University of Kentucky - Kentuckian Yearbook (Lexington, KY)

 - Class of 1932

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---I .rf Q34 , , , if . r' ' . I 1 I 7 ,I rf' f - A V f . wr ff ff 1 ,,f Y . ff' 4 if ff ff f.. . 1 f' 1 ww X WVVVW 2 aww'-'E Uhr lfhnturkian 1932 Qlnpgrigllpt 15132 3Frzmk Svtnnr. iihitur-in-Glgirf 'H QWWM " Ja ff ea r Nw? f J o mv -v Q?" 3 Nu.. 1 M1-,M W 5' ' w, Q' Efhv 1932 lfbnturkian iinhlinhgh hg the Svvninr Gilman liniuvrnitg Nlff ilivnturkg Elexingtnn, Kenturkg 'Hnlumr 33 ,., Ziyi' -,,,,.-In-"' .1-,...n-v' fx .X 1 'Y N Y' Q 1' FY? Sig M! 571: 1 . if I hr llmxrzt nf Ihr Cgreul Vin "'l'l11'11 1111111' Il lY1'lll' of 111i1'111'l1',"' ll 1l11'y l'l'l1i1'l1 111111'l11'1l ll11' llllflfiy 111l111'11l of Il guy ,-1111! 1'111'111'.s'l 1'l11s.s': i11l1'11l 111111 f1111'j111s1'f11l. fi11ll11'1'1'1l 111 ll11' .s'l1111l11111 of ll11f fl111111' H'l111.s'1' ll.Q'lll l111.x' Q'lll.IlI'Il 1111'11 In Wi.s'1l11111'.s 1lf1rH', 'IQIIPIX' .wi ll11'111.v1'l111'.v 111 l1111'l1l II lIl,S'll'Ilg' llllIIll'. 'l'l11'i1' goal ll11'y l1'111'1'1l 11111111 ll 1Ii.s'l1111l 1'l11111l,, 1I111l .S'l'flIll'1Ill1Ig' 11fl1'11 f1'11111 ll11f 111111111 Of 11ll11'1'.s', j1111'11l1'1l I'YlI'l' I11 llll' sky- .-l111l1ili1111 f1111111l Il 111'111 11111l l1111'1l-f1111g'l1l l1'11il, Il'l1il1' 11'1'11l11'1' 1'111111'111l1'.s', f11ll1'11g by llll' 111113' lll'g'I'fl f111'll1 ll11' .s'l11l11'111'l 11111'.s' 111 .S'I'I'lu' ll11f G1'11il. .S'r1'1'1'l lx'1111111l1'1lg1' fill1'1l ll11' 1'l111li1'1' of 1l1'si1'1',' Tl11'y 1111'l, lllI'3' z1'111'l11'1l, 111 111'1l1'1' 111 1'1111sj1i1'1' ,'lg'11l11sl lll f111'l11111' 11111l ll11' 111il1'.v 11f l'1lllI'. Flllll' y1'111'.s' zvill1i11 llll' .s'l1111l11zu of ll11' flllllllf, l"111'1'111'1' l11.s'l11g Sll'l'Ilg'llI 11l1111g' ll11f j111ll1 ,'l.s' l+'1'111'lily g11ll11f1'1'1l lol!-1'11 f1lYIl'.S'I? llllll l1l111111'. IV11111' j'!'lll'.S' 1l1'1111l1'1l I11 II11' .s'1'111'1'l1 of l1'lIlll. 1211! llIl..S' is 1111! llll' 1'111ll11g, for in .s'1111ll1 7wllI'SI' 11111'11r11l l11111l1.s'-11111l llmy 1111111l1l 111111 ll11f1f-l1'1'111, Only I fi111l 1111! ll11f1'1f lllf' Holy G1'11il." ll ix ll11' 1'1111.s"1111111111l1'1111, 11fl1f1' y1111ll1, 111111 111111'l1.s' ll11f l111j1j1y Iflllllllg' of l,IlfCf'S l11l1f. w!1Hl!!1H!!H'E!!ljHI!!1l! !J '51 my l!!Hl!!HL!!4w, mriinliiuriilriilliim liilliilhliilfiilliilfi no one there inns among us, eixei' mobrh Qlmong us in mhite armor, ilbalahah. 'boo make thee gooo as thou art beautiful' Quin Qltthur, tnhen he oubh'lJ him knight: uno none Zin so young youth was eher maoe a knight 'ULU Qbalnhaof' Ukinihersity 3'33lGlA'31 l iinnrh CErvlga1n Grail nf the BPLIHYTIIIPNT nf3Jnurns11imu Stamped with the image of the King" ln' zlwells Among ns. Amt llls well lozverl visrtge tells A story that has souree within his heart, One that rlehes the tonelz of the ttlzlest pen Yet, has sneh bertnly ztntl sueh enrnestness, Tis lrztriecl deep with the souls of nten. Sonte root of hntfgltlhoofl and jntre nol1leness" Hhs growth within htm., and .sjnlngs forth to ll The useful, urgent tttsh he has ut lmnd. Gently, he ntoulfls the spokesvnen of rt nation, Anil those who hurl in hint tt faithful friend, Unite in tribute and in rlectietttion. His love of truth lnls hept hint free front guilt: As has his strong belief in youth-His smile Reflerts the soul of one who takes from life lls best gifts, work tmrl fun, virtues that blend Into the elements of deep content- And are a part of him whom we call "friend". I f fs J. R ,J JY' T ,au 1 s u 1 .. 9 '-I 'ja' Q? lk N s. x XX Glnntvntz 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. E. 7. Hniuvrnitg Gllawzva Zllratnrrzi Obrganizntinnz Filnnnrarien Athlvtira Aililritivn 'N-' fiiff'W' 1. J . Fl it ug, 1 ,Z si .N ..-ii gif, b R 3 , xl-k.,vv if ,q vw- L ,...,S ,X X N H-gf .-1 x 'W " xiii? '+V X ' M, - 1' 'X I ff.gQ' 5i . ,hr-geyifgf' ff M ' 'GMM Q u Qkxxs .35 'ry K '! ' I ,, l Q45 , I - .- , ,. ,. l V, AK . ' ,ff , , A , g-F B f. ' ' ff, w .rv . gl.. I . 45 K s T Elf xii i. , :.'f.k,, ,.. L . 31 X I . , 'LII .'7r'f'. A5799 51 P61115 'II-IOMAS IIOIL COOPER QCOLLIQIIIQ OI? AGRICIIIJIIIRIQQ PI. S. IN ArIkIr:I1I.'I'IIIuf:. lINIvIaIIsI'I'v OF MINNIasO'm, I9o8: SIGMA YI' NI mu 7If' ', ' Arz.-xrzm l+'Iz.-x'I'I':uNI'I'Y: l'.I'sII.ON 5Ir.m,x PIII, . . . . . .,Ix. WIIO's WIIO. l'Mili5761 PRES!-1N'l'Ol"l"lfJl-I SIMII: IQIS PAUL PRENTICE BOYD Qc:OI.I.IccsIa OI-' ARTS AND scIIaNc:Icsj A. B., PII. D.. OIII-:kI.IN COLI.I:r:I': COIINI-1I.I. lIxIvIaksI'I'v: SIGMA XI' SImI.'IDIcI.'I'.x CIII: PI MII liI'sII.ON: XVIl0'S XVHO, PMII-1 355: PRl'15l'lN'l'Ol"lVIlll'1SINCIC IQI7 EDWARD YVIEST Qc:OI.LIsc:I5 OF COMAIILROEQ X Il A M PII D.,GIQOIIOI-1WIxsIIINc:'I'ON lINIvI-1IIsI'I'Y: COL I' . .,I . ., . IIAIIIIA: PIII SIMM KAIIIIA: DliI.'l'A SIGMA PI: Blfm GAMMA. SIGMA: xVllO'S WIl1D,I'fKfLIi2352C PIuisIiN'I' OFFIClz bINc,IQ IQI8 WILLIAM SEPTIMUS TAYLOR QcOI.I.I3GE OF IsmIcA'rIONj B.S.A.,NI.S.,PH.D.,INDIANAj KII:N'I'IIcIcY: NVISCONSINZ COI. IIAIIIIAQ ALIIII.-I Zl'1'l'.-KI KAIIIIA DIaI.'I',x PI: PIII DIaI.'I'A KAIIIIII ' 6 PR :sl-:NT OFITICIC SINOI-1 1923 X'VlIO'SYVll0,l ,u:I1:2I 4: I Braun ALVIN ELEAZAR EVANS fc:o1.1.1aG1-: OF LAW, 0111114111 or 'rm-2 Cow: W11o's W1-10, I'.x1:1-: 772: P111-:sl-:N'1' 011111111 SINCIC 1927 F. PAUL ANDERSON Qco1.1,1aG11 or 1aNG1N1c1cR1NGj ll. M. li., M. li., l'111u11I1-1: S1r:1x1.'x X11 'I'1u,xN1:1.1-1: 'l'.-111 BI-2'I'.-X l'1: W11o'sW11o. P11111-1 1811: l'llI'2Sl'1N'I' O1f1f1r11': S1Nc:1-2 1891 WILLIAM DELBERT FUNKHOUSER qc:RA11uA'1'1c sc11oo1.j A. IS.. M.A., l'11.D.. Sc.lJ..W,x11,-xs11: CokN1-11.1.: P111 B1-:'1'.-x KA1'l'.1x: Slum.-1 X13 K,x1'1',x SIMM: OM1r:1u1N D1'21.'1'.-x K.xl'l',-1: OA11-10.1 B11:'1:-x l'1: W11c1's VVIIO. l'.1xr:1-1 872: l'lu-ts1':N'1'O1-'1f'1c:1-1 Smal-1 1918 COLUMBUS RUDOLPH MELCHER QDEAN 01-' MEN, A. B., M.A., H,xNov1-:R Co1.1.1cc:1-1' D1':1.'1'.x 'l',x11 D11:1.'r,v OM1c:11oN D1f11.'1'A K.-WPA: VVIlO'S VVIIO, l'.-11:10 1541 l'1ucs1-:N'1' O1f'1f1f:1a Slxczl-2 1917 SARAH GIBSON BLANDING f11EAN OF WOMEN, A.ll., M.A., K1cN'1'11c:141': Co1.11R,xnog NIORTAR BOARD' KAI-11,1 Kfwv,-x GAMM,-1: l'k1cs1cN'1' Ol?l'lfIl'1 S1Nc:1c 1924. A. ll., A. M., l'11. D., Co'rN1-111: M1c:111r1,xN: D1-:1,'1',x 'l'111f:'1'.-1 PIII! V 'L A IGH! 4--,..-:-:Si 1.12 Ein Pmnriam Mtn. Anna EHUIIIIPZ il1Hr1Heg Entmnvh mnthrr nt' lklrrnihmt EF rank 15. Wlrllry Hlvlr. Alvr 31 uliun Zi11I11IP1'11IEI1I L Jhuntrurtnr nt' Zlnnrgunir Gllyrxxniatrg 31111111 Oburm' mall Qllann nf '34 . liglv Igrnmning Ifhnnkz Liliana nf '34 Glhmlvn HH. QHEIIIIIPTPI' 1 Qllmm nt' '3ll iinmnnel 11111. Smrgvnt Sprrial Stuhrnt Bzmih EPI. Matin Qlluzm nf'31L " Y.. V sw ' -. Flfuir itilay Bftutur .4 Oblh Qlantlnnnuh 'Elmenhnrt' illillarn I Cm, -LG LMA. S3 28 535 ram :sq V v-ng , . .N .zum .....-.1- - 1. u' 4 1.-1 :IX A1 4 0 J ! n silber armor suhhenlp Qbalabao shone Before II5, anti against the rbapel ooor Eiaio lanre, anh enter'h, ani: me knelt in prayer. Zlnh tbere the hermit slakeh my burning thirst, Quo at the sarring of the rnass Zi sam The holp elements alone: but he, bam pe no more? Q-lpe, Qbalalyao, sam the Qbrail Qljhe Zfpolp cfrrail, besrenh upon the shrine." Iasses Svvninrn DOME LHITH' Q'N 19 52 F7323 1 X is ,-,qf-Mb. NSN' ax ,fy 44 1' fl 112, K 4 ,Nl f f 5. l itll? GB111' 119111251 Glnmplrt il MEETQJ Sir ifmunrrlntl Once on a time there entered into the halls of the Thane iVlcVey a great hoard, a mighty multitude of blue f,-appkt fresh- men. They swaruz'd o'er the campus, made felt their presence, and boasted their prowess and determination for deeds yet an- done. Amongst the lesser ones, many stood oat. There was a mighty Duke who bestrode a great yellow charger, a lily-maid Christine and red-nraned Sir Andy who did jointly joust all coniers in tlte Stroller Amature nite Tourney, sweeping all before them, and many others whose fame spread far and wide because of brain and brawn. Thus start'd o11r class of 1932. But being full of lustihood and little satisfied, the fair ladies and noble knights of our hoard did sware an oath, did for our- selves, choose a Quest, a search for enlightenment, for knowledge. As we did set out many perils beset us, causing some to fall from the hard-beaten way, while others, girding their loins the tighter, and with faces heavenwards-turn'd, rode on. And now, with near-contplet'd quest, we view our fellow kniffhts, battle-scarr'd, ravag'd and wound'd, yet bearing proud D . . . . . . , the sleeve of some fair maid, or shield of hostile knight de-hors d upon the way. Amongst the victorious knights who ride head- high from the lists, we see the brave Sir Gordon Finley, Sir Tick Evans, and sir Duke johnston. Many great ladies ffrace the lists, - - D - ' '-'-'-'.'.'.n-.-. the ever-attractive Elizabeth Poole, fair Virginia Young, Emily Hardin, and Christine johnson. The denture maid Mary Eliza- beth Fisher is evidenc'd, as are journalists Louise Thompson und' Eleanor Srnith. Other knights with history-sounding nantes are Sir lien Stapleton, Sir john Epps, and Sir Bob Wise. But greatest of all knights, great for prowess on fields of bloody battle, great for prowess in the lists where Track Tourneys are fought, is the great Sir Shipwreck. Sir Shipwreck whose name has been r'arri'd from one end of our fair land to the other. Thus does the class of 1932 ride out, our quest ccnnplet'd, vows fulfill'd, armour on, eas- ques pull'd down lanees coueh'd front spurs to plurnes, where- :1:5:2:-, foe er we ride, whatsoe-er may come, we're ready. .:.:.:.:.:,:+I,Z,.r.V.A...l,','.-.-.'.l...-.' fine... -.'.,',,,'.'.-,....5..,L,:,:,:,:,:,-'...',.....'.4.v....v.'.'.m.:-.',',.,.,,,,,,,,. X Q' , 05 1 !Hg!JH!!lHl!!IML!!.IL!!lL! !ll!!I!!JQ!.Il!!l!l illiiliiliilliillii lii1IiiHiiH'iiHiil ,nf 'Jul bump- rv --. ,, -1 - I I ff- 1 Q, ' . 4 J EDWIN W. HUMPHRIIYS , PRIESIIIIINT VIRGINIA L. YOUNG Vlcla-Pkaslm-:NT .I ANE BLAN D SECRETARY VILLIAM li. FLORICNCII '1'REAsuluzR FRANK S'I'0NI'1 Enwoa "KleN'ruc:KlAN" W. FINLZI-I HILLIARD BUSINESS MANAM-:R "KI-:N'1'Uc1uAN" 25 Aria anh Svrienrvu WILLIAM HUGH ADGOCK HoI'KINSvILI,I-: l5Ar:III1I.nR or ARTS Al.I'IlA 'l'AU OMEGA: PIII MU ALPHA! I'RI41SIIIIax'I' GLRII CLUII: OMICRON DIcI.'I'A KAIIIIA: SIGMA 1JEL'l'A CI-II: S'I'RoI.I.IaR DIRIsc'roR: KERNEL: KEN- 'I'UcRIAN: l'AN-Hl5I,l,l'ZNll1Q BAND WILLIAM KING ANDERSON CI,ARRSDAI.Ic, MlSSlSSll'l'l BAI:III4I,oR or ARTS vl.l NDSON PRYOR A NDICRSON LI-xx I Nc:'roN BAUIII-1I.oII or SUII-:Nc:I': K ICN Nl5'l'H A N DREWS I,I'.xINc'I'0N ll xc:III-:I.oR or ARTS AI.I'IfIA TAU OMIQUA: CJMICRON DIaI.'rA KAIII-A: VARSITY Foo'I'IIAI.I.: VARSITY 'l'RAI:R ROSALIND MARIIQ ANUIELUCUI W'U"fW 5- ARDERY L IcxINI:'I'oN l3AI:IIIcI.oR or ARIS PARIS BACHELOR or ARTS PIII DI-:I.'I'A 'l'III-1'I'A: PIII MU ALIII-IA: KI-:RNI-:I,: S'I'RoI.I.I-1RS: IKADIO STUDIOS: DIfIsA'I'I-2: K. I. P. A. MARY SUSAN ARMSIRQNI: KfW'HRYN AUFENKfW" I,l'IXlNli'Ix0N B.-ICH I-1I,oR mf ARTS lI0UISVll.l.I'T BAUIII-:I.oR or ARTS 'A PIVAII AI.I'IIA: CUIIINUL: KIQRNIQL: DI-1I,'I'A DIQI.'I'A lJIcL'I'A: RIcI:IMIaN'I'AI, ,H SPONSOR: PAN-HIcI.I,IaNIc:, PRIQSIDI-1N1: IXIIAI' f2l'liI'1N A'I"I'I:NDAN'I': WV. A. C. KI-1N'I'I:I:RIIN: W. S. G. A.: W. A. A. l6ONAl,.D ROLAND AU'I'IzN HMWQN MCH l'oN'I'I.Ic, MICHIGAN ISAUI-II':I.oR UI' A RIS AI.I'IIA SIIIMA PIII I.l'.klNf-ION llAr:III':I.oR or ARTS Omfrz.-I BIQTA PI LOMSE Mm-CN ROIIIQRT DOUGLAS BAXTER I liRI.ANI:If:k HAc:III:I,oR or AR'rs 26 I.uvRIcNf:ImURG I!.u:IIIcI.oR OF ARTS KIaRNIaI,. ASSISTANI' EDI'I'oR: SIGMA DIQIJIA CIII Arm sinh Snivnrvu SIDNEY HOWARD Blf.RG FRANCZIS BOYD BICTHICI, l.IBl'1ll'I'N. Nlfw Yolui Slums.-xxlfll4l.l1 B Ullll-'l.Ull on-' SKIIIVNCIQ B.xr:l1lv1,ou ol-' Alrrs fglgulual x l,lf,lC 1111411 l.0Rl".l"l1X l.. Bl'l'l'l-ZRMAN D 'xx' row l,l'1xlNc:l'oN lP,11g111:1,m1 01.4 A111-S B XiIIll4'I.0R mf Sczlrzxcl-: ZIYIAK 'Vu' M.:-u,x: W. A. .X.: W. S. PIII B14.r,x: GIRLS' 01.11114 C1.11ls U. A.: Klfx'l'm:1u.xN l.XNli BIMXND Sul-11.m'1'll.l.l-1 BVIIII-,LOB Ulf .'Xll'I'S Z1-flux Tw .'XI.I'lI.XZ Pm lhcu: W. C.: 01.111-1 films: Bwn: ORc:1Ilas'l'lc.x DONM.D DWlCLH'l' BRQXDICN l.l-:xlwr.l'1w B XCIIIVLOR mf .'Xn'l's I'l Ii unix .M.vll,x: 'l'1-:NMS 'l'lc.xM UIAMICS IIOSBPI-I BOUCZHICR Nlcw H.-ww. CUNN1-im:l'lr:u'l' B KCIII"I.0R mf Alrrs .Xl.l'll.-X 'lfur Om-1:.x JOSEPH CADICN BURR I .ICXlXG'l'0Y Il-uzlll-'Inu 01-' .fXR'l's Ylil .SON li. BOYD I' um1'r:..x11 BX1IIlI'Il,0R mf SlIlI"NlIlC X .'Xl.l'lI x Cm SIGNIA XVILI .IAM ,-Xl.liX.-XNDICR BRIVCIC Nl 11.1.1-zksnmua Bu:ln41.oR OF SCIIICNCI-1 CXNIPIIS 611.1111 PIII Bl-1'r,x Kxvlx D Slmm ll Sum-x, l'llliSllll5N'l'I Pl M1 lfvsllnxg Sc:,uux.uum -xxn Bl..xm-1: Ln lv 'l'liN.XN'I' Colnxl-il.: S'I4UDlCN'I' Colm l'.VliRli'I"l' .'XUCl'S'l'US BOWDICN Nlfwlrll-11.11 Butl ll'Il.0R Ulf A k'l's MARY C1IiCl",I.l.-X BURR l.lcxiNc:'roN B v'1ll-:Lou OF Alrrs 27 Arm aah Svrienrw NIALI NDA OWSLICY BUSH L11.x1M:'1 ow li 111111-11.1111 mf A1a'1's K,11'1'.1 K.x1'1',1 O.-m1A1.1 jOllN l'Hll.ll' Cl.lCMliN'l'S I"lIl.'l'ON lSM:1111:1.o11 01" S1111-zNc:1c .'Al.l'IlA Clll 5111111-x .XCLNIQS ll.-XRISOUR CZOOPICR l.1ax1xc:'1'11N l31c:111':1.11R 01-' A1115 621.11111 C1.1111: C20-11:11 IMNI1 l5l'1'I"l'Y CRAWFORD NI,-XIJISON, INDIANA llx1:111-11.011 OF ARTS K.x1'1'.1 DI-1l.l'A, 'I'k1c.xs11k1111z: l'.1N-H1'1- I,liNl!1 WILLIAM MOSS DAliGHliR'l'Y N11:11u1.1sv11.1,1-I l'1.u:111i1.o11 Ol' Sc:111Nc:1L D1-:1,'1'.1 C111: OM11f:.x l31'1'1'.11 Pl: P1u'o11 P1115-A11-111 Soc:11:'1'1'3 'R11f1.11: r1'liAM M Y RA ICI JOHN li DICKPZRSON I .1'1x1M:'1'oN I5 xr'11141.f111 Ol" A 11'1's 28 V. NI. Cl-lANDl.1iR AS111..-1x11 li.-11111151.1111 OF A1a'1's l.xA11111.1 C111 A1.1-11.-1: SUK1' C1k1:1.1-1, I'1uas11m1-1N'1' -ll1S'l'lN'l'1 ANN COOK G111':N'1' li.xc:111:1.o11 OIV A1115 K,x1'1'.x D1-:1.'1'A: S'I'llIJI'1N'I' Govl-:11N1w111N'1' Co11N1:11. HILDA l'1l.lZAlili'l'H COOPER S1-1':x1:1-211. lN111ANA B.1r:111a1.o1z OF Sc:11'1Nc:1f: K.'x1'1',-1 KA1'1'.-x Ummlfxz S'1'1m1.1.1-111: Ci1:11:xn1.: GIRLS' G1.111Q CLU11 '4.AXVlUiNKZli M ARSHALI. CIRUMP F11111 'l'11oM,1s l3.u:111f1.ok 011 A11'1's 511111.11 C111 HARRY ANDREW Dl'ZN'l' R11ss14:1.1. B,x1:111-11.011 or A11'1's P111 SIGMA K.11'1'.1: S1cM,1 Dlil.'I'A C111 lJORO'l'HY MAIC DOWNING I .1ax1N1:'1'0N I5.xr:111-11.014 011 ARTS A1.1'11.-1 D14:1.'1'.-1 'l'llI'2'l'AZ Y. W. C. A.: C111 D1-:1.'1'.1 PIII! Cos1v1o1'o1.1'1'.w CL1111 Aria anh Srivnrvu HAMILTON R. DUNCAN GRI':I':NvII.I.IE II,xI:IIIiI.oR OI' ScII':NI:I': K.XI'I'.-X SIGMA WILLIAM HOWARD DUNN CORINTII BACIIICLOR III-' ARTS C,nII'IIs CLIJII OMA ALDIEN DURHAM CoI.ImIIIIA lI.II:III'1I.oR or AR'I's IQLIZABETH SHELBY EATON PADIICAII BACIIIQLOR OF ARTS KAI-Im l3IiI.'I'A, TREASIJRIQRQ PIII BI2'I'.x KIERNI-II. S'I'.-IFF: C0-mm BANII: GI.IcI CI.IJII BRUCE STRAUB FARQUHAR I.I-txINcToN Il.u:III-:I.oR rw SCIENCE DI-1I.TA TMI Dmxm: AI,I'I-IA CHI Sn:- IIIA. TRRASIIRRR: VARSITY TENNIS. CAPTAIN DAN E. FOWLER LEXINGTON BAcIII2LoR or ARTS DIILTA TAU DnI:I'A PAUL MARVIN DUNN LI':xINc'I'oN II.-Ic:IIIf:I.oR or ScIIf:Nc:I: AI.I'II.x CIII SIGMA CL. I'1I,I.IS DUNNING I',xImI1c.xII II.-xI:III2I.0R UF ARTS SII:IsI.x NII ALICE MAY DURLING L,-xRI:IIxION'I', NI-tw YORK IIMIIII-1I,oR olf ARTS 'I'IIIc'I',x SIGM.-I 'I"Au: CosMoI'oI.I'I',IN Cum: Y. W. C. A. CAIIINIQT: W. A. A.: ENIQLISII Cum: FRENCII CI,I1Is . . A. ICBIIY NIcw YIIRK CITY II,-xI:IIIcI.oR or ARTS 'X IZLMO B. FIRENZE SImIucIIII.I., NI2w YORK IMr:IIIcI.oR 0If ARTS ELLEN LOIS FRAZAR PAnIIc,III IMCIIIQLOR or ARTS CIIIDIiI.'l'API'II1 Y. W. C. A.: GIRLS' Gum CI.Im: C0-ICD BANII: SIIANISII Cum: W. A. A. 29 , 'i.:,g A 'gf'-M ,T sl. .t il. .,. v.,3..............., Aria ani! Svrirenrvn A ' ' MII I IKM DURHAM IRAII R ROS! IOAN IUDOI D II cllllolc or Anus if IIIIOR on Anus ' , 4' 'nl 4' . l,ICXINIi'I'0N PARIS A 1 -1 , -' I HI -1 . 1' .IlII,II'2'I' I,I-IIC GALLOWAY AIICAN ALLICN GIIIIIS WlNcm1s'l'l':u SoM1cRslc'l' IIAc:lll'1l.ok or Alrrs IIACIII-11,011 ol-' ARTS Am-HA Xl Ill-:l.'rA: '.liIII'2'I'A SIGMA Pm: W. S. CL. A. ROIIICRT WILLIAM GILMORE lIliR'I'ON WILKS GLOVER SI'RINGFlI'1I,D, 'I'lcNN. IIAr:lll-Ll.ok OF ARTS I5Ar1lll':l.ol4 ol-' Alrrs l'I'I'IiIN Cum, l'Ill'2SIDI'IN'I'Q Y. M. C. A. I'l KAPPA ALPHA CAIIlNI'L'I'Q ADVISORY BOARD: I'A'1'1'14:k- sow I,l'l'l-ilmuv Soc:llc'rY: Pkvok PRIC- Mlill Sorzn-t'rY ICLLIZN GOODIZ IJANIICI, WII,I,IAN GOODMAN NfAGNOI.IA, AILKANSAS I.l':xlN1:'1'oN IIAr:lu-:mlz mf ARTS IIAc:lu-:Lola ov Alrrs I'l BI'1'I'A Pm Smnm IJ!-:l.'1'A Cul, l'lu5s1mcN'l'g K1-:N 'rm:mAN, Asscu:IA'1'1a Enrrokg Kmml-1L C,x'rnomc: Gunn, I'lucsmEN'r IJOROTI-IY GRAY GORI-IAM MARTIN GIQEENFIELD I.I'2XING'l'0N VI'1RSAII.I.I'IS ROAD IIAr:Hl'iI.0R OF ARTS UACIII-ZLOR OI' Sun-LNCIE Al.vuA GAMMA DELTA MARIE ISOIIEL GRIDELLI SUSAN GAINES GROVER WI'7IffiII, W. VA. Gmac:-:'l'owN IlAlJIII'1I.0R OF ARTS l5Amlm,0R 01: ARTS KAI-I-A KAI-vA GAMMA 30 -7:-Y Aria anh Svrienrru MARY h1LIZAIiI'1'1'H FISHER l,I'1XING'l'0N lIAc:lu4:l.oR or ARTS CHI OM:-:GAQ MORTAR BOARD! W. A. C.: SuKvg SrRo1,l.l-:RQ ST-oNSoR Com RANT E: SPONSOR COMPANY G: HTS- TORX' Cum, VICE-l,Rl'ISlI'lEN'l' MARTHA ANN HALL S1'RlNGlfIl'1I.n IIAc:m-z1.oR ov' AR'TS ROBliR'l'A N. HARDING LlcxINc'l'oN IIAr:l-nf:mR or ARTS W. A. A. CILLESPIE BALLOLI HOERNICL RAc:lNT-1, WlSc:oNS1N IIAr:l-llf1l.0R OF ARTS K,wv,-I SIGMA ALICZIC JANE HOWES pAlN'I'SVII,LlC BAIIIIICLOR OF ARTS KAI'I'.X Dm,'rA: Pm IIr:'r.x: S'I'ROI.l'.liR WILLIAM FIELDS HIIIIBLE, JR. CARNI, ILT.. IIAm-mr.oR OF ARTS Pm DELTA 'FIIETAC SUKY: VARSITY TRACK: LAMI' AND CRoSS: OMEGA BIGTA PI: OMIr:RoN DELTA KAWA: KRRNRT. WILLIAM GEORGE I-IAAG H I-:N IJICIISON 1Jl'2l.'l'.X IAII Dlil,'I'.-XI SIGMA Uxmmlx l':l'SIl.0NI 'l'lf:NNlS: 1"r:NclNc: IIOHN I". HALL l.l-:xlNr:'mN lSAc:lll':T.oR mf ARTS Om-,1:.x lSlc'l'.-x Pl lCLIZAIIli'l'H 'l'lVl"l' HOICRNICI. l.I'IXING'I'0N l5Ar:m-:l.nR OF ARTS Zwlxx 'I'Au Al.I'lIA2 l'lTRTN Gunn: X W. CZ. A.: GUIGNQI.: I"RlcN1:lT CLUB IQTDRILW H0ovl':R N lc:lToT.ASvll.r.T'1 II.-urm-:T.oR our ARTS SRLATA Al,l'llA l'1l'SIl.ONZ GUIGNUI. PRO IIIIKZTIONSC S'l'R0l,l.l'IR. ljlRI'IlI'I'0R2 ICM: msn Cuvn, PRICSIDICN1' MARY MARC A R ET HOWIES l.T':xTNr:'l'oN I5.u:mcr.oR OF ARTS PAN - HIiI.I.I4ZNIC COUNCIL: GIRLS II,-wuz Gu-:lc Cum MARGARET IXICLI. HIIMPHRIEYS I.:-:xlNr:'l'oN B.-XCl'lIiI.0R OF ARTS Pm Bl-:TA KAl'l'A 31 ALI-ITA Dl':l:l'A 'FIIICTAQ Pm Bmx-T' Artuanh Sfrivnreu ROMONA M. ILIFF Bl'1l,l.EVl!l'l li,-xc:IIEI.OR OI' ARTS ZEIA 'l'AlI AI.I'IIA: W. A. C.: W. A. A.: SIIKY: 'l'ItNNIS MANAIII-:R DUKE .IOHNSTON MON'I'c:I.AIR. NEW .IIIILSIILY BAczIII:I.OR OF ARTS SIGMA AI.I'IfIA EI'sII.ON, PRESInEN'I': LAAII- ANII CROSSQ SCAISISARD ANII BIUAIIIAZQ -IIINIOR CLASS PRI-1SIImEN'I'1 ENIILISII CLIIII. VICE-PRESInEN'r: SEN- IOR MANAGER FOOTIIALLQ S'I'ROx.I.ER: l,ANc:IfSg fJMlCRON DELTA KAI-PA: l'AN-HI':I,I,ENIr1 COIINc:II.g GLEE CEIIIIQ SIOAIA UI-sII.ON DOROTHY L. JONES l.I-'xINc:'I'ON BAI:IIIfI,OR OF ARTS KAI'I'A Dlil,'l'AZ S'I'ROI.I,I-:Rx YV. A. C. ROGER HORACE KARRIGK SAIJI' LIr:R BAf:IfII-1I,OR OF ARTS OMEGA I5I:'I'A PI, SliCRIC'I'ARY2 PRI-'- MI-IIIIIIAI, FRATERN PRYOR PRE-MIILII sOClIC'I'Y AIOSEPH ROBERT KNEE I,ExINc'rON BAf:III:I.OR OF ARTS DEI.'rA GIII: VARSITY TENNIS: CITIGNOI. EUGENE E. KING STONE IMr:IIIfI.OR OF SCIENCE 32 MARY CHRISTINE JOHNSON l.ExINc'I'ON I5Ac:III-:I.OR OF ARTS lJEI.'I'A lJEI,'I'A Dl'ZI,'l'A1 PIII BI'1'I'A, N1OR'I'AIl BOARIR SEIIRI-:TARY - TREAS- IIRICR IIIINIOR CLASS: S'I'ROI.I.I-ZR: W S C' A CHESTER -IOLLY MENTOR l3AcIfII:I.OR OF SCIENCE PIII KAPI-A rfAU1 ALPHA DELTA SIG- AIA: LAAII' AND CROSS: PAN-l,OI.l'l'l RON: l'.-IN-HELI.ENIcg TRACK M ANAGER SARAH LILLIAN JONES I,I4xING'I'ON BAOIIELOR OF ARTS GLASSIOAI, CEIIII: ETA SIGMA PIII GEORGE WILLIAM KAY LEXINGTON I3Ac:IIEI.OR OF ARTS PIII DI-'LTA 'TlIE'l'A, PRESmEN'I'g KERA H-Y: pI,,.KlN Cum NEL: BANII: IWEN'S PAN-HI-:I,I.ENIc NAYILLIAM RENNEY PARIS BAOI-IELOR OF SCIENCE SIGMA GIII NANCY LAYSON NfILI.I'1RSIlURG BAf:IIEI.OR OF ARTS DI-:I.'rA DEI.'rA DELTA ? Z I 4 I I Y. 1 I I Y I I, 'I I i Q I I I I I -1 Aria anh Evrivurvu MARCAARICI' tl. I.If:S"I'OlIRGI'1ON .l.I'1XlNG'l'ON lI.xf:lll'1l.oR O17 Akrs K.-wr.-x III-im.-x: Cwn-:Ns: W. A. A. . CouNc'1l,: l'ul Mu lil-sllux I NANCY DIIKIC l.I-ZWIS I .lcxl Nc:'l'oN ' IIACIII-21.0K ol-' Awrs K.-u'v.x K.u'1'.4x Cm lvl-1I.'I'.X 1 Pm: hfOlL'I'AR Bo.-um: Pl Mu livsu. ox: W. ZA. C.. 51-1c:kl':'l'.xRY Nl'1l.l, M.-KHAN XVlI.I.I.KXISIIlIkIl II.u:l l l1'l.OIl mf A wrs Z:-rm 'llw :xI.I'lIAZ Illsrmu' Gunn: Ifl.lcl'k me I,ls: W. A. A. ROY LIN MGCONACHIA Cllul-'l-'l'1l1:. Mo. Itxczmtmk mf ARTS IN'l:l',x CIII .XI.VI N MCGARY .-Xlu,lNn'roN II.xc:ulfl.ou olf ARTS XI,-XRGARITI' WILSON MCLEOD Ihuus IIAcm:r,oR or ARTS I CIIARIKIIC LIQYIN Nl.kIllSONI'Il.l,I'Z Iluzlllclmz OI-' :XIQTS I.,x CIIUZIJC Iflz.-xxcz.-xlslcz C1 xsslc XL CLIIIS CII.-kRl.I'1S HUGI-I MMIUIRI xvII.l,lAMSlIlJRG IIx4:ul11I.ok OF ARTS Suzxu .'Xl.l'll.X lil-s11.oN: Omlrx I D l'l: Im Mu Al.:-lm: KIQNTUI lx IVR .X NCES MCCAN DI .HSS l.0llISVIlLl.I-I II UIllIf',I,OR ol-' ARTS Kwlrx Kwvx Gum.-x ALICIZ IIIEI ,IENA Mc:I FR.-KNKl"0R'I' HONAI ll B.-KClIICl.OR OI-' Sr:wNc:lI Pm I3r.'r.x: Cl.l?I" Cum: Ihxn Ou Illll-'STR K VIOLIET S, MAISON Ii-xs'roN. P,-x. n.XCllICI.OIl mr Awrs Cm OMEGA IZARI. LEWIS MIIBDI. EVARTS B.u:m-:r,on or ARTS 35 ETO N ' O' Arm unh Swienrvu IOSICPH IIICNRY MILLS 1.1-1x1N1:'1'oN II.1r:111-11,014 OI? S1:11':NC11 DI'Il.'I'A T.-IU IDI1Il,'I'AQ S1m1A C.-xmmfx IC1's11.nN: I'1cRs111N1: R11f1.1'2s: S'I'I'.OI.I,I-ZR 'VIVIOMAS MOORE l.1-:x1N1:1'oN l'o,UZIII4'l.OR mf Sr:11aNc:1c I.lI.I.IAN KA'I'HI.I'1I'1N MORGAN l'1N11t KNu'1"1' lI'x1:111':1.oR OI? ARTS lII'2I.'I'ZN SIIZANNIE MOYIRR W1-:s'1' I'.11,11 lisa.-11:11, F1.0R1n.-1 Il,u:111-11.011 mf AR'rs Al.I'III GA A1 MA IJE1.'1'A .jIII.lCS LOUIS NATHANSON IAI,x11'1'1-'oRn, CONNliC'I'lCUT I'1.xc:111c1.oR 011' ,ARTS I':'I'.I S1r:MA PIII VIRGINIA I-IAI.LIEY NIEVINS I.1-:x1Nc:'roN II.u:111-11.nR olf ARTS rl'IIl'1'I'-I Smlsm I'111: MoR'1'AR Ilcmlmg , G1111:No1.: K14RN1a1.: K1+:N'rUr:R1AN '31 IFLOSSIIC MIN'l'I'1R I.1cx1Nc:'1'oN IIA1:111i1.0R OF 81:11-:N1:1': G1R1.s' 61.11213 CL1111: NIIXICIJ C1111 Co-1111 BANII IIICNRY I'IlHV.XRD MONIGOMICRI Bolmllfl II.u:111':1,uR mf ARTS Wll.I.IA M S'l'ANl.'I'1Y MORC l':l.IlAIII'1'I'II'l'OWN II,xc:111':1.oR 01-' Sc:111:Nr:1c PIII Slrzxm K.1x1'1',1: fi11111N01, MARY MOORIC NASII Y1-1RsA11.1.1-is lI.11:1111:1.oR OI" AR'1's N CIII f,NII"GAZ I"R1-1N1:11 111.11113 S1-ANN, fI1.1I1s: I'1N1:1.1s11 CL1111: V1c:1-1-l'R1cs1m NI Y W 1' I' S'1'Ro1 1 I'll I'11r11:11 . .1..'.., 5,5 CI.AIIlll'I LYNN NliSIII'l"l' S'1'11Rr:1s II,11:111c1.oR mf Sr:114Nf:1: Y. M. ll. A.: Klkoss KZu11N'1'RY: Rox mu ,-mn XYRICS'l'l.INlI ANNIi'I"l'I'1 NIEWLIN I-'oR'1' 'VIIOAIAS II.xc:111':1,oR OI-' S1:11QNf:1i Rvxvl-.1 KAl'l'X G-x1x1m.'x: !.1111.Nr W. A. Cl. C,KIIINI'Z'I' Il Arm unh Svrimrw ll l'1RR.1l.lJ IHIK li 0'lSllY.-1N'l' Cl.lN'l'1bN B.-X12lll"l.0ll Ulf ARTS .'XI.I'll.-K 'l'111 0x11a1:.1: V1ks11'1' 'l'1z 1211-'1'11w: S1-1N1s11 121.1111 ll. l'Hll.l.Il' URI-ZNI 12-1 a11'111a1.1.s11111u: l5.1c:111-11.011 01-' S1111-:N1:1'. .XI.l'IIX 1.111 8111111 ISONNIIC l.I'2l-I PICRKINS I'.-11115 IS.1c:111'11.o11 Ol-' A1115 l'111 Ill-'11 I1 XI'l'X Al. l'.l.ILAIll-, I I-I POOLIC I.1-:x1Nr:'1'ox li.11:111a1.o1z mf .X11'1's .'Xl.I'Il-1 X1 D1-:1.'1'1' I'111 ll12'1'1: Mo1z1'11z lin.-11111: SUK1' 1I11u:1.1-': W. .X. 11, WII,I,lAM I'Rl'2S'l'0N l.1'1x1N1:'1'r1N IS11:111-'1.u11 OIF Sr:11'Nf:1-I I.111111r1 1.111 .'xl.l'll.X l'II.lZ.'Xl'1l'I'l'l'l M. 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CAROL I.I11ONIi YODER I.I':xINn'I'oN IIAI:III:I.oIz or SCIENCE A. S. C. E. JAMES CRAIG STARKS MIDWAY - IIAcImI.0I1 OF SCIIINCIQ KYLE CHARLIES 'I'IIiCI--IIC CIIIQIIIIRN BACIIIcI.oII OF SCIIQNCIQ SIGMA III':'I'A XI: s'l'lIDIiN'l' CIIIINCII I.. II. WIES'I'IiRFIEI.IJ 0wI41NsIIoIzo IIACIII-:I.nR OF SCIIINCII MANNON XVAIIFICR WH l'I'AK ER I'AnIIf1AII II ACIIIQLQII ov SCIIQNCII WAI.'I"IiR I.IiROY WOLIFF I.UIIISVII.I.Ii II.-Ir:IIIcI.oIz OF SCIIINCIQ 'I'IuANcI,I-1: A. S. M. Ii.: A. I. IE. Ii. Zllmu RO l'IlCR'I' H. ALSOVICR IIII: S'I'oNIc CAIN VIIIIIINIA IIACIII-:I.oIc Ulf LAW I'I KAI'I'A AI.I'IIA: SIIKY. III.,-xI:II- CII,-IRII: S'I'I1oI,I.I-zu lfI.lGllII.I'IZ IIINIII CI..-I I' I.Aw Som I4:'I'v 49 ' Emu GEORGE WILLIAM AMMICRMAN JOHN CA1.LAHAN BAGWELI. COVINGTON I-IGNIQA l'A'I'll, Sou'I'II GAIzGI.IN,I IIAGIII1I.oI4 or LAW II.Ic:IIIcI.uIc OF LAW I'I KAI'I'A ALI-IIA: PIII DI:I,'I'.I l'III: IIIc'I'A 'lilll-1'I'A l'I: 0NlIIlIl15N IJI:I.'I'.x 'Aw lm,RNM1 Emwm KAPII.-I ' HARRY GORDICN IILAGK HUGH HUNT ISROAI'IHlIRS'l' LI:xINGT0N I fl'1XlNIl'I'0N lIAGIIIaI.ou mf LAW II xf:III'1I.oIc mf LAW l,,IMImA GIII AI.I'II.-I IQIJWIN RAY DIENNICY GORDI-IN BI11NNIi'I"I' IFINLICY M0N'm:m,y,0 M AImIsoN vII.I,Ic I lIAr:IIIcI,GIa OI' LAW IIAGIII-:Ima GI-' L,-IW SIGMA CIII: PIII AI.I'II.I Dllllflg.-K, I'III-'s- I-MIHIM CHI AlIl'HA: OAIIGIIGN DI'ZI.'I'I IUIUNT I KAIIPA: SIIAIIIIAIUI ANI! III.AIII:g CAI-- 'I'AlN R. 0.'l'. C.: l'III AI.I'IIA DI-:I.'I'I: KI'ZN'l'UCK v LAW IIQIIIINAI., S'I'lIllI'ZN'I' lEnI'I'ok: MI-:N's S'I'IlIllCNT COIINIIII., l'Rl'ISlIIl",N'l' WILLIAM IfII'1NIII'1RSON IIYSARII WILUIUW NM'll'3R IUXUN AsIII.ANn HYDEN IIAGIII'tI.rm OF LAW NMI!!!-1l.0k OF LAW SIGMA Nu: I'III I,I"l.'I'A I'III: IDI-'IIx'I'ING 'I'I-um: FlIU'I'IIAl.l. ppj1'l.jR fglACHlNl MARTIN RICHARDSON GLENN CIIIGAGG, II.I,INoIs DMVSON SPRINGS II.Ir:III-1I,oII mf LAW B-WIIIICIIOR UI" IAW pm ,I,l,.,,A DW,-A IJI':I,'I'A CIII: fJMlfIRON DI':I.'I'A KAI'I'.I: SIGNIA DI':I,'I'A GIII: I'III AI,I'IIA Dm,- 'I'A: I'I SIGMA AI.I'IIA: KI:N'I'IIr:Iu' LAIV IIOIIRN.-KI. HARRY I4lfL0,N GREEN WILLIAM H. IIAYS XVINfgnl.jg'ypjR SIIlll.IIYVlLIJ.I'1 IIAGIII-:I.GII or LAW Hfvflllfmk UI' LAW 'IYIII l'ZI'SIl.0N PI KKI'l',K AI,I'IIA 50 XLBliR'I' KARNWCS l':liN'l'0N l! OF LAW l.0N lt. ROGERS L1axlNc'roN IK xczuzaum or LAW Slmm ALPIIA li1'su.oN: Pun 151-7l.'r,x Pm: KI-2N'I'llCKY I.-xw jouux.-xl.. Bus- IN rss M ,xN.xnr',R j.'XMl'ZS HARRY S'I"AM-Plf.R I.liXlNG'I'0N B.u':lna1.ou or LAW CLICORGIAL W. YOS'l' AllAlkVH.I.l+I ll.-xrzlu-'mn or LAW Suzxu Bl-t'1'.x Xl: Y. M. CI. A, MAMIF. HUNT ATKINS I.l'1XING'l'0N Il.xr:lu-:mu or Anus F.Nr:l,lsll Cum: Y. M. CA. ROBICRT CZARYI. BEIEMON Bl.lRl,lNli'l'0N l!.4u:urr.ou or Awrs lllaw -LKMIES C0l.h'.MAN LYNN RllSSIil.l.VlLl.E lS.u:lllfl.0k OF LAW Snmm :XI.l'Il.X l':l'SIl.0N1 Pm Mu A1.- vux' l'1u Al.l'llA D1-:1.'r.-x: PAN-HI-:lf l.l"NllI C0l'NfIIl.C KICNTUCKIAN S'l'.-UTI-' ii,-XRl, W. SCI-IUIQRMICYICR l.0UlSYll.l.l'Z Ol' l.Aw Slmu l5lf'l'.-x Xl. l'Rl'1SIl!l'1N'l'1 SCAIIIEARID .mn nl..-Klllil C.-kl"l'AlN R. OIF. C.: Dval.'r.x SIGMA Pl: Pm Mu .ALl'lIsX1 Vw Ponrrncowz I-Irzmn' CLAY Lfxw Snczn:'1'v: Y.M.C.A. C.xmNl-:'r, Vnzr- l'RIiSllDl-'.N'l' WMXIWIQR DUDLEY VEST 4 W.xl.'roN B.XClIl-'IDR ov LAW 131421.12-x 'lim IJ:-:1.1'A, 1'RliSlDliN'l'C Pm D1-:Um Pm: Dmmx SIGMA P13 Mm' S'l'lllHiN'l' Coumzll.. Vxcr-I'm-islm-'N'rg l7NIVl'YRIS'l'Y Rwn lihumtinn lll'1l.I'2N lil'1'l"l'Y .'XI,'l'ERlN l.l'1XlNG'l'0N ll,u:lm.ou OF Awrs 'l'm-:'r.x Suzxu TMJ: ENGLISH Cum MARY PAULINIE BACK RIONTICICLLO ll.xc:nl4:r.ou OF ARTS W.A.A. Cmnmzu. MMIDIF. Iil.IZMHl'l'l-I BERRY A I Hamm B.V1Hl1'.l,0lL UF A ms lim Suzxu Pm: K.-u'r.x lJr1l.'1'.-x pl 5l I ' Ehuratinn IRA B. BRANHAM OIL SPRINGS BACIII-:LoR on ARTS WIlI'l'li MA'rIIIcMA'rIcs CLUII MARY LUCAS BROCK LONDON BAc:In':I,oR Ulf Sc:II':Nc:Ic Y. W. C. A. OLIVE MARIAN BROWN CIIARLI-:sI'uN, WIiS'l' VIRGINIA BACIIIQLOR OF ARTS ALMA MAKZNA MA'l'ICll VIVIAN MAE HURKIC I,I'1xINc:'I'oN BAc1III1:I.oR ol" A RTS SLADE LEROY CARR CovINr:'roN BAc:mzLoR or AR'rs SIGMA NU: SUKY: HEAD CIIIIIQR I,,IaAnnR EI.IZAB'ETH BELL COLLINS NIcIIoLAsvILLE BACHELOR OF AR'rs ETA SIGMA PIII, PRIcsImcN'r: KAl'l'A DELTA PI: MOR'fAR BOARD, ScIIoL- ARSHIP CUP: CLASSICAL CLUB, PRESIDENT KATHRYN BROCK WoR'rIIvILLE BAc:ImLoR or AR'rs MARY lQl,,IZAlSl'1'I'H BROTHER AsIILANn HAc:lIIcI.0R 011' ARTS DI-:L'I'A Dl'IL'l'A DI:I,'rA MARGARET BURKE AsnI.ANn IlAcIIIcI.oR or AR'rs KAPPA DELTA: KAI'I'A DI-:LTA PI liI,IZABlE'l'I-I REIESIC BUSH LIcxINc'I'oN BAcImLoR ov AR'I's FRANCES GERTRUDE CAYWOOD LI1:xINr:'roN BACI-IIcI.oR OF AR'rs MARGARET HAYES CRUTCHER FRANRIfoR'r BACI-mLoR OF AR'rs KAl'l'A DIcL1'A Pl Iihurattnn MRS. MARIAN C. CUSTARD LEXINGTON BACIIELOR or ARTS ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, PRESIDENT: PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL, TREASURER: W. A. C.: Y.W.C. A.: W.A.A.: GLEE Cum: KIERNEL GUTHRIE SARILDA DAVIS SANDY HOOK BACIIELOR OF ARTS .IOHN EICHER EPPS DAYTON, OIIIO BACIIELOR OF ARTS AI.I'IIA SIGMA PIII: DELTA SIGMA PI: l'AN-HELLENIC, PRl'ISllllCN'l'1 SCAIIDARD AND BLADE: KENTIIf:RIAN: ONIICRKDN DI-:LTA KAI'I'A: PAN POI.I'I'IKON: FRESIIMAN FOOTIIALI.: FRESIIMAN B.-KSKl'l'I'llAl.I. ELIZABETH ANN EWING HYXRRODS CREEK BACI-IELOR OF ARTS ALI-I-IA GAMMA DELTA: W.A.C.: MORTAR BOARD: Y. W. C. A.: SECRE- TARY: STUDENT BOARD OF PUBLICA- 'I'IONS2 GIIICNOI.: W. S.G.A., PRESI- DICNT PAUL FRASIER LEXINGTON BAcI-IELOR OF ARTS HISTORY CLUII: 'ENCLISII CLIIII: POLIT- ICAI. SCIENCE FORUM CARLEEN DELPH GRANT WINCHESTER BACIIELOR or ARTS CIII OMEGA -IAMES CLAY DAVENPORT HARRODSIIlJRG BACIIIELOR OF ARTS I'I KAI'I'A ALDIIA: HISTORY CLIIII SARAH ELROD BACIIICLOR OIF ARTS HENRY JAMES 'l'liMl'I.lN Ll'ZXING'l'0N lIAcIII1I.OR Olf ARTS ALI-IIA LAM EDA TAI: MARTHA THORNTON FALCONER LICXINGTON BACIIELOR OIT' ARTS DICLTA DELTA DELTA: KERNEI.: CIIIGNOI. LILLIAN WILSON GOOCH LEXINGTON BAC!-IICLOR OF ARTS ALPIIA DELTA TI-lE'FA2 KERNEI.: Y. W. C. A.: SPANISII CI.Im MARY GALLOWAY GRIFFITH V CYNTIIIANA IIACIIELOR or ARTS KAPPA DELTA, SECRETARY: CIII DELTA PIII, SECRETARY: W. S. G.A.. TREAS- IIRICRI PRICSIDICNT OF CO-En BAND sa iihuratinn IQMILY HARDIN I.1f1xINc:'r0N IS,x1:um.ou ov A ru s Am-lm IJl'1l.'l'A 'I'm:r.x: PIII IIr1'l'.'x: Momma Brmklxz XVOMANVS Amuxls- 'I'RA'I'IVI'T ColrN1:n,: 'I'Hla'l'A Smmfx VIII: KliRNl',l,I Kl':N'l'uc:KI,xN: PAN l'Ul,I'I'IIiON, Sl-tczlu-:'l'.xm': Sv.-xNlsll INN1-zu Cnurmc AMANDA IJICIE HOLLADAY I.r:xlNr:'roN II,xc:llI-:Ink or ARTS JACK s. jAc:KsoN I'nu.l'oT BACIIICLOR or A wrs SALLYIC I". LA'I'I-IRAM OwINsvn.L1c Ikfxcnnlsnnk OF ARTS Kuflnx Ilmym Pl NAOMI G. MAI'I.Ii f,WI-ZNSBOILU II,xc:uI-:Lon or-' Awrs AIOSICPH DENNIS MARTIN I,l'1XING'I'0N IIAc:m:r.ou mf ARIS Armrm Smm,-I Pm 54 MAURIKIIC A. HILI. C,uu1oI.l.'l'0N II.-xf:m:I.oR or-' Arrrs K wr.-I SIGMA IIIQVIQRIA' EVANS l.l'IXING'I'0N l'nM:lIIiI.0R Ol' Awrs ALICIC JOAN jARMAN CIIILO, fill!!! lI, mf' Srzll-:Nclc S'l'lml,l,lcks: Y.W.C.A.: Cm DI-il.'l I Pm: Guam' Crm: Cum I X III+1NjAMIN C. LIC ROY P,xnur:.xll BACllI'YI.UIl mf Scxllvzmzl-1 'I'Iu,vxxc:l.I4:: fJNIIIIIUN Ill-:lynx Kxrjm: Kms: Sulivg I,.'xMl- ,mn Cuoss: Ml'1N's S'l'IlDI'1N'I' Colrmzll.. SI-:r:ul'L'l',uu SUIl'I'IIIiRN Fl-:nl-:n,x'rlox or C0l.l.l-Ilili j D S'I'lYlIl'IN'I'S, lRl'1SIlll'IN'I'I IWICN'S I .xx- I'Il'1l.l,r.Nlr: Couxczll.: 'l'k,u:u IIIIQN RILICY MARTIN :XSIILANII A nAClll'1I.0R OF ARTS Slmm I'Zvsu,ux: Ml-:N's Sm- m1:N'r CIouNr:n.: 'I'u-wx: I'.-xx I'ol,rrI- now ICRM IN Ii R0lIl'1R'l' M A'I"I'0X Mlrmiusnunc IMr:m11.ou or Alrrs PI KAW,-I Anmm Iihurntinn .XIIIJRICY I'lS'I'ICR MAUPIN Al.u.xNv II'xc:lllal.ou Ulf' Awrs M A RIA N NIC MUGI N NIS I.:-:xlNr:'l'oN II.u:lll1:l.oR or A lrrs CIUIGNUL H'l'ANI.IiY INIILWARD l.l'2XlNu'l'0N II.xr:nlal.rm UI' Anus Slmu Cm: I.,xAn- ,ww Gauss: Krm: M.xjou. R.0.'I'.C1.: SCKIIIIARI! ,wn III..-IDI-Z1 f,MIlIRON I7lcl.'l'x K.u'l'.x: Vxusrrx' BASKI-I'l'IIAI.l. I.lIKIIl.I.Ii FARNICY I'HI'1I.I'S I.l1:xlNc'l'oN Iiuzlllfum mv Anus 0'I'H0 R. Mc:I'1l.ROY Nf0RIJANI"Il'II.Il II.u:lll-'um OF ARTS I"om'nu.l,g xVRI'IS'I'l.INIiC ICIJNA M ILLICR CIA M I'IIlCI.l.SVII.l.I'I II.u:lllal.ok or A lux NIIl.IA' NELSON HOI'IiINSVII.l.I'1 IIxr:HliI.oR ol-' ARTS hI.1:r.x IJlc1.'l.x IJlf:1.'r.x: I'.NIil.ISII CZl.l1n IAMI1LS A. PICIKARII M ,x Y I"II'1I.D II,x1Lm:l,0k mf Sfzllfmzllz I.II.I.IAN MAXINIC RANDOI.I'I-I LIANIC I.Yl.I'Z RI-IORER I.r:xlNr:'roN AVILMORIC IIu:lllfl.ok mf ARTS II xrrllrzum mf Awrs ZIFIA 'llw Am-H,-x: Pm Ihlrrx. 'I'm-.xm- lrluck: FIIICNIIII fIl.l'n: Glm:Nul.: Y. W. Cl. A. IDICWIS RIISSICLI. ROISIIINS ANN R. ROSIQNBICRG S'l'.xN'l'0N nUIIIIfI.0ll mf Awrs I.l':xINm'oN Ihrzlllclnk mf Aurs 55 Iinxlm lLuu:Nm MARY WILLIS SA UNDERS LI':xINI:'I'oN BACI IICLOIL or ARTS ALIIIIA GAMMA DIcI,'1'A IAWRICNCIE MANNING II MANI:IIIcs'I'I-:R MAS'I'I'1II OF ARTS ANNIE SHROPSHIRIZ LI':xINr:'I'oN BAr:IIIcI.oR OF AR'I's KAI'I'A DIaI.'rA IIMMHC EDITH WAIIACIC CLAY II.-ICI I IiI.0Il OF A R'I's CARRIIE LICIC WHITAKIER WIIl'lxI'1SIIlIRC IIAUIII-:I.oIz or SI:II':Nr:Ii OWEN LIIZIC CLIFFORD Ilunlfokn IIAI:III1:I.nII or Sc:IIcNr1Ia 56 Ehmatinn FLORA MARGARET SCOGGAN l.ouIsvILLI-: BAc:IInLoR or ARTS ZI-:'I'A 'FAU AI.I-IIA: W. A. A. COUNCII. l'RI-:sInI-:N'I': Y. W. C. A. LAURA DII,.I.liI-IBY SHELBY AK ICR . DANvII.I.n lSAcIII':I.oR or ARTS KAIIIIA KARIIA GAMMA jIII.IAN VARNER CYNTIIIANA IIACIII-:I.oII or AR'rs KATI-IRYN RLINOR WATSON I.oIIIsvII.I.Ix lIAc:III-:I.0II rw AR'rs OITORGE WALLACE' W'HTTI'.0W' LEXINGTON BAf:ImI.oR or ARTS IPIII SIGMA KAIIIIA: PAN-H'Izr.r.nNI1f: COUNCIL! PITKIN CLUB Cimtunmr WILLIAM MARVIN COFFMAN CENTRAL CITY BAcIII':I.oR or SCIIINCIT SNYDER HIGHFIELD FRANKIPOIVI' BAGIIIQLOII or SCIENCI-: DOWNS DIf:I.'I'A SIGMA PI -IOSEPH WOODRIIFF EMINIQNGII BAGI-II:LoIx or Scmwcn PIII DIsL'I'A '11IIIi'I'A2 S'l'R0l,l,l'ZRS LOUIS ELVOVI2 PARIS BAGIIIaI.oR or SGIIINGIQ DONALD HAYS GLASS LI-:xINGToN IIAGIII-:I.oII ov SCIICNCIII PI KAPPA ALPIIA GEORGE P. HILLIEN LOIIISVILLE BAGIIIQLGII OF SGIIINGIQ SIGMA CIII: ALPI-IA DI2I.'I'A SIGMA: KIQIINIII., AnvIcm'IsING MANAIIICRQ R. 0. 'I'. C., I.II2II'I'I':NAN'I' WILLA BELLE HOOVER LEXINGTON ' I3AGIIIzI.ok or SCIENCE FTA SIGMA PHI Qlnmmrrre SIMICON ELI.IO'I"l' DRAKI-Z RIGIIMGNII IiAGIII:I.oII ol-' SGII:Nc:I-: SIGMA Nu V WILLIAM ICADICS LI-zxING'I'oN IIAGIIIcI.oIz OF SGIIQNGI-1 PIII KAI'l'A 'l'AII: RIIfI.I-1 TI-:AM, CAI-'I'AIN DENNIS ANDREW FURLONG Ll'ZXlNfi'l'UN B.X12lllil.0R Ulf SGII-:NCI-1 .IOI-IN I-I. I'IIl'1IIICR NIIIvI'oIz'I' IIAGIII-:Ima cw SGIIQNGI: I'III K KI'I'A 'I'AI1: VAIzsI'I'I' 'l'R.MZIiZ DI-iI.'I'A SIGMA I'I W. FINCH HILLIARD CLINTON IIAGIIIQIGR ov SCIICNCI-I AI,I'I-IA "I'AII OMIIGA: AI.I'I'IA DI-:I.'I'A SIGMA: MIIN's S'I'UDI'1N'I' CGIINGII.: WIuasI'I.ING: KI-:N'rIIGI4IAN. IIIIsINIcss MANAGER: KIHIQNIQI. S'I'AIfIf, AIIVI-:Ims ING MANAGER WILIIERT WESLIEY I-IOI.'l'ZCI.AW LANGAs'I'm1 BAGIIIcI.nIz or SGIIQNGIQ .57 PALII, HOWl'1I,.l, I-IOWARIJ I lcm'.vuurs'l UWN I'-,uzlllfilmz or' Sul:-txrzl-1 Ul",l.'l'.X SIGMA Pl IH-ZARII G. KAZANAIIAN l,OlIlSVll.Ll-I I'mr:lucl,nk or Stzllcwcl-1 Suaxm 151-rm Xu S1:,um.uur ,mn H .'xl.l'HA DI-Zl.'l'.K Slclxm IAM!-LS 'I-ZRNIQSI' I,lIC1KlC'I"I' fWUllGANFll'll,ll BACIIII-fl.OR or Srzu-:smc .'xl.l'IIA FAU thlwng DI-1l.'IX mmm P1 I.'XMl:1S WIl,I,l.-XM M.-KRS!-I.-XLI. f1YN'I'lIlAN.X l5,xr:lIl4:1.0R Ulf' SCll'fNlll" ff,KXll'l'S Clumg Dv:r.'l'x Slmu l'l Qlnmnwrrr AIOI'-IN MARS!-IAL -IONES Mmw.-u' ll,u:lll':l,uk or Sul!-:Nun Pm Illltlmx lm-:'r.x: lh4lql,x S Y. M. Ki. A.: S'rum.I.1-:us LOUIS 4lOSl'1l'H KOONZ I .ICX INGTON li urlllflnk Ulf Scll-1N1:l': IAIH, 'IOIIN L. 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RIAXSON WII.I,ARII R. MIcRIIvI'I'II DoRo'I'IIv RI-:I.I.Y jIInI'rI-I KIIY G. W. KINGSIIIIRI' R. KIPIIINI: Rom-:R KI.I-tIN RII'I'II KI.AIIIrNIII-' 0. G. KOIIIIIIIS NTARY -lo I.AIfI-'I'1'I'Y ICIIIIIQNII LovIc'I"r 'lon B. LovI-:'r1' l,oIIISIa I.ovINr: IIVIQNIIIELIN C. I.IIc:RNI-:R W. A. LU'I'IIl'IR 'l'IIoIxIAS P. I.vNcII HORACIC H. LYNN :Xl.I.II-T II. Mf:AI.I.IS'rI-:R CA'I'IIIaRINI-: II. MICIIAIII, I"R,xNc:IS P. MII.I.I-:R IfIoRu:I1: MINI-'R 1l,xIIIaS R. RIINOR ICIIWIN T. MOIfFli'I"I' MARY KING MoN'rcoAII:Rv CI.EVl'ZI.AND MIIKIRI-I I.II.I.IAN K. MoRI:AN Ross MoRc:AN HIILIIN G. MORRISON CRIFF H. MoRSf:II RoIIIcR'I' IV. I'A'I'I-2 BIIRNAAI Pl'I.'XRl.MAN I-IowARII H. l'Is'r'I'IIS OWI-:N H. PlIll.I.Il'S GIIIIRIII: EIIWARII l'oR'I'Ic NIARY 'IiI.IzAIII-:'I'II I'RIc:I SIS'I'I-:R RAIIIII-:I. ARVA RAY EVA M0k'l'!DN NANCYIII-:I.I.I1: Moss ERNEST MIIRIII-Iv 'lIII.I:S L. NA'I'IIANSoN Lols E. NEAL T. IoRnANov NI-:IIIcI.RoIfI-I RICI-IARII W. 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SUIILETI' ELLEN SULLIAN l'lUWARD 'FRUMHO GAYLE 'TUDOR J. RYkl.l'll VANNOY J. V. VAUGHN MARvIN C. WACHS DOROTIIY WAGGONER NIARY L. WALLACE LUCY WARE LILLIAN WARREN E. S. YVHAVER POLLY WlCAX'l'ZR Wll.l,lAM WEIIII Rll'l'Il WICHLIE ANDY WlEISlENBI'IRlGl11R ICLIzAnI-:'rII WHPZl'1I.l'lR NIEWICLI. VVILDICR DIARY E. WILSON VIRGINIA WILSON W. C. WINELAND I,IS'I'ER WI'l'HIiRSl'llKlN BARON WOODIIURY EMMA WRIGPIT' VIRGINIA YARBRO Nf0Ll.llE YOCUM RIc'II,IRD lf. ALLISON V. L. BRANDOXV DAVID CLARKE J. T. COLLINS JAMES B. COOPER FLOYD COX ROGER DEAN Agrirulturr LEE EVANS GEORGIC EVICNIN JOI-IN H. EWINC, JR. JEWELL T. HILL CIIARLES HOCKPIR W FNDHLL HOWARD W ILLIAM KLICISI-ZR JAMES H. LAWRENGE 'l'IIOMAs M. QUISENIIERRY ROIIERT S. RICIED R. L. ROMAN HFZRMAN E. Rl7'FHWliI.I. RI-:NLOE RUDOI,l'H XVILLIAM H. SAUNDERS 64" T. N. SULLIVAN JOHN N. TRUMBO SAMUEL O. TU'Yl'LE HOG.AN WATSON ROBERT WlCflIN1'0N SAM LEWIS WOOLDRIDCI, IR R. B. 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NORMAN JAM ICS NORVELL FRANK RIIE JAAIES IWILTON RIISII IAAIES PAIII. SAIINIIERS IAN GEORGE SIIEARER W. L. SINr:I.E'rON JACK S'I'EEI.E I'II"l.IiN JO SI1I.I.IVAN M ORION TAI.IIO'I"I' 'I'EAII'I.E'I'ON VFIIORN JAMES TIICKER 82 IEARI. xV.KI,'I'l-'RS NIARSIIALI. YVARRS DORO'I'IIY WII.I.IAAIS H. N. WII.I.IAAIS ROI5I'1R'l' P. WVOOIIS JOIIN SIIEIRS IOIIN W0li'Fll I. H. REAII LEON YOIINOI-:R VIRGIL ZINK CiRAI:I-1 Al.l.I'1N l.I1:o ARN'l'Zl'1N - MIKRX' l':I.l.I-IN A'I'RINs l.oIIIsIc MARII-: BAI.IIIIrI -IAAII-is BARNIQY MARY S. BI.Ac:RwIf:I.I. H. H. BRANIIIQNIIIJRIIII NI.-KRTIIA I.I4:I-: Bkl'l'I'.-UN .Hrvnhmvn Ehmatinn AVILAI I CAI.mYI':I.I. BIINNIIQ I.I1:Ic C.-xAII'III'1I.I. K1A'I'III'1RINIf1 CARRnI.I. l.oI1IsI-1 C.-XRlI'I'IlIiRS HARoI.II C. CoI.I.INs RANKIN CIIMIIS J.-XNIC CoRIxI':'I"I' CIIARI.I':s CoRNxYIfI.I. l"RANc:1-is Ii. BIISII NIARY ld. BUSII W. M. AI.IIRIcII'I' AI. R. AI.I.IaN CARI.I-:'roN AI.I.AIs KIQNNI-:'I'II ALI.IcY HAAII-'roN AI.I.IsoN WII.I.IAAI C. BARRIA' EIIWARD BARNIQS I. 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PI.Ac:Ia IT IVAQ IIIIzc:AIIsI': 'I'lllCY c:AIIc:II'I' A CI.lNIl'Sl'1 or 'rms GOLF-sox THAT 'rIIIc FISII nm- N"l' III'I'If. DR. FIIANII LIIRUNII NICIVICY, B..-X., LI..D., PII.D., PIII BICTA KAI-IIA. OMIA cIzoN DELTA KAI'I'A, mc., Iam.-IIII'IA AIIovIa ALI., A IIIQAL MAN! TllRl'1l-I IIIINI-:IIA'rIoNs ov Mc:VIcx's. CIIkIs'I'- MAS, 1931. BIQSIIIII III-:ING 'I'IIII IIIcs'I' PIzIcsIIII:N'I' U. or K. IIAS ICVIER I-IAII, DR. NICVEY QUALI- FIIES AS BEING AN EXCICLLFNT COOK. Tllli IIIIAIITIFIII. Rock GARIIIIN AND I-om AT MAxwm.I. PLACE. fNOTICE "Bm" A1' TIII2 mmm: or TI-In rom.: III2 IS 'I-III ONLY MEMBER or TIIE FAMILY LI:r'I oII'I' ov Tmz ABOVE rIcTIIIu1.j 4 s. 1 1 i I ? I 4 1 J f i I ff ,M -,fm mf' 4. : ff? A W gi., 1 47' ' a Meng Eng Igurzxhv l'ms w,xsN"r 'rAlu1:N M' 'I'Ill'l Ilmuwz IT IS A l'IC'lAURI41 ov 'ml-1 wxxml-:la mf' 'mL INIIIVIDUAI. Fl,0A'l'S. N me ALMIA Gmls 1-:clam-nn 'rrmoucu 'rmzm r-IN ANn wow 'l'lIl'1 smunuw mvlslow. c:oU1'l.l': or I,l'1I.'l'A TMJ lJm.'l'.-xs w ISICCAMIC lllSI.0lXll'ID FROM 'l'Ill'1lR l"LO.KT me K,xl'l-As s'rom-rin I-L,xYlNc: "SNnfF" mm: lswoucu 'ro lucrzomlz mczmnfn-in ANU POSIC FOR 'HHS l1'l.0.-Yl'. mag Eng ikizuruhe 'I I, 'l'.-X 51155 KI,-Xl1liIl'l' ONE OI" 'I'llliIlL 1 Ill lx Xl ISI1ilil1'S'l' mms 1-'ok 'l'lllC mlmluc. lm: Lwm l.-ui Al.I'Il1.' 1 " 1- Ill AND N'liN'l' "Du'rr:l1." 1. flllfij ANDl1lllY, c:,xNl1llm'l'lc wan M IHHIH Quucmr. lu-:vlua.'rtN"c " -1 ' Drzrxrs. Sma cry..-xml-in 'l'IIA'l' IDIRTY 1' mas l'lll'IVl'lN'l'l'Ill lu-:nz ufuom mum: II.l"fI'I'liI1. N- 'xv x NCQ .Einar Egfr 'IINII lJI'I.Ic, MuIu:,INIfI'1I.II. .IIINIUII IN 'I'IIl'1 CoI.I.I':raIa rw Ar:Iur:III.'I'IIIu':, WAS flIIosI-iN III' l'I'Il.l,0XV S'l'lIllliN'l'S AS 'I'Ill-I Mom' I'oI'III,AI4 IIIRI, IN 'I'III-1 lINIvIcIzsI'I'v oIf KI:N'I'IIr:KY 1932 KI':N'I'IIc:RIAN c:oN'I'Ics'I'. MISS Dvlclz IS AI.-x.IoI:INI: IN HUIIII-1 lico- Norulrzs, ,INII WAS RIcc:I':N'I'I,.Y I'IcI':wI-:N'I'I-LII wI'I'II 'I'IIIa GUI' OFFICRICD IQACII YICAR In' 'I'IIIc AVONIXYE SIcI.If GfIvI':IINMIfN'I' Assam,-I'I'IoN 'ro 'I'llI'I oII'I's'I'ANIIINr: IIUNIOR WOMAN. IIIII, frm' IS AWARIDICIJ ON 'I'III-3 'IIASIS Ol-' I.I2,xIIIcIIsIIII', scIIOI,ARsIIII', AND cIIAILAc:'I'I-ZR. Xllss IJYIQII IS I AIIQAIIIIQIL ol-' 'l'llli SIIKI' CIIu:I.I':: PIII UI'SII,UN OMIUIIIIN, IIONIIIL- ARI' IIONIII1 Icf:uNmIII:s I'I:,x'IIcIcNI'I'I'- CXVINYS, IIoNoIz,xIw I-'Im'I'I-:IINI'I'I' Ifmc SUl'll0M0lllC WUNII-N 'l'Ill'I l'I'I'I4IN CZI.IIII llmII-1 I-Icroxmllvzs Cl.lflS' Ar: Soc:II-1'I'I', ANII AI.I'II,x UANIXIK DICl.l'A soc:I.xI. soIuIIu'I'Y. Sllli WAS IUVARIHQID fl'lll-1 Al.I'll.X GAMMA Dl'1I.'l'A fllll' IN IIHR FIIICSIIMAN YEAR AS TIIIC Ul1'l'S'lANlllNli Ml-lkllilzll UI' Ill-IR CLASS, AND AS A SOPIIOMORIC Sllli WAS I-II.l'1lI'l'l'ID ll0l'SI'f l'kliSIlll1Nl' UI" Ill-'R SOROIll'l'Y. I -. ww illalph lfvrrlymml R1KI.I'II KICIlCIII'lVAI,, SOPIIOMORIC IN 'IIII" COI.I.I-ffilf OF .'x1iRIlIl?I.'I'lTRIi. ANI! OII'I'- STANIIINI: .fI'I4III.Ia'I'Ic WIIO II.-XS IIICICN III-:sIr:N-x'I'IcI! In' III-1,-In Co,Ir:II IAIIIIIIII' GMI.-xI:I1: AS UTHE BEST I'UN'I'l'IR IN 'I'IIl'I COI1N'I'RY," WAS YO'I'I-TI! 'I'IIIi MOST I'OI'lIl..-XR MAN ON 'I'III2 UNIVERSI'IX' OF KI'lN'I'lJCRY fIANlI'I'S IN 'IIII-I IQSLZ KIiN'I'lIl2RI.KN KION'I'IfS'I'. KIERCIIICVAI, CAMIC 'I'O 'I'III-I IlNII'I'1RSl'I'Y FROM I'Il-fNRY CIN-XY HIIIII SCIIOOI. IN LEXINGTON, IVIIICRIC IIIC IVAS AW,-KIlI!I'1I! 'I'IIIi Y.IXI.Ii CIII' IN IIIS SICNIOR YI",-XR I-'OR OUTA STANDING QUALI'I'II'1S IN SIIIIOIAILSIIIIH A'I'III.Ii'I'ICS NNI! CII.KR,MI'II-IR. SINCIIC I-INTICRINII THE UNIVICRSITY IIIC II.-KS WON FRESIIMAN NI'NII-YR.KI.S IN I-'OO'I'II.II,I., II.-KSKIiI'II,-KI,I., ANI! TRACK, HAS I'I,AYI'1I! FlIl.I.I!AfIR ON 'IIIIIC XVII.I!CI.X'I' I'l!O'l'lI.-KI.I. 'I'If,-XXI ANI! IS A MIQNIIIICR OF THE 1932 TRACK TICAM. IN IIIS FRICSIIMAN I'Ic.'xII KI-zIu:III-:v.xI, ww c:IIu:I'I.x'I'IoN xI.xN,uaI-:Ia or 'I'III-1 KI-iv TUCKY KIQRNIQI, ANI! wfxs I-I4IcsIcN'I'IaIm 'I'IIIC l,xxII- NNI! Ciuoss r:I:I- ,Is 'I'IIIi oII'I's'I',INInINI: MAN IN TIIIC FIIIIZSIIAINN I:I..-Iss. HIL IS .-x xII-1xIIII-ik OF I'II.oc1K ANI! BIIIIILI-1. IIONOII,-IIII' AGRIcUL'I'URAI. cI,I:Ix ANI! w.-xs I:II'I:N 'I'III-1 I.I-Y.-XI! IN 'I'IlIi 1932 S'I'I1oI.I.I-ik I!IlANIX'I'IC PRODUCTION "Coon NIiII's." "IiII1Iu:III-iv." .xs IIIC IS KNOWN 'Io IIIS IPRII-1NIIs, IS fx MEMBER ov DEI,'I'.N T.-III I!I:I,'I'x SOCI.-XI. I1'R,X'I'I-2RNl'l'Y, .xxn I'IucsIIvI-1N'I' OI' 'rms Somm- MORE CLASS. I bv. A wwf IUIJX' OCIIS IS MUCH MORE IN'l'ERl'IS'l'lQD IN KEN THAN HAVING HER 1'lC'l'URE M ADE. IN c:.IsE ANY OF YOU IIOYS IIAVII: FAILED 'I'O FIND A "SWEE'I'IIIIAR'I"', CALL ASII- IAND 4234, AND ASK EOR KIAOQUE. I5I':'r'I'Y POWELL Rl'IlJlJI'lS LIRIQS 'IIIIILM 'IOUOHQ JACK PIIIIIDS QIsRO'I'IIIaR OF '1'OAI AND FRANK, IS 'l'lIlE MAN. NIARGARET SYDNOR SAYS, "MOR'I'Y JUST 'IOOR ME BACK IN ONE UF 'rIIIc ROOMS AND PUT A DIN ON ME." XVI-IAT A AIANI I.l'l"l'LE FRANCES TRUE BROWN c:I.IMIIs Ill' ON MDADDYH SRII- Rl!I'1'S RNEE, FOIL A RED-TIME STORY, MAYIIEP "VM SO IN LOVE," SAYS CARLEICN 'ro BILL. HE SEEMS RA'rIIIaR INTERESTED IIIMSELF. Iv "LOVE SENDS A LI'l"I'LIC GIFT OF ROSES. READING FROM LEFT 'I'O RIOIIT, CI-IICR KASTNER, THE ROSE, 'IRAN DAWSON. MR. AND MRS. ROl!IlR'I'-NVIE REO YOUR DARDON, ALICE JANE AND Bon. SYLVIA SAYS 'rIIA'I' Tllli Hll0CKYn WAY IS 'I'IIE SIIIOOTII XVAY. TIII-1 PERFECT COUPLE, REfIIN1IlN'l'.fKY. SIIONSOR YOUNG AND EDITOR STONE. WINSTON BYRON AND YVOODSON KNIOIIT WATCII OvER TIIE OIRLS A'r 'IIII-1 Cm ONIEGA HOUSE. A SOIITIIERN GENTI.ENIfKN AND IIIS BE- LOVED. COMPANY 'A' SPONSOR AND CAI-'r,-IIN JANE DYER AND W. E. FLORENCE. .L....41,,.,g A W V Y UNlYl'lRSI'I'Y Ulf Kl',N'l'llCKY C.XlDI'1'lS Xl CAMP KNOX. EITHI-:R 'ml-1 fzooli on A K. P. "'1'm:v sn.'u.l. NOT PASS." Hmm woluuwc SOLDIERS. BIQNTLIQY S.xM1'soN AND .IOHNNII Fokcm' 'rmim snmrs. GRIN MICSSICNGICRS OF DICATII. CQICTTING RI-.ADV T0 DO A Ll'I"l'l,l-I ING. RICCITSS AT 'I'lll'I l'I.,XYGROUND. CADIQTS FIND ISIRIYS NEST IN GUN A SNAPPY OU'I'FI'I' OF LOY.-XI, YOUXC C IZRNS. -il...,i hll0O I W. s , r, I lf' F4 A I 4 I-S 0 I 'I lu 4- ,I r ., H no ' J.. .. . P, r ,T,1.. I AI.Ic:I4 BIQIINIQII, MAY QIII-1I:N. IIIQII AIAIII OI? IIONOIQ, NUMIA LI-:Ia FOIVIS, ANI: A'I"I'IaNImAN'I's, YXIARY AILXIR, CAIIII-ilz INIC DRURY, RI:'I'II WI-1IIl.I-1, AND VIII I:INIA YOUNG, sNAI'I'I-in A'I' ONI-1 OIP 'I'IIlilR mr: aImIIcN'I's. INr:IIxI:N'I'AI,Iv. 'I'IIl-ZY llAVl'1'l'lll'IlR nm IuOAII':N'I's! Nl,xmxI f2UIiEN." NUI' 'K MILITARY WICIIDING lSlI'I' THE f2llICliN Al'l'RO.MIIIlNG 'l IHC TIIRONE. AI,If:I, fWI'l'Il0U'I' IIIILR kOI.I.INI: I'INj ASSUM IIS A REGAL POSE. 'l,Oc:AI, IIOV MAKIQS ILOOIY' ANII cms 'ro Inuvl-1 'I'III-: QIIIQI-:N IN 'rIII1: MAY DAY I' IIIAIIIL. H X QU! S HAVI Ill! IR DOMISTIC I I IIOIIIII I s Isp I Q 'fr I L'-Z , ' . I 0 . 4 'I r 'IV . 3 ' 3 . C f 1' I.'.' C " -1 ' Ifff-' I V, ' ,. ' 'ff ' , I -s f it yq-fd 'gI':, K is fm' ,, :sg X u9"',.TIl, ' iff' A ' - ,' -,L VII, I ' .,.' ' 4'-','."f I I ,fly 5r":I'5 , 'H t ...ukr- -he Li v if' Sv? , 3 , 53 "'fXj,A My Qi ,i ,L 3 sf' , W 51" ' xi ff4?9f3i' N 4 M ' '2 N ,N X 9 C Aga' t ' ' V' . 7 .. ' ?' 'xxx ' K f IIA .J AA :,"m ,0- nl "I pa. fyil, -N ' N K . , Y t Q 1 1 1 , 4 r .4 .N . 11, , , X. 2. ' lj N , X . 1 ' fy Q ,1 . - iff- 4 5- 'f A: , ' ,. -.. lf ' . ..-fn ilu ,' 1 Y . ,fgerfirg . . - r , V if-g, 15. . ,A .4 , M H 31 CW! K1-lim: -1 Q ..', g".,,, . e-vi 4 gwfflum 'rngunzfzw w'w "' . -,sl - '. y .u t . 4-4-fi? QM, 11,1 x jI1,'-r'4'1-- -R , 'mix--'xy A3 4, '1 Vv- ' Wx X -rm :Alva . N 'K f 3 C FHl " ', . 775' lg, DUIUC JOHNSTON, 'I'I-Ili FAMOIJS 'I'IGl'l'I' ROI'I11 WALKICR. QJNI, OIF OUR ISIKKGICSI' REASONS FOR NOT r'lc.'xRnN1: 'rule lfxluwl-:sua IS En Rm-:Y Crmzv FOS'l'I41R IfOl'NII 'l'lIIS WAS ONE: WAY 'I'0 STOP FIIMIILING. I'I"S GIRLS LIKIC IIIER MAKI-I IIOYS LIKIC US MAKI-I .....,.. WIIICIIIC WICRIC WIC ANY- wfxv? IVIIO CARES AISOUI' 'I'l'lli CO-ICIIS WIIFN TIIERE IS A GOOD CIAIICCKICR IIO.-XRD IIAN- IIY .... OR IS IT IIALITOSISP R1f:x'l':lucNn Ancocru AIIJIIRICS ms ROTIIERS 'ro An,xNnoN 'rms v,x'rns or WICKIII- mass. S111l'wum:lx Mlm lllilild Nlcvula luilfusu '10 GlYl'l A l'Al. A DRINK. "IN 'l'llli GUUII OLD SUMMER 'l'IAlli." 1 BUNNY AIARITN PUTS HIS BEST FOOT I-'Ulb wmm. Clmlmlowm' c:.fu.I,lcn UASSUMING 'rllli AN- cami." Bll,l.ll'I I-I1'nm.lf: WINS W. S. G. A. cru- 1-'ok rxumxrs 'HH-I GIRLS ...... OJ Il.Xl'- I-Y. You NICVIER CAN 'l'l'Il.I., HUT XVE'D TAKI-I A CIIANCIC. DoN"r l"0liGI'I'I' 'rn 1.00K M' THE Ros!-'sz 'l'Hl-IV ARI-T I'RlC'l'TY TOO. llcrulu-3 on-' .xx Cm OMEGA o1'1zN llollsxc. ' Y, Wfit. . E s N Y W' ' il P '11 I I 4 s .4 " 1 GN :IMI lla: ,W- 1"i'1'l 111 'ml ' a , H .uint mt A Afzz if ' :5k ,ir ' .U ,Falk E1 'mb t . 'Q' ,-- ' Q -' Q, 2 - " 0 U on A 0 Q OO 9 Lg .1 U O 00 ooo Cb 4 Ceo O 0 'A 1 0 Q 'Z KN K it .qo- . f I Q 5 ,I fe If . D " 's J . i :'i?'o' ,.-'H f T , A is frggfzgiffg , .- N 5 V NP- if !w'T"f'.f W dffffz'-A 1,:":'4 X X ' ' -f-W", "-"1 tw , Q., Kal- A 'vga if 'ST 9 f."21'12f1512'5 . ':04,:Oq 3:0519 ,fu 69:05 0, ldv, I, 0 'o'v'b.."! 1, ol "o"l1- 'sw' 905 S 4,270 W" 1 02? g ufuq 'J 04Q1:::51:gf2.2 . 15"u?u."o, "M r , iq, 'qfnglvf CM' 'lg' Q., wg rl' O.. Ig' I", I ,U Kejifih' Z 64 xW X ,, , Q, 4 0 .'-'J' ft:- t- I s as 1 X 4. ,. x '- A 421 ' ,... 0" N ff'F.'-,O A '-'V' . ff , . u. Q.. . . .- . .a 1 o I K. ZR. GB. EV. Ol. Jlnatrurtnrz Ifirsl Rom, Lrffl lo Right First Lieutenant Howard D. Criswcrll, Captain Harry D. Scthcibla, Major Owen R. Meredith, Cunnnanclant: Captain Williattl A. Cunningham, First. Lieutenant -Iamcs F. Recs Srfzvnlrl Row, l,1'fl lo Riglll X'Vartant. Officer George A. Knight., First. Lieutenant Percy E. I.cSt,ourgcon, Mfarrant Oiliccr Edward I". Callaghcr, Sargcant Elntcr O. Kinkcr Tltirrl Row, l,r'fl In Rig!!! Mastcr Sergeant, john A. Short. Sergeant. Herman B. Bryant Ollzwr lrt.s'lr11f'lm's: Captain Clyclc Grady II4 Qlahvt llvgixnrntal Svtaif Fz'rsl Row, Left lo Right Colonel HZll'l'y V. Slllllll, Virginia Young, Sponsorg LlClllCI1ZlIlL Colonel Alexancler A. Bruce Szmfmcl Row, Lfffl Io Right Captain Frank Stone, S-13 Captain Bcnjznnin C. LeRoy, S-3. Captain Sum S. llolclrick, S-4, II5 I Illirai Ilulattalinn Svtaif l"i1'.s'l Row, lxffl lo Right Mzujm' E. Milliken, -Ioan llzlwson, Sponsorg lfirsll Liculcnzlnl. Gcorgn: R. ciCl'll2ll'Cl, S-2 .S'rff'm1fl Row, Lrffl lu High! First Liciucnznn, Eldon 'l'. Evans, S-33 lfirsl Licutcnznn Iran C. livzuns. S i Svernnh Eatialinn Svtaif Firsl Row, Loft I0 Right Major R. I,. Newcomb, Mzirgucrilc Campbell, Sponsorg lfirsl Licutcnnnl John Fry, S-4 Sfcoml Row, Lcfl to Righl Second Liculcnzlnl VV. F. Davis, S-lg First Licutcnzlnl O. K. Sharpe, S-3 116 Cllnntugarng Gln11111mnhv1'n mth Spnnmmi Firsl Row, Left lo Right Captain Jack NVet't., Maclelyn Sltively, Captain .Iatnes Owens. Betty Boytl Sl71,'07HZ Row, Left I0 Right Captain Cecil Bell. Betty Watkins, Captain Olen B. Collntan, Marjorie NVCHVCI' Captain Dan Parsons, l-lelen X'Vunselt yqlllfll Row, l.1'fl lo Riglll Captain XVilliatn li. lflorenee, .lane Dyer, Captain john Ewing, livelyn Crnbbs ill. OB. El. Ol. Svpnnnnm l"ir.s'l Row, l,r'fl lo Right Marjorie NVeave1', Jean Dawson, Virginia Young, lvlarguerite Campbell, Evelyn Grnbbs Second Row, Lzrfl In Right Maclelyn Sltively, Betty VVatkins, Betty Boyd, Helen XVunsttlt, .lane Dyer CIIINN FLORENCE EVANS CHAPMAN PERRY MUSSELMAN H Av , ill. GD. 1. GI. 2111112 Gram IIS Z1 nh nut nf thuse tu lnhum the histun come imp greatest hathlp will heliehe he satng Qlnuther hath hehelh it afar aff, Sftnh Ieabing human tnrnngs tu right themselves Qliates but tu pass into the silent Iife. Siflnh une hath hah the hisiun fare to fare, QIIU nom his chair Desires him here in vain, ZEQUUJBUBU they may erutnn him otherwise." Qctihities X uhlimtinnh 1 -zfzzrgmrzuqmza .. , 1,1 " f""'x 1 92 ' w - 1 .1 1, H'- .1 -.5 J XJ fa 00. kg qv A0121 , ' Y ' of. O Af.. ., SV Cc' .- W' l.,:'w!xS ' ft, . X max -gg b .,. ' N ,,. M .tgxb . .f I,- . lW.,f" 'fx 1 X w .,x, K . xr. x 1' Aw mx, , 5' a f -fw . 33 'QR nf ?2'Wf"f"a 'ff E I il a I , 4511, 4 " 'r 4' . ' C553 mg Q N ', 1,4 nh fp I' I 5.11616 'hr 1932 lienturkian FRANK STONE I1ImI'I'oIz-IN-QIIIIQF I' lrsl Row I. C. EVANS ASSlS'l'AN'l' l1:I1I'I'oIz Sfcrmrl Row VIIIIIINIA YOUNG Assor:IA'I'I-: I4:nI'I'oIz Third Row HOIIACI-1 IWIINICR DANII-:I. W. GoomIAN ASSOCIA'l'E EDITOR! SENIOR, ASSOCIATIC SPORTS EDITOR IIIINIIIII c:I,AssIcs BILI, HUMIIIQII ASSOCI A'l'l'I l'lDl'l'ORZ G ICN ICRAL STAFF l'0IIrlh Row HIIIIII MAIIIIIIIII: ICAIQI. SUIIIQIQNIZR IIcmoIcAIzII4:s, IfuA'I'IaIINI'I'II-is IIIIsINI:ss s'rAFF ,IAAII-:s LYNI: l"l'I.'Yl'IIlll'I I-:III'I'oIz l'ifllZ R070 O. K. SIIAIIPII ISI-:N F. TAYLOR IvIII,I'I'AIw IIIQN IIIQAL s'I'AFF I.0lIlSl'1FINIIOMPSON ACT! Vl'I'l ICS Sixth Row H. C. Mc:CowN MARY E. 1'IucIa 1: l'1NI'2llAI. s'I'AIfF cI.UIIs KA'I'III1:IuNI': AIII-'I':NI4AAII- soIzoIu'I'II-ns 'l'IlI'l FOLLOWING MICMIH-IRS D0 NOT IIIXVIC l'lf2'l'URICSZ Aran Rom-xv, Assoc:IA'I'I-: I':ImI'I'oIz: llALl'Il llovn, I-uIII.Ic:A- 'I'IoNsg Woonsox KNIIIIIT, c:I.AssI-ts: I-IAzIf:I,MA'I"IINI: I.v, IINIvIaIzsI'I'v: CIII,-uzI.I-:s MAXSIIN, ASSOKIlA'I'l-1l'IlH'I'OR WII.I.IAM GAII,AIu1, I,AvoII'I's: I IIIIN EI-vs, Ifuolfusslox ALS: VERNON Room ANI: ARVIN WAc:IIs, sI'oII'Is Dmus SIxII'I'II. ARI' I'1ImI'I'oII: MARY CAIIoI.vN '1'IaIuu:I,I, l'IIl!l,lCl'l'Y2 SARA Bl'1'I'Ill-ll., GI'INlCR.M. STAFF. L2D L Uhr 15132 lbenturkizrxr NV. FINCH I-lIl.l,lARlJ HUSINIQSS Nl,XN.XGliR l'ir.vl Row M.-xm:1.vN Sulvlfim' Sl'1fIRl','l' un' Swrnllrl Row JOHN EWING nuslN1-:ss smlfv Tlliwl Row CII.-KRLICS UNGICIQ I':I.ll0N T. liv.-ws c1RcUr,,x'l'loN S.'XI.I'1S M.-KN.-XGIQR ll. IQ. O'Ro.-uua nusmu-:ss sulfur Fourlh Rum Imucs li. I,,1n:1u-:'r'l' XVILLIAM I-Iunnuc BUSINICSS HUSINICSH IKAYMOND Aufokn nusml-:ss l'ifll1 Row Nlil,I, IJISIIMAN JOHN S'l'. -IOHN vno'1'oclmPHlcAL czlmllzk.-xl. S'l'.-Xl"l' I'lcuc:v Corzswlfml. BUSINESS Slxlll Row Vmcmm NICVINS Lfuvlucwcxl-1 Plmuww GENERAL STAFF T12cllNlc:A1, MARY Cululi ral-LNIQRM. s'r,uf1-' SAl.l':s MANA1:14:lzs: Wll,l.mM 1'llll!.nl,l'1, Ilfxmloxn AI.l"OllIl, ELIION 'l'. l'Iv.'xNs S.u,l5sMl4LN: IIUIIN M. KANIC. ANN M lfzvlcks Ross, lin-1l.YN 'FRI-IAIQICSS, NICNIN GOICISI-il.. Pll11.l1' Alumllzlng INIARIORIIC XVICAVI-ZR, I-Ilan:-:N Gmvl-uk. Gr.,xm's Rlczlc. SAIKAII liwru- ul., Blc'1"1'l1c Bow, O,l1.f1o1f1-'m,xN. Douowm' Wu.- Lmms 'l'lll'1 l"Ul,l.UWlNH Ml-ZMISICRH OI" 'l'llI4l IIICNICRXI. S'I'.XI4'l-' DU NUI' ll.U'l'l l'llZ'l'l!RliSZ Ikhlajolzlllz F.-xl1l,liNl-ik, Rvssl-1l.l. Cilucv. NI.xu'l'1u GUN'rl':k- MAN, jon: Gum:-zs, lEl,lz,-xnmll I-Iuuux. Hlil.liNI..M1X, Nf.XRjORll'1XVIGAVICR, Ali'I'lll?R M,-umm. Ru.:-11 NAM-xl.. lm.l.x Oczns, NI.-XliYANI1Rl'IW9PERSONS, Rwru x'Vl'IlII.l'1. 121 'he Kvnturkg lirrnvl Qbftirial Nmuupupvr nf the Stuhrntn nf thv lilniuvrzitg nf Kenturkg Firsl Row L,uvRlcNc:l-1 H1-:RRoN Wn.l,mM ARIHCRY ICDITOR-IN-CIIIICF ASSOClA'l'li ICDITOR Second Row Louis:-1 'I'umu-sow M1XRVlN W,xcus MANAGING rf:m'roR Ass1s'rAN'r ICIIITOR Third Row jo!-IN M. KAN:-1 form S'r. jour: Assrs'mN'r ICDITUR sRoR'rs WRITER Fnurlh Row ELICANOR Sxrrru EMILY HARIJIN SOCIICTY l'1lJl'l0R socmw EDITOR Fifth Row LILLIAN Goocu MARY ALICE SALYIZRS socmrv wRl'rlcR ASSlS'I'AN'l' Nxfzws I'1Dl'I'OR Sixlh Row GEORGE SPENCER ,xssls'rAN'r Nrcws Emron l22 I hr lirnturkg lCPrnel iiuhliaheh Semi-Mveklg lfirsl Row CoI.I-:MAN R. SmII'I'II NELI. DISI-IMAN BUSINESS M,IN,xcIzIz BUSINESS CAMERON COFFM,-KN Sccoml Row CIRCULATION MANAGER DANII-:I. W. GQQIIIIIAN ,xssoc:I..vI'I-1 IcnI'I'ov. RAI' STAIIK sI'Iac:I.'xI. WRl'l'lCR FINCI-I HILLIARD AnvIsIz'rIsINc Tlzirzl Row Fourth Row Fifth Row Sixlh Row AL KIKISL AnvIm'I'IsINc: joux Goou BUSINESS WILLIIXRI SI-I.-IFIQR AssocIA1'Ic IQIIITOR F RAN K STONE ,IssocIA'I'I: IauI'I'oR WVILLIAM LUTI-IER sPoI1'I's WRITER 123 Hniuvraitg ilgnhliratinna BY MARY CAROLYN rI'ERRILL The University of Kentucky is fortunate in having a great number of pub- lications that are edited by the students and for the students. In addition to the Kentuckian, the yearbook, and the Kentucky Kernel, the semi-weekly newspaper, there are other publications which are typical of campus activity and illustrate the diversity of interests of the student body. The faculty ol' the university, as well as the student body, are editors of publications which are printed for the beneht and enjoyment of the students and citizens of the state. For the purpose of classihcation the publications are divided into three groups namely: periodicals, general university bulletins, and research pub- lications. PERIODICALS Kentucky Law journal, published quarterly by the College of Law. The faculty editor is Roy Morelandg student editor, John C. Bagwellg business man- ager, Lon M. Rogers: student note editor, Gordon Finley: circulation manager, Edwin R. Denney. Book Reviews and Legislation are by Martin Gleen. Kcntztclcy Almmitzs, published monthly, except during July and August. james Shropshire is editor and manager: Betty Hulett is assistant manager, and Pauline Harmon is the student editor. I.afre1's, published quarterly, is edited by the Department of English Lang- uage and Literature, and is Hnanced by the Department of Journalism. Prof. E. F. Farquhar is the editor. Kamjms Kal, the only humorous publication on the campus, is printed at odd intervals by Sigma Delta Chi, honorary journalistic fraternity. Members of the staff are Bill Shafer, editor-in-chiefg Daniel Goodman, associate editorg John Watts, jr., associate editor, and Lawrence Herron, sales manager. SuKy May Day Sommnir Program, published by SuKy, student pep club, is edited by Gilbert Kingsbury. Ben Leroy is circulation manager, and faculty adviser for the publication is Neil Plummer. Football Program, published by the Athletic Association, for sale at tl1e foot- ball games, is edited by Neil Plummer. "K" Book, popularly known as the "Freshman Bible," is sponsored by the Y. M. C. A., and is published once each year. The editor is Ralph johnson: assistant editor, Emily Reeves, and business manager, John Carter. GENERAL UNIVERSITY PUBLICATIONS College of Agricullilre publications are issued from time to time for the benefit of citizens of the state. University Extension Serizfs of bulletins, are published monthly by the University Extension Department. RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS College of Education publications, medical publications, commerce publica- tions and pamphlets published by the College of Agriculture. These research articles are available to citizens of the state. Petrsmmel Bulletin, published three or four times each year by the Depart- ment ol' Psychology. Dr. KI. B. Miner is in charge of the editing. 124 X Xiviuhvnt Mnuvrn wut Q QQ "5 1bv J' lf- '551 : Zo f ' 31 Q11 1 002' oo 'B U O O Q oo oo sd oo x K c f' 9 G 'S Srtuhent Glnnnril First Row M ANN mr: H1ll.l,lNfiSXVOR'flI Sl.'COIIll Row XVILLIAM A. LUTHER Tlziwl Row BIQNKIAMIN R. M.fxR'1'lN Ifourllz Row HENRY QlIlSliNl!I-IRRX' lfillh Row C. K. Lucm-1 Sixlll Raw STlil'l'IliN S. Srmm-'nz 126 Svtuhent Glmmril lfirxl Row Golmrm FINLEY Second Row WAI.'l'l'1ll V las1' Third Row CLAlucNc1c YIIAGER Fourlh Row Joi-IN M. KAN12 Fifth Row -IOHN Ewmc Sixth Row FINCII HILLIARU 127' illlvnka 1Ha1n-I-Irllrnlr Gluunnl 28 lfirsl Row M A1.co1.M FOSTILR CECIL D. BELL Svcmzzl Row W1L.l.l,xM Hummu Bm L1:Rox' In 'l'l1irrl Row CllliS'I'liR jo1,Lv W. A.Lu'rl1lsu lfmzrllz Row .Lmms LYNE Romain' Polrrlclz lriffll Row JOHN WA'r'rs Sixlh Row Glltoum-1 Wl1n'l.ow mnmvn 5 192111-Fl-Irllrnir Qluunnl l"irxl Row IWARIANN.-K L.'xNf:,xs'1'l4:R C,uzo1,vN RAY Sccrmcl Row llmurrm' Colm-'mN Blf'l"rY CR.-uvx-'mum Third Row XVllI'l'l.0CIi FINNIALLI. ARVA RAY l"lIll7'lfI Ron' Culmcvlzlu-2 l'l'l'v,l4:lz Lois Ronmsow Fifllz Row Af.-XDLYN Smvrzm' Sixlll Row K KTIIFRINI-I Smrru lliumvrfz Self-Guurrnmrni . 130 Awanriatinn Ifirsl Row ELIZA!!!-I'I'll ANN Ewmu -I Us'rlN1c Cook Second Row KA'I'llI'1RlNEAUFENKAMI juul-rr GALLOWAY Third Row IWARY CRllflfl'I'll Clllus'rlN1zjmlNsoN Fourth Row KATHERINE JONES CAROLYN RAY Fifth Row ELIZABETH Poouc Sixth Row MADLYN Smvnmr nh in the strength ut this it ruhe, bhattering all ehil rustoms eherptnhere Qlnh passeh thrn' pagan realms, anh mahe them mine, Qlnh rlasheh tnith pagan hurhes, anh hare them hutnn Qlnh broke thru' all, anh in the strength of this flume birturf' QBrgani ations ifrutvrniii 5 iff? -'55 5 tw. xg q Q-- .0' f 010 '25 0. O- U Q, gg cabo C55 z. K can il G N 4? Oil! 9'Q:zx Alpha Gannma Ellyn ZHnunI1vh at Qbhin Stair Bllniuvruiig 151114 Calmw: Grccn and Gold Flower: Pink Rose Pulllimlion: "Sickle :md SIICZIIH lfirsl Huw Ciloull. lll'1l.l., '32 PARIS, nv. Srfcnml Row Fmcn I-Ifxlflfiu, '32 l"Al,M0l1'I'll,KY. Third Row Illfuucv SMoo'l', '32 MINMRVA, lcv. Fmrrllz Row l'llmms f,2lIlSl'1NlSI'IllRY, '33 WINfZIll'2S'l'l'1R, KY Filth Row RAI,I'II BIl0AIlllI'IN'l', '34 cmmz, lcv. Sixth Row NICVIN C0l'1I!I'1l,, '34 r:ovlNu'roN, uv: 132 W. 'll. Fr.olu':Nr:l':, ' KIYNTIIIANA, KY. DI-Nlu' f2lllSI-INIHQIQIQY xvmrzlll-1s'l'l-114, KY. 014.115 I'lclr:l11.'55g5 l'RINCl'1'I'0N, uv. .Ima 'l'l4:luu', '33 FRAN K l"OK'I', K Y. SMITII HllUAllIiICN'l', cfxmz, KY. l'ZlaN1':s'l',l,xNl'1s, '34 l!ARIlS'I'0WN, K Y . Alpha 62111111121 ilihn Gbmirrnn Qllmptrr 'l'llll Eutetlrlinlgvh 151211 I"i1'.vl R ow I'l-Lluzx' lW1ICl.lllll,, EH I.l'1I'l'lZlll-'ll-1I.D, lcv. 5,5 , Srmml Row 1 l.Xl.Rl,lI l3l.l.Rs. 35 XVINCIII-IS'l'ICR,w. XVILLI,-XM Chxsu 1 55 l'Alu4svll.l.l1:. ln' Third Row , Fmlrllz Row N N li'l'll NIARQlJl'I'l"l'l'1, '35 lfAI.M0l1'l'II, KX Fifth Row lxxllcs B. SM,x'l'll1'Rs, 35 f lARI.ISI.IC, KN Sixlh Row QTY-UN Ii Cl IAl"l'l'2RS l':.XRI.I'Z XV.-Xl.'l'0N, '34 mmI-'mussvll.l.l':. uv. -I.-x Mn-ns Clnmuuc. '35 ISlIl.I.IiRSISURKl, mx XVlI.I.l.-XM Nil-u:ll.1,, '35 FRANKLIN. IND. Cl-irzll. MARSH, '35 xvlNc:lllcs'1'lsR, mx lgonl11R'l'S."l"lu1:r:. '35 HICNDIQRSUN, uv. I.:-:oN.-nan C. Worms, ju.. '35 ICMIN l'INIIl'I, KY '33 Alpha Eannhha Tian .Hnunhrh at Obgrlthnrpv Hninvrnitg, Gvnrgia, 151 l' Colors: Black and Gold Flowrfrz American Beauty Rose Pulzlirnlimz: "The Rose Lc:1I"' Cf ,IA Mics Fmwmzs, '32 RllSSI'ILVlI.l.IC, lcv. W. R. MlililiDl'l'll, 1.1-:xrNc'roN. lcv. Emu. M. I-Lws, mzxrwrrrow, xv. Firxl Row FIll'ilJl-IRICK CRIil'SIilI SWITUTIII Row NIEXVPORT. KY M,'XlYlllf3l'1 ILIARRIS 13 Third Row nlxrw. KY. W. j. WlccINc'roN Fourth Row jmm M. CLARIQ, MAYSVILLE, KY. Fiflh Row JOHN F. HART, '33 CYNTIIIANA, KY. Sixth Row vVAl','l'IiR HQUIIJYMON, '34 MAYSVILLIE, KY. RUMSY, KY. Alpha Blmnhha Earn Sigma Glhaptrr Zlfnuuhrh Blanuarg 311, 121321 Fmlfrn in Faculmlc Dr. L. H. Carter First Row I'I,uun,n Sr:mvAR'rz, W. C. XVINII un -33 Mr. s'l'l':1u.1Nc, uv. .4xNr:llok.1xr'1 I x Second Row RAY HIJNT, '34 .IOIIN H. YAVCI Y qi CYN'l'I-lIANA,KY. NICWPORI In Third Row PIIILLII' HAlmYMoN, MAYSVILLE, KY. Fourth Row Romain' C. MCDOWlELI,, '34 SIMPSONVILLE, KY. Fifth Row Woolmow S'rnwAlz'r, '35 mms, KY. Sixth Row Dourzms WARDIQR, '35 MAYSVILLE, KY. Alpha Svigina 1Hhi ilinunheh at 'Bair liniumfitg, 1545 Colors: Cardinal and Stone Flower: Cardinal Rose National Publication: "The Tomahawk" 4 n Chapter Publication: 'Sig First Row '4oNAl.n R.AlJ'I4l'1N, '32 I'0N'I'lAC, MICH. A SITOIIII Row IOIIN li.lE1'l's, '32 DAYTON, OHIO Third Row Hl'1NIQ!'.I.WlI'ZNl1KN, '32 G l,I'IXING'l'0N, KY. Fourth Row MARION C. Cus'rAkn, '32 I.l'1XING'I'0N, KY. lfifllt Row KIOIIN M. KAN:-2, '33 sr:incNi-:r:'rAnv, N.v. Sixth Row LEBANON, KY. S1'1Jcnlh Row Binder HARRY F. DAY, l.I'ZXING'I'0N, in' josi-xml D. M1KIl'l'lN I.l'1XlNG'I'0N, KY nAx"roN, omo I.l'1WlSi5.DAVIS, '32 1.1-:N If. VVICIN MAN, 32 l.l'1WlSl'0R'I', KY. SAMlII'1l.iVfANl.Y,II I,' l.I'1XING'l'ON, KY. DONALD K. MCCAMMUN, '32 Wn.l.lAM H. SAUNDI-ZRS, '32 1.1-1x1Nc1'oN, KY. Glcolum F. S'l'mvAR'l', '32 CYNTIIIANA, KY. 136 Prof. L. D Alpha Svignua 1Hhi Sigma Qlhaptrr iiuialrlinhvh in 19 17 Fml1'es in Facullale S. O'Bannon David M. Young Prof. Garnctl McKcnny r. Henri Beaumont, Prof. Lewis Cass Robinson Firsl Rom 'l'noM'As M. Bmian. '34 ColznoN E. Bmms gl imumwsmuuz. uv. smIn-:Ni-:c:'n'.fun'. N x S1-mml Ron' PTIQNIWO. DumlmM.'3fl IRA W. I.YI.l-1..IR. qi noi-mNsvn.m-1. KY. 1.omsvn.m:,m' Thirzl Row Gi-:onlin WILSON. '31 XVILLIAM BIGGlCRS'l'AT'l fg sw mlzuw.-xmmo. c:u.u-'. I.liXlNG'l'0N. uv Wu,1.lA M B. CIINIJIFIU' sovlilzsiw. KY. lolw MII.I.l'1ll.'85 ONVICNSBORO, NY. Rolxlclrl' S. RILIQY. '35 souTn In-1Nn, INn. Fnurlll Row 35 FiflI1Ro1v Sixlh Row S'f'1If'11l11 Row Moluus W.'KSll, l,0lIlSVH.I.l'l, xv. hoN xm Mc:Gmuc r.nx1NcroN, uv Osmlz P. RlilI'l'lCll, l,0UISVll.I.l'I. KY Ii0lIISVll.Ll'Y. KY 1137 TnoM,xs ll. Roi-lui: Alpha Tian CI9mrga Zlhuxrnhrh at iKirhmnnh,1Hirginia, Bvrpmnlrer 11, IEEE N I N l'Z'l'Y-FOUR CHAI"l'l-IRS Colors: Azure :Incl Gold Flower: While Tea Rose P1tl1lication: "The Palm" K Icx N I-:'I'II ANIIIucws, '32 l,I-ZXINGTON, KY. FRANK Cu'I'I,I-ik, '32 jI':IfFI-:IIsoN crrv, Mo. Al.lSliR'l'.I. KIKI-:L, '32 YouNcs'I'owN, oI'IIo GRIFF H. MORSCH, '32 HINCKLEY, ILL. WVILLIAM A. SIIAITER. '32 FALMOUTH, KY. RoImII'I' A. XVISE, '32 IIIQRGANFII-:I,II, KY. 138' First Row S'I'I4:Iv,xIa'I' AIIcIIs'rIIs, '32 I.oIIIsvII.I,I-:, KY. Second Row FINCII HILLIARII, '32 r:I.IN1'oN, Icy. Third Row EIxNIas'r LUCKliT'l', '32 MoIccANIfII-:I,II, KY. Fourth Row JICRROLD O'BRYANT, '33 CLINTON, KY. Fifth Row ' Lu1'III4:Iz M. VAIIGIIAN, '32 CLINTON, KY. Sixth Row HIIGII Ancock, '33 IIOPKINSVILLE, KY. Seventh Row AIz'I'IIuII Aluz, '33 cANToN, oIIIo Prof Alpha Gian Qbmrga illllu Zlnta Glhaptrr Hnunhvh Zliehruarg 22, 1511121 Francs in Facullale L. E. Nollzlu Mr. Bart Peak Prof. L. S. Hm l ILIICI Mr. Hugh Mcrriwcther Mr. Birkctt Pribbla Mr. Nicl Plummer Mr. James May First Row G1-zolzcri M. Blum-xl., '33 E A juss M. IAIHRNIJON, '33 l.0UlSVlI,LI'Z, kv. if IRVINGTON, KY. Sammi Row ROIiI'1Il'l' YVIll'1I'1I.I-IR, '33 lfu.xNli A.S'l'mslu.1-11-'I1-im, g 1.1-:xlNu'roN,1u'. mmufxr, kv. Third Row CAYLON Ii.l-I.1xkvlcY.'3.l 0. IS. NfllRI'IIY, '34 Lx-:x1Nc:'roN, mx I.:-:x1Nu'roN, uv. Fourth Row Glaoum-1 PIQAK, '34 l-lol,'roN Plunm.l-1, '34 LA GRANGI-1, xv. l!U'l'I.l'1R, KY. Fifth Row I-IOM:-zu llkANm:Nnmu:, '35 lil'1A'l"l'YVlLLlC, xv. Sixth Row jmxms FAIIIEY, '35 I.0UlSVlI.I,Ii, KY. Seventh Row 0"1n Luclu"r'r ' ll sn- -. , 3.1. mmu:,xNmlal.n, KY. 1uA'l"I'IlliW KOHli'l'l'I'lSCH. Nl-IW YORK CITY JOHN KlN1lIlI,0l'Z.'35 u,xun1Nsnulu:, uv. '89 0 Qiannmm 0111111 Zlfnunhvh at lliuinvruitg nf 1Cvuturkg, 15123 Colors: Red :md Wl1il.c Flower: Rose l"ir'Sl Row CI.YDli I.. AMMSUN. '32 W. A. BRIICIC. '32 Q Row1.l':'l"rs. kv. mm.:-ilcslsuluz, lu' Swwnzl Ron' R. IB. D,xvl'1Nl'oR'l'. '32 Alurll DlrNc:.xN, '32 mm'l.1Nr: raluclcw, uv. 'umvKlNsv1u.1-1, KX ' lfl0 Third Row I-I. W. DUNN, '32 4:oluN'l'll. lcv. Fmwllz Raw S. M. Frrrs, '32 SI'IlINGFlI'iI.D, KY. Fifth Rom Illu'.xN'l' .IONI-XS. GR.-X hllA'l'l" l.lCXlNC'l'ON, KY. Sixllz Row -I. W. KrNc:Am, IZWING, W. v,x. 32 1 4 .4L. Glumpun Olluh Fmlre in Faculmlr Dean C. R. Mclchel A. D.LANc:1folum, '32 Sl'1LliC'I', li Y . Hrs! Row Sacoml Row R. L. Runomfu, l'Anuc:All, KY. Tlziwl Row G. P. SNx'nlf:R, '32 VAN Lmu, kv. Fon-rlh Row H. li. 'I'Al'r, '33 1'1cNsAc:oLA, xf1,.x. lfiflll Row H. D. V,uu.uc, Ll-:xlNc:'l'oN, KY. Sixth Row R. E. H.-mslil., '34 l,liXlNll'l'ON, KY. Evita Glhi Hnunhrh at Qlnrnrll iiniurwitg, Zlthara. N. 15. lwrtnhn' 13, 13911 Colors: Rccl and Buflf Flower: Mfhite Carnation l'ublication: "The Della Chi Quzu'lcrly" First Row Moss lJAuun'rl-Luv, '32 -IOSICPII Klili, '32 Nlc:llol,,xsvlLu':, kv. 1,1-:xlNr:'roN, KY. Second Row Ruv L. Mc:CoN.u:nu-1, '32 KIQRMI1' A. PACK, '32 CIIAFEIC, Mo. sown l'0K'l'SMOU'l'll, uv Third Row ll0IH'IR'l' W, RlcvNol.ns, '32 YVILLIAM Lula TYLI-ik, '32 sl,.'u1uu'n-zus, uv. OWIQNSHORO, KY. Fourth Row WILLMM Hume, ju., '33 Jn-:lfmcnsoN'roxvN, xv. Fifth Row 5fARTlN Ruxfus W1LsoN, I-1N1cvlLLu, KY. Sixth Row WILLIAM Busu, '34 LEx1Nc'roN, KY. 142 , u ' gm:-Y, Lxgxlf ..- H- Evita Glhi F livnturkg Qlhaptvr Zinunhvh Swptenihrr 13, 15113 1 r 'I'HlR'l'Y-EIGI-I'I' Cl-lAl"I'liRS ix Ifirsl Row flllfill H. DIQARING, '34 I-IRNRY l'0R'I'I1ZR Dm-is OWICNSHORO, KY. Ll-:xlNm'oN. KY. Svmml Row 'FIIOMAS KICNDALI., '34 4lAf:R li. Klcvsl-:R. '31 OWIENSISORO, RY. c:cwlNc:'roN, RY. Third Now CLAY VVILLIA Ms, '34 CIIARLIQS Bl'IA'l"l'Y, 'g L1sxlNcToN, RY. I!Ii.X'l"l'YVlI,, KY. Fourth Ron' jAMlas S. CARROLL, '35 YVILLIAM K. MCCIJY, OWENSBORO, KY. lNEZn KY- Filth Row PAUL G. RICE, '35 PADUCAH, KY. Sixth Row . ERNEST YOUNKIN, '35 PINEVILLE, KY. 1 ' X . 143 Evita Elan Evita ZHnunhvh at Thlvthung Qlnllvgv, ibirthang, 11111. lla Zlhlxruarg, 13551 Colmzv: Purple, Wfllitc and Gold l"low1fr: Pansy ' l"IlbliL'Illi07lC mTllC1l2lilllJ0WH I"irx'l Rrmvy. lilufczl-1 S. I-'.ucQlz1l.xu, '32 jus:-ivll ll. MILLS Ill., '32 l,lfx1Nr:'1'ux, nv. 1.1-1xlxc:'roN,lu'. xVlI,I.l.-KM l-l.x,u:, '32 In-:xnl-zusux. mn SITUIIII Raw llmlun' M. llomy '32 Nom. l'1NIiI'll,, '33 umnmnran-1svluvzs, lax. u.-xMu.'1'oN. OIIIO Ou-ix B. C201-'I-MAN, '33 I.l'1WlSHlIIKG. w. VA. 'I'hir1l Row l..XWRl'1Nf2I'l Illcluum, '33 llulslclu' MCVAY, '33 c:m'lxr:'l'uN, kv. Monuuwmvw, N. J. l'IolL.xr:l': NIINICK. '33 1.1-1xlNm'oN. IW. I"uln'll1 Rum l"m'l'l-Lu l'm"rm:, '33 U1-:num-1 SKINNICR, '33 h'I'lIIUllS. nw. l.r1xlNm'oN,m'. VIQRNUN Sll,Xl"I-'Iill. '33 xmluals'l'ms'N. N. Al. Ifilllz Raw,xN R. Sxlrrll. '33 ,lunx S'l'l':vl-zxsox, Ulu., '33 l.l'1XlN1L'l'0N, nw. WlN11llI'1S'I'l'1R. lux RM' CL.S'1'.uui, '33 1.lcxlNf:'l'oN, KY. ' Sixllz Row .Imax Mull. 'I'1lmcN. ilu., '33 Gluxl' Clnllsl-1l.1., '31 1,l:xlxr:'1'ox. lux l.lfx1Nr:'l'oN. mx CI. D. Bmllz, '34 I-1xvlNc:,lcv. Sfwfrzllz Row l'l.uuu' Kino, '31 Ulmwl' CAMl'lll'Il.l.. '31 Lum: lsmxn, N. Y. l,l-1WISISUIUl, w. VA. 144 145.-:A Y --f--- - Evita Iam Brita Evita iipnilnn Qlhapter Entalrliuheh filing 111, 15124 Sl'IVl'2N'l'Y-SIX cl-ml-'11-:Rs F1'aM'es in Facultate Dczm C. R. Mclcthcr RolJcrL l'1ZlNVkillS 'Iznncs S. Sln'opsl1i1'c 1"i rx! Row jmw Cufxmlck, '34 Rlflll.-XRD lf1u.1,lcu, ' g4 l.omsvn.r.1-1, lcv. 1.rzxm:'mN, uv. lloxlamow. '34 l.l'IXINll'I'0N, lu: Srwfnzul Rum Gl'10RGlC'l'. l'f0WAkD, '34 l':lICIiNI'I ll. I,u'1'l-ts, ' gg 1.1-:xlNu'1'oN,Kv. ' 1,1-:x1Nu'1'0N, KY. I3u.l.AlAr1ons, '34 Cl!MIGlClll.ANIl, mu Tlzirfl Row Cmkl-:Ncl-2 NIOORH, '34, ROSIIOICS'I'I'1l'llI'INS, 34 m-1x1Nr:'roN, Kv. l.l1:xlNc:'roN. mi Flllilllikllili Sr:o'r'r, '34 Al.x.or:K, KY. Ifuurlll Row li. R.'l1lIRNl!Ul.l1. 'EH I..-XNDON Cox, '35 I.:-:xlNf:'roN, uv. 1,1-Lx1Nm:'1'oN. uv. NIARION l5uuwN, '35 1.l':xlNr:'mN, uv. Fiflh Row -IUIIN Gnome, '35 l.l':xlN4:'mN, kv. XVll.l.I.-XM Uul':.1x'l'llol1s1-1, '35 l.lcxlNr:'mN, lcv. Sixlh Row .IAhIl'1SlIACOIlS, '35 Cl7MHl'IRl.ANI3. KY. I'ADlICAIl, KY. Al,l"RI'1ll Mum-inc. '35 l.0lIlSVIl,l,IC. KY. Sf'm'nlh Row P.-Xlllilill l'lllRl.l'2Y, 'g x.omsvu.x.x-1, uv. 55 llluNlmN Pluczl-1, '35 ROIil'1R'l' l'A'1'l':, '33 'l'r-nm-1.1-:'1'oN 'l'noRNl-:, '35 lNnl,xN,, mn. 1.1-:x1Nr:'roN, mx '45 liappa Alpha 1Hnunheh at lllllauhingtnn mth EPP Hniuernitg iB2r2n1l1vr 21, IEEE Colors: Cl'il11S0ll and Gold lflozuzfr: American Beauty Rose and Magnolia l'1.cblic.'ali01z.: Thu Journal lfirxl Row Wn.l.lAM l'1AYS, '32 .IUIIN Dl':N'l'oN, '32 SIll'1I,HYVIl.l,IC, KY. 1.1-:xlNc'1'oN, KY. 'fucmms Pos:-:Y, '32 1..uvul-:Nc:r:num:, KY. Sccmul Row WIIJLIARI GAlN1':s, '33 LYMAN HALVliNS'l'0N, '33 LA UKANGI5, KY. l.l'1XING'l'ON, KY. Cll.uu.l'1s GOOIYMAN, '33 rsmsramv, KY. Third Row -loss-:ml 1'lIl'ZliONYMUS, '34 Wu.1.mM Kl.l'1lSI'1ll,33 liI'IA'l"l'YVILLli, KY. Ll'ZXlNG'l'ON, KY. Aktlllllll1'1UDDl,l'1S'l'ON, l"lJL'l'ON, KY. lfnurllz Row XKEIJWIN Momfm, '33 Wn.l.mM l'IlIf1Ll'S, '33 LlCXlNG'I'ON, KY. r:1.ov1-zkvowr, KY. lfiflh Row PAu1.Pn-:lu:Y, H. V. BAs'rlN, '34 Lou1svu.Lu, KY. Awmloxmuxc, KY. Sixth Row COLEMAN CA1.l.AxvAY, '34 IKICIIARD CRU'l'Clll'2R, '34 1.1':x1Nu'1'oN, KY. L1axlNc'1'oN, KY. - Seventh Row josmfu GOODSON, '34 ALKION PARRIS. '34 LExINc'roN, KY. wAsmNc'roN, n.c. 146 .v.,ll"l '- lieqapa Alpha Efhvta Cllhaptrr Entahltuheh 13513 SlX'lY ll! lll LIIAPII R5 lfrullzs an lruullalr lk an W. E. 1"l'CC1ll2lll D1 I'Idlly Bum Dr. XV. Pl'y0l D1 G D Bucknu Prol Lunch Cnch Ill l'l4:luu' ROGl'1llS,'3,I R sl RI Sm OI 1flc,xNm-'oR'l', uv. I0lllbVll Ll n NIARION S'l'ANl.l-iv, 1 mn BARN I I w,xslnN1:'roN, lu: sm I BX vnu , KY Ru .IUHN CARII1-Lk, '35 C :mm I s Duc AN, 35 1.1-:x1Nr:'roN, uv. mum Il Ll X lh1Nl,,x1' I'11.l.lo'r. '35 IOIIN Ilxu LAN1ZAS'I'I12R.KY. Mus ld XVIl,I.lAMKING.'31, lux 1.1-:x1Nr:'1'oN, uv. mu sxu lflnwm Rm-1. '35 IIARRODSIHJIKC, KY Cmluc Wmuc, '35 Ll-:xlNc'l'oN, KY. 4 I K "wr liappa Sigma Zllnunhvh at Jlininvruitg nf Iliirginia. Elerenuhvr III, IEEE ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE Cl-IAPTERS Colors: Scarlet, YVl1ile and Green Flower: Lily of Lhc Valley P1,lIIliCdli07'I.Z "Cuduceus" M1KlJRIfII'1l',' CARR0l.I.'I'0N , KY. ll0I5l'1R'l' SlllI'I'1, 'gg l'lIll.Il'l'SllURG, First Row Ull.l,ISI'll'1HKPl'1RNl'1l.I, uAe1Nl1:, wus. Second Row Rom-:lrr I'ou'rl-zk, '32 l.omsvu.r.l-:, uv. 'f -n .5- GARNl'1'I"l' BURKICS, '33 N I ALI'l'IRQlJl1IRQlJlC, N. M. IIDHN CUMMINGS, '33 x-'l,l':MlNc:snlmrs, lcv. IIUIIN FRYIC, '33 l,0llISVll.l,I'1, lcv. Nl-IWICLI. Hmuanr, MAvsvn,l.x-1, uv. MI!2IlAI'ZI.MllIiI'IlN', egg I.0lIlSVlI,l.I'I, KY. Third Row Fourth Row lfiflh Row Sixth Row lCl.noN EVANS, MORPIIIICAD, KY. Wruuu-:N GAn.l.Akn, '33 l,lcnANoN, KY. If Pluf.lcN1': HINMAN, '33 I.oulsvu,Ll-:, KY. Ll-no Rosrx. '33 l,musvn.l.l-1, xv. ,. . Seventh Row jmm-:s SALYIQRS, CllAkLI'I'l'0N WALl.ALII'1, '33 l.l'IXlNG'l'0N, Kv. NEW Yonk, N. Y. 148 -gzz.. liappa Svignna Beta Nu Qlhaptrr Eutahliuheh IBD 1 Fratres in Facultatc Dean W. D. Funkhouser L. L. Dnntzlcr First Row DONALD CNULL, '34 'THOMAS I-In-:NNI-:ssl-zv, '34 LOUISVILLE, KY. AUcUs'rA, KY. EuNns'r GAILLARU, '33 MA1'llliW HIENN mass:-xv, '34 AUGUSTA, KY. HARVEY MA'l"l'lNlII.Y, '34 BARDSTOWN, kv. 'FIIOMAS Rll.liY, '34 GRIEENUP, KY. YVILLIAM BUSCIIIIAUM, '34 l'l-lll.u'vsnlmc, N. v. RAQMOND FAULKNI-IR, '35 MOUNT STERLING, KY. LEBANON, KY Svmnfl Row Third Row F our! I: Row Fifth Row Sixth Row Seventh Row Bkmilc I'IAll'l'l'l'SI'II.I., 34, l.0lllSVll.l.l-I, lcv. RUSSI-2l.l. MIIZADOWS. '34 FUI.I.lCIl'l'0N, KY. ALVIN BLOCK, '35 LOUISVILLE, KY. R0l'1R'l'CIlRlSMAN, '34 IIHRICA, KY. CLvnln LEWIS, '35 l'IKl'ZVll.I.l'I, KY. , OSCAR PARIUQR, '35 l'IARRY WAI.Kl-Ili, '35 ELlZAllE'I'H'l'0WN, KY. I-1LlZAllE'l'll'l'0WN, uv.. ,-1.49 Eamhha Glhi Alpha ilinmxhvh at Einutnn, 11Huau..Nnnrmlwr 2, 191121 l'IlGll'l'Y-FOUR KJl'lAI"I'1'IRS Colors: Purple, Green, Gold Flower: Violet l'fublimlim:: The Cross and Crescent Fiwzfl Row Il. CL. lll.,xr:K, '32 QI. H. Ffuuus, '32 l.l1ZXlNG'I'0N, KY. llUIkSl'IKI1U'I'l, KY. V. M. CIIANlll.I'2ll. '32 ,xs1u.ANn, KY. Srfmml Row G. ll.FlNl.l'1Y, '32 W1l.l.lAM O. l'1u1:s'l'oN, '32 MAlllSONVll.l.lC, KY. l.r:x1Nr:'mN. KY. ,lou W. Oulu, '32 IRVINIC, KY. Third Row li. CI. llfxluu-ZK, '33 S'l'l':wAK'l' IMKNI-LY, '33 .xslll.ANn, KY. 1.n':xlNc:'l'oN, KY. Fourth Row lm C. EVANS, '33 jon G.uu'1N,'33 wv1Nem:s'1'1clz, KY. Asln.,xNn, KY. Fifth Row Clzlu' W. Howmm, vVll.I.lAM A. I,u'l'lllcK, '33 rzumnrzlzmwlm, KY. lmlu.AN, KY. Sixth Row lifuu. Slum:-LN:-zu, RAI.:-H VANNOY, '33 n,uu,AN, KY, AmmsoNv11.l.l1:, KY. Snucnlh Row lfI,xKol.n W. Asllm-:Y, '34 I.lNnsl-:Y I-I.BAKK1aR, '34 l'AlN'l'sv1r.Llf:, KY. nr-:Num M, KY. 150 Bimnhim Glhi Alpha Epnilnn lihi Zrta mhaptrr Entahlinhrh Zlhhruarg 14, 15311 Fmlres in Fafulmte Dr. Frank T. McFzn'lzmd Dr. Wellington Pzltrick C. O. Mocik First Row R.-xI.vll R. l!A'r1es, '34 Il. B. CROW, '34 ASIILAND, uv. 4:uolf'1'oN.Kv. I.AWRl'ZNCl'2 H. Cmvn, '34 V IRVINE, KY. Second Row j. E, DAl.'roN, '34 C1u.uu.1-is R. IfIA'r1:m-:'r'r, '34 snmcls, uv. c:uAvsoN, xv. Third Row CIIARLHS D. KIQLLY, '34 .IOHN P. Mumlvolum, '34 MADlSONVlI,l.lC, KY. Asm.ANn, lcv. Fourth Row HARRY K. SCo'r'r, '34, l'lu-:N'rlr:r-: C. WILSON, '34 MADISONVILLI-I, KY. Fr. 'moMAs, KY. Fifth Row WVALLIS M. BAILEY, '35 XVAYNIC C. Bukcxn-:'r'r, '35 I.l2XlNG'l'0N, KY. Ll':xlNc:'roN, KY. Sixth Row RALIQIGH CAUDILL, '35 Nmuus W. Gounow, '35 Asm.ANn, KY. MAmsoNvu.r.r-1, kv. Serlenllz Row JACK R. WATT, '35 B1-iN B. WRlflIl'I', '35 Loulsvlun, KY. r:uAcv, KY. 151 131 Kappa Alpha Zllnunhvh at ilniurrnitg nf Hirginia, Marsh 1, IEEE Colors: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lily of the Valley P1tblt'calion.s': "Dagger llllIlI'iR'I' ALSOVICIL, '32 mr: s'roNla mv, VA. .IOIIN l,nAGlVI'1I.l., '32 IIUNICA I'A'I'll, S. cz. lJoN,u.n Cmss, '32 l,I'1XlNGTON, KY. 'l'1-in Cassalmv, '33 1-:,xs'r s'r. mms, ru.. Wlu.1,xM Colm, jk., MADISON, 'rnNN. MM.c:ol.M Foswzu, NICIIOLASVILLIC, xv. 45? and Key," "Shield and Diamond' First Row DoN,u.n lhmmcw, '33 l.ICXlNfi'l'0N, KY. Szfcoml Row -IA Mics DAVlCNl'0R'l', '32 lIMlROIJSIllIRIl, KY. Third Rozy' CIAIQICNCIC YI-:Msn-zu, '32 M lDlll.I'fSll0R0, KY. Fourth Row 'Tom CONRIQY, '33 OWVIENSBORO, KY. Fifth Row -IOIIN Ewmc, '33 l'Il0Sl'l-IC'I', KY. Sixth Row Emvmum Houml-IAN, '33 mxlNc1'oN, KY. Seventh Row I4IAr.lmk1' ''r, '33 l.lcxlNc'roN, xv. Hi 1Cappa Alpha Gbmrga Qlhaptrr Entahliuhrh 1911 1 ff' SEVEN'l'Y-'IWVO CHAPTERS Fmlrc in Facullate I-I. H. Downing RICHARD Nmsl-ik. '33 Nl-lWl'0R'I', xv. RAY Roumsox. '33 l.l'1XlNC'l'0N. uv. I-mt Row Second Row Third Row MANRIN1: l'I0l.l.INfSSXVUR'l'lI. '31 Mum.:-zsnoko. Kv. Ruzlmkn 'l'cmm-iv. '31 WVINCI ll'IS'l'l'lR, K Y . jfum-is Clnms, '35 SI'RlNGFIIiI.ll, lu.. JOHN L1cS'l'ukr:1-:oN, '35 EAST onANr:uz, N. J. lfourlh Row Fifth Row Sixth Row Seventh Row l1illlI'1R'I'OINll'IR, '35 MORGANFIICLD, KY. mm PI'NN '33 I '- 1 4 1 Cl-IORGIi'I'0WN, KY. Wu.:-'man Clmvl-ts. '31 can-zzmumuwx. uv. -lull-:s I'.-xl.Ml':k. '31 l'lcm'lnl':Nr:n-1. my linwlx NVILSON. '31 nuwuxcz mualcx, kv. l'll-ZMIAN GRMIAM, I-.-xlmlrmll, KY. Wu.l.mM Lowlw. '35 NICHOI..-XSVII.l,I'I, mx '58 1HhiBPltz1 Giheta ZHmmheh at Mliami iliniurruitg Gbxfnrh, Qbhin. 1348 ONl'. IIUNDRICD AND ONE CHAl"l'l'IRS Colors: Azure and Argent l"lo1uar: White Carnation PN1lHI.'llli07lZ "The Scroll" Firsl Row Wll,l.l,xM Anlwzlw, '32 -IOSI'2I'll W. DUNAVI-:N'r, '32 lnuus. KY. I-:mlN1aNcl-1, KY. x'VIl.l,IAM ll. CARRINGTON, '32 Mr. s'l'1':ru,lNr:, KY. Szfcmul Row jus:-xml M. Fl-:kr:usoN, '32 IinwlN W. Hummuul-Ls, '32 wfxvm-1, w.v,x. an-:mu:m'mvN, KY. Wu,l,l.xM F.I'IlIlSlSI.I'1, '32 r:,uzNl, u.l.. Third Row joum M. jomzs, '32 YVILLIAM B. K1-:NNY, '32 Gl'20RGl'1'l'0WN, KY. mlus, KY. Gu-:usual-1 W. KAY, '32 sl-lumzlflx-11.11, OIIIO Fourllz Row jmzu K. Rom-xv, '32 'I':RNI'2S'l' C. Sruomlz, '32 lfR,xN1u.1N, xv. XVINClll'1S'l'l'lR, KY. Fiflh Row Hfmuv R. L.-uk, '33 linwmm CARVILLE, '33 lZYN'I'lllANA, KY. DIXON, KY. Sixlh Row Mu.:-is M. D,xv1s, '34 - WlI.I.lAM GARY mms, KY. ll0l'KINSVlI,I,IC, KY. Srwlmllll Row IIUHN J. Rl-:nMAN, '34 l'II'1NRY S. VANCE, '34 l.l'ZXlNG'l'0N, Kv. l.l1:xlNr:'roN, KY. '54 ighi Evita Ehvta 1 pnilnn Qlhaptrr ?Eutal11iuhvI1 151111 Ifirxl Row PM J, PIIII, l':.ARIbl'1RY, '35 I-Ilmwxkn lhliwllzs, '35 1-Mus, my solmansu-:'1'. lu: Wu.l.l.xM li.1xl,nwlN.'35 I'AIllS, kv. Srcaml Row l'1.uu. C.-xuu,xN. '35 limn-:R l':Vl'1RS0l.l'I. '35 r:ov1Nr:'roN. my m1lNr:N1:1-1, KY. -lmm L. lhvns. '35 v.-uns, mx Thirrl Row Rum-1u'l"l'.CL.-u'rskll.l., '35 Iinwlx KI-Zl.l.0ll. '35 lnuus, uv. r:MlxlcNr:l1:,m'. xv.-Xl.l,I'IIi B. lfl1lN'l'. '35 ' 1,1-:xlNu'roN, KY. Fourllz Row SHI-ZI.l!Y KlN1:.un, '35 Roni-ilu' li. l,llxoN, '35 l,l'IXlNG'l'ON, uv. mc:1moNn,1u'. Fffl1lR1m' DAN ll. INIc:C.,xmml.1,. '35 .IMIW A- NIUDUNV-Kl.lY.' mvl-zwsnolm, kv. 1'zMlNlaNc:l':. mx Sixlh Row I.l'1l'1MII.l'IS,,35 l,1lr:l,-xN Noluu.-xN. '35 l1:MlNl':Nr:lA:, Rv. ll.-xmlum, lcv. Sr'1u'nlla Row Amos '1'. 'I',, '35 EMU. XVILLIS, '35 mms, lcv. Asrudxwn. xv. '55 1HhilCam1a Eau Zlhvxmhvh at imliaxui iiniuvruitg, Cbxfnrh. Gbhin 1Marrh17. 151115 1"OR'l'Y-'l'l'IREli Cl-IAl"I'ERS Colors: I-Iurvarcl Red and Old Gold Flower: Carnation lmlllicaliovzz "The Laurel" First Row M Wll.l.mM l':Alll'1S,'32 -IOIIN H. Hn-:nl-:K, '32 x.1':xnNc:'roN. KY. Nmvrcmr, KY. CLAYL1-1 PIAMON, '32 l.l':x1Nr:'roN, KY. Second Row Wu.r.m M C. jol.l.Y, '32 -IOIIN A. V1-:NN, '32 n1lf,N'1'oK, KY. l.l1DI.0!V, KY. Dfwln H. l'llI'I'CHl'l'l"l', '32 MAIllSONVILl.I'1, KY. Tlzirrl Row jAr:K Wrzwr, '32 .IAMKS H. Cfxvms, '33 1-'om' Ml'I'CIIl'Il,I., KY. I.lcxlNu'mN, KY. R0liI'IR'I' li. ADAMS, c:llu.l,lc:o'1'luc, omo Fnurllz Row Mfwlll-iw C. DARNICLL, '33 WILLIAM B. Dlc:KsoN, '33 FIlANKlf0R'I', KY. r:lNr:lNNA'rl, omo Roman G. DAVIS, '33 Nl'IWl'0R'l', KY. Filth Row Ul'10kGl'ZGRlINlM, El.LswoK1'u JENNINGS, '33 Forrr 'ruoMAs, KY. ICRLANGER, KY. Sixlh Row Gum:-:K'r W. Kmasnuuv, '33 RAI.I'IlO..MORELAND, '33 c:ov1Nr:'roN, KY. BUTLER, KY. Sezmnlh Row Cllfuzu-is I-I. S'I'IlUlil.lE, '33 Clmnm-is B. Woonmmv, '33 l.I'IXlNG'l'0N, KY. nAY'roN. KY. 156 Hifi Kappa ' an Kappa Glhaptrr Eutalxliuheh Nnuvmhvr E, 15211 Fmlres in Facullale Roy Mmclzlml Dr. Ouo Koppius C. S. Crouse E. Frccmzm Elmcr Gill: Robert H. Baker l"i1'.vl Row J. FRANK ADAMS, '34 CII.-uu.l'1s l.0Vl'2l.l., '34 lllIS'I'0NVll.I.E, KY. l.l'1XING'l'0N, KY. Rom-:u'r A. Bk,uvNlcR, '34, 1fkANKlfoR'l', KY. Sammi Rom Emu. E. NELSON, '34 I.lcoN.-um Rowxdwn, '34 1.1-:xlNc'roN, KY. I-IIDDYVlI.l.I'I. uv. SAMUI-zu. D. Runs. '34 l.I'fXING'I'0N, lcv. Thirrl Row Romuvl''l, '34, lCl1rar:Nlc BROWN, '35 l.l'1XlNG'l'0N, KY. S'l'llIiKlIS, rw. 1l0I!I'1R'I'f,. A'l'c:lllcu. '35 WI'ZS'l' l'OlN'I', KY. Ifmlrlll Row -IOIIN A. Cmuuck, '55 MIl.I.S IMRNHLI., '55 l.I5XING'l'0N, KY. FllANKl"0ll'l', KY- - Tnmms Cnnm-uns, '55 I'lKI'1Vll.l.l-1. uv. Ififlh Row llonmu' D. Kl':,xkNx-tv, '35 CllARl.lCS'l1. M,xsoN, '35 1r0R'I"l'll0MAS, KY. wma' vowr, uv. Sixllm Row VI-:RNUN NllGliN'I', '35 I-Imsuuum 'I'm-ws, '55 mcxlNc:'ruN, kv. S0lI'l'IIGA'l'IC, uv. SI?1N'7lf,l Row Dnunms WI-znn, '35 Rrnsrzm' Wlcwr, '35 LOUISVILLIC, KY. rom' Mrrcm-:l.r., rw. '57 EIHhi Sigma liappa Elinunhrh at AmhvrutAgriru1Iura1 Olnllvgv illilurrh 15, 1373 Colors: Magenta :md Silver I"loww': White Carnzllioll Publiculimz: "The Signet" First Row Hmv,uum W. lifxlu-ill, '32 .IOIIN W. lhlsluli, i32 vr+1us.uL1,las, kv. LliXlNG'l'0N, KY. Second Row I-l.-nun' Awnlucw DI-:N'l'. '32 .IOIIN Ll-1sl,uf: NIAINS, '32 klJSSl'1l.l,, KY. M,n'svlL1.14:, KY. Third Row Blu. Molu:.'xN, '32 ll.-XMI-IS lhwi, Tonn, 732 I'fl.lZAlH'1'l'lITOWN, Rv. RICIIMONIY, KY. F our! IL Row G1-Lolual-1 XVAl,l.AIZl'1XVllI'I'l,0W, '32 -JOHN FORIQMAN Bl-:u'l'k,xM, '33 Ll-:xlN1:'l'oN, kv. vANciclsUlu:, KY. If if llz Row X1 I-'luxczxs I-lxxlu-is, '33 I,.x-:1,,wn MMMN, '33 I.l-IXINIYIUN. mx NICW ,xLnANY,1Nn. Sixth Row l . , jmllcs Puluu-2s'r NIARQUIS, 33 LEXINGTON , K Y . l5S ight Sigma liappa 1311i Erutrrnn Cllhaptrr Eutahliuhvh 15127 F,0R'l'Y-SliVl'1N CHA l"l'l-IRS Fmlrfav in I"1u'ull11lc Dczul Eclwzml Wicsl Dczm P21111 P. E. A. 15111121111 R. Clay Porter First Row h,1111111c1, Iznwm M1l,l.1111-:N, '33 l.OllISVIl.l.l-1, KY. l':Ml.I'ZR NI'1lVMAN.'3ff l.0lIISVll,l.l'1, 11v. j.f1 Mics S'l'I1lVl'1NS, '33 1.lcx1N1:'1'oN, kv. W11.1.l,1 M C2oN1,m'. '34 r:,1111.1s1.1':,11v. W11.1,1,1m 1N111:l,l.o11, '35 l,0UISVll.l.l-1, uv. Srrmllfl Huw Third Row Fo url I1 Row I',11 lfiflh Row Sixlll Row Gllzolwllz M. S111-'Nfzlck l.l'1XING'l'0N, KY. ALVIN M1:G,111Y, '33 MILISURN. KY. linwm S1:o'r'1'. '33 1.11:x1N1:'mN. uv. CLm111:l1: M. C.-1l,vl1.l1'1', '31 MORICIIICAD, KY. 11, l+'11f1N1:1s CllI.I.liN, '35 M,1vsv11.1.11:, lcv. lAI.11111v Slmnn. '35 1,1':x1Nf:'mN, uv. '1 ,. .35 159 Boyd Sigma Alpha? pnilnn Zllnunheh at llniuvruitg nf Alahama Marrh 5. 1555 ONE HUNDRICD AND SIX CHAl"l'l'lRS Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold Flower: Violet Publication: "The Record" lfirsl Row fwlvkllzw I'IO0VI'1R, '32 W. D. KIQLLY, '32 xlc:llol..'xsvlLLl-1, KY. IIAKLAN, KY- llllkli .l0llNS'l'ON, '32 MoN'rr:l,,xlu, NJ. Szfconrl Row .l,W,.3S Lymg, '32 B1-:NNY MAR'l'lN, '32 Russ!-:l,, KY. I.l'1XlNG'l'0N, KY- l-lucu AIAGIJIRIC, '32 WlI.l,IAMSlSlIIRG, KY. Third Row li. 'l'. RILICY, '32 Woonsow KNIGHT, '34 IVRIQNCIIISURG, KY. CARLISLE, KY- FR.xNK S'roNE, '32 Nl0N'l'Cl.AlR, N..l. lf'nurllz Row lIlARl,I'ZS MAxsoN, '33 B1zN'r1.r:Y S,xM1'soN, '33 1,l':xlNr:'roN, KY. IIAKLAN, KY. '1'noMAs Pmmfs, '33 4:.x'1'l.1':'l"l'slsLum, KY. lfif I 11 Row Hum: S'I'l'il'Zl.Y, '33 ' XVILLIAM VVICIHS, 1.1-:xlNu'roN, KY. mcxlNm'oN, KY. Ulaoluzrz TYIQ, '34, KY. Sixllz Row Nokwoon COOK, '34 .Ion GRIMI-Ls, '35 PARIS, KY. MlI.l.l-IRSIHJRG, KY. l,Mml'1k'l' ITARMIQK, '31 mzmmlcksox, KY. Seven! lz Row XVILLIAM Hmmm-zu, '33 jlckonm Rlssmcss, '34 IIICNDERSON, KY. GOVINGTON, KY. lhxul. MYXNSFIICLID, '34 MuNFoRnsvu,l.E, KY. I D0 4 ....,..::sr:1. ,- ...rm-.-5....:...""!"l Sigma Alpha 3 pailnn ilirnturkg 'iipailnn Qlhaptvr Eutahliuheh 151111 Fmlres in Facullatc Guylc Mohucy LeRoy Kcflfc1 T. R. B1'y:111L Bruce POUIICISLOIIC C. C. Jett E. S. Goode Lt. JEIIIICS I". Recs Grady Scllzlrcls lfirxl Row S'1'l':1'111':N SoA1'1f:11, '34 HARRY B1.M:K, '35 111-:Nn1c11soN, KY. u11,wsoN, KY. 0111 li.-wus, '35 s11:'1'11, w.vA. Sncmul Row lfilxmlz ll1s11o1-, '35 W11.1.1.fxM lS1w.1N'1', '35 1.1':x1Nc:'1'oN, KY. 1'Au11c:A11, Kv. S1f:'1'11 B0'l"I'S, '35 SIlARl'sl1l1K1:, KY. Tlziwl Row ' Gl1I0RGl'l CAMPI-:1,1., '35 lE11w1N CAM1-111111.15 '35 1s1111111.1f:s11o1u1, KY. 1-.-uus, Kv. fNO'l' s. A. 111.5 'l'11oM1xs CI1.ow1-111, '35 1111.ox1, 1x11ss . .,. If01n'll1 Row C11.xk1.1':s G,1'1'1-zs, '35 FRANK l.11Nc1.1-tv, '35 cov1Nrs'1'oN, KY. fN0'l' s. A. 14.1 1.1cx1Nc'l'oN, KY. 01.1-:NN G1u':1':N 1-1, '35 HARLAN. KY. Ifillll Row Ak'1'111:K MAk'l'lN, ,355 -Ios1':1'11 R111'1'111'1', '35 1'A1111cA11, KY. u1x'1'1.11:'1"1's11111u:, Kv. I-I11:N1u' Mc:CowN, '35 MIAMI 11mc:11. 1f1.,x. Sixlh Row KIM11-is R11ss1-:1.1,. '35 HHN 'li-x1'1.u11, '35 o1v1cNs11o11o, KY. ,-xNf:11o1z.u:1a, KY. G.x1cx1':'1"1' S'1'1':1-:1.1'. '35 l.lCXING'l'0N , KY. Sf'1u-11ll1 Row ,IOIIN VINSON, '35 ROI11-:KT Woons, '35 cA111z, KY. As111.ANn, KY. R11:11,x1z11 V1NsoN, '35 o'11.-xNNoN, KV. 161 br Sigma 132161 Xi Colors: Gold and White Flower: Golden Sunburst Publicalion: The Scimitar First Row TXIIOMAS Bovn, '34 BENJAMIN S'rAl'LE'roN 32 LOUISVILLE, KY. PAlN'rsvlLLE, KY Second Row Rom-:k'r S'rmvAR'r, GRADUATE KYLE TIECHE, 32 MQREHEAD, KY. COBURN, VA Third Row 162 FRANK WlLLlAb1S, '34 GREENUP, KY. Fourth Row ALLEN BRADY, '33 EKANKFQKT, KY. Fifth Row FRED KAEMPM-'E, '33 EAST RUTHERFORD, N. J. Sixth Row GAYLE Tuoon, '33 LEXINGTON, KY. v- Ji-Q - Sigma New Xi FRATRES IN 1"ACUL'I'A'1'E Dr. J. Catron Jones Lloyd Avcrilt Prof. E. F. F2ll'qllll2ll' Arnold Pigmzm Guy Stone Firxt Row -Iona: M. CART!-Lk, ,311 GI-ZORGI-I G,.x'rl'is, '34 BARDSTOWN. KY. l,ol1lsvll,l.u, kv. Sammi lion' Ll-:nov Human-zs. '31 1.lcxlNn'roN, uv. Thin! Row .IAMICS Pow:-:1.l,, '31 MADISONVILLPI, uv. Fourth Row Guonol-1 Yos'r, '34 RUSSl'ZLLVILLl'1, xv. Filth Row GENE MlI.l.l-ZR, 13.1 lmnnoN mzlcwrs, N. J Sixth Row loam S'rov,xu., '35 An.uuvu.Llc, KY. 163 Sigma Glhi 3Hnunhrh at miami llninrruiig Gbxfnrh, Gbhin, 1555 Colors: Blue and Gold Flozuzrr: While Rose lfirsl Row LAxvIuf:Nc:I: CIIIIMI-, '32 GI-zoluarz P. Hll,l.I11N, '32 Er. 'I'IIoMAs, KY. LOUISVILLE, KY. En IJICNNY, '32 MON'l'lCl'lI.L0, KY. Sammi Row RolII':k'r Kim-INII, '32 RoIIER'I' Ml'I'l'C2AI.l1', '32 c:AuIuII.I,'I'oN, KY. IIu1fIfALo, N. Y. CIll'ZS'l'l'ZR MALASKY, '32 c:I.EvEI.ANn, onlo Third Row S'l'ANl.l'ZY Mll.XVARIl, '34 Mmu:AN PERRY, '32 I.ExlNc'I'oN, KY. l'0R'l' ROYAL, KY. Frmrllz Row Romain' G. 'TUCKl'ZR, '32 RAYMOND W. ALIfokn, '33 HLOOMFIELD, KY. If'r. 'I'IIoMAs, KY. lfifllz Row RICIIAIIII CLARK, '33 S'l'ANI.l'2Y DAUc:IIEk'I'Y, '33 NENV ALBANY, IND. MONTICELLO, KY. Sixth Row PAIII. G. DAVIS, '33 GI-:okma FQRSYTIIE, '33 lIUN'l'lNG'I'0N, w. VA. LEXINGTON, KY. Scmfnlh Row TIIoKN'I'oN HIQLM, '33 HARRY Tli0MAS, '33 LExINc'roN, KY. LI-:I'I'cIIIfIIcLn, KY. l64 I ? ..q,. I Y I I I I Sigma Glhi Eamhha Eamhha Glhaptvr EIGI-l'l'Y-SHVICN CHAPTERS Fmlrcs in F1u:1Illale Dean F. Paul AllClCI'SflI1 llillllilfd 1011113011 Colvin Rouse Firxt Row CIIAIILI-:s UNc:I4:u, '33 Il. RI-:YNoI.ns FAIII-zu, '34 c:IIIcAco, ILL. I+"I'. 'I'IIoMAs, KY. FRANK F. WflR'l'IIlNIL'l'KlN, '33 I.I-:xINc'I'oN, KY. Scrcoml Row GUKIIIIN L. GEORGE, '34 xVAI.'l'l'lR AI.vI-zs, '35 lllC'I'SY I.AYNI':, KY. III-:NnI1:IzsoN, KY. CAKI.I-1'I'oN AI.I.AIs, '35 IIAZARII, KY Thi rd Row FRANK BAKICK, '35 -II-:I-'FI-:Ks0N BAYNIIAM, '35 1'IzovInIcNcIc, KY. l'ROVlllliNClC, KY. Fourllz Row YVILLI.-KM C. DAwsoN, '35 WlI.I.IAM Go'I'sIIALL, '35 1f'I'. MI'I'cIIIcI.L, KY. AIoN'I'IuI-:I.I.o, KY. lfif H1 Row HOWIKRIJ ISAACS, '35 ALVIN KING, '35 I.ouIsvII.LE, KY. I.I':xINc'I'oN, KY. Sixth Row DAVID MANI.l'ZY, '35 -IAMI-is PIQIIKY, '35 I.I:xINc'I'oN, KY. I-om' KUYAI., KY Scuenlh Row GI.IcN l'IcKNI:s, '35 RII:IIxIIn S. VANIII-:KvooIz'I', '35 I.ouIsvII.I.n, KY. lfI'. 'I'IIoIxIAs, KY. .165 Sigma II ZHn1mhvh at IH. M. Il.. Evxinugtnn, Ilia. Jlummrg, IEEE Flower: While Rose Colors: Gold and Black l'ul1limtirm: The Della Ifirxl Row Smm: L. Cmuz, '32 lCl.l.1s G. DUNNING, '3 c:ovlNr:'roN, KY. mumucz.-ul. KY. Smrzux I-2. Du.-uuc, '32 Ll':x1Nr:'roN, KY. Sammi Row Wu.l.mM H. IDYSARD, '32 tl,xm:s MoN'1'c:oMl-:RY, '3 Asumwn, KY. sr-ulNmflm.n, KY. R0llliR'l' L. MOQRMAN, '32 sc:o'r', KY. Third Row 'lmm S. NQUNAN, '32 -lmm H. Blu-:mvl-zu., 1-'nANKmk'r, KY. HICLLICVIJPZ, KY. Fourth Row I'lICRI!IiR'I' P. Dl1NN1Nc:, '33 -f.m1l':s H. KIICFFRIES, jk., '33 mvnmsncmo, KY. mNnvn.l.1z, KY. Fifth Row -lorm V. Romans, '33 R. L. Scnmoclc, WAKl'ZVll.l.lC, KY. cmcfxco, lu.. Sixth Row CllAIll.I'IS L. S'1'1':vlllcNs, Nf0R'l'0N M. Wlcnn, WILLIAMSISURC, KY. GREENUP, KY. Seventh Row Emu-:R Ii. Hunlmun, '34 Clmkms O. MoNm:nAN, '31 IIARIISTOWN, KY. s'r. MA'r'rmnws, KY. 166 AV 1 Sigma u Gamma Zlnta, 19112 NlN'l'YMI'Il0ll'I' fIllAl"l'IiRS Ifirsl Row HI-ZNRY Mc.:Gulmc, '34 LEXINGTON , KY. WILLIAM T. B.-uus, M'l' s'rmu.lNc, xv Swmml Row ll, li. lEvANs.-lu.. 35 MIIIIDLICSORO, KY Third Row ClLuu.las P. Mc:CAuLr-xv, 35 WI linw1N I-I. lllxlw, '35 clllmno, ILL. 35 .IOIIN H. I-Icmuxlum. '35 l.l'1XlNG'l'0N, KY. U l.I.l.'XM li. Mr:tL1Nr:'1'Y. '55 VllRSAlI.I.l-IS, xv. Arr. 0l.lVl-IT, uv. F01I7"lll Row vVll.l.lAM l'muc:1'z, 'e r Glcolusl-1 .Sill-:Alu-zu. 'e r 3.1 - .FJ I.0UlSVlI.l.l'I, KY. mu.ANclcR, Kv. Fifth Row Rim-1 Smrrn, '35 f.llARl.I'fS M. Sl'AlII.DING. '35 MAYFIELD, KY. wu.LmMsoN, w. VA. Sixth Row ARNOLD M. 'l'uoMx'soN, '35 S'l'lJAR'l' VICTOR, '35 mlmwsnrmo, KY. Scvcnlh Row EDGAR S. WEAVER., '35 I'Imv,um A. VVILSUN, '35 SCOTTSV ILLE, KY HARIKOURVILLI-Z, uv. 167 Efriangle ZHnunhvh at lilniuvruiig nf Zlllinniu, 19117 Colors: Old Rose :md Gray Flower: Rcd Carnation Publication: "Triangle Review" Fi-rs! Row W. L. Al.lllCk'I', '32 ll. C. LICROY, '32 WlNCllI'IS'l'l'1R, KY. mnucml, KY. 'I'. K. lioNzo, '32 0l.lVI'1 llll.I., KY. 1 Sncmul Row H. li. Ross, '32 H. V. Smrrll, '32 RACINIC, wus. vAnur:An, Kv. O. K. Sn,uu', '32 lHJlflfAI.0, N. Y. Third Row W. L. Wm.lfF, '32 W. W. ANDERSON, '33 l.0lllSVlI.l.l'1, KY. LA c:l':N'l1aR, KY. tj. D. Al.r:x.xNn1cK, '33 RAVICNNA, KY. Ifrmrlh Row R. D. COOK, JOHN -I. lllczxmz, MIDDLICSHORO, KY. 1.l1:x1Nc'l'oN, KY. R. B. Cunlmma, '33 l.I'1I'I'CIlFIlCl.D, KY. lfifllz Row F- E- DUNN, '33 C. R. KASTNIQR, '33 r:ovlNc'roN, KY. MT. LAKES, N. 1. R. H. GRAY, '33 sc:l1Nl4:r:'mxxY, N. Y. Sixlh Row 1 J- W- LI'r"rm1. '33 G. J. O'RoAuK, tIAl.VAR'l' CITY, KY. MORRISTOWN, N. J, S. F. Muss1':l.MAN, c:YN'rllmNA, KY. .S'r'11mzlh Rom R. A. RA'l'l.lFlf, R, E, RM-Lgpp, '33 ASHCAMP, KY. ASNCAMP, Ky, 168 I I Flrianglr' Jlivnturkg Qlhaptrr Eatahliuhvh 151117 1"lI"'l'l'lEN CHAPTICRS Iffralres in Facullalc ohn Dickcr R. W. Spicer Louis E. N17llCZlll D. V. '1'crrill F. Paul Anderson S. '1'. Szlunier l"i1'sl Rum F. I'2.'Sc:o'r'r, '33 R. A. SPARKS, '33 vkANK1fo1u', xv. Arr. vnf:uNoN, uv. ul. N. Sczunnl-zu. '33 I1Al.ll0llN, mx .Swroml Row D R Vol l"K'IiI"R '33 l'. H. XVOOIIS, '33 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' id . . l.0lIlSVlI.l,I'I, KY. 1.1-zxlwumx, uv. tj. W. Wu.soN, '33 Mmnl.l-isnnuo. kv. Tllirrl Rum Al. 'l'. ANIlRl'IWS, '34 W. B. Flsll, '35 MIIJIDLICSIKDRO, kv. l.l':xlN4:'mN, kv. R. A. Cook:-1, ,3.I , GR.u'vll,l.l':. lu.. Fourllz Row tl. l-I. Hol.nl4:l1'l', '34, C. I.. SlI0'l"l', '31 xmmln-:'1'll'rowN, KY. I-'lmNKlfoR'l', kv. CI. I.. IIOHNSUN, '34 l.l'1XlNG'l'ON, KY. Fifllz Row T. C. VVAGNICR, '34 G. tl. YI-1.-xcslck, '34 LIQXINGTIQN, Ky, lilllfl-'.-KIM, N. Y. Q S, A. Wl1Zl.K2ll, '34 mv:-LNNA, KY. Sixllz Row R. M. li,xs'rw0on, '35 W. F. EVl'1llSOI.l'I, '35 l.'R,yNKl.'0R'l', KY. LONDON, KY. Srf1u'nIlz RIITI' I. H. F,xuNr:ls, '35 W. C. I.lNmcu, '35 l'HlI.AnI-tLl'll1A. Pl-ZNN. Ilulull-1NvlI.I.l-2. KY. ' H19 Alpha Brita 'hem Zflnunhrh Nnnrmhrr III, 1919 I"oIIIIIlcIl Ill. TI':IIIsyIvrIni:I College, Lexington, KClllllCliy 1'ublif:1IlimI: The Portals Flozwfr: Swcct Pea Colors: Tllrqlloise Blue Silver, Sczlrlct First Row ll0ll0'l'llY DOWNINII. I,I-:YINr:1'oN. KY. 32 Second Row l.ll.l.l.-KN Goofzll, '32 Inn.-III OIQCIIARII, KY. Third Row Nl0l.l.II'I Mmm 0IfI-'II'I"I'. 32 Ll-IXINGTON, KY. Fourth Row SARA VFRUMHO, ,32 sIIxrI-soNvII.I,II, KY. Filth Row AI,IcIa FRANCIS, '33 NIzwI'oIz'r, KY. Sixth Row MfKRIAN.-X LANc,xs1'I-zu, I,IcxINm'oN, KY. Seventh Row S,InIIa FARMER, '32 IfIz,xNIaroII'r, KY. lWARY MIuuz,xIu':'I' I-Iowlcs. '32 LEXINGTON, KY. EI.I-:ANoII SMI'I'II, '32 I.IiXING'l'0N, KY. FRANCES Fl'I'ZCl'ZRALD, I,IcxINc'roN, KY. Hlil.lCN LACY, LEXINGTON, KY. CAROLINE VICE, '33 IIRY RIDGE, KY. News WOR'l'lllNG'I'0N, '33 l.l'fXlNC'I'0N, KY. I7o Alpha Brita Ihrta Erin Cllhaptn' Jinunhrh Zlunv, 15122 'l'XN'l'IN l'Y-ONE fIHAl"I'l'1RS l"i1'.vl Row Aramis Bwmsnm-1. '31 GMC:-is Hw:llI'is, '31 l.lcn,xN0N, uv. 1.1-:xlN4:'roN, KY. Swmml Ron' Donornv M.AR'I'lN, '31 l',xm.lN1-: 0Flfll'l"l'. '31 l,I'IXING'l'0N, uv, l.l'ZXING'I'0N, uv. Tlrirrl Row Louis RonlNs0N. 'EH ANNIQ f'IOI'I'2 RlIl'I,l1ZY. '31 r.lcxlNr:'roN, xv. l'I-IRRYVIl.l,l'Z. xv. Fn111'l1l Rim' Nf,-KR-IORIIC Wmvlau. '31 ll.AxRn.xR,x B.-NIM.-KN, 1:nvlNc:'roN. KY. NICYV n,xv12N. coNN. Fifth Rom DORo'rllv LYKINS, '35 Rv:-:LVN MlE'l'Z, '35 I.nxxNnToN. xv. l.liXlNG'l'ON, KY. Sixlh Row NORMAN, '35 MARc:m,I.,x P,wNli. '35 LICXINGTGN, KY. 1q11n,1NK, Ky, Seventh Row Mmzjolmz Pow:-:l.I., '35 LONG lsI.ANn, N.Y. l7l I Alpha Gamma Evita Zlhiunhrh at Sgrarunr. NM. l"ll"'l'Y'l"OUR CHAPTERS Colors: Red, Buff and Grccn lflmucr: Red and Buff Roses PTLIIHCIHIDIJTII Alpha GIIIIIIIIII Delta Quzlrterly Firwl Row MARIUN l'lNNIf:v, 3.1 Sluf: ROGERS, '34 I.:-:xINI:'I'oN, uv. AIIIIWAY, KY. VIRGINIA l'l'I'zl1:lI, '34 I.IcxINI:'I'oN, KY. Srl.-mul Rom Dmus SMITH, '34, GI-:oIuaIANNA Wl'Il'IlDON, '34 NICW Ymuc, N. Y. c:IIIcAco, ILL. IIIILIA CA'I'III':IIINI-1 Wlllllli, '34 I.I-:xINI:'I'oN. KY. "I'hi1'1l Row I"I'II-1 I.I:1': WlIl'l'NVIlR'I'Il, '34 SARAH CoNI:I.I-1'I'oN, '35 M0IlGANl"lI12l.lJ, KY. I,I':xINI:'I'oN, KY. MARY Lomslc BRYSON, '35 l"0ll'I' 'I'IIoAIAs, KY. ffllllflll Row lJuIIo'I'IIY DAY, '35 I.oIIAINI-1 FAIJLcoNIck, '35 I.I:xINI:'I'oN, KY. I.IaxINr:'I'oN, KY. EIINA EVANS, '35 I.I'IXlNU'l'0N, KY. . . lfilllz Row Nfll.DIiI'1D I-Iomucs, '35 I.oI:AN VAN ME'l'IER, '35 I.I':xINc:'I'oN, KY. SllI'II.IiYVlLLli, KY. 'l'I-:NNYII IQIIICA INMAN, '35 srml-zusl-:'I', KY. Sixlh Row l5I:A'I'Iur:I': l'lC'I'l'1IlMAN, VIRGINIA RUFFNIIII, '35 IIoANoKI-7, VA. KALAMAZ00, MICII. IWARY lil.IzAlII-1'I'II RIINTZ, '35 I,I':xINc'I'oN, KY. Sa-Ivmzlh Row lCvIcI.YN 'l1llIiAIH2SS, '35 SYI.vIA ZIMMICRMAN, '35 r:IIIc:Af:o, ILL. Fowl' 'I'IIoMAs, IIY. CA'I'IlI'1RlNlC WIcks'r, '35 LEXINGTON, KY. 172 - 4 41.1 ,sy Alpha Mamma Evita iipzilnn Qlhaptvr Eatuhliuheh nn thin Gunrpuu in IBD 1 S0r0rc'.s' in l"acullaIc Marie B2ll'C1Zly Ailccn Lemons Sally Pcncc l"i1'.vl Row C.um1.lNlf: SMI'I'II CllS'I'ARIl, '32 llulumn' Umulfxm, '32 1.l':xlNc:'roN,KY. l.l'1XINKI'I'0N- mx l'1I,lZAIIl-1'I'II ANN I'1w1Nr:. '32 .'xNc:l1rm,-ml-1. mx Second Row Hlcu-:N Movrzk, '32 M.-ucv XVILLIS SAIINIDICILS. '32 WI'1S'I' PALM ISICACII, FLA. 1.1':xlNc:'1'oN, my I CUlcN1vl'1lu-1 l'1'1'n:n, '42 'I ,, . l.I'1XlNlS'I'ON , li Y. Third Row SAR.-x -IANIE X'VllI'1I-ZLICR, '32 MARY AIIIIIIC Iifxwzs, '33 I.oulsvlLLu, KY. 1.oulsv1l.1.l-1. uv. VIRGINIA YVIII'I'I'1III'IAIl. '32 wl-is'r I'0IN'l', Miss. Fourllz Row Nl-:LL DISIIMAN, '33 NI.-KRjORII'Z I"AlIl.liNI-ZR, '33 IIICNDICRSON, KY. Immun, KY. ll.-xN1': D Y 1-zu, '33 MORGANIVII-ZLII, mx FifIl1Row Brrrsv l'uu1'r, '33 Iiv:-1l.vN Guunns. '31 Arr. s'r1m1.lNc, xv. czomu. cz.-un.:-ns, xfm. I.,II.I.lAN Buss VVARRI-IN, '33 MONROE, N.c. Sixth Row Dokmrrllv JOIINSTON, '34 ANN .IONI'1S, '31 LEXINGTON, KY. l,lcxlNc:'l'oN, uv. M.uu:,xm-:'r KING, '34 GI'IORGI'I'I'0WN, KY. Scfuzfntlz Row Sum LAYTON, '34 junm Oczus, '34 CINCINNATI, OIIIO I'AINI-ZSVIl.l.I-2, KY. '73 Iam I - Alpha Xi Evita Zilnunhrh at Iftnmhurh Glnllege L5alenhur.g. Zlllinnia, 1893 Colors: Double Blue and Gold Flower: Pink Rose l'I1blimlioII: 'l'l1c Alpha Xi Delta Journal lfirst Row -IlJl.ll'1'I' GAI.I.owAI'. '32 IELIZAIIIITII l,0Ul.l'1, '32 WlNClll'1S'l'ICR,KY. I.I:xINI:'I'oN, Icv. Slfcoml Row Doko'I'IIx' RllCD'I', '32 WIII'I'Loc:K FENNELL, '33 C.-KMISRIIDKLIC sI-IuNI:s, I-A. MIAMI, FLA. Third Row AI.Ic:I: MAI: HANIKDN, '33 LouIsIc lVfl'I'Clll'ZLI., MIAMI, IfLA. vIcIzsAILLI:s, KY. Fourth Row CLAIIIIIA MAliSIiA'I'lJN, '33 KA'I'I-IRYN SMOo1', '33 LA cIaN'rIan, KY. MAYsvILLIc, KY. Fifth Row FRANCES ALnIsIIsoN, '34 ALDIERSUN, W. VA. Sixth Row RUTII KING, '34 LEXINGTON, KY. 3 174 lp: I Alpha Xi Evita Xi Qlhaptn' Entahlinhvh nn thin Clampua Srptemher 11 ISHS FlF'I'Y-'IWVO CHAl"l'ERS SORORES VIN FACULTA1 lf. Margaret Tuttle Eliznbuh I-Iulul First Row KA'r1mYN Mylucu, '34 Dououn BISIIOI .5 LOUISVILLE, KY. CYNIHIANA M Second Row SARAH ELlZABl'1'l'H DICLONG, '35 I'L fun III Cm l VI 5 LEXINGTON, KY. PARIS KY Third Raw IANE Moon: I'IAMlL'I'0N, '35 I KUIINI Humox q LI-:x1NcToN,KY. DXIXVILII KN Fourth Row MARY HEls1zu,'35 LEXINGTON, xv. Fifth Row MARION OLSEN, '35 r.unLow, KY. Sixth Row FRANCES WALSII, 'gt PARIS, KY. Glhi QBmega ilinunhvh at Hninvruitg nf Arkmwau. Zliagetteuille April 5, 1355 Colors: Cardinal and Straw Flower: White Carnation PIl11H6'lIli07I.! The Elcusis of Chi Omega First Row MARY li. FISIIHR, '32 MARY h'f00llliiVASll,'32 I.l-IXINGTON, KY. VICRSAILLICS, KY. CARLIQIQN GRfKN'l', '32 WINCIII-lS'l'lCR, KY. Sncmul Row Vl0l.I'I'I' MlalsoN. '32 EIIVIIIIC Rl'ZYNOI,llS, '32 i:As'roN, PA. AUGUSTA, KY. CIARULINE RAY, '32 l.0UlSVlI.LE, KY. Third Row MAI-1 lCl,lzAm-:'1'li Bows, '33 I-IMI-il. BRYAN, '33 SIIARPSISURG, KY. PARIS, KY. AIARY lfl.lZAISli'I'll BRYAN, '33 l.ICX'lNG'l'0N, KY. Fourth Row XVINSTON BYRON, '33 -IANE GIVINS, '33 OWlNGSVlI.I.l'1, RY. CllA'l"I'ANO0GA, 1'lcNN Er.:-:ANoR DAWSON, '33 Loursvn.Lr:, KY. Fifth Row Iii-:'l"rY CRIQAVIQS, '33 junrru KI-:Y, '33 c:luc:Ar:o, ILL., KY. ' Sixth Row hfklllllllilli h'fl'l'KIIll-ZLL, ARVA RAY, '38 I.l'IXING'l'0N, KY. i.omsvu.x.n, KY. Slfillfflfll Row DRI'1WSIl.I.A S'l' '33 Clam-:s'l'l-1 TIIOMPSUN, '33 l.r:xlNc:'roN. RY. I.l'ZXlNfIl'ON, KY. 176 Glhi Gbnwga liamhha Alpha Glhaptvr iEntal1liul1vh marrh 21, 151 14 EIGI-I'l'Y-15 lG HT CHAPTERS lfirsl Row LUCY Fl-1ucusoN Wfuua, '33 -I 1-:AN D.-xwsoN, '34, Ll'IXING'l'0N, KY., uv. ANN Cousm.-xN, '34, 1.1-:x1Nm'oN, uv. Szrcrnlfl Row M,xR'1'lm Lowlw, '31 'IANIC W,xr.1u-zu, '34 msl' ou.xNma, N..y. I.liXING'l'0N, lux MARION Rliccl-:Ns'1'lclN, 34 Fowr '1'noMAs, KY. Third Row Sfxmlc WfXl.'l'l-IRS, ,311 EMILY ASKICW, '35 SlucLm', KY. claokm-:1'owN, mx M ARIIORIIE AMM1-1v.M.'xN. '35 ow1Nc:svu, kv. lfrnwllz Row -WAN C.xMmn':1.l., '35 I-lm.1':N DANNI-:1s1ll.l,1cl:, '35 l.l'2XlNG'I'0N, lcv. mnun-1N crrv, LONG 1sz.ANn, N. ,IAN li Comm-z'r'r, '35 mv1NcsvlI.I.1:, KY. Ififllz Row GRACE D,xlu.1Nc: EMIKRY, '35 I.uc:v CvlIliIlIL.XN'I', '35 l.liXlNG'l'0N, uv. w1Nr:l11as'1'1':u, lcv. Sixth Row . ELIZ.-XHli'l'l'l KENNY, '35 FR,-xNr:lcs PIQNN IWlI.LliR, '35 1-.-uns, KY. cz.-xxr1'm':LLsvll.l.1a, KY. Sl"Ul!7Illl Row l'1-lolam-1 rfURNliR, '35 M.-xujuum Wu:s'r, '35 WINCI'lIiS'l'IER, KY. l.I'fXlNG'I'ON, KY. 177 Evita Evita Evita Ellnunhvh at ikinutnn Jllniuvruitg. IEEE Colors: Silver, Gdld, and Blue Flower: Pansy Publication: Trident First Row DIARY ARMSTRONG, '32 MARIIIA FALCONICR, '32 I.IcxINGToN, KY. l.l'IXlNG'l'0N, RY. MARY EI,Iz.AnIc'I'II BROTIIICRS, '32 AsIII,ANn, RY. Sccrmrl Row CIIIQISTINIL JOHNSON, '32 MlLLll'1NlCLSON, '32 LIIXINGTON, KY. IIOI-RINsvII.LIc, RY. NANCY LAYSON, '32 AIII.I.II:RsRIIRG, RY. Third Row ICLIZAISETH ANN WEA'l'lIl'IRS, '32 NIARY I"RANcIcs YOUNG, '32 ELKTON, KY. I"'I'. 'rIIoMAs, KY. jOsIcvIIINla XVICILI., '32 OKVICNSIBORO. RY. F0m'llz Row lWARY JO ARMSTRONG, '33 ANNA MAIC LIawIs, '33 Nuw SMYRNA, FLA. ANGIIORAGE, KY. l'OI.I.Y LI':l4:, '33 ' l,OlIlSVlI.I.l'Z, KY. Flflll Rom I-IIQLIIN MORRISON, '33 ANNI-1 MYICRS Ross, '33 LOUISVILLE, KY. RI-:RRY, RY. VIRGINIA PIIl.I,IAM, '33 I.I:I'I'c:I-I:fn-:I.n. RY. Slxllz Row FLOY BOWLING, '34 Nl,-KRION BROAIIIIURST, '34 l.l'1XlNG'l'ON, KY. I I-:xING'roN, KY. Srfvcnllz Row VIRGINIA BROWN, '34 ALIGII LANG, '34 LEXINGTON, KY. I.nxINGToN, RY. 178 Brita Brita Brita Brita ilihn Cilhaptrr Eutalrliuhvh ilfrlurrlg Ili, 15213 IC lGl'I'l'Y-T1-IRIEE CHAPTERS l"i'r.vI R ow KA'l'l-ll'LRlNl-I Slllikllflf, '34 Dolco'l'm' XVlll'l'Sl'l"l', '34 1.1-:xlNc:'1'oN, kv. . l,l4:xlNr:'l'oN, KY. .jlls'rlNl-1 WVlll'l'I-I, '34 1wN'r1xca'roN. w. v.-x. Svmml Row VIRGINIA Yolamz, '34 ANN 1'lIL'l'0N Cl.-umau, L1axmc'l'oN. KY. 1.1-:x1Nc:'1'oN, uv. Mun' S'l'l'.W.XR'l'BI..XlIliWl'1l,l,, '34 IIPINDIIIQSON. KY. Third Row Bl4:'1"l Y C1l1NNlNc:11.u1, '35 l"r.o1u'1Nc:l'1Fokquok, '35 l.l':xlNc:'roN, lcv. N1-iw rr.-xS'l'l.l-1, KY- NI.-Xkilllklli Fllilllill. '35 N1c:um..xsvn.1.l-1, mx Fullrllz Row Lomusl-1 jouxsow. '35 l':VI'1I.YN Ml'IllIlll.l,, '35 1,lcx1Nc:'rox, KY. l.r1xlNc:'roN, uv. lXfI,uu' LYNN. '35 I','XIlllKIAll. mx lfiflll Row Vnualxl.-x Moonv, NIARY Rom-zlwsox, '35 xl-iw c:.xs'rl.1-1, uv. lI.XRIl0I.'I'0N, uv. N,xNm' RlcYNo1.ns. '35 lxluslmrzlcrt. mu..-x. Sixllz llrm' 1llVl'Il Rorzrtus, '35 lfI.llAl1lC'l'lI SNowm':N, '35 lnxnllmll, KY. 1.1-zxlwcrrmz, KY. Sr'm'nll1 Row lkhwalrl-:m'l'1-3 W.xl.1u-zu. SUSAN Wnm-zuollsn, '35 l.IiXlNG'I'0N, KY. covlNm'0N, KY. '79 Evita Zeta Zlfnunheh at miami ilniurrnitg, Qbsefnrh, Gbhin 19112 Flozucfr: Killarney Rose l'ublimlio11: The Lamp F11f'rY-suv1aN c:1 mv'1'12Rs Ifirsl Row Yvxxcv Aramis K1Nc:1u-:Lol-1, '32 1-I1-:Num-:'1"m Rrznnlmu, '32 u.-uuuwsmmrz, uv., NY. SC,'L'lIlllf How Vuu:lNm Cm.1,lNs, '33 DOROTIIYCOMl"l'0N,'31 m,xvsI.n:K, KY. LI'lXlNG'l'ON, lcv. 180 Third Row Gul.:-2 lil,Llo'r'1', '34 Wll.LlAMS'l'OWN, KY. lfmarllz Raw l'II-'LICN lflcv, '34 IQOCIIICSTICR, 1'A. lfifllz Row AIARGARI-l'l' '1',xk'mk, '34 1.1-:xmu'roN, uv. Sixth Row Alfuw H. L,x'1'lmM, '34 MAYSLICK, KY. EBPIRI Zria Alpha Efhria Glhaptvr Mtahlinhvh 12122 Sorores in Fzzculmlc Mildred Lewis First Row SAR.-x BIi'l'HliI., '34 M.-uw WIEMAN, '34 1.1-:xlxc:'roN, nw. 1.1-:x1Nc'roN, KY. Srmnrl Row Iklfuu' PIIGG.-XSON, '35 Hl'1I.IiN HlxsoN, '35 n,xNvu.Ln, uv. 1mNvn.I.rz, kv. Tlzird Row M.xRr:,-xklc'l' JICFFICRSON, '34 l.lcx1NG1'oN,KY. lfourllz Row IWIRIAM Ssrm-1, '35 I-IINDMAN, KY. Fiflh Row Lois SM rm, '35 HINDMAN, KY. Sixth Row C.uzoLvN STIQWART, '35 LEXINGTON, KY. 181 lC11p1111 lC11pp11 68111111121 ZF 11111121211 111 f1lFIn11111n11tI1 Qlnllvgv iiHn11111nutl1,ZlI1., 13711 Color: Light Blue and Dark Blue Flower: Fleur-dc-lis Publication: The Key First Row M..1I,INIm BUSI-I, '32 1-lII.Im Coovuk, '32 I,IcxINc'roN, KY. sn-I-:N1:1au, IND. MAI1'rII,x CIIAPMAN, '32 Ifourr I1oY.xI,, KY. SITUIIII Row SUSAN GKOVIIII, '32 ANNI-:'I"I'I-1 NI-ZWLIN, '32 1:IaoI1c:m'owN, KY. l"'l'. 'I'IImIAs, KY. NANc:Y DIIKI1: LICWIS, '32 I.1-1xIN1:'I'oN, KY, 'l'lIi1'zl Rom li.-1'I'IIIuNI': SMI'I'II, '32 l'1l,lZ.XlSl'l'l'lI Bofxkn, '33 Iflz.-xNKIfoI1T, KY. wII.I,IANIsoN, w. VA. TI lI'10 'I'I1:IsIss, '32 wIN1:III-:s'I'IcI1, KY. Ifourllz Row li,vI'III:I1INIa GIc,xvI-zs, 3 M.-1I11:,xIu4:'I' Mc:AI.Is'r1sR, '35 l.l'IXlNC'l'0N, KY. I.I-:xIN1rroN, KY. AI.I,II11 l3Iu1:II'I' Mf:AI,Is'I'IcIa, '33 I.I1:xINc:'I'oN, KY. Fiflh Row MINA PATI2, '33 I..1xI1Im SIIIcI.IxY, '33 AI.'1nIs0NvII,I.I2, KY. ImNvII.I,I2, KY. NANCY BIILI, Moss, '33 Mr. s'I'IzIu.INr:, KY. Sixllz Row MARIIARIVP SYIJNOII, '33 NIcI.I. MoN'I'GoIxIIaRY, '34 mI.11YIfInI.I1, KY. I.0l'ISVlI.Lli, KY. FRANCES GRIFFIN, '34 Los ANGELIIS, CAL. liappa liappa CEmnnm livin Glhi Glhaptrr Entalvliuhvh 151111 SIXTY-S ICV ICN CIIAI"I'lCRS Sm'm'1'.s' in Ifacullalr? Rebecca Averill Surzlll Blzmdinp Kzltherine XfVilson Firsl Row EMILY Rm-:vr:s, '34 Ijwr: V,u1unN, '34 WINfll'IliS'l'IiR, KY. 1.rzxlNc:'roN, KY. AIAIKG.-Xlll'1'I' SMITH. V3.1 l,l'IXlNIL'l'0N, KY. Szfcmzd Row llU'I'll Wll.l.xs. '34 CLl.,xnYs GlLlxoY, '31 Sll!iI.IlYVII.l.l'Z, KY. czurczuzo, ILL. I.uc:Y Sulam-suuu-1. '34 I.ICXlNfl'l'ON. KY. Third Rom IUARTIIA Awolm, '35 Bl-:'l"rY l!oYn, '35 ma FUNIAK sl-RINGS, Fm. L1-:x1Nn'mN, KY. Vlluzmlfx lloswolrrll. '35 l.lcxlNu'ruN. KY. Fourllz Row ELIEANOR CILWMAN, '35 l':I.llAllIi'l'll, '35 couvus c:mus'rl, 'I'lcxAs I.0UISVlLI.lC, KY. MAIlX' Cuuzli, '35 L1cxrNc:'roN, KY. Fifth Row LALLA Rook Goonscm, '35 l'xl12'l"l'Y ANN l'1':NNlNc'l'oN LIEXING'l'0N, KY. LoUlsvlLr.1c, KY. ELLA MCEI.ROY, '35 smuNcFmLn, KY. Sixth Row -fin FNWCIES ROADS, '35 Dolv.o'r11Y WlI.lLM1s, V35 IIILLSHORO, ol-no Gl'IORGlC'l'0XVN, KY. SALLY VVAIU-I, '35 SHICLBYVILLE, KY. Kappa Evita ZHnunI12h at 'Hirginiu State Evnrhrru Gln1le.gP,5Furn1ui11v, Nu., 13517 SEVICNTY-ONIC CI-IAPTERS Colors: Olive Green and VVhite Flower: White Rose Publication: Angelos lfirsl Row Br1'l"l'Y CK.-uvlfolun, '32 lC'I,lmlsl':'l'l1 E.'x'l'ON, '32 ASHLAND, KY. PADUCAII, KY. lll1S'l'lNI'I COOK, '32 c:.AxKKOL'rON, KY. Swcoml Row B l'ISSl 14: CLAY Fmuus, '32 A1,lc:,x Al AN li Howlcs, '32 S'mN1fOKn, KY. mlN'rsvu.m-:, KY. M.-un' GKuf'1f1'1'11, '32 CYNTIIIANA, KY. ylllifll Row DOROTHY JONES, '32 MAKY Al,lc1l1:SAm'l2Rs, '32 LEXINGTON, KY. LICXINGTON, KY. Rumi MAY1-Ls, '32 r,ncxrNc:'1'ON, KY. Follrllz Row ANN11: SHROPSHIRE, '32 Vnzczlwm YOUNG, '32 l.xax1Nn'roN. KY. Ll'1XING'l'ON, KY. M.uu:AKlc'1' Ll-1 S'rOuKr:1aON, '32 ISAI,'l'IMORIi, Mn. Fiflh Row Enm-1 BURKE, LOKKAINIH CLAY, '33 .-xsl-lr,ANn, KY. I-mNTsvlLLE, KY. Sixlh Row CLORA ENGLAND, AMIQLIA LIGON, '33 GLASGOW, KY. LEKINOTON, KY. Kappa Britax iipailnn Gbmvga Qlhapirr iEuta1lI1iz1hvh 15111 1 SoI'0rcs in Fncullale Buena Mathis Gertrude Waclc Mary Agnes Gordon First Row MYR'FLIE McCov, '33 IiI.,INc:IIIc BoswIaLI., '34 WVILLIAMSON, WV. VA. MORGANFIELD, KY. AYI.liliNIi1i.-XZOR, FI.mIINf:sIIIIIIr:, KY. Sucoml Row h1ARGAllI'I'l'ClIA'l'l"ll'1LlI, '31 M.IxnI':I.YN SIIIvIII.Y, 3.1 cA'I'LIc'r'I'sIxIma, Iw. If:vANsvII.LIc, INII. 1-IMI-:I, NoI.I.Au, '34, LIcxINc:'roN, Iw. Third Row DOIzo'I'IIY VIRGINIA SMI'I'II,'3.l HI':I.I-:N WUNSCII, '34 RAI-IWAY, N. J. I.ouIsvILLI1, KY. MARY EMII, S'I'ANLIaY, '34 nIacIII.I':v, Iv. va. Fourth Row BILTTY DIMocIc, '35 M,-xII'I'IIA GUNTEREMAN, ,35 LEXINGTON, Icy. I.ouIsvILLI2, KY. MAIIY Loulsla EImsAI.I,, '35 I,IcxINc'I'oN, Icy. Fifth Row EI.IzAIsIz1'IfI joNIcs, '35 ANIIIIIIA SKINNEII, '35 I,I2xINn'roN, KY. I.IcxINcToN, KY. Sixth Row MARY CAROLYN '1'I2IIIuII.I., ,35 MIIIIJURIIZ WEAVICIK, '35 LEXINGTON, Icy. LoIIIsvII.I.Iz, KY. Zvia 'au Alpha 3Fnunhvh at lllirginia Start, Nnrnml, IEEE Colmzsw 'I'u1'quoisc Blue and Steel Gray l"lowm': White Violet Puhlzfcalionz Themis I"ir.vl Row lm'l'lllu'N AUlt'liNliAMl', ,352 -lANl'1BLAND,'32 LOIVISVILLIC, KY. SlllCl.IH'VIl.l.I'I, KY. GI-:muam Bmw, '34 n,u"1'oN, KY. SITIIIIII Row Nl':l, NIAIIAN, '32 M ,xlu:,xv.1c'l' SCOGGAN, '32 w1l.l.1.-msnlmc, KY. l.0lIlSVlI.LIC, KY. l,l'lIlI.l.l-I PRI'2S'l'0N, '32 l.lcxlNr:'roN, KY. 'l'llir'rI Row I4ln-11.1-zx Sxtrrn, '32 MAXINIQ R.xNnoL1-H, '32 mu' mums, KY. r.rcxlNrz'mN, KY. .lo S'l'1-:laI,Y, '32 wlx.1.l.xMs1suRr:, KY. Ifmlrllz Row Arzunc FISHICR, MAIKY Lou MAHAN, '33 r:,uu.lsLla, KY. VVILLIAMSBURG, KY. Ilus l'iAR'l'ING, '33 CHICAGO, ILL. Filllz Row lbonorllv NIICGOWN, '33 Lois li. Nr-1.-xl., 1.12x1Nrz'roN, KY. cmrmco, ILL. Sixllz Row H,X'l"l'll-1 Mu-1 Ihuczlc, '33 MAIIY EI,IABli'l'Il PRICE, '33 LEXINGTON, KY. I,IiXlNG'I'0N, KY. Seventh Row IN1,w.mKl-:'1' NIONROIC, IisrlulzlcI..1-z1cSc:uo'r'r, '33 c:m,m1nl's.mlm r:1Nc:nNx,x'rl, mlm 186 Zeta 'au Alpha Alpha Qlhi Glhapter iiniahliuhvh 1924 SIXTY-'l'I-IREE CI-IAl"l'ERS Firsl Row ZLLDA SIIIIIIIIAN, '33 I-IIQIIIN FISIIER, '34 KVALN UT RIIIGIQ, ARK. I.cIuIsvILLIi, KY. Nf.-KR'l'lIA CARI.'I'oN, '31 I.m1IsvII.LI':, KY. SUCUIIII Row PIELEN GLovIaR, '34 ALllI'IR'l'A PIIARIS, '34 FORT 'I'IIoIxIAs, KY. IIUTLER, KY. ELIZAlSl'l'I'II MONTAGIIIC, '34 LI1:xINc'I'oN, KY. 'l'lIiwI Rom MUIKIEL WISS, '34 CA'I'III-LRINIQ CooKIa, '35 AIoRRIs'mwN, N. J. cIIIc:Aco, ILL. DoRo'I'IfIY '1'I-:I':c:ARnIaN, '34 FORT 'I'IIoIxIAs, KY. Fourllz Row DORo'I'I-IY CLI1f'I'oN, '35 MAIIIQI.-IoNIas, '35 LIsxINcToN, RY. LEXINGTON, KY. AILI-IIQN I'I.-XLL. '35 I'I.IsAsURIavII.I.Ic, KY. DoRo1'I-II' LEE MAR'l'IN, sImLnYvILI.Iz, KY. CAROL GILLEY, '35 Fifth Row '35 CARRII4: LIsI5 DANIELS, '3 Sixfh Row Ii,-XS'l' LA POR'l'l-Z, N.C. VIRGINIA RILEY, '35 I.nxINc:ToN, KY. Seventh Row TOOMDS, GA. R u'I'I-I GLov ER, '35 FORT THOMAS, KY. MIXRIAN ScIIULIsR, '32 MORRIS, ILL. 1 h url I 1' JJ f -'Q-X X ' iw UH f 77 - gm ,U ffl ,W 1 l 'r5 H f'J flimlk WW W ig' ' Qf gfiff fsii l -. .:?fSi-FREE l E - ...': , - X: i K Q Q' 31" S Iagigigagigaggsgii '. - - 5 qlllnflllilliiq' . 2 EX JW. L 'S Erlirifizgaieiallll S -r -- - U !E5EE5EE1ifEIiiE!I' '+ 'H " 'u s eiawiisgaini SX - W mm'-1-' In-. ii, .-..... X ',,I,,,Hu.1u11n11I111m1f1fn ' - Qinmnnum '1' 1lllJUllllIil lim? 1 I .....,... 11: "ll :Il HII1 ll I ll LU! l' u in-1 Illtlxrarg Entramre TE here brain he forth thc lirunh QExra1Iihur. 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Aucusrus 196 Eau 132121 231 lilnnnrarg finginevring Zffratermtg 3Hnunhvh at ifwhigh Hniuerziig Blum, 1335 lfirxl Row II. W. BUSKIE Svmml Row W. B. CARRINGTON Thin! Row N. B. DICKEN lfnurllz Row W. T. HUSK Fifllz Row -1. M. KANE Sixllz Row O. K. SHARP Sfillflllll Row M. W. Wm'rAKFR '97 Prof. Eno Dr Alpha Erlia Sigma lgrnfwainnal Ahmrtiuing Zlfratvrnitg Zlhiunheh at lilniuernitg nf imliuunuri Bvzha Brnkinrihgr Qlhaptrr Eutahliuhvh IH 14 I"rnlres in Farullalc' ch Grehan Prof. R. D. Mclntyre J. B. Miner Prof. E. J. Asher James S. Shropshire Hrs: Row COLEMAN R. Sxrrru Brix S'l'API.Ii'ION Svcrmd Row NOEL EXCEL E1.noN T. lixuxxs Third Row CHESTER JOLLY Flxcu H1LL1ARn Ifnurllz Row DELROY RooT BEARJ G. K.-xx.-wjl.-xx Filllz Row jmms S.u.rERs FRANK STONE Sixllz Row Rulfus XVILSON FRANK W ORTHINGTON 198 Evita Svignna Hi Zlnivrnniinnnl Gnnnlnnivrrv Zlkeitvrnitg Ilhunhrh at Nun Hnrk illnilwrniig. 15117 Eta Qlhaptrr Eutal11inlprh 151211 lfirxl Row B. CI. 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Row NANCY DIIKI: LIzwIs CIfIIus'I'INIs .IOIINSON Svmml Row EI.Iz,xIIIa'I'II ANN EWING M.-uw l"IsIIIsII Tlzirrl Row liI.Ia.xNoR SMIIII EMILY I-1.-xI:IJIN Fourllz Row Iim"I'III-1 RI:vNoI.ns VIRGINIA NICVINS FfflllR!J1U Nf0I,I.ll-f Nf.'X1IliOlflfl!'I"l' EI.ImIxIa'I'IfI l'ooLI5 Sixllz Row NINIII' ALICE SALYIQIIS 2Ul Kamp sinh Glrnzn Hllnnnrarg Svrniur Ssurivtg Elinunhvh at Hniuvrnitg uf lirnturkg, IHH4 l"i1'.vl R ow XVILLI.-KM Hunm.E joux Nommx Swrrmnl Row Ronmw Polrrun Dulu-:joHNs'l'oN 202 Third Raw Cm-:s'r1-:R joI.LY l"0'll'Y'f1l Row BEN L1-2 Rov F if lh Row Ronnm' REYNOLDS Sixrh Row Romtwr 'TUCKIER I I 1 Eta Svig111z1 1513i Girvvk sinh iflutin Hlluinru 1H111Il1I1PhEIT'HI1iUP1'HUg nf Glhiragn, 1514 Eau Qlhaptrr Eutalrliulyvh 15127 First Row M Alu' Iis'l'l neu Slllillll? xx RIlCRl,lC AIIISTIKII-1 Sf-com! 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Emxs W. I-Z. I"1.ovufNc:E CllIllDllN Flx1.m' l"r1111'llL Row I WILLIAM Hmmm.:-1 Aim-zlu' Kuual. DlIKI'14lOllNS'l'0N lfiflh Row BEN LIEROY O. K. Slmlu-1: limzlfxr-1 C. Rovsl-1 Sixlh Row BRN'l'0N ROI5l'IR'l' 'FUCKER Fu mu S'l'oNl-1 Svuenlh Raw IWORTON W1XI,IiI-Ill ll0lilCll'l' AI.l,l-:N Wlsl-1 206 lglyi Evra Nuiinnnl igrntlmuinnal Ilfratvrnitg fur imlunir sinh illrzumtiir Art nunhvh at N 11I'Tl11lIPHTP1'l1 iilniurrniiy. filling. 1915 liappa Qlhapter Eutalrliuhvh 15125 I"i'r.x'l Row EMILY Inl.-uunx Imp-1Bg,,yNn MAIN' .'xl.l!Il'1S.-XLYICRS Svcrnlfl Row ALXXINIC R, l'1l.lX,KlII-1'I'll li,x'mN'l"1'.x B1'l"l'1f:1m.xx Third Row H ICLICN l7,xlzN1cl.1, .Xl.IIII'1.l,-XNIC Howl-is M xlex' M,xlu:.uuc'l' Plmvlas Fflllflll Row CHlus'l'lNl-1 llullxsfm ANN joxl-'s Fiflh Row M,-V111 f,I1'l"ll'l"l' :XLIIII-I Mr:DoN.'u n Sixlh Row Lois Rcmlxsox HI-:LIQN SM1'1'll Srfvmlllz Row FI.lZ.'XlSI-1'I'll l'oul,1': M.xm:1,YN Smvnu' I 207 Mhz Hpnilnn Gbmrrrnn iirnfwmunal Hume iirnnnmirn ZHrat2rn1Iu ilfnunhrh at the Hnzuvruitg nf Hlinnwnta ZHvhruarg1lJ 15115 Elura Qlhaptvr Zintahliuhrh 19112 lfirsl Row EUDICNAII Hfmmy LAUIQ.-x NIOORI-IS Second Row Mumu-zn Num. MMI :lf:I,IZAllI'1'I'Il Bo'r'1's Third Row Sun 13111141-:Ns .IAMZ DYER Frmrlh Row VVlll'I'I.0CK FINNICLI Fifth Row MARY Hoon GILLISI lr Sixlh Rnw Avi.:-:lima RAZOR illzxnrrn iinnurarg 3l1minr Qbrgauigatiun First Row G EORGE STI-1W A RT Howfuzn lhkriu Second Row H,mo1.n Bruamvlcnl. M.-u.c:oI.M Fosn-zu Third Row WlI.1,l,xM Humana Hfxmu' L.-uk Ifnurlh Row I'IORACIi NIINER Fifllz Row Wu.l.mM YVI'IliFLIiR Sixlh Row Wu.l.mM I'nm.vs 24 D9 1HhiEPlta ight Zlirgnl ZHratPrni1g Mnunhrh at lininrruitg nf imlrrhtgan 1559 Errrhinrihgr Ilnn Entahliahrh 1525 First Row 'IOI-IN C. BMAVIQLL Svcwul Row LoN B. Rooms Tlzirzl Row F. H. HANKES lfuurllz Row YVILLIAM Hume Filllz Row 'FHOMAS E. Pmvvs Sixlh Row WALTER D. VEST 210 Sigma Brita Glhi Zlnternatinnal lirnfnwinnal Jlnurnaliuttr iITrat2r11itg l'Hnunhrh at EPHHIII llninmiitg. 15115 ilirniurkg Glhapirr Eatahliahrh 1927 Fmlres in Frurullale Victor R. POTLIIIZIIIII, Facully Advisor Elmer G. Sulzer Leonard Neil Plummer Hrs! Row D.-KNII-ll. W. Gooml xx Samui Row H,-nun' Dum' Third Row XVILLI.-XM A. SH.-uf! R Fm1rllzRn1u Hucn ADCOCK Fifth Row L.-uvnnxmc A. I-Imaam: Sixllz Row XVILIJ.-XXI LUTHER 2 iihi 111111 Alpha iilllwair Zlhatrrnitg ilhaunheh at New Englanh Glnnaeruatnrg nf illlumr. lbrtnhrr E, 15515 Alpha Gamma Qlhapter Entahlinhrh 1525 F irsl Row 'IQHN BUSKIIE Stffflllll Row Enwman 15, Tlzirzl Row Hum: Allflilflli lfuurllz Raw W ILILAM ARDERY lfiflh Row GAYLE HAMON Sixflz Row J. C. LYN13 Seventh Row HUGH MAGUIRE 212 f' ' " ' 'W' "im:-. Efhreta Sigma 1511i 1Mnnwn's llnnnrarg Enurnaliutir Snrivig ilhunhrh at Hninrrruitg nf manhingtun April E. 19115 Qlhi Qlhapter Iiutahlizheh 151211 Sorore in Facultate Miss Marguerite McLaughlin First Row MARY Al,lc:lf: S,-xl,x'11:Rs, PRESIDENT Second Row EllY'l'lIli lll'IYN0l.IlS, S1ic:lua'rARY Third Row JULIIET GAr.Loxv.n'. TREASURER Fmrrlh Row EMILY HARDIN Fifth Row Vmcmm Nnvms 2l3 gilt! Ifirsl W. A. Ar:os'l'.x R. R. Bfvn-is W. H. Bln'.xx'1' I. I.. CI.xlz'1'l-iv. I. C. CR,xx1l-in iierzhing Rifles Bnnnrarg Maui: Militarg Zlfraterniig Zlfnunheh at illniuerutig nf Nebraska Olnmpemg "GI" Eiirat Illegiment Eatahliuheh 193 1 Company Commander: Captain XAfilIian1 H. Saunders LICLIICIIZIIIII Harry R. Lair Second Liculcnam: O. B. First. Sergeant.: H. Mills Sl'1RGIiAN'l'S CORl'ORAI.S C.. O. W.u.l..-xrslc CI. W. K,xlnfM.xx 5. I-'. NIl!SSI'II.NIAN Ii. R. 'l'nuNuur.r, H. Ii. lllriuu' ll. li. I-Iorzxl-.R W. Holuloks'r W. K. Mxsslla I'RIVA'l'l-ZS I.. H. CIl,m'lm 5. l'1.I..xM.l"l'l"l' 'I'. A. I.lvlxr.s'rox QI. IS. Cum-"r F. Cl. DYIIL R. P. Fl'I.CIII'1R R. W.CL1'xl W. K. MASS!!-1 C. A. I'.-n'N'l'1cR W. I'l.-x'r'1' Hum: V.-xm AN'l'w1-:Rv l'I.IiIJCi ICS W. CI. IIlIRIlIllC'l"I' H. A. Is.x.xf:s II. W. Clulx R. A. Inxwsox W. C. Ihwsox R. H. N.-nam: W. II. I-llwl' I.. CL. INIILIQS A. 0. Ml1.l.lcR 0. P. Illzlrlel-in ll. A. Suxloxs M. XVASII Coffman CI. .IOIINSTON Al. SHI.:-is H. S. '1'k.wNok T. C. W.u:N1-:lc j. J. YVIIIQAT I 2I4 - L t onre 35 Sato him far on the great bca, ilu silherzsbining armor uno starrpsrlearg Quo o'er his bono the bolp hessal hung Qllotheo in tobite samite or a luminous :Iouh Quo with exceehing stniftness ran the boat, iff boot it were-ZS sam not lnbeme it mme Qtbletirs Flhlnthall 5 Q1 L 'Q 'Qtxiistn iii C 1 I . Q -909 alto? s '1 oo 0. .. o ,U 540' 1 0. 0 6, 0 k C QKJO. Mia XM jf f""'s I r I Rllllll l H ICAD COACH GAMAGIT KRICUIIR COURIYIW' XVORIHINI ION Haraitg Zlinnthall nv V1-:RNoN D. Rooks The Kentucky VVildcats of lggl, the Hnest cl11b to represent the Univer- sity in rnodern football, Hnished sixth in Southern Conference standings- tl1e Southern Conference, boasting 23 of tl1e South's largest universities and proclaimed far and wide as rulers of the grid game in 1931. Kentucky hnished sixth, and in the Hrst live were Maryland, which Ken- tucky tiedg Tennessee, which Kentucky tied and Alabama, which beat Ken- tucky by the slim margin of a safety. Granting the Wildcats victories over Maryland and Duke, which they llllOl'0llgl1ly deserved, just what would have been the Hnal ballot? Coach Harry Gamage started l1is VVildcats off in tl1e heat of September, carried them through the crispness of October, the chill of November, and back into the heat again at Florida on December 5. The season, in one series of events, was a repetition of the 1930 role. Alabama's Red Elephants stamped the hrst defeat on the Kentuckians and left tl1em susceptible to the wiles of an impish team of Duke Blue Devils. And tl1e victory of D11ke over Kentucky gave Coach Wallace Wade a new lease on wins over the Wildcats after he had accomplished the feat contin- uously since 1922 as mentor of Alabama's Crimson Tide. Eight men finished their football careers with the Florida sun bath. They were co-captains Ralph VVright and John S. Kelly, Kenneth Andrews, Rich- ard Richards, Jack Phipps, Bud Cavana, Robert Kipping and Newell Wilder. Road trips during tl1e year to Tuscaloosa, Ala., Washington, D. C., and Jacksonville, Fla., proved costly with one defeat and a tie. O. L. "Bud" Davidson, sophomore guard of Evansville, Ind., and George 216 I-U MURPHY RICHARDS NICHOLSON Ski11ner, junior end, of Lexington, Ky., were named co-captains for 1932 by the 2l lettermen at the annual grid banquet following the IQSI season. John "Spinner" Campbell came to the University as backheld coach l'rom Alabama, where he played on the Tide teams that rolled over Kentucky and won the national championship in the Rose Bowl. Silk pants also were introduced to the Wildcats. if 'll' 'li' 41' Kentucky 19, Maryville o Little Maryville College, from tl1e the highlands of Tennessee, surprised anxious Kentucky followers by holding the vaunted Big Blue to a IQ to o victory in the opening game of tl1e season. The tilt, played in almost mid- summer heat, left a bad taste in the mouth of all present, which persisted only until tl1e annihilation of Washington and Lee the following week. It was Ellis Johnson, the Ashland Kentucky "Skipper," who dominated the Maryville game, scoring a touchdown in the Hrst quarter on a 20-yillll run and llinging himself in wild abandon over the field throughout the torrid afternoon. Kelly stayed under raps, scoring through the line for the second touch- down in tl1e third quarter and never letting himself out for graphs by am- bitious pencils among the visiting scouts. Urbaniak added tl1e third lLOllCll- down on a seven-yard 1'lll'1 in the last quarter, and Captain XfVright kicked his only extra point. Kentucky's poor showing was forgiven later when the Maryville team turned out to be the best in the school's history, winning nearly every game on its schedule. 'Xl as -11 11 Kentucky 45, Washington and Lee o Kentucky's rout of the W. 8a I... Generals was the most decisive in the historv of athletic relations between the two schools. It dispelled once and 217 50 IJ YATES I LIN li COACH SHIVELY DAVIDSON BACKFIICLD COACII CA Ml'llliI.L ,..., 1-7 W DUFF MATTINCLY DARBY forever all doubts that Kentucky could not defeat a Jimmy DeHart coached team. Ah! If 'twere only true of Wallace XVade. Nearly every man on the Kentucky squad was allowed a taste in the massacre. Or was Gamage trying to save the Generals inevitable embar- rassmentP "Shipwreck" Kelly made the longest run of tl1e game, in fact tl1e longest run of any back on a major college team during the year-96 yards to a touchdown. The Springfield Ky., sprinter intercepted a W. 8: L. pass in the Hat zone on his own four-yard line and crossed the goal line standing up. The Waterloo of the Generals was complete during all periods of the game as is shown by the score by quarters: Kentucky ............... I3 I2 I3 7--45 W. Sc L. ................ 0 0 0 o-- o lt is not difficult for Kentucky to recall days not far distant during which the NVildcats considered themselves lucky to escape with a light drubbing from tl1e Generals. Kelly scored two touchdowns the second on an 80-yard run before he left the game. Stanley Bacl1 made two, and Phipps, Urbaniak and Johnson took one each. It was largely a passing attack that started the stampede. 'Xl if H il Kentucky, 6 Murylzmfl 6 And then came the end of the world. Of all things, at all times, the Maryland Terrapins tied the Wildcats by virtue of a 45-yard pass with only 15 seconds to go in the first half. It was the same play that had defeated the Navy on the Saturday just previous-Chalmers to Norris, an end. And it was executed at the same critical time under the same circumstances. The game was played at VVash- ington, D. C., and during the intermission there was a groan in Lexington, Ky., that was almost as loud as the shot heard around the world. 2l8 5 1. 2, K ... ., 1 1 l'fNfil'il, CAVANA FUSTICR In the tl1ird quarter, however, Urbaniak crossed tl1e Maryland goal line on a six-yard jaunt, after Kelly had raced 49 yards down the Held. It looked like a sure victory for Kentucky, but it was not to be. VVashi11gton sports critics termed Kentucky one of the best teams in the country. The superiority of the Wildcats was shown in the fact that they gained 14 hrst downs to six for Maryland and gained three times as many yards. The playing of Andrews and Skinner was complimented and the men termed all-American timber by coaches and editors. The tie practically left Kentucky without hope ol' hnishing the season on top of the Southern Conference scramble. "The best band in Dixie" was there. Elmer Sulzer led his band through the streets of Washington, posed for news reels and newspaper photograph- ers, and gave the Marylanders something else to think about during the game. ' Stl 'lf 'K' 'lil Kwrlurky 2o. V. P. l. 6 The V. P. I. game was largely a list ol' runs for touchdowns that were called back by the officials. Kelly sprinted Q2 yards across the line on one occasion and 24. yards a second time, but neither is recorded here as count- ing six points. But statisticians tell us that while Kentucky made 16 first downs, the Gobblers were right on their toes with 1.1. Ellis Johnson returned a punt 58 yards lor tl1e first, touchdown in the opening quarter but the crowd grew restless when V. P. l. brought tl1e score to 7 to 6 just before the gun sounded ending the halI'. In fact, the crowd forgot that it was the superb blocking of Robert Montgomery that paved the way for Johnson's thrilling gallop. Johnson added another touchdown for posterity in the third quarter on a 10-yard jaunt off-tackle, and Ralph Kercheval smashed the line to make it three in the last canto. 219 WA Ll. ? FRICSI1 MAN COACH l'RllillLE k li 'BF' MONTGOMERY , N END COACH GILII if-'ri xx i CAI"l'.XlN YVRIGIIT KERCHHVAL l.U'l'l'lER The outcome, however, did little to cheer up a Kentucky following, up ol doubting Thomases after the Maryland tie. ar as or as made Alabama 9, Kentucky 7 The less said about the Alabama nightmare the better. Let it suffice to say that Alabama should have won by a larger score than the ultimate re- sult displays. We do a fighting team of Wildcats no injustice when we say l.his. What care we if Alabama lost to Tennessee, 25 to o. Didn't the Wildcats tie the Volunteers, 6 to 6? Seventeen times was Kercheval called upon to kick from the shadow of his own goal posts and 17 times the ball rose in a high spiral to put the Tide back where it started from but the Tuscaloosa Giants were not to be denied. When the Iirst half ended they were knocking at the touchdown door with first down and three yards to go. The Wildcats fought with their backs to the wall not once putting the ball into play in enemy territory. The Kentucky touchdown was made on Kelly's 57 yard run after he had returned a kickoff 47 yards. Wright kick- ed tl ' ' ' ie extra polnt, but a safety when Laslie, a reserve tackle, blocked Ker- cl1eval's punt and then tackled the Kentu k I' llb the Elephants the margin of victory. c y u ack behind the goal, gave ll ll! 'll if Duke 7, Kentucky 0 A moody depression gripped the Mfilclcats after the Alabama defeat l ut . . , 1 the Gods of luck slipped a cog when they gave Wallace Mlade another vic- tory over Kentucky. It was Weldon 'Pap" Horton, 200-pound tackle, who grabbed a homeless pass in his arms and carried the lonely pigskin across the line in the third quarter. 'Kid" Brewer kicked the goal and the scoring was over for a day. 220 N ANURIZXVS ROSS lill'l'lNfP Although the score is the only thing that counts, it helps a little to remem- ber that Kentucky made 12 first downs to three for Duke, and gained 271 yards to a meagre 57 for the Blue Devils. The Wildcats went to the one-yard line once, to the three-yard line twice, and to the eight-yard line, but never were they allowed to enter the Promised Land. ,Ill Sl' fl' ,lk Kentucky 20, V. M. I. I2 Coach Harry Gamage went to Knoxville to scout Tennessee and Coach Bernie Shively let the Mfildcats have a picnic at V. M. I. Thirty-one Ken- tucky men played during the game, and no matter what the combination. dominated the play at all times. The regulars built up an easy 13 to 0 lead in the Hrst half and the sub- stitutes finished the battle. V. M. I. scored on the second team once and on a third string team once. Kelly ran 69 yards lor one touchdown. ill' 'll 'll Illf K enmcley 6, Tmmfssm: 6 Kentucky startled the nation Qwhich really sh0uldn't be startled by the annual repetitionj by tying the Rose-Bowl bound Tennessee Volunteers on Thanksgiving. A grand total of 17,000 persons drank Weak soda pop in McLean Stadium, While the Wildcats put it all over the touted Vols on Stoll Feld. It was another great day for Tulane, the Green Wave taking the championship by virtue of Kentucky's showing. Captain "Babe" Wright played the greatest game of his career against the Tennessee neighbors that day. He smashed his way up and down the Held, and finally through the Tennessee line to block a punt and allow Kreuter to make the first touchdown of his life. The XfVildcat end grabbed the free ball and scurried over the goal line like a scared rabbit. The versatile Gene McEver, Feathers, Brackett, and the all-American 221 W l LDIQR li.-XCKFllil.ll COACII MII IIASSAIIY as BACH ,. " 'll - -. ... .-KN l-15 ASI HCR IflC.fX'l4l ll'1RS'l'0Nl'1 Hickman bit tl1e dust like so many Redskins. They came back with a V011- geance, however, and Kentucky was forced to l1alt a '72-y2ll'Cl ll12U'Cl1 on the six-inch line as the QZIITIC ended and Kercheval kicked a long one out of danger. fl' 3? ll' if Kentucky 7, Florida 2 Tl1e Wildcats finished the season with a sun Dillll on a sandy gridiron at Jacksonville, Fla. Hot, perspiring, nearly exhausted, Kentucky hnished the game through sl1eer grit and cinched their sixth place. Tl1e Shipwreck stumbled and fell from near exhaustion, and his legs crumbled once alter l1e had sprinted 39 yards a11d was in the open. He gained 134 yards in tl1e game, but it was Kercl1eval, the sensational IJUIIICI' olf the year, wl1o 111ZlClC the touchdown from tl1e nine-yard li11c. The heat was Coach Charlie Bachman's silent ally tl1at day, but tl1e 10,000 persons in lfairlield Slildllllll saw Kentucky lick the allied forces and return to Lexington with another successl'ul season in the old duflle bag. 'K' fl: ,ll if 1931 Letlermen Twenty-one 1ne11 received letters at the annual grid banquet alter the close ol' the football season. Tl1ey were Kenneth Andrews, U. T. Duflf, O. L. Davidson, Darrell Darby, Frank Gibson, Ellis Johnson, John S. Kelly, Howard Kreuter, Ralph Kercheval, Robert Kipping, William Lutl1er, Robert Montgomery, Richard Richards, George Skinner, Frank Seale, Ralph Vfright, M. Cavana, Jack Phipps, Cecil Urbaniak, George Yates. and Manager Duke Johnston. 222 if A .17 1 F 1 . Y' GISBON BLEVINS KELLY 1931 RESULTS October 3-Kentucky 19, Maryville 0. October IO-IQCDLUCIQY 45, YN. K L. 0. October 18-KCl1lllCky 6, hflillylillld 6. October 24-Kentucky 20, V. P. I. 6. October 31-IQCHILICICY 7, Alabama 9. November 7-Kentucky o, Duke 7. November I4 November 26 December 5- -Kentucky 20, V. M. I. 12. -Kentucky 6, Tennessee 6. Kentucky 7, Florida 2. Sk if SF Sk 1932 SCHEDULE September 24-V. M. I., here. October 1 -Sewanee, here. October 8-Georgia Tech, there. October 15 October 22 October 29 November -XV. Sc L., here. -V. P. I. Qpendingj. -Alabama, here. 5-Duke, there. November 12-Tulane, here. November 25-Tennessee, there. 223 PARRISH SEALE illrrzhmtg11ttmiIlnnIht1II av 131-:1.MaR A11AMs Like tl1e varsity of lfjgl. tl1e fl'CSl1I11Cl1 l1ad a great football team, but suffered bad luck in several encounters, losing two ga1nes Zlllil winning four. Several stars were represented i11 the ranks of the freshmen in the persons of Jim Barney, Jack Jean, and Joe Rupert, who showed great offensive capabilities. Kentucky, 12, Mnrslmll, 7 The frosh opened the season with a 11igl1t game against the Reserves of Marshall college, September 26. After enco1u1tering stubborn opposition for three quarters, the Kittens subdued the visitors as tl1e third quarter ended, when "Jack tl1e Ripper" Jean went olf-tackle and jaunt- ed 35 yards for the first Kitten score. Going into tl1e last quarter, still behind, the Greenies started an attack that hnally penetrated deep into tl1e visitors' territory. Barney passed to Ru- pert, and Joe raced from tl1e Gve-yard line to the goal line for the winning touchdown. Vanzlerbill, 1 Kenlueky, 0 Luck was against tl1e freshman gridders in their second start as Jack Jean, best backfield n1an, was injured in a SCl'll'llI'll1lgC against the va rsitv and was able to play only half of the Van- derbilt engagement. The hrst score ca111e for Vandy when that team recovered a lateral pass fumbled by tl1e Kittens. Two plays later they carried it over. The last score came as a result of a concerted drive down the Held, which was carried over from the five-yard line. Jean and Barney played well in the Kitten backfield, and Rupert, Mountjoy, and Cowl1erd played best for the Kentucky frosh. Kentucky lost several opportunities to score in the last half. With Jean in the line-up, the Kittens threatened to score several times, but fumbled 11ear tl1e goal and gave the ball to the enen1y. Kenltltky, 20j Sewanee, 7 On October 31, the young 'Cats entertained the freshman football team of the University of the So11th, Sewanee. Tenn. The Kittens showed their best form of the season to take a 20-7 decision. "Jack the Ripper" Jean again led the attack, slashing through the Sewanee line for nu- merous gains and skirting the ends for gain after gain. Bilbro and Barney, running mates of Jean in the Kitten backlield, contributed nice runs and good defensive work to aid in winning the game. Mountjoy and Rupert played brilliantly in the forewall for tl1e young 'Cats, stop- ping all tl1e visitor's attacks through the line. 1 Kenlurky, 19: Weslern, 7 Coach Birkett I.. Pribble's and Len Miller's frosl1 football team made its last appearance of tl1e season before the local fans November 14, winning a good game from the Western TCZlCl1CT,S freshmen. The visitors, heralded to be equally as good a team as the young 'Cats, were outplayed in every quarter except tl1e last, when they completed hve passes for their only score. The Kittens started a drive as the game commenced, charging down the held. Jack Jean took the ball over from the 10-yard line. ln the same quarter, Mountjoy blocked a Western punt, and Big Joe Rupert scooped the ball up and counted another touchdown for Kentucky. The third Kitten score came in the third stanza after a determined drive down the field. Barney dived through through a hole at tackle, and scored from the I5-yZll'Il line. . Tennessee, 20j Kentucky, o Displaying a powerful attack and a strong defense, the Tennessee Rats overwhelmed tl1e Greenies from Kentucky, November 28. The Kitte11s were no match for the array of brilliant backs whicl1 the Tennesseans toted out onto the Hring line. Kentucky did not threaten to score, but her defense halted the bigger team several times. Cottrell, Jean and Rupert played best for tl1e Kittens. At a banquet given to members of tl1e varsity and freshman football squads, the following freshmen were awarded numerals: G. Alexander, J. A. Barney, N. Bilbro, R. Boots, A. Cottrell, H. A. Crosby, R. T. Cowherd, J. H. Darnaby, W. B. Fish, F. K. Glass, W. R. Gotchall, J. Jean, R. Mountjoy, J. Miller, R. Omer, J. Rupert, R. S. Riley, C. Sparks, P. Saunders, C. Arnold, R. F. F11rl1man, VV .B. Hunt, M. Knight, J. J. Rosenberg, and H. 'Walken 22.1 zmkvthall '25 U Q7 ag? 1.62 ..,V"!" nil-'Ns ' 5155. -555555- ooi0o . 'b U ' .A 0' 0 .' . K C' U ' . 5 1 I '12s-.,g.,i,1.,.' ro Q - mm , , f Mr MA 1 Hztrnitg Mtwkvthall tsv NIARVIN C. XfVAcits Undoubtedly one ol' the greatest aggregations ol' basketball players ever to wear the blue and white suits ol' the University ol' Kentucky raged, romped, and doggedly fought its way through I7 games, two ol' them being tournament lraysg emerged victorious in all but two, and lost these by one point margins during the last. go seconds. A team that averaged 43 points per game, or better than a point a minute, that hung up 7.1.5 points to 4.56 for its opponents, that tripped up some ol' the best teams in the Southern Conference by overwhelmingscores, lin- ally found itsell' defeated, not by any basketball team, but by the insidious perniciousness of ill health. lfortune, trusting, passed the cut, and fate dealt from a stacked deck. WVhile prepping t'or the last game ol' the season with Vanderbilt, with just a week to get ready for it.. Sale and lJeMoisey took the "Hu" on successive days, and the third day Worthington, veteran lirst- string guard, came out I'or practice with a heavy cold. Sale and DeMoisey weren't able even to practice, and the VVildcat ollense was disintegrated. It was with the team in this deplorable condition that they were forced to lace the Commodore machine, and the Southern Conference tournament. loo much cannot be said about the NVildcat coach, Adolph Rupp. 'lfhis man, achnowl- edged to be one ol' the greatest coaches any Southern Conference t.eam has ever had, is expe- rienced in handling men, knows what he wants done, and better than all, is able to get across to his men what this is, and how it should be accomplished. lfrfvlltlrky, filig llr'0rg1'lozu21, 2.1 The NVildeats opened the season by 'Walloping the Georgetown Tigers 66-211. Until this game there had been more than one wrinkled brow among those who were attempting to lig- ure thc 'Cats 'l'hree All-Southern players hadbeen lost to the squad by graduation, and Yates, All-Southern center was unable to play because ol' illness. This lclt a team ol' doubtful strength to cope with a strenuous schedule. The guards were the only regulars on the team, although Darby had played some the previous year. 2215 Carey Spicer, one of Rupp's 1931 team, an All-Southern forward, brought his Bengals into town and turned them loose in the gym. When-the dust and smoke had cleared away, and the Hnal gun had sounded, the fans knew that they had seen a team in action that could really play basketball: Wildcats who played as if they had been playing together all their lives. They had an offense that was a treat for Kentucky supporters, and a defense that was uncannily perfect. Every man on the squad received a chance to show his wares, and the fans recognized a classy ball club. Sale was high-point man of the game witl1 I2 points, closely followed by DeMoisey who rang up ll markers. ' - Kentucky, 36g Carnegie Tech, 34. The 'Cats then met the strong Carnegie Tech Tartans for their hrst real opposition. 'Tech was ceded a victory before the game started. They had just hung a top-heavy defeat on Ken- tucky Vlfesleyan, and looked to do the same with Kentucky. The Wildcats said NO, and made it stick. Johnson, Kentucky's stellar guard and captain, twice an All-American scholastic guard, was opposed to the Carnegie forward, Jagnow, himself a former All-American scholastic choice, and -Iagnow and his mates came off the second best. This victory helped assure those doubting Thomases who had thought that perhaps Ken- tucky had either played over their heads in the Bengal game, or that the Tigers weren't much of a team. The tean1 which had as yet been looked on as an outsider was now regarded as per- haps a possible contender for championship honors. Kentucky, 521 Berea, 27 Berea was taken in the 'Cats stride. The game can best be remembered for the combina- tion of very good, and very sloppy playing. The score being 29 to 4 at the l1alf, Berea came back to hit the 2 point hole from every place on the floor. The Blue team was able, however, to hold its own in the point making, with the final result of 52-27, Kentucky. . Kentucky, 46, Marshall, 16 Marshall, too, only served as a stepping stone toward more coordinated team play for the Kentucky team. Working new plays during the first half, and putting up excellent defensive playing, the Marshall quintet was unable to produce a single field goal. A few were garnered during the second half, but most of the Marshall points came from foul shots. Kentucky, 43, Clemson, 24 This was the Wildcat's last game before their southern trip, their hrst southern conference game, and was co11sidered to be their hrst crucial game. Clemson with four of the live men back wl1o had beaten the Blue team the year be fore, came to Lexington firmly convinced that they could win a basketball game with little or no trouble. To make matters worse, "Ply- mouth" DeMoisey, the "free-wheeling" expert from VValton, was declared ineligible. This left a forward post open witl1 only a rather erratic Kreuter to H11 the position. The rest of the team, however, was able to cope with the situation, and the final result was 43-24, Kentucky. The Clemson team that had expected to find an easy team composed of youngsters who were untried sophomores and juniors, returned to their home town, sadder, but with a good bit more wisdom about wl1at this Coach Rupp could do with a team. THE SOUTH ERN TRIP Two weeks elapsed between the hrst Clemson battle and the second. These two weeks were spent by Rupp in getting "Dutch" Kreuter groomed for a regular position at forward. With DeMoisey dehnitely out of the game until tl1e second semester, the Wildcat mentor was hard put to it to round up someone who could stand the gaff of a flock of hard basketball games, and not fold up. Kreuter was the mang but Kreuter was, at the same time, rather rusty. At the end of these two weeks, Kreuter was playing basketball with the rest of the team as if he had never done anything else. Kentucky, 30, Clemson, 17 The first game of the southern trip was a return meet with Clemson. The Tigers still were of the opinion that with a little ironing out of some wrinkled spots they could beat the 'Cats. Again to the tune of 30-17, Kentucky demonstrated that it is a good idea when you can't make a lot of 'em, to keep the ball where they can't make 'em either. It worked quite well. 2i27 ., X , Dl'fXl0I5l"Y ll'0R'l'lIlNfi'l'ON Klll'ill'l'l'.ll S.-XLIC Kc21l11r'ky, 305 Sffzumzmr, 20 ',l'l1e second nigl1t, after another train ride, the Big Blue stopped off at the University of the South. There, Sale gave an exhibition on l1ow to get himself two points fro111 any place with the foul line, and tl1e brilliance of the Kentucky lJ1lSSlllg attack and the sensational guard- i11g of Johnson and Worthington both baffled Zlllll surprised the Sewanee players. The game, however. was tough enough to keep Coach Rupp from using 111ore three of his substitutes, with the result that the first string players were considerably tired before the game ended. But it finally ended, as all games do, with Kentucky o11 the top of a 30 to 20 score. Krfviliwlfy, 29: 71If?I?'1l?.YSKU, 28 Tl1e third night out after another train ride the team dragged leg-weary and train-sick Tl V l n ious to ret even for a few football and basket- bodies onto the Tennessee floor. ie o s, a x .' ' g ball upsets were all set to hand the tired Wlildcats a few pointers and to annex a victory. Tl1e score at the half, 22 to 13, Kentucky, gave tl1e audience the impression that perhaps Kentucky would have something to say about all that, despite their weariness. But then Ken- tucky's legs and arms began to show the strain of tl1e trip, and Tennessee points began to Hlter through. Greenblatt, of Tennessee, began to sink shots from places a fresh team would never have let him get. But again foul shots won a game for the Blue team. They sank ll of the charity tosses to six for the Volunteers. The last two by Charlie VVorthington put the game on ice. After the final whistle, a team that almost had to be carried from the floor made its way to the tr'1in which was to take it home-a tired but happy team, and a tlred but happy coach who had seen his charges come through ill a way that would make any coach love them like his own sons. Sale was high point lllilll in the southern trip wil.l1 29 lJOll'llS followed in turn by Darby, Kreuter, and johnson with 22, I7 and I0 points respectively. Kmzlilrky, 5315: Clmllrmooga, I7 Kenlucky's eighth consecutive victory was at the cost of tl1e Dixie loop basketball cham- pions, Chattanooga. The 'Noongans started the game as if they were very apt to give the Blue t-2 ll an ar fumentative eve11ing but after the Grst few minutes they were willing to settle down cn g Zlllfl gather their few points at tl1e odd intervals that the VVllClC2lf let down from their terlihc pace. Darby featured this game by looping baskets from any place on the floor. He was a ' l k tl all conce Jt No 1' "Shoot 'em from the locker room " As working model of Rupps Jas ed. ' I ' . . . . . usual, the Blue team flashed a floor game that was beautiful to watch. The 'Cats, once they llilfl taken the lead, were never in danger. and were still forging ahead when the game ended. Captain Johnson was high-point man with I3 p ointsg everyone got himself a few. 228 4 X:,'X-Xlufajl iS fi Kl.l'lISICR IilCl.l. DARBY JOHNSON Kmzlzlcky, 48,5 Wa.s'l1i11glm1 and l.I:'If, 28 The XV. and I... Generals, always a threat to anybody's team, stormed into Lexington, feel- ing that it was up to a dark horse to prove that Kentucky had really been rated too high, that one good General team was better than one good Kentucky team. But when the score was add- ed up they found that they were just 20 points points off. They had only another grievance to add to the string that Kentucky has been chalking up in basketball and football the last few years. But they were beaten and the score stood: 48-28 Kentucky. Kentucky, Gr: Vrmrlerliill, 37 About this time basketball sportdom ol the Southern Conference began to realize that Ken- tucky really had a basketball team that was an actual threat for Southern Conference honors. They had met and defeated the best teams in the South. They now set out for Nashville to meet, for the Hrst time, the Commodores of Vanderbilt, the team that in the second engage- ment kept the VVildcats from having a perfect season. The game turned Ollt to be somewhat of a combination track meet and football game. One foul was called in the first half, and very few in the second. DeMoisey, back in uniform after his long lay-off, treated himself to the rough tactics of the Commodores and "ate it up." He rang the bell for a total of 2g points. The twist shot exponent, although used quite roughly by the Vandy quint, had them wonder- ing what it was all about when the game ended. In Lexington, he had acquired the nick- name "free-wheeling," and in Nashville, a sporlswriter suggested that they rename him "float- ing power." Johnson and Worthington brought praises to themselves for their floor general- ship in this game by the way they brought the ball down the floor in spite of the "rough house" the Commodores were staging. And again Kentucky hung up another win, 61-37. Kevirtucky, 37, Duke, 30 Duke came up to Kentucky equally as full of youthful enthusiasm as the teams who had preceded them, but they, too, were treated in the same fashion. They served only to bring the 'Cat's consecutive wins up to 12. The Blue team remembered a recent football game that Duke had taken onto themselves, and although the Blue Devils fought gamely even as did the 'Cats in the football game, they went down to an even more ignominious defeat. The XtVild- CZILS seemed almost certain of an undefeated season, now. They felt that if they could get the Alabama game, they had an undefeated season in the bag. Kentucky, 50, Alabama, 22 Four thousand, live hundred people, the greatest crowd ever to witness a WVildcat basket- ball game at home, packed the Alumni gymnasium, and saw Kentucky trip up the Crimson Tide by the one-sided score of 50-22. As usual, the Wilclcrztts, although the individual stars are among the most brilliant luminaries of the south, worked together so well that the Tide was engulfed in the deluge of shots which the guards worked the ball into position for the center and forwards to convert into points. 22,91 At the beginning of the second half the Tide came out bent on evening things up, but the Kentucky defense wasn't the redoubtable defense it was supposed to be, for nothing. The Alabama offensive was smothered before it was really started, and the Blue team continued to score points. It was at this time that johnson cinched his position on the All-Southern Confer- ence team, and Worthington showed that he too was of the same calibre. Kcnlilcky, 41g Te111zrf.s'.1rf1f, 27 V Again playing to a house on which the S. R. O. sign had been hung long before game time, the Kentucky quintet outfought the Tennessee Volunteers for their 14th straight win. The Vols had blood in their eyes when they trotted out on the floor, and the game was nearly over, before the red got out and a more placid color took its place, but for the second time Kentucky SCl1t the Vols back home on the short end of the score. During the hrst half, the game see-sawed between each team until the last minute of play. Kentucky, leading by one point, started hring 'em from all angles. Sale, Johnson, and DeMoisey starled an offensive that made fans wander if it had started raining basketballs and when the gun ended the half, the score was 20 to 14, Kentucky. The second half saw the Vols again boring in with a meaning look on their features. Grccnblatt found a weakness in the 'Cat forward wall, and soon had shortened the Kentucky advantage down to four points. Soon after this Stafford look to the showers vio the personal foul route. After that, the question was merely how many points Kentucky could get before the final gun. Kentucky, 31, Vzmrlerbilf, 32 'Tis but too true, the Wildcats found, that it is a long road that has no turning. WVith a week to go, and a team that they had already beaten decisively to finish the season, "flu" curtail- ed the usefulness of the two Kentucky stars, De Moisey and Sale, and a heavy cold kibitzed on Worthington, so that that stellar guard had a he ad feeling like the "Akron," The team fought almost to a victory, only to see it wafted away on the breeze of a long shot during the last 30 seconds. The sick and disabled Kentuckians played their hearts out, but the Capricious Lady was looking the other way when that last shot, was turned loose. It went in for two points and the game. It was an almost perfect season, spoiled during the last minute of the last game. THE SOUTHERN CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT Kentuclcy, 50, Tulane, 30 Conceded to be one of the teams most apt to win the championship, the Wildcats, three of them scarcely able to be about, entrained for Atlanta, and the Southern Conference tournament. In their first tilt, fourth on the card, they met and defeated Tulane, 50 to 30. In this game, Sale showed that his rating had not been false, for, although greatly handicapped by his ill- ness, the Wildcat center scored 21 points to head the Big Blue column. Playing apathetically during the first half, he found himself shortly after the second half started, and collected seven field goals and five charity tosses to get himself a total of ll points for the second stanza. Kentucky, 42: Norlh Carolina, 43 To lose one game by one point in the last minute is badg but when a team losses two of them that way, it is getting a bit thick. Rated as without a doubt, the best and most consistent team in the tournament, the Wildcats met an inspired quintet of North Carolina Tarheels, and again found that, when she was needed, Lady Luck was out in tl1e held picking daisies. Either that or she was just taking her seat atop the ball when it was batted by a Tarheel hand wildly and with a prayer, and the young man had undoubedly lived in virtuous life, be- cause the ball settled and dropped through as the gun went off. It was a great game, fought for by ten basketball giants. Kentucky lost. Lettermen of the VVildcat squad elected Forest "Aggie" Sale, Lawrenceburg, as captain of the net team for 1933. 230 HU! Ill S l,I'l"I' The 1932 record: Kentucky Ken tueky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky, Kentucky Kentucky, Kentucky Kentucky Kentuckyj Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky Kentucky 7 1 1 9 1 1 ll U Is Georgetown, 24. Carnegie Tech, 34. Berea, 27. Marshall, 16. Clemson, 24. Sewanee, 20. Tennessee, 28. Chattanooga, 17. NVashi11gt0n and Lee, 28 Duke, 30. Vanderbilt, 37. Alabama, 22. Tennessee, 27. Vanderbilt, 32. Tulane, 30. North Carolina, 43. Individual scoring during the season: Name G. Fg. F. Kreuter ....... .. 16 21 20 DeM0isey ff-cj .... . I2 60 22 Darby QD ...... . . I7 58 29 Sale Qcy ........... . . I7 100 35 vV0l'fi1lllgl.0I1 fgy . . . . . I7 I4 21 Johnson Qgj ...... . . I7 21 24 Blair Qgj ....... .. 7 7 0 Hughes feb . . . . . 6 6 0 Little tgp .... . . 13 5 0 Kleiser ff-cj . . . . . 8 2 2 Bell qty ...... George Qfj ...... . 2 l 0 . 2 I 0 Mattingly fgj . . . . 1 0 0 Davis Qcj ...., .. 1 0 0 Settle Qgy ..... .. 1 0 0 Skinner Qgj . . . . . 1 0 0 TOTALS . . 296 153 ' 231 J. 6 '4 '10 0 - 35 49 66 14 I2 10 6 2 2 0 0 0 0 115 fl - BI XIR . 7 Ellrvahman 'igamkrthttll BY SUNNY DAY When Coach Elmer "Baldy" Gilb's Kittens turned in tl1eir uniforms at tl1e close of the 1931-32 basketball season, they l1ad a record of which to be proud. They had decisively de- feated every loe they had met, and had totaled 464 points to 175 for their adversaries in tl1e 10 games. This means that they more than tripled the score on their opponents with an average of better than a point a minute. Yes sir, Coach Gilb developed a fierce aggregation of Kittens. Although the score was not close in any of the games every member of the team handled himself and the ball so dexterously tl1at the games were always interesting to watch. Bill Davis, Jack Tucker, and Dave Lawrence ran practically a dead heat for the high scoring honors, and Amos Taylor was not far behind. Wilbur Odor, the remaining member of tl1e first team, did not score much, but he was as good a guard as you will find. Odor hawked the ball so closely that Kentucky's opponents scored only one goal during the entire season on a rebound. At the basketball banquet given in honor of the teams, I3 numerals were granted to the following: Amos Taylor, William Davis, Jack Tucker, Dave Lawrence, VVilbur Odor, Charles Gates, J. W. Biggerstaff, Joe Rupert, George Alexander, William Singleton, Fritz Kreuger, Ver- non Nugent, and John Morris. Gates and Biggerstaff were the principal substitutes, but all of these men saw plenty of action. Kentucky, 38, Georgetown, 17 The Kittens opened their season on the home floor December 15, in company with tl1e Wildcats. The Bengals and Bengal Cubs were both swamped revealing that both Frosh and Varsity would be bad medicine during the season. Kentucky, 51, Smith - Watkins, 17 In the first game alter the holidays, tl1e Frosh demonstrated that they had not forgotten any of their basketball ability. They completely submerged Smith-Watkins January 9, in the U. K. gymnasium. As in the first game Coach Gilb was enabled to use practically his entire squad. Kentucky, 47jLOUiS1lill6, 25 On january 16 the Frosh met the Louisville Cardinals in the Euclid avenue gymnasium, and conquered them wit.h very little trouble. Dave Lawrence, All-American from Corinth, took high scoring honors with 20 points. Kentucky, 44, Eastern Normal, 24 Eastern Normal boasted a very good team, but was vanquished January 20 i11 tl1e U. K. gynmasium just as the other foes ofthe Kittens had been. However, it was only after a strug- gle that they were completely subdued. Kentucky, 39, Louisville, IO The Frosh invaded "Falls City" February 3 in a return engagement, and easily emerged victorious. In this contest Davis, former Hazard star, collected a total of 13 points from his guard position to win high scoring honors. 4 Kentucky, 49, Lee's College, 20 Lee's College has no separate fresl11nan and varsity teams. Nevertheless that school could in no way halt the U. K. frosh, February 5. Eleven minutes of the Hrst half had elapsed be- fore the visitors had scored at all, and Gilb used his second team during almost all of the second hallf. Tucker was high point man with 1 3 points. Kentucky, 423 Georgetown, 10 The Georgetown Bengals suffered about the same experience February 10 when the Kittens visited their territory as they had at the first of tl1e season, but the result was ll points worse for them. Kentucky, 36, Eastern Normal, 18 The Eastern "first year teachers" again found themselves on the short end of a rather long score when they met the U. K. frosh on their own Hoor in Richmond, February 16. Kentucky, 68, Lee's College, 17 Kentucky's "Wild-kittens" literally ate up the Lee's College basketeers when they engaged them in the hnal battle of the season, at Jackson, February 19. 232 Zganvhal ! I 'Sh E! 7 iillll' I n S I 'i 1mnlIIl S 'img X , X xsxxx :Milan 6 'lk Nu' in If ' ff? S I I Cf QI QCD Q, L2 QQ? 1 ts-tsssxbist it p sosbxaacooag 0.1 .os Q O .. N5 .0 . 0 g' O ' 0 K C' Q : 51. I q i' fl.-,-,,.,:?,, 1 nnvis u N1 Xi OJ QIIC :' . '.. 9 4 '77 BY joHN ST. JOHN There was a noticeable lack of experienced men in the squad that answered Coach "Pat" Dev- ereaux's call for a 19351 varsity baseball team. Despite this handicap, a team was developed which, at times, would function like a championship aggregation. However, the Kentucky team was able to win only hve of the I4 games on its schedule. The principal weakness of the squad seemed to lie in its pitching staff. Only two men with experience, McMurray, McBrayer, returned t0 the mound and they were forced to share the burden in most of the 14 games. Before the season had advanced very far, trouble developed in the infield, which caused several defeats before the positions were adequately filled, Captain Barnes and Stewart Augustus returned L0 fill thoroughly the emelling Pogilign and added strength to the Wildcat attack with their bats. Charlie Worthington proved one of the most powerful hitters in tl1e Southern Conference before the season was completed. Toth and Cecil Urbaniak were also im- portant factors in the Kentucky victories. Sixteen men were awarded letters at the close of the baseball season. The men were: S. Augustus, J. D. Barnes, W. E. Carney, W. VV. Farrell, O. R. Hogue, Ellis johnson, VVilliam Kelley, E. R. Kruger, L. W. McMurray, Paul Mc- Brayer, john Murphy, J. W. Ohr, Louis Toth, Cecil Ur- baniak, Charles Vtforthington, and William Trott. Glen Prince was awarded a "K" for his services as manager. Universily of Wisconsin, QQ University of Kentucky, 2 An experienced University of Wisconsin baseball team displayed its batting power and took advantage of numer- ous errors by Kentucky's infield to defeat the Wildcats, 9 to 2, in their opening game of the season. 234 - Late in the game, Kelly hit through second and Hogue walked. A hit by Barnes to leI't field scored the only YVildcat runs. The lvestern Con ference champions faced splendid pitching by Paul McBrayer, but equaly effective was Poser, Badger pitcher. Each man struck out three opponents. Universily of liVfSl'07lSi7I, 122 Universily of Kentucky, 4 The Wildcat nine suffered its second defeat at the hands of the University of Wisconsin in a game which was marked again by the Badger slugging and Wildcat errors. Three home runs and a triple together with nine Big Blue misplays accounted for the Wisconsin victory. Hits by Johnson, Xvorthington and Kelly together with two bases on balls accounted for the four lVildcat runs. Harvey Schneider, Yvisconsin first sa cker, led his team with four hits in live times at bat, knocking in three runs and scoring three times himself. University ofKenl11eky, 102 University ofMichig1m, 5 Slamming the offerings of three Wolverine hurlers to all corners of the held, the Wildcat nine overcame their B erratic playing and won their Hrst game of the season by soundly trouncing the University of Michigan, 10 to 5. Leon McMurray and McBrayer held the Badger team to live runs. WVorthington led the Wildcat team in hitting and poled perhaps the longest hit ever made on Stoll Held, a home run driven far down the cinder path in front of the stadium. Kreuger walked twice while Murphy, Barnes, Urbaniak and Johnson all figured in the Wildcat slugging. X University of Kentucky, 85 Sl. Xavier University, 4 The Wildcat team balanced its season's standings at .500 by winning its first game away from home from St. Xavier, on Cochran Field in Cincinnati, 8 to 4. Ragged 235 infielding, which l1ad defeated Kentucky in its first t.wo games, was forgotten, for the brilliant play of the infield in this game brought victory. Kentucky scored three runs in the first inning but was held scoreless for four more until the Xavier team piled up a lour to three lead. Two runs in the sixth gave the Wildcat team the lead again and three more runs in the eighth clinched the victory. Ferrell and McMurray pitched for Kentucky. Miami Uniirersily, 7: Unizfcrsily of Kentucky, 6 With his team leading by one run in the last ol the ninth inning but with yVildcat men on second and third and two out, a substitute Miami University pitcher entered the game to pitch his team to a close victory over Kentucky, 7 to 6. The Miami hero pitched three straight strikes and ended the game. Ferrell pitched the game for the Wildcats. A spectacular catch by Cartwright of Miami of a long drive to right held was one of the outstanding plays of the season on Stoll held. Vamlerbill Universily, 83 U11z'111f'rsily of Kentucky, 7 In the closest game of the year, Kentucky eve ned its series with Vanderbilt University by getting the best ol a pitching duel between Farrell of Kentucky and Dcthroe of the Commodores. Five hits were made off Farrell and four off Dethroe, but wildness contributed to the Vander- bilt defeat. Sparkling fielding by Johnson and Toth saved almost certain hits by the Commodores. U1'ti11ersity ofAlaI1rmm, 185 University of Kentucky, 3 Completely crushed under a wave of the Alabama Crimson Tide, by the score of 18 to 3, Ken- tucky's Wildcats lost to the Alabama nine by the biggest score of the season. . Freddie Sington, all-American football star, proved the biggest threat by knocking two home runs and two singles. He drove in seven runs during five times at bat. Uviiversity of Kentucky, 73 Universily of Alabama, 3 Scintillating pitching by Paul McBrayer broke the Alabama jinx and gave the Wildcats an even split in their two game series with the Crimson Tide by a 7 to 3 score. Sington was held hitless as big league scouts looked on. Three Tide errors and a home run by Ellis Johnson paved the way for the Wildcat victory. 236 Vrnzderbill U7II'Y'l?l',Yffj', 63 U11iwr'1'.s'z'ly of Kcnlturlcy, 5 Back from their disastrous road trip Kentucky lost another close game by a ninth inning rally tl1at gave Vanderbilt its second victory over tl1e Wildcats, by the score of 6 to 5. Two runs were scored in tl1e final inning when Schwartz, with two out, hit a double, giving tl1e Commodores their margin of victory. Kreuger, Toth, Urbaniak and McBrayer led tl1e Wildcats' hitting attack. U7li1lCl'.91'ly of Kentucky, 14: Vzmderbill U11i1.'e1'sily, 7 A Hghting University of Kentucky nine slammed tl1e oflerings of three Commodore pitchers for I3 hits to even the year's series with a lopfsided victory over Vanderbilt University, I4 to 7. The Wildcats scored three runs in the hrst inning a11d six in tl1e second inning to tie up the game. Home runs by Toth and Urbaniak featured the Wildcat attack which was aided by every member of the Big Blue team. V1mderI1iIl C121ive1'.s'1'ly, 6: Uwimlrsily of Kenlurky, 5 Staging a two-run rally in the ninth inning, the result of two singles and a double, Vanderbilt University took a 6 to 5 victory over tl1e Wildcatsin tl1e first of a two-game series on Stoll held. Kentucky apparently l1ad the game sewed up i11 tl1e Hfth inning, after scoring four runs to take a 5 to 1 leadg but McBrayer, starting pitcher for the 'Cats got into trouble in the sixth and three Van- dy men crossed tl1e plate. Farrell retired the side for Kentucky, but in the ni11tl1 round, he too, weakened, and tl1e Southerners came from behind to win tl1e game. Umbersily of Kenlucky, 14.3 Vrmrlerbill U11ive1'.s'ily, 7 After suffering defeat in the first of a tw.,-ga me series with tl1e Commodores olf Vanderbilt Uni- versity, the University of Kentucky showed a decided improveme11t the second day and succeeded in running in enough runs in the Hrst hve imiings to down their opponents, and came out, after nine innings, with a 14. to 7 victory. f Sl. Xavier U7Ii1lEl'.SliffV, 4: Ilniversity of Kmzlurrlcy, 3 Defeat at the hands of St. Xavier University by tl1e score of 4 to 3 endedithe baseball season for the University of Kentucky. It was another pitcn ers' duel with the Wildcats coming out the victims of a nintl1 inning rally. Kelley bettered Farrell in the duel, though each allowed only hve hits. 237 Elirvahman ikazrhall The freshman baseball tea111 ol' 1931, under the direction of Coach Elmer 'Baldy" Gilb, en- joyed a 111ore successful season than the varsity, winning hve of the six games scheduled. At the outset of the playi11g season, Coach Gilb was handicapped by the failure of several students to make their standings, but those who were eligible made up for the others in all except ability to hit. Several good pitchers were developed, b ut only one man, yVallace, an outfielder, could hit the ball consistently. Tliirty-live freshmen reported lor practice early in April, but the squad was soon cut to half, and only I5 numerals were awarded at the close of the season. Four of the six games play- ed were held on the local Held, tl1e last two being held at Millersburg and Athens high respec- tively. Kentucky, 32 Efislerii, 1 Going into the lirst game of the season, April 23, with some degree of skill and determina- tion, the Kittens held the frosh of Eastern Teachers' college to few hits and were able to come out of the contest with a 4 to 1 victory. The game was not a hard one for the Kittens. Kemmrky, 10, Millersburg, 3 ln the second contest of the season, the Uni versity of Kentucky Kittens were even more suc- cessful than in the former encounter, coming out of a tilt with Millersburg Military Institute, with a io to 3 win. The game was held April 23, on the local diamond. Keiilzicky, 85 Athens, 7 Playing Athens High school, of Fayette county, April 28, Coach Gilb's yearlings narrowly escaped with an 8 to 7 victory. The game was remarkable for the number of strike-outs cre- dited to each pitcher, the Athens moundsman getting 23, while the Kentucky man struck out 20. Kentucky, 2, Manual, 0 Undoubtedly the best game of the Kitten's season, from the standpoint of quality of base- ball played, was the contest with Manual High school of Louisville, which the Kentucky Frosh won by a 2 to o score. Broadbent pitched for the Kittens, striking out 15 of the Manual hitters. Kentucky, Qj Millersburg, 6 Encountering the Millersburg Military Academy Institute for tl1e second time of the season, the Kittens failed to run up as high a score as in the previous contest between the two teams, but emerged with a 9 to 6 victory. Kentucky, 5, Athens, 6 The last game of the season proved to be a stumbling block for the University freshmen, and the Kittens lost to Athens High school, 5 to 6. This game was on the Athens Held, a fact which probably accounted for the fact that the Frosh did not play as well as they had against the same team earlier in the season. Several Pitchers Show Good Form Several of the members of the lQ3l freshman team developed into effective moundsmen. Those who did good work at various times during the season are Smith Broadbent, John De- Moisey, Raymond Massie, and Philip Myers. Ralph Hill and Earl Nelson worked behind the plate for the Kittens. Fifteen Receive Numerals Those who received numerals at the close of the regular playing season are Smith Broad- bent, YVallace Chilton, John DeMoisey, Ralph Hill, William Honhorst, Raymond Massie, Philip Meyers, Buford Morgan, Carl Nelson, je rome Respess, E. E. Settle, Harry Scott, Anthony Simone, Chester Typskewrez, and Newell Wallace. 238 i W as U H 39 uf I fill' It 5, 2 N N W N l H ll ...hiss V o!Q9 ,0 8 3 ooiloo. sl U L ' N525 V xxxlm 4 V9 M' fc . A 0 A 2 J XV l Harnitg Irark nv IMNHQI. W. GoonM.xN Showing the best balanced track team to represent the university in that sport for several years the 1931 edition of the XfVildcat thinlies went through the regular season undefeated and took eighth place in the Southern Conference track meet at Birmingham, the highest rating achieved by a Kentucky aggregation in recent years. The 'Cats scored 3811 and one-hall' to the 221 and one-hall' points for their opponents. Led by eo-captain "'Shipwreck" Kelly, who ran the century in 9.9, the VVildcat thinlies defeated the University of Louisville Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Sewanee, and Cincinnati in suc- cession and all b ydecisive scores. Kelly won every race in which he participated, and I-Iieber placed second in all but one, winning the first race olf the season against the University of Lou- isville. "Shipwieck" also won every 220-yard dash in which he was entered in dual competi- tion this year, and took a second in the conference meet at Birmingham. The Big Blue showed less strength in the 44o-yard dash than in other events, but succeed- ed in taking several Iirst places. Hays. Milliken, and Foster were best for the Kentucky aggre- gation in this event. "Jake" O'Bryant, ace of the Blue and White middle distance perl'ormers, won all ol' his starts in the mile run, and set a new university record of 4:35.4. In addition to his great eflorts in dual competition, he placed filth in the conference meet to gain the l2Il1 Wildcat point. O'Bryant also turned in stellar work in the hall'-mile run, his strict training and hard work gaining him a niche in the W'ildcat hall ol' fame. Saunders, the other Blue and White hall'-miler, did equally creditable work, winning one race and placing second in another. Burress, Big Blue sophomore two-miler, won every race he entered, with the exception of one in which he lost by a very close margin. He did exceptionally well for a new man. Baker, another sophomore distance man, ran the mile and the two-mile for the Bi gBlue and took several second places. The low hurdles were well taken care ol by Williams and XfVieman, seniors, each winning a race and each one linishng second twice. :go . "sH11'1vluicK" K1i1.1,1' Emmerich and Shipley did the high-l111rdles for Coach Shively's lC2llll, and were successful in most of their starts. Emmerich, versatile sophomore hurdlerh won three races, Zlllil placed second in one. He was the sole barrier jumper eligible to return to the squad the Iollowing year. . Although weaker in the field events than in other departments of the sport, tl1e 1931 Wild- cat aggregation was much better in this department' than any team in the past. Kelly i11 the broad jump and Cavana, in the javelin throw, added much strength to tl1e held department. A decided improvement over previous years was shown also in tl1e department ol' pole- vaulting. Turley and Hubbell, sophomores, added strength to this phase of the track events for 1931. Both cleared more than ll feet, six inches, and improved throughout tl1e season. Al- though the boys did not win many of tl1e even ts in this department, they gained valuable experience which is likely to prove beneficial in following years. Kelly, flash of both track and gridiron, showed fans that he could jump as well as sprint, and set a new record of 23 feet, live and three-quarter inches in tl1e broad jump. Fred Mc- Lane also showed up well in the broad jump, getting a distance of well over 23 feet, IO inches. Kelly, a junior on the squad, is expected to be even better next year. "Sealy" Roberts did good work in the high jump throughout the season. The discuss throw was a disappointing feature of the track season. Tuttle, who was ex- pected to win almost all of his events was handicapped by nervousness, in the early part ol' the season, and could not control his feet, often fouling. He had practically overcome the trouble in his events, and took one first place and several seconds. He threw the discus, Zlllll the shot. Frank Seale, ace shot-tosser of the 1931 edition, progressed rapidly and gave promise of tossing the ball 41 feet by the following season. The relay team of the Wildcats' was less successful than otl1er departments during 1931. but all the men composing it were sophomores, a factor which affected their success. Memlxzrs ol the relay team are: F. Baker, Foster, Milliken, Hays, Parent, and Skinner. In the javelin throw, far from unimportant phase of tl1e sport, "Big" Bud Cavana threw the spear 180 feet in practice, was defeated in dual meets during the season, and took a liOlll'Ill place in the conference. Kelly and McLane also did well in this event. 241 Y 1' ilirvahnmn Irark BY IJICLMAR ADAMS The lfjfgl freshman track squad at the university was the best to represent the institution in recent years. IVitl1 the budgets of many schools cut in the spring, not many foes were found to meet Coach "Peter" Potter's young 'Cat track men. The team was well balanced having outstanding performers both on the track and in the field events. Newell Wallace was the most versatile performer on tl1e team, running the 440 in .49, and giving Kelly keen competition in the 220-yard dash. In addition to these events he broad-jumped and high-jumped and led the entire team in points scored. Many capable middle-distance men were in the ranks of the Greenies with Carter, Bennett and Wallace in the 440, Carter, Bennett, NVells and Stewart in the half-mile. The distance events were probably the hardest contested, as eight men tried for the mile and two-mile runs. In the mile, Hickey, Goodman, Vinson, and Bradley were best. Hocker showed class in the two-mile grind, and Vinson finished close to Hocker in every race. Yeager and Cowley were the high-hurdlers and C. H. Blumer, sole low-hurdler, showed class in his event to win in the only meet of the year. Only one meet, a telegraphic one with Oberlin College, was held, and the young 'Cats won out 82-31. Practically all the distance events and sprints were won by Coach Potter's charges, while their opponents took some of the jumps and the high hurdles. Ralph Kercheval took time away from football playing to come out and toss the javelin and do the broad-jump for the frosh. Burns, Gaylon, Harvey, Goebel, Parrish and Wallace also did the broad-jump and Judd, Cowley and Wallace did the high jump. Sam Caldwell and Barber turned in good performances in the discus throw: while Kercheval and Cowley had success in the shot put. Sellers, Parrish, Goebel and Harvey did the best in the century with Parrish being clock- ed in the lastest time, 1o.2, and beaten by only a close margin by "Shipwreck" Kelly. Like tl1e Kentucky varsity the freshmen had little success in the held events, especially in the pole vault. Only two men were Olll for that event and of these only Parrish was able to achieve success. He took second place against Oberlin College. In addition to the meet with the Ohio College, the Kittens had a practice meet witl1 the varsity, in which the varsity had hard work to keep the first year men in check and allowed them to take several first places. Those awarded numerals were: Edward Bennett, VVilliam Bryan, G. F. Burns, John Carter, Eugene Cowley, Nevin L. Goebel, L. F. Judd, Gaylon B. Harvey, Ralph Kercheval, Douglas Parrish, I. Sellers, H. VV. Stewart, R. D. Vinson, Newell G. Yifallace, HI. W. Wells, G. QI. Yea- ger, and D. Adams. 2.12 l 1 A Pr Swarm I Cf UU QQ! W if. 17203 1 Q5 : L o ' . 'D DOWNING, COACH lllSl-IOP, MANAGER liI,l-flN FARQIIII,-XR lf. Kllli Klili SIQNI-'F. C,-XI"l'.XlN Haraiig Zilrnnia Kentucky's 1931 Varsity te11nis team enjoyed one of tl1e n1ost successful seasons in the history of the sport at the University, winning six and losing three engagements to strong foes. Under tl1e supervision of Coach H. H. Downing, the 1931 team began its workouts in mid- March with about 20 aspiring players answering thc call for candidates. To top the record of the "Cats," at the close of the season, joe Kee went to the quarter-hnals of the Southern Con- ference tennis tournament in New Orleans and displayed brilliant form in winning his Hrst two matches. The Blue and White tennis team opened its season with a 6-2 win over the Xavier rac- queteers April 14, Senlff, Kee, Spicer, and Farquhar winning over their foes and Bishop losing. The frosh netters were met next in a practice and the Varsity was able to eke out a slim 5-3 wi11 after dropping three matches to their young foes. On April 20, a match between Berea and tl1e VVildcats was postponed because of rain. The 'Cats lost their Grst match of the year to the Bearcats of the University of Cincinnati on April 27. J. Kee defeated Huffman 3-6, 9-7, 6-3, and Klein won a 6-3, 2-6, 9-7 for the wins registered by the Kentuckians. On April 28, the 'Cats left Lexington for a three-match exhibition among Southern Confer- ence schools, meeting Vanderbilt at Nashville on April 29 and losing, although Spicer defeated Clark, and Farquhar won from Schwartz. Georgia Tech was the only victim of the 'Cats on their southern trip, succumbing after all the lNildcat tennis players had won except Farquhar, who lost to Jackson, and Senff who lost to Mc Ginty. The 'Cats also won two doubles matches from the Tech men. The Crimson Tide again proved a nemesis to the VVildcats, but Klein and Kee won their matches as the rest of the Blue and White squad fell victims to the uncanny placements and lobs of their Crimson foes. Kentucky went to Berea to play the long postponed match with the Mountaineers and was successful, sweeping the entire series. A trip to the city of Cincinnati again demonstrated the potency of the Wildcats over tl1e Xavier Musketeers and the 'Cats again swept the series of matches. As a grand finale to their great season Coach Downing's charges again swept a series of matches from their opponents by setting down Hanover College without a win. 244 I MYERS XVAGNHR S'l'0Klil.Y R-Xfll..-XND, CO.-Xllll I'.Xlll, NV,-XRD l'l0lV.-XRD RINGO. fI.Xl"I'.XlN Zlirrzhman Efennin Under the direction of Coach Rawlings Ragland, former star of the Varsity net team, the freshmen tennis team of l93l completed an unusually successful SCZISOII, winning six of the seven matches schedufed. The frosh team boasted.several versatile performers who were cap- able of giving the Varsity men keen composition. Frosh, 75 Lexinglmz, o The first n1atcl1 of tl1e season was with Lexington High school. The freslnnen came out of this tilt with a 7 to o victory, showing little difficulty in putting it over fill their high school opponents. Frosll, 1,' Willlrow, 5 The first and only defeat of the season was suffered by Coach Ragland's yearlings when they faced VVithrow High school. Tl1e frosh, u11able to get into action properly, lost to XfVithrow by a 5 to 1 score. Frosla, 7,' Uniwfrsily High, o-I"rosl1, 6, Uftmfi-.f1'1y High, 0 In the second match of the season against the University High 11etmen, the frosh failed by 0116 point to equal their first victory over that school. The match WCllf 6 to o for Coach Rag- land's team. Frosli, ti: W ooffforff, o The fifth match of tl1e SC2lS0ll for tl1e lfrosh was played with XfVoodford High scl1ool, when tl1e frosh emerged with another 6 to o victory. This was the fourth victory for the Hrst-year n1en. Fresh, 7 g Georgelow11, o With a string of four victories Zllltl one defeat to their credit, the first-year tennis men en- gaged in their sixth tilt of the season and fou 11d little difficulty in defeating the Georgetown l-ligh school ltflllll by tl1e score of 7 to o. Fresh, 3: Woorlforff, 1 Going into the last match of the season with Zlll excellent record, the University freshmen faced VVoodI'ord High school for the second tll1lC, Elllll again came through with a victory. The score, 3 to 1, was the closest of the seven matches in which tl1e frosh engaged. Six Rwcizuf N1t1mfrnl.s' At tl1e close of the season for the freshmen tennis team, numerals were awarded to six mem- bers olf the squad. Those who received numerals are VVagner, Stokely, Wzt1'cl, Paul, Ringo, and Howard. 215 CHINN Fl.0RlCNCl'I I'l'1Y'l'ON MUSSIQLMAN ICVANS Haraitg Qifle nv IJANIIQI. W. GoonMAN Going through the season with the best record ever established by a rifle team representing the University, the varsity and R. O. T. C. teams together completed the matches on their schedule with a total of tio won, and eight lost, and the varsity team, after the close ol the regular season, entered the finals and brought a climax to the unusually successful season by winning the sectional National Rifle Association Championship. Members of the varsity team winning the sectional championship were awarded medals, April 18, at the regular regimental parade. The rifle teams started practice January 5, un der the direction of Captain W. A. Cunninghanl. Veterans who reported for practice were: I-I. YV. Chapman, O. VV. Chinn, O. B. Coffman, William Eades, I. C. Evans, W. C. Florence, XV. B. Parrish, S. C. Perry, and Marvin Wachs. Additions to the team were: Allen, Brennan, Carter, Ford, Knox, Rogers, Wlallace, and Williams. The teams fired daily during the period between January 5 and March 22. I. C. Evans was captain of the R. O. T. C. team, while William Eades captained the varsity hremen. The contest at Cincinnati was contested hotly, and Kentucky held second place until the last position, the standing position, when the team dropped to Hfth place. Members of the other teams had previously participated in many "shoulder-to-shoulder" matches. After the Cincinnati match, results showed that Kentucky held Hrst place in the National Rifle association championship competition, sixth place in the fifth Corps Area matches, and fifth in the shoulder-to-shoulder contests. The match in Cincinnati was the last of the regular season for Ken- tucky. Firing in the National Rifle association matches, the varsity team ran up the remarkable score of 926 out of a possible 1,ooo points, winning live and losing none of the contests. Members firing in the matches were: Eades, Florence, Parrish, Perry, Wallace, Chinn, Chapman, Carter, Allen, Coffman, and Wachs. Rifle Hring as a sport is recognized by the University of Kentucky Athletic association, which awards letters to members at the close of the season. Outstanding veterans are expected to return for the 1933 season, and an even stronger team is expected to be developed for that year. The R. O. T. C. team serves as a "feeder" for future varsity teams. Members of the entire squad representing the University on the varsity and R. O. T. C. teams throughout the year are: Allen, Brennan, Carter, Chapman, Chinn, Coffman, Eades, Evans, Ewing, Florence, Ford, Knox, Parrish, Perry, Rogers, Wachs, XfVallace, and Williams. 246 Glluhn X X "T.LT'KIl'522'l'1I. Qf'SI'Ti5-'Zi-2L:i i'9'l TG 1.i fff3bC 1, ' ,' sn,- -A 1-C3-cgznmbt' "9:f:T?C'i'T: Z I , Q1 ,, "' nf sa 0 KEHDX px rd,-4, ' :ig fa 4 f A 0 J 'Af -.n 'H ' 5 if X F- FX MNT. .... w ,. A , K ff . A L 3 Llyix .Qs NOX N----f 'J' XY 'lr FS C T' . .QQ Mx . :'Qn.f., .5 fa J I N R 0 KX t V , 'ff-N P" x,a"'a:vsv:Qj'1'U5!Z1 ANN xkxfagxxs f -... 1 ulllflif 4 f ,. ,...s f M ' . I, I,!,Q,fi'f1 X' ffif' ffn' v',4":1l x,f',f 1' ,f A iff' U Uhr Svirnllrrn Svtuhent 3Bramatir Snrirtg First Row jfxrzx Rom-ix' VVILLIAM Aunlanv I'IucsIImNT Second Row HUGH Aucocx JOHN Busxus DIRECTOR Third Row j. W. DIINAVIQNT ELDON T. EVANS Fourth Row MMU' 1iI,Iz,xnIcTH FISHER BRIICIQ HoIH.I'I'lIiL Fifth Row ALICE .IANE Howus Sixth Row CHRISTINE JOHNSON 2 .lix I i whv Svirullrrz Stuhvnt Branmtirv Snrivtg I"irsl R mu D uma 'IOIINSTON DoRo'1'm' JONES sncmzmnv Sccoml Row -IQHN JONES WILLIAM KENNY Third Row .lolz MILLS HORACL MINER Fourlh Row M .xn1cLYN SHIVELEY FRANK S'roNlc Fifth Row CLARENCE YEAGER BUSINESS 1xmN.1xmzR Sixllz Row VIRGINIA YOUNG 219 ,. ,, Smlig Qlirrlv Organized lm' the purpose of boosting the University in all its activities, particularly athletics. The graduating members each year are replaced by outstanding undergracluates. First Row 'l'Iillfi.1XSSID.'XY BRN LEROY l'Rl'1SIl7liNI' vicic-mucs1nnNT Svcrmd Row IIANIC llvialz NIMH' lC1.1zA1sl-:'l'll PRICE SliCllli'I'ARY 'rkmsimick Thirrl Row lim:'rcu IFRANK Almms Fonrlh Row Fun' l'mwl.lxr: Smnllz CARR Fifllz Row jeux CAR'l'l'IR VIQRNQN CHANDLER Sixllz Row Nlcu. Illsmf.-xN l"Il'1LDlNC DUNN Swwfnllz Row jmm EWING IRA limxs 250 Svnlig Glirrlr Eutahlinhvhfivrptenzhrr, 15211 Ifirxl Row Mfxkx' 1EI.I,xIsIc'I'II FIsI-IIQR XVILFORD GR,'IvEs Svcoml Row RANIONA II.IIfIf BILLY HUBBLE Tlzird Row BILL KIaI.I.Iav GII.III':R1' KINGSBURY Fourth Row ALICE LAM: M.-IRIII.-I LOWRY 'Fifth Row JIIIIAII' Mr:RoIsIcIzTs EDWARD MILLIKEN Sixlh Row ELIMIIIITI-I l'ooLIz BILLY PI-IELPS Serlenlh Row Bon PORTER 251 n11ta1n'2I Athletir Amanriatinn I The Woman's Athletic Association is a member of the Athletic Conlerence ol' American College Women, the United States Field Hockey Association, and the American Amateur Athletic Federation, WVOlT121l1,S division. l" Row M,-tRc:ARI41'I' Scocofw l'RESlDliN'l' Stfcnml Row l'AlII,INl'1BACK victi-vlu-:sIm:N'I' Third Row Cmlm MAIua,xIuf:'I' Font sI4c:Iu1:'r,xRY Fonrllz Row VIRGINIA Kmuxs TRIa.xsIIImIz Fiflh Row GEORGIA Bmn IuIfI,Ic MANIIGER 252 . umarfz Aihlviir Ananriatinn Faculty Advisors Miss Rcbcccu Averill Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes Miss Surah G. Blzmcling Mrs. Alberta Server First Row HELIQN FRY li.-XSlili'l'llALL MANAGICR AND 1,i5Amzk or Ai-Aczllla 'rlunls SITCUIHI Row DIARY Giurrrri-1 Forum-:R ARCHISRY MANA1:uu Third Row lWAR'l'HA LEWIS 1-iockm' MANAGER AND LEADER or Hom 'rkmn Fourth Row SARAH PURNIQLL Ancmanv MANAGER Fiflh Row Louisa THOMPSON HISTORIAN 253 iBlnrk sinh Erihle Glluh iirnfeuuinnal Ani11m1iIiuuhz1nhrg Glluh Founded jointly nt Iowa State University, Kansas State University, Missouri State University, and University of Nebraskzl, in 1920 Ifirsl Row SILOIHI' Mc:Cl,,xlN M,u.f:ol.M Lvuxs l'RliSlDliN'l' vicin-viuasimzxi' Srmnrl Row Rom-ini' lJAVl'iNl'0R'l' lilac:-xl. l,1'x"l'l.i-1 silxczuiviuuw 'l'Rli.XSlIRliR Third Row Iimv,-um B.-xu. Ku-:i,i.1-tv CkomvlzLL Fourlh Row NOISLIQ B.uI.1iY Cunuluxx CoNI.1iv F if Ih Raw FRANK B.xI.l, Llc:-1 EVANS Sixlh Row Wu.i.l,xM Fr.oluaNc:11 Fklill Hunan 254 Ifilnrk anh Igrifllv Glluh Tl'IlR'I'l-IICN Cl'lAI"l'lCRS Kentucky Cl1z1pLcr Esuulmlislmccl in 1922 l"ir.vl Run' GEORCSIE Hmuus Wu.1,l.-x M lil-txxx-.x lima.-xlc H li K'l'IlM.fXN Svcnnzl Hou' WENDELL Howfuuw H. S. l.m'x' Third Row S. 1q.OFlfU1'1' 01.1.1113 PRIQZIC Pmrrllz Ron' HENRY QUISIQNHIERRY IIYIIOMASf,2lIlSl'1Nlil-IRRY Fiflll Row H. E. ROTFIXVELL H mln' FRICNCII Sxmm' Sixlh Row KEITI' VENABLE R. L. Runmmu 0 -55 Nnrmnnh mining anh illiletallurgiral Qnrietg Stuhrnt Wranrh uf Anwriran Zlnutiiute nf mining aah illlleiallurgiml Enginrrrn 'IOIIN Buslulc, l,Ill'1SIllI'1N'l' W. B. li. li. ll,-uzslnuv li. O. BARKLEY Cuosnv BEAN K. B. CUIKISACIC W. F. D.xNN1ccKlcR C,'XILKING'l'UN OFF! CERS SAM F1'l"x's, Viral-2 l'rucsll11-:N'1' lbuu. l'.x'l'lc, Slcc:Rxi'l'.-xRx' M ICM IHCRS F. I. 1ic:'roN V W.. C. FICKGUSUN G. R. GI-IRIIART AI. K. Gr.os'rlcu li. W. HUM:-lllu-:x's -I. M. jfxcxsox W. R. PATTERSON 0. K. Slfmnv ll. B. PENN T. E. STEVENS jmgx POWERS R. K. TIIQRNBERRY 256 , TRI-:AsuRlf:lz W. L. Husli, Slilac:1':,xN'l'-.'x'l'-.-xmls j. D. I..,xNc:,xs'1'r:R C. H. AIAIIUNIEY L. P. MARKING L1-:LAND N1ASl'lMl-ZYER T. M. 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CiAIc'I'I':II M ,xIuz,xIuI'I' CLIN Iiscm lJIIIIIrI'III' C1mII'I'oN Suu f1uNc:I.Ic'I'oN .Msxlcs CIIIII-III: HII.II,x CIIIIIIIQIQ I.III:II.I.Ic L1oIII:II IbIIIIo'I'IIv IMI' 'l'Iu4ss,I lJIcI'I'f S.-um DI-tI.oNI: VI-1I.MA DIIVIIIIS Rum' IXUNN MARY I,oIIIsIc DIIIIII In CAROLYNFOXW1lR'I'lI j1i.IxN F0xwoII'I'II CORA ALIGN FIz.INI:Is liI.I-:ANOII WIIIIII 4' Girlz' C5122 Qlluh M I-'M lS'l'1RS M.xIu:.IIII-:'I' Rlilill lim.-I NIM' KLIIII. l'2l.ll,XIiI'1'I'II UIIIIIQN IX1ll.l1Rl'lll LLIcI'I'I'oN AI.I:II1NI't I-l.xI.I. El.ll,'XI5I'1'l'Il H,IxI.I. l'Il,lZ.UlI'Z'I'll IIIIIIIIN RI"I'II INGIQ.-XM CII.,xII.x l'II,lf.Mll-Z'l'll INNIQS Xl,XIi1i.XRI'1'l' -IIQI-'IfI1IIsoN lfI.IIIa.I KNIIIIII' l,uI:IsI-' IQIIYIIIIZNII,-xI.I. I'lIfI.IfN Lxfzx' Mun' I'IoI'I'I4II I,.w'I'IIAN Nl,Xll'l'llXl,I'1WlS .XI.II:Ie Mr:DoN.IxI,II Mmm' I.oII NT.-KIIAN Mus. CIIIa'I'Is M.III'I'IN FI.IIssII-1 MINIIILII Nlxkx' KING MoN'I'I:oMIcIu' VIIu:INI,x Moom' H XYICI. NoI.I.,xII INIIIIIIINII: YoIINa M IIIY .IXNNIQ O'IEIuI2N 26:1 MoI.I.IIc 1W.Ixc:II OI-'IfII'I"I' PIxIII,IN1c 0151? u'r'I' MINA 1'A'I'I-1 WII.III-:IIIINA 1'A'I'IuI:Ii M IIIu:InI.I..Ix P M' N IC IWARY PIa,I'I"I' NANIIY QIIICIISAI1. M .IXXINIC R,INImI,I'II LIQNII Rmvrzs NIARY EI.ImIIII1'I'II RI':N'I'z VIRGINIA RII.If:x' IIOIS RoIIINsoN MAIumIII'1'I' ll0SI-IR M.-IRIAN ScIIIII.I.IcII I-lI':I.ItN CIIAIIIIII-1 SIIII'I'II KATIIIWN SIIIoo'I' 'Io S'I'IiEI.v WIKNIHIK S'rIIIu:II,I. Er.oIsIc TI ImII'soN ANNA BII:I,I.Ic TIIRNIER NANCY ALlCliXVADl7l.l1l SvI.I'I,x ZIIIIIIIIIIIIAN PIQAIII. ZINI4 Ahuvrtinvnwnta V- - at asf g- e W.-, --, T. We, the staff of the 1932 Kentuckian, wish to thank all the Adveitiseis who have given us consideration in publishing our yearbook We sincerely hope that the student body, in fulfilling wants, will bear in mind those people whose ad- vertisements appear within ADVERTISERS INDEX Ilwxlmm Sum: Co. Blu.-xx-Hux'r Co. C.xMl'lJs Book Sroklli Cl1.o'rm-zs Suov .......... . C1luu'sm-in ll-Ilklvlc-l'l' Co. .. lllaN'l'oN s ...... ...... ,... lllxllf lczl-: Clllll.-KM ........ . DUNN Dum: Co. ............... . Iaml.l'l'lc-Wl1.soN lrrum' Co. ...... . 2 l".u'l-1'1"l'l1: Con, GRAIN ,mn Fl-llill I'lRs'l' N.-K'l'l0N.-U. IMNK N Ilunsr Co -' Gunn-is Cox ,mn Co. ...... . Hmmm-is lm-1 Cumm ........ ...... 2 'Lum bk 0u,1l':k limsk.-wlxc: Co. K1-:N'ruc:m' Klcum-11. ......... . I.. G. ll,u.rouR .... . l,.uf.n'l':'l"l'lf: HlJ'l'I4fl, .. lwmn U-Dmvls-l'l' ................ 2 Advertiser Page No. Advertiser I IHIL No l.laxlM:'l'oN l,.XlRY ....,... . l.l':xlxu'l'oN I,lc.x1mlala ........ l,lcx1Nr:'l'oN W.x'l'1-:R Clmwxxx l'lcl-1lu.lcss laxuxmu' .,,... ,. I'1lo1-,mx llml-.l, . .,,.... . .. Rosle S'l'RICI'1'l' fiRll.l. ...... . S'l'.'XNl!.XRll 'l'vl'l-zwluwzu Co. . 5'l'l-.TSON "D" 'l'.xu.oRs Sl411l.l.l-1k's ........... ... 'l'11l'1 Ifxlk Srolulz .....,,.... llllf llwm I. Mol.l.m' Lu. 'l'k.xxsx'l,v,xNl,x l'RlN'1'lNc: Cu UNIVICllSI'IY Cimlxloxs ..... . W. 'I'. K1oNf:l.l1:'l'oN W. 'l'. SISTIQIINK ..... W. W. S'l'II.I. ...,. . Youxu .xxn CARI. .. Gllnthwa Shun I iZl.E:XNlNG .XND PRESSING vlflrrurl 22.59 175 Ii. High Sl. PHO' l 'OG R,'Xl'I'l Y SU l'l'Ll ES lxOlJiXliS, Cl,-'NNI ERAS 'QE-Liga . IM. 51111 129 l'l'1f.s'l Sflorl l.r'Nfnglon, Ky. GREEIQS. LIKE l'OLl'I'lGlANS ARE Wl'l'l-I US ALWAYS tw Wtt,t.tAtvI Atumtatw "l'is well known that Sigalls diller lrom Sigmabetazees only in the design ol' the pin which they wear. lfidelts are merely Rays disguised in slanting swords, and Kappas lack only a glass house and the attributes which are commonly supposed to be possessed by the occupants thereol' to make them indistinguish- able from Zetzls. Oec'asionally, however, we ean lind small points ol' dillerencze among the various tribes ol' Greeks who wander aimlessly about our rose strewn campus. 'l'hese Cll2ll'2lClCl'lSl,lCS have been noted and are here duly recorded by your writer. will Pl? SF fllpllu Tritt fjllltlfgll 'l'his fraternity could be changed into a second-rate luncheon club without creating a disturbance. Such a change would enable the members to wean' tags bearing their names. and would thus rreate a spirit of friendliness and harmony which is now sadly lacking, chielly, observers believe, because few of the members know all ol' the brothers. Only aevomplishment of the lodge has been to clutter up O.lJ.K. with men who hold an average ol' two points toward membership in Gftnngrutulatinnn, Svvninrn. NVQ: NVish You 'l'he Greatest Success ln Lile, And Hope You X'Vill Drop lly To See Us XX'hen Back In Town. -luniors. Sophomores, and lfreshtnen it has been tt privilege to serve you during the past sehool year, and we will be looking forward to your arrival in Lexington next September. Bunn Erug Gln. Maxwell and Lime Clay zoo K 459 Lexinggton's Most lieautilul Drug Store 2 that orgztnizzttion. The Ifrztternity reached the zenith ol' its glory in the days of the "l3urnes Heel' 'l'rnst,' hut since then even the liuppzts have found out thzit the gentlemen ol' Limestone :n'en't above holding hztnds in the dark. Since this discovery the Creeks ltztve had to he content with holding their own hands, which ure usually dirty. . Ill' Pill 'lf Brin Sigma Omirron You may have heard that this sorority dis- hstnded hecztuse the lield wats too crowded I'or both it and ggdelts. An ztrrztngetnent hy which the Deltzts 'I'hree would tztke in :ill the ment- hers ol' t.he defunct, group was ntztde original- ly. but the Indies ol' Linden XfV:tlk welched when they learned that 23 B.S.O.s had allready turned down hids to their sorority. Pl? 'KC 'll' Sigma Chi This orgztnizzttion is renowned for its pow- ers in the rezilni ol' intrznnurztls. Soeiztlly tl1ey're at Hop, hut. by hlztckjztcking l-Iztckensntith one dark night, and initiztting him, they were able to hecotne intrzunurztl champions. They threatened they would make Huck wean' at pin, ilf they didn't win. It is rumored that Signiztchis court Kttppzts, but surely thzttfs no ztccoinplislnnent, worth noting. I retnngltmntet Printing Gln. Incorporated liV1f1RY'l'l-IING FOR 'l'lAlE OFFICE toS North Upper Street Lexington, Kentucky IM. 1. Glnnglvinn Gln Incorporated COAL AND BUILDING MATERIAI CO NS'l'RUC'l'lON WORK Lexington, Ky. 211911. Eiftfzt fE1'PEITP5TNPlIPZEii1Q lllne 311 3'Hrevlg 2-Xntple Smpplg E251 tlDnatlitg ilintu Entra Ev ingtnn atm' Gln. LEXINGTON'S FINEST JEWELRY STORE Nile Made Up All Ri11gs and Pins for the following Schools for 1931-32: HENRY CLAY HIGH MORTON JUNIOR HIGH LEXINGTON JUNIOR HIGH PICADOME You Crm jtlulgzf for Yourszflf Svknllmfn l,exington's Leading Jewelry Store II5 IV. Main St. Kappa Sigma The Kappasigs are trying hard to do just one thing on the campus. Tick Evans wants the Sullivan Medallion, but they say he was lucky to get O.D.K. Maybe living on Broad- way has so raised the opinion off themselves that these eds will someday get back on the campus and be able to get some pledges. 'lff 'lf' 'lk Chi Omega The Chiomegas always try. They always have house decorations, floats and join all activities but where does it get them. They got a pledge, their pledge got a Sigall away from a Kappa accomplishment? ill' 'lff fl? Kappa Alpha Differences between the home ol' the Kays and the home of a Southern planter in pre- Civil War days are that the gentlemen of Linden Wfalk drink genuine "Santiago De Cuba" Barcardi instead of mint juleps, the ffreshmen take the place of slaves, and the highly-touted Southern "culture" is entirely N011-CX1StEtI1t. No one ever hears off a contested rushee go- ing K.A., but every Ifall the organization seems to get enough men to carry on the tradition off drinking, necking and flunking out of school. Keep The Kentuckian for College Memories .... Sell your Text- books for Cash to the 'fag lllllli S .1 sal 4' We 1 Glampun Bunk Svinrr McVey Hall illirnt atinmtl nf Bank 8: 1 rust Glnmpamg Lexington, Ky. The University of Kentucky Depository Capital .... 3fE1,ooo,ooo.oo Surplus and Profits Over l'F1,000,000.00 l5.slzLI1lislLed 1865 2 Della. Della Della, Since the untimely and most regrettable marriage of Sis XfVillis. it. has been diflicult to distinguish between the gdelts and the ten- cent' store clerks. This has been made doubly dillicult in that both the'Greekettes and the saleswomen wear Sigall' pins. The sorority was politically important when Chris Johnson was its dictator supreme. She still retains that position, but now has no one to dictate to her, which, politically, is most unfortunate. Only prestige ol' the lodge is the house which it occupies on Linden Wlalk, and its laudable practice ol' giving ALL the little boys a break. Pllf 'lil Sl' fl l film Sigma Plli One ol' the members ol' this l'raternity was accused ol' drinking at one ol' the dances re- cently but other l'raternity men were inclined to discredit the accusation, saying that il' he had been imbibing the same whisky Alfasigs usually drink he would never have been able to get to the dance. Little is known ol' the group, other than that it claims to have taken six rushees away from the Sigmakys, who were in a crap game wit.h the board ol' trustees at the time. GOOD LUCK. GRAIJUATESI BUT NOT GOOD-BYE when in town, you're always welcome at. the Einar Svtrrrt Grill liosn ul Collcgrf Vizfu' The Mecca ol' the College Students Eli in hvrv! mn Ellnrh V8 X'Vhy Let The Other Fellows Ride Oil' lX'ith Your Girl? ALL BODY STYLES '1'ry One Ol' Our Snappy New Cars Ellnrh 13-Eriuv-Eli .39 1150.5-1 .smff Clay 648 Ellyn Elihnvnix illntrl LEXINGTON, KY. lientucky's Most lfamous Hotel .loo ROOMS Headquarters For Both Alumni And Students ALL FOR KENTUCKY AND IQENTUCKY FOR ALI. 'l'homas C. McDowell, Pr1f.ri1Ic1ll Goodloe Mclbowell, Gnmfml lllmmgci Turherer R. Milam, zlflruzrlger '267 A?" A- wi.. l - ef ' ' wa:- L Sm Erlirinnn emit Sm iiawg in Qing! Whzu :L convenience Lo be sible to buy at the neigh- borhood store such Zl won- derful health food as our ice cream. You'd be sur- prised Lo know the num- ber ol' dealers Ll1:1L sell WM 2 Sigvrm Aljzlm Epsilon The Sigalfs took the stalls out of the base- ment of their Limestone barn, put in a dining room, a house-mother, and a moose head, and now think they are somebody. In spite of the depression these mugs of the Big House gave four dances and a formal, and at. that the beer they sell isn't even as good as that the Kappa Sigs get from their cook. Politically, socially and in the realm of ac- tivities these mugs are dead. R.I.l'. Sli 'lf ll' ffljlllu KQIITIHINJ Della NVhen would-be neckers fail at the Alfazee house they merely enter the Alfaganfs "Gar- den of Last Resort" and shut their eyes. Al- though the ladies are very much in debt Sill- dent council investigations have been unable to prove a connection between this fact and the mite box drive. No pets are tolerated in the house because the inhabitants are kept busy meeting the amourous demands of the Alfasigs. All the furnishings of the house are ar- ranged to lend a romantic touch. Chief among the fixtures is a red paper parrot which was found in the city dump by one of the girls who was unable to get a seat in the garden that night. COMl'I..IMENTS OF t o I hr illaur i-'vtnrv 146 VVest: Main St. Lexington, Kentucky RENT A NEW CAR CHRYSLERS, PLYMOUTHS Rates As Low As loc Per Mile wil Qlhrgnlvr 15-Brink-311 Gln. 131 Easl Slmrl Ashland 8552 Hninvraitg Qlnmmnnft Av v-v W i fv SPRING AND l"AI.l. SEMESTER Mm! Hon rx Breakfast ..... 7: 15-9: I5 Lunch . 1 1:30-1 :oo Dinner ..... 5:15-6:45 Soda Fountain Hours: gzoo A. M.-5:00 P. M. McVEY HALL-Tl-IIRD FLOOR Ascend South Slriiizs' lo Commons AJ AvA ,A AYA v A A A A ,A A-A A-A v A-A A, -A I,-.. -.- -.-...Q-. --...............-....-..-...- ' fi' ': ..-E - -,..,. ' :.f'?E.. ' iii' Q! mu: neuron oo AI1 LEXINGTON'S "OWN" DEPARTMENT STORE SPECIALIZED COMl'l,E'l'ENESS Phi Sigma Kappa This lodge is known hy the automobile headlight over the porch. One looks for a "tourist's welcome" sign-As we are forced to consider the Blue and White orchestra :t campus activity, so are we forced to consider these mugs as important to it as Kadies and Phidelts are to Strollers. 'li Ill' fl' Phi Della Timm YfVhile rats eat the pajamas off sleeping memhers, and visiting hrothers enter the house only to spit out teeth lost in arguments with the law, this organization goes serenely on ahout. what it fondly terms its "husiness." Numerous dogs give the casual passerhy the impression of an over-size kennel, which im- pression is further carried out in the interior furnishings of the home. 'I'he only relic of the former glorious and prosperous years of this fraternity is a cellar full of broken bottles. Prospective pledges are told that the organization is good "na- tionally" but the food which is served in the establishment kills most of them before they find out the truth. The Phidelt annex, Strollers, put on Z1 show at Woodland auditorium-So did "Sweet Evening Breeze." THE POPULAR CHOICE Olf' LEXINGTON AND VlClNl'I'Y Inj- LCSmIth tl f b U.: "MQ ,,,, ,nw 3334+ 3. ' Jfzzaztrf-ffex . . l ' , I COMl'LlMEN'l'S L. C. SMITH FROM A l'HE BALL BEARING 'I'YI'EWRl'I'ER ALI. MAKES FOR SALE OR RENT Special Rental Rates To Students Svtanharh Z'LIgpe1nriIPr Qin. 225-27 West Short St. Lexington, Ky. "Oar S1fi'11ir'1f Iirfgins With the Srila" Alpha Gamma Rho Having lost even the prestige of living next door to the Kappas the Alfagammarows must now content themselves with proficiency in their studies, including The Technique ol' Milking Unhappy Cows, and Scicntihc WViI'e Selection. The latter course was oflered by the College ol' Agriculture when it became known that some of the gentlemen were fall- ing for Kimegas, who neither spin nor feed chickens, and thus make poor wives for farm- ers, or for anyone else for that matter. Since Robert WVhitc caught the l3arber's Ich in '28 and made the barber give him an- other shave gratis the history ol' the organ- ization has been uneventful. Scandal mon- gers recently reparted that a lady had been kept in the house over the week-end but this proved untrue when t.he ag instructors ad- vertised for Betsy. HK Il' 'I Alpha Della Tlmla Since trying to hog everything on the cam- pus and running two May Queen candidates. the Alphadelts have been running a bit be- hind. They tried hard to get lined up with both sides at once, during class elections, and even the independents turned them down. Svtvtnnn 'B' Gllnthra rl he Choice ol' College Men 'l'hroughout The Country "Nationally Hlluslly K1mzvv1" FN7I'I0'lISU ailors to College Men from Coast to Coast FRATERNITY, COLLEGE AND CLASS JEWELRY Commencement Announcements and Invitations Official lll'1l'!'llfl' lo Ilia IfIIlW!'lZVlly of Krfnlvrrlry E. CB. Uialfnur Glnmpang Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Attleboro, Mass. QUALITY 1-'Rtn1's - vEc:1z'1'.xm,Es ALWAYS ligalitv-milann Zllrnit Gln. Incorporated XVI-lOI.ESAl.12 FRU l'l 'S A N D VEC EFI 'ABI ,ES DISTR I BUTORS 2o8-eio NVest Vine Street Lexington, Kentucky THIFIFANY TUNE PHCDTOS are nneifnniffies nmndle permanent YQUNG CARL Cincinnati, Qhiin Th?C?9HHQgenPhnQfQgfaPHnfS Zulu Tun Aljnlm The Zetas fulfill a quite important l'unct,ion on the campus. Every time the Piecaps go on a bat they break the Zeta windows, or try' to sell soap to the house-mother. A sort ol' reservoir for surplus energy, as it were. l'artieularly outstanding for its hospitable open houses. which none of the members Ill- tend and at which guests are permitted every liberty except that ol' drinking Zeta beer, the organization will never sink into total obli- vion. lt has too many girls who love the moon I'or that to ever happen. lik 'lk ,Xl CIITITPIIS Club As we don't ever visit the library, we don't ever see any ol' these students. They have a house. FX' 'lil 'X' Trirolglrf How this club exists is a mystery-since the Engineering college is a defunct political or- ganization. Since all the professors belong and are led Sunday dinners at the country estate, all the boys tnake Tauhete. One ol' their boys out dirty-nosed the Delt's greenbriar student for colonel. But politically and socially these eternal Triangles are no better than their Sigall' asso- crates. l+'O0'1'XfVE.fXR THAT IS AINVAYS CORRECT Style. Service. Value l Mnguham Shut, Gln. East Main, Near l.ime Lexington. Kentucky I.ool: for ilu' I"lorslu'iin Sign Lflmftt Hun Zllnrgrt We oller our hearty appreciations lor your past patronage. Nile hope you will retnem- ber us when you have LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Hvvrlvnn lietunhrg 149 North Broadway Phone Ashland 335 or 6396 F Wt A 32.00 subscription to the Kentucky Kernel will keep you in touch with your old school-mates. Mail all subscription orders to the Kentucky Kernel, Lexington, Kentucky. yt 'lilntvliiafagrttv I ' ' Vw x U ' s , ti T . i F ' 2'-3 Q- Oll'-Campus Headquarters for University Students, and the Home ol' Kentucky Alumni when in Lexington LEN SHOUSIE, JR., Manager Della Tau Delta The "Pansy" boys of Dean Melcher fame need only add Petie Moore to their list of members to be somebody. Maybe next rush week their alumni can give another dance. and get him to hand in his Phidelt. The mansion isn't furnished yet, but the boys are awfully proud ol' the Kadie's big green vase. 'l'hey don't mind sleeping on the floor, and eating from soap boxes makes it so home like. Despite the fact that the Southern Federation ol' Deans mistook their home lor the public library. The Pansy boys were counted out of the scholarship cup. SX' :lil PX' Lnmlnlri Chi fllplm Headed by the august. judge Finley, who is so smart that he believes that every time he loses an election the opposition is crooked. the Lambda Chis give one the impression ol being all dressed up with no oflice to hold. Although one ol' the little boys is being groomed for the editorship ol this publication next year, they still are not expected to be THE fraternity next fall. 'lk 'lk ,Xl - Delta Zeta VVe once heard ol' a club by this name-ls there one on this campus? While 'l'he Lexington Leader entertains positive conviction on all subjects of State and Nation-Wide importance, its editorial policy is influenced by a desire to be ab- solutely lair, to be informative, and to pro- mote the moral, social, and economic Wel- larc ol' the home-loving reader. Ellie -162 ingtnn Evnhvr THE HEALTH OF THE FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY is being protected by use of 'our quality products c M s o X 0 W Pasteurized Dairy Products served in University Com- mons and Training School Krtjijm Kappa Gam m Il Although some olf the ladies occasionally rate dates with Sigmabetazees and win beauty contests this organization is shunned by the better element. The famous Sunday School party olf several years ago brought the sorority to prominence, which was much publicized but which was nevertheless short-lived. Three years ago freshmen entered the house with trembling step and shaking knee lor fear they should commit a social blunder. Now most ol' them believe that to enter at all is to err. lt is said that there are I3 ways to get a Kappa bid, but that only one ol' them is ever used by a true lady. That way is to enter school with a Dusenberg roadster, a case ol Scotch, and a pair olf gigolos. The other I2 ways have been condemned by the more con- servate element on the campus. is as :nf Aljllm I.1m7111la Tm! This, dear children is Phisiphi gone nation- al, at last they claim iI,'s a national. No one has ever heard olf another chapter anywhere. Il' Sigmabetaxees don't hear from Phigam pretty soon, they are planning to merge with the Alphalambda boys. NEED I.UM BER.. MILINVORKP You will lind here, lumber in almost any quantity and kind for any purpose. The products ol' our factory are unex- celled in design or workmanship by those ol' any planing mill. Qlnmhn ifumhvr Qlnmpemg ,,,,, L EFISJ. X I . 'T f - -:-:+:-:-:-:-:-:-:':f"-I-' : I - li lili g.g.5.g.3.-.::::3:g: gf-:-3-:,, ,.g:::-:-:-:::-:-:.:- 'g'-:-:gf .. , I Q ' .-.gfsisfs 525555555554"ffff5f5f5f5f55afQ , .-.3,:.:N,:,:,:,:,.,.,.'. 1 ' .Taz- -.-.iz-:-: :3:2:5:5:1:f:-:-. - ' ' -.-:-2-:---, '25 l ' :f:-:':4:3:JfJ"f fl ""'-I-'f'?:5:f"'5': "" ff. asi:f:5:5f5:5:f1:-:mf , . 35.5,-, ff., -, 1-:5:g:::::5:5:::v2?:f:1Q: f .4 5:-:'-' ' :- -'-:gg :'3:37:?:?:?:--Igrf:g:::1Q:2---, ,fi ff ' 'f 1:f:f:f, ...:fi1' .. ,S 31, j:""" . '. Qffifgififififsifefsfsfegii . 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'I"'1i1i:i1:1i1:fi'A'- -,A,.-J.. . .::,.:,:. :l j: A 5g:g:3:3535:E::- ' uf, 3' ,:-:::g::'- x- - ,155 :- lzfgggfgggggggb:-:-: .g:g,:.- ' E5 i5i37ff' 'ii'-" f1ii: 'i5 "3 fg:?'f?E3Fl" .g:iEE25Eii'iE1E15 ' i :5f! .-.-. ..,..ff... -. .-. , ..,.. .... I "Bn n'I lie In nw! mlm in hr?" "No, VM Noi' clxwv. Ytlllllllfl lsuvixr: smurs ron .xx- 0'I'lll-IR MAN. I cm ni-tsciumc nm i':xxc'ri.r nr's FOUR Fl-1I'1'l'-SIX-GO'l' .XRNIS .X FOO! LONG AND A Nl-ICR SIIRIFNK mil. sm-1 or Mr wlusr. Hon' no I kxow? Look xr IXUXIIIRIIJ ONLI-. ANI! I'I"S 'l'IIIS SIlIIl'l'. 0NI.Y IIICICN .. I' I C I.IliI-' .-x wool. sock." Q ' 4 fm- r-'K -.-:-'2:-ss:-:-:+s5:+:-1-:-sis ,,, ,... , ...,,,.,,.,, ,,, , 7: 5 .-' -.ex 9' '-, ,4. + 4 "" " t -.x .. ....,.. ..,... . .. 1 E... fs:s:s:s: W .... itwfsl- .- tl zl. ...-:-:ans-5. 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Uiuriis, COX SIIIRTS .-XRIC fI.XRl-1I"lll,l.Y ICXANIINICII XYII 'I'I'9'I'l'l' XXII 'I'Ill.Y .KRIQ GlI,XR.XN'I'I-ilill 'IU GIYIZ YOII t.0MII.I1'I'If SXTIS- l"A!Z'l'l0N . Incorporated X Lexington, Kentucky C 1.355,j 275 'II' 5 1.1 Raccoon I P .I PURINA xi Crtrbrm I I , if -t ' . f if f L. t . f , COAI. 0M0lENl Gmmff ""' S'm ok! I1 ss I H0RSES'MUlES ' -ll.. I Solvay Coke .FEED Omolcmf Cow Clmzu Hen Chow Chowder - Pig Chow 9 - 4 l " I .l" l' 4 L - 1 5 FAYETTE COAL, GRAIN 85 FEED CO. ASHLAND 7800 l11r'orj1m'1tle11 885-915 W. HIGH Tut: Covtfta on this hook is the product ol' an organiza- tion olf specialists whose sole Work is the creation ol' unusual covers for School Annuals, Set Books, Histories, Catalogues, Sales Manuals a nd other Commercial Publications L55-Sa THE DAVID MOI.l.OY CO. 2857 A707711 Wrfslerrl ,'l7fI'7I'llIf Ctlieaco Aljzlm Xi Della This lodge has some good girls-no one seems to notice the fact, so the girls moved into the nurse's home. Now even the tobacco buyers stay away. 'Xf SK' Blk Sigmrt Bela Xi When Sigmabetazees get their Phigam chapter we will comment-not-til then. ilk Sli 'XI Pi Krtpjm Alpha 'Their best political move of the year was getting control ol' Scabbard and Blade, by initiating Captain Grady. Even though the Alphagams threw the Piekaps over for the once active Engineers. These gentlemen ol' Rose street made a short-lived return to po- litical prominence. They got. everything on the campus includ- ing the honor held jointly by Sigalls and 'Tri- angles, that ol being the most hated club ol' all the Greeks. PKI 'K' if The Ivzflejufvirlffwls Under the able leadership ol' such man as Alfasig John Kane and "Boss" Shell these mugs have bought enough advertising to be noticed--next year this publication will have to give them some space. Zlrgan-lllnnt Gln. VVHOLESALE GROCERS LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY Distributors for Sunkist Brand California Fruit 2 O T 0 ENJOY , I E CREAM CREAM or THE Blur GRASS Sigma Nu Aside lil'0lll giving l"ayet,t,e county a dinner dance, these gentlemen bayen't been heard from all year. The weather has been warm enough to keep t.l1e benches out, in their gar- den, and during Hell-X'Veek the actives sent the goats to Pat Hall to sleal all the window shades, the ladies ol' that condemned building complain-XfVe doubt, il' the gentlemen of "nigger-shack-row" had the races in mind when they ordered that case ol' lield glasses. SX' 'W 'W' COMl'LlMliN'l'S Kajzjm Della .H , , H M FROMA ie Kadies one biginove ol the yeat was pledging the "most, beautiful girl on the campus from the neck up." XfVl1y illtlllil. George XfVhite agree with her as lo her beauty? Maybe he heard rumors ol' bow-legs. Politically the Kadies have been "made" this year. They put a lot of girls in a lot ol' positions no one ever heard ol' and their "golden l'olly" should have led the May Day parade. 'llf 'lil if Phi Kripjm Tau 'I'hey'll keep on and be noticed yet-llys are-Babe Wfrigllt is a Phitaw. M. EV. Svintrunk 8: Qin. Esmblisllerl 1891 lnmrjmrulcrl lgoj FRUITS - GROCERIES - CONFECTIONS . LARGEST IN euN'1'i1AL i4EN'1'Ue14Y LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY 277 f Jlahn N Ullier Againw 63013 are America's largest school annual designers and engravers because we render satisfaction on more than 400 books each year Intelligent co-operation, highest quality workmanship and on-time deliveries created our reputation for dependability. -IAHN 8: OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Tbotograpbcrs, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Colors. . 817 W. Washirlgton Boulevard - Chicago Telephone MONROE 7080 A Q1W:Z0.'z":.g1':i25.g"fW NCHILC Adalr, A Mary Eunice ...,...... Adams, Ellgelle R0bE1't Adams, Frank J'. ,,Y........... . Adamson, L. Clyde ...,....... Adcock, Hugh Wm. ..,..,... . Albert, L. Walter, Jr. .... . Alderson, Frances . ......... .. Alexander, D. J. ..... . Alford, Martha ....,.......... Alford, W. Ray .................. Allals, Wilmer Carleton .. Alporin, Betty Helen . .,,... , Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chl Sigma ......,..... Delta Sigma .,..,., Delta Theta ........ Gamma Delta ....., Gamma Rho .,,,.... Lambda Tau ........ Alpha Sigma Phi ........ Alpha Tau Omega .... Alpha Xl Delta ....... 26, 138, Page .........156, .........,.44, 211, 212, .........192, .........170, .........172. .........l32, .........134, .........136, ......,..138, .........174, Alpha Zeta .........,....,......... ............. 1 90, Alsover, H. Robert ........,..,. , .... 49, 152, Alves, Haywood Walter ...................... Al1'1lT1El'I'l'1RI1, Wm. George , Anderson, King Wm. .......... . . ...,. ....... 5 0, Anderson, Pryor Llndson . ..,... ,,..A , Anderson, W. Waven ,....,... Andrews, Kenneth ................ Andrews, T. J. ................. ,,... . Angeluccl, Marle Rosallnd Ardery, Wm. S. .... 26, 122, Armstrong, Mary Jo .......,... fffflfffiiil 154, 211, Armstrong, Mary Susan .....,.,......., 26, Ake. Arthur H. .................... , Ashley, Harold W. ......,.,.. . Atcher, Robert Owen .,,.. Athletics ......,.......,........... ,.... Atcher, Robert Owen ...,... ...fffffflsiif .........217, .........156, Ammerman, Marjorie ..,... ............. Ardery, Phil Pendleton ..... .....,,... Askew, Emlly B. .................,..,....,....... . Atklns, Mamie Hunt ,,,.............,......,.... Aufenkamp, Kathryn .,.. 26, 120, 130, Augustus, Stewart Adger ,..,.,....,.,...., 138, 206, Austen, Donald Roland .................. 26, Ayers, Cecil Edward ............................ B Back, Harmon ............., .... Back, Mary Pauline . ...... . ........26, ...........51, Barker, Howard Walter ..,,........,... 158, Barney, Stewart ......,............. ............. Babb, Wllllam Townsend .............,...... Bailey, Noble ..........................,.,...,..... 40, Baker, Fannie ............,,.......................... Ball, Edward Ellis, Jr. ........ 40, 100, Ball, Frank Kinney .............. 40, 190, Baldwin, Wm. Talbott ...................,.,.. Bagwell, John Callahan ,.,... 50, 152, Bailey, Wallace Marlon ,..................... Baker, Frank M8.Il01l ...,.. Barker. Lindsey Harold ..,,.. ...... Barnett, Claude W. ................. ......... . Barkley, Edward Orville ...,....,.........,. Barlow, James Edward ....... ........ 4 5, Barton, Louise .................... Bastln, H. V. ..............., . Banks, Oyd Elvert ..... Barnes, Edward ....,.,. Bates, Mary Alice ....,...... Bates, Ralph R. .....--------..-- - Bauman, Barbara Mae . ..,. . Baxter, Robert W. ........... . Baynham, T.,Je1'f ........... Beard, Thomas Miller ,... ,. L NO. 40 156 252 140 250 168 174 168 184 164 164 51 193 198 171 173 133 135 137 139 175 191 252 164 206 26 26 168 206 168 26 248 178 178 138 150 160 248 260 176 154 176 51 186 196 136 40 201 254 205 150 166 258 40 256 256 154 209 150 164 150 146 44 211 28 146 158 154 172 150 170 26 164 136 Zlnilrx Name Page No. B6R.11t1CS .................... ,,... , . ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,, A Bell, Cecil D. ,.........,,,,, ...41, 123, 132 Bell, Wllllam Erwin ,,.,.,.,.......,.,,..,,,.,. Beemon, Robert Caryl ....., ....... Beers, Everett J. ....,... Berry, Maude Elizabeth .....,,,........ 52 Berg, Sidney Howard ......... .,,,..,, , Bertram, John Foreman ,,.,..,, Berthel, Frances Boyd .. Berthel, Sara Eileen ..,,., Bickel. Geo. Martin .. ,.,. ......,........., . .. Bird, Georgia Lee ,,.,,,.,,.,. ,,,.. 1 28, Bishop, Edgar William ..,..,..,.,,........... Blggerstaff, Wm. K. ........ . Bishop, Dorothy ..,...,,....... Bltterman, Loretta L. ....., ..,.... 2 07 Bixby, Edwin Hall ,...,,,.,...... Black. Harry Franklin .,,.... Black, Harry Gordon ..........,...,.,,.,..,..,, Blackwell. Mary Stuart .,,,,.......,.,...... Bland, Jane ..............,... 186, 207, 254 Blair, Crittenden D. .....,,,...,,.,,,, ,... . Block and Bridle ............,,..,,,.,..,,... 254 Block, Alvin H. ..., . Board, Irene ,...... 186, Nftlllc Page Campus Club .. ..... .... .........,.,.,,,,, 1 4 0, Campus Scenes .,,.... ,.,,,....,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , No. 141 16. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 Carlin, Vlrglnla Rudy ..,....... 41, 254, Carlton, Martha Wllmont .......... 186, Carr, Slade Leroy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 52, 166, Carrington, Wm. B. ,...., 45, 154, 196, Carter, John M. ..........,... ..... 1 62, 252, Carrick, John A. .... .........,...,,,,,,,, , ,. Carvill, Edward .,....,,, ,,,, Cash, Wm. Clark ,,... . .... . Campbell, George , .,.,,. . .... . Campbell, Jean ..,.,.,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,, Carroll, James Suthcrn ...,,, ...,. Curran, Earl Louls .......... ,,,,, Carter, Anne Hilton ....,. .,,,,.,, Carter, John L. ................,.,,,...,,..,.., ,,,, , Cassady, Theodore John ............ 152, Cavins, James Haynes ............,.,......,.. Caywood, Frances Gertrude ..,.,,..,,,,,. Chandler, Vernon M. ....,....... 28, 150, Chapman, Elinor Southgate ..........,... Chapman, Martha Juanita .......... 41, Chatfleld, Margaret Montague ........ Board, Betty ...... . ............. . Boswell, Blanche ......... ..... ,.......... Bonzo, Thompson Kiser ........ 47, 165 Bowling, Floy ............,..... ,..... ,... .,.... ...... Boyd, Nelson E. .......,.,.....,.. ............ . Boyd, James W. .............. ..... . Braden, Donald Dwight .........,, Brady, Paul Allen .....,.... .................... Brandenburgh, Henry Homer Branham, Iva B. ...... ................. . Brawner, Robert A. .... ............,,...... . .. Bredwell, Harold .................... 166 199 Brennan, John Owings ....... ..... ............ Broadbent, Ralph Lewis ............. Broadbent, Smith Dudley ....... Broadhurst, Hugh Hunt ........... Broadhurst, Marlon Lloyd ..,,. BFOCK, Kathryn ........................ ....... . .. Brock, Mary Lucas .. .......,........ .. Brother, Mary Ellzabeth .............. Brown, Marlon G. ........ . ...... .. Bosworth, Vlrglnla Powell ...... Botts, Seth S. ............................... . Botts, May Elizabeth ...... Boyd, Betty ..................,. Brown, Olive Marlon ..,,. Brown, Virginia Cecll ..... Brown, Eugene ....,.,....,,, Bryan, Hazel Tolbott ...,.. Bryan, Mary Elizabeth , Bryant, Wm. H. .......,.................... . ..52 ..52 176. Bruce, Wm. Alexander .......,.. 27. 140. Boucher, James Joseph . Bowden, Everett Augustus .. Burchett, Wayne Carey ..,,.... Buchsbaum, Wm. Douglas ..,,.... Burk, Joseph Caden ....... Burk, Mary Cecelia ............. Burke, Edith ........... .- Burke, Margaret ...,,..... Burke, Vivian Mae ......... Burks, Garnett Robert ..,.. Burnes, Gordon Edward .............- Bush, Elizabeth Reese ....... ....... Bush, Mallnda Owsley ...... ....... Bush, Wm. Kerr ............,..--.....------- Buskle, John Slstrunk .......... ,....,. 158, 196, 211, Butts, James R. ......................--.-.. - Byron, Winston .... ........ Byrnslde, Agnes M. C Calvert., Geo. Martin .............. Campbell, Edwin Stephen . .... . Campbell, Grant ......... ...l..... 279 ..27. 156. ffiiil 515. Chl Delta Phi ...........,....,....................,.... Chi Omega ....... .................l.............. 1 76. Chlck, Mary Elizabeth ...... ........... Childers, Thomas .................,, .... Christie, Thomas Bradley ...,.. ..... Clark, John Morton ..,.......... ..... Clark, C. R. ...................... . .. Claudls, Seaton Mae ......... Caudlll, Raleigh Bryan ...,... ..,,. Clayton, Edward Rowland ..l.............,. Clarke, James H. ............... .............. . . Clemenths, Jolm Philip . ,. Cllord, Owen Lee ..........,....l. Clifton, Dorothy Eloise Cloud, Louis Wm. ................ Cloxver, Tom H. ............. .. Coffman, Wm. Marvin ......,. Coffman, Owen B. ........,...... - Collman, Cameron ..............-- Clay, Elmo Lorraine . ....,..,, , 122, 144 122, 144 Collins, Elizabeth Bell ..... .. ...-.. 52. Conrey, Thomas C. ............ -..,--.-- - Glo, Harry Emile ................... Cloyd, Lawrence Holman ....... Cogswoll, Frank S. ........... . Coleman, Anne Lightfoot ....... , Collins, Vlrglnla ..............,....-------..-. ---.- Conley, Chloron Livingston .......,.....,.. 41, 256, 261, Congleton. Sara Ellen .............. .-----,-. Conley, William ............-.---,-. -------- Connell, Mabel Glen .......... Contents ...........r.------.- -----.- V - Compton, Dorothy J. ..... W ..... Cook, Justine N. .......-,.... ---f..-- 2 3- Conk, Norwood Tl10l'l'18S .. ------.-f Cooke, catherine Louise ........-..r- Cooke, Robert Allen ....... Cooke, Roscoe D. ............. . Cooper, Agnes Barbour .............. Cooper, Hilda Elizabeth . ............. . 184, 130, ..28, 248, Corbett, Jane Allen .....,..............,....... Core, Wm. K. ............ r Cox, Floyd ................ ..----- Cox, Landon Greauc ....., Cramer, John Calvin ...... Crawford, Betty .....--- ------- 2 3. 139- Creusere, Fred J. ..----... -------,-,-.AA-- F Croft, James B. ............... . Cromwell, Kelly Mosby .................. 41 Crull, Donald B. ..................... .. .......... . Crump, Lawrence Marshall Crutcher, Margaret Hayes ..,.... ....... Crutcher, Richard Redd . Cubbage, Ransom Bassett ....,,. Cullen, Paul F. ...................,.. - 263 260 252 205 262 156 154 132 160 176 142 154 178 146 252 156 52 252 184 184 182 200 177 184 156 41 134 164 174 150 154 132 192 56 186 146 160 56 194 161 182 204 152 144 150 138 176 180 263 172 158 41 8 180 182 160 186 163 168 262 262 176 152 100 144 144 182 134 150 256 148 164 5? 146 168 158 Name P1192 Cummings, John Robert ......A.............. Cnndlff, Wm. B. ..,..YYYYY-.----------, ------ - Cunningham, Betty Rltter ..... .. Curtis, Authur S. A.....,............,... ,,.--Y - Curtis. James Wylle Allison ,...... Custard, Marlon C. ,.,,., ..... ...,, . . 136. Custard. Mrs. Marlon C. ................,.. . ,,,,, ,, ,,,..,,...,..,,. 52, 122. 129, 172. Cutler, Frank L. ........,...,.YY.A...... ..45. D Dalton. James E. ,,,,.. .. Daniel, Carrie Lee . .,... ....... . . Dannemlller, Helen Marle ..,,,,., Darnell. M. C. ,........V. ,..,Y.Y.YYf.Y.--.---- Darnell, M .J. ............. Y,.Y., .... .'.----- - Darnell, Helen Willa .,,Y.... ..,,, 207 Daugherty, Standley Duncan . ,.,.,.. . Daugherty, Wm. Moss ...,,,A,-,,--,------ 23 Davenport. James Clay ,,.........,...... 53 Davenport. Robert B. .. .,......, 41. 140 David, John Lockart ...- --.--l- Davis, Louls Berkley ....... .. W Davis, Rodger George ------f -"--- Davis. Paul G. .--.--..-----'------- - '- Davis, Gutherle Sarllda Dawson, Eleanor -----,-------'-- Dawson, Jean Maxwell .... Dgwsgn, Wm, Castleman .. .--- Day, Harry ........-.-------- 45- Day, Dorothy Mlller -----------'--'-- ----- ---" 128, 136 ..12 Deans ..... Dearlng. Hugh H. ....... . Dedication DeLong, Sara Elizabeth ..... ...l- - - .......l42 Delta Chi V .--f----'- - 'ff' Delta Tau Delta e f----- --A-'-f 1 44 Delta Sigma Pi - - t"--' Delta Delta Delta .--.-176 Delta Zeta ...----------"' V f----'- 182 Denny. Edwin Ray .. Dent, Harry Andrew ..... . ....,,.50 .. ...158 Denton, John TYFTU ----ef Dlcken, Nicholas B. .. Y Dickens. Sue Long -- Dlcker, John Joseph ..........-..- Dickerson. Myra Eugene Dlckson. Dlckson B. ...... Dle, Harry Porter .....,., ..... Dlmock. Betty Ann .........l..... -- ---- Dishman. Nell Hodge ...... 120. 172 Dlxoh. Wm- Nillicf '----'-- '----'f' ""' Donelson, Wm. Norman .. ...... -. Downing, Dorothy Mae ........ 170 Downs. Snyder Hlghfleld ., ....... . 57 Drake. Simeon Elliott . Dugan. Charles Dickson .. .... Dunavcnt. Joseph Woodruff 57, Duncan, Archie H. ...... -.... -..------- - Duncan. Hamilton Richerson ,... Dunn, Fielden Eugene . ..57 154, ..45 ..29 168 Dunn. Paul Marvin , , 29 Dunn. Wm. Howard ...,. .29 Dunning, Herbert P. .... Dunning, G. Ellis A29 Durham. Henry 0. ........ ..-.. . .---- - - Durham. Oma Alden -....------ -- Durllne. Alice May ................ 152 Dyer, Jane Elizabeth .. ,... .,.l72. 210 Dysard, Wm, Henderson ...... ..... 1 66 E Eades, Wm. .... . .. .... .,... ...57 Eastwood, Rupard Mitchell ....... Eaton, Elizabeth Shelly . ............. . M ,,,,,,,,,,,, . ..........,.. 29, 122. 182 Ebby. A. A. ....... . -..-..-- -.....-. A Edsell. Mary Louise Een, Beulah Mae ,.... .. Elam, Roberta ...... Elliott. Fayette Dunlap .... Elliott, Vera Gayle ..... ..... Ellls, Elizabeth Tllford .... NO. 148 136 178 45 152 190 262 138 150 186 176 156 156 258 57 142 158 254 154 136 156 164 53 176 176 164 172 202 13 164 9 174 143 145 197 177 183 164 212 146 45 41 168 28 156 142 182 250 50 144 258 199 166 146 248 140 148 250 192 140 166 166 136 29 258 250 209 156 168 207 29 182 186 42 146 180 184 Name Page No. Name Page No. 142 Elrod, Sarah E. ............ . Elvove, Louis ...................... Embry, Grace Darling ..... ..... Engel. Noel W. ................. . England. Clora ........................ Epps, .John Elchel' .... ........ . . . ,.......... 53, 120. 128, 136, 194, 203 Evans, Beverly ...............,........................ Evans, Eldon T. ..................l. 148. 194 Evans, Ira C. .................... ..... 1 50, 194 Evans, James Edward .......................... Evans. Edna Lee ..,.,......... ...,.,,............ Evans Lee .................... ..... Evcrsole. Wm. F. Ewing, Elizabeth Ann ., . ..,.... ............,, ' 6, Ewing. John Henry . 130. 172, 204 .. .... .................. 1 26, 152. 190, 194, F Faber, J. Reynolds .,.. ......., .... . . ,. Fahey. James E. ................................... . Falconer, Martha T1101'11tO'1 ...... 122 Farmer, Eddie ..................... ........ Farmer, Sadie Katheryn .. ............. 42. Farquhar, Bruce Straub ...... 29, 144 Farris, Bessie Clay ....,...,.,,,.,,,.,,..,,.,,,,, Farris, George ...,....,.,,,,,.,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Farris, Jessle H. .,,....,..,..,....,..,,,,,,. Faulconer. Lorlne Hood ,........ ..,,,,.,,,,, Faulkner, Charles Raymond ,,,.,,.,,,., Faulkner, Marjorie ...........,.... ..,.,,,,,..,,,, Faunce, John Henry ..............,..........,.. Fennell, Whitlock ...... ...29. 129, 174 Ferguson, Joseph Martin ......... Fleber, Marjorie ................. ...,............., Finley, Gordon Bennett .. ................. .. ..........,......................... 50. 126. 150 Firenze, Elma B. ...... .......... .........,........ . Fisher, Mary Elizabeth ...... ................. 176. 204.. 248 Fltts. Sam McCormick .......... 45, 140 Fitzgerald, Frances Kathleen ........... Flsh, Wm. Baker .................................. Flowers, James ..............,..,................ 46 Florence, Wm. E. ................................. . .. ................. 42, 126, 132, 180, 194 Forquer, Florence ..................,............... Fort. Clara Margaret ........................ Flschcr, Helen Adelle ....,.. ............... Fowler, Dan E. ................. .......... 2 9 Francis, Cora Alice ..... .,......... Frazar, Ellen Lois .,.,....... .......... 2 9 Frazer, Wm. Durham ........ ............ Frazier, Paul ...........,........,. ...... ..... Freshman Class , .....,.. .......... 7 7 Frontsplece ........................ Fry, Helen Elizabeth .,... ..,.....180 Frye. John A. ........ .........,............ . Forsythe. George West .,............. ........ Foster, Malcolm L. . ..... 128, 152. 199, Fuller. Richard Joseph ........,.........,,..., Fudold. Rose Joan ....... .....,...,...........,.. Furlong. 'Dennis Andrew ..... ..... G Galllard, Ernest . ..... ....... .... . Galllard, Warren Keller ....,....,............ Gains. Wm. Connie .. ......................... .. Galloway. Jullet Lee .l.......... 130. 174, Gartln. Joe Luke .......... ......,.......... .... Garry, Wm. E. .....,.,., . Gates, Charles .... .... . Gates, George D. .... . Gerhard, Richard .......... 46 Giachlnl, Peter ...... ...... ...... Gllley. Carol .......... . .... . Gibbs, Jean Allen ..... ........ Gilboy, Gladys ........,...... .......... Gillespie, Mary Hood ..... .......... 4 2 Gilmore. Robert Wm. ..... .......... 3 0 George, Gordon L. .......... .........,. . Givens, Jane Steward ........ ..........,. Glass, Donald Hays ........ .......... 5 7, 2811 53 57 176 144 182 206 53 248 250 166 172 254 168 258 260 164 138 178 160 170 192 182 150 150 172 148 172 168 210 170 178 206 29 250 256 170 168 134 254 178 252 186 144 170 258 29 53 84 3 252 148 164 205 144 30 57 148 148 146 213 150 156 160 162 196 50 186 30 184 210 260 164 176 152 GIEUI1, Martin Rlcherson .,.........50, Glover, Berton Wllks , ...,...... ........ 3 0, 152 Glover, Charlotte .............. ................ 1 86 Goebel, Nevln Lee ............................,... 132 Gooch, Lllllan W. .......... 53, 122. 170, 258 Goodman, Charles Austln .................. 146 Goodman, Daniel W. .... 30, 120. 122, 212 Goodson, Joseph A. .............................. 146 Goodson, Lalla Rooks .... ................ 1 84 Gordon, Norris W. ................ ......... 1 50 Gorham, Dorothy Gray ..........,....... 30 172 Gottshall, Wm. Rothacker ............. 164 Graham, Herman ...................,. . ........ 152 Grant, Carleen Delph .................... 53 176 Graves, Katherine Lewis .,...........,... 184 Graves, Wilford ...,.......................... 152, 250 Gray, Russell Hampton ...... .......,..... 1 68 Grcathouse, Wm. W. ........ ....., 1 44 Greaves, 'Betty Holden ,....... ...... 1 76 Green, Harry Llgon ............ ...... 5 0 Greenfield, Martin ,...................... ...... 3 0 Greene, Elizabeth Reamon ,............... 174 Greene, Glenn Leon .........,...............,.. 160 Greenup. Hamilton B. ...... ...,,.,.. 1 68, 208 Gregg, Theodore .................................... 46 Grlfllth, Mary Galloway .........,.......... 53, 10, 182, 200 Grldelll, Marle Isabel .......................... 30 Grimes, Joseph Mackey ..,... ...... l 60 Grimm, George ................,. ......... l 56 Grover, Susan Gain ..................,...,. 30, 184 Gruhbs, Carollne Clinton ..... ......... 4 2 Grubbs, Evelyn Faye ............ ...... 1 72 Guerrant. Lucy Amanda ....... ...... 1 76 Gunterman, Martha R. ...... ...... 1 B2 H Haag, Wm. George ,.....,.......,,,,,.,,.,,, 31, 144 Haier, Fred C. ...... 42, 132, 254, 260, 261 Hager. Wm. Vlnson ........,........,,,,,,,,,,, 148 Haggard, John Davis ...... ...... 1 46 Hall, I-lazel Aleene ..,...... .,,.,. 1 86 Hall, Henry Clay .......... ,,,,,.,, 1 36 Hall, John E.. Jr. ......... ....... 3 2, 201 Hall, Martha Ann ..... ................ 3 1 Hansel, Roger E. .................................. 140 Hamby, Eudenah ...........,........ 42 210, 258 Harnersley, Dwight Thomas .....,.. 46 194 Hamilton, Jane Moore .......................... 174 Hamm. Alice Mae ,.,............................. 174 Hannon. Gayle ........................ 46 156 211 Hankes. Francis Hampton .......... 158 209 Hardin, Emily ........ 54, 122, 204 207 213 Harding. Roberta N. ............................ 31 Hardymon. Phlllp B. ..... ................ 1 34 Hardymon, Walter ..... ......... 1 34 199 Hargett, Newell ........ ................ 1 48 Harmon, Pauline ....... ....................... 1 74 Harris, George M. ....., ......... 4 2 190 254 Harris, Maurice Hall ..... .................... l 34 Hart, John Francis 134 Hartlng, Irls K. ..,,............ ...... 1 86 Harvey. Ceylon Brown ........ ...... 1 38 Hatchett. Charles Roe .... .....,... 1 50 Hays, Erle Milton .............. ................ 1 34 Hays, Wm. I-I. ................................,... 50 146 Hearne, John Clement ..46, 146, 194 248 Heathman, Wm. Edgar ..................,... 42 Hedges, Charles LeRoy ...... ......... 1 62 Helzer. Mary Ramsey ...... ,......... . .. 174 Helm, Thornton M. ........................ 164 199 Hennessey. Mathew Clark .................. 148 Hennessey, Thomas Rodger ............,... 148 Helvenston, Lyman ......,....,...,.............. 146 Herndon, Jess Moorman ............ 138 192 Herron. Lawrence Alan ........................ ,......,......120, 122, 144, 212 Heyser. Richard H. .............................. 194 Hleher, H. Jolm ...,.....,.............. 37, 156, 199 Hlcronymus. Joe Charles ......... ........... 1 48 Hlggason, Mary I. ................,............... 180 Hlll, Maurice A. ....... ....... 5 4 148 Hlllen. P. George ............ ............... 5 7, 164 Hilliard, Finch W. ....................... - ...... . 120, 122, 126, 138 Name Page No. Name Page No, Name Page Na, Hlllls, Margaret Jeannette Hllilhan, E. M. ...,...............-....... ......... . 148 History of Senior Class . ..................... 24 Hoernel, Elizabeth Tutt ...................... 186, 258, 261 Hoernel, Gillespie Ballou .....,......., 31, 148 Hoblltzell, Bruce ..................,,........ 148, 248 Holbert, Joseph Howard ........,........... 168 Holliday, Amanda Lee ...,.........V.......... 54 Hollingsworth, Manrlng S. ........ 126, 152 Holzclaw, Wllbert Wesley Holmes, Mildred Ruth .......,................ 172 Honey, Ray John .....,............................ 46 Hoover, Andrew .............,........ 31, 160, 248 Hoover, Wllla Belle ........................ 57, 203 Houllhan, Edward Thomas ...... ...... 1 52 Howard, Curtis W. ................... ...... 1 50 Howard, George Turner ...... 144 Howard, John Hamllton .,..... .......,.. 1 66 Howard. Paul Howell ......... ........ 5 8, 199 Howard, Wendell Ellhu ...............,...... 254 Howell, Carl Johnson .......,.,.,,.,........... 166 Howes, Alice Jane ,,,.,..,.. 31, 182, 207. 248 Howes, Mary Margaret ........ 31, 170, 207 Hubbard, E, E. ...................................,.... 166 Hubble, Wm. Field ..,.........,................. ............31, 128, 154, 201, 202, 206, 250 Hughes, Grace Virginia ..,.,................. 170 Humber, Wm. Richard ........ 120, 160, 205 Hume, Wm. ......,....,....,.,.,................, 142, 209 Humphreys, Edwin Ward .............. 46. 154 Humphreys, Margaret Bell Hunt, Ray McMillan ..,............ ...... 1 34 Hunt, Waller Bullock, Jr. .,,,.,..,,. 154 Hunter, Allen Wm. ............... ........ 4 6, 196 Hutley, Wm. Parker ...,.. . .......... 144 Husk, Wm. Leland ..... 46 I 'Illf1', Ramona M. ........ ..,..,,, 3 2, 25u In Memoriam ,,.....,.......,.,, .......... 1 4 Il1l113.I'l, Tellllye Rhea ., ISELBCS .. ..........,................... Jackson, H. S. ................... , Jacobs, James Chesney ...., Jacobs, Win. A. ......,...... . 172 164 54 144 144 James, Ernest Lee ,,,. ...,.,,. Jarman, Alice Joan ..........,...,. 54, 248, 258 132 Jefferson, Margaret Elizabeth .....,..,. 180 Jetlrles, James H. Jr. ,,..,........,,,,.......,. 166 Jennings, Floyd Elsworth ........ .,.... 1 56 Johnson, E. H. ,..,.,,.,,.....,.. .,,.,,, ' 46 Johnson, Louise ,.,..,..,..,..,.........,..,,.,..,,, 178 Johnson, Mary Christine .................,.. 130, 178, 204, 207, 248 Johnston, Claud .....,........,,.,,.,,...,,,.,,,,... 168 Johnston, Duke .......,. ...., ,,,,,.,,. . . .,.,.... . . 160, 194 202, 206, 248 Johnston, Sallie Chiles .,,,.,,,,.....,.,,. ,... 1 84 Jones, John Marshal .,....,,.,.,..,,,.,......... 154, 199, 248, 260 Jones, Ann .....................,..,,,....... 172, 203,207 Jones Elizabeth .....,..... ..,........,..... 1 82 Jones Katherine ..,.......,................, 130, 258 Jones Mabel Phoebe ............................ 180 Jolly, Wm. C. ........ 32, 128 156, 198, 202 Jones Dorothy L. .................. 32, 182, 248 Jones Sarah Lillian Junior Class .................. Justice, Merle .................. ...,,.....32, 203 68 203 K Kaempffe, Fred August ........................ 162 Kalkhoff, Amos W. ..,........,.....,............ 46 Kane, John Morris ........ 122, 126, 136, 196 Kappa Alpha ..................................... 146, 147 Kappa, Delta .......,..... .................... 1 82, 183 Kappa Kappa G8.l11l'I1B. Kappa Sigma ....,............... Karrlck, Roger Horace ..... Kastner, Charles R. ...... . Kay, Charles R. ........... . Kay, George Wm. ..,. . .......184. ......,148, n Karnes. Albert .........,............,,........,......, Kazanjlan, Bearj G. ..., 58, 162, 194, Keaflley, Robert DB.V1d ...................... Kee, Joseph Robert ........... Kentuckian Staff ,,.... ......., Keller, Wm. Edwin ..... Kelly, Charles D. ..,.. . Kell y, Wm. D. ..,..,.................,.. 47, 160 Kendall, Thomas R.. ........................... . Kenney, Martha Ellzab eth Kenney, Wm. .......................................... Kenney, Wm. B. ..... ,..... . 42, 154, 248, Kernel Staff ,..... ,....,........... .... ,,.. Key, Judlth ..,,.....,. Keys . Keyes, Howard G. ..,.......... Keyser, Jack E, ............,..... Kincaid, James Wheeler ..............,. 43 Klncheloe, John Allen ........................ Klncheloe, Nancy Edward .... 43, 180 King, Klng, King, King, Klng, Eugene E. ..........................,,.,..... . Margaret E. ......,...,.. . Alvln J. ...... . Ruth .....,,........ Wm. K. ..,............... . Klnkead, Shelby C. .,............. . Kipplng, Robert Klrtley ........ ,,.,,.. Klaren, Wm. D. .,...,......,.,... Klclser, Wm. D. ..................,,,..,. ....., . Kn1ght, Woodson .,.,...,........,...,,.,.......... Kobetitsch, Mathew August Koonz, Louis Joseph ,................ L Lacy, Helen Elizabeth ...,....,...,.,,.,.,,... Lall, Everett Current .......................... Lair, Harry Redmon .... 154, 194, 199, Lambda Chl Alpha ,..,.................... 150, Lamp and Cross ..............,............... ..... Lancaster, Marianna .......,.. 129, 170 Lances .......,.......,,.............,....,..,...........,,.... Lang, Allce Caskey ........,.. .......... 1 78 Langford, Audley Delbert ,,......,....... 47 Lathan, James Keith ........,.., ...,....... Lathram, Sallye F. ......... ............. . Layson, Nancy ................,.... ,.....,., 3 2 Laythan, Mary Hopper ......r. .......,... Layton, Sue ....................... ........ Lee, Polly .................................................. LeRoy, Ben C. ...................,........,......,... . 128, 168, 202, 206, Lestourgeon, John L. ............,............ . LeStourgeon, Margaret C. ,.........,, 33, Leet, Halbert ............,,,.........,..,........ 152 Lewis. Anna Mae ........,,.,...... ..,...,.... Lewis, Clyde Luther ..........,...,,..,........... Lewis, Martha Doyle .......,.,,.,.,...,,,,,..... Lewis, Nancy Duke .....,.. 33 LeVln, -Levln, Levy, Llgon Clarlce .,...... ..... Morris ...,...........,...., Hyman S. ........,.,..,, . , Amelia Katherine , 184, 200, Linder, Wayne Carr ........,. Linn, Mary Pearl .,,.,,....... Little, Joe W. ........,..... . Little, Ercel Bois ............... Longley, Frank Leon, Jr. Lovell, Charles B. ............... . Lowry, Wm. Louis ....... Lowry, Martha .................. Luckett, James Ernest .....,.,. Luckett, Joseph C. ...............,....... . ...ffffffliif 176, .58, 138, 120, Luenlng, Eugene Adams ........ ........... Lutes, Eugene Benton ........ 28:1 185 149 201 168 16N 154 51 198 156 142 120 154 150 250 142 176 32 254 122 176 208 136 142 140 138 258 32 172 164 174 146 154 164 47 146 160 138 58 170 260 205 151 202 258 205 250 140 47 54 178 180 172 178 250 152 182 260 178 148 252 204 33 47 43 182 168 178 108 254 160 156 152 250 199 138 146 144 Luther, Wllllam A. ..............,,,.,,,,,.....,, 126, 12a 150, Lyklns, Dorothy Wells . ..................... ,. Lyle, Ira Wm, .,..........,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Lyne, James Coleman .... 51, 120, Lyons, Malcolm Wm. ...,........ 43 M 128, 190, McAl1ster, Allie Bright .,.........,,,,....,,., McAllster, Margaret Elizabeth McBrayer, M. J, ...,,,.,,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,, A ,,,,,,,, McCammon, Donald Kellar ,,,......,. McCandIess. Frances ..........,,,.....,,,, 33, McCarroll, Dan Brown ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, McCauley, Charles Preston ,...,.....,,,.,, McClure, E. E. .,.,.....,, , McClain, Samuel Scott ....,... 43, 190, McConachla, Roy Lin ..... McCown, Henry Carman McCoy, Myrtle ........ ,.,,,,..,,,,, MCC05', Wm. Robert .......... ............120, McDonald, Allce Alena ....,,...,...,,,,, 33, McDonald, James Alrred McDowell, Robert Charles McElroy, Mary Ella .......,.. McGary, Alvin ................... McGlnety, Wm. E. ......... . McGinnis, Marianne ............. McGuire, Henry Sanders McGurk, Donald ,.., .,.....,...., ff"ffffffQfff55. McElroy, Otho R. ...........,... ....,,...,.,.. . McRoberts, James W. ,,.,, ...,,.,..,,., 199, McLeod, Margaret Wilson ........... Mcvay, Robert Wm. ........ . Magann, J. M. ......,,,.... , .. ........ 144, Maglll, W. L. ...,..,....................,........ ..,. . Maguire, Charles Hugh ....... . ....,,.....,,... ,................................... 33, 160, 201, Mahan, L. M. .................................. 1 ...... . Mahan, Mary Lou ..,.. .................... . .... Mahan, Nell ......... .......... 3 3, Mahan, Paris ...... ............ Mains, J. L. .,.... .......... 5 8, Maison, V1 ..........,.... .......... 3 3, Malasky, C. W. ...... .......,... . Manly, D. M. ..,..,.... .,,.,.. . Manly, Sam .,................. ..... Mansfield, Paul H. ....... ....... . Maple, Naomi G. ......, .......,... . Marquis, J. F. ......... ........ 1 58, Marsh, C. E. ............ ..............-...... - Marshall, J. W. ...... ......-- 5 8. 140, Martin, A. Y. ...... ......,......,.... . Martin, B. R. ....... ,-..---- 5 4, 126, Martin, D. L. ...... ----------,---'--- - Martin, D. M. ....... ......--,.-,. - - Martin, Joseph D. .... ,------ 5 4. Mason, C. T. ............ ------- - Mathews, J. A. Mattingly, H. A. Mattox, E. R. .... . Maupin, A. E. ..... . Maxson, C. R.. Mayes, Ruth ............ Meadows, R. L. .,.,. . Mellor, Wm. .................. . .....,....54, Men's Pan Hellenic ........... .... - ......... Men's Student Council ...... .,...... 1 21, Meredith, W. R. ..,............ ........ 1 34, Merrell, E. B. ....... . ............. . Metcalfe, R. B. ..... .......... 4 7. Metz, E . . ............... -.-..---. - -- Mlddleton, E. L. .......,. . Miles, L. G. ......,................ . Military Department ...... Miller, A. 0. ............. .--- - Miller, Edna ..,. ..--- Miller, F. P. ..... ---- - Mlller, G. R. ..... ..........-...---- - Miller, J. W. ........ ......................... - Milliken, S. E. .... ......... 1 58, 190, 212 170 136 160 254 184 184 47 136 184 154 166 132 254 142 160 132 142 207 154 184 184 158 166 54 186 136 54 250 33 199 160 132 211 158 186 186 144 158 176 164 164 136 160 54 199 132 199 160 160 186 170 136 156 203 148 152 55 160 182 148 158 128 126 192 178 164 170 33 154 113 144 55 176 162 136 250 Name Page No, Name Page No. Name Page No 48 Mllls, J. H. ............. ........ 3 4, 144, Mllward, Stanley .........................,.... 55, Miner, H. M. ....,.....l...................,..,....YY. . 144, 201, 205', 206, Mlnter, Flossle ........................................ Minor, Phllllp M. ...................l....--....-,. . Mitchell, L. I-I. ..V..... Mltchell, Marjorie Monohan, C. O. .....,...... --,-- . Montague, Elizabeth ..... ...... Monroe, M. J. .............. .... . Montgomery, E. H. .... ........ . Montgomery, J. R. ..... ....... 5 8 Montgomery, Nell ........ ......... Money, R. H. ............. .... . Moody, V. C. ........,. . Moore, C. C. ..,. Moore, C. S. ....... ........ 1 44 Moore, Th0l1'1B.S ..... Moores, Laura ............ .....-- 4 3 Moorman, R. L. ...... ....... 4 7 Moreland, R. O. ..... ......-. . Morgan, Lillian ....... ............ Morgan, Wm. S. ...... ------- 3 4 Morrison, H. G. ..... ........ . Morsch, G. H. ...... .... . Mortar Board ............ ...... Moss, Nancy Bell ...... ......... Moyer, Helen ............ ....... 3 4 Mumford. John P. ...... ....-... . Murphy, M. C. ........... ...-.-.- - -- Murphy, O. B. ...... ........ 1 38 Musselman, S. F. ..... --.----- - Myrlc, K. E. .............. ------ N Nagel, R. H. .....,............ ......... Nash, Mary Moore ......... ....... 3 4, Nathason, Jules Louis ...... ....... 3 4 Neal, Lois E. ..................... ........... . Neal, M. E. ..................... ........ 2 10 Nelser, R. W. ...... ....... , Nelsor1, E. E. .... .... . Nelson, Mllly ....,. ..... Nesbitt, Lynn ...... ................... Neuman, E. ............. .....................- . v 256 Nevins, Vlrglnla ......, Newll11, Annette ...... Newman, Charles L. Noel, E. Carlyle ....... ........34, 204 Noolau, H. F. ........................................ . Noonan, John S. ................... 48, 166, Norwood Mining and Metalurgy So- clety ... ................................. ....... . ...--.-. Norman, L. .......... .... - Normar, M. 1. .... .... . Nugent, V. T. ............. .--.- O O'Bryant, Jerrold D. ..,.. ....... 3 5, Ochs, J. E. ,........,................. ........ . Officers of Senlor Class ...................... orrutt, Mollle Mack ..,........................... 35, 170, 204, 207, Olrutt, P. E. ........................................... . Otrutte, Sam T. ................................... . Ohr, Joe ............ ..... Olsen, M. P. ........ .... . Omer, R. B. .................. .... . Omega Beta Phi .............. ..... Omlcron Delta Kappa .,..,.. ............ 01-em, Phlllip H. ............... ..,.... 3 5, 0'Roark, Joe .................. ......... P Pack, Kermit A. ..., .. ....... 35, Palmer, J. D. ........ . Pardue, J. W. .... .,.. . Parker, O. O. ...... .-.. - Parris, A. K. .... .... . Pate, Mlna ...... ------ Pate, R. W. 248 164 248 34 58 174 176 166 186 186 34 108 184 47 178 58 260 34 210 166 156 34 158 178 138 204 184 172 150 148 201 168 174 144 176 203 186 257 152 156 55 34 158 213 184 47 47 182 202 154 172 156 138 172 23 252 170 43 150 174 152 20 1 206 192 168 142 152 156 148 146 184 144 Pate, Paul S. ..., Payne, P. M. Peak, G. W. ..... . Pearce, W. P. ....... , Penn, J. B. ............... Pennington, B. A. ...... . Perkins, Bonnie Lee ...... Pershing Rifles ..... . ...... . Perry, J. I. ...................... .- Perry, Morgan Bryan Peterman, B. ................---- Pettus, H. H. .............. . Peyton, D. F. .... . Pharls, Alberta ...... Phelps, Lucllle ....., Phl Phl Beta .............. Delta Phl ........... 170 138 166 152 184 35 214 164 ........43, 164 172 192 144 186 55 .. 207 209 pm Delta Theta ...... ......---. 1 54. 155 P111 Mu Alpha ...... .....-.------- 2 11 Phl Kappa Tau .........- -------- 1 55- 157 pm sigma Kappa ......... ------ 1 58. 159 Phi Upsllon Omlcron .......... 210 Phipps, T, E. ..,.,.............. ------ 1 60. 209 Pl Kappa Alpha ........ Plckard, James E. .... . Pickens, G. H. ...... . Piercy, Paul ............. Plgue, Velmer W. Plnney, Marlon .. ..........152, 153 164 146 48 172 Pltmn Club ................... ...------- 2 61 Pltzer, Guinevere .....- ------'- 3 5- 172 Poague, H. W. ..-..-------.------ -------'------------- 1 52 Poole, Mary Elizabeth -------------------------- ,,,m,,,,,,.,z0, 35, 174, 204, 207. 250. 252 Porter, Robert E- -----'-'---------'----- -------'--- - 128, 148, 202, 250 Posey, Thomas H. ------------ ----4----------- 4 81 156 Powell, J. L. ...........-- ---------- 1 62. 260 Potvell, M. K. .....,. . President McVey ..... Preston, Lucllle ....... Preston, Wm. O. .... . Prcwltt, Betsy ......... Prilrble, H. H. - -------.------- .- Prltchette, Davld H. Prlce, H. M. ....-.---- ------ - Prlce, J. B. ,.... Prlce, M. E. Price, O. J. ........ . Pllgh, T1'8.V1B B, ... Pulliam, V. L. ..... . Purnell, S. B. ........------ - Quisenberry, Henry Allan 170 11 ........35, 186 ........35, 150 ........ . 172 ..........138, 208 ........48, 156 186 144 ..........186, 250 132 ........35, 192 178 252 43, 126,132 Quisenberry, T. M. ---------- ---------- - -- 132 R Ragland, Elizabeth M. ...........----------- -- 35 Randolph, Lllllan ..........,... Ratcllll, R. E. -.--------- - 55, 186, 207 168 Ratcllff, R. H. ........-..-- ----.- 1 68 Ralllns, Vlvlan Mae .......-----.- .-.--.-------- - - 36 Ray. Arva ---------------------- ----.-------..--- -------f- 1 7 6 Ray, Caroline .... ....... 3 6, 129. 130. 176 Razor, A. C. ....-------- - --------------- ----- 1 82- Read, I. H. ...--------- ------- ---------- ---- '-'- ----- - Reddlng, Hennetta ........ Redmon, J. J. .............. . 210 160 ......,.36, 180 154 Reed, R. S. ........------- -'----------- 1 90 Rees, S. D. .....- ------- ---------4 1 5 6' 208 Reeves, Emily -------- ------------- 1 84 Regensteln, M. ....-- -'-------- 1 76 Rentz, M. E. .............-------- ---------------'- 1 72 Respess, J. B. ..............----.------- ----.----------- 1 50 Reynolds, Edythe Loulse ...... 36, 176, 204 Reynolds, N. ...........-----------.---- -----------.--- 1 73 Reynolds, Robert W. ............ 36. 142. 202 Rueter, R. P. .......----------- -------------------- 1 36 Rooter. Jane L. ........ . Richardson, Wm. P. Rlce, P. G. .................. - Rite, Sarah E. ...... 282 38 142 36 Rifle Team 1R.0.T.C.l Rlfle Team lvarsltyp Rlley, E. T. ................ . Rlley, R. S. ...... . Riley, T. W. .... . Rlley, V. E. .......... . Roads, Frances ........ Robbln, Louls R. Robbins, Earl G. ..... . Roberts, George ...... Robey, Jack ......,.....,,,,,.., ,..,,., 3 6, 154 Robertson, M. L. ..........., ....,,,,,,,,,,,, , Robertson, Stanley H. Robinson, Frelda R. .............. ,..... ...,...,. , Robinson, L. ....,.,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 27, 170 Robinson, S. A. ...,. . Robinson, W. R. Rodgers, S. F. .... . Rogers, C. P. Rogers, 1.1011 B. ...... . Rogers , Rosena ..... ROQEFS, J. V. ......... Rogers, R. R. ...... . Root, Delroy ...... Root, Dorothy ..... Ropke, T. J. ...,....... , Rosa, Leo .,..,.,,,..,.,. ,,,,,,, Rosenburg, Edward .... Rosenburg, N. R. ..... . Ross, A. M. ............. . Ross, Harold W. Rowbotham, L. M. Rothwell, H. E. ......,, Rolland, J. L. ..,........., , Rudolph, Robert Lynn Rue, E. W. ...............,.,. , Rue, F. F. ............ ...... , Rupert, J. F. Rupler, A. H. Russell, J. D. .... ...... . S Salyer, J. M. ........... . fff.fft.i ..,....36, 144, .......36, 174, ..,QfffQE7. "fff,,.ffff.Ii1'fA'II16. Salyers, J. R. .. ..,........,..,..,....,........ . 148, Salyers, Mary Alice ............................. 122, Sampson, Sampson, Sanders. Sandusky, Saunders, Bentley .......................... Paul L. ....................... ..... ..... . Charles ...... Effie ,....,. Joe ..,..,...... Saunders, Mary W. ....... ......... 5 6, Saunders, Schenock, W. H. ..... . R. H. ........... ...... . Schuermeyer, Carlyle ..... ............. Schuler, Marlon E. ..... ......... 3 7, schott, E. L. ................ ............... 2 ,i Scoggan, Flora M. .... ....... 5 6, 186, Scott, C. L. .............. ............. . Scott, E. S. ........... ....... . Scott, Frank E. ...... ...... . Scott F. L. .............. ...... . Scott Harry K. ...... ...... . Scott. R. D. ........... ------ - Scudder, J. N. .,... ....... . Scebold, R. J. .... .................................. . Senior Class . ........................................... . Shafer, Wm. A. .... 37, 122, 138, 212, Shaffer, V. R. ......... .... . Sharp, Osborne K. .... 48, 168, 194, Shearer, G. J. . .............. .. Shedd, H. M. ........... . Shelby, Laura ............. Sheridan, Mary E. .... . Sheriff, C. ................... . Shlpe, Robert ........,...... Shlpley, Allen Gross .. Shipley, Lizzie M. Shipman, Z. G. Shlvely, M. V. .... . Shorter, Noel V. .... . Shropshire, Anne ....... Shropshire, L. N. .... . fflfffffiiil . ......... 37 . .......... 37 .........129, 182 """'ffffffffffE6 182, 204, 207, 160, 1 1 163 Name Page Weddle, R.. H. ....,.,.....,,.. ..,,,...,,..,,,. . Weedon. Georgiana E. .,....,,,.,.,..,..,..., . Wehle, Ruth D. ....,............,..., 172, 207, Weill, Josephine F. ..,. .............,. 3 9, Weinman, Glen F. ..... ,........ 5 9, 136, Welch, R.. E. ........,, ...,......... . .. Welch, S. E. ....... ...,. . Wert, B. M. .,,...... ..,,.,... . Wert, Jack ................. Westerneld, L. H. Wheatley, J. G. ..., . Wheeler, Alice J. Wheeler, R.. L. ........... . Wl1ee1er. Sarah J. ...,.,... . Whltaker, Charlie A. ..... . Whitaker, Carrie L. .,,,,.,... . Whitaker, Mannon W. ,,,, . ........59, fffflffflfiiiiil . ,..,.., 44, White, Justine ,........,...,,.,.., ....,...., Whitehead, Vlrglnla .. ........ ...39, Whitehouse, Sue ......... ' .................,.. Whltlow, George W. ............ 56. 128, Whltsltt, D. D. ..,.....,., ............ .... . Wlemann, Henry J. .... ......,, 3 9, Wiemann, M. A. ...... ,,...,,,. . Wlest, M. S. ........ .. Wlgglnton, W. J. ,..... ...... Wllhoit, H. R. ...,.... ..... . Williams, Dorothy ...,, ...... Williams, E. F. . .... .... . . Williams, H. N. ...... ......... . Williams, John S. ..,,.. . ,...... 40. Willis, Earle .......... .. Wlllis, R. S. Wilson, E. J. ,.... ..,.. . Wilson, G. S. ............ Wilson. H. A. ............. . ..... Wilson, James W. ....... .....------Y - Wllson, M. R. ........... .......... I 42. Wilson, P. C. ............ ........ .......... ........ . Wineland. W. C. ......... ....... . .. ......... Wlse, Robert A. .............. 39, 138, 192, Wlse, M. B. ................ .... ..................-.. . Wltworth. M. L. ...,.... . Wolfe, W. Lawrence ...... Wolff, Walter L. ...,.... . .. .... ....49, Wood, L. C. ..............................---....-....- , Women's Athletic Assoclatxon ........ Women's Pan Hellenic ........................ Women's Self Government Association ........................... ...... Woods, Paul H. ..................... .- Woods, R. P. ................. - Worth, John .......... ........ .....----. Worthington, A. M. ....... ........... . Worthington, F. F. .... .......... 1 01. Wright, Ben B. ....... . Wunch, H. L. . .... .......... . Y Yagcr, G. J. ....... .. Name Page No. Name Page No, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ...... 160 161 Thompson, A. M. ...,.. ,. .. 166 Sigma Beta X1 . .......... ....... 1 62 163 'I'l1ompson, C. R.. ,,,.,,,,....,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 176 Sigma Chl ........... ....... ........ 1 6 4 165 Thompson, Louise R, ,..,,, 38 120, 122,252 Sigma Delta Chl ........ ..... ..... 2 1 2 Thorn, J. M, ,,....,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 144 Sigma Nu' ................. ....... 1 66 167 Thorn, W. T. ..,..,,,,.,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 144 Skinner, A. ........... ........ 1 851 Threlkelcl, Mary Allison ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, 38 Skinner, G. T. ..... ....... . .......... 1 44 Thurman, Homer C. ,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 59 Smathusm, J. B. .. ................. 132 Tueche. Kayle C. ,.,.........,,,,,,,, 49, 1213, 162 Smith, C. R.. ...... ...... 1 22, 144 198 Todd, James Paul ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 5 9, 153, 199 Smlth, D. H. .... ..................... 1 '72 Toohey, R. J. .....,,, ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 52 Smlth, D. V. ........... .................... ..... 1 82 Traband, Lucille ,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , 59 Smith, Eleanor ...................................... Treabess, Evelyn H. ,,,. .,,..,..,,..,.,. 1 751 122, 170, 204, 212. 2581 Triangle ,,,,..,.,163, 169 Smith, Helen C. ............... ........ 3 7. 186. 207 Trigg. R. S. ............. ..,.....,,,, 1 32 Smith, Harry Roman ...... 48, 168, 194,196 Tucker, Chas. E. ..... ......... 3 8 Smith, Katherine L. .............. 38. 129. 184 Tucker, Elan B. ,,,,.....,....,..,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,. 38 Smith, L. G. .... ......... ..............l.. . - 180 Tucker, Robert G. ,.,..,.,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,, snntn, Miriam ........ ....'... . .. 180 ..,,...,.....,,,.,,,,...,,,,,, 49, 164, 196, 202, 206 Smith, M. L. ....... ....... 1 84 Tudor, Gayle ,,,,,,. .,..,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,,,, 1 6 2 Smith, R. R. ............. ....... 1 66 Trumbo, Sarah E, ,,,, ,,,,,,, 4 4, 170 Smith, Wm. Roy ........ .......... 4 9 Turner, Phoebe L, ...,, ,,,,,,,., 1 76 Smoot, Harry F. .... ......... 4 4 132 Twaddell, F, E, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 5 9 Smoot, Kathryn .............. 174 Tye, G, L. ,.,,..,,,,1,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, , , 160 Snapshots ................1....... ......... 9 5 112 Tyler, Wm, Lee ,,.,.,,...,,,.,,, ,,,,,,, 3 9, 142 Snowden. E. ......................... ...... . .. 178 Van Arsdale, Elizabeth ..... ....... . . 39 Snyder. George Perry ....... ......... 5 9 140 Soaper, S. S. ....... .......... ....... 1 26 160 U Sophomore Class .......... ......... 6 J '76 Sparks, Orma G. ...... ..---.-- 3 3 . sparks, Rl A. 168 Unruh, Carol E. .......... ..,, 39 Spaulding, C. M. .... .-.--.--.-- 1 66 Spencer, G. M. .... . ........ ....... 1 22. 158 V Sponsors ...., ....................... . .......... 1 17 Stamper, James Harry .... .. 51 Vance' H' S' ""' """"" ' 164 Stanley, M, E, ....,.,..,.,............... ,........ 1 82 v6'ndervoort" D' S' """ '-"' 1 64 Stanley, M. S. --.v'------------ 44,------------,- , W 146 Van Meter. Logan .......... .... . 172 stapleron. Ben c. ......,... 59 162, 198 199 Vmmoy- James Ralph 150 Starks, James C. .................................. 49 Varne' H' D' """""' """" ""' 1 4 6 stark, Rl J. ww,Y.4,,,4A-,,, AL ----- 122, 144 201 ViU'UU1'1 Julian ------------ -------- ---.-- - - 56 Steele, Drewsllla ........ ..................... 1 76 Vaughn' J' H' """"""' """""""""' 1 84 Steele, J- WI --.--Y,---,-- ---------"'-,-w-- 1 46 Vaughan, Luther M. .............. 39, 138, 201 Steele, G. C. ,Y ,--'.---- --'w-,ww,-AA - 160 Venable, Keith S. ....... ............ . .-14, 190 Steely, Francis Jo . .... ......... 3 8. 186 Venn' -101111 A' """"" """"-' 6 9 156 Steely, H. C. .... .......... 160 VGSD, Walter D. ,..,. .,,. 5 1 126, 209 Stephens, A. R. ....... . ...... 144 Vice' Carolyn F' """""" 170 Stephens, C. L. ..... .............. ---.-. 1 6 6 Yictor' J' S' """" """"'--' 1 66 Stephens, Joseph Bruce .. ., 44 unsonf J- R- -'--'--- 160 Stevens, J. D. ............ ......... ........ 1 5 8 Vinson' R' M' """' ' ' 166 Stevenson, J. M- ,,---- 144 Voelcker, D. R. ..... 168 Stewart, Carolyn ...... .................. 1 80 Vogel- G' W' """ ""' 1 36 Stewart, Chas, T, ,,,,,, ,............,,.... 3 8 Vogel' Kathryn -'---'------ ""' 5 9 Stewart, George T. .......... 136, 199 205 ' Stewart, Manllus R. ....... ...................... 4 9 W Stone, Chas. Frank, III .. ................. .. 120. 122, 160 194, 198 248 Wachs, Marvin C. 122 Stovall, J. W. ....... ..,. .... ............ ........... 1 6 2 W addle, Nancy Alice ...... ..... 8 9 Strode, Ernest C. ..,,............... . .......... 38 154 Wagner, T. C. .............. 168 Strollers .,.,... .............. .... . . 248 249 Walker, H. R. ........... ..... 1 48 Str-other, Dorothy ...... .......... 4 4 Walker, Jane 0. .............. ..... 1 76 struble, C. H. ...... . . ........... 156 Walker, S. M. .................. .. 178 SuKy ,........,......, ...... . ..... 2 50. 251 Wallace, Jllnmle Ecllth ...... .,... 5 6 Stuart, W. W. .- --1.--.. 134 Walsh, F. P. ......................... 174 Swartz, H. R. . ...-. 134 260 Walters, S. ............ 176 Sydnor, M. A. ............ .------.--. 1 84 Walton. E. W. .... ..... 1 32 Warcier, A. D. ...,....... ..... 1 34 'I' Ware, J. C. ....................... ..... 1 46 Ware, Lucy Ferguson ...,.,. ..... 1 76 Tait, H. E. ..... .. ....... ........ 1 40 Ware, Sarah ...........,........, ....,.... 1 84 Tertar, M. J. .... ....... 1 80 Warren, Hubert ........ ......, 3 9, 201 Taylor, A. T. ....... ...... .... 1 5 4 Warren, L. B. ....... ......... 1 72 Taylor, B. F. ......... . ....... 120 160 Wash, Morris ............. ................ 1 36 Taylor, Emogene ........... ............... 4 4 Watson, Kathryne ................................ 56 Tebbs, Theo ........................ ......... 3 8 184 Watts, John H. ........................ 39, 136, 212 Teegarden, Dorothy M. .. ........... 186 Weathers, Elizabeth Ann .............. 39, 178 Templln, Henry James ..... ......... 5 0 134 Weaver, E. S. .............................,............ 166 Terrell. Mary Carolyn ...... ..........1 1 82 Weaver, M. A. ....... ...... 1 70 Terry, Joe .......................... . ...... 132 Weaver, M. V. 182 Thrls, H. G. ................... 156 Webb, D. J. ...... 156 Theta. Sigma Phi .... ........ 2 13 Webb, J. C. ...... ..... . .. 172 Thomas. C. H. ........ ........ 1 48 Webb, M. M. ........ .... ....... 1 6 6 Thomas, H. L. ..... .....-.- 1 64 Webb, Wm. L. ...... ......... 1 60, 192 283 Yancy, J. H. ........ . Yankey, W. R. ................................. .... . Yeager, Clarence ................ .... . .... 126, 112, 186.194, Yelton, Mary Lou .................................. Yocum, Mollie J. ........... ..................... . Yoder, Carol L. ............ .... .... . Young, Mary Frances ..... ........ 3 9, Young Men's Christian ASSOC1B.t101'1 ....................... .........259, Young, Vlrglnla ............. 39, 120, 182, Young, V. K. ......................................... . Young Women's Christian Association ................................ 257, Yonkin, Ernest ............. .............. Z Zimmerman, S. R. .... . Zeta Tau Alpha ....... NO. 164 172 248 178 194 156 168 156 156 49 148 39 205 172 49 56 49 178 172 178 158 178 136 180 178 134 146 184 162 162 142 154 184 152 136 166 168 198 150 134 201 186 172 59 168 132 252 129 130 168 160 146 170 194 150 182 134 136 248 39 176 49 178 160 248 178 258 142 172 .,.,.,..186.187 .A1ITHQ1'EI.1J115 Pt1iTIIQ1'EI1Jl1H A1ITULI1'EI1Tl1H Autugraplm l 1 1 S X I X W VvVV Q 1 E f

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