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Copyright 1934 George W. Vogel lhe 1934 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON Vol. 35 dedicate ihUiJie CoLUMiULS R. MtLCHiiK, formrr Dean oj Men, has liccn known lo sludenls of the Universily oj Kentucky since his entrance to the Modern Languages depart- ment in 1907, when he accepted the position oj Assistant I ' rojessor, teaching both (iernian and French. In the twenty-seven years thai Uean Melcher has been associated with the University he has been teacher, jriend, consultant, and advisor to his students. His ver.tatility, brilliance, and the iiinianness oj his ideals h ave endeared him to both student body and jaculty alike. In 1910, when the movement toxvard the creating of a Dean of Men ' s jwsition began to be jelt IhroughonI the country, Kentucky searched its ja(ully jor a man oj ability and chara ter jor this office. In 19N. there icere two sdiools in the, United Slates having a Dean oj Men. The third, Dean Melcher, took up his duties as such that year. Last year marked another oulslanding event, jor Dean Melcher luas made Dean Emeritus at that time, an honor he holds u ' ith only liuo other Deans, Dean Clark oj Illinois, and Dean Coulter oj Purdue. One oj his most cherished pos- sessions is the monogrammed watch the students oj the University presented to him on that occasion. There is an (). D. K. key dangling from the ihain of that watch, a key worn bright with the j)assing oj years. Born in Afni l oj I8G3. at I ' evay, Indiana, oj a German jather and French mother. Dean Melcher was graduated jrom Vevay High School and Hanover Col- lege. He received both his A. R. and A. M. degrees jrom Hanover. He studied jor three years in Germany, attending the Universities of Munich and Leipsig. In 1896 Dean Melcher received his LL. B. from the University of Louisville. He studied at the University of Chicago during 1900 and 1901. Dean Melcher has held many and various positions iji the educational field he has pursued. He was Princijnd of the Vevay High School from 1885 to 1886; Superintendent of Schools at Carrollton, Kentucky, from 1889 to 1895; he was secretary to a ynemljcr of Congress during the Spanish- American War; Principal of Reynolds Presbyterian Academy at Albany, Texas, from 1901 to 1902; Professor of Ancient and Modern Languages at Hanover College from 1902 to 1907; Presi- dent of the Lexington School Board from 1912 to 1915; and President of the National Association of Deans of Men during 1925 and 1926. It is altogether fitting and proper that the student body of this campus should show their appreciation to this man by dedicating this year ' s Kentuckian to him; for Dean Melcher has been one of the pillars of this institution for many years. He has always had the interest of the students in mind. You will recall that he had quite completed his own education when fie came here. Dean Melcher ' s travel and various occupations have served to give him a keen appreciation of life. His German character is perfectly evident in his blue eyes and fair complexion, his kindly altitude, his pleasant sense of humor. Here is a man worth knowing, a man whose friendship should certainly be cherished by those who possess it, and above all, a man of lohom Kentucky has just cause to be more than proud. Statue of Fair Play CONTENTS Campus University Administration Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Activities Student Government Military Publications Music Features Beauties Snapshots Athletics Football Basketball Track Minor Sports Organizations Sororities Fraternities Clubs Honoraries Professionals Pillars of " Greenhills " i Aechanical 4all Law Building J-?.-. ' -r TT » Entrance Botanical Gardens m Agricultural Building ' If fA - .ry Vt ? ' rc Administra- tion Building Buell Armory .,.:■ .i.:V W. Mechanical Mall Esplanade ' :i- ' ' - ••• " : j ft., J W M t s m. w g ; . u c ' gaoa? ADMINISTRAJTION iln iMfmnrtam 3iamrii lUaiur Unllinitaii }3rntViuuir of E urattnu Aimu«t25. ui:i:! 3Jnlni 11. Dirkrr (Inllrrir nf Snutuorriuy (Ortolirr Ul. lUIili Jiilliam A. Nnumau Prafpaanr of (Hiuil €tuiiinrprtny (l rtnlirr :.n. Ullili Sln }3. ilradiam Assistant JUriifrssnr nf Cicolnyn IFrbruarii ' J. Iin4 AluuEii 13. iEiuuT € ' upiTiutpn pnt of Atlilrtir Eiiut imrut iMarrl) 7. iu:i4 KIMDINI FrWK 1.. McV ' l ' V DEANS in (iiM iKi I . )(» i s K Ml l.llisoN lil iii r. M SI I W.I KOI T SVRAII IIol.MVS Assisl.iiii I)i;in ol Wcinn ' ii sinn ' I ' J1!!I: ;i I ' cnnss 1 : t radiiaU ' d fioiii ll c Slak ' IcKiKis ' (:i)lkj;r, Kasi Si i inuKhuif;: H(ii td A. V . Iioiii llic I ' liixcisitv, )92S: madualc wm k al ( :(iliinil)ia I ' liixci sil ; di-aii ol wonifii al Sa i c College for li c ' eais: aciinn dean ol wonuii al iIr ' I ' liixeisiiv dining llie iai ol 1!).S0: dean ol wdiiKM ol llic suniinel sessions siiiie ] ' . -: : a nuiiihei ol Moilai 15oaid. Cwctls, and kappa Delia I ' i; pasl ])iesideiil ol llie Kennukv Assoiialion ol Deans of W ' oineii; nieiiihei ol llie I ' ni ei sil . Siale, and l.e iii,nlon . W. (;. A. Hoards. Thfodoui I ' . )o I ' S Dean ol Men; lioiioi i;iadiialeol ihe IniveisilN. I ' ,)(i:i: M. A., Ilanard. 1908; 1 .1 .. 1).. same II II i el sil ; luad ol 1 he de|iai I ineni ol aiu ieiil laiii;iiat;es. MlO ' .t; acting dean ol men, I ' .lllL ' ; ailiiii; (kail ol llie niadiiale school, m, " Ll: ihaiiman of the s( hoi, II ship ,nid allend.MUe (ommillee; .i memhei ol i ' hi i ' xi.i kapp.i. and Ela Si ' _;m.i I ' hi. S VK Ml ( .II ' .SON l l l)l (. Dean ol Women siiuc I9 ' _ ' . " : a iiali e ol l enliuk ; i;iadn.ile(l liom the Uni- ei " sil . I!)2. ' i; . I.. ., ( olnnihia rin eisil , ill ' jli; a meniliei ol K.ipp.i k.ippa Gam- ma. I ' i Sis ina . l|)lia, (Aveiis. and . loilai lloaid; assislani piolessoi ol |)oliliral .seiciKC. I. 1 I ' . Cuot r Assislani Dean ol .Men. 1 ' ,1, ' i:!; Ijoiii in I lopkiiis illu; . . 15.. College ol Coni- incKO. 9 ' H ' . 20 DEANS ' AUL PRENTICE HOYI) I ' . I ' M I. AMIERSON « II.IIAM D. FLNKIIOUSER Paui, Pri niick T)( 1) Dean ol the College ol Aris and St ieiues since 1917; acLing piesident that yea? , professor ol mathematics since 1912: head ol department since 1913: a native of West Virginia; graduated from Oberlin,1898: M. A., Cornell, 1905; Ph. D., 1911; member of Sigma Xi,Pi Mu Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mn, Sigma Delta Chi, Omicrf)n Delta Kappa. Phi Sigma Ka])pa. .Athletic Council: a Democrat, Mason, and Presbx tei ' ian: once presidenl ol llie Inlcrstaie Oiatorical .Association. F. Paul Anderson Dean of College of Engineering since IS91: born in South liend. Ind.: received his B. M. E. at Purdue, 1890; M. E., 1894; member of Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, A. S. M. E., and Engineers Club, Cincinnati; winner of gold medal established by the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers, 1929; director of research laboratory, American Society of Heating and ' entilating Engiireers; a Democrat, Episcopalian, and a member of the Ashland Golf Clidj, Triangle, and Sigma Chi. We ' ve missed ou this )eai. Dean .Vnclerson: l)eiter health to you! W ' n rr M I). Fu.nkhouser Dean of the Graduate School since 192.5; a nati e of Indiana: . . B. from Wabash College; Sc. D., 1909; M. A., Cornell University, 1912; Ph. D., 1916; head of the department of zoology and entomology, 1918; professor of anthropologv, 1925; a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi (president of Kentucky chaptei ' , 1923), and Kappa Sigma (district grand master, Kentucky and Teirnessee); a Rotarian, Repidjlican, and Congiegationalist; author of se eral Ijooks. 21 DEANS lllilM s I ' m ( (KlIM R Dc.iii III ilic Collfi c III Al;i i nil inc. .iiiil diuiloi ul ihc l-. |)(. ' rinu-ill .Sl.ilion. KHS; l)(iin in llliiKiis. .mil ;_;i .idu.iuii Imm llic rin (isii ol MiinuM)i,i. SiIkkiI nl ' 4ii(ullnu. 1!H) ' J, W. S. in i i ic nil nu-, MIUS; iliicl ol ilir l ' .uu-,ni ol Ai;i ii niluii ' l-.( oiioinu . I ' . S. l)(|i.M liiKiu ol Ai;i i( nil nu-. I!l ' _ ' . " i; :i Sinin.i i, Kpsilon Si nia I ' lii. Alpli.i ii.i. A .ui.i; .1 nRinhii ol (ioMiios, Rol.nv ( Inh, .iiul l ' usl) ui i.iii (lunch, ami a . ' iUnd dc ur Mason. Wii I 1 i Si r 1 1 ii s I i or .Dean ol llic ( ' .ollci i ' ol Kdniaiion. I ' ll!. ' !: a kcnliukian, and a graduate i [ WcsU ' in liaduis ' C.ollc.m ' . I ' .owlin, ' ; (.wvw. I ' .IIO; U. S., IniMisiiN. [) ' 2: M. S.. I niMi sii ol W ' isi onsiii, I ' .M. ' l: I ' ll. I)., C.olnnihia, MIL ' I; licloic ( oiiiiiit; lo llic Uni- ciNil . lant;lil in I ' cnnsv 1 aiiia and I c as; icccnlU .1 1 i|)oiiilcd as diiciloi ol N !■ . .: cdiloi ol Kent IK ks .Sc liool |oni ; nuinlici ol Mplia ci.i. I ' In Delia Kapjia, kappa Dell. I I ' i. . (,i(i,i. , . A. . S.. ri.iplisi. . I.ison, and kiw ,1111.111. 1 .1 I I l KS( l I loKI ( 111 k . ssisl,nil ol ihc ( ollcnc ol .ni i( uiluic sine t- I ' .HT; 1 . S. i ' lndiic, I ' tl7; . I..S.. kaiisas -Sialc, 1!H!I; .1 sin c ciion;.;li I ' l cslix ui i.iii ; incnihci ol l-..ipp,i . lpha. .Mph.i cla. Omiiion Dcll.i k.ipp.i. Rcsi.iuli (.Inli. .ind I ' .o.nd ol Miukiil I ' ul) lualions; moIc .1 hook on Ins iii.iin niKicsi. " Sliccp R.nsiii ' ; is .1 lind x oi kci , and c idciill l)clii- cs in ;ollcgr loniaiuis. Iiavini nici his wik ' ai (ollct c. DEANS ALVIN E. r, ANS I 11.1.1 M lim IN FREEMAN AiAiN E. Enans Dean ot the College ol Law. I!)-17; a nati e ol ' Nebraska and s raduaieil lioni Comer University, 1898; A. M.. LIni er.sit n[ Nebraska, 1898; Ph. D., Universilv of Michigan, 1908; Harxard Law .School. l ' .n. " i-191f); assistant professor of Latin, University of Washington. 19()S; a Deinouai. Wrangler, Mason, and a member of the Disciples of Christ chinih; also a inend)er of the Order of the Coif, and Delta Theia Phi. El) AR1 ' ll ST Dean of the College of Connnerce since 1925; A. B., George Washington Uni- versilv, 1912; M. A.. C;ohunhia. 19i;!: I ' ll. 1).. same college, 1916; with the U. S. ' eather Bureau, ' ashinglon. hoiii 19()(i lo 191 !; professoi- of economics at the Uni ersily, 1918; acting clean ol the (.raduate .School. 1921; :i member of Pi ' . ' Sigma Rappa, Delta Epsilon Pi, and Ik l a (.;imm;i Sigma. ' n,ii .M Euwi.N Frii£man Assistant Dean of the Ciolkge ol Engineering. 1921; head of the de))artment of electrical engineering; gr:idiuiic ' d liom ri;ins haiiia. 1901; B. M. V... 1904; Electrical Engineer, 191. ' ; ice presideni ol the southern di ision of American Institute of Electrical Engineers; :i member of f ' au Beta Pi. K;ippa Al[)ha, Lamp and Cross, Omicron Delta Rapp;i, Miisons. ;ind Rotary Club. I onnil n,lr, liniisclj iinil iilliri III II i iiml liiii r i IIS III lull iihd ' t ii. I III ' iciiild 1 11)1 iii ikr linn. -Inn! Hrihril FR€S HM€N atL -t - 7 J or.vr. ' .; ' —Slidhf.sjxdi M FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS IkWkl.lN VaI,I.AC1£ K f-Pl ' Ullcill Cl ' RIlS 1,. II I ' l. ' .sninil DdUoiin 1)K()A1)1ii:nt Sri ) ' lin -T)C(isurer M COI.l.lX.K Ol (.RI(;i [. I TRK lnK kI Ks |U I A IMNM) lil KSAKII 111 KR MAN Aifru) C ' . ki ' |iii ks John I). Colli I. N.C; ) K n SWT k. CiRWVl OKI) Cm ki I s Dixon |iiM III |. I AM Kl (; | ( K W. llNd.lU kl UMI I II [■ . I ' dRUl s |(ill S Iri III HICK 111 (, SIMS I (M K(.l V. Sni (.OIIIMMS Kolll Kl (.. .( ( 1UM M II l( llll 1 I MI M K. I It. I M.SX !■, h, KM.S | .l II. MlCoKM n.iN M 1, Mil IS 1) M|. I ' l I II s |l Mil I I ' llH CK J. (IIM I ' ll l I ' OUI I I Un S. I ' l ( i II I 1 M S Kl II. Ill .ll 1. Rl II Mills l I Ml Ks I Wll s M I nil NS (II i i I s Ml nil NS R Ml M I l ' W I I WC S l I U IIN ( 1. M Kl I I I l Ml KM N Anni 1 . Hi I I I Ri III lil wki Nsiiir |l M 11(11 I INI. IK M K I . Ilcil IllIN II l I IlKllUN k I III I I N ( ( IMUS liOMI I CONOMK S I KII I ( f(.K N( 1 ( .Cosll IK) I. U KNI 1)1 KIIOUN Kl I II Im I KNI K ( IV |)( K 1 1 in I Inl ( oMll N N( I. (,KI U !■ I I N(IR l.K.ON , l MS loll I II Kl III SSI I IdKOI IIS l( IIOl.S Is S l. l NNIIl.l V II R llNI US S I ' l UNI 1 I I SU( II K ,S I III KoSMUIIIISM K I I 1 1 K I I K I K I SNNII 11. Kl I III Kl OKi I III I M s Sii sur I I I Silt K I K I I S l I Sllis 1 I 1 S I I I SNIIK NNI llSkI R IKI.INI S Nl I s Sk I I I 1 SHI III I SS I elk IKC.INI S W INSIOSS COLLEGK OF AR I S . M) .SCIIKXCES ' I IKIM SS I Al.Nl W |l SN l I IN |tisl I ' ll I) l I I N I SKIIIS l II N I VMIS . 1.KIjU Duff Arnett I (IM li. AlMNS KiK.IRS AISIIN M SKS I III I II l S II I SMI s V. H SKI R John M. Km . |k. John I ' . Ill 1 1 Cm SRI 1 s Kl NNI II Rl( IISKh Kl NIIIN l Skill s Km INI R .Nil SI N I Kl sni k Kii I s Kl Sk ' 1 IK.SK KCKINI Kl I III KiisssiiKiii |iiiiN . Kkadv W SI I S( I Kri(. .s Don |. Kkini. srdm r DllKIII IIS Kriimihi m 28 M COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES M R l.oiiM Bruce Ai.ioN R. K R1. liRV ANT Ki i iu 1 II S. Bryant |. F.. Rrvs in A. E. lUiNf.rR M l KK I |. ISlNCI K Rl( |I KII H. Ul III R (.U WMI I I li KM MM KM (. MI( 1 1. K. ClAMrUl.LL O. C. Carroll I.I N RliF C.AWOOD K 1 III Kl l S. C:il VMIIIKS II VKII (.11 RI FS Aw III ss (I Kkl ( .11 ui I ( :i. ' i HON . I KDS (idiii.i 1 John G. Balfour Connfll Loui.s M. Cook, Jr. M r(;arf I Cooi ' i K John J. Craig Nfll Craik I ' .LI MIFTII CR.MM Lff C. Crook Geor(;f F. Crowdfr Mar(;aret L. Crowe Nt R B. CUITON ' |i i I Cummins S K I.OUIM CUNDIFF l.OI IS IS. 1) VI NI ' OKII Ann Mil I.I.I P WIS .Ariiiur Davis Mii.TON Davi.s I WHS I. Dennis Roiii Ri S. Denney Ri in I. Denny Fki 111 KICK . . Di: W ' li.iiF (.1 IlKl.l I. Dl N I IK (. Mlll.F Dk.K John V. Donoiiue i ' i dooi.ey John L. Dor.sey Prentice Douclas Franklin Dryoen Nancy Dyer I (:k EncAK RoHiRr Elder RiissFLL F. Ellington Carl Erickson .4nne Eur. nk .Sarah E. Evans Anne C. Evvell Helen Far.mer |o McCovvN Ferguson George J. Feskoi; Grace FinniFR Jane Fifro .VrNOI.I) Fl l (.FK l.ll DWII) I ' l NIII KS RlCHAKIl D. FOKI) William R. Ford Robert Fors ' the John E. Fo.ster Laura Fritts Fred E. Fug 7,zi Louise Funk CORINNA Gan r Geraldine G.vrvey Marjorie Geary Marian Gii ' .us Ervin Gillenwater James Gofokth Joseph P. Goodman Thelma M. Goodrich D.wiD B. Goodwin Jane Belle Goodwin Mil iiKi i Gorman Willi M Thom. s Gormlev M RGARET GrE. THOUSE I CK Greenwfi.l 1) KMD Griffith Li SI. IF Gross |i I us Hall |()IIN R. H VKI ' ER ISiiRioN Harris Carl Harris 0. H. Harris Virginia Harrison ROHERI E. Ha I FIELD Fki II H v elwood Hi I IN Lir Hi c Rn Cii Ri FS Heinrk II I Mi s E. Hfning 1. W. Higgins M II liRI II HoiiART John |. Hodge Rum Hodges Roy Hogg Kathleen Holmes Dl i.iA Holt Lmira Hoskins 29 E S H M coi.i.KCr. or ar i s and |. l. Ml 1 Cl K III I. Ill ' ( VRCII Ml HSI Itll I Ml SKIN Km Mmii l I MIIOI I Kk i SI ) (:kso Iil l. I tims |(lll (. I M1 s 111 ks M 1 S ' .NF l III Kl llUl VKli |oll s l [ l K |(M1 S(, I.I II 1 1 (. |(1II S(1 l ini l. )()IINS(I N l MdlPN |||11 S(1S Si I |oilNs() ( VKl 1 l I) |(1I1 SIC) ( . I 111 KIM )() KS JosMMl U. |(1M,S J. R. JONKS I. V. )()MS {.lOKI.l H. K AST |()ii ). Kiixii. Jr. (.1 OKI. I Kl 1 I 1 V SIMM I. kl 1 I I Y IM INI Kl 1 I M W 11 II i I , Kl 1 1 iK.i. 11 I I 1 11. Kl Ml ' 1 M I ' l Nlll I KIN Kl Ml ' l K (.1 OKI.l Kl Kl I K R. I.. Kl SI 1 ksiiN lliUlN (.. klNl.sUI K SM KlNNl Kn I . KlKK I ' M 1 K(.l NS I 1 1 Mil 1 11 . KKII I.I 1 1. 1 OKI.l kl Kl l N 1. Mil K M R l.M I ] H R. I. N|. I " K N( IS l.W M 1 ' l 1 . 1.1 llklDl.l. ( Ol I 1 N 1.1 1 )()M I ' lllNl 1.1 1 l.dKK MNI 1.1 I ' l Kl Ann l-.l 1 Mil 1 II I. ONI. Si 1 111 N I.ONI.I 1 1 I 1 Mil 1 II 1 ON 11 l ' ,l KN Kli Mn, II 1 K 1 K N( 1 s ll (1 1N DoKoiin l( Don m n S l (.. Ml DoNMll I kl. Kl I ll(.lNN |ollN 1 ' . Ml Kl NNl N l M I I( 1 l I. Ill IN ( I I I 1 N Ml Ml KK II 1 K1. . M I)IM) K 1 111 KlNl M vll N Kom Kl K. M M ONI |. It. M Nsi inn l KK 1 VKl o 1 1 1 l M.l 111 1 K10N 1 KI 1.. .M KI1N Mil DKI 11 l KII M KI1N I,. I MIlllWS Hi 1 n llKi Ni I 1 K ( : M N N KI1 iKl 1)1 RU K M. . Ii RCI R DoKdIIIV .MiMll.W Jovci Mom IV I KMN S. MOOKI M NINI MoOKI s MoKKls .MoKC.XN R N Morion 1 i III I N M 1 iirin 1 IIOM s li. XNl f ' XRI M ' ll R S l M . N 1 I I M R I. Nl INS IIOMI R Nil lllll S I M K ll hi RSO KlNNl 111 R. Nixon I ' lui 11 ' (i. N ' oi I. lii in Uri ( r i NN | iis 1 () Bkiis 1.1 N I ' l K DoKOI m I ' l KklNS nni (.:. I ' m I I ' s |i I 1 K 1 iiRi N I ' iK.i ' i; Morion H. I ' oi n R Ui 1 n I ' Rii 1 11. 1. Rmsion I I 111 R niim I R 1 UK1 Nl I R sll ( i.i ( . Ri 1 II Dossl 1 Rl Ml K 1NI kl III l 1 I N r Rl ININl.l K l Ru Kiss Rl NOI 1 E S H M COLLEGE OF ARTS ANi:) SCIENCES I M Rl NOI.DS Ai.Hi ' RT Rhou isoNt;, Jr. James Rkharhson Uii.iA RicrnioM) W MM K Rllllll 1,1 , |i . I)( [.ll kllM IK Ei.sii |. Rii.i V Bitty Robkuts Aii.ii Rom rts ) RolllUl RoiilNSON l ' . 1 lA ROHIN.SON IKI.IM RoiilNSON |. ii,iu Rodis I 111 i. i Roi ni Rl R (;. Al l-RIll RosuiT I i :ioR ' . Rout J. K.. Roui.isoN ClivRl.isl.. R N DWII. H. S 1MRS I ' Si 111 11 Rl 1 II k. SlllMIlll K Anni Si.oi 1 1). Rom Ki Slot I I.WVRI N( 1 1 ' ,. Sl Ol I :m R1) H. Sii NNo R Vi MONll C. Sll R1 ' Roi Sii 1 1.1U R I Sill l.jON ii. W- Sill nil KM How Kn 11. 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Gilbert John Gilkey Mary Gillig .-Vnna Belle Gilroy M KT!I GiLTNER 1 II R H. GlRDLER M R(.l 1 RUE GOODFRIENU J. CK Goodykoontz D.WE B. GoRroN Louise Gordon Kai Gover Hon Rn W. Greene Wii 1,1 i F. Griffin Waller H. Griffing R. B. Griffith Beriha L. Grimes |oiiN D. Haggard 1 iioMPSON Haley Rosalie Hanson John R. Harki.i ss Henry S. H rris Hafford I,. Hay Adi i.E Headley R. L. Heckman Ri III Hendrick Roheria Henry Susan Herrin(.ion |. C:. HlERONYMUS . nna B. Hillenmeyer Eleanor Hillenmeyer I. II, 1. 1 N Holmes M KI I I 1 HoI,1 ( 1. V I Kl DlllL J. Horn )oE Huddle; ton Hi NRV J. Huff |,{,. HuLErr M ki Eoij Hume Wii 1 1 i 1 ' . Humphrey I M1 s E. HUNI |iii,i Hunter Walter Hunter WooDRow Huston [AMES Irvine Naomi Isgrig James E.Jarre IT Edgar P. Jaynf. Jack B.Jean William Jobe |. I . Johnston, Jr. SisvN Johnson Helen Frances Jones Sara Rarsner S. GESER Kash Jesse Keith Billy Kelley Morton Kelley Martha E. Kenney Frances Kerr ' lra Kerr W. K. King Chariis a. KoiT Ann E. Kraft Mary King Roger Miller C.LaBau Edu ri) 1, n( srER Hvrriei J. Lvncaster John Willi m Lancaster Walter M, x Lancaster . nthony H. Land Frank Lf.Bus, Jr. Perc ' Lehts Chwip Licon Thom s K. Lisle R. V. Long Robert S. Lubitz John a. Lur.iAN . V. I.I 1 HFR. Jr. (.1 oRM . Lyon J MI s N. McC VRTHY G Ml s McGmiley I K NK McCoOI. Hinr C. McCoun , lice .McCrea R. B. McGreagor Don Mil McGirk M s(i MclMosii H.Ciw .M( KiF Mil lo M. M U.Rl PER M KMi M M,MI,VN E. I " . Marrs ,Marv Marshall GR :r El.i BEI1I Mvrttn Rum Mariin Wilbur W. Martin Willie Mathews A. L. Mauceri Ueuey E. Miller Everett L. Miller James H. Muler Mary Martha M. Mhton Forrest I. 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GR.WE FEATHERSTON Lexington Eui (. R. Y F. FEHRMAN Newport J (;kso jean EOXWORTH Lexington Ei.KTON MRS. LALR.A B. GILKERSON Lexington M(I l.v,N. . RA IHERINE HALE London WINCIM silk BE ELY W. HAYS Lexington iamson, W. ' a. CK.MIRA M. HOWARD I.ixini.ion LixiN.ioN M ArRK:E JACKSON I.i xiN(noN Lexington .M. G. K. RSN ' ER Lexington Lexington 1 HOMAS E. KEE Lexingion Paintsvii.i.e I. RG. RET E. KING CiioRGi rowN Lexington .1 K E- KINNER Greenup Lexington D.W ID B. KNOX (;eorgetoun Lexington ELEANOR L. TIMER Niciioeasvtlle Lexington DA E LAWRENCE Corinth LouisMi.LE .M. ■ME LEWIS Leitchfield LixiNr.roN C;HRISTINE McKINNE Jamestown Lexington ROBERT M. MAR El N Covington (il ' u COl l,i:(.lv Ol LAW ( 1 1 1 1 I I i ' ,i ( k i K |()11 1 IIDWM R. |R I AMI S H ( W INS ) )H C ( I ARkl I 1) ( R l)l)()( k. |R. II RR 1 ' . 1)11 S I I.IMON I). 1)1 vi; Uil LI M K. I- ANNING Wll I I M () II X ' lS Willi l I IIOR I () ROlU R II 11 I l() . I KOHI R I I kll (.()RI)() llswin |R I ' vkis W III I l Ml 1! OR 1S( IIIMIK ( l I ) N l ' ll R 1,IX1N(.1 )N MM IR M Ol l I R (Mil Mslil K(. |()H l( I ' RK I WiNdiiMiK RHIM -.HARI S. sHI-.l ' HIRi) l.ixiN(.T(. JOHN M.STIAKNSON. JR. I.ixiNt.TON li RR I. SI I (. l All R Ll-xisr.TON ()S( AR SAMMONS WlvrUFSTFR IR(,II() M RM R ( wirids W AI.KI R I I 0!)l (ME 1 1 IMll i«. (II RI I s W M II 1 1 l (.l() ( 11 I s I ' KIM 1 KIN (.l()K(.l wool ( O I I I ll l ' II 1 1 II KII ItlKI hi Ml It 1.1 I KKIX ix in sii R ( I Mill Kl X11. Mil. R 1 1 N11 l. (.I I V 111 Kl l( Hill s II 1 I 0» I SMUlkd I.I I (.I()X coi.i.ix.K Ol- i-.N(.im;i:ri. (. I Wll S 1 ll WIS I.I M ..l(l JAM is R. . 1.1.1.. Mii Mi (;l.. Ri:NC ' .r. K. ARCIII R Aim ss. W. . CIlARI.I-.s C. mX.l.l MiiiiiiisiidK.i W II 1 I Wl I lU I L Fii-TON Willi Wl I 111 I I.IR l.ixiM.ios ROm R I III 1 1.1 R l.ixiNi.Kix I Wll S R. CO!. I. II R | Ks(.N I ' M 1 I ' { OMIIS Hoi ' KINSVll.LK OII IR II (1 I (.IIWI iRs III (.11 II 1)1 KI (. OWIXSIKIKO W II I I Wl llO l 1 SON 1 i i (.i(is II I IIOM I , (in. Mk ii. |oll I l)RrR LixixcnoN |l SSI I I RRA Lexington ROIll R 1 . ll.A I 111 RS I() r I I SIM. 1. 1 (Ol.l Mills ll.() I) Si wKiki, III (.11 I ' I R l R l.i i .i(i I Wll s w IKII |) Lexinctox I nil I Riissn.i. ) )S| I ' ll 1 IKK kl R () M XMIOKII W l I I R II ll()( kl R ic iicii sMii I II R(.|S I III (.III S 1 IMN, l(l ( 1 R I Is I- kill 11 1 i is(.i.i I R k II kll SW I I I I R ( llMM.KiS sill I in ( kINkI l) 1 IMM.K.N R() M II I III iiiii l (.1 s I I I I S( III R DON l II R Ml ( ON I in |0 r. Ml ( 1 I I I N I R Nk M MOOI) SI NI()RI) Nl l, W I I I ' OI I I I I I I I I HI R M I ' RkI R 1 1 l ' R ()R i-lMlll R I ON I I 1 (,I()R(.I I PI RO 1.11 WILLIAM R I ' l I I K.RI I ' OR I I R I ' K I III R III R I R Wl (. I ' KOIU s I Wll s W ROSS W II s WIsoN Rl( II kli s I I I I s. |R ( II RI I s I s I Ol ( kl R W 1) si I III Rl NI) M RSH l I I SW N M R 1 IN (.. I M OR 111 I Rl I ( l (.11 N I III ODORI I OI I WII.I.IAM R W kl I II I II I I I Alll III W RRI N I ( k R W I I I I kl I wool IIRIIK.I I RRI I 1 R WORI I ' I Wll I.I Wl R Nkin 1 K SKI lkl I I MSI. ION I ISI. (kl I S (.kl 1 SI ' M 1 I 1 1 1 M 1 It II kl AN SISI.IllS 111 ls II 1 1 H vkl.xx IRI.l lows slll S|I H ki x 111 ISMII.F. Ill l II I I 11 v II 1 I W ISI 111 Ml I Ll SISI. Ki- ll MSI.KIN LOUISVIIJ.E 1 I XISI.KIS M11 XSll 1.1 XIX(.K)S (i2 S€ N I O R S 1 - - -♦.. ' - 1 l II llic (Lillys of ' M (Hid In all l iiiloil.s of llir I ' nii ' ci.sily diiriiifi llir jxisl riii iiir (ii ' lilc l IK) .small iniioinil of ai i( »ij lisluiii ' iils. Sonic of llirsc, il .v line arc loo iiisinniliianl lo go down llnoiigli llir lii loi of old Kcnliu liy, Iml llieir is otic cause jot tfliidi lhc fouii lil xcliicli will sitind oiil in her history for many rush weeks, honictoniinirs, and gnidiitilions yd In onic — llic drii ' e toward the erection oj a Student Union Building. The April )Ti edition of llic Ciiivcrsily o( Kctilii(l x linllclni shilcd the folloicing (J II est ion: " ironi the stinidlxiiiit of llic (ii ' criii c sludcnl wliiil is jirnh- iihlx the iiKisI needed hinldiiig on llir iiniijius: ' " And anureicd: ■ ' .I Shidriil [ ' imiii iiiiii Rrliiliiiiis liiulilnii: when- all slii- dcnl organiziilions. m lii ' ilirs. mid icliilinusliijis may he iidc- (jiiatcly housed under one mol- Siii li ii hiiildiiiii i badly needed , and sonic -icay should he Imnid In jniiiiui- il. " l ' roiiij)tcd hy this i liiillcii:j,c. Oinimin Dilhi Kajilia. mnijius Iciideisln j fiatcr- nily. siiiicssfully aroused llie cnlliiisiasiii nf ihc sludenl body ihrougli a sciisibb- jtlan of jinanic. and inslilled in llieiii u delcniiiiiiilion whidi will luhnimite nilo the realization of a Sludenl I ' nioii Biiililiiiii. An early Scl)lcnibcr ediliini of i i Kimmkn ki ksi i aiinoinii rd llnil ' licy U ' cre making a subslnnlial iloiinlioii hnenid llir inid wliii li was lollowcil l y donations from .scxieral loyal uluiiiiii ami liu ally. Tlir sliiib ' iil body look iiji !lir call by beginning a year ' s drix ' c lo sec llirii diraiii i oiiir hue while lime found them still cafiablc of cherishing fresh inrmniirs of ihrii sihool. Benefit dames sjionsorcd by various clubs and honoiaiy fiah ' i nilics, lag day sales, and donations from cTcry social fraternity and sorority on the canijms to be made until the jjrojci I is completed — Ibis was the message of an enthusiastic sludenl body lo lliosr in iiulhorily as hi Imw bind lliry iCrir willing hi leorl; in older hi bare a Sludenl I ' niiin Building. .{I the liiiir III tins jninlnig. Ibmugli llir iiiihiing rffiirls ; thine in iiulhorily. the Board ii ' I ' ruslrrs lias granlrd llir I ' iii. ' risily jiirsideiil llir jiowcr to jielilion the I ' nited States (Government for a Iniiii with irliiili hi build ibr jiriccless dream of somewhat over two thousand sliidrnls. ibr Imin is giaiilrd. which is prac- tically assured, the goal leill be rraibrd. and woik will brgin on the em lion of ihc building during the (oiniiig summer months — a dream wliicli c-ven Ibr ninsl liighly imaginatii ' c student failed to visualize when the drive was started. Leaders are nerdrd for the of the undertaking, and to the Class of " ii goes much of the iredil for being the iaj)lains nf sui h an effcilivc iamf aigii. .Is the bcnedii lion is given at Ibr i oiii hisimi of llieii i niniiirin rnirni rxrnisrs. and th ' ' flics oiil of the gyiiinasiuin us luduiilrs. lliry hikr Willi ihcni the iiiosi profound respecl and adiniration of llir luiiriil bnily. I ' iiu-lfishiy. the of ' 34 lias spent time and energy towaid I he fn iniioliou nf a piiijril Innn wliiili tliey, knoreingly, would gain only llir sahsUu I nni of srring llirir task gloriously fivished. May tlie Class of ' ' I contin ue lo woik as willingly, wliolrhearledly. anil effect- ively at their life ' s work as they have done during Ihcir last days at the Ihiii ' crsily on tlie Student I ' nion Building i ' uud. They leave with the dislinction of liin ' ing .successfully propagated one of the greatest advani eineiils in sludenl life in llic history of their .thna Mater. f J SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ErtiK.NK CoxviKi ' Smi 111 Hkoadiu I , nn Jonks W ' ii 1 iam Nic:h )I.i.s Treasurer I ' residi ' iil " nr-Preside)it Se reliny f)5 -m -- ' --- r ,f - ' ■ A " ; O (I 1 1 ( 1 1 . 1) wis 11 S. I (. l l. 1.1 XIM.I I 1 U K n MS A II Mm MiisMiii Phi Kappa Tau Sigma Delia Chi O. D. K.: Pres. SuKy: Pres. Sigma Delta Chi; Vlce-Pres. Lamp and Cross; Glee Club; Managing Editor Kernel; Member U. K Music Com- mittee; Varsity Track Manager I ' . I 1! R l I 1)I R II lllMllk 1 11 Mil I II Will KM) U. S. I .K. llMM.U Chi Onega Home Economics Club: Agrlcultur Society I MI s I I III R ION K CVLIIOIN II K(ll I) 1 ' l) WIN II. I 111, Wn.MORK Sigma Pi Sigma Sec Sigma PI Sigma: Kappa Delta PI Inm ( Ml i, I ' kiM 1 n Delia Tau Delta Alpha Chi Sigma IISI() MI RSON II S IN ( () l (.1 l)K(.l lll II Kill R I SI1I R Football: Athletic Council ' 31- ' 33 K I III R 1 I () 11 1)1 I( MIII Kuppa Siijma o CARROI.l. M. BAIL A. IJ. 1.1 Kir Rr, Imi Delta Chi Freshman Football and Track; Varsity Track I.OIS MAE BANKS A. II. i F.ii. i u C writ:. I Alpha Delta Theta 1 1 ARl) E. R.WLES.S It. S. 1 A(.K. CONCOR ' I Alpha Zeta Sec. Alpha Zeta; FrcFhman Baseb.ill V C. S. RELL 11. S. i . (.K. MwsvrLi.r Alpha Gamma Rho Alpha Zeta Block and Bridle; Agliculture So- ciety; Dairy Judging Team 33 nOROIHV PISHOP M. HAI.L , 1 ' ,. IN |cii u. El.Kll RT. I.Mi. |()H A. RAXTA II, S. IN (.ii i. Ni u CvsiXE Alplia Lambda Tail Rf HEE U IN Ki). Eri.woer ALBERT LESLIE I5ETZ IV S. IN Com. Lfmnoton |AMES C. BISHOl B S. IN M. E. riKR v Sigma Alpha Epsilon O. D. K.; Scabbard and Blade; Inter- Fraternity Council; Lamp and Cros.;; SuKy; Freshman Tennis; Varsity Tennis; Pershing Rifles: Colonel R. O. T. C. ()7 4 O wii II M I msiioi ' Pt Kappci Alpha Scabbard ai-.d Blade: Lances: Busi- iiess ManaRfr Strollers ' 33. 34 IL |l M l lil ( M Kin li 1 III. I ' l NDI.ITON Phi Mu Alpha Y. M. C. A.: Moil ' s Band OI ' l I KM l ' .;iM)l K W I A. li. IS 1 II. 1 I l l.U)N I IWVOOl) l new I KS U S. I I M ,,|, Pltlti;i Club; Prc-Mpd, Soclotv Y M. C. A. l IlKl s UK M.sll in 1 WII iii o I H S. I l I I 111 ISMIIE A, S. M. E. (KM M ni 1). lU IK li i I II. KwiNG Delia Tau DelU. Basketball ( K1 I IKIOM A II WiSI IMSIIK Phi Mu A ' plfi Kernel: Philharmonic Orclie.stra I : 1 WW II I ' .OWM " ( I (l I Kl-OKl KOIil K I UK IISI1 II. I I MSI.II Pryor Pro-Meri Socld.v 68 k i I ' ll 1 , uko i)ui-, 1 ] , S, i . (.K. CAiii Alpha Gammt: Rliv Block and Bridle; Scabbard and Blade IK(.l IA UROWN A. 15. l,K i (.i( Delta Delta Dc ' ta Preach Club; Stroller Eligible; Y. W. C. A. I n A URlMAt.l . li, i In. I.i i (.i ) Alpha Delta Ti.eta Kentuckian Staff; Guignol; W. A. C; W. S. G. A.; Y. W. C. A. CHAKI.KS R. lU C.HAN. . A. II. (Iwii ' Bii.i.sviixr Kappa Alpha |()K I.. CAMl ' UELL H. S. IS (.. K. CvKi.isir A. S. C. v.. SMI I II UKO 1)KI I K. s, IS ,.u. (: i,i Alpha Gamnn: Rhi. O. D. K.; Pres. and Vice-Pres. Alpha Gamma Rho; Scabbard and Blade: Lamp and Cross; Block and Bridle; StroUer.s; Agr. Society; Inter-Frater- luty Council; Ba.seball ' 30; Regimcn- I il Ciplain R. O. T. C: Pres. Senior Class; Vice-Pres. Student Council W BROWN II S. IS (.111 M, W II II WISIII K(. SHjma Nh AliJha Delta Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega Mil I)R1 I) liRI MMETT U. S. IS . (.U. H XKKllllSIlURG Y w, C, A : Home Ec. Club (.ORDON V . lU R s B. .S. IS Com. Si, hi si ( i m . N. Alpha Sigma Phi Nat. Pres. National Inter-Fraternity Conference ' 33. ' 34: Pres. Inter-Fra- ternity Council ' 32, ' 33. ' 34; Pres O. D. K.; Scabbard and Blade; Student Council: Commerce Finance Com- ' mittee: Pres. Keys; Delta Sigma Pi; As:it. Editor Kentuckian; Glee Club; Pan-Politikon Executive Committee; Track Numerals DORO I in 1 I.I-.NI CARKL A. li. Wisi I ' M i l!i uii, Im, . Kappa Alpha Theia V W. C. A. Senior Cabinet; W. S. G A. Stroller Eligible: Art Chair- man Y. W, C A. 69 ( . . ( KI I I III R U.S.IN (..!■. l (]llMlk A. S C. E w I SI I . ( K 1 IK , u, ( Mnu 1 I vMI 1 I Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Delia Chi Ed:tor-in-Chlel of Kernel. Sec. Sig- ma Delta Chi; Pre.s. Student Co ' in- cil; Head Radio Announcer of U K. Extension Studio ot WHAS; Pre?. Ky. Inter-Colletjlate Press Assn; Editor Kampus Kat; O. D. K. Strollers |. V. (II WII ' ION. |l . 11 S IN M. I- . 11 KKIlllsill Ki; Glee Club U()(.l K 1 ( I Rk 11. S. IN ll I III! KM N A, I M, M. E. DOKO 1 in ( I I I K A II 1.1 IN(.|I1N Etii SiBmn fhl Y. W. C. A.; Dutch Lunch Club: Psychological Journal Club |()1IN M. ( l I 1 R 1( IN I- II. Si ni lutii Sigjiia Phi Epsilon Su Ky; Pres. Freshman Y. M. C A.: Freshman Track; Varsity Track; Ed- itor • K " Book; Pan-Politikon; Pres. 3 Y. M. C. A.; Pres. State Y. M. C A.; Pres. B. S. O.; Pres. Mens Dormi ' ory Council; Pres. Pitkin Club; Ken- tuckian StafT ( II Mlll ks N MllMI 1 ( . ll Mi ll II II 1 HOI S ( 111 I ' l 1 111- S IN M. I . Su 1 M. I. Cosmopolitan Club I) Win Sl-I r CI VRKI S, IN (.K. S I I ks II I 1- ' Block and Bridle I ( K ( (1 1 1 1 n 11 S IN 1 1 IK-MI A. S M, E,; A. S E. E. Tau Beta Pi nOROlHV II.OISF. CLIFTON A. II. LF, iNnTO Zeta Tail Alpha Chi Delta Phi Fleur de Lis: Glee Club: Ger Club: PitKm Club WALLACE COFFEY 15. S. IN . (:r. Pi :RR mi i i Block and Bridle ERNEST W. COMH.S li. s. IS C. E. Lot isvil.i K Tau Beta Pi I L N I!. CONLEV A. B. Lenington Alma Magna Mater: Spanish Club: Y. W. C. A. JOHN L. COOVERT n. S. IN C I I. PaDUC H Lambda Chi Alpha Inter-Fraternity Council: Treasurer Scabbard and Blade HARRY E. CLO U.S. i M. E. liAi.mvis.L. L. Delta Tau Delta Scabbard and Blade; 1st Lieut. P-. ' v- shing Rifles: Military Editor of Ken- tuckian: A. S, M. E.: A. I. E. E.; Lieut. -Col. R. (.). T. C. ( AMERON COEEM.VN A. K. El w IMU KG. V. Va. Delta Tau Delta Sic ma Delta Chi Omicron Delta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Cir. Mgr. Kernel; Freshman Track; Varsity Track; Strollers; As- sociate Ed. Kentuckian; Vice-Pres. Freshman Y. M. C. A.: Y M. C. A. Advisory Board; Pan-Politikon El (UN l CONGLETON II. s. i (.:. K. Li i GTON Ph, Kappa Tau Pres. Phi Kappa Tau O. D. K.; Pres. Scabbard and Blade: Tau Beta Pi; Inter-Fraternity Council; Lances EHONLAS C. CONREY li. S. OWEN.SBORO Pi Kappa Alpha Strollers I MRICE E. COPPOCK li S. I A(.K. C MI ' BEI.I.SVILl.E Block and Bridle rW -: tyf 111 lU K I ( ll I II. II. Oi ivi Mil Alpha Tail Oircqu Phi Delia Phi |( )ii n ( ( K iiiH)( k |( 1 1 1M.|C. Phi Kappa Tau Art Editor Kentuckian 33. ' 34; M . Editor Kernel 31. ' 32. 33. 34: 01 -e Club; Managing Editor Kampu.-; K»t; Di.splay Artist Guignol 30 I I OKI ( 1 1) 1 I () . It. i I I.. I i i i |l 1) v ) . II. ( HIMUO.Il. Chi Omcfin Mortar Board W S. G. A ; Pnn-Hellpnlc; W. A. C. Prr.s. Clil OmcBO I III I II I 111 1 (IN II. S. IN (.K. SliMl KM Delia Zeir Y W C A . Homr Ec Club; Uriv ■•4-H ' Cluh W II 1 1 1 I 1 (.1 i I () I n II N l 1 I IM (.k(l l Tau Hilii l-i Student Council; Vic- Chairmuii . I E E.; A. S. M. E • Treas. Senior Cla.vs ( . 1 ( k I I ( 1 1 1 R U i 1 1. 1 i i i.m ' (( Siqi ' ia Kappa StHKc MtiiiHf er Guignol; Scabbard and Bladi- Mll Is l |) Is I ' . S l ( ,,M I ' Kis I ' hi Delia 1 hclu Lances; SuKy: S ' roUers Pres. Phi Delta Theta 1 K ( Is I 111 MI ' sl li S l I I, SM M,,v. hull, Kappa Kappa Gawina Y. W. C. A. M I I ( III k W DON 1.I)S ) H IN In. Paris .student Council 72. I wiKs c;. oowNiNx; li. S. I Al.K. I.I l (.lll Alplia Gumma Rlui Alpha Zeta Vice-Pi-es. Alpha Zeta: Sec. Block and Bridle: Student Council: Agr. Society: Pres. University Dairy Club: Dairy Judging Team 33 KI.IU (:C:. DIDLKV . 15. I ' LMliROKE Pie. i, Patterson Hall: Y. w. c. A.: W. S. G. A.: W. A. C. () I 1 1)1 i)l KH AM 1. 1.. H. (.OLLiMlirA Siyifid Phi Epsilun A. B. 32: Henry Clay Law Society U M.l ' H I.DW ARDS Lambda Chi Alpha Kappa Delta Pi O. D. K.: Scabbard and Blade;Guig- nol: Lamp and Cross; Student Coun- cil: Manager Varsity and R. O. T. C. Rifle Teams: Secy.-T reas. Junior Class; Pres. German Club (. A VLK ELLIOTT K. S. IN (.OM. LlXIN(.TON Delta Zeta Pres. Delta Zeta ' 34: Vice-Pres. -33: Sec. -32; W. A. A.; Secretary ' s Club ■34: Pan-Hellenic ' 31 and ' 34: Spon- sor Company F ' 33: W. A. C: Y. W. C. A.; Stroller Eligible I WIKS SI ' IXCKR ORKWAX . K. IN In. Mwsi.KK Glee Club; Stroller Eligible; Pres. German Club 1). R. 1)1 RUIN li. S IN M. L. CVMHIAN Scc.-Treas. A. S. M. E. I Rl DC. DM ' . 11 Nl I ' OKI Delia Tail Delta Pershing Rifles; Freshman Football ; Pryor Pre-Med Society: Scabbard ' and Blade; Major R. O. T. C. (.I-ORC.l. (). II.DRI D I I II. Princeton Kentucky Law Journal ROM I RV ETHINGTON I ' ., s. IN IldMi l-.c. Pleasureville Zeta Tail Alpha Phi Upsilon Omicron Home Ec. Club: Agr. Society Y. W. C. A.; W. S. G. A. i mKi -..t I ()l isl I W INC. II. s. i (.k. |i SI I KIN Cm Sec. Executive Commillee Pan-Poll- tikon: Kentucklan Slatl; Home Ec Club; Agr. Society: V. W C. A University - -H ' Club I I I 1 C)l Isl I III n (I R l R(. RI I H)K 1 H. s, IS rii . I n. luvshiDUi lS Morlar Board rreas. Mortar Board 34: Pres. W. A. j A 33. 34: Treas. Y. W. C. A. 33. ' 3 . W. S. G. A.; W. A. C. 33. 34 IRC.IM IK! I UI UC. . I(. IS In. Ciiu W A A ; Y. W C A ; RldlnR Clu III I I I I H .A. IS. Iisisi.ii Delia Zela W A A : Alma Mauna Mater; Y W. C. A I R NOI Ds I Mil R V S. I- I. I IIOM xs Sipma Chi Pres Sigma Chi: Pcimlng Rifles; Lances: Lamp and Cross: Se- nior Intramural Manager W 111 I l n I isllll C k It S IS C OM. I KSMI I 1 « ♦ |1 W lOXWOR I II II Sis I i 1 I siscroN Phi Be, a Kiippa Delta Pi Owens: Y. W. C. A : W S. G A . Glee Club: May Queen ' 33 I Rill I Wll s 1 Rll I |R II S IS 1. I . IS( IIIMIR Alpha Sigmu Phi A S M E.; A. I. E F... I R. E, ; A. H. R L.: Chief Operator Unlv Short Wave Radio Station W9JL [our years |()ll I R I H s i li 1 I III isMi 1 r Kappa SlQtna Pres. Kappa Sigma ' 3?: Lamp and Cross: Football ' 30. ' 32. ' 33 74 o RICHARD J. FlI.Ll-.R li. ,S. IN Com. I.i.xiNf.roN Delta Tail Delta l-.RM S I (, AllIARl). |R. B. S. L()iis ii.i I Kappa Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma V. C;. GAINES li. S. i C. r.. La GR. Nr.i; Kappa Alpha Pre.s. Kappa Alpha; Lances: Sec. Dicker Engineering Society r. RA MAK (.. UL . . B. i Kn. Lfxinoton ). K. (.1 OM KR R. S. T Nf. K. M1DDLE.S110RO Sigma Chi A. S. M. M. E.. Pres. ' 33. ' 34 KI 1 I V RR IV S. IS HiiMi l-.i . Ik wki OKI Chi Omega CH.VRl.KS H. GAINES H. s. IN C. E. Lexington I 1)(. R R. G. RDNER 1 ' ,. S, IN A(.U. I ' UI5 Block and Eriale I H RR n. GIBSON li. S. IN . (,K. liROOK.SVII.I.r. Alpha Gam-iia Rho Band 30. ai; Univ. ' -H " Club ' sn, •31. ' 32. 33; Horticulture Club 33 I.OIIS O. GODREY li. s. IN Com. Lexington w ' - ' ' n ' l l I (.01 lU I II IN (.k. ( l |M.H. Alpha Gaiiimi. flio Phi Mil Alpha Sigma Delta Cht Agr. Society: Horticulture Society 3t Sales Manager ' 33 Kentucklan W II lOUn (.R I N li S l (.l(. (.1 ()K(.I lou S Pi Kappn Al thu Block and Bridle: Lan.p and Cro- Lances: SuKy: Strollrrs: Kernel: Agr. Society K l I ' ll ll ( II (.Rll 1 : L It i III. I iri i nil. I I w. Sigma Chi Senior Intramural Manager I I SI II M (.ROSS It S IN { I I Vkl I ' l c II. K )(.l K W ( 1 M It S IN ( I I ININC.K Pershing Rifles ( I (.( I I I II It S IN l 1 S( IIINII I Mn. ' S Traik: A I. E. E ; A S M E II Will I () (.RM 1 I ' li s IN M I . Ik xnm OKI Triangle Tau Beta F: D K: Scabbard an-; Clade: Ken- tucklan Staff: Lanres: Kevs |()sl I ' ll I ( kl (.RIXII s It. S IN ( CM. Mm IKMW 1(1. Sigma Alpha Epj.ion Kentucklan Stall ' 32. ' 33: Lamp and Cross: Delta Sl?ma PI I I n (.Kl I ' . Its It ( (IKM (. UI IN, I I V. Alpha Gamiii ' i Delta Mortar Board Phi Beta Kappa Pi Sigma Alpha: W. A. C. ' 33. ' 34: Vlcc-Pres. W. S. G. A. ' 32. ' 33; Pres Patterson Hall ' 32. ' 33; Sponsor Co B 31. ' 32: Vice-Pres. Cwins 32: ijec Mortar Board ' 34: Vlce-Pres. Span Ish Club ' 33: Pres. Alpha Oamma Delta ' 33. ' 34: Freshman Cabinet Y. W. C. K. KO IIMIN l; S IN l. 1 . 1 ININ Plii Mil Alphz o IM 11 R II ARDIN II. S. IN Com. H xki J WIKS C. HAR|I MON 11- S. IN Com. . l ' ■lI.l,l Kappa Sigvia Lamp and Crosf CHANC 1 l.l-OR 1. H RRIS B. S. IN Ml I. . N(:H()R. (,r Norwood Mining Society; A. I. M. M. KRI.K M. H VS K. K. I.IXINM. Alpha Lambda Tau KentuckJun HORACI li. HI I..M li. . IN I. K. HiNlllKMIN Sigma Alpha rpfiloii Tau Beta Pi Vice-Pres. O. D. K. ■. ' S, ' 34; Vice- Pres. Tau Beta Pi ' 32, 33; Scabbard and Blade; Pre.s. Junior Class ' 32. ■33: Pres. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' 32. ■33; A S. M. E,; A. 1. E. E. [. 1 RKI) HARDW ICK 11. S. IN Com. Li ninc.k Varsity Golf ' 32, ' 33 I()R I ON HARKKV . H. I.ININC.K Beta Theta Pi 111 IS lORl) HAR I lORl) 1. . Wll.l.l WIMOUN Kappa Delta P: |. li II S li. S. IN Com. .Sim i.iivmi.i i: Kappa Alpha JOHN GOLD HFN.SON . li. IN I ' ll. lil NTON Delta Tau Delta i imA:-:s iai Mi c v- - - .3 . t l3«Jtv ' II ( III Kl l (. I () A. U. I.IXlM.Ki. Plii Delia The lu University Band •■ i 1 s IIOI 1 l (.s ()K 1 II A. II. Mil Mu.i; , Pi Kappn Alpha Student Council; Pres. Pi Kappa Al- plia: Bus. Mgr. and Treas. Strollers Kentuckian Kernel IDA MOl s I ON . . 15. Mk.h liKIIX.I . I Kappa Delia w II I I i (. now I II. S. IN (DM. )|M.I( 1. I I • Kappa Sigma II Ml lA l III kl I U.S. IS((, I |1MN(.I(,-. Alpha LambJa Tau Pres. Alpha T.ninbda Tau o ( II K1 I s K. HOI IIROOK I 1 It. Asm M) Sigma Alpha fpsilon Track; Boxing. University Light- weight Champion W 111 I M I lloMIOks I U. s. IS M. I . Ni « roRi Tau Beta Pi Liiul Persliing Rifles; Lieut. -Col. R O T C; Freshman Baseball A. S M. E.; A. I. E. E. run i ii ' w iiowi-. V II s IS ( CM. |in Kci.Tr.NN. Pi Kappi Alpha Student Council: Strollers ( R1 IIOWI 1,1. y Ii lllllM.l SMI I I Sigma A ' u Lamp and Cross; Tnter-Fraternlty K Council; Kentuckian. ' 33: Gulgnol (I in I Phi Beta Kappa SEN i (l.ARA KIIZAli!. I H INNES It. s. IN HiiMi Ki . 1,1 Mxcros Y. w. C. A.: Home EC. Club; Agriculture Society Candidate for Beauty Queen SI E ANNA IK IN A. B. Chaplin Chi Omega Y. W. C. A. Senior Cabinet; W. S. a A.; W. A. A.; Girls Band TODD JEFFRIES - . H. COLUMRI Phi Delta Theta o I ' A I JOHNSON U. S. IN HoMi Ef;. Li MNCK Phi Upsilon Omicron Y. W. C. A.; Home Eg. Club; Agriculture Society ANN lONES A. 15. Lfxixcton Alpha Gamma Delta Phi Beta Kappa Eta Sigma Phi Phi Beta; Cwens; Vice-Pres. Senior ANN IR ' [NE l» S. IN HdMI Ec. DXNVII.I,! Alpha Gamma Delta Phi Upsilon Omicron Y. W. C. A.; Home Ec. Club |OHN M. [.XCKSON B. S. IN Ml I. Frankfort I. RENC.E C. JENKINS r s. IN Com. Frankfoki Alpha Lambda Tau Tennis; Inter-Praternity Council NOKKIS E. JOI. K. S. IN Com. Gi, sr.O ' ,v Phi Delta Theta Strollers .MACK M |()NES U.S. IN ME. Ill ' FFU. - ?5( MI 1 I l Kl N--M 1 1() 1 I II 111 kNMIil Kentucky Low Jcurmil j. 1 .. K K I It. S. i i.K. Hi NM)S ■ 1 Block and Briale ( 1 1 K 1! s II K I I M H. s i li 1. l iiisi) II I I Lambda Clii A ' p:ia I I kl s I I KS(I II. S. IS l. I-. ()1 luipoli l I III K I ( . .ll. l.l IN(, Alpha XI Dflln Olco Cluh iioRo I in I l |()Rin 11 1 IMM.IO ( II SKI IS W K l II s. IS I 1 II I I Capt Pcr.shins! Rifles; Scabbard ind Blade: Chairman A. S. M. E. A. I. E. E. Kl Kl Ml ' !,! li. s, IS Ml sii Disc Girls Glee Club; Mixed Quarlol jn (. U U I Kl ( Ml) II. Km iiM.isi. I KII ' K r. S IS ( IPM M x s II I I Sujma Alpha Epu ' loit o WOODSON KNK.H I A. H. (Aki isi I Sigma Alpha Ef ilon Pershing Rifles; Assistant Editor Kernel; Guignol S R All l R(. ARl, 1 I, AM) AH l.i i (.i( N Dutch Luncli Cub 1,1 I liR AN IAN I I R A. K. I)K RiiK.i I RA C:iS l . I.illARON li. S. I M. K. lllN(.F. ll )N. X. " l Tau Beta Pi Vice-chairman A. S. M. E.: Glee Club ' 32. Z3. 34 i.oris I, I ' M 11 . B. I ' liii hi I i iii . I ' I.I WIS KON lAKOS S. I 1. K. Ll.XINT.TON l.l( 1 I.ANf. r. I.FMVr.TON Delta Delta Delta Mortar Boaid Pres. Delta Delta Delta; W. S. G. A.: Pan-Hellenic; Cwens; SuKy; Stroller Eligible; Y. W, C. A. M R iioi ' i ' 1 R 1, U 1 HAM . li. Nr WSl KK DeH, a Zeta Phi Beta Tr eas i. Delta Zeta Treas. Phi Beta; C i .■en s; Guignol Key; Y. W. C. A.; Co- ■ed Band; Philharn ionic Gr- che.stra; Glee C ub I ' All.JNI- l.l ' AVIS . II. I,ixi (;T i:s I HI K I.I A A. IV I.ixiNf.rov English Club; German Club: Seci-etarial Club SI ,- VXH ,, " Tf ■ -.y - m I s I I i I K ( . I 1 A. B. llMN Gulgnol: Spanish Club HI R l. I,r IKS U. S. IN I. I I.lMM.ll Atplia Sigm:i Phi A I E, E.; A S. M. E. 1 ll ) I ' 1 NSOWSKI LI,. K. (.11 M I s i). Oiii |()1 Ii I) Will li. S. I (.1 . l. Mill S Alpha Gamma Hho Phi Mu Alpha Treas. Phi Mu Alpha 33; Block and Bridle; Intor-Fratprnlty Council: Band; Agriculture Society SI S |, |)() III A. B. (IN IIIHN ' Rl III) (i kl A. li SlONF DORO I III 1 UI LYONS l( liklhl I I ' dKI . (. )N . Slroller-; DON l I) k Ml ( WIMON B S. IN l. 1 I IIIVNIIN Alpha Sigma Phi Tail Beta i ' i Sec. -Treas. A. 1. E. E : A S M. E. Ill K I W M, now I I I U, S. IN , l. 1.. Nil IIIJI Ss l| 1 K Tail llein Pi A. S. M. E.: Pres. A I. E. E. I ' MII II ' M ' (.11 U s IN ( i i Hi km Alpha Tau Omega Beta Gamma Sigma 82 ]. F.. M( NrAKlX 15. S. IS M. K. I. C RANfi A. S. M. E.; A I. E E. ). I ' ARIS l II W, |R. li. S. IN C:i) l. Willi MS1S1 U Alplia Sigma Pit: Lamp and Cross; ' 33 Keiitucklan; Guignol MAR 1 HA T. NrANMNG 1,1.. n. M sMii Kappa Beta Pi. Legal Sorority Kentuclcy Law Journal ). r. M. R()ris U. S. IN C ' .OM. I.IMNCKIN Pill Sic ma Kapfa Delta Sigma Pi DOROTHY MAY r. RTI . . B. IN Ell. I.ININt.K Alpha Delta Theta lAMl-.S W. McROBF.RTS II. 15. K si Si. I.oliis, III. Pi Kappa Alpha Pres. Pi Kappa Alpha ' 32; Scabbard and Blade; Pershing Rifles; Su Ky: Intramural Manager ' 31, ' 32 Glee Club; Blackguard n GlM. MAUN A. 15. .A.SHLAND Delta Delta Delia I ' Al I. H. MANSFIELD 1.1,. 15. Mdnfordsville Sigma Alpha Epsilon Guignol WlLl.lAM M. RL1N MARRS 15 S. IN M. E. LiMNcroN A. I. E.E.; A. S. M. E. |. NE ANN MATTHEWS A. 15. Lkxixgton Kappa Delta Phi Beta Kappa Chi Delta Phi , Pres. Eta Sigma Phi ' 32;Literary Ed- iter Kernel; Strollers; Cwens; As- sistant Society Editor Kernel ' 32; ' 33- ' 34 Kentuckian; Guignol Key II K n M I I i (.i It IN III li knMl, N Kcippa Sigmu Freshman Football: Freshman Bas- ketball: Varsity Football ' 31; Varsltv Basketball ' 31: Freshman Baseball: J Lances: Inter-Fraternity Council: -- Pres. Kappa Sigma H K I I I IIM K A. I!. IN I I. l uo.H li i KeiUuckian IK ( I s n Mil II R U.S. IN ll Sll CWIIT.I I ISMM Chi Ome.jn Glee Club; Orchestra I WII S R MINI R 11 S I.ININM.IN Athletic Council: Student Council: Pres. y. M. C. A.; Associate Editor Kernel: Prea. Catholic Ciub; Fresh- man Track; Senior Ball Committee II RI)1 I) s MOM . II I ININ W II M l Ml M I K I I It I. (II ISMI I.K Pin Sigma Kappa Pin Delia Ph Kei tucky Law Journal II KK W Mil II N It IN I I. ( ii. i Kn.mis. . |. Triaiisr e Glee Club: CosmopolUan Club MRS Rl I II I Mil MR II 1 I NINl.KIN kIKk r. MOI ' .I Rl I I It I.ININI.KIN Kuppu Alpha A. B ' 31: Kentucky Law Journal ' 31- 34: Associate Ed tor 33. 34: Varsity Cheer Lender. 2i. 29. Blackguard: Sec Glee Club -it. 30: Best Drllkd Cadet Cup ' 28 I I 1 ltl III It MON I (.l I l; I.ININI.ION Zi-la Tail Alpha Ph, Beta Y W C A : Guignol L. 1 .. M o K1.I. M() I (.() 11 R H. s. i (; i i. i.iH is II 1 1 Kappa Kappa Gumma W-S. G. A.; Y, W. C. A : Secretary Club; Cwens; Stroller Eligible I IMCl MOORl . li. i 1-n. I.I MM. II HRr( I MORIORI) 1. 1.. . Phi Kappa Tan Phi Delta Phi Law Journal; Omicron Delta Kappa S. V. Ml SSKl.M.W li. S. l M. 1 ( Mill Trianole Lamp and Cross; Rifle Teain; ' K ' ■31; Scabbard and Blade; Persh- ing Rifles ' 30. ' 31, Second Lieut 33; Blackguards; A, I. E. E.; A. S. M. E. ROlil R 1 IM.RS ' . I!. IN Kii. Nicnoi. s ii.M ? Kappa Delta Pi Dutch Lunch Ciub (;l.. Rl NC.F. S. MOORE. JR. II, S. IN 1ni . ClIIM. LKXINni ' ON Delta Tau Delta Alpha Chi Sigma Senior Y, M. C A. Cabinet Guignol IR(.IM I.KK 100RK . H siiiN(.io .n.c Mortar Board Assistant Editor Kernel W. A. C. »• (, l R IOl I IKR II S. IN Com. BcRr.iN I I (HI K MM-.RS li I.HXI.NGiON French Club; Dutch Lunch Club; Y. W, C. A. I l AN NASH . li. H KI N Alpha Delta Thela Chi Delta Ph. Theta Sigma Phi; Secretary ' s Club; W. A. A.; English Club; French Club; Pitkin Club 1 1 OIM l 1 A. U. i I II. I.i is(. Kajipa D ' -lta P French Club: Spanish Club: Strollers: Y. W. C. A. HORACl M IIOISON It. s. i Ai.k. MomuMi Alpha Gamine Rho Alpha Zeta Block and Bridle: Vlce-Pres. Agrrl- culture Society: Center College Bas- ketball and Football ' 3 ' .: Vlce-Pres. Alpha Gamma Rho I 11 M I I I k n s IN M. I Mi C. F, I I M (.ll) M KIII Ml Ol Dll M IV S. i lloMI I ( . () ll M, ' Y W C A : Home Ec. Club II I I II I ' (.l % IS IN I II. Sii.viiv I F Alpha XI Del:a Y. W. C A.: W. A. A W II M M llilKli l( 11(111 s ll lN(.|l) Delia Tau DrUa Alpha Chi Suima Charier Member and Sec. Alpha Phi Omega: Sec. Alma Magna Mater: Y. M. C. A.: Rec. Sec. Delia Tau Delta: Philharmonic Orche.slrc: Composer of Words and Music of ■ " Kentucky! Fight! Fight! " : Glee Club: German Club: Pitkin Club: Sec. Senior Class: Secretarys Club: Kentuckian: Pan-Politikon II l I ()l I l I I i (.i(i Kuppa Delia .Vortar Bocrd Plu Beta 32: Pres. W. S. G. A. 33: Y W C A Cabinet: Glee Cliib. 30, 31: Alma Magna Hater: TrcHs. Sophomore Class: Owens |M I I IK lis li 1 " M i -. II II , Ohio Alpha Gamma r ' ella ( II RI Is OR ll . B. IN I II M i.Oi IM I (.1 ()k(.l I ' M Ml 1 IK I I MM.ICIN AI.UION KiriH PARIS. Ill A. li. WAsiiiM.ioN. n. c Kappa Alpha Sigma Delta Chi Glee Club: Spanish Club (HARLF.S A. PA NTER 1!. S. i (, ) T. Lixi (.r iN Phi Sigma Kappa Scabbard and Blade; Varsity and R, O. T. C. Rine Teams, Pershing Rifles JOHN B. PF.NN U.S. IN Ml I. Cw oKr.i roUN Pi Kappa Alpha MIR(.IMA PlirZIR , . li. Ll-MNCIT Alpha Gamma Delta Pan-Hellenic: Y. W. C. A, .WNE PRKSrOX A. R. IN I ' ll. . sHi. Nn i« Delta Delta Delta W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C, A,: W. A. A. KDWIN 15. PATTERSON . . v.. LF.xiNoroN Pi Sigma Alpha Business Manager ' 34 Kentuckian; Associate Editor Kernel: Pres. Inter- national Relations Club; Y. M. C. A Senior Cabinet; Business Manager ■K " Book; Pitkin Club; Pan- Politikon JFANK S. PEAK R IN En. LlXlNGTON Eta Sigma Phi Kappa Delta Pi C.EORGE E. PERO r. s. IN C;. E. Louisville RICHARD C:. PRANIK li. S. IN Mi:t. .Si ' RiNr.FiLLD, Mass. Tau Beta Pi A. I. M. M. E DON PRICE li s. IN Com. PAIE.STINE, III. r - 7 : Pres. Le Cercle Francals; Alma Mak- na Mater; Vlce-Pres W. A. A. Ill R II Rl I WO ' , IS IV In i u liuir mn.( Strollers; Pres. Spanish Club; Indo pendent Intramural Manager I Wll s 1 I ' M I s 11 i ( III i. l II 1 1 Alpha Chi Styma Pi Mu Epsllnii K 1 I ' ll II K I 1 II I II s. IN ( . I . mi ,ll Truntgle Scabbard and Blade 1 IK i l s 1 ( kMi K |R li. 1 i i (.i(. E ngh sh Club; French Club; Pltkiii CU, lb. Transfer from Mlllsnp.s College 4 |()|l S Rl |) l l 11. S, 1 N M. 1 . |m i m. Tniingle IR I R ( Is Rl I I s II IN I I. 1 IMNI.KIN Kfippn OelKl H lOI N Rl IS I I R Sloma Deltit Chi Pllkin Club; Treas. State Council V. MCA; Pres. Catholic Club; Asso- ciate Editor Kernel; Editor ■33-34 ■K ' Book SS o K A I HI- RIM. Ri: NOl.ns A. H. i Kn. CvM in Kappn Kappa Gannua S Mill An MS ROBINSON A. IS. I.LXINf.TON Phi Beta Kappa Eta Sigma Phi Pres. and Sec. Eta Sigma Phi; Vice- Pres. and Sec.-Treas. Classical Club; y. W, C. A.; French Club; W. A. ( I RANCI-S R() v I. M) , . n. . l (;io W. A. A. 32, 33; Dutch Lunch Club HOI ' l RI ' I ' I.IA . . li. I ' l KK III I I M1.S I.. CHOLI. II. s. IN l. K. UiiCA.N. Alpha Sigma Phi Tau Beta Pi O. D. K.; Pres. Phi Mu Alpha; Glee Club; Pi Mu Epsilon; Band; Orches- tra; Pan-Politilcon; A. S. M. E.; A. I. E. E. I.OIS ROIilNSO.N B. S. i li sii: l,i;xi (;i() Alpha Delta Theta Mortar Board Pres.. Vice-Pres, Alpha Delta Thjta- Pres. Mortar Board; Pres. W. A. C; Vlce-Pres. Phi Beta; Kentuckian; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet; Glee Club; Vice- Pres, Alma Magna Mater; Philhar- monic Orchestra; Pan-Hellenic Council; Guignol M Rt. RK I K. ROSER A. K. CiRF.KMnLf Glee Club; Dutch Lunch Club 1 rClENK C. ROVSE 1,1. li. Mv ' i.SVILl.l- P)lj Sigma Kappa Phi Mu Alphi, Pres. Phi Sigma Kappa. ' SI: O. D. K.; Pres Phi Mu Alpha, ' 31; Alpha Delta Sigma; Strollers; Men ' s Pan- Hellenic Council. " 31; Philharmonic Orchestra; Glee Club; Delta Sigma Pi; University Radio Extension Studio iiE l.l. s.wir.soN II. S. i M. K. H VRI.W Sigma Alpha Ep- ilon Scabbard and Blade; Blackguard IMHKR HEEEM: .SCHWAIl , . II. Dknvi R, Coi.o. Spanish Club; French Club 8y - -ar ' " Vx ' v -c I OKI () S( I W I K1 1 I I H S 1 ( li l I I MM.I.i- l k 1 Ol IM s () M ». S. IN HOMI I ( . (.MIH(.l 10M rrcas. Home Ec. Club; Sec. Univer- sity ■■4-H- Club; Dutch Lunch Club; Agriculture Society Pitkin Club; Alirni Magna Maler; Y. W. C A. I 1 SI I HOI 11 11, S. 1 KSMI I I l l( I Sll | l ' l . It l Mill s Ml 1 ( I II AKIM Sill Rl I I It. S. IN Cum. I ' vKiv Delia Delia DW(« Stroller Eligible 1 1 K k K s( () I 1 N ( IIVI. l MilMlNV II I I Lambda C ' li Mlilla ROltl R 1 1) S( () 1 I K. S, IN 1n| , (HI M 1 III Is Kappa Alplu: Lances 1 W 1 si 1 1 1.1 . |R. It IN 1 II ( U Mi ( K( II XKIl Kappa Delta Pi lA frcshinan Football. Basketball, and Ba.seball; Varsity Golf. ' 31. ' 32; Varsity Basketball, 32. ' 33 W 11,1. A IA1. sill K1 K It. 1 I NINI.I Kappa Delia Pi Y. W. C A.; French Club I ni N SHIM ' I A ' A. H. IN 1 II. 1a vnsmi I i, Inii, w S G A.; W. A C : Strollers Pres. Kappa Delta ' JO E N I O I KM l,R M. SHROin A. 11. Sn Ri ' siU ' i (. I- 1.1,1 N SKINM R n. s. i Ml M(, i,i is(.M H. (;. SMI 1 H I.I.. U. F.KK,, Delta Tau Delta Phi Delta Theia Kentucky Law Journal: Vice-Pr Delta Tau Delta M. RG. RF.T I.. SMITH . . R. llXIM, ION Kappii Kappa Gamma SI 1 I ' HKX SO.M ' KR R. S. IS Com. Hi ndfrson Sigma Alpha Epsilon Student Council: Stroller Eligible: Men ' .s Pan-Hellenic: Social Committee WINMK S1 C,1.. 1R li. s. IN HoNir Ec. ( . winii ii.sMM.i: Y. W. C. A.: Home F.c. Club A. .M. k. S.MI I H . B. IN Kl). WlI.IIA.MSON, W.V Alpha Delta Theta III (.11 1,. SMI I H, JR. I ' SpRINGF!El.n 1- I HKl, SMOOT A. li. IN Kll. (: RI,ISLE Alpha Delta Theta W 1.1 l-.R 11. S I M ILKR li S IN M. E. OUENSBORO Omicroii Delta Kappa Pres. Tau Beta Pi: Athletic Council: Scabbard and Blade: Cap. R. O. T. C: Glee Club ifour years I: Ellis Award: A. S. M. E.: A. I. E. E. J-JS f vVjry ' Jl .1 ' : f .j- :0 ( II KI I s 1 SI I I s I I li II I l MMU Sigma Nu ()K II 11 s I 1 W R I U. s i M I li i (.i A, S, M- E.: A. I. E. E. ( 11 KI 1 s n s I kllU 1 l(, S, l Ml I I MKI 1 IHIM S Plit Kappa Tuu Pill Mu Alpha; Student Council; Or- chestra. 30 ' 32; Band. 30. 32; Glee Club. 30 111 I I SI I III Kl l) . II. IS 1 I. 1 isisr.niN Krntucklan Stall; Girls ' Band; Y. W. C. A.; Dutch Lunch Club; W. A A. KOlll R I II S( (H ' l II S. IS l. 1 . Ill SIMKSOS A S M E ; Intramurnl Alhlrllcs ' A I E E ' I WII S I ' S I I R I II S IS l. I . RoMl Tau Beta Pi 1. SI R A I I () 11, I ISISI.K.S Y w c A : French Club, 32: Glee Club. ' 32; Gulpno! |()S| I ' ll s n IIS ), H S, Won, IMIK. I ss. Pershing RlHes; Cadet Officer; Pr.v- or Pre-Med Society: German Club: Catholic Club; Intramural Fencing Chnmplon; Freshman Football: Y. M. C. A. IIRI 1 s 1 1 It IS I h I u ki s I m K ; ( II RI 1 s II RR I | II.) I II S l ( (i | S(| II KM I Alpha Lambda Tau Alpha Phi Omega ' J ' l o I AKC.ARl- I jANK lARl AR ii A. li. I. Rl NCMUIKI Delta Zeta DORO IHV 1 KICARDl A . U. FOK] I IK.M xs Zeta Tau Alpha Glee Club; Pres. Zeta Tau Alplia ■32. ' 33 C. C;. IHOMI ' SON, JR. li. S. IN Com. I.i i (. I ' All. V. IHIRM.W P B. S. i C. K. Mi r. K. I.I l (.l() JIMMIK TiCF. U.S. IN Com. Bl. cki | )1IN . . rA I OR li. s. IN .M. I ' .. r.i RM VN row.N (Ills II R. I flOMI ' SON s. I.I i Gn. ' ) Chi Omec a WIII.IAM I). I IIOMI ' SOX li. S. IN Com. 1.1 NINf.TON R (). lllillAI„S li. s. IN Ini). Cm M. .SoMF.R.sri Sigma Pin Epsilon I IIOM S l I ODD li. s. IN M. I . WiNiHisrr.i Tau Beta Pi A, S. M. E,; A, I, E. E. ? - li. S 1 | I I I IM Pi Kappa Alpha Pershing Rifles; A I E E A. S. M. E. (.lORC.I IN I I 1 I n I 11. S. I (OM, H VKIIOI KMI 1 1 Sigma Alpha Epmlon inc. 1 1 N N ; U I Kl- H s. IN ( . 1 . Ik ski OKI l| Smnia Alpha Epsilitil SI s I M I I KM R U I K M1 I I • Chi Omega Miirlar Board i Mil I n HI i; U l 1 II I I MM.KIV s K Ml XK n l 1 II S IxlldMI ll. II KKOIISIll Ki: Phi Upsiluu Omiiiun Pres. Phi Upsllon Omlcron: Agricul- ture Society; Home Ec. Club ()l l I k ( N ( Wll ' I I II III 1 ii ki(. . W . I l I I.IIN A. H I I is(.i r Kappa Kappa Gamma Y W C A.; English Club; Ouignol II W III .() ()l 1 ( Kl K a s i l I l.oi isviii Tnangli- A I E, E,. A, S- M E. Ul o (.l()K(.K ()(.l-l, 1!. S. i M. K. ,S(,iiM(.i ii , N. . Alpha Sigma Phi Omicron Delta Kappa; Pres. Alpha Sigma Phi; Pres. Juniov Engineers; Student Council; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Junior Editor ' 33 Kentuck- lan; Editor " 34 Kentuckian; Univer- sity Social Committee; Executive Cliairman Paii-Politikoii DALLAS C. W Al)l U.S. i M. 1.. Sill i.m vri.i I A. S. M. E.; A. I. E. E. KLI .ARl 1 H VALL1 (.I()R1) Eta Sigma Pn, Treas. Eta Sigma Phi; Y. W. C A Senior Cabinet; Alma Magna Mat-r ll RIU)LR WArHIN H. S. Mow. Nni I II Pi Kavpa Alpha r. G. WATTS U. S. IN Ci. K. L i Ki :i IH!K(. RANMOM) M ()LL B. S. IN C. E. Loi isvii.i.i: Sigma Phi Epsilon A. S. C. E. |A M S I RL WALKER LL. I(. I ' AIN ISVILLF. Phi Delta Phi ERLE WOOD WALTON li. S. IN . (.K. MCNFORDSVILLE Alpha Gamma Rhn Pres. Block and Bridle |. c:k w.n r II. S. IN Com. I ' ARIS Lambda Chi Alpha (.E()R(.IA A WEEDOX A. . Wii.MFi IF, III. Alpha Gamina Delta Dance Director Strollers, ■32- ' 34; Guignol; Phi Beta; Y. W. C. A. l I I l l 11 W II I I I. 15. S. IS Com. I k vsKhOKi Rl l I 1 W 1 M-S II. S i ( IIM. SXS1 1 -K . Oi M III W III 1 II K J U. S. IN Al.K. II KI S Winner Dontorth Fellowship. 33: Marshal Block and Bridle; Vice- Pres Dairy Club; Band M I W R I I l) KII Willi 1 li S. I (.(l l. 1 K MI 1 I Phi Siyuia Kai pa S l Ml Willi 1 l (.llll I IS S i lloMI K . II WVKI. Mortar Board Phi Upsllon Omlcron; Pres. Y. W C. A.; W. 8. O. A.; W. A. C; W. A A Council; Pitkin Club; Philhar- monic Orchestra no I so Wills Prvor Prc-Med Society ( I l)W Rn W I s I 1 KM 11 s i ( I ( iriiK ( 1 I l ll I I W llll ' I ' l I 1( I ' VKIS Phi Delia Thela Strollers DOKO I in W III I SI I I II S IS I I. 1 I SISI.M Delta Delta Delta Clii Delta Phi Kappa Delta Pi Owens; Stroller Eligible I ItW l l) W II 1)1 R II S IS ( (l l. ClIKIllS Scabbard and Blade; First Lieut R. O. T. C; Secretary ' s Club o II. 1 ' . WII.HOIT I.I,, li. Gr.wson Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Phi Wll.l.ll. R. WlI.l.OlGHBV . li. i l-.i). C Ri.isi.r Tenni. ' ;; Glee Club J. W. WILSON II. S. 1 l. 1 ' . MlDllI.I SBOP.( Triangle IIM. WINSIOW . . li. I.I XINCTOX Vice-Pre.s. B. S. U.; Reference A3st. ill Libraiw: Program Chairman Dutch Lunch Club HI-.l.KN WrXSCH li. S. IN C;o l. LOLISVILLE Kappa Delia H.ARRIF.T Vn.M. MS li. ,S. I HOMI- Kc. I.I.X[N(.TO; State Chairman Home Ec. Student Clubs ' . Vice-Pres. Home Ec. Club now Rn A. wii.sox li. S. I M. I-.. li KllOI KMILF, I ' Ml K W II, SON ' 1,1,. li. Ill mi i (. r.Ri:r Pi Kuppa Alpha n Riii, iss 1 1KKISI11 V . N J. Zf n Tiiu Alplta Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. HI KM N K. AN r lis. i (:o i. Riissni Lambda Chi Alpha : hin N O R coi.i.ix.K or (.i i( I 1 I I Ki U;( H kl) I I OM) l 1 IS() l.i is(.i() lolls l 111 k I llsllK li i (.i( {. v. ill .luniiilli II. v. 1)1 I ' -ikhIIiii,- SI I l ll KM W (ANIIMXS ; V. ,„ ,„ , I lUHninils II l m II (.lliS() llKOOKSVIIll ; S. ni h , 1,1,1(111, I ( M Willi Ks II s ii 1 1 1 I sill |. (.11 1 1 ; s. . .- ; , :, ; s, ( i u, uiiL |()ll k()KIRI (Oil INS I I I it(. | lls I. kWkIN IS. S. ill .I ' -iiiiill: I!. S. ill liiiiiiillin I Wll s 11 (OOl ' l R I.IMSCIOS II R SCO I I 11. v. ,„ h ' linilliii, I!. S. ,„ .h ' liriilhii, ' 111 ( ol ' l ll W Ik Vk k NH)1 1 Sllok I ) ' . S. ill .lurinilnir, I.. I k k W II I 1 WIS IS. S. ill .li ii, nihil r. , III II. ml,- i:,,i,„ii„i(s COl.l.lX.l. Ol I (.IM 1 Kl. 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S. ill C.iiiii lucre NKD WAI.LACK I5RKN I ' I ' vKrs Ii. .V. ill Com III,,,, ■ I WIIS lORRKSr M R()IMS l,i i (; ;. .S. ill Coiiiiii,-,,;- WIILIAM RA conn. jr. I.duisvn i i ;. S. ill Coiiiii,,;,,- (.1 ()R(.i u ' ll.i.i-. I I I ' l ' Ak . (:k ( ;. .v. ill Coiiiiii, in- (;i; )R(.l ' . WKSr IORSVIHI, I.ixiNfnoN R. S. in Com III, in I•.M1I. ASkl RKDMON I.imm.ion- IS. S. in Coiiiiii,-,, ' , ' DONALD S. (.I.. SS l,i i ( IS. S. in Com null, ' CHARI.I ' s n W I NDl RI.ICII I i i (.i( ;. .v. ill Coiiiiii, I, ,■ CiOLLlX.K OF l-.WV .WII.S W. Ml ROnilR IS Si. Louis, M( ll RON II. I ' l irilRlA 1,i i (;to D. N 1 . .MAR UN IMiTAi ' Ass LL. D. |. ,MLS R. R1C:H. RDS()N Rkiimomi LL. B. 1 OREST T. NEEL Vancf.burg LL. B. )OSl ' .nH D. WEISB LixiNfnoN LL. IS. WELLS OVERnV WILLI.XM ]. WIGGLNGTON RiiMsi.v LL. li. 99 " - " f i: ' ' • ' ' ' • COII.IX.K OI IDIC I ION U 1 I ' ll lU I l N -iii i ' III 111 K l(. (. ; ,n I , In, nil lOM C. (;. S ADV 1 M Si. 1.(11 IS. 111.. . . (. ill l:iliiiiilii ii I 1 (. 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WIS l.i i (.i(. ;. ;. ; Eiliiialiiin MRS Ills I 1 R 1) WILSON l.ixiM.ioN . II. Ill luliliillioii 100 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Kl l ' l (. I kdM I M I 1(1 KK.Il 1 : ll sn . M r Ins. 11IH I . MKl lUll l , HHIIMHII I . I VKll k. Iin M llsdS, Ml lt|■|l . IKIU ISI.. Ill KSS. MM.I I MEN ' S STUDENT COUNCIL I he lii;_;lusl sliidiiu t;() ci iiiiii; liodv in i (Hilinl ol l;iiui .il c oiuliu I .11 id ji 1 .mi;c imiil (il siiidcm M)ci;d ;i(ti ilics ind cniiiowtri-d willi jiii isdii lion in ( Msts dI iiiidc rj;i;idii;ilc dist ipliiu-. W ' l SI 1 1 I . ( ; iu 1 R SMIIII I ' K() I)I ' .IM I 11 l( HI K 1 )(i l l)S() Olfiiris I ' l i: iilriil Mirl ' icsidrul Si( n-liiry I ' llll I II- llllVM (.IIKIKIN Hi kns (). II Ml Knn Mrtnhn.s II. AlllM.N I WHS [)(.UM . I 11. 1 l ( IIM I M ( II I(I I s Slid III I II IIXMIS Klllll Ul II l IIIN (.1 OKI. I W . IX.I I. 102 mill 1. iniDi.rv mil V WOMEN ' S SELF-GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION A WDiiicii ' s rt ' gnhiling Ixxh ()ii;.iiii i ' (l lo i iiloict ' ici ulalions, lo pioiiiotc the wcHaie. and lo rmilu ' i ihc ht i li iii,n coiuliiions ol llu- woiiKii (d llif lhii cisil) ' . The organization is composeil ol the house presidents of the soeial sorori- ties and the piesidenis ol the vonH■n ' s residente halls. Officri.s Hazel ' lRGINL RlI.EY Mary Higgason Jean Dawson Jean FoxwoRrii Piesideni ' ice-President Secretray Treasurer To vn Representative 103 ' -- ' -- f MEN ' S INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL A llli ' M s t;ii 11 mill; hiicK ( ii j;.iiii ((l hi |iiuiniil( uikUi sI.iimIiii;,; ;iiI(I Id cninMc lulcs IxirIk Id iIic (.IClk 1,(11(1 1 1 .1 1(1 11 1 1 1( ■ Dll llic (,lllll)lls. K.uh 1 1 .1 ui 1 1 i I s(l((ls ilN i(|ii(A( i ( wliD .u Iv Idi Ills li:il(iMil ,11 llii ' iiR(liii ;s. wIihIi .IK- lie-Ill l)i- VC ' ckl .11 lilC .11 JDIIS llDllSCS. Offirrii (.dkddn I ' .. r i kss. Iljilni Si inii I ' lii II. i; Mi . Kaj,j,i, Aljihii Li ( II N (loNi.ii ION, ' kiijijui Tail Bll.l. Co.Nl.l-. , ' SloilKI Klljljllt i ' ' i( c-l ' i csiilciii S(( uiai ) I II IMIUT Mr iih. i Mr Dwii I s I, AW Kl NCI |lNklNS l)l( k l.() (. I wii s !■ Mil I I I 1 I ll(l l s ((lll ( .tU) It I I )( II I.I s r l;i;isll I ( K I I ( Kl i; III SK Wd.nws Rl ()l lis 1- Sill K W ' li M i !• 1 ks( II 1 ( KI I l(l I I I Ri( II i;ii III IN II N I II i 1 n r,i 1 I ; ; ( (.IIIIIIIKI Hlln 1 1 I ' ll, I I a nihil,, I ' m, Drlhi Clii .11 111,1 I ' ll II ()iii,t:,,i K,ij l ,i Sr niii I , null, I, I Clii lljilii, rill I), It,, I ' ll, hi I ' l k,,j li„ ljil,„ Sii imi ll ,li,i l-.jisihni Siiiniii CI,, T, i ii, ' ' c Sii iiii, S II S,i i,iii rill l:jnil,iii l),-ll,i l ' „ii Ihlh, TLRMiLILL L(I. C. CONf.LtlO.N IKIM Kl ( () Li;V BURNS ir( Kl R IMII V lu) I) r kRisii MCOW N 1 llci t AS MIlVNM.l.S 105 i i 7 «k rii i R IlKOU WOMEN ' S PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION A ,141111111 ( c)iii|i(is il (il U| i (s (il sdidiilirs 111 i;,ini r(l lo lostci " (oojK ' l .11 lull .111(1 iiliscl .1111 ( ' III siK 1,1 1 Miles .Mill Id clU i lUl .il;( ' s( hi il.ll sll I { i .liul iruod will jiihihl; miidhIv wdiiuii. I ' ,;i( li soimilv i m 1 cih cmiiI.H i is, ' I ' lif odicers .lie 1 1)1 Ml 1(1 ;i( ( (Il (liliin In I Ik- (I.iIcs oI csLihlisliiiiciil ol I lie soim ilus 011 ll ' c campus. OjJKCIS ' IR(;1NIA i ' l 1 1 K Mar ' I II 1:1 u r.l 1 Mil I II loM S President Seeieiary ' I ' leasurer ll l III. DoWM.NC, Aljilid Delia Tlirhi l I l, (.. Delia Delia Delia I I k l O ' yMiRSV, .11 jjlld Delia ' I ' liela (.X ' lll 111 101, Delia .ela 1R(.| IA I ' ll KR, Aljilia ( ' •(iniiiia Delia ii i.i i Mi KUi 1 1 . Delia ' .ela Mll.DRKI) Hoi.MKS, A I lilui (iamiiia Delia i IImkik. Kajijia Delia lAR • Hi;i i;r, , • ; ((; i Delia lii ni 111 Jums. Kajijxi Delia KiiNA Brown, All)lia i Delia I ' ilol III: ' I ' lRM-R, Chi Omega )i AN Dawson, Clii Omega 1,(11 IM joMNMiN, Delia Delia Delia W Kiii V i 1 111(11. Kajilxi Knjijia ( ' •amma l in I-. ()i I I I I, Kajifia Kajifia iiamma Km I -i (looKE, ' .eta Tan .lljiha Diiuiiiin I I I (. Kiii . r (; I ' aii Aljilia 1UI» MILITARY :- k _PI Keninu-nlal StaU CdioMi I wii v (.. li!Mii i ' : Ki i.iMi I VI Sri (Ol OSI I II KK l:. (I I). ik: 1 1 w 1) vv Row : Cm ' I |N III KMr vkd H. Coi i i !■. II XKDW K k. S-.S; Cm ' I i S 1: ( M ' l M k l I ' ll (.. 1 II ' Mil I) KudM.UI l. s L )S III I II N S I l . S ' _ ' ( ri IN I Military l)ep;;r(ment Staff M j K IV y . Hki m k (.M ' l MS ( I Mil (.KM1 . Isi VN I R CM ' IMS il KK I). S( llhllll.X. lNh MK V VKHW I Ol I l( i K (.. A. Knh.iii M Mi H Si K(.i s I lulls A. SiioKi I IK I III I I I ' . I . 1,1 Sun Kl.l OS, I SI S IK I iKvi I. Ill I, | Mis I- Riis. Isi slK I IKM I. Ill 1. 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T Harr ' i ' [ rai - NOR, .S-2: First Likutknant Josipii I.. CwiPBELL, S-l: First Lieutenant l.u- ( II H. C.ONCI.ETON, S-3. ' « « ' " % ' - , : ., - .. . . SIIOM. I 111 l] WIS . M, ( VKKII . |, I . iMM 1 W ( (()sl I II llxNMs, I I ) I i I rn I SIRI.I VMS: S li S , l l lldMI, I I ( Mill I!, 1) I 1)11 MIKII. I C I S I 1. I). (.. I M ... i Ik. Ml. W W (.111 M 11.11 M . W. n. Ill M. )u.. K. II. l((,i ii...K. W. I. Km.momi. |. I ' . Si M ' I I s. I R .i i |i K. Company B C ' .Ai ' i i : (.. C;. liioMi ' sos SiMiNsou: Dduoiin (iinis I IHM I 11 I II W is: [. 1 . C IKIM ki. I . R I 1 K 1U I I • 1 ' I ' M ' I II 1 II S S Is I). I IIXM I ss. . I III II I k. ( .11 I M . I I I isll S H I Isllll V. k II. II. I ' KII1I ' .I I SiKi.l Ms: i:, I . (.VKMI I . I I. Chmn W I 1)111. iUi.R I ' lii | II ilin ( | |.iiissii . I I IMM.SII.N. | l l ..l:l 1,1 1, I II l.( MS I (. Mills II I lllMU. I Si.iKi IS. K W 1 I. II 110 Company C Cm ' I i : v. 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Cir nliition Manager III TIRMU I.I. Tl KKl I.I. n v KRI . n K S. L ' il:R.S RI.IM 1 K KNK.II I SMI 1 II (. RI.IM. IlilCk IIOOM AD WIS ( R11 R f R lll 0 k MOORI; I ' M I I RS(I cm I M SI. JIIIIN II Will. ION I.I ' C.I A nil I I Wll 1 I K lll ' SION VMIJKSdN II RIII, MArXHtWS I WLOR m ' cown ni.ACK MOORE ' • f " - ' W yi : ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I he sl.ill III .iii en 1 1(11 lis I (111 cMnls .1 1 1.1 id wdi kin; l;i ciii|) III iiiiliv idii.ils w lid i(( ini- link- 111 im i icdil Im 1 1 nil .issii iird Will k w lii( li. Im . 1 1 ml iiiius dcsjiiic iiiidMiiicsli-i (|iii ( ' s. .iiid (Mil liiKil (.■ ,imin,iliiuis. In sliiiil. lli( ' jic llic " niiNniiL; lirims " who li;i c 111. idc |iii Ml)k ' (ini hl. ' i I ki N 1 1 ( Ki N .IS ()ii niiw sec ii. riu-n MIC :il ,i s ;i lew wliiis; ' wnik nil ;i |)iiii((l slaiids iinl .ihnvc ullicis, .iiid willunil wlms;- iiiimIIisIi ;issisi,iii( ,• sdiiic 111 llic liiici |iiiiiils 1)1 cdiliiii; (iinid nm li.i c liccn a(lii( cd. 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I . win k I , I in( Im l iss M II UKi II i .1 w Is. . m 1 1 III j III. ■ml I Triini II I I i ISmiu ( n M(i I s ( ii I K WK Kixa i s 11 1 1 vm 1 w 1 u II M m lU I I 01 K I ll k ( K(ll I II |(1M S I I l klllll ki W I Kl 111 IWI ( (IM I I WHS . MIIOKI S | UUI rriKii (.ICIKI.I k1S I I KI IS(1 1 I 1 111! I llMlin lllll s I ' .IMS S I MIk ( Aki isi 1 ii s 1 I SI I u Idkii W II I I x i 1 1 ii mil I s Iti I M or II I l M 1. lil I I I k SC IS I . I I H k() 1 II K ()l l S IM( III I I I llll n-s IN Kii ii Kii IliiMi Himi ki I I 1111 OwinSMMks |i si ni 1 sii K I I I ( knilk M UK M kinVM I I SI II S( III I Iwiis I lnMs Kii II Kli l I Isiis I IKIM s A IM S M I ( I BkM.I.S l III Kl IlKIII k lillVS I i isi li. Ilk(i v IUkm II KU w II 1 1 i (: Hki 1 1 iiki II |i 1 1 kl SN |Mksii (; kn S (as KK sii III K I (.kXN IS (.1 Okl.l K sl (; KI. II KKIS jdllN k n,M 1 U K kll s I I I I K S M Ml Dun mm I HUM s ) si I I iH. k (,. Rii 1 V W K. Wiiioiiaiin Kl NM III Al II III I M Akiiii k I Wll S I- . (.11 XMI ' IOS Hi (: i(iii K Riiiii HI ( . M( l) i M I I W II I I i Rosi. Mil I s |. l) kM I I ( II Xkl I s Ol 1 1 l; l SI Shii I s Kolll Kl I I III k Kdlll Kl I ' l I IK.KI W II I I M V Ml KIM K 1:1 Isk Ml W I IssI I I II I lit) r GIRLS ' 6LEE CLUB The orgaiii alioii alloidini; an cMcllcnl ( |)])ni limil hn p.ii lii i|iaM()ii in musical acU ity, piesciUs sc cial (oiucrls in luit liboi iiii; Ioaviis, and a (oiucit anagement of an opera in cliorns wiili ilic Men ' s dkc CHul). Miss Mh-DRkd Li- wis. DniHlny Ei.i Ar.Kiii Hardin. Ji ( nm I So 1)111 no k Mil I IM l; I M s Ikl Nl IdSlI R All 1 Nil H ia. IKl.lNI S Il kUl M. S M! li )l,l,I (. |l N IdWlllKIII Rl TH KlN(; I ' NMI Kl nil kl ORI) S l( DlLdM. llt N( ls(. kKIS l BonisM Lampikt Ki.i, I.I IS Skim Hi I.I N I ' i ii K AnM (.ODIl ' i MKIN 1 Gi.ADVs lawis i Si nil kl Ni) M KI1I l,ll IrlKlK llll w I.C.I.I SUOKI 11 Kl III Amkm i ' ' lino GoLDii; BlI.L R(1M 1 R Cil INkS( Ml M RV H. Lavhi i Ikl.lNIA ROBIN.SON DOKOIMV Broaijiu 1 I Mil I) N I I IK M VRGARiiT McGinn II LIE H. Smith DoKoiHv Clifton Rrin 1)1 NN Francks MiLLtR Diikoriiv Tri r.ARDF.N U VRl.AKI 1 C,I.INKS(: LIS M ARC ARI r ll RK Fanntf Hi rman DOROTHV PlRKINS HtLFN Rich M k|l)kll WiFST Alto Mary . sher WlNIFRIU BOVIRK.HI- [l Nl BOLLINr.CR S. K ClNDIFF ' lkC.INI H RRIS(» lilRION H WVKINS IM( VNCI S Hinm I Rl.VA KlMP E . l L XUNNELLEV Lena Peak Lena Ree ' es ' IR(;INIA RlI.EV Ldls RdlilN.SON Mil liKl II Smoot 1 1 I N(ik SroNE I M. . l.l.l N VfIU! 2 r m UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY BAND All iiij;.iiii .iliciii |)()ns(ll mil; llic lir_;lusl l c n li.iiul li.iiiim j,. I ' l i lui iii.iiu cn lie ni (ii A .ill l(ii]|l),ill and li.iskcl li.i II j aiiics. Scmi.iI (oiunls .iic niii mi llic .uiipiis CK li ( ' ,ii . .111(1 IK iniisK .il ( 1 K IS ail oil cud .il .ill |)(|) i .illiis .iiul ( .1 minis icnclil |il i t;i ains. )(iii I I w IS. |k.. I ) } ■( I ' ll l () I I ll . ( ' .iijildiii Ror.iKi . I{ Dow I I I . J i ; i Miiji l K(. m;i I W i Ki k. SjKiiiMii i I Ri 1) l-.cki I s, l i mil Mfiim Sfl ' ' (■!! II I. |l SI IS 111 l KI Kill Klllll 1(1 (.KM I I I II I Wll s (.11 I-IN l ca M I I SI III 1 lill ' i l III I I.I K |llM I ' ll 1. I) MII I KI h M.M.KI K l I ' ll IM HI |cill I ' cil I I K M MlsM Mill Will KIN MoKlnS llnlKKOOk Cnil.inils I), klUM-MKK I. I Wll s Mil I I K K Miisn Ui isi I K I I SI 11 S I.lsl(l l ll KSdS (ai Ki I s .Xsiiiokii I KI l l M II I I |-.I14. R UciOM . i I x Ukovvv . K IN Hi N(.l K M M UK 1 Hi .l l Willi M (. () Wll II l (iXRk 1. 1 I ( KlXlk Mow KII I) M I |,.,,s Dvi (.KilK.I 1)1 MU I s| I 1 1(1111. 1 W III MM 1)1 N( S II KIII 11 l) I K (.i(ii (a |(iii siis (.1 || II SII (.1 OKI. I kl I I I ' l H( 1. 1 » IS (11 Wll ' I.K.OS II KHis(i I- 1 1 1(11 1 I I nil K M M nil v s 1,1 I.I i Ik i w Li 1 (. Mini K l k (.IlllllX k(l(lN 1 111 K I. (.K W I s (). II. II UKIS Itii I Ih 111 N MllKKIS M(,K(. W MdKKIN I ' dl II K K M I ' ll Kl I M s l 11 Kl KiKll IsliM [IMMII Kll II VKIIsn Will IWI Rdsl I MI s S( 11(11 I I I K(I1 II Smi I II I KMIS S ll I II |lls| I ' ll SKISI III I I 111 K I S 1 K S M I 1 I I I III s (1 I) KK1 I 1 l (.ll ( II M I 1 s V I 1 l I 1 KWk W I (1( k I KM SI W I IIDISI. I XKI W I I IKIKN ( II KI I S W 1 I I |llll Ul M.I K N m BEAUTIES 7W - ' i ' .? -i ' RUBY DUNN f ' -— M U 1 ( ) I I- ' I) W s (I S 1. 1, 1 A 11 1, 1 II I O 1. m: • ' A ' It v. I S ' I U N I 1 11 A 1-. V A N S s (. ) I I I II K A I BACK IN Oil) KKN I (.K ifdiil to i, ' r liiK I; Whi ' ii ' Ihc U ' lll-li:ini,-d Icrl Of llir iii(r-li(i)M- Ihiiiidi-i. lis lllll ' .il wci-l. I zrinil In i fl h(i( h Tu ihr (ild-tiiuc slii ' diii. To .sll n„ Ihr huuh And jisli (I lid dii ' inii . I want to get Ixick Yes, the iinod Lord knows, I u-iiiil lo orl luuk ]V licit- llir BlurgKiss grotrs, Back ill old Ken I III k . — I AMI r M) I ' .l I IS SNAPSHOTS % .u( Iran Nm.I.imiii M(.|.v lo M » llu siiii.iii(.ii I u.i |Hi|iiil.ii lii.lclK. mm.i U.iiii IlilU-ii im.- ci .111(1 l l ' lc■ lllll. li.iM- nil Ir.ii ol MKiiipiMn | li(iiiini.i|iliiis .... II. . U.iMiii iIuiin .i whin liiiL-M and seeks a l(iiiiil;iiii dm I1114 (IMC III ilic hot siirliiK (l;i s . . . . I lie | li(il(i)-ra| lK 1 Mii.ik in (in Caineroii " Wiiuliell " ( ' .(illin in .... |iul Odis j lves us a 1)1 li ' dad smile .... Neil Inin lull! peeps lino (lie pidine . . . . . Iai joiie I ' eiher Kl es us an ic slare . . . . Hill Ooiile) eiiieijie ' iKiiii the I ' liisiji house .... Waller .Sleillei hesitales a iiionieiK for a snapshot .... Hugh d(ii(k ediocs a ( heel y ' lloudo a ' Do ' .... (.onion ■llalie " lliiiiis. I ' lesideiit MtV ' eys right hand niaii. isn ' t aliaid of (anieias. eilhei .... Siniili Itiiiadlieni . senior (lass picsidcnl . . . Hail) W ' alkei and John . l- ' i)c have no leai ol losing that ball. 1: 1 " Lath Bird " lioswoilh is quile coiiviiicing .... Ralph Reixliexal is (aiii hl as lie |x ssed l)y .... O. I!. .Murphy and Ralph Angeliicd, the Mighu Hero ol A TO. suippcd lor a snap .... Delmar " Grantland Rite " Adams is whistling his blues a va ... Ihe Kappasig ' s Hs, Howe antl Hartiymon. pause lor a pose .... Mary G. Towuseiul sa s htlln ' .... Bill Mellor looks us over .... ' Tis Derby Day with . llie .May otnig .... |tan Dausun antl . rva Ray view us suspiciously .... Bill Davis on his way to the gym .... |oe Reister and his shadow, Jimmy Minor— Minor and his shadow, Reister .... " Look out. I ilden " — .Stahr is here! .... The " Sugar Blues King, " Ge ne Ro)se .... " I ' he Bishop ' antl Horace Helm .... Red Davis consents to a picture. 135 -VI, T . jUr ■ I III- Sii.4.11 llliKs kiiiK " Rovsc ami lUiu l).i is il iluii |mii loi ilu |.hni(.j;ra|)lii-i .... l.airv llniiiM .111(1 |.Mic iiii Malhi-usau- ir.i.h l.n ■Roiiii.l I uu (II.11..11 uun ilic liisi .... ■•Uiii(,r W ' IiiKn " Milk ' i (an ' i kc ' t ' |i lioiii siniliii); uhc-n Sallic sic iii lonks .11 liiiii like ili.ii .... " Ilciijv " la l i and Jaiic KotliciiliinKi ' i »)sliliilc aiioilu ' i ilii i iii KiiiiaiKc I lu .iticiiiloii of Jatk laiiiKi ' aiul Mar Marshall is ilcii.ii Uil a iiimiuiii liiiiii iln- name .... Si(lin- I ' oni-si " Doc " Miisscliiiati and his Hue Icim ' . M. 11 ion I ' lni.i v llouaiil " Maiiiicc Iacs " Siiiallicis la s dcmn Ilu- law Id CclaiiiK- I ' aiadis . . ' I »i. Itloiiiirs 111 W hit.- Will. diicMiI H. ' . Ilasiin ami I ' li aliclli |i Mi ' s iii.ikr .111 alliai ' ,i c puliirc! ' 136 " Our Ed " (Mr. Patterson to )iii and Willie Hughes Siiiilh are sweetlieans (it seems) .... The .strangle hold is barred in ain:aenr wrestling, and Nevin Goebel can ' t " take it " .... " Lady be good. " warns .Sunny Day .... " .Ain ' t Love Grand " whispers |anies Hunt irilo Judy Ochs ' car .... Smith Broadbent and .Mildred Hohiies park on the sun dial in that uell-known .Alphagant Garden .... Everybody ' s sweetheart ( " I hat Little llov of Mine " ) .... Walt Hillenmeyer and Scolty Chambers make another attractive touple . . . . |ohnny " Ctuems " Craig is in his " Seventh Heaven " (who wouldn ' t be with Scoville Bryant?) .... " Shank and Lowry " stop to say hello on their way to class .... George " Hitler " Vogel is always in a good mood when ' His Darling " is near. (What about it, Louise, jou seem to be in a good humor yourself?) 137 Jr K Ihc l ' l)i lclls an- l.n h.. c ilu- oK ' .... I he Kom- C.irl ol llu-Wiik (R(n Malm) . . . . I he V ' ulunlc ' Cis mkiiiiiiIi lo llii- waniiiin ol llu- .MpliaKams .... 1 lir I.allll)llak liun I en ncssc ' c .... riic K. ' n HcUonic llicir aliiiniii .... I lu- kciilii(k - ri-nni-sMc Ii.mkIs iii.iKii in (.oinpact foi ' iiialioii .... 1 he ols mine to lile and store a lotuhdoun. 138 " The Battle Royal " (Duke and Kentucky) .... " The Best Band in Dixie I he lpha is do a little " pressing " .... The engineers of Alphasig invent a mechanital decoialion The Chios shed a tear lor the Tennessee Voliniteers .... E el l)od s H.ipp% at the Simula Chi Lodge .... The . lphadeltatheta doorway. 139 I ? " -K v ' 3b •r - ' Z ii ;iniH Roliinsoii si-t-ks ;i siiikini; (onii llic l ;iiui ' .... I iiiu ' s " Dc ' iiK ' iil l),i sli;i c iiiilil Kc ' iilii(k Ileal 1 1 ' liiicsMc . Iniiuis I.cllaiuii s|H rls his senior dcrliN l Id Ih ' I hl.nw ( ' . 1 Ik- I|.Ii.imi;s M ,ll Idi.ks lis ( nil . M,i .MiMakin ul . Ohih and .Ik-. lota vfinlil ISf» pouiiilM WiUlaii i hunias and liis Lucd liuop. 110 riic liluc and White OiLhcsiia and I ' lnliss C.iskc-N. ilicii |.ciiic M)loi l .... George CaUci t ami a friend stares strangely at the camera leu ol the N. 15. .S. . .s groii|) il DcUs return from a fourth-lioni class . . . 1 he . l])hasigs and the Kappasigs hattle in their annual foothall (lassie group of Kentucky (o-eds talk ) er the situation at Blue Ridge. North Caiolina .... " Walih the hirdie. " says the cameraman as he snaps the Phi .Sigma Ka|)pa group. 141 A ' •x;, ' I V l)iiil in jikI lkc " KiHii.ikos . . . I ' n.l.K I ). Mi liil ic .iikI llo ' I- iidi | .iiim ' :ii I lu ' lull ill SI. Aiiyiisiiiif. I-I;i., 1(11 .1 Mi.i|isli .l M.ili. .1 (.h.iiicir Wdoliiilyi- |M.M wilhdUl lii H :il . . I 111- MtidclcaUil MilM(u ( olk-j-c clc cn i kcic h .il .in l li.iiiv W.ilkci .lu- ' i iiij;ois ' i .... OIIkci kclh. iIk- ■ K.iiii|.iiv K(i|) " .... lA.ilud i.i ..;.ini ..l u.ii nl WOKMS »iih ■■| i UiHi;l -» inii. ' |illllll lnMic, kiiiTJiir.; in lioni llci k D.ix i- .in l it.ilir Hums |,jv llii II lrs|i( ' ( Is III ItMi l.iMlnus 1.11 IIS. 142 Mel I ' liiiiiniei and Maijoiic W icst paikiin oh a i) )al ride .... I.o.i aii aii .Mclci and Mildred Holmes .... (ack Lent and |iid Odis a|)|)cai idiitcnlcd .... C.ene Coulex. llie nii. lU) Xinirod. •bass the limit " .... Ihc K. s camp looks iiiieiestiiig with Kapp Waddle and Maiv Andrews Person in their midst .... Hello. Hastin .... " Tis docking time at Clillon .... F.dna " |ittcrs " Brnmaucn is annised over something. (Wc wonder il it can be the (ameiamnn?) .... Jolirni Kinihcloe is icady lor .1 dip. 143 - •:: sxs x f ' - liiiiiin l.ilii% -.ns. How 111! 1I..111 :- llill 11.11111 l iiinis ., iiikIIm mil .... -Ui-sicU- .1 W. Hill. ill .... I 111 ' I () M ' lllf iliuMi; iiuMi ' li Ini ,1 |iiiiiiic- 10 !. ■ l.ikcii .... No. ii i ,1 • 1.11.1 iiiM .1 liil nl iii(k i.huKi. i.ipIn uiih i|i ul Ol.ili .IS ill.- siili|i-.i I)(il MiiMiri :im.I l.iliiuu l.iklli;; llllllj;-. r.iw I lir k v lllM 4.. illllMll ' .; .lloll i- -Mite mttt - «-« s m «: o ■» » t ' ' 8 ' iiLji ' n ' F.N ilii)uj;li ilic I ' .l. ' i. ' l loiiib ill sc:iM)n v:is iioi liic moNi lli .l|)|)c)ilnill in ilic liisU)i ol ilic ' il(l(,ils. likfwisi ill no iiuinncr loiild il !)(.• Iciincd llic luosl siKccssiiil. Ncvcrtliclfss, a Mason wliiih inodiu cd Mii li panics as ilic Big Bluc " s 7-( triunipli o i ' i the Ranil)liii} , W ' icrk ol (ieorgia Iuli and loin oilici i(lorics lias al least tlusi ' luippv nicmoiies in spile ol the fhe losses wiiic li li, dance the tiii-,naiiie eanipais n. Iroin the o])iiiiiif4 I ' aiue against Mar ville. the W ' iliUais wiie an enigma to theii lollowii . 1 li( s|)oits vviiteis said that they colddnt win. el lhe did. I luii the si)oits wiiuis said liial lh( (onid win— and ihev didn ' l. . l the hcginniin; lliiA wcii- tailed ollenseless wondeis. el llu (k-lealed .Maiwilie. .Se- wanee. (.eoigia li ' di. and (ancinnali on siutessixe S.iinidaxs. Ilu n laiiu- games against Washinglon and l.ei ' and Duke, anion;; oiluis, in wliitli ilie ( :.ils showed ])owei lo out-gain theii ()jj|ji)iicill,s— and the r ig JMne losi. I he oiiK Kspile lioin de- in ihe I. He se.ison was a u loi o (i W . l. I.s Ihing [I ' T Ln- k.ivdels. Alabama. I id. me, W H In s| ile ol the ei dillu nil . ' M sdiedtile. the Cats had a i.illi S , M er |)iomising outlook as the ■ F lail opetied. siiKt ' the niatei ill seemed to be the best in e.ii - s,|ii,id ol I I ho|, liils iep.,11 .-.I I,, Co.uh {.am.ige .il iIm ■ ' ' Jk , J ' ' ? ' Ill si |ii a( I i( e. although many la( ked expeiieiu e. ( ■T... , ! . I4G Even so, bc ' lore the seco sonielhing was amiss. The In a 77-yar(l return ol a pu Kenuuk siippoi leis were inrn llie ; an e into a track i Following such a gloii- ous battle the Kentucky Tans ijcgan to leel that per- ha|js the Cats had loimd themselves, and some be- gan to dream of achieving that elusive, yet ever-beck- ) n i n g , c ii a m p i o n - s ii i p . 1 hen hopes and cx|jectations dropped con- siderably when the margin ol victory over Cincinnati was a field goal, booted by the unerring Kercheval, and the next week saw " Kentucky ' s Hope " fade ijefore the Gallant Gener- als of W. and L. All in all, it as a most contradictor season, with the Cats fin all) concluding their foot- ball phi) with the rank ol ninth, among the 13 teams of the new o r g a n i z e d Southeastern Conference, id game of the season had ix ' come histoi), it was e ident that Wildcats were outplayed b) Sewanee and managed to vin only nt by " Pug " Bach. Then on the follo ving SatindaN when the er mu( h afraid thai the Golden I ' ornado of Georgia Tedi might neei, the l ii; lUiie i ideiueil a fighting spirit, tinning them back. The 1932 letter men elected Howard " Dutch " Kreutei to ca]3tain the 1933 scpiad, but Ralph Kerchev- al served in this capacity during a nimiber of games, and the end of the season saw Kreuter and " Bud " f)a ' idson, captain of the ' 32 team, on the bench and not in uniform. Moreover, the t e a m t h a t p I a y e d against Tennessee was com- jjosed for the most part of men who had started the season as reserves. His contract having cx- piied, Harry Gamage an- nounced ]) r i o r to the Thanksgiving day game, that he woidd leave Ken- lucky at the end of the season, after seven years at UK. Chet Wynne was se- lected to pilot the Cats for the next three years. Kl K( III l. 147 K(iilii(ky ' s sliininn lii ht foi llic I ' t i ' i sciison was R:il])li l .(i(lK al. iiii(l()iil)lc(ll line (il llu ' Ik ' si loolhall | hi frs t ' i r lo iind Sioll liild. ' KcKln ' ali)ii 4 uiih Fiiusi jaiiis. a ((iiKi 1)1 ihc llii iicsl lank ac i iiin|)lislu(l llu " ncin man ail li |ila iim liO miluHi ' s III ahnnsl t (i i;anK ' . I Ir vvas mil iinlv cine 111 llic linrsl |)inil(is in llu- (iiiinnx. Inn also iiiii ' nl lIlc liisl passcis. iiiiiiiiis, KukUis. and lilmkcis. In addilinn. he lalli ' d sij;naK, and was a|ill lallrd " Kiniiu k s unc mail loolhall Irani. " In s|iilc nl llu- Uani main dtlcalv hi ' 1 1 ' - ((■i c(l nalidiial i (.( (ii;niliiin l) hi ' in.i; plau ' d mi the All- m(ii(,iii Miuad. and was i;i en Insl Ikhiius in llic South- ( isuin ( Minliiciui-. |(K- Rii|)cil. .MI-SiuiiIri ii end in H(. ' {2. mad( llu- sciiiiid All-(a)llleriiu e Uani and was llie Insl ( hoicc 111 ilie (aplaiiis nl llie Hit; la. " keulu. " liacii, and l reiitcT all |)la t(l (i Muiesslnlh in jxisl-season all-slai aiiieN. Ile en men Iniislii-d ilieii (ollci ialc loolhall (areei wilh ihe Hl. ' i.S WiliUals. I he senior hacks were: Ralph Kenhevai. Si.iiilcN " Pus " Bach, loiii C;assad . and L. K. . sliei. I he linemen were: Owen H. . liir|ih . Douglas I ' anish, and Bur- liiii Aldtid f. laikles; O. ' l. l).i idsi,ii and Ra 1-elniiian. naids; and I liiw.ii d kiciilii anil |iiliii I ' i i ends. kriilii,l: . Id; . ; Mv;7 r. L ' 111 ihe se.isiin ' s (i]ieiiei, |ila ed Se|)lem- bei- 2:i lliulei the lli.iid li-hls nl Sliill held, ' M Keilliukx men saw senile. I he imilesi was iiiii(|iie ill llial ihe Wildials iKxel pinned, while in ihe names ilial lollowed. Rerdicval ' s mi;.;hl kiikiim Inni plaveil an itiipoilani p.M I in ihe " kiik. pass, .iiiil pi.i I pe 111 |ila 111 III Mill ,- « ' ■JISw I II .1 I III e Wildials lIlspl.lMll ill .11 I il 111. Il Keiiln ' s inieiiiinii In piiiii iDiie in liisi ipnrier uluii ihe Cals I Kill lieeii li.ii kid up In llu ii l. ' i .ild sllipe. lull ihe pass liniii leiilei ii ei his he. id .iiiil he liiiind il neiessaiv In uinxei ihe li.ill n ei llie j line, llilis :4i ill,!; llu ' llinlllandeis .i s.ileU. llieii niiU smie nl llie i;.mie. " lillle I ' .ii " . li .Mill, 111 ll.ished sniiie e iellein liinkell- lield iiinnini;. smiilii; Iwn Iniuhdnwiis .iiiil p.ixini; llie .i Ini .innihii; while Iieliind llie liesi iiilei lei em e ihe (..lis miisleied diiiiiii; llie iniilesl. smied llniii llie Ml- .ii d line. Kciitiii l; . 1 : Si-jfiiiiic. (I Sin pi ised ) Sewanet ' s iiispiied l pe ol i;aiiie and llnir ' .;ii.iil imderesiiiiiaied siri ' iii;ih, especially on the (leleiisc. keiiiiiikv W.IS ahnnsl iinahle In fiiiu 1 inn nlleiisixch and was held In ihiie lllsi dnwiis In Iniil liU llie I ' llixeisilx nl llu ' Siniiih iiiiiil llir piiind x lien " I ' lii; " li.ii II t .illieied ill a plllll nil his n l ' . . All line .111(1 l,imllleil llnnll h I 1 K ' ( nine Se ,iiiie le.mi Im llie niil si nl e nl llie name. H8 1 lie Cats coulil 111)1 .ncl liicii aciiiil , iliac k lo luiiLlioii and (oiiipleted only one pass. Howcxcr. ilic tlelense was gootl and the work ot O. B. Murphy and " Honus " Wagner was especially outstanding. Nimierons limes these two lackles broke ihrough and downed ihe Sewanee hall carrier in his Hacks. This first looiball coniest in ilie new .SoLUheastei n Ccjn- I ' erente was attended by Governor LaHoon and C ol. Dan Beard, founder ol the Boy .Scouts iiio einent. KciiliK k , 7; Crcon iii Tiuli, (j This game was indeed the high spoi ol liie season for Kentucky and all their defeats can not den ac i from the glory ac hiexed in this battle. This Tech ele en deleaied Duke in the final contest of the .season aftei the Blue fJevils had won nine games and were the outsianding ccjiitendeis for an invitation to the Rose Bo vl. The offense of tlie Big Blue was iiol oulslanding, Ijut the figlitiiig spiiii manilesi was iiioic ilian im|jressive; their defense was not to Ije overcome m.m k I)) Tech ' s force, and Rerthexal ' s superii kicking. No cmic who saw the Wildcats drive relentlessly for a tcjuch- down in the first period, who saw Kerchy pface tlie o al scjuarely between the uprights for the point that was to win the game, who saw Tech liicii c (inic ' bac k h a Ijatteiing assault lo score caih ill the second tjuarter and alter ha ing missed llie extra point lo rage furiously against I lie 15ig Blue through what seemed to be an endless length of lime, only lo be halted three times wiiliin ihe eiy shallow of the goal posts by the insj ired Wildcats of Kentucky, no one, indeed, will soon forget It. I c) pick out an) one for special honors from a group in which every player was fighting h)r all he was worth seems almost unfair, but at least two men made heroes of themselves in this game. Gene .Shanklin, starting a game for ihe Inst time in replacing Jack |ean, who xvas out xvitli a shoulder injiny, played the entire fiO miiuitcs in an absoluieh faultless manner. O. B. Minphy, lightest man in the C ai line was the mainstay of the line. He crashed ihrough to break up pla s .so often that it looked as though he liad been placed in tlie Georgia Tecli backficld. Kciiliii l , ;i; Ciiii iiiiKili , With three minutes left to plax in a coniest in whicli the Ohioans had rolled up ten first downs to six for Kentuck . Kercheval kicked a field goal for the onh store of the game after the ball had l een jnit into position b McMillan ' s return of a Bearcat punt. In spite of large yardage gained b) the Bearcats. the were seldom very deep in Kentucky ' s ieriitoi and tlie game .seemed destined to end in a scoreless lie until Kerclicxal ' s kick 149 ' ' f - s;i i(l llu (l:i (di Killui ihc ilii lil. siiuc it v;is iIk ' ' il l( .Us ' iIiIhI ,111(1 l.isl !;;mif plau ' d uiuUi llir lloud liglilN.) riif l:ii ;isl crowd vwv lo wiinc-ss ;i IooiIjuII s;aiiR ' in Ciiu iiinaii jaiinnc-d the howl on (iaisoii !:i-ld to wiliKss llu ' ktMiliuk) I . C. slrui;!;k ' . (). II. Mui|)li ricci i(l a liadun ' ol llu mihis boni ' diiiiiii; llic liisl period iIkiI ended Ills liioili.dl (aieei. I lie eiiliic ((iiUesI ,is .1 loiiiili .ind UMnl)le allaii. .in i .1 lew pl.iw .diei l .eiilM(k s( nie there ensued .1 hj;hl lielweeii pl.iNcis nl the two te.mis l)id I. Ill let end in .1 1 1 ee loi ,ill. hn( the iiialti ' i was well h.indled l) thi ' leli-iet ' and the name (ontiniKil III an 01 de) l niannei . krnliK l; . 0: W ' lrsliiiii loii iiiiil 1 .1, . 7 I his was llu liisi ol ihc main inionsisieiK ies ol the iliUats ' s(as;iii. and those viio wi lnessi ' d the name (oidd iiaidh heliexe thai this was the same lea 111 I hat had 1 1 nielli so nohh against (.eoinia I ei h. ri.ninn in a shii;,nisli m.innei (he kciit in kians. e ell ilioii ' ih ' ' ' li ' iiiiU eiijht Inst downs 10 se en. weie J ACOIiS tinahli- to iiall the- scoiiiii; ilnnsts of ihc (.enerals and enieined lioiii the (oiUcsl on the shoi I end ol a -(• ( oiiiil. I he ( .eiiei als di o e alniosl llie en- tile leiinlh ol the field ill the thiid jiei iod and s(oied on a slio el pass lioni Scalon to Sawvei and hatch missed scoiiiit; ai;ain a slioi t time alteiwaiils when a licld ii " ' d lailed l) iiu lies. |XM V I Ins ihe liisi deleat .11 the li.inds ol W. and I.. in loin e.ii s. I ,.isi se.ison 1 In- ( ,,iis it oiuu I ' d the C.cnei als o ei w helminth a I lo 7. KeiiHukv lost an cxcclliilt taikle in this li.i .is Hill I iiheiioi. a sophomoie. inJLni-d his neck lo the extenl ol I wo liacliiied thus luinnini; an end peini.iiieiilh to his da s ol looihall ( I . kriilili l; . 1: Diihr. I 1 lot ihe ilniteeiilli liiiR- ,1 W.ill.ue Wade leam de- li. md k nliuk . .iiid lot the lointli lime an a ;i;ie.nali()ll ol r.liK Devils liom Diiki-. .dthounh oiitnained. ont- pl.ived. .nid oiilloiinhl in evei iiisl.iiue. wcie able to oveiiome lite Wildiats. Ihc Cials clispla ed iheii l)cst ollense ol the season ,iii ! ii(hl deseiNcd al least a lie. Indeed, had it not Ikcii loi .1 loiiph nl liimliles ,11 (litical lllotlients .1 dilliieiil sioi iinnhl lia e heeii wiillen into the tecoids. Ihe Inst hiikc score came in the e.iiK minnles ol pla aliei liacli liiniblccl LaiRx ' s piini. hi(h was 1.-.0 recovered by ' enl near the L;(ial line. In ilie second quarter llic Big Blue drove Irom ilieir own 29-yard line to the Duke i7- ard line. From this position Kercheval tos.sed a lai o er into liie lorner ol the end zone to [ohnny P ' rye. Duke shcnved its best olk ' iisixc power in the thiid ([iiarler and although being lepiilsed several times, o)ice on the one aicl line, they were not to be denied and alter a 28-yard itm by Coirielius, he stored as the c|uarter ended. Kenliiiky had two last ([iiailei opjxn timities to score when passes slipped oH tlie (iiigeis ol the potential receivers. Freddie Crawl ' oid. Duke ' s All-Anierican tackle. Tailed to show his strength and most ol the Ciat gains weie o ei his side of the line. Ki ' )ilui h , O; .t IiiIkiiiki, 20 E en though outpla ed liom the o|Kning -ivhislle, the Ciais weie al le to stem the Tide clming the fust |naiiii, but altei Millard Howell ' s 54-yard sprint lot a store on the Inst play t)l the secontl stan a, theie was no doubt as to what vvoultl be the outcome of the tilt. .Alabama gainetl on every type of play almost at vill, while Kentucky ct)idfl scarcely dent the Crimson Tide ' s until the game was almost over when its passing attack began to function. Kerchy trietl a place-kick fiom the 2()- artl stripe in the Inst t|tiaiter l)tit it fell short. .Uabaina ' s tvvo other tout htlovvns weie tlie ( ul- mination ol a seiies ol tliives thrt)ugh antl arounti the line which began in their own territory. The Title made two other toiichtlowns which were called back because ol ])enaliies. The final statistics show that Howell out-kicked Keiche al, but Kerchy was called u|)on to kick ten times tluring the game and every time the ends itished him so that his kitks weif huiiicd. His punts axeragetl 46 vards. Kcniucky, 21; ( ' . M. L, ( .Vlthough four of the legidars were injtned in the tilt with the Title, the men who filled these places came ihiough in gix-ai style antl, letl by Kercheval antl Bach, the Wiltltats hatl little trouble in scoring three touch- tiowiis against the Fl)ing .Sciuatlron. Kentutky hatl the ball on the onc-)ard line with a liist down as the game ended. l - - ' - ■ ' V I 111- iii;iii UMi MS vlio ■ toiik p.iit in llu ' f;.inic piu i«K loilh .1 ri ( ii ' dilalilc- JJCI- fc Ini 111. line. I lu ll illi .S(|ii.iil- 1 i 111 S( (III (1 ill lllf SC( Dlul (HKIl- 1(1 .illci ,1 biilliMllt (iS-;..iiil 111. IK h Willi liill Siiiith inak.- iiii; iiiiisl 1)1 llir i;.iins. krniN, h . 0: ' ' lilaiir. ■, I II llic (.r(iij;ia I ri li (onltsl llu ' 1)1 inlucsl s|)()l ol iIr- MaM)ii. liiis [•anif was iiukid llic (larkisl. V.wu alui llitii cillici (Ideals the (;,ils weic ( OIK ( ' (led .1 I. ill ( li.iiu ( ' ol sl()|)|)iii,n llic W.iNc. 1)111 liii (. 1 I ' t ' n i (■ s . led l) " 1 ill l( I ' rcac Irt Rohti is. " s ( o i c ( lour limes in llic In si (|ii.ii icr .111(1 oiuc ill llic s((,Hl(l. n K M Allil I iil.incs liisl oiisl.iiii;lii, wliuh sl.iiud Mlli .i 7. " - .ii(l s|)i ml l) Rolici Is. ( io.ii h (;c siilisi i| mcd lieeh .iiul llie ' ,i e iiii.ililc lo si Die ill llie se(oii(l li.dl wliiU ilie WiliUals lliiealened l vi(c. I ' he Cals ' hesi oppoi iiinilv was imilfeil when )oc Riipeil h.iieK missed a pass o it llie goal line. I he Keiil 111 ki. Ills seemed lo li,i e been sli ii ken l) I he suddiniiess ol i he ( .leeii W.ixe ' s ,111. Ilk .111(1 llleii delellse iiii| io ed iiiimeilsel .illel ihe liisl (lu.illel. hul llu- ieio el was loo I, III. Mill llie l)o s shed llieii lie.iw hhie |eisi s lhe siilliied less liom ilu ' leiiilii he, II .111(1 llleli |il.i mill h l)el lei . KciiliK l; . (I; Tcuiirwic. ' 11 Oni e mole I he ' ols jiai aded loi ill with I he ( hei isliid ken heloK ihe ihoiisands ol hoiiieioiliiilt; speilalois on Sioll held and s i al- lei .11 lis |ii Ol ((led lo Like I he s.ime ket; h.ii k lo llie I il ol know die. I Ills I line llic I eiiiies sc.iiis did nol (.iii oil I he II o|ili 111 liij;h i li ' i ' . hill seemed mi il e ol less lo s iii|i.ii lii e willi llie ll.i|.less W ihU.ils. i-iuhl ol llie eliMii rii ni ol llie eliMii t ilio si.iiied llie ;.;ame i .iiiisl llie (iliillli-els [ ( 1 e ies(i es. and a! ihoiii;h ihese men did llie liesi llie ( oidd. I he ( )i .iiil e ( w .is sini|il loo mill h loi Ihem. I he ols sioied iw K e in llie InsI (jlial lei . oiue on a r)()- aid jaiini 152 I) Ikallic I ' calhcrs. :iiul oiuc on a pass () x-i the .noal line hom .lusjlm to I ' ouiulcis. At no time did the dais make a serious scorins tliieat, bin in liie liiird (|ii;nter Keiche al attempted I licld goal Irom the 38-yaid line. wliieh was partly blocked. In the hnal period they weie able to leach the 22-yard line, but McMillan ' s aiiempt to jxiss over the goal line horn this ])oiiit was intercepted. LE r lERMEN FOR SEASON Ai the conclusion of the season a l).inc]iiet was held at which the gold lootballs and letters weie jjresent- {■( . ijiit it was decided to postpone ilie election ol a captain until next lall. ' ' ' m M, Twenty-six letters, an iinustialh laige niimber, weie awarded to llie lollo ing: Ralph Keicheval, Howard Ki enter, O. I,. l)a iclsoii, Staiile liach. Ernest janes. Burton .Mchidge, John Ei e, O. li. Murphy. Douglas Paiiish, Tom C assach, L. E. Asher, Clarence A ers, Jack Jean, James Darnaby, William Fish. William Jobe, Ncjrris McMillan. .Arpeid Olah, Robert Pritchard, Joe Rnpei t, Eugene Shanklin, Sheldon Wagner, Harry Walker, William Jacobs, W. J. Tichenor, and Henry Kellev, and a manager ' s " K " to Lloyd Featherston. Henry McCowii was seleclecl as manauer lor llie 1931 season. The result ol the 9: ' : season: Kentucky 46, Maiyville 2; Kentucky 7, Sewanee 0; Ken- tucky 7, Georgia Tech (i; Kentucky 3, Ciircinnati 0; Kentuckv 0, W. and L. 7; Kentucky 7, Duke 14; Ken- tucky 0, ' Alabama 20; Kentucky ' 21, V. M. I., 6; Kentucky 0, Fulane 34; Kentucky 0, Fennessee, 27. ' Fhe 19 3 4 schedule includes t e n games; Sept. 22— Maiyville at Lexington; Sept. 29— Washington and Lee at Lexington; Oct. (i— C:in- cinn iti at Cincinnati; Oct. 13 — Clenrson at Lexington; Oct. 20 — Noi th Carolina at Ch:i])- el Hdl; Oct. 27-Aubuin .It Lexington; No ' . 3— l.ibama at Lexington: o . 10— Southwestern at Memphis; Now 17— Tiilane at Lexington : Xo . 29— ' Fennessee at Knoxville. 153 ' x FRESHMAN FOOTBALL I ' hivillt; h;ii(! :iiui l.isl lodlliiill. llic rili risil liislnn.m I miii |)ici i(lc(l slill si i iinm.ii;c (DiiiiHiil ii)ii loi ilic aisii clcMii .m l (U rl (i|)((l tiiiiiii;li |il.i s lo cisih (liU.ii ihc R.ils liDin X ' .iiulci hill I ' iii (i sil . Ill l i li, 1)111 l.iilcd in their oiilx dllui i;.mR ' wlu ' U :i hlixkcd ki(k lolled beliiiiil 1 he l eiiliuk t o d line li)i;i ellie I eiinevsee h eshnieii ;i 7 h (I i( li i . I he S(iiillie;isiei 11 ( iiiiilei eiu e allows oiil iwo i;.iiiKs loi lieshiiKin looi h.ill le.inis. I ' .eil )oliiis( ii ihe oiilsl.indint; loi llie Killeiis. Aliei ini; lulweeii (jiiailer- l),i(k .111(1 li;dll).i(k. |oliiison h.illeied his v,i llnoiif;li bolli o|)])oiielils loi loiii; i;aiiis while his 1)11111 i 111; kepi keiiiiu k on I ol I he (hill ei one se ei al limes. I wo oi liei loi niei Ashland Hif ll S(hi)ol |)ia cis. koiiiis and laiiis, pioved lluiiisi-h c-s i ead loi aisil i oin|)el ii ion. C oiuh l ' lihl)le slailed laiiis as liilllia(k in llie liisl name villi Walkei as hallhaik hnl shilled llie I M i htlole llie second i;ame. W ' alkel was a liaid. shillv dii ei. M ' els | i.i ed iiinisell ihe hesi ol ihe (iiiliis liile W ' .ii (1. Rodis, W ' alhue. linemen, wen- llie onh olluis win ) Mai led I olh frames. C.oac h I ' l ibhie used Hivanl. l .iles, Selli r. and I en in oiliei line positions and de c ' lopi(i .i l.isi (li.iij;iiij; loiw.iid wall loiild uilisi.ind pnnishiiienl lioin the viirsiiy. . iniiei .lis weie a s .iided al llie end ol ihese.ison lo: .Xiipiiii.;, Il.iles. llnanl. (aawloiil. Dinh.iiii. IniKkini;. |-.iiiis. IoismIr-, (.leiiiwc II. II, mis, Sihi. )oliiison. Koniis. Mailiii. . l eis. Minph , e ei(ioski. On. Rodes. Kowlei. ,Siilli .iii, (;an , l)ono aii. W ' alkei. ;dla e. and W.nd. 151 .f gf% . : y- 7V. VARSITY BASKETBALL Willi iiiiU l M) u■;_; ll.ll In Imii. llic iiikIcus oI his li im ( omiIi Adolpli i .ii|i|i h.iskc ' Uils lonkt ' d loiw.ild l i a Miiiuwlial iiK-(li()( ic Ml. ' i. ' i-. ' i I h.lskri h.ill scaMiii. Iitil (lc cl()|)itlj; last. |Ir ' |)iU(i up a hiilliaiii uioul ol U I ( unscc iui c wins in lif llic utnid M-1 l) I)U(|1R ' SI1C I ' iiiMTsiu . I lie Wilde, lis Weill Ici ilic S. uii luasw i ii ( mhiIcuiu c loin naiiuiil as llic lii|ilKa la ()iil(s bill wt-ic ii])s(i III llicii liisl i;aiiu l) llu- I ' iii ii sil ol l-loiid.i. llic loss was a siiipiisc to (Acivoiic. lo lollowiis ol b.iskii hall il illiisli aliil .if;aiii whal iiia okiii whin C.iiu innali l rou ' lil dow n a ) (i -( onlukiil I f a iii oil lonii iiittls the- (I (■ s |i (1 a I c niuk ' KJo " ' wliost ' " Hash in llic |)an " blilliaiKA is in lo|) loiiii loi llic i ainc. I he I wo oiiisiandinn i;aiii(s ol llic ai wcic w illi Alabani.i and ( am inn.ili. I he Tide was ( oiu cdcd III lia c I he besi leani in ihc Soiilli. I lie wcie as lasl as ihc { als . ] i wcic hii lainci III hcinlil and wt-inhl. I.iuk scciind lo be wiili Kill ini k ihc liisl lime llicv dilial- c(l Alabama al Bii mini;liam. ; . ' { lo L ' S. bul x lieii llic dc it-alcd ihc Rid| lianls again in a icium game in l.ix iiigioii. 2() to 21, ilifii ' was no (iuiibl llial Kcnimkv liail the bcsl baskclball si|iiad in ihc Sonihcasici n ( ionli 1 1 lu i. Icam llial loiii;lil keiilni k lo a slandslill and oiih b llicii cMicnu ' good XMiik ill llic SCI - ■ iiiil hallwi ' lc ihc keiil 111 kialis able lo win. ( M|)l.lill |ollll " I- Hill li ' I )l Moiscx was ihc onisiaiiihng |pla ii on ihe llig liliic (|iiin- lii and ,is iiamiii all-t onliT- ciiie loiwaid loi ihc seioiid 1 I iiisei nlivc cai . I ic w as also nicinioned on llie all-Amei ii an icaiii. DcMoiscv |)la cil his bcsl bland ol ball and il was in lliis lasl cai llial he dc- clo|)ed his ileailK liee-whecl- iiij; shol lo iis iilniosi ai i iiiai . I Ic .IS ,1 111 aiii I apiain. a I lean o|i|ioiiciii. and eMiciiieU |ioj)iilar Willi llu laiis and his icammaUs. l)a is. the pint-sized guard, played a gieal game ol liall all season to make all-conrerciue and all-Ameiican mention. TiKkei and Lawrence worked togelhei in a smooth passing attack thai was hard to stop. Iheii teannnates showed appreciation for their excellent work by electing them co- aptains lor the following year. . ndeison, guard, and the fifth ol ihe In si team combination, was a colorful and de])endablc player at all times. Fast on his feel he was an unecpialled ball hawk whose ability at lire backboard was nothing short ol uiuaiui). Time and again his breaking up of the opponent ' s passing attack .saved the game for Kentuckx. Besides DeMoisex, E an Settle and C. D. Wair were the graduat- ing seniors of tlie group. This season ' s team was the lounli loadied b . dolpli Rupj) and in sjjite ol material and experienie. ciiiie up to, if not sui- passed, his gieai teams ol the past. With the splendid group of unbeaten fieshmen loming up next year it seems that Ru|)p lan be tlepended on to tinn out atiother championship team. Koii iir ky, 5S: Aiunuii 2(1 To open the season, the Vildcats played a practice game against the Alumni, but nothing could be denoted from this fray, inasnuich as tire Alumni were all in pooi condition and their lack ol organization could iKit gi e any competition whatsoexei to the arsit . It did show. liowe er, that the boys were hitting the basket and that the had a team with potential scoring power that could be worked into a real threat. Kriiliu i; . -il : Ccoiii clduni , 12 The first intercollegiate game of the year was against the Georgetown Tigers. They put up a stiff fight against Keniuckv in the first half but tlie Big Blue .soon found the weaknesses and warming to their task easih routed the Bengals. Coach Care ' .Spicer. former Big Blue star athlete, could not compete .igaiiist Coach Rupp ' s Big Blue. AV; ,7c ,■) ' , -!8,- Marshnll, 26 Maintaining their better than a-point-a-minute record for the current season. Coach Rii])]) ' s boys registered their third xiciory at the expense of Coach Tom Dandelete ' s Thundering Herd fiom Marshall College. Marshall College had an excellent team that developed an enviable recoid in their own conic reiue and in the first minutes of their till with Kentuck the game took on a dangerous aspect. Howe er. the fiig Blue soon located the xveak spots and easily |nillecl axvay to a substantial lead. With the start of the second half, Rupp freely substituted his men to show the crowd that lie also had some substitutes that could play ball. Kctilurhy. . ' 51; Ciiu iniuili. 2! ' ) Cincinnati gaxe Kentuck ' their first real test of the year. Coached by the all-.American football player, Ta lirown, the liear- cats had a fast aggregation, su])erior both indi icluall and ;is a team. Austing, the center, proved to be one of the high point men of their conference. The game had no .sooner started when it was obvious that the Cats were in for the battle of their lives. Austing employed a short pivot shot that was deadly and netted the first eight points for his team. f eMoisey couldn ' t seem to guard this man, trying as hard 157 js In- (iMild. Willi iiiih nine iiiiiiuics i l ihr (list IkiII uni:iiiiin ; llic I ' k.11 ( .lis (ic ciiil 111 lioiil l) .1 l. ' l Ic) ' .I s(()U ' . I lu ' Wild i.iK s|iiiiU(l il( ' s{K ' i ;iU ' l ind at lialliinic C iiu iniiati was liail- iii;. I) i M) |)i)inis. I lie Hcanais cniplovcd a passiii};; attack ill, II Willi Iroiii sideline- to sitleline. the ohjed heiiii; to dra v I he o|)|)oiHiits out to (he sides, leaviiii; the (eiitei tiiiproti-t ted. Iliis would ilieii ' i v iheiii the op|)0! tiinilN to break in last willi ,1 l)lc)(k |)l.i .111(1 .1 (ii|). The wil Rii|)|) as (oi iii ani ol iliis 1.1(1. lii W( (i. .111(1 iiisliiKted his iiieii to sta inside and Hii.ild loi iliiil l |)e nl |)l.i . I lis me I hod ])io e(l elle( live lo ill, ' poilll IKiI oiue wcic ihc Tx-.n ( .ils .ihle lo sdile on this l |); ' ol h.iskelh.ill I.KlKs. Allei a 1 esl peiiod lii;,; lllue le.iiii (.line oiii on the llooi willi .1 biiist ol s|)ee(l j;.i e lliem .i . ' ) 1 lo 2. " ) i(loi . l)e. loise w, IS shown a dilleiini wa loniiaid against .Viisting ' .s |)i ol shot and ihat llireal was ])ia(li(all eliniiiiated. I)a is was liii;li poinl man willi II |)oinls. I he t;.iiiie. alllioni;li |)l.i e(l haid. (le.iii loii ' _;lil .uid (lose. In llie (slim.illoii ol ol llie l.iiis ii was .is i;ood .i i;.ime .is heeii seen in llie Alumni n mn.isiiiiii. Kiiitiii l y, yi: ' ' iilinii-. - ' I- Kinl ill l; . 12: I ' lilunr. ' J ' .l .M.ikinf ' tiieii (iisi ii ip south dm iiii; the Clnislnias holid.iNs. llie WiUUals paid a isil lo New Oile.iiis wlieie lliex elKount- ered liilaiie on Iwo (onse(Uli e iiii;lils and (lele;iled lliem liolli limes. The ( ats wer ' he- s;iimin.n to Imulioii like a l)ii;liiiie diih and took the iiieasuie ol 1 iilane with ease. riie liisi ninlii the liii; liliK. ' . somewhat tiiid liom theii long nil). ' t ' ' i ' shooiiin; i.iiih Init these lew shots weie aidiiati ' as the ()iil|)la ed the hard s(i ap])iiigCii(.(n De.Moisi ' N gave the l.iiis a when il (.ime lo s(oiiiii; .is he s(oied the Inst leii points oT the Inst game. De.Moisev did iiol liiml hniisell lo .iiiv IV|)eol hiK kel si liiij; hiil made lliem l v Iree-wheeling. lollow-iip. eiip. and limn the held. In ihe second hall. Tiilane tightened llieii (k li use noiind him and llieii D.ivis ( iii loose to s(()ie II |)oints and take liigh point honors. ' l " l)e liiM nighis game took the stamina and heat t out ol I n lane and lliev plaved a lislless and sluggish game. Kenliukv siibstilnted lieelv in this i;aiiie oi (he s(oie would have been iiiiidi nioie than il was. Ihe i .ime (Uaiih plaved .iiid lew pen. lilies wcie i;iv(n DIM. Ill a wav these iv.d wins weie i;l.idlv .uiepled bv llie Wild (.lis .illei llie w.iv ihe loolb.dl learn has been losing lo llie (.iceii W.ive. kiiilui h . 1 1; ' l ' iinir ui . L ' . ' i I he (iais weie sii((essliil in tlieii last inv.ision ol llu Soiilli- land and with Captain DeMoisev and " I ' limei " Davis in lop loiiii. the (;ats had an easv lime in deleating the Teiiiiessee N ' ols in the . Iemoiial I ' ield House at Knowille. I ' ennessee. with the best le.nii llu v in live ve.iis. was e p( ( I iiii; lo do lliiii!;s lo the WiUU.ils. N ' evei llnealeiicd. llu Iseiiliu kiaiis led bv wide mat gins. Ihe score was 21 lo " at ihe hill. De.Moisev and Davis weie allowed to stall and show theii w.iies whidi thev did bv amassing ' _ ' () and II) points lespei livc-lv. Davis was in line lot ni and i (epi hn being weak on liee llnows did (onsideiable daniai;e to the I en iiessec olieiise. De.Moisev made 17 ol his points in llu liisi hill, hill his leieiit attack of inlliien a was .ipp.iieni in i Ik sec ond li.ill. l.-)S ' I ' hf scioiid hnir ol the f anie ' as more even, Kentucky only storing iwo |)oinis nioic ilian lennessee. Anderson tlid an ouistanding brand ol guarding lor Kentucky, constantly break- ing up Tennessee ' s passes and holding his man scoreless. His excellent work ke[)t Tennessee Irom gaining possession ol the ijall and became a threat in the second hall. Lawrence did a good job at his loiward position anil Lewis held up the center jjosition in great shape wlien he was sul)sil- luled lor DeMoisey in the second hall. A capacity crowd was oul lor llic game. Kciil til hy, bb: SrxLunicc. l(i .Substiiules Mailed lot kcnUukv and llie opeialed slowh and somewhat laggedh but soon warmed up into an irresist- able, smooihworking. high-scoring conibinalion. Lucker took high point honois vith 14 to his credit, while Lewis was seiond with eight points. ■Sewanee ' s despeiale attempts to woik the ball itUo sioiing icrriloiy failed because ol the close woi k ol the KenlLuk glial ds. KciiliK ky, yi; .lliihtiiitti. 2S A capacit) crowd filled the gym at Birmingham to see the Crinrson Tide go down to a 33 to 28 deleat al the hands ol the Wildcats in one of the most thrilling games nl the yeai. At the hall the score stood 17 to 1,5 with the Cats on top, but with the beginning of the second frame the Tide brought forth a suiprisc attack that carried them into the lead. Hiis was soon overcome bv the Wildcats and they phiyed a slower, more cautious game for the rest of the fray. At the start of the game both teams were undefeated. Alabama was rated to have the best team in the south. With such players as Connaster. Kimbrough and Walker- all players with a national recognition— it i easy to understand ivli) they were supposed to have the best ball club. The accuracy of the shooting and passing was a thing to note in this game. After DeMoisey was out of the game on h)ids Lewis did a good job at center and controlled llie ti])-off a good share of the time he was in action. Kcnl IK l y. L ' ti; .lliihiiinii, 21 Over I,. ' ' )00 people jannned the .Vlumni gym to see the Wildcats trim the Crinrson Tide in a return engagement. The Bltie team disjjlayed a skill that surpas.sed all other demonstrations of the season to win this twenty-first consecu- tive victory. The Tide tried every trick of the game they knew in an effort to pierce the air tight defense of the Kentuckians. 71ie Tidesmen had every advantage cyver Ken lucky- reach, weight, si e, and speed. They practically controlled the ball thiee-hmrths of the time. I ' heir gaining the ti])-off was never stopped. The main cause of the victory was that ihe Cats sank eight out of eight free throws and Lawrence, with un- canny marksmanship, made ten points while Da is was right behind with nine. Kniliiiliw l ); Ceiiigia Tech, 29 ' Lhe Wildcats, through over confidence, ]3layed a ragged and uninspired game. By defeating Tech they tied Notre Dame ' s record of 22 consecutive victories. 159 7 ,p -M - ' S ' t T ■ rt w (.(■ )l!;i;i !(■( h used ;i (|iu-cii svslciii ol ollcitsc, I Ik ' c:i ( iIk I). ill hlllk .111(1 lollh .UI( llic Ini I iIk Ir ' IiI Jill! lo llu i(k•lilU■ . I s WDiild Uiul Id illilkf IJR- |)l;i t ' ls llloxc oul lloiii mulcr llu- l),l k ■l. w lu iiupoil a I ' ftli man ()lll(l ml in last f;)r a nil) al tin.- iiul 1)1 a loiii; paNs Iroiii liic oulNidc. I his swicni lailfd as liif loiij; pasMs wcTf iiol coiiipiiu d. . l llu- Niail 1)1 llu- M-oud iiali. ( o.iili Rupp sriil in .in flllirc iii ' W Uain. Mils pii(k(iu(l llu- ;_;.iiiu- ,i lilllr bin llu liaildliiii; ol llu ' I). ill did imi iinpinM-. Kriilii, :v. ()().■ S,-.r,uir, . j l-iaNliiiii; a (rushin, ;. misioppabk ' dIIi-iim ' . I (iinuk ptiiiii- a-iiiinuu- (oiili Tciiii ' (hainpions used every man on liu ' scpiad lo dio]) Si ' waiui ' ()() lo 1. " ) lot ilicii iwcnlx-lliird i( loi . (!oa(li Riipp ' s new i onihin.ilioii ol i.cwis al (iiik-i .lud Dc- Moisiv al loiw.iid slaiU ' d llic loulc in llu- iiiiddU- ol llu- InsI liall ailcr a ()nR- ■llal slnnnish siail. I lu s(oic siood ' _ ' I lo 7 .il llif liair. I)iiiin!4 llu- n-sl pi-iiod llu- lu-w i oiiiliin.ilion i ol some oooil ad i(c Ironi Cioadi Ru])]) and siailinn willi llu- second I, .ill iJR-s hiiisl inio lull swing and k-d l) Lewis, who was Ingli in. in wilii II) poinls. llu- ii-f;iilais ran up 22 poiiils in I " ) niinnu-s. l)a issalon llu- sidt-liiu-s icslinj) lor llic loin iKinunl hiii liu siihsiilnu-s { in lo laiM on alniosi as well .is iluii l)i!; ( i hioilu-is and sonulinus al a lasui (lip. Tluii unaidiiii; was nolhinj) shoil ol I lu- s((ond pi-iiod was inoii- ih.iii li.ill o (i l)(-loi(- S(_ ' wanc ' i ' (onkl score attain. I lu n loi a slioii pc-iiodol ilii (c- iiiinnlc-s. Pearson. I lu- diniiiuil i e Scwaiu-e loiwaid. wciii on a one- 111. Ill s(oiiiu; spue- lo liiii; np iwo lu-ld t;oals .md iwn loiil iliiows. liu- ic-niaindei ol Sewanee ' s ihiec- jioinls were mack- ia llu- loiil loiiie. llu- lianic l.isi and cieanl played, nuuli unlike the f anie wilh (ieoii-ia !(-( Ii. l)(-Moisc- was second hii hesl jjoinl man. s(()riim 12 |)oinls dininn ihe shori lime lu in llu- lia . l,awi(-nce. |ei " ()me. .Sellk. I lu kci , .iiid ilu- l)a( kho.nd Renins, Aiuleison. .ill (.iiiu- in loi a good measure ol praise. Polk 1 s and Blair ' s long shol a( ( mac i(-( c i (-(l ( onsidci able- a|)- pl.iiisc lioiii I he (-nllnisiaslic laiis. la loi. ricinev. ,iiul l).i is Im- isluil in llu- liiu-up loi kc-niiu k in a In illi.inl li.i ll-h.iw k i n;; ni.iniu-i 1 1 1.1 1 showc-d I hell c oa( liMij; .iiul li (- le.iiiiw ( n k. Kriilii. I:y. 7 : I ' liinlrihill. 27 I ' l.iviiu; lluii lasi (onlcieiui- i;aiiu- lor llu- (inieiil sc-.isoii llic- WihUals won llieii I wc-iu lorn ill consc-(Uli e i(loi . (l.ipi.iin " l-ic-iuln " i)(-. loisc- . plaxing llu- lasi name- on his liiia Maui ' s home- llooi. pill liiiis on his haskelhall ( ai(-(-i in oiu- ol his mosi oiilslandinn lu-l j;aiiR-s. .Scoiiiii) 2, " ) poinls. 21 ol wliuli were Haiiu-i(-d in llu- liisl hall. OeMoisc-x was in his ahiiilv lo s(oi(- lioiii all .ingles .ind in.iiiiui s. W ' hellu-i ii on llu- i-nd ol .1 l.isl hic-ak. ,1 lic-ld !;o.d. .1 loiil lliiow. (11 his sp(-( hi.ind. llu- " Irec- wlic (lei " l)(-Moisc- scou-d. Ik diopped a (oiipk- ol liec-- whet-kis lioni llu- coiiiiis ol llu- (oiiii ili.n llu- X ' .nuh lio s lalkinj; lo llu-msc-hcs. ' an(ii-rl)ill plavecl a l.isi. (- ((-ll(ni ' .iine. espe(i,ill in p.issint;. Al ihi-slail ol llie second h.ill. (io.uli Rnpp kcpl llu- s.iiiie limiip. Iiui ,ili( I il had ffoileii uiick-r way. lu- siihsiiiiiu-d his eniiu- s(-(on(l K.iin ' I ' linu-r " Davis, who Iiad l)een oiii ol ihe !;aine bec.iiisc- ol .in iii|iii(-(l slioiil(l(-i, Weill in llu- l.isi i (i niiiniu-s ol pl.i . and .is lii- i.iiiie- onio llie llooi he ie(ei ((l ( oiisidei .ihle- .ip|)l.iiise. IfiO SOUTHEASTERN TOURNAMENT I ® iW Renliicky went to the tournament as the favorite. They ! W ' »■■ IT (lifw a bye lor the first round and Florida for the second. Flor- ida possessed a fair team which had played less games inside the conference than outside. In the past few years Floriila had entered as the underdog and had in two cases knocked the favorites out of the riuining. Although this was mentiimed no one cimceded Florida a chance of upsetting Kentucky as to all indications it seemed that Rentuckv and . lahama were ceded to play in the finals. Fhe Cats were so engrossed on pla)ing .Alabama for the finals that they did not give any thought to Florida. The court was new with a ])articidarl jjoor lighting airangement. This lighting arrangement was the cause of poor shooting as the per- centage of shooting thai the Blue team ditl at . tlanta is the poorest lecord for them, l he ' Gators played in desperation. There was no (jiiesiion they were " on. " Kentucky phued sl()pp and sluggish ball, continually losing contiol of the ball. in s|)iie of Kentiitk ' s lack-lustre playing the weie always aijoiit e en in the scoring and the Cats had se eial chances to ii i vin the game which they failed to take advantage of. Foul shooting which has alwa s been such a strong point ■ith Ken- tii(k was cMiemely bad since they made aboiii 10 per cent of theii usual (|iioia. I.awiencc could not seem to get going and did not score a point. . t half time the score stood 22 to 21 with Florida on the long end. . le v minutes alter the second frame opened the Wildcats started connecting with the basket atul took the lead once by a 27 to 24 score. It seemed as though the great " power house " was at last beginning to click but the rally was short-lived as the ' Gators made thiee i)askets in succession to take the lead which was never overcome. In the last few minutes the C ats ga e ever thing they had to gel some maikcis, leaving theii defense wide open, but their energv was of no avail and they went down in defc ai after ] laying a game that did not in any wa sho • the brand of ball that the Big Blue coidd really pla . LETTERS ARE AWARDED The annual Lexington Alumni bancjuet was held at the Phoenix hotel tor the squad u]3on theii letuin from the tournament. More than 200 guests were ]3iesent to see the awards of letters to 11 varsity players and numerals to 10 freshmen. S. . . " Daddy " Boles made the ]5resentation of the varsity letters and Len Miller, freshman coach, made the presentation of the numerals. Miss Marguerite Mc- Laughlin presided as toastmistress for the affair. Speeches were made by Pres. Frank L. McVey, Coach Adolph Ru])p. and the retiring captain, John " Frenchy " DeMoiscy. Lawrence and Tucker were named co-captains for the following season. Those receiving letters were: Capt. fohn DeMoisey. Garland Lewis, Dave Lawrence, Sam Pottci. E an .Settle, Herbert Jerome, Jack Tucker. Berklev Davis. IVfilerd . nder.son. C. D. Blair, and Bill Davis. A letter was also given to Carey Burchett, managei. George Campbell was named manager for next year. [ Vi " " " i l IW FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Willi lllc i llMlCNl ( lilKc I Kill 111 luslllll.lll li.iskc I h.ill |il.l (l I Ml .isM ' llll)lc(l ;il llu ' iTsit . Co.uli l.cii lillii (li (l()|n(l .1 If.iiii ill. II Willi l!ii()iii;li ,i st.isoii ol lli naiiUN out (IckMl and sdiicd K loi us () n llichisl liii;li siluxil .iiiil i( llt ' j;i ' lusliiii.iii Ic.iiii- iniiny i!iik|K lulciii .ulilciu (lnhs in ilu- si.iu-. I. Ill 1) ihc chaii ino l.cRiix Kdwaiils. and lsal|ili Carlisle, ' .cnui and loiwaul n li c ' l , ilic Kiiuns laii up lnii;c scoics o ci iaci all (ippoiu ' nls ami iiiniih iwoiaMs lirld lo less lli-in 10 lioillls. I ' laMis wliii wcic a saidcd niiiiuials al llic iiul i llic season sr v: Jaiiios Aid C.inllaiid j ' .liss. Ral|.li Cai lisle. Ilowaiil Dale. |olin D.iiiahiie. i.iRnv Kdwaids. (..iluiih. Russell l-,lliiiu|,,||, (:)i.i,|,.s lliiniMli. .incl CmiI uuii ' . I ' ni- willi- aiid iison. .lines rxsiiiiuni s ,,,v. i ' );ni ' .i;i. " III lu k . . " )! : i ( III IK ls . 17; III IK ky. 52: III IK kv. ()8: Keiii IK k . (iS: keiiiiK k . . ' i I: l iniu( k , II; KeiiliK kv. . ' )S: KeiiliK ky, 1 1 ; KeiiliKky, .SI: Kcniiuky, .52: Keiiiiuky, T)! : KeiiiiK kv, . " ). " ): KeiiiiKkv, 9: Dunn ) u r. 12 Ccoigi ' iowii. 21 Cloxini ioii ■.M.C . .. 17 Wilmote . ilikiii Cliil), li iiie . llileli( Cliil). 1 WillianiMm. W. .i.. 21 I ' aiii .Ml Siais. 2. " . F.Mstcin Noiiiinl, 2S Paris . ihlcii( CHiih, 21 (hi I ' oiii Manual. 10 ColTman Red De ils. 17 Ciiuiniiali .Ml .Stars, 27 Gfoi j i ' iDwn. 21 F.asiern Normal. 31. 102 VARSITY TRACK Coach " r. ' . ' i iiic " Slii rl .iisii n.iii It-, Mil ii.i (k(l iliioiif li i1k ' l ' .l. ' i;5 season in lair l.ivliiini. wiimiiii; i Mi iiiii ol Idui iiurls. I Ik won lliiii dual nircls Ironi X ' ancli ' ihill and I ' xi ca Jiid ll) l li ( lose iiiai iiis lo ( .cDi.nia li ' c h and I cnncsscT. l t he ( lose ol llicsfasun (iciuh Shi (l liicik Captain Uakci and Chaplain clrc i Ddiii; I ' aiiish lo ihc SciulhrasU-i n (.Diihiriui iia(k niccl al liii niinL;liani wht ' ic Uuv ac c iiiiiiilauil si poiius Id i;i r ken- iiK k fij hlh |)ia( c. I he season was ( oiisidei al)l mole siuiessliil ihaii I he uc oi d ol wins indiiales in ihal se eial oiilslaiKhns; men weie (hs(o eied who will he iiuihiahie lo ihe leam h)i liie l!), ' )l season. " Red " I ' aiiish. ihe mosi (oiisisieiil ' Ainnei on ihe leam. accimiidaled SI |)oiiils in llie lliiee met Is in which he pai I i( ipaled, lie was nol in ihe i ' xie.i iiKxi hecansi ' ol liis laliuTs illness. Doni; was nndelealed in the hnidles and islahlished a new I ' liiNi ' isilv ictoiil in ilie IL ' n- ai(l lii};li hnrdles. s in;j, tlie ninu- in l. ' ):. ' i. i ihe Sonihcasiei n (.on- lerence iiieel I ' aiiish |)ia(ed liiird in llle lni;h hindles and fillli in ihe low linrdles. A ' a lew.iid loi his oood woik. Dou ; was cledcd (.ipiaiii loi ilu ' I ' .Kll se.ison. I ei(lie al. ihe looih.ill sl.ii. did i ood woik Willi ihe jaNelin and in llie lii h iiim|). ( ;a plain liakei i ii .1 ile lo ihe U .1111 il h I he poiiils hi ' f;aint ' d in llie disiaiu e evi ' iils. (.iiailie (.all ' s, imei . l.diaii. and |oe Isupeil weie llie pioniisini; sophoiiioi es ol ihe i;ionp. Tile lollowin ; men U(ei ed lelleis ill iKu k: Caiioll Hall. Douglas Panisli, Maliolni Fosler. Kllis [olmson. Tom ( assaih. . iniei . laliaii. Chailie (iaies. Howaid Bakfi. Haiiy Kinineiidi. Ciene . lilki. Ralph Keiiheval. i-i ink Seale. joe I npeil. and Sam inllle. . manai;ei ' s " K " was awaided lo nianaj-er Roheil Adams. |. I laiik Adams was named man- a);ei ol ihe lia k leam lor llie lollowint; eaf. krnliK k . (ill : : ' (iudi ' rl ill. , " )2Ia. Makinff iheii Insi .ippe.ii .iik e ol I he season and peiloimini; loi ihe mosI pail in a driving rain, llie Wildial liack si|iia l. hd 1) Doiii; I ' .iiiish. (oii(|Ueie(l ihe Xande ' bill Oonnnoilorcs (i 1 1 .j lo .■)2l,j. on April 21 on Sioll In Id. In spin ol llie soj; iiaik and (old wind llie Cais operated very iiii|)ifssi (l loiaki iluii liisi iiutiol ilu season. If)! ' ;m(l ' s :iuiilf(l niilf iclay team fell xiuiins to llie Kcimuls ciiiailcllc (omposed ol I ' dslfi. I ' anish, Johnson, and Cassady, all lootball men. This xiiloiy -ivas iIr ' downing HloiA ol llic alleiiioon as ihe (lonnnodoics lia e ha l an undelealed rehn learn lor main eai s. " Red " I ' anish gained ihe cof;nomen " one-man Hack team " in this meet as he was iin- deleated in all six events that he enieied. He look (nsi j laee in the lOO-yard dash. 22()-Naid dash, l()()- aicl hi,s;h hindles. 22()- aicl low Inn dies and tied lot (nst plaee in the pole aiilt. He also Avas a membei ol the viiininn lehi) team. Cciiii iti Tcdi, ()7; KiiiliK l: , (il ' i toi in the iinle iela ,i;a e the (.eoij ia Teih lia(k team a tlnee-|)oim i(ioi invv Kenliuky in a haid lonuhl meet ht ' lon ' a lari;e i owd on Sioll held. .Mthongh the (lats were in the lead most ol the alleiiioon ihev lould not pile up i-iioii,! li points to assure a vietoiy. biti Doint-Lieliei in iIk ' lilue team, s(oiinL; 17 |)oiiils . inier Mali.m, a p Pairish was ai;ain the team ' s total. His best pei- lormanie was seen wiien he established a new Uni- ver.sity record ol 1.5.3 in the 120-yard high hindles, and won the low huidles in ihe last time ol 2.5.3. He also placed second in the 220-yaid dash, third in the hundred, and second in the jjole aiilt. Captain Howard Baker had little difficulty in cap- lining the two-mile event and ])lacino s e c o n d to Mahan in the mile rim. In the two-mile grind he trail- ed his competitors in the early laps but sprinted in the final circuit to win handih. poml-geliei h Sam ' riiltle a " ain won ihe d ims- ing sophomoie, lan a niie laie in the mile to win over Baker I)) a nai ' ow margin. The ])ace was loo grueling, however, as he was forced to drop out of his other specially, the half-mile, which was taken by Charles Gates. Ihe field events were fairly evenly divided with I Ik Vildcats doing better I hail was expected when liie season o|K ' ncd. Ralph Kercheval won ihc javelin throw antl placed second in the broad jump. Frank Scale placed second in the shot put as Dean of Tech heaved the iron ball 43 iscus ihrow with Joe Ru| ert il but Davenport and Gal the feet, (i inches lo win the eveni taking third position. In the mile rehi), the lirsl iwo men o|}ened up a sligiit . „., „.. . ..j,,.. . way. running in third and fourth position for Georgia Tech ' s sprinter,s, finally gained tht victory for the " Ramblin ' Wreck. " Galloway, the sprint star for the visitors, was in ex ceptionaliy fine form and won both the 100 and 220-vard tlashes in last time. The summary: lOO-yard dash-Galloway (T) first; Moore (1), .second; Pairish (K), third. Time :09. ' .l. 220-yard dash— Galloway (T), first; Parrish (K), second; Kelley (T), third. Time :22.-l. •f40-yard dash— Davenport (T), first; Cassadv (R), second; Foster (K). third. Time :.52.7. Half-mile— Gates (K), first; Davenpoit (Tj. secoml; Baker (Iv), third. Time 2:05.7. Mile— Mahan (K), first; Baker (R), second; Geggenheimer (T). third. Time 4:45.2. Two-mile run— Baker (R), first; Campbell (T), second; Gatewood (T), third. rime 10:41.9. 120-yard high Time : 1.5.3. 220-vard low Time :25.3. luirdles— Pan ish (R), fiist; Emmerich (R), second; Dean (T), thin hurdles- Pairish (R). first. McMichael (1), second; Dean (T). thiic 1G5 1 lii;li {ijiii{ 111 k ill. hivl ; I mile (k). srciiiul. ,iiul Milki (k). Iicci Im sn - oiut |)l;ii(.-. Hcif lii . " ) leri. ( iiuhes. );i cliii-Ki ' rclR ' ;il (k). Iiisi: I.;ukf (I). Mdiiicl; Diiiii (1). third. Discmii ' . 1 li() kci, . " ) iiK Ik-s. Disc Us I ulllc ( k i. In si ; Dc.m i 1). sc d; Rii|Hil (k). lliiid. Disl.iiuc, 1112 led , " ) iiu Iks. I ' lilc X ' .iidl— (.umminns (1). Iiisi; l ;ir- iisli ( k 1. stcDiid; kfi(lR- .d (ki. lliiid. Ilri-hl. I I krl. Slidl |)Ul- Dcin ( I 1. Ill si ; Scale ( k I. second; l.a(ki- (1). lliiid. Disiaiuc. IL! ktl . ' ) . ' !■ I in( Iks. Rfla - ( c()ij;ij lech. lime. . " :. " i. ' . I . KriilililiY. ;i(il .y. liriia. . ' . 1 1 ._■ I .ikiiii; ek (n Insi phucs, ivin loi one mole, and aininf; a iiia|oiil ol llie liisis .ind seconds, ihe Wilikal Hack Uani sioied an iiil[)icssi c ' .•( ' j lo . ' i I ' .j in o ei llir lleiea Hack s(|ua l at Ikrca in llic tliiid inecl ol ihc season. Ihe Cats (onipiled wilhoiil the star S|)iiniei and poU- ,iiillei. Doui; I ' aiiisli. hut " (ai e " I ' osiei showed his old lime loim to aid the l i,u l lue l) tniniii ; in a will in the lenlinv. losiei wis loc ki ' d in :! . ' .) seionds. which a new ucoicl lot the Beiea tia(k. I Ik (als wcic sn|iei ioi in eveiy e eiii except the pole .iiilt and low luiiiiles, and tied jdi a liisi in ihe hi,nh jimip. Howard liakei. mv distance man. accounted lot two liisi places l) coimnt; home in both llu ' mile and iwo-mile e cnls. Cailei. I?eii-a miki .md I wo-milei . nave liakei a lii;hl in both lates hiii ihe ( .il cipl.iin Hashed liom hehind and closed the i;ap both limes to will liandilv. )olinii Caiiei led the liekl almost all tlu ' I H . bin .i axe va lo ,i lleie.i lineal on ihe b.ick slielch and Kllis )c)liiisoii drixillir hke a miniainu ' sleani cnt;iiu- lacecl liom behind lo win, .IS lorn (iassadv Imishecl a close second. (.h.iilic- (.ales, the 15ig IJIlie ' s piomisiin; sophonioie hall niilei. dis|)l.i ed j oocl loi in in annexint; his second eoiisei iili i ' viii in lliiscvcni. Hall. Cassail), and l- ' oster Imishecl one. { n. ihiee in llu- -LIU. h.iidK a ste|i apail. Ihc ' lime was lairh last, with the wiiniei beiiii; clocked in : ' J1!.. " ). )oc ' Rnpcil look lusts Ml bolh the discus and shot pnl as ihe Cats swept these- c- c-nls. win the |,i cliii ihiow willi ,i nice luaxeol 177 kcl . ' ! inches, keicin ,!;ol .iwa one- ol his bcsi lluows ol ihe c-,n in ihe spc-.n ihiow .Mid look hij h honois loi i he- .ilu-i- llooll Willi I ' . ' polllls, Ihe . loiinl.un-. c IS pieseiiled .i ;;.ila ol sl.ii p(-i h )i mci s in llu lumps .mil poll- v.iiill. Willi r.iiiish oiil ol llic- liiieu|). the Cats had link- ch.imc lo win llu- pole anll as bolh ol llu- lieu. ins vaulted II lee I. ilnc-c inches .md laded lo bie.ik tluii tic-. Don liraden. m.ikiiif; his liisl a|)peaiaiice ol llie eai Im the- Wildi.ils. lied with (.ibsoii ol lieica lot a Inst in the lii, ;li |uiiip. bmli men f oiii out at . " ) leet. H inches, ke-icheval took .i liisi in ihe- bio, id jump. Inil Bcrca a(coniiieel Im the- oihei two .iw.iids. In ihe mile rela . the- issue- ne e-i in dmibi .illci (;assael had opened up on the bac k iiii n .iiid ihe le niainiin; i iinncis. (iai tei . )oliilson. and l- ' ostei prole-eleel llie le .id .iiid won b .i i;ood inar ;in. Kmmeiich won the lni;h hinclks. wilh Wv.ill. lieic-a. second. Kinmerich bioke- his siiidc- in llu- 220 lows and Nalt won as Km- meiich slid across the liiial line, with keithexal .i close- iliiid. 1G6 • " , ' ■c. ()( ' ).■ Kciiliii h . . " ) I ] M I1 RKH KKKCHFV U first Allh( iij;h l)()in I ' aiiish lonli iljiUcd moic ih;iii lii shaic ol points, his team mates (oiild not give him tlie necessary sii])|) )ri. and lite Wildcat tiatk 1( am diopped a (ili to 51 decision lo I he Tennessee Vols in the final nieei ol the season. Parrish continued his winning way by laiiing firsts in the 100 and 200 yard dashes, both hurdle events, and ])lating .second in the pole vault. • Two track records were shattered by the Tennessee invaders as they jjiished on to victor) over the Cats. Pountlers, Tennessee, heaved the shot 44 feet 5 inches to set a new record in tliat event, with his mate, Franklin, taking second position. They reversed the order in the discus throw with Franklin takint jjlate. In the mile run, .Stout, covered the distance in 4:33.1. vhich bettered the former mark set by Jake () ' Br)ant in 1931. by an e en two seconds. .SioiU had liille dilficidt)- in taking the event. Tom Cassady lost u Pugh ol ' by inches in the 440. 1 he rate was so dose that many tans believed that Cassady was the winner. Wolfe, the ace half-miler of the isitors, tinned in a sensaticjnal perlormance in his specialty, running the distance in 1:59.2 and easih winning o er Charlie Gates, the lone Wildcat entry. Howard Baker, the Cat captain, made his usual good showing in capturing the two- mile event in 10:26. He held back until midway in the final circuit and then unleashed his sprint which carried him over the line in front. Tennessee ' s relay team clicked off the mile in excellent time to dimh ihe victory. The summary: .Shot piu— Pounders (T), first; Franklin (T), second. Distance. 14 Icct, -Ihi, inches. Pole vault— Brown (T), first; Parrish (K.), .second. Distance. I I leet, (i inches. Mile run— Stout (T), first; Baker (K), second. Time, 4:33.1. Discus throw— Franklin (T), fiisi; l oundeis (T). second. Distance. 125 feet. 1 inch. 44()-varcl dash— Push (4). fiist; Cassady (Is.), second. Fime, :52.8. 100-yard dash-Parrish (K), first; Clark (T), second. Time, :9.9. 120-yard high hurdles— Parrish (K), first; Emmerich (K), second. Time, : 15.5. 880-yard run-Wolfe (T). first; Ciates (K). second. Time, 1:59.2. [a elin throw— Kercheval (R). first; Fidler (F). second. Distance, f()() ieet, 2 inches. High jump— Sherid (T) and McPherson (I), tied foi fiisi. Height, 5 feet, 6 inches. Two-mile run-Baker (K). first; Woodall ( ' F). second. Time. I0:2(i. 220-yard low hurdles— Parrish (K.). first; Enuuerich (K), second. Time, :25.9. Broad jump— Pounders (T). first; Kerche al (K), second. Distance, 22 feet, U inches. Mile relay— Tennessee (Pugh, Fidler, Dorse . Wolle). Time. 3:32. 1{j7 € w FRESHMAN TRACK In thfii onh si.iii nl ilii ' siiison. (:i):i(li M. 1 ' . Ponii ' s lu-shiiKiii ir;uk ic;mi () (.TwlK ' lnRil liic C.l(l(i 1)1 Millcisbiun Milii.iM Iiisiiiim- In ilu- mou- oI IOL in 18 and dis|)la i-(l mu |)i.( nil ii s.iiilii and sinimiji. A l.iik dI .idr(|ii.iii.- (om jK ' lition was {he ummhi im diIri iiucis wiic s( licdiiU d. Led l)y NoniN McMillan, who won ilic IllO-x.iid lasli. L ' OII- ai.l lou Inndlcs. and llif javelin diiow, and scored niou |)oinis iliaii ihe cniiie ( aiUi uaiii. llie lieslnneii showed i oni|)enii c ' spiiii and llu- piospeds oi hecoinin}; stioni; aisii nialeiial. lUsidis wininiiL; Insi in ihe lime i enls. MtMiilan was setond in the hioad jinn|i and a iniinhci ol dii- wnmiili; hall mile iclax leam. Tlie iehi team, (onipostd ol loin haikluld men ol llu- lushnian looihall stinad— MeMilhin. . eis. I ' lilihaid, and (.iliiui -lasih oul-disiaiucd iheii j ' lep seliool rivals. 1 he perhn numees ol |ol)i. Ol.ih. .ind Heilolini in lii Id eveius were pal tienlaily oulsiandiiif . SiiKe lieshnian Hack was slailed .il ihe I ' nixeisiiN se eial i ' ais a. ;o. the (alil)H ' ol indi iduals and llu leani as a wlioU his iinpiowd coiisiilei ably, liaili eai the iieslinian li.iik nam is .d)l( lo si nil on lo .iisii lompctition slais who shown siillii iciii siunnih lo loniprie .i ' _;,iinsi Souiluaslei n ( onferi ' nce ( oinpelilion. Nninei.ds wele a .iidiil lo ihr lollowinj; .il die ind ol ihc sc.ison: ( ' .. I ' . Amis. I .iii ' .iii ila . Rohiil R. I.. (.i,i es. |)oi j.iiksoii. lleinx l ill . |. . Ml Mill. III. Sam I ' oilri. Roheil I ' l iii liai d. I ltd Ihompson. Icon, ml ' an . isdale. and ). M. While. ' M S f VARSITY TENNIS M.ililicd ;iL;ainsl mmiic uI ilic IiiksI (ollinc uiiins ic.Jins in llu (oiinux, (io.uh II. II. l)(i nin ; .iisil Iciiii, .ill In )in;li dclciud i in m ci ;il m ( asldiis. wmi i( h ii ics i) ii lankinj; Miiiiluiii .111(1 ml(l(lll•- ■ u■l 11 (()ll •.i; ■ . . li ii,n m ' IiiIkih nil). ' •I ' ' i ' l)il(iic wcallui |)ci- inillcd ( oiiiixi ii idii on llu ' onisidi ' I ' nixc ' isilv (oniis. showed iliai ihc Wildcat luiiiii ' ii. willi ])ia(li(C on i lav (onils lirloic MU li a lii|). would he ol snllniiiil sluii lli lo (oiiipfli ' Willi aii olicL;i ' uaiii in ilic (oniiln. Kollowin ihcii loii jounifN, lIu ' iciin won llncc sliaiinlil i(loiiis o ii 15crc;i Ciollcgc, Si. a iii l ' iii cTsil . and tliu I ' liivcisiiN ol Indiana, hiloic losiii;; lo llu- rnivcrsilN ol Illinois. Ohio Sialc rni crsil and llu I nivirsily ol Ciiuinnali. I he aisil Icani ended llic season wiili a second win o ei llie licii ' a Cl )lk ' i;e nclineii. Ro el Klein. (.i|)l.iiii. I.iiled lo de elo|i iiilo his MI. ' iLl loiin niilil l.ile in llie season while llowaid Wilson. |)l.i iiii; in nninliei one |)osiiioii in e ei in.iuli. ilie onisland- ini; |)la ei ol llieleani. Al llie end ol ihese.ison. Wilson waselecled (.i|)l,uii loi l!l. " il 1)111 lalei W.IS iiiled ineligible l) llie Soiilheisleiii (ionleieiue loi ,diead li.i inn |)la ed loin eais ol (ollet;e ( oiiipel il ion. (.eoi ' e os|. ilieonh ollui lel in nini; lei lei man. was elc ' ( led .illeinale (.ipl.iiii .il llie end ol llie se.ison and ii .ill bee .line i.iplain loi ML ' M. I ( III III l: . ' . : • mill V, " ) • Mui liaxclint; Kill milis ol a li. (10(1 mile nip and illi lillle linu ' lell lo risl heloic llieii m;il h willi one ol the slronj esl teams In ihe soiiiii. llie Kenin(k nel learn a (lose mauli willi Kmoi riiixcisiix 1) ilu ' s( oi e ol ' ) lo ' !. Had llie Wildcals been a((iis- loiiied lo llie sniinnei wc.illiei and ihe |)l.i on onlside loinls. ilie niii lu lia c vvon e.isilv. Wilson .iiid osl weie llie oliK l elilii(ls null lo win lioin llie (;eoli;i.ins in siii ' ;les (om| elilioii. Ill ihe doubles. Mow. nil .iiid lii.ideii o eii.ime linoiv ' s liisl laiikini; doubles (ombilialioii. Iacix iii.iuli ( los( 1 Ioiil;IiI iiid llu keiilii(k le.nii showed sluiii;lli in il nialh e ei posilion. KriiliK lr, II; Alahiniiii. 7 .Showing llie strain ol llieii loni; trip to . llaiila and llieii niatdi silli Kmoi riii (.r- siiy. the W ' iUUals siutiimbi ' d to ihe ()nslaiit(lil ol ihe (aimson Tidi ' ol Alabam.i b ihe score ol 7 lo (I. In spile ol liie lai t that lliey were unable to win a iiiatih liom the I ide. 170 MXC ' Kil III iIr ' inaldics wcic ( lost-. MowmkI, Smith, and usl won sfis lioiii llifir i)|)])( ncTil • viili osi alniosi upstiiin ilic lut;lily i ankcil Alal)aiiia nciiciwho va his oppoin ' iii. Kf ' iliK k . O; Tiilanc, 7 Against pciliaps the siioiigcsi college team in the country and jjlaying in the lamoiis lulane bowl, the VVikkat leant fought against almost hopeless odds in losing to Tulane 7 to 0. Yost was the only Kentucky man to win a set from a Tulane player but other tiiatdies were fought point for point. Rendall Cram and Eddie .Siittei were the leading Iiilane players, each holding high collegiate rankings. Koillirky. S; Brira College, A lew cla s test after reiitrning home and the Wildcat team was ready lo begin its home stand against visiting scjuads. Berea College, with an unusually strong team, was unable to win a set as Kentucky came through by the score of 8 to 0. W ilson nearly lost the first set of his match but won 8-6, ()-3. Captain Klein lost the only set lor Kentucky but won his match iVA. 3-(i, 6-2. Smith and Wilson pr() ed unbeatable in numbeione doubles while Klein and Yost won the second doubles match. Ke ilu(h (J; Si. X(r ' iei. I St. Xa ier Unixersit) of Cincinnati btought to Kentuck) a team ol seasoned |jla)ers ■who displayed gieat skill and court tactics. However, they were able to win but one match when Braden lost 6-4, 8-6. Wilson, Yost, Smith, ancl others were outstanding for Kentucky. Keiiliu kv, , " ).■ Jii(l (ni i, -1 Apparently on a winning streak. Coach IJowning ' s ' men overcame the highly rated University of fndiana team in a nratch that wasn ' t decided until the last ball had been hit gi ing Kentucky the final dotiblcs contest and the match by the score of b to 4. Wilson, ost, and Howaid won in the singles while liraden, Klein, and Smith lost close matches which tied the score at three points apiece. In the doubles pla), Wilson and Smith gave the Wildcats the lead again but Klein and Yost lost tlreir chance to give the Kentucky team a ictory. In the final doubles match with the score tied at four-all, the combinatic:)n of Braden and Howard gave the Wildcat ' s a naiiow ictoi in undoubtedly the most exciting match of the season. Kenluclty, O; Illinois, 7 Against the champions ol the Big Ten Conference, Illinois, the ' ildcais put up still opposition but failed to win a match. Wilson, plaxing his best tennis ol the season, won the first set of his match biu lost the next two, 6-4, 5-7, 1-6. Turner Howaid lost a haid match by the score of 9-7, 7-5, while the doubles combination of Wilson and Smith lost by the scoic ' of (i-4, 3-6, 2-6. Keiiliirky, 2; Ohio Sluie, 5 Unable to win a match against the three top ranking players of Ohio State, the Wild- cats had to deiJend on the strength of their last three players to win the two matches of a 5 to 2 loss to the Ohio University. Braden and Howaid won for Kentucky with Yost mak- ing a strong bid for victory in another match. The Kentucky doubles combinations failed lo function ellectixeh against the outstanding team of the Big Ten school. Ke ilii(li . , ' i; Cnuiiuiiili , a Loss of three doubles matches, when the score xvas tied at three points apiece at the end of singles competiticjn, gave the University of Cincinnati a victor) o er the Wildcats by the scc:)re of 6 to 3. Johnson, Howard, and liiaden won for Kentucky in the singles. These matches left ihe Wildcats in no condition to cope with ihe strong Cincinnati doubles teams. Keiitiii ky, 7; Beieii Collegj ' ,() The 1933 varsity tennis team closed its season with a 7 to ictory in its second engagement with Berea College. Those who received letters were: Captain Roger Klein, Howard Wilson, K. P. Smith, George Yost, Turner Howard, Donald Braden, Johnson, and Manager Earle Graham. 171 FRESHMAN TENNIS Allhoili;li (lck-,iU(l ni llirii l.isl ni.ilcli dI iluii sIidM M-.isori. llic Iun1iiii:iii Iciillis team sliowtd sliciimli in wiiiiiin; injlclics Imni I ' iiimimiv lli ' -;li. V iii- chc ' stcr and Heiuy C;hi lli,!;li sdiools. 1 lu ' i uciiiis losi iluii List ni.iic li i ilu- season lo Berea Acadenix. University Higii stliool Icll beloie the Ireshnieii in tiieir liiM maicli. li;siiii; by the score ol (5 to I. Clhailes Randall, |)la in,ir in nmiiber one jxjsilion. l isi lo I)a id Randall, i ivin.s; Univeisiix Hit;!! its one ])( ini. (.eoi ;e lulloih. Si. tin. Mf)oie. and llaiialson won singles niatthes while llu- le.inis ol lidlodi and Randall, and .Mooic and HanaKon won in doid)ks. Ill llieii scdiiid mall h ol llir se.isiiii. llic li (■ llllu■ll e.isih dclciUil Wiiu luster Hi.i;li s( hool l) i1r ' scoie ol 7 to 0. I he oiih ( losi ' iii.iuli ol llu- alleinoon was luiinher one singles in whidi Ran lall lost the liisl set hiii taiiie l)a(k to xvin the last two, giving; Kentiukx a onesided win. A change in the liiieii|) hioiiglu Sam VVaii ' en to nimd)ei lliice posilioii in sin:;l(A .nid shifted .Slain lo nnnihei iwn in place of 1 tillodi who nn.diU lo pl.iv. Doubles weic pl.iM-d l) Rand.dl and Warien, and .Slain and Moore. With two i( lories alieadx to theii (ledil llii ' In sinnen in.ide ii llnec sli .iiglii b o ei whilnnnt; llie nelinen ol Hiinv Clav High sdiool. l.isingion. l ilic scoie ol 7 lo 0. .Mlhoiigh m.iKlus were close, llu hi h school le.iin did noi lia e a (hanie agaiiisi iluii oldci o| |)onenis. lMa ing willioni ihiii Insi nvo Linking iiKji. llu nelinen losi ilieii last match of the season lo lieiea . adeniy b the score ol , ' ) to 2. In the oid matches won by the Kittens. Sam Wanen defeated the mnnbef two ranking Ik ' iea plaver in singles, and Moore, tanking one ])lace lower, oxeiiame his op- ponent. ' I ' he doubles teams of Wanen and {;c)lliiis, and .Moore and Haiialson weie decisixeh bealeii as wcie Stalir. Oollins, and Manalson in singles. iiiiui.ils wcic .iw.iulcd Id llu lollowing men: (Ihailes Randall, (ieoige ■] iillotli, bam Waiieii, Lhis Si.ilii, J.imcs . looie. and James Harialson. 172 GOLF Hampered by unseasoiKihle wtailui, C oadi f. C. Jones ' aisity s ll team failed to develop winning lorni uiuil ncai tlic end ol its tanipaii;n bm defeated the University of Cincinnati twiic ami lost to Eastern State leacheis College gollcis b close margins in their two entoiinteis with the Big Blue. For the first time in the history of spoils at the University, a freshman golf team was sponsored. The yearlings engaged in eight games, winning three and losing five. Aided by the retiiin of thiee arsity lettermen, the team liied haid against the University of Dayton but lost both the matches because of lack of practice. The University of Cincinnati golfers bowed to the Wildcats twite i)y decisive scores and toward the end of iheii season the aisity seemed to ha e leadted true form. Captain Evan .Settle, Fred Hardwiik. j. I). Haggard, and Willard Meiedith formed the regular team and weie awartled letters at the end of the season. Jack Steele was manager. ' Fhe Kitten golf team defeated Eastern State Teachers College twice and Male High school, Louisville, once to score their three victories. The University of Louisville frosh and du Pont Manual, Louisville, concjuered the Kittens t vice each, while Male came back after losing once to win a close decision. Numerals were awarded at the end of the season to Jack Mohney. Louis Hillenmeyer, James lr in, and Flippcii. 173 w V t t V INTRAMURAL I(,u iIkiii li.ill n :ill mill Mudc ' Tils ));nlicii)atc(l in r IS I in i .niuiial cMiils sponsdud l)v ihc (l( iiainncin in h.n ; c ol ( ' .. W. Ha kciisiuitli dniinn llic lasl xcai. ( liiniptlilicin in iiidiviilnal |)()ll and sn( l ■ s in uani s|i()rls t;a c ' llic lri)|)li lor llii- rcau-si lunnbii ul uoiiils sdiicd m cNinls ihinnnlinni iliivcn lo Si ;nia Al| lia Kpsilon li alii nil loi ilulhiid lime in li - iais llic lar ;c- lovini; ii|) lias hern nllcuil. liidi idual li()|)liics aTld nu ' dals aic i;i en In llic vinniii;_; Icanis and llicii incinUiiN in all I (ini|)(iiliciii while ihe sindcni pal I it ipalinj; in ilie iiidvI iinmhcr ol c fniN is awaidcd a lii)|)li al ihc end ni ilic eai. (.liailes l{riiinai(liui . a nicinhii ol ' Sii llia Chi. won ihe awaid lasl eai. I he |)ioj;iain ol llic dcpailineiil is divided iiilo llnee seasons, lall. vinlei. and spiiiii;. Mlli main ol l lu spoi Is ollei ed in ihe laU lepealed ill ihe spiin;;. iiioiij; ihose ale; leniiis, sinL;lc and donhles; oll, individual and iwosoiiies; and lioiseshocs, sinnli ' s and donhles. W ' inlei spoils iiu hide handliall. sinnlis and d.uililes. lice ihiovvini;. ho in,n. wiesilin;.;. I)askelhall, olle liall. leiii iiii;. and houlini;. In ihe spiiii; (oinpelilion is held in diamond hall, li.ii k. and doss (on inn in .iddilion lo (he iiidix s|)orls llial are also held in Ihe lall. Inn aninial slaiulinns for I ' .l. ' iliS. ' i weif as follow Sij;ma Alpha Kpsilon Sif nia ( ' .ili liKlcpfiulciiI . . ( " .. l|)lia Tail ()nu ' j;a I ' lii Si ina Kappa .Mplia Ciamina Rho Delia I an Delia Ka|)pa Al|)ha riii K.ippa Tail 7(). " ) Kappa Sii;nia .%! I.ainhda C.hi , lpha 197 I ' hi Delia Ilieia 107 . lpha Sii;ina I ' hi 307 I ' i Kappa Mph.i 278 liiani le 2U] Delia Chi 21 1 .Sigma Nil 20. ' ) .Si- ' m.i I ' hi I ' psiloii 20;? 170 120 117 100 7S ( " )0 I!) -if ' ' ' FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES ALPHA DELTA THETA •ji ( II r M R BETA CHAPTER I ' oiMuU-.l :il I i.nis U:iiu.i (;.illi.i;c I ' .IHl liislallfd on (:,Mn])iis Mt22 Klowci : Sit ' r -I I ' i ' ii Colois: rintjinn i- liliir. Stdilfl and Silvci I ' lihliciliim; I ' oiliils I .M I M livNKS I IIS llHl l V(.l N ( ' .MAPI I R Roil. CiiidiKilr Minii ' rr l KI II ( 11 KIN Seniors lloudiin M Mills n I s M1 1 (.IS KlIlllSsdN K M III I I SMI 1 II I Mil I S l(l()l I UllilllS Sim I ll ( II I 1 Ksi OsiKiksi 1 K1. m I S (II KlU Sdliliotniiiiw IImiii 1)(iv sis(. I kiih Musi Hk wir !■ nslniirii M u I ' Ml 1 11 Rach M m III ss C ' .iri.TON 1)11 1 lldi.-l (.1 I( 111 (.Ills N si Aim h os Im MS l VKUS K M III UlSI I IKIMI ' SdS Ik S( I s I.w m. 176 T T " ! : ' - W 5.J v 0 n Q 9 g [ k mi s() iikix! (.i IIWKS 1. II l II IIOM KK wir IIOI I I MCI (11. ION l.A AI, SMOOT sMnii IKIW M G 1 IIIIMI ' j l. II 1 ION l l ll IM kSII I SKK.S - b ' " f ,f :j ALPHA GAMMA DELTA -.-)( 11 i ' l 1 RS EPSILON CHAPTER l-dmulid .11 S i.i(iisr I ' lUMlsilv I ' . ' DI Insi.illtd on (..iinpiis I ' .ld ' .l Flouci : lird itiid IliiU Roses Cnlois: llrd. Huff mid C.nrti l- i I 1 (.1(1 UBS IK I 1 IIN 1 I I 1 S M RIII V (.1 VM K Mil IIKI II Mill Mi S M M (. KI I KlN(- CMiri KIM 15 VKMS R KH K Hick Fr ( is I)i ki k DoKciiiiv Anm DrsrxiN Al.K I (.IM Ml l Pol (.III Rl V (! 1KIS (. S I M I Mi ' .i Ks IN I- A( I : I l SKll 11 M l 1 -i S M M I ' l (.l; C.ii i ' i I R Roi I GiddiKilr Miinhci Rl Til Vi III I Si ' iiiois S M MdON |l,MS JlllliolS M I ' . II. s I I I I 1 Mil I II ( )l ll I VKK.N I ' lWI S,.l ln 1 U 1 I 1 Mil III I .11 1 I k n (.(iMk DllKOim (.KIMM IKC.IM II RK1MI 1 II I I N 11(11 Ml S ■ICsllllllll 1R(.IM Pn i f (.1 (ll((.l SS I I ll() IKI.IM 1.1 I Rl 1 I l l I 1 1 WliK l K1I Sl(l l 1 II I I W NMllll 1 (il.VN W ll UK 1 l N( I S Kl RK I R Kim. Koc.i r 1 R1 I RSII Ml si ( iiu I M R(mi s( 111 I n Si M 1 1 I 111 l S . W II M DdKdlin I I I llKOMMII N I .VI KV LCHUSI ' . Kkiici- ' M R(. RI I COOI ' I R I ' .l.l Mll III ( ' .R l Rl III Dhmi.iin M K 1 I 1 Mil 1 II 1 ( Kl I K 1 li I I Imimi i CWIII II 111 I I III IX. I s Ml IIS 1,1 1 lli(. ui (: K(ii. s |{. | iiis Cmiiirisi |ii is Mil llkl II l M ' I IS 111 in I ' KK I I I Ml Kii I Kl III k S S: in I III! K M H (.1 NM II M 1 (lU SSI M( I7.S 1 M IlilIN , |(l lv i. 11(11 n ■. 1.1. ' i K (.KIMM Kl Kk M W 1 l.L I.OM R ll (.(.IRTV 1 CM I R lU ' DCLS Kill V 1 111. m 1 1 DIADI ■ CR IN I.RI BUS IRVIM- K PINNEV liol (.IN Kn SMITH 1.. 1101..NM S BECK liR() l)KI T DICKER fiOOI ' l R K.JOMS ()( IIS VAN MEIIK ROBINSON UTI.KI V KOCl R M.VRITN ril l R 1 NS 1 RS1I M.I. II KR1SI)N FARMER rowNSENn 179 ALPHA XI DELTA .( H 1 ' I I US XI CHAPTER l-nini(Kil ,11 l.. nil).ii(l Collim ' IS!);{ Insi.ilkd 1)11 (mIiiiiuis W1 Flower: I ' iiil: limr Colors: Dniihir Blur mid Cold l ' nl)li( .iliim: ljdi i Xi Dilhi Imiiiuil M I Mill ks i I- ( I I n M M (. M l I I I I I I I III Mil I II I ll I I I r (ill 1 ' I I R Roll Inuinis S l Ml Hk(1 SVKMI 1)1 LoM, Ki ii 1)1 |XM M II MII I I ' M I l l II MOM l K Ilii IK I I 1 Mil I II Soil R I I I s I Idmpa Sdliliiiiiioirs I lis IlKdW S Is Mil III Itl KKII II I I C.ISI (: KKI I 1 1)1111 l l M Mm I I K II i I Ukdw 111 ()R I) WIS I.Di ' isi: Funk I ,(HS Sll II KS ISO lllI.ONf, (; KRi;i. I ' Ar.E III 1 1 K II M 1(1 SNTIIII SOM ' IR 111 N IlimilW 11 Nni.l(IN 111 UKll U I . l ' ,l«J i DAVIS M.W Mil, 1. IK II. IlKOWN 181 ' .f 3 ■ ?H .?:«(.. ..? i ■ P - CHI OMEGA S.S( II l ' I 1 UN LAMBDA ALPHA CHAPTER luiiiulcd ,11 I iiivci sil III IS " .). " ) Iiisl, tiled oil Ciiiipiis ' J I I ' lowci; W ' liili- Cm milKiii Colors: ( ' .(ikUiiiiI inid Slum ' I ' lihlicii ion: l- ' .hnisis nf Chi Onunii ( .11 i ' 1 1 i{ Roi I 1 1 N DXUSDN KmIII KIM Fl ' RR I 1 ( (.11 Ki r 1.1 l MIl 111 Hid M |i w wirivi I I M (ill I M S I M |i I 1 mi » Sfiiini.s Sl I N Ikmv l MUIIV I.I1UK Ik l I s i ' l N Mil I I u Illllilll.S 1 I 1 Mil III l l Mm imi v I ' ikM IKI.ISI Rl l:l I M s I l 1 I KM K Cll.lMI U. I MOMI-MIN I ' m 111 I 1 KM R l MtloKII VlF.ST M K1 II IKI S 1. 1 1 Mil III I I " MI 1 K|(IKII M 1I km N k l III Ul l ( Ml U M KIII ( I I M 1 Wll I M (K M III WKK DXW ' OV Snj,ll,„l ml IS I k I 1 1 V ( . 1 1 I I K I KXM is 1)1 MOP I .III IS III II MINSON l M MI Mil II. III I n Mm II II M VKIIIV ll l I I I I ' M () Rl Ml liiss Rl win lis M SK I I 1 IS S;il KI K M SKII I HSON l 1)1 M l), .niOKI) |l N l I I 1 Ul sl I X Iti I n Ui s siiKiii I M ill Kll I SI III I I (,0(1|)M1 k Mil KIM llol Ml s i islniii ' ii M K1 N jollSsdV l R Kl MI ' l K I XRX I. Wll Diikiiiin Nk.iiois III I n IlKKK NlW K 1 III KIM Rl III l I II Klllll KIsllV I I I Sill KI K | M I I KMK 1 1 i 1 WoonsiDl- ' I 1 I 1 ()i:iiM j»fS»TC-i- H RR Rl lil r. S. URM R wiFsr MOM 1 I 1 E. ll ( ' .SON llDSWdKlll RIANOLDS IHOMI ' SON Mil. MR |l I FKIl S KP MI ' I li 1 ' . 1 IRM K IR IN RMU |l)H SOV 1R (1 WIMIKM ' RtAZELEI S(K)llSint J. n RM R I II Rd M( HOIS ,R n SHIARIR Nl ' NN I8S ' , " ' y DELTA DELTA DELTA s.U II l ' I I Ks DELTA RHO CHAPTER liiiindcil .11 r (isl(in I iii riMl ISSS liisl.illcil 1.11 (,.llll|) l l!tLl:i ) (i: I ' (iolois: il, r . (•alil mnl liliu I ' iil)li(.iliiiii: I ' ll,- ' ' ml. Ill CJi r 1 1 K Roi I. KI.IMV llUll i II I I Sriildi.s CUI.IM l VI l MI l ' l IM(. 11(1. isi III m; k l l Mil KM I llciiidi in W III IM I I DiiDiii in li Ki.i n AWI I III IIIN ( l l I i M K|(IKII I ' ll III K I- 1 1 Mil III lin In M I s (. KI!I ( N l KI. Mtl I II -klNS I- I 1 Mil III II M ' II I Im III K liKK (.s I II 1 I N ( I1S(.I I KIN M M«. Mil I ( V •! 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( H M ■ lU l.L ]Wl LI- SS MILLI.R M(, 11(11. S( 1 . ( K VM ■ IKIW M (, ( K M(. n IJ ISI Mil U(. 1 KM ALPHA ZETA HONOR. R AC.RlCLIl.rURAI, OROAM .A IION 10 CHAP 1 IRS Foimdcd al Oliio Slalc L ' ni ti sil . IS ' .I? Iiislalli ' l (111 (ainiHis. l!t|2 This oiganization was louiulcil loi ilic iniiposc ol conleiiing honor u Hin ihc stiulcnts who sii nily thai ihc) ha f t ' sse-nlial (iiiahiirs ol Icaclcrsliip ami schohir- sliip. Eadi car a gold medal is prcstiiicd lo ihc mcmhcr ol the Ireslniian class who makes ihe highest standing in (he College ol . gi itnltme. Idvi.soiy licxntl W ' At.ii R A. Price [. Hoi mis Martin Li£ i |. Hori. (;iii k HoRACF Nicholson James Downing Robert Scott Dl ' ard Bayless Richard Allison i mi s cooi ' er Harold Miller Eugene Cravens W ' lnsor Cra ens H K(1I II |(l l s Hi ' (.ii Cj u. II C;. S. Bi 1,1, Pli-siilcill J ' i(C-l ' lCM(lflll TirdMiii I S( ' (i( ' lin Hisloi 1(1)1 I wn s Rdsl l;l KC WddllKdW CddlS I) N Sll ( Kl.l I I ) MI S Cil. l k - TAU BETA PI KENTUCKY ALPHA CHAPTER IdUiulnl IaIii;;Ii I nl ■l il . I .S.S.j Insi.ilkd oil (:.l l|)ll . I ' JIH All 1 1(11 11. 1,1 1 li.ilci iiu IdUiuIrd loi llic |mi |)usc (il in.ii kiiii; ill .i III liiii; iii.mni ' i ihoM ' who li,i c all;iiiu(l .i (llol,l lil sUiiidini; in lln ' ii|)|)ri (|IkiiUi n llicii ( l.l ill ihc (ii)ll(.-,L;(.- Ill Kn niiKti iii,L;. SiM iwo c iKi|)iciN. Al.tiinii Mcinhi-is — I ' ik iill 1)1 N miii s(i I s()U s ()S I I |iiii mi I . I Kl I l W RlilU HI Sl ' K I l INlillM ( . ,. ( KIM M I- S llclKlM I , I Kl IV I I ' ,, I KU| I . I ' .l HI M II . I I KKI 11. II II llu M (. I k Ul u I S llnll III ' , Hum |,l ' Sll»M l 11 U (,i i I M I W ( iiMi; M, iilhri.s IIS I . Iiu.. s W 11. .Ml. .KM I Ml ..hi. I ( l.M.l I KIS W . 1 . Cow I I 1 R I ' ll MK S, l l. 1 ' , Ml 1)1. M I I ( Is M I M |) k M. ( WIM..- I ( I I I I M. I K M I I . I , W 1 Ml H l L I.(.KIISS III IUki.n I 11!- ■ W li ( I I.M I II Sill I.I.. |k. ( I 2 ' l() 4 f 4 .1 1 MU ' i ( i i i cm 1 i I ' .ISIKII ' K l 1 ' IIO-MIUKSI I II II. TKAMK SCHOLL SI I W KI I (IH I.I (lAlllI I CROSS LtBARON i now I I.I. W I M I UM. N K MI.I.V 247 ■ Ul I IKK s| LANCES HONOR R JlMOii SOCIL l l-i iiii(l((l rni (i ii ol KcniiKkv. IIIL " .I ii (in;;iiii .il inn | n i iiik ii i ii; ( Icis-.i I cell lit; Ixiwc en I lie sUulcnis mi i lie i .iiii|)iis ) li.ivini; .1 (Icliiiili ' ( l.iss 1)1 (iiilsl.iiuliiin jiiiiini null .issm i.ilid iii one ,i;i(iii|). I he lKilcillil Ik(,iiiic iIic sii((ismii ul llir M slu I , ' i. ,i cii t;,illi Jl ii)ll loniidcd (111 I Ills ( .iiii|iiis III I!) 1(1. I ' llll ( ,(i l 1 N . rill Si ;iii.i l ,i|i|i,i ...... riruilriil ( )s( K Kii iiR. Mpli.i Si ni.i i ' lii Sfiii ' l(ii mill ' riiiisnii-i Ml nihns I ' .ill (,onlr . ' S -,„„ K„j,l„i Om.ii Rtlilii. ' (( Si. niii I ' lii Kvfirll iic ' i-is. 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Si iiKi I ' lii i.ji. iliiii iDUMuis iiisiKip in rs IlKOMllll I (.UIMIS i ' VKUISII MISSIIMW MOM I 1,1. r MU 1! l ll II l ll SrilN (.KWIS LAMP AND CROSS HONORARY SENIOR SOCIEl V Founded LIiii cisii ol Kentucky, 1904 1 lie liisl (lass lionoiaiN eslahlislied on ihe campus ioi llie pin pose ol pioniol- ing lellowship and closer relalionsliip helween sUiclenls ol the llni ersil . lliii teen prominent membeis ol the |miioi dass are chosen and initiated into the oiganizalion each yeai . Mciiihcts ill luiiiilly C ' .AI ' IAIN C ' .IADK CiKAin [. RlCHAKl) (olINSON ()ll„r,.s I .Mi s E. liisHOP .......... Pirsidciil Fka k .Adams Rai.i ' }! Edwards CvAI ' lAIN Cl,M)l-. GRA1) ] ' i(i--F) (-side III Sccieliny and Ticiisimt Fill iilly Adiiisor .Smith Broadiifn t Joi: Grimi s AVii.ioRii Gr m.s MciiibcYS V. m H(i 1 1 1, I)or(.I. S 1 ' RR1M1 O. B. MURPHV Ri.v NOLDs Faber I ' ARLS MaIIA.N FoRRIsr MllsSILMAN I MI s H K|n MON 249 " Mill v.n l (i(.l ks KEYS I ( II l ' I I Rs KENTUCKY CHAPTER IIO.XOU R SOI ' IIOMORK ()R(. M A I ION liiundcd .11 riii iisil (il K(iilii(k . TjIMi i c ( i ' .iiii .H ii)ii liisu I III;; ' _;iii)il will .iiiil IcIIdw slii|) IkIwccii I Ki- ll i ml nun. .mil ] ii i inn )l i ii ' .; .ill .ii I i ilirs In Im I Ik i I lusc iiiiK. 1- .u li c.ii I en ol llic mcivi omsl.milmi; iMslimcn .iic |iKilL;ril .mil Inili.iud. i lii.;il)i lil Ixiiij; IlimiI nil SI III 1 1. II sin 1 1 .mil .11 1 1 II in cMi :i i in i u iil.ii wui k. M( mill I III liii iiltx ( I k I 1 1 ( • l 1 1 11 II I I i ( . ltlil l I I I iiK I ) w IS Wll l.l M SWISSIII I.VI I ' RVNK Kol.lKS Offirrix Mriiilui.s (.IIPW.I IM1 s W II I I M ( 111 Ul l IlKllllKs KiKK I ' nsidrill I ' lir fiisidrul Si-( clin - ' riciiMiici I Wll s Ml Mini I KWk UllKKII S ! ' , ' )() f, " ; IllOUN 1() Ji fS y CWENS IIW 1 1 1 1 » 1 nil ( M 1 1 NOC.l K MOM 11 ' ■ MlKRl l,L IK ILMI.S 1 1 (.LI 1 SOPHOiMORK WOMKN ,S HONORARY !• RA IKRNl lA THETA CHAPTER I ' DiiiKlc ' ihu l ' iii irsii ol l ' illslnn;i;li, I ' .llil Inslallfd oil ( ' ,.Mii|)Us. 9 ' ' M A iKUioiKil .soplidinou ' lionoi.iM lor voiiKn ( oiisisi iiit; ol lillccii oiilsl.iiidiiin sophomores, selected nol onl on sclioi.islic lecoids, hiil also on iiiieiesi and leadership in campus acli ilies, and on llieii s])iril ol cooperation with the lac iilly and studciUs. Me mhos in I ' m itll .Sarah Ci. lii , , i)in(; .Sarah 11. 1 !( 11 1. 1 I ll(lk lOS M k lsl (. kcK.l K C. Qeic.Ltv Lillian Holmks DoRorin Dimion Mrinhri.s DciKol ll W MM R (Mill RIM C M R1I1 I ' CIGLir .Adile Heauley Mary Gun.n Webb Fr.vnces Kerr Virginl Murreli, liimMoiTnT i nwi iiR 251 W QtQ Q ' » 5 IN I (.l 1 |illl s j l«ll ' .l M Ml KKI II, Kll I PHI BETA ' T: 00 I (IWMIKIII KOI 1 SSIOX 1. Ml Sl( WD 1)R l I IC 1 R I 1 KM 1 KAPPA CHAPTER Idimdcd N ' oillnMsU ' i II I ' iii ci m I . IIML! liiM.ilUd cm (.,nn|iiis. I ' .ll . ' ) ililhi s III I- III il l Awi- Cm I 111 Cliajilri liiill •I 1 r.i III II l i)is ..... I I lis K( IlilNSON .... 1 1 l ) ()k III I )()i ii I in 1 .1 Ki s 1m 1 Mil III l(l I l.l I I I ( |l VN MII KMl ' Ll N KI I (. IIIII (Mill KISI ClIOKI I H l I I I K (Mill HIM IlKl KV Miiiihris M vu III I I I.I II ll I I M II M I I Ol IM |ollSM SN |..M M Ki I IIIAM ll I I N I.KWIS r i I i I Ills I ' ir.uilriil t ' ii r-l ' ir.siilrnl Si )rltn TiiiiMnii Hisloi inn I.I l. I I UIS IKI.IM ll KKI I I ll ll Noll 1 IKI.IM Rll I W II I II III I.MISSV ' IIII A .p rKKs a StesT NlOkl OKII COUNTS MI II.OR PHI DELTA PHI PROFESSIONAL l.KOAL IRA lERMl ' V BRECKINRIDGE INN I ' dmulc-d l ' iii irsit ol Mithigan, 1S()9 liiMalkil on C anipiis. 11)25 A tVaiernity organi cd lo jjioinoic a liigher slanclaid ol ethiis and culture in the law schools and in the jjiolession at laige. Phi Delta Phi is the oldest pioles- sional fraternity in existence. Law sttidenis with standings ol two are eligible loi membershi]). Si ty-li e chajjters. Mcmliins ill luK iilly Lraxk H, R ii i I Bruce Morford H. R. VViLHorr Hubert Counts Eari, Walker III u S ll I II loi K. I KkS WDciDitow W. Ri ' R( III I I tl I.IM Roisi Frank IllRRA ' ( lfi(( ' IS Wll.I.I NT Nfl II.OR H ARRI I ' ORIl R Dm S BVRON I ' ll.MI ' llRI V Pledges UoWl II, l ( IN 1 |()ll . . (.1 I K Ioii . . Kvws Pi rsi drill liir-l ' icsidriil Ticasuiei Ti ' ihiliie [OIIN ( ;i RKI RlIlM II RI Sill I ' ll R|) . llllRI R. [(IMS (.1 (ii (.i: r. Ski.wi K 253 w SCABBARD AND BLADE Company D, Fourth Regiment A I lOXAI. Mil I I R SOCIK W I ' diiiidcd III rni cisii ol Wisdnisiii. I!)(l| Insl.illcd (in ( ..iiiipus. I ' .)L!2 An lidiKiKiM t;iiin|) uiniuii cd l.i di lend Anuiican n.idiliuns and idl■al . Id jnonidic lilt ' inuicsls cil R. (). I . 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IlKdMllll ! ■■. l ' .Ul) imi I ] ' 1 llk kMU ' MW r.ASSADV DALLAS BURNS CKUKIM R CLO WfLDF.R ' . T. TilSIIOP 255 ' I W ' BLOCK AND BRIDLE i:; ( II i ' I I Ks KENTUCKY CHAPTER I ' ROIKSSIOX Al. AMM 1 1 1 isl ' . . 1 )R (111 ' , l ' i;iiiiil((l JDiinlv ;il l() v;i, k.lll .l . Missoini Sl;iU ' I nix ci sil il• , :ni I ' iii risil ol NcliKisk.i, I ' lliO I iisl.illcd (111 ( !.nii|iiiN. 1 ' .IL ' ' J Hnxal I ' lnlilr ,nnl Xii. ' y lUiir l-lowci: IjIik All Ol njiii ;il inn 1)1 iiiniiii; ;il)(nn i Ionci i cl.ii ioiislii p liiiwciii men pin si li lit; i lu x.nioiis pliaMs ol llnsliaiuli .is a piolcssion .nid ol U ilo|)ini; nun in liusU ' il in li isl()( k. Ojli I ' m 1 IK III i i() 1 l I ' ll r nii Mir.l N I I M I s ( ;. I )l) 1 (. I i I s Kdsi r.i R(, 111 i 11 Will I I I i Sri)chi) MinJnil I ' I Kl M j. Ill IKS ( I K1 M I S Kl I I R M I ' ll Hkihiiiu I S ll I II Ill ' OMllll I | lll U (ill I INS l M Kll I ( lll ' l ' lll K III KMW W. (ill. IS W M I M I ( 111 IM |.1IIN W ( I M kl I MI s II ( I MiKI l) lll( I l kl Ml ,llh,-,S I I 1.1 l l( M s ISHMlll ( l( M s II U ( KMI.MM I I I 1.1 SI ( I Mls{ . DimSIM. l-.lll. Ml I ' . ( . KI1 I K Wll IIIKII (.K M s Rlllll Kl I . II N I l( SK II X M s MnlllllS III SSII jlll M llllW Mill I 111 IS I Isi.S I l( Nl s I I M s k MliSll jllllSSON I I KXHMS K M I ' ll Kl 111 III M l-KIl I I I Mil .III ( IIMil IS l Mills jlll Ml Dssill I l III! I l 1 SIM II KI1I 1. Mil I IK llim ( I . ii Hill sii I Wll S |. Rlisl Mil Kl. I Wll S H S | | 111 RS I Kl I 1 M lll IlllMi W III I I I K Ik wk Willi WIS 2r)fi ■ 5?. ' .-. M4. llli( l lU I ) . ( U I IKIW MM. Ml 11(11 IM)N II NS ll II VM l.I. KKI. CLAKKF. V. CKAVIXS W l KIN r.l I RS ( K MC.MN I I M I I NS I ciri ' CK In 111 I I. (,(J(I1S ( VUIIM li KCISI M ' .l K COIM K UMS (l, Kkl VIII I I.IR I ' .KciMmi I MliWII IS (.U II -M Mills 257 - CHI DELTA PHI ::i ( II r I 1 kn XI CHAPTER ;iliiiii:il ll(iiiiii,ii l,i((i,ii li .il ' .i iiil li)i Wiinuii |l.tlll(l(ll .11 I lll (IMl ! I CIIIUSMC. I ' M ' I Illsl.llllll (Ml ( ..I111|)U . ' X2 I A njlioiKil linii )r;u liui.ii li.iuiiiilv loi wnimii in llii- tlisioM-n .md en colli ai tiiiiiil ol lilir;ir l;ikiil aiiiinif; woiiuii sliuiiiUs. Mitiibiishi]) ri(|iiiu i slaiuliiii; ol 2 and llic siiliiiiission ol an orit;inai niaiHisiripl ol lilciarv valiir. Mi ' iiihci s ni l-iK iilly . SI ( M I IIIW (.! S I ( KMC.III, ViiMmiK K Mill KIM Wll Ml (.MPKI.I Is l ' ,UMi I II Wl IS (. M I 1)11 S I-. I ' . I- klll 11 k II l) l lll IR{.IM Ot (, SrsAN Jam- Ii kni k [am-: . n M Mill us M K|( I II Wll SI I ' irMilriil l ' i( c-l ' usidnil Si( icliny TiiuiMnii Diik 1(111 Kis ss ii n MvkiWci kiiH.i I Simoi T S kMi 1)1 1 iisi. LiiisIk iK Wiiiii 111 i.iu s Smiim I I i iii mi Svoudi n 1M S SM I I l Mll III II VKIPIS l KIII (.11 l l k I 1 ) I S AsDI K-SON MxklUlUkKIN l kl I). I ' OIIS lks. |.(.. Ill SSOS Mills JOM.S Dnkiiiin Wiiiisiii M ki li.okl Nash ' J. ' .S K()IU S() I l (.l )UI ETA SI6MA PHI TAU CHAPTER HONORARY I.A UN AM) C.RKKR IRAIERNI lA FoiiDdcd al L ' iii c-isil ol o and Nnrllnvcslem L ' nivcisily. ][VJ.i Installed on Caniinis. ' .VH ' ) A national honorary Latin and Greek liatcrnily, the puiposes of which are to foster the study of the ancient chissics, cnlTance ajjpreciation of Greek and Roman (tiltuie, ami to ])ioniote s ood will and fiiendshi|) anions ' classital students. Mciiihcis ill I ' lii nII T. 1. JoNis |i i)(,i 1, !A ' ()lli,n:s Sai.i.-s Adams Roisixson ........ I ' yrsiilnil Ji;anni-: Pi-;ak ...... ri(c-Pir.u(lciil DoKofHi ' Ci.iiK ....... Sri}r iii El.l AISl.lH W ' aI.IINCI (IRI) .... T ICdSHIC I V ' iRciMA ' oiNt, Sn grail I -11 1 -A) ins . i I, K(;aki;i Rowiioi ham, A.ssuiiiilc Mciiihri 259 -; ■r " ,f , PHI UPSILON OMICRON IOTA CHAPTER I ' ROI I SSIONAI. IIOMI ' l(,() () II( S 1 R A I r.KM IN ' loiiiiilid .11 I ni (iMl cil Miniusol.i, hlO ' .l liiM.illid ..II (;,iiii|.us. I ' M ' . ' A li.ilcllillN [ cli ' iliiliiv h.istil (111 s( sllip. i li.ll .u Ici . Ic,uliislii|). .mil |)ii)kssi( ii,il .luiiuilt ' . (.11 K ;iu- iIil- stcniitl scincsln ol llllil M)|)ll()llinl( Mill . Mciiihi-). ill l it iillx 1 Mill Hm KII SIMM I KIKMIS | l lllidMK (mhikim Kciik.iks Hum 1 I Sni ki ki S U Ml s Arsdm I ll s. (). |. )()M Rosi i i Ki iii (. i() 1- -i I A II I l ' i )()H M). Of Urns Mcnibcis I ' lrsidrtil I n i-l ' irsidriil Sc( irliiiy riiiiMiirr 1 1 IsllllKIII I ' m ' mm Kismmmik M mo IIii ik Dijikh hi V ii i ii ii S k ii Will I I iM.iiii I ( iii i ( .11 I lin i i DdKOI m l ' K l K 1 Ml KIM ( .t I ION ! ' (■)() SIKI III. I WIM Id V l luiw I I 1 III ( Kl Kill : 11(11. 1, III 111 I. PHI MU ALPHA, SINFONIA NATIONAL HONOR. R ML ' SIC; FRAJ ERMIA ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Fcjiinclcd NcA - F.nj;!, 111(1 (ionsn aloiA ol Music. 1898 liisi;ilk ' (l on ( !;iiii|)iis, 1925 . Iralcrnity organized lo advaiut- llit ' (aiisc ol music in , niciica, lo loslcr the inmiial -svelfare and biotlici hood ol siudcnls ol music, lo dcxclop ihc IiiiL-st Irateinal spirit amoniJ its mc-ml)cis, and (o cncoma c lo alt to the . lma Mater. Fifty-one chapters. Mcinhos III I ' ll! iill CaRI. LAMI ' F.Rt John Lewis (a.mis ,Sc;holi. Howard Matson RENX ' F.rn Keys JosEi ' H McDaniki,; CaRI. BcKJiNK I)t DI.IA Sol I 11 Cliiijiln Hull 1)a ii) ' ot , (, El.Ml.R G. Sl ' I IR Fvcsidciii I ' iic-l ' icsiilriil S( ' (ii ' liii Trcdsincy Hishii inn Jl SI IN lil. (.kl Kin H KKISI) I-.I I Kll |- M KMI M I. H MII l(l (ll IJ| I s S| AVil.l.l M liROUN NlMN(.(.lllM K llll K 1 Ml I )(HVI 1.1 R MPI I I IKI . l.l M1I K (. l ' l KSd Rll H UI I lUI.M s Sl.dl r 2(31 ?¥ " ' if ' I r II M(K ( I. I 1 ( I ' WMII PERSHING RIFLES ll M ii,ii l aM( Milihii I ' l ;ii( ' i nil I ' ci sIhiil; KiIIcs ;is IcniiKlcii .il llic riii (iMl nT Nclii.isk.i Jii IS ' .M. I (.cii. Iiii |. I ' rislun . Il MOW . s lillrrn i li.i|il i s, whose .liiii is 1m |)I (iiiidIc iiu1iI;ii II u IK .111(1 !j(Ki(l ( il i (iislii|i In I he imi n sii its ol i In ion. !■ I ts 1. Si hk. IKM S(. I . V.I I IV 1- S(.i. W . ( . WMs |. ( ( l MPK II 1 , l) MS W ( 1 . II ss IIS I ' M 11 un.ik 1 K 1 ISII f. 1 ' . Kiii in 1). 1. DIMIIKII W.I nil 1 oKii U. 1. M M.KI III I. t (1. 1 ' . Kl 1 II It II. kllclMIS J. M. IKMS 1 . 1 1 l (.SI()N I ' n- ,:ilrs . 11. Mil 1 1 K 1. M. II SON 1 II IIII 1 l( KIIKMK 1 . IV p. KSIIS 11. Mill 1 IPS l II III (. 1 1 r IIISIIK 1 . 11 |l 1 1 1 Kll s k. 1 . k MI 1 IKMSI s M 1. II. kl III 1 1 W 1 III 1 1 M. I l MS 1 . U. l M 1 IS uiiiin 1 1 h 1 ' . Kill k. Ill SSI s. 1.. l IMIS 1 II 1 . Kll n |. II. Kll 1 1 . Ill W II III J. 1 . MkISM S. 11. SWII 1 1 1 . Ill S l 1 1 Il 1 1 SIII KS 1. MlKim K. 1 SIU 1 KS W. 1 . 111)1 M1 11. 1.11 111 Kl k II niiiKi II. Ml 1 H. 1. llK II. 11. I.rKlllW IS 1 Sll Kl ksiis 1 . . S ks|i M K. Ill IIIK K II .K (l 1 M 1. N ii 1 1 1 M. 1. 1 . M 1 11. M IIIITI 1 T ftiWgTi I ■ • NATIONAL SOCIETY OF PERSHING RIFLES i ' M KRsi I oi KK rii(;K ' COMPANY C, FIRST REGIMENT Tlic L ' iii ci ' 5il ol Kc-nuickv diaplci ol I ' ci.shint; Rilics has woii llic rcs inicnl- al (hill cliainjjionship lor ihc pasi two )ears. A large share ol ihe ciedit is due to Mr. Geoi ' ge A. Knighl. drill iiiaslcr. whose superior (hill and (oiiiiiiand is proh- ahh not to he louiid in ihe U. S. Arnn loda . Lieut. P. E. I.e.Sloiiigeon is also (onnnended lor liis adixe interest in the diills as lacidt ad isoi . The hest ol the hasie men Ironi the R. (). T. C leginient are leioiiniiended 1) their inslriutois as potential nientheis lor I ' ershini; Rilles. 2G3 PITKIN CLUB An Di .nii .ilioii ill, II mcil-, wccklx Idi iIu |)ui|)i)sc uI ItMiliiii; sliulcnis in lluii lliiiikinn oil llif ulii;iiiiis .mk! ,ll K■ ol lilr. Olfirri. ' . )I1N ( ' , i« 1 1 i; N i 1 I 11 I 1 iiK I- 1 i r . r I 1 1 i;sn 1)K. (.1 iiKI.I III li I ' irsidriil l ' i( c-l ' icsiditil Sri irhny I riidr, ' o M Ir ALPHA CHI SIGMA I ' l CHAI ' IKRS ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER PROFESSIONAL CHEMIS IRV ERA) ERNITV l ' ' ()imck ' (l :il Uiii tisit ()l Wisfoiisin, 1902 Inslallcci on Claiiipus. I ' .)I7 A prolcssional IralcinitN oi ani iil to hind its nitnibcis with a lie ol Hue and lasting; li ieiulshijj. and lo sirixf lor liif achancenicnt oi (hcniisirx l)oih as a sci- ence and as a ])rolession. Alciiihcr.s ill I ' lK ull V. T. Tri TLF. J. R. MiKirrM. OwiiN B. i U KI ' HV Theodore B. Ayers Clarence Moore M. H. BiluoKi) C ' . ISakkimu s Officers Members James Pviis RolilKI Kakik W. H. Kiii.iK President y ice-President Treasurer Wll I t WI liRtlWN 265 ' ■ ' f X - ' " C ' ' - i -?v IN Ki:. I ICkN The s iii liii(l (tic llif wfcclrsl III kciiliuliw rill- llininliollhiril illC IliCll-st III KillllK l! . Mniniliiiiis hiii ' ii jiiiiii(l( t. riiiiiiiiii jiiiils Ihr IdikIisI. Tlif liiilihiiijii- IS llir i liiliiliwl Anil jiolilKs — IIk- liiiiiii c l . Ill Kciiliiiky. — I wii s II. Mi 1 I i(. ADVERTISEMENTS I he lollowiiii; |):i ;cs ,iie dc ()tc(l to rccordino and cx- Uiidiiii), oui lli:mks to tlic Imiis that ha c aided I ' m UI.Sl kiMtCKiw l)y ad ci tisiii ;. Ma the) ill imii rctci c tlic ijatioiiagc (Uif Irom the studtiits ol tlic L ' liixtisitx ol Kciitiiikv ' - :C ' ' ' ' : r ALL THAT I AM— OR EVER HOPE TO BE- I OWE TO SPALDING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT " 119 Easl Plftli St . CmclniiHti. Ohio l I ' ll |)| I I I III I SI 1U I ( .. r.M I 1II(|11(MS - llllU-. M.llUl .inil siK.l. Or, , Si, I. ,11, iii «k-i;il - n|, -.-,I. MimiIv. huU ., Iiu l -.iiii,c ll.ivln " inmalcs ului l,(i|) ll,i ' li.ii,, i,, i he ,,i,,,i,iiH .ilv .i v MiniKiHcs lo KCI M lc;iM lull nl il I vc.ii ol.l Mill ' s i,, Ihr (.v.uui riiish: | i iii(l ,l ilii- i|iii k lllV.,|,|K-.,l.,,,(r 1,1 ilN I, I|M-S ' |li(lll,CS I, II,, I il,i- l,u,,i i-,i l,.,,,cc; loM-s Hvn (,l lis ln-,1 hi-ls Mils s|„,l, ' . Ki.ll,,lMil, .,1,(1 llruin i i ' ii. l-.iiliirs: l)i„i,ll, M.nliil ,1,1(1 l ' hil,,,l|. Inline |iil,,, llii .il II iiiniMcil iIk ' uill mil liu ' kiikI liiiish in |uin .,,,; l iisoii ;iiul sonn ' I riiins-lf: I:irn.Mtl SiiiiiiiM .,,,il liiani k- H:,iiiill )ii (.ri-cTiii| : Yvonne S I M-ln .iM.I Si .iil ll.,,iil(l lull. Mini lli» , r.nsilnllllrs: I I.IN (A k-.lll IliilM- Riillll, M.ii .mil k -,,,i(il, Ki - .,iiil II.,M |i,,i„n s.liiill. ilois s.iNs. Txf lull, l,k - iliis III, Ihicf -.iim; ll.illic Dinuiiii am! Dan l ' aM k ' , uill, voiiiii l)a c ' (.iillilh as a piissilik- ■■|iiin-l |il:iliiiiii ' Mibsliliilc l-.iliia li,,,,,i at;f,i, lni is said lo lie |iiMiicil. Iml ulio sa s il I a;,i 1 (l()M-| kiKiu ir-iuc (Ollsllkl Ihis a lllllil liiilsc- | os. sil ilil . . i.i ' . ri si Mil I ( ,, .,, DiMlllll- llllU- .Hill -nlll I II ni:ilil llir cUsiic hiiiii iil srnlinuiil. is as inipnilanl Id liaiijiincss as iIk- |)ii) idiiii; ol lilc ' s ii ( cssilics. nlll laniih wants iiui pin ili i!.;i apii. Ilsaiiaimal (Icsiic II is a sim|ilc iinc In sal Ish . ( lia r li.iil nian xcai-. iil cNpci uiK c in inakini; ailislu ] iiinails. W ' c . w (■(|iii|i|i((l 1i)l;i c |)iiiin|)l anil niU(|iiail((l s(i i(C. Call Idi a])| nini iiuni (ia or infill. IGafcUirttr lu tll l ' lii l( ' !;rai)liii s III iibr IKrntnrluan I ' liiinr Ashlaiu! (.271 W . Main Si. pwt WWEcf Fliir ' I In- Alphai anis jif -lookol i-.iin (WcII.udiii .i li.nca pioccil pic?) , , . Kliiisu ( :.n i cli leads her uliile lalihil Ki i( l(ir in I he aiiiiiLiI Mas l)a parade , , . . I his pocn die ' 1 riani ' le eiiKTcd the rni ersil in ' .H)X ... He iias i raihiaied in :i. ' i ... I e . he unn llie pri el .... The Kadccs eiucie i Iheir nsnal altiailixe lliia( and ((insetpienll was auaided the sen iid pii e (Kli abelh Jones is ilie Pel led l.acUi ... I)i niii niaicii (aiish Uean and Spons, i lai- " aret Walkci heads the " licM Band in Divie. 269 On l ..III ( ;llR sl.l s OR I ' l , MOl 1 lis I ' - llsl lllc 1 Inn J 111 lll.lkf 1 l.ll ll.lU ' ll III |ik-iL ' . 1 . |() ilu .ul V aiilMniA III ;i ai III! a sm; 11 (..SI. () III )i i(cs aic n-asi nalil, . Chrys er U-Drlve -It LSI K. Slinn Si. Asl.h nil S: " ., ' .2 |..iM M.ililr ll.iinriv; xm.ii Imm |.I.i.m- in llir vlinu ..I lii ' M lixikiii- liiiiM ' s. tMili ilic iK ' aiMihil lill Kiil.v 1)1111 II : iiii|M ' ili (.ihlr as III lime nl llu ' milt ' llicsi ' horses Mi.iki oiils (iiK- liaiiii a su-iiIn iiiiiiiiiii ' male: will) a link ' iiKiic |iia n(( ' one il ilie lillies. ului has plaeetl setdiul ill several events. ma (ome in first; lia c c - (elleiil and (lepeiKlahle leail liiiise. Hii ei. •■•i i Va: Sai.ih Del oir .mil lla ' .;i II ii !i ' ' Aii- l„(l l„i,sr I ' lnsihitilirs: aliel li (.ueii ami All i ' . i.ililialKie Hull Wheeler: RiiliN Dunn. Iieaiiu (|neen. :iml l ' ika|i |a k liukei: I Aehn IIkumi ami Alhisi. llilh Hif;.neisiall: lli:iiiipi D.nis ami . llasij; la liir n.ivis luhai ' s ill .1 ii:iiii( ' :- : |.mu ' llamillon ami I ' liisii |i. ' l,oii ' .;Miirl. AI I (. l l ni I I M IU.I.S (,.. ,im: Keil, IhiII ami ..;iivii, l)i}j i NoU ' il till lluii evei i.isiiii;.; eiitiaiue in ail il.iiiiiiii Kites " : leeiiii;.; .i slip ill ilie nlil iei;iMie. eallc l ii:i k e |ieil liiirse v im:iii Welile h hii is mm pilllin ' llie vonnv; lillies ilir mf;li a (l;iil (l(i en of i har:i(iei is- lii si:ilile aiiliis: in liope ol liellei link ne l veal " : I ' liii. ' ssiil rolllll.illM s.l s ■iiiosl III llieiii :iU ' iliPil liil live liiil iii:.;s lull iIk ' v imil.lnl .41. iinu h liiiiliei " 1111111, nil III h.iM ' 111. Iiive liil Ilie K.i|i|.a sl.iMes. iNlurs: Mililuil lli.lini ' s :iiiil il liii ' .;iili: Marion The Ph oenix A musement Com pany 1 :iki ' s lllis M ' l ' i 1 111 iii III lliaiik llu ' si n li ' iils :ii ii 1,11 ttit ll)l lllcil Sll| i|)iiii .111(1 ( ii-i)|)ci :iliiiii liiii ill!; 1 III- 1 :isl M ' iii. ' sit 1 ic S iniicnis ' Hfsi ki null i.C i( ' :il iiin:i 1 (I ' lncis Kentucky : Ben All: Strand : State 270 The May Queen i ides in all llic s|)lfn loi nl a MoiUrn ( anik-i ella ' uilli W niMon lUion anil Mildred Holmes as her allcndanis .... Maim llean and SpuMsor Walker .... Her niajeM . lean Iminwoi th. . Ia Queen 19. ' i. ' i .... Mildied llulnies smiles and [Kises loi ns . . . . Once a. ain. llie iineen and liei lourl. 271 " - At; The University Commons Extends greetings and best wishes to the Class of 1934 1 iiiiKS .iii.l .Ir.ii ..Id !).. ■• I 1 i;Mi: k- ■ M M.iiv M.Mvli.ill .mkI Iriaii-lr |.u k l.tiiixr: M.iiv liiii |.i( I Mill :iiul Sii;f|) •Hiiir Duili.iiii; l,ii KiiiK Koj cr an. I i ' liiilell " Itiiik " Wooilliiul ,iiiiiM he ih.ii ihc Ms iiiaLi- iH nv iniK-aj i-, folks, oi iii.niK- like llic- Mal)l ' is Miniiiiiiiii iiiiii.l.di Sue I avion anil Sn all |. I). Hnlcll. ;»,; ..-s, l ' n Ml.,1,1,,- I M-hn (.inlil.s ,(,rul)l " l liail lioisr III, I l)i(k MasvMll. liiiMisiu ol •i|■ inia: jnih Odis anil Si iil Jaiiiis lliini: Alitc DoiiKllcitx and liiik ' {K ' nik ' iii |oc Krislci : JL-an Si. |(iliii and I riaii- •;k- lUii Haiiisi.ii; Lillian Holmes and . llaj;ialil)aho - liiiic- Janes IUmin I ' liceand I ' liideli Nonas jolh: III liaii ilki and Wallie Meadows Kal ■( oine-liilliei .M (..nei .iild lie vxllo (.line llillui. sli.iv (,ieek Miles M.iidiii. (UK) SI Mil IS Cihiis: and sii.,u, Dnl- ' . Willi so ni.iin lillies ■ ' j.inu ' inio llie lollill. ' ihe (liios loiiiid ii iieiess.iM In ino e Inlo llie elile Siiiiili sialiles 111 spile ol llic ' addili I lilh Crane. slill liiid lioiihle 111 kee|.in ' 4 llie sl.ilile u.illli: |)lo ed llus u.isnl le holse ,.iiii| lls liv i;l.llil.llli; L ' 5I lieu lillies l.isl l.dl. (See Wiiuliell liliial.. r„lu,-: Mai|olie W iesi .iievvK ele.le.l lioise ,|,iesidenl lo Nou. Mii;-s,..iid I ' lolessoi i l I ' lniiiiiiei. The Kentucky Kernel, Official Newspaper of the Students of the University of Kentucky, and Printers of 1931-32-33-34 " Kentuckian " I wo DOI.I R SI l ' .S .RII ' I ION lO I 111- KKN 1 I ( K kirm:i. wii.i ki ' .Ki ' ' (Ol IN lorcii wiiii ()l r Ol.l) .SCnoOI.Ni I IS. . ! All, srKS(.RI|- I ION ORDI RS i() iHi-: Ki:Nir(.k " i kirmi.. i,i i. (. i on. ls . riic 1 ' hisii.s ha L- ;i lilllc i;aiiic ol piikcr as ilic- |.aiaik- lolK aloiij; ... I In- Dt lis i,,nk mkiih place when ihcir I ' oikins Rilk-s Dianln-d ( I hi- s|)(iiiMir. Hnnicr (aimilcii, plans i,, run lor -ilic May Queen in the spring) .... 1 lie SM-.s paddle llieii mvn canoe .... 1 he ;. irls liom Ih. , ' !D ' s stables not out their raeing silks lor the Ia l)a Handicap, hnl llie laded lo plaie in ih. ii ' oiie) .... |oe ■I ' Medoiiie ' Mills and anolhei down do ilieir pan lo make ihc paiadc : Sllt(CSS. 273 First National Bank (Cp Trust Company I.I ' M (. ION . ki:n 1 1(.:k lislilhlis ird isi;:. Mcilll) .l li(lii;i Rt ' Mi i- S sU in (;.il) . . . s l.don.doii v| 1 0(1(1 (1(1(1 l() Mm liux. I in (.iiiii.iMl .111(1 Si-ina (hi liviiii l.ilMi: |.Mii D.iuMiii i|)ii .- |)iM ll i aiul IIcmia I hi iKi. slKiv Hn.i I lici.i I ' i: I ' .il () Ken and I aiiiliila. hi (.rol ' r l.illis u lK ' l Ihc how .ihoiil uumii: I Ualiiil D.iuMtii and Kasa r hi( ' lliMldk ' sdiii. Miid-hnrsr l ' i,s ' ,il,ilili,s: Ann C.iUiii.iii and ka i |a k lanes; Susan jam- 1 in nil and , l ' hihci,ika| |) i (NO nihil KlixilM Ml Hum: Maiian Johnson ami l() Mil Rush and l() Siiiiin- |)a : Uiiision Itv .mil Si-all Wnndsnii Kniithl. I RIDI I I s I MU I (.i m : SilM-r. ■•nM and him- IhtjK ' : Alt- planning In iiiii a i;i ndj;c ' raic vi(h the l a|)|jas alUT rc!;iilar laiiiij; siason ... reasons seem in III iivei a sii.iv lllh h name ol Inhaiik: the |iii e will he Ihe iKAl l)iih i.mdid.ile enlels I he I liiversi l II. Ilk I I r.iihii.ih: h.i e Ml in eiilei .1 h.iiiiliia| i.iie. hilt aie desiined to uiii the linden w.ilk h.iiidi (a| and the s l i Liiiiiiii:.; laie in the l.ill: Dells h.ive .ilteiii|ileil In iii eit;le them into a il.iimiii;.; raie Ini M-Mial e.iis. ill seems that (he Delts and I ridelts aie sisiei and hinlher siahles: the liidells liaxe e( to ilaim them Heme Ihe ( l.iiiiiins. Ilamluai). ' •» i;,v: lli ahelh li.iihieiis and Sii;all Alfred l-,ik- les: M.n. aiel W.ilkei. Inil- e heaiin. and Ka a Hi!lx kiii ' 4 |.iiie Knlhenhei ' .;ei and M-all lien l.ivlni: Ulllll THE STUDENTS ' CHOICE-... " I .i iii l iii Ml)-,! Iliiiiililiil Diii; Shirr " I ' Rl.SCRJI ' 1 IONS Si NDRII.S SI A I JOM.RN K.MS DRINKS sMOkIs I.iiiusiiiiic .111(1 M.iWMJJ Sliccis ' liiiiics, slil.iii,l ' JSS ' _ ' S!I DUNN DRUG COMPANY Ihe I ' ickaps arrange lo do a link- slLf|)iiij; diiiiiii; llic Ia l)a paiaile .... (.rant ■Spinner ' Campbell and Ralph Kc-iclic al au hl in an inlornial pose as tlicv ' passcil in lexicw " . . . . ■■. I l.illlc Rappa I.adN. " lealniin, Stcin Hobaid, .uno on llu- i iild siandar i .... Ihc IMiilaws plan 1(11 an old lashioiicd ha i itk- .... 1 lit- DeUa clas ■ ' Inrn liaik ihe dock " lo thcii kid ila s. 275 Building Regrets Are Common ' SdiiR- liKiiK- owiiLis ;iK- |);i iiit; iwiii - li)i ilicii lumifs— oiuc ill (oiiirati pi ice- ,m l oiKC lliioiiuli tosi ol repairs and II p k (■ I ' p— iiiimt cssai ixpLMuliliiriN llial an- iIk- |)ii(t- ol (aickss huililiilj;. II Mill tamioi allord jjiiildin rcs ' icts. ()U slioiild iii c ' slii;atf llic ipiaiilica- lions ol oni ; in(Tal tonliacioi hrloU ' lillinj; oni (oiniaci. Im nioic ' lian liiirlN-niiH ' xcars. this (onipan has bicii (onsiriuiiiig buildings ol Wu Ixilii (lass. COMBS LUMBER CO. " Incorporated! IclLplioiie Asldand MW (l ii au l ian(li F, (liani;i ' (lonnii ' in ; All Diparlinrnls) l.l ' .l 1-, Mam Si. i.( iii ' ' ioii. K . PEERLESS LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING CO. I ' KOMI ' I M) I I IK II I M K l( I ♦ I ' I ' .ioaduax IMioric Ash. (.l ' ) S.; ' !!, Il( l!;i-s and l)i ' ll:il;iii Rmkx Su-| hciis. Iloiolln VMiil Mil :iii(l Si alf |iiiiiii l isli i| : .Miii- I. mm;.; X.iiiic ;in l I ' liiilcll llaiik VaiKc: ir ;liii:i keen S nun;; .iiid I ' iiilaii I;ii in Waihs. liiilliiiiM ' l ' i) iliililii : l.iiuisc Jolnison am! . lla ' -1:4 Dean " Kuhc " Burns: Kiuv Hiinlci and I ' lkap Itlll: I cImi lciiill and Kaxa Kiilli Slu-plu-id: KsiIkt liii ' 4Hsand l ' lii lc-li ii.;;il (.ailskill; Manila l " uj;i ' ti an I Ddlalaii MinKiii Pollci: Ann llain I) jlU ' niiK.-M ' r and riildrll loins linlo: ii inia Ui mn ind Ka a (.knn liiinli. DM I l I s I | ' ,| I-. Colun: Old rose and iius !;rii.-ii. Diijii-: Small stal li ' . loi ihi ' | asi car or so |)irin.i miilh ( " -I loialcd in llic old . llasl}; house: n-unl! ' . Iiivi iis lead horse, and a ; ioil lead il was. ladies an l .;iMlkiiun. (.;ixle l.llioll. time ol ihe mile ihree and .1 lull, uiili one llavi:4 li:ileinil | iii .iiid vMi.d hiok.ii Ir-.iiIv. uoiu-e 10 l e (ompieud li iones|.on ikiKei: lliis e;M a (|iiiK(l I he |) i|)iil;ii. | ' e| |i Mil ' , l.i " Hardin. Inlri.s: " l.i ' llai.lin and |-ik.i|i -Re.! Siillixiin (,;ivle l-.lliotl. lead horse, and AILisi ' li.i l.xle Uilh Ii in and Dellaki Ho«aiil kevs. hulli ' ,n, ' I ' o ' .uhilili, M.iiv Walden .ind l ' lnl:iii Wallv Uri;™s. At All Times • • • liiiic. |),nl linn-, danic linu ' . pl.i lime. s( hool liiiK ' . i;i :ulii:ilion llnu-. I n .im nuiil nine, wcddini; limr. .Muk liiiu. (la linn-, infill linic. siiinnici liiiic .iiid w unci I mil J ii l(iiitl-irrz( ' Itr Ciriiin ' - ' 7(i Hotel Lafayette OlJ-( (nnl)U. liciKhjUin li-) (ni I ' nii ' fi.silx sludriil.s. inul ll)c liiiiiic (if Kcnlu(k .tliiinni it ' licii ill Irxiiii ' liiii. (fat DENT OK CO Opposite Union Station SALOSHIN DRUG STORE CURB SERVICE Main Clay Phones, Asliland 3333-1508 Lexington. Keiitucky COMPLIMENTS OF AND tOMPANN INC. KAVni-K SIAlil. ' KS C ' . d,,: Olixc oiccii aiul |kmiI wliilc. Il„wn: White rose. Dopf. A congenial liniuli ol iinliidken iillies; in- iiinU iiian lates: Idsin; dllieis: the kail liciise. Kli a- belli Jones, has won ihe linnlmll llaniliiap anil is leading in the Bastin Derby; the entire .Stable was enleied in the .Stroller Claiming Race and won with I be maiden I ' hyllis Ciaskey. alter Elizabeth Jones langht the distemper and was " seralthed " . The own- el 111 this enteied a laigc held in the Kenlinkv (Kernel) Derby; this held composed ol Willie Hughes Smith, Jane Ann Mathews. Lorraine Lepere, Doiothv Whalen, Nancy Becker, and Mary Carolyn Terrell, have almost crowded the other entries Ironi the Hack. Also have a few " Dark Horse " entries in their stables (which is an annex lo Dunn Drug Stables, just (iff South Limestone on East Mavwell???). • ' .iihirs: Madlxn Shi eh (lead lioise) and Lamb(l:i- ihi lead horse Curt Howard: M;ir Knnl Stanlev and Eriangle Ralph Ratlilf; Eli abelh Jones (disputed beauty) and Kaya H. V. Bastin; Nancy Becker and Kava Frank Robinsotf Mary " leiiip " Eanlkner and A K) Curtis Wilhmott; Jinny Matthews and Deltalan Lairv Herion; Ha el Nollau and Dellatan boneman I ' led Scott and Deltatau geologist " Willy " Haag (looks like this is going to be a feature entry, all present in THERES A DIXIE DE.M.ER NEAR ' iOU ENJOY ICE CREAM C.RE.VM {)!• THE BLUE GRA.S.S 277 ' hi ip aylor ells YOU ry SEIBERLIN6S wo read TAYLOR TIRE CO. TYPEWRITERS SALE OK RENT SMITH AND COKONA Standard Typewriter Company li . li(ll|S |i IJ|||i||. Id il.l t ' l s (llOKI III ! ' () I II M.IIN CaiolMi Icin-ll (.ilidiii luill ilic l.llll|,ll ciK ' IDKM C.IRI.I ;m l K;l|)|.;lsi Cluiilic ■■l ' iiM|)(illi r- W ..(ililnchjc Alum :Khisci |)i i()tli |onfs niul AK) |i)hiun Will moll: S.iia Kiiincv ami Ka a Kllc-ibc Caller; ( mniin .aiii|Hi- i|iniM rinllis ■■(.Kxim-i ' Caskcv .mil k.iva Waliii Cinllci. k l ' l ' (. 1 s I Mil I f:«- ..M: liluc 1.1 llir -kv anil ilu- liliii- i.l llu- Ma. Dnpr: 1 i.iililioii.ilK .1 mi liiuli ilaNs Mahlc: alwa s lia ( ' a i; i (ll iiiiinlxi ol iiili 1 lidiohu ' ds: a lumilicr ol sale hc ' I.s. .siuh .is 1W-1I iiii rfiiniiii IoM ami Marian ( oiiiu-i Dawson: l)n|.isin Don li(.iiik a s. ■ I he M.ihk-s ail ' ki-|)l lank 1 li-.m-. li.iil .1 ..;ooil ol Drury Baking Co. MANUFACTURERS OF BUTTERNUT BREAD )no A.shlar.d r,i3 119 N. Limcsto PATIO PinVATE ROOM For TEAS - PARTIES - DANCES Phnni- Aslllimd 9234 M„,l lin,„ l ' .,s-.ihilil,rs: |ani- llin W rlil. .mil |)i| lionliU- uilli ils li ' liliir llns m.ii hni uiih ilic .liil laiaii Inline Kernel liiisiiiess in.m.i;.;ei Ike loo,e: Mil ol I he ile.iii. no nioie sli.ill lome 10 liijlii. h (.oiinan anil Dellalan jiiMin eim: I.ini.i |oIiiimii: Inhirs. Kiiu Kevnolils .mil kav.i llnlili Wilhoii: anil I ' hil.iii Jimnn Ciai. : Willie Unfiles ' Miiiilv Sioiis I lob.ii 1 .mil I ' ii .i| ' I l.ipj.x i ( el.mii.i Srnilli .mil es inan.ii;in;4 ediloi il.inis. I ' liiian ' ' I ' ai.iilis :mtl Sii;maki llmt.iiil Sm.iilieis ipinneil one " ili il ' . ' ueek, nn| inneil llle ne li. L. G. Balfour Company Known whorovri tlioro nri ' Siliools niid Collosi- E W. ROE. Rcprfscnlatlvp 711 S 4111 Street. Hoyburn Bldg. Louisville Kv Manufacturers of Class rings, plus, club Insignia, engraved conimonrr- menl Invitations and personal cards, fraternity badges, medals, athletic trophies, class gifts, sperial award emblems, service badges, diplomas, li-; ' tlii-r diploir.a iiisrs While The Leader entertains posit ive convictions on nil -subjects of State and Natlon-u-lde importance, its rclilorlal policy Is Influenced by a desire to be fair. 10 be Inforinntlve. and to promote the moral, social. ; lid economic welfare of the home-loving reailrr THE LEXINGTON LEADER ■:7« i COMPLIMENTS OP THE CAMPUS BOOK STORE Miul-li ' iisf Pmsihilili,-.: V. w hrouii and Si.i.iiiaiiii I ' aiil Williams: Mary f:liick and I ' ikap Toniniv Ctm- ic ; I.Liciilc Ihornlon ami Ka a John Davis Haj aid (this entry scratched by the combined request ol Cam eron Coffman and Jay Liician and Basil Baker): ii i inia Boswonli :in l Kappasin Hinii 1 homas: Ka|)|) Waddell and ka a ColciiKin {,allo va : lk-ll llo d and Hempel ' s SOUTHERN DYE WORKS (Established 18831 BENZOL DRY CLEANING 380 E. Main Street— Coriier Soutlieasterii A ' Plioiics Asliland 470-1102-Y Lexingto Phidelt John I.. l)a is: Maiv Dantzler and Dcllaiaii Carlyle Ames and I ' liidelt Lee Miles: Tipp CallKuiii and Sigmanti Mat McLaughlin: Gerry (.ai c and Sigall Bentley Sampson: Nell Duerson and Sigm:iki Ehis Stahr (ihe man with the perfect 3 standing). COURTESY SERVICE - QUALITY you-I! fin ci tliese three iphasized at points R. s. THORPE 6- SONS ii icorporatedi ■The Men- Store of Lexington " CLOTHINC AND FURNISHINGS Opp . Phoenix Hotel Lexington. Ky. ■GIFTS THAT LAST ' SKULLER ' S LEXINGTON ' S LEADING JCWELER 115 W. Main St Lexington, Ky KlAlAi; SlAlilK Ciiloi. ' ,: loitiuoisc blue and sicel gic . I ' lowcr: White violet. Dojic: Have a coupla " Sparks " ulm are no plugs: complain ol the coercion of a very strict trainer: man aged to jump some rather mean hurdles this year with example of ex-lead horse " Jean " and lead horse Rilcv Ford U-Drlve-lt Phone Ashland 139 East Short St. promise better running next year: l) luck in a toss-up got a filly attendant to the prom t|ncen: have a beeooo- lllul filh. who is known as ' BeaniN in Distress " , Ktiy- kendall. so christened Ijy ihc iiiosl p(i|)ular Professor larquhar. liiilrifs: Marv Louise Knvkcndall (licautv in Dis- 1. J. Blackburn PLUMBING, STEAM AND HOT ' WATER HEATING Phone Ashland 1840 405 East Mail St. 279 f : .f ' ? ' ? Bryan-Hunt Company •Incorporated! WHOLESALE GROCERS Lexington. Kentucky Distributors for Sunkist Brand California Fruit irc ) ami l.ainlxlac hi viiiiil lli-iniau .ini: (.iiiii i Sparks and I ' ikap " XW Maiiiiillaii: Mil.luil un i? IViiN aiul Sii;c| l.oiiis (:lii| |)--. Dciloiis Sii.iiiniiii am I ' liisi: l)ii llc Miir| lu- : DuKHln 1 ii-aidcM ami l laniahhalioc lanii l) . I ail Wnml WalKiii; lian..- liusli aiKl imU|)Cii(l(iil ■Russ " i-iii s. i(r .. r ] nss,Uili ,,s: •jialH- ' Mailiii and M ' 4c| COMPLIMENTS ■S»nl - ImiUmim, |cjmil - Spaiks ami I ' anI NuIkiK; -iii;l.iia I.aiiil. and si: |. I,nm..n,l in(,ld; ii:.;iii.a Rilcv and Si inaini Hdl Wcaxci lask iininia. vilial arc- ird lings lor?): Ksilici Ciandall anil nc»s|)a|in man |iiiniiic Minn; I n Jean AikIcimmi and I ' liiiaii lliili lal(iiic- . kilu i( ii.onni Cnok an.l i ' lnlaii 1 tank ■j li. •■ uii Uiinics Woodland Drug Company Corner Woodland and Maxwell SANDWICHES DRINKS We Deliver Phone Ashland 1581 UHY-CLEANING PRESSING AND TAILORING THAT IS ALWAYS CORRECT MAXWELL TAILOR SHOP Un E. Maxwell SI Ashland 34!1!1-Y INDll ' l 1)1 1 M KI is CA i„y. Most all «liiu-. l i n . A nninbcr one siablc. iiiilil uilli llu- aiKtiil ol ihr lusi dressed tonlesl lasl Mai iIk eletled a (.uck Unci as besl-dressed woiiian. ami. Iioiii llie kindness ol (eilain lialei nit iis ' luails. ieiei ed la Oneen in lelnin. Now ol inrsi ion.dile all ' ' .iiaiu e - COMPLIMENIS OF THE FAIR STORE HC West Mam Street Lexinclon. Kenluck.v .1.(11 .|nali Mil Ii il l nnkr .1 WW sm,, shil oi„ii sl.ihl,- ;,M,1 .111- (|illl ' sm.rss ill | ioi 111 in;.; si.dile males. iil i, ■. Louise K.winj; and llie e.liloi . Miasm (..mui ;.■! : |iim- Winslow and Siijeii ' ' ( .iiiei .di Miillili ' .;liill W.dl. ' l SleilU ' i: N.llie l.nlol I Hill. II. Ill I ll ' .l l) . ' M1VO M ' .ll mil .111.1 siill lookip KELLY FISH CO. FISH OYSTERS AND DELICATESSEN Sp. elal Whole.salo Prires to Hotels. Restaurant Boarding Houses, Etc. ri.,;id at Short Phone 1406 Lexington. Ky. ' J«0 United Service Co. Home of Motor and Gas Analyzers East High St. at Viaduct i;()()(l: C;l;ua Margaret Fort ami Leslie M. Gross: |i:in rowvdiih and Dcltatau " My Bill " Giealhouse; ii i;inia " Lee " Moore and Sam Allen: Lncille . tycis :im(I I ' ikap ex-editor " Wes " Carter. Hinrah! Huriali! Hooliiioii: 1-ciiKile shrieks n]as(iiline wliisllcs emanated iiotn llie exciled " ' ;iikI CROPPER ' S LAUNDRY I Incorporated I m WEST SHORT STREET Stand spectators at this " Grand Finish ' il ihe i;ie:ii Deihv. It was a svvilt race and hettiiii; laii hij;li. Nlosi ol the money lost was on third and loiirlh places. Those were tense seconds lor the audience .... lis Smith and Evans ahead! Us the deanic! The ' ie neck and neck! " were .shonts heard in the stand. l)ean snrprised a good many people with her iinlooked ioi STYLE — SERVICE — VALUE BAYNHAM SHOE CO., Inc. East Main. Near Limestone LEXINGTON. KY. Look for the Florsheim Shoe Copeland Dependable Electric Refrigeration Domestic and Commercial Bain Hardware Co. 1 Incorporated 1 Vine St. at Llmc slone Lexington, Ky. S|)C, suiitiiess in the laic. Hci speed niciidable (oiisidci iii. the iiiipediiiuiil;i hi(h she (allied alont;, liandciills :iiul (iidgel. lint it was ii i use. Rice and Liz outdid her on Ihe hmiie siietih. But it was a great race, folks! It was a great rate! Results are as lollows: I n l li. ' ncc III H7A d)v l.- lengths) (oiueded to Ml. THE LEXINGTON HERALD FOR KENTUCKY FIRST " and Mrs. Henry Shelden X ' aiite (nee .Mice (;askc Lang, tridelts principal politidan aiul |ii(iiiioler, and Hank Vance, phidelt cowhov) because the were laijs :ihead. with a two-year nianiage seiiel . . . and on tlie V. K. track. VI.ACE: Mr. :iiid .Mrs. ). II. CotliiKiii. nee kaMlee (.eii (;ill)ert and drum iiiajoi delt " (). I!. ' . liiNcii Phone Ashland 980 VICTOR BOGAERT CO. MANUFACTURERS. JEWELERS IMPORTERS Importing Houses 31 Avenue Victor Jacobs. Brussells. Belgium Le Bourget. Paris, France 127 West Main Street, Lexington, Ky. 281 THE TOGGERY SHOP Parllcular Apparel for Partlculnr Poopip CUSTOM TAILORS HABERDASHERY FRATERNITY JEWELRY - ■ il li i kccpiiii; iIr ' iii:uii;iyr srdil loi riioiulis ll ) : Mr. and li . Robcrl Rice Siniili. M.!;iiiaii,i roDK ' o Rite. an I Ka| | a |ilcl» " lA " I-Aaiis. wfii . alU ' i iiiiiili (lisdissioii (oiuc ' iU ' d lliini plaic oi li( u laiid il was a good sliow i in | icliirTii c lo llic Dean, who li llic wa Kill ihcMi a liiklislilv ilosc loiiiili. IIOSUH.iULh ML. 1 1(). : thio Iai W noldrid;jc aiul riiidcll Hal Miiira . II.SO It l. : Ka dcL- Maiv l.oj aii llaidiii and I ' lii laii liul) llrawiici: Allagaiii l)ol (.oiliatii and Ka a .Ma ken; Iiuli-pciidciil Rosalie Hanson and I ' liilaii liill Maliaiie»; Allagaiii I ' lates Houlihan and k i|)|)isi Ahin llloek; Dellalaii Howell Davis and Aliie Wliii liiighill; Chio X ' iiginiu Rivers and Wallaie Jiosion. eisailles: Iriilell I ' hoehe W ' onh and Dellalau ISnite king: Signianu Jack Williams and Ills Ouenshoro lad . Marv alielh Rogeis; l|)liadella I liela Mai Adaii and l.asseie liradle) : librarian Kllen lliillei and aili l C:ail Sliilesnian: liidell Rolitila I ' raiM.n ind l.iil Me er; $igal£ George Vatcs and I) ili M.n.niian Kappa Lucy Shropshire and Sigiiiaki l.aii (iiniip: liiangic I ' hornlon Lewis and I ' hiladeipliian Kli alieili Wilson, Sigalf Charlie Wliilman anil irginia Allen dei: Mar laikv Dunn. Iians . and Ka a Ceiil Wo nia(k: Uookslorenian IIomI Maul and Mairodsinn ian liiielah ltr anl. and Ka d( ' ' pledge ( oulav Den Inn and Itinlon Hail. die riir Hraltli ol llic Faculty nnd Sludenl Body I.s BeInK Protected LEXINGTON DAIRY PASTEURIZED OAIHY HKOUUCTS II y Commons and Tralnlim School Flocoe Dry Cleaners UNEXCELLED SERVICE Call and Dellvrr sl land 4944 Next to Tavern Keiii.iiks ilie I -I -i.iiidM.indeis. iiiaile while silling: " 1 |i ' IK-isoii Ropke ' s ilie name. " inliodiu loi ' lemaik l) I. |. Ropke. " Wimpv. " ihe imlsiaiid iiig bit ul ] hilosoph) llip| anll iliing oil the longne of the sleek Frank Adams, " I like ice cream, ice cream has MO bones surprised to liear l.ii Hardin sa " He ' s m L() K " (and Red was nowhere around)... ini led in on a er delegable lidbil ol im| orian( din Inn laii t jMint il cause I iicle Kiioch s.ns ' irs jnsl i.eiween us girls " Uellalau Fred .Niuiiv Sioii meets all collectors uonclialantl) with llie sonl s.nisi ing remark, iilchcd from Arch; and Mehilabel ' Ion- jours gai, lotijours gai, Whallhehell, W ' haiiliehelll " three weeks alter ' 1 he txplosion " Fd I ' aller son sa)s " 1 thought 1 coiddn ' t live, but I seem lo be doing inell) well. " liidelt .Maijoiie Fiebei sa -. ' ( onnie si les loi ilie season are the sinaiti-st ever. Ilie iiildis. in keeping with spring, ale delighirul. " iIiH ideni.ill M ' like ilie new shoes) Osciir Reu- tei iK ' iiiiil piesidiiii ol Ihe sophomore class) is lieard singinj;. I ()ii;.;hi.i be In I ' liiiiies. " bill | opul:n opin- ion li:is II lie OiM lil.i be III llu ' r..illiliili. " ihe ballunb is ihe jil.ue lor base voues Fealiire wiii- er Virginia Robinson meels all siliialions wilh " Hee. lice, he and be eia Mildred I ' errv in a soul loineisatioii wiili I ' lolessoi Fai(|ii!iar in wliich ihe piol e lols Ihe lo e .mil lie.inlv ol the feminine WE PUT THE OK IN COOKINCi The Right Spot Is THE WHITE SPOT 103 E Main SI OeorRo Sarras. Prop. 282 ,is ;i ■iimIc man. lall. daik. and hanclMMnc ' , ii-luU llic sia(cnRnl M-i nai cl »illi. ■ cll, |jcrM.nall . 1 piclci- l)l()iulcs " Mai) Oarolyn leirell swears she uill (|uil usii ' .i; slang " on acronnt ol as how " she warns 1(1 ini|)r(i e her language, ami rcpealediv icqnesis Donl (all me love " Editor " Sunny " l)av in re ply to a request for an editorial statement asks " Bless my buttons " and then lapsing back into his nalnral sell alter (his IoIin plea, streams fiercely. " I uani COPY " he is joined in the screams by a radio announccis voice, ex-editor Wcs Carter, very olnion- Iv aslee]). very politely screams " Copy! We want c ip ' with a characteristic griir and an intioduciiir (.CCS. gnvs, " Kditor George ' ogel of the Gogelionio a liriefh renrarks. " We gotta have copy " jinnin Bcrsot states, " Coffee, tea or milk! " Gordon Lisanby says, when asked what the ladies say. " 1 he all say the same thing, and as much of it as possible ' Dorothy Broadbent inquires, " Oh. yeah? " Alice Vance insists " It wasn ' t so hard to keep it secret " . . . .Beauty Queen Ruby Dunn, asked to make a stale ment for the press, smiled (probably mistook us lot ■Saj ' It With Flower CUT FLOWERS BOUQUETS CORSAGES FLORAL DESIGNS Phoenix Flower Shop G. S, Fleishman. Prop, Lobb,v at L.idies ' Entrance o( Phoenix Hotel ne A.shland 3680 Lexington. a pluilogiaphei ) Madlyn Shi ch lepcals lli.j slalcnieni made in hei sophomore vear. " 1 hale men in geneial, but I love ' em in particular Ediior (.eorge Vogel endorses home ec cooking. He savs " I like Hossenpfeffer " . . (Well. L, I gotta mention him. I ' m gettin ' paid for this, ain ' t I) the Kernel force says " Dave, ain ' t a bad guy " Woodson kniglit has a secret love: he says her name is. . .but she went and got herself pinned 283 A r-: - m AUTOGRAPHS f--l -- P 10 - W W ' AUTOGRAPHS ' ' ■ AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS 7 - Vt . Hi •i P W Ar - ' . v V iCfi v '

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