSON IIERNDON HILLENMEVER BROCK ARVIN IIROWN T. TAYLOR LOUIS HAf.GIN C. HSKII.L DRMIEN JACKSON BRIAVI R MOOD ' i ' DUTTON MDONALD TWNER SCOTT RIDDI LI, OM.RAI.I. . l RMIAI I. I ' OU I LI. MURRAY COURTNEY LEBUS ENSMINGER THOMPSON HALL M CARROLL liOIII.llIAN 17S Kentucky Epsllon MF.MRERS IN FACULTY Dr. J. r. C. Noic OFFICERS I.I WIS FiNiKv Frrsidcul |()ii P. Bi:i.i ' iic-Pri ' sidciit W ' li I lAM CiorRi.Ni-v Scdftaiy iR(.ii. (; i iskii.i Tn-asincr C ' .ii Bark I ' .i.i li()(;( s Willi 1 ( ' (11 Kl l ■! I.l » IS l ' l l 1 SINIORS ' lR(;ii. Gai iskii.i, I MI-.S (iU.Bl Rl Rciiii K I Hi ss 1,111 IS Hull N ii ■! 1 li l 1 SC1 All l.(l l Frank I.ilUis Hai, Tan MR I ' . RI. Will. IS C.llARl.l S .IMMl R John p. Bi 1,1. 1,(11 IS Brock Ri( 11 Rii Bisii Ik NK1 1 1)R 111 N Mil W I- I 1 1(11 |(ISI I ' ll . rvi HiK.ii Bri I I AliOR BkIUI R R Br(i vn C.I I U1 1 s 1)1 1 ks(l 111 (.l R . l 1 will R I,()(: Rrou I ' r nk Dm lox I ' U k I ' .l 1 IS W ' dRl lll l,l(l I.SSMIM.I R I (11 IS H i.(.i Willi i H Ml. . ri II H will i(i 1,1 N 111 RNIHIN H MORS, |(111N I- A I Rsdl.l i UK I 1 ii ' riN W l 11 R Hill 1 WIl ' i 1 R I. W I ( KSdS SOJ ' HOMORI-.S . l I I III 1 I I ' m si(i llt(.i.i s W ' ll.SdN III SKIN ' I lldM S M RS11 l.l. I ' ll l)(.l s I II Kill K I llll I I N MM I K W ' l MR Hdlll.l (.1 R 1 11 lldl si 1 1 Rdlll Rl lldl lilies I) W I.M M Rdl ' .l Kl 1.1 IS (.1 RI ( 1 ll C; RR(1I.I. R Ml I McCdWiI.l. I Cl l l( I)(1N U II Do.ssi 1 1 Rl in Wai.ti K RllllH 1.1. l)Ai Scon Rom Rl W M.KI R DdiK.i Wiiiri ' i I [osi-i ' ii Sciioi.i I ' .IIMOM) TlIOMl ' -SON C;h, ri,ks ' ancf. Iki-: Van MiniiR liKiM s Wilson Cm ri is Moody BiTlll I Ml ' RRW I ( k () I K M I S Wl I ' OHI I.l. W i 1 ( !■ I ' llll.I.II ' .ScllOMZ W ' ll I I M FA ' S l.OR 1 1 RR1 r i I (iR W ' ll I.l Wl Irmi ' i Phi Delta Theta, national social fraterni- ty, was founded at Miami University in 1848. I ' hc K(ntiKk chapter is known as the Kentucky Epsilon chapter ;nul was established at the Uni- versity in 1901. The fraternity flower is the White Carnation; the colors are Blue and White; and the publications are the " .Scroll " and the " I ' alladiuni. " 179 fS C O : . r O - l Ik o ? f BORRIFS ANDI RSO I I-OK KoM.w (.r 1U ()(.II[ K I I KKI I.I. ( OSI II K I II. (H [ KI.I V I. IK. I JFIT Oli G I RANZ I COBS IIII.L M I I.OMl SM.M Sll K I IKIM s W I SI IIHOOK III l I I i;ui(.(.s i HON i II I s K wisi Ml I.I N MI R I I.I IS lirTI.I.R Sll RMilRC COI.I ' M W MILLS iMiia.iNr, SCHOFM.VN UlLKIRSON ' TWI.OR KI (. ( I.INM 1U RI) Phi Kappa Tau 13 c:hai ' ii:rs isn Kappa Chapter MEMBERS IN FACl ' l.I ( . S. ( ' . ut SI Rin i R[ II. K vKi i I ' KWk I ' m I i Oi lo KolMMllS R(i Mciui I i OFFICERS Roi-.i Ri- i; Yi()R I ' ir.sidriil I ' RANK BORRIKS I ' i(C-l ' }(:U (Icil I Ci.AUDK Terrei 1 Sc( tcliiry V.w Ri.i s l)r N Tycdsinrr Will. I M . (:nsl MlMRD A. l)l RS() Nicholas Bikk.hir I ' K k BoKKirs SKMORS rno.M S CjI AI.KLl Ross Fox I K I, M sn R |(H1 I.l (I Hi R Roi.Lw ACK Rom RT TA LOR C.LAIIDi: Tl RRLLL W i 1 ( 1 Hrk.cs Charlis DiiiW Waynf. Franz jlMORS RoliLRI ,M LO l ALI RLl) RosWl LL Kr.NNLlH SVLVKSTl-R Jamls AVksibrook JULLW VouiNr. C.HARLi:s IjENNirr Roiii RT CoLi ; VlLLIA I F.VANS SOj ' IIOMORF.S I ' l kin (. R11M R Willi i I i oi ' .s )A fi S K.1 Ll ()M) .S M MlDoN Ml) Riir.i ui Mii.i.s |0H BllTLER Jack Clinki:nbe. rd Frank Ellis ERVIN GlLLFNWATFR Harold Hill G. RiH House ri.l.DC.KS [OIIN I VCKSON Willi 1 |l IT Einv ARii Ki ( Ward McCmie Belmont Ramsey Manuel .Schofman C ' ll RI.1 S .Si 1 R.MIERC I (,K Stone Rohi RT TabelInc I ' aul Taylor Walter Tiiom s Tames Wilkirson Phi Tau. national social lVaternii , vas founded at Miami Univeisit) in 1906. The local chapter is known as Kappa chapter and was established on the camjnis in 1920. The frater- nit - flowei ' is the Red Carnation; the colors are Har ard Red and Old Gold; and the publication is ihc " Laurel. " 181 Phi Sigma Kappa r o (.11 r I I Rs Phi Deuteron MEiMi ' .KRs i iAc;ri.r I ' . IlllMI III Ml I I III iiitn I-.. A. I ' ll HI i (. ] I ' OKI I K |. n. II 11 WIS !• i) ui) W II SI (: Ki. li i(iM ) lll C IIRIsl II SI MORS I.I u CIdmi ' .s Will I M ( ll l I 1 S c.l SI u k sll |l II W I.I I I 1 K S will I. I 1 111 sc (1 II NUoi.ii F.w ixr. H MORS Ml HI IN 111 I. lis ( .1 (IHI.I K S1 1)1 III I Miurin (.1 (iHi.i Sim n( I u ' ii I 11. V ss() .SlWIM I1 1S SOl ' IIOMORI ' .S R W MIIMI I. 1 IIKl M Willi M Rniii HIS I ' dUl I i Ross |. 1). I ' .Kl Nkl R Ernes I Cwn ii i v Al 1 1 CllM ' M N I Mil C ' .oi.i; II 1 1 wi f:K(i 1 1 1. I ' l.i.ncis I ' m 11 Km 111 I i( 1 1 K(11 II M M11.V ( w Ki IS r r { 11 i;i 1 s I ' liri Rom ui R WM I wii s s 1 i Rolil Kl Si I 111 Kl. M) i(ii Swi I M ' I ' m M w Will I i w Phi Sigma Kappa, national social [lateinitv, was founded at Massachusetts .State College in 1S73. Ihe local cha])ier. kno n as Phi Deuteron chapter, v■ds established on the campus in 1927. The fraternity flower is the Red Carnation: the colors are Siher and Magenta; and the jjublica- tion is the " Signet. " is:; ________ . , ' j? MASON m ' cool shropshire PARRY STILZ LEGATE GARY BAKER CRAHA r TAYLOR SALTER GORMAN CONNER roxvf.ii.i. EWING SALISBURY COLLINS PENN WITHERS CON RE Y CLASS DAILEY KNOX ANDERSON SUGG HOLLO VAY ANDERS BISHOP LOWERV M ' MILLAN RliARK BURGER Fosn.R VILSON II MN1 K SHEEHY WARREN WEST IR YNOR DIEIV, m ' cann DILTZ Pi Kappa Alpha so CII AITIRS 184 Omega Chapter MKMBKRS IN FACUI.IA Kdlll K I I I M l I Ul I) l 1KU(H) I w Iti nl (. oriic;ER.s l) C;. K ' l (, I ' lcsidrnl I ' RANR DmI.I V • ] " KC-I ' )fsi(l()ll EnML ' Nn SiiKKHV Siu ii ' lary Tom R. ' A i.or Tycdsincr r azii, ivvkik Frank Dmli :v irw C. liw INC. SIMORS John Li Siourokon WlI.I.IAM LcnVERV H um I s(i Frwk Mt.Cooi. XoKRis McMillan l.IIMl Ml Sill I H ' I Mi s Amu lisdN Hi NR OOLLINS Hkrman Graham JIMORS DoRRls Rr RK I ' .MI RSON S M ISIU Kl |(lll MllKJl ' sniKl |(111, |K . )R Hlnrv Warrkn I ' K k lirK(.l R loM 1 ' KK ' KlH.AR I ' l N SOI ' IIOMORI S I MI S S I 11 k R(ii;i iti Sill. Willi i Sm.i, lilM R. I l.dR [diiN W ' lsr I ' ki 11 Amu KS A ' 1 lllMKlP C rl C OWCIK I ' aR IN CONRIV Jack Cougill Boii Davis Jamks Dietz IM.I-IX.I S Ori s On iz V i VNKi i I ' dsn r Cll R1 1 s ( . i H Roi.n Glass William C orm an R. J. Gragc T. J. Gracg R M lURN II WIM R Ralph H()i.i. i vav I ' n TMAN LlGate T. I ' . McCann ji ' -ssr. MoLiNTjov Marion Wilson Thomas VITII :RS Pi Rapi ' A Aii ' HA. national social Irateini- l . was founded at the University ol ' Virginia in 1868. The Kentucky chapter is known as the Omega chapter and was established in 1901. The fraternity flower is the Lily of the ' alley; the colors are Garnet and (iold; and the national publication is the " Shiekl and Diamond. " 185 (; . n ' i)] 1.1, lit 1)1)1.1 S|() l ( Ml.l Ml WDI i I()N K.OMI K Sigma Alpha Epsllon 11(1 CH.M ' I KRS SI KOI 111 l M I 111 US SIOM ' . CVRL.VM) .M.IXANUIR iisd Kentucky Epsilon Chapter jmkmi ' in !• ACUI. ' I N ' (I.e. [ill ' (iKXD ' l Sill RI)S )()lll I ' llRNI.K Ori ' lCKRS (ii.oRc.K C . ii ' iu.i.i I ' lcsiilcnl Ralph Con(;i.ii()n Vio-Picudciil C. ' 1 " . Hi;ri7S(:ii Sfiiclityy ERNiisr Fai.i TrcdMnrv si MOKS () llli NKS k l I ' ll ( (INC.I I l ) Mlsll( IM jWIIsHollll II I I M I) S() )|SM Klllll 1m (.1 i Hkiwi Rom ki 1)u ki 11. 1 " . Ri, c. ii) iiikH hm N ' oum n (. kl.lM; | Ml.sI.() (; (.1 oKi.i ( : Mnu I I 1, (.|M) 1 1 i I i k M i IomCiowik 1,(11 lli M(,i (. i I s Ml C; Al I-l V liiLi, Ci.oM) |( sini I li mil I SKIN (.idiu.r rui,l.(H.ll ) wii s 111 1 jrxioRs Tom All will R lliki | )ii s(i C ki. W kii (.11 1 1 1 s (.U W 1 S Ik ( IS MlIN K.CIMl «■! Till 1 Will, I M ll 11(11 s ,S()I H()M()RI,S R()(.ikB Kik XdkM w |riiv KiiiA .Spici k (!l, l KIN (!(1N(.1,1 ril C. I . Ill kl s( II |(1I1N TUKNI K loi.ClRMM r.iiw kii )i iiiksdN ' ). Rici ';k ■Si AMON DoNniuo liii i SN in li (Iokhon ' anciv |(I1IN Si kdl 111 k I ' LKIX.KS llVkkl .XllWNDlK l) l R(I1. N | (kB KlK IJllI, H kl ' l k Hi N RdSl |AMI S 15, RREN I (Kll()(l lk ! ' 11 S n()k Joe BossE l. ( lldisuN Rdiu ki Siii k i w Robert Cole Uii i IIision I i i(iki Simpson IVMISDOM.E l)(IN 1 II 1r INl mIISmiIM 1)(1N 1 11 l ' ( M 1 K I ' .VkKI R I.AkV IIoIiSkiNI. | (k(. iiii j (:K [ )llM liiiM (llN(; 1, kl N( I (. kl NI1 C li. I ' Kl SKIN I IIM W ' l Mil ks . i,1 ' IIa Ij ' siion was louiulccl al llic l ' ni cisit ol ' .Maliania in 18. ' )6. The Kentucky (liaptcr. known as Rcnuukv Epsilon, was estab- lislu ' d on ihe tain])us in l ' .)()(). The Iraternitv (lower is the X ' ioiei; ihe colors are Purple and Old Gokl; and the national piUjlication is the " Record. " 187 r " ? s .. IT " T o i( o O DOTSON PI-IILLIl ' S SWISSHELM STAIIR DAWSON lUH 1.1 R IIUCIIES FORSVTHE COFFEV RYAN BOWLING R. BUTLER KFNNIIIV WEDIllE CHESTER BUNTOX TOOHEY ALCORN CARRACO CRACRVEl S M.VER HALEY REHM STEVENSON DOUGLAS STEPHENSON BRINCAKDNER SIMMS PETERS FLOWERS H. DOTSON WELLS JONES BUSH WALKER CLARK RENTZ H S JUSTICE SULLIVAN PALMER A. DOTSON MUMBLE BUGIE BIRCKHEAD SMITH CASSELL HARDIN SINGLETON PAULEY OFFICERS Elvis J. Stahr Presidciil William H. Swisshelm Vice-President Robert Forsythe Secretary William Bolanii Treasurer 188 WlI.I.IAM liOLAND NVll.l.lAM BUTLFR Kl) ARI) Al.CORN ViMRi,v 1$i;mon I- HI II 11K1S(. KI1 I K H ROI.l) lillSH WlI.I.IAM Cradv Vil.I.l M B RB1 R Kinv Rn IllRCKHI AD I. x Ri nceBoland Cordon WlI.I.IAM Ca.ssii.l I i.W Cl RK (;ii Ki.i;s c:r ( R Fi Sigma Chi !lii Cll AITKRS Lambda Lambda Chapter MEMBERS IN FACULTY Willi M H ANSI RUIIARI) JoIINSHN Rdiil Ri Sii o (., . Iiiiii .Sl ' .MOR.S VlI.l.i M D WVSdN H R(11.I l)(llsll J. C. I ' liii.i irs Howard S.mathirs Elvis Staiir Wll.l.l 1 S l-sMII I.M JIMORS Richard Frank Coffiv I ' aui. Carraco Robert ihf I wii s Cm sii R Ch ki.i s R an )clll W RI1 SOI ' llOMORKS Hi K i N DciisiiN Kill. I V H i.i.v I ' Douglas Edwin Hurd I ' RFD Fi.owFRS Henderson 1 ' ierce (.11 Ri.i s Waem i I ' I.EnCES . RriirR DoisoN Western Furr Arnold Fcist E.G. Hardin Walter Hatcher Frank H V ' is SlIERM N HlNM lil.lN Thomas Humble Richard Johnson William Jones Willis Jones Charles Justice Billy Murr.w Ben Owen I Wll S I ' Al.Mdkl. Cordon Svmi ' son Rh II Mil) I 1)111 I RODI Rl .S VI. ER John Toohey W.M.IER Rl IIM Ja.mes Stephenson Roiii;r I Stevenson William Pauley Alfred Pliers Tommy Rentz Frank Rhodi:s Rom Rl SlN(.LEION Paul Smith BaUNF ' SlMMS I (;k Sill. 1. IVAN Rich kii Wills Sigma Chi, national social fraternity, was loundcd at Miami University in 1855. The local (liaptor was established on the Keniiuky campus in 1893. The fraternity iiower is the White Rose; ihc colors are Blue and Old Gold; and the na- tional piihlii aiions are the " Magazine of Sigma Chi " and the " Siunia Chi Bulletin. " 189 srooKF, ' ■ se» ' ' m- ' J I I noli ik4i jb it bA l|T flTl jUsK ' ' : ' ' muxs OIFICERS Roiii-RT Stkvens Fresidoil DoNAin L. LuQUEs J ' ice-Piesidenl Howard Green Serretniy Granv ' iei.k Ij rnk Tycii.sinrr ion Sigma Nu !).S (11 l ' I I KS Gamma lota Chapter Mr.Mr.FRS 1 FACriT ' S ' l l. 1. CjU Kill R (.KWNIlll IUU 1, I lim Will (.HI I SIAIORS I ( K I l() KII I Wll V l(]( l;l I MI s r 11 I KSCIN IvCII-.l 1(1 Si I M S |()ll I loi MM W ( I OKI. I Kl kl I K IIMORS l)(l l l I.I ()|!| S Sill UKII. S ll I II I i;n i S ii I II II I I I II I) U IIISON Cll UI-I s I |l| s SOI ' IIOMOKIvS ( Jl MM I s l I l(l Will I 1 R( IM Rl 1 (ll IIS I M S II I I M Will I I |. R. lUiis W II I 1 i Com. I I ' ll IX.I ' .S W II 1 I M I ' .l I HII 1 I ' l UK I I Will KIN Wll Ml Rdl 1 I I I ll(l l S W 1 kl s SicMA Nr. national social fraternity, was loiiiukd at the ii.ninia Miliiarx Institute in ISIi ' .l. Ihf local thaptcr, known as Cianmia Iota. was established on the Kentucky cani|nis in 1903. rile fiateinit flowei is the While Rose; the col- ois aie lilack, While, ami Cold; :iiul the iKilioiud |iiil)li( alion is the " Delia. " 191 » » W Kirvis " ' I I.OUERS H i- ' H HOW AKER ■ A »-«»». ' ■ Kill IV ■ ' JkA • - r a " F ™ SI R(:V s( III 1 _ , —. ' - , " :- ii ' cowoR OFFICERS Robert Nall Prcsidciil Ralph Reeves Vice-Frcsidcul Dudley F ' lowers Srcrclary Richard Bovd Trcasiiicy 102 Sigma Phi Epsilon (is (11 I ' I I RS Kentucky Alpha R. E. Sii.w I R MLMHERS IN I ACIII.IV Thomas D. Bu d H ARin Alien I.iwwKiii Ak i I. Rich kii Bi ii Al.lAN Bk ADI.I V SENIORS Br.RN ARD How uri RoiiiRi 1 1. R M.i ' ii Ri-i. i£S (,i 1 N Sin prAun Rl( II l ll I IIIIIMS JIMORS Will. IS likori ' i 1 1 C R[. Erkkson 1,1 1. Mi How KI u () l Mt M( OoUFLL John Dorsey joE Ennekinc Di ' DLEY Flowers SOPHOMORES Ml I A i Eouiii Willi M |. (. l IIOI Dudley Kelley James Miller JOSI I ' ll ' OLL I ' l rnc;Es H Midi II l ' )koOM S I l K Or Ml M Cii Ki I s Ki Ml i 111; Mil I M 1). C. MilM n ). R.OCowiK El ss R I i (.s C:ii ki I s Sciii ' T Eiiw Ri) Searcy Sigma 1 ' hi Epsii.on, national social fiaier- nitv, was founded at the University ol Richmond in 1001. The locd diapier was established in l ' .);5; , the outsiowih ot a local fraternilv, .Sigma Beta Xi. which was fonndcd in 1922. The fra- teiniix ' flowers are the . merican Bcaiiiy Rose and Purple ' iokis; ihc colors are I oyal Purple and Blood Red: and the publication is the " Sigma Phi Epsilon jciuinal. " 191 ' . i r ) f , «- f - f» 1 r: jj 3 JOHNSTON FAUNCE MII.I.IR FISH HOIKI.K (.R Ili:R JACKES MONTCOMF.RV li ACBV ROltlRSON BARTON MINCHERO NILl.S NELSON CANNON MCAIN HI ( H N N ZAHAREVS DF. FILIPPO liENNESON RIOSllV Kl ' TF SNIEllFR FORBES l IM(. Rn rR ROBERTS CARNEY CIIFRRV RANOETE DAVIS 1 U(I11 jOMS I ' ENNOCK WATEIS WIESON FAIIEKNER OFFICERS VV. B. Fish President H. M. Miller J ' iee-Pyesidetil Pete Zaharias Secreltny Jack Faunce Tie isiirer 194 Triangle 17 ( II l ' I I KS Kentucky Chapter MEMBERS IN F ACIULTY I.ouis I ' . Noi I, i n. y. Vi KKi 1.1. .Si I I ' lii N .s i Ml i Rdiii Ki Sni I u H. J. n vi,s J. H. F r ri W. R. Fish SKMORS |. S. (;k I!I K Cl. l III |(III SHI Thornton Li ui.s .Sam Montcomfrv ]. . SruDDFR |. I ' . B RroN C. E. Bi(;i.rv W. 1 ' . FORHIS jlMORS I. V. !lciKi r II. n. | i MS L. H. h(: i R. A. Mini in un H.MMiiiiR C I . RolllRSON I ' l I I , 11 RI S C. j.C RM V ( " . C. Cm Kin R. H. BlNNF.SON D. E.BUCIIANNON C. W. 15 ( I(, MJIIM K C. M.Dwis . B. F.MIKNIR J. ,S. Farciii SOI ' IIOMORFS L. C. Nil SON PLEDGES M. Di Fii ii ' i ' O N.FLHail H.O. Hicks j. E. HOCKKR W.H.Jones R. E. Ni ' TF. E. E. Rir.sRV J. E. New M. A. NiLES J. T. Roberts Eari, Vice E. R. VAI.LIS E. 1 ' . Wii.soN Triangle, naUonal social fiaterniiv lor en- gineers, was founded at the University ol Illinois in 1907. The local chapter, known as the Ken- tucky chapter, was established on the campus in 1920. The fraternity flower is the Vhite Carna- tion; the colors are Old Rose and Gray; and the national publication is the " Triangle Review. " 195 ' AV W i] llili III lusjiniilinus M . W ' hal Bi ii l- ' ri ' l Tiini Tiiylor Till- L ' lijiiniliiiiiihli- Sill Tliiil Sli ' lilicn ' .s Tri liiiiijiic l-iiiiihilii Cliis ll ' s Cdue In His Hrail Miilor ] -li, ' ,-l, ' , Off For II Ciiiiirr Kiiy Kt ' iniedy A ' . (). McLoney HONORARIESi , AND CLUBS Omicron Delta Kappa Nu Circle OniKion Delia Rappa. na- lioiial liDUcirary campus lead- ers ' lialtiiiilN, Avas louiulcd al W ' asliiiij lon and Lcc in 191 1. lis pui|)()si, ' is lo rccogni c nan s in lia c allained high siandaids ol cfficicnc in tol- k ' He ailivilics. and lo inspire Dllieis lo siri e lor (o nspi(u- ous allainnienls along similar lines. niFFORD SI AHR BORRIES (RWn R BFRSOr WARREN BOVD MOORI; BAKER FAeNCE CONLEV M kINM :V ne(.HKH TERRELL I ' RIS. Im r L. Mc ' ev DiAN W. n. I ' UNKHOUSER Dl AN I ' AlLl ' . BoVD Dfan W. S. Taylor Dean C. R. MFLriiER MEMBERS IN lACULlV Dean L. J. Horlaciier Dean W. E. FREE E N Lt. Colonel B. E. Brewer Prof. Roy Moreland TROF. R. D. NrclNTYRE Prof. Lewis C Robinson Bernik a. .Shively James .S. .Shropshire N ' lEL Plummer Robert W. .Spicfr OFFICER.S D.Win Dii lORi) President Ei. Ts J. .SiAiiR Vice-Piesident Richard Boyd Sccielin -Tyeasurer Proi " . R. D. MoIniyrk Fin i(ll .Idr ' isur Ba il Baker Jamf;s Bersot Frank Borries Jack Grain MEMBER.S Calvin Cramer Jack Faunce Ralph Huchett John F. McKfnney James A. Moore Claude Terrell Sam AV ' arren 198 Mortar Board HONOR. R lRAl .R ll for si-.mor womkn Staff and Crown Chapter iOlliidi ' il III Syiiiiiisr i ' iii ' ri. il 1 ' .) I S Iiisliillcd on Cinnjiiis l ' .)20 Acrn i; . iE. iiii;R.s Mari II CiiRisriAN Prcsidcnl Bi I I Moi I I ' 11 ] ' i( c-Pvcsidcnl iMar ' i W ' l liii Scnrliny ' |R(;IMA Ml ' RRI I I TifllMllrl IsAiii-.i.i.A Coi niiilliijj; Scirrliny Francis Kirr .NFariha Fikm- it Bi i n BoM) ClIkIM I W ISOVl) kl Kl MOFFF.TT Fi (;i 1 1 MI ' RRFLI. WEBB NAIIFLVIEIN iMoilai I ();ii(l is ihc ikiUdikiI li()n()iai socieu ic ' Ki!j;ni iii ; [[ inc ' inbcishij) the ouistandino ' senior ivomen. li has as iis purpose lo aihaiue ihe spirii of serv- ice ami lello-wship anioni; Uni ersil -(voineii, lo mainlain ils hit;h standard of .sthoiai ship, and lo reeogni e and encotiiat;e leaclersliip. Tliere are si l (hajilers. . " iMtMl liLAMllNG AtJCLisTA Roberts member.s in f. culty Anne C. lliiia Sarah B. H )Lme.s buen.v m.miiis Marguerite McL mgiiein Mrs. Server ADVFSOR.S FOR 19:5. " i-36 1)k. Si 1 11 ] ' ,Kiksc) MiiiikEi) Lewis I ' J ' J ii " sA MOUM LANr. 1 ( ION STARK l oNs W 1 Nlll Kl.l; II wool) Ml KKl i 1 111 nil l SADLI K K WIKJI.I ' II I Ml k l N JENKINS Mil LSI 1 IN Sllll ' l ' wens SOPHOMORE WOMEN ' S HONOR. R ER.XTERNirV Theta Chapter iiiitiidcd III ihr L ' iiiv(n il of I ' lllsbuvi . l ' J21 Iii.s alU ' il 1)11 Cum jilts, llljl MEMBERS IN FACULTY S i ii (.. Bl wdini. S k Ml II. Hoi.. ir,s Esi III K C ' .ol.i Fkxnm IN ME.MIiERS . nni I. v I. oNs .M l( I II V l.ol IM Sllll ' l ' .M K I.oi Mark 1 1 I.I C ' .LMiKI Wool) M i!i II Si I 1)1 ml i M Muii . m ii km n M XUIOKII |l NKINS DoKonn .Mi nko 1 ' ' li N()R Randolph 1 III (IIKlk . Mil I.STEIN Francis .Smji.ik OFFICERS . n. E L. . G I ' lr.siili-ill Rr 1 II Ecio l ' i( c-Prcsidoil ' " iRc;i i, iMoi ' M Scorliny Dorothy V ' i nuI ' Ri.r h Trca.uiici Cwcns is ;i nalioiia! honor.iix Iralciiiilv Im SoiihoiiiniL ' -ivoincn. I ' lif pur- poses ol Cwcns aie to loslci luadcisliip and Icliowship anion " the -ivonicn ol the Sophoiniiie chiss; in promote, b Irieiidh siipei ision, leadership among the Freslimen women b encouraging ilieii jkii licipation in student aetixities and genuine iiiteiest in scholarship. 200 Lamp and Cross l..ini|) .111(1 Ciioss, lionoKiix sciiioi so- litiN. v:is loundcil al liu ' L ni cisil ul kcniu(k ill HIOl .111(1 has llic ilisliiu- lioii ol hciiiL; iIk ' lust (l.iss liDiiDiaM on iIk ' (.iiiipus. lis |)Ul|)i)sc is Id JJloiuoK ' k ' lhavsllip ami ( Idsci icIaUDiislii]) beti een siiulciiis ol the University. Each year jnoiiiinenl iiiembers of the junior class are chosen anil initiated into this organization. 1S() S]ll)l M LL AICIIISDN SIMIK A ARSDl I.l. lil Ksor 11 MM ]ir(.iii 1 1 LKION SUA 1 s 1 H 1 ALL I.MMl 1 ]J WIII.IIIN 1 ' l IIJU II LL MEMliERS IN K.U;LIL1 V ClIisILK A. ' . .NL ). Run itii |c)il s(). 1 . R. Brvam 1)1 N . L. I Kl 1 l N c)FI-ic:er.s AMIS 1.. AicniNSON Pii-sidcnl Mai.coi.m Siioiw ' ii.i ] " ue-l ' )rsi(lciit Champ Lu.on Seciclary RoiiERr Tai i.oR Ticdsinc) ME.MIiERS R L1 ' 11 S LVER R M.l ' ll CdNCLLTON R LI ' I1 HCCHFIT Jesse Farra Frank Dailey ClL RI,LSZlMMER I.OCIS ISON Robert Nall Elvis Stahr -M Mfsll M. H WlILl 1() Ja.mes Bersot RdlSI Kl Stevlns ERNESI E ALL Li.oNAKii ' Arsdvei: 201 r5 cs r ■S3P " ST Keys Kentucky Chapter HONORARY SOPHOMORE ORGANIZAIION l ' (niii(lc l III I In- i ' )iivi ' iiily of Krnlnck , 1906 A re])reseni:iti e oigani ation fostei- in;j, good will ami lellowship among Iratcrnitx men, and jjiomoting all at- tixilifs to lurtlui these ends. The niosl (iiilstanding freshmen are [)ledt;ed and inilialed, eligibilily l)eing based on siholaiship and acti itN in exlra-cini it- uhii work. SliLZ OI.M X ILMO] I FLOWERS LAIHUIM STEVENS XVARREN I ' LLMMER HICKS liENNESON COLEMAN FLOWERS OFFICERS RoiiKRT Oi.Niiv, Delta Tau Delta Prcsideul C. T. Hertzsch, Sigma Alpha Epsilon I ' ice-PresidenI Robert C. Stilz. Pi Kappa Alpha Secretaiy-Treasiircr MEMBERS Fred F. Flo vers, Sigma Chi Ra Lathrem, Phi Sigma Kaj j)a Robert Coleman. Phi Kaplni Tau Arthur V. Plummer, Kal)l a Sigmii Pierklev Benneson. Tiiaugle Edgar Stephens, Lambda Chi Alpha Charles Higdon,A ' « ) fl Alplia Gene W ' airen, Alj lia Gamma Rho Joe Hitks. Delia Chi Reynolds ' alkins, Sigma ii Diidlev Flowcis, Sigma Phi Epsilon Jesse Vilmolt. Alpha Tau Omega Dr. Thomas D. Ci.ark. Advisor .ances Laiucs. Iidiiorarx IValcrnilx lor oul- slaiulins; )iiiiiiii nicii, vas louiukcl ai the L ' iii c-rsii in H)L ' 7. suctccilint; ihc nadilioiial " M slii I, ' ), " -whidi ■as ihc (nsl ll()ll■ chl)lasli( hoiioraiA in ihc his- l(ir (il llic s( liDol. lis purpose is lo rc(.o, ;ni e c cc])( atlaiimicnt in nan siudcius ol ihc loAvtr (lixision. lo lirin lot;(. ' lhcr Icatlcts ol ihu Jimioi (lass Iroiu ihv various I ' lalcriiitit ' s. and promote class s])irii ami campus Icl- lowship. ift - iilkl . M ki:nm V UlLLlb SW AKl I ' OTTER MCIIOLS SAUNDERS SALVERS UELL BYRNE OFFICERS Dick He m.kk, Si.miia Chi Picsldciil Dick Bish. Phi Dtlta Theta I ' l r-Pit siilcnl Davk Salvers, Kappa Sigma Sc( icliiiy Charles Saunders, Alpha Sigma Phi Tvcnsurcr MEMBERS John H. Bell, Alj lin (idiiniiii Klio Granville Byrne, Sigma Xii Donald Biichannan, Triangle Charles Dunn, Phi Kappa Tan John McKenney, Alj lia Tan Omega Dudley Murpln, Phi Sigma Kapjia Tom Nichols, Sigma .llj lia Ejjsilun Morton Potter, Delia Tan Delia Jimiriy Stevens, Lambda Chi Alplia Herbert Swartz, Delia Chi Ben Willis. Kajijja Alpha John Tra iior, ' Kappa Alpha 203 SI I I s IK INE M ( ()M S ISE! 1 UK n KIJS ) Alpha Zeta Al|)lia fla. iialional honoiaiA agritultuial oigaiii- aiion. -was louiulctl ai Ohio Slaie Uni crsil ' in 1S97 ami lias expanded until il has lorlN chaplfis al jjics- ent. lis |uii|)()sc is to loidci honoi ii|)on the sdulcnis •who sii nil that thc ha c the essential iiiialities of leadeiship and sc holaiship. Each yeai ' a gold medal is piesentecl to the memb er ol the riesliiiian class who makes the highest standing in the College ol Agiiciil- tine. The local chapter was installed on the c.impus in 1912. MEMBERS OF A1) ■IS()R BOARD i iiK A. rkici: f. Hoi MIS M rii Ia i j. Hori.achi u OFFICERS I ' AlM, Mc:Cc),MAS Chaucclhn Eii(;kne Ct i;i() Ceusnv Jamk.s Sii-.PHENS Scribe Charles Dixon Ticusuvcr Albert Isham I ' aiil Caiiaco John Ii ine George W ' eioei MEMBERS Chde Richardson Noel Watson John Frederick Richard Allison Jack Lynch Fred McGoldrick HoAvard Tilson 204 Tau Beta Pi Kentucky Chapter An lioiioiaiN ciigiiicc ' i ing liimiiiiu Inundrd :i{ l.i ' hinh lhii c ' i.sil in ISSfi lor ihc purpose ol marking in a fiuin;; manner iliose who ha e confeired honoi upon their Alma Maier b ilisiinguished siholarship and exemplars character as iindeigi adiiates in engineering, oi b theii attainments as alumni in the field ol engineeiing, and to foster a s|3iiii ol liberal culture in the engineering col- leges ol Ameiica. The Kentucky Alpha (haptei was installed on the camptis in 11)01. MEMBERS OK ADVISORY BOARD 1). ' . I I Kkl I [. C. S. Croist. W. 1 ' .. Fki 1 r L.S.O ' ] ' , -;?- } f J CRAMl R THOMPSON () RLAR no(;(:s HILL HARMON HRV W ((ILL riOfKLR ; I.OM) OKW (N ARCHER OFFICERS Arxoii) i I. Thompson r)c. iilciil |. OvtAix Crami.r ] ' i( c-Pycsidcnl RoiiiRi S. Orwin T)cii }i)i) ]. H. Johnson SrccUny [cjSF.PH E. HocKi R ins RixiN ALn Ricr Willi M T. H rm an Coi.i ' Miu s Fi.oi ri MEMBERS Di NNis Bor.cs Edwin L. Cull I ' llVMN f ' .. O ' Rl K I AMI S S. (,RA1U R Willi m T. Rrvan H Roi I) Hill E. I ' .LMi u Am III u 20 - -• - —• » -Jl Phi Alpha Delta - HKi Ma j Henry Clay Chapter -». iRTMlte PROFESSIONAL LAW ' V L FRATERNITY I ' oinidfd III kriil Si Ininl of I .inv , ISSli lusliilli ' d oil Cinnlms, 1914 j V IMii .Mplia Delta is one ol the old- (, est ol the legal Irateniities and vas J f H installed as the first legal fraternit) on this campus. Ainoiig its alumni are s((me ol the oiitstaiidiiig jurists ol (he -: ' - k ' MEMBERS IN FACHLIY I ji m t R( ' MoRKLANI) ■ W. I.KWIS RoiURLS IliRMK MOOR): WH.IJAMS iiouKLi. HI Nsi.iv jicrr (.Krrx w II SON () ' i5Kii: will II. 0 SIIKIll ' SIIIHl COLLINS OFFICERS Jaafes E. MooRr: Juslicr JoHiN L. Davis ' i c-Juslice Wii.i.iAM Baldwin Clnk Josi.PH Williams Ticasuicr Jlrroi.d O ' Brvan ' i Mm shall MEMBERS TiroMAs n ARTi.riT Willi i Iltt EnwiN C:AMiMiLi.L Rom Ri Hi NSI.IV HL R I " . Tlrnir Joe Green CAri. Ho m i.i. I " , ui. Wilson PLEDGES J Mi s ]{i I.I i.M John Shkoi ' shiri: Hlnri ' Collins Ulrt Combs Oscar Win mow John Blackiuirn ( m iti i s Momcomirv Wai.tfr W ' iiii i 20G Phi Delta Phi Breckinridge Inn Chapter PRorrssioNAL legal fra ll.rxi lv I ' Diinilnl III llir Un i ' i ' i il nj M i(liioiin, ISd!) Iiisliillcd 1)11 Cinn jii.s. [V2!} All iiilcrnalional lialcinilx ors aiii cd in picnnolc a higher standard of ethics and tuliiiic in law s( hoois and in tlic profession at large. Phi Deha I ' hi is liic oldest piofessional fraternity in existeiuf. Law sin- dcnls with a siandin;; of L3 arc clit iblc lor ineinher- siiii). MEMBERS IN FACULLV !)()( I (Ik I ' u Nk Ml Ki; Docrok FuANk 1 1. R Mi MEMBERS S l III U DlIM s lii I. Cocii ' i u D MI) W. C 1 I IK Town H i.i. I.I Mt CioMllS L i:. Marks J ( K Kl M U W i Ilk Bi i)j k sklNM k |CI I HANNAH I.I 1 IK COdl ' l K O ' HARV 1I I.1. kIWIDV COMBS SM.ISIU ' RV lA ' ANS BENDER CARTER iMH.LER DOWNS KI Slk COI.E OFFICERS GroR(;r. T. Skinner Mii a ' y Ai.iiiRT R. Jones Exrlicqucr John A. Geyer Hisloriau .Samuel C. Kennedy Ghidialoy John A. Evans Clcil; 207 MOORi; »HO 1 A WARRFN HACI.LR niFFORD HIGHFTT 11 M.M Mil R(; f;nrpi.FFF a(.n. » 1 IsK.r K Fl nil KMdN I ' FW Alpha Delta Sigma 32 CHAPTERS Desha Breckinridge Chapter PROFESSIONAL ADVERTISING FRATERNITY I-niiii(lf(l III l ' nivc .si iif M .si)iiii, 1913 hisliiJIril nil Ciitnjiiis. 1!M I A ])r()fcssional oi ;ani aUi)n of students attivch iincrested in the piolession ol ad- Mitisini -. Its ideal is the npliftin, " ; ol ad- eitising- as a jjiofession seixing the busi- ness voiid. MEMBERS IN FACULTY R.D.MdNnRF K. J. AmIFR J ANtFS S. .SllKOI ' SlllRF Enoch Gri ii OFFICERS Ernes |- Si ioxt.a Prcsidcn I JacIv Cuaix I ' irr-Pyi ' sidi ' iil Iki M. Moork Sriifliny Sam Warrkn Tii ' ii.sincr Ross Cm IMLFFF D II) Dim oRii Sip I 1 1 M III nMo MEMBERS |oil f.ol lisr III lil (. I Wll s II M.I I R RiRi Hai.lfmh RC Rai.i ' Ii Hiciu 11 F.IK. K I ' l , |.FRI 1) ' or.FL C RROI I. W ' l ISK.FR 208 Theta Sigma Phi m Chi Chapter | - ■JliclM ,Sii;iii;i I ' lii. nalional hoiioiarx jH . ■ - fc m ami piolfNsiimal jdmnali lic lralcrnil Mfct m 7 1 ' " - " 1(11 (Miun. vas louiulcd ai ilic Uni ci- s ' ,_ (il TIh ' Chi . I B 14 , oil HH P H H l .c(|iiiniiKiils liii admission iiuludf yW t j ' ' BVv [ ' W 5? an ui)iK ' iiiass siandiii and an aclisc in- jlmv , BB». BBI ' ... ' ' - " jouinalism. Thcif ihiil}- ' N HB H B. ci. Iu (lia|)U ' is al prc-st-nl. dunlap earle isovd CURTIS WHALEN ROBINSON DF wiini; coREV nevins KEII) NMIILSIEIN LAM) OFFICERS liinv ISoM) l ' )rsi(lnil ' iR(.iMA Robinson I ' lic-Prcsidnil Edwina Gori- V Seciclmy Frances Duni ai Treasurer MEMBERS IN FACULTY I u(a 11(111 _M( l.M (ai[.i KirriCdNito Hii.inKing M |(|(iuii H(i (.i sii I■,lI[ Wiiiiiow MEMP.ERS l)OKOIM ClRTlS Rt 111 r.l ' VKKIl! AiDKi V nE Wilde Theo in FRwri s Ri id Marv Rees Land Nell Nevins Dorothy Wii ai.en 209 Delta Sigma Chi HONORARY PROFESSIONAL lOllRNAlJSM FRATERNITY I ' oinidt ' d ill l ' .)2() UOKkll s r; Ri,i f. K SI1 (.kl 1 ( IIKIMll rill iM i.MF . ( sl 1 It 1 i iik; i V M 1 us OFFICERS Norman C. G Presidnii Vv. K r.()RRir.s ] ' i(e-Py( ' si(li ' iil Oi i I R S. Rash ScocIiiiy John Chrisiii Ticusinci MEMBERS 1) 111 Sma I KS M()Ri() Kii.iA RossC.Hi l ' l•I.l:I•■|•• 111 I wi l ' . s Nr w l, (: sii u Fkwk Bi ' iu.i.R R I.MIIUIM M ALCOI.M SlKim I I I, Rolil KiM M.OM.V PLEnOES C. T. Hfrt scu Josi I ' ll Oriw 210 Phi Beta I ' hi Ufla, iialioiial ])i olcssioiial imi ' -i( and iliaiiialic Irali ' iiiilx lor wonuii, was loiiiuk ' d al i i ilnvc ' sU ' i n L ' ni crsi!-, in 1911 ' . riu ' kappa (iia|)UT vas in -laik ' (I on llu ' (anipii.s in 1 ' .)!. ' " ). Mcinhc ' i ill the lacuhv is Anne Cialli- Iian. • J Mi . ri.L KI Kk , Ml HKI 1 I. RODl.NSDN nici 11 IIW I I 1 U 1 k IlR Wll All V Ki in (.KI M mil SI W 1 mi MOFII 1 1 W 1 villi kl OKI) III 1.1. I kl.l IXION |1 M S ( IMllI I- II, U KItl 1.1. AliKL OFFICER.S ' |R(.INIA MrRRKI.I PiC ' .idllll ' iR(;i iA RoisixsoN ] ' i(c-Prcsi(lc)il FR. Nf:i:s Kkrr Sc ' (i clary Eva M. k Ndwei.i.I ' : Tifitsurvr M.xrhia Fl ' (;i; ' ) 1 H sloiui} MEMBERS (i;, N Aiii;L . l kiiiA I ' l ' tariT ikiasi Mi km i.i. C.oi.nii: Bi XL M akcari i Cur aihoisi I ' v. Mai; i; m 1 1 i S k L()iisi C ' .iNDiFi- Ci.AKA Hi cms Fkwci :s Ri 111 M Mil Dwr LiK M K|()mr JTNKiNs Xikiasi R(iiii sii -M kiii Sii Dikiiwi Francjks RlRU iki.iM I ii ki ' M k I 1 1 Mil I II 1. ki I M R LoiiiSF. Mc.Ri VN Rr I II I i 111 ki (ikii RiJTiiEcroN Bi 1 rv Moffit JwfAllk.n Vi iiii Hflfn Far.mfr DoRDiiiv Mirrki.i. M vhi.arit Lewis W ' iiai.iv 211 1 ANXO.N 1 NS NllWll.I.l V KOWUOIIl M ,N ni I.Sl [ l.N II!S1I U liROUN PAVNE M. Slll.AKLU CHAini.T N. SHEARER HEDGES COLLINS WMAI.LV 1 kIMIlLi: l sl OW Phi Upsilon Omicron PROl-ESSIONAL HOME i:c;oNOMics fraterniiy r.-iiniiird III UnivciMlV " Mllllir.sniii. I ' .K)!) Fiiini J ' -(l III! C,ii)ujiu . 1912 MEMBERS IN FACULTY {: 1 111 KIM RoncLKs RoiM.LLA .Sl ' lf.KLKI Statie Erikson M RiE Barklev M WE Hocn ER OFFICERS Is r.i 1 I A XADi.i.siriN Fn- lilnii M K Eii Ai ,i;rii Collins Vi( c-Prcsidcnt Marv Lewis Shkarer Secrelayy CoLiRLNKY Cannon Treasurer ViRCINLA ' I ' SLOW I l b (1) i(UI-H I sl (irKDl Anna Evans ClKijiliiin LouLSE Payne Edilor Frances Hrown Courtney Cannon M RV Ch m vet M K I-.i.ixaiiehi Collins Ann t ANs Mrs. I:. H. II i mi k MEMBERS Camille Hedces X ' lviAN Muster Isabella Nadelstein Eva Mae Nennellev Louise I ' ni Ruth Row noi ii i Marv Lewis Shearer Nell McCoy Sheakek Nancy Trimble Margaret Lluts ' llALE Mrs. E. a. iiii m R ' |IU;|NI WiNMdW 2i: Chi Delta Phi ' ilk [ Xi Chapter J " kfl fomnlcd (i! L ' iir,ris ly oj Tcniii ysrc, I ' JI ' J - • »_. , A nalioiKil h()iu)i:ir litcran Iraliiiiiu lo: woincii B V ?9llL. vlii(h i)ui])osc ' s in [hv discoxfix ami ciuniii a ciiRiil ■HJ tb H fW lA liiciaiN talciil anions; xvniiR-ii siiulcius. Member- ■ETin f - - sliip ici[uiics a slandinj; ol L ' .O ami llic suhiiiissioii ol R j an original manuscript ol literary aluc. K? i f MEMBERS IN FACUl i A m i fe ji| k m r i il UKao - W ■- ' m Awi: CArriHAX Kaiiiirim Wilson m ' ■» " " y ' , -. B GkANr C. KNic;nr, Ailvisai f - WKjt ' f PATRONS HhsIV B .. H GfORGEK. BRADV E.F.FVRQIIIAR WHALKN B. FARLE ROBINSON Frances Galloway L. L. Dantzlkr nadelsiein t.iltner wuNnrRLitii Rl 11) M 1 S EIS I ' Ol IS JOM s M. 1 . l.ARLK TLANNIKV ASIIER TERRX OFFICERS DoRoiin LoiisK W ' liArKN Pn-sidoU iM AK1 ' Pol IS I ' ice-Pycsideul Mari ' Ei,i ai!i;iii Eakle Sen clary Marx Ellkn Nevins Tirasinri MEMBERS |l N Al.l.l 1 III (I Mil I M I l lil 1 n K KI.E l l l II C.ll l l H lUC.I l RdlilNSON 1 ' LEDGI.S |i i Amu K liii M Ml II 111 IX |i w W ' l is k Mill K N 11 M UV Lois I ' lRRV DoKllim W IMIl Kill 1 1 Frances Riid (.RAlir A 1 I, MKMIU ' .RS III 1 I FuxNcis Jones Diikohu Win i woki ii 213 Scabbard and Blade Company D Stiibbard and Blade, national honorai) advanced niililar sociciy. was loimdeil al llie L ' ni eisil ol Wisionsin in 190 " ) and has r() vn nniil al jMeseni there are sexen- l -eighl (hapleis at the Icadint; toilettes ihionnhoitt the (oiintiy. Company I). I ' ointh Regiment. x as installed on the l ' ni eisit canipiis in 1922. Its ptnposc is to delend Anu ' iitan traditions and ideals, lo promote the interests ol the R. O. l. C. irainin -. to preser e and to develop the es- sential i[iialities ol good and efficient otfic- eis, and to spreatl intelligent inlonnation concerning the niilitaix lecjuirements o£ om ' coiintr). MEMBERS MILLER CRAMl K 1 IIO.MI ' SON iiitMM rr BLNSON ' fOHNSON STRONG I.OWRY WEHLF 1U) l: llRoriT I 1 1 1 RRLLL STAHR in DDL! SION 11 Msl K liMLLV HOBD X Ml Mil s KLS IMMER ORABLK S II, LIS HOCKER OLNEY Doi ' t.L s Amirlws Ci, RENCL Avers li WM. BaKI R (.K n i Hr s ) iLi.cs Broeeht Calx IN Cramer Frank Dailev ( xMES Grader ' i( LOR Hoiinxx ' [osi rii HocM R Joe Hcddleston Ralph Hughett |. I ' ELHAM Johnston Willi i Low kx Linn McCain Harry Mason Henry Miller Charles Olney Elx IS Stahr William Strong Claude Terrell Arnold Thompson Edward ' EHLE Frank Willis Peter Zaharis Charles Zimmi r MEMBERS IN 1 ACULI Li.-(UiL. 11. 1.. liRi vi R Cxi ' i MN How xrh F. Criswi ll C:m ' i m H xrkx 1 ' . Si.iiilblx OFFICERS Hi.Miv Mii.t.ER Cdjilii ' ni Gr. h, m Benson •Vr.s I.iculcjuuit .Arnold Thompson Second L i-iiIokiiiI Calvin Cr. .mi:r Fiist Soiicdiil 211 o IS() IMIAM DIXON KKII RI)S ) VATSON COOTS CI LTON MIMII n IRVIM " SIMMONS KL ' RTZ M COMAS JACKSON TERRY Block and Bridle i:; (11 AIM IRS I ' ROIKSSIONAL AMMAL HUSBANDRY CLUB iOiiniU ' d j()iiill III fiiii ' ii, Kiin- Mis, Missotiii Siiilc I ' liiiicisilics iind U)ii-iic)sil iif yrhrnska, l ' ,)2() I ii.sliillfil oil Cinnjnis. 1922 An nr ani iuiiin hiiiininj; ahoul a closer rclalionshii) among men pursuing ihe %a- 1 ions phases ol animal lius- haiuliA as a profession and ol (le elo])ing men inleiesled in li ' esloik. OFFICERS Uoi IS IsoN Piesidi ' ul Paii. Mc:Coma.s I ' iic-PrcsideiU Aluf.rt Isham Sccicliny Ci. DK Richardson Treasurer Eur.KNK Cui.roN Rejinrlrr Charlks Dixon John Fri dirick John Irvine Lahan Jackson George Kurtz James Simmons Joe Terry MEMBERS i)i I. v MsoN M i Kii I Ml sill i ( II NKEKS li XKRETT )iinN Heel H ROEn lilNM lA WENDI I.I BlNM I C: KI, ClWlI NISCII ). I ' ll KICl 1) IS Andrew Hardi si Jack Harrison O. D. Hawkins Fores I Hocee ) Wll s R Mil IK G x IN M(Mi KIlt H m an i i. 215 American Institute of Electrical Engineers .Student blanch or ani atiDU ol the prolcssional tiij inct ' i ini; sixictN composed ol sludeiu eni ineeis inteiesled in the lield ol elecliiial engineering. OFllCKR.S j. ,S. (.KAiu.R Chun mini 111 Rac;i.. d ] ' i( c-Cliiin mini R. P. Fti.CHi-R Sec reliny-Ticasnicr I ' roiessor W. E. Fki;i;m. n Counselor MEMBER.S SI. MORS 1)1 WIS B()(.(.s J.S. Graiur R.S. Ok i V. L. C.I KK B. j. Hai FI.l (. Bi . R xclam) J.C. Cra.mi.r I C;. Horn |. . Ri m.i E. L. Cl ' I.L H. 1. Hi I. Mis A. M. I ii() ips() . L. Dins iM. |. I.I I II IK E. C. ' icE I ' . . I. . l(K)ll |t MORS A. W. AiiKiNs R. I . FiLeiii K E. C. Vl liDlNC. R. B. Akmimi ii I ' . D.Ross A.M.W ' iKoii S M C.R I CIKII (.. I ' . S ll I II I ' l I 1 . Ml RI s SOI ' liOMOkl.S |. I.. BciM(i 1 ' ri. I-iiur.i s C.i ' i I ' l sdi.i ion l ' .;i II Ck iDKii E. 1 ' . K KK RimiKiSi iiiiKi. wn Jiiiix l)i o E. B.JiiiKiis |. R. ii.i.soN !l(j American Institute of Mechanical Engineers Sliuk-iu Ijiaiuh ()it;ani ali()ii ol llic cn iiHri int soticlx composed ol sluilciu ens iiicci ' s inlcixsitil in ilic- licld ol mechanical engineering. OFMCIERS C. E. Archir ClKiiiinini R. I. Ricac ] ' i( (■■Clitin iniiii . E. BiTi.KR S ( rcliny V. R. Rii.L ' i ' TreasiDC) iMEMliERS |. R. Allen R. L. Amjerso.n C:. E. Archer L. E. Bloom R. L. Boris L. P. Brvam H. E. Bl LLOCK W. K. Ill ILIK V. E. I) WIS W. K. Dyer R. E. Fay W. T. Har, l n J. W. Holt VV. L. HooXER H.D.jACKES |. l. [OIINSON (i. P. Kl ILLY V. L. LOWRY A. LUSCHER L. McCain A. (;. McCoNNi 11 C;. W. McDou L1.L B. A. ri N( 111 RO II. M. Mil I I u F. [. MoN M.OMI RV C:. B.OlNI Y E. C. O Ri K L. i E Parker J. R. Perkins R. I. RiCE T. R. RlLEY R. E. Sears VV. 1). .Slitherlani) K. SVLMSI LR |. II. Ik x nor W. V. Will isoN 217 American Society of Civil Engineers A siiulcni l)iaiuh ol ' ihc nalional sotieu ornani cd to pionioU ' iiucrcsi and iiildi inalioii unucinini; cni;iiK ' ci int; piojctls in (i ii cn ;inccring. OFFICERS W ' niJAM Flsii I ' Ksitlcnl Claidil Johnston ' ii c-Ficiidciil W ' n.i.iAM Cannon Sci iclaiy Cecil Roberson Treasurer Proiessor J. Carrei luKiilly Advisor MEMBERS SKMORS Nil ll()L S liCMK.III K J. |. !• KK A William Fish Hugh Fra lr Gordon Gaitiilu E RL HOCKLR F.llW RI1 HOCKI R W i 1 1 R Hoi ki K Uliord Johnson Ci. M ' ni: Johnston llll McLlLLAN SWI lciN l(.(l il K Cari.isll Rilh Richard Sproli s Cii Ri.Ls Stoecklr Gibson Taylor I ' .DW 1 Al) VMS Willi m Ai I ' Ing John liAURON Jamls Barton I ' ALL Brammer D win Brock jlMORS C;l rinci Brown William Cannon Vernon Colllns William Denniston Fred Fischi r Jamls Henry Thomas Johnson J Mi s Li (.(.I I I Charles Moselle Cecil Roberson Charles Saunders DOL ' CLAS ScriERI.IN Gaffer Wmeei.don I ' ciKi 1 R Win 1 1 218 Norwood Mining Society A sUukiU l)iaiuli c)l ihc AnKiiian Iiisliliilf ol MiniiiL; ami MLiallui i;iial Enyiiieers consisiing ol ilic suulcm ciiL;inccis iiut-icsicil in iliai liekl. OFFICERS John H. iu)I.u Hii.l I ' lr.udnil W. H. SwissHELM ( ' i(C-Fiesidrul W. T. Bryan Seoclaiy Coi iMras FiOM) Tvcdsurer MEMBERS 1). R. Hi KKV COI.I ' MBI S l-l.OVl) O. W. ROMAINF. |. V. Bi or RobfrtGrvcl V. N. .Sci ' Dni:R V. T. BR AN R.15. H KI ' 1R W. H. S MSM11 I i K. E. CloiiiNs I.H.Hiii, B.C. Vaughn P. V. CoMiis ' . L. Hiii. A. W. Vancev |.H. I i ii l.iiAM) How AKiR W. R. Va ki;v I.W. HORIM- L. C. Johnson W. (. Leonard L. T. MooRF. L. W. Mln(.i:r 21!) ' erman Club An orj an iaiion ol siikIcdis interested in (ieiniany. its hmgiiage, and its customs. (HUCERS Frank LlBl ' s Pir.s dciil Earl Bourgeois ' ' uc-prc. id -ul Mary Dantzi-KR Sen clary Mark Marlowic Treasurci MEMBERS Moi.iA A(.Ki.E MARTHA BirTNER Mar Bolwd F. Ri. BorR(a;ois 1 ' Ris Campbell James Carson Marv Dantzler Frank Davis Travner Dunlai ' Lewis D h son C RR0LL I ' .M.LISIl D W in FrII DMAN Roger Fuson Martin Gersiiam Fannie Herman Weniiell Hoi.bert Frank Horii Wilson Hi ston Lena Jackson Marjorie Jenkins William |i ' sitce WiLMORE Kendall Anne Lang Frank Li Bi s Rollj Kl 1,1 HI I . I ' .sii LI. Lions l rk ' . nl rlo ve Frank MgGee a. i ' lummeu r N II B. Rl nil KEORIl L i R Si Bri I M L(:()L I SllolWELL I ' ML Simpson See Sparks ALvuisoN Strunk Francis Theis J MES Whitt 220 -.■ T r c Pryor Pre-Medical Society The rr i)i l ' iv-ML(li(al Sotiiu was IouiuIlsI in 1915, by Dr. j. W. I i r, loi ihe innposL ' 1)1 " uniting ihc [.iic-nicclital siiuk-nis inio a boih which will pioniotc ihcii inlciesis and instill in thcni the ideals woilln dI llieii Intinc |)i dlcssion. " (.Jll ' lCER.S JiiJ.w D. Cn Frrsidi-iil E. A. Roper Vice-Presiilciil ]. Franklin W m.iack, [r Secycliny Mar ' i- A(;m.s Brkm) Tvcasurcy Doctor W. D. Ft kiioi ' si:r. . . vfr7 v .lilviscr MKNtHERS G. Arciii R C. Arnoi.I) Gr vrF BiRf.i H. n. Rrown I- [. liKOVVN A. 1 . I5k s ) [. I ' . lii R | TT R. H. lit riiR W . I. Bi lUR [. C RS() A. H. ClI RLF.S W. C. CLOvn R. Coleman R. B. CONOI.l TON H. M. COOKK B. G. Cl RRV F. F. Dwis I). [. 1) 11 IM K H. B. Do I SON v.. H. Kmidv I). W. FCKI.I R J. E. EVFRSOI.E ]. S. FoRliFS C. V. Fran G. Gia.i.i R V. E. GoR i N V. T. GoRMIRIA C. GRir.t.s V. F. Griffin G. Griffith R. L. Hall H. S. Hxrris 1 . J. HOI.IIROOK ( ' .. ' . HufiHETT W. HVDEN C. W. XouMiI. E. 1 ' . JWNF I. R. JONLS 6. B. Jones j. |. Kelcii ]. Kellfr W. N. Kendall R. L. KiSTERSON C. S. LoNr. E. S. Lvi.E M. V. M RI.O VF T. Marsh i i. E. R. Marnn C. rt LLISTFR B. McClaskev J. Mc;KINNF Alice McRea W. T. rEii N J. MOHNF.V I,. Of I iiNia R R.OlNFV H. RiiH) G. Rfi i) B. H. Rk F C. Rv N A. |. SVUNIIFRS H. Shipfrt p. Simpson E. ' . Smii II V. R. Sparks P. SLrrTEREIFI.n H. p. SWARTZ J. W. ToppiT G. M. Tl ' LLOCK R. H. AVi UTILE T. T. AVoM m;k 00] Pitkin Club To lc ' :i(l llu ' sluclcnls in ihcii ihiiikiii; (ill iIk ' u ' lii idiis :in(l s( II ,1 lues i il I j U ' . OI ' I ' ICIKUS W ' ll 1,1AM ACOSI ' A PiCsidcill Lillian Holmks I ' ii c-Presldt ' iil William IjR ' san Sn ycliny-Tiriismrr MEMBERS Willi wi Acosr A Cl.ARl N( ] AlBRO RoBi RT Atkins yoii Ui 1 1 J MI S Ri RSOT Al.LW liROW Rav Brown William Urvax Elizabith Hull GeORGL Rl ' RIlK Is ISABELLE Bl ' RRII R Carl Cami niscii Farris Clevllant) Nancy Lou Coleman AnNABI LLE DW IS Runoi PH ni RoonE Veslh ' noixn Elizabeth Doyle M Rv Elizabeth Earle RiTll ECTON FUVNK VlI I IS T. C. Endicoi I J r:K Flomi I R(.l ERl IE FOKI) M Ri II Fi (.1 1 1 (JORnON G HIII R Mare, RET Goodekii nd Thelma Goodrich Marcaret Greaihouse MxRviN Gethrii Kelly Hai.ei Ruth Hammi rsi i Burton H wvkins June Hi rii ini LlLLUN Hoi ii s ' ictor Hoiiiiw R M.I ' H Hi ' CHETT Louis ISON Frvnces Kerr Fee nor Kniciit Anne L nc R 1 IONI) Latiiri l Billy Leet Wll lARI) LiNllBERC. Ci.oM) McAllister WhxiamMcCabe Raii.ey McConnell Li,oYD Mahan AfARK v. Mariowe Alma Mofeet Nell Nevins Elizabeth Nicholls Louise Nicholls Rob R y Norton Cii rits Olney noi«)rH Perkins A. V. I ' lummer Mill S I ' dNDER M R I ' OITS DONM I) RiESTER M RTII Rll.E A ' iRciNi Riley Mary JANE Roby Leslie Scott Paul Slaton John Si ' rac.ens I wiES I. Stephens Betty Tiemeyer Lydi Tucker A. L. Wilhoite ALXRY VlLIMOTT Joe Willson Willi M Willson CuRTiss Vilmott ' |R(MNI VlNSI.OU ' I NE Allen Webb 222 " Front Row— Scott. E. Boone. C. Boone. Hamilton, Capurso. Goodykoontz. Wisner Back Row-Griffith, Dean, Marshall Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha, national honorary niusii I ' ratcrniiy, was loundcd at the New Enoland Conservatory ol Mirsit in 1898. The local chapter. kno vn as the Alpha Gamma chaptei , vas installed on the campus in 1925. It is a liaternilv organized to achance the cause ol music in America; to los- icr ihe Huuual weli ' are and brotherhood ol students ol mirsic; to cle elop the truest Iraternal spiiit among its members, and to encourage loyalty to the Alma M.iter. There are (ilty-cight cha])ters. Members in the faculty are Clarl I.ampeit, John Lewis, Diidlev Soiuh, Cass Robinson. F.lniei (.. Sid er, and l)a id V. ' o lg. OFI ' ICERS ArARsHAi.i. Hamilton Prcsidciil Cari, BooNic Vire-Presidcul Edward Cari.ich SecrPlrny RoiiiCRT Grimt ' i H Treasurer EiH ' .AR BocJNi-. Historian MEMBERS Rl UKF.I.FY BENSTSON VkMI I I. H WTII.ION Carl Boone Harloui Di w I ii() r s Maksii i i, Boonk Jack Good koos i Tiiom s Scott r.llW VHll r. VKITCII RoiiFKT GrIFI I ]II Os( R WlSXFR 223 Sjiin l:.s iiinl ( ' in i oil . Iii l (i I ' linvers Tlic Orinigc Sipwczcr Dell Miisii inns I ' ll I Hall ( ■ I ' liiiiilr llii ' l. llif (hircii III ll Kiljijiil Ih-llii lj liii Xi Drllii I ' l Kiiji ' s ] ' iiiiinill Til Dells Zclds Song birds are the sweetest In Kentucky Thoroughbreds the fleetest In Kentucky The mountains tower proudest Thunder peals the loudest The landscape is the grandest And politics—the damndest In Kentucky -♦ ,■ STUDENT t-x GOVERNMENT ' J Mill DiriORl) HOWARD (. KI.I (. luiciii n OREAR [SON BAKER DAILEY MOOKi CEYER STAHR Men ' s Student Government riic men ' s sUkIl-iu l;() ci iiini; IkkIn in (onliol ol ' i4cnc ' i:il tonducl dI sindfnl so- cial :i((i ilics and cnipowxTcd wilh jinis- di(li(in in cases ol undci i adualf disci- pline. OFFICERS [ (:w n. Howard I ' lcsidrul Sam H. r iii ' , l ' i(c-l ' i( ' .si(lcii RoKi Ri ' l■l.(:ll S( ' ( ichny-Tx-ti.uncr EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Bazil I,. Baker, Etiilor the Kcntnckian Norman C. Garlinc;, Eclilor the Keniuck Rtincl Frank M. Dailev, President Inter-Fiaierniix Clonncil Elms [. Siahr, President Senior Class Rai.imi H. HiicHEir, Men ' s Dorniilorx Representalivc Dw ' iD F. Fill roRi), President Omicron Delta Rappa APPOINTED MEMBERS Louis F. IsoN, Ai!) KiiUinc C.ollare }A ES A. Moore, Arts (uid Sciences Jack H. Howard, Coinmeire Collene Sam H. ' Fahh, Ediiciilion College Edward C. O ' Rear, Engiueeiiiig College Rob?;rt N. " Welch, Graduate School John A. Gever, Laze College 228 Women ' s Self-Government Association A woman ' s regulating body orgaiii cd lo ciiloi ' ie legulalions, to proniott- ihc wcl- I ' aie, and to Imllici ihv l)csl li ing tondi- lil)n ol ilu ' wonR-n ol llic L ' ni X ' rsil . 1 he oigani alion is (oinposcd ol lite house ])iesidenls ol ihe soeial soiorilies and the presidents ol the women ' s resideiut ' halls. OFFICERS Francks RtKR Picsidcnl Bki r ' Eari.k ] ' i( c-Frcsidcut Mary Nkai. Vai,i)en Scdchnx Hazel Brown Treasincr Lii.i.iAN o M S. . . .Town ]{cjn( ' .si ' iil(ilh ' e ] kl.l kl Kk M Al.Dl N IllKlsllW [;RA1- 1 MIRKIII IIOlNd ' S liROU.N lIKMi;il-.R DILLKI IIA ILRK.G TRISCll TRI£Pr ) V KRIEt.I I. JKrT iii ' Df.KS ()i;i. M(ir(;a .si ini ' .Ki.R MEMBERS Betiy TiEMt:vi;R, Alpha Delta Thcta FrancM ' S Kkrr, Alpha Gamma Delta CaiMii.i 1. Hkdcks. Alpha Gamma Delta Ha ki. Brown, . lplia i Delta Eleanor I rlitow. . lpha Xi Delia BKri ' i ' B. Ni ' NN, Chi Omega DoRotH ' i Ha klki(;(;. Chi Omega Margaret FIumiu.e. Delta Delta Delia Margaret Craft, Delia Delta Delta Mary Neal W ' ai den, Delta Zeta Virginia Murrell, Delta Zeta Bt ri ' i- Earie, Ka])])a Delia Elizabeth Ann Kriegel, Kappa Delta LuciLE Thornlon, Ka]:)])a Kappa Ganmia D()ROTH CuRiis, Kappa Kappa Gamma . r R Trisch, Zeta Tan Alpha Mar JORIE Gallagher, Zeta lau . lpha Mariha C;hrisiian, Patterson Hall Eleanor Snfoeker, Patterson Hall Mary Noi l Barron, Boul Ha ' l Elizabeth Jett, Boyd Hall Helen Morgan, Shelby House Alma Zogg, Independent RiTii DiLLEi ' , Independeni 229 1 DMI.I 1 I.MMl R MOOKI HI i.L liENXFTT Ml I ' Ml MCHOI.S WASSON KA OK SillOIWKLL M Kl M V ROSE IRIKSON MOORE lilULLR VOCUM BARTON Inter-Fraternity Council The Inter-l ' raternity Council ol the LIni cisit) of Kemuck was louiulccl in 1(); ' ' ). Il was organized lo pionioie bel- lei iiainumx among ihe Greek leiiei ' Iralemilies on the campus and lo en- lorce rules regarding suth. Eadi Iraler- nii eleds one reprcsentali e lo sii on ihe coLuuil and he acts and ])roiecis ilie inieiests of his group. OFf-ICERS Frank Dau.i- v Prcsidrul jA.Mis A. MooRF. Vice-Presidetil John Bei.i Sccvelayy Charles Bennett Trcasuycy James E. fi iir ) . Iriangle John Bell, Alpha Ciannna RIio Charles Bennei r, Phi Kappa Tau Dic;k Bi iler. Sigma Chi Frank I)ah.e . I ' i Kappa Alplra Carl Erikson, Sigma Phi Epsilon Marshall Hamh.ton, Alpha Lambda Tau John McKennev, Alpha Tau Omega Ike Moore, Delia Fan Delta [ames a. Moore, Sigma Nu Tom Nichols ' , Sigma Alpha Epsilon Ken Raynor, Delta Chi William Rose, Kappa Sigma Malooi.m Shoiweil, Alpha Sigma Phi James Stevens, Lambda Chi Alpha Will Wasson. Phi Sigma Kappa Tom Yoci ' M. Kajjpa Alpha Charles R. Zimmer, Phi Delia Theta 230 Women ' s Pan-Hellenic Association A nioiip lomposfd ol rtprcsciilatiM ' s ol social so- loiiiirs oinani i ' il Id luster tnojict aiioii .iiul observ- ance oT SOI ial rules, to eiuomai e scholarship and i;oo(l ■will among the soroiit) women. Each soroiit) has two 1 c ' piesenlali cs. H I 1 It DoW.MNC; BlillY TlEMl ' MK Aljihd Del III Thfia Ml-.I.I N F. KM1,R MlIDRIt) M.VRItN .l jiliii (iinniiKi Delhi Ha 1 I, Brown Jl AN Gl.O.SlF.R . ' Ujiliii Xi D -ll,. . Iariiia (,ii.imr 1)orc)iii Nichols Chi Otiirgii Anna lixix Hii.ii nmia i;r Jeanne .Short DcUd ndl i Drilii BROWN f.lI.TMR HILM iWIKVIK i)() v. i. r. f. rmi:r clo.stkr BUSH PAYNE TIEMIAER PE. K MARTIN JOHNSTON UWIlOI.I ' ll (.AM.Af.lM R I ' l.RKV Nanc " Cosiii to LoiisE Payne Drltii Zclii Anne I ' a ne Picrrv .Susan Johnsion Kiij. jhi Kaj JMi Giinuiui Lena Peak Eleanor Randolph Francios Bush iMarjorie Gallagher Kiipjxi Delia y.cla Tan Alpliii OFFICERS Martha Giltner Prcsiilrnl Anna Bain Hillenmever Secrclary Hazel Brown Treasurer 231 i r i ♦. « The K( ' )ilu(l; Fldlooii l.iiiiini Cii!li)i! ! A I nail III I he I ' ll Hiiiilini; I IK I I he Tin gels All College Men. Too! " Bulling " Willi llie Colonel L ' nele Sinn ' s Boys Huililleslon ' s Hiri ' ing Trouble Injured in Ihe Bnllle Cramer, Hoiker and Diiiley Wailing for ihe Denionslriilion c ' .5Kr ' Lt.-Col. Breiver and Caj)l. Si hiehia CAPTAIN SCHIUBLA l.IKl 1 l.N ANT-COLONEL BREW ER CAPTAIN CRISVVF.LL MAJOR TRIPLKTT Xr JOR SCUnni R MAJOR RANDOLPH SLRGEANl SIKIKI MR(,J Wf KfNKlK SERCP AN r PIRKINS MILITARY COL.MVIIK MISS CARROl.I. L 1 .-COI,. HOHnW LI.-COI.. JOIINSTOX rlSS CIIAIMBl.RS M JOR BENSON LT. ;()!.. CRA M l-.R tISS() ' RIAR M J()K 1I()|;K1,R The R. O. T. C. Regiment Tlir R. (). r. C. rcs imcm :ii ilic l ' ni crsii ol Rcimuk - has alwa s been re- garded as (iiif ol ihc niosi DuisiandiiiL; (ollcgc uniis in ilic lountry. and this year se cial chansrcs were made -(vhith vill lend imuh to the inipioxenient of the depannient. ' I ' hese new luUngs ai)[)Ued niainh lo the election ol sponsors, selec- tion ol ihe Miliiar Hall Queen, and ihe assignment ol officers. o Under the new system of selection of the Queen of the Military Ball, vhidi provided that a committee of newspapermen should select the queen from a group composed of representatives of each sorority anil also t ■o independent candidates, Miss Lut Maddux. Clhi Omega, was chosen to reign o er the affair. This function was enhanced this year by the presence of Governor A. B. Chand- ler and Lieutenant Governor fvcen ]ohnson. - vho vere pledged to .Scabbard and Blade. fn the election of sponsors, the old plan of nominating candidates for spe- cific positions was al)audoned and the candidates were oted on as a group, the higliest nine being assigned to ilicii respecti e ranks in the ordei ' in which they finished. Defiriite assignment of members of the regimental and battalion staffs was not made this ear. in order to gi e each officer mcjre oppc:)rtunity to gain ex- perieiKe in the handling of men. vhich is the primal purjiose of the R.O.T.C. 234 M l I isl I k I II(IR 1() KI 1 lt (.ki iiioi SI V lit I I I K Field Officers I ' .i.v Is I- M iiK. Ciiliiiirl Miss K i i Cakroii.. llcii imi iiliil Sjiiiiisin I.IKl! I i: A 1 (OI ()M IS ' iiiiwi |()ii siii ( ' . i i (;. C ' .u wii li ' i :iou C. I liir.i) N Miss k I III Ki i S. Cii wiiil Ris. Halliiliiiu Sjiomor Miss I ' m O Ri h. ISiillalioii Sj)i)it},()i (.KMI M H. ) NSON M I()RS |iisi 111 i;. iioMsi K (.1 l(l NCI 1. A 1 RS 15 A IL L. 15 AKtR |0Sl:iMI J. Hi 1)1)1 ESTON CAI ' l AINS R AI III H. HLt.HFTT E. C:() v Hammonds I IIOMAS R. LiSI.E James A. Moore Ci.yin. M. Ri( II Riis()N Frank W. Si arks Arnold M. 1 iiomi ' son Miss Frances Woods Miss Evelyn McAllister COMPANY SPONSORS Miss Lucille Thornton Miss Kay Kennedy Miss Margarli Greaiiiuuse Miss Mildred Wheeler D. LiNwooD Arnall Ralph R. Bates ■ILI lAM H. CONLEV Frank M. Dailev Bri ' ce L. Davis Loi IS Gordon James S. Grmu r James E. Hi nrv Leland R. Honn klr FHiSr LU-.UTENANTS Lei. AND B. Hox ard ' am ER B. Hi ' Ni. Jr. [AMES H. Johnson John W. L nc sier William L. Loxvr |oHN A. Li ciAN John W. Lynch Harry A. Mason Henry M. Miller Jack C. Phii.i.H ' S Henry L. Rollwace C:n Ri,Es E. Stoecker William L Strong C. B. Terrell Frank E. Eni e Fredi rkk a. Ill W iiiii. Frank B. Villis Robert Anderson Henry G. Boldrick Seih S. BoTis Wll.Gl ' S S. BROI IT IT SECOND LIEUTENANTS L. C. Johnson J MEs N. McMillan Charles B. Olnev Al I I N I ' . Reinincer Will 1 . i r. Bryan James D. Siethlns Gordon H. Symi ' Son Peie Zaii ri vs Charles H. .im ii r 235 FIRST BATTALION " . . Company E mm h.. tv iir j !? w Company F Company e SECOND BATI ALION 237 Pershing Rifles Pershing Rillcs, naiional honorary basic iiiihiaiv liaurniiN. was loundcd at Uic Unixcrsiiy of Nebraska in 1894 by General John J. Pershing. Its aim is to promote good citizenship and militaiv elficiencv in the universities of the nation. Qmipany C was installed on the campus in lO.Sl and is known as the George A. Knight chapter, in honor of the drillmas- ter who enabled it to win the regimental (.ham])ionship three consecutive years, iheieby gaining permanent possession of the trophy. J. E. H RroN H. E. Bullock R. H. BUTLFR ,si:rgf, m s 1). L. FLwniKs B. J. GnnrRT .S. ' M. Kelly E. Martin |. V. lc Klwev 1 ' . B. NitnioLS J. M. Norm LL 1 ' . R. Ivii I •! R. L. Sum RS M. M. u:e CORTOR AIS R. Brown E. E. Collins R. B. CONCLLTON S. G. DONDF RO E. DOWXARD F. F. Flowers R. C. Fref.burg F. M. Gaines R. H. Grace S. Hays |. W. HoiT C. O. Landrim .S..M. McDonald P. M. Miles S. NiSBETT T, B. Parry A.W. Plummer J. B. Turner . . L. W ' lLHOIT J. Wilson PRn ' .VTES O. B. Alderman R. Batterion W. N. BoAz J. P. BOLLIN ' r. C. COLCLOUCH E. F. CONNI K C. M. Davis F. F. Davis J.D.Davis . . DOTSON M. R. Downey f. S. Farcht M. V. Fowler V. H. Hall V. B. Hi NDRY C. S. Howard J.J. Howard H. H. Mandlv T. P. McCann A. MOEFETT J. MOUN I jO-i ' E. C. AtULEEN c;. ocHs H. M.Orme V. Pauley E. R. R ND LI. f .. R Nk1N R. RwM . ' . S lll II C. ,SlERNIlER(. F. I Mils R. F.Tucker V. T. VouNC JOHNSTON 238 James S. Shropshire (.RMK ' ATE rWACTR OF Sri;riE ' l IMIlil.ICATlONS PUBLICATIONS -ijfOlfi lPv. r% ■■ ' ' ♦ - • BP vZ " f b - ' i SS BIfaff iii " ii ' s(i - ik i " - l«ir 1 i atk. " C ' A " i ■ MOKI.W JHH ' 2KHiHnLfl The Kentucky Kernel Mcnil)ci Lc in ;i()n rjiianl nl Coinincrcc. Njiional Ciolk ' ne Press Associaiioii. Kinuuky Intcrcollcgi.itc I ' rcss Association, International New ' s Service Official Ne spajjer ot the Stticlents of tlie University of Kentiiclcy Norman C. Garling Editoi-iii-ChicI Fraxk Rorriks Miiiuiging Editor Jun.x CiiRisrn: Assishnil Miiiiiigii)g Editor Associate Edit jrs — Diclc BomI. Ba il L. Balder, [olin (iliristie .Lssistiint Editors — Max Lancaster, Geurye .Spencer, Charles Diuin, Leslie Scott 210 The Kentucky Kernel DokcMin Wii i IN I.ih ' iiirx Editor |(1 I ' .IX. IRION Issisldlll l.ilOlDX Ellildl X VNll r.lCKl-K " ■ " ' " - ' V •. ' ' ' ' " Ki i i;i 111 KRin.i 1 Is. i linil Si (icl Edilm W ' lilcis - KvW Nc ins. Miklicil Wcbl), Mi ' .du ' d (.(iiiiian. Fraiurs Ken, I ' laiucs Siniili, Louise Pa ne. Ellen C;() ic. Ik ' llx Jackson, Doioiln M( Caiuniisli 111 I AioNi Ramsi Y I ' l-dtinc Eiiihii ll)7 c)v — Irene ,Sii ' ITS, I lieo Xadelslein, Donald li iiie Jor, QiiNN Shorts Editor Writers— MaN Laiuaslei. Maik Hui hes, Ro er r.iown ■JlloM s A I KINS A ' CJI ' .S Editoi .-Issistinit Xcu ' s Edilois — U: v .Saheis, (olin Dainell, C. V. Herl sdi lU ' SI NESS sr.VFF I)a II) I)ii loKii l ' )ii.s iifs. MiiiKiij rr Iki: iMooRi; -idiirrtiMii! Mini nj rr Ermi. SiioN I Cm tildlioti Minid ' j ii REPOR IKRS DiMi AiiksM (1nsH uuis u i in K OdiMiN Siwim Si iion Rom Ki Mom (iiiii Sii « ii r i i !■ s ), .mi s . m)I i s ) W ' lI-IJS )o rS l " .l) 1l Ml I ' llOMI ' SOV k nil KIM )liMs SlIlM V BrfKMA ' Hi KM s l)(iis i S I 1 Ski I I I K C. KI ( . wii Msi ii K i in kim H ii in i |(in liiK(. N Ai iiKi 1 (iKM IK Kciiii K I K NKi W ' n I I i I Ii Mo II i I Dot I III I r (n 1 I Sll I KM s IKI.IM Ii I I I KM1 R U MOMI 1. l IIKl M - Hk ■ " %»• 111 I I I-, R] 1 _ _ in MiKi ' in j Kt m S -.- t .a H B l K |okll Rll SI it In K r.l Kl.l K All 1 Asiiin J llKIMXslll Mill I L I M k K ItOKKII S GARLINC llll 1 ORI) 211 I1 » X ATKl.NS SHOVEA m ' kknniv hallemsi k(. ISON mSTON r.ARLlNG 1 RI I COI II I ' Okll kill 1.1) M C MMISH BROWN ' rVANS HAGI.FR U ARRFN ANDERSON HESS BURGER S I.TER AVERS DR UEN HUGHETT STAHR JACKSON PENN The 1936 Kentuckian A.S.S()C;iAl E EDllORS |ami s Andkrson I ' RANKl.IN DrMIKN W ' lI.l.lAM llrsioN SI ' OR IS Norman (Jarmnc SNAPSHOTS Boii Hi ss RaI.I ' H Hol.l.OWAV FRATERNITIES }(iii M(:Kl■: NK • SORORITIES Bi;i IV Eari.f. HONORARIES AND CLUBS Elvis J. Stahr Frank Burger ACriMTIES Boiiin- E ' AN.s Victor Hf)iin - GENERAL I ' llll I ' ORI 1 RIIII 1) ' I " e)MArKINS CLASSES RoGiiR Brown SECRETARY DoKoi in McCammisii Edgar Pfnn ADVERTISING MANAGER Ernkse Siiovk.a ASSISTANTS Br.Ri Hai I.I Niii R(; Jamf.s Hagi.f.r SALES MANAGER R MI ' II HlGin-.TT (:iRC:ULATION MAN.AGER Cr.ARFNCF . FRS ASSISTANTS Jami s Sai.ifr Ei.i.en Coyte Eugene RRFN T. P. McCann Louis Ison Betty Jackson Arperd Oi.ait 242 The 1936 Kentucklan l ' ul)lisliiin; a (()lk m. ' M ' . 11 hook is 1) no nil. Ills .1 sin, ill i.islv. in spiir ol llu- lail lliat llic ;tMK ' ial opinion is nun h to ihc (oiuiaix. Howc ' MT. il iIk ' fdilor is iommalc enough to ha r a sliuwd and indnstiions husincss iiiau- ai;ir. stviial (ai)al)lc associatccditoi ' s, a iiooil piintti. a lonsidfi ate lmi i a ci ' . a splendiil |)lioto,!;i aplici . and an akri stall, he might gel ihiough llu ' school ear wilhoiil siillciint) a luiNous huakdown. riic three associate-editois. Anderson, Diy ilen. and Huston xvcre undouhtedlv the noisi- est and most ])la lnl grou]) ■ivhich ha,s evei ' seixid in this ia))acii . et their assistance was most and deserves a special wold ol (ommendation. The work of such depai tmeiital editors as Garling on sports. McKenney on the fraternities. Earle on the soroiities, Hess on the snapshots. Brown on the t hisses, and Burger on the honoraries can- not pass wiihoui Ijeing complimented. B I.. H M K, Kdiloi Jinnny Bersot was one of the most active men on the campus this year, but he always loiind time to kee]3 his business staff func- lioning smoothh. riiis is easih imderstood, however, when it is learned that his chief lieutenants were Ralph " Friday " Hughctt and Ernie .Shoxea. who serxed as sales and circulation, and adxeitising managers respec- lixeh. Hugheti. aided by an unusual amount of interest in the beauty contest this year, sinpassed all previous s;iles records. .Serving as editor of the I ' .l. ' ili Reniiickian has been a most enjoxable experience, clue mainly to the cooperation which vve reccixed lioni fames .Shropshire, manager of student |)ublications, and Daxe Griffith, foreman of the Kernel ])ress room. We hope that we have succeeded in j tiblishing an ainiual which the class of ' 36 will cherish in the xears to come, causing them to reflect upon their careers here at the Unixcisity of Kcntuckv in a fa- xorable manner xvhenexei ' they come in con- tact xviih one of these books. James L. Bi:rsot, Business Manager W •j " Kdjijxi Sigs ]usl Phiyiii ' I II I lie Cdidi ' ii Si iiilioiis ( ' •riillniirii llnid I! Ciiddlr Close) I ' lii ' ilds III llii ' I ' liiiilly lltillcr L ' j Bi-hi ' crii I ' s nil Is l ' ci-l;-ii-h( i ! Cmihl This Be Love. ' ' rinir : -l) ' s Our [fell) Tin- Kiijijiii Divdii Mddnii Rohiii H ii ils MUSIC v r STOCKTON ( Lli kSt: I,l S I!I. m:son ' University of Kentucky Band Tlic Uni crsii ol Rcntiuk Band, lono knoAvii as the " Best Band in Dixie, " is no v inakin j, a hid for All-Ameritan iionuis. lollowiiin I lie aiiainmeni ol new goals achie ed liiis car on liie loolhall field and on ihi ' (oiueii stage. Accord- ing to P)ii niingh.nn papeis. the hand staged the gieaiest exhihition ol march- ing and playing ever witnessed in the .South dining the trip to the Kentiicky- Alahania loolhall game. Tlie onh 4)liicr (ompciilion allonlcd ihe hand was (hn ing ihe annual RenUu kv- ' I ' cnnessec lootljall game Ihanksgivuig da when llie I ' nixersil) ol i ennessee hand vas the guest ol the " BoNs in Blue " and the Wildcat ijand ag.Lin pro ed tiiat their title was not liititious. Prolessor John I.e is completed his third s nccesslul year at the head ol the organization and under his elhiieiu leadership the hand smpassed all previous records. Director Lewis came to the University with an excellent rating and his elh)rts heie have added nuuh to that lecord. Rosemar) Cilinksc.des puned to he a pel let i sponsor and her i liai in and pcrsonalil) added gieath to each appeaiaiue ol the hand. Miss ClHiikscales, an Independent Irom ' illiamslo n, was elected ij populai xole ol the uj)pei ( lassnien ol ihe hand al the heginning ol ihe school ear. I ' his xear ' s drum niajor. Harold Sioikloii, wmked uiuiiingh wilh the music iaiis and he is resjjonsihle lor the hiillianl loi illa- tions disj)la ed during the lootljall season. Assistant Driiiii Major lierklev Benneson served his first Near in this capacit and proNcd himsell competent to lill such a posilion. Benneson is a sophomore Irom Ransas C il . Missouri. Charles Ashlord, ol Georgetovvn, acting as personnel officer and business manager, displaxed ahiliix in directing ihe mam acii iiies ol the band. 24G m K Mfinaiiw i ite " The Best Band In Dixie " I KOMI ' .OM S T ' ui II Iiiiiui II I I l I.I I III K C.i i)R(.i Johnson C.ioKci: Ki 1 1 . O. H. H KRis l 1 ( I Rl 1 M . A ()KllllN(.ION lil.WOOl) Arand Fr nk GooiirRii ni) John Ci.akk Rl III llosklNS Hi NK II M R Rl lllil N Aniii umin How Mil) I) W I John Iii:rz Gerald Jaggers Thomas Marshall RussLLL McKlski 11 AVSKS HORNS CORM I S S. V. D N l l I K Jamls Batrd VlLl(llRN KeETON ' Jesse Garden AViLLiAM Bradley J A.MES PaLMORK l!l N I ' l.AN R MiLlON 1)A IS Gi oRi.i: DliN(: N Morion Pol ter JoiLN Irvine Richard Lewis Chris Argus K Ri. Welch Lloyd NL han Harold Luhman Jack Perkins Frank Ellis John Rugcles SAXOI ' HONLS VlLLIA I I (:oHs Manuel Schoeman Edward Sie(.el Rodert Coleman LAWKI N( I !■ ' ( M Rl II. L. I ' ll I III l Willi i Simon ion Owi Romaine Cii RLi:s Wallece Wesley Muncer Run Rii Sears William Conlev Eugene Fryman Robert Connor James Miller |. L. DUAEEEN Lloyd Penninc ion Harold Seidman Oi.EN White CLARINEIS James Ligon 1!i rnard Crutcher J mesLewis Wiiiiwi Rodman John Coimmngir E. C. Vooton Edgar BooNi J. P. Bryan CJI RLI S CUll N IR I N Clin ion Tucker Jack (Ioodykooni J K Way High lduing PICCOLOS TLI lAM MeRTON Luther DRIMS [. 1). KiKkI ' MRK K I Wll S Si Ol low Merrill Bi.emns CLH LORD Sll V I Wll s Rli II K11S0N Osi K Wl.SNI R Harlowe Dean ALIiERT RlIOUTSONG Al (.1 SI Ll .SI.IH R 247 Men ' s Glee Club An nii ani .iuon open lo men llKlc l iiuciistfcl in sint ing. Besides ajjpeai- ini; on many University programs, ihe s;roup makes annual trips to neighboring towns, attends the Kentucky Education Association meetings in Louisville each vear. and presents a concert arrangement ol an opera with the Girl ' s Glee Club. Hi:. R - W ' ARRKN PrcsidrnI EDW. Rn Adams Virr-Pic.udciil Henry CROt ' CH S,-( iciiny-Ticdsincy Bill. Em I. II I I ' iil li( il MiiiKii ci C. A. LAMi ' tRr Dliccloi MRS I I 1 ()R r.i! I ( ii i I Hi Mil tKoi 1 II ( I Hi ki s II I r. I l kMI Till I Ml K IIIN Jl SSI MoiM |() ' Hi R Wauri s KlK.I K liKII N [. I ' . Uki w Ki M in l)i( Ks() |. A. Ol N( M 1 KI I Im) 1 I k I wii s ( .insdN S1,(()M) I 1 NOR Ik k Hii 1. (. K1 II Hoi SI () I Kios Ki ir (IKM 1,1 :s M Kk M KI (U 1 [ 1 I s (IK I I I, Dl i l I ' M I I KS() Mills I ' () l)l R i 1 KI II lirssii I, |i)ii I iiciiii ( II KI 1 s Ai.i. (:i: lIRSl II SS I h K11 AllWIS i I I siim l.i I.I i lii 1.1. I WHS 11 MRU M Ksii i 1 111 Kn M 1 M I IlKK.t.S C KI. Cowl U )oll (.11 Willi RS H RI.O I 111 GioRt.r Dl c AN llll.l. I ' .I 1 lOI 1 11 lis |o l s I ( k kin 11 I . !i :s R Msi V C Ri.isr i£ Rii lA ' D vi rs [ rK V Norm n W ii i s Wii 1 ' wi ki mi r (.. II. li R l W II M M Ho W i I I K B(i n SECOXn B ss J AMIS lioWl.lM, Bi RT Coori R Rom Rl (.KM I 1 III Rom Ki M M (i M Frii) Moorf. |oii Ric r.LES IciM SrK (.I s |ollN I I KM K 248 Girls ' Glee Club The orgaiiizalion alloKliiis; an cxcullcin ojjpoi iuiiii Im pai litipaUoii in music activity, presents se cral concerts in nci hljoi ini; towns anil a concert ar- lani enient ol an opera in ilioius willi the Mi ' n ' s Glee Club. MiiDKM) Lkwis, Direilor M Riit l)i KHAM, AKonipanisi 1 1 i i Ai I iso I Mn Amii k Ri I II A I KM r lR(a l A 15 AIIIRION la (11,1,1 IJvkoN l li Kll WOK Cl.W KlISI M R1 C ' .LINKSCAI.l.S M Mil Hi ss Ciii.roN S K l.m IM (.1 i)ii-i " Ri I II t.c ii) I M t S 111 I I I ' KMI K llU l I(1M I It 1 l I ' KI I I |l (.1 IISI I K M R . RI I (.RI 1111)1 M Kl.l l ' .l 111 II M I ]5l RHIN II M KINS ouiua k. joms Francis Kiru SNI1 1,1 N( II l K I I II IM l( Kl NN M K I N M I 11 1 I K 1) 1K(II m MlKKI l.L l,01 IM ll 11(11 S kMll KINI l ' KK I I N I ' l K JANf I ' OI II R Hi LIN RoltlNSON XlROlNlA ROHINSON r NNII li. Rl nil Kl (IKll RllM II Si N IDN l 1!1, RI I SN 111 K 1,1 I 1,1 IV SlllNI ntC.INI I II KI ' I I 1 M ' .l III I II I I I 1 Will I I I I 11 Kl K 1 M l W l I.ACl, M KI II W KRI N I NI Al I I N W ' l III ' . M K1 l.n IS W ' ll l,i V Riir.i K I W ' ll MiN DoKOl m W ' l NIH Rlll.ll I ' RVNl I S (11 N(; l l .) ]{(ii(l joy I lie Ki( h( IJ .-J Ijjiig Sliclth s " TkiiIciI loin riigii zl III ihc Siniiiy Snulh Sdiollz mill llill Goiii! ' Our Wiiy? Sinilr I ' icllx! Mull (iiid l ij Tlic liiiilr (if I ' luuhruslini Buddy Win I I ' ll III M SoUludc Ilk l iikHttrkyf ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' F 7 E -O f " i Ti ' ■ ■-- Lfe - I B " ■-. T M) IS ■r r f 1 r!i Er - - ■ - -- I 1 DU1K(. Young Men ' s Christian Association Ihis lji iiuh 1)1 Uk ' iiaiional oi ' gani ation vas installed mi ihc campus in IS ' JO lo assist the Unixfisily in liic (lf tli)[)ini; ol tharaclcr in its men sindcnls, mcnialh. moialh and phxsically. SENIOR CABINET D ) Rn SI 1 R PreshUnU John Darmi.i I ' lcc-Picsident RoiiKR T OlNEV S ' 7 )( ' I(U John Spragens Ticdsinci Bob Fki 1 111 Rr. Gi:oRr.r Kirt M K [ KMl« TiiNr n Mvumimi HuchStiwart Ci.ovi) McAli.isti R Gordon Gaithir I ' .ii i Iiii |i isii i s ArpfrdOlmi Frvnk McCdoi. JoH Cii wuiFKs 1.1 (11 n M Ml N Ir nk1.i.[is PaulSiaton 15 M.i.ARD Fi.oM) W III 1 M Room N Ri) M( C iii Frwk Goffi Y John Hoi.mfs Morion KiiiiA RidDwis V ni Croi ' im n [whsSimons ForfstJwifs Boh F IN-, BlII.Si ' xRks |oiin 11 rni i i Bil I, Br ' I n M rmnH rma SiiiiBoiis AsiorAkirs BoiiOiNM |im m I.oNc; Lx nn C.lf I ( K Flo I) J. C. Brw SMI 111 I 1 Young Men ' s Christian Association FRESHMAN CABINEl C Ki s D. i L I Hii.i.Miii Hi IK l I will K 15()M.F- Ij I K 111 R f:iM(K J WII S C RV El.l.lS CAMIM!! I.I. N ' oRvri. C:()i.iti Ri Riissii.r. Cox Rom RI CowoR W ' ll I I 1 CRMf. W ' oonKdw I) Is Ml I A IN R. 1)(1 i J Mi s L. Dr fi i I WHS DouMNC W ' VI KIR F s |. I ' .. 1 M I c (i i i; II I I l II Ml Rl SSI II I ll RV Kcii; II Ml. II kl II 1 I III MIR J. H.JOMS Vlir:ii |(iM s Rom u I k sii ) I It lll kl Ml ' II NKIKI kl SUM I. W II I I M Kl IT R1 1,1 1 [(1I1KI J WII S (M ' lSIMlIRRV Rom Rl R WKi ( RI R wisi . i lu K I Si I s wi Kcil ' .l kl S li 111 I I WII s I II I M k lilRS kli OSS I MI s W Ml M I F.i (.1 i (11 (. II Mil KIN (11 N(, ( WII S ' I (11 N(. Rom Rl Hoi IM n 111 Rl. Fou I I k I ' .IIW kll W Ml. IS Ilii.i.i irN(; Cj.l M l kll Rom RI Si (.i.i ION CioRiioN Ri ' tiir )|1IIN lllkl. N (: wiriii I.I. .Mil 1.1 k I ' liii I II ' M I ins ) WII s Will 1 I Bi:nn ()» I n Al, Ptll KS lllOM S HlMIill l M kl( I W II I IS ' 2! ' ,-p-p- - — Young Women ' s Christian If ' tT? » Association — ■ r A ()liiiuai leli, iou oi s ani ation of •()mell siiKlciits « ' Unite in the desire to reali ze full and cre- ative lives through a growing knowledge ol God Determine to ]ia c a part in making this life k ■ ■■jl pi possible lor all people B ' w in this task wc seek to understand Jesus and lollow II (.1 I I kl.KR MOFFETT WFBB EARLI: KRIECEL COonFRIEXn NAnEESIFIN ROBINSON C:HRISTI AN NEVINS SMITH IIAIX MllRRI.l.L WILLIAMS OIKICERS MARrnA Fti(;i;ri Prcsidnil P ' RANt:i;s RiRR ' ice-PresidctU Bi;rr ' Moi feit Serrelnry V.u ki,()rir CoMMAiN TicuMiicr . ii(.rsr RoPiKRrs Rrsidcnl Scficlmy SENIOR CiABINET Mariha CHRisriAN, Fieshman Adxisei Eli aiu in Ann Rrikcki.. Duiiii Liindi Ni:ii. Nevins, Social Service Group Program CUiairnian ViRtaNiv Ml RREir, Music Group Theodora NAiiEisrEiN, I ' ubliciiy Mary Gunn Wkbis, Worship Group arv Rei s Lanii. K Book Margaret Goodfriend. Finance Projects ' ' ' " Hail. Social Group Barbara Smith, Chairman. Duicli Lunch iRi;ixr Roiunson, Membership-Finance Club Ann Bishop, Transfer Club Representative Beiiv Eari.e, Pulj ' dc Ailairs Mar - Frances McCeain, World Fellowship 254 Women ' s Athletic Association A s " !!)!!]) oiiiani c ' d to luniicr the :itliletic in- Icic ' sls ami adixitits ol ilu- wiiiiicii ol the Uni- x ' isit ' (.(lOni Kll Ml M.LACF JOXFS Kki i:arle ( i.inks(: [ I s IIIMI X II.CH H III IWClRIll MOIM sxFnrKiR w r m RE.ICH HOLSli OFFICERS Hf.i.en Francks Joni-.s Pvcs ' ldl til Eleanor Smcdeker J ' ire-Prrsiili ' iil MAR(;ARi:r Gooni rii:m) SecrrUny Mar ' i . imi W ' at.i.aci: Tyt ' ii.sinri COUNCIL M R(.ARi. I Warren, Arclu ' ry Eleanor Snedkker, Hockey DoRoinv Wunderlich, Teiniis Marv At ' STLN ' Wallace, Tuuil liiiir Frances FToi ' se, J ' olleyball RosL.M R, Bd.skc t hill I (ani ' :i.c:lI, Hurschail; lliilnii , l Mn Foil Hi ' ME, Sivimnuiio; Ca.ARA Hi ' CHES, Diiiiir Club Jane Welch, Hiking nnil C iiiij)iiig Margaret Goodfriend, Baseball ' iR(;iNL-v Mount, Rifle COMMITTEE.S DoROTin- Whiiworth, Po.sleis AFarc.aret Warren, Sorial Betty Earle, Piibliiilx Dorothy Vnl i wori m, Hislnrinn 2.5. ' ' , PT ' ff a% if i %. 1)1 A K WDOIJMI 1 KINS lilckl li 11(11 1) SIIOTWILL MASON Mi r, Hlir.lll 1 I iioi.Mi;s nu.NN •VV RRI Ill ' s ION 1! KI K Will RSON crRTis 1 KI 1 1 S l 1 KS M I s W l.kl R Sn.l ' IIFNS III 1 IM U M Kl NM ■! I l It (.(11 RIM 1 ST RK Kl I.l. SIIKOI ' MIIKr, SI. lo S U.TER nwis Mill WIMI RM N I.I 1 1 V 1 ST URDU CINDIIF IIRO VDlilM ()k 1 1 1 Kl Klv Stroll ers HONORARY DRAMA IlC ORGANIZATION An organization vhith jimposes lo pi ' oniotc dramatic, nui.sical, and liit-iaiA talcni, diiefly llnoiioii the |)i()diuti(in i [ ])la s in the lit;li(er R I 1 1 1 . I K I 1 I J AMI S AM)I KSON Ha 1L l$AkM( WCV 15k(:KI R |. I ' ki sio Kr an M kl II lil I INI k H RK HlT.I.Ol k Rdl.l K liRdW N |(1SI I ' ll BkOW N I ( K C.RAIN DllkOI H ClIRllS . l.l CVI ' I KSO II 1 I M Coi RINkV [ 11 woR Davis l i ii,i) Din ion 1 1 KI,0 M 1)1 N III kM N DolsoN I) N l-.WINI. Ross l ' ' o IklNl KOSII R l I lA IN I ' dRlll N r SI1 ( .11 Ml k t lill 1. (. l 11(11 I. II 1.1 N Udl.MI S R M I ' ll Hi (.111 I 1 lilkl. HolSlON I R.V.Ntl S RLRR ■S.VRA CUlNDlFF [OIIN LlK IAN |(IIIN , l( kl NNI 1 H Rk1 . l SON Nl 1.1. l VINS IdMMI N ' lCliOl.s I Wll S ,NdR I 1.1. Ddkkis Rii Kk I ' l I .Si, MON I Wll s Ml I ' lU NS . 1 Ki l.di Si Rk Kill. k Sll I ' lll NS HaI. I VNNl l |011N Wlsl |ami s Hi Rsol [A.Mi S SaI.II K Rom HI S i. IK ldk ION kl 1 1.1 CillARl.l s | I I1 K (ill kl.dl IT. COFFMAN . l KII1 A. I.MFR. IA |()ii la ST()URia;oN Ann (iooDVKooM , Malcolm Shotwi i.l DoRoiHV VVairfr Liicii.LK Thormon M RV NfAL V. LI1KN M RV KLI ABI IH I)CN DoRdllll BkOAllHFNT Ann Kl i m ' .mh lisiiiivcK I ' llll.Lll ' I ' dRIT KFIl 1 II . l K(. kl I W Vkkl N Tom Atkins I ' rcsidoil C. T. Hkrivsch Vire-Pre.siih-iU Robert Business Manager Eleanor Ranuoi.I ' H .Secrclnry 256 SuKy Circle l-uiulaincnialh a pcji oii ani alion iiilti- csuil in ilif (levelopnicnt ol school spiiii, the losieriiig ol tlic Hoine-coniing aiul Ma Dav festixilics. and in snp]jlying luncls lor Ijand nips and aihlclii dinners. l ui H Ammi km vn I K Kill I H U MM ) WII s II RI() ( II VKI I ■- Ul N l IT Run ARi) Uovi) V ALL ACK KrK.CS DoNALH lU ' CHANAN C:aTHI RINK C VLLOW V C ' .ll RL()IH C ' .OFIM H KR n IS Wll II l l)l IS(I C.H KLIS Dl ' NN Dan C. E mm Dcii 1.1 s |a(H 1 s I Wll s Kl LLOM) Anm L r; H KR M xsos DiiRoi in i( iioLS Pi II Ri iMNfa R HiLLN Rich ' |1 (.1 1 RdlUNSClN ) Wll N S lll R 1) Will SVI . I RS CU.ALDI 1 I RKLI.I. ElIGKNF. W KRr S Wl Warri N M RV GiNN Wkhh DiiKdiin W ' l Mil Ki.icii jr ' r fsfs : M.LOW 1 ' EWING FAUNCF B. BO R MASON R. BOVD BENNETT TERRELL NICHOLS SAVLF.RS MARRFN BCCH NAX BACH WEBB SIEELE SALTER JACJCIKS A IMF.RM N liRlCGS KFLI.OM) V RR1 N RICH WllNDFRLKTl KOllINSON ()fi ' ic;er,s Dan C. Ewixg Pvcsidcil Calhkkim; Cali.owa - ] ' i(C-P)fsi(lriil D()R(jilli Nit:lK i..s Si ' (irl ny Cr.AiiDK Ti:rui;i.i TrpitsiDcr Z ' JI Boytics ami F. itIc ]] ' (il( h ) ' nm Shins Way Old West Ml. (inil Mis. I ' dinii c sj,cii K EX r V c K y -) linlllr liahy " Xd. iL ' ;Mr)(i78;) The Fn sj r( I I ' lasli Rcid Is U ' liiliiiL luc On . l Hands Sonic Tii-Dfll lira It I HOI POLLOI v Acknowledgments It WAS tuiite (liffiiuli lo find pidiires which would illusu;ite ]jcil ' cctl tlic six Rcmiuk traditidns whidi wc h;i c used ;is iht ihcmc oi ihc- 9% KL-ntutkian. H(nvc ' cr, we were fin.alh ai)le lo ohiaiii these photo- Hiapiis thi()u ;h the louitesx ol Ciatdn ' kl ami Sliook. l.oiiisxille; I- ' raiikloit Distilleries, Louisxille and Hal- tiiuoie; and Colonel Samuel Butler Crowder oi Lou- isxille. who ei lacioush allowed us to use his photo- i iaph. vhith is indeed a true lepiesentatioii ol a keniu(k Colonel ol the olil school. We lake tliis op- portunitx to thank these persons leu their assistance, of xvhich we ate tiiily a])preciati e. At this time we would also like to extend our best regards to those who lia e aided us in the publication of this yeaibook: The l.afaxette Sttidio, Bush-Krebs Coin|)any, Rinuspoit Ihess. and The Kentucky Kernel. ' I ' heir assistance has been most xaluable and thcii sci ice has been fatiltless. 2G0 261 Il Ikis hcin liic (usloiH in ihe past to in- ciiulc in ilic yearbook a short siiniiiiar ol the atx(mi])lishincnls ol catli social oigani alion on the lanipiis. and mention the lo e affaiis ol the arioiis nienibeis. However were not going to do ihai this eai . . . not because we don ' t think it ' s a good idea, but liecaiise it is against om jjiintiples to toss roses when we shoidd be tossing i)iickbats. . .Some ol the oi - gani ations on the camptis did absoliiteh nothing to merit a conijjliment, yet to sa e oiu ' necks ve woidd ije forced to make state- ments which we knew were luiroiinded . . . The girls are always charming and evevy so- rority is " one ol the best " in the usual column of a yearbook. . .In oider to get aroiuid this difficidi situation we ha e decided to clip items out of the scandal column of the Kernel which will probably be of interest to the ma- jority of the students. .. If anyone has any grie ances as the residt of this campus gossijj. don ' t come looking for us. . .we only clip])ed it... it was probabh written bv either Bob Hess or his successor Franklin Dryden. . .Na- tinalh there are too manv items to include all of them, so don ' t feel badh if ve ha e omilled a noliie which concerned ou and M(in " Hue lo e " . . . There may be a few dirty digs, bin don ' t lose your self-control, becairse il was written (and clipped) in fini...We hope ()U like it . . . SEPTEMBER Foul Flay . noiher rirsh week, and the Chios and kappas continue to accuse each other of dirty voi k at the cross loads. The Kappas sa the Cihios rented a big Packard in order to make a good impiession on a few of these beautifid but diuiii) fioshettes. Yea. and the Chios come right back and say that the Kappas are shcnvn fa oritism by Deaniewienie Blanding. Meanwhile, the sweet and demure I ' ridelts look on and wonder just what it is all aboiU. Well, gals will be gals. .- nd we tmderstand that it vas onh last week that the football team was running up and down the halls of the SAE house. Shucks, anything can ha|)pen cluiing rush week. Fovr Wiilkrd Out For Tea Dining the sinnmer months, se eral little romances seemed to ha e gone on the rocks. Nell (aaik letiuned a Kappasig jiin to Sam MRS. R. J. LONG. PHOTOGRAPHER, GREETS YOU OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS THE KENTUCKIAN With Personality. Unusual Beauty and Dignity; The Reflection of the Spirit and Ideals of the University Is Obtained Through the Services of The Lafayette Studio J 262 W ' .mi ' ii oi (lid S.ini inilialr llu ' n ;ms,i( I ion: ici t ' ilu- ni.iin iiKini;i,m ' s ve c sol- liirdic Boswoi ill walked out on poni lliml niiiii cd diiiint; llic Miiiiiiici imdiiiIis. I honias. Sill ' is miw ri ' sidini; in (Idloiado willi luT iK ' l aK|iiiu ' d s|)oiist ' . I ' ooi Hiinll I ' lniii Idler And lor llu- ihird time in Miles ' lile, Doi EnditoU. |a( k Caaiii. and Garfish Sta- ins riiidi ' ll pin as returned. I ' iiis liiiu ' il pies got l()t;etiier led, is thai eadi iiad rceei ed was l .a Cioinlis. li seems ilial llie moon lioiii I ' .dilli Rt ' anei . cp. on ' ie li ' iit. ' I ' lie sliiiies piellx l)iit;lil in Ha aid dininj; llie oiih dilleicnce l)ctween tiie linee letters was simniKT montiis. liie address. We will l)il money llial " War " Wi ' uiideisl.ind liom an iiniisiiall leliahle Dcnoiuie ilidn ' l receive an loi m letter. source llial charming little " long Town " Edilli misses .1 lol oi dances merely ix ' cause Toska Ann an Borries lias ciiecked llie " War " ' t like to dance, migiitv Toiiimie I,i ingston, the third Kappa- sig lo get il in the neck. AccorcHng to my cal- lio.scs and Move Roses cidaiions. that put little Tottie back in cir- We lia e been keeping e acil one do en ciilation. But remember, fellah, Tottie is said roses on ice in order thai we iiiighl thro v one to lie tiiiite lickle. each to one do en of ilie most pojHiiar and We are not certain, but it seems thai John most sought alter yoting Iroshettes. So, reach Breckinridge and Josie Tunis ha e chilted out a hand, gals, and gral) a rose. You— Bar- apart, iiara Wiley, Whitty Huguelet, Riiili Ware, The two champion sc]iiiricls ol LL K.. Kiecl Sarah Roiinsa al. Lois King, Martha Alex- Ftiga i and Beitx Bruce Nunn, lia e called aiider. Sarah Gaitskill, Frances Sledd, Eliza- ilieii romance lo .111 end. Scoti Chambers is iieili Menzies, X ' irginia liaiiei ton, Gladys ii() v an eligible. Scott), the battler, and Lan- Dimock, and Billie HoUiday each take one. gaii Ha . the plunger, are scMiiewhat on the Ma lje we will l)e able to throw one and all outs xvitli each other. ol m)u gals a i)ouc|iiet ol gardenias later on Ma l)e a lew ol these rihs will help lo conn- in ihe ear. How voiild ou like that? r- ' - ( I I I t I I ( t » • t « { " [.exijii liiii ' s Miisl liefiiililiil Diuo; Slove " I I t t THE STUDENTS ' CHOICE • . . • I I I PRE.SCRII ' TIONS SUNDRIES I « t S ' lATIONERV j EATS DRINKS SMOKES } I « t i « j Limestone and Maxwell Streets I ' hones 288-289 j t « « « t « ) I t ( t I t i i t I • ( 263 i .... DUNN DRUG COMPANY Is l)()i C ' miis losing her power? She took Bill) Demiisoii to the Kappa rush dance, and he tinned around and had a late date. Watch Dot " ct ulcniv mad when she reads this. ]Vli ) Said Pocliy? Dot Curtis, Toltic Boiries, and Lucile Thornton t oi togeiliei this little concoction ol words: Be him went? . ni him gone. Did him lea e 1 heic alone? . h, cruel worldl . h, late unkind! To take hint ' wa , and ka e I ' hind. ' ill him ne ' er tonu back to me? . h. it caimot was!! Mii.ulc Mini " Homer. oii ha e the cutest nuiscles. " These aie tlie woids ol Carrie Sebree, when feeliing ol the miglu bicepts of the powerlul Homer Nicholas. Sa . Clairie, what happened to ou and Lou Hcnegen? I ' ' ()iir ]] ' lu ' cls and Bicak.s .So may people ha e asked how about tliat sputtering, long, black bit of machinery (who said machinery?) that has f)een lacing aiound town, that we fiiul it necessary to answer publicly. [oe Scholt and Nour correspondeiu jjassed out cigars last Monday, for we are now the jjroiid fathers of a job lliat has tires that close- h resemble Professor Fithian ' s bald pate. Yea, and tlie wheel-base is exactly two of Spinney ' s Physics books and a .Seagram ' s bot- tleneck longer than your automotive device, Creigliton Comer. And we won ' t let jack Fauncc outdo us either. We can pile exactly 11 full-giown adults iiuo the s[)acious back and front seats. , nd we ' re competing with (iieyhouiid on trips to Cincinnati this altei- noon, and next Friday to Columbus. Moon Carling asked, " Giind me a half- poimd, vill a? " " Naw, - ve ' re Ijailin ' hay this week. " Joe re- plied. " .Next week we ' re sowing seed through the exhaust. How ' bout Octobei 7? " Deal students, before you throw oin old imdcrwear out, remember that these dainty undeithinys Avould make fine side-curtains TRADITIONS The llu-iiir ( ' I yoiiy (ail nid; aj ll rx- jiir.s.srs llw ha( kL inuiid of yoiii (ollcgc (aicrr. Tin ki-.RXKl, 1(7(7 fici jii ' l iialc llicsc liadilioii. Ihiini ' li lis (ohnniis. .i siil)snij)lioii Id Ywv. Rkrnkl iciU krcj) you in lon- lail willi Ihi-sc Iviidilions and oiii .llnia Malrr. Tivo dollars a ycai. THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Fiinli-is oj Till ' Kinliii kian siiiic 1930 2(34 loi " I lu ' Ma llowiT. " |( c ' sa s llial llic naiiic MalidWfi lias sonuiliinL; to do wilh llu ' I ' uri- lans. Ask liim. OCTOBER Cm ) I (lion I his l)c) Hess seems lo liaNc hciii niislakin on a poini or nvo. Ii is iiinioicil thai Hcuie lioswoitii siili has ihc ATO pin ol .Sunny l)a , loniRi cihioi ol llic kernel. Thi.s seems lo i)e (|iiiu- a sei ions allaii. lor Heuie writes exatlh one lelter a (la lo Da . We (ould almost make .1 poem out ol that one. Well, heie we are baek in good ole Lexing- ton altei a glorious week-end in Coliimljiis. And it ' s might good lo be haik wheie not onh weather is arnier. but the people aif varnier. This o[ nioial ietory nia be a lot ol bunk, but il e ei a moral ictory was scored, Rentuckx seoied il against Ohio State Sat- in da . It is out (ontention thai the man Ken- liukians who wore ihemsehes out elling during the game weie the proudest peo]jle in all the world altei that srame. Out bo s were in iheie lighling e ev ininine gi ' ing all they had. itam out iheif lepiesenting the siaU ' that has mon ' (olonels than Ohio State l ' ni iisit has students, had ihi- linest spiiil I hat we h,i e e ei setii on i1k ' giidiion. We h,i t ' a hill ' biiiKli ol bovs that make up a line team, and we are anxious to let the woild know we aif piotid ol them. S(jiiili.s finiii Cdhniihus Georgia Turnipseed phoned " i ' etk " Tan- ner all the wa from Virginia, it must have been important, lot ihe talked about seven minutes. .. Bill Heath was with Dot Curtis, as usual... Billy Spicer. who escoited Midge Wheeler to the game, took Midge to her r oom aboiu ten o ' eloek Saturday night, and then pioieeded to stag it. Was it five or seven (town. Bilh?. . .Figine this one out. By mere- 1 sliding imdei a door, Louis " Slurp " Brock saved six boys thiily cents. . . }. Franklin Val- lace was cavorting aroimd the lobby ol the Neil House with a keen looking little gal just hall his size... Dos Ried and Helen Young had their usual argument. . .Nanc) Quicksall and Mar Lillian " Bright-Eyes " Sellers were escoited to the uiill of the Dcshler-Wallitk The Smai test l- ' eei ,Vre Weal in i Shoes i)f DisliiK lion FOR MEN FOR WOMEN Kloisheim Crosb) Stjuare Belden Bavnham Bromle) Sijuarc La Brome Delman Premier LOUISVILLE G29 S. Fourth LEXINGTON East Main Near Lime EVANSVILLE 323 Main 265 First National Bank G ' Trust Company Lexington. Kentucky ESTABLISHED, 1865 MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Member P. I. D. C. CAPITAL 1.000,000 RESOURCES OVER 812,000.000 villi eleven Nouiii; nicii Saliii(la night ... " Garfi,sh " Staples availed around the l(il)b ol the Neil House lor Nell Craik about two horns .Saturday morning. She finally arrived . I ' hil .McGee. Nice of you. Phil A. tall, dark, and handsome lad planted a smacker f)n the luscious lips of Frances Woods in front of 56,000 people in the satdiiuii. . . ' lio signed their name as Louie Jackobs in the register of the Fort Hayes Hotel in order lo beat the bill? .The Deshler-Wallick Grill was lousx with Kappas. . . thai was v ()rn by Lucile Thornion. Why the sudden change of heart? It toidtln ' l be " Key- hole " C olfman, erstwhile journalist ol Louis- ille. Maxbe not. but wh does Cotfman make these Vednesda night trips to Lexington? He doesn ' t lide up with " Scoop " Girdler just for the lide. We wonder, Lucy, if noiu letters lo a Mr. Ralph Harris, Endicott, N. Y., could have anv bearing on the question of why you ga e back (iamble ' s pin. You shouldn ' t leave person. d letters lying around the Kappa house and not expect some of your snooping sisters to make something of it. Watch our siej). Luc ; ()u ' ll break several little Keii- tuikv latls ' hearts by stepping around with out-of-state chaj)s. QjLiest ' ion (|uesiiun in campus activities: ' liat lit- tle blonde girl has had such illuminaries as Hiuit. Hess and Baker gaga over her? It ' s none other than the pride of the Commerce College. Evelvn Carroll. . ncl added to this list of admirers are Freshman Frank Davis and Dean . ulick, a Pikap from Geoigetown who has been a steach and jealous admirer for some time. Some girls get all the breaks. THERE ' S A DIXIE DEALER NEAR YOU Txco-T ' uning " Colonel " Labe Jackson has liccn and is certainlv making a big plav for that Chio br u- irette Hash, Kay Kennady. He visited Kay in " E-tov n " exacth ten times this summer. Must be real romance. But we happen to know that Labe still has a decided affinity for Helen Fish, Frankfort ' s favorite daughter. What do vou think of this. Kay? If we are not mistaken, K. Gamble Dick is now wearing the Southern fraternity ' s badge ICE CREAM CREAM OF THE BLUE GRASS 2f)6 I ' lDfl-ssdl ' l)l) h;is t liMl r |)i( l lliolls ol hi-iiiniinj; a r.itlR ' r-in-l:M , lor Ike " Sniiin- " Mixiic lias luiiikcd his Dell liadi c mi OIK ' ol ilu ' new fall (Irisscs belonging to Pro- fessor V " t ' l)l) ' s ihanuiiii; (laiigliltr. |aiif AUlm. Ho])i ' oli t M) ale both happx. TrnJH ' zc Agnin I.asi witk. " .Shotgun " ' cckling was li.iiig- ing b Ills toes from the bar that holds the shower c in lain in the R. balhioom. His loes slipped, and d( Mi A ent " .Shotgun. " Bin whal were ihe details oi the lad. rello - " - ' We Saw At c ' xacth .■J:4() p. ni. W ' etlnesdav . in fiont of Dunn ' s, we taught Chitkex Penn and jnlia Mar fielil getting in a little smooclring. It must be lo e, Chicke) ' , and ain ' t love grand? Bill ou might try the little road that leads into M( ' e hall from the south, it ' s might prixate ivheii Kelh. the kanipus kop, isn ' t around. Kirnial Tiitmglc Bruce l)a is has been trxin " - to sjet oxer MODERNIZING LOANS UNDER THE NATIONAL HOUSING ACT. REPAYABLE IN LOW MONTH- LY INSTALLMENTS ARE ADDING MILLIONS IN SALES VALUE TO OLD HOUSES EVERY- WHERE. Your made-to-order opportunity Is here — but low costs and easy money can ' t last forever — take advantage, now, of this situation. A telephone call is all that is necessary — we shall be glad to arrange all details. Combs Lumber Company Incorporated 439 E. Main Telephone 5300 LEXINGTON. KENTUCKY TAYLOR TIRE CO. Incorporated VINE AT SOUTHEASTERN Service Seiberling Tires EXIDE BATTERIES AMALIE OIL PEPPER GASOLINES WRECKER AND ROAD SERVICE A SPECIALTY Phone 2030 Lexington, Kentucky xvith Anna Bain Hillenmexer for several ears, four to be more sjK ' tilu. Now that Lid- lex Finley is engrossed with his legal studies, Daxis is concentrating his en ' oits. Better xvatch xour interests, Lidley, or the cotton- topped Hash ' s dreams might come true. Flodling Pint ' er The .Sigchi boys told us one on Pren Doug- las. Pren was sitting arouinl a sororitx- house x ith a Greekette. .so the story goes. .Ml of a sudden, the girl ups and says, " Prenny, dear, do xciii want to kiss me now or xvait five min- utes? ' If anyone can tell us who the girl is, please gixe us a ring at 4234. Diijjj)i)tgs froiii llic (hill! Tom CUower and his jjassion. Harriet Lan- caster, had better not take Flem " Water- Bottle " Congleton to Club Joy on Sunday night anv more. Flem just can ' t make his Monday morning classes after an evening spent in the company of Tom and Harriet. . . Rosie Clinkscales is going to make the perfect band sponsf)r. , , Lou Henegan is taking Ital- ian just in case. He claims that he is being solicited to become chief-of-staff of the armv 257 Compliments THE UNIVERSITY COMMONS Third Floor. McVey Hall uiukT llial ,i;u Benito .. .Sonic think thai Mar . nchc -s Pcr.sons is still in tiitulation. I)ut it appears that Waddy Piatt still has the eil,i;e on ou fellows. . .Jean .Short ' s new nick- name is " Jennie " . .. .Barbara ik , vhen a.sked if she had fallen in love yet, said. " I have to have nnself just smothered with at- tention before I vill fall in love. " Louie " Slurp " Brotk seems to be doing a pretty good joi). don ' t ()ii think. liarb? C.roi kcr Eating It was on a dark and c loud night. SAE Bill Dawson walked into the pantry at the KI) house. Clip! The light went on, and lo and behold, there was C. T. Hertzsch in a corner with — we don ' t have to say who. ' e have you there, C. T. You can ' t play bridge in the dark, xou know. Da vson ate crackers NOVEMBER Here I sit on the club car of the famous Pan-.Xmerican of the L. N. road. We (the team, managers, coaches, stowaw ays, et al) entrained from New Orleans at 8:15 Satur- da night after a most disastrous defeat which look ])lace in the Tulane stadium. e ha c just pulled out of Iio vling Green . .1 sit at the table in the club car with Bob l)a is, vho had to have three teeth pulled as a result of the melee: Pete, the most ardent fan a football team e er had, and Abie Ayeis. Looking o cr Abie ' s shoidder I see Dick Rob- inson chatting his fool head off with .l di New Oilcans blond. The con ersation started at Nash ille. .. Haven ' t beeir able to eaves- drop as vet. . .Would gi e anything to get m (in Robie ' s line of bull. Coach Wmiuc just looked in the car. He ceitainh is a do vncast fellow, and vhy shouldn ' t he be? He earnestly belie es that he has a better ball clidj than ' Lulane, and everxone else thinks so. (ust like Ohicj State a fexv weeks ago— passes were poison. Down at the end of the club cat sits " Moon " Ciailing. xvho co cred the game for the Kernel and the Louisville Herald Post. He ' s pecking awa at his portable now, much to the chagrin of those present. Next to " .Moon " is Manager Gates McC auley, who is Instant-Freeze ICE CREAM " Nothing Else SO GOOD Is SO GOOD for You " t I ( t t • « I I • t t 268 vi:il)|)C ' (l up in llic li ;al in niinoloi x n ;i l)u iiu s law hiiok. 15()1) Slmiiian and |iic I5iiss(_ ' jiisl walked l) .iiul a k ■(l II I ' m wiiliiii; j al again. What i aK- Who cares?. . ..S|H ' ak- ihc gal again. ' hal gal? Who cares?. . .S|)cak- ing (il col rc ' spondcncc. il iiiighl inlcicsi ' cl- iiia Haiclc ' st lo know thai ihc fiist ihing Bob •Slierinan did when he icaehcd ihe lioiel in llie Cresceiii (!ii was lo viite a long leller lo one Ciinnie Miin . ()34 Greenwood, Cin- cinnali. Could it l)e that ou arc slipping. N ' eluia? Del II Ciijiid .infill II Tillie Demon is no ' v ihe proud |)ossessor of the (ireek |)in ol jess ' ilnlolt. Jess. ()u got a good little gal pinned, but e hope nou aren ' t keeping ain thing Irom us. .Alter IMinI- lis Caske and Budgie Hardin kepi their mar- riage a secret for so long a time last year, we aie ready to suspect a KD of most anything. Tlif Roses E er one ; ho has cast their peejjeis uiion the gorgeous countenance of Miss Genevieve " Toddy " Lyles, have unanimously agreed that she is one of the most attracti e girls on the campus. . nd it ' s noi onh the bovs who think slie is .so swell, but all of the girls say .she is tops. These Yankee gals (she ' s fiom Clevehmd) seem to fare pretty well in Ole Kentucky. .So Toddy, to you we are tcjssing a large boucjuet of roses because of your looks, Ijecause you can carry on an interesting con- ' ersation about things other than yourself, and because the leading sororities on the cam- |3us lia e Iseen outdoing themselves trying to ])ledge ou. .She went Kappa. FI,. SH: Who were the buxom lasses seen The Health of the Faculty and Student Body Is Being Protected By LEXINGTON DAIRY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS In the University Commons and Training Scliool I t I t t ( t t t t ( t I t t t j Phone 1230 t t L R. COOKE CHEVROLET, Inc. 255 East Main Street • Lexington. Kentuclcy ) t t in ihe compam of Jim Smee and Eddie " The Ciieai " liecano the oilier nighi? Reliable re- ])()rls ha e it that the boys are thinking of going into the brewing business and were try- ing oil I a couple of brewery horses. A Ciiisr fri Hiniuiiiily In ihe dorm of tlie Sigep house there is just one double bed. In the last four years there have been just six occupants of this bed, and e ei )ne of them has married. Those boys who have succumbed to its influence are: Leo Zeigler. Ren Stapleton. Gene Miller, Willie Stovall, and now, just about a week ago, Al- len Brady stepped out and look unto liimself a wife. She signed the license as Willie Ann and is a Theta Sigma Phi from Illinois. oAv all the boys aie keeping pretty clear of this bed— but we understand tiiat Dick Boyd lias been tr ing to g iin possession of it. She Ain ' l Dumb Last week a few of the bo s told Martha . inmerman that her courtier, Sam Powell, was in the hospital with a sprained ankle. She c.illed two hospitals in town and insisted ihe Sam was in one of them, but the nurses told her that they couldn ' t oljlige her. She Aveni flying around, and finally someone told her I hat il vas just a big joke. Did Sam get out of ihat d.ate okeh? l ' L. SH: Did nou notice in the ne ' stii- deni direcioiA that Lib Jones lives in Bradley hall. Wow do (ni get away vilh il. Lib? FL.ASH; Lou Henegan lells us ilial as soon as he checks the bags from under his eyes he will have his picture taken for the Kentuck- ian. 260 ■GIFTS THAT LAST " SKULLER ' S LEXINGTONS LEADING JEWELER I 115 West Main Street Lexington, Kentucky I I I hat a honu ' coiiiiii, ! What a tiniel And a " head " Siindav Hinniiiis;! Ohhh! The week- end was certainly an cxentliil one for Lexing- ton. All the grads in town .. game. .. meet- ings. . . " Gee, I ' m glad to see yon. What arc yon doing now? ' . . .Fancy decorations on the Greek lodges. . and the fine dance .Sattnday iiigiu. . nothcr home-coming has come and gone. Drij)jji)igs from the Quill Congratulations to Ike Moore and Len Van . rsdale for their jjrotest in English class. . Joe Rupert was in town o ei the week-end with Marion Connor Dawson ... Have heard lots oC griping about Dr. Jennings ' economic Iiisior l)ook .. ..Someone said Joyce Vright leminded him of Mae West... To von guvs who ha e been so inquisitive about why yoin correspondent has been seen taking pictures around the campus, we sa that we are getting |)ictures for the Kiniu(kian . . . Looks like it is going to be a winner . . . Heaiil a couple of fcl- lo vs talking of going to the . lphagam house to see Ellen Co te. One said, " Can ' t do ii. 1 have to get Coytc up on my accounting. " The world ' s slowest soda jeiker is at work in ihe Commons. The pcicnnial tortoise could beat her making a coke during the third hour. . Betty Bruce Nunn tells us that since Mamie Maddox is noi - wearing Frank Ca-v ' ood ' s pin. her eyes sparkle like the all outdoors. . .Billy Dennison has acquired Whit Goodwin ' s nick- name of " Pan-Hel. " He had a date with a different gal every night last week... Jane Potter is plenty sweet. The Alphagams have a new innoxation in open-house entertain- ment. . long about fi e-thirty all of the lights in the house go oiu . . .. n event which should tall for the closing of school for a day hap- pened last Vednesday. . ' hen Joe Quinn was told that ' iiginia Batterton " goes for him. " [oe replied that he already knew it... Professor Clark asked Bob Davis on what Henrv Cla) made his first speech in Lexing- ton. Bob replied ih.u it xvas on a wagon. . . Frances .Sledd is fooling cm all . . . News be- loie news: Sloppy Reis is going to give Mary Lou Stark a keen ring for her l)iithda the foiu leenth. . . Has auNone figured out the point of the Kappa home-coming decorations ct! ' . ..Charlie Dncison and Stanley Eliza- beth Cla have split up. Understand that she refused to take his pin. but that now she ' s sonv she didn ' t... On the way back from a band trip to Carrollton. musician Baird sang " Cheek to Cheek " to Rosie Clinkscales. Ask an one in the band the details, it ' s really good. .June Curd came one hundred miles to see Dick Chauvet, who was in town from U. of Illinois for home-coming, and missed him about an hour. . .Sickness doesn ' t keep Bill Smith from seeing his lo e, Kav Kennadv. Looks like the real thing... Curt Howard and Madhn Shively. both formerly of U. K. look a swan di e into the sea of matrimony lecenth, Kexhole Coflfman tells us. Congrat- tdations . . . .Anyone remember former .- Ipha- gam Sue Rogers, Midway ' s contribution to the U. K? She is now Mrs. Jimmv Dunna- ent. Midwav. and is the jjroud mama of a yoimgster. . .Boy James, Jr.. . She xvas one of the 1932 Kentuckian beauty xvinners. . .Tri- angles deserved the Suky award for their dec- oration which x as not a decoration at all, but the woiding. " We ' re too damn la v. look at the Delts " . . . ' Tis re])orted by .some of the stooges that petite Blanche Griffin, Paris ' con- iiibution to the Fridelts, receives a daily s])etial fiom her lo e. Ral])h Kercheval, pro- COMPLIMENTS OF THE CAMPUS BOOK STORE 270 foolhall man willi llic I ' i ookh ii Dodgers... Rf] (iils ]. c [ ill. It liidill M,ii ;v I ' IcIht. i ' oUli ' Mnlll) loi llu ' ]la l srvcM or ( ' ii;lil cars. is sona ' ihal wax al)oiU a Dell Ireshic. Orxille I ' aiion. who hails I ' ldiii faekson, Kcn- I IK k . ,111(1 is lush lion I K. M. I. . . . DECEMBER Till ' Roses I ' his As-cck ' s honquti of loni; ' stcninicd Amciicaii Bcaulics S es to Miss Li C.i.iin, an .Amciican i)t ' aiit thioiiiih and ilirongh. Li is an .Mphagani, and a iiii ;hl lo al one. .She ah a s has a jileasant woid lor all ol her friends, anil when she sa s hello a ducky little smile creeps across thai shapeh nioiiih. Ummml ' hat a gall Li hasn ' t seemed to give an one felloxv enough ol a break to start a lasting romance. When are ou gonna settle doxvn. Li ? i: (hu ' slioiis inxl AnsiL ers What .Sige|) (1) had his heart sha|)ed badge returned to him b mail last week from what little Tridelt (2) acting in behalf of what .Sayre College coed (3)? Answers: (1) ' iekv Broffitt. (2) Virginia Caywood. (3) Helen Huffman. )) ) »i .s (yoin Ihc (Jiiill Ha el Brown has a telephone con ersation which lasts on hour everv night w ' ith Bo Gib- son. . .What did Cassie WeisI ha e to do xvitli Ernie .Sho ea ' s ne ■ nickname " Snuggle- Pup " ?. . .There were so mam tickets taken u]) at the gloi ions game ' Lhuisday that it looks as if th.ere will be a slim attendance at the basketball games... )oc Hicks is .Santa Claus down at Wolfe ' ile ' s clown town. in I Union Transfer - Storage Company ( Woodland Drug Company Corner Woodland and Maxwell SANDWICHES AND DRINKS i We Deliver I t I t t t t • • t t t Phone 1581 ( ( Incoi " i»orated Plione.s 100. 417 and 201 Warehouse Phone 433 DAILY TRUCK SERVICE FROM LOUISVILLE AND CINCINNATI TO LEXINGTON AND CENTRAL KENTUCKY TOWNS I I I Corner Spring and Vine Streets Lexington. Ky. I !„.„ sweet little bo . ...Sue X ' ance. the beautiful Smillilield product, looks just like Weiidie Bailie, of cinema fame. . . Satuidax afternoon the K. bo s meet the Phidelt lads on the gridiron to determine who shall jjossess the beer keg, which is the ic tor ' s spoils, I still know who is gonna win, and I still am not telling, , , Thursday night four cosmopolitan chaps called for their date with Martha Alexander, and was her face red.., Theme song last Friday morning: " I Feel a ' awn Coming On " ,.,Mar Flowers sets one night a week aside for her studies. Bet she makes a three standing— oh yeah, Maurice Spitalm will play dancible tunes. long evening gowns will be tripped over, and stiff shirts and cutting collars will be cussed Saturday night at the Interfraternity dance . . .W ' onder who the gal was vho called Bnd- d Dallas " Bab Face " , . , , Deanie Hedrick still has Eli Boggs running around in circles . .Wonder if Dann Cuijid, m jial, has been doing a little work on Gay ' ebb and Ger- trude Carigan, It kinda looks like love from here. Anna Bain Hillenmeyer, instead of taking notes on Dr, Funkhoiiser ' s lectures, prints tlie wolds, " I lo e ou. " Vc)nder who it is meant for.. Ike Van Meter said to me. " You can ' t ])rint anything about me. Everything I do is loo immoral to print " . .Some say that Caro- hn Smith is wearing Dick Sproles ' pin. Can ' t be sure, for 1 understand that both these in- dividuals are pretty fickle,,, The Interfra- ternity Purchasing Agency can bungle more orders than woidd be humanh possible Ijy ordinary group of persons, Budd) Boling. U, T, ' s head cheer leader, xvas in a spot at the game. He ' s formerly 271 COMPLIMENTS OP I The Drake Hotel from Lexington ami leans a bit toward ole Kciituckv. . . . Hill Heath visited Evolution class again last week. . .In discussion on agen- cy in business law class, Ral])h Hughelt dis- closed the I ' att that he would not vant to be hooked by Pat O ' Rear. ..Professor Haun thinks that L. E. Fish hasn ' t all of his marbles ...Did i)u know that . nn .Stevenson sa es all of her holey. iunn hose to wear at dances vherc the length of hei dress covers her sliapelv legs?. . .Speaking of shapely legs, Ka Rennady possesses a figure which meets e ery measurement of the jjerfect woman ex- cejJt that the projjortion of her neck to hei cahes is off about a half inch. CUara Bush was scaring Bob .Sheinian ' s pin last week. Wonder if it ' s the real thing, or if ihev were kidding for niv Ijenefit. . .Joe Ellen Hendren has more darn clothes for one gal . . . What is this Bob White tells about the Phitaus backing out on a bet on a ping-pong match between Jimm Moore and Bobbv C oleman? The .Sigmaiuis wanted to bet their chajiter house that Jimmy could take Bobby in this " thrilling sport, " and the Phitaus backed do vn .These ten minute quizzes are a laugh. I ha en ' t seen one ten minute quizz yet that didn ' t last at least a half an hour. . . Frances " .Satchel " Sledd just loves uniforms . . .F rank McCool was up the the clouds last week. His true love, Janice Hull, was up from Nashville. . .Wonder if it ' s a love affair be- tween Claire McCarioIl and Kitty Mahan? . . . They say that Dave Difford is the radical element in the Student Council, so he has ac(iuired the name " Red " . . .It might interest Alice Gucrant to know that one of my stooges was in a loral flowei shop ordeiing floweis when Butch Barr was oidering flo ■crs for " gets over " by asking underclassmen if they Richie Baker... Gail Hacker says that she aie seniors. . . Ha e ou e er obseivetl the positions Eli a- l)eth Shockency and Zack Smith get it over at the Chio house? ... . s soon as Joe Arvin gets his check from home, he hands it o er to Anna Bess Clark, who handles all of his finan- cial affairs. . .Bill Swisshelm ' s dream came title. Kathleen Cole, his true love, visited him in Lexington last week... Jim Chester ami petite Betty Murphy seem to ha e cul- minated cjuite a romance. Bet she is out there veiling for Jim in the intramural bouts, Avhich started last night. ' hat I mean, those are real scraps, and personalh, 1 wouldn ' t miss one. . Charley " Spider " Zimmer, a pol- itician of the first water, and . nn Stevenson ha e agieed that if they are not married when thev reath thiitv-one years of age. that they will then ent er into holy wedlock with each other... man has moved into the room next to mine in the rooming house next door to the Phidelt house, so umv I ha e nothing to do these cold winter) night. . .How man guys thought the were plastered Thursday night when they took a look at Martha Grain and her twin sister. These gals are identical twins, and were dressed exactly alike. Tlic Roses Have vou all seen a little gal walking around the campus with brown eyes so big that there is hardly room for the nose and mouth on her face. In modified form, she looks just like a big Jersey cow— in reference to those big eyes, of covnse. She is KD Fian- ces Sledd, known to .some as Satchel. She has one of the smoothest line yet, and isn ' t the least bit particular who is at the receiving end of it. So, to ou. Fiances, we toss this WE PUT THE O. K. IN COOKING The Right Spot Is THE WHITE SPOT 103 E. Main St. George Sarras, Proi . ! I 272 wi ' i ' k ' s roses, because von can keep so nianx mi s nuessing ' and liecanse nu lia e llie (iiiaiiilest a ol ' " e eing " llie local Don |uans. so as to make lluin think llial llie are " on top. " The Fights The inlranunal fights are well under wav. Boxing, wrestling and remarks from the sper- tatois are all ery interesting. . fter Pete Knrachek won his first match, he jumped out of the ring and dashed over to one side wliere Eleanor Steele was waiting to offer him congratulations. Ihnm. . ..Sam Pot- ter was on the side lines makitig love (or tell- ing iMoimtain lend stories) to ' elma Hardes- ty. Velma seems to ha e run tlie gauntlet ol footballers. One of her former admirers, Bob Sheinian, seems to have strayed off in the di- rection of Claia Bus h. . .Monday night. Ref- eree Shively got hit and kicked. " Wonder if he has his finger nails checked before each bout. The boxing ref appears to be slightly reluctant about breaking the boxers in a clinch. Vho ouldn ' t, with fists belonging to such muscle men as Bob Forsythe and Bob Davis flying around . . . Noticed that Haigis Hughes has started a courting campaign di- rected against Mary Flowers. Bill Holster was with Forsythe ' s true love, Helen Irvine . . .When the first punched nose of the bouts started to spurt blood, some gal remarked " Oh, goodv, good . Look at the blood. T love it. Break his back! " I looked aroimd and it was Helen Rich, who was making all of these verv timely remarks. George Kerler was initiated into the secrets of Si " ma Nu last Wednesdav. As soon as the Lexington Yellow Cab Co. Incorporated Phone 8200 SPECIAL BUSSES FOR RENT Lexington, Kentucky If it ' s Hardware or Sportswear you ' ll find it at I Van Deren Hardware Co. j ! I I Incoiporated i THE STORE OP FRIENDLY SERVICE rites were over, he borrowed Jim . . Moore ' s jeweled pin, left the house, and hooked it on the taffeta blouse worn by his love of many vears, Evelvn McAllister, Did you know who ' s ])in nu had, E elyn? Fan Mail Frances ' oods, U. K. beaiuv cpieen. had a picture published in an Indianapolis paper. Several medical students at the University of Indiana saw her countenance gracing the ])ages of the sheet, and decided to become ac- (|uainted. What a letter Frances received. These Yankees are certainly bold devils. Drijijj ui s frnin tlir (hiil! It may interest the Delts way out there where the air smells of pastuies that their house bov. James Duncan, was recently mar- ried. Funnx how you boys didn ' t know aboiu it . . . Jeanne Pat Belt sa id that she didn ' t like the fact that her angel, Joe Scholt , has had to Inn larger belts (ought to make a pun out of that) to take care of his abdominal bulge, so now Joe has acquired two ten-poinid dumb- bells, and is working ferociously with them . . Dick Robinson. Joe Orr, Lexie Potter and others were so disgusted with a few of the de- cisions at the fights Thursday night that they v ' alked out before the fights were over. . . John Hinkebein nearly broke a blood vessel •hen his roomie. Charles Morat, won his fight . . . Understand that the ile of one of Ken- tucky ' s ace footballers expects a blessed event soon (apologies to lt Vinchell) . . . K. - Phidelt football game Satiuday ended in a scoreless tie, so the KA boys keep the keg. What ' c mean, this Coleman is a holv terror 27;-? PURCELLS Central Kentucky ' s Largest and Busiest Department Store EVERYTHING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY AND THE HOME on the oi idiron . . .The loniance in olving Sonny Murray and Sarah Rounsa al has come to an end... The Interfraternity For- mal was a big success. Everyone had a good time. . . Definition: A bh)Ucr is sonietliing ()u look foi- Avhile wc( ink diies. .. Notice from ilie want ads that Peck Tanner is looking for a ride to Vinchester, X ' irginia. so that he may spend the holidays witii Farmer Turnipseed. Tottie Borries has a jo!) in a woman ' s apparel store in Louisville. .Alice Guenant bet Joe ' W ' illson that her name voiild not appear in this issue. Pay off, .Alice. .. Understand that Smokie ]ne Red Hagan wanted to take his ba.sketball outfit (new style job) home to use as pajamas. .. Moosepuss McLoney says that he thinks Jane Potter (Suky ' s favorite candv seller) is plenty sweet. . .From where we are sitting it looks as if the basketball season this year is not going to be nearly so successful as last year. To Co To Church With due respec I to our superior we ' ll stick to his fa i)iite item of the press— Kay Ken- nady— who has males to burn and mail that she should binn. .Among the latter was a Sunday School amioimcemcnt on which was scribbled, " How aboiu a date some time. Honey? Red Da is, " And So, Farewell Deciding that New York and Florida are better places to try her wings than Dunn ' s and the Commons, VVhitty Hugulett is just another pledge whose departure the Kappas mourn. So Johnn) ' Eversole gave up the ghost, too. Tlie Poor, Poor, Girl Jack May is gonna have to give up the pur- suit of knowledge. To cpiote that worthy gentleman: " Classes in the morning, baskct- i)all in the afternoon and the evening is all that is left for ' .Sorry ' Craft. " A Hunl ug Slie Must Go We hear that what was once a " Bud " in ihe heart of Pat O ' Rear has failed to bloom. .Vnd she took Botan , too. Ben Cooper says " C.oody. " He thinks he ' s got something there. » Comiucrt iallx Minded? ' ith Mr. Mac looking on and tr ing to overlook, Phil McGee does his best to enter- tain Dot Babbitt in his office. (Wonder if his best is good ' nufT). ]ust a Struggle Buggy Pete Kurachek says that the only reason Mary Channel went to the fight Tuesday was to see him i restlc. Ho v do vou do at home, Pete? After Seven Yenrs If Richie Baker doesn ' t quit looking little and helpless at Charles Barr, .Alice Guerrant is gonna be one of those ex ' s like the X and the Horseshoe that the Chios sing aboiu. .Alice is still regretting thai she didn ' t pawn his pin while she had it. Open Senson for Squirrels Meade Brown masqueiading as an oak tree, with mistletoe dangling about his brain cell, got •ery few offers at the sorority houses he invaded Sunday night. The hanging of the green, we su])]50se. (Hope someone will give this due consideration). The Smith-Watkins Co. Incorporated HARDWARE AND SPORTING GOODS 236 East Main Phone 28 or 702 274 Klil j iii!:,s fiom the Ki-xlionnl riir HKiii in till- inil. Jinmix Siiuldcr. Ii;is hcin diniH-stiiaU ' d in ibc |inint ol piiiniim UlaniDioiis ' iiginia l.os aii. . Dot Mooic wnii ilif jui c for pimiini; the tail on the donkc al hv Kappasii;- " kid " ] arl . hut she sa s she was exeii bettei Avlien thev iihned kissiiit; names. . .The Deha Chis and Alpha Lambda 1 atis have merged, and now have a, bigger and better lodge vith three beds for each members. . .Dot Curtis -onders why the fm- niture in the Kappa house breaks d(nvn. while that in the fraternity houses remains so stindy. Look around you, my good woman . . . Vhose .S. E pin was Frances Sledd trying to cover -ith her coat one day last week?. . . If ou spend four years in college, voii ' re wasting otu- time — in fact you ' re wasting o er 81 hours listening to rolls being called. Figure it out for yourself. . .E ery time L. E. Fish opens his moiuh in hnv class he puts his foot in it, and Mr. Haun stuffs it in farther ...Horse laffs were the feature of " The Taming of the Shre ' " ... There was a verv select crowd at the Cadet Hop. thanks to those who did a little plain and fancy boycot- ting. . .What student is about to get run over b - a steam roller? Belter get out of the Avay Mr. Frankenstein . . . High Liglils of ill) ' fnaiiguration Ben DcHa en tr ing to put our colleague, Hess, on the s[)ot. told the latter, that he spent the whole evening trailing Bob and try- ing to sober him u]). The funn thing about it. . Hess doesn ' t diink and was in Lexington besides! .. .The Phi Delts, in the interest of the Republican party, we judge, turned pugi- listic and one all-state footballer is wearing VI. E Ql ' Al W BSiviijh Co. ! OPPOSITE CHEAPSIDE PARK the crest of that lodgq in a unicpic place— Labe Jackson left it on ilie pug ' s nose... Dustv Rhodes furnished an apt description of " Haps " big party. He said that the In- augmal Ball made the good ole Kentucky Derby look like a Hi-Y ((invention .. .Not knowing what else to do vith it. Sonny Wall thre - his overcoat out of a third story win- dnw. It was lucky he icmembered to take it (iff (irsi . . Joe Ellen Hendren, lucky little girl, got found out. The guy who has been courtin ' her fairly steady had his best friend try to late date Ellen the same night the for- mer had a date with her. The friend not only got the late date and was entertained by Joe Ellen till after 3 a. m., but he came back to his friend, the lello v vho sent him on his mis- sion, and reported that he thinks he ' ll start courtin ' the girl now... Wonder if it could ha e been because of a certain girl late-dating him that a certain foolish little boy says, " What ' s the use? . . . Did you ever want some- thing you can ' t have? Awfid feeling, ain ' t it? " . . . Notice that the girls are doing their Christmas hinting early. . .The .Stroller min- strels was 100 per cent. Can ' t beat the quar- tet and C;()nnie Bi.sby ' s singing, Fugaz i and Huston stole the black-face honors. CEDAR VILLAGE SANDWICHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE 304 South Lime Near Maxwell PHONE 4647 JANUARY Not So Crafty, daft Maybe J(je Craft wasn ' t (juite crafty enough for Julie Muir Brown, who seemed to turn a bit brown on Joe, for Joe ' s pin is back in his possession. This pinning lasted about two weeks, an endurance contest of great note. By the by, Joe has gone home with a bad case of the mumps, and all the gals who dance (heek to cheek are jjlenty worried. Z ' j THE LEXINGTON HERALD ■•FOR KENTUCKY FIRST ' t I.ullier Egbert One swell guy. Luther Egbert " Finsh-nion- ger " Fish is graduating, in spite of the fact that everyone thought that he vould ha e to bin n the school do-ivn to get out. Poor, poor Polly (would make a good song title) will l)e left high and di while Fish is in the big citv earning his bread in the insiuante business. Now " s your (hance. fellows. Well. Shij, A v Wrist Just before the .St. X game in Cincinsati. Duke Ellington, Retl Hagan, and Jim Go- forth leceived a telegram which said, " Loxe and luck— . lice Catlett. Margaret Franklin. and Mary Burger. " [ust like riding in a taxi. the more there are the cheajjcr i| is for each. Tlic Roses It has been over a month since we last thie v a l)ouc|uet of roses to some charming bit of femininiiN of the University campus. .Soooo, Alphagam ueoplnte Jane Potter, you had better ajjpreciale this little gift, for these roses have been mused along to maturity for weeks, and are all for i u. Jane, you not only have the looks that go to make for bigger and better U. K. (you Kiitie) coeds, but the per- sistence to stick to .Suky selling when you can have so many dates for liasketball games. More power to you, Jane. Wedlock Rumor had it that Johnny Eversole and Whitty Hugulet were secretly married some time ago, but again rtniior is defeated. Never- theless, authenticity has it that Saturday, Johnny and Whitty packed Nate Elliot, who was a witness, into a car and drove to New .Ulxiny where Vhitty ' s name was clianged lo Eversole. Congratulations to you two, and more power to vou. Mavbe we shoidd have tossed the roses to W ' hitty so she could liave cashed them in for some groceries. Ah! The misery of it all: these blasted exams drawing near, and now we all have to start to cram merelv because we didn ' t hit the books or burn the tiite niidnigiu oil as we shoidd have during the past few months Me, oh mv ! niat a life! Drijil ' nigs from the Qtiill The beautifid slender lass seen so frequent- 1 in the compan) of Student Council prex Jack Howard is Marv Joe Duncan, a practic- ing nurse at G. S. H. She hails from Chaplin, Kentucky, a little town just four miles from Bloomfield — but whereinell is Bloomfield? . . .Franklin Foster stated that he could pin (oiy girl on this campus. Some stuff, huh kid? . . .Lou Henegan seems to be showing Mary Flowers quite a ])it of attention of late, but the SAE boys tell us that Mary has to com- pete for Lou ' s affection with a certain person whose name reminds many of a sunnner wind, and whose complexion is slightly sun l)urne(I . .Richie Baker said that she studies in liie law lil)rar ijecause she can concentrate so nuich ijetter. Vonder just who she is con- cciuiating on now. . .The Alghagam plebe who pinned a certain lad now has the pin back in her possession, . fter much sleuthing, C.iKxt Ca|)tain Betty Davis discovered that the naughtv girl was Betty Murphy .. . ' Sexy- lexy " Potter sang " Th Music Goes Roimd and Roimd " at S]5ringhurst the other night. He didn ' t know the words, biu he did get a SALOSHIN DRU6 STORE CURB SERVICE j Main and Clay Phone 3333 Lexington. Kentucky 276 big applause ' , ami llial is simipin ' , . 1 he t;a ' ,s oYvr al U() (l hall an ' nnw usini; llic pnwt ' is ol llu ' (luiji huanls hi aiiswiT llicii love pioh liiiis. I lial ' s what a colU ' SC txliualioii docs lor us. iminia Haltciton is pigt ' oii-locd. oi lia t ' ou uoliicd. loo. . " Sciiatoi " Flippin is " Couiliu ' up a siorin " with Mai I.tBus. 15 ilic 1) . Dos Rcid now has his pin, ihe one which graced the bt)soin of Mary ' s dresses for about a cik. When Doss Helen ()unt; lead the little item published herein last viek about the fact that Mai had f os ' s pin, Dos was compelled to call Helen ' va up iu Mas- sachusetts to explain. He told Helen that Marv " jioi him " in a weak moment. . , Jimm ,Smee called 15etty Menzies ' eclnesda iiinhi lo ask for a no-break (silly things) and he got Bett Miiiphy. He fed Murphy a good line and finally, by applying the principles of de- dtiction, found out that it was not Menzies, but a stranger who was the recipient of his terrific line. . .They (whoever they may be) keep the library as hot as Dante ' s Inferno. Wonder why Editorialist Dick Boyd doesn ' t write an editorial to foster a movement to keep the libiaiA open till at least ten o ' clock. .A gu ' can ' t get started studying till his dinner is di- gested, and that isn ' t till about a ciuaiter to nine, about the lime the lights start to Hick in the library. . . .S7((- Flohi-s Me Of course ve all know that Joe Hicks, the Don Juan of Delta Chi, has his pin on Carol Flohr. but you don ' t know what he said to Jinmiy .Smee about the girl. Here it is. ' . w nee, ain ' t she cute. . n ' she ' s got a ne- v I ' hui O ■-- outh. " Now watch Joe troucc Jim for this disclosure to the press. peffl Lexingtons Specialized Department Store Opposite Union Station . ( ' •lillniij A ' .s.s It was in front of llie Ro se Street Grill last Wednesdax at ir. ' ) that f ' lauk Willis was wrapped up in a romance. .V long smacker for a beautiful coed. Maybe he was practic- ing up for the next Guignol play, and then again, mavbe not. Have you e •er heard a steak sizzle in a fr ing pan? Well, that is what the kiss sounded like. Poeliy Maicl of ' Fucky ,ere e part, Ha e a hospitable heart. . . .Since otu ' own delights must end, Introduce me to ()ui friend. Muili Bcllcr Tluni Mine rile best college joke of the month comes from Northwestern. Here it is: Professor— Boys, are you passing notes back there? Rear of room— These aren ' t notes, they ' re dollar bills; we ' re shooting craps. Professor— Oh. ])ardon me. Di-ij)l)iiiir.s from the (.htill Have )ou ever noticed the look of perfect contentment, ivith e)es closed, on the pretty This book is bound in a Kingskraft Cover Manufactured by The Kingsport Press, Inc. Kingsport. Tennessee Peerless Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company PROMPT AND EFFICIENT SERVICE 149 N, Broadway : OUR FLORISTS { Howard - Heafey Winchester Road Michler, Inc. 417 East Maxwell Keller-Oram Co. 119 West Mam Keller, Florist Lime and Short pan ol Pat O ' Rcar wlien she i , dancing wiili suave Bud Hunt?... Your writer ' s only Nciv Year ' s resoliuion is to cjniit the name oi Ka) Kennady in this colinnn . . . There, I ' ve Ijrok- en the resohition ahead) . . We have nothing on Harry Biillntk, Ijiit merely because he said that he thought that this column was nuich better because his name was not included herein, we must vriie the name, Harry Bul- lock... Many are moinning the loss ol Shir- ley " How Now, Spook " Smith, who ' ill not retinn to school next semester. . .For a good laugh ask Riuh Cramer the circumstances sinrounding the leaving behind of her books when she returned to school from the Christ- mas holidays .... Sexylexy Potter has had many requests to sing the " Roimd " song since we disclosed the fact that Lex is quite a crooner. Andy Anderson might give Lex a job singing in his band. Wouldn ' t Sexylexy look cute with a megaphone in his hand. ' ell. slap m wrist ... By the way, on page thirteen of the cinrcnt issue of Time will be found facts concerning the cra " Music Goes Round " song. ' ery interesting. . .Doctor Pal- rick of the Extension department, calls Miss Murphy, his secretary, " Ladybug. " Cute, don ' t (Hi think?. . . fust like the postman on his da) olf. Johnny Ennis, the famous I ' avern soda jerker, just sits himself down contcnted- l in llie laxern on his da ofi (1 mean on a thaii). . .Frithi) night John Bell was heard to sa), " Oh, lonight I ' d like a little W. and M. ' W. tinned out to be whiskey and M. iiirned out to be Martha Alexandei ... Won- der when the members of the League lor In- dusiiial Democracy and those charging com- munism will settle their troubles. Probably iicxer. . .Seems as if a romance invohing Sam Powell and Janet Chanslor is budding. . . J he 193() Kentuckian wil be the best the Uni- ersii) has ever had. Seventeen pages of snap-shots. By the by, those organizations who ha c not tiinred in snap-shots had better tlo so immediately, or be left out. . .The cur- rent issue of the Saturday Evening Post has a stoiA entitled " Going Through Love " which will make good reading material for an) col- legian ... Wonder if Happy got the gum he was chewing at the game Frida) ' night fiom " Beechnut " Stahr. .. Happy doesn ' t have to phi) handball for exercise, at least not when he can massage gum the vay he ilid Fiiday. . . Fiom Colgate we get a joke which is cjuite ajj- piopiiate near the end of the semester. ' Fhe painted coed went up to the )()ung professor and said " Proly dear, what are my marks? " He piu his arm aroimd her and whispered little nothings in her ear. Ha! Ha... The game tonight promises to be a little better than those last week-end. See )ou all there. FEBRUARY Not So Dumb AI)out six months ago when Sigmachi " Foots " Bimtan was asked for his oiiinion of Ott Meat Company Lexington, Kentuctcy PHONE 851 CITY MARKET Quality Meats t t t t I » » I t ) t t t t t » I t I I .J VICTOR BOGAERT CO. MANUFACTURERS, JEWELERS AND IMPORTERS Importing Houses 31 Avenue Victor Jacobs, Brussells. Belgium Le Bourget, Paris, France 127 West Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky 278 Rnwiiia ( ' .;i l )i he said, " It ' s a j ood lhini (he l.ciul i;a f her looks ' (aiisc he lorgoi e i ' r - ihnisj; else. " Now he loinls hei iiiailU ami calls her his " clieani i;iil. " (iosh how women breed iiitonsislciic . i iiha|)s ihe pii i ' loi peisisleiue should 140 lo Cihio Anne .Sle enson. Wp. slu ' s hack in school h)V liev lomlh ear as .[ Iicshnian. She claims lo he a special student and we ai ic ' e. A)i() ht ' y Miniidoc We read 1) ihe papers Blanche (iiii- Im and Ralph Reiciie al were niariied last ,Siinda iiioiniiii; ' . . t this time we woidd like to oiler them a Avisli hii much happiness and main little happinesses. Filial II g Ml. Cio.sby The loniance between Agnes Gilbert and Jen Holstcin is rapidly emerging from the eniijryonit stage. By .Spring we prophesy lc) e in bloom, or something. I ' .iiihin Kis iiif:; MdiiiciiI Xo. One We hear that ]iiiini " Bud " Anderson and Elizabeth .Vnne Ligon underwent an embar- bc) s. Some ol the girls would like it too. ThioiL ' iiig Rice ]. Rice Walker was in a candv store Fiiclax Inning a Valentine. He said it was I ' oi his mother. " Mother " Lucile Thornton tells ns it was darn good candy. Please Beliex ' e AJe 1.011 McLonev plaved " Please Believe Me " on the icirola in the Tavern about twenty times the other day h)r Lois King ' s benefit, rassing lew minutes at the KD house the ALL MAKES TYPEWRITERS SALE OR RENT Dealer: L. C. SMITH AND CORONA Standard Typewriter Company 225-227 W. Short St, Lexington. Ky. oilier night o ei a cpieslion ol leminine con- lotirs. .hilling llii- Elilc I ' rom on inlei iew ol the moie popular bo s at the Paris leap year dance we get the I ol lowing statements: Dick Robinson: " It vvas the best yet, and was I popular. " Hugh Brent: " Gesse gu , liovv the girls lought over me. " Railey McConnell: " Some ol ihose women sure did chince peciiliaih. " Rclurii i l tlic I ' iDiligdl Saw Dcjdd Best in tlie Taxein Wednesday accompanied by his old lo e, Rappa Nell l)i.-erson. Lcjoks like our alumni just can ' t stay away from the old .Mma Mater. Jackson Again " Lab Bab Boo " Jackson says he likes these Leap Year Lopes better than the regu- lar dances. Along with ' alt Hillenmeyer, Dick Bush, and Frank McGool. he was the " lielle of the Ball " at the one last Friday. Too bad leap year doesn ' t come more often, DODGE and PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS GOODWIN BROTHERS FORMER U. OF K. STUDENTS ■l • 1 t » t ♦ 1 ! » t I I i t t t I } t t Bryan-Hunt Company (Incorporated I WHOLESALE GROCERS Lexington, Kentucky WE CARRY A COMPLETE STOCK OF CANNED VEGETABLES AND FRUITS FOR INSTITUTIONS ...———.—. ' — — — ■ :79 Compliments of b() s. Some ol ihu i;irls woiikl like it loo. Ii is one great year. Probably some ol the co-eds would like il e en more than the boys. All EiiiXii;j;riiu ' iil We jjel il stiaii ht from Huiuin ton. West Virginia, that Sara Slack, one of last veai s proteges of this colimin. is engaged. " Is Tlicic (I Dottdi III llw, c(c. " Betty Menzies .to ditch a date the other night, developed a sprained back or some- thing. The news tra eled and several people called to iiK[uire about her. Now Betty has to limp to make good her storv. AiKillicr Su ( ' ( ' t Sixteen Dot McCammish wants us to let all the boys know that she really has been kissed twice since she ' s been to college. I make a mo e that Louis " Slurp " Brock and Barbaia ' ile fmd another place lor their sickly lo e making besides Dunn ' s at the lunch hour. .Alter all, us folks like to be able to digest oin dinners halfway, if possible. Riiii!; Oiil, Oh Rrlls I ' erhaps ■ e arc wrong but it is rinnond that Cihio Lim Guerrant and Sigmachi Invin Faber are lo be maried in Ma . Rlixlliiii v Then ruiMiic.s.s Two might line bands are scheiluled to p ' .a heie within the next two weeks. Haii Rithman for the I ' hiilelt dance Satmday night and . te Brigode for the I ' ikajjs the lollowiiig Saturday. lia il Baker talks about Gladys Dimock as though she was a handicap like Discov- ery. . .Help ]Vanled— One of this columns fa- ()rite subjects. Mar) LeBiis. has dropped otu of school and Doss Reid (III) states that he is open for suggestions from any real good look- ing girls. . d . Next veek we will tell ou about |imm Bensot and His Knights of the Bathtub for Those that Are Slipping. ..its a riot. . .Dong Parrish has ben caught wearing pajamas un- der his clothes the last few times he ' s been oiii to sdiool for a date. . .must be a Boy Seoul . from the Tridelt house we get it that I.ib (ones is getting mighty tired of availing foi Prentiss Douglas lo make up his mind !)e- iween her and .Anna Bain Hillenmeyer . . . Inu don ' i worrv about this. Cuba, for e all belie e nou are the power.. . Bill Gorman is exidenth tired of ha ing Doroth Ha ehigg smoke his ])ipe all the time as he presented her with oiii- the other tla . . . Lois Perry is threatening to disrupt the Chio pledges since Marv Jane Edch xvas pledged the second se- mester and is stealing Lois ' little box. [im- mx Iixine. .. Harry Bullock and Mary Lou Stark are being seen a lot together lately. Compliments of Mitchell, Baker, and Smith 250 WEST MAIN r ( I I ( ( ( ( t t I » ( I t I ( ( t t t I t ' — • Williams Ice-O-Matic Electric Refrigeration DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL Bain Hardware Company (Incorporated! Vine and Lime Lexington. Kentucky 280 MARCH SlIKKilllic ]] ' (lllCI Wiiiulci il Walur RiiliU ' ll llic)Ui;hl lie was |)ullin,u; a last diu- lun 1k ' asktd Doi M( (ainiiiiNli 111 ,i;ii in iIk ' I ' liidcll daiuc hiil askid aiKiliui il Dili ' s Kappa sislcis lo l i) will) liiin lo ilu ' diiiiK ' i pari pieceiliiif; ihc (laiur. CliiikN IVnii (lUi lil in he lo])s alui thai (lii l nil k. The ETO ' lti.sliiig Flame Frank Dailey has finally retimud in liis l c of roinicr xcars. Rciiii; scfu Avilli Doiki hue ' s ;irl Eiliih Reagcr a lot latch. Conj;i alulalioiis lo ihc Pi Raps lor ihc (inc ilaiitc llic ' !,a c Satunlav niglu . . Ace Hii- gotle and his ' iiginians tinned out some mighty sweet music... Did yon notice th(? guitar pla er? He was a past master at the ait of pla ing that stringed instrument... .Vnd the hand was faster than the e e when he ( hanged picks. . . Ha e ()u noticed that Frank lioiiies. the old kiauiheacl, is now letting his hair groAv and lias taken to combing it... He has also ([uit smoking— except on .Sundays...! guess this Earlc gal his put him behind the well- known " eight-ball. " ]] ' lllkll lioii Johnnv Breckiniidge isn ' t drixing the green Pontiac any more. He prefers xvalking Avith I ' at hall Hashes, so they say. Three Is a Ciinvd CFamble Dick ' s one and onh. Liicile Thornton, has led him into one of those tri- angle affairs. Handsome J. Rice ' alker is - -While The Leader ehtertain,s po.sitive convictions on all subject.s of State and Nation-wide importance, it.s editorial policy is influenced by a desire to be fair, to be informative, and to promote the moral, social, and economic welfare of the home-loving reader. The Lexington Leader II much " that wa " about ihe Kappa ijeau- i and docs she like it! Clark Ciaijlc looks like an amatein when [ay puts his technic|ue into effect. Careful, Ja), i)u were seen in action. Those A fn)V ' " i( T ridel Is A bridal boucjuet to Tridclt .Scotty Cham- bers who became the legal one and only of Triagle Jaclc Faunce on this last Friday after- noon. Here ' s hoping that she isir ' t g;iving up a battalion sponsorship to lake over a " bal- llin ' " sponsorshi]). A Lullaby ,So Lois King sa)s: " I need no make-up. when wearing pastel colors I look just like a bab . " Why doesn ' t she enter the annual bab show sometime next week? . ttention Kappa ladx. ..looks like Dini- ock would learn that the Pikaps are out for no tfood wh.ere she is concerned. . .check me there, f)ailev. . . Vhv is Dick Robinson dress- ing up so much lor lately. . .it ' s not like him at all. . .Doesn ' t Sara Hounsa all e er go to school. . .all I ever see lier doing is sitting on After the Dance A Bite to Eat — at CONEY ISLAND FAMOUS CONEY ISLAND SANDWICHES. AND GENUINE MEXICAN CHILI Open Day and Night Lime and Water Hotel Lafayette Off-campus h eadquarters for University students, and the home of Kentucky Alumni when in Lexington 281 Ask Your Neighbor Why He Has RIX 6- CORBIN Incorporated Lubricate His Car 209-211-213 North Upper St. Lexington. Ky. k ) . 1 the steps com ting. . .most anyboch. .. Wan- da Strong really thinks " Tooty " Willis is the thing. . .so does Tooty. . the Chios must be reforming or something .... didn ' t hear a thing bad on them all week. . . Maddox (Ma- mie) doesn ' t seem to miss Cawood since he threw her down... site just courts all the time, and if Jackson thinks that he ' s getting over with the other one he should toiu down to the hall some night. . .Lois King can really take it. . . Exiojil jniin llic Ci uiici-Join mil Mairiage licenses issued at Jeflersoin ille from March 4 to March 11 included: Philij) J. Davidson, Bea er Dam Falls, Pa., to Doroth L. Moore, Lexington. That realh must ha e been a case of love at first sight. Oiirn- SrI-Vj) Is Right We ha e two broilieis in school that court the same girl — which is unusual. It ' s .Sigma- chis Herman and Jimmy Dotson and they both rush through dinner, as the first to get outside gets the car and can take Aphagam Mary Stilz riding. X ' irginia Alsop and Elvis .Stahr nuist be try- ing to show each other just how little they (are. .She goes to the . TO house for dinner lasi .Sunday and he turns aroinid and takes Kappa Anne Payne Perry to the Guignol ( |)ening night, Try Flcadiiig, Blucnosr " Lis said that the onlv reason that Bob For- sxthe hasn ' t pinned Helen Ii in is because his pin belongs to his brother who won ' t let Bob part with it, even to a fine girl like Helen. Hit ' s a Mystery to Us Now, just how did Mamie Maddox get that black e e wliith she lias been toting around for the last loin or five days? She says that ii was due to a fall down the steps in the Ben . li. Well, far be it for us to cjuestion her alibi. AVic Tlicmc Song When did the .Sigmachis get their new I heme song? At the dance Saturday night for the S. C, special. Fiddler played " I Got Plen- i ol Nothing. " Does anxone get the con- nec lion? Tlic (hu ' slion 1 guess C. T. Hert sch will have to settle down xvlieii A. E. Fishback comes back from Florida next week — but will he? Geoige Tullock seems to be ha ing trouble wiili liis l() e affairs. Fiist he started courting Fridelt Mar Walker Flowers bin finding the competition too strong there, he turned to one of tlie good sisters. After this one we sup- pose it will be his old flame Kappa Edith Reager. COMPLIMENTS OF SHIPP ' S Women ' s and Misses APPAREL AND MILLINERY Main Street Opposite Phoenix Hotel V t COMPLIMENTS OF Ashland Family Laundry 219 WALTON AVENUE PHONE 127 282 Autographs Autographs a " Autograph Autographs I

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