University of Kansas School of Medicine - Jayhawker MD Yearbook (Kansas City, KS)

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University of Kansas School of Medicine - Jayhawker MD Yearbook (Kansas City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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ww eu- .ag ,, -gf : 5 AL YMKM.. ,,,,1-,Bs-R-u.u.e,-,sie-,waz-.,v,-?,-.,-,,, ,- ,.,.V V V, -, ,-m,,,,-Hi ,,..n,:4,f, A,-1-.-,,..b ,. . .r W bf 5 f E E E i P E 1 V: ? I Y I I W I I I f 1 W , I 3. ii YN F E E 2 I 9 1 K w H I 1 1 P A if F Yi 3 F P e 2 9 2 i -asv- QMJ ,q,,ff1?"' .fi ?,...., N fi, ",.,- --'-' A-fil, Bsew GANG LUACO gl-5.-... Pneaented bq - , ,, 'The Studenta of the M Kanaaa Uniuenaitq medical and Ylunainq Schoola Lawflence f , if- ,if ,.,-- Y Kanaaa Citq, Kanaaa I 959 Qaqhawken WLD. Stalfb V "But the deadline is this weekend" Editor in Chief - Jean Arnold Assistant Editor Business Managers - John Yulich and Jack Lungstrum Class Editors: Seniors - Sam Smith, Jim Parks, Rule Olson, John Mardock Juniors Larry Tretbar Sophomores " Bob Chesky, Jim Kelly, Dan Croy, Monte Pettit Freshman - Dick Easton, Byron Liggett Nursing Editor - Marilyn Briney Assistants ' Kay Burke, Marcha Coate Art " Carol Means lse Medical Dames - Marcie Raines You do good work! "Now, this is the way ir's clone" - Jim Nelson "I prefer to re- main Mr. X" Medical Technologist - Lee Manning L Artists - Eugene Bortnick, Walter Brott, 'Yogi' Williams gfi-7 ' ' Photography - George Helsel, L. Tretbar, J. Nelson ' Special thanks to Burt Johnson and Bart LaVine mlfill you ix' x1 This job isn't Whoa, wait so bad. A minute! ! 2 1' .A Well, I dunno! 'Jable ob Contenta Subject Page Editonial ...... ..... 4 Dedication ......... . . .6 flaqhawleen Rwanda .... . . .8 School of medicine 'lacuitq .... . . .9 'I-Iouaeatafgb ......... . . . I I2 flbbiliated -Hoapitala. . . . . . .30 Seniona .......... .... 3 3 fluniona ...... .... 6 I Sophomonea. . . . . . .69 fheahmen ..... . . . .75 Onaanigationa .... .... 8 I Depantment of Ylufuinq '3acultq ......... .... 9 2 Ciaaa ob I959 .... .... 9 5 Claaa ob I960 .... . . . IO2 -I-Iouaemothefla .... . . . I06 flaaociated Schoola Phqaical Uhenapq, Occupational 'Jhefzapq , X-Raq .............................. los medical 'Iechnoloqq ..... ......... I O9 Pflactical Ylunaina .... . . . I IO flduentiaementa. . ' ......... . . . II4 3 Editouial This book has been compiled as a documentary and pictorial aid in remem- bering those 'fabulous' four years. The staff has done such a complete job that any- thing I might add would be superfluous. Therefore may you enjoy the I959 Jayhawker M. D. today and cherish it tomorrow. From my personal scrapbook I have taken the following writing and record it here that some of you might also enjoy reading it. "Thank you, O Lord, for the privilege of being a doctor - for letting me serve as Your instrument in ministering to the sick and afflicted. May I always treat with reverence the human life, which You have brought into being. Keep me constantly alert to see that the sacred right to live is never violated for even the least individual. Deepen my love for people so that I will always give myself gladly and generously to those stricken with illness and suffering. Help me to listen patiently, diagnose carefully, prescribe conscientiously and follow through faithfully. Teach me to blend gentleness with skill, to be a cloctor with a heart as well as a mind. Let me be calm without being cold, patient without being weak, ancl strong without being proud. Help me, Lord, to give encouragement without overconfidence, to tell the truth without being blunt. May I be prompt to relieve pain, quick to hold out the hand of honest hope. Inspire me to show always a special tenderness for the poor and forgotten, for those who are broken in spirit as well as in body. Grant that I may continually bring to my work the same soothing compassion which You so generously displayed centuries ago in healing the sick of Galilee. Ancl finally, O Divine Doctor, through my service to the sick, may I merit the heavenly reward which You promised in these thrilling words: 'Come you blessed of my Father, possess you the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. " qmail. 25:24J" Father James Keller, M.M. Congratulations as you graduate and may your life and the practice of med- icine be one of pleasurable work, happiness and contentment. 7 4 ff Claul2'a Supen IOO and 2 Hundreds say its best. And in spite of the intellectual slump of the fifties it may well be sometime before a class like ours turns up again. The Administration may view this asablessing. The Dean has been quoted as saying that our class was a strange one from the start. Removed from context, we can only speculate about meaning. After all, we are the product of careful scientific selection and environment. We were toldthat, ignoring political appointments, the liberally educated fine arts students were better than the pump priming science majors. Very quickly we saw that the science and pharmacy students were at a distinct disadvantage -- until school started. The pledge training at Lawrence was a year long hell week. Except for the occasional oasis like Dr. Matzke's lec- tures, all else was desert. One remembers little other than the flashing lights and sudden temper- ature changes of the torture' chamber, and being herded down to the tanks for informal sessions about low pay and stupid students. Politics or not, the curve lost its pig tail . Some were begged to stay, some weren't, but psychological warfare continued late into the summer when it was found some were not sufficiently brain washed at the end of the regular session. Upon arriving at the genuine ivory tower, we found that pathology had retained some.German things to remind us of our lowly position --- like the names used in the autopsy room. Actually, except for the little game called "Guess what l am thinking now," played while Stowell counted spots on the auditorium ceiling, everything was a vast improvement. We continued to hear that things were not going to be the same for our class, but it took the legislature to break our spirit. ln spite of the closed shop the meclics have, there is a lot of non- union help in the field. Some have been heard to agree with H. L. Mencken that they serve a useful purpose by limiting the life span of the segment they treat and improving the roll. At any rate the citizens of Kansas were protected from unqualified DO's, DC's, and MD's in the future. Since big brother volunteered some of our time and a lor of our grocery money for a big exam that was to answer these problems, we hoped he would introduce us to the union stewards, teach-us the grip, and help us get in his club. Well we saw right off that the Kansas citizens were to be protected from a certain segment of our class, but by going without food just one day many could buy themselves a certificate and qualify for rush week later. They slowed that down to a reason- able number by raising the price 500 per cent. After all the money they have spent on us I guess they want some back. A kindly intern smuggled an old newspaper into the boys on OB that re- ported the Kansas citizens' chosen leader was trying to do away with the head of the Health De- partment and many of the courses at K. U. Which brings up another infrequently discussed topic -- internships. After telling- us the evils of selling our souls to private hospitals, they are surprised when we apply at teaching hospitals. K. U. is afraid that someone will find out that they have been paying interns more, and still list the pay at 540.00, when actually they get almost as much as a scrub woman. But don't ask them to explain the great tradition to you. They will only go into the story that stu- dents only recently were granted the privilege to ride in elevators. Don't forget to pat yourself on the back for selecting a worthy man for the .layhawker M.D. Award. The decision to not give a joint award is a good one, but a very good man, Dr. Christ- ianson, was a very close second. No use using up two good men like that in one year. Dr. Williamson is a strong runner every year, and would get it again sure if they would decide to give seconds. Dr. Matzke had a nice representation. Dr. Volk made rounds with a group one day and all of them voted for him. A goodly group appreciated the effort of Dr. Sauer. We agree with some who voted for what they knew was a "dark horse, " but went on to explain why. Some people are naturally easier to communicate with, but it is never easy to express regard, so they released their frustration by writing us a note about some fine thing that they knew about. Yet they would never go to the staff man and say, "l think you are great." And, of course, there are many deep feelings unknown even to the owner. Our class- mates who are just passing through for one reason or another will forever carry a little of K. U. with them. Even the loyal opposition from Manhattan will remember only the nice memories. The noon that Dr. Delp talked about academic medicine marked each heart. The men who taught us medicine, taught us very much more. As they pass they leave giant foot steps for those of us who follow. 5 Tooblok Fox ' , .- Yi, Y Q ,qw M w Ii' is with pride and sfo cling personality as of p bience, feuchgnghgnd il.. ,X 55,-W Y ,yi . -'ww X X4 ,. 1 V . ,gf H 'Q Q3 'f?', gf'-.-,S-4' 14" Thai' ' 15232 ,, M' ,Wiz , Wg 3, , M ggi: I .,, V J, , , . . , ww , 2, MM' M LW? X, , Egg 6, N 3 ' .3 1 N, , v H, 1 -ut g :EWE 5 : J dedgcafeg thug yeqgjboolg to gush ogg- yoJ Dr. 5i CdllE ins f5r yciinr uuifirirfg yedrs Qniversifyhof lgcnsqf MeghcaL Center. H .H.,- E Dedication This school year marks the retirement of our beloved friend and teacher, Dr. Leroy A. Calkins, from the administrative duties of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Calkins' life as an obstetrition and gynecologist began at the University of Minnesota, where he received his M. D, degree in 1919 and his PhD. in 1921. During his graduate study under Dr. I. C. Litzenberg, he received inspiration to teach faithfully and try to improve the general level of obstetrics in the United States, His contact with Dr. Richard E. Scammon furnished a powerful stimulus to do good research work. These two great influences helped to explain many of the brilliant accomplishments that were to come in later years. Dr. Calkins remained in Minneapolis for a time, teaching and doing private practice. His next major step was to the University of Virginia, where he headed the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. This furnished opportunity for first hand experience in the administration of a major department and a chance to try some of his ideas for the teaching of obstetrics and gynecology in his own department. When he came to the University of Kansas, 1929, he had formulated many of the original plans for the Department and the time had come for the full flowering of his talents, both in the field of teaching and research. Year by year he strength- ened and enlarged the department to form one of the great forces in the medical school at the present time. Obstetrics and gynecology in this area was at a low ebb when Dr. Calkins came to Kansas. Many of us remember through our childhood and later during our early professional years how grim the results were. As class after class of young doctors have been graduated from our school, dangerous and ill advised obstetrics and gynecology have become a matter of accident and no longer the normal result of ignorance. Many Students have complained under the exacting demands of obstetrical training at Kansas but almost all have been delighted to find the true excellence of their training later. Postgraduate training has been one of his major objectives. Many highly skilled specialists and teachers have passed to positions of trust and importance all over the world from this department and serve as a living monument to the excellence of Dr. Calkins' efforts. He did not stop at this point, however, because through special refresher courses and extension classes he has made it possible for doctors of the area to maintain the high quality of training after graduation. During his many years of intensive work in this field, he has published articles for the world literature with great reg- ularity. His monographs on normal and abnormal labor promise to be working tools for the practitioners for many years to come. Dr, Calkins has spoken before the society meetings regularly throughout his many years and always to the great profit of his audience. Many high offices in the great national societies of the specialty have been filled by Dr. Calkins. He has constantly stimulated his associates and students to continue research projects and to publish, papers. His influence in the societies has made publication of their articles easier and has often helped the writers to attain memberships not otherwise attainable. Dr. Calkins' clinical work has matched the high quality ofhis teaching. He has delivered and operated upon the wives of countless students and doctors. Many of us feel that his knowledge and skill have been a personal blessing at the critical moments ofour lives, to be carried in our hearts as a warm memory always. As a consultant, those of us who have known him best have found him gracious and wise, even in the wee small hours of the morning, when the weight of his own cares and responsibilities must have hung heavy about his shoulders. It is under these trying circumstances that the clear thinking and courageous character of the consultant make one able to stand up against all odds and combat adversity with a steady hand. For all of these many things we may count ourselves fortunate to have been associated with this man and may we ex- tend our most heart felt thanks and best wishes for a long and happy life of teaching, research and practice unburdened by the details of administration. R, A. Schwegler M,D, 1504 University Drive Lawrence, Kansas March 9, 1959 7 , I959 Qaqhawkefl -Hwafld X S I 1 1958 MAX S. ALLEN Associated Professor of Medicine M. D. Kansas 1937 W. L. DR, LAWRENCE PETERS 71 ' Professor of . ,- l .ll ll Pharmacology 37 . 11 1,5 5 wg ' M,D. Western Reserve M., so 1950 1' 4" . ""A:' PresenTed Annually by The Senior A U Class of The School of Medicine To 1956 The Member of The FclculTy Who Has LAME? O-P521-EY Shown The GreclTesT DevoTion To His I . ssgflgafhoiggissor Primary DuTy os o Teocher of Med- lcol STuclenTs. M. D,Kansas 1932 Joint Award E221 ' 77511 1: Ili' g , Wfif liv in if CT Arif Ei? , ' rig: -' ' J s iiilf if ' V e il J 1953 fl' A A. iir MALON H. DELP Professor of Medicine KURT R' REISSMAN M,D, Kansas 1934 Associate Professor of Medicine M.D. Berlin 1936 GALEN MARTIN TICE Professor Radiology M. D, Kansas 1929 .var P3 Q . 1957 FRANK A, MANTZ, JR. Associated Clinical Professor of Pathology M. D Pennsylvania 1938 1955 G, O'NEILL PROUD Professor of Otorhinolaryngology M. D Washington 1939 f fi ' A: fm , asf I i 'Li 5 1952 WILLIAM P. WILLIAMSON Associate Professor of Surgery M,D, Arkansas 1938 'L,LJ','Bear IB '3acultq 'Jhe I-Iippocnatic Oath "I swear by Apollo Physician, by Aesculapius, by Health, by Panacea and by all the gods and. goddesses, making them my witness, that I will carry out according to my ability and judgement, this oath and this in- denture. To hold my teacher in this art equal to my own parents, to make him partner in my livelihood, when he is in need of money to share mine with him, to consider his family as my own brother, and to teach them this art, if they want to learn it, without fee or indenture, to impart precept, oral instruction, and all other instruction to my own sons, the sons of my teacher, and to indentured pupils who have taken the physician's oath, but to nobody else. I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and judgement, but never with a view to injury and wrong doing. Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course. Similarly I will not give a woman a pess- ary to cause abortion. But I will keep pure and holy both my life and my art. I will not use the knife, not even, verily on sufferers from stone, but I will give place to such as are craftsmen therein. Into what- soever house I enter, I will enter to help the sick, and I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm, especially from abusing bodies of man or woman, bond or free. Ancl whatsoever I shall see or hear in the course of my profession, as well as outside my profession in my intercourse with men, if it be what should not be published abroad. I will never divulge, holding such things to be holy secrets. Now, if I carry out this oath and break it not, may I gain forever the reputation among men for my life and for my art, but if I transgress it and forswear myself, may the opposite befall me." 'Jhe Kanaaa medical Societq - 100th Annivenaanq I859 to I 959 'IO llllullill nr .1..... ..L .l 'HW Dean of the Medxcal I H lf-lgj A 1 lllfrulft u xc A111 I fMd1lD glicglzljxllltallralglxll Dlrectoro the 6lC3' F lrrxrktr ! 1A 'l L1 'I r tl l t K ' K K 1 K K , , Iggy:glylnllrlllllltllltlll. ? 2 DR. FRANKLIN MURPHY ' Chancellor of the A fldminiatuation -. .. -....,..........-?".. -- . .,,...,. ,,.. .,,......-,-2-"" I1 University I I 'Q ' ' 1 R 4 R DR. JAMES HALL Assistant Professor aqnatomq 'fa " fl? A DR. HOWARD MA TZKE A ssociate Professor A DR. PAUL G. ROOFE A Professor and Chairman X "' .PN MR. BYRON WENGER 7 ' R DR. ELEANOR Assistant Professor WENGER dk ' 'W E . K Q sg 9 R A r ., xl ,,,.: 5, l - . Associate . ,Q I YEL? 'I J YR A" it . DR. ROBERT GOY DR. W.C. YOUNG Professor ' Instructor DR. IRWIN BAIRD Instructor - 'iy figi i v . , f , , X 1.56-fffsql f Lau 125101.45 ! Hn? L. jfs' T A ls I 'miss I f Hzlnt-ui ? 2 .. N Q R -1 0 H OF coonse IM 5'-'RE "5 PART at pf neu -r fr? , , :li-Trek T V- , I , I fC A THE Hun-MN ANATOMY " G S imifnlj, ,1-'S L55El.ED, , " ' ,r ' . 1 ,,,u-nl-ll' H.'.Q M" al: .Em ,M fp! ,-Url f .H Phqaioloqq -1 DR, P. H. WOODARD Associate Professor i DR. K. E. JOCHIM Chairman DR. G. N. LOOF- DR. F. E. BOURROW SAMSON Assistant Professor Assistant Professor NOT PICTURED: DR, G. B. SUTHERLAND ..... . . Instructor DR, H. W. SHIRER . . . . Assistant Professor "Simply cannulate the pancreatic duct and be ready to start the experiment by one o'ciock. " "I do not want to spend too much time on the elementary aspects of biochemis- try. " 13 Biochemiatnq . S. GRISOLIA . R. T. I-IERSH , P. NEWMARK. DR. D. V. COHN , J, SALSER . mf?-55 1 Mew" " ' Y , ,gl ,r , it " .1 ,Ab 'I 131523 , friiiiiilsffil ' ' ,, f 5 r ii- 5 ' JL 3151 wQLi'Q1kf It ' I LK- ,Instr -W - ' 1 'kri pqinrfi if 'ru fm I' " ' .r ii: -. gr ' , ' 553- L 1 . X555 - s as Nw, er DR, R, C, MILLS DR. D. MULFORD DR. H. J. GRADY DR. H. W. Chairman Professor Associate Professor BARRETT Associate Professor NOT PICTURED: Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor . . . .Instructor . . Ins11'uctor DR. E.V. THIEHOFF Chairman NOT PICTURED DR, HUGH DWYER . Clinical Professor Emeritus DR, D. S. RUHE . . . Associate Professor DR, W. R, BELLINGER ..... Lecturer MR. R. L. CULP . . . . .Lecturer DR. H. F. FLANDERS . . . MISS R. FOOTE . . . . DR. L. H. FORMAN . . . DR. L. H. HOYLE. . . . MR. D. METZLER. . . . Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Lecturer Public Health rm , .- . Q . . " f r' ' r 41? - f ' f u . 1 rqgiflg D L R 7'A51Af3M1.-rsrofvfj .A , ' L..,,LM.e vs... 1 , I " ""5 V -f-fx-4 1 - L ' CL 1'L', ,.E fg- 1 .1 'T . . I J I QL. F X ' f. ' - ,W W N ,I L' - 'w J' . 5-V '- ,Mg , .rw , 7 ,,.,:- 1 'f K, , . - , -Y L - . - 1- "'- -:,.1-Z . I 4-ff .,',x To YQ Jrrz, 'f' I Xi ' ' I I fl 5' I X ryfjrlgi-HL x gf' K Mrss M, WEBB. . . . .Lecturer ' ff ' , A. DR. JUNE MILLER . . . . .Lecturer 'V ' Q DR, M. M. WILLIAMS . . .Lecturer -F--' L' ' - --.1 -X QV DR, V. T. WILLIAMS . . .Lecturer N MR. E. WRIGHT . . . .Lecturer G' U. IUVIQUU A cl ' ' l T3 GU U ict ,f-3, ff? U . ff l 1, '21 if 11 ffl f 1:1 U 10 E' U f U ,Lk J I3 C14 Z Lv I xjl f 9 DR. D. s. RUHE Q 2 7m Chairman QF - 1. cv 'I4 5- Q -asf K ,I I rg I MISS ARLENE PAYNE Associate Professor MRS. RUTH GORDON - Professor 8a Chairman MRS. MABEL CHENG Instructor MISS CATHERINE RUDOLPH Assistant Professor 'wi .- ' ,Q 'f , Q I 4 4 MRS. ALICE DAMON Assistant Professor I 1 l , MISS CECILIA COFFEY Instructor is MRS. MAXINE MCCABRIA NOT PICTURED Instructor MISS RUTH STEINBERG .,.... Associate Professor MISS HAZEL PARRY . . . Assistant Professor MRS, LOMA ANDERSON . .... Instructor MISS HOORI BESHARAT . . Instructor MRS. LUCILLE PETERSON . Instructor MISS OPHELIA POOLE - - Instructor MISS LILA MAE WALDROP . Instructor 15 Ylutnition .ni MCCUNE Associate Professor MISS ELIZABETH MISS DOLORES FLACKMILLER Assistant Professor MISS HILDEGARD KNOPP Instructor 'Phanmacoloqq Q, V :wk ' 1 DR. RAY E. GREEN DR. R.M. ISENBERGER Associate Professor Professor ,, ,r'-. I Y?f'C,,I 1 ji DR. CLYDE HUGGINS R Assistant Professor zz 111,31 DR. LAWRENCE PETERS if Nor PIGTURED Chauman 9 Oops, ROY BOYLE ...... Instructor R WS' fp' BERT K. LUM . . . . . Instructor .AX 09- HUGH MATHEWSGN . . . Lecturer ' X E. I. WALASZEK . Assistant Professor in Wg VERNON E, WILSON , Assistant Professor 'gl Z BRUNO MINZ . .... . Professor S ' A yr' ' CLARKE wEscoE . . . . Professor ' ff L, I A- ': 2 9 5 B 6 A 55, 4 Q o 0 ,,, , Wlucnoluoloqq -E: 5.3 53199: fl? r 'ul' -' . ' gf" . , g I . , . N. X ,157 W as, :.q.,' ' A 3 K.- f - 11,732 X 3 A f ' fm f" A mf' Q2 f "' DR. T.R. HAMILTON DR. THORKIL JENSEN ' ' DR. ALVAR WERDER Chairman I ' Associate Professor K -.S Professor xg.. D" fig J ' I a - ' tp.: D I.Lx fi? .- . '-..- NOT PICTEIRED DR. M. N, MICKELSON. . . . . Associate DR. LOYD HEDGECOCK. . .Assistant Professor 'el' ' . DR. ROBERT WEBER . . . - Assistant Professor - I-1 :f.!-ef Sal 't'- DR. PERRY MORGAN H '. Associate Clinical ' .f Professor fi? " - -S 7 U . . , O fl . 16 Y-"' a M'w'Qi ' H N V 'F if f' 1 X , , . DR. LYLE VON RIESEN Assistant Professor medicine X ef S-A D if 5 X., Z- ,f f i ' A W H 1 -at -fs t x - A A 1. r DR. E. GREY DIMOND . if , Chairman P' is Q DR, EDW, I-IASHINGER DR, RALPH MAJOR . Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus , 'V T N "" ' ' . N s f - ,..,, ,T , 1' F ,gifs - - . Q rl- ..' 1? 4 Azgizf ' I 1 V b I ,a,-3'iJ5",a f rg-'yt-g.. 1 5" W , ':4ff'.Q'A,Z,:- 1.3-4 ' ai :iz-mai' .-:F :ff . 1 DR, MAHLON DELP DR. A. T. SIEEGNIANN DR. MAX ALLEN DR. SI-ZOAN WILSON profegsgr Professor-Neurology Associate Professor ASSOCHIC PF0feSS0f si Emi 1 .4 4 ta, DR. ARTHUR KLOTZ DR. MARTIN FITZPATRICK DR, KURT REISSMANN DR, ROBERT BOLINGER Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor if MX :P i - A ' I 1 r 1 DR. GEORGE CURRAN DR, THOMAS RANKIN DR, SANTIAGO GRISOLIA DR, HAROLD GRADY ASSOCIBIC P1'0fCSS0F Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor 17 7"x ' R ORAL5- ' 'S . , N3 , Z. medicine i . DR. DON CARLOS DR. M.G. BERRY DR. MICHAEL PEETE Associate Clinical FURCOLOW Associate Clinical Professor Associate Clinical Professor Professor Ilif f -" ' fx -. 'QW 5'1!,"" gg lg . U ws, Qs.. If uv F ,- , . ""': ' A I , 'Azul' - K 'V :'- QI' sf V' it , I , , " fi' I alia 2 'fl VK? "1: Ia.. 5' Yi i "-- " 111 1. , 4:5 .,.. 'L ,.mS.'1?d DR. .LEE LECIER DR. CHARLES DR, JOHN DR. H.L. Associate Clinical POSER CHRISTIANSON DOUGLAS Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Neuro n ,Airs We A 2 V swf - , I- P rj V A! DR. RONALD DR. WM. LARSEN DR. JESSE DR. PHILLIP YOUMANS Assistant Professor RISING KAUL Instructor-Neuro Hematology Associate Professor ' Associate W .,s PP7 h n -as A ' r, . n "' ': 5-5 1: :" rw W " ' X, uxx q, A DR. GORDON ' DR. MARVIN DR. ROBT. DR. ROBT. HALLIDAY DUNN MANNING MossER Instructor Instructor IHSUUCIOI' IUSUUCYOY 18 2: 'bf it ii wr' 4 DR, JAMES CROCKETT Assistant Professor DR. ROBT. WEBER Assistant Professor I DR. ROBT. HUDSON Instructor DR. LILIA RODRIQUEZ Associa te medicine NOT PICTURED DR. J.E. WELKER - Clinical Professor Associate Clinical Professors Assistant Clinical Professors DR. W.H. ALGIE DR. FRANKLIN MILLER DR. S.H. SNIDER DR. JOHN H. WHEELER DR. O.R. WITHERS DR. L.E. WOOD Associates DR. ARNOLD ARMS DR DR. ROBT. BOODY DR DR. R. CANUTESON DR DR. J. W. CAMPBELL DR DR. JAMES DOWELL DR DR. FETHI GONLUBOL DR. DR. T.R. JONES DR. DR. ALBERT LIEBERMAN DR. DR. ROY LAWSON DR. DR. DONALD MCFARLAND DR. DR. PAUL MOSS DR. DR. I-I.M. ROBERTS DR. DR. M. SIRRIDGE DR. DR. EDWIN SLENTZ DR. DR. H.E. SMITH DR. DR. MORRIS STATLAND DR. DR. DON WAKEMAN DR. DR. IRWIN WAXMAN DR. DR. WARREN WILHELM DR. Instructors DR. THURL ANDREWS DR MISS H. CLARK DR DR. ROBT. HAMILL DR. DR. WALDO HOLT DR DR. LEWIS MOKRASCH DR DR. ROBERT SKILLMAN DR DR. HAROLD VOTH Lecturers DR. D.R. BEDFORD DR DR. J.B. FISHER DR DR. FJ. MCEWEN DR. DR. P. MORGAN DR. DR. H. TIHEN DR. COMER BATES W.G. CALKINS LLOYD COALE ALBERT DECKER G. EISEMANN W.H. GOODSON DR. R.B. ANDERSON DR. MARK DODGE DR. M. BERNREITER DR. ALBERT JACKSON DR. E.S. MILLER DR. JACK WOLF DR. DEWEY ZIEGLER DR. HARRY STATLAND Assistant Professors DR. CHARLES ANDREWS DR. MORTON CREDITOR DR. VERNE HOSPELHORN DR. JOSEPH PLUMER EDWARD KETTNER IRA LAYTON ROBT. LOUDON IRA MORRISON WM. MUNDY ARTHUR ROBINSON WM. SIRRIDGE N WM. SLENTZ WM. RUTH ,V I X 0 s. STEINZEIG 'Tw Y HARRY WALL A Q: CARL W1LEN fi - , iff-It GORDON VOORHEES ff? X .A 1 .ri ,' " J X I, f , '1f'x Z .Q wi 2 . ' ? ' ff ' 'N -.f , 0 TOM CHIN A f Z 1 A52 EDW. F1scHER f? - f gf? f RUTH HARDACRE 3 X2 f . 1 M. KRAHENBUHL J KENNETH POWELL X-kb X1 f" EDWARD TWIN ,, ' , , - C.W. ERICKSON B. FOSTER E.L. MILLS EJ. RYAN S. ZELMAN 5 'Ti ff' X A fi? ' QM., 'X .J If 2 flf j -' -S3357 8 W, A Af si' K "The Book Frisby! The Book! !" Ophthalmoloqq DR. A.N. LEMOINE Chairman DR. LARRY CALKINS DR. JAMES T. ROBISON Associate Clinical Professor Assistant Clinical Professor NOT PICTURED DR. E.J. CURRAN - Professor Emeritus DR, STANLEY MCEWEN-Instructor DR. J.A. BILLINGSLEY -Clinical Professor DR. FREDERICK WADE-Instructor DR, ALVIN BAER-Assistant Clinical Professor DR, JAMES MAY-Associate DR. JOHN MCLEOD-Assistant Clinical Professor DR. DOROTHY SHAAD-Associate W,,,,L,,m,7 DR. FRED N. BOSILEVAC-Associate DR. DICK H. UNDERWOOD-Associate DR. CHARLES CROCKETT-Associate Instructors: 9 2 DR. W,R. EUBANK-Associate DR. JAMES BRESETTE DR. EARL PADFIELD-Associate DR. CALVIN CURTS DR. TRUMAN SCHERTZ.-Instructor DR. OTTO ELSER DR. DALE SMITH-Instructor DR. SAMUEL KANTOR 9" . E1 1 W it . ffl ' 5 dn I -, L, H '-"l' ' N ' B all Q I , me ' ' I 1 I 4 1 l, I Ax 'el t N 5 DR. DONALD DR. KARL DR. GALEN TICE ' 5 Dari lf GERMANN YOUNGSTROM Chairman ' Assistant Professor Assistant Professor ' 5 U NOT PICTURED Rl, DR. DAVID DANN -Assistant Clinical Professor 0 W DR. C .E. VIRDEN-Assistant Clinical Professor A 0 D Associate: Instructors: U .,j"l "Y DR. LF. BOWSER DR. LEWIS G. ALLEN auf ogiroeral AL'-Mvs 'mouau-rl x-on DR. PETER HIEBERT DR. WM. ALLEN " 'S Wm "W" L' "s"- DR. DORIS KUBIN DR. SAMUEL B. CHAPMAN DR. J.E. MCCONCHIE DR. WM. KITCHEN DR. MARVIN WESTFALL DR. ARTHUR SMITH DR. SIDNEY RUBIN DR. HERBERT VIRDEN 20 DR. JOHN WALKER Patholoqq mv i t w if I Y xg 1 - .J X ,. w DR. ROBERT E. STOWELL Professor and Chairman l 5 ' . - 'X Ll ww. ,W : . "' 1 as A N "i.:'x-f' , ' . ., DR. JAMES BOLEY Associate Professor DR. JOHN HIGGINSON DR. .l.K. FRENKEL DR. JAMES A. TURNER Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Srriilin' Jack DR. RUSSELL EILERS Assistant Professor Assistant Professor DR. FRANK MANTZ Associate Clinical Professor DR. F.C. HELWIG Clinical Professor DR, JAMES B, CAULFIELD DR, BERNARD KLIONSKY DR, O, DALE SMITH Assistant Professor Assistant Professor DR. L.R. MORIARTY DR. DAVID GIBSON A550613 te Assistant Clinical Professor "What am I thinking now" or "Select the best answer of the tive' equally correct ones" Patholoqq , A,,F .. f ' A, DR. HOWARD P. FINK DR. VICTOR BUHLER DR. IRWIN IOFFE Instructor Assistant Clinical Assistant Clinical Professor Professor NOT PICTURED DR. J.L. LATTIMORE, Clinical Professor DR. HILLIARD COHEN, Assistant Clinical Professor DR. JACK HILL, Assistant Clinical Professor DR. RICHARD E. JOHNSON, Assistant Clinical Professor DR. RUSSELL KERR, Assistant Clinical Professor DR. ANGELO LAPI, Assistant Clinical Professor Phqaical :fri 5 9' Lis MISS RUTH MONTIETH Assistant Professor f ,Vg , if eg I 5 rf' 5. DR. EDWARD SHIRES Assistant Professor DR. JOHN NICHOLS, Assistant Professor DR. CHARLES WHEELER, Associate DR. R.J. TAYLOR, Instructor MISS SARA FREELAND, Instructor DR. WILLIAM REALS, Lecturer medicine or 'av- Sf gm i Q ZH I ji gl T ,LL al pl' A ' 4' DR. D.L. ROSE -X I . Chairman ff IASB? I xv XIV I' A '- A " ' X., 51,3329 Instructors 2 ' Fo r 6 DR. RALPH R. BEATTY . l A F , DR. STANLEY RADZYMINSKI 3 MR. ROY SHERRELL ig' , MR. Louis E. MASTERMAN 'e I' , , Z, ' ' J X af fgf 22 Otouhinolanqnqoloqq NOT PICTURED DR. G.o. PROUD DR. S.E. ROBERTS DR. L.B. SPAKE DR. O.S. GILLILAND DR. J.S. KNIGHT DR. WM. B. BARRY DR. R.M. HAZEN DR. W.H. SHOFSTALL DR. W.P. BUNTING Clinical Professor Emeritus Clinical Professor Emeritus Associate Clinical Professor Associate Clinical Professor Associate Clinical Professor Assistant Clinical Professor Assistant Clinical Professor Assistant Clinical Professor Emeritus Professor and Chairman Director of L. B. Spake Department of Hearing and Speech DR. C.K. SHOFSTALL Associate DR. OSCAR PINSKER Instructor DR. HARRY KNAUFF Instructor MR. BERNARD STOLL Instructor -H ' 6 S I1 DR. PROUD DR. RUSSELL E. BRIDWELL STQQE RGGM - Director I' I 1 f sf I - , 1' P f ff .ez 1 I fn of df! 7 4 ir I. M f , . f . f . K gmt ' Qwmvifvs ' ,- fi ff i L I. fs-I Z' by LVL ,Q 'Z ',Lxx,.46:x1- XA-x.tA,k ,X .fu-x-vb If -A-t. x, at I f - 1-T f :M -.. I gp. Q EA e 7 EH 12 ffl muvzpgug wumen aunts W0 j 1 ,ii-1 -,...-1 Instructor mf", It 352.153 .. M... DR. JUNE MILLER MR. STANLEY ROTH Associate Professor of Hearing Lecturer and Speechg Lecturer in Public Health NOT PIC TURED DR. WM. BARRY DR. C. GOETZINGER DR. R. SCHIEFELBUSCH DR. W. DIEDRICH MRS. EVELYN ALLEN MRS. HARRIET SLANKARD MR. BERNARD STOLL MISS EDRIS MCCARTY MR. ARTHUR L. TERR 23 Associate Clinical Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Instructor Lecturer Peat-Ciuaduate medical Education 15535 W3 fe mf or wel l ' f - A . DR. DELD Chairman of Department Associate Dean " Professor of Medicine -Hiatonq of medicine "Every one Will attend the History of Medicine lecture If 'A of ' F L' m DR. L.R.c. AGNEW DR. RALPH H. MAJOR 5 Associate Professor Professor Emeritus ,La KV r,.'f5gs.,i. , Chairman in V YW 4 as c,,1. 1 ' . i xi' r vs? , a' Rafi? Tse i- fb L' fr? L, A' if 5-.HER , , 'if9f f7 f , A R, - r ro , e f ' ' ,fL? - j I . , fs 4 , ,-D, Z sr.. ! ' , - - x 24 4 DR. SIGMUND GUNDLE Associate Clinical Professor . ROT 1 Ro I DR. LOUIS FORMAN DR' Wlglrofessofl J DR. ASSISt3I'1t Clinical PIOI-CSSOT 4 ' CI'l3I1'1'1'l3l'1 , E A S J, 22 1 A . A I H W ' G . ' .P - ' DR. MERRILL EATON n Associate Professor 'Z 1: EFF -A E 3' A Q.. 2 4' ,f 1 w DR. KARL MENNINGER 1' " . Clinical Professor V f l , 73' " f 'V W' I D l f ' I ' Jr in f A 6 R I . 2 xf. 5 1' I f 7' . yf DR. H.C. MODLIN ' H r A I I Lecturer ... FF, 1 II' 1 ' . 11 f H , Y ' i w H ff X. . W -.. r,r 4 . , jf, , 1 ' I 1. A-a If . M NGER gif? In DR. W . MENNI Qian, ' Clinical Professor I DR. MORTON JACOBS DR- RODGER MOON Assistant Clinical Professor Agggciate Q I NOT PICTURED , DR. PAUL LAYBOURNE DR. ALDO VIGLIANO h DR. WM. OLSON DR. PAUL FELDMAN X Q' DR. ERIK WRIGHT DR. MANGESH GAITONDE A DR. GEORGE FRANKL DR. ROBERT HULL DR. MILTON KIRKPATRICK DR. KISIK KIM - ' DR. ROBERT BARNES DR. ADOLPH MUELLER ., A DR. VICTOR BIKALES DR. HOWARD BAIR f A ..-wifi, . DR. HAROLD MEYERS DR. ALFRED BAY .4,. 3 . Q DR. LUCY OzAR1N DR. CLARK CASE 5 '5 .f-174-5 . 515 DR. JOHN O'HEARNE DR. EDWARD D. GREENWOOD DR. SOLOMON KAPLAN DR. BERNARD HALL DR, EDWARD BAUMHARDT DR. WM. ROBINSON DR. GEORGE JACKSON Instructor DR' CAZESLEQWELL DR. JAMES YOUNG DR. HERBERT KLEMMER 25 "Pediatflica" DR. DANIEL DA RROW DR. HERBERT MILLER DR. HERBERT WENNER Professor Chairman Research Professor fra- . : j7.:' rm' in G r , Wan 1 ,V Ulf! X N xSL,,If? Q .ish vt.- q:.e 7f I NN J AHA' ' V 'K 1" 6 2 DR, C. ARDEN MILLER f ' A DR. ALEXANDER ROTH f .ph 5 ff ' I. S ' , In tructor Assocrate Professor 3 R VV S fa, ' ' X ' H - f ff , V Rt,-.EX b f, , . V Irs f , 1 w or J c his A Lg N ,P ELA 'L I W ni' .'.. P' Ks '.',,, , .H N DR. FRANKLIN BERHLE DR. PAUL LAYBOURNE, JR Associate Professor Associate Professor 1,,,",1",rz,rsQQp44 fm.. Y N DR. R.C. FREDEEN DR. ANTONI DIEHL DR. NED. SMULL DR. ANTHONY ZBRANEK Assistant Clinical Professor Associate Professor Instructor Instructor 26 Assistant Clinical Professor 'Pediatuica CLINICAL PROFESSOR EMERITUS -DR. HUGH DWYER ASSISTANT CLINICAL PROFESSOR DR DR DR. FREDERIC SPEER . CLARK SEELY DR. E.L. GLASSCOCK . WAYNE L. HART DR. DAMON WALTHALL ASSISTANT PROFESSOR DR. GEORGE DUBES DR. ASSOCIATES DR. C. ELDRIDGE DR. DR. S.F. PAKULS DR. ALICE MARSH H. M. GILKEY C.B. SUMMERS ASSOCIATE CLINICAL PROFESSOR DR. GEORGE HERRMAN DR. DR. GEORGE FRANKL 3- , ' i r " I ' .1 R .N g 55 . :-. , Qi ff.- ':..1y',y. q:..:2?- 73 f - 1:5 ., , 43.-x..-V - ,- ss -4.- as 'K .., 'wt' 'S ' ss? P eg w Q A fu N Q 14' W I A 5 12.5 gf xl , Mk S.-':.':Z. 1 l' i'.ELZ'115.'-:.. "I .13-: " DR. LEROY CALKINS Chairman D . N. MEDEARIS NOT PIC TURED ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR-DR. CHIEN LIU INSTRUCTORS-DR. L.N. BASS DR DR I. BAUMEISTER . R.D. BLIM . I. BORENSTINE DR M. BORDY DR DR M. BOYDEN DR. D. BUDDRUS DR. H.V. DAVIS DR.' M. DODGE DR. T.E. DRANEY DR. T.F. EDWARDS DR. D.F. EUBANK DR. MARY EVANS DR. ROBT. FAIRCHILD DR. R.F. GARRISON DR. S. HELLERSTEIN DR. F.S. HOGUE DR. G. HUGHES DR. J. KANTOR DR. R.W. LATHAM DR, I.R. PATTERSON DR. R.G. PUGH DR. I. VANBIBER DR. C. WINTER DR. GEORGE WISE Gbatetnica . ,H 4 4 A DR. WM., sPANos Assistant Professor .,,.,v' DR. EUGENE PEARCE DR. ROSEMARY Associate SCHREPFER Assistant Professor NOT PIC TURED Professor Emeritus DR Associate Clinical Professor D.C. GUFFEY R.D. IRLAND JOSEPH WEBSTER HUBERT FLOERSCH LEROY GOODMAN DR. DR. RICHARD HELMAN. DR. GERALD MILLER Assistant Professor Clinical Professor Associate DR. I. KEELER DR. ROBT. MCCOMAS DR. LEONARD WALL DR. HOWARD L. WIIEOX Instructor-DR. S. RODGERS, DR. .T.G. LEE, DR. K.S. NICOLAY, DR. H.B. LEVEY, DR. R. LAMAR WM. MIXSON THOMAS CLEWE HAROLD NICHOLS R.A. SCHWEGLER H.L. GAINEY FLOYD ATWELL KERMIT KNOCH S.A. MONTELLO RAY A. WEST fy ff 1? J? JM CL! fd' ' H I, L., 7 . 33? -, ,. fu XMQAWU' N ,-9 it ff ' 5 I T41 I, IV ! ll f I I ' 4 F554 . . .Q-I 6 'qw I I gigiI"..g, 'NI i n I, Q - xx 27 Sunqenq DR. WILLIAM VALK Professor Urology tg!w.?. Ki' if A "'. I m ' DR. DAVID ROBINSON Professor Plastic Surgery A, N . I . . My , 521525 . 4: 16 DR. FRANK F. R7 W f ' 45' A ALLBRITTEN, JR. H X H Chairman if HR TOAD vw-an "Always call ' a specia1ist" . Qi , 'L y ss.' if Q it I Iw zet 1' M' fl R I as DR. WM. P. DR. STANLEY DR. JOHN WILLIAMSON FRIESEN HANSEN Professor Associate Associate Professor Neurosurgery Professor Af1eSIh6Si010gy DR. JOHN DAVIES DR, MALCOLM DR. DON MILLER DR. CHARLES Assistant Professor HARDY Associate ' BRACKETT Anesthesiology Associate Associate Professor Anesthesiology Neurosurgery 28 Sunqenq ' v f. , -.-.2 '. S. -- A ' " "-- off 1 off! off! . I , 1., -M ,Y ..'--: E,- 1 5-, .:-r: s I E ' 2: L L . ..-. .- 5! I ' I' ,,?,'q1lI11" '11,'1" Ill I x DR. GEORGE HIGGINS DR. THOMAS ORR DR PAUL SCHLOERB Associate Professor Associate Assistant Professor 1 I . I t . -LZ. . J DR FREDERICK KITTLE DR. CREIGHTON HARDIN DR. LEONARD PELTIER DR. LYNN LITTON Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor-Orthopedics Assistant Professor Orthopedics y f N DR. JOHN FORET DR. FRANK MASTERS DR. KASUMI ARAKAWA Instructor - Urology Assistant Professor Plastics Instructor-Anesthesiology NOT PICTURED General Qgegy. Anesthesiology: DR. GEORGE WILLIAMSON EARL SIFERS WAYNE BARTLETT VIC TOR MCDONA LD IR. ROBERT WRIGHT C.S. STOTTS M. E, JACOBSON ARNOLD BOTWIN JAMES HOLT ALFRED HINSHAW GARETH GISH PHILLIP HALPERIN WM. COLLIER WERNER BRAUER DR. RAY T. PARMLEY Dental Qggy: DR. DOUGLAS IRWIN, IR. DR. IOHN H. I-IEISER Neurosurgery DR. FRE FOWLER Orthopedics: DR DAVID FRANCISCO FRANK DICKSON REX DIVELEY CHARLES VILMER C . L. FRANCISCO RICHARD KEINE MAURICE PERLL 29 MISS IOANNE SKILLMAN Plastic Sggqy: DR. RICHARD CHENG YE Llmmgyr DR. A.L. STOCKWELL DR. RAYMOND STOCKTON DR. MILTON B. OZAR DR. JAMES F. O'MALLEY DR. ROBERT OWENS DR. ANDREW MITCHELL DR. C.C. NESSELRODE DR. T.G. DILLON DR. OSCAR DAVIDSON In Memoriam-DR. G.M. GRAY menonah FRONT ROW: Dr. David Dann, Dr. Ned G. Gorrell, Dr. Gustave Eisemann, Dr. Abe E. Braverman, Dr. Morris Statlaud. BACK ROW: Dr. Harry Statland, Dr, Morton Creditor, Dr. Edw. S. Twinn, Dr. Hugh McCaughey, Dr Wm. Mundy. enenal -Hoapitala 30 6 4 1 1 ig: H 4 ,,.3,, .Tx , ROW ONE: Dr. Mary Ludwig, Dr. Ruth Yoke, Dr. Rachel Driver, Dr. Roshen Irani, Dr. Ida Ninio. ROW TWO: Dr. Daniel Darrow, Dr. Wayne Hart. ROW THREE: Dr. Orville Walker, Dr. M. J, Naime, Dr. John Welsh. Dr Chien Liu. ROW FOUR: Dr. Rhondel Mason, Dr. Yukrel Inankur, Dr. Wallace Crozier, Dr. James Nyberg, Dr. Robert Parman. 3 l 'lr"f , O0 W . V14 -Hoapital ROW ONE: Dr. A. B, Williamson, Dr. W.E. Olson, Dr. T. J. Rankin, Dr. Rodriguez, Dr. C.E. Andrews, Dr G, A. Higgins, Dr. J.B, McHugh. ROW TWO: Dr A. R. Mueller, Dr. M. A. Westfall, Dr. J. A. Turner, Dr J. P. Darnell, Dr, R. R. Beatty, Dr. A. J. Williams, Dr. J. W. Schmaus, Dr H. L. Douglas. ROW THREE: Dr. J. W. Samuelson, Dr. T. G. Orr Jr., Dr. H. A. Knauff. 31 ULD TNMERS Senioua 'w'Bear-B JOSEPHINE ANDERSON Hlody ll Salina Barrett: "Now back when I was REGULAR NAVY .... A igieml PATRICK J. BARRETT Phi Beta Pi Arlington Heights, Illinois 55 if n o,of A Seniona Ill V PATRICIA ARNOLD "Jean" San Francisco "Made in California by Californians. " WAYNE L. ATTWOOD Nu Sigma Nu Smith Center ' H H H 'N ' P Q iff 5? ' N i it i. "Ei+5S1sii 1 ' , .:. - ' in 'M A V fa P- : in , 1 Y S " ROBERT S, BERMAN J Phi chi Los Angeles LAURENCE H. BATES Addison, New York Berman: Thinking men prefer row l seal' 1 34 i959 will an 4 EUGENE N. BORTNICK Phi Beta Pi Kansas City ORVILLE W. BOICOURT Nu Sigma Nu C Haviland CHANDLER S. BETHEL Phi Chi Wichita Befhel: "Detail men beware, Bei'hel's on The prowll ' Brofi: " . . but IAM hurrying, Dr. Delp." 'i WALTER H. BROTT Phi Beta Pi Kansas City Campbell: "Be reasonable, we will cl f JENE D. CAMPBELL Phi Chi Ottawa o if my way." 35 IVAN H, CARPER Lebanon, Kansas 'H MQ' M MELVIN L. CHEAT HAM Phi Beta Pi Winfield FRANK H. CHESKY Phi Beta Pi Sterling THOMAS T. COOLIDGE Phi Beta Pi 64 H Topeka Coolidge "That WXCQT- 'kd ' f",,:: glint 'X ' P DALE E. DARNELL Nu Sigma Nu i Plainville HERBERT A. CURRAN X Kansas City, Kansas HUGH ADAIR COX Phi Beta Pi Augusta Cox: "l'm starting my autobiography next week " 36 9555532531 S.1Z'.1---ferr SUNIL K. DAS Phi Chi Bentong Malaya ROBERT I. DEKLOTZ Phi Beta Pi Twin Falls, Idaho tiff HALE E, DOUGHERTY Phi Beta Pi Atchison tak ALBERT E, DUNCAN Phi Beta Pi Wellsville if GORDON W. DICKERSON Phi Chi Ottawa Dzubur: "Now don't get smart with me . " 37 IONE E. DZUBUR Bismark, North Dakota FRANK E. EMERY Nu Sigma Nu Wichita ORLYN D. ENGELSTAD Erskine, Minnesota Emery: President K. U. Chapter Planned Parenthood Etzenhouser: "Save the women first. " RUSSELL D. ETZENHOUSER Phi Beta Pi Independence, Missouri 'E ti? A NQ ,I .I P P, JOHN C. FAUL Hillsboro KENNETH M. FENDORF Phi Chi Kansas City Kansas 38 ASHFORD M. GALBREATH Phi Chi Shawnee, Kansas 3 DONALD E. GINARDI Phi Chi Washington, Kansas JOHN D. GRANZELLA Nu Sigma Nu Prairie Village H ii EDWARD E. HAITH Phi Beta Pi Kansas City Missouri i, Fi, Handjob and Sfangfonger Waltz if r .ii 1 , W .x, N W ii ,im . , JOHN D. HALLEWELL Phi Chi Topeka RONALD L. HANCOCK Kansas City Missouri 39 DAVID L. HARDY Nu Sigma Nu Normal, Illinois J NORMAN R. mms i .E Phi Beta Pi Meade DONALD O. HAYEN Phi Chi Marion GEORGE R. HELSEL Harris: "Now in my experience at the drug store." Phi Chi Wichita Hayen: "How much does The iob pay?" -if H "'?..'?gP' i if . JACK E. IRVINE St. Joseph, Missouri DONALD O. HUNNINGHAKE Phi Beta Pi Corning QUENTIN C. HUERTER Phi Beta Pi Seneca 40 Huerfer: You guys leave The GP s alone . R. ' fx , :il ' V 1 ali? i 'J 1 -'.: -,ffsiiffffm A 'Q if T 974 X rf " A , :ig -1' -,K WILBUR E. IANZEN Phi Chi Hillsboro wi...-,,-i"4i KARL E. KELLER SCOTT W. IORDON Iola DALE C. KANA Grand Forks, North Dakota Kano: "But that IS her chief complaint, Dr. Delp!" Janzen re Watkins Hospital - "Fabulous, boys, Fabulou Phi Beta Pi Topeka KENNETH W. KIHLE Minot, North Dakota "C, P. C's are a snap! " ROBERT W. KOOP Keller: "Now the way Max does if . . . " Phi Chi 41 Wichita 5.3 Wu' 1 L 233: ll RODGER W. LAMBIE Phi Beta Pi Grand Forks, North Dakota JEAN F. LEGLER Phi Beta Pi Hiawatha "I looked up and saw STANLEY W- LOWE a little bird." Caldwell "Now out West .... Lungsfrum: "Europe was rarher chilly this season . " , V , 'X E V ry,, , W, , ' ' Hsu PATRICK E, MCCANN Phi Chi Lawrence JOHN C- MCCALL- JR- Torpedo number 2 Phi Beta Pi Chanute JACK E. LUNGSTRUM PM Beta P1 McCall: "A, T. 8. T. down 2 points?" Sell Sl1orrl" Topeka N ' 42 ..'-I V, '. F, ra' GENE A McFADDEN Phi Chi Kansas City, Kansas WILLIAM H. MCEACHEN Phi Beta Pi Prairie Village JOSEPH C, MCDANIEL "Anything anyone wants Kansas City, Kansas t0 know?" McFadden: "Women's clothes gei' brighter every year! WALTER L. MC KIM Phi Beta Pi Frankfort ' Once a wiidcat always JOHN F- MARDOCK a wildcatl Phi Beta Pi CHARLES D. MONSON Murdock: "lf if's not in Hc1rper's, ii"s no Damn good!" Vermillion' South Dakota 43 in ! xxx W ADOLPH R. MU ELLER Phi Chi Leavenworth ANDREW NACHTIGALL Lawrence WILBUR B. NEEL "Patch" , , , Phi Beta Pi Neel: "Like I sold, every man for himself. " Hutchinson Newby: "Ain'r no need For grammar clown there . " x X F ' 11, X , X . RUSSELL L. ODEGARD Velva, North Dakota JAMES P. NEWBY Nu Sigma Nu Neodesha JAMES N. NELSON Nu Sigma Nu Oclegcurd: "Can you go through that once more?" Topeka 44 yi fix X 1 E. RULE OLSON LAWRENCE L. PERRY JR. Phi Beta Pi Kansas City S JAMES H. PARK Phi Beta Pi Kansas City Nu Sigma Nu WiChiU1 Poland: What ya say Ben, what ya sa C. . ,a?g.5 Raines: "Can'1' say Jack, can'i say." JACK D. POLAND Phi Chi Isabel LAURANCE W. PRICE IR. UBI-ld ll Nu Sigma Nu CO1l11'DbU.S BEN A. RAINES Phi Chi Kansas City 45 ' , iifsggs. w H ii :ii ' ,i M i i Ni, U, : K? ' HER i wi W1 we ' ,M , " lf!" Y-mi, ,. Z -I 7 ,. 1 ew- H ' ' ' Q i 1 P i KENNETH B. REED Rose ROBERT D. REINECKE Phi chi Q Kansas City ROGER P. REITZ Nu Sigma Nu Manhattan Reinecke: "All pathology begins in the uvecll Traci." -- , 31 ' ' fs. ,V is . Q' J 3' ., X , fiiwvx. ' i 1- ' GARTH S, RUSSELL Phi Chi Hiawatha GERALD D. RUDE Phi Beta Pi Colgan, North Dakota LEONARD W. ROZIN Phi Chi Rude: "Obviously, a basilar orfery syndrome New York City 46 ,., rw Q- 1 1,-as I 82, ' fi CHARLES H. SEE Phi Chi Ransom JOHN C. SCOTT Phi Chi i Paola CARLE H. SCHROFF Phi Beta Pi l Hiawatha Schroff: "Night Delivery? Impossible l " Shcllef: "Ping-pong, anyone?" 1 , , l , MALCOLM F. SHALET Phi Chi Kansas City, Missouri RICHARD A, SIEMENS Phi Chi Newton JOHN P. SLATER Slcfer: "Thc1f's noi' precisely what I meonf To say. " Phi Beta Pi Topeka 47 i ' g ' .Slew , ii ii ZMQFN . 7 X i ' igii M i V ,.,, ii . r I- ' 4 - 'lim ' ' i ' Q . 1 5 SAM W. SMITH Nu Sigma NU Kansas City BETTY S. M. SOO Honolulu DAVID L. SPALDING Phi Beta Pi Bearl Spalding: "S3,000 for an automobile Platfsbufg- Missouri and nothing happens . " ' wif: l CHARLES F. TSCHOPP Udall ALEX L. SWEET Phi Beta Pi New York City WILBUR B, SPALDING IR, Phi Beta Pi Sweet: "Listen, man, is that really significant?" Plattsburg, Missouri 48 nail? Nl' DON B. VAN DERBY Phi Beta Pi Whittier, California I V. gh ' . 4 ..,-.i WILBUR C. VOSS F PAUL T. VANGERUD Kindred, North Dakota LLOYD C. VOGELGESANG Wanblee South Dakota "Van D": "You have no class, you clod ' . O 0 'f L' , vi N1 ---aw. Bushton Nu Sigma Nu DOUGLAS W. VOTH Phi Chi Rosalia DONALD E. WATSON Voss: "There goes that damn Rog, studying phi Beta pi in his sleep again. " Wichita 49 ,,fn.-- HENRY I. WEYERS Ayr, North Dakota 1 9 ex v.. , A if-f mir:- aim 3 KENNETH C. WIEBE Whitewater Ycldon: "Only sporty people drive sports cars. " W JOHN W. WIENS Hillsborough LOWELL G. YADON Lawrence Phi Beta Pi l , sr mimi, 92 ' - ,, X ni? Viiiigibiwuii' N MINORU YOSHIDA Phi Chi San Fernando, California 50 fi ve? 1' JOHN O. YULICH Phi Chi Kansas City Senion 'Honona Jody Anderson David Hardy Patrick Barrett N0l'mOn Harris 55.lTT.rt Berman Quentin l-luerter I is Boicourt 231902 Don Hunmnghake Walter Brott Vrr, , John McCall Al Duncan James Park Russell Etzenhouser ji Lawrence Perry li Roger Reitz Alpha Omeqa Alpha President - Wayne Attwood Secretary Treasurer - Robert Reinecke New Faculty Member - Max Allen M. D. D. C. Ciubbeq Pniye in fl-liatonq ob medicine lst James Nels Nelson 2nd Patricia Jean Arnold 1957 A. Wlonuia Ciinebenq Paige 'Phqaical Diaqnoaia Jolwn McCall Reehe Awand Gutatandinq 2nd qu. medical Student Wayne Attwood Wahl Awauda Achievement Awanda Wayne Attwood Microbiology - Don Ginardi Willis Boicourt Russell Etzenhouser Robert Berman Pharmacology - Roger Reitz 51 'Jhe Cnauen With apologies to Edgar--written by, for and to the greater glory of the class of '59 Once upon a midnight dreary, while we pondered weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten loreg While we nodded nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of someone gently rapping, rapping at our chamber door. 'Twas but Dean Wescoe--nothing more. "Speak, " we told the apparition, "Is this stop an inquisition, " "Or but an act of intuition that brings you ra ping at our door?" He bit down on his panatella--said, "If you Eirds ain't too yella, "Reminisce for this here fella on you med school days of yore. " "Sure, " spake we, "but don 't get sore. " Ah, distinctly we remember, it was in the bleak September, Voss when viewing his cadaver, fainted on the morgue room floor. While the rest began their scrubbing--washin , rinsing, scraping, rubbing-- Cleaning bodies for dissecting--carving both gehind and fore. Quoth we hundred, "Nevermore. " In the labs, our white coats sagging, we shaved dogs their tails a-wagging-- Cundoms swallowed--Darnell gagging--barfing by the hallway door Kymographs their purpose filling, making patterns oh so thrilling, Lampblack and shellac a-spilling--spilling on the hardwood floor. Quoth the sweepers, "Nevermore. " And we thought just what a dud it was when Paul discussed sludged blood, And "Hormone Bill" unleashed a flood of fifty "uh's" or more. And Byron talked of ectoderm and m, m, m, m, mesoderm. While Baird pulled up his stretchy hose, another combed that beard he wore-- That crazy "beatnik" beard he wore. In betwixt the classroom scramble, down the front hall steps we 'd ramble to the hourly sidewalk gambol, taking note of Kansas lore. Exophthalmic X-ray vision--counting "Hermans" with decision, Greeting falsies with derision, calling to the girls for more, Quoth the ladies, "Nevermore. " While front row boys were brownie-sapping, all the rest were ently napping, Napping, nodding, out-ge-crapping--snoozing on the lecture soot. The pedantic din was rarely broken: Now and then a plea was spoken As a small resistance token, "Douse the fan and shut the door! " Quoth Rapid Kenny, "Nevermore. " Five days a week our heads were aching, bit by bit our spirits breaking, And our nether parts were taking bruises awfull sore. Then Saturday came Sigmoid 's lecture, stuffedywith Viennese conjecture On the finite architecture of the evil Id and more. "Suck-a-vey da mucous, " muttered Sigmoid o'er and o'er. Snake informed us guts were mobile--Smiling Dave forced us to chortleg Samson made the Springtime stag remembered evermore. Barrett whis ered protein studies--Mills and Hasselbach were buddies, Mulford stuffed us full of normal values and much more. Quoth he, "You'll use the--evermore. " There were most of us who passed it, yet some there were who couldn't last it One we surely all remember--only first semester bore. The rest were somehow all promoted--in the end the bargraph gloatedg We survivors all but floated straight to KUMC's door, The next three chapters to explore. Sophomore pharmacology made use of physiology And summoned biochemistry we hadn't learned before. Absorptions, actions, fates, excretionsg sulfas sometimes caused concretionsg Diuretics wrought depletions of electrolytes and more. "Adrenalin" hit a point most sore. Standing over pots a-reeking, classmates here and there were weeping, Kidneys with disease outseeping, hearts and livers, lungs and more-- When off to coffee we went creeping, Doctor Lambert us came seeking, "You guys should be busy keeping: ots' can count one third or more. 'Li 'l Anderson you must deplore. " We well remember Micro-Bi with KOH and TSI, and "Check your Arthus rabbits. Why? Because a thousand had before. Uncle Tom was quite a ham when discussing his Rheumatogramg Our conscious states went "on the lam, " Ne'er to return 'til it was o'er. "P-dog" always was exciting: Feeling tummies was requitingg Mahlon always us inviting to a patient's chest explore. One time 'twas bad, there's no denying, with an old Cheynes-Stoker sighing Someone screamed, "the man is dying! " Bobby sank straight thru the floor. The master staggered out t e door. In our Junior year we wandered in our whites so freshly laundered, Faced with questions which we pondered just outside the patient's door. "Differential dia nosis? Tell me, what's this girl's prognosis? "Joffroy's sign? gr is it Ptosis? Go back home and rea some more. " This our fate forevermore. Chris and Allen, Delp and Weber, Crockett and E. Grey forever, Shall remain--forget them never--as the tyrants that we bore. With their questions they would pin us to the wall where they would skin usg Then the hearts and sou s within us they would trod upon the floor. One consolation--nevermore! While our chiefs were operating, knocks were all that we were taking: They said it was invigorating to the abdomen explore. Proudly ullin our retractors, praised we all these benefactors Who perflormes like movie actors, dramas on the old fifth floor. Quoth the nurses, "Naught save gore. " We sailed through Peds without disdaining--"Tell me, mother, is he gaining? "How about his toilet training? Does hs still pee on the floor?" We learned to treat old impetigo--keeping dry helped intertrigo-- "Where 'er went pin worms, there would we go, " oathed 'we at Herb Miller's door Swore we this and much MUCH more. OB came the Senior session--source of our overt depression, A "C, S. " course, that's our impression, peerless now and evermore. Just our luck to draw a ringer--lonel hours we had to linger Up an anus with a finger--very hopeful--nothing more, Wuoth old Ca kins, "Squeeze it more, " Out-patient clinic was a pity--all the crocks in Kansas City Sang to us their plaintive ditty. Tons of woes they would outpour. "Doc, I've got some gas distressin'--on my stomach it's been pressin', "And myxlhusband--he's been messin' with the divorcee next door. " eprobamate tied the score. With our patients psychiatric oft we felt a trifle spastic-- Drempt of cures a bit more drastic than a simple, "Tell me more, " We learned to cope with penis envy sans resort to oral Pen-Vee-- Calmed a homosexual's frenzy with a non-directive snore-- Only this and nothing more. Upon our store of facts depending, on our preceptors descending, Far from Mecca 's condescending bosom we did bore. And then we found that crooks most fractious also came in private practice-- Came by tens of thousands, streaming to the doctor's door. This our heritage from yore. In the Spring our fancies turning--thoughts of shin les--ambitions burning-- We for a better life were yearning as we never haf before. "Praised be 'Greensleeves', " raised our chorus, and this anthem upwards bore us 'Til we saw what lay before us, and it shook us to the core-- Naught save work forevermore. When our tale was terminated and our moans disseminated, Old "3-Ds" rhetorically stated, "Would not you deign to do this o'er?" We quicklygulped an ataractic--cried, "He l, No--it's too traumatic, "We'd all enter chiropractic and live like kings forevermore-- And retire on the earnings of an 'igh class lidyl " EPITAPH The class of '59's alright: We're sure we 'll bolster the profession. As we leave the tower white, our epitaph's this last confession: The staff sometimes put us to flight, but by and large we were to shifty: Though they dosed with all their might, they never reached our LD-50! .gnteunahipa I 95 9-60 Josephine Anderson, University of Oregon Medical Schools, Portland, Oregon. Patricia J. Arnold, Grasslands, Valhalla, New York. Wayne L. Attwood, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. Patrick,J. Barrett, St. Mary's Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Laurence H. Bates, Akron General Hospital, Akron, Ohio. Robert S. Berman, University of California Hospital, Los Angeles, California. Chandler S. Bethel, Wesley Hospital, Wichita, Kansas. Orville W. Boicourt, Detroit Receiving, Detroit, Michigan. g Eugene Bortnick, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. Walter H. Brott, Army Medical Service Hospitals, Walter Reed, Washington, D. Jene D. Campbell, University of Utah Affiliated Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah. lvan H. Carper, Kansas City General Hospital No. l, Kansas City, Missouri. Melvin L. Cheatham, University of California, San Francisco, California. Frank H. Chesky, Kansas City General Hospital No. l, Kansas City, Missouri. Thomas T. Coolidge, Providence Hospital, Portland, Oregon. Hugh A. Cox, U. S. Air Force, Triple R. Hospital, Hawaii. Herbert A. Curran, Wesley Hospital, Wichita, Kansas. Dale E. Darnell, University of Oregon Medical School, Portland, Oregon . Sunil K . Das, Detroit Receiving Hospital, Detroit, Michigan. Robert J. DeKlotz, Good Samaritan Hospital, Portland, Oregon. Gordon W. Dickerson, Doctors Hospital, Seattle, Washington. Hale E. Dougherty, Orange County'General Hospital, Orange, California. Albert E. Duncan, Denver General Hospital, Denver, Colorado. lone E. Dzubur, Sacramento County Hospital, Sacramento, California. Frank E. Emery, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. Orlyn D. Engelstad, St. Lukes Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri. Russell Etzenhouser, Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia. John C. Faul, Denver General Hospital, Denver, Colorado. Kenneth M. Fendorf, Kaiser Foundation Hospital, San Francisco, California. Ashford M Galbreath, Menorah Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri. Donald E. Ginardi, Menorah Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri. John D. Granzella, Public Health Service, Edward E. Haith, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. John D. Hallewell, U. S. Air Force Hospital, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Tex QS David L. Hardy, Army Medical Service Hospital, William Beaumont AH, El Paso, Texas Norman R. Harris, W. H. Groves L. D. Saints Hospital, Salt Lake, City, Utah. Donald O. Hayen, Naval Hospitals, George R. Helsel, Wesley Hospital, Wichita, Kansas. Quentin C. Huerter, St. Margaret's Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas. Donald B. Hunninghake, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Ka Jack E. lrvine, Broadlawns County Hospital, Des Moines, lowa. Wilbur E. Janzen, General Hospital, Fresno County, Fresno, California. Scott W. Jordan, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. Dale C. Kana, St. Johns Hospital, Fargo, North Dakota. Karl E. Keller, Kansas City General Hospital No. l, Kansas City, Missouri. Kenneth W. Kihle, St. Johns Hospital, Fargo, North Dakota. Robert W. Koop, Doctors Hospital, Seattle, Washington. Rodger W. Lambie, Menorah Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri. Jean F. Legler, Menorah Medical Center, Kansas City, Missouri. Stanley W. Lowe, U. S. Air Force, Jack E. Lungstrum, St. Lukes Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri. 54 TISGS C John Mardock, W.H. Groves L.D. Saints Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah. John C. McCall, Jr., University of Utah Affiliated, Salt Lake City, Utah. Patrick E. McCann, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. Joseph C. McDaniel, Bernalillo County Hospital, Albuquerque, New Mexico. William H. McEachen, Baltimore City Hospitals, Baltimore, Maryland. Gene A. McFadden, Thomas D. Dee Memorial Hospital, Ogden, Utah. Walter L. McKim, Wesley Hospital, Wichita, Kansas. Charles D. Monson, St. Francis Hospital, Wichita, Kansas. Adolph R. Mueller, Jr., Doctors Hospital, Seattle, Washington. Andrew Nachtigall, Kansas City General Hospital No. l, Kansas City, Missouri. Wilbur B. Neel, St. Margaret's Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas. James N. Nelson, Detroit Receiving, Detroit, Michigan. James P. Newby, Weld County General Hospital, Greeley, Colorado Russell L. Odegard, St. John's Hospital, Fargo, North Dakota. E. Rule Olson, Letterman Army Hospital, San Francisco, California. James H. Park, Baltimore City Hospitals, Baltimore, Maryland. Lawrence L. Perry, Jr., Kansas City General Hospital No. l, Kansas City, Missouri. Jack'D. Poland, Public Health Service. Laurance W. Price, Jr., University of Texas Medical Branch Hospitals, Galveston, Texas Ben A. Raines, St. Lukes Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri. Kenneth B. Reed, Kaiser Foundation Hospital, San Francisco, California. Robert D. Reinecke, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. Roger P. Reitz, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. Leonard W. Rozin, Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. Gerald D. Rude, Kansas City General Hospital No. l, Kansas City, Missouri. Garth S. Russell, Wesley Hospital, Wichita, Kansas. Carle H. Schroff, Kansas City General Hospital No. l, Kansas City, Missouri. John C. Scott, Public Health Service. Charles H. See, Wesley Hospital, Wichita, Kansas. Malcolm F. Shalet, University Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. Richard A. Siemens, Public Health Service. John P. Slater, Mary Fletcher Hospital, Burlington, Vermont. Sam W. Smith, San Diego County General Hospital, San Diego, California. Betty S. Soo, Sacramento County Hospital, Sacramento, California. David L. Spalding, U. S. Air Force. Wilbur B. Spalding, Jr., Orange County General Hospital, Orange, California. Alex L. Sweet, Mount Zion Hospital, San Francisco, California. Charles F. Tschopp, Public Health Service. Don B. Van Derby, St. Lukes Hospital, San Francisco, California. Paul T. Vangerud, St. Lukes Hospital, Fargo, North Dakota. Lloyd C. Vogelgesang, Wesley Hospital, Wichita, Kansas. Wilbur C. Voss, Providence Hospital, Portland, Oregon. Douglas W. Voth, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. Donald E. Watson, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. Henry J. Weyers, San Diego County General Hospital, San Diego, California. Kenneth C. Wiebe, Kansas City General Hospital, No. l, Kansas City, Missouri. John W. Wiens, Kansas City General Hospital, No. l, Kansas City, Missouri. Lowell G. Yadon, Kansas City General Hospital, No. l, Kansas City, Missouri. Minoru Yoshida, Los Angeles County Hospital, Los Angeles, California. John O. Yulich, St. Margarets Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas. 55 V' ,'1't- QW T 'Mia T' T' ' Mild! iii mt , tit, .. or Lam . My P . Q .,r.'- ' 1 f 4 rg., ti. + ., gen, 4,1 ,,, , 51, 4' w , .. S... 1: ix F? 3 4 r L 1 -4 M, M v N .k , , A. N az: l. Start out at Vulva Drive, then 2. Continue past Clitoris Bridge for a short dis tance. Take Vaginal Tube to Cervix Square. Stop oft and view the wonders of Uterine Hollow. Make sharp right to Salpingo Road. Continue to Frimbria Street, take Peritoneal Ferry, DIRECTIONS TO OB ORALS it and I Culminate trip at the House of Follicles for some 'T iilii 'Liquor' prior to orals. The Captain P' OCTOBER 1956 "Life preservers are under the front. But don't worry in 3 yrs. of sailing they have never been needed. a tw- www ' The lst Mate "Don't worry I'11 hold things down. " The 111 F2166 Crew ' 3 V94 .,.: fliwii- -' 2 i f S- .. "i . . ' K 1 ' "We've Ca sized" P Save the Women! ! Russ, don't you think ,Gee were Alive.. . that's far enuf? Cc X S Q 9 I . tlltfcfafrfrrrrrfffm wf ,512 E' 9' -b -- Uno 5,8 32 19,9 . 4 X ,4 dllll W gliifivl QQWY- ' X -Y 'w W ' 'Jill I KY QQ?-2:11 1 21:-rss, ,if fill 111 ,,., , e - - .- X ' 'kv magna TZ' " I 6 Y Q f ,-4'l- -bi. YJ . - ,'g"tl1-'F' V NX. Q9 4 'tu-125 X NAR "Each applicant is required to have a personal in- terview with the Dean and with the Committee on Admissions. . . " 1 X7 -- 24,,7fl:1gfg5f55gllIj iwwnllili lmav gj, -if TIL' of Ju. ghpxvlifi 1 ,gui 1 4.,. r' '. ,1,. fi ' ' C H. I - .X i1i"".p1'fgm. F L ' li ...LV fn ' 1 .1 as i"ll'l l tl lill e f ' itsurifw ' f at I lt! iii , l iff C31 ff-'L ,ll QV 7 y,1?.',-g'3gQ1P! XE WJ limi! H p 1, ,J Q ,Q 'ie iw -' ..t- mwiffa f ,.,.g:mgr -'fgfzf j t.. R2 il 'PM lt l fzl 1 , 1 , 'I 2- W m tt tgi V-av .,,? y--E l!! j ,Ql it P- 1- if " , lfii HI! Ill tv. rl nun. 4 - E -ll tl r lil"liIwl'ffr'tw'tf12 V if it W itll" ei p, , IW :iff Nfl' 3 1 . Q55 , a ,f Z eaiiiil ill- L t ilting l 1' time -imma me 9 ,t .nmttttnrt li M11 21:1 1. . ' -Y',,.:', ' ,,i1 T -K Y' CZ: 1233- 'jf -55 "T-wi' 7? r m - X - fr W 4 at 2- X . rfrfrffjelifffr llv p m ff?" -111-5 -at ' Q -2 3:55 ,A W ,r-e--.-,-- me c--. "Clinical Pathological Conference, 12:00 to 1:00 p. m. Saturdays. . " 58 ll an t ,Lf-f' "As each patient is admitted to the hospital, the student is notified and completes his initial work- up within twenty-four hours. , " ". . .instruments of examination are introduced, com pleting the effort to make the course adequate in preparation for the clinical clerkship. . . " -ii-' l - gg fy 5. "During the fourth year, each student is required, as part of the regular curriculum, to spend four and one- half weeks under the supervision of a physician- preceptor in a small community in the State of Kansas. . . " wilt? "Honorable withdrawal may be granted by the Dean. . " In mmnnqllnlmnnnqlnlmu Ig l -3 L "I WY4? fix Nm N f .U'v"i t ' 'U Sflsti' X va, -9'-, - fgfayf ,Jn f 'N'X 5 , A W - W 1'-x ' 'ST t J ' '-.. XFN la xx ff ' IMMWIEIIIEI :V W' N KN WCS? 24 ggffv fYlW, iwrQ54r. r :WVU A SS- - cd- ,sf . A ,. N214 " t 1, l -- ' R? ""r rw Q66 4' qfp pdf, ,L N tl' g f" 'ig ilk, H wmssm lun" 'mum 1lnl1l:'1pfl4'.lgmg 'slit ' f ejm f-. 5 :2-P3 4, l'-J' rwfur fm ' t f- "l3 lw'l'l!ll it Q WN 57 frat? - ""lfff?4si s "' liXYS:Kr,' i n rjS1f..3,s ri f-iglll k "QE iw! 5' 4?7 N ,liz I I 'liv JI' 'b aztf rssfv iff ul 1:1191 , -' , P r - " 4 N ' fi r f Sir: V' we F15 ,-.' ll flaw -r' , - Q Ns, e N-'mp?f -"'-z ?LlZiLf'.?!'iA'f:i 'f ' .- t - N M, X x- Mu Agsiy spin :SH pgs 1? , rm Mllliyllnn .W f' ""'2Illllllml:. i,,y 'is 2 c 'mt 1 ,L 1 'Mig-it--gt V-.,. ..s E 5-3: , , - an rl- m ' t. r o nr1'W We-sg. . V, ' ' X 1.1 Q- . J ,Ar , gig 'l l , , ...l fa!-fl lil mI"'u"ll'!f.'-Q 'c w ' '1 L. 'Q 2 ... iTT,l":riLf : ' 1' , 4 , W 3. . if Y "If, at any time, the faculty should decide that a student is morally, mentally or physically unsuited for a career in medicine, it reserves The Chart Conferences are informal meetings the right to sever its Connection with Such between small groups of students and a staff man. . . " 59 students, . , . " WAI, CHAIZACIEILS Nw Q fx foams! ZQ Q! Q20 3 N FLALJ V 0 l' W 4, if , 7 .xx , Qff' J 1 X I B 0 I . fl-EL 6 , "5 f 1 ENN, f gx 1? QW ' Z N f af mx X x K li if 5' jg I Il 6 ff X f '14 f, , 3 oo 0' A . 74947-A 35' J 2 1' R xx if f?fN 3 i iz , Y 1 N f I fi, CONFIUENT 1-snag J sgpm S ff.-:TLAGE TYPE uhh Aafl- A k V 2cY M fxsnxfk XA JG wq ack Q yf 'O Im. U ff 9 b . , ,J . .f: -1". h iffy! r ' lg . J' "":v3 "1 ' 1-' 3 , J -fyf . ' f' f env " - - - pus Tffci Dy? PAWXN0lD TYPE - A J' f A 11 V' ...- uwwmlclf ,g,, N X ami' L9 WWW 1' N --yawn'-'vT.17l, ' ' E W f , .W l Lf, Q' f LZ! an us' ly 1,13 Q 9- Z1 - X " W , f , U H f 1' ff? W x f Q at J 1 X f -17 is I X'g:,? !,1 1 6 Xp., ' "fri . M' x Qs X ' f ,I 1 XJ: ' I A- .X C7 3 , 1 l ' X 'iQs,f' ,ff , j- 5 -' r " X .fw sff ' - . iff.,-, fx-' f 5 ,f-3,5 wh 'El 'J ' ' ,' ff 1 quniolza 3 ,f if TSN Sxsx BearB Qunion -Honoua Roberf Conn 1 Hugh Greer Don Moeller Perry Rashleigh Lynn Smith Don Williams Alpha Omega Alpha A. mmmia Cjinabenq Awami Phqaical Diaqnoaia Perry Rashleigh Wahl Awanda - I 958 Robert Conn Hugh Greer Kennefh Wedel Achievement Awauda - I 958 Microbiology - Roberf Conn Pharmacology- Don Williams 62 J ik JJ i I Yfr FRONT: Tom Davis, Don Janes, William Henry Buck II, Kurt Metzl, Howard Chin. BACK: Wendel Wyatt, Don Williams, Dick Morrison, Don Spencer, Joe Kyner. , , ,.. J J 3 X 'I x, is f V f FRONT: Jack Walker, Bill Burns, Bob Daugherty, Clement Chun-Ming. BACK: Rolf Husted, Charles Jones, Sandy Daugherty, Gerald Petersen. 63 . 1 " - ..,, W ?""mf, ,: 'C H li ' .-Q H 1 V. 1. ,, M., Ur Y I u A bij f , X 1, Beef' ,K A in 51 H ' f if I X HE ' A BZ FRONT: Manny Moser, Lyn Smith, Cal Beck. BACK: Bob Conn, Boots Phillips, Dick Blair, Don Moeller. W ,, 1- i I r . r 1 i f ' 'E llkl" 1 H I-if . V l, :hr ,mxfiw if If Y 1 i lll ' . FRONT: Larry Tretbar, Don Ray, Charles Warrender, Leland Larsen. BACK: Dean Stucky Gerald Moyer, Rayan Harrington, Philip Stansifer. 64 , 5 . a ,sm '!':'f:1.' 3? 1' ' ' :L-if g.e.W,- r M :iwu r 1 r w- , , Cg?,3CTQ9g 5l.fl ' fi-feff li? fl fl , , P, avg 'X , ,N , ,,,.., , N H ., R r ,.A,: , , ' v J'g'mf?' Nw ' 'xn..5 iw A H' H . N N U 3 A I f H - 4' if 4' H Q :.. , , . ,:.,.:, .V,, . i: C I Q F H V -g-'gf' Q' F-, - ' r- - .L , gr, 5.27 N" , J , wa , - .F ' iff.. f , 1 Y 35.1233 ' , Y ': 5 . 3 4 , 5. . W" 'Q V 7 -Hr X . . W, sa,-Q y I in X : FRONT: Al Cramer, George Hubert, Ken Wedel, Carl Dahl. BACK: Fred Nobrega, Joe Schaeffer, Sandy Markham, Bob Dockhorn, John Todd. q i. L A Yr' sf , P' in 1 X , . f f 1 , V 'X 4- lsr 1 - Ha gf i -R sri - egg N , xixb H X .f A fa, ,5f3,-1-Q' "'. 2 5121-g,, 1 -' ' l fi V ' 1 I B 35 ' ,C l 5 f W A1 aed, ,awg -N WE: t 'X Q " , .:-:Q Y . ,, Y! - , W NK in Lkyyy f X r . ,ix R' fx' fi FRONT: George Belcher, Bob Conrad, Kerrn Wedel, Doug Whitley. BACK: Philis Grant, Barbara Amara., Rodney Lowe, John Merideth, Hal Marshall, Bud Maguire. 65 5 I dv S M i 'Qi 4 xt 'N i . X yf " "XX V' l if in X 1 FRONT: Bill Braden, Lyle Anderson, Dennis Richards, Bob Voth, BACK: Mike Pronko, Barbara Lukert, Chuck Broman, Wally Schmid, Doug Sheafor, George Betz. TN A Uv," H ,r X SSH l B rr,r A , 5 " vi -1 1? wi? H 1 J' ,, ,X W A ,2, E1: 'N- .,,,., W ' ' '21 i D L aea rr - 5- r FRONT: Llewellyn Borgendale, Stanley Kern, Jim Hovland, Steve Tkach. BACK: Dean Bray, Kale Gentry, Ali Arbab, Jerry Nelson, Charles Scott. 66 K4 129' , ' .1 ' Q' 5 FRONT: Al Sanders, Dick Meyer, Russ Settle. BACK: Earl Wright, Melville Thornton Moore, John Hutcherson, John fhistamine-flushj Ziegler, Norm Macy. NOT PICTURED: Albert M. Galen, Brigette Bardot, Alfred Newman, I. Fredrich Aardvaark et al. a hard P. M. in the O, P. D. 7 i 2 lt? - I REMEMBER: some patients get violent "always inspect the patient first. . " 67 The noble grotesque involves the true appreciation of beauty. -Ruskin i'?'l ga 13:-is -W " , M53 an ,i W rx. 11A t wp. i ,ng my J Extreme remedies are very appropriate if c for extreme diseases. ii Z Q 'Y Ht ii '? ii- it -Hippocrates T I N i H 1:2 M I' E55 it , , M , , m , .5 , ' Q it . K tflfll 1 I I ' 'L rr, 41' I i t 68 Art and Science have their meeting-point in method. -Bulwer-Lytton ng Q X S: ,i v 'lU'Bea1-B Sophomonea 3 is 4. f 65- asa r L FIRST ROW: Dave Carlson, Russ Bradley, Bob Duret, Ed Campbell, Jim Bickley, Wally Dunlap, Don Berkley. SECOND ROW: Dennis Dahl, Lynn Colip, Bill Brainard, Dave Ball, Menzie Brown, Maurice Cashman, Dick Brownrigg. THIRD ROW: Hal Compton, Dean Applegate, Don Bray, Frank Barnett, Bob Chesky. NOT PICTURED: Monte Allen, Dave Auchard, Mike Boles, Bob Dailey. 4 Z ' . if FIRST ROW: Gordon Ewy, J. Hayes, Jack Dusay, Paul Johnson, Dave Hiebert, Dusty Jones, Jerry Kennedy, Roger Hartman. SECOND ROW: Lee Kaufman, Jerry Foree, Bruce Gill, Johnnie Forss- berg, Wes Hand, Joe Huston, Jim Kelley. THIRD ROW: Wally Dyck, Jim Evans, Harry Fergu- son, Jack Holt, Dan Croy, Terry Hull, Bill Haffner, Bob Durie. NOT PICTURED: Marjorie Ger- brandt, Jack Havenhill, Joe Henning. 70 l 5 S if FIRST ROW: Wil McElroy, Bill Maddix, Bob McElroy, Ron Palmer. Jim Sawyer, A1 Rodriquez Gene McCo1lough. SECOND ROW: Jack Mull, Jack Mohler, Wayne Mason, Don Loudon, Bill King, Gene Kurtz, Del Meyer. THIRD ROW: Monte Petitt, John Layle, Gene Klingler, Lee Murray, Haven Krueger, George Kreye, Vic McCall, John Reese. NOT PICTURED: Frank Mc- Knight, A1 Okonkwo, Jack Runnels. ,1,,, '-'W , .,,f'4, Jig gi fi, D Q? were FIRST ROW: Gary Snodgrass, Vern Shull, George Sheldon, Rick Wurster, Laurie Welch, Bruce Wenger, Jerry Schrader. SECOND ROW: Firrnin Snodell, Herb Waxman, Jim Webb, Elwyn Taylor, Bud Van Vranken, Dick Shaw, Ron Schemm. THIRD ROW: Bob Vance, Bob Wilber, Bernie Winer, Gene Waggener, Len Sullivan, Charlie Schaefer, Bill Schlotterback, Lyle Steiner. NOT PICTURED: Jean Seid, Darrell Sirnnson. C.A. Smith. 515 Q ,W-4' was.: ff' if 7-v' Thi xr I Even the bravest men are frightened by sudden terrors. ,kg T 1., 1., assault ' ' Blood is a juice of rarest quality. ' Goethe 72 Lf -Tacitus The real character of a man is found out by his amusements. Sir Joshua Reynolds 0 2 ' ll X W Q E Sli Down.. X ww , e ka n f 'vi U' 5 W 9 M' WWKZZQMW ekwQ 4 IMMMMWWW Q X xw fae29f 725 iv? Q eg n Qysi- NXXSNQJF XX ,. V 1, n 1 'fi7 A933 5Qqgg Mwwgg H .Q ji K gm mn' s. e x t Q '. xx I . fi? f X A I are such agreeable friendsp cus noq 73 cri ici eor T uesfions, pass no f sms. G ge El t ,, dl 'f'-in Commenting on the nature of all life, Sir Walter Scott once said, "l-le that climbs a ladder must begin at the fg1r.stround." Cohrnmepging og th? nalgure of all medhschool education one Freshman was heard to say, "It looks like t is is orng to e a roun er or t e reav -wei t title." Logking back we recall that that freshmzn hagthe immediate situation pretty well summed u . But we loved every minute of it. fSure we didlj Other things we recall too. Like this was the year we read in the editorial columns: "She's wearing chemises, he's wearin blazers, and the stock market is wobbly. Any of you fellows there in the band know the Stein Song?" And even though the glamour of "being a med student" sometimes wore off for a little while when we were up to our antitra u in formaldehyde and carrion trying to find a nerve that we knew d--- well wasn't there, we still found ourselves geaving our lab coats on and standing in the doorway azing through the glass at the passing undergrads in lieu of going out to mingle with the "college kids." And who goeswt remember the occasional bank statements that read 316. 54 QQ in big red letters? The government recommended that we control the recession by spending- more than we take in. No one here shirked duty to country on that count. While some of us longed to be in the city instead of being cooped up over here, secluded and forgotten, there were others who considered that nothing makes it easier to resist temptation fexcept after a block exarnj than living in a spiall town. So in order to accept the inevitable gracefully we persuaded ourselves that this basic year would be ood or us. g And it was. We learned a lot in our courses. In embryology, for instance, among the conclusions reached was that he who has no fools, knaves or beg ars in his family must have begot by a flash of lightening. And while we're on the subject--if Toby is reading this--wqiat wa,s it, Tob , that Dr. Wen er said to offend you in micro last fall? Others learned that the fellow who figures he hasn't got whats coming to Eim shouldn't complain. Maybe he's just lucky! The Physiology Dept. just couldn't find his locker after the first exam. So in this year on the Lawrence campus, when there seemed to be an excess of everything but parking spa ce and religion, we have had our gripes. But even at that.. .When we found a myeloblast Con a testj that we had never seen before.. . When the little pink slip came in the mail--and it was to tell us they had found a book we had lost. . .When we clobbered the men from Green Hall 14-2 on the gridiron. . . When as we look back on the minute anatomical stones we turned in some of the obscure quarries ofour friend and close companion in the gross lab--and those stones all seem to fit together to build a most intricate and beautiful structure about which we understand a small measure of morphology. . .When a confident sophomore assures us that even though it seems like hell at the time we are still goiigig to make it because we are making better grades than he ever did. . .Then we are glad we have taken that first, an biggest, step up the ladder toward the top. R.E.E. 74 3 .FN Q - k'k K w , I f 'i ,' , if . . lu. 'V i I fix. ' , ., 5 ' J ,, NS. . , 1, X J f 1 1 X ,, rl x , 1 Q M f ln X A H3 X w 4 Vw x 1 .A Eb s nb, 2- .x 1' Y 'V x I xx K y an K 'N x X K" X 4, X 11' Xb ' I X K - . 5 A4 ' 'K A H 1 iffy Hx ' 1 A ,ff ' . f Q N QF? f , . s . 'J y '44 LA -IJ , W '23 'J f ' X 1' A , ff. lf! f i , , I. 15,51 . - 1: v - , Q 'INT-Z L I' ., S1 lf' if - , vf K X , .iff My- , U V .i . . X . g gf? .f, ex 1 N X. L '- H-1- , , W- Yef XV? 'Uf Bear B 5 '3'neahmen 2 l v . l .,g,',Q:? ' ' 4' -' .r-.TGV ' w. I T .atv . --'fax 1551.75-.yi :Qi . .vii Eg: , ':l5fx-513 H?" -2 .Cn A df. i I L rx O ep? - - OO 5UALLY gig IN EVERY CLASS -- BUT 'runs IS REoucum.ouS!! Q W J j X C rs i Ima a. knbwra. ,Zi , R ! J! f MW s X .. J J . v - 4 7'-N 2 X 6? 13 -- X X 1 f W ZXRQU if ' 7" My ' f 9 X XSS KN xl ' HH' xxx Q X K ss ? N, K MAN fi , ,?""5.. fx 4 " 5 'V "gf v TV , N It N Z I K ,s v,,,,' L- ' 1 78 XB 9, 4" Jeff. of analoomy, chair-mania Iam.-1 fi ,I ,X I 541 2.1 M 5 A V 1 QS " 1 ooN'1' Know ws-no 'rueY A-RE-'T THEY SAID THEY Lure -rue cuMA'fE.! T I . - 4 , 5 - -, -- w ,.1 ff, U 1 ,, f , Q fi N w V fflffy h cffxgs xx KFJRN 7 I 'gffffjx X. K 'ff' f fA:','.s..1 "H 57 " 9 1 "" "'l' -uf, f 1 , ".',f,',"""' H 0 13 ,Mm 5 -.Q Zf ,M g K f N f 'lf -M"-X" f' .. If I Cf fox xiii Yi"-Cf - '-'Z f 4 I f f 'N f"" g K 'HMM' S M l A N J T,i,j - 'H of xv I 'LQQR F 1 A. X. li C A 9 fd AKJXEY' vi . ,-Q A 4 X , rf we-59" -A 1, lg Q3 Q1 Q ,-Jt"""' I - i v Cm 'ff ufBearB Hctiuitiea Phi Beta Pi Once again, this congenial group relaxed together in the vicarious atmosphere of Johnny Goetz' to re-examine some of the weightier problems of the world, e.g. how Wyatt Earp really got his man, as tolcl by Dr. Delp, or Dr. VoIk's answer to med school. Even the femme fetales were entertained in this intellectual environment, and lent a festive touch to the occasion. 'Phi Chi fr I Q, . , ri, Break Fld n V 431,45 ,iw 'AL :J , xi . Q 1 1 fb' 'wx , IVA: 1, ' vu- I sf 29 gig, 'im km, 9 5 Q ff' y r 4, .fr 1 X .2 XX 4 tl V 5 i 83 if. -J vsb,., 11 Tlu Sigma Ylu Nu Sigma Nu was founded in 1882 as America's First Medical Fraternity. It has been continuous at K. U. since 1909. Beloved by its neighbors and Famous For its rushing, its only desire is to move to Kansas City for all Four years before the anchor out back breaks loose and the house falls down the hill. 84 sn!-' 15' :if is AW- ,- of life .WX YKQ Arrwood Neel as Boicourt Park ggliis Darnell Perry Granzella Schroff QE! Hardy Van Derby Nelson Curran Price Fendorf Reitz Galbreath Smith Ginardi Voss Hallewell Barrett Reed Duncan Reinecke Etzenhouser Russell Keller Voth Lungstrum Yulich KU THC Baaleetball 'Ieam BACK ROW: Runnels, Wenger, Welch, Maddix Bramard FRONT ROW: Conn, smith, Hollinger, Huston. 85 Lute and Lqne This group was founded In 1936 by Two clm icians who made the simultaneous sclenhflc ob servafion that The ablllfy fo enloy life dld not follow a si'ra1'a of slze, shape, or lnfelleci' Membership IS more than an honor, It IS a way we ffji I U V , p :su xtl., X Y' I PHARMACOLOGY Robert Volle and Joe Underwood Study Effect of Drugs on the Contraction of Frog Heart Muscle. x A ' N A MIRCORIOLOGY Soderberg checks on Schools autopsy technique! . O Ad 1 , . .Pulm- ib 2' Rerni is that a virus vial you lost? re. '.i ,W Reaeanch m 1 " Ph.D. 7 , 1,.,: I f... t - ns 4135553 Q Qpgfs ie' Heckman, Arnelunxen, Costello, Soderberg and Synder listen as Scholes discusses his research. N ..., f N .. A :.. .J s , Y I 7 I fr K " 2 ti: Ines ff.. ',, Burford Checks isotopes while Smith checks chromatographic technique. Snyder checks Streptococci from rheumatic fever patient 86 MICROBIOLOGY Dick Costello and Pat Compton VIROLOGY George Beran at his research studies. gn ix, ,ex T .., fin - 3 .4 - El- uh 1 ,- - ..-1 ,Af .,:.-., -.-' ' ' -11 virus if -C www I . WE MUST HOLD N S0'Cl2fLf PTO REASON FOR T Q Home ., 12WQ, .i,,,,.,., ,.4Wl I+ HIS DAILY FT 'ITIL' ' ' 'ON ,::i::1 "' i . ,.1:2: I IIIII I I L, ., VI? .,. I IT IS N0 EXC 'f '- 'T i ' " ' EI? ..1i Ziziib X FOR HIS DEEDS, I T CUSTOM OF HI 45 -T E. Y E BUSINESS H AIN? " L, - I - -1 A Ti- I IIII .EMERSQN I L? I959 TOPICS THE NEW AMA CODE OF ETHICS A MANIFESTO OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY MEDICAL EDUCATION l""' THE DEATH OF IVAN ILYCH THE DOCTOR ANDTHE DOLLAR THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA THE ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT OF PSYCHOANALYSIS 87 AJ ' r Y f! ,A Y Olgbiceua President . . . Frances Siemens lsr. V. P. . Mary Ruth Yulich 2nd, V. P. . Mena Hunninghake Rec. Sectry.. .Jeaninne Schroff medical Damea 1959 Corresponding Secretary Ecll or of Calling Card Nohflcahons Chairman Elaine Janzen Kathy Bates Mildred Koop Kathy Wedel ,,,, mi - 4 fvienlflfj Q v Fun .J Y J 'J 89 Wonk . moneq .. ,L .?.EK-Vic-" -f --v 1jE'ij'fb-n.-Q., ,mg -1 ,.,1- 5, ..,,,, ..V.',.. ,Q ':yQ,. VX: '., W? jgfilf 2" YQ?" 4 fw- W H W N Xkw 9761 cf X W , JN 6i'l" .....f'W 5' ' it wi W I I f 5 Q, Ez! 5 !Lf? , ,,,.,.f5J MISS E. JEAN M. HILL Chairman, Department of Nursing Professor in Nursing IWF MISS ERNA RUEGGEBERG Assistant Chairman, De- partment of Nursing Assistant Professor in MISS MYRTHEL NELSON Nursing Assistant Professor in Nursing 1959 Class Sponsor Ylunainq Education 'Faculty lb- MISS BERNICE WAGNER Assistant Professor in Nursing MISS SARA PATTERSON Associate Professor in Nursing MISS KATHRYN SCHAAF Assistant Professor in Nursing of Children MISS HAZEL ROBERTS Instructor in Public Health Nursing MRS. MARY I. REED Insuuctor of Nursing in Obstetrics MRS. RUTH P. CAMP Instructor in Psychiatric Nursing 92 MRS. MARIE WIEBE Instructor in Nursing, Fort Hays Affiliates MISS CAROL BEST Instructor in Nursing, MRS. MAXINE MCCABRIA Instructor in Nutrition MISS CAROL GRAVES Instructor of Nursing in Operating Room MISS JEAN HOLEMAN Instructor in Nursing MRS, JEANINE SCHRAFF Instructor in Nursing MISS CAROL KING Instructor in Nursing MRS. RUTH GIER Instructor in Nursing MISS BEVERLY MARVEL Instructor in Nursing MISS JOAN ROSS Instructor of Nursing in Pediatrics MISS MARY JO KASSELMAN Instructor in Nursing MISS PERRY Instructor in Diet Therapy as --1- I R 0 Q . A ,Qin I I , ' 'wi uzsefigueiiirits' "' "J" 31 NOTA PICTURED W ,Q wi. i, ,nu ' w'3Tffi9i4i2igQ "W MISS BERNICE SZUKA LLA Director of Nursing Service Q 'N MRS. DOROTHY WALBERG Assistant Director of Nursing Service MISS MARY ANN EISENBISE Assistant Director of Nursing Service flaaociatea in Yluuainq Sefwice TOP ROW: Mrs. Jackie Roberts, Miss Phyllis Walsten, Miss Virginia Hockens, Mrs. Yvonne Algire, Mrs. Nelda Gutzman, Miss Ethlyne House. BOTTOM ROW: Miss Esther Bronson, Miss Jane Elliott, Miss Louise Chatman. Y' 9? e.f:Nf43l:.' 'Q 4 f if - fri. .' 'Q ',f'fNl.. x Y t b . 4 I I , 1 .1 ...'5..''.. ir A -77 x -'Qt l 'kv WL' gk ' l.l zji'Q,- E1 ' 553 "' W 'H it r A-I ,f M serv as .- A - - " A T . .eff I A ' r - 4 e F Q 3 47 ff - A Q f, , , VN! lx -V. X " ' lj V 'nigga N 5 53' W, ' " f P-'N 3 if? ' ' - ' A Q . . fi ' H , . ' Q s 47 , H' T5 E W fre. 4 ,Ulf , g:-.725 i ,V V I I L v 1 1 - , , T A . Q 1' 3 I n Q 94 SLN1 All 9X IHWQQ 2.-ew, WW f M y IJ P , r Q. W Q Ll qi V 1 0 'mx b Y x x N, ! : H X! V wk KU + . SWK Seniona AEE SANDRA ARNOLD Wu ww , KAREN SUE BARNES fm. LYNDALL BAYLES . BARBARA HUNT BAYS L -N 5 B AABBEA I Lf- ,agp , gy: 'bas A f Ei 'K I CONNIE BENJAMIN 96 LILA BENSON MARILYN BRINEY I A dh ANNA BELLE CHILLCOTT ie. MATTYE DEES DOROT HY FINE lax, 6 Seniona S' MARCIA COATE f-9" G if MARY ANN ENNA CAROL DOUGLASS SONYA FORRER 97 Seniona 59 E KATHERINE GEORGE CAROL HILL EVALYN EYER HOBSON A .3 w.,:m,w , , IRENE HOLLING SWORT H 98 f f 1 :ggi is - EEEE WILLA SWIFT HIGGINS 1959 Class Vice-President 'fs ii , N Y , . X - w M: , , H Aw., , , ,E M Z I 'Q 5 - f ME? E1 w MARIO HODGSON MARTHA HUTCHESON 1959 Class President C AROLYN MILL ER GOODE 'W Y a KAY JONES BARBARA PETERS MCCAMISH w 1 N V.,g2v.., , ,, Wy, L,,, 1...,,.,,.k if W Q X- A CAROLE MEANS ISE Seniona JUDITH POWELL JONES 5, . MARGARET MALCOLM 99 w.t"'N 'Q- LORETTA MCCRANEY Seniona V 1 K Lv SALLY IO NEWMAN Q, N I MERLYN PARSONS Q3 PAULA PLUNKETT -Q xv ROSE MARY ROBERTS ff? ' ARLENE ABBOTT SETTLE 100 IOANNE FRANCISCO SCHUMANN MARY LOU SKINNER I A SHARON THOMPSON 1959 Class Secretary-Treasurer SANDRA BETTIS VOSS MISS MYRTHEL NELSON 1959 Class Sponsor ,sv A ' Q A I N , MARY ANN MCGREW TROMBOLD -If NORMA SUE WALLIN G Seniona PAULA YEARY SQ 101 DONALIE ZIMMERMAN - lf I' "I I I ' K he 2-vig, J. Fevurly, C. Wyckoff, S. Quisenberry, S. J. Smith, C. Fricke, E. Reed, D. Kunkel, Fankhauser, S. Shelton. F. Ruppelius. ...,. it .I S. Pfaff, V. Richards, E, Grey, L. French, A. Diller, M. Root. C. Dillinger, G. Harkness, A. Ailor, K. Burke, C. Applebaugh. 'I02 Whene '3utunea Beqin Dear Diary, September founcl 55 girls filled with anticipation, embarking on a new career. I am one of that 55. Sometimes I wonder iust what I got myself into -- but with the compan- ionship of my fellow students and the helpfulness of my instructors, I am beginning to realize the ful- fillment of a dreafn. I work, I study, and Iplay. M. Unruh, B. Child, S. Clary, R. Abel, L. McCue, E. I-Ioelscher. I L. Gradinger, R. Schreiber, M. Brown, H. Fleming, C. Bolenbaugh. My day begins at 6 a.m . -- off to the wards -- short break for lunch -- ping pong and T.V. later on -- then the library -- occasionally out with the girls -- or with a special guy. Sometime, dear diary, l'm going to be a top notch nurse. For Further reports on progress, watch the class of '60 -- they're going places! Miss Stuclent Nurse B. Nordstedt, K. Keever, M. Saunders, M, McBrayer, B. Hailey, C. Merritt. I0 Pfiiigf, ,. .11 1.1 M. Fink, J. Chrisman, C. Rogers, M. Schmidt, K. Allphin. C. Ziegler, S. Peirce, B. Seel, C. McCosh C. Smith, E, Picton, J. Aderholt The Ladies Aid and Quiltin' Society of Placerville entertain. Caduceua Capena Caduceus Capers is annual attraction written, produced and directed by the student nurses. This year's production concerned a New York City department store nurse, attracted to the "wild west" by an inheritance left her by an uncle. Our city girl found she had much to learn about the West, and the audience laughed along with her in her hilarious experiences. Pete and the Mule do a mean 104 jig! "The Rocketts! " "How " "THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A NURSEI " "Foley and Robinson Lament ever "Loveable Lola!" leavin' Wyomin'. " Also Director of the '58 Capers 105 'Houaemothena . . . . . a band of mothers who having raised their own families go on to become mothers to a new family of girls. These mothers provide a home to which we are ss. proud to bring our friends and DAYS families. To each and every girl they are friends, confidants and Mrs. Hazel Young COUr1Sel0l's . EVENINGS s. Fay Thies Mrs. Beryle Knudson NIGHTS Student Council . . . . . a powerful governing body whose "purpose shall be to create an effective student government, to promote co-operation and encourage a sense of unity among the students and with the Department of Nursing faculty. "' ...xgigw is ,, 5, i . 1' 38.11 ua iiz pg, i , . ' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: I . Fevurly, S. Newman, C. Ziegler, M. Skinner. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Root, Miss Schaaf, C. Fricke, L. Benson,. Miss Wagoner, K. George. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Ruppelius, M. Hutcheson, A. Chilcotr, S, Barnes. FACULTY ADVISORS: Miss E. Jean M. Hill Miss Kathryn Schaaf Miss Bernice Wagoner 106 ,Sf I Snap Shota - ' f. x.1 .. Nothin ' like ex perience! v It's tree trimming time. 1 s, ,. w -A fr , 1 .gg , rf . ei V ,. XM! The Cherub Chorus ,.l 53.5 'I07 .f.P+"rr: 4 H ,,- ' 3 5:555- . ,G ff' gr Some Can Dare To Hope! '? E I ,ls f L - Ablgiliatecl Student!! 15 di rl . ,- A , Beth Nicholson, Judy Jones, Deanna Stark, Liz Pfeiffer, Gloria Kissam, Virginia Jensen, Sally Rogers, Joan Dickerson. TY -9' 1 W fi . ,..,.,. . X XX. 'I ,U ' . N" Benjamin Cook Ernst Exfans XN. Evans l Goodman ass 5 I!! IAQ: H A .. ., L . F ,sus . M ,AA. .mi H fy wi W ' V' ' - . fu , El , ,.L.L, ,, Howard Huffman Lawson Meeder Ratch Stanek Walkinshaw .i , 21-Liv , ,4 ' f f- - 1: ae- 6 s mzmzz. : .vs 1 is 1-if 1 s af 5,5 Q My El A J Ex' if mia! Y I 12. McNally Binford Burnham Chinnock Hammons Heckerman Lackey .'f, I I N J V V Y ' M V - E -B Qs 1. -al .121 -v': I Haag., ng 1 4 1 11 " -Y e " ,.:,: is .W w N i N ,A W , 'H ,N . - Sa i, K A , 'L MQH. - "H ,f J! V ' a V - , I. ia , i -A Moeckly ' Pontius Rayburn 'Shannon Simpson f Smith O R N L , y A A x ' ' L 1, 11 ld '- ' X Lf ' ' X , : .fffsig :'ffifQ:1' .- -1 1 n, ll . . . I-Iibbard Stout Wesoning Wilson Wirrenbery Yowell oh-C02 --gL 1: and mug 1 C165 too ' mes 0111 here' co AnY0I1e f or Blood ,V Ma Eenie, meenie, minie, moe! ..Wh en The Tys? W ,-, L, .-. . . . , . ....A . Y die the 'IALJ .?" ' ' X. 2 CI' ' V . + , 5 E . ' -- M' ,K ' ' I ' Q ' , ' ' T 1 65, Cavjv 6 Q, ' an 6 B HIRD ROW- T 9 gms I 1 zur Ooker' Fi - Ufner' EH. OW. GaXX1O7iOdg4oii' A A 5 i l ,A 5 n FOURTH R532 Alexand IS, Gogd R ' . v ' 1 : ' ' : er. 9-R51 Baxwefg Cum' Vouschoeniex if W 1 lngel-y Bulger Dahl, Lon aww' QROW Sanfws' ' 4 W ' ' Eggers. g' Gaf SECON YMXGXJ' E I Btgvln' ,. Minnesota ' ' D . in on 'I JUSI sir 'Now UP home rn 109 ere' Wofryl .ganP"' ip. .g Ag '3louence Cook Depdflflnenf ob Th. Miss Bernice Miller Mrs. Donna Hallewell Mrs. Marylou Brewer Mrs. Loma Anderson ,nw 16th Class FIRST ROW: Anna Williams, Juanita Williams, Katherine Williams, Ruth Wilson, Shirley Winn, Irene Wright, Irene Jenkins, Hilda Davis, Geraldine Grant. SECOND ROW: Rosalie Loman, Helen Faber, Barbara Redwine, Delcie Musgrave Margaret Henderson, Mildred Twiggs, Lois Webb, Mary Goodwin, Gertrude Griggs. THIRD ROW: Kathryn Gross, Beverly Harris, Leni Hefner, Elmora Hartford, Elnora Schmidt, Elsie Inge, Elizabeth Johnson, Irene Grim, Irene Clark. FOURTH ROW: Viola Edwards, Ann Evans, Ruth Vandeveer, Nina Fight, Margaret Lynn, Agatha Kreiger, Virgil Smith, Lorena Green, Alma J ones, 110 Pfractical Tluuae Education -1 ' ? il y , V .,-l.' .A ZT , 1. 5 2 ., '- .if 35-'fs .9 ' -F , L ' ' - ff 3 , .fi amp: M gli -4. if . .- if risk, sg' - sage ag, 5 it .1 1 5 r -1 L Q... Mrs. Lois Smith Miss Irene Lind Miss Mabel Campbell Chairman 17th Class FIRST ROW: Elsie whims, Dollie Brown, Mary ' Thompson, Virginia Grubb, Judith Tyler, Velma McAfee, Louise Cunningham, Leora Karr. SECOND ROW: Emily Shrader, Helen Miller, Barbara Kirkendoll, Eva Hughes, Estelle Byrant, Beulah Prickett, Pauline Miller, Oretha Foster. THIRD ROW: Alice Lynch, Lorraine Yates, Rose Vanderpool, Muriel Harland, LaVon Begley, Joyce Bibens, Betty Sutton, Carmen Hatfield. lll I , 1 5 1 , r, fi? J -- .,.: ,19- . .... -. , Dale E. Brett 1, K A "-. fig- ' ' i L -V AL' , G no ,,A: 2,E:,,A :':"' W 1 vi If .. :W " X , zgk PV 1 ,, '. A Y X ll Bill Broberg Pat Cassidy John Chapman Richard Gier R0be1'f Greely V Nw PLAIN we v xr iiii 7 Ed Harvie Troy Hutchinson Don Kenneweg James King H. D. Lewis Harold Lowe " - 1 i :" 'inf ' l m ? ' ' f W ag if A -A -ff-2 is ,. ii, 1, ,, , ,l ,- . 522' 1,1 A i I '.., ni? John Simons Bill Stallings George Welch Harry White Charles Wilson NOT PICTURED: William Atwood, Charles Hinshaw, Carroll Jones, Paul Ludwig. .gnteuna I 95 8-59 112 fkwwgm 5 A 1 , . f f J ff Q 753 E ' ' : BSE Q Qi, f ,ji 1 w 1K..4'-- , I v.. . rl T 4 'f:g, j Wi .' L YQ my ' - v ,frb ' ' I - :fri f U fx F , . - iff. - Xx A. ww I 7 5 L -' . A R 5' Hu 'IJ' QT! wig wwmmxw sw T V-1 , 1' .Y a b gf X, his - sv- Q - S 55 .5 4. I n f , A r 'gl -V l UM ,. .f ,jx ,-.1 E , fv X ' 1 ' ' X ' A f L ' 'Z el.:-V I 5' ZZV A X Q , - f' ' l Q X ir H A :bz - . X M 5 H wg 15 N I Af X .i.,, rg: ww! t K V krrkyy K X X We lf 11- : . fa A 1 f 5' x S .T ' 4, is V: 56' v ,I I ' -' x X4 4 ill X- x 5 M :+- 'Q ,Q ' HW mywwpa r THE OATH OF HIPPOCRATES FOR YOUR BARBER?? Well .... not quite. However, in my profession l too am dedicated to ideals and principles which I hold high. lt has been wisely said: Gratitude takes three forms: a feeling in the heart, an expression in words, and a giving in return. Through this expression in words, it is my hope that you will know my sincere appreciation of your past and future patronage . Frank Schuler, Barber The Student Center RAlNsow STANDARD SERVICE STAN DARD snuomui l smvlcf i Now when I was in ' ' 3900 Rainbow Blvd. TA. 2-2533 of " .arng N . 4 . V 5 L-. .1 - - --.A -. ,W V I -V ng .h .. He's Protected. How About You? GEORGE G. EVERHART SPECIAL AGENT 3 21 WEST FORTY-THIRD STREET 0 KANSAS CITY II, MISSOURI Telephones: Jefferson I-6500-Jackson 3-3395 SAM C. PEARSON, JR. f General Agent THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF MILWAUKEE safeguarding tomorrow CC THE STUDENT CENTER MEDICAL BOOK STORE g Supplying students, hospital personnel and practicing physicians with complete medical book needs: Textbooks New medical publications Subscriptions to medical journals 0 Recommended instruments for students 0 Cpen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Address mail orders to: THE STUDENT CENTER BOOK STORE Rainbow and Olathe Boulevards University of Kansas Medical Center Kansas City, Kansas . Or call: TAlbot 2-5252, Extension 450 116 The profits from this book store are used to help operate the Student Union and Continuation Center. THE STUDENT CENTER offers the FINEST in MOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS. . . Spacious and Beautifully with twin beds and full 1 bath g Air-Conditioning 0 Convenient Location I g Free Parking o Telephone Service FOR RESERVATIONS WRITE OR CALL: The Student Center University of Kansas Medical Center Olathe and Rainbow Boulevards Kansas City, Kansas TAlbot 2-5252, Extension 450 OTHER FACILITIES OF THE STUDENT UNION AND CONTINUATION STUDY BUILDING INCLUDE: Conference rooms and Barber shop Auditorium ideally Snack bar suited to group meetings Medical book store 117 decorated guest rooms , 1 Yes, its a halo boys. 13 'I ' -nl , I, El Toro But you Sald lt wouldn t hurt! A X - . As X ., Ti , , 45' fe N .. I ' s Take us to your leader. Lets face it, I'rn Photogenic! , ,xx e ee 'T gift I Q f in l , P51 1 ,lang -Wei. gg, rf- y 1 --1 . ui,l35?i 74 -7 r ' ELI 1 T W - 'x You can tell a gambler by the cut of his clothes. The Continental 'itll ,BL 'I'l8 The Great Dissenter . if fi lly, It B' :- I f NJ. .FK 1 ill' A .. f UM., 7 .-" ' ly! 1 'R Nl , .gl ' fi g, V ill, 'T d l fl' . - i g lg A A SQ' A l fe l la ' 1 l - wi ll . X 1 l v ,l iff , ' All " A T ai' 'ELT' A ' JJA ' ll -ir: N l , l f 1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1959 GEORGE N. MICHALE Member of the Provident Mutual Million Dollar Cl b When onbf the Finest is the Sole Consideration GREB X-RAY COMPANY 1412 Grand Avenue Kansas City 6, Mo. Distributors of Picker X-Ray Equipment, Han- ovia Ultra Violet Lamps, Sanborn and Beck-Lee Elec- trocardiographs, Britesun Infra Red Lamps, Rocke Hydro- Therapy Equipment and the most complete stock of X- Ray supplies in the area, plus the very best in prompt and competent service. KANSAS CITY OFFICE Phone Baltimore 1-2922 E.M. Greb G.G. Greb W.H. Bucklinger E.C. Dobbins J.E. Douglas L.W. Harden R.W. Heinen W.W. Subert W.P. Welch MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA 707 Dorchester St. Phone Murray 2-7147 Chester L. Pinkston TULSA 10, OKLAHOMA 411 So Kenosha St. Phone Luther 4-7709 R.E. Miller, Mgr. R. N. Marshall TOPEKA, KANSAS 1200 W. 20th St. Phone 4-4542 Leon H. Mannell WICH ITA 2, KANSAS 1512 E. Central Ave. Phone Amherst 7-2112 Don E. Curtright, Mgr. Jas. E. Burtis Wes E. Greb Don G. Grunke Jos. H. Weaver OKLAHOMA CITY 3, OKLA 916 No. Hudson Phone Regent 9-0541 Rodney D. Smith, Mgr. Don R. Aleshire Jack I. Fullerton D.L. Jackson A.G. Riley FRED RODE FINE CLEANING A. Modern Plant Operaied by the Rode Brothers- LARRY and FRED "ON RAINBOW IT'S RODE'S FOR FINE CLEANING" "Same Day Cleaning Service? . "Next Day Laundry Servicei' Main Office and Plant 4022-24 Rainbow Blvd. TA :bor 2-5579 Roeland Park Branch 5010 Linden HE drick 2-4729 ofF1crAl Cdunffy WDA 0 ?41Raf!eR 5,441 jc This ad came in from the Sl1eriFF's Office. WANTED: A responsible young medical student to replace county road patroller who is retiring in June to take up similar duties in California. MARTIN MOTOR COMPANY Formerly Cecil Byerley's Phillips 66 39th and Cambridge TAlbot 2-8610 All "66" Products General Auto Repairing Parts and Accessories SPECIALISTS in brake, clutch and Motor tune-up WE TRADE CARS THE + Qinlnnml niel 'Juee Continental f' 'WS Buealalgaat . io Manufes From Plaza '7 a 15 Minutes From Airport '5:'l'o--""' -,-.m L -. .-. -2, o 12 Minutes From Downtown 3930 RAINBOW BLVD. Directly Opposite Main Entrance A510 Cowlifioiwdf K.U. Medical Center KANSAS CITY .r...., - E Tel. YEllowstone 2-6880 Q , it f ' ff! X lx Q f . XX' X q S "Wi-'rl bc-Her do a hepatogr .' TOEDMAN CABS, INC. MeCllClne in Podvnk CCN be Radio Controlled 3834 Main St. of the same high quality at that practiced here Of the lvoRY rowERs WE 'I-1500 I B41 ' w W w 5,1 f nusi4?ik 5if?f ,Q rg M ila ' D Hg: x 2' . . gr-we f I ""m11.,1H wg SMQA, , WH, J. mx. .fg,c.y, .: E:. ' 5 Ss, ' 2' V , L, w ! 1-V I , -- h"'3T 1 E,-i.3!5m' gf' fw ' M .L Q, - , , -V ." V- ,j A 12 YQ E,f"w" ' K M-jf E fiiiq ' 'W F .QQ ,X WL... ,, , .fag gs X gwzxi -: I wig' 'hs Vf fl, 4" A "" WWFS' I U""1'1iN Q ix H, ,E , ,F 6, ,T . 6 f V f, . ' ' - A 'pyff . l - .mf , 'H ' , Y: Aw V .,fL 'YW , ,X v M V -.T Q ",27Hl'z 1, j Qjj! ' ?f1,N'w , , , ' LW, wa . . . - "TiP'2'?LTi -" W. M . s- . f 1- fm! 1' qf -.X V, ,, 'gi x ,A U", Q1 M' M 1. N.-, .EMM Q, wig- -, A - Y . . " ,M in V- ' 14 ' . gud, Q P ,nal Q, r V ,, 1 yy? .Es ,, .HF ,I F . W , . :. 'Qi ? 'Lg . W. . W 1 I ' '- 1.5 5 , X X, ' . Q' V: Q " "M5..f, ll' :M W -L :AV t , - .V.. , wr . - if . Q. ' W ,, xt ,fm QQ? X -,N 5 e . .1 ma. 4.. 'a l 'ef Prosthetic 81 Orthopedic Appliances SERVING SINCE 1906 . . . , .,.2 I I 9" 4 x tgp: . . 1' f f fn 1 ' A if-'eb I as i 1 ME' In 4? N, XQIW f ,, X- A-1 ' 1 A.. 'W . 'S'-tafg I S 'W 1 1 E ,-I R . Phillip E. Hull Bilateral Ampuiee. Isle Arms. 1': C Isle Suction Socket Limb for Above Knae ""' ""' Amputation sur ical su orts - - 9 pp Certified: stock for men 81 women . . f - Facility ::::"?:.e..:':': - I . P 9 ' Orthotists I special supports made to order Ladies Street Floor BA 1 -0206 I 57,4 , .E. Isui COMPANY 1121 Grand Ave. Kansas City, Mo. GOETZE - IIIEMEII EQUIPPERS OF PHYSICIANS AND HOSPITALS 1600 GILLHAM ROAD Houses located for your convenience at Kuna: City Tbflkl St, Joseph Joplin "Substantial Discounts to Students on Many Items." s se L: ' "' A I , Tp-q,fX,, l ,l I 4 I-'sn '? Q11 ,gk N Thanksfor a 0601 pleasant association Zzaafmezq 720:66 The advantages only a motel can give you right in the HEART of Kansas City :fi A 7 f - 1 4, ,. 7 , If I' lr I l ' Il 5. . ' I f 'I ,il 1 C ' ' 1 . r J. J' L , I 4 I -i!4.gv.1-:mil 'aigfsmrj :B I-L ---Sl --em. EIA -Ill HOTEL SERVICE -- MCDTEL CONVENIENCE 70 Beautifully Decorated Rooms Next-Door convenience to KUMC Tile Combination Tub and Shower Close to Downtown, Mission and Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Plaza Shopping Centers KEndall 2-3805 4120 Rainbow Blvd. Kansas City 3, Kansas l9l2 - i958 0. H. Ciefmq Optical Co. Faulty Vision is a- Medical Problem Doctor: Always refer your patients suspected of eye trouble to an--Eye Physician--not just anybody who fits glasses. You will be doing them a favor and they will receive proper care of their eyes. 3 Convenient Locations 221 PROFESSIONAL BLDG. 428 WARD PARKWAY 4140 W. 71 sf STREET KANSAS CITY, MO. KANSAS CITY, MO. PRAIRIE VILLAGE VICTOR 2-1477-78 JEFFERSON I-2734 ENDICQTT 2-7744 Yu All x I ' F3 ,girl ,2........... 3948 Rainbow , Across from the K. U. Medical Center Extends best wishes For a successful and happy career to the graduating seniors of the Kansas University y School of Medicine. I I I Youth without its levity. . tYiI'A'll I- Cl Daniel DeFoe Rwwmd Age without decay .... . . ' i . l 1 I ,I 4 f- iv C? O Q o NUTUII jf' 'fl I I Ingredients: 1 Cclrbonafed waler, sugar, citric acid, sodium ciirafe, flavor derived from lemon , ' " ' and lime oils. I l , I ' I, ... 1' ... Q 'fry Approx. B5 calories per boflle ' I is ,, K V ff Uv gg, I4 FG- vi f W, , Q P' 5 1 Ic,e:l 4:5,, I ,E J luv 5, .iam mg 'Il' fi ' 'lm 5' Q' fl Qbpf I I 9+ XXX? I? I -f If fm 'lf sg ,mfg Q I few' IN NH .wiv l I I ' I I"--L I 'Ffa f ff x ,, ug 'Q 'W ' VX do--e inc ff I .. I - f ' ,1l' ?Q . 2- NJN .. . 'PA' .-.- , - .fc-ff "-sf ... ., W -' N .',. - 'f f- 'af-"-' 'JH Compliments of THE PRINCESS UNIFORM COMPANY 322 East 43rd St. Qjfa Nurses Custom-Made Uniforms IMad1- In M1-asuro and Flttedl WEsfport I-7066 Marie Crosse, R. N. " GROSSE NURSING HOME Elderly and Chronic Cases WEstporl I-0306 KJ We Welcome Y To Johnson If U Hardware "1 PAUL'S OPTICAL DISPENSERS On the Plaza J.C. Nichols Parkway JEfferson I-3181 ':!-"1- .1 -:1:-. -' A -ff:-P -: "-'- 1 " I Eff if ri -A .r.. 'f...e. 1'I"a P:-I Q.: I x 'J 6 -'. .1 -. .J 5 2 Tx' -1 ,. 5 :z.., '1-, ' Il? 33.151, .- . ...- "---J.-.-..f' ,'1- tk 'I ' 5, 1- '-,e-.- X-'G -,. sf- -u .: -.I ::.-:n-- 5 . '-vp AF 1--P S'---' M. .. . .,.. . 4 1 ' I I f:!Iie.:.:'4i-:5.7,zf-Z-:"''s-'I-fxriiext.-.s A ' 1 . 4.-' -..4.-31.112111-ly-imfisliwfvifr. .- sw, ,1254g-g.f5i5:,fE.1:.gV5-!41'.-5.35-159,143sip DAVE HANSCI-I I I SPECIAL AGENT BA I-4800 HE 2-9467 Lube Snauuance bon the medical Puofgeaazon fs I Kfff'm " X :ix fl PRIIBHIIIIII 'I I the -I, - INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA IW , jrbili unmovfnlc s. sunmcm A , APPuANcEs or nuAu1v .- ff ga D 0252 f- " J P. W. HANICKE MFG. CU. cGee Street VI. 2-4750 I009 M . . Kansas City, Mo. one mumvnl ami wi-ll In' in lllr' spinal Canal." "Just IW v . IJ 'gi BERNARD B. ZAHNER'S Lafyefff emfice omloany "YOUR BABY DESERVES THE BEST" Exclusive with us Phone GR I-2305 KANSAS CITY 8, MISSOURI 2305 Grand Avenue MAY FLOWERS by ESTABLISHED SINCE 1887 Elsa and Henry May STYLING 7 SERVICE SATISFACTION AI.I. HOURS 191 I West 39 Ave . JO 2-1555 V TA 2-1203 Anyone for pool '? STATE LINE AT 41ST STREET MR. MILFORD SAMS, pathology museum curator. Mr. Sams not only has been inexpendable in the depart- ment of pathology and oncology but in earlier days he was also medical photographer. 35 'bleana Sefwice at K.'bl.Wl.C. MISS MARJORIE CASE, secretary in the pathology department, was the late Dr. H.R. Wah1's secretary and continues her present day work with enthusiasm. C.Wl.S SITTING: Johnita Forssberg, Marge Gerbrandt, Dr. Ethelee Ray, Dr. Don Carlos Peete. STANDING: Dr Sarvotham, Charles Jones, Gordon Ewy, Stanley Kern, Alan Roth, George Belcher, Lynn Golip, Frank Barnett, L. A. Hollinger, Ben Raines, Dr. Tu. 131 xg Q X vw , 5 . g Y, . . , J 3 3 ',,. ' 3 W , H. , .,A.. ' if , , 2 2 ff M . A K W-wfw K-W 1, . .L 1 ,, Q 2' 5' ,A E . 4 P e , , ' , .sf W .Qs ' K W V wr g , V , Hi ,egg E I J , 4 ' gf. , pa A , . , 1 ,A mpz., -V ,--- - W V X 5 , I I - f' N, . -ff 5' Vfm AN Q nf K wx. W ' A 33-,. 2-A f 4' . ' 1' ' NY? tm 2 2 six , . a Li w X? 'L 1 J' by . i 3-in J .1 we 4 1 - 'fimim A f A 7 .ilssixax Y -pm W . ,Z , .. , 1 W , u Z . , rl, 16, , -QW . ,Q ,sg Af k gag A ' an 1. -. x M . r.. gym , . 5, 3 , Q - Y' '.- -f ffgfg, Az ff , YW. MQ..-QW ,. fbi? ' f -2 I .- 'wp Z., 55 ,rzgzv 3 gn, 2 . A 1.2! , A ' 7 Qi, "ML fx , V V 3 ' Q12 Y - 5' , Rx 2 f 5 AEM , 2 'ei M.. Y ' w , . 'I ' ,g A ? 1 - E Q ' I ff ig. ' -, qs ' 1, Y, f ,, , ,, WW.. M. .Msn 2 , .M Y ,L . . f M ,I , - 3. , M kgifm' , gf . Q 2 592' if .1 ' '21-iii. I 4 f N.. my . ' EE :J ' . ., ' ' Q ' . -Kem V A ' f Na, 1 1 M . V X wir ,Ms .w A ri . New V V 1,1 .w sf. vw , 1. A ,, ., Lw,,,,, , 1 A fri gf? ' it -We 'M ' ' -' .Hg K2 N Kg. V . .ax gg N ' My V M K? in ' is fl , X HSL... K3 nd ' M ' 5 2. ' , 5 'L if ' - H., Q. .4 X , , . ,, - K , Q. - xg ' ,Qffv , Q ' " 5 ' , If fi, Z H ' .AMW fy , T X--N ' Q 3' K 1,1 lv V ' ,fs ,Wi f A , L . X X E 7 A ' V . . WLM 1 A r , , 1 27 ul il: Nfl " -.... 5 V, . A IQ QL 5 KN ,K ,iii . , MV I VA ' , . M gi M . f 1 -fm .,.1, , va f , H 1 5 E W ,ff , , , ,. . my Ez ' af l W 2 gif x, ' 'fx' ' 1 . A . : 7 ' 5 , Q ' . ., . . ' -. 5 , gg 3 , -"1 - . v. w Q- 'Liz' 'rx - 3 Q Q , . . X .1 '- . 4' .ug-7,,.fv" 1. , -, V w ggifnfh ' I 5 , 'ks xtja x 1543 'ig - ,,:"'qw A T 1 . f xy., wif? V 1 5 - xi Q, . ,V V I i X Q ka . E , f. L , l ,,.. , fm, ,L 3 ,K . . I L.,,T.W,.L N,.. i . , ,M IW, Km? .Z M M nk, K X ' ' N PH IAPIIER - A ' , . ,fx V- ,. gg-,, X " 2? A if 3 2 .. . I f - fi Q-I . 'N M 5 5 .-5,55 :La wr: N - ,,.. EM ,, - v I ' gw qw gf .2 . ,Q x gag, ggi f N wg: f N Q v 'X f .f rw x x - T ,gy V, f 5 ' , F fi.,3s,g N, " iv , - . . fu Q . r it y ,, -- J - Wg: K Q 2 g I? ' . , ., fi A 5' . . WL 2 A gi . , n n u s A s c fit fv? njn s rf u 1 u 1 1? wh, ., Mcmrisv Watkil .............. -, , in i E k A A M m 5W 4 h Q QM mi . L. J TEW7E'S S H 0 E l MLP' f ' Q g ,i ,Q w . 1 I n A. Q xiii Maw s OPTICAL SERVICE CENTER, INC. 1003 GRAND AVE. KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Vlcfor 2-7614 SERVICE EXCLUSIVELY TO EYE PHYSICIANS IM.D.I WELLING'S Rx PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIOJVS Delivered Anywhere in the CZU BERNARD L. WELLING, Ph. G. 1700 W. 39th Street LO. 1-0067-0068 STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH: "You've been a QUEER class right from The very beginning . " DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS. Jansen: "Maybe he has 'ro URINATE." Shale? saysfwbile sitting in halll, "If you're so worried about her having her baby in bed, go check her yourself. " Baby Ifrom bed, replies "WAA". Eg? mm SINCE 1860 ,, A CENTURY or SERVICE TO THE MEDICAL PROFESSION NATION-WIDE SERVICE. Founded in I860, Aloe today has I6 shipping points strategi- cally located throughout the nation. There will be an Aloe Representative and Warehouse with complete stocks near you wherever you choose to practice. EQUIPMENT PLANNING SERVICE. Experienced Aloe equipment specialists are prepared to help you evaluate your needs, without obligation, of course. TAILORED PAYMENT PLAN . We have an extended payment to tit every budgetary need. LOCATION SERVICE. Aloe representatives know of many ideal communities seeking able young physicians. This information is yours for the asking. 14. S. Aloe Companq 5300 E. 59th Phone: EMerson I-5555, Kansas City, Missouri E W. T. FOLEY ELECTRICAL SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. E TT- I ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES WHOLESALE TELEPHONE AT I-0324 709 NORTH SIXTH STREET KANSAS CITY 1, KANSAS Wiring Supplies-Lighting Fixtures-Lamps-Motor Control-Apparatus SERVING THE ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY FOR 39 YEARS. 510 Fairfax Building Vlctor 2-9570 Kansas City, Missouri Vlctor 2-8801 CHARLES J. KING 84 ASSOCIATES Chartered Life Insurance - Disability Income Protection CHARLES J. KING, C.L.U. Jim Fellenstein, L. L. B., C. L. U. BU-L DFGEN Y: ,. za: ,si H' ' s 'w. X. X A A -1 E3 ,l . asia: jg- if Hifi if "' Km " '55 A 1 I I 5 w i ' , ..- .. i Ki i Q.. ma , M, - A i WJ, A X 431 ,.: , - . ,ZPY V::-- . ,fa xi, M' , --wx ' ts' . ' 10 X5 7 A J. .wie-Q ,Z Y 'Qi' , T -5. 'te xl. , , . A The Three ,JSM 1 w an-2, H x , , , zff bw! izz 1' WEEE" k ww M 2, ' ISA-...nk-.. -....u...- if page 51 ily am X in "Are you going to fly to "What?? me go up in that Denver with me, Clarke?" plane with you?" 137 'Q I' ,,,,,, :., .o,. , A. ,xx , 1 ly , Q sickroom .A-me a su Iles Eh nfurrn s. som - l l. Av-7 DAYS A WEEK ' 1 nouns A 0 , 1" ll ,, f -1 P h p Ib 4 f 1 fra: q p low-vol g X1 whirlpo lb In sick ow sms II- PROMPT FREE DELIVERY wheelchairs 4041 Broadway JE 1-5200 ' , 2 ',.,,.-,f- . -- I f - -fm, -- -- ,---:.,..: - . - ' ' 11-1 -we-f' . . +.,,.-- .' 3 5 ' " ' 22325-FF I . .,-,,..ff't ' - 3 Mig .I af, f , A ' . 5- . .-. . , ,. .wr , . ' , - ff ' f 1-.Ty , " . ' v,. ' How many bales of hay do ya 'spose it would hold? Look Ma, one hand .X OXYGEN SERVICE CO. Complete oxygen therapy equipment SALES SERVICE RENTALS All medical gases -- Industrial gases 529 Southwest Boulevard BA l-9490 Gzmphm en L4 of MEDICAL CENTER PRESCRIPTION SHOP JACK RBGAN v HA I-I4-'10, I-441 IIO4 Grand Ave. Kansas City 6, Missouri . exe 4 if X - PE - ,I f l ,Wines grief ANNIVERSARY 459 7 MEDICAL it Lt-.J :iz S K F COLOR TELEVISION ' fy eg, N, .tm e., .auemiif f'f?vfSui1xIi"I In XWQ Qtifm. ,M mg . me Wfffisqjec Vg., W , .wsrifiifi ii eip. rm M I 511232 wtxigeitkawiwbbi d - ,xf , 5. is eiggiki se as , :fx 1- : f ' VAR? 1: .WW i Nik. 3553, ESS gs , V. . , 11 it Saw!-t if. p 5 .A at Nl X R.: . - , Q A -asv. me l W. Y .S 93,1 Q WMQ52, YS xl . , . ,,..,,.... 2 fs' ge. all: .rwg .. ,A 'fr I X S.K.F. Medical Color TV. . . an aid to postgraduate medical education lf all the programs presented on S.K.F. Medical Color Television could be assembled in one book, you would have at your finger tips the collective experience, in almost every field of medicine, of many of the world's most eminent physicians. The continuing aim of S.K.F. Medical Color Television is to make available its facilities and technical skills to these physicians so that they can present to you, at medical meet- ings, the latest in medicine and surgery. Before the end of our next decade in this medium,we hope that you will appear not only in the audience . . . but also in front of our cameras. SMITH KLINE 8: FRENCH LABORATORIES 139 :ag-35.3 525 , V-fji'2"W' 'M "I Vi i s tsuaiff 1 ln. Fihii L U 1 W f Q Q-x,,J 5 mffiff f"' ' r -7- , 47r"'f1v. .,xf,5L if P cl-MLDREN9 NERGY Has f. X Q? QE? X? W"5' grime l.hILU'SEj Lwws4k1Q'F!ush1w5k"3pm??? I 0 V 'I Im3 vm-lic! Jflwdzlalc lad' 'P CEKQA 4-L35 Qwvfal.. gym ' hue, 95 5 UNITED MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Co. ' ' 5 , X-RAY ENGINEERING SPECIALISTS 1705 Grand BA 1-0115 Kansas City. Mo CARDIOTRON ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHS MEDCO-SONLATOR BIRTCHER ELECTRO MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SHAMPAINE-ALLISON FURNITURE IT COSTS LESS THAN YOU THINK I To equip your office with complete Xray, diag- nostic and physio-fhovapy facilities under our rental or pay-as-you go plans. Seo us for advice on office layout. I Create an immediate estate -- With THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 601 Comm'l. Nat'l. Bank Bldg. Kansas City, Kansas AT - 1 - 4323 HERB ROME J. ELDON BAILEY Life Members of the Million Dollar Round Table o Periodic Life Insurance Audits o Planned Income Services o Estate Analysis o Retirement Income Plans NO - war or aviation restriction in contract or disability provision ONLY - medically examined risks accepted HISTORY - proves this to be the lowest net cost company in America PHILLIPS M. PROFEXRAY X-RAY EQUIPMENT A - HIRSCH UNIFORM SHOPS "BroH, sometimes you talk so slow, you make me nervous." NGO ahead Shalei-I goof if Up, "KANSAS CITY'S LARGEST SELECTION' 1'eII ii' any way you wont, see if I care!" Downtown 31st 5' Troost 1211 GRAND AVE. 1006 E. 31ST ST. Auto Painting General Repair Body fr Fender Motor Tuneup MASTERS AUTO SERVICE 571, ll 'I" '!Q,,,Nw V 5. s.3If iI'i IL 1914 W. 39th JO. 2-2148 , , , Automatic Transmissions Repair - Adiustment - Exchange Starter 8rGenerator Exchange Ignition 8. Electrical Service Engine Overhaul -.., .s. .ssrss f- c...,,n,. ..r. .f CENTRAL CHEMICAL CDMPANY, INC. ' Producers of SURGI-CEN "' PHENO-CEN "' 'Trademark Reg. U.S . Patent Office A. EVERETT RILEY DAVID E, RQLEY Ui. Q. Cl2i!2eg and Associates Insurance Consultants NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Kansas City 'l'l, Missouri Telephone JEfferson 'l-9600 3521 Broadway May l5, i959 Staff of Jayhawker, M. D., University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas. Dear Doctors: ln extending my heartiest congratulations to the Class of l959, it occurred to me that one of the few unabridged, untaxed and unregulated pleasures left in life is that of expressing one's appreciation. And so, I am taking a few minutes of the busy life all of us lead to tell you and the other medical students, graduates, and members of the Staff of the University of Kansas Medical Center how very thankful I am for your friendship and endorsement of my company and myself. You have helped me to accumulate over the past twenty-nine years the experience necessary to assist the professional men in meeting the economic changes in business life, which today require partnership agreements, wills, co-ordination of office management with medical procedures, as well as the constant review of changes that taxation brings daily into your personal and professional life. l would like to take this opportunity to let you know that my son, Dave Riley, has returned from three years active duty in the Air Force, and is continuing his association with the partnership, thus offering further help in bringing these years of experience and assistance to our friends and policy- holders at the Medical Center. ln the years to come, we hope always to merit this continued confidence and friendship. Sincerely yours, fl. 8. Rileq, Life Member Million Dollar Club Estate Planning-Insurance Surveys O Deferred Compensation Plans Business and Partnership Insurance GFOUP life, Hefllfll 8- ACCideI'1T uf X I y I I 2 Yunnooxs K an I , .1 1-nr-'Al-F - ,' . . V ., Y .' '. 11 - . f , Q ,' L' ' f 4-2 Nw 3 A - I f .- .. l - 4- . ., K , ., V H' ,i A 1, - .t 4 - Y . , H g ,' -,-,:g-,-:Ng . . . , ., ' - - - - . ,A-- Q , 1 V iv ,V - :v . - 5:4,-,v-1,.:,- I n , , . , , . - . , ' . 'Ll - 1- -4'

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