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University of Kansas School of Medicine - Jayhawker MD Yearbook (Kansas City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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'j'ff " , f, r M- " .w I 1c r r' " ,1 p . W o f!" ' 4', r 1' . i:' d u .I. p 3 J.-'.' .0. w- ,, y., .- O .4 :1, k "K , ' ' - D 9,; ' '1? ,fl. Vilg'x-a' ' k" 5 39:3 ""1E?-s$?'4341:$$l1-$ ?:KV; 'W " ' -' : A ' wa';"-95v;.; " ' f d";- '0, "Juan, i- .-;.4 1 2A.: $.JO'9 .N'n . .325-- 34., u. - .- . ,.pv. .9-.. t 0 ,V .- T'- 3- - . - - -' "$ svkvweb r V . .. iw gas. a '. ,r V . , 4W 55:2? '5: o. fri:'4., . V . A '4' $$Ne '.-.':' Ab . i M . , ' ; , ,. - f. .pry '44:. yxrxclf. y , v , 9' V V '9 y'qAVEN' zv'K , A. ' ll ,1! 111:. . V ??'VQIQ. q , -. , v ' , . 4", .- - . i ??flfglw'VV 11,1 n.1, ,2 .. '1 , i - , ' 1.1:..y3'a' v . .; Vf kuvnWmRWngK.v:;. . 5 , 3m; I Vsig 2,353 2 sm, W ., w w w. m .. -or;w...-.."-..M , , l uhHH-rw luv! g 2 g xxx ? 4 m0. jQLpQUJKQF published Bq Tho, HNIQKQUMS KANSAS 0L SCHOOL MEDLCINE Katmai; C341 LWQVJL Happy is the man that findeth wisdomgand the man that getteth understand i ng: She is more precious than rubies: and all the thihgs thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her. Length of days is in her right hand, and in her left hand riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. Proverbs 3. "ii..- 7170f"! WAVMPFWM 1 Flu W" - allsyl41'..2?:3jj . :1: ll 11 iii, , DEDlCATlGN To a gentleman, scholar and outstand- ing teacher, this book is affectionately tied icaled. Henry Carroll Tracy, A. B.: A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Anatomy 1920 to 1950 At the end of this year, Dr. Henry C. Tracy will retire from active teaching after thirty years with the Department of Anatomy of the University of Kansas. As a teacher, he has successfully conveyed to his students the concept of ciliving anatomy,,, and his mastery of the black board and the clay model will be remembered by all of us. His research activities and scientific articles have contributed greatly to the understanding of early development in vertebrates. Far from being purely a specialist, his wide interests and humanistic learning have given him the liberal and under- standing outlook on life that has become so rare in our days of intense partisanship. ln dedicating this issue of the Jayhawker, M. D. to him, the graduating class wish him many more years of scientific activityeand just a bit more leisure time. Alex Roth FACULTY Franklin D. Murphy, Dean of the School of Medicine A. B. Kansas 1936; M. D. Pennsylvania, 1941. Franklin Murphy, author of the widely quoted ttKansas Plan" for the extension of more adequate medical facilities for the rural areas of the State, has many times over earned the loyalty, affection and respect of the students and the faculty. Possessed of a driving ambition for improvement in medicine in Kansas and the increase in the teaching facilities of the School of Medicine, he has worked and planned untiringly. From those of us who will make the ttvarsity" next year, our thanks. In writing for the Jayhawker, M. D. last year, I made the following comment: ccThe future beckons with serious but invigorating challenge and if our medical school is given the necessary tools, these challenges can and Will be met . . f, The past twelve months have been significant ones for the future of the Medical School. The people of our state, through their legislative representatives, have demonstrated their interest and confidence in the medical future of Kansas by providing us with these tools in abundance. l Already construction has begun on a program that will almost double the present physical size of our plant. Additional faculty members, well trained and interested in academic medicine, are swelling our ranks. The . entering medical school classes have been increased to Y one hundred, and a like expansion of the student body of the nursing school is under way. A year ago a challenge was thrown at the people of Kansas; they t received it, met it, and have in turn returned it to us. We asked for the tools. We have been given them, and we must perform. A medical school and medical center such as ours has four basic responsibilities: tll Education, both at the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels. tZl Research. Bl Excellence of patient care. Leadership and participation in programs designed to improve the general health of our people. We are making strenuous efforts to constantly modify and improve our curriculum. The introduc- tion of the preceptor plan will add a certain realism to medical education which we feel heretofore has been mainly absent. At the postgraduate level, expan- sion of the quality and quantity of all of our programs of instruction is proceeding apace. Research activities will reach a new high in our medical school in the year 1950. Increasingly we will continue to participate in the effort to advance the frontiers of medical knowledge and in so doing will reflect great credit on all of the graduates of our school. New units to provide ever better and more efficient patient care have recently been put into operation so that it can be said that we are ever interested in providing the necessary facilities to support the prac- titioners of medicine all over the state of Kansas. It is also clear that good medicine can be taught only if the patient care within the institution is at the highest level. This year has seen the development of a close and intimate relationship between all the agencies of health in our state, including the Kansas Medical Society, the State Board of Health, the School of Medicine, and a number of lay organizations concerned with health matters. Together we have instituted a pro- gram to provide our essentially rural state with the best medical care that medical science can provide. Yes, this has been a productive year, but the future will require even more energy, effort, and imagination. It is our pledge and our conviction that the University of Kansas Medical School will continue to be an institution of which its graduates may always be proud and one Which will increasingly strive to be of con- tinuing service to those who have passed through its doors into the practice of the various health profes- sions. Franklin D. Murphy, M. D. Dean Below is a rough plot of the tentative plans for the expansion of the School. Even the most blase senior is amazed by the plethora of equipment and improve- ments added in the last two years. Currently, the clinic is chaos, with rooms and walls vanishing overnight, reappearing the next week at various places. An unfortu- nate student, pausing for a moment to support a sagging T wave or to pick up a dropped beat, may be bricked in and painted over before he can escape to the quiet of the cafeteria at coffee time. After a few years when the dust has settled, it7s going to be pretty nice around here. I I4 at ::I , l .X WI .1 x h g; 69-: T5. j 787$ I W I .' " immwwewmi-B$$ .1, I 7'31 .4 . x 4 '1 '1 1 Max S. Allen Sylvia Allen R. B. Anderson Arnold V. Arms - Jam Professor of Medicine Associate in Psychiatry and Instructor in Pediatrics, 1948 iVichita 1933; M.D. Kan- and Neurology, 1948 137. Instructor in Medicine, 1944 AB. University of Kansas 1935; AB. College of Emporia, 1934; 11921 Columbia University, M.D. University of Kansas 1939. M.D. Jefferson Medical School, 1939. Graham Asher William B. Barry 9 Associate Professor John Aull Instructor in J. V. Bell l 0f Medlcine, 1941 Assistant Professor of Otorhinolaryngology,1943 Assistant Professor of i'vihicago, 1918; M.D. Rush, Pediatrics, 1943 BS. Yale, 1932; M.D. Kansas, MediCinea 1947 A.B. Virginia, 1911; M.D.1938, A.B. Missouri, 1917; M.D. 1 Johns Hopkins, 1915. Northwestern, 1919. Maxwell C. Berry J A. B'llin 51 1. . . . . - - ' l g ey Assoaate 1n Medlcme MlChael Bernrelter Associate Professor of Peter T. Bohan .' jniversity 0f Kansas7 Associate in Medicine, 1944 of Ophthalmology, 1946 Professor Emeritus of 92.; 1 University of Kansas, M.D. University of Munich, BS. Kansas, 1924; M.D. Kan- Medicine, 1945 1 1923 gas9 1929 MUD Rush, 1900. xxxxxxxxw ms J. F. Bowser Associate in Radiology M.D., Kansas, 1938. J. H. Danglade Assistant Professor of Medicine 13.8., Kansas, 1924; M.D., Kan- sas, 1926. B. L. Elliott Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology B.S., Washington, 1915; M.D., 1919. Leroy 9A. Calkins Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology B.S., Cornell, 1913; M.D., Min- nesota, 1919; M.S., Minnesota, 1920; Ph.D., Minnesota, 1921. Mahlon Delp Associate Professor of Medicine B.S., Kansas, 1934; M.D., Kan- sas, 1934. J . R. Elliott Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery M.D., Rush, 1916. H. E. Carlson Instructor in Urology B.S., Minnesota, 1927; M.B., 1929; M.D., 1930; M.A., 1931. Rex L. ,Diveley Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery A.B., Kansas, 1915; M.D., Kan- sas, 1917. L. P. Engel Associate Professor of Surgery A.B., Kansas, 1916; M.D., Kan- sas, 1919. Desmond Currar Assistant in Ophthalmol A.B., Kansas, 1929; BS. 535, 1930; M.D., Kansas, Frank D. Dickso Professor of Clinical Sur M.D., Pennsylvania, 190 Paul Ensign Instructor in Pediatrics Lecturer in Public Hea M.D., Northwestern, 193. ten cs and Gynecology. . 4S 1, l 4 4 4 4 5 4 '4 ugeno Ferguson Carl R. Ferris slruclor in Obstetrics Assistant Professor of Medicine and Gynecology M.D., Kansas, 1924. ' ush. 1924. H. L. Gainey ssistant Professor in ;i E. L. Glasscock ansas. 1929. M.D. Kan- Instructor in Pediatrics. :1. I a 9 M.D., Washington, 1931. T. R. Hamilton ate Professor of Pathology d Clinical Oncology Ruth A. Hardacre issOuri9 1932; M,D,9 Instructor in Medicine , 1935; M.S., Kansas, A.B., Kansas7 1934; M.D., Kan- sas, 1938. H. M. Floersch R. C. Frcdocn Associate in Obstetrics Associate in Pediatrics and CyneCOIOgY 13.5., Ottawa, 1930; M.S., Kan- A-B-a Kansas, 1931; 35-: K31? 538, 1932; M.D., Kansas, 1934. sas, 1933; M.D., Kansas, 1935. 0. S. Gilliland Assistant Professor of W. H. GOOdSO'l, Jr. Otorhinolaryngology Assomate 1n Medlcme. M.D.,Kansas,1910; M.S.,Penn- A'B'v Missouri, 19303 M'D': sylvania, 1924. Harvard, 1934. E. H. Hashinger Clinical Professor of Medicine and F. C. Helwig Director of Postgraduate Education Clinical Professor of Pathology A.B., Kansas, 1917; MD. Wash- and Oncology ington, 1919. M.D., Kansas, 1922. K2 George V. Herrman John C. Howard Robert M. Isenberger James A. Jarvis 1r Assistant Professor of Instructor in Professor of PharmacoloU gy, 1939 Associate in Medicine, 111 Pediatrics, 1938 Otorhinolaryngology, 1948 AME Kansas 19181M..A Kan- AHB University of M16 BUS Kansas, 19269 M'D'9 Kan 135- Kenyon College 19333sas,1923; MUD Western Re- 1927; MUD Washington,, 535, 1933. M. D. University of Arkansas, serve 1925. versity, 1932. 1938. Harry L. Jones John S. Knight M. V. Laing R. H. Major 11 Associate Professor of Medicine Instructor in Instructor in Surgery, 1946 Professor and Hegd of Depzr AB. Missouri Valley College, Otorhinolaryngology, 1948 . M.D. Kansas, 1935. 01 Medlcme, 1921 1 1901; M.D. Washington Uni- AB. Missouri; M.A. Missoun; AB. Wllllam Jejwell, J versity, 1904. M.D. Pennsylvania, 1925. R. C Mills M.D. Johns Hopklns, 19; H. C. Nliller Associate Professor in a E. S. Miller Professor and Head Of Biochemistry, 1948 D. B. Morgan a Assistant Professor of Department of Pediatlics, 1945 B S Wisconsin 1940; M S Instructor in Dermatology,;1 MediCine, 1946 AB. Yale, 1930; M. D Yale, Wisconsin, 1942; Ph. D. Wis- B. S. Northwestern Univ M.D. Kansas, 1929. 1934. consin 1944. 1935; B .M., 1937; M D. n u" ' . C. w:?.x-GAM-y-ii me. an... ,..I l1 ' Can F. Nelson C. C. Ncsselrode Robert L. Newman T. G. Orr, Sr. mfossor of Biochemistry Clinical Professor of Surgery Associate in Obstetrics Professor of Surgery ,1Visc0nsin. 1908; A.M., M.D., Kansas, 1906. and Gynewlogy A.B., Missouri, 1907; M.D., -JPll.D., 1912; M.D., Rush, A.B.,19Kga8nsas, 19353 M.D., Kan- Johns Hopkins, 1910. sas, . D011 Carlos Peete Jesse D. Rising L Associate Professor of Medicine Associate in Pharmacology Harold M. Roberts 51dney F' Pakula 13.5., Kansas, 1933; M.D., Kan- and Medicine Instructor in Medicine ":nsu'tlcmr in Pediatrics sas, 1925. AB, Kansas, 19353 M.D., Kan- M.D., Kansas, 1925. ??Washington, 1929. 535, 1938. 2, . .2" -2; .,..-..-.,-.1-.. 4.42 .,. .24 ,..4 ALF; William F. Roth, Jr. , D' W- RObinson Professor and Head of Department Nl' J Ryan gasam E- RObertS Assistant Professor of Plastic of Psychiatry and Neur010gy Instructor in Otorhinolaryngology .Vilsor of Otorhinolaryngology Surgery and Oncology Ph.D. Yale, 1925; M.D. Yale, 13.5., St. Louis, 1933; 1V1.D., St. LKansas, 1928. M.D., Pennsylvania, 1938. 1929. Louis, 1933. if . 1., 2.. 3222M .2. ' Wllm 1?. 'E . ,4 .a g. '5 1' n. ' .4 Sam H. Snider Paul W. Schafer R. A. Schwegler, Jr. Assistant Professor of Medicine Professor of Surgery and Oncology, Assistant Professor of Obstetrics A.B., Missouri, 1912; M.D., and Chairmafn gt" the Department and Gynecology ; t . . 0 urgery . A.B., Kansas, 1926; M.D., Min- Washlng on, 1914 A'B-a 011107 1936; M'D'a 01110: nesota, 1931; Ph.D., Minnesota, Albert T. Steegman 1939. 1936. Professor of Psychiatry ; and Neurology Ole 0. Stoland R- L- Sutton, Jr- B.S., Kansas, 1926; NLD.7 Kan- Professor of Physiology Associate Professor of Dermatology sas, 1928. A.B., South Dakota, 1905; M.S., 11134.B1;'Mi011i9g289n9111937; B?Mh. Chica o 1911; Ph.D., hi1 , 10 1 an, ; - '7 10 1' E. V. Thiehoff 1913.g a C acgo gan, 1g929, Professor of Public Health and Preventive Medicine G, M, Tice B. C. Trowbridge A.B., Missouri, 1921; M.A., Professor and Head of Department Instructor in Otorhinolaryngology Missouri, 1922; M.D., Pennsyl- of Radiology A.B., Missouri, 1934; B.S., vania, 1924; M.P.H., Johns A.B., McPherson, 1922; M.D., Missouri, 1935; M.D., Wash- Hopkins, 1937. Kansas, 1929. ington, 1937. Laverne B. Spails Clinical Professor- 1 Otorhinolaryngologdi M.D., University Medial lege, 1913. 3 F. R. Teachem3pE Professor of Neurosm M.D., Kansas, 1911. , J ' :9 E. H. Trowbridge Associate in Psychizy, and Neurology iv B.S., Missouri, 1934,, Washington, 1936. WK L. Valk Damon Walthall C. J. Weber J. B. Weaver fofessor of Urology Associate in Pediatrics, 1946 Associate Professor of Clinical Professor of :chigan, 1937. M.D. University of Michigan, MBdiCinet 1945 OHhOpedic Surgery 1916. PhD. St. Louis, 1928; M.D. A.B. Kansas, 1923; M.D. Kan- Kansas, 1939. 535, 1925. S. J. Wilson 9 L A' Williams Assistant Professor of v'; tor in Medicine, 1942 W. P. Williamson Medicine, 1946 Lawrence E. Wood Eiversity Of Chicago, ASSOCiate in Neurosurgery, 1947 AME University Of Wichita, Associate Professor of ,tVID. Rush Medical M.D. University of Arkansas, 1931; MS. 1932; BS. Kansas, MediCine, 1948 4;;1918. 1938. 1934; M.D. Kansas, 1936. M.D. Kansas, 1926. ,,V 1 1 . 1 -,2..,--..,. 1- .9 13.693 1 . 2. f ,? .'. 2Just what is the force of that word?"9C. F. Nelson 2Then Dr. Knisely and 1.. 77913. C. Roofe. 3. v1.1; .. . .u. .61.; .. a95mg$u ,, mmmmmmmm WW XWMWWW M , : Baby doctors Winter, Burleigh, Patterson and Jennison take a breather during the diarrhea epidemic. To the right, the cloak room is dif- fusely infiltrated by pathologists Carreau, San- dell, Gibson, Owen, ttScratchyh Wyatt and Barelli who do not appear unusual. The Thymus was not found. Orthopods Haslem, Perll and Francisco are caught smoothing plaster in the new Emergency Room. On their right, Urologists ttBig Jimh e NT STAFF Roderick, Satterlee and Livingston have just laid aside their catheters for the day. Irving, Germann and Dunham, radiology resi- dents, squint into a View box, trying to find out how Dr. Tice can tell the histology of a shadow. At the right, Drs. Bishop, Dental Intern: uSay D06, Grose, ENT; Hardin of Plastics and Der- matologist Hemphill rest for a moment in be- tween moving from floor to floor as the House Officersh quarters are torn up by new construc- tion. Surgeons Jack Revere and Tom Orr, Jr., flank their partners on the service, Drs. Henry and Kittle. Phil ttHyperkinetic" Kaul pours over the com- ing C. P. C., while next to him Medicine Men Jenson, Durkee and Stockard check the Nurses, Notes to see who irrigated the wrong side of a Miller-Abbott tube. On the right, Harold Voth smiles grimly as he gets the word to change the insulin dosage on a private patient for the seventh time in one day. William 4cSmiling Irishmana, Dignam, OB-Gyn. resident, Checks a clinic chart. At his right, Obstetricians Powers and French note that some poor student has weighed the placenta in at 3250 grams and the baby at seven hundred. Neurosurgeon Cooper lays aside his reflex ham- mer to pose for the birdie. Grinder Weatherby eases up for an informal shot, after publishing more literature on class schedule changes than the seniors can lug away in a week. By him are Miss Case and Mrs. Hiatt, two ladies, whose kind words made the years shorter. -x Dr. Calkins, disciplinarian, recounts the unhappy fate of the student Who once i4dry- labbedy, a blood count, as he waits for the resident to explain why a multipara had twenty-one pains in the second stage. Below, George Omer tries needle therapy, but his little patient is holding out for X-ray. Marion DeVault introduces a little cheesecake into surgery clinic. Stan McEwen, left, strives to mask his indifference. REMEMBER WHEN? Coach Number Two warms up for the Indian- apolis run, and Charlie Wheeler crouches for the takeoff. Toward the back, Kaelson is still asleep, so the little woman loyally buttons his shirt cuff. itBut group B-2 didnat have a single quiz in this course I 9, Therapy for stupid answers. Benkelman, Kump and Hird tdid you know he was engagedm check Staffman Miles out on technique. A Saffier witticism scores one hit, one miss. Pete Jones punishes his vertebral column; Ostland and Woods wish they were home in bed; and John Kirk crowds a few last puffs from a soggy stogie. Fred Timms demonstrates the latest in ultra- centrifugation 13 skeptic Skinner. But upstairs thereis always television. Bend an ear to Dreher there in the window, boys. He was the first man to call the turn on the change to the quarter system. On the other hand, he didn7t psychose the Histology final at all. ttTonW, Dr. Calkins7 friend, passes on the word to buddies Knuth, Davis and Dreher. Hutchinson, Totten and LaRue Owen, stirred by a dramatic moment in clinic, cheer wildly, unable to control their excess of emotion. In a brieferespite from being coughed on, embryo M.D.3s tnow at termt Redfield and Tippin whomp up a suitable treatment for 6tdarling little Clydet7 in Pediatric Clinic. ttWheeljl Timms, and Alex Roth team up against a chart by Dr. Bolinger. The odds and Bolingefs penmanship are heavily against them. Barbara Russell and Lindley consult Pedia- trician Rabe on an obscure point. Rabets amused; Russell7s amazed. e A:AVAAFV- veurAAAAA 4 :E, rn. H , thrills as intable expletives. psychoanalyst 9 ng. Dean Murphy, Governor Garlson, ..I. Dr. Hernngton his class mutters unpr ..--,. ,. ,. . av-A.r-0. .d H u b mu w e n e h t PT. 0 n O ..H a C .1 1a e d e h t t a t n e m 0 m g .1 Lu A Regents, Chairman Fred M. Harris, and Chancellor Mallott' register pride and elation, while frugal Mr. Newell makes sure the scissors won,t be misplaced. .. xw . . . n .1. .. wind? to.... FTW k - I ;. . .1 3. 1.1. .. 21;: :2 2.3. EvEKEHQ z.kukiMPmmemhacHighwwfgkkmhwf 5M? xv 3V5 Ruhrwmanamhwkmxmkgwaxm .. t J. u 4 ix 1 7 WW 9:1. 1 a 5. , c, x WWW ,. ? f, , 7 x ,, , X , A . m QNR x K Vkm 2:. 2: 3?: i ems E. E A v?xag E $sz 2 J .15 more than they know. The .rt ...... STAFF 1950 ditor .................................................................... J D Kahler .ssociate Editor .................................................. Jean Poelma rt ................................................................ Sherman Saffier .................................................... Julie Robinson 1 ' holography .......................................................... John ROth : usiness Manager and Treasurer ................ Richard Pokorny dvertising Manager ...................................... Claire Tamblyn Editorial Assistance by: J ack Perkins Bart Ramsey Grove Roberts Alex Roth Glen Agee Jordan Burkey erman Hiesterman Waldo Holt Warren Kump Esther McDonald Bob Mosser Dewey Nemec Bea Parks T 1' E Our profound thanks to all those, named and unnamed, hho have made this publication possible. The Senior Mass has supported us magnificently, and our appre- tiation goes to the other classes and to the faculty and e hospital staff whose interest and assistance has aided Jayhawker, MD. will lways be in their debt. With the Amphojel at the alert, Kab races the calendar to the deadline. In an unposed shot, Roth illustrates proper technique for psychotic groups. TtSaff,7 gets lined up on the art work. The rodeo Will have to wait. After selling ads to everyone but a certain Kirksville college, Mrs. T. is still unchanged. Pokorny flips the Shekels. He managed to make it faster than the rest of the staff could spend it. MTo A CaucllgweirW I take this scalpel reverentlye Hesitont to violate the one thing That was yours alone to give. I do not know youenot even your name. But I know your race. You belong to those who stand in Simon's line- Block Simon, who bore the burden of the Cross When Jesus fell beneath the load; Who have the centuries overlong Borne patiently their own crosses, Searching for liberty, life, and honor . . . If I dissect as reverently with this blade As Carver held the test-tube in his hand, I can do you and yours no wrong. I also know your sex. You are of those Who give the race What continuity it knows In all its fitful change. Yet I know not how many sons you may have borne, Or whether you have known motherhood cut all. I can but guess your age, the work you have done, The pains and joys you've had in alternation: These are secrets shut from me forever . . . But there are other secrets, hid now by your brown skin, Which through you I hope to learn. I do not know you . . . I only know I am in debt to you. And this much more perhapse That but for some unknown stroke of Fate, Or more mysterious stiII-- But for some uncomprehended purpose of our common God- I might Iie upon this table, Strong-smelling, cold and hard, Forsaken 0nd alonee And you might hold this knife. Arden Almquist IOriginolly published in Scientific Monthly, April, I947l . vulva: gbxulvtlt 41! till fit. ..$3.8'9 "THE NEW DEAL" 7Twas a moonlit evening in May, and a cluster of frustrated men were gathered in a dimly lighted room surrounded by mountains of books bearing such ominous titles as fIThe Peripheral Circulation in the Atnoebaf7 In an open window the odor of formalin drifted from a half-open dissecting tank. Spring had come to the medical school. And with it came the problem of enrolling 100 Freshmen where provisions for but 80 had existed before. Conversation waxed and waned, and still no solution had presented itself. IIBut I me Iy'yl 0 have only 85 boxes of slides,79 mentioned one leader. IIAnd I but 24 tables in my laboratory;7 added another. ctAnd I but 126 available dogs? perused another. Further argument settled noth- ing. At last the moderator signaled for silence, and held aloft a bottle. IIGentlemen, what have I in my handiw aWhich hand?7 the assemblage chorused. At length one brave soul identified the object as a bottle of Elixir of Life. IINow, gentle- men, if we were to drink this one fifth3 we would have four fifths remaining, and we shall enroll precisely four fifths of the Freshmen? Thus were Sections A, B, C, D and E born. Thirsting for knowledge, eager Freshmen crowd around Dr. Latimer, a cadaver and each other. From all the smiles, the bone-in-the-sack episode, the accessory spleen atie-ofP and the crystal clear cross-sections on the Head and Neck final are yet to come. On the right, Ray Hanna, Tem King and Bill Ruth, members of the Freshman group on the Interfraternity Council, grin broadly before four friends who are evi- -t dently preparing for the coming Kansas City Centennial eosux wouoER Ho?! A amazon REMEMSEKS ALL THESE omems AND JNSER'HQNS? WVM celebration. N :Mw w! 1i . !llDiI,Lu.lulu K , z Alert and eager, the Freshman Class sits for its portrait. Take heart, lads t. 1mPFOVemen . h electrical however, is 1t im. iShment St love isf KenneulJoach h 1r greatest aCCOmPI ets IS g H. D I Department H e a d gad fl i,,$.,,,,ti23t,,,.,i$?s ., E$...z 72 $ ?1 gs for four h them could be i xt door to the Nu S g me Only 1 iVin 1 It 10 wing o YBars VOlrse. X U pper left: A few beavers always make it harder for the rest. Upper right: Blim and Williams register boyish enthusiasm at the world7s largest eyeball as the crowd pushes to pick up points for the final practical. Lower left: Pleased with the income tax calculations behind him, Dr. Woodard scratches his back on a handy Tiselius apparatus. Lower center: tt. . . And there I was, locked in a steel cage with an amorous baboon? Lower right: Dr. Stoland, pouring from the little one into the big one, presents a study in Scan- dinavian benignancy. . v- I -we no new TAKE $1.009 ?RESSURES TuA'r wIY HERE in THE aw 56$an .4 . v . 13 K . mm x w . 5,me Jun yvmlk 1x1 7J5 Jlxtl. 71141211. Lit: . iu.1li-.Al.wnln 2.1 will 141114vale 11.1! , ,2 - Q . 1 J , . . 1131 5H1; 4. :6 u . 95.1 11.1.3134... Jijgfinwsjww.gvadiaid L . Fr . .A . w.- The smiling gentleman from Goat Hill, Dr. W gm 1 Isenberger, proudly surveys his latest work, xxx $$$ng x xxxx 31 compilation of indices and cross-indices to class-room guides.'In the back-ground: im- posing surrealisms testify to the tribulations of forgotten mutts. Big Thrill: The day you dash off an extem- poraneous prescription with more than one' ingredient before 3 Clinic patienthand do it ctwith a flourish? BACTERtOLOGY --i-lllll U pper left: Popular, blustering, bacteriologist N . P. Sherwood rests up and smokes matches after doing an autopsy which tsurpriset proved him right again. Upper right: Hunter and Conklin laugh because they know the only safe way is not at all. Werner just laughs. Upper left: In the usual busy bacteriology lab, the Phi Betes gather for the finals of the penny pitching. Wood won; Sherwood refereed. Lower right: In Pharmacology lab, budding proctologist Rowlette tnot picturedt keeps close check on the south end of a north hound dog. ' Dr. Tracy out-picassios Picassio and throws in a pronouncing gazetteer with it. Ambidexterous, he writes with both hands and lectures, too, while the class scrambles to put on paper the intracacies of the pyramidal tract. Trouble shooter and go-between for students and the V.A., placid Miss Walquist has always man- aged to smile; even at the new sophomore who has just discovered that he,s over $500.00. At the right is Dr. Wahl, mulling over the one thing he,ll have to add next Sat- urday noon. The Path courseis worst moment is when he points at your seat and recalls ii. . . a med- ical student who sat right there several years ago, had a malignant melanoma? A W a M,- PW$uw , 6 NOV THAT You as Jumons sVou ouoHT TO MAKE THE DWGNOSH BY MEnELY Loomub AT THtS PATIENT. inton ggeri J Bob Brenner Steve Pete Ens Bob Fri Floyd Crillot Flanders 1rgil Harlan Berthelsen Dale Clark Charles Dreher Arnold Greenhouse V rothy Danna Dale Atwood Bill Chappuie D0 Bill Grandstedt Bart Fischer ghny Bob Andrews Jordon Burkey Frank Coulter Robert Fei Phil Goering Glenn Agee Russell Bridwell James Coffman Tom Evilsizer Mac Geyer l. h M R 3 1 d d a 0 t 6 Ln .L l ,d 1 0.0 n .L h t e n 0 t S u :1 ,S c r! c an 11 , iii g Zy . 0. Miles. 9; V I ? Herman Hiesterman Robert Hull William Kells B111 Madden ,ygf ghton Wfack at Memorial, 1418 id McNau Ernest Keil Dav Bill Hibbett Vade Holman James Mercer gle Law r m; x V n mm mg td r0 umH 1 Ya mb 0 R E ugene Kane n O C C 4. A f e .I S C L Y e 1 d n .1 F Ca 5 Hamilton Kanas harles Krause Marchbanks Jame John C Don seph son Carl Gunter Melvin Keltner Willard Madi Ed Hinshaw Howard J0 ke Walters k ill Padgett i Jim P Joyce Randolph Chester Scott B Dic Ann Pike rd Pyle Lee Schloesser Richard Trueheart Frank O,C0nnell Howa Ruth WWMXAW memger n 0 S r e d C P d 11 0 n r A Mildred Pottorf Grove Roberts Ned Smull Carol W Y r e w M0 t t 0 c S ineiro Elliott Mosley Owen Peck Albert Ridlon O. D. Smith Jack Welch Victor P xx; w Chet Moore ge ith Vale Pa Art Pincomb David Rau H arol d Sm W a Hartenbower, peering through the 7scope, re- arches into the mysteries of alopecia. Mitts works on the second of the medical hool commandments: tiIf it moves, call it doc- r; if it doesn,t move, memorize it? Miss Randolph disproves the old adage, ccA tched pot never boils? aSuper" Krause seems bewildered by the m0- le band-aid unit. He stood for four hours in rgery, but if he gets to remove the dressing, will be the first tir" heis seen the incision. The Junior Class this year is a good deal arper than any weive known before. One of 1e wits asked what birds one might find in the -.:0racic cage. ' 'An equally acute classmate figured'out that should be the thoracic duck, the azygoose and miazygoose. There are now two vacancies in the Class of 51. Any applications? methx ,i xy My $3 63 69; A ER 95691 n I J Li !I- WONDER uuAT DR, HEQQmeanMEs eome TO Lecrum': ABOUT Toka? texwme Wthx mxwmw mt Upper left: Law, Hibbett and Scott checking on the latest medical journals, LIFE, LOOK THE READERS7 DIGEST. Upper right: tcCanary,, Peck, center, passes the word to Ridlon, Berthelsen and Rau. Lower left: Ens, Lenski and Granstedt facing the stark realism that all in life is not romance. Lower right: Mowrey, Mitts, and Keil discover they fumbled the ball on the fourth down. tThose books weren7t authorizedj ROBERT H. ADAMS INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI Phi Chi Internship: Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco, Cali- fornia, A.B., Kansas University. LEONARD AKES DENNIS, KANSAS Phi Chi Internship: Bethany Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas, BS. Kansas State College. THEODORE L. BATCHELDER GARDEN CITY, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: University of Chi- cago Clinics, Chicago, Illinois A.B., Kansas University. WARD E. BENKELMAN MCDONALD, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu Internship: Tripler General Hospital, Honolulu, Hawaii, A.B. Kansas University. MAXINE T. BRILLHART KANSAS CITY, KANSAS Independent Internship: Providence Hospi- tal, Kansas City, Kansas, A.A. Kansas City, Kansas Junior College. JOHN E. BUESS PITTSBURG, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: Madigan General Hospital, Tacoma, Washington, B5,, Kansas State Teachefs College. gunman 1" Av me-a WW; xMW ' .. LARS ARDEN ALMQUIST SALINA, KANSAS Phi Chi Internship: City Hospital, M0- bile, Alabama, A.B., Clark University, DB. mum laudd Andover Newton Theological SchooL SOHRAB AMINI IRAN Independent Internship: Providence Hospi- tal, Kansas City, Kansas, A.B. Kansas University. HARRY L. BIGGS KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI Phi Beta Pi Internship: St. Josephys Hospi- tal, Kansas City, Missouri, A.B., University of Kansas City. KEITH BOWSER NESS CITY,KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu Internship: St. Lukefs Hospital, Denver, Colorado, A.B., Denver University. BYRON HUGH BUFF TOPEKA, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu Internship: San Diego County General Hospital, San Diego, California, BS. Washburn Col- lege. PAUL R. CARPENTER KANSAS CITY,KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Omega Alpha, Lute and Lyre Internship: St. Margaretas Hos- pital, Kansas City, Kansas, AB. Kansas University. . , A?AXXA f i??? AffMMM ay? AAXAXAi AX Aw? WAQA g Z zg AVAAAXAAA AA ?ZA w77w wWVAAAA , V a; i B., Kansas i- V., t 1 S r e V 1 n ital. 1 a Pu 1800 .S., Kansas C 0A TS KANSAS KANSAS F GLAND B KANSAS 3 o 7 gma Nu i Kansas U gan. A i Emanuel Hospital, Portland, Oregon. State College. 1 a r e n e G n . a m T. e H e L Harper Hosp Mich ENA .a Independent Nu S 1p: ital, San Franc TOPEKA . A.B it ARION DE VA ULT DANIEL T SPRING HILL la 0 ip ity MERLE E ALM ip 1ty, 1vers lty ia M Internsh Hosp f0 rn Internsh Detro Un 1vers 1ty Gen- ty, Mis- Iversity. Internsh Kansas C 7 i ity of Kan- ,Kansas C Kansas Un' DAVIS . Naval Hos- lvers U 9 Kansas C Kansas Un Independent ital Nu Sigma Nu Nu Sigma Nu Alpha Omega Alpha 1P B 1p Un ical Center Internsh sas Med 1P eral Hosp A MACK CARTER VVICHITA, KANSAS OXFORD, KANSAS 5 Long Beach, Californ A Oklahoma A. 8K M. B., FRANCIS A. KANSAS CITY,MISSOURI 'tal .5 p1 B ROBERT C. FAIRCHILD Kansas Internsh 7 '7 Internsh sourl. s, 4A '- LEI" ul-f' ' . u l ALBERT F. CRUMLEY TOPEKA, KANSAS Independent Internship: Oakland Naval Hos- pital, Oakland, California. FRANK CVETCOVICH PITTSBURG, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: St. Francis7 Hos- pital, Wichita, Kansas. 13.8., M.S., Pittsburg State Teachers: College. RICHARD DREHER SALINA, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu, Lute and Lyre Internship: University of Kan- sas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas.B.S.,Kansas University. BYRON T. EBERLE KANSAS CITY,KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: U. S. Naval Hos- pital, Oceanside, California. A.B., Kansas University. JAKE FRIESEN HILLSBORO, KANSAS Phi Chi Internship: Fresno County Gen- eral Hospital, Fresno, Califor- nia. A.B., Kansas University. DERYL D. FULLER ARLINGTON, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: U. S. Naval Hos- pital, Long Beach, California. A.B., Freinds University. TEX E. F URY SALINA, KANSAS Phi Chi Internship: Emanuel Hospital, Portland, Oregon. B.S., Kansas University. W. B. mm GERLACH MANHATTAN, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu Internship: Kansas City Gen- eral Hospital, Kansas City, Mis- souri. B5,, Kansas State College. WALDO S. HOLT KANSAS CITY,MISSOURI Phi Beta Pi, Lute and Lyre Internship: U. S. Naval Hos- pital, Philadelphia, Penn. A.B., Kansas University. WILLARD J. HOWLAND Nu Sigma Nu Internship: U. S. Naval Hos- pital, Newport, Rhode Island. A.B., Kansas University. LEDA GRACE JANKE CLAFLIN, KANSAS Independent Internship: Youngstown Hos- pital, Youngstown, Ohio. A.B., Kansas University. FREDERICK 0. JOERNS OVERLAND PARK,KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: University of Kan- sas Medical Center,Kansas City, Kansas. A.B., Macalester Col- lege. WA YNE E. HIRD LAWRENCE, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: Oakland Naval Hos- pital, Oakland, California. A.B., Kansas University. THOMAS W. HOGAN CHANUTE, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi, Alpha Omega Alpha Internship: Detroit Receiving Hospital, Detroit, Michigan. A.B., Kansas University. GLEN C. HUTCHISON WAKEENEY, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: U. S. Naval Hos- pital, St. Albans, New York. A.B., College of Emporia. WESLEY A. INNES KANSAS CITY,KANSAS Phi Chi, Sigma Xi Internship: Fresno County Gen- eral Hospital, Fresno, Califor- nia. A.B., Kansas University. CLIFFORD E. JONES LIBERAL, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi, Lute and Lyre Internship: St. Margarefs Hos- pital, Kansas City, Kansas. A.B., Southwestern College. I D KABLER WICHITA, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Omega Alpha Internship: Wisconsin State General Hospital,Madison, Wis- consin. A.B., Kansas University. PA UL A. KAELSON WICHITA, KANSAS PhiChi Internship: Wesley Hospital, Wichita, Kansas. A.B., Uniyer- sity of Wichita. WWwAWk - JOHN S. KIRK OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY xxwxxxxwwxxx Independent Internship: Missouri Methodist Hospital, St. Joseph, Missouri. M5,, Ph.D., Kansas University. MILTON E. LINDLEY ROSE HILL,KANSAS Independent Internship: Bethany Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas. 13.5., Seat- tle Pacific College. EDWARD E. LONG NORWICH, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: St. Margarefs Hos- pital, Kansas City,Kansas. A.B., Wichita University. STANLEY R. ZVICEWEN WICHITA, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu, Lute and Lyre Internship: Wisconsin State General Hospital, Madison,Wis- consin. A.B., Kansas University. JOHN WARREN McKAY WICHITA, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu, Lute and Lyre .rv-w 1L ; Internshlp: Illanls Research 81 " " . , L ' 3M Educational Hospital, Chicago, Illinois.A.B.,Kansas University. KENNETH L. KNUTH NASHVILLE, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi, Lute and Lyre Internship: St. Margarefs Hos- pital, Kansas City, Kansas. A3,, Kansas University. WARREN L. KUMP OBERLIN, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Kappa, Lute and Lyre Internship: Illinois Research 81 Educational Hospital, Chicago, Illinois.A.B.,Kansas University. GLEN M. McCRAY NEODASHA, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi, Lute and Lyre Internship: Fresno County Gen- eral Hospital, Fresno, Califor- nia. A.B., University of Kansas. $? xm $ 4 V. GEORGE MCDOZVALD KANSAS CITY,KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu7 Lute and Lyre Internship: St. Margaretvs Hos- pital, Kansas City,Kansas. A.B., University of Kansas. ALEXANDER C. MITCHELL LAWRENCE, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Omega Alpha Internship: City Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri. 13.3., Kansas University. RICHARD E. MUNNS KANSAS CITY, KANSAS Phi Chi Internship: Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco, Cali- fornia. A.B., Iowa State Teach- ers, College. DEWEY G. NEMEC AGENDA, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Omega Alpha Internship: Middlesex and Yale Hospitals, Middletown and New Haven, Connecticut. B.S., Kan- sas University. GEORGE E. OMER WAMEGO, KANSAS Phi Beta Phi Internship: Bethany Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas. A.B.7 Kan- sas University. LA RUE W. OWEN NASHVILLE, KANSAS Phi Beta Phi Internship: Wesley H o s pit a1, Wichita, Kansas. B.S., McPher- son College. JACK T. PETERSON HUTCHINSON, KANSAS Phi Beta Phi Internship: Wichita Hospital, Wichita, Kansas. A.B., Kansas University. CHARLES BYRD POWELL COLUMBUS, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu, Lute and Lyre Internship: Cook County Hos- pital, Chicago, Illinois. AB. Kansas University. ROBERT E. H. PUNTENNEY NEWTON, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi, Alpha Omega Alpha, Lute and Lyre Internship: Kings County Hos- pital, Seattle Washington. A.B., Drake University. ROLAND DALE OSTLUND SIPMSON, KANSAS Phi Beta Phi Internship: The Swedish Hos- pital, Seattle Washington. BARBARA J. OWEN LAWRENCE, KANSAS Independent Internship: New York Infirm- ary, New York, New York. A.B., Kansas University. HARRY 0. PHILIPS OTTAWA, KANSAS Phi Chi Internship: U. S. Naval Hos- pital. BS. Ottawa University. RICHARD L. POKORNY LA CROSSE, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu, Lute and Lyre Internship: Ancker Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota. B.S., Wash- burn College. BARTLETT W. RAMSEY KANSAS CITY,MISSOURI Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Omega Alpha Internship: University of Kam- sas Medical Center,Kansas City, Kansas. A.B., Kansas Univer- sity. EARL L. REDFIELD BUCKLIN, KANSAS Phi Chi Internship: Iowa Lutheran Hos- pital, Des Moines, Iowa. 13.5., Fort Hays State Teachers Cole lege. ALEX ROTH WICHITA, KANSAS Phi Chi, Alpha Omega Alpha, Sigma Xi Internship: University of Michi- gan Medical Center, Ann Arbor9 Michigan, A.B., M.A., Kansas University. JOHN ROTH WICHITA, KANSAS Phi Chi Internship: Illinois Research Educational Hospital, Chicago, Illinois A.B., Wichita Univer- sity. SHERMAN F. SAFFIER WICHITA, KANSAS Phi Chi Internship: St. Francis7 Hospi- tal, Wichita, Kansas, A.B., Wichita University. EUGENE W. SCHWARTZ HOISINGTON, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu, Alpha Omega Alpha Internship: Denver General Hospital, Denver, Colorado, AB. Kansas University. EUGENE SMITH KANSAS CITY, KANSAS Phi Chi Internship: U. S. Naval Hospi- tal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, B.S., Kansas University. GEORGE C. STEINBERGER INDEPENDENCE, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi 13.5., Kansas University. BARBARA E. RUSSELL KANSAS CITY,KANSAS Alpha Omega Alpha Internship: St. Margarefs Hos- pital, Kansas City, Kansas, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Kansas Uni- versity. ROBERT KEITH RUSSELL OLATHE, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: University Of Kan- sas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas, A.B., Kansas University. ROSS D. SKINNER DELPHOS, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: Wesley Hospital, Wichita, Kansas, 13.5., Kansas State College. DEAN SMITH SELDEN, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, California, A.B., University of Kansas. GRANT MELVIN STEVENS HUTCHINSON, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu Internship: Mary Hitchcock Hospital, Hanover, New Hamp- shire, A.B. Kansas University. NILES M. STOUT KANSAS CITY,KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: Bethany Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas, A.B., Park College. CLAIRE L. TAMBLYN BALDWIN, KANSAS Independent Internship: Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, California. A.B., Baker College. ROBERT A. TENNANT PITTSBURG, KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: Kansas City Gen- eral Hospital, Kansas City, Mis- souri. BS. Kansas University. ERNEST ELWOOD TIPPIN WICHITA, KANSAS Nu Sigma Nu Internship: St. Francis Hos- pital, Wichita, Kansas. A.B.. Wichita University. RICHARD N. TODD EL DORADO,KANSAS Phi Beta Pi Internship: St. Luke7s Hospital, Kansas City, Missouri. A.B., University of Kansas. KATHERINE A. WILSON KANSAS CITY,MISSOURI Independent Internship: Women7s Medical College Hospital, Philadelphia, Penn. A.B., Vassar College. CHARLES WOODS KANSAS CITY,MISSOURI Phi Beta Pi Internship: Santa Clara County Hospital, San Jose, California. 13.5., Rockhurst College. HMS . A.B., RI ital 0f Quisi- is- 1n01s s. L Hosp ity of Lou WHEELER MISSOU 9 ity gma Nu Ivers i Char New Orlean 1ver51ty. B 9 Nu S B.. Un ity KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 1, Great Lakes, HI KANSAS CITY Iver- FREDERICK U. TI He. Internship: U. S. Naval Hos- Kansas Un i. CHARLES Internship lsiana A. lssour Lou V1 pita S ana sas C 5 Un M 1ty i Methodist ity of Kan- TOTTEN i 7 Hospital, St. Joseph A.B., Kansas Univers x , Kansas. 3.5., Kansas. A.B., Kansa Kansas State College. 1vers St. Francis Hos- lssour ita Un M h Phi Beta P 1C ALMENA, KANSAS SALINA, KANSA JOHN K. GRIFFITH HIAWATHA, KANSAS LW N 0 S P M 0 H T M. L E I N A D Slty. FREDERICK E. Internship: sas Medical Center.Kan Internship Internship pita $9? 4X$gg 6???? , igaul 33. Qtarpenter Robert 6H1. jairtbilh 1 . ' A Ehumag w. ?bngan I ' 3! EB ikahler ' , glexanher Qt. jPBIithJBII j 332ml? $ 332th ' Robert QB. 39. iBuntennep ?Eartlett w. 3351111521? glexanhet 330th igarhara GE. 331155211 QEugene w. gathmatt; ; 3? 13 335mm Warren 1. 331111113 25:2 v.?.vf-ufa . :.v3 hgg-;., p . , . . L ' , : n m- ; - "- 6wv.254n--u-s-.-. .,,L..V ,, ......-..,- I AA-r-ay-J IA '. -.. . 93... k, ??XXM Mam x . Va, . "win... usau gyn- -' ;$ --a.-,-A uw-v- $iit..r.;t. ,K. $ '.'b-ZUF'EW?niw-tgk-KSL-w-Eag I Wes Innes makes like a man of distinction during a smoke and coke break in the Hut. Kibitzers Omer, Tompkins and Biggs provide advice for pool expert May. On the far left, J ake Friesen assures a patient that everything is going to be all right. Alex Mitchell prescribes a long ocean voyage while Chas. Powell, with coat in hand, prepares to fill the prescription. At left: it. . .through the courtesy of KUMC we bring you the Life, Hard Times, and Five Major Operations of John,s Other Wife? And if you don7t think so, you can wade through the eighty-seven pages of the clinic record with Thompson. George Steinberger appends an additional im- pression after talking to a staff man. In; a burst of energy, Dick Munns puts on paper a nugget of knowledge from tta grand old man of Medicine? The last term may be defined as a staff man with nothing to say and sixty minutes to say it. Still resisting, Dean Smith concentrates on the eyelids as the masseters let go. . Brass and near-brass wait with bated breath as another dog hovers on the brink of the. hereafter. Dr. Thomas G. Orr in a stern moment. Orr, Jr., has just called a sebaceous cyst a lipoma. The interne said it was a tumor. The student didn9t know. At the right, Dr. Mills, Biochem chief, pre- pares to bounce a Donnangs equilibrium pearl off the blackboard as the class drowses at his back. Dr. Cochran, EKG expert, wistfully meditates on the old days When stethoscope-Wielders made their own diagnoses. Leafing the literature, Dr. Guthrie, transient Bacteriology head man, gleans a few gems for projected research. Bewildered and back-to-wall, Skinner agree- ably notes that his patient itdeserves a thorac- otomyf, a DECAL DAM They Also Serve, Who Only Sit and Wait-- wamw First row, left to right: Evelyn Huff, Florence Stout, Marguerite Baeke, Esther McDonald. Second row: Jean Saffier, Anita Chappuie, Frances Carpenter, Lavaughn Hull, Mary Jane Dobel. Third row: Betty Schlachter, Janny Burgess, Elizabeth Rowlett, Dorothy Clark, Ruby Kaelson, Margaret Mitchell. The Ladies, God bless them! For four years theytve washed Anatomy aprons, dusted the Osteology collection, endured the smell of unwashed dogs from Physiology, typed Pathology Notebooks, and learned a new language along With a guy who has the same last name as theirs. It won,t be long new before we can earn a living for them. They should have the diploma; most of them have worked harder for it than we have. 7Q XX a Top picture: first row, left to right: Margaret Hamilton, Helen Clark, Kay Wahl, patroness, Jane Meri- wether. Second row, Coleen Roth, Hannah Amini, Helen Akes, Dorothy Long, Joyce Fuller, Helen Fairchild, Helen Biggs. Third row: Frances Skinner, Gloria Joerns7 Maxine Phillips, Yvonne Smith, Rosalie Tippin, Hope Buess, Mildred Totten. Bottom picture, first row; Mary Lou Andrews, Billie Mosley, Ethel Francisco, patroness, Bertha Lindley. Second row; Jo Ann Almquist, Sue Adams, Esther Roth, Frances Kane, Winifred Lasser, Marjorie Krause, Pauline Gerlach. Third row: Roberta Doane, Marion Crumley, Elise Carter, Ruth Flanders, Beverly Woods, Helen Louise Eberle. i E E 5 r r... Top Row: Kendall, Dobratz, Eddy, Hughes, Stevens, Halliday G., Finney, Halliday R., White, Shafer, Gaston, Baker, Werner Stockton. Middle Row: Gray, Leo, Griffing, Lindeman, Reynaud, Stutz, Hogg, Hunter, Glover, Lothman, Mallon, Reed, Siler, Conklin, Eshelman. Bottom row: Black Shoaf, Peterson, Phipps, King, Cooper, Blim, Huycke, Ward, Wilhelm, Swartz, Bottom Picture: First row left to right: Joseph, Stevens, Krause, Kettner, O,C0nnell, Smull, Flanders. Second row: Hull, Hodgson, Peck, Schloesser, Fairchild, Kump, Coulter. T hird row: Pokorny, Benkelman, Pike, Wheeler, Ramsey, Kanas, Hartenbower; Fourth row: Carpenter, McKay, Nemec, Fischer, Schwartz, Geyer, Gunter, Buff, McEwen, Padgett, Kabler. Izlldm W55: H; QA xA mx EN ,,. M. w,p,.., , Top, first row: Ted Hoff, Dean Collins, Elmer Stegman, Wallace Holderman, Marion Sumner, Walter Cockley, Jack Perkins, George Hassard. Second row: Robert Hudson, David Thurston, Henry Sullivan, James Menehan, David Rice, , Jo Anderson. Third row: George Mastio, Jere Osborne, Jerry Brown, Rex Stanley, Richard Gruendel, Robert Robinson Clyde Tucker. Fourth row: Stanely Sager, Robert Young, Harvey Tretbar, Robert Payne, Louis Field, Marvin Bills, Fred Timms. Firth row: David Draper, Lawrence Strathman, David Zacharias, William Appenfeller, John Wineinger, William Barrows. Sixth row: Lyman Lais, Gerald Mowry, James Taylor, Millard Spencer, Kenneth Powell. Bottom Picture: First row: left to right: Totten, Barker, Hamilton, Clinton, May, Feighny, Law. Second row: Stout, Hutchinson, Holt, Woods, Jones, Mitts, Skinner, Marchbanks, O. Smith. Third row: Batchelder, Hogan, Eberle, Tennant, Dreher, Kells. PHI CHI vx$ , wa 4 ??on V7? a wig 6?? w . $ W X W. szxxkxwtxk Left to Right, Top Picture Leonard, Ellis, Winblad, Stipe, Thompson, Whitehead, Wilson, Hollenback, Her, Lentz, Nelson, Bailey, Van Der Smissen. Second row i Youno', Johnson, M Bare, Brooks, Trekell, Ritchey, Evans, Ste Warren, Burrows, Barker, Woods, Hardin, Plattner, Baxter, Baker, Hooper. Fourth row F irst row Chr Third row Woods. mzig, lsty, , Fowler, Dunn, iser Alfrey, K Long, Votopka, Turner, Schmidt, Fredicks, Lord, Bingham, Rosenberv. Becker, Bottom Picture Munns, Goerino, Holman, Meri- Kaelson, Mosley, Moore, Foland, Ens, Timms, Roth. Second row left to right: Almqu , Griffith, Walters, Rau. First row lst 7 wether 760 717443953. I l A H gryitfzf ,x . xi Back row: Warren McKay, Paul Carpenter, Ted Batchelder, Ward Benkelman. F ront row: Richard Pokorny, Pete Jones, Waldo Holt, Warren Kump, Stan McEwen, Charles Wheeler. MEMBERS Ted Batchelder Dick Dreher Glen McCray Charles Powell Ward Benkelman Waldo Holt George McDonald Bob Puntenny Keith Bowser Pete Jones Stan McEwen Sherman Saffier Paul Carpenter Ken Knuth Warren McKay Dean Smith Dan Coats Warren Kump Richard Pokorny Gene Smith Lute and Lyre7 founded by a group of twelve senior medics of the Class of 1936, brings together the best singing talent of the senior class. Each Lute and Lyre meeting is eagerly anticipated by its mem- bers as it always means a gay, carefree evening taway from the booksi devoted to good fellowship, beer drinking and7 most of all, singing of the traditional ballads, ttArsphenamine,7 and c4Samuel Hall? This years group compares favorably with those in the past both as to sing- ing and beer drinking ability. The members this year were very fortunate in the opportunity to have meetings on two occasions at cabins located on picturesque Lake Lotawana. This was made possible by several staff members who have continued to take an active part in Lute and Lyre affairs since their student days. To them the entire group joins in saying thanks. 61 And so, midst choruses of expiring swans, the pealing of wedding bells, and the clinking of ceremonial flasks, the Departing Ones march into the sunset. The institution they leave behind is a brighter one than they found four years previous. Elevators shuttle from floor to floor, noisy with the chatter of happy students; and staff men gush cheery good mornings 0n the wards. N0 expense has been spared in provision of luxurious living, convenience, and edification of those left behind. The Memorial Student Union Billiard Installation boasts a new green cover; a brilliant student health plan has been worked out at less than three times the cost of Blue Cross; and a $20,000 surgical television set bids fair to challenge the hopelessly unpretentious lantern slide. Even wives and sweethearts count their blessings as they divert their energies to less tedious pursuits than preparing Pathology notebooks. Yet, the revolution has only begun. As Bell Memorial reaches for Olathe Blvd, and climbs toward the sky, the picturesque old Goat Hill Campus crumbles, to be reclaimed by the thicket and bind-weed from which it was wrested years ago. Thus is progress. As for the graduates. With halos adjusted and footprints brushed from their faces, they go to take their places in medical society. Secure in their understanding of mycosis fungoides, they march on the world7s less exotic afflictions, Hyfrecating her warts and attacking her ingrown toenails. Theirs, also, is the charge of defending the world from her designing statesmen as well as from her physical ailments. In the words of the blood-spattered Hollywood fighter pilotetithis is it,7 ifx;17pgi71iilzlfrlTV .rm' ' :33; Iii? 2;? 3f: I .', 5:: 5;; i 72,1 1A i , ,ftkm'r 1 gr Wtzwra NI . .L. .. , 13:12'273';3, rwm ma. ,4 'i i .... . 7 Hill, ing. Yale e ursing 3 Elizabeth Sutcliffe, nruh, Alberta Carlson, N 9 laU . 10 Jean M. of Nu; B. Western Reserv E ctOI . Middle row X7 S. iate Professor of N B. Kansas I Dire Miss A. 1 5500 A Q x x Arnold, Frances Bunger. Bottom row I let X? , WM c?x xxx . ,7 Dorothy WalberU, Harr. lstian U n U .L r a H a d 1 E Ia e n I O H t a D1 ka C . 1 m r 0 C dc h 11 a r. O x, 0 C e C n e r O 1 F Sa 6 e h r O O V In a e .L Dorothy Trigg, Ellen McElvain, Evelyn Spicer. Top row Theresa Chr I,e0ma Jane Barry :OTT CITY, KANSAS Joann Baum KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 'Jonna Beall XMAR, MISSOURI Loine Betz ENTERPRISE, KANSAS B. S. in Home Economics and Nursing, K. S. C. ,mawm ' W Mary Louise Bienhoff KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI B. S. in Nursing, K. U. Betty Brous TOPEKA, KANSAS Ellen Dufford MARSHALL, MISSOURI B. S. in Nursing, K. U. Anna Marie Gunner KANSAS CITY, KANSAS Phyllis J. Hall BELLEVILLE, KANSAS B. S. in Home Economics and Nursing, K. S. C. Edna Mae Borgmz LEVASY, MISSOU Ione Cartwrig: SYRACUSE, KANS Jeanne Eisenbi: INDEPENDENCE, KANSI Norma L. H: ALTOONA, KANS! B. S. in Nursing, K. Helen June Higgel SPICKARD, MISSOU: fJorothy Highfill ' xTCHISON, KANSAS Edith Ann Houseman PEABODY, KANSAS , ;wen Hunt IOFFEYVILLE, KANSAS .. 3' 1; . E. Marie Jackson . ' HIATTVILLE, KANSAS : - L v. ; I B. S. in Nursing, K. U. ,J j a j :1 , 31 Jarllyn Johnson , . ' 4TARMINGT0N, KANSAS -j 1 wt. '3. . .: t ' f 1 . E h ;, " Betty Kelly Joswiak . f 3 HUTCHINSON, KANSAS ,3? " ' ; 3 B. S. in Home Economics . ,33- ' i and Nursing, K. S. C. . . Ruth Lorene Klein :: ,' ' ITTAWA, KANSAS .' I f1 f . Georgia Koechner . TIPTON, MISSOURI j 3' iorothy Long - , .IANI-iATTAN, KANSAS ' . S. in Home Economics nd Nursing, K. S. C. Phyllis Mawson ARCHIE, MISSOURI "2 raw gW. 2,7 . Patricia Nickell KANSAS CITY, KANSAS Catherine May Neighbo IOLA, KANSAU Beatrice Parks CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA Barbara J . Popkea, SABETHA, KANSAf Lois Price FOUKE, ARKANSAS Virginia Pric' FOUKE, ARKANSAi: Lou Anna Schlup STEWARTSVILLE, MISSOURI B. S. in Nursing, K. U. Virginia Scoi ATCHISON, KANSA. Elma Smith CHANUTE, KANSAS Norma Jean St. Aubyj RUSSELL, KANSA1 lane Taylor ENTERPRISE, KANSAS 3. S. in Home Economics nd Nursing, K. S. C. in , A giggll. .v II ':g A a w 7 7+ VIarilu Woodruff kDA, KANSAS K. S. in Home Economics nd Nursing, K. S. C. L ,., . ,5 1 1; 7W 0nna Van Goethem LATHE, KANSAS '.. .J- kanne L. Poelma ? r. K, . ,zELOIT, KANSAS ., 4....wuuma-rP Dorothy Herold Todd ANTHONY, KANSAS Bonnie Wilson Cox TRENTON, MISSOURI Georganna Clark KANSAS CITY, KANSAS B. S. in Home Economics and Nursing, K. S. C. Margaret Burt WICHITA, KANSAS B. S. in Nursing, K. U. Taking time out during the Xmas Formal arl Love, Larson, Linn and dateselights 10w, musi soft and sweet, snowflakes dancing in the air4 beautiful evening! Whoops!-A View of an 01 time POW-Wow concentrating on Who to scalp ne 1 eerror-eanyone can tell Matthews, J ones, an Enlow are engrossed in throwing dice. Attracte by the punch bowl are Poelma, date, Beall, ant! Dr. Yudkin.eDr. Yudkin seems to be explaining the merits of cups with bottoms or some such;l bewildering subject. Couldn,t he the contentsJ Hinch Hall inmates don?t drink alcoholic bevef w l ageSeor so the handbook informs uanmmmnil t Johnson and Agee caught in a tender momentgj as we said hefore-beautiful evening. ers. Decoursey and Mrs. Theis, our housemothers, :who,ve given us all a helping hand at sometime luring our stay in Hinch HalleDue t0 the effort lm the part of Loomis and Watts, a Fellowship . Hour is held once a week With time out for religion l-After a period of lltrial-no errofa, Suderman receives her cap during a capping ceremonyeMiss 52 5. s, :V I l 3. "Wilt It nm-h- flill does the honors assisted by Mrs. McCormick. eWaiting to light the candles for the newly capped s Georgia Koechner, head of the Student Council. e--On the right, Linn has her cap adjusted just 30e- hooks like Clark has the makings of a head cravat 1m WoodruffelVlrs. Spicer keeps her eye on the Tirst Aid Class to make sure that there are no neck ourniquetseLookeno blood! CLASS M FIFTYECDN 1,,me First row: Emma Masterson, Evelyn Highfill, Georgia Harper, Emma Hain, Eunice Goehring, Donis Clary, Joan Clark. Second row: Barbara Wilson, Helen Hartter, Nancy Nolin, Phylli Corley, Carol Unbehauen, Frances Murphy, Carol Butts, Mary F uller. Third row: Lucille Scoville, Ethel Payton, Jean McCarty, Guyla Love, Phyllis Walsten, Bernita Stoecker, Lorraine Johnson. Fourth row: J eanne Sisson, Charlotte Scott, Norma Kyle, Carol Lambert, Gwen Haegert, Virginia Belcher, Jackie Lamme. ,llfs'anrrvr-ijFrr. ,.- . h . . ..,,. . , WW. . r 4 . $$3171'1 ""-" , ".va H' ,4.-.L.. l1 .7...... ..-.Q.,..., wh- ,- ;. :HiiWWW :11. M? -;l. L! 5 .,-1... First row: Donna Clark, Marguerite Palmberg, Coleen Calloup, Betty Brew, Marjorie Loomis. Second row: Dorothy Linn, Josephine Mutz, Wray Boatwright, Julia Robinson, Margaret Oltman, Joann Eson. Third row: Rita Law, Marjorie Bauerle, Barbara Stump, Mary Ann Suderman, Ruth Reist, Berniece Neiswender, Nelda Thoms, Velma Cushing. AAA. 15: F W, WW NW quxth w w-w WWW xx .. ,A ; 1m mwmxmxww , irst row: Jacqueline Smith, Helen Ruth Hansell, Carolyn Johnson, Nelda McCleary, Myrth Tullar. Second row: Patsy Cassil, arbara Wasson, Ardeth Jones, Katherine Matthews, Irene Boone, Marilyn Bookless. Third row: Dolores McKay, Jane Lewton, leanne Lowrey, Martha Ann Smallwood, Helen Thompson, Phyllis Dudley, Dora Lee Roberts. Fourth row: Louema Bogart, Mary Watts, Constance Taylor, Christine Weems, Bonnie June Rhoads, Janet Tustin, Jean Haller. Fifth row: Joyce EHis, Janice iarlan, Anne Cordray, Patricia Balsters, Dorothy Lamaster, Sarah Hill, Cela Schlapper, Maxine Peasley. Dressed in the favorite off duty garb, Dufford peers through her eye cravat while she tries her hand at practicing techniques in bandaging 0n Jackson-Bienhoff struggles With more dressings as she strives to get it on for goodWBig Chief Matthews favors us with a front View at the Hal- loween Dance while Little Boy Lewton fearlessly sits beside her, munching on a donut-In formal attire Dudley seems thoroughly enraptured by her date,s gaze-nice necklineWAl and Marie Baum are superb as chaperonesWeven seem to enjoy it. , V' , WI 47 .4 VZM1 H?NH-rrvvw . . ' .- 1. W Wrm v H-... lABORATORIES QWSPONSIBILITY CLINICAL PATHOLOGY PATHOLOGIC ANATOMY DUNCAN LABOBATOBIES gazammed 4.924 909 Argyle Bldg. KANSAS CITY 5, MO. 230 Frisco Bldg. JOPLIN, MISSOURI RALPH EMERSON DUNCAN, M.D. MAURICE L. JONES, M.D. In addition to diagnostic laboratory services, chemically accurate and clinically tested re- agents, solutions, stains and culture media are available for immediate delivery. hounds YEARS TREATING ALCOHOL AND DRUG ADDICTION In 1897 Doctor B. B. Ralph developed methods of treating alcohol and narcotic addiction that, by the standards of the time, were conspicuous for success. Twenty-five years ago experience had bet- tered the methods. Today With the advantages of collateral medicine, treatment is markedly further improved. The Ralph Sanitarium provides personal- ized care in a quiet, homelike atmosphere. Dietetics, hydrotherapy and massage speed physical and emotional re-education. Cooperation With referring physicians. Write or phone. QLe RALPH SANITARIUM asfahtisllec! 1897 Ralph Emerson Duncan, M.D. DIRECTOR 529 HIGHLAND AVENUE 0 KANSASCITY6,MISSOURI Telephone Victor 3624 AAAAA AAAAAA AAA AA-1AA. B MEDICAL AND SURGICAL SUPPLIES for JOHN S. WATKINS 81 SON Your F amily Draggists DOCTORS OF MEDICINE AND HOSPITALS MUNN S MEDICAL SUPPLY 130., INC. COUNTRY CLUB PL AZ A TOPEKA AND KANSAS CITY, KANSAS wr-vrwrww-v VVVVVV'V'W'VVVW WV vvvvv Viv S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Vv'r vvvvvv vvvw'rvw'vvv v G 8: H OPTICAL SERVICE AMBULANCES ' INVALID COACHES OXYGEN Wholesale La boratories DRexel 7800 Physicians Answering Service KANSAS AMBULANCE SERVICE Huron Building Phone 905 North 7th St. FIndley 2412 1114 Minnesota Avenue Leigh B. Delap. Mgr. Kansas City 10, Kansas : Local and Long Distance Trips George A. Bre OIl aCompany QM 6am KANSAS CITY, MO. Drugs of Distinction I n S tep with Research 60 YEARS QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS D .4 CCQURS jY CR MZXM aRY C0, KANSAS CITY, KANSAS . LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS SALINA, KANSAS BROOKFIELD, MO. A HEARTY HANDSHAKE AND BEST WISHES TO YOU. DOCTOR. ITVIVIVIVIVIVIVIV v v I MANUFACTURERS From UNIIED MEDICAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY 1114 GRAND AVENUE KANSAS CITY 6. MISSOURI Fraternity Jewelry, School Rings, IIIVYYYVI'IVIVI'YVYVYYI'I'IYVVIVI Pins, Commercial Emblems, Invitations and Diplomas IVYYYYIVIV V IVYVI'I'IVIVIVY'I' Distributors For: CARDIOTRON - DIRECT-RECORDING ELECTROCARDIOGRAPH 1 PROFEXRAY X-RAY APPARATUS - BIRTCHER - PHY- SIO-THERAPY EQUIPMENT uh -. 1f;- 1010 Walnut Street Kansas City, Missouri IVIVI'Y' Y'Y'IVIY'VY'YVYI ?R Hr W 13$? 49: a: F $5 $3 5:, 11The Store Where Good Friends Meet1, WERNEI. PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST 1403 WEST 39TH V WESTPORT 3244 CLARENCE F. WERNEL, Owner Wu; gr; :z'znei3 'TW . 44: 41.6! 7'5;ch mswmwfw 1 F eaturing -- Revlon -- Yardley - Du Barry Chen-Yu - Elmo - MaX-Factor in Our .. Cosmetic Department VISIT OUR SODA FOUNTAIN AND ENJOY THE BEST USE YOUR COURTESY CARD AND SAVE Where Are You Going? Why not find outbefore you start! You have been capitalizing on the experience of others in your study of medicine. Why not do the same in learning the business details of the practice of medicine? Having 400 Physician Clients in 46 states gives us their experiences as a means of helping you avoid costly mistakes. COUNSELORS ON: Location for Doctors. Planning an Office Layout. Businessmethods of running an office. . Financial Planning. 1. 2 3 4. "Working Agreementst, between physicans. 5 6 . Life Insurance and Annuities. Call or write for an appointment RAY T. WRIGHT and EDWIN A. lEWIS 520 Insurance Exchange Bldg. or Standard Life Building Kansas City, Mo. Lawrence, Kans. Phone HArrison 1407 Phone 457 YOUR LAWRENCE HEADQUARTERS FOR 0 MICROSCOPES All Makes-New and Used 0 MEDICAL KEYBOARD TYPEWRITERS Smith - Corona 0 Royal 0 TAPE 8: WIRE RECORDERS For Study 81 Office Use 0 MEDICAL BOOKS 8: INSTRUMENTS All Publishers 8: Manufacturers STUDEN T UNION BOOK STORE WHERE YOUR MONEY GOES FARTHER Union Building Lawrence . ,. ,jxlrwa'0.0-1.1A;x-w 4. 0r, - xh - jfiujhz , A A, LT??? :1: fr: ' I 0 .0 DRIVERS NURSES REGISTRY R A I N B o w Miss Saunders SUPER SERVICE STATION 3900 Rainbow Blvd. Kansas City, Ks. Registered and Practical 0 Standard Products Lubrication, F lushing Motors, Tire Re- : I NW 1+4: wr-r-Yrrr U'T-W "'3 '0 ' 'i h 0 ujWTTfma 't" "54:7?L4W-4- trx- 361'" a, -:: M..- pair, and Washing mechanic on duty. j PLAZA TH EATRE BLDG. Under new management now; come 1... and give us a visit with your car needs ; .iT-tJ-fzv'j' H ,1.; IITJ Days: WEstporl' 2662 Nights: LOgan 3880 Manager: Wm. P. Altenhofen 1v w'wr'v' vvvv-w'vr'vrwrv v Viv 82 LIVELY OPTICAL SERVICE VICTOR 0689 421 BRYANT BUILDING SOUTHWEST CORNER 11th ST. AND GRANDAVE. KANSAS CITY, MO. lvlvIVIV"!vIvlvlvIYVYYVVVIVIVIVYYYYIVIVIVIvIVIVIIYVI'IVIVIVIIY'IVIIIVIVI COMPLIMENTS Over 42 years of MEDICAL CENTER PRESCRIPTHIN SHOP joe Davis : : Jack Regan Builders and Fitters of Artificial Limbs and Orthopaedic Appliances Capable Prosthetic Technicians to serve your patients. HA.-144011441 1104 Grand Avenue KANSAS CITY 6, MISSOURI THE W. E. ISLE COMPANY 1121 Grand Avenue V1ctor 2350 Kansas City 6. Missouri 'lllullllllllllllllllllAIAIAILIIIIIAIALLLLIAIAIIlllulllltlllllllllllllLlAlAlAlllAlAlllllAlllllAIAIUAIIIAan-J GREB X'RAY COMPANY 1412 GRAND AVENUE KANSAS CITY 6, MO. 71w 391i in X-Ray ggutpmwl emf gmdce Regional Service KANSAS CITY OFFICE Phone VIctor 3486 R. W. HEINEN K. L. HUNTSMAN O. H. JONES L. E. STORER SPRINGFIELD, MO. 12 12 Stanford St. Phone 2-5873 CHAS. W. WEAR TULSA, OKLAHOMA 1220 So. Rockford St. Phone 2-3436 F . R. BLACK SALINA, KANSAS 9 15 W. South St. Phone 4 196 L. A. QUINLISK, Jr. WICHITA, KANSAS 169 So. Belmont Phone 62-0753 RODNEY D. SMITH OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. 104 NW 9th St. Phone 79-0541 E. C. DOBBINS L. W. HARDEN 94b Wfrfmrw y .w, 3 A M m- g1: 4 2? 631;. 3 9- ?:f E? Ki 1;. 3g. 19. 3; N m, . . 3. A A... g. v ,.. ,5 119WTIFX5$ .IJTI+W;$73L7W;. ,5, ! '.,l.;;lf1 u T7 AAAAA A.- AAAAAA AAAA-k0 A. 0 Lid L110 ' . Manufacturers 01 white suits for the Doctor and Inteme White coats, pants and shirts FRETZ BMTHERS 617 Wyandotte Kansas City, Mo. AAAAAA AAA AA...- LAA AAAAAAA 0AA...- WELLINWS Rx PHARMAGY PRESCRIPTIONS Delivered Anywhere in the City V BERNARD L. WELLING, Ph. G. 1700 W. 39th Street LO. 0067-0068 1" v i'vvw 'w' ww- 'v 7 www.- Vw Vivvivwvrvv v if 17v v '71 vvw'v va wr'v'w'v'v'r MRS. C. L. FORSTER FUNERAL HOME Leon T. Wahl, Mgr. CHAPEL SEATING 340 GRand 0336 T0 Cooperate With The Medical Profession We offer the Services of Our Own Completely Equipped Laboratory- Staffed with skilled Technicians Prescriptions Given Our Special Attention. plufa'a'and 072de 60. Ho. 0436 1017-A Gtand Ave. Kansas City 6, Mo. DREXEL 5432 KANSAS CITY MARKET CU. HOTEL, CLUB RESTAURANT Congratulations to you, who are de- voting your lives to the health and comfort of our people, and to the fine institution created and developed by your predecessors. BEEF, LAMB, VEAL AND PORK 636 Kansas Avenue KANSAS CITY 2, KANSAS V "udf-n 51:11:. .9 f . "g y .. w -i r . ,..-. u".'17 .,.+,- y, .- , $11?qu , Winn? ?JH- y A. n . fun, flan William ' 57.; ??:affff-l ,w. ;: ,, ,1 '41." t ?arwiEy , "y, J?M'Trmmtmmwm::gmio;gz;-,A AND SPECIALISTS Every physician knows that many ocular affections are un-ac- companied by pain or external redness. The complaint is usually failure of sharp vision or discomfort on using the eyes . . . . Certainly the thoughtful family physician will insist that his patients come under the care of a person qualified to recognize organic disturb- ance e- an M. D., Eye Physician. 1912 e- 1950 Always Refer Your Patients to an MD. 0. H. GERRY OPTICAL CO. Announcing Our New office in Prairie Village Professional Building Medical and Dental Center Kansas City. Mo. A..- .Q-A... A A h AAAAA AAAAA IYI'IIIVIVIII'Y'I'l'I'l'lVl'l'IVIIIVIVIVIIIVI'I' Y I VIVIVIV 'I'III'YYIV v Rx Established Since 1887 KANSAS CITY OPTICAL DISPENSARY, INC. Lenses and Supplies Gates Funeral Heme Frank May Manager T s ATE LINE AT 4m STREET Telephone VIctor 2233 Suite 521, Bryant Bldg. Kansas City, Mo. TA. 1023 v'- v'v i'rww'r "- 1""i'rti'r ." w'y ". w'pew'pewgvew'vew'vew'v w'v -'- -.- w'vnw'r "' w'rvav -" YIVIVIVYYTYYVI'I'IYY-VTYYYIVI'I'IIY'IYIYmVIVYV'YIVIVY'YVY'I'IKIVIVIVIVl'IYIYYVIVYTI'I'IYTYIVYVI'IYYYT'YYY'I': AAAAA A A A AAAlAlAAAAAAAAAlAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAJAlAlAAAAAAAAAAAAAlAlAlAlAAAAAAAAALAlAlAAAAAlAAAAAAAlAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIAAAAAAA A A AAAAAAAAAA A A A A ei'rei'r -'. v'rwwyr -'- i'v wvaw'r-t'rAv'rvv'rvv'r-v'r -'- u'v i'v w'v 87 MANUFACTURERS OF INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTUI Spencer Chemical Company's steadily expanding Jayhawk Works has become a vital part of the economic life of the Midwest. Spencer products, turned out by the ton and tankcar, provide In- dustry with better raw materials . . . assure Agriculture greater yields at lower cost. '01.? :1 V. 1 SPENCER CHEMICAL COMPANY , 1! Executive and Sales Offices: Dwight Bldg., Kansas City 6, Mo. ,' ' m x Works: Pittsburg, Kans. - Parsons, Kans. 0 Chicago, HI. ' iW111um$$rh r ll WW; El BOANOKE CLEANE BS Est. 1 92 9 3 New Management- ' I YVIYIVIVIYIVIVTYIVKIIVYYY'IVIVIIlvlvivrvrviIIVYYYVIVIIIVIVIVIVYYYVIVIIYYYY i I i l l i 3'27; ???rlx r New Cleaning Methods Porter Professional Garment Co. .A ry$ftirx G If you want Garments mode to measure , Quality work-cleaner and fitted brighter garments Come to 210 W. 8th Street 1624 West 39th HA.6929 01' Room 612 I Phone VA 9352 BVIVIVIIIVIVIVIITYI'IJYYleVIVJIIVIVIIIVIYIIIIIVIIIIIVYVIIIVIVIIlvl'11IYYYYIIVIII'IYIVI'I'YVIVTYYVYIIYIIII llllllllllljllljllllllllllllllALLIAIAIIIAIALALIIIIIIllllLllILlllllllAA If It": ALLVINPS MILK . . . it's GOOD milk fresher by 24 hours A? x H Miiiffr'h'f-flh'vx. . ., 2 x f A 1K n! y . v :4 CALL! Q70: f 'I'L , 5 4 1 2 . rW$4a5y-wwg$-.nnf.-pxg .wM-WAV4M4AMA - . .. - .. j mL' .jvf. 1,455 ' .A 5 h I A; 5 5'23'19 . Enjoy it daily from your Grocer or the Dairy GAirfax 31445 We welcome you PHILLIPS RX PHARMACY A Dependable Drug Store to Johnson Hardware JO. 1311 39th and Bell VA. 9736 Modern Drug Store Servnce Kansas City, Mo. 2223 W. 43RD KANSAS CITY, KANS. RIDE PROVER ACME TIRES LUBRICATION 8x BATTERIES - Compliments of Telephone Answering . SerVioe The "Students" Station 4020 Broadway , CITIES SERVICE VAlentine 7134 , ' PRODUCTS 39TH 81 STATE LINE Jack Taylor, Lessee yewwmmw I'm - Member of National Telephone Exchanges WHEEL V FINE :5 BALANCING ACCESSORIES P - ;; $;1 :, 3;11;24 n x22;;5;?":f+f5$;t7" CENTRAL CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC Manufacturers HosPil-al Chemicals, Surgical and U. S. P. Soaps Germicides - Sanitary Supplies Kansas City Missouri aH'm-w- h'um , - LI '2! I ND IN COLLABORATION WITH ONE OF THE FOREMOST AUTHORITIES PN YEARBOOK EDITING AND MANAGEMENT WE CAN NOW FURNISH 'OUR STAFF WITH THE LATEST MOST COMPLETE TEXTBOOK ON SCHOOL XNNUAL PRODUCTION EVER PUBLISHED-JUST ONE MORE REASON WHY BURGER-BAIRD ANNUALS ARE ALWAYS BETTER BOOKS. IHIIHEEIR IIAIIRII ESGIRAVICI: 130. x V iRAPHIII ARTS BLDG. ' ANSAS BITY, MISSOURI .;--.- gw,$,a , .,.,. Established Over 60 Years JAMES PAYNE 82 SW mm 1816 Westporl' Rd. LOgan 0436 Kansas City, Mo. C C. CALDWELL OPTICAL C0. Since 1937 one of the finest of Kansas City7s many ec- cellent optical wholesalers. Two offices for the convenience of your patients. 603 Bryant Bldg. VI. 0342 Plaza Office 4709 Central St. L0. 0787 'IYYYT'VIVI'IIIII'IV 1 III! IVIV'YYVWWYYIVI'IIIVIV V VIVI'I IIIYIVIYIVIVIVIIIVIvlleIvIIIvl'Ivvv'v yyyyvyyy "" IYIIIV Ivlv NYYY'IVI'I'I' TO THE SENIORS: Docs. its really been a treat Having you come in to eat. Go on out and hang your shingles With Best Wishes from the PRINGLES ' waJF-v'firfj??.u.2"?W?Iflfat'ummmmg. -. . - ' '- 1'., 7L H.;- n e. '5;ng n ' f V e- , A 7 ' 4r . , 1:,erfif71rill3f; ' L715 HIE; 2 7m: S. PATTI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Contractors We are proud to have had a part in the University of Kansas Medical School expansion program. w m.F F - f"" xAh A fu- m-k BURNETT MEAT CO. Purveyors to Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions Since 1882 1808 Main Vlctor 6911 Kansas City. Ho. PETERSIDNE TEXAClI SERVICE 1200 Westport Road VA 9810 MOTOR REPAIRS-ROAD SERVICE LET US RUST-PROOF AND UNDERCOAT YOUR CAR KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI MASSENGILL PHARMAGEIITIOALS Popular new Preparations SALCEDROX Wablety Sodium Salicylote Aluminum Hydroxide, Gel Calcium Ascorbote Calcium Carbonate VRheumotic fev'er theropw SEDACOF CPx $yrum Codeine Phosphate Sodium Citrate Ammonium Chloride Ephedrine Hydrochloride Antimony 8 Potassium Tartrate ' Pilocarpine Hydrochloride Expectoront and Sedotivey PASEM SODIUM Wopsule9 Sodium Paro-aminosalicylate Undicated in treatment of tuberculosis infectiom DASIKON Kopsule9 Semikon Anti-histamine Caffeine - Aspirin Acetophenefidin Atropine Sulfate A treatment for cold9 SEMVITA Drop9 Vitamins A, D, 81, 82, Be, C Nicotinomide Aqueous, water solubla THE S. E. MASSENGILL COMPANY BRISTOL, TENN.-VA. KANSAS CITY NEW YORK SAN FRANCISCO . vi - 1 1" F Trrn ITZT: 49W "?IAV'HINJESIJLAJ ,4.;,-4;-,3 '91:, a - . . , .' WWMWWm 13 .h. YOU CAN'T BUY FRESHER Eccfzgtgl;u;;;;l -; l -A ,, A l r M1 ; Because Holsum is . Guaranteed Fresh 60mm of HARRY ABRAMS ' PRESCRIPTIONS THE TWIN CITY Physicians Supplies Biologicals STATE BANK 829 North 7th Kansas City, Kansas DRexel 0705 43RD 6. STATE LINE KANSAS CITY. KANSAS OVER THE COUNTER OR OVER THE PHONE YOU ARE SURE OF FINE QUALITY, PROMPT SERVICE AND LOW PRICES. SH ERMAN J. GRIMES ASSOCIATED GROCERY 1719 WEST 39th VA. 1 000 KANSAS CITY, MO. 4 ?WWWVW Typewriter and adding machine rental and repair. School books - Stationery and office supplies C. F. FIDDLER Representing THE DOUGHERTY STATIONERY cot; DR.0161 KANSAS TYPEWRiTER EXCHANGE, INC. DR.3282 7th and Armstrong Kansas City, Kansas V'VYVVVIV'VIV v I lIlY vl'r'lv' 'VVIVIVVVIVIVVVH VVV'IYI HI n VV IV VVl tlze .Zeotg, fwd? o Monocular and VIVIVVVIVIVVVVVVV IV VVIV " YVVVIV o binocular microscopes , o Ieica cameras Known to scientists through- out the world for the ex- cellence of its optical and mechanical construction 4aumf at in fewence yaw; feted 44anclu'dec! Jedea 7107 MGM IVIIIIIITYIVIVIVII111111;v VIIIVI1IV V IIllv IVIY AlllAlllAlAlllllAlllth AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA lll AAAAAAAAA l AAAAAAAAAAAAA lAlLl u 4 Wnrinpu: Wa'rffmf t , 44.1.; .11n'lrlr4fvhra 3:132, my; 4 "' 4'4 'w; t M ..:,-x F I4 A ' r 3 '4 4AA. ' V 1. , . -- .. .MJ k . - i; 1+ mwwwmwima, "3', JAllmm'mmumnmxmmmu V ' K HH'WWNNHNW BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY KANSAS CITYVCOCA-COLA BOTTLING co. Coke : Coca-Cola Coca-Cola and its abbreviation Coke are the registered trade- marks which distinguish the prod- uct of The Coca-Cola Company. I946 The C-C Co. 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I hope to always merit the confidence and friendship that has been shown to me in my past twenty years of association with the Graduates, Students, and Members of the Staff at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Sincerely yours, 4. 5. MW A. E. Riley Life Member Million Dollar Club 4.0. f nexr t m rthitw 3:53;? i'w n gt , 7v - .. 7 . exafgrgwm ,4 rim 1.1-". r a. -14, A.CF W I 7, in'llh 4 Ir... 4: 'Vv' :5! h i .;:$335w,zm. k .. . a '7 mg L A rymw Mr O , mam? ,1; 9 -:.'1h :3" 4 HIM? 5' '" ,,. pr; M 5, F". .n a uh"; th 05' ,.,.. :' 'r'il'sft' x t I J: deu m- ' 'f 9...a.,.- Nrk xxx xxxxxkxxmkka xx If n. ,, 5x1. . :xx Envixx xxxx X fv'ft 93963,! . ASP w: ll? a-awvieur wavA-uV-wb 8' .-, v -i-ra... :4Wuwxa-a- As -.-a'. ar' 1 ya -- ' .1542; V,g.r.v..t -o-t. . .u u M A. ., vbu'y-vga wavy 3.3 ; m e . . g ' . wn o ' w wa- x; Nix. Q33. :5: m : kw. . . d ,, ' F 3 $1 , 119$. 'r . . 3.1- v Yvatiw. '5. .V' Q; Q I V . 1athNv-, M vi----u ,-.1.;.1:1.,.1,,! 2; ' . 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