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 - Class of 1912

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v-Y V -Y v- f7 1 -Q :mi " , , g. iwwll , 1. W -a KL ilu H B fl l l il lar. -f :ij ll l ll L ll L3 ll l ll will U l l J l h sz-mam-wv mx-efvnas V - V-rm. 9 fe JLu3W M?JllllLJElllm'Wril3 "W, ?""'U",m lB .4.i:'2IN'5JlQ'421iZ'.NSaQS-l'ls ..4- -ai-1.4-. ..,vv,I1.a'.,s.Ql- Kentuclcyl What a thrill of love thou bringst Each loyal son and daughter in thy realm! No other name than thine can give us strength To face our foes and leave them in defeat. United by our mutual pride in thee, Come what will to face us in life's path, Kentucky, know that we shall strive to be 1 n all things what thou'st' taught us to he right And as we go from thee into the world Now bless us with thy choicest gift of light. ,,. ,.. ,.,...- ,,, . . - w..,-, . ,. . , . ,..',.,..f,a ,, . A .,r..m .,.... ,..-ac.,-s H EUC ,. -lg H ' Lsaxg .-1. -,-: f-fa: -,J-L W W I inf! L: :fum U L3 L W LMA! 2ff'r1Q 1 :sz- I R 1 LV X ,UWM H P 0 2 WM 4 cg' Y Mx. , w I' I l uw we ., M' If +1 ui' sf WWW : l,0'5w11 . t , , 1M NI NW ly 'fo kglM f?i My " k 'M M f rw .Mmmw gf' Wm, M mi M LQ "W w fff ww ,+ fi lf H 4 W ' www fa an '01 IM Wx ',., It ff "" n Mhlllflf! '."I'mvII -j dl , W f' 011' fm li ' . 1' ml J! f W J a W ar wx V ' lm My W W W xknfw f 1 1,1 y W ww IW f MW V f" , nM' u WAT M' ' I f I jj l ly l z M V f ui. W i Q .M J ffX'f1r,f.V w.,' M ww V -V H an .i.--..,-- M Us ,AV.- V 1 'W ,,, , .. ,.., ,.,,, .,,..,, , , My .v,. u 553 M E N E A N 9533 W 22 'T L...a bi 2:51:51--' '-xay-'za I 4 l x i F n 1 J 2 ' 4. :LH M.W1.WM.g,m,4esunuuuvslzt':swM1-.W ,.-, ,gm -'Dm A - E-Qi V -I 'V W my A M 5 hzvwxmp-'WM-AL-g,,, , ,.,. ,Jag 'UW:gW57-A' ,:1::::4,:' furzzusvvszztfffffwff""11fx'3:"LIL2Lf1"""!"'! ' 1' - KENTUCKIAN '47-'55 32. guy 10. jsayyuh, G Soya! and a gdcncl tl! U SPAM- 4942.9l1Azcar.54h IKM Lcgaaa 1. I 8 KENTUCKIAN in if NINE :-:atm TWELVE Table of Contents Greetings The Staff The Faculty - Trustees - Alumni Association The Classes - Athletics Military Fraternities Societies Clubs - Miscellaneous - 4 5 6 ll I8 2I 23 I I I l63 I7I 227 245 277-349 M , , : 1 vffwv :an-xasnaanazs-mfg!-wrxs.v.::4'w-few - L f: t l i n , . A -W it -. ,. , , is Greetings from the Staff iL OUR YEARS, crowded full with many If battles--some of disastrous outcome ancl others from which the class of nineteen twelve emerged triumphant-have quickly sped since first we joined the ranks of Kentucky -Ti-1 StateiUniversity. And now it is with no un- pleasant memories to mar the few remaining days of our col- lege life that we offer to the faculty and students this book- the fruits of many weeks of earnest and faithful effort--as an enduring token of our love, loyalty and esteem. i i f 5 wi- Wm. ,- ' up 5 , ., 1 9 'T y -'strains H s V . 1 Si , , 2. . a mu.:-.-M-. ,ng ..::.a.a.1Q.q.:.rssa:ax:1. f H - 'Q I - K E:N"I-L.Ic K IAN H,5gi iNINETEEN TWELVE Editorial Staff R. W. TINSLEY ........ M. M. HARRISON ...... .....-...p MIss ADDIE: LI.-:E DEAN ...... MIss VIRGINIA MCCLURE .-.-. D. W. HART ............. J. I. MILLER ........... W. H. TowNsIzND.q. . . W. S. TAYLOR ....... J. D. MCMURTREY ..... W. H. JAEGLE ..... 4-ua..-.-. Editor-in-Chief . . . .Art Editor Associate , Editor Associate Editor Associate- Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor 7 "" - Y... H-.- , . , , 1, 'Wx 'fm' f'4""N' . , N ' ,.,.-puwzq-.zzz-wrm,w.zweev,m--swnwmsuvwfvvm-mmummm-nalrrmmwwmumsaraxf .' - ,g UQ rffwfzyzaxrmamrwzsm' Q... f v w:Sr:"vfm.vmnlsw m fam? mf" 2' 22 -,r 'WL' 'UK H WN H - A A1 ' 2.512-"1 -wi , W few ,z ,pi 1 'ei in MH .ima-M L4 ' -f' Q Kg,---',' 'lfkmgi 'ug - AW-""o. , l"fl"1 ' A l'm.,1-'-I NM If , ATI I In ig . ' " '1 Pnl ' -.v-o-vsv-rnsu- . 'ansncr.11'm2".1m:v'ss1':z14. .rn-crm --umm-nw ., . " r':v-rm-1x:"'."' ' ' K' 4ff3iwi'1L" . K .- ' L':"', ..::s.:, Wg, : - . , 'CJ M " V m:a.w1u:4.u:14.m.1gL.u,,"Hf f w-www-fy Mw::x.w'::11wfK:Ff' ' ,flwwggsgggyz-ggfrmm iiKfIah!Nu3NMM'l'l!lBJllWWWv' - I E E v M I ' M12 'JYHHNmM?!VNiWM WWMWWWRLWUW A 5 at' 4 as l 1' my wmmwwmmmuamwmwm Y- ,MHS Rf. , , , , N , .mwmmmmw K ENITLJQKIAIN q .,- I NINETEEN TWELVE - Business Staff ' R. L. JONES ...... J. B. THOMAS. .. I-I. B. ASHOEMAKER. . W. D. BARROWS.. H. F. MCKENNEY O. W. HOLLAR. . . W. S. T1-lnssmc. .... N. W. UTLEY, JR.. . I-I. I... NAGEL .... ...- --' ... ..-.. . . . . . . . . . .Business Manager . .Assistant -Business Manager . .Assistant Business Manager . . . . . . . .Advertising Manager Assistant Advertising Manager . . . .Assistant Advertising Manager . . . . . . .Subscription Manager . . . . .Assistant Subseription Manager J. DU P. OSTHUIZEN .... . . . . .Assistant Subscription Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . .Photographer 9 I ,..-..,..,, :Wi ,, ,nm ,.-.,.M ,,......?QfxfM er-wg ,V1' t M-1nnunnnv::.:,.- m,i..e1,xsrTf,pv.:annnunfv -Y tm M, Qam A my .,,., V , AI: 4. 1-fa 'f" , N I N E UWM E W 'lim Eljfjivhlysixlylli 'QL M rms C21 n:mvwr'xa:-'iwnvam .MQ Lmg.1r,w':m:f': n::.:4., 'Ke,f Ina. 1' ,, f' .r-,, , J,AJumugffylnzrmurmwmmrxweJ+wmxw:w:sw "W 135.94 H rngwl N ' ' A Q t W' V V V V- H H Mu E Mn AWw: Md,wAm67 'J I0 V1-M-1.Af'-:fs4mU:m:::r":r:a:zrr:':.:-xmmt,'rLL"r:Uw:m'x:::rx2za:sr.,,"umz9:11s.':1:w' N M , M-.,,,,I ,,, , ,, "M . Q. . . ,. . , . ra J " ll ' L wk ' , ,Y A . E 'A 'use--2 ---- 1 ,mf '14 ' I:Lw:uf,f,.w21z..4:,wJM.:,:mm:mwmnM '-rW-M -A ilk , , F 'I' . - - B M 1 VAA, I V A 0 i pyyx pf-M-117, it ,A K ,,,,,,.., ,,,,... ,.,. , ..,,,..,....-,,,,,., I. .... .......-- ,,-'v--.-. --.-A-N -.-- -M-rf-vrxm.1:'m3 P1 H - H- -L rf fi if ,, V. . - - ff I , 7-r jg w 1 u ys Wfl,!12.7 E mg J., Q yivwjx AL ML5 Z .wylfq 11:57. ii jyfl H H4 U V' 1 . A , ,,l F4 Ffh 3 ' LK f- 1 A"'w.,,f 1 'gf ' ' ' " " ' , ,J WU. I --,mv 'Q , .k:,,.,,,.,-nmwuumxu--p.mnpa:1aJnve.f:,un.S H-UML x. 'WJ' ..L:.,.f:,,4..w-f.H .f.......,.. .. .... ,, FACULTY IN I 885 V , -......,, -,- 1- Y- - , ..,,. , . ,.-.. -, . . ,,,, , , , V , ,.,.,....., .U-V... V :vs .w . - '- 1, k- r'x'm:zx.:.- L .ff .-.-,, .. ,,....x,.- .,..... 4 -- . V , 4, 1 " ' E' 5 1 ' A ,uxum ,W A W--W--fc-wr-"r-xvu1':::f.':'f:'r-1 r" ""' " - - - 1 f-N fx rv J ' ' , -,A f Sw X if X Wx .. 4 , h ,- 4. - F - K , FACULTY IN I9 I 2 13 YK J, . .. .. ' K H M U C Ki 'AN .3 , I Nl . E HENRY S. BARKER. JAMES G. WHITE. . . COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES. ARTHUR M. MILLER, A. M., Dean of Arts and Sciences. JAMES G. WHITE, A. M., Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy. A JOSEPH WILLIAM PRYOR, M. D.. Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. MERRY LEWIS PENCE, M. S., V Professor of Physics. ALEXANDER ST. CLAIR MAcKENzIE, A. M., LL. D., F. Professor of English and Comparative Literature. JOHN J. TIGERT, M. A. COxonJ. Professor of Philosophy and Education. H The Faculty .President of the University Vice President ALFRED CHAs. ZEMBROD, A. M., Professor of French ancl German. JAMES EDWARD TUTHILL, Ph. D., Professor of History, Economics and Political Science. FRANKLIN ELLIOTT TUTTLE, A. M., Ph. D., Professor in Chemistry. THEODORE TOLMAN JONES, A. M., Professor of Latin. GLANVILLE TERRELI., Ph. D., R- S. L.. JAMES THos. COTTON NOE, A. M Professor of Greek. Professor of Education. RALPH NELSON MAXON, Ph. D., 14 Professor of Inorganic Chemistry. '9 m,.,, ., ,www . " 1' ' 'ffl Y-'3.t5 l'2RSt12E1Y!SW1: libLi!lXl4TJub?ZJ'ma.1-11125E.LtZ.2iZ'l,QL1'1'!KJ.JZ1,, EWU 'Mi H I sv:'r'rm:uue4I'I2::L:x:r:'.'m. I - N M 4, H H 1 I V I A g , . . ,. ifrrzrzxvwvwfmxrrrxtavwxummsvwfvxr-r:v--My-if-A,..,....,..-. .. ,WN , K1 7 W WWW M N I stag, I:-T . 1 ' ' ,, fs f, if sz. "m"f A . " H It ,- - si, ,f ffiff W WSW KE Q K llxlxl A EIRE INI '11 -11-.I I 1. V7 2,122 I 7 - - .... . .. . . . . ' f ,,,., ..s:.::. ..xn:s::s::.L1,.::w:m 'W' I HARRISON GARMAN, ' Professor of Zoology and Entomology. COLUMBUS RUDOLPH MELCHER, A. M., Associate Professor of French and German. JOSEPH MORTON DAVIS, A., M., Associate Professor of Mathematics. WILLIAM SNIDER WEBB, M. S., Assistant Professor of Physics. ANNA J. HAMILTON. ' Associate Professor of English. ELIZABETH SHELBY KINKEAD, Lecturer in English. AUBYN CHINN, A. B., Director of Home Economics. SUE DOBYNS MCCANN, M. S., Assistant in Entomology ancl Zoology. MARY LEGRAND DIDLAKE, M. S., Assistant in Entomology, Botany and Bacteriology. EDWARD FRANKLIN FARQUAHAR, A. M., Assistant Professor of English. ELIZA LATHAM REESE, C. E., Assistant in Mathematics. LLOYD CADIE DANIELS, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. HAROLD HARDESTY DOWNING, B. C. E., Assistant in Mathematics. ROBERT HOOVER SPAHR, B. S., Assistant in Physics. KNOX JAMISON, A. M., Assistant Professor of History. H. RI. NISWONGER, A. M., Assistant Professor of Entomology and Zoology. WINCHESTER STUART, B. A. COxfordl, Instructor in Mathematics. WILLIAM TUDOR PEARCE, B. A., . . I Instructor In Chemlstry. CHARLES PRESTON WEAVER, A. M., Assistant in English. COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE MELVILLE AMASSA-SCOVELL, M. S., Ph. D., Dean of Agriculture and Director of Experiment Station. CLARENCE W. MATTHEWS, B. S., Professor of Horticulture and Botany. JOHN JULIAN l"lOOPER, M. S. A., Professor of Animal Husbandry. I5 m . ....-'.. E, 'M ' Wm? gg I Tn... . ' 3 ..., if 7zs.n-vs.-.ii.m1-,...-.Y-:wi-fL.., , --fwmr-- nr ,-w, Kmsfev-fmffrf:....,.,....-...' ' V ' -frog 5 , ' n - -1 .2':v"f1rrz:'nra-wwfwf-I1'-E-rrv-A-rsrvwnvww-:I-wwf:warcvwzfzu-W ' eg . -vvfsrcmzu-. -- ws. 'V' WLT 5"'ffx Kriini-mai! VW Q 'I J Ma "' Q I, ,152 5. mi H , 'Cx QL rf-"was :Aixam .wan iw r:s',"s 'f,A'?Ig, r3.?g.LK bm , F 'f"1 ""' A Q I iw! B A ' i3"11?i imzrw H mam ken gi xml iii' ifrxiisi ffm Q , , -, ,.,5,,,,,W,,,,W,,M,,,,,,, .. . , . .. . . 2 "W H 'H ,I ww. mma e: GEORGE ROBERTS, M. S., ROBERT McDOWELL ALLEN, A. B., Professor of Agronomy. Head of Food Division. THOMPSON'R. BRYANT, B. S., DANIEL J. HEALY, M. D. C. M., Professor of Bacteriology. Professor of Bacteriology. E. J. KINNEY, B. S., EDWIN STANTON GOODE, M. S., Assistant in Agronomy. Head of Division of Animal Husbandry. 5- C- JONES- M- 5-I JAMES OSCAR LEBACI-I, M. S., Assistant Professor of Soil Physics. Chief Chemist, Food Division. L' S' CQRBETT' BQS' A" LINWOOD ARNOLD BROWN, Ph. C., Pharm. D., Assistant In Animal Husbandry. Drug Chemist A. H. G , B. S.. .ILBERT JOE DARBIN TURNER, B. Ped., Assistant Professor of Botany. EXPERIMENT STATION STAFF MELVILLE AMASSA SCOVELL, Ph. D., Director Of Experiment Station. Head of Feed Division. COLLEGE OF CIVIL ENGINEERING ALFRED MEREDITH PETER, M. S., WALTER ELLSWORTI-I ROWE, B. S., C. E.. Chief Chemist and Head of Chemical Division. Deen Oi College Oi Civil Engineering- HENRY ERNEST CURTISS- M- 5-I WILLIAM JOSEPH CARROL, B. S., C. E., Chief Chemist ancl Head of Fertilizer Division. Associate Professor of Civil Engineering. HARRISON GARMAN' ROBERT CRAIG TERREL, B. C. E., C. E., Head Oi DiViS10n Oi Enwmolosy and Botany- Professor of Rural and Highway Engineering. M . , V . .. .1 Nu.. - us..,...,,.. 4 . - fi- Jian nn-an-nl -' --- '-- - mAmmw- m mf, -- A - W- ff - -- - -A ..r L, . .. . :W-nsfvrsz r":."lkk -IJ rf " 'S --f 'www-'fre-----'M - - ' k in IT1 ff . 2 ' I Lx, '1 'f A ' 1 My rr ,w:.'ff.' - - " 51 ma. y -. 'z E, I. ir. fi' ft--95.1, 551.1 is "xt, as ci tx, '1 3-rw-New f H--1: :mf-.. pf. .1 - 1 . " '. ,ff ' ,.1 ...M nf, , I . ,. I . t, I A M ,.,.....,. .1 ... .. .. ., .. . . . 1... S 'f V 5 Q . K - S 'f -1. A ' Ls 1 ,i ' r 1- Y 'mg KW "' ""t,.'., 5-'gil-. - .,a.,......P 1, J. ,., VAT- iw ' ,hi . " V' I l N-r - fo- f A ' , i' - "" liz' 'x .A z.. -' 1.1 .Q ,. A all Af f-,- 4.1 . Lf....H..m....s.....L -.,,g3y,m, N .,.. ::z:....-. ,3 eg, M Q ,Lk N mm-4 Lww 5.1 'M L X, 5,6 , - , 3 ---1 -M' hgq ,st A Q1 L ..'::.r-::::u:::L: .::1:.':fx::":1:."::A::me:..-'L' "HW v"x' wa:..:z:."r Sig. W- - f- ---A--Agn?-f--,-Lx,,,Mf, g.- V1 COLLEGE OF MINES AND METALLURGY. CURTIS, B. M. E., Instructor in Testing Laboratory. CHARLES JOSEPH NORWOOD, M. S., Dean of the College of Mines and Metallurgy. JOHN THURMAN HORINE' B' M' E" Instructor in Steam Engineering. HENRY DRAPER EASTON, B. S., E. M.. Professor of Mining Engineering. COLLEGE OF LAW L. A. CALLOWAY, E.. M., W. T. LAFFERTY, A. M., Instructor in Mining and Assaying. Dean of Law Department ancl Comptroller of University. EARL DISSINCER, B. S., LYMAN CHALKLEY, LL. B., Assitsant Professor of Mining and Metallurgy. Professor of Law. THOMAS JAMES BARR, B. E. M., CHARLES KERR, Assistant in Mining and Machinery. Professor of Law. MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. JAMES R'CHARD BUSH' A' B" ' Instructor of Law. FREDERICK PAUL ANDERSON, M. E., J. EMBRY ALLEN A. B' Dean of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Instructor of Law- W' E' FREEMAN' M' E" 1 GEORGE W. VAUGHAN, LL. B., Professor of Electrical Engineering. Instructor of Law. Louis EDWARD NOLLAU, M. E., JOHN J. TIGERT, M. A., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering. Professor of Roman Civil Law. T. F. HUDGINS, B. M. E., JAMES EDWARD TUTHILL, Ph. D., Instructor in Electrical l-1alJ0YHt0l'Y- Professor of Political Economy ancl Sociology. L. K. FRANKEL, M. E., I E. R. SWEETLAND, A. B., LL. B.. Instructor of Law. Professor of Machine Design. 17 , -. . ........ ....., .-W. , .... ., ...M ,... .... ,. . ..,...,. .. . - .... . E it . - -- . . ..,. . .. . . A - -Q . A 1 .1 W - E . . 1 .... A .1-:r9::::.m::.:r.:x::,:::g::L.-.g'.g4::::.:.rV'::.:::-W--' '-M -A-A -...M . . .....,. . . . . - 3' W f 1 x!MIpDx Z -- A! P11 ' 1 - ' 'I -af' gydifiip' 36. Q W ?,, ,vi ' 47 .uf 1. f ff ii- if 1, 1 Q lffrhffv W N : Xvff' Z , ,..- ff, if ,-4 .15 X Q ' ,guiix , fl f' X Y Z, X-- -fr Q ' s '4 l'f5!15I!!I!g'3gf1l'fff 2- 4 1417: I! 5 ' 'Q Mllwf-'1va1:2:F5f:ff, -'vim -. f K+ 'L A ff,A 7 1 4 my f X, "g'gvh!-vn5ng14n'vga gmgu- ' f , -i,,, , x gf gf' A f f fffg -f5fiI115v.'5vlug,i 7 ynggyf ,Q 'X-5.--"'-ff .Q 0 f 4 f 11421 'avi-e-5-in. 4 , N172 Qfevfff f fa X .-,ez-2'-1 ,,-:--.. ' ' iw '73 Z 4 M 'S' Elzigsfsal-5:1 if -'fi2'-- ,X xvlr-"" 194' '94, if Q, "W 1: ',f,5'f'4-I:-fl? 5:.. 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X i , x 172, - A 6. T 1 ,rf ' , 1 ,,4..-P 45 f W ,-, ' - 7-f-" - Q -A - --. F YY - f W ' " ' L, cxvrx WI' 'J 2f,4:f-- .-I,-, ., ,. - ..- 4 'A' 'kr 1 X ... ' if , A he ' ' ' " " . --- ..f-- g -Y - f ' W" , -1- ii' l 2. 1 K EMETKJCM IAIXI is' a g NINETEZEN f.sM?E2E....VE-'SBS -.-Q B - I . .1-.... ., . ..,. . -A-L M... . ....., .I ,,.. ggggfggggygguggqw-ygvrfgggn M Board of Trustees GOVERNOR JAMES B. MCCREARY .... .... C hairman Ex-Officio KPRESIDENT HENRY S. BARKER ............ Member Ex-Officio SUPERINTENDENT or' PUBLIC INSTRUCTION BARKSDALE HAMLETT ..................... Member Ex-Officio TERM EXPIRES JANUARY, I9I4 TERM EXPIRES JANUARY, I9I6 james Brethitt .... Hopkinsville e Cassius M' Clay """" Paris omas . elen .... Frankfort I lzlywel-Davies ........ Hansee Richard C. Stoll ..... Lexington -Louis L. Walker .... Lancaster Richard N. Wathen. . .Lebanon TERM EXPIRES JANUARY, l9I8 Robert W.. Brown. . .Louisville Tibbis Carpenter .... Scottsville William H. Cox ..... Maysville Denny P. Smith ........ Cadiz Claud B. Terrell ..... Bedford Charles B. Nichols. . . Lexington James W. Turner. . . .Paintsville James K. Patterson. . .Lexington EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Charles B. Nichols. . .Chairman assius M. la Claud . Terrel Hywel Davies Richard C. Stoll William T. Lafferty, Secretary of The Board and of The Executive Committee. 19 ,,.,u,wgn-,,vfewmn.wmvmmwsn . , ... N W-- W ' " YK ' 1' r ' vf -4 , , ' , , 4 , A W? .,,. . ,,,,,...,,,,, . ., ,, .., ,,, .. ,. . , ., ,. ., .--11--1 'w w' 'H "'f""""' -, M me , U. -.. w w. ,,Q1,.,.- me Q, . Y ly A ! H m M M A, V I V by ng! 'Ill ,, ,, . ....4. . ...,,. . 1, W - H nammzrza-m.., m I in ' H F - , I ' ' , K ENTLJC K IAN f " N,lNESTE'EZN:.TVVE.E..VE Alumni 'Associatidn OFFICERS ' R. C. STOLL, '95 ..... ' . . ..,... President J. C. SHELBY, '04 .... . . . . .Vice President B. G. HIFNER, '97' ..'. .-. ......... ' .... Secretaryand Tredsurer ' , EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE C ' T. R. BRYANT, '08, Chairman. H. K. BELL, '04 C. L. STRAUS5, '98 b , DR. S. B. MARKS, '99 MARY L. DEDLAKE. '95 j.fL.. ,PAT'lfERSON, '82 C 21 C W an "" " lm ., . "' T "" -- Y W4 U QL ji I, 4 1, y U M H U N! E s i ""xP""'P"57 pea 4- h," fm--'--rv--:-W - r W-V----', -, 'fn ,.m,,1.C fwff'+f-:--wmv, . ,:k,.,f.Lw91mf,.,wQ-ij? I X ,,'ff,1!rir2Ls!vT:y. Q, !-?fxw,,,w-Q:w+fuw-:ffm-V, V V 1 - .W-,W gg rf 1,.l71.Q3,4 W5 rw 1.wyl,t rea fly r-3 633.17 fy U K,-Q7 Qgrmwzii mpg? , :J a- W 1535.1 U pm-,y gy K5-, F 3 -V-, 1, L ,7 ., :..sf"'9 IJ Qilsuff giant? ii!! Qx hi fi XV!! l:!.f1Sirlb5ra:2xfy'?i.?9:v: W 'EI 1f,fi'f?1k2X' KW il LAW LM.: Liwfa Mini Li X , 5 J I ., .H Yak Li , , , . ' I M . ,.,i.wQ-,,, fi,,..Aw--lmf1,,3fW'.wg,-ff , ,:,.,f.Q,M,,A -,J I 22 I 1 I"'M' !"Z,,5,,......"'N "LT, :3L'.fZ.? ff 1 ""'TZ?ZZ5.1T.'.'1lT1"ll7' 7.fTT?2."..TL 'ZLJL i,'3'f'2'Z'?!2'i1"7.TfKfKC'.!L'..2m M ff 4 ff,.!LY42,"f'I,,'A '!'J1BZ'M5'2'Lff'.2 LTf,'3vT"'Z'.FTr'7'7u31fQZ'1TWlXYfT12,',,T2,lLlf'?X. 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I N 2 5 " ' ' wWNWMWWMWl'Wvwwummwumwwwsmwmmmrmm M F14 BM I, ,V Qing, F4 V' , W1 ,Y 572 1 " 14 ' 1 .emwwwmmf'.wL::4.m..,4-.1..M.e,.v.. - 1' 4 x K W " ' Y- ,au - W i , J I K EN U K IAN t". f"'.f7 INETNEN TW! were E V Semor Class Officers THOMAS E. EARLEQ . . . ...... President VIRGINIA MCCLURE .... ...Vice President CORA CREEKMORE ..... Secretary H. F. Voc.1.1oTT1 ..... .... Y 'reasurer J. D. MCMURTREY .... ..... G iftorian O. W. HOLLAR ..... .. .... Crunstbler I-IATTIE NOLAND ...... ..... H istorian ANNIE LOUISE DEAN ..... ...... 1 Joet ADDIE LEE DEAN .... N. W. UTLEY, JR.. .. J. O. Gm. ........ R. W. TINSLEY ..... 'R. L. JONES ....... -N. G. ROCHESTER .... ..............Prqphet .................Orator . . . . . .Athletic Representative . . . . . . . . . . . .Editor Kentuclfian . . . .Business Manager Kentuclgian . . . . . . . . . .Class Representative 29 - , lf 4 I. i , I i 1 i i I r I l l l F i If if I 1 I l ! Tk M -f.-wm:1,.mm.qmrm.:mu:-x-mezmsuw'sm-A-:w'mw:mfr:-1-rzxsfrcmvnv.'urwxmmmmmm amvmw.+gm 1Qffg57 lt, -.e -,,., ,.,. Y ,,,- , W. ,,--g,.T....--1::f1.n,w,--7-v -"f- 3-pg-gm ---' -'-7-:fri----vrrrrxv A as ,,,h,X, - Y :ff 1'-- 'yi W- f- m . Wawl yi FW ,X 4,3 W, W W JN N'al.5ELEii5:,, W r' ri wa ,,.l.,..,, Entra ,- .,., ,Txkf H ms,.M.: V.N ,y, rl A .gm X, ,i .1 W Wie: 'il gli,-gi? 3:3715 lf K-'A A 9135 fl lffiif if isfzx - ffl:-it.: l 'lx N -.Ll if 1. .1 "ri .ff lub: m w,mmWm,-,,.,,,,,,,w,:,wMWm ,,,...... ..k,. .,,,. . , 5' 'sizkkwfgvt ' rx:Jm z. sa:1:..":::1f,:':itm':1:..:'::'v:1f:ra-'.':.:,::zxrt'a':L:.g::r13'i,L:L..."' I Class History of l9l Z ": FTER June had tolled the knell of parting High School days, the wanton youths from o'er the state, wandered Lexingtonward, and were soon amalgamated in the great clan of the Twelves. ' Efer the mighty Sophs had lifted their shears from off the grindstone, the impregnable Smith body- guard was swung around the virgin class, and, though the crop was heavy, the trembling hand of the Elevens let the scythe fall, and the harvest lost its sweetness on the desert air. Though not immediately united by dire necessity, the cop- ious amount of good fellowship soon established class spirit. and furnished a football squad that rendered all the vengeful attempts of the sturdy Sophs. vain, and marked their debut into college affairs by a score of 0 to 0. From that event, they have ever been the constant dread of the classes, and the surest reliance of the Varsity. F Hardly reconciled to college life, they perceived that one year had flown, and, arrayed in the mystic Sophomore corner, they looked with impatient and avaricious eyes upon the flow- ing locks of the F reshies. Not many Harvest Moons had waxed and waned, until the inhabitants of that blissful orb smiled, a sacrifice of motley wool having been offered to His Dignity. Soon the disconsolate Freshmen challenged the Twelves to a Flag Rush, and chose as a referee of the contest, the great military genius residing at this place at that time, thereby be- stowing a great honor upon him. On the afternoon of the 6th of October, 1909, the sun shone down from the heavens in all his strength, upon a numberless band of quaking Freshmen, closely compact around the Hag pole. Prior to this, the Sophs being advised by their wise men, had secured a supply of locks and chains, and many a lad that had not theretofore been in bondage, was confined thereby. But upon seeing the formid- able regiment of the unlucky Freshmen disappearing like the chaff before the wind, the great Field Judge became excited, and, urged on by the persistent entreaties of his commissioned officers, together with his loyalty to the erected flag, as though it were the Stars and Stripes, he released the prisoners of war, and the ensign was Haunting defiantly when time was called. Following closely upon this the Sophs defeated the Fresh- men by a score of I0 to 0 upon the gridiron, and it has been said, that the 'IZ squad of that year was the best class team that was ever produced by the University. There was also a great volume of college spirit within the confines of that class, and they furnished four of the Varsity champions of '09. Nor were they lacking representatives on other Varsity teams that year, for the number of 'IZ men on the Baseball nine almost transformed that swift bunch into a class team. The fall of 1910 having rolled around our class, finding themselves in the Junior corner, cast the memories of their palmy underclass days in the sea of forgetfulness, and took on the dignity of their present position. The dangerous proximity - 30 r' ir "- """w'ff' 1 frvrrzvrc---------use-:zvavf 'r""'fr'f"f1"u'------- --f-V v - - -- Y ., ,s,.......,-.,.-.W .4....sw:a.u.::e z.2um..- ""' ..e:acm.1r....f..r':xzf,a-.-- f -1-.w..:m:::1'::.1if." if , , l L lwfzvrwfmfjxeri Elini' Mat. mg lx.,.i. Hn g1M'3',..:.L.:M: Jxfgzggxyi, .:.3::1f..z::,1,2w.m.1m2xtwi.-mf. swwrgpmwxwszmznwmzxwamm l laicm:.:z..l 1-'2"'f5 mmfrmm:iu":'ams'm2C'1'WQ1L::' ar7'tlu:.:xmwx,qg,,,,,fggyg- mtg-in M3m,u3,v,11,iTm,:,5 nr V- - -Y -'V - ---Y'-:Jil V 1 'lv'-v---v wg YJ' V V - MA- - ,rl-x . . --....... ,L ..xL..uv.a.... -:.:!lllL,-g1g:... '-,v'w-:-,JM-H-'fww fggg-'fjgtxw ?:,,,5,,,,,,. ..,. . .,,., u...M...W.,., ..M. ,g,.,.,..,..,,,.,:,,,,,,.,, ,.,...,,M. 1 , 51355, rigs.: K ang, - Yffgg PM .'.. zfgrzzfi ik ri g 7 ry-A5 we 1 1, jc: , G '-1- rm IJ 'RMI ap K ,J Lzyl :v,l,4 LJ L- -:hgh I 'Ew'1'flff'IP' 'W-ff v'n- ' 24F1-'Q-1-2'-'wl1'H'l1lv-F94--Il2lWS2l W V - - Wadi' 4,4-M"' k1M:rraaa::'4-1ww,11.ww.LQ,.: A ,:n..L:L::+L 1 .,L..........4.,.:. . III NS IOWA 1 My . ILLINOIS f I , N X f , cowmoo g NX . ' ' r -m 2 as 'A .' iv . H. fi? ' if M , .Q 5 0 .. U R I M' I 2 K f "" 'fn ' 9 , A X! ' , ,ny ., I-X V Ly l W X - .A V . , I. K1 Y X 'fl A A x TEXAS 1 XA ' Armen ff.,.Qix,QlJs-WNH.g..1,4..,.-,...z1,. ..z,:Z........,,:,- ..,.. .......-.,,,,,gh:,x. i.Z'i.'., .x,,, 1. .. ,.,..:..w V M m L?jQ1fg,j3U:x, M.., ,,llQ.,...n,..,., ..,. ...W ,MA, , ,. ,.. .,.., . , ,,. . .A. , . N. 4.,.,.x,.,,, " ..,, ....,,fl""Z?, A,.. 4 www MW ,Nmmmzm gm I - 7 -.11 M2.y-7,!V,'w'fWW3'M5'AhQWJW1h '3 VY . 1. . , ., . , s T r"1 .Y ,QM if ,,,h Nj, ,fi pa 7-rvfap Y li-:::f.1.v:':3u1fgj,',g,l, W, 'f,xW,fM?Q:A'., fii rl YM :nl ,' L, . i M:-g 'Zin my f- V . ul VK .Qzlffffii 11 itiwiiflii Qu-arf' M E EW ffmlW'f'tlls1f?iffffilrrsf 4123f7i1:Qf"53i?Qlff1'fffiwf-fi ei Wi ri as Q., If ii Q4 -1.5 I -ff il mi li N, f I ' 51 l i lfe25fQ"3El 4Wf Wnwrrmuanuurmee s.:arm:.wma:a:.:mxe:.raxx:,:.:a1:4.:,::..x' A 'A ,. .. r...:r.l K3 of the fair co-eds, and man's natural inclination to be affected by his environment, immediately transformed not a few of this noble clan into ladies' men. Some of the efforts were of no avail, while others are expected to culminate in the not far distant future. The grand success of the Junior Prom is not to be wondered at, when the acquaintance of the class has been made. It was the most enjoyable affair of the year-not even the wonderful, warlike 'l3's were able to do anything to detract from the perfection of our dance. Finally the enchanted Senior corner was reached and as the venerable Seniors gazed abroad over the sea of sparkling, youthful faces, an occasional smile would play upon their countenances when some fond recollection presented to them scenes of their "childhood" days. , It was during this year on the afternoon of November Znd, that our football eleven marched from the field, having estab- lished the unprecedented record of not having been scored against during their college career. Under the leadership of our sages, the Varsity Football squad marched on to victory, and the Basketball quintet captured the Southern champion- ship. During this time, however, we were not wholly occupied by athletics, and upon a memorable morning in chapel unveiled a beautiful monument dedicated to the University in the form of an Honor System, nor were activities confined to this or to the class room, the literary societies and debating clubs re- ceived our hearty support, and no social function occurred at which we were not well represented. M K , .,., ., ,. .,.,. , ,, .,,..., . Time has Howen so swiftly, that we have hardly begun to realize that we are Seniors, and that we are about to finish the course. Are we satisfied with the four years? Who could wish to have had them different? What class has had the op- portunity to watch the dear old school grow, as we have watched it? We have lived through the excitement of Willis E.. Smith's disappearance, and have seen the college grow into a University. We have seen States' first president finish his work, and hand it on to a successor in every way worthy to follow him, we have stood firm to protect the inexorable right of upperclassmen to dictate to those beneath, we have up- held student government, and furnished some of our strongest members to be its officers, we have seen new buildings erected, and the campus improved, we have watched our engineering and agricultural colleges force their way to the front rank, we have helped to develop champion athletic teams, we have seen the student body more than doubled in number, and, as Seniors, we have watched our University come nobly through one of the severest tests a school ever had to undergo, and stand with unscarred record for all to see and admire. And the dear- est wish of our hearts is that State may stand always for that which is noble, and excellent, and true. The coveted goal is just within our reach, only a few more weeks, and we shall go from this campus and these friends we have learned to love, and begin our lives on the campus of the world, may we live our lives there, and do our work there so as to reflect honor on our dear Alma Mater, and may the friendship we have made in these four splendid years be a source of happiness and joy to us through all future. , V. M I . . ,ry W ,, V , rm H g , , V ,. rf , ' Q. -"'i':"xsf11'1izw"'fr2fe1e1m":21:1vfwM- "ff--Luv ,- Jwmzazm-mga-'-1' -- -- - -'K -' ' - cms. N Im K A g .. ,......., ee, J. ,nn ,,,!.ii,3Mv hI-, KW .H A h K Q .omznamw WH 256 ga i , 2 f Q--'QNVX Wig-577913 VNf fb 2 v LUFUHGKW ,W WE f 'V ' - A ,ff W M M 1 f I J H l W Q ,fD'-EJ.r iT5TY . A , 5:4 QW X , ij, f 5+ ggi? M X 025 5- 5Q 1 saga: WX A 9- Mwxxwxw :E I 1 I 9 lx MQ1 on X ' i. X1 - 4 Q, gn '3 LLL .flL x --Q ff. , , H W, 4 N, , . A ,.,,,, ,, ..-,,- W ,I ,,. 22 f"!,"'7f1........., ,.-.,.,,.m.,,,,,,, ...... W.. ,.,..,....W-v- , 'sw -I lyvy f J ------fm--1-.-.. M ..ffr,,:1..w-mi.....w,-swf,-www-wow -e-ef .we-..,-nr:w.-mff..u.-a:............:d.sw-., ...S:5x,55,,,33y ,lfzr ,kiZ,gf.y:,WWkr1 5! 1 F 4 W W A, A V n WX W P vi M M A H Y' X rm W' V - mv if H Pi HW WMifa'f.fQ N Sli fi'fL.ffif'v""' if 1 5' lt ttf' Kaffe' 'Wi' ' by .-if " ez' i'ff,'-'E 5' f f- A-inf' 1 .F il.. M E M. wwe?-sswizglfggz "X' e 535155553349 it ll-.lm E2 Q--as ax:-xi lsxzl ' U K.-.1 i n 11,11 1,421 l I ' ' M ' .. . 5. . . .,1, L N Arts and Sciences i AR off and away from the dirt and din of Q dynamos, the cackle of chickens and survey- or's swear words, dwells the soul of the Col- lege of Arts and Sciences. Not that the soul lives a very peaceful and quiet life-quite the -'-1- reverse-for being a very sensitive sort of a soul, he shudders sadly and slinks precipitously away whenever the croupy whistle pipes at the passing hour. Poor, poor tor- mented soul, he can't get along with the siren. Still. "The soul of the place is a delicate thing, The soul lives apart from the body." For the body of the College of Arts and Sciences is a heterogeneous affair strung over some fifteen acres of track- less campus, stretching from the "Ed," building on the border of the lake on the northwest tu the abode of the Freshie chemists in the wilds of the far southeast. There is, however, a delicate touch of the classic spirit half- concealed in this carving up of the college body into frag- ments for, as one wades reflectively across the oft-times watery stretches of a half-submerged campus, he cannot but call to mind the heaven-born I-lellenes who flitted from Samos to Delos, from Scyros to Sicinos, across the deep blue Aegean, to spread culture and irregular verbs to all the world. Within this body dwells a horde of humans who have in life but a single purpose-to entice the soul for perhaps one should say animus artium et scientiarumj back into the lifeless body. A sturdy band and bold, headed by him, god-father of the rhynchotrema and stalactites fthey will not bitel is nobly supported by a score of others. There is he who daily braves unshrinking the hosts of oxymoron and colyambi and likewise he who scans the allied lines of black with eye un- quaveringg the guardian of the generator and the test-tubeg the custodian of the skeleton. And that undaunted warrior next appears who taps the Sphinx audaciously upon the wrist, who burrows into the dusty Pyramids for ancient Egypt's pharoahs, whowakens memories of the sleeping past and puts to rest all present happiness and whose best gift is proffer of advice on how to pluck economic blossoms from the highlying plains of social science. ' Behold, also, that man exceeding Y's, the patron saint of cosinessg look yet again and view the sovereign of the syllogism and all the systems. And let not one forget that sturdy knight, protector and counselor of the fairer sex, who rushes out to battle with this war cry on his lips, "The white man is a good man, l-le gives the Obongo salt." One might enumerate a dozen others, all as fearless, all as steadfast. But of such, enough. The only factor in the college remaining is the drudge, the student-"us," But being fully described and discussed else- where herein, and being, moreover, of relatively small im- portance, it is a waste of precious space to elaborate upon this theme. Such is the College of Arts and Sciences. " V mm. , .3 'S ,, :...' 1 I ,.... : t Q 5 5 .. , ...,...., .. ,, ,. . , ., . , ,, . . ......H .,., ' ., c ,.,, '. , ., . ,, , ' ' - , - E5 lz::41.1:...,a....L.e..- .... ...-,--,. ,.,,. . . .....i.,..,. .... .za::, . " 2 I " .. ,. . .,., . ,.,, M ,, .. , ,,,,, ., , ,,,nmm Am LI., P W H! -' '-.1-,.,..-az. ---- - ----:ez X1-M f - - -'Enunnnh..f...f.,-e-m1w.,.saxmsufmsr.aum.- K Egt.......,.....nmr:e1.-nzwmwmmmtfi-.fffi-efmveu.e.w..a.waaex1-m.Lmm..:.a.W...LeMvwwmzxmw V i .-.X ..:.i Iyvlitlxy IE 1 J ' Eg 63.4.3 F:-iitfsffv X ks X Z3-.fL5..1 ,glen you K - wma ',f5g2j,AQ: as g wg . -N 1-A-I ik "3i..Q1 23 lffgmggi. 31-54: 'G Ifwlitx 5 it N' f'l.:'3fi':1:EFm5XiV!f321Sfl5l -.3 ti't'l"lI'?vS::Q:1 E Q xifg.-5 C. :7:l,!.f1s li: yy, Q :f:1g..2EB . N.,-........s.. W... N, ,q N. -A -.te-Q .2 ,. . . W .. .. .. ...,.. Q :mr-:s...w.. .,....,....,...:..Wm ,..,....x . .W . --:.:::::.v i.1:-vwfr-:.uxr:t:-mum.sewrmwzws ,i:mM,1,,, .Q-,gi Ny.. - ,, ",.,... ig- e.1m:m:nauMe::.,',':twt1e.t.vzuaa:..:..zxara,,pml.'L4.p,. -,. . ...tee wg , . .IJOLLY TAYLOR BATTAILE, B. S. CORA 'l'lQMl'l'1NANCE CREICKMORE, A. B. Alllllli LEE DEAN, A. B. Lexington, Ky. Kappa Kappa Gamma. "Know you this lady intellectual?" When I came from Sayre T thought l knew a great deal, so ,I started to take Chemistry: but soon I changed to Math. There is only one thing I'm afraid of and that is .Iosh and all other men. My chief aversion is small classes under .Iosh. l am very modest, but am .very intellectual and can express my de- ciiled opinions most beautifully. If I had my lite to live over, I would be a suffragette. My I-Yrcatest accomplishment so far has been to make Professor Webb burn the midnight oil to keep up with me in diifcreniial equations. E '-i'- n.'A 5 . ., . ......,.,,.u,.. ,..- Ms. , . Lexington, Ky. Secretary and Treasurer 1'hilosophlan Literary Society: Secretary Senior Class: Secretary idea Board ot' Control. "The most certain sig'n of wisdom is a continual cheerfulnessf' This fair maiden has gotten it into her head that Korea is the place for her, but we all know that is a mere bluff. Cora ls one of Sandy's favorites, and he has given her some valuable missionary instructions. She is a faithful member of the campus club, and can be seen loatlng just any old time. She has studied less than any other graduate of this school, winning her way on her smiles. Cora is rather steady in choosing her associates, is a great advocate of track and boxing, the track men especially holding her fancy. 35 .. iw I .. , h,,.,,,, I ,I 2 . if ,,,MW,,,,,, St. Louis, Mo. Thesis: The Bibliography of the Short Story. Alpha Xi Delta: Executive Committee Student Government: Social Editor "Idea:' Class Proph- et: Y. W. C. A.: Editorial Staff "Kentuckian." "Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye, ln every gesture dignlty and love. lJon't forget my nicknames: "lQede," "Little Dean," "Peanuts," "Cupid," "Finale Lee," etc.. etc. I've gotten a new one every. place l've lived, and 1've lived everywhere. mighty near. l know lots about literature:-Rossetti wrote the Hitossetti stone." and Slwlwfg-perlre a dm- matic poem, "The Age of Chaucer. 1 never let my work interfere with my college activities, though, and I just have packs of tun, but lm always making breaks and getting into more trouble. 1 sometimes shocvk people by UDCX- pected exclamations, too! lm so busyj0h., 1 bot the bestest letter trom home today- lm so happy! I -it-aw . ......,...,-lff--1-m-W-vm-eeemwzw-wmmrr. . . Efmmi-f-.wlw-'wwM ff.-V M-W-iwrvluiwncelfviffwwil-s-f-'i--v-of-W-W-.ifmy-f-Q h--f we t -iif.Mifei.i'wt-H iwsrwsmam - W ENB WW'-"i'1 ff 3" f2Ff"'117' Vine' 51 N i g.y:4:.'r,Mlfq5g tex If V,Ly,,ii ,B,,my4j.. W Extra Q lag is gftx:nr uri.-us .1 :L g -fa .- 4 gg s ,mu gap'-, fy r. -- , k, M , Q, Q A E ...W -A . sr ,tv 42 sv gf of . i M, ., 'W WJ 'tallwgtif Whwfw tl 5.11 nffwxi-vi r-M-f3-w3:w,I5'fT.EaEmh ,K-Q13 wff1'4 'ii Hill Li H " Yay Q35 ' W W5'1T'77LW49 Lxewummmtaneeww-sf-ww-1Wm:innwWunannnaw'rWM1'Mr'A'twwm.wmwe1-fMt.'m:f:xscz::r,a.m::w.:1wvv1x:s:mmrzrcmr I Ill Mmlwswwmwxwww-mtl fmmnmnsnvv' ' Niwwiwtb ANNIE LOUISE DEAN, B. S. Fredonia, Ky. Alpha Xi Delta, Mathematical Society: Secre- tary ot' "The Strollers," 1909-10, 1910-11: Class Poet: Secretary of Mathematical Society, fall?-32: Student Assistant in Mathematics, .1..- 2. Wisely she tells the hour o' th' day, "The clock does strike, by Algebra." l talk equations in my sleep and eat tan- gents. l like all these young' profs, but Josh is the sweetest man that ever lived. Have been soared to death for fear they'd put a nose and ears like .Tosh's on me in the Annual. l can talk more at a stretch than any other Senior girl. I've sure had my eye on our Capital City lately!! Naw! l'm not spoiled: .I'm just peeved to death! , i 1 i r i FRANCES ALMA FAULKNIAIR, A. B. Barbourville, Ky. Thesis: The School Masters of Fiction." Alpha Gamma Delta: Secretary of Y. W. C. A.: Member of Mountain Club. "I am resolved to grow fat and look young 'till forty." l am one of the fair mountain maids that .iohn FOX. Jr., is always writing about in his books. When I. came up here I never even dreamed that there was such a big awful bug- bear as Chemistry. "Sandy" is my dean, and has Whole piles of Freshman themes: ,l have to correct them all, and just sit there with my little fat dictionary and look up words, I'm so fraud I'll leave ay mlspelled word and Sandy wouldn't like it. I wouldn't have to do that, only I'm so poor these days, Some day 1'm going to write great, beautiful, long stories, and people will say, "l knew Fanny Alma would be famous and rich some time." CLIGO GILLIS, B. S. Lexington, Ky. Alpha Gamma Delta: Vice President of Fresh- man Class: Neville Literary Society: Sopho- more Basket Ball Team: Dramatic Club: Idea Staff, 1910-11. "Serene and resolute and still And calm and self-possessed." As a child I was taught that one should be "seen and not heard." As a result I am very unassuming: nevertheless you can tell that I am a very capable young lady. My great am- bition is to be a teacher. I shall not try to take a prominent place, but I really think I am fitted to hold any place that may be offered to me. "They say" I'd be a good Quaker maiden. for l am sweet and dainty. There, I'm afraid 1've said something nice about myself. Wliat will people think about me? 36 M R igrvn-:nlq1 5-551-A. -.,.........,.uuz-nnmwfe-vssn.waanzzw .t V. fe- - ff ...eta-,m.,.lxa1smzwz'-5-3 ylm':mv':z'vg V. V, . . - , ' liicwvv tg Y r 1 A X WH 4 W I , I i K V M V L, ,.,!S1'R.?WL.fL4i,!:"lAa mW4"'.,'1UW'v'i41 M H U W X V X W mm el-w.1.c.i.l lw.,..f....l.. ....,,...,,.,.,4 M .,,, l... .... M...l..w..f..i.......l....,.W ,.., , yffk ..s,r.etv.uiwwmam.1 w.u .1 Mmm! mwwmwawltvtwwa.w:iemawriuw:luam.u "''rr m ""'l' if , , Qeilgs- ' I l ,....-..........L , Q-+Tv -V---Tv .. l I A. .,X,XL,:kwL,.L .t ,. .,L.. , , 51 - Q, .',,-fm , ., W.. ,VA1 , ,, ,.,, M , , ef t f L Q - - Lf- K.. ls ,Wy 2 .1 'J ' 1 f. is -ww ., a l , . , kGi.nI.X"AFIiW',".'WC":1'.'N'f'.ll'it' ' V ' . " ' " '-lL3tJi.2L'?"2I..".J,t..?.?3Y.Z?-.i l3.2.LI'i"3LusI:' ei "J ' lu K' ts. 5. , , CIIARLIGS BYRON GNAIHNGICII, B. S. Lexington, Ky. 'l'hesis: Investigation ot' Methods l'or lletcrmiu- ing' lron and Alumina in PIIOSIIIIZLLH Rock. "None hut himselt' can be his parallel." Charlie was Imashful in the olden days, hut when he became a Chemist he put aside child- ish things, and is now a cornhination ot' living' test tube, encyclopedia and constancy. Charlie has the honor ol' having' one ot' the two strictly Senior cases in thc University, and deserves 3-treat credit for his nntirinf.: devotion: his arm is always hurdened with two sets ol' hooks, a.nd ' " ' ' beloved. ln the scenes: first, a o" the elements: still waiting.: for hc, the llady or he is always waiting' tor his future we see two conflicting' man ahsorhed in the ming'linp.:' second, a man in l'oreip:n lands, his heloveal. Which shall it the Science? .IAMIGS S'l'l+1l'llIGN GOLIJICN, A. B. Barlnourville, Ky. 'I'hesis: Criticism of Kentucky Histories. President ot' .lunior Class: President of Moun- tain Cluh: Vice President of Patterson Lit- erary Society: Rtl.Cll010l"S Club: Class 'l'rack Team. "I never larf and I never smile." .Iim's stern, handsome countenance has made several big' hits, hut the higest was with .lohn NOX, lt' you want to know about that, though, ask .lim. .lim's a "good fellow" and often feels like "cutting: un." as is the way with college boys, He has accalnplished many things, e. 5.11, he' reached the Junior Prom in safety, though minus a call and a girl. XVith the girls, .lim is a puzzle. Many a romantic dream has heen woven around that coal black han' and kind In-Own eyes, hut it is generally thought that .lim has a girl at home. MAILIUN MYRL IIAHIUSON, B. S. Philpot, Ky. 'l'hesis: Reactions ol? Acctonc with Calcium Car- hide. S. ll. A. A: Lamed Pe: Union Literary Society: Cadet Band, 15107-1010: President idea Board of Control: President Daviess County Club: Art lflditor ot' Kentuckian. Hllevout and pure, Sober, steadfast and 6lTIlll"6." Myrl. is one o" the most unobtrusive mem- hers ol the class, yet one of the hardest work- ers and an all-round good fellow. Although ot' quite a literary and artistic turn of mind, he art or music is the subject for discussion, Myrl is always ready to take a part. and with equal case he will turn to the lfrench and Latin lit- eratures, or to Analytics and Calculus. But don't t'ori.:'ct, that he is more parts of a man than one, and-Ladies' man? NVel1l you don't l know llarrison. l l 37 M H H-hmmww, ,E N . .. ...,.. f- r.:m.ur.m..-.flmzfeaurrx: y.nfar',.':...x 1.5: ' f "'.,L:ms:..x... fs:zazs32Xc,,,.'4 .pmt . T., ... t I "y..::',::xH:fvv.'f:'.::'..t'c"--1'--' iffff- I-3'MsM-M--M'r"' :t tg? yt 'f M gn L-X. 5 ...AWA M , ,,,.,.,... . EM. ,... A . .... .. .... ...... .......,., , -A , , -1 L. xJ4...:.1-:4....:,...:,.' .. ,. .. ' is also a chemist ol' tlrst li1.:'ht. lt' philosophy, 4 - W...l. in-L.gY.:.u:ne,ef.g..... ,,,f .,..,.a.s.a..:rusun..W.,-imm.anema w1-f:v:ms,es,.xxew ..-ma. ..,. ..a.e,m..s:ant ...,.A1A - E ,f by , -zu m.-sm 'gixs if-'x ,,,! srrjgn -,V1"xA. FTQZFYX V I.. M E M 'T my Q M. A M ,uw I N E Q I ..,A' 11: L1 itll-,gy '-25:-1 Y-:E - X I A ,Wwwmwm,mm,wm,w.mA,wm,zm,m ,,x. , ,wsfmm . , mem 'fk' 'ffl . 4..-..,si,.1'fw::w:1::1:f:::Mfh:.mzw::::.,. ','. 1: :::':::1:::v.-wJ El ' n... , DERRILL WASON HART, A. B. MARY mime HUGHES, A. B. -TOSICPI-I Mwrrm HUMBLE. B. S. Pisgah, Ky. A Maysville, Iiy, Belle:-1-ie, Ky. Thesis: "The Mystic Numbers of Literature." Sigma Chi: Lamp and Cross: Mystic Thirteen: Keys: Varsity Basketball, 1910, '11, '12: Class Football, Basketball and Baseball Teams: "Idea" Staff: Editorial Staff of "Kentuckian": Student Assistant in English: S. U. A. A. "What man dares, I dare." When you know that "old man Hart" tried for "French Maid" in the play and was grieved when he was not considered, you may judge something of his appearance. It is hard to rec- oncile the extremes of French maid and basket- ball player, but Derrill is a wonderful man. Often our hero wants to teach "Anglo Saxon just like Sandy," but sometimes he gets a call Varsity Basketball Team, 1910-11: Vice Presi- dent Junior Class: Captain Varsity Basketball Team, 1911-12: Y. W. C. A. "I laughed and danced and talked." Sure I did! And if there's anything Ruth and I haven't tried, l'd like to hear about lt! Was awful green when I came up here and didn't exactly know whether to be a shark or not. But what's the use? Yes, I suppose l' do skip classes real often: usually go to the University lunch stand, Ruth and I. You can't guess who this letter's from: the best basketball player! 'hid you ever dance with Tom Jackson? T'm just crazy about dancing with that man. Yes, I can lock more girls in their rooms within Thesis: Iodometric Method for Determination of Morphine. Track Team: S. U. A. A.: Four K Club: Chemist Club: American Chemical Society: "Nights" at the Round Table: Democratic Club. "Solitude is sometimes best society." Yes, .Toe's one of those fellows who lsn't known by everyone. In fact, a great many of his classmates don't suspect that he is one oi? the best modern language students in the class, as well as chemist and geologist. Among' thg ladies-but you just ask .loc about that. I-Ie must have a pull with the railroad, 'for he al- ways made 'frequent trips home, and some- times with a "special" part ol' the car reserved for him. Oh, yes, he is Maxson's pet, and Tige back to the farm and determines to raise chic- 21 Ffwen time' Horrors! My room mate! thinks he will pass. A hale fellow, well met- kens. Derrill is a brotherly sort of fellow who Y'e'e'e'e'S! fBanf-TU well, that's .loe-. will laugh .with you, sympathize with you, as- sist you. ln fact, "Derrill is an all-round good fellow." 38 ,.-. ,...,w.,..i... 'i -- hu' ,. .,,. -s Q... ' ' 'C' " ' "' " ' " " W Y f - - . -A-'f-gg-21. ---gr '- v f- - '- ---- - ,---.-f-Q , - Y- -- -- -.-V.. ...-.....-.... K ..- .........-......-....... .l. ....,..- -...-.,....... l, .,., A --r N :rv--eo,-we 'G -'f www,-:we--Ar--'f--1' v v--nv-e-ew-1-M -1.-e---rw-fwmmmwmwwwwzmrnuenxvzr v'frwt'TE'fi17q"i sit- M- fnifffw- A- -- - -it-:,,,,1......,...,.,.,....,.,.u,.,,.,.,..,.,.......-,,...,..,,,.,,.,,.,., . . , , , , . ....,: N V Vi, .,L, M ' W I ,M--W 0 Q 'R - tim-MIM. ,fy ,LA -J .4 35.3-,W ,Q A5 . . .,,.. .. ,. . ,L M E-.CQ iiirfi' Q 5,3 if "M: if mi if wg if-ff" rw l l ' at :Af Ira f 'H-1--M1 5 -3 -mf'-' 'mfff P5 '1'-mL'r'ffg'f-.:Qg3-gigs,, if as si em E E.-,EJ me . tl uf xp.: if l-I .aa in WU ' 'Vlffeo-elif-"tfif fMMWWWHfh2Hm1BMwMmN1- - .:w'f:'rt'vi1'::.aW.-vw'-'I N .' ' ' ' if,:::.'.n..wx:.amm.:.2.,,...e.4,:g..a.xL,ef-e::.:4.- .L ...M-ax. -4.m,.:..1:..1..e4gt....-M-W.--...':.Q.e-:sm,.1r: L nl , .. El M' W-.- .IICSSIIG MILIITON JONIGS, A. B. IIUGII KELLY, A. B. ,RUBY IVIARCUM, B, S, Monticello, Ky. Secretary Sophomore Class: Sophomore Basket- ball 'l'eam: Treasurer Y. W. C. A., '10, 'l1: Vice President Y. W. C. A. and Chairman ol' Missions, '11, 'l2g Senior Basketball Team: Secretary ,mxeeutive Committee Student Gov- ernment. Major Latin. "Those above her, from her shall learn the per- Vect ways of honor." I want it distinctly understood that I'm from the mountains, Monticello, Wayne County, Ky. I am especially interested in the "Locks" be- cause-l'll not tell you. I like my senior work, especially "Kinkyg" she uses such big' words! You needn't make fun oi' my handwriting: ,I can't do any better. Ilo I like to play basket- ball? Did I ever miss practice, even if I do get my nose mashed? My hair is a little red, but don't you think it's pretty? Our class has always been the most important. The Juniors have always felt important-but, phew! Calhoun, Ky. S. U. A. A.g .President Union Literary Society and K. Il. I.: Old Baeheloi-'s Club. ""l'is he! T know the manner of his gait." NVhen one sees Hughesph pompously striding down Limestone, 'one would say, ""l'is the mighty Caesar come to life," but Caesar never wore corduroys nor ilourished a Senior cane. which our "Mighty I-Iug'hesph" does. Ilugh has often been struck to earth, but, like truth, he always rises again. more smiling than ever, and it' possible more dignified. Since the Comman- dant came to State, many are the noble deeds laid at poor IIug'hesph's door. We are wonder- ing' what I'Iug'h will do when he enters the business world where dances are no more, and men can not read lit'e's lessons from the pages of a jack. Burnside, Ky, MQl1I1E1liI'l Club: Y. NV. C. A.: Student Assistant in Gymnastics: Senior Basketball 'I'eam. "No simplest duty is forgot." l arrived here a curly headed Preplet four years ago and now I'm a mighty Senior-many years wiser. I have a minute for everything and everything in its minute-but l'm never too Abusy to give everyone a pleasant smile. I still take special pride in my curls and also in my gymnastic work. Mrs. Stout is the sweet- est thing! VVhen I dance in those Greek dances I just love everything! Some day I'm going- to teach -others to love gymnastic work-that's mv ambition. Hut I'm too busy to tell von any more al-out it now. ' ' 39 ,. ,F' nrnzwm-:.ux-sa...-ff'-wafzx:-:-.': ---- .- -". x EB fi -r 1 t ,+ 5 sniff-zzxmf za:-1 ' I v' ' .-dt4.,:z-v'..aa..l.wu-wt--' v"""""' Q . --M. ...ze l:...xe1 L,....-e::+...1.g.1..:::.:e:4mr::r.x.-..z..m'..' ' ..-.. ....,. M.-.. -.1.1a.l.''.1:xn..l' L............."i " ei' .. 14-. .,... - ',,,., . fu. ..l.,.-N.-.M.mron-swfswwmmmwwf-w-w-ww1-w----We-fs-feU-Y-M-1-wwe-mmmn--m.wqmwwm:v":"f----Wfrrg 77+:flf""""."f,7,f9f'?'-.ET "T NL i' Y f " ' l A ' W' V ' " f ' " ' 9 EZ . . .,,.,,.,A . ,T ,. my .1 , -w E" Y-.'::.f.: my Q 9 42 'W , '- 5 ' r ' 1' W v A 5 " fr if mswwli F if 'lt 1 Si H5 1 . 0 A W Nm -' JW' E it '.r-,gag-tl: .lah 4 . . ,' . i .' "5 mint 1, i .SQL , :M . RA Muna M ' .ob c wh.. fr s 'wi lmf,,L'3:'. i,,3Q..Qfi,A,. f A , Q tm .i :.l ' ..: H: i .'15w..i .1 , . . ,Q , .- i,'T,Ml'x. .1 '.f . . . . I Ftazmwnmwwwwrmwrw-4mm:'a:mre'l.'f.A5 ,va n if '-v.f""-.w- m:.,if-1.-W .1 ':i:4.a.'. g,...,1.J WQMLLJQ. ,WM , 1. -.a.l-...4 4 ....... M. ,..a......n..l.e.......-,..M,... .. - - - W- .3 VIRGINIA CLAY McCLURIC, A. B. Mt. Sterling, Ky. Vic-o President Senior Class: Member Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1910-113 President Y. W. C. A., 12111- 125 Delegate to Convention, Asheville, N. C., 19113 "idea" Staff: ldditorial Staff "Ken- tuckianng Student Assistant in German. "I-Ter face hetokens all things good." Honey, yes! l'rn glad this ye'ar's over. l'm worn out trying to get more offices than Tom Earle! Everyone thinks l'm "'bout the good- est person they ls." Yes, L have vivid recol- lections of losing my key in the sugar bowl at the University lunch stand, and of planning the College Fair. 1 fairly dote on holding Joint meetings. Until this year I had never had any experience in squeezing lemons and cutting ice cream. I really can't study unless l have the boys around, but Sl Holler is the only man who could ever make me enthusiastic. Honey, yes. 1' 1 n ,,. ' 'IW 7 IIIGNRY FIICLDS McKlCNNl'1Y, A. B. Falmouth, Ky. "Idea" Staff, Secretary S. U. A. A3 "Kentuckian" Staff.- "I. love a lassie, a bonny, bonny lassief' Mac looks like a class mascot in his cordu- roys: he is just the type for a mascot, good- looking, quite a "stunner," and so innocent QU. lVlac's smile is too sweet, but his laugh-look out!! His greatest fault is going to sleep an class and waking up with a jump which scares the prof and the students into hysterics! His pipe is his constant companion. The only wing he cherishes more is the dainty ring he wears. Many are the conjectures concerning that rihfr, but Mac only smiles his puzzly smile and coin- tinues to receive letters from his girl .it home. JESSE I. MILLER, A. B. Lexington, Ky. Thesis: Satire and Society. Winner Patterson Oratorical Contest: K. S. U. Representative K. T. O. A. Contest 10111 De- bating Team: Business Mananer "The Idea", Annual Stafffg Canterbury Club: Executive Board ol' "The Strollers"g Mandolin Club. "I-le'd undertake to prove, by force of argument, a man's no iorse. A 'If you judged ".'l'. T." solely by appearances you might say he came from a bandbox, but ".I. l." wouldn't stay cooped up ln any old bandbox-he's too busy. I-Ie can talk faster, walk faster, dance faster, and think faster than anyone. lf one could find fault with this our idol, he might criticise his puns, for, strangg In gay, "J, l." delights in puns. .Tust imagine a dignified 'lrlnglish prof., a talented orator, a short story writer, a model of perfection in up. pearance and manners and you will have ".T. l." in a nutshell: although some people call him "just cute." 40 . V -' . .zum "-u' : ww I f ,i Ann, U Ig: WW , ,5 'mm ,mm l .. 1 1 i if J . on wi I ' .4 I ,E f' . . -- . -----.1-. Q V -- ,wi n-:email ' 'IJ blgfi 'M . I 2:.-,,-...:s-fe:-::w..f.muv,-mtaa..-:::r.1ln-st.-fs-w ,.f.,-frgzaan. ,,., Yeti!! Q 4 m . f'9 my mf El ,its A FV 'S :vis-1' lg- 1 X, M3,t,42f. 5. . 1 E V t H mI:assaw'wwf'.uww .ai.:.iwxsrwtzwiftl L1:m,.f:ima .a::.z::...4l..,..... ,,,.,N,, , ,Wpfi I l'1AT'l'lI'I NOLAND, A. B-. LILY B. RANIDICNBITNG PARK. B. S., NA'l'llANIl'lL GIIA Y ll0Clll'IS'1'l'lll, A. B. Richmond, Ky. AlIpha.Xi Delta, Chairman Social Committee ol? Y. C. A., "The Strollers: Member ol' cast ot' "Brown ot' 1-Iarvard"g Class Historian. "'fI'is hard to he in love and to be wise." ll? you ever see a dig'nil'led young lady with beautiful Titian hair, talking' to ".'I'alce" or "Geor,r.:'e," that's me. I don't spend all ol' my time that way, 1 write letters home t'?J once In a while. In fact, l'm a model young' lady. I rlon't approve of Senior privileges and clancinpr, but pro in for athletics, dramatios, and "lVl'arsh- mallow Fuclg'e." My laufrh is my eliiefest char- acteristic and is often embarrassing. l'm proud ol' my ability to impress people with what I know and my poise. There are more people l"ra.nkfort, Ky. Alpha GtLlll1ll2L Ilelta. "The grass stoeps not, she treads on it so lig'I1t." Wllen l came from the rapitol city, a pink- cheeked little Froshie, I was known as "J"ily Lark." I haven't ehang'ed much, and it's still hard for anyone to know when l'm around. l'm so little and have such an awfully little voice, but you can't leave me out! I can do lots of things, but l always thoux.:'ht l'd rather dance than anything' else, until I've decided lately I'd rather "Rowe" I don't know how l'fl get along: without Alma-we have all et' our books to- gether and almost think together. l'm fond ol' green hats and good shows, dancing' and more tlancing. Sure, I get Senior privileg.res. lllarion, Ky. Varsity Basketball 'I'oam: 'Patterson Iliterary So- t-lety and Debating' Team: Varsity lit-hating: 'l'm-am: Art lflditor 'll Kentutfkian: .lunior Class tlrutor: Assistant Football Manager, Class llep- resentative, '12. lllajor Education. "Sex the worlcl'll go right il' he hollers out 'gqee' " Next to Goorgre VI'ushinf.:'ton, "Rooster" is the most familiar I'i,f:,'ure around the University, and can be reeolrnized afar hy a g'ra.y and red tobog- pxan, a. blue and white sweater, a watch I'oh about a I'oot long. :intl a swag'1.fer all his own. Ilooster should graduate with honors, but owing to other numerous duties, he will est-ape by the skin o' his teeth. .XI'i'er strenuous the .llonor System. llid you ever hear him say "lVIr. President., I. move you," me of a. story?" No doubt at'rald 017 me than ot' any girl in school and- r"ffH'tS 'lf' Slfll'lf"l l'm just that glad' or "'l'hat reminds . when Rooster re- turns to Crittenden, the frogs will quit "croakin1.: the binomial theorumf' 41 M-A Wvrmuq , -W . , r f mf: 'v':.:::.'xv':.:r1:xg:.t: 51 texas: .4 gg Q E lj E3 ' '-" 'W :.:.:.m.:.t.1.:,- , .',..'-'...r"1: ".. : J-3.: mum::,v:iamv:vt t' fm-ww!! wzrzrul .1 SME! lwMN:wsr:a2:an::4:sL:w:.rg:wn:r.::nr4:-:' i. zz -,Ai . ' ..:: .g .,,.,., - 't ..:.f,.rrm':zg:2,,.:"f.. M , . ,, . . , . .... ..,. ,....,... ,,...,. . ,, . ., . .,,., .at ,,.ms-gmws.-1i ' 2 I- , 1 M L 4 ' I ,I :im vt A-i Q , M rf Mr, f 1 .QHAL f 'jf' nga. .Qc-Q.: ff :VAT Mx'1t?3!gk. W xx!! X ' Mfg l f: , VK Wtim i.l.,,.:?S fiflg F91 Ak EW Ni! 1.wjliis.z'.,. Ei i Li?-.iii ti N7 of li ' l - ---H u.z.nzr.:z..u::.',c..":.Laxamr' sumfammg. . Nilkybligafiiiif ,.:.'1:':1'vr-a'+':rf"w:ef"'f.::..::g''-w'xx:.4:..-ff-21-v:2's2!::r.s:L.'1'f" lhh, .5 s:.4e.1g..::.:t, ....,,,., t... .l1,,1.l.. M,,.,, 4.....a..:...:z :.,,.., .,..:r.iS UI IIAYMICR Wl'lNl'Jl+ll,L TINSLEY, A. B. FRANK H. TOMKIES, B. S. WILL BLACKBURN VVH1T1'3, A- B- lflartford, Ky. 'I'hesis: "Ohio County, 1789-1825? Treasurer Sophomore Class: Editor "idea" 1911- 19123 l-'resident Union Literary Society: Editor 1912 "Kentuckian"g Canterbury Clubg President "Ohio County Club": lflxecutivc Committee Student Government: "Bachelor's Club." "An able man shows his spirit by gentle words and resolute actions." This is the man of the class! Always ready and often waiting. He can do everything' from teaching High School to being' tickle, and editing' the Annual. Raymer may look dignified, but, be it known, he can giggle, oh, how he can giggle. As to making eyes, who can equal him? ltayme-r has had a very romantic historyg just ask him about "the little girl at High School." 1Ve would tell you about it here, but Raymer wouldn't have the folks f?D 'at hoime know about it for anything! 'Nuff said! Everything considered, be it said, "He's all right." Lexington, Ky. "A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays, And confident tomorrowsf' I When it comes to globe-troting Teddy isn't in it with this youth. Virginia was too tame for him entirely, so he left Bethany College in 'OU and entered the lists at Vanderbilt. In '11 he grew weary of so much learning and pres- tige, and pushed on to Kansas where wheat- harvesting occupied him for the summer. His- tory and report said that Kentucky was a dark and bloody ground, so Frank said, "Me for Kentucky," and that State seemed to him the proper Ilgh...1g ground. "Vis hoped that track running will, to some extent, make up for the scraps he expected to find at old K. U. Cloverport, Ky. llenry Clay Law Society. ' "His cares are now all ended." "Bill" came to us from Kentucky Wesleyan. Although he has been with us only a year he has made many friends. I-lis reputation at Win- chester was that of being a ladies' man, and he seems to have a tendency to retain that rep. Ille is a true sport, and mixed with his sporti- ness is a quantity of bluff. .He makes very striking speeches in the Law Department when he arises in time to attend afternoon classes. We are expecting great things oi? Bill, for he has the proper mixture of bluff and ability to make a first class lawyer. 42 W ..., -. .... ....-,..-. M., ..... . -We ..,... L.. 4 ii " U57 on mae .fmfvs fvfmfv, IT? UNE T0 g 9, ,, f mop mr? 1-100 R ff fx'NKsN Cla Xia Zu W f Lzkjjff Cy-f ff' """"x fm WK H0175 WITH r-ff: 956555. ww fRf""' K , WNW lCULrunff M E! Tm-,wfgiei f,,mf-X -1- . ,, .. WM., sv - fy W ...,. ... ......,. ........f.f...-..f .Mm 1.-1 -'-1 T--7 wr- fry? 1 V..,.vv .W A,fX ...-,,.,........w1,.s ,X.,,n M., MXQL, as--1 itwwf-fef1wv.fW-m.,.2Mvm1w'-'vwrcrrv'iw-:-sesame! W 1' 5 A if or 'V if ftw H its BNI Jiljifiiig it ff' N ll W 5,212 'ff' E " 3 ,Z liifi 25243 ' ri L' '95 5 ilk! is-I ' . :mt -1. ffxt Q,,.'.'f r, 1 H - -, IJ gg. 1 f-5 si , , .-.- -, g -is 1 lo.--ww--M M. Mi- , ,, ,. , lil k.:::svaut.-,.s:Jc..acMm Lna r:f-4...wmu-cs" -Q .l "MV ,' f""" ' f ' The College of Agriculture FULL knowledge of the soil and its forma- tion, ,the plant and its growth and of all the processes and laws of nature will enable one to work in harmony with these laws for greater success, usefulness and happiness and will enable him to live and move in a sphere of larger life. It is the purpose of the College of Agriculture to aid in the development of the moral, intellectual, social and economic life of Kentucky, to provide that training which will give fitness for the more skillful performance of labor: which will make rural life more attractive, more pleasant and more profitable: and which will connect the life and training of the school more closely with the home on the farm and thus make it a great factor for the education and uplift of the people of the state. The essential difference between a skilled and an unskilled laborer is a difference of intelligence as well as of special train- ing. A skilled and successful farmer must first of all be a thinking man, able to apply his intelligence and training to his business. The man with a trained hand and nothing more is a mere machine. It is the aim of the College of Agriculture to make men and intelligent citizens, not machines. Just when these purposes will be accomplished We do not care to try To make any definite statement: But in a farmer's language will prophesy. ' When Jack's pumpkins grow on grape vines And his strawberries on the oak: When pathogenic bacteria become harmless And Tommy's pigs never croak: i When Robert's corn outgrows the crab grass And his hemp produces silk: When I-looper's cows grow a crop of feathers And his hens give plenty of milk: When Kinney, Gilbert, Jones and Graham Have each some miracle done, And made pear preserves from buttermilk And maple syrup from the buckeye run: When all log cabins are made into palaCCS, And every farmer sports a motor car: Then will the purposes of the college be accomplished. And that in the future isn't far. . ,..,..s, , ,, M, ,..,., .,., ,..,...,. ,,,i.,.w i.. ,.. .... MA, ",:1f:11iT1"'t'1':" W---:wr'm:'r:::-mv:xx m4::ezt'zmr:e"n 1-'+r,'.r,m:z'.w.z:,i':'r:'1 r1..,py:r:.,vn ":r.,::.:zam., -vw I W f sl 5 ll I .....,...g.--,.'.:..,,. ,N Mc. ,.s,s..i,.u4.,,,s,4.aasz.sws:ma:u,41:sc:...:.,..iazzss-fwflWi:EsQstlWE.n1- 'Q-' , .,.f, s -,- ...os m , i- -,1 vw.-f l". M f'--:':.s..mnve:-2-muw,,w.sssmws-vw---m-J,mne::uwsmw:nnx',.:.. ..t..r.w...aa,-.4t,-f.-W.av......aa,.1.e:alagy3 r'x:,:r,,22,w if xrz- 9-...zgvz ri 1.1, -f..,,M.l:.wtee'm ..m,,m,,m,,nngf-mmwvm-W.-1.,..,...,.,.w-W we . ..,,. B ' ., A ' ta... 1. ,- 1' Q V .W P: . N' " gt iwx iq ,:w3.g,t,, .QE it .W . J ill wgtw ,I ',,u,a,,,1,,,,,,-lift ,R i ?.i,x,:? ,,ii..,., x..L,.,:, H., N ,Ui r , , .. V: ' timim Ei -time 2.3 'QQ -MW . m:nniitem.'f,iQg--...E aff. ...1...,a?mmis -.2 mx 3, Ha W mam if .. K. S - an 1' .iw-.fw qv, I is ' H 'wumwmmwzrmmvwm,.nxrsr.m:nwmammwmm:mtnmwwim1smms.aa asmxmniii 'sf I -my-is haf' Lg Q x.:.- W: asts.-.seas-rmmwf.14:i....l .m.wpamwm:ms.wsw -. x x .11 i:mmms:r+.w.s: :cr 'f-- I WWW lid, 9, , ...- ' oi. WILLIAM COLLINS, B. S. North Middletown, Ky. Thesis: Inbreeding oi' Horses. li Kappa Alpha: Keys: Mystic Thirteen: Lamp and Cross: Pan-Hellenic Council, 1911-12: Varsity Track Team, 1909-12, Captain 1911: Varsity Football Team, 1911: Saddle I-lorse .Judging Team, 1010: Winner of Students' .Judging Trophy. "The greatest end of life is not knowledge, but action." I am the original and only genuine "Bone." At the "Pocket" where "Pap" lives, I am known as "Willie." 'l have always asplred to become a Famous athlete, but owing to my ravenous appetite Ii can not keep in training. The one regret oi' my athletic career is that my only touchdown was not allowed by the mean ref- eree. l am a lion among ladies, but recently my own heart has been pierced by Cupid's little arrow, and when my "College Days" are spent l shall hie myself to the Clark County capital, there to reside in matrimonial bliss. la C it m msenwm.:.:uI...w.a.w..nsuaa.ww WILLIAM COLEMAN l-IAltltlSON, B. S. Shelbyville, Ky. Thesis: A Study oi' the Effect of Weather Con- ditions upon the Production of Milk and But- ter Fat from Dairy Cows. President of lrlonor System: Vice President of Agricultural Society: Vice President ot' K As- sociation: Captain Class Basketball Team, '10: Varsity Basketball Team, '11: Captain Varsity Basketball Team, '12: Varsity Football Team, '10, '11: Captain ot' '12 Football Team: Track, '11. "The force of his own merits makes his way." Behold the son that shone so brilliantly in the athletic sphere o" K. S. ll. Lo, a mighty man is he, who has made for himself a reputation in every branch of athletics. You may think that Harry is nothing but an athlete-very wrong: he is an Ag. student, a schemer, and has a girl In Shelbyville, besides. He works his Dad for money. his Profs for grades, and the College for his trips to Shelbyville. But with all this Harry is a man with ideals, courage to stand for them, and ability to live up to them. .IOHANNIGS DU ,PLICSSIS OOSTHIIIZIGN, 13. S. Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa. Thesis: Study oi' Tobacco Market and Ware- house Methods of Kentucky. Alpha Tau Omega: Keys: Lamp and C1-OSS: Alpha Gamma Rho: Pan-I-Iellenic Council: President Agricultural Society: Dairy Team: Saddle Horse Judging Team: Class lldgglball Team: "Kentuckian" Staff: "Strollers" "Born I'or success he seemed With grace to win, and heart to hold." Yes, Oosthuizen in his name, and you ought to hear the girls practicing it. I-Te is familiarlv known about the campus, though, as "Oostv,"' and Oosty's smile and bow and big brown eyes have made him a general favorite. ln fact, South Africa captured State right away. Oostv says that he is going back to teach the home folks how to grow tobacco, judge stock and talk English. I-le will succeed, too, for he can do anything from riding a cow to tripping the light fantastic. I-Ie says he is going to farm, but who can believe it? - ' -- - - . .. . 1. :at L..J -.1 gg -Iii? mmrfm, H ..w.:em.s x-mmm-vwr: --.,.-Wm-s,K,,..,.aauua.........,...,-.....r...:Qa.z....,-.m2if':Jn1xe.i-:Ewa-..w-.L-I ff:':".:: uik 7,:Q'5'?-'K-jg ....,.....,.,a.-.maz--n1.n-.1r,:,nwrr1c:m1rx',-,M--w....1-...-...H . :M-"fqgggg V-7' 1 sm :cw ., r 1 . , X Effgminz wif. YI 1.11, , ,, 2 Y A ww gf .Q w- L ., , fwf ' fi we ge ,ffm A is S get gg fur. ' xt.: ag To ff' up I ir' Lawn., 3.2 1.1 Wm.-5' '-iqggivr ii RA .1 we-Ms. ui !:,xL:::.m..g: lviffhl ,M 657,4y'g'5-flxffz...-::a.1..v1anE.m we 1 Lili: bm.: Lx Lan: mmrilii V 5 u fu w an I!Halma-,immoral-:Affnl-w1::r,w.:,sa:z:flnmx-::mm--'W W W i u mmm' ' 'wuwuli 'P' i.arf:.wsw fr" r ,, .ua.:smusa...:..M,,z:.. ll wr, ." .lf WILL S. TAYLOR, B. S. Hartford, Ky. Thesis: Course in Agriculture for Rural Schools. Lamed Pe: Alpha Gamma Rho: "Idea" Staff: qgnual Staffg President Agriculture Society, "The mildest manners, with the bravest mind." "Bill" is mighty popularg with him ACQUAINT- ANCIG and FRIEND mean the same. This comes from the Fact that he is a constant worker, a real student. a true gentlemen, a loyal classmate, and a thorough ladies' man. He says he would become rich ihf athletic tickets and the postal rates to BOWIIHS1' Green were not so high. I-le went to West Kentucky State Normal to learn how to teach, to Wlsconsin to get some credit, and, came to State to learn some agriculture. lt is his opinion that with a master's degree from Wisconsin he can teach Agriculture. HENRY MEANS WALKER, B. S. Rectorvllle, Ky. Thesis: I-A Study of the Methods of the Cattle Feeders of Kentucky. II--A Summary of the Weil Method of Feeding. Pl Kappa Alpha: Saddle Horse Judging Teams: Treasurer of Junior Classy Alpha. Gamma Rhog "l.dea" Staff. ".lCf you knowed him, you'd like him shore." This distinguished gentleman came from the mountains of eastern Kentucky and registered as a Civil, but changed to Ag. and his horse laugh shows he is in the right pew. This de- partment had been a back number until Hickory entered. One would think him an athlete, but strange to say, he was never athletically in- clined. He does three things perfectly-chews tobacco, he tells good jokes, and swears beauti- fully. If you want a joke on a goat, or a new cuss word, Hickory is the man you are look- ing for. But despite all this he is a flne fellow F35 A i 3 1 ,Q - T 'T' ':.:1..a':z:Pwm':.5:. . ..J .. ....,,.,.. . ,..,.,., ,... . ,nw ,,,, ,,,,A ,. V , 27' W, 4' ' ' . . ., . .... M- f- -1-. - X X x F X 3 ,f ml' f s J 7 . I. 1 , 11: 1 , In :rf ,f , ,auf 7 i1 ', 'kk A , ,QA lf! YV K V, ' 'VV A 1 ' 1,1 K , -f , 'I ' , . KK . v " " ' 'H " f f 1 1 X M ,M mi, 'J , 17 f , ! 1 ' M, . ' 1 Yv X X X XX , X lx y.' 'Qxx X xv 'X N axxgkx 1 Q '55, W i, ,yy ff X51 1 ff ' qfwf Y fin! if I -nf 2011 f f Q! ! ff f 1 W f SN X , X 2 Q4 , 'N y x, ' Kai X X1' i N. f f. 141 Nw .iffy M U4 I X! I M W, i V 1 T1 k M M J if f xx fff' lf' X : H, f ml? ' ' 1 .. VAX K f JL W' Z, X ff X M 1 ,,, VL A Z fyzh dw f,Q fff X ' X 471 If xx x XX , ,lf X Wdrrhfff, X ' 1 Xl CN - bf ,W f 1 f 1 ff If If AIM II W1 f 2.-rf' ff' H i X ,.-f - :-:F I m 4 gr . I. f". 'Ji"'N"'7'iVf'f?.7 grail 51:-eras.-f,:::. f .--V --Q- f - . M""l1 WE we W, 5, silwvov K., KF K .7 :,l.,,,51: 5.2 5-j ig g Ale: .S .i 5 g- :1 Pl, ., . .V 3.3. as.. , ff fi . tus, I. . .. V , ,H gfdij- '. fax fi.. 14 .yt ::r::,:r.::x.f,.'! ,4 '. ' :,: 5 A ffiwu li L.. 2 1 - ' AY yr- ffTinfivwgw....., A i 'imma V, L Li,::w"f.'::17-'-fzweurz-u. ,, 'Lair-:,:1:w::":za'::: ' ""'-fm College of Civil Engineering - E. SEE. him as he passes with a transit on his shoulder and a happy smile on his faceg and why not? l-le has fgotten his bachelor's de- gree from the College of Civil Engineering of Kentucky State University. For four long and weary years he has toiled. l-le has listened to Sandy expound the mysteries of English, has taken his round of Mathematics from Morton and josh, from Tri- gonometry to Calculus. ln Physics he has been shown that it is not "A thing of beauty or a joy forever." ln Descriptive Geometry and Surveying he has toiled. ln Rooftruss he has found "that it don't make any difference, for you can't figure on a tornado." ln Chemistry he has been told over and over again that his grade resembles, "the score board of a seventeen inning baseball game l once witnessed while at Yale when neither side had scored." ln Mechanics of Materials he has learned how to design a twenty story building in as many hours, while in Analytic Mechanics he has figured out how to play billiards scientifically. The faults of Kentucky have been shown him in Geology. Assaying Laboratory reminds him of the tortures in the world to come, and he immediately learned a bunch of Sunday-school words in the Draughting- room. The Judge has told him what the "Statutes say." He has discovered why "politics are the damnedest in Kentuckyf " under the able direction of Thutmose. The Dean has made him standardizeg yes, he has even made him standardize his shoestrings. e But to explain more fully the why of that smile on his face: have you ever looked into a certain room on the second floor of Mechanics l-lall at the third hour on Wednesday, and heard, "please arise when your name is called," and then listened to the reason why "Bertha M. Clay is a writer of truth and idealism," and, "why the Liberty Boys of '76 is the work of a genius." If you have, you can no longer wonder why the smile he wears on his face, but will say, "l-le may go from here No difference where- He's a good' fellow here I-le'll be a good fellow there." .. .I '.,..- ,... . , -..1-Af'L1gvrfe-,.,....,.,,.s-,.,,,:,,mn.,,7..,,.1., !m..1,.,.,.,,,,,........ , Y.Fw....,,.:::. ?:-3-gzq,e,vm,y-,g:...... Mini, li ' M"?.,,F3 'QW L3 ' .. ,,., li 'fffsi ., .... u. I fl . .. 1 g .,,,.t...,.....-....r..:.:..zs:1':-rm , .. n.. .1 .egg in ,,,.,m1:':-r.p.xxg.:::r:.1 ,,,,,,ML.- 1330- H V K 1 .... 'fn "fx .f"" - V .. HVYF 9 t - . we-wmwyfrvmrz-mm-fr-'1-:rf:.1-'"'fr:r:'.1'w1:::'n:-:warif'-sw-M -wv'--rr-znvrr-:.e'.:mv1r"f+v'r"- w::rv"v"v"f "' --V ,S K' " -,g y V: Hoge js-A .:7.X,- QQ, Ermaww-miami?-"'fa:rar:n'vW-ifmmrzaf.wrs-:sri w--+.':- nw f-"M im..-ferr-rv-v-wvi. ...N -,vw 'mm I .. .W ...Mt ..-s...w ., ,. , ,.- fc 5 ve- ' - gbifz. iff 'f . 1' Y in W 4 .. ,M . ., NW. , ., .t . , .. ,. , . , X. ' gtdaff ,,. ,Im rg rg f,....., ska Q.. ...Q ,211 my 5 V.5,.h.-Ev.. ,, l, ity N E-Vv.TM,:i lg.. ff.. 3 T A .h . N A .th V- ,, . . 5 if -is A ' tit. fee' LA :QM S.. Kqxzf' -eg,-ggxf il' ax w gi'-it N W1 f- :. Q-"Lie':-em 'f glwi- L'-ff -'-field it is tai Ei Y22 L?.cs.:a ll L. .. 1.1 :ll yi t ,. .V ' I -QE I 1113:-tins'ex-s::..a.111.panxefw::f:wrx mtznm'-111:-aw:s:sw..i v Qem-mrzxxx-n.'am'r.vnmxsss.':snsnn:raausuuuumfwrr.:'sxrx::,m:ms33 'J557-,5 ' La.: ass...-:fm.s-rmomsnmwa-:s:1mma:.u-mLxw.:a:w:r,twsa:4a,.M,a.wz:xxg.:,:.:.4.cnx.grw. ... .M it r.m..g.... A an w .' .4 fl WILLAHIJ I1AN'l'IC BA KNOWS, B. C. IC. HARRY NOIt'l'I'lCOTT CLAGIGTT, B. C. E. THOMAS EVANS IGARLIG, B. C. E. Di xon, Ky. Thesis: Railway Construction. Patterson Literary Sotclety: Secretary Brooks Society oi' Civil Engineers: Democratic Club: Tau Beta Kake: "Transit" Staff: "Kentuckian" Club: Knight at the Round Staff: Brevlty Table: S. U. A. A.: Tennis Club. "Life is short, and so am l." "Shorty" is the pride oi' the Seniors-he might well be called the "pet" ol' the class, which is appropriate as he still talks baby talk. W'hat Shorty lacks in looks, he makes up in spirit. His chief accomplishment was the rescue ol' the whistle from its perch on the gymnasium. Had the whistle been animate Shorty should have had a Carnegie medal: that's just his luck. Shorty is very gallant to the ladies. Kinky once accused him of having three hands and Shorty wept bitterly. Shorty has made a record in the University: in fact, he's done everything but grow! Cheer up, Shorty, there's time yet! Bowling Green, Ky. Thesis: Railroad Location. Kappa Alpha: S. ll. A. A.: fI'an-Hellenic Coun- cil: Brooks Engineering Society: Knight ot' the Round Table. "I doubt the wisdom oi' being too wise." Harry is a good worker and for proof of that we only ask you to look at his gray hair. .lf he could carry his work into dreamland he would accomplish much more, though, for Harry loves sleep next to work. "Speedy" said he liked him better than any other fellow in the class, but llarry won't believe it. .I-larry is popular with the girls, but he has been unfortunate in all his love'ai'fairs. especially here in Lexington. His course in Civil lflngineering takes most of his time, however, so llarry does not allow himself' to worry about that. lbawson Springs, Ky. Thesis: Highway Bridge Stresses. lfootiball Team, '08, '09, 'l0: Captain '11: Tau Beta Pi: President Senior Class: President Fl. C. IC. S.: Class Treasurer, '08-'OSH Busi- ness Mana:-rel' ot' "Strollers": Democratic Club: Knights of the Round Table: Y. M. C. A.: Il. L. Society: "Transit" Staff: President of K. Association. "The name that dwells on every tongue, no minstrel needs." We might take up a whole volume talking about "'l'ommy's" athletic victories, but Tommy has done so many other things that we must hurry on. .lust read his attainments and see "what a great man am l." Iflverybody knows Tom, and he's a favorite even with the Fresh- men, though he did make the hair ily last fall. "Mr. Oeile' receives Kinky's choicest smiles and sweetest 'glances-therefore many youths are jealous oi' him. But smiles and glances have no effect on Tommy, for we hear that after Cap and Gown, June roses and wedding bells are next on Tommy's schedule. -,,3rr"::.:1tM'w'fJlHmrf1mym'At:1' l If-M1 Fav-3 . ,-1 ry-p--pw r , 1 . :r1:.':."t-mutt.: sfisswmffxnwzrm: f aw. ':.:ug...i:r.:s.:n-resign! Ll: ,ij T: :N ky 3 . .. ..,... 4' gismfwvksrx .. X .... ,MIL V fe''zsr.:r:w-ss-.m.1ef.r::szzzmvszamimpsiii' ' bi'af'3i ........-,--.-.....,--....., .-v-11. x I , r , , , g A Q' gawgg "', W'f' yr- rg.: ,K W We Wsim' Ui 45511, M l A BNI . A sl . 32 fail fla zff ra. , E Q , I, x , , , .,, 4. . ,,., . ae. .J J. . .. , , . ., ,. ,,,.,. . H 7, .. ,..,, ar..::"""W--'-'-J' xLKA" -Ht11-1Museum-'-"'Yff-1'M2"Qmri4:awmZ1.:1'-hsffxrg ..... g:':g1.g , ,,..:..z-, N-. ..,.,.,..:tz..L'21 A .pcs .W H ' ...l-r--grffv JOSEPH MILLET LEWIS, B. C. JG, .IUHN DALLAS McMURTliEY, B, C. E. l-lEltBlCR'I' LINCOLN NAGEL, B- C- E. Owensboro, Ky. Bowling Green, Ky. Bellevue, Ky. Thesis: Topographic Map of Elmendorf. ,, , , , , , ,. . . lhesxsz Municipal Standards and Specitica- Phesis: 1'l1lYTllIlEl.t10I1 of Grade Crossing. Phi Delta Theta: Pan-l-lellenic Council: Brooks tions- Sigma Nu: Tau Beta Pig Business Staff 1912 Engineering Society: Ediffll' of "'l'l'2-l'lSlt"Q S. U. A. A.: Captain Company T21 "Transit" "Kentuckian"g Pan-Hellenic Councelg S. U. A. CILLSS Football: S. U. A. A. Staff: .Editofrial Staff? "Kentuckian"g Brooks A. Engineering' Society, Giftoriang Tau Beta "The glass of fashion and the mould of form, The observed of all observers." This youth ls very quiet and unassuming, and has never been known to say anything stronger than "Don't that beat the band" whenever he blots a tracing: He has always been regular to his classes NJ. Joe seems quite unaware of the covert glances cast in his direction by the coy maidens ot' the University, but we have been told that the birds of W'oodland have learned to warble his name in a way most fascinating.: fto himj. Joe has always been a great football enthusiast, and he developed into a classy hobo last I'all about the time of the Vanderbilt game. Kakeg Democratic Club. "For thy sake, tobacco, I would do anything but die." Thus said our ancient friend, She Pat, "Um- um! Thot mon lVicMurtrey is a nurty 1:0011 mon!" Since he said it, it's true: in fact, some say Mac's the best civil ol' the bunch. But be that it may, he's a good natured sort of a cuss, and has enough irish blarney to be something of a lady killer. I-le's rather quiet, but when he gets started it makes one think his degree ought to he B. S. Mac is a mighty good friend and it's been said that he is an ex- cellent sweetheart. l-lero's to Mac, may his freckles never grow dim! 50 F' we .f Sami gin-le, lima-M A "Be gone, dull care! Thou and I shall never agree!" l came to Kentucky State from the 'University of Cincinnati in my Junior year because I pre- ferred Co-eds to Co-ops. I am fond oi' my pipe and dreams and 'Feel like a true college sport, I am strongly in favor of abolishing all morn- ing classes and erecting' a. monument to Mor- pheus. Am especially enthusiastic about the so- ciety oi' women at the right time and place, Would that l could be great without an effort! Achievement without labor is my only ambi- tion. v .A ,.,gwmumrur2Z2'a'-mm' H. .... I .':'uwrf:,,. W .ze - a.e-1.:s.:lM+o-.y-..e......,..,.-,nnm:n:snuz:em:xnxaaL,..-:....:mm. was-Q i-H25 5. A H .-fr' f5'1:Q:5.': . mf rg Uri? 1. , ' . rw".n.-n.i::m,. . . . i fem mm Ol. mam if vi we-o '., . es! ,bp-.-zz N .. Fi KPN? H A HXQ mi . 1, is f A--5-:XJ--':. N Q fs Q- of 'M f7 1 - -Elyria. i9'.:::.g:u kiwi Ll RQWQ 54,533 timed 2 A ww ESX ' E "VX :.:...f-sn 51-12 'V -' Taxi: I ':'U3:.xfJ'r:'e::.:::x:'.z:4.:..:ls.:.n.v.xrw.::..:::xx.v'uwswr:emm'iffcw:xxl:.rrax'xn.x: ' ' is '-'-'nzszctzrtf"s2'4l!l1.'11h'r-'2fc.':sexe:faJz:s"f:vzm:n' '.:'t..:'1.2'r' .. .r' 'fir-.:'v't.t3 I! 5? JOHN ,IGIJWAIUJ ROBlGlt'l'SON, B. C. E. EARL PARKER ROBINSON, B. C. E. ROBERT AMBROSE ROBINSON, B. C. E. Wwldy. Ky. Richmond, Ky. St- Louis. Mo. Thesis: Railroad Location. Thesis: Highway Bridge Stresses. Thesis: Elimination of Grade Crossing. B. C. ld. Society: Tau Beta Kake: S. U. A. A. "II am as sober as a Judge." .lohn hails from the fertile fields of old Shel- by. Long ago he heard the song of the siren, and has paid tribute to some scrap of a blue- eyed girl ever since. J-le makes it a part ol? his school work to fall in love with some fair one once every week. For four long years he has risen at the charming sound ol' the alarm clock to carry cheerfully the news to Lexington peo- ple. llis chiel' occupation is taking observations on Polaris and writing Kink's lectures. Follow- ing Foxy I-lollar's advice, countless have been the times he has looked at the moon. Here's wishing your future is a glorious one. Treasurer Brooks Society: Manager Senior Foot- ball Team: Chairman Ring Committee: "Trans- it" Staff: Tau Beta Kake: Democratic Club. "Ile sighed and looked unutterable things." lflarl Parker says most that he has to say just by keeping silent, and silence is very elo- quent, you know. I-le is very, very timid, indeed, and is so embarrassed when Kinky says, "Mr. Oile Robinson" and smiles sweetly at him. lil. l'. is devoted to his friends and would divide even the half of his kingdom with them. The most important work of his Senior year was as Chairman of the Ring Committee' Earl hopes to make ia great Civil 1!lI1g'iI1C8T,'8.Ild judging by his ability to get what he wants, we feel safe in saying that he'1l do it. 51 I 4 , I - ea. I Kappa Sigma: B. C. ld. S.: S. U. A. A.: T. B. K.: Class Football Team. "May he never grow longer." "Bobby" is a "show me" product, and came to us in the Junior year from Washington Uni- versity, St. Louis. He is a baseball player of some renown, and a great lover of dancing, having brought a girl to the 'Pau Beta Kake dance, where he sat out all the dances. For some mysterious reason Bobby has a great love for the Dutch which he is continually voicing in the drawing room, much to the disgust of one of his class mates. pus: h :.,.-.:,....f.v-W.-Us-w....,,-.,m-aa .zaivslsmmsmm mm-m'w:rm.f..w Wrsur,t:u ' f ,n.-uw.: u ,..,, 4 " A1f.'11E l 95:3 my M f JW, -, 5.,Q, it A. 45 rr. .fy M 7!J,.,Vf:,vl,,5z,g4:af: I .1 .y LI 23 X wif 7415-1 1,.2g.m -.,' 1 new . :xref eg K gh Qgimwy H ,EEA,u...1:r' xl IQl'V'G,it ugfim me 1 ' I H Egan ' l wmmumununm..--A- ,..-Awemw ,, . 4,3 iam mt- ' "-.mme:m'lmzmzsm.wwa1mwmm'x-t1mwc..t:4 EE ERN,ICS'L' F. SClrlIlVIPEL'lUR, B. C. IC. IIQALPIEI. SKIFF, B. C. li. .IOI-IN .BA,ltRIGTI'TI? THOMAS, B. C. E. Louisville, Ky. Erlanger, Ky, Falmouth, Ky. Kappa Sigma: 'Pau Beta Pig B. C. E. S.: S. U. A. A.g Editor of "Transit" "The Amsterdam Dutch and the Rotterdam Dutch- 'Phey don't amount to so very dam much." "Schimp" brought his smiling countenance among us in our Sophomore year, and we have always been proud oi' him, the ladies especially. He had a very severe case of Feminitis in his Junior year, and he has not fully recovered yet, for he says he thinks he will practice his pro- fession in the Vicinity 01? Versailles. We be- lieve he will succeed, having faith that "two heads are better than one." Some one told Schlmp that his voice was very melodious, and the Senior Clvils have been looking for that one, presumably to- lVIIay his beauty never fade. K. S. II. Bandg Glee Club, S. II. A.. A. "Much ado about nothing." Four years ago I, Raphael, the College "S" center, entered freshman with difficulties, hav- Ing to whip fourteen professors, George 'Wash- ington included. My college career has been full o" its ups and downs-mostly downs, even Iloe. Maxson giving brass a new name, "SkiI'I'- ite." l am not particular In my choice ol' weather, preferring equally "Le June" and Christmas Candles." I am at musical boy, and my melodious voice Is welcomed by all-when it Is silent: fortunately the price of egx-is has permitted me to sing whenever I desired this winter. I am doomed to be an old bachelor, Leap Year holding no prospects. 52 M -ss. , Z- 4-::u.s.1u.a f..emf-fuz,m,-.mla: :e::...-nwmazazyr. Eg . - . s.- -A a im . , ,l mm L4mmmmv:mm11:uwmwmIn:am waasawmmsmfmmwafumfwa -..... ,,..,, . . ,.,, IWW Brooks Civil ltlngineerlng Societyg Tau Beta Pig l3xtche1or's Club. "Plague ii' they ain't sompln' ln work 'At kinda goes agin my convictions." I-Iaving acquired all the knowledge possible to be gained in Is'almouth, l decided to go 'forth to seek new worlds to conquer. In the fall of 1908 I found myself at State University, where for three long years I toiled incessantly. Finally finding myself a Senior and lacking some of the accomplishments that distinguished that august body l. started out to acquire them. I can now say truly there is nothing wanting. I am it "Night at the Round Table," the best skipper oi' the class, a favorite with the girls, having one In New York, Williamstown, Winchester, Mt, Sterling, Lexington, and two in Falmouth, one of which Is now married. lff',2CZl'lf1fiZ"L'ffl' 'M f."L"7f'S"C5"'2"34'.TF'T"'-' Y'fQ1i'dEiil' ,mammnwmv:miuvwmwi::z:1'li'w:..::m'.em:vz':rmmlIfivw1mmasmQWQ3. HMM I ..m:mn.,1:t .- ms.-mfzvrewr..t..... t......,.,,..e...:........n-rf:-'::":e .......-was-fvemsmmn...-..fEaairms .swvle-' Elfiqge-.Avi rs., ..,s..,.... ..-..,.., ,. .,. . M . Y D 1 -, .hw A . ' ...J yy, 'yi 5-- -' -f 1- - ww- " 1'-' " 'X'--:1:..1...: -. mg-Y gk, KV 'Tir F' --'fm' V' FT7 '527 !'f..+'7" C 'T' ' E16 x.4'f.23i'fAJ..'.I:t '--, " wt '01 1' 3 4 -Y gf -A .. .W .. B Eaffixk t 1... E3 emi ,, .fs :Wk ,,jF,,,.f.L, gf Q wif 'Q ' '73 V2 'SX 6' V W' . .- ,5 is ,,,,,, . . - - - .M i A . , A 2 ' E l.r.'zw ' . '-'mamma'.xacmzmnsxzmrt-M-1-'. -te.....l...."fm".:.:.m N . L.u-'if:.:zv.r.u1mx::x:f1:ms.'a:':un::se.z.,.:.fe-.ialJ "MX "" 1 "' Li:.:...u.:.....,.:1:..:..f...e1mxn..-....::4..N..- , - - e V U ' XJ V .-.W XY, V W . . .. . ....,,,....,,,,..,,.. ..., .. .. -' .1 " ,T - fy- ..,. . . l seat l nl f'.:'..w4gz"r::"1.:'1'-3"'r't:"7 :::.x1."'z:'zf' ::.'c7fiKi'1'Y.-'Lil .JOHN HIGNRY WADSWORTH, B. C. IG. Ashland, Ky. Thesis: Calculation o" Sections, Bridge lVIem- bers and Bridge Details. Glee Club: Mountain Club: B. S. C. lfl.: S. U. A. A.: Business Manager of "Transit": Secre- tary and Treasurer 'Pennis Club: Chief' Rooter: First Lieutenant: 'l'au Beta Kake: Grub Club: Manager's Club: Senior Council. "What a case am 1 in!" We apologize for not giving .lack an individ- ual writeup, but it's impossible to write about .lack without Jennie. Cases? Romeo and .luliet weren't in it with "Jack and Jill" as they are valled. .lack nearly received It cracked uranium 1llll'lll1-I' his Senior year from one ol' our dearest profs, and has been confxratulatetl on his sweet temper ever sinee. His voice is almost as sweet as his temper, in a serenade often drowning' the others who don't relish cold water! As to. a 4-h'1racteristic feature! Do you know Jennie? Goa to any of the dances--the youth dancing' sixteen out of twenty-four with her-thats Jack! 1v:n.:.wm.::u:::am-mwm::msa.z.::mxwN7: ,T ti if ' .t . 'Wi' xt? 2 " I' , .- . . . ids ., . - .... 1.1: ..a.:....:.,....w ssmw 4 t it S . WILLIAM A. WALLACIG, B. C. lil. Cerulean, Ky. Thesis: Contracts and Specifications. Alpha 'Pau Omerxaz Mystic Thirteen: First Lieu- tenant "Strollers" "'I7he ladies call him sweet." Everybody likes to walk and talk and dance with "Billy" because Billy knows just how to do all oi' them. Moreover Billy is sueh a good looker in all that brown suit, that everyone is naturally proud to "be" with Billy. Now, don't be mislead. William is a dignified, intelligent Senior, having' had a life of many and varied experiences, and winning' his way everywhere with an lnnoeent, questioning' smile. liilly is strung.: in dramaties and eampustry: in fact, he has become an ardent "stroller" in both senses. As one of our fairest said, "Why, Billie is about the sweetest boy on the campus." L. .... ,qv . xwuztfaix H - .vp L Q ,. "LJ . . ., ' .....l...... .s t.f..i... .- .:..:e.w.:-me-.wmzx:.,f.v:naw::a.g.:...1:...: .. 1 ....... ....t.sswatg 4... W Q ' ' --imma: --'lunsrmg-.-'mee-f-'sv '1'f4xye:4::'w"'":m:1.:r.::a:m:mr.:::-:la-::',:q ...vt .4..., ... . .' ., . xs.:zvlrm1sme:a:.z'.w:Lm.xw,wf. fawwLfs::srv:a:w:-wcu,:..f,A,-- -. Q f, f. r.:"'::'::.'..','..L.g::'. -.2 .mlm - V E ,"4 I J ',4A " 'hly vu? .W 'mmm www mul .fm nv' LY ev.s'vm1M 1' " fl "Tl "1 "MWF ,K E: N 'r uc K IAN Miele. I aetfe 5 ,al I I E if ADOLPH WATSON. B. C. E. Lexington, Ky. ' Thesis: Railroad Location. Alpha Tau Omega, B. C. E. S., Tennis Club.. - "He seeirried for dignity composed and high ex- D O . But all was fake and hollow." Although I have been here only two years, I am better known than many who have been here for four or more. The Profs like me because I do not attend class enough for them to lose' the good impression I tlrst make. The girls are crazy about my dancin:-K. Can I play tennis? Well, I guess, l can heat any grasshopper you ever saw! Civil 'Engineering has never bothered me much while I have been in school, and will give me less cause to worry after I have my degree, for I am my daddy's only son! .54 Wh ALGERNON SIDNEY WINSTON, B. C. E. Sturgis, Ky. ' Thesis: Contracts and Specifications. Alpha Tau Omega: B. C. E. S.: S. U. A. A. "Love makes fools of us all." At last I have found a class which I think is worthy to have my name on its roll. 1 started in,"She Pat's" Department, but l have profited by my long drawn-out course, as my record during the Senior year will show. For many years I was a regular patron ol' dancing school where I made many Friends, some of whom still recognize me. My greatest achievement has been the winning of a fair damsc1's heart. I heartily recommend to the faculty that all "Strollers" be excused from chapel attendance, as they can make more profltable use of this time. ,. .N ,. ., af-+.A...,..... ..t .., ,..w...- , . M ,f M, ..... A, ,A 1 g I I ...,,,,W.W,,1.,,..... ..., ..... . ., ..- W WTX f L YQ, Xiu ,V X ff! 1 N I Y W J ' X I f X M - -1.-.s4,frfrHf'f3:af,,,S -x,.:h I .':a.,. J ff.--1" f,....-4-- ' rgx -1- , W . .f . . I servers.-e-w a,.,,..-.-,-,,,,.,,.,...-.- -f -vw-M r--Q'-rx mmm-1,1-Y ww- 1 1 ' , 'arm -.ff -,H V 'TX f f ":"r1 v .1 1, i -. if . -ww-r::,-' . sa- -fi 5 ... ' 1 A A ., , X M ' - ' A , , . . . , . if "i,Tuf1.,fll rug wviersa 3 f-mar tfigfr' Jn? rv-sm H i 5, . vim -, X mx. I is 1 ' V h sv, , - i f, 1 r- - , W BMJ is liwagw wikis at iffswtfx limi-bi: 'J'-L'-"f1 fi 1-11. gg 5,1 -1wiisr w time ii Ltxbl L H1 this ii . , 1 is , , 1 Pl t n I 'using "-A Q:-JP kann!-nu - sm -me fn- A' .L..-....',-,Aw ' 4. ,,,.. :.a4em,..,a::' ..4.., q.. .,.:4J D The College of Law """'- OUR years ago, in two small rooms of the Education Building, with inadequate equip- ment and with but few students, the College of Law began its first session. Today, in spacious apartments of its own, with a large library and court roomg an able faculty: an enrollment of over a hundred students, the college stands unequalled by any law school in Kentucky and unex- Qt celled by any in the entire South. The students are earnest and ambitious, yet life is not always taken too seriously. A perfect understanding exists between them and the instructors and, thus aided and encouraged, the followers of Blackstone-especially those of the Senior class- are firm believers in the oft-quoted adage: "Theres time for work, and time for play." The opportunities for work, being well known to all who have had Quasi-Contracts and Court Practice, need not be mentioned, while, as to recreations, they are many and diverse. In the Henry Clay Law Society the embryonic statesmen re- lieve their minds on burning questions with an eloquence that makes the immortal shade of him for whom the organization was named pale away into insignificance. The Barristers' choir ever and anon insists upon giving vent tosounds of vary- ing pitch and intensity, and many times each day do the clulcet strings of the medley strike the ears of the inoffensive passer-by with a jarring thud. Now and then, dainty footfalls are heard upon the stairway, the brooding atmosphere flees before the burst of sunshineg musty books are Hung aside, and everyone with the grace of "ye olden time" hastens to pay homage to the maidens fair. V But as winter wanes, as spring approaches, as the day of Commencement draws nigh, a strange foreboding steals into the heart of the jaunty Senior and a thoughtful expression creeps into his erstwhile carefree countenance-all born of the realiza- tion that but a few months separate him from the cruel world where, at the entrance to the legal arena, old and experienced lawyers lick their chops in sanguine anticipation of his coming, murmuring meanwhile to themselves, "What a tender and juicy meal he will make." f ."1 7.,.A-.." MW, rt ccrraazzzmtzx'-'.,.:m -:rc.".w'a-irsgsu' rr:',1gr::41'z'r,i,:t , ,t i' '- ' 5 , ,,., it ,.,,,,., is - ------- V.-:.:.ww-ef.. ,...f-z:.ztm:.v-r-fs-wa-..v.:.....w,.s.fs.fsi fM..,..a..:..e-..u.e..s,W..surve-r:-.zz-.arm-7-E rfffqfi' -W.. -W rp gm,,of-.--U-f-,Q-'-M--s-.-fi.----v---I. Tl., E H A7 Si' .A-. FN. 3' U'f"i'1ifl pg fi trail? fl' .cv 1' 'w V: av 'iggiiin 1 Y -' if ' I is rv: 1 M vM:'.1.::: if -tw .. ' ' I-fr 1 ' fp",-. 1' 'f . 1 fi 3 Li' YQNXE 5 v tw 11, ' t .- - ' Q fc "X -C ,fm A 1 ' ' Fffffa LQ- .1 'fri R530 -'le-40 firnqsx 1, 551533. "mn: AI' ,Y-fl., L . 'nw fgfii if Env: L 5 - . I. F - '1:w,g:1:r::.a. .. - -rf'zzmurx mxwm1.-x:m,rg.v.,:.. :.gtm:.,.J 'X 1 X L:ew..:.M:...e:.a:..w.uq,.-.::r:m.:m.A-.W ,.',.,. ., ' . 1 ,, J 'f--f' -,W . if-V ,v...: . .. .gf .iosicvu B. CAMPBELL, LL. B. oAi:L c. cuowr, LL.B. IIAXHIQY B, 1,,.,tq-1,,.1y, 1111. B, Barbourville, Ky. Henry Clay Law Society: Patterson Literary So- ciety: Mountain Club. "My recreation is to work." .lobie came to this University after he had led the class of '10 in their Senior year at Eastern Kentucky State Normal. Here, too, he met with exceptional popularity and established a record as a thorough student. ,ln the fall of '11 he journeyed to Valparaiso University, but having' heard the sad, sweet strains of "My Old Kentucky Home" once too often, he decided to return and cast his lot in Kentucky Stat.e. Pres- ent conditions indicate that his wanderinns are over, and that he is looking' 'Forward to the not Var distant and happy day when he can return to his beloved mountains and pluck a "wild rose." Fulton, Ky. l'i Kappa Alpha: IJ. D. L.: Henry Clay Law So- ciety: Psi Delta Phi. "For a woman's only a woman, But a good cigar is a smoke." t "lek" has been here for four years. At first, being' enchanted by visions ot' building bridges and constructing' railroads he began Civil En- gineering. But, alas and alacki this required Physics and Math, so being' impressed that his talent lay elsewhere, he tried law. Here, at last, he was at home, 'for he is a natural lawyer. lie is a good worker, and a hard one, and is always busy workin,-tr on seine puzzling' point in law which interests him. I-Ie is very popular among' all who know him, and everywhere he may go he will make triood. 'l'olesbo1'o, Ky. Vice lfresident Patterson Literary Society: 'Vice President Democratic Club: Henry Clay Society! Mountain Club. Law "I only speak right on." llefltley came here lust year from the East- ern Kentucky State Normal School, and like all normalites he had much to learn of real c-olleae lil'e. He is taking' law, und doing' much classical work "on the side." Hut Criminal Law is his strong' point. it is this in which he expects to specialize. and woe be the criminal he prose- vutes. but blessed be he whom he defendst Ile is one oi' the hardest workers and best students in the law dep:1.l'tmf-ui. 57 , -.,- ys:wm w':wr"xazmm ' ' 'XYZ , lf' ':'.-.'w'r"xn-W-.. :' M -A rw :W W .L I1 t, lift, .g SQ F . 5 ':.,- -w:5"'1Em gsm f ,, 0- , , ,, M , ,zgmgggzgmuga A .. N., ,,,,,,M-5,,,m,,,,,-,e4x,,,,,-.2-,,tefytL . .xz',:as.4 Lingus, has-mn! .i . . , , ,Q I X , -f I '.1uuunun.......,...-W...,.N. .,,, ,.-mg-.miif:q:gm,, .,,.1 ,:4:.-.:.- - ' ' ' lg: Y. .,.. ,, 4, tar K H N 'T' Las I A N . gm it N i M te.. Q .ft H W fa - , J: "nal .. , ,., , .. ,:. , m,,...... .X,A ,,.. , .,.. , . .,t V .,,,,,,,:,,,,-,,,,,,, . ,, .,,. ., gm, . .,.. ,, . .,.. , .. .,,,. um. . ,... .,,-.,.........,.M.,,.a....'a.JI P iz' Q x X i 4 1 RICHARD VINSON GARRICD, LL.B. JONES O'I'llA GILL, LL. B. HUVVARD 17- MCELROY, LL- B- Louisa, Ky. Sigma Alpha Epsilong JJ. D. L.g Henry Clay Law Society. "Quiet and unassuming, but still Water runs deep." "Dick" is a manly youth, having received much good training' from Uncle Sam at West l'oint. He has been here three years, delving: into the profound mysteries of the law. It will be hard to tell just when his "first case" is pleaded, because there seems to be an atllnity between him and girls, which began-nobody knows when, He came with a reputation as a Hladies' man," and he has lived nobly up to it. But this is not all. Dick is a student, and will make good in his profession. He is a jolly good fellow, whom everybody likes. f 73f:.w'if:'.1::.y:1x':."1l'Z" "'t::7,':::::.."x V -. A., ,... ...I Marion, Ky. Literary Society: Henry Clay Law Patterson Society: 1011 Debating' Team: Athletic Com- mittee. "Love is worst when it comes late in life." Shades oi' Dignity! When .Tones puts on his "specs" and grabs his Senior cane, many maid- ens ask, "Who is this handsome man of dig'- nity?" But be it known, this dignity is as- sumed to hide his bashfulness. Jones made a marvelous record in the University: he never strolls nor flirts, "seldom he dancesng he is a peaceful citizen. Don't be misled. Jones talks law to the ladies. He belongs to the "Marion Bunch," but is neither a phenominal orator, an extraordinary bluffer nor a speedy courter-all of which are typically "Puerile." ,Cheer up, Jones, the worst is yet to come! 58 San Marcos, Texas Henry Clay Law Society: D. D. L.: Class Football Teamg Theta Nu Epsilon. "No man's'sentiments perfectly agree. with mine own. ' Why do the ladies call me a handsome fel- low? .lust look at my likeness for the answer: but the whole answer is not here. My "FORM" constitutes much of my attractiveness. My work in K. S. U. merits the degrees of LL. B. and B. F. T., the latter meaning Bachelor oi' Femin- ine Tranquillty. T majored in the subject of "Every day is Ladies' day for me." With the sheepskin in my possession lf shall return to my birth place and native State, Texas, there to expound the immortal truths of Blackstone. .ww fer' wwf- Q " tm: e' ' - ' ff . WI ,,... . , .. H I ' ..v, A ..... A ,,,,,.,, --www... v1 K ls M H A N F' ifjfjf?fi.7fff:'fsr-rfffffwlim Li lslii Fw it 5 Q lNti.:'zaamsnmr'msnmv1ww '-x.f :m:ozm:rmxmuwmmvnwrm'wmmwmwwmm :1f.-1soQ .,,. : .:"- nil E:..:r:Q.:x::f,.mw:...:mom,p::.': ,.f,-, : :A ,zz --,,w mme... us ...J JOHN ELVIS MILLER, LL. 13. Aid, Missouri Henry Clay Law Societyg State University Demo- cratic Clubg R. P. A. "Full many a flower is born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air." l'm good in Law, and have only one fault to find with my college career, and that is that I. have been horribly confused with McElroy. Yes, l'm a basht'ul "teller," but I know more girls than anybody, and they think l' am haml- some-that ls, some of them do. Every man ouxrhter fall in love at least once a week, but sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas. My ambition is to ride my Missouri mule into Congress, but II' "Old Beck" won't go toward Wasliington, I can still pitch more hay than anybody in our deestrict. BAIN IVIOIQRISON, LL. B. Lexington, Ky. D. L. Sigma Nu: lflcnry Clay Law Society: D. "Wc've hail a great time You'l1 all agree." "Foxes have holes, the birds ol' the air have mun- nests," but it' there is any place on this dane sphere where restless spirits timl peiirna- os- nent abode, Bain has not yet discovered it. sesseil ot' a wandering' disposition and love ot' arlventure, he has tlittecl from place to place, and at least become convinced that "the West is his home." Bain is cleeirleclly literary and has the rare ability of adapting' himselt' to any situation. He might have been a Robin .Hoorl or a Ttobespierreg while, had he been in Utah when Mormonism was in flower, Brigham Young would have been a bachelor. CIIARLIGS U'I'ICY, LL. B. Marion, Illinois Ilenry Clay Law Soc-ietyg Ilepubliean Club. I "Ile reads much: lIe'ls a great observer, and he looks Quite througrh the cleells ot' men." Cliarles came to us from Valparaiso Univer- sity. lle is one ot' the most diligent workers, and sounalest thinkers ot' the law clepartment. Ile is most unobtrusive, but his heart is warm and his frientlships are quick and lasting: 'l'her0 is only one thing' at which he absolutely draws the line, and that is on being' in the proximity ot' any female. 'Phe cause ot' this fleuidecl aver- sion t'or the fairer sox-well. nobotly knows iust what it is. I-le takes an active interest is all things pertaining: to his chosen Work, however, and he will make a worthy member of a noble profession. 59 ' -1 1 'uni Wm' I. . ...... -.... .. . . ' " ' ' ' ' Q, Lvnumim' ' "'e:.1"wtx1.v aI:s.snsm..-m::n:..a1:' -'w 59.50. .,....,.....'.-. .,., ..,.. mg! gil-weave .. .-I 1- - tl,:gs.awm,1wu.nmrr:1es:sseeiaet.-W.u.:.aum-au .I-..a:zmt,,rfwqw 3 " ' ' ff f-ny-W--l it N I t 4.-xrzvnv - --w A 1 - fn - -f, ' A -A 'Z . , , ,. . , ,,. , , .W ,. . I. ' fra' 1I,I:m.:x: ft u:"":.:.a 'y X""l1t- .far -If W F21 5' - - -f : 11: Y 'X tw 1, ff A 7 G. fi , . , M- 51 Fri 'z - , v -, I l EW"W wg 'til QW 4 gifwtx Q3-finili Ili... 14 .. -Xf3'I'f1ff.?"!It'Itffl 'M 'W linda if- 1. I' Wirfd if 1' 'J it I' Iv I I ' mg, lyzustzwx we f I.'ng,w,, Jgwwfgif qt at II, ,NUM gl 4, tm. . - ugw V ,I .My,,.?M fjI,,4.g:..f5,.I3f,Uff I I la me ' I mt f .n.I.nI.w,n.i at I.. .I a yy., ,I f K ' 'I u.',m+t.wgw'+w 'lfufff 1' 'Q' A , U I, ,W ,, , X, K, , . , ,sa M- W , . . .. t...,..c., w W1 ixf'Lrwenawmwn:'nmw:rwutut:ixuwinwueamizwmmwwaalm.vrmzlullmIuInm.vim,wwxiea.v.:.nvmmvmm.IQt:wIIII.Iv'nn+tuwummau'aawmmrtswtw.w.tmmt..:Iw.In.fll -I.g12f'AIg.wlgl.m-Ildiiiggswr . i I ..ta......u...,.am,t,t..I.......,.I,.d. I M. I. 4tItz....I.I.mmrsw,v..zL. f..v.I.... .I I.t1w..t.W.W.w av I- . I J S'I'I'll'IIIGN LEMONT PANNELL, LL. B. Greenville, Ky. Henry Clay Law Societyg lfatterson Literary So- ciety: Bachelor's Club. "Talk not ot love, it gives me pain." I hail from the good county of Muhlenbcrir, and even 'In my halmiest II1'reshman days I saw that Arts and Science was not sufhcient for a fellow ot' manly qualities, and matriculated In Law. I continued for two years ranking among the first in my studies and then decided to take a holiday. Since my return my chief' occupa- tions have been playing: "500," smoking' strong' tobacco, and writing' to my ulrl. Lately, ,I have been busily cngaged reading' her old letters as a substitute. My college carccr may be summed up in thc words, "Veni, vldi, vinci"-all but one Woman! JAMES G. PFANSTTEL, LL. B. Morning View, Ky. Alpha Epsilon, I-lenry Clay Law Society. 'tAnd finds wlth keen discriminating sight, Blacks not so black, nor white so very white." Gaze upon the likeness of my countenance portrayed above, You view here a clear thinker, a gentleman and a scholar. Being' a native of Kentucky I am naturally inclined toward ora- Iory and love ol' the beautiful. My handsome face has caused many a heart in feminlhe breast to leap with admiration. Only the needS ol' the hour move me to relinquish my indul- xsgence in the aesthetic and delve in the law of Corporations. My vocation is law, my avoca- tiion "heart .IIIg'g'linp.:'." 'With mc LII. li. means "Long Live Blackstone!" -...,....-.-.-... . ..,.. .-......,. . -. . ......-..., . WILLIAM ABNICR STANFILL, LL. B. Barbourville, Ky. 1-lem-y Clay Law Society: Mountain Club: Editor "ldea": President Patterson Literary Societyg Democratic Club. "My head is no loatlng place for hair t?J But a place for '1deas."' Although my father encouraged me to at- tempt minlnfz engineerlnpp, I soon launched Into the study of the mysteries of Law and Found that after my wanderinprs I had arrived at home. But when ,I felt that I had gained a sutlicient knowledge of the principles of Law I bepgan to acquire some of the practical experiences of College Life, among' them captivating' many of the fairer sex. On account. ol' my extensive vo- cabulary my fellows made me the recorder of collepfe events through the "Idea." 'Work never bothers me. I usually take chances and always make good! 57 'H It rf twfy1 -,N:.,gmeawwmc.m:..:.. sffmrsnrzuwxtizxlmmwiewwamllnuawmmrxwwmrfgzwvrvmzyv wevwWfif1'?2tWwwlh'lhi7l57ST.FE effrttwfszmt MWWW' ' ""' " """W""?"' " ' ' " ' -' If f- I-.3 M M ' ' ' ' 'H iw , A- I .. N I , ,. If 5, it ...W . X - I W ' 'x.":34:::'f" l ,I e4g,w..!wtf,wJtM3 , , , .. ...W .. .. , M ,, S' W' I . H M , . M,isV,. A A I It yy, ul, we l-I KQMMIAA KIMMJ I ggw,umm..::.:I:manim.. .. ..t.....,.m.s-ey. .MN .... , I ..I...t..,.,I.,...a.Mt9!t''t'.?f2iI711 MAJ N A A ' --1-3 --,safe-:Q-.wawf-st.:-.-4 ........t.-my:sawn-woe-nu-X-v,.t--.:a:-m,....m,.,....:-:,:. ,....-,,. - ' :gsm . Q megan, D Q -w:,': 'vhk .ji .J, x ,M 4.1, L. If 5 r fl up-my-4: if jr: 1 ,V 3. V 5-313:11 .W ,xgn . VC tilt-feeffl it Elsa? C IK I A rr.-'X 'A " tf,ie.f..45i:3t.531is2.. ii ts.. N 'lf xftfrf' rs.. . H wmmurwwttiww ' H' .':,....." -'..-..4.t.s......s.1 lQ4,t-f..-- ...- W., .f'. WY ., W ...M-,.........,.tu,.,g. --:-- que- v-h-: 1m.m'smas,a.,m::.r.,:::.:..w:r.fwt.-, ...,ewnne1'-"a...1.:c.t1'.-SI W I WILLIAM HENRY TOVVNSEND, LL. B. Glensboro, Ky. Winner Crum Medal: -Varsity Debating Team: Editor "ldea": Committeeman K. I. O. A.: Student Assistant Law Department: Associate lflditor "Kentuckian": Secretary Democratic Club: President Patterson Literary Society: ,President ,Henry Clay Law Society: President Kentucky lntercollegiate Association: D. D. L. "I am struck dumb by the depth ol' my own thought And stunned by the soundness ol? my logic." When "Bill" had become thoroughly imbued with the spirit of freedom lurking in his native hills, he wandered forth to spread the strength of his convictions elsewhere. 1-le can wax elo- quent over any phase ol' human activity--1'oot- ball, politics, faculty, or buttermilk are pie for him, and alas! ot' late his lips have learned the amorous phrases of the love sick. Always an ardent supporter of our cross-town sister, Bill has lost his affections since an embryo evangelist barely missed his cranium with a nail tipped club. Bill is decidedly a literary genius, with a pronounced taste for thirteenth century French prose NICWTON WILLARD UTLIGY, .lr., LL. B. lflddyville, Ky. Class Football: Varsity Track Team: Patterson Literary Society: Winner ol' Crum Medal, '11: Vice President Henry Clay Law Society: Ath- letic Editor ol' "ldea": Business Staff ot' "Ken- tuckian": Vice President of Sophomore Class: Manager o" Varsity Track Team: Class Orator: 11. IJ. L.: Bachelor's Club. "His words like so many nimble and airy serv- itors, Trip about him at command." Willard hails from lllddyville in the "Penny- rile" country. Reared as he was upon the bank of the Cumberland, it is only natural that his hobby should be motor boats-and truly it is! When he entered college the free out-of-door life of the Civil Engineer seemed to be his call- ing, but after a year and a halt' his latent legal ability would out, and he crossed over to the followers of the "J'udge." Between writing Arbor Day oratlons, reading Motor Boating, playing chess, "Briefing Cases," and penning voluble letters home HJ, Utley is Usually pretty well occupied. lClJlvlIlNlb l-'ERRY WICSLICY, LL. B. Middleburg, Ky. Union Literary Society: Secretary of Henry Clay Law Society: Secretary of Mountain Club: Member. ol' Cadet Band: Varsity Baseball 'VEB-mi K. O. T. M.: Secretary oli Kentucky Law Journal. "A red-cross knight forever' kneel'd To a lady in his shield." ' "Eddie" emerged from the cane brakes along Green River in Casey County, but to satisfy a laudable ambition soon went out to conquer other worlds. I-Ie wandered into Lexington one wlntry morning from Union College, where it seems he left a very dear friend. He is mod- esty personitled, yet his fetching smile has won the heart of more than one fair maiden-all in vain! His greatest ambition is to become a learned lawyer, but the chances are against him, as nature moulded him for a preacher, and fate is fate! rw, V T-W Wm, ,Tw ,,W,..,. , ,,.,,. .. .... ........,. .... ..,...,t.....,.,,.f,.,t,5u,w,:..,,::wa..,.....,.,,,.,,,.,,.q,.,,,,,--Y-wfgm.'nan.lum:'.v-rrvmivtg fy rfwzmf 'W' -wvfsmvme:awa4:rrx.wfwswnc,1mn V. .inarwnw .A . t.. F 'iw' req? . 4-W y, ,. .. ,.. .. .. .. :I l K . . qu' 1 F , . ,,1t,a.. nw., vga... f LP.: V1 I 'V :Di " ' " ..:':.z 'e l r I .. . A ' ' 1 r we W... ' 1 J.-,M --1,::..p. .. , H K.. 3 .lw,qLfa,.m.i' 4.-,Q su.x:.1.ezg...,.............' '.1e...SL.a."" f' "'wx4:mia1marm.,f.'.f.: auxssce. .Ax . -H -'fb ..,...i V. tw, .. 1 1 I JSI I tl XZ ! A J flivwlh-4 fixes-IXWFK-X f":'9"-J - 2-mxrmmm -L -'W - ' .ew:evma',..x::x"'wa.s' .4 t...-A and . . .. .. . -3-.5 - ,Q-l.jII..,.l' snr-.-..-.:Qsiffae:a.::.s.z.:-" rf-L, N 1-Jm5.i:.TN:Xfw-n,,i,.,,,...lf-vj-v-v-,Y- Iv... ,..,. ...e.,...., , ,,,, .-ni ... H K MU. . y M it tlgtt at l it Q is sa N N a '14 rt ritf ml a l I I - was ..,, ..Jl.-,...,,-.. A . ,X -,., ,. ..., . .. .. , . W . . , ....,.,... ,, - P. A. WI:lI'l7ACRIQ, LL. B. .IAMIGS AZURE 'WlLMORE, LL. B. WALTON PERKINS, LL. B- Cedar Rapids, Iowa Alpha Epsilon: Lamed Peg Henry Clay Law So- ciety. "'l'he Bubble winked at me and said: 'I wonder ii' you'll miss me, brother, when you're dead?' " l'atriotism has consumed me. I will there- fore accept any otlice ol? public trust, preferably justice of the pcace. Away with fame, fortune, honor, position and power! My county callsg I can't raise: give me Budweiser. I hail from other states, being attracted to this seat of learning by its fame for "Old Bourbon" and big glasses. At that, I. am a pretty handy fellow, and can do anything, to-wit: plow corn, teach school, sell life insurance, audit books, run a commercial college, and darn sox. When I leave here I intend to cheat somebody out of a thou- sand dollars. V Gradyvllle, Ky. Sigma Nu: Mystic Thirteen, Keysg D. D. L.: Henry Clay Law'Soclety. " 'Tis l, be not afraid." "Skeeter" is a man of much note. Having ainbled among the classic corridors ol' K. S. U. for some "moons" he has acquired a fund of knowledge upon divers subjects unusual for one ol' his years. He is exceedingly proud ot' his voice and, being scrupulously careful thereof, 'tis said that he nightly bathes his throat in a copius solution of rock candy and Sam Clay Bitters. Morpheus is one of "Skeeter's" boon companions, and he objects to all forms ot' hard work, believing that to be the portion of men of little minds and creatures of low degree. ,.,...,.,,.m,,....,.,.,,..,,......,.... , .,... ..., , , , . 62 Vw A gy... . , ...,. Williamsburg, Ky. Henry Clay Law Society, Patterson Literary So- ciety. "I am nothing if not critical." "Perk" appeared on the scene in 1910. He had some previous knowledge of the law which he got in the courts "down home." lt has taken him some little time, and no little trouble to decide whether to stay here two years or three to complete his course. In fact, at one time, he contemplated doing lt in one year. l-le is al- ways ready for an argument, no matter on which side, and is a triumphant winner, but a good loser. He has many original ideas which show deep thought, and his grasp of things legal is unusually good. mai ... W , . , wt- - , gg "" - 7 'M-' """ou:1z:2zn:"r:'.::.:r, ... . .l .. 1. I, . el! l 'S is -1? ,. --iv-' . We W1 ', I IMIM Q f M fir! 'y flzf xd, S 4 w.- Z Y 1- r,-'-5,.- g f ,, 1 X 3, ' J F. ' X Nm' ff' WYHNI' X f -'f-+M 2, .. I--MW I Z- 16' M fy 'Tb f 'ff .f Y f.. 1 ,fff ff, fm, 'f Y ,- f Zi lfffff O. A . afznnev- fffrfffol "- f 7 'fr f llfllf x ? -2 rrf, , rf ,fy ff, 6 9 X M, .5 I 1 , . H L J . ...,..,, .A NRI ,.Xii!1m,.f ...H ,- 5 ik, I MV., d it i , 1 Ez .1:., ri .J H: N E., . 1 ,sw L W-'-pf .'.,' :-fffznv-' W- ,,.,' "ff'L.:r'fW'f ,':.:.,. :Z '?'7LTF.LLl E College of Mines and Metallurgy The Miners are on the job and, being on the job, they necessarily must quote Job. fPerhaps we should say that they copy from the book of Job since their profession precludes any probability of an intimate knowledge of the writings of any Saintj. ' Surely there is a vein for the silver, and a place for V gold where they fine it. ' Iron is taken out of the earth, and brass is molten out of the stone. The stones of it fthe earthj are the place of sapphiresg and it hath dust of gold. There is a path which no fowl knoweth and which the vulture's eye hath not seeng The lion's whelps have not trodden it, nor the fierce lion passed by it. Please note that Job is a book in the Old Testament just preceding Psalms: as soon as they get the job they feel like singing Psalms. Your attention is farther invited to the fact that Job is the next book after Esther: of course they have to leave her when they get the job. Yes, the Miners are always on the job, singing psalms and leaving Esther. ,,,,.. A... .... , . .. ,.., N:,,,.'.:,f.., Time was when the College of Mines and Metallurgy made little noise on the campus, even though possessing "the twins," but that time has gone forever famenj and so have "the twins" Ctwice amenj. To be sure, it is not a noisesome noise that is to be heard now, but rather the low hum of a busy plant sending out the finished product of Mining Engineers and Metallurgists made out of green freshmen. The old standbys, Professors Norwood, Easton and Barr, apply the graphite polish of the coal mining side while Professors Dis- singer and Callaway give the silver plating and the gold lining of the Metallurgical side: other departments in the University perform certain parts in the manufacture and, on Commence- ment Day, these slick Miners are kicked out into the cold, cold world to get a job. Kind reader, shed no tears over that cold, cold chill, for they have no trouble in getting the job and then they begin to perspire, like a coal mine on a hot day, keeping up with the job. We now observe the Senior Miners as some of the finished product and ask, has the like been seen since the days of Agri- cola? CPerhaps we should have asked since the days of Bill Eddj "t:?...-.,.Ei"wi' M as - ,- rn V' J. LL :memes-:: sz:'x.::::x"'wf2f:' ,..t 1 4.' J :.,":4::7:rrg'l in 4 Lf' K E N 'T' u M u m Q N I ,. ,, , , , , , - t tat: New f A ,V JAMES BRISTOW GILTNER, B. E. M. Carrollton, Ky. Varsity Baseball: Varsity Football: Captain Baseball, 1910: Captain Class Football, 1911: Sigma Chi: Lamp and Cross: Mystic Thirteen? Keys: S. U. A. A. "Fashion wears out more apparel than the man." "Spot" is one of the best looking men in the class, and thinks so, too. He has an especial fondness for Louisville. Why, Tl0b0dy knows' Spot is a good athlete, and especially apt at posing when batting. He started ln school two or three years before the '12 class, but such a good class could never do without such a man. He has always been a good student, and is op- posed to blurring. iHe started in the Mechanical Department: it was too slow: nobody ever has to study there. He' goes to church regularly, and is noted for his piety and benevolence. WILLIAM BRUCE HAGAR, B. ld. M. Owensboro, Ky. Thnelslsz The Opening and Development of a Coal ne. Kappa Alpha: Tau Beta Pi: Key Society: Mystic Thirteen: Lamp and Cross: Pan-Hellenic Council: President of Kentucky Mining So- ciety: S. U. A. A. "A proipernman as one shall see on a summer's ay. The University depends on Bruce to raise the averaf-'re in good looks up to passing. But, sad to say, our Adonis has been kept on a. pe- destal untll he fears- to come to earth. Studies never interfere with his collaege vdutles: but rushes around busier than any man on the campus-making quite a striking Hgure in his tan raincoat and checked cap. lf Bruce had lived in the olden days .he would have been a knight, but as it is-he IS only a "sport," Everyone thinks he will be a good miner, but as some one said, "We hate to see him spoil that deah com- p1exion!" I -mf 'M 'Hui-,.m....,.1-M u 4. . M. . , .... ,, . ..fl...u.4.' -,7iU!"..v-- W. ,Q-1-.- -7- .. - -AK, 4 ,V v H ,W - Q E gli fa WG." ' 'NM' """" ' Ngo, W. B. JOHNSTON, B. nc. M. ' Lexington, Ky. Sigma Chi? Keys: K. M. S. "Up! Up! My friend, and quit your booksg 01' y01111 Surely grow double." "Brad" did not exactly start out OIHSS. but just l'ell in step because he lsivzfdhnegvlei before seen such a great and noble band of youths and maidens. Brad is decidedly the hardest worker in the class. and has probably accomplished more than any other individual member. I-Ie is a social king also, and can be 'lound at llughes g'ivln1.g' 1l1l.l'lClI1H' lessons most any time. He will probably make a great ngnae as an lenglneerg asuhe has had some instruction :cr1oOraledIggtle.'l,aL1l to back up his Wonderful umm -Jwxfzfmmrmmx 6 WILLIAM SKINNICR Tl-lI'lCSlNG, B. E. M. Covington, Ky. of Kentucky Coals for Calorlflc and Coking Analytics, with Analysis of the Coals. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pan-Hellenic Council: Tau Beta Pi: Gym Team: Glee Club: S. U. A. A.: Business Staff "Ken- tucklan"g President of Dramatic Club. "'l'he world is good, and the people are good?- And we are all good fellows together." "Bill" is his name, and he's "thust too thweet" -to use his own expression. When Billy Ilrst struck the campus he was "rather" modest- but every day has added to his character, and now he ls about the sportiest lad the college owns-though the Dean says he's horrid. He can sing, play, talk "small talk," dance, lisp- Well, anything, which is probably the cause of his popularity. His biggest hit was as Claxton Madden in Tom Brown. All the girls like him, but Bill is most terribly partlcular in choosing his friends, and many imagine he will be an ideal bachelor. At any rate Bill will have one glorious time in life. Thesis: Investigation Mystic 'lfhirteeng Keys: ' -I -1-W-f-c.,. - A- .-1-1 fn fl " Mum ta.. x 1 Ti " --A-ff - B .-, '...4. A-- W u-inn.-nn' E NINETEZEN TWE!.VE:1 L A .1.i1-1...1-.l-1 ....-1l ..,,. Y: A -Q 1 ' .. Vs r ,jig 1 --. A V-I 1'-rx I XX 9 wwf? 7 MPN Wm'-ff f X3 E214 orznoof R 5 I 4 -:ali 'W' My - Q '- b HQ x jg, X ',' 4 , fp , P 1 ,g?xx , 7 - 3: A N A X f f fx m-Nw, ,. O .--'- ' . , WDM - 4 ,.., + 1 , X. - f 3 A kr 35" -!'- . mf! .ggif-?.' . ,Q 1 ,mini fr I i-174, . , , Q ' ' " .5 ,,, H 11,mmw,,.. ........ 1 ' 4 , , V I I I H, Eferfnw- nl LHWTEI2! " FHZMEZI " my mm HE .7l3'El'75 T0 BE TGXWNU N UNEP COUQJE F102 TE HJ!- HQTUQHLLY ULGEEPIOH, nf: fs a NECHHNICUL 7' yvv if-f I s was, rf '-" we--ymw.w ' wr- ' - 4 we-we mam.-.w,-mza: fe ivifvl gg gr' ff :.- A r'--:X -r 576, - T' 5 LA N ' ig., 1 I A H .M ,,,. ,twm , , ., ., sf,-Q 1 X. ,,.,. 4 L V' V I ,I IL, - ff .. x. r.. ,,... , C Ivhv ' A ff- .,c..:..-:::L'.t-:,.:Li.s.:.... H W2Wnls1v.AeJfExM WnG :'?"'3"RTflJ.'d1F3L.iT.E'KIXY7"'-24? "L!15l""1"'Z."1 27" ' 5' W' . N "Af" ' M" ,, . . wwhb' k ' ---f - g College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Advancement has characterized this college since its estab- lishment in June of l89l, until it now ranks among the very first Engineering Schools of this country. With the advance- ment have come new ideas and with the ideas has come work, and with the work has come an appreciation for music. This has shown itself in the beautiful and expressive song of Two by two they cross to Mining, Two by two they cross to Civil. From the unsophisticated Freshman to the learned and se- date Senior there is one continual bond due to a common cause: V Innocence and compassion on one side, Compassion and innocence on the other. The course is so laid out as to afford all the students an opportunity to develop the art of expression, or in the words of one who has just gone, how to "get up on your hind legs and express yourself." This is undoubtedly a valuable asset to the college and to the students, as engineers, in presenting technical subjects in a clear manner. Q , The drawing room equipments are well adapted to the work of the college and, "you see," were designed with some forethought, for they are near enough to the walk for one to hear the rustle of a skirt or to look upon some shadow of a dream. This is the attractive feature about the lectures in English given during the senior year. The most interesting of the drawing rooms is that occupied by the Seniors. A special table is given on which is placed data of every description and the orders governing the week's work are very artistically placed on the door with various cog- nomens of the Spanish Athletes. The laboratory work of the Junior and Senior years in steam, electricity, automobile and cement testing is the best of its kind in the country. Here each student is given an oppor- tunity to perform the experiment, a privilege not enjoyed in most of the higher universities. The work is attractive and gives the college the largest enrollment of the colleges in the University. A. C. E.. works from sun to sun, But an M. Efs work is never clone. W3 rrz.1:.-:www H-rr-zznzfvznrvfr:.MrAfmw rre1zrmfmwmrmmnw:r.mrxnzmw.Ti fiampffgqegimwmwp M ms: fu.: - i 1 iv., I N ,QW Q away' . , -, l li-rf' ' I frrxr i i ,1'.miwMam.nwi,i...its,..imwms4mn:.r4 --"nw wmmmmzm: 'W-fr--mf li 'ilu'-ii-Xio4l.l,m:JEiimf 31! ' in l .....,.,... ..,.,,.... ..., .... .. M... ......,w.... ,. , ....,w,.... , ,. , i. ,. . ,. , K V A . umm am...-.,, ...i .ft W ,..........-vm-f.,,.....,..,,- ..,......,,.,,,,....:.. .1.,,....., , , , 5 M I -frsvmnrvmwfiwwf'fuf'vwnsu-nr---'w,--M-fv- , . wpnvmv.-inrxnftvf JKT' -Q?-f -ve KX if L 'ma .:....... . H . ...xc - J -7 pg! ,,.,., . - 'i,. .. , . -' - , .Lu ,rw ng sm-cfm 4 :wp sr . . , i. A ,. -. 4 - iz -- 1, . t . . . -V f f .f F.. -, Viif il l-f if 55559. ai zftf.i..i.'f?:'1.ififi5 ei- 9' f' if-73 t X. 1 5 ' iz- . .. - L. x ' ' f " 'I 'V ' - Y --ff -'-KN H5 M mes! 'raw' Q1 as - X... tram..........,,-fmigfw. .1 tt: 1.4 ti .1 Q -, 1 L. . it .sm - o z. A : . .ft m bbw.:mme-swr:,,:m' wmcmmzwmazmmzmxsmumtfyzmmuawtv. inf at -' V ' ' ..:a::t. ..-,,..,.,......, .......L . ..- ...:.xg1:.:px.:. ,::5..u . . TJ ...,- -NL, J - Millersburgy Ky. - F11-8--1 WALTICR H MLM AMM'I+lRlVlAN, B. M. IC. THOMAS iillilvlltllt HICATTY, B. M. IG. .IAM IGS W. CARY, B. M. IC. . Smithtield, Ky. Versailles, Ky. Thesis: A Study oi' Railway Arc lIeadlig.:'hts Thesis: A Theoretical and lixperimental Study Thesis: Study and Test oi' Power l'lant ot' Ken- tucky Traction and Terminal Company. Class Football Team: First Lieutenant Company Ag A. l. IG. 141.3 A. S. M. lil.: T. B. K.: W. C. T. U.: S. U. A. A. "Nobody loves a I'at man." D "Dutch" never has been the same since "Dope" left us, but he still manages to navigate with the Zoo as the base ot' operations. I-le is a deep-dyed traitor who bolted the W. C. T. U., ot' which he was charter member, and has appeared on numerous occasions a.t Mrs. lflui.:'es' dancing' class, where he is a great t'avorite. Attends church regularly every Sunday, with Sl, who is his boon companion. He is a very diligent wo. .ter in the Y. M. CT. A. llis one sad experi- ence ot' an otherwise happy year was the failure o the mustache crop in which he was inter- ested. and Car I.ii.:'l1tim.:'. Class Track, 'OEIQ Class Basketball and Baseball, '103 Class Football, 'll: Varsity Baseball, '11: Itirst Lieutenant Company ll, 't03 A. l. IG. IC.: A. S. M. IG.: Tau Beta Kake: S. ll. A. A.: Treasurer A. S. M. IC. "l am more than common tall." Thomas lflmer is a direct descendant ot' the bean pole who crossed in the May- flower, and like that proverbial gentleman, is mane to he clung' to. He is a sort ot' natural mayxnet also. and attracts the "Female ot' the species" as well as Furnishing: the place to cling.: after attraction. lio is something' ot' an athlete in the bargain and made the Varsity basketball team twice talmostb. and distinpruished himselt' on the slab for two seasons. As you can sec. he is duite a handsome chap and would be a veri- table Adonis were his ears not quite so large. o I' Automatic Telephony. I'hi llelta Theta: Key Society: Mystic Thirteen: Lamp and Cross: Tau Beta Kake: A. S. M. IC.: A. l. IG. ii.: S. ll. A. A.: Chairman A. S. M. l'l.g Knights ot' the Road. "Wen his failingts leaned to virtue's side." .lim was originally a member ot' the 'll class, but saw the error ot' his ways and fell over into our class-just another case ot' maixnetism. .lim has ridden on every kind on conveyance from a go-cart to a blind l1z1y,:g':i1.:'e, and is decidedly the mcst travelled man in the class. .lim is a con- yrerial chap. a haid worker, and lucky will be thc gill that gets him! t.lim asked us to say thati. No fellow in school has more friends than .lim, and to be popular with both sexes is indeed a rare treat. 69 rumusmvrz " 4.x c .-.:...-... . 24 gwascvxp.-'.-.Katy ...Wm 1 t '..t-wxnt...'.,:..'g'-esac'ofQ.. iff .tv Y. H. . 3 . .. . ,Q L: . an,aM-xwsxrumli Lamont. tm-..4......,. L s .rant na... .t.r::fs.a.-..:1.....tul t........ ,.,..:..t,. mtg... . . E s-...MSAQH " ":z'x:": ".i 2 ".,.' ' - ' K Ea. 1-i-i3e5""""J. Q , p is E ,' .f'- .. JAMES RAY DUNCAN, B. M. E. JAMES LEONARD EDELEN, B. M. E. JAKE H. GAISER, B. M. IC. Lexington, Ky. 'l'hesis: Automobile Qlflfliciency Test. '.l'au Beta Pi: S. U. A. A.: A. l.. -IC. IG.: A. S. M. IC.: President W. C. 'l'. U. "Nature denied him beauty, but gave him brains." 'l'his bunch of brains is a product of Nicholas- ville, of which he is very proud. His herculan- ean efforts have been for four years the wonder of the campus. liven meal time does not disturb him in his pastime. Dunk is a prime member of the W. C. il'. U., but we have our doubts of his eligibility. It happened in the memorable Hag' rush 'between the '12 and '13 classes that a fair maid olfered assistance to Dunk who was forming a cushion for a 200 pound Freshman, and if she had not later transferred her affec- tions to "Slim Slick" and the "Fire Chief," the T. U. society would have been deprived of one of its main supporters. Nevertheless-"ll'lunk, were for you." 4 5 ,. , , ,.., ., Frankfort, Ky. Thesis: An Analysis of the Otto Cycle by Means of Optical Indicator. 'l'au Beta Kake: A. S. M. E.: A. I. E. E. "I should think your tongue had broken its chain." You don't know him? Well, if you ever saw a rosy-checked youth running at full gallop across the campus or putting' speed into a bi- cycle-you saw Leonard. You've missed half of your life if you haven't talked to him-ne's from Frankfort and knows all "they is" to learn -he's going to be President some day if he can't be an Flnglneer. Popular? Well, since he at- tained the position of Senior there is a rumor that he has been seen in the vicinity of Pat llall-and had the nerve to appear in public onceowith a maiden. What's going to happen next. 70 Covington, Ky. Thesis: Modern Gas Producer. Kappa 'Slgmag Lamp and Cross: Mystic Thirteen' Xarsity Footballg Varsity Basketball, Captaiyi "I am the very pink of courtesy." .'I'ake's the only baldheaded youth In the olaqq l-le can be seen shining afar off. We cannot say what manner of man .Take was when he came' he sprang full fledged into the public eye thlfl best athlete in the University. One of .lakes chiefest characteristics is getting hurt ana arousing the deepest sympathy of thc fair sex Another marked habit is rushing I-lattleQb,Qf he "is just such a pill" that he hasn't become it stroller. lf we really want to get an estimate of .Lake go to gillnky, and listen to .lakes rt-A mar s. "' s sai e has run ' K - '- questions up to 27102. the list of foohsh W- ...,. , ,. ...,, , ,. .,., .,.. ,.,,, ,.,. . ,, .. . . q . . , - ,. ., . ,. ,, W " I ifwltrbwirfw1-rr:w-wm:mmww:w1N'--W-'f-'M --'h-- -v-: f:f- :vw wt'---1ww:r-:vevm.m mmrwv3 "'.2'4 Vi'TfTQ",f'fd -T.. T " I-'wg 4. .xr 'ev--'W -v---'vw W- f- 1 M' we tt lea If it if wfQ f I fi f it I ' I 1 xx' 'A tS:1r"i2't L-I '-'TRI ' ZQf"S'hffx it Lfffhx Prhlxgzif .,.-. W::::'VA, X 'fl1.:i.AY A' i AA"' , .- ,.k, E' - sr -' -, Q j, Z ik , X L, '3 E 51K:1::"a: 'W'1f wit' ' ,'..:':z2::::. ",' .ng k'4" 1111 .'w.zml.1.,asg..,wa4x:' h Xliwvff A' fox.. . ',-.,...-.. .. -'...g. 4.1,-., L. M I I . 4 ,HOWARD CLIIIVICLANID GALLOWA Y, B. M. IC. LLIGWICIJLYN COONS IIAllI1ICS'I'Y. B. M. Itl. lfalmouth, Ky. Thesis: 'Pheeretieal Study ot' a Commercial Set Consisting' ot' a.n Alternator and 'I'wo lndue- tlon Motors. 'l'au Beta I'i: S. tl. A. A.: Class Football Team, 'l1: Member Student. Branches of A. I. IG. IC. and A. S. M. IG. "Hare eompound ot' I'rolie, oddity and t'11n, VVho relished a joke and rejoiced in :L pun." "Sarg"' was a cheerful, easy-going' cuss until last tall when the eloak ot' his manai.:'erial duties eonsiderably ehat'ed his shoulders and roused the restless splrit beneath it. Possibly the i.:'rea.test trial ot' his lil'e was the trip to Nash- ville, when a. t'a.t-hea.4led Pullman eondur-tor pro- duced more passengers than "Sarl.:"' had tickets. However, nothing' ever bothers him long, and he speedily recovers from all sorts ol' mishaps except. Miss 1, who has ot' late niueh dis- turbed his peace ot' mind and appetite. "Sarg"' is out out t'or a business ma.n, but he will also make a good otllce boy or Iireman. Lexington, Ky. Thesis: A Slidy ot' Illumination. Captain Company A: Major Battalion: Varsity 'Praek Team, 'll: S. Il. A. A.: A. S. M. IG.: A. I. Id. IC.: 'l'au Beta Kake. "Ile moves with manly g'raee." "Cap" is one ot' those bashtiul chaps who ill'0 never so miserably happy as when with one ot' the gentler sex. Ilis military bearing' and his remarkable good looks render him the tari.:'et. ol' many a. eoquettish glance, much to his em- barrassment. It is stranpfe that so bold a soldier and one so long' aeeustomed to the companion- ship ot' Ilittle Paul should be thus early at't'eeted. Cap was once a. member ot' the traek team and learned to run quite well-a. thing' most exeel- lent. in a soldier. Ile will no doubt be running' some la.r, maehino works in the eourse ot' a hundred years. Oltlltl WILLAIIII IIUIILAII, B. M. IG. I'a1'is, Ky. Thesis: 'I'rain Ilespatehing' by Telephony. S. ll. A. A.: A. S. AI. IG.: A. I. IC. IG.: First Lieu- tenant Company t', ISIOEI-101 Tilll Beta Kako: Business Staff "Kentuekian": Class Grumbler: President Athletic' Assoeiation: Lieutenant Iiormitory Fire llepartment. "As to my print-iples, I glory in havin' nothing.: ot' the sort." In the dim and hazy days ot the past I wan- dered into She-I'at's fold, and ever sim-e have been toilinl: upward until at last I have rear-hed the goal ol' my ambition-sto beeome a Meehan- Wlll l'7l11:ineer. lip to my .lunior year I was stuoious and behaved: then I heard the siren yflll ot Mrs. IIup.:'hes' dam-es and, alas! every luesday and 'Pliursday night I was the tirst to ariive there. I am indebted to many to whom LYWISII to express my heartfelt thanks-to harge lor earrying' lee, to "Shorty" t'or the use ol' his telephone, and "simultaneously at the same time" to others. lint. oh, you "ling: Time Band!" -F3 y , fAr::xx:'s::.+rr1 '-Q ir."z.1' "n..::::a1::'f"W'-- :w'::':ff1:s':'mv:-1:.'r:rf'1:rc1a:-:..:sti ':v'r""""'Y:""'M 'l"' ' A "TT 'xfmmmiwwmwmwsf ffliwqf-it I X-s:tfmr:'g:, . , .- f zfffi V - L ll . DQ. ,. -.iw .e I .23 ' ' " " 3.3. ' -"ff 15 f Q' fmk MH' , EZMWJMW In K k .R tm-lm-i n , x -,Mme , ,L . LN.4.4.L..A.l 6.4.-...ii nina' 1-'1z:.msqp:.a:.'11z .JAnz':.:':.:':3.:,-:.:,,-,-13 , Y 1 .V ,ni ,, ,M . , . , p. , ,..:. ,. . ..., .. . .ff-va-1-y--ev " -K -yr l K Y Mm X ,, W up ,-wie, - ..u-mnnmnm-mwn.wm.wmmmnuww B V E ' H W W mg ?K A M'Wl3If Q9 'TZSSQQMmEi?Wwtntg'imc:z5l.lm N '5 Q 'RWM WWW Gm 15 mt "J ' "Mmm - ' mmm my M ,,,, mfg 1 ww, Mnmwwymh "3.tifY1f'?hV?'i'!W:f1fflfZ+lY ffrfi-.74,i.a,w-W cmtztazmwmw M::.w:.m.a:lrs:J1mS,..: 'tav.szmwa'm twwmftmmfmmwmwmmm:m'Sw S5 ' TI'v'i'v7iiT. f:?z'.,"5iilS. lvwwlvwi fb:-'1"'.-.."lN'. A 3":'vrs.""'v?"4'13.""... 44.. WI Wmvmlwwfw 1 4 ' 4' ' " "H -AMT' W Wm -ss, WIIJLIAM 'I-ll+INltY JAICGLAIC, B. E. ILOBIGIUI' Ll'lSl'lll'l .lON,l'IS, B. M. IC. .l"ltlClJ S- 1iA'l:N, B- M- M' Louisvllle, Ky. Walton, Ky. OWGHSUOPO, KY- President Union Literary Society: President Y. M. C. A.: Plxecutlve Committee Student Gov- ernment: A.. S. M. IG.: A. L E. Ll.: S. U. A. A.: Tau Beta Kake: Annual Staff: "Idea" Staff. "Like an electrlc piano, plays all the time." Truth will out. and, to many, this write up will be a revelation. During his university ca- reer, .Iaegle hoodwiuked everybody on the campus, and horrible dlctu! was given the ofltlco of presidency of Y. M. C. A., and placed upon the Honor System committee. Be lt known! Jaegle can do more damage in five minutes than any other member ot' the class, and that's going some. If you ever heard a dog in Kinky's, or a cow at chapel, or it' a prof was ever drowned with lleaven's showers-that was .laegle-the Janus of the University. Thesis: An Illlxperimental Study of Automatic Telephony. Alpha Tau Omega: Tau Beta Pi: Lamp and Cross: Freshman Band: A. l. E. IC Business manager Baseball Team: K. S. U. .: A. S. M. 111.3 S. U. A. A.: 1912 "Kentuckian." "When a lady's in the case, "You know all other things give place." 'l'le's perfectly harmless after you know him, nice, only he mind wanders .lonsie is. In fact, he's rather talks so-very-slow that your in the meantime. He's not slow in every way- far he it from him, and during his Senior year he did every thing up "Brown." Always polite to the ladies, except when there is an oppor- tunlty to tease. .lonsie is very popular. .He can make things hustle when he wants any thing done, even if he has to "sit on" every one in the way. He ls one ot' our most hand- some, too, especially when he blushes and says, "Aw-n-a-a-a-a-w--d-o-o-o-o-n't!" 72 Thesis: "Train llispatching by Telephone." t Secretary Tau Beta Kake: Kl'1i2'htS Q11 the. Road. vice President A. s. M. lc.: A- I- lv- E-t 5- U- A. A.: Antl-Royal League: Zoo Club. "Hard is the fate of the man who loves." , ' - r B. C. I arrived at the C. 84 O. 11eQ4?t?uanElmwiItSacollared as I came through the gates by B111 pid Hudson who 'towed me straight to Frau TOWl'lS9T'lll'2-l hashery- I CO'-'ld UGVGY' flllife get paid up, so I remained there for three long years on white beans and fried mush and am still quite mushy from the effects ol that diet. After five years my search for knowledge ends, and T am now content to take my lot U1 the electrical world as President of the Westing- house Company or superintendent of a black- smith shop, according to the beneficence ol? Dame Fortune. I . ll .. . .,.. . ,. . ,. ,,,,,, ,.,,.,, , , ,. 1 U V -:nu I A, ,, H , .. . 0 -'C i r I - ' .1-nsu...a...-.f FK:aarLsJ. T, -.T 51-m.:.nwzum.ns'sfuw-azxs-a.-..x.l1mmr.vea'wnSnv'wnfumr--n:'a-..w.4:'faw..v::.--.m.- V..-..-. ..4.1:.m'::..-A .:,p. -1-.-nv: :.:'..-'7 jj .Lmri:..S.Q ...M ifffx :...1. -I l ' U ,. , .-, - .. W. ,., . M, ,. ,, . . ,, ,. F., ll, 1 "wr f , f ,W . ' - .::. PN -. . . ft . Q. M- .. .. rf , . ..--1 ., , , MK 1 fksxxrt .rams pkg? wr an A in Hart? JL Ani. k.. '12, In-311 52 E 5, rg fr .. N . . .1 . ,rx 'I-3. ' mmf.: at -1 WM.: L.: .xgfmgrr sen ru-.-M. wi ken.-1, .N "3 wiv'ik.b'52ji'w.Qs1:.U.,,.-13 tx mu xt ln XS... f c..-wx .il Le. ra 1 it .lt -J -. .1 Q ' '11 ' . .' - H --.... Y. .. r.-1. - .v-::..u1f-.- M- n4-W-s.:.m..v.n.,.-.w-,.-n-vzm-.f.-.:..xg-wr-ganna.-rxmngef ,..4.. . A- L -f Y .-.. .1 .L ...-...U . .e. .f'.. - ... , - . , ' ' :. .J , . 1qM,yNU1qL ,lgglqpu IQQILN, H. M. 1.1, HARRY GIGOIIGIG K.0lll1'I'lAGl'l, li. M.. IC. .IAMICS 'PIIUMAS LUWIC, li. M. l'l. Louisville, Ky. L01liNVill0. KY. XVilli:tmstown, Ky. Thesis: Plilleiency Test ot' :L 10 llorse Power l 'l'll,0SlSZ lllflllllllt-Z'. Q l 1 'l'hesis: A Comprehensive Study ol' the lle:itin1:. De Luvnl Turbine, using llry, Sutumted und Vlce I'l'USlEl0Y1Yl. Q1'lJni0l'1YLll0l'4l.l'Y bflvlulylihcfe- warming. and vowel. mum of UN. 1-hm.,-,ix Superheuted Steam. rotary ot L. l. ll.. S- ll- A. A.. A. I. lv. lv.: Hotel. Varsity 'l'r:wk Team. '09, '10, '11: "Idea" SHUT. A- 5- M- "'- ,, I Business sem ":.le:r'. A. I. I-1. E.: sf-er:-em' A. '11, '12: "Kentucki:Ln" St:Lt't'g Louisville Club: A 20011 bm- S. M. IC.: S. L'. A. A.: 'I':iu Beta Kzike. 'l'2lll Bela Killiffi A. S. M- I4-5 A. l. 19. IC-I S- HG tlvlercuryl os his h:i.ndle signilles, is :L ,,, , , . .. ll. A. A.: Chiel' Dormitory Fire Department. messcnprer not ot' the tllympiain but ot' the little "An m"'ldl'5'm"lt 'll 1111 that 'S l'l0i's3n' 'H 'mm' l'u,u1ine gods. He chose :Ls the subject of his 1-0,-lmps vm, haw.,. Swn HJ. 'l'j'..p0',4 "Let: the world slide, let the world fro- A fig for care and :L ilg l'or woe." 'VVhen Kohn bows to the grouml and describes it circle with his hut, you think ot' Sir Walter Raleigh: when he begins to talk, you think ot' :L Chinumang When he begins to dzmce-words cun't express lt. Kohn has vivid remembmmces ot' taking: the wrong.: girl to :L dun:-e on:-e and le:Lv- ing.: "Miss lllg'ht' Une" plnim.: in the chimney corner. ' fI'h:Lt's the only thing' he didn't. want in his write-up. Kohn h:ts been much in the public thesis, "Ll1.:'l1ting.r," about which he knows :L v:lst deul, since his ili1.':hts to und t'ro invari- ably emi in liglitingx Ile is :ilso mnkim.: :1. spe- eiol study of' lightning.: bu1.:', which we under- stnnd is also extremely deligrhting' and which is certain to add consitlernbly to the fund of scientific knowledyre. HG is :tn :Lvowod woman hitter, and has been known to crawl under his drawing' table on I'our distinct oceuslens when fair visitors chunced to bc about. sueh :1 "little fell:-r"-but it' you huve youll ' : wonder who he is. Ilis c-reoked smile is espe- illlll t to th: lu lls ,' uttrzit-tive, :ind goes strznigli - fu' .' ol the members ot' the t':tir sex. Hut ".l. 'l'." is :1 little too b:1sht'ul to ever be il "sts-:uly." Ulll her: 1. -. 1 1 makes it il mint never to miss :t tlatnce, but I is he obieets to tlaincing' with people taller than ht is hc lool NN '.'. 2 is on most ot' the time. 'e have lllillll' holws for ".l. 'I'.", but dou't believe he will ever till ai. very l:Lrg'e place in the world. XV:- woultl remind him, liowever. that the best plum-s :ire Llx 1' litii " t' thos: who ue "wx t it' eye while in the University, i. e., he delivers 5 v: 5s w: n.. or v : ' s 'ec-, the HIQICLLHH in the hull and has :L smiling nc- low. ' quuintunce with all subscribers. 73 A 0 K Mx 'Ix:.'i:vx:w'mS' r:mrtsr::n'::uv-r::- ':x7'l'51:rg...,.....N,, -my r rf' . 4 mal.: -if-s?:c:.k'iL':1s3 fra. - . , ,, ., . , .vii-F ,mi A14. ,L-I QQ.- -,,k M Tr:-Bauman: W , . u....,gHgyugm.ooixaz-fel l..n:4:.x.::JLf.l l3.n1::Jume:-'u:.:.. .zu 4- C H M , I Y . .V 11373. ,K , ""'W,W. mmnnxrsmzmwmmiwwwwrmnsunuamnnummermmn-we eras-m'-r-"mmm:-'r'1n"!.,. n Eg I l3Qul....... :.1ns.........m..1.auw've:1er1w':sM:Er.'f-nm-..'.'.f new-W.-ffm-.-...f.w..................,,.m.w.'ex.nrmi1e'-'v'rvv ,Zi EZMWW Q.. gravy V jf WNW, t,,,..,.,.t Wm ' ,X 4 mx N We-tt 5- 15. ig ft. W- -of -' f ultra- W .ww .:, te tsimmrtf ,ir ' x .W '.W'l, x""'fm ' 'au 5' i" rf Mft 5' IM, rf 'fl . 'Hu W" it iw.. mf J .3 ts gg.. .. . X.. ,. M, .. W3 . ,M X . . L, I . . 5 4, gm, . ., M agua' Z" if it at if' ' i'."""4 K wirlb. W' ei':fz:1ii ?'7Eii' Wwlidt 'L gi ,, M, V ,. f " I' j ' - WN -1 W3 ei Wrffi' :WSW if' 'li' " " 'A " !gE'ifi'tLV5T5tnQ"f??Am6Frs9:f..1iQfv I I , N ,, n . ..,.. -.'::m1:f...:: .JJ W igmmvm"1x.'u'w'rfmmmz,:.w-uaz.s.w11Lm'cls:.rax mu.:i..':::z.:'w'r:af::':..''s.'n':'l:24sw:r.rf,x::.:r,:r.v.zpn K1a nswrmxmMd .,...,...- ... ......,.-....., . l GILCIN FINLICY MIHAUORS, B. M. lil. Pine Knot, Ky. Thesis: Theoretical Study ol' a Commercial Set Consisting' of an Alternator and Two induc- tion Motors. Varsity Football and Baseball Teamsg Captain Baseball, '11, Manaiqer Varsity Basketball Team, '12: ljresident ol' Class Sophomore Year: Member Student Branches A. l. IG. IG. and A. S. M. IG.: Lamp and Cross: Athletic licprc- sentative .iunior Year, S. U. A. A. "Ile attains whatever he attempts." Gils' fame was won on the field of battle where he carried off so many trophies that all the denizens ot' Pat I-Iall vied for his favors. And that's where all the trouble came in-for Gils' natural tendency is to jump into a rat hole or a coal cellar whenever he sees afar oft? an approaching maid. It's too bad that he should be thusly bothered, but such is fame. This gentleman, besides being a profound scholar ot' inside baseball and outside football, tlnkers once in a while with such things as mechanics, hydraulics and the like. V wa l t l VINCENT BAILTLICTT MILLIGAN, B. M. IG. lleximxton, Ky. Thesis: Test on New l'ower House of Lexing- ton Traction Company. S. U. A. A.g A. S. M. ii.: A. I. IC. IG.: Tau Beta Kakeg W. C. T. U.: Gym. Team: Band. "i stood among.: them, but not oi' them: in a shroud ol' thoughts which were not their thoughts." When Milligan attended the Lexington Gram- mar Schools he cast some several sheep's eyes toward the girls' side of the room. 'Tis thouprht he received a terrible shock about that time, For he became an ardent worshipper at the W. C. T. ll. altar, blushing' il' a maiden dared lu look in his direction. Vincent has become some engineer, however, and will no doubt be able to ht up his bachelor's quarters very attrac- tively-brinf.g'lm.f honor and fame to the old eol- leue ground. i'. S.-Since the Annual went to press Vincent has emphatically denied all above charges. say- ing' he's just biding' his time and will do some- thing desperate yet! AIACXANIJIGIL 'l'iMBl'lItLAKi4I ILAMSAY, B. M. IG. Anchorage, Ky. Thesis: Study oi' Common Battery Telephone System. A. I. lil. IG.: A. S. M. IC.: President Louisville Club: Business Manax.:'er ol' Hldeag Captain Cmnpan.y C, 19113 Tau Beta Kakeg b. ll. A. A.. Dormitory Fire Department. "A gentleman, il' not a scholar." ' 'l'li.' handsome youth balls l'rom Louisville madesfamous for no other reason than that he came from there. His first tw0 YGHVH WWC taken up with a "I-luf.:'hes" crush which 'one .glmvu Chanpgerl by his promiscuous knockini-5'C his 'next, by military science which. hi? F-Qlltli finished the r'o1lowm1.:' yearn lHlVlnl41'0Qf".VUl "Ideas" along.: a business line. Ile, also raiser sideburns which were the. envy 0' the Nfmm' class. lfle is a disciple ol Morpheus, and een- Hfnlmmtiy usually ilate for first-hour classes. Alwnyg rogulv for a good time and a wlllinil Wm-km' ln uliu. une. ue is quite il Shark at U10 game. W .41 :.r:Wwz.mws,.zfL,..c- -.-.''x:?'1Tra:'x..w. ':Mrfmm?f571xfGw....zlxsm'..Q,f-n'4mmslzau.5.m..+-17, n:vw"'rwmwl:.4x'z'zwW V' . . -. , . . ' - ly' 1, A 'xi ,Q 'if ' ' A .. f f f ' , ft:..,...ts. . . lit ., . . Efi 1 ,,. . .. . , U My W, W 5' 'Lge "i.2f"?i '1"""i-fwhamfl . .,,. .. . -Ywllztwgwprmtt .,. at u..........-...........-.-.....-..........a.....-......1...sL. ...... ' -Mfr" '- : am..4.'wi 1 .ass 3122.221 fa nw L..ummsumzwmz+xwmc+MwmIHwm" ML--1f24--mlffffllf-S-is1 ----'Av f- L- ' l - " www,---..,..aM.....-...V -H-fn--pm ---- .sm ...www-Q-tw-se..:s:s...s..e-sew.. ff-:-1" X W- sf- mf . xzsswrg ,f--r+-sm..r..,-- -- ss.,m.v . . .. -. .-W-W-iw-A-H G A- ' 'A - ff' -1 53 is 'tgkggghs ji'fif:N rg :fo-it-:ima 5 fgsxwxy wmv Q-. Hoyt 515 ii if f 4535.55-,,.'Tx, ,U .V .. . .. E. 3 wif? --'iss :nw rim ,,.,..i , on , I L .. W ',...l.. ,.,l l- . If .ls ,i t .W-,pts .L . . , A .X , . X l 5 , L , 'ii' K- ssiwzzswl il Wfifiel 2.3 ,wgiw life-,giggyi irc- WX - ,lgsti-sr it iPfT"'?33- . A , ' - L. .5 '-3' ii Q43 is x Z ilzfsm .3 fra M I' 1 " - Awww:z.wmmle:mn.'mxxx1xmua::,:A ..r:.:,i-v..twmmreuaexaneemw'sl:.wwwa:u::t::Lmtr,xs''zu'm.aan!2mtLvz:zfrrizusmaaxw ' :ur ::i'r'U ,ggzzr-'SA '- ... -A .ig L... r --.rx,:..L:s1:x.wm..'x.::1xxs:s.a':sa::.xs::i.1:..-.a..."" ""w.:f:....iW,z::.1m.:..:s:::.:.g:f f":.:4::.p.. ,zz - . . W.- D Slll.RLilflY DEAN SAUNIlIGltS, B. M. IC. Franklin, Ky. 'l'hesis: Design ol' a Ten Kilo Wall Alternator. Tau Beta. Pi: A. S. M. Qld.: A. M. E. E.g Brevity Clubg Assistant l1'ootball Manager. "Mil-Y Dame Fortune ever smile 119011 him, but never her daughter Miss Fortune. Shirley is a very diligent worker in two spe- cial lines, Mechanics and tennis. ljle haunts Woodland Park during' the long' SDFIYH-Y 051011- Silily to wield his racquet, but in reality, we are told. to spoon with some fair maid beneath the spreading' maples. l-le is known to have a lurk- IHI-1' fondness for one oi' our sister eo1lep:es'C1?- malei, and onee directed the major part ol: his correspondence to North Limestone. Also there is a "she" "to hum." He is a ,r.:'rea,t talker, and it is reputed that he once said 'l'our words in F9-biml succession. However we doubt this ex- eeedingly. lll4lltVlfIY BUlt'l'0N SIIOICMAKIGII, B. M. lil. Falmoutli, Ky. Thesis: Automobile Eflieiency 'l'est. S. U. A. A.: Staff ol' M. lil. A2 lfl. IG. Record: 'Pau Beta Pi: Staff ol' "Kentuekian"g A. .l. Ill. li.: A. S. M. IC. "Wisdom personified and sawed off." "I-lerv" is not, as his name would indicate, a colibler, but has a decided taste for the- rasp- berry species ol' the genus. Besides eating' pie, he has done other things ol' note during' his l'our- year visit, among' which was to fall in love Concel. lle thought for a time that he was awl to the good with his particular sole mate, but soon found out that she was striniring' him and he quit. She was Shoemaker's last. WVe have only one thing' aizainst l-lerv, and that is that he hails from Falmouth, but we have been re- liably informed that it is not his fault. Any- way, he is a good fellow. IIICRIVIAN l"lll'1lll4illlC1f VOGLIUTTI, B. Nr. IC. Keota., Colorado ' S. U. A. A.: A. S. M. ld.: Vice Hresident A. l. IG. ld.: 'l'au Beta Pi: Varsity Baseball. l 5101!- gt:i2Baseball lVlanag'er, 1912: Class Treasurer, "I can not tell what the rlickens his name is!" This quiet, unassuming' youth came to us from Sue Bennett lVlemoria.l and out capers around the initial sack during' his Freshman year. 'I'he fatal dollar two bits which he received the fol- lowing' summer deprived mm ol' the privilege oi' milkillf-2' further grand plays: he keeps in trim. however, by casting' snow balls, and his aim is unerrinir, to whic-h many can attest. Nvus no doubt the coolest player that ever wore :L State uniform, and being' a member ol' the VV. C. 'l'. U., even the applause ot' the fair ones had no effect on him. llis chief faults are his pool playing' and his room mate. f ' ,. .. .. "'tt'f.'YAZ? .. L il E t 1. M taxis.. 1 ,,,,, r A I -.w'a:ms.4:s:::w::4:.... t...,.1f44, .,., ,, Ah JMQL.. V 'ii I. 'L A Q 4 75 M 2. L' F2253 my 1 i U i W n mn I YW Mm U I yi . .-XSL is 5 Ln W ' qwsu .I - 5 WW l Aki 5 MM M L'a.':r:..:.:.m.:ax.1.':...g,..:.p4hips' ' "s-' "-'sw -vs.. . ,lszvm .. -. ,l .-.W IT' s rm mu- WM 1 .f -f U-arm-vw-A Vw--mm U --' - W'-"'f'ffh-Q--Q-nf-ww M M' X wwf, 1- .J - V , , Ay. ,..f,' Q WA ' 7, I . Nw' 1 K . X lf R. L 14 f . ' ffl'lf2.f:" ,,..t..s.,n f- .N 1 ' ' w v -,,f ' ' .-,.,x' n W4 . . , , Q ,J 1 "Q , I U .- f 19" -' . ,gil ., :JW fn Q- ,I W 5 . +4-' 0 .,',. - m N , N . ., , A I . kv fx' f ' ,vin ,-' Y: 1 W ww'Q+P'i"M.1'- L. ' ,ff., . .. ' '. ff -41.21-H' 'If 145-', ' N 1" '. -1, . r, , , . ,,,.i... ,. ,4 , , Q. ,a'v'.,,,'f.'- gf., 1 V Mpngfu. 5' f, ' , ,' 5 -4 5 .gut tu., YI' lf- . , ' " n 2 J .'-iff," W291 ' 'f ,A , .7 , :5,4y .E vm ' ,u,,gg,,,5C, H f ' -' f Uk: " w3'L,,+' '.'rz "Ti H 3, fi- 'XM U' 1, wlffn- w..- , "uw" J' aff' , ., W- 5 12---1 ,-'why ,I , v .fvy 1, ,n " w- , -'V i' ,V ,Q-7 ,,",ff,g V '- 4. 'Y v:' . N-, W, .,,n .fmt--,. M , --,nf:':A5-N M:1Wk5f',1:QlN.3f f"Wf.' 'F .. , I ,QQ?f""f 11" f' 5" - f'5w,,:1gv5r.-q'QnW11Hk.'iaN-11- fgfg-,gl ww, QQCQL, f fp ,U.X-A-v.-,fn-,,,,!,.:,, xww, j1':-71riQ.?. 71 5.1 fhgy' Q, L ld-,ew T, V. r1,,,,,,:,., ,,,, , -.,,, -.- ,,,.,.,, T,,,,,7. -H H W A M 1' iii :J I ,i - . , .,, , V"':1T'7':'t'.--v.r7',ZZ"1 J..Q.:f1,7:m'.:'f'f':'?m.'L" F151 I vw rf 1 - , , ' -. ' L, 1, ,,,, L, ' ' L..1J... i'!,.'..,g , f -MMA-HA ,. ..,, ,. M.-. .. t' Q' "1 W v '-if 4 -1 ' uvfq 'M' '-7---"v"--H731-J A-ff'-'HJ "' fhl LAYDEJ L-.. iJI""""ZI-'wif'f'f""h'TK3Ci12""7'l'T'f73ZS-lT,1'L'Z1Z.11.'.T.'.T.".'?.TZL.Y.2L'l'.1.'SI3IN2Z,1l',1..'ZTfI1'Ii'1lLL.'.....' "" ..l,ZX.I'11TlT11.." ,lI,,L'I1kAL..4 .... -l- Q-. ,. .:1,,,.L.,,..-. ....-.,....... mm, , . , W , T, K T M Q wa HAM 1 5, as Tiff UNICDRS 77 IE .- K ' ll i 1 Q I f""'-u-....., M1353 Wm Welwy- Na.. 941: "-I:--v-....,,,, gif HQYVE, Q", 4 3 i I, 4 W I l 1 4 s I in -- -v ,,,..,,,,..,,,,-,.m,.,,-..Mwnv1mw V-n,...m ,..x:.,.,- .,,.l,,g:9:,i..,,,,.,.,...,,,,,,,,r,,, ,,.,4..,,.,...,.l. N A 1 K p 3 I r s . . W NINETEEN TWH'-VE unior Class QfHcers A. T. BRYSON ...... ...... P resident ,ri LUCILLE GASTINEAU .... . . .Vice President EL1zABEgT1-1 BEDINGER . . .... Secretary gg E. A. HUMPHREYS .... .... 7 'reasurer . , 3 W. C. JETTON .... ..... O razor Qi ,Q . sl ' - ll ll 1 l .. .-' .... 44. A ,. JM. .. N.. ..L-...i:.m.Q....1 --. H. M1 ,X . M... ,M-W,,.X ,.V.,,,,...,W W'-Q ,,,. ,.,, ,...,.,. -,wx , ,- T 4 , , , .ni an x X .W . . ,. - ', V f -. A I . X . . . A ..... A, ,f MH, x Lil L..,.:, ' flm 82 Um .. rf , H WM...--V - Y" M ' ' ' r 'Q .. . ,I E rw i X Z ml . 4 3 wmv , . HW, ff - '..,: i 'f will "J rf Yirvwwwiv.--Y Y... v.-v-,W,- .YY-vs.. , I ' Q-,,f mmiwfmussw---......,vw-:-:.-1nsax...T.a........,'asians-3,2-I-lsnl!EaH""H "' F'-'i'Affkf1't"W"i.'.f1.wsw wg.-,M Af-4 --- --1:-,Aff ,, -- -f 2 N . . ...fer . . Ml ig. t ln it fm f. if 4. we W t fs ff?-'fe A f is M EM 3 Ml? QL iss.. EM Wd !sY.ll3ll?vJli13S.a .i . Q AQ Rf 'wil m . w:urmwam :mmm l '-VAv,r::.-r::m.- ..:::f4er",-W"-'e""',M - 7 .,.:,rQ:: "" "W " ',w:::'.'.lff1 unior History N THE FALL of l909 a collection of ver- Q dant but ambitious youths and maidens came t from all points of the compass to sojourn a while at the classic halls of Kentucky State University. Almost from the start they be- came known as the "Lucky l3's," and time has only increased their reputation. The Thirteens early evinced an interest in. all college activities, from athletics to scholarship. They set their "mark" on the .highest pinnacle of the College and they have never wavered from its example. The first reception they received was given by the "clipper committee," and as a result a Freshman became the most easily recognized specimen on the campus. Hardships begot brotherly love, and so the class was quickly cemented into a strong body. The Sophs. considered it their duty to tyran- nize over the unsophisticated Freshmen, and as a result-the Flag Rush. That day-October 6th-was one of great feats and glorious revenge. As the red sun sank slowly from view its last rays rested on silent, sullen Sophs. scattered about the flagpole, where Freshmen held them captive. The 'I3 ban- ner still waved triumphantly over the scene. The Sophs. not long afterward came back and beat the Freshmen ten to noth- ing at football. Then for a while the peacefulness of the F--1 pf--1 rgmrmmig ww-:.:.r:s:.i:e .m1u::'r-'--:'.-:r.:'r. m1ve-:-i::,-x-':a1v'sv':v,ne:f-xmss-swmsm:-ws:a1ume-mfsq:e . EM- "4 ,. ,.,. 'll , . . ,. .. .. .. , -- r,.. . L. ..,. ang.. . WMM., .......,.,. W 1. ,....e. ..'..uu.r....L ,,,. i A ,. an..-eaves University was not disturbed and passing events were allowed to take their undisturbed course. The future Tau Beta Pi's plodded through dusty mathematics and only raised their eyes to gaze at their beckoning star. ' When spring came, young mens fancies grew absorbed in other subjects, and shaded walks inspired tender thoughts. Then studies became an in- tolerable burden and roving eyes gazed through open windows into green-clad vistas, while wandering imaginations evolved blissful dreams of future happiness. On May I3th, the Thir- teens gave a classy dance, the first Freshman dance in the University's history. Exams. followed close, but those ter- rors were quickly forgotten in the rush to greet summer and freedom. When the fall of l9l0 came they rushed back to col- lege as full-fledged Sophs. Athletic material was not want- ing and in a short time the Freshmen had been beaten twenty- four to nothing at football. The Varsity held several of the Thirteens and when basketball and baseball came the Thir- teens contributed their full share. Now, as befitted new- found dignity, more stately manners were adopted. Fresh- men were indulgently patronized as lesser mortals. When red caps for F reshies were advocated by upper-classmen the clamor was swelled by Sophomore approbation. In most re- . i1is4su':'2'f!U"Yf. 'iH'3Y.1bwA0.A'LM1Ba'e34'M'NN33N W M 1.29 lm - 9.- at lfiwlwkl Lucia- ze:.axula:x-zm''as:s:s:' .::-ma...-L..:r .' . ':'m'!'2":J.:::... Q .. tra - i . wawmmvwwmm-mmmwnf--vwmrvsww M"fw w awww-wvww +-v, wmmmwwemw-'wvmmrwsnmerm -qw Fw- :rj fgszzrf'-r":"Vf:w-'v '4""" M'x' 1 -'crm 1.-'- v rw v.-,A-f, V- r -vAf f H W-"fr " " ' " "M " f 1 553 ' TWYW' ff F5 mff""' " f-ffmi Tfff' V 17" fiiiffx ll' ,iii ,Mft ,ff ', 1' 1 ll 'ZF if ii fmli riff' 'lwl' W . i. , 'S i ' ii 1 hails if tfgmzg' 4.:.,,fg ,." f lim... AC 'f,' 955 if rkw.. rrrzfifzg. ,Qfax 'lf-f,-- A -A 1111 lf., .. melt Li 1 - . L1 it . 2 '-: 5' I . . M . ,.,,. , , .. ., . .,.,. ,,,, ..., ...W 1 W Lag.. H.: ..... ,n,...s.s..:.:....1'.....1,..:N.,.:.:,'.4 - - ,.n:,L.... spects the Thirteens behaved as Sophomoreslgenerally do. The Sophomore Dance came off on February 24th, and it will be remembered as a most glorious occasion. The Thirteens are celebrated as patrons of the drama, as State's box receipts will testify. Studies had now begun to worry some and many were the hours when midnight oil was burned in an endeavor to get by on second exams. l-lowever, another year passed with only the usual number of laggards. Summer passed rapidly and the Thirteens became Ju- niors. It now became their privilege to protect the lowly Freshmen. Flag Rush talk rose, but died away-stilled by a higher voice. The Junior-Senior football game ended in a nothing to nothing score. After that the Junior Prom. be- came the great theme. The time, the place, and the girl for this greatest of all social events became the subject of much profound contemplation. April l9th, the Phoenix, and the girl of dreams were the answers. A very successful basket- ball season was passed through. In budding spring Senior- .lunior friendships received final cementation. Old scores were laid aside and gaiety and hospitality reigned supreme. ln a dance not soon to be forgotten the Seniors received their Hnal send-off. The Juniors realized that they were next to don the gown and this thought lent seriousness to their en- deavors. Life was beginning to unfold for them and a new dignity was to be theirs henceforth. :AH A lJhiQz-MWAZJ-Mi-2w7, f., , 3 ...,J. . . .. F.,.L,,a fm.. -.Lian - .1 L. -...V 1-m.,,1g...:':1y.z'::'r:4riTrif:' grr--'ff-we 1.:'fc.:-'fair-2-:s::1'ga K ,A ,N .- u'7?lflm'r gyrwmzwxp 2 ws Igiih X y,"'3.A EU r...l ' ' A W' xwfs..2':1:zzx-mrxf.uimsmrmzw::zwmw.1wr':m-uzxm--'ffww.-:Qwmw4':vrmm':nw-it lJ':....',,r Lswrnzwzatal fflfxrsllfmLwz 'mmmm:mmwmza1:'.mrum.wx4.:m,,n:z- rw .-::A:'.'.' .11:"'nff1fx'- :':a.',m':.i':vrr"'.' 4. 1 an 'N --M' 'r---A"""-1'------A--------A - ---- tserws'-11.1 ri -..Mx '-..- V s ---.--':..:...i . .... ' ... s fvrxrrt' .'- - I , . , . if , ,. . I - a K H N T uc K IAN .. . ' sslwai:rasN:.Twm.u' :b ACKER, ANNABEL, Paducah, Ky. Education. Kappa Delta: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Musical Art Club: Jackson Purchase Club. ATWILL, A. LEE, I-Ilckman, Ky. Civil Engineering. , S. U. A. A.: Brooks Civil Engineering Society: Lieutenant Company A. BAKER, F. R., Lexington, Ky. Law. S. U. A.. A. BARNETT, BRINKLEY, somerset, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. Varsity Basketball Team, '11, '12: S. U. A. A.: Class Eootball Teams: First Lieutenant Com- pany . BARROW. JOHN, Lexington. Ky. Mining Engineering. Mystic Thirteen: Sigma Nu: Mining Society: S. U. A. A. BAXTER, W. .T., Nicholasville, Ky. ' Law. Henry Clay Law Society. BEDINGER, ELIZABETH, Education. Varslty Basketball Team. BOSLEY, CHARLES LEON, Owensboro, Ky. Civil Engineering. Brooks Civil Engineering erary Society: Tau Beta Kake: S. U. A. A. LRYSON, ARTHUR TITUS, Arts. President Junior Class: Assistant Editor "The Idea": Patterson Literary Society: Class Baseball: Henry Clay Law Society: Moun- tain Club. Walton, Ky. Society : Union Lit- So. Portsmouth, Ky. unior Roll CAMPBELL, WALLACE VOIERS, Campbells- burg, Ky. Agriculture. Agricultural Society: Dairy Team. COLBERT, A.. I-I., London, Ky. ' Mechanical Engineering. S. U. A. A. CHAMBERS, JOHN SHARPE, Murray, Ky. Science. V Treasurer Freshman Class: Varsity Track Team, '10, '1l: Varsity Football Team, '11, '12: .President Jackson Purchase Club, '11, '12: Union Literary Society. COCKE, PAUL L., Louisville, Ky. Clvll Engineering. U Kappa Sigma: Strollers: Brooks Civil Engin- eering Society: S. U. A. A. CREEKMORE, MAUD, Lexington, Ky. Arts. Charter Member the "Brevity Club." CUMMINS, LESLIE, Chase, Ala. Agriculture. Agricultural Society. DAVIS, ARTHUR J., Ky. Agriculture. Agricultural Society. DUNCAN, CARROLL ALLEN, Anchorage, Ky. Civil Engineering. S. U. A. A.: Brooks Civil Tau Beta Kake. Engineering Society: DUNN, E. H., Murray, Ky. Law. ,Henry Clay Law Society. EVERIDGE, J. J., Hindman, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. Tau Beta Pi: S. U. A. A. IGVICRSOLE, LYDIA M., Hazard, Ky. Education. Mountain Club: Y. W. C. A. FARMER, HENRY LESTER, Harlan, Ky. Civil Engineering. Brooks Civil Engineering Society: Tau Beta 1-'l: Varsity Basketball Team, '11, '12: Pat- terson Llterary Society. FELIX, DOUGLAS DUNCAN, Hartford, Ky. Arts. Alpha Tau Omega: "Idea" Board of Company ll, 'll-'12: Vice President Executive Committee Student Freshman Representative Control: Keys: Captain Self-GOVel"Ill"n6Ilt. FISTER, WILBUR EARLE, Bellevue, Ky. Agriculture. Agricultural Society. l"I.'l'ZPATRICK, WALTER WINSTON, Somer- set, Ky. Agriculture. S. U. A. A.: Class Football and Basketball Tlleams: Alpha Gamma Rho: Agricultural So- c e y. FLOYD, ORESTICS F., Hustonville, Ky. Agriculture. Cadet Band: Agricultural Society: S. U. A. A.: Saddle .Horse Team. FORSYTH, FRANK J., Plkesville, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. ' First Lieutenant Cadet Band: S.-U. A. A.: Ex- ecutilve Committee Student Self-Government. FRIED, ELIZABETH, Lexington, Ky. Science. Kappa Delta Sorority. I MWtll1KLIk4iInl5ilW1"1i1XLi'Slv'N2ihle-.. ' .1 A 43. lL..i?f'?5?"i'tRZ r. 1i!SHvf1iLsBb71-S1 ' W lM" """l, , , E E wr l ,mm MQ. .v.wmumwm.wnmsuam1.urrmw-.u.wxmmuuwmx-ww-uw-:menemuwunnnum.aumlm-m-.l-.mum. :--- 1---11:03 W' i ' +- ' El... f wm..wmasr:m.e.m ins -' '-'- Lrf- -v A I-K EINITUC K "" ,- NIN A A A A A A GAINES, JULIETTE S., Frankfort, Ky. Education. Treasurer Y. W. C. A.: Secretary Sophomore Class: Secretary Capital City Club: "Idea" Staff. GASTINEAU, LUCILE ADAIR, Middleboro, Ky. Education. Vice President .Iunior Class: Vice President Mountain Club: Y. W. C. A.: Varsity Basket- ball Team, '11, '12. GILBERT, JAMES F., Lawrenceburg, Ky. Agriculture. S. U. A. A.: Agricultural Society. GILLIS, INIS, Lexington, Ky. Education. P Alpha Gamma Delta. GOOC H. J. T. Law. Henry Clay Law Society. GOWER, 'I'rlOMAS, Covington, Ky. Mining Engineering. Varsity Baseball Team, '09, '10 and '10, '11: Dramatic Club: Mining Society: S. U. A. A. GREGORY, WILLIAM KENDRICK, Louisville, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. Sigma Chi: Orchestra: Strollers. I-IALBERT, WILLIAM CARTER, Vanceburg, Ky. Mining Engineering. Mining Society: Secretary Patterson Literary Sockztyi German Club: Mountain Club: S. U. . ,. HALL, JAMES F., Frankfort, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. Class Football Team: Key Society: S. U. A. A. HALL, J. L., Wacldy, Ky. Civil Engineering. Brooks Civil Engineering Society: S. U. A. A. ,s, HAGGARD, R., Winchester, Ky. Law. A Henry Clay Law Society: Psi Delta Phi. HEDDEN, THOMAS CLARKE, Finchville, Ky. Arts. President Freshman Class: Secretary and Treasurer Dramatic Club: Vice President S. U. AA. A.: Union Literary Society: Y. M. C. . HENDRICKS, J. T., Adairville, Ky. Agriculture. Class Football Team. HEWLETT, COLEMAN, Pleasant Ridge, Ky. Science. Union Literary Society: Y. M. C. A.: Daviess County Club: S. U. A. A. 1-IOBSON, WILLIS EWING, Frankfort, Ky. Mining Engineering. Alpha Tau Omega: Keys: S. U. A. A.: Secre- tary and Treasurer Mining Society. ' IIUMXPHREYS, EDGAR ARRINGTON, Crutch- fleld, Ky. Civil Engineering. Honorary Member Tau Beta Pi: Treasurer Ju- nior Class: Assistant Editor "The Transit." HUNT, LEE, Owensboro, Ky. Science. Y. M. C. A.: Union Literary Society: Treas- urer Davless County Club: Assistant Base- ball Manager. JEFFRIES, GUY B., Horse Cave, Ky. Civil Engineering. Brooks Civil Engineering Society: "Transit" Staff: "Idea" Staff: Assistant Manager Bask- etball. .lE'I"I'ON, WALTER C., Sedalla, Ky. Arts. Treasurer Y. M. C. A.: Union Literary Society Debating Team: Treasurer Jackson Purchase Club: "Idea" Staff: Captain B Company: Class Orator. W "1"... ETEEN -TWELVE JOHIIEISON, JOHN ELLIOTT COOPER, Tallego, Y. Arts. Varsity Football Team Three Years: Track Team, Patterson Literary Society: Treasurer Mountain Club: Class Basketball Team. KINCAID, J. F., Ewing, Ky. - Agriculture. Agricultural Society: S. U. A. A. KOHNHORST, HERBERT A., Louisville, Ky. Mining Engineering. Glee Club. KUNZMAN, J. W., Buechel, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. S. U. A. A.: Captain Company C: Dramatic Club: Louisville Club: Y. M. C. A. KUROZAWA, SHINA, Tokyo, Japan. Mechanical Engineering. S. U. A. A. LA MASTER, J. PAUL, Campbellsburg, Ky. Agriculture. Agricultural Society: S. U. A. A.: Alpha Gamma Rho: Dairy Judging Team. LANE, W. M., Lexington, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. Pl Kappa Alpha. LESTER, I-I., Cadiz, Ky. Law. Psi Delta Phi: Henry Clay Law Society: "Idea" Staff. LINK, EDGAR WILLIAM, Lexington, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. S. U. A. A. LOYD, TREE LYDDELL, Lexington, Ky. Agriculture. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MAGRUDER, E. H., Utica, Ky. Agriculture. Agricultural Society: S. U. A. A. 4 mme- ,,.,,. ,WWMw.M. ,,.. , --I ..t: . . Q- "" "' 'F -1- P f . I P u . . :AK E: N 'r uc K IAN ..E2" N NETEEN Twaavigw- MAHAN, T. E., Williamsburg, Ky. Law. Henry Clay Law Society: Track Team: Class Basketball Team. MARKS, THOMAS M., Lexington, Ky. Mining Engineering. Sigma Chi. MASTERS, HERBERT R., Lexington, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. S. U. A. A. IVFATIEFHEWS, RAMMOND INNIS, Williamstown, y. Agriculture. S. U. A. A. MATTINGLY, ROBERT E., Lebanon, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. Tau Beta Pl: Assistant Manager Football Team: S. U. A. A. McADAMS, WILLIAM HENRY, Lexington, Ky. Science. Kappa Sigma: S. U. A. A. McKEE, W. H., London, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. S. U. A. A. MILTON, ROY H., Philpot, Ky. Agriculture. S. U. A. A. MEYERS, FRED, Glascow, Ky. Civil Engineering. S. U. A. A.: Tau Beta Kake: Brooks Clvll En- gineering Society: Patterson Literary So- clety. NEIIQQIERTON, BLANCHE LORENA, LaGrange, y. Arts. Neville Literary Society: Y. W. C. A.: Class Basketball Team. OSBORN, C. H. D., San Antonio, Texas. Mechanical Engineering. Tasu laetai Pk Junior Editor 1912 "Kentucklan": ll PALMORE, HARVEY DUNCAN, Persimon, Ky. Civil Engineering. S. U. A. A.: Brooks Civil Engineering Society: Captain Adjutant Cadet Corps. PARKER, ALFRED CHANSLOR, Maysville, Ky. Agriculture. Kappa Sigma. PENCE, MARY BELLE, Lexington, Ky. Education. Class Basketball Team, '10, '11: Captain Class Basketball Team, '11, '12: Varsity Basket- ball Team, '11, '12, PERRY, DANIEL WI-IITAKER, Pembroke, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. S. U. A. A. POGUE, ROBERT BEDFORD, Lexington, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. Kappa Alpha: S. U. A. A. POLLARD, OLIE N., Lexington, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. S. U. A. A. PORTER, ROY OLIVER, Maysvllle, Ky. Mining Engineering. Kappa Sigma: Gym Team: Dramatic Club: Mining Society: S. U. A. A. PORTER, JOHN WILSON, Maysville, Ky. Science. ' Kagapax Skgma: Treasurer Sophomore Class: S. PRESTON, ROSCOIC C., Inez, Ky. Varsity Basketball Team: Patterson Literary Society: Henry Clay Law Society: Moun- tain Club. PRICE, SYLVAN S., Marlon, Ky. Science. S. U. A. A.: Patterson Literary Society. PUCII?l4lTT, SKOWDY ELBERT: Hodgenvllle, y. Agriculture. Agricultural Society: Alpha Gamma Rho: S. U. A. . 87 ROGERS, WILLIAM H., Danville, Ky. Agriculture. Phi Delta Theta. ' RUTH, MORRIS, Newport, Ky. Civil Engineering. S. U. A. A.: Brooks Civil Engineering Society: Tau Beta Pl. RUDD, WILLIAM C., Owensboro, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. S. U. A. A. SANDMAN, LEO J., Louisville, Ky. Arts. Loiuisxille Club: Union Literary Society: S. U. SMITH, WALLACE V., Lexington, Ky. Agriculture. Agricultural Society: Dairy Team: Saddle Horse Team: Alpha Gamma Rho. SNODDY, ARNON OWSLEY, Glascow, Ky. Science. S. U. A. A.: Patterson Literary Society: Ath- letic Representative, '11-'12. SOTHARD, EDNA, Midcllesboro, Ky. Science. S. U. A. A. f STIVERS, EDITH HURST, Paris, Ky. Education. Y. W. C. A.: Class Basketball Teams: Vice - President Sophomore Class. STONE, W. CARL, Iellnton, Ky. Civil Engineering. S. U. A. A.: Brooks Civil Engineering Society. SUDDETH, WATSON A.. Lexington, Ky. Civil Engineering. ' Kappa Alpha: S. U. A. A.: Brooks Civil En- gineering Society. TARTAR, E. E., Brady, Ky. Law. S. U. A. A. ' I A- " K ' l TAYLOR, HEUBEN THORNTON, LRGFHUHG, Ky. WAY, JOHLN IH., Utica., Ky. Arts, Arts. Kappa Sigma: "Idea" Staff: S. U. A. A. TAYLOR, MARY ELIZABETH, Lexington, Ky. Science. Kappa Kappa Gamma. THOMAS, ROY HILLMAN, Cayce, Ky. Arts. Class Football Team: Union Literary Society Executive Committee Student Self-Govern: ment: Jackson Purchase Club: S. U. A. A. THORNBURY, ETHEL M., Lexington, Ky. Arts. S. U. A. A. TYRE, J. J., Barhourvllle, Ky. Law. Henry Clay Law Society: Mountain Club. WATKINS, G. C., Lexington, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. ' Track Team: Varsity Football Team. I Union Literary Society: Vice President Y. M. C. A.: Secretary Daviess County Club: S. U. A. A. WEISENBERGER, A. J., Midway, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. S. U. A. A.: Class Basketball Team: Class Football Team. WELCH, CLARENCE EDWIN, Owensboro, Ky. Agriculture. ' I A Agricultural Society. WILLIAMS, MARIE A., Watertown, S. D. Alpha Xi Delta. WILLIS, ROBERT LUTHER, Lexington, Ky. Mechanical Engineering. Sigma Chi: S. U. A. A. 88 f NBNETEEN TWELVE WILSON, W. C., Providence, Ky. Education. Assistant Business Manager "The Idea": Sec- retary and Treasurer Kentucky Inter-Co1- legiate Debating Association: Assistant Football Manager: Union Literary Society: Class Football Team: Captain Company A. WILSON, C. B., Paint Lick, Ky. Education. Patterson Literary Society: Mountain Club: Class Football Teams. WILSON, JOHN E., Paint Lick, Ky. Arts. Patterson Literary Society: Society Debating Team: Y. M. C. A. WOODSON, ROBERT MARVIN, Kuttawa, Ky. Mining Engineering. Mining Society: S. U. A. A. , un'-n - .. ., , , vw' F NBNETEEN K EIXITUCK IAN mb , 1 2 b ,, SOPI-I0 CRES 89 , ., , 'armnfxrfwmsnmu-:-,wma,-nav,t:'mnaE J'1s'1 ' X fr 1 I v I X I l Q 1 X Q 'Q IWIIZ t -Q-.4 , ll :J ,.,,, ' .., , , W v--A-ww--:'--'H . f"':'3 wwf! v W- '-'- ' ' r-,FT 'W '--- N, , ' ' 4' V . QQ . ' m My rf, F4 E' fi 5 gv, -f 54 yi- wi, I ,Marr 4 ' ,f , A .4 : X 51 fi ' - " 'mia , 1' 71' , rn. M- gas .2 "n: V G I 3' Y ' X A -- U 4 H xfr Q2 ','- ' ' ' 1 Tvwnn RMK? -.lqwy MN X +21 2173 fab. M Y' 1":, my u M ,.:fv,:-+1 SAIN3 L! if I . :..v.A I ' 1 A U K , I ,A I matnmunwaa4m'rrwm:,g,,1:w M-"1m'.:'1r w:z::fL:zucKa . V'-M''.ssmmx'":f:2'm:m2 xe:w.X'v fwwrw-'f" X A ,wi f Y 'K R ' 'L ' L",..': .'t':'::J'r' 1 ' ' .aug ...A ' Y F M... 55, M, 14,30 m.f,,, up rg wwwzerzsw '-'.x4wf:n1ni1m:e::ftms1zc::i,:- 'ffzpzsll-y 1 "" :views r,,.g::mr'3 Q' "W 'M .1 - 4 '75 ',,: I. Q Ax , - - ff' .. - X - M.-.....- ' -.4'-Q-gsm.. 1 1 w::z-naawg. , -.- , ...,u1f:,,L s.::4.4 . ' WY- -.,., , .. .....t..-.,- ,--. . 1 mm. -A:.,u.,.1 K f.-.,.X M. , ., ' 'f if nf" ' 3, , .,.., Bl V F' I K ENTUCK :AN orr ,I-,2 NINETEEN TWELVE - Q Sophomore Clags Officers C. E. BLEVINS' ..... . . . . . Pregident SUE MATTHEWS. . .... Vide President CAROLINE WATKINS . . . . . . f.Secretary SENECA RoUT'r' . . . .... Treasurer 93 ll ll ll ll ' ' E- -A r- .A Lwgu-iw--1.L.n-.Aww 4 .r M1 '- Any! Q V I M I 1 I LD , ,gn .'Lff'r2,'l P3 L4 ' FUI ,. .2f..s..-L' L...l m - M417 ...Y 7-Y -l---s-v.i. ,, mga -',Q ff5T'1'M"' wwf rr fr' 'f,'f-iam P15 F4 ,gym-nf,-s e,f--if X ff "si 5 l3fiW'w ESM hh f' , ' T 3- ff V f ' ft' ' 10 A las. iff rx fir..-win .J'3Z2f:1l i.: K:-.., 'L fra... '. -1 ss: lv 'L 'f . ' .. , sw - -i HN.: 1+ L3 X we as .uz . f .Q i ' 1: ' 'Q . M----X s 2 '. E l...:,,'.":f"1,L "'s"" - -:1fm::.:.rc:1frH.-wr::wms::::,-.ww.:,1.x 1 , z..:.:v:,,m.::: ., ,eww ':..w:.:vx,:,zsnau1i' ., .J ., W..-.4 X Hal.-IGQLJ ' L43-41-W' i'W"t""' 'S-4-42u'f": A' 'tt " 'fl-2"M"'t" ---L-Dill--iii lf- in Sophomore History ' HE. year l9l0 ushered in a Freshman class, similar in all respects to the many that had in the past trodden for the first time that path of college life which appears so vague and full of wonderful experiences to all F resh- .l. men. This expectant class was, of course, destined to endure un- heard of conflicts which should try their very souls, as it Were, yet in the outset, they prepared themselves for the mighty struggle by choosing, as their leader, one who guided them wisely and safely through their difficulties, as no other could have done., And banded together, one hundred and fifty strong, they vowed to stand by him through thick and thin. The test of their courage was not long delayed, for the upper classmen said, "We'll see if these be true and brave Ken- tuckiansf' and they tried them with sterner tests than any pre- vious class had had to stand. But as true and brave Ken- tuckians, they fought their battles and proved themselves worthy to wear the badge of K. S. U., as well as willing to submit to "Red Caps" after proper concession had been made by the upper classmen. After that first chapter of their his- tory was written, these valiant warriors marched on upon their ever changing path. Fate did not neglect to weave in their golden web of experience her lustrous thread of pleasure and success and prophesied a glorious future. llllfflf A .. , . e,...,,...- ,,,, ,.,, .e-..,,... ..,.. ,.,.,,,,,,,.., -, -ff is ifri 95 True to the prophesy, in the following year, the members of this class, now Sophomores, and somewhat more acquainted with the once unknown path, continued upon their career which had been so courageously begun. Their first act of wisdom was the selection of a "Chief," who was worthy to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, one capable of leading a class composed of representative boys and girls, who had set up for themselves high standards in scholarship, athletic feats and social life. Success has followed upon success, but perhaps the achiev- ment most worthy of note has been accomplished on the ath- letic field where Fortune in their Freshmen year' had not favored them, but had seemed rather to leave them to the mercy of their foes who defeated them by large scores. But she has now enlisted on their side and has helped them to overcome the Freshmen on the gridiron and in basketball, and even the proud juniors, their bitterest foes, have gone down in defeat before them on the Armory floor. They have furnished material not alone for winning class teams, but have contributed their share of gritty combatants for the Varsity. And not only in scholar- ship and athletics have they excelled, but the annual dance was not surpassed by any given on the campus. - An now the sands in the hour glass have sifted lower and lower, until with the passing of the last grains, the Junior year looms bright before them. May it fulfill the loftiest hopes and the most worthy aspirations of the Class of l9l4. ' f- ,, f . -.-.-M...--.....-..........,,. .. ,, .,....... .i.,.,.,1.s,.,. .. . V-aw -as-.-sa ' 1.1.1 4. W V ...aa .- I, . - F Mes IM H .,.'.. ..,, .,,,.......,,.....,..,,...... . ., ......,. EEgl2H -Q l 1 I 4 l I E 4 l r-nw , A ,N ,WA 41..4,..., ,..M,.,,.,..,.,..,..,,.,.,,x,wu-x -Mw:fr,mn.,.,..W..,,,.. 5 ,,,,X,., M. H, ,M . , ,lfy N . W, ,M , , i, ,.,,.W.,, ,. L, N-,,,,.., k y . if , ., , naw 'W 1 I ' m4'?A,- -f:,,f'f fr may 1 Yr . '4 Ma, " , A, , ,. . s ', ,mw1.'Wa , w K 1 I xii I I A in , lwmizlx ,M fgwkw 1 , 531, . W W Am ik! ., VL sw. 1 Fam if .3 ,h g I l Q5 4 +X -2 f ' 3-iff , . sf xv ,.' mas r ' - X Q: ' v- W A 'A , ... H :X lkwmf c, u. .Ha l.,w,:a rv wa n ,J K, LM-z,,.:a MM! .4 ,,'!""f'7 7 "G " ' PW!" ' .ft A ,,13.24,",,.JK,.' ' 'Zi ,I.L.1"-U-.LW 987' W" ' W' ' 'I' " ' ' Q3 .'b,f,.'Z1ZQ,,1,,vLf1w.: fE33' EE!"f AV" "il Vm55'f'n"f'Y5Alui3EY'3"'x"5'Vf5af1N-Aiiwm-'ufi0"fM7.V5E1.-31 1 !fx'V?l'K1?f.1..2.'!1'7i,1IC1C53E'.iM5f3f" .- mar- Ka, Gm M 1 4.5 A ,, , M gg , Q' ' uww '1',"'W515V2!QKFK'5Q.m.,.' ' "' .f--J -g, ---- .-.-......-- ---- 1 , :....,-.....,, YL. .,., -..............-...Y--M V um, L., ,,,, ,QZMTFWW ,,.. ,,,mi,,::,.:,,,:YUl,,4,,,,,,mm ' F , . ..,. . . :mmf - K E N 'mfg U c K IAIXI lfigf NINEWLHN TW FRESHM N 97 'tzzitzz 5 fff' 7273 '73 ' Elwaa Y., 1 .. ,.. .Af FJ ,. A ., ,....4. E5 E in ,,. .m. , I I 1 ME., M I g.,...A ..,. .,,,,.M.. n.,, . --an. , .... M"'X!4"DYj"""'f',,, , ,,,. VN fwff' " . ..,,. , . . .. . , , , , B ,Q ,fur L.,-,J.,.1 5-, gl .. ,,. , -. 1.4, fg. Rh 51 5 ' m.,5Jg- V - , ' , 1, 55,5 YQ 5, -Ag . s-,f ,,, - W f vi um .mg 4,4 V Y. -f,1,,1 , Www 2-QQW' ,V I f, 1 MP3 1, A 2 'N 5' 'VW IT :f '. " 'M ""- ' , f , A ' L. 2' . A - ' TV 1 .Y J , 'Y Sn W ,gh .5,.,f,1, , ., V, :L - 3135. ,, H.. 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V f . I -- - . . ,, , . H - WM- H--w -'X f'A'r"- i,..,,.A, ..,., .h,,,.,:.,, ,. - f f , ' M- -W ' , - M----NW-f.1-U -N V -, - -'- 4 fn m f" A " X Vg, X I ' I ,. ,,, , . , 1 ' ,ff xii 5, ' f' f ui V' 1 f F x ! w , ,.,,, , A , J I02 - ' ,wry .,,, .Tli7ii5l.L,..r .M ff "1 f w ,.2f'4.x- 'H XSL' ' "-LI? . , .,-.,.'TKJ."S1Z"'T FT. K , L ' Hs, 15 , fi u ffm M i 'I MQW M1 1 ' K . f,, 5, kr.,-fur -- ...,..-..p.g....z:1- Lf-..' .. f' ff' QLQ""w-:M ll-'fgi:s::.xJhg1:' wt fem':'ffv2x:1w'f"f'1f'fH W'1".n.M:a".::zQ.L...:g....4.4...., -L:,.,,:Q:.:l- H ,, A ,, ,-. .,,. pun -.. , W, , ,,., ,mln r---'eff i 2 sf ':-' ' EF?-in f M '3:.W..E5'1" f-. .N...."!',,, U Ci, K 'AN - .gs -rifss Q c Q c is if Freshman History Should you ask me who these warriors, Who these braves with spirit dauntless, With their trousers rolledup kneeward And their heads clipped smooth as marbles, I should answer: They are Freshmen. When they came in mighty numbers, Said the valiant tribe of Soph'mores, "Let us see which is the stronger, You in might or we in wisdom." But the Great White Spirit told them, " "lf ye kill the Sophs in battle. No more Wampum will the Council Of the Chiefs at Frankfort grant us." Thought the Freshies, "The Great Spirit Is the friend of all the Freshmeng l-le will help us out when Monkey In the Prep. would gladly put us. "So," said they, "we will not fight you, Though we hate you, oh, you Soph'mores! But the Soph'mores cried out, "Cowards! We will cut your hair, oh, Freshmen!" Oh, the long and glittering scissors! Oh, the cold and cruel scissors! F.ver thicker, thicker, thicker Fell the hair o'er all the landscape: Ever whiter, whiter, whiter . i 103 Grew the shining domes of Freshmen. Oh, the shears of the'Seniors! Oh, the grinning of the Soph'mores, With the mighty Chief of Wild Cats Leading them against the Freshies! But the worst of all the hardships, Which the great Chiefs forced upon them Was the five months' "Evolution," "perpetrated" by wise Sandy On the "unsuspecting" Freshmen. When they planned a dance so merry, Vain was all their tearful pleading: Said the Dean with stern demeanor, "Ere the dusk of even falleth Braves must lead their maidens homeward Many things in bold athletics Did the Freshmen soon accomplish: When they lost in football contest, Showed they that they better losers Were than Sophomores were winners. Undismayed, they still are hoping, Sometime in the far, dim future, When the finals all are over And the grades have all been posted, They, in envied role of Soph'mores, May perform their sacred duty. . ,..N, .., ,.. ....s. wi 4 N Q W HM? ,. ' ' .. ,i 1 . , - SA L E' Q - We-Za! " ' . .:.,:..1 ':.m.,....7 M..-1.-' " ' f a N, - f - "'..- s"1:fxi1'w::!:s'asr.'xuix.,,.:iir.,"t ':'mn..azzg:.:Msa:,ss,:.. ,.,x.,L'4a,:.1:z.a.,' ' iumsfaL.,.,-wi 4 .. M ff! 'Wi f 1ffJ057f2' Ll V g f , iq jf 1 J J M7 w. ' 'W ' Ly f 4 MP1, 'sf 1 4 - , :A 04, - l - amen PFOP0.5l7'l0lf! 1 . .lk rx n -:xii '53-1-, Q- ' M 'T UT ' .- Y,.l X ' """' Wir do noni """"' K' X. I mc! urrm. t , , ' fy 'V' 2 7 3 Qnoefgnn l t fciifjijj' , A Devon 17117 fJl!LlE7'7'E fx. J ' K Ii FQ! ff' " MX pmffrfc :cffrfcf .1 ff ' - W'X--...,.,f.-:ffPM-X.7+-fff' - li X552 ,ffl U ,f 'T WAS evflfljfti A vi. XM' wif IILM' ' W' ,m y Q 1' " M rwo rme Jruamr " 'ix , ' ,' 1 -7 4 f- Jraarfnd ziaelczmruef -- -f "' .2 - A f Z l L TFIFJENIYL 5EM!7f7,b!7f - 47 Cgjjfpffj ' g u1'f9'V !Q"f11-5 fUl'1 f10ULP R-X Cfgz-eg0g7l,qg 'W-me U V rmvf .ac-EH JUJUFJTIP 7' L: 1 N 1 . x 4 Eidlllkid ,.L.WM.Am., ..L. 4. :f,.. MfA. Y M .., ,,.- , ff X W , m ' 431--lm 92 "'m:M '-fn iii AU'-'1 v-A' A iq? H -,.g f V ., I f . .Q -'., 1 A A . RY M - 71 , 33 f, H vw,-,,g.'g,..,. ::+.:-. f.' ,.,.. .... :W.-.w4.-n.J.p:.,,4x.,ga:: ' g.,. .1-:.xz4..,, 1 I -fl - -... ...u.gN,. , -...:..X.. f -,.,-zu ..-,, .....:..u,A.... AW... . -...,..M.,,.,,,q,,,., 1 QM-,.:,,,.:mm, 'v'1F:::,':r----W'-wr-W-M'W 'W' M"'::"'::w:,::w : x N , MMA .nnmw Qi, wwf Q, :K 'f:..: X 1 ,, 1 :ME 4 r ' x' mr- UW fA""M""'-''x..,...-..,A, - ..- ---1.wfx.,.wm'W rr'.:,:: ,,..,, . MW, M- . .... 2 Mg... ,,.......... W..-2FL..l L... . ..g4..Q...X,,V,-'... mugs. . ,..w..,,: -...an1... -My--W ,. ,, . A -X L' .M J wi' 7 1 wg.. ,. .:Q . mmm . , .... ,Oh A I Q31 I 5, -ISP, pg? NMS A ---we u:alm ,..-nuIul1 Jlunluulgi mm-1-'mm E ww-M It ,FW 'W' Mm v rv- ti. S. . . I 'YW if "WH Q" W I K E N 'T' U C K IAM , . . I ,. I. NIM 'SREQEISI If - ' ' ' ' ' -iuwnurnmnuuwwmiaacwwrun Executive Committee Of Student GOvernment President ...... ..... W . C. HARRISON Vice President .... .......... D . D. FEIJIXS ' S eere tarp ........................... JESSIE MILTON JONES I SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES. ' I ,ADDIE LEE. DEAN R. W. TINSLET JAEGLE I I JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES 'I LUCILLE GASTINUAU ROY H. THOMAS FDRSYTHE 4 ' SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES . PAULINE HANK ' P. D. IBRCLIWN FRESHMAN REPRESENTATIXIES' . ELSIE SPECK IJ. W.PWESSON AS ZF' ' V 'bw-git' -'Ili " 7 ' :L : M mn .L-,X wmmmmw-1-ww-M-v'f-P---ww .. ., - f A - , Q .mmmmmwm .Ynf ----M Juv- M.-., ,-.'. ...wmrimmw-WwMm.:1-rfnnus-iwsa.-mswewwframvfzswfamswwM www - - f .1 + ' 'V , , sf 1, .A -, 5'2" A W' , I 955, gm , , N a 'aw my W! QiwUm:q,..aa..,,..w,:mV..w,Mf.m.glL,,......J. ,,.' .mmnqbumumnnau-wzxaummw .ammmrzmmuuuzs-wam.:w.wawm A ' - -lf'-H-I-M 11--1 awww-21'-swzamfrwwwrmuwrw-M-www" f1'HL "2ewvfwm:ww-wwvwv-mwm!9Q9'-fm1wL11S1aiv'i H W wif- ., . 1 '- ' ' M w:.w..M'w-v:..,fAv-gp z.,.'.m,zmM,.f- 153 ?N',.,.,w,,,1, Y,w,,f':,1f Aman :N w',M::m,x4:..'1,m:zm,nL:':,: , W ,wgxzrwmwsmzmsmm4. ' '1 H ,g.:,w,,. , ,M , 4 I , , V, QA Q 'Q 4 ' tgvmwamm. M W Www m E 553 31 , . ,, .... .. .,-.....Juz.,,..-.m:1'.4A. L, -1., 'e.,.sar-.Qa.,.4,...44g,.L,,.,1..,.az:zxr:sa1vum,wnu...,.p:..1azau,aiWLA' ,....,x U....., ,....., "7" ' . .r Y ,, .ws MM , , ., ,wry J- Xp,-.i-4.7! ,, vi"-x fr" ' , , ' -7 .Arg U ' y l lil ,fy -, Fl fig ,si V . . - ,J fi", " . ' -g 1i'jfi'ws1ei1 ,. . ., , et , - . S , wg, ,,,. .. - N - - - fr...-f'-9 3. 'SN-2 -wsnsg. X ,- inf' 'I ' r I ' A -. ,. M..,bg,. ,. - if - . f ,, V- , 1 . .. zu Us ,X X Sgr., . , . Y yifhgm V. Y rr, Q I .,w,,.n,. ,war-mwfl -s2iq':rt,y1,,iiiffxQ T258 l.fc.nr1x:zu':.:,r,xrx5.:w,w.rf.sra , lr A m Www :iw-.ww.uitru.ixnms2wewmaw K M- N-M M ,M .... M r ' Honor System NNOVATION has marked advance of the present Senior class from its entrance into the University four years ago to this bright hour. It has labored under the administration of three presidents and has seen the marked ad- il -....-. vancement of the many departments of the University as perhaps no other class has ever done. It has witnessed the passing of the old regime and with the new has come changes which are destined to make the institution stand on equal footing with any in the country, both intellectually and morally. V Kentucky has long been in need of an organization by means of which the student body could maintain its own auth- ority, uphold its own honor and provide for the future moral progress of the institution. This has been consummated by the formation of the Student Government Organization, a movement which is the greatest in importance of any ever at- tempted by the student body of this University. The formation of this organization means the upholding of the far-famed honor and integrity of Kentuckians, the equal chance of all for whatever honor may be given for scholarship, a higher standing for the University in efficiency of work, the formation of a wholesome spirit in the student' body and the protection of the student from all unfair treatment on the part of the faculty. In order for the organization to be successful it is impera- tive that the student body give it its loyal support. Being an organization essentially governed by the students and made up of members of the various classes, its success or failure rests entirely with them. If the former attends them, then dignity and honor is ,theirs and praise from the many institutions whose eyes are upon it watching with intense interest the system of a co-educational institution. If failure results then dishonor be upon the student body and the ridicule of the institutions of this land. ' It is the duty of the student to report all persons found us- ing unfair methods on all examinations, but the success of the system does not necessitate the presence of that most despicable of persons, the spy. On the contrary, by the pervading of a sense of duty throughout the University the very appearance of dishonor on the part of any student will be repulsed in a straight-forward manner. In spite of the fact that the University is co-educational. which makes it rather difficult in establishing an Honor Sys- tem, the constitution as it now stands is a very unique one. The institutions of the country having student government or- ganizations are as a whole not co-educational and in most cases the power of the organization is limited in a very strict way to examinations only, while in a few other Universities the system is in vogue in only a part of the colleges of the University, but this organization as set forth in the constitution is to govern all the colleges of the institution. " " .,, In ...M ,.,,. , ,. ,,,,... ., . I . a,.., ,, Q jj' Q 4 A3 f , . , - c- .f - V -, r .. 1- , , ,.,, , . . N ,, i, . ., lim L. 'W Lwesw 'c'-'run -..:.:'.,1..'- .444 ::u........' "W':.aL.nx:zx."" ' -:.r..::r.u...""'x'.:t:'.:."f::r-cf..:':mfm ru' X ft ' All members of the organization are those who are matricu- lated in the University and it is the duty of each student, as a member of this organization, to report all forms of dishonesty to the Executive Committee. The purpose of the organization as stated before is to morally uplift the University, but all dishonorable conduct on the part of students, as defined by this organization, committed without the precincts of the University does not come under the control of the Honor System. ' If conditions like the above should arise where a general odium was placed on the institution, the Executive Committee could have power to try such cases, provided by-laws govern- ing the same had been passed by the student body. It is in this connection that the constitution of this University differs essentially, from that of other constitutions of, other Universities. It covers all cheating during tests and examinations and gives the right to the student body to make by-laws governing dis- honorable conduct. These by-laws must be passed by two- thirds vote of the student body. In this way dishonorable conduct is defined by the students, which obviates any possibil- ity of the Executive Committee making such by-laws as they choose and of exerting too much power. By-laws governing the dishonorable conduct of young ladies are to be passed by a two-thirds vote of the young ladies of the institution before becoming effective. The same is true with regard to the by-laws governing the young men. When charges are brought against a student for any form of dishonorable conduct, ecxept that of cheating, if the of- ,n ...1 1 it A i. V i a i 'J fi -1 fi ----M l fi - .il r M , Ez' 'R basil wil LJ r.-5,411 'ffza-M459 if 'tix if 'A-w5J'wmi.,l wtl,,:mS.s',af3f4?Ql1vf,5mX fl J . I ., fs . t f 1 . ' 1 z 1 1 . H Ziff ' ri in .V l'.-1,9 W ' Ag,-.Q,, M-:MJ ll fi .YH sl -1 A -in il e --"- i il M, l Ll if 23 ifprtti QRS' lgzsi -,lj i lf.. .-........-f .iL',-..,s' ""' LZLILW-.-" " 'L-f N . -:f1:'Y'.a..,4,..""""y"".J:l. ' 'Til .J Y.'..1'l'.Lfx517 'ii' 4I'l:iT m fender be a young lady she shall be tried by the young lady members of the Executive Committee and if a young man, by the male members of the Committee. Those offenses, however, which come under the by-laws governing tests and examina- tions are to be considered by all the members of the Executive Committee as a body. The degree of the offense for all cases other than that for cheating on examinations is left to the discretion of the Com- mittee, but the offense for cheating is fixed by the constitution as punishable by expulsion. If the accused believes that he has not been given a fair trial he is given the right to defend himself and submit the case to an impartial jury. Examinations believed by the student to be unfair and un- reasonably difficult may be reported to the Committee, who act with the President of the University in deciding the merits of the case. The Executive Committee is composed of students chosen from the classes, it being specified that one young lady repre- sentative from each class shall be elected to the Committee. ,The President and Secretary of the Committee are mem- bers of the Senior class, the latter being a young lady. The Vice President must be a young man from the Junior class. Each class is duly represented. By the effectual working of this system there cannot but be an era of good feeling for the University. lVlay the future be the halcyon days. flag .2 - ljifh .,., rg ,W .,.. .,,., , , s -. ,.,. ef- m,,,,,,,.4,- g.,.rsam -v lv. Wy W f' X Q 1 1 X N 3' f Q A 2 ' ww M x 1 N 1 NX 1 lf X w. NN XX I Ni W X W ull' L , , 1 -H-Q - - 4, -----kv-.-.,X W , H 5 fix 5' V X ' --' QE' 4 -W 'A i?-, i,i1.11.,gj?' M . g -' X" X: - .s4m.w,m-w-fm-rfwf-W -H' , ,m.,,,.,.,.,. . , r' ,w-.v.w af'-., sv , ,15p:,h-Q V- 5 - i W yi ,. 3, I, I ' , , , A 1 ' M, ,tswz gf'1,,Qm I ,Zn M gQQ,vgg.X , ,551 W, , A .-A- , ,. , A 4 1 , -. 4f:3fw":f':A w 1-ww ,, Xwmh '.4xg.x,gAg,r .- mx Vg, L, nr 1, W f ' NX if - ff , , ,. Q, L , -, I mwmmmm + -, , 'awwa.x'x:.:4,vxa'w1wrMvr,vr'f1z'v1avs:':smM4:1unmXS?Xz:Y::':: -2 ,:wa,x., 1 ,1 'w,:.a', ' 1 ' ' p,,,-1"-31" 4' "J A nc 0 ,ktvfi . .. :.:x . . 1 yn A .vm 1 12 QQ g 'gg ?:5wm.u pf-vu U ..,4MZ'3'4" V"' A 'W' ' f-"'+-WH'-1-wr:-1' -'wfvfn-1":v: WW f-'f'Mv:-:z::f::"7r1m wwf 1 9. -' V3 fn WWA 1":u':xw 'N' MA" 4- V V W.-W -.-- H-,www "':.:",g-by . bm E W ..1mx1-3 AH: Ik 2 Fry: I W -4 ...""""......."'-'.."z.::.:r:.':4.a" rm.::.w-4..1'..".."..a' .4.z.'xu...z.....izz:zz:n':'-'I ' "J ' .3.gL...:Q. n.4L,:lA L,g'-,'-41-3,1735 y, V- ,- I ,,,,A4,1h 4, W, fgjq ---w -- Y - I .fmw-fmt-tmfnwwwwvuu1:wnwm':rmmv'mwiralusswwuwxemsxaamvmsfuMwwx1vvmwaom4:nnwx'wmmtxmw.mana ,E!:tXIgk. 'V NJ, M U ' x 1 K ' "" " ,i 'w,- . - i .,m,,nu,,,,,Ww,,,,,,,n,,,,,-,,,,,,,m EM-9 Us4x',.w:.z. .,... Q . i. 1. s .JLH Director of Athletics 'il' E. HAS come back." These were the words through two successful years and then, in the spring of l9l l, 9' of glad tidings which swept through the stu- because of ill-health, he resigned with the intention of taking dent body, when last December it became a long rest. But when the cool, clear days of autumn came, known that Mr. E. R. Sweetland had re- the call of the wild was irresistable and he accepted the position sumed his old position at Kentgky State as Coach of the Football team of Miami University. - ' University. It has been three years now since Mr. Sweetland first came into our midst, and in that short period he has won the respect and admiration of every student in the University. Athletics was at a rather low ebb at the time of his arrival and this fact made the transformation which he wrought all the more wonderful. In a few weeks, he had, by his rare abil- ity to inspire confidence in his men and to imbue them with a spirit of bull-dog tenacity, converted the raw, untrainedbunch into a team perhaps unequalled in all the football annals of our institution. Anxious to demonstrate before Northern eyes the prowess of the Sons of the "Dark and Bloody Ground," on October 6, l909, Mr. Sweetland descendecf with our warriors upon the stalwart braves of Illinois University and, to the utter amaze- ment of the Orange and Black, defeated them on their own gridiron-thereby bringing us for the first time into anything like National inter-collegiate prominence. This was a begin- ning of a series of triumphs which lVlr. Sweetland scored with ou-r ,team before the season closed. And from that day hence his position has been secure in the hearts of all students and friends of Kentucky State University. I-le remained with us On November llth last, our team met the Ohio boys on the Miami field. It was then that the little band of rooters, who had come up to cheer on our Wild Cats, felt a forlorn sensation creep over them as they saw, on the opposite side of the field, a tall, familiar figure bending down within a circle of Red and White instead of White and Blue. And a resolution was formed deep in their hearts, a resolution which voiced the sen- timents of the entire University-Sweetland should return to us before another year. Now, that this resolve has become a reality, now that things are as they were in the "old days," nothing but the most glow- ing prospects can be seen from an athletic viewpoint. It has been demonstrated more than once, that to be successful, a coach must possess not only the confidence of his team, but also the hearty good-will and co-operation of every student, and this "Our Coach" has without a single exception. Yes, he has come back-the courteous gentleman, the true sportman, the loyal friend. And, while the majority of the Senior Class will not have the privilege of witnessing his triumphs of the coming collegiate year, the accounts thereof will be read with eager interest and with the satisfaction of know- ing that our Wild Cats are safe in the hands of their keeper. . :rp M. . -JM? H m 4, H , Q 2 . , -. , . .. - .. , .,. H me-gmmgwav - Fr? 13 L "' """" "W" "'1"""""""'t""""""""""""""" , V - 5 I -A i ...mmm . N -' 3 , , , 1 .- . ., . .. g--mrm aL.a-Q.:ma:snMM- fm MZ' 5 W, , MK Ll- us. 'Um-.:-w.:xA:g.:.,.. .xi p.:...-f-:,w'r- -:mamma-s mvmu -- .zmzmi E1 M I - v .. V? pg x . M., . .. . ., ., -gf WWW- H El - rw! tn. 1 Qi ,EE F W . pt P ...X 4, A41 NM: 34 r:,,q,l,,, TAT rj twig if ,Q H! Fjmkm A? I V I mm -A au M X . Q K 13:55, in ,M ui Atwwm in Xu! zltmvfzw .1 A L1 faux ld S.. im icngra Kiki Ei hw, 2,7 .u X31 Nz VY! Edin iw. ' ' ""' ' "" ' " 'W' ' "M ""'H '- M:-,f:fx:3,g.,w.Q-23" ,r"":am: 112'-mf-fx-'M-WN4 'ffww-vumawifwVz-tvfMf1f+11'1Y'.'.1zzY'f'ff'fz'f'-W':.g.x:...g.x:L1::un:.,,,a:.f.......,.." MM 7X'- 'zfzqmwaa W Ei F, AQL- M- 4 ....,.,, , . -1, ,W,,,,,, .,.. . , , M-, , W.. ..,.,.,,, ..,..-. K ,.T.:m31:2:x,a.. 'M , X A3 K I i.m...:t:1-.n,. -- nf-1 f M . 1 4 . A. V ff-ff: rw---'-111 ,,,. f ---'AQ .,3Q:::v::::L:. -40 - .MJ xsafxi kfmfwmn W.. ,,mm..,,,..,,.w,m:,.: 'margin W ' FGGTB LL K E:N'rucK IAN "' ,lfgf NINETEEN TWMQQEFQ 55 II , A .1 ff' V .E .ff v -1 L.-,:"v L1 5,-,' mms. 'r'11r'v:-'f--' - "' ' A ' " ,M .- N ff-1 vw , ww" A' "I sf v I 'S I . - M . - ,J fr , -' H . 1 A-.L-. ., 1, X . .f 1 ' .x 'A . , ...TT..,T., mmm-swf' xr, I r' . 1 , , 1, 1 V ' I J ! X ftp. .v , . , ...,,k . . .., .. ,..., A H .L...v,, . . ,, . ,.,.,, .. ,,.,,, ..,.,,., ,,.r, . . , , ...n . H , , g ,UH ,M , . . Qxjqx. 'Xxx , ., r: , ,.,, VL.. , .N ,., ,, ,. . ,, 1 1, DW' . -fy F .' if fiilfdf ll iz-3 v C il 1 hifi H is . .l fx.. 2' it f .J it f X ' ' 'R A ' ' 'X - 2- f i' A V ' 1 ' . ' I Q .ffn - . ,-.V-1, -y.. L., N N -.Xt .K fr, mf - M -.. , -sw , .. E " 1 ' .- r -' ' 3:92 of NA i 2, 'Ai xkig-5? i' Nb. 3,1 LW-w.x in N.: F -Jfi--1-A-M ff ' Ll.. - - L Y , .1 as .l .i I 1 5 -1 ., X , . ., . .e ' 'Z x.:' 2 :U yy ..i lil b':es:f..:+s:rf':z --X' . '44 'gihi'1L..sw-' l.4..:Lzi:..:x:.e.e..:1z-..:: - , . A : . :.':iI.JSS-L2LL......4-..- .... ..:1 -, 4. ' ' :J CJ Football Before even our matriculation days were over in September, every afternoon on Stoll Field could be seen the aspirants for football honors for the season of l9l I. If any one set of men in school deserve to be loved by the entire student body, it is the set of men that formed the team of Wild Cats that repre- sented this University on the gridiron last fall. When we think of those men, of the sacrifices that they made, of the pluck that they showed, we are reminded of some battle- scarred hero. who, not for the love of self, but for the glory of his nation, gave the best there was in him. For coaches we had Webb and Douglass. The showing that the team made is a well-earned credit to these two men. Dick was the "never-give-out" worker, and could always be seen giving each man what he needed, sometimes rebuke where needed, and sometimes encouragement where profitable. Doug- lass came with the "hurry up" spirit of Michigan, and with his hard work, and ever readiness to showthe men all he could, he made a good man for the place. ' The first two weeks were mainly taken up in teaching the men the rudiments of football, and the team was not so easily selected as last year on account of the number of new men. The opening game of the season was with Maryville College. The Tennesseans had some fast back field men, and at no time during the game were they an easy proposition. This game probably drew the largest crowd ever seen at an opening game ,.. rf' ip " ' L on Stoll Field. Our boys opened up fast and scored I3 points to O for Maryville. On the following Saturday we lined up against Morris- l-larvey. The Wild Cats won their second victory by the score of I2 to 0. The game showed a marked improvement over the opening game, Morris-Harvey proving much stronger than Maryville. Doc Rodes began to show up in his old time form in this game. On Saturday, October l4, the whole student body was anx- iously awaiting the returns of the game of that day. Our team had gone to Oxford, Ohio, to play against the team coached by E. R. Sweetland. Could we await the news otherwise? A message was wired telling us that State had won by the score of I2 to O. That night a fitting celebration occurred in the form of a night-shirt parade. Truly our boys had gained a victory which we might justly celebrate. About one hundred students accompanied the team, or rather about that many saw the game at Oxford. Some went on the train, some in automo- biles, and various other ways too numerous to mention. Mr. Sweetland showed our fellows hospitality that any Kentuckian might well feel proud of. The next game was scheduled with l-lanover College, but was cancelled bv that school, and as a substitute, we played the Lexingtcn High School. They probably gave us a much better gaire than Hanover would have done. State used many V .. ' .exgffii r:':':+-- -fi' wsxvmazfzgm 1 i. - .., ,........ -."' , f - c . ' V---.M b x. ,..... .,.,,,,.,.- LlL.,L. .,.. , - y . r a , ,K E IX! T U CL K EAN r Wttawa.. VE tiara ki ni. Eli Q , . . , . , .. . - ' Q 1. . . . . .... ,. , . ..,,.,. ...... .. .... .. '- Q 'X' subs in the game and at no time was she pushed to hold her own. We beat them I5 to 0, but by their sheer pluck the High School boys gave us a run for our money. They were better versed in executing the forward pass than any team seen on Stoll Field last season. Here's hoping that some of these men may be seen in our own squad next year. On the following Saturday, Cincinnati University was our opponent. This was the first defeat of the season and was the closest game on Stoll Field up to that time. Cincinnati had a very strong team, but they did not play as hard as our fellows even then. They had a big team and seemed to be well coached. The score was 6 to 0, and any little piece of luck would have given State the game, however, Cincinnati could not be said to have won a lucky victory, for two or three of their boys played brilliant football. Our Wild Cats wandered over to Georgetown on November 4th, and took Georgetown into camp by the score of I8 to 0. This was a fast game and it put State into fair shape for the great contest with Vanderbilt on the next Saturday. Jake Gaiser was shifted from quarter to half in this game and Less C-uyn took quarter. Both men proved to be stars in their new positions and Jake made two or three 40-yard runs. A fair sized bunch of students accompanied our laays to Nashville, Tennessee, to witness the game with the Commo- dores, and just as was the case in the Miami game various methods were employed in getting there. Vanderbilt had practically held Michigan to a tie score, and of course we were tackling a tough proposition. The final score was I8 to 0 in favor of Vanderbilt. These were eighteen hard- earned points against our men, and six of them came through drop kicks. Our boys were well written up in the Nashville papers. Doc Rodes and Less Guyn proved to be stars, if any man could be called a star. Everybody played his best, and of course what else could be expected? Mead- ors, who up to this time had played a star game at end, had his shoulder broken and this meant a loss to our team that told in the other games. Undoubtedly Kentucky was playing a team out of her class, and yet the remarkable fight our fellows put up in spite of the odds against them, won for her a host of new sympathizers, and strengthened her hold upon her own supporters. This game might be termed a victory in a defeat. fm-mga? ..,. ..., . ,,..a.......-. ....... . .. . .,.. . ,i ., ., ., .., .. .I ., . 1 . I K . -,J A . . . . . . "" ----'-- --'- N r : U lLa:sv. ..........""'r.v:.':n'm:'L.:: I, ...... ,f11n......-- .,.......-,..,.... -.......,.,-m...,.....,...r..-J-.. 4. 7 If"'r':"r""''in11nWNr: 1 Wfrvq-P4'-M' "'-"""'v--mv? gg fsfixli Epub tw uzzfsfarzazs M ,.f5SH,7 ' ji .- ' N 0: :mfg 5' xy: :-K :--: iff : 5--as if ::.:k- . if T-V 5 N:-A iiigiiw iixitwl Qixfffii Lamp 5 A . ASYELQJENWXHQFH'--ff ltlxxil E.: Yixzi J fa L.:-iff , :QT if li . "'r.. J E 'v, .s-..,,.,,.,..i.s1g.:.-..4.g.:........4i.i.a:a.1L:e:g.,a1.::.4:.p.,.,.:as4,., ., ,.. fl ' .. J..'. Akin 1: sc- ' Three hundred miles from home and against a team with an awe-inspiring reputation, our boys put up as strong a fight as was ever seen on Vanderbilt's field. Now every story has a sad chapter and you must not read this chapter aloud. We went over to League Park, or the athletic grounds of Transylvania, to meet our time-hon- ored rivals, accompanied by a few hundred confident rooters fully expecting an easy victory in the inter-collegiate race for the state championship. But alas we could hardly realize that Transylvania had scored twelve points to our five, and that game is one which every student has earnestly tried to forget. It is probable that Transylvania was more surprised than we were. This defeat by Transylvania upset all football M . . -r..g.o...I-1923-atafasaaaawi -:asa ' "' dope in the State Championship race and, incidentally, a few student's poclcetbooks. Our next game was to be with Central. Everyone knew that the undaunted Wild Cat spirit would win that game for us, even though we might have some odds against us. We met Central on Thursday, November 23rd, for the sixth con- secutive year, and won a fourth victory in the six years. -Will anyone ever forget the condition of the playing field, or the cold rain that drenched both spectators and players? That kind of a day cut deeply into the attendance and so of course into the money of the Athletic Association. The spectators who did brave the weather were furnished a spectacular and exciting game, notwithstanding the weather. Central had a ,. ,. U-. aa -mm ,.......-..,.... .. .-... .. .---,nat - -0- -.4., '.- V. . E' H 'r.v 71 Atacama W A- , ! .4 ? If 'rffwff-""' 'jvf' 7 "3' ' """' ""'3' ""' 2.1 ""'kU'H5i1W5'Q MiI- N"':i:'-v:'f"''?"'M"'w"Ii"fQ'5f7fV2A.:.:'2,f,2:Jl::--1 ..:l lf e In A M '-..fn- , 1 ,W ,M-.. ,v ,, ,-N, 11 V J,wi.n1.... ::l:..f,4.z....w.,f-W W .1.,:1,:ea1,.,,:x .,f..manun:,::,g.a- lg A er , ,, .r, , ,, , ., . ,.., 1 .177 ,Q W 'rsh A imw,,fKl 61033 Wigan fi: mrszsflc, Q V Yu 1,5,5.yf':L:.IA -. V '35 MW 5 xr -fy-fm mfrrzfva-1 pfzfqwz 5:34 5-wk L. , , gl ft Ji, naw W k Simms if '97f.i,Li 2,1 'lgnglf Ycgmfgb Q4 Yin K in ' liiknuiilnuffser K?" 'Q 6,?Q,!gi, r f"-' - I I H NVQ Ka 7,74 21922 Es 4r'1,b Q. me E-gun . El fiuwfsurlmlvrm-'-sit-M-,v.N:1 nuff'-I--H'-M,'mr A T JL 5. . , . . ,..,.. , . , , - ,. ,4 -- x A - .V . ,1..u...x,4.:L..uz4.g,,,av:'L1,1,:.n,,..1,,m:.,:wal H ., H .... I Z.. . 5 L - 7 . V ,-3, - -V - - -- - - r f -, ' ' , -I V. vw"-'f'-y Eman:wfr,a,m.v.'m.,5, ,:f,.., ,mlawv -, , ,ww 'mLw..,..,1Jfw ,- Rpm. .1 ,- ,,Q,m.:f1X:.g,.u,x,ff,,,,,Q,,,,,,- 5 , - m Y- "' ' ' I - 1 ' 'K x,. .rar."fw .1 riuwm .ua 51.12111 T' JL LA D H, H H 77 , -. :....,,:,.L:,L,.,.,.1:, '. Lug.. nr, fu Lnuxffl L.::..g1., 4. 4 ,:..-.wma-aww. 4 ,. .:r.:..Li:13.........'4" U' X 7 7 7 7 7777 7 7 'Q - K m,'A.L,tm.,..,.. ,1,,....,-,.,,.... ., . ,,,,,.x,,,,,,. ,... ,,..,..,..., , I My rx .. N f,.A..' 1 , ' um. .- 1... f .:, MV. Vip- jf - . , . ' is I z 'Q an 'wx r . i f my iv, Xxx rj A , Wk 5 K . 1 J .. .... L, 51 1 ... .,, L, at .r . . . - ,,, H y 1.. ' -'I , . snr.. : :.m:g,'.Mr-11-.-3s'-1uwu:,g:a4..".-g::sex,r:zalr:-:.r.+'r:zmx:.z,.... .nz .4mL:p'..:,z::.u,.. as B ' x"'7.::.-'f":ct"s 1 ' s s- :fm-n.v-.:.-w:,...-'-:+.z..r:::xrf.::su.wr:unz:-'::.:1 large bunch of loyal rooters and they made the north side of the field ring with their cheers. The day was a strange con- trast with our Central game of one year before when with a perfect day and eight thousand spectators, the contest was pulled off. State made a touchdown in the early part of the game on some neatly executed forward passes and end runs. ln the second quarter Central put a touchdown over on the same goal line over which we had made ours. Clark, their elusive little quarter, was responsible for the touchdown. Both sides missed the try at goal, and it looked as. though the game would end in a tie score, unless some unforseen piece of luck should happen. But Less Guyn, playing a star game at quar- terback, got the notion in his head thathe could kick a drop kick, and he must have gotten the same kind of a notion in his toe also, for in the third quarter, with almost impossible conditions for drop kicking, he booted one between the cross- bars from the forty yard line. Some kick that was. We just had to win that game, and Less knew that was about the last chance. Doc Rodes deserves a lot of credit for the wonder- ful speed he showed in making his end runs, too. I-le made the distance practically every time called upon, and no doubt the season of nineteen eleven saw no pluckier or harder working men on the gridiron than our back field, composed of Gaiser, Rodes, Watkins and Ciuyn. The line men played magnificent ball in this game, and the team as a whole showed that they could play together, and each and every one of them deserves "gag 'f','u.u.9.: 'X f-'fwfr :vfsi 11-'s"'f'1L',.'.':x'r!f:':f1.'m::1nmu1ilz'l1."!"i 'I :Sri if f . 1 we Lx r .. .s.'...,-... V . ,. , .w. creclit for not letting Kentucky State drop out of the race for intercollegiate championship of Kentucky. On Thanksgiving Day, instead of our customary game with Central, we had the strong team from the University of Tennessee as our opponents. This game proved a rather easy victory for our boys. While the Tennessee team consisted of husky strong men, at no time of the game were they able to do anything with the State men. From the first blow of the whistle our line men sifted through the Tennessee line and broke up a great many plays. Captain Earle did especially good work. This was his last game of football, the last game of a star career, and truly did he show the Tennessee guards and center how to break through and nail the play behind the line. Downing and Harrison also got several plays before they were well started. Harrison did some good work in practically every game of the season in his blocking of punts and breaking up of playsbehind the line. Johnson was also good at this. The whole team worked together and at the end of the game State had scored two touchdowns to nothing for Tennessee. Both tries at goal were made. The wonder is that we did not score more points, but this was probably due to the slippery condition of the field. Jake Gaiser made one of the touchdowns on running back a punt. Less Guyn had his knee pretty badly iniured in this game, but it is to be hoped that he will he back in the game next year. A summary of the season will show that it was a success. Several new Varsity men were developed and they should fi-f V 4...:...,........:.. '.-,. , ,K .. . . .:.n......' -.Lisa na.i2g1vJ'icLs..f 1 W Ww Mtiuigdq R , ,f Q . ti ' ....,.... - .. . .. , . ,:-.. , 1' - - -f' . ,,.............,. . -........, , .-.--,..,,, .q.,,,,, -mm, , 1 1 n I V 1 r w 1 I H I 1 I 1 , , ,, . ,W--WH,----I-f--Maw,-A V A . . A , 3 q"3r"1ff-W1 5..,,W.,.W,,.-..... V3 gf-gggm I -' " fps? ug -fx Q, Mfmmnliiu Y, Rx f 'I is If 55 W LH -1, ' 1, Q, , C , " M kgfffm EM!! U fzmff NK 54 5352-if QB ' . im U in fn 1, LL 1 sf H ' .. an wf:'.'!'::mv11. ,. . navr..:r'::.::::r,1r:',v:v2z'1:,rrJ:,H:z:r5L74ez:'f.rxr:,:.'A':mf'v7:A':ivan x Xkiigfr? h I L..:,, , .M ",m:L.'L:.r.':::. w:r:,::::y,N':u' v,.i,.LJ:2.L:'.L'::2:,.:' " 1 ,LJ U 2 .,., .,,i X T 1 ,, . . .. ,W W 7 LJ, I 11. vlf.YW.1 I .. ' 1 X f I I YT'-5.YI1'!i?1" ' N , . . , ""' ' 'W '. T,Y'TYfYT'7'1 5?' .C:.- Y""fZ"VS" 'f' 572Q'lZ7A'?Z'TLX'Ib51.'i' ,. J'7"?f'in'3J' LTTE L""T"7?!ff17"1",' VIRQ ,WW 'I"""'f'7 " "" " TI" x ' 'Y,"..-?!YX'C,?I' L-1-'J 'X 1 ' 4 TV " A 'WW .... . ...A L.4J.l.L..-,...'... ,. ' -. .... JL11Z fLfl'3.IZ32l7mRoJ 1.115-I-4 vfli1.1.gL.J L.-LIL-uf u-...f-,.1!Ll1f, ' ...LL-IL'-LL1.ZAJIL'.,.lI.Tf 1l'f,'I.L...., H' k ' V Q 5 , --X '-,' -"-- e -'-W:w'M1-wr -4-:"1-Hn-rmwfzu-:rp - ' "3 if ""x -A . f9?fE'iI"'7 tis if r 1 n - I Bl lg1ts:..:-:1's:ri1:fz:wmica.. a,m.q:.-:.:1:--sr: ',.. f, + ".f-f' -1m:':1':.:: ., form a strong nucleus for our nineteen twelve team. Finan- Knowing conditions as we do, we predict another vic- cially the season was not so successful as that of nineteen ten. torious team for nineteen twelve under the coaching of Mr. E. This was caused by poor weather and conflicting dates. R. Sweetland. l l l X i l l l . Q bl , , M.-- - - , u l 123 I, ,,,, F ,.,,, , .,,, , 4,:,?,,.:.::L.,, f - z' -f'---psp: ,, MM., ,ii , ... . "l . -,.-., . . l 1..QL'..1 ..'l.., 1 .. .. 'v ,4 ,ti Nc... ' 'r f 'WJ 1 4 r X 1 L -f, , c y L4 - M r . W, Q31 n,......4 m Ems........:muum1muf.-:...:m I. .rw-1 Y-,J--v ,,...:.,.e..f,gszm:..a.s...,.,.-..,-.. . -wr ' L ',.f....,... ...,.,,.,,..,,,,,... ..,,. . ,., J., ,,,..,.....-,:,'. .- . .. U If?" iffif' IW WMI 'H "I 'il ff'3m5'7 H 'K E glxmwiflu' .1 I' 4 A A fi I-E' ii M' 1 - ' 7 5-fi 'T -' ' ' ' M' I' -y if 1. ' 4 IIT., li1g'j..j.-, Li k . LL g fi my 6 5 ,H L, E .. 3 gig I . , I 5. by . E1 . rift: - 4am'a.'m:4:mm xunxmu Wsmr.r'1zmxuJ '-11f":FipE'gsv:?i"" -Q-QS:--W-A---4-N-L..-........:m.- .,'. .su .4......s.... . il i I l I , To the Wild Cats i ITH the shrill toot of the umpire's whistle, just as the Thanksgiving afternoon merged into the gloaming of evening, the football season of I9I I passed into the annals of his- tory. And, as the students swarmed down into the gridiron, eager to grasp the hand of each and every menber of the team, all realized that never had any aggregation of K. S. U. warriors emulated more faith- fully the characteristics of the creature for which they were named, than had the Wild Cats of I9I I. Upon many occasions the question is asked: Why is the football team of Kentucky State called "The Wild Cats?" And it is safe to say that the query comes from one unfamiliar with both Natural History and the teams of our institution. Otherwise, no explanation would be necessary and the reason would be obvious. Of all the beasts of the Animal Kingdom, the Wild Cat, when undisturbed, is the most peaceful and unobtrusive. The lion stalks defiantly abroad and even the leaves on the trees tremble at his arrogant roar: peevish old Bruin snarls among his companions of the woodsg and the Moose, foolhardy and impetuous, rushes headlong through the bramble to meet his foe. But the Wild Cat, small and lithe, with muscles playing beneath his sleek coat of short hair, and sharp claws snugly sheathed in the velvety tissues of his feet, pursues the "even tenor of his way" along the forest isles. Yet of battle he is ,--I -"W r'-'1 'V '-vzrmrz'-'-' 1' 1-221-2-'izrw-1----:ffvr:r1m: mwLmvw.mmm-mmfwmmu unafraid, from difficulty does he not turn aside. And, when aroused, the King of Beasts or others of monstrous size have no terrors for him and even the elephants, with the knowledge that he will attack them with the same ferocity that he de- vours the hedge-hog, are often tenmpted to "hunt their holes" rather than brave his wrath. Of just such disposition and temperament were our grid- iron Wild Cats of the past season. With no desire for per- sonal glory, actuated by no selfish motives, spurred on only by a realization of duty and a love for the University, they fought as only men, backed by fidelity and sincerity, can fight, heedless of the size or weight of their opponents and of the circumstances which surrounded them. Whether in practice during the fair, calm afternoons of early autumng or locked in deadly combat with Central on a field of mud under leaden skies 'mid a downpour of raing or, surrounded by strange faces, struggling against the almost in- vincible Commodores in "Sunny Tennessee," our team re- vealed the same earnestness and unflinching courage. We are exceedingly proud of the Wild Cats of I9I I, proud that in the last games of our student days the honor of the University was so nobly upheld. And whichever way the road of Fortune turns, whether we labor under clouded skies or in sunny climes, the memory of this football team will per- manently abide in the hearts of the members of the Senior class. 1 fqft"s-:w:w:'s:""m:'. "tram'3::l5:ffvf:'.:, 'g'Z'1. ?:.1.2:2"ft'vs' fi' WW ,I If 53 .2 '." :lil turvl. mv-v, -livwv-5 fi ,,..., .'."'..,1'1,,,,11u.1.: Jxxggm 1, .- '--- - .. . . , ..--:..,afss.:um:-1-it SlisL'+.Qi l" ... f -'li Zhu: fmaza-rs: .,-. --r:1w...:..' :-ss:-1.1.-1,1 --'-r .xx .,.. .. --zz:-za-.fa Q -nz... x ' '-,z.rc:'?.S::..t'J.i . H-is f-31--. . . mm,Mm,,,. , .......-.,, ,,,,,., ..,,,.,, E'T'.'f'?7fff'Z'm2 y.cwaffsf-ww--W'-www-at--fi--MW -----sw-f-W-M...-1.-.,..., --xv .--.f-,14.m..r E wal 73 if lr, , , -.' yaffw ta. Xsce'.11f.igQ11?,,f', ,' K-T, .f 'J1,.5::x.'fg ' ,Q ff .. 3 -' t .1 1. -. , ' s -- W' : . V-4- L- 4- gs-1 as -'ii .WI Lx, .V f. , .Y .V .3 f, . 1,4 HW - .,,fgn2.,1zr ri- y . -I, -1 9 x ks! ,Q ,xtyil M . Kew, A ,, . V.: ,W . awk, -1 . wwf? link H Ak W'im'?.,gwff.t'5Qsl fgf. Va '-ill in li rv 5 lx 2. as U M, if fr.: E.: l'-sa is SA - 5 . namdmgr M , M... , .. , . .. . .... ,www ..,,,53 Xxif'-sT!,'Qa,gg16? M'M,,..,,,,,,-,,,,m,,,,..,..,....Wt,.-.....J............ ..-, . ..W,.aww,,,-,K .W - Earle, Guard, Captain. "Tom" was justly elected captain of the nineteen eleven Wild Cats and truly no team ever had a harder worker or a fairer Galloway, Manager. Galloway was chosen as manager for the team of l9l I. He was a tireless worker and always ready to help the players along in any way he could. Galloway had some hard things to overcome, as every manager does, but he succeeded in an admirable way. man to guide them. Tom played on the team for four consecutive years and only missed playing in one game. Ever ready to break through the opposing line, Tom made a good offensive man and was strong on opening a hole for the backlield. Enthu- siastic and encouraging, such is an ideal cap- tain, and such was Earle. l Downing, Guard. "Clip" played his first Varsity game two years ago, but was injured. That was the opening game of the season and Gip was out until this year. He played guard and no other man of his weight in the country played such good football. Gip is truly an- other john Campbell. i' Gip is a well built man, a trifle light for a lineman, but has two more years and will surely hold his own. IZ6 IfEc1t""'?:"'t?""r'?'fl'1'M?'L?I'?2S'faZ'1'.'mZ7'f1'752rLt1?,!L!n':1'3':'.t'L'fw-,. t 1KiwW1'4MMEWm231f .- ..: V W X -.,-1 gilsf'-'S."f3Yf:'1I'k'5iQ!2.'3mfZ?mX.13 H1.a 'I' va V. M - ' l 5 W M 1' 4- 4 1' , , . . . ,, . .... . .sf - , i ,W,.,..s..w:mN', f,.,fh, ,,a1,,m,M,, , . ..,,.. -. . W -s..-.... . ,.., . .... .. . . . .. ,.., ,, .. .. . .. . A J v I- . IE? 4.,. ....,..Ta,r:lj:.:..a!lxa:s4np.q ,. ,. I . . 2 g A ren-'rv--fu ,,.., U.. .,t, ,. ,-:Ll....-..,-lnnvrl 4, , XT ' all . fly! "h Q K I A :tg .Q ..,. . . ..,.Q im ma Q N 'WA E N germs, E--3,2153 In , X mmmmjwm f.. 4,,. WA, ,, N. .,,. . r ,. K - 1. - ----- -, .- - - .... . - r...,.. ,.. . ..., . . ...- . .. ss.. . . . .,. ..... 55 ,gg.,m,s,,t,- Parks, Quarterback. "Jim," after doing up athletics at Rich- mond Normal, journeyed to State and, judg- ing from the way he has started out, will make a record here. Jim is a big fellow. active and fast. He is a sure tackler, the best punter in the squad and, more than once, drove the ball out of danger. His work in the Miami game was great. Jim is a Freshman, so of course will continue to improve his splendid work. Gaiser, Halfback. "jake" is admired for his courage and grit, and praised for his spectacular work in the back field. He is the best defensive backfield man in the South, with a wonderful ability to stop runners and break up passes. Had it not been for injuries, Jake's playing would have been almost phenominal. Sure tackling, quick to see his opponent's play, a steady gainer, especially on end runs, and a good punter, Jake kept the enemy always on the watch. ' Williams. Williams was another man brought out by Coach Sweetland two years ago. If ever a man deserved credit for his grit and nerve, Williams certainly is the man. No matter what a coach told him to do, Williams did his best to accomplish his task, and if he can get some more weight, he a terror to opposing linemen. should prove , 1'27 w,fmr..r.'m'r::w':':rw"-r' :amzggx , ,gg gm. ,LB , H M l ':z:4x:4::':::.z:s::m:us1li l "" 1x'xr:sg,g q ,.,. , ,c,-. .. M t,.. -my ,qgg g-gi . ........ .., 3 . . ...My -c.. . , ..a.. ,.. . ,,: Lliiil' "mamma zvmmnxanmnm-L . u ,::.g'1:..::f..'.A.1,'!!'.4fg,:..CL1'::""'..i.., 'ef f 1:4 waz' -,,......,..,,,,. . . ., . . ,... ..,- -... . 4... ,,...,,.,.-.-..,.,.,.,, ,.-,.,,,,,, T,,,,,w .DALY 1 -v An, V ,..n.,,.,,.,,,...1....,.V ,. a...4.L.. . ,,, , V '1v:t"""r"""7". " " . v R ausrv''-vwrfvcrswxxrv:f::a.:1:s::fwv-'-Af' 'ow ""s'Wr 'I I 4 fri lar t l Q il 7, ,hm ,. , IW' .JJ 3 gg w' 4- f I . 1 g '15 V, ' r i . . .1 m .s . .1 ...I . 1 .4 I Q1z.z'e'asaw1:snza14v1:m-ar'ncu'a:1r.:s:tr:'::7.-z",, xavxxzzrrzzz -M Guyn. Quarterback. "Less" came to us from Lexington High. and did star work at quarterback, which made him a favorite for the All-Kentucky position. Less was one of the steadiest men on the team and he did much spectacular work. He was wonderful in the Miami. Central and Vanderbilt games: speed and grit made him a favorite with the spectators. If he can get his knee into good shape, he ought to prove an All-Southern man next year. "' K' l W 1ff.7.L'1.1Z4'.2"L1 fNV.?!3"'f1 V5 'L.YL.,. ."T"' "" "N'Z"'1Z71"T'I'?' ' ' ' .f Q Vi 3 -1 ' ' W r. 2. w I Watkins, Fullback. "Possum" is the little man of the team: weighing scarcely a hundred thirty pounds. he was never afraid to tackle the biggest men on the opposing team. With a lot of grit, nerve and hard work, he made good on the Varsity. Possum was not in the best shape this season, but did not complain a minute. He was one of the best men on the Kentucky gridiron in getting down under punts and nailing the runner. s. 1'- . 1 v ,rgl . ft ,. 1 G if 1 IZB . H ,. ',,.',1:.v I My l li V Collins, End. "Bones," after a year's coaching under Sweetland, held down one of the ends. He was quick to get into the opponent's play and stopped many a dangerous punt. The steady, ever ready man, is the one that does things in football, and such a man was Bones. He could always be relied upon in critical situations. Collins probably played his best in the Central and Tennessee games. His work in the early part of the Central game was spectacular. g?.'.'22:11zC:: 11.2.7 " ' 'r'5TZt?:tS'!P!sfxim:'.Tm"2k3!?i:nHT' - .Ura N ..,., Q V It , 1 J Emerg LL. . J:emu..4,.4.g.:4..':.1..t.... ,.. . ....:::':.t2u,1:4::..:1':::1.Q..-' "..'....""'t, '.,' a.Lurx.wa .ru 1... A ?'f'.'1?fJZL2lL1.'...L.i""L.'Xr.E13'?.I'b..'SfiL'L'L"" 'tl -..M J." Vt 4, I , imm1mfwmrns4na we -.-sm-mmvswmmmwnmm--s1-'-- fm-wi-'W-'fi-,'i,f--awemwrrxamssnmmwfcavzwxuisq -me 7-Q Vl.x5,tAft i3X.f53lfll-szwfsaj .wma'farmsmmsmaN':wwevmnwmvm1'r:w4wnfav:nu.Waefmsr+:':fw-.-1-sw-youwwmss-,twat . .. rf. tr-eva-wt-i'f-vemgig i 1' '?ff2'v..ri vs ,y ,. .. . 1 emu- -X H ,rr .: ,me fr If 3"'::s.v-we-13l'Si'Qb ' " '-iff.. .. ml ' ' 1" . rt ' 1-S ram 'yawn pam: 5-gaxwg rxomc my-I Q- ff .Q In sf, w .n in nt? wr if - . " . 3. ef ff A sq- get s-s,.,9za,.,3 .t.1..f, ,E gr Rag, , tm -5,5 ,A Q N, ,. rg, , SJ? sh it-Eli-vw 'ight ut: m., Limb. ES: Alvtifik lvl 'stall s D Mf.:w-f '."f?fi3'trfw, ,FV "QiQiSfT'm:'i'1iq5'm "" ,Q ru ?.f1"ra'G Y.'-fm :Lv-en hzwax law ii 'rib L Jaw- eel? .. ' - ,XFN 'Weil 'gtqia-'g Q P . M ..,,. ,, . .. ,. . . . , . , . , H 5l'W73WNiUR!PSW3 !Ql'v'lltX NE515X'Xll3lY"09N'.?Nf-2x54'3llviKWEL'3.'ZS+X'SW:Vv.W:NW.9vKk3:,liil YI??.lUSlnN'XW?lilW WWNWiWX3mM34iii i'g3 Akkl'QrQiitj4fJ il NWN 'rM WT0H9N.9WfNU-sliiidwvvi-WX5'2?f"lbw,-vm'-Anwf 9iY?'l595l'SLXsXUGm"'K"W3Rf9i-3'!9551"!"4'9i'f. 3w'--mdk 5351-i' 3M3 N Woodson. "Big 'Woodsonn was a substitute lineman and did good work whenever given a chance. Big and strong, Woodson was a good de- fensive man. With another year's develop- ment, he would prove a star and make a record on the gridiron. The boxing work he has done the past winter should help him next year also. Woodson deserves a great deal of -credit for his hard work. Harrison, Tackle. "I..engthy" has been chosen captain of the Wild Cats for l9l2 and a wise choice it is. "Harry" was a favorite, for all- Kentucky tackle last season. He was great on blocking punts, getting men behind the line and catching forward passes. Harry is fast for a man of his size and not only fast, but active. The Wild Cats should prove a terror next year under Harry's lead- ership and guided by Coach Sweetland. 129 ...'1"... Rodes, Halfback. "Doc" is the best little man in the South. for his weight, and the most brilliant back- field man in Kentucky. Few men are as quick to take an opening as Doc and few can get in full speed as quickly as he. Many times the crowd -was almost electrified by his spectacular runs and tackles. Doc proba- bly played his best ball in the Vanderbilt and Central games. A 'flw I I I I ..4-- .,.n.4, ',. .- 1 I I J 1 l ' H -4,- aj...-rf-fftn-1---wmmml, K E NTQJC K IAN E M f t NiNETkEiZ::..M Tvmf2.1,r,..wE,,l m ,M.qv.... . ., , .. ndmwmvw 1. ,. , ,,,4, H ,,,, ,,, ..,,,,wHAMLMLx:,mmm5m Tuttle, End. Tuttle came to us from Somerset with quite an athletic record and, unlike most high school stars, he has made good in Var- sity. Tuttle played both in backfield and on end, taking lVleador's place after he was hurt. If he learns to block successfully, he will be one of the star backfield men of the South next year. Tuttle is a Freshman and should make an enviable record before he leaves the University. ..,... ,, ,, . . , Brandstetner, Halfback. "Brandy" is a product of Covington High School and has shown great promise as an athlete. Brandy is the "smiling kid" of the university and, no matter how hard the game, could always see the bright side. Brandy was a substitute backfield man and with his weight and ability to handle him- self ought to make a star man in the future. He is good on the defensive, also at picking holes on line bucks. Brandy is a Sopho- more. 130 Johnson, Tackle. "Big Johnson" played at one of the tackle positions and we believe it is safe to say that no faster lineman played in the South last year. Johnson was splendid at breaking through and blocking punts or breaking up interference. He played a much finer game than last year and is sure to improve for next season. He can hold his own with any lineman and he and Harry will make tackles hard to head off. ,. .e as--..,. s --.. .. ., h. -. H.. ... .X - ..,, I ,. Q M' . , .,'., 1 4"- -if . , . . ..... .. , ,.. . : , , . , . -. . f- , .r V P l I K i 1 9 . m.,,,.W., .,,,,,,,.r..,i , , , , X A . .. .X , . .. ,.-Q .. .. . .,,. , ,S F 3 N rm mo nm me 'sllllirq Q ' tea w M mm g i N s was ra ta T alent V Ei' 'Ti g Q, t ,, . , ,,.,,N h ,.,, . . .N Spears, End. "Doodle" waited a long time to start his athletic career, but he surprised everyone by the good work he did last fall. Doodle deserves a lot of credit for his hard work and he served the team as best he could. He was a fairly fast man and was good at getting down under punts, also at receiving forward passes. It is to be regretted that his athleti-c aspirations were not simulated sooner. i... NW Chambers, Center. "Brick" stepped into "Dick" Webb's shoes at center and he more than came up to expectations at that place. For sure grit and hard work, Brick is rarely excelled. He was a valuable man in critical situations. often saving the team by a tackle behind the opponent's line and breaking up many plays before they were well started. Brick is a Junior and has another year to do fine work for the Varsity eleven. 2 .ln , t I . .,.,. . t.. ,,W,.... -r . . . . . A 1 -.--M-. , ....e...-...... W.. -.--.-Jai'f:f.:.::fr'-nf.-v.r:aa'::.sianuw-- ,fz....- '--:Q 5 W gg w,- ,'w'Wf'..an11urur:m:"s.wxw'w',' ,,-f .ww 1 . ,lt f,1' ...naw .- Jw: rw-i M, f maya: pg: P1 Vg! gy- Hz. xy-N pm, M taxa., mst., .Ns ,yy I1 K E PS5 Ma C K. IAIXI 51. -. N E is.. 1 uw . F ... 5.6 I 1' - - f- 4- mumwmuv. mxwwmwr.a,:: I Meadors, End. "Gils" was our plucky left end. Two years ago Gils went out for football and failed to make good on account of a bad knee, but this year he made up for it. No man on the team played more steady or more sensational ball than Gils, but in the Vanderbilt game his shoulder was broken and the team suffered. Gils was one of the hardest tacklers and probably received for- ward passes with more accuracy than any of them. M M '-am 132 ... Bablitz, Guard. Bablitz was the oldest man in the squad. as well as one of the strongest. Bablitz de- serves perhaps as much credit as any man that has played on the Varsity for a long while. He had to do night work in order to keep up and was always seen busy. Bab- litz got his first year's coaching under Sweet- land and improved a great deal last year. He was a substitute lineman and could al- ways be relied on to play his best. fa.y5gy,:,wgg- W. - -.V-,, . A ' ' - , . , , , , '-- ,. uc E N 'r uo K IAIXI' If, f NINETEEN -rw " K4 I 9 I I Schedule sepi. so-state. .. . I3 Maryville .I .... . .. lo f'Oct. 7-State.. . . .... I2 Morris-Harvey . . . . Oct. I4-State.. . . .... I2 Miami .......... . . . Oct. 2l-State. . . .... I7 High School. ....... I ..... . Isulzltitute for H anovor I Oct. 28-State . . . 0 Cincinnati . ........... . . . 6 Nov 4--State. . . . I8 Georgetown .. . . . . . 0 Nov. I I--State. . . . 0 Vanderbilt .... -. . . I8' Wflqlov I8--State. . 1 . 5 Transylvania . . . I2 Nov. 23-State. . . . 8 Central .. . . . . 5 Nov. 30--Stote.. . . .... I2 Tennessee . . . 0 133 1 . ,'. ,. ... ...,. , , .,., . ' . I t . . 4 m n I V,,-,,- . Y, ,,,,,. V .,,,.h- .L .3 5 ,, ., ., ., , .......,....,.........s.,...,,....?.r. .snn - ,We--n-,,:,iw..Am r.: K E M rr' UC K IAN - NIMWZ"ti"EEEW . .. , . , - "' rw. s. , . , . . . , ,. ..1- rr "t:.::zr:1. 'msuull Celebrations t 1111- EVER did the drum beat more lowlyg never did the flute play more softly: never did foot- steps fall more lightly, and never did crepe convey the feeling of such deep sorrow as on Friday morning, September 22, when assem- blyiwas converted into a funeral by the en- trance of a procession of Seniors, who with bowed heads and measured steps, bore to the rostrum the body of Willis E. Smith, deceased. A.fter a few pathetic and touching remarks on the sad and mysterious disappearance of the beloved classmate, it was meekly suggested that a football rally be held over the body of the hero, dead three years ago. Loud, long and reveren- tial were the cheers greeting the suggestion and soon Chapel Hall resounded to HS. U. Ky.," the "Locomotive" and the "Skyrocket." Lest the rally should lose all semblance of a funeral, and in order that the audience might be more highly entertained, the band played such airs as "Hail, Hail," "Dixie," and "Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight" with force enough to awaken the angels in any one of the three worlds, but still pa . . ,, ..,.r,. . ,,.. , ..- . the corpse remained quiet in the casket. The body was laid to rest beneath the pines on the campus at ten-thirty. May he sleep the sweet sleep that only K. S. U., '12, Senior should enjoy. The celebration that gave evidence of more real "Joy," perhaps, than any other this season, was the night-shirt parade October I4, celebrating the victory over Miami. About five hundred gost-like figures assembled in front of Main Building at- seven-thirty. They were ghost-like to the eye only. They were a singing, yelling, howling, merry-making mob. After paying the co-eds at Patterson Hall a visit, they marched down town, performing magnificent snake dances, giving classy yells, and occasionally the happy, enthusiastic procession would rend the air with a shout of "Joy" which gave voice to their inmost feelings. On the evening of November 22, the coming victory of the Wild Cats over Central's Eleven was very appropriately celebrated in the form of a bonfire. As the flames from the burning mass leaped higher and higher into the heavens, the moon shone more dimly on Stoll Field, being eclipsed by a greater light-the light of victory for K. S. U. 1. s .r 1. , , , Et " wi' f1' 1': H X , - X ! v i V A X ff ' , ' ' 752 ,. 1, f J fl I fTHr f m',1f1 gif" , fF!f!HlWli.5l" WW "ww Y' 'N J H wmvmwm-Q-:rv-fa-'r::-ww,-w.wwf-vwfYffr--fwwww,-rm-wummrmm-mam-Xwmfg rv- ' WN 5 rf w 111'-X-'A ' """ " "Tl lm .1 W, M ,- , ,V L33 . , ,L 'f'q,, Es 'h If M ' j " 2 ' W V W 5f:n...,,1 g If 4 kg Ji. Q1 5,1-iggj? ,, XY M I, I .X I ky ,V fl rwmu 2.4 'wi it-y'F qgqgivf V vim vi Q3 -455. 231 -5 6 If ji,-Q AR ' , H V1 - ' ' --A I Swam:-mmrmmncn.wmfngmmuxxr:-y'1K--'1ffm:::mzzmY-,J. f -x:::sv:f,wf:.rLmmn,,w9-:x:mx:xM:zA:m..1mfr:-:u---w'V ' L '-",.,..Kr if--'f-' 1' ' ' ' T?--' fa '' 'nrzrafrftxf -'-- m"'N':x.:''-.amn.w:u'f'-xw- I3 xg v ,, : 'Q . 'Q 'mai ,..N:,:.1.:r,1a:'ag'zf:Q::g22:v'i.. .... ., ,.w:1w:,a1gf B l we 5 ,W 4 Af- P4 Q. , K i ,W .. N33 ,. k . ,zm,,1:,.hwx .. W. J , , , , . .VW . .. L25 f......i 'an:'xz.z:fL4::.4.....v' ,g.L..,..::1..,z:....'u' :.g4:::.:..g' - .:r:.,,., , :m.':.:w,::.4m:.-4x,..:,M..4.::r::v,..5 Lmuzxfi M, ..,, inning Fuxw..x.:s'a:w.x1..z.'a.a.:r.:a... W' f-- ,-g4::::.:,.ga..q,1.'.'-uu.:.:zcn1,g::T1.. KK? KEINITLJCKIAINE 5 " NINETEEIN TWELVE 'Q 3 Champions of the' South ' Forwards Center l Guards Hart Harrison CCI Gaiser Barnett ' ml Preston Jan. 5--State .... ..... 3 8 Georgetown -. . . 2 jan.. I2--State. . . ..... 32 Central . . . . Jan. I9-'State .... ..... 3 I Miami . . . . Jan. 27-State ..... 32 Y. M. C. A.. . . Feb. I--State ..... 52 Central. .. . . . . Feb. 7-State .... ..... 2 7 Tennessee Feb. 22-State .... ..... 2 8 Vanderbilt . . . Feb. 23-State ..... 22 Valclerbilt . . . . Mar. I-State ..... I9 'A ' Georgetown .. I37 ' -ii ' 'is-'--'S I EI! wx ,W-V F,--, 01 fr--11,------. A .. wh--y.,fA-f-um"w-afwefe-1-+v1'M'- ' V 4:53, .V ,, 4 - - 7 - I If , ' ., . , :rw fi' 1'-Wm A' :ff ':f'1"'1'ru-"vw-Wea mf-f"'rv1m-z'-1 rv' , ""' "" i'w::ffu.' 'q pq ,, . . , ng' jf . va ., , ,X ., , ,. ,,,, . . . . . , L, mx W W. 5 , rf. I M , rf , , if 3 Q1 v 7-We . , ,,5r. ,x-f,Lxv,f s1'Q,f5'1,:nyff:'-,J 1 .1 ff, W, Wag ,Nj zwngq. 1" ay V - ,, ,,,, , n -, " W. 4 aw- A E JILX' M , w fn M -, r H Q, wsu P Mn mf: 2 Wy, L- M f. A ,, ,,, ., '1f+f'f. - Q , ww ' ff f'X-JM-kllliiv 4.4 U an ,-:a lun H wi ia x.: J ..w,.v.,1':1: L4 Umm -fx-,, ' if g. fl, , . , F szexmewmmswnwmmwsuww-nu-x',r'm,,::zmz::::mu14 f Q-:,:,z W : 1' .mmr,m,-fy, 4, Mum-QJ - 3 Mak " ' " ""':.'?,ism11.r:4aJ .J Nw .mf 1' f ' fzmrzq, I A V gy ..4:Q4.z's:1:a:wJ5m::ez.f, J,.a,eeg:w:: f4'- ,...,,-, ...., . ,, . i I H . 5 . A Q L. 6Q ' - ,,..., ,, c ,, Q., ,.A, . . . A , M , , , 53 I in M -.,.. .,.,,.A...,........,....,..,., ...-.. ,,....,.,.. L.......Q ..,.-,.,.... ..,. ..-,.,.N........W-..4.:"......sla...H,.....:.Ju...,....' -' L f f Y., - M.-M... -wwe lffi ' ,A 'M .W-,ww vga, ,f",f'1 ..-,... ..-.-.,, ., ,. ,..,,..,. t, . , ,1 E ...M.y..,...,' ,W ..,. , ....,. ... --r ---4 ,r-ya---'few--Mr'--ef--N'-""-'-'12 ' ' K I 4 Y A 1 5. ,M V -- 4 . . . - '-P-+---rr-M v'-' : ---H -' A ----W f '.- 1.x F fav , ,. ,. - . Y., ,, if 4. -- I rr ff f bflfffl MXH. fy: V0.V''3, T5 g-.R ri: E: wx-w g r.:-ina f 'mu .fx ' . fa 4-, . - 14 3 lt 2 ,. v - - A -V X., 7 f' V-wx ,- Ip. . M fa M rj Q ,,,,w1.A L -i g yi. ,tx .. 3 .' rf ' i Elin lift"-.'.L .Q Q Z, .... , , .gy L" Q3 g., A is Nfi r Y r f it K f.1:vfMm,f 'V.f,f,-SmE------A.-X.-M - 4 lfflll ti ts'-be five.-sa ri t 'Q x 1 S. . . A - ., K . 5 K 1, 3,-,H IU Liliu ".+:.:.....a-:2.1g WH- -.:.:....::z.::.:tv.:t:i: ..:.. -4.::.:4:'...a.."'t"M "t:1::'i:a.,...." -"':.........nr1 f V .,."...4...H"' "'- rg.. 41...-...,....""".J lYw7-Ig t fff """"P't fH'f'!'-Mn'-1-"A""f'f"W4 "f'51z:'.i'-'-"""" iff'lf'f1n1' 'AA" ""::15:"!A:":r' A:::m:.g,:'f.:..........s""' ' M. '. :areal Q Review of the Season ' HE Basketball season of 1912 was one glori- ous march from start to finish. Not only were we undefeated, but during the entire season not once was an opposing team ever in the lead. Nor was our schedule a weak one. Some of the strongest teams in Dixie fell victims to our conquoring heroes. Central, Tennessee and Vanderbilt were all treated alike, the only difference be- ing in the size of the score. All the teams of the Kentucky lnterfcolegiate Athletic Association were easy victims of the Wild Catsg that is, all who had the ternerity to meet usg some were too yellow and for this reason alone broke their contracts. Our conquests were not confined to Kentucky and the South. Miami came down from across the muddy Chio to attach our scalps to the list of victims. They journeyed back, not with our scalps, but leaving their own clinging to our well filled belts. The Lexington Y. M. C. A., a strong semi-professional team, fell likewise a worthy victim to our unexcelled and impregnable team work. The climax of the season was the two games played with Vanderbilt. These games, played on February 22 and 23, were filled with interest and were exciting to the highest de- gree. The proud Commodores had met and defeated nearly all the college teams in the South. They, in turn, were forced to bow to Kentucky, thus making our claim to the Southern Championship undisputed and secure. Our title to the Ken- tucky Championship is just as clear. Every team in the Ken- tucky Association has lost two or more games. It is impossible to pick the star of the season. Each mem- ber of the team was a brilliant individual star, a cog in a per- fect working machine. Too much credit cannot be given to that valiant little band generally called the scrubs. They played the Varsity practi- cally every day and were substituted in several games. They always gave a good account of themselves and it is safe to say they could win from any other college team in the state. The whole season bears the impress of the magical hand of Coach Sweetland, who returned and took charge of ath- letics at Kentucky the first of the year. To him, if to any one man, the credit for this most successful season must be given. l-le filled the boys with confidence, trained and in- structed them, as only he can, and, as is his invariable custom, turned out a championship team. ,IR----, V - F' .e.ui!',.kzz.1:':ftft::s7::':.11:f'r, "-"'4 Q m " P' 41 L.. 1 . :J'f"'Q"f P W' K L...:. Jun.. x:..'..':.'. ..g.,..,.' . .'..:g,.t .1 ....'::'.1 x ':.p..: - r"'4:."'r'z' -,-.ff t,.A-.12 . ' ' 5 Ji' " l"l".! . . ,. " . ...J 3. I uu MAA b U- 'WA - ..,......-- ' '-ss -' .....r......., -,Af---1:1-r - f r-f em. ' """ :1fIflmif'4" iii 5 I F l 1 U ii r ,. w it tl 'i 'I l .5 l E 1 l Msriulw 2 .Fang ..-W.-......,,..,.,..f -f,,.rs7zn....W..a ,,r,...,.,.., ..,, W .,..., ..T..uua.+ai-:.a..a,,,.,..au1a,,j! ., Vg A .. , .. , . , , . , . ..,,. . , . N B fr wx gm! lf it N E! ... ff . . - ,. .7 Q. wx as . mf ,K fl A . ' , , t e .f f- 4 , 'gf -5 A M, 'cifiilif Q A " "Mg-wg? Ha. E 1 .,.: MHSHMHW . 'bmw lg lt.-'wa tffilurasu is lil tw 4,4 J V .Nfiz .all B7 vxnmggmr. ww. ...4 ,M.,..x::. fl.: .azz s4s.:ss1..m wrl:um'mmvxmw 4mm:zirrmhwM1Xd i?fQHggaglf1lLf"l 'mmmw mwnuxuusn'mwm1x mKtSWQ-t'sxwmwtvw .. .. his gA.,f.e'QtW.f iN -si. Q .Ugg Meadors. Gils was manager of the I9I2 Cham- pions of the South. He secured the best schedule ever had here for a basketball team, and too much credit cannot be given him. It was through his able management that such a successful season was made pos- sible. : L.L'GVrft...n.uLZ L.'fi:,TL'7"'i' .'.'..'T1'Y"F:E.'. 'V LSL-3 , ,.si , ,.,. W ,,.. . -,-........,-...,m-,.-.a Barnett. Barnett is mighty little, but awfully loud. He is slippery as a varnished snake and can crawl through an opposing guarcl's defense without the slightest trouble and shoot from any and all angles, played the floor in a classy fashion and his throws from. fouls averaged three in five. Barnett will captain the five next year and should make good. I40 . 'S .e W f um' 1. 4. 1 '14 1 .- V - .4 . ,, v ,,, Harrison. "Harry" was captain of the nineteen twelve quintette and easily the best center in the state and perhaps in the South. He has a reach of about half a mile on the jump and generally does just as he pleases with his op- ponent. He is fast as a Kansas jack rab- bit, plays the floor well and is a clead shot at a basket. This was Harry's second year with the Varsity five and he starred in every game. A II ,.., .,,, i l-ll. l 'wi' .... V , M 4, ,, M .,.. ,,,W,W,m,m,m,m,,w 4 , K , ' , A, H E Lxh... m,W..,..,..w..,.w ,,,X,. ,, , ,,,,,.,gH,, f ' K 'tts LJ C BK BA INI 4 1 9 Y t ff ffm ff' fra' '- A m,..,g,.1. gk - .-"-- e -4-'., wt, mms: X . r, gn ui new pr fs.. - 3. mg. f , .,.-.wa NJLQ, - . , . , ,. , - W "ff ww-fxmmue-uvasrrmsfruwaatw ... :.'..,t-..v-f1'awJt'J Gaiser. "jake" needs very little introduction to those who know the least thing about Ken- tucky athletics. He is one of the gamest. hardest fighting, pluckiest men that has ever been in the University. He plays the game from start to finish. is wonderfully fast for his weight and sticks to his'man worse than tangle-foot. Jake is as good a guard as can be found in a half-dozen states and this. his third season, showed him to be better than ever. He was captain of the nineteen eleven five. l l. J . fi, 31 L . , 1 any 4 l 'Q-1 , . v 'Ygf t , in Awww Hart. Derrill was the steadiest man of the five and pulled off any number of brilliant and startling stunts into the bargain. His work passing was sure and swift, while his shots for baskets were in many cases little short of phenominal. He led the other fellows a merry chase throughout the whole of every game and wound up the season with an en- viable record. l4l Preston. Preston works so smoothly and surely that everything he does seems easy, but in reality some of the plays he pulled off dur- ing the season were far more brilliant than they may have appeared. He was one of the best guards developed at State in a long while: is as gritty as can be and will make a more valuable man next year. , 13... -..-,.---.... A., . -'-,1.wW.-,.-M11-wnqg... . ,Www ,v-vim.,-,ws-:rnnwm,.a..W--Y.-,..::,:::.,.,.-.+.p-.::..-.:saaoes..,W.,m,f Y5fffVT7 -wr 7- ,4:'1:'ff1 rHr,rafm.m'r:m-1-f W' W- 'uw-W-+ --'M HM"-f--f ---fm:-1-N. ----A I ,, ,i4W2?'Mf' 1-ff' Im f' ,1 V FJ gif? If-yy VE witlffw gg pg ffwfw pg ,ggi 3? Ig .LL A ?f' f'? T1 ' X -A I TTY 'L . , Xw't9fgG V ., I M4 wxmjf. K?-,pcmgx-1. ik .Lx U M.5.a,g,w Lg ,WI y Q, p, .wry M:77 ig,,,'x J Y-Q , ,:1g.--:1,.,f:.,. 1 xg W ,J J, ' 5 .1 , U L .,1 rv H :w".cft'w:fr 1 ' ",' www '.:'Axmws:1:w:fra-rzanmmwfmmnrsfmf'mmmvwmgmmwmrrfzw5 1 "Q kflii-1111?-SV!-lvYf -' f,vf ' v'-' A L-wwf J "A L . ,: ' J mga QM., , H 1- -9. 1 5 I ., A S 2 5 I M O Y N K 9 JG- 'I ' J .'Y6w E sy . 1 ' , , . , . , R r YY' .M.. .-E N 235713-vvg,pXAA3',rwmwmmwmnv'1AztrA'm , :rm I 'ff + ,nwfr-W m 5' W1 V" U LJ 5 '4"' ff'Wv'hv1'XfH1W-f:'1'A' ' "'f"'ff'rf"r'M"""'maxima'--ff-'vxaamelfwazwwzzf 1A'WH'm4 Exe:-":z'r:fmzz' E'.::::1'f-'x::'.:a:::x:'::::Vrvfxzgnmmxa,z:w..v',1:k:r2:.1vxvu4::::::,,..aL.11::Ur:'.:z't:'...""' W v I 'x ff!! ll I X X x A XY f 1 '1'!'u 4 W A f Vi, W A 1 r f Ji M U .. .. W. ,my A ...M .4 .. ,,.......X.,,,. ... ,..g, ,, 1 . ,V Ek l 1 1 Q , L ., Am , - , 4 , 1 - L .. '. we ' , . 1 Q W wiv fs.. b. , .- L a M, xf.V A 44 'Mx r--if-w . , , .. ,.., rl MR...-ff-is VVN- - Avi- .I . -- ...W I - X 4. V, NY my ,I V I N , .4 :Hip I? In 5,55 ll Q In , . , . h til.,-,K . It ' ,, if: L, ' . A L 1. ' .in .. I - .1 -- ii . 1 I .. 2-1 J ll E3uaw.u'm:r:s:1azvw:-m.e..:4 ..'i-"-rw.-A Manu wx-2 ' :Pa-swarm:-no-x 4- ramen'-. :::, ... . WWA: X I- -"1 '-'M' vw 1-an-.2-Mfr.-111.ww:-21.1-vam'w'.'-.'-. -as.-a1...1-.::t's .f -- x . J I 9 I l Championship AST year we won the Kentucky Intercollegi- ate Championship in baseball for the first time in several years. The season of l9ll was not a brilliant one, but a success in every away, and our team was undoubtedly superior -TI' - to every college team in Kentucky. The first game of the season, which our fellows won by the close score of 4 to 3, was with Kentucky Wesleyan, on Stoll Field. Next came Michigan, and after one of the most exciting games ever witnessed on our field, we lost to the mighty Wol- verines by a score of 3 to I. On April l4th the saddest event of the season occurred. We journeyed to Transylva- nia Park and came back with the small end of a 3 to I score. However, our hopes revived when, on April 22nd we trounced our old hoodoo Georgetown College by the close score of 4 to 3. Then came the youngsters from Cincinnati University, who were walloped in an exciting game, the score being 7 to 6. The team then went to Louisville and won a double-header from Manual Training and Louisville High. After this we invaded the North, and lost the first game to Ohio Wesleyan. but on the next day, May 5th, we won from Ohio Northern by a score of 5 to 3. Then on the 6th we won from Cincin- nati, making a score of I0 to 3. After returning to their own grounds, the Wild Cats were pitted against Transylvania and came out of the contest with the big end of a 9 to 0 score. On May 20th Georgetown came for a double-header, and the 'Wild Cats again emerged from both contests triumphant, winning the first 9 to 0, and the second 6 to 0. On May 29th we closed the season by winning from Transylvania by a score of 5 to 3. The Wild Cats displayed remarkable form during the latter part of the season, and the credit for this must be given to Coach Engel, who, taking a team of mediocre ball players, by steady coaching and much practice, developed a champion- ship team. We have Coach Engel with usb this season and we have the most promising material ever seen at old State. There can be absolutely no doubt but that the team which will represent us on the baseball field this season will be the best in the history of the University. More than forty men have reported for practice, and many of them look like sure comers. The schedule for the season is a good one. Twenty- four games are to be played, and thirteen of them will be in Lexington. The season opens with Michigan on April 6th, on Stoll Field, and closes with Transylvania at League Park on June lst. The team will invade the North and play five games, beginning with Notre Dame, April 22nd, and closing at Cincinnati on April 26th. Nine games will be played in the battle for the championship in the Kentucky Association, and as the Kentuckian goes to press we are sure that the l9l2 Wild Cats will annex another championship. i 4 ---,.,L17J -f.,a.......L..-. -'. ...... -. . ... :...:,.. . . -., -LL - ,.... - ---.La-W tri.- FT:-----2-1 ll.,.,,....rLlig.kT.:.-,,. 4:-Lin., -.A V.'-I - -f----------frrf-' fv"":"' p 3Rf'f"Yf" -nv' ' vw ..- In-.. wa--..-U --.. . ., Ii.. -.... 1 H - , ...... , s- f:--fe-4f-1.fffs'f,.- .....,-ae::....- Ima.,-.-,Y H.. .4,fe.:- .:',4:M-1.-a:.:,.- ... '- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 Qi 1 1 1 1 11 11 I. 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 nl' Ki M M LJ Q K I A N Q 1-ZF. 111 1 a r if Fha W 1 1 N 1 N E 'ri 1 if 11 1111 m 1:xw!?:.i1r:'1r:'fn1':.1':u::.1:w-1.:2gx-::ar:'.1' 'wir ... ..J,,x... .., . . - .-14' 1- ...:.:.prLzzzsaimimfwnxzwrrmv.... . , 1. ,:'1w...: , Q.: Burruss. Meadors. "Gi1s" captained the champions during the 1911 season and accomplished even more than was expected of him, which is saying a great deal. He was the coolest man on the field at all times and his great work on the mound and with the stick easily won him the first place as an all-round man. He is easily the best pitcher among the Kentucky colleges and perhaps the leading slugger. C-ils held downright field while he was not doing the twirling. Burruss is the old head of the nine as he would be with any other. Always steady and sure, his work in the field held down the score in morethan one tight place, while his timely hitting added a goodly number of tallies on the right side of the score board. He is our best base runner and as slippery as the proverbial greased pig on the paths. Burruss will captain the 1912 team and is sure to make good at the job. 146 Gower. "Tommy" did most of the work behind the bat and did it well. He is quick as a flash, as many would-be base stealers could testify, and moreover he worked his pitchers for all that was in them. He is aggressive at all times and keeps the boys keyed up to the top pitch from the pitching of the first ball to the last out. -.. ..,.-'1- , H f4 . i B aft' amass : EZ Ng?-gems EEN 'EWQMEZEQXZE-: I Reese. Scotti. It was unfortunate that "Jimmy" was laid u with a bad ankle for the great part P of the season, but he showed that he was in the A No. l class in the contests in which he played. As a catcher his cool head, quick eye and sure arm, made a combination hard to beat, while he developed into a reg- ular Hughey Jennings on the side lines. mt-wmeuswzxr.-xzmursrvm-rv rr' H :iq si r H liz! 'l.humwmmn'r ' af:mr.m.u.,a.,: A 'A ' 'H ' 'A Giltner. "Spot's" fourth year was a banner one and he covered his field with all the ease and grace of a big leaguer. One or two of the stunts he pulled off in the center garden brought the stands to their feet, after having raised the hair beneath many a good man's hat. Unfortunately Spot has now played his period of four years on the diamond and will be unable to qualify in l9l2. . ....'1"'...... "Scotty" had no difficulty in keeping things lively around the last corner of thc circuit. His regular diet is bunts, but he has no aversion to snatching up a smashing line drive or a grass-cutter occasionally. "Pete" is no candidate for the heavenly host as yet, but he has a lovely wing that discourages batters "slipping one over around his particular portion of the infield. l47 wsmwnszfsms. l' - Y' I - " ' - -5 ., . "' J.:-1"-:wJ E - ' ' F mmmwumnwuuvwnewmwmwmwmwumww ww-mr-xv . maifesw-auf-wavmwrm:memumwwfmxfwr:carriage - , I Z . f wiyw was-Q was ,...?.fffvyjr,1jw.J 5,..,lrL .Qin ,y gig rf 1 ' A 8 A V 'I "Till Q. E. - at H H.1rfN':W'1a'4afv fi N . LJ r-V'fii'A1'rX'I . x 5 Q , . . , , . , . . , . ' u emLww.nm.w:..4f :.:4u:,, . , rx . .mmav,:.,,, '. .:.w.gmwx.' 5 Young. "Brig" is a human shovel. He held down the initial sack in great style, scooped up impossible ones without the slightest dif- ficulty and, to everyone's astonishment, in- cluding his own, whanged the ball with re- markable regularity. While he is no Ty Cobb on the bases, he is right there in the field. 1. .mm Preston. "Pars' " first year on the nine was an eye-opener for the followers of the game. His game at short was clean-cut and snappy: his arm killed many a fleet-footed slugger after a difficult stop, while his receiving throws at second put to rest any number of ambitious athletes bent on larceny. Preston should develop into a star in another year. l48 Beatty. Beatty's work in the mound was all that could be asked. While he was not the speediest of our twirlers, he had neverthe- less the stuff which put to sleep quite a col- lection of young Wagners and Lajoies, which same counts considerably in the gentle game of baseball. He should make an el- cellent showing in l9l2. ' 4 . 5 'i ' 4, -l ' .Q nl 'KZ . . I KEm , lA Q AN NlNE E'EN:,'r"ss,r .. rs Wesley. "Ed" or "Pretty," as he is variously known, is primarily a catcher, but was trans- planted to the left garden where he soon developed into a combined race horse and spider. He chased around at something like a mile a minute and was death to every fly that came his way. While his hitting was not his strongest point, he was speedy enough to generally travel home if he ever reached the first cushion. Wesley is a good all-round ball player. Rice. Rice is one of our sub pitchers. He is some force, too,--but then he has to be to be on our pitching staff. I-le has shown. too, that he has good stuff in him,-the kind that makes Varsity men, and so we have goods prospects in him, this being only his second year in school, and in college ath- letics. I "" E i u i 1' 'K 'EEUNS-l -M' ' K E N 'F' U C K IAN ...If 5 N I NE rnmnii ii ii ' coach Engel April April April April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May May May May lp9I zzischedule p 6-Michigan at Lexington. 8-Ohio Wesleyan, at Lexington. l3--Georgetown at Lexington. l5-Cincinnati Law School at Lexington. I7-Central at Danville. Z0-Manuel ancl Male at Louisville.- 22-Culver Military at Culver. 23-Notre Dame at Notre Dame. 24-Michigan at Ann Arbor. 25-Ohio Wesleyan at Delaware. 26--University of Cincinnati at Cincinnati. 30-University of Cincinnati at Lexington. 3-Manuel at Lexington. 6-Transylvania at League :Parka ' 9-West Virginia Wesleyan at Lexington. l l-Central at Lexington. . a I3-Georgetown at Lexington. I8-Transylvania at Stoll Field. Zl--Moores Hill at Lexington. 23-Hanover at Lexington. 25-Central at Danville. 27-Georgetown at Georgetown. 3l--Transylvania at League Park. I50 . Q wr, , 'RX "XS MQ K W W 4 W 5 S ff1 X XQX X Nix" ff Q, ACK Wo 1-2' isa jg: - -ii ww W 7515-fl F ,fm 1 .n f- T2 -aff KXQ fp. R : - . h Y F IC N- , -X5 ' fix v AT 521. XXX , Q ' fr' WQXN '3"fn Sf h Sf '. 4 l fps XX 1 wh we ,J X NE 1,2 nA .of j 1 L-5 X , gi Ye., AF ,ef X P- -X W, ,f-nw kk- PM -U 5 5 fcy,i,,1 - .0 , mx, .:"-1. X Ti-' i4 1' 5 x 21' U. V' , wm.'Y.v ,NJ 17,1 N W L: E II X -1 X lhlfywl K, .10yy ff.. - ff Q 2 S If 2' vii. '-1. X L, qfyl ji '1 fi"-t':r1?. I F'f'f3'?'f"f'71'fTTl'7'?'f1"T'T'z'fF""' 'L.' f'f"'.W,'R' T"1..YfI.f'f'S'1Z':? E tk ,X-:'nn:'ff5f5gM,i5x .,5w,4:4.:,'4:.Ef EWS rf 73 3 5' 'I X- , f l,,wPr' K E N l Q 6 K 5 HW l:f.f":x. 'TW-Riff-fviffl' ilk' 311 LJ A: 14 1 H x A Q ' 4: I-,331 - X ..g,.,4gp1g1L.1.:m.3HJ 152 . X. g?X'iZ,AZ:.4..i.,.,." - --W-' ,.,..-...... ., .... .. , ,,,,,,h,,, , ,.,,,,-M, ,.,, KW, ,Yu , . R 5 W , ..,,,,,.,, , ,.,..,,.,- ....,. f....n-..-W--W '-""Lc::rz::f:..ga1w..xix.':' ' E355 5 K " L -A Q - ,.............- .w..........o, W S A-i:W'i",Qls.-e,.,,, I IK E BITKJC K. IAINI W 5.3 NINETEEIN Track and Field Records at State I00 Yard Dash-Branson, '07--Time, I0 Seconds. 220 Yard Dash-Alford, 'OI-Time, 23 Seconds. 440 Yard ,Dash--Haley, '02-Time, 541-5 Seconds. 880 Yard Dash--Vogt, '03-Time, 2 Minutes, 8 I-5'Seconds. I Mile Run-Collins, 'I2-Time, 4 Minutes, 543-5 Seconds. I20 Yard Low Hurdles-Coons, '05--Time, I5 3-5 Seconds. , I 2 Mile Run-Rardon, '08-Time, I2 Minutes, 541-5 Seconds. I6 Pound Shot Put--Baker, 'I0--Distance, 35 Feet, 9 Inches." Pole Vault-Shanklin, 'IZ--Height, IO Feet, Inches. J I Mile Relay-Paullin, '07g Bean, '08, Eubaiiks. '05: Branson, '07--Time, 3 Minutes, 45 I-5 Seconds. Hammer Throw-Webb, 'I I-Distance, I20 7-I0 Feet. Running High Jump-May, 'I3-Height, 5 Feet, 6 Inches. Running Broad Jump-Alford, 'OI-Distance, 20 Feet, I0 I-2 In- ches. Discus-Webb, 'I I--Distance, II 8-I0 Feet. , , N ,. . .-,, 4 . , .. - I- W v 4 1 . - - V H+- e' I-f -- lumu:u'erx'm-wif wv'ozsl:1lo1llrsnrvv:m1w:...!-wh J A " e in ' ii Sh 1 I ,. i A 1. 14- .f - - - ' ' ' ' -" JfW QLiI2MJK Q ' ' qgi Y---Y. - W ,.,-, ,Y -,,, ,.. ,v,, fp :, . . .if-r--A.:-U 1 W-, ,-.-yn , .F-..w-1:-.....a.-q..4s...:.-40 .g.q-ww .-naw, .... q.,,5.4. ,JJ-v: , ,. v,-.-...w raw, ,,,.,,.f., ,,,,, 'H 37,-,,,.,xwWWW ,B-'Vx' vizlzx - , , ..,,,... 1v,..W.w:w:,m.......w...nm....uvw.zu:...-,.....z..,.a,z-zz,aa,.m:c1-among? . , -f 'wzfwf-I--5:wxa:r:r.,z':'er Nmv:-frswmsrc.-:msxu:,, ,. - V ffm wzevwmz 55 yy Jail 5 gag' f, :A rg TLA K,-Y?-'Sy M0 LL J 5, ,.g:5.1.H H EJ mx :fm mv-vm: 5521131 251 , K I er miizx 5 Ez, Qt 1:4537 ? 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A - , QR sziizxz :,,.W1,.,.a.n,.-.w....a,,v.-:xe':W..4 R-.-w-1-1.1.x m.1.w . 1 f-nvuwrzuvw - . 5' 1 ' ,. ai EQ JY'?7'J N It 1 -5 :ff f' . 'zqw 1 .. vm If 52231: 'raw , 3, Q' WA , ,jfex 'PC M ENE 'W-in Kill 555 5 M EW Siam E591 Ee aim J ai X 5-ffl - "E""""K""""""""f""""m5i"7M'MT:"""""i' 'Mx fn' 'H""mMmwl'w"'g E-'wfmsfww'-M-Y-W-N-YWH-m-wufwzga-:wa-fwzrwwwmxgszwwwsgzmlHvrW' :,:.,.1.gmaL:.A.,u.44.4.u I I "4' 'Nj F".1r""' q,,z,4.-crwcfv "'-. ' " -"-- 1 ., ,-Q-ff':-rr:-1---vvff" fA'- afirx.1z,::n.r,:aW.m- X Fgwxr... X N. A ,W .. M B 'M f' i L! 112' 7,-fjgnaxxisau-B 0 ww-,Q'.:wxm.gSmX, I, EA LJ - m,,, l ,- V -5 JL1-lq-w-w.g1-.,g,-.,- 4,353-43-Y ,.'X M ,L -- ,. Ag nm aw! L322' A 'H-f ff-ff'-'21 MQ .M ww! ,,.wmfa:m, .X ,,.- .ur .V Q. . M K a--5-ri N INET E: 'rw To the swearers of the K Men of State who wear the We pay thee homage due: K. Each loyal heart in all this throng Puts greatest trust in you. With all your might you've fought the light- You've won+we honor you- Because you're.quick and skilled and strong, Becaust lyou're staunch and true I Each effort' you have made has been Some sacrifice, not vain: -.Each longing you have felt has bro't Some victory-some gainl 'Tradition claims your every deed 'And fame sends back to- you Tradition of your clear old school, Your alma mater, K. S. U. 156 H r nt., J a if fgsifrftir . W V :fi-lm 55 MK lfm.. 'R - 'HfiWHU!il1lfKs 'M"h5K"' """"i""'A"' 'N' """' ., , W, .,....s....-fwwmfwmwrwvmrrr--v --" """'1"'r"'r?"'-""'-"'zrs1v--1y-s1ra-"':"1:ww:1:r."1f"vfwW:""".'n'f:t'1'fr- wang -:eL........ -aasrw-v-wr-e::w'.s:'-:ramnn--gmt-.x ., ,. 4 , . 'wr v- 'v' X w,..'. 7 , f . . , .. . .. .,,...-, . . . , .,,, , ,. ,. , . ' 1" W Ziff f f1A, Vi l L5 2 E? rw mf' A Ju Milfs? WWW W lawmzmgznfxigzafjx rt -xx fr , M 1. ,I fi :K H N .ixw rx,-1x1 rysvrn rs ii 3,1,.,cv PII gf-TT., 1--, ,tai fx. .N F id L, Q., 1 H, .' , 4. . 1 ,A .. . . Q, , I. Mi N 1, ,- i, .1 1-4 -1 , , X U " l 'J QQVWM Us -MV lt' wax if Mm ' 'lg Milf-'1'U'?3'W'sLr.i rl-in 7 ii 'fl -' 'swf A"- X 1 '4 ill 5 '.-I MMQQ31 ll i...l.L1 ls zz 3 get N LJ Xu .fl 1 'l.-tl l..'i.N kb! f"XlJl I - .. ,. tam..-6 V It L 1 -mt ,.,'.d....:ermfzmzts'1.rm.zL14wwwm::zmms11s:Avamw.ezfQcsr1usaua:caa:axss:a'ae.m-awura.m..v1ml.l if 9521131-A, ' f l...u:s.:z.wamLmz1m.vy.,x.4nmmmmmqmmmsmlm2Awr1uwm.mw3'm mrAnmwmmnwt ' - Senior- unior Game ALK about big days in the annals of the class of I9l2! November the 2nd was one of the biggest of all, for the seniors went out on the gridiron with a record of an uncrossed goal line, and they were determined to keep up that record. The juniors, however, were equally as determined to see that it was crossed, so the lovers of true sport were sure of a great game. The supporters of both teams crowded the bleachers, and mighty cheers went up when the teams came on the field. From the first it was seen that the teams were evenly matched, and that luck would play a very important part in deciding the victor. For one hour the teams surged back and forth, neither getting within striking distance of the opponent's goal. Notwithstanding the forward passes, long punts and brilliant runs, neither side was able to deliver the goods when near the goal, because the stubborn resistance of the Wild Cats was lined up against the Wild Cats. When the whistle blew the score stood zero to zero, and each team thought it had played the better game. Senior Team junior Team Beatty C. Fitzpatrick Ammerman R. G. Hendricks McElroy, Reynolds l... G. Wilson Oosthuizen R. T. Johnson Thiesing l... T. Corrithers Lewis R. E. Ricld, Rowe Gnadinger I... E. Croswaithe Jtley R. H. B. Thomas .Robinson L. H. B. Preston Hart F. B. Wilson Giltner, C. Barnett, C. Y mwwwrw.armwwww.-tW- -rwmmwll Wand! is i- -L . .- .. ...- .... .- ..... .....,. ..-. ,..,. ..,. ,.... L v - V Y-ff' 1-A -fi--S-'au - - ' ""' ':'::-f:-'f W-'f' U"-'-v: L nn.. I ,... -..K.g.,-..-lkuiilvvl-.Tm-..... .,-, wa L,:a-: r "-siw,,fwulS'.m.Em, Q, ,i,..,,.,1f,,V.,, . we -l' 'W' k Iwi?'J'-tlfCB.i'KUtJlSI1I!1:'GY!AL'A4J,dJNiR-W3JllR!li5I73.1lL.Y.'7MLJ.LL1'HQlWW'!k1hfvQiDlX ' V' .'.J',..., J,3'S1....x lwfhw' A' TSBSD. Wx "' ' " ' 4" " "Z23f i-L-.M.' ' " " L.i'..L..,.J.,"""" ui n,.'.'x,fLl,U'1A'J..S1i.'.h4m." 7 'f3"Q"?' 'Z N63 H , .mx n-L- .2 V ' 159 -N V A Q X .,.., -'H ,. ,. I , , -- "" "" rl 7,1 oo, -X 4 M .,,,,.,. ,.,, ities ...ff,.,.m:lL:.g,r...t,....-w... "fA pp. W F M ww K IAN QK Webb, Assistant Athletic Director fqhcglfw sv ICK" needs no introduction nor explanation. lisa it There is no one in the University Cand very few out of it in this neck of the woods, who -five.: does not know of his brilliant work on the ! ig, 'AJ gridiron and his no less startling performances i ' " with the weights. Dick's four years on the Varsity eleven developed in him an efhciency which could not go unnoticed and he was chosen last summer, together with Douglass, to coach the Wild Cats in the fall. Since the elec- tion of Sweetland to the position of director of out-door ath- letics, Dick has been chosen assistant coach, to the great satis- faction of all. t r Sl G? ,. fi tiihvdfztf '1 rw, - ss ,rf 'A' K x - l62 .ammumrwmm my INK - A 1 . it W? F , .A :rm is N l Tm W as X Nz' f ' '7'T 's 'X G A FL,- .. . '11 ' 1, n-'H H ff' H'.'?fl Sf-1. A ' f'-14:-was: "L: ..-wi.. 1 -, ! X X 1 W r qu, i X ,L V .- ,,,, ff ., 1. ,. "mumps ' 4' - i -1.,q1vv f1,-52.14215 X . -- A" '- .,. 'Q-uf ' A 1' - X ' ' , ' ' .f-v.I'f3Cf'4' .7f- 1 4- ,.-,,,- I gl. '-.4.::. : f ,X ,, .v -. ,,-, ,- -','.1f':: ,.,4f.x,' . , -- , L. :rf'- -f-.jl'i-' 5.-:'.',l?'Ix L ,- u , g-'ff3l 'c"' A -NV f -, v . ,. ' ' ,. ,, . E' Y gf 7 1,4-li-1 .f' 'Iwi-m j. , girly -5 , , 7 x 1 5,1-.."-ff -... M NN n Aifg M 5 'll N .1 , Q V f N Ii -- , 5,1 A " "xt -5 M wx wmvrru an 'VL ' ...1 is vw . ,,,..,M.,.N, ,,,,, , , .,,,...,,W.,,,.., ,, W,,,.,T 2. '2f'1","iv. ,,,,. if rM'f"' f V rxxf 1 E1 'fig Axtxg , f, ,M N, is 1 1 Y 1 4 N x L1 55.132-mb. 'ic' 1171, .zxrnf ,N X -- 1 g,x, Z I , L. A A A Lg N, X , ,dgvzmzzzncx-rmurmz. n.:.:ac.J ' ' L ,c . if N 2 P3 IH f-ww -' H ,, PI ,C W 1 1 1 ' ' 'Y 4'l"""J LAL-. I - ,.mw.Wf.W-we-.wummm-mum . uw. ,tltgf -gf ...........:W..:g-.r,s....-w.M....-..,,-.::.f.s, ...miw-..,.,,, Q . . . Y Y M tgmlig fff :ii frm' W' Q r my g me Ei nr ww Y. V f H Rm' i 'img in Mm-iii Kimi-t'5i' 'J wt L f ' mkvJ'gx3K ' 'W' Q 't ii Erwin: iii Ziwm DIMM i-ini iii K 'A ' , i ' ' nm i J H1115 swqr-gpQy,m.-,W ,,.f....X.,,.-. ...ff - -"rs was 4 ' nmsmuw. mmmvAv.w rs.. te... . M 2 gtshcnul... 334-ymwmmkrf mwwwnw:ewuumapLsmmnmnuu.wmnmm.w:wn1smw.tmxum:x1w.mLxaM..M.. . it . ...A .sf . Commandant u R HUGH M. KELLY. First Lieutenant,AU. STAFF . it 1 L. Harciesty, H. D. Palmore, P. I... Cocke, W. C. Wilson, B. Barnett, A. Hatterj W. C. Jetton. W. B. Croan, W. R. Brown, . . Gaither, M. R. Rice, ' J. W. Kunzman D M D. D. Felix, H. H. Grace, R. B. Butler, --MQ. ...... .....-.,.-.- ..,. M ajor. . ' ' Captain Adjutant. Captain Quarter Master. A COMPANY A ' Captain. V First Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant. B COMPANY I Captain. . First Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant. C COMPANY ' Captain. First Lieutenant. . Second Lieutenant. D COMPANY Captain. First Lieutenant. Second Lieutenant. l65 'P' '. ,. .. .. W 12 W. ...,,, ,, ra., , ,. , . . , . -Q------H1-we-' ' ' -- ' - A '- 4- --Y a - cz:a..'eJ:La.:.z-1-1-1-in-qiC:.:....aJ..s4a1:eL-:xiiEt. M ,f-.-fr -.1 4 1 .-----Q-V mt ,,, , , , ,I ,AT ,Q - ,. , 1 1, - 'X we 1 J L , I V , . Y ,,,, V ,V ,, ,. , I-V 1 pm- - "':x.g g f rx'v"t"':rf"mgz7173I't?".,'r.'r4f7Trr'....,...W"""" .aiilLk'Z'iL'fu.r.:,.:4:.:.: "u"u"M' 'f V- P e::wz':r:j'1 Ng' gg! A , g j ' 3 ,LVN R is 3 , 1 , I - fb N .V ,... ,V i ,, 4 I ...y ,rw A-4 :nl 4-4------'ll--V--W" + -' ..1.. ., . - L .gl l.....gfffg':1m-f,-g-- ,IH + - -'Arivvn '1'"uf11-,,,M.f.ihz.Q.w..,.fr4:.4gf.,:.....:.1..J..a,...-.,1.........L.u.L.....,,...J.T:,-.K LJ P L :KEINlT CKIAINl"' 'F.- J. Forsyth. . . .' , H. C. Lovelace. . -H. T. Watts.' . . Y .F ' Biind lfff f " NINETEEN TWELVE ' .... First Lieuten'qnt':qnd Chief Muszclan . . . .Second Lieutenant, and-tAPrxnc1pal M uszczan I . . . . . .V .First Sergeant and Drum Mayor ' . SERGEANTS E. F. Danforth U H M. Leibovitz O. F. Floyd , I A H. R. Shelton A QCORPORALS W. W. Cox ' E. S. 'Pirtle W. C. Cross l R. T. Prottsman J. C. Noe R. M. Sixnnmons 167 . on to . .. .. gl' 1 Wmw- : Q. n.,,:..,.,f,,..' N. . ,..D:,a, .. Q ., N V, mwwxfrrmm-zeffrwuww-u M v,f,,, e MW-m,'f'Af:1-uvwrummmww--nwwmw-wr giffy .7 2. V' g l '7?fhIf.,- f"frfQj" V98 VW. 57 f? 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KQ- ,ri H O , 41,5 A . ,, ,D .wx . , A mmwwmwwi 'iw 3.,.,k', .Y 1 AQ.. . Q1 if "V" ,, .. . A, Y v,. 5 ' 'vx.- ' -, - A H., ' -pm-t:L,:--W: W ,f Q , ' , fl' .A , .. .L -... ""' " EJLJLQ., ,V,,,.L ,,,..-, W--...LM..-4, ,.,. .. 1-,..EVW.'.- f.. ,Q.....h '. LQQQ L...4a: ..... -W --:1:.z:.4.,.l -W. 4, , J A :uri:Z.zLk:',x,:r'41'1'c.z.':.47:S:r,'nxrzr.1::4:'Q .1 ,wwf wfan1svz:.::1s.:'ff'wfw"rz-'zu-g rim .X ,, ii ,ffiief 'RK V N x 1 x1,,1..4fLr.E.1 51s X v gum! --Q .f fn ,T A 1 fx E RQ f I' f . -WL H' f A' . k.,f..A In ' I , m A V . Q:-.mr1-wf1u,.f- -V ---ww---fr---f MM- f 'Q rr' "fx 7,-f 5: M1 ' 1 NIM' fa ..-,xwffvx .A - mvsvswvzzfxmzzwf ug: frm. :xx wx: :1':":a , 1 I i A . J, 1- 1 f 4 J, ,nf-I r .Lx - 1 .1 WH, J .",v': - f " -rg. .Q 3 . x ,Q . 1 ,,. r V., , A, ,, . M . ,,, ,.A,, AA . 1 F , 1 ., Lp fy Fi -MWWT ,.w.-, .ff-fA .,w.' ,w,,.-,1 gg, -. 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'T" LIC K IAINI - ,A-4 NENEWEM ti'tiL:21t7iss,s 7Qf M! Alpha Beta Gamma Epsilon Zeta Xi Omicron Rho Phi - Chi Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta Alpha Eta Alpha Theta Alpha Iota Alpha Lambda Alpha Nu Alpha Xi Alpha Omicron Alpha Phi Alpha Rho Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Phi Alpha Chi Eta Eta Theta Theta mm .r -will Sigma Chi National Chapter Roll Miami University University of Wooster Ohio Wesleyan University Columbia University Washington and Lee University De Pauw University Dickinson College Butler College Lafayette College Hanover College University of Nebraska Beloit College University of Iowa Massachusetts Institute of Technology Illinois Wesleyan University University of Wisconsin University of Texas University of Kansas Tulane University Albion College Lehigh University I University of Minnesota University of South Carolina Cornell University Penn State College Dartmouth College University of Michigan Kappa Kappa Lambda Lambda Mu Mu - Nu Nu Xi Xi Omicron Omicron Rho Rho Tau Tau Upsilon Upsilon Phi Phi Psi Psi Omega Omega Eta Theta Lambda' Nu Psi Omega Alpha Alpha V I Alpha Beta' Alpha Gamma Alpha Psi Alpha Omega Delta Delta Zeta Zeta Zeta Psi 178 'I' University of Illinois University of Kentucky West Virginia University Columbia University University of Missouri University of Chicago University of Maine Washington University University of Washington University of Pennsylvania Syracuse University University of Arkansas University of Mississippi Bucknell University Indiana University Denison University of Virginia Northwestern University Hobart University University of California Ohio State University Vanderbilt University Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ Purdue University Central University University of Cincinnati ersity iwwv, 1 1 'f .H . ...,-. .,.,...... . , , 1 - "" , t - -- -V I--e -W-is mm4wm mm1 4" 'f ' - ' ' ' - ' ' " s sg f M? 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Union College Ohio Wesleyan College University of Cincinnati Ohio State University Case School of Applied Science Franklin College Purdue University University of Indiana Northwestern University University of Chicago University of Minnesota University of Washington University of Georgia Mercer University Emory College Georgia School of Technology Southern University University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute University of Missouri - Washington University University of Nebraska University of Arkansas University of Iowa Iowa State College University of Colorado University of Denver Colorado School of Mines University of Oklahoma Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California University of Mississippi Louisiana State University Tulane University University of Texas Central University Bethel College State University of Kentucky Southwestern Presbyterian Univ sity Cumberland University Vanderbilt University University of the South Union University Dartmouth College Cl' 179 1 1 1' k E i l v if i F A ww---.-Q., . . , W,-,,-Q--W- fww rfifiv. V'AN"fTf"' I ,. Q, M -1 , H ,-paw pff'-V sz H, - -- Mx firm: .f,,w,, . 4, ' T V lflilli " " lff,f'Y. 1 2 .I 2' -1 3' , . M X E ,. i , 3. ,f"Yf', AWWA, X . . . ,, ,, A, Q, Wt, gwygf L, M '1 ,vw ' A ' ' Q ,,,,,m.A. ..:.,,,. .. 1. V w:,:::,'wn fm-W f J 'N ' . , um, fy ' ' N 5. . ,Q ' Nav' ' ',., , 'lt . .1 1 7 gf nr. f IW. X I L. ' i N I 'Y' J Uv I1 "1 J 'wr' ' ' LL vj I R H' if U ke, 471-MA EuN5OV" 'V X AAQPK W' I-' Q ?:'c"fvf-:'r'f'4'v-.-----'-W--------M -W'-M--Q-W --A-W-f'few-:nf--'fwxz-wwvf-1-W ww--ff--,T-1 7' I fir -,wwf-.W I "1 . wr " Ti'W""V' 'Ka ' '25 "li ' l 5 1 M P' 'ff Tf5137T7f.Ul'f'fQlf' A-.f"l?W1'Y'JffTQi.'i'?.5. "N ' ' " 524' Xi'-",ffW'u l'fA'.'h'?311!?l3Ei1JX'1Zl2U - "ZZY.i'Yi"'7" "" 'M 4 I 1 ,. ,,Q I y- , , y , Q K gzmvmc K IAINI ,, b NINET E L...VE:1 ll . . H l l i r 1 3 . Sigma Alpha Epsilon L i Founded University of Alobama ISS6 fa P..b1ica.i0n..' The Record. The'Phi Alpha- 45.6.50 4 l Flower: Violet' V' A I Abvx Colors: h Purple ancl Gold I, I ' ' KENTUCKY 'EPSILON' CHAPTER ' - Established l900 CHAPTER Rom. l A l9l2 -l ' W. S. Thiesing R. V. Garred E , W. E. Loyd 3 - l9l3 r 2 T. L. Loyd , A. C. Wilson-- l H. P. Renick 2, l9l4 . l H, M.. Burnaugh G. E. Kelly - A C. H. Spinks T. W. Lowry A C. r-B. .Byrcl ' A l9l5 , - ' l T. Ja-ckson, jr. I..."B. Evans l B. H. Lowry fpleclgef G. Herr. Jr. W. C. Beaumont 181 ' lm . .,,..,..,,-.,,,,,,,.,,:,,,,,. ee , - e , . e gg "' Www " . y l A O ...-w. 1113-I, , ll-, V . . . . X -,, ., A . , . A - ' 1' '- 'I H' Y, -X ' ' - , ymlralfyrr 'vrwfz-A , K E M 1' U G K ww 1 Q F 2. Q., f - , ' ffltvy . ., , 77 I ' T' Q yff , X g Y, . .,.,-..,.,v.-...-,.........,, ...,,, ,. ..,.,.k .,. . .X . ..,- . . , . r w,, . , . . , wE wb n M vs sa mwrwc K'IAlXl 'Klf 5 NINEITEIEN' Twig Kappa Sigma 1 Founded University of Virginia 1867 . Publications: Caduceus and Star and Crescent , Flower: Lily of the Valley Colors: Scarlet, Emerald, Green and White BETA NU CHAPTER Establishecliin I90l CHAPTER ROLL u ' 1912 ' E.. F. Schimpeler H. Gaiser R. A. Robinson A ' 1913 ' R. O. Porter A. C. Parker P. L. Cocke R. T. Taylor J. W. Porter W. H. McAdams A 1914 D. W. Standrod ' . 1915 R. PJ Smith L. D. Zaring 183 1 ,... ' Q "'r"z:r r"'m"'r' WW '. 4 . 1 - K E N TUG K IAINI half N ina. i Q Q , Kappa Sigma National Chapter Roll Southwestern Baptist University State University of Kentucky Millsaps College Louisiana State University Centinary College Tulane University Southwestern University University of Texas University of Arkansas William Jewell College Missouri State University Washington University Missouri School of Mines University of Nebraska Baker University University of Denver Ohio State University Case School of Science Purdue University Wabash College University of Indiana University of Illinios Lake Forest University University of Michigan University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota University of Iowa Leland Stanford, Jr. University M. ,V ,, Nm, ,,.t... University of California University of Washington Colorado School of Mines University of 'Oregon University of Idaho Washington and Lee University University of Oklahoma Syracuse University Massachusetts State College Iowa State College Washington State College Wushburn College University of Maine Bowdoin College New Hampshire College University of Vermont Brown University Swathmore College Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania Bucknell University Washington and Jefferson College Lehigh University Dickinson College Colwnbian College University of Maryland University of Virginia 184 Randolph-Macon College William and Mary College A Hampton-Sidney College Richmond College Davidson College Cornell University Trinity College University of North Carolina University of Georgia North Carolina A. and M. Collegf Woodford College Mercer University Georgia School of Technology University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute Cumberland University Vanderbilt University Dartmouth College Harvard University New York University University of Chicago Colorado College University of Tennessee Southwestern Presbyterian Univer sity University of the South Denison University , ... I , ,, . - I .... pal naw::a:..:fr,.-x:1r.1-x,"sem-...::.:u4.u::m:mx fmf.wwmwwxumtwwx' A f- 1 ' -V f rw Hwmsnwwrwsmrmm mg,aw.-Jcwzmr.aenxsrurmamsuzuweagvzuwame' ww-1 I' .,.,.. X, ., 1 .. .. L, , as iff . -, -, " I mwiwwmm-ww-M..--..,....,,,. ,sa-nw-eww-w,---e-we-we-rem-asa-evennfsm-.-awfw--s-afAm1:--- rf.. fixiwiix' 5757 C 11 A a 1 rf Hyun' 'vga .cu X y':7,te::.i iw at-selves pl he Fpnisgy E QM ri Li lqN,,t',:3iftgs:yy.fALsx J. jlugqfws I L i I E. wi if e,,,K4 all it M a i i Q i M W Q91 E' Hx-5' MALI. I .. C A k 1 1- V Q ,J kv A Q A Q, -., :.: K. M ewsg ,e f K ,. ...,..1.. Mi ,..-A tv , .i . , 7 ' - we ee- ' . .-..,..,,..,... li Lzwmumzmuacawsmu--:V-r-414511-H--rf uzmwwein- arruswss l--V -:- H' wg:.eq ,... wry. .,,.,.1,-.:.,. 15 Sl Phi Delta Theta National Chapter Roll University California University of Wisconsin.. McGill University University Colorado Alabama Polytechnic Institute Vanderbilt University University Georgia Georgia School of Technology Brown University University Chicago Case School of Science n I Southwestern Universlty University Illinois Leland Stanford, Jr. University Washington and Lee Unlverslty University Indiana Mercer University . Emory College University Iowa Northwestern University K C ll , , , , nox o ege University Kansas Butler University Lombard College University Michigan DePauw University - . . . . . Wabash College University Minnesota Purdue University - . . . . . . . - Franklin College University Mississippi Iowa Wesleyan University - - - - - - Hanover College University Missouri Central University C lb C H University Nebraska State University of Kentucky Xxfllllly cgi? University North Carolina Tulane University I mms 0 C26 University Cincinnati Washington University Amherft College University Toronto Cornell University Westmlnslef College University Pennsylvania Union University Dartmouth College University South Dakota Columbian University I-alrayette COHCEC University the South Syracuse University Pennsylvania College University Texas Miami University Washington and Jefferson College University Idaho Ohio Wesleyan University Alleghany College University Vermont Ohio University Dickinson College University Virginia Ohio State University Randlph-Macon College University Washington Lehigh University Pennsylvania State College 185 sr-s--1-v ::'rtf'. :rmm'.'-'.."r: -I -1 M'-f 3 1, E1 11 M ' ' i'c' A -,sxssawwsae-. -rafzzumuvs-w..i.v -f-we ,..,,. -.z.f,. Lsaee.i...4.aJ.x n--I . 'F ii w ffk 'S fi if if? 255' Es E gf gflfisf P" 'E 3 15 . 3 3 6 in 135' iii N 3, ,uri 2 , ,M ig WEQSQ gzafmg fx: QE 2 :LLL 5 YE' ' ' 5 if la , ii 315- i fgzy. It JY. iq, B, ' f J ibm lun gE"1EiA.Q55W QI! Wm Phl Delta Theta Founded Mlaml Umverslty I848 Publlcatlons The Scroll Pallachum fsecret A Flower White Carnatlon Colors Azure and KENTUCKY EPSILON CHAPTER Establlshed ln I90I CHAPTER Rom. 9 2 as W Cary os M Lewis 93 Herbert H Grace Wm H Rogers Wm G Woods Wm H Edwards 94 Robt ,I Working uhan L Pinkerton Aleph A. Waller . I 9 I 5 ' John W. Petrie Geo. C. Rogers Chas. C. Duck Frank H. Kennedy Jas. Park. Lynn W. Nones' A n ' Hart L. Perry John W. McDonald XW rgent a. ll 1 87 -gwxi .RN - , ' ' :sxt,':3w.1wK2.1u:H1mu"uwQ- Main '-' g?nfs-w1"rs::b'.x,'+24f-2'll!sl:aa'v!:vs.'.snax'i: M nuulnnauumwmmemwwwwfzmaav' ' I K E: N 'rue K IAN sQ"i 1i7iEN TWW I we A I I . 1 ' J . . - J . . ' V . gl I I I I I 'I . u E . J. U . V w 1 1 l N 4 , w N w w w P I . s 1 , I 'E r. G -1 .,,. . ff . 'fwamewzaw-an :-1Ar:!5- y , ., . ,,, A ,.,, , . L,..7 A :W V5 V 4.9, V., , , , , U ,, ag ,- ,w'm z, f , 1 M A I ':- -, ,125-Af m, M W. 1. .x A - f'v1.'wr 1 , :. ":.,,,.:. x 1 g44:.xrr1wr.mAvfznarf: ws. , Mmrwg Fi, Qgfhjl, , W, YI V mx f ' 4 , 1 ' 1 3 D -- ,...u...4. 'A 5553 29 w "N f "' ' ,f J' 44 . 't'JWJ?'Mr'1.r" ff' ' ' 'Y Uni , ,N H. , T44 I. LI'TYVLNLJ1R2Z1.LTZT'7Il?!.HJi.'Z?1"'lI:11"Ll?E,.3x IAX.,lN,' ',lI7'1n84'..ZJf35K5f31li3x1il-315 -Ti .lliflifif P'I"'1Y'.'Z'i51'Ll,'2f."i1Aif.E 'ZSZRLTTSLF ' N ,, H5 nf yy fr .S . Z -N fy'-if rf' fl I 1:--4, M . ,M.....:4w..',,,, .,,u,::..J L :J ,...4:u.g.i magna ,.M..1g,:gM: :4 f 1.11 .:-, .1 2...H-Ammfgzftvm,,.1.:L:.,Lz..,.x,. ,hp -:.V.n,. ,, ::m.:,L7m,.:r:.,,,. M ,. rs: me sf . - 1 'am - . ... . N T U C K 'AN -..,r 1 1 N' N T E r ' "Img ' 1 Pi Kappa Alpha Founded University of Virginia 1868 'OMEGA CHAPTER ' Established 1 901 Publications: Shield and Diamond: Dagger and Key' F lower: Lily of the Valley Colors: Garnet and Old Qold up IN FACULTATE . Prof. L. K. Frankel E Prof. A. C. Zembrod ' IN UNIVERSITATE A 1912 4' 1 G. L. Pool C. C. Croft William Collins ' T. H..Burruss ' H. Walker 1913 J. F. Day . - ' R. P. Hughes Vvilliam Lane M ' C. Bridges F. D. Caine A 1914 A R. Tiernan J. M. Herndon Thomas Howard Lewis Alexander J. O'Rear L. E. Browder D. M. Evans G. Gay mx 2mwum' f- in in , N E un , mul' Mf i-Mlimmwtvw ' ' 'Y W' 1915 Ji Whitnell 1 89 Nelson Kimbrough P. H. Croft P. E. Hite G. W. Worwick J. A. Leech G. Shaut K. Finley ' J. P. 'Burruss EM ' K E .LAN Kwai! TWRCLVE rg ws , P1 Kappa NHtlO1'1al Chapter Alpha University of Virginia Bela Davidson College Gamma William and Mary College Delta Southern University Zeta University of Tennessee Eta Tulane University Theta Southwestern Presbyterian University lata Hampton-Sidney College Kappa Transylvania University Omicron Richmond College Pi Washington and Lee Tau University of North Carolina Upsilon Alabama Polytechnic Institute Psi North Georgia Agricultural College Omega University of Kentucky Alpha Alpha Trinity College Alpha Gamma Louisiana State University Alpha Delta Georgia School of Technology Alpha Epsilon North Carolina A. 81 M. College Alpha Zeta University of Arkansas Alpha Eta University of State of Florida Alpha Iota Millsaps College Alpha Kappa Missouri School of Mines Alpha Lamlzala Georgetown College Alpha Mu University of Georgia Alpha Nu University of Missouri Alpha Xi University of Cincinnati Alpha Omicron Southwestern University Alpha Pi Howard College 190 . .., l E 'vq' rf ' - - EW""""!Q! ii W wwf---Lvwn-kmT:rfTw4 viinigiw WSU-an td M isa its Q K IA rw ,E-5 N a T tstass rev E . ., 4 ,1 . " I, S l' " "" ' m, Y ti VL,g!lW5f ff.1 F IQXXW if." TIG-vimittmil Beta Beta Beta Beta Chi Beta Eta Beta Iota Beta Mlu Beta Nu Beta Phi Beta Psi Beta Rho Beta Sigma Beta Tau Beta Theta Beta Upsilon Beta Xi Beta Zeta Delta Alpha Delta Beta Delta Gamma Delta Theta Epsilon Eta Gamma Alpha Gamma Beta Gamma Chi Gamma Delta Gamma Gamma Eta Gamma G ami VT rm I-'ist , ,, sl 2 Epsilon TIG Sigma Nu National Chapter Roll University of Virginia De Pauw University Leland Stanford, jr., University University of Indiana Mt. Union College State University of Iowa Ohio State University ' Tulane University University of California University of Pennsylvania University of Vermont North Carolina A. 8: M. University Alabama Polytechnic Institute - Rose Polytechnic Institute William Jewell College Purdue University Case School of Applied Science Dartmouth College Columbia University Lombard University Bethany College Mercer University Georgia School of Technology Northwestern University University of Washington Stevens's Institute of Technology Lafayette College State School of Mines Albion College mrvlomm11'.memu.'n71'f':''2r1:L::"c'3'r'E'r"rrL1'st."9rfn11!'t'l!U.u:'f.s " "' rx' .... ' u .... 1 1::'x:.,twm-xf::.::.:,-t,,.fe:,1nlzx svm.4r::zi:.:.1.r:2."i:.xx2rB-t1K Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Pi Phi Psi Rho Sigma Theta U psilon Xi . Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Omicron Psi Rho Sigma Tau Phi Theta Zeta Upsilon Xi State University of Kentucky University of Colorado University of Wisconsin University of lllinois University of Michigan Washington University Syracuse University University of Chicago Iowa State University University of Minnesota University of Montana Cornell University University of Oregon University of Arkansas State School of Mines Howard College North Georgia Agricultural School Washington and Lee University University of Georgia Kansas State University Lehigh University Louisiana State University University of South Carolina Missouri State University Vanderbilt University University of Alabama University of Texas Emory College 191 5 gh -. .. . .. sf.. -t tg , . . ...M s. immxxxexnrarrffm-r:sntavra9'::xvsmamm he ig!" 'K W' 1 vi- on " s- ., F .X Q L. . . -. "t""'t!Q.-.""'V'IIKTS1.I2.I.l'...IE7'WtXl'E1'.lZl!22T1I.IJ'...LUAL3YiL12'..'QLJ.LALR U" .1.1I.'.i'I-xlkabi' 'i",.i3K835ffX'J5 mV,,u,m,..,,,,. ,.,,M , V ,-M,.-.. ,W I . wif 1- W rv 1 1 f - --. ,.,. . .1 f r K v 5 A 1 ,.-,. LH M. W, , wi Saw, :ff ,. Tiki? 4 "',rfJ1 ' 5.245 HX ,, is , 5 xx A t x f: Q C X I f,,y7g,Q A nf.. ,340 I I, ,. , 201. , Xf i V, I A r -"-- vw'-4-': -' ""m'vf:v,g wi: Ezunuazzr - . 1 , ' ' V- 1 'W' ' ' ,,..,,, ,,,,...,1 ....'-,L-sem-,f, - an W-wr WA - M 4.::.1-,L ' L.':.:.4:....:.".:1r.::am .H ,, Q..-A P.. 4 K ENWFUC K IAN 'KK ?f"'f I ETEEN TWELVE 'Qu Sigma Local Chapter R011 .- ' 1912 J. A.'Wilmore l 1-1. L. Nagel . G. B. Nlorrison 1913- h J. C. Carter 1 G. T. Fuller J. O. Sullivan 1914 ' W..T. Young I' V F. Auxier J. W. Atkins W. W. Cox G. A. Klander 1915 A F. I-I. Wright a I-I. W. Brambleu R. Nl. Simmons A. P. Woody F. W. Fletcher 193 ll ll I- -- .i....... . ,...,. .....,.-..'..,4.-xaWlU- .5 ,,- M f Y 4 3 S N -ffyl-f-.fue-W,-AV.H-nw,-1 ,v -'ww------' - W -"-"'- -N -4-- "-' ff-ff-4-, V . ,,vvf- g-- -"":i5'37'lIQ'f7 -wr mn ,'5fl,4ff1::"'15 ry' -W-,W , .,. . wmv. M.-M, v., , .. , . . , ,N I 1 g .,... . , , 1 ..,, . uf' 'V ' I ,UL , , . K ' ' A 1. " Y ', 1331 l5KV-.1 ,Wy ygqy E .fH':n1. z Sv , . f Q y f:,,-z NH aw., , gm A, , N. . f l,-,gffffur ' . my , it ,Wvs1hF,lH5f, 41. , AM' , ,, dwg! gl A Qin? i ,A 1 1 Auf ,V ,L J V7.1 . 5? 1 ,Taxi h Vf g, I . XM? tggf: M, 1. ...Q X . I4 aw-'x , hair .4 XL. A, . X4 f:..5:x,y.,X 4--' 14 gJ,..15X--..y.w,:1!n., 11 54 2 L, U Lau, E hw, U, E, U MJ r, If A V., A 1 Q , LM, V I" ' W" ' N H "-"W . P'M'1n'mm:::uvf-sf' W -W-fMf"fzaa-1 "H U"" V . x . LL.. 25.115121 1 1 ' ' ' "Y-'F 'Wfffi' " X35 fl , .5 1 v Y-'nr ""' ' Y - 11,-iwarlx.-52"-1k m-vwnrwnw, ,mnrzfnwvrzuv-Fav,-3 Fgf'+.rf,':wen-,zz-w::r:':'r1 Ezsnrzzrxfrzwxrrfsr'-1'w"':'r'w:'.::'aa:iA:'A'r,:f'' "W "" M' .v--v...,.!.l ky' LJ..1g:w, Um -1 . 'I ' " rs :xii rev, ,. 15 A rim- hw. If fn V L-:M '..wX:.. 3 M t '.1 .-.. .,.4,......g.1 U W a,.,4.g,.a QE'-rafuzg Ai -1-A 'I 'I llanmzuuw-'f:11c:r':fr:1wvnr'f'Mf.:.'nJ..'-::.1:x4, .4-..n.-:n,':M,.. 1- 'w.guW:4.'.r::. ,.,::Q....",.""drfq I ,I d j i s . ,E-Sig n .-dw .rj W Alpha ' Tau Omega ' Founded U. M. 1. sept. Ili, I'8B5 -- V Pdbliddtiddd 'The Alpha Tau Ornega :Palrn r ' Flower: White' Tea Rose V Colors: Sky Blue and Old Golcl i KENTUCKY MU IOTA CHAPTER V . ' - Established Feb. 22, 1909" ,- -CHAPTER ' Rou. P1912 R. I... Jones Q ' J. VR. Watson J. Du P. Oosthuizen K A ,A-. S. Winston T W. A. Wallace . A T A l9l3 - D. D. Felix W Hobson 71914 q R. C. Dabney l H 'G. Strong W. D. Hamilton H T. Watts E.. H. Nollas V , , l9l.5 A Q ' J. E.iVBollin'g T. C. Taylorr i I... V.-Martin ' - R A. Wallace - SPECIAL' 4 ' H. A. Beclcmann M. A. Reirners A. E. 'Ewan, Post Graduate ' 195 ' g ., .. ..,, ., .,.,. ,,...,,.,...,.,...,.,..... -- m v A rv 1 rr in ,A QA g. , , 1 ,A ,Fw te fr -t .-H eq m ry t"fY'.: l,',:::Q lalriihx -,lil I il 'l'i"'mWww'fxff'4'mmwm"WmmMmiw"wWW'WWmT'El 'ffg' 716 ',A' "" ' ""' f fm t K K aaa M sara isa it ra i Axial 'fr Tau Gmega National Chapter Beta Washington ancl laele University Beta Lambda University of Michigan Della University of Virginia Beta Mu Wooster University Ilii 5YlTlYs,E,0lli8Qr 4 gala gl I r glfgrlestgnlgfollege , ni erx o ennessee e a mic on ion 0 e e gnu Fjnlvefslfb' Og liinnglvaillia gala gi Xanclerlalt Igniversity mgga niversity o e out ea au nron ni 'r Alpha Beta University of Georgia Bela Upsilon University hilrllfllaine Alpha Delta University of North Carolina Beta Psi Leland Stanford University Alpha Epsilon Qlabamabfolytechnic Institute lgeta Omjlgah ghio State University Alpha eta ercer niversity amma p a olby U ' 'r Alpha Theta Emory University Gamma Beta Tufts Colllzghsly Alpha Iota Muhlenlourg College Gamma Gamma Rose Polytechnic Institute Alpha Mu QICIYI-EU Collagen gamma lgelta Brown University Alpha Nu U- I1l0n 0 ege amma eta University f Ill' ' Alpha Omicron St. Lawrence University Gamma Eta University gf Tciiiats Alpha Pi Washington ancl Jefferson College Gamma Theta University of Nebraska Alpha Rho Lehigh University Gamma Iota Universit f C l'f ' Alpha Tau Southwestern Presbyterian University Gamma Kappa Western ylseservzallcllgiilersity Alpha Upsilon Sennsylvaniaf glatedffollege gamma iimbda University of Colgradg Alpha Omega niversity o ori a amma u University f K Alpl-n1Af5,i gllfittenbegg gollege gamma zu- gniversity Sf Milrlifrizota Bela p a lmpson o ege amma i niver 't f Ch' Beta Beta Southern University Gamma Omicron Purdujlglnliversitiliago Beta Gamma Massachusetts Institute of Technology Gamma Pi Universit of Washin , , ' I Y gton Beta Delta University of Alabama Gamma Rho Universrry of Missouri gala Epsilon lvl-gulane-Unixgerijty gamma fxgma worcester Polytechnic Institu eta eta niversity o ermont amma au niversity of W' ' Beta Eta ghio EVE-rjleyan University gamma glpsilon iowa State Univhigirysln Beta Theta orne niversity amma i niversity of O Beta Iota Georgia School of Technology Gamma Chi State University iifigclgentucky Bela Kappa Hillsdale College Mu Iota Washington State College 196 , , , A -- v-,- l. , Y V - I K CSCKTA N 1 WJ? MTNTKETEEN Twaicvz ms ' 4 ' ' " Tau Beta Pi National Chapter Roll Alpha Alpha Alpha of Pennsylvania of Michigan of Indiana Alpha of New jersey Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Bela o of Illinois of Wisconsin of Ohio , of Kentucky of Missouri f Michigan Alpha of Colorado Bela of Colorado Beta of Illinois , Beta of New York Camma of Michigan Alpha of California Alpha of Iowa Bela of Missouri Lehigh University Michigan Agricultural College Purdue University Stevens Institute of Technology University of Illinois University of Wisconsin Case School of Applied Science State University of Kentucky University of Missouri Michigan School of Mines Colorado School of Mines University of Colorado Armour Institute of Technology Syracuse University University of Michigan University of California Iowa State University Missouri School of Mines 1x97 ' 'I' -,-.-.-...F-.-,,,..,--.,-....,..-. . .-Yv-?.,, 311- , ,, W ,WV -- .,, ..- 53 4...n..,,.h ,.!m,'N ,, - ,.LQ+ML,1.. . 'mp 7 -' Sy Q4 Lfjh ,F ! 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Thomas. 'I2 T. E. Earle, 'IZ W. B. Hager, '12 H. F. Vogliotti, 'IZ I-I. B., Shoemaker, 'IZ H. C. Galloway, 'IZ S. D. Saunders, 'IZ W. E.. Freeman' F. P. Anderson I... K. Frankel A. I... Wilhoit L. EL Nollau E. F. Schimpeler, 'IZ H. N. Nagel, 'IZ W. S. Thiesing, 'IZ E. A. Humphreys, 'I3 C. H. D. Osborn, "VIS L. H. Farmer, 'I3, Morris Roth, '13 " RQ E. Mattingly, 'I3 J. Everidge, 'I3' VIN FACULTY IJ. J. Curtis W. E.. Rowe I , E. I... Reese , H. I-I. Downing C. Norwood- 199 -M ,, ,, ,,,, , ., , Ki. .. Is' Ile.. F,-T . , , , , ' yu '1 ' L t:'gA.-5,515 - . V4 , ...,-g,-,g--,--vw , .. 1 n f-. 1 ,,,z,,,:W.,,1V,x.i,,:,,, f ..,,.v.jf5M,... iw K 1 1 1 A ....... ,Vin E1 ,.,., pq A Q 1 'w , , -A , f9'w,f T2 Q N A -m L ' ' - V aww F4 I, Q f , .fl .-. .-w-- .. ,............A,-,,,... . ..........,........... .. ,, ............,,... . .-.- . - 0 -, .Wi ' 0 AL P1-IA M o 6, Q e f ' . , .-.J V- " " F71 jig-, 3 ,,"f'f13:,.' ,. """',' .. Zi2'1,,M,...L'L,'L.. 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Smith, 'I3 slvsx 43' 4' NZ J l - an -1 Q - 7 "FR Y V l.. -.--1 4. , , A2 ' YY" W" 'M' fffiliufif 'Q --IL wvlLlll'1: 'w "BKk ' rf4'-'f ' 'iiwh 1? 4aZ3'l'uW1N'f.1' J' QM- mFt4l'5bKV"7'f!.'7.1w'i'.f' !'5" '.'T"I.tJ 'Vw "7'? 2-3 " ' """Yf '-""fi'-' "77"lJf'3 7-14' ""- 3 I7'v"5X'f712n -india . .6 .:. 4' 4 ,. ,a -A,e 1 K h , ,W IVMQ. TA, ,T mm- 1 .nh h R ,., I J vc E: N 'r u c K I A N . . W .ms Q aw 'wr - " ' - ' I ' ' 'J .gimp Al- - V ,, . -,mug: w:fnuwy-TmQ'w1'ff1 ESI Lamp and Cross J. B. Giltner J. Cafy R. L. Jones W. B.wHager D. W. Hart Wm. Collins G. F. Meadors ' - J. H. Gaiser J. Du P. Oosthuizen JL Foster J 'H L . , V f ,.,,. , , ., . - . ' ' .. . ' ? . ' ' . ., E . ' 'm:m:4x.M,i'x-inn-xv., -- - ' ' ' -' ' I ' ' 1 ' xaczsmmwnnmuwxuansuusxmmuauwp x .. 1 ' X -1 K . 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Rose Routt Alice Ross Genieve Johnson Kathleen Osborne Helen Desha Marie Barkley fpledgel Gretchen Haydon 213 ,M u..-l"- y y ,, "" ' li x 1--,i i r 5 l l , l . , ' "WCW imvm CV 5"' 't"mf:n' ' i K E Nm'-uc K mam 5 Q meme l Li ws rm .Q wit. i Alpha Gamma Delta Nat1onal Chapter Roll A , . Alpha Syracuse University I Beta University of Wisconsin J Gamma V Wesleyan University Della University of Minnesota Epsilon University of Kentucky Zeta Ohio University Eta De Pauw University Theta Gaucher College Iota University of Washingloni Kappa Allegheny College Central New York Alumnae Milwaukee Alumnae Ohio Alumnae . Minnesota Alumnae ' Connecticut Alumnae l 4 214 l 'wammmwm-MWMMYZMMWWMwM,m,u,u,,,4,,w,m,nW,Mu,MmWx I ,,w,wmW,,m,WL y mi M HAM 1 P25 NINE 'rams fiwsfsmwi 5: Alpha Xi Delta National Chapter Roll Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Omicron Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Xi Lombard College Iowa Wesleyan Mt. Union College Bethany College University of South Dakota Wittenberg College Syracuse University University of California University of Wisconsin University of West Virginia University of Illinois Tufts College University of Minnesota University of Washington University of Kentucky 215 Ei? , .. -, ,-a. -- . M S Q - Y V I Q, my , X-:aj-anwgewfL:wfmaZmM,m:f:wmr,Tg vwTnTm:.'am-:1rz',:?mzv:mF N "-V . .r ' Y X . ,. ' as ---, -U, ,1',-- ,, , ,Nx-A r -A 1,-f Q, .QM K E IX! I' LJ C K IAENB .. .ug E329 KA,n . Ei e Nga I - - H-' ' '1 """ ""--'--1-'---"---4'M---wM--W+--- KD'f W w"Y 5,11-we-vau.4fw-mfvanaaauuum-,ww zvzvwrw w,w:u.m:.a1,:w,m4:.:4sm.wa:x:f.x:g4z.:wmua:,!SE! w . , A,W1 Q , W , 1 .K . . M , M K YY f file:-1:3 W U 'KP : KEN 'rucKlAN ll- f NINI:-:TEEN 'rwmws l Alpha Xi Delta Founded l893 H Flower: Pink Rose Colors: Double 'Blue and Gold XI CHAPTER '- Established l 908 'E CHAPTER Rom. Anna Wallis , Annie Louise Dean Hattie Noland Iva Belle Boreing Addie Lee Dean Marie Williams Mary Kinlceacl Venable 217 Elizabeth Waddy Kathleen Lewis Nathalie Wood Margaret Munson Laura'Cassicly . Nora Hamilton Ella Hamilton fpledge D l i-,Q -I qs K -"nv-.4z',m V A pw.,-W - .-fwfr:H'1'r'v-em"-v-"--'xv'v'v'-M:-rw-'-.MQ :MW F Yi W ' " bqf'7'fM"'!' E:':1"L:ix-:r"" ""' "9 3 ":1'vfr":"?rr':-::-:," - H'-"'-f'T1'r"-'f'1"'1"""':1'tt7 ., 7 YY U1 E, Ei .' v,., , , ,- , 1 I- ,f ' 111, I., V-Xu rl 1 -1 : - .lg .v I: , 1 rr 1, zj- -3 ,fy f' il 1 hw - , A ,' Q YW?--41 aa Q Z .x 1 1 , ' ,Q L1 ,- px -1 , .f K1 ' ' . . 1 K,-ff' '.',g,' f:4s,cu::.:.'. ,mL:,..- ,::- ,, . :ff nz- 'r...w: 'W . J .. . , , F' .' :X ,I ' N -I , in IX' 4' , 'f 3. 1 4 a ' 4 1 H 5 .-- I . , , " -1-rsf-:--v-Y---Q--,vhvr-,rl 1: ' f -'K , . . ,- N, 1 H Ll H V , , 4: f g g.v.g.4.g........4g:......:.':r:- . u...., . ..4. . nf. M ' ,,.,-,. . 1 M .,..1 " H5525 NINE TEEN TWELVE,-I n t ' 'lg l Kappa Kappa Gamma . Founded, Monmouth, Ill., i870 . . H Publication: The Key. ' Flower: Fluer de Lis Colors: Light and Dark Blue BETA CHI CHAPTER Established! l9IO' I CI:-IAPTER Rom. ' . ' ' I9I2 A 'Dolly' Taylor' Battaile i 1913. Elizabeth Cary Mary Elizabeth' Logan Lulie E. Logan l9pI4 . Katherine: Logan Mary El 'Vimont ' I9I5 L p Elizabeth Rodes Edith Dean Mary Ford Rodes Elizabeth Moore Ada Dean Q Lillie Threlkeld , 219 ll ll ll ll - A s V- W 1 L wl f s MY H BN! 'T' EAPJ i, this ll was mei H XJ-til' L X' I 'MQ+mmmammvM mwmwwawfmssnwmli UM lU1UWW'MlNWW? 'M'M'i'WMW lfff ww' mutwwmerm sem muh!! Kappa Kappa Gamma Natlonal Chapter Roll Phi Boston University Mu Butler College Beta Epsilon Barnard College Eta University of Wisconsin Beta Sigma Adelphi College Beta University of Illinois Psi Cornell University Upsilon Northwestern University Beta Tau Syracuse University Epsilon Ilinois Wesleyan University Bela Alpha University of Pennsylvania Chi University of Minnesota Bela Iota Swarthmore College Bela Zeta Iowa State University Camma Rho Allegheny College Thela Missouri State University Beta Upsilon West Virginia University Sigma Nebraska State University Lambda Buchtel College Omega Kansas State University Beta Gamma Wooster College Beta Mu Colorado State University Bela Nu Ohio State University Bela Xi Texas State University Bela Delia University of Michigan Beta Omicron Tulane University Xi Adrian College Pi University of California Kappa Hillsdale College Bela Eta Leland Stanford, Jr., University Della Indiana State University Beta Pi University of W'ashington Iota De Pauw University Beta Chi University of Kentucky 220 r-1,23 ,V giei Fgywmsivmvwqz .Lif .i,, ,f,. 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M VETHN- ll- ' , v .M..V.W,. FQ' Ei If" If: Ext' ' N VW fl YY 5, !-n'7'l'l ,gf f 'Mx v! f. 1 5,1 nm, Vw:-wvfffwn 'W ,MQ ,N 'fx vip ' W 1+-Nw J H Mx Li LJ mn Maw .1 kiwi: ,51 .JE N .A aj fiizm Warm va' z:':::1 8, W ,Y N ,,W,..M, ,WM :ww-m,,,,,,,.,1 ,K.AW:,,,Nm,,,,,,,,,A.11W,.,W1 'H liwwfs'wxmm1a:amw',mamm:.wnm:1m:mwmmNwmwmm 'wv'uxmu, 5,-, I 1 4 ! Y x 1 fx I rf ' vw' f 2 3 ,,,, .- .- .,.. - ...A . ..,A.. 1 1" 1 1-, Q , . x ,o , X x V 1 , 1 X X I ' X- I Cav' 1 i9'f" - - 4- -.. . ' D xr..-f A 3' .X Ns-'25 V 'svlf V i XV c ' v . ik ! J ' v ' . K A , ' Y A , . , H V Lf! 0 L A Bl..-X I , XX V P . X V ' I' gi M- V ff AA 1' F' N af' E 1 1:1 I, ,7 E L' ""' "'A """'1"'-"' A" ""' M' ' "-- ' A" 'W-1.-....i..."' ' ' ""' '...,L.L.1I:5.::I:::1::L::1L:L::'-'-"'T'----4 A -1 - --4 -.--,I JJ "I I "7 A . -"ZIV ' IAYTJA F TLLFYCYXT -f-, . 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ACTIVE . ' Alma Faulkner .... Iva Belle Boreing. '. . . - Mary E. Taylor .... ............ Margaret Masner . . .........-.n ALUMNAE Marietta Cassidy .... ......... . . . Anna Walis ...... Sarah Carter. . Eloise Ginn. . . k 225 . . . .Alpha Gamma Delta . . . .Alpha Xi Della .'Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . . . . .Kappa Della .Alpha Gamma Della . . . . .Alpha Xi Della Kappa Kappa Gamma . . . . . . .Kappa Delta .- R . V Ai., ., .,,.um,.,.,,.,-M , , , . . . . . - , L , l.-J . .Wu - - - -1----1 , K-.1 ff ' P1 i my I ' Y my u ,. ' .M , X f w ,.f,, ,W , f lj V ' ""' ' ' ' ' ' ' "W T',U,ffK1flEI' 'f' YW! "f,"'f'V7F'!lir".1'2f?1'::n f?2X' f7fWff:L'f1L'f':QT.'H'A7f ."'I"'.ffTf1:ff'7""'f'!'ff"f' '.1:'7:2'-'ff.'f.'T'i. 'i'.::3:'.Q:LQ.'C11' Em H ' V 1 ul Qg P4 2 I ' M-- V , A , ff f f H. 01" ' A-T - - ,1.-7 V 4 "r.L:.z:f2::"' "' - H...-...::.,,,., :mul Q 1-ln.l:isuf.c4.. .. M, ,., . v . , . ...., .,.- :::.z::':: ,,1,..,.. , ,,.,, M. .. -. ,...f W-W " H , .X V. 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OFFICERS FIRST TERM .............................PresIdent . . . . . . .Vice President . . . . .Recording Secretary . . .Corresponding Secretary .............Treasurer . . . .Prosecuting Attorney . . . . ..... . . .Librarian C. Hewlett ............................ . . .janitor OFFICERS SECOND TERM R. W. Tinsley ................................. President H. Ci. Korfhage. . . Philip Carman . W. C. Jetton .... . . . . . . . Vice President . . .Recording Secretary .Corresponding Secretary C. Taylor ..... ....... g ...... T reasurer R. A. Norris .... .... P rosecuting Attorney G. W. Womack ......... ........ Q ...Librarian H. Kelley ...... . ................ .. . . . . .fanitor OFFICERS THIRD TERM W. H. Jaegle ........... L ....................... President W. C. Wilson. . ....... Vice ' President R. H. Thomas. . . .... Recording. Secretary R, D, Bowden, , , . . .Corresponding Secretary D. Y. Ragan. .. ............. Treasurer O. Jones .... . . .Prosecuting Attorney T. Gooch ..... ...... 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Porter ' F RATRES IN FACULTATE Henry S. Barker M. L. Pence A. S. Mackenzie J. T. C. Noe L. E.. Perry L. A. Brown R. M. Allen Rv. 'C.- Terrel JL L. Clialkley UL. E. Nbllau 271 W. T. Lafferty T. T. Jones Q, Chas. Kerr C. R. .Melcher E.. R. Sweetland B. F. Scherffins V J. W. Norwood F'.'J. Fohs L. K. Frankel A.' M. Peter 4 V r ? 1 I Q I 'I L l .1 l ll W - - 1, I. ll Qi ll 3 I Fl :mmap ,.,,.J,,.......Q..:....,.:.4,...::m::asaemrzm.1.......g...azn:1: Y T-.,:.m:.-, . . ......4:'r ., -1' 1 4, "f , . W --. -, ,gf l , UVA. .. ..... ,,- .,- .,.. -. .-- - -'-' , V L 2:12-""'1-P ""il-4l"'-"'f': " "f .....,.-- - 44-..4,,-,.,q.-"ff" L .4 Managefs Club' l v -'IK E INITLJCZ K IAINI ' N NETWEIM TWELVE h " , , R. L.' Jones I H. C. Galloway G. F. - Meadors., In H. F. Vogliotti N. Utley, Jr. J.aI. Miller lA. T. Ramsay Thp Kenlaclflan Football a a A Bailgeilzall ' Baseball -TTdQlf , 4 The ,Idea The Icllea J. H..,Wadsworth The Transit Milton Reimers ' Clee Clulv l 1 . .V m ' 4 I L 1 l , ' K - i ' 1 1 . r' W , M ,. 273 , 5 V 5 "' Y, .Q ' 1 F"1Q11,1:f.f,1f-fm, ww vff- V , :v:v:.':r-'-v:::vm:stf:fn'ff'Wv4-ww'-r:-:':wm'f:'f1w":'1mvN,f' 'wcvrv-ff M'-,MX-7 'wh 7' Ly, 1 V, 'u ', 'eva' ,,.,..4...,mm..,7 n , N- 6.3, 3 V, in , ,.l-my R! ? , fi ,V A is x ,. ,Vi LL, h LL ' , V V I, In flu L -. - . L I , 'B . .pp 1. LY-ax Q4 : H " X' if + , A ff! TJ I L ,151 - A... g..,...-. J-. ,.,3z's'a'..:. 'x.:4u4:'.'.A ' 2. 1- .A 2, g .. . .... . Mxlli .fvffi 3 r-vw , , , , -'-' M. - W-M H H I A 5 '-...umm-,.3s,m1 , - V ww,-Wm nwwym A r- ' " 1 Lint' 5 E R Eh 3 1 1 ' ': ,,,"r" '. -arf ..... . -f A-M-, N- ' ' na.: LJ K E: N T uc I A N 'rwr .s The Canterbury Club 'l-1 HE. Canterbury Club was organized at the University of Kentucky January IS, l9l2. The purpose of the club is to stimulate and develop young men with literary ability and aspirations by suggestion and criticism to ......-- achieve distinction in the literary world. Creative ability is made the basis for membership and the club is at all times ready to examine the manuscripts of young writers to determine whether or not, in, the minds of the mem- bers, the production of the writer shows sufhcient promise to admit him to membership in the club. g Weekly meetings are held in the Educational Building at which the literary produc- tions of the -members are read and informally discussed and criticized. - ' . ll The following compose the charter membership: J. T. C. Noe P ' W. H. 'Townsend E.. F. Farquahar R. W. Tinsley A C. P. Weaver I. Miller Recent additions to the club are: W. F. Wright R. T. Taylor C. E.. Blevins 275 EEE' 4 ll 1 - M-fu-....a.:aQ.1. ,..-,,..c ,.., , ...I--r.,M.f.-F ww-U.. 1-,. yy-f--my .Mmrfrwr-. -1 :MT -9-It-f rygzmzn- "-- w u-A y--'M - H , - A Q H I by . V nm lx'5A:'1 F fffzwhg Eff! gif T795 '77 x 2 :mil ..,, f i. ' ' , . A I . :ff L 7 ' ' W In -17 f 1 . X 4 ij if! QE. lfi id E u"1L1::i ,ffff 'L5',f"?QZ,.ff'fi'I'5:pnf'qr.,ff7 if ' sk'1l..i Hain Li , 1 If .1 :ffl , V V' I -1 ffl Q , . V-,,. .,, , . W, W.. ..,. ..,, W.. ff. , 1 0 ,,,, W- Mwxm :..,f-MVQm,Yi N vQ,'V-V'-,wZQi!'L3'3! '4..:4g...-"-N""z..4M,:. .... ....,,.,4,,.,,A....,. J ..,.... , L2 x ' 1 , ,, , ' .zgiw-V. 4.4 ..,. .nrt "" i:,,gg.:"1'H' f.:ii:1:'?:-- """"' "" 'M' ' fML'f""f'f"fffH'1fW'W'1'zmnz'f...-ff ""f 'u:'21:m--uznzqfm -Mnzm-M L1,:..xI.. 2:25 -"fi ii iivf--fr.:-f-P'-+--"W"-iz!-"':':-I-'fffH-.'W-' . - " ""f... lQ:.T -A -K -1 111- , EC RQKWORQES 1 v W. ' 1 1 1 A X' L ' 43 ,W ,,,, L KH: W , ...i,...-,,,,. ,, A H s , H, - fx my ,1.-p,.f,.- FH 'N ,N . ...M M i ill 3 A ':-ff ', !' 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' ' L fx XIII! I I I I .III I " , ,Y fx ' I-I-W-I II II -- f MI, I , A M I ,A ,. 'Ll' K E N '1' U Q, K IAN ,4 X NINE 'rmmzm Twmfamtmvsh g W4 ,-A . , , , pid h:l64 th -. .. . N. .X 4 new . ll 1 m u 4 m m-'r.Szm1'f:a:1s:v-r4:e-wa-:e-efsv--- -as-----r w'w--v- ' f- Q. ',-v - -,- WK. M -rv -.-- .1 r-:. -W ww: 1-. ., . , . - A-nes. , . x w,.1.y .ya t' fu .F iz t 'Mft-'1 . puffy F7-,ga Y ,N .. ,v . In L aw.. A, .JK 1, .wi V. V, 1 ps N E ,X rg ,,...:.., V., : . My ,Z rt., l I VL ' ' ,fr ' X I -x l. V li ' 1 , X-14. ,A sw ' ' y' -,'...f N ,Q vi' V l . It A ' -ly -A tw,-,511 Us 3 ,, 2.14, M Vg is J. 4Mwx.g5g,ih A ,fu U N13 Lwu L. L. 1 amz L. -.4 i. , . . Q C81 fitaxmxfza1,r.::',r1.:5c':sr:...4:.i.g::..:.1::.m:m:n .ws..e:r.w.Lr-:am 'ffgriw Lit:-'irfif "J l X . f Whrusrammwswuwwmmwawmfwmuza-ifwrrss1.1.4'nz:i.m..:,.t.....1aa J Young Womens Christian Association HE. first Women's Christian Association was established in an Illinois colege in 1873, and in a few years associations were organized in schools in many states. At the present time nearly every college in our country has a Y. W. C. A. and the studentswho are members do a great deal of active and ef- fective work along manyi different lines. It is not only a na- tional, but a world organization, and the Young Women's and Young lVlen's Christian Associations have been called the most powerful factors in existence for establishing high ideals and maintaining high standards in college and univer- sity life. Being non-denominational, the Y. W. C. A. offers an opportunity for membership and active work to every girl. The aim of the Association is especially to develop the spir- itual life of its members, but also the physical, 'mental and social sides, to the fullest degree. The ideal Y. W. C. A. girl is one who is well educated mentally, physically and spir- itually, and ready to meet any problem that may present itself in her life work. The Y. W. C. A. was established at the State Univer- sity of Kentucky in l906, and has been very instrumental in broadening and deepening the lives of girls who have been active in the work. Weekly Bible and Mission Study classes and Devotional meetings are held, and the Association tries to bring to each girl something that she needs and give her some work that will help to develop her talents and her power to be of use in the world. The Bible and Mission classes are led by the girls and the Devotional meetings are usually conducted by them, though many excellent talks are given dur- ing the year by the traveling secretaries and people of wide experience. Joint meetings of the Y. W. and Y. M. C. A. are sometimes held, and very interesting programs given. The Y. W. C. A. welcomes the new girls who come to the University each year, and tries to give them friendly aid and advice. At the beginning of each new year a reception is given in their honor, sos that they may meet the old students and become acquainted with those with whom they are to work and play for four years. An especial attempt is made to make them feel that they are very welcome, and that they not only need the Association, but that the Association needs their help to make its work successful. Each year the local Y. W. C. A. sends two or more girls as delegates to the Summer Conference at Asheville, North Carolina, where colleges and universities from all the southern states are represented, and where splendid broad-minded Christian women advise them and suggest to them ways of doing successful Christian work in their colleges and unversities. .4 N f 1 'Mfr- ' ' ' '.,,...v- 285 EE " "" 7' !""'1""""'iT'7' 'ff 4. .lxllfaiv ' . . WM TT u"' .TL ,.." ' yjllof ..'.. ,....,..:2.T" Ib 'YTVISIQI'f47IT"'L'f'71.'7:is'I2"T'-3'T'I"f'..'X"..J ' """'V "Q 'I' 'f1l"""", "2","' fri W . ,- ..- - M' N J .... .,... .Q l ..L2lI2l..5T . " ""' "" ' ' E.lJi.IL2Z.i.,......""""""""Tl!si'.i71M ,. U V-.. 4 , ' 1, . i 5 .. ,, . .. . ..f..,...... ,K M it . 54' ,W L L..-was,':.':.L31u..:gg:'A.,m....,:....:...,.:..L...:...s..a..,..-L . as M, .......... 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V. . . ,Secretary Cdrfespqnding .Secrelarvy . .Treasuref 287 I . , ll -- - W, . ., V.W,W,,AW.,.,,,,,,,.,.,,,m,,,,,W,..q.,.V.,..-,W,,., ,..,,,. ,.,,,,,,,4,,,,,,, fy 45 W7 ,tp X ., ,M ,, , , A , , . .. -W . , , 7 N , ,V rg: "Hx rv my 'rw Y-I,-,vw -I fp- W-V, wg If i rf Qfj' if, Q 'fa , ' 2 ' .y ff Q ,, g - ik Aw " ap ww rf ff' 1 ff If f, fffm 3fg'w,gx,,k W - 'Q M I pw x gy. M1 I, - 4, Ng, .1 ,,, . V , t I . 4 Q . 1 , g XX X f K L Lwm ul 'WJ H 1 f nw V xi. M- ff vii I-H ' f lx , A, , 'f M 1 H X... .. .W N r.x L.-21L4,1p:M,,-..: L, xy X . - E4 mb., M, .....m...zu..m,.,MM.......... 4 ..,, .,...h......f...W,,,M.,, ,,,, ..,X.,-W,,,,,A,,,X MW MW. ,J .Why - 1-H-if-s-1-A W- - 1 - -y -A V - f -1 . ' H 1 V . . I , ' I , , v X , I y , 1' , , f"""'l " 'M A" 1 "'2"!ff"425."3'K-YI."IX-33Y"l",I..",fL7T"""1 , 'H ' ' - go "'- , 4 H A ,,,.,, TIC nv- v , 1 -1 vs - - E 1 . A , . , :QQ jk' , icuii THE J V ,,M,1 GMI ' . - - H L.1s.4.:.m...,. .h.. :4.g.. .,.. ..,...:.:zgmzn::v Q . 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J f .L -- AQ ff I", v V f Y - -- , i-U.. 1 if , A 1' " 4 " f ' - M 5 f -ffii gf !" .f" . 5 ' A Wi x.,., ,7 , ,l, Ma 5-5-., -Lid 4-,W-gf 1.--Tggggqv-v,-1, H , Manu 1 .V,,,., .. - -v -.-Y......,,...,- v .. v W'm?'W M ,?,m.,.,.,,, W, ..,,,., , ,.- vt .., . , . f..,,m,,,l ,-fjfxi Q -3 ,E 5- x H: . ' . K 41 -.Ugg ye .mu , . f , f . ' E V, gl ,' E' z Li l ' ., I 5 rm '53-1-M1 fr' J. I. MILLER N. G. ROCHESTER F. T. SHULTZ l 290 L 1 1---f r":::::.::u:' '::mfzu:::Lz:1-m:e:-:zm':::'- --1 "--' . ' --fx-12,2-1: A-.1 '.....' ' f- 1. In 53-:-M:::.u:'::2.-v::fzr::M:r1r:r4:1fa':az.-:.x:n::m vf -M .... ., , . r Il 1 , , , H B 'jj-'J L ' J I! ,X Q A ' LZ' 'al y. J.. "2 'KK I ' 1,1 N. Ll V --ww-m'i:r:z1:i1:z:EY.1':zlt.:2S-'xsc'.:'..'zaam:x4u::::a.4.:-.,: J.. ...gnu ---- - L.'t.:sJ Lm:::::.l::::.::.1'r:a::f::1rxrn:tr'z':c'-w:u:,::115:12:11-,-.:,::::n::.:z::s::n.x:u. .W E., .. .'.-. . Y, 1- V I ' " MM is 'K i - IMI Wi it LJ Q Wk ,H A IX! in IM E Lili! E ts.. rest tits H ,wxwmw M w wm,mm Mg, . ..W-..., ..., k,,. ,,..,,. Y 'QMAL -,gaiix-5 A"m.3Swrmummummn w-'1frafx.. w, -.-,:'::.,'HfI'!T'GI55'W-. The Debating Team 1-1 OR the past two years the debating champion- been selected to defend the unstained Blue and White. And I5 ,ship i of Kentucky has remained within the it is not empty flattery to say that perhaps this is the best team keeping of State University. When the De- that ever represented Kentucky State. During the seven years bating Association was organized in l905, existence of the Association we have twice contested the cham- 5. ..-...-. the literary societies of our institution began to lay special stress upon this phase of their work, with the result that in four out of six intercollegiate con- tests Kentucky State University has been victorious. Year before last our team met the strong trio from Georgetown and won the unanimous decision of the five judges, and last year Central forfeited the debate by a refusal to meet our repre- sentatives. Within a few weeks we are to "lock horns" with Tran- sylvania upon the question of a permanent Tariff Board, and a great contest it will be. Our Varsity team has already 291 lm f- 'fur' . , , I pionship with the institution on Broadway. In the first encounter we were successful, but in the next we received the small end of the judges' ballots. Therefore, the supporters of this institution are unusually anxious to defeat their long-time rivals and keep the championship in its accus- tomed place. Our chances for victory are exceedingly bright. The debaters are rapidly rounding into condition and, if upon the night of the contest the student body will beseige Morrison Chapel with that 'irresistable enthusiasm characteristic of the followers of the Blue and White, our team will not be "weighed in the balances and found wanting." LW , 4 ,V f Q ..2L,,---1.-. awww- iv-M -- .- H My :nw1uramuz:...mwwM7. fgm-wr-ff++7i:n:'- ,. 1 H'-Y'-Wzv-W-:':-,L..,:.1::M1L.v1.:.LsJ:.m,..:4z1a2:1.fA"i 5"lIM'f 7 fvfm' , 'M ' M - -- x, -N --- I--U-M--'-W--v-'N-'-'Q-lv':Lr':'-Ywrfw "" "rn-r"f'7T1 m N , wx ,:, 5: ,,, .. ,.., ., I ', Y If - f ,1 .. H 3 E --X .- W, .N W- ' x SA Hifi' ""?f' ' A f V i 2 E' fifx HHN!-2 ,, f f v ,- - M , A, f Q Q ' A . V ' -. ' 'JMU-"-QjNj'f 1r' 53 V few .frm 5' - 151259 1-5 Vfzif' s.-gif f- -A rl 5:-" -,-' L4 YQ: Af' ' , ,--.X ,f , V -f -'1 .1 'x Q L. 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A Senior was wooing la maiden, A maiden who'd captured his heart, For a place far away he was leaving And from her he was loath now to part. r ' For love and her heart he was pleading And no hope would she give to him, From her wounds his heart was now bleeding Yet this what she said to him: "When Math. slips the mind of our Davis, And Downing no more plays the tease, , When "Josh" from exams. can save us And allow us to do as we please, When Mrs. Stout stops her Greek dances And "Musty" in gym. we cleceiveg When by some new rule State gets a schedule Then, my sweetheart, my love you'll receive. , .. 30 .. . When the faculty all come to chapel And "Dear Dean" no more guards the door, When Schnaitter don't blush at a trifle And Tigert is witty no more: When "Monk" begins courting the ladies, And all of his vows they believeg When by some new rule State gets a schedule, Then, my sweetheart, my love you'll receive. When Maxon quits yelling in class, And Daniel's blue pencil is lostg When all who take Chemistry pass, Ancl "Agnes" no longer is bossedg When Webb to the Preps. seems kind-hearted And no more with his bluffs them deceives, When by some new rule State gets a schedule, Then, my sweetheart, my love you'll, receive. I- 4 . .. .. .N r ...t., ,,,. .,.., ...... ,..,, . . .... .,.,,..n, " w 1 4 1 . A QNN Ffa, X. l 1 fr..-M. . . 'E' A JN f W , 4 4+ fig, if f 5 o M , W IM f Fairy H Z X Q X MIM DA F I 'M Nl D' fb X g'2irf'7 , A F-' 'UW X. 1 xE ff lg Q Q, h X f wh Q ff V, ip K 6 ' 1 N V 6. W W f fi X 1 ' V 1" Lf ' ' .. . . , . ,. ... ,,. . , --.-.. .. ' .4....-.-.....-. , Y fl-, 1 H ' -..... A.,,,.,., , :...,.p...aW-Y,,..,...a..--'H ,....' . - V.v,, F ww +'4' uf rs-f . .W Mi., . - - -l-:. .lf-miilnsrs ...J ...mann mr 1 P tv A Y 1, W ,NF iq nw W: 1 ww'-v-mr fd w-vf-imvm. wf 1mm mmnm bf E lkg 'HM' tf ffm' W Q3 Ak me lt" Qfttaix 54 rr. I .ff r -- u iravae rw tgfmgi me ft fi' if , - . A V- lil- 'i V' Ajiwf' ' "'5'5Mif' it . V- LV i Mum lik r lim U . Eel Vi.. wr,-in Qmfai i"'I.' :iw I - 4 f i . . .- 1- . - ., .,. .. .. , .. ..,..... ,, V. ' W-L ' 'fg 'YJ lQ4.ta.ux.:a,1'm1f-A-Wim L A we-v--xux asez"r"H'U" H'1wifiWL''i'L'W2f',imeuis:.i1w2s.:1ax.: I .-1 7. ilu-if' Nev! ,br - When Zemmie -forgets the exam. date, f When no one in Pence's class fizzes, And "Little Paul" does not grow stout,, And Judge Barker is not at his postg When Sandy does not come to school late When T. T. hates to give quizzes And I-Iooper's team gets put to rout, And Thutmose ceases to boast, When Farquhar quits preaching good diction When Monk Miller quits giving excursions, And his Freshmen from themes will relieveg And his class his theories believe, When by some new ruleiState gets a schedule, When by some new rule State gets a schedule, Then, my sweetheart, my love you'll receive. Then, my sweetheart, my, love you'll receive. When the faculty grows old in service, And on pensions they all have retired, When the Seniors on finals' aren't nervous And the Freshman with genius are fired, When the Sophomores and Juniors grow wiser And the college the Preps. will receive, Whenl by some new rule State gets a schedule, Then, my sweetheart, my love you'll receive. i -306 , . W. W ,,.,.a- .4 . ,.iis.u'3ww...':.. .1 ,,':f1z'..,..51,e.Le.1:1:nxf::aata.:.i'i.u.,'r1?..'-,s.:.x:i:.r'v , W ,M ., .1 -- . ., , , ww .W .1 lit., Wifi., ii-, r H l ,., ..,, l ,rw-vw .1 . ... 1 LJ ' "'i ' 't""' ' 'gz.::..44:1f:.'x.'g:fm LU.: .mzspwmmrr-u-:..mzn:rm.rm1vw'w-w'n:vg.gfr-:fm-:f.'x:rv:4'f.A A-...u ,. a..x:' tH'v..J L..:pLr::::g:".z"...,.....,""""'1.:11:r::i:..'wmmx.'xU:r: r.2sz'r': ':1:f:2.3514 H W' ,,, ww m m I l Mx VX Nxxifkfluzxg' xz ..-...........,,...,-,. ....,,. H. - -F M ., ..-..,. ,,,,,-,YM,V,, 45.1.4-1 ,,-, V .,..- na v. Y 1--:L V-YM -M v44 4 -K is il' .. ,F, .........1-..-.-,..,...., ,,.,.v-V - -.-.,...,. .----.W--v------W -v --- -- - h A ,f-,....,.f-.fhg.....,.unu,,.,...ulurvu........4uul,-..W...nvrxrrvmmvwrxx-rf! 525- 5--ww:-r' K:---1--15 ' ':'r::,--.fvmrrf-:frm'rr' ---, '.f:-v-wvefr-1---1 . . ,, .., f -If kazmlxa -Q, t"I1L'.,g - .1 -- rv il 'gigs infra :-jf-: : xv'-31 5 -x ji , -A ."jxMf' CLF! wi lf K E Gigli M H Ll " 'i..:1xr.:LTQE"v:jslgAtv::L 151112, 1A"l'I li g"Z,,l lfir1 3 -fbi lria lilitiil ' lil. has 51.145 - f gg 'M Xlkbv Eat'-ll gi" lar" '-"" "rw"-'W i - ,.'--- f -'vw"'f"1Auautr"'1'f 'WW "" :Q .grfs :"J:':::.'r::::.r'Lu:2"'11:: 53 To K. S. U. Musicians, take your harps of gold and wake the vibrant airg Steep our sad souls in blissful lethe and banish every care. We've met to part, but should that grieve? For like sweet Ruth of old, Our thoughts and love will follow on till life's tale is told. Those days once seemed so full of toil, so fraught with care - and pain, Yet now to us they seem as dear as sunshine after rain. Like Jonathan, in times of need, love's arrow shall warn theeg Our signal fires of help shall light nights of adversity. We lift our song in praise to Her who shed her sacred light To guide us grouping pilgrims on in safety through the Night. As tender babes she found us all, and with a mother's care She nourished us and gave us strength, lifes toils and griefs to bear. ' W 'Twas here beneath her sacred roof we met and learned to love, L , - a - ..,. , ,, M. y. ,I i And felt the cords bind all our hearts which fond Affection wove. "So, quit yourselves like men, be strong, and as the swift years roll, With valiant arms beat down the foes which rush upon the soul. Seek ye the work for which a hand, omnipotent, divine, From lowly clay hath fashioned thee, and caused thy light to shine. I Scorn not the toil which serves to make the cherished goal more dear, Nor shun the dreaded dangers which rid timid souls of fear. Necessity, though harsh and stern, helps noble souls to dare, While dull, bleak, leaden, cloudy skies make sunny days more fair. Wage every fight as though ye meant the victory to win, But ever hear the still, small voice of conscience midst the din. Ff m::Jm?xmmw f.t1xr':':UR?L1FU,7t: ,. ...M . ,J I Ei 'W'-1221815-'f:r."nif" 2 H g4.u'nunllll1r!lI!l:vul!11rxv5m'r':1f'z"::v:':r5m!.':.1:L:712' 'fir :p1:m.r,'L wm!rlN i --W V Y T ,-, mumnmmmm.f:1Lf'.-fmnurwsfryvv fr--r-!'1:,- ,.--Y+ ,,,, - 4. nav- , . -.-. :--""" "'!.3' 1'-.--. "wg: I 4,...,:,... jif-ff .2 53 ggi?-Q spas, 1, ,fu . H. . A'-, .. .. ..,1 ,'.- J .' - .M . nt- Q - 3 ,: r, e.: , N15 . :-LQ,-t :Iggy S-1-: Sf-mf zine,-5f,'iy 1.33: Liu- :it-,f Q:--Q.: -..-,-P typ -, .A in e -' fff' 3'7.':." 3121. T.1"i 'UTLE :L-1-.7 'fav'f- g::.1 Ill'-,f , :..'-' -Q' 11.--5 Lira E-.-.F qv!" 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T2 -.-.J- avg: :G-s 3-E-I :.g'-,, N-,-'31 ' E-.vt N 'va - . -:,-- . . .. .- :-.- " " ' .s. 3. 5' " - ju - gg.-.' -' ,' -- 31- 3 3 -'. --.ra .... ,FE -' mwlu' ' . ff: 5.14 we ff-ffiaf-.s :.. X' 35:51. page ny lam ,Ir ,-3 :',-3.3. wa- ' 13:55 - -ug, .., ,.g., zfsrhg: . . . - -, v- Q , -.'-'a - . . , -.- . " gr... - . 2, - . 'n--.-- Zfvfi 12:15. . 2 - .ks fer" ti iifui -E. . lv-" "JIS, bait -fx1!lx"e 5.2-' :Ll -1 - . -- gg 0-nu. .'.--.-. u n . . 1 ik- 6.72: A N. ..., ,S 1:m,,."--vig:-,.', ', -,-,--- q---- -A : K EN UCK IAN ,',,, r if NINETEEN 'sr at mfr 77.4 1111" W H , N 'Q The hungry years will, soon or late, sap all thy youthful strength- ' . ' Life's, setting sun the shadows may draw out to greater lengthg The mindfonce king, may lose its power and totter on the 5 throneg Thy seeming friends may traitors turn and leave thee all alone. But time nor fate thy influence can never take away, For noble deeds will live and grow when ye are turned to clay." But we must haste. The pathway leads up to the longed- for gates, . Beyond whose portals we may see the world which us awaitsg Forth from those gates lead avenues of all-surpassing beauty, Which call us with resistless voice to life and love and duty. So, friends, farewell! The great world calls! Yet, ere be- fore we part, ' ''s give one cheer, one ringing cheer, 'twill ease each sad- dened heart- A "Where'er we be, on land or sea, in spite of time' and fate, We will be true to those we love, to Old Kentucky State." 310 .4- L L A .f .5 5- f Y ' 5, llll vz'2.4:Jj:-ti.ff- WH I A I, x l 'MQ -wh' "" ' . .tQ?51J3Ia: 'SQEQNF-..1--: "'Aig-':r.f2fffi"wT" .eq " "sm f -- f "x ' 1' -,wwbifi ,i ' .Q 4'aiE'4r f , ,X f -K f Wi" pt fi? af' 'Wi 4 ww - YIM?-f' f if . 'Km-5'-V-ai wa pf- " -- f N X 3 ,E , AM gg ,, CY 1 WI, ,II , N rn?- ' em' v- fad' ' ' f' f 'xggn l , 'Lift X 1 i AB., X fl c SP 'V N N , Z" Rig? ' K MX ,X g W Q f ,ff v i, Q4 ii L. ' 'f X 'N , 4 X ' qqkcffm U EX Mx f" I X fXfX .A l' v h W ! -,L f I k . ' 4 A .tag N f y 'R Q9 .1 H Q , N A ' If XA , 4 - fly ' ,s 1 X Jlfly W! K X' gb . ',,v 7 3 ES N R ' fc xx 4 -h , X .0 'Wx,x,,.' 1 1, dwg X L2,'TY??. u X ? lm L X j , E Q -,EJ If . X -R , J ,, ' f 'N X ft .' -, , f' "'T'fT .FRF 4 ,gf t K- 58 - Q ,K ij, ,, ,LLL '. A 5 , wwruig, ,4 MQX?,k'3:zn?f 4' ' ' 511- ' I . 552211 1ii'9:iZ?,WQYex 'iS 1 WW w . 21-fv ' """'f'1 inf: ,A.- -'a2WQMw'R' N . K wa. 1 AM- ,--cfiffaiafwff M ,M , V , -. 1,-S. Q5 s :mum A - X ,Th . , . ,., , MJ, .... , un. Z- 4 . ,J N 1,1 , w W gag?-f5f!Q"3"2:g-Taffj':'2':17.Zfg'f5-3iii. . ' '-ff! lhmfgmb cm ,'mP,1:,."" ' f?Jf?' E 9'?1f51f' QiQ".1l'f?Ti "' ' 'giffff'-ff'j "" ' .,, n1" ,f', X' ' . T , . ' ggwwyi 55:1 X ' I W-n:y5n1Jz2fii!li', '5J X . 1 . V ,f,, Q , X-II-UN1iNf.'mffi:I,-,N ll l1'm'5'.13H g ' R+ Y - ' f""H" ,- ifft 'X -N' 'K dv- I I WV: 1,.'f4,g1', , Il!.a1umge1'5,lL: '!fl.'fIMl1mqfmmmym I l K X K1 IIUUUHIIIJ N If ,. qvwxwr fuf 1 1 uw A ,. 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EL g rr ,ww,f,Y,,:,n,,T,.:,v,,,...,,T1.,,,.S?,..,...Tr.,,,,TL-ix....I,.,,,..,7...,..,,....,... .. ..,.. .,.,.,.-, ww - '- s ' J1.'.-f.Jwi,i , g gi fra' ,ull . will rf NA 'QM '- fi, '- 54 ' '- If 'ek W "GLS, d K E INI 'T' LE Wi H A INI fi . ".iriii5F'fim'il-l-E N H M5 E. isa. at-ai si Irm' , I: f' Iva. in - ,, , , .. 3 ' A P I 'W'-tif - 1'ywm,:aA: , - nan, in Q I' s-45, The Parting of the Ways A 'DRAMA IN ONE. ACT DRAMATis PERSONAE Tuffy .... ...................... A youth, age five Cuklc . . ..... A youth, age four Georgie . . .... A youth, age three Bere . . . ..... A youth, age two Wessie . ..... Age eighteen months Kenny ..... . . .Sixteen years of age Papa ....... ............... ? Time-Soon. Place-Papa's back yard. A fTuky, Cukle and Georgie playing with wooden blocks. Bere and Wessie asleep in their buggies beneath a tree. Kenny standing near tree watching youngsters play. As curtain goes up, Tukle slips from group to Bere's buggy and snatches bottle from Bere., Bere fnoisilyl-W-a-h-ah. Wan' my bobble. Tuky steal my ibobble. A Tuky Cholding bottle behind backj-No, I didn't. You're a bad. naughty story-teller, Bere, an' ought to be spanked. Kenny-Tuky. did you take Bere's bottle? Tuky-No, I aint. Kenny--Tuky ! .mr ' lmafwmzzxxm. --f V-W --- . V H ' - ' Tuky-I-Iuh? Kenny-Tuky, what's that you're holding behind your back? Georgie Ccrawling behind Tuky and catching sight of bottle, Oh-e-e. I see't. Tuky got it! Tuky's a story-liar. fTuky raises foot and shoves it backward into Georgie's mouth., Georgie-O-u-chi A-a-a-h! Tuky hurted me. Tuky-I didn't, Kenny. Cukle pushed him an' he bumped his mouf on th' groun'. Georgie--'Taint so, neither! You ki-icked me! Tuky-Well, 'twasn't me. Cukle did't. Cukle--I didn't! I didn't!! I didn't!!! You're always tellin' stories 'bout me. fRushes at Tuky, who drops bottle and grasps Cukle by the hair. Cukle pounds Tuky in stomach. Kenny darts forward and separates themj Cukle-fcryingl-O-o-w! Tuky pulled out a whole han'ful o' my hair! Tuky fweepingl-Boo-hoo-o! Cukle hitted me when I wasn't lookin'! Georgie fwailingD-A-a- -ali-e! My mouf's bleedin'! O- -o-- w- -w- -w! My mouf's bleedin'. Bere Cshriekingl-W-a-n-t my b-bob-bob-le! ! fwessie wakes from nap and commences to squall lustilyj Tuky, Cukle, Georgie, Bere, Wessie Ctogether1-O-o-w-ah-a-e-e!I E?3Il?E l.,,.f""""" I . A 1 y '- EF QMLWW V . 5 ,, A r . V, li I ..,..- . I - T-2,4 H M nr..,:.i1me,1w-N f -.-Mew'c'-rue-rf:-:.----:" ff ' 53 fr EE ist M. Qs.-'lrrwlwi AJ 4911: L., Kewl ' N. Li lil -.-- .,.' : "scrap fw. .. 4:,, :-.s'z.zr:..:::f.::e.:11 .w ' . :,Lr:.:. Kenny-Gee whiz, kids, stop that screeching. I can't stand it any longer. Tuky, you know you promised you'd be good if your father went out and left me to take care of you. If you all don't shut up, right away, I'm going home. Tuky-You c-a-n-t! You know if you do, my papa won't let you play in my back yard no more, an' then what'll you do? Kenny fasideb-Gee, I guess he's right. I wish to thunder I could get out of this. fTo children,-Well, kids if you'll all stop crying right away, I'll take you to a moving picture show after dinner. Tuky and Cukle ftogetherj-We wanna go to two shows. Kenny-Well, you won't. Tuky and Cllkle-W-a-a-h! iWe-wanna-go-to-two! Kenny-O Lord, all right. Only keep quiet. fSobs subsidej Now Tuky, why did you take Bere's bottle? Tuky--'Cause I like milk. Kenny-But don't you know it's wrong to take what doesn't be- long to you? Tuky-I don't care. Kenny-And don't you know it's wrong to tell a lic? Tiiky-Well, my papa does. Kenny-Tuky, Tuky, you mustn't say that! You know that isn'l so either. Don't you know that if you tell stories you'll never be a man? Tuky-I don't care. I'm going to be a missionary, anyway. Cukle-He-he, Georgie, aint Tuky foolish? Georgie-Yeh! He aint got no sense. Tuky-I have, too. I know more'n both o' you put together an' I can lick both o' you. fstarts up but Kenny pushes him back., Kenny-Here, kids, you've got to stop this squabbling. You'll get me 'crazy if you keep it up much longer. Now, for goodness sakes, 31 .. ... K, 5 .. lm 1.44 he good until I go to the house and see if Tuky's father has come back. I hope to Lord he has. fExit.J Georgie-Kenn's a nice boy. I like Kenny. 'Tuky--Well, I don't. He tells stories all the time an' I don't like story-tellers. Georgie-He-he-he! Tuky--Vvell, you smarlies needn't laugh. You'll get me mad in a minute an' then you'd better look out. A Cukle and Georgie-Haw-haw! fTuky picks up armful of blocks, hurls one at Georgie. whom he misses, and strikes Wessie sleeping in his buggy: hurls a second at Georgie and strikes him in eye. Cukle grabs block to throw at Tuky. starts back and upsets Bere's buggy, throwing Bere to ground. Then Cukle lets drive at Tuky striking him on nose and rluky returns the compliment by bouncing a block off Cukle's ear., All fcryingj --O-o-w-w-a-h-u-ee-o-o-W! ! ! fKenny rushes in during height of conflictj Kenny--Here, here, here! Stop it! All fshriekingl--OW-e-e-e! Kenny-Let me see, Tuky, your nose is bleeding. QC-oes to Tuky and leans over to wipe blood off his face. Tuky reaches up and scratches Kenrry's face, then starts ba-ck, trips and falls upon the grass, as Papa enters., All fexcept Kennyl-Aw-ee-w-a-h!! Papa-Here Kenny, stop that! What do you mean, a big over- grown fellow like you, striking Tuky? Kenny--I didn't hit him. The kids had a light while I was away for a minute and when I got back Tuky's nose was bleeding. I tried to wipe off the blood, but he backed away and tripped just as you came in. ,MU . fGWa'Zl'sT'..'13i'IYsK3If'L.'TIll"A.'!'-'C3E:"fXHBQfk!1T 'lT1l23RY5G'!5.':s,'. .'..'Z"IZT'S1il'Wkt'f ft1'lX!6A'T1?'fK.S1Es2.ff...'fS? '." 1 ..s'l"""l 5.-'AA'I33511?ZM9AnYUL' lT535NS -WWH fYM PM . I E 1 LJ il.4..,-4.....,. ""' -.-1' 'r.:..'.-:xx -5 - - - :..::..':-:-ffl: 1 f ,. thx. - QL: , L- s A H -1- .v- -. , .., -e.e..,.,.... .. ,...t..... ,..-...e.., ,- ... . .... ..,.. ...., .. , , .,......, .........- .-..-.......... ,,.-.....,..-. -.,..., .... . ,, .d-, ,,.,g - . , lgllilw Y-!l'U-an --- --V -- f---- - -- .'T',.3"I,2..1..f"..g...-.- , . -.-nr.: -'i1"""':- ,-vw' '--:Lf ,- ,A 5-' v L V T - " - e- - f W 'c-sf'-cruz.. '-' l:', K E mr 1' U C. K uAN sifgisi rsiartmvr-as:.ira ts .... EEZ. if 1 . . . . . . .19 L I - - 1..,..'.w,t.s.. ,...,....,d.m.t-m Tuky fshriekingl-I didn't! I didn't! I didn't! Kenny hit me four or fne times for nothin' an' then I scratched him an' he knocked me all down. Look, you can see where I scratched him! V Papa-Cukle, did Kenny hit Tuky? Cukle-W-a-h-a-l l Pappa--Georgie, did you see Kenny strike Tuky? ' Georgie-O-w-eel! My eye hoits! Bere and Wessie-A-a-h-w-a-w! l Papa-Now. Kenny, you 'see you struck Tuky and hurt every child here. I can't say I'm surprised, however. But, at any rate, I'm going to have this matter probed into and see that there is a thorough investigation immediately. Your conduct is disgraceful. Moreover, I don't want you to 'come and play in my back yard until I tell you that you can again. That's to punish you for your misbehavior. When you find that you haven't anywhere else to play, perhaps you can come back and act decently. fr- aww rpxmzafmevi 'rr.ie1luf!L'!'l!lS'1'S1unsz'."'-'u.'emM""f:r"rx'ne 3 - . ,ft f Kenny-Well, I don't think I'l1 come back at all. I've had about all I can stand of being around these kids, always squabbling and then blaming everything on me. I think I'll go across the street and play with Vanny and his friends and leave you and the babies alone. Papa Ctaken aback,-Well, Kenny, you needn't do that. Of course, I didn't mean exactly what I said. We want to be good friends with you and, after all, I suppose I'll let you stay, anyway. You needn't go now. Kenny-Well, I'm going anyway and I don't think I'll be back. Tuky, Cukle, Georgie, and Bere ftogetherl-We want Kenny. We don't want Kenny to go. Papa-You see they dont' want you to go. Now don't be foolish. Kenny-I should say not. I've been that long enough. I think I'll go and let these youngsters scrap it out among themselves. Good- byel I won't be back! I'm going to Vanny'sl fE.xit.Q CSobs.l ' 1 E fCurtain.D .3 : . . .. . .- . . . ,. . .... ALM., U.-M ., V, , K M "" ,1.azq.xim-1:z.:rwn:a:1.r,:.w,.v:L:.. gxsfm :1 .- .Lemza-na "-' -'A ' r ' " ' Y - "" ' " " ' -' " " - 4' ' - -r' - ' -- ' - H N.u5.We atllcr. ' X Bumed-U. , gh . fT 1 ' n-vm ' '-"'-""4 S 5 , ,, - Nr.. 4 u 1, " 'L 5? .1 . , 41lA?5"nhY W j .' j Q " 4,,fQ'Z.c. P .QA , I A M N 4 I cx ,fx i A, rr, - x7w'i Hb1l-Fi.,. K , -f, , IWW f -gg: W 4 - X . , Q 'E X i is fl Nay 1 fl if .r , ' ' AN ' s ., Z-3 -,.-X Q -N xxx MQ' -' . E" L .7 F V 1 ,UM - M M I 'X Ji X I' , 1 IH ws' ,. ij 5' V J. 1 A si 1? A Qi V4 LLP x, f S -j ,AVN .M : , 'i -, -- f , f w f Q i?wwxM,,L L--.s-N1-'vnu' Y ' ,M X .f NX 1 Q I " " ' j I ., W J fh 1 fi 1 A 5 ff ' x'N wkQ1rvfl6 Y: ' 4, 1 --'-' ' 'rt' Kg' '1 f fi - ff V 1 W J"TQf'X a Nw. . ,, 5 M, - 1 xnxx 0 1 Lk' 3 ' Q 5 5 N z Lmlmzw. . , ...-.......- . f--....1:.1K-.1....,.-...4..L...r-.,.,.w..1,B....-.,vp-n,..... WJ.. uf. - -9-Am-A ---r M- -- + ,, .....--..e.,.w.--.--W. AA-. .. .,..,, e...v,.e-........-...-..ff. qgbfjfjfjwj ,TK fix Ff.f'j'.-.-:.-35 exam.. ,.,h ..., .. ., -,,v.-..eew,....,im . IK E: RJ Qi WK ui3a.hL1le'fii'f ffff N ii id?-Qf5f.,'.f-1 "rr"l..:i.lE1v'fQ1iM miAifh'?iff?9' i5mV E F uzawuu' Q,L.a..-:L-:.--:.- ..... .,.,. Ti' "" '-""'1l:Y'1""1KDll"A""' ' I P. R. O. F. S. fprelty Row of Facultyi Seniors., J. I. Miller-Big High Monkety-Monk. Annie L. Dean--Successor to J. Mort and Jimmie G. Alma Faulkner-Reader of Many Big Great Freshman Papers. Derrill Hart-Teaches Them just Like "Sandy Does." Virginia McClure-"Was sagen Sie?" W. S. Taylor-Expert Tiller of the Soil. Addie Dean--Uses Much Red Ink on the Dear 'fDean's" Themes. Myrl Harrison-Expert Dodger of Mixtures in Freshman Test Tubes. 318 y,LN T .l1U"ffL7TZT3R?41TW'-I7JCf.E.E.'V5?3 I fT'51f'f1lnT',lf.-T f'ITY'T'!!',, ... - - wif... 'W - T 5L E13 ?I.Y7LZfK.1Jm" !XYZ,. , L . .il A , 1 ln, an-nu ,, , , ,1 , ..,-.s..-,. .W .,pn.v..,, vw. f Y M. I . ,l 5 I - WKENTUCKIAN , .+ NINETEE-:N 'rw E-.- 'Q Mechanical Engineers '9lZ NICKNAME QCCUPATLON NOTED Fon POLITICS I'g,"-HQIQG AMMERMAN -W UUTCH By Golly 'W Cycling Pomvadour A iioio 11 ' G-Jmmon 'rug House BmA'mrY fmu BETA Doing nothing ,,,f,f,li!"g,fS'Qfm k Popuiist Bnrromnilk At work M CARY M STQCK: gjfgkggigjvglslso Mogigsgirgfsoolc md"25a,'Qff'g"t He forgot Hair tonic R. R. yards DUNCAN MLKADO lifj' SEZ' Boneing' Work 5 T22 neu ink Drnwinp: room -Q 1cuigI.mN STORE FRONT Wooggool kiooino .Blulflhg fwlgtlitfgggsl' Nihilist Soothing syrnn W Gow-m - -IAEL-o-A Vwiigi-fijlgj '14'.ii0525,ig5fo- Sgglfttffs .sigsgin U0J?,zf3522'5:,tgCa om... new GALLEVJA-T SARGE Shiigd 21150011 Foolishness Lunatic S0112 Water' 'Poohloorn Q 'HAnm:s'L-fs' CAP ls that so'?- ln222f?,'f2Sfnt hffQ,'2f,fg. ' . Anarchist Br-mn Duster Gym. HOLLAQX SI Li'f,'i1i,,2"g Sleegmf in gfgyniag Prohibjtionisi Not particular Y. 1. ond Zoo Y M JAICGLE -M BILIJ By lpxqihit dull Taming Vile langunge Y. M. C. A. H20 V --IZA M. Cr-A.m pl-JBNES - qt- Ah, go lo h--! No one knows - Grumubling P - gygfflaagfme ffegniggen 151 KARN ld FREDDY Oh, do.-tta! XiY!1t2SI?Sg ' Chiroyiody Reform Party Perunn. - Houggorpext KOILIN Pvumf Gfgjligs Alggolliiit - Abolipionist Coca Cola In "Heaven" KORDQHAGE KORF L'QL,1,32Efce. Growlinfs lmlqlfgffgf - DemoorzTlW! - a P1nr ofo In room LOWE MFROF tllfgrgin-ocfersfesf Bsasrigngmrgdcggg 5132333611 Mugwmv Mellin'SFL1I1f3- Wh 4Q?2kj"fji v MEADOWS GILS millife X.'fJi,,? fl?f'l5L'Y.'i Iifonifly u 1H3?S5f3g' ,Mqmshigg A l Iwflfgogice MILLIGAN Cl.IESEgjI1:ggIELD Quaker Oats Expectorating Babbling Confusionist Tobacco Juice l1on't loaf RAMSAY ALEX ' 1Hf1t"Q2E,,0E.'l0'f,? Knocking- ASRPQH-me Wilsonite my Mnnnouon Ask nor sAUN'om1f:s CINDEIR 1 don't know Dreamingg- Not known Has none sronm ' Mgggffle SHOEMAKER HURB Un, uh and nh Drawing h,g"?Qf1?,2f,fce Home rnxo Higgfgioivvater Drgaimmffom voGL1o'r'r1 SPAGET fggbgffliiehivnaii Q,-E Chewing gum Republican Sworn of: Roost "' 5... ,f -...:........., ..... .-...l,-.... u1ur'x:n'wvw-.:::::ar4mus...,'1znm,vz'4.szZn, ,+ff-rf-1-1.-rv-u ff-f-ewunwMWz1,w-aaaaxaazl'-:rv n:'h1n:x:7:r', YI?" , ga' mf" -43? -7- x , K . ttf A -ff ,, ..., ,,.................,.. ..,..,..,.. .. ,, . gnfv' fkzurim Q14 tfzilgwz iw! WQAWQ7 ijglgiiif 5,1 A1733 QNX gxmxz zygfkfcyy y y ls me-1. it irfiiip if-px ,ummm I W e 'ff rj N Le ,......i A ' ' - ' -A 'M " i - ., i K hr'fears:''mc:.:q:r1vx:f"W1f:-::.,1Irnzxwgf-1 K'1f1.2.:z2'.:' fW'1"1:r1zf'rrf amaze .v":,4u.:1n:1g1',::':.::,x, 1'-2' H ' . ' 1 . it ' f. .,..,.. . .. """"""4 " " " ' ',',L..s. f- ', ,eva Q' li i 1 QNE P l W VUL 5 Ll H9To OF . E. SMITH. Q 1 1 cAMfws,,,'- v., 1 ,- gl X . . L--'ip I A TmRD PHOTO on wussls E. SM.-ru, ANOTHER Pnovo OF wuus E. Smeru "Much Ado About Nothing" "There was a young fellow of excellent pith, Fate tried to conceal him by naming him Smith," But he heard of the fame of a school called S. U. And said, "There I'l1 show them just what I can do I-le left Owensboro far back in the rearg I-le journeyed to Lexington, wise as a seerg But he got to the hill where the old college stood And after some days he said, "Well, it's no good." "I came here to show them just how I could shine, I thought they'd appreciate talents like mineg But since they ignore everything that I do, I'll leave this old place of the White and the Bluef l-le boarded a freight car that went to the west, He told to nobody his name nor his questg But the ones that before had ignored his existence Began to be anxious-and then grew suspicious. Y' I 2 fl ,?'.ZTZT-f'c A,-., r..',e. f,. Q-: , M.. . I " ' ',:".::.L1?1 K . svn l Ll 1 l .-.-,-"f L. -- - '-Ugg' , ' g4:..,,: ....l - . , . , , ,,,o,.,,'M.,.,-:7-13 ' s.. L - ....,., ,,....,.w.. ,....h...,., ..,.. .,.... L... .,,,..mY ,Y . .s,.-.,......,-....,....,,,--s.-.----...,..wZk-...,.,-. w.,. , , ,,,, U., , ,M,,,,.:- 4 for r.r:':A-1 rs 1 -'1 gr 'r- r 'pw' , - N .4 , ss- Q . ,M 1-.Wy , -... g. -R N i, 'se M ti W5 Mk M all-my . in i an at as is-:., :ani ti' ,, ia: l,f.:-'m.Jxw,L-mamf-.- ..,,:'.wt.wmx-atusnnnluiwuawm-w:m:s.4-I ' Y' W .....m,g,.,,,,:,,.,,,,,,,,,m ,,,.,,,1g! Just where was this youth who had entered their hall? And why had he left? Did some other school call? Ah! Fate sadly failed when she sought to conceal With the title of "Smith" a young man of his zeal! Like wildfire the news spread from city to state, His name was the watchword both early and late, The students had hazed him, the public felt sure, Who else would have harmed him? That was evident clear. While the profs. were distracted, while fear grew apace, While students felt outraged, and turned pale in the face l-le went far to the west, or to north it may be, Who can tell, since nobody was nearby to see? l-le worked in a town or a field or a mine Or some place where everything suited him line. At last he decided to wencl his way home, Come back to Kentucky and nevermore roam, A newspaper showed him his name in large type, l-le had never received such a shock in his life. Excitement was great, disgrace stared at old State, And no one once thought of the innocent freightg But they digged in the streets, and they searched every While old State's reputation hung as though by a thread inch To what parts had Willis E..'s freight car now sped? Of the old college ground: and their task was no cinch-- I ,W i., .A . , ,,,, , ,,.,.., . , X Z ., 4 .. ,. , . , Q - t mlillt,.,,,.,,l: n 1 ,.....,. .-gum., . t LL' - 'M'-L4 -fit '5 ,ff'c:m'.:ux. -. 4w.,,.ff.,-.-..-w,f-f--.....-4,,.,.,.,....-W..---Q4---wrwmb-'ff-we-r-nf--f-W-:':v-was-:fm-frg-1 ,.,, fit'-. QC!!-'17 ..:.,. V Q 5, l"ri's",'Q'j 'H ' -f -:W --' wwf" af----V '-Mf---v-v--:w--'1-- '-- c-we .gun-1 I -., Y. ,- ,V ,y, W . ww 1 1 1 ,,-, gt LXR, ,f i, 5 '11 f' v , ., , .r- -, 3-15 EXE "'Ef5 A Q jiirbs ENE 7373 ,y lf?-ll ii tm 'ti L tail mil' W7 l:a:Q. ENV E. .1 Vet gate-ff"::w:xfwm ,-Y-wmw-'V --fir"-fw"'-'ff'-M-'F "-'-"-":s:a::r1-.f."mm'1un::.i.v:-mlu:f::rx1f:..u.-,..J llam::4:..Lpz::,,-:.: ww . - ' L- ' "mm-Jfmnmgrpw ""' M' V"" WfHqil:uefM:"cf"f :..a' N ':':,:. ar..-J I Had State at last waked? Was his name really known? Did they want him to come back and claim it his own? Oh sad disillusion! When he further had read He felt the great burden of guilt on his head. He sent in his name just to say he was safe, He hadn't been hazed, but had just been misplaced! Would State please forgive him, and leave him to firzl ln some other place a work more to his mind? So what's in a name, be it ever so fine? And what's in report told in newspaper rhyme? Ah! Fate sadly failed when she sought to conceal With the title of "Smith" one of Willis Efs zeal! 322 ' fp . , 1' '-r"-r"-A '1""""'-"'2-N ... , ':::::'.""'-'.,.. :1 rj 'z ,11'1:"""1r.'rrf1:Qi"S.':3' lj"f:'1'1"':t:t'1:CfY'Z'?'1""""1t'.""""', "t'H":r"'?'.Tf1""1, f"" ' "N LJ "'f'i':?tfr1'r'rq1:-1 4. I-TH-7?f1.r:su'rp JJ: A V1 wunwu? c, y y ycy. t, y it y, ,VJ 1 ,,,, , ,,.....,..,.., . . .,,-..r.z..4.......... V- Y -..- V -rv V1 -W-. V 1 ........... l--.-- -a..................-...,- .... .4..L.4.:...,,,,,,. ,, , P ...A un ,. " Al" -H -----A V . -.,,,,..., , K .., ai. ee Y.. , f - 'W '1" 'l W wh -frf - i- , 4'--, f 1: fe' T", W g. , "1 L. il f X 1 K I ,- .. A- . . , ,, i ...X H xt F The kj -y 3 '- I 1 ' is -- . , . . .iw-, 2, Y H 1 M--fy L .ls V. 1,- A. is . . 1 xi . N X N, ,. ,,, .1 , f x I A ' ' .,, ,, N V M' -W -W-. ,W M. ----- -f .,,.,.x...'g..ns.1:Lt.8sH:vl.."x!:'.s::.r::. 'L' r:Viz1x':,fw':::r J:-za. . ..:4:-:.L.U X .J my Q. l. 1..,.. . 1i:..,m.s.4:.. ..... Jaw, K, ,,,4VL:-is Last Will and Testament of the Senior Class l E., the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred Twelve, being of sound disposing mind and memory, realizing the certainty of death and the uncertainty of life, do make and publish this, our last will and testament, hereby re- voking all wills and codicils heretofore made 'l by us. To the faculty we return with thanks the many knocks and cussings that they in their arduous task bestowed upon us. To the Honor Committee we bequeath our stock barn, including "horses," "ponies," and "jacks" Poor brutes, they were once well groomed, but alas! Since January the first they have grown stiff from inattention. Treat them well and hold them as a model to those who follow in our wake. To the Juniors we bequeath our rank as seniors, which we after four brief years have attained. It is with a feeling tinged with sadness that we relinquish all claims to our chapel seats. Use them each day. Take heed of the pearly drops of wisdom spoken there. Be not like us for as we look back through the mists that partly shroud the departing years and behold that which we thought ugliness and hardship, we real- ize that jems were lost when viewed from a sterner stand- point. To the Juniors we all bequeath the right to wear corduroys and carry canes, which signs of dignity, and no other reason, have caused us to promenade the main thoroughfare of this F3 in-il rU3'f21:::q1'r.'iil ',,' ' " ' ' - ""r -- - - -- -- 'z:z':ffrf"'T'ff"t"'"f'1'1"'73m:wiT.1wWiw.i wnviw Int- tilt 'J' " ' ' .ef beautiful city each afternoon. We also bequeath to them "l-leavenf' Be ever a guardian angel to its saintly portals. To the remainder of the student body we bequeath all the time we have wasted. Take it, as well as our telephone calls, addresses of Lexingtonis most beautiful girls and use them as best you may. Guard ever our beautiful campus against the nocturnal visits of the "Red Devils of the North." We further bequeath our seats at the "l-lippn and in the "Roost' and beseech that ye be regular in attendance. Guard well the record we have striven to maintain. Lastly, we leave our "hash houses" where we were "more sinned against than sinningf' With our last breath we beseech the Almighty to give thee strength to survive the Usinkersn of four years. If you "sink," may the blare of trumpets attract pilgrims to your annointed busts, proclaiming you to the world martyrs of edu- cation. With the signing of this we relinquish all claims to the aforesaid property, provided, that we be allowed to retain the college spirit, which after all is of the greatest importance, and the knowledge that we have absorbed during our short sojourn here. ln testimony thereof we hereunto set our hands, this the Sixth day of June, l9l2. Witness thereof Jane, the Mule. Signed, The Senior Class. , . . . , . Q ..4..J,N:.,,,,.vk, myxiwtwxsmv A .7 Z I tefmles gig .4 X il 'i 'M' .., .x-. . WWI' ' K E N 'rs mc sf-S..,i'ii.9-.Ew'sm5g,,,g'Lrag...i'NiwE tresew rw. avr' Alma Mater Song Gently waves Kentucky's blue grass Underneath her southern sky, And the breezes softly blowing Pass our Alma Mater by. Softly blow, oh, southern breezes, 'Neath those skies of deepest blue, From thy bosom sweetly breathing Memories of K. S. U. Refrain: Far and near in distant lands, Many hearts beat ever true, Breezes, catch those broken strands, Waft our love to K. S. U. When the shades of evening gather And the stealing darkness falls, Still the golden sunbeams linger On thy western walls, And parting rifts of sunlight Lingering there so long to view Shed a hallowed gleam of gladness O'er the White and Blue. Refrain: When the shades of llfe shall gather And the breezes murmur low, Still the tho'ts of youth are clinging, Memories cast their mystic glow. Through all time our hearts are loyal To our Alma Mater True, Breezes, catch these broken strands, Waft our love to K. S. U. Refrain: . 1 1 '::.1,,-:ea..xt.z ,sm .ff.,::.iu A-e uusnmnaww.qunw:mwr:1.wivm.w..: .i f... V -- 1 H -' ui QWEJSLQWQN r ---..w,..., ,... W.. ..,. '.'. ,..., .,,, ,. ,,-.,-.,e.e,J-nr . ' n-ef'-M ,Q N. !,'- I yewlm-vw,.,,,,.W-1--.7-7-aeff.. I I EIIIK EIN! 'T' UC K IAIXI' f X5 NENEITEEN TWM? VE "Nights" at the Round Table Motto: We won't go home until morning. Club Room: Any place, any time. OFFICERS High Mos! Potent Sharif .... Royal Keeper of the "Porcelain". Guardian of the "Pasleboards nl Most Persislent Shark ........ Chronic Passer ....... . . Lillie Shark ........ Big Fish ..... Litlle Fish . . . Big Sucker . Lillie Sucker .. 325 'Q 'K' as 'usa ."Bab-by" Thomas ......"Cy" Earle ."Shorty" Barrows ......joe Humble . ."Billy" Wallace . . .Harry Claggett . . . . . ."Si" Hollar . . . . ."Spaget" Vogliotti Cosinen Schimpeler Henri" McKenney lp e .e .,., , in e Q . ll ,l "' " ' I ' 1 1 - ' , 1 , i l "" A77 'N , f , A-4.--ww-W---In --Q---vfva.-1-mv'-nrww-:mr-3 f --Dfw, rr , X, ,-vmmmm-mmm-www-vvn-fm-mmwww-em-:vw-w 'f-- ff- ---------ffw' -v - , .Mg H ' ,M f'1r"' f E1 4:5 Sf fi L2 Wim 14-M My ET E Ur-T' " 'gy' m- -1 rf- M if W1 W " . ,-f1 i ,4 mu rfhfwv Wg? Ma ul'-xi um.. u ,,. MLgWm1.m ma .w .Q .1 1,-fm il We--4, I----' ---W--1uwmw.u.11-:anne-ff Ju-'--a If-'J Y-'H--fi---A--W--11--W-1-X.M-----f Afv- - -,1f -1JA'-:-Jaaa.LxyfM1w-:'.:.-esuar.w.,...'.mp:m.1..u. -' I 1-4 rv-v' ru " ,unav-srr:an'a.y snrfnwmusrrrsz- ' 'wx W--wannnwv . F?rm'4.:' U.. f ' ' I -an . -...or 'Q f'1'v-vzzw'--Qwwem ' mm.-m ' - . 1-'lf ' ina' 'J I -f f Mfr W., ffw.J.,1 " fl, ?f,,-4, -T, .....,,g.. ..,, Hx... ,,.....f4. L .,g:. ,L M. . ,W .fm-.Mm4Ju2J..u.Mumu.14JwmvJJ :audi Jaw .1-:J.a..u.-.-1 :M-my u.u.4m.,wmw4aru-fauuuuanaaaa-1 I - L- + All ,,U........,, t ff' .. ., .4 .4 , I e 5 ps' ?l'Q1t5i,Qi"f L . ., .M . . mLuu1naaua-vmvme awww-fi--1 t 1 - 1: ,. ...a...,.u... .. . :- . mis.. . University of Kentucky Branch W. C. T fWomen Can't Touch Us.J Independent Order of F. F. F. fFree From Femalesj Motto: "Give me liberty or give me death." Flower : Touch-me-not. Emblem: Rolling Pin. "Chief Wonian Hater" ..... ..... . ."Sarge" Gallowaym x "Plenip0lenliary" ................. .... ' 'Spagetn Vogliotti "Grand Disregarcler of Cupicfs Rights". . . ."Dutch" Ammerman "Chief Unheliever in Wo111en" ...... ...... ' 'Mikadon Duncan "Leap Year Ahhorern ..... ........... ' 'Hgu Korfhage "Most Conhrmed Bachelor" .......... "Babbling Brook" Milligan This is the most exclusive organization in the University. The most er no consideration stringent vows are required. The members are und to become infaluated. They are neither permitted to call on a "jane" or walk upon the campus with one. xwas placed on probation "owing" to the suspicions cast upon him. xUpon investigation all rumors were proven to be false. F V, L, T..- ...A ,,...,m4.,-.-., .,--.,. .--.. , . I. H' My F : 5, .1 v-Q j . .5 ................,............ ..., . c. ........x'.:...L.x. ,..:. :...4..-,..' . ......L..,x.. ,.-..g..::::n.4 ........ . V -. . 327 ..,.., W, I ., .... - -,. wwuamwuunummnumrmw-mn-wfwvw awf4RfwWwmmwa mn1u4nE .2 -V pfgmsaarrfm Fjfww.,.mefwnv'wwrmmfw.yr- M , I ,I VJ 5 I I Q -J I W Vi L? FWZ EDQEWJ 515 f?'?1ff"TL2.3i-.gil lilsiillfiifi 'V F . - mmm-....-.Wei---e.f' " W..,..:.::m1nr:r,f.:1.......2:sa.aanaqlleT.:t3......marrow new ' K. S. U. Gas Company Organized l9l l. "jack" Wadsworth .. .... ...... .......... . I Jresidcnl "Chester-Held" Milligan . ...Natural Cas Agcnl Gray Rochester ...... .... Li fervesccnl Blower Hugh Kelley ..... .... A rlificial Cas Agent Ralph Skiff . . . .................... lncombuslible Agency BOARD OF DIRECTORS. L. K. Frankel Junior Stockholders "l-loss" Terrell "Dutch" Weisenberger A. C. Zembrod W. C. Jetton H. R. Masters. As predicted by the l9l l KENTUCKIAN, the company has had a very prosperous year. Y .,,. ,. V , , ., , ,. .. . , ., p . r ..., .. 1 Emi J ..- - ,v, M AtZ.1L,..w.,f....imilvmpmw-,Kw:.:..,.,n,,mMLXr.f,,,mgm4WwievF3 N-wwf-i,mFZmM,.wW'ug',-Wvww-,iw-W V 1- LS Uk I,'7,.W" B my ram pg L. fy ,gvf jg rf vt Q my-u 'vm , M W 12 EJ Wm -fm Pal. L: 52.335 WE-ZLV E .W..,., .WmM,,W.w...ww.W-HWQWWM.r,...,w.N.M.w.-.WWSM.. ,V ,M,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,i,m.,M,,,:,,,,,,,l,,A,. ,x,.,x:mww.,:,, 3,,,,,,,,....M1,N,, W yr-3, t rm U.. uewww-.., . f ,':'fo.r'1vx':'wQg n--w-vw:-w ,sua W1-x-:--55 . :.:.z:pn:' ' as 'W N 'u fi . f WW H w,.,,1u.. vm.IAua.n1ailM1w4'sL'sasx.:v,:wnv.w:rR.:g:n,..,4.,a:u1,ueM.1:.a:'f...:mmnunwx4w..w.u-W.WM.X-.Mwf:nm,MMw.4..-fm.M.w-:w.'J: :six-.rsmztaunfl ' awmununnnuna ,,.,,h., , M fn! ...,...,.7.:.-Y ..-.-.- - - , Si----V-4'-f------LY ,,,,,,,,.,n,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,.W,w-1-w1'fnfw4:-....,.... ,,V.,A. ,.4.-Wm-w,. h,,,.,,s..,..,1. 4 . 77" 'f ..?T!-K. FW Vg. ..., .aaii-U1:fwaa,::.:,1, lu-.,..- ..-.s num.. . .. - . 1 A ,Q i- V , , f f fy- VA 15 A ' ,Q L3 ic. ,H . ffzaw , - 1 g-V if. :emu if-H ' un I v 1 W V MY 'I-ri 1. WN ii V I K .. f. ' . . f ' in iiiffglillri-,fc-rfazvvnefnwlsu il ilaigl T lihilu E '- WE WV E - .Jager -'., -:ueuuu...,. xwmu u u..., . 1. : Ag. xz:.:g'zun,. .'L:':1,r . ',wwaw.v1 UL: ... Q iii-Gigi: 'l lsfxvevi ' - Calendar SEPTEMBER. Monday, ll--Lexington begins to wake up. Freshmen arrive. Football squad out for practice. Tuesday, I2-Freshmen make debut in Armory-"Monk" heads receiving line. Wedixesday, I3-Miss Jones loses trunk. Three hundred and fifty Freshmen occupy same space at the same time in Armory. Thursday, I4-President Barker welcomes student body in chapel. St. Patrick's Day not in it! Miss jones borrows shirtwaist. Idea out. Friday, I5 -Honor System proposed by President Barker. Miss jones locales trunk in Heaven! Saturday, I6-Everybody goes to Hipp and Hughesf Sunday, l 7-Freshmen get religion. Monday, I8-Caucus in Heaven. Skiff nominated for class president. Tuesday, I9-Lawyers begin work. Wednesday, 20-Seniors attend Kinky's lecture and have violent , E..- . . , . case of sun grins. Senior class election. Tom Earle and Miss Mc- Clure gel more offices. Thursday, Zl--Angels turn unclertakers. 330 r 1 N, . 'im ..f. - i - LQ I 4 414.21 --' f" 'iii wi - - l 4--- -'wp -f We-1--as-fl,-A..-. ,lff 2 ."s a-'- g. 1 1 at sy -. .. PM .H 7. f-rf V. fi vw? - .....s.... .,. . .. Q l E5 1 i.. :iw 'QLJ . Qbngff lyxf- Iwxiie Fl Levi-fx .1 AK. I .V -fa ' ,rf , li Q ,Ni .- iz nm I'-fe ,thank--'week---A--A www- "sus-nr-,-mfr.-elfewfwvwwgw-,ffwQsg..:.35,,,n,,,,,,:,,.:,-,,u,,, ,1 -1... . g H, WA, Friday, 22-Mock funeral of Willis E.. Smith. Rally and dance in Gym. Si Hollar's Hrst appearance. Saturday, 23-Literary societies have combination least and smoker. Sunday, 24-First Y. W. C. A. meeting. Pat Hall girls en- tertained at vaudeville by Maria Lucille Whaley. Monday, 25--Dr. Yeager talks on Honor System in Armory. Lexington High School and Varsity scrimmage. Tuesday, 26-John Fox, Jr. says "How-dy" in chapel. Jones elected Business Manager of Annual. Vvednesday, 27-Senior corduroys and canes ordered. Thursday, 28-Dean Hamilton on job. Everybody attends chapel. Friday, 29-Second Rally in Gym. Hair raising stunt pulled ofl. Agriculture Society organized. Saturday, 30-Monk entertains with Geology excursion. Mary- Eillg game. We win, I3-0. Senior vigilance committee prowls until . M. Oc'roB12R. Sunday, l-Romeo and Juliet go to church. "Rain, rain, go away!" Everybody lonesome. Monday, 2-Freshmen get uppish. Golden captures the clippers. Tuesday, 3-Judgment day in Heaven. Freshmen brought be- fore Senior Council. Wednesday, 4-Kinky calls roll eloquently. State Box full to greet Al Wilson. i L..g.,.-ga.:,.u::rx:-..:...:.- rn 4.11.1-z::u.... .. .. K Thursday, 5-Kentuckian Stall announced. Saxon class meets! Sandy makes rash bet on H. L. Barber. ' Friday, 6-Y. W. C. A. reception at Pat Hall. Bald-headed Freshman'-f-Timid Maiden:Silence. Saturday, 7--Senior parade. Morris Harvey 0, Kentucky IZ. Champ Clark lectures at Auditorium. Judge Barker takes Pat Hall girls in private car. Sunday, 8-Freshman gets excited over dessert at Pat Hall and swallows spoon. A N Monday, 9-Funeral of W. Mccarvey, President of T. U. Holiday. Tuesday. I0--House Meeting, "That we may understand each other better." P V Xxfcclnesday, ll-Addie Dean wears green hat and bow to out- Kink Kinky. Thursday, l2---Everybody attends rally in chapel. Friday, I3-Team leaves for Miami. North-bound freight trains do rushing business. University Woman's Club entertains at Pat Hall. Freshmen meet all Profs. O, joy! i Saturday, l4-Miami goes down, I2-0. Celebration at Oxford. Night Shirt parade. Alumni Reception. Sunday, l5-Five Hundred game in Heaven. Monday, I6--Henry Clay Law Society organized. Big doin's. Tuesday, I7--Pompeio Coppini "expresses himself" in chapel. Sandy assists the "signor" to consume his time. Wednesday, I8---John Morgan statute unveiled. Janitor and Logic students take holiday to go to parade. Thursday, I9-Ring Committee meets. Juniors challenge Seniors. '..c'r"?.Lv '.L'f-'ts -..QTL "2 I ?-':s1.-:kwa li L 'I 'e' A 4--.1 3 W-1-3-amass:-":rQz:':-":::::-ff.. .. ' - 1 1 "ii ' -A-ff" . .1 . .. s .. , ,v . X . ur stsmmuumnmmm xm.w..'i i.ra4..s..J axvmsumafi la-HHN! . .-- - ----0 I ':utA:.Lm.t....x.5La Ama.g,m:'v.....'.:an..f...t:m-zxwgm'-.. xuztlrz-:.,.s.aa,.nuv'awrxx , ,,,.-. Y ....--- , A 7 ,. ........ ,TTL ,V ,. . W- .......,,... I e "'f'f"l" e VMWWW'-. g'r'g1"tffi"'if'tT'T ' f" its? , ff .. EZ' Til" M1 IAFNI lr'1t.?le,5 KE , Sui 4111? ' 33 . YAV, ian, ,,,,,,,,,,:...---f-M..--A f ,--- V ,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,.-- .L 'gm f.m.m.a...,..s..a...,...,.-... .,,! ,.AL , ., dm,,f.'f.. :utr-u.s.....'.t.i,...,.,. MW? Wgmmigjf ills. Friday. 20-Freshmen take up Evolution of Literature for text- book in Romantic Revolt. Saturday, Zl-Freshman-Sophomore game. Varsity plays High School "between halves." Sophs, instilled with Senior spirit, win. Tommy Earle and "Shiny" stroll in Mulligan's. Sunday, 22-Vogliotti strolls with his best girl. Monday, 23-Seniors veto Gov.'s proclamation and decide to have Arbor Day all their own. Tuesday, 24-Ring Committee have the time of their lives. Utley bought Munsey's Mag. Wednesday, 25--"Oosta'chen" absent from Kinky's lecture. Tommy "Oile" gets all the smiles. Thursday, 26-Sandy feeds his dog burgoo. V Friday, 27--Select bunch of Seniors correct John Fox's Mss. Sandy takes the "2 Deans," John Fox, and the dog to the Phoenix. Fox attends Rally. Saturday, 28-Accidents will happen: Cincy wins 6-0. Sunday, 29-Earl Robinson writes to "Sweet Marie." Monday, 30-Little Miss Fix-it breaks up Henry Clay Law Society. Tuesday, 3l-Shadows and ghosts abroad. Dear Dean climbs the fence. NOVEMBER. Vvednesday, l--Seniors skip Kinky. Class spirit runs high. Thursday, 2-Seniors and Juniors exchange goose eggs and lemons. Friday, 3-Senior athletes recuperate. Seniors go home to vote. Freshmen attend classes. Saturday, 4-Jessie Mit loses her dignity! l ll First cadet hop. State beats G. C. Sunday, 5-Freshmen recuperate from hop. Spy from Nashville turns out to be Tomkiesl Monday, 6--Mr. Heintz was pickled again at Senior class meet- ing. Oh, you Senior privileges? P P ? Tuesday, 7-Election clay. Pool room vindicated. Vlfeclnesday, 8--Did you ever hear anything like it? Well, go to Kinky's class and hear Schimpeler sneeze. Tau Beta Pi pledges in chapel. Thursday, 9-Advance guards set out for Nashville. Freshmen begin to look like porcupines. Friday, l0-Tinsley having a greal time at home. Saturday, ll--Louisville Club Dance at Pat Hall. Kentucky holds Commodores to two touchdowns. Nashvillians break Gil's arm. Sunday, l2-Team blows in with the snow. Monday, l3-Team presented with the "fruits" of their labors in a basket. Tuesday, l4-Pat Hall goes to Hell for ten cents! The Inferno ltas a wholesome effect on Shorty. Heaven quiet. Wednesday, I5-Matthew Arnold agrees with Kinky that trag- edy uplifts the human soul. Thursday, l6-Dramatic Club reads "When We Were Twenty- one. Friday, l7-Rain drowns rooters. Saturday, l8-Horrible dictu! Lost to T. U.! Battle with the "Bibes." Freshmen wounded. Sunday, l9-Pat Hall girls get lost in Central Christian Church. I -U' "' p -vw --' . .. I r l c, Cvumlyc. OYYYX iYhlL1- C1 ", .:rQ Y. ,.,. 'W "4"Q' "" ' ' ' f4'f 15 mil ' ' ....,4,,, - ---"-'4-1"'f4 f A H -2-1:-f1---.---- - --f-"W'H-Hvff'-L'-Ziff-wil.---V-f.1 yy v- W, 5?-muznm--nw we-wr .w.fw.m-mu-W-1.wg-.frf-.1-.rvmqrv-,wwnmmnmn. -I IK .U ' . f if iff. .. f ,ff ,. ra l '. 'W1'i?'f'!'x .5543-., " 'Y ' it lr ' 'Z' Y: W' ri 'Y V l - .Au ... f Af.. Q fit- " i' .Xt i I. 'f fx i' A fa" ff-' f.Q,,ff'w. 44" 1- ' 'J'-1 117 2 ..i el 'ill 1. -wr Ll L, .Q l U21 Wasil tl 71.1 L' ---1 I my N". ffm: .ll - wa.,-vfxv-unqw 4.1.14 .s-..4.a,ff..v, c,,..- -1'.axvw:1-few Mauvvn-v .1 Nv.. ..4,'....,w.i.! 'u1Ew5i'fu,Lk . A ! lf..r,.-.u.u,s:.:,w..aM...m.4.1f:w.m.4mw:..:..f. -1.:vc.u.z,.z...xaan.:::-.'ln.1n:::u1..wffr'' ..: .Ju .-- . nw: .yvrrtxgilll I l Monday, 20-Bruner bobs up again.. Freshmen subscribe. Dramatic Club try-outs. Tuesday, Z!-Seats for C. U. game go on sale. Everybody broke. Vlfednesday, 22-Rally in chapel. "Don't help that bear, and you'll see the biggest fight you ever saw." No "Kinky" lecture. Miss Kinkead weeps. Bon-fire at night. Thursday, 23-Battalion parades in rain. More rain. Game with C. U. played in down-pour. Xve win 8-5. "Hail, hail, the gang's all here," goes into history. Friday, 24--Tag Dance. Seniors are il. Saturday, 25-Cadet Hop. Sunday, 26--Everybody sleeps all day. Nothin' doin'. Monday, 27-Seniors Hunk out in Geology. Monk happy. Tuesday, 28-More excitement. Economics quizz. Tut happy. Wednesday, 29-Great rally in chapel. Sweetland back for game. Everybody happy. Thursday, 30-Thanksgiving. Big Parade. Joy!! We beat Tennessee I2-0. Central beat T. U. Town and everybody in it filled up. DECEMBER. Friday, I-Turkey funerals. Saturday, 2-Exams. begin to loom up. Sunday, 3-Sweetland calls at Pat Hal!! Monday, 4--J. Barrett gets busy! O, you Exams! Dairy team brings back all the trophies. Speeches at chapel! 334 m W ,.M:-.,- Mvvglwghzil 3.1 L-.:Js,'4 i M Hu' . . .,...., .-Vi if V ' M Lunnxmumzmmnsnmmmmmmvammwuwmmwmr:-za:-1:mm--.1.-:rw-r.wr:.w:zw..urazair'uzm.i:a'r1::rarUm E! H M41 -'- ff --r ,--lux-----an ,W -...,.--.,guq-g,.-,.,., --,..-Y v.l State University of Kentucky FFERS free tuition in all departments except Law to graduates of Kentucky High Schools who are prepared to enter the Freshman Class. Each county in the State is entitled to send Free of tuition, matriculation, laboratory and other fees, one or more appointees. D Necessary expenses moderate. For full information regarding appointees, courses of study, cost of board, etc., apply to H. S. BARKER, PRESIDENT LEXINGTON,-z:-KENTUCKY E. A. WRIGHT Olnllvgv IEngraurr, lklrintvr muh btatinnrr 1005 CII l'1Sfl'NU'I' STR IC FYI' 1'llII1A,DIfI1P1I1A, 'PA Commencement Invitations, Dance Invitations and Programs Menus, FRATERNITY INVITATIONS, and STATIONERY, CLASS PINS and VISITING CARDS Samples Cheerfully Sent Wedding Announcements on Request and Invitations MEDALS and LOVING CUPS for CONTESTS UNIVERSITY and FRATERNITY PINS A Iine of S ecials in "Frat" Plates, Shields. Tie Racks, Ash Trays 16 PII1 I 5 , Slmurlvr East Main Street Opposite the Phoenix LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY , , Hs, ,, , 2 H s .. f. A 2: sv' :,"L..t M " -f' -r 5 - - fuamnsun-ww-er :wa ' .xaa...n.wfn1.s4..sss414.4us-uar.4nanuan.a4:4..-.s:t'fx.r:,z:.f. . ' - Tuesday, 5-Faust class dismissed on time. Alarm clocks fail to go on strike. Vlfednesday, 6-Miss Dean forgets to sneeze at Kinky lecture. Thursday, 7--Honor System adopted in chapel. Friday, 8-Orchestra concert in chapel. fdan-ce?J Saturday, 9-Civils give dance. Sunday, I0-Lid on. Work on South Lime switch begun. Monday, l I-Honor system try-out in Monk's Geology quizz. Tuesday, I2-Xmas in sight. What did I do with my pocket- book? Wednesday, I3-Kinky waxes eloquent. Thursday, I4-Anglo-Saxon quizz. Friday, I5-Cramming begins. O, my head! Saturday, I6-Exams. begin. Dr Dixon speaks in chapel on the "Square Deal." "Speedy" gives Exam. Sunday, I7-Knights of Round Table meet. Monday, l8-More Exams. Noe-Tigert debate on philosophical and psychological problems. Tuesday, I9-And then some more Exams. One terrible blank. Wednesday, 20-Pat Hall deserted. So is the pool room. Thursday, 21-Angels leave Heaven for home. Friday, 22-Hello, folks! She met me at the train. Saturday, 23-We took a walk and got rained on. Sunday, 24-We went to church. She looked swell. Monday, 25--Merry Xmas! I gave her a chafing dish,-she gave me a pen-wiper. Tuesday, 26-Wish I hadn't given her a chafing-dish. That Welsh rabbit was fierce. , .mam Vtfednesday, 27-I told her so and then went hunting. Thursday, Z8-I never did like Bill Smith. I go fishing. Friday, 29-Bill Smith looks happy. I join the Black Hands. Saturday, 30'-Mel her at the oyster supper. I found a pearl. She looked at me. Sunday, 3l-She and Bill go to church. So do I. Bill gets drunk and falls from grace. JANUARY. Monday, In-Happy New Year! I call: she smiles. This is a good old world after all! Tuesday, 2---She says she doesn't like Bill anyhow. My, how I hate to go! 2 A. M. Good Night. Wednesday, 3-Write poetry all the way to Lexington. Love- sick, home-sick, car-sick. Thursday, 4-Sweetland and Dick elected coaches. That room's a sight. Wish I'd cleaned up before I left. Friday, 5'-First basketball game. Georgetown loses 3l-9. Saturday, 6--No cadet hop. Gloom! Jones calls at hospital. Sunday, 7-Back to some old 7 and 6. Chicken for dinner. Monday, 8-Ofhcers for Honor System elected in chapel. Tuesday, 9-Chief Blevins joins Mrs. Hughes' dancing class. Class rings arrive. jack says nobody will get his. Wednesday, I0-First meeting of Annual Staff. Dr. Myers lectures in chapel on Universal Peace. Thursday. II-Big snow. Freshman got drowned. Friday, IZ'-Glee Club concert. "Philo" does himself proud. Saturday, I3-Idea Stall picture. Boxing class organized. -, 4-.. .. .. ... ..-.. .. .. , , . .. . Y, ,..... . .--.. ..,.........4 ,. ...W I3 HE , as , tm 'z""','fL nt., '- . 1 ' 3 "2"' " u""""': """""""""'l , ., . ,. , ll! I ' f- I' Y .ff--A-1 f- 4 Lai.: Q.. ..:-n--...g4..:.z.a.:........-........,, MN... .........-................sL4.e.:a1.L..,,,,. g,,gzzn25,u: E . .W -1:1 --..s ........ 'I' , ., .. .........., ., ... eq. ..- as gg.. L.-A - ..'.' .-1, .15 'vm-fa'-1 Aff 'df - -r Q. - - 7 F N K G G O R Ya FASITlIDlLlvAE?.lEKTiIL0R After College I Suits to Measure Overcoats to Measure In the days to come, when you are an alumnus, shewingacompluneiine of SPRING and SUMMER SUITINGS it will be a pleasure to look over your bound Fit and Workmansbip Guaranteed. PHOENIX HOTEL BLK. VOIHHICS of KINKEAD COAL COMPANY jflji E- l Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Anthfacite and Bituminous coals It will bring back n1e1nories of the little incidents Ofhce and Yards 157 N. Broadway. Railroad Yardsg C. S. Freight Depot that happened when you were an undergradllate. 601 South Broadway. It will tell you of the football games, of the class scraps, and many other things which are deai The Transit wyou. Price for One Year, 31-00 Issued every month by the students THE OFFICIAL STUDENT WEEKLY. in the College of Civil Engineering. 'O ' O 'O O T DTT All TD 1 E E A l112'Lg21Zll1C pertaining to technical CO' Fashionable Gailors and college events. M V SUITS or OVERCOATS 515.00 Largest Line of Woolens in Kentucky Try to Get One , Gm KY. 129 East Main Street, LEXIN P ' ,i -. ...M 1, -..,....Q'.,,. ..-fiq---. ---J ---.--4-a- 1 lInsav...,..1.-m.1,--v- ,,.,4-ff-.f.-Q-Q,-rw-2'-.:. sa.. -..fn .1..:..f r-'wwf'i-r-m-v-- vo-v--o '7:."T":N.!7?fr:7"1'j'!'f" F-. ,Av m .. , . '...., I - 1. A ,. fl ' x 2 .-'.,f -.1 -1 ai f -V' 41:1 " 4" L! A ' , '. fi 'll P 'fr' '-4-it . 1 'ix ' "H --rf 5 -7' .all'a.,i: Br. as . fa yi Metra, ylwgg-Li F. WN "W - ' 1" g .iq .1 M, . .. n. , -.,..,. -gi... , ,A ,C A, A ,, I. . :p 41 ri m l,-y,11wss.r':snqu.e v.--:agua-r-fi -e1:uau.mmw4wnwmr:cc.-wJu4wu .iaww: ..,...f.,..1w J :,gg,,grgg35.ygggg,gg1m Sunday, l4--Utley and Golden plan' Arctic expedition. Every- body freezes. Jones sends Howers. h Monday, I5--No classes in Ed. building. Wm. Hodges makes a it. Tuesday, I6--Hoss and Webb dismiss classes. Cold! . Wednesday, I7--Bachelor's Baby. Everybody 'cuts and goes to matinee. Thursday, I8-Canterbury Club organized. Friday, I9-Miami game and dance. Those who didn't get in stayed out. Saturday, 20--Take pictures for Annual. Sunday, 2l4Day is dark and dreary. Read the funny paper all day! Cheer up. Monday, 22-Annual meeting great. Assignments given. Pat Hall girls go to "Tales of Hoffman." Cotton gets enthusiastic. Tuesday, 23-Honor System Committee meeting. Dean Ham- ilton loses umbrella. George Washington before committee. Wednesday, 24-Something rotten in Denmark. Smith Willis dropped frcm Kinky's roll! Thursday, 25--Honor System Committee picture taken. Friday, 26-Leap Year dance. Miss O. proposes to Jimmy. Saturday, 27-Walter Bradley Tripp lectures on David Copper- field. Everybody enjoyed it "heap" much. Girls' basketball game in afternoon. T. U. renigs. Varsity plays Y. M. C. A. Sunday, 28-J. I. pays up. Monday, 29--Miss Crane visits Y. W. C. A. Pat Hall author- ities have House meeting. Tuesday, 30-Pat Hall girls Hunk out. Wednesday, 3l-Tinsley gets giggles at Honor System Com- mittee meeting. "Harry" asks Miss Jones when Ag. Society meets. Miss McClure chaperones 26 girls to see Henrietta Crosman. A F EBRUARY. Thursday, l-Game with Central. Ky. 52--C. U. 5. Friday, 2-Cap and gown committee meets. Big annual rally in chapel. Tau Beta Pi dance. Preps. have party at Pat Hall. Saturday, 3---Girls' basketball game with Somerset. ' Sunday, 4-O, these Sundays! Can't even cuss. Monday, 5-Miss McClure loses her voice and Pat Hall gets a rest. Tuesday, 6-Y. W. C. A. Cabinet picture. Investigation begins. Wednesday, 7-Double-header: Kentucky 27, Tennessee l5. Freshmen whip St. Paul. Thursday, 8-Girls games with Lexingtcn High Sclioal. Friday, 9-Tau Beta Kake dance. Great time. Saturday, I0-Mountain Club begins practice for dance. Cadet hop. Hussarsl What's the news from investigation? Everybody's anxious. H ll Sunday, ll-Mr. Roger jones makes a welcome call at Pat a . Monday, I2-Tinsley's and Utley's room burns up. Tuesday, l 3-Claggett comes to class on time. It snows again. Wednesday, I4-Strollers "bust up." Thursday, l5-Managers' Club picture taken. Jones gets letter from Sharpsburg. Friday, I6-Sophomore Dance: Kappa Alpha Dance. IME . A ...HQ 'U mls V W- -ESE tltt 111 ENGRAVINGI GULLEGE 1SGH00LPUBLI0ATI0NS svdmml ln XVIII +1 I lv X HIQ IS ou1 Boolc of I11Sll1 IICIIOIIS wh1cl1 15 loaned tothe st1ff of e Lch is nm 1 IA Am Wi S, rx rawrll 1 g llli all It W WII d 111 It contznns 164 pages, dx Qifo mel U 1, M fmwwmpa 01 It 11193 6 .11 W at 1,12 wx f W M I I Wfx M Wllxtgggt SQ? lx 31 Q Qvlllklglsiilfygigfgfyktdl I Wlg N N13 e X l mtv NWN I Nlilxix M tl XW1 S , Q 1w1NwXQQw Nbxxwx NNI Igkwxxllmw ynhlwe Qugxixfm Nm ww X W X11 skwhlk 1 x Ill XII 1 Mx W mvzhgyfb 8 1 X as 11 1 mx ,Qty by ,Q p11bl1cat1o11 fo1 WIl1Cll we o Cl1gl2lV Q OVC1 ,OO 1llust1at1ons, and cove1s eve1y phase of thc CIIQIZIVIUO CIIICSUOH F ll 'ms 1tWOllld 1nte1est the staff of 21 college O1 school PllIJllC21lI101l 11 desc11pt1on and 1l1fO11112ltlO11 as to how to obtzun 21 copy sent to anyone l11tC1CSt6d HALFTONEJ 194 COLOR PLATEJ' ZINC ETCHINGJ DESIGNING fol College and Hlsll School Annuals and Pe11od1cals a speclllty Also fine coppe1 plate and steel d1e L1l1lJOSSCCI st.1t1one1y such as Commencement Invltatzons, Announcements, V1SlllHg Cards Fratermty Jtatzonery Etc It AIKEN-Sw X WH lin X 1, 11 vw l tl 15 te111to15 wwf an We W we We llllmwt yhigpl lj I We hue the 6XCllIS1VC 110 1ts111 1 I tothe use of the Levy Acld Blast PIOCCSS fO1 d 1d 111016 exenly etched pl'1tes than lt IS posslble to get by etching halftones I ns 1netl1od msures eepe1 81 tl1e old tub process 1nd we chzuge no 111016 than OLIICIS do fo1 the CO1l111101l kllld 'Ihe engravmgs for THF KENTUCKIAN were made by us Mall orders a. speexalty Samples free Artzsts, Designers, Engravers, Electrotyp 1f you state what you are especmlly mterested 1n LNGRAVINGS FOR LOLLFGI AND SCHOOL PUBLIbA'IIONS A SPI CIALIY CENTURY BUILDING INDIANAPOLIS IND BVS 1 I' . 'f Wee. ,,1. , 44-- , xfiikae 4 .,,,:e1s A -eeee regfeiex - ,inn -be - .X Qs: Q I 2 1 1 -N 1 :Zi--f'.:'S'a 5 , T'5'yi2, .e. fq 1 A ' ' 1 "nib I . g I 1 ff e. , 1, jfffgfgfgfa eff: f ' fini?" i .. gs:-4-v,,.e47:,-1: gf :milfwe-12-.feiiefg -miffwlll , ',.e- A T ,ff in--1'-. 5 zug, . ' .,c'-eff 4.-f1Qez4f,ezz',:a,f, f,fffe.'w,'-eg, - ,J , ff, -5, 13+ -g,-gage, - 2 A f ef f -f 2. ,,q,wf?2'2f .1 ' . I , , I I .. Q A 1 I o - - 1 . A . ' i . . . , L4 v . . , ' ' . E I . . u u f , I - -.f 1 , I , I . ,, . , Q I ' 1 ' ' , . , l A In Q ' l .. ' - 4 ' . J , ' T , , ,1 9 l . ' v I . 1 ' . - - 1 - ' ' .- v ' ' ' - . of - ' 1 ' , - l I I ' V 1 ' -: i ' I' v- - Q3 , N - , : N . ' , ' , Y ' . 1 . - A r ' 1 y I F 1 I , , In - A 11 V 5 - 1 ' ' f. ' . l A I ' 1 ' , . , - ' A 1 ' A . a ' ' . v v 0 I ' - I . ' ' 'N .ff as 1 I l v A ' -o ' . -Q 1 h I , v p ' V 4 y ' 1 . ' , , 1 1 'A A A M -- .-v.4.-.ef ..,,A A ' ,M -1 1. ,Lacy-V fp , My L MA A MAA4,44 A " :j3in::::" l -r L . fw 2 ' ' ' 'om ' ' il fa .--H---. rv A-1, 1'-Mg,"--.. Wg . -ya... N - .V wmtir.-.V 11 - wxm.oqwwmwmsra'.s.rwn-rr. -we-ie ff-...fmm nw. -mfr" cv- .-'few-4" . I A I M 7 W L w 1.1 .1 ' . . . . S"""Wf3 FW, 1-"N -.z-Ut 11 Tr? W-"VJ My--' .1 rw 'Il 'l l'."""'f"1ff-4, -.At .X if' f ' ' - ', 'A' ji Q " ' ' - 1 - " "' A "' f- ' t' f '- fl 1 dir.: .J 5, y, ,A xr .. R .' ,wx ,iw '.-. ' 4'-N L , W - 1 - V, , g ' - ' ', t I ea: Eu va. 1- -gm-1 -.Mgff ,' .K .' 1. W, r.. t - " . 1 ' I .. .4 mms H . 1 . A . .. ta .. V. ' ' . fx. . " - 4diUNUR'MNIh9M2?iSlWfX.4'CmliJtZ4W4Zvx.t 'i..L1,.4 .... .J......l1l.-I '. 'V ...F1'.,Jua.wa..A..f-4.4JhdLhiDn2nH,hlAhh4ABuhm.w1AAL.A..JivR...M lXLo5.ul-.ifi.iJa1.I7L'1Jo.',5. " ,1., 1 . 1 MJD m Saturday, I7-Girls play University of Louisville. Sunday, I8-"Roch" takes Bessie out walking. Monday, I9-Amendments to Honor System. Tuesday, 20-Freshmen forget and applaud in chapel. Wednesday, Zl--Farquahar stages morality play. Thursday, 22-Cneorge's birthday: we lick Vandy in first basket- ball game 27-I8: Hurray!! Friday, 23-We beat V. again 22-IB. Mountain Club dance: mountaineers do "shoo-fly" swing. John Fox attends. Saturday, 24-Freshmen play Manual Training H. S. and give dance. Sunday, 25-Townsend and Utley take walk. Utley sees a robin. Has Spring came? Monday, 26-It snows. State box filled for Elsie Janis. Tuesday, 27-H. H. Whorley speaks in chapel. liditress tears hair over Idea. Lawyers have Lxams. Lochwitzky lectures. Wednesday, 28-Dean Hamilton entertains Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. in honor of Mr. Whorley. Thursday, 29--Leap Year day. Lady quartette in chapel and leap year Idea out. Everybody sees Maude Adams in the chicken sion Play. amuscs. Sterling. Sunday, l0i-Blue eyes in evidence. ol lVlalhem:ttics." Why, Shorty! Saturday, 9-Boxing contest in Gym. Sunday, 3-Vesper services begin. Mrs. Lafferty speaks on Pas Monday, 4---Y. W. C. A. candy pulling. Senior girls turn ignor Tuesday, 5-Annual Staff gets blisters on hands Wednesday, 6-S. Lime switch completed. At last Kinky excuses Misses Hughes and Noland to go to Frankfort Thursday, 7-Anglo-Saxcn class meets. How strange' Friday, 8--"HZ O" party. Glee Club goes on trip to Mt Monday, ll-Civils have feed. Josh reads paper on Poetry lucsclay, I2-Miller and Townsend go through mental gymnas tics. We get 550,000 appropriation. Everybody glad Wednesday, I3-Unlucky day! Shorty Barrows has three hands Thursday, I4-Baseball practice begins in the Armory Friday, I5--Si Hollar chaperones excursion to Zoo show. Saturday, I6-4Mountain Club girls entertain. Sunday, I7-Vesper services. ,lack Wadsworth sings a mixed MARC H. quartette! Sacred concert. Monday, I8-Inter-society debating contest. Investigation turns Friday, I-Lent butts in cn dances. Saxaphone dance in town. out HUC- Basketball season closes. We are undefeated champions. Saturday, 2-Strollers try out for Virginians. Dutch Ammerrnan Tuesday, I9-Horace Mann society organized by Education students. Track men get busy. Junior Mechanicals leave on trip goes to Mrs. Hughes' dancing class. Spring Maid. Patterson Wednesday, 20-Civil Seniors start on annual tour Declamatory Contest. Thursday, Zl-Annual Staff exterminate write ups 1340 frf1l""'T WWE-ii .!,,....L.:Y.m? i... "'. T .-,.:f"l "". Q. ffl' """.. .... ..-. If . "'f'f""""77':'f"7"'T"'-Tf"'T?,7 fi W.. ., Ig -- - ' ' ,,,'.',,, , .-'Lx -:A LL c... rl-: .-44.-. .iw ' W ' - - - l L' if ...FXS tl 1 il 114.-.::::1: '.'. 1-:::':'t:g:::..f...x:,11':-.11-rv.'1frL'rx':--5:rm'1r.mvv'vr.:.::u1:'-rm-1z4c:1r1rl::r:'1 ..... 1 -1- - Munn, nf "Uhr Hirst" CIGARS, TOBACCOS AND PIPES IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC WHOLESALE AND RETAIL LEXINC?rfl'fJN CIf'?A,R CO. INCCYRPKT l!A'l',ED 136 W. MAIN STREET LEXINGTON. il Y. iqumphrrzgn Svtuhin HIGH-CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY FRAMES MADE TO ORDER Special attention given to all students at reduced rates 341 WEST MAIN STREET ' LEXINGTON, KY Fayette Phone No. 1535K We Make Young Menis Style Dreams Come True At any season ancl at all M A times youill find in tlmis slwop A the Newest, 'Smartest' styles L f",f:g,f for Young Fellows. Af" f . f ,f l Clothing, KVM! ff" . ,Ai i ffflk Shoes, Shirts, V '-H: :J Neckwear, flats X f .A,,,q,f.: 33 Mt? -fri T Our Motto: "Just a Little Alweadh I Qliiliil GRAVES COX 8' COMPANY, Inc. COLLEGE FELLOW'S SHOP Lexington, Ky. E ax. .fi gf es.. V. A -,Q-9 f .1 1 , P' , M .raww ..' au..-mul.-. .. 'ff..s,'. 4:..A11.' Friday, 22h-Everybody singing, "They got ter quit kickin' my dorg a-roun'." Engel arrives. Saturday, 23-Crook and The Slim Princess take a walk. It rains: also snows. ' Sunday, 24-Spring has come. Senior Mechanicals leave for trip. Monday, 25-Snow. Wliy did I soak that overcoat? Tuesday. 26-Annual pictures off to engravers. All Profs. -come to chapel! Wednesday, 27--Kinky gives half-holiday. Thursday, 28-Annual Staff hard at work. Col. Geo. W. Bain lectures in chapel. Friday, 29-Civils give second dance. Union Literary Orator- ical contest. C-reat doings at Civil Building: Strollers' stage builders in basement, Civil Dance on second floor, Annual Staff tearing hair on third floor! Saturday. 30-Anna! goes to printers! Spring cleaning in Heaven. Sunday, 3Iv -,-f Senior Mechanicals return from trip. "Purdy" sails back in a schooner! Vesper service. APRIL Monday. I-Lawyers go to class! Tuesday, 2-"jupe" Irvin goes fishing. Jx ' t , , ,. L Y 13,1 :A-fi-wry' 1925! : I ,Qi v 'Sf' " I. 4 E4 .A is...'f - fl : rlfmmi,.'L.l ' tl ,. si l- ,' 1-sung-:m..n...-f ff---re-:mwmuw-,:Luna--..:-asemtxrnmzexrxuzfgwnfg-:i:gr1..v:.. . sys-..l LJ Sunday, 7-Everybody sports glad rags. Stanfill celebrates and gets a hair-cut. straw Senio Monday, 8-Lawyers start surveying. Tuesday, 9-Ohio Wesleyan at Lexington. Wednesday, I0-At last! We can watch Kinky's contortions. Thursday, l I-Townsend gets tired waiting on the robins: Dons hat. Friday, I2-Sigma Alpha Epsilon dance at Phoenix. Saturday, !3-Georgetown at Lexington. Sunday, !4-Vesper service. Monday, I5-Cincinnati Law School at Lexington. Tuesday, I6--C-nadinger forgets to stroll. Wednesday, I7-Central at Danville. Thursday, !8-C-nadinger strolls twice to make up for Tuesday. Friday, !9-Junior Prom. at Phoenix. Oh, you taxis! Saturday, 20-All Junior boys broke!! Try to borrow from rs. Sunday, 2!-Cora sports Howers. First Hy appears at Pat Hall. Monday, 22--Notre Dame at Notre Dame. Tuesday, 23-M. A. C. at Lansing. Wednesday, 24-Michigan at Ann Arbor. Thursday, 25-Ohio Wesleyan at Delaware. Friday, 26-University of Cincinnati. K. S. U.-T. U. Debate. W'ednesday, 3-Good-bye to Kinky's notes! Lamp and Cross dance. Thursday, 4-H. L. Barber still out. Sandy pays up to Anglo- Saturday, 27-Freshman dance. Saxons. Sunday, 28-Woodland Park populated. Friday, 5-Baseball rally. Monday' 29-,Tennis opens! Saturday, 6-Baseball season opens. Play Mi-chigan. Tuesday, 30-University of Cincinnati at Lexington. -- 1 1 . 433' 7"'1'1T '1f.Z"'TL". ,TILL 1 "ff ""fIl...J' .'.7'1"- ': , TTY 'Z T'T"' '1i.u.r:"':"'U7:."T 4. J , il! Lg' " v .I 54 ..-.J t..::.: ::...:.g:: ze.. ,, .,,, .... . 1 - 1 ,. ., M , .ll-Z. ...i .J "fHm'?l'f"iVZlf1C!fu'i'7Z'lVZ'!','5'lXI LLfIJ4"' ' 'Ll fi F' ' t tim l1"""t PM Nl fa "r .N 4,1 l"f'm"l L :Qi u -I .-. L..c..:.Ll Lax: ,w.11r'. '. r:.1:L!2I4x:amtru:r::x:Aiu.'z:'.1:fz:r:1frat.,, ., .,.:.,.'!:I' 7 . L.: .... ,.L.L-.,:L.!"'L"Z, ." J,...'!3.'l..1l.' '. ' ' - Q C. D. CALLOWA Y 0 COMPANY i Sporting Goods Headquarters Bicycles, Sundries, Pennants and Posters, Fishing Tackle, Complete line of Athletic Goods, Eastman Kodaks and Supplies GUARANTFED BY "RIGHT Nowii SERVICE ouk EOUIi'MEINT. Bring us the work, large or small, you want Right Now 1 WELCH 6 MURRAY PRINTING CO.. INCORPORATED I24-1244 N. Limestone Street, L1cxINc:'1'oN, KY. PHONES: New 610, old 1117-3 Lexingto n's Biggest Storefw i COLLEGE Bohr' TOGGERY l There are a good many reasons why all dressy young men come to this store for their clothes Hart Jcbaffner and Marx Clothes is the greatest reason -- 'l'hey're sold herc only. DUNLAP and STETSON Hats, too, , Shirts, Neckwear and everything that is new Team Work Wins Every Time In Building a Home as well as in Athletics If you are dealing with this Company you will find a great exhibition of team work in every department. Each individual in each department works as a unit to make up a harmonious whole. Each division is arranged and systemized to pro- duce the highest percentage of eihciency. If you have been thinking of building it may be of great advant- age to you to come here where you will receive help- ful, intelligent cooperation from the First scratch of the pen in making the plans until the keys are turned over to you. Combs Lumber Company in Furnishings for the young HIGH., y INCORPORATED Drop In and Get Acquaintecl KA UFMAN CLOTHING COMPANY l Lexington. - KY' 1 1 1, , ,, , , wiv, Y :lsnnnnmw-vnmwmmmamz -wyx -mv vw! wvwwfvfmciqm K E: N -r uc. K :AN as ag, . , ,A ' ' " iYJWlNlI1av- lil3-lnwkk. vm. In-1 ll All 'W V - - f- - " ' " 1 ',1.........,.,.s...s....u.. ..4...... .1.. . . -1 .....u.auaub- Vifednesday, 22-Dedication of bridge-Sandy falls in. Thursday, 23-Hanover at Lexington. Friday, 24-Annual out! Best Annual ever was! I 1: v I MAY. Wednesday, !-Kubelik at Auditorium-Everybody gets musi- cal. Thursday, 2--Seniors conduct chapel! Friday, 3-Manual at Lexington. Saturday, 4-Y. W. C. A. Minstrels. Some "vodevil." Inter- collegiate Oratorica! Contest at Winchester. Sunday, 5-"The !ark's on the wing-the snai!'s on the thorn- the hi!!side's dew-pearled-C-od's in His Heaven-Al!'s right.with the world"-Tinsley gets poetic and wants to go home. Monday, 6-T. U. at League Park. Tuesday, 7-Windows at Pat Hall washed: servants leave. Wednesday, 8-Everybody cuts Kinky-She has perfect quiet. Thursday, 9-West Virginia Wesleyan at Lexington. Tinsley can't stand itg goes home. Friday, I0-Arbor Day--Seniors plant "spreading Chestnut tree." Saturday, I!-Centra! at Lexington. Sunday, I2-Vesper service. Monday, I 3--Georgetown at Lexington. Tuesday. I4-Engineers stay up with "Theses" all night. Wednesday, !5-Track Meet. Kinky invites Vogliotti to dinner. He faints! Farewell to Kinky!! Thursday, !6-Strawberries at Pat Hall!! At last, Blanche eats again! Friday, !7-Rally in chapel. Saturday, I8-T. U. at Lexington, Stoll Field. Sunday, I9-Charlie and Cora gather violets at Mulligan's. Monday, 20-Senior Class begins vacation "with a smile that is child-like and bland." Tuesday, Z!-Morris Hill at Lexington. my , , . .,...,. . . .,, E ... , . Saturday, 25-C. U. at Danville. Sandy's dog gets hold of an Annual. Sunday, 26-Sandy's dog takes a walk-eats mysterious poison berries. Dies! Monday, 27-Georgetown at Georgetown. Tuesday, 28-Tinsley brought before Honor System for killing Sandy's dog! Vlfednesday, 29-Dean Hamilton takes a ride in the country- meets Hattie and Jake, Charlie and Cora, Jack and Jennie, and Cray and Bessie. Thursday, 30--Bridge falls down. Chief Blevins swallows an "Evolution of Literature." Friday, 3!-T. U. at League Park. JUNE. Saturday, I-Chapel caves in! Now, what you goin' to do? Sunday, 2-Baccalaureate Sermon. Shorty cuts a figure in cap and gown. Monday, 3-Chemistry building blows up! Senior Ball. d Tuesday, 4-Gym. falls down! Mrs. Stout loses furs in the ebris. Wednesday, 5-Class Day-Interrupted by explosion of heating plant. Alumni Banquet and Dance. Thursday, 6-Commencement! Tent blows away! Farewell cadet hop in Tobacco Warehouse! Monk turns to rlvynchotrema: Sandy appears in headgear of a hunting chief! Dean Hamilton swal- lows herself! All up with the Seniors! P. S.-Don't worry: President Barber and Judge Lafferty wi!! build it all over again! . ...,..,.,. . -..,.-le.. -N., V.-.......,...,,.. ...., ,,,.,.,, :L 1 5 ,... l Jome "J'mo'ke" for 'kfweet J'mo'kers" OUR HAVANA SPECIAL 6 for 25 cents COOPER oc DUNN, Druggists JAMES M. BYRNES Printer? Stationer, Book binder an d Engrnver 143-5 West Short Street, LEXINGTON, KY. HARTINCJS DRUG STORE Prescription Specialists Corner Mill and Short SLS., L1+:x1Nc:'1'oN, KY. H W11e11 you need one, see our 3142.00 Line atS"No more-No less-Stiff Soft and Straw Ghe Regular 33.00 Kind Straighten Up and Get in Line Wit11 Our Goods and P1'i c e g The Easiest PIace--- Yet fbe Best oqccomodaiions are Found ai BATTAILE' SCHOOL BOOKS, STATIONERY, PENNANTS :md ALL COLLEGE SUPPLIES University Book Jtore J. F. BATTAILE, - Manager i LUBv az ALEXANDER n 233 , . ' 51,55 f f f H + + , vcr I ' mzu L' ...f .LA' ,.,. . . .a-.. are-.munmwmrqmmmmmuwuuwmzvms-.1 .,,' .vw-M --,. ,www:.r:,,u:wfv:w.. fl? X N X an 6- 1 P 71? I I f""' if 6' lm WUT 5 7,15 1 5 2' M1 00 I - f -T F ,' UI Z' .- . ' fly . 'SJ xv" I A9 1 Mama ' ff 2 '- C b 1' fx .1092 X No. 1 346 f' X I N 4 ' V ll L I WM tQ"17WW'll1 i I ul . .- .,,,. ......Y-...wr zw'xuxilli.z":r5Ehll:4L'll1ll2.'in,. ml E l X , I lalfiiillhll 7 - . Q , , 2? if .,. .vu .W wlill ill IIILTH - ART I PHOTOGRAPHY Svpvriixlrr 5 The right place for laigli-grade work connected with cour- teous treatment ancl fair dealing. Twelve consecutive years of service to college people shows our standing. First prize for artistic work :iwnrclcil lvy K. T. P. A., Nash- ville, Tenn., l90l. Golcl Medal by P. A. ol K. T., L mnii isvillv, Ky., l902. Lieutenant ol PIIOIOHYIIPIICYS, Central Kcntnclty l1y T. P. A., 1906. OTHERS TOO NUMEROUS T0 MENTION 311 WEST MA,IN S'I'RfI+TET Ul'l'0SI'I'l'I lil lHiY'N l"0llM,l'I R L Y ON NORTH B ROA IDXVAX - ' 'WH 'T'J"""""" - ""l'l'f -gg "" E-' ',-:' -H K EI Na T U fm MQ IA N ,MQQQQQQ fgffg eg , 4 - M a..-amvuwauauumuumnnnumvunnmmma frvwv rw-vfw1::r.,u:mruf3 L',mg'gm-wvfml f- T0 INYORN Vw 'WW X7 gmggni, ses v-mm K n mu ya A f C X " F- - f N-pf' - - ,, , W f m ' Wfuvi - , 6 ,N IN i Z . '6'1 E-'17 o n .6 0600 ,I rl l 0 K J W f f " 0 JD In r 4- . r j MW I 4 No. 2 ' 348 ' ilikldf ' 'W W AV W JIISWW' E m Kn1wwau.m'Lswm.x,'f' wamuvmwrc . mmnumzxsmm , I MMM, ,, ,, m Q' WWUWNWJW' ' mf14wa1.,.xwu,:mnmw.4mmm 1,,3,mg,, lk 1 ,,,,,, ' Lf,m, ,m"'nLMSLQi Q N Rt RRS ERN 5, QU1 ermplm rn Z0 Q-XJ X":!X ,fl I Qw y ' . VQJM 74,1 wr W g TV nllzgrz , Y. riutm' Sf' 1 a I , wk nlumbn ,Gblgin 1 5.1 rd 'Hivwunr I ,,,.,,.1 z,,.1l1iUl..,l5l. 1l5 ,,vfr. 'fQ :flI1. .' Y 5 I H 1 NIN! M""'w i : , 1 ' mi lf! ' 'Mixes' X. W 1 211111 W WJ! 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