University of Kansas School of Medicine - Jayhawker MD Yearbook (Kansas City, KS)

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University of Kansas School of Medicine - Jayhawker MD Yearbook (Kansas City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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,,... , .1 I 4, If J, 5 .1 I957 flaqhawken M xl fs Uniueuaitq ob Kanaaa School ob medicine Lawnence, Kanaaa Kanaaa Citq, Kanaaa w e I .Sf M ' I f K W EXE' A wi XM Is' df ,EFQ it-1. an ' jp i957 flaqhawlzen WLD. Stabb Editor:-Jn-Chielg . Editonial Aaaiatanta . . . Tlunainq Editor: . . Cinculation . Buaineaa flaaiatanta . . . 'Photoquaphena . . Gacultq Photoqnapha . . . K.u.M Cantoona . . 2 . . Warren M. Crosby, Jr. Jean Arnold Larry Trefbar . Jeanerfe Rau .John Curtis Bob Reed Lowell Snyder Sfan Shane . . Bill Harrin Charles Dockhorn Al Cheng Muryl Laman George Helsel ,C , Department of Visual Aids. "Yogi" Williams A.B. Collom Walfer Brorf 'Table ob Contenta 'Pnebace ' 4 Dedication 5 I .Un memoniam 7 'iacultq I 2 Seniona 35 Quniona 59 .Sophomonea 65 Tneahmen 7 I Onqaniyationa 77 Ylunaea 87 I rqdugfzffiinq- I I 7 3 1' nf? if fffi' ,,. "' E ul" .Q-""- f xjx'-,,,f ---R -nil' r . . ,..,-vf"" I , rv? nigh IIIW Dedication . ,..n......... hh. .. .... 'Wahl Hall, 1956 - 57 Dedication I' -Hafvzq 'Roaewell Wahl When the history of the University of Kansas School ofMedicine is written, after time has been allowed for proper perspective. no man will occupy a more significant place in its history than Harry R. Wahl. He was born in Minnesota a little more than seventy years ago, the son of a physician. Stimulated to some degree, no doubt, by the environment in which he grew up, he chose a career in medicine, receiving his M.D. degree from Johns Hopkins University. By this time he had decided upon a life of teaching and research and, developing special skills in the fields of pathology and bacteriology, he continued along the academic road. In 1924 he came to the University of Kansas School of Medicine, still in its immaturity and struggling with the inevitable problems ofadolescence. He arrived at a time when the entire University as well as its medical school was under serious stresses and strains in relationship to state government. He found an institution whose financial requirements for both life and growth were profoundly misunderstood by the people of the state and their legislative representatives. In fact, not too many years before, a governor of Kansas had publicly stated that a medical school was unnecessary in what was then a basically agricultural state, and perhaps ought to be closed. Notwithstanding these serious problems and the inevitable crossc urrents of jealousy and rivalry which they tended to encourage, Dr. Wahl and a group of his associates were able to lift up their eyes and see the possibility of a great medical center to serve the needs of the people of Kansas and the middle west in general. For the next twenty-four years, quietly, firmly, through thick and through thin, he stubbornly clung to the vision and built for its achievement. He steered the School of Medicine through the devastating period of drought and depression when lesser men would have long since given up. He proved himself impervious ,zo personal abuse on the part of jealous or frustrated men who sought the use of the Medical School for their personal aggrandisernent, and gradually - sometimes imperceptibly - his vision began to take shape. Today, as we view our modern productive medical center, bubbling with vitality from both teaching as well as research, we must not forget that without the footings and foundations laid by this quiet, dedicated man and a small corps of colleagues, this growth would not have been possible. Because. of the swiftness of the passing parade of life, one is rarely aware ofthe small but significant things which are the measure of any man - the individual encouragement, the personal loan at a crucial moment, the intellectual courage in refusing to bend standards - these are so often taken for granted, yet in sum total are a major part of the description of a man and his contribution. Not many today can remember or even conceive that for many years Dr. Wahl was chairman of the Department of Pathology, and an active teacher, Dean of the School of Medicine, pathologist to the University Hospitals and Director of the University Hospitals, a total responsibility now carried out by at least six full-time men. Yet as one who has sat in at least one of his chairs and who has broad knowledge of the study of the development of the University of Kansas Schoolof Medicine, my greatestadmiration is for his unswerving devotion to the conception that our Medical School could and should grow to the position of physical and functional prestige which it now enjoys. Through drought, through depression, through legislative apathy and political venality, through professional crosscurrents and impatience, he never gave up the dream. All of us who have ever had connection with the University of Kansas School of Medicine in whatever capacity and have achieved satisfaction and pride from this connection owe him a debt of immeasurable magnitude. Yet he would never have believed that such a debt really existed, for this quiet, modest little man, with a determination of iron, had the satisfaction that comes to but few in a lifetime - namely, seeing his dream come to reality. Franklin D. Murphy, M,D, 7 Hn Wlemouiam The death of Dr. MervinT. Sudler on June 22, 1956, closed the career of a man whom the University should always hold in esteem and affection. "Who's Who in America," edition of I948, after listing his various aca- demic degrees and honors, adds the modest note, "He developed the Medical School of the University of Kansas." This description of his ser- vices belongs to the category of classic examples of colossal under- statements. Mervin Sudler did more than develop the medical school. He blew the breath of lifeinto iton num- erous occasions when the last spark of life had apparently fled. He also gathered about him a group of ener- getic enthusiastic young men, whom he inspired with his enthusiasm for high standards in medical education and his determination that the Univer- sity of Kansas School of Medicine should not perish from this earth. Mervin Sudler came to the Univer- sity of Kansas in 1906 as dean of the scientific department of the medical school at Lawrenceand was later dean of the Kansas City division of the medical school in Kansas City although his official title at first was associate dean. The early years in Kansas City were strenuous ones. The fusion of five medical schools with the absorption of their faculties raised problems very difficult to adiust. The state government was hostile to the new school, the legislature allowed MERWN TUBMAN SUD'-ER' l875"l956 to school a total yearly budget of only S30,000, and the governor of the state favored abolition of the medical school, which he said was too costly. Instead he proposed that the state subsidize mediCOl Students and send them to other states for their education. This plan Dr. Sudler opposed vigorously, m0lf1fClif1in9 that Kansas had a duty to Kansas students that no other state had. It is almost axiomatic that, where ever there is a medical school in a large city, there is always a group of local physicians hostile to it. The University of Kansas School of Medicine was no exception. Finally Dean Sudler's fondest desire and greatest hope was realized. A new site was acquired, and the administration building of the present medical center was erected. Then an unexpected and unwarranted disappointment - the governor began a "purge" of the University, first Dr. Sudler and then Chancellor Lindley were dismissed. Dr. Sudler accepted the situation philosophically and withdrew to Lawrence, where he began the practice of surgery, which he continued until his retirement two years ago, enioying the esteem and respect of his professional brethren and the love and gratitude of his patients. Ralph H. Major, M.D. Jn Wlemouiam x""""'l James B. Weaver, M.D. 1897-1956 Dr. Weaver received his B.S. from the University of Kansas in 1923, and his M.D. here in 1925. He ioined the faculty of the Bell Memorial Hospital and Dispensary as an assistant in Orthopedic Surgery in 1927. He was made an associate in Orthopedic Surgery in 1937, an assistant professor in 1939, associate professor in 1941, and in 1945, after his military leave with the Kansas University Hospital group, he was made Clinical Professor and Chief of the Orthopedic Section. ln 1952 he became Professor of Surgery. , He remained in this capacity in spite of the knowledge that he harbored within himself an incurable disease. He courageously continued with his large private practice, his clinics for crippled children, his administrative duties, as well as his inspiring lectures to his students, many of whom unaware that their teacher was quite ill. Dr. Weaver's many friends, colleagues and patients will all feel the loss of his personal inspiration . Mercy Hospital-The Pediatric division of the Kansas City General Hospital . About one- halfof the Junior Class will spend theirentire quarter on Pediatrics here. . .9- Kansas City Veteran 's Administration Hospital --Most Juniors on either Medicine or Surgery will spend one-half of these quarters at the "VA", This beautiful hospital also offers rotations in Medicine and Surgery to K.U. residents Aliljiliated -Hoapitala General Hospital-Senior K.U. Students af- filiate three months here, during their quarter on Obstetrics and Gynecology. Approxi- mately one-half of the class'will have this experience . Menorah Hospital-The only private hospital in the group. One group of Junior students will spend one-half of theirquarter on Medi- cine here. Until this year, a similar Surgical affiliation was in effect. 1 iz? W5 YW Q SW W? 'fin X X f Q XX X fx I 1 if I ! . I ' ' I I J! 'ff X X f I ' X R X X 1 f I 4 ZX?li:Q9.m5 "?f"f", W ' Jaw.. ' , uf X' 41 .F f NWT .sg o Gacultq "RANK 1i hgql,ZT'r gf 1--'-lK:1xf i L ..',nn..Y4'P!lff'.t,li.- w 'fs-Qi W Hdminiatftation FRANKLIN D, MURPHY, M.D. W. CLARKE WESCOE, M.D. Chancellor of the University Dean of the School of Medicine President of the Faculties B.S ,, Muhlenburg, 1941 A.B., Kansas, 1936 M.D. Cornell, 1944. M.D., Pennsylvania, 1941. KENNETH E. JOCHIM, Ph.D. Assistant Dean B.S . Chicago, 1939 Ph.D. , Chicago, 1941. MAHLON H. DELP, M.D, Assistant Dean B.S . Kansas, 1934 M.D. Kansas, 1934, I3 VERNON E, WILSON, M.D Assistant Dean B.S. Illinois, 1950 M.S. Illinois, 1952 M.D. Illinois, 1952. wqnatomq Q 'Q I RPT",- by H .B . LATIMER PAUL G. ROOFE, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman DQ H .C . TRACY W.C . YOUNG Ph.D. Ph.D. Ph.D. Emeritus Professor Emeritus Professor Professor HOWARD A . MATZKE, Ph D NICHOLAS HOTTON III Ph BRYONS. WENGER Ph 'D ' EDWIN C. GALBREATH: Pi1:D.' ' Ylot pictuned . Assoc. Prof. ELEANOR WENGER, Ph. D. . . Assoc. . . Asst. Prof. IRWIN L. BAIRD, Ph.D. . . Instructor . Asst. Prof. ROBERT GOY, Ph.D. . . . Instructor . . Asst. Prof. Audio-Viaual X In Education DAVID E. RUHE, M.D. r Director I4 Biochemiatuq O u , -in R,C , MILLS, Ph.D. Professor and Chairman Q1 ' r pyefffl I I Ig ,, K ! , DWIGHT MULFORD SANTIAGO GRISOLIA HAROLD GRADY Ph.D. M.D. Ph. D. Professor Assoc Prof Asst. Prof. F .9 ,T js.- 4 ,tw , iz 22 T w., MAX BERENBOM HAROLD EDELHOCH Ph.D. Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof. I n0t Illctufled 1-1.w. BARRETT, Ph.D. PHILIP NEWMARK, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof. DAVID V. COHN, Ph.D. JOSEPHINE SALZER, Ph.D. Instructor Instructor child swat, unit HARRY GIANAKON, M .D . Director 9 S Q Denmatoloqq Clinical Professor and Chairman R,L. SUTTON, M ,D, I O I sr V THOMAS B. HALL M.D. DAVID B , MORGAN M .D . C .C . DENNIE M.D. Emeritus Clinical Professor ' 6 1-Q1 id? , 9 I ' sg A .-I' I' .A N 1,62 MD? FRANK DWYER DON FUHRMAN M .D . M .D . Instructor Instructor Assoc. Clin. Prof. Asst. Clin. Prof. not pictuned GORDON SAUER, M.D. . Assistant NORMAN D. ASEL, M.D. . Instructor PHILIP SNEID , M.D. . . Assistant E .L. PFUETZE, M .D. . .Instructor HARRY STALEY, M.D. . Assistant BRUCE V. DROWNS, M.D. Instructor rw Cjenontoloqq AFV 1 ..,, . P 1 'Q g H 0 s ff-1 . -- j- ,UA 15 , J ll X 1 S 'O " gl I ' " 'rt - 4 , Y -' VIA' Q I in ' H ,I 16 EDWARD H. HASHINGER M.D. Professor and Chairman Dietetica and Tl ' ' utfutton -XX 'fu' . I I Q 55l,Il2..??RO3'r.?.i35.. - I" 1 A. npi, Q W M ESTHER RATLIFF B.S . Assoc. Prof. PATRICIA ERNEST DELORES FLACKMILLER B .S . B .S . Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof. '7-T . -Z.-'ftf ELIZABETH McCUNE MARGARET A . PAYNE CATHERINE RUDOLPH B .S . M .S . B ,S . Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof, HILDEGARD KNOPP B .S . Instructor not pictuftecl HAZEL PARRY, B.S. Asst. Prof. ISABEL MOYA , Instructor A LICE DA MON B .S . Instructor Vfwcsw. ."' 4 4 . " ' ER , Q gg' , 1 g ' V Q MAXINE MILLER JEAN L. SCHAFFER M .S . B ,S , Instructor Instructor MABEL H. CHENG, B.S . CECILIA COFFEY , B .S . Instructor Instructor A ,B, OPHELIA POOLE , B .S , Instructor Gbatetuica and , Cjqnecoloqq r ore- . :A, iii is 5 ' : .L N :.' LEROY A. CALKINS QQ A Ph.D.. M.D. 5,15 ' Professor and Chairman in -it 'KI H - , ' I If il I.- aof.-arf' I - R.A. SCHWEGLER, M.D. H.M. FLOERSCH, M.D. 3 W,C, MIXON, M.D. 1 R.A. WEST, M.D Assoc. Clin. Prof. Asst. Clin. Prof. Asst, Clin. Prof. Associate not pictuued ' D.c. GUFFEY, M.D., Emeritus Prof. R.D. IRLAND M.D. Emeritus Prof. H.1.. GAINEY', M.D.',C1inica1Prof. - 'Q ' L 'W' J.G. WEBSTER, M.D. , ASSOC. Clin. Prof. ' LEROY GOODMAN, M.D. , Asst. Clin. Prof. - ' ' R.G. HELMAN, M.D. , Asst. Clin. Prof. ' " G.L. MILLER, M.D. , Asst. Clin. Prof. ROSEMARY SCHREPFER, M.D. , Asst. Prof. b CHARLES A. HUNTER, M.D., Asst. Prof. l 4 - HAROLD I. NICHOLAS, M.D. , Asst. Prof. LE. KEELER, M.D. , ASSOCIQIC WJ. SPANOS. M.D. JAMES G. LEE' M.D F.C. ATWELL, M.D. , Associate Instructor Instructor I-I.K. KNOCH, M.D. , Associate E.w,J. PEARCE, M.D. , Associate S.U. RODGERS, M.D. , Instructor S.A. MONTELLO, M.D. , Instructor I-1.5. LEVEY, M.D. , Instructor 0 S R.F. LAMAR M.D. Instructor fl Ao. Boomer, M.A., 'H ea UIQ and peech K.S. NICKOLAY, M.D. , Instructor in N9 .QM JUNE MILLER STANLEY ROTI-I C.L. ROUSEY M.A. M.A. M.A. Assoc. Prof. Lecturer Asst. Prof. CORNELIUS GOETZINGER, Ph.D. , RICHARD SCHEIFELBUSCH M D Assoc. Prof. Assoc Prof. o HARRIET SLANKARD, M.A. EVELYN ALLEN, M.A Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof. ARTHUR L. TERR, EDRIS MILLER, Lecturer Lecturer WILLIAM DIEDRICH, PHIL H, SCHOGGER Lecturer Lecturer Wlicnobioloqq M .D . Professor and T .R . HAMILTON Chairman W I , ff. 'iff' ' .. , at sf f .. V f Q - ' ' If g, '-, . , his J, ALVAR Q . WERDER THORIEIL JENSEN PERRYhMORGAN P .D. P .D. P .D. Professor Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof. V LLOYD HEDGECOCK, Ph.D. . Asst. Prof. JULIE GEMPEL. B.S. . . . Instructor v X M,N. MICKELSON, Ph.D. Associate V .L. VonREISEN. Ph-D- - - - ASSI- Prof- I I 6, ' , ROBERT WEBER, M.D. . . . Associate A . , I Nxnxx wfxf r' .AT my . Xe Q f 1, , A.N. tamoms - " Y M.D. S' KE N Professor and Chairman N Gpthalmoloqq 5 I -64 A W A J.A . BILLINGSLEY JOHN MCLEOD C .A. CROCKETT W,R, EUBANK OTTO H. ELSER M.D. 4M,D, M.D. M.D. M.D. Clin. Prof. Asst. Clin. Prof. Associate Associate Associate ndf picfufled E.1.CURRAN.M.n. AJ.BAER.M.D,. . . Emeritus Prof. LARRY CALKINS, M.D. . . Assoc, Clin. Prof. . . Asst. Clin. Prof. F.N. BOSILEVAC, M.D. . . . . JAMES MAY. M.D. . . . . Associate SAMUEL KANTOR, M .D . . . Instructor DOROTHY SHAAD. M .D . . Associate F.E . WADE . M .D . . . Associate r.B.scHERrz, M.D. . Q Associate J.E, BRESETTE, M.D. J.T. ROBISON, M.D. D .H . UNDERWOOD , M . D,C, SMITH, M.D. Associate Instructor Associate Associate Associate .gnteunal medicine E , GREY DIMOND , M .D . Professor and Chairman 1, ,.... ,gf ' -. , -,s ' ,. MAI-ILON DELP, M .D . Professor and Chief, Clinical Medicine MARTIN FITZPATRICK , M .D . Assoc Prof. and Chief, Chest Diseases RALPH H, MAJOR Yi' 'ss A H, 4 J E .H . HASHINGER, M .D Professor and Chief. Gerontology .Wg ' f N ,sm vs .. wig' , , ,F sas. , A Q v ' 553' '.",s1fI?:.:'? . ' I ' 4. "' an ,Li V-f. 1? . K,R, REISSMANN, M.D. Assoc. Prof. and Ch Experimental Medic MAX S . ALLEN M .D . M .D . Prof. Emeritus Assoc. Prof. .jj ' ' V lp ax I O ,R, WITHERS D .C . PEETE M ,D , M .D . Assoc. Clin. Prof. Assoc. Clin. Prof. ief, ine , , 1 .. .. E, -.dw ,Q ' 1 135: .33-71'-, L 3 ...nw A .T . STEEGMAN , M .D , R,E , BOLINGER, M .D Professor and Chief, Assoc. Prof. and Chief Neurology Metabolic Diseases we I 21? T if -.ffl I SLOAN WILSON, M.D. A,P, KLOTZ' M.D. Assoc. Prof: and Chief, Assoc, Prof, and Chief Hematology M.L. FURCULOW M.D. Assoc. Clin. Prof. HJ. GRADY Ph,D. Assoc . Prof . Gastroenterology G.W. ROBINSON, JR M.D. Assoc. Clin. Prof. SAN TIA GO GRISOLIA M ,D . Assoc . Prof. .gnteunal medicine T J . RANKIN M .D . Assoc. Prof. M.G. BERRY M.D. Asst. Clin. Prof. R.J . BOODY M .D . Associate , .fi nv. X . J, 901 J .E . CROCKETT M .D . Associate T .K . LIN M .D . Associate u I" wi . 'O' I V as A JESSE RISING M .D . Assoc . Prof. J ,I s . . 'sh A E .S . MILLER M .D . Asst. Clin . Prof. A f lv' 1 A .V . ARMS M .D . Associate - cyl' .SWL W.H . GOODSON M .D . Associate LEE LEGER M .D . Assoc . Prof. LH. WHEELER NLD. Asst. Clin. Prof. J. CHRISTIANSON M .D. Associate P .G. KAUL M .D . Associate .,vs,. -3 . ..-f N 12, 4 A i. E.G. KETTNER 21 RALPH. HALE M .D . M .D . Associate Instructor A' ' A r Y . . . Q M. BERNREITER M.D. Asst. Clin. Prof. I .. " 'jx , A A, I 'im I 'ls R,A. JORDAN, M.D. Asst. Prof. and Director Student Health LLOYD COALE M .D . Associate ia 4, .3 . . "' T .R. JONES M .D . Associate ,ss 41 , h. if D I M . KRAHENBUHL M.D. i IIISIIUCIOI vs- ., . . 1 nad- not pictuned LE. WELKER, M.D. , Clinical Professor B.L. ELLIOTT , M.D. , Associate Clinical Professor L.E. WOOD, M.D. , Associate Clinical Professor G,L. CURRAN, M.D. , Associate Professor W.H. ALGIE, M.D. , Assistant Clinical Professor I-I.L. DOUGLAS, M.D. , Assistant Clinical Professor MARK DODGE, M.D. . Assistant Clinical Professor A, JACKSON, M.D. , Assistant Clinical Professor E,l-I, TROWBRIDGE, M.D. , Assistant Clinical Professor J.W, WOLF, M.D. , Assistant Clinical Professor C,E, ANDREWS, M.D. , Associate R.I. CANUTESON, M.D. , Associate A.I. DECKER, M.D. , Associate W.E. LARSEN, M.D. . Associate R.A. LAWSON, M.D. , Associate IRA LAYTON, M.D. , Associate B.A. LIEBERMAN, JR. , M.D. , Associate M.D. MCFARLAND, M.D. , Associate l.R. MORRISON, M.D. , Associate H.M. ROBERTS, M.D. , Associate A.W. ROBINSON, M.D. , Associate W.T. SIRRIDGE, M.D. , Associate E.L. SLENTZ, M.D. , Associate W.A. SLENTZ, M.D. , Associate H.E. SMITH, M.D. , Associate HARRY STATLAND, M.D. , Associate G. VOORHEES, M.D. , Associate Lectwtena not Pictuned M S ALLEN, M.D. A V ARMS, M.D. R E BOLINGER, M.D. MAHLON DELP, M.D. E G DIMOND, M.D. M T EATON, JR, , M.D. R W EDWARDS, M.D. M FITZPATRICK, M.D. S R FRIESEN, M.D. D C GUFFEY, M.D. T.R. HAMILTON, M.D. E.H. HAsi-i1NGER,M.D. Miss JEAN M. HILL, R.N. R.M. 1sENnERGER, M.D. K.E. Jocr-nM, Ph.D. c.F. KITTLE, M.D. P. LORHAN, M.D. J, MCLEOD, M.D. H.C. MILLER, M.D. D.c. PEETE, M.D. C,M. PICKARD, M.D. .gnteunal medicine Instructor Associate S.M. STEINZIG, M.D. Instructor Lecturer C.M. POSER, M.D. Instructor Lecturer L,M. RODRIGUEZ, M.D. Instructor Lecturer D.C. WAKEMAN, M.D. , Associate H.C. WALL, M.D. , Associate J.W. WILEN, M.D. , Associate W.A. WILI-IELM, M.D. , Associate E.J. TWIN, M.D. , Assistant E.H. FISCHER, M.D. , Assistant G.C. BATES, M.D. , Instructor W.G. CALKINS, M.D. , Instructor J.W. CAMPBELL, M.D. , Instructor T.D.Y. CHIN, M.D. . Instructor LC. DOWELL, M.D. , Instructor G. EISEMANN, M.D. , Instructor R.W. HAMILI., M.D. . Instructor RUTH I-IARDACRE, M.D. , Instructor W.S. HOLT, M.D. , Instructor T.R. HOOD, M.D. , Instructor E.L. MILLS, M.D. . Instructor P. MORGAN, M.D. , Instructor P. MOSS, M.D. , Instructor W.L. MUNDY, M.D. , Instructor M.E. MUSGRAVE, M.D. , Instructor M. SIRRIDGE, M.D. , Instructor R,K. SKILLMAN, M.D. , Instructor A.A. SPRONG, M.D. , Instructor D.R. BEDFORD, M.D. , Instructor J.B, FISHER, M.D. , Instructor B. FOSTER, M.D. , Instructor F. MCEWEN, M.D. , Lecturer 5.1. RYAN, M.D.. Lecturer S. ZELMAN, M.D.-, Lecturer LAWRENCE PETERS, M.D. K,R, REISSMANN, M.D. DAVID ROBINSON, M.D. P.G. ROOFE, M.D. N.P. SHERWOOD, M.D. R,E. STOWELL, M.D. GALEN M, TICE, M.D. H.A.WENNER, M.D. W.P. WILLIAMSON, M.D P.l-I, WOODARD, M.D. O O I -I-ltatonq ob Wlecltctne exif? 22 ROBERT W, WEBER, M.D. MAURICE SNYDER, M.D. C.W. ERICKSON, M.D. HENRY TIHEN, M.D. I I I I Gtouhinolanqnqoloqq G, O'NEILL PROUD , M ,D , Professor and Chairman L.B. SPAKE, M.D. Clin. Prof. Emeritus i s .E , ROBERTS, M .D . Clin. Prof. f 'z'17??Stif A , X, h Instructor LWTY - ' ' ? if QI r Y 4 hh A " 511 K r riff. '. sy f 93.23 W.P. BUNTING, M.D. Asst. Clin Prof. I M BIRENBOIM, M.D. Asst: Clin. Prof. J.S. KNIGHT, M.D. Assoc. Clin. Prof. W.H. SHOFSTALL, M.D. Asst. Clin. Prof. C .K . SHOFSTALL, M .D . Associate H.S. KNAUFF, M.D. Instructor 23 5 R,M. HAZEN, M .D. Yi WILLIAM BARRY, M.D. Assoc . Clin. Prof. xii? .k Q, Patholoqq and Oncoloqq F.C . HELWIG M .D . Clin. Prof. 'Q' it K 'Q I F.A. MANTZ, JR, M ,D . Asst. Prof. ., . gf HAROLD EDELHOCH Ph . D. Asst. Prof. ROBERT E . STOWELL M .D . Professor and Chairman H.I . FIRMINGER M ,D . Assoc . Prof. Q .J W of - ' fl Q 6:05 L, ,4-as Q f xi 7 S W.W . SUMMERVILLE M ,D . Assoc. Clin. Prof. MAX BERENBOM Ph . D . Asst. Prof. 24 C .G. BLY M .D . Assoc. Prof. IRWIN IOFFE M .D . Instructor VICTOR BUHLER M .D . Instructor L JAMES BOLEY M.D. Assoc. Prof. LK . FRENKEL M .D . Asst. Prof. HILLIARD COHEN M .D . Associate Patholoqq and Oncoloqq .2 I. ig? Ay I , ff.: JACK HILL M ,D , Associate JAMES CAUFIELD M .D . Instructor LOREN MORIARTY M .D . Instructor .H . fm 'T - if I . f I , RUSSELL KERR EVELYN PETERS ADRIAN STAI-IL M .D . M .D . Ph . D. Associate Associate Associate X. J . FRANK HOLMAN BERNARD KLIONSKY MARIAN LAMBERT M .D . M .D . M .D . Instructor Instructor Instructor not pictuned LL. LATTIMORE, M ,D. Clin. Prof. RICHARD JOHNSON, M ,D , Asst. Clin. Prof. JAMES E. TURNER, M.D. . . Asst. Prof. DAVID GIBSON . M .D . .... Associate ANGELO LAPI , M .D . ..... Associate RICHARD C , SCHAFFER, M .D . . Associate SARA FREELAND ...... Assistant 9 25 WILLIAM REALS M .D . Instructor ...wsu ---, -..... . . ,, Pecliatfrica t ,K fs. A s A if ,. ,il-I 1 1 Q 11 gfifsfs. ' DANIEL C. DARROW, Professor M.D. G- x.7h . . fi 5 . I s .29 his .. 1. 4' . P.C. LAYBOURNE, M.D. Assoc. Prof. was - . 1. in ,S J. . . .. I I -I....q.f R.C. FREDEEN, M.D. Associate not pictuned H A WENNER M.D., Prof I.'AiicHETT1, 'M.D. . Assoc.. Prof. orrfczgngcwl-' AULL, M.D. , Asst. Clin. Prof. H. CHAPMAN, M.D. , Asst. Clin. Prof. FRANKL, M.D. , Asst. Clin. Prof. L. HART, M.D. Asst. Clin. Prof. SPEER. M.D. . Asst. Clin. Prof. WAI-THALL. M.D. , Asst. Clin. Prof. M DIEHL. M.D. , Asst. Prof. -:R..DUBES. M.D. . As... Prof. K xx J , X55-F5 f'-X .1 lya fff' . sms: W- iff' ...T ' 6 IL . . HERBERT C. MILLER, M.D. f ' ' ' Professor and Chairman 3 0 V 9 gl Q1 . 4 1 -4 I A . L G.V. HERMANN, M.D. Assoc. Clin. Prof. . M59 ,Q .fi i 3 1 fr ' ' 1 I I, F.c. BERHLE, M.D. Asst. Prof. as ' ' I ,wk V. 1, I . . 11' ' I L .V M wi W' Q A ' ' bw R.C. FAIRCHILD, M.D. Instructor ALICE MARSH, M.D. , Asst. Prof. R.B. ANDERSON, M.D. . Associate ELDRIDGE, M.D. . Associate ' GILKEY , M.D. , Associate E.L. GLASSCOCK, M.D. . Associate S.F. PAKULA, M.D. , Associate SEELY , M.D. , Associate C.B. SUMMERS, M.D. , Associate ANTHONY ZBRANEK, Ph. D. , Associate C.J. WINTER, M.D. , Assistant C.J. I-LS. C.W. AS., ' s 1 J' A A Ji A A rs iw, 4 555- s J 4. ,Q i P.N. MEDEARIS Assoc. Clin. Prof. .. , ,.... . , "Uv f A I . . ' . KV' K bw s A 'K 33? wills' A 5 C.A. MILLER, M.D. Asst. Prof. ALEXANDER ROTH , M.D. Instructor G.W. WISE, M.D. , Assistant N.W. SMULL, M.D. , Assistant J.R. PATTERSON, M.D. . Assistant R.W. LATHAM, M.D. , Assistant G. HUGHES, M.D. , Assistant S. HELLERSTEIN, M.D. , Assistant R.F. GARRISON, M.D. . Instructor MARY E. EVANS, M.D. , Assistant H.V. DAVIS, M.D. . Assistant MARY S. BOYDEN, M.D. , Assistan R.D. BLIM, Assistant I Ph 4 'cal medicine X Q' T y fx 3 uf I g , - 1. ' - 'f D.L.ROSE,M.D. EQ J' I 1 Professor and Chairman ' I 1 , ,V ,,, ' QW 'ff-7,5 Jig' X ' if Ai If , , , j 4' . N Q , A not ptctuned If L I A THELMA sPRoUT, R.P.T. .... Instructor Ivx ' A 1" ROY Sl-IERRILL, R.P.T. ..... Instructor ' ' If .Qs '17 STANLEY F. RADZYMINSKY, M.D. Instructor "" .A',.' f RALPH R. BEATTY , M.D. .... Instructor sf N ' R' I Ph l E.BI:4SgIR.ES RUTH ?l.PM'IQNTIETH Asst. Pro.f. Asst. Prof,.Ph'ysica1 Therapy faflf W. CLARKE WESCOE M .D . Professor v.E. WILSON M .D . Asst. Prof. R.M . ISENBERGER M .D . Professor Wrvxvlv A I I '. I - Q., , ' ' . 9 1 CLYDE HUGGINS M .D . Asst. Prof. LAWRENCE PETERS M .D . Professor and Chairman R.E . GREEN M ,D . Assoc . Prof. V! 15' D Y... . I s I 3 2 .fz 4? ' JESSE RISING M.D. Assoc. Prof. R.O . BOYLE Ph . C . Instructor Phqaioloqq KENNETH E. JOCHIM Ph.D. Professor and Chairman ll' I gl - ' Y , v PA a rj: - 0.0. STOLAND P.H. WOODARD G.N. LOOFBOURROW F.E. SAMSON Ph.D- M.D. Ph.D. Ph.D. Prof. Emeritus Assoc. Prof. Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof, O not pzctuned D,G. FLEMING H,W. SHIRER Peat-Cjnaduate Asst. Prof. Asst. Prof. 1 medical Education X4 ' Q, ' MAHLON DELP, M,D, ' Chairman -'X' XX 3 .S Q FII E. O FII 2 R N 9. f , 1 y 4 d ff! il 1' Q T f 5 " f ' . fifii I :F ix , - - JESSE RISING MRS. MARGARET TREADWEL1. Q ' ' , D Associate ' . Assoc Prof M. . Y AI 28 Paqchiatftq WILLIAM F. ROT1-I, JR. , M.D Professor and Chairman ,. x , I .. x s, A. l 'Tx .J 1 1 V 2 I I' 'C I gf' I" fl I WILLIAM C. KARL A. SYLVIA ALLEN MENNINGER MENNINGER M,D, M.D. M.D. Assoc. Clin. Prof. Clin. Prof. Clin. Prof. 95' 4.5 - I 5' ,-gil Q r . ' ,, ,. x I t 1 MERRILL T. SIGMUND MORTON JACOBS EATON, M.D. GUNDLE, M.D. M,D, Assoc. Prof. Asst. Clin. Prof. Asst. Clin. Prof. , Z - 4' Iii.. 1 ', ' 94, -, 1.551 6 Q .Sf - RODGER A, EDWARD E, EDWARD P, MOON, M.D. BAUMHARDT GREENWOOD Instructor M.D. M.D. Lecturer Lecturer not pictuned MARTIN WRIGHT , M.D. 1 Clin. Prof. ALBERT PRESTON, JR. , M.D. , Instructor MILTON KIRKPATRICK, M.D. Assoc. Clin. Prof. ALFRED P. BAY, M.D. , Lecturer VICTOR BIKALES, M.D. , Asst. Clin. Prof. GEORGE FRANKL, M.D. , Asst. Clin. Prof. HAROLD MEYERS, M.D. , Asst. Clin. Prof JOHN O'HEARNE, M.D. , Associate WILLIAM ROBINSON, M.D. , Associate RICHARD SCHNEIDER, M.D. , Associate BERNARD HALL, M.D. , Lecturer HERBERT KLEMMER, M.D. , Lecturer LEWIS L. ROBBINS, M.D. , Lecturer JANE TILLINGHAST , M.D. , Associate JAMES E. YOUNG, M.D. , Associate ROBERT EDWARDS, M.D. , Instructor . It S. I ' SI if 1 PAUL C . LAYBOURNE M.D. Assoc. Prof. Y '. I soLoMoN D. KAPLAN, Ph. D. IIISITUCIOI' y , H.C. MODLIN M.D. Lecturer HERBERT JANSZEN, M.D. , Instructor ROBERT LEON, M.D. , Instructor ALOLPH MUELLER, M.D. , Instructor ANN F. NEOL, M.D. , Instructor CAROL POWELL, M.D. , Instructor HOWARD V. BAIR, Lecturer CLARK CASE , M.D. , Lecturer GEORGE JACKSON , M.D. , Lecturer WILLIAM E. OLSON, M.D. , Lecturer DAVID S. RUHE, M D . Prof. Public Health and Pneventiue medicine E.V TI-IIEHOFF M D Prof a d Ch ma -! fi' 4 . t ', ,D ,an-,XA 1 ,J A YQ in xfgyxmmm A Ii ---i,g,-il! 332 43' z I ,ff ff fp, f .' Wif., 2:,X,g,q.y?iEEw,' If " 1' 'K K ' 12"'H'I'iiI5+biiu 'S ,W Uh 5" :xqjfu ' . 'N-,f-141 I ' J ,H ff--2-fad:-4 ' ,AL .lu ,uf -ilu I afl-'T'-PM lf' N,?., 11, .s J I f A ' J i ' n, an " ,Eg Qfx.j-,2.f .A'l.,J' 1112.15-"-F: Q xig'-Eijlxjff, .. '- f v 'TT' 1 ' I jg! S XXII ' ' 'rar . . , v -f , f ,IQ ,V ,M 4:11 X YA X WILLARD R. BELLINGER M D C F BLANKENSHIP M D L I I M-, fr, .Q I EDWARD H. TU'I:TLE Lecturer M M WILLIAMS L t Lectufzena not Pictuned IUNEM1'-LER VINCENT T . WILLIAMS , M ,D . EVAN WRIGHT V M. WINKLE, M.D. DWIGHT METZLER GEOFFREY MARTIN, M.D. LOUIS H. FORMAN, M.D, Homes F. FLANDERS, M,D, HUGH DWYER, M ,D. R,w. EDWARDS, M.D. ROBERTA Foors, R.N. R,L. CULP 30 Lecturer Raclioloqq GALEN M. TICE, M.D. Professor and Chairman C.E. VIRDEN, Iv1.D. E K- Asst. Clin. Prof. 57" A ,JY not pictunecl PETER HIEBERT , M .D . DORIS KUBIN, M .D . . H.I-I. VIRDEN, M.D.. DELORES YOUNG. . . f w.M.K1Tc1-IBN, M.D. SIDNEY RUBIN, M.D. . G.E.SAWYERS, M.D. . A.B.sM1Ti-1, M.D.. . D.S. DANN, M.D. . . S.B.CHAPMAN, JR., M .D. . . Associate . Associate . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor D A ONALD R. GERMANN, M.D. sst. Prof. LILLJ Q I Q 1 - I KARL A. YOUNGSTROM, M.D, ' Asst. Prof. ' .V A ' J.F. BowsER, M.D ' .4 Associate 'wg 'T- : t 31 J.E . MCCONCI-IIE , M .D , Associate Suuqenq . , 5 M x .I wr .' 24... .'X lf ' W.P . WILLIAMSON M .D . Assoc. Prof. and Chief Section of Neurosurgery vi is I - If qt I . I X x dm' ls Wm ! WILLIAM VALK M .D . Professor and Chief Section of Urology 'SP -A "I, -3 Q. s 'K vu" A ," ,I P 5 4 C ,C , NESSELRODE M .D . Emeritus Clin . Prof. FRANK F. ALLBRITTEN, JR, Professor and Chairman M.D. if , r 'Jeff V4 9 1' . ,i ' ,fa '- f 'Q-s ? Y ' X' NV 125' il I W 1 DAVID ROBINSON M .D . Assoc. Prof. and Chief Section of Plastic Surg. MICHAEL KLEIN Ph.D. Asst. Professor Section of Biophysics - I s Q f. .Ar . ' - W REX DIVELEY STANLEY R. FRIESEN M.D. M.D..Ph.D. Assoc, Clin. Prof. Assoc. Prof. 32 ii ' , ,Q ' PAUL LORHAN M .D . Professor and Chief Section of Anesthesiology ,- -iv ... H . .. RALPH W. EDWARDS D .D .S . Asst. Clin. Prof. Dental 8. Oral Surgery ff I 1 . WM. M, MILLS M .D . Emeritus Clin. Prof. Suuqenq CHARLES E. BRACKETT M .D . Asst. Prof. f II, at fu P, JAMES F. O'MALLEY M.D. Instructor GEORGE MILES M .D . Associate M 4 'Sn RICHARD C . YE C . FREDERICK KITTLE M .D . M .D. Instructor Asst. Prof. C .A . HARDIN M.D. Asst. Prof. 7.42 I v' I A. E, em' 'E Qs. vi I iii , 'NT :T H.E. CARLSON CHARLES E. VILMER M.D. M.D. Instructor Assistant ff, A 7.42.1 I f . I ' , L, ZW' s it Q DANUTA OKTAWIEC JOHN M, HANSON M.D. M.D. Assistant Asst. Prof. not pictuned G.M. GRAY, M.D. . . GEO. A. HIGGINS, M.D. PAUL R. scHLoERB, M.D.: ALFRED HINSHAW, M.D. PHILLIP HALPERIN, M .D . THOMAS oRR, JR., M.D. ROBERT W. RIGHT, M.D. c.s. STOTTS, M.D. , E,C. s1EERs, M.D.. . MAX 1. MILLER, M.D. . R,T. PARMLEY, M.D. , o.w, DAVIDSON, M.D. T.G. DILLON, M.D.. . A .L. sTocKwELL, M.D. ROBERT OWENS, M.D. . R.W. sTocKToN, M.D. Emeritus Prof. . Asst. Prof. . Asst. Prof. . Asst. Prof. . . Associate . . Associate . . Assistant . . Assistant . . Instructor . Asst. Prof. . Assistant . . Associate . . Associate . . Associate . .Instructor Instructor F.D.DICKSON,M.D. . f Emeritus Prof. L.O. LITTON, M.D. . MAURICE PERLL, M.D. . C.L. FRANCISCO, M.D. W.D. FRANCISCO, M.D. GEO. WILLIAMSON, M.D.. 1-1.R. MCEARLAND, D.D.s. I.A . ELLIOTT, D.D.S . . 33 . . Associate . . Assistant . . Instructor . . Instructor . . Instructor . . .Dentist . .Dentist l X . "Yankees 4, Dodgers 4" "Hell, l dicln't bet on this game" . . .from a woman s point of view . . . . one o'clock lecture The woman . Research on the green Fell. f W ' If iz., A 5, ,H V, 1 -za, 5 X . J-.1 r wmv-,yu fx, ' 'M E w. Q L 1 , .-it ' x V f X A 'fs v' ' Lvl: 'Qw"-'A.iH- ,ml I I ' . Q 1 X. 'vga ' ,. A,7b ,. 15:w , l 'A Q Y ,lg . . , , ul ' Y w' it ' ". 0 n 1. h MNAPQMN ,,.,.....-my .1 'Q 4 9 ' l 1-..--'.-vpn, . . ' I 1 .. ' V. Md llim., L 5 -' .4 V 1 L ,Q ,',I.V,'y .. ii, K- ' 5: A 1 ' f 1 I -- W-Li ,I E. L . L i g,,g,,,,N-+- - :ni 'I ' ' K4 L Mg W Q A M H .Q: '1t"' 1' 1- ,A W-W , It t I Nwqkw .,., I u,., ' J V ,.,. ,Z . .. K .1 W K IW- W f -g:gwr:',f , W- H L: -QF" m Y., , m, 1. - - . -L f f """ KV , 'Z 4 , I Q M I ' , ,fmt J.,,,.vt5 x,-'k .ywf - v x, p 1- 3,, .-nnli"""'iw , M ,V ' ,. ' ,h!.,'1.l3., ... s 5" . . 1 -.ff A - W' A ,f f 7v"iH4hi I' i 3 5 vu31f"f:'!",:,.," l' X L ', -,uw f . I ' 'I W , Q n 1 1 Ax" I ' Ll y K K V 4 V , .' ,qv"fEQ.,.Q Jgyp ' .A E xl j I H I My 5 'L K'-Im' 1,1Qw55M-ff 4 , I N' .E ' . Q 5 fw'f.ff,.f ,A -L 1' pig Isf Y L ll f" .W W W, ,ff -. 14 ' " H , my 1, rf. vi' ' h ,W " fx' ' H' F ' fr . f- .Q . 7 "ff, 'if' """ ,ff ,J-'g' ,K 9 :ir -1 ' ', 'L' 'h XA" .' .sn 4' Il ' .W ga R' 3' 'N ' .1 I ,, W Vx? V' ' - ' x ' f 1 I 5 I f .Y ,EL lj' , 'ax---an A .' 21, X A 4 '- , -' .v f ff. ' ' ,, 4, - . H. g,,.,N-w . ,. iid'-Y' -bf 1 U ,h 6 wx ,gg M . -- i L I A K J' V. 14 :4!9"P'K' -V +9 M' v a. -' ' x fy I ,. -VU ., Carl D. Ambler A. Gene Arnold James L. Barber Richard N. Barr L. Theil Bloom John P . Brockhouse if "'L'..f"" ff'-re V3 ,ff . s ' . r f 2 fr s A3Gf' W1' Q . ff 5 ' Es '-if . .'1.'..,4. l - " ' a 1-.sigpgl , ' L -1.2 .,.',v, "fm ....n.. cr' s K George J. Bures James L. Burks Ronald Chen Arthur Col lom ix lil Charles W. Carroll Francis P. Cossman 'I Z" Richard E. Cramm John W. Curfis Warren M. Crosby, Jr. Richard J. Cummings Ronald F. Dailey James B . Degner NOT PICTURED n.w,.wggw.,m:QQP.m...k , ,- r NOT PICTURED Joseph H. Depoe John Frederick Doornbos George F. DeTar Rachel A. Driver v"f" Charles H. Dockhorn Carlyle Dunshee -S---IP Calvin E. Engelmann Keith W. Gallehugh Albert L. Folkner Howard E. Gard Wayne E. Frazier Billie L. Gardner 3 i Deon T. Geffler Emil L. Goering Robert F. Goodwin Alon R. Gray Ralph R. Hall Wesley H. Hall A M lr l 'Y I William P. Hamilton Gene O. Harpsfer William R, Herrin Lawrence Hayes Richard E. Heikes Richard K. Helm A f If Roy R. Hieger Edward L. Johnson Charles R. Keith Doris M. Kells Jess W. Koons Alexander P. Kranfz 'niwfinif ' Frank Kufili-ak Ben D. Mf:Cc1llisfer 'go J I k l NOT PICTURED Hollis K. Lefever Robert Lynch Carolyn Ash McCann Donald McCoy C Q Q ffm NOT PICTURED 1 Harry R. McFarland Arthur McLain Loffie B. M-:Wherfer Robert A. Marshall Joseph C. Meek, Jr. , V 'L', ff W' K 'I' Vp r f Don E. Menchetfi Earl D. Merkel Eugene G. Peterson NOT PICTURED -4"""'F" , Alf- A 1 si lflo - ' 2 f 'Af ,4 "f'::nr Z ' ' xml ,Q ,Wi 5 t gr X is l Ei William E. Moore Otis O. Moseley James F . Peterson K A . I 1, iff ., I f 5 Robert Peffegrew , . Qu-if 13, Mark W. Pfenninger Charles R. Phipps Robert E. Reed Jock D. Reese Irving Ringdchl NOT PICTURED Q, 0. 'Wagga Harold E . Rinier Y 4, fr w 11 -yjvi -wi' JN! , Qu. I w. ' Q, A. '4 f" Q.. 35. 'L -.H ' --"r,'f3si.'g QQ 77- !'1,"n...I Warren Roberts James G. Ruggles Erich Ryll Robert C. Scanlon Alfred Sherer Clifton C. Schopf Charles L. Schroff Gerald Siemsen -av' -n 'L ,K Ar xl' Norvin D. Schuman Lawrence E. Silvey Richard Searl Richard D. Smifh William Spomer Chester Strehlow Donald M. Stewart Thomas L. Stribling Joseph Struzzo Mack E . Sturgis '45 J -env 4.3 Ray Sfufzman Ralph Sumner Jack Taylor Donald R . Tucker NOT PICTURED Virginia Tucker Paul J. Uhlig Orville C. Walker Roger D. Warren John S. Welsh William E. Vvhlfe 4 wall? Robert E. Wilclin John M. Williams Robert L. Wilson I Martin Wol lmonn Keith Woolpert ,5,. iw K 'Jhe Viaaictitudea ob 14 Senion Q "Bean -Hunting" Student, Jn the Uean 1957. in M ff' ' 1 u D ' U Aloha. Cfgvkinhd SJYPI' Fax ers 'Flfavkw Bo Sums R-NAAN , K 1 1 W1 T" , 1 N K X x Qf - I 23 Z A 14 ff lf. , ,mxw " MN T' i f N Q W Q X ?x f I Lf-.-A . ffff f . N. X A Q01 A " 1 fm Q wal Xi? I W ' 1 W7 . X, J - A W ' I ' W 1 X f N Xf A 5 ' i 1 P , TQ Dexghsazn Kd Blish, +R? K'-H65 "Our diagnosis then is. . . I'm sorry, I can't pronounce it." AWARD: To the K .U.M.C . Cafete rl a For excellent appointments and cuisine . And from whose workbook did you get that answer?" Bug brother IS lust outside that window boys! Now is that clear - C. Workman Jnteunahipa Carl D. Ambler. .Broadlawns County Hospital . .18th 8. Hickman Rd., Des Moines, lowa A. Gene Arnold. .Kansas City General Hospital . .24th 8. Cherry, Kansas City, Missouri James L. Barber. .Broadlawns County Hospital . .18th 8. Hickman Rd., Des Moines, Iowa Richard N. Barr. .St. Mary's Hospital..101 Memorial Dr., Kansas City, Missouri L. Theil Bloom..Wesley Hospital. .550 N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas J.P. Brockhouse. .Menorah Medical Center. .4949 Rockhill Rd. , Kansas City, Missouri George J. Bures. .Meadowbrook Hospital . .Bethpage 8. Carman, Hempstead, New York James L. Burks. .Menorah Medical Center. .4949 Rockhill Rd., Kansas City , Missouri Charles W. Carroll. .St. Mary's Hospital. .101 Memorial Dr., Kansas City, Missouri Ronald M. Chen. .Detroit Receiving Hospital . .1326 St. Antonine St. Detroit, Michigan Arthur B. Collom. .Sacred Heart Hospital. .Eugene Oregon Francis P. Cossman. .K.U. Medical Center Richard E. Cramm. .Harbor General Hospital..li24 W. Carson, Torrance, California Warren M. Crosby, Jr. .Kaiser Foundation Hospital . .280 W. MacArthur Blvd., Oakland, California Richard J. Cummings. . John W. Curtis. . Ronald F. Dailey..U.S. Naval Hospitals George F. DeTar..K.U. Medical Center James B. Degner. .U.S. Air Force Hos ital Joseph H. Depoe. .Wesley Hospital..E0 N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Charles H. Dockhom. .U.S. Naval Hospital John F. Doornbos..Wesley Hospital..55O N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Rachel A. Driver. .K.U. Medical Center 1 Carlyle M. Dunshee Wesley Hospital..55O N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Calvin E. Engleman. .Kansas City General Hospital . .24th 8. Cherry, Kansas Kansas City, Missouri Albert L. Folkner..U.S. Naval Hospital Wayne E. Frazier..Mound Park Hospital. .7th St. 8. 6th Ave., St. Petersburg, Florida Kieth W. Gallehugh. .U.S. Arm Hospital Howard E. Gard. .K.U. MedicaflCenter Billie L. Gardner..Wesley Hospital..55O N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Dean T. Gettler..K.U. Medical Center Emil L. Goering. .Kansas City General Hospital . .24th 8. Cherry, Kansas City, Missouri Robert F. Goodwin. .Kansas City General Hospital. .24th 8. Cherry, Kansas City, Missouri Richard A. Gray, Bernallilo General Hospital. .2211 Lomas Ave., Albuquerque, New Mexico Ralph Hall. . Wesley H. Hall. .Bethany Hospital . .12th 8. Reynolds Ave., Kansas City, Kansas William P. Hamilton. .Pierce County Hospital. .3582 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, Washington Gene O. Harpster. .Kansas City General. .24th 8. Cherry, Kansas City, Missouri William R. Harrin. . Lawrence L. Hayes. .Kansas City General Hospital . .24th 8. Cherry, Kansas City, Missouri Richard E. Heikes.. Richard K. Helm..Grand Forks Deaconness Hospital.. 212 S. 4th, Grand Forks, North Dakota Roy R. Heiger. . Edward L. Johnson. .Bernalillo General Hospital. .2211 Lomas Ave. Albuquerque, New Mexico Charles R. Kieth..K.U. Medical Center Doris M. Kells. .U.S. Public Health Service Hospital Jess W. Koons..Wesley Hospital..55O N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Alexander P. Krantz. .Veteran's Administration Hospital . .Wilshire 8. Sawte l le Blvd . Los Angeles, California Frank J. Kutilek..Wesley Hospital..55O N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Hollis K. Lefever. .Wesley Hospital..55O Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Robert D. Lynch. .University of Pennsylvania Hospital. .3400 Spruce, Philadelphia, Penns lvania Robert Marshall. .Grancll Forks Deaconness Hospital. .212 S. 4th , Grand Forks, r North Dakota. Ben D. McCallister..U.S. Army Hospital Carolyn A. McCann. .Akron General Hospital. .400 Waoash, Akron, Ohio Donald L. McCoy..Tampa General Hospital. .Davis Islands, Tampa, Florida Harry R. McFarland. .San Diego County Hospital. .N.Front St., San Diego, California Arthur L. McLain..Tampa General Hospital. .Davis Islands, Tampa, Florida Lottie B. McWherter. . Joseph C. Meek..San Diego County Hospital..N. Front St., San Diego, California Donald E. Menchetti..Tampa General Hospital. .Davis Islands, Tampa, Florida Earl D. Merkel. .Wesley Hospital. .550 N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas William E. Moore. .Wesley Hospital. .550 N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Otis O. Moseley. .Bernalillo County Hospital . .2211 Lomas Ave., Albuquerque, New Mexico Eugene G . Petersen . .Menorah Medical Center. .4949 Rockhill Rd . , Kansas City, Missouri James F. Peterson. .U.S. Army Hospital Robert R. Pettegrew. .Menorah Medical Center. .4949 Rockhill Rd . , Kansas City, Missouri Mark W. Pfenninger..Wesley Hospital. .550 N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Charles R. Phi ps..Wesley Hospital. .550 N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Robert E. Reecfl. U.S. Air Force Hospital Jack D. Reese. .Wesley Hospital. .550 N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Irving Ringdahl. .Bethany Hospital. .12th 8. Reynolds, Kansas City, Kansas Harold E . Rinier. .Sacramento County Hospital. .2315 Stockton Blvd.. Sacramento, California Warren E . Roberts. .St. Luke's Methodist Hospital. .1026 A. Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jamis GH Ruggles . .Kansas City General Hospital. .24th 8.Cherry, Kansas City, Missouri Eric R . . Robert ScanIon..Tampa General Hospital. .Davis Islands, Tampa, Florida Alfred L. Scherer. .Bethany Hospital. .12th 8. Reynolds, Kansas City, Kansas Clifton C. Schopf. .St. Francis Hos ital. .928 N. Emporia, Wichita, Kansas Charles I.. Schroff. .Tacoma General: Hospital . .315 S. K St., Tacoma, Washington Norvin D. Schumann.U.S. Public Health Service Hospital Richard H. Searl. .Ancker Hospital. .495 Jefferson, St. Paul, Minnesota Gerald H . 'Siemson . .Kansas City General Hospital . .24th 8.Cherry, Kansas City, Missouri Lawrence E. Silvey. .Orange County General Hospital. .12071 Santa Ana, Orange, California Rochard D. Smith. .Sacramento County Hospital. .2315 Stockton Blvd . Sacramento, California William Spomer. .Tacoma General Hospital. .315 S. K St. Tacoma, Washington Donald M. Stewart. .St. Luke's Hospital. .4400 Nichols Parkway, Kansas City, Missouri Chester H. Strehlow. .Bethany Hospital. .12th 8. Reynolds, Kansas City, Kansas Thomas L. Stribling. .Kansas City General Hospital. .24th 8.Cherry, Kansas City, Missouri Joseph Struzzo. .Kansas City General Hospital. .24th 8. Cherry, Kansas City, Missouri Mack E. Sturgis. .Research Hospital. .2300 Holmes, Kansas City, Missouri Ra E . Stutzman. . Rallph N. Sumner. .Bethany Hospital. .12th 8. Reynolds, Kansas City, Kansas Jack E. Taylor. .Bethany Hospital. .12th 8. Reynolds, Kansas City, Missori D. Frederick Thompson. .Research Hospital. .2300 Holmes, Kansas City, Missouri Ben F. Trump. .University of Kansas Medical Center Donald R. Tucker..D.C. General Hospital..19th 8. E. Sts., S.E. Washington, D.C Virginia L. Tucker..D.C. General I-Iospital..19th 8. E. Sts., S.E. Washington, D.C Paul J. Uhlig..U.S. Naval Hospital Orville C. Walker, Jr., K.U. Medical Center John S. Welsh. .K.U. Medical Center Rodger D'. Warren William E . White. .Research Hospital. .2300 Holmes, Kansas City, Missouri Robert E. Wildin. .U.S. Air Force Hospital John M. Williams. .Research Hospital. .2300 Holmes, Kansas City, Missouri Robert L. Wilson. . Wesley Hospital. .550 N. Hillside, Wichita, Kansas Martin Wollmann. .Colorado General Hospital. .4200 E. 9th, Denver, Colorado Keith D. Woolpert . .General Rose Memorial Hospital. .1050 Clermont, Denver, Colorado Senion -Honona Alpha Omeqa Alpha 'Jhe 'Jhe 'Jhe 'The Carl D. Ambler James F. Peterson Warren M. Crosby, Jr. Norvin D. Schumann Ronald F. Dailey 11fQ,5VI9O2y, Lawrence E. Silvey Charles R. Keith Donald R. Tucker Alexander P. Krantz PM Martin Wollman Earl D. Merkel 'I President 1956-57 .... Joseph C Meek Vice-President . . . . . Ben F. Trump Secretary-Treasurer . . John F. Doornbos C. 8. Boudneau medical Scholanahip James L. Barber 1956 14. Wlonnia Ciinabena 'Paige .gn Phqaical Diaanoaza Ronald F. Dailey 1955 14. fl. flnclenaon Scholanahip 'Jon 'Jhe Outatanclina Second 'Llean medical Student Ben F . Trump 1955 C. V. Wloalnf flwand Ben F. Trump 1956 58 ia ' L V ,ww--""""k V l R . , L55 Q, KSIVZ, ' .,,....w-0" ,,,,W,, Q QQ., , f's Gimf. iff' W fx .Q gmt, V H 3 re , L, 4 1 1 ,-R '.v 14 Ikezaki, Jenab, Ward, CT ., - 4 Payne, McCarfer. ' my 55 x A, Mayes, Schafer, Youmans, White, Hadley. , he 'sv - - ' V. x ' .. ' J . 25ff.,?y.: I- A N1 1 Y Af., ,, 5 vfmin f -'W 'ffwig . 1 ' . .- ', k .-A3923-L1 . tl ,K W. D K vin. - Q " iwg3'fg1:2?a,. 1+ V5 , X,-,wif ,,,.,gx,1 " ,J VV . wr: . "?i33:. i 4 ' .. f 1 4' -7 ' A 2 , K -1 , ,gg v 1 'ly ..,, ,A , . Q , ,,, ,.. .. ,,,. e,,e flag- .Qs ie? e rf Rhodes, Aker, Laman , R , A 5 iw 4,2 ?xfgf?s,.3 V1 Q, k 7. , L.f,. -3 , - -,, ' , f-.A . -fm 9- Q f- W4 X , - A .T Dougherty, Pomdexfer, 1 fr W , "dz, 1 X ' Q' -, ' . . . . Q' f f ' A Devme, Bnanchlnl . Y V. wig ' , ,, ' 35, T x liQ,.?" ,.5"' 2 :YIM .',Q ' , .7 ' 1' ?g.,'iL h 17 fzgf 'fii' f A .?!7W"'P u rw 15"4f,5f"f, 1 7? 4- ,, f ia m., ,Af Mem? . X- c , . -A , 5 . V as , . 1 l 1 ' ' f x'-' nw bf 5 1 A , " f f - 2 1 we Q Scoff, C. MGffln, Smlf ' 13 1"z '22-.j1g43,b' .. ,.x2:,,,f, .ii 15, J , QW Q . . - -a 1' Dall, Almer. TM: ,. , . Jq,,,,,L,Qf' , . 5 W, X 1. W f 'ifv'5L1'l' M K A513 '3i57z'f,f'pQ3 ' 4 Q? ' 1 gffim. if , milf 'V 524 W Q 1 " . e we a .""'U 'aww . -sf-5 1 - -.... as kig-fig, 1 K' Q . . . ' V M...4x...K - p-:vu-g Trombold, Summers, Gauert. if L A, QE, oo 4 ' A W f 5:3 . JH W ,...... 'W . , I V1 'N fm , 'L ,s, Lg - V. uylf 5 Y Tlg..:gJg,f:x:1:j All ,W Shane, Slankarcl, Steeples, rl A Steinbeck, Stone, D. ' .N ii' L Sleeper, Sterling. , l Noll , Rorabaugh , Benage , Androes. l I "vi4l'WJ0-v'SiL....,, f' 'MM- Jackson, Kirkpatrick Hinshaw, Reuber, Dick Cheng, Cates, Classen, Cowles, Chapman. Ray, Lowe, Dougherty, Poindexter, D. Martin. Hunt, Hadley, Brady . VonBuskirk, Petrie, Stuloble- , field, Snyder, Wcrkentin. l Y ly ogg 1 1, X 1' f ' ij,-'ir L fffffiff ,-'d TM' ,V ,,,e, , ,,,,.,e M y A 4, . r Q-4 k t V -A W. s. of , , F I -Qi-. j 'f l .rw wp-, X ' D . l" t" ffqg71,vw ,fix fi. ,4, f W, Blllmgsley, Goldsmrth, 9 ,Q"'5U iT.zf5fiPf M S iff'-1'5',lfwi','1 f ' W 'X 4 - .r 1 ,Mol gg, Q' giggi -.d' f at ' 'YQ Lockwood, Carle, Brchel- ' " f . I ' meyer, Ochler. , l N mx 'R 5' .,1ljj?f H,, V, 1 A f l , K l QI- 9" k 1 ' Holliday, Gleason, Rosen thcl, Hanson, Unrein. l l 1 Slpq X 4 , ,fa 1.5 X lad Y T ll , 'M 2 ,,,. 4 A 2' wr'-' .r,,,,.,,, v . . lf:k,.,,, .,,H1jz,,,g. 'i f lu., , .K ,lay , mfg, .- h . X .HJ K ,531 , , Tijt QQ E K' qz'."5f , F L., oil, X to 5 giillpz- ip . ,A A K 5 ,N A Y: , 1 'Q n il Q., l rl J V ff f Kloster, Welk, Hardy, Ost Gilberlson. Takaki , C. Sleeper, Robinson . Glover, W. Evans, Reazin, Hostefler. Hodges, Hector, L. Evans, Devine, McBurney. , ' r r - r V 1 'JF' . , If , f " I sv' , V W W Q 55 W Broberg, Selbe, Pickering Rubberfs . Manning, Akers, Godfrey, Cooney, Wolfenbarger. flunion -I-lonoua Alpha Omega Alpha William E . Broberg 2-fa Darrell Fanesfil 'l" Harold M. Lowe Ca l Ann Sleeper ,al 'Jhe Du. 14. 1. flndenaon Wlemonial Scholanahip Darrell Fanesfil ' 1956 'Jhe D.C. Cjubkeq Pniye Jn 'Ilhe -l-liatonq of medicine A Alfred K. Cheng 1956 'Jhe Roche flwand ?ou 'Ihe Outatandinq Second 'Mean medical Student Harold M. Lowe 1956 'The fl. Wlonuia Cjinabeuq flwaud 'Jon 'Phqaical Diaqnoaia Rodger L . Youmcxns 1956 Wahl flwafld J A Billingsley C rol Ann Sleeper Harry A. While 1 956 X f-rin 4. . N Q, . 'Yl,I::i3SL g -Q f . .K . - Md v 15.1 In .i ' TN .. x 5' 2 'LI 1 his 1 A l N X A QL f' " . K 4 Q Lg ' f .:fEf'1p' S 1 . 1 ' X' g . 3 A f fjh ,.. . R K Q A y. 4 U M ' N - ' .k , , zawmxxmmW?'1wff'fv-:S,- - X uJ5QW"E'71,lQ-QQ,.g!',Q.:.'i2 A W,m,1 S: - , X-aff 1 - - A 1- k is .X W- Vw.-M..,.h ,K f.,.,.,.,,X . It W A A QQJX . 1" WMAQH YW?5VQQYbf L ,Q?,M M S ,y" ' YV " VF!2?SW?1' 1lL":?Q:131Q-fl-j2.fJ I , ' f f' 51' ' Qfkk. .r f ,4 'sw X v . , fa' fE7HV'S1k15-'Wi-' 'L 'xvlaff W :ala at R A A Q9 ,, ,Myz"'?J?6F5?S3i5Wiwc.i1f1vii W.-1 I , -..N . 5' A ,. 1. ,, 13 A-I pil, -: 2 'J' A , X Q MX s 1 X .c fn..- wmv ' 'T FIRST ROW: Jody Anderson, Bob Berman, Jean Arnold. SECOND ROW: Ali Arbab, Chandler Bethel, Gene Bortnick, Walter Brott. THIRD ROW: Larry Bates, Willis Boicourt, Jene Campbell, Wayne Attwood, Pat Barrett. l , I , , FIRST ROW: Bob DeK1otz, Tom Coolidge. SECOND ROW: Dale Darnell, Hugh Cox, Ivan Carpet, Sunil Daz. THIRD ROW: Mel Cheatham, Frank Chesky, Jack Lungstrom, Gordon Dickerson, Hale Dougherty. 66 I i I l i I - 9 '. 4 ?' Nd FIRST ROW: Ed Haith, John Hallewell, Don Ginardi. SECOND ROW: Russell Etzenhouser, A1 Duncan, Ken Fendorf, John Granzella. THIRD ROW: Ron Hancock, Isaac Grillo, Frank Emery, Ash Galbrearh, John Faul. , f 'f'1L'l 3 , - kr J 1 ' .5-'Tx C 1,1 mam... FIRST ROW: NormanHarris, Dave Hardy, Wilbur Jansen. SECOND ROW: Don Hunninghake, Cecil Hassig, Jack Irvine, Quentin Huerter. THIRD ROW: Al Hilliard. Scott Jordon, Don Hayen, George Helsel, Karl Keller. 67 af IHC' .qu if 415: fl! FIRST ROW: John Mardock, Pat McCann, Bert Lum. SECOND ROW: Bill McEachen, Jean Legler, Gene McFadden, Bob Koop. THIRD ROW: Walter McKim, John McCall, Joe McDaniel, Stan Lowe, Rule Olson. ,.. .W tj? :rv ,A FIRST ROW: Bob Reinecke, Bud Price, SECOND ROW: Andy Nachtigall, Jim Newby, Jack Poland, Ken Reed. THIRD ROW: Jim Nelson, Wilbur Neel, Adolph Mueller, Jim Park, Ben Raines. 68 FIRST ROW: Charles See, Garth Russell, Len Rosin. SECOND ROW: Wilber Spalding, John Scott, Dave Spalding, Carle Schroff. THIRD ROW: John Slater, Roger Reitz, Sam Smith, Mel Shalet, Dick Siemens. fP"N, ,355 L-F 714. ,gm . I , FIRST ROW: Min Yoshida, Alex Sweet. SECOND ROW: Wilber Voss, Don Van Derby, Phil Stansifer, John Wiens. THIRD ROW: John Yulich, Ken Wiebe, Don Watson, Gene Yadon, Charles Tschopp. 69 H ,,,L 1 V A:M',x,.p. t L x I nl: , "Vi 1 Kii".1Vfgf' ' 'X f ' 33 1, 6,1-N,f .H K, A ei u- 'Tas f U ,J , .' ' 1 ftb'i?' 1" , Aff' 1. ' " 5 za' ,.li?'55.?, ' li 1 -ll 'A U . . qu' , 1 J:?iL3.3yQzLL I, K 3, " sf- i X his Q: - V is , ,. , ,L lg f., ' K -f ,. .....,..a... " ' A L.A. Hollinger, wondering why h after his protease test was positive. e has no friends ln an attempt to aid those students of Neurology for which things haven't yet "fallen together," this handy guide to Neuro-Anatomy has been prepared. Contained herein are a list of important terms and their definitions. If this is carefully learned the stu- dent may be rewarded by an enioyable summer in Lawrence. indusium griseum-French fried indusia. hippocampus-col lege for hippopotomi . fornix-naughty, naughty. medulla oblongata-louder than pianissimo. cauda equina-new hair style pyramidal tract-Egyptian railroad extra-pyramidal tract-siding, to allow the Chief Nasser to go by. tract-abbreviation for tractor. olfactory-plant for manufacturing ols. massa intermedia-9'O'clock mass. Purkinle cell-where the red nuclei hold the i r meetings. uncus-Latin for uncle zona incerta-don't be silly! restiform-"I dreamt lwent sai ling in my restiform bra . gracilis-grown on a lawnilis. reticular formation-stuclent's salvation. solitary nucleus-one with B.O. alveus-popular rock 'n roll singer. claustrum-phobia of tight places. funiculi-funicula. , internal capsule-best taken before exams. sulcus-from the Latin-"to pout" aquaduct of Skyvius-main brain drain. forceps major and minor-for big and little deliveries . mamillary bodies-i .e. Jayne Mansfield inferior olive-sans the pimiento. epiphysis-the cond door on the right. peduncle-large boil on a child. carbuncle-small boil on an auto. syringomyelia-myelinated syringes . meylin-Monroe globus pallidus-friend of Julius Caesar. superior olove-in a Martini. genu-with the light brown hair. nucleus ambiguus-neuro anatomy. chorda tympani-kettle drum player. Edinger-Westphal 8. Pel'llG"l0Wyel'S in Topeka. Mel Moore and his original "shaggy dog" Mu A -r. ' V 11 Q -Av ',, ' 2 , fiasicgligg s '. . x wm- ,. "WV X 9 A '9 J Q 4, if it punzrutn SHOP Q ' Si v W' if F' hui.. S A-4. gd ' 5 X FIRST ROW: Dick Holmes, Dick Meyer, Doug Whitley, Dick Swengel. SECOND ROW: Dick Morrison, John Hutcherson, Bob Whirsell, Chuck Broman, Perry Rashleigh. THIRD ROW: Steve Tkoch, Gary Rheinschild, Don Williams, Henry WilliamBuck, ll. FOURTH ROW: Tom Davis, Earl Wright, Bob Conrad, Frank Smith. FIFTH ROW: Kale Gentry, Wendell Wyatt, M,'I', Moore, Bill Moe, Don Janes, C,A, Smith, Bob Lloyd. SIXTH ROW: Sandy Markham, L,A, Hollinger, Joe Shaefer, George Myers, Larry Tretbar, Don Spencer, Joe Kyner, Fred Nobrega., 72 "1 VS. Y ag' f .4 , f ff RJR X FIRST ROW: Robert Doclchorn, Paul Wagner, Adelbert Cramer, George Hubert, Johnl-lall SECOND ROW Lyle Anderson, Bill Haukenberry, Bill Braden, Jack Walker, Charles Scott, Howard Chin. THIRD ROW: Bill Simmons, Duane Scott, Warren Phillips, Al Saunders, Bob Richards, Larry Warrender. FOURTH ROW: John Todd, Don Mueller, Russel Settle, Bob Vance, Martin Kramer. FIFTH ROW: Phil Howell, Robert Voth. 73 Or 'ff ,D AA A ... 555' My 4 M I 'V - ,L J .' v . Nr , Q - 1 FIRST ROW: Dave Ross, Tom O'Farre1l, Hugh Greer, Doug Sheafor, Jerry Nelson, Dave Martin, Ted McCoy. SECOND ROW: Bud Maguire, Bill Burns, John Ziegler, Bob Daughrery, George Betz, Dick Blair, Wally Schmid. THIRD ROW: Hal Marshall, Lyn Smith, Cal Beck, Manny Moser, Bob Conn, John Meriderh. 74, N B an 5 Q ' ?i'Q3?S1gfE 17" . . JJ. A .e , ,gpgifai 1i 1 ,xx MWA v U. .--' W f-f-gfL,1:yp. gfaw,-42. 11 J JW' v V' . M, . . fig ', A A 1 2 W 3. - , fd , W 1 1 ' :R Pl :X wif?-':w-.:' ' - ,"2'fL.i' 'M .F ' 1 'Win-Q u- Vik. Lt xt , .,-'QQ A X' Hia 1' N 54 7+ . X HUT? ' v 13 1 . , ai .zgiwf 1 U", :Q h mfr? 'Far "' A .Q M. , ,1 A V Y: . N-I . . at , A E N " 1.1. :N - 'fn .-- 4.....u . 1 .-01' I ,M . ,MX Qt...-. '.' . 'ali U p, rw gs Q J Lute and Lqne "Come and get it" - The repost . The bone pile. The Lute and Lyre Club was Formed many years ago by a well-meaning group of concert-goers. It still persists as a primarily musically inclined group. And, despite all forms of official dis- sanction, to say nothing of outright banning, the boys still manage to get together to drain an oc- casional beer, to stow away an enormous pile of fried chicken, and to enioy themselves in an evening of harmony. MEMBERS A.B. Collom R.E. Cramm W.M. Crosby ' R.J. Cummings J.W. Curtis J.B. Degner C.H. Dockhorn A.L. Folkner D.T. Gettler R F . . Goodwin R.A. Gray R.R. Hall W.P. Hamilton R.K. Helm E .L. Johnson B.D. McCallister D. McCoy W.R. Harrin J.C. Meek R.E. Reed W. Roberts C.L. Schroff R. Searl W. Spomer R. Stutzman D.F. Thompson D.R. Tucker J.M. Williams . . . . .and cigars. Satiation and song. . . . -E , M 2 K 5 4 iv zyuinnwhthfli' W? Mi A 'The Chniatian medical Societq FIRST ROW: Mr. and Mrs. Carpet, Mr and Mrs. Youmans. SECOND ROW: Faul, Weins, Mr. and Mrs. Wiebe. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Ball, Dali, Hiekes, Walker. FOURTH ROW: Nachtigall, Mr. and Mrs. Warkentin, and daughter, OFFICERS President ..... Asher Dall Vice-President . .Don Warkentin Clinic Chairman . . Wes Hall Secretary-Treasurer .... Rachel Driver Publicity Chairman . R. Youmans Social Chairman . . C. Schafer The Christian Medical Society is a national organization of Christian physicians anddentists which is recognized by the AMA. The "C.M.S. " functions as a link between the medical missionary and his brothers at home, and helps the missionary with many of his needs . lt publishes a bi-monthly magazine. The K . U . Chapter is affiliated with the national organi- zation. Anyone who shows an interest in our activities is considered a member of our chapter. Our purposes are: I , To present Jesus Christ as our Savior and lord by our actions and words . 2. To strengthen fellow Christians through fellowship and prayer. 3 . To give medical and spiritual help to the indigent ofthe city, through the clinic facilities of the City Union Mission . We have one of the most active groups on the cam- pus. We have a fellowship meeting every other Thursday evening. A number of our members meet every Wednesday noon for an hour of Bible study. We conduct a free medical clinic in the City Union Mission each Saturday afternoon throughout the year. For the past two years we have sponsored a Dean 's Hour speaker. This year we are sponsoring a film for the purpose of collecting money for the K.U.M.C. Chapel Fund. - A. Dall 'The Baalzetball 'Team FIRST ROW: Hodges, Reed, Fanestil. SECOND ROW: Oehler, Lowe, Summers, Trumbold. 78 medical Damea CABINET, FRONT ROW: Ilene Gardner, Bunny Wolfenbar- ger, Peggy Godfrey, Ruth Kutilek, Marilyn Polndexter. .ai I FRONT ROW: Mina Hunninghake, Jean Noll, Maurine Dun- shee, Rowena Wilson, Lavina Goering. BACK ROW: Bar- bara Gauert, Ann Stubblefield, Phyllis Marshall, Ruth Akers, Mabel Cheng. FRONT ROW: Glenna Granzella, Deanie Berman, Helen Lungstrom, Mary Ann Stribling, Maxine Peterson. BACK ROW: Olive Bloom, Shirley Gray, Betty Meek, Coralyn Summers, Barbara Coldsmith. BACK ROW: Marlene Gettler, Maureen Dockhorn, Lillian Laybourne, Anneliese Engleman, JoAnn Woolpert. FRONT ROW: Francis Siemens, Bobbie Rosenthal, Donna Ward, Claralyn Evans, Glenna Acker. BACK ROW: Lois Watson, Zilpha Sherer, Mary McDaniel, Lovela Martin, Ann Raymond. FRONT ROW: Margie McFadden, Mildred Koop, Marcia Raines, Mary Yulich, Juanita Lowe, Martha Stansifer, Carmen Ginardi, Norma Carper, Ruth Russell, Mary Rein- icke. FRONT ROW: Ellen Snyder, Barbara White, Joyce Rinier, Mary Schroff, Jean Spomer. BACK ROW: Lois Moseley, Jody Lockwood, Jean Bures, Katie Scanlon, Phyllis Detar. Student flbbaina Committee FIRST ROW: Judy Sortor, Jean Arnold, Dr. Vernon Wilson, Christine Morehouse. SECOND ROW: Dr. Frank McCue, Mel Crosby, Dr. Kenneth Hedricks. With the opening of the Student Center in l954, a new era was introduced in stu- dent activities at the University of Kansas Medical Center. To assistin this develop- ment, the Board of Directors of the Student Center and Dormitory Corporation, in cooperation with Dean Wescoe, established a Committee on Student Affairs as a part of its constitution. Representatives from the many groups who make up the 750 members ot the student body on the campus meet in monthly sessions under the stu- dent chain-nan of the committee with the advice of the faculty chairman, currently Dean Wilson, who was appointed by the Board of Directors. This committee is charged with the responsibility for seeking out methods to improve the campus atmosphere both socially and academically. interrelationship between student groups is given particular attention. The activities which have been sponsored by this committee to date include the Music Guild, the basketball team, golf tournaments, and mixer parties. The present committee is vigorously planning additional Functions. 80 Phi Chi FRONT ROW: Frazier. Laman, Berman, Bianchini, Kerby, Sleeper, Manning, Sterling. SECOND ROW: Doornbos, Wool pert, McCoy, Stutzman, Roberts, Searl, I-lostetler, Goodwin. THIRD ROW: Reinicke, Das, Raines, Stansifer, Depoe Cowles, Brockhouse, Degner. FOURTH ROW: Siemens, Ianzen, Bloom, Cox, Mueller, Yoshida. McFadden, Arbab 81 'Phi Beta Pi FIRST ROW: Petersen, Meek, Reese, Lungstrom, Broberg, Petrie, Buskirk. Mayes. McEachen. SECOND ROW: Campbell Curtis, Gettler, Trump, Hanson, Chapman, Pickering, Legler, Ambler. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Crosby, Bures, Slater DeTar, Barr, Carroll, Dick, Shane, Folkner, Snyder, Gard. FOURTH ROW: Gallehugh, Engleman, Schroff, Bron, Spomer Evans, Kirkpatrick, Hinshavfl, Shafer, Hiekes, Cramm. LAST ROW: VanDerby, Duncan, Etzenhouser. 82 Tlu Sigma Tlu FIRST ROW: Harrin, Olson, Hamilton, Hall, Payne, l-lillyer, SECOND ROW: Price, Lynch, Hum, Darnell, Summers, Lowe Smith. THIRD ROW: Trombold, Fanestil, Halliday, Ray, Hodges, McCarter. FOURTH ROW: Newby, Emery, Collom, Nelson, Voss, Granzella. 83 Reaiteuna OFFICERS, FRONT ROW: A, McEwen, Telephone: Pinsker, Social. BACK ROW: J. Burris, Secretary: P. Schmaus, Projects. FRONT ROW: G. Williams, M. Holderman, BACK ROW: I. Manning, N. Spurgeo, B. Hall, J. Brown. FRONT ROW: B. Graves, N. Simpson. BACK ROW: D. Chiga, T. Iammarino, M. Wehrs, F. Witus. PROJECT FOR THE YEAR: K.U.M.C. Hearing and Speech Department. Student Nurse International Council Fund. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR: August: Get acquainted picnic . September: Opening Tea. A October: Fashion show with Medical Dames. November: Annual Dinner-Dance Fall Bake Sale. December: ChiIclren's Christmas Party. March: Spring Bake Sale. April: Chilc.lren's Easter Party. May: Spring party with husbands . June: Farewell Coffee. M. Relihan, President: M. Workman, Secretary: B. N. Bass, Treasurer: I. Batchelder, Vice-President: FRONT ROW: N. Cherry, P. Ruth. BACK ROW: M. McCaughy. J. Sloss, D. Koury,D. Bridwell, R. Forest. e J gf" I FRONT ROW: G. Christy, D. Halliday, K. Rieger N. Mosser. 84 -Houae Stabb lui MEDICINE: Martines, Manning, Dunn, Schmaus, Shafer, Wood. NOT PICTURED: Aktan, Andrews, Azarnoff, Bodmer, Brown, Brukhardt, Clark, Claypool, Cochran, Duysak, Halliday, Hayes, Hudson, Klik, McKee, Mosser, O'- Donnell, Powell, Purinton, Ruth, Shivel, Tu. Winein- ger. PEDIATRICS: ' Bass, Cherry, Pico, Christy, Overend, Reed, SURGERY: Brownlee, Kirchner, Nickell, Batchelder, Mastio, ' iams, Reed, Burris. NOT PICTURED: Chapp, Hedrick, Koury, Leo, Mc non, Miller, Powers, Roberts, Santos, Waldrof. UROLOGY: Joseph, Kurtz, Witus, Burris, Graves. NOT PICTURED: Donald, Sloss, Foret. PLASTIC SURGERY: Richardson, Forrest. ORTHOPEDICS: Workman, Holderman 85 OPTHALMOLOGY: McEwen, Relihan, Bradford. 'Houae Staff dwg dm PATHOLOGY FIRST ROW: Klionsky, Rasmussen, Ravines, SECOND ROW: Svoboda, Lambert, Chiga, Fink, Schmidt, Yunis, ENT: Bridwell, Wehrs, Pinsker. NOT PICTURED: Williams. Kgs: If Q PHYSICAL MEDICINE: Flanders, Hutchison. NOT PICTURED Neurology: Demir. Psychiatry: Kim, Lapi. Radiology: Goertz, Todd. OB-GYN: Costa. NOT PICTURED: bers, Korkmas, McComas, Schmidt, Steele, Villarreal Quint, Goedert, Ojamaa, 3D N EUROSURGERY: Reinert, Lyons, Sntenna Leroy Alcox J.H. Armstrong Frank Eichorn D.G. Glasco C.W. Hall L.T. Hopkins J.L. Judson C.A. Kendall M.P. Levinson F.C. McCue J.H. Morris C. Orthwein K.H. Park J.W. Raitt E. Ray E.H. Rieger K. Simpson D.J. Svobod T.F. Watson G MISS E. JEAN M. HILL Chairman, Department of Nursing Professor in Nursing MISS ERNA RUEGGEBERG Assistant Chairman, Department of Nursing Assistant Professor in Nursing MISS SARA PATTERSON Assoc. Professor of Nursing '3acultq I MISS KATHRYN SCHAAF Assistant Professor of Nursing in Children MRS. MARTHA EISLE Assistant Professor Director of Counseling 8a Guidance I F I i MISS CAROL BEST Instructor in Nursing MISS MARY ANN EISENBISE Instructor in Nursing Assistant Director, In-Service Program MISS ARLENE PAYNE Jnatftuctofta i Jn Tluftainq MISS DOROTHY RAGLUND Instructor of Nursing in Obstetrics MISS HAZEL ROBERTS Instructor in Public Health Nursing MRS. JO GLASCO Instructor of Nursing in Operating Room MISS ONA HUBERT Instructor in Psychiatric Nursing MISS MAXINE MILLER Assoc. Professor Instructor Diet Theraphy Diet Theraphy 8t Nutrition 89 : X.. V MRS, MARY REED MISS JEAN HOLEMAN MRS. DOROTHY Cl-IIGA Instructor in Nursing Instructor in Nursing . Instructor in Nursing QOn leavey MISS CHARLENE SMITH MISS ROCELYN RONEY MISS MARTHA OI-IMSEIDER Instructor in Nursing Instructor in Nursing Instructor in Nursing .gnatnuctolra Tlufrainq MISS MARION ROSE MRS, JEANINE SCHROFF Instructor in Nursing Instructor in Nursing of Children 90 Haaociatea Sn Yluuainq Sefwice ze M X 5 K N.. J S' 1 You have been chosen to PRN fonighfll MISS HARRIET ARNOLD Director of Nursing Service Assoc. Professor of Nursing MRS. DOROTHY WALBERG Assistant Director of Nursing Service NOT PICTURED MRS, GERALDINE DAVIS Assistant Director Nursing Service Night Supervisor f Y ' b MISS DONNA ROOTS MRS MARIE DRAMEL Assistant Director Nursing Service Administrative Supervisor Evening Supervisor 91 MISS PHYLLIS WALSTEN MISS JANE ELLIOT Administrative Supervisor Administrative Supervisor Surgical Nursing Service Medical Nursing Service MISS VIRGINIA HOCKENS MISS DORINE COMP MISS YVONNE ALGIRE Supervisor Supervisor Pediatrics Supervisor Tuberculosis MISS MARY BORTZ MRS. BETSY CARROL MISS ESTHER BRONSON Supervisor Supervisor Supervisor Operating Room Central Supply Out-Patient Department 92 flaaociatea .gn Ylunainq Sefwice flclminiatnation MRS, ALYCE i-IALL MRS. JEANNE PROLLACK MRS. ERNA MEYERS Assistant Supervisor Evening Supervisor Evening Supervisor Out-Patient Department MRS. ETHY L SHEER MRS. MARION WILLIAMS MISS CHARLOTTE THOMAS Night Supervisor Q Night Supervisor Night Supervisor MISS MARGARET BURT MRS. EKLEGERG MRS. STEWART Assistant Supervisor Assistant Supervisor Director Student Operating Room Central Supply Health Service 93 Seniona Claaa ob l957 A 3, 1-'ATRLCIA MUNSON BOWEN MILDRED CLARK MARY BEALL PORCH B. S. in Nursing, K. U. Topeka, Kansas Kansas City, Kansas B. S. in NlIISil1g. K. U. B. S. in Nursing, K.U. GAYLE SCHOENFELETT HELEN STEALEY Kansas City, Missouri St. Joseph, Missouri B,S, Home Ed. and Nursing B.S, in Nursing, K.U. K, S, C, 9 ANN WILLIAMSON ALICE LEMAR WELLS MARGARET LONG TITUS Sr. Cloud, Minnesota B,S. in Nursing. K.U. Norton, Kansas B.S. iI1NL1rSing. K.U. B,S, in Nursing, K.U. 94 LYNN CAMPBELL BODLE MARY LOU BIERLE BREWER ROCHELLE REED CRAWFORD Q Lindon, Kansas St. Joseph, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri B, S, in Nursing, K.U. B, S, in Nursing, K. U. B. S. in Nursing, K.U. Claaa Oli BARBARA HILL DENNIS Pratt, Kansas B. S, in Nursing, K.U. DOROTHY UKENA UURRELL Highland, Kansas B, S. in Nursing, K.U. JOSEPHINE DILSAVER Kensington, Kansas B.S. in Nursing, K.U. MARY DOUGHERTY Mission, Kansas B.S. in Nursing, K.U. l957 B TWILA HODEL ELROD JOAN DUKEWITS ' Peabody, Kansas JUANITA JARVIS FARNEN St. John, Kansas B.S. in Home Economics ga Phillipsburg, Kansas B. S. in Nursing. K. U. Nursing, K. S.C. B. S. in Nursing, K. U. K -1, f f ,rsi k ff'- of ' ', E DEE LORES FRANKLIN CLEDE KRAUSS GARINGER JoANN GERBER Atwood, Kansas Gypsum, Kansas St. Joseph, Missouri B. S, in Home Economics 8a B. S. in Home Economics 8: B.S. in Nursing, K. U. Nursing, K, S,C, Nursing, K, S,C, rs s hf Q 1 'AW ' 1 . Claaa rs 8 I957 at JUNE GERBER MARY ANN GRISWOLD B St. Joseph, Missouri Newton, Kansas B.S. in Nursing, K, U, B, S, in Home Economics 8a Nursing, K. S, C. ,. I X JODY HAMILTON SARAH .IO HATTEN Hutchinson, Kansas Nevada, Missouri B.S. in Nursing, K.U. B.S. in Nursing, K.U. CAROLYN HOLLOWAY SALLY MILLER HEINZ Kansas City, Missouri ETHLYN HOUSE Kansas City, Kansas B. S. in Home Economics 85 Goodland, Kansas B, S, in Nursing, K.U. Nursing, K,S,C, B.S. in Nursing, K.U. 'x EARLENE KENNEDY JEFFREYS Wichita, Kansas B.S. in Nursing, K.U. MARILYN DALTON KELSO JANET KESLER B.S. in Nursing, K.U. Topeka, Kansas B.S. in Nursing, K.U. Claaa A 'ia K, 1957 of IRMA LOU KOLTERMAN NANCY NEWELL LEGLER B Washington, Kansas Leawood, Kansas B. S. in Nursing. K.U. B.S. in Nursing, K,U. RUTH McBURNEY MANN MARY CAROLYN McKINNEY Quinter, Kansas Warrensburg, Missouri B. S. in Home Economics B. S, in Nursing, K.U. Nursing, K. S. C, CAROL BERNHARDT MEYERS Kansas City, Missouri B. S. in Home Economics 8a Nursing, K. S.C. PATRICIA WOLLNER MOORHEAD Salem, Illinois JacKAY PHILLIPS B. S. in Home Economics 85 Colby, Kansas Nursing, K. S.C, B.S. in Nursing, K.U. Q , , H,m,,.,,,,,,,,.,,- I -,,.L,, . . , V , . A 4 ' A ff ' hs -,Q A 5 x ' I J, as , 1, , Aff' iff 1 , X i X I l L 1 .a: 1 DOROTHY POPP JEANETTE RAU Hoxie, Kansas B.S, in Nursing, K.U, :5 Claaa f of ANN RUNYAN Paola, Kansas B,S. in Nursing, K , I 'AAL - Sl, if A 1 . I Y' ls,-,L las. ,U. '? 21, . .YQ ff T 21,2124 REBECCA STOVER Ransom, Kansas B. S, in Home Econom Nursing, K,S.C, FAYDENE TRAPP Blackwell, Oklahoma B,S. in Nursing, K,U, ics Kc Wellington, Kansas B. S, in Nursing, K. U. MARY WILSON Atchison, Kansas B,S. in Nursing, K,U, ROSE MARIE ROTH Wellington, Kansas B,S. in Nursing, K,U, f .I J-.fy t Q k I l957 B KAY SCHLICI-ITER Emporia, Kansas B,S. in Nursing, K,U, MARY ANN TAYLOR Seneca, Kansas B,S. in Nursing, K,U, GOLDA WALKER Concordia, Kansas B,S. in Nursing, K.U. M K sggasx, BARBARA WEIGEL BARR GENEVA L. BRIGGS DONNA J. BROWN Dodge City, Kansas Burlingame, Kansas Atwood, Kansas B, S. in Nursing, K.U. B. S. in Nursing, K.U. B. S. in Home Economics 8: Nursing, K, S, C, Claaa I 957 w, , 1 , . 0 1 5 sf.. . I '- ' . of GRACE HARLOW CHICKADONZ JOANN HOWELL EADS C Parsons, Kansas Coates, Kansas B. S. in Nursing, K. U. B. S. in Home Economics 8.5 Nursing, K. S, C. JEANETTE EWY' JAN GRADINGER Stafford, Kansas Halstead, Kansas B,S. in Nursing, K.U. B,S. in Nursing, K.U. MAURINE ULRICH HEBRANK CAROL GRAVES DONNA I-IARDMAN Abilene, Kansas Hutchinson, Kansas Blue Rapids, Kansas B, S, in Home Economics B.S. in Nursing, K.U. B.S. in Nursing. K. U. Nursing, K.S.C. Ls. BARBARA HOLLADAY Topeka Kansas Lawrence, Kansas Oberlin Kansas B S in Nursing K U, B.S. in Nursing, K.U. B.S. rn Home Economics 8a CAROL KING Topeka, Kansas B.S. in Nursing, K.U. . - - N Q' JUDY LIPPITT Topeka, Kansas S. in Home Econom Nursing, K, S, C, 84 ' :surm- RUTH ELLEN KOUKOL Munden, Kansas B.S. in Nursing, K.U. B.S. BERNICE MILLER Tribune, Kansas in Home Economics 8a Nursing, K, S,C, ANN LUNDGREN Topeka, Kansas in Home Economics 8a Nursing, K. S,C. Kansas City Kansas B,S mNursing K U VERNA MILLER MARTHA MORGAN BARBARA MARIE NICHOLS Sublette Kansas Hutchinson, Kansas Prairie Village, Kansas B S in Home Economics 85 B. S. in Home Economics 84 B. S. in Nursing, K. U. Nursing K S C Nursing, K,S.C. MARILYN PURDUM ROSALIND REED C Atchison, Kansas Larned, Kansas B S in Nursing, K.U, B.S. in Nursing, K.U, JANE REITZ Mission, Kansas B S in Nursing. K.U JO ROGERS Battleground, Washington Louxsburg Kansas B. S. in Home Economics 86 B S in Nursing K U Nursing, K,S.C. ""l-1" Lazlxila 5 .?...t1LT?W1 BARBARA BOLER REUSCH . B.S. in Nursing, K.U. DONNA SEIDLER Kansas City, Missouri B. S, in Home Economics 8: Nursing. K. S.C, 1957 WANDA STALCUP KAREN MORGAN TETZLOFF BETTY TILLOTSON Stafford, Kansas Lyons, Kansas Shields, Kansas B,S. in Home Economics 85 B,S. in Nursing, K.U. B,S. in Home Economics 85 Nursing, K.S.C. Nursing, K. S.C. 8 X 8 . Claaa 8 I 957 I Q 8 8 ,, JANICE TURNER STEINBACH DONITA ULLOM Sr. Joseph. Missouri Minneola, Kansas B,S. in Nursing, K.U. B,S. in Nursing, K.U. CAROL RUTH VALLENTINE SUE VanDEVENTER Ashland, Kansas Wellington, Kansas B. S, in Home Economics 8s B. S. in Home Economics 81 Nursing, K,S,C, Nursing, K.S.C. GAYLENE WELBORN RUBY WELBURN CAR01-YN SUE WELCH Lawrence, Kansas Kansas City, Kansas COHWSY Springs. Kali-SHS B,S. in Nursing, K.U. B,S. in Nursing, K.U. B. S. in Nursing, K.U. ' v V -I'-" 'ls'Uvnf'. ,- Y,.'ul.mi1'1!Ih . , , 'A ' lw Claim 05 FLEETA DORIS WEIGEL CAROL SUE WELLS SIBYL A. WHEELER B,S, in Nursing, K.U, Kansas City, Missouri Sylvia, Kansas B.S, in Nursing, K,U. B,S, in Nursing, K.U. NEOMA WOOLFOLK JANET WRAY Protection, Kansas Nevada, Missouri M.S. in Nursing, K.U, B,S, in Nursing, K,U. B.S. BEVERLY MORROW WOODWARD Berryton, Kansas in Home Economics 8: Nursing, K.S,C. RAE YOUMANS Leawood, Kansas B,S, in Nursing, K,U. 103 l957 C if LINDA GOAR WILSON BETTY DAVIS THOMPSON B.S. in Nursing and Home Economics B.S. in Nursing K. State University of Kansas As May of 1957 draws to an end and the dread of the State Board tests is over and the excitement of graduation teas, dinners and meetings is high, we graduates pause for a moment from the rush and realize just what-is happening. After five years of preparing for this great day,' we come to the realization that it has come upon us rather suddenly and unexpected. Here we are at the top ofthe hill almost ready to walk that traditional path and it comes to us that we have a soft spot in our hearts for this place that we have com- plained about for two and one-half years. We have struggled through Medical-Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Surgery, Psychiatry and all the rest, sometimes loving it and some- times disliking it very much, But, in spite of all the obstacles encountered, we all have come through better individuals because of our experiences here . As we don our caps and gowns and walk down the hill, and as we at last proudly put on the white uniform, we will feel that mixed emotion of happiness and sorrow at Finally reaching our goal butalso leaving some very happy times. Some of us will be settling down to care for a home and family, others will be traveling and some staying here at the Medical Center, but, wherever we go, whatever we do, we will carry with us wonderful memories of our days at the University of Kansas Medical Center. 104 h Look mom, Am birthdays nice???? ,did'i,, T Philly Mounfing's beoufiful--where 's the dicmond?'? Shakespeare , of course . 105 Then I sez to her "o.k. you drive". . . Sonty Claus found us too. These are nurses ? ? ? ? 3 , l "NY: It . U7 5-r - , Q5 xg l W fr." s 7 A A K vig. f f, e l ,s I So what if I con'f cook, We re neat qx xx It looks good. Beclresf E BRP Home for the weekend 'IO6 For little ole me Hmmmmm ? ? ? ? 4 qu 52,134 : gl, x 'SSM , 1 .H 4. KW fy ,Q Quick--massage fhe heart If is not burned--if's charcole broiled www-W . 4 n E Y' No comment 107 ASU Q' J Where-, oh where ?? , f M -K 3 . N, 0' 1- f WOW! ! I I The Penthouse inhabitants Susan Garringer We 're cultured too 4' 'i My , - - -4' 'V Tit My dear, you look ravishing Caviar, Qf course 108 L- Four o'clock a.m.---before seven o'cIock a.m. Jayhawker deadline We love life! ! ll 1 'QQ - Wuxi e rg . 1 4 3 x ,, ' f X ' f X . N Optimum conditions for studyina I ani not eating it all . . . Happy birthday 109 Claaa ob I 958 Shelly Markle, Nancy Keller Carol Gregson Ja Fields, Genelle Linville Liz Wyaff Bo Lemert, Judy Sorfor, Marilyn Rundell Ann Snider . x I 1 f f ,f" . 45' 'dy . K yn li A Berry Sullivan, Sylvia Thierry, Audra Phelan, Janet Sfeinkirchner, Molly Smith Wards 7---I2 Dr. Lambert I--3 Pharmacy 3---5 N lx. Marion Boucek, Ann Hunter Lois Fieser 35? J ' gurl X! , , . -1 xml' t mimi ' av V Delores Cook, Laura Grubb Maryann Stucker , W 5 5554 '7 V :X f 1 ' ., I .5 , .1-"""-? Dorothy Johnson, V.G. Fuller, Gennelle Linville, Nancy Meyer F Betty Brandon, Marcia Dickie, Sara ,Q Sue Stewart, Marilyn Denny 'M Q-' 1 CHI . Qi? 'G" u The Sullivans COH-on' Liz Grimble Edith Ely, Darne Waser, Nancy Jones 111 'Houaemothena Hats off to these gals who have a rather thankless job of watching over us all and, l might add, do a very fine job of it. Thank you, ladies. We think you're great. Mrs . Theis Mrs . Young NOT PICTURED Mrs. Dvorak Mrs . Croker STUDENT COUNCIL v A Kay Schlicter, Judy Sortor, Maureen Hebrank, Twila Elrod, Betty Lemert, Roz Reed, Janet Hanneman, Shelly Markle, Janet Steinkirchner, Ann Sneicler, Bev Marrow, Liz Grimble, Jane Henry, Miss Schaaf, Jan Gradinger 112 'Lk' medical 'Jechniciana FIRST ROW: Moffatt, Davis, Trout, Crossfield, Cox. SECOND ROW: Mealy, Heath, Wilson, Hoke, Ballard, McDowell. FIRST ROW: Gertson, Hiebert, Kinyon, Sawyer, Lobaugh. SECOND ROW: Sohlberg, Deewall McCrory, Campbell, Scherar, Marsden, 113 Uccupational 'Jhenapiata If i f al. ala FIRST ROW: Norma Bearly, Pat Theiler, Ann Rumsey, Janet Pugh, Pat Bohannon. SECOND ROW: Judy Vickers, Ardith Ott, Sarah Widick, Nancy Olson, Norma Carothers, Phqaical 'Jhenapiata FIRST ROW: Carolyn Willis, Jay Davenport, Jacqueline King, Shirley Curtis. SECOND ROW: Neal Auble, Marcene Steffan, Max Ridings, Jane Jackson, Daryl Conger. 'II4 Viaaictituded of fi Swlqenq 'Reaident I ' x X In L x ' I 1 QW "Yogi" Williams has graciously con- Q ' K sented to allow us to use his illustrations R 1 ' N " on this and the following page, as well ll ,mx lll E, 1, as the perfect charactiture of our Dean Ll ' V onpage ll . Many ofus hereat K.U.will X Wig look back upon these days with more than pl Q 'mix ll the usual memories of comical events be- ,. cause of these charactitures. M U D U Thanks a lot, Yogi! pa m X 4 rg f j wig 'V l ,A 4' ' PUB'- Dol 'Q ' if T9 HEAL'Il to ,ghd ,QQXWW E I 8 if vo L fax gb . X ! ap, Q lr i - , 1 4. ,ff ,'ee5giv-4 1:73-f 0 -ir ,Qs 1 I -.fe f it fs'-7' I zz! ifzijliigmg wx-xces OF sim ,J L lk X . "4' Sie ' v DH xxx 1- DOXOLOGY OF PUBLIC HEALTH: ' 1 I f L f, " ,, If 1MJ',' ,nal X 'y xl ax- V C ' VI 1 Praise Thiehoff from whom all knowledge flows, A 7'n:,s W -5 l ' X1E,Eei2'T Praise him all students here below, I ' W 3 I, C I L Praise him above the dean and wealth, 6 02227 Ml 1 F, 'a I f' X Praise Thiehoff, filth, and Public Health fx SNP' ' N f C5 L 1 L- .5 ,L - is X is f " ' 6, ' l " - L l 1 0 I ll lX.15 Xwxx ' , ij! 'Mix' 1, L l l l ' ,fl N 1 W tv 0040 f r M YNQV N L . Q 'om ,ll ' L 4 N-Hgellil Z , if , sf , s- it : vt, W I ,. WE CANIT ALL BE CHIEFS 5, K '39 If A he Q ' ' ' fy rd-E V . .re Sf' W-fl--we '?'c1'asf yguvvilvi PROUD'S MEAD HALL KNIGHTS OF THE DOUBLE CROSS 'II 6 FRET Z lfilllll BROTHERS - INC. V Czmpgmenb of Manu acturers o White Suits or the MEDICAL CENTER PRESCRlP'l'l0N SHOP Doctor, lnterne, and Student X Y 1 f f f F VI 2-'7283 1 I d J D J R K Y M x , 3rd Floor n CIOT ' 617 Wyan otte, OE AV Acx BGA Q ansas Cir , issouri v fy - '- ii HAI-1440, 1441 H04 Grand Ave. Kansas City 6, Missouri ' iw f E v. ' . f ' X ., , ' I -..- E I ,,........- - Q4 2' " E LISHED SINCE 1887 Z K T v X f' U L A I f "" ms N ' f A y ! 'Lili Z X X, X , Gates Funeral Home i Z Zf , f fm f ' v ff , f K fo ' Gee wkiz ,... 'ikv'CB P5H0W cV"H"P"'e5" TA 2-1203 STATE LINE AT 41sT STREET . . .Compliments of WARNER BROTHERS l YOU CAN'I' BUY of 4 I ' A ' N ,C QQA. as -QV' BETTER BREAD it 0 may 'ill wb f M , I i SERVING SINCE 1906 . . . Prostheses: uvvsn sxmsmmr plastic appliances fitted i., .W rw-'-Q s. L 4 v tif ' A , 4 for maximum usefulness LOWER EXTREMITY amputees fitted for optimal walking comfort 2 4 B 5, 0 , I A onmorsolc Appliances ' Spinal and Extremity Braces Phillip E. Hall Bl-lateral Amputeo. Isle Arms. E Certified 35 iff LM J ls PROSTHETISTS onmonsrs ' B " in l '..,.,,.,.,. . Isla Superior limb Below Knee New Ladies' Shop Street Level Floor II2I Grand Ave. l .E.ISLE COMPANY C - f 2nd Floor-II21 Grand Avenue KANSAS CITY 6, MISSOURI BAItimora 'I-0206 ""'QE- l lii Now Northwestern MutuaI's Quantity-Earned Savings can reduce your premium rate on life insurance! New price structure steps down the per-thousand rate on all policies of 35,000 and over. In amounts of 310,000 and over the rate stepsldown still more. For information on how this new devclopment can sue you money call or write: W HERB ROME AND I. ELDON BAILEY Northwestem Mutual Agents 601 Commercial National Bank Bldg Kansas City, Kansas Phone ATwater I-4323 PHILLIPS Rx PHARMACY We are privileged to serve A Depmdm' Dm' Sim you through your Medical 9 Student Union Book Store. V J O 2-131 I Modern Drug Store Service Q annum :een :sn Ollve sn-nf sf. Louis 3. Mo. 2223 W. 43lD KANSAS CITY. KANS. Cumfhmrnb of THE TWIN CITY STATE BANK -I' 4-3RD 81 STATE LINE KANSAS CITY, KANSAS i Q o 0 o 0 lngredienfs: Carbonated water, sugar, citric acidjsodium citrate, flavor derived from lemon and lime oils. Approx. 85 calories per bottle UNIFORMS "KANSAS CITY'S LARGEST SELECTION' By Barco of California I 24 Hour Duty I Paul Jones Brooks Bob Evans Fashion' Seal, Etc. HIRSCH UNIFORM SHOPS Downtown 31st 8' Troost 1211 GRAND AVE. 1006 E. 31ST ST. I I IIRTHUPEDIC 81 SURGICAL APPLIANCES UF IIUALITY ARTIFICIAL LIMBS TRUSSES ABDOMINA SUPPORTS ELASTIC HOSIERY FOOT SUPPORTS SURGICAL CORSETS I J fiffw f L1 I, ...... mfg , EIIU! - II!! . .!IIl'LII!.SI -I ff SCOLIOSIS BRACE mode Oo order In our own factory P. W. HANICKE MFG. CII. Kansas City, Mo. :Rx - + 4- Z X 1 E I 'If 7 J IQ! W II I X' 4 ILILQXQAI LIIPIII EXMIMJ 529 ak f Egg 5 .1 J IW' f ff 'fy T Im! ff 1 lf 'V bg, I M ff f -Q, NVV QIIA I A 'ifraff-'L ' ' IWW XX Im -L D C' If I ' IU xp I IIII I x, ,-YE II f , im X , I I 1 If I f i -HX ' I I v Aff ' I AP- ' x I X I I -I f , I' r A Q, an Ixlf I X L , .r A?-:ggi X , 2 'az xv: WN f If gn., E, " j 14, ll-24.9 I j " I 52 4.4. '-5' ', G'IIILf'sW JSE? I' Mya K U4 ALLE- gf' -E 6 ' ' I' A jf H ,f':i-'-" ' f ff. F to A R' XA- A W of T ,fy 41 7 I I " ' V , .Im ' f f -ffji K' Q" Q2 bf ' f "W u 556129 A A 1 or 'aff ,I A If I ff Q .. 'X XXXL lvrl I E- , ,III I dp! fi-:Q f:1g, ,.,,u 'af f gyyf ,Q :'- F ,-,. V -Hg! x-,L si 1 A ..z1ncl now 1'-keg wan-f me +0 fake -Elle Eaerf' Congo 5-Fai-e b05r0fGDf3H1S.! WELLlNG'S Rx PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIOJVS Delivered Anywhere in lhe Cigl BERNARD L. WELLING, Ph. G. 1700 W. 39th Street LO. 1-0067-0068 GOETZE - IIIEMER EQUIPPERS OF PHYSICIANS AND HOSPITALS 2600 GILLNAM ROAD Houses located for you o enlence at Knrnu City Topeka St. JOIIPII Jeplln "Substantial Discounts to Students on Many Items." Il. Il. IJALIIWELL IIPTICIAIIS SINCE 1937 ONE OF THE FINEST OF KANSAS CITY'S MANY EX- CELLENT OPTICAL DISPENSARIES O Three O ice: or the Convenience ff f of your patients 605 Bryant Bldg. VI 2-0342 PLAZA OFFICE 4709 Central Street LO I-0787 K. C. KANSAS OFFICE 419 Huron Bldg. FI 2-0766 AtoPatg Ceelltepr lodyCrF d Mt T p MASTERS AUTO SERVICE 1914 W. 39th JO. 2-2148 Automatic Transmissions Repair - Adiustment - Exchange Starter 8.Generator Exchange Ignition 8. Electrical Service Engine Overhaul LIVELY OPTICAL SERVICE DISPENSING OPTICIANS Vlcior 2-0689 421 BRYANT BUILDING S h C 11fhSt.adG dA KANSAS CITY MO PAULIS OPTICAL DISPENSERS ON THE PLAZA 4630 J.C. Nichols Parkway ,IEfTCrS0 13181 BERNARD B. ZAHNER'S iafaelff eruice omloany ' Q Z "Youre BABY Deserzves THE BEST" Exclusive with us KANSAS CITY 8, MISSOURI 2305 Grand Avenue Phone GR I -2305 i A. S. Aloe Company has a definite plan of assistance for you Since 1860 we have seen three generations of physil cians open new offices. Whether you plan to begin practice next year or several years hence, we want you to become acquainted with our service. A national in- stitution, we have I3 shipping points, so that wherever you locate, our service will be near you. We provide you with equipment check lists to help you evaluate your needs. Our extended payment plan is tailored for you-no interest or carrying charges for our "new office" equipment plan. Too, our representatives know of at- tractivc locations for beginning practice, and this in- formation is always available to you. We invite you to visit us here in Kansas City or request your local Aloe representative to call on you personally. A S. ALOE COMPANY 0F KANSAS CITY 5300 E. 59th Si. , Kansas City Missouri Ph. EMerson I-5555 ST. LOUIS LOS ANGELES SAN FRANCISCO SEATTLE MINNEAPOLIS DALLAS NEW ORLEANS ATLANTA WASHINGTON, D. C. Compliments of ICHNNIE WALKER SURGICAL SERVICE CCMPANY 8621 Easf Fifty-Fifth Street Sanborn Sales and Service MEDICAL STUDENT UNION OUNSTORIE THIS STUDENT OPERATED FACILITY IS DESIGNED TO PROVIDE SERV- ICE TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION. THE PROFITS FROM THIS BOOKSTORE ARE USED TO HELP OPERATE THE STUDENT UNION AND CONTINUATION CENTER FOR POST-GRADUATE EDUCA- TION. THE SUPPORT THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. ORDERS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR ALL MAJOR MEDICAL PUBLISHERS AND JOURNALS INSTRUMENTS AND ACCESSORIES VISIT, CALL OR WRITE YOUR MEDICAL STUDENT UNION BOOKSTORE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS SCHOOL OF MEDICINE KANSAS CITY, KANSAS I I "'.'Il1e -Hippocnatic Oath" "I swear by Apollo Physician, by Aesculapius, by Health, by Panacea and by all the gods and goddesses, making them my witness, that I will carry out according to my ability and iudgment, this oath and this indenture. To hold my teacher in this art equal to my own parents, to make him partner in my livelihood, when he is in need of money to share mine with him, to consider his family as my own brother, and to teach them this art, if they want to learn it, without fee or indenture, to impart precept, oral instruction, and all other instruction to my own sons, the sons of my teacher, and to indentured pupils who have taken the physician's oath, but to nobody else. I will use treatment to help the sick according to my ability and iudgment, but never with a view to iniurg and wrong doing. Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course. Similarly I will not give a woman a pessary to cause abortion. But I will keep pure and holy both my life and my art. I will not use the knife, not even, verily on sufferers from stone, but I will give place to such as are craftsmen therein. Into whatsoever houses I enter, I will enter to help the sick, and I will ab- stain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm, especially from abusing bodies of man or woman, bond or free. And whatsoever I shall see or hear in the course of my profession, as well as outside my profession in my in- tercourse with men, if it be what should not be published abroad, I will never divulge, holding such things to be holy secrets. Now, if l carry out this oath and break it not, may I gain forever reputation among all men for my life and for my arty but if I transgress it and forswear myself, may the opposite befall me." Compliments of The Kansas Medical Society. 126 OJH AT is 1-we SECRET Q-',Eo1ae.g :Ms To YO CAR Loswc, so LES. RE SECRET' A on asm- me, SYAADARD may Ms? RATE Z!1D.SlLfQ6h?C-EQ, ASK :A unfit .af f 2, i X vox X Xxx 0 X 0 I .f ' W il lf ' C . .actually eight ersons who had reviousl been denied standard rate life insurance now have Y P P Y qualified for it, thanks to George! See George today! i GEORGE EVERHART 814 Commerce Building Phone GRand I-6500 and HArrison I-0735 ji'Q1i?L0 ff fRememI:a-:n with IDL? fda ' Vi v ' Jw . I. MAY FLOWER Day or Night .IO 2-1555 'gon JIIZIZ Cccaaiona 1911 W. 39th Ave. Kansas City, Kansas N. . i VY, I III .- 19 , we-is mz3.i9.I..... any Kansas Umvemly Medical Cenlar. KANSAS ClTY'S NEWEST AND FINEST MIDTOWN MOTEL ' FREE CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST. ' BEAUTYREST BEDS-REGULAR OR KING-SIZE. ' AMPLE FREE PARKING. 3930 RAINBOW BLVD. KANSAS CITY 3, KANSAS ' ROOM TELEPHONE-24 HR, SERVICE ' TILE BATHS-TUB AND SHOWER COMBINATION ' CENTRAL HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING. ' TELEVISION AND FREE RADIOS, On us av-1 mr. Mm- of us so PHONE YE-2-5880 ' ONEADAY VALET SERVICE. ' I0 MINUTES TO DOWNTOWN OR PLAZA SHOPPING, ' I0 MINUTES TO RAILROAD, BUS OR AIRPORT. ' SPORTING EVEPITS AND THEATRE TICKETS AVAILABLE. Medlul and Surgical Supplies for Doctors of Medicine and Hospitals unns edical Supply Go.. Inc. Topeka, Kam. Kpnul City, Mo. 512 Kansas Law Building Marie Crosse, R. N. GROSSE NURSING HOME Elderly and Chronic Cases WEslp0rt 1-0306 e OM e'cX " VC Happen ed On ll-I-he J 'Vwos Gent Duper" Xemonf SY okon "Sp'xvK'c sei 2 NR ght sickroom Wo Welcome You " : RENTED 8- SOLD A i f I Johnson - ff 'I Hardware and Bell 'rom esov 1 M ,if I 1, To Xu f:'f 'N I' af x A 5 - I. A 4 9 AYS 'za nouns A DAY 7 D ' l aspnrofon f fmcluree 1 hospnol I1 d "uufoam' 4 fractures 39'h low val' g whurlpoolb I1 O suck o oc es lu 5 walkers REE DELIVERY wheel choirs VA 19736 JE 1,5200 Ka so cry Mo 4041 Broadway ' CPTICAL SERVICE CENTER, INC. 1003 GRAND AVE. KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Vlctor 2-7614 SERVICE EXCLUSIVELY TO EYE PHYSICIANS IM.D.I 1912- 1957 0. I-L Ophleal . DOCTOR Always refer your patients suspected of eye trouble to an-Eye Physiczkm-not just anybody who fits glasses. You will be doing them a favor and they will receive proper care of their eyes. 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS 221 PROFESSIONAL BLDG. 428 WARD PARKWAY PRAIRIE VILLAGE KANSAS CITY, MO. KANSAS CITY, MO. MEDICAL OFFICE BLDG VICTOR 2-T477-78 JEFFERSON I-2734 ENDICOTT 2-7744 arlz tlle occasion witla a IT cosrs Less THAN You THINK to Reflex i To equip your office wilh cempleie Xray, diag- noslic and physio-Ihevapy facilities under our Lewnglisz Litas-you go plans. See us for advice Let Our unique Mirror Camera lae your expert recorcler Coe of all nlelnoralale occasions! Phoforeflex Studio 4th Floor X-RAY ENGINEERING SPECIALISTS T705 Grand BA I-Ol I5 Kansas City, Mo. eclfs - X u .-....-, M-VV .ii - -ii i--rv' V D QL e l i n ni: Q E! M - ,, - r -' wat: 5,5 , n f R 7 S 6 if ' 5 , lb S - - - 15 f 7 H Dining Room f Snack Bar d . . . L gif? A .' 1 Rililffg Room faculty. . . W Recreation Room students . . . Conference Room of the University of the Kansas School of Medicine Student enter all Battenfeld Auditorium Medical Book Store Free Parking Qameaeu mcf0faZQe glee! Located at the Southwest Corner of the Medical School Campus Student Center University of Kansas Medical Center 132 Kansas City 12, Kansas When onbf the Finest is the Sole Consideration GREB X-RAY COMPANY 1412 Grand Avenue Kansas City 6, Mo. Distributors of Picker X-Ray Equipment, Liebel-Florsheim Basal Meter, Diathermy and Bovie Electro-Surgical Apparatus, Hanovia Ultra Violet Lamps, Sanborn and Beck-Lee Electrocardiographs, Britesun Infra Red Lamps, Rocke Hydro-Therapy Equipment and the most complete stock of X-Ray Supplies in the territory with the best in Service at all times. KANSAS CITY OFFICE Phone Baltimore 1-2922 E.M. Greb G.G. Greb W.H. Bucklinger E.C. Dobbins J.E. Douglas L.W. Harden R.W. Heinen W.W. Subert W.P. Welch MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA 1608 So. Aberdeen Drive Phone Murray 2-4953 Ivan M. Jones . TULSA 10, OKLAHOMA 411 So Kenosha St. Phone Luther 4-7709 R.E. Miller, Mgr. M. Salzarulo TOPEKA, KANSAS 1200 W. 20th St. Phone 4-4542 Leon H. Mannell WICHITA 7, KANSAS 1512 E. Central Phone Amherst 7-2112 Don E. Curtright, Mgr. Wes E. Greb Don G. Grunke Jos. H. Weaver OKLAHOMA CITY 3, OKLA 916 No. Hudson Phone Regent 9-0541 Rodney D. Smith, Mgr. C.W. Barnard D.L. Jackson A.G. Riley 133 Uodaofa 'The .Daq iLawdy, Lawdy, these pains are killing me, I sure hope it gets here soon., "Now, iust come with me madam, everything 's going to be all right. Now, when was your last menstrual period ?" "Now, madam, there are a few routine examinations that we must clo. . . . " No comment-Ecl . 'I34 "Just breathe deeply through your mouth-just relax ....... think of a sack of potatoes" Take three deep breaths of this gas and PUSH l -Long' o' steady-" "You have a nice BOYI " aw 1 ' digit ' r One hour after delivery-B.P. l30f75, P. 88, mother and baby doing fine. 'I35 FRED RODE FINE CLEANING 0 A. Modern Plant Operated by the Rode Brothers- LARRY and FRED O "ON RAINBOW IT'S RODE'S FOR FINE CLEANING" "Same Day Cleaning Service" ' "Next Day Laundry Service" Main Office and Plant Roeland Park Branch 4022-24 Rainbow Blvd. 5010 Linden TAL bort 2-55791 HE drick 2-4729 6UlU,7AlnFll'J of CENIRM CHEMICM COMPANY, INC Kansas Clty Mluourl Producers of SURGI-CEN"' PHENO-CEN' with Hexachlorophene Hospital Germicide and other HOSPITAL CHEMICALS Established in 1952 'Trademark Reg. U.S . Patent Office Where aro you going? Why not find out before you start? You have been capitalizing on the experience of others in your studyof medicine. Whynotdo the samein learning the business details of the actual practice of Medicine? We have hundreds of physician clients in 46 states whose actual experience can help you avoid costly mistakes. "Counselors on: I . Locations for Doctors. 2. Planning and office layout. 3. Business methods of running an office. 4. "Working agreements" between physicians. 5. Financial planning. 6. Life insurance, disability insurance and annuities. Call or write for an appointment. Ray T. ' Wright Life Member Million Dollar Round Table 520 Insurance Exchange Bldg. 3th and Vermont Sr, Kansas City, Missouri Lawrence, Kansas Phone HArrison 1-1407 Phone VI 3-3457 ". . . el potent antihemorrllagic factor" in use in more than 2500 hospitals SPECIFIC SALICYLATE for BLEEDING V from the BROAD CAPMARY BED Another Specialty Product ofthe S. E. MASSENGIIL CIIMPANY BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. KANSAS CITY NEW YORK SAN FRANCISCO drenosemi My SPONSORED BY THE DOCTORS OF MEDICINE W1-'f-T" . 1-I-lax C29 AND THE HOSPITALS OF KANSAS. 0 1700 PHYSICIANS v 147 HOSPITALS 0 500,000 MEMBERS C9 OF KANSAS ll.'i.'i TOPISKA BOULISVARD TOPEKA RADIO CONTROLLED Toedman C464 Inc. WE 1-1 500 Over 29 Years of Dependable Service 24 Hour Service 3834 Main Sf. Compliments of THE PRINCESS UNIFORM COMPANY Esrabl I1 d Over 60 Year: .1 AMES PA-YN153 QJKQ Nurses Custom-Made Uniforms fltlado to Measure and Flttedl WEstport 1-7066 SL SON gloria L4 1816 Westport Road Logan 1-0346 Kansas City, Missouri Cecil Byerley Sewiee 39l1l and Cambridge Kanau Cily, Kansas Y TA 2 9546 Y Phllllpl ,l'OdllC'l L b Icatlon a Specialty HARRY ABRAMS Prescriptions O Physicians Supplles Hospital Beds Invalid Supplies Biologicals 829 North 7th Kansas Pity. Kansas Finley 2-sooo ESTATE PLANNING INSURANCE SURVEYS BUSINESS AND PARTNERSHIP INSURANCE A. EVERETT RILEY INSURANCE CONSULTANT NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY KANSAS CITY II. MO. TELEPHONE JEFFERSON 1-9600 3521 BnoAnwAv Staff offJayhawker, M. D. University of Kansas Medical Center Kansas City, Kansas ln extending my heartiest congratulations to the Class of 1957, it jmt occurred to me that one of the few una- bridged, untaxed and unregulated pleasures left in life is that of expressing one's appreciation. And so, I am taking a few minutes of the busy life all of us lead to tell you and the other medical students, graduates, and members of the Staff of the University of Kansas Medical Center how very thankful I am for your friendship and endorsement of my company and myself. You have helped me to accumulate over the past twentyh six years the experience necessary to assist the profes- sional men in meeting the economic changes in business life, which today require partnership agreements, wills, co-ordination of office management with medical proce- dures, as well as, the constant review of changes that taxation is bringing daily into your personal and pro- fessional life. ln the years to come, I hope always to merit this con- tinued confidenoe and friendship. Sincerely yours, o fl.5.Rl!69 Life Member Million Dollar Club LIFE MEMBER OF THE MILLION DOLLAR ROUND TABLE OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LIFE UNDERWRITERS GROUP INSURANCE-LIFE. HEALTH AND ACCIDENT PENSION AND PROFIT SHARING PLANS DEFERRED COMPENSATION PLANS 9 Yunooxs

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