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 - Class of 1968

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K i 1968 Hawkeye Published by Student Publications, Inc. The University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. 77th Edition Volume 77. Editor, Fran Hermanson, Business Manager, Steve Seymour, Chief Photographer, Doug Minney. ,il . Q f, University Life, page 4, Academics, 58, Student Activities, 206 Athletics, 2785 Greek Life, 310, Residences, 390i Q. f x fx l , gln L 3:35 K 55112 'ik 155 ?ffiEE' fig 552 F WE HAD AN AFFAIR if 5 'im LW 12, if :ij . ,wx K , ,, X . M my f f W 4 md: . . . WITH IOWA To stop, to look, to listen and learn. To be alone, yet togetlaer. To fit. Not only into the easy, tireless routine of endless weeks, lnut into tlae hasty buzzing noise of an active University. Time and people work as one to make tloings fit, to give tlaem meaning. Crowds gatloer, yet indi- viduals leave. Qoing and coming, all are separately alike. Jlll live and love, and cruelly loate. fl single slaadow follows all yet becomes an individual in tlae liglat, darkness loides the differences found. 'We have come, and fit, now we are one. A K I Wfswvlm. ,, I K Wu . fllone. Not lonely, lam' alone. Crowds Swarm, voices boom, a single musical note fills tlae veil llml Separates tlye lonely from llve alone f ,nw .Q ,f XE. M. 'f WX WA J' 'WJ Qi I iv 4 S I ,A Lf p A 3 '4 ,Ag ff :XA 5 lf! .fm if ,., ,K- ?NA Wm , 51? Q ,,,Wf,s,. figs? HQO fortlf in crowals, in loneliness is danger." Do not fear tloe mass, but join it. from its earliest glow great tlnings lyappen. Qreat people enjoin great icleas. Qreat people do great tloings. .1 Y 9 W 259 5 A .. "",f'in rg,, ?r m9Q1,jf" "",v xL,, . ,W ,,,. .3-PQ,,nsg,.fgw,x mrs. ai W E K aw,,,? f MV, --f ,' XLfcw AA' ,Nxvf,X 1 ,M , Q ge j,uz,sn L'-.4 3 fa' 4 f A , . , ,A ' A i 'wwuw up 0 ,. , --, x . ..--.,,l.Ax--', M. Q NM 0 . .4 if g S if x.?iA'i.x1 " ,QQ 'W' Ax .. , 'f Y Qin 'iQ:"o'Ng -1 -'it WSW' iw' wer? W 21,3-'-: ...."' "WE E-1'fP2 f1-"?1g.f-ilRf.u 2?--Q. I ' 1-,iw m . ,1 . 153, 3' ,T '."'-,i.442Q'l Qf2adQ4af9?f7?i0'i'l.ff' wt5.'f,'.p.Xu5gk- , , S' ' 'iN . M H.-f??.' yi" ,.,r,ar- wi 111-s'l5'?,g pp .fn,ggvf25,f'v' M-4 'sw 41-."',. -.mfr he 4 swf.. 'gf fam-g, f , .sw me M -m'-'X' W.-2' .K'f!4,,.f QY' a'!j'i gf, "Q"5",.e .,,'gv'3xi"ftfi"1s.".'f-j..Nqf" "YP N , Q, ,, , 'g'-swf: AN :K '2,Kx. ',:awu.Mn. .fd ' ,I 'arg' xfjhi I..-:H--g'g,W, - ,k 'lf 'fx , N 'CJ kxglff-Aq"5.,f asf.: an , IA3,4Aw.14. Eff'-Ls,gsq'5 ' L 44. ' -'Q TQ.-Q1 Qi NA". .,Az'Q1, . 5g9lg"f'-'5 V ,'- Q f'f,,,V-'R'.'x5f,, W "wr H 95+ 'aff QQ ' Q. 1' 7,ll'A-: fx-1 2 g S+- 'ww ' m."f+fw,'., f 4 ' ' ,Qixjfa lm A .ff it A 3 rex swf. W: . dat. LE' .'5'v.Q:f, ! ff ,ing if Ny.: in ,f. VJ- fx 31,411 , ,4L3.f,h,.. Q s!"f,,'f" gh fA1f,'.f'O,5,5,-' 1, is ,j Q ' 3 . 4 4 . , - I 1 .' . 'I . 1.2 ,f , .1 -V . 'ft' H.. 4 I .'as .ip QQ, f,, Q 'fI1'Lxg,.'1i gtrm A, K l ,,.,4k.aM 3, 9 ,QI an '- xwyg- -.90 40 ,V f I ur: ,Q n qngqxflk 0 1,5 ,A - N V 1' .' , - c 4 ' xx ,M , n f H . . ,ES Xa, .x..g,f ,Q ,,,. 'IQ' .,., han. nf, 1 y ,wi-Y ,nw ' :' 1.85 c..!v'2M5. 9, 5459 ' '. 'f r . " - " . ' v A, af , -"1 - A' vig, ' X" ' mmf, f ' w Qi' -X Q P 3 ' U :As V , if ,z- , s E f ' S . X. ,,..w1uzw-1w'4 ' Qwi Q .A nfl, A i "Cask k ,Q JWN ' 45125153 y,,.ff,Z-1. ,M iff! fiif'5. .ff if I-if ..1 3' - I S' 'S K. 4- o 0 W .NL 81.3. ,ji 1 -1 b f. . .': 55 Q ,U . o 1-ffl VX ..'k 5' X s 3, Ak 2 4 Q, at Q. ii. ua. 3 ,s W 1, 8 , M Fa :king sri -f ,,.-'ffffff . .gi . if, 14 9 5 ' ' Gisli? Q A '1lfi?11'.,.2f '."Iv," 'V 'L 55' 4 Q4 - f A :A . . 4' 2' 7 3 -,J xt.. ig . , - 5 1 33' ,J I 1' sf-1 A? .I , 1 -f ? .ff 2 ffd ?'i if E wtf ' m F. f J -'f-sg, Q' NY I 51' .ig W. 3 -' .K ' , ,',-1131 Aipfxy ' 'X .av- N-H if ,fir-if H,,.- y f' v. J-.O N- Ju st 1 ,nga , fy ymqvl Q A6 y mp ,., 5, 5 . ' ,. y . uf., '- X A 0 1 . M . ff. ' rl f 9 V gf 'E:'Gj.: ' K A15 YQ QHQY .puilwan '- NJ. ' Qi-J' '. ' W , x. ,, , ' , ww A 4 .L .,. . 1 - w ' ,' V".-pL,,Qh-W-N'7Q', .0- ' 'vvffmw 1W,f5f.A , - WCB Q ,,f:9.- I ax X- 'R LJ.. . , - ,. 1 A -P 2- I 4, 'W' M' . ,xr -ff:-' Kr, , -,., V. .gpm-ff.:-wt-f-.1d"..1,:'f. bf - Q - fur' ' !..L"'1""l nf . . , . V' .S 1 -, ' -'iv' K K x ' v' ., 1 . 'ff,, V'-. f,., ,, M 4' l D " Q.: ,fi-V4 ","f-n ,s,' 51412 jx lg. til" ,ff -gifg Eff, 'V W. ab-:IMI S.. fra' + '11, 2., 1 1 ,vlffqif .,f5..7f.aAi--fy4l',I,efeAGf?--.Q 4 .c,,5"'f.':,i' giivy '.iA 4 '+ 4 'Qt Q g.,-55453 Vgaffyf 1-.q,ffA:,, 04 .f , 'ql"'2"':" I.. '9,.:':'p-5' Tgftslfil 'Q "ff':"v:5 ' n' ' v.' . NX g!.',.4cK,:s3M',, .xr-w07V..Lu',2,,Q.,,, , ,111 -A .3 .m ,345 yqfydlkgxyqxi,-bg f,- 5, 5,1- -',w N5 5 .Ar 'Q A.. W U di Y 1' Qfff- 2 CIN "'waiw'.1, f dj- Lf Q 1.-f L--... f-.. 4 Q' 4 - IAM ,B A.g , w,l:dJ.L1! ' ,. ' "'- 'N X ' A , -9 in As .X--M up ?fL,,,:,,?y4L"'?"n'M ,f P philip 4 xxx. 4 A qv' W1 H, ,v,.,.., W ' v an M -' v 4, ' Q , ....:..!:--A W 54, 'Evil , , ,K K" 2 M' .Vit nl?"-V' 1 fi 59a f 4 W . Q 'L -0 . f ,. .a ' . gm . V, .Q J . X W.. Excitement is a word iii Search of an outlet fl single act, u gesture, ci crowded auditorium eueryiuiaere, cmywiyere excitement shows. Excitement is a part of life. g , ... if A., sf .J vi ,..jE2,i w ala ye' , 1, . V-bf: " x S . '?,.'k N 4 X1 A 9 1 L Nia K in "' Q4 x 1 Et ' 'en n , .ik 'Rx VX 1 ffifllb. ff I ' K .2 W- , Y ,xy , f' 'gy f"' "4i 'gi ,Ru -2 MK3g'yi,,,i A x ,idx is F ,gf fq 32' 'fag af' QZQYE f' ,J rp Q ':'?"4"93!f N""2'+"'5 'V'if1'ii . M W 'FQ ff, Gg, -ff -, QQ mf, qgwqw, 2 X .X 3,2 Q-,J K, Jig, 5 ' xwxgv - ,gt . 'wx M- H 3 ff W it f ff?-'33, qi: .,.-, -,W 1, f 1 1 , . A 5,1W:73'k Els? ., ,cjxxln Ap ,Q 2' Y, Av' ,fr fl ' "-' Kif, ' Q if f f ' 'sf ' A., 2.24 KK " ", " . ,gi - f if J ' L kiwi ,ig A,MVN1ii.7'2gg1'1,s'v Q ' 32,3 9-gg? nr:Y:?N.v'i,:f'x, 4 i,'b:,iiw Q' R, iwf' N ' N WMS 'I' ' A A 7 'H , 'E 'Q' ' wa gy, W K ffpw 3 f..g,i gf," -145 Y' wgyf Q . Qt ii., g nl' "5 wxff myk W 'Q' einwi, gg 'f :Sz " flex ' x 4, QQfVf,2i'f3 X xz 1 L, ,M x f '4' 1 f -1-,rr 9. ' X V s Q . ,Q -mm-g -fl", f 1 f .M x""'W.'1,, Lrg- :'4f:f3'Z-'xx W4 5 Q A 75-'v vfwffw' 'M f',,Qfiif'f?Ef"' ,A f . A f Jw W Q f ,. ff , '-', Maw f'H.., H' 'ff 'QTQW' bfi ' Sri Jfifi Q 5 ,, M.. V aw as M,-my K , ', 5 Q' , K - Q V if - i ' 41. i 3244 r ,fs K ,awe 437' - . .Q fs .f x ,, Mg ., , , . , ' 'y - " 'g ' W 'QA fiffijv ' ,--Q , gy , ig As uf V' ,.-W 1 'ri G. Q , gf ,, . Q ,y k 1 ll, '?',, 7 gi we fl bf V. ' ' -iii' V 3 ,, V. ? 'g 'agfjw , W .iw ., 6,8 ,, , g"fQwf: - K . f 1 I - 1 . wx . . ,tvV'f' W,1kA QM' Y f 3 gf V -My e -3 'VJ A 1 lf' 5 3 ag 1 kay Q VF," -f':rTgf M, .I ., A W . , ,, f-Wi' iff?" ,Q gzf' 'Y fy K ,, -'K w W 'W 'Fw l wE5?TW,: 1 U' 1. if L . '48 , . 1 r 'A ' Jhw- W XP Qu A A lv" an F3759-zu? A 4 - f-f ' A YF ff "ff V fw:?afi5 ff-'fa if wfs"ff'1,i X Hf,fff?5gfg5Xlfx4e3i,gi-9351 X 131 f ' 1 . ' 3 'g',,,"' -vfgfififf 4' W 5 7 i n 3,gEy,,vsfQ?V. , :ight N Q 6, V . .A .Q ,W W Q , Wg 41 ' . ' ' ' ,, ' lei! ,K WM ,, 4 .2 Q University Life g 9 an sv sg .f The University, a pattern of students Clouds float through the sky, sidewalks line the streets, seats fill an auditorium--all in patterns. All with a special clarity, a special meaning. Patterns fit into life, give life an added meaning. Stu- dents fit into the University, they are its essence. Patterns are ev- erywhere-they donit confine themselves to certain areas. They perpetuate thought. They create ideas. Patterns vary and they change, but they never end. Umbrellas blossom during a spring rain. ,M X J win Q-.N na: Z.2T.LL:,' M- --:M L'ff,.2::::r' 1' W W. """ .. . ,.a..1...fJ7fZZ7::j"'?'f+kw5id5?2f?Z'N 1 2-aw ., f5if1fwgfrvf4:::::::Qiffgrrarsgszzz ,, "N1-iv",'v'f+mgfg'gff14f::fg -W " "'m-ww.:::.::1f:::wffJi.f5ff?' 537531, ..,...,..... 4 Aj" M , '- --W-M ,Y-,f 1...,,, .....,,::-:"":'h"-- MZ- ffm W-A - kv- dmflgw,-9 -yLg5a?p5.v "' K ww., M, ,.,, N-f-vm.. W., ,ggisqggrmwzgsaz 5 -N--...ww m5Qii?!3 S'5iHil2"2ZQfIi?f'2Qf25?fEEf."!i' ,M ' .W .,.,.,......,,...,,,g,, f- , ' A - -.ww , Yjgitrzw-,.., ,, 1 if . :z.5M:.Q ,zgih W' ,- " if 4... ..,2is"""H'1ffQf,,.,E,,?:gh,g,3,f-3dgf'v,,y.T'm"' W . ,...............,...v,,,,,n,.x.,.g.1iz,:X:w:,g::.4 ...,...,..,., .....,. ' -f L. ,. M"'w"'-- A A4,,. ,Q ,,..w.,.n. .. .. ,,,.. A. , mrs' 5, u..ff5'-,1.,w,g,,'k- -'MENS -- masses: .. Q , , M 4,..,,,,.,.,,, ,,. . .,,.:. , ,.., ,, . ,,., 5551 71121 I ' .::ff'rr:r1 1' 'W W: ,m,,.,h......,.-W,...,,..1.,w.m.N M.V., , A N fi A- V .::::.W::..q..,' V V ' ,Ng. ,., 4 , 51961.-.,,f-asf, - l 1 wkrglilnlwtiit - lit Q U .M , - we , .,..+.. n- ' KAW A M. dwww Nagin. - -V-n4wi1m.':4sx1::sa.':S""5'..L,"J"-LT?f'N',1 nm' W W-.M-.www M w 4 T an fx. MH,U,,,,x,,, , 1 4 1 ww 'll .xy A ,gg M52 pfdifs - M, ' 'E . , if ..- 3 V , 11 ' , rw Q , 5 Mm. -:A mama Mdk'wMW,,,,,,fm-mn-MW-V '- l U -'T 4 if W We ff. f 5 ' W Q46 1 - L A vu . Tensions mouni' as ruslwers awaH+l'1e arrive? of Jrheir new sislrers is ,i g , , i 'gs Y- : MH M,kk A welcome +o the University, sorority style. The icy oi belonging. Rush, an introduction to University life The year begins, and rush may be its symbol. New Coeds meet the University for the first time during a hectic week of parties and polite conversation, Through the whirl of emotions and seemingly blind decisions, zipprebensions mount. The reward is at sense of belonging, a houseful of sistersha dramatic intro- duction to University life. I Q u Q l i 45 . h x 4 S , , k,,. g i QQ V' i Q X Q R E e X 4 e firsf sfep rc Uodfi -"' 'lt - - ' - 1 w + 1 ' if aff' 'UMW You're lucky to Come It you come out of the Fieldhouse alive on registration days. you've got it made for the rest of the semester-or so it often seems. It takes cunning patience, strength and a streak of down- right unconcern for your fellow students to get you through. Lines at mile long in front ot that class youive got to take, filled sections, mislaid advisers. impossible schedules and a 7:30 class are all a part. But you tinally step out of the door into pouring ruin. and a new semester begins. Then comes an encounter with long lines and closed sections. out of it alive it ll' Bui' advisers and at instructors are hetptul. They rnalce the system work. mgiamffwfml Qsiixigag? 'S N if A: . , V,g, gk , sri, r-,sae : so --2 f' s ' AL" gr.. ,L., 45" i . l:it4,m,19 Homecoming spirit' grows as floats near completion. Homecoming unites old, new students A cold, damp night . . . lights glare, bands play, masses line the streets . . . the parade passes. The rally . . . standing on icy ground . . . Heidi Keir . . . yellow and black-clad cheerleaders on Old Cap's steps . . . You feel like a part of the University. A sunny, crisp afternoon . . . football hopes disappointed . . . en- thusiasm undaunted. A burning monument . . . warmth among friends you don't know . . . HOMECOMING. 7 wb 4' .1 .-ff!-X' H-wngwmmm XX ,A . 2 ff' ,Mew X -S 34 . 1f,s5d,f,.mw yy ,N .. , t. M., , si ir QW133 fgiff K 2 M W S' Q' R mags ig? if lid: .. W. Q ' Q . W fx, ex ,W wwf fJ, :4gg, .,,QV it k Yrdiivixf w x is Sm , T :Xa f L , X af ' 2 5 9 . ..,. 55, P2 ',fsg,giwf . ,kk mash Marine recruiters are 'target of protest "And protest. only a bubble in the molten mass. pops and sighs out. and the mass hardens" and the protests Continue. Protesting is not new-nor will it ever be old. From dawn to dusk of every day. someone complains. argues or dissents. Theres a protest of sort in nearly every happening. Blood spills. voices jeer, and still it goes on. sm M,,apurw,,,,,,,,,m W., weep? if Q 'WHHHHM Mace foils proiesiors' iif9VYlQlS 'o break 7't'o 'he Business and Industrial Plaeerneni Orlice wnere Dew rfzsrcseaifaives wgfg reeruillrn on December 5. 25 Lee Weingracl pours blood on flue Union sleps, Tlwis acflon was an aflempl by proleslors fo remind Dow inlerviewees of +l'1e blood spilled in Vielnam. On November I prolesiors clemonslraled aqafnsl' Marine recrullers on campus. The long arms of flwe law. 2nd protest sparked b Dow recruiters Protest is a part of life, whatever part it may be. lt is not un- American, it is not un-patriotic. To censor protest is to censor life. To censor life is to die. And the dead bring back memories. Then the protest starts again. It doesn't stop because someone says stop, it never will. Not everyone condones protesting. not everyone condemns it. While one person holds a protest sign. another protests the protcstor. lt never ends. lt never will. Per' haps it never should. The balcony seats were Filled at both the November and the December deworstretions. . , MM ,JAWWM-V, ' if 'LHQ ,, 7 ' Q The fesull of One 5lUd9fl'flS CfGf3llVllV- The mind and hands of an artist tree ideas onto canvas. will to create, a desire to free an idea 5 A state of mind, a passing thought, a molded being-creativity is A will to create, a desire to free an idea, to leave a message with history-this is creativity. lt doesnlt linger in the classroom or the workshop, it belongs to the people and lives with them. lt doesn't remain behind when the person ventures out-it follows. remains with him, eggs him on, urges him to do, to he. 'if - ,fy . xr HN A g. x Q:- ' wiv . .,., ,XM , Dick Gregory Mohammed Ali S k b ' 'cl t University: a forum for ideas. Speakers bring new ideas to campus and reinforce ideas already present. Iowa was with it . . . the speakers were indicative of the year. Black power, liber- alized republicanism, free expression all came. Students listened. l Iowa was appalled. But we learned more about the world. ks 1 Q ff' Mx gn R x Q .N g . 21 1 ,V 3 'w i fi . si L 4 L i 'ff 2,595 K 1 SZ J G ia 5 ,if 7-S ,P , J ef Ji' T, 2, fa" Q9 Y , , ax xx- W L, . , M S sw' V W 5 VM! reef fr :KW ,.,,, L ima. gp ,rm V W SM. V MW ,E,,,X..v,,w MQ? ,I.,,w.Mt ,V bmw 'Ewing .V ,ess-,-M ff' K LLM W . -- 4- MM., ry9,ga1 - K AW ,, I A M, time . ,ffm-W-H , r y fwevw. ,ymwimvm .mf K " ' 2,2-if-mi , if W, ,sy :www i9""'t . Pa++e-rned and iishne+ hose comoiimertod wir!-'-iii-lf. Men made the scene with tofeaeeis it was a very good year for legs 0 .. "New things succeed, as former things grow oldf' then in turn grow old themselves. Nothing remains forever without change. Every so often a change is necessary, a change is made. A fresh idea adds force-gives life. It produces a new, exciting atmos- phere that in turn carries the movement further. And then it happens. This new, exciting creation becomes trite and staid. It becomes weak by imitation, and a change is necessary again, " "1. . -1 Ma-alfa:-Hiatt Legs were The affenfion qeffe-rs In '68, G11-Ns' were bared and mais, pmfe med. , 2:2 ..,i5a4 E ,W Q , 5 Xe f . ' 1 , Vx a Q . ' ,-5:21 gy f . FQ, , ' A Y' ' , 1'i'f'59"Q, ff ' HM' " K uw... R :.- ' K . , V1.1 U Q jug :N ,.L s:?f:x1: if f. ww 5, f ,Q gi- ., - kjyxl . ' , .- NJIT 1 -' - Sw To lose the hours ol stud -filled days There has to be a place to go. A bar? A quiet or Crowd-filled room. Some place to forget or remember. To lose the hours of study-filled days. To find others-to make your life a life. To drown the sorrow or to float the joys. A place to be. to run to JDE' M65 'S ':'l-Ac.-1 ome on, l'll buy you el loeer el Joe's.'l lr could only be unapproved loouslmq e llncling of lhe MFCCA slohe Cells lor ff celebraoorf el Doc s. 96 'HQ Q mv' YI fini .nk gf I' lowa's queens, Crowned and unerovvned "Say not of Beauty she is good. or aught but beautiful." Beauty grows on a person. grows to envelop others. to lend happiness. You need not know herg you need only see her passing by. Beauty lingers in a smile. a eloud. a crumbling house. lt is, it Cannot be manufactured. D-.8SQ'2 M-1-,ta M" rs :ww M Qi' www, Jw-ws Q. Q si'??eg ,. . AM. A 4?g5m .wma Sguf A9 Aigtwgsm gil y, , f . 5if??+g4V' uf A W. f 'W fgffyfissf w af 2 - W . -Q-, fhfff, I N f 2, 'E 9' new A 5 iw WL ,f difsiffikg fgggyiaiaiffs lk ,gf Q 'R -fiE, "'?'f, 1i',': S,4fy,a f 54 , My , - - ,-5. T92 , ' 5? W1ffy5,5iS3i'gw M3126 sgiQg1sf5ggfi52i1ff sQ. ik 'fi Q, E35 Y , Af Q5 '-fwwgg as Q, ,fgif Z' vis .4 w Q ,,gfff ffww A Mzfiaf . Q S1 'SQ 5 ,if .slim "Q53ff"f2 wi' 3 .:"'1Z,3wf?f?'6k 1?-1w4ivff"jgE?M1fff+,'f 'SY - . w ""1"'f9!1r wb W4,3f""k, 555 Ygkmq Y.: ,S 5 ref , mf wlli 1,fmgwf1:,:1': . 'W V fgiS73'i"?-W'g?'5"Q, .X P 'W , H 2 294 , f 2"i'Wf5ff?gfd 'W v .M 4 . QS A - A . ,f H ly 'QE :lim t!9fW,Qf5fQf, aged' " 'Y rg, f W 5 a f .iwzwlm XX, X KS X f ': g5f3555,w ' 'Q ' Em fi? ,1 wiM1L:wsv'!.BisNf1Q'WX Q X W' 'nw '55 ' 'Z "if,::3f5, ' ist" .f, 'W' K ff" x ' A 'ff Q S 1 ' 3 2 ' Aww 'rsh' ' ' . ' yf' 'GSW 'swgfff A'w,1"?3fi23f"H fiaws? 515' gg g?11'3"? V? :FQ ' E ,gfginjisfg 3 Qwgislsf 'gf 43 59643 ffggifiwigfwigw gkg gp A f WF Q-iw 'X zzzi gm . 1, 'ff 'A A , ' , -. x . 223 Rf xx G wiv f ,Qui wih fzfw ww- wif - 5773 ,,,, ffyff 4333 gs- f-gf QQ .jf H'11?ig,fK4??,f,?M , 11 ?iW."1" " fQ'- jg ,.., -'A-E f 3 j ' if . fl f I W " SH' "j"?If. Y ,Q ' J .W , "' 3943 fr , Y sw, -' ' T1 , E fi K s , Sfiifnigqfzgfif Egg iff! plfvvp Q. g fgigrgfff 4 fe? ,gf if M 33,,4.,em , ki.. 1 5, if ,' 445' Ei 5 f fi? , , wif X if ii va" , f Q' Q 2:2f"5f2,g5'T2i,,, 1 , 4'fifi12+f?gg3Qf H 535 EQLEL' W? 4,.QQfBg '9 S' W5 kr?-, F. 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Q ,Q :J-.4-1 1, ' ,, qi .w,,3ggg,fqa ,gif Q ggi? ,am asf' 2:3 .9 , ' 'Eff B1 at ,955 fl 1 5 .e ,V Ka gay . fn .L 1 ' ,- X-,gk ' ff- f View f"..f.4 W ,Q 'Q i 1 i if i, fy , .ff Y J,3g.,t l A gg 3-Q, I j 7 4 2 I, K' Dtfi. 9 1 1 ' ' f S W, , V In the warmth ofthe hand lies assurance In the warmth of the hand lies the assurance that all is not use- less, that there is a meaning for being. Love is not sensual, though it can be. Love is being together, knowing someone cares. Love is a couple walking slowly, standing, or sitting. A nod, a smile, an extra friend, Love isn't selfish, but sometimes it's jealous. Love is born and grows, but never dies. Death brings only memories, not an end to love. Love is love--it is not always being 'ginl' love. The Iowa River draws siudents to its banks En earl-,f sprirwq. Je is Wg, . ,A ww- . -vf4 f- 1 V xi 3 MW4 my 1 QL' V 3' 'Q ,ff ' K' Sggrk x ,X '.,4fe1p Msge.l,,12feQ gg -:fav gif W-V X ' M Y w .1-'...A ',wW'N av 2 "f-is 4 Jw fyip, gogff' . 1' , A l,3 my- ",.i4LK Q5 . J M"', gwf' X V ,, , -F f.. M,'xJ.y-N-n'yvfA A4 .-by 39' v4 any ff' V f gy"",z-ss., .pf 1 2. ",,:i' 3 Q , " s- fy "' . f ' f'V' s+5gi1"'3" ,fl wr '-L "' aw ' f .1-13, 3?gM'f,,,gv , rvf,Q2'8rfy'ff' ,K g - . -'32 5 ,V N .fn ,wx , Nw ,Y-Xfz Y Q wiv , , 1" 5-,-3852? ,,.+rfw,S, - A, ,. ' - . ,f ,, pf.: , 7- -e :gi,,. Q- ,, A' y Q?' L'1'Q,, ' -if 1 'i?fQ-if 1 'Lai' X" J"w7'kff' 'Q if Y. -39 L, XMQ- f"m'N"4fff,ffi f 'ft , -+V 'V A - Q 1 ff .Riff W., , K Iggy, 5' L- '- - ,ix A Qisififs 5: 6. . A : 4 asv if 'V-F W . , .am J , - 35.15-?"Yii'1'f17 1' mf .IR -- s 4, ,rf y 5, . Q . 4 ' .., , f, .qv--.y- V: ,ft4'4'1'4'K'9, M newgggsaf ,ig g,Y:.,.g,i Qty , 'ff' V . W- ' M Z fx, - X ,, , .U WM? , , . I , I 4 ., , 5 f K fd ., I u-izigviflik vrglyfyfyfp '+ip.1"' -' WU A 'bf .xg . Q, K -3 V i ...f a gf!-vw' z ,,.- I, z f- fl' f s Wa N L?'i. ff r The weather sets the mood of the da We live within the day, the weather sets the mood. Autumn is a tone in gold and mellow red-a day for slow walks, a day to savor. Winter is a brisker pace, or perhaps a trudge through banks of drifted sidewalks. We walk through summer's rain, avoiding arcs of wet driven up by passing carsg umbrellas blos- som. But spring is, well, spring. A day for a riverbank or study under new-leafed trees. Or, perhaps, just a time to sit or wander -to watch creation grow anew. The enchantment of e trosty rnorninq lessens the pain ot 7:30 classes. ,rr- f' , .1 'L V .ga , Wi? 5. ig 1,2 ,W i 2 1 ,tt W For a few weeks each year the iowa River ioins, rather than divides, the ea Aan ' W 'Q ki' st and west campuses. A ,R x 7' K ' 1-2 ,V i' Q ., ', ' , 12" 3 X :xwy A :' 'Ik 4. , 4 . fr' Q' ' 1 ' . af s ' ' iq-tvs,-Reggae... tg ' ff A X ., ' , ' K ' 'WN , Age. Waemet - ' "ffl f I 1 - 55. -5i"a1f..Am, ' " H ff!-sig' , A ' -rife L. grae V - r - , M 1-, K New ' K' M ., F . .. V W. 4 ' -9 u -t .yy th.. 'fr rf 'Q Q., - -4 ,Lf 1 ta. me Q 51 2- f,,, J ..' W 45 ,Y - -y T . ,wflf fp FW. tif 7 K Y -1. , ,f .t M sw f ,A 7 'LM W fr .."" Q V-W mi 'env Nfrm :fix 5,1-K Q X ff- 9 . 1 :Q 6 ' " rs., -5' -L N 'W' 7' no 4 Q 5 -.f f. - 0 if Q -if . in 3 n. A 's 1 nu- fm., , wg V 5' if L Q, an M- we ou' it ' K MM W ei! gg 4, -if I I We tt.. W ' Y W, fe' W N ,f si '- , -.. it gf "ex J Q 'fr ' X "f, 'ik' V 4 'rf , .1139 y 'tl -ln. 3 W , ,W .,, , fy. at , 5- fi , W ts Vg, "5 W ' 3-1 .,4s.... Wg, :,, W m m Q4 .5 . 42 . P1 . ,gk , 52 M CE T Lw',L ' - w .Q i h L1 5QS3 F The Universify aifempfs +0 minimize We Traffic problem 4, 3 5 WMU X wwf, ' 1'-55'fV" 3 , w. A Xian 2 x PARKING ANY rms yfzsj '. -5, -1 if' 5 Siqrus, signs'--V see We sl State Umversufg of Iowa PHYSICAL PLANT 4Q A sfudenf encoun+ers University Pxpar 5 or e know it's for our own good . .. We tell ourselves that quite often. However, on certain days wc lose all patience. The University defeats us: an empty faculty lot when we've got Student Stickersg a hooded parking meter in the ramp when all the other spots are takeng an expanse of mud that yesterday was a sidewalkg and we grow attached to our student numbers, then they give us a new one. We know it's for our own good. but tomorrow morning when we can't Hnd a parking place and have forgotten our social security numbers. weill wonder. A consfanf reminder from Uncle Sa Learn more abou! Your W-WMM. .. Tama an booklet home Rm 204 PO Building Q ar-nan mates. iowa Students seek to make their impact felt Theres something l've got to say. A Point I must put across before I leave. It must be done or I will be the less for not hav- ing said it. and the University will be less for not having heard. I can go about it in many ways-with yellow paint upon a wall, within the spring election channels, or as a concerned part of a larger movement. Perhaps demonstrations are the only answer. And then again the message may become lost within the crying. It doesn't matter. It must be said, and I must say it. Carl Varner, who won the otlice ol student body Dresideni, was the Candidate Ken Wessels, l-lawlce-ve Student Party candidate tor ol the newly-lormecl Students tor Responsible Action lSl2Al party. student body president, speaks at as debate in Shambauoh Auditorium. Rejoice in yellow udrf . mu Campus elecfions are Mc frfaomofmz w.: 'cr stuizens 'Q evpmeii T!'wexr'cpur1cv campus assyes. The "in" way fo iyef QQEM 'limes Joi" +Prcu":H df-mf.vmw'3::"3. D F Kirin' WY 'uv Q: " as ww' 2 mx , 1 1. ap: . 1' is ex J 3 'Af Q' at -fag, e lsil . i - I - . Q A , as . , , .. , ?,.1. . ie , . 'l . ,auf , ll' could be either despair or exhaustion. Bofh may come with final week. Last-minule cramming man make the dihlerenee, Final week marks end of eaeh semester Final Week-a time out from life. The beginning of the end- or maybe just the end. The final performance becomes the only point to tie to. The sun comes up before youlve finished the text. Moments of last-minute cramming, and then the end begins. Panic or assuredness-it depends on the day, the feeling, the semester's concentration and, perhaps. intelligence. I could have sworn I aced 'flue Hnal The pressures of final we-ek become appererw aboui mid-week, A, ,,Q 4 A 3 1. I 1 g f 5 , S' f :Q W4 ""' " WV' rw 5 1:-'i- , 'QS gli ' wuiw viva ,ggi 5-QT 55 f"' .j W, 5, - if fx M 1 ""far9- W-'W LU J mei? I af., ill md, Graduahon-Jinalntu On June 7, approximately 2,200 students received diplomas, sym- bols of four or more years at the University. For some graduation was a iinal ritual, for others. the right to return and learn again. lt was a time to Consider what had been accomplished, what should have been done but wasn't and what had to be done to make the man what the degree symbolized-educated. aL beghuung Tren. . "fl i , . A final snapshot aiter eomrneneernent will remind parents deqree. iff.. for many years Ol the proud moment when they saw their son receive hi A diploma, the symbol oi years at the Uni versity. awww The new arl building symbolizes the growing University. In vain we build the world, unless... . . . the builder also grows. An individual, a student, alone or Within a crowd. has in his potential the ability to create a new and exciting world, to create a lasting and eternal landmark. What is created will remain. The creatorls mark is on society. The individual sfudenf is Wwe UmIversHy's sfimulanf. ?ff1ff'Lwv-f lf- f- H For more Hman 5 cenfury sfudews have Jef' fheir mark ow The Universliy. Wi+h 'Hue power of masses, Iwdlviduak seek 'o vfwovfde. Iovva queens-the favorites of the campus Miss U of I HEIDI KEIR Heidi Keir, Miss U of l, reigned over the 1967 Homecoming festivities. An adviser at Stanley Hall, Heidi maintains a 3.2 GPA. Before transferring to the University in February of 1965, Heidi spent a year in Europe as a student and a governess. ln 1966, she was named one of the ten best-dressed Coeds on campus. She was a student teacher at University High School first semester. Finalist GAIL LONGANECKER Finalist NANCY MCGIMPSEY Finalist MARY KENT ' 'W 'At I Finalist TINA BABBE 5 3 i l Dolphin Queen ELLEN WRIGHT Miss Perfect Profile CATHY GROVENBURG Best Dressed Coed PAULETTE LEWIS Hillcrest Queen BARB HARPER MECCA Queen KATHY WILCOX Z I 5. Rienow QMGFH SANDY HORNING -L. W '- - ' W if ' ' . 7 ,Q , .-Q , V . 1 - - J' f ' J- f- . 6 - ---Q - -- -1 Wan ' " M' . ,...,. ai.: ,A ,, ' I - 5 ff -if-f f " " " ' if fx ' T f,,,11,-g f - ,E fs- f 3- .1- " f:,.:'fq5fi,'h,: 5g5,:" Ej,, 2-ff 1: 1:3 5 J . Q Q .- 151. si s Mzs-1 2 wwf: f . ' .w, - ,V I 1 f, 'if-,fx 'f' Q gy " , . r y ' -555 1'-'G df J V. . H- f - M. -Y --Q - V A h .,ge1 . 'L 'L 3 ,ia ,. .M ,Q , -W - -- - is :f ' x H 4 5Jf,.Q2i1'i':Qi? : -5.9 nik ' -1.541 fa ' gs, I' fl : 11 f i si ' 'IQ- :gr I ,,: -: '..f:' ji,--gif 5 I 'Z we S a s I s , -Y - '1,,:-fi-Q' -I, V,-gn fi- ,.:iif.e: .:-a2,,f' :-,.aQg3,,,1-.ja -- ,. H - A: , -gvisflwi :, -N' 5, 'V "7 'ff--,'f 'MV 'fefrfif ' 'F ' 4.5151-:wif . ---w.. ':-,-, ' " . -- ,:.-f',:-,.,55E 1- 5-My ,,f,g-,,5,-ugh , -Q 1- A: . -1 W - Q f", if , as Q- gif' 1? fa V 7 " ' - . 953- -fi I 9 rf -V, .-.ww H,.EEE:,..155iJ5 iii 545 S- gf" ,JET 5 .: Se Ezzjg y- : 2' -, , 1 , '- ' . H ' 2 ,- I Academics s 2 3 i x 59 Year reflects Bovven's spirit and concern In his Induction Ceremony address last fall President Howard R. Bowen said, "Excellence derives from spirit . . . and concern for others? The 1967-68 academic year reflected Bowen's spirit and concern. Bowen was accessible to students despite his role as head of a rapidly expanding university and all the administrative and public relations duties his position entails. Both his home and his oflice were opened to students for discussions ranging from such emo- tion-packed topics as the war in Vietnam to pleas for an extended Easter vacation. Suggestions about handling disruptive acts from his '6Good Order of the University" speech were adopted as policy by the Board of Regents. Under his leadership the University has advanced both physi- cally and intellectually. This year's S5 million grant from the National Science Foundation was the largest single grant in the history of the University. New opportunities to earn credit by examination in the College of Liberal Arts and the pass-fail grad- ing system encouraged independent study and flexibility of stu- dent programs. res de t B wen In 'ted tude estors o is home to Budge+ing is a malor duty of the president oi an expanding ear the university. A 'I X mx gxf I 5 , My Q , W. H, in M fum yr -W..-4 ,ff f 4 f " ,L W , XX, ,QA-3gg,.gv H -A 1 N W , , ,X 4 4, M f pn.-v-f G 4' K ' H , , - 4 , ,, ., av , - . .X f J mm, I . , 4, M MWMW U N ,M A 6 , ,A Presideni' Bowen's fa!! Zn- ducfion speech is a per- sona! welcome +0 new and rewrniwq sfudewfs and faculfy. Nlelvir rn. Woli Casey Loss Jc1a'lna1 5. Richards, Thomas Ai Louden, Mrs. Joseph l2oserl'eld Sleiilev F Re-deker, William B. Qufsrrox Rfilsln l-1,Vi!'all-me Ned E. Perrin Regents adopt demonstration guidelines This was a busy year for the Board ol' Regents. They adopted guidelines for handling student demonstrations, approved a new sports-recreation complex, Cancelled the proposed Melrose dorm- itory complex and turned most decisions involving student hous- ing over to the University's administration. The board governs the University and other state institutions. It meets once a month either at its offices in Des Moines or at one of the institutions it governs. The board hires the faculties and staffs of the institutions, guides their administration and lob- bies in the General Assembly for appropriations and legislation favorable to University interests. Ulficers Qi Administration WILLARD L. BOYD. vice president for aca-H demic affairs and dean of faculties. confers with other Big Ten administrators and Coordinates l'resh opportunities on campus by working with the University's colleges. personnel and students. Such diverse departments as the Union and the lnstitute of Gerontology are under his adminis- tration. Boyd is a former law professor. Life at a large university can seem impersonal. admits PHILLIP G. HUBBARD. dean of aca- demic affairs. He explained that the new Living and Learning Community at South Quadrangle was designed to provide more individual attention for students. Hubbardis role of liaison between students and the administration was reflected by his concerned presence and activities during the demonstrations in the fall. 'li Officers of Administration ln recent years the physical expansion of the Univer- sity has progressed at a record pace. MERRITT C. LUDWIG, vice president of planning and development, has the responsibility for coordinating more than S80 million in building projects. He also releases information concerning University affairs to the public. The rapid growth of the University has created a com- plex system of finances. ELWIN T. JOLLIFFE, vice president of business and finance, is responsible for keep- ing this system operating smoothly. He decides on the allocation of funds for all areas of University expansion. A variety of administrative duties fill the daily agenda of ALLIN W. DAKIN, administrative dean. He acts for the president in the clearing of faculty and staff appoint- ments and supervises University sanctioned out-of-state travel. He also aids the president by handling corres- pondence. If-"JW L-as i ima r Elwin T. Jolliffe Allin W. Daicin MerriH' C. Ludwig Robert F. Ray W X9 ggi , ,,, . Donald E. Rhoades DONALD E. RHOADES, dean of admissions and ree- ords, says his title belies his job. His work is not clerical. It involves coordinating admissions, student financial aids, business placement, examination services, the publica- tions department and Campus Stores. ROBERT F. RAY, dean of the division of extension and University services, says he is enthusiastic about new independent study programs in engineering, education and business administration. The programs will grant resi- dent credit to graduates pursuing prescribed studies in these fields in their homes. Reorganization of the Office of Student Affairs provides a better liaison between the administration and the stu- dents, according to MARION L. HUIT, dean of students and director of student affairs. He says he feels the office can now counsel individuals and groups more effectively. Marion L. Huit 65 ! Dr. Donovan F. Ward, board member and chairman of the University of Iowa Foundations campaign to raise funds for the proposed Health Sciences Library, addresses the board of directors during the planning stages of the campaign. Typical of Alumni Association spon- sored activities are luncheons for senior class presidents. During these informal luncheons, such as the one pictured at right, students and as- sociation staff members have an op- portunity to discuss ways in which the fxlurnni Association can better aid graduates. Working Together . . . The University of Iowa Foundation The University of Iowa Foundationis primary objective is to strengthen the Universityis scientific, literary and educational pur- suits by encouraging voluntary giving. A private nonprofit corpo- ration, the foundation is empowered to solicit and receive gifts and bequests and to hold, administer, manage, use or distribute these financial contributions. Any gift to the University, re- stricted or unrestricted, may be made through the foundation. The foundation is constantly at work to provide more funds for scholarships, fellowships, student loans, library acquisitions, faculty research grants and other University needs for which tax dollars are limited or unavailable. Among the foundation's major capital campaigns are the recent- ly completed 5131.25 million campaign to provide a new art mu- seum and one which will provide a S2 million Health Sciences Library to serve the Colleges of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Darrell E. Wyriclc University of Iowa Alumni Association EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Joseph W. Meyer The Alumni Association is the channel through which the Uni- versity serves its graduates by keeping them informed of develop- ments on campus and by giving them the opportunity to meet and associate with fellow alumni in their own communities. The Association is organized on a state and national basis, Members participate in fund-raising drives and emphasize the need for adequate state appropriations to the University. Among the many Alumni-Association-sponsored activities are: planning and administration of class reunion programsg assistance in programs designed to acquaint high school students and their parents with the educational programs of the Universityg and the sponsorship of the U of l's "Ambassadors of Songf, the Old Gold Singers. The Association also publishes the Iowa Alumni Review, a bi-monthly magazine for all Association members. Tom Knight entertains fr rho newly remodeled Wheel Room. Wheel Room co mpletes Union renovation Hundreds of students, faculty members and guests pass through the Union each day, making it a center of campus activity. To meet the non-academic needs of students, the Union offers rec- reational and cultural programs, as well as facilities for socializing, relaxing, eating and meeting. The ncwcst feature of the Union is the Wheel Room which op- ened during the first semester. It provides an eating area for 300 and a small dance iloor for special events Sponsored by Union Board. The Wheel Room is part of a remodeled section of the ground floor which also includes meeting rooms near the Activities Center and a new snack bar to serve both the Wheel Room and the Gold Fcathcr Lounge. Q UNION DIRECTOR Loren V. Koffner Jan Wa+je, chairman of Soapbox Sourtdoff, iufroducfles 'Pm day! impic. QW Q Cam Bush visits her husband, Bob, a patient in the Student l-lealth lntirmary. Student Health opens new facilities With the opening of an addition that includes doctors' oflices, DIRECTOR. Ches+er I. Miller treatment rooms and infirmary beds, the University of Iowa Student Health facilities will be adequate both for present and projected enrollments, according to Dr. Chester I. Miller, director. Student Health, visited by 200 to 250 students each day, is available for treatment of any studentts medical problem. Broken lingers and fallen arches plague some students, but respiratory ailments are the most common problems. Eight out of every ten students use Student Health sometime during the year. Assisting Dr. Miller in the operation of the out-clinic and inlirmary are seven full-time physicians, one psychiatrist and eleven nurses. Y Yi, , ,,,lLl. , J. f .l Schools and Colleges 4 .,,. m:,V ,.,., .,-. .- Wf.. Q.-. . -, fixes-fgilVee.. . fy , ,s . , , - ., I -1-1-.sms-..f w.s,- - - ' -7 -' ' f- K M::.,,,,i ,,,- MM- .. ,-1 . f .ms 7 - if. -f.,. . . K . ...,, i-.--ss-V, . ., 5 i1 ss , sss l s ssssn '- 'i , 1 fJ Q i. , L 1 2 l l ! t I s 1-K A1 meme-V1 in 2 7 5,,?'-V, up ' ' ,s H ,,, , , v is s e 3 ssssss ' ' e x, i i s 1 ,I sl - In 5 a 1 'E 7-lv nf' 'H H LT 'I , s ee i1 l ssss n e l, ssess s as fa :za a n' 7 '!T4'1'5'I' 1'gfrn'z'1'1 5 s ss s n f 5 5 if f I Q ' l 0 ' n is t PHBA's compufer card facade poinfs 'foward modern business Trends. Desk calculaiors are used exfensuvely 1n Jrh ' B + denfs are iaughf how +0 use fhe la+es+ feclwnologica! innovafi College of Business Admrnlshahon. SSL! 4 V 'TH 'T' L w I 'UWT U' 'I 'W ! tif 'U 'H' 4 2 V 1"1's 4 lll l l, I 'lllll 'll l 'lllll lilililt .t.,,lt.,,l...l.,, DEAN B. L. Barnes Business College begins pass-fail system To reduce specialization at the undergraduate level, students in the College of Business Admin- istration are encouraged to take courses in the be- havioral sciences and quantitative analysis, A pass-fail system was initiated this year for jun- iors and seniors taking elective courses. Enrollment in the College has increased more during the past three years than has that of anv other college in the University. The annual Ca- reers Confcrence in February, sponsored by thc Collegiate Chamber of Commerce, gave students a chance to learn about and discuss job oppor- tunities with representatives of business and in- dustry. Featured speakers at this year's conference were Leonard Spacek. chairman of Arthur And- erson Xz Co., certified public accountants, and Henry Wilson Jr.. of thc Chicago Board of Trade DEAN Donald J. Galagan College ol Dentistry plans new building Construction will begin next year on a 510.5 million building to house the College of Dentistry. The new building, scheduled to be completed in l97l, will double the student capacity of the college. lowa's is the nation's second oldest college of dentistry. Current enrollment in the college in- cludes 220 undergraduates, 70 dental hygienists and 40 graduate students. The new building will provide space for approximately 400 undergradu- ates, 96 dental hygienists and 86 graduate stu- dents. Several large grants have been made to the college this year, according to Donald J. Galagan, dean of the college since 1965. The grants will be used to expand Work in oral biology, to teach the use of auxiliary personnel and to develop a research laboratory at Oakdale Hospital. Somefimes +l'1e pafieni' gels a word in Paul Hermanson examines a mandible during preparafion for a denlal anafomy class. loo. Denlal sludenl Harold Vander l-loelc lisfens allenlively. While her ins+ruc+or, F. H. Skippy, walclwes, denial lwygienisl Barbara Collins perlecls her X-ray leclmique, it Qt , :,l1 A., .,,'f M-K' M N 3 Fey Prospecfive elemen+ary school leachers fry lheir hand al ihe skills rhey will be fcechiraq. Joan Miller examines 'the 'lexls she will ulilize as 5 sludenf teacher. Sfudeni' leaching is a vifal perl' of every edu calion rnaior's final year. Pele Pelerson. rl' DEAN Howard R. Jones College of Education moves to new home Portions of the College of Education began moving into new headquarters in the former Jef- ferson Hotel this year. Some of the college's fa- cilities will remain at the college's former head- quarters, East Hall. Much of the college, includ- ing the dean's office will be moved into the Jeffer- son Building by September I. The college prepares teachers and supervisory personnel for elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. An important part of each education majoris senior year is an eight- week period of student teaching in schools throughout eastern Iowa. The college maintains a high school and an elementary school. ln co- operation with the College of Medicine, schools for the physically handicapped, the mentally re- tarded and the emotionally disturbed are also maintained. tmeimaasas DEAN H un+er Rouse 5 2' gg , Engineering college renovates building To keep pace with rapid technological changes, the College of Engineering has undertaken a sub- stantial renovation of its building. The renova- tion includes enlarged quarters for the engineering library and remodeled offices and laboratories. Students who major in engineering may choose from five areas of undergraduate study which cover all phases of engineering and industrial management. Construction of the Homecoming Monument and familiar class exercises in survey- ing provide students with a chance to put the skills they have learned in the classroom into practice. Bearded engineers symbolize MECCA Week, the collegeis annual spring celebration, to the campus. A newly adopted self-study program allows students to earn graduate degrees by combining correspondence study with visits to the college. Mel Wiclner and Ordal Demolcan, Qreduele sfudenls in elecfrical eneimeermq, perform a lowepressure plasma experimeni The Homecoming Monumenf, comslrucled by emomeerlmg seudenls, is a vlfal perl of each li-ills Cel9lDVdllOf1 Mike Tyler checks over a lacully projecl as perl' of a course requirement i:n 4w gig Mfs 4 Lf W ,", 'Q :gs E 'ff Q-Y 1: T 35 Q 'M ' " ff W QV!! xx Kiwis 4" , gywis ., ,A JC MQ 1, "' Javrif if lf! 1,3 f K. .L , . Q K, .259 fu, Q ilk 5QE',i,i7iz?4Q3, '- ,.. . lf. QSC? 1111: -L' ?l,gL'lL l:S?'f453x, Jmfbil. Jiffy ish? 0- T'hJ V L A- - af if ff if VA Q.V.g!,pf .ggi .LJ - .,:'.f4 viuf :fu " , . ,A fl Qu.. ff My V I Q - . ,- W . .w .f Ma, L, w-uri "' Ll,i,1,xJLJ:Q.a. -,,.L,.,w vhs -MQ "' SQRQQQTEQ7 'f The Compufer Cen+er4a second home for me Being a graduafe swdem has Hs advamfaqes. my Qradueie siudenis. Sis+er Norberf Reuss, a Lournaiisrru, numbers copy for We Iowa Journ allsi. graducfe sfudenf Ir Q .vm 1- L. 1 O se-Q -. 7 DEAN, Duane C. Spriestersbach Graduate College adds three programs This year the University's Graduate College added three new programs: Urban and Regional Planning, Law Enforcement and Correction and Library Science. The college now offers ad- vanced degrees in five programs. The current en- rollment of 4.770 is about one-fourth of the student body. ln an attempt to stress individual scholarship, the credit hour and foreign language requirements were reduced. Individual scholarship was also encouraged by expanding research, creative work and independent study leading to doctoral disser- tations. Graduate programs in all schools and colleg- es within the University are directed and coor- dinated by Dcan Duane C. Spriestersbach. Un- der his direction proposals are approved and ex- isting programs are investigated, revised and up- dated in an attempt to make the Graduate Col- lege operate as an organic whole. ,-1:-ff ,,,. . K The grad s+udy farce fi 'Fe Ybfaf vsvices If GTVWCSDWEVE :of Sisfer Mary Jean Gibson is the omNy women graduefe ndvawced Hmuqivf, sfuderwi in srmce oiwysics, ff' -U. "-'P-u-.... Don Wiegand, f:ff1JJf4'e "w5'mC'Qf fr mush View Cf"1C'1Il5, 'Q Cove-5 Fefmw weekf, dine pcerbrmafcv. Q 131 x xl Graduate College Mary Pillepiclw, a sfudenr in Library Sderce, filers DTHC+rC5l expcrierce In fre Ve+erer's Adrvlrlerraflor Hospkfai b -,MX r fm Faculfy and sfudenfs in fne new Urban and Reqroner Plannlrq prgqram examine ore Ear! Srewar'r,Jan'1eS Carver, Jarnes Harris and Ray Jonrson. of ine maps used in Hwelr shady. Barbara Baile DEAN, David H. Vernon Freshman law eurrieulum is revamped The academic year 1967-68 has been one of great change for the College of Law. In an effort to improve the caliber of lawyers entering the profession, the college revised the curriculum for first-year students. An undergraduate degree is now required for entrance into the college. One aspect of the new program explores the causes of legal disputes and the ways in which they can be resolved without re- sorting to litigation. A course in international law helps the student gain a broader view of the legal processes. ln addition, each student takes a small group discussion course. The Voluntary Defender program enables up- perclassmen to assist court-appointed lawyers in cases involving indigents. S+udlous law s+uden+s ave framed by slwelves in The law llbrarlfs slacks. Walden insfrucfs one ol flue smaller classes In llwe College of Law. hn- 1 ..vv" A coed Ycmkhg mr a qmex p P9 Vw, ewbmfw. Air' IXACVT za i Ace fo wud, 1v'vf-1d'-5 oomery. g, :ur 'Qu ai! ff 33? Siu Dfw' dv S -'rhe e+err1al fJi:'3Vl'W'r f' 'Um 'ba :,H.:JCV.!, Rod Josiin finds 11 dom p me +5 Smdy fafnowz We sfwdcs, N hoevv bo 'W WW' Wfwv Mbrfirvv, :ww Wmmwfy---Gwffwg ,. mf-fefqf, , - H ,M-,L,.,,MM,55,.M ff 21 i wmmwggfmQ,wi.wQ,W. ,V.fl.5-M,4,,,45,W,,,w ,..-v-- Hfu.:,A..4W...,... rf ' 4, College of Law Someiimes The Nom hours or study C mer ro be jusv foo much. Bob af Je ' .V A W 1 4 4 ,fawf For law sfudenfs Vs cows' :ff biwie MW +514 bfi Warren Shank undergoes if' C'C3D'9C' ve 'Q""Xi tex. C1,,es+?o"'j AW hw Q X . H : - z' " I Y ,-iw.-Q.. , af Hifi -WW .fm Scienfific miracles come The weaving lab 35 ci bmw DWBCO 511 The efwd of semesier when sfudervfs Complefirzxg Meir +erm D"OfEC'S, H., at 2 .g iz H ' si ' 1 QW ' .fn - i 0' WMV is 'F W. Merxys Mack. rife ,Af f ' 15 iv if J -sg,,,..1s x f 5 .A ' t M ,H S WMM, S 1 'H S: A fda. 94 t mmf x M Judi+h Hershfield resfores an indian fm archeology fab. Q11 ,ff. gs xg, . A w 1 i,-w wfevf -' -Wk: 2. 1 'f 451 f '- f, ' su. - W, W ' 1 we If 4 velic Ir ,A if . I 5957, 1 W' f weg hgj-jimi -t ' fu? ., Q r , ""43f Ae X 4 if - ,f In R , gg- V , :ag ' ' iq? 'iz fi DEAN, Dewey B. Stuif Pass-Fail offers new stud opportunities Have you ever gone whale hunting or uncov- ered an ancient fossil? Students in museum training and geology have. They study within the six schools and forty-seven departments of the College of Liberal Arts. According to Dean Dewey B. Stuit, the college's aim is "to inspire each individual to develop his intellectual capaci- ties to the fullest extent." A new program this year was the pass-fail system. This allowed juniors and seniors to en- roll in one course outside their major with no grade other than that of passing or failing. Physical expansion which provided classroom and research areas accompanied expanding en- rollment. Last fall 12.925 undergraduate and graduate students were enrolled in the college. COHege oflibemd Macbride Hall offer: resembNes a zoo, Ffa! S+uden'I's learn fypescvrfm fE'C5'TWiQUE?S in wpozraph dass. fXrts Dave Margoshes shoofs scene for cinematography Y Q yi: f 1 I Evikaiivki ,. ,MAF f M .Q '5'5??555' K Slim .W ,,. vu... ,nwkh A . ' f' ' ,V X CMHBSG CaHf9'5Pl'1Y is me of We rem EH' rising sidifs hugh? in liberai eric. "--.W 42 9 fl y,,,.,,... A 91 ,,w,,,,,g,,W W. I : MS An arf s+uden+ creafes among Hue easefs in Work on a graphic arfs proie-C+ is reci X!1"'M'T"' 'gy 0 ,....M..... uv Y' xsw-V. Hwe painf sfudlo. S p se. S+uden+s ponder one of Hwe Faculfy err exhiblis l FI' DIRECTOR, Frank A. Seiberling Construction begins on new art complex Construction was started on live new buildings for the School of Art this year. A new 2131.6 mil- lion art museum, a lecture hall and oflices are expected to be completed by the fall of 1968. The museum will house the Elliott art collec- tion which includes more than 60 major paint- ings, nearly 1,000 prints, drawings, rare jade and antique silver. The collection was given to the University by the Owen N. Elliotts of Cedar Rapids with the stipulation that suitable housing be provided for the works. Other parts of the art complex will include buildings for industrial design and metal works, ceramics and sculpture and a building to house paint and print studios. The present gallery which is located in the original art building will be re- modeled into an art library which will house ap- proximately 80,000 volumes. 9,1-ww, .K wwfkuwm-awww: S I1 A Ron Moore spends ,f ugxww uverw cor 3r -sf E?s'Nfw." ysrfzcvice roofv. A successful recihal degoewds or 'muy hours W Char Ziesman conducfs Mmm' Dwfd. M owcfice, E S R 5 1 nd 'aw x Wx W " 1.19: "':5. yin.. I -'., I DIRECTOR, Himie Voxman Completion date set for music building This year the School of Music was concerned with the Center for New Music and plans for a SIU million new music building. The Center. in- itiated in 1966. brings together a nucleus of com- poser-performers who carry on their personal work and are available to music students for con- sultation. They also present a concert series of their exciting and often controversial work to the public. When the new music building is complet- ed in l970 the entire music program can be ex- panded into new fields. A concert auditorium and a concert organ will be included in the new building, The School of Music's 450 students study un- der the direction of Himie Voxman. Constance Penhorwood. one of the school's former stu- dents. won first place in the national finals of the Metropolitan Opera auditions in November. DIRECTOR, George Forell Religion taught in academic atmosphere The School of Religion presents courses in the philosophy and history of major and minor religious faiths in a purely academic atmosphere. The school emphasizes that since religion is a vital part of education it can and should bc taught in a tax-supported university. The instructors, who represent the Catholic, Protestant and Jewish faiths, must be academic- ally qualified. Professors are supported primarily by funds contributed by religious denominations, foundations and individuals. Although the majority of students Who take courses in the school are not religion majors, courses are available on the elementary, advanc- ed and graduate levels. Religion in Human Cul- ture, the most popular undergraduate course, en- ables students to learn about and attend services of different faiths. A demons'rra1'ion mass is a familiar perl of +l'ie Religion in Human Culfure core course. Prof. Charles E. Carlsfon conducfs a religion lecfure. Religion gradua+e s+uden+s insligafed a series of colloquium discussions. 97 The San Francisco Mime Troup was brouglwf fo campus by fhe Coileqe of LSHQFS. Carolyn Jones adiusfs Tapes in We Namquaqe The poe+ry workshop is comducfed wiflwiw Hwe S-:Hoof of Leffers. laborefory. 5 ws! T if .ss -Wt, - . . DIRECTOR, John C. Gerber School of Letters re-established at Iowa The School of Letters returned to the Universi- ty last fall after an absence of 23 years. The school. begun in 1930 and eliminated in 1944. was re-established last spring by the Board of Regents. According to John C. Gerber, head of the English department and director of the school, the school was begun to coordinate the programs of the literature and language departments and to oversee the Windover Press and Writers' Work- shop. Although the school sponsored a colloquium this spring and various lectures during the year, Gerber predicted that the school's impact will be felt more next year. Two new courses, distinguished visiting writ- ers and changes in curriculum are all in the plan- ning stages for the school. Don Woolley's News Pho+o I sfudenfs begun ano+l1er semesfer a+ The Bndoe A+ 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. every day faculfy and sfudenfs alike descend upon The Commons Room for coffee. DIRECTOR, Malcolm MacLean Curriculum changes start at .l-School Malcolm S. MacLean Jr., former holder of the Gallup Chair for Communications Research, be- came the director of the School of Journalism in July. MacLean replaced Leslie G. Moeller who resigned to devote more time to teaching and research. MacLean's lirst change in the schoolls curriculum was the instigation of an experimental course in communications media and theory, the 1 Je . Interdisciplinary Communications Laboratory. Students in the course do extensive research and explore practical solutions to communica- tions problems such as psychological stimuli which are usually treated only theoretically in the journalism classroom. This spring the schoolis educational policies committee Considered other major changes in the curriculum. J N Iowa Sfudenis doing wfieid work rear Des Molfes amend dasses of Hwe Drake Universifv campus. Glick sfresses 5 poIm+ in a se-miran- Dr. Glick conducfs a dass of U of I sfudenfs on The Drake campus. ygguigxk A A ,,., "a.:-:r25- - , V ,-gv,w:wSg '1 , ,-3.,-uf , : 'V-i.: -- - :1il,5L'4"-1 2' . W, Q' DIRECTOR, Frank Z. Glick Social work school acquires new center Headquarters for a Des Moines teaching cen- ter were acquired this year on the Drake Uni- versity campus by the School of Social Work. The Des Moines teaching center was another step toward full operation of a new plan of in- struction for a Master's Degree in social work which began in I966. Under the plan students begin their study in September and complete their work by April l, 18 months later. An important part of the in- struction is a IOM month practicum which be- gins with the second semester of the program. In the practicum. the student gets practical ex- perience in his iield by working with social Work agencies. Academic courses are taught concurrently with the practicum. Students may attend classes in either the Des Moines or Iowa City centers. DEAN, Roberl C. Hardin College ol Medicine foresees expansion Long hours ovcr a microscope. dissection of ca- davers and even longer hours studying at night are only a few of the many activities which kcpt this ycar's 491 medical students busy. Since its foundation in 1870 the College of Medicine has continually maintained a high scholastic and clinical program. The college will increase the number of ac- cepted applicants from this year's 127 to 625 by 1974 when use of a proposed S13 million basic science building will be at capacity. The new building will be partially paid for by an S8 million National Science Foundation grant. More than S6 million was spent on research in the college this year, according to Robert C. Har- din, dean of the College of Medicine since 1941. f an ing- ,.w,W Y ax K . M. W ""V'm'WW 'Q-new A , ' ,Y if me jf . wr 'IWH i nf ff W , HM- ' ' wwf" ' ff .,, - .. fm , K , ,fe-sfiiiffff Vazzfw' l - 4' -mmf? Z, W:-. -1, -an V ..,. f . K nay--W - A. , n: ,aw -W ,. xg ,. 'ff' H f ,rl 5 , K , ' i'1Mf5 -, S e 1:'ggigzvgv-g,ffq,f:.:'-iwVwiv- fag -I , 1, ' 1 K ,-g.g5w2f:s:eag-0,2' -. ' ' , 7 ' Q -gfw,Q:zvsQqif3Ga, V 'ami 552,15 'f:w:i, 1 Dr. Rober+Gaucl1a+ confers WITH med s+uden+s in pediafrics. I wonder wha? +nosefunnyHH'leH1inqs are. Well, fhere goes Safurdey night Dennis Rike checks ine on-cad! sneeT dowr The iq UCS. I+'s been a hard day and +l'1ere's more io come 'W visa, College of Medicine disease-fiqhfinq wlwlfe cofpuscles if pe+ief'+'S bfood. 4 ff Tom Riclfrsmeier checks We P'ei:"cer Q5 We yswves' oi'3e'X Tom Riclhsmeier, Rcberf Waw:gWer ard WifsOf1 Rldeffh examine Fi pa+Ier+s elecfrocafdicfmfxm, A med s+uden? checks We percemfege C Nursing s+uden+s relax Ir Weir lomce befweer' dfasses ard ward dmv. Capping-fhe reward for n year of hard work. Sonia Hoines checks ea pariefwf s progress reporr. 1 if gi Xugmm I . X i DEAN, Laura Dusfan ursing college awaits expansion funds When state appropriations are obtained, con- struction of a new building to house the College of Nursing can begin. The state funds are need- ed to match an earlier 551.3 million federal grant. The new building will allow the college to double its enrollment by l974. The Board of Regents has directed the col- lege to hire an architect and to go ahead with plans for the building until state funds are grant- ed. The college admitted its largest sophomore class, 162 students. this year. Graduate enroll- ment also was up because of an increased de- mand for nurses with leadership training. The college established a visiting professor program this spring which brought nationally known educators and researchers to the college. 1 1 1 , X1 1 -- 'IAQWQSH' Coy Lane pracfices 1116 fundamentals of 9111inq pres-:rip+1ons. Pa+ Keefe, Nancy We11en and Coy Lane check +0 see I1 an bow1 01 pE115 pro- Caihy Rofh ana1yzes 1119 conten1 of a com- ducecl by The 1ab1e1inq machine mee1s Speci1ica1ionS. pound 1n quanH1a1'ive ana1ysis 1abA 1 35 3? 1 1 1 ' ff' 5 5 N W I N 4 -1- :QW . M, i s emi DEAN, Louis C. Zopf Pharmacy curriculum constahtl updated As life-saving drugs are developed and plac- ed on the market, students in the College of Pharmacy become aware of their existence through a constantly revised curriculum. The five-year undergraduate program includes courses in such diverse areas as agricultural pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and industrial pharmacy. The college's facilities include a large indus- trial pharmacy laboratory where senior phar- macists prepare prescriptions under the super- vision of faculty members. Seniors gain experi- ence in dispensing in the University Hospital Pharmacy. The Senior Industrial Trip to Chicago and ln- dianapolis which is sponsored each February by drug manufacturers provides seniors with an opportunity to see how drugs are put together. Uutstanding Facult Riding a horse isn'l as simple as one imacgires, according l Coesler demands llie same lcnowledqe and skill from lier o Mrs. Frilz Coesler, womens physical e mica lOn row is mclor I siudenis llial' slio liersell demonsirales 5 3 X S 2 5 fm, We .. ,,.. Q H ifif-zifaigeikx iiffwfflsf 75 3 J. is 5 -5 Archibald C. Coolidge, associale psoiessor of English, knows now lo maneuver lnis classes in discussion Allliougii His bark is worse llnan liis l:ni+e,l1is smdenis readily accepl lnis clnallenqe lo learn and undersiand. James L. Price, associafe oroiessor oi sociology, is a dynamic leclurer wno snows rnucn enthusiasm ior his subiecf. Because fliegf are inferesled nis sludenls don? Qui. 4 x. 'Sri-Q ,fi sl 3 wh W8 4 af I ap? is 'S 1 !.4m as ' sg fi szigfii, - x ,flgglifzfei is Fwy v 9 1 E 2 J A ' 5 'K ' A " 5 11124 Q, . " ,-. Q ., ., ' . -31- 92-Q . , , ' Almgz i '9 ,gL.,,' K Norman C- Baenligef. F3FOiSSSOV of ChSmiSffy, iS GU dd- Reporfinq s+uden+s call Lee Winfrey, insfrucfor in journalism, a real viser who sees his sfudenis more Than once a semester. pro. His crificisms of sfudenfs' news sfories, delivered in a warm Because he shows a personal concern for each sfudenf Soufhern drawl. are more consfrucfive 'rhan cuffinq. He fakes Hme +0 he advises, his sfudenixs don? hesiiare +o seek his advice. iisfen fo his sfudenfs' problems, bofh professional and personai. iii A 304+-sooken man wifh an infense cornmiimenf ro his sfude-nfs, his oroies- sioc ard his counfrv, Maier Roberf A. S+ein of ihe Air Force ROTC de- parhhen' disoiays The besf chfmracwerisfics of boih oiiicer end irgirucicr. Ernesf V. Zuber, assisf ci a+ dggn OF fhe Coileoe of Business Adrriwisirafion and ore-iaw adviser works hard for fhe individuif advises. However, he worfi' fry. io+eres+ of each sruden' he hezs no iirne ior Those who II3 H4 Outstanding Faculty A sincere man with a driving interest in nis students and nis subiect makes Anthony C, Tommasi, Enolisn teaching assistant, liked and respected by nis students. As one student put it, "i-ie cares, we know it and we work tor tiimf' Irwin P. Levin, assistant protessor et psycinoiogy, is a weite iiked instructor and adviser. "An aii around good tiefidu is the way nis students describe ttirn. Harry B. Weber, instructor in Russian, rnakes the Russian ianguage come alive, according to inis students. Aside trorn creating sincere interest in his subiecf. Weber aiso tries to understand tine irdividuai problems ot eacin student. James C. Dickinson, assistant protessor ot education, doesn't tiave tne probiern witn the generation gap tnat rnost instructors kiave, according to nis students. He is a tinouqtvtui man who knows wtiatis going on. Seniors, Honoraries and Professionals Business Seniors mpuferized answer sheefs have made Iesl sco . , , , easier for rnslruclors, bul Ihe siudenls rob I9 Ierns remain. John Acfon, Sioux Cily: Gary Allison, Lells: Tom Alffillisch, Iowa Falls: Den- nis Anderson, Thompson: Roger Arm- s'I'rong, Cedar Rapids: Richard Auge, Iowa Cily. Dennis Auslin, Websler Cilry: Jerry Ausfin, Mason Ciiy: Dale Baker, Dav- enporl: Barbara Ballew, Keolqulc: Bruce Barghahn, Knoxville: Greg Barnslen, lvlarshalllown. Beverly BarreH', Norlhbroolc, III.: Paul Baumann, Cherokee: Gary Baumgarf, Garner: Richard Beaver, Iowa Ciry: Dennis Becker, Olin: MaH'hew Beclc- man, Sperry. Paul Beclerson, Wesl Orange, NJ.: Ray Bee-mer, Iowa Ciiy: Vicky Beef- ner, Burlinglron: Kennelh Benharf, Cedar Rapids: Larry Bensinlc, Pella: Wayne Berenger, Ivlediapolis. Michael Berger, Oelwein: Jaclc Ber- ryhill, Vincenl: William Biggane, Iowa Cilry: John Bishop, Davenporl: Keilh Bloomquisl, Boone: Gary Boe, Sioux Cily. Roberl Boeding, Iowa Ciry: Joseph Boelcer, Clinlon: J. Sco'H' Bogguss, Aledo, III.: Sandra Boland, Williamse burg: Thomas Bolenbaugh, Vinlon: Pamela Boney, Odebolr. Dennis Bonnett, Cedar Rapids: James Book, Shenandoah: Wesley Boshart, Wayland: Wayne Bowman, Webster: Vernon Brandt, Webster City: And- rew Breuer, Iowa City. Stephen Bright, Burlington: Gary Brom, Iowa City: Steven Brown, Os- lcaloosa: Charles Buntz, Shenandoah: James Burger, Cedar Rapids: Pat- rick Burlce, lowa City. Computer techniques vital to curriculum John Busch, Clear Lalce: Douglas Cal- win, Lenox: M. Douglas Carlson, Ced- ar Rapids: Milce Cather, Davenport: Gary Cheelc, Sioux City: John Chen- hall, Bettendort. Donald Christiansen, Avolca: Danny Clausen, Carlisle: John Clements, Fort Dodge: Kathy Cottman, North English: Daniel Collins, Albion: Rob- ert Conlclin, Northhampton, Mass. Michael Conlan, Des Moines: Trainor Critz, Clin-ton: John Dahl, Des Moines: Michael Dalton, Iowa City: Ronald Davis, Mt. Union: Thomas Davis, Blalceslourg. Stephen Davison, Moline, lll.: William Decklever, Creston: Michael Dono- hue, lowa City: Thomas Dostal, lowa City: Robert Drager, Tipton: Robert Duttield, Davenport. Bruce Dugstad, Waterloo: Larry Dun- can, Columbus Junction: William Dunscombe, l-lurnboldt: Allen Dunton, Muscatine: Gary Dvoralc, Cedar Rap- ids: Jay Eaton, Waulcon. Kendrick Ellwanger, Newell: Louis Ehrhardt, Ellcader: Robert Engberg, Burlington: Joseph Erman, Omaha. i Nebr.: Robert Eubanlr, Nevada: James Evans, Fairtield. Larry Farrell, Shenandoah: John Fish- er, Orlumwa: Dennis Flynn, Musca- line: Palricia Fogarly, Cedar Rapids! Terry Fouls, Amana: Richard Fox, Slrawberry Poinl. Laverne Freed, Winlersel: Charles Friedl, Riverside, III.: Jerry Fros'l, lowa Cily: Darrell Fullon, Sioux Cily: Thomas Gaardner, Mason Cily: Dav- id Garrels, Oelwein. Business enrollment increases steadil Gale Gascho, Kalona: Michael Gaul, Davenporlr: David Gelaude, Rock Is- land, III.: James Giese, Burlingiont Eugene Glesne, Ellfader: Richard Goodrich, Gilmore Cily. Jane Goodwin, Indianola: Gary Goff- schallc, Dubuque: Richard Grelcofl, Nora Springs: Larry Gri'H'on, lowa Cily: Slephen Grupp, Mason Cily: Terry Gwinnup, Keosauqua, Larry Haddy, Cedar Rapids: Roger Hade, For? Dodge: Joan Hall, lowa Cily: Roberl' Hamillon, Davenporl: Sfephen Hamil'l'on, Des Moines: Har- old Harnagel, Des Moines. David Harshbarger, Plainfield, III.: Arlynn Harlwig, S+. Ansgar: John Hasenmiller, Davenporl: Clemen+ Havlilc, Elma: William Hegenbarlh, lowa Cily: Roger Helviclc, l-lumboldl. Ray Helmer, lowa Cily: Laurence Henss, Wayland: Mariorie l'le+zler, Burlinglong Sleve He'l'zler, Muscalinei Glen Holl, Cedar Rapids: Ray Hoop- han, Cresco. Roberl' Houghlon, Red Oak: lrvin Hubbarcl, lowa Cily: Charles Hueb- ner, Walerloo: Jack Hurlbu+, Musca- line: Delberl l-lur+, Davenporl: Rich- ard Husfon, Burlinglon. Janelyn lhrig, Wesr Union: James lsaacson, Norlhwoodi Thomas Ivory, Des Moines: Michael Jackson, Bur- linglony John James, Cedar Rapids: Warren Jones, Williamsburg. William Jones, Grinnell: Curlis Jord- ening, Corning: Keilh Junge, Key- s+one: Russell Kading, Van l-lorne: William Kahler, Walerloog David Karaselc, Cedar Rapids. Bruce Karon, Phoenix, Ariz.: Terry Keenan, Rockford, III.: Pafriclc Kinney, Oxford: Darrell Kinsey, Wesr Branch: Roberf Kirchner, Cedar Rapids: Dav- id Kossufh, Park Forest Ill. Charles Krambeck, Davenport John Kramer, Charles Ciiyq Terrance Kre- ici, Cedar Rapids: Loman Kubisfa, Broolclield, III.: Karel Kurlh, Lansing: David Lang, Broolclyn. Michael Langer, Cedar Rapids: Wil- liam Lannom, Grinnell: S+ephen League, Downers Grove, III.: Maxine Lebowich, Rock Island, III.: Roger Lee- se, Duranl: Sian Lemon, Des Moines. Bob Leonard, iowa Ciiyg Roberf Leshyn, Chicago, III.: Mike Liebbe, Muscaiine: Richard Lincoln, Pacific Juncliong James Loeb, Gulhrie Ceni- er: John Lohr, Lohrville. Business Seniors meal you in ironl oi Phillips Hall." L,..Ev-"-:1"4' Business Seniors Difficul+ business courses may call for a furor. Larry I-laddy inslrucls Bob Toborg. A Edward Maahs, Whiiiemore: S+uar+ Mace, Fori Dodge: S+eve Malloy, Denison: John Marr, Burlingion: Kar- en Marfin, Greenfield: Donald Mau- er, Iowa Ciry. John Maurice, Monlicello: James Mc- Carragher, Delavan, Wis.: Harold McClurg, Qgden: Ronald McCon- aughy, Marion: Ronald McCulloch, Palo: Ronald McCurdy, Bagley. Kennefh McElvain, Seymour: Dan Mc- Grevey, Des Moines: Jane McHarg, Vicior: Ronald McHone, Anlceny: Carol McLaren, Manilla: John Mc- Morris, Independence. Gary Meeks, Wesi Branch: Michael MeFFord, Charles Ciry: Ralph Meyers, Cedar Rapids: James Michael, Wesr Branch: Keifh Mickelson, Norih Lib-P eriy: Barry Miller, Cedar Rapids. James Miller, Cresion: Lynn Miller, Sperry: Mary Moore, Columbus Junc- +ion: Richard Moore, Tipion: David Moses, Davenport Russell Murphy, Burlinqion. Roberi' Nash, Denison: Larry Nedved, Iowa Ciryy Richard Nelson, Napervil- le, Ill.: Jeffrey Newland, Des Moines: Terry Niebes, iowa Ciiy: Margaref Nolan, Des Moines. Brian Norris, Eagle Grove? Richard Novalc, Cedar Rapids: Bruce Nuzum, Baxlerg Michael O'Hara, Cllumwa: William Orrison, lowa Cily. Mary Or'l', Forl Madison: David Orl- gies, Anamosa: Ronald OH'away, lowa Cily: Roberl' OH'o, lowa Cilyt James Oxenford, Scranlon. College emphasizes liberal education Dennis Page, Osceola: John Paul, Grinnell: James Peiffer, Davenporl: f Dale Penne, Marion: Sheldon Perel- l man, Omaha, Nels.: Anne Pe+ers, 1 Burlinglon. Richard Pelerson, Mediapolis: Sleven Pierce, Russell: Joseph Polley, Keo- lculc: Rober+ Primmer, Davenport Joe Pruess, Clarence: Ronald Raiber, Lowden. Douglas Ransdell, Bellendorl: James Read, Dubuque: Lynn Richardson, Welosler Cily: Thomas Roberfson, Highland Cenler: Dennis Robinson, Slorm Lalce: John Rogers, Clear Lake. Dennis Roseland, Eagle Grove: S+ev- en Rueler, Moline, lll.: Karen Sable, Perry: James Sanlcol, Belle Plaine: David Savage, Monlicello: Mary Scheelz, Oxford. Al Schneider, Des Moines: Drew Schrader, Villisca: Richard Serrahn, Racine, Wis.: Wayne Shaw, New Sharon: Michael Shield, Muscaline: Garlyn Siders, Cedar Rapids. Randall Siemsen, Dixon: Waller Slin- inger, Jefferson: Slephen Small, Lib- erlyville: James Smilh, Newlon: Richard Spark, Logan: Barry S+e+zel, Gulhrie Cenler. Gary Sfewarl, Cedar Rapids: William S+ewar+, lowa Cily: Gary Slransky, Cedar Rapids: Dale Slrassheim, Oak- ville: Roberf Slrombeck, Davenporl. Loy Sfromberg, Forl Dodge: Merle S+u'l'zman, lowa Cily: Vincenl' Sumner, Eldon: John Swenson, Gowrie: Fred Tarbell, Melrose. Careers Conference explores job fields Jill Thomas, Colo: Timolhy Thomp- son, Des Moines: William J. Thomp- son, Minneapolis, Minn,: William N. Thompson, Clear Lake: Ralph Throck- morlon, Derby: Thomas Tibbilfs, Lake Cily, David Trask, Winlersel: David Treib- er, Davenporl: Kennefh Trelialc, Cmaha, Neb.: James Trunnell, Wal- erloo: Paul Twedf, lnwood: Richard Unz, Jeilerson. Ken Van Devenler, Des Moines: Michael Van Houlen, Mason Cily: Maurice Van Nole, Cedar Rapids: Thomas Varnum, Radcliffe: Sheila Vedder, Cedar Rapids: David Ver- ploegh, lowa Cily. Virgil Wagner, Bode: James Wallers, Cedar Rapids: Roberl' Wallon, Oska- loosa: Allen Weidler, Sumner: Donald Wells, Cedar Rapids: Barlon Whif- man, Walerloo. Ray While, lowa Cily: Fredrick Whorley, Mason Cily: Granl' Wilken, Monricello: John Williams, Gallipolis, Qhio: Kafhryn Williamson, Fairfield: Wayne Wilson, New Providence. Sleven Wolf, lowa Cily: Lee Wood, lzorl Madison: Gene Wunder, Dysarl: Randall Wylie, Brooklyn: Suzanne YeH'er, lowa Cily: James Yulga, Hia- walha. Ipha Kappa Psi earns efficiency rating BOTTOM ROW: Greig Rawson, Richard Nelson, John Mc- Morris, Jerry Vollbeer. Allen Weidler, William Biqqane, Ron- ald Hansen, Jehr James, Gene Wunder, Larry Eilers. ROW 2: William Toyne, Dave Troyner, Craig Nelson, Rick Echter- naeht, Robert Rosenthal, Gary Burfie, Thomas Robertson, Pa?- rick Burke, Johr Kappenhaver Rorald Raiber, Robert Riddle. Alpha Kappa Psi, the largest business fraterni- ty on campus, scores high in academic and social contests. The group earned more than 100,000 efficiency points to become one of the top of 146 national chapters, At Homecoming, the award for originality went to the float built by the Alpha Kappa Psi men and Phi Gamma Nu women. ROW 3: David Hulse, Kurt Bundgaard, Greg Barntsen, Robert Millen, Bruce Duqstad, Gary Gottschalk, Patrick Stra- bala, James Border, Larry l-laddy, Dan Becker, James Walters. TOP ROW: Robert Lown, Charles Friedl, Grant Wilken, Eldon Dirks, Larry Nielson, Del Gregg, Richard Andersen David lfossuth Larry Jarseri Duane Thran, The 74 members sponsored a Homecoming party, a Winter formal, spring and summer picnics and an Easter egg roll for faculty members, child- ren. They heard speakers from the fields of ac- counting, insurance and marketing at their month- ly meetings. John James won the fraternity's award as highest ranking business senior. . QW Alpha Kappa Psi members oathei Q V XYZ? Delta Sigma Pi wins Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity for men in business. sponsors both social and academ- ic functions. ln line with its goal of professional excellence. the group sponsors tours, monthly meetings and speakers. This year the fraternity and Phi Gamma Nu, professional business so- BOTTOM ROW: Richard Lincoln, Gary Allison, Emil l'laef- linqer, Wayne Sfoeber, Gary Robinson, Charles Fields, Mich- ael Liebbe, Richard Reierson, James Oxenford. ROW 2: Michael Shield Sfeve Small, Johr Wellman, Rick laylor, Phillip Webb, Jerodd Jensen, Michael Cofton, Donald Siebke, .save as efficiency honor rority, co-sponsored an all-university symposium. Delta Sigma Pi attained a first-place rating in the national Delta Sigma Pi chapter efiiciency index. The fraternity sponsors a spring Rose Formal and crowns a Rose Queen. A scholarship key is awarded to the senior with the highest GPA. David Kaufz, John Doerres, Mike Patferson. TOP ROW: James Whife, Mike Davis, Kenneth McElyain, Dennis Lanq, William Boorn, Jerry Edwards, Leonard Selaesfa, Donald Mauer, Clark White, Ed Gerof, Don Gerhard. Social as well as professional acfivi- ties ere sfressed by Delfa Sigma Pi. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Ron l-lavser, Kurt Bundg1aard,Jirn Burn- er, Bruce Duqstad, John James, Sue Y ki' A-ft Yeiier, Carol McLaren. -2 R'-Q ww f Chamber sponsors careers conference All students enrolled in thc College of Business Administration are members of the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce. The Board of Directors, elected by the student body, is primarily a service organization whose major project is the annual Business Careers Conference at which representa- BOTTOM ROW: Timothy Thompson, Carol McLaren, Suzanne Yetter, John James, Greg Barntsen, Bruce Duqstad, Ronald tives from business and industry speak. The Board continued to publish the Commerce Crier newsletter for students. It also sponsored evening programs on public accounting, job in- terviewing and entering law school as a service to all business students. Hansen. TOP ROW: Mike Patterson, Emil I-laeflinqer, Gene Wunder, James Burger, Eldon Dirks, Kurt Bunqaard. Phi Gamma u wins homecoming trophy .M-ri TOP ROW: Roberia Beebe, Leanna Breese, Linda Carden, Marianne Caualier, Kathy Cotiirnan, Jo Ann Elliott, Marie Platley, Mary Ann Garalalo, Rosie Grady, Marie Grunewald, Jar lhrig Deanne Jones. ROW 2: Pat Kelly, Diane Kror Linda Lare, Linda Larson Karer Marin, Robin McGee Members of Phi Gamma Nu, professional bus- iness sorority, have been busy women under the direction of president Sue Yetter. In the fall they joined with Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity to build a Homecoming float that won iirst place for orig- inality. The women held monthly professional meetings, sl- 1'-"0 Jeanie Megloihlin, Jane Mel-lard, Carol McLaren, Mary Moore, Dee Moiiei, Carol Myers. BOTTOM ROW: Barlo Orend, Karen Sable, Marx' Schmitz, Adele Stoclc Jill lhornas, Pat Thomas Cornie lie'ie", Sheila Vedder Sue Williarns Carol Wilson Suzanne Yeller. sponsored a come as you are party. held a joint professional meeting with Delta Sigma Pi fra- ternity and sponsored a Christmas tea and a spring held trip. Other oilicers of the group were Sue Williams. first vice presidentg Jill Thomas. second vice presidentg Karen Sable. secretaryg Sheila Vedder, treasurer, and Carol McLaren. editor. Popcorn sales raised lunds For Fin Gamma Nu. ,. e mi x.fff4?KF' Don Gerhard is ir ve J o meirketinfi iOl3. I Ziff' arketing group attends Convention The annual State Marketing Convention held in Des Moines was the highlight of the year tor the Student Marketing Assoeiation. The group also attended a Convention held at the University of Northern Iowa. Cedar Falls. Four other stu- dent marketing elubs from Iowa Colleges and universities attended. BOTTOM ROW: John Wellman, lvliehael Liebbe, Michael Shield Jerodd Jensen, James Oxeniord, Gary Allison, Mi- chael Cotton, Don Gerhard, Gary Robinson. TOP ROW: The association also sponsored guest speakers on business and Commerce once a month. The speakers were Chosen for their ability to show students how to apply theory to their acting pro- fession. Any student enrolled in the College of Business is eligible for membership in the Stu- dent Marketing Association. James White, William Tevne, Jerry Edwards, Steve Small, Rofzer Leese, Emil Haeilinqer Ed Gerot Clark White, Wil- liam Eoorn. l27 Beta Alpha Psi presents lecture series , r r i BOTTOM ROW: Bruce Duqstad, Patriclc Wray, Darrell Pul- Ralph Throckmorton, Mike Donohue, Harold l-larnaqel, Milce ton, John James, John Swenson, Mariorie l-letzler. TOP ROW: Patterson, Paul Bazelicles, Larry Duncan, Allen Weicller. Beta Alpha Psi, a national honorary accounting fraternity, strongly emphasizes academic excel- lence. Membership is based on grades and achieve- ment. All members must have a 3.0 GPA and must be accounting majors. Besides honoring outstanding students, Beta Alpha Psi presented a series of lectures on ac- counting topics during the year. Several guest speakers from accounting firms and departments of southeastern Iowa businesses were featured. Business education fraternity is active Pi Omega Pi is a national honorary fraternity for students in business education. Its members help with the Homecoming Coffee in the fall. BOTTOM ROW: Terry Pouts, Mary Schmitz, Karen Sable Yvonne Shater, Dennis Anderson. TOP ROW: Mary Ellen Sheetz, Jill Thomas, Mary Paches, Deanna Jones, Rosemary il! . .,. at In the spring they participate in the careers conference, sponsored by the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce. and a Business Education Night. Grady, Lirda Carden. Not Pictured: Dr. Eugene t-lunt, Joan l-lall, Eileen Lundy, Patricia Kelly, Florence Babbitt, Carol Johnson, Judy Hansen, Sharon Powell. J rwsf f , lx 4 -fr 5 ,. ,,,,,. Q . lv M MM I Gene Ball, Davenporr: Lonnie Barfon, Cedar Rapids: David Benson, La- moni: Harold Bigelow, Warerloo: Thomas Biorge, Larrabee: Roberl' Briggs Marshallrown. Rodger Brush, Cedar Rapids: Richard Cannon, Holly, Colo.: Kenne+h Carl- son, Moline, Ill.: Thomas Clark, Sioux Ciry: Richard Collins, Des Moines: Kei+h Colwell, Algona. Charles Edwards, Humboldr: Thomas Fake, Casper, Wyo.: Carmen Fernan- dez, Miami, Fla.: Terry Fiori, Des Moines: James Goodman, Manchesl- er: Ralph Green, lowa Ciry. Jerry Harrison, Waierloo: Jan Haug- en, Decorah: Sfeve Heclluncl, Orium- wa: Richard Hellman, Waierloo: Ter- ry Hilleman, Marshallrown: Charles Holmes, Ames. Ernesf House, Muscaline: Mackay Hull, Marshalliown: William lversen, Clinlon: Jerry Juhlin, Mason Ciiy: Gary Kloucla, Cedar Rapids: Gary La Bounfy, Charles Cily. James Leary, Orrumwa: Charles Loeck, Lake Cilyi Wayne Liuclahl, Coralville: Charles Maurer, Tipronq Eugene McClin'rock, Independence: Bill Paefz, Muscaline. Dental Seniors DENTAL OFFICERS: David Zvvanziger, pres Harold Bigelow, vice president Jan Haugen rera rv-ireasu re r. Michael PaH'en, Des Moines, Paul 1 Phelps, Mason Cily: David Sonlcsen, I Audubon: Enrique SoHo, Iowa Cilyq Douglas Spicer, Lenox: John Sunclell, Joliel, lll. Guillermo Valdes-Fauli, Havana, Cuba: Harold Vander Hoelc, Oslca- loosa: Ches'I'er Willis, Lawlon: Qlflag Gerald Williams, Osage: Jerald , Workman, Iowa Cily: David Zwanzi- ger, Wes+ Liberiy. l l Rodger Brush uses lhe exlra caufion and liqhler louch needed in lhe childrens clinic, J l Junior A A has service, social goals BOTTOM ROW: John Loomis, Chet Willcs, Gerald Williams, ROW: Gary Swain, David Zwanziger, Dr. John Yoder, Roger William lversen, Joseph Long, Michael Daugherty. TOP Allan, Gerry Gienqer, Dennis Lovvman. All dental students are members of the Junior American Dental Association, a professional, so- cial and service organization of student dentists. The association aims at high standards in the Held of dentistry. Dr. E. Cheraskin, a physician and dentist from the University of Alabama, and Dr. Charles Sweet, a children's dentist from the University of Southern California, were among experts in the field of dentistry brought to the University by the association. The group's main social event is the spring Appollonian Frolic, the occasion for a dinner and numerous parties. As a service project, the as- sociation members made athletic mouth guards for area high schools. Even dental students have to get their teeth repaired sometimes. Ser- ald VVillian'is and Chester Wilks. . ,1 . as Carving +eo+h is fy m :fer 5cHvHxf rv HV' Deffi 5.31 Qvf-f,HrwQ'i. Dr. Claud Fraleigh, profffszov' QF periodorwics. addresses We Delfa Si13sf14adw1p?eFmeeTfn1. Par'Hes and conversa+ion are Delia Sig release ncfivifies Delta Sigs emphasize professionalism BOTTOM ROW: D. Zwanziger, J, Harrison, G. McClintock, C. Wilks. J. Anderson, M. Nelson, D. Mille', R. Green, D. Benson, H. R,tr'nan, R. Ahrenkiel, D. Carver, B. MCC-aryey. ROW 2: Robert Baltzell, H. Bigelow, B, Bork, M. Mclieeyer, C-. Swain, J. Mick, R. Smith, J. Simon, R. Moore, J. Gamble, D. Gooo, J. Goodman. ROW 3: J. Spraqg, L. Kohl, S.PVan Tosell, J. Juhlin, S. Cable, l.. Kaolee, K. Lauson, M. Kayser, 0. Sears, T. Shelly, S, Paulk, D. Bioos, 6, Maze, D. Nassen, ROW 4: T. Wineqarden, G. Carlson, M. Krell, J, Behrens, Delta Sigma Delta is a professional dental fra- ternity Whose purpose is to provide a professional and social outlet for its members. Life with the Delta Sigs is one of long study hours. No one studies all the time, not even dental students. so the fraternity sponsors an active social schedule for those inevitable study breaks. W. Kuftler, J. Keelberg, M. Kuchel, B. Gri'fin, G. Buhrow, J. I Plaza, J. Vernon, P. Herrnanson, D. Hofnaan. ROW 5: S, Walken. S. McDonough, M. McKinney, L. Kallcwarf, L. Bruner, D. Hellman, R. Sternoel, R. Allen, R. Malloy, S. Tilley, G. Benson, T. Tucker, J. Work. TOP ROW: 6. Kasparek, J. Hansen, C, Aswegan, C. Farrell, J. Rice, R, Loftus, J, Watson S. Byers, B. Davis, C. Loeck, G. Klouda, J. Phelps, M. Hull, T. Hillernan. Post-game buffets and parties top the fall schedule. Holidays in Winter provide the occasions for the annual Christmas and the post-New Yearis Eve parties. Rush activities fill the spring. On the professional side, the group hears speakers after each chapter meeting. The Della Sig lain fs bus. place when teelh are due. Psi Omega celebrate 1968 is diamond jubilee year for Psi Omega. professional dental fraternity. To celebrate. the Psi Omega Foundation initiated a dental student loan fund. Nearly half of the University dental students belong to this fraternity. The chapter house, which was recently re- modeled, provides accommodations for about one fourth of the members. A dental laboratory in the BOTTOM ROW: E. Sotlo, W. Liudahl, R. Grapeenrlorl, C. Fernarw dez J. Loomis, R. Brusr, J. Wferknnan, R. Cannon, J. l-lauqen, T. Fake J. Learv C. W. Edwaros, D. Er-fn, K. Carlson, ROW 2: D. Lowrhan, C. l-lolrnes, J. Lonq, D. Sonkszri, G. Valdes Pauli, E. Wrlqht, M. l-lollen, G. Giereqcr, G. Yarrington, 6. Williams, .L. Happel, l. Llaberrnan, E. l-louse, G. Currirrilrtqs. ROW 3: D. Spicer, B. Paelz R. Gray, K. hlarnrnel, J. Murtauqlr, J. W-eoel, J. King, T. Blorge D. Briqos, J. Whitehouse, G. LaBourity, R. Reay, J. Glullan, C A Psio and his dale compete in .1 lirrb-sfrelchluq baffle of lwlsfei. s diamond jubilee house is open for use by members. Business meetings as Well as many social functions are held at the chapter house. Social highlights included the Homecoming dance, Christmas dinner-dance and a spring rush party. Stag functions and family parties add more each year to the Psi Omega social calendar. Jer- ald O. Workman was Grand Master. l-landy, G. Forfrnari. ROW 4: H. L. Vanderl-loek, B. Dilvlarnbro, A. Woodhouse, J. Mafn, D. Gothier S. Burger, l-l. Harris, E. Weeks T. Snllls, G. lkferriock, T. Scherrfnel, Vw", l-lerrs J, Schrader, F. Riddle. ROW 5: T. Bokmevef, B. Toillen, E. Prfrnrner, M. Daugherty, D. l-lall, R. Keleher, F. Kaslahtin, VV. Pearce, T. Shively, J. Gnalo- v'ch, R. Brooks, D. Boyer. TOP ROW: G. Colwell, J. l-lurlev, J. Doerfng, R, Clhe, L. Alouisl, L. Rceoabush R. Zuenoel, P. Sharbo W, Iversen, L. Oesterle, L. Skinner, T. Kaus, R. Blair, J. Tieiqe. V off -wa :ff . """'r f ' .. Two PsiOs join in We qrafwd od fradikicrt of iappimg Hfve keg. X WHA We PSIQS gre wafchivg? 'S hu., PsiO Lyle Roudabush fakes a car fu! look if drse cfxuslmq micro-orqamfsms sfudled m demfal pwiholofqy Would anyone care +0 que-ss Dental H giene Seniors DENTAL HYGIENE OFFICERS: iron?-Pal Camp- : e Al 'st preside 'rg bac hell, ireasurer Su mqui n Nancy Jewell, vice presideni: Mary Hanawali, sec- rela ry. My ' Susan Almquisl, Orion, Ill.: Kalhy Brown, Naperville, Ill.: Trudy Brown, Fullon, Ill.: Teri-Lyn Bruclcer, Sioux Cily: Palricia Campbell, Galesburg, lll.: Jacqueline Cole, Rockford, lll. Barbara Collins, Des Moines: Pam El- ler+son, Alberi Lea, Minn.: Carol Fresquez, Denver, Colo.: Judilh Grov- enlourg, Des Moines: Mary Hanawall, Cedar Rapids: Sharon Hood, Poca- honros. Pamela Hynes, Manly: Nancy Jewell, Slory Ciiy: Jean Johnslon, Marengo: Kris Joonsar, Walerloo: Nancy Moore, l-lomewood, Ill.: Nancy Mun- cly, Kingsley. Belh Niclcolisen, Sioux Ciiy: Sandra Olsen, Dollon, lll.: Pamela Porfer, Rock Valley: Nan Ranes, Des Moines: JeaneH'e Rohrel, Iowa Ciiy: Faye Samuelson, Chicago, Ill. Linda Sirauss, Des Moines: Claudia Tessmer, Fredericksburg: B e + + y Thompson, Schaller: Carol Thompson, Wesl Branch: Susan Torgerson, Orna- ha, Nels.: Jan Underlcofler, Marshall- lown. Calhy Walsh, Maillancl, Fla.: Caihe- rine Widmer, Winlield: C a n d y Wrigh+, Elgin, Ill.: Bonnie Young, Los Angeles, Calif.: Judi'rh Young, Bloom- inglon, lll. it 2' Y T e , T 1' ,' K - .:', 5 ,V ra r I K W I , 1, l, Q an I i ' . N'-Q lth" K I 4 I 3 M 6-LV S f K -E M - ji K I V if , 5, , ,,,A Q ,spat A 2221 , Z 5, V, , -ffl, , ,rf , 'Q R IWV' r ,M , i , -aff ' ' 9 S ? 3 rj , , in 1 r Q S- X ... 3 BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Schmidt, Faye Samuelson, Judy Grovenburfl. Nancy Jewell, Susan Almouist, Pat Camobell, Mary hlanawatt, Sanoy Olsen, Bonnie Young, Judith l-torrabin. ROW 2: Judith Young, Betty Thompson, Sue Steele, Dianne C-ounaud, Jan Wheeler, Kathy Kiel- usialc, Kathy Weaver, Jan Tonelli, Jean Seaton, Sally Smith, Claudia Tessmer, Ruth Meyer. ROW 3: Cathy Widmer, Susan Torgerson, Patricia Scheelcel, Pamela Book, Pamela Childs, Dellaine Bishop, Pat Heichel, Penny Miller, Sandy Boyd, Nancy Severance, Nancy Mundy, Jeanette Rohret. ROW 4: Carol Thompson Nan Ranes Jean Johnston, Mary Spencer, Jane Perkins, Kristen Weaver, June Sm'th Barbara Buchda, Deborah l-torstrnann, Mary Goodman, Mary Kay Handtelt. TOP ROW: Pamela Porter, Candy Wright, Beth Nickolisen, Kathy Eaton, Barbara Burke, Trudi Stevens, Suellen Thomas, Joellen Roberts, Pam Ellertson, Sue Woods, Trudy Brown. Junior hygienists promote dental health The familiar apple girls who sell their wares on the steps of the Dentistry Building each fall are members of the Junior American Dental Hy- gienists Association. Alpha Kappa Gamma Alpha Kappa Gamma, professional fraternity for students in dental hygiene, took Christmas gifts to a local home for elderly ladies. The group also staged a clinical style show of uniform fash- BOTTOM ROW: Kathy Weaver, Carol Thompson, Barbara Schmidt, Susan Torqerson, Cathy Widrner, Nan Ranes, Betty Thompson, Pat l-leichel, Penny Miller, Jan Wheeler, Patricia Scheclcel. ROW 2: Faye Samuelson, Candy Wright, Nancy Jewell, Sue Steele, Dianne Gounaud, Jan Tonell', Kathy Kielusiah, Sandy Olsen, Bonnie Young, The group also sponsored a chili supper and style show of uniforms this year. At the annual spring banquet, juniors received their caps and seniors, their hygienist pins. stresses education ions. To reach the organizations goal of well- informed professionalism, members at their monthly meetings heard speakers on topics that ranged from dental hygiene to Red China. Jean Seaton. ROW 3: Mary Spencer, Sandy Boyd, Beth Niclcolisen, Trudi Stevens, Suellen Thomas, Deborah l-torstman, Susan Almcuis' Nancy Mundy, Ruth Meyer, Sue Woods. TOP ROW: Jean Johnston, June Smith, Joellen Roberts, Kristen Weaver, Barbara Buchda, Judith Horrabin, Sally Smith, Nancy Severance, ls ' W Engineering Seniors c ard Schrader admires his beard, whip ed The lunniesf beard in lhe MECCA conlesf. . ., M sig, - rr ,Mwv ei f . ,.Ar,g.: H r Dean Barnum, Keora: Henry Bausf, Sourh Amana: Roberir Becker, Warerf loo: Charles Blaisdell, Des Moines: Thomas Bliss, Cedar Rapids: Gary Brooks, Nevada. James Brown, Mason Ciryg Kenne+h Burcla, Oxford Juncrion: Ronalci Cochran, Des Moines: Pafrick Col- gan, Cedar Rapids: Kenron Coons, Chariron: Frank Copple, Orrumwa. John Corcoran, lowa Cily: Lynnce Coyner, Muscaline: George Cro- sheck, Solon: Sco++ Dahms, Donnell- son: Douglas DeNio, Dows: Garry Devinger, Mr. Pleasani. Michael Duffey, lowa Cilyq Roberr Dvoralc, Ml: Vernon: Larry Erb, Cedar Rapids: Paul Filliman, Knoxville: Ted Fuhrer, l-lillsboro: Philip Gee, Wesl Palm Beach, Fla, James Heslcie, Cedar Rapids: John Hillier, Manchesier: Viggo Jensen, lowa Ciry: Daniel Johannsen, Clinron: Thomas Jungk, Dubuque: Raymond Kearney, Clinron. Kennefh Kline, Farley: William Knoke, Aurora, Ill.: Roney Laine, Mason Ciry: Larry Levsen, Clarence: Roberi' Lucke, Bellevue: Thomas MarrioH', Bellendorl. Francis McAIIis'I'er, Lockridqeg Gary McMinimee, Carrollg Thomas Moore, Davenport Joseph Michels, Oelweiny Donald Nelson, Cedar Rapids, Dan Odem, Kirksvilleq Richard Olson, Muscaliney Melvin Paisley, Independ- ence: J. Mark Palmquisr, Villiscay Rex PaHon, Iowa Ciiy. James Phillips, Maquokelaq Dennis PIa'r+e+er, Iowa Cilyg Pere Rimsans, Dubuque: Jack Rosenberg, Maquo- keiag Richard Schrader, Viclor. Frank Sharp, Clarion: Roberf Shea, Crescog EH'on Sheefs, Brill: Donald Sherman, Grinnelly Donald Sierk, Princelon. James Smi+h, Des Moines: John Siein, Maquokelag Gary Sfrong, Ma- quokelap Daniel Swallom, Sioux Cilyq Paul Usinowicz, Pompion Lake, NJ. James Weede, Cedar Rapids: Sieph- en WeI+er, Iowa Ciiyg Richard Wheafley, Winihropp Harold Wheel- er, Clinronq Leonard Whife, Daven- port George Zerwas, Iowa Cily. Mike Tyler and Georgie Crosheck analyze Ihe anics oi a hydraulics conlrol syslem, AS. ot E. organizes IVIECC activities BOTTOM ROW: Don Leirnei Gecrgc Entwli'5tlQ Joe Meade, Rgggrf Jones, Michael Cnristlason, Daniel Swallorn, Theodore Weych, Mich- eel Tyler, Richard Olson, James Srftn, R'ct-ard Wt-eat'ey, Dan Odera Tom Jungk. ROW 2: Teo Fuhrer, Cliff Stoirtncr, Ricnard Dennis, Brian W'll'ams, Jarnes Oeta, Kenton Toomey, Robert Cook, Duane Vaurocr, Lee McMullen, James Weeoe, John Matres, Ernest Layer, Eric Lunclouist, Tom Foss. ROW 3: Dean Peterson. Larry Leysen, Mark Palm1:u'st, Robert Snea W'iIarn Gearrran Douglas DeN'o Associated Students of Engineering lASofEJ is a professional organization open to all engineering undergraduates. Two men from each discipline of engineering are elected to represent their sec- tion on the association's Council of Ten. The council is composed of live otlicers and five elli- cers-elect. New otlicers are elected each semester. 2 v-weawikiix viii-ii. i, Wi' asslitia ,wr :efcissffz QV' x ' . Wgyus i3f?'s'1iZ?"' I , 3? ,. ww Burton Kress, W'll'arn DeGroti, Kennetn Ki'nc, Frans Cooote, James Conrad, Harold Wheeler, Gary Strong. ROW 4: Thomas Marriott Kent Anderson, James Netzel, Fred Eoqcrs, J. Mfchae Kennelly, George Zerwas, Ronald Elbe, Robert Poyner, Ronald Downey, Don Nelson, Donald S'erlc, James Longstrefr. TOP ROW: Kenneth tvt'lier Dennis Hayek, Charles Blaisdell, Dick Lanqe, Robert West, Henry Baust, Kenton Coons, John Corcozan Rey lytcAll'ster, Major projects were sponsoring the Engineer- ing Open House and organizing the activities ot MECCA Week, which included a beard contest, stone hunt and ball. The group maintains the engineering student lounge and organizes college social events such as smokers and picnics. Presi- dents were Michael Christiason and Ron Beck. Part of the ASME spirit wer' into the early spring ltousecleanino Ot the erqir-eering lounge. BOTTOM ROW: Don Nelson, Kent Anderson, Jarnes Weede. Lauer, Torn hlegenbarth, Richard Dennis, Kenton Toonwe, Ted Fuher, Cliff Stoutrer, Eric Lundquist. TOP ROW: Ernest Brian Williams Torn Foss, Richard Olsor, John Mathes. A. I. l. E. investigates professional problems The student branch of the American Institute of Industrial Engineering fA.I.I.E.J met once a month with practicing engineers so members could learn the problems faced by professionals. The group also held weekly seminar sessions and took plant tours. This year the annual joint meet- ing was held with a senior chapter from Cedar Rapids. The group's goal is professionalism. A. l.Ch.lf. hears professional engineers To prepare men for the field of chemical en- gineering is the goal of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers fA.l.CH.E.J, an organization open to interested engineering students. BOTTOM ROW: Stanley Meyer, Richard Luedtlce, l-larold Wheeler, Robert Foyer, Dorald Sierlc, Rerald Downey, Gary Strong, George Zerwas. ROW 2: Burton Kross, Robert Cook, Willieirn Gearnaan, Michael Kennelly, Charley Blaisdell, Ronald At chapter meetings members heard speakers already at Work in the profession. They also took an active part in college projects such as MECCA Week and served on the ASofE Board. Elbe, James Loncistreth, Thomas Marriott. TOP ROW: Robert Shea, William DeGrotf, Fred Eggers, Dennis Hayek Kenneth Miller, James Netzel, Lawrence Kruse. Theta Tau hosts regio al eonterenee i l l l l BOTTOM ROW: Steve l-iarksen, Duare Vavroeh Vernon Toomey, Robert Coolc Burton Kross, Kent Anderson Robert Mcfhflister, Douglas Dehlio, Wfiiiiarn Gearrnan, Michael Tyler X-Nest. TOP ROW: Vernon Reolinq Dean Peterson Ted William Cousins, Dick Lanrre, ROW 2: Patrielx Mulvihill Vtfereh, James Weede, -lflnces Oelh, Joe Meade Jinn Jurlc Michael Kenneth, Cliil Stecfter Gaim Phillos, Ke"cc Dar Qdern, Theta Tau. a national engineering fraternity. was the host for the Northwest Regional Confer- ence of Theta Tau. Representatives from four Midwestern colleges and universities attended the Tau Beta Pi publiei Tau Beta Pi has members from all branches of the College of Engineering. This year the group planned to make its yearly faculty evaluation BOTTOM ROW: Marla Palrnquist, Don Leirner, Robert Shea, Theodore Wereh, Michael Tvler, Lee McMullen, Thomas Mar- riott, l-tarold Wheeler, Gary Strong. ROW 2: Daniel Swal- lorn, Burtor lfross Dennis Hayek, Donald Sierlc, Jarnes Lora conference in October. The local chapter ranked in the top quarter of the national fraternity chap- ters in excellence this year. The group is also active in intramural sports. zes taeulty evaluation available to the entire University and to present engineering programs for top high school students throughout Iowa to interest them in engineering. streth, Melvin Martens, Lynn Groe Carl Burnie l-loracif Munoz, TOP ROW: Ronald Dowrey, James Smith, Frark Copple, Larry Levsen, Kenneth Burda, Kenneth Miller, John Corcoran. Hubbard speaks at Chi Epsilon banquet BOTTOM ROW: Michael Christiason, James Smith. l-loracio Borda, Melvin Martens Roy McAllister, Joe Meade, Lee Munoz, Frank Copple. Kenneth Kline, TOP ROW: Kenneth Mclvlullen. Chi Epsilon is a national honorary fraternity for civil engineering students. An academic re- quirement demands that members be in the upper third of their class, and a leadership standard re- quires that they be active in other student activi- ties. Thc organization thus honors high achieve- ment and encourages students to Continue in the lield. Chi Epsilon also encourages faculty-student interaction. Philip Hubbard, dean of academic affairs. was the speaker at the group's fall initiation banquet, A spring banquet also was held. Officers were James Smith, presidentg Michael Christiason, vice presidentg Melvin Martens. secretary-treasurer. OFHCERS-BOTTOM ROW: Kew 'ffl' :urd-1 assocfre eoiter' u. R Smith, president' Melvin Marten? f-:serer.'-'fefistireu TOP ROW: Mi?e Cleristifisor' vice Qresideaf .rife Meeee aaarsna BOTTOM ROW: George Enrwhislle, Vernon McAllister, Lynn Groe. Don Leirner. TOP ROW: Franklin Moore, Dan Odern, Mark Palmquisl, Richard Wlwealley, Larry Leysen. Eta Kappa u recognizes scholarship Eta Kappa Nu is the only honorary electrical engineering fraternity in the United States. The University chapter gave awards this year to stu- dents who showed outstanding scholastic achieve- ment. For the second year, the group nominated three outstanding students for the Edwin B. Kurtz Award. The Eta Kappa Nuls also took part in the Engineering Honors Banquet. Pi Tau Sigma recognizes achievement Pi Tau Sigma is an honorary society for me- Pi Tau Sigma gives members an opportunity to chanical engineering students. Membership is a recognition of extra-ordinary academic achieve- ment. work more closely with faculty members and with other students in the field of mechanical engineer- ing. Theodore Wercli, Daniel Swallom, Michael Tyler. Laying out the March issue ci the lowa Transit are Nancy Milkint, sec- 'e'a'v7 Eurt Kress, editorfir-chfei ancl Peter Stephane, layout editor. .Wana ll lf Wg. t tssr , ,W gg ,a 'TJ .ahh -lx.. nf Transit publishes special MECCA issue The Iowa Transit. student publication of the College of Engineering, is usually a technical mag- azine. However, the eighth and final issue of this year was a special picture report on MECCA Week, which documented the open house, the stone hunt and the beard judging. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Milkint, Mary Micol Knoebel, Burton Kross, Kenton Toomey, James Oeth, Vernon McAllister, Mary Ann Mclfvoy. ROW 2: Patrick Mulylhill, Brian Williams. Wil- lnstead of the usual l,60O circulation, 4,300 copies of the magazine were printed in December and sent to alumni of the college. The student staff of 25 writes. edits, takes pictures and chooses the feature survey girl for each edition of the Transit. llam Gearrnan, Robert Coolr, Duane Vavroch, Peter Stephane James Weede. TOP ROW: Michael l-lerrnan, John Corcoran, David Riese, Robert Foyer Williarn Boyd, William Cousins. Law Seniors OFFICERS: Marfin Peferson, vice president sfopher I-lagen, presidenf: Roberf Shimanek f s rer: James I-lass, secrefary. f I -Nj! James Abshier, Council Bluffs: James Affeldf, Marion: Barry Anderson: Rockford, Ill.: H. Eugene Anderson, Reinbeck: Gary Ankeny, Ernmefs- burg: Ben Baker, Liffle Sioux. Randall Berkland, Emmefsburg: Roger Berkland, Cylinder: John Birkeland, Rock Island: Beniamin Blacksfock, Cedar Rapids: David Blair, Cherokee: Edward Blyfhe, Carbondale, Ill. William Blum, Dubuque: Philip Boei- fer, Rowley: Gary Boveia, Plainfield: Charles Brooke, Davenporf: Richard Bruning, Davenporf: Richard Bromley, Dorchesfer. David Bye, Iowa Cify: Gregory Carl- son, Oquawka, Ill.: James Cannella, lvlason Cify: George Clarke, Elm- wood Park, Ill.: Kingsley Clarke, Adel: Clare Davey, Iowa Cify. Donald Eells, Waferloo: Donald Ek- berg, Iowa Cify: Foresf Evashevski, Iowa Cify: Jean Evashevski, Denison: Gerald Fafka, Cedar Rapids: Richard Fehseke, Forf Madison. Philip Ferren, Cenferville: Ronald Frederick, Iowa Cify: Roger Freese, Lowden: Marjorie Friedl, Riverside, Ill.: Gill Garman, Urbana, Ill.: Rifa Garman, Oswego, Ill. David Gerber, Tislciliva, lll.: G. Dan- iel Gildemeisfer, Forf Dodge: Cecil Goeffsch, Monficello: Pal' Golden, Iowa Cify: David Goranson, Clear Lalce: John Gosma, Davenporf. Gary Graff, Cedar Rapids: Dennis Gray, Maplefon: Daniel Griffin, Des Moines: Chrisfopher Hagen, Des Moines: Jay Hamilfon, l-lampfon: James Hass, Roclc lsland, Ill. Seniors participate in legal aid program Bruce Hauperf, Marshallfown: Wil- liam Henderson, Council Bluffs: Ber- nard Henely, Ayrshire: Ronald Hers- berger, lowa Cify: Lynn Hess, Wafer- loo: Bion Hifchcoclc, Muscafine. Larry Howe, Charles Cify: Richard Howes, Charles Cify: Sfephen Johns, Willmeffe, III.: Edward Johnson, Greenfield: Gary Johnson, Denison Roberl' Johnson, Maquolcefa. Joseph Johnsfon, lowa Cify: Jerry Jones, Ames: William Joy, Perry: Frederick Julander, Farmingfon, N. M.: Roberf Kauffman, Wayland: Michael Kennedy, New Hampfon. Charles Kiple, Offumwa: John Klein, Marenqo: Eugene Knopf, Newfon: Edward Kollcer, lowa Cify: Roberf Lanman, Bonaparfe: John Livingsfon, Monroe. Ronald Luehrshann, Dyersville: T. E. Lyon, Coralville: Donn McLaughlin, Iowa Cify: M. C. McMurray, Keolculc: Dennis Meridi'l'h, Clear Lalie: Donald Meyer, Reinbeclc. Kendall Meyer, Vinfon: Eric Miller, Glen Ellyn: Franlc Mifvalslcy, Cedar Rapids: Galyn Moehring, Kewanee, III.: Erick Moon, Wahiawa, Hawaii: David Moore, Irwin. . .,:. 5 .v . A. 'ff mm Q A , I sg is A? il? Z Y 1 , s VK ri lea' I li' nw- W , if 1 "2 2. it s ef' 4 in " M X ' Ser i QED? sr s, R wif, r M 1 T 1 Y K . A I I, X Q ' ' . ' ': 'z 1 I ' - Milf. . k- -M K L M . . Seniors finish three years Roberl' Mossman, Vinion: Noel Mumm, Iowa Ciiy: John Murray, Ames: S+ephen Myers, Des Moines: Eugene Olson, Jewell: James OH'e- sen, Davenport Ken Paclgham, Evergreen Park, III.: Arlon Parish, Underwood: Roloerl' Perry, Siorm Lake: John Perkins, Des Moines: Donald Pelers, Iowa Ciiyf Marfin Peferson, Scranion. of law stud Sfephen Pe+osa, Des Moines: Paul Pfeflier, Wesley: La Mar Piper, Dela- van, Minn.: John PlaH', Algona: Sfephen Ransdell, Dubuque: Douglas Rendleman, Iowa Ciiy. Brian Riemer, Brodhead, Wisc.: Les+er Robinson, Iowa Ciiy: Samuel Rubin, Flushing, N.Y.: John Ryan, Emmers- burg: Gary Schmiclf, Iowa Ciry: Michael Sco++, Des Moines. N. J. G. ScoH', Iowa Ciiy: L. W. Shank, Iowa Ciry: Rober+ Shimanek, Monricello: Jay Shriver, Okoboii: Leslie Smaha, Marshalliown: Davicl Smeolema, Sigourney. F, Kelly Smi'I'h, Davenporl: Sfephen Smifh, Iowa Ciry: Lawrence Solomon, Peoria, III.: Roberl' Siine, Springiielcl, III.: Ray Sloclclard, Sali Lake Cily, Uiah. Mary Lou Tracey, Manchesier: Thom- as Wal+er, Muscaiinei William War- in, Mounr Ayr: Ronald Whi+ing, Iowa Ciiy: Bill Wilolberger, Iowa Ciiy. Dorofhy Wilkerson, Charlesron, S.C.: Davicl Willis, Lake Cilyi J. Mills Wil- liams, Prides Crossing, Mass.: Ken- ne+h Wrighf, Cedar Rapids: Dean Young, Iowa Ciry. Delta Theta Phi is active lavv fraternity BOTTOM ROW: Erick Moon, Noel lvlurnnn, Warren Shank Robert Perry, Brian Riemer, Ron Luehrsmann. TOP ROW: Socially and professionally, Delta Theta Phi men are not laggards. Luncheons, dinners, guest speakers, field trips, pizza parties, dances and picnics are part of the catalogue of fraternity ac- tivities that keep these law students from becoming LaMar Piper, James Abshier, Dean Duwsrnore, Tony Rilcer, Bruce Nuzum, John Murray, Stephen Allen, Daniel Griffin. dull college grinds. But life isn't all play. To encourage scholarship, a gavel is presented an- nually to the outstanding senior, and honors are given to freshmen maintaining a One rating in the argument program. OFFICERS: Ron Luehrsrnarn, treffz- fer: Briar- Rierner, president: Dick Bromley, tribune. OFFICERS: Larry Martin, secretory: Jay Shriver, historian' Bruce Hau- pert, vice president' Charles Kiole- president. Phi Delta Phi is largest law fraternit A membership of 221 makes Phi Delta Phi the largest law fraternity on Campus and the largest of the 85 national Chapters. Founded in 1893. it is the oldest professional fraternity on campus. Several members are ofiicers of the Iowa Law Review. one of the highest honors of the College of Law. BOTTOM ROW: R. Knoof J. Hass J. Ryan, J. Jones, P. Julander, W, .VV'lGl3G'QE?l', J. Shr'ver, C, Kfole S. Petosa, M. Lincoln, R. Mc- Cabe, G. Taylor, D, Nicol. ROW 2: B. Blacksfock, D. Rernley, N. Scott, G. Vanderhooi, D. Mcl.auohlin R. Schoell, R. Kunau, R. l R o T S hulz K Srnmr R Endl'no E Kollce ROW3 Wenze, .EgAe, . c , . in . ' 4, . Q L R. Fanter, J, Earley, M. McDonelo, R. Wrninei, R. Miller, D. Johnson, J. Diehl, S. Petersen, P. Kelley, S. Schne-pi, D. Schmidt, D, Chalupa, r ' M Kirb G J han- R. Potts R. Pete s. ROW 4: J. Raney, R. Riley, . i y, . o sen, J. Nachazel, G. Moss, J. Andrews, J. Sladelc, J. Anderson, R. Many all-campus leaders are Phids. The fra- ternity has been professional intramural football champion for I0 out of ll years. Social activities include winter and spring formals, exchanges with sororities. stags and a golf tournament. The fra- ternity also sponsors gucst speakers at the College of Law. Braun, R. P. Borcrerding, M, Miles M, Hardesty, M. Harfer, ROW 5: S. Stryker, W. Fanfer, J. Sheerer, J. Neople, J. Bowman, F. McCaw, D. Kruse, K. Padqharrt J. Broz, M. Nielano B. Bleckwenn, G. Johnson, R, Howard. ROW 6: E. Wirtz, B. Hitchcock, D. Carman, F. Mitvalsky B. Shirnanek, J. Alieldt, R. l-leyne l., Sampson, l-l, Maas, S. Wnerry, H. Field, P, Rcsetter, J. Sfoutner, W. Anderson W. Holi, D, Teeter. TOP ROW: D. Daedlow, J. Richard. J. Living- t n L. l-less, R, Stoddard, D. Rehaqe E. Sirnrners, M. Lehan, J. s o Ehrhart, E. Miller, R. Berklano, C. l-legen, W. Shaw, P. Ferren. Phi Alpha Delta stresses professionalism BOTTOM ROW: Donald Eells, David Smedema, Paul Pieiier, Thomas Cahill, Eugene Anderson, Mills Williams, David Bve, Kenneth Wright. ROW 2: Keith Ellerman, Robert Finlcbeiner, Larry Cohrt, Donald Schild, Douqlas Smith, James Stanton, Ronald Scherubel, Steven Gustaison, ROW 3: Arrold Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity strives to serve the student, the school and the profession by giv- ing student lawyers a chance to learn more about their profession. Opportunities for learning were offered in lectures, seminars, luncheons, and held trips to places that demonstrated law in action. Samuel, Robert Kula, Robert l-luiier, William Ballard, Dale l-loldiman, Robert Kauifman, John l-linton, Calvin Anderson. TOP ROW: Michael l-lelliqe, James Schilling, Robert Caro- lan Jon Sarii, Gerald Fatima, Dave Behrens, John Casper, Malcolm McPherson, Duane l-lasting, John Eidsmoe. Places visited by the group included the Iowa Supreme Court, the menis reformatory at Ana- mosa and the Eldora training school. In recogni- tion of its achievements in encouraging profes- sional excellence, the chapter was awarded the national outstanding chapter award. Sludying is a corstaht name ior 'he law students. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Brurinq, Jay Shriver David Snaed- crna, Daniel Gritiin, Mary Tracey, TOP ROW: Stephen Allen, Charles Kiole. Dorald Schild William Shaw, Don Bottorfi, Student Bar Association acts as liaison Every law student is a member of the Iowa Student Bar Association, which is afiiliatcd with the American Bar Association. A nine-member executive council acts as a liaison between fac- ulty ancl students. The two annual social events sponsored by the group were the Barristers Ball and the Foundation Frolics. Proceeds from the events helped support a scholarship fund. Iowa Law Review covers legal field Every aspect of law is covered by the Iowa Law Review. The journal is written by profes- sors, leading attorneys and Iowa law students. To write an article for the Review, a student BOTTOM ROW: John S. Murray, Richard Bromley, David B e, Charles M, Kiple, Edward F. Koller. TOP ROW: Donald Y C. Meyer, Kordall R. Meyer, Serrard D. l-lenely Donald C. must have a grade point of 75 out of a possible IOO. The otticers of the Review must have at least two articles published. They are chosen by the outgoing staft. Peters, William C, Wildbereicr, Richard J, l'-lowes, John l-l. Birkeland, Richard l.. Fehseice. Not pictured: Philip lz, Boelter David L. Vfillis. Student teacher William Boqner at- 'ernpts to stimulate a lively discus- sion in his social studies Class. SNEA explores education professions Members of the Student National Education Association KSNEAJ have the opportunity to become acquainted with the education profession lirst hand by meeting and Working with people in all fields of education. SNEA members un- cover knowledge not learned in the classroom BOTTOM ROW: Louisa Kieclaiseh, Bonita Tompkins, Sharon Satterly, Robert Flanagan, Margie Keil, Carol Lellrevost. ROW 2: Barbara Updeqratt, Jean l-lays, Steven Maher, Carolyn Koon, Marlene Schultz, Bonnie McQueen. TOP through state and district Conventions and through publications distributed by the state and national organizations. Members sponsored a booth at Homecoming, t'What is Student Teaching?" Special speakers were featured at the organiza- tionis meetings. ROW: Joyce Kuster, Donna Martin, Sharon Johannson, Kathleen Kopeclcy, Carol l-lanlcs, Nancy Starnen, Patricia Simcox, Liberal Arts Seniors LIBERAL ARTS OFFICERS: Jane Anfon, sec e a yr ,W W A Mk Sh s'dlSel'loerase A Q' ea, reiengu ovr,reu Dennis Abel, Mason Cily: Gary Ab- rams, Iowa Cily: Sally Ackerman, Elm- hursr, Ill.: Pamela Adams, Ames: Jan Ahlberg, Manhasser, NY.: Roberl' Ahrenlciel, Bellendorl. Thalia Alberls, Euless, Tex.: Nancy Alberly, Cambridge, Mass.: Pamela Allender, Orlumwag Sally All, Wesl Des Moines: Thomas All'ermaH', Dav- enporl: Roberla Alfhan, Bellendorl. Jane Anderson, Des Moines: Joy Anderson, Iowa Cily: Karhryn Ander- son, Cedar Rapids: Marlys Anderson, Iowa Cily: Roberl' Anderson, Omaha, Nels.: Susan Anderson, Downers Grove, Ill. Timo'l'hy Anderson, Shenandoah: Bar- bara Annis, Slrearor, Ill.: Ray Anlis- del, Cresron: David Arlcovich, Sioux Cily: Durward Armslrong, Norrhf poinl, NY.: Jacqueline Arnold, Roclc Island, lll. Marilyn Arnold, Marshallrownq Law- rence Ashland, Clear Lalce: Thomas Ashley, Iowa Cily: Eric Al'ha, Chari- lon: Janice Alherlon, Des Moines Grace Audel, Tucson, Ariz. Rose Augspurger, Carlisle: Mavis Baalz, Inwood: Randel Bailey, New London: Kalhleen Bair, Marshalllown: Sharon Balcer, Norlhboro. Rod Balclcen, Ridgeway: Marlys Bala- noff, Des Moines: Jon Ballc, Wauco- ma: Dennis Bangsion, Rockwell Ciiy: Mary Banning, Mason Cily: Elizabefh Barnes, Oslqaloosa. Evelyn Baschnagel, l-lumboldiy Aaron Basfen, Solon: Geraldine Baum, Iowa Ciiy: Judirh Baumgarfner, Kewanee, Ill.: Darlene BeaH'y, Muscaline, Janer Beaver, iowa Cily. Liberal arts has something for everyone Susan Beckman, Burlingion: Rebecca Biedard, La Porie Ciiy: Susan Beebe, Wever: Warren Beebe, Sioux Ciiy: Dianne Bell, Ailaniic: Karen Bell, Bur- linglon. Timofhy Bell, Dubuque: Carol Ben- neH', Panamah Cily, Fla.: Jeanne Ben- ne'H', Springfield: Gregory Benson, Davenpori: Judifh Benz, Cenlerville: Karen Beorlcrem, Des Moines. Ka'I'alin Berenyi, Keolculc: Richard Berg, Marshalliown: Donald Berge, Garner: Donna Berge, Decorah: George Bergeman, E+. Dodge: Aimee Berger, Superior, Wis. Susan Bergin, Park Eorresr, Ill.: Bonifa Bergman, Madrid: Mar+ha Berrhold, Keuka Park, N.Y.: Diane Bigelow, Manchesier: Marlene Biggane, Milan, Ill. Guy Bilek, Broolciield, Ill.: Sfanley Bilsland, lowa Ciry: Vicky Bird, Shen- andoah: Dellaine Bishop, lowa Ciiy: Karen Black, Elmhursi, Ill.: James Blackburn, Buffalo Cenier. Elaine Blair, Sioux Cily: Donna Bla- ney, Des Moines: Michael Blank, Iowa Ciryy Lynne Blinco, Sioux Ciry: Ken Boa+wrigh+, Des Moines: Emily Boden, Sioux Cily, John Boggess, Villisca' Theresa Boley, Hillsboro: Sondra Bolsinger, Des Moines: Sandra Bolfon, Solon: Jon Bowermasrer, Fairfield: James Boner'I', Dyersville. Brooks Booker, Iowa Cily: Margarel Boolhby, Cherokee: Karen Borglum, l-lomewood, Ill.: Susan Boudinol, Dav- enporl: Sally Bouska, Fl. Alkinson: Sandra Boyd, Marshallrown. Seniors grew as University expanded Barbara Boyle, Burlinglon: Roberl' Bowlin, Keokuk: Carolyn Braden, Dav- enporl: Craig Bradley, Argyle: John Brandl, Tironka: Charles Braun, Oak Park, lll. Frances Breslow, Glencoe, III.: Barba- ra Brewer, Clarinda: Richard Bride- son, Bayard: Anne Briggs, Peoria, Ill.: Larry Brigh1', Whealland: Linda Brin- genberg, Des Moines. Janice Brock, Wesl Des Moines: Gail Brodkey, Omaha, Neb.: Judilh Bro- gaard, Oxford: Palricia Brooks, Dix- on, lll,: Barry Brown, Davenporl: Cheryl Brown, Dubuque. Gloria Brown, Neosho, Mo.: James Brown, Gowrie: Jo Brown, Cedar Rapids: Kamela Brown, Earlham: Ken- na Brucker, Sioux Ciiy: Carolyn Brumm, Emrnelsburg. Saundra Brush, Le Grand: Mary Jo Buckley, Esrherville: Gregory Buell, Mason Cily: Carol Bull, Deerfield, lll.: Dennis Bull, Cenjrer Poinr: Dean Bu- resh, Fairfax. Rulh-Ann Burgy, Soulh Amana: David Burke, Iowa Cily: Larry Burge, Cla- rinda: Judi+h Burling, Park Ridge, III.: William Burneffe, Maywood, Ill,: Pa- lricia Busard, Forl Madison. Michael Bulcher, Davenporl: Janna Bullerbaugh, Council Blulls: Ann By- ers, Marshalllowng Tony Bylcowski, Davenporl: Jane Cadwell, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Anne Calverl, Rocklord, III. Ronald Campion, Iowa Cily: Diane Canham, Dubuque: Belly Canlor, Skokie, III.: Ellen Carbrey, Ames: Barbara Carey, Ames: Emmell Carl- son, Sioux Cily. Linda Carlsen, I-lavelock: Mary Jane Carlson, Des Moines: Tom Carlslrom, Spencer: Douglas Carmichael, Sigour- ney: Mary Carmody, Davenporl: Pal Carpenler, Davenporl. Lynn Carroll, Whealland: James Carslensen, Waverly: Philip Carler, I-Iumboldl: George Carler, Pills- burgh, Pa.: John Casper, Winlersel: Jodie Chally, Algona. Cynlhia Chamberlin, Iowa Cily: Richard Chapman, Urloandale: Roger Charipar, Iowa Cily: Richard Chel- chowski, Iowa Cily: Keilh Cherry- holmes, Nevada: Cherie Chervek, Sioux Cily. Lincla Chrislensen, Iowa Cily: Wil- liam Chrislensen, Skokie, III.: Roger Chrislian, Foley, Ala.: Lona Chris- lolifers, Forl Dodge: Robin Chun, Honolulu, I-Iawaii: Dennis Clark, Brill. Liberal Arts Seniors Cranes are almosl as common on lhe Iowa rive s as couples. Liberal Arts Seniors Hle landscaping and a year for adiuslmenl alce sludenrs forgel EPB was once a parlcinq lol. it Richard Clarlc, Bancroll: Larry Claus, Des Moines: Andrea Clause, Jeffer- son: Larry Claussen, Sioux Ciry: Cyn- 'lhia Cline, Davenporrp Be'Hy Clynick, Norlhbroolc, lll. Cynde Coggeshall, Des Moines: Her- mienne Cohen, Des Moines: S+eve Cohn, Warerloo: Leroy Coleman, Oakland: Pafriclc Collins, Davenporl, Carla Conn, lowa Ciry. David Cook, Des Moines: Karla Cook, Forl Madison: Nancy Cooley, Corn- ing: Ronald Cooper, Davenport Lyn- da Corwin, lowa Ciry: Gwen Cof- lingham, Russell. Roberl' Couch, Srorrn Lake: Virginia Coul+er, Marshalllown: Mary Coyne, Berrendorl: Corrine Cremers, Alberi Ciry: Kafhleen Croclceck, Peoria, lll.: Jeanne Crow, Marshallrown. Elaine Croyle, Cedar Rapids: Roberfa Culp, lowa Cilyp Ronald Cuppy, Iowa Cily: Elisabelh Curry, lowa Cily: Daniel Cufler, Whiring: David Dahl- heimer, Coralville. Sharon Dailey, Viola: David Dallman, Brilr: Julie Dallon, Omaha, Neb.: Alan Daniels, Ladora: Sheila Daniels, Cedar Rapids: James Dauber, Cedar Rapids. Myrene Davis, Denver, Colo., Rebec- ca Deahl, Peoria, III., Fonda Dehne, Washingron, Jeffrey Dei+ch, Chica- go, III.: Claire Delano, Rochesier, Minn., Chrisiine Deming, Alliance, Ohio. Philip Demoss, Cedar Rapids, Joan Derycke, Brooklyn, Jean De Shaw, I-Iopkinron, D'Rene Desmond, Daven- porr, John Deuisch, Newron, Donald Devine, Iowa Ciiy. Buildings rise where Cars once parked Pamela Devins, Coralville, Charles Dewey, Iowa Ciiy, Jacklynn De Wiiri, Knoxville, Diane De Woskin, Skokie, III., Roberl' Dixon, Rolfe, Danny Diur- en, Mason Ciiy. Lyle Dockendorff, Danville, Joan Dodd, Wesr Bend, Richard Dohr- mann, Sioux Ciiy, Reynel Dohse, Dav- enporr, Miichel D'OIier, Chicago, III., Darrell Dolmage, Waukee. Eric Donhowe, Ames, Michael Don- nelly, Oskaloosag Harriei' Dougher+y, Keokuk, Dennis Dowell, Ames, Thom- as Downs, Wapello, Marilyn Drake, Muscaline. Gail Drauden, Minooka, III., Cindy Dreibelbis, Belle Plaine, David Ducey, Myslic, Sally Duffield, Iowa Ciiyg Rocklin Duffy, Eairiax, William Dull, Oriumwa. James Dunham, Iowa Cily, Ka+hIeen Durkin, Norihbrook, III., Vicki Dusen- bery, Des Moines, Louise Duvall, Au- dubon, Theodore Dvorak, I.osI' Na- Jrion, Jean Ebel, Iowa Ciry. David Edwards, Oxford, Barbara Eg- an, Eairlield, Deborah Ehlers, Iowa Ciiy, Elaine Eisner, I-Iighland Park, , III., Mary Ekbring, Iowa Ciiy, Char- IoHe Elizer, Keokuk. y , W i Jane Elwood, Marengo: Douglas Ely, Newion: Karen Ely, Ames: Fred Em- mer, Brooklyn, NY.: Janice English, Anamosa: Mary Engwall, Des Moines. Janei' Erlo, Cedar Rapids: Joseph Eron, Demaresr, NJ.: Mary Erpeld- W ing, Alqona: Wesley Eiheridge, Law- ?" rence: Bill Evanoff, Cedar Rapids: Nancy Evans, Mason Ciiy. President Bowen, seniors in fourth year l Ru+h Evans, Perry: Richard Eyerly, l Carson: Rod Faino, Des Moines, Pam- ela Fall, Morron, lll.: Roberi' Farns- wor'rh, iowa Ciiy: Marilyn Farringfon, Cedar Rapids. Pafricia Faulds, River Foresr, Ill.: James Federharf, Sioux Ciiy: Sherry Fennell, Davenpori: Larry Fennema, Dow Grove: Kafhleen Perry, Boone: June Feye, Dubuque. Judiih Fineran, Odeboli: Michael Fish, Easi Moline, Ill.: Bonnie Fisher, Spencer: Eugene Fisher, Forr Dodge: Lawrence Fisher, Van Meier: Earl Fi+z, Marshalliown. Roberi' Flanagan, Rock Valley: Rich- ard Flesvig, Chicago, Ill.: Suzanne Flora, Rhodes: Marilyn Flowers, Rock- well Ciiy: Barbra Ford, Des Moines: Suzanne Fosselman, Davenporlr. Donna Frank, Davenporr: Sfeven Freclericks, Ames: Corene Frideres, Algona: Terry Frieden, Oiiosen: Su- san Friedlieb, Skokie, III.: James Froeschle, iowa Ciiy. Anne Fromm, l-larlan: Kafhleen Frosi, Waierloo: Mariha Fry, Corydon: Su- zanne Fry, Davenpori: Thomas Ga- han, Dysari: Susan Galloway, Des Moines. l Bruce Ganfz, Lalce View: Judy Gar- man, Livermore: Karen Garwood, Vinrong Jeffrey Gafhers, Arcadia, Calif: Nancy Gay, lowa Cilyg Sharon Geach, Des Plaines. Grefa Gehrlce, Wesi Liberly: Anfon Geiger, lowa Ciryy Harlan Gerke, Slrare Cenierg Melva Geyer, Ham- burg: Jan Gibson, Roseville, Ga.: Barbara Gidel, Somers. Lovefa Gierhar+, Decorah: Elizabe'I'h Gilberl, lowa Falls: Mary Gilmore, Gladwyne, Pa.: Orval Gingerich, Par- n-elly Bonnie Girvan, Odeboldl: Judi'I'h Gi+z, Clarion. John Glanz, Kinross: Karin Gleamza, Sl. Charles, lll.: Mary Glenn, lowa Ciryp Judifh Glos, Rockford, lll.: Mimi Glover, l-lunringion, lnd,: Su- zanne Gmeiner, l-lighlan-d Parlc, III. Bruce Goddard, Cylinder: William GoeH'sch, Clinrong Marfha Gold, La Grange Park, lll.: Dona Goldsmifh, Davenporlg Gary Goldsfein, High- land Park, lll,3 Nancy Good, Hinsdale, lll. Lavonne Goode, Bloomfield: Anira Goodman, Davenport Judilh Good- man, Belle Plaineg Mary Goodman, Davenport Nancy Goold, Downers Grove, lll.: Susan Goslcer, Hooper, Neb. Liberal Arts Seniors siden+ Bowen's address and lhe l-lawlceve ba a rraciions ai lhe lradirional induclion ceremony Liberal Arts Seniors Mohammed Ali, a celebrared induclee who relused lo go, signs auloqraphs aller his Decern io pearance al rhe Union ,dak Evelyn GoH'lieb, Oalc Park, Ill.: Emily Gound, Hamburg: Gary Graham, Burlinglon: Nancy Grandinelli, Oel- wein: Berry Graner, Cedar Rapids: John Green, Cedar Rapids. Carolyn Greer, Harlan: Michael Greer, Iowa Cily: Elizalaelh Gress, Falls Church, Va.: Gordon Gre'l'a, Sioux Ciry: Thomas Grewenig, Jolie-T, Ill.: Harold Grieshaber, Beliendorl. Palricia Groe, Lalce Mills: Michael Gross, Whilremore: Kennerh Grosz, Des Moines: Rulh Groul, Hamillon, III.: Belly Grouwinlcel, Wapello: James Grove, Ml. Carroll, Ill. Richard Gruen, Des Moines: Susan Guenlher, Walerloog Parricia Guslafs son, Rockford, Ill.: Darlene Gus+il'us, Roclclord, lll.: Kay Hadley, Blooming- dale, Ill.: Harvey Haeberle, Des Moines. Lee Ann Hagenson, Evanslon, III.: Judilh Hagslrom, Dululh, Minn,: Jeff Hahn, Sioux Cily: Karen Hahn, Charles Ciry: Howard Haigh, Man- chesrer: Nancy Haines, Cedar Rap- ids. Mary Hale, Marengo: James Hall, Mason Ciiy: Garry Hamdorf, Clin- lon: David Hanawall, Cedar Falls: Sandra Hansch, Eagle Grove: Dolores Hansen, Vicior. Eldon Hansen, Couller: Sonia Han- shaw, Eslherville: Diane Hanson, lowa Cily: Susan Hanson, Waulcon: Susan Harmon, Eldon: Kalherine Harris, Brussels, Belgium. James Harrison, Marion: Harry Hari, Cedar Rapids: Donna Harlien, Dav- enporl: Roberl' Harlung, Bellendorl: Ann Harvey, Marshalllrown: Judilh Harvey, Denison. en lace decision on military service Barry Haskins, Mason Cily: Gregory HaH'ermann, Barlonville, Ill.: John Hauenslein, Tracy: Larry Haugland, Brill: Edward Hauser, Philadelphia, Pa.: Waller Hauler, Marion. Mary Hawfrey, Grinnell: Susan Hay- es, Maquolcela: Jean Hays, Des Moines: Gary Haylcher, Moline, III.: Ri'l'a Hedslrom, Porlrage, lnd.: Jean Heeren, Geneseo, Ill.: Randy Heim, Cedar Rapids: Sharon Heil'riHer, George: Gerardo Heller, Bogola, Columbia: Carol Hellige, Forr Madison: Michael Hellige, Forl Madison: Diane Hellmund, Wilmelle, Ill. Ronald Helm, lowa Cily: Ann Helm- boldl, Norlh Riverside, Ill.: Barbara Hemphill, Marshalllown: B a r b a r a Henderson, Ramsey, N.J.: Palricia Henderson, Council Bluffs: John Hen- clriclcs, Boone. Kalhleen Hennessey, Manilla: Rebec- ca Hennessey, Kinnelon, N.J.: Carol Hennings, Council Bluffs: Jane Hens- ley, Allanlic: Janice Herald, Chari- lon: Herbin Foresline, Greenslooro, N.C. Joan Herren, Cedar Rapids: Mary Herrick, Dalrola Cily: Nancy Herrig, Allon: Sue Herweg, Peoria, Ill.: Kar- en Herzofli, Sioux Ciry: John Hey, Cedar Rapids. Win or lose, vve'll always Donald Hicks, Monfezuma: Paul Hicks, Maquokefa: Neil Hillyard, Winfield: Keifh Hindman, lowa Cify: Edward Hinfon, Corning: Holly Hir- lco, lowa Cify. Sfephen Hirko, lowa Cify: Ann Hiel- le, Bismark, N.D.: Jeffry Hlubek, Clinfon: Marfha Hodges, Gadsden, Ala.: Don Hodson, Plymoufh: Randall l-loelzen, Burlingfon. love football Sally Hoffman, Pekin, lll.: Michael Hogan, Lansing: Mary Hoganson, Dow Cify: Sharon Hoffeisel, Morfon Grove, III.: David Hoherz, Waferloo: Lennis Holm, lowa Cify. Dianne Holfkamp, Houqhfon: Susann Hooven, Spencer: James Hop, Cedar Rapids: William Hopkins, Websfer Cify: Chrisfine Hornung, Burlingfon: Sara Horsfman, Briff. Thomas Horvafh, Cedar Rapids: Nan- cy Hoskin, Bloomfield: John Hofz, Sfrawberry Poinf: Sheryl Houghfon, Woodruff, Wisc.: John HouleH'e, Des Moines: Nancy Howar'd, Burlinqfon. Gary Hubbard, La Jolla, Calif.: Cyn- fhia Huber, Evanisfon, lll.: Marcia Hudson, Des Moines: Nancy Huene- mann, Garner: Janef Huff, Quincy, III.: Richard Huff, Exira. Mary Hulfgren, lowa Cify: John Hun- kins, Colurnlous Juncfion: Michael Hurley, lowa Cify: Margaref Hurf, lowa Cify: Anne Hyland, Tama: Di- ane Hypes, lowa Cify. Norman Hyfhecker, Wheafland: Linda lhrke, Glenview, Ill.: Pafricia lkan, Haverhill: James lnghram, lowa Cify: Dennis lshibashi, Chicago, Ill.: Richard lves, Davenporf. Carol Jackson, C e d a r Rapids: Vaughn Jackson, Cedar Rapids: Ver- lyn Jackson, Cedar Rapids: Ru+h Jac- obs, Sioux Cily: Jack Jacobsen, Clin- ron: Carol JaFFrey, Alexandria, Va. Roberr Jakoubek, Garner: Mary James, Cedar Rapids: James Janssen, Manson: Cur'r Jansen, Manning: John Jeffries, Iowa Ciry: Bonnie Jenkins, Clinlon. Susan Jenks, Iowa Cily: Michael Jen- nings, I-lillsborog BeHy Jensen, Cedar Rapids: Sue Jensen, Davenporr: Michael Jerde, Websler Cily: Char- les Joekel, Arlanlic. Be+h Johannsen, Miles: Sharon Jo- hannsen, Schleswig: Shirley John, Jel- Ierson: BeHy Johnson, Wesl Burling- lon: Carole Johnson, Grinnell: Char- les Johnson, Laurens. Donald Johnson, Iowa Cily: Forbes Johnson, Wesr Branch: Louise John- son, Dumonrz Loyd Johnson, Lake View: CharIo'H'e Jones, Alhens, Gai Donald Jones, Iowa Cily. John Jones, Dubuque: Judson Jones, Monrezuma: Richard Jongewaard, Wesley: Van Jorsfad, McCaIIsburq: Frank Juvan, Iowa Cily: Jack Kaaua, I-Ionolulu, I'Iawaii. M1WLl J Liberal Arts Seniors We may be down but our hopes are high. K h iv Kollrnarn Qrins on lop ol the ea , Liberal Arts 0 SGHIOFS , Xie?-f gbxeeef www , 963821 The lowa Delencler, ediled by David Pollen, and 'LVQSX ublished by Gerald Slevens, and Middle Earlh, AWB ediled by David Miller and published by Roberl VUX ', ayre, add deplh and color. L XSUWXX VW William Kadera, lowa Cily: Charlie Kahane, Omaha: Timolhy Kane, Ames: Ron Kaplan, Walerloo: Mar- lha Karr, lowa Cily: Alan Kasper, Soulh River, N.J. Grelchen Kaullman, Des Moines: Lloyd Kaulman, Manson: Mike Kav- ars, Mason Cily: Myron Kaulsch, lowa Cily: Roger Kaye, Bronx, NY.: Mary Kealey, Davenporl. Belly Keech, Lillle Roclc, Ark.: David Kehe, Waverly: Margarel Keil, lowa Cily: Douglas Keiper, Allcins: Heidi Keir, Spencer: Millon Keizer, Ha- warden. Richard Keller, La Grange, Ill.: Vir- ginia Keller, Chicago, III.: Earl Kemp, Ames: Barbara Kempl, Wellman: Kar- en Kenl, Eslherville: Susan Kenl, lowa Cily. Susan Kenlner, Springlield, III.: Mirrel Kepharl, Arlinglon l-leighls, lll.: Wil- liam Kerlool, Ollumwa: James Kerr, lowa Cily: John D. Kerr, lowa Cily: John R. Kerr, Des Moines. Gary Kerslalce, Lisbon: Regina Kess- ler, lowa Cily: Marlin Key, Allanlic: Bradley Kiesey, Wesl Chesler: Marie Kimberly, La Grange, Ill.: Michael Kinney, Sioux Cily. """'s.. Carol Kirby, I-Iazleiong Kerry Kirby, Oelwein: Sreven Klaus, EarIviIIe: Pam- ela Klocksiem, Rockwell Cily: Judifh Klopfensfein, Mouni' Pleasanl: Kay Kneller, Wesr Des Moines. Wade Kness, Des Moines: Jan Knighl, Cherokee: Gerald Knoll, Daugheriy: William Knowler, Iowa Ciiy: Russell Knudsen, Arlaniic: Mary Jo Kober, La Porie Ciiy. ew weeklies print special riot issues Rodney Kodros, Iowa Cilry: Elizabefh Koehn, Cedar Rapids: CoIe'H'e Koes- fer, Forr Dodge: Gloria Kokis, Roe chesler, N.Y.: Carolyn Koon, Des Moines: John Koza, Iowa Ciiy. Dianne Kraff+, Esfherville: Bonnie Kra- mer, George: Pam Kra+zer, Cedar Rapids: Ka+hIeen Krebs, Clinion-: Gwenn Kreml, Riverside, III.: Carol Krieg, Los Allos, Calif. Janene Kuhl, Sioux Ciiy: Mary Kuhl, Dubuque: Mary Kuhlmann, Charrer Oak: Nina Kuperman, Sioux Ciiy: Roberi' Kuramofo, Websier Ciry: Joyce Kusrer, Des Moines. Dianne La Barge, Anamosa: Liga La- cis, Burlingron: Mickey Lannon, Mas- on Cily: Dennis La Pon+, Oiiurnwai Gary Larsen, Deiroii, Mich.: Pa+ricia Larsen, Mason Ci+y. Jane Larson, Gowrie: Paul Larson, Ferl' Dodge: John LaHa, Lone Tree: Keyron Laubenrhal, Emrneisburg: John Laughion, Merrill: John Laven'r, Grinnell. Barbara Layfield, Mason Cily: Joann Lay+on, Des Moines: Nicholas Le Grand, Le Claire: Dennis Leinbauch, Losr Naiion: Duane Leiich, Melford: AnneHe Lenzi, I-Iighwood, III. Monica Leo, Dubuque: David Leon, Las Vegas, Nev.: Eugene Leonard, Clinlon: Carol Le Prevosr, Clinion: Jeanne Leslie, Muscaiine: Rosemary Levi, Waierloo. Jane Lewarne, Fori Dodge: Judy Lewis, Des Moines: Michele Leyde, Lansing: Verna Liloloy, Lake View: Carolyn Liehr, Morrison, III.: Ellen Lin- cors, S+. Louis, Mo. Ever one has dozed off while reading Barry Lindahl, Dubuque: Sue Lind- blom, Roclc Island, III.: Barbara Lind- horsi, Iowa Cily: Ruih Lindquist Roclclord: William Lindsay, Musca- line: Janel' Li+zsinger, S+. Louis, Mo. Judiih Lloyd, Memphis, Tenn.: Ann Lockharf, Garnavillo: Richard Lock- ridge, Des Moines: Frances Loeb, Gulhrie Cenler: Donald LoHus, Gil- more Cily: Gail Longanecker, Daven- pori. Var Lordahl, Wilmelle, III.: Roger Loring, Keokulc: Michelle Loucius, Freeporr, III.: John Loughran, Iowa Ciiy: Dennis Loux, Clarion: Richard Louvar, Cedar Rapids. Timoihy Lowenberg, Donnellson: Car- ol Lowry, Des Moines: Janei' Luclcen- bill, Glen Ellyn, III.: Kaye Lumley, Mason Cily: Dennis Lumphrey, Sioux Cily: Sheri Lundeen, Rock Island, III. Linda Lundquisr, Iowa Cilyg Gary Lundvall, Davenporl: Darold Luze, Keysrone: Lawrence Lynch, Iowa Cily: Gary Macek, Forr Dodge: Dor- oihy MacKay, Wesliield, IXI.J. Wendy MacMorran, Carlhage, Mo.: Helen Maduff, River Foresr, III,: Pa- 'rrice Magee, Forl Madison: Connie: Mahan, Newion: Judifh Mahan, Ced- ar Rapids: Maurice Maharry, Clear- field. Anne Mahl, Des Moines: Carol Maier, Ailaniic: Ann Malzahn, Muscaiine: Nyla Mapes, Earlham: Jeff Marguiies, Sioux I:aIIs, SD.: Linda Marsh, Prince- ion, III. David Marshall, Independence: Cas- sandra Marfens, Forr Dodge: Cheri Marfin, Lyndon, III.: Donna Marfin, Burlingion: Marilynn Mar+in, Marenv go: Rose Mason, Iowa Ciry. Ka'rhy Mafhews, I-Iomesiead: Kafy Maihison, Nevada: Richard Maurer, Burlingiony Marion May, Cliniong Su- san May, Cherokee: Ken McBea+h, Bloomingion, III. Phillip McCabe, Lime Springs: Pam- eIa McCaIIey, Cedar Rapids: Michael McCarney, Iowa Ciiyg EiIeen Mc- Carfhy, Davenpori: Mary McCar+hy, Beiiendori: Mary McCarI'hy, Davene Dorf. Lynda McCaus+Iand, Lime Springs: Harriei' McCIeary, La Grange Park, III.: Craig McCloud, BurIing+oni: Kaih- Ieen McClure, Oak Park, III.: Mariory McCoIgan, SiIver Spring, Md.: Carol McCoIIum, Des Moines. Pafrick McCooI, CIarion: Dale Mc- Cormick, Sigourney: Ka+hIeen Mc- Cormick, Sioux Ciiyg James McCoy, Des Moines: Gary McCrighi', Coge gong Marilyn McDonaIcI, Iowa Ciiy. Liberal Arts Seniors I-Iisfory, language and poIi?icaI science maiors ii d Schaeffer siudy haII a convenie-ni place Io spe e w n-class Iime, Liberal Arts Seniors is million-dollar arl' cenler will loe open nexl Marjorie McDonald, Ryan: Larry Mc- Dowell, Cedar Rapids: Suzanne Mc- Dowell, Glenview, Ill.: Larry McElroy, Olrrurnwa: Gayle McEvoy, lowa Ciiy: Brian McGinnis, Peelcslcill, NY. Marian McGinnis, Columbus Junc- lion: Gaylord McGral'h, Rowley: Sfeven McGra+h, Keosauqua: Jack McGuire, Ames: Sfeven McGuire, Los Alios, Calif.: Michael Mcllhon, Des Moines. Erik McKee, Carson: Ranson McKee, Muscaline: Michael McKinley, Wallc- er: Palricia McNamer, Dubuque: Jan- e'l' McRober+s, Des Moines: Gary Mc- Williams, Moline, Ill. Julie McWilliams, Moline, lll.: Barba- ra Meeker, Cedar Rapids: Ka'l'hryn Meisenbach, Davenporr: Michael Me- nage, Rock Rapids: Ann Merkel, Des Moines: Linda Melslcer, Tulsa, Okla. Lauren Meyer, Wilrnelle: Joseph Meyer, lowa Cily: Joanne Midland, Chicago, III.: Riclcy Midclleron, Car- lisle: Clarence Milcelson, Walerloo: Linda Miles, Des Moines. Carla Miller, Des Moines: Gary Mill- er, Siuarl: Jean Miller, Cedar Rap- ids: Joan Miller, Cedar Rapids: John Miller, Nevada: Larry Miller, Des Moines. Mary Miller, Wellman: Palricia Mill- er, Charilon: Richard Miller, Iowa Cily: Sandra Miller, Des Moines: Sharon Miller, Solon: Sue Micich, Des Moines. Douglas Minney, Cedar Rapids: Bon- nie Mifchell, Jeilerson: Judifh Mirch- ell, Burl: Mark Monahan, Audubon: Consrance Mondr, Boone: Kay Monk- house, Brisbane, Auslralia. Fine arts students awarf new building Ann Monfgomery, Larrabee: Fah-Lin- Moo, Sandakan, Malaysia: Pamela Moon, Cedar Rapids: Barbara Moore, Pillsburgh, Pa.: Donna Moore, Marshalllown: Janel' Moore, Muscaline. Srephen Morain, Jeilerson: Marsha Morgan, Iowa Cily: Sheryl Mori'I'z, Cornrnack, N.Y.: Mary Morrison, Ollurnwa: Jeffrey Morlensen, Des Moines: Anne Moss, Wilmelle, III. Allen Mossman, Iowa Cily: Hugh Mossman, Vinlon: Bruce Mos+, Cedar Rapids: Paul Mo'H', Jolier, Ill.: Nancy Moxley, Cedar Rapids: Elizabelh Moyer, Iowa Cily. Hannah Moyer, Iowa Cily: Chrisline Mueller, Bellendorl: Sfephen Mueller, Sl. Ansgar: Milzi Mulmed, Sioux Cily: Loralea Murdoch, Warkins: Polli Murphy, Clinlon. Thomas Murphy, New I-Iamplon-: Gerda Murra, Bullalo Cenler: Roberi' Murray, Charles Cily: Frank Myers, Russell: Richard Nading, Des Moines: James Nass, Iowa Cily. Kendall Nalvig, Crespo: Palricia Neal, Arlhur: Dorolhy Nebel, Mounl Pleasanl: Charles Neighbor, Spiril Lake: Peggy Nekvinda, Cedar Rap- ids: Andrea Nelson, Upper Moni- clair, N.J. Barbara Nelson, Miles Cily, Mon+,I Susan Nelson, Ewa Beach, Hawaii: Richard Nemec, Cedar Rapids: Ver- nona Neppel, Iowa Cily: Nancy Ne+h, Davenporl: Roberl' Neumeier, Schiller Park, lll. Maurice Neuweg, Wesr Poinr: Carole Neville, Anamosa: Roberi' Newberry, Muscarine: Donald Nichols, Whirle- more: James Nicholson, Des Moines: Susan Nicholson, Des Moines. Computers reduce research drudgery Be+h Nickolisen, Sioux Cily: Andrea Nieland, Danville, lll.: Maurice Nie- land, Carroll: Palricia Nielsen, Au- relia: Karhryn Nielson, Knoxville: Lann Niemeyer, Gilmore Cily. Mary Nix, Davenporr: Mark Nolan, Gurhrie Cenrer: Nancy Noller, Sig- ourney: Consfance Norfon, Cedar Rapids: Michael Nor+on, Highland Park, III.: Jean Novak, Cedar Rapids. Donald Nullemeier, Aberdeen, S.D.: Lillian Nunheimer, Basking Ridge, N.J.: Tom Nunnikhoven, Burlingronr John Nysfrom, Des Moines: Ellaouise O'Brien, Cedar Rapids: Maureen O'Bryon, Marshalllown. Dailene O'Connor, Walerloo: Sean O'Doher+y, Larchmonr, N,Y.: Marlin O'Donnell, Williams: Mary O'Hallo- ran, Easr Moline, III.: Sandra Olsen, Dolron, lll.: Carmen Olson, Tipron. Eugene Organ, Parnell: Jo Orman, Eloris: Judifh Osborn, Whealon, lll.: Thomas Osborn, Glenwood: Gloria Osdoba, Orange Ciry: Marilyn Os- weiler, Pocahonlas. Virginia O++o, S+. Paul, Minn.: Thom- as Overe'H, Belrendorl: David Pack- ard, Cedar Rapids: lnga Padgham, Evergreen Park, lll.: John Page, Iowa Cilyy Thomas Page, Des Moines. Jeanne Pahl, Muscarinei Pe+er Pa- que++e, Iroquois Falls, Oni.: Pence Parsons, Burlingron: Ray Pas+orino, Tama: Cornelius PaH'erson, Dixon, III.: John Pa'Herson, Websler Cily. Lynn Paulin, Forl' Dodge: Palricia Paulsen, Des Moines: Mary Peacoclc, Des Moines: James Peck, Lalce View: Cheryl Pedersen, Rock Rapids: Diane Pedersen, Wfaierloo. Gail Pedersen, Des Moines: Jose- phine Peiffer, Websler: Helaine Pen- ner, Chicago, III.: Roberi' Penwell, Villisca: Mary Perham, Sioux Cily: Pamela Perkins, Des Moines. Harris Perles, Iowa Cily: Janice Per- niclc, Louisville, Ky.: Anne Perry, Jel- Ierson: Lois Perry, Iowa Ciry: Roberf Person, Iowa Ciry: Connee Pelers, Carroll. Jon Pefers, Oberlin, Kari.: Judi+h Perersen, Davenport Judy Pefersen, Clinlon: Kafhie Pefersen, Crescenl: Kim Pefersen, Walerloo: Mildred Pefersen, Cushing. Charles Peferson, Iowa Falls: Dorwin Pe+erson, Canlon, III.: Janice Pe'l'er- son, Iowa Falls: Lynne Pe+erson, Mar- shallrown: Marc Peferson, Baiurle Creek: Pal' Peferson, Mason Cily. Liberal Arts Seniors From +abuIa+ing vofing sluolies Io figuring phon bills, punch cards are par: ol academic Iile Liberal Arts Seniors The 8,000 sludenls in summer session Find many disrracrions. Jane Pelree, Clinron: Duane Pefsel, lowa Cily: Cheryl Phelps, Whealon, III.: Roberl' Phelps, Davenporr: Ron- ald Phillips, Cedar Rapids: Marcia Pierson, lowa Ciry. Paul Piller, Granger: Phil Piper, lowa Ciry: Gerald Pirch, Clinlrong Larry Pifhan, Danbury: Barbara Pil'z, Gene- va, lll.: Marilyn Plaffenberger, Mar- relle. Dixie Poindex'l'er, l-linsdale, Ill.: Dian- ne Ponsar, Solon: Carolyn Porler, Des Moines: Jean Porler, Bloomfield: Pam Porfer, Roclc Valley: Nancy Poslel, Cedar Rapids. Karen Polhasl, Waverly: Helen Poll'- hoff, Cedar Rapids: Pamela PoH'hoff, Muscaline: Slrephen PoH'ra+z, Clinion: Terry Powell, Algona: Joan Powers, Iowa Cily. Palriclc Powers, Clinlon: William Pran- ger, Wesr Poinr: Sfanlon Preslon, Melbourne: Sandra Preussner, Ryani Mary Pries, Burlingron: Pa'l'riclc Prina, Galesburg, Ill. David Proclor, Des Moines: Fran Puhl, Mason Cily: Louise Puls, Dav- enporl: Slephen Pulman, Washing- lon: Karen Pulnam, lowa Cilyg Nancy Pulnam, Forl Dodge. Paula Quisenberry, Granville, Qhio: Ufe Rabong, Burlingfon: Douglas Ragland, Des Moines: John Ramsey, Audubon: Pafsy Randell, Davenporf: Richard Randell, Keosauqua. Kris Randerson, I-Iighland Park, III.: Nan Ranes, Des Moines: Jan Rarig, Aflanfic, INI.J.: Lawrence Ravifz, Vee rona, INI.J.: Neil Reclcer, Monficello: Judy Redenbaugh, Iowa Cify. Summer takes study out of study dates Roger Reece, Diagonal: Camelia Reed, Gufhrie Cenfer: Harry Reid, Perry: Jan Reilly, Offurnwa: Michael Reilly, Colona, III.: Cheryl Reimer, Cedar Rapids. Joan Reinders, Davenporf: Rebecca Renard, Keolculcg Mardon Renn, Min- nefonlca, Minn.: Vicki Reynoldson, Os- ceola: Roberi' Richardson, Jefferson' Barbara Riessen, Iowa Cify. John Riherd, Belle Plaine: Ann Riley, Des Moines: Carolyn Rinlcer, Iowa Cify: Bolivar Rivera, Chicago, III.: Bonifa Roberfs, Park Ridge, III.: Kar- en Roberfs, Council Bluffs. Michael Roberfs, Des Moines: Rach- ael Roberfs, Dunlap: Suzanne Rob- erfs, Pofornac, M.D.: Joseph Robin- eH'e, Le Mars: Bonnie Robinson, Ev- ansfon, III.: Cynfhia Robinson, Sform Lake. Judifh Robson, Newfon: James Ro- choH'e, Chicago, III.: Bernice Rockey, Marion, N. Carolina: Diana Roddin, Iowa Cify: Ellen Roe, Norway: Jean- ne Rohde, Durango, Colo. Jeaneffe Rohref, Oxford: Gene Ro- land, Des Moines: Carol Rollinger, Websfer Cify: Rosemary Ronnebaum, EarIviIIe: Cheri Rosa, Marengo, Phyl- lis Rose, Oslcaloosa. Dean Rosen, Des Moines: Conslance Rosenfhal, Decorah: Thomas Ross, Des Moines: Arlhur Rolfinghaus, An- lceny: Thomas Rowley, Gurhrie Cenl- er: Max Ruch, De Will. Thomas Rusk, Dubuque: Eula Russell, lowa Cily: Judilh Ryan, Grinnell: Doris Ryberg, Boynlon Beach, Fla.: Thomas Sager, Cenlerville: Sue Saka- la, Des Moines. Mass lecture: sign ol megauniversity Arnold Samuel, Coralville: Faye Sam- uelson, Chicago, Ill.: Esfher Sandbul- +e, Sioux Cenler: Thomas San'l'os, Darage, Albay, Philippines: Connie Sarche+, Wall Lake: Sharon SaH'erly, llarrninglon. Mary Savel, Cedar Rapids: Bobby Sawyer, Garrison: Roberl' Schaaf, lowa Cily: Terry Schechinger, Coun- cil Blulls: Harvey Schiller, Dunkerlon: Dennis Schmickle, Allournell. Sue Schmidlhuber, Emmons, Minn.: Susan SchmiH', lowa Ciry: Karen Schoell, lowa Cily: Roger Schoell, Burlinqlon: Judy Schrader, Clear Lake: Carol Schraeder, Elmhursl, lll. Maryann Schulfz, l-lomewood, Ill.: Linda Schulz, Burlinqlon: Carol Schu- mann, l-larper: Judy Schwar-lz, Man- ly: Neva Schrock, Wesr Branch: Mar- gery Schwieberl, Des Moines. Wilma Seddon, lowa Cilyg James Seeley, lowa Cily: Sandra Selby, Cedar Rapids: Thomas ScoH', Fair- banlc: Julie Shadle, lowa Cily: Roy Shannon, Clarinda. Carolyn Shapiro, Des Moines: Thom- as Shay, Des Moines: Michael Shea, lowa Cily: Michael Sheefs, Grolon, Conn.: Neil Sheppler, Slale Cenler: Nancy Sherod, Glenview, lll. Kafliryn Shoeman, Weslr Bend: Don Slwurr, Poniiac, ill.: Sfephanie Siber+s, New London: Diane Sieck, Council Bluffs: Karen Sigwardf, Pori Edwards, Wis.: Russell Sill, Cedar Rapids. Linda Silverio, Cenierville: Nancy Simmen, Cedar Rapids: Joann Sim- mons, Des Moines: Dawn Simon, Ce- dar Rapids: Jane Simon, Wauwaiosa, Wisc.: Nadine Simon, Skokie, III. Anne Simonsen, Waierloo: James Sixfa, Trenion, N.J.: Nancy Slafer, Olin: Clarence Slife, Mancliesrer: Douglas Smalley, Perry: Barbara Smii'l1, Maquokeia. Connie Smi+l'1, Rembrandi: Darlene Smi+l1, Marslialliown: Frances Smiih, Forr Madison: Garland Smi+l1, Monr- rose: Gary Smi+l1, Wesl' Des Moines: James Smi+l'1, Glenwood. James Smiilw, Beiiendori: Linda Smiih, Carroll: Maureen Smifh, Dav- enpori: Mary Smifh, Winierserg Wil- liam Smi+l1, Wesicliesrer, lll.: Law- rence Snyder, lowa Ciiy. Karen Sorensen, De Wiir: Michael Sparlin, Des Moines: Ellen Sparrow- grove, lowa Ciry: David Spaulding, New l-lyde Park, N.Y.: Susan Spicer, Cedar Rapids: Lavola Spieker, Ack- ley. Liberal Arts Seniors Sleep comes easier in lecrure llian in line discuss Liberal Arts Seniors Members of 'l'he Cen+er for New Music rehearse he reperloire ol conlemporary music, William P ons, Donald Nullenmeier, Barbara DeChario, l Sfeel. Leland Sprinkle, lowa Cily: Thomas S+aaclc, Walerloo: Joanne S+ampl:, Palos Park, III.: Paul Slaslcey, Iowa Cily: Sue Sleele, Fonlanelle: John Sfeelman, Des Moines. Judilh Slegge, Pocahonlas: Roxann S+eine, Decorah: Rebecca Slempel, Qllurnwa: Judifh Sfephani, Park Ridge, lll.: Suze+'l'e Sfephens, Carlisle: Paul Sfevens, Fl. Dodge, William Sleward, Grand Mound: Mary Sfirling, Fr. Dodge: David Sfoclc, Denison: Daniel Sloller, Oak- ville: Lawrence Sfone, Caldwell, N.J.: Thomas S'l'one, Iowa Cily. Janice Slowell, Cresron: Bonnie Slrabley, Roclc Island, Ill.: Connie S'l'ra'lhman, Brunsville: Linda Slrauss, Des Moines: Richard Sfrauss, Iowa Cily: Jim Slrieby, Quincy, lll, Mary Slriegel, l-larper: Elizabelh Slrylcer, Grinnell: Celesle Slurdevanf, Muscarine: Roberl Sullivan, Albia: Palricia Sunderman, Clarincla: Mary Supinger, Marshalllown. David Sulherlin, Fairfield: Janice Swanson, Ellcader: Marvin Swanson, Neola: James Sweel, Newion: Linda Swenson, Waukon: Susan Sylces, Keo- lculc. Suzanne Sylvesfer, Charles Ciryi S+eve Szabo, Chicago, Ill.: Sally Tal- larico, Keolwlc: Charles Taylor, lowa Falls, Ellen Taylor, Davenporiq Dale Teberg, Mr. Pleasanr. Gerald Temeyer, La Porie Cilyq Dav- id Temple, Keorag Richard Tener, Villiscap Ronald Tenold, Kenserrg Claudia Tessmer, Fredericksburg: Dale Tharp, l-lolsiein. Contemporary Dororhy Theobald, Iowa Ciryg Lor- raine Thomas, Dayenpordrg Roberi' Thomasson, Davenporlq BeH'y Thomp- son, Schallerg Carol Thompson, Wesl Branch: Roberr Thompson, Jefferson. Sfephen Thompson, Creslony Linda Thomsen, Avocaz Eric Thorp, Ardsley, N.Y.q JeanneH'e Throw, Wheaion, lll.1 Glenda Tillman, Bayou La Barre, Ala.: Rosealice Timmerman, Cedar Rapids. Bonnie Toland, Davenport David Tom, l-lonolulu, l-lawaii: Helen Toms, Wapello: Earl Trachsel, Pulaski: Slew- ari' Truelsen, Parlc Ridge, IIl.g Duane Truman, Lanarlc, lll. Barbara Trummel, lowa Ciiyg Marilyn Tsukamofo, Kaneohe, Hawaii: Alexis Twyner, Davenporlq Jane Uhlenberg, La Porie Ciiyg Barbara Upclegraff, Marion: John Ufhoff, lowa Cily. Jan UH'er, Mason Cily: Lawrence Valin, Des Moines: Lynel Vallier, Mc- Clelland: Delwin Vande Krol, Lynn- yilleg Carol Van De Weerd, Crescog Arlyn Van Dyke, Roclq Rapids. Lynn Van Horne, lowa Ciiyq Dennis Van Langen, Jewell, Dennis Van Roe- kel, Manson: William Van Vliefe, Silois, lll.: Rober'l' Van Zee, Chariron: Michael Varn, Solon. musicians jolt the oritios im Harry Venilc, lowa Cily: Renner Veni- ling, Websier Ciiy: Pa'l'ricia Ves'lle, Beirendori: Mary Vierlcan+, Ames: Vivian Villers, Chicago, Ill.: Gaylord Vinceni, Winiersei. Sheryl Voas, Fori Dodge: James Vog- el, Dubuque: Dallas Voigls, Brision: Barbara Voss, Kansas Ciiy, Mo.: Don- ald Vyskocil, Cedar Rapids: Phillip Wagner, Chicago, lll. Alter four ears shortcuts are familiar Karen Wagner, lowa Ciiy: Pamela Wagner, Mason Ciiyg Charles Wald- ron, Coralville: Marlha Wallcup, Ames: Bruce Wallcer, Des Moines! Susan Walker, Riceville. Karen Walker, McComb, Miss.: Clarlc Wallace, Des Moines: Pafricia Wall- er, Decaiur, lll.: Eileen Walsh, Ames: Richard Walsh, Dubuque: Larry Wal- shire, Solon. James Waller, Charles Ciiy: Jean Waller, Benneilg Elaine Waples, Jel- ierson: Marilyn Wassom, Grinnell: Jane? Waierbury, Schaller: Allen Way, Carroll. Sue Way, Davenpori: James Weaver Morrison, Ill.: Kalhy Weaver, Free- pori, Ill,: Sieve Weaver, Gilman: Elizabelh Webber, Oiiumwa: Sharon Weiner, Chicago, lll. Lori Weir, Davenporl: Judi Weissing- er, New York, N.Y.: Arliss Wellen- dorf, Audubon: Marlys Weller, Marshalliown: S u S a n Wensfrand, Council Bluiis: Ellen Wenl'wor+l1, Davenporl. Pafricia Wer'l', La Canada, Calif.: Roberi- Werfzberger, Dubuque: Bei-'ly Wes+coH', Iowa Ciiy: Kenne+h Whig- ham, lowa Ciiy: Dennis While, Mus- caiinep Phyllis Whil-e, Madrid. Virginia Whife, lowa Cify: David Whifebreacl, Fairfield: Barbara Whif- man, Waferloo: Cafherine Widmer, Winfield: Richard Wiebe, Boone: Carol Wiedeman, Cedar Rapids. Janei' Wiegmann, Waverly: Suzanne Wildberger, Perry: Anfhony Williams, Davenporf: Beffy Williams, Musca- fine: Cheryl Williams, Sfory Cify: Gordon Williams, lowa Cify. Michael Williams, Corwifh: Richard Williams, Wesl' Branch: Richard Wil- liams, Iowa Cify: Susan Willig, El- dora: Granf Wills, Ml: Ephraim, lNl.J.: David Wilson, Davenporf. Karen Wilson, Mf. Pleasanf: Mary Wilson, Manchesfer: Timofhy Wilson, Eldridge: Rob Wilfshire, Iowa Cify: Thomas Windman, Muscafine: Barba- ra Winnilce, Wesi' Poinf. Julie Wifhingfon, Des Moines: Har- vey Wifzenburg, Pella: James Wolfe, Highland Park, lll,: Jane Wolfe, De- cafur, Ill.: Ronald Wolfe, Donnellson: Bonnie Wolford, lowa Cify. Kafhy Wollenhaupf, Wapello: Pa- 'I'ricia Wolfhuis, Grand Rapids, Mich.: Walfer Wombacher, Iowa Cify: John Wood, Des Moines: Michael Worley, Washingfon: Candy Wrighl, Elgin, lll. Liberal Arts Seniors e railroad fraclcs provide fhe shorfesf and le esfed passage fhraugh Campus, unless a Jr a happens fo be using fhem af The same Ti 6 Liberal Arts Seniors museum lraining sruclenl adds llwe iinal rouc Her snake. Georgia Wriglmf, Marslwalllownq Paul Wriglmf, Forl Dodge: Sl'epl1en Wrigl'1+, Burlingrong Diane Wubbena, Aslwrong Eleanor Yager, Omaha, Neb. Susan Yamasalci, l-lonolulu, l-lawaiif Mary Yoder, Parnell, Allan Young, Cenlral Cily: Bonnie Young, Los An- geles, Calif.: Judi+l1 Young, Dunlcerf lon. Juclillfa Young, Bloominglon, Ill.: Susan Young, Iowa Cily: Dennis Zahrl, lvla- rengog Jo Ann Ziegler, Walerloog Judy Zieral'l1, Cedar Falls. Cl1arlol"l'e Ziesman, Elolora: Ronald Zimmerman, lvluscalineg Carla Zuehl- lce, Eldon: Susan Zurbriggen, Cedar Falls. BOTTOM ROW: Judith Mitchell, Lorraine Battani, Geri Baum, Joanne Midland, Lirda Sanders, Ellen Roe, Katy Ber- enyi, Jean Sutton. TOP ROW: Lynn Ho, Cheri Rosa, Joy Anderson Sheryl Houghton, Sara Paulsen Charlotte Thom:- son, Parnm Kratzer. Phi Upsilon Omieron publishes bulletin A new project this year for Phi Upsilon Omi- cron, honorary professional home economics fra- ternity, was writing the Home Economics Bulle- tin. The bulletin which contained news about the department not available from other sources was sent to all home economics majors. The 30 mem- bers of the group were selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership and service. Home Ee Club helps Goodwill Center Decorating the windows of the Goodwill Cen-- ter at Christmas with materials which were then contributed to the center, and sponsoring a Santa Claus at the center were major projects of the BOTTOM ROW: Theo Dvorak, Carolyn Munqoyen, Judith Glos, Geri Baum, Ellen Roe, Sara Paulsen, Joy Anderson, Pamela Cabot, Louise Lewis, Joanne Midland. ROW 2: Bar- bara Johnson, Sheryl Houghton, Judith Mitchell, Lorraine Bahani, Pamm Kratzer, Jane Stick, Sally l-lyde, Katy Berenyi, Home Economics Club. The club is a profession- al organization for women in home economics and related fields. Included in the decorations were a tree and homemade decorations. Carol Davis, Sally Tallarieo, Shirley Rinqsdort, Dolores Han- sen. TOP ROW: Kathleen Moreland, Linda Sanders, Cheri Rosa, Jan Atherton, Patricia Larsen, Ruth Kronernan, Patricia Moeclcl, Shirley Grolmus, Jeanne Hodqen, Karen Wallcer Susan Barton. launch ' "er TWO. il , 'M' ' 'Ta.E.'l'ul P M " " ' SUT promotes professional interest BOTTOM ROW: Keyron Laubenthal, Jean Beary, Laura Greenlee, Jare Welle, Nancy l'lerri:j, Nancy Goold, Carol Wiedenman, Ginny Saunders, Robert Vanzee. ROW 2: Janet Stewart, Suzanne Seyh, Peqqy Brink, Mary Huqhes, Cynthia Eooers. Katy Mathison. Sharon Brown, Sandra Kapil, Julee The Student Occupational Therapy Associa- tion's purpose is to promote interest in the pro- fession of occupational therapy. Students in eith- er the professional or pre-professional occupa- tional therapy programs are eligible for mem- bership. Actives emphasize service, sociability and edu- cation. In the spring. members of the group held Detlonq, Vicki Lundsoaardl TOP ROW: Patricia lvlchlamer. Marcia Pierson, Barbara Hemphill, Carol Bennett, Mari- lyn Arnold, Carnelia Reed, Nancy Noller, Sue Gildersleeye, Bette Brislcin. a valentine-making party for residents of the Johnson County Home. Various social events were held for members. Speakers in occupation- al therapy and related fields were invited to speak to the group. A trip to the mental health institute in Mount Pleasant showed the students occupational therapy in action. Members of SOTA help residents ol the Johnson County l-lorne have a happy Valentines Day. BOTTOM ROW: Gary Strorg, Harold Wheeler. Thomas Mar- riot', .larnes Lonostreth, Francis lxfliiillle, VWeaclell Rlnive Kirn Yang. ROW 2: LeRoy Pazdernik, Johr S'epharie Ron- ald Downey, Donald Jierlc, Kenneth Miller, Dennis l-tayclc, Dale Fox, P. Douglas Arrnsvcrg, .lernes Krorernan. TOP ROW: Charles l-lenrickser, Frar? l-tarris, Lynn Swenson, l-luntley Lewis, Alvin Ziqrnan Michael Freeburoer, William Alston, Thomas l'lo. Phi Lambda Upsilon honors scholarship Phi Lambda Upsilon, an honor society for stu- dents majoring in chemistry and other related fields, is comprised of juniors, seniors and gradu- ate students with a minimum grade-point of 3.2. The organization recognizes outstanding members in order to promote and strengthen good scholar- ship. Initiation of new members and banquets each semester were the high points of the year. Alpha Chi Sigma sponsors conference This year Alpha Chi Sigma CACSJ, profession- al chemistry fraternity, sponsored a biennial con- clave for all ACS national chapters. Other proj- ects included symposiums, dances and a scholar- BOTTOM ROW: John Stephanie, Francis Mettille, Richard Squire, Lynn Anderson, Steyen Winlleman. ROW 2: ,lack Keslinq, William Casey, Kenneth Sehlecht, LeRoy Pazdernik, ship which was awarded to an outstanding senior. ACS's membership is drawn from graduate stu- dents and outstanding juniors and seniors in re- lated phases of chemistry. N'Ve'idell Rhine, TOP ROW: Robert Carlson, Lynn Swanson Michael lireeburoer, William Alston, Alvin Ziqrnan. BOTTOM ROW: Sail laonqahecter Befsv Becker, Janet Teague. TOP ROW: Mike Fira, Paul Stevens Dave Stedwell. Bruce Most. ASJ perpetuates Wayzgoose Banquet The social event of thc year for journalism stu- comprised of all journalism majors. The high- dents, the Wayzgoose Banquet. was held Febru- light of the evening was a skit presented by the ary 25. The event is sponsored annually by As- freshmen and sophomore classes about Daily sociated Students of Journalism. an organization Iowan reporters covering a riot. GA holds best dressed coed Contest A major project of Gamma Alpha Chi QGAXD. professional fraternity for women in advertising and related iields, was the Glamour Magazine Best Dressed Coed on Campus contest. The coed was selected by a panel of faculty and student judges from candidates nominated by women's housing units. Other projects were a student service blot- ter and a Founder's Day Banquet. BOTTOM ROW: Jane Elwood Ruth Evans, Kathleen Perf-,V Gail Drauclen, TOP ROW: Sue Hoover, Marilyn Osweiler, Betty Bowlsby, Fran Hermanson, BOTTOM ROW: Ronald Bliss, Richard Lee, Rick Giarr, Dor Yager. TOP ROW: Thomas Rattery, Robert l-lacker, William Newbrouqh, Steve l-laisman. Sigma Delta Chi's attend conferences Juniors and seniors planning to make editorial journalism a career are eligible for membership in Sigma Delta Chi. The 20 members of the Uni- versity chapter met during the year with profes- sional chapters from the Quad Cities and Des Moines. Several delegates were sent to the na- tional convention in Minneapolis where Vice President Humphrey was the featured speaker. Theta Sigma Phi holds Matrix Banquet The annual Matrix Banquet which honored campus and community leaders was one of the main projects of Theta Sigma Phi, a professional organization for women in journalism. An Iowa BOTTOM ROW: Sally Alt, Diane Ying, Sue l-loover, Gail Lonqaneclcer. TOP ROW: Fran l-lerrnanson, Gail Drauden. Ruth Evans, Debby Donovan, Barbara Smith. City Woman of the Year and a Coed of the Year, selected on the basis of leadership and service. were named at the banquet. Other activities dur- ing the year included judging newspapers. Medical Seniors MEDICAL OFFICERS: Jean Murrin, Charles Sem- ler, Ken Friday. Terrence Allen, Clare: James Arnold, Cedar Falls: Kennefh Baker, Sioux Cily: R. B. Bannisfer, Eslherville: Rob- erl' Barriclcs, Sioux Ciiy: Leland Beam- er, Forl Dodge. Rober'l Beckman, Ivll. Vernon: Ken- nelh Bell, La Porle Cily: Slephen Bellis, Walerloo: James Bergman, Sloul: Paul Bilunos, Sioux Cily: Alan Boolh, Des Moines. Don Bowersox, Bellendorf: David Brallier, Cleveland, Ohio: James Brunberg, Ml. Prospect III.: Donald Burlcley, Geneva: Roloerl Carney, Iowa Cily: John Chalslrom, Iowa Cily. Doral Collon, Iowa Cily: Roger Coll'- ve+, Rulland: Del Coolidge, Shelby, lvlonl.: Donald Dalbey, Traer: William Dall, Dubuque: Sfephen Deulsch, Rahway, NJ. LeRoy Dierlcer, Fl. Madison: Ronald Dislelhorsl, Burlinglon: Carolyn Dorn- er, Des lyloines: Thomas Dougherly, Marion: David Druker, lvlarshalllowng S'l'ephen Dunn, Davenporl. Daryll Eggers, Bellevue: Linda Fahr, Iowa Ciiy: Gerald Fogar'l'y, Cedar Rapids: Kennelh Friday, Renwick: Ronald Gambach, Fairfield: G. T. Gilmore, Iowa Cily, Lynn Glesne, Rock Island, Ill.: Michael Gregson, Mason Cifyi Ronald Han- sen, Mason Cify: Richard Harris, Iowa Cify: Richard Heafer, Iowa Cify: Gary Hedge, Spencer. Pe'l'er Heinzelmann, Sf. Louis, Mo.: Charles Honnold, Beffendorf: Bernie Howerfer, Iowa Cify: William ln- gram, Iowa Cify: Thomas Jessen, Forf Dodge: Gordon Johnson, Klemme. Medical college graduates I26 seniors Mary Lou Khowassah, Buffalo Cenfer: Thomas Koch, Eldridge: Kennefh Koob, Sigourney: Jerry Kreifer, Dave enporf: William Kunfz, Iowa Cify: Gordon Larson. P. M. Loffus, Mason Cify: Gerald Loos, I-luron, S.D.: George Luilcen, Sfeamboaf Rock: William Lulcensmey- er, Hampfon: Gary Lus+, Anchorage, Alaska: Randall Maharry, Clearfield. Allen Mardorf, Wyoming: James Maffer, Decorah: James Maffhias, Clarksville: Charles Mayhugh, Harlan: Gerald McCoid, Mason Cify: Sfeven Moeller, Clear Lake, Richard Morehead, Des Moines: Rob- erl' Morris, Iowa Cify: Richard Muld- er, Rock Valley: John Mullen, Iowa Cify: Timofhy Murphy, Callender: Jean Murrin, Cedar Rapids. Richard Neiman, Des Moines: Wilner Nelson, Des Moines: Sheila Nolan, Gufhrie Cenfer: Russell Olsan, Des Moines: Gregory Olson, Forf Dodge: Lowell Oss, Breckenridge, Minn. Anfhony Pappas, Ames: De Ann Pap- pas, l-lunfingfon Beach, Calif.: Eliza- befh Payne, Osage: B. Ferrell Pefers, Ackley: John Peferson, l'larfley: Car- ol Peferson, Blooming Prairie, Minn. MEDICAL STUDENT COUNCIL--BOTTOM ROW: George Bisbee, Jack Barker, Peler Wallace, Michael McCulloch, Francis Pisney, James Arnold, TOP ROW: Richard Merrick, Jim Roe'ols, James Roe- ers, Douglas Lauloe, Rooer Ceilley, Jon Miller. I90 Richard Pilman, Mason Ciry: Rich- ard Polly, Missouri Valley: Thomas Purcell, Clarion: Gary Reschly, Ml. Union: John Rhodes, Pocahonras. Richard Rice, Collins: Reinhard Ries- sen, l-larrley: John Roberls, Alberl Cily: James Rogers, lowa Ciry: Marl- in Schaeferle, Eagle Grove. Richard Schindler, Barnesville, Minn.: Douglas Schnerzler, Dekalb, III.: John Scolr, Warerloo: Jaclc Sebben, Cenr- erville: Charles Semler, Iowa Ciry. Marvin Silvey, Cedar Falls: Jerome Smifh, lowa Ciry: Mervin Spechf, Iowa Cilyq Charles M. Spenler, lowa Ciry: Michael S+i'H', Forr Dodge. Dean Sfoller, Burlinglon: Sluari' Sy- besma, Hull: Carol Tharpg Thomas Trunnell, Vxfarerloo: Mark Tyler, Des Moines: Warren Vercleclc, Marshall, Minn. David Weber, Bancroil: Susan Web- er, Chowchilla, Calif.: Daryl Wierda, Allong Chad Williams, Des Moines: James Williams, Archer: Srephen Wollcen, Monlicello. Whal would 'he AMA 3514? 'Q AKK recognizes scholastic excellence To honor scholastic excellence. Alpha Kappa Kappa medical fraternity sponsored the Bortz award for the best student papers presented at an annual student research Conference. The AKK's also sponsored alumni programs and a part ofthe BOTTOM ROW: Carl lieclcler, lflliolr Pearl, Marvin Junnlino Mark Sleine, Steve Penlchus, Loren Hiralzlca, Roqer Slinerd, Thomas Brown, Gredory Olson, Martin Schaelerle, ROW 2: Chris Nelson John Kelley, Den Clay, John Swanson, Milce Miclcelslein, Terry Briqqs, Gerald Meesler, Berry Brown, Rob- College of Medicine lecture series. The men held dinners and social gatherings for visiting doctors attending hospital conferences. The biggest social event for the AKK's was Kadaver Kapers, the fraternity's annual end-of-the-term bash. er' Tonahewe. ROW 3: lim Wfeissirqref, Ron Cooper, Douq Boetmen, Don Bolin G. M, Paluska, Michael Jones, James l-lenson, Ken Friday. TOP ROW: William Marvin, Jeclr Swanson, Jolnr Mcl4eown, Rich lzrfirkheuser, Torn lhroclc- rnorton, Mickey Moses J. 3. Bodensieiner, John Jones. rf Q5 HQ K 7 in 1 . I . r : --:Msg-Yew--T"52312553-at . 'wc' Mi i TT' Tn There's been a srort Ge of cadaver X! this year. 1145,-ndw,,S T V :LV A is T' 1 n 1 ' 2 T nuff' u Sigma u features Freshmen Frolic Nu Sigma Nu medical fraternity enjoys excel- lent physical, academic and social health. The fraternity sponsors a well-rounded athletic pro- gram which includes football and baseball. Aca- demics are not neglected, however. The Graves Scholarship is awarded annually to encourage high BOTTOM ROW: William Dall, Theodore Lederman, Gary Ryan Thomas Richtsmeier, Ronald Brown, David Bush Michael McCuiloch Vlfilliam Bourne, Jack Sebben, Glenn Gailis, Mark Cornelly, Ronald Bohnenkamo. ROW 2: Jerry Hendel, G. T. Gilmore Mark Tyler, Michael Schroeder, Jim linayel, l-lenry Marry, Jim Vtfessels, Dayid Kiole, David Stoll, Thomas Dough- erty Charles Sernler James Arnold, James Matthias. ROW 3: John Gerwin, Lawrence Valin, Ronald Gilson, Mark Blaedol, Joseph Gard, Allen Lang, Robert hlieland, Dar EQQGVS, scholastic achievement. The prognosis is good for social activity. Social events include five or six parties a year, hayrides and a Christmas and spring dance. The Fresh- man Frolic, which is held each year near Valen- tine's Day, featured a Bonnie and Clyde theme. Christopher Miller, Karl Eisbach, Vtfilliam Burke James W?- liams. ROW 4: Dennis Oeflc, Ed Burkralter, Robert l-lill George Rogers James Korb, C-url Burkland Gooroe Jones Bernard Mouw, Royce Van Gerpen, Michael l-lill, Ross Rhodes, Johr Cnalstronn. TOP ROW: Phil Aldrich, Jerald Kino Larrie Sartt Dfiryll Eaoers, htoviard Gilmore JOhr' Baumert, Mark Selioman, Jon Miller, Gary Schumacher. Joe Robinetre, Robert Dorncn. Phi Beta Pi promotes medical soienoe BOTTOM ROW: Philip Monroe, Ron Miller, Daniel Lacey. Shan Baker, Theodore Gifford, James Wolfe, Robert Bar- nister, Dennis Daalce, Glen Peterson, Gene Peterson, David Peterser, Robert Peterson. ROW 2: Mike Crane, Donald Berg, George Bisbee, Burton Belknap, Lowell Dodge, Dean Madison. Ray Exley, Francis Pisney, Richard Lloyd, Gordon Goldsmith. Roger Geilley, Rorald Linde. ROW 3: Bill Hoo- lcins, lvlarlc Boyken, Roqer Voot Richard ivlerriclc, Edward Act. All men in medical school are eligible for mem- bership in Phi Beta Pi, professional medical fra- ternity. Its purpose is to promote the advance- ment of the medical sciences, to encourage schol- arship in the profession and to provide fellow- ship for its members. lt has tried to achieve these Johr Pxddv, Wilbur Reschly Dennis Brightwell, Ray Drew, Duane Vfilkirs, Michael Gregson. ROW 4: James Olson, lvan Choi, Chuck Roland. Tom Samuels, Philip Mead, Ronald Flory, Riclq Kamrn, Jarnes Skarda Richard Claussen, Vernon Varner. TOP ROW: J, D. Thoreson, Edward Garrnan, Robert Wampler, Wilson Rioler. Robert Kurarnoto, Douqlas Teslce. Jarnes Young, Denris Rike, lhornas Altenaeier, Johr Swanson Bob Sullivan. goals this year in several ways. Activities includ- ed quarterly parties, guest speakers, post-football game dinners, intramural sports and University Sing. Oflicers for the year Were: Robert Ban- nister. president, Glen Peterson, vice president: James Wolf. secretary, Dennis Daake. treasurer. The Phi Bets icir h 're A cha Delta Piis in prsigti fo" lJT'i- versitv Sinn. 2, ,f K' ,a...w' Phi Rho's seek social, professional goals BOTTOM ROW: Patrick Kain, Allen hlarves, James Miller, David Bilstrorn, G. C. Buchanan, Jirn Roelols, Niclc Nonas Douolas Laube Gary Reschly, Ronald l-larsen, Peter Smea- rna. ROW 2: Gary Moranyille, Ronald Miller, l.aVerne Olney, Rardall Maharry, Rober' Carney, Dennis Raitora, William Cross Larry Beclcer, Dan Murphy, Peier Vandehlaar, Neil Donnaneater. ROW 3: William Hanlce, Michael Nelson, Rob- Professional and social success are dual goals of Phi Rho Sigma. As one of the Your medical fraternities on campus, it sponsors a number of programs to further these goals. Members are especially active in intramural sports. A number of parties have brightened the year for the mem- bers. The main social event for the Phi Rho's was err Thompson, Donald McCabe. John Slollenberg, Marvin Swensor, John Van Tuyl, Michael Taylor. John Scollock, Terry Tornrna. TOP ROW: Carl Vander Kooi Jirn Cavins. Michael Powers, Lambert Orion, Jim Munns, Tom Rowley Ron Schope, Don Reinders, Ben Vander Zwaao Peter Srneoe VU6. the annual Heaven and Hell party. In addition. the group sponsored a number of smokers. Wives of Phi Rho members are eligible for member- ship in the Wives Club which is quite active in organizational projects. This year's AKK presi- dent was .lim Roelofs. His leadership helped to make 1967-68 a successful year. l A lillle relaxation is good lor rned srudcrts, so The Phi Rhois say. edioal technologists ta ke national exam Janef Abbas, Davenporlq Rufh And- reasen, Emmelsburgy Sandra Beigh- lon, Burlingfony Sally Cozzolino, Sa- vannah, III.: Linda Delsener, Chieago Heighls, III.g Sheila Furlong, Lells. Ann Harvey, Marshalllowny Belsey Howard, Davenporlz Jane Kading, Casey: Joy Maxwell, Winiieldy Gail S'l'oll'z, Walerlown, S.D.: Ilona Waler- czyk, Downers Grove, III. Physical Therapy is fifth year program Roderick Becker, Belleville, Wise.: Sis+er Jean Vianney Boscherl, Sl. Charles, Mo.: Marlene Carler, Rhine- lander, Wise., Diana Chu, Iowa Cilyg Barbara Cribbs, Iowa Cily. Wanda Evans, Buffalo Cenlerg Donald Fruendf, Walseka, Ill.: John Hagberg, Ivlanilowoe, Wise.: Nancy Harms, Alden: Frank Lofgren, Williamsburg. Joan Kirkpalrick, Iowa Cilyg Varick Olson, Osage: Dirkes Rolsfon, For- sylh, lvlonltg Howard Russell, Harri- son, Idaho: Mar+ha Shoemaker, Iowa Cily. William Schwar+z, Ollumwag William Taylor, Sheffield: Juclifh Towne, Fond Du, Wise.: Carolyn Wells, Lex- inglon, Nebr.: Sandra Wrigh'l', Gulh- rie Cenler: Kafhleen Zimmer, Flinl, lvlieh. Nursing Seniors SENiOR CLASS OFFICERS: Diane Shullce, vice oresidenlg Julia Bailey, ire-asurer: Kay Russell, presi- denr: Paula Larnbrechl, secreiary. Janice Adamslcy, Beirendorlr Judy Andersen, Cedar Rapids: Linda And- ersen, Chicago, lll.: Wanda Ander- son, Badger: Julia Bailey, Highland Lalces, N.J. Virgina Baker, Oalc Parlc, lll.: Suellen Bax+er, Meiaryora, III.: Janel' Beck, Cedar Falls: Sue Breeden, Belmondt Juolifh Blackman, Wilnneire, III. Joan Carfer, Sheridan, Wyoming: Diana Chalsirom, Taylorville, III.: Sal- ly Chard, Marshallrown: Donna Clay- +on, Burlingiong Barbara Crew, Fre- moni, Neb. Dolly Dean, Iowa Ciiy: Nancy De S+ig+er, Sioux Cenler: Mary Einspahr, Wayzaia, Minn.: Jane+ Engebrefson, Edina, Minn.: Joyce Falk, Chicago. lll. Carol Floyd, Durani, Olcla.: Rebecca Founfain, New Canaan, Conn,: Linda Friend, Omaha, Neb.: Carolyn Gard- ner, lowa Falls: Pennie Gardner, Jo' liel', Ill. Jean Gengler, Whiiiemore: Judi'I'l1 Gillces, Chicago, III.: Sfephanie Guin- ey, Des Moines: Janei' Gufshall, Des Moines: Jean Gufshall, Des Moines. Lawrence Hamer, lowa Cilyi NiClCy Harmon, Palon: Anne Haswell, Ev- anslon, lll.: Donna Hawley, Musca- line: Karen Hein, Waverly. Connie Higgins, lndependence: Jan- ice Hoplcey, Alexander: PaHi Huber, Charler Oak: Maxine Hunl, Collins: Susan Hyslop, Lawrence. Nursing College plans new headquarters Terrye Isbell, Vinlon: Joan Jarvis, Winfield, Kan.: Eunice Jayne, Audu- bon: Sandra Jeffreys, Kellogg: Barb- ara Johnson, Marcus. Virginia Joy, Elrnhursl, lll.: Susan Juhl, Madison, Wis.: Elizabefh Kappy, Richardson, Texas: Donna Kennedy, Princelon: Carol Kinney, Grundy Cenler. Suzanne Kruse, Goldridge: Paula Lambrech+, Des Moines: Sue Laser, Wilmelle, lll.: Tudine Lemons, Des Moines: Ellen Lindaman, Brislow. Howard Lindeclcer, Dubuque: Grei- chen Linlc, Park Ridge, lll.: Sara Love, Roclc Island, III.: Marilyn Love'H', Ida Grove: Suzanne Marek, Cedar Rap- ids. Linda Marsh, Princelon, lll.: Linda Malsuda, Kahulcu, Hawaii: Marly McCormiclc, Wesl Des Moines: Mar- sha McCoy, Boone: Jean McFa+e. Wichila, Kan. Rose McGovern, Dubuque: Phyllis McQuire, Des Moines: Ann Meier- lcord, Waulcon: Be'H'y Mills, lowa Cily7 Carolyn Mueller, Oalc Parlc, Ill. ursing Seniors A nursing sfudenl' uses qri l rnomenr and an emolv classroonr fs cs ir: on lwer s+udvino. Vicki Nelson, Iowa Ciryz Jeanne O'Connell, For? Dodge: Phyllis Oli- ver, Mason Cily: Susan Pa'H'ee, lowa Cily: Susan Peferson, Moline. Mary Pieper, Dysarr: Rila Redling- shafer, Farminglon, llI.g Mary Roe- lofs, Sioux Cilry: Joanne Rowlee, lowa Ciry: Kay Russell, Sparland, III. Sharon Saboe, Wesr Union: Donna Sams, Des Moines: Eileen Sanders- field, Williamsburg: Jeane'H'e Shaw, Alrlanlic: Kaflmeryn Shenaul, Knox- ville, lll. Diane Slwullce, Decalur, Ill.: Judiflm Slemmons, Wesr Clieslerq Cynlhia S+ewar+, Clwarles Ciry: Celia Slone, Berrendorlz Janice Slrancl, Arlanric. Kafliryn Taaffe, LaGrange, Ill.: Marie Ullerich, Audubon: Joan Valen+ine, Evanslon, Ill.: JeaneH'e Varner, Cenl- erville: Jean Walfer, Lenox. Pamela Ward, Wakefield, Mass.: Sliarlyn Wax, Cedar Rapids: Yvonne Wessels, Collinsville, lll.: Bonnie Wil- bur, Spencer: Rebecca Wilson, Un- ionville: Ru+l1 Wilson, Columbus Junc- lion. M 49 s BOTTOM ROW: Mar", DeJo"3, Linda Marsh, Peerle Gard' er, Dlseri- Debris Sara Love Perle Larncrecnf Pfvrlels Shaw. ROW 2: Carol Mason Duetz, Joar Foyer Dawn SNO furthers stu All undergraduates in the College of Nursing and all pre-nursing students are members of Stu- dent Nurses' Organization KSNOJ. The purpose of the group is to aid communications between faculty and students. SNO activities included Sigma Theta Tau Sigma Theta Tau is a professional fraternity for women in nursing. Because it is an honor society. scholastic achievement is an important consider- ation used when members are being chosen. BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Mueller Cynthia Stewart, Janet Beelc, Je-an Walter, Barbara Gurwell, Linda Andersen. TOP ROW: Matt, Jarlce Dleksor Ellew Lfndamar, Doana Haw- Cfalgz, She-r,l Vle' llrre' Petefsfi Circle Smldi TOP ROW: Mary Roelols, Donna Kennedy, Barbara Koreher, Cyn fhia S'e-hart, Diaae Shtzlke, Kay Rcssetl Peuw Karbef. dent-fa cult relations babysitting for local families and caroling at Uni- versity I-lospitals. This year the group stressed involvement for nursing students and worked for increased student-faculty cooperation in attaining common goals. stresses scholarship Other qualities considered when selecting can- didates for membership are leadership activities. professional standards and strong commitment to the ideals of the nursing profession. ley, Doris Flater, Barbara Gare, Joan Valentine, Sharo' Saboe, Beth Lee. "' W .. "j,0! , Howard Baaclc, Mason Cify: Marilyn Bacon, Sioux Cify: David Bafman, Ames: Kennefh Bear, Thompson: Ray- mond Berfram, Dilce. Roberf Borfz, Offumwa: Jack Boslcer, Offumwa: Larry Brummel, Rock Val- ley: Vince DiH'rich, Sioux Cify: Joseph Donlon, Decorah. Pharmacy seniors end 5 years' work Pafriclc Duffy, Marion: Terry Fahlen- Icamp, I-Iarfley: Lyndon Ferguson, Liberfy Cenfer: William Haigh, Iowa Cify: Gary Harringfon, Alden: Clif- ford I-Iarf, Clarinda, James Heafon, Mf. Sferling, III.: Sfev- en Hiland, Cedar Rapids: John How-- ard, Council Bluffs: Gregory Hoy- man, Forf Dodge: Gayle Isley, Mus- cafine: George Isley, Council Bluffs. Melvyn Kawahara, Ke-alalcelcua, Ha- waii: John Kersbergen, Rock Valley: Chris Conrad, Lacona: Jerome Lam- brechf, Muscafine: Coy Lane, Mari- on: Lance Lercher, Buffalo, III, Roger Maharry, Clearfield: Janice Newhouse, Iowa Cify: Curfis Olfhoff, Grundy Cenfer: J a m e s Palmer, Marshallfown: Brian Pefersen, Graef- fenger: Gary Pefersen, Nora Springs. Kenf Peferson, Quincy, III.: Harold Schweifzer, I-Iedriclc: Joel Shields, Clinfon: John Sfahly, Normal, III.: Eric Swaney, Grinnell: Arclyce Taba- fa, I-Ionolulu, I-Iawaii. Karin Tebrugge, Moline, III.: Joseph Thompson, Iowa Cify: Nancy Wallen, Iowa Cify: Allan Yenfer, Oxford: Jerome Yefley, Offumwa. La Members of Kappa Epsilon emo a 'rarshrnallou roast ar Their Tradi- Vocal Chrisfmas parv. l Kappa Epsilon wins Kappa Epsilon Women are hostesses for the College of Pharmacy. They are members of the national professional fraternity for women stu- dents in pharm.acy. In the past year the organi- zation placed second in national scholastic com- petition among all chapters. The 22 active mem- BOTTOM ROW: Marcella Neubauer lvlary .lo Kyle, Calh- erine Roth, Jean Eelcels. Cheryl Sahel, Judy Roland. TOP scholastic honors bers had a 3.16 GPA. Pledging was conducted at an annual Christmas party. Members also en- joyed roasting marshmallows over an open fire and decorating a Christmas tree. This year's goal was to promote professionalism through movies and lectures. ROW: l-larrieft l-loslqin, Lirda Debler, Holly Thompson, Gayle Grace, Eloise Exstrom, Carol Sonksen, Kathleen Doak. Pharmaceutical group hosts convention BOTTOM ROW: Kerneh Bear Robert Syrhorst Melyy' K-iwahara, Brian Petersen, Lance Lercher, Molly McShane Ken' Peterson, Cherryl l-lui-ibut. Sue Soults, Patricia Boyce Ker Roe-pie. ROW 2: George lsley, Gayle lsley, Martha Nelson, Carol Sonksen, Vtfayne Larson, Larry Johnson, Wayne Schweitzer Coy Lare Jerry Lrirnbrecht, Darrell Bobinet, Steve Garrett Marriett t-toskin. ROW 3: Edward Scrnaack Steve Randall Joseph Donlon, Pat Keete, Terry Fahlenlrarnp, The student branch of the American Pharma- ceutical Association CAPHAD encourages the ad- vancement of pharmacy for the mutual beneiit of public health and the pharmaceutical sciences. Any student in the College of Pharmacy is eligible for membership in this professional organization. J'm Odern Jim Scott Chuck l-ticks, Edwin Morris, Barbara Alitz, Barbara Marino, Mary Jo Kyle. ROW 4: D-ayid Batman, Susar' Parry Eloise Exstrorri Gayle Grace Larry Brurnrnel Jerr-,f Ye-tley, Der. Harson, Ctarfs Konrad, Jirn Axeen Doui Busch, Rodney Gress, Marcella Neubauer. TOP ROW: i-toll, Thcmpsor Kathleen Doak, Jerry Raiiey, Bill Diers, Jean Eclcels Johr Moroar Robert Kabir. The APHA sponsored the Spring Prize Prom and was host at the Region 5 Student APHA con- vention. Max Eggleston. president-elect of the National American Pharmaceutical Association. Was the principal speaker. Members publish a monthly newsletter. APHA members gather around George Herts, an lovva City pharm- acist who ioined the-rn at an APHA meeting. Gfhers in the p7c'ure are Lance Lercher, Kent Peterson, Brian Pe'erser, Dr, S, lvl. Blauq, Steve Saschnagel ard Molly lvlcShane, Mortar Board girls aid at recurs- tration. Mary Jo trlultgrer. Mortar Board attends sectional meeting Scholarship, leadership and service are the re- quirements for membership in Moltar Board, the only national honor society for senior Women. Members attempt to implement ideals by friend- ship and discussions. They also held a Smarty BOTTOM ROW: Fran Hermanson, Beth Nickolisen, Ginger Owens, Jane Anton, Gail Stoltz, Jan Ahlberg, Betsy Webber, ROW 2: Judith Young, Catherine Roth, Gail Longaneclcer, Party for coeds who earned a 3.25-or-better av- erage the fall semester and a Leadership Banquet. Members Went to Drake University in Des Moines for a sectional Mortar Board meeting in the fall. Elizabeth Lee, Linda Marsh, Marlys Balanott. TOP ROW: Greta Gehrlce, Jean l-teeren, Jane Anderson, Mary Jo Hult- gren, Liz Gilbert, Carolyn Mueller, Mary Beth Supinqer, ' m 1 5 F ai km ODK revives student dad ol year award BOTTOM ROW: Phil Relsetter, l-larry Maas, Steven Sev- 'nour, Carl Facleler, Dick Mandy, Edward Kcllcer, Michael Shea. TOP ROW: Vlfllllarn Newlnrouqh, Michael Kirby, Leadership in many fields and outstanding ac- ademic achievement typify the members of Omi- cron Delta Kappa CODKJ. Junior and senior men, and outstanding lavv. dentistry and medical students may belong to ODK. Members must be in the upper 20 per cent of their class. ODK re- vived thc Student Dad of the Year award for Dad's Day. Roger Berkland was named Student Barton Vlflwitrnarf, Bruce Dugefad Frark Baron Larry Kuh' Sleohen Morair. Dad of the Year and William Mueller was hon- ored as Dad of the Year. A Homecoming break- fast for 70 returning alumni was another major ODK project. Also rating high on the list of activities was the annual Leadership Banquet. sponsored by ODK, Mortar Board and thc Chamber of Com- merce. ' L 'K Q .dna Janice ancl Christine Mueller pose with their father, University Dad ol BOTTOM ROW: Jear Kiponq, Cheryl Haaek, lrere l-lenri, Kathy Lentz, Teresa Lockie, Lona Cram, Mary Layton. Pam Austin Lirda burmeister, Marcia Wilkinsor, Susarne Olson. ROW 2: Carole Smidt, Kathy Jenison, Cathy Eurchett, Linda Louderback, Doris Heuer, Linda Cherveny, Marigail Jury Susan Clittord Julie l-tebenstreit, Marilyr Erickson, Carolyn Alpha Lambda De Alpha Lambda Delta honors Women for high scholastic achievement during their freshman year of college. The organization encourages academic achievements by recognizing and motivating in- Ita Ch'ist, Nancy Shivvers, Sally Goetsch, Ruth-Ann Flanagan l"lelen Kreis. TOP ROW: Georgann Costello. Karen Mohr Virginia Johnson, Arr Larkin Laurel Wilker, Janeane Laker Nancy Brostrom, Julene l-loper, Ann Larson, Barbara Wilkinf son, Susar Miller, Mary Ruetz, Cfntlwia Cline, Kathy Moaahar Arlene Faulk, Kathryn Volk. honors freshmen terest in college studies. The Maria Leonard Book Award is given to the senior woman with the highest grade-point at the joint banquet with Phi Eta Sigma in the spring. Phi Eta Sigma recognizes scholarship Phi Eta Sigma honors excellence among fresh- man men. Those Who earn a 3.5 grade-point the first semester or have a 3.5 cumulative for the year are invited to become members. BOTTOM ROW: Douglas Shadle, Ricnard Tyner lderber' Appel, Dorald Rickertsen, James Marvel, Steven Kading Johr Binder, Stephen Aniinson, Douglas Bright ROW 2: James Mays, James Mclfim, Richard Tomokins James Nord- lnitiation takes place at an annual spring ban- quet co-sponsored by Alpha Lambda Delta. At the banquet the John Briggs Award is presented to the most academically outstanding senior. in, James Longstreth. Mike McShane, Michael O'Cornor Joseph Clinton, James Gordon. TOP ROW: David Day, Ter- ry Bock, Gary Se-amans, Kevin McCormick, Vtfilliam Mchleii, Kurt Krueoer, Jim Colo, Ed l-ticks Stan Whitlock, 1 ' ' 1 .V-...L i .snr Student Activities F. f 'eff 5 . A .MQ f, A ! Student Body President John Pelton ir' repose, Student Senate exee functions as liaison Acting as a liaison between the legislative Stu- dent Senate and the administration, John Pelton claimed the top position as student body presi- dent. Since campus politics became more par- tisan. much of the popularity concept of the ex- ecutive position was replaced by a political out- BOTTOM ROW: Randy Swisher, Jan Wetie, Bruce Dugstad. John Pelton. TOP ROW: Carl Varner, Robert Barrow. look. Under this year's executive leadership, new policies regarding women,'s hours, visitation and housing were established. The executive branch advocated intense student participation. One of Peltonts last othcial acts was the signing of the newly ratilied Student Association Constitution. Senate attempts to change its image BOTTOM ROW: Bob I-Iomma, Mary Jane Naurnann, Robert Rosenthal, Charles Derden, Carl Varner, Randy Swisher, John Pelton, Jan Watje, Bruce Dugstad, Robert Barrow, ROW 2: Susan Parry, Patricia Riley, Maureen Barry, Ellen I-leywood, Philip Hubbard Jean I-Ieeren, Dianne Dennis, Nicki Delvlarco, The Student Senate legislative branch, repre- senting the students of the University, was char- acterized by a change in attitude. Active student participation made the University community aware of Senate's existence and the issues it faced. The Senate. Working With the University ad- Nancy Spielrnan, Pat Cadwallader, Janet Carl. TOP ROW: Roy Cacciatore, Tim I-Iyde, Carl Stuart, Ken Wessels, Gary Sissel, Dennis Schuelke, Curt Coobing, Gordon Shuey, Gary Goldstein. ministration through the executive branch, was a combination representative and pressure group. Action was taken on questions concerning Wom- cn's hours. housing, visitation policy and student demonstrations. Other business included consid- eration of monetary allocations to student organi- zations and recognition of student groups. ACTIVITIES BOARD - BOTTOM ROW: Liz Gilbert, Bev Riehrn Jane Anton. TOP ROW: Carl Varner, Ann Fister, I-larry Maas. . t Y t- BOTTOM ROW: Jay Hanson, Roqer McCabe, Judith Grov- enburg. TOP ROW: Marv .lo l-lultqren, Rolland Knopf, Gary Moss. Traffic Court considers student appeals Every Saturday morning a six-member team fines. Because student parking stickers were free sitting as Traffic Court took on the tedious task of this year, the S25 fine imposed for failure to dis- hcaring University students appeal their traiiic play them was the most recurrent violation. Students appeal to conduct committee tions. Appeals from students placed on probation because of participation in demonstrations consti- tuted much of the committees judicial activity, The Committee on Student Conduct acted as campus supreme court for students appealing dis- ciplinary decisions on non-academic rule viola- BOTTOM ROW: William Newbrouoln, Cleo Martin, Jean Heeren. TOP ROW: Georqe Bedell, Kenneth l'lul:Jel, Philip l-lubloard. 1 l l l i 1 People-to-People aids foreign students BOTTOM ROVV: Cindy Aarrnon, Donna Gwinnup, Candy Newberry, Mary Younqren, Sue Micich, Jan Zupek, Kay Kleinlcaut, Kathy King, Jane Williamson, ROW 2: Perry l-lansen, Joel Beane, Liz Margolis, Marcia Kirkman, Peqqy Puck, Julie Means, Lynnette Lambeth, Mary Arrington, Lee People-to-People worked to provide education- al and social opportunities for foreign students at the University. American and foreign students were given a chance to socialize at weekly coffee hours. Social outlets for participants included special events on Halloween, Christmas and Val- cntine's Day. Ann Byington, Jeanne l-iodfgden. TOP ROW: Bonnie Mc- Queen, Sharon Meyers, Linda Boyd, Carolyn Witt, Kay Steele, Betsy Rice, Becky Bowers, Jane Miller, Darca Nicholson, Ann Pleshelr, Gwen Mayberry, Cheri Welp. Educational and entertainment projects, which included trips to the Amana Colonies and to ag- ricultural and industrial centers within the area. were available to those interested. Under the Educational Travel Program, People-to-People sends American student ambassadors to Europe each summer. it Mary Youngren has a o rsonal in- peopleeto-People Christmas party. WW EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: Linda Pea- caut, Julie Vane, Ed l'licks, Bob l-lomma, Nancy Spielman, Jim Mar- vel, Jeanne Jacob. Freshmen Interns develop leadership The Freshman Intern Program oifers selected freshmen an orientation to all levels of campus activities. Freshmen are chosen from the many applicants on the basis of leadership potential. Group reorganization and an expanded pro- gram allowed members to participate more active- ly in the organization this year. Last yearis BOTTOM ROW: Ginny Scott, Merritt Johann, Marlene And' ersen, Sue lnielt, Cindy Lewis, Cathy Cox, Jane Wallace, Susan Lochner, Sarah I-lolm, Mary McLean, Sue Pease, Pat Lorenzen, Virginia Chapman. ROW 2: Valerie l-lalverson, Becky Garvin, Diana Meacham, Nancy Narey, Jane Fiesel- rnann, Sheryl Klein, Leeann Burchtield, Laurie Ulrich, Sue lhrelkeld, Cathy Grovenburo, Kathy Ogilvy, Julie Reimer, Jacque Cook, Carol Edwards, Rendy Millikin. ROW 3: George Gnatovich, Tom Pyper, Bill Kruzan, Mart Brown, members attended only lecture meetings. The Freshman Advisory Council coordinated group activities. In an attempt to give members more insight into campus operations, the Council arranged for the group to hear candidates for student body president discuss their platforms. Maurice Dietrich, Paul Scott, Greg Ganske, Dan Sheehan, Joseph Feldman, Pat Murphy, Dave Gross, Jim Bishop, John Green, Larry Audlehelm. ROW 4: Charles Riehm, Charles Justice, Stephen Bender, James Anderson, Michael Keleher, Thomas Vickers, Mark Stodola, Jerry Poyner, Nelson Chesney, James Swander, Bert Thompson, Michael Flower. TOP ROW: Paul Pornrehn, Allen Grundstad, Randy Johansen, Wally Mendenhall, Steve Scharnloerq, Kevin Osterkamp, Andrew lzotis, Larry Jones, Joseph Pasternak, Robert Shaw. Project ID provides five scholarships BOTTOM ROW: Jeannine Kuyper, l-lelen Calvert, Nancy Shepherd, Larry Fabian, Linda Ohnesorqe, Larry Lazarus, Jon James, Kenneth Oldr, Eric Larson, Steve Eqqimann, Karen Kottmann. ROW 2: Marlys Balanohf, Jehf Levine, Mike Klein, Carl Yastremski, Janie Morse, Anne Griffin, Candy Cray, Jane Wallace, Lyn Field, Karen Puls, Kathy King, Mary White. ROW 3: Doug Jones, Nancy Allender, Iyee Klein, Vicki Miller, Pai White, Susie Wolf, Martha Mclntyre, Beth Up, up and away drifted an array of yellow balloons from the Iowa stadium on Dads, Day. The balloons were sold by Project AID CAssist Iowa Developmentj as its money-raising project of the year. The 150 members of the group were occupied not only with an armful of balloons on Dads, Menke, Jean Smith, Karen Cole, Karol l-lallyar, Reva Bilton, ROW 4: AI Schneider, Barb Kilberq, Chris Greene, Bob l-lornrna, Susan Chornko, Kathy Fraulini, Lorrie Piacenza, Billie Willits, Debbie Filiatreau, Cathy Grovenburq, Leora Rew, lvlarji Gross. TOP ROW: Steye Ryerson, Stanley William- son, Mike McShane, Robert Wehler, Clint Webb, Les Siulin, Jerry I-lotz, Joseph Feldman, Bill Rubin, Arlene Faulk. Day, but also with the mechanics of a computer dance and equipment for a shoe shine during Greek Week. Working closely with the alumni organization, Project AID used the profits to finance live aca- demic scholarships which were granted to students selected by the University. Steve Eggiman, Karen Kottman, John Jarnes, Lawrence Fabian, Lar- ry Lazarus and Balloons. 'J' .itl'U2.g"s ' if-vf'. . Seven Gamma Phi Bela clowns ore- pare for their skit in the lvliss U ol l Pace-ant. Pageant Board holds Miss Ul contest After weeks of preparation. skit rehearsals, in- terviews and teas. Miss U of I candidates' anxi- eties reached a climax during the Pageant. The girls smiled tensely as they paraded be- fore an appraising audience and panel of judges. A more relaxed atmosphere prevailed when each candidates housing unit perfomed a skit. Tak- BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Petersen, David Stock, Sharor Farsi. Mike Mofrahan Jolie Vario David Faullc. Aer Fistor ing advantage of their candidates origin. girls from Carrie Stanley depicted an evening in an Austrian beer garden and eventually witnessed their own Heidi Keir crowned Miss U of l forthe 56th Annual Homecoming. Pageant Board spon- sored the event. an annual highlight of the home- coming festivities. Sieve Schfifvbero, TOP ROW: Bob l-iornrna, Bob Ahclers Doon Jones. Burge coeds p 'f I 3 n Homecoming Committee puts pep in rally BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Shirlev Ann Mcllrath, Pam Brom- berq, Marv James, Nancy Good. TOP ROW: Robert Pen- Lell Door Jones, Ted Wereh Dale Baker, Jim ivicCarrf3oher. The Homecoming Committee was responsible for making lowa's 56th Annual Homecoming- "Record-Smashing Victory"-tin exciting collage of Hoats and pep rallies. The committee organiz- ed and activated the celebration. Huddled masses of spectators lined the streets for the parade on the damp. cold Homecoming E ofa mashed a 'ip eve. They witnessed the Alpha Xi Delta-Lambda Chi Alpha Hoat. "Iowa Loves Purdue to Death," win the sweepstakes award. The committee also organized and coordinated alumni coffee hours. the state oiieials' luncheon and the Homecoming monument which was burn- ed in front of Old Capitol after the game. The Pi Kappa Alpha Homeeomind float draws cheers along: the parade FOLV6. Es Miss Helen Reich, associate dIrec'or Q5 the Otlice OT Sndefi Afaifs, chars with new student at an orie 'anew ocen house. Urientation Council aids freshmen of UI Orientation Council's task is to acquaint fresh- men with thc challenges and opportunities of the University. Their major project is the mass or- ientation meeting held at the start of the fall se- mester. This yearis meeting featured an address by Willard Boyd, vice president of academic af- BOTTOM ROW: Janie Morse, Mary James, Jeanne Jacob, l..iz Gilbert, Barbara Smith, Mary Ellen Sayre, Julie Schreiber. TOP ROW: Tim Anderson, Douq Batcheller, Chandra Carr, fairs. After the meeting. the students were divid- ed into small groups for visits to faculty homes. The council also planned a spring orientation meeting, an activities carnival, a recreation night and a church night to introduce students to the social life at the University. Barton Whitman, Kathy Corcoran, Michael Shea, Robert Schrade. Michael Dennis Browne reads his po- ' sl i redd- A go-go dancer wastes a' 5 Union board daree, UB directors open In an effort to better serve the University, the fourteen Union Board directors expanded several of their twelve program areas and the leadership training program. The most significant change occurred in the area of Crafts and Outings. A new Creative Crafts Center was opened. and sep- arate Travel and Outings Committees were estab- BOTTOM ROW: Sieve Mueller, Bill Weider, Ken Pedqhern, Amdes Seisler, Robert Wiltshire Diane l-lawkirson, TOP new crafts eenter lished. Their establishment provided specialized programming in local, summer and vacation trav- el and a more complete schedule of weekend out- ings. The directors of Union Board served as the administrators for these projects and planned programs. ROW: Sharor Parisi, Jud-1 Burlirig, Edward Kolker, Jill Wileif Sallv l-lolrri, David Duke, Marlvs Balirwofi. V. I . x Q f 5 5, 1 7 ,f 5 1 f 2-ff' 7 1. 1 1 LL ' , - in 11- :wr . 1 . 11-- 'Vi'E,1' SFU" 51 W 1'-,f E4 -,.,, Srl -ww wx 11. Fixx-4,-Lg: 1' rr W. fm,-3 in J Q J. W 5 ' , 3 I v r v 1, v A .L A5 A ,. 3 E! fy Quik fgi I 1 ' we b 5 1 of , ,4.,Z v ? , f fl ., 1 1 1 Z 1 4' I e nion Board provides new activities BOTTOM ROW: Jen Watie, Jim Baker, Steve Ryerson, Larry Solenoid, Douo Jones. Cheryl Arvidson, Gordon Smith, Lora Kuever, Betsy Zimmerman, Carol Myers James Smith, ROW 2: Rivian Henry, Betty Clvrieic, Arlene lzaullc, Jean Sundbero, Jeanne Kirkwood, Pam-els Arfnstronzr Cfadxf Church Dawr A variety of new activities was initiated this year by Union Board. The Talent Repertoire Committee provided the newly remodeled Wheel Room with live programs of jazz and folk music on Saturday nights. The Creative Crafts Center of- fered weekly classes covering a wide Variety of art forms and techniques. The Travel Committee Simor Marv Derderian, Joe Rubenstein Richard Tyrer Chris Dvslcow, Ann Fistor. TOP ROW: Jeri Levine, Carl Stu- art, Erie Larsor Miife Finr, Rauf Cessil' Gert Moreau, Nero, Gooid, Sue Herweg, John Louohton Ann lvlellrath, Mouree Kirbw Jon James Johr Rfamse 'V,f . planned vacation trips to various parts of the country and excursions to local points of interest. An expanded program of summer travel was also made available. The Union Board also sponsored a wide range of familiar programs which included Soapbox Soundoff and "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Ariislic siudenls are encouraged to sell the products oi their creaiivfty at the Union Board-sponsored Thiev- es Morice-f. l 4 Drew Robinson, president ot CPC, meets Glenn Yarbrouoh. CPC sponsors Broadway production The Central Party Committee this year replac- ed the unsuccessful Lively Arts Series with a single Broadway production, "The Fantastiksf, A professional theatre. troupe performed to a near capacity audience and established this type of program as an annual event. Members of the CPC subcommittee were assigned to a particular committee for their entire term, rather than ro- tating among three program areas. This new sys- tem encouraged specialization. Trish Gregory, Ren Egbert, Chandra Carr, Ann Fister, Dedi Schmidt, Sam Jacobsen, Melanie Moyer, Drew Robinson, CPC Entertainers Pwer Pffui F-Od Marv SWGOV d D R dTH5p """"hs " 'L FEW K?r1VTUVWLi5! CPC subcommittees present pop groups Q, ,,fE5.'!ar. BOTTOM ROW: Craig Larson, Priscilla Popel, Pam Freundl. Dan Wilson, ROW 2: Martha l-iarnman, Barbara Berry, Di' are t-tinrichsen Dena Gopleruel, Pam Townsend, Charles Var- l"loot, Dina Ralcinovitz, Karen Melxleeley, John Boyd, Linda Peeaut. ROW 3: Bruce Selnindles, Jan Fleming, Sue Poole Second semester brought a full schedule of concerts and hard Work for the members of the three CPC subcommittees. The committee mem- bers participated in all areas of preparation for the appearances of popular recording artists on campus. Glenn Yarbrough presented a February con- The Mitchell Trio kicks C CPC ertertairnnect, 5 ,.. ,Nt r Y ff? l 'WW' W' " HI fill XGET Deborah Macharner. Bennie Moses, Julie Wlach, Mary Riehe, John Rasmussen, Diana McCoy, Mary McLean, Bob Browr, ROW 4: Steve Ryerson, Lynn Collison, Jan Schwartz, Bill Reynolds, Bev Riehm, Steve Eqli, Marcia Kron, Pat Steele, Kathi Silaoy, Mary Ann Stein,Vielci i-iouser. cert to a capacity audience in the Union. He was followed in March by Diana Ross and The Su- premes. Simon and Garfunkel and Peter, Paul and Mary completed the CPC concert schedule. In addition to coordinating concert prepara- tions, the subcommittees were also responsible for planning the Homecoming dance. Q L F ,. BOTTOM ROW: Liz Gilberf, Marlys Balanoff, Vicki Kinq, Robertson, Donna Day, Cafhy Larson, Ann Fisfer. TOP ROW: Marsha Morgan, Mary Jo l-lulfqren, Jane Anderson, Carol .lean Beafiy, Mary Royer, Grefa Gehrke, Juclifh Grovenburg, Beaumonf. ROW 2: Nancy Parks, Layonne l-lofer, Randa Nancy Narey. VVS sponsors annual fashion preview Each fall the Associated Women Students CAWSJ sponsors the Profile Previews style show. Freshmen and transfer students are encouraged to model their fall wardrobes and compete for the title of Miss Perfect Profile. The group also works with the Liberal Arts Committee in com- piling guides for new students. The Student Ad- visory Committee aids at student registration. AWS freshmen prepare for leadership The AWS Freshman Council familiarizes freshmen with AWS and prepares them for lead- ership in the organization. The group planned BOTTOM ROW: Judy Doerscheln, Cathy Grovenburg, Leora Rew, Nancy Narey, Becky Bailey, Kathy Stuff, Susan l-laffielcl. ROW 2: Merrilly McBride, Mary Detlong, Kathy King, Mary and presented a Woman's Day program which included spring fashions modeled by the ten final- ists of the Miss Perfect Profile contest. Jo Hulfgren, Vicki King, Cafhy Abramson, Nan Jones. TOP ROW: Julie Griffifh, Mary McAllister, Julie McGinnis, Janef Moore, Sheryl Klein, Leeann Burchfield, Alice Boland. communlfy. They are Ramda Roberfson, Daw ard Daw Wifsor. Residenfs of Hue Jciveo' Cammy heme eejo, ,E Hvifies wifh members of Hwe AWS Red Cross A Q 5 2142 . . fi Z, - KX 1, . e U Lgf g AWS member Jam Perrin joins smderwfs ef We lnferrwefiomai Cerver wxflw preparefioms ?or five spring Inferre- fionaN Fesfivel. 0 ,W.,W,r,rM. QWIV ' A HW' bfi M Emma, W. ,,,,,,,,, M, , ,A,h,f WM- 4 ,-121, Three members of We AWS Smdewf Adviser, Come mifee porfrafq Weir reiaffofsrwfo fc 'Ee UMVDVSP' Wfisor some reh 5 Committee. 'CIW 225 Forensic members engage in debate BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Munro, Marcia Mccienninq, Stephen Koch Denris Larsor, Dernis Whiie, Terr, Knapp Mark Harner. ROW 2: James Varrnazer, Steve Andrie Bill Black- Beginning their activities in October. Forensic students embarked upon an active schedule of speech competition. In addition. many tedious hours were spent researching topics and perfect- ing deliveries, The debaters engaged in intercollegiate com- petition at both the state and national levels. One rner, Dick Beale, Dennis Johnson, Leanne Harney, Gail Haines. TOP ROW: Rich Edwards, Dennis Neg, Robert Kemp, Rich- ard Rama, Nick Niemeyer, Ron Masters. of thc highlights of the year was the Delta Sigma Rho National Speech Competition held in Wash- ington. D.C. ln addition to team debate there was competition in original oration. interpretive reading. externporancous speaking and legislative debate. Spring activities included several public exhibitions and a series ol' televised debates. Q '1trr-' Richard Edwards, a U oi i debater, lournarneni emphasizes a poini in the Iowa ln- lercoiieoiate inviiaticnai Debate I xi fl fl ? " maria! we Santa receives Yulelide greetings from 5 youre admirer at the inter- naficnal Center Christmas Party. International Center aids understanding A varied schedule of activities at International Center enabled students from diverse national backgrounds to work together toward greater mu- tual understanding. Working with the fraternities and sororities, the students of the International Center Association sponsored a March festival. Sunday evening meals at the center had an in- ternational llavor as students prepared foods as- sociated with their homelands. ln addition, dances, student-led sing-alongs and recreation nights were held throughout the year. Group singing is 5 popular activity at the lnlernational Center. xi, .7 et H vcwvtn mum. A FSL 57" it r tu Rober+ Ray, Republican ouberrqa- roriel candidate, talks with YR rnern- bers Kathryn Barclay ard Fred Mc- 3 Morris. l YRS active on state and local level Young Republicans learned about party struc- ture and political operations by taking part in lo- cal Republican activities. ln October. the group attended a dinner for Gov. George Romney of Michigan that was spon- sored by Johnson County Republicans. Political speakers who addressed the group BOTTOM ROW: Stove Stieoei Steven Liar, Jack Schaefer, Pit Cadwallader, Kerri Peterson Lora Klut-ver Katie Bfzrclaw Mike Perry, Bob Cline Ford, Kit' Liesiu. ROW 2: David Srrifzf-r, Eili Whi'i' Loveli tired., Gere Wu'cdei Rick Ech'er'iachl', James Anoiew, Rani Arrpstronfg, Steve Rvcrsor, Phil Ehrenlnard, Derfiis ifzrson Sue Micich Judv' Glos. ROW 3: Rose Peter. Marx' Rover, Vicki Kirg, Louisa Kiedfaisch, during the year were Robert Ray and David Stanley. Republican gubernatorial and senatorial candidates. The club sent delegates to the seventh District of the Midwest Conference ol' Young Republicans Convention in the spring and participated in the mock state party convention in Des Moines. Linda Knapp, Kim Nissifr, Rav Whitrf, Jim Fcderharf Cain Lfirsee Jani-. Tlitfloi' Vrircv l-ioir, liarbfarfi Schfrifd' Mai, Ari 'rr' 1-cr, TOP ROW: Rarzia Roceirscr Cw'i'e"'e Clfacr Cai-elm Wit' Ga", Sisfifl Ries Fox-wwd ininii-s, Emee lirerholdt iorn S5iiSbF'li',' L. J, iarrib, Mar, Soeficfii Rf Xafhiro. BOTTOM ROVV: George Enrwhistle, Denris Neil, Henry Mathes, Craio Dobbe. TOP ROW: David Kirlchern. James Beust, Vlfilliam Tinsley, Marlc Palmquist, Douglas lvlinney, Steve Sjulin, Richard MeCune, Benjamin Vernon, John Nordin Cdun, Steve Boal. ROW 2: Greoary Eranclc, Ronald leater, Kenton Coons, John Jens. lpha Phi Umega aids War on Poverty Alpha Phi Omega. a national service fraternity, shop and their projects. concentrated on money-making projects this year. The group also sponsored a scout troop for re- The money was spent to help the handicapped tarded boys and worked with the Volunteer En- through Goodwill Industries and Sheltered Work- richment Program. a part of the War on Poverty. KVVAD I b d t' f 'I't' New broadcasting equipment was installed in Kwad, a student-owned and operated station, the Quadrangle Dormitory studios of KWAD is in its sixteenth year of operation. Student disk radio C550 khz.J this year to improve the elec- jockeys broadcast seven days a week to dormitory tronic quality of the broadcasts. residents. Daryl Woodson puts 'the good sourds' on KWFXD. Ski Club promotes outdoor recreation BOTTOM ROW: Arno Buniroclc. Cheryl Turk, Ann Weind- rucb, Fxrlianne Beclcjorden, l-lanlc Feir, Dave Kassytln, Linda Oslheimer, JoAnn Ziegler, Dorothy Mead, ROW 2: Marianne Cavalier, Noni Wassoni, Toni Giiles, Kathy Roberts, Linda Peterson, Linda l-labersticb, Sandra l-larnrners, Charlynn Har'- The Ski Club joined with Union Board this year to raise money to hnance a survey of the Lake Macbride area for a possible public ski site. The groups sponsored a fall ski dance and a raffle to promote the project. The Ski Club was formed to stimulate inter- est, safety and enjoyment in skiing and related outdoor activities. This is done through practical sen, Priscilla l-lanson, Jean Koza, Sally Barnes, Billie Willits. Jo Ann Elliott. ROW 3: Alan Nicholson, Drew Pellett, Perry Monkalien, Sieve McLaughlin. Terry Biebesbeimer, Jolnr Swenson, Jolfin Jens, Richard Peirce, Craig Wetzel, Jerry Raney. experience and instruction in technique. The highlight of the skiing year was a week- long trip to Colorado. The group also made three weekend skiing trips. A member of the U. S. Ski Association, the club provided ski instruction, films and general outdoor information for its members at its regu- lar meetings. demonstrated lor members ol Sk Club. A complicaled Alpine maneuver is W Sifiriif 'EES-Q if 'Ti ' fur if "V ,. . . X f - A i ' 7. f A W K . 'ls .4 .Q f I .M 1' . ' Mm Wai-H 1 'V ... lowa Mountaineers camp at the foo' Q5 Mount Kilirreeniaro. Mountaineers lead expedition to frioa A climbing expedition in the highest mountain " ranges in Africa was sponsored by the Iowa Mountaineers last summer. This expedition was .V the first one ever to be sponsored by a collegiate .X T organization. T The group is planning similar expeditions to Europe and Colorado this summer. During the year the club sponsored the Travel Adventure Film series, Weekend outings to other states and a climbing trip in the Canadian Rockies. F- fp- 4. 'S-1 . 7 va-f yii, v .s Q ..1,: ' Mrs. S. John Ebert, Deir Trernrrrnevor, S. Jerf Ebert. Gene Mountaineers visit Jasper Nriorel Park in Alberni, Canada. Oberlrfinlc, Art Werrellcfrr Jofir' Cow, Gordon Kent, James aber". VVRA sponsors new intramural activity -,SH WRA girls show their competitive spirit in a basketball qarne with Northern lllinois State Teachers College. Members of the Women's Recreation Associa- tion CWRAJ competed in telegraphic bowling matches this year for the first time. A telegraphic meet is one in which students from several universities participate, but each bowls at his own school. The scores are then compared. WRA has set relaxation for women students as its goal. During the Iirst semester WRA spon- sored coeducational volleyball and recreation nights at the Woments Gym. lt also sponsored tennis. basketball. softball, archery, gymnastics, swimming. fencing. hockey and badminton tournaments this year. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Forsythe camp. Barbara lions, TOP ROW: Yvonne Helms, Barbara Chiles. Janet Holt- BOTTOM ROW: Diane McClain, Carol I-leim, Janet Luclcen- bill, Dr. E. A. Scholer, Mary Boulton, Betty Westcott. ROW 2: Jane Penny, James Dunham, Richard Berg, David Hertz, Parlce Humphrey. Steve l-lanlor, C. J, Jansen, Marilee Reemtsrna. TOP ROW: William Parisi, John Louohrari, Jetfry Mullen, David Cowen, Bob I-lelqeson, Paul Cassill, Walt Wombacher, Gary Musseiman. Recreation Society sets high standards Stimulating and developing high standards for professional recreational qualifications and atti- tudes is the goal of the University of Iowa Recre- ation Society. Members of the society, which is coeducational, must be recreation majors. The group is affiliated with the Iowa. Park and Recre- ation Society and the National Recreation and Parks Association. omen's PE Major Club gets charter The Women's PE Major Club gained official organization status on campus this year. Mem- bers formulated a charter for the group and membership cards were issued. The club, an or- ganization for women planning to enter the field of physical education, serves as a communications device between instructors and students. It also provides recreational activity for its members. BOTTOM ROW: Pam Dcvins, Carol Jackson, iviariiyn Far- rinqton, TOP ROW: Judy l-loard, Janet l-loltcamp, Robyn Lock, Mildred Barnes. 1' - Kappa Phi marks 50th anniversary BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Tsukarnoto, Candace Elliott, Dorla l-till, Jane Ashby, Sue Dagger, Mary Ann Shatter, ROW 2: Barbara Nash, Cheryl Haack, Shirley Ayres, Carolyr Speed, Kappa Phi, a Methodist-sponsored Christian service club, celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. The event was recognized at a banquet in the Amanas and at the group's regional Confer- ence meeting in March. The group's regional conference, Beta Kora, met in Iowa City March 15-17. New regional offi- Jan Rita Sandra Nelson, Pat Magee, Jane Kading. ROW 3: Zober, Susan Yarnasaki, Janet Malsed, Diane Bowen, Neal Susan lfpley. cers were elected, and members of the group took part in various workshops. The club joined with the men of Alpha Phi Omega to work together on extensive service projects. The two service organizations caroled at the Johnson County Home at Christmas. The women of Kappa Phi strike a pose prior to their yule loq burninq testivlties. gf J' Participation in guitar masses 5 G den1ors'ra'5on masses are maior ac' tivifies of Newman Club members. lll ia :'A 1 mm mm' ..,,,..4, s ewman Club has new Christian image The Newman "Club" concept is no more. It has been replaced with the stated conviction that the Christian should not isolate himself from a pagan world and university, but rather should en- ter into them in order to serve. According to the new self-concept, the Chris- tian spirit is found in meaningful, contemporary worship-worship in which one learns to care for others, the heart of Christian service. Christian service informs the Christian of the needs of his fellow man, according to Father Clarence Stanghor, Newman Club chaplain. With this information the Christian makes his own worship more meaningful. He does this by bring- ing into his worship the profound realization of what must be done so that man might become truly human. This is the thesis, antithesis of the Newman dynamic, according to Father Stanghor. The I0 a.m. guitar masses in the Sf. Thomas More Church draw a larqe number of students. a r 2 3 5 X S 5 5 his my .Q7-, . L -- - Rabbi Lehrer emphasizes a point in a discussion with members oi Hillel. Hillell plans a new 300,000 structure Hillel will begin construction of a new S300- 00O headquarters this summer at the site of thc present Hillel House. The new three-story structure will have its own auditorium, study lounges, apartments and park- ing ramp. Hillel has provided a religious, cultural and BOTTOM ROW: Jan Zoher, Andrea Shincller, Paul Eisner, Sherry Glazer, Joe Rubensiein, Linda Slipson. TOP ROW: social center for Jewish students for the past several years. Samuel S. Lehrer, who had been director of Hillel for three and one-half years retired in January. Hillel sponsored dinners, programs, and discuss sions throughout the year. Sam Koepermen, Maia Coven, Miriam Pohack, Ann Fishman, Sharon Reider, Mike Raider. if The Performing Arts Q' .1 f-. 1 W ' ' 152. L:,, r rrrr 1 ' if 4 ,ry , swf: I A. QW. r ,rw 237 fg- -Q if iz ' + 'Ft ,J s I x -Q, Theatre produces variet of plays It takes six weeks to produce each play at University and Stu- dio Theatres. Since ten plays were presented this year, the drama department was a busy place. Plays were selected from all periods so students would have the opportunity of seeing a wide variety of productions during their four-year stay at the University. Plays presented by University Theatre this year included "You Can't Take It With You," ttThe Trojan Women," 'King Lear," "The Moon in The Yellow Riverw and "A Delicate Balancefi ln this scene from i'The Trolan Women" tour soldier-guards, Marceol Mitchell, Gary Goldsberry, Bruce lieipold and James lelerdiriq watch as 'lalthyblus llf. D. Grerral enters, carrying Astyanex lflhristopher Arhottl, bringing him to Poseidon llwichael Shannohl. +P T r P 4 r rt r r F k l d ld The play is the story ol how e worried ct roy edlufted O ire de ee oi ek Cty by the oree S and the lfoowe oe they woo be lcilled or enslaved. A dramaHC Scsne Liam lifxlexamderll 5llOW5 the llilemacilon belwe Joe ValeS ll-lavrnore L. Drfsswerl sl+s olassey-flied :rg F2 Tlflmlieh lDm"d B'O5lW5i'll apd DTTUS lhollli l-aqell' best lriend Teen Morfrfin lclohn Gltfilzltlp:l5SlOl'fllE3w kisses his wife Crystal llshorrda Neswitzl in 'llll Teh You Tomorrow. Studio Theatre presents original drama Imagination and ingenuity are key words at Studio Theatre. The goal is production of plays with a minimum of scenes. Stu- dents havc .an opportunty to write and direct their own plays. Three new plays produced by Studio Theatre this year were MAI- exanderf' 4'l'll Tell You Tomorrow" and "On a Motorcycle You Gotta Ride Behindf' Other plays presented included Brecht's 'lEdWard II" and Shaw's "Heartbreak House." f rf Y 4: E4 Orchestra dedicotes concert to memory ln April the University Symphony Orchestra joined the Uni- versity Choir and Oratorio Chorus under the direction of Daniel Moc to present Brahms' "German Requiem" at the annual Easter concerts. The Requiem, performed during the Week following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, was dedicated to his memory, The first concert of the season forthe IOO-piece orchestra. under the direction of James Dixon, included works by Beethoven and Stravinsky and featured Charles Wendt as cello soloist. of Martin Luther King Following the November concert, the group traveled to Fort Madison to perform with solo violinist John Ferrell. With the Oratorio Chorus and University Choir, the Mass in C Minor, by Beethoven. was performed at the Christmas Concerts. Allen Ohmes and Charles Wendt, members of the string faculty. appeared as a violin-Cello duo in the January Concert. Charles Treger was guest violinist in March before leaving on a three-week European tour. U of l Choir is goodwill ambassador Singing at Easter Sunday Mass in a 16th-century cathedral in Merida, Yucatan, began a week-long tour of Yucatan for the 66 members of the University Choir. The group served as goodwill ambassadors for Iowa-Yucatan Partners of Alliance, a cultural and economic exchange program initiated in 1964 by the Agency for International Development and the Alliance for Progress. The group flew to Yucatan on April 13 and returned to campus April 19. Other highlights of the tour were a public concert in the Park of the Americas, also in Merida, and an open-air, moonlight con- cert in the ancient Mayan Ball Court at Chicen ltza, Yucatan. This concert helped celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of America College in Merida. to Yucatan tor Partners Music the group presented included works representative of a variety of periods and composers with special emphasis on con- temporary American and Spanish composers. The idea for the trip came from one of the choir members, Roger Charipau, who spent the summer of 1967 in Yucatan. Charipau is a representative of lowa-Yucatan Partners of Alliance. While in Yucatan, choir members stayed with Mexican families. At the beginning of the school year, the choir, under the direc- tion of Daniel Moe, could be heard in South Rehearsal Hall of the Music Building as they rehearsed for upcoming events. In December the group premiered the contemporary work, "Three Canticles for Chorus and Wind Ensemble," by Monhart. ot Alliance BOTTOM ROW: Cheryl l-laaclc, l-lolley August, Ann Vwfright, Gretchen Boedeclner, Linda Knopt, Kathy Wilcox, Thomasa Ecli- ert, Jeannie Young, Candy Natvig, Phyllis l-leckman, Daniel Moe, director, l-lelen Kreis, Barbara Prior, Pat Long, Martha Watson, Karen Brown, Jeri Wilson, Barbara Bower, Carole Bowen, Bonnie Bergmann, Nancy Squire. ROW 2: Barbara Beech, Mary Lee Westphal, Jean MacDonald, Pa- tricia Gregory, Darlene See, Cindy Church, Sonia Henshaw, Pat Cadwaleder, Joyce Schensler, Vivian Vroom, Carole Stewart. Wilma Clemens, Jane Shildroth, Ann Beh- rens, Carol Fitield, Linda Gastineau, Susan Leonard, Ginger Owens, Judy Drews, Barb- ara Anderson, Cindy l-larrnon. ROW 3: Ed Ditternore, John Petriclc, Bill Biclcer, Ron Springstein, Larry Grooters, Roger Chari- par, James McLaughlin, Ron Anderson, Richard l-ladley, David Marshall, Joe No- ble, Aric Gratt. TOP ROW: Milton Berg- er, Perry White, Larry Cook, Carlos Mes- serli, John Flinlc, Clitt Shoemaker, Bob Snyder, James Tener, Roger Hadeburq. Jerry Biebesheimer, Kevin l-laniclc, David Coleman, Steve Slezalc. lns+ead of kicking up llwerr heels in flue lllra llwe Hlgnlander 1 rr a nl an lwalllrrne enler aln nwonl clurlno llne Hornecornino loolball oame. BOTTOM ROW: Pam Freundl, Rosemary Drobnicln, Susarr Barron, Bonnie l.uzlus, Middle Mae Pe-lersor, Conslance Klolz, Ka'lny Monalwan, Karen Runnnnells Debble l-larsor, Jarico l-lerald, Pam Ausfln, Sharon Murplry, Elsa Mclnroy, Jare Weaver, Belsy Curler. Gwen Clwuck. ROW 2: Alan Mclvor, dlreclor, Margo Swanson. Linda Veenker, Marqe Sclnwleberl, Clneryl Vahl, Donna Jo Felzrer, Barbara Brewer, Rachel Haver- kamp, Jane Alcorn, Carol Abboll, Jolwn Slewarl, asslslanl, ROW 3: Jo Marie Raney. Marcla Nice, Joanne Wallar Teresa O'l3rien, Gloria VVirlh, JI'l Tlwornas, Mary Murplny, Jaref Reld, ROW 4: Cynllwia Vfaddell, Ru+l1Jae-Ckel, Caro- lyn Vander Vlflll, Jear Rolwlr, Mary Marqarel Jolnnsor, Llrda Larson, Barbara l-llqcjins, Anne Runyor, Donna Kennedy, Mary Ann Cambridge, Donna Rekemeyer, ROW 5: Mary lee Vkfeslplwal, Qrelclwen Graverl, Carol Wilson, Fern Goddard, Jeanne Selple, Marlon Mcglnnls, Leslee l-loensclnelcl, Susan Parry. Clnrlsllne Sludreyanl, Dlane Slwall, Julle Bowlle. TOP ROW: Cynllwia MacLaren, Karen Molnr, Sue Slfwea, Nano., Beroerl, Elalre Wlalker, Pam Klockslem, Terry Sealon, Donna Enslow, Donna Harllen, Judlllw Garrnan, Lynn Eddy, Sue Kurlz. DRUM MAJOR Barbara Brewer Highlanders to make concert trip abroad Ninety Scottish Highlanders will Hy to Europe in early July for an educational and concert tour. The group will visit Paris, Rome and East and West Berlin. Most of their performances will be made in the British Isles during the final three weeks, While in Great Britain several members of the group will compete in drumming and dancing contests during the Scottish Highland Festival Games in Edinbrough. Drum Major Barbara Brewer led the Highlanders onto the field at home football games and at the Iowa-Northwestern game in Evanston. The group was directed by Alan G. Mclvor and John Stewart. New members of the group attended classes in piping, drumming and dancing, while active members continued a round of proficiency tests and rehearsals. IOWA ln. K The Old Gold Singers present their annual concert at the Dad's Dev luncheon in the Fieldhouse. Old Gold Singers-ambassadors ot song The Old Gold Singers and entertainment are synonymous. This professional group of non- music majors, sponsored by the Alumni Associa- tion. entertained University students, alumni and friends with their ballads, show tunes and folk songs. They provided music for the second year in a row at the Dolphin Show during Homecom- BOTTOM ROW: Sandy Sondrol, Becky Garvin, Dave Reid, Kathy Fry, Cindy Bronn, Warren Jones, Pat Geiqhle, John Gray, ROW 2: Tim Eckerrnan, Janelle Martinko, Mac Graham. Diane Steninqer. Dave Judlsch, Kathy Weaver. Linda Lundquist, Denny Rottinghaus, Wendy Kartinos Bill Pitka, Cheryl Cook. Dennis Olhleil, TOP ROW: Mike Mahat- ing weekend and sang carols at the annual Cocoa and Carols party. "Swing into Springw is thc theme of their annual spring concert. This year it was presented on two nights, instead of one, in order to accommodate a larger audience. Provid- ing 4O concerts a year, the Old Gold Singers DO entertain! tey, Maroe Schvviebert, Dave Stock, Ann Wayner, Steve Stroh, Luanne Keller. Cathy lseminger, Dick Jonqewaard, Sandy Boyd, Jim Marvel, Melanie l-larrns, Torn Murphy, Dorwin Peterson, drummer: Mary Andre. accompanist, Mike Livino- ston, director, Military Governor's Day: a tribute to precision rx 250 Don Carlson, I967 corps commander, stands af attention as Governor Hughes presents an award fo an Air Force cadet. lt is the 86th annual Governors Day . . . a mixture of blue and green uniforms as the University of Iowa Corps of Cadets sweeps across the field in precise rhythm, showing months of practice drills . . . inspections . . . more practice drills . . , hup . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . a brilliant splash of color and notes . . . an introduction by the University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band . . . the focus is on the reviewing stand where Governor Hughes and President Bowen stand among several other state and Uni- versity ofhcials, critically inspecting and approving the impressive parade of Army and Air Force cadets . . . and finally, an aura of satisfaction settles on the lield as speeches and official presentation of awards pay tribute to another year of hard work toward per- fection. Douglas Ireland, commander of fhe troops, ioins Don Carlson and Governor l-luqhes in froopinq the line. CORPS STAFF: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Michael P. Donohue. Cadet Colonel hlarolcl W. l-larnaqel. Cadet Lieufenanl Colonel James G. fvnisfrono. Randall Carlson heads ROTC command ATTENTION: The military faculty has chosen Air Force Cadet Randall D. Carlson as Corps Commander for the Army and Air Force cadets during the 1967-1968 term. Qualifications: Carlson is an outstanding senior Air Force cadet. CEaeh year the selection alternates between an Army and an Air Force cadet.J He is capable of leadership and responsibility. Duties: Carlson and his staff will be the head of a chain of command governing the Reserve Officers Training Corps at the University of Iowa. This includes the Army Brigade Commander and staff and the Air Force Wing Commander and his staff. All cadet policies. activities and standards of the Reserve Ofhcers Training Corps Program at Iowa will come under the authority of Carlson and his staff. The new Corps staff includes: Deputy Corps Commander: Cadet Colonel Harold W. Harnagelg Corps Operation Officer: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel James Cu. Armstrong: Corps Administrative Officer: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Michael P. Donohue, Con- gratulations to the Commander and his staff! CADET CORPS COMMANDER Randall D. Carlson After four years: Commission COMMISSIONING. l968: Proud Air Force and Army Cadets pinned with their Iirst set of Second Lieutenanfs bars take the oath of ofiice. receiving the reward for four years of training: a commission. 2nd Li. and Mrs. Norman fiyrnecker, Zwd LT, and Mrs. Pfarrick K'rr:,'. en who make officers out of cadets TOP ROW: Cciorei Trmrrrfar Soive, Lf, Cofcvei Norris NV. Wim. Maier Sam Jernigan. Meier Wfa'+er' R. Jones. Mfeior Oveffon. Maier Wiiiiem L- Binfifivr Mohr Edwin A. Heenevr Gary L. Arndr, Caprfiin Reber? F. Zieiinski, Caprairx Rierwfard Maier Roberi A, Sfeir, Maier Roberr W. Weaver. BOTTOM i. Mererarr. ROW: Coiorei Cyrus R. Sroekew, U, Cciore' Erie C. Pride .KWX 'ff-ni Military Balls' n Evening on Olympus' I967 Military Ball Queen Linda Nole watches as attendant Judy Sorensen e eeives a bouquet lrom Robert Woodford r , Standing beside Linda is Cadet Colon Don Carlson. The social event of the year . . . the Military Ball, the day to which Army and Air Force cadets look forward for months. More than 400 cadets and their dates, as well as their instructors, spent an "Evening on Olympusw this year. President Bowen and his wife. several college deans and local military personnel were honored guests. Pillars, ancient Greek costumes and a Greek rock garden provided the setting for the ball. The Steve Wright Orch- estra, a local group that has backed up Trini Lopez, provided music for dancing. The Old Gold Singers provided intermission entertainment. One ofthe highlights ofthe evening was the crown- ing of the honorary cadet colonel, the queen of the Military Ball. She was crowned by Air Force Cadet Colonel Randall Carlson, cadet corps commander. The ball was planned by a committee of Army and Air Force ROTC cadets under the direction of Army Cadet Lt. Col. Dean Buresh. Camelot was the theme of the I967 Military Ball. B'lly Mitchell rated Qnd in nation BOTTOM ROW: Dariel Svvallorn Michael lvlcllhor David Hogan, James Bowen, David Tom, Jerry Thorlos, Timothy Lcwerberfx, Rafdwll Carlson Lxfnn Carroll. ROW 2: Ralph Throclcmortori, Roberi Neurneior, Jerrv Benrroti, Fred Rehm "l'd like to give all of you new cadets who don't know anything about our Billy Mitchell Squadron some information. Billy Mitchell is a squadron of .Arnold Air Society. a national social and public service Air Force fraternity. This squadron is le Dertriis l-lavek, Greg Slresser, Jchf Allcader, Terrv More lfiuqh lXlOF"l'lfiVl l'7',Tl"'?Cli9F, TOP ROW: Maier Reber' Weaxfr er Richard Schrtieclers, Patrick Parke' Rader Oskvio Terri Verkulskas, Larry Soukup. Doafzles Shadie, Jafries Frecch. Flight. our auxiliary. assists the squadron in sev- eral service projects each year: caroling at VA Hospital. a Goodwill project and Thanksgiving at the Johnson County Home. Try for pledgcship and become one of 45 active members who re- ceive the gold forangerf' second in the nation. out of 160 units. Angel I ,ia lvlilce l"logan,oux1oinQ Billy Miichell Squadron commander is ioiried bv new Bill, Mhchell adviser, Meier Robert Weaver and Learirte Miller. view Anoel Flight ccrrwiartder. BOTTOM ROW: lvlilre lvlelllaor, Tlrnofl'-,f Lowenberg Reber' Neurneier, Lynn Carroll, Sfeye lvlorain. TOP ROW: Raiolw Tbrockrnerfor, Williiirn Casey, Robclrf Krasche Darrell Fulton Pa: Sfrabaifi Joel Marlcs. Air Force Wing Staff: military leaders ATTENTION: This year the Air Force cadets are ably represented on the Corps Commander staff by Robert J. Neumeier. the newly appointed wing commander. Neumeier and his staff were chosen by the Air Force faculty because of their superior leadership and organizational qualities. They will coordinate all Air Force cadet activities during the 1967-68 year. Flyboys earn private pilot's licenses "Attention, men. As advanced course AFROTC cadets, you have all qualified for Air Force Flight Instruction by showing on both mental and phys- ical tests an aptitude for flying. After ground BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Carroll, Richard Novak, Gary Allison, lvlalor Edwin l-leeney, John l-lunlclns, Robert Neurneier, Richa ard Louvar. TOP ROW: Norman l-lyfheclcer, Kenneth Miller school and flight instruction plus 36 hours of successful flight time you will receive a private pilot's license and will qualify for jet pilot school after graduation. Now letis go!" Larry Dtmcan, Euoene Stropes, Steolnen Brown, Ralph Tbrock- rnorfon. BOTTOM ROW: Greer Sayles Thomas Ntgent, David Burns Lienrv l-lorlor Odear Oskviez, Gordon Gaylor, Jor Malcolm. ROW 2: Dennis Johnsor Marlc Voorsen, Weridall Anderson. James Sr, Martin, Steven Michelson. ROW 3: Jack Mc- Dermott, Freak Osdoloa, Charles Reich, Gere Ramsay, Craifg iuttv, TOP ROW: Kenneth Rossrniller, John Brunew, Mark Baurnback, Jarnes l-lenoriclss, Michael Marti, Eric Johnson Arions march in Midwest drill meets NOTICE: Freshman and sophomore cadets interested in Air Force Drill Team see Major Hceney now. Drill Team is an auxiliary unit of Excellence brings hig NOTICE: All Senior Air Force cadets who have maintained a 3.0 in undergraduate courses and a 4.0 in their military work will be presented BOTTOM ROW: Lwxr Carroll James. Arrnstrowg, Tfrnoth Lowerberq, Randall Carlson, Reber' Neurneier Sfeohcr Brown. TOP ROW: Kenneth Miller, John Deutsch, Daniel Arnold Air. "Arions" will compete in drill meets with other ROTC units in the Midwest. where they placed first last year. hest military honor with the Distinguished Cadet Award. Cadets, you have shown character and leadership qualities to receive this high honor. Congratulations. Siasllrsrr Michael Mcllhor' Steoher' Morair. Not Pictured: Arthur Rottinohaus David Stock, Donald Graham, Jolnr Casper. Iowa Angels: in the midst of ever thing BOTTOM ROW: Beth Niclcolisen, Judy Lewisor, Janet Teague Mary Sue McGimpsey Kathe Taatte, Nancy McGimpsey Mary Jo Kcudsen, Arn Mcllrath. ROW 2: Donna Davis, lfatlcie Beres, Dana l-lendriclcson, Rivian l-lenry Linda Soren- sor, Marcia Kron, Cindy Dreibelbis Janet Frahrn. ROW 3: Bonnie Charnick, Audrey Walton, Mary McAnly, Karen Rank, March . . . Angel Flight rush . . . applications. interviews, teas, and l'm a pledge-in the midst of everything . . . ushering and hostessing campus events . . . marching on Homecoming and Gov- crnor's Day . . . working on Angel Flight service projects-Valentines to Vietnam, Christmas din- Jeanne Marx Becky l-lohl, Liz Pederson, Salley Smith, Jackie Davis Judy Lochrnacn, TOP ROW: Maior Robert Wea'fer Cyndy Gregory, Ardrea Scott Jane West, Jane Andruska, Jacque Nelson, Cheri lrnel, Marcia Gralnelc Kathy Corcoran, Kathy Monahar. ners for ADC children, caroling at the VA hos- pital. Pine School Christmas party . . . April . , . national conclave Where Iowa Angels received an award for best scrapbook last year . . . next fall I'll be activated as a member of the University of lowa's Angel Flight. Angels paclc Valentine cafe send to tne rnen in Vietnam, fm Air Force seniors are Wing leaders "Three years as an Air Force cadet tested my character and mental and physical ability until I wondered if I could measure up to military standards. But I had a taste of Air Force life at summer camp and realized that seemingly meaningless military history courses and drills are worth it. I was guided . . . I worked . . . and I earned the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Air Force at graduation? TOP ROW: Dick Aqnew, Gary Allison, James Armstrong, Guy Bilek, Larry Brenneman, Stephen Brown, Randall Carlson, Lynn Carroll, John Casper, Richard Chelcowski, Tom Co- hoon. ROW 2: John Deutsch, Michael Donnelly, Larry Dun- can, Michael Farran, James Fell, Terry Frieden, Darrell Fulton, Donald M, Graham, Michael Hogan, William l-lume, John Hunkins. ROW 3: Norman l-lythecker, Robert Krasche, David Lang, Maurice Levois, Richard Lockriclqe, Richard Louvar, Timothy Lowenberg, Joel Marks, Michael MxcCarney, James McCarraqher, Michael Mclllhon. ROW 4: Kenneth Miller, Scott Miller, Mark Monahan, Steven Morain, Robert Neue meier, Richard Novak, Dennis Page, Gary Phelps, Douqlas Ragland, Dennis Rottinqhaus, Victor Sawicki. BOTTOM ROW: Steven Schoenbaum, Michael Shield, David Stock, Eugene Stropes, David Sutherlin, Dan Swallow, Jerry Thorius, Ralph Throckmorton, David Tom, Richard Unz, Gordon Williams. William Holmer stands far atte'ti lovva's Pershing Rifles earn o. 2 rating Another Big Ten football game. The marching band has begun to play, and traflic is becoming congested. But the cadets of Pershing Rifles keep up a constant effort to direct traffic. Pershing Rities. a national honorary military fraternity, was named in memory of General of BOTTOM ROW: Jim Lindaman, Jack Chattee, Mary Lon Shoenthal, Jan Lepoold, Don l"liclcs, Sue Smith, Jim Dauber, Bill Teaoarden, Milce Perry, John Lewis. ROW 2: Tim Maher, Denis Ueclce, Diclc Tyner, Ron Cochran, Steve Smith, Don Romney. Walt Prentice. ROW 3: Eloit Keller, Frantz Las- seque, Karl Beide, John Payton, Tom l'lronilc, John Graham, the Armies. John J. Pershing. who founded the unit in 1894. lowa's Company B. formed in 1929. is one of the oldest units in the nation. Last year it rated second out of ll companies in the Second Regiment. Jerry Patton, Dave Mayrose, Bill Weight, ROW 4: Jim Law- ler Phil Maynard, Phil Pomeroy, Dave Dryer, Bill l'lertel, Mel lshii, Jim l-lamptori, TOP ROW: Richard Beecher, Doug Ate fig, Gary Giesemann, Tom Stehm, Greg Hilbert, Allen Blue- ciorn, Fritz Gerth, Dave Patterson Dick Dorohue. 259 Viflllcenson, Denis fx. Ueche, Vtfilliam Wriohi Ronald Coch ar BOTTOM ROW: Team coach SFC Norbert E. Mariel, Byron Expert marksme Pride envelops each member of the Army Rilie Team as he tires his most prized possession, his rifle. Behind each gun stands an expert marks- rmy joins the The Army is up in the air. This year six senior AROTC cadcts took wings to qualify for eligibility and possible private pilots' licenses in Richard Miller, Steven Fredericlcs, Allen ir Morgan, TOP ROW: Richard Ledman, Philip G. Spilger, Alan Balser, Omrnund Slcaar, Michael Griffin, Craig R. Lewis. rmy Rifle team man, who competes in several matches each year. All AROTC cadets are eligible to join the Army Rifle Team, which annually gains distinction. Force in the sky the Army's aviation program. Each cadet must pass rigid mental and physical examinations to qualify for the Army's Bight instruction. James Kerr, John l-lotz, Robert Renwell. 'inns BOTTOM ROW: Allen Morgan, John Lantz. David Simpson. TOP ROW: Patrick Kirby Ronald Schaper, Loren Zeller. John Lantz leads the rmy Brigade Cadet Morgan: As a newly appointed member of the Army Brigade Staff, you will carry out orders of our Brigade Commander, John Lantz. and be directly responsible for activities, duties David Shaffer com Precision with a capital P. This is the Pershing Rifles Drill Team which performs at Homecom- ing, Governor's Day and various intercollegiate meets during the year. Composed of Pershing BOTTOM ROW: Greer Sayles, James Martin, Sleven Nich- and policies of the Brigade. This means motivat- ing and training cadets as Well as providing lead- ership training to those who qualify. Congratu- lations on your appointment and good luck! mands Army Drill Rifle members, the drill team placed fourth among ll schools in the regimental drill meet in 1967. This year P R Lt. David Shaffer com- manded the unit. Oslcviq. TOP ROW: John Bruncw, Dennis Johnson, Eric elson Gordon Caylor, l-lenry l'lor'or, ROW 2: Stephen Johnson, Gere Ramsey. Brown, John Martin, Thomas Tindal, Mark Siodola, Ordean ,fiag yt g A ai Y R 0 T c ...... . E OF CAUFTC i........+. E Gi-HD ... 6 BOTTOM ROW: Philip Gee, David Alcerrnon, Larry Fen- rernfa John Kundel, Buster Miller, Tom Meyers, William Jak- ubsen Larry M7ller Al Willifams. ROW 2: Lars Larson Terry Thomas, Larry l-lebl, John Reicherdt Mex Neopel, Bill Thorne, David Brubaker Douizlas lnnig, Ronald L. Cochran S'eve C Johnson. ROW 3: ,warn Kooperrnfm, phillio Crow, Jet Ser Green Berets model "This year. men. we have decided to form a group like the Army's Green Berets. We will call them the Black Berets. The purpose of the Black Berets will be to produce better Army olhcers. Second Regiment h WELCOME BACK! Headquarters of the Sec- ond Pershing Rifles Regiment returned to Iowa this year after a long absence. The Regimental Headquarters sponsors Army Drill meets. main- BOTTOM ROW: Rober' Coulter, Li Col. E, C. Phillips, John Swerson Douzzlfes Simons Rob Wiltshire, Kenneth Gib- lash, Gary Boker, John Plarnbeclr, John Dollar William Ed- wards, Richard Hess, Craig Tornke Stever' Wyatt, Martin Biesemeyer. ROW 4: John Sehweooe, John Dixon. Donald Ceisley, Thomas Stephens, William Greazel, Nels Voldserh, Daniel Wilttang, David Diclrsor Mike '-lill, Larry Wilke"A for RDTC group Cadet Colonel Al Williams will have fifty cadets under his command. and they will stress leader- ship. small group tactics and physical condition- ing." eadquarters here tains efficiency and inspects the ll companies of the regiment spread throughout six Midwestern states. Regimental Commander, P R Colonel John Swanson, and 10 cadets form the unit's staff. son. TOP ROW: Lars Larson, David Alcernnar, David Hol- cornb, Jon l-teaslet, Kenneth Moore, BOTTOM ROW: Larry Miller, Patrick Kirby, Mike Donohue, 5-larold l'larnagel, John Lanrz. Thomas Murray, Marty Schu- chai. ROW 2: Dean Suresh, Wayne Stoeber, John Swensor Max Willett Donald Schaoer, James Meade, Rob Wilishire, Scholars will be Q ATTENTION: All freshman Army cadets! Work now towards one of the highest honors that a senior Cadet can achieve, a Distinguished Military Pin. These will be awarded in the fall and spring semesters to senior cadets who achieve Guidon Societ ass Army ROTC needed help, so some young ladies came to the rescue. They formed the Guidon Society, the womenls auxiliary to AROTC. The girls assist the AROTC Brigade during Home- BOTTOM ROW: Jan Leipold, Elaine Rosen, Jeanne Jacob, Carolyn Mueller, Jar Luckenbill, Ginna Balmer, Mary Lou Shoenthal, Marsha Morgan. ROW 2: Valerie Pierce. Carol McCollum, Sally l-lolm, Mary James, Deborah McKnight Nancy Shepherd, Marv Gustaison, Barbara Updeorali, Jane Wirwer, Pam Thompson, ROW 3: Jar Zupelc, Susan Smith, Richard Keller. TOP ROW: Robert Penwell, Dennis Gates. Grant Willsen, Lorer Zeller, Larry Fernema, Donald l-licks Scott Boqguss, Ronald Schaper. iven military honors! excellence in military and undergraduate studies. Aim your goals at Distinguished Military honors and receive a regular Army commission upon graduation. ists Army cadets coming, Awards Day and Governor's Day and perform various service projects. This year the Guidons prepared a Christmas gift to men in Vietnam as one project. Lynn Doolen, Sally Piisrer, Cindy Suresh, Debbie Scanlan Pam Townsend, Bonnie Moses, Suzanne Taoia, Jaclcie Fall, Marilyn Starknnar, Sheila Bubby TOP ROW: Jean Smith Linda Luce, Robyr Linrothe, Chris Quinn, Decli Schmidt, Deb' bie Macharner, Nancy Pearson, Linda Pecaut, Nan Garnra'lWi Linda Burntsen, Lisa Adams, Nancy Seyerarce. Communications , uuuuumasttr f 1- 1-nllnn ' f-an ru. s , f 1. 1 ., ,X r ASSISTANT swan cow EDITOR JM Emffd- ASSISTANT mme ASSISTANT EDITOR Uddwrxffood. Frank Myers ,ILWWWLIIL 9 I 5. If SECTION EDITORS-SENIORS and I-IONORARIES, Gail Draudev' SORORITIES, Hfiine SCM-oederg ORGANIZATIONS Jim Jolwwsov' FINE ARTS arfd COMMUNICATIONS, KMIW Ferry: SPORTS, ROI' BIISS 'Wd Chuck SIOIIJGFQZ SCHOOLS and COLLEGES Jam Zkmmermar' DORMITORIES avd OPI: CAMPUS HOUSING, MirII',fv1 OsweIIer' MILITARY Mary EI"SpaIwr' FRATERNITIES Tom Murphy. CQFY ASSSTANTS: Dave Sredweil J 1' Sghn :l1"Z Kathy Klrq, Carol Start. No' oietured: Judv Dvorak. COPY ASS1ST,ANTS: Chrrflere Grive- woa Jelarvire Kevper, Nwaep Pirro-we' Judy Burrell, R-aehael Bliss. 9 4,07 V W nr 1 as 7 X , I X7 Q X, V ft l '. 'W x "All About Everybody" Medical students . . . beauty queens . . . the football team . , . the faculty . . . President Bowen . . . yes, the 1968 Hawkeye is "all about everybody." Under the leadership of editor Fran Hermanson, the assistant editor, copy editor, various section edi- tors and the whole staff worked hours, days . . . even months to make the 1968 Hawkeye the best book ever. They strived to tell the story of the 1967-68 University year as dramatically, accu- rately and creatively as possible. They sold yearbooks, took pic- tures and wrote Copy as the busy days darted by. Then the final nerve-racking deadline was met and the book was put to bed. What you see is the finished product which attempts to put the adventure. the monotony. the joy, the agony, the beginning and the end. and all the in-between of University life 1967-68 into a few pages, Hawkeye INDEX EDITOR, Comee Pehers- IDEIXITIEICATIONS EDITOR, Jeaw ASSISTANT CHIEF PHOTOGRAPI-IER,JoI'w Perry RoIwII: ART EDITOR, Be-Hy WcoII0Ik, CI-IIEE PHOTOGRAPHER Doug Mirmey. "5Q ry- lf N,...fV fl? PHOTOGRAPHERS: Grefn Ererck Ibof- Igmj, Terry Clark, Larry MIIIer, ...v-ff 3 ' IIf",1" Q, . , :yr fm .an Lv eoboxd BUSINESS MANAGER Boffom: PAGE SALES MANAGER, Kem Anderson? ASSISTANT BUS- S+eVe Seymour INESS MANAGER, Mike Curfis. Top: PUBLIC RELATIONS ADVISER, Bob RQPWSIIA BOOK SALES MANAGER, Karer KoIImarw. IDENTIFICATION ASSISTANTS, Mar5Iyn Wfffsor md LIr,da TayIor' BUSINESS STAFF:ASSISTANT,Gf1iIVar Gundy: OFFICE LAYOUT ASSISTANT AI7ce Evefa' INDEX ASSISTANT, Rmb Evffs, MANAGER, Karen Leonard' SECRETARY Dlqmar Krause' ASSISTANT Dave 5.51. UNIVERSITY EDITOR, Gail Lofqfxrrecker Ibofromf ASSISTANT UNIVER- SITY EDITOR, Debbie Donovanj CITY EDITOR, SaIIy AIT, DI PHOTCGRAPHERS: Rick Greemawahi Joh J Cobsov Dave Luc .W w,,,,..,X .,,W,,A ,KWI I 18 ith QM If , Y ham wk gaug- fear ard advanced recovers eoefel about the slorv ol the davl SPORTS EDVIORS: Mike Berry and Joh' Harmon. ii The Daily Iowan provides new features PUBLISHER "End Poverty: Give Me SIU" read the very first "button of the Wllllam Zlma day" in the Daily Iowan. A new advice column, "Iowan Actionf, l as well as the University. local, state and national news that was I presented during the year gave students, faculty and the public plenty to talk about. Five days a week students and Iowa Citians woke up to read in the DI what had happened while they were asleep. Not only did the DI have new features but it also had a different organizational structure. The former position of manag- ing editor was eliminated and the job of city editor was split be- tween the university editor and the city editor. William Zima took over duties as publisher and Lee Winfrey assumed the editorial adviser position. Students taking advanced reporting. some of whom spent 30 hours a week on the job, did the reporting. What a busy aherrocr as deioloe draws l Daily Iowan ADVERTISING MANAGER, Lev-rv I-IfIIIc1uisf- CIRCULATION MAN- AGER James ConI5f. NEWS EDITOR, Gordov EDITOR. Defi Y'iQ1'SI'. ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Roy Dunsmore Ycuw gt EDITORIAL? SPI Board keeps eye on publications SEATED: William J. Zirna Lane Davisipresldent, Arclys Ruby-secretary, John Ramsey, Dawn Wilson, William Al- The board of Student Publications, Inc. CSPU, keeps its eye on the major student publications. Five students, elected by the student body, and four faculty members, appointed by the president, make up the board. They are responsible for the management and policies of the Hawkeye, the Daily Iowan and the Iowa football programs. EM we was -S H H I I at V it 7 i ri .,. t 1 . ,,,. .,,, "kt .. . , .. ?V r.! ,g.. brecbt, John B. Bremner. STANDING: Stewart Truelsen, Wil- liam Murray, Vlilliam Rcsebroolc, Michael Finn. Board members are also responsible for bud- geting the three publications and choosing the editors and approving the statfs of the yearbook and paper. This year, after considerable debate, a Daily lowan reporter gained admittance to the SPI board meetings. Lane Davis, professor of political science, was chairman. The tive student members ot Sl:'l board are elected at tbe all-Unk versity elections 273 Karen Salzberg is one of the many student announcers on WSUI-KSUI. Whether ir's poetry or play readino, an interview or news reports, announcing: is but one phase of the qamur of radio broadcasting. VVSUI-KSUI offers gamut of experience i It takes more than a gift of gab to be part of the WSUI-KSUl radio staff. The University's educational radio station, operated mainly by a professional staff, offers journalism students a chance 1 to try their hand at gathering news, writing and presenting news- casts on the air. A corps of engineers keeps the microphones humming and the needles and gauges on mark. Director Carl H. Menzer and his fulltime staff work to make WSUI-KSUI an above- average radio station and try to provide a place where students can learn the ABC's of radio. p M., , A Z gf Op raflng 'Hue masfe ccw roi H1 r reouhwres We proper broadcesf vo! IWC an mr Q esr e waves fo We rvdrsmrfrer rs Kenraerh Baker, AW wives rruusr 0 Hr L rm Hws wearer con FO' berore being 'mans- Dan Robinson IS com r ww moo of r d o receiver In Ord He N W Hwen Garber news rom We referwpe ca WGN as from local sources and p,1+rooerneri'ms news broedcasr K r I-ei his :Q Y er To prck up nevs mom orraer radro sourres TV center here is only one in state Phil Wagner slowly cuts and edits his Tilm lor cinefnatojrephv techniques. Speech and TV cou es give iuture TV directors and actors experience in directing camera work ard in on-camera spealdno. Creative experimentation is a vital part of the Television Center. Samuel L. Becker, director of the center, calls television an art. His students use this art and their ability to be creative in pro- ducing. directing. filming and editing television programs, video tapes and movies. Extensive facilities and equipment make the center the only one of its kind in the state and allow students to experiment in all areas. f . ? ' vim 1 fv 9 , ' P f xlyfz V- jf 5 fs -y, i 1' N 2-f M. WgEa""'N'W1-N. 10 ,, A' warg fi gg. aa A I mv :- 1 " -IIZ V, ll, Z' ! 7 ' Athletics '68 Hawkeye eagers share Big lO title 1968 was a banner year for lowais basketball team. Ever since Coach Ralph Miller came to the University in 1964 the Hawkeyes had been nudging closer to the Big Ten title. They achieved that goal at least in part this year by tying for the crown with Ohio State. However, the tie was somewhat disappointing. The Hawks had a chance to win a clear-cut title. but blew it by losing to eighth- place Michigan 71-70 at home in the final game of the regular season. The Hawks then lost to Ohio State 85-Sl at Lafayette. Ind.. in a playoff to decide which team would represent the Big Ten in the NCAA tournament. owa Allvlellc Director Fo e t Ev shevski as Ei loyal fan duriiiq the l-lfawks dfive to 'he cceieretce Co-Cketnsie"sl'ip. IH quill' Sam Willigms shoofs cvs' ff Sf," 'rr 1 W J, GL Qfoer gov' 5 sucker Hfwis 1E1CC,d . ' 1' afWo+VOr -f7c4Of,'. Glenn "SHclc" Vidnovic bevffes fV1fCl'TfCfE!W! R d T , . , . , ,. ,IJVTY ,, cfmffovcm :P 'ne seasons Nra 'W NK ,SA Ralph Miller molds another winner Outstanding play by Sam Williams and surprising performances by a group of sophomores coupled to make the 1968 basketball season one of the best in lowa's history. The Hawks posted a 16-9 season record, including a IO-4 Big 10 mark that gave them a share of the conference title for the first time since 1956. "Super Samv Williams lived up to his reputation by scoring more than 25 points a game and leading the team in everything but free throw accuracy. Outstanding play by Glenn Vidnovic and Chad Calabria gave Iowa much needed offensive power going into the home stretch. Calabria averaged more than 20 points a game during the second semester, and Vidnovic added 14 points a contest after becoming eligible at the beginning of the semester. Other regular starters were Dick Jensen and Ron Norman. BOTTOM ROW Duck Jensen Glenn Vidnovic Sam Williams, Nelson, Chad Calabria, Rollie McGrath, Jim l-lodge, Chris Drcl Agnew Huston Breedlove Torn Schulze TOP ROW: Phillips, Ron Norman, Dave White, Coach Ralph Miller. Assrslant Coach Duck Schultz Manager Dave Arkovlch, Frank Rollie McGra+h, Mr. Sleficly for The I-law-,ks all season, adds 'wc o3i"'s 'Q a"o'he-r love vicfow. Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa ilowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa SEASONS RECORD 79 6I 65 59 73 86 64 87 80 67 7l 74 82 76 63 94 99 69 73 78 76 6l 9l 70 81 Bowling Green Southern Illinois Drake . . . Texas at El Paso California . . Stanford . . Tennessee ll o.t. Wyoming I2 o.t.l St, Louis II o.t.,l Northwestern . Loyola fChicagol Ohio State iot.J Minnesota . . Michigan State Illinois . . . Purdue . Michigan Wisconsin . Purdue . . . Indiana . . . Michigan State Illinois . . . Minnesota . . Michigan . . Ohio State . . if: Playoff game for NCAA representative iThird place in Los Angeles Classic I Glenn Vidnovic, emer becorniwg eligible at 'he start of lhe second semester, added 'nuch needed scoring punch lo the Hawkeye attack. 4 .,-, h,ff-, 5 First and ten-sorry, wrono sport. Glenn Vidnovic, alter ci scramble, ends up on top of an Illinois defender and Iowa oats posses on ot the ball. It's Uscar, It's Elgin- o, It's Super Sam Once again Sam Williams, the senior from Detroit, was the I-lawkeye's big gun on the basketball lioor. Williams broke Don Nelson's all time single season school scoring mark and was a unanimous choice for the coaches, all Big 10 team. Williams was also named to the United Press lnternational's all-American third team and to Look magazinels district four all-American team, As a final honor, Williams was named Iowa's most valuable player by his teammates. 'Q W""L in 3 fu, Www- Coach Ralph Miller mrna loose lmmlim l-luslon Breedlove MQ oeoolds clwolce, 4 if Q J . ' lf E 'ills 19 mfs., N--nal -4 Fi 410 Super Sam Vfilliams :oo Lim", 'C 'S I 'CZFLJ 'CN Hawk gridders still in rebuilding stage Winning isn't everything, but it would sure help in the case of lowals football team. The Hawkeyes were still having the same problems in 1967 that they had been having since l965. For the third year in a row Iowa finished in the Big lO's cellar though the Hawkeyes at times looked much better than a last-place team. They started the season on an optimistic note by whipping Texas Christian 24-9. But then things started going bad for the Hawk- eyes, so bad in fact that they didn't win another game. A tie with Wisconsin allowed them to finish the season with a l-8-l record. They were O-6-l in the Big 10. One reason for the poor finish was an injury to star quarterback Ed Podolak in mid-season. Quarterback Ed Podolak watches as lullloack Tim Sullivan gathers in a pass against TCU. Iowa won the game 24-9 for its only ct v vi or ol the season. BOTTOM ROW: Peter Paouerte, John Diehl, John Hend- ricks, Gregory Barton, Gary Larsen, Philip Maior, Capt, Tony Williams, Alr. Capt, Silas McKinnie, Mike Lavery, Guy Bilek, William Smith, Jeiirey Newland, Paul Usinowicz, Cornelius Patterson. ROW 2: John Hayes, Barry Crees, Larry Ely, Randy Stevens, Tony Stoik, Dean Schuessler, Gregory Mc- Manus, Pat Dunnigan, James Neswold, Tim Sullivan, William Beyill. ROW 3: Paul Laaveg, Mike Cilek, Mike Phillips, Andrew Jackson, Steve Wilson, Ed Podolak, Rodney Eaino. Allan Biream, Robert Gibbs, Duane Grant, John Evenden, Everytime the Hawks scored a touchdown they were yirrually assured oi making the extra point, Placekicker 3ob Anderson kicked 32 straight in his three-year career. Mike Edwards. ROW 4: Gregory Allison, Geneth Walker, Rooer Swenson, Pat Brown, Craig Miller, Donald Sibery, Scott Miller, Jon Me-skimen, Ered Eeetham, James Crouse, Torn Haugo, James Pedersen, ROW 5: Robert Jones, Richard Slepanek, Charles Carpenter, Rodney Barnhart, Robert And- erson, Terry hluii, Robert Gruyor, Melvin Morris, Galen Noard, Chris Hamilton, Alan Schuette. TOP ROW: Frank Gilliam, George Schmidt, Ron Stark, Gordon Lee, Bud Tynes. Dick Tamburo, l-lead Coach Ray Nagel, Rob Watson, Lynn Stiles, Ted Lawrence. SEASON'S RECORD Iowa 24 Texas Christian Iowa I8 Oregon State Iowa 6 Notre Dame Iowa 17 Indiana . Iowa 21 Wisconsin . Iowa 22 Purdue . Iowa 0 Minnesota . Iowa 24 Northwestern Iowa IO Ohio State . Iowa I9 Illinois . ,..r-'N Rod Barnha-1rdt'F1ies.throuqhthe air in an ettort to biock a field goal attempt by TCU. Frosh gridders bring Iowa new hope Despite a disappointing season for the Iowa varsity, hopes for next season are bright, thanks to an outstanding freshman team. The 1967 Hawkeye freshmen were rated by Coach Ray Nagel as Iowa's best ever. They showed why when they whipped North- western 23-12 in Evanston and blasted Iowa State 41-6 in Iowa City. Quarterback Larry Lawrence led the Iowa attack, gaining 627 of the teamis 862 total ofTensive yards. He threw three touch- down passes, two to Kerry Reardon who led receivers with nine catches. 288 A Q -fb 2, . M :,f 7f-- Km Aw -- W -Mfr. - -,r7L fi ff we his ww .,z, yi Aw F my We is hm... aww nofher long dev Ir We Iowa S'5d'ufvm for Coed' Ra. Nagel Freshman quarferbaclc Lim, Law- rev., U92 Mrdla over +efmwf'wi'e Tcm VVew'f:ce Q22 0' Ns fm, 'o 5 Vcffig :aim Yr' 5 vicforx, Over IQWE Sffwc, 289 BOTTOM ROW Mike Zepecla Duck Taffe Arnie Lazar, Don Robert Neist, Jim Morlan, Phil Farnam, Rich Scorza, Terry Hatch Paul Om: Mark Lazar Marc Slotten TOP ROW' Siorek, Bob Dickson, Coach Holzaepfel. Coach Baxlle Nell Schmitt Keith McCanless Jerry Bonney. Hawk Q mnasts gain Big 'IO title share Iowa's gymnastics team, coached by Sam Bailie, entered the season as defending Big 10 champions. The Hawks went unde- feated through nine straight dual meets in league competition and finished the season with a 13-1 record. Their only defeat was by Southern Illinois, one of the nationls top teams. The Hawks de- feated Southern in an earlier meet. In the final standings, computed from the combined scores of championship and league meets, the Hawks tied for first place with Michigan and Michigan State. In the Big 10 meet, Marc Slotten tied for second in the side- horse competition, Don Hatch was third on the still rings and Bob Dickson was third in the vault. vm M. M. N ff Bob Dickson, 5A eff-5 ,rd performs-f, WEN Cofm:9'9 In We Chuwrsic '55, f 2 f - fan. , A E L,1,, 6, K, F S., , V1 1501153-gr I 2 U ark 2 H V. :Wk Q 5 , H f K? 'va M H Paul Omi is lsvoihar of We Hawks' fop performers. Coach Sam Bailie has broucgh? a rcsurgefwge 0? lcwff 5 Qymf nasfics ream. 29I Depth experrenee help baseball team Fifteen returning lettermen and an excellent group of sopho- mores combined to make the Hawkeye baseball team an excit- ing one. Speed was the name of the game for the Hawks as they utiliz- ed the hit and run, steal and bunt to aid in an improved offense. Co-captains Pat Prina at third base and John Blackman catch- ing were mainstays of the Iowa attack along with returning letter- men Bob Schneider, Gaylord McGrath, Steve Hirko, Stony Jack- son and sophomore Jerry Breshears, Jerry Bruchas, Dave Krull and Bob Catalado. The pitching was in the capable hands of Jim Koering, Tom Staack, Donn Haugen, Ben Banta, Paul Starman, Bob Mattson, Al Schuette and Tod Hatterman. BOTTOM ROW John Blackman Pat Prana Jerry Bruchas, Staack, Gaylord McGrath, Denis Wilshere. Rick Connell, Greg Parker Jim Rathge ROW 2 Kerth Junge Wade Clark, Earl Foster, Jim Koerinq, Bob Schneider, Bruce l-larvey, Gary Mike Loose Steve l-llrko Ben Banta Roger lvlenke, Frank Breshears, Bob Leshyn. Cataldo Pete Marasco Bob Perkins TOP ROW: Tom ! A Five Hawkeyes playing pepper sharpen Meir reflexes and gef some barfinq and Fielding praciice ai five same Mme, ,eau K . IGH' w, if lowa's siuggers sharpen Wei' Hiefirv efee in We imdooi ba++irm cages. Sieve Hirko waifs for his mm ir 'He oaiiinci cages. BOTTOM ROW: Carl Frazier, Jerry Stevens, Torn Sailef Bush, Ron Griiiillri. Dale Teberq. Fred Ferreei TOP ROWV: Mike Mondene. Larry Wieczorek, Rollie Kitt, Steve Szabo, Coach F. X. Cetzrneyer, John Hendricks, Gary Phelps, Rich Curr Labond. SECOND ROW: Jon lvleskirnen, Sieve Gerslwenzon. Don Lltsinqer Larry Wilson, Rick Stater. Ted Dertinoer, Mark Meyer, Gene Merril, Roger Menke, Warren Brtibaclver. ondane, Wieczorek lead track team Iowa's indoor track team linished a disappointing eighth in the conference and posted an overall 2-2 mark for the season, Individual performances, however, were of championship cali- ber. In the Big IO meet, the Hawks got all of their points from two seniors, Larry Wieczorek and Mike Mondane. Wieczorek finished first in the two-mile event in a record- smashing time of 8:54.3 and Mondanc took first place in the quarter-mile event. Wieczorek represented the Hawks in the NCAA indoor champ- ionships in Detroit, and finished second in the mile run at the U. S. Track and Field Federation indoor meet in Milwaukee. The Hawks hoped to improve for the outdoor season. .M m. ...u.,....n.....,.a,.. I .. zu... ,ns ..... an N.. Mu , .....,u..,.,.r.A,,.. K .. AW... ..u. 44 I 1 ,.,, I 1-...... n. as. A n u 4 ..,h,. ., ,x Um ,.,L,.,,.A.,. I 1, ls-.. A- an 4 ll --iv- .,..,.u. . , .. ...4.. n ,,.. n,,.,,.,.. ,... ..,.,...n.,, mn...- n . Q. . A n s U. L , n fa r...,...,,-.,....a...... .-...A '4 'W- N' . , Ha NH I if-Q,-.! A , LM ' 1ff?fillLf2l"'LLf :T.lffff"'?KSQT ' f . A k 9' an V W P ff ,jg J h,. 'iq , I Q V ' ' - ' X W, f , ,,,7,,.,,, .M I E B 5 - - . v, :gg -5, I , . W "K A ww, ' . .. g ' ' V' ' QF. 3 A' M 44 -nsunupnnrh I VN fr-112 VNaXa"-ww -5 ' an-:mul f ' ,f f 1 XX, ' ,"'f' 1211" , ' 51 , sf 'fx I " . , M ,, ff I K 'aw' ', ,fr s X 1 , 4 2? V ,V 4.x X 2 , J in A WZ-f-3 I s aww, KLM .A f if-' 3? - K .. - - Q V, M.. f ,'6""'vap'ymf ggi' .5 my-. kfsqy' , an f , ya. gf -mv f-TW ' ', ' ' Y. '4?!12u2x21w-Www!-.X I ,,, Q 1 Larry Wieczorelc, Ewa' Q div ff r, 'elsdz 'VG DAICK And H1ey're 054 Up up 1fd.1v.'1,l A fi!-ggi BOTTOM ROW: Vlfarren Bbsh, Cart lsibond. TOP ROW: Steve Szabo Larry Wieczoreak, Coach F. X. Crelzrneyer, Roliie Ki't, Ron Griliitli, ieezorek leads cross-countr team lowa's cross-country team. Big lil champions in 1966. wercn't able to repeat in i967 and fell to third place in the league stand- ings behind Indiana and Minnesota. Larry Wicczorek was once again the big man for the Hawk- eyes after he won the Big 10 individual championship in record time for the second straight year. Wieczorek also placed fifth in the NCAA national championship meet and was named an all-American for the second straight season. In the Big lO meet, Curt LaBond placed eighth and Rollie Kitt placed thirteenth for the Hawks. And away we meer rn iowa City, Rags-to-riches matmen tie for second lowais wrestling team went from rags to riches in 1968, gain- ing a tie for second in the Big 10 meet after an eighth-place fin- ish in 1967. The Hawks also posted their finest dual meet record ever, 13-3, including 8-3 in the Big 10. Possibly the highlight of the dual meet season was a victory over defending Big 10 and NCAA champions Michigan State. The Hawkeyes also had some high points in the Big 10 meet which was held in the Iowa Field House. Fl , -W ,om dross, may rasrorvno, John Irvine, John Newmeisier, Rich Mihai, Veflyc Sirellmer, Dale Sfeerns Don Yahn. Joe Carstensen. Doug Duss, Bob Machacek, TCW Russ Sill, Phil Henning, Jim Diclelson, Ass? Coach Gow Be-ntz, BACK ROW: Coach Dave Mcfluskey Joe WellS, Kurdelmeier, Aciion was fhiclr and heavy in ihe Big IO Hawkeye swimmers have .500 season An lowa swimmer prepares to make big splash. Although the lowa swimming team linished its regular season with a 75-73 win over Purdue, the Hawkeyes ended up with a 4-4-l dual meet record. All in all, it was a disappointing season for the Hawks. After the team finished seventh in the conference at the Big lO relays in Bloomington in January. Coach Robert Allen look- ed forward to improvement, but the Hawks linished dead last in the conference meet for the second straight season. Rich Nes- trude. Tim Barnes and George Marshall were the top swimmers. Several lettermen returned to the team this year. They includ- cd sprinters Skip Jensen. Raymond Kearney and John Sehedag Robert Synhorst and Ken McBeath in the breaststroke: Alan Schenk in diving and distance swimmer Maurice LeVois. Allen. who has been Iowa swimming coach for I0 years. was himself a star athlete at Iowa, He was a regular lineman and a record-breaking breast-stroke swimmer from l936 through 1938. During his career coach his teams have won 37 dual meets and lost 42. Nine of the ll Iowa swimming records in the stand- ard dual meet program have been broken by Allen's athletes. BOTTOM ROW: Ted Kirqsleq Skip Jersea, Alam Scheeck Kee Mcgbeath, Rav Kearney, Coach Reber' Allen, TOP ROW: Charles Marshall Johr Scheda, Georqe Marshall. Greg Sleh, John Mummev Rick Nestrud, Bob Doran, Rick Carrer, Timothy Barnes, l 45" A 1 M f W ' iq I 3 3 3 5 BOTTOM ROW: Doug Corey, Bill Waltz, Jim l-loener, Kent George Beroeman, Jon l-luey, Jon Rasmussen, Marty Fritz, Grieshaber, John Schweppe. TOP ROW: Bob Rosenthal Coach Cap l-lerrnann. Terry Kinney, Nyle Falk, Bill Lagle, Phil Carrer, Roy Ritzrnan, Fencers place fourth in league meet lowa's fencing team made new coach Cap Hermann's first year a success. The Hawkeyes recorded a 12-5 dual meet season mark, a 2-3 Big IO record and linished fourth in the conference meet. There were several outstanding performers during the year. The most outstanding was senior Kent Grieshaber. Grieshaber, co-captain of the team. not only piled up a 36-13 match record in the epee event, but also broke the school record for most carreer victories with 94. The previous record had been 72. Other top records among the Hawkeyes were co-captain George Bergeman, 30-21, and Doug Corey, 31-17, in foil, Karl Luneckas, 32-18, and Nile Falk, 29-24, in sabre, and Jim Hoener, 28-22. and John Schweppe, 21-20 in epee. During the season the Hawkeyes stood up well against such opponents as Notre Dame, Michigan State and eventual Big l0 champ Illinois. Bringing back memories or the swordsrnen oi the pasr, lowe 'iencers slash their way along, BOTTOM ROW: Chuck Zwiener, Phil Aldridge, Pal Stopulos, Bill Kaliler. TOP ROW: Jirn Carney, Dave Sclwurrnann, Bill Newland, Bob lvlulerl. Experience, sophs aid Hawkeye golfers Coach Chuck Zwiener, in his llth year as the leader of the Hawks, golf team, looked ahead to continued improvement from his six returning lettermen and five sophomores. The Hawks were on the move up in the standings and pro- vided some rugged competition both in their dual meets and in the Big IO championships at Columbus. Top men on the squad were juniors Phil Aldridge and Dave Nissenbaum and sophomores Jim Carney and Bob Mulert. Ably backing these men up were two-year lettermen Bill Kahler and Jack Bieber, and an excellent sophomore, Bill Newland. Pra clice kes DS Rich Strauss shows Ott his tor the l'lawl4S. Veterans bolster Hawkeye tennis team With virtually all of his 1967 tennis squad returning, Coach Don Klotz was looking for a much improved record in 1968. The 1967 squad had a 5-11 dual meet record and placed seventh in the Big 10 meet. Six of the seven lettermen from that team were due to compete this year, and Coach Klotz was optimistic about the team's chances. Before the season began Klotz said: t'Your success will hinge on how we are playing when we get into the season, since wetll be suffering from lack of early practice. We have some indi- viduals who have the promise to be outstanding, but it will de- pend on how they develop? BOTTOM ROW: Randy Murphy, Rich Strauss, Dale Lelarevost, Rich Stolcstad. Nathan Chapman. TOP ROW: Steve l-loughf ton, John Mitchell, Jim Esser, Craig Sandviq, Steve Thor'ndS Russ Murphy. NOT PICTURED: John Ehlers, Steve Krrlc Rugb Club p The game is ruoby and this is called a lineout, somethino like ri mass lump loall ir' basketball. rovides lun and games Rugby entered its second season at Iowa in l967. and mem- bership in the Iowa Rugby Club swelled to more than 50 mem- bers. With nearly half of the starters from the l966 team gone. the club was able to introduce the European version of football to many of its newcomers in actual competition. Rugby is a rough and tough brand of football played without padding. and substitutions are HOt allowed. lt is a game played at top speed combining the skills of passing, kicking and run- ning. Forward passes are not allowed and play is continuous. The Hawks started the season slowly. losing live of their first seven matches. but Came on strong as the season progressed and closed with three straight victories over Minnesota, Quad Cities Rugby Club and Illinois and high hopes for 1968. Steve Johns and Kent Grieshaber. two lightning-quick wingers. and center Ken Kckke were the mainstays ofthe Iowa attack as the Hawks finished the season 4-5-I. 00l, Richard Miller: 002, Larry Mitchell' 003, John Gottlieb: 004, Bill Titfany: 005, The Bell- 006, Johe Ranev' 007, Chris Coleman' 008, Steven Coleman: 009, Kert Griesheloer' 050, Jim Re'seme' 0ll Mike Peter' 0l2, Dick Merrick: 0l3, Pete Ferguson: 0l4, Joe Barrows: 044, Bill Merrick' 045 Jett Musteldt: 046, James Middleton: 047, Dave Duke- 049, William Gill' 050, Mike O'COnner' 05l, Ken Keklfe: 052, Doug Vincent' 053, Mike Vlachos: 054, Steven Johns. f -V-F A -...W BOTTOM ROW: Elizabeth Campbell, Marilyn Starks, Keith l-lindman, Mary Zerwas, George Zerwas, Kathy Watson, Hank Feir, Arnal Anderson, Stephen iNest, Mark l-lesselschwerdt. Ruth Hesselschwerdt. ROW 2: Mariorie l-lindman, John Cota, David Meer, Geary Voots, Ken Koch, Sandra Hammers, David Slaght, Dan Gochenour, Caroll Prigel, Joyce Briqhtwell, Car-Nel Gott, Kirby Broughton. ROW 3: Mary Einspahr, Bonnie Holub, Pal' McEvoy, Lynne Halley, Chuck Collins. Mary l.'l-lalloran, Lillian Nunheirner, Shirley Ringsdori, Janet Nairn, Ann Schlichterneier, Cindy Pickett, Dorothy Mead, Deborah Nye. ROW 4: Marsha Sabitt, Randa Robertson, Dennis Hagan. Jean Pohlrnann, John McCartney, Kurt Krueo- er, Jack Schaefer, Tom Potthohl, Mark Rosenberg, Richard Kuehn, Charlynn Hansen, Linda Brumwell, TOP ROW: Rush Shorrley, Katie Moore, Robert Wiltshire, Jerald Goldstrorn, Harvey Diehl, Dick Descamps, Mike McRoberts, Wayne Robinson, Gaye Terris, Mimi Glover, Nancy Stevens Sailing Club competes in Tulane Regatta The Sailing Club was one of two clubs from the Midwest in- W1 ,y,.' 5 ysb ,yss syyy SW iyy vited to Tulane University's Regatta during Mardi Gras Week in February. , In the Big 10 Regatta the club placed second and Chip Bel- W A 'D "v ii lamy Won the highest POint skipper title. D J ' I ' "" ' . During the year the club's facilities were expanded to include J li ' A a large permanent dock, a concrete ramp to the lake and a pon- toon boat. In the fall the club added a new Vanguard Flying Junior to the fleet of twelve advanced Fjis. The club's instruction program was expanded to include sched- uled racing every weekcnd and new classifications for members: novice. lubber, crew. light weather helmsman, heavy weather helmsman and skipper. , ""' , lx 3 X .x .,,, if ,x ' k ix -. 2 lowa Sailing Club, 'eadx to leit 'lac high seas X X DX X MXH' XR X X XXX, K Lake Macbride. mi.. X lx X i N, xx ': i 303 00I, led Kinosleyg 002, Alan Sclienek: 003, Terry Swanson, Paul Monohor: 0l9, Eel Dana: 020, Mike Proctor, 02l, Keith 004, Lloyd lvlattlies' 005, Neil Sclirnittq 006, Don lvlilern: 008, MeCanless' 022. Tirn Eames: 023 Jerry Bonney' 024, Stev Arnie Lazer' 009, Bob Dickson? 0l0 Paul Orni' 0I l, Roberl lvloehlmanng 025, lvlike Zepeda' 026, Rich Scofzat 027, at Allewq 0l2, Jim Seofliorr' 0l3, Jian Butler: 0l4, Dick lalle' Yocornq 028, Bunehy Kryillerq 029, Barry Slolten. 1 leoaske, 0l8 Dolphin Club holds annual aquatic show Continuing their merry ways, the Dolphin fraternity splashed their way into the hearts of many people. During the fall they presented their annual show and elected Ellen Wright, a junior transfer student from Decorah, as their queen. Other finalists in the contest were Ginny Sias, Cyd Cass- erly and Susan Boyd. With the spring came the Dolphins' annual glutton ice cream- eating contest. As has been the custom in the past, new members had their heads shaved as part of their initiation in the fall and proudly paraded around bald so all could see they were about to become members of the fraternity. Oh, nol Noi all that beaulilul lwairl M i s ,ea - ,qv kiil iii x SSH' Seals Club officers display their otticial sweatshirt, Cindy Sharp, Cynthia Kolm- iohn, Jean Koza, Judy Balcar, Diane Sielc. Seals reorganize, keep busy in l9G8 After three months of experimentation, reorganization and training sessions for prospective members, a new Seals Club emerged this year. Even before tryouts in December the club participated in a variety of activities which included the Dolphin Show and an international aquatic arts symposium at Cedar Falls. Mother,s Day Weekend climaxed the yearls Work and ambitions when Seals presented The Sounds Of, their annual Water show. ww' mm mhmqwtmuww aw? an Wa- Aww - siii BOTTOM ROW: Natalie Kilgus, Cynthia Kolciohn, Judy Balcar, Jean Koza, Jodie Cunningham, Debbie Payden. Mar- cia Johnson, Patty Shaheen, Viclri l-larmon, Suzanne lvlershon, Diane Albertson, Charlotte Simmelinlc, Marty Moorhouse Marty Harris, Beclcy Shofwell. TOP ROW: Nancy Stevens. A 1"fE'UQ,g2g5W , ..,,.r -hmm .V A J W, Q, , sj jyiglw MEM Abby Oslund, Doris Jensen, Linda Angell, Sandy Sinotte, JoAnn Enburq, Stephanie Nissen, Louisa Kiedaisch, Nancy Arn, Sally Davenport, Linda Aclcley, Carol Plummer, Diana Evans, Linda Adams, Jane Cole, Beth Ellis. OFFICERS: Randy Haines .lor l-le-rdricks, Larry Wieczorek, Dale Steavs Mike Mrvndare. Lettermen help out at sports activities The Lettermen's Club is more than just a group of athletes who are major letter winners. It is a service organization that has spe- ciiic functions. Its chief function is that of assisting Iowa sports activities. The Lettermen sell programs at football games. usher at basketball games and the annual Dolphin Show and assist at other sports activities at which their services are needed. They also sponsor picnics and other social events. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Wieczorek. John l-iendricks, Al Brearn, Gary Larsen, Dwayne Grant, Carl Frazier, Ray Pastorino. ROW 2: Bob Schneider Sieve Wilson, Andy Jackson, Roilie Kitt, Torn Siaack. Dick Agnew, Ted Hatierrnann, Steve Szabo. Karl Luneckas Ron G-riiiiih, Correlius Patterson, Pete Paquette, Arnie Lazer Keiilri Mclfanless, Den l-latch. TOP ROW: Tory Williams Oreo Barton, Galen Noard, Bill Bevifl. lem Hauzgo, Paul Starrnan, Rod Barnharf, Mike Phillips, Dale Tebera, Bob Dickson, Paul Orni, Dale S+earns Mike Mondane Randy l-laines, Paul Laaveg, Mike Lavery Don Shurr, Ed Poclolak, Jon Meskimen, Phil Henning, Verlyr Srrellner, Mike Edwards, Jirn Hoener, Don Yahn, Rod Faire, Dave White. Cheerleaders' frolies lift Iowa spirits It's a wonder to some Iowa fans that the Iowa leaders managed somehow. Their impact was felt cheerleaders survived the season. Every time by crowd and team. Without their gymnastics they went through their "smashed" pyramid rou- and boisterous voices. Iowa teams might not have tine the whole crowd groaned. But the cheer- been as successful as they were. BOTTOM ROW: Ror IerriII, Lerrzf Stemer, See" W1fI'11ee Ierr, Schechicoer. ROW 2: Rfindee Scnaivoth Cheri McDffnieIs Pam ChiIds. ROW 3: Keren Kettrrir Eve Carbon TOP: Chii Compton. I Bowling is only one ot the iatramurfal sports tor men. Intramural activities provide recreation Football, softball, golf, tennis and many other forms of sports competition are oitered to students through the intramural pro- gram. It gives the ordinary student, who doesn't have the oppor- tunity to play on a varsity team, .a Chance to try his hand at sports. .Q I 41, fdbaf' ff ,Im To show Q my in 9 A Greek Life I , 3II Jim .. . f, 'fwfr . f s , wa in 4. ,IW 'mf ff, ,jk fa. ft, ,W W ,, ., E' w L f , f 9 A . A, 'ww 3 3 I 5,118 . w v 2 .W . K,gg,g,g ff '1 Q A ' ,f ,,:- if ' A lfww sf ,fl-f" ,,,ff,,."q.f5j,,fy f 3 H "ki:-X, fr: af A SML. 5, ffm. fa 3 l 9 J' .nh " S 'J NS- ' . J Z 7 s .. v-ff ,f-'11, , , . " V f iw iff-'nf ." "1 4" "'.' 'K 1.3" 'A :, 4., rg-fa wwf! 'J f f,g..n: ,,,-N, - . J 4' ' F-,Q lirfkx . X If I ' V A 5 ,Q W 1' sw ,ff 65- A . jg, wg? m, +?1s,,fs. f3, W A- , f' Appm, V, J1 ,V mf v, A ' P. by Sf JW' ,I , 'Q 1- ' ' ,LBQQQ ' 59" 'Y 1 'A if ' lm M. A wi. T" , V- ' -' 34 ff' A ff Vi A 'X 5 'Q f , , 1 I 'f My M N 4 J ' - V 1 - f 4' V g Q T Q , ' ,Q .1 A Egg! ,, n -4 f it K g kskm 41' y F af ga fi M A . f y ' f q 4 8 ' -an l ' f , I 1 1 5 51' if 2 Q, vs ' . 2 22 ' Q' ,'ffE2P': ' v 1 J X 5 - an V I 3 "-' Y 2- S ' - 1 g 3, 71' ii: ki 'Q A 'P A ". -S' A pg, .. -- -nv 4. 1 v l 1 1 hs, 'ac- X' ' Fu . 1 1 'S Av C' Z , fe. ' ' ,Qi 'R X Q ,D ,. l Q 1' gin -1 ,X ink X 51-xiii , 'xx 3 'E fm wngi -f ,,., il 'tif Hs F fy x Q in L 4 .mhgf , v . Wx . U .a 4 In ws? W ' 'hfafgfwfli-,, ,H .ws 'f rv, A M wr sf f -R 1,7 5f.w , , mf, its , f V " - LL .1 kk,-. f .4 M ., .,. A ,x , I R, . 7 ffl' 1, ix, K ,..,,., ., ,W ,fu . I K WZ, , W, 'Sm X, H Pi Phi forma' Romeo 4 . , Romeo? and for other things 461' Ann Harwood, Jan Teacvuf a o Jean Rohli check lavouts for tn Parhelle-nic Handbook, Panhellenie sponsors big ten conference Panhellenic Council, in conjunction with IFC. sponsored a Big Ten Panhellenic-IFC conference April 25-27. More than 200 representatives from ll universities attended. Delegates discussed how the Greek system could better adapt itself to develop the potential of incoming freshmen. Sensitivity training ses- BOTTOM ROW: Ann Fister, Nancy Gay. Cheryl Ames, Carolyn Mueller, Peoqy Nord-een, Marcia Kron, Susan Binnev Cheryl McDaniel, ROW 2: Kathryn Volk Judy Burlinq, Linda pecan? Faye Klefstad Marilyn Starlcrnan, Diane Hawkinson, Gayle Grace, Joyce Huse, Diare l-lirriehsen, Phyllis Sherman sions were held in which delegates investigated how they could become better leaders for their local chapters. Panhellenic Council also prepared its annual handbook. The handbook is mailed every sum- mer to incoming freshman girls who are interested in fall rush. TOP ROW: Jeri Grant, Mary Jo Buckley JoAnn Zupek Cindy Poyser, Jeanne Kirkwood, Patricia hlerclersor Narew Ross, Jean l-leeren Lanelle Klein, Mary Clark Ellaouise Olbrieri. Junior Panhellenie unites Greek pledges BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Zell, Kim Servison, Sharon Rieqert, Kathleen Fitz, Karen lvichleeley, Selly Goetsch. TOP ROW: Jean Klinqarnan Doreen Musin, Natalie Lomprecht, Glenda Junior Panhellenic Council's major activity was holding regular meetings for its members. All sorority pledges belong to the organization. The meetings attempted to provide a well-rounded in- troduction to the Greek system and to University life. The year began with an orientation meeting at l-lughes, Nancy Severe, Margie Allen, Penny Hicks, Judy Burrell, Cathy Grovenburg. which representatives from major campus ac- tivities discussed their organizations with pledges. In December the members caroled at fraternity houses, Breakfast exchanges were held in Feb- ruary, and in March a scholarship award was giv- en to the pledge class with the highest grades. A reception for spring pledges was held in April. Pledges enjoy a breakf ' erclnanqe Homecoming highlights A Chi O's year A highlight of the year for the A Chi O's was Homecoming. The sisters took iirst place in the womens division of the Home- coming badge sales competition by selling 3,187 badges. The girls gave the S300 prize to the Alpha Chi Omega national philanthro- py. the Easter Seal Foundation. Long hours of work with the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon went into a Homecoming Float entitled "Sighted Boilermakersg Sank Same" which won second place for originality. The float theme was based on a message sent during World War lI by a U. S. submarine which had just sunk an enemy ship. In addition. the A Chi O's candidate. Cheri lmel. was selected one of the 10 semi- finalists in the Miss U of I competition. I TOP ROW: Mrs. lyean Aldrich. hiousernother, Becky Bailey, Chris Bertholl, Marsha Best, Mary Ann Brinkman. ROW 2: Becky Deahl, Judy Doersclneln, Dianne Fisher, Barbara Fons. Ellen Gaither. ROW 3: Karen Garwoccl, Marilyn Garwood Marty Gillarn, Tori Gilrnor, Donna Gundersen. BOTTOM ROW: Betty Gustafson, Cindy Harmon. Vicki l-larnaon, Cris riellrnan, Kathy' Horner, .lean Rohll, Diana McCoy and Madolyn Lyman exhibit the 'eamwofk which wan iirst place tor the A Chi O's in the -iomeccmina badge competition WM ,A E, V - out .. X 1 ,ga PRESIDENT. Marcia Jones Alpha Chl Omega TOP ROW: Dona l-ludek Mary lcenoole Clneri lrnel, Slnaron Jolwnsonl Marcia Jones, Carolyn Kaolan, Judy Kappy, Wendy' Karllnos. Marqle Kell, Susan Kenlner Linda Kirqsley Fave Klelslad. ROW 2: Lanelle Klein, Mary Jo Kober, Susar Koons, Lynn Krueqer, Nalalia Larnoreclwl, Pal' Lana, Maclolyn Lyman, Jane Marriell, Tanya Maxuloy, Linda Mcfxnelly, Dlana McCoy, Diane Mclnryre. ROW 3: Mary McLean. Susar McQulllcln, Suzanne Merslwor, Kalny Merzqer, Jean Miller, Jarel Moore Melfern Orer Carol Pedersen, Barbara Pence, Pamela Porler, Nelda Ratio, Claudia Roberls, BOTTOM ROW: Jean Rolwlf, Sally Saurders, Nancy Severance, Jo Taylor, Jan Vander Meer, Mary Lee Vlerlcanl, Pal Volle, Pam Wagner, Clwrls Wallrlclw, Kaflny Zarzig, Barbara Zeedylc. Alpha Delta Pi www 1. A PRESIDENT, Sally Chard Qs TOP ROW: Mrs. Mlldred Goddard l-lousemollwer Marx Sarah l-lolm, Nancy Heenemimn, Barbara Jess, .lell JCl1rSO'l, Addlior, CHM Arderscfl. Sue Bella, Pam Barbour Kmlwl Jill Joemson, Kellwy Kinney, Sheryl Klelr, .leer Kliwgamaw l Bergrem, Judie Bl-lckmar, Ceallwle Blalwi Clverle Bowers Pam Gall Longarlecker, Sheri Lurdeerr Keren lvlolwr, Llrda Mon'- Brcrnbergn, Delyble Brown Qflwrw Burch. ROW 2: Caro! fgomery. BOTTOM ROW: lvlarcla lvlorllz, Debble lvlCNlgl1l Carlwrlglwl, Selly Clwerd Carol Cleeeowellw, Belsy Culler, Jewel lVlcRol3erls, Terrl Nlcolaus, Bellw Nlckollserw, Pa? Pei- l Vlckl Duserl:err,l, Jfackle l:e'l Am Pisler, Glwry Fox, Carol wersor, Paula Palrsclwull, Sue Pauling, Susnm Pease, Liz Peclerr Gran' Jerl Gfrwl Mew l-leckell S P l-lelre, ROW 32 earl Bonnie Pooe, Suzanne Roberls. , 3l8 Alpha Delta Pi concentrates on service The Alpha Delta Pi's concentrated on service projects this year. On the international level. the girls adopted a Korean or- phan, a small boy named Lee Dong Ho. The sisters Sent month- ly tinancial support which provided him with food. clothing and a chance to attend school. On the local level, the A D Pi's hosted a party in November for teenagers from University Hospital School. Table games and a sing-along provided entertainment for the teenagers. Before Christmas. the sisters gave a party for Project AID at which I5 children were entertained. During the Christmas holidays. the girls serenaded a nursing home and held a party for the residents. l l TOP ROW: Sue Robinson, Nancy Robinson, Mary Rlehe Shaw, Gail Shoefvhal Marv Lou Shoeathal. Pam Spaaa ' Marcla Stallord, Emily Suoincer. ROW 3: Marv Beth Supl The A D Pi's descerd their saifcase ia lraciilioeal costumes for lV'Q0V MSW ESM Talbot- SUZ"""5 l'fPl51J5l'6i league, Kithw me-lr olantation rush cartv. Thomas, Corrie ll'nrn. BOTTOM ROW: Sue Timm, Patty Vestle, Andrei Vlfaltof Mar, Wllscf, Spsie Wilson, Su? Zurbrlgvee. Jane Schharhorst Carol Seator' lerrv Seaton, ROW 2: Pat lpha Epsilon Phi PRESIDENT, Rullw Beclcer TOP ROW: Deborah Barrlcks Rush Becker, Barbara Berman, Janls Brody, Robe-rla Bassman. ROW 2: Carla Conn, Susan Dlrwe, Esrlwer Elcslelm, Fran Fleck, Susar' Glazer. BOTTOM ROW: Edrea Goldberg, Sandra Goldberg, Elaine Green, Judy Herslrmlieldr Melinda lsaacs, Linda Lawrence. E Phi's seek university recognition Alpha Epsilon Phi's goal this year was to be olicially recogniz- ed as a sorority by the University. The group has been on cam- pus as a colony since October 1966. The A E Phi's are hoping for activation and for a Chapter house soon. The sisters lived together for the first time this year. Their home was Mayflower Hall. They hoped that living together would en- able them to work more efhciently to build a better chapter. The girls also enjoyed MayHoWer's pool and sauna. ln the fall. the A E Phi's experienced their first formal rush. Planning skits for the lirst time made rush particularly hectic. At the end of rush week. 15 girls were pledged. l TOP ROW: Leslie Levich Liz Margolis, Jane Polloelc, Lynn Schvfertz.ROW 2: Nancy Sector, Peogy Sherman, Phyllis Sherman, Cookie Starkman. BOTTOM ROW: Jill Tobis, Dale Wells, Marilyn Zell, Fran Zeolain. l'll raise you one towel! - - gf :ap::v+,.a .,,, ef W. Alpha Gamma Delta si PRESIDENT, Helen Toms TOP ROW: Arnal Anderson, Susan Anderson, Mary Bannirg, Cliris Barden Susan Barlz, Jeanne Bennelr, Jean Blumqren, Dee Briglwr, Judy Burrell, Barb Bmron, Sue Carlson. ROW 2: Barb Fisli, Marie Flerlev, Mimi Glever, Nancy Goold, Pency Harser, Mar+y Harris, Ann r-laswell, Kay l-lellman, Carole l-lesernan Candy l-lensirlwield Diane l-libbs. ROW 3: Debbie Jeaneary, Karen Johnson Jearne Kirkwood Leslie Laniqlaaus 322 Sezanre LaRue Lirda Lobdill, Toni Louden, Linda Lundquisl, Lyn Manlield, Linda Marsln, Karliy Malliews, BO-l-l'OM ROW: Linda Malbieser, Carolyn McKee, Meril'-y McBride, Mary McEwen, Nancy Melone, Leanne Miller, Janie Morse, Arlis Mulder, Kris Neolalisf, Marcia Nice, Marrllne Oldag, Slieri Pr-rfo"1 Alpha Gams add trophies to oolleotion Participation in campus activities this year brought Alpha Gam- ma Delta three new trophies for its collection. The Alpha Gams and members of Phi Beta Pi medical frater- nity won a iirst-place trophy for their participation in the Uni- versity Sing during Mother's Day weekend last spring. In the fall the Alpha Gamma Delta and Pike Homecoming Hoat, "Record of a Smashed I-lic'tory,l' won the Kiwanis award for the best Greek Hoat. The Alpha Gams also came up with a sports victory. The sis- ters and the Lambda Chi's won the intramural volleyball trophy in the annual Greek-dormitory competition. TOP ROW: Mary Ellen Peterson, Mary Reqan, Vlelri Rey- noldson, Sardy Riegart, Jane Roman. ROW 2: Rosie Rorine baum, Pat Rueoq, Kathy Scott, Karen Sicgvardt, Kristen Stein- beck. ROW 3: Judi Stephani, Ann Street, Sue Taylor, trlel- en Toms, Barb Upglegratt, BOTTOM ROW: Sue Van Duyni lishing trophies is cletinitely more tun than shinino shoes. Kathy Volk, Janine Wedekind, Susan Winter, Mary Wynia, lpha Phi's host formal, casual parties Formal and casual parties gave the girls of Alpha Phi excellent opportunities to use their skills as hostesses this year. At their annual Christmas formal the Alpha Phi's dined and danced in full- length gowns at the Athletic Club. Short, flowery shifts were appropriate costumes for the swing- ing spring Alpha Phi luau. In the Hawaiian tradition, the girls and their dates feasted on roast pig and danced to the beat of Hawaiian music. Perhaps the sisters were preparing for their national convention which will be held in the Bahamas this summer. The Alpha Phi's also gave a welcoming tea on October 2 for their new housemother, Mrs. Wilma Thode. TOP ROW: Mrs. Thode. housemother, Jill Applegate, Rhea Arnold, Kay Barnes, Bev Barrett. ROW 2: Barb Beckman, Pam Bergo, Carolyn Blum, Nancy Boettcher, Trudi Bringen- berq. ROWI3: Mary Jo- Buckley, Bev Burger, Linda Bur- lgiljsnclrgzill Jail? Bggogfgeliggii The Alpha Phi's qet in the Hawaiian spirit tor their annual luau Georqott, Alpha PRESIDENT, Dorofhy MacKay TOP ROW: Joyce Glade, Pam Goss, Maruine Harnillor Di- anne Hay. Anne Herrick, Sue Herweq, Candy Hess, Pam Hicks, Penny Hicks, Lynn Hiell, Marcia Hudson, Garnel Jar- ard, ROW 2: Karen Jensen, Prudy Johnson, Karen Kemp, Lana Kienaplel, Kailwy Kranlz, Sally Landers, Barlo Laylield, Callny LeRoy, Linda Lewis, Jucly Loclnmann, Jan Luken, Dor- ollwy McKay. ROW 3: Sue Mains, Harrier McCleary, Cnris 82137 Morrison, Andrea Nelson, Suzanne Newcomer, Sneila Noun Dale Oll-larra, Carol Olson, Pamela Porler, Cyrdy Poyser, Bobbi Reed, Ann Robar. BOTTOM ROW: Tori Scholl, Nan- cy Sclnulenbero, Susie Sliirk, Calliy Srnillw, Susie Srnilli, Gail Slerlner, Cyndy Tnomas, Nancy lreinen, Carolyn Van Den Brink, Jane Weaver, Kallwy Wilcox. nr lpha i Delta PRESIDENT, Palfi Jo Huber TOP ROW: Caflwy Abramson, Heallner Adamson, Sally All, Kalliryn Boucner, Sue Bouclinel, Beclcy Bowers, Linda Boyd, Rullwann Bur-gy, Ann Byinglon, Cindy Church. Cindy Cline. ROW 2: Anne Galen Ann Gilford, Belly Gray, Marii Gross, Donna Gwinnup, Belly Hanson, Melanie Harms, Judy l-larris, Jean l-lays, Diane l-linriclcsen, Sue l-looyer. ROW 3: Julie l'loper, Palli Jo l-luber, Glenda l-luglwes, Joyce Huse, Jan Krebs. Barb Lindlworsl Grefclwen Link, Pal Loucks, Dar- leen Mallonee, Helen Mallnews, Julie Means. BOTTOM ROW: Slwer Meyer, Bonnie Minlcel, Sue Moiclil, Carolyn Moore, Marslia Morgan, Nancy Noller, Lean Ober, Kris Olson, Suzanne Olson, Carol Padqlwarn, Linda Paullus, Jan Perrin. lpha Xi Delta tloat wins sweepstakes Imagination. combined with hard work and aid from the men of Lambda Chi Alpha, created an Alpha Xi Delta float which won the sweepstakes trophy in the annual Homecoming parade. The Alpha Xi's also won in the area of public service by sponsoring and conducting weekly meetings for a Girl Scout troop which in- cluded mentally retarded and culturally deprived children. The float was titled 'tlowa Loves Purdue to Death? Huge painted flowers, psychedelic colors and llickering lights gave an appropriate background for a Lambda Chi combo which pro- vided live music. The Alpha Xi's service to their scout troop won them the first place award for philanthropy at the Alpha Xi Delta national convention last spring. TOP ROW: Judi Pier, Ann Pleshelc, Joyce Pound, Peggy Puclc, Robin Rea, Cam Reed. ROW 2: Betsy Rice, Bobbi Richardson, Diane Salmon, Jean Seator, Julie Schreiber, Lin- da Shipman. ROW 3: Suzanne Shirley, Kay Steele, Diane Steniqer, Jean Sulelc, Carolyn Victorine, Linda Vitt. BOTTOM ROW: Pam Ward, Kathy Weaver, Kathy Weis, Teresa Weiss, Sandy Widmann, Carolyn Witt. The Alpha Xi Delta tloat adds a psychedelic touch to the homecoming parade. t Chi Os adopt Guatemalan foster child The Chi Us newest addition is a 10-year-old foster child. Gladys Elvira Salam, from Guatemala. The child was adopted shortly after Christmas through the Jeanne Clarke Wood Founda- tion's Children Incorporated program. The sisters send month- ly financial support to the child as Well as gifts and letters. An older addition, a new Wing on the house, was dedicated at a tea December 3. The president of the house corporation offi- cially presented the house key to the Chi O president, and an open house was held for University administrative ofiicials, faculty and members of other fraternities and sororities. The biggest social event of the year was the Chi Omega Cotil- lion held January 15. TOP ROW: Mrs. Elam Rohriq, housernother, Carol Abbott, .lane Anclruslca, Jan Astolti, Linda Bailey. ROW 2: Virginia Baltrus, Debbie Bell, Donna Blaney. .lo Bonde, Sue Bradley, ROW 3: Claudette Carlson, Carolyn Cherry, Sue Christen- son, Karen Cole, Jane Corcoran. BOTTOM ROW: Cathy Corcoran, Elaine Croyle, Sally Dahms, D'Rene Desmond, Kathie Dunn. The start of an enjoyable evening at the Chi O Cotillion. Joann Zupek, Steve Miller. att 4-laude 'Q . I K Y , , - . .VM V' . wus, '- . v wprh ,,L,N P: 1: -- , A ' :gg ' A sf 'f ' .?li,-fig K ,if .ww f , ,'-f-f.gj.i2 we ii - i , ji fl M ,qs .K Dmega PRESIDENT, D'Rene Desmond TOP ROW: Judy Dvorak, Karen Eagle, M by Eilicrl Kalhy Fraulini Jeanne Frederick, lee Hall, Kafhy Householder Jean Hee schwerdv. ROW 2: Suzanre Hodsor, Jar our, Ann l-lylend, Carolyr lsham, Diane Kydan, Cindy Lewis, Calhy Leylze, Sue Maloney. ROW 3: Linda McConnelee. ary Eirsoahr Deb- Borrie l-lell, Mari- refi, Rulh hlessel- Huhl Cheryl Hurlf Kremerfalc, Miriarn Lochner Adrienne Palfi Mccormiclf, el-1 1 1-az, 2 M K 5 Fire? ii' N411 M4 f . ag 2320- , 1: ", r? ' X ly, Marlynr Merrili Marianne Mills, Maurcer O'Bryon, Dailene Offonncr, Ccnree Pele-rs, Chris Richardson Sharon Rieqerl, Helen Roush Sherry Schoonoyer. BOTTOM ROW: Donra Skarshaug, Sue Soulls, Linr Sundquisf, Pam Vondran, Marilyn Welson, Michele Wheeler, Cindy Wood, Ann Younglserq, Judy Yourg JoAnn Zupek, Owl. 32 Delta Delta Delta . l r We by -w '. ' ' ' fi :Q ' PRESIDENT, Virginia Baker ,-5 We TOP ROW: Mrs. Cook, liousemotner, Clieryl Ames, Qinna Baker, Roberta Beebe, Katliy Benesli, Sardy Boyd, Leanna Breese, Mary Clark Lynr Collisor, Elaire Cooper, Mary Coyne, Lynn Dooler. ROW 2: Diane Farrell Janis Faur, Gwen Flaum, Jar' Flemiag, Jar Flolir, Becky Fountain, Pam Freundl, Slwari Geacli, Sally, Goetscli, Slwaror Gossrnar, Trisli Gregory, S'epliar'ie Guiref. ROW 3: Mary l-lardtelt, Linda rf... .- g xv- vfw ln- 47" xv l-lawlc Dee l'le-clqe, Jan Hott. Sonia l'loines, Cheri l-lorsley Barbara l'lund, Merritt Jolianr, Judy Jolwns, Marslwa Jolin yn- Son, Kristie Keyern. BOTTOM ROW: Lora Klueyer, Lynn Larson, Debbie Macliarner, Trisli Maland, Margie Melville, Barbara Mullen, Pam Nesler, Carole Neville Parn Newliouse Katlwy Ogily-,r, Aan Peacock, ,..- Delta Delta Delta promotes scholarship Delta Delta Delta promoted academic effort this year by award- ing a S135 scholarship in March to an undergraduate girl from the general student body. Applicants were judged on the basis of scholarship, campus activities and financial need. The scholar- ship, an annual project, was awarded as part of a Tri-Delt nation- al service project. Winning the scholarship makes the coed eli- gible for one of four 51,000 scholarships offered by the sorority's national headquarters. The Tri Delts raised the money for the scholarship by selling light bulbs. A major renovation of their house provided extra living space for the sisters. Seven bedrooms and a study room were finished on the third Hoor. T TOP ROW: Dixie Poindexter, Priscilla Popel, Marilee Reemt- srna, Julie Reimer, Randy Rieclc, Marty Roush. ROW 2: Ele len Rummel, Nancy Ruth, Dedi Schmidt, Jeanne Seiple, Patsy Shepercl, Kathy Silaqy, ROW 3: Susan Simmons, Jane Si- The Tri Delts' new study room sets the mood tor concentration. 'WOW lVl5VY KGY THDOV. MGVY Therlea. Clndt' Thompson- 'lUl'e Vollcens. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Wagner, Barb Walters. Miclcie Webber, Sally Weidenhoett, Cheryl Winrow, Betsy Zimmerman. DG service project aids blind patients Service projects took on a new look at the Delta Gamma house this year. Rather than sponsoring one or two special projects in which only a few participated, all the sisters undertook a single year-long project: aiding blind patients at University Hospitals. Every Saturday morning five or six of the girls read to the pa- tients, wrote letters for them or just visited. Each girl worked about an hour once during the semester. Most ofthe patients were either waiting for or recovering from operations and needed company. The project was started in conjunction with the Delta Gamma's national alumnae project of working for the blind. TOP ROW: Linda Aclelcy, Lisa Adams, Jan Ahlberg, Jane Anton, Lindy Baihbridge. ROW 2: Debby Beal, Ann Beh- rens, Noel Bender, Gretchen Bjerlce, Barbara Boeye. ROW 3: Ann Brecunier, Sheila Bubb, Carol Chisholm, Betty Clynick, Kitty Coen. BOTTOM ROW: Christine Cottin, Cathy Cox, Julie Deemsl Sherry Farwell' Joan Fiyzpamckl A few DSS enjoy a moment together in their new house Ddka Gmnma PRESIDENT, Befsy Webber . ,... . .-. oleaniia furry, Nancy bay, Clnris Glaze, Gayle Grace, Dixie Haclcrnan. Sally Harrison Ar" Harwo d BJ' 1 i O V 'i bare Henderson, Calliy Henderson, Beclcy Holwl Vicki Houser ROW 2: Jene Huslon, Mary Keouoln Jeanne Leslie Ellen Lincors, Paula Meire+, Jeanne Marx, JMerly Mofformiclg Me i ' i if ROW 3: Clweri Muclie Sally Ness Kelliryn Nielson, Carmen linda Meador, Mary Miller Bambi Miller Callrii Minlruci Olecnnovicln, lVlary Phillies Barbara Rirz, Kallwleen Pilz Bar- bara Reyrolds Linda Sarde Beverly Teglend, Kalhleer' Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: Lairev Tnornpson, Janann Tie+z. Andree Tracey, Laurie Ulrich. Julie Vane, Julie Van Orsdol Belsy Webber Ra+ Weis S+eCl"fi'ie Woodburn, Dorollny Woods. Delta Zeta TOP ROW: Mrs. Rrrmrd hcuserrrorher. Merrerve Anderson, Mary Bescdo Lorraine Bf2?':i9J Be rv JC Brown, Teresa Car' redw Carrdu Cramer Bobbie Crew, Dow-a Daren Mary Eerfe Derderrer Susaf Drckersem Arwdree'rw, ROW 22 Lyrzr Eddy Aer E'f3e5rerdr, Grade Freege Nancy Florer, Sandra Fersberq, Jed, Foyer, Aw Gahgrer Clwarrere Graarrw- WON, Mow Jo 6recCr,r,J51r Gurshalr, Crrkfrre Hemoe Ker- 334 ,Num PRESIDENT, Judy Mifchen Qi Herlyer, ROW 3: Barbnre Hrgfrrrs Frarcie Horn, Berr Keppy, Mary Kash Jo Am Kefwm Kefrryf Krrrg, Linde Krepp Marcia Krofr Dcnrm Kuerr, Jeerrrrne Kpyper, Lyrzrefre Lew berrw Merrhe Larson. BOUOM ROW: Carrw Lerra, Lourse Lewrs Lois Mecrvek, Merfrre Mclnryre, Berrw Menke, Jane MrUer, Vrckr Maurer Jrrdrrh Mlrcrwerr, Srrerorr Molyeeau, Lifdf Mcrrlscr Pm Nersorr, Social and service events fill DZ year Participation in a variety of social events and service projects filled the Delta Zetais year. In November the pledges made Thanksgiving favors which they distributed at the Student Health infirmary and at Hospital School. The sisters campaigned house to house in February for the Mus- cular Distrophy Fund . The winter social season was highlighted by a winter formal held shortly before Christmas. In May the sisters held their spring formal at the Athletic Club. The DZs were excited about propects for a new house in a few years. Two lots were purchased on Burlington Street and the sisters hope funds will soon be available to begin planning and construction. TOP ROW: Ellie O'Brien, Linda Ohnesorge, Dorothy O'- Neill, Donna Parry, Pat Paulsen. Becky Reed, ROW 2: Cathy Roberts, Joellen Roberts, Barbara Schmidt, Elaine Schroeder, Nancy Severe, Debbie Schiller. ROW 3: Mary Spencer, Jan in I Underlcotler, Patty Waller, Cathy Walsh, Carolyn Wenner- Pledges decorate the DZ living roorn in their typical Sat- berql Mary wither BOTTOM ROW: pai While' Sue Willett' Urdalf Vllfllll' laslllon' Jane Williamson, Sue Wolf, Mary Yonngqren, Janice Zim- merman, Addition to Gamma Phi house finished The biggest event for the Gamma Phi Betas this year was the completion of a three-story addition to their house. The additition, Which provides much needed space, includes a dining room, a kitchen, 12 bedrooms, a recreation room, study and typing rooms and quarters for the housemother. As a philanthropy project the sisters adopted a foster child through the Christian Children's Fund program. The child is an eight-year-old girl, Cheung Lai Hah, who lives in Hong Kong. She receives monthly financial support from the G.amma Phis. Two of the sisters write to the little girl each month and every- one enjoys reading the letters received in return. TOP ROW: Mrs. Helen Joyce, housemother, Kathie Beres. Suzanne Berg, Barb Carlson, Cid Casserly. ROW 2: Pam Childs, Jacque Cook, Cyndi Corless, Barb Criswell, Mary Jo Donnelly. ROW 3: Carol Edwards, Paddy Faulds, Arlene Faulki KGWVYU Flscller- BeClfY Gawlfl- BOTTOM ROW: Mall! The Gamma Phi's addition provides a pleasant atmosphere tor dinin Goodman, Dena Goplerud, Joan l-lailman, Diane l-lawlainson. Sally l-lotlman. 1 it V 1 i. a H K 1 4 N GamnmIWu PRESIDENT, Paddy Faulds Beta TOP ROW: Joy Hooue. Caro! I-iaTev Sera Horsfnmn, V?ck7 Hursf, Jeanne Jacob Snerrv Kivlesen, Mickey Lennon, Kr7s- Ten Larson, Jane l.TrdeU, Clweryl Linfen, Liwda Luce, Mernyfr McCoIVurn. ROW 2: Marv Sue McGimpsey, Nancy MCA Gimpsev, Carof McNeefey, Keren Mcrleeley, Jo McVey, Lees Maxneim, Diane Meacham, Rendy Miflikin, Barb Mores, Bor- nle Moses, Mehnie Moyer, Ann Neil. ROW 3: Kim Newland, wb Peggy Nordeer, Mary Jo Novak, Sue Peferson, Jane Pnnlips Sue Prnldps, Annie Pugh, Beverw Rienrn, Jane Rosborouqn Peqqy Scniele Andv Sco++, BOTTOM ROW: Ginny Soon Barb Sensenbrenrer Sally Sloker, Kefny Theil, Pam Townsend Terry Tubbs, Meri,-,fn Wessorn, Snarlyn Wax, Ann Waynef, Jane Wesf, Devon WiTfIams. 337 Kappa Alpha r , 4 , 1 Theta ff' Q ,S ' 'T 'vm M ,Wm PRESIDENT, Cindy Dreibilbis sz T lb 1 x.: -, -M f 'ik can sa' 2.3. Hou- 338 fax C P C TOP ROW: Mrs, Schrcll, l-lcpsemofher CTrd, Agar, Jady llerr Kalhy Allen Nahcy Allehder. ,fame Anderson, Kalliy Pmdersor, Perm Ahqell Ciwdy Austin, Pam Bgglq, Marlys Balarolf, Emily Bader Barb Brewer. ROW 2: Barb l3urlce, Rose Busch, Mary Ahh Cambridge, Laurel Campbell, Janet arl, Candy Cray Carol Dayeh. Kathy Deylre, Karhy' Dooley, 'rrdy' Drelbelbls Karhy Dbl Trlsh Durham Ellen Dpsfrrfff. ROW 3: l.r-,W Flold, Carol Fifleld, Spsle Gmefrer, Spa Gocheroar, Narcy Good Jarwe Sreirrvarw, Marilyn Grossarm, Celesre Plarshllold, Sally l'lOOVr'il7, Sue hlooyerw, Safwdy Horn- irrq, Sue lmfell, Mary James, BOTTOM ROW: Maureea Klrbv Marllee Khoedel, Mary Jo Knuclser, Jplle Krurh Jarz Leipold, Mlchelle Louclus, Par Lowrey, Calhy Mara, Arm McAml',' Mary Mcf'Xr'l'y, Ahh Mcllralh, Nlkld Miller. -. c Thetas support Philippine foster child 'Thank you so very much, I dream of meeting each of you some dayj' reads the letter from Maria Eliza Conquilla, a small girl who lives in the Philippine Islands. The Kappa Alpha Thetas have sponsored the child since she was six. Today she is 11 and attends public school in the Islands. Under the Foster Parent program, the Thetas send monthly support checks to a main oflice in New York where they are ex- changed for material goods which are then sent to the child. Correspondence has been incorporated with a pledge project. Each pledge sends a letter once a month to the child. She Writes back to thank the sisters for their gifts and to tell them of her life. P1 " gf it K . Qt , is 4 X WIN. 'K jx TOP ROW: Nancy Moore, Carolyn Mueller, Theresa Neal, Connie Patton, Mary Peacock, Nancy Pearson. ROW 2: Janie Perkins, Kristie Poulos, Leora Rew, Sue Roland, Nancy Ross, Betsy Sampson. ROW 3: Nancy Shepherd, Ginny Sias, Jean Smith, Margaret Smith, Terry Snook, Jean Vander Ploeg, BOTTOM ROW: Susan Walker, Jane Wallace, Cindy Waller, Gayle Wesselink, Marcy Zieser, Janny Zupek. Thetas enioy corresponding with their Philippine toster child. Kappa Kappa Gamma 'I ,af 1 55 i lib. MQ? fs, me .NY PRESIDENT, Pal Henderson TOP ROW! Margie Allen, Julie Anwsler, Debby Beck, Carla Bennell, Cass Bennelr, Linda Billner, Didi Bowclilch, Cindy Buresh, Helen Calverl, Sue Carlson, Nellie Chan, Cyndy Cline. ROW 2: Susan Dewey, Pal' Dislerholl, Jane Edge, JO Ann Enburq, Claire Field, Marqarel Filer, Rulh Ann Flanagan, Sue Friberq, Emily Gelman, Viclfl Gillillan, Laurie Green, Rachel Hayerlcamp, ROW 3: Pall Henderson, Marsha Her- big, Marcia Hooyer, Sally Hycle, Peggy Jacobs, Sally Jones, Lois Ke-rcher, Palli Kirkpalrick, Linda Kniqhf, Jill Korenevlch, Karen Koflrnan, Pam Kuhl. BOTTOM ROW: Connie Lanqe, Joan Lanqe, Pal' Lorenzen, Jan Miller, Kalhy Monahan, Janel Moore, Susan Moore, Marcia Morgan, Ginger Owers, Barb Pallee, Ginny Paxlon, Joan Perry. l C , liappas win first place in scholarship Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority won thc first-place trophy at the annual Panhellenic scholarship banquet in the fall. This was the fifth time in the last four years that the Kappas had won some type of scholarship award. An important contribution to the Kappa's scholastic success was a workable study program. During the school week, pledges were required to attend proctored daytime and evening study hours. The Kappas hold a scholastic banquet each semester at which special keys from the alumnae are presented to the pledge with the highest grades, the senior with the highest grade-point aver- age and the girl who has improved her grades the most. TOP ROW: Barb Peterson, Judy Price, Chris Outro, Pam Ritter, Judy Robinson, ROW 2: Lise Rural, Pam Saunders, Rardee Schatroth, Patti Smith, Sally Smith. ROW 3: Linda Y.. Sorenser, Pam Thomas, Pam Thompson, Sue Threlkelol, Claudia Vetter. BOTTOM ROVV: Jan Wheeler, Terry Wlssler, Jane The Kappas take 5 study break - food tor thought, perhaps? Wifwerx Euan Wriqhtx Barb YOUR? Pi Phi's celebrate 100th anniversary This past summer. Pi Beta Phi, the nation's oldest sorority. celebrated its 100th anniversary. Presidents and pledge trainers from each of the lll national chapters were delegates to a cen- tennial eelebration in Chicago. The Pi Phi's also contributed to a centennial fund which was used to aid the sororityis national project, the Pi Phi Settlement School in Galtenburg, Tennessee. The Pi Phi's are proud to have the housemother with the longest tenure on campus. She is Mrs. Hariette Evans who has been Pi Phi housemother for 24 years. Scholastic achievement was an important part of the Pi Phi year. The sisters Won second place at the Panhellenic scholar- ship banquet this year. V' YI' vo- '.. T value' ve, tr . . .,. . y..-..--nv-if ..k V..k . i. RKAW TOP ROW: Mrs. Harriette Evans, l-lousernother, Jan Adam' sky, Becky Alexander, Audrey Arther, Pam Austin, Jenniter Berqeson, ROW 2: Kim Bernhardt, Lee Ana Btn-ghtie-ld, Ginny Chapman, Cynde Coqqeshall, Barb Collins, Kay Corb- in. ROW 3: Carolyn Courtriqht, Janet Crossley, Sallie Day- - -' D D- 4 D import Sue Dreherq Barbara Emerson! Maw Ferrem. BOTTOM The Pi Phi s blow out the candles on thcir IOOth birthday cake ROW: Jane Pieselrnann, Angie Fryrear, Sue Galloway Greta Gehrke, Ann Grau, Cathy Grovenburq, Pi Beta Phi PRESIDENT, Barb Collins fm 'I TOP ROW: Judy Grovewbrrig, Dariene Gusiims Marianne Rfmdersor Karer Rank Barbara Rewirig, Narcv Remmeri Hagar, Diane i-iafsef Dire Herdricicson. Jov Hruska, Mary Jucixf Rfgbifmr, Faire RMHQVOTG, Debbie Scaiar, Pairiciz JC Hrirgren, Nlirv Kerri, Nfmcv Lambrccivi. Dzkbbie Lanici' Seddig, Pi' Sriffgr' Cifd, Srriiri' Defiere Srrxiiii, Mary Ann Mary Lavror Jbdi Lewisorx ROW 2: Lmrei Lurd BME Sreir. BOTTOM ROVV: Carifa Sroirz, Karer Suiiivari Kari? Marrioir Carol McCoiiurw, Cberwi McDa'rie's AM MQn+5C"1- Suiiivav, Krisfir Summerwiii, Kfwre Taedie Liz Vervi, Sharon ew Nerwcv Nine, Jacqwe Nelson Jars Oisc' Lirda Pecan' Waiker, Dam Wa"diirq Gfaif Vifariiu-e'. Lcr? Weir Linda Barb perefsef Ca'd, pH'iiiDs Vlfierie Piefce, ROW 3: Kfii Weis+ Dewi' Wiiso". 343 95 Sigma Delta Tau TOP ROW: Mrs. Nikon, T-iousemofher, Judi Alzembe-rg, Bev Boofh, Cookie Carwor, ROW 2: Judy Cfmfer, Linda Cohen Haine Eisner, Derma Frank. ROW 3: Sandy Frank, Susae Friediieb, Marcia Grahek Marfha Griqer. BOTTOM ROW: RT-Aan I-levy, Sue Hudsof, CT1arToHe KaT1ane-,Judy Krukman. 344 T NTT . ,. TT T, 4, -..,MQi, 'i f"" J ,Tia .5 . , , ..,f ,, .W T T " nf ",'.T M PRESIDENT, Susan Friedlieb SDTS win national philanthropy award Philanthropy was a large part of Sigma Delta Tauis year. Be- cause of their service, the SDTs were awarded second place in national philanthropy at their national convention. The biggest project of the year was the first annual city-wide and campus book drive, which was held at the beginning of the second semester. Discarded textbooks, children's literature and other miscellaneous books were collected and sent to Appalachia and other needy areas in the United States, Vietnam and Israel. A traditional party for children from the University Hospital for the Severely Handicapped brought joy to the girls as well as the Children. SDTS exhibit some ot the boots collected ir the tirst annual city book drive, TOP ROW Roey L yi Jean Mooney Doreer lvlusin Rita Pareslcy. ROW 2 Jarice Perrick Dina Rabinovitz Sharon Reider, Beth Rosenrned ROW 3 Carolyn Shapiro Joanie Sherman, Nadine Simon BOTTOM ROW Ann Weindruch Joan Yavitz lris Zamanslcy Sharon Zettren Zeta Tau Alpha PRESIDENT, Mildred Pelerson 1 ,1 TOP ROW: Mrs, Vera Arderson, l-lousenaollwer, Kallwy Abel, Sue Addis, Barbara Anderson, Clweryl Arvldsor, Susan Blnney, Janller Boelwrnlce. ROW 2: Pam Boll. Joyce Brlglrvlwell, Judy Burlinq, Joar Calder, Terri Connors, Arlene Douqlwerly Jan Ford. ROW 3: Judy Glos, Cyndi l-lames, Nancy l-larnnwann, Donna l-larllen, Karen l-larllen, Clauclelfe l-leddens, Roxere l-ledclens. BOTTOM ROW: Leslie l-loensclweid, JoAnne l-lousel, Jan Jones, Dianne La Barge, Llnda Larsen, Dlare Lerz, KVA Zetas participate in various activities Campus activities, projects and parties highlighted the Zeta year. Zetas participated in numerous University organizations including Union Board, Angel Flight, Scottish Highlanders, Young Republicans, the HAWKEYE and the Daily lowan. During the Christmas season the pledges collected toys for the Children's Hospital, and in the spring, Zetas sponsored a party for children at the Nelson school. Zetas also took an active part in the International Festival by sponsoring and working with Chi- nese students. A fall lawn party, the Christmas informal. the spring formal and a pledge-sponsored Suppresscd Desires party accented the Zeta social whirl. TOP ROW: Marsha Maynard, Diane McClain, Per Mc6attey, Marilyn Miller, Misty Miller, Pam Misteldt, ROW 2: Donna Moore, Pat Neyens, Middie Mae Petersen, Janice Peterson, Linda Peterson, Mary Pieper. ROW 3: Carol Prigel, Parri Reichert, Kathy Roberts, Susan Rarh, Kim Servison, Janey Sheckler. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Spencer Diane Stoke, Lihda Taylor, Trix Veenhuizen, Gay Weaver, Sharon Zander. Zeta girls begin construction ot a dragon to be used in ac lnternational Festival slcit, Oracle editor Drew Robinson ad- Wff BUY 3 usto mires the tirst issue. i aaoits i IFC publication introduced to university The establishment of The Oracle was the most significant achievement of the Interfraternity Council CIFCJ in the past year. The Oracle is a combined publication of the IFC and Panhel- lenic Council. It was formed with the intention of informing the University community of Greek activities. The Oracle supplements other IFC BOTTOM ROW: Lew Williamson, Reid Spencer, Michael Shea, Bill Rubin, l-luqh Mossman. Mitch D'Olier, David Peters, Thomas Sulertic, Larry Lazarus, Randy Swisher. ROW 2: David Judisch, Doug Davidson, Richard Dennis, James Marvel, Doug Batcheller, Mac McCauslard, Willard Olesor, Don Teeple, James Walbolt, Lawrence Mohr. ROW 3: John projects, the Student Speakers Bureau and Greek Week. The IFC is a group made up of representatives from every social fraternity on campus. The coun- cil seeks to coordinate activities and promote spirit among the fraternities. Riherd, Ronad Davis, William DeGrott, Robert Ahders, John Cummins, Carl Stuart, Steve Morain, Tim Pierce, Rich Stole stad, Tom Salsberv, TOP ROW: Paul l-lallidav, Tom Laughlin, Pete Trotter, Craig l-laesemeyer, Howard l-lines, Steve Eqgie manr, Ken Oldt, Steve McGuire, Rick Wolt, Frank Baron. JIFC sponsors pledge tutor program BOTTOM ROW: Bob Marlcs, David Peters Barry Dishlip, Dan Sheehan, Andrew liofis, David Clarkson Chris Doran Michael lsrael. ROW 2: James flxnclrew, Greco Bucharan The Junior Interfraternity Council is compos- ed of a representative from every pledge class in the University. Perhaps its most important func- tion is the administration and support of a pledge tutoring program available to a limited number of pledges of the member chapters. The tutors are hired from the University tutoring service. JIFC +u+or Al Friedrichsen makes a ooint during a study session. Roger Dunker, Dan l-lulton, Curtiss Qliver, John Rasmussen, Terry l-lotz. TOP ROW: Dave Gross, Thomas l-leston, Paul Sieh, Tom Vielcers, Robert Wehler, Ron Parker, George Eekhott. The general purpose of the JIFC is two-fold. The council promotes interfraternity spirit and provides a chance for the pledges to practice leadership. It is also hoped that the organization will provide a training ground for future lnterfra- ternity Council officers. The JIFC sponsors an annual Dad's Day dis- play and a queen contest. Acacia TOP ROW: Mrs. Esjrner Lipscomb, Housemorner, Brldqetfe, Dan Anderson, John Bruescn, Nlen Dunfon, Jon F?s+er. ROW 2: Denn5s Fkynn, John Gerwln, David Qilfoyle, Mike Grufke Ray Hea+on, Jokvn Hemingway. BOTTOM ROW: Wiinam Hofop, Donald Houck, Duane Houck, Dave Iverson, PRESIDENT, Mike Grulke Informal rush, a personal encounter Informal rush at the Acacia house begins shortly after the start of the school year and extends through Thanksgiving. lt begins again after the start of the second semester and ends at Easter. Prospective rushees are generally extended an invitation for rush through associations made in classes and extra-curricular ac- tivities. Rush is continued throughout the week in dinners and special events. The men of Acacia attempt to give the history and background of fraternities and place emphasis on Acacia's role in fraternity life. The trademarks of informal rush. mutual selection. individual contact and personal attention. tend to make a better fraternity man and alumnus. TOP ROW: Jolwn Jones Larry Johnson, Maury McClellan, Larry Mohr, Jock Porter, ROW 2: Ron Parker, Jock Robinson Donald Rurnney. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Seyerson, Sam Srnifh, Dennis Waoner, James Walbolt. Acacians welcome informal ruslwees. Epsilon Pi Alpha TOP ROW: Mrs. Krebs, l-lousemollier, Frank Baron, Lee Bergen, Bruce Burke, Fred Diamond, Barry Dislwlip. ROW 2: l-lerb Dislilip, Pele Dreyfuss, Craig Elmels, Mike Fish, Bob Goldman. Mark Goodman. ROW 3: Rick l-leller, Sleve Laride, Serv Lebowicli Gordy Levine Bob Marks, Saul Meyer, BOTTOM ROW: Chuck Miller Bill Mooney, Jamie Nedlef Bruce Parior. Rick Rice. AEPVS pledge program successful A unique pledge program was initiated by Alpha Epsilon Pi in September of 1966. The program is oriented towards the pledge's education and his adjustment to University life. The seven-page policy sets forth eight articles offering sugges- tions about what is expected of the pledge by the active chapter. The articles covered in the policy include scholarship, cultural participation, social bearing, gentlemanship, fraternity history, pledge class organization, house duties and violations of the policy itself. The pledge program was recognized when the AEPi's received the Delta Chi Retention Award for activating 16 of the 17 men pledged in 1966-67. TOP ROW: Bruce Robbins Rich Rubin Les Rudnick, Rich Silent. ROW 2: Rod Scheff, Larrf Schraeger, Keri Schwartz, Jerry Sherman. ROW 3: Marc Sherwood, Merle Solornan Steve Tucker bruce Vesclen BOTTOM ROW: Alan Ulevltct, Norton Vxfheeler, Be-ra Wolt, Rick Wolt. AEPi's, dates and friend ehloy the atterhoon, Alpha Tau Omega , A ,1 TOP ROW: Mrs. Jane? VVINSOHX Housemovher, Rafph Asbury, DaTe Beck, Barry B'7fV'W9 PET COTQEM, Warrer: Covad. ROW 2: Tom Cummings, Tom DTTTS, Dave Dimke, Rick Dofwrmarvr Henry Due-rkop, Sefaid Fifzqerdd. ROW 3: PT'm1TIp Gee, Dave Herbsf, Dave Heap RTCTQ HUTT Mike lsraeT, Jerome Jessem, BOTTOM ROW: Sieve Jacobsof, DMQM Ke3Te.f, Edward Kwksor, Dora Krlergl Mfke MITTQH PRESIDENT, Wil-lie Olesen 5 'Ia as . 55 M wr 0 fee' . we by as :prays-, gli' Q: 3211 H mmm P5 2 if 1 TO pledges give aid to children The combined pledge classes of Alpha Tau Omega and Kappa Alpha Theta entertained students from the University Hospital School with field trips to various places in the community. Accompanied by a group of eight members of each pledge class. the handicapped students were given a tour of a local dairy farm early in November. Before Christmas. students from the school's kindergarten class were taken on a tour of downtown Iowa City. The group visited toy stores and had a chat with Santa Claus. The satisfaction experienced by the pledges was enhanced by the gratitude of the director of the school and that of the students. TOP ROW: Robert Mitchell, Gregory E. lvlontour, Bill Nossit, Willard Olesen. Roy Peterson. ROW 2: Don Pilgrim, Torn Rolston, Toby Roth, Dennis Schrniclcle, Jack Shultz. ROW 3: Michael Strauss, Steve Strotlcer, Dennis Sutton, Don Teeplei Daniel lhornes, ROW 4: Arlo Vande Vegte, Jon Wallcer. ATO Pled9e5 eflleflalil hospital Clqlldfem- Ed Wedrnan, Tim Westercamp, Everett lStorrnyl Wilson. Beta's awarded Spring Festival troph Beta Theta Pi and Gamma Phi Beta combined their ellorts to win the overall trophy in the 1967 Spring Festival. Spring Festival is the annual spring all-campus carnival. To win the overall trophy, points had to be gained through projects publicizing the Spring Festival, originality of the booth and the number of tickets sold at the booth. Their booth, 'The Dating Game,' won second in the booth competition. The booth was modeled after a familiar television program. A Gamma Phi asked each of three contestants a ques- tion. She chose her date on the basis of his answer. TOP ROW: Keat Adams, Grant' Bell. Bill Bevill, Mike Bloorn, Clark Boyd. ROW 2: Kevin Cain, Bill Christensen, George Ecklaott, Steve Eqgirnar, Nile Falk. ROW 3: Dave Faullc, Larry Fisher, Bill Gibbons, John Gibson, Duane Grant. ROW 4: Jerry Grant, Al Grtinsted, lvlilce Hamilton, Steve Hamilton, Mike Hefhermqmnu Bill Christensen and Sallv Stolfer pose with the overall trophv. PRESIDENT. Tom Salsbery Pi TOP ROW: Larry l-life, Sieve l-loegh, Bob l-lomrna, John F-lolz, Andy l-lull, Greg l-lulse, Chuck lossi, Dennis Jacobs, Rich Jacobs, Randy Johansen, Skip Keller, James Kreqer. ROW 2: Doug Kruelz, Larry Lander, Jirn Low, Torn Low, John Marshall, Ray McCready, Greg McManus, Bill Moore, Ed Nuss, Kennelh Oldl, John Olson, Ronald Olson. ROW 3: Michael Puclcerr, Ronald Rode, Torn Salsbery, Richard Sauer, Craig Schmidl, Brian Shepley, Randy Siernsen, Michael Sparlin Gary Slewarf, Berl Thomsen, Roberl Towle, Roberl Tripanier ROW 4: Slewarl Truelsen, Burr Von Maur, Roberl Wallcley Sleven Walker, Ted Weiralher, Pairick Wilcox, Sieve Williams Tim Williams, Dan VVilson, David Worsley, Marlc Yaqer George Ziblich. Beta'Theta Delta Chi TOP ROW: Mrs. G. S. Polinq, Housemoiher, Gary Arrnen+rou+, Larry Audieheirn. Ken? Barnard, Sreye Brown, John Broz, Roger Bryanr. ROW 2: Ron Bush, Dayii Chaiupsky, Mike Courfney, Doug Davidson, Mirah D'OIier, Ron Gippie, Biii Graff. ROW 3: Bob Harris, Ken Haldeman, Ton Halupnik, Par Harris, Jim Kass, Tom Laughiin, Bah Lawn, BOTTOM ROW: Rick Lepiey, Greg Lewis, Dick Looan, Pa+ Maqqio, AI Morgan, Pai Murphy. iLittle Sisters' compliment Delta Chi's Founded in l963, the Little Sisters of the White Carnation is a group of 30 Coeds who promote the name of Delta Chi on cam- pus. A coed becomes eligible when she is nominated by a D Chi. Her selection becomes official upon the final vote of the chapter. The pledgeship lasts a semester. At the time of activation, the new initiate is serenaded and presented with a kiss and a white Carnation. She receives a pin symbolic of her fidelity to Delta Chi. A president and a vice-president preside over bi-monthly meet- ings. The Little Sisters act as hostesses at official house functions. TOP ROW: Curt Oliver, Ken Pedqharn, Rey Page, John Pick- ett, Jim Price, Tim Price. ROW 2: Jerry Poyner, John Rem- sey, Randy Reed, Bill Robbins, Jirn Ryan, John Savage. ROW 3: Jim Schulze, Ed Schoolev, Sam Senti, Greg Slaqle, Rich D Cl'1i'sl1uddle while 'Little Sisters' rebel. Stolqstad, Tom Sulentic, BOTTOM ROW: Shawn Tl1Of'flP50'li Bruce Walker, John Wallcer, Scott Wallace, John Wessel Wayne Wilson. Delta Tau Delta PRESIDENT, Bill DeGroH TOP ROW: Roloerl Alwders, Eric Allwa, Rodney Barnlwarl, James Beckman, Tlwomas Chapman. ROW 2: Jolm Clwlslwolm, James Coumlryman, James Crouse, William DeGroTl, Wllllam Drelleln. ROW 3: Roger Drmker, Rlclward Duryea, lvllclwael Edwards, Earl Fosler, Peler Fraalz. BOTTOM ROW: Tlwomas Glasser, Ronald Glassner, Chris l-lamlllon, Davlcl l-larkerw, Roloerl l-leqqeshad, David Hem. Christmas came early at Delt house A youngster lists his wants tor the Delt Santa Claus. The Delts and their dates annually spend the evening before Christmas vacation entertaining between ten and fifteen second and third graders from needy Iowa City families with a Christmas party at the Delt house. The evening begins with the decoration of the Christmas tree with ornaments brought by each of the Delts' dates. To continue in the holiday spirit, the group sings Christmas carols followed by the traditional serving of eggnog. The arrival of Santa Claus completes the evening. Gifts pur- chased by the brothers of Delta Tau Delta are presented to the youngsters and the housemother by the gentleman from the North Pole. TOP ROW: Neil Hitchcock, Robert t-tynick, David Kehe. James Lawson, John Lind. ROW 2: John Loughran, Frank McLain. Melvin Miller, Steve Mitchell, Allen Phillip. ROW 3: Lyle Roudabush, Richard Roudalaush, Arlin Schalekamp, Charles Shattuck, Thomas Staack. BOTTOM ROW: Carl Stuart, Phillip Vardarnan, Steven Walker, David White. Steph- en Wilson. 36I Speakers supplement Campus issues In an attempt to gain information on critical campus issues, Del- ta Upsilon invited a number of speakers to dinner and for open discussion. In the weeks following the fall demonstration, marine recruiters presented their impressions of the situation, and Randy Miller, a student participant, gave his views. Dr. George Forell, director of the School of Religion, also dis- cussed the recent demonstrations and the talk he presented in Wit- tenburg, East Germany. on Lutheras thought. Topics such as black power, civil rights, student rights and the Committee on Student Life were discussed by Gary Gray and student senator Chuck Derdcn. I A ai as Q l in .ti J at r it 1 e -A a . W is x . K .,,, ,f .VJ . ,. 'i if N 1 A .,"f , .. ..,,. s 5 Eg. J Q ,. , "-' eq V b g ? if 1 t.f '-' QQ a 1. s l' 5 e e ,,,, ,,, s ' l i X it - , .' 1 251, ' :i l K f .1 'ii if - XX . "k TOP ROW: Jett Anderson, Greg Ankeny, l-lap Annis, Gerry Ashdown, Robert Beach, Jon Bilstrom. ROW 2: Steve Bend- er. lvliclrey Billstein, Gary Boe, Bob Brown, Mart Brown, Les Carroll. ROW 3: Rick Carter, Bolt: Christianson, Keith Col- lins, Charlie Caughlan, Jerry Dalbey. Steve Darling. ROW 4: I U l h Maury Dlefergcl-,I Steve Doudv Randle Egbert Blll Elllgl Rick Activities chairman Torn Tudor receives the 'Schultz Award' E,-marine' Jefry Evans. BQTTQM ROW: Mark palbi Bruce and the gratitude ot his DU brothers. Fehn, Leonard Frerichs, John Gerlc, Craig l-larrison, Duncan Harvey. ..W.......-, WW E msg if li i in f ' ii S PRESlDENT, Doug Wrighl' Delta Upsilon A 2 'vl -- ,, :M W" 1 i x ' . A -V . " ' 2- , I - I A U J if l , V . r cccc -1 R A V ii i by . yy N ,,:k, HQHV .. - -- f ' ' . M N , . Q 3 E-Vw X A ,ar , ,, J D J ' . D X fl egfx i ,. , ,awk , I ,g , ' " "g ' . , Vf " ,VL, , V 'T , iSii'g.1 i ff :1..A 1' - W V. , ' i ll" ,"' - - i V ii ,- .' . 3 fififff ' W- fy' A . V 2' 'f,,:,. ,,. L ' V 1': . ,f. .Hg or ,,5,k,,, -3, T' ,. A ,K - A -I H L ,as ., , K, K. L:,, . Q, ay :',V Q , . I 2, Y Q 5 FV X V 2, V i , J i eer R V f.y V A , 2 A. I X , ya , a 5 V. ., A A ,,, D ,: . '5 J f ' 'J , , ". ' V .i f ,V We V ' 3 V ' ' v H -yy i D- i ' is?" L, , , 7 i ' ,V if A - v. , W: :v. I 5. 'vw A, fy V V V - I ,. A: V. V, f f zzz - , 4 Q in f ' " L 4 , W' Q . V ' V J , J !l D . , , ' Q A VV ., A VV Q V I JP, . ,V V I . ,V L Q ,L ,A . , . I z V L' 4 . 4 I V '-.v , -, ' -ff V 11 :ff 3:4 1 ff . , r as Q JV V : , V ' V 'X fi P55 k i" 2 2 , i f ' - 7 3 " J i- A - K V, 4? V D' t' E i X i , -, KL , K x V it I I A : j f ' i .i ' ' , ,,iV ' ' '-,:1Ep,i, ' " ..'- 1 ,, ' ' . ,:v,,,'-Q!" ' QQQN' - V V y 5 , TOP ROW: Phil Henning Mark hlesselschwerdl, Ed l-licks, Jirn l-loener, Randy l-lors'rnann, Torn Hyzer, Al Jencks, Torn Johnson, Chuck Jusiice, Bud Kearney, Mike Keelino, Rod Kodros, ROW 2: Ron Korfe, Jake Kremer, John Kramer, Bill Kruzan, Craiq Larson Richard Leonard, Barry Lindahl, Ray Main, Jim Marvel, Jim Mccarragher, Craig McCloud' Gordy McCollum. ROW 3: John Mickelson, Jim Miller, Sleve Miller, Sieve Mueller, Jim Papian, Pence Parsons, Tom Porler, Ray Pasforino. John Pellon, Tom Pyper, S'eve Randall, Porler Reed. ROW 4: Bill Reynolds, Michael Reynolds, Bill Rubin, Torn Rush, Al Schreider, lonn Shay, Torn Shepard, Bob Shockey, Doug Smalley, Marv Smiih, Bill Tiffany, Glen Tscheller. BO'l'l'OM ROW: Torn Tudor, Mark Vander Sloep, Tom Vickers. Rob Wedin, Torn Wissler, Sieve Weslr, Dick Wiebe, Sieve Williams, Tony Williams, Jim Willgen, Sieve Winfrey, Doug Wrighl. I' 4 Lambda Chi Alpha PRESIDENT. Paul Halliday TOP ROW: Mrs. lvamae Bendl, l-lousemolher, Michael Arch- ibald, James Armslronq, Michael Aldrich. John Allison, Dale Baker, James Baker, Dean Barker, Dennis Becker, John Boyd. John Burlon. ROW 2: John Cain, David Clarkson, Thad Cole, Phillip Danles, Donald Dewees, William Dixon, David Douglas, Vlilliam Gramer, Paul l-lalliday, James l-lauck, Don- ald l-loslcins, ROW 3: James Johnslon, Terry Kinney, James Koolhol, Bruce Marlowe, Richard Maulorico, William Marvin, Darwin Meyer, Mark Miller, Richard Miller, Gary Moreau. BOTTOM ROW: Donad Muench, Jelgrey Musleldl, Donald Nichols, Greqory Osko, Marlc Owens, John Pedersen, James Piersol, Larry Pilhan, Douglas Randsdell, Richard Ransdell. I Lambda Chi's win homecoming awards The Lambda Chi's set a precedent in winning the badge sales award and the Sweepstakes Award during Homecoming this year. Concentrated effort began nine days prior to Homecoming in selling the badges. lntra-house competition was established be- tween the actives and the pledges with each man being assigned a position. The men sold 3,256 badges. They contributed their lirst place award, a color television, to the Pediatrics Department of the University Hospitals. The Lambda Chi's coordinated their float-building efforts with Alpha Xi Delta. Their float, Mlowa Loves Purdue to Death," was awarded the coveted Sweepstakes Award. TOP ROW: Reber' Reno Jthr Rfcaeros, Robert Richerdsor Andrew Robinson, Johr Rutenbeck, ROW 2: Jael: Schaeler, Terry Schechieger Carl Schwab Ser. Seqgerrner, Rlcharo Snyder. ROW 3: Joseph Sturm, Barry Timlqo, Darryl Trader, Vxfllllarn Van Roc-yer Larry Van Sickle. BOTTOM ROW: Johr A pledge aHemp+s to sell a badge to a Kate Daum resident Vvfernlno. Edward Wiesaer, G-erdoe Williams Lew William- son, Randall Wright. Phi Delta rl' Theta -a'F3"""9"' PRESIDENT, Marly Johnson TOP ROW: Mrs. Mcclunq, Hcusemollwer, Clmrlie Tom Alleldl, Tom Beers, Ray Bcrklwarl, Bruce Cervene. ROW 2: Mark Clark Dave Cla:-k S'eve Cramer, Bll Crawlord, Jack Curnrnins, Brfmdl Eclwlerrmclwl. ROW 3: Larry Ely, Tom Ferwell, Pal Frese, Rick Frockllclw, Steve Grcilcrx, Dick Qranqfaffrd. BOTTOM ROW: Dflvf? Hamm, Douo Holmes, Bill Hume, Rorl Jicksff, Torn Jacobsen Doug Jewserw Marv Jolwsofw. Phi Delts plan physical improvement Phi Delta Theta has undertaken an extensive remodeling pro- gram. Through the Palmer Fund, a loan made available by the national headquarters of the fraternity, the Phi Delts have plan- ned improvements totaling 583,000 For the past two summers, improvements have been concen- trated on the third floor. All of the rooms were completely rc- modeled by rewiring, plastering and carpeting. Desks were also built into the walls. Halls were carpeted and the restrooms were remodeled. This summer the second floor will be remodeled, the lounge will be carpeted, and the outside of the house will be completely refinished. TOP ROW: Doug Jones, Fred Lovrien, John Martin, Dale Mcliinnev, Bob Mensinq. ROW 2: John Mullin, Jim Nielouhr. Mike Noyes, Bill Phelps, Jerry Phelps, ROW 3: John Reppert, Rich Seversoh, Steve Sevler, Stu Sieqel, Sem Slcare. BOT- TOM ROW: l-l l S,,'h, St V't , B ln W hl , J W'l- One of the remodeled rooms in the Phi Delt house. Hemi Ngle Wylliimsgilvl eve lo O e er on l its Two Phi Eps receive VFW citation In the past year the men of Phi Epsilon Pi have distinguished themselves by their aid and assistance to others. In October, 1967, two of the brothers were cited for their quick action in sav- ing a Veteran's Administration Hospital patient from drowning in the Iowa River. For this act of heroism both men were award- ed a citation by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. In an attempt to sponsor a semester of study for a student from Le Moyne college on the U of I campus, the Phi Eps will pro- vide housing. By this measure the brothers hope to cultivate and support close association between the two schools and ultimately better understanding among students. ,,,.: xr -, , ,.,. ,N an G9 sa! T. ri'e , ,, M ' .s c - ' I - - .w,:.. wi its ll TOP ROW: Mrs. Robinson, lrlousemother, Gary Abrams, Lee Abramson, James Adler Michael Borg. ROW 2: Charles 368 Braun, Donald Brenner, Nathan Chapman, Mike Cohen, Paul Diclfer. ROW 3: Alan Elkin, Fred Emmer, Joe Erman, Law- rence Fabian, Joseph Feldman. BOTTOM ROW: Bruce Larry Lazarus and Steve Rosenberg receive a citation trofn Gantz, Daniel Gervich, Douglas Gervich, Phil Glassman, l-ldr- a V.A. hospital otticial tor saving one ot the hospitals pa- Vv Goldstein. tients from drowning in the lovva River. P C S my W ' PRESIDENT, Dave Kololc Phi Epsilon Pi TOP ROW: Bernard Greenhill, David Gross Michael l-ler- man, Louis l-loclcenlaeq, Alar Kauler, Michael Klein, Kerry Kahn, Dave Kolok, Joel Kovarsky Lawrence Krasner, David Lelrween, Alain Levin. ROW 2: Jellirey Levine, Arnold Levin- son Peler Levy, Leonard Lubin, Thomas Marion, James Mey- er, Jaclc Menclelschn, Alan Muskim, Henry Nalhanson, Dave Nissenbaum, Jellrey Noddle, Frank Osboda. ROW 3: Shel- don Perelmar, Mark Pesses, Michael Palash, l-loward Prirner, Roberl Prinz, William Quaiornan, Fredric Rosenberg, Michael Sadoici, Dan Schapira, Donald Schilier, Bruce Schindles Gary Schneider. BOTTOM ROW: Al Schneider, Sleven Schoen- ebaurn, David Shapiro, Jacob Shnurrnan, Michael Shnllcin, Richard Slrauss, William Slrauss, Roloerl Sweefow Barron Uze, .leiirey Urclangn, Craig Vfarren mfg? ggi S Q Phi Gamma ll !Y" Delta PRESIDENT, Sieve Morain TOP ROW: Roberl Yeller, graduale advisor, Sleven Aanes, Joseph Adams, Scoll Benqforl. Jelllrey Bergo, Thomas Beyer Jeffrey Boqquss, Douglas Bramhall, Fredric Buresh, Thomas Buxfon, Andrew Caldwell, Frank Calyello. ROW 2: Glen Clarlc, Peler Coorlas, John Criswell, James Dickson, Mark Douglas, Alan Ferguson William Fischbeclc, Gary Flelcher, James Franquemonlr, Alan Fredreqill, Joseph Fullenlcamp, Per- ry l-lansen. ROW 3: John hlaulb, Brenl l-lege, Kurl' Hens' forf, Daniel Hulfon, James Jolliffe, David Kaspari, Michael Keleher, John Koza, Thomas Lambrechf, James Lehman, Jef- lrey Lewis, Roloerl Lindeen. BOTTOM ROW: Roberf Malloy, Joe McGraw, Sleve Morain, John Moyers, John Mummey. Roberl Nash, Larry Newman, William Osllund, Joel Oxley, Joseph Paslernak, Randall Pallersch, George Perry, David Procfor. Penny Days obtain l6D for charities Phi Gamma Delta sponsored its third annual Penny Days in the spring. Penny Days is a small change charity contest which match- es the University against Iowa City. Points of collection are lo- cated at 10 points on campus and in Iowa City. The two teams choose a charity. In i967 the Fijis contributed the greater share ot the S l6O proceeds to the Rileeh program. The pledge class sponsors the project with supervision by the activcs. A sorority is chosen by the house to aid and attend the collection booths for a three day period. A vigorous publicity drive is staged which includes posters. radio announcements and feature articles in newspapers. S ..iii ...g i"E 1' ..,. ' 1-t- - sr L V ,: i1 A I ' t1-if V ' . 5" .sL. ' fr fl, ' N i f sa si f itit t t 1 i H Q , ' if S Stffffii ba g 1 if 33927 4 'E 'i - ,.,, ' i t I ii ' iii' at A i-- "" D tn . 'iii'- ia . A 4 ' I . I . TOP ROW: Steve Putnam Steve Quiner, l-lomer Ramsey, 12255 if r' f 7 43" '04-5 Thomas Roberson, Steve Rubin. ROW 2: Fred Schar, Burl Sealls, Robert Shields, Steve Shullavv, Vern Smith. ROW 3: David Snyder, Larry Stelter, Randy Stephenson, Robert Syn, horst, William Vifallace. BOTTOM ROW: Donald Wirtz, Fred Fiiis and Pi Phi's work on e poster tor Penry Days. Wesley, Ronald Wesley, Robert Yetter, Jamie Zanios. 37l . ,.,,, - .:.z2 L is Q V ,, if -52 A S 'X w. .- --nf-vi. le. is N uv N Phi Kappa , i Psi 5 PRESIDENT, Sieve M cGuire lf g in T :J in I: In I -: i , I .. I Q X vm I W 4 A 9 . , . .,.,.. rf T, I k 1 . ,, . ffm., ' if , -we V -N., VV tcagfmhlv , ,WM ll V1 I flag ,S V 'L f V . ' . V afii? . w- as - 2 0 if T O V. V, V E ' " " f-kh 5 H I ,, 1, ' V' 1- 'r ' , :S f- ir V .- , , A , il, ,fa-9 , X. ' if 3 ' w " "eff 7- 1" 'M " S M 'al-if 1: V :Ein-l. ' 7 mill' . .V . S, I . ,'1iLf'H2f?- , ' G E " ' , L L ' ' ' Ep 15 K K' vm,- ' Wil. 5? ROW J k B ir Bob Benson Bill Bergman Tom Bice Chris Biornslad, Tim TOP : ac a , , , , , Bowers Tom Bromwell, ROW 2: Dave Brown, John Brown, Sieve Caswell, Tom ' ' OW 3' B b Delioclc, Bob Cilek, lBlIl Conklinq, Sleve Cornelius, Doug Dawson. R . O Doran, Mark Egqleslon, Sleve Ehlers, John Fieselmann, Paul Fishman, Andy Folis. ROW 4: Mari Friiz, Jerry Frosl, Kent Grieshaher, Sieve l-lamilfon, Darrell Y Hines, Dave Hoalc, Jim l-lodge, Bob l-louqhlon. BOTTOM ROW: Jack Hudson, Al Jones. Sieve Kelly, Sieve King, Curl Lane, Fred Iv1cGarvey, Sieve McGuire Wally' Mendenhall. 372 Phi Psi's celebrate centennial in fall The weckend of Novembcr 3-5 marked the Phi Psils centennial celebration. Preparations began in April when over 600 invita- tions were sent to alumni. Ads and articles in the local newspa- pers. .a helicopter flying a banner and signs on buses advertised the event. Cocktail parties were held at Howard Johnson's Friday evening and on Saturday afternoon following the Dadis Day game. A pre- game luncheon was held at the house on Saturday. The big event, a banquet and dance. was held in the Union Ballroom. Awards were presented to the 50-year brothers at this program attended by alumni from all over the country. M f if s., ""'f!5' ef ,Q 'M' ii ' . 2., .. - - i., . , . f :Zi l , 5 ' ' , 'I L .. .J .,. A Q t'-. 3 t--. ' K if , 0 -,2. " ':' ' . ' . -' is . . i A i - hriri r it K lii at TOP ROW: Craig Miller, Bill Miller, Mike Mondane, Rick Nestrud, Bill Newland. ROW 2: Jett Newland, Rick Nielsen, Bob Noun, Chris Philips, Tirn Pierce. ROW 3: Joe Plank, Bob Rissler, Steve Scharnberq, Scott Schlievert, Phil Schroed- er. ROW 4: Dave Schurmann, Kirk Stauss, Cliff Stoutner, Dave Studer, Dave Tyler. BOTTOM ROW: Rick Welch, Bob Wilson, Mike Wolfe, Pete Woltz, Bob Woodbury. Phi Psi's attend centennial banquet Phi Kaps sponsor calendar for AID The Phi Kappa Sigma calendar combines service to the com- munity and to charity. Pictures oi' 12 coeds grace the c.alendar's pages and profits from its sale are donated to Project AID. In the fall letters are sent to each women's housing and sorority inviting them to select candidates for the calendar. The candidates are interviewed by a panel of local businessmen and University officials. Selection for the calendar is based on the coed's photo- geneity. The linished product, which contains the coeds pictures. local advertising and the dates of University events. goes on sale in the fall with the help of sorority members. l TOP ROW: Al Balch, Lynn Barney, Marty Bernstein, Bob Berzinslci. ROW 2: Guy Bilelc, Terry Boobyer, Joe Breiten- bucher, Douq Brooks. ROW 3: Phil Conde, John Dono- hue, Chris Doran, Dave Erlacher. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Feiler, Jarnes Ferguson, Joe Fuqedi, Larry Goley. Linda Pecaut, Gail Shoenthal. Phi Kaps wifh three ot their calendar qirls, Nancy McGimpsey, PRESIDENT, Reid Spencer ,,LLL i 'KN A. ,dwg f?e,'lE 9515 Phi Kappa Sigma W 5 , ,. ..155 sa: ll Ma : ily R -Q are f -r ,V i .:, M , 5 fl' TOP ROW: Sieve Gorius, Tom Gilman, Dave Grimm, John Hasenmiller, Gary Hayrcher, Gary Hensley, Bruce Howe, Sieve l-lunzilcer, Dale Johrsorw, Frank Juvah. ROW 2: Korlcy Kelly, Bill Klnq, Dick Kiwg, Marv Klahn, Doug Kozel, Larry Laborde, Loren Leislikow, Dave Maflisoh, Mick Maxwell, Rich McKnight. ROW 3: Jelf Melcher, Sieve Orlon, Phil Pom- eroy. Harry Reid, Dana Rucker, Gary Shera, Tom Sherman, Larry Schrum, Mike Shea, Greg Sieh. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Sinoffe, Reid Spencer, Dave Verploegh, Mike Versaclcas, John Vespa, Kelley Vezina John Walker, Marly Willis, Bruce WH- renberq, Gary Woodhouse. Pi Kappa Alpha PRESIDENT, Diclc Dennis TOP ROW: James Anderson, William Biclceli, Greg Buchan an, David Bash, Roberl Clark., Larry Cole, Glenn Comsloclc Larry Coon. ROW 2: Milne Curlis, Douqlas Delperdanq Richard Dennis. Fred Eggers, Norm Elliol, Allen Eorsberq Raymond l-leirnbuch, Marc: l-lolcomb. ROW 3: John l-lowar. John hlrabal, Richard l-luss, William Jalcubsen, James John- son, Ted Johnson, Keilh Klayer, Michael Logan. BOTTOM ROW: Randy Long, Fred Lundin, Charles McCosh, Dan Mc- Greyey, Riclc Miller, Bruce Moore Thomas Murphy, Roberl Penwell, David Pelers. Pikes' community service recognized The Pikes received the ATO Service Award in recognition of their community service. Perhaps their most rewarding project was a basketball clinic for Iowa City fourth and fifth graders. Each instructor spent about 18 man-hours teaching fundamentals and supervising the youngsters' serimmages. The brothers took groups from University Crippled Children's Hospital on train rides, tours of farms and to the Municipal Air- port. The pledges got into the act by planting trees and shrubs at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. This charitable, though strenuous work took the 15 pledges the better part of a day. TOP ROW: Thomas Potthott, Dennis DeSirey, Steven Seymour, Thomas Sherman, ROW 2: Keevin Schultz, Andy Singer, Les Siulin, Randy Sprout. ROW 3: Bruce Sterba. Todd Strauss, Gaylord Vincent, Mark Voqnsen. BOTTOM ROW: Clint A youngster cafchesa Pike tlat-tooted, Webb, Steve Wenqer, Kenneth Whitmore, Michael Zenor. Sigma Alpha Epsilon PRESIDENT, Tony Renzo TOP ROW: Brad Beer, James Brown, Lange Brown, Jody Buckwalfer, Jaclc Burns, Charles Carlson, William Cook, Barry Crees. ROW 2: Michael Dennis, Richard Edwards, Fred Feuchler, Michael Flower, David Gidel, William Goodwin, John Hadley, Roberl l-lolley, Thomas Kaloal. ROW 3: Robin 378 Karnes, Mirrel Kepharl, Sleye Kirlc, Sieve Koser, Gary Kris- lan, Roberl Lande, Slephen Langlas, James Lindell, John Lindell. BOTTOM ROW: Michael Linden, Roger Lucier, Mi- chael Lyman. Roberl Machacek, Michael Maus, Richard Mc- Cleary, Thomas Murray, James Neswold, Frilz Paulson. SAE's strive for good alumni relations The Iowa Beta chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon takes an ac- tive role in maintaining and strengthening ties with their alumni. During the summer, the fraternity received 330,000 from the alumni chapter for general repair of the house. Invitations to Homecoming were sent to the alumni. Tickets and accomodations were obtained for the weekend if they were desired. An alumni party was held after the game. In an effort to maintain alumni ties with the University, the SAEs hold an annual Faculty Tea in the spring. This event gives old grads an opportunity to meet and talk to people associated with the University. fe T. . TOP ROW: Thomas Peacock, John Petriclc, Peter Pohlmann, Tony Renzo. ROW 2: John Sandre. Ronald Schraper, Brad Schuchat, Marty Schuchai. ROW 3: William Shellenberqer, Timothy Simmons, Patrick Stopulos, Robert Strom. BOTTOM ROW: James Swiit, Guy Vander Linden, William Whitaker, Tony Renzo awards the Order oi the Phoenix to an ouistand- Jon Yanlcey. ing alum, Phil Cline. am Sigma TOP ROW: Jerry Clwadvfick, Dick Clark, Greg Clemenls, Jack Crosley. ROW 2: Mike Ebbinq, Jim Fell, Ricli Flesviq, Dan Gilloqly. ROW 3: John Helleriy, Tom Hay, Howard Hires Bill l-luiclwims. BOTTOM ROW: Dave Jucliscli, Jim Kerr, Jerry Lee, Craiq Lewis. PRESIDENT, Dave Judisch Find 'rlie wild man Derb Days - - 33 ears of fun, games One of the most ingenious and perhaps best known social events of the Greek system is Sigma Chi Derby Days. The Alpha Eta chapter staged this traditional event this spring for the 33rd con- secutive year. Derby Days is a Week-long affair in which every women's housing unit may participate. A queen is chosen from participat- ing houses. She is judged at various dinners and on the basis of skits presented by her housing unit. The race for points becomes more spirited as the coeds struggle for the Sig trophies. Games are played in which coeds compete for the Spirit Trophy and the four-foot Derby Days Trophy. TOP ROW: John Mueller, Biil Meriens. Steve Ness, Kent Opheim. ROW 2: Roger Pentzien, Joe Pollock, Lyle Ratzei, Dave Reid. ROW 3: Eric Ringena, Gary Riss, Don Schreiber, Sam Sloss. BOTTOM ROW: John Stewart, Jack Swanson, Jan Success! Wolf, Tim Zaayer, Sigma Nu's vvin Improvement Avvard Achievement was the key word at the Sigma Nu house in 1967- 68. Beta Mu chapter was the first recipient of the Interfrater- nity Council's Chapter Improvement Award. The award is pre- sented on the basis of the net improvement in grade-point average over the first semester. Two of the brothers were initiated into Phi Alpha Mu, national honorary scholastic fraternity for social fraternities. ln the past ycar, Sigma Nu initiated its 17th member into the Beta Mu Hall of Fame. Through the Hall of Fame the fraternity recognizes an alum's outstanding contribution to the community and to the chapter. TOP ROW: Mrs, Mvrtle Entsminqer, housernother, Gregg Apel, Ben Barker, Rob- ert Beck, Richard Bragg, Jon Bronson, James Carney. ROW 2: Paul Cassill, Chris Coleman, Trainor Critz, Parker Crouch, Ray Davis, Joe Diehl, Jarnes Doug- las. ROW 3: Ned Ewart, Dillon Franks, Mark Frost, Gordon Greta, Craig Haeserneyer, Kevin i-lanick, Gary Harstick, BOTTOM ROW: Robert Hertz, Robert Jerks Jerrv Jessen, Terry Keenan, Eric Larson. John Lauqhton. XS Ci? J 9 fi wif PRESIDENT, Pe're Tro'H'er WWW Can we ever have foo mucki of a good +iwiwq?'i Sigma TOP ROW: David ifiwrewce, Tom Licgkvver Mike MCSFEWC Sieve Mimikus Mvi Neuman ROW 2: James Nmrrisan Jaime Num: Gregg Pe-arsaui, Jfmqes Pefersor, Mike Riciwmarn ROW 3: Dori Seif, Peui Sie-in Kermif Suffer, Wiiiiam Tamasi Richard Toon. BOTTOM ROW: Pe'er Trofier, Mike Tucker Shaw Wi'ii5mson, Mark WIisc'i Eerwerf Yokia. Sigma Phi Epsilon PRESlDENT, Mac Mccausland TOP ROW: Mrs, Adamsky, housernolher, Al Anderson, Doug Balcheller, Denny Elaxler, Joel Beck, Bill Booker, Mike Bow- man, Phil Brenneman, Mike Broell, Jim Builer, Charlie Car- penler, Bill Challed. ROW 2: Jim Clark, John Cord, Dale Cricler, Jim Currie, Jeff Dailey, Sieve Derlinqer, Sieve Doelf linger, Sieve Edwards, Bob Ehlers, Tom Froninq, John Garble, Don Goodrich. ROW 3: John Gregg, Greg Halverson, Jim Harris, Tom l-lesion, Tim l-lohfman, Denny Jasper, Jehf Jep- sen, John Kaiser, Ron Kaplan, Gary Keoppel, John Kcpper- haver. BOTTOM ROW: Denny Krug, Don Lamp, Dick Lock- wood, Roger Loveioy, Waller McCauselancl, Paul McKinley Dan McLean, Gary Miller, Corey Minnick, Dick Moore, Greg Moore. V, NE Sig Eps start Chapter reorganization An ambitious reorganization program was undertaken by the 40 active members of Sigma Phi Epsilon this fall. The program was spearheaded by 35 underclassmen. The Sig Eps expanded the role of their alumni. The brothers sought the alums' advice in areas such as hnance and public re- lations. In addition, alums regularly attended chapter meetings. The scholarship program was placed on an honor system. A 525,000 loan wa sused to increase parking facilities, to raze the annex and to carpet the house. Pledgeship was made more liberal. The use of group discus- sions in all-house meetings aided the Sig Eps in their improve- ment program. 3 ' . .L . y ,,,. . lhgn n Z L 32. .A -r t . a rgl . -ii.. Q 5.g.tSa J ...rf ' :H Q '4:'.:' K "'f ,,.' - ' -K pil ' Im ':. ...-':-3 g. ix if :fx . E x SX p " g X5 x T at t if i JVIT ,,.. . , if qv R 'W , Y at I I - ' ,,.. - - ..,. ' I 1 1 33, I V ' N Q. T Yr TOP ROW: l-lugh Mossmen, Jim Picek, Joe Pruess, Bob Bemsey, Bob Rasmussen, Chuck Reich, ROW 2: Bob Rhea. Mark Rise, Jim Rochotte, Bill Ronzani, Mike Ruilcorn, Joe Spreitzer. ROW 3: Lonnie Starlets, George Stamos, Dove Stock, Tim Sullivan, John Theobeld, Bob Thompson. BOT- Monday evening house meeting draws alums. TOM ROW: Bill Van Sickle, Dave Vermedehl, Dick White Bart Whitman, Ven Zimmer. Scholarship program gains recognition Sigma Pi received the IFC Scholarship Trophy both semesters of the 1966-67 school year. This marked the fifth consecutive year that Sigma Pi finished in the top five. The house stressed pledge scholarship by enforcing pledge study hours Sunday through Thursday in the First Presbyterian Church study lounge. Each week pledges estimated their grade point averages which were reviewed by the scholarship chairman. ln an attempt to make education more of a cultural experience, the Sigma Pi's invited educators and administrators from the Uni- versity to their house for dinner and informal discussion. sqw.. TOP ROW: Mrs. Elsie French, l-lousernofher, Sfeve Arm- sfronq, Ken Benharf, Adrian Binlferd. ROW 2: Jirn Bishop, John Bishop, William Boudinoi, Jim Brown, ROW 3: Torn Chapman, Craig Clark, Dale Cochran, Clifford Compton. BOTTOM ROW: John Corcoran, Dave Dierks, Michael Donohue, Jim Edgar. Sigma Pi's and dates sfudy in 'lhe dining roorn. PRESIDENT, Barry Fish Sigma Pi TOP ROW: Dave Erickson, Kellh Evans, Derry Farago, Barry Fislw, Dave Holm, l-larry Kapolas, Sieve Kadinq, Dave Kmlef. ROW 2: Ken Koclu, Kelflw Kopperrwolle, Bruce Kossullw, Jolm Kurwdel, Karl Kundel, Bill Liflrel, Jlm Lobb, Craig McNeil. ROW 3: William Mick Al Mlra, Jay Nardim, Thomas Rer- quisl, Larry Pirwcw Ros Poole, Jolwn Rasmussen, Al Rossman. BOTTOM ROW: Fred Rueler Clwrls Ryg, Doug Slwadle, Dan Slweelwan, Jim Slewarl, Karel Van l-lool William Waxenberq, Jolrm Wlmegard C. C. Woodburw. Tau Kappa i 2 EpsHon i PRESIDENT, John Riherd TOP ROW: John Aiiender, Tom Airfihisch, John Aschenbrenner, Frank Barkley, Mark Baamback, Craiq Besr, BITI Bowen. ROW 2: Dave Bunce, Joel Caqwin, Douo CarTson Torn Chrisfiansen, Dar Coliins, Bufch Coy, Ron Davis. ROW 3: Rob Dixon, Ed Eden, Mark Evans, Ron Eerquson, Lyle FalTmer, Jim Goeiz, Chris Graves. BOTTOM ROW: John Hansen, Gary Hopson, Jim Johnson, Frank Keefe, Merle Kopel, Charles Lawhead, TKE became U of I's 20th chapter At a time when most chapters on the U of I campus had long- standing traditions, twelve ambitious men decided to form a col- ony. Tau Kappa Epsilon held its first pledging ceremony January 12, l966. The University uses one criterion in its recognition of a frater- nity, growth in many facets. In the all-important area of scholar- ship, the men had finished second the preceding semesterg they won the Spring Festival twice in the two years that they had par- ticipated and the number of pledges had increased fourfold. On January 6, 1968, two years of striving culminated in the activation of 37 men as Lambda Eta became the 20th fraternity an campus. TOP ROW: Denry Leiwbauoh Bee lseili, Scott Miller Jim Monkerud, Tom Oppold. ROW 2: Gene Ose, John Peters- haqen, Jeff Pirmarn, Wolf Drehfice Greig: Rawsof, ROW 3: Bill Ray Joha Riherd, .lien Smith, Frank Smrzley, Tow Stock. BOTTOM ROW: led Stilwell, Jael: Tauber Roger Narional Secrefary William Wisdom hands John Riherd the Ver Hocveny John Whareqx Liymry Wllwgamg. Golden Horseshoe siorifvmo the newest TKE chapter in the nation, Residences 1V........ i I V 391 BOTTOM ROW: Michael Haiierud, Linda Smith, Christine Fuhrrneister, Mary Rover, Francie Horristein, Judy Mahan. TOP ROW: Susan Sanders, Barry Crist, Don Rielcertsen, Roa- er Christian, Gary Boqenberoer, Nancy Brosrrorn. RH seeks to further student rights Associated Residence Halls tARHJ. compris- ed of all dormitory presidents. sent representa- tives to a Big Ten residence hall conference in Michigan this year. ARH, spent much time working on intervisit- ation rules and settled on a door-ajar policy. The group led the movement for an extended Easter vacation by distributing petitions which were signed by more than 8.000 students and by sponsoring a rally at the Presidents mansion. A spring recognition banquet for dormitory em- ployees was another ARH project. Social Board to become part of ARH lnterdorm Social Board receives dues from all member dormitories and is now autonomous. However. in the future, the social board will be- come a part of the body of Associated Residence Halls. The purpose of the social board is to plan BOTTOM ROW: Sbaror' Scuder, Jiriray Keller, Sandy Starr. and hold activities that require the co-operation and participation of all residence halls. The board sponsored mixers during the year. "Nutcracker Fantasyi' was the theme of their winter formal and "Love is Blue," their spring formal. TOP ROW: Sue Scharrwweber, Ciiii Shoemaker Dean Buresh. 5-,....,--X Dormitor Life STANLEY PRESIDENT Jill Suiter Stanley Hall girls receive major honors Girls in Stanley Hall had several major honors bestowed upon them this year. Their house candidate, Heidi Keir, was chosen Homecoming queen. William Mueller, father of Chris and Jan Mueller, two Stanley sisters. was chosen University Dad of the Year. Stanley sparkled with the glitter of tinsel and happy Coeds dur- ing Christmas holidays when festivities reigned. Residents spon- sored an open house and all-dorm caroling. They also collected food which was sent to the needy in Iowa City by the Chamber of Commerce. GENERAL COUNCIL-TOP ROW: Teresa Anqerer, Carol Koza. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Leonard, Linda Ostheimer, Beaumont, Barbara Berry, Lynne Blineo, Pat Cadwallacler, Chris Piorrowski, Phyllis Rose. Jill Suiter, Suzanne Super, Carol Endo Mary Hughes, Elaine Jones, Mary Kiriakos, Jean Jamie Thomas, Nancy Tresnak, Ann Tuthill, Sue Williams. ,I FIRST, SECOND FLOORS BOTTOM ROW: Mary lvlCAlllSTGV, Lynne Blinco Elaine Jones Larson, Jennifer Jackson. ROW 3: Deborah Grour, Carol Jeanne l-lododer, Pamela Bock, Palricia Beecher, Liwda llliar Kino, Rurh Nelson, Janer Parrish, Vicki Harrison, Par Grogan Jane TuHle.4ROW 2: Sue Piooerr, Yvonne Skagqs, Fyelyn S-ally Tallarico, Kary Berenyi. Srarlc Berry Seuierer Terry Rasmussen, Nancy Doorar, Diara BOTTOM ROW: Bonnie Jenclcs, Fam Downing, Darlis THIRD FLOOR Berlcene Gay Freeman, Sue Freyerrnulh, Marira lrmiler, Kaylene Dodds. pas, Jane Kauilrnan. ROW 2: Heidi Keir, Linda Rehmlcei BOTTOM ROW: Terri Srerba, Julie Perersen, Carol Endo, Sherrie Koesler, Hogan Laraine Spurgeon, Sharon Harrold, ROW 2: Boyd. Sandy Boyd, Pal Taylar, Valorie Doden, Sue l-lawlhorne, Blanchard Debbie Glover, FOURTH FLOOR Mary Connie Messer. TOP ROW: Marica Niebuhr, Nancy Paulsen, Marca Terry Johnson, Susan Charlson, Willa VanderLinden, Susan Connie Sroen, Kalrhlyn Kuhl, Cynfhia Asrnussen, Carhie Seidler. Karen Tollari. Chana Fishman, Maia Coven, Cheri Maxwell, Nancy Aldera, X sg, Z 'QQ' E K, FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Vicki McClure, Sue Raihien, Marlha Pundl, Sue McGinnis, Blylhe Sreil, ROW 2: Janine Srasiny, Annelle Tharp, Sue Kunrz, Connie Krasche, Cheryl Bedford, Sue Derby. TOP ROW: Ellen Murphy, Judy Burqarl, Maureen Cozad, Claudia Myler, Ann Crawford, Kalhi Silaqy. SIXTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Andrea Sreinholrz, Juslean Sparks, Rose- marie Schafer, Kalhleen Van Rees, Sandra Terpslra, Linnea Pelerson, ROW 2: Jill Paron, Marlene Andersen, Cynlhia Byrarn, Grelchen Biebesheimer, Alice Owen, Ann Wenlworlh, Karen Most. TOP ROW: Doris Kcnicki, Marilyn Maqdeirau, Phyllis Thudiurn, Diane Auerbach, Parli Dunbar, Carol Walk, Marilyn Erickson. Sandy Mcgrew. .. SEVENTH BOTTOM ROW: Karen Leonard? Vicki Miller, Barbara Berry, Mary Kiriakos, Jamie Thomas, Harrier I-laliill. ROW 2: Judy Bullaro, Slephanie Jacobs, Karen MCKim, Karhie Lawrence, Kalhe Schleqel, Brenda Banq, Mary Ann Kobayashi, Mary FLOOR Kline. TOP ROW: Carolyn Chrisl, Linda Flanders, Nancy Nielsen, Pal Bemer Jaan Birdrer, Louise Kieler, Wendy Garlinq. EIGHTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Par Scrnrnerleld, Cnris' Piorrowski, Narc: Linda Billerman, Slieryl Wliiresell, Rosemary Sreckelbero. Tresnalc, Jean Bradlord Par Paysor, Pa' Kempi, Jill Suiler. TOP ROW: Ginger Dunning, Cindy Barr. Pafli OH, Sue ROW 2: Jennifer Doran, Nancy Vlalrod, Linda Eorsyllie, Harper. Laurel Zun'ibal1len,Jananne Eerring, R R NINTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Sue Laser, Frances Bono. Maureen Ziskov- ROW: Jane Shade, Diane Edmark, Laurel Ericlnson, Snerrilyn slcy, Colleen Slirling, Jan Reid, Francie Hornslein. TOP Coales, Carol Heim, Bonnie Luzius, Bonnie Charnick, TENTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Ellen Eisenberg, Carolyn Booker, Slwaron ROW: Sharon Salrerly, Jane Elwood, Diane l-lellmund, Joyce Fuiinaka. Erica Sclnrauer, Robin Marcee, Liz Gilbert. TOP Kusler, Dawn Simon, Diane Sieclr. DAUM PRESIDENT Judy Mahan Daum House approves nevv Constitution Daum House approved a new constitution which will go into effect next year. Each floor will have its own officers. A coun- cil. comprised of lioor presidents, will co-ordinate activities of the different floors. Daum residents were active participants in a campus program to orient student discussion about and consideration of the proposed change to make Daum and Stanley Hall into men's residences and Rienow l and Reinow ll into girls' dormitories. Daum girls sponsored exchanges with boys' dormitories. These included a treasure exchange. a Polish sausage exchange and a doughnut-making exchange. N-.V GENERAL COUNCIL TOP ROW Marian Beane. Caihv Cheryl l-laaclq. Jane Helms, Charlotte lnorarn, Terry Loelsie. Burchett Janet Carl Linda Cherveny Janet Cox Lona Cram, Judy Mahar, Nancy Parks! Joy Pefarger Marv Ellen Sayre, Beverlv Dalonev Karlav Do li Pam Ellison BOTTOM ROW: Jan Stowell, Barbara Youngrnan. gp 1 4 L J 2 " y L ' i' L 'f C 1' FIRST FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Anne Marlin, Bev Dabney, Joan l-laclcley, Gloria Wirflw, Julie l-leberslreil, Virginia Coogan, Sliaron Slnirley Balwnsen Nancy Eller, Marina Carlson, Kris Orsbornl Meyer, Kallny Eicliman. TOP ROW: Nancy Parks, Carolyn Carmen, Ramona Sloclc, SECOND FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Ginni Jolinson, Sally Barnes, Jean Beary. Dianne l-lolllcarnp, Mary McCarllwy, Anne Gruesner, Kalli- Toni Davis, Linda Leyerle, Dianne Lyons. TOP ROW: Donna leen Kopeclcy. Wlwilly, Sandi Sauerbrei, Bev Friedriclvsen, Karen Sclwade, 'J W7 ff , . ,Zi s I lv 5 , , ,. I , ii 3, Q .W 7 hr I ' yy FV ir, THIRD FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Carrell Dickinson, Reva Billon, Tamara Creps, Marianne Briflinqlwarn, Kalliy Miller, Cheryl GOES- Prenosil, Anne Sampson. TOP ROW: Diane Sievers, Sherry 5-are-"lf 35 5 I 4 I? l fir' - FOURTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Judy l-lernplnill, Loulse Miller, Kale Kelelwer, Underwood Mary Ellen Sayre, Llnda Wessels. TOP ROW: Cynllnla Clrvarlson, Linda Carden, Mary Nerdiq. ROW 2: Rnflw Dessel, Mary Srnylln, Kallny Wlwlleslde, Marslna Morgan, Judiflm Kloplensleln, Madelyn Zwald, Palrlcla Slnowcl, Prlscllla Gail Gelslnqer. FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Joyce Erlglnlwell, Nancy l-lerrlq, Alice Evans, Clenalnan, Gail Nicol, Jaref Reddlng Jill Woods, TOP Leslee Langlwaus, Karla Marlensen, Laurel Alcerman. ROW 2: ROW: Pamela Armslrong, Callny Tracy, Janel Heller, Deb- Marcla Mar+ensen, Deboralrv Bell, Irene Henry, Marllwa Mc ble Larson Calny Larson, Carolyn Speed, Janel Waclwrer. 3 SIXTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Mary Slell, Nancy Millcinf, Carol Melllnqer, Charlolle Irgrann Lols Johnson, Jo Roney, Joy Pelerson, Jane Dennler, Kallwleen Doalc, Clndy Lewis, TOP ROW: Karol Traur, Marilyn I-llnriclws, Connle Sclwweilzer, Rose Ann Kasparek, l tain 5 SEVENTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Mifiim Cram: Earbifa Ycujrriv, Eiizal Sark, Jiiinda Easiian, Deriere See, AVTETTG Argaii, Ji!! iseiir Essen Eafiofrra Ciiiies Anne Moss. TOP ROW: Diane eii, Jean Siiric, Joan ivlainiasciweck, EM mi I ' r P' EIGHTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Liga Laois, Sue Sciwarnweber, Judy Mahan, quire, Krisfine Oddsen. ROW 3: Charlene Smiih. Maw Janice Swweii, Jcnanna Gudema. ROW 2: Debbie Hayes, Linen, Pafricia Simcox, Suzanne Seyb, Sandra i'i'3VTY'T'V'3Vb, Susanne DSShE:w Caroi Wiison, Becky Sweiies Debbie Ma- Siwiriey Swirns. Daum girls par+icipa+e in Cnrisfrnas candiebiiqniinq ceremony ai Burger, an mu ga:w ui PRESIDENT Nancy Glenn Currier gets new goverment The initiation of a new form of government was the biggest change in Currier this year. The dormls two houses were con- solidated, small governmental units were dissolved, an activities council was set up and representatives were elected to a general assembly. The interior of Currier was also renovated. Lounges on the first floor were redecorated and plans were made for construction of study units on each floor. Currier girls participated in a variety of leadership training ac- tivities. Representatives were sent to a Big Ten dormitory con- ference, a human relations lab and a leadership workshop. TOP ROW: Pat Breuning, Jeanne Dennis, Nancy Glenn, son, Sandy Starr, Gayle Walker, Jane White, Chris Whiting, Kappy l-lubbarcl, Sue l-lurnmel. BOTTOM ROW: Sandy Nel- Ann Wozniag, 'N I ,af 2355: W UNIT ONE BOTTOM ROW: Susan TI1eobaId, Mary Louise Eidredfze, ner, DOVOIIW Cannon, Sue Arn Zfaeske, MarIIou I-Iendicis, Cnrisnne WnIf?ng, Be-rrifa Seuferer, Susan Hermann, Kafn- Becky Gaylord, Deborah VV'IIIiarns. Ieen I-Iennessev. TOP ROW: EIizabe+I'u Dierner, Sandra Hes' UNIT TWO BOTTOM ROW: Nan Curran, Ann Laurnann, Pa? Meyer, AIIce BoIand, Card Scnucnnnann, Doris Temer Viroinia Eves, Jane Tuchschef, Connie Csukker, PM Merfde. TOP ROW: Dee Davis Deanne AIfer, Ann Wawzorek, IEE UNIT THREE BOTTOM ROW: FQOTDV Aninson, Snaron Sue I'IoIweIseI, Marilvrn EoeIsIce, TOP ROW: Mudd I5runnweII Cf1II'f-,ine TroxeI, Joyce BEAICIWIU. UNIT FOUR BOTTOM ROW: Regina Smiih, Dororhy VVIIIcerson, Karhy Cransron, Parricia Pepper, TOP ROW: CaroIyn Neff, Cheryi Ingram EIIen Schafbuch, Pamela Kenney. UNIT FIVE BOTTOM ROW: Cynrhia Eggers, Penny Ward, Janene KuhI, derson, Cafhy Cramer, Jan Nimnz, Cheryl ChurchiII, Norma Jane Whne, Happy Hubbard, Jackie Barber, Nancy BIock. Enqelman, TOP ROW: Uzaberh Brinkmeyer, Belinda Moore, Jean Hen- UNIT SIX BOTTOM ROW: Mary Conway, Barb Rennes, I.ucIne Hicks, MoIIy Sheehan. TOP ROW: Mary Lou Simpson, Barre Waflace. PameIa Aden, Deborah Nye. 3 ,I ' 5 .N , "5'i2.1.l-A 1' Q J as f , 1 ,-,, I ml .wg fy ,,f1,,,m, r ,,4, , ,M rfflfufmn, .... I I UNIT SEVEN BOTTOM ROW: Jeanne Dennis, LoIe+a Carfer, Susan Chorn- befh EIand, Marqaref Young, Srdra Eryan, C5Ienna CIoyed, Ifo, Debby LaPoIn+, Sharon Curry, Jana Berqer, Mary Nor- KaIhy Sandhohn, Noni Wasscm, Sharon Beecher, Karen Gage Qaard, Diana O'BIeness. TOP ROW: Lana Jo Bafhen, Ehza- Mary Arringron, UNIT EIGHT BOTTOM ROW: Donna I-Iulhnger, Susan I-Iurnrnel, Shirley Medd, CaroI Clemens, Dede WandIinq, Jane+ Nairn, Nancy Sfreeby, CassIe BaIIey, Cynrhia VeIr. TOP ROW: Deanne Sfevens. I .l I UNIT NINE BOTTOM ROW: GayI Eno. Charlene Penrfer, Jane? Johnson, Sandra NeIson, TOP RCW: Linda Graham, SaIIy Bean, NeIIie Graham. 4 L M' M1 UNIT TEN BOTTOM ROW: Doris HHI4 Linda Knapp, Sandy Sfarr, Riia Barry, Ginny Currans, Debbie Jackson, Mem Keahno on DeMarCo, Jan Benfzinger, Joan MiUer. TOP ROW: Cofeffe nie McQueen. Reed Diana Beafne, Margo Praff Sue Sfraihman, Maureen rf' Geffing +o Currier-'s snack be sf 955' 'Hue key +0 good sfudy nablis. EP 1 W fa Jan Benhinger is crowned Ssmfa Lucia A sub+le approach 'ro closing hours PRESIDENT Chris Fuhrmeister as ,. ..,,..i,.,,.rav,w.-eramzaiti Dale House initiates service project Burge Daley House began a new service project this year. Coun- cil members and their friends made periodic visits to elderly resi- dents of Iowa City in an attempt to keep them in touch with the younger generation and the outside world. With the aid of Richard M. Trumpe, associate dean of resi- dence halls, the Daley council helped to plan and participated in a women's residence hall olficers' workshop. The workshop was designed to develop and expand olficerts roles in residence hall government. Homecoming was a big weekend for Daley House girls. They were represented by two Homecoming and three Dolphin Queen candidates. TOP ROW: Susan Eaton, Joan Eland, Donna Elderlrin, Bev ROW: Mary Puetz, Jane Rarney, Pat Ratlrxie, Carol Reier, Ergler, Christine Fuhrmeister, Jinny Keller, Joleen Lulleneq- Melody Sclterubel, Nancy Speelman, Lynda Spencer, Nancy ner, Fran Luxen, Lillian Nunlweirner, Valinda Pearson. BOTTOM Stearns, Barb Steqmaier, Larlc Wittemore. SECOND FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Kaie Wifi, Karen Anderson, Sue Kenneai- qari. ROW 3: Maxine Siieierr, Karen Anderson Carolyn ly, Par Hinman, Beckie Tbompson, Margaref Huelsrnani ROW Swanson, Susie Eafon, Marsna Heinernan, Susan Ropfe, Judy 2: Bonnie Beil, Mary Pueiz, Kerry Grouell, Diane Aiberfson, Colberf. Aiice Anderson, Ann Keeie, Barb Meeker, Jacqueline Baurn- 1! fr. 2 . -f :Mg gy- in , y Mafia. , i I K ,W y fgmg 5? 5 THIRD FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Dariene Simmons, Susan Bickiord, Jinny Kelier, Donna Eiderkin, Marqor McVoy, Jody Bonreii, Vicki Masbek, Nancy Berrranw. ROW 2: Mary Neison, Kris Hunieri Krisiyn Makinsfer, Marianne Kiemm, Pai Eiioen, Susan Van- Dyke, Cynibia Johnson, Barbara Yaqar. ROW 3: Linda Tyer, Debbi Carnpbeii, Lynera Grab, Diane Maiiiias, Eiier Perry Nancy Cronin, Barbara Feikner, Cynthia Park, Eilen Slweu- maker. K Y E 5 f 5 FOURTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Pairicia Raihie, Nancy Marcovich, Ronda dy Nunheirner. ROW 3: Lark Whifiernore, Joleen Lufien Ride-nour, Karen Trayis, Jane Raney, JoAnn Eiand. ROW 2: eozjer, Julie Durham, Karin Paar, Sharon Winkier. Kafhy Ross, Sharon Rieqerr, Lori Dolenak, Jane? Sfewarr, Lud- FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: SfmdyCook,Cf1oiyn Greer, Nancy Siearns, Peggy Becker, Vicki Shafer, Ernda Brerdf, Threse Persche Chrisiihe Fuhrrneisier, VaLinda Pearson, Carol Reier, Bev ROW 3: Jane Kieese, Linda Pofersen, Janis Tayior, Jean Pos Erqier, Jean Beaify, PMN Nichois, Keryl Bunn, ROW 2: fer Lifda Boyd, Deborah Haliinq, Pan Daugheriy Oaii Rm Carol Mason, Linda Voilers, Kaihieen Wohririfg, Ann Schiicizz- rnond, Vicki Sopher, Carole Toran. Vneier, Doris-9 Bek, Ruih Mccoiiisfer, Keiherine Reynciiis PRESIDENT Nancy Brostrom i Busy McBroom emphasl Emphasis was on studying and scholastic achievement in Burge McBroom House this year. Establishing uniform quiet hours, stalling the browsing library, inviting faculty members to special dormitory dinners and holding a Smarty Party for girls having a 3.0 made studying a more rewarding experience for Mc- Broom girls. Sending baskets of food and toys to underprivileged families in Iowa City and writing letters to Americans lighting in Vietnam were special house projects. The social schedule was also a busy one. Dinner dances and football exchanges and hay and sleigh rides highlighted a busy social life for McBroom residents. zes seholastlcs TOP ROW: Pat Benson, Carol Bird. Nancy Brostrom, Caro- Carlene Gooch, Bette Hansen, Judy Knuth, Daqmar Krause, lyn Corlcen, Cathy Dunlap, Margo Gaul. BOTTOM ROW: Terry MGYSFS. Susan Parry. Sharon Sauder. hi SECOND FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Terry Denner, Nancy Brosfrorn, Sharon Sou- iace Terri DeGunrher, Merry Ford, Vicki Pererson. ROW 3: der. Kathy Fry, Chariene Gooch, Peggy Thorn, Kafhy Weber, Loreria Piacenza, Joy i-ienrhorn, Ka?herine Hamer, Sherri Donna Osrer. ROW 2: Jan Zober, Rhera Presuhn Laurie Srnirh, Juiie Wlach Krisri Burrows, Dororhy Mead Phyilis Sager, Jane? Nissen, Pam Bach. Nancy Parrerson, Marg Wai- Warreil, Parricia Neyens. C THIRD FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Connie Lockwood, Sherry Hagenson, Bar- Newbrough, Candy Vauclr, Mary Casey, Mariei Sraker, Mary bara Kellogg. Berh Worrrnan, Daqmar Krause, Margare1'Gaul, Margarer Johnson. ROW 3: Dee Defrrnann, Linda Moser, Eva Aden, Judy 'vVailcins, Nadine Dougias, ROW 2: Mary Susan Barfh, Lunn Munro, Rufh Ann Burkhiser, Barbara Buch- DeJonq, Cheryl Brown, Georgy Benda, Debbie Eaiey, Jan da, Janis Rhoads, Mary Rozendeai, Linda Craig. ff 'EW' l FOURTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Snivyers, Donna Abruzzese, Linda Mary Swanson, Jeanelle Brown, Jan Berlness, Rosalie Rilrgers. Ailwerlon, Diane Ouade, Andrea Gayle, Barbara Sackell. ROW 3:Sue Clwrislensen, Judy Peferson, Mary Becker, Diane ROW 2: Marcia Snively, Susan Parrywinkle, Eloise Exsirorn, Sclwofl, Joelene Sclineider, Marilyn Paelz. .wr 3 Y s 4 X W N 3 1.- 'L 1 Q...-f LA- FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Janei West Kafnleen Hansen, Linda Perry Corken, Jeanne Rogers, Donna Goclnee, Bea Hauler, Gloria Marcy Urban, Judy Tlnornpson, Jenniier Wilson, Terry Mey- Clnuly. ROW 4: Linda Canayan, Mary Jo Vonnalnme, Nancy ers. ROW 2: Linda l-loqrabe, Barb Fox, Lyn Sghliif, Anne Walker, Susan Wagner, Barbara Laing, Susie Huber, Joan Sauer, Lori Soeeda, Mary Ann Grayson, Pal Benson, Peqqy Carnery. Fries, ROW 3: Mariy Moorliouse, Terry Maule, Carol-yr 1 l PRESIDENT Linda Smith ardell girls participate in active ear Girls in Burge Wardell House spent a busy year participating in a variety of social events and public service projects. Residents played an active part in Derby Days, sponsored din- ner and dance exchanges and held a hootenany in the Burge rec room with Quadrangle Cummins House. Christmas spirit initiated house participation in an all-dorm candle lighting ceremony, the singing of carols at University Hos- pital and an exchange of gifts on each floor. As a service project, Wardell residents helped girls move into Burge at the beginning of the fall semester. They also collected clothing from dorm residents and gave it to good will organiza- tions. l TOP ROW: Pat Boyce, Cindy Crumrine, Niclce De Marco, Linda Smith, Susan Webster, Carolyn Woolley, Jeannie Susan Gloeclcner, Pam Jenkins, Jackie Kinden, Pat McEvoy. Wooters. BOTTOM ROW: Joann Rlwoads, Mary Royer, Jan Schultz, 4 SECOND FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Kaihleem Douqberfy Mary Royer, Jean Linda Sickek. ROW 3: Framcene Zeplain, Linda Opdah SCHUITZ, Cindy Crumrine, Mary Mafkoy. ROW 2: Linda An- Pa? Whisenand, Iris Grass. derson, Kafhy S+u1ZF, Befh Turner, Linda Sfahle, Susan Kadow, 'TI THIRD FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Connie Wllscn, Sue Cedsor, Jar: Savdefs Cy Webb, Karew WENSOH, CLQVNQW1 Shar, Jareffe Berrrward Peg RINey, Becky Trachsef, Shirley Rihwer, TOP ROW: Nam Lois Weimsfeir, Mary Awdersof. Jayce Spencer, JIU Barre' .41 FOURTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Karen Boarman, Anne Kirby, Heier: Kolnn, Hayes Par McEvoy, Bonnie i-ioiub, Ciiariynn Hansen. ROW Deborah Fiiiarreau, Cyniinia Smiriw, Ciaudeiie Carison, Mary 3: Jane Frueiniinq, Billie Wiiliis Caiiwy Canneli, Anne Hae- Morrissei. ROW 2: Corirre Smfin Deiores Sediecek, Bev kefl, Mary Jurcgier, i V Q- . ' I . -, . '. -'.k S R -:" 5 -. ,i ye, ,,,, , .,.: ,. .. X ? - ,E f W FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Jacqiieiine Garnenr, Cnrisfine Bean, Beverly anne Woo'ers. ROW 3: fvayie Travis, Joiene Dodds, Sue Headiee, Pairicia Wiir, Elizabeiii Beais. ROW 2: Juiie Grii- Maris, Jan Scarii, Jiii Bayer, Patricia Nassii. iiih, Barb Bei? Kim Rieiiey, Siweryi Siorey, Kaiiiy Piaqer, Jo- PRESIDENT Susan Sanders Wellman House combats apath Burge Wellman House oiiicers, concerned with a problem of student apathy, were busy Writing a new house constitution this year. The constitution reorganized Wellman House into smaller units and established government organization on a more personal level. Wellman girls were active in a number of social events. The house sponsored a dance, hootenanny and open house to which all of Burge and the men's dormitories were invited. Various floors also sponsored open house and parties and held cozies to generate Wellman,s spirit. GENERAL COUNClL-TOP ROW: Anita Besle, Kapp Bristol, Nan Jones Karen Klump Susan Muller Gretchen Parker Jo Loretta Brosnaban, Debbie De Gunther, Dianne Dennis, Pam Rayburn, Colleen Rooney Sue Sanders Beverly Stnres Foster, Nancy Gardner, La Vonne l-loler. BOTTOM ROW: J ii ii B secono. FIFTH FLOORS BOTTOM ROW: Vicky Breeding, Leslie Klein, Dianne Dennis, Gleason, Jackie Kimball, Conslance Reynolds, Marslwa Sabill. Nancy Gardner, Penny Karber, Dona Golclsrnilln, Nan Jones. TOP ROW: Mary Belln Grinsfead, Clieryl Dorenbos, Billy' ROW 2: Pal Andresen, Jo Rylourn, Kallwy Dollar, Gayle Bales, Slwirlee Barla, Palfy Hull, Beili Cross. J J iiiii THIRDQBFOURTH FLooRs BOTTOM ROW: Janice Oliolianl, Sliaron Soderlund, Barbara Shirley LeBean, Rosanna Bayless, ROW 3: Maureen Russell, Buckinqliam, Laurel Wilker, Rila Sevcilc, Jean Ordellweide, Linda Runlcle, Viclci Borkema. Judy McManus, Marqie Bearlie, Sliaron Maerz. ROW 2: Debbie Jacobs, Toni Gilles, Mary Palricia Larson, Clirisline Hoskins, Ann Zerlcel Davis, Judy Balcar, Terri Myers, Slwirley Ayres, Kaley Nelson, I x fi 2 ? 4 ,Nix l .Ya Q. . 2 N N I 5,, . H-mf 45,iI4"Mv f wx 4? ,Wim , w Qf J, uw 1 Qw ff, mr 1,1 73 f 'I Q ar J f.vf'w,,g A ' P in iw' v H 5 i 2 6 if 5 H ,iz f i m, , , +--MW ,Q M W .gi 5, . ' X LS Y - . is ff ,lvvii ' fAfli"5zs li".? KJ' - Wifi: '91 5' - And wcfPf'1i .,..e.LL, Playing fogefher . . lnferdorm aciivifies include visifimq foqefher PRESIDENT Jim Truit Ensign House seoedes from Hillcrest A unique situation developed in Hillcrest this year when Ensign House. unhappy with Hillcrest government. seceded from Hill- crest. Calvin House mediated the dispute and Ensign rejoined Hillcrest. Hillcrest started their year off strong in October when they organized the Hillcrest Stornpers Who, led by a band, paraded by and screnaded girls' dormitories and sororities. In February the men held a Cuban lndependence Day Party. A contest was held for the hairiest man in Hillcrest. The winner was crowned Fidel Castro and passed out cigars at the party. COUNCIL-BOTTOM ROW: Cliff Shoemaker, Tom Saqer, Byron Wilkinson, Jon Gans, Stan Peterson, Richard Tompkins. Bruce Klotz, David Mozena, James French, Barry Crist, Jim TOP ROW: William Thornton, Roberl' Kneip, Gary Sissel, Truilt, Clay Claussen, David Kirkham, Merrill Crawford. ROW Mark Eveloil, Tom Abbott, Robert Shaw, Joseph Pasternalr. 2: Ben Kinsey, Ron COchran, Dennis Schuelke, Richard lvlatheS, Joseph Feldman. BOTTOM ROW: Gary Johfsor, Denris Nagel Joseph Feld- Jerry Brimeyer, Roberr McCleary, Curris Link, TOP ROW- mv Reber' Ecgberg Richard Howell, Rickard Peirce, Daniel Daw McGarry, Arr Taylor, Bill Rurenbeck, Leonard Snieqov. '-larcock Michael Marnirg. ROW 2: Richard Ford, Richard ski, John Voldserh, Greg Cook, Roland Kennedy. Bruce Vesole, ldoeprer Bffchmar Vifineccu Dave Wessels, John Bruno-f. BORDWELL BOTTOM ROW: Sreohen Decker, Shannon Maher, Raleigh Edwin James, Jim McGoniQle, Randy l-lunrinq, Neal Wood. Marrin, Ben Kinsey, David Lookinobill, Slephen Templeron. TOP ROW: William Wilde, Gary Novcselac, William Beck- Srephen Moser, Bruce Tullis. ROW 2: Mike Murray, James lord, Michael Brady, Douglas Alrig, Verhon Weems, David Torner, Sreohen Doorley, Robert Dworschack, Gregory Nelson Neumann, Charles Thompson, Carl Adriar, Lee Dyrrr. BOTTOM ROW: Roberr Borrow, Jack Pollard, Mark Nessen, Jon Gans, Aller Webb, Dennis Schuelke, Sreye Sranlord, Jimmie Scorhorn Ron Rolard, Herschel Epps. ROW 2: Dowd las Kleinrop, Jelllrey Thompson. Richard Zurn, John LaPlan', Sherman l-layes, Douglas l-lilleman Rick Beckwirh, Charle S l-luqhes. Dan Wilson, William Gransrrom. TOP ROW: Srevc- Downey, Bob Krieger, Allen Rumme, Rick Ol-lara, Jerome Biebesheimer, Jack Stowe, Larry Johnson, Ken Siulrs, Paul Groban. 424 CALVIN R R R BOTTOM ROW: Daniel Khinlchernrrier, Doug: Ragland, Jerry rnen, Ardrew Lewis, Gene Sanders, Kirr Kelrrei Jgnn Nordic Thcrius, Lawrence Hubbard, Roberl Kreic, Gary RObbi'S, TOP ROW: Richard Reese Merrill Devk Frlfk Michel, Keri David Torn. ROW 2: Gregory Neilsen Terry Beclc, John Thor! lor Coors, Joel Beane, Williern Miller, Reber' C1 we, ENSIGN BOTTOM ROW: Gler fkrdersen, Toni Vekuiskes, Darrell Fel- Moser, Jirn Kceric, Sleve Vorwerlc, Bruce Ticical Dicr l-lus+f3" ici, Mike Johnson, Fred Rehrnke Sian ReTer5en,Jch1 Race Keilh Slone, Gary Giesernerr. TOP ROW: Rs on Cassell Ricrierd Mccrea. ROW 2: Thornas Slephers, Tvfan Revner Gam Olhrner, Kei+l' Zevefbergen lvflfe F-fl:lD'e'd5i', Arvi' Deux: Levniq, Joe Kremersic, Riclc Gocdirg, Alan Chipps, Von Zarle Roberl Neiberl, Eric Sefdhew Dewis Knud Richard Beecher, Cosmo Coolc. ROW 3: Scelr Tidoell Ardr. sen, Bch Andrew. FENTON BOTTOM ROW: Cliiren lwernolo, Mervin Schriever Darrel Richard Sfcre.. ROW 3: Deen l-leeTr5':'e, Terr Rfrherharri Courrnev. Chris Hazel, James Leride, John Farr, Byron Wil- Sleven Jevsen, Maurice Johnsor, Michael Rroclcr Sleve fx'- kirson, Sleohen Reno, Maurice Diererich, George Jchnsef drle, Randy Jcharse' Tom Person, 65','J:w6L11EV. TOP ROW: Elwood Jorgiusdinkle. ROW 2: Michael Slillrrien, Terr, Leif- Gerald Wiqgeniosf, Dennis Mueller, Alle' Dooiiwli-, VVEVMI heuser, Dow: Rall, David Wilson, Johr Tnuber, Gary l-lar Fisher, Paul Rornrelnrg Tern Rohre' Lfwireirce Claw Willfircl 'World Dick Crfiwie, Nfiihen l-lamilron Ronald Win+er,ir, Bren. HIGBEE BOTTOM ROW: Waliace Joiwrscr, Frederick S:e'ce Ear' tied' ROW 3: Je'r.' Nadi-, R'ck Raberr, Davis Dvveimer Tracmei, Marcos Meierdez, Mark Eveioii, Pwar Schroder Ji. Eugene Keriiav, Mark Jcririsior, Laird Brown Joni Sopiier Maiowe, Ge-rrv Klodi James Sreiier, Rickard McCue, Sfever Phiiic McGuire, Ra. Kceose Midaei Large' TOP ROW DeVries'ROW 2: Lavarerce Sffiqmar, Jack Hai Chad- Dave Geiiicksor, James Revigvicri, David Mozeri Barr, Cris' i-Tavvicv, Aiivr Caspers, Bob Gruever Biii Vxfiiev Rick Ycurqr, Bruce Kloiz, Dave Hehrd Jim Truiii, Joiwf Serjeari Scc'+ Jerrv Ziska David Kirkiwam, Rickard Mhei, Perma' Cfvsimc- Lauferbecr, 5Le'er l".'TWi'. KUEVER BOTTOM ROW: David Mozeria Bruce Kioiz, Harold Her' Ciav Ciauesev, Roger i-iafeberg, Jcii Fufwider Ln' Pcrsciv wacgei, Mark Siodola, Tom Abbofi. ROW 2: Tom Hardacre TOP ROW: Paui Orfo. Bruce Remor, Ron Dirks. LOEHWING BOTTOM ROW: Lcweii Handy, James Mdiirr, RQ' CQCL- kms, Roner 551 fees, Rcberi Exniir, Tgm Sager David Sawyer rari, Roberr Jordan, James Nordiii Rorfaid MQCHUIQ, Aiar Merrili Crawford Rgraid Tffffer Mark Roserbery Derrig Camsbeii Wii'iam Tackefbertg. TOP ROW: Rfiwfrd TQHWC- Koss, Dive i-erby, l MOTT BOTTOM ROW: Ron DeReus, Donald Heilzman, Bob Nolan, l-lillier, Dale Schnoor, Randy Block, Arlen Shoreyl TOP ROW: Thomas Kniqhl, James French, Thomas O'Dowd, Georqe Enl- Donald Reynolds, l-lal Larson, Jim Needles, Merle Doclcen- whislle. ROW 2: Rex Almquisl, Thomas lvlcDevi+l, John dorfl, Bruce Friedrichsen, Tim l-llavacek. Dennis Hagan, O'CONNOR BOTTOM ROW: Sleven Sleinbeck, John Pye, Randall Slew- Whife, Milo Borich, Joel Lavenf, Dave Jones, David Snider, oel, James Scolf, Greig Saurders Dennis Keilh, lra While. Jonalhar Marner. TOP ROW: Parriclc Schlieverl, Charles Gill, Jim Russell, Tim PHILLIPS BOTTOM ROW: George Richardson, Richard Malhes, Allen ROW: Sleven Kinnamon, Milne Swanson, Roy Bash, John Cassadw. David Richmann, Johr I-lull Craig Bailey. TOP l-lolz, Jim Bersller, Ross Herring, Arr Raz. SEASHORE T BOTTOM ROW: James Esser, Thomas Hill, Gerry Grimm Connell, Sieve Jones, Lawrence Holcomb. TOP ROW: Der- William Thornrcn, Max Brown. Jon Janes, John Carlson Jer- nis Johnson, Phillip Pollock, Lachlan Ross, Clayron Fulkerson, ald Wesrermark, Ordean Oskvig, Kenl Van Vark, ROW 2: Clifford Shoemaker, Roberl Gray, Sreve McCracken, Bruce Charles Collins Wagfne Bidelman, Ambrose Bierce, Gam Ofinqer, Bri+son, Sfeve Liecnry, Gregory Silzer, Richard Rocarek, Gale STEINDLER BOTTOM ROW: Gary Sissel, Roberr Lang, James Hackelr, Grable, David Kabel, Craig Thornhill, Thomas Hargens, Ran- James Noroaard, William I-ierlel, John Caqle, Edward Pace, dolph Maximilian, Thomas l-leck, Eric Johnson, John Jens Lynn Groe, Russell Quick. TOP ROW: Bill O'Hearn, James Joel Railsback. THATCHER BOTTOM ROW: Roberr Shriver, Sreve Noah, Par Daley, Meredilh Lewis. TOP ROW: Glenn Sulherland, Darrell Larson, Roberr Jordan,James Nordin, Richard Tompkins. BOTTOM ROW GWQH Johvsor Edwwrd Broww JOM Sew rw ym omo or Vi im f-1 0 r Sfeve Readirqer, Kew Robert HEIUS Davnd Ame-5 James CODJGV Am-:Nd Sueo J Divx V0 Us TOP ROW S phe S ck er, Jim MWEVK o err Shaw D H W1 ner John Greer ROW 2 wp Nash L rmy J Pwricw R mor L my Xgefcgfg, BOTTOM ROW C ersfos P J Wx' m Ke T J Kxfflesor' JCM HurWe 5 'vw or Sleve Q-15rd',n jM,,!Z'3QiY EEIBIEI IBQNEEI IEE!! K , ,I .-A, A-V, yi 5 if ii 8 as P L f I-saw: f .. I s K Wu FIU Siudy-break Hme M 'efevsf P DNZLi 7'f X-E., ,,,..."' ,,.,.--f Somefimes even friends -MW "T'Y'lk? f"':':s L, 'p:XE",. I afe af P' f Hd llved. 4 PRESIDENT Don Riclcerlsen Quadrangle organizes new government Quadrangle men found last fall that they had an ineilective constitution and that none of their omcers had returned to the dorm, so they worked hard reorganizing their government. They adopted a new constitution which called for representation of their thirteen houses in a general council. fall election of officers and an increase of dues. Quadrangle residents held open house every Saturday after- noon and after every home football and basketball game. ln October the Trippers played for two Quadrangle-sponsored dances. One dance was held in the Quadrangle Courtyard and the other in the Union Ballroom. COUNClL-BOTTOM ROW: Michael Smith, Case Wewerka, Conn, Curl Cooling, Barry Phelps, Lester Leslie, Bruce Curr Ed Johnson, Donald Riclcertsen, Keith Sharp, Robert Rosen- rle. TOP ROW: Joe Rubenstein, Jar lhgrmgggry John Pollen, thal, Craig Tulty Norman Sehrneltzer, ROW 2: Warren Bill Overetl, Jim Olsen, Wayne Lovitl, Neil Senettler, Williarn Stewart, Robert Gerdes, Dean Stoline Dennis Waldron, Rililf Jorgensen Don Vesev. Ti BEARDSLEY BOTTOM ROW: Bruce Presle. Pau! CT'ir's'e"S-ei Dee' S'cT'ae Rccerr Gerdes Hirc Darko, TOP ROW: Lee Gere: Swv-9 Dvd' Cram Do"+aLTv Mike Lerro' Sieve Leazrweier. BRIGGS BOTTOM ROW: Joseph Khicas, Richard Cook, David Skagrf Cook. TOP ROW: Thomas DeVore, James Grove, Gam Marc Pererson, Ed Joiwmsori, Bruce Currie, Bob Hsron, Sieve Lake Roberi Morgar, WiiTiarri Denriler, MicHaeT Sae-Rey Rick Bricruf. ROW 2: Ronald Youno, Richard Dowd, Richard Mcfdisrer, Rafi Feewey Fred Vroa. VaTerw+irie, Kerry Carriey Tim Barrikiouse, Par Deiey, Meivifi CHAMBERS BOTTOM ROW: Jicri MJ':'a'. ff-f'Hor,' Soirarke, Warre' Georiie Dfriek Jokv Pew?-", TOP ROW: Mead Worn, S'6W:if" BUT Overei Rick Sciwaa' Torn Lurkiev, RC' Hd? Torn WiwarT5 Larry Rerrar' Rc' Reraud, De Ore-53 Sccrt Dar SiieTdor, ROW 2: Terry Hafiieid Frederick Bcrckenk Friedman. Ra, Pvderset Jce Dads, Pad Kave. ii icq Dick Cffirak D-1'ie'ST'ermar, Huber' CTark Barry' Bc'-eu' HARDING, CLARKE BOTTOM ROW: Larry Andereon, S'eve Ollo, Gerardo Dole, Jarhes Bollon. TOP ROW: Kevin Techau, Ronald Bueh Helier, Ver Thorfioson, Bill Hemrninae, Waiyve Lovirl. ROW rer Thofnas Banse, Charles Lirgo, Dwiohl l-licks, 2: Joh" Perm, Thomas Mack, Brbce Crabb, Eric Barron, l.arrv CUMMlNS BOTTOM ROW: Ronald Manley Fernando Arango, Dave berlin, John Kiqhllinger, Ted Welch, Tom Bower, John Eicls Gelaude S+eve Fobes, Joe Rubensrein, Roberl' Rosenlhal, moe Dennis Drees. TOP ROW: Randy Kinqyon, Daniel Sig Larry Doreen, Sleven Scarlf, Tirnolhv Darnauer, John Rich- ler, James Senn, Tom Holland, l-lal Mead, Mark Mcconeqhey ards. ROW 2: George Swisher, Sleve Hernpel, Donald Hea- Sleve Sleaer, Michael Schelfler. e-Rimes Di D BOTTOM ROW: James Jack Mfhael Srrifh Case Wewerlca. TOP ROW: Phil Clevenger, Bruce Colver, William McNeil lviif WSUDG' John Osilufo Larf. Gaeofner, Arlhur'S'luCl1iS. Bmce Sierns, David Dickson. John Rosiqbe. HERRING BOTTOM ROW: Allen Myerholil, Lansiro Brown Donald Rick- Gary Wade, Wayne Larson, Dennis l-lixson, Dana Chrislian- erlsen, Jim Currie, Neil Scherrler, Jim Olseri, Philip Meyer, sen, Jim Andrus, Bill While, Sreve Randall, Lee Bergen. Dan Coclclin. TOP ROW: Greg Simon, Jim McWhinney KIRKWOOD BOTTOM ROW: David l-louser, William Jorgensen, David l-lank Kleyweq, David Ellerson, John Rogers, John Price, Ron Zurloriggen, Fred l-lollzman, Peler Coorlas, Barry Silbaugh, Vernon, Don Price, Jaclc l-lurlbur. Gene Ramsay. TOP ROW: Craig Sreeqe, Dennis Morrissey, R D R LARRABEE BOTTOM ROW: Greq Hulse, Med Lewis, Thomas Chapman, Tom Dvoralc, Kurl Bach, Douglas Busch, Charles Grulvel. Lesler Leslie, Barry Phelps, Keilh Sharp, Torn Ralslon. TOP Michael Flaherly. ROW: Milne Grilriirh, Everel' Lueclc, James Beck, Jaclc Hell, LUCAS BOTTOM ROW: Larry Berlcenpas, Thom Safley, Marvin l-loug, Lindner, Gary Welsh. TOP ROW: Jack Chaffee, Phil Hanson John Polich, Thomas Osborn, Richard Devaney, Richard Weir. Riclc Jacolaus, Sieve McLaughlin, Loras Kluesner. ROW 2: Gary l-lansen, Michael Teler, David Laila, Sfephen MERRIL BOTTOM ROW: David DuVall, Randall Kesrerson, Sieve Randall Cox, Daniel Rohing, William l-lowes. TOP ROW: l-lalslead, Dennis Waldron, Randall Siemsen, Craig Tuffy, Don Randall Baldwin, John Geisen, Thomas Wollin, Michael Slorclc Tool. ROW 2: Michael Friedel, John lrvine, Sleven Rose, Lance Juslmann. SHAW BOTTOM ROW: Dennis l-luliiine, Michael Lowry, Jim Carl- Miller, Doug DeGroole, Roloerl Porrer, Joe Tiffany, Ross son, Don Vessey, Ed Dana, Phil Ehrenhard, David Coleman, Casfer, John Riebhoici, Ron l-lelqens, Torn Slehm, James Thomas Bergslrom, Norman Schmellzer, TOP ROW: Marla Laughlin, Gary Ryden, Roger Boller. Heidi Keir eafs 51 dinner iii for a queen ai Quad. A+ Home, iiTi?ViVF' cailed ioyi. Here, +1'1ey're caiied fa iiobbv, Philip Hubbard, dear oi academic affairs, was 4 soeciai dimer- guesfe+Qiiaddurii-1the Christmas season. i PRESIDENT Pe+e Reiter South Quad begins Living-Learning plan Life at a large university can appear impersonal, admits Philip G. Hubbard, dean of academic affairs. However, he said, the learning and living community, a new project at South Ouad- rangle this year. is designed to make the transition somewhat easier. The project allowed men having similar interests and majoring in the same fields to live together. build a government from scratch and attend classes together in the dormitory. A faculty member. James Rocky, taught and lived in South Quad and was available for consultation in rhetoric and core literature courses. BOTTOM ROW: Mods Slrfvlley, James Cbadelc, Curt Coolino, Miko Gr-Illia, TOP ROW: Nelson Chesney, Peter Rei+er, Gary Braden berqer, Kurt Piernot. BOTTOM ROW: David Babcoclc, Ed Pavidqe, Glenn Orculf, Conn, Chip Gilfner, Nelson Chesnev. TOP ROW: James James Spoden, John Large, Wayne Rogers, Don Briggs, Jim Barnharl, Melvin Flenker, Jon Coupland, Kenneth Anderson, Kimball, Vernon Beniarnin. ROW 2: Del Berg, William Bever. James Carlson, James Chadelc, Dennis Claus, Kurl Pierno+. Sieve Maller, lvlikeiGriTiin, Jim Bishop, Curl Coolino, Riclf BOTTOM ROW: Roberl Novalc, Larry Jones, Sveve Nicholson, Rodney Powell, Sluvick Cfarllon, Jnclc Qufanne, Drew Pellell. ROW 2: Refer Reiler, Loren Browr, John Roach, Gary Booen be-roer, Mark Skellev, James Kouba, Dennis Anderson, ROW 3: Roherl Ross, Reooie Refrenriller Tom lavzer Rifle Rnrs doll, Smven Former, Joseph Lickfeiq Dave lvlchlarv, Slove Millar. TOP ROW: David Koerpericke, John Ohsfmw, Tory Ko T rlRie'h1rnl n K if R Lnwrn R ir P lf R wlfl O Rfnlve 4, f osfw. Di if if V ri qe in s, onf . achnlfe. ' ,- , ,M -A Qu r 'Yi x Learning wiih fhose who have common irviereys . . . x 5 AAVA ,W . - ' ,M W W ,VZV E ,,,. ,."' i K', ,,-, :- 4,1 AX, ,1 Q 1 flf u seeking :nd vudua While iiving wiiiwin fa Commimiiy. -QQWYNL PRESIDENT Mike Hallerud Rienow leads fight for intervisitations Construction of Rienow I1 didn't dampen Rienow I spirit any this year. Rienow men were active leaders on campus. They led a fight for liberalized intervisitation and helped revamp the Asso- ciation of Residence Halls. The residents participated in many campus organizations. They also produced a candidate for stu- dent body vice president and president at large. However, Rienovv still found time to hold discussions, sym- posiums, special dinners, dances and mixers. They also entered their first Homecoming float in the Home- coming parade this year. BOTTOM ROW: Paul Mott, L. J. Lamb, Dan Anderson, James Hellerud. ROW 2: Timothy Fir1a,Chip Ventling, Robert Vewes, Hampton. Stuart Wolt t-lenrv Hortonl Terry Clark, Mike Dead Gustafson Curt Micke. Lvrn Rieharsom, Jehr Theler. FlRST FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: A. J. Parrino, Sluarl Wolf, Sleplwen Saur, ROW: Ronald Beason, Jolwn Kalinicln, Jolwn Meslcirnen, Gary Torn Romine, George Paull. ROW 2: Bob Trernrnel, Gary Harvey, Ben Bridge. Fnrolln, Jolnn Saur, David Leavill, Melvin Mccle-ary, TOP SECOND FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: James Day, James Vlfood, Roberl Venes, Dean Middaoli, Sian Wlwilloclc, George Aclcermann, Kevin Charles Kacere, Ross Arrnslronq. TOP ROW: Jolnn lverson Binns. THIRD FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Darrel Devick, Jerry Vidis, Sfeve Beasley, Seiders, Micliael Hallerud, Mark Jena, David Allender, Kenf Henry l-lorlon, Clint McNauql'ilon, Milce l-leiens. Keifli Salwar- Fordvee. TOP ROW: Rick Giase, Gordon Sl'iuey,Jol1n Collier, dein, Greg Smirlu. ROW 2: Tom Scliierbrock, Ed Loeb, Torn Jerry Berger, Ron Mcclellen, Sieve Gross, Marshall Daul. FOURTH, FIFTH FLOORS BOTTOM ROW: Georqe Drake, Dan Gocherour, Jim Hemp- ner, Dave Miliis, Rob Onnen. TOP ROW: Michaei O'CcnA Ion, Charies Lundquisi, I3iII Marrin, John Kemper, ROW 2: nor. David Dryer, Dennis Weis. Jack Thompson Doug Dauber- Jirn Niederrnyer, Kurr Krueqer, Roraid Anderson, Mike Kui- berger, Mike Phiilios. SIXTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Mark Berneii, Dennis Neff, Ralph Kryder, Schulies, Greg I-Iiiberi, Bruce Maurer, Iver Sonciroi, Andrew Aiien Biuedorn, John Theien, Ari Budeiier. TOP ROW: Roberi OdeII. SEVENTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Ron Wheeier, Douigifas SIo'Ien, Pairick MuIf I-Iariow, I3euI Meirers, Sieve Brooden, Raui EIIis, Ronaio vihiii. James Siuiir, Terry MQCOOI, TOP ROW: Charies Saiorne, 442 EIGHTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Craig Wefzei, Lynn Richardson, Larry Niei- Loigren, Charies Dinsdaie, Emil Rinderspacher, Michaei Heir' sen, Charies McLane, David iiarrig, L. J. Lamb. ROW 2: land. TOP ROW: Tim Whifry, Russ Curris, John Kerr, James Geraid Friedrichsen, John Johnson, David Fauerby, Miiron Norrhcufr, Roger Hiii, Don Linkieirrer, Thomas Lavery. NINTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Alan Shepiey, Bob Froese, Terry Ciark, La- Roger Dorson, Richard Hedeen, Thomas Miller, David Garreis, vern Prirchard, Terry Wood, Kevin Osrerkamp, Michaei Dunn Jim T6ZZiOii,JS1LF Baker, Richard Schulfz. David Vander Wiii. TOP ROW: Dennis Griggs, Biii Dodgen, TENTH. ELEVENTH FLOORS BOTTOM ROW: Jon Travis, Roberr Hufzeii, Dave Douglass, Daniels, James Chalupsky, Arch Coberiy, Larry Beary, TOP Curr Micka, Dan Anderson, Joseph Keliy, Mark Wagner, David ROW: John Smiih, Doug Ausrin. Aian Lindsley, Rick Smiih, Vaughn, Pafrick Thompson. ROW 2: Dick Hensfori, Don Srur- Ron Soevak, Jerry Woods, Bob Jones, Jeff Soliday. geon, Lance Wiilerf, Kenneih Block, James Conrad, Richard Off Campus 'W I ? ,,pw""'f-f-ff 5 Wa' ' aj Q 2,452 L mwf??f,v .V W 1 HQ' 13 . new f an 159' M Keeping an exciling pace, Juanira lvleye and her roommales found llwar oll-campus living af Park Fair aparlmenls included . . . lt's really great to be out of the dorm Gossiping and planning over a beer al' Joe's. Pihzlwing In fo do We dlrfy wo rk. fs. 1,1 My H All J1,mf,amm:,5 f: ,A y i . f N s wk 1. K 1 'R ' iflffi fgg f M Budgefing carefully af all times. And allowing a Few momenfs lor llfuouqlwr ard relaxafion. 447 Apadmeni living has bad pciris as weii as mood ones. e only kind oi party is an 05-Campus parm 'N A quie+ moment oi?-campus swie 3 x W- I Hiliihwn More than half of students live off campus This year more than half of the University's 18,000 students lived oil campus. In residences ranging from a hole in the wall to a luxury apartment, students studied, worked, played, laughed and loved. Although off-campus living didnlt provide free maid service and three warm meals a day, many students found that lack of these luxuries were compensated for by a sense of inde- pendence, self-responsibility, privacy and freedom of expression. H's much easier to Turn on television th to pickup a book. ,..mKunpw.- M,,...f-""'f or the-H 4 A I W ,mm, . el awww 5' , 5' 'vii Y' H r' f. are . at Q t of--" as iss- 'fine we When breezes blow, spring fancies turn To kites. When the cal is away . .. evv married student housing provided ln March, 172 of the 504 apartments in the Universityis new married housing development, Hawkeye Court, were completed. Students began moving into the apartments in April. The Uni- versity hoped to have completed construction of the Court apart- ments by September. Hawkeye Court, which cost 34.8 million, replaces married student housing in the barracks. Eighty-six of the barracks were dismantled in March. The University expects to have torn all of them down by 1972. NEXT Hme we gef an aoarfmerw wifh fwo mirrors final word... The most important job of an editor is to surround himself with creative individuals. The many Creators who appeared, both on the staff and as outside contributors, were the producers of the 68 Hawkeye. The greatest credit should go to Frank Myers. the keystone of the staff. Frank's two step attack on any problem-first, reassure the editor, then remedy the problem-was a mainstay throughout the year. Jane Elwood's persistent care in editing the copy, along with her inspiring blackboard notes to staff members, made her invaluable. Jim Johnson appeared in December to save the forsaken organizations section, few would have taken on so great a task so late. Greek editor Tom Murphy was the spirit-rouser of the Hawkeye, or perhaps just the spirit of the staff. His persistence and dedication to his section was unsurpassed. Connee Peters and Marilyn Watson deserve endurance awards for hours spent bent over index boards. Jean Rohlf and Linda Taylor spent equal time identifying the cast of thousands in the book. The photographic talents of chief photographer Doug Minney and his inexhaustible supply of humor were a constant reassurance. John Perry seemed to spend much of his time atop buildings or among rafters attempting to get a new angle on a subject. Sandy Hansch who turned in some excellent photos, was also responsible for the introductory copy. To several of my staff members go my personal appreciation for their exceptionally consistent efforts: to Dave Stedwell for always finding time to volunteer for one more task, to Mary Einspahr for imparting life to the military section, to Kathy Ferry for meticulous work on the communication and performing arts sections, and to Ken Kephart, Dave Luck and Rick Greenawalt for some outstanding photos. R. C. Walker, of Southwestern Engraving Company, deserves special thanks not only for the fine engravings but for his kind help and advice. To patient Bill Bywater, of Economy Advertising, go my thanks for the fine job of printing, Robert LaConto, our new advisor, brought many new ideas to the Hawkeye. His influence will undoubtedly be felt to a greater extent in future Hawkeyes. The self-appointed advisers, critics and friends of the Hawkeye, who wandered into the office with their suggestions, words of encouragement, cokes and cigarettes, offered welcome breaks and inspiration. Among the regulars who showed concern for Seymour and the Hawkeye were Sister Mary Jeannette Quinn and Bill Newbrough. Others who gave the Hawkeye a boost, staffers and friends, included Joan Miller, Marilyn Osweiler, Gail Drauden, Chuck Stolberg, Rachael and Ron Bliss, Linda Artlip, Char Ziesman, Carol Mullins, Paul Beaver, Greg Franck, Larry Miller, Karen Leonard and all the ChiOs and bandsmen who gave a few hours to work on the index. My parents deserve special thanks for being a constant source of inspiration and encourage- ment. One last person who must not be forgotten in the credits is one who perhaps was slighted through the year. To my husband, Paul, go my thanks and praise for all his encouragement and just for patiently enduring eight months with an editor-wife. The staff has attempted to capture not only the events of the year but also the mood of the University, the feelings of its students. We have lived with the book for eight months, it has become a part of us- and we a part of it. We hope that you too will experience again through the Hawkeye the moods and events of the year. FRAN HERMANSON Editor 1968 Hawkeye Baker, Andersen, A Aanes, Sleven, 370 Aarmon, Cindy, 2ll Abbas, Janer, I95 Abboll, Carol, 246, 328 Abbolr, Thornas, 422, 425 Abel, Dennis, I54 Abel, Kafhy, 346 Abrams, Gary, I54, 368 Abramsohn, Lee, 368 Abramson, Cafhy, 224, 326 Abruzzese, Donna, 4I3 Abshier, James, I46, I49 ACACIA, 350 Acl, Edward, I93 ACTIVITIES BOARD, 209 Ackermann, George, 440 Ackerman, Sally, I54 Ackley, Linda, 305, 332 Acfon, Jon, II6 Topical and Student ALPHA TAU OMEGA, 354 ALPHA Xl DELTA, 326 Alguisl, Larry, I34 Alslon, William, l85 AIT, sara, I54, 187, 270, 326 Alier, Deanne, 403 Anfon, Jane, I54, 203, 209, 332 Apel, Gregory, 382 Appel, Herberl, 205 Applegale, Jill, 324 Arango, Fernando, 432 Archibald, Michael, 364 Argall, Annelle, 40I Index Baker, Ga ry, 262 Baker, James, 220, 364 Baker, Jelfrey, 442 Ba ker, Kennerh, I88 Baker, Shan, I93 Baker, Sharon, I54 Virginia, I96, 263, 330 Alierrnall, Thomas, I54 Alilillisch, Thomas, II6, 388 Alfiillisch, Allhan, I54 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, 67 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEM- ICAL ENGINEERING, I42 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF IN- DUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, I4l AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, 202 Ames, Cheryl, 3I4, 330 Ames, David, 428 Amsler, Julie, 34I Judy, I96 Arkovich, David, I54, 282 Armenlroul, Gary, 358 Armsfrong, Durward, I54 Armslrong, James, 251, 256,258,364 Armslrong, Pame'a, 220, 228, 400 Armsfrong, Paul, IB5 Armslrong, Roger, II6 Arrnsfrong, Ross, 440 Armslrong, Sleven, 386 Arn, Nancy, 305 Arnold, Jacqueline, I54 Arnold, James, I88, l90, l92 Arnold, Marilyn, I54, l84 Arnold, Rhea, 324 Arringion, Mary, 2l I, 228, 405 Adams, Elisabelh, 263, 332 Adams, Joseph, 370 Adams, Kenf, 356 Adams, Linda, 305 Adams, Pamela, I54 Adams y Janice I96 342 k , , . Adamson, Healher, 326 Addis, Suzanne, 346 Addison, Mary, 3l8 Addy, John, I93 Aden, Eva, 4l2 Adler, James, 368 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS, 63 Adrian, Carl, 423 Affeldf, James, I46, l50 Affeldl, Thomas, 366 Agar, Lucinda, 338 Agnew, Richard, 306, 282, 258 Ahders, Roberl, 2I4, 348, 360 Ahlberg, Jan, I54, 203, 332 Ahrenkiel, Roberl, I32, I54 Aizenberg, Judy, 344 Akerman, David, 262 Akerman, Laurel, 400 Alberfs, Thalia, I54 Alberrson, Margarel, 305, 409 Alberly, Nancy, I54 Alcorn, Jane, 246 Aldrich, Michael, 364 Aldrich, Phil, l92, 300 Alexander, Becky, 342 AliI'z, Barbara, 202 Allan, Roger, l3l, I32 Allen, Doris, 29 Allen, Judilh, 338 Allen, Kafhryn, 338 Allen, Mariory, 3I5, 34l Allen, Roberl, 304 Allen, Stephen, I49, l52 Allen, Terrence, I88 Allender, David, 440 Allender, John, 254, 388 Allender, Nancy, 2I3, 338 Allender, Pamela, I54 Allison, Gary, II6, I24, l27, 255, 258 Allison, Gregory, 287 Allison, John, 364 Almgu Almqu isl, Rex, 426 isl', Susan, I36, I37 ALPHA CHI SIGMA, IBS ALPHA CHI OMEGA, 3l6 ALPHA ALPHA DELTA PI, 3l8 EPSILON PHI, 320 ALPHA EPSILON PI, 352 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA, 322 ALPHA KAPPA GAMMA, I37 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA, I9I ALPHA KAPPA PSI, l23 ALPHA PHI, 324 ALPHA PHI OMEGA, 229 Anderson Linda, we, iw Andersen Richard, l23 Anderson Alice, 409 Anderson Arnold, 303 Anderson Barbara, 245, 346 Anderson Barry, I46 Anderson Calvin, l5I Anderson Calherine, 3l8 Anderson Daniel D., 350 Anderson Daniel J., 439, 442 Anderson Dennis A., 437 Anderson, Anderson Anderson Dennis M., II6, l28 Glen, 424 Harold, I46, l5l Anderson James P., l50 Anderson, James S., 2l2, 376 Anderson, Jane, I54, 203, 224, 338 Anderson Jeffrey, 362 Anderson Joe, I32 Anderson Joy, I54, I83 Anderson KarenLee, 409 Anderson Karen Lona, 409 Anderson Kafhlyn, 338 Anderson Kafhryn, I54 Anderson Kennefh, 437 Anderson Larry, 432 Anderson Lin-da, 4l5 Anderson Lynn, l85 Anderson, Marlene, 2I2, 334, 395 Anderson Maryls, I54 Anderson Mary, 4l5 I42, Anderson M. Kenl, l40, l4l, 269 Anderson Raymond, 43l Anderson Roberl, I54, 287 Anderson Ronald, 245, 44l Anderson Susan A., 322 Anderson Susan J., 322 Anderson Susan M., I54 Anderson Timolhy, I54, 2l7 Anderson Wanda, I96 Anderson Wen-dell, 256 Anderson William, I50 Andre, Mary, 248 Andreasen, Rulh, I95 Andresen, Palricia, 4l8 Andrew, James, 228, 349 Andrew, Roberl, 424 Andrews, James, l50 Andrle, Slephen, 226, 424 Andrus, James, 43l Andruska, Jane, 257, 328 Anfinson, Peggy, 403 Anfinson, Slephen, 205 ANGEL FLIGHT, 257 Angell, Linda, 305 Angell, Penelope, 338 Angerer, Teresa, 394 Ankeny, Gary, I46 Ankeny, Ronald, 362 Annis, Barbara, I54 Annis, Norris, 362 Anlisdel, Ray, I54 ART, SCHOOL OF, 92 Arlhur, Audrey, 342 Arllip, Linda, 23 Arvidson, Cheryl, 220, 346 Asbury, Ralph, 354 Aschenbrenner, John, 388 Ashby, Jane, 234 Ashdown, Gerald, 362 Ashland, Lawrence, I54 Ashley, Thomas, I54 ASSOCIATED RESIDENCE HALLS, 392 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ENGINEERING, l40 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF JOURNALISM, IB6 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS, 224 Aslolii, Janice, 328 Aswegan, Craig, I32 Alha, Eric, I54, 360 Alherlon, Janice, I54, I83 Alherion, Linda, 4l3 Allig, Douglas, 259, 423 Audel, Grace, I54 Audlehelm, Larry, 2l2, 358 Bakken, Roderick, I55 Balanoii, Marlys, I55, 203, 2l3, 2lB, 224, 338 Balcar, Judilh, 305, 4l8 Balch, Elvin, 374 Baldwin, Helen, 403 Baldwin, Randall, 434 Balk, Jon, I55 Balko, Susan, 3l7 Ball, Melvin, l29 Ballard, William, I5l Ballew, Barbara, II6 Balrrus, Virginia, 328 Balzer, John, I32 Bamsey, Roberl, 385 Bang, Brenda, 396 Bangslon, Dennis, I55 Banning, Mary, I55, 3l8 Bannisler, Roberl, I88, I93 Base, Thomas, 432 Banra, Bennell, 292 Barber, Jacqueline, 404 Barbour, Pamela, 317 Barclay, Kalhryn, 228 Barden, Chrisline, 3l8 Barghahn, Bruce, II6 Bargren, Kafhleen, 3l7 Barkema, Vicloria, 4l8 Barker, Barker, Beniarnin, 382 Dean, 364 Barker, John, l90 Barkley, Franklyn, 388 Barnard, Kenl, 358 Barnes, Elizabelh, I55 Barnes, Janice, 324 Barnes, Mildred, 233 Barnes, Sarah, 230, 399 Barnes Barner , Timolhy, 298, 304 I, Doyle, 44l Barney, Warren, 374 Barnharl, Charles, 287, 288, 306, 360 Barnhari, James, 437 Barnhouse, Tim, 43l Auerbach, Diane, 395 Auge, Richard, II6 Augspurger, Rose, I54 Augusl Auslin, , Holley, 244 CynI'hia, 338 Ausrin, Dennis, II6 Auslin, Douglas, 442 Ausfin, Jerry, II6 Ausrin, Pamela, 205, 246, 338,342 Axeen, James, 202 Ayres, Shirley, 234, 4l8 B Baack, Howard, 200 Baafz, Mavis, I54 Babbe, Jennie, 53 Babcock, David, 437 Bach, Kurl, 433 Bach, Pamela, 4l2 Bacon, Marilyn, 200 Bagenslos, Craig, 428 Bahnserl, Shirley, 399 Bailey, Barbara, 83 Bailey, Cassandra, 405 Bailey, Craig, 427 Bailey, Julia, I96 Bailey, Linda, 328 Bailey Randel, I54 Bailey, Rebecca, 224, 3l6 Bainbridge, Linda, 332 Bair, Jack, 372 Bair, Kalhleen, I54 Baker, Allen, 260 Baker, Beniamin, I46 Baker, Dale, II6, 2I6, 364 Barnlsen, Gregory, II6, l23, l25 Barnum, Dean, l38 Baron, Frank, 204, 348, 352 Barr, Cynlhia, 397 Barrell, Beverly, II6, 324 Barricks, Deborah, 320 Barricks, Roberr, I88 Barron, Jill, 4l5 Barrow, Roberf, 208, 209, 423 Barrows, Joel, 302 Barry, Maureen, 209, 406 Barry, William, 27l Baria, Shirlee, 4l8 Barlh, Susan, 4l2 Barlon, Gregory, 287, 306 Barron, Lonnie, l29 Barron, Susan, 183,246 Barlz, Susan, 322 Baschnagel, Evelyn, I55, 202 Baschnagel, Sieve, I55 BASEBALL, 292 Bash, Roy, 429 BASKETBALL, 280 Basolo, Mary, 334 Bassmann, Roberla, 320 Basfen, Aaron, I55 Baslian, Jalinda, 40l Balcheller, Douglas, 2l7, 348, 384 Bales, Willa, 4l8 Balhen, Lana, 405 Baiman, David, 200,202 Ballani, Lorraine, 334 Baum, Geraldine, I55, I83 Baumann, Paul, II6 Baumback, Mark, 256, 388 Baumerl, John, l92 Baumgarl, Gary, II6 Baumgarl, Jacqueline, 409 Baumgarlner, Judilh, ISS Bausl, Henry, I38, I40, 229 Baxler, Dennis, 384 Bayer, Jill, 4l6 Bayless, Rosanna, 4I8 Bayness, Roger, 425 Bazelides, Paul, l28 Beach, Roberl, 362 Beal, Deborah, 330 Beals, Elizabelh, 4I6 Beals, Richard, 226 Beamer, Leland, l88 Bean, Chrisline, 4l6 Bean, Sally, 405 Beane, Joel, 2lI, 424 Beane, Marian, 398 Bear, Kennelh, 200, 202 Beary, Jean, IB3, 399 Beasley, Sleven, 440 Beason, Ronald, 440 Beallie, Diana, 406 Beallie, Marjorie, 4I8 Beally, Jean, 224, 4I0 Beally, Viola, ISS Bealy, Larry, 442 Beaumonl, Carol, 224, 394 Beaver, Janel, ISS Beaver, Richard, II6 Benharl, Kennelh, II6, 386 Beniamin, Vernon, 437 Bennell, Carla, 34l Bennell, Carol, I55, l84 Bennell, Cassandra, 34I Bennell, Jean, I55, 3l8 Bensink, Larry, II6 Binns, Kevin, 440 Bird, Carol, 4II Bird, Vicky, ISS Birkeland, John, I46, IS2 Bisbee, George, l90, I93 Bishop, Dellaine, I37, ISS Bishop, James F., 2l2, 386 Benson, David, l29, I32 Benson, Gregory, I32, ISS Benson, Palricia, 4I I, 4l3 Benson, Roberl, 372 Benlroll, Jerry, 254 Benlz, Thomas, 297 Benlzinger, Jan, 406 Benz, Judilh, ISS Beorkrem, Karen, ISS Berenger, Wayne, II6 Berenyi, Kalalin, ISS, I83, 39S Beres, Kalherine, 257, 336 Berg, Delano, 437 Berg, Donald, I93 Berg, Richard, ISS, 233 Berg, Suzanne, 336 Berge, Donald, ISS Berge, Donna, ISS Bishop, James J., 437 Bishop, John, II6, 386 Billerman, Linda, 397 Billner, Linda, 34I Bierke, Grelchen, 332 Biorge, Thomas, I29, I34 Biornslad, C. A., 372 Black, Karen, ISS Blackburn, James, ISS Blackman, John, 292 Blackman, Judilh, I96, 3l8 Blackmer, William, 226 Blackslock, Benlamin, I46, ISO Blaedel, Mark, I92 Blaha, Calharine, 3I8 Blair, David, I46 Blair, Elaine, I55 Blair, Roberl, I34 Bookin, Slephen, I27 Boorn, Boolh, Boolh, William, I24 Alan, I88 Beverly, 344 Boolhby, Margarel, I56 Borcherding, F. O., 428 Borcherding, Randall, ISO Borg, Borglu Borich Michael, 368 m, Karen, IS6 , Milo, 426 Bork, Alberl, 4lB Bork, Bradley, I32 Borlz, Roberl, 200 Bosharl, Wesley, II7 Bosker, Jack, 200 Bollorff, Don, IS2 Boucher, Kalhryn, 326 Boudinol, Susan, IS6, 326 Boudinol, William, 386 Boullon, Mary, 233 Bourne, William, I92 Bouska Boveia , Sally, IS6 , Gary, I46 Bowdilch, Dierdra, 34I Bowen, Alice, 234 Bergem an, George, ISS, 292 Bergen, Lee, 352, 43l Berger, Aimee, ISS Berger, Jana, 405 Berger, Michael, II6 Berger, Millon, 245 Blaisdell, Charles, l38, I40 Blanchard, Terri, 395 Blaney, Donna, I55, 328 Blank, Michael, ISS Bleckwenn, Garry, ISO Blinco, Lynne, ISS, 394, 395 ,l4I Beck, Dale, 354 Beck, Debra, 34l Beck, James, 433 Beck, Janel, I96 Beck, Joel, 384 Beck, Roberl, 382 Becker, Daniel, l23, 364 Becker, Dennis, II6 Becker, Elizabelh, I86 Becker, Larry, I94 Becker, Mary, 4I3 Becker, Peggy, 4I0 Becker Roberl, l38 Becker Becker Roderick, I95 Rulh 320 Beckford, William, 423 Beckiorden, Arlianne, 230 Beckman, Barbara, 324 Beckman, Mallhew, II6 Bergerl, Nancy, 246 Bergeson, Jennifer, 342 Bergin, Susan, IS5 Bergman, Bonila, IIS, 244 Bergman, James, I88 Bergman, William, 372 Bergo, Jeffrey, 370 Bergo, Pamala, 324 Bergslrom, Thomas, 434 Berkenpas, Darlis, 395 Berkenpas, Larry, 434 Berkland, Randall, I46 Berkland, Roger, I46, ISO, 204 Berman, Barbara, 320 Bernhard, Janelle, 4IS Bernhardl, Kimberly, 342 Bernslein, Marlin, 374 Berry, Barbara, 223, 394, 396 Berryhill, Jack, II6 Beckman, Roberl, I88 Beckman, Susan, ISS Beckman, James, 360 Beckwilh, Frank, 423 Bedard, Rebecca, ISS Bederson, Paul, II6 Bedford, Cheryl, 396 Beebe, Roberla, I26, 330 Beebe, Susan, IS5 Beebe,, Warren, ISS Beech, Barbara, 244 Beecher, Palricia, 395 Beecher, Richard, 259, 424 Beecher, Sharon, 405 Beek, Janel, I99 Beemer, Raymond, II6 Beer, Brad, 378 Beers, Thomas, 366 Beelner, Vicky, II6 Beger, Jerrold, 440 Begelow, Harold, I32 Behrens, Anne, ISI, 24S, 332 Behrens, Jack, I32 Beide, Karl, 259 Beighlon, San-dra, I95 Beisler, Ardes, 2I8 Bek, Denise, 4l0 Belknap, Burlon, I93 Bell, Barbara, 4I2 Bell, Bonnie, 409 Bell, Deborah, 328, 400 Bell, Granl, 356 Bell, Karen, ISS Bell, Kennelh, I88 Bell, Timolhy, ISS Bellis, Slephen, IBB Bemer, Palricia, 396 Benda, Georgia, 4I2 Bender, Noel, 332 Bender, Slephen, 2I2, 362 Benesh, Kalhleen, 330 Benglorl, Scoll, 370 Bersller, James, 427 Berlhold, Marlha, l55 Berlholl, Chrisline, 3l6 Berlness, Jan, 4l3 Berlram, Nancy, 409 Berlram, Raymond, 200 Berzinski, Roberl, 374 Besl, Craig, 388 Besl, Marsha, 3I6 Besle, Anila, 4I7 BETA ALPHA PSI, I2B BETA THETA PI, 356 Belz, Harlan, 428 Bever, William, 437 Bevill, William, 287, 306, 356 Beyer, Thomas, 370 Bice, Thomas, 372 Bicker, Bill, 245 Bickell, William, 376 Bickford, Susan, 409 Bidelman, 427 Bidelman, Wayne, 427 Biebesheimer, G., 39S Biebesheimer, Jerome, 230,245 Biesemeyer, Marlin, 262 Bigelow, Diane, ISS Bigelow, Harold, l29 Biggane, Marlene, ISS Biggane, William, II6, l23 Biggs, Donald, I32 Bilek, Buy, I55, 258, 287,374 Billslein Millon 362 Bilslromz sfsfiiyfiss Bilslrom, David, I94 Bilslrom, Jon, 362 Billon, Reva, 2l3, 399 Bilunos, Paul, IBB Binder, John, 205 Bindner, Joan, 396 Bliss, Rachael, 267 Bliss, Ronald, I87, 266 Bliss, Thomas, I38 Block, Kennelh, 442 Block, Nancy, 404 Block, Randolph, 426 Bloom, Michael, 356 Bloornquisl, Keilh, II6 Bluedorn, Allen, 259, 44l Blum, Carolyn, 324 Blum, William, I46 Blumgren, Jean, 3I8 Blylhe, Edward, I46 Boal, Sleven, 229 BOARD OF REGENTS, 62 Boalman, Douglas, I9I Boalman, Karen, 4I6 Boalwrighl, Kenny, ISS Bobinel, Darrell, 202 Bock, Pamela, 395 Bock, Terry, 205, 424 Boden, Emily, ISS, 33B Bodensleiner, John, I9I Boe, Gary, II6, 362 Boedeker, Grelchen, 244 Boeding, Roberl, II6 Boemke, Janifer, 346 Boeker, Joseph, II6 Boeller, Philip, I46, IS2 Boellcher, Nancy, 324 Boeye, Barbara, 330 Bogenberger, Gary, 392, 436,437 Boggess, John, IS6 Bogguss, Jeffrey, II6, 263, 370 Bogner, William, IS3 Bohnenkamp, Ronald, l92 Bokmeyer, Timolhy, I34 Boland, Alice, 224, 403 Boland, Sandra, II6 Bolenbaugh, Thomas, II6 Boley, Theresa, IS6 Boleyn, Barry, 43I Bolin, Donald, l9l Bolsinger, Sondra, IS6 Boll, Pamela, 346 Bollon, James, 432 Bollon, Sandra, IS6 Bombei, Connie, IS6 Bomermasler, IS6 Bonde, Johanna, 328 Bonerl, James, IS6 Boney, Pamela, II6 Bonnell, Jody, 409 Bonnell, Dennis, II7 Bonne Jerome 290 304 Bowen, Ca rol, 244 sowEN, Pass. HowARo R., so Bowen, James, 2S4 Bowen, William, 388 Bower, Thomas, 432 Bowers, Cherie, 3l8 Bowers, Rebecca, 2I I, 326 Bowers, Timolhy, 3I2 Bowersox, Don, I88 Bowie, Julie, 246 Bowlin, Roberl, IS6, 425 Bowlsby, Belly, l86 Bowman, John, ISO Bowman, Michael, 384 Bowman, Wayne, II7 Boyce, Palricia, 202, 4l4 Boyd, Conslance, 395 Boyd, John, 223, 364 Boyd, Leo, 356 Boyd, Linda, 2II, 326, 4I0 Boyd, Sandra J., I37, I56, 248, 330 Boyd, Sandra S., 39S Boyd, William, I4S Boyer, Dany, I34 Boyken, Mark, I93 Boyle, Barbara, I56 Boysen, Elizabelh, 40l Braden, Carolyn, IS6 Bradford, Jean, 397 Bradley, Craig, IS6 Bradley, Susan, 328 Brady, Michael, 423 Bragg, Richard, 382 Brallier, David, I88 Brarnhall, Ralph, 370 Brandl, Brenda, 4I0 Brandl, John, IS6 Brandt, Vernon, II7 Braun, Charles, 368 Braun, Richard, ISO Bream, Allen, 287, 306 Brecunier, Ann, 332 Breeden, Sue, I96 Breeding, Vicloria, 4I8 Breedlove, Huslon, 282, 285 Breese, Leanna, I26, 330 Breilenbucher, Joe, 374 Brenholdl, Bruce, 228 Brenneman, Larry, 258 Brenneman, Phillip, 384 Brenner, Donald, 368 Breshears, David, 292 Breslow, Frances, IS6 Breuer, Andrew, II7 Breunig, Palricia, 402 Brewer, Barbara, IS6, 246, 247, 338 Brideson, Richad, IS6 Bridge, Beniamin, 440 Briggs, Carol, I56 Briggs Dennis, I34 . Y. r . Bono, Frances, 397 Book, James, II7 Book, Pamela, I37, 338 Briggs, Donald, 437 Briggs, Roberl, l29 Brigs, Terrence, l9l Brighl, Diana, 322 Binkerd, Adrian, 386 Binney, Susan, 3I4, 346 Booker, Brooks, IS6, 384 Booker, Carolyn, 397 Brighl, Douglas, 20S Brighl, Larry, IS6 Bright, Stephen, 117, 431 Brightwell, Dennis, 193 Brightwell, Joyce, 303, 346, 400 Brimeyer, Jerome, 423 Bringenberg, Linda, 156 Bringenberg, Trudi, 324 Brink, Margaret, 184 Brinkman, Mary, 316 Brinkmeyer, Lizabeth, 404 Briskin, Bette, 184 Bristol, Kappy. 417 Britson, Gary, 427 Brittingham, Marianne, 399 Brock, Janice, 156 Brockway, David, 240 Brodkey, Gail, 156 Brody, Hillarie, 320 Broell, Michael, 384 Cassell, Brogaard, Judith, 156 Brogden, Stephen, 441 Bromberg, Pamela, 216, 318 Bromley, Richard, 146, 149, 152 Bromwell, Maxwell, 372 Bronn, cynihia, 248 Bronson, John, 382 Brooke, Charles, 146 Brooks Douglas, 374 Brooks Gary, 138 Brooks Patricia, 156 Brooks Rodney, 134 Brosnahan, Loretta, 417 Brostrom, Nancy, 205, 392, 411, 412 Broughton, Kirby, 303 Brown, Brown Brown Barry, 156, 191 Betty, 334 Cheryl A., 156 Brown, Cheryl L., 412 Brown, Dennis, 187 Brown, David, 372 Brown, Debra, 318 Brown, Edward, 428 Brown, Gary, 117 Brown, Gloria, 156 Brown, James F., 156 Brown, James H., 138,378 Brown, James, 386 Brown, Jo, 156 Brown, John, 372 Brown, Kamela, 156 Brown, Karen, 244 Brown, Kathleen, 136 Brown, Laird, 425 Brown, Lansing, 378,431 Brown, Loren, 437 Brown, Lorena, 413 Brown, Martin, 212,362 Brown, Max, 427 Brown, Pat, 287 Brown, Robert, 223, 362 Brown, Ronald, 192 Brown, Sharon, 184 Brown, Stephen, 255, 256, 258, 261 Brown, Steven J., 358 Brown, Steven R., 117 Brown, Thomas, 191 Brown Trudy, 136, 137 amz, john, 150,358 Brubacher, Theodore, 294 Buehner, Ronald, 432 Buell, Gregory, 156 Buhrow, Guy, 132 Bull, Carol, 156 Bull, Dennis, 156 Bullaro, Judy, 396 Bunce, David, 388 Bundegaard, Kurt, 123, 125 Bunn, Keryl, 410 Buntrock, Richard, 230 Buntz, Charles, 117 Burch, Virginia, 318 Burchett, Cathy, 205, 398 Burcheld, Lee, 212, 224, 342 Burda, Kenneth, 138, 142, 143 Burde, Carl, 142 Buresh, Cynthia, 263, 341 Buresh, Dean, 156,263,392 Buresh, Fredric, 370 Burgart, Judy, 396 Burge, Gary, 123 Burger, Beverly, 324 Burger, James, 117, 123, 125 Burger, Stephen, 134 Burgy, Ruth-Ann, 156, 327 Burke, Barbara, 137,338 Burke, Bruce, 352 Burke, David, 156 Burke, Larry, 156 Burke, Patrick, 117, 123 Burkhalter, Edward, 192 Burkhart, Raymond, 366 Burkhiser, Ruth, 412 Burkland, Carl, 192 Burkley, Donald, 188 Burning, Juazih, iss, zia, 314,346 Burmeister, Linda, 205, 324 Burnette, William, 156 Burns, David, 256 Burns, John, 378 Campb Campb Campb ell, Alan, 425 ell, Deborah, 409 ell, Elizabeth, 303 Campbell, Laurel, 338 Campbell, Patricia, 136, 137 Campion, Ronald, 157 Canavan, Linda, 413 Cham Chan, berlin, Cynthia, 157 Nellie, 340 Chapman, Nathan, 301, 368 Chapman, Richard, 157 Chapman, Thomas I-1,360 Chapman, Thomas P., 386, 433 Chapman, Virginia, 212, 342 Canham, Diane, 156 Cannell, Catherine, 416 Cannella, James, 146 Cannon, Dorotha, 403 Cannon, Richard, 129, 134 Canter, Judith, 344 Cantor, Betty, 157, 344 Carbrey, Ellen, 157 Carden, Linda, 126,128,400 Carey, Barbara, 157 Carl, Janet, 209, 338, 398 Chard, Sally, 196, 318, 338 Charipar, Roger, 157, 245 Charlson, Cynthia, 400 Charlson, Susan, 395 Carlsen Linda, 157 Carlson, Barbara, 307, 336 Carlson, Charles, 378 Carlson, Claudette, 328, 416 Carlson, Don, 250, 388 Carlson, Emmett, 157 Carlson Gerald, 132 Carlson, Gregory, 146 Carlson, James, 434, 437 Carlson, John, 427 Carlson, Kenneth, 129, 134 Carlson, Martha, 399 Carlson, Mary, 157 Carlson, Milton, 117 Carlson, Randall, 251, 254, 256, 258 Carlson, Robert, 185 Carlson, Susan B., 341, 415 Carlson Carstro ,Susan J., 322 m, Thomas, 157 Carman, David, 150 Carmen , Carolyn, 399 Carmichael, Douglas, 157 Charnick, Bonnie, 257, 397 Cheek, Gary, 117 Cheely, Gloria, 413 CHEERLEADERS, 307 Chelchowski, Richard, 157, Chenhall, John, 117 Chenoweth, Carol, 318 Cherry, Carolyn, 328 Cherryholmes, Keith, 157 Chervek, Cherie, 157 Cherveny, Linda, 205, 398 Chesney, Nelson, 212, 436, 437 CHI EPSILON, 143 CHI OMEGA, 328 Childs, Pamela, 137,307,336 Chiles, Barbara, 232, 401 Chipps, Alan, 424 Chisholm, Carol, 332 Chisholm, John, 360 Choi, lvan, 193 Chomko, Susan, 213, 405 Chrisinger, Danny, 425 Christ, Barry, 205 Christensen, Carolyn, 396 Christensen, David, 117 Christensen Sue 413 258 Bu rnsten, Linda, 263 Burrel 1, Judy, 267, 315, ala Burrows, Kristine, 412 Burton, John, 364, 432 Busard, Patricia, 156 Busch, Douglas, 202, 433 Busch, John, 117 Busch, Roseann, 338 Bush, David D., 269, 376 Bush, David, 192 Bush, Robert, 70 Bush, Ronald, 352 Bush, Warren, 294, 296 Carmocly, James, 157 Carnal, Richard, 431 Carney, James, 300, 382 Carney, Kerry, 431 Carney, Robert, 188, 194 Carolan, Robert, 151 Carpenter, Charles, 287, 384 Carpenter, Patricia, 157 Carradus, Teresa, 334 Carroll, Leslie, 362 Carroll, Lynn, 157, 254, 255, Carstensen, James, 157 Carstensen, Joe, 297 256, 258 Christensen, Linda, 157 . I Hi. o Christensen, W liam, 157,356 Christian, R ger, 157,392 Christiansen, Dana, 431 Christiansen, Paul, 431 Christiansen, Sue, 328 Christiansen, Thomas, 388 Christianson, Robert, 362 Christiason, Mike, 140, 143 Christotters, Lona, 157 Chu, Diana, 195 Chuck, Gwen-dolyn, 246 Chun, Robin, 157 Church, Lucinda, 220, 244, 326 Brubaker, David, 262 Bruchas, Gerald, 292 Brucker, Kenna, 156 Brucker, Teri, 136 Bruesch, John, 350 Brumm, Carolyn, 156 Brummel, Larryl, 200, 202 Brumwell, Linda, 303,403 Brunberg, James, 188 Bruner, Larry, 132 Bruning, Richard, 146, 152 Brunow, John, 256, 261, 423 Brush, Rodger, 129, 130, 134 Brush, Saundra, 156 Bryan, Sidra, 405 Bryant, Roger, 358 Bubb, Sheila, 263, 332 Buchanan, Glenn, 194 Buchanan, Gregg, 349, 376 Buchda, Barbara, 137,412 Buckingham, Barbara, 418 Buckley, Mary, 156, 324, 314 Buckwalter, Joseph, 378 Budelier, Arthur, 441 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, COLLEGE OF, 72 Butcher, Michael, 157 Butuer, James, 304,384 Butler, Rogers, 437 Butterbaugh, Janna, 157 Button, Barbara, 322 Buxton, Thomas, 370 Bye, David, 146, 151, 152 Byers, Ann, 157 Byers, Stephen, 132 Byington, Lee, 211, 326 Bylkowski, Anthony, 157 Byram, Cynthia, 395 Byrne, Barry, 354 C Cable, Steven, 132 Cabot, Pamela, 183 Cacciatore, Vincent, 209 Cadwallader, Patricia, 209, 228, 244, 394 Cadwell, Jane, 157 Cagle, John, 427 Cagwin, Joel, 388 Cahill, Thomas, 151 Cain, John, 364 Cain, Kevin, 356 Caisley, Donald, 262 Calabria, Chad, 282 Calder, Joan, 346 Caldwell, Andrew, 370 Calvello, Frank, 370 Calvert, Anne, 157 Calvert, Helen, 213, 340 Calvin, Douglas, 117 Cambridge, Mary, 246, 338 Camery, Joan, 413 Carter, George, 157 Carter, Joan, 196 Carter, Loleta, 105 Carter, Marlene, 195 Carter, Philip, 157, 299 Carter, Richard, 298, 362 Cartwright, Carol, 318 Carver, David, 132 Carver, James, 83 Casey, Mary, 412 Casey, William, 185, 255 Casper, John, 151, 157,258 Caspers, Allyn, 425 Cassady, Thomas, 427 Ralph, 424 Churchill, Cheryl, 404 Cilek, Michael, 287 Cilek, Thomas, 372 Clapp, Marilyn, 401 Clark, Charles, 424 Clark, Craig, 386 Clark, Dennis, 157 Clark, David, 366 Clark, Glen, 370 Clark Hubert, 431 Clark, James, 384 Clark, Lewis, 292 Clark, Mark, 366 Clark, Mary, 314, 330 Clark Richard 158 380 Casserly, Cynthia, 336 Cassill, Paul, 220, 233, 382 Caster, Ross, 434 Caswell, Steven, 372 Cataldo, Frank, 292 Cather, Michael, 117 Caughlan, Charles, 362 Cavalier, Marianne, 126,230 Cavins, James, 194 Caylor, Gordon, 261 Ceilley, Roger, 190, 173 CENTRAL PARTY COMMITTEE, 221 Cervene, Bruce, 366 Chadek, James, 436,437 Chadwick, Jerry, 380 Chatte, Jack, 259, 434 Challed, William, 384 Chally, Jodie, 157 Chalstrom, Diana, 196 Chalstrom, John, 188, 192 Chalupa, Dennis, 150 Chalupsy, David, 358 Chalupsky, James, 442 Clark: Robert, 376 I Clark, Terry, 268,439,442 Clark, Thomas, 129 Clarke, George, 146 Clarke, Kingsley, 146 Clarkson, David, 349, 364 Claus, Dennis, 437 Claus, Larry, 158 Clause, Andrea, 158 Clausen, Danny, 117 Claussen, Clayton, 422, 425 Claussen, Claussen, Larry, 158 Richard, 193 Clay, Danny, 191 Clayton, Donna, 196 Clemens, Carol, 405 Clements, Gregory, 380 Clements, John, 117 Clements Wilma 245 Clevengeir, Philip: 432 Clittord, Susan, 205 Cline, Cynthia, 158,205,326 Cline, Ro Cline, Ro ben E., 134 bert N., 22s Clinlon, Joseph, 205 Clough, Calherine, 228 Cloyed, Glenna, 405 Clynick, Belly, l58, 220, 332 Coares, Sherrilyn, 397 Coberly, Archie, 442 Cochran, Dale, 386 Cochran, Ronald, I38, 259, 260, 262, 422, 425 Cocklin, Danny, 43l Coen, Kalhleen, 332 Coffin, Chrisline, 332 Coffman, Kalhy, II7, l26 Coggeshall, Cynde, l58, 342 Cohen, Herminene, I58 Cohen, Linda, 344 Cohen, Michael, 368 Cohn, Sleve, I58 Cohoon, Thomas, 258 Cohrr, Larry, l5l Corcoran, Kalhleen, 2l7, 25 Cord, John, I42, 384 Corey, Douglas, 299 Corken, Carolyn, 4l I, 4l3 Corless, Cynlhia, 336 Cornelius, Sleven, 372 Corwin, Linda, l58 Coslello, Georgann, 205 Cola, John, 303 Collingharn, Gwen, l58 Collon, Thomas, l24, l27 Couch, Roberl, I58 Coulier, Roberr, 262 Couller, Virginia, l58 Counlryman, James, 360 Coupland, Jon, 437 Courlney, Darrel, 424 Courlney, Michael, 358 Courlrighl, Carolyn, 342 Cousins, William, I42, l45 Col berf, Judilh, 409 Cole, Hillary, 376 Cole, Jacqueline, I36 Cole Cole, Cole Cole Jim, 205 Karen, 2l3, 328 Jane, 305 Thad, 364 Coleman, Christopher, 302, 382 Coven, Maia, 236 Cowen, David, 233 Cox, Calherine, 2l2, 332 Cox, Homer, 388 Cox, JaneI', 398 Cox, Randall, 434 Coyne, Mary, 158, 330 Coyner, Lynnce, I38 Coleman Coleman Coleman Colgan, COLLEG , David, 245, 434 , Leroy, l58 , Slephen, 302 Palrick, I38, 354 IATE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, I25 Collier, John, 440 Collins, Barbara, 75, I36, 342, 343 Collins, Charles, 303,427 Collins, Daniel, II7, 388 Collins, Keilh, 362 Collins Palrick, l58 Collins' Richard, l29 Collison, Calherine, 223, 330 Collon, Doral, I88 Collvelr, Roger, I88 Colwell, Gary, I34 Colwell, Keilh, l29 Colyer, Bruce, 432 COMMITTEE ON STUDENT CONDUCT, ZID Complon, Cliiiord, 307, 386 Comslock, Glenn, 376 Conde, Dale, 374 Conklin, Roberr, II7 Conkling, William, 372 Conlan, Michael, II7 Conn, Carla, I58, 320 Conn, Mere-dilh, 324 Conn, Richard, 430, 437 Connell, Gale, 427 Connell, Richard, 292 Connelly, Mark V., I92 Connors, Teresa, 346 Conrad, James, I40, 442 Conrad, Warren, 354 Conway, Mary, 404 Coogan, Mary, 399 Cook, Cheryl, 248 Cook, David, l58 Cook, Gregory, 423 Cook, Ja cqueline, 2l2, 336 cook William, 378, 424 Cook, Karla, l58 Cook Melvin, 43l Cook, Richard, l45, 43l Cook, Roberl B., l4l, I42 Cook, Roberr L., I40 Cook, Sandra, 4l0 Cooley, Nancy, I58 Coolidge, Del, l88 Cooling, Curlis, 2l3, 430, 436 Coon, Larry, 245, 376 Coons, Kenlon, I38, I40, 224, 229 Cooper, Elaine, 330 Cooper, Ronald, I58, l9l Coople, Frank, I40 Coorlas, Peler, 370, 433 Copley, James, 428 Copple, Francis, I38, I42, I43 Corbin, Caiherine, 342 Corcoran, Jayne, 328 Corcoran, John, I38, I40, l45, 386 Cozad, Maureen, 396 Cozzolino, Sally, I95 Crabb, Bruce, 432 Craig, Dawn, I99 Craig, Linda, 4l2 Cram, Lonalee, 205, 398 Cramer, Candice, 334 Cramer, Calhryn, 404 Cramer, Sfeven, 366 Crane, Michael, I93 Cransfon, Kathryn, 404 Crawford, Ann, 396 Crawford, Merrill, 422, 425 Crawford, William, 366 Cray, Candace, 2I3, 338 Crayne, Richard, 424 Crees, Barry, 287, 378 Cremers, Corrine, l58 Creps, Sherry, 399 Crew, Barbara, I97, 334 Cribbs, Barbara, I95 Crider, Dale, 384' Crisl, Barry, 392, 42 Criswell, Barbara, 336 Criswell, John, 370 Crilz, Trainor, II7, 382 Cronin, Nancy, 409 Crosheck, George, I38, I39 Crosheck, Kalhleen, l58 Crosley, Jackson, 380 Cross, Berh, 4l8 CROSS COU NTRY, 296 Cross, William, 94 Crossley, Janel, 342 Crouch, Parker, 382 Crouse, Jim, 287, 360 Crow, Jeanne, I58 Crow, Phillip, 262 Croyle, Elaine, l58, 328 Crumrine, Cynlhia, 4l4, 4l5 Csukker, Consrance, 403 Culp, Roberla, l58 Cummings, Clarence, 354 Cummings, Gary, I34 Cummins, John, 348, 366 Cunningham, Jo-Ellen, 305 Cuppy, Ronald, l58 Curran, Nancy, 403 Currans, Virginia, 406 Currie, Bruce, 43l Currie, James, 384, 43l CURRIER HALL, 402 Curry, Elisabelh, l58 Curry, Sharon, 405 Curlis, Michael, 269, 376 Curlis, Russell, 442 Culler, Belsy, 246, 3l8 Culler, Daniel, l58 D Daake, Dennis, I73 Dabney, Beverly, 398, 399 7, 328 Daedlow, Dennis, l50 Dahl, John, II7 Dahlheimer, David, l58, 425 Dahms, Sally, 328 Dahms, Scoll, I38 Dailey, John, 384 Dailey, Sharon, I58 DAILY lowAN, 270 Dalbey, Donald, l88 Dalbey, Jerry, 362 Dalen, Donna, 334 DALEY HOUSE, BURGE, 408 Daley, Palrick, 43l Dall, William, I88, I92 Dallman, David, l58 Dallon, Julie, I58 Dallon, Michael, II7 Daly, James, 427 Dana, Edward, 304, 434 Daniel, George, 43l Daniels, Alan, I58 Daniels, Richard, 442 Daniels, Sheila, I58 Daniels, Timolhy, 428 Danielson, James, 297 Danles, Philip, 369 Darling, Slephen, 362 Darnauer, Timolhy, 432 Daubenberger, Douglas, 44l Dauber, James, l58, 259 DAUM HOUSE, 398 Daul, Marshall, 440 Davenpori, Sara, 305, 342 Davey, Clare, I46 Davidson, Douglas, 348, 358 Davis, Carol, I83 Davis, Dee, 403 Davis, Donna, 257 Davis, Jacguelyn, 257, 324 DeNio, Douglas, I38, I40, I42 Denner, Terry, 4l2 Dennis, Dianne, 209, 4l7, 4l8 Dennis, Kalhryn, I99, 402, 405 Dennis, Michael, 378 Dennis, Richard, I40, l4I, 348, 376 Dennler, Jane, 400 Dennler, William, 43l DENTISTRY, COLLEGE OF, 74 Derby, Susan, 396 Derden, Charles, 209 Derderian, Mary, 220, 334 Dereus, Ronald, 426 Derlinger, Slephen, 294, 384 Derycke, Joan, l59 Des Camps, Richard, 303 Deshaw, Jean, I59 Deshaw, Susanne, 40I Desirey, Dennis, 376 Davis, Joseph, 43l Davis, Mary, 4l8 Davis, Merrill, 424 Davis, Mike, l24 Davis, Myrene, l59 Davis, Raymond, 382 Davis, Roberl, l32 Davis, Ronald B., II7 Davis Ronald D., 348, 308 Davis, Thomas, II7 Davis, Toni, 399 Davison, Srephen, II7 Dawson, Douglas, 358, 372 Day, David, 205 Day, Donna, 224 Day, James, 440 Dayen, Carol, 338 Deahl, Rebecca, l59 Dean, Dolly, I96 Decker, Slephen, 423 Decklever, William, II7 Deems, Julia, 332 Degroff, William, I40, l4l, 348, 360 Degroore, Douglas, 434 Degunlher, Terri, 4l2, 4l7 Dehne, Fonda, l59 Deilch, Jeffrey, l59 Deiong, Julee, IB4 Deiong, Mary K., 4l2 Deiong, Mary L., I99, 224 Dekock, Roberl, 372 Delano, Claire, l59 Delper-dang, Douglas, 376 Delsener, Linda, I95 DELTA CHI, 358 DELTA DELTA DELTA, 330 DELTA GAMMA, 332 DELTA SIGMA DELTA, I32 DELTA SIGMA PI, l24 DELTA TAU DELTA, 360 DELTA THETA PHI, I49 DELTA UPSILON, 362 DELTA ZETA, 334 DeMarco, Mary, 4l4 DeMarco, Rita, 406, 409 Deming, Chrisrine, I59 Demokan, Ordal, 79 Demoss, Philip, I59 Desmond, Drene, l59, 328, 329 Dessel, Rulh, 400 DeSligrer, Nancy, I96 Dellman, Dee, 4l2 Deufsch, John, l57, 256, 258 Deulsch, Slephen, I88 Devaney, Richard, 434 Devick, Darrel, 440 Devine, Ronald, I59, 338 Devinger, Garry, I38 Devins, Mary, l59, 233 Devries, Sfeven, 425 Dewees, Donald, 364 Dewey, Charles, l59 Dewey, Susan, 340 DeWilI', Jacklynns, I59 Dewoskin, Diane, l59 Diamond, Fred, 352 Dicker, Paul, 368 Dickerson, Susan, 334 Dickinson, Carrell, 399 Dickinson, David, 432 Dickson, David, 262 Dickson, Jarnes, 370 Dickson, Mary, I99 Dickson, Roberl, 290, 29l, 306 Diehl, Harvey, 303 Diehl, John E., I50 Diehl, John R., 287 Diehl, Joseph, 382 Diemer, Elizabefh, 403 Dierker, Leroy, l88 Dierks, David, 386 Diers, William, 202 Dielerich, Maurice, 2l2, 362, 424 Dills, Thomas, 354 Dimke, David, 354 Dine, Susan, 320 Dinsdale, Charles, 442 Dipalrna, Raymond, 24I Dirks, Eldon, l23, l25 Dirks, Ronald, 425 Dishlip, Barry, 349, 352 Dishlip, Herberl, 352, 43l Dislelhorsl, Ronald, I88 Dislerhoif, Mary, 340 Dillemore, Edgar, 245 Dillrich, Vincenl, 200 Dixon, John, 262 Dixon, Roberf, l59, 388 Dixon, Thomas, 364 Diuren, Danny, I59 Doak, Kalhleen, 20l, 202, 398, 400 Dobbe, Craig, 229 Dockendorfl, Lyle, l59 Dockendorfi, Merle, 426 Dodd, Joan, l59 Dodds, Jolene, 4l6 Dodds, Marrha, 395 Dodge, Lowell, I93 Dodgen, William, 442 Doellinger, Sleven, 384 Doering, John, I34 Doerres, John, l24 Doerscheln, Judyann, 224, 3l6 Dohrmann, Richard, I59, 354 Dohse, Reynel, I59 Dolenak, Loris, 4l0 D'Olier, Henry, l59, 348,358 Dollar, John, 262 Dollar, Kalhleen, 4l8 Dolmage, Darrell, l59 Dusenb DOLPHINS, 304 Duryea, Richard, 360 erry, Vicioria, 159, 318 Donarh, Craig, 431 Donhowe, Eric, 159 Donlon, Joseph, 159, 202 Donnanialer, Neil, 194 Donnelly, Mary, 336 Donnelly Michael, 159, 251, 258 Donohue, John, 374- Donohue Michael, 117, 128, 263,386 Donohue, Donovan Richard, 259 Deborah, 187, 270 Doolen, Lynn, 263, 330 Dooley, Kalhryn, 338 Dooliiile, Allen, 424 Doonan, Doorley, Nancy, 395 James, 423 Duss, Douglas, 297 Dusfman, Ellen, 338 Duvall, David, 434 Duvall, Louise, 159 Dvorak, Gary, 117 Dvorak, Judilh, 329 Dvorak, Roberf, 138 Dvorak, Theodora, 159, 183 Dvorak, Thomas, 433 Dworschack, Roberi, 423 Dyskow, Chrisline, 220 Dyiri, Lee, 423 E Doran, Chrisiopher, 349, 374 Doran, Jennifer, 397 Doran, Roberr, 298, 372 Dorenbos, Cheryl, 418 Eagle, Karen, 329 Earley, James, 150 Ea1'on,Alma, 137 Ealon, Jay, 117 Dorner, Carolyn, 188 Dornon, Roberf, 192 Dosland, Derald, 199 Dosial, Thomas, 117 Dofson, Roger, 442 Doud, Richard, 431 Doud, Sfephen, 362 Dougherly, Arlene, 346 Dougherly, Harrier, 159 Dougheriy, Kaihleen, 415 Dougherly, Michael, 131, 134 Dougheriy, Palricia, 410 Dougherfy, Thomas, 188, 192 Douglas, David, 364, 442 Douglas, James, 382 Douglas, Mark, 370 Douglas Mary, 412 Dowell, 'D6-111113, 159 Eaion, Susan, 408,409 Eazel, Chris, 424 Ebbing, Michael, 380 Ebel, Jean, 159 Echiernachi, Brandi, 366 Echfernachf, Richard, 123, 228, 229 Eckels, Lois, 201, 202 Eckerman, Timolhy, 248 Eclcerr, Thomasa, 244 Eckhoif, George, 349, 356 Eddy, Lynn, 246, 334 Eden, Edward, 388 Edgar, James, 386 Edge, Jane, 340 Edmark, Diane, 397 EDUCATION, COLLEGE OF, 76 Edwards, Carol, 212, 336 Downey, Ronald, 140, 141, 142,185 Downey, Sleven, 423 Downing, Pamela, 395 Downs, Thomas, 159 Doze, Larry, 432 Drager, Robert, 117 Drake, George, 441 Drake, Marilyn, 159 DRAMA, 238 Drauden, Gail, 159,186, 187, 266 Drees, Dennis, 432 Dreher, Susan, 342 Dreibelbis, Cynihia, 159, 257,338 Dresner, Harmon, 240 Drew, Raymond, 193 Drews, Judifh, 245 Dreyfuss, Pefer, 352 Drillein, William, 360 Drobnich, Rosemary, 246 Druker, David, 188 Drumm, Andrea, 334 Dryer, David, 259, 441 Ducey, David, 159 Duerkop, Henry, 354 Duff, Kaihleen, 338 Duifey, Michael, 138 Duffield, Roberl, 117 Duffield, Sally, 159 Duffy, Pairick, 159 Duffy, Ronald, 159 Dugger, Susan, 234 Dugsiad, Bruce, 117, 123, 125, 128, 204, 208, 209 Duke, David, 218, 302 Dull, William, 159 Dunbar, Pafricia, 395 Duncan, Larry, 117, 128, 255, 258,432 Dundis, Siephen, 431 Dunham, James, 159, 233 Dunker, Roger, 349, 360 Dunlap, Cafherine, 411 Dunn, Kalhleen, 328 Dunn, Michael, 442 Dunn, Siephen, 188 Dunnigan, Harold, 287 Dunning, Virginia, 397 Dunscombe, William, 117 Dunsmore, Dean, 149 Dunsmore, Leroy, 272 Dunlon, Allen, 117,350 Durham, Julie, 410 Durham, Lynn, 338 Durkin, Kalhleen, 157 Edwards, Charles, 129, 134 Edwards, David, 159 Edwards, Jeannie, 124, 127 Edwards, Michael, 287, 306, 360 Edward Edward s, Richard, 226, 378 s Sleven 384 Edwards: Williarri, 262 Ellis, William, 362 Ellison, Pamela, 398 Ellwanger, Kendrick, II7 Elmels, Craig, 352 Elslon, Roberf, 431 Elwood, Jane, I60, 186, 266, 397 Ely, Douglas, 160 Ely, Lawrence, 287, 366 Emarine, Richard, 362 Emerson, Barbara, 342 Emmer, Fred, 160, 368 Enburg, Josephine, 305 Endo, Carol, 394 Eng, Gayl, 405 Engberg, Roberl, 117,425 Engebre1'son,Janei, 196, 340 Engelhardi, Ann, 334 Engelman, Norma, 404 ENGINEERING, COLLEGE OF, 78 Engler, Beverly, 408, 410 Engling, Roberl, 150 English, Janice, 160 Engwall, Mary, 160 Enrofh, Gary, 440 Enslow, Donna, 246 Enlwhisfle, George, 140, 144,229 Enlwhisile, James, 426 Epley, Susan, 234 Epps, Herschel, 423 Erb, Janef, 160 Erb, Larry, 138 Erichson, Laurel, 397 Erickson, David, 387 Erickson, Marilyn, 205, 395 Erlacher, Dave, 374 Erman, Joseph, 117,368 Eron, Joseph, 160 Erpelding, Mary, 160 Erskine, Marilyn, 324 Ervin, David, 134 Esser, James, 301, 427 ETTA KAPPA NU, I44 Efheridge, Wesley, 160 Eubank, Roberf, 117 Eells, Donald, 146, 151 Egan, Barbara, 159 Egberf, Randle, 221, 362 Egge, Roberf, 150 Eggers, Rose, 22B Eggers, Cynfhia, 184, 404 Eggers, Daniel, 192 Eggers, Darryl, 188, 192 Eggers, Fredrick, 141,376 Eggiman,S1'even, Egglesfon, Mark, 372 Egli, Sleven, 223 Ehlers, Deborah, 159 Ehlers, John, 301,372 Ehlers, Roberf, 384 Ehrenhard, Phillip, 228, 434 Ehrhardf, Louis, 117 Ehrharl, John, 150 Eichman, Ka1hy,399 Eidsmoe, John, 151,432 Eilers, Larry, 123 Einspahr, Mary, 196, 266, 303, 329 Eisbach, Karl, 192 Eisenberg, Ellen, 397 Eisner, Elaine, 159,344 Eisner, Paul, 236 Ekberg, Donald, 146 Ekbring, Mary, 159 Eksiein, Esfher, 320 Eland, Elizabefh, 405 Eland, Joann, 408, 410 Elbe, Ronald, 140, 141 Elderkin, Donna, 408, 409 Eldredge, Mary, 403 Elizer, Charloiie, 159 Elkin, Alan, 368 Eller, Nancy, 399 EIIerman,Kei1h, 151 140, 213, 349, 356 Evanaff, William, 160 Evans, Alice, 269, 400 Evans, Diana, 305 Evans, James, 117 Evans, Jerry, 362 Evans, Keith, 387 Evans, Mark, 388 Evans, Nancy, Evans Evans Evash Evash 160 , Ruth, 160, 186, 187, 269 , Wanda, 195 evski, Foresf, 146 evski, Jean, 146 Eveloff, Mark, 422, 425 Fafka, Gerald, 146, 151 Falfig, David, 442 Fauerby, David, 442 Faul-ds, Palricia, 160,336 Faulk, Arlene, 209, 213, 220 Faulk, David, 214,356 Faur, Janis, 330 Feclerharf, James, 160,228 Feeney, Paul, 431 Feelham, Fredrick, 287 Fehn, Bruce, 362 Fehseke, Richard, 146, 152 Feiler, Michael, 374 Feir, Henry, 230, 303 Feldman, Joseph, 212, 213, Felkner, Barbara, 409 Fell, James, 258, 380 FENCING, 299 Fennell, Sherry, 160,332 Fennell, Thomas, 366 3 368 422 Fennema, Larry, 160, 262, 263 Fensch, Thomas, 187 Ferguson, Alan, 370 Ferguson, James, 374 Ferguson, Lyndon, 200 Ferguson, Peier, 302 Ferguson, Ronald, 388 Fernandez, Carmen, 129, 134 Ferree, Fredric, 294 Ferren, Philip, 146, 150 Ferring, Janane, 397 Ferry, Kafhleen, 160, 186, 266 Felzer, Donna, 246 Feuchler, Frederick, 378 Feye, June, 160 Field, Claire, 340 Field, Hugh, 150 Field, 213, 338 Fields, Charles, 124 Fieselmann, Jane, 212, 342 Fieselmann, John, 372 Fifield, Carol, 245, 338 Figenshaw, Ellen, 324 Filer, Margare1,340 Filiafreau, Deborah, 213, 4 Filliman, Paul, 138 Fineran,Judi1h, 160 Finkbeiner, Roberi, 151 Finn, Michael, 186, 220, 273 Finn, Timolhy, 439 Fiori, Terry, 129 Fishbeck, William, 370 Fischer, Kalhryn, 336 Fish, Barbara, 322 Fish, Barry, 387 Fish, Michael, 160,352 Fisher, Bonnie, 160 1 6 Ellerlso Ellgen, Elliolf, Ellioli, n, Pamela, 136, 137 Palricia, 409 Candace, 234 Deborah, 329 511161106 Ann, 126, 230 Elliofr, Lucinda, 324 Elliolf, Norman, 376 Ellis, Elizabeth, 305 Ellis, Paul, 441 Evenden, John, 287 Eves, Virginia, 403 Ewarl, Ned, 382 Exley, Ray, 193 Exslrom, Eloise, 201, 202, 413 Eyerly, Richard, 160 F Fabian, Lawrence, 213, 368 Fabrikanl, Joel, 187 Faches, Mary, 128 FackIer,Dar1, 191, 204 Fahlenkarnp, Terrance, 200, 202 Fahr, Linda, 188 Faino, Rod, 160, 287, 306 Fake, Thomas, 129, 134 Falb, Mark, 362 Falk, Joyce, 196 Falk, Nile, 299, 356 Fall, Jacqueline, 263, 318 Fall, Pamela, 160 Fanler, Roberl, 150 Fanler, William, 150 Farago, Dennis, 387 Farnam, Philip, 290 Farnsworlh, Roberl, 160 Farr, John, 424 Farran, Michael, 258 Farrell, Charles, 132 Farrell, Diane, 330 Farrell, Larry, 118 Farrell, Mary, 342 Farringfon, Marilyn, 160,233 Fisher, Dianne, 316 Fisher, Eugene, 160 Fisher, John, 118 Fisher, Lawrence, 160,356 Fisher, Wayne, 424 Fishman, Chana, 236 Fishman, Paul, 372 Fisler, Virginia, 209, 214, 220, 224, 314, 318 Fisler, John, 350 Fiiz, Earl, 160 Fitzgerald, Jerry, 354 Fifzparrick, Joan, 332 Flaheriy, Michael, 433 Flanagan, Roberl, 153, 160 Flanagan, Ru1'h, 205, 340 Flanders, Linda, 396 Flaler, Doris, 199 Flailey, Marie, 126,322 Flaum, Gwen, 330 Fleck, Frances, 320 Fleege, Gayle, 334 Fleming, Janef, 223, 330 Flenker, Melvin, 437 Flesner, Sandra, 403 Flesvig, Richard, 160, 380 Flelcher, Gary, 370 Flink, John, 245 Flohr, Janis, 330 Flora, Suzanne, 160 Florer, Nancy, 334 Flory, Ronald, 193 Flower, Michael, 212, 378 Flowers, Marilyn, 160 Floyd, Carol, I96 Flynn, Dennis, II8, 350 Fobes, Steven, 432 Foelske, Marilynn, 403 Fogarty, Gerald, l88 Fogarty, Pat, II8 Fons, Barbara, 232, 3l6 FOOTBALL, 286 Ford, Barbra, I60 Ford, Jan, 228, 346 Ford, Merry, 4l2 Ford, Richard, 423 Fordyce, Kent, 440 FORENSICS, 226 Forsberg, Allen, 376 Forsberg, Sandra, 334 Forsythe, Linda, 232, 397 Fortman, Eugene, I34 Foss, Thomas, I40, l4I Fosselman, Suzanne, I60 Foster, Earl, 292, 360 Foster, Jean, I99, 4l0 Foster, Pamela, 4I7 Fotis, Andrew, 2l2, 349, 372 Fountain, Rebecca, I96, 330 Fouts, Terry, II8, I28 Fox, Barbara, 4l3 Fox, Dale, l85 Fox, Richard, II8 Fox, Virginia, 3I8 Frahm, Janet, 257 Franck, Gregary, 229, 268 Frank, Donna, I60, 344 Frank, Sandra, 344 Frankhauser, Richard, l9l Franks, Dillon, 382 Franquemont, James, 370 Frantz, Peter, 360 Fraulini, Katherine, 2I3, 329 Frazier, Carl, 294, 306 Frederick, Jeanne, 329 Frederick, Ronald, I46 Fredericks, Steven, I60, 260 Fredregill, Alan, 370 Freeburger, Michael, l85 Freed, Laverne, IIB Freeman, Virginia, 395 Freese, Roger, I46 French, James, 254, 422,426 Frerichs, Leonard, 362 Frese, Patrick, 366 FRESH MAN INTERNS, 2lZ Fresquez, Carol, I36 Freundl, Pamela, 223, 246, 3 Freyermuth, Susanne, 395 Friberg, Susan, 340 Friday, Kenneth, I88, l9I Frideres, Corene, I60 Friedel, Michael, 229, 434 Frieden, Terry, I60, 258 Friedl, Charles, II8, l23 Friedl, Mariorie, I46 Friedlieb, Susan, I60, 344 Friedman, Scott, 43l Friedrichsen, Alfred, 349 Friedrichsen, Beverly, 399 Friedrichsen, Bruce, 426 Friedrichsen, Gerald, 442 Friend, Linda, I96 Fries, Margaret, 4l3 Fritz, Collin, 299, 372 Froeschle, James, I60 Froese, Robert, 442 Fromm, Anne, I60 Froning, Thomas, 384 Frost, Jerry, II8, 372 Frost, Kathleen, I60 Frost, Mark, 382 Fruehling, Jane, 4l6 Fruendt, Donald, l95 Fry, Kathy, 248, 4l2 Fry, Martha, I60 Fry, Suzanne, I60 Fryrear, Angela, 342 Fude, Ronald, 43I Fugedi, Joseph, 374 Fuhrer, Ted, l38, l40, l4l Fuhrmeister, C. L., 392, 408, Fuiinaka, Sharon, 397 Fulkerson, Clayton, 427 30 4 Fullenkarnp, Joseph, 370 Fullmer, Lyle, 388 Fulton, Darrell, II8, I28, 255, 258, 424 Fulwider, Jon, 425 Furlong, Sheila, l95 Furry, Dreanna, 333 Fye, John, 426 G Gaarder, Thomas, II8 Gabel, Cheryl, 20l Gage, Karen, 405 Gahan, Thomas, I60 Gailis, Glenn, l92 Gaither, Ellen, 3l6 Galer, Anne, 326 Gallagher, Ann, 334 Galloway, Susan, I60, 342 Gambach, Ronald, I88 Gamble, Janice, I32 GAMMA ALPHA CHI, l86 GAMMA PHI BETA, 336 Gamrath, Nan, 263 Gano, Sharon, I99 Gans, Jon, 422, 423 Ganske, John, 2l2 Gantz, Bruce, l6l, 368 Garatalo, Mary, I26 Garble, John, 384 Gard, Joseph, l92 Gardner, Carolyn, I96 Gardner, Nancy, 4l7, 4l8 Gardner, Pennie, I96, I99 Garling, Wen-dy, 396 Garlock, Elyse, 238 Garman Edward, I93 Garman,' ein, 146 Garman, Judy, l6l, 246 Garman, Garnant, Rita, I46 Jacqueline, 4l6 Garr, Rick, I87 Garrels, David, II8, 442 Garrett, Steven, 202 Garvin, Becky, 2l2, 248, 336 Garwood, Karen, l6l, 3l6 Garwood, Marilyn, 3l6 Gascho, Gale, II8 Gastineau, Linda, 245 Gates, Dennis, 263 Gathers, Jeffrey, I6l Gaul, Margaret, 4lI, 4l2 Gaul, Michael, II8 Gaule, Andrea, 4l3 Gay, Nancy, l6I, 3I4, 333 Gaylor, Gordon, 256 Gaylord, Rebecca, 403 Geach, Sharon, I6l, 330 Gearman, William, l40, l4l, I42, l45 Gee, Philip, 138, 262, 354 Gehrke, Greta, I6I, 203, 224, 342 Geiger, Anton, l6l Geighle, Pat, 248 Geisen, John, 434 Geisinger, Gail, 400 Gelaude, David, II8, 432 Gelman, Emily, 340 Gengler, Norma, I96 Georgott, Nikki, 324 Gerber, David, I47 Gerdes, Robert, 43l Gerecz, Leslie, 43I Gerhard, Donald, l24, l27 Gerk, John, 362 Gerke, Harlan, l6l Gerlach, Geoffrey, 262 Gerot, Edwin, IZ4, l27 Gershenzon, Richard, 294 Gerth, John, 259 Gervicvh, Daniel, 368 Gervich, Douglas, 368 Gerwin, John, I92, 350 Getz, John, 240 Geyer, Melva, l6l Giase, Richard, 440 Gibbons, William, 356 Gibbs, Robert, 287 Gibson, Jan, l6I Gibson, Jon, 356 Gibson, Kenneth, 262 Gibson, Jean, 82 Gidel, Barbara, I6I Gidel, David, 378 Gierhart, Loueta, l3l, I34, l6l Giese, James, II8 Giesemann, Gary, 259, 424 Gittord, Ann, 326 Gifford, Theodore, I93 Gilbert, Elizabeth, l6l, 203, 2I7, 224, 397 Gildemeister, George, I47 Gildersleeve, Susan, I84 Giles, Joellen, 238 Giltillan, Victoria, 340 Giltoyle, David, 350 Gilkes, Judith, I96 Gill, Charles, 426 Gill, Raymond, 302 Gillam, Martha, 3I6 Gilliam, Frank, 287 Gillogly, Daniel, 380 Gilman, Thomas, 375 Gilmore, Gerald, I88, I92 Gilmore, Howard, I92 Gilmore, Mary, l6l Gilmour, Torrance, 3l6 Gilson, Ronald, l92 Giliner, Clarence, 437 Gingerich, Orval, l6I Gipple, Ronald, 358 Girvan, Bonnie, I6I Gitles, Toni, 230, 418 Gitz, Judith, I6l Giultan, Joseph, I34 Gla-de, Joyce, 324 Glanz, John, l6l Glasser, Thomas, 360 Glassman, Philip, 368 Glassner, Ronald, 360 Glaza, Christine, 333 Glazer, Sherry, 236 Glazer, Susan, 320 Gleamza, Karin, I6I Gleason, Gayle, 4l8 Glenn, Mary, l6l Glenn, Nancy, 402 Glesne, Eugene, II8 Glesne, Lynn, I89 Gloeckner, Susan, 4I4 Glos, Judith, l6l, I83, 346 Glover, Deborah, 3l8 Glover, Mary, l6l, 228, 303 Gmeiner, Suzanne, l6I, 338 Gnatovich, George, 2I2 Gnatovich, John I34 Gochee, Donna, 4l3 Gochenour, Danny, 303, 44l Gochenour, Susan, 338 Godard, Bruce, l6I Goddard, Fern, 246 Goetsch, Sally, 205, 3l5, 330 Goettsch, Cecil, I47 Goettsch, William, l6l Goetz, James, 388 Goff, Char-Nel, 303 Gold, Martha, l6l Goldberg, Edrea, 320 Goldberg, Sandra, 320 Golden, Richard, I47 Goldman, Robert, 352 Goldsberry, Gary, 239 Goldsmith, Dona, l6l, 4l8 Goldsmith, Gordon, I93 Goldstein, Gary, l6l, 2l3 Goldstein, Harry, 368 Goldstom, Jerald, 303 Goley, Lawrence, 374 GOLF, 300 Gooch, Charlene, 4I I, 4l2 Good, Donald, I32 Good, Nancy, I6I, 2l6, 338 Goode, Lavonne, l6I Gooding, Richard, 424 Goodman, Anita, l6l Goodman, James, l29, I32 Goodman, Judith, I6I Goodman, Mark, 352 Godman, Mary, I37, l6l, 336 Goodrich, Don, 384 Goodrich, Richard, II8 Goodwin, Mary, II8 Goodwi n, William, 378 Goold, Nancy, l6l, IB4, 220, 322 Goplerud, Dena, 223,336 Goranson, David, I47 Gordon, James, 205 Gorius, Stephen, 375 Gosker, Susan, l6I Gosma, John, I47 Goss, Cheryl, 399 Goss, Pamela, 325 Gossman, Sharon, 330 Gothier, Douglas, I34 Gottlieb, Evelyn, I62 Gottlieb, John, 302 Gotto, James, 43l Gottschalk, Gary, I23 Gounaud, Dianne, I37 Gound, Grable, Emily, I62 James, 427 Grace, Gayle, 20l, 202, 314,333 GRADUATE COLLEGE, 80 Grady, Rosemary, I26, l28 Graf, A nc, 245 Grail, Gary, I47 Gratt, William, 358 Graham, Donald, 258 Graham, Gary, I62 Graham, John, 259 Graham, Linda, 405 Graham, Mac, 248 Graham, Nellie, 405 Gralnek, Marcia, 257,344 Grandinetti, Nancy, I62 Graner, Betty, I62 Graner, William, 364 Grangaard, Richard, 366 Granstrom, William, 423 Grant, Carol, 267, 3I8 Grant, David, 24, 45 Grant, Duane, 287, 306,356 Grant, Jeri, 3l4, 3l8 Grant, Jerome, 356 Grap, Lyneta, 409 Grappendorf, Robert, I34 Grathwohl, Rita, 267, 334 Grau, Ann, 342 Gravert, Gretchen, 246 Graves, Christopher, 388 Gray, Dennis, I47 Gray, Elizabeth, 326 Gray, John, 248 Gray, Gray Richard, l87 Robert, 427 Gray, Rodney, I34 Grayson, Mary, 4l3 Greazel, William, 262 Green, Elaine, 320 Green, John A., I62 Green, John C., 2l2 Green, John M., 428 Green, Ralph, l29, I32 Greenawalt, Richard, 23, 270 Greene, Mary, 2I3 Greenhill, Bernard, 369 Greenlee, Laura, I84 Greer, Carolyn, I62, 410 Greer, Joseph, I62 Greer, Laurie, 340 Gregg, Del, l23, 43l Gregg, John, 384 Gregory, Cynthia, 257 Gregory, Mary, 334 Gregory, Oliver, 366 Grego ry, Patricia, 22l, 244, 330 Gregson, Michael, I89, I93 Greiman, Jane, 338 Grekott, Richard, II8 Gress, Gress, Greta, Grewe Griesh Gritfin Grittin Grittin Grittin Gritfit Grittit Gritfit Griger Elizabeth, I62 Rodney, 202 Gordon, I62, 382 - nig, Thomas, I62 aber, Harold, I62, 299,302,372 , Anne, 2l3 , Daniel, I47, I49, I52 , Michael, 260, 436, 437 , Robert, I32 h, Julie, 224, 4l6 h, Michael, 433 h, Ronald, 294, 296, 306 , Martha, 344 Griggs, Dennis, 442 Grimm, David, 375 Grimm, Gerry, 427 Grinstead, Mary, 418 Gritton, Larry, 118 Groben, Roy, 423 Groe, Lynn, 142, 144,427 Groe, Patricia, 162 Grogan, Patricia, 395 Grolmus, Shirley, 183 Grooters, Laurence, 245 Gross, David, 212, 349, 369 Gross, lris, 415 Gross, Mariorie, 213, 326 Gross, Michael, 162 Gross, Stephen, 440 Grossarth, Marilyn, 338 Grosz, Kenneth, 162 Grouell, Kerry, 409 Grout, Deborah, 395 Grout, Ruth, 162 Grouwinkel, Betty, 162 Grove, James, 162 Grovenburg, Cathy, 55, 212,213 224, 315, 342 Grovenburg, Judith, 136, 137, 210, 224, 243 Grubel, Charles, 433 Gruen, Richard, 162 Gruesner, Anne, 399 Grulke, Michael, 350 Grundstad, Allen, 212,356 Grunewald, Marie, 126 Grupp, Steven, 118 Gruver, Robert, 287 Gudema, Johanna, 401 Guenter, Larry, 432 Guenther, Susan, 162 Guiney, Stephanie, 196, 330 Gullickson, David, 425 Gunderson, Donna, 316 Gurwell, Barbara, 199 Gustatson, Betty, 316 Gustatson, Dean, 440 Gustatson, Mary, 263 Gustatson, Pat, 162 Gusaatson, Steven, 151 Gustitus, Darlene, 162,343 Gutshall, Janet, 196, 334 Gutshall, Jean, 196 Gwinnup, Dona, 211, 326 Gwinnup, Terry, 118 GYMNASTICS, 290 H Haack, Cheryl, 205, 234, 244, 398 Haberman, Thomas, 134 Haberstich, Linda, 230 Hacker, Robert, 187 Hackett, James, 427 Hackett, Mary, 318 Hackley, Joan, 399 Hackman, Dixie, 333 Haddy, Larry, 118, 120, 123 Hade, Roger, 118 Hadeburg, Roger, 245 Hadley, John, 378 Hadley, Kay, 162 Hadley, Richard, 245 Haeberle, Harvey, 162 Haet1inger,Emil, 124,125, 127 Haesemeyer, Craig, 348, 382 Hagan, Dennis, 303,426 Hagar, Mary, 343 Hagberg, John, 195 Hagen, Christopher, 146, 147, 150 Hagenson, Lee, 162 Hagenson, Sherry, 412 Hager, William, 428 Hagstrom, Judith, 162 Hahn, Jeffrey, 162 Hahn, Karen, 162 Haigh, Howard, 162 Haigh, William, 200 Hailman, Joan, 336 Haines, Gail, 226 Haines, Nancy, 162 Haines, Randall, 306 Haisman, Stephen, 187 Haldeman, Kenneth, 358 Hale, Mary, 162 Haley, Carol, 337 Halferty, Hall, Bon John, 380 nie, 329 Hall, Douglas, 134 Hall, James, 162 Hall, Joan, 118 Hall, John, 425 Hall, Mai-11ee,329 Hallerud, Michael, 392, 439,440 Halliday, Paul, 348, 364 Halling, Deborah, 410 Hallquist, Robert, 272 Halstead, Steven, 434 Halupnik, Thomas, 358 Halvorson, Gregory, 384 Halverson, Valerie, 212 Hamdort, Garry, 162 Hamer, Cynthia, 346 Hamer, Katherine, 412 Hamer, Lawrence, 197 Hamer, Mark, 226 Hamilton, Christopher, 287, 360 Hamilton, Jay, 147 Hamilton, Maurine, 325 Hamilton, Michael, 356 Hamilton, Nathan, 424 Hamilton, Robert, 118 Hamilton Stephen, 118,356,372 Hamman,lMartha, 223 Hammann, Nancy, 346 Hammel, Kenneth, 134 Hammers, Sandra, 230,303,401 Hampe, Christine, 334 Hampton, James, 259, 439, 441 Hanawalt Hanawalt Hancock, Handtelt, , David, 162 , Mary, 136,137 Daniel, 423 Mary, 137, 330 Handy, Charles, 134 Handy, Hanick, Lowell, 228, 425 Kevin, 245, 382 Hanke, Carl, 194 Hanks, Carol, 153 Hanlon, Stephen, 233 Hansch, Sandra, 162 Hansen, Charlynn, 230, 303, 416 Hansen, Diane, 343 Hansen, Dolores, 162, 183 Hansen, Eldon, 163 Hansen, Gary, 434 Hansen, John, 132, 388 Hansen, Kathleen, 413 Hansen, Perry, 211, 370 Hansen, Ronald C., 123,189,194 Hansen, Ronald L,, 125 Hanshaw, Sonia, 163 Hanson, Betty, 326, 411 Hanson, Deborah, 246 Hanson, Diane, 163 Hanson, Don, 202 Hanson, James, 191 Hanson, Jay, 210 Hanson, Priscilla, 230, 302 Hanson, Susan, 163 Hardacre, Thomas, 425 Hardesty, Marshall, 150 Harding, James, 239 Harding, Marc, 229 Hardy, Steven, 428 Hargens, Thomas, 427 Harken, Harksen Harlow, David, 360 , Steven, 142 Charles, 441 Harmon, Cynthia, 245,316 Harmon, John, 271 Harmon, Nicky, 197 Harmon, Randall, 428 Harmon, Susan, 163 Harmon, Vicki, 305 Harms, Melanie, 248, 326 Harms, Nancy, 195 Harnagel, Harold, 118, 128, 251, 263, 425 Harney, Leanne, 226 Harper, Barbara, 156 Harper, Susan, 397 Harrington, Gary, 200 Harris, Frank, 185 Harris, Harold, 134 Harris, James, 83, 384 Harris, Judy, 326 Harris, Katherine, 163 Harris, Martha, 305, 322 Harris, Patrick, 358 Harris, Richard, 189 Harris, Robert, 358 Harris, William, 134 Harrison, Craig, 362 Harrison, David, 275 Harrison, James, 163 Harrison, Jerry, 129, 132 Harrison, Sally, 333 Harrison, Vicki, 395 Harrold, Sharon, 395 Harsbarger, Howard, 118 Harshtield, Celeste, 338 Harstick, Gary, 382 Hart, Clittord, 200 Hart, Harry, 163 Harter, Robert, 150 Hartien, Donna, 163,246,346 Hartien, Karen, 346 Hartung, Robert, 163 Hartwig, Arlynn, 118 Harvey, Ann, 163,195 Harvey, Bruce, 292 Harvey, Duncan, 362 Harvey, Gary, 439 Harvey, Judith, 163 Harwood, Ann, 314, 333 1-1asenmi11er,John, 118, 375 Haskell, Anne, 416 Haskins, Barry, 163 Hass, James, 146, 147, 150 Hastings, Harold, 151 Haswell, Ann, 197, 322 Hatch, Donald, 290, 306 Hatfield, Suzan, 224 Hattield, Terry, 431 Hattill, Harriet, 396 Hatteberg, Roger, 425 Hattermann, Gregory, 163, 306 Haub, Jonathan, 370 Hauck, James, 364 Hauenstein, David, 428 Hauenstein, John, 163 Haugen, Jan, 129, 134 Haugland, Larry, 163 Haugo, Thomas, 287, 306 Haupert, Raymond, 147, 150 Hauser, Edward, 163 Hauser, Lynn, 129 Hauter, Beatrice, 413 Hauter, Walter, 163 Haverkamp, Rachel, 246, 340 Havlik, Clement, 118 Hawk, Linda, 330 HAWKEYE, 266 Hawkinson, Diane, 218, 314, 336 Hawley, Charles, 425 Hawley, Donna, 197, 199 Hawthorne, Susan, 395 Hawtrey, Mary, 163 Hay, Dianne, 325 Haye, Thomas, 380 Hayek, Dennis, 140, 141,142, 185, 254 Hayes, Beverly, 416 Hayes, Deborah, 401 Hayes, Jeanne, 153 Hayes, John, 287 Hayes, Sherman, 423 Hayes, Susan, 163 Haymond, Gary, 424 Hayne, Robert, 87, 150 Hays, Jean, 163,326 Haytcher, Gary, 163,375 Heaberlin, Donald, 432 Headlee, Beverly, 416 Heaslet, Jonathan, 262 Heater, Richard, 189 Heaton, James, 200 Heaton, Raymond, 350 Hebenstreit, Julia, 205, 399 Hebl, Lawrence, 262 Heck, Thomas, 427 Heckman, Phyllis, 244 Heddens, Claudette, 346 Hedeen, Richard, 442 Hedge, Dolores, 330 Hedge, Gary, 189 Hedlund, Steven, 129 Hedstrom, Rita, 163 Heeren, Jean, 163, 203, 209, 210, 314, 329 Hege, Brent, 370 Hegenbarth, Thomas, 141 Hegenbarth, William, 118 Heggestad, Robert, 360 Heichel, Patricia, 137 Heiens, Michael, 440 Heim, Carol, 233,397 Heim, Randall, 163 Heimbuch, Raymond, 376 Heims, Yvonne, 232 Hein, Karen, 197 Heine, Susan, 318 Heineman, Marsha, 409 Heins, Robert, 428 Heinzelmann, Peter, 189 Heitland, Michael, 442 Heitritter, Sharon, 163 Heitzman, Donald, 426 Helgens, Ronald, 434 Helgeson, Robert, 233 Helland, David, 425 Heller, Gerardo, 163,432 Heller, Janet, 400 Heller, Richard, 352 Hellige, Carol, 163 Hel1ige,Michael, 151,163 Hellman, Clarissa, 316 Hellman, Daisy, 322 Helman, Richard, 129, 132 Hellmund, Diane, 163,397 Hellyer, Karol, 213,334 Helm, Ronald, 163 He1mbo1dt,Ann, 163 Helmer, Raymond, 118 Helms, Jane, 398 Helvick, Roger, 118' Hem, David, 360 Hemann, John, 431 Hemmingway, John, 350 Hempel, Steven, 432 Hemphill, Barbara, 163, 184 Hemphill, Judith, 400 Hendel, Jerry, 192 Henderson, Barbara, 163,333 Henderson, Cathy, 333 Henderson, Jean, 404 Henderson, Patricia, 163,314,340 Henderson, William, 417 Hendricks, James, 256 Hendricks, John, 163, 287,294,306 Hendricks, Marilou, 403 Hendrickson, Dana, 257, 343 Henely, Bernard, 147, 152 Henn, David, 366 Hennessey, Kathleen, 163,403 Hennessey, Rebecca, 163 Hennings, Phillip, 297, 306, 363 Hennings, Carol, 163 Henrickson, Charles, 185 Henry, lrene, 205 Henry, Rivian, 220, 257, 344 Henshaw, Sonia, 244 Hensley, Jane, 163 Hensley, Gary, 375 Henss, Laurence, 118 Henstorf, Kurt, 370 Henstort, Richard, 442 Henthorn, Cynthia, 412 Herald, Janice, 163, 246 Herbig, Marsha, 340 Herbin, Forestine, 163 Herbst, David, 354,425 Herman, Michael, 145, 369 Hermann, Susan, 403 Hermanson, Fran, 186, 187, 203 Hermanson, Paul, 75, 132 Herren, Joan, 163 Herrick, Anne, 325 Herrick, Mary, 163 Herrig, Nancy, 163, 184,400 Herring, Ross, 427 Heshbergen, Ronald, 147 Hershtield, Judith, 88, 320 Hertel, William, 259,427 Hertz, David, 233 Hertz, Robert, 382 Herweg, Susan, 163, 220,325 Herzoff, Karen, 163 Heseman, Carole, 322 Heskie, James, 138 Hess, Candice, 325 Hess, Lynn, I47, I50 Hess, Richard, 262 Hesselschwerdl, Mark, 303, 363 Hesselschwerdl, Rufh, 303,329 Hesselline, Harry, 428 Hesfon, Thomas, 349, 384 Helheringfon, Michael, 356 Helzler, John, II8 Herzler, Mariorie, II8, I28 Heuer, Doris, 205 Heusinkveld, Candace, 322 Hey, John, I63 Heywood, Ellen, 2I3 Hibbs, Diane, 322 Hicks, Charles, 202 Hicks, Donald, I64, 259, 263 Hicks, Edgar, 363 Hicks, Edward, 205 Hicks, Linda, 404 Hicks, Pamela, 325 Hicks, Paul, I64 Hicks, Penny, 3I5, 325 Hieil, Lynn, 325 Higgins, Barbara, 246,334 Higgins, Connie, I97 HIGH LANDERS, 246 Hiland, Sleven, 200 Hilberf, Greg, 259, 44I Hill, Dorla, 234, 406 Hill, Michael, I92, 262 Hill, Roberl, I92 Hill, Roger, 442 Hill, Thomas, 427 HILLCREST, 422 H I LLEL, 236 Hilleman, Douglas, 423 Hilleman, Terry, l29, I32 Hillier, John, I38, 426 Hillyard, Neil, I64 Hindman, Keilh, I64, 303 Hindman, Mariorie, 303 Hines, Darell, 372 Hines, Howard, 228, 348, 380 Hinman, Palricia, 409 Hinrichs, Marilyn, 400 Hinrichsen, Diane, 223, 3I4, 326 Him'on,'John, l5l Hinlon, Neal, I64 Hiralzka, Loren, I9l Hirko, Holly, I64 Hirko, Slephen, I64, 292, 293 Hifchcock, Bion, I47, I50 Hifchcock, Neil, 36l I-life, Larry, 357 Hixson, Dennis, 43I Hielle, Ann, I64 Hlavacek, Timolhy, 426 Hlubek, Jeffry, I64 Ho, Thomas, I85 Hoag, David, 354 Hoak, David, 372 Hoard, Judifh, 233 Hockenberg, Louis, 369 Hodgden, Jeanne, I83, 2I I, 395 Hodge, James, 282, 372 Hodges, Marlha, I64 Hodson, Donald, I64 Hodson, Suzanne, 329 Hoegh, Sleven, 357 Hoelzen, Randall, I64 Hoener, James, 299, 306, 363 Hoenscheid, Leslee, 246, 346 Hoepner, Richard, 423 Holer, Lavonne, 224, 4I7 Hoff, Janis, 330 Hoffman, David, I32 Hoffman, Sally, 336 Hoffman, Timolhy, 384 Hogan, David, 254 Hogan, Marca, 395 Hogan, Michael, 254, 258 Hograbe, Linda, 4I3 Hogue, Joy, 337 Hoheisel, Sharon, I64, 403 Hoherz, David, I64 Hohl, Rebecca, 257, 333 Hoines, Sonia, I08, 330 Holcomb, David, 262 Holcomb, Lawrence, 427 Holcomb, Mark, 376 Holdiman, Dale, I5I Holland, Thomas, 432 Holen, Michael, I34 Holley, Lynne, 303 Holley, Roberl, 378 Holm, David, 387 Holm, Lennis, I64 Holm, Sally, 2IB, 263 Holm, Sarah, 2I2, 3I8 Holmer, William, 259 Holmes, Charles, l29, I34 Holmes, Douglas, 366 Holf, Glen, IIS Holl, Jackson, 433 Holl, William, I50 Holfcamp, Janel, 232, 233 Holfkamp, Dianne, I64, 399 Holfzman, Fred, 433 Holub, Bonifa, 303, 4l6 HOME EC CLUB, I83 HOMECOMING COMMITTEE, 2I6 Homma, Roberl, 209, 2I3, 2I4, 357 Honnold, Charles, l89 Hood, Sharon, I36 Hodenagle, Dean, 424 Hoopman, Raymond, II8 Hooven, Sally, 338 Hooven, Susann, I64, 338 Hoover, Marcia, 340 Hoover, Sue, I54, I86, I87, 326 Hop, James, I64 Hoper, Julene, 205,326 Hopkey, Janice, I97 Hopkins, William, I64, I73 Hopson, Gary, 209, 388 Horn, Frances, 228, 334 Horner, Kalherine, 3I6 Horning, Sandra, 57, 338 Hornsfein, Frances, 392, 397 Hornung, Chrisfine, I64 Horrabin, Judifh, I37 Horsley, Cheri, 330 Horsfman, Deborah, I37 Horsfman, Sara, I64, 337 Horfsmann, Randall, 363 Horfon, Henry, 256, 26I, 439, 440 Horvalh, Thomas, I64 Hoskin, Harrielf, 20I, 202 Hoskin, Nancy, I64 Hoskins, Chrisfine, 4I8 Hoskins, Donald, 364 Hofop, William, 350 Hofz, Jerold, 2I3, 349 Holz, John, I64, 260, 357, 427 Houck, Donald, 350 Houck, Melvin, 350 Houg, Marvin, 434 Houghlon, Roberl, II8, 372 Houghfon, Sheryl, I64, I83 I-loughlon, Sfephen, 30I Houleffe, John, I64 House, Ernesf, I29, I34 Householder, Kafhryn, 329 Housel, Joanne, 346 Houser, David, 433 Houser, Vicki, 223,333 Howar, John, 376 Howard, Belsey, I95 Howard, John, 200 Howard, Nancy, I64 Howard, Richard, I50 Howe, Bruce, 375 Howe, Larry, I47 Howell, Richard, 423 Howerler, Bernard, I89 Howes, Richard, I47, I52 Howes, William, 434 Hoyman, Gregory, 200 Hrabal, John, 376 H ronik, Thomas, 259 Hruska, Joy, 343 Hubbard, Gary, I64 Hubbard, Irvin, IIB Hubbard, Kappy, 402, 404 Hubbard, Lawrence, 424 Hubbard, Philip, 209, 2I0 Huber, Cynlhia, I64 Huber, Palli, I97, 326 Huber, Susan, 326, 4I3 Hudek, Dona, 3l7 Hudson, John, 372 Hudson, Marcia, I64, 325 Hudson, Sue, 344 Huebner, Charles, II8 Huelsman, Margaref, 409 Huenemann, Nancy, I64, 318 Huey, Jon, 299 Huff, Janel, I64, 329 Huff, Richard, I64, 354 Huff, Terrance, 287 I-Iuffer, Roberf, I5I Huffine, Dennis, 434 Hughes, Charles, 423 Hughes, Glenda, 3I5, 326 Hughes, Mary, I84, 394 Hull, Andrew, 357 Hull, John, 427 Hull, Mackay, I29, I32 Hull, Pafricia, 4I8 Hullinger, Donna, 405 Hulse, Gregory, 357,433 Hulse, Vaughan, I23 Hullgren, Mary Jo, I64, 203, 2l0, 224, 343 Hume, William, 258, 366 Hummel, Susan, 402, 405 Humphrey, Parke, 233 Hund, Barbara, 330 Hunkins, John, I64, 255, 258 Hunl, Lola, I97 Hunfer, Krislin, 409 Hunling, Rand, 423 Hunziker, Sfeven, 375 Hurlbul, Cherryl, 202, 329 Hurlbul, Jack, II8, 433 Hurless, John, 428 Hurley, John, I34 Hurley, Michael, I64 HursI', Vicki, 337 Hurf, Delbert, II8 Hurl, Margaref, I64 Huse, Joyce, 3I4, 326 Huss, Richard, 376 Husfon, Jane, 333 Husfon, Richard, II8, 424 Hulchins, William, 380 Huffon, Daniel, 349, 370 Hulzell, Roberl, 442 Hyde, Sally, I83, 340 Hyde, Timolhy, 2l3 Hyland, Anne, I64, 329 Hynes, Pamela, I36 Hynick, Roberf, 36I Hypes, Diane, I64 Hyslop, Susan, I97 Hylhecker, Norman, I64, 252, 254, 255, 258 Hyzer, Thomas, 363 Icenogle, Larry, 428 Icenogle, Mary, 3I7 Ihrig, Janelyn, II9, I26 Ihrke, Linda, I64 lkan, Palrician, I64 Illian, Linda, 395 lmel, Cheryl, 257, 3I7 Imig, Douglas, 262 Infelf, Susan, 22l, 338 Inghram, James, I64 Ingram, Charlolfe, 398, 400 Ingram, Cheryl, 404 Ingram, William, I89 INTERDORM SOCIAL BOARD, 392 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL, 348 INTERNATIONAL CENTER, 227 INTRAMURAL SPORTS, 308 lossi, Charles, 357 IOWA LAW REVIEW, I52 IOWA MOUNTAINEERS, 23I IOWA STUDENT BAR ASSOCIA- TION, I52 IOWA TRANSIT, I45 Irmifer, Marifa, 395 Irvine, John, 297, 434 Isaacs, Melinda, 320 Isaacson, James, II9 Isbell, Terrye, I97 Iseminger, Calhy, 248 Isham, Carolyn, 329 lshibashi, Dennis, I64 Ishii, Melvin, 259 Isley, Gayle, 200, 202 Isley, George, 200, 202 Israel, Michael, 349, 354 Iversen, Iverson, William, l29, mai, 134 John, 440 Iverson, Rolf, 350 Ives, Richard, I64 Ivory, Thomas, II9 lwamolo, Cliffon, 424 J Jack, James, 432 Jackson , Andrew, 287, sos Jackson, Carol, I65, 233 Jackson, Deborah, 406 Jackson, Jennifer, 395 Jackson, Michael, II9 Jackson, Ronald, 366 Jackson, Vaughn, I65 Jackson, Verlyn, I65 Jacob, Gerda, 2I7, 337 Jacob, Jean, 263 Jacobs, Debra, 4I8 Jacobs, Dennis, 357 Jacobs, Margaref, 340 Jacobs, Richard, 357 Jacobs, Rufh, I65 Jacobs, Sfephanie, 396 Jacobsen, Jack, I65 Jacobsen, Samuel, 22I Jacobsen, Thomas, 366 Jacobson, Jon, 270 Jacobson, Sleven, 354 Jacobus, Frederick, 434 Jaeckel, Rulh, 246 Jaeger, Jaffrey, Gary, 424 Carol, I65 Jakoubek, Roberl, I65 Jakubsen, William, 262, 376 James, Edwin, 423 James, James, John, II9, I23, I25, I28 Jonafhan, 220 James, Mary, I65, 2I6, 2l7, 263 Janes Jon, 427 Jansen, Cu rfis, I65, 233 Jansen, Larry, l23 Janssen, James, I65 Jarard, Garnet, 325 Jarvis, Joan, I97 Jasper, Dennis, 384 Jayne, Eunice, I97 Jeffreys, Sandra, I97 Jeffries, John, I65 Jena, Mark, 440 Jencks, Alan, 363 Jencks, Bonnie, 395 Jeneary, Deborah, 322 Jenison, Kafhryn, 205 Jenkins, Bonnie, I65 Jenkins, Pamela, 4I4 Jenks, Roberf, 382 Jenks, Susan, I65 Jens, John, 229,230,427 Jensen, Belly, I65 Jensen, Doris, 305 Jensen, Douglas, 366 Jensen, Jerodd, I24, I27 Jensen, Karen, 324 Jensen, Richard, 282 Jensen, Sleven, 424 Jensen, Susan, I65 Jensen, Viggo, I38 Jepsen, Jeffrey, 384 Jerde, Michael, I65 Jess, Barbara, 3l8 Jessen, Jerald, 382 Jessen, Jerome, 354 Jessen, Thomas, I89 Jewell, Jill, 40I Jewell, Nancy, I36, I37 Joekel, Charles, I65 Johann, Merrill, 2I2, 330 Johannsen, Befh, I65 Johannsen, Daniel, I38 Johannsen, Sharon, I53, I65 Johansen, Gary, I50 Johansen, Randy,2I2, 357,424 John, Shirley, l65 Johns, Judith, 330 Johns, Stephen, 302 Johnsen, Cynthia, 409 Johnson, Barbara E., l83 Johnson, Barbara L., I97 Johnson, Betty, I65 Johnson, Carole, l65 Johnson, Charles, I65 Johnson, Dale A., I50 Johnson, Dale C. , 375 Johnson, Dennis, 226, 256, 26l, 427 Johnson, Donald, l65 Johnson, Edward, I47, 43l Johnson, Eric, 256, 26l, 427 Johnson, Forbes, l65 Johnson, Gary C., I47, I50 Johnson, Gary L., 423 Julander, Frederick, I47, I50 Junge, Keith, II9, 292 Jungk, Thomas, l38, l40 Junglen, Mary, 4l6 Jungling, Marvin, l9l JUNIOR AMERICAN DENTAL AS- SOCIATION, I3I JUNIOR AMERICAN DENTAL HY- GIENISTS, I37 JUNIOR INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL, 349 JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, 3l5 Junk, James, I42 Jury, Marigail, 205 Justice, Charles, 2l2, 363 Juvan, Frank, I65, 375 Keiper, Douglas, I66 Keir, Heidi, 52, I66, 395, 435 Keith, Dennis, 426 Keizer, Kekke, Milton, I66 Kenneth, 302 Keleher, Katherine, 400 Kelehe r, Michael, 2l2, 370 Keleher, Rodger, I34 Keller Keller Keller Dwight, 357 Eliot, 259 Luanne 248 Keller, lzlanafa, las, 263 Keller, Virginia, I66, 392, 40 Kelley, Dwianl, 354 Kelley, Kelley, Kellog John, l9l Patrick, I50 g, Barbara, 4l2 Kelly, Joseph, 442 8, 409 Kirby, Ann, 4l6 Kirby, Carol, I67 Kirby, Kerry, I67 Johnson, George, 424 Johnson, Glenn, 428 Johnson, Gordon, I89 Johnson, Johnson, Janet, 405 Johnson, Jeftrie, 3l8 James, 32, 266,376 K Kaalberg, Jerry, I32 Kaaua, Jack, l65 Kabat, Thomas, 378 Kabel, David, 427 Kelly, Kevin, 375 Kelly, Patricia, I26 Kelly, Stephan, 372 Keltner, Kirt, 424 Kemp, Earl, l66 Kemp, Karen, 325 Kemper, John, 44I Kaiser, Johnson, Jill, 3l8 Johnson, John, 388, 442 Johnson, Karen, 322 Johnson, Lanny, 428 Johnson, Larry S., 202 Johnson, Larry W., 202,423 Johnson, Lawrence, 35l Johnson, Lois, 400 Johnson, Louise, l65 Johnson, Loyd, l65 Johnson, Marcia, 305 Johnson, Marsha, 330 Johnson, Martin, 366 Kacere, Charles, 440 Kadera, William, I66 Kading, Jane, I95, 234 Kading, Russell, II9 Kading, Steven, 205, 387 Kadlec , Leslie, l32 Kadow, Susan, 4l5 Kahane Charlie, I66 Kahane, Charlotte, 344 Kahler, William, II9, 300 Kain, Patrick, I94 John, 384 Kempf, Barbara, I66 Kempf, Patricia, 397 Kempt, Robert, 226 Kenneally, Susan, 409 Kennedy, Donna, I97, I99, 246 Kennedy, Michael, I47 Kennedy, Roland, 423 Kennelly, Jerauld, l40, I42 Kennett, Michael, l4l Kenney, Pamela, 404 Kent, Karen, I66 Kent, Mary, 53, 343 Johnson, Mary, 246, 4l2 Johnson, Maurice, 424 Johnson, Michael, 424 Johnson, Prudence, 325 Johnson, Ray, 83 Johnson, Robert, I47 Johnson, Sharon, 3I7 Johnson, Steven, 262 Johnson, Theodore, 376 Johnson, Thomas, 363 Johnson, Virginia, 205, 399 Johnson, Wallace, 425 Johnson, Walter, 428 Johnston, James, 364 Johnston, Jean, I36, I37 Johnston, Joseph, I47 Johnston, Mark, 425 Jollifte, James, 370 Jones, Alan, 372 Jones, Carolyn, 98 Jones Charlotte, l65 Jones David, 426 Jones, Deanne, I26, l28 Jones Jones Jones Donald, l65 Douglas, 2l4, 2I6 Elaine, 394, 395 Jones George, I92 Jones H. Douglas, 2l3, 220, 367 Jones, Jan, 346 Jones Jerry, I47, I50 Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones John, l65, l9l, 35I Judson, l65 Larry, 2I2, 437 Marcia, 3I7 Michael, l9l Nan, 224, 4l7, 4l8 Robert, l40, 287, 442 Kalinich, John, 440 Kalkwart, Larry, l32 Kamm, Rick, I93 Kane, Timothy, I66 Kaptt, Sandra, IB4 Kaplan, Carol, 3l7 Kaplan, Ronald, I66, 384 Kapolas, Chris, 387 KAPPA ALPHA THETA, 338 KAPPA EPSILON, 20l KAPPA PHI, 234 Kappy, Elizabeth, I97, 334 Kappy, Judith, 3l7 Karasek, David, II9 Karber, Penelope, I99, 4IB Karnes, Robin, 378 Karon, Bruce, II9 Karr, Martha, 66 Kartinos, Wendy, 248, 3l7 Karparek, Gene, l32 Kasparek, Rose, 400 Kaspari, David, 370 Kasper, Alan, I66 Kass, James, 358 Kassyth, Dave, 230 Kast, Mary, 334 Kastantin, Brony, I34 Kaufer, Alan, 369 Kauffman, Gretchen, I66 Kauffman, Jane, 395 Kauffman, Robert, I47, I5I Kaufman, Lloyd, I66 Kaune, Paul, 43I Kaus, John, I34 Kautsch, Myron, I66 Kautz, David, l24 Kent, Susan, I66 Kentner, Susan, I66, 3l7 Keoppel, Gary, 384, 425 Keough, Mary, 333 Kephart, Mirrel, I66, 378 Kercher, Barbara, I99 Kercher, Lois, 340 Kertoot, William, I66 Kernan, Eugene, 425 Kerr, James, I66, 260, 380 Kerr, John D., I66 Kerr, John R., I66, 442 Kersbergen, John, 200 Kerslake, Gary, I66 Kesling, Haven, I85 Kessler, Regina, I66 Kesterson, Randall, 434 Kevern, Kristie, 330 Key, Martin, I66 Khowassah, Mary, I89 Kiedaisch, Louisa, l53, 228, 305 Kiefer, Louise, 396 Kielusiak, Kathleen, I37 Kirby, Maureen, 220, 338 Kirby, Michael, I50, 204 Kirby, Patrick, 252, 26l, 263 Kirchner, Robert, II9 Kiriakos, Mary, 394, 396 Kirk, Stephen, 378 Kirkham, David, 229, 422, 425 Kirkham, Kent, 437 Kirkman, Marcia, 2lI Kirkpatrick, Patricia, 34-0 Kirkwood, Jeanne, 220, 3l4, 322 Kin, Roland, 294, 296, 306 Kittlesen, Sherry, 337 Kittleson, Kendall, 428 Klahn, Marvin, 375 Klaus, Steven, I67 Klaver, Keith, 376 Kleese, Jane, 4I0 Klefstad, Faye, 3l4, 3l7 Klein, Leslie, 4l8 Klein, Michael, 2I3, 364 Klein, Sheryl, 2l2, 224, 3l8 Kleinberger, Paul, 26 Kleinkaut, Kay, 2ll Kleintop, Douglas, 423 Klemm, Marianne, 409 Kleyweg, Henry, 433 Kline, Kenneth, l38, l40, I43 Kline, Mary, 396 Klingaman, Jean, 3l5, 3l8 Klinkhammer, Daniel, 424 Klocksiem, Pamela, I67, 246 Klodt, Gerald, 425 Klopfenstein, Judith, I67, 400 Klotz, Bruce, 422,425 Klotz, Constance, 246 Klouda, Gary, I29, I32 Kluesner, Loras, 434 Kluever, Lora, 220, 228, 330 Klump, Karen, 4l7 Knapp Linda J., 334 Knapp, Llnaa M., 228, 406 Knapp, Terry, 226 Knavel, James, I92 Kneip, Robert, 422,424 Kneller, Kay, I67 Kness, Wade, I67 Knight, Jan, I67 . Knight, Linda, 340 Knight, Thomas, 68, 426 Knoebel, Mary, l45 Knoedel, Marilee, 338 Knoke, William, l38 Knoll, Gerald, I67 Knopf, Linda, 244 Knopf, Rolland, I47, I50, 2l0 Knowler, William, I67 Kienapfel, Lana, 325 Kiesey, Dennis, I66 Kightlinger, John, 432 Kilberg, Barbara, 2l3 Kilgus, Natalie, 305 Kimball, Jacquelyn, 4l8 Kimball, James, 437 Kimberly, Marie, I66 Kinden, Jacqueline, 4I4 Knudsen, Dennis, 424 Knudsen, Mary, 257,338 Knudsen, Russell, I67 Knudson, Jack, 428 Knuth, Judith, 4II Knutson, Edmond, 354 Kobayashi, Mary, 396 Kober, Mary, I67, 3I7 Koch, Kenneth, 303, 387 King, Carol, 395 King, Jerald, I92 King, John, l34 King, Kathryn, ZI l, 2I3, 224, 267, 334 King, Richard, 375 , Sally, 340 Jones, Stephen, 427 Jones, Warren, II9, 248 Wlll I9 Jones, ' iam, I Jongewaard, Richard, I65, 248 Joonsar, Kristina, I36 Jordan, Robert, 425, 427 Jordening, Curtis, II9 Jorgensen, Vllilliam, 430, 433 Jorstad, Van, I65 Joslin, Rodney, 86 JOURNALISM, SCHOOL OF, l02 Joy, Virginia, I97 Joy, William, I47 Judisch, David, 248, 348, 380 Juhl, Susan, I97 Juhlin, Jerry, I29, I32 Kavars, Michael, I66 Kawahara, Melvyn, 200, 202 Kaye, Roger, I66 King, Steven, 372 King, Vicki, 224, 228 King, William, 375 Kingsley, Linda, 3l7 Kingsley, Ted, 298, 304 Kingyon, Randy, 432 Kinker, David, 387 Klnnamon, Steven, l27 Kinney, Carol, I97 Kayser, Michael, l32 Kealey, Mary, I66 Kayser, Michael, I32 Kealey, Mary, I66 Kearney, Raymond, l38, 298, 363 Keating, Margaret, 406 Keech, Betty, I66 Keefe, Cecilia, 409 Keete, Frankie, 388 Keete, Patrick, ll0, 202 Keeling, Michael, 363 Keenan, Terence, II9, 382 Kinney, Katharine, 3l8 Kinney Kinney Kinney Kinsey, , Michael, I66 , Patrick, II9 , Terrance, 299, 364 Ben, 422,423 Kinsey, Darrell, I I9 Kehe, David, 36l Kehrn, Jo, 334 Keil, Margaret, l53, 166, 3l7 Kiple, Charles, I47, I50, l52 Kiple, David, I92 Kipping, Jean, 205 Koch, Stephen, 226 Koch, Thomas, I89 Kodros, Rodney, I67, 363 Koehn, Elizabeth, I67 Koenig, James, 424 Koering, James, 292 Koerperick, David, 437 Koester, Colette, I67 Koester, Sherrie, 395 Kohn, Helen, 4I6 Kohn, Kerry, 369 Kokis, Gloria, I67 Kokiohn, Cynthia, 305 Kallfan, Eawafa, l47, I50, l52, 204 2le Konicki, Doris, 395 Konrad, Christopher, 200,202 Koob, Kenneth, I89 Koolhof, James, 364 Koon, Carolyn, 153, I67 Koons, Susan, 3I7 Kooperman, Samuel, 236, 262 Kopecky, Kathleen, l53, 399 Kopel, Merle, 388 Kopt, Tony, 437 Koppenhaver, John, 123,384 Koppernolle, Keith, 387 Korb, James, 192 Korenevich, Jill, 340 Korte, Ronald, 363 Koser, Stephen, 378 Koss, Dennis, 425 Kossuth, Bruce, 387 Labarge, Dianne, 167,346 Labond, Curtis, 294 296 Laborde, Larry, 375 Labounty, Gary, 129, 134 Lacey, Daniel, 193 Lacis, Liga, 167 Lager, Louis, 240 Lagle, William, 299 Laine, Roney, 138 Laing, Barbara, 413 LAW, COLLEGE OF, 84 Lawhead, Charles, 388 Lawler, James, 259 Leyerle, Linda, 399 Leytze, Catherine, 329 L'Halloren, Mary, 303 Lawrence, David, 383 Lawrence, Kathie, 396 Lawrence, Larry, 289 Lawrence, Linda, 320 Lawrence, Ted, 287 Lawson, James, 361 Lang Dennis, 124 Kossuth, David, 119, 123 Kotok, Charles, 369 Kottman, Karen, 165, 213, 340 Kouba, James, 437 Kovarsky, Joel, 369 Koza, Jean, 230, 305, 394 Koza, John, 167,370 Kozel, Douglas, 375 Kratt, Diana, 167 Kramarsic, Joseph, 424 Krambeck, Charles, 118 Kramer, Bonnie, 167 Kramer, John A., 118,363 Kramer, John E., 363 Kramer, Susan, 238 Krantz, Kathleen, 325 Krasche, Connie, 396 Krasche, Robert, 255, 258 Krasner, Lawrence, 369 Kratzer, Pamela, 167, 183 Krause, Dagrriar, 269, 411, 412 269, 307, Krebs, Janice, 326 Krebs, Kathleen, 167 Kreger, James, 357 Kreis, Helen, 205, 244 Kreiter, Jerry, 189 Kreici, Terrance, 119 Krell, Michael, 132 Kremenak, Diana, 329 Kreml, Gwenn, 167 Krieg, Carol, 167 Krieger, Robert, 423 Kriens, Donnie, 354 Kristan, Gary, 378 Kron, Diane, 126 Kron, Marcia, 223, 257, 314, 334 Kroneman, James, 185 Kroneman, Ruth, 183 Kross, Burton, 140, 141,142,145 Krueger, Carol, 303, 317 Krueger, Kurt, 205, 441 Kruetz, Doug, 357 Krug, D ennis, 384 Krukman, Judy, 344 Krum, Julie, 338 Kruse, Dennis, 150 Kruse, Judy, 141 Kruse, Suzanne, 197 Kruzan, William, 212, 363 Kryder, Ralph, 304, 4-41 Kubik, Robert, 202 Kubista, Loman, 119 Kuchel, Michael, 132 Kuehn, Richard, 303 Kuen, Donna, 334 Kutner, Michael, 441 Kugler, John, 428 Kuhl, Janene, 167,404 Kuhl, Larry, 132, 304 Kuhl, Mary, 167 Kuhl, Pamela, 340 Kuhlmann, Mary, 167 Kula, Robert, 151 Kunau, Richard, 150 Lake, Gary, 431 Lamb, Lafayette, 228, 439, 442 LAMBDA CH1 ALPHA, 364 Lambeth, Lynnette, 211, 334 Lambr echt, Jerome, 200, 202 Lambrecht, Nancy, 343 Lambrecht, Paula, 196, 197, 199 Lambrecht, Thomas, 370 Lamp, Don, 384 Lamprecht, Natalie, 315, 317 Lande, James, 424 Lande, Robert, 378 Lande, Steven, 352 Lander, Larry, 357 Landers, Sally, 325 Lane, Coy, 110, 200, 202 Lane, Curtis, 372 Lane, Linda, 126 Lang, Allen, 192 Lang, David, 119,258 Lang, Lang, Lange, Lange, Lange Lange Lange Patricia, 317 Robert, 427 Connie, 340 Joan, 340 John, 434 Michael, 425 Richard, 140, 142 119 Langer, Michael, Langhaus, Leslee, 322,400 Langlas, Stephen, 378 Lanich, Deborah, 343 Lanma n, Robert, 147 Lannom, William, 119 Lannon, Michaela, 167,337 Lantz, John, 261, 263 Laplant, John, 423 Lapoint, Deborah, 405 Lapoint, Dennis, 116 Larkin, Ann, 205 Larsen, Gary, 167,287,306 Larsen, Linda, 346 Larsen Patricia, 167, 183 Larson, Ann, 205 Larson, Catherine, 224, 228, 400 Larson Larson Craig, 223, 363 Darrell, 427 Larson, Deborah, 400 Larson, Dennis, 226, 228 Larson, Diana, 395 Larson Eric, 13, 220, 382 Larson, Gordon, 189 Larson, Hal, 426 Larson, Jane, 167 Larson, Kristen, 337 Larson, Lars, 262 Larson, Linda, 126, 246 Larson, Lynne, 330 Larson, Martha, 334 Larson, Patricia, 418 Larson, Paul, 167 Larson, Wayne, 202, 431 Larue, Laser, Suzanne, 322 Sue, 197, 397 Laytield, Barbara, 167,325 Layton, Joann, 167 Layton, Mary, 205, 343 Lazar, Arnold, 290, 304, 306 Lazar, Mark, 290, 304 Lazarus, Larry, 213, 348 League, Stephen, 119 Leary, James, 129, 134 Leavitt, David, 440 Lebeau, Shirley, 418 Lebowich, Gary, 352 Lebowich, Maxine, 119 Lederman, Theodore, 192 Ledman, Richard, 260 Lee, Dorothy, 203 Lee, Elizabeth, 199 Lee, Gordon, 287 Lee, Jerome, 380 Leese, Roger, 119, 127 Legrand, Nicholas, 167 Lehan, Michael, 150 Lehman, James, 370 Leimer, Donald, 140, 142, 144 Leinbaugh, Dennis J., 388 Leinbaugh, Dennis W.. 167 Leipold, Bruce, 239 Leipold, Janet, 259, 263, 338 Leistikow, Loren, 375 Leitch, Duane, 167 Leitz, Robert, 388 Lemon, Michael, 431 Lemon, Stanley, 119 Lemons, Tudine, 197 Lentz, Kathryn, 205 Lenz, Diana, 346 Lenzi, An nette, 167 Lenzmeier, Stephen, 431 Leo, Monica, 168 Leon, David, 168 Leonard, Eugene, 168 Leonard, Karen, 269, 394, 396 Leonard, Richard, 363 Leonard, Robert, 119 Leonard Susan 245 Kundel, John, 262, 387 Kundel, Karl, 387 Kuntz, Sue, 246, 396 Kuntz, William, 189 Kuperman, Nina, 167 Kuramoto, Robert, 167, 193 Kurth, Karel, 119 Kuster, Joyce, 153, 167, 397 Kuttler, William, 132 Kuyper, Jeannine, 213,267,334 KWAD, 229 Kydan, Miriam, 329 Kyle, Mary, 201, 202 L Laaveg, Paul, 287, 306 Lassegue, Frantz, 259 Latta, Catherine, 334 Latta, David, 434 Latta, John, 167 Laube, Douglas, 190, 194 Laubenthal, Keyron, 167, 184 Lauer, Ernest, 141 Laughlin, James, 434 Laughlin, Thomas, 348, 358 Laughton, John, 167,220,382 Laumann, Ann, 403 Lauson, Samuel, 132 Lauterbach, Scott, 425 Lavent, Joel, 426 Laver, Ernst, 140 Lavery, Michael, 287, 306 Lavery, Thomas, 442 Lepley, Kenneth, 358 Leprevost, Carol, 153, 168 Leprevost, Dale, 191 Lercher, Lance, 200,202 Leroy, Catherine, 325 Leshyn, Robert, 119,292 Leslie, Jeanne, 168,333 Leslie, Lester, 430, 433 LETTERMAN CLUB, 306 LETTERS, SCHOOL OF, 98 Lettween, David, 369 Leunig, Douglas, 424 Leuthauser, Terry, 424 Levi, Rosemary, 168, 345 Levich, Leslie, 321 Levin, Alan, 369 Levine, Gordon, 352 Levine, Jettrey, 213, 369 Levinson, Arnold, 369 Levois, Maurice, 258 Levsen, Larry, 138, 140, 142, 144 Libby, Verna, 160 LIBERAL ARTS, COLLEGE OF, Lickteig, Joseph, 437 Liebbe, Michael, 119, 124, 127 Liechty, Stephen, 427 Liehr, Carolyn, 168 Lienau, Kathleen, 228 Lightner, Thomas, 383 Linch, Mary, 401 Lincoln, Richard, 119, 124 Lincoln, Robert, 150 Lincors, Ellen, 168,333 Lind, John, 361 Lindahl, Barry, 168,363 Lindaman, Ellen, 197, 199 Lindaman, Jim, 259 Lindblom, Sue, 168 Linde, Ronald, 193 Lindecker, Howard, 197 Lindeen, Robert, 370 Lindell, James, 378 Lindell, Jane, 337 Lindell, John, 378 Linden, Michael, 378 Lindhorst, Barbara, 168,326 Lindner, Stephen, 434 Lindquist, Ruth, 168 Lindsay, William, 168 Lindsley, Alan, 442 Lingo, Charles, 432 Link, Curtis, 423 Link, Gretchen, 197,326 Linkletter, Don, 442 Linn, Steven, 228 Linrothe, Robyn, 263 Linton, Cheryl, 337 Littell, William, 387 Litzsinger, Janet, 168 Liudahl, Wayne, 129, 134 Livingston, John, 147, 150 Livingston, Michael, 248 Lloyd, Judith, 168 Lloyd, Richard, 193 Lobb, James, 387 Lobdill, Linda, 322 Lochmann, Judith, 257,325 Lochner, Susan, 212, 329 Lock, Robyn, 233 Lockhart, Ann, 168 Lockie, Teresa, 205, 398 Lockridge, Richard, 168,258 Lockwood, Constance, 412 Lockwood, Richard, 384 Loeb, Edward, 440 Loeb, Frances, 168 Loeb, James, 119 Loeck, Charles, 129, 132 Lotgren, Frank, 195 Lotgren, Milton, 442 Lottus, Donald, 168 Loftus, Paul, 189 Loftus, Ronald, 132 Logan, Michael, 376 Lohr, John, 119 Long, Joseph, 131, 134 Long, Pat, 244 Long, Randall, 376 Longanecker, Gail, 53, 168, 186, 187 203, 270, 318 Longden, Thomas, 187 Longstreth, James, 140, 141, 142 88 185, 205 Levsen, Thomas, 437 Levy, Peter, 369 F Lewa ne, Jane, 168 Lewis, Andrew, 424 Lewis, Craig, 260, 380 Lewis, Cynthia, 212, 329,400 Lewis, Gregory, 358 Lewis, Huntley, 185 Lewis, Jettrey, 370 Lewis, John, 259 Lewis, Judy, 168 Lewis, Linda, 325 Lewis, Lo uise, 183,334 Lewis, Meredith, 427, 433 Lewis, Paulette, 55 Lewison, Judy, 257, 343 Leyde, Michele, 168 Lookingbill, David, 423 Loomis, John, 131, 134 Loos, Gerald, 189 Loose, Michael, 292 Lordahl, Var, 168 Lorenzen, Patricia, 212, 340 Loring, Roger, 168 Loucius, Michelle, 168, 338 Loucks, Patricia, 326 Louden, Antoinette, 322 Loudenback, Linda, 205 Loughran, John, 168,233,361 Louvar, Richard, 168, 255, 258 Loux, Dennis, 168 Love, Sara, 197, 199 Loveioy, Roger, 384 McGarvey, Lovell, Marilyn, 197 Lovill, Wayne, 430, 432 Lovrien, Fred, 366 Low, James, 357 Low, Thomas, 357 Lowenberg, Timolhy, 168, 254, 255 256, 258 Lowman, Dennis, 131, 134 Lown, Roberl, 123, 358 Lowrey, Jean, 338 Lowrey, Palricia, 338 Lowry, Carol, 168 Lowry, Michael, 434 Lubin, Leonard, 369 Luce, Linda, 263, 337 Lucier, Roger, 378 Luck, David 270 Lucke, Roberl, 138 Luckenbill, Janel, 168, 233, 263 Lueck, Everell, 433 Luedlke, Richard 141 Luehrsmann, Ronald, 147, 149 Luiken, George, 189 Luken, Janeane, 205, 325 Lukensrneyer, William, 189 Lumley, Kaye, 168 Lumphrey, Dennis, 168 Lund, Laurel, 343 Lundeen, Sharon, 168,318 Lundin, Frederick, 376 Lundquisl, Charles, 441 Lundquisl, Eric, 140, 141 Lundquisl, Linda, 168, 248, 322 Lundsgaard, Vicloria, 184 Lundvall, Gary, 168 Luneckas, Karl, 306 Lunkley, Thomas, 431 Lusl, Gary, 189 Lullenger, Joleen, 408, 410 Luxen, Frances, 408 Luze, Darold, 168 Luzius, Phyllis, 397 Luzius, Bonnie, 246 Lyman, Madolyn, 317 Lyman, Michael, 378 Lynch, Lawrence, 168 Lyon, Kenl, 428 Lyon, Thomas, 147 Lyons, Dianne, 399 M Maahs, Edward, 120 Maas, Harry, 150, 204, 209 MacDonlad, Jean, 244 Mace, Sluarl, 120 Macek, Gary, 168 Machacek, Roberl, 297, 378 Machamer, Deborah, 223, 263, 330 Machek, Lois, 334 Mack, Mar1ys,88 Mack, Thomas, 203,432 Mackay, Dorolhy, 168,325 MacLaren, Cynlhia, 246 MacMorran, Wendy, 168 Madison, Dean, 193 Madull, Helene, 168 Maerz, Sharon, 418 Magdelrau, Marilyn, 395 Magee, Palrice, 168, 234 Maggio, Palrick, 358 Maguire, Deborah, 401 Mahafley, Michael, 248 Mahan, Connie, 168, 398 Mahan, Judilh, 168, 392, 398, 401 Maharry, Maurice, 168 Maharry, Randall, 189, 194 Maharry, Roger, 200 Maher, Shannon, 423 Maher, Sleven, 153 Maher, Timolhy, 259 Main, Raymond, 363 Mains, Susan, 325 Mairel, Paula, 333 Maior, Philip, 287 Maland, Palricia, 330 Malcolm, Jon, 256 Mallonee, Darleen, 326 Malloy, Randolph, 132 Malloy, Roberl, 370 Malloy, Sleven, 120 Mally, Henry, 192 Malone, James, 425 Malsed, Janel, 234 Ma1zahn,Ann,169 Manlield, Lyn, 322 Manley, Ronald, 432 Mann, Calherine, 338 Manning, Michael, 422 Mapes, Nyla, 169 Marasco, Peler, 292 Marcovich, Nancy, 410 Mardorl, Allen, 189 Marek, Suzanne, 197 Margolis, Elizabelh, 321 Margcshes, David, 90 Margulies, Jellrey, 169 Maricle, Palricia, 403 Maring, Barbara, 202 Marion, Thomas, 369 Marks, Joel, 255, 258 Marks, Roberl, 349, 352 Marlowe, Bruce, 364 Marner, Jonalhan, 426 Marr, John, 120 MARRIED STUDENTS, 450 Marriell, Jane, 317 Marrioll, Barbara, 343 Marrioll, Thomas, 138, 140, 141, 142, 185 Marschall, John, 357 Marsh, Linda, 169, 198, 199, 203, 322 Marshall, Charles, 298 Marshall, David, 169, 245 Marshall, George, 298 Marlel, Norloerl, 260 Marlens, Cassandra, 169 Marlens, Melvin, 142, 143 Marlensen, Karla, 400 Marlensen, Marcia, 400 Marli, Michael, 256 Marlin, Anne, 399 Marlin , Cheri, 169 Marlin, Donna, 153, 169 Marlin, James, 261 Marlin, John, 261, 366 Marlin, Karen, 120, 126 Marlin Larry, 150 Marlin, Marilynn, 169 Marlin, Paul, 134 Marlin, Roleigh, 423 Marlin, William, 441 Marlinko, Janelle, 248 Marls, Susan, 416 Marvel, James, 205, 248, 348, 363 Marvin, William, 191, 364 Marx, Jeanne 257, 333 Mashek, Mary, 409 Mason, Carol, 199, 410 Mason, Rose, 169 Maslers, Alberl, 226 Malhes, John, 140, 141 Malhes, Richard, 229, 422, 427 Malhews, Kalhy, 169, 322 Malhias, Diane, 409 Malhiascheck, Joan, 401 Malhison, Kalherine, 169, 184 Malkov, Mary, 415 Malsuda, Linda, 197 Maller, 189,437 Mallhes, Lloyd, 304 Mallhews, Helen, 326 Mallhias, James, 189, 192 Mallhiesen, Linda, 322 Mallison, David, 375 Mauer, Donald, 120,124 Maule, Terry, 413 Maulorico, Richard, 364 Maurer, Bruce, 441 Maurer, Charles, 129 Maurer, Richard, 169 Maurice, John, 120 Maus, Michael, 378 Maxheim, Elizaloelh, 337 Maxwell, Cheri, 395 Maxwell, Earl, 375 Maxwell, Joy, 195 May, Marion, 169 May, Susan, 169 Mayberry, Gwendolyn, 211 Mayhugh, Charles, 189 Maynard, Marcia, 347 Maynard, Philip, 259 Mayrose, David, 259 Mays, James, 205 Maze, Glenn, 132 McAlisler, Richard, 431 McAllisler, Mary, 224, 395 McAllisler, Roy, 139, 140, 143 McAllisler, Vernon, 142, 144, 145 McAnelly, Linda, 317 McAnly, Ann, 338 McAnly, Mary, 257, 338 McBealh, Kennelh, 169,298 McBride, Merri11y,224,322 McBROOM HOUSE, BURGE, 411 McCabe, Phillip, 169 McCabe, Roger, 150,210 McCalley, Pamela, 169 McCan1ess, Keilh, 290, 304, 306 McCarney, Michael, 169,258 McCarraghher, James, 120,216,258 363 McCarlhy Eileen, 169 McCarlhy, Mary, 169, 399 McCarlhy, Michael, 169 McCarlney, Ronald, 425 McCausland, Waller, 348,384 McCausl1and, Lynda, 169 McCaw, Fred, 150 McClain, Melissa, 233, 347 McCleary, Harriel, 169,325 McCleary, Melvin, 440 McCleary, Richard, 378 McCleary, Roberl, 423 McClelland, Maurice, 351 McClellen, Ronald, 440 McClenahan, Marlha, 400 McClendon, Michael, 424 McClenning, Marcia, 226 McClinlock, Eugene, 129, 132 McCloud, Craig, 169,363 McClure, Kalhleen, 169 McClure, Vicki, 396 McClurg, Harold, 120 McCoid, Gerald, 189 McColgan, Mariory, 169 McCo1lisler, Rulh, 410 McCollum, Carol, 169, 263, 337, 343 McCollum, Gordon, 363 McConaughy, Ronald, 120 McConeghey, Mark, 432 McConne1ee, Linda, 329 McCool, Palrick, 169 McCool, Terrence, 441 McCormick, Dale, 169 McCormick, Kalhleen, 169 McCormick, Kevin, 205 McGinnis McGinnis , Brian, 170 ,Julie, 224 McGinnis, Marian, 170, 246 McGinnis, Susan, 396 McGlolhl McGonig en, Jeanie, 126 le, Jim, 423 McGovern, Rose, 197 McGralh, Gaylord, 170, 292 McGralh, Roland, 282, 283 McGralh, Sleven, 170 McGraw, Joseph, 370 McGrevey, Daniel, 120, 376 McGrew, Sandra, 395 McGuire, Jack, 170 McGuire, Philip, 425 McGuire, Sleven, 170, 348, 372 McHarg, Margarel, 120, 126 McHone, Ronald, 120 Mcllhon, Michael, 170, 254, 255,256 258 Mcllralh, Ann, 216, 226, 257, 338 Mclnroy, Elisa, 246 Mclnlyre, Diane, 317 Mclnlyre, Marlha, 213, 334 McKay, Dorolhy, 325 McKee, Carolyn, 322 McKee, Erik, 170 McKee, Ransom, 170 McKeever, Michael, 132 McKeown, John, 191 McKim, J ames, 205, 425 McKim, Karen, 396 McKinley, Michael, 170 McKinley, Paul, 384 McKinney, Paul, 384 McKinney, Dale, 366 McKinney, Marc, 132 McKinnie, Silas, 287 McKnighl, Deborah, 263, 318 McKnighl, Richard, 375 ' McLain, Franklin, 361 McLane, Charles, 441 McLaren, Carol, 120, 125, 126 McLaughlin, Donn, 147, 150 McLaughlin, James, 245 McLaughlin, Sleven, 230, 434 McLean, Daniel, 384 McLean, Mary, 212, 223, 317 McManus, Gregory, 287, 357 McManus, Judilh, 418 McMinimee, Gary, 139 McMorris, Frederick, 228 McMorris, John, 120, 123 McMullen, Lee, 140, 142 McMurra McName Murray, 147 Y. r, Palricia, 170, 184 McCormick, Marlha, 197,333 McCormick, Palricia, 329 McCosh, Charles, 376 McCoy, Dia na, 223, 316,317 McCoy, James, 169 McCoy, Marsha, 197 McCracken, Sleven, 427 McCrea, Richard, 424 McCready, Raymond, 357 McCrighl, Gary, 169 McCulloch, Michael, 190,192 McCulloch, Ronald, 120 McCune, Richard, 229, 425 McCurdy, Ronald, 120 McDaniel, Cheryl, 307, 314, 343 McDermoll, Jack, 256 McDevill, Thomas, 426 McDonald, Carl, 150 McDonald, Marilyn, 169 McDonald, Mariorie, 170 McDonald, Sleven, 132 McDowell, Larry, 170 McDowell, Suzanne, 170 McE1vain,Kennelh, 120, 124 McEvoy, Gayle, 170 McEvoy, Mary, 175 McEvoy, Palricia, 303, 414, 416 McEwen, M ary, 322 r McFale, Jean, 197 McGalley, Peggy, 347 McGarry, Daniel, 423 Brian, 132 McGarvey, Frederick, 372 McGimpsey, Mary, 257,337 McGimpsey, Nancy, 36, 53, 257, 337, 374 McNary, David, 437 McNaughlon, Clifford, 440 McNeeley, Carol, 337 McNeeley, Karen, 223, 315,337 McNeil, William, 432 McNeil, Craig, 205, 387 McPherson, Malcolm, 151 McQueen, Bonnie, 153,211,406 McOuilkin, Susan, 317 McQuire, Phyllis, 197 McRoberls, Janel, 170, 318 McRoberls, Michael, 303 McShane, Dean, 428 McShane, Michael, 205, 213, 383 McVey, Jo, 337 McVoy, Margol, 409 McWhinnery, James, 433 McWilliams, Gary, 170 McWilliams, Julie, 170 McWilliams, Diana, 212, 337 Mead, Dorolhy, 230, 303,412 Mead, Harold, 432 Mead, Philip, 193 Meade, James, 263 Meade, Joseph, 140, 142, 143 Meador, Melinda, 333 Means, Julie, 211, 326 Medcl, Deanne, 405 MEDICINE, COLLEGE OF, 104 Meeker, Barbara, 170, 409 Meeks, Gary, 120 Meer, David, 303 Meesler, Gerald, 191 Melford, Michael, 120 Meierkord, Ann, 197 Meiners, Paul, 441 Meisenbach, Kafhryn, 170 Melcher, Jeffrey, 375 Melend ez, Ma rcos, 425 Mellinger, Carol, 400 Melone, Nancy, 322 Menage, Michael, 170 Mendel sohn, Jack, 369 Mendenhall, Walfer, 212, 372 Menke, Menke, Befh, 213,334 Roger, 292, 294 Mensing, Roberf, 366 Meridifh, Dennis, 147 Merkel, Ann, 170 Merrell, Thomas, 294 Merrick, Richard, 190, 193, 302 Merrick, William, 302 Merriff, Dennis, 199 Merriff, Marlynn, 329 Mersho n, Suzanne, 305, 317 Merfens, William, 381 Meskimen, Jon, 287, 294, 306, 4-40 Messer, Connie, 395 Messerl i, Carlos, 245 Mefsker, Linda, 170 Meffille, Francis, 185 1 Mefzger, Kafh een, 317 Meyer, Darwin, 364 Meyer, Donald, 147, 152 Meyer, James, 369 Meyer, Joseph, 170 Meyer, Juanifa, 446 Meyer, Kendall, 147, 152 Meyer, Lauren, 170 Meyer, Mark, 294 Meyer, Pafricia, 403 Meyer, Philip, 433 Meyer, Rufh, 137 Meyer, Saul, 352 Meyer, Sharon, 211, 326, 399 Meyer, Sfanley, 141 Meyers, Ralph, 120 Meyers, Terry, 411, 413 Meyers Thomas, 262 Michael, James, 120 Michae 1, James, 120 Michel, Frank, 424 Michels, Joseph, 139 Michelson, Sfeve, 256 Micich, sue, 211, 228 Mick, James, 132 Mick, William, 387 Micka, Curfis, 439, 442 Mickelson, John, 363 Mickelson, Keifh, 120 Mickelson, Michael, 191 Middagh, Dean, 440 Midcllefon, James, 302 Middlefon, Ricky, 170 Midland, Joanne, 170, 183 Mihal, Richard, 297, 425 Mikelson, Clarence, 170 Milem, Donald, 304 Miles, John, 150 Miles, Linda, 170 MILITARY, 249 Milkinf, Nancy, 145, 400 Millen, Roberf, 123 Miller, Barbara, 333 Miller, Barry, 120 Miller, Busfer, 262 Miller, Carla, 170 Miller, Charles, 352 Miller, Chrisfopher, 192 Miller, Crag, 287, 373 Miller, David, 166 Miller, Donald, 132 Miller, Eric, 147, 150 Miller, Gary, 120, 384 Miller, James M,, 363 Miller, James P., 120 Miller, Jane, 211, 334 Miller, Janice, 340 Miller, Jean, 317 Miller, Jimmy, 194, 428 Miller, Joan, 76, 170,406 Miller John 170 Mi1IerlJon, 190, 192 Miller, Kafhryn, 399 Miller, Kennefh, 140, 141, 142, 185 255, 256, 258 Miller, Miller, Leanne, 254,322 Miller, Louise, 400 Miller, Lynn, 120 Miller, Marilyn, 347 Miller, Mark Lloyd, 434 Miller, Mark Lynn, 364 Mary F., 171, 333 Larry, 170, 262, 263, 268 Miller, Miller, Mary M., 347 Miller, Melvin, 361 Miller Michael, 354 Miller, Nicole, 338 Miller, Pafricia, 171 Miller Penny, 137 Miller, Richard E., 364 Miller, Richard N., 171, 260, 302, 376 Miller, Roberf, 150 Ron, 193 Miller, Miller, Ronald, 194 Sandra 171 Miller, , Miller, Scoff, 199, 258, 287, 388 Miller, Sharon, 171 Miller, Sfephen, 437 Miller, Sfeven, 328, 363 Miller, Susan, 205, 417 Miller, Thomas, 442 Miller, Vicki J., 213, 334 Miller, Vicki L., 396 Miller, William, 373, 423 Millikin, Dorenda, 212, 337 Millis, David, 414 Mills, Behly, 197 Mills, Marianne, 329 Minick, Susan, 171 Minikus, Sfephen, 383 Minkel, Bonifa, 326 Minney, Douglas, 171, 229, 268, 450 Minnich, Corey, 384 Minfrup, Mary, 333 Mira, Allan, 387 Misfeldf, Pamela, 347 Mifchell, Bonnie, 171 Mifchell, John, 301 Mifchel1,Judifh, 171, 183, 334 Mifchell, Lawrence, 302 Mifchell, Roberf, 355 Mifchell, Sfeven, 361 Mifvalsky, Frank, 147, 150 Moeckl, Pafricia, 183 Moehlmann, Sfephen, 304 Moehring,Ga1yn, 147 Moeller, Sfeven, 189 Moffiff, Susan, 326 Mohr, Karen, 205, 246, 318 Mohr, Lawrence, 348, 351 Moloney, Adrienne, 329 Molyneaux, Sharon, 334 Monahan, Kafhryn, 205, 246, 257, 340 Monahan, Mark, 171,258 Mondane, Michael, 294,306,373 Mondf, Consfance, 171 Monkelien, Perry, 230 Monkerud, James, 388 Monkhouse, Kay, 171 Monnahan, Michael, 213 Monohon, Paul, 304 Monroe, Philip, 193 Monfgomery, Ann, 86, 171, 343 Monfgomery, Linda, 318 Mon1'our, Gregory, 355 Moo, Fah-Lin, 171 Moon, Erick, 147, 149 Moon, Pamela, 171 Mooney, Norma, 345 Mooney, William, 352 Barbara, 171 Moore Moore, Belinda, 404 Moore, Carl, 376 Moore, Carolyn, 326 Moore Moore David, 147 Donna, 171, 347 Moore, Franklin, 144 Moore, Gregory, 384 Moore, Janef, 171,340 Moore, Kafhleen, 303 Moore, Kennefh, 262 Moore, Mary C., 120 Moore, Mary E., 126 Moore, Nancy, 136, 339 Moore, Richard, 120, 384 Moore, Robert, 132 Moore, Ronald, 94 Moore, Susan, 340 Moore, William, 357 Moorhouse, Marfha, 305, 413 Morain, Sfephen, 171, 204, 255, 256, 258, 348, 370 Moranville, Gary, 194 Moreau, Gary, 220, 364 Morehead, Richard, 189 Morela Mores, nd, Kafhleen, 183 Barbara, 337 Morgan, Allen, 260, 261, 358 Morgan, John, 202 Morgan, Marsha Kay, 400 Morgan, Marsha Kay, 263, 340 Morgan, Marsha L., 171,224,326 Morgan, Rober1', 431 Morifz, Marcia, 318 Morifz, Sheryl, 171 Morlan, James, 290 Morris, Edwin, 202 Morris, Melvin, 287 Morris, Roberf, 189 Morrison, Chrisfine Morriso , 325 n, Linda, 334 Morrison, Mary, 171 Morrissey, Dennis, 433 Morriss Morse, ey, Mary, 416 Janie, 213, 217, 322 MORTAR BOARD, 203 Moser, Andy, 424 Moser, Linda, 412 Moser, Sfephen, 423 Moses, Bonnie, 223, 263, 337 Moses, David, 120 Moses, James, 191 Moss, Anne, 171,401 Moss, Gary, 150, 210 Mossman, Allen, 171 Mossman, Hugh, 171, 348, 385 Mossman, Roberf, 148 Mosf, Bruce, 171, 186 Mosf, Karen, 395 Moff, Paul, 171,439 Moffef, Mouw, Delores, 126 Bernard, 192 Moxley, Nancy, 171 Moyer, Moyer, Moyer, Elizabefh, 171 Hannah, 171 Melanie, 221,337 Moyers, John, 370 Mozena Mucha, Mueller 263, 3 Mueller Mueller Cheri 333 , Carolyn, 197, 199, 203, 4, 339 , Christine, 171 , Dennis, 424 , David, 422, 425 1 Mueller, John, 381 Mueller, Sfephen, 171,218,363 Muench, Donald, 238, 364 Mulder, Arlis, 322 Mulder, Richard, 189 Mulerf, Roberf, 300 Mullen, Barbara, 330 Mullen, Jeffrey, 233 Mullen, John, 189 Mullin, John, 367 Murray, John, 147, 149, 152 Murray, Roberf, 171 Murray, Thomas, 263, 378 Murray, William, 423 Murrin, Jean, 188, 189 Murfaugh, James, 134 Murlaugh, Terrence, 254 Musfeldl, Jeffrey, 302, 364 MUSIC, SCHOOL OF, 94 Musin, Doreen, 315, 345 Muskin, Alan, 369 Musselman, Gearharf, 233 Myers, Carol, 126, 220 Myers, Frank, 171,266 Myers, Sfephen, 147 Myers, Terry, 418 Myler, Claudia, 396 N Nachazel, John, 150 Nading, Richard, 171 Nadler, James, 352 Nagel, Dennis, 423 Naiberf, Roberf, 424 Nairn, Janef, 303, 405 Nardini, Jay, 387 Narey, Nancy, 212, 224,343 Nash, Barbara, 234 Nash, Roberf A., 120, 370 Nash, Roberf T., 428 Nass, James, 171 Nassen, Donald, 132 Nassif, Pafricia, 416 Nafhanson, Henry, 369 Nafvig, Candace, 244 Nafvig, Kendall, 171 Nauman, Maffhew, 383 Naumann, Mary, 209 Neal, Pafricia, 171 Neal, Rifa, 234 Neal, Theresa, 339 Nebel, Dorfhy, 171 Nedved, Larry, 120 Needles, James, 426 Neff, Carolyn, 404 Neff, Dennis, 226, 229, 441 Neighbor, Charles, 171 Neil, Ann, 337 Neilsen, Gregory, 424 Neiman, Richard, 189 Neisf, Roger, 290 Nekvinda, Peggy, 171 Mullins, Carol, 267 Mu1med,Mifzi, 171 Mulsfay, James, 431 Mulvihill, Pafrick, 142, 145,441 Mumm, Noel, 147, 149 Mummey, John, 298, 370 Mundy, Nancy, 136, 137 Mundy, Richard, 204 Mungoven, Carolyn, 183 Munns, James, 194 MunozAAmed, Horacio, 142, 143 Munro, Cheryl, 226, 412 Nelson, Andrea, 171, 325 Nelson, Barbara, 172 Nelson, Chrisfopher, 191 Nelson, Craig, 123 Nelson, Donald, 139, 140, 14 Nelson, Franklin, 282 Nelson, Gregory, 423 Nelson, Jacqueline, 257, 343 Nelson, Kafhryn, 418 Nelson, Marfha, 202 Nelson, Mary, 409 Nelson, Merrill, 132 Nelson, Mike, 194 Nelson, Pafricia, 334 Nelson, Richard, 120, 123 Nelson, Rufh, 395 Nelson, Sandy, 234, 402, 405 Nelson, Susan, 172 Nelson, Vicki, 198 Nelson, Wilner, 189 Nemec, Richard, 172 Neofafisf, Kris, 322 Neppel, Verona, 172 Nepple, Jim, 150 Nepple, Max, 262 Nerdig, Mary, 400 Murdoch, Loralea, 171 Murphy, Daniel, 194 Murphy, Ellen, 396 Murphy, Mary, 246 Murphy, Pafrick, 212, 358 Murphy, Pol1i,l71 Murphy, Randall, 301 Murphy, Russell, 120, 301 Murphy, Sharon, 246 Murphy, Thomas, 171, 248, 266, 374 Murphy, Timofhy, 189 Murra, Gerda, 171 256, 258 Nesler, Pam, 330 Ness, Sally, 333 Ness, Sfeve, 381 Nesfrud, Rick, 298, 373 Neswifz, Rhonda, 240 Neswold, James, 287, 378 Nefh, Nancy, 172 Nefzel, James, 140, 141 Neubauer, Marcella, 201, 202 Neumann, David, 423 Neumeier, Roberf, 172, 254, 255 Neuweg, Maurice, I72 Neville, Carole, 172, 330 Newberry, Candace, 211 Newberry, Robert, 172 Newbrough, Janell, 412 Newbrough, William, 187, 204, 210 270 Newcomer, Suzanne, 325 Newhouse, Janice, 200 Newhouse, Pamela, 330 Newland, Jerey, 120, 287, 373 Newland, Kimberly, 337 Newland, William, 300, 373 NEWMAN CLUB, 235 Newman, Larry, 370 Newmeister, John, 297 Neyens, Patricia, 347,412 Nezerka, Dean, 428 Nice, Marcia, 246, 322 Nichelson, Steven, 261 Nichols, Donald, 172,364 Nichols, Patricia, 410 Nicholson, Alan, 230 Nicholson, Darca, 211 Nicholson, James, I72 Nicholson, Steven, 437 Nicholson, Susan, I72 Nickolisen, Beth, 136, 137, 172, 203, 257, 318 Nicol, Danny, 150 Nicol, Gail, 400 Nicolaus, Theresa, 318 Nuzum, Bruce, 121, 149 Nye, Deborah, 303, 404 Nystrom, John, 172 O Ober, Leah, 326 Obleness, Dana, 405 O'Brien, Ellaouise, 172,314,335 O'Brien, Teresa, 246 O'8ryon, Maureen, 172,329 O'Connell, Jeanne, 198 O'Connor, Dailene, 172,329 O'Connor, Michael, 205, 302, 441 Oddsen, Kristine, 401 Ostbloom, Norman, 199 Oster, Donna, 412 Osterkamp, Kevin, 212, 442 Ostheimer, Linda, 230, 394 Ostlund, John, 432 Ostlund, William, 370 Osweiler, Marilyn, I72, 186, 266 Othmer, Gary, 424 Ott, Patricia, 397 Ottaway, Ronald, 121 Otteson, James, 148 Otto, Paul, 425 Otto, Robert, 121 Otto, Steven, 432 Otto, Virginia, 172 Paulsen, Sara, 183 Paulson, Theodore, 378 Pavdeg, Ed, 434 Pavlovich, James, 425 Paxton, Virginia, 340 Payden, Deborah, 305 Payne, Elizabeth, 189 Payne, Robert, 424 Payson, Patricia, 397 Payton, J ohn, 259 Pazdernik, Leroy, 185 Peacock, Ann, 330 Peacock, Mary, 173,339 Niebes, Terry, 120 Niebuhr , James, 367 Niebuhr, Marcia, 395 Niedermyer, James, 441 Nieland, Andrea, 172 Nieland, Maurice, 150, 172 Nieland, Robert, 192 Nielsen, Larry, 123,442 Nielsen, Nancy, 396 Nielsen, Patricia, I72 Nielsen, Nielson, Richard, 373 Kathryn, 172, 333 Niemeyer, Lann, 172 Niemeyer, Nicholas, 226 Nimtz, Janis, 404 Nissen, Janet, 412 Nissen, Kimberly, 228 Nissen, Stephanie, 305 Nissenbaum, David, 369 Nix, Mary, 172 Noah, Steven, 427 Noard, Galen, 287, 306 Noble, Joe, 245 Noddle, Jettrey, 369 Nolan, Margaret, 120 Nolan, Mark, 172 Nolan, Robert, 426 Nolan, Shiela, 189 Noller, Nancy, 172, 184,326 Nonas, Nicholas, I94 Nordeen, Peggy, 314, 337 Nordin, James, 205, 425, 427 Nordin, John, 229, 424 Norgaard, James, 427 Norgaard, Mary, 405 Norman, James, 383 Norman, Ronald, 282 Norris, Brian, 121 Northcutt, James, 442 Norton, Constance, I72 Norton, Michael, 172 Nossit, 'iNilliam, 355 Noun, Robert, 373 Noun, Sheila, 325 Novak, Jean, I72 Novak, Mary, 337 Novak, Richard, 121,255,258 Novak, Robert, 437 Novoselac, Gary, 423 Noyes, Michael, 367 NU SIGMA NU, 192 Nugent, Thomas, 256 Nultmeier, Donald, I72 Nunheimer, Lillian, 172, 303,408,410 Nunn, James, 383 Nunnikhoven, Thomas, 172 NURSING, COLLEGE OF, 108 Nuss, Edward, 357 Odell, Odem Odem, Odem, Andrew, 441 Daniel, 139, I40, 142,144 James, 202 John, 229 O'Doherty, Sean, I72 O'Donnel1, Martin, 172 O'Dowd, Thomas, 416 Oesterle, Larry, 134 Oeth, Dennis, 192 Oath, James, I40, I42, 145 OFF CAMPUS, 443 Ogilvy, Kathryn, 212, 330 O'Hall oran, Mary, 172 O'1-lara, Michael, 121 O'1-lara, Richard, 423 O'l'larra, Dale, 325 O'Hearn, Bill, 427 Ohnesorge, Linda, 213, 335 Ohsann, John, 437 Oldag, Martha, 322 Oldt, Kenneth, 213, 348, 357 Olechn ovics, Ca rmen, 333 O'eson, Willard, 348, 354, 355 Olinge Olipha Oliver r, Bruce, 427 nt, Janice, 418 Curtiss, 349, 359 Oliver, Phyllis, 198 Olney, Laverne, I94 Olsan, Russell, 189 Olsen, James, 193,430,433 O'sen, Sandra, 136, 137, 172 Olson, Alan, 428 Olson, Carmen, 172 Olson, Carol, 325 Olson, Eugene, 148 Olson, Gregory, 189, 191 Olson, Jane, 343 Olson, John, 357 Olson, Kristine, 326 Olson, Richard, 139, 140, 141 Olson, Ron, 357 Olson, Olson, Susanne, 205, 326 Varick, 195 Olthotf, Curtis, 200 Omi, Paul, 290, 291, 304,306 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA, 204 O'Neil, Dennis, 248 O'Neil l, Dorothy, 335 Onnen, Robert, 441 Opdah I, Linda, 415 Opheim, Kent, 381 Oppold, Thomas, 388 Orcutt, James, 437 Ordelh Orend, eide, Jean, 418 Barbara, 126 Orer, Meltem, 317 Organ, Clement, I72 ORIEN Orman rATioN couNclL, 27 , Ja, I72 Orrison, William, 121 Orsborn, Kristi, 399 Ort, Mary, 121 Ortgies, David, 121 Orton, Lambert, I94 Orton, Stephen, 375 Osborn, Judith, I72 Osborn, Thomas, 172,434 Osdoba, Frank, 256, 364 Osdoba, Gloria, 172 Ose, Wendell, 388 OUTSTANDING FACULTY, 112 Overett, Thomas, 172 Overett, William, 430, 431 Owen, Alice, 395 Owens, Mark, 364 Owens, Virginia, 203, 245, 340 Oxentord, James, 121, 124, 127 Oxley, Joel, 370 P Paar, Karen, 410 Pace, Edward, 427 Packard, David, I72 Padgham, Inga, 172,326 Padgham, Kenneth, 148, 150, 218, 359 Paetz, Bill, 129, 134 Peacock, Thomas, 379 Pearce, William, 134 Pearl, Elliott, 191 Pearsa Pea rso Pea rso Pease, ul, Gregory, 383 n, Nancy, 263, 338 n, Valinda, 408, 410 Susan, 212, 318 Pecaut, Linda, 223, 263, 314, 343, 374 Peck, James, 173 Pedersen, Carol, 317 Pedersen, Cheryl, 173 Pedersen, Diane, 173 Peders en, Gail, I73 Pedersen James 287 Peders en, John, 364 Pederson, Elizabeth, 257, 318 Peitfer, Charlene, 405 Peitter, James, 121 Peitier, Jo, 173 Peirce, Richard, 230, 423 Paetz, Marilyn, 413 Page, Dennis, 121, 258 Page, John, 172 Page, Raymond, 359 Page, Thomas, I72 Pahl, Jeanne, 173 Palmer, James, 200 Palmquist, John, 139, 140, 142,144,229 Paluska, Gerald, 191 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, 314 Panor, Bruce, 352, 425 Pellett, Paul, 230, 437 Pelton, John, 208, 209, 363 Pence, Barbara, 317 Penkhus, Stephen, 191 Penne, Dale, 121 Penner, 1-lelaine, 173 Penny, Ruth, 233 Pentzien, Roger, 381 Penwell, Robert, 173, 216, 260, 263, Papian, James, 363 Pappas, Anthony, 189 Pappas, De Ann, 189 Paquette, Peter, 173, 287, 306 Paresky, Rita, 345 Parish, Arlon, 148 Parisi, Sharon, 214, 218 Parisi, William, 233 Park, Cynthia, 409 Parker, Charles, 292 Parker, Gretchen, 417 Parker, Patrick, 254 Parker, Ronald, 349, 351 Parks, Nancy, 224, 398, 399 Parmater, Nancy, 267 Parrino, Anthony, 440 Parrish, Janet, 395 Parry, Donna, 335 Parry, Susan, 202, 213, 246, 411 Parrywinkle, Susan, 413 Parson, Thomas, 424 Parsons, Hugh, 173,363 Parsons, Sherilyn, 322 Pasternak, Joseph, 212, 370, 422, 428 Pastorino, Raymond, I73, 297, 363 Paton, Jill, 395 Pattee, Barbara, 340 Pattee, Susan, 198 Patten, Jerry, 259 Patten, Michael, 129 Patterson, Cornelius, I73, 287, 306 Patterson, David, 259 Patterson, John, 173 Patterson, Michael, 124, 125, 128 Patterson, Nancy, 412 Patterson, Patricia, 318 Patterson, Randall, 370 Patton, Constance, 339 Patton, Rex, 139 Pattscull, Paula, 318 Paul, John, 121 Paulln, Lynn, 173 Pauling, Susan, 318 269, 376 PEOPLE TO PEOPLE, 211 Pepper, Patricia, 404 Perelman, Sheldon, 121,369 Perham, Mary, 173 Perkins, Jane, 137, 338 Perkins, John, 148 Perkins, Pamela, 173 Perkins, Robert, 292 Perles, Harris, 173 Pernick, Janice, 173,347 Perrin, Janet, 326 Perry, Anne, 173 Perry, George, 370 Perry, Joan, 340 Perry, John, 268,432 Perry, Linda, 413 Perry, Lois, 173 Perry, Michael, 228, 259 Perry, Robert, 148, 149 Person, Robert, 173 Pesses, Mark, 369 Peter, Hollis, 302 Peters, Anne, 121 Peters, Beniamin, 189 Peters, Connee, I73, 268, 329 Peters, David, 348, 349, 376 Peters Donald 148 152 Peters, Jon, 173 Peters, Robert, 150 Petersen, Barbara, 214, 343 Petersen Brian, 200, 202 Petersen, Gary, 200 Petersen, Joyce, 398 Petersen, Judith A,, 173 Petersen, Judith L., 173 Petersen, Julie, 413 Petersen, Kathie, I73 Petersen, Kim, I73 Petersen Linda, 230, 410 Petersen, Mildred, I73, 246, 346, 347 Petersen, Stephen, 150 Osko, Gregory, 364 Oskvig, Ordean, 256,261,427 Oskvig, Roger, 254 Oslund, Abby, 305 Oss, Lowell, 189 Paulk, Stephen, 132 Paull, George, 440 Paullus, Linda, 326 Paulsen, Nancy, 395 Paulsen, Patricia, 173,335 Petershagen, John, 388 Peterson, Barbara, 341 Peterson, Carol, 189 Peterson Charles 173 Peterson ,I David, II93 Peterson Peterson, Dean, I40, 142 Dorwin, 76, 173,238,248 PHI KA Pelersorl, Glen, 193 Pelerson, James, 383 Pelerson, Janice E., 347 Pelerson, Janice L., 173 Pelerson, John, 189 Pelerson, Joy, 400 Pelerson, Kenl, 200, 202, 228 Pelerson, Linda, 347 Pelerson, Linnea, 199, 395 Pelerson, Lynne, 173 Pelerson, Marc, 173,431 Pelerson, Marlin, 146, 148 Pelerson, Mary, 323 Pelerson, Palricia, 173 Pelerson, Richard, 121 Pelerson, Roberl, 193 Pelerson, Roy, 355 Pelerson, Slanley, 422, 424 Pelerson, Susan, 198,337 Pelerson, Vicloria, 412 Pelosa, Slephen, 148, 150 Pelree, Jane, 174 Pelrick, John, 245, 379 Pelsche, Therese, 410 Pelsel, Duane, 174 Plelfer, Paul, 148, 151 Pfeiffer, John, 218 Plisler, Sally, 263 PHARMACY, COLLEGE OF, 110 Phelps, Cheryl, 174 Phelps, Garry, 367 Phelps, Gary, 258, 294 Phelps, George, 367 Phelps, Michael, 430 Phelps, Paul, 130, 132 Phelps, Roberl, 174 PHI ALPHA DELTA, 151 PHI BETA PI, 193 PHI DELTA PHI, 150 PHI DELTA THETA, 366 PHI EPSILON PI, 368 PHI ETA SIGMA, 205 PHI GAMMA DELTA, 370 PHI GAMMA NU, 126 PPA PSI, 372 PHI KAPPA SIGMA, 374 PHI LAMDA UPSILON, 185 PHI RHO SIGMA, 194 PHI UPSILON OMICRON, 183 Phillips Chrislopher, 282, 373 Phillips, Allen, 361 Phillips, Candace, 343 Phillips, Gary, 124 Phillips, James, 139 Phillips, Jane, 337 Phillips, Mary, 333 Phillips Michael, 287, 306, 441 Phillips, Ronald, 174 Phillips, Susan, 337 P1 BETA PHI, 342 PI KAPPA ALPHA, 376 PI OMEGA PI, 128 Pl TAU SIGMA, 144 Piacenza, Lorella, 213, 412 Picek, James, 385 Pick, Richard, 238 Pickell, Cynlhia, 303 Pickell, John, 359 Pieper, Mary, 198,347 Pier, Judilh, 327 Pierce, Sleven, 121 Pierce, Timolhy, 348, 373 Pierce, Valerie, 263,343 Pirch, Gerald, 174 Pirman, Jell, 389 Pisney, Francis, 190, 193 Pilhan, Larry, 174,364 Pilka, Bill, 248 Pilman, Richard, 190 Pilz, Barbara, 174,333 Pilz, Kalhleen, 315, 333 Plager, Kalhleen, 416 Plambeck, John, 262 Plank, Joe, 373 Plall, John, 148 Plallenberger, Marilyn, 174 Plalleler, Dennis, 139 Plaza, John, 132 Pleshek, Ann, 211,327 Plummer, Carol, 305 Podolak, Edward, 286, 287, 306 Pohlmann, Jean, 303 Pohlmann, Peler, 379 Poindexler, Dixie, 174,331 Polich, John, 430, 434 Pollack, Miriam, 236 Pollard, Jack, 423 Pollen, David, 166 Polley, Joseph, 121 Pollock, Jane, 321 Pollock, Phillip, 427 Polly, Richard, 190 Pomeroy, Philip, 259, 375 Pomrehn, Paul, 212, 424 Ponsar, Dianne, 174 Poole, Ronald, 387 Poole, Susan, 223 Pope, Bonnie, 318 Popel, Priscilla, 223, 331 Porsch, Lynn, 425 Porler, Carolyn, 174 Porler, Jack, 351 Porler Jean, 174 Porler Pamela A., 136, 137,174 Porler, Pamela J., 317, 325 Porler, Sleven, 437 Porler, Thomas, 363 Poslel, Nancy, 174 Polash, Michael, 369 Polhasl, Karen, 174 Polash, Michael, 369 Polhasl, Karen, 174 Poller, Roberl, 434 Pollholl, Helen, 174 Pollholl, Pamela, 174 Pollholl, Thomas, 303, 377 Pollralz, Slephen, 174 Polls, Roberl, 150 Poulos, Krislie, 339 Pound, Joyce, 327 Powell, Rodney, 437 Powell, Terry, 174 Powers, Joan, 174 Powers, John, 194 Powers, Palrick, 174 Poyer, Roberl, 140, 141, 145 Poyner, Jerald, 212, 359 Poyser, Cynlhia, 314, 325 Pranger, William, 174 Prall, Margo, 406 Prenosil, Tamara, 399 Prenlice, Waller, 259, 389 Presley, Bruce, 431 Preslon, Slanlon, 174 Presuhn, Rhela, 412 PSI OMEGA, 134 Puck, Peggy, 211, 327 Puckell, Michael, 357 Puelz, Mary, 199, 205, 408, 409 Pugh, Alicia, 337 Puls, Karen, 213 Puls, Louise, 174 Pundf, Marlha, 396 Purcell, Thomas, 190 Pulman, Slephen, 174,371 Pulnam, Karen, 174 Pulnam, Nancy, 174 Pyper, Thomas, 212,363 Q Quade, Diane, 413 QUADRANGLE, 430 Ouamme, Jack, 437 Qualeman, William, 369 QUEENS, 52 Quick, Russell, 427 Quiner, Slephen, 371 Quinn, Chrisline, 263, 341 Quisenberry, Paula, 175 R Rabern, Rick, 425 Rabinovilz, Peshell, 223, 345 Rabong, Ule, 175 Race, John, 424 Rallery, Thomas, 187 Ragland, Douglas, 175, 258 Raiber, Ronald, 121, 123 Railsback, Joel, 427 Railora, Dennis, 194 Rall, Douglas, 424 Ralslon, Thomas, 433 Ramsay, Gene, 256,261,433 Ramsey, Homer, 371 Ramsey, John, 175, 220, 273, 359 Randall, Slephen, 363,433 Randall, Sleven, 202 Randell, Palsy, 175 Randell, Richard, 175 Randerson, Krisline, 175, 343 Regenniller, F. J., 437 Rehage, David, 150 Rehling, Barbara, 343 Rehmke, Fred, 424 Rehmke, Linda, 254, 395 Reich, Charles, 256, 385 Reichardl, John, 262 Reicherl, Pamela, 347 Reid, David, 248, 381 Reid, Harry, 175,375 Reid, Janel, 246, 397 Reider, Michael, 236 Reider, Sharon, 236, 345 Reier, Carol, 408,410 Reierson, Richard, 124 Reilly, Janel, 175 Reilly, Michael, 175 Reilly, Roberl, 187 Reimer, Cheryl, 175 Reimer, Julie, 212, 331 Reinders, Donald, 194 Reinders, Joan, 175 Reinharl, Lawrence, 431 Reiseller, Philip, 150, 204 Reiler, Peler, 436, 437 Rekemeyer, Donna, 246 RELIGION, SCHOOL OF, 92 Remley, David, 150 Remmers, Nancy, 343 Renard, Rebecca, 175 Renaud, Ronald, 431 Rendleman, Douglas, 148 Renn, Meardon, 175 Reno, Roberl, 364 Reno, Slephen, 424 Renquisl, Thomas, 387 Renzo, Anlhony, 378, 379 Repperl, John, 367 Reschley, Gary, 190, 194 Reschley, Wilbur, 193 Relsema, James, 302 Reunes, Barb, 404 Reuss, Norberl, 80 Rew, Leora, 213, 224, 339 Reynolds, Barbara, 333 Reynolds, Corlslance, 418 Reynolds, Donald, 426 Reynolds, Kalherine, 410 Ranes, Nan, 136, 137,175 Raney, Jane, 410 Raney, Jerry, 202, 230 Raney, Jo, 246 Raney, John, 150, 302 Reynolds, Michael, 363 Reynolds, William, 223, 363 Reynoldson, Roberl, 428 Reyno1dson,Vicki, 175,323 Rhea, Roberl, 385 Preussner, Sandra, 174 Price, Donald, 433 Price, James, 359 Price, John, 433 Price, Judilh, 341 Price Tlmollwy, 359 Pries,' Ma ry, 174 Piernol, Kurl, 436, 437 Pierrol, William, 187 Piersol, James, 364 Pierson, Marcia, 174, 184 Pilgrim, Donald, 355 Pillepich, Mary, 83 Piller, Paul, 174 Pinks, Bruce, 437 Pinnow, Lawrence, 387 Piolrowski, Chris, 394, 397 Piper, La Mar, 148, 149 Piper, Philip, 174 Pipperl, Sue, 395 Prige1,Caro1l, 303, 347 Primer, Howard, 369 Primmer, Ernesl, 134 Primmer, Roberl, 121 Prina, Palrick, 174,292 Prinz, Roberl, 369 Prior, Barbara, 244 Prilchard, Layern, 442 Proclor, David, 174, 370 Proclor, Michael, 304,424 PROJECT AID, 213 Pruess, Joe, 121,385 Rank, Karen, 257, 343 Ransdell, Douglas, 364,421 Ransdell, Richard, 364,437 Ransdell, Slephen, 148 Ranla, Richard, 226 Rapp, Nelda, 317 Rarig, Jan, 175 Rasmussen, John, 223, 299, 349, 387 Rasmussen, Roberl, 385 Rasmussen, Terry, 395 Ralhie, James, 292 Ralhie, Palricia, 408,410 Ralhien, Sue, 396 Ralzel, Lyle, 381 Ravilz, Lawrence, 175 Rawson, Greig, 123, 389 Ray, Kennelh, 428 Ray, William, 389 Raymond, Gail, 410 Rea, Robin, 327 Read, James, 121 Readinger, Sleven, 428 Reay, Richard, 134 Recker, Neil, 175 RECREATION SOCIETY, 233 Redding, Janel, 400 Reddenbaugh, Judy, 175 Reding, Vernon, 142 Redlingshaler, Rila, 198 Reece, Roger, 175 Reed, Camelia, 175, 184,327 Reed, Colelle, 406 Reed, Porler, 363 Reed, Randall, 359 Reed, Rebecca, 325, 335 Reernlsma, Marilee, 233, 331 Reese, Richard, 424 Regan, Mary, 323 Rhine, Wendell, 185 Rhoads, Janis, 412 Rhoads, Joann, 414 Rhodes, John, 190 Rhodes Ross, 192 Rice, Elizabelh, 211, 327 Rice, John, 132 Rice, Richard C., 352 Rice, Richard L., 190 Richard, Jerry, 150 Richards, John L., 364 Richards, John S., 432 Richardson, Ellen, 329 Richardson, George, 426 Richardson, Lynn, 121,439,442 Richardson, Roberl K., 175 Richardson, Richardson Roberl R., 364, 437 Roloerla, 327 Riche, Mary, 223, 319 Richmann, David, 426 Richmann, Michael, 383 Richlsrneier, Thomas, 107, 192 Rickerslen, Donald, 205, 392,430,433 Riddle, Fred, 134 Riddle, Roberl, 123 Ridenour, Ronda, 410 Riebholl, John, 434 Rieck, Randi, 331 Riegerl, Sandra, 323 Riegerl, Sharon, 315, 329, 410 Riehm, Beverly, 209,220,337 Riehm, Charles, 212 Rielley, Kim, 416 Riemer, Brian, 148, 149 RIENOW, 439 Riese, David, 145 Riessen, Barbara, 175 Riessen, Reinhard, l90 Rigler, Wilson, l06, l07, I93 Riherd, John, I75, 348, 388, 389 Rosen, Dean, I76 Rosen, Elaine, 263 Rosenberg, Fredric, 369 Rosenberg, Jack, I39 Rihner, Shirley, 4l5 Rike, Dennis, l05, IO6, I93 Riker, Ro berf, I49 Riley, Ann, I75 Riley, Palricia, 2l3 Riley, Pe Qqv. 415 Riley, Richard, l50 Rimsans, Rindersp Ringena, Ringsdor Aivars, I39 acher, Emil, 442 Eric, 38I f, Shirley, l83, 303 Rinker, Carolyn, I75 Rise, Ma rk, 385 Riss, Gary, 228, 38l Rissler, Roberf, 373 Rilfer, Pamela, 34l Rilfgers, Rosalie, 4l3 Rilzman, Roy, 299 Rivera, Bolivar, I75 Roach, John, 437 Robar, Ann, 325 Robbins, Bruce, 353 Robbins, Gary, 424 Robbins, William, 359 Roberson, Thomas, 37l Roberls, Bonila, I75 Roberrs, Carherine, 332 Roberls, Roberls ciauais, 3l7 Jaeiisn, lar, 335 Roberls, John, l90 Roberls Roberls, Roberls, Roberfs, Roberls, Roberrso Roberlso Karen, I75 Kalherine, 230, 347 Michael, I75 Rachael, I75 Suzanne, I75, 3l8 ii, Ranaa, 224, 228, 303 n, Thomas, l2l, I23 Robinerre, Joseph, I75, I92 Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Andrew, 22l, 348,364 Bonnie, I75 , Cynlhia, I75 Dan, 275 Dennis, l2l ,Gary, I24, l27 John, 35l Judilh A., 343 Judilh M., 34l Lesler, I48 , Nancy, 3l9 , Susan, 3l9 Wayne, 303 75 Robson, Judah, i Rocar Rochofle, James, I Rockey, Bernice, ek, Richard, 427 385 75, I75 Rodden, Diane, l75 Rode, Ronald, 357 Roe, Ellen, l75, l83 Roelois, James, I90, l94 Roelo fs, Mary, l98, I99 Roepke, Kennelh, 202 Rogers, Earle, l90 Rogers, George, l92 Roger s, Jeanne, 4l3 Rogers, John, l2l, 433 Rogers, Wayne, 437 Rohde, Jeanne, I75 Rohlf, Jean, 246, 268, 3l4, 3l6, 3l7 Rohne r, Thomas, 424 Rohrer, Jeanelle, l36, l37, l75 Roland, Gene, I75, l93 Roland, Judilrh, 20l Roland, Ronnie, 423 Roland, Sue, 338 Rollinger, Carol, I75 Rolslon, Dirkes, l95 Rolslon, Thomas, 355 Roman, Jane, 323 Romine, Thomas, 440 Roney, Jo, 400 Ronnebaum, Rosemary, I75, 323 Ronanzi, William, 385 Rooney, Colleen, 4l7 Rople, Susan, 409 Rosa, Cheri, I75, I83 Rosborough, Jane, 337 Rose, Phyllis, I75, 394 Rose, Sfe Roseland ven, 273, 434 , Dennis, l2l Rosenberg, Mark, 303,425 Rosenfeld, Belh, 345 Rosenlhal, Conslance, l76 Rosenlhal, Roberl, l23, 209, 299, 43l, 432 Rosioue, John, 432 Ross, Kathleen, 4l0 Ross, Lachlan, 427 Ross, Nancy, 3l4, 339 Ross, Roberl, 437 Ross, Thomas, I76 Rossman, Alan, 387 Rossmiller, Kennelh, 256 Rolh, Caiherine, ll0, 20l, 203 Rolh, Marc, 355 Rolh, Susan, 347 Rolherham, Thomas, 424 Rollinghause, Arlhur, l76, 248, 258 Roudabush, Lyle, I34, 36l Roudabush, Richard, l35, 36l Roush, Helen, 329 Roush, Marlha, 33l Rovner, Ivan, 424 Rowlee, Joanne, l98 Rowley, Thomas, I76, l94 Royer, Mary, 224, 228, 392, 4l4, 4l5 Rozendaal, Mary, 4l2 Rubenslein, Samuel, 220, 236, 430, 432 Rubin, Richard, 353 Rubin, Samuel, I48 Rubin, Sleven, 37l Rubin, William, 2I3, 348, 363 Ruch, Max, l76 Rucker, Dana, 375 Rudnick, Leslie, 353 Rueier, Fred, 387 Ruegg, Palricia, 323 Rueler, Sleven, l2l RUGBY, 302 Rulfcorn, Michael, 385 Rumeliole, Elaine, 343 Ruml, Lisa, 34l Rumme, Allen, 423 Rummel, Ellen, 33l Rummells, Karen, 246 Rumney, Donald, 259, 35l Runkle, Linda, 4l8 Runyon, Ann, 246 Rusk, Rhomas, I76, 363 Russell, Eula, I76 Russell, Howard, l95 Russell, James, 426 Russell, Kay, I96, l98, I99 Russell, Maureen, 4l8 Rurenbeck, John, 364 Rufenbeck, William, 423 Rulh, Nancy, 33l Rulman, Howard, l32 Ryan, Gary, l92 Ryan, James, 359 Ryan, John, I48, I50 Ryan, Judilh, I76 Ryberg, Doris, I76 Ryburn, Jo, 4l7, 4l8 Ryden, Gary, 434 Ryerson, S1even, 2l3, 220, 223, 228 Ryg, Chris, 387 S Sabiff, Marsha, 303, 4l8 Sable, Karen, l2l, l26, I28 Saboe, Sharon, l98, I99 Sackell, Barbara, 4l3 Sadoff, Michael, 369 Saffer, Lauryne, 4l2 Safley, Thomas, 294, 434 Sager, Thomas, I76, 422, 425 SAILING CLUB, 303 Sakara, Susan, I76 Salanr, Richard, 353 Sall, Donald, 383 Salmon, Diane, 327 Salome, Ronald, 44l Salsbery, Thomas, 228, 348,357 Sampson, Anne, 399 Sampson, Linnwood, 150 Sampson, Virginia, 339 Sams, Donna, l98 Samuel, Arnold, l5l, l76 Samuels, Thomas, I93 Samuelson, Faye, I36, I37, l76 Sandbulle, Eslher, I76 Sande, Linda, 333 Sanders, Gene, 424 Sanders, Janerle, 4l5 Sanders, Linda, l83 Sanders, Susan, 392, 4l7 Sandersield, Eileen, I98 Sandholm, Karhleen, 405 Sandhorslr, Eric, 424 Sa'ndre, John, 379 Sandvig, Craig, 30l Sankof, James, l2l Sanfos, Tomas, I76 Sarchel, Connie, I76 Sarff, Jon, l5l Sarif, Larrie, l92 Sallerly, Sharon, l42, l76, 397 Sauer, Richard, 357 Sauer, Vicloria, 4l5 Sauerbrei, Sandra, 399 Saunders, Ginny, l84 Saunders, Pamela, 34l Saunders, Sally, 3l7 Saunders, Greg, 426 Sauer, John, 440 Saur, Slephen, 440 Savage, David, l2l Savage, John, 359 Savel, Mary, I76 Sawicki, Viclor, 258 Sawyer, Bobby, I76 Sawyer, David, 425 Sayles, Greer, 256, 26l Sayre, Mary, 2l7, 398, 400 Scanlan, Deborah, 263, 343 Scarif, Janel, 4l6 Schaaf, Roberl, l76 Schaal, Frederick, 43l Schade, Karen, 399 Schaefer, Jack, 228, 303, 364 Schaeferle, Marlin, l90, l9l Shafbuch, Ellen, 404 Schafer, Rosemarie, 395 Schalrofh, Randee, 307, 34l Schalekamp, Arlin, 36l Schaper, Donald, 263 Schaper, Ronald, 26l, 363, 379 Schapira, Danny, 369 Schapira, David, 369 Schar, Fred, 37l Schardein, Keifh, 440 Scharnberg, Sleven, 2l2, 2l3, 373 Scharnweber, Susan, 392, 40l Schechinger, Terry, I76, 307, 364 Scheckel, Palricia, I37 Scheda, John, 298 Scheefz, Mary, l2l, l28 Schell, Ronald, 353 Schemmel, Thomas, I34 Schenck, Alan, 298, 304 Schensler, Joyce, 244 Scherubel, Melody, 408 Schelller, Michael, 432 Schelller, Neil, 430, 433 Schiele, Margarer, 337 Schierbrock, Thomas, 440 Schiffer, Donald, 369 Schild, Donald, l5l, l52 Schildrofh, Marilyn, 245 Schiller, Deborah, 335 Schiller, Harvey, I76 Schilling, James, l5l Schindler, Richard, l90 Schindles, Ruce, 223, 369 Schlechl, Kennelh, l85 Schlegal, Kalhleen, 396 Schlichfemeier, Ann ,303, 4l0 Schlieverl, Pafrick, 426 Schlieverl, Scoll, 373 Schlill, Lyn, 4l3 Schmelfzer, Norman, 430, 434 Schmickle, Dennis, I76, 355 Schrnidf, Barbara, l37, 228, 335 Schmidt, Craig, 357 Schmidl, David, I50 Schmidl, Dedi, 263 Schmidl, Gary, I48 Schmidl, George, 287 Schmidr, Marlys, 22l, 33l Schmidlhuber, Lenore, I76 Schmill, Neil, 290, 304 Schmi'rl', Susan, I76 Schmilz, Mary, l26, l28 Schnalhorsl, Jane, 3l9 Schneider, Alberr, l2l, 2l3, 364 Schneider, Allen, 363 Schneider, Gary, 369 Schneider, Joelene, 4l3 Schneider, Roberl, 292 Schnepf, Sid, I50 Schnelzler, Douglas, l90 Schneiders, Richard, 254 Schnoo Schoell Schoell Schoen r, Dale, 426 , Karen, l76 , Roger, I50, I76 ebaum, Sieven, 258, 369 Schooley, Edwyn, 359 Schoon over, Sharon, 329 Schope, Ronald, I94 Schofl, Schorf, Schrad Diane, 4l3 Toni, 325 e, Roberl, 2l7 Schrader, James, I34 Schrader, Judy, I76 Schrader, Marion, l2l Schrad er, Richard, I38, l39 Schraeder, Carol, I76 Schraeger, Lawrence, 353 Schrauer, Erica, 397 Schrieber, Don, 38l Schreiber, Julia, 2l7, 327 Schriever, Marvin, 424 Sch rod er, Alan, 525 Schroeder, Edwin, 428 Schroeder, Elaine, 266, 335 Schroeder, Franz, l92 Schroeder, Phil, 373 Schrubel, Ronald, l5l Schrum , Larry, 375 Schuchar, Bradley, 379 Schuchal, Marlin, 263, 379 Schuchmann, Carol, 403 Schuelke, Dennis, 209, 422, 423 Schuessler, Dean, 287 Schuelfe, Alan, 287 Schulenberg, Nancy, 325 Schulle, Ronald, 437 Schulles, Roberl, 44l Schullz , Jean, 4l4, 4l5 Schulrz, Mareena, l53 Schullz, Maryann, l76 Schullz, Richard, 442 Schulz, Linda, l76 Schulz, Thomas, l50 Shulze, James, 359 Schulze, Thomas, 282 Schumacher, Gary, l92 Schumann, Carl, I76 Schurmann, David, 300, 373 Schwab, Carl, 364 Schwarfz, Janel, 223, 267 Schwarlz, Judy, l76 Schwarlz, Kennelh, 353 Schwarlz, Lynn, 32l Schwarlz, William, l95 Schweilzer, Constance, 400 Schweifzer, Harold, 200, 202 Schweppe, John, 262, 299 Schwieberl, Margery, l76, 246, 248 Schmaack, Edward, 202 Scollock, John, l94 Scorza, Richard, 290, 304 Scolhorn, Jimmie, 304, 423 Scoll Andrea, 257, 337 Scoll, Ginnylee, 2l2, 337 Scoll, James, 202, 426 Scofl, John, l90 Scofr Kafhleen, 323 Scorr, Michael, I48 Scolf, Nicholas, I48, I50 Scoff, Paul, 2l2 Scoff, Thomas, I76 ISH HIGH LAN DERS, 246 SCOTT Sealls, Burl, 37l SEALS, 305 Sears, GreQOI'Y. l32 Sears, John, 428 Seafon, Carol, 3l9 467 Seaton, Jean, I37, 327 Seaton, Terry, 246, 3I9 Sebben, Jack, l90, l92 Sebesta, Leonard, I24 Secter, Nancy, 32l Seddig, Patricia, 343 Seddon, Wilma, I76 Sedlacek, Delores, 4I6 See, Darlene, 244, 40I Seeley, James, I76 Seggerman, Gary, 364 Seiders, Thomas, 440 Seidler, Cathie, 395 Seiple, Jeanne, 246, 33I Selby, Sandra, I76 Seligman, Mark, I92 Semler, Charles, l88, I90, l92 Senn, James, 432 Sensenbrenner, B. A., 337 Senti, Samuel, 359 Sergeant, John, 425 Serrahn, Richard, l2I Servison, Susan, 3l5, 347 Seuterer, Bernita, 403 Seuterer, Betty, 395 Sevcik, Rita, 4l8 Shimanek, Robert, I46, I48, l50 Shindler, Andrea, 236 Shipman, Linda, 327 Shirk, Susan, 325 Shirley, Suzanne, 2I6, 327 Shively, Terry, I34 Shivvers, Nancy, 205, 4l3 Shnurman, Jacob, 369 Shockey, Robert, 363 Shoemaker, Clifford, 245, 392, 422 427 Shoennaker, Martha, l95 Shoernan, Kathryn, I77 Shoenthal, Gail, 3I9, 374 Shoenthal, Mary, 259, 263, 3l9 Shoff, Patricia, 266, 400 Shorey, Arlan, 426 Shortley, Rush, 303 Shotwell, Rebecca, 305 Shriver, Jay, I45, l50, I52 Shriver, Robert, 427 Shuey, Gordon, 209, 440 Shulke, Diane, I96, I93, I99 Shulkin, Michael, 369 Shullaw, Steven, 370 Shultz, John, 355 Skinner, Lowell, I34 Skorupa, Edwin, I87 Sladek, John, l50 Slaght, David, 303, 431 Slagle, Gregory, 359 Slater, Nancy, I77 Slernmons, Judith, l98 Slezak, Stephen, 245 Slieiert, Maxine, 409 Slite, Clarence, I77 Slininger, Walter, I2I Slipson, Linda, 236 Sloan, Charlotta, 4I5 Sloss, Gail, 38l Slotten, Barry, 304 Slotten, Douglas, 44l Slotten, Marc, 290 Smaha, Leslie, I47 Small, Stephen, l2l, I24, I27 Smalley, Douglas, I77 Smedema, David, I47, l5l, I52 Smidt, Carole, I99, 205 Smith, Barbara, I77, IE7, 2l7 Severa, Nancy, 3l5, 335 Severance, Nancy, I37, 263, 3I7 Severson, Richard, 367 Seyb, Suzanne, l83, 40l Seyter, Stephen, 367 Seymour, Steven, 204, 377 Shade, Jane, 397 Shultz, Keevin, 377 Shurr, Donald, I77, 306 Sias, Virgina, 339 Siberts, Stephanie, I77 Sibery, Donald, 287 Sickels, Linda, 4I5 Siders, Garlyn, I2l Smith, James Edward, I2I Shadle, Douglas, 205, 254, 387 Shadle, Julie, I76 Shafer, Vicki, 4I0 Shafer, Yvonne, I28 Shaft, Diane, 246 Shaffer, Mary, 236 Siebke, Donald, I24 Sieck, Diane, I77, 305, 397 Siegel, Arnold, 428 Siegel, Stuart, 367 Sieh, Gregory, 298, 375 Sieh, Paul, 349, 383 Shaheen, Patricia, 305 Shank, Louis, 87, I48, I49 Shannon, Michael, 239 Shannon, Patricia, 343 Siems, Bruce, 432 Siemsen, Randall, l2l 357, 434 Sierk, Donald, I39, l40, I4I, I42 Shannon, Roy, I76 Shapiro, Carolyn, I76, 345 Sharbo, Paul, I34 Sharp, Cynthia, 305 Sharp, Frank, I39 Sharp, Keith, 430, 433 Shattuck, Charles, 36I Shaw, Shaw Shaw Jeanette, I98 Patricia, I99, 3I9 Robert D., 2I2, 428 Shaw Robert R., 422 Shaw, Wayne, I2I Shaw, William, I50, I52 Shay, Thomas, I76, 363 Shea, Michael, I54, I76, 204, 2l7, 348 375 Shea, Robert, I39, I40, l4I, I42 Shea, Susan, 246 Sheckler, Ja ney, 347 Sievers, Diane, 399 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, 378 SIGMA CHI, 380 SIGMA DELTA TAU, 344 SIGMA NU, 382 SIGMA PHI EPSILON, 384 SIGMA PI, 386 SIGMA THETA TAU, I99 Sigyardt, Karen, I77, 323 Silagy, Kathryn, 223, 33l, 396 Silbaugh, Barry, 433 Sill, Russell, I77, 297 Silverio, Linda, I77 Silvey, Marvin, l90 Silzer, Gregory, 427 Simcox, Patricia, I53, 4OI Simmelink, Charlotte, 305 Simmen, Nancy, I77 Sheehan, Daniel, 2l2, 349,387 Sheehan, Molly, 404 Sheerer, Robert, l50 Sheets, Elton, I39 Sheets, Michael, I76, 304 Sheldon, Daniel, 43l Shellenberger, W. J., 379 Shelley, Michael, 43I Shelly, Tom, I32 Shenaut, Katheryn, l98 Shepard, Thomas, 363 Shepherd, Nancy, 2l3, 263,339 Shepherd, Patricia, 33I Shepley, Alan, 442 Shepley, Brian, 357 Sheppler, Neil, I76 Shera, Gary, 375 Sherman Daniel, 43l Sherman, Donald, I39 Sherman, Jerold, 353 Sherman, Joan, 345 Sherman, Peggy, 32l Sherman, Phyllis, 3l4 Sherman, Thomas, 375, 377 Sherod, Nancy, I76 Sherwood, Marc, 353 Sheumaker, Ellen, 409 Shield, Michael, I24, l27, 258 Shields, Joel, 200 Shields, Robert, 37l Simmers, Harold, I50 Simmons, Darlene, 409 Simmons Joann, I77 Simmons, Susan, 33l Simmons, Timothy, 379 Simon, Dawn, I77, 220, 397 Simon, Gregory, 433 Simon, James, l32 Simon, Jane, I77 Simon, Nadine, I77, 345 Simons, Douglas, 262 Simonsen, Anne, I77 Simpson, David Simpson, ,26l Mary, 404 Singer, William, 377 Sinotte, Robert, 375 Sinotte, Sandra, 305 Siorek, Terry, 290 Smith, Carol, I37 Smith, Cathy, 325 Smith, Charlotte, 40I Smith, Connie, I77 Smith, Corinne, 4l6 Smith, Cynthia, 343, 416 Smith, Darlene, I77, 343 Smith, Douglas, ISI Smith, Fay, I47 Smith, Frances, I77 Smith, Garland, I77 Smith, Gary, l77 Smith, Gordon, 220 smsih, Gregory, 440 Smith, Hal, 367 Smith, James Edward, I77 Smith, James H., I77 Smith, James M., l40, I43, 220, 389 Smith, James R., I39, l42, I43 Smith, Jean, 2I3, 263, 339 Smith, Jerome, I90 Smith, John, 442 Smith, Kenneth, l50 Smith, Leo, 392 Smith, Linda J., 414 Smith, Linda S., I77, 325 Smith, Maureen, I77 Smith, Marvin, 363 Smith, Mary M., 339 Smith, Mary R., I77 Smith, Michael, 430 Smith, Patricia, 34l Smith, Regina, 404 Smith, Richard, 442 Smith, Ronald, I32 Smith, Sally, I37, 257, 34l Smith, Samuel, 35I Smith, Sherri, 4l2 Smith, Stephen, I47 Smith, Susan, 259, 263 Smith, Vern, 37l Smith, William, I77, 287 Smrzley, Frank, 389 Smyth, Ma ry, 400 Snider, David, 228,426 Sniego wski, Stephen, 423 Snively, Marcia, 4I3 Snook, Terry, 339 Snyder, David, 37I Snyder , Lawrence, I77 Snyder, Richard, 364 Snyder, Robert, 24-5 SOCIA Soderlund, Sharon, 4I8 Sofranko, Anthony, 43l L womc, scHooi. or, ioz Sissel, Gary, 209, 228, 422, 427 Sixta, James, I77 Siulin, James, 229, 44l Siulin, John, 2I3, 377 Skaar, Ornmund, 260 Skaggs, Jeanne, 395 Skarda, James, I93 Skare, Samuel, 367 Skarshaug, Donna, 329 Skelley, Mark, 436, 437 ski CLUB, 230 Soliday, Jeffrey, 442 Solomon, Lawrence, I48 Solomon, Mark, 353 Sommerfeld, Patricia, 397 Sondrol, Iver, 248, 44I Sonksen, Carol, 20l, 202 Sonksen, David, I30, I34 Sopher, John, 425 Sopher, Vicki, 4I0 Sorensen, Karen, I77 Sorensen, Linda, 257, 34l Sotto, Enrique, I30, I34 Souder, Sharon, 392, 4I I, 4l2 Soukup, Larry, 254 Soults, Susan, 202, 329 SOUTH QUAD, 436 Spaan, Pamela, 3l9 Spark, Richard, l2I Sparks, Justean, 395 Sparlin, Michael, I77, 357 Sparrowgrove, Ellen, I77 Spaulding, David, I77 Specht, Mervin, l90 Speed, Carolyn, 234, 400 Speedy, Lori, 4l3 Spence, Frederick, 425 Spencer, Lynda, 408 Spencer, Mary, I37, 228, 335 Spencer, Reid, 348, 375 Spenler, Charles, l9O Spevak, Ronald, 442 Spicer, Douglas, I30, I34 Spicer, Susan, I77 Spieker, Lavola, I77 Spielman, Nancy, 209 Spilger, Philip, 260 Spoden, James, 437 Spragg, John, l32 Spreitzer, Joseph, 385 Springsteen, Ronald, 245 Sprinkle, Larry, I78 Sprout, Randy, 377 Spurgeon, Laraine, 395 Squire, Nancy, 244 Squire, Richard, I85 St. Martin, James, 256 Staack, Thomas, I78, 292, 306, 36l Stafford, Marcia, 3I9 Stahle, Linda, 4I5 Stahley, John, 200 Staker, Mariel, 4l2 Stalets, Alonzo, 385 Stamen, Nancy, 153 Stamos, George, 385 Stampt, Joanne, I78 Stanford, Stephen, 423 STANLEY HALL, 394 Stark, Diane, 40I Stark, Jean, 40l Stark, Martha, 395 Stark, Ronald, 287 Starkman, Marilyn, 263, 3l4, 32l Starks, Marilyn, 303 Starman, Paul, 306 Starr, Sandra, 392, 402, 406 Staskey, Paul, I78 Stastny, Janine, 396 Stater, Fredrick, 294 Stauss, Kirk, 373 Stearns, Dale, 297, 306 Stearns, Nancy, 408, 4l0 Steckelberg, Rosemary, 397 Stedwell, David, 23, I06, 267 Steege, Craig, 433 Steele, Kay, Zll Steele, Patricia, Steele, Sue, I37, I78 Steelman, John Steger, Steven, Stegge, Judith, I78 Stegmaier, Barbara, 408 Stehm, Thomas, 259,434 Steil, Jane, 396 Steil, Mary, 400 Steilen, James, 425 Stein, John, I39 Stein, Mary, 223, 343 Steinbeck, Kristen, 323 Steinbeck, Steven, 426 Steine, Mark, l9l Steine, Roxann, I78 Steinholtz, Andrea, 395 Steligman, Lawrence, 425 Stelter, Larry, 37I Stempel, Randall, 426 Stempel, Rebecca, I78 Stempel, Reid, l32 Steninger, Helen, 248, 327 Stepanek, Richard, 287 Stephani, Judith, I78, 323 Stephani, John, I85 Stephano, Peter, l45 , 327 223 , I78 432 Slephens, Suzerie, I78 Sfephens, Thomas, 262, 424 Sfephenson, Randall, 371 Sferba, Bruce, 377 Sferba, Mary, 395 Sfefler, Larry, 307 Sieffner, Gail, 325 Sfefzel, Berry, 121 STUDENT MARKETING ASSOCIA- TION, 127 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOC STUDENT IATION, I53 NURSES ORGANIZA- TION, 192 STUDENT OCCUPATIONAL THER- Sfevens Jerry, 166, 294 STevens,l Nancy, 303. 305. 405 Slevens, Paul, I78, 186 Slevens Sfevens Randy, 287 Trudi, I37 Sfeward, William, I78 Si'ewar1', Carole, 244 Sfewarf, Gary, I22, 357 STewarT, Earl, 83 Sfewari, James, 387 Slewari, JaneT, 184,410 SIewarT, John, 381 Sfewarf, Warren, 430, 431 APY ASSOCIATION, I84 STUDENT PUBLICATIONS, INC., 273 STU DENT SENATE, 209 Sfuder, David, 373 Sfufi, Kafhy, 224, 415 Siulis, Kennefh, 423 Siurdevanf, Celesfe, I78 STurdevanl', Chrisiine, 246 Sfurgeon, Donald, 442 Sfurm, Joseph, 364 Sl'u'rzman, Merle, I22 Suifer, Anne, 394 SIick, Jane, 183 Sfieger, Sieven, 228 Stiles, Lynn, 424 Sfillman, Michael, 389 Sl'ilwell, Ted, 287 STinard, Roger, 191 Sl'ine, Roberf, 148 Sfires, Beverly, 417 Sfirling, Mary, 178,397 S'riH, Michael, 190 Sfock, Tony, I26, 389 Sfock, David, I78, 214, 248, 258, 385 Sfock, Ramona, 399 Sioddard, Ray, 148, I50 STodola, Mark, 212, 261, 425 Sfoeber, Wayne, I24, 263 Sfoen, Susan, 395 SToik, Anfhony, 287 Sfoker, Diane, 347 Sloker, Sally, 337, 356 Sfokslad, Richard, 301, 348, 359 Sfolberg, Charles, 266 Sfoline, Dean, 431 S'roll, David, 192 Sfoller, Daniel, I78 Sfoller, Dean, 190 Sl'olTenberg, John, I94 Suil'er, Ji ll, 394, 397 Sulek, Jean, 327 SulenTic, Thomas, 348, 359 Sullivan, Karin, 343 Sullivan, Rober'I', I78, 193 Sullivan, Timoihy, 286, 287, 385 Summerw ill, Krisiin, 343 Sumner, Vincenf, I22 Sundberg, Jean, 220 Sundell, John, 130 Sunderman, Pafricia, I78 Sundquisf, Linnea, 329 Super, Suzanne, 394 Supinger, Su pinger, Emily, 319 Mary, 178,203,319 Sufherland, Glenn, 427 Sufherlin, David, 178,258 SuTTon, Denis, 355 Suffon, Kermif, 383 Swailes, Becky, 401 Swain, Gary, 131, 132 Swallom, Daniel, 139, I40, I42, I44, 254, 256, 258 Swaney, Eric, 200 Swanson, Carolyn, 409 Swanson, Swanson Jack, 381 Janice, I78 Slollz, Carlie, 343 Sloliz, Gail, 195,203 Sl'one, Celia, I98 Sl'one, Keaih, 424 Sfone, Lawrence, I78 Sfone, Thomas, I78 Sfopulos, James, 300, 379 Sforck, Michael, 434 Sforey, Richard, 424 Sforey, Sheryl, 416 Sfoufner, Clifford, I40, l4l, 142,373 S'rouTner, Jeffrey, 150 Sfowe, Jack, 423 Sfowell, Janice, 178,398,401 Swanson, John A., 191, I93 Swanson, John W., 191 Swanson, Lynn, 185 Swanson, Margo, 246 Swanson, Marvin, I78, I94 Swanson, Mary, 413 Swanson, Terry, 304 SweeT, James, I78 Sweeiow, Roberf, 369 Swensen, Roger, 287 Swenson, John, I22, 128, 230, 262, Swenson, Linda, I78 Swierenga, Donald, 86 Swiff, James, 379 Sfrabala, Mike, 255 SWIMMI NG, 298 Taylor, Ellen, I79 Taylor, Gary, 150 Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Janis, 228, 410 Jerry, 423 Jo, 317 Linda, 269, 347 Michael, I94 Pafricia, 395 Richard, 124 Susan, 323 Taylor, William, 195 Tazzioli, James, 442 Te Paske, J., 304 Teaqarden, William, 259 Teague, Janef, 186, 257, 314, 319 Teafer, Ronald, 229,425 Teberg, Dale, I79, 294, 306 Tebrugqe, Karin, 200 Techau, Kevin, 432 Teeple, Don, 348, 355 Teefer, Dennis, 150 Tegland, Beverly, 333 TeKippe, James, 428 TELEVISION CENTER, 276 Temeye r, Gerald, I79 Temple, David, I79 Temple Ion, Sfephan, 423 Tener, James, 245 Tener, Richard, I79 TENNIS, 301 Tenold, Tensen, Ronald, 179 Doris, 403 Terpsfra, Sandra, 395 Terrill, Ronald, 307 Terris, Gaye, 303 Teske, Tessm Tefer, Teyne Douglas, I93 er, Claudia, I36, I37, I79 Michael, 434 ,William, I27 Tharp, Anneff, 396 Tharp, Dale, I79 Tharp, Carol, 190 Theil, Kafhleen, 337 Thelen, John, 439, 441 Theobald, Dorofhy, I79 Theoba Theoba ld, John, 385 ld, Susan, 403 TH ETA TAU, I42 Thiele n, Mary, 331 Thoma, William, 262 Thomas, Cynfhia, 325 Thomas, Daniel, 355 Thomas, Jamie, 394, 396 Thomas Jill, I22, I26, 128, 246 Thomas, Kafhleen, 319 Thomas Lorraine, I79 Thomas, Pamela, 341 Thomas, PaTricia, 126 Thomas, Sfeven, l9I Thomas Suellen, 137 Sfrabala, Pafrick, 123 Sfrabley, Bonnie, I78 Sfrand, Janice, 198 Sfransky, Gary, I22 Sfrasser, Gregory, 254 Sfrassheim, Dale, I22 S1raThman, Connie, I78 Sirafhman, Susan, 406 Sfraus, Todd, 377 Sirauss, Linda, I36, I78 Slrauss, Michael, I78, 355, 369 Sfrauss, Richard, 301 Sireeby, Shirley, 405 Sfreei, Ann, 323 Sfrellner, Verlyn, 297, 306 Sfrickler, S1ephen,428 Sirieby, James, I78 Sfriegel, Mary, I78 Sfroh, STeven, 248 SI'rom, Roberl', 379 Sfrombeck, James, I22 Siromberg, Loy, I22 sifang, e-sry, 139, I40, 141, 142, ies Sfropes, Eugene, 255, 258 Sfrorher, Sfeven, 355 Sfryker, Elizabefh, I78 STryker, STeven, I50 Sfuarf, Carl, 209, 220, 348, 361 Sfuchis, Arfhur, 432 Swims, Shirley, 401 Swisher, Joseph, 432 Swisher, Randall, 208, 209,348 Sybesma, STuarT, 190 Sykes, Susan, I78 Sylvesfer, Suzanne, I79 SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, 242 Synhorsl', Rober1', 202, 371 Szabo, Sieve, 179, 294, 296, 306 T Taaife, Kaihryn, 198,257,343 Tabafa, Ardyce, 200 Taber, Mary, 331 Tackenberg, William, 425 Taffe, Richard, 290, 304 Talbof, Mary, 319 Tallarico, Sally, 179, 183, 395 Tamasi, William, 383 Tamburo, Dick, 287 Tapia, Suzanne, 263,319 Tarbell, Frederick, I22 TAU BETA Pl, 142 TAU KAPPA EPSILON, 383 Tauber, John, 389,424 Taylor, Charles, I79 Thomas, Terry, 262 Thomasson, Roberf, 179 Thompson, Beri, 212, 357 Thompson, BeTIy, I36, I37, I79 Thompson, Bryan, 428 Thompson, Carol, I36, I37, I79 Thompson, Charles, 423 Thompson, CynThia, 331 Thompson, Elaine, 333 Thompson, Holly, 201, 202 Thompson, Jan, 430 Thompson, Jeffrey, 423 Thompson, John, 441 Thompson, Joseph, 200 Thompson, Judy, 413 Thompson, Pamela, 263, 341 Thompson, Pafrick, 442 Thompson, Rebecca, 409 Thompson, Roberf C., I94 Thompson, Roberf O., 179,385 Thompson, Shawn, 359 Thompson, Sfephen, I79 Thompson, Timofhy, I22, l25 Thompson, William J., 12- Thompson, William N., I22 Thomsen, Linda, 179 Thoreson, Joseph, I93 Thorius, Jerry, 254, 258, 424 Thorman, John, 424 Thorn, Marqaref, 412 Thornhill, Richard, 427 Thornfon, William, 422, 427 Thorp, Eric, I79 Thran, Duane, 123 Threlkeld, Susan, 2l2, 341 Throckmorfon, Ralph, I22, 128,254 255, 258 Throckmorion, Tom, 191 Throw, Jeanneife, I79 Thudium, Phyllis, 395 Tibbiffs, Thomas, I22 Tidball, Bruce, 424 Tidball, John, 424 Tiefge, James, I34 Tierien, Connie, 126 Tiefz, Janann, 333 Tiffany, Joseph, 434 Tiffany, William, 302, 363 Tilley, Sfeven, 132 Tillman, Glenda, I79 Timko, Barry, 365 Timm, Consfance, 319 Timm, Sue, 319 Timmerman, Rosalie, I79 Tindal, Thomas, 261 Tinsley, William, 229 Tiaden, Darryl, 365 Tobis, Jill, 321 Toborg, Bob, 120 Toillion, Bruce, I34 Toland, Bonnie, I79 Tollari, Karen, 395 Tom, David, I79, 254, 258, 424 Tomhave, Roberf, l9l Tomke, Craig, 262 Tomma, Terry, I94 Tompkins, BoniTa, I53 Tompkins, Richard, 205, 422, 425, 4 Toms, Helen, 179,322,323 Tool, Donald, 434 Toomey, Kenlon, 140, 141, 142 Toon, Richard, 383 Toran, Carole, 410 Torgerson, Susan, I36, I37 Torner, James, 423 Towle, Roberf, 357 Towne, Judilh, 195 Townsend, Pamela, 223,263,337 Tracey, 333 Tracey, Mary, I47, 152 Trachsel, Earl, 179,425 Trachsel, Rebecca, 415 TRACK, 294 Tracy, Kafhleen, 400 TRAFFIC COURT, 210 Trask, David, I22 Trauf, Karol, 400 Travis, Gayle, 416 Travis, Jon, 442 Travis, Karen, 410 Treiber, David, I22 Treinen, Nancy, 325 Tremmel, Roberf, 440 Tresnak, Nancy, 394, 397 Trefiak, Kennefh, I22 Tripanier, RoberT, 357 TroTIer, Pefer, 383 Troxel, CaTherine, 403 Troyer, David, 123 Truelsen, Siewarf, 179,273,357 TruiH, James, 422, 425 Truman, Duane, I79 Trummel, Barbara, I79 Trunnell, James, I22 Trunnell, Thomas, 190 Tscheffer, Glen, 363 Tsukamoio, Marilyn, I79 Tubbs, Therese, 337 Tucker, Michael, 383 Tucker, Sfeven, 353 Tucker, Thomas, 132 Tudor, Thomas, 362, 363 Tuffy, Craig, 256, 430,434 Tullis, Bruce, 423 Turk, Cheryl, 230 Turner, Elizabeth Tuchscher, Jane, Tufhill, Ann, 394 Tul'fle, Jane, 395 Twedf, Paul, I22 ,415 403 27 Twyner, Alexis, 179 Tyer, Linda, 409 Tyler, David, 373 Tyler, Mark, 190, 192 Tyler, Michael, 79, 139, 140, 142, 144 Tyner, Richard, 205, 220, 259 Tynes, Bud, 287 U Uecke, Denis, 259, 260 Uhlenberg, Flora, 179 Ulevilch, Alan, 353 Ullerich, Marie, 198 Ulrich, Laurie, 212, 333 Underkoller, Janice, 136,335 Underwood, Priscilla, 266, 400 UNION BOARD, 218 UNIVERSITY CHOIR, 244 U OF I FOUNDATION, 66 U OF I PAGEANT BOARRD, 214 Unz, Richard, 122,258 Updegralf, Barbara, 20, 21, 153, 179, 263, 323 Urban, Marcia, 413 Urdangen, Jeffrey, 369 Usinowicz, Paul, 139,287 Ulholf, John, 179 Ulsinger, Don, 294 uiier, Jan, 179 Uze, Barlon, 369 V Vahl, Cheryl, 246 Vakulskas, Thomas, 254,424 Valdes-Fauli, G. F., 130, 134 Valenline, Joan, 198, 199 Valenline, Richard, 431 Valin, Lawrence, 179, 192 Vallier, Lynel, 179 Van Devenler, Kennie, 122 Van Duym, Susan, 323 Van Dyke, Susan, 409 Van Gerpen, R., 192 Van Gundy, Gail, 269 Van I-Iool, Karel, 225, 387 Van 1-lorne, Lynn, 179 Van Ho ulen, Michael, 122 Van Langen, Dennis, 179 Van Nole, Maurice, 122 Van Orsdol, Julie, 333 Van Rees, Kalhleen, 395 Van Roekel, Dennis, 179 Walker Van Rooyen, William, 365 Van Sickle, Larry, 365 Van Sickle, William, 385 Van Tasell, Slephen, 132 Van Tuyl, John, 194 Van Vark, Kenl, 427 Van Vliele, William, 179 Van Zanle, Arvin, 424 Van Zee, Roberl, 179, 184 Vande Haar, Peler, 194 Vande Kro1,Delw1n, 179 Vande Vegle, A., 355 Vanden Brink, Carolyn, 325 Vander I-loek, Harold, 75, 130 Vander Kooi, C., 194 Vander Linden, Guy, 379 Vander Linden, Willa, 395 Vander Sloeo, Mark, 363 Vander Will, Carolyn, 246 Vander Will, David, 442 Vander Zwaag, B,, 194 Vanderhool, Gary, 150 Vandermeer, Janelle, 317 Vanderploeg, Jean, 338 Vandeweerd, Carol, 179 Vandyke, Arlyn, 179 Vane, Julie, 214, 333 Vanni, Varble, Elizabelh, 343 David, 428 Vardaman, Phillip, 361 Varn, Michael, 179 Va rner, Va rner, Varner, Carllon, 44, 208, 207 Jeanelle, 198 Vernon, 193 Varnurn, Thomas, 122 Vaudl, Candace, 412 Va,ghn, David, 442 Vavroch, Duane, 140, 142, 145 Vedder, Sheila, 122, 126 Veenhuizen, Bealrix, 347 Veenker, Linda, 246 Veil, Cynlhia, 405 Venes, Roberl, 439,440 Venik, I-larry, 180 Venlling, Renner, 180, 439 Ver I-loeven, Rodger, 389 Verdeck, Warren, 190 Vermazen, James, 226 Vermedahl, David, 385 Vernon, Jon, 132 Vernon, Beniamin, 229 Vernon, Ronnie, 433 Verploegh, David, 122,375 Versackas, Michael, 375 Vesey, Donald, 430, 434 Vesole, Bruce, 353, 423 Vespa, John, 375 Veslle, Palricia, 180,319 Veller, Claudia, 341 Vezina, Kelley, 375 Vickers, Thomas, 212, 349, 363 Viclorine, Carolyn, 327 Vidis, Jerry, 440 Vidnovic, Glenn, 281, 282, 283, Vierkanl, Mary, 180,317 Villers, Vivian, 180 Vincenl, Douglass, 302 Vincenl, Gaylord, 180,377 Vilo, Sleven, 367 Vill, Linda, 327 Voas, Sheryl, 180 Vogel, James, 180 Vognsen, Mark, 256, 377 Vogl, Roger, 193 Voigls, Dallas, 180 Voldselh, John, 423 Voldselh, Nels, 262 Volk, Kalhryn, 205, 314,323 Volkens, Julianne, 331 Vollbeer, Jerry, 123 Volle, Palricia, 317 Vollers, Linda, 410 Von Maur, Burr, 357 Vondran, Pamella, 329 Vonnahme, Mary, 413 Vools, Geary, 303 Vorwerk, Slephen, 424 Voss, Barbara, 180 Vrba, Frederick, 431 Vroom, Vivian, 244 Vyskocil, Donald, 180 W Wachler, Janel, 400 Waddell, Cynlhia, 246 Wade, Gary, 433 Wagner, Dell, 428 Wagner, Dennis, 357 Wagner, Karen, 180,331 Wagner, Mark, 442 Wagner, Pamela, 180,317 Wagner, Phillip, 180,241,276 Wagner, Susan, 413 Wagner, Virgil, 122 Walboll, James, 348, 351 Waldron, Dennis, 434 Waldron, Frank, 180 Walerczyk, Ilona, 195 Walk, Carol, 395 Walker, Bruce, 180,359 Walker, Elaine, 246 Walker, Gayle, 402 Walker, Genelh, 287 Walker, John, 359, 375 Walker, Jon, 355 Walker, Karen, 180, 183 Nancy, 413 Walker, Sharon, 343 Walker, Slephen, 357 Walker, Sleven, 361 Susan, 180,339 Walker, Walkley, Roberl, 357 Walkup, Marlha, 180 Wallace, Belle, 404 Wallace, Clark, 180 Wallace, Jane, 212, 213, 339 Wallace, Margarel, 412 Wallace, Peler, 190 2 Wallace, Scoll, 307, 359 Wallace, Thomas, 289 Wallace, William, 371 Wallen, Nancy, 110, 200 Waller, Cynlhia, 339 Waller, Palricia, 180, 335 Wallrich, Chrislina, 317 Walrod, Nancy, 397 Walsh, Eileen, 180 Walsh, Calhy, 136, 335 Walsh, Richard, 180 Walshire, Larry, 180 Waller, James, 123, 180 Waller, Jean, 180, 198, 199 Waller, Thomas, 148 Wallers, Barbara, 331 Wallers, James, 122 Wallon, Audrey, 257, 319 Wallon, Mary, 246 Wallon, Roberl, 122 Wallz, William, 299 Wampler, Roberl, 107, 193 Wandling, Dana, 343 Wandling, Dolores, 405 Waples, Elaine, 180 Ward, Pamela, 198, 327 Ward, Penny, 404 WARDELL HOUSE, nukes, 414 Warlluel, Gail, 343 Warin, William, 148 Warnock, Gary, 134 Warrell, Phyllis, 412 Warren, Craig, 369 Weissinger, Timolhy, 191 Weisl, Linda, 343 Welch, Richard, 373 Welch, Ted, 140, 432 Wellendorf, Arliss, 180 WELLMAN HOUSE, BURGE, 417 Wellman, John, 124, 127 Wells, Carolyn, 195 Wells, Dale, 321 Wells, Donald, 122 Wells, Joseph, 297 Welp, Cheryl, 21 Welsh, Gary, 434 Weller, Marlys, 180 Weller, Slephen, 139 Wennerberg, Carolyn, 335 Wenslrand, Susan, 180 Wenlworlh, Ann, 395 Wenlworlh, Ellen, 180 Wenzel, Richard, 150 Werch, Theodore, 142, 144,216 Werning, John, 365 Werl, Palricia, 180 Werlzberger, Roberl, 180 Wesley, Fred, 371 Wesley, Ronald, 371 Wessel, John, 359 Wesselink, Gayle, 339 Wessels, David, 423 Wessels, James, Kennelh, 44, 209 Wessels, Linda, 400 Yvonne, 198 ne, 257, 337 Wessels, Wessels, Wesl, Ja I 192 Wassorn, Marilyn, 180,337 Wassom, Walerbu Walie, J Nona, 230, 405 ry, Janel, 180 anice, 69, 208, 209, 220 Walkins, Judilh, 412 Walson, Walson, Walson, James, 132 Kalherine, 303 Marilyn, 269, 329 Walson, Marlha, 244 Walson, Rob, 287 Wawzonek, Ann, 403 Wax, Sharlyn, 198,337 Waxenberg, William, 387 Way, Allen, 180 Way, Sue, 180 Marlha, 248, 337 Bari, 347 Wayner Weaver Weaver, James, 180 Weaver, Jane, 246 1 Wesl, Janel, 413 Wesl, Roberl, 140, 142 Wesl, Slephen, 303, 363 Weslcoll, Belly, 180, 233 Weslercamp, Timolhy, 355 Weslermark, Jerald, 427 Weslphal, Mary, 244, 246 Welzel, Craig, 230, 442 Wewerka, Case, 430, 432 Whalen, John, 389 Wharfl, William, 431 Whealley, Richard, 139, 140, 144 Wheeler, Harold, 139, 140, 141, 142, 185 Wheeler, Janice, 137,341 Wheeler, Michele, 329 Norlon, 353 Ronald, 441 Wheeler Wheeler Wherry, Slephen, 150 Whigham, Kennelh, 180 Weaver, Kalhleen A., 180 Weaver, Kalhleen J., 137,248,327 Weaver, Krislen, 137 Weaver, Margarel, 325 Webb, Allen, 423 Webb, Nancy, 415 Webb, Phillip, 124 Webb, Roberl, 213 , 377 Webber, Elizabelh, 180,203,333 Webber, Ivan, 432 Webber, Margarel, 331 Weber, David, 190 Weber, Kalhleen, 412 Weber, Susan, 190 Websler, Susan, 414 Wedekind, Janine, 323 Wedin, Roberl, 363 Wedman, Edward, 355 Weede, James, 139, 140,141 Weeks, Edward, 134 Weems, Vernon, 423 Wehler, Roberl, 213, 349 Wehring, Kalhleen, 410 Wehrle, Roberl, 367 Weidler, Allen, I22, 123,128 Weigel, John, 134 Weighl, Jim, 259 Weindruch, Ann, 230, 345 Weiner, Sharon, 180 Weingrad, Lee, 26 Weinslein, Lois, 415 Weir, Lorella, 180, 343 Weir, Richard, 434 Weiralher, Ted, 357 Weis, Dennis, 441 Weis, Kalh1een,327 Weis, Palricia, 333 Weiss, Teresa, 322 Weissinger, Judilh, 180 , 142,145 Whisenand, Palsy, 415 Whilaker, William, 379 While, Clark, 124, 127 While, David, 306, 361 While Dennis, 180,226,282 While While While While Ira, 426 :James, 124, 127 ,Jane 402,404 John, 245 While, Leonard, 139 While Mary, 213, 335 While, Palricia, 213, 228, 335 While, Phylllis, 180 While Raymond, 122, 228 While, Richard, 385 While, Roberl, 385 While Tim, 426 While, Virginia, 181 While, William E., 228 while, William e., 433 Whilebread, David, 181 Whilehouse, Joseph, 134 Whilesell, Sheryl, 397 Whileside, Kalhy, 400 Whiling, Chrisline, 402, 403 Whiling, Ronald, 148, 150 Whillock, Slanley, 205,440 Whilman, Barbara, 181 Whilman, Barlon, 122, 204, 217, 385 Whilmore, Kennelh, 377 Whillemore, Lark, 408, 410 Whilly, Donna, 399 Whilly, Timolhy, 442 Whorley, Fredrick, 122 Widmann, Sandra, 327 Widmer, Calherine, 136, 137, 181 Widner, Melvin, 79 Wiebe, Richard, IBI, 363 Wieczorek, Lawrence, 294, 295, 296 306 Wiedenman, Carol, l8l, IB4 Wiegand, Donald, 82 Wiegmanrl, Janel, IBI Wierda, Daryl, l90 Wiesner, Edward, 365 Wiggeniosr, Gerald, 424 Wilbur, Bonnie, I98 Wilcox, Kalhleen, 56, 244, 325 Wilcox, Palrick, 357 Wildberger, Suzanne, l8l Wildberger, William, I48, l50, l52 Wilde, William, 423 Wiley, Mary, 2l2 Wiley, Wilberl, 425 Wilken, Granl, I22, I23, 263 Wilken, Larry, 262 Wilken, Laurel, 205, 4l8 Wilkerson, Dorolhy, I48, 404 Wilkins, Duane, l52 Wilkinson, Baerlnel, 205 Wilkinson, Byron, 260, 422, 424 Wilkinson, Marcia, 205 Wilks, Chesler, l30, l3l, I32 Willard, Lynn, 424 Willeil, Lance, 442 Willell, Max, 263 Willell, Susan, 335 Wilson, Daniel J., 223, 357 Wilson, David J., l8l Wilson, David L., 424 Wilson, Dawn, 273, 343 Wilson, Eyereff, 355 Wilson, Jennifer, 4l3 Wilson, Jeri, 244 Wilson, Karen K., 4l5 Wilson, Karen L., ISI Wilson, Lawrence, 294 Wilson, Mark, 383 Wilson, Mary D., ISI Wilson, Mary M., 3l9 Wilson, Rebecca, l98 Wilson, Roberr, 373 Wilson, Rulh, l98 Wilson, Slephen, 287, 306, 36I Wilson, Susan, 3l9 Wilson, Timolhy, l8l Wilson, Vlfayne, I22, 359 Willfang, Daniel, 262 Williams Al 262 Williams: Anihony, IBI, 287,306,363 Williams, Beliy, l8l Williams, Brian, I4O, l4l, l45 Williams, Chad, l90 Williams Cheryl, l8l Williams Williams Deborah, 403 Devon, 337 Williams, Gerald, l30, l3l, I34 Williams Gordon, IBI, 258, 365 Williams James, I90, l92 Williams John, I22 Williams Jon, 367 Williams Joseph, I48, ISI Williams, Lawrence, 389 Williams Michael, I8l Williams Paul, 423 Williams Richard A., l8l Wiligen, James, 363 Wilrshire, Roberl, IBI, 2l8, 26 303 Windman, Thomas, ISI Winecoff, Bachman, 423 Winegard, John, 387 Winegarden, Timolhy, l32 Winfrey, Sleven, 363 Wilkler, Sharon, 4I0 Winnike, Barbara, l8l Winrow, Cheryl, 33l Winter, Susan, 323 Winierlin, Ronald, 424 Wirlh, Gloria, 246, 399 Wirrz, Donald, 37l wlm, Eli, l5o Wissler, Terry, 34l Wissler, Tommy, 363 Wifhinglon, Julie, IBI Wifi, Carolyn, 2l I, 228, 327 Will, Kale, 409 Wifi, Palricia, 4I6 Wirienberg, Bruce, 375 Wiiwer, Jane, 263, 34l Wilzenlourg, Harvey, IBI Wlach, Julie, 223, 4l2 Wolfe: Williams Richard A., l8l Williams Sam, 28l, 282, 285, 363 Williams Slephen, 357 Williams Sue, I26, 394 Williams Timoihy, 357 Williamson, Jane, 2l I, 335 Williamson Williamson Williamson , Kalhryn, I22 Williamson, , Nile, 367 ,Sranley, 2l3, 383 Lewis, 348, 365 Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf, Wolf, Wolfe, Benny, 353 Jen, 38l Richard, 348, 353 Sfeven, I22 Sruarl, 439 Susan, 2l3, 335 James B., I93 Wolfe, James K., IBI Wolfe Mary, ISI, I84 Wolfe' Michael, 373 Ronald, IBI Willig, Susan, l8I Willis, David, I48, l52 Willis, Marlin, 375 Willils, Billie, 2I3, 230, 4l6 Wills, Granl, l8l Wilshere, Denis, 292 Wilson, Carol, l26, 246, 40l Wilson, Conslance, 4I5 Wilson, Daniel E., 423 Wolken, Slanley, l32 Wolken, Slephen, l90 Wollenhaupl, Kalhy, l8I Wollin, Thomas, 434 Wollhuis, Pairicia, I8l Wollz, Peler, 373 Wombacher, Walier, l8l, 233 2, 263, WOM EN'S RECREATION ASSOCIA- TION, 232 Wong, Meng, 43l Wood, Cynlhia, 329 Wood, James, 440 Wood, John, ISI Wood, Lee, I22 Wood, Neal, 423 Wood Terry 442 Woodburn, Chesler, 387 Woodburn, Slephanie, 333 Woodbury, Roberf, 373 Woodhouse, Alan, I34 Woodhouse, Gary, 375 Woods, Dorofhy, 333 Woods, Jerry, 442 Woods, Jill, 400 Yoder, Mary, I82 Yohe, Bennell, 383 YOUNG REPUBLICANS, 228 Young, Allan, I82 Young, Barbara, 34l Young, Bonnie, I36, I37, I82 Young, Dean, l48 Young, Gordon, 272 Young, James, I93 Young, Jean, 244 Young, Judilh Kalhryn, I36, I37, I8 203, 329 Young, Judiih Kay, I82 Young, Margarel, 405 Young, Richard, 425 Young, Ronald, 43l Young, Susan, I82 Woods, Sue, I37 Woodson, Daryl, 229 Wooliolk, Belly, 268 Woolley, Carolyn, 4l4 Woolers, Joanne, 4I4, 4l6 Work, John, I32 Workman, Jerald, l30, I34 Worley, Michael, l8I Worsley, David, 357 Worlman, Belh, 4l2 Wozniac, Ann, 402 WRESTLING, 297 Wrighi, Ann, 244 Wrighl Wrighl , Candy, I36 Douglas, 363 wfiehif Eawera, l34 Wrighl, Ellen, 54, 34l Wrighl' Wrighl Wrighl , Georgia, I82 Kenneih, I48, l5l Merry, I37, I8l wrlghif Paul, I82 Wrighl, Randall, 365 Wrighl' , Sandra, I95 Wrighr, Siephen, I82 Wrighr, William, 260 WSUI-KSUI, 274 Wubbena, Diane, I82 Wunder, Gene, I22, I23, l25, 228 Wyall, Slephen, 262 Wylie, Randall, I22 Wynia, Mary, 323 Y Yager Barbara, 409 Yager, Den, l87, 272 WOM EN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB, 233 Yager, Eleanor, I82 Yager, Mark, 357 Yahn, Donald, 297, 306 Yamasaki, Susan, I82, 234 Yang, Kim-Wenn, I85 Yankey, Jon, 379 Yarringlon, Gary, I34 Yavifz, Joan, 345 Yenler, Allan, 200 ' Yefley, Jerome, 200,202 Yeiier, Roberl, 37l Yeiler, Suzanne, I22, l25, l26 Ying, Diane, l87 Yocom, Daniel, 304 Youngberg, Ann, 329 Younggren, Mary, 2ll, 335 Youngman, Barbara, 398, 40l Yulga, James, I22 Z Zaayer, Timolhy, 38l Zaeske, Sue, 403 Zahrl, Dennis, I82 Zamansky, Iris, 345 Zander, Sharon, 347 Zanios, Jamie, 37l Zanzig, Kalhy, 3l7 Zeedyk, Barbara, 3l7 Zeffren, Sharon, 345 Zell, Marilyn, 3l5, 32l Zeller, Loren, 26l, 263 Zenor, Michael, 377 Zepeda, Michael, 290, 304 Zeplain, Francene, 32I, 4l5 Zerwas, George, I39, l40, l4l, 303 Zerwas, Mary, 303 ZETA TAU ALPHA, 346 Zevenbergen, Keith, 424 Zibilich, George, 357 Ziegler, Jo, I82, 230 Zierafh, Judy, I82 Zieser, Marcia, 339 Ziesman, Charlolle, 94, I82 Zigman, Alvin, l85 Zimmer, Kalhleen, l95 Zimmer, Van, 385 Zimmerman, Elizabeih, 220, 33l Zimmerman, Janice, 266, 335 Zimmerman, Ronald, I82 Zisko, Jerry, 425 Ziskovsky, Maureen, 397 Zober, Janel, 234, 236, 4l2 Zuehlke, Carla, I82 Zuendel, Roberl, I34 Zum, Bahlen, 397 Zupek, Janel, 2l I, 263, 339 Zupek, Joann, 3l4, 328, 329 Zurbriggen, David, 433 Zurbriggen, Susan, I82, 319 Zurn, Richard, 423 Zwald, Madelyn, 400 Zwanziger, David, I29, l30, I3l, I3 Zwiener, Chuck, 300

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