University of Iowa - Hawkeye Yearbook (Iowa City, IA)

 - Class of 1967

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J 1 9 6 'I Hawkeye Published by Student Publications, Inc. THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA Iowa City, Iowa 77th Edition Volume 77 Editor ..................,. .. Iune Hall Business Manager . .. .. . Paul Dagle Chief Photographer . . .... Ken Kephart CONTENTS University Life ........... . .. page 14 Academics .,.... page 58 Communications . .. . .. page 212 Activities ...... .. . page 228 Athletics . . . . . . page 280 Greeks .... . . . page 312 Residences .... . . . page 390 1 ,W - .. fr ... -fi f ',: I '11-'f1':' L ,-- -JA ., ,2" '1 H - f . W: .V ' I V, IU .g:1'1w,Wi -5 M V . Y v- -3,1 wb 10' ',1:-'xmas 1 . ' :qw ' W . , ,W -,- V' .5 , .. ' , A ' " E53 WN- ,'5..z.':1Vf'w1 ' M- w,.--..,-w... W ,M ,-. .wa M fm.. - . . . -A .1 , 1- 1, ' emggwnzwwr ,L , 32-fag?-gym-:mf-i1:'.f'J-IQ fgglf .'5f?.Y.f.,.?'zf:' J 1 im' , " 131, ,:,,QLA,,.5f,g-,,1-.... -:',::..f'p ,M ',-.L , 5 'R - U1'.q3,:.fg..'z'-fp L 'i . ' '- 1,5-ulg .Yuv- " .sf ff-' ,f " ffl-- -' sf? 'lfi - ', ' ' ' L. 1 j WQL F " . 1 " '21- - , . . 'L . ,,, - J " if ' ' A O 4 - . . Y I Q- , , ,, f vt ' ' -45" ' .5 ' .' I-HL A 1 -, 3521-W " 'h --1 - 1 '-V .. " "-S' E, 1 I ' g 1 ' it t '47 1- L 1- ' " ' 'X . "5 ., I '-: wr ' Y .V .1 I , wx 'lux ,P 1. r A 9 as if 5 gm ,, 1 1 H . gwik QF'- .f' 7? ' ' -fp 5' , n Y 'fi' If , 4-3. 1 f. .. 'L 3 f '-- fff Aw, vu ' ,-2 . ' ad' . ' ' '77 ' - ' ' ' ' ' ,'.' .1 'J'-..." - ' ,f -kzf.-1'-1-ff :Q ' - 'EQ "EmiM,:u,.:-. ' Q '-WW -" 3"7-:vi-"D C7?'S"i- ' ,fb - , "" ,',.'?"1 -..qui , 4 f' . , is .. Jr' ,- - ' -.--VL, --'-fm 'iff-'ff---"ff 13-:La pfbf ' , HM b ' - ' -Efffiz.. " ' .- . . - ,'-.j,- "'af-",--,- f-+ ,- v-- T iw, " 'iii-,,i--' A -4 " A L ',, 1, .A ' . , f ., .- -, " - - 1-3-.1 1 ,M , ,1'.nyf,,., 3 ., , 1 .f.....,, H ' -Q-1 if-fm f gy 'M wc- ,gn -- WW ,V 'J vi., 1n3U-,j.3- " 'D Viv ' - " fm- V113 ww V - V ,rF..Lf1v'?i:, ,gr I' Fw? . ,jp 1.1. 4 , r- . -QF "'g." if A, 11 I - ' .-, ,f,'9,,v' .Q-:af f 7-'ff' ,.... :ff T - ,1i'f"", fr,- .....f in vi GA? ,, ' , Y '--- 1-'TAL ,. ' - r,,-fr 'x lv ,ff-: :CW ' -ff' f' ,g'f" ,:?i,-5-f"""'1""' :V ,. 1 , f' Y' -5,-' ju' ..1, 6.9.1. ':J-l-fw!5Hf'- ,iff ' , f I - Vf""' diff? ' flfiiff' .fffsfffn Q fr fa -,. W-"Z, , fi-.,,.f -W, "" ' rj, " 4, -- 4-"1'f"k' ,, -f,j,:.r:Zf,v 'Y Y 6Zfg2',.: f . wr . .4-'-1 f'-s- 1- -"-'fiflf ' .A - 1 -1- V 1 wa ' , I Y ,,, , I :ug . .YH , ws., . -.f4T"", 31? 'I' ' A l '-ILL'-"'-?"ff"V1 A' 15'-r5?"": " f 'J' zf':A,1',- " T GL.: --J.. , 1 ---ffm r-'tiff-:Q':ibl1-A-:,:.'V' . AJTXFL -- .. , ',.- A 311' ,,,,,.545 -- f w- ,,' 45: I-' ,f sp., . JA- ' ' .im-sgur"'C'5' W' , -1 1- I P --,'. ' ' 1, ,g K A -i,3,,f., 5 5 rffigpfL',-?'T2f'3'3?3Q-1-v-' W 4 11f'f:z- '7',1'1'l'l ' ' 1,-J , ' '- if ., gf-,q,f" Q Lt- 'A .ff-' " fbi? ,..-+ f " 4,771 af.. 'r A' 'A 42' '. '2i,g"-7 "-A." f ftij-,J"' ' f '11 ., ',..,f? K jp' Zn-55' 'wvfffiiffl' Y ' Q11-f . ...L ' 'ff - :nm ---'L -' 'fagvhgm , , ?.Zr"w 7 ,-, - ' .Q -V .r 'ff'-.'A"'?"W' -- ...ff .. ff "f-1 1 -55. ,WVL1-T-, f ' ' ' -A ' ., ,wsu-V--X"fJ Afwffw' Y 1 W: W 5f,m,jf iTg:ffNfT-JfL33j1- 15 ' :,f,i,ga-f'j'-:-51'- ?2:LPs"w32"' .' f' fi '1' 'J I -f'?4"'.f'S P. M --f "J...,f:19,+i5- -1- if .J11f'Q'f. " A .,,,.t- ,. ,xx Q1 Mg 45 . v-,P :,f,..-,, , ,?,,,9,x,4 I M, .1 V ,J -f - Vik. ,:... ' NL... ,531 ,, -I,.jv, -' A,-,,f--,eg . V ,lgg,,f- J fv ' 'cf'-' -N if , ,..,- . .1.,f - -wpfrp M:---m -f's'2 h M512 - -f - ,. ..,f-er-"f,,M-- . :-- , - .,e0w11ff9:x.n3rf f . ,.1'- .. , A ..,,5b,:-5 -' ,13'- - 4 Pr ,.f' 'V fy- I ,S ff, , v 'Q '-' ,d,.gf,ff,,L','fQ,'fj..:f,Y " - -if '-.' .I-Tjll , ' ,,VVVxiE,.35gf.P: .,y-19' Y :IIA 5' xiii:-Iqjlrjt X-J. -A, .,?.!.-4. . .l..gQ"-A? .1-2.,1,. fr-' H f " -- " T played solitaire to forget T am alone. 7 play- ed without cards of course. Jlnd walked hy you a hundred times without seeing. T would know you the one hundred and first. That we would go together through seasons and night-hours across lihrary tahles and stacked hooks, in front of the Qold Teather jukehox with Qeorgy Qirl. There were oth- ers with us, and yet others we did not know. Together we made. . .-well, the University at least. Tn Towa City. Tn Towa. This is our world. T will he working next year in New Work. 7 will take you with me. Illlllllllllllli .muunununmw II .. 41 ull! !!!!! 0 ,,,,, ! mxxxxkXX!XXxxn J 1 'Under tloe sign of Qool and Troclo, pigs on 'Deflfalla 276 a tloousand girls for instant love go blind man'5 blujjfing 'mliive la difference." and "where do you ft in." 'Welcome 2 -.1 I I, I 11? tin 495' E , A' , , M." .1-H -11 IJ Y -., - , Y- .I .jt.5.3cT,-i5L'l: ' 3,5 5 0,4 " ' - , 3436:-'1 , .L ,. JM, 13. ' L l 1 1.32 Nr -7... '1 K 1 1 ' Q . pm 0 . fy 2135... J: .Q 9 f 1 1' 1' 11. 111 ,: .-.. 7,1 I , X If . Ki' ' M. . 1, 4 ,, . j 1 , Q - , PP-A M, .1 H 1 Q li -, ,Q V . " k ' r 1 11 1531 11 1" 15 I ' 151 - - f 1 1 52 , ,fix Y -4.17 ,' if ' .Y-6 ' ' 1 I, ef' J rf nz, 5 5 A1511 ,. , ' .Q Q , . . ,. , A .J ' -2:13 1 ' , 1- 71, 1.-,Fc - .,L1- , . .,,-,1:,:.'q- 'W 'iii f" '..1f4f119-. , 1 I ,111'f1. ,, . . 13, , '17'i:,, ' fagigih 'N g 1 11' ,1 ' 1 wg "1, ' Q' L ,wi ,, gba iff" Qing.-. V, .1 eww" 4 Q-' -' -jf ' ':,' -,gf Q - ' V ' r. ,ilu Y, ,its 1 1 1 E ii Y A, Mx V ll , A 3 ' If Hu. 1 A 232 ,- - -., 1: 1 5 - - : j , L' X x .V ,fa -1.1. '-' f'f.1,1is:1E"n1113'41.1, .f lfS f13-1"J' 9 ' 3 I ,G ,QR ,S .efff -- sv , Lf '1'S"'1 ' rp,-1115-I ' Ui 1" , - ' "T 1 1, ' 1 , 2' zxg? ' 1-rf! ,Q ' ' U1 'V 1115 f:rs 1 55? 1 in "fi '-T?12-1,2115','2f2EiE" ' ff 1 1 Emi l.."z fx-1? 5'-255-'-fffni ze .dan 53, A1 ,, ,3 '. V -.,,1:-31-,P . rs f -, 1. L .far 1 - -' V 215- :FL M 5"f,1x.' '7' 7 E. 5 ' J '- 1' JL 51 4 If F! Y , li' .-f f'2.'1F9 wifi' 1317 ' .. ' I ' . .-34' V Jil:-2,9 1 , . 'FPL 1 "' 1 1 -- '1 1 J -mu: f J feexsf- P I 1...,qi . 1. ,.,. ..--rf - vi ,V .Hg A . , fx m,5f'.1-if l . 4. . 1 1 3, - . 1 .-., ,I gijfzg, . 3? 1'-' - 'J Sy ' 'ti' Eff Ix- 415, 1, 4? ' 1 A 357111 Q s.1LlL Qi fu ,f1-wwf U, -P, , , 14 1' 11251-' 1 fl: ',i1,I.. r 1-J -5 537 " N.. , i 3. 1:11 ex. 1 'Q 4 E . fffff 1 " 1 ffl 11:1 R' ffg-.5 -5 'f 11141 . ' 3."::g,?1 :L,gif:a1v9.- . F' I f"f"' .mr .",1f-ug - 1 -, , f , 513:11 1, , ,j,1'gi,.1fwZ:'i ,-1.-:'. 1 . A 1,1 2.-35,-dm - mg- -rpg! "',",. 1 gfwf .f giqriff 4,1-ijmggfggziIs:-fs.f59,! 1 " A - -'.d","'-4,-"'::x2g::11 gl. ,sf , fvx. 4 L ., 'Q X , -- 3? wa. l if 4 X , Q 5 X , 'V 3 ,, X F AX 7 , ' 1 I 'ff :Em Z l ,. MJ- - ? N. f f .. ,E 7, L f H , Y .,.,...1 ,f fr' 'fix 1 '-ll. QS? .l,,--, -naw- 1 ,Q . :N- X 1 ig .-,gl xl' 'U 'Ny ff 'A 4 ' ' A W' -W. l , 1 5' ' ,r,. if ,, 1 gh, -C a iz' -V N . j:. xt Vi.. . ?""r W .rig 'iq 4K 5 n' 'Tia gi 4 1 V: , 'f , ,. . -Y I QE 'f 1 IHA: lg ,z J . Q 1. 1, ,ff ,Q I W F .-Jf"' E " 4 "Ll'1 ' 1 1'i'11fY9?I"' I , 1 H 'EQ ' 3 f f ug Q ,. QQ ,- 4 f - x f ff' 5 ' ,,2i4Q?4i1.g,'1., V ' Z- 5 ' ' ' -. -qu -f.g.,-.,a,,.i- . . 4 4 fa fa rv ff ., , 5' V x . '-vb5'Q!"'5"l19iP53?ff:A" H v . X 1 ,.-.,.,,,L 4 , , , V,-.4 . 0 4 , ' , 'TE M132 :gil gs., f 1 " fiilf-'Q ggi - , ' iii 1 V A J-.--.-:-- 5, 5 Q .wg , I . ':I::', . w','A, -,fgf"gg-, ' ' ,J fffff Tj. Q, , f 'P fcvsmk, ' uh: 1 4' ' 1 , I, f Q 1 . ,029 Ik- .pv 1 ,, , f..f,'i'f71s,i?"Trfb:,qxfeiif:57 'Neff I" 'fl' ' X ' ' V 3' J' .. ,LQ 14 'L W . ww , ' -Q v 3, 5: - 1 f f .-I 1 Scatter a little fun hehind. Knuckle-white steering wheel and friends white faces gleehlur like trees and' wind and something else for a time it is ecstatic. ,' i 'We walk alone toward spiral dances, drinking of wine we'ue made. 'We touch one day a lily that grows out of a tlooasand years of living, bands that are grown Hrrner in this one year of snowsun gentleness. v " Ir. -V w , W , 5 ' -sf 4-xi! v M ,. . .I. , f . -A 1 Y . ' -EL., ' n.. :Q Y," , 5 w f A -Af . :..g,-if .X I, w... - U if . li-xg" A-3-.1 in . rewgs-Lvqf' ,giq A1 -' , .1-23'.9'E'IE-'i 2:2 ' "f'7L'? ,u 4' f. -IQ'71-F-'w,:l3fil1iQf'1.9'J.P'P7J ,ffifzxfr .'-, ' :,f1gs','afj,,L.rg"f gr' .-gal? L33.,-..f +- pe..-L1.:...: " .A f- - .::'X f::.51.'Er.:'1fT,-' '2'5Ef"tq,F'1 .. - f . , A - , . 1,11 .rfbfi.,2:l"i21g.J1a.255i14Qifff'if' 1 'ff 1 " X I H "'-1'.11i-m'T'1L'.11Y,'ii:,I:cz fm.-'Z-BGZQU1 ,'1L5:f.Jw.2l1 . M V f- 1 ' ' F., ,- 'L' . f, ,Q -21.15, .5 gin.. .my,-.-5,:+.:p5Zf,:,yw.,gi-W... Wiring-,1K',1 . . . p ,- 1. '. 41.4. -1r'1fw:-bfoiiai' W '- 2 - 1 .-2. :i.,1z.L1. mfg,-.1-Hi...f.":'::f:'-'.fu,:ia1 n'.'m.'4.g,:, -. 'I 9--.. :vgfsfff-u . Q 1 , - jfyf, '..'rQ:JrQ,: wi . 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Hgffwy . 1 n,g,?J.. :1 1 k .,4 1... f. 1, , . - 3,1 ...A .,.-.'.--- - i - ' H' . gf.. . 4, nc, ., G 1. .-4. JU , . i, . 'N - 5. N. f X ,, ' R F. .V 'B I 525 I 8 faaj- Q ' .f t 5. .J 41. ,H L. X 5 'r rf' S P NJ . 0, -., fi. f' a 4 .... in ,QVL-,X ww..- 15-f 5 9'-s 1.0 5 0 H- x , Q 4' ' '-. '.: .. 1 ' I 'riff'-: .r:.-- f . ' - -' ws. Q 1 'N-., 4 4 1 H? us 'FD-.. Q '-Q m'-I 1.1 Lf , Z Lg.g1fgxf.,a, - . Y I- 4- .' ' 7" 1255 1' Q, -4 JM, I 1- r - '-x ' M, , .Q my-Q J I ti I ,il-'if' mix" ' ' V ,. , A ,- -ti! 'a,, 'J' ,- ' W.-. ' A E K f - rv l I L 3 W 'eg , A5 . .. f 5 ' N 3, n mv. 4 3 . iar' , 1 gi 'L 1 -5 I . uw ' J, E. 1 ff: .. Q-5: 5 0 wig AN mf 5, Q V . 1 'Q .Q gy, 'T V. .R Q:5?f1v K W. , . , -v. gf ,,,, .AM ' r 1. nr. A' if 1, ' 'K ' L , X WV an ' if .llfl "wg A- I 1-I A V :"i5f ' S9 ' 1 ' 1: ' V , - 1 J . ,". f ' ,- Q W.. N I vp li-Ju :XR .rl . A s-1:35, , L W 1 'Q 3 ' ' F- ' , I , ,,, -' , " i A 1273-,J - P x A . 2 ' is--1'gg5,f,Ag x - V4 A KR A S' JK 4 I. -, J ,,f .-,,,,r ' I -"- sf' ' v wx. L , u J, V , A! P ' r xx' jf, 'f- -.ia-' - f I '4 ...-dvr? KT" ' , ' 4 1 1 1 U f1z'ver5z2y Lk Il 1 The pleasan+ fulfillmeni of individual idenfificaiion shows on 'rhe faces of fhese girls who have chosen 'fo call a sororify Their home. The labyrinih of regisfraiion frusiraies old and new alike. Fall mzgmlzbn of students brings We back to campus A new school year: for many a return - the elation from the thrill of being "home" again, the joy of familiar faces and easy smiles, the hint of condescension and amusement at the faces who don't yet fit, a touch of sadness for the faces who have dis- appeared from the crowd. For the novitiate, a commencement - days that are too full of wild, mad confusion, laughter and new people, envy for the assurance of those who already belong here, fear of loeinq lost and forgotten. The first step of the infant adult. I A coed makes her first move into the l world of college. l tr l Looking from a window in Kate Daum down on the campus makes it easy for ad- visor Heidi Keir to point out landmarks of the campus to Janiece Hotz. ,ff Q ,, , wi-, 1 f f. . I A41 . gf f , , ff f' f ff! F 'l f':'o-AZFLQ' 1 2::i!lfrxT3,.Q. f ,N .- I I A-' '14 ' 1 Wi. if",-f: 'WN .- ' 1. -,ffbffxa-A fr. Jn" ' Aff'- -- .f:.'f1-A -f ff f-'- S '?-'TCP hw'?f'- P If -A-4, f-4 'fp.t'N-' ' ,7-'.,,.,f- .- :Q -f ...ff 5-, fl -f--,,.' 4,1 ., ,C P - I ,gtfx 3' - -11 .' f- iff f"5,,.f',' A" f""'5X"zy,.fQ"' ,rq.C' - 4,2 ' 'ff Ir C-" '-ff'-2-af ' ' fC1.:fff'N- " , my 'TSA AF! "-"ZA-'3",-1 ff: F"',-Q-,- Q -A ww- ' - if-' ff, f ff f- 'f',.. I T-5'-Ps fQ.Y3- ,J L,, pn , l If ' F?--rg-Q --' xv , L.. X. .f Lift AEC A-1-"Hr 3,5 LA,f2'KZ.,'31-f ,.Q..-1fwCf',-gb' ,A j..,Q-if jsf .L fb:-L' f'fi,f,,, 1 ' K iff. ,,,v,:,,5- ,J ,g , 45-M.-5 cz-.F S Z1-ffnf,-ci1NQ.?-:K ,, -,q:..g:.,, VX ' 1, l 'Lx I rl , .,. 'f'.1ff- . ff' -,IN-'f:f'f'--Cf.-z ""- ' ' ,F4-s4"'3 -6 f' f-- f -fm. fag - , ff --ff-1-D-E' 4,-5.-.fx f-a-ff.f,'-ffl 1 A 4 if f fki fig? "ff-fi if-fzffff -f Zvgx f ' A' f':4i.,fz-ff"4f'f W 'I-':,"f-Ng. nf fflrf If Af" uf' F-ff--"' gf"1f'! 'Q f -g,,1 '1'fxIf':1T:?',':x""ff3-J-"gif" M-21,5 fs ' , x . N -- ' f' ' 1 if " i:.,1..,V?iffP'-f"'x" 1" - -- fl fxxf 'H-'?N Af Q4 A, bf fi 5 . 4-w,,.X D ' fx' . ' f f f'x"X'f ' , 1-N f, . , ' ,,,.. , - . ., -, f if? - i V, fix , L - I X Y ,fr ' I f fw fjf 1 f"Nf1: ,-J ff' fs, QA ' J .g ,---1 , " ff , ' 'nf - ' I V -:Lb , f I .I N ' .1 5 ,, 'ff A , jp ' 'ff XQF .f 12 ' :ff J f f Q fi'-7 J -4 - "fx X. 1, I rx 5 'Vw xg F'7-xX1- if kay. lf " ,sgnriii-KH A .fa-vs' ' , ff ' , L' , ,. 1 1. - - ', . .f A. . . :N fg Q, , gf - XJFN - L V' '- . ' QA' fy J' MS- 'z A ' 0 I 1:3-A wr?-gxkl f X I K A . A 4+ v a N pf-wr, rx J 5 i ' YR! 'X' 5 ' ' 4 ' L 4' Qi' ff , 1 - - ' Q-- 4 I li w M 4 K . 1 .. 5 A , 5 B 4 A M L 'aw ' V ' X4 H vt Q 1 Af P2 x 3. , Q V .X 'ff X ' - , A .I 1 I .,,:' .1 X? L 4 2' , a ,Q Q' , af? ,L . eg' ' ' ' M 5 Agn- ,f ff .151 55' , "' 2 rg-. W .Q-A.-:-K L4-Y U 'l Hx? ,IN A , , ,,..f-.,,. A' ff EV f, g QQ? ' j 'N K j S4' -' ,Q ,,,1'-550 ' 4 ' E, N N i gh' . W-- Y gwiu ' N .fir . s - I A X K 7-C s 5 , 11" -:I . Ai NK! I bu, V' V s 1 9 f V .. , . f A . fi, ,- ' "fd 4' -' 62, 2- ' ff . xff 1 1 1 X 5 , P I N 'QQ A L' N I ' I 'w ' ,lf Behind the face of boyish innocence and wonderment is the force ot a campus mover. Carol Lukensmeyer yells for la Hawkeye touchdown. Sue Harder ei' bubble- Pzzces are 07161 maski of expresszbn unfil cognzlzbn Like leaves in the fall - they tumble past, umber colored, but out of focus. They float through the picture and out, only re- membered by a blur of color. Then suddenly one stops, it gets caught on your coat sleeve, in your hair, against the Window pane, and it is noticed. It becomes identifiable - its tinge of gold brighter than another, its veins more delicate, a jagged corner is torn irom its tip, a spot at the base is spoiled and darkened - only then it becomes a iace you know. l The hands of both sides strain to gain and prevent Because of place and Izme lzmrtzeular eieszres evolve l The unquenchcxble desire is seen on the 30 ycfrd line, in the lost stretch of the 440 dcrsh, in the spring of the diving bodrd high above the pool. Athletes, their bodies young cmd toned, strcxin- ing to win for the Hawks and themselves. But it is other places too, in the hunched, tired buck of the late studier, in the pgniced eye of the novice cictor, in the resolute voice that differs from the crowd. Only with this kind oi stamina and perseverence comes the desired, cmd eorned, result of triumph. Tom Chapman intensifies his quard to block a Drake player. Cheerleaders strain as if, by some chance, their lung support would bring a Hawk touchdown. M'- in-v .f-" ,.,x- ,W , A vu 7-,TN , v V Y x 'IQ .VL 14' Mrs. Ray Nagle expresses her approval as 'rhe Hawkeyes make Hweir Firs'r +oucl1down in a home game. The student and the textbook are the basic combination for factual learning. Voe Whitehouse. The third ingredient, the teacher adds a touch ot interest and excitement to the written word. College atmosphere sets the stage for letzrrting The mind like rocks, jagged rocks, lays stagnant and unmoving - the thought process is quiescent. Then the urgent push, the impelling voice of the teacher, the prodder, and the boulders are upturned. It is grindingly arduous, but the rocks are kept turning, colliding with others and creating the spark ot rarely resting, always seeking curiosity because there is always more to know. The mind like rocks, restlessly gaining momentum ot perpetual movement in thenever ceasing process of learning. -- g ,. lug, .far ,. -2, M- -i -Qi, , , -........,... -L., am: Il I IH .2 I ll 'F '--I -1' --1-A +- ............. ffbpi- nu - N Us "" '5 -'91 if ' ITEML-" ,. DWR! bg --f ,Jul I Il , -..- S-if-H - -A I 29, rv M IL-3 Q, f"i"a . 1 it ,x -. -1... A s+uclen'l makes his poinf more emphalic wH'l1 a simple geslure. , ,, U 1 ,. - 4.g...,.... 1 The glinf of Snsiglnlr brighlens flue eye of a sluclenl' as he discusses anyllwing from Hue game on Salurday +0 flue war in Viefnam. . . . and 'rhaf has abouf as much relevance as Jrlfme price of bananas a+ Berkeley. Oulszde of class the lear11z'11g corzlzhues - 1: Scene and hypothesis: the "learning process" becomes mind- blowinq. Not in classy leaning over a cup of coffee Ckof'iJ, per- haps, you make the point iqua point? and find you are under- stood. Footnote. . . conclusion expanded by someone's pointing, emphatic finger over parts of the iorrnica table you hadn't seen. Expansion, a different depth which can't be dismissed, the un- seen possibility. Ergo: mind-blowinq. A question remains: how talk gets to War from a discussion of chemistry or dress. ' '41 J, . ' wr! fi .,, .,,,,, .. w H 5 tr: 1 Ja. 2 m. it w - The i'o.pic of a classroom is often best understood and remembered in discussion. li ,. K 'W A ,f' 'iz . f1-....L-- :. 21.3 A B R el W. - ,U - ' v vi .-1. U ., at 1 ,X E, 5 1 YL", vj, , J I Y' fx " W W' Student politzbazl z'11V0lve111er1I takes a'z'verse paths There are many ways to fiqht this war. Some have said "yes" to our position, and have gone to Vietnam to rebuild what we and others have destroyed. Five University were sent by Project AID this summer to that embattled peninsula to lend a hand in the rebuilding. And there are those who have shouted an emphatic "no" to our involvement there and called it an "illegal and immoral War," and they have fought the decision makers with protests and sit-ins. But the war goes on. l t l E t z 1 1 1 'l , t J, . H it ' -,ri ly ,gl A student is caught by an egg thrown by lieclclers at rally. Professor Donald Barnett' announced at a political rally that he would not grade his students in protest ot the war. ff. , . And Modena took my hand, , . " ". . . And Modene took my hand G veiled me from The Gargole at the Gate Gr pulled me past His howling to the Pit ci cast me in, Saying: 'BEHOLD our HELL Where Sounds of Love Curdle in air as thicke as Scttcxn's own. BEHOLD weak-fathered Maids ans Pie-faced Becxux Who ache to switch each other ON 6. OFF. BEHOLD the Sodomist 6: maids who twiste The Fair Sex Foul. BEHOLD the Lunatick Seeking a better ALL in a machine . . an Originale Epick ir as 'rhiclce as Sa+an's The Gargole ai ihe Safe . . .' .,x,! 1 7'5" - 7 . if ' ' jyivgim--.L H uw. .Tlll I . 1, 1 .. I 'lf-'x Z 5,-, N tv," LJ . tml., I-fx 1 U .. of-H W. w at W, 4 . H Q "i -FHQ N my I JV " ' . '-f-- ua - lt," . , N ..f. , .. W unfit? V ,V,l:E,' W , .. ,, 1, 4 "QQ . ' , ,, .QQ L-.-pa 1 -1-1 .:.l3,t,, on-ani..-1-917 - + ' F' ' . A-55' -, ' V 5iPQ!,.' ' ,. :I A X-Ex-.,:f.gf4.g 1 .R I' L ,g..,3i' 1 ,,3v,,i, Y. V V. 5 -1325 111 ' 1 .- 1 JW Q ffl 5 j, ,, - Q- f 4- , , L ,p ,ill 5 fx 'Tu.,!, ' , F, lx Y . ,Jw .Qi N .- W ' - f ' MT "' , A - 5 - . H-- . f L mg ,Zh .:fi,..mH2 ,iiizr rx 4:-.4 ' 44:- ,, N 4 , N N 30 vu-L in 'W Wha+'s a real umversify wifhouf Hs pizza. Reed Von Maur, Grefchen Sfeqmier 4 Ff Actually it does taste better than dorm coffee with that Campus Grill offers strangers in the mqhi a refuge for warmth extra teaspoon ot Drano. talk or place ol observation Students gather wherever tz cup 0 co fee 15 sold Located in and around campus are the places which students have made famous or infamous las it werel. Some have be- come the scene of a shared cup of caffeine between classes, some are used as watering holes or stomping grounds in cele- brating TGIF and some afterwards as the clinic for a sobering experience. The essential appeal remains not in the place itself but in its communion of food, drink and people. Students partake of the basic Ingredients of a college duet hamburger, trench tries and a coke 1 'rjy' TJ L , av ,..,, u: ' M., , gay, ww Jing , LUSH... 1-Q 531 P! ., .N , 1' 1-' 1 -, -pn 4 -L, , ju A ,fc- iii I , - n ,, -U T3 r ,, ,UQ M -., , ' ,w, 4, 'lf1J:w.L- , N X, ,, ,.-1 X T'-V .U.fy1m3j,1A '..'7-'J..1L'-1 . ':9f5!lF'f. Ai, v'1l"1-i' ',',r'f' affix -' ,, H- 'iiflfivff-' I 5 'J-:f-2if,115'.,':' EL?-'5z.if5f1'JE :,, 'f mi-4,-1: r 3 -'M ., 1 :wg,,'?" ,a ,,9..f- 2,7 'J-2 K uw ,' 1 i"7ngiU',w:-, 5,1 511311, LH'-,-4-..,'f:,',i'.:-' ,1 g f . , .A 1'E,5ff s' 'W-g:,.,13+!l' 1: 'f'ff':f"'w-f, p wp 5 wr :-. ' , , FW'-' T ff"'fiT2inLi':'LJ':-M-1-,L"g HL' ,1:.,'-is-lemgif-.,, 1 ffvf' gvwa11141:-gy-4'-f5.b1bw'.fvr'.ff:.-'-' im.. , ' ' V' ,L ,N .- 3494 .1y1,fa3i:f,:ms,,y H::,3p..'fff m.',.jf',-'QQJ1 ,1, , , , :,,'..wg.,z:1,:,.'-,f 2.1 -'-5.13, g4fiH::.,f,1',.fs.wg1.14611.-,'b.1,.-.ri-lg?: ,' . Vp gp' mtgziifvlf.-'1:,r.a'.',:,1.,1' . .u,"-.-.fx-'.'dnWf 41'Q4'l:m. lf' ' ' 'J-H-' k'w"' 31:1-1--"'.fd' 'xv .1-m1,1,T1:'..,--jf L' 111 '- fy" , -.W W N -....,,M,w,f,L,, s,v,.,:.,.-..'.,,,.m,r5 5551.-,pr Q., V ,Q J . ' M b -'J j1ff:3.g-QQ' 1.5.1 ,La-w,xygA1:', cg,'-i?i-Z7!'k3g.g1- 'igfg :i " ,419 , . ",,:ga'5,Z.12f', '-I-.'y'1ltg1fg'-L2-j3J3Jj.4'r1S1?"ig,.fg'i-.M457 43V,a'1 .',,W,i,'1?f'i'-l' -" ,A 'R ::u":".JUiH 352, 1Qi2,Fa'?-FJ-'I,iF:,g'f TU-- M' fV?1-.iM2U'1U'1.--- wi:,?12'Q-PDQ ff- 1730 ara'-1'iE"b' vi':Zfj'fr.1'?'1,-.1,l'.f. ff' ' iii- -l1"1fjj-193' 3,51qL3f'j'jf'5131':E-.-ijt!',j'jLH,gE'L!jg Eff-r,"fg12,-in gf- .9 , M, , '.:,LJ,,' -1- J 'J-'.A,.L U-,L .-A..-7'grf.-.i,',',-uf-15, ,yfv-mr:-.,"1,J'.. AN - ' U xl.. , - .-'-'.,,v-v.',-,az-:PW w- .1-,Va . 11, 3- . ' 'f 4 mf 1 ' 'L -wwe' J.-.wwfa-4f'1J-Tug..-.J:af-: 3 - , -, fight, " '..If--Y':a5l'4':.5Sf! :rs..-1'7f:'-g,'y..+. f.1111L:,-w- 49' ' ug' , '.,.,::-:ff im .ffmIaf-Lq,,?f?,-,f1-K,-:,,f: 1-1 H, 2 g 'fi I-'," ,. -,gi1-11,-Q31-'g-,EZ-1,-'.51 ,,-5 -. fins-L' ,, . 'i1f2'H H' .4 -1-il""?Ef'.?-7-fu ulg'-Q1x'.1-5f:i':5'w-2'Swv f.1LL',3'.EvX7,fE. . 92 '. wx 'V A h J 1211: -'li'-'F'-7",'N:-'V '41 ,.. Q- w, "Zi-.422 ' ,j,g1N":,g-5SW,'HP Hi-'fffv SWL -"-H,-Zh, wr 113151 ,.-L ',Lg,..A:, guq 1 1 ,. 1 :' .....-- -- 4--k----V--' 1-Q-----A -'- 4- F7 ' "3 ""' T17"'Tf:'-fV7T'fm'. "U ill- 'S "H I "fn ' "TTYL She is someone to remember softly. A little girl, cm womorn, the dancing bonshee in cr screaming red dress. She is not beautifull Once, her smile flashing, she ccrtches you and steols something but doesn't speck. ln crutumn you see her walking, her wind blown hir cr filigree of gold light. But she is not beautiful! She lingers only as long as dew on morning lctwns, orncl then is gone. She is everywhere, the sadness of quick-passing showers in spring, the music in you that will not be denied Nancy Evans le- Zhen- C4 bl N Q. N- F' N E 2 'Q 5. E. he 2 N- bl Q N- E E R Q N. 6 N is S. N. Qs Q...-v -.-f.-. -1 X l Z E a, t ll Carol Cartwright Judy Sorensen Gail Longanecker .,-1-.4 ff Aaffdl i F ' a swallow'cl bail on purpose laid . . " "How sweel' and lovely closl llmou make llwe shame . . ' Sh, if-Q ll, 7 va' ' ll " , ME l . ,asf wg, . V- . -1 , ,i'P'3' 'iii' 1 , 'f fo . , , 55 Q' , ' 'I .':'f.:1f'l' Q A hbi wel, Hr In 1131-V ,- Q22 Q 'gli .I-,Law E-F41 1 EL. ' 1. . ., , , V 'E ' ,nm - ' I 'ISI- ' ' " I1 4-1 , i Y l ' - -v Q V I-gfifl ' ,ll ,- .I 'I :' A 1' , ,--545' l --V12-" VU, ll , 1, W rf . Q' T A Vi: 1 Y .. - F L.-if -, Y , -if . 9-...ig Y - ' we ' , , '-'-'n ,, ...L ' '. 'W Efii, " "Ji ' ' --4' l ' 'W' ,. "f "5 ',' .1L,-If' ' 'Qifffg mf: 'r 2' 1' l-."f-A353 ",li1'..'liji,,"1W:':" A '5IY?5LiLs?55f2 3 'Gil' ' f:.:ggs55h"3. -ff -Q 1: ' is 4,1 fr 1 gj- nf.- , Mi ff? , , -'f , 'VX 1 ll ll , , 'HQ J - 1 -Y - V - . , 131,-, . u .i 3' L .::,, ,:,Qf,'f,-,fjwf-1f:v- '--- Ff-f Z iz. fs? ,gy "L: 1-3.23.5 'I .,.- 5:,. f.f' H .55 1.55 px' p'7f72S1?. il 1 vw , ' '1-7,511 .1 N v- 1 14- The expensa of slUz'rz'l in az wmie of shame The expense oi spirit in a waste of 'shame Is lust in actionp and till action, lust Is perjured, murderous, bloody, full of blame, Savage, extreme, rude, cruel, not to trust, Enjoyed no sooner than despised straight, Past reason hunted, and no sooner had Past reason hated, as a swa11ow'd bait On purpose laid to make the taker rnad . . . Sonnet 129 Shakespeare " 2' 2- it ta, gs. - ". . . our dates are brief, and therefore we admire . . ." .V up e n I H H 'fb I , n 1 .11 ' if .g. I :L .gf all y if 4 :gf U V I t1 A E' ,L .ya I n A k H 1 'E S151 .Bm if? dt 9 . V, H L .fl F- . Pix . ,501 Liia ' 53 36 1 . New sluczlent lvarzy l05e5 P7'E5Z'LZ7E71fZUI bzkz' The new Hawkeye Student Party dominated the presidential elections though failing to take the top office. Capturing 12 of the 35 senatorial positions the I-ISP will be offering opposition to president Iohn Peltorfs conservative platform. A record 5,050 votes were cast in a tight race that gave Pelton only a 489 vote margin. N. H' .M Presidential candidates are from the left: Lee Weingrad, ll-lSPl. John Pelton and Mike Wolte. ,,H.,f.,.-..T .-. i w,J?-,A .,f5,,.,.J K., . -, jew 1---f.:S15x?-i'tis:ii'w 595 1 ' L'i-21:24 11.5, aw wtf. if - f 3- .M5l3i,l"llfigh,n T .Fl ij'iIujQg1'-:glial - HW if-1' it .taxi-.:":I'.Hr'1 1-f,'.j" Mix-.,-Qf,i5:"'y Jw -fEvF'+l'4?El'l yr n"' j'.1Rj'1'1 "-, i" qw, ,f 592.4 15 T' .' '. l -' 1 ,gi--v 'l - il f-" lv -. .. if. -. i .ii . iw'-.,,.1 -, ' ,lip-15. le-HP . . N i 1l,1.v,I-ip' 1. 4 4 ' f55f'13E'i"if.L1.-'4l1?iQ'ffff.'!9' ""FfiE'-iY'.' 'fi' - 'f'f:i1,'f"5 X-fl'-,I-li't5',i-3 -1 , 1.,le:is-.i..zn.a ,, -f fi. ff. .5 5, . ,, 1 ,,.'1i.1..rf.,n,-., , V -- l, ,. - - .Miq- lf13. hwww't E mfr: in fi it 1 -n'.ni,:-'.' ,, , ., -1 ,.,..-. ' 4 , ,,. ' - ' V, ,- ' 5--rel 'i"t-f:-Q"--4 bm V H H , . ' N L " . ' . 11,.321'fw2Q. .,e,:gL'iL : 'fi " Tw.-gl:.f:,1:Qf3L,5 HSP began their campaign with a nominating convention in Old Capitol. 'Lg H 3' ' , w v w w En William Stringfellow Ferlinghetti Saul Bellow Gum' artzlvlisg lecturers offer benefzf of exlverzknce Inspiration through contact with those who have committed themselves. Perhaps you heard one of these men. An icono- clast named Ferlinghetti who enraged some, stirred others with his anger. A congressman, Walter Iudd, who argued against China's admittance to the U.N. Isaac Stern, the violinist, Saul Bellowi speaking to the young Writer. A dissenter named String- iellow who warned us of a police state coming. One of them may have moved you. Shaw house ot Quad and Currier girls get together at Homecoming to raise spirits by buryinq a cotiin symbolizing Northwestern. Acizbn and play releayz H16 pressure 0 aczzalemzkz Sometimes you have to ban the books, lei go, throw yourself into a Derby Days tuq of war, or the building of a sweepstakes iloai, or a mock burial for a grid- iron enemy like Northwestern, or or square dance at ra ski lodge on a winter Week-end. The grind doesn't end, but the pressure finds a release. It's easier now to qo back to the books and the dull professor. Students let go their inhibitions with a little square dancing. Quad men pool their eitorts to win the Sweepstakes Trophy at Homecoming. I 1. V' .V 4VQf':+.sw' ' I. g'M,u.: VV' - , Lww,.,,V1.rV:g7npJ 1 bv. ' 'xl ! WV S is ' w G I . . , 'ph . , ,-'f Q, ' 9 9m '.1.31f, :V-'MHA r V"Vli J gf ' , 1 ,, ,. 17 , A .,A, 3 ,221 V2 'M him- VLIJ W V 'NX . V! ., u , wrfxif' . ...,3,,,,,i ' N h V 1 ,.VV.'J VfV'J "V" 1- 'F ,r Tv -- ' ' , .1 1 ' , Q ' , I ,VV , ,X 'Q-3L?3E,1.rf .HVVAKV '7' ggi- IZA- 1 ' V V APP'-v 'G'--1 A wfkmdwh -1 f.-J. ,A ,NA .Q,v-.Ap ,Af-,Af .V , f ,J 'J V, If . ,V f f . M ,V J, - ' I I , K XTR. I-.YN.V.,,., ., ,Vxfxf f-.V- 1 vw- .--ff-f .V f-1 f f,-,,, I. ,N -'Z .f 1"'V'Q.I.fT " I wwk .ww -: 2' ' 5 ., 531, 'tif -' 1 . V' '41 . 'Vw-f"i74'4 ' 'JW lgfv. his H ,':':lv ? V 'N " ,V 4 4 A , nz, W -' 3 V, ,-r- TV .x ' -, V".f4V 111 vi: I rx-V v - uw.: ,, VV N " 2 'nf 'vf .I I "' , ...Vwnr fi ,3 . . ff ,q...f-Q.-. . - , 'T v I , 1V ' - A ie I , ,A 4, A F2 P ip. A 3 "- 1 - ' W ! U ' ,,,j-yfrhgy V, yy v V 5' :N Q Vkv-A. Vi, W! 1. ,f-V . Q, k H ',-U. ll, X Y - V. A Il-ff -1 1,5 . ,!,. , I5f"'V' 5 1, V V V: Q- - :Vw ,nh , . if ' . I M . y, , L ' QI V , VV, ' V f 1 ' ' - A, L wb X . - .,v.! I V , e-VV., . .V V fy ' ,wx "-"J . " " V V V ' ' Ii 'V 91-VU' V KV--.4 -KVQPK I ' V V , ,Vnl.,,.f,B4, V. K, mu, . QVW, . Vxdtxip-. , . - , . V, - V VV' V ,,f.,r.w'- , - ,A :L em, r , 7, I r-x ,I ,px fiww- A A M E51 g,i:lysV5'y: ,llgw N N, , Liu 9: M V V . 1 V ,Y .U : ww .VV V--' '-3,'..VV -,4:., 'f,,-3V.' QV -31,5 Y ., ,Y .qfk-.fn 60 I- . ,P .Ai-5 4 . ca: X N . ki H 9,2357 T :xr .1 ., H, fu. " ' ".,V """"'1'V V'.. vvf' 'W' I-'.' 'ff T-Cx "ff" 'Y ' ' I ,,.- ., ""L' ,nv -' .. ,5, A ,MDM J., 'Nm - ' ' ,,xi. V -vV ,V V -ML - .Q V , -. ,,..wV ., A-I J r?,- , , - .43 V Xtra"-ilft ki 5 N. " V Aa-. K 1 ,. ,f-H24 ' N1 , , ' . ' . - " V " f"?-Nfawffv ' r f. VA V X aw- V V S. A - rV V V. ,,VcV.-qVV,, V. V ' My 151- uw V- V- M tV -1 V V V , , 1 P 1 2: . . -A! W... A s' 4"'f'3LE',F" fA""L-4 V . .9 Af ' ' ' if-r ' ,I V - V1 V VV ,N ' ' V' , g. QV ' , '4'fVV",- A "" " 'A -- JL rf hw ' V N1 V' - - . ,,,., , 5. M V! A -5. V A V ,A f Y , 3 N-5. -g " X "'-v . VV ,171 -wa -V -Vr,.g ' V V - -- " 1- ' P 1 ' '- , A V , "-x I 60415 - ' 'L' .V ?"" E' ' , .V A ' 4:1 A 7: xl Udjft, 3' 4. ' V, - ' I A V ---4 I " '- ,.1--V Sp.-lr ' ' ,x , V1 , -,I .M-1 . " ' V". ' - -"' 31'v,. -. V, f' 3. . 5 " . - .-f - f-g - .1 ,K-V , Y V 1 -V .- 41-gnu? VV V V -Jw-VV, .,,:f --.. V,. V ' M3541 rf? 2'3" T .. .. . A V:' 'iv jf v r 'T-.1 Q' . 'V , .-ff V 'lY:gs',,v:1- iw' V ' "xiii-w V TW' " ' 'YE jx Qty'-:Tic '9i..VV - -ff-53 A . - f J1.,,,!1fj . .Q V -1' ' af .trr 'k k V VV V 'xx-e.V Vw' K ga V- ,.VywiV"v4 ' +V' 55, VV Q., JM "1 - . - V 1 .V.'11. V- , V -- NVV U, at Y 'V-yu., Wm-.,.u... ,,, M Concentration and repetition merge into technique- Behind another mask often develops the expression of self, Mandragola then music. ,cf -' Q My '.f"?1f?3W 1' ,' jby of exlvresszbn . . , zhvenizbn coupled wzkh technzgue it hols to have a beginning . . . but it won't be said "Tl'1is is how it began" .... it was more . . . and now every day: the effort . .. of technique Cthey call itl . . . the discipline of Waiting . . . for the sudden unsurprising moment when the madness of technique Will submit, be automatic . . . and the un-named something wanting to be begged from its gestation finally can be summoned . . . So seldom . . . Fame? not really so important as knowing yourself, it can be done 3 I its-J I V . bi? fm . .ww 3 ' -2-in hz I I ,L.'!. l Y I .NI , 4 .. ,- .Nam .. -. . 1 4 A 5 -flxfrg ff . V 4, 1. -ln' ' . 1 :I , n.1,,,:x qrfm, YY , . 11. ' A 5-1 1 -15 A 'fffS,Q- 1 Q ' J 23 , 1'-' i .bfrff QQ , Q fi ' i f f g 52- Q HL, -lcv.. LE: . f-.L n w 1 1:25 , . . W faltifaij Q,ji"rE17 'Q' :if-YJ.v,'f." a v J-QW" Q.. 4' H .V .v"'f-- H , ., fx -4 A Lfy H f ,LW 'QP 'T 3 9:-RFE' ' " I - 54 3311773 ii P wwf , 'f-,jx f--fjl-15'.:. '37 .," T J , "-iii-64 '-'Ulf 'lv : -,, 'f .Q .,.,,.-- .w ..-.., I x I 'I .. - K , 'ffi ' .Fr L,'y,jif". ' ' " war : "1-115' . A, T W. 7-Hi. '5 41 ' 1 J, fx w f s 2 ' 'I R 1 ffffh 'af- K3 f L fam- ,Mu lv b . :FII "' I ,d'Q r ' 0 . f 5 I Y Q: r ,pn J M 14, 5991"- The fvumezn ace reflects ez 5011 cg ez dance ez pezzi1Iz'11g ggi. A1 f K' 'i'5"' . Each face has a nose, its own peculiar nose, and eyes and , Hr tt- ,rt ,Fifi l,37,t, Q' . ' , , mouth-but still it is only the scenery for a dance not yet danc- 1 ,- -.-1 t -, ., -sf V gig ed, the chords for a song not yet sunq, the canvas for a painting 2' ' 'J' not yet painted-it is not-yet. And then a lip curves up, or brow is qashed with concentration, an eye crackles with anger-and f 1 - it has become. It has become all the dances and songs and ' " li - ir it o A' ' A ' paintinqs in the World, it is the reflection of the soul. . -, ,,Ul J, ,, if. . "e.,,.-14:1-.,. 4 4 -.-.Q '- -u.:-5,52 A wet suit clad student gives it all he's got at the Homecoming rally. I Qffixzwns I ! If F sgghglglzxx H4 " -L1 J, -sf luv.: 4.15, 13,-'15 " 1 S, A AX 'Q--Z:-'fi' 'Wifi -fi' ,p'f'i7Q' 'ai 1 . g5:ff:f? 'Www 9 is .44 13 Q- f. ' "-:WJ-r-H.. 1 , -, fy,- ra wp., N1 ,, Qyclfi . " 1 'J-7 fifa-f. +i A. -gfw Wa JA ' 'M 245?f5'W H VT'-Q 1 '. yur ,, ' 'EL 1. , .','1 ' 'rs 'X 'if,'TL'2 - lb . C -..,.,-a- ' K R J .f ,... . A ..... JMX 1. fs-2 v - 'df 4' ff? I . li. ' - - - W--rm J . ... .X ,, 1,-L.. , an I Q L-f f-Y 'fy-.1 i, J" N 'n fi b f ,: u my fan i 4,-.rv- " I Ki X l and i7?r' 1 '..C , ' '..-ff- ei: '-1'-'f ' -4-iv" -Lbs.-1 1" -qi 'ffm 44: 'H' I JL ,K Y .7- 1 791 1 5-iff? rf 4, 1.-'F' , 1- ,,-:wif-v:g:f - , .fifw-1L, ,'-L41-L5.',-Q ,L x E J , mi af- My . 4...-f. Ni? J-"' Yi! 'Q Ir' '93 + Gmail,-f,,,... ,G ,.L?,'f5i,, :gg v ,-55, .,-.:.". Q " 1230, ".-' " ,Fit-f, T7 fa ' ' v ,f I ,. - 5- ,.-:, qi- L -,T -1 ,, ,. A- 3 r p- .rg W .., ' W -91 fa., V0.1-.1 .. fs' ff - f?'E"' ' A , . .. up -:Q-ff-L... X ' 5' 4- 'L' 1. ','P',"' .'A' Q5 . T-L Y .-'2 -,, ,I mv ,i ,.., A ihhbv-r Two 5lmnger5 htm' the road taken az path to chance "lt you had just looked once or twice and' gone upon you're special Way . . ." But for some couples, the quiet way-the roads not taken- at the right time by one or the other-leads to enjoyment of self by participation and involvement with others. For most couples meet by chance. A romance that begins with simply occasional meetings-nonchalant, almost Without caring-grows. The Whole becomes more than the sum ot the parts. Y N ,mmm A couple that is only aware ot each other stands in a crowd, Paul and Linda Logan share the fun ot' one sweater and an other Iowa victory. 'l7E""iF - 'if """""- 'v?'Tv.iC.wi:r'fi1!2'.'n?-'i?Fdl l , ,, , - 1 bwiwfu ...-4.5: rr, ..,I .gg i ' ' " F YLT . .. .. ...., M ,H,1l'.,,:,,, L .. c - pf '15 l g , l .f. J- ,Q ' ' 7. L ,-:I Ill 'UT -flings, - ,- n 1 lL -. U nzlferszy expands yezzrhf toward the mullziferszfy Each increase in the student enrollment moves the Univer- sity toward the multiversity. The buildings which rise out of this yearly expansion reflect in their structure the growing im- personalization of the student in such a complex. Their facades seem built of huge stacks of IBM cards that cover look-alike slots in identical rooms. Little time is left to contemplate the reason Why or where top the University must rush on. The windows like punched holes in an IBM card emit light of late studiers. Phillips Hall siands as a sign of the increase In the interest of the business world. 48 JEECH-H FAR1 CENTER Ni J- - W ' ,iw M: ,iii I H , 1 , Y , J0DBURNi0'NfAL - . nap IAWA The medical facilifies af ine Universifv become expanded and specialized wiih ihe new building of fhe Speech and Hearing Cenier. The new English-Philosophy building refiecfs oniy Hs slrrudrure in Hue iowa River. wg wr i ' ff .A 'ISI 5 z ' "-11-KYTPS Mr: X E Even as 'Phe Field House is fhe scene of The Hrs? sfep of 'Phe academic process, H' is 'rhe las+ I Packed up and waiting - for what and where remains. The senior often wonders whether the time could have really passed so quickly. Gmczluafzbn, une Z 196 7 Finally, the student becomes formally stamped and approved. His rite of passage has been successful in terms of Work and grades-above-70. Yet the sheepskin cloes not carry with it a guarantee: the value of the education lies not in the students ability to quote Plato but in the new freedom to form ideas, his own ideas, about the facts. Iowa Queens ada' miss 'U of 7 NANCY MOORE Nancy Moore, a Kappa Alpha Theta, was crowned Miss U of I for 1966. She has held several other queen titles on campus. Nancy, cr junior in dental hy- giene from Homewood, I11., has a grade point of 3.34. ,' 71" f. 1- 'ff 11" 'Q' Ig in fur IQ' 4 I X , -4'-f lf1ez'r beauty to the campus BARBARA HENDERSON JEAN I-IEEREN KRISITINE SAI-IL SUSAN SI-IOXVERS f , -, P., 1 H Miss Perfect Profile CONNIE HARPER N., - yy -. .vis ,-.-fy-1 ,gg -xwiiw T v- W "E,-11.-1: ,. 'lsr' H , Q ul nw ' -Ny"': ' Xff ,. 3? , 5 'Dolphin Queen LINDA PECAUT Military Ball Queen LINDA NOLAN A 1 Q aaa' Q uecn N AN GAMRAT1-1 N iss UTC PADDY FAULDS -, . avi li we 4 .HUF V Y.v,. . 14.9-12 n rx - -.-3 I ,1 "".. I- e + I Eff? . w Md I fi! i Nil rg ! PEQJ lr' MY' fJ H . Nr' J' 1 I xx .,, , ,f l 1 A Jw 1 ,Q 1 pa J I 1 . 1 4 x Y ' f ' 1 ,A b ' a 5 .D 1 ag 2 1' ' 4 X s Y ' ,I Pi v X , 1 , 1 lg X1 ti 5 X 'x ' M f if QP' in J Q k 5 4 x'X N .ff A .3 -... e, ,d .,,g,,.n., .. . 4 f .133 Igggiszil ,, xl-Q - .- W .1 ,mv .1 ,f ss- V -Xu? ,.x ,J ' ml ' fl V . 'ers' Lf l 'Q U 4 If ' ' f .H A. , - ' -Wx ,QF 'H Y. uf Nww ym is "--u- -' WH , ' wx ,A 'H ' ff? f .I ,fly - xv kgmxvrg-,L 1. , . 1wPawh , iq Y, M-, is-sg, u. .1 ., fi Q'!,,,,m . , . X 'I ., ., iw AL 35:5 .,, .. H' TL 5 ? ,ws -- 3 , , rw. 4,- , . .N W 4, . ff. Miz, -L 'xl 'y 11, 'gif -5 Tbwk P H1 " JQj?"A I :fig My 54 - K I if 'AI' w ,,. , . ,. L-gi? ir, my-X ' "f'-uw ' . ' 4 '- -xx , - Q1 Q 57, 32 H H ,U , A xw N N H M 1: 1- uw 1 MH' H H a .yu ...A '-L x . R A . L. ".f?5' L1 -, lu' ' ' ' Nw 1 I , , I Lag .3 , y Wy T 5 J N ' . ' "," -Yuri s, '- -4- Q: 1 ' , I 'Lx-ff-.. gf" A RM lQ5.L H ' ' 3 .f,57 ?.., AL: Wu- A N , , F 1: gi gf? U -1 ,Q-?:.,V '-1 ' L, f.X,,".j ,f , M .,. - lg, ' .,. .j , T. X" YQ rv-f' 1,-, L 45. 'f'.Q,g. H- -5 W kfwqygv- ':fm,.v .- Ek- -fi Fbf-'Iv' E' 14. i. .' ,a f ff! . "X, '3.,,:',' mfg-.."-:A -' -' - ' 'fp ' - 1 f : N U f, AA- M- " ,,- ...4+f"t' -- '. rd., "'wi'1 V , I 'WHS' Lf' 4 -.- W fk?4mf, Fw, b fsdzlipiiv- ' A-wi ,t,Ei,'.?g:f.j?LyJ1jj5T, W 3 . . ., wfiv 3 ,- , 41 A. - -. -' R. gg ,"5, "g.el"'? . ' . ,mxT':I,f1 N- 5' .1 Za V' 1 J" 1 A ,, i1ig,1:H!fiep:Jwg.- W., -Wg. 1 " W 'V - A 11-:M ' .-, ' .A FM A A': .H j ' " -r. '- 1 -'.'V ' , 1.-.!'13': -p'. ' Mfif., v - Psa' V p 4, f. A '.,':'?1 i ' ug, Fxlilf F ' ' Q 1 2 , ' 2 v 'Qu X ,N 1? Y F Q 1 Acaciemzbs NG.-. .nw - .wb X Hx 3: 1 'Wx N nk i , 'xx 5 gr M':jQg1ml: I A. it v, ' In A U -Juju 551. v ,EQ Iv- -. 3, . .1 , gf v X' iff 0' X rx. W' Nghvx. Au, A ,u'!'-.js -Q xv Rx, lx- " '- 1 35. V. N . -KX xx ' 'L 'P 1 ., W , W W ly , it v 1 M 'fi-A., - 19.192 ,A -5 F ss ,F ya: ."". w Na: . A ' , P f ' 3. v .T ,3',.,, M, ,gr A 1 ,wi 11: W5 enrollment fnnfees new defnezncff on ,vre.vz'ez'enI The early hours ofthe evening find President Bowen busily engrossed in University affairs. At- home at IO2 Church Street. President Bowen enjoys one of his few spare mo ments. In the twilight of a winter day a student hears a quiet voice say "Good evening," and he finds himself talking easily with the president of the University. The intricacies of a large Uni- versity can cut the president off from the students, but Howard Bowen makes a special effort to know the students who are the reason for his decisions and the final judges of his success. Meeting new students at orientation, meeting with Student Senate, advising Phi Beta Kappa, or attending a campus func- tion, President Bowen seeks the needs that must be filled and the ideas to create a University where every student can find intellectual fulfillment. Charged with guiding the University through a time of tre- mendous growth, President Bowen tries to keep each student an individual rather than a number so they will be able to help solve the problems of a worried world. BOTTOM ROW Mollson Rosentleld Redeker, Wolfe. TOP ROW: Richards, Loss, Louden, Perrin, Quarton. Regents guzde the Ur1z'ver5zl'yI0wezrez' a brighter future The final responsibility for the University today and tomorrow rests in the hands of the nine Iowans on the State Board of Regents. This board, appointed by the governor, is charged With appointing the faculty, approving the curriculum, and man- aging the finances of the University and the tive other state schools. Preparing for the future, the Board of Regents this year ap- proved the preliminary plans for an S11 million science building on the West side of the river, additions to the art building, and extensive remodeling. The board also asked the governor tor a budget of S185 million for the 1967-69 biennium. Since the es- tablishment ot the Board of Regents in 1909, the members have helped the University grow from a few buildings to a huge complex of 17,000 students. ...i , Qjjtkers 0 Admzhzklralzbn Mountains of IBM cards and stacks of papers and forms pass through the office of Donald E. Rhoades, Dean of Admissions and Records, each year. Among his many tasks is matching more than 17,000 students With more than 2,000 courses and then processing their 85,000 grades. He also organizes three registration and orienta- tion periods each year. Rhoades, a graduate of Morningside College and the University, joined the faculty. in 1953 after working as a high school coach and prin- cipal. Many people have trouble balancing their checkbooks, but Elwin T. Iollife is responsible to the University president for all of the business and financial affairs of the University. Ioliffe has served the University for 34 years after receiving his B.S.C. degree here in 1932. Before his 1958 appointment as vice president for business and finance, he was business man- ager and secretary. Communications between students cmd ad- ministration can be difficult, but it is the job of Phillip G. Hubbard, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculties, to make such a dialogue easier. Completing his first year in the newly created position, Hubard continued to try to give the students a feeling that the University cares about them. Hubbard, who received his B.S., M.S. and PhD. degrees in fluid mechanics from the Uni- versity, has been a member of the faculty since 1946. He was a professor of engineering before beginning his present duties. Students from every part of the University come to the Office of Student Affairs for help and advice. As head of this vital office, Marion L. Huit, Dean of Students, oversees counselors to men, Women, foreign students and fraternities and sororities. Huit, who has been Dean of Stu- dents for 21 years, is past president of the Na- tional Association of Student Personnel Admin- istrators, and is a member of the Iowa Guidance Association and campus liaison officer for the Peace Corps. To meet the needs of the students more ade- quately, Roger Augustine was appointed to the new position of Director of Student Activities to give student organizations more help in carrying out their plans. Qjjfbers 0 Acfmzhzktralzbn As the Viet Nam crisis continued, the Director of the Office of Admissions, William Cox, sent aca- demic reports of male students to their draft boards in compliance with the Selective Service ruling and the students' requests. Cox, who was appointed Director of Admissions in Iuly 1965, has many responsibilities including planning summer registration for freshmen, pro- cessing degree applications of upperclassrnen, and deciding who will attend the University next year. Vi l l . , . ,li .Q- ,iff if Nine Widely varied departments, from the ln- stitute of Gerontology to the Iowa Memorial Union, are under the administration of Willard L. Boyd, vice president of academic affairs and dean of faculties. From his office in Old Capitol, Boyd, former professor of law, directs activities affecting thousands of the students who hurry across the campus. Education is a continuing process that doesn't end when the student receives his degree: and to provide an opportunity for everyone to have the education he wants, the University offers an in- creasing number ot courses through the Extension Division headed by Robert P. Ray, dean of exten- sion and university services. Correspondence stud- ies are only one of the l8 sections under Ray, who still finds time to be an active member of the Iowa Center for Education in Politics. New Wastepaper baskets for the Business Ot- iice, or new ashtrays in the Union? The decision will finally depend upon Allin W. Dakin who, as administrative dean and assistant to the president, administers the University budget. He also plans conventions for thousands oi guests each year. Active in the community as well as the university, Dalcin has been president of Bo- tary lnternational and is active in the state United Nations Association, and the Partners for the Alliance for Progress. it Q l gi 'u 5 5 Students express their opinions on everything from birth control to the war in Viet Nam during Wednesday's Soapbox Soundoit. UNION DIRECTOR Loren V. Kottner E 1167370716 says TI! mee! you later at the Unzon' Never doubt where the University of Iowa student goes for a Coke date with that special girl in rhetoric class, a quick snooze between classes, a relaxing movie, a game ot pool, or at lecture on the ancient Egyptians-you can be sure it is the Iowa Me- morial Union. More than 10,000 students pass through its doors daily. Built in 1927, the Union pulsates with the heartbeat of the Hawkeye campus. Under the direction of Loren V. Kottner, it keeps in step with the lively pace of the University by constant improvement. This year saw the addition of the State Boom: the Gold Carpet, a lounge area for oft campus students: and the Wheel Room, a snack and dance area. ' ' Building for the future. the Alumni Association addresses prospective university students in a Des Moines high school. Alumni Assoczkztzkm celebrates centermzkzl year Graduation is the beginning of the tie between the Alumni Association and the former student. The Association, celebrating its centennial year, publishes the bi-monthly Iowa Alumni Re- view and the tri-yearly Today at Iowa newsletter. Keeping ad- dress and biographical files on all alumni, sponsoring Home- cominq activities, alumni institutes, and alumni reunions are only part of its many programs. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Joseph W. Meyer UHl'V6T5Zbl of Iowa Foanalatzbn awarals scholarshgvs Last year more than 10,000 alumnii contributed to the Uni- versity of lowa Foundation. These gifts made possible the awarding of Old Gold and Honor scholarships on academic achievement and financial need by the Old Gold Development Fund. The Foundation, directed by Darrel Wyrick, also completed a campaign to provide a new art gallery, which will be the keystone building to a new Fine Arts Campus. ef-ff" 57:3 A Frank Seiberling, W. W. Summerwill, Howard Bowen, and Philip Adler begin the ground work for the new art gallery. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Darrell D. Wyriclc Waiting at Student Health may seem like an eternity when all you want is a cold pill. DIRECTOR Chester I. Miller tudent Health keeps Students in the swzitg of thzhgs No matter what bug you have picked up, Student Health is more than Willing to get you back into the swing ot thinqsl The director ot Student Health, Dr. Chester I. Miller, has seen a Wide variety ot diseases since his appointment to his present position. He and his stati make it possible for more than ZOO students a day to take advantage ot the services offered. Dr. Miller has been With the University since 1927. Besides being head of Student Health, he is associate director of the University Department ot Health and professor of Hygiene and preventative medicine. Snhools and Collegey w V 4 7l Could Hue clraff be lhe reason 'rhese sfudenls are sludying? Eizlililgeiioigpliulgrrgilgliezgs lflgrsijllyfk Wllh exlm ' 'lin 3.3577 - ,. ,qi bw l Paul Feller believes in relaxafion while hilfing lhe books. Dedicaiion of Phillips Hall: "One oiher poini I miglfr add: 'lhe no smoking signs really mean busi- ness 'rlwis lime." Chesler Phillips. Presideni Bowen. illig DEAN B. L. Barnes Baszaess majbrs daydream of Wall Street 0 WCES The men Who tomorrow will be sitting at directors meetings, walking along Wall Street, and figuring corporation profits are being trained today in the College of Business Administration. With this concern for the future, the College of Busness Admin- istration under the direction of Dean B. L. Barnes is striving to modernize its undergraduate and graduate programs. Business- men must deal with a broad range of problems and peopley and to help the students learn this, the college has reduced the spe- cialization of courses. The Business Careers Conference spon- sored by the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce provides students a glimpse of their future. . College of Buszhess Admzhzkiralzbn Since X equals income and pequals pop- ulafion . . . Wlwal did you say flue form- Posling of grades always draws cluslers of hopeful sludenls. ula was? 1 , Only a few more pages and lhen , . . Helen Goodall. Nadya Fomenko, H, M LN -m . El i' ,,., .1 J K 1 IQ i O i I A V, Th - ' ' b d ll h ' He should have used Crest H15 xazahygnigerggii oar fe sf e siory behind A whi+e-iackeied sfucienr works wi'rh deiicaie wires +0 creare a new ser of choppers. Filing feeih +o a na+ural bife requires concenfrared work. DEAN Donald J. Galagsn Consiruclzbn plans approvedfor new Denial buzfdzhg While the lovely dental hygienists are stationed in front ot the College of Dentistry on sunny October days for their annual apple sale, serious dental students inside the building are learn- ing to relieve the pain and irritation of toothaches and to pre- vent new problems. Newly appointed Dean Donald Galagan has plans for con- structing a new building, revising the curriculum, and develop- ing a major research program so the College of Dentistry can continue to provide the student in dentistry or dental hygiene the finest instruction on the latest equipment. A T' A V X-I , ' ffm , : A971 ww ' v , , - 1 Y, f -v . , ' r ,'f'.,.., " 'jx' ' ,Q f H QWM1 1 NM, .ef .rf -.N-Rx ,..-- Y "'f'1'3iu al Wm.. 5 .yr ',.1' 1 ' '- E-lr, ' 1 --5,1 X Sf: - A N1 'T' '.. ' .J '?! xv .21-M Nm 15' N X 1 !,,. if m.i.5j.i iw N , t l tu 1 , -it ur, i it it 1: it. tu -it tu ut, - . ut, it Y , tt., ur- - 'mf am -tu www -"il" ' 1. U' 5 1 DEAN 1 Howard R. Jones Todays students are beeomzhg tomorrows teachers Awe, excitement and a feeling of insecurity are only a few of the emotions that run through a student teacher's mind upon stepping into a classroom for the first time.. Paper Work, study plans and 7:30 a.m. buses to out of town schools quickly fill the free hours of senior education majors. - - ' According to Howard R. Iones, dean of the College of Educa- tion, the department is in step with the University's population explosion reporting an 18 per cent rise in enrollment. These stu- dents have nearly one million dollars available for research and programs of advanced preparation. .M IQ 1 5 ,it L if. 'Lf 5 Li" J Y I if YF! , :A 1 Hi , . L X F'Q'g ,, DEAN Hunter Rouse E71 gmeers wzll be the builders of zz better tomorrow Students peering through what seems to be telescopes are not girl Watching. These young men are surveying students from the College of Engineering, and every Fall they flock to the Pentacrest to solve perplexing problems dreamed up by their instructors. Engineering students also get practical experience through their fabrication of an annual, fanciful homecoming monument. With a scrutinizing eye on the future, these young men are designing the scenery that Will cover the World. Professor Hunter Rouse, Dean of the College of Engineering, provides the stimulus for the free-way designers and rocket builders of the next century. Burn, baby, burn." Homecoming monument Selling 'il-re Eiffel Tower would be easier 'rlwan solving This problem. Dave Wilson. Bruce Bailey solves an engineering problem by use of Hue scale. College of Engzheerzhg A parfly open door in Hue Engineering Building reveals individual concenfrafion. The s'fuden'r's universal problem is grades. and John Fox checks his for indus+riaI en- gineering. V. .ii . -i. , Do you really Hwink 'rhis big gadget can fell Hue con+em' of The soil? ik-iw' ii-. , f HAL ENFQSQ -AHQRATUEJ The creafion of an elevaior shaff befween 'the engineering buildings blocks a favorife sfudenf shorfcui. ,, ,Y -3--Q. -- .NN ..-ir, . .-5, , -Y," ,M '-yi v,-M -imm- ""--' - 4 2- .,,, 5 -sk-, ' .' " --- -Y-..,J,N "'N'--...c,, M, i':iT:4- 'Tii --, Wh?- -.S - -iq.. .. I FQ i i ---v.-.N , .. ,., A """L.., ---..,-.,5 , ... I 1 --.+' "'-, '- ,L 5 N-7..-.5..... -JV I --4 Q... .T,,k -+4 .ivy Q" ' -fi, -+4 +4 -Q. So my fingers are sfuck iogefher, +ha+ doesnilr have anyihing fo do wifh engi- neering. Man, I wonder if Hegel would have had lhis much lrouble in Wri+er's Work- By 'lhe expression on lhis sluden+'s face, his prim' shop? Bob Bruce. eilher came ouf upside down and backwards or in perfecl' order. Graduale sfudenl Fran Sullivan examines records ol physical educalion experimenls for his research proieci. K Come on slide rule. Those proporlions couldn'i' be 36-22-59 A l Q 1 5 l DEAN Duane C. Spriestersbach Graduates researeh aria' create 50 wz5a'0r11 wzll endure Pushing the frontiers ot knowledge even further, students in the Graduate College seek answers to questions not yet asked. More and more students are trying, through research and crea- tive thinking, to understand the wisdom ot the past and to add to the knowledge of the future. To help these students, the Graduate College, under the direction of Dean Duane C. Spries- tersbach, is revising its admissions standards and its procedures leading to a degree. ln every department these hardworking graduate students are the reflection of yesterday and the hope of tomorrow. Graduate College . 1 b 1 Backgrounded by his creafiviiy, Chuang Grad wrlfer, Jose Donoso expresses hnmself wrfh words. voice and ges+ures. Che dreams of his ned proiecf. r N . 1 Carl Faclcler ponders, "Which books do I need and which books won"r I ever qei' around fo reading?" 86 Q wx 'B 1 av Xl-rr A 1 . E Q" , o vii 4 ,qi ,,?U" iw 5 " vu uw 51 if ' f? J. .13 A , -.Vw la ' '41 , fir 3 fr! h. iv. :L -f-f . ' r , 0:15 , 'mini 'V ,,.f E, -Qfgw Q, . 1. gy w 1 V Y. ,1. jeg n r " 5. .- --Q, Spacious halls provide lounging area for siuslenls belween classes in The Col- Nof all sfudenis who speak gf 5 pile of books lege of Law. IO feel' fall are exaqgerailng. Everyone has an opinion on 'lhe proper sefllemenl of a hypolherical case. Q. gr' 3? These siudenfs are frying 'ro prove rhe popular sugqes+ion Thai' a game of chess slimulales The brain. DEAN David H. Vernon Doon Vernon begzrzs jim' year or fzeoo' o low school The law student spends hours Wading through oceans of case histories in quest of the answers to his cases, such as who gets a million dollar inheritance. Not only do these students handle hypothetical cases in class, but friends and acquaintances beq them for free legal advice at Whatever time of day' trouble strikes. Dean Vernon is a man with the expressed desire to increase student understanding of the legal profession. The Supreme Court Program, held during the spring, partly serves this ambi- tion by offering students outside of the Law College a chance to sit in on many of the exciting classes and hear stimulating legal discussion. - ,- College of Law The presence of a phoiographer desfroys V k ., 'the serious classroom afmosphere. gl 551'wQL5EEiQ-.- Wi'H1 pen poised, Huis slrudeni is ready For aciion. Diligeni- nofehakers record Their professofs fheories The Law Library provides 'lhe king wiih his palace. li' is also a good place lo sleep , r-uf , -ya-ggngnu-,.4 rr l Professor Alan Wicliss lislens lo find a loophole in his slude-nfs' answers. V Vezrzezy of courses ana' people keynotes liberal ezrls The excitement ot creating a painting, the satisfaction of win- ning a game ot tennis, or the thrill of uncovering an ancient civilization are experiences offered students in the College of Liberal Arts. Administering to the needs of the many Varied departments is Dean Dewey B. Stuit. Growing from nine depart- ments in l855 to the largest of the ten colleges at the Univer- sity, the College of Liberal Arts has six schools and 33 depart- ments in areas of study from aerospace to Zoology. From the new English-Philosophy Building to the new Physics Research Center, this college is growing with the University to offer stu- dents a better educaton. Sirange Tiff If I. rl' 4 5 s If ggi l 'rhings happen in Chem lab flwese days. Phi Del+'s Charlie. W Y: .k .. L11 zu r Q H, Q m':'i? 1-:'-'Y Zi' ' N Q31 gg A ggi, N i asm s '- A y i E fr- iv ,,,Hi'H..5Y - W 155 - . wi 1 , , , ,Z . ri 5. ,V 7, r :fu .1 .. , ' - ' ' 5 by 'Q-52151217 X' By aifending class, s+uden+s hear lheir geology leclure firsf hand . . . via TV. .X-. A glance ai "Moon Mullins" before diving info Chau- cer is Jon Haeslefs plan for good sludying. , College of Lzberal Arts Alone in a crowd, lhis sluclenl makes use of lime slucly rooms many of llwe buildings on campus offer. Cheerful warm sunlighf slreaminq lhrough llwe Clnemislry Building window, makes lhis sludenfs 'lruclge lo a 7:30 lab seem nol so dreary. Here I am again WHI1 my Friday afiernoon Iexi book for my Jean Miller ge'rs a chuckle from a Dr. Seuss book used in kiddies Sa'rurday morninq class. III. v K. timiialm v L ii, Y, 41 , , s ' In I ii H' If I said, "Do you really dig 'rhis work," would you bury me now or Iafer? -4 i College of Lzkml Arts Mike Abrahams, Clark Boyd, and Pam Trunde iclenfify fossils and minerals in rock lab In pl1o'iographer's ferminoloqy. "Wa1ch in preparafion for The-ir Earfh Science mid-ierm. The birdie!" Paul Beaver. The second 'floor of H16 Chemisiry building offers a panoramic view oi ihe campus. 1-5--Wu-:X 'Ti-?WW V W XX .W ,7X W'5. .-4 vi? , ,-mg W WEEW-fi ' w.,::W1?':1 'af-w'?f?efWW XX WW X? . . fl IX.. W F Ik'- J r La, M 4 1' F' X ,ul 'X .- 6514 'IW In ,QS W W . - - A..,a .1 . YV'1P-"31jxT-f':.,X"-g'1-. , ' ,'. if -Ui Q 1. ,Ni . H 1 1 Elm-X 1XWWW,W W . A J, L, .gzhr ' if W 19 I "' -. nf 1 1 X ng Y I 5 19" , I, 5 A' w W X I. bln, X a .- . 'I '5W1fvv".'W' X, -V W eg.: Y.. F, -'?3??'WW:Q2' Q W . - X S4414- -1' P1 ' -JAH M., .IW-NX 5' , , ' 'Ira' f.,: If- ". ' '. . 1 'gf ' -T' f.'WA11 W2gJ W , .. 11-. W Y - , -:fag ,' 1 I , Wig?-T .AT '. .. 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W W-ec' , . ,. . .WP if 535 .i,1W.W W"-lf-H --4523: ,. .wen- XIZL3 4, My M , 1WWW',Xn.f, 5 A Xfri fy:hfEWgg:p'- ,A-:,.Wg7.4,,g.Q..g1jW1 .l.WW2aHz' 1r 'f Q WW- W . ,.ffW,-r'h-'W--W,- Hag--,-1 c- aw: -E3-L-'II 1, 'wma '-4-u 1-.H X, 1415-iW'W ,JWP,,W ' IX qW5Wv,Wf.WW-WW3-t',1.W'-Wg 3 -5 '-'Y' 4 1-1 -,W WW ' All ,',1:.t:,,1W'1:XX,,s.,' S1131 fl-'v:.kWW -his-4Wg lm.-, . 1 1- JVM ,ag ,I v-"R -' 'W,',W'W'Wv W '!,',. .:. , W FW: 'Wi Wu V. ' ' " , 1 -"J Wig:'4-fW,H1z':: E--V i!1"'5?5? ' ...E " 'WWW .fxw.-Wji,j:,512i5a"-gf4'f1'ig5ei,v-QJ"f1fgq.R W' i? 'Ai-1 " , .'.efQ?,ffW1e:w- iv-"'ifa:s,vWWl5W,gm.:1' 3f"W1K ' mr :tv gf," "' , 1 5.1. 'qXX,1 A"'ai.f5"' W 71'-'-' XX 1- -555, 5.-I, li W W my -mes.-..w' W W .fw'.:fWW- 5-1 W- ' '- W: WW1e.W,Wf:1-wffpw Wffih Nh. X W2,X,X?.1XiXWAX.X,XXXERXJN i:.fW.--i,,X,,l.XX .X WT. . ," '55 A. ,ff W-'ha'-'E '?'-Fi' W'f,'.Z ' ' 53.2 J, I1.. 'sie ' W, I '1 ' , W ' XW. ,. . .,X1 . W, X k WM:-2 W , , ? . , . ' - -'S -Q WW . - ' 'W H J . . 5 , X ., K 4 W :RW . ..,,1 X W X. .. .sp - . 1 WWW" .1 . - ,W ,W .. 1 - :A 5 m .'XX?3,.XX-.XV L ,W.W'X X TW: ' I V, ' 'Wish ' ., iivffi 'ff ' f'CWwI-'l' W ' 5. .v 4' mia' W 'W . - -W W W W .v - -- XP' , . X , -f w- WW 'F - W. , W f,. -,W:,W.,4:g,W .W.., - ,.-,, X X-XX W X , X -X X . .W,.: Wg-, 1 EXW.- I, v1XW .-W,rWW..,. , WW f'L+':5nj.W.- XW. A f " "1Y+""4?3S ' - - 'E .. +1 '- M y -' 1 . ' ' ' 'E2W'W-.:.W . . - . :' fig, X, gin, ,j 2 '1.',f-Wi-im :gg " HW'-iXX.,X 1.5. -X 5 WX Wg, -WWXX,:.4..,.',:' :E -f - ,- --,-W -. g, A ,- . 1 W AW,-Wm .Jive W, .,.1 ' ' ' ' "' ' "'-Q'M51f?-5-saw'-4.zafaluf,vm-.XM . . X- W' - X , W . i'..W X W X H . if if H D W -"uw'ffL-"' . ' . ' ' "1 'fur-6.-,ani ' z fW. 1 '.', .Y ::, ' ' . - 7755--WP' W -4 .., ,,.'- .,, WW , . 'QTW ,V'W ., X . W . - . . - XX W'fW ,X-5: vw " A 2 'tr .X - " 7:5 , Y, -4 'f '-Q fjfu '-g ' ggi-1X'fgQ.i'1:5af-.gig-gi-.' 1, . Wg X., W X r ,g-,..3,,. f pu. .-.-,F w..--WW,f.-ff.--f..y,ggX.5EW'ft'-2.-5-14.5:49-31.-?X.W.:. W' fr- I-Mhigwi-1:1?-. , ,wwvaiwilf-?:n1's A' " - X if :-ggaulgg .jg Jg1g :XX . !:Q2:ss:::WW.e ',,W, ' ,X,f5Xgi,.j XX- jW',g,,X 2- , , .L -.- 1,-. is 'xz-H-1 Q :H wi--'g -1- 1-55- 25-, ' '- , f W '1im2:?'2ig2'.Wi'W.WfUJ5f'f55'!,W'gWi':. ., gf: f' -1- WW- WW W -. 'TX ,- Aff-W5 X13 .4:?-f -1.31, EW,-':WA-. W X W- Wf -- We .ww-.SE-, - W - W :W FQ.-,ia 1-7--1 :HX W . ' -AUM. . .W College of Lzbeml Arts Pa'Hy Waller and Judy Michel check fheir film on llwe proieclor. A dab of llwis and a dash of llwal. and pool! a successful experimenl by Eloise Exslsrom. No one asleep is 'rlwe sign of an inferesfing clwemislry leclure 9 'Q ' a J 9 ' at -. If X ,-.1-f-, . . ., , 1 X . , l RWE! 35. H. 'Q H1 M J" l". .v' 4 ffvrl. ul' e" ,,,,,... 'F' .,,,- + L w u mm uw uw u ,Q H ,4 ,- ,a Ya ,v ,: he serious expressnon on Jerry Welluks face leis you know he lsnf lrslremnq fo a Bull Cosby fape. - 99 J' f.,,Ns School of Lzfverazl Arts , An ink spalfered blouse and a cigarefle holder are parl of life for lhis arf sfudenl. An arf sfuclenf 'fakes aclvanlage of The lasf available aflernoon light Many arf sfudenis slcelch nude models for The firs+ Time in "Life Drawing l." 1 l il nl 1 DIRECTOR Frank A. Sieberling Ground zlv broken for future ur! buzfdzug complex Huge printing presses, kilns large enough to fire a life-size ceramic sculpture, glass-blowing furnaces, and a furnace for bronze casting give only a hint of the many activities going on in the School of Art under the direction of Frank A. Seiberling. Student artists may show their works along the hallways or in the display cases which fill the lobby. Examples of Op art are scattered among the more traditional art forms. This year the ground was broken for a new art building corn- plex which will increase classroom area and art gallery pro- portions. DIRECTOR Hlmie Voxman The 501111075 0 muszc rzrzg out 011 the U of I campus The blare ot soul-stirring trumpets or the echo of a heart- searing aria can be heard on the U of I campus. Under the guidance of Director l-limie Voxman, musicians from the School of Music perform everywhere from the Union Ballroom to the tootball field. To be a part of this versatile department demands hours of practice. Classes in the Music Building are sometimes taught to a rich tenor solo or a reverberating Rachmaniotf con- certo. . Although he may be an accomplished performer in his major area, the undergraduate cannot help but feel a moment of tear before his first solo recital. Each student must present a recital to the public before graduation. ,-..1 'O' as Qu . ,VH .A1 Hui", V, - X 1 +11-'Lt 'if A M iw f'am3?iHw 23: Fafher Rolaerl' Welch inslrucis The "Cafl1olic Life and Worship" course. Macbride Audiiorium provides 'Ihe selling for a leciure on Hinduism by Prof. Roberi' Baird. Discussing a counl'ry's religious beliefs wiih a na- iive of 'she land, clarifies many misconcepiions and uncovers praciices no'r usually found in iexibooks. Hironobo Nislwiyama, Roberr Huffman. 1 .l X DIRECTOR George Forell School of Relzggzbn 13 unzgue in the Under! States Primitive man worshipped his idols, later men worshipped one god, and now the space-age world is asking, "Is God dead?" The School of Religion does not try to answer this question, often debated on campus: but it does offer the chance for every student to torrn his own opinion. From the religion core course to seminars in contemporary theology, this school examines ancient and modern religious beliefs. Dynamic George Forell, director of the School of Religion, de- scribes his department as "unique," because it is the only school of this type in the country connected with ct state university. DIRECTOR Leslie G. Moeller Moeller announces reszgnezlzbn of jbnrnnlzlvrn post Communication is the basic word in the vocabulary of every- one connected with the School ot lournalism. A daily news- paper, a full-time radio station, and many individual projects try to bring the students and the University closer together in undersandinq a complex World. Within the school, communi- cation between students and faculty is aided by daily informal coffee hours when everyone can discuss problems or just chat. Serving his last year as Director of the School of Iournalism, Leslie G. Moeller reported a 16 per cent increase in enrollment and a record number of graduate students. Pele Slurfevanl, a fall end for The Iournalisrn A well informed iournalisl musl rely on varied sources lor an compleie acccuni foolball Team, reaches for anofher pass. of The dGy'S news. Doug Hirsch. i ,, Wi+l1 a lollipop for cxlra energy. Denny Schuell creales ad layouts for the Daily Iowan. S+u BeHer+on pradices his darkroom Technique in 'lhe pholoiournalism lab. Two sophomore medical sludenfs relax afrer viewing fheir 4,00Is+ slicle. vu Y g ?.. - .,..4..,:,, ,Y.E?..,7. , V f, .s,.,:., ..,V -- Affer examining her precious charge in lhe pedialric ward, medical sludeni' Mary l-lronik gives him fo a nurse. 'lesf for heredifary diseases. l fx. 'ff :L A medical sfudeni' prepares a baby who is nexl' in line for viewing A newborn baby undergoes ihe usual blood l I 1 L I I DEAN Robert C. Hardin Addztzbnal southwzhg houses new research fezezlzizes Disection of cadavers is one part of the intense scientific study that produces the future Salks and Dooleys Iowa is proud to claim as alumni. . Working with a general practitioner in the state of Iowa takes part of the summer between the medical students junior and senior year. This, with ward experience, gives these young men a hint of the long hard hours and many problems they will be facing after they receive their degrees. Increased clinical and research facilities and a jump in stu- dent enrollment has resulted in o: record of growth for one of the leading colleges of medicine in the United States. allege of Mecizbzrze Dr. T. H. Keni ialks over a problem wifh one of his sfudenfs. Those liffle bacferia are fesi' movers buf l'll cafch fhem in focus 'This Time. J. D. Thoreson. These fwo medical s+udeni's siroli 'rhrougl-n ihe emergency enhance af a quief moment mild The righf 'fo pracfice medicine will be Huis medical sfudenf's reward for spending busy years in individual sfudy ,awww ,1,i,,EF5i"u!,f: :Q Z DEAN Laura Dustan Graduate program aa'a'ea' to narszrrg currzkaiarrr The chic new uniforms the nursing students are Wearing are the most noticeable change made by the College of Nursing this year. Frontier blue uniforms without the stiff white aprons Wom in former years appeared on campus. Nursing students with stars in their eyes have undoubtedly just come from their stint in the newborn nursery, and the girls who jealously guard metal boxes are afraid of losing a com- plete skeleton used for the required anatomy classes. An accredited graduate program has been added to the Col- lege of Nursing in order to serve the girls Who dedicate their lives to caring for the ill. Mrs. Jane Wrighf, manager of Greenwood Acres Nursing l-lome, dernonslrares The arf of croclwefing io Judy Clayfon, Ellen Weclcs- ung, and Julie Morgan during a sludenl' nursing field Trip. -22, f .f X lx-5, A 'lrek across lhe river is clirnaxed by a iourney up 'rlwese siairs for nursing siudenis Judy Lemons, Becky Wilson, and Julie Beshore. Sue Lane gives 'full airenion ro lhe favorite sfory of Howard Vargason during a Senior Nursing Praclicum , I ' Ai +v+ H 'il fl, ,,,' , :JA ii. a e erans ospi a. J xi me ,, W . l ,. I Y! r x -.4 4 :ii ' f,, An '-"' . :ha ' fri 'li' ' gn ry ll'-, ff: 'lf ,' 3,1 -,LA ms. College of urszhg - - 1: 'Z f1--1- 'Wig' 1 5 -' I , , ii - s rf' urifesou... V b Julie Schreiber prepares Jro sfarr fhe day a+ Hwe Medical Labora+ory ai' Universihf Hospiral. Proud sophomores receive 'rheir caps af+er a year of shuggling Through of chemisfry and zooloqy. Sfudenf nurses briefly forge? chemisrry and anafomy ar a Wesrlawn Cider Parry V 'ula " '- J . I X . .-'fr ,f . . .fb ,V . ' ' 15' 'ff' -"'i'5'v-G- 1.1. Uzvsrz. .. 5 J 4 I 'W I rf , W . .,,-v I I- , M. . R 1 EST." 'A 5 ,fix . - hui .-,1-' A 7.219 a 114, .Lf 3 4 's .gr .f'. -- ,,. ,Lf-11124---'w 'fu 1....'-.:,2,479 f's" ,L.rj4.e ..-- 1. ,f - ,wx -y ,110 .-I J... . 'I 11-'WXJ' '. -,'4...-.. wi 11.-Q4 , A . ., I' .fi f-,A -K.,-",.,, -'fa ' -' '1 gr .,,.f--V.'+ up X z-A-.ef-A Q--L ' A : y ' . iq, .uf -Hb? -f uw . -N... , ., '..' ' -4 . Ln, 51n,. . H if 'A H .-cups: V -n .qc 'Riff ,fvji-' .' CY! "' 1' Y 1 '-.--we-n .mf-J 2. , - ' f Ma -. in - 'NL-Ifgnf'-ff,:"'fj4A,f 'QWV31-1-g1u.Q5,s!-,'f1L,, ' J ' .A ,,,,. .xl "-,PF 'f','E.l',fb!' HJ'im1a5 22" 7' - .r--'12 . - .Q -.f:.vff,z:w.ff'- ff-fy f f ' 'L ' ' '-4 'fl 'Q Q ff .. W.. ' -I 'ff ""u'Q'! fi,,:3'?"'-wwf - 'J .WF "" ' A MAL" 4 , ' ' 'H 0 ' 11. - I 2:1 1 '4- , ,HIM-A - 'gr'-'.. - I, ,x, - A wr. . V X V 1 'W' '-7" 'J' " ' "- N r .- 'fx u p . , - N. "ea- f-.. fi '5'-f"'1fY -'ff-M 4- Taft- - ,.-zz., -.1-.V-fvk. .f"'1-.' -bf. V.. u ' 1 - -. ' ., ff.. -'tw ' . S "ws 'f 5,- V-J',."4Ll-"" 'E'-f' I N. f -"Hn F' .117 ' 'fi' QQ Y' f .Y 'V 4 f Y , I v- ' ' - , N V . . 1 -N - . . 1.4-5' xl . F ' u, , W, . " ' W , - 3 f -. Q .,- - , ., ' 3 " ' I Wai- J' ' - A 'Q' '35 .,. W,-I - A y. f. wt., 2 gqt , f--' ',, g,,,-1 N Af' ir . tr- .,,'3L,,, if W fw- r .-,:- .Vi "-'J ' ' f-f.v-2ff:-.,,,f,,- 1, "'a'- ,.. - 'Q - - - . ' ?' .,vi,,,., , gg' +L-bf ' TL. ' A iq, -' 1 '- Y ' ' ' 'f. K l K L ri' . .Q .' 7"A V .5 , -" , 453- I 7. ,f 1 IP--,"" ww, J.-as .Y , .. , A -,HW v '1Y,-qw .I J ,I .., J M -LM.. K .. J g , . - w 1 . . ' V ' ' -4 'T.. - Ulf-1 'QA . ,Q .af f ,w S gf.: u W., g an ,N 11.5, rr, mg. A W Y :uw , - 1 ' Q "" '- 1- ' '- , . 11 V ,f f.-: W vvf ' 4 3 ,f vw ' ' ' .xii-.P,,'vJ' 'a .Z ig, ' wr. f .2 3--,., .KJ J ., , , 1 .X-A ,A 74" DEAN Louis C. Zopf Smzors 111 pharmacy prepare .drugs for actual use The pharmacist has the responsibility ot Working With the other health professions to provide medication and to explore new areas ot treatment. The senior in pharmacy experiences what this responsibility means as a part of the training these men and Women receive involves actual preparation of drugs tor use in the University Hospitals and Student Health. One of the White iacketed students may someday discover a cure for cancer or leukemia, or one ot the other dreaded dis- eases that plaque the World. As Louis Zopf, Dean ot the Col- lege of Pharmacy says, "No qreater challenge faces the world than the building of improved medication tor mankind." Considering lhe amoun+ of equipmenl avail- able for brewing coffee, fhe java in The pharmacy building muzl' be lhe besl on cam- pus. Dark boffles silhoueffed againsf a lighl' background hold lhe life-giving sub sfances pharmacy sfudenfs handle daily. Pharmacy insfruciors 'lend fo relax classroom afmosphere lowards lhe end of fha day, il 4 C. , ,I 4,,,eg-., Work in 'lhe pharmaceufical laboralory helps a slu- denl learn fo handle large quanlifies of ingredienls. DIRECTOR Frank Z. Glick Soczal workers helv humanly solve 123 lUI'0blEI115 luvenile delinquency is a social disease, and the students in the College of Social Work are being trained to cure this and other modern day ills. 'lhese students must display the high degree of human understanding and intelligence that is needed in the handling of family Casework, child welfare and psychi- atric social work. Following four years of academic study, applicants undergo a personal interview by Director Glick and his staff. Only one out of every two students is accepted for two years of techni- cal training to prepare them to handle problems of people caught within the maze of an ever-changing world. Glen F. Proechel and Ralph Neppal false lime for a bif of humor in an ofherwise deserled hall. Consulfalion by sfudenfs and faculfy provides pa- Henls wilh excellenl psychialric care. Barbara Spenser, Charles Meyer, Paf Morgan. Sfanley Tor- vilc. . I I . 'l iii I A . l' in 'l iw' QL' .X 1 K - Capt Woodward and Palrol Capf. Moran examine arlicles sfolen by a Cedar Rapids juvenile wilh Frank Cruz, a graduale sluclenl' in family counsel- Ing. Barb Spenser and Slanley Torvik ask a married couple +o examine Jrheir problems obiecfively. Th I lc d h' k ese p uc e c IC ens will make a 'fasly dinner John Rader, a case worker visils wilh a 68 year-old clienl' in Cedar Rapids. A "for sale" sign marlcs lhe home of an old age assisfance clienl. Oul5la11a'z'ng faculty are catalysis for learning King Lear, Willy, and lvlacbeih siep oil 'rhe siage info lhe classroom when John L. Pealces, fhem lo life for his siudenis. He demands 'lhe same excellence of his siudenf aclors as he 5 .-' ii A fs. . f... ,,,, .J lui I- v..' ' 4.4. .-Q. 1 37 eg' . ' 'f:2.,7-2. wil' , HV" .ln 1' my ' ., ggff- Y ' page . . f i Tom Davis, ranges for sionisl and ideas," he insirucior oi speech and dramaiics, brings demands oi his own performances. Ziff, . .1f:fi'-if"wif1ff':':'-f-T'T'Wl:J- -1 " ii: -K i'f"f:fff,':.1 " ',.si2Pia fig: . . v . . f wi . .., Lf , 5' -.gjqgflii f 1.251-.ifr .Q Q , '- '-if 41 si fee- ws-A s ,gg r,-. s . 9"i341'-I-e-- -'Yi' ' y .-1 . ' 5 .- -- 1- A ' - ' .X J , l N E 3 associaie professor of Universily bands. is a "musician's musician." His siuclenis know him as a friendly, inspiring ieacher wi-l'h a ready ioke. He ar- 'rhe Hawkeye Marching Band. Oiher mu- sicians lcnow and respecl him as a 'falenfed percus- 'rhe leader cl his jazz combo. An incisive and vivid man, a Univac of knowledge. Fafher John B. Bremner challenges his journalism slu' denfs To use 'lhe English language. "Words convey insisis. FLZCLIZZJI 1 m , . V Vigil Ri ' an ll-gm I 'J X, One pari' humor, one parl guidance. and one parl' efficiency is 'rhe recipe fha? Miss Mackey P. Torbeff, insiruclor in nursing, uses 'lo give The s+uden+ nurses on her ward 'ihai exlra Feeling of accomplishmenl' Jrhai comes from hard work well done. A lhoughfful, quief manner covers a wide and unique knowledge oi 'ihe American folksonq, Harry Osler. associale professor of English holds degrees from Cornell, Columbia and Harvard Universifies. For his recordings of 'rhe folk songs of Louisiana Siaie prison- ers, he received lhe i962 award of ihe lnlernalional Federalion of Sound l-lunlers. K. A soff-spoken man wiih a driving inleresf in his sfu- denls and in his subiecl makes Donald B. Johnson. professor of poliiical science, liked and respecled by his sludenis. His classes know "Now gel ihis, kids" means noi' iusl' wrifing fhe nexl' few words in 'lheir noies. buf gaining a deeper undersianding oi Amerie can polilics. pf Dr. Richard V. Bovbierg, professor of zoology. is a whiie bow-'fied humanisl' who brings The world of biology info a new perspeciive for his sfudenfs by The use of analogy and personal anecdoles. Each lec- iure is a eulogy io his "friends" in 'rhe world of science. Senzbrg Honorarzkg Projkvszbnak -. Buszhesy Senzbrs Remember irls ou have come to this U I er it Q Y nv 5 y tor one purpose - to get an education. Douglas Ainsworth, Cedar Rap- ids: Roger Aldrich, Keosauquap Randall Allen, Rockford, Ill.: Rob- ert Appleby, Cedar Raids: Rich- ard Andersen. Cedar Falls: Glen Anderson, Dunkerton. Raymond Anderson, Hartley: Phyllis Anthens, Perry: Gary Armstrong, Ankeny: Edward Ar- nold, Denison: Iames Babcock, Clinton: Wallace Banner, Sioux City. Bruce Bentley, Mediapolis: Leroy Bell, Marshalltown: Michael Ber- nauer, Chicago, Ill.: Louis Bishop, Cedar Rapids: Robert Blunck, Io- liet, Ill., Iames Bradley, Newton. Della Brewer, Stanley: Mitchell Brick, Clinton: Ierry Brickman, Sumner: Iames Bright, Lowdenp Ion Broers, Mason City: Richard Brogan, Center Point. lay Brooks, Tama: Robert Brooks, Atlantic: Don Brown, Oskaloosa: Larry Brown, Des Moines: Mich- ael Bryant, Morning Sun: Gary Burge. Morning Sun. Kenneth Barkhurst, West Liberty: Robert Barnard, Des Moines: Owen Barry, Cedar Rapids: Gar- ry Bleckwenn, Fenton: Arthur Bedeian, Memphis, Tenn: Ken Beeck, LeMars David Burgess, Atlantic: Gary Calhoun, Des Moines: Dick Calta, Iowa City: Dan Carlson, Alpha, Ill.: Richard Carter, Stockport: Sharon Clark, Buffalo. Thomas Clausen, Clinton: Robert Coghlan, Mount Pleasant: Ken- neth Collman, Cedar Rapids: Richard Comish, Cedar Rapids: William Corwin, Des Moines: Denis Coyne, Leetsdale, Pa. Freshmen become orzknlzziecz' wzlh UHZ.VKT5Zbl heh: Gerald Cremers, Iowa City: lean- netie Croxell, Eagle Grove: Michael Cunningham, Winterset: Dean Cuplin, Iowa City: Dennis Daedlow, Mediapolis: David Dai- ley, Iowa City. Roger Dalen, Rediielcl: Mary Da- vis, Iowa City: Raymond Davis, Bloomfield: Kenneth Deboom, Newton: Donald Devries, Shel- don: Gary Dickinson, Rock Rap- ids. Thomas Dolphin, Cascade: Den- nis Drahos, Belle Plaine: Iohn Driscoll, LaPorte City: Dale Duke, Burlington: Michael Durick, Coun- cil Bluffs: Phyllis Dutton, Maquo- keta. I. M. Earley, Cedar Rapids: Har- old Echternach, Crystal Lake, Ill.: Richard Echternachi, Fort Dodge: Ien'y Edsen. Ida Grove: Iohn Eighmey, Mason City: Lee Eld- redge, Buiialo Center. Thomas Eller, Kanawha: Orville Englehardt, Biceville: Kenneth Esler, Grinnell: Rod Evans, Bloomfield: Richard Ewers, Keo- kuk: Lyle Feld, Mason City. Fern Feldman, Allison: Paul Fel- ler. Vinton: Iohn Ficeli, Grand Rapids, Mich.: Charles Fields. West Des Moines: Charles Fitz- gerald, Iowa City: Paul Floyd, LeMars. Alan Forbes, Fort Dodge: Iohn Frampton, Clinton: Barney Fran- zen, Des Plaines, Ill.: Candace Franzwa, Glidden: Paul Gengler, Rernsen: Margaret Godeke, Mus- catine. Gary Goldsmith, Davenport: Dav- id Gray, Miles: Steven Grupp, Mason City: Barbara Haines, Sycamore: Thomas Halstead. Marion: Charles Halverson. Os- kaloosa. New slucients frm' corn gm wzng at gas smlzbn pumps Iames Hansen, Manning: Iames Harding, Chariton: Robert Harris, Low Moor: Iames Harlrick, Keo- kuk: Gene Hartwlg, Clarence: Geraldine Hartzler, Somers. lack Hazan, Sioux City: Earl Hei- ty, Clear Lake: Forrest Hegarty, Stanwood: Steven Helvick, Forest City: Sharon Henry, lowa City: Darrell Heun, Manson. Ronald Heykants, Belrnondg Du- ane Higgins, Strawberry Point: Iames Hilliard, Marion: Richard Hipple. Davenport: William Holt, Des Moines: Iohn Holmes, Water- loo. Dennis Honl, Rockford, Ill.: Dean Hoppe, Gladbrook: Gerald Hotz, Iowa City: Robert Huffman, Wat- erloo: lane Hugen, Oskaloosa: Raymond Hughes, Bettendori. Paul Hurd, LeMars: Karrnen Huy- ser, Pella: Iohn Hynes, Coqgon: Edward Ireland, Oskaloosa: Gregory Irwin, Davenport: Mar- tin Iannsen, Grand Mound. Kerrill Iames, Burlington: William Iepsen, Davenport: Douglas Iohn- son, Solon: Myron Iohnson, Iowa Falls: Randall Iohnson. Clarion: Michael Iones, Port Washington, N. Y. Ernest Kellerns, Williamsburg: Iohn King, Mt. Pleasant: Charles Kirby, Maquoketa: Ernie Kitchen, Camanche: Iames Knapp, Clear Lake: Kenneth Kness, Albia. Arlo Knoll, Crosby: Charles Ko- berg, Davenport: Melvin Koenig, Davenport: Henry Koester, Du- buque: Don Koppenhaver, Mt. Vernon: David Krotz, Cedar Rap- ids. Michael Kulik, Grafton: Ronald Lacey, Goodell: Tim Larson, Woolstock: Michael Lang, Cedar Rapids: Iean Langesen, Emmons, Minn.: Edward Larsen, Des Moines. Mark Larson, Elkader: Gordon Lee, Honolulu, Hawaii: Terry Lee, Portland: Ieiirey Lewis, Naper- ville, Ill.: Thomas Lilienthal, Dur- ant: Tim Lind, Waterloo. Margaret Lindsey, Memphis, Tenn.: Henry Lischer, Davenport: Iohn Loeck, Lake City: Thomas Lucas, Muscatine: Rod Lundgren, Wilton Iunction: Ronald Maclos- key, Omaha, Neb. Charles Mahan, Newton: Iohn Maire, Monticello: Gary Mark- well, Sabula: Karen Martin, Greenfield: Randolph Matt, Spen- cer: Leonard McBride, Milford. Bufzhess Senzbry Students scrutinize art works at the Thieves Mar kei in the Union. Tom McDaniel, Farmington: Iohn McGi1vray. Iowa Falls: Robert McMahan. Springville: Daniel McMahon, Manson: Iames Meek, Marion: David Mefferd. Cedar Rapids. Don Mehrens. Sioux Falls, S. Dak.: Ronald Meinen, Ashton: Alan Meyer. lowa City: Kenneth Miller, Wayland: Robert Miller, Mason City: Gordon Monroe. Midland, Mich. Roger Montgomery. Muscatine: Ieiirey Moor-house, Glidden: Stev- en Mortimore, Des Moines: Rob- ert Moul, Des Moines: Thomas Mowry, Lowden: Mark Mueller. Dubuque. Fred Neary. Marathon: Ronald Nelson, Rockford: Ronald Newell. Ottumwa: Dan Nicol. Milford: Dick Odle, Des Moines: Eugene Pankey. Bonaparte. Larry Patten. Cedar Rapids: Iames Peiffer, Davenport: Dennis Petersen. Wheatland: Richard Petersen. Council Bluffs: Dean Peterson, Mediapolis: Charles Pet- tit. Bloomfield. David Piper. Clinton: Iohn Poll- peter: West Point: Iohn Prien. Denison: Margie Pritzker. Peoria Ill.: Richard Raymon. Cedar Rap- ids: Gary Rediger. Mt. Pleasant. f -H if s , s'e - Buszness ' P Senzbrs fn P 1 BL 5:2 ., - ,- lit K in 1' ii if What was once filled to capacity is now almost -nr 'JV' " M' A . empty, the stadium and the bottle. cg-I1--1.1-1-11-""-" ,,-A - All 1 ,...-.,.,., w,.....,. ,---. vt'-1-"""'fi Larry Reeb. Sperry: Barry Reed, Toledo Carelton Reid, West Des Moines: Ronald Reinders, Le- Mars: William Remmes. Iowa City: Donald Rinderknecht, Mar- ion. David Rodemeyer, Sheffield: Le- roy Roulson, West Union: Stan Rowe, Newton: Alan Rusk, Rich- land: Lee Rummery, Moline, lll.: Ralph Ryan, DeWitt. Fans watched and wazrecifor newfoolball coach? lazclzbs Larry Sample. Bloomfield: Caro- lyn Savarese, Buzzards Bay, Mass.: Daryl Sawin, Coralville: Iohn Schenken, Cedar Rapids: David Scott, Des Moines. Roger Servison, Sioux City: Carol Shaveland, Rolte: Richard Shep- ley, Muscatine: Sue Shidler, Avo- ca: Steve Sinn. Clarinda. r Dennis Slay, Oskaloosa: David : Smith, Clemons: Mary Smith, So- lon: Sandra Smith, Marathon: Robert Sorensen. Flint, Mich. George Soukup, Sioux City: De- wain Sparrgrove, Cedar Rapids: Mark Steil, River Forest, Ill.: Iames Stevens, Iowa City: Wil- liam Stewart, Leon. Patrick Strabala. Coralville: Gary Stransky. Cedar Rapids: Ralph Strohm, Muscatine: William Stu- ber, Peoria, lll.: Gerald Suchan, Ossian: lack Swan, Waterloo. Virgil Swanson, Moline, lll.: Rob- ert Sweet, Central City: Richard Thiele, Cincinnati, Ohio: Robert Thompson, l-lawarden: William Thompson, Clear Lake: Michael Touch, Springfield, lll. l Students firm' classes Z'fllE71I61'E with other tzctz'vz'tzes I William Toyne, Muscatine: Bar- bara Tutt, Ruthven: Stanley Ull- man, Ottumwa: Ierry Vande Kamp, Knoxville: Lee Van Hou- ten, Mason City. Maurice Van Note. Cedar Rapids: Gerald Van Roekel, Oskaloosap Ioseph Vermedahl. Vinton: David Verploegh, Iowa City: Michael Wallace, Creston. Stewart Wallace, Britt: Wayne Walters. Solon: Ted Ward, Knox- ville: Iack Warren, Cedar Rapids: Iim Warren, Cedar Rapids. Iames Waxenberg, Rock Island, Ill.: Fred Welcher, Cttumwaz Steve Wherry. Des Moines: Dick Wiebe, Boone: Carlton Wiese, Charlotte. Peggy Williams, Iowa City: Don Winnett, Sioux Falls, S. Dalc.: Stephan Winninger. Waterloo: E. ' I. Woolums, Packwocdz Orville Wolff. Dubuque. Iames Woolm, Osage: Lawrence Wray. Hamburg: Kenneth Young, qar: Kent Zimmerman, Anamosa. Ottumwa: Dennis Ziegler, St. Ans- BOTTOM ROW: William Biggane, Darrell Heun, John McMorris, Roger Hackman, Paul Bazelides, Roger Aldrich, Thomas Clausen, Gene Panlcey, Paul Gengler, Wil- liam Bowen, Michael Appleby. ROW 2: Greig Rawson. Richard Echternacht, Joe Vermedahl. Ken Barkhurst, Jim l-lartrich, Robert Harris, Patrick Burke, Michael Dur- ick, James VanCleve, Edward Arnold, Wil- liam Retrum, Dennis Schuett, Daniel Mc- Mahon. ROW 3: Don Winnett, Jerry Voll- beer. David Hulse, Wayne Wolff, Ted Ward, Jim Burger. John James, Bruce Dugstad, Dennis Drahos, Jack Warren, Jim Warren, Ronald Lacey, James Starr. ROW 4: Larry Eilers, Ernie Kitchen, Forrest Heg- arty, Frank Arkield, Eugene Sample, Rich- ard Andersen, Gene l-lartwig, Tom Mc- Daniel, Gene Wunder, Virg Wagner, Dave Scott. Rod Evans, LeRoy Roulson. Bufzhess frzziemzhi 1:5 rated number one ziz the naizbn Winning first place in humor with the Phi Gamma Nus and Work in the area of service projects were the highlights of the .year for the Alpha Kappa Psi's. Under the direction of Roger Aldrich the Iowa chapter was ranked number one in the nation out of 158 chapters. Alpha Kappa Psi is the largest fraternity in the area of business. Alpha Kappa Psi and Phi Gamma Nu put their business brains together and came up with a first place trophy for the Homecoming float. BOTTOM ROW: Arthur Berger, Robert Meier, Richard Hippie, Roger Dalen, Jim Bright, Chuck Koberg, Danny Schlapkohl, Dennis Petersen, Bruce Karon, Don Siders. ROW 2: John Coghlan. Edward Larsen, Paul Floyd, Virgil Swanson, Michael Col- lins, Larry Duncan, Jerry Lamp, Dale Ja- cobsen. Dick Lincoln, Ken Beeclc, Dennis O'Neil, ROW 3: Gary Dvorak, Joe Mes- sinqer, Rick Taylor, Rich Reierson, Chuck Fields, Dave Gray. Milne Coyle, Wayne Stoeber, Dick Ozlle, Jim Oxenforcl, Thomas Stewart. Della Sigma Pi encoumgef scholarshgv by aalwarczlzizg key Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business, Works to promote closer relationships he- tween the commercial World and the student oi commerce. Scholarship is encouraged by awarding a key to the senior in the fraternity with the highest grade point. Members enjoyed social as Well as educational tunctions. 2 E . f 1 l Y 17 f iii iii' -i nl' L it T 1 r I i H in my M-. -Vjlviviii ii f Iii- L, y. H 4-ff "--' r , F-gfif ' A F if V' nii".QQ1 , 'gi ii sisted in their safety check by the Delta Sigma "s. The lowa City Chamber ot Commerce were as- XX hi , BOTTOM ROW: Thomas Clausen, Suzanne Yetter, Eugene Pankey, Geri Hartzler, Wil- liam Retrum. ROW 2: Forrest l-legarty, Gary Dickinson, Wayne Stoeber, Chuck Koberg, Paul Bazelides. ROW 3: Jim Warren. Don Winnett. Michael Appleby. let material for clisiribution. . Chamber of Commerce Works for busmess sluefenls Every student enrolled in the College of Business Administra- tion is a member of the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce. The Board of Directors elected by the students, is primarily a service organization Whose first concern is the student and his future opportunities. Activities provide experience and opportunity in the field of business. Collegiate Chamber of Commerce offers book- ROW I: Phyllis Dutton, president: Geraldine l-lartzler, vice president: ROW 2: Sheila Oed- der. scribe: Mary Lane Smith, treasurer: Sue Better, secretary: Della Brewer. 'First vice presi- eni. Phi Gamma u takes jiiurz' place ziz humor zh parade Besides having a head for business the girls of Phi Gamma Nu also displayed their talents in the field of art and humor. This national professional business sorority and the Alpha Kappa Psi's took first place in the Homecoming parade. Open to all business majors, this organization is interested in careers for Women. ROW I: Vicky Bird, Pam Boriey, Della Brewer. Lanette Carstens. Kathy Coilman. Mary Beth Davis, Kathy Duffy, Phyllis Dut- ton, Kathy Gobidas, Barlo Haines. ROW 2: Joan Hall, Geri l-larlzler, Nancy Howe ard, Linda Lane, Karin Martin, Jeanie Mcf Glothlem, Carol McLaren, Delores Mottef, Carol Myers, Barb Orend. BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Savaruse, Mary Lee Schmitz Sue Shidler, Mary Lou Smith, Sandi Smith. Jill Thomas, Sheila Vedder, Sue Williams, Sue Yetter. BOTTOM ROW: Jan Flohr, Debbie Eas' ley, Phyllis Dutton, Fern Feldman, Dale Jacobsen. Dennis Petersen, Denny Becker, Michael Appleby, Dick Odle. ROW' 2: Don Winnett. Bill Toyne, Joe Vermedahl, Virgil Swanson, Larry Duncan, Jerry Lamp, Dan Schleplcohl, Dick Lincoln, Wayne Stoe- ber, Ken Beeclc. ROW 3: Joe Messinqer, Rick Taylor, Paul Floyd, Chuck Fields, Jim Bright, Dave Gray. Chuck Koberq, Dan Viota, Dennis Schuett. John Driscoll. BOTTOM ROW: Gary Dickinson, Stephen Sidwell, Raymond Arrnknscht, Kenneth Young, Gary Holstrum. ROW 2: Fred Harris, Roger Dalen, Sharon Henry, Helen Paton, Robert Harris, Paul Bazelides. ROW 3: Ronald Bombei, James Hartrick, Dan Carlson, Ivan Hasselbusch, Jerry Hui- zenoa. l Student Marketzng Assoczdtzkm Knowledge that is learned in the classroom and how to apply it on the job is the link the Student Marketing Association hopes to provide its members. Guest speakers from the fields of busi- ness and marketing were able to further explain the importance of marketing in the world of business. Beta Alvlza Pri Beta Alpha Psi is the national honorary Accounting Fraternity. Students for membership are chosen on their scholastic ability, with a cumulative grade point of 3.0, twelve hours of account- ing, and have chosen this field as a major. Several programs were held during the year to further knowledge and interest in addition to providing a background in the area. Denlzklfy Seniors Seated: Tom Huff secretar U . yi Harvey Poepsel. president. STANDING: Pat Brady, vice president. Robert Agnew, Montezuma: Al- vin Ayers. Pasadena, Calif.: Phil- ip Baldwin. Des Moines: Kenneth Burrows, La Porte City: Dave Bierie, Dubuque. Patrick Brady, Davenport: David Bruns, Sheldon: Donald Burks, Iowa City: David Camp, Burling- ton: Richard Check, Cedar Rap- ids. Iames Down, LeMars: Charles Egeland, Cedar Rapids: Richard Falb, Postville: Iohn Garton. Fort Dodge: Tom Gound. Hamburg: Iames Graham, Waterloo: Iohn Hansell. Leon: Alfred Havick, Har- lan: David Helqevold. Marenqo: Mark Hillman. Des Moines. Don Howe, Greenfield: Thomas Huff, Waterloo: Marvin Iepsen. Iowa City: Conrad Iungmann, Van Meter: Mohamad Khowassa. Iowa City. Curtis Livengood. Des Moines: Larry Loos, Maquoketa: Robert Miller, Erie, Ill.: Pat O'B1-len, New- ton: Wilbert Owen, Denver, Colo. Harvey Poepsel, West Point: Gor- don Potter. Waterloo: David Ran- dall, Northwood: Myron Redeni- us. Britt: Dale Ring, Dubuque. Peter Roemer. Davenport, Ramon Sanchez. Havana, Cuba: Thomas Sharples. lowa City: Donald Steingreaher, Iowa City: Ronald Stoner. Stoner. Gene Storby, Lake Mills: Michael Thomas. Spirit Lake: Donald Toit. Spencer: Gene Tonn, Stanley: Daniel Trimble, Central City. Robert Vlack, Bettendorf: Thomas Waskow, Cedar Falls: Iohn Wells. Marshalltown: Kent Willer, Iowa City: Chris Wyse. Wayland. Classroom learazag perhaps the ahaha of knowledge -vu--4. 1.1-A.-nf -.4 . 1 BOTTOM ROW: T. McDermott, T. Huff, B. McGarvey, W. Owen, C. Jungmann, T. Ground, R. Stoner, J. Wells, J, Harrison, G. Klouda, R. Falb, P. Baldwin, M. Hillman, D. Bierie. ROW 2: R. Broghammer, A. Hav- ick, P. Brady, P. Roemer, D. Hellman, H. Bigelow, C. Wilks R. Green, R. Briggs, D. Benson, J. Hansell, J. Coniglig, G. Ball, M. McKeever. ROW 3: M. Jepsen, R. Smith, K. Burrows, T. Waskow, L. Barton, D. Crow, W. Younqquist, J. Gamble, D. Miller, J. Weiss. ROW 4: K. Willer, J. Goodman, G. Swain, J. Snyder, D. Doering, L. Oesterie, J. Simon, C. Thie, S. Gidel, R. Stempel, D. Mick, R, Phallus, C. Loeck, S. Tilley, D. Nassen, S. Mayer, M. Kochel, B. Moore. ROW 5: M. Kayser, J. Anderson, D. Good, J. Wil- son, R. Baltzell, G. Sears, B. Bork, R. Day, R. Schley, D. Carver R. Griffin, E. Thompson, J. Purdie, M. Louscher. "We min for the 10,0 and we make zip' As a professional fraternity, the Delta Sigma De1ta's main- tained high goals and a professional attitude toward the study ot dentistry. New dental techniques and ideas were discussed at clinics. Weekly movies for the patients at the Veterans Ad- ministration Hospital and several social gatherings were also sponsored. Ray the teeth ot their pretty patient. Jerry Juhlin and Mike Patten prepare to X- Denfisfry requires a sreacly hand ancl lols of concenlraiion as Warren Younqquisi is discovering. Gary Kalocla, Joe Coniqlio, Niel Lueblae. and Charles Thie gel in+o lhe Chrislmas spiril by sing- ing caroles. 'SPT lllll: , xx Believe ii' or nol Those are 'leeih 'lhal Elvin Thomp son seems lo be so imleresled in. One sei' of choppers coming up. i H :w You need plenfy of energy fo s+udy. Busy den'r s+uclen+s Take Hme cu'r for a Clwrisfmas pariy af Hue Amanas. -'fr' BOTTOM ROW: D. Trimble, H. Poepsel, C Egeland, G. Potter, A. Ayers, R. Vlack C. Wyse, D. Cam D. Toft, D. Bruns, J. Gai- ton, D. Helgevolli G. Tonn, D. Burks, Check, D. Ring. Row 21 B. eras, E. Primmer J. Garton, H. Vander l-loek, J. Leary, E. Sot- to C. Fernandez R. Sancrez, K. Carlson, G valdesrauis, e. l:aBounty, r. siofge, J, work- man, R. Gray, G. Cummings. ROW 3: R Agnew, G. Warnock, R. Reay, G. Yarrington J. Loomis, K. Harnmel, B. Grappeudort, D Spicer, C, Edwards, B. Paetz, E. Wright, B Blair, D. Ely, T. Haberman, R. Zuendel, J Whitehouse. ROW 4: F. Riddle, D. Sonksen G. Williams, E. Carlson, G. Miller, P. Martin D. Gotl-tier, A. Woodhouse, M. Thomas J Cooper, J. Weigel, J. King, B. DiMambro, J. Murtaugli, R. Brush, R. Cannon, ROW 5: C. Handy, R. Keleher, J. Tietge, J. Hurley, D. Hall, A. Kloess, M. Dougherty, B. Toilllon R. Cline, L. Skinner, T. Schemmel, F. Kastan tin. ROW 6: G. Colwell, D. Boyer, J. Conq R. Lueloke, L. Roudabusli, J, Doering, D Randall M. Redenius W. Iversen, K. Colwell r. cam, P. shafba' e. Gienger, T. Hayej J. C. Haugen, H. Harris. 'eff Den! Fmiernzbf 5210115011 aculgffsfualenl gay stag Psi Omega exerts influence for the advancement oi the dental profession throuqh the presentation of table clinics by outstand- ing practitioners at the monthly rneetinqs. To cultivate the social qualities of its members there are regularly scheduled parties. To promote better student-faculty relations an annual qolf staq has been initiated. 1 ' MPG!! do basement lab a great place to study. ,ff Hard worlcing 'future dentists tincl their make- Sometimes even the Dentist gets a toothache. Oggcznzkalzbn encourages study liz 1921517 of denzklgi Securing lectures, promoting study in the field, exchanging knowledge of common interest, planning a spring party, and picking the instructor ot the year were the activities sponsored by the Iunior American Dental Association. Every student in the College of Dentistry automatically becomes a member in this large organization. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. John Yoder. Con- rad Jungmann, Richard Falb, Joe Cong. Chet Wilks. Dr. Walter Finger. TOP ROW: Curtis Livengood. Alvin Ayers. Ronald Stoner, Myron Redenius, Michael Dougherty, Charles Thie, Harold Bigelow. BOTTOM ROW: Faye Samuelson, Vlasta Watson, Barb Johnson, Nancy Brunner. Corrine Collins, Claudia Wenthe, Cathy Widmer. ROW 2: Pam Porter, Betty Thompson, Nancy Mundy, Jeanne Gas- tineau, Sandy Schweitzer. Ann Harman. Mary Hanawalt, Judy Groverburg. ROW 3: Sherry Hood, Carol Fresquez, Kris Joonsar, Jean Johnston, Pam Ellertson. Barb Collins, Pat Campbell. ROW 4: Trudy Kopt, Merry Wright, Judy Young. Bonnie Young, Suzi Torgerson, Beth Nick- olisen, Jeanette Rohret, Carol Thomp' son, Nancy Moore. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Williams, Nan- cy Brunner, Pam Lonning, Jean Clark. Colleen Burns, Jeanne Gastineau, Car- ole Calza. ROW 2: Sue Macke, Corrine Collins, Marilyn Hayek, Viclci Reschley, Marcia Hazelett, Sandra Harris, Sandy Schweitzer, Linda Meiner. anzbr Dental Hygzknzkis Every student in dental hygiene is eligible tor membership in the Iunior American Dental Hygienists Association. The or- ganization is designed to better acquaint the future hygienists With the opportunities in the field. Monthly meetings on pro- iessional subjects were held tor the interest and enjoyment of the girls. ln the tall the girls are a familiar and pleasant sight as they sell apples outside the College oi Dentistry. Agzvha Kappa Gamma Alpha Kappa Gamma is designed to bring the Women in the dental hygiene program into closer relationship, to encourage high standards of scholarship and conduct and to inspire truth and good fellowship among its members. This national hygiene fraternity is open to all dental hygiene majors in good standing with the department. In addition to planning social and pro- iessional functions, Alpha Kappa Gamma also engages in sev- eral service projects. i ' I AM! Denial fzblgzkne Senzbrr The 'Hme has come for The denial hygiene stu- deni to praciice whei she has learned. Christabel Britton, Le Claire: Nan- cy Brunner, Saratoga, Calif.: Col- leen Burns, Des Moines: Donna Burr, West Liberty: Carole Calza, Midlothian, lil.: lean Clark, Wood- bine. Corrine Collins, Saginaw, Mich.: Mary Coon, Bettendorf: Ieanne Gastineau, Keokuk: Ann Harman, Cedar Rapids: Sandra Harris, Bur- lington: Marilyn Hayek, Cedar Rapids. Marcia Hazeleit, Ainsworth, Ian Hotger, Roland: Barbara Iohnson. Rockford, Ill.: Virginia Keeney, Carlisle: Lynda Legg, Wiota: Pamela Lonning, West Des Moines. Winna Lovetinsky, Iowa City: Su- san Macke, Carroll: Linda Meiner, La Grange, Ill.: Charlene Minnis, Des Moines: Marsha Nurnberg, Los Angeles, Calif. Nancy Patton, Eddyville: Ann Pekarek, West Des Moines: Vic- iora Reschly, Winfield: Renee Ross, Galesburg: Sandra Schweit- zer, Mt. Vernon. Barbara Thornion, Davenport: Peggy Watson, Thornton: Vlasta Watson, Oregon, Ill.: Susan Wil- liams, Pinion, Mich,: Nancy Wool- sey, Naperville, lll. Gay Abarr, Coralville: Wil.liam Alston, lowa City: Alan Ballou, West Liberty: Arthur Becker, Bode: Gary Becker, Lost Nation: Alfred Beh, Davenport. Donald Brewer, Caseyville: Dav- id Bright, Burlington: Ronald Brooks. Coralville: David Burre- son, Marion: Robert Carhoii, Bur- lington: Iohn Carrithers, Marshall- town. Don Clancy, Mount Pleasant: Mil- ton Connelly, Lindsay, Nebr.: William Cousins, West Liberty: Carroll Cullmn, Marengo: George Davida, Los Angeles: Arthur De Wit, Inwood., Robert De Witt, Knoxville: Rob- ert Dvorak, Mt. Vernon: Michael Dougherty, Keokulq. Marvin Ei- men, Kalona: Michael English, Dubuque: Frank Fachman, Ft. Dodge. Iohn Fox, Rock Island: Lester Gar- ber, Ernmetsburg: Richard Go- ecke. Iowa City: Robert Goods- man, Clinton: Ronald Greenlee, lowa City: Gary Gregory, Wilton Iunction. Donald Grell, Mason City: Larry Grout, Riverside: Steven Gryglas, Park Ridge, Ill.: Iarnes Hampton, Memphis, Tenn.: Robert Harding, Coralville: David Heltne, Lake Mills. E71 gzheerzh cg Senzbrs Each piece of equipment and every new pro- cess helps Ching-Chiang Kuo learn more about the 'Held of engineering. Engzheerzhg Senzbrs Engineering Officers from left to right: Robert Goodsman, president, August: Craig Herd- man, president, June: and Stephen Wood, president, February. Elmer Henning. Davenport: Craig Herdman. Rockford, Ill.: Charles Hothntm. Moline, Ill.: Harlan Holm. Lohrville: Icunes Howe. Dubuque: Ismailcx Isa. Okene, Ni- qeria. Daniel Iones. Clinton: Richard Iones. Newton: Thomas Iunck. Dubuque: Dennis Kaiser. Iowa City: David Kerr. Iowa City: Stan- ley King. Bussey. Larry Kintzel. Stanwood: William Koellner. West Liberty: Robert Kramer. Cedar Rapids: Duane Krob. East Moline, Ill: Alan Kme- qer. Lone Tree: Richard Long. Durant. Terry Lorber, Muscatine: George Lorenz. Clinton: Iames Macek. Ce- dar Rapids: Erroll McAlexander. Council Bluffs: Francis McAllister. Lockridge: Iohn McCall. Iowa City. Lee McMullen. Cresco: Kenneth lVl'iller. Mt. Auburn: Gregory Mis- bach. Marenqo: Donald Nelson. Cedar Rapids: Harold Nelson. Paramus, N. I.: Kent Nelson. Iowa City. Wayne Nutt. Iowa City: Alexan- der Ogedegbe. Lagos, Nigeria: Steven Olsen. Frost, Minn: Roger Oosten. Iowa City: Robert Pari- zek. Iowa City: Iames Park. Ce dar Rapids. I Rex Patton. Hampton: Dennis Pauling. Paullina: Roger Randall. Toledo: William Restelli. Great Falls, Mont.: Iames Roseman. Davenport. Charles Rukqaher. Mt. Pleasant: Todd Rutenbeck, Clinton: Thom- as Sankot. Belle Plaine: Dennis Schroeder. Muscatine: Leon Schu- macher. Denver. Mecca Week celebrated by bearded e11gz'r1eers Frank Sharp. Clarion: Robert I Shea. Cresco: Ronald Shippy. Freeport: Dennis Shogren. Lans- ing: Kerry Shore. West Liberty. Robert Skinner. Bettendort: Ben Smith. Knoxville: Keith Snavely. Iowa City: Gary Spina. Cedar Rapids: Ray Swartzendruber. Mt. Pleasant. Frank Tangren. Watertown, S. t Dak.: Mike Teal, Dubuque: Ron- y ald Thomas. Iowa City: Clark t Tracy. East Moline, Ill.: William l Trommer. Marengo, Ill. . Ierry Voigts. Bristow: Gary Von Ahsen. Williamsburg: Dean Wag- y ner. Rock Island, Ill.: Larry Wal- lace. Grinnell: Raymond Waters. : West Liberty. Bradley Welden, Iowa Falls: Iames Wenthold. Decorah: Theo- dore Werch. Iowa City: Ronald Wieben. Guttenberg: Harold Wirtz. West Bend. Donald Witte. Keokuk: Stephen Wood. Thornton: Nonnan Wright. Marion: Stewart Zuber. Daven- port: Glenn Zumbrunnen. Coggon. BOTTOM ROW: Errol McAlexancier. Robert DeWitt, Dennis Schroeder, Rich- ard Long. ROW 2: Fred Schoell, Lee McMullen, James Smith, Mike Teal. E171gZT1EE7'ZT'lg fmlernzbl encourages begzhnzhg sludmiy Civil engineering students ranked in the upper third of their class are invited to become members oi Chi Epsilon. The ac- tivities ot this national civil engineering honor fraternity are centered around programs to encourage young engineers to re- main in the engineering field. Social events include a faculty- student smoker and formal dinners for new pledges. The Chi Epsilons meet anywhere to discuss business or show it's members the honors they have received, Holm. Kent Nelson, Michael English BOTTOM ROW: Dan Odem. Harlan E K ROW 2: Don Clancy. Peter Seaba, Dean Peterson. BOTTOM ROW: Robert Parizelc. Ken- neth Earnest, Norman Wright. ROW 2: Theodore Werch, Dennis Pauling, Don Sherman. fd HIUIULZ Ll You can bet there will never be a short circuit among the members of Eta Kappa Nu. This national honor fraternity rec- organizes only the tops in the electrical engineering field. Every year awards are given to scholastically outstanding students. This year for the first time the E. B. Kurtz award was presented to the most promising senior. As a branch of the College of En- gineering these live wires helped construct the annual Home- coming Mecca Week displays. Pz' Tau Szgmnz Pi Tau Sigma, an honorary society for mechanical engineer- ing students, provides an opportunity for close Contact with faculty members and other students in the field ot study. It is the goal of the organization to provide for its members a deep- er understanding of mechanical engineering through various programs. Membership is based on outstanding scholastic achievement. Members of Iowa Transit staff hnd their house well used in dividing their attention - between engineering classes and a student l magazine. TRANSIT publzkhes ,iveczkzl zksue on Amana Colonzks In addition to being student engineers, some members of the College of Engineering can be called journalists. Eight times cr year the engineering students Write, edit and publish Iowa Transit. Circulation has reached 1,600 and copies are distrib- uted to high schools in Iowa, engineering students, alumni and a number of businesses. ln April a special issue, the first in several years, was done on how technology affects the lives of the people living in the Am-ana Colonies. BOTTOM ROW: Stephen Wood, Jerry Voights, Richard Long. Arthur DeWi'r. Mike Teal, Vernon McAllister. ROW 2: Donald Grell, Pete Cullum, Tom Pott- hoff, Burton Kross, James Russell. BOTTOM ROW: David Heltne, Larry Kintzel, Robert DeWitt, Stephen Wood, Robert Parizek, Dan' Jomes, Arthur De- Witt, Pete Cullum. ROW 2: Michael Tyler, Alfred Beh, Gary Phillips, James Hampton, Ronald Brooks, Harlan Holm, Donald Grell, Ted Werch. Dean Peter- son. ROW 3: Jerry Voiqhts, James Park, Dan Odem, Ronald Wieben, William Cousins, Douglas DeNio, Marvin Eimen. Glenn Zurnbrunnen. ROW 4: Gary Von Ahsen, Clifford Stoutner, Robert Goods- man, Ronald Greenlee, James Macek. Gregory Misbach, Craig Herdmar. BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth Earnest, Da- vid Heltne, Pete Sealsa. Jamie Wild- ROW 2: Bill Budelier. Dennis Schroe- der, Michael English, Raymand Macha- cek, Don Cla ncy. l Theta Tau Theta Tau, an engineering fraternity sponsored an open house tor interested high school students and a pledge class project. The project chosen by this years students was installing a ven- tilating system in the engineering building. Active members are making plans for the Regional convention to be held here in October 1967. Denny Pauling, engineering student, was pre- sented the achievement award for leadership and outstanding scholastic ability by members of Theta Tau. Tau Baia Pz' Each Spring an honors banquet is sponsored by Tau Beta Pi for the recognition of outstanding engineering students from all the engineering fraternities. In seeking better faculty-student re- lations the fraternity has developed a faculty evaluation period. Students grade their instructors on knowledge and teaching ability With notable beneficial results. During Mecca Week the outstanding sophomore in engineering is presented the Hand Book Award. l u BOTTOM ROW: B. Shea, G. Brooks, M Tyler, A. Beh, R. Parizek, W, Cousins, R Greenlee, R. L. Goodsman, R. Long, W. Als- ton, R. Machacek, J. Macek, D. Brewer, D Claney, H. Nelson. ROW 2: G. Sirong, J Smith, L. McMullen, S. Olsen, J, Russell, B Kross, D. Sherman, T. Werch, M. Teal, S Wood, D. Pauling, J. Hampton, N. Wrighi 6. Zerwas, W. Nuff. ROW 3: D. Harrison V. McAllister, L. Garber, E. Henning, J Fox, B. Williams, S. Dahms, L. White, S, Gr - glas, J. Roseman, J. Rosenberg, M. Eimen, E McAlaxander, T. Jungk, G. Zunbrunnen, G Von Absen. ROW 4: R. Wieben, H. Holm J. Voigts, A. Dewit, J. Lowry, T. Marriott, H Wheeler, J. Wedde F. Fachman, D, Kerr, R K. Nelson, F. McAllister C. Stoutner, D. De- Nsc. Row sf e. Phillips, D. Peterson, c Rurgaber, K. Miller, J. Thorins, D. Swallom R. Kramer, R. Lietzau, R. Shippey, J. Car rithers, J. Longstreth. ROW 6: C. Cullum D. Grell, D. Heltne, D. Jones, L. Kintzel, D Hayek, R. Downey, C. Herdrnan, R. Brooks, E. Sheets, J. Park, D. Oden, G. Misbach, J Brown. 1 4 .S 0 E unzies all 5fLl62lE71li5 of engzheerzng All the students in the College of Engineering are members ot The Associated Students of Engineering. The Organization is under the directorship of a board made up oi two members from each oi the five fields of engineering. The students are re- sponsible for building a homecoming monument, sponsoring Mecca Week, maintaining a student lounge and uniting all branches of engineering. Now if we work it right, l know that it will only talce one bucket of green paint to clo the pillars. l l . F BOTTOM ROW: Robert Goodsman. Gary Brooks. James Macek. James Hampton, Ronald Greenlee. Clifford Stroutner. ROW 2: William Cousins. John Fox. Frank Fachman, Lester Garb- er, Steven Olsen, Jack Rosenberg. ROW 3: Leonard White, Steve Gryglas, Scott Dahms, Brian Williams, James Weede. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Tack, Wayne Nutt, Robert Kramer, Dennis Harrison. Ron Downey, Harold Nelson, Alex Oge- degbe. ROW 2: Robert Shea, Jim Longstreth, Francis McAllister, Harold Wheeler. Tom Marriott, James Brown, Ron Shippy, Jerry Thorius. ROW 3: David Helfne, Ray Machacek, Ken Mill- er, Gary Strong. Richard Lietzau, John Carrithers. Dennis Hatelc. v .Z 9 o Students majoring in chemical engineering increase their knowledge of the professional aspects oi the field through their membership in the American Institute oi Chemical Engineers. Meetings are held twice a month to discuss business and. to hear topics presented by guest speakers on both the technical and non-technical points of chemical engineering. After gradu- ation engineers are offered the same benefits through member- ship in the National Organization of the some name. .ZCILE The purpose of the American Institute ot Chemical Engineers is to acquaint upper class students with the professional aspects of chemical engineering. Members of the U of I chapter hold meetings twice a month to hear guest speakers and View films. As students of the College of Engineering AlCl'1E members work- ed on the Homecoming monument and Mecca Week. Two mem- bers served on the board of Associated Students of Engineering. Law Senzbrs Law officers from left: Dennis Book, secretary- treasurer: Tom Smallwood, president. Iohn Ackerman, Waterloo: Gary Anderson, Tama: Theron Bailey. Clarion: Clarke Barnes. Iowa City: Edwin Bariine, Clemons: Thomas Barton, Dubuque. Richard Batcher. Cedar Falls: Raymond Beebe, Avoca: Iarnes Bennett, Cedar Rapids: Boyd Boehlie, Iowa City: Dennis Book. Griswold: Barbara Borchart, Iowa City. David Bowman. Franklin Lakes, N. I.: Lindley Branson. Waterloo: Randolph Comba, Princeton, Ill.: I. Hobart Darbyshire, West Branch: Earl Devine, Dyersville: Charles Dick, Iowa City. John Disselhorst, Burlington: Craig Ensign, Northwood: David Funkhouser, Ft. Madison: Gordon Gisbon, Waterloo: Nick Gloe. Ce- dar Rapids: Don Gottschalk, El- kader. Iohn Hakes, Laurens: Gerald Heetlcmd, Lakota: William Hig- gins, Alqona: Lawrence Hoese. Fulton, Ill.: Iames Hoffman. Wa- terloo: Robert Holz, Dubuque. Terrill Hurlbut. Ames: Robert Ia- cobson. Leavenworth, Ka.: David Iohnson, Maquoketa: Iarnes Iohn- son, Pcrullina: David Kohlham- mer, Cedar Rapids: Iohn Klaus, Carroll. Hugh Knowlton, Iowa City: Ger- ald Kraai, Orange City: Tom Langlas, Iowa City: Gerald Leim- er, Iowa City: Iohn Lewarne, Fort Dodge. Paul Loviq, Marshalltown: Mi- chael Madutf, Oak Park, Ill.: Iames Martin, Cedar Rapids: Mar- tin Thomas, Iowa City: Kathleen Masterpole, Pt. Madison. Lawyers doubt that St, Pai was realbl an erzgzheer Ioseph McCabe, Taylorville: Iames McGrath, Davenport: Scott McLeod, Marshalltown: Lewis Mc- Meen, Coralville: Bill McNally, Iowa City. Clark McNeal, Belrnond: Michael Megan, Iowa City: Thomas Me- hesan, Spencer: Clark Munger, Iowa City: Frederick Nelson, Har- lan. Stephen Nelson, Oqden: Iames Nepplt Fonda: Kathleen Neylan, Elkader: Roger Nixt, Greene: Gary Norby, Sibley. Ierrold Oliver. Onawa: Cecil Ost- heimer, Estherville: Robert Patrick, Iowa City: 'I'homas Peckosh, Lost Nation: Haskell Pitluck, Laurens. James Powers, Cedar Rapids: Robert Price, Iowa City: Frank Punelli, Des Moines: Iohn Rashke, Iowa City: William Ridout, Es- therville. Iay Roberts, Muscatine: Iames Rocklin, Sioux City: Michael Roe- der, Iowa City: Gregory Roth, Marshalltown: Merle Royce, Mar- shalltown. A law student studies amidst the shadows of shelves upon shelves of books. Law 5e11zor5 look orwara' to pmctzczng legal professzbn Carl Saunders, Manning: Iames Schulte, Mediapolis: Larry Seck- ington, Creston: Iarnes Sell, Wa- terloo: Donald Senneff. Mason City: Leon Shearer, Little Sioux. David Shores, Waucorna: Thom- as Smallwood. Wever: George Smits, Scranton: Wallace Snyder, Belle Plainep William Snyder, Davenport: Howard Sokol, Sibley. Robert Stewart, Leon: Theodore Stone. Waterloo: David Strauss, Iowa City: Ioel Swanson. Lake City: Ronald Taber. Rock Island: Eleanor Tanner, Victor. Wayne Taylor, Sioux City: Iames Thomas, Glenwood: Charles Traw, Iowa City: Paul Tyler, Len- ox: Iames Updegraff. Iowa City. Iohn Veldey, Iowa City: Wayne Vermeer, Sioux Center: Alan Waples. Ietferson: George War- ner, Davenport: Timothy White, Carroll. Kent Willis, Lake City: Byron Wilson, Marenqo: Karen Wilson, Ottumwa: Iames Wisby, Cedar Falls: David Witte, Iowa City. BOTTOM ROW: William Higgins. James Updegratt, Ray Beebe. Jerrold Oliver, David Johnson, Dan Griffin, Tom Lyon. Louis Shank. ROW 2: John Howar. Charles Gunderson, Theodore Stone. Clarke Barnes, Ron Luehrsmann, Jim Ab- shier, Gene Kiekhaefer, Robert Williams. ROW 3: Richard Howes Noel Mumrn. Erick Moon, David Shores, John Acker- man. Don Gottschalk. Michael Madutt. ROW 4: Gary Ankeny, Richard Brom- ley, Michael Megan, Bernard Henely. John Cloyecl. Robert Perry. The Delis Theta Phis do have their serious moments. Della Theta Phi lvrelmzrer legal book for przlvoners The members of Delta Theta Phi spent the school year prepar- ing a book tor prisoners in the state of Iowa. The project was in- itiated and produced as a guide to prisoners on their legal rights. The law tratemity also sponsored stag mixers, luncheons, guest speakers and an awards program. Each year a gavel is presented to the outstanding senior and honors are awarded to freshmen maintaining a One rating in the argument program. Oiiiicers Front to back: Wally Synder. treas- urer: Donald Senneff, president: David Bow' nlani historian: Not Pictured, Charles Dick, c er . Pf1zD.r take first place ZT1 zizlmmural basketball A membership of 200 law students makes Phi Delta Phi the largest law fraternity on campus. Members of the fraternity include editors of the Iowa Law Review and several athletes who Won first place honors for their fraternity in intramural bas- ketball. The Phids had their share of social events plus joining with the other law fraternities in putting together a book for prisoners. BOTTOM ROW: D. Rubin, J. Joniz, R. Mc- Cabe, P. Dagle, G. Taylor, R. Batcher, D. Senneff, W. Snyder, F. Punellim, R. Price, T. Martin B. Rush, J. Rocklin, B. Boehlie, C. Saunders. ROW 2: T. Cooney, B. Blackstock, J. Shriver, G. Graff, S. Peterson, D. Remley, M. Peterson, E. Kolker, H. Pituck, K. Me er, D. Peters, T. Fowler, G. Ensign, H. N. Glioe, J. Siyanson, S. McLeod P. Tyler, W. Taylot, C. Kiple. ROW 3: Fred Julander, J. Gosma. J. Atfeldt, R. Shimanek, C. Goettsch, J. Martin, J. Schissel, T. White, J. Jones, J. Raney, D. Bowman, R. Chapman, J. H. Dar- bvshire, D. Kohlhammer, J. Sell, R. Noah. ROW 4: G. Lane, R. Borcherding, F. Pechacek, A. Veldman, R, Marek, J. Andrews, R. Galla her, R. Muhlenbruch, E. Wirtz, S. Stryker, Ferris, R. Harter, J. Nowlin, J. Miles, M. Rickert, J. Cownie P. Ferren. ROW 5: L. Hess, J. Hass, K. Padgham, B. Ander- son, W. Shaw, J. Anderson, S. Ransdell, J. Diehl, 6. Norman, G. Moss, D. Riley, D. Lo- zier, D. Fehseke, S. Rosenberg. ROW 6: R. Stoddard, B. Wildberger, J. Cmeirek, D. Carmen, R. Hayne, J. Shearer, J. Bauch, J. Burrows, D. Ingram, B. Henderson, T, Mcln- tosh, R. Lanman, S. Young. BOTTOM ROW: M. Kennett, D. Morf, J. Williams, M. Sellers, R. Jacobson, G. Heetland, T. Langlas, T. Walter, D. Sme- dema, P. Loving, T. Cahill, P. Pfeffer, R. Noelke. ROW 2: R. Wendt, L. Cohrt, K. Soilca, J. Hinton, J. Cross, G. Cross. G. Gilley, M. Broghammer, C. West- berg, M. I-lenshaw. D. Butler, K. Scho- enfelder, R. Scherubel, J. Malloy. ROW 3: W. McCallister, D. Bye, D. Schild, D. Mason, K. Wright, C. Anderson, J. Platt. P. Boelfer. J. Klein, H. Anderson, D. Eells, B. Kauffman, L. Piper. ROW 4: B. Ziegler, 6. Magee, D. Moore, G. Smits, R. Kula, D. Bell, J. Beger, B. Harsted, D. Watt, D. l-lasting, S. Smith, J. Johnston. BOTTOM ROW: David Smedema, Bar- bara Borcharf, Tom Langlas, Robert Price. ROW 2: David Johnson, Daniel Griffin, Kathleen Neylan, David Witte. Charles Barnes. Phi Alvhzz Delta "Service to the student, the law school cmd the profession" is the unofficial motto of Phi Alpha Delta fraternity. In order to complete its goal, the fraternity provides lectures, sponsors ac- tivities and offers academic assistance to members. In recogniz- ing their duties as future members of the legal profession, Phi Alpha Delta members promote high ethical standards of con- duct, scholastic achievement and professional development. Iowa Slualfnl Bar Asfn. Bringing in professional lecturers, subscribing to various magazines and newspapers for the student lounge and provid- ing a tree telephone service are the benefits offered to the law students by the Iowa Student Bar Association. The organiza- tion is governed by a nine man executive council responsible for initiating the services, projects and social events offered to law students. The Bar Association acts as the voice of the law school and helps to coordinate the student-faculty relationship within the college. Lzbeml Arif: Senzbrs Liberal Arts Officers from left: Gary Lane, treas- urer: Mike Kirby, secretary: Carolyn Lukensmey- er, president: Lee Dicker. vice president. Dennis Abel. Mason City: Mary Abemathy, Cedar Rapids: Sharon Abersold. St. Ioseph, Mo.: Mi- chele Adams, Davenport: Mary Adolphson, Burlington: Dorothy Ahrens, Floyd. lane Alesch. Le Mars: lane Alex- ander. lelferson: Ioan Allen, On- awa: Louis Alley. Iowa City: Io- seph Alper, Brooklyn, N. Y.: Iohn Alter, Davenport. Thomas Alttillisch, Iowa Falls: Alfred Althoif. New Vienna: Ioyce Anderson, Alqona: Stanley Anderson. Sioux City: Kay An- derson. Rock Island: Robert An- derson, Marshalltown. Roger Anderson, Hartley: Cheryl Andrews, Keokuk: Rita Antone. Iowa City: Iulianne Arendt, Park Ridge, Ill.: Iane Armbruster, River- side: Thomas Arvetis, Chicago, Ill. Grace Audet, Tucson, Ariz.: Rob- ert Aukes, Woden: Mary Austin. Houston, Tex.: Sherrie Babbage, Cedar Rapids: Nancy Bair, Mus- catine: Frcmcene Baker, Grinnell. Thomas Baker, Fairfield: Craig Baldwin, Des Moines: Steven Balster, Scotch Grove: Albert Banwart. West Bend: Dean Bark- er. Arthur: Barbara Barthel. Hins- dale, Ill. Ierrold Basoiin, Chicaqo, ill: Iames Bauch, G-ladbrook: Sheila Bauer, Livinqton, N. I.: Linda Baugh, Crystal Lake, Ill.: Karen Baum, Farmington: William Bauh, Dyersville. Addie Bauman, Cedar Rapids: Alice Baxter. Central City: Iohn Bay, Shenandoah: Angela Bay- ard, Ottumwa: Linda Beamer, Clear Lake: Thomas Beamish. Westchester, lll. y Lz'beml Arts enrotls 9,859 outof I Z 755 students Lorna Becker, Central City: Lynne Rae Becker, Lost Nation: Harriet Beckerman, New York City, N.Y.: Barbara Beckman, Moline, Ill.: Lura Beckwith, Malvern: Sher- rill Beckwith, Lombard, Ill. Iudith Breese. lowa City: Barbara Beiter, Davenport: Thomas Bell, Bettendort: Fern Belling, Daven- port: Linda Bender, lowa City: ' David Bennett, Cedar Rapids. Holly Benschoter. Algona: Larry Bensink, Pella: Iohn Benten. Springfield, Mo.: Edwin Bentley. Oakland, Dale Bentz, Iowa City: Ianice Beriield, Port Byron, lll. Ierrie Sue Berge. Clear Lake: Mara Berger, Skokie, Ill.: Etta Berkowitz, Des Moines: Lidice Bermudez-Gonzalez. San lose, Costa Rica: Bernhart Hermann, Des Moines: Sheralyn Berning, Highland Park, Ill. Edward Bernstein, Des Moines: Susan Bernstein. Lincolnwood, Ill.: David Bethel, Des Moines: Michael Biderman, Mt. Vernon: Iohanna Biebesheimer, Mason City: Robert Bierscheid, Water- town, S. D. Mary Ann Billington, Cedar Rap- ids: Barbara Binney, Iowa City: Nancy Birkeland, Holland, Mich.: Byron Bissell, Corning: Robert , Blair, Des Moines: Karen Blake- ly, LeMars. Elizabeth Blandford. Clinton: Iames Blessman. Clearfield: Gary Blornberg. Cedar Rapids: Rich- ard Blomker. Humboldt: Iames Blood. Iowa City: Katherine Blood. Iowa City. Rudolph Blythe. Bryn Mawr, Pa.: Iudith Boatman. Iowa City: Iames Bobenhouse. Earlharn: Allan Bode. Alqona: Ierelyn Boehmke. Belle Plaine: Richard Bohner. Pensacola, Fla. Bag Ten magzzzzne makes zis debut on Iowa campus David Bolin. Cedar Rapids: Diana Boniiert. Lincolnwood, Ill.: Shel- don Booth. Tama: Iudith Bowen. Iowa City: Barbara Bower. Per- ry: Rosalie Bowman, Mount Ver- non. Carol Bradley. Centerville: Rob- ert Bradley. Centerville: Mary Brady. St. Louis, Mo.: Dianne Brakke, Forest City: Sandra Bra- mel. Cedar Rapids, Deanna Brandes. Hancock. Craig Brandt. San Clemente, Calit.: Larry Braskamp. Iowa City: Mary Brauer, Clinton: Eliz- abeth Braunlin. Clinton: Mark Bredall. Brighton, Colo.: Carol Bremer. Annandale, Va. Dean Breneman. Lowden: Beniia Brenneman. Iowa City: Larry Brenneman. West Liberty: Nor- man Briggs. Los Angeles, Calif.: Merle Bright. Woodward: Terry Brinker. Maquoketa. Gilbert Bristley. Conrad: Iames Brock. West Des Moines: Bruce Broerman. Oskaloosa: Brice Brown. Knoxville: Iacqueline Brown. Gary, Ind.: Judith Brown. Pittsburqh, Pa. Richard Brown. Cedar Rapids: Mary Brummund, Kanawha: Iu- clith Bruhn, Durant: Nancy Brun- ner. Saratoqa, Calif.: Iohn Bry- ant. Akron: Iames Buch. Storm Lake. Ernest Buck. Grinnell: Io Ann Buckley, Arlington Heights, lll.: Cheryl Bukoii, Coon Rapids: Car- ol Bunn, Muscatine: Eric Bunn, Ft. Madison: Wanda Bunting, Cedar Rapids: Wayne Burchan, Burlington. Wayne Burcham, Burlington: Kathleen Buresh, Cedar Rapids: Barbara Burhop, VV'heatlancl: Iohn Burkart, Mason City: Ruth Ann Burke, Plainfeld: Iames Burks, Iowa City. Barbara Burlingame, Davenport, Susan Burns, Sioux Falls, S. Dak.: Donna Burritt, Dixon, lll.: Iudith Bush, Sioux City: Priscilla Bu- shaw, Edgewood: Charles But- cher. Newton. Glenn Butcher, Mason City: Pa- tricia Butcher, Newton: Thomas Buttel, Centerville: Mary Butter- worth, Hinsdale, lll,: Iane Bumes, Dunlap: Sharon Byrnes, Daven- port. Barbara Bys, Mt. Vernon: Gary Calacci, Rockford, Ill.: Iarnes Callaghan, lowa City: Pat Calli- son, Stockton: Carole Calza, Mid- lothian, Ill.: Linda Cannon, On- awa. Kristin Carlsen, Iowa City: Don Carlson, Stratford: Linda Carlson, Edina, Minn: Susan Carlson West Des Moines: James Carl- ton. Davenport: David Carman, Burlington. Lzlveml Arts Senzbrs Maybe this won't' be another "Doctor Zhivaqou but then they don't have Julie Christie and Mos cow winters. Lzlneml Arts Senzbrs OK so maybe the team didn't have quite enough power, but Homecoming weekend still had lots ot spirit. Carmichael. Brooklyn: Steven Carroll. Monona: Neil Car- man. Iowa City: Dean Carter. Lexington, Mass.: Iucly Carter. Ames: Zoe Anne Cary. Iowa City. Pam Case. Carnanche: Patricia Casey. Rock Island, Ill.: Frank Ceynar. Coggen: Dennis Chad- wick. Des Moines: Dorothy Chap- man. Des Moines: Cynthia Cher- ny. Independence. Io Ann Chmura. Des Moines: Linda Chorpening. Washington: Diane Chowaney. Auburn, N.Y.: Helen Christen. Elgin: Barbara Christensen. Muscatine: Howard Christensen. Iowa City. Roger Christian. Foley, Ala.: Dale Christopher. Des Moines: Iuleen Cink. Valley City, N.D.: Iohn Clancy. Charles City: Alice Clark. Shenandoah: Iames Clark. Fort Madison. lean Clark. Woodbine, Winiired Clark. Des Moines: Karen Clau- son. Des Moines: Carolyn Cline. Des Moines: Sheryl Cochran. Chariton: David Coifie. Alttona. Quentin Coffman. Guttenberg: Iudy Cohan, Chicago, Ill.: Fran- ces Colenso. LaGrange, Ill.: Paula Colon. Mount Vernon: Gary Colwell. Algona. Stephen Combs, Spencer: Barba- ra Comito. Des Moines: Donna Comp. Cedar Rapids: Ioe Con- well. Iowa City: David Cook. Des Moines: Ioseph Cook. Blomiield. Steve Coon, Marshalltown, Mary Copley. Monticello: Connie Cor- coran. Independence: Sandra Corderman. Armstrong: Thomas Corlde. Iowa City: Iudy Corn- well. Burlington. HdWkEyE5 1056 HOWECOWZHCQ g6Z7116 to 07'fhWK5f6771 Dale Cowles. Cttumwa: Anne Cox. Waukon: Lawrence Cox. Brookfield, Ill.: Gary Coy. Ames: Lucy Craigie. Syracuse, N. Y.: Leandra Cramer. Park Ridge, Ill. Michael Crane. Albia: Ianice Cre- ger. Blue Grass: Catherine Cren- ner. Iowa City: Barbara Cribbs. Marshalltown: Roberta Crow. Des Moines: Mary Crowell. Galesburg, lll. Michael Culross. Rochester, N. Y.: Gary Cummings. Waterloo: Lynne Cummings. Sterling, Ill.: Ioseph Cunningham. Muscatine: Iane Cuplin. Bloomington, lll.: Iohn Curtis. Chariton. Susan Curtis. Cherokee: Vona Custer. Burlington: Kathryne Cut- ler. Council Bluffs: Rex Dauben- berger. Des Moines: Alvin Dav- enport. Cleariield: Bradley Dav- enport. Des Moines. Brian Davis. Boone: Larry Davis. Clinton: Hyrene Davis, Denver, Colo.: Iohn Decker. Sherrill: Ed- ward Deckert. Iowa City: Nancy De Dakis. Glenview, Ill. Dean Deerberg. Lowden: Debor- ah Defenbaugh. Creston: Robert Delapenna, Orland Park, Ill.: Ann Detletsen. Manning: Ellen Detletsen. Cedar Rapids: Pene- lope Detterer. Burlington. Delma Dever, Iowa Cityg Charles Dewey. Iowa City: Iudith Dhesse. Spring Valley, Ill.: Paul Diblasio. Davenport: Lee Dicker. Iowa Cityp Iudy Dick. Iowa City. Ernest Dicks. Otturnwag Sheila Dickson. Des Moines: Eloise Diel- man. Coos Bay, Ore.: Robert Dietz. Wadenap Sharon Dietz. Walcott: Gary Diqn-ian. Dubuque. Male student populalzon pzcles Homecomzhg queen Thomas Dingman. Pilot Cfrovep Diana Dinsmore. McLean, Va.: Ieanene Diitrich. Amana: Paul Dockery. Shelby, N.C.g Gary Do- den. Morrison, Illp Iohn Doelling- er. Davenport. Margaret Donnelly. Iowa City: Gwen Doralhy. Clinton: Michael Dorr. Cherokee: Kathryn Dower. Bettendorfp David Drake, Clinton: Charles Driscoll. Keokuk. Marilyn Dubes. Des Moines: Daniel Dulfy. Tcuna: Tamara Duggleby, Dayenportg David Duke. Waterloo: Iames Duko- witz. Waverlyp Lynn Dunn. State Center. Donna Dyhrkopp. Spencer: Dawn Eberle. Emrnetsburq: Iohn Ebert. Iowa City: Barbara Eble. Shelby: Tim Edgerly. Burlington: Sara Edgren. Cedar Rapids. Elizabeth Edson. Storm Lake: George Edwards. Waterloo: El- len Egeland. Roland: Linda Ehl- ers. Davenport: Carol Ehrlich. Iowa City: Sara Eichhorn. Sac City. Thomas Eichhom. Galesburg, Ill.: Ann Eisenhart. Burlington: Don- ald Ekberg. Iowa City: Katherine Ekholm. Oak Park, Ill.: Kathleen Ellis. Morton Grove, Ill.g Ann Ell- wanqer. Dubuque. Lee Endsley. Decatur, lll.: Evelyn Engel, Port Dodge: Charles Erick- son, Mt. Prospect, Ill.: Richard Es- tell, Des Moines: Bonnie Ewbank, Cedar Rapids: Lynne Faber, Des Moines. Karen Falberg, Park Ridge, Ill.: Dennis Faltis. Fairfax: Ronald Fanto, Springfield, Pa.: Alice Far- rell, Des Plaines, Ill.: Richard Fe- bey. Park Ridge, lll.: Larry Fege- bank, Paulina. Mark Feinstein, University City, Mo.: Ellen Felcher, Skokie, Ill.: Dorothy Feldman, Ithaca N. Y.: Dorothy Feldman. Ithaca, N. Y.: Iohn Ferring, Cedar Rapids: Iohn Fink, Cedar Ralls. Eugene Fisher, Estherville, Mar- garet Fisher, Iowa City: Shauna Fitzgerald, Elbuin, Ill.: Stephen Fitzsimmons, Des Moines: Cheryl Flaucher. Anamosa: Thomas Flohr, Storm Lake. Richard Floyd, Des Moines: Pa- tricia Flynn. Burlington: Dean Fo- gerty, Canarvon: Nadya Fomen- ko. Normal, Ill.: Ronald Fores- man, Stronghurst, Ill.: Ellen Forst. University City, Mo. Bobbie Foulkes, Altoona: Kath- arine Fowler, Roselle, Ill.: Sandra Fox, Davenport: Roger Frazier. Carnanche: Bruce French, Rein- beck: Sharon Freund, Davenport. Lzherrzl Arts Senzbrs Sorry Charlie but you don't have what it takes to be a campus beauty. Lzbeml Arif Senzbrs Please it's Saturday morning and I can't possibly listen to the same lecture again. Allan Furney. Keswick: Sandra Gallatin, Charleroi, Pa.: Rodney Galusha. Teeds Grove: Iames Gard. Clinton: Barbara Gardner. Geneva, Ill.: Bonnie Garnas. Clear Lake. Richard Garnas. Cedar Rapids: Ianie Garner. lowa City: Dennis Gaunt. La Grand: Ioseph Gay- lord, Marenqo, Ill.: Iudy Geith. Emerson: Ieanne Genzel, Daven- port. Dixie George, Vicksburg, Miss.: Iean Gerken, Fort Dodge: David Gervich, Marshalltown: Iohn Ger- Win, Marshalltown: Melva Gey- er, Hamburg: Doris Gibson, Clin- ton. David Gilchrist, Iowa City: Mary Gilchrist. Dysart: Iohn Gillespie. Dayton, Chio: Richard Gillette, Brooklyn: Mary Ann Godsil, Bur- lington: lean Goerdt, Dyersville. Nicholas Goeres, Dyersville: Iohn Goettsch, Clinton: Thomas Golds- borough, Elmhurst, lll.: Kenneth Gordon. Skokie, Ill.: Doreen Gor- man. Britt: Gary Gottschalk. North Governor. Ann Goulding. Alton: Iames Gowans, Cylinder: Barbara Grant, Davenport: David Grant, St. Louis, Mo.: Nancy Gray, Iowa Falls: Denis Green. New York City. Terrence Green, St. Charles, Ill.: Raymond Griiiel, Manson: Lois Griihorst, Britt: Ten'y Grimley, Oelwein: Michael Gross, Witte- more: Velma Grotland, Sac City. Ioan Gulbrantson, Rockford, Ill.: Deanne Gunderrnan, Villisca: Ste- ven Gunn, Downers Grove: Rog- er Hackman, New Hampton: Al- an Hadlcrnd, Arlington Heights, Ill.: Iean Hager, Waukon, Ill. 1 M135 U of I pageant offers wzrzkzy of enteriazhmenl David Hall, Cedar Rapids: Iames Hall, Iowa City: Iune Hall, loplin, Mo.: Bryce Hamilton, Tipton: San- dra Hammers, Peoria, Ill.: Shar- on Hanna. Iowa City. Lois Hanousek, Dysart: David Hansen, Des Moines: Ioy Han- sen, Manning: Bonnie Hanson. Pleasantville: Bonnie Hanson, Dayton: Iulie Tanson, Fairfield. Susan Harder, Glen Ellen, lll.: Ann Harman, Cedar Rapids: Brooke Harris, Milford: Carol Har- ris, Waukon: Patricia Harstad, Marion: Donavan Harthoorn, Sul- ly. Layna Hartman, Davenport: Ron- ald Hassall, Iowa City: Larry Hatch, Central City: Margo Hauif, Arlington Heights, Ill.: Mary Hay- den, lowa City: Nancy Heden, Davenport. Kurt Heilman, lndianola: Ray- mond Heimbuch, Mason City: Weldon Heitman, Council Bluffs: Dianne Helkenn, Des Moines: Ian Heller, Skokie, Ill.: Patricia Hemp- hi.1L Coralville. Ianet Henny, Carlisle: Iudy Hen- rich, Le Mars: Floyd Herdrich, Donnellson: Thomas Hennan. Morton, Ill.: Roger Herr, Center- ville: Ralph Herring, Iowa City. . Steven Hetherington. Davenport: Lynn Hey. Dixon, Ill.: David Hickman. Iowa City: Paul Hicks. Maquoketa: William Hierstein. Burlington: Sally Hildreth. Des Moines. Michael Hill. Des Moines: Phyl- lis Hilleman. State Center: Thom- as Hinman. Iowa City: Roseanne Hinrichs. Missouri Valley: Tim- othy Hinrichs. Missouri Valley: Douglas Hirsch. Iowa City. Glamor of Pageant hzndered by long hozm Gilbert Hitchcock. Sunnyvale, Calif.: Stephen Hocloway, Rolfe: Mary Hodson. Decorah: Dan Holtz. Vinton: Kathleen Holtz. Muscatine: Mary Homan. Alton. Lynne Hoof. Chicago, lll.: Pat- ricia Hopson. Nevada: Iuanita Holland. Audubon: Diane Holmes. Holmes, Pa.: Iames Holm1u.nd. Mason City: Stephen Holtman. Burlington. Beverly Holton. Le Mars: David Hoffman. Storm Lake: Brian Hotf- meier. Lowden: Carol Hogan. Na- perville, lll.: lane Hogan. Cedar Rapids: Robert Holcomb. Alqona. Iuclie Horka. Des Moines: May Horne. Iowa City: Stephen Horne. Iowa City: Donald Hoskins. Mar- ion: Rebecca Hubbell. Mallard: Polly Hult. Burlington. Ioan Hunter. Mount Vernon: Sheila Hurley. Iowa City: Ray- mond Hurt. Iowa City: Carol Hus- sey: Cincinnati, Ohio: Pamela lmhoii. Waterloo: Franklin Iossi. Davenport. Catheryn Irvine. Dysart: William Irvine. Waterloo: Nancy Isenber- ger, Eldon: Catherine Itzin. Iowa CNY: luli Iackson. Waukon: I. D. Iahn. Sioux City. Robert Iakoubek. Garner: Roger Iaynes, Williams: Richard Ien- nings, Iowa City: Gary Iohansen, Hampton: Bernard Iohnson, Mem- phis, Tenn.: Bloyce Iohnson, Od- ebolt. Dale Iohnson. Rock Island, Ill.: Douglas Iohnson. West Liberty: Forbes Iohnson, West Branch: Ianet Iohnson, Knoxville: Ianice Iohnson, Mason City: Ieifry Iohn- son, Waukee. Ioan Iohnson, Evanston, Ill.: Kent Iohnson, Anita: Ronald Iohnson. Moline, Ill.: Mary Johnston, Bur- linqton: Tim Iones, Newton: Mary Iones. Rock Island. Michael Iones. Grinnell: Patricia Iones. Grinnell: Diane Iordan. Palatine, Ill.: Tomma Lou Iordan. Knoxville: Ierald Iorqensen, Kim- ballton: Laura Ioseph. Scarsdale, N. Y. Mary Ioynt, Des Moines: Marvin Iudkins, Lacona: Iohn Iulius. Warren AFB, Wyo.: Roger Iunck. Ogden: Iudy Iunkunc. Mount Prospect, Ill.: Richard Iurrens. Waterloo. Katherine Kalma. Newton: David Kangas. Chicago, Ill.: Russell Kaplan. Omaha, Nebr,: Mike Ka- vars, Mason City: Luanne Kein- er. Dewitt: Cynthia Kelly, Du- buque. Lzbeml Arts Senzbrs Come on Nancy, we goi' a betirer answer than that last year. Lzheml Arts Senzbrs Left 'ro righ+: Linda Peceut, Gail Warffuel, De von Williams, Karen Kotimann, Nan Gamrath. Dolphin queen finalists take a break from fudqing Iames Kelly. Fort Dodge: Iames Kerr. Rock Falls, Ill.: Iohn Kid- well. Iowa City: Dennis Killinger. Des Moines: Christine King. Knox- ville: Michael Kirby, Strawberry Point. Karen Kirchoif. Sumner: Samuel Kiser. Iowa City: Sara Kiser. Pen- field, N.Y.: Kathryn Kisner, Iowa Falls: Alice Kitchen. DeWitt: Uwe Kladde. Glidden. Karen Klassen, Albert Lea, Minn: Cherie Kling. Dubuque: Michael Kloppenstein, Ainsworth: Serene Klumpar. Waterloo: Dean Knapp. Centerville: Ronald Knibbs. Chi- cago, lll. Sheryl Knight, Viola: Christine Knowles. Celwein: Melvin Knowles. Knoxville, Dennis Ko- bus. Burlington: Sharon Koenig. Davenport: Craig Kohl. Iowa City. Deann Kollman. Iowa City: Mar- garet Kollman. Sioux City: Mary Iane Koob. Iesup: Larry Kopp. Fort Dodge: Donald Kos. Wash- ington: Iohn Doutre. Dubuque. Emanuel Kraska. Pocahontas: Burce Krause. Radcliffe: Kay Kroecer. DeWitt: Dennis Kruse. Marshalltown: Diane Kruse, Sko- kie, Ill.: Ralph Kryder. Lakeview, N .Y. Roger Kubik. Traer: Don Kuech' rnann. Burlington: Morris Kuhl- man. Charter Oak: Pamela Kui- ken, Atlantic: Kay Kunkle, Elyria, Ohio: Stephanie Lagomarcino, Burlington. Karen Laenertz, Park Ridge, Ill.: Mariorie Laing. Deerfield, Ill.: Pamela Lamprecht. Dysart: Gary Lane. Riverside: Virginia Lane, Vinton: Larry Lang, Tipton. DOLZ7l1Z'H5 present splashy show at Homecomzng Iulie Larson. Mason City: Mi- chele Larson. Des Moines: Bar' bara Laskewick. Mason City: Mary Lashbrook, Galesburg, Ill.: Iohn Lasota. Chelsea, Mass.: Ca- mille Lawhead, Mount Ayr. Georgia Lawler, Iowa Falls: Mary Lawrence. Grandview: Ioy Lay- man, Evanston, Ill.: Iohn Lazon- by, Clinton: Anita Lee, Richmond Hills, N.Y.: Iames Leeper. Water- loo. Patricia Lehnertz, Littleport: Iames Leonard, Osage: Kather- ine Levi, Highland Park, lll.: Ab- el Lizcano, Dubuque: Ioan Liber- man, Iowa City: David Licht. Lowden. Robert Lidman. Spencer: Richard Liebenow, Mount Prospect, lll.: Cynthia Lightfoot, McLean, Va.: Anita Lindenberg, Rockford: Kar- en Link, Independence, Mo.: Nan- cy Lisle. Hastings. Keith Loan. Iowa City: Paul Lo- gan: Burlington: Dolores Lohif, Des Moines: Iohn Lohif, Des Moines: Leslie Loomis, Waterloo, Robert Lorenzen, Clinton. Sally Lowe. Cedar Rapids: Shar- on Lowry. Washington: Melinda Luken, Le Mars: Carolyn Lukens- xneyer, Hampton: Raymond Lum. Chicago, Ill.: Sheila Lunin. Cedar Rapids. Laura Macagno. Iowa City: Lin- da Madden. Havelock: Penny Madsen. Webster City: Kathryn Maduif. Skokie, Ill.: Richard Mait- zen. Arlington Heights, Ill.: Io- seph Mallie. Tipton. Carolyn Malloy. Red Oak: Henry Mally. Des Moines: Mary Lou Manning. Rock Valley: David Mansheim. Argyle: Sherryl Marsh. Alta: Rosemary Martin. Burlington. Students stage lvolztzazl mlb wzthout Berkeley sunsftztte Nancy Masuen, Le Mars: Steven Matheson. Des Moines: Suzanne Mattern. Des Moines: Wanda Matthess. Iowa City: Margaret Maxwell. Ames: Iann Mayberry. Anarnosa. Thomas Mayer. Clinton: Martha Mayne. Sioux City: Susan Mc- Allister. Des Moines: Marlee Mc- Arthur. Iowa City: Ruth McCall. Iowa City: Holly McCauley. Sac City. Duane McComb. Iowa City: Gary McCurdy. Olds: Donald McDade. Aurora, Ill: Patrick McDonald. Iesup: Lynn McDow: Cambria Heights N.Y.: Patrick McEnany. Cedar Rapids. Kay McGinnis. Iowa City: Pat- rick McGreevy. Davenport: Brian McGuire. Albany, N.Y.: May- lancl McLarty. Sioux City: Da- vid McMannes. Mason City: Mary McMurruogh. Libertyville. Margaret McNiel. Marion: Nancy McQueen. Ioliet, Ill.: Nancy Mc- Reynolds. Hedrick: Torn Mehr- hoif. Fort Madison: Linda Melson. La Grange, Ill.: Ioan Menke. Flossmoor, Ill. Charles Menschinq. Wood River, Ill.: Patricia Meredith. Atlantic: Shirley Meridith. Webster City: Kenneth Messer. Des Moines: Kathleen Meyer. Sioux City: Keith Meyer. Vinton. 5 Wanda Meyer, Iowa City: Thom- as Mick. Knoxville: Glen Millard. Ieiierson: Daniel Miller. Kalona: Ken Miller, Erie, Ill.: Mary Miller. Mason City. Edward Millunchick. Chicago, Ill.: Marcia Minnihan. Ieiferson: Char- lene Minnis, Des Moines: Thomas Mittman. Muscatine: Ieanette Molter. Mason City: Iames Moore. Iowa City. lean Moore. Marshalltown: Paul Moore, Volga: Nancy Moot, Park Ridge, Ill.: Iames Morrison, Mo- line, Ill.: Ion Morrison, Des Moines: Ann Mosher. Davenport. Bernard Mouw. Sioux Center: El- len Mowen, Algonquin, Ill.: Bar- bara Mueller, Peru, Ill.: Phyllis Mueller. Northwood: Thomas Mueller. Arlington Heights, Ill.: Cheryl Mullahy, Burlington. Janice Mundi. Gladbrook: Robert Mundt. Gladbrook: Dale Nagel. Webster City: Peyton Narum. Grand Forks, N.D,: Nancy Naugh- ten, Berwin, Ill.: Teresa Neal. Hinsdale, Ill. Ieanne Nelson. Wesley: Nancy Nelson, Redfield: Virginia Nelson. Batavia, Ill.: Gary Nepstad. Des Moines: Elisabeth Nesterenko. Muscatine: Diane Neumaier. Iowa City. Lzbeml Arts Senzbrs Students 'Find solitude in empty lecture room during final week. Maurice Neuweg. West Point: William Newbrough. Windsor Heights: Patricia Newell, Mal- vern: Douglas Nichol, Newton: Diane Nichols. Cedar Rapids: Mary Noble. Riceville. Linda Nolan. Guthrie Center: Mary Ann Nolan. Chicaqo, Ill.: David Nolte. Vinton: Louise Nor- en. St. Charles, lll.: Richard Nor- ris. Centerville: Iohn Northcutt. Billings, Mont. Iarnes Nosbish, West Branch: Nathan Oaklander. New York, N.Y.: Michael O'Brien. Iowa City: Richard Odem. Kirkville: Mark Oehler, Newton: Gerald Offer- man. Coon Rapids. Michael O'Hara. Sioux City: Ar- dythe Ohlson. Cherokee: Nancy Olhausen. Sioux Falls, SD.: La- verne Olney. Marshalltown: Hen- ry Olsen. Council Bluffs: Carolyn Olson. Burlington. Gary Olson. Guttenberq: Io Ann Olson. iowa City: Ioyce Olson. Chicago, Ill.: Oliver Olson. Alex- ander: lean Organ, Iowa City: Georgia Oswald. Clarendon Hills, Ill Winiired Ouverson. Mason City: Catherine Palmer. Webb: Roger Park. Seymour: Ruth Park. Al- qona: Ioanne Parker. Peoria, lll.: Lorann Parker. Iowa Falls. Iames Parrish, Iowa City: Theo- dore Pastras, Clinton, Iudy Pat- sch. Rock Island, Ill., Donald Pat- ton, Marion, Eugene Pauley, Iowa City, Iohn Peil, Davenport. Linda Pence, Wellman, Barbara Penny, Iowa City, Margaret Pet- ers, Iowa City, Robert Peters, Carroll, Iames Petersen, Clinton, Marc Peterson, Battle Creek. Seniory Irzlzvle sale 0 Daz cfurzng mal week Ieflry Petrie, Iowa City, Ronald Phillips, Cedar Rapids, Beverly Pickering, Monticello, Ianet Pie- cuch, Cedar Rapids, Iames Pie- pergerdes, Phoenix, Ariz., War- ren Pillard, Anarnosa. Mary Pillepich, Des Moines, Phil- ip Piper, Iowa City, Sylvia Plash- ko. Iowa City, Sally Platz, Belle Plaine, Thomas Pohlen, Sheldon, Thomas Pokorny, Harlan. Anne Poling, Downers Grove, Ill.: Brigitte Pollaro. Wilrnette, Charles Pollard, Fort Dodge, Ill., Cynthia Popper, Cedar Rapids, Kitty Por- ter, Iowa City, Linda Post, Ithaca, N .Y. Michael Potts. Louisville, Ky., Scott Power, Iowa City, .Roy Pranqe, Warren, Ill., Elisabeth Pratt, Ridgewood, NJ., Daniel Prescott, Nevada, Barb Prichett, Cincinnati, Ohio. Carolyn Priebe, Bettendort, Charles Primich, Dover, N .I., Ioan Pringle, Mediapolis, Marvin Quandt, Audubon, Gloria Squier, Compton, Ill., Francis Quinn. Du- buque. George Raach, Wheaton, Ill., Roger Rademacher, Charles City, Sybil Rader, Northbrook, Ill., Iames Hagan, Swaledale, Otto Raitora, Iowa City, Carol Ran- dles, Ames. Kenneth Randles, lowa City: Iefirey Randolph, Welton: Kay Rankin, Keokuk: Ian Rarig, Ypsi- lanti, Mich.: Donna Rausch, Suth- erland: Robert Rauscher, Carlisle. Iudith Raveling, Lynn Grove: Da- vid Raymond, Creston: Marianne Rebholz. Waterloo: Alan Redfern, Croydon, Surrey, England: B. I. Redfield. Batavia, Ill.: Alice Reed, Iowa City. Rzver bzznkzng area cut mio by new art buzfdzhg Marilyn Reed, Charles City: Pat Reher, Waukon: Eric Rehorst, Waterloo: David Reid, Algona: Ronald Reider, Edison, NJ.: Phil- lip Reisetter, Iowa City. Randall Reiter, New Lenox, Ill.: Tobie Renaud, Mason City: Kay Renner, Council Blults: Lisa Res- ler, Mason City: Iohn Reynolds, Davenport: Iohn Rice, Stevens Point, Wisc. Sherry Riitel, Burlington: Gary Riggs, Chariton: Nancy Riley, Cedar Rapids: Wayne Rindels, New Hampton: Iarnes Roberts, Davenport: Ianet Roberts, Musca- tine. Gary Robertson, Columbus lunc- tion: Paulette Roeske, Bock ls- land, Ill.: Cathy Rogers, Madison, Wisc.: Susan Rohrbough, Keokuk: Patricia Rohwedder, Olin: Penny Rohwedder, Olin. Lynn Rollins, Newton: Sharon Roseberry. Center Point: Beth Rosencrans, Keokuk: Robert Rou- sell, Dubuque: Tony Ruark. Keo- kuk: Lynne Rubel. Laurens. Ianet Ruebel, Spirit Lake: Iudy Ruegnitz, Elkport: Iill Ruggeri, Chicago Heights, lll.: Cynthia Rurnmel, Britt: Thomas Rumora, Grosse Pointe, Mich.: Iane Run- chey, West Bend. Iames Russell. Iowa City: Victoria Rutenbeck. Clinton: Howard Rut- man, Des Moines: Marilyn Ryan, Grinnell: Diane Sage, Waterloo: Herman Sakimoto, Honolulu, Ha- waii. Linwood Sampson. Estherviller Ion Sarlf, Des Moines: I. Michele Sassaman, Otturnwa: Ralph Sas- saman, Ottumwa: Iudy Schaien- acker. Muscatine: Donald Schal- lau. Iowa City. Terry Schamberger, Cedar Rap- ids: Mary Schantz. Iowa City: Sarah Scheidenhelrn. Lexington, Ky.: Evelyn Schelm, Mapleton: Mary Shimberg, Cedar Rapids: Kay Schimmel, Allison. Robert Schlegel, Council Bluffs: Barbara Schmidt. Rudd: Mary Schmelzle, Freeport, Ill.: Carol Schmidt, Plymouth, Wisc.: David Schmidt, ,Cedar Rapids: Iames Schmidt. Iowa City. Ruth Schmidt. Maquoketa: Sara Schmidt. Gladbrook: Sarah Schmidt, Iowa City: Dana Schnei- der. Otturnwa: Iames Schneider. Wapello: Barbara Schoemaker, Muscatine. Pamela Schoentgen. Des Plaines, Ill.: David Schoon. Stamford, Conn.: Elisabeth Schoon, Glen- view, III.: Stephen Schott, Otta- wa, Ill.: Douglas Schramm. Poca- hontas: Iacob Schrock, Kalona. : .-...In Lzbeml Arls Senzbrs CONSTRUCTION OF THE new art building will mean less river banking space in the spring. Lzbeml Arts Senzbrs SPRING TIME OFFERS Chad Underkolter a sun- ny place on the Pentacrest to enfoy his ice cream cone. Alan Schulte, Watkins, Hugh Schultz, Prirnqharp Rita Schweers, Lenox, Stanley See, Iowa City: Linda Seitz, Bettendorig Robert Seiver, Aledo, Ill. Michael Sellers, Vincentown, NJ., Iames Senn, Burlington, Linda SeVerS0n, Davenport: loan Sha- piro. Des Moines, Paul Sharbo, Marion, Robert Shaw, Toledo. Iohn Shebek, Riverside, William Sheridan, Iowa Ciiyi lames Shill- ington, Park Forest, Ill.: Mary Rosalind Shinn, Iowa City, Susan Shirley, Des Moines, Martha Shoemaker, Glidden. Iohn Sholeen. Villiseap Kent Shouse, Maquoketap Susan Show- ers, Kirkwood, Mo., Ian Shradel, Riverside, Wayne Siders. Coral- Villep lane Siesseger, Independ- ence. Ianet Sill, West Des Moines: Su- san Simon, Homewood, Ill.: Pat- ricia Sincox, St. Clair, Mo., lane Skillicorn, Tinqleyp Maryio Skin- ner, Lucas, Ioyce Smart, Otturn- wa. Kathryn Smedma, Des Moines, Gene Smiley, Coin, Gary Smith, Fairfield, Ioseph Smith, Cherokee: Kenneth Smith. Brooklyn: Launa Smith, Bloomfield. Patricia Smith. Cedar Rapids: Ronald Smith, Donnellson: Sha- ron Smith. Alqona: Sherri Smith. Clinton: Anne Snell. Spencer: Mary Snell. Mason City. Rebecca Snyder. Anamosa: Peter Soballe, Eldora: Susan Sondrol. Clear Lake: Iudith Sorensen, Ha- zel Crest, lll.: Elizabeth Specht. Monticello: Iohn Spraaq. Water- loo. Wnrfner weather enhances start 0 new sefnesler lane Spreitzer. Cedar Rapids: Larry Sprinkle. Logan: Randy Sprout. Ernmetsburq: Gloria Squi- er, Iowa City: Phoebe Stafford. Donnellson: Iill Stansberry. Moul- ton. Susan Starkweather. Cedar Rap' ids: Barbara Stebbins. Des Moines: Marlene Stecklinq. Iowa City: Carol Stelien. Reinbeck: Pamela Steqmcm. Rockford, lll.: Eric Steinmetz. Hartley. Karen Steinbeck. Richland: Marty Steinbicker, Saginaw, Mich.: Mark Steine. Decorah: David Steinmetz. Fairfax: Iacqueline Stelter. Shenandoah: Linda Sto- fer. Perry. Mary Stoll, La Crosse, Wise.: Pamela Stone. Bettendorf: Penny Strauss., Coralville: Coletta Streit. Whitternore: David Strief, Des Moines: Steve St1'yker. Daven- port. Richard Stucker, Winfield,: Elsie Sublett. Cleveland, Ohio: Karen Suchy. Elberon: Gayle Sullivan. Arlington Heights, lil.: Russell Surnka. Chicago, Ill.: Lois Sutton. Saline, Mich. Carroll Swanson. Webster City: Iohn Swanson. Des Moines: lim- my Sween, Fort Dodge: Carol Sweet. Hinsdale, Ill.: Sharon Sweetland. Stanton, Neb.: Mary Swenka. Iowa City. Shirley Swirns, Bettendorf: Robert Talcott. Ames: Paul Tallerday, Davenport: Nancy Tarrant. Clar- inda: Ellen Taylor, Madison, Conn.: Pete Taylor, Des Moines. David Teeter, Peoria, Ill.: Dennis Teeter, Cedar Rapids: Paul Terse. Burlington: Iames Tevis. Tarry- town, N.Y.: Donald Tews, Bloom- field: Ron Tharp, Chariton. Dmj? wzll poszlvone careers or some men Ileen Thode. Oelwein: Patricia Thoma, Fairfield: Barbara Thom- as, Muscatine: Iudith Thomas, Knoxville: Michael Thomas, Spencer: Patricia Thomas. New- ton. Sue Thomas, West Burlington: William Thomas, Iowa City: Polly Thompson, Savannah, Ga.: Kath- leen 'I'horsbakken. Iowa Falls: Kent Thornton. Walcott: Doug Tindal, Washington. Iulie Toal, Primghar: Karen To- karczyk, Sioux City: Sue Tom- syck, Port Edwards, Wisc.: Susan Torgerson, Omaha, Neb.: Irwin Treehuboif. Chicago, Ill.: Mar- garet Triplett, Sumner. Donald Tripp, Fort Madison: Mar- lene Troyer, Kalona: Patricia Truog, Altoona: Robert Tuller, Ot- tumwa: Iudith Turner, Des Moines: Iulie Twedi, Elmhurst, Ill. Richard Underkoiler, Marshall- town: Iean Valentine, Low Moor: Toni Van Boord, Mitchellville: Iohn Van Boskirk, Hinsdale: Iarnes Van Cleave, Iowa City: Bar- bara Vande Kamp, Clinton. Allan Vander Hart, Pella: Steph- en Vanoumy, Monticello: Caro- lyn Van Zee, Nevada: Iames Vavra, Cedar Rapids: Rodney Vellinga, Orange City: Douglas Vergarnini, Council Bluffs. William Vinall. Davenport: Bruce Vosseller. Plainfield: Ierome Wa- goner. Clarinda: Daryl Walk. Grafton: Mark Walker. Iewell: Paul Walker. Moline, Ill. Kathleen Walsh. Riverside: Gary Warnock. Merrill: Russell War- ren. Bettendort: Peggy Watson. Thornton: Kathleen Weaver, Des Moines: Nancy Weaver. Wapel- lo. I It was SUI when seniors came to the campus Wilfred Webber, Muscatine: Karmeleita Webert, Belle Plaine: Dennis Wegner. Fairbank: Susan Weiler. Burlington: Martha Wen- strand. Essex: Carol Werhan, De- corah. Iohn Wessel. Cedar Rapids: Craig Westberg. Shenandoah: Barbara Westbrook. Cedar Rap- ids: Emory Westcott. Iowa City: Kathryn Weston. Shenandoah: Richard Whitaker. Bettendorf. George White. Davenport: Iane White. Springville: Virginia White. Iowa City: Ioseph White- house. Peoria, Ill.: Wayne Whit- more. Mendota, lll.: Theodore Wickham. Montrose. Melba Widmer, Wayland: Can- dace Wiebener. Davenport: Char- lene Wiele. Burlington: Lynn Wilclblood. Park Ridge, Ill.: Mary Wilkening. State Center: Lyle Wilkes. Biceville. Duane Wilkins. Tabor: Todd Wil- kins. Mason City: Iohn Wilkinson. Sioux City: Max Willett. Slater: Iulia Willey. Council Bluffs: Ann Williams. Otturnwa. Linn Williams. Des Moines: Sue Iowa City: Talbot Wil- liams. Muscatine: Margaret Wil- meth. Iowa City: Evan Wilson. : Mediapolis: Ierry Wilson. Clarks- ville. Lzbeml Arts Senzbrr WITH THE ARRIVAL of warm weather. Lake Macbride becomes the scene of sailing action. Rob Wlltshzre Omaha Neb Nancy Wxndsor Fort Madrson Maggle Winkler Arlington Va Donald Wirth Western Springs Ill Dale Witte Clarence Daniel Wolfe Waterloo Linda Wolfe Lincoln Neb Rich ard Wood Cedar Rapids Robert Woodford Cedar Rapids Carmen Woods Des Moines Sharon Woods Mount Vernon Nancy Woolsey Naperville Ill Eden Woon, Iowa City John Work Des Moines Gary Worth en Wood River Ill Audrey Wnght West Liberty Patricia Wright Marshalltown Roger Wrxght Waverlx Sandra Wright Guthrie Center- Susan Wright Elmhurst ll1.- Iohn Wunder Dysart' Beniarnin Wurm Laurel' George Wysock Wood- stock ll1.- David Wynia Sioux Center. Don Yager, Fentonp Bruce Yates. Cedar Rapidsp Thomas Yazman, Bettendorf: Ma1'tha Yoak, Stuart: Dan Yocom. Waukeqan, Ill.: Del- mar Yoder. Washington. Reginald Yoder. Iowa Cityg Iohn Young, Omaha, Neb.p Kathleen Young, Chatham, NJ.: Sharon Young. Grimes: Luann Zahaslcy. Waucorna: Edwin Zastrow, Clin- ton. BOTTOM ROW: Rita Pareslcy, Don Kuechmann, Kathy Brady, Sarah Schei- denhelm, Quentin Coffman, Jean Rohli. TOP ROW: Susan Johnson. Linda Lea Johnson. Sandra Hammers, Mary Ellen Sayre, Juanita Holland, Jean Valentine. Sue Boudinot. EA exlvandy knowledge of Ieachzhg profefszbn Gaining recognition of teaching as a profession is the purpose of student NEA and to reach this goal the organization branches out in several areas. Individually, members works to broaden their understanding of teaching and to develope their abilities in specific areas. The meetings present speakers, films, and panel discussions for additional insight into the field of educa- tion as a career. Who said teachers were old and mean and never smile? Several girls in related art show other Phi Upsilon Omicron members and initiates the use of a loom. Phz' Ulorilorz Qmztrofz honors home oconomzk majors Scholastic ability, leadership qualities, and professional po- tential in the field of home economics serve as a prerequisite for initiation into Phi Upsilon Omicron. This honorary organization was formed to give talented students in home economics an opportunity for intensive study in their field. Monthly meetings B01-I-OM ROW: Ellen Roe. Jeanene are an excellent chance for the members to hear speakers and DFHFICP1, Cheri ROSE- TOP ROWS SUSHH . . . . O'B',Pt"Lh t,J 't HI- to discuss in depth different phases of home economics. I5ndrfeglizaEelflgpeihf-er Z um 5 O aizbmzl honomgf explorer aiiverre ecfucaizbmzl Iopzkr Pi Lambda Theta is a national fraternity for Women in the field oi educaiion. Membership is made up of Women stu- dents showing high scholastic achievement and promise of superior ability in education. Because all phases of education are present Within the fraternity, the topics for the rnonthly meeting pertain to the general field. Since Pi Lambda Theta is set up as a professional organization there are no service projects and funds are established through dues. FRONT ROW: Beverly Kosiwatka. Joyce Hetherington, Louise Beltramo. Noia Coon, Nancy Lien, Dorothy Breicha. Jud- ith i-iendershot. ROW 2: Barbara Cur- ry, Frieda Shannn. Caroyn Jones, Norma Sheidahl, Mary Etta Skinner, Becky Ing- rnan. Sue I-luriey. Members of Pi Lambda Theta iooic over or- ganizational notes. BOTTOM ROW: Bonnie Roberts. Judith Dhesse, Barbara Gardner, Mary McMur- rough, Camelia Reed, Patricia Callison. Dorothy Ahrens. ROW 2: Carol Helm. Jean Beary, Katy Mathison, Pat McNa- mer, Ellen Taylor, Suzanne Seyb. Kathryn Madutt. Laura Goodall. ROW 3: Marcia Schnedler, Barbara Hemphill. Nancy Noller, Maureen Smith, Betty Goold, Sheryl Voas. Carol Wiedenman, Jane Wolfe. ROW 4: Christine Hampe, Car- ol Lee Bennett, Nancy Goold, Marilyn Arnold, Sally Woocicock, Mary Miller. SO TA empfmszres twofold pugvose for members The Student Occupational Therapy Association for students majoring in occupational therapy has a two-fold purpose to hold, social and professional gatherings for members and to promote interest in the occupational therapy field on campus. Durinq the year there Were quest speakers in occupational therapy plus several parties, including a Christmas party and the traditional senior banquet. 1 i' It must' have been his tunny hone. BOTTOM ROW: Raymond Machacek. Richard Toclc. Francis Mettille, Bruce Storhott, Rick Eclcel. Robert Norris. ROW 2: Wendell Rhine, Roland Schultz. John Bacon, David Broberg, Thomas Plaisance. Norman Brown, Charles l-lenrickson. ROW 3: David l-leltne, Scott Tucker, George Augius, Lynn Swanson, Daniel Dutty, Dana McCown. BOTTOM ROW: Francis Mettille. George Auqius, Richard Howells, Bruce Storhoti. Robert Morris, David Bro- berq. ROW 2: Roland Schultz, Wen- dell Rhine, Norman Brown, Scott Tucker, Steve Winlcleman, John Stephanie. ROW 3: Donald Lehman, Richard Squire, Thoman Plaisance, Dana McCown, R' Eclcel. Lee l-lines, LeRoy Pazdernik. ROW 4: Alvin Zigman, Lynn Swanson, Edward Zawistowslci, Daniel Dutiy, Richard Ma- vis, John Bacon. Phi Lambda Upszlon Membership in Phi Lambda Upsilon is awarded those students oi chemistry at the junior, senior and graduate levels who main- tain ahigh scholastic average and have enough hours in chem- istry and related fields. The organization is an honor society tor students majoring in chemistry and similar fields of study. Each semester a banquet is held in honor of outstanding mem- bers. The Pierce Award is presented in the form of money to the junior with the best grade point average, and a similar award is also presented to a senior member. A4Z7l1d Chl' Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma Works closely with the department ot chem- istry to further chemistry, bind its members together and promote interest in chemistry as a career. Membership includes all phases ot chemistry and consists mainly of graduate students and outstanding juniors and seniors. A dinner is sponsored with the American Chemistry Society, and distinguished profes- sors are invited to lecture. Each fall a Safety Seminar is held for the chemistry department. A5500 Students of foumzzlzlvm Any student enrolled in the School of journalism is eligible ior membership in the Associated Students of Iournalism. The organization serves as representative between the journalism students and members of the faculty, and also keeps the stu- dents informed ot news within the school. journalism class of- ficers make up the executive council of ASI and are responsible tor the initial planning of the annual Wayzgoose and Fourth Es- tate Banquets to honor outstanding students. Gamma Agvha Chi Gamma Alpha Chi is the national professional advertising fraternity for Women. The Lambda chapter at Iowa is Composed of journalism students and a tew business majors. Through their work they hope to promote interest and activity in adver- tising and related fields. Under the leadership ot Tam Duggle- by the group sponsored a number of service projects, the larg- est being distribution ot blotters. The new project this year was collecting, printing and selling a cookbook of recipes. Right to Left: Nic Goeres, William Newbrough. Thomas Fensch, Gary O' sow, Jim Kipp. NOT PICTURED but present in spirit are: Mike Barnes, Ron Bliss. Dennis Brown, James Buclcalew, Wil- liam Calderwood, John Cochran, Father Victor DePaor, Wesley Garr, Robert Hacker, Richard Lee, Jim Marti, Lael Moe. Sandor Polster, Tom Raftery, Koh Myung Shik, Peter Sturtevant, Jim Wor- sham, Don Yager. BOTTOM ROW: Diane Ying, Deanne Neuman, Judy Bruhn, Tamara Duqgleby. Mary Jane Hodsdon. TOP ROW: Sue Hoover, Gail Longanecker, Sheila Lunin, Vona Custer. Kathy Corry. Sigma Delta Chl. Sigma Delta Chi, Professional lournalistic Society, is a fratern- ity for men in journalism. The University of Iowa chapter meets for a monthly program of speakers and discussions. Dr. George Gallup, a University graduate and past president of the local SDX chapter, was one of the featured speakers. One of the highlights of the year was the National Sigma Delta Chi Con- vention held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 9-12. Presi- dent for the year was lim Kipp. Them Sigma Phi To promote professional standards is the goal of Theta Sigma Phi, a national organization of professional Women in the field of communications. Chapter members are chosen on their grade point average, interest and the leadership ability they show in their activities. Each year in April the national Matrix Banquet is held in connection with the professional society in town. Hon- ored at the banquet are the outstanding coed and a member of the community already active in the profession. Medzbal Serzzbrs Medical Officers from left: John Placek, treasur- er? Joan I-leffelfinger, secretary: Tom Cromwell, president: Steve Van Houten, vice-president. lfgti fe-it Michael Abrams. Thor: Charles Argo, Moravia: Tyrone Artz, Marcus: Arnold Balanoif, Des Moines: Iohn Bardole, Rippey. Ion Beck, Rockford, lll.: David Bell, Dallas, Tex.: Richard Berg- strom. Onawa: Richard Blaine. Grand Forks, N.D.: Ierry Blake- ly, LeMars. Frederick Bockenstedt, New Vi- enna: Ioseph Bodensteiner. Iowa City: Addison Brown, West Des Moines: Robert Burqfechtel, Mar- shalltown: David Burke. Dubu- que. Stanley Capper, Elgin: Gary Ca- vanaugh. Blockton: Stanley Chism. Newton: Iohn Cooper. Iowa City: Richard Cram. Daven- port. Thomas Cromwell, Burlington: Iames Cross, Iowa City: Roger Crumley, Rippey: Fred Dick. Waterloo: Larry Dorr, Fairfax, Va. Bery Engebretsen, Chariton: Lar- ry Fane, Newton: Charles Filipi, Cedar Rapids: Richard Fowler. Atlantic: Alex Fraser, Aurelia. Robert Gitchell, Cresco: Iohn Go- ellner. Cedar Rapids: William Gorbunoit, Villa Park, Ill.: Ron- ald Grooters, Boyden: Dennett Hanssmann, Iowa City: Iohn Heel- ner. Anamosa. Mariorie Helleltinger, Indianola: Iohn Hege , Iowa City: Arthur Heng, Boland: Mary Hronik, Ox- ford Iunction: David Hudgel, Cas- per, Wyo.: Iames Isobe, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii. Clzmroom and labs are over, now z'r1Iernshzlv Mary Ienkins, Wilrnetti, Ill.: Ier- ry Iochims, Holstein: Kenneth Iohnson, Newton: William Iohn- son, Minot, N. D.: Richard Iohn- ston, LeMars: Maynard Iones. Iowa City. Dennis Kay, Atlantic: Iames Lee. Coralville: Charles Lylord, Man- ley: Russell Mahoney, Iowa City: Gilbert Martinez, Waterloo: Ste- phen Massick. Burlington. I Gertrude Mergner. Iowa City: Iohanna Miller. Iowa City: Ray Miller, Newton: Alan Munson, Coralville: Leo Norden, Iowa City: Alan Pechacek. Sioux City. David Ploth. Dunlap? lames Prit- Chard, Boone: Iohn Ptacek. Iowa City: Susan Norcross, Des Moines: Richard Outhouse, Creston: Ron- ald Rehmann, Davenport. Elaine Riegle, Winterset: Kent Rogerson, Des Moines: Michael Schafer. Peoria: lack Shalley, Ne- vada: Leon Schimmel, Sioux Cen- ter: Victor Schramm, Iowa City. David Schrunk, Cedar Rapids: Russell Schurtz, Mason City: Ed- ward Scott, Mediapolis: Duane Siegel, Iowa City: William Ship- ley. Marissa, Ill.: Robert Sigel- man, Watertown, S. D. : MEDICAL SEN IORS Dee Silver, Belle Plaine: Eldon Swenson. McCallsbu1y: Keith Stewart, Cedar Falls: Melford Strand, Iowa City: Robert Thomp- son, Waukon. Michael Tyler, Rock Island, Ill.: Stephen Van Houten. Mason City: Kirk Van Rooyan. Sioux City: Gary Van Slyke, Cedar Falls: Robert Vickerman, Keosauqua. Steven Weinberg, Davenport Iohn Westra, Des Moines: Thom- as Wilson, Cresco: Iames Wor- rell, Perry: Iames Ziska, Minneap- olis, Minn. P11 yszczzl Ilzeralvzsls haha chzldrerz at unziferszbl school PHYSICAL THERAPY SENIORS Nevin Almquist, Usage: Iay Bre- see, Phoenix, Ariz.: Diana Pui- Nan Chu, Hong Kong: Douglas Crosby, Marshalltown: Lester Es- parza, San lose, Calif.: Gerald Fritz, Mt. Carroll, Ill. Susan Giles, Fort Dodge: Ianet Harrington. Coldwater, Mich.: Sam Hoagland, Hastings, Neb.: Richard Iensen, Rinqsted: Wayne Iohansen: Newell: Gail Larsen, De Sota, Ga. Harvey Litolsky, Baltimore, Md.: Remo Lucci, Melrose, Mass.: Mi- chael McGraw, Sioux City: Don- ald Nelson, Marshalltown: David Olson, Rosk Island, lll.: lim Schmaderer, Loup City, Neb. Gerald Solberg, Richland, Wash.: Gary Speas. Marshalltown: Nan- cy Straus, Madison, Wis.: Royal West, Pleasant Grove, Utah: Richard Whelan, I-libbinq, Minn.: Truman Wilkin, Cedar Rapids. BOTTOM ROW: Roger Sebert, George Bisbee. John l-leeiner, Gerald Fogarty, Michael Long, Daniel Eggers. TOP ROW: Ray Miller, David Bilstrom. Douglas Laube, Peter Wallace, Ronald Brown. BOTTOM ROW: Dorothy Chapman. Joy Hansen. Diann Kollmann. Ann Buckley. Leslie I-lill, Kay Maher. TOP ROW: Ar' clythe Ohlson, lnese Bright, Karen Kirch- noif, Diane Sage, Janet Henny, Pat Quarn, Sylvia Plashko, Velma Grotland. Medzbal Student Counczf Medical Student Council is a governing board tor the medi- cal student body consisting of tour elected members from each of the tour medical classes. The council functions as a sound- ing board for student opinion and as a service organization to the student body. Among its projects are freshmen medical student orientation and "Big Brother" programs, helping plan and finance the annual Aesculapian Frolic, and engaging special guest lecturers. This past year the council established a memorial to deceased faculty of the College of Medicine. School of Mecfzkal Technology The School oi Medical Technology is based on three years of Liberal Arts background -and a twelve month internship at the Veterans Hospital. The senior student uses his internship as a Working and learning in practice program. The clinical laboratory Work includes lectures, discussions and forty hours of actual lab Work. After graduation they are required to take the National Board exams to become registered. l T ku 4 . r ug - my 1 x if A BOTTOM ROW: T. Kllnq, J. Heetner M. Abrams, J. Cross. R. Stinard. M. Stitt. R. Formanek, D. Schuldf, D. Bell S. Van Houten, G. Olson. ROW 2: L Foster, K. Friday, R. Johnston. J. Gun- derson. 6. Phelps. R. Asarch, l.. Mulrned M. Junqlinq. L. I-liratzka, J. Boclenstein- er, D. Lundsgaard. T. Osten. ROW 3: E. Pearl, B. Brown, G. Meester, M. Will- iamson, M. Jones, T. Briqgs, J. Burlcs, J Swanson, M. Steine, R. Tomhave, J. Mc- Keown. .... ROW 4. G. Paluska, W Jackson, J. Swanson, J. J. Murphy, T. Throckmorton, P. Doug, F. Rauscher, S Penlchus, M. Welton. J. Hanson. vi. -7 P'-217 -I V yf. .LF- Would you belzkve 41 colored TV Jet? No one can study all the time, and Alpha Kappa Kappa, one of the tour medical fraternities on campus, remedied the situ- ation. Aside from their promotion of scholarship, these future doctors also sponsored faculty smokers, lecturer Arthur Stiendler at the College of Medicine lecture series, and a number ot so- cial gatherings. The fraternity Went to the Amanas for their Christmas party and in the springtime held a gay event entitled "KadaVer Kapersf' AKK members enioy ex quick game ot ping pong before hitting their books again. u Sigma u czwarafv Graves Scfiolarsfzgvs The common bond for the men of Nu Sigma Nu is their mu- tual partnership in the medical profession. Although it is an active social fraternity, members never completely neqlect ath- letics or academics. In intramurals they excelled in football and baseball. ln promoting scholarship the fraternity awards an- nually the Graves Scholarships. Tl-net staple in her navel l1asn't seemed to l affect her heart beet much. ..,.-N- BOTTOM ROW: 6. Ryan, G. Lee, G. Gailis, A. Becker, J. Scott, J. Matthias, D. Bush, M. McCulloch, R. Nielancl, M. Tyler, T. Richtsmeier, J. Sebben. ROW 2: L. Jones, M. Oclis, E. Coli, T. Dough- erty, J. Smith, F. Boclceustedt, J. Ziska. l'l. Gilmore, J. N'Vessels, W. Bourne, D. Bailey, G. J. Fogarty. ROW 3: J. Lam- mers, D. Silver, H. Smith, D. Eggers, R. Brown, M. Connelly, R. Rhodes, E. Schin- dler, J. Gard, T. Lecierman, K. Smith. ROW 4: A. l-leng. J. l-laiar, T. Yazman, C. Burkland, J. King, L. Sartl, R. Gilson. A. Lang, B. Dall. ROW 5: J. Schneid- er, J. Oetby, R. Bolwnenkamp, F. Schroe- der. D. Oeth, J. Giles, J. l-lendel, R. l-lainy, C. Semler, D. l-lanssmann, M. Jones ii Members of Phi Beta Pi appear to have more L 'S to offer than just medical knowledge. ,J PM Bela Pl' men lvurfue goal 0 meczlztal career As a medical fraternity, Phi Beta Pi, hopes to aid its members academically and socially. By maintaining a chapter house medical students are provided with room and board and liv- ing among men sharing common interests and goals. Socially, tour parties -are given by the house, the highlight being a Mans- querade Party in the spring. As a service project, given in conjunction with Sigma Delta Tau, a party was given for the crippled children. BOTTOM ROW: D. Balcken, B. Hicks. D. Daalce. R. Bannister, D. Burkley. R. Riessen, T. Wilson, D. Weber, L. O'Con- nor, E. Garrnan, C. Fredrlclcson. ROW 2: J. Lewis, B. Belknap, J. Wolfe, G. Blsbee, M. Long. J. Packer, G. Gold- smith. D. Leistilcow. K. Johnson, R. Kamm. T, Gifford. ROW 3: R. Peterson, D. Peterson, G. Peterson, G. Peterson, R. Drew, R. Lewis, M. Crane, D. Berg, L. Walton, J. D. Tlworeson. S. Leslie, B. Gorbunoff, P. Monroe. ROW 4: D. Schrunlr, P. Mead. R. Wampler, S. Stew- art, R. Linde, S. May, D. Rike, S. Hel- mers, J. Young, T. Payne, J. lsobe, H. Henclrilcs. ROW 5: N. Anton, D. Claus- sen, J. Swanson, R. Polly, E. Alt, J. Beck, D. Sparkes, L. Zeutenliorst. BOTTOM ROW: Dan Murphy, Daryl Doorenbos, Allen l-larves, Robert Smith. Dennis Ratiora, Alan Singer, Dick Pit- man, Glenn Buchanan, Ralph Pray, Mi- chael Rosenblatt, Michael Taylor. ROW 2: Peter Vande Haar, l.aVerne Olney, John Scoltock, William Cross, James Miller, Dale Wulf, Ferrell Peters, Marvin Vos, Donald Reinders, Ronald Hansen. Keith l-lindman, Patrick Kain, Theodore Pallidum. ROW 3: William Hanke, Nick Nonas, Jim Roelots, David Bilstrom. Gary Moranville, Magilla Lawrence, Robert Carney, Larry Becker, Gary Law- rence, Beni. Vander Zwaag. Doug Laube, Joseph Doniklcer. David Furda. P!1z'Ri1o Sigma keeps active 711E7'lf6ZI61 and pfrszbalhf To foster an academic atmosphere combined with social ad- vantages is the purpose of Phi Rho Sigma. The Wives Club of the fraternity helps decorate the chapter house, Works on a number of service projects and serves as a social outlet for medical students and their wives. Keepinq active physically as well as mentally, the fraternity members take part in intramur- al sports. The Phi Rho Sigma men often get together after dinner to demonstrate what they've learned in class. -L uryzng Senzbrs Nursing Officers - Seated: Gayle Gray, treas- urer: Linda Moon, secretary: Carole Brown, Vice president. Standing: Linda Collingwood, presi- dent. Dorothy A1-mens, Rinqstecl: Diane Balanoff, Skokie, lll.: Celia Barnes, Clinton: Ioanne Bauer, Walker: Ioan Beatty, Shellsburg. Ianet Beck, Iowa City: Mary Bopp. Barrington, Ill.: Carole Brown, lowa City: Sally Buck, .Des Moines: Barbara Burkhardt, Gu- thrie Center. Iulie Cady, Genesee, Ill.: Pamela Cobb, Iowa City: Linda Colling- wood. Williamsburg: Kathryn Collins, Aurora, lll.: Phyllis Coon, Waterloo. Suzette Crees, Waukee: Phyllis Crews, Clinton: lean Decker, Iowa City: Carolyn Dick, Hamp- ton: Sharon Dirks, Akron. Susan Eichhorn, Skokie, Ill.: Mar- cia Emmons, Clinton: Nancy Er- ritt, Somers: Susan Evans, Iowa City: Lee Ann French, Belleville, Ill. Andrea Gartley, Clarendon Hills, lll.: Doris Geadelmann, Iowa City: Sandra Gehrke, Readlynz E1- oise Good, Hinsdale, lll.: lane Gormley, Alton, Ill. Jan Adamshy dreams of hypos, pills and bedpans. urrzhg senzbrs enjoy new um arms 111 Ihezr las! year Gayle Gray, Elgin, Ill.: Phyllis Harms, Storm Lake, Linda Hart- ley, Des Moines: Iacquelyn Har- vey, Galesburgp Barbara Hick- man. Coryclon. Ienny Holcomb, Sycamore, I11.p Mary Horn. Springville: Doris Hrynkow, Dubuque: Corinne Ig- narski, Harwood Heights, Ill.: Barbara Isserstedt, Postville. Iudith Iohnston. Webster, Connie Ioy, Fairfield: Renata Kruger, Mil- waukee, Wisc.g Sheryl Kuhl, Ab- erdeen, S. Dork.: Alice Kuramoto. Webster City. Karen Kuypers. LaGrange Park, 111.7 Susan Lane, Des Plaines, Ill.: Iudy Lange. Odebolty Iudy Lsake. Keokukg Norma Lohfi. Woodbone. Donna Luckman, Oelweiny Bar- bara Meffert, Des Moines, Linda Moen, Fort Dodge: Verna Muhl. Vinton: Martha Newcomer, Princeton, Ill. Katherine Nixa, Macomb, lil.: Sharon Nystrom, Batavia, Ill.: Avis Paeth, Perryy Lucille Pampel. Williams: Patricia Peters, Prince- ton, Ill.: Carol Peterson, Ames. Nurszhg Senzbrs Having your temperature taken while try- ing to put a puzzle together makes it hard to concentrate. Barbara Picken, Ames: Carole Pranske, Tay1orvi11e, 111.: Diane Proctor, Bettendorf: Karen Redus, Geneseo,111.: Io Lynn Reimer, Iowa City: Iulie Revell, Horne- Wood, 111. Annette Rick, Mystic: Beth Biker, Iowa City: Barbara Sadlak, Chi- cago, 111.: Linda Schenck, Esther- vi11e: Linda Schnyder, Mount Prospect, 111.: Gretchen Schultz, Des Moines. Lynn Sherman, Waukon: Barbara Sidwell, Glastord, 111.: Kathleen Smith, Counci1B1utts: Collette Songer. Mason City: Ca-pitola Stanley, Wood River, 111.: Ida Stanley, Ernrnetsburq. Kathryn Starmer, Mt. Ayr: lean- ine Steele, Iowa City: Terry Stein, Be11evue, Wash.: Marianne Stubbe, Iowa City: Kathleen Stu- epztert, Van Orin, 111.: Fuii Takay- asu, Gushikwa, Okinawa. Virginia Towle, Chicago Heights, 111.: Mardell Trettin, Grafton: Kar- en Wheelock, Arnes: Norma White, Cranford, N. I.: Sandra Woodhouse, San Diego, Calif.: Patricia Young, Aiton, 111. .C- Left to Right: Gayle Gray, Kathy Nixa. Linda Moen, Pennie Gardner. Don- na Kennedy, Jean Coulder. Judy Foster, Jalenda Bastian, Diane Dennis, Nancy Rrth, Kailty Kerns, Sally Ness, Nancy Poii. Members discuss the coming speaker at the next SNO meeting. SNO gzils serve as 'Big Szkfmv at Pzhe School Being "Big Sister" at Pine School, sponsoring an exchange program with a nursing school in Korea, handling the sopho- more capping ceremony, and singing Christmas carols at the hospital are just a few of the activities undertaken in the Stu- dent Nurses Organization. Speakers for the group are selected by anexecutive board which also plans the general meetings. i 1 5. I Dean Darian recogrrizerz' as honorary member Sigma Theta Tau is a fast-growing professional fraternity for Women in nursinq. This organization is a national honor society with the requirements for membership of leadership, hiqh pro- fessional standards, scholarship -and a strong committment to the ideals and purposes of nursing. A fund-raising project has been set by national headquarters to provide a scholarship for a nursing student in the near future. Senior nursing students and members ot faculty enioy exchanging textbooks and needles for coffee cups and a few quiet minutes. , 1 Seated: Mrs. Mary Horn. Susan Evans. Mrs. Marilyn Molen. Standing: Mari- lyn Graber. Martha Newcomer. Mrs. Joyce Le May. Avis Paeth. Mrs. Norma Lohtf, Lee Ann French. 5 5 ' 2 i fliiitj Pmeizeezl urszng sludenls receive degrees zrz August High school graduates are eligible for this one year course ot study which offers a certificate of graduation qualifying the stu- dent to take a licensing examination given by the State Board of Nursing. Students enrolled in this program, in session from September to August, live at Westlawn for easy access to classes and the hospital. All students in the nursing education program are members of the Practical Student Nursing Organi- zation. All together girls. One, two. three, now r' the bandage ott. Now that didn't hurt, did it? ,-v , ji' Y ri, . l r,.:: 1 ,'., i ui BOTTOM ROW: Virginia Moore, Cor- inne Gambach. Gloria Wells. Linda Sivesind, Donna Lippincott, Jane Swartz- enclruber, Jacqueline DeFrance. ROW 2: Sharon Eichmeyer. Lois McOllough, Mary Volk. Sheri Davis. Nancy Nadolslci. Julie Kness, Jane Pearson. ROW 3: Ada Fisher, Sandra Pedersen, Janice Abels. Diane Stine, Barbara Ball, Sara Dietrich. Susan Cohn. ROW 4: Patricia Miller, Ruth Yoder, Geneva Schutrte, Judith Crosbie, Linda Williams, Kathryn Dono- hoe, Marion McDonald. ROW 5: Etta Swartzendruber, Janis Gaass, Penny Wat- kinson, Connie Ray, Pat Williams. Joan Riclie, Elizabeth Moss. NOT PICTURED: Karolyn Greeson. - - Pfmrmazcy Senzbrs Pharmacy Officers: Paul Groth, vice presi- dent: Ardyce Tabata, secretary: Leon Kohlhotf, treasurer: Dave Parsons, president. Gerald Barker, Freclricsburqp Kath- leen Bakken, Cedar Rapids: Ion- alie Barton, New Hampton: Ber- nard Bernsten. Belle Plaineg Bar- bara Rush, Iowa City. Ronald Day, Iowa City: David Entner, Iowa City: Paul Groth. Iowa City: David Graning. De Kalb, 111.5 Susan Harvey. Missouri Valley . Susan Hedglin, Anamosa: Thor Holmgren, Maquoketap Arden Iasper, Orcmqe Cityp David Koch, Waterloo: Leon Kohlhoff, Lowden. Dick La Rue, Glenwood: Donald Liddicoat. Des Moines: David Mace, Clarinclap Iudith Marvel. Webster City: Thomas McLaugh- lin, Clinton. Lyle Mott, Charles City: Phyllis Olson, Venture: David Parsons, lnclianolag Ioel Pendergralt, New Marketp Iohn Rasmussen, Marion: Ronald Riedesel, Bennett. Charles Robinson, Estherville: Robert Sack, Dyersville: Dean Sieperda. Rock Rapidsp Thomas Snyder, Ashton: Daniel Toal, Primqharp Earl Wunder. Dysart. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Wallen, Judy McLaughlin. Gayle l-loloubelc, Barbara Bush, Susan Hedglin, Phyllis Olson. ROW 2: Harriet Hoslcin, Cheryl Gabel, Molly McShawe, Catherine Roth, Jonalie Bar- ton, Barbara Coleman, Kathleen Balclcen. ROW 3: Marcella Neubauer, Marilyn Bacon. Mary Jo Kyle. Linda Debler, Jean Eckels, Susan Harvey. Members of Kappa Epsilon run through a test' determining viscosity at water. fs. ri'-is , , -' ' - I .J f 1 ,Kappa Elvszlon members , serve as school hosiesses Women in pharmacy enjoy common interests Within their own field through Kappa Epsilon, a professional honorary. In addition to their academic activities the members serve as host- esses for the College ot Pharmacy at seminars and at home football games. At Christmas time members added a personal bit of spirit to the Pharmacy library by decorating it with or- naments they had made. American Pharmaceutical officers eye some of The prizes given away ar Hweir Prize Prom. Pfmrmacy organzkalzbn members get glzmlvre of ff-Iolvey A general professional student organization in the field of pharmacy is the American Pharmaceutical Association. At monthly rneetinqs members are able to hear quest lecturers. This year Dr. Caplan showed slides of pharmaceutical interest of the USS Hope. The main social event sponsored is The Spring Prize Prom. FWf'l,,rum1,,,, 1 any al U.. ll - Elm. 5 wa f- -.,. I K-yr!!-hmti OFFICERS: Thomas McLaughlin, Marilyn Bacon, Alberi Tebrugqe, Roger Maharry. 2?- H ROW I: Anne Poling, Pairicia Smiih, frees.: Sue Curiis, pres.: Jill Ruggeri, v.p.: Sheila Bauer, sec.: Judy Bruhn. ediior. ROW 2: Mary Schaniz. Sally Buck. Barbara Merle:-+, Layna Harfman, Barbara Beifer. Kafhy Buresh, Elizabefh Edson, Janis Garner, absenr. x 3 . ll 4, Mortar Board celebrates 50171 annzrersrzgf 1967 marks the 50th anniversary of Mortar Board, the only national honor society for senior Women. High scholarship, lead- ership, and service are the qualicaiions for each member. Miss Helen Reich, chapter advisor, formally a section director has been chosen second vice-president of the national organiza- tion. All eyes are on Dean Ray as he speaks ai graduare siudy night 2I0 ROW I: Rick Eckel, Ray Machacelc Carl Faclcler, Charles Dick, John PlaT'r, Michael Thomas. ROW 2: Joe McCabe Tom Hanson, Harry Maas, John Rupp Jim Ken, Roger Servison. ROW 3 ing, Dave Bennett, John Goellner. Steve Trecker, Dick Mundy, Dennis Paul- ODK members possess more than selzolezstze abzfzky Outstanding participation in University affairs is only one of the goals of ODK. The senior male- students who compose this organization have received recognition in the areas of scholarship, leadership, athletics, culture, and religion. Projects included Dad's Day, an alumni breakfast, and the annual Lead- ership banquet. Dr. Samuel Osdoba poses with his proud chil- dren after being chosen Dad ot the Year by ODK. ROW I: Maureen Kirby. Pat Lourey. Jeanne Frederick, Beth Rosenfield. Randa Robertson, Nancy l-lanel, Sandra Kallio, Sue Bohlin, Susan Dewey, Lois Kercher, Claudia Vetter, Germaine Schulte. ROW 2: Diane l-lawltinson, Mary Ann Brinkman, Marlene Joclts. Sue l-loltry, Virginia Pitcher, Janice Zimmerman, Pat Cadwallader, Donna Dalen. Ann Engel- hardt, Lynette Paarmann, Marceia Kron, Janet l-liscoclc. Betty Jo Brown, Linda Carden. ROW 3: Candy Luckow, Pam l-lunte, Candy Newberry, Carol Krob. Rebecca Cerling, Susan Reynolds, Jeanne Seiple, Patricia Altmaier. Lavonne l-loler, Robin Funk, Linda Sanders, Carole Schoon. Dianne Daedlow, Barb Meeker. Margot Mcvoy. ROW 4: Susan An- derson, Louise Johnson, Mary Royer. Sharon Janson. Mary Ellen Sayre, Cath- erine Latta, Sally Alt, Linda Vitt, Col- leen Koniclci. Maryhelen l-laines, Marilyn Christensen. Linda Prescott, Cheryl Cook, Elaine Waples. Kathy Kruths. ROW l: Robert Lang. v.p.: Richard Mathes, pres.: Brian Rolts, sec.: Robert Sworschaclc, treas.7 John Gerwin, John Jones, David Bell, Jon Gans. ROW 2: Joe Whitehouse, Grant Paulsen, J. Scott Tidball, Bill Richardson, Ron Benscoter, Sherm Sievers, Doug Kreutz, Clyde Stol- tenberg, Dave Faullc, Barry Silbaugli. ROW 3: Clyde Tanita, James Hege- man, Wayne Bidelman, Chuck Troe, Bur- ton Kross, Ron McClellen, Vernon Mc- Allister. Samuel Jacobsen, Joseph Kan- tor. Aivha Lambda Delia Each year freshmen women students are honored for their academic achievements by being invited to become members of Alpha Lambda Delta, an organization to promote intelligent living, high standards of learning, and to encourage high schol- astic attainment among Women in their first year of college. Officers are Banda Robertson, presidentp Sandra Kallio, vice- president: Sue Bohlin, secretary: Nancy Hanel, treasurerp and Beth Rosenfield, historian-recorder. 4 Phi Eta Sigma Freshmen men who earn a 3.5 grade point average for one semester of their freshmen year are invited to become mem- bers of Phi Tta Sigma. New members are initiated in the spring at a joint banquet with Alpha Lambda Delta which is held in their honor, at which time the presentation of the lohn Briggs award is made to the most outstanding senior member for his scholastic achievements. This fall, president Richard Mathes attended the national convention held in Aubum, Alabama. .5-5514 ,g-he -1. Q 51 I " '.. g... ... 1. - ...fjd ,N , ,,lfg.w..i.' -gf:fP'..fJ.':3. . '..' -.5 5 - ,Q ,3y... .. 7 V ' 5' :. qi, 'F , .5 W... , -.w ...,. ...VN ,3 fu .w , ,. N u 'af.f,'. .. ,., . A , - .5 .5 'N Q-:Q -: , ,. , mf., . .nm . 1-- r P .rm . 14 3 :pi ' 'mu ' A ' R I A - ff . .Fw ...fx 1 i ji -a Em , ww 1. S ,V A --m-.::- ,,-: 1' ,I ' - ... , 1 . 4 . .. . ...----......-,., , U mv' -mug 1.4.41 ,A ,.i W .T I l I . 1.011 ..- i YJ "N-WT..4..:.,.qg1,N .'.',',l32g,-qghhl A A M T 'I Uv :N M4 -Efgl 51 .4 r Q... ......--, , -p rn W Communzkalzbns l CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER ADVISOR ASSISTANT EDITOR Ken Kephart Keith Sanders Fran Pu!-.I ew zngredzenls produce creative HA WKEYE "Everyone's between the cover's" reigned as the campaign slogan of the bigger and better 1967 HAWKEYE. Capturing the spirit particular to the Iowa campus and placing the individual in ct new perspective were two of the goals of the iorty-tive member staff. Clicking typewriters, ringing phones and workers hustling to complete last minute errands before deadlines set the pace of the HAVVKEYE office. 'Enthusiasm and eagerness described the staff members who were guided by editor lime Hall and advisor Keith Sanders in preparing ct memorable yearbook - the l967 HAWKEYE. COPY EDITOR SI1eIia Lunin I I PHOTO STAFF: Douq Minney, Jan Roberfs, Paul Beaver, -.Ion Jacobson. John Perry. NOT PICTURED: Joe WI1i+eI1ou5e, Pefer FeIds+ein. , IQQQIQII Im... ,wx H.. In" f '. l J +I-I-NJ' 2-, , :ff a U V nz" , Y N ., ' I . - f-4 "SEQ Y I . SPECIAL AIDE MANAGING EDITOR Caihie Palmer Liz Qilberf ART EDITOR Top +0 boH'om: INDEX EDITORS, Chris Larry Davis I-Iarfoff and Deanne Newman: IDENTIFICA- 5 1 I TION EDITOR, Mary Elnspahr. ff BUSINESS MANAGER Paul Dagle Lef'r Io riqhlrz ASSISTANT IDENTIFI- CATION EDITOR, Connie PeI'ers1 ASSISTANT INDEX EDITOR, Joyce Olson: ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR, Rifa Paresky. I H 'ln ar' ART and BUSINESS STAFF. Fronlr: Sherry Margosian, John Vespa, Row 2: L.ef+ To right Dick King. Linda Gib' son. Barbara Wal+ers, John I-lassirnuller. Ginny Myers, Tom Shirmann. NOT PICTURED: Anne Childs, Cindy Ligh'rfoo'r. Kalrie Levy. , OFFICE STAFF: Leff fo right Pam Porlrer, Sue McShane, Kafhy Wi!- cox, Mary Jo Buckley. 2l7A COPY EDITORS: LeI'+ 'ro righfz MILITARY, David Grimm: SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES, Chris Dyskow: COMMUNICA- TIONS. Mary Richey SORORITIES AND FRATERNITIES. Janei Teague: SPORTS, Bruce Zehnleg I-IONORARIES AND Fun fli7'lZ5 mzbcea' wzlfi unnervzrzg deadlzhe exlverzknces PROFESSIONALS. Lynn DooIen: DORMITORIES AND OFF- CAMPUS. Nancy Hammanng ORGANIZATIONS, Larry Sione. NOT Piciured, ADMINISTRATION, Jane Andruska. 554 lil 5 1 COPY STAFF: Froni row: Karen Leonard. EIIen Reznek, Judy Fosier. Back row: Suzan Coulfer, Jan Baiiey. Vicki Gardalen, Ann I-Iarwood, Carol Scoonover, Donna Blaney. Janice Zimmerman, Maureen Lesier, Penny Beranek. Laconda Foolre. Cheryl High. 3 5 ,- H'-hi, I"-51133: s iv i.lf'J1'sfp' - HSI" ' . rn ,El . W, - X , Trustees of Student' Publications, lnc.: FRONT, left to right: ville A. Hitchcock Prof Dale M Bentz chairmen Mrs Stewart Truelsen, Jon VanDussel::lorp, Lee William Rose- l-larry Ruby secretary and Edward P Bassett publisher brook and David Hickman. BACK, from left to right are Miss Barbara J Johnson is not pictured Prof. William C. Murray, Prof. John B. Bremner, Prot. Or- SPI assumes the l'6.y70715ibZ.IZbI for student .publzczztzons The tive students, elected by the student body, and the tour faculty members who compose the Board of Student Publica- tions, Inc., assume the responsibility for the high quality man- agement and the consistent policies tor the HAWKEYE, THE DAILY IOWAN and the Iowa Football programs. Besides bud- geting the three publications' funds at the monthly board meet- ings, the group with Prof. Dale Bentz, chairman, chooses editors and approves staffs. Such experiences in large scale business operation are beneficial to students planning careers in jour- nalism, business administration and law. -LQQQ s , - :iii -"ff sr, , Q- , J : ' T . 1., J-in rim' , . .rr -,- 3 ----'.'fw- - . .. 123'-, ,Q , r"'i'w." -'af : WL-,--i ,'- ,- 11 ' ' ' IH I., 'vs ' - 1 l .L I ,1 -, I ff,-N ,.:' ,F ' r -1 1-11. - 1 ' ' -'tg :sr-' f Ei'!.:" r 1 MANAGING EDITOR EDITOR CITY EDITOR GGYIE Sfcne Nic Goeres Doug Hirsch Ddlbf Iowan covers zz varzkly of heaa'Iz'ne storzks Covering stories that ranged in interest from Viet Narn pro- test rallies to speeches by President Bowen to the latest cam- pus engagements were the duties of the dedicated forty-tive member DAILY IOWAN staff. Guided by redheaded Nic Goeres, editor, the newspaper informed the students on the Iowa cam- pus and residents of the Iowa City area of the latest news events on distribution days Tuesday through Saturday. Class in- structors assigned stories and leads to reporters as they worked thirty hours a week and more. The long days ended at 2:00 a.m. when the paper was finally "put to bed," but the excellent quality of the D. I. was the reward received. I I 'S-u "-, --.' iii Leff Io rigI'1'r: EDITORIAL PAGE EDITOR. Dave Pollen: NEWS EDITOR, Dan Even: CHIEF PHOTOGRAPHER, Marlin Levison. A 'I'-5' 'JiEi'W.,- H I , Foreqround, ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR, Ron Bliss. Wifh IJinocuIars. SPORTS EDITOR, Jfm Marfl. Boffom. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING MANAGER. Joe ConweII. TOP, AD- VERTISING MANAGER, Wilber Earl. ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Roy Dunsmore Advanced reporiers ga+I'1er s+ories in Ihe DI newsroom. PUBLISHER Edward Basse'I"I' CIRCULATION MANAGER T. E. Lyon KH v uw, .X nf' Tim Zaayer, an advanced reporler. was going 'ro bring :the lcifchen sink 'lo help wrile his slory buf he couldrff gel The plug pulled. 223 224 CITY EDITOR ASSISTANT NEWS EDITOR MANAGING EDITOR Jim Kipp John Cochran Bruce Morrow ' Q? I , m WSUI newsman sfrips The wire from The AP JreIe'Iype for The nexf news report Dennis Brown puts up AP wire Copy for news broadcasts W ULKS UI offers students mdzo exlzverzence Surrounded by humming microphones and the steady click- inq oi the Associated Press teletype, students gather news, write newscasts and present them over WSUI-KSUI, the University's educational radio station operated mainly by a professional staff. The news department however is a separate section run by journalism students and directed by Iames K. Buckalew. Such practical experience with a city-wide audience teaches, as no classroom theorizing can, the risks, the thrill and hard works that a radio journalism career means. WSUI, broadcastinq since 1919, is a place where the students of today learn to be the radio pioneers of tomorrow. ' Lights, camera, action! Imagzhatzbn exploszbns equal Ielevzkzbn produclzbns Behind the Walls of the Television Center, students Work amid a tangle of wires and cameras, learning through experience about television, movies, radio and related research which will serve to prepare for careers in these communication arts. A new iilm editing room this year, means more emphasis on film production and individual creativity in tilrns. Helping students learn the intricacies of good tilms -and televison programs are Samuel L. Becker, director ot the center, and a statt ot protes- sionals. 1 K , , 'A r I 1 . lm: I' e mari awww?- I -,, rf if I u XM 1 M Q 5 "- N " 4 1. ...L Z Q S . I? X ,XX , , L 0 Aclzifzizks ?v I Q Q? I K is LGE, xi? M QM " 4 '1 P fi ff, 2 'f wi w. ,.-.,.-- N- . - A .. ' wp.,-Q l . , , "- " W, .' -" Lf-1 M: A , m,,,, 1 "W'f' ' ' 62" 1 af2f,.f?fi5' - , ' F L .1 . f Y f 'fifw if ' K7 iii-----W wiis:??f"7,9 Jq'fl:i'5m' R" ..f .1 1 - ,A-My v -if w A' Q X x :' FEV 'Y . ' XX ' ,Tl,, X, ,ffm V 1 JQ1 Rift, 4' f U ' 1 9'55" ' N' . A ,. A E Av msxlgj I, ,GT gif? if ' af N? . ' ' xxe ' R, L' , X . ,, X Riff? . xx X-Lfpzy . - ' Egf-iegyi .h H X f'-r . P lx ' ag. 'H m ,v v ww :Q ,iq 1 v" . ' ' 93 . . , ,. 1- ,- ',F": ,,!, V- 7 . x!,??:i:?,'!, !',. . 'JI : WIA! vigil xg ' V wl, BTJ ,gf-,w R ., ' -T, 3 511-.3 View 35-sf STUDENT SENATE EXECUTIVE-FIRST ROW: John Pelton. John Rupp, Jo Ann Chmura. Tom Hanson. Phil Relsetter. SECOND ROW: Carl, Vorner, Tom Os- born, Scott Power. Pete Franz. Student Senate gels vote on UHl'V6f5Zbl commzltees A noteworthy Senate accomplishment was the seating of students on university policy-making committees with faculty members. The Senate also received the power over the purse this year as a new constitution required Senate approval oi facilities, policies and budgets of all organizations using student fees. VICE-PRESIDENT PRESIDENT John Rupp Tom Hanson Iowa College Cozmczf Intramural competition in basketball and bowling and a quiz bowl in April were the main projects of the Iowa College Coun- cil this year. Composed of Iowa State, the State College of Iowa, the University of Iowa, and Drake University this group conducted a campus information exchange and interstudent government participation. Freshmen Inlemf Sixty freshmen, chosen on the basis ot their interest and lead- ership potential, took part in a program to orient them to stu- dent activities. These Freshmen Interns took a field trip to the State Legislature and visited the Daily Iowan. They also edited an activities handbook which described extra-curricular oppor- tunities at the University. Thomas Hanson, Jay Eaton, Kathy Cor- coran, Randy Wylie, Tom Beers, Carl Varner. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Sanders, Susan Leitz. Nancy Spielman, Lora Klever. Ginny Johnson, Judy Kappy, Marsha Hamilton, Linda Pecaut, Lois O'Con- nor, Ruth Hesselschwerdt. ROW 2: Lu- cinda Elliott, Helen Calvert, Kristine Cline, Diane Hinrichsen, Arlene Fauld, Bonnie Moses, Susan Wylie, Cindy Blur- esh, Kathy Monahan. Julie Vane, Anne Lillios. Barbara Reynolds. ROW 3: Steve Harris, Alan Schroeder, Gordon Mc- Collum, James Jaeger, Sandy Sondrol, Earl Foster, Jake Shnurrnan. Jim Ter- man, Bill O'Hearn. ROW 4: Alan Ross- man, James Stewart, Jett Nordeen, Ken Krizan, Jon James, Eric Larson, Jim Mar- vel, Steve Browntield, Charles Caughlan, Robert Sinotte. Gordon Shuey. ROW 5: John Pelton, Chris Ryg. Larry Chand- ler. Rick Schneiders. Robert Homma, Randy Swisher, Tom Halupnik. Peolvlefiofeolvle exfzzfvzkiv Amerzkrzn yulelzkfz rvzrzk' Three hundred foreign students got a glimpse of an American Christmas through People-to-People. The organization, part of the national Educational Travel Incorporated, arranged for the foreign students to stay in American homes during the holidays. The organization also arranged a 10-Week student travel pro- gram to Europe. BOTTOM ROW: Jeiirie Johnson, Sue Micich, Mary Younggren, Candy New- berry. ROW 2: John Pelton. Dave Markham, Kathy Schweiker, Elaine Schroeder. Jim Kipp. Four southern boys who may benefit from the RILEEH educational exchange program, PROJECT AID EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-BOT1 TOM ROW: Ellie O'Brien. Doug Davidson, Lee Dicker, Larry Lazarus, Mary James. ROW 2: Marlys Balanoili, Lawrence Fabian, Sharon Weiner. Projkct AID iponsors annual scholarslzgv cz'rz'ves Assist Iowa Development, more commonly known as Project AID, raised money for tive scholarships this year through a casino party complete with qarnblinq tables and costumed hostesses and the sale of baloons at the Dad's Day football qame. It also raised money through a shoe shine and a Letter- to-the-Parents project. PROJECT AID COMMITTEE-BOTTOM ROW: Candy Wright, Lawrence Fabian. Mary James, Sharon Weiner, Larry Laz- arus, Lee Dicker, Ellie O'Brien, Marlys Balanoif, Doug Davidson, Laura Goodell. ROW 2: Karol Hellyer. Bonnie Robin- son, Virqinia Pitcher, Nina Kuperman, Diane Canham, Christine Hampe. Fran Breslow, Dorothy O'Neill. Karen Rank, Jo Ryburn, Dianne Dennis, Barbara Ber- ry, Susan Burroughs, Mary Harvey. ROW 3: Laurie Meyer, Karen Kottman, Jean Blumgren, Susan Taylor, Louise Kiefer, Susan Dine, Jake Shnurman, Lon Hack- enberg, Sally Barnes, Janie Jontz, Steve Schoenebaum, Lynda Field. ROW 4: Mary Jo Knudsen, Mark Goodman, Dan Gervich, Jim Terman, Bill O'Hearn, Bob Sweetow, Steve Kaplan, Steve Sokolof. Dana Wandling, Mike Klein, Bruce Schindles, Peggy Jacobs, Judy Price. Helen Calvert. HOMECOMING COUNCIL-BOTTOM ROW: Beth Lee. Jane Anderson, Eloise Good. Pat Jenkins, Sue Boudinot, Mary James. ROW 2: Stephen Wood, Robert Parlzelc. John Bishop. Jim McCallaqher, Norm Berven. Homecomzhg Commztlee plans football jl6'5IZ.VZlZ25 "Dreams to he Daring For," the parade which opened Horne- corninq, Was only part of the weekend which included a Pep Rally, Miss U of I crowninq, the Dolphin Show, the Northwestern qarne and the dance which featured both Ralph F1anaqan's Band and the Fendermen and the Fenderettes. Over 50,000 participated in these and other activities planned by the Horne- cominq Committee. A World War I Sopwith Camel pilot wins tlrst place tor Quadrangle in the Homecoming parade. SEATED: Barb Beiter, Patty Larson, Gail Longarieclcer. Harry Maas, Jane Anton. Mary Schantz, Aleatha Sclioler. STAND- ING: Judy Lewis, Ken Padgham, Tina Babbe. AI Kotolc. Bill Edwards, Chip Brown, Roger Simpson. Dzreciors glllh exlverzknce as Unzkm Board leaders The activities of the student-run Union Board are guided by 12 directors. Selected each spring from applicants on the basis ot interviews, each director is in charge of one area of Union Board activities with committees under him. Through this Work, both directors and committee members qain administrative ex- perience. PRESIDENT OF UNION BOARD Harry Maas Unzbn events give Vezrzezy to student entertezzttment Through the events it sponsored, Union Board provided en- tertainment for everyone. Three Weekly film series were pre- sented While Soapbox Soundoff gave opinionated students a chance to speak out. Decernber's pre-vacation entertainment was called "Twelve Days oi Christmas." In February, Retocus brought a Week of the best contemporary photography. A student artist examines his selt portrait at the - - ' ' Thieves Market sponsored by the Union Board. W H BOTTOM ROW: Susan Zurbriqgen, Judy Burling, Cheryl Arvidson, Jean Beary, Beth Nickolisen, Carmen Woods, Marlys Balanott. Sue Boudinot, Barbara Lind- horst, Barbara Clarke. ROW 2: Diane Hawkinson, Sharon Main, Ardes Beisle. Linda Lundquist, Karen Steinbeck, Mimi Glover, Jill Wiley, Carolyn Vanzee, Ju- dith Rushton, Anne Behrens, Jill Keren- evich, Connee Peters. Kathy Fowler. ROW 3: Mary Lou Shoenthal, Janet Teague, Douglas Jones, Grant Paulsen, Fred Rueter, Thad Cole, Terry Boettcher. John Northcutt, William Christensen, Nancy McGimpsey, Chandra Carr. ROW 4: Richard Gruen, Tim Price, Don Ya- ger, Roh Wiltshire, John Rice, Steve Mueller, Jay Eaton, Carl Stuart, Dick Wiebe, Dave Faullc, William Retrum. 1 T. ,I . ,,,,.:,:l.-.-.3-.ygqxlzyh-T-1:55157 N ' T i . e Z . . V tg?-r-.r--,-...-. " ..1iifQf:f.1e,.m45 ' ' - r.9-.nw 5.-.- L :Q-zu -1, -r -..,w,e. r',.,4:.:4ry.,. . Y . ,.,-uh-,gff..u-x ,F--,f,.- -nt.-..l ffm' , - F , .J f., 'j-' . 'fi i- -radii. ani' i. -,ag-.i . ' " 'l 'T' " 'F '.2""'E'5' 1 ii Q l ii i f " : 4. :H "'-Fng,ra'1'y' r t -. A- 1- i 1 WH "- L-32.':,- :gm VX l ,,r " " A H ie-re ,ig l JVAQ -Lf T- 't' 4 , 'N " Y fb. ' ' ,1 .1 .T by , ,, -. , l i .N - , ' , 'i i 1 sr N . X .r ,, , .---!,a,,,, J.. r ,ff 13 -Ar 1, U nzbn Board .gvonfors acrivzrzks and evenly ln +he whirl of Union Board's Twelve Days ofCi'1ris+mas dance ' program are Evelyn Sianska and Marcia Thayer. "Eigi1'l' bail in The end pockei' and I'Il win 'Hwe game!" John Nor1'hcu'H' demonshaies 'rechniques used in wafer coior An afiernoon bridge game in Hwe Union draws kibiizers painfing. CENTRAL PARTY COMMITTEE PRESIDENT Hank Lischer Central Party Commzltee z'r1Ir0a'uces 1151661 Arts' FRONT ROW: Hugh Mossman, Ted Pastras, Chandra Carr, Trish Gregory. Mike Mickelson. ROW 2: Hank Lischer, PRESIDENT, Randy Swisher, Loren Kot- tner. ADVISOR. Bill Parisi. Stephanie Guiney. The arts were livelier this year as The Lively Arts concert series was initiated by the Central Party Committee. Planned to sup- plement the reqular series of big name entertainers, The Lively Arts presented five programs: Papa Celestiarfs Tuxedo Band, The Well Known Bard-Shakespeare, The Silent Stage, Anna Russell in operatic comedy and the Nikolais Dance Troup. fu "fm 4 e,, CPC Enierlazizers Safchmo Arms+rong gives a concerfr dur- ing Union Board's Twelve Daysx of Chrisfmas. The Polo Seco Singers were well received ai Their Union conceri. The Lovin' Spoonful added spice 'ro The CPC concerlrs. CPC Subcommziiees jiiza' show 1912 ham' worle Preparing the stage for Allen Sherman, advertising the per- formance of Louis Armstrong and arranging decorations for the Homecoming dance were some of The details carried out by the CPC subcommittees. This year the 50 CPC subcommittee mem- bers were rotated so that each one Worked on all of the four subcommittees. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Pecaui, Mariha l-lamman. Carol Sweei, Cheryl Arvidson, Sally Alf, Ann Fisier, Karen Wagner, Mary Thielen. Karie Bair. ROW 2: Kafh- leen Corcoran, Miriam Kydan. Kim Bern- hardr, Barbara Perersen. Cheri Horsley, Dedi Schmidt Pam Townsend, Sharon Weiner, Nancy Kirsis, Gail Anderson, Gwendolyn Chuck, Mary Anne Whaley. Dee Hedge. ROW 3: Gordon McCol- lum, Tom Shay, Ren Egloerr, Samuel Ja- cobsen, Van Zimmer, Doug Baicheller. Joe Spreiizer. Dave Schroll, Jim Ro- choiie. ROW 4: Andrew Robinson, James Lobb, Ted Lawson, John Logen. James l-legeman. BOTTOM ROW: Slephanie Guiney, Trish Greg! ory, Chandra Carr, Melanie Moyer. ROW 2: Randy Swisher, Mike Mickelson, Hank Lischer. Hugh Mossman, Tecl Pasrras, H Wg"f- X l. ll. ...ek eil-3'?E-:lt 1, 1" - ' ' JA Cheerleaderg Herky helv Pep Club I0 razlfe .SlZ9Zl'Zl'5 lowa's 12 cheerleaders, selected by the Pep Club Council, led the student body to enthusiastic support of the University's ath- letic teams at pep rallies and football and basketball games. This year the Council Was unable to have a cheering section at football games. The 13 members of the Council also spon- sored Herky, the Iowa mascot. ROW I: Gilmore Williams, Jan Huff ROW 2: Dean Deerberg, Phyllis Noeck- er, Jane Anderson, Ken Cook. Herlcy entertains future football stars during : hall-time. YWCA coed: lvrovzkfe Srervzbe to the communzbf' Active "Y" coeds earned extra spending money by baby sit- ting, gave service as aids at Mercy Hospital and cooperated in a chi1dren's day care center with the United Christian Campus Fellowship. This year the Y.W.C.A. concentrated its activities on the theme, "Service to the Community." BOTTOM ROW: Joan Standeter, Jan Knight, Sharon Janson, Mrs. Max Op- penheimer Jr. ROW 2: Susan May. Anne Calvert, Mary Curland, Claudette Heddens. Ginny Otto and Joan Standeter aid the Unit- ed Christian Campus Fellowships day care center. lwr:,1fr.-:vw L.z41-1'- c,:,.4r2' I-"f4lh'!1"'.1Mf4'SAl'f? W Fl1BEvv lG.15'.EZ'!Mju:19WQ'f?Q'2 1 If ff ' i R Y . -. ,..,......-......,.-.,,,,,, , 1, ,, -4 ..,1ue',:.Leemezifi-JgEi.rf '-'91-it ' W iii 1 Q ii -, ,i SEATED: Kathy Buresh. President STANDING: l l' Greta Gehrlce, Freshman Council Advisor: ttf Judy Beese. Secretary: Linda Marsh, Treas- 5 urerg Janie Garner. Vice President. l Fall fashzbn parade starts at A WS Projtfe Prevzkws Every fall, freshmen and transfer students have a chance to show oft their wardrobes in the Profile Previews style show sponsored by the Associated Women Students. The qroup also led a recreation proqrarn for local children on Saturday morn- ings and initiated a program to help new students plan their schedules. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Marsh, Judith Beese. Kathleen Buresh, Janie Garner, Greta Gehrke. Mary Vietmeier. ROW 2: Carolyn Lukensmeyer, Jean Heeren, Pam Ellison, La-vonne Holter. Sue Wright, Kate Williamson, Joan Voss. ROW 3: Judy Young, Ginny Therrien. Donna Day, Judy Lewis. Marty McCormick, Carol Mc- Neeley. Judy Lewis and Jan Mueller examine fwo orienialion booklels. I A- .fk ' xi' --7 1.-157, Connie Kloh and Jane Alcorn, AWS Red Cross volunieers play wiih children ar 'rl-me Iowa Cily Recrearion Cenler. iii 'll Fiiiiiwiii , Wtwii N 5527! l lill Nalini Shasfri displays Indian clofhing al ilwe 'foreign sludenr dinner sponsored by AWS. Three members of llwe freshman council dress Mary Layion for The AWS sfyle sl-now. M135 U of I Pageant Linda Sorenson, Miss U of I queen con- i'es1'an'r. walks on sfage while her skif members wafch. A coed is sillwoueffed durinq a skilr in The Miss U of I paqeanf STANDING: Carl Stuart, Carl Varner. SEATED BACK: Roger S. Servison, Caro- lyn Dick, Peter Frantz, chairman SIT- TING FRONT: Chip Braun. Jo Ann Clwmura, Doug Jones. Not Pictured: Becky I-luxtable. Jane Anton. Seven coecls sing for votes in the Miss U of l Pageant. 20 beauliul gzrls compete Zfl M135 U of I pageant "Till there Was Nancy" Won the title of Miss U ot I tor Nancy Moore in the Miss U of I Pageant. Under the direction of the Pageant Board, 20 girls went through the process of interviews, skits, and questioning, The Winner was then selected from the tive finalists by the votes of male students after a day of carn- paiqninq. Nf'J if f ,ez ,far :Z 72 Y , ' Z ml will W X ,- 1 is . 1 E -ii. .t I RFK adds fuk signature to Iihghlanders' dmmhead 248 Sen. Robert Kennedy last tall added his signature to those ot Adlai Stevenson, Richard Nixon, Bob Hope and many other notables Who have signed the drurnheads of the UniVersity's Scottish Highlanders. The drurnheads are a record of High- lander history, including the performance for Sen. Kennedy in Marion. This year, the '75-piece bagpipe band also played at the Iowa-Minnesota game in Minneapolis and the Homecoming and Dad's Day football games in Iowa City. Alan G. Mclvor became director of this all-girl band last August. He studied baqpipes under two noted teachers and served in the Peace Corps in Bo, Sierre Leone, Africa. i, 1,01 "Vg m ifl'z"x W . Lf . 5 2 E" "' 9 W. 'L f l p 'g' E :dz-"ez I P I . F' F' x X Eg , fm F" fb ' ' 2 'f, R E ff 22 ' f f . !'5"'-',l.1' Fw f"1 1 A -JI' : g -I :W 1 'Q MJ 5. N 'H L., 5 -Q BOTTOM ROW:- Mary James Carmen Woods, Dean Buresh, Judy Lewis. Earl Kemp. ROW 2: Barton Whitman Leo Hugh John Bishop Bob Kurarnoto Liz Gilbert' Sharon Nustrom Orzenlzztzon Commzllee welcomes 3 000 fravfrmen The shock of enterrnq a World of 18000 students Was made eas1er for freshmen by the Orlentatlon Cornrnlttee Pres1dent Bowen welcomed them to the frrst freshman mass rneetmq Dlvlded lnto 150 groups the class then vlslted faculty homes and learned about Actlvttres Camlval Recreatlon Nlqht and Church Nlqht sponsored by the Comrnlttee i V 1 Mrs. Bowen opens her home to welcome freshmen during Orientation week. BOTTOM ROW: J. Blurngren K. Feller, J. Sulek, S. Micich, J. Rushion, J. Whirehouse, R. Wylie, B. Rubin, M. James, C, Varner, R. Daubenberger, B. Ellis, J. Ford, D. Blaney, E. Lundy, V. Regnoldson. ROW 2: M. Royer, S. Janson, B. iehm, J. Jacob, P. While, K. Ferry, K. Barclay, L. Zum Bahlen,.T. Alberfs, N. Sfarnen, S, Dahms, J. Frederick, D. Sharshaug, W. Wilson, S. Johnson, J. Bas- iian, A. Pyers, S. Wylie, J. Mueller, S. Wal- kins, L. Bermudez. ROW 3: P. Cadwollader, F. McMorris, D. Faullc, D. Bell, R. Echfernachf, G. Coiringham, M. Plaiienberger, A. Briiton, J. Calder, C. Arvidson, J, Glos, L. Dreeszen, B. Hogan, D. Kraffi R. Burke, C. Clough, F. Horn, L. Kluever, Monahan. ROW 4: D. Sludimann, L. Nelson, K. Peterson, D. An' derson, R. Hayne, D. Bufler, K. Bergdale, Q. Coffman, R. Curtis, P. Raymond, R. Ferris, J. Olson, N. Weaver, P. Seip, K. Oddsen. ROW 5: J. Kipp, D. Yager, J. Jones, J. Derwin, G. Ruck, C. Uhlenhopp, D. Hickman, 6. Wunder, D. Larson, S. Koch, C. Siolfenberg, G. Sissel, C. Sfuari, J. Pelion, L, Chandler. ROW 6: S. Pierce, J. Hanson, B. Mouw, M. Dunlop, B. Ray, T. Parris, J. Jens, P. Larson, S. Jacobsen, D. Kuechmann. Congressional candidafe John Kyl addresses Iowa's Young Republicans. Young Republzkans see an eleclzbn year VZBIOIDI Election year is always a big one for the Younq Republicans, especially this year when it was marked by a victory at the polls. The qroup hosted Republican State Chairman Robert Ray, Senator lack Miller and Congressman Fred Schwenqel. Mem- bers also aitended the College Young Republicans convention in Des Moines. Phi Afvha Mu Men in social fraternities who have a grade point average of 3.3 or above after at least 60 hours of college Work are eligible for Phi Alpha Mu, national honorary scholastic fraternity. These men, active in fraternity, campus, and community affairs, are honored annually at the lnterfraternity Recognition Banquet held in the Union Ballroom. Rho Chi Promotion of scholarship in the pharmaceutical sciences was the goal of the Rho Chi honor society. The 40 undergraduates, graduates and faculty members did this by sponsoring an es- say contest and the annual Rho Chi cash award to a promis- ing freshrnan. In March the society presented a program on pharmaceutical internships. BOTTOM ROW: John Burkart. John Cerwin. James Munns, Michael Donohue. ROW 2: Mike Mickelson, John Rupp. Doug Davidson. John Casper. BOTTOM ROW: Kathleen Balclcen, Bar- bara Bush, Ronald Mahrenholz, John Bet- tis, Jonalie Barton, David Carew. ROW 2: Tom Vrhovnik, Susan Hedglin, Sister M. Stephen Shimko. George Paradissis. Matthias Lu, Ken Wichman. ROW 3: Ronald Nickel. Arnold Kariq, Gerald Barker, Robert' Hackney. Roger Parker. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Raitora, Kath- ryn Owens, Linda Madden, Juli Ann Jackson, Elizabeth Specht. Jeanene Dit- trich. Debbie Easley, Jan Flohr, Cheryl Window. Katie Bair. ROW 2: Patricia Lehnertz, Barbara Seslcer. Linda Sanders, Jan Atherton, Suzanne Klein, Jean Rohit, Jeanne l-lodqden, Sharon Satterly, Sally Platz, Sheryl Marsh, Katharine Fowen. ROW 3: Juanita Holland, Judy Glos. Sue Schmitt, Dawn Eberle, Connie Har- per. Ellen Roe, Jane Boelter. Ruth Ann Burke, Carolyn Sternberg, Karen Stein- beck. BOTTOM ROW: Pam Kloclcsiem, Rex Douloenberger. Kieth Loan, James Cara son, Mary Taylor. ROW 2: Ann McCall, Judy Zierath. Lynne Adolphson, Phoebe Stafford, Fred Armold. ROW 3: John l-Iirko, Louis Alley, Charles Colvin, James Dunham, Max Willett. Home Economzts Club "Make someone happy." That's what the Home Economics Club did Valentine's Day by entertaining the handicapped children at University Hospital. Later in the spring memorial scholarships were awarded to outstanding junior and senior home economics students at the annual Spring Banquet. , Recreaizbn Anoczkzlzbn More leisure has created the new profession of recreators. Students interested in this field joined together in the Recreation Association to help develop a recreational program at a nursing home in Wellman, present a panel at a state conference of professional recreators, and send students to Kansas City, Mo. to plan the student section of the Midwest Conference of Re- creation. 5 ' - 4. ,mi The twazh shall meet, at the Interneztzbnal Center W'hat is a house? It is a place where man can be himself and share with others. The International Center Association is a house where people of many nations meet to do just this. The thoughts of India meet those of Formosa at parties, dinners and discussions. Through their sharing comes international good- will and understanding. As both the foreign and American students strive for this goal during the year they follow a flexible program, one that changes as their ideas change. The Center thus seeks to provide familiarity in a country and campus strange to a foreign student. The door is always open-friends from foreign lands Wait inside. ti 'S' ai Center Association. Alex Eftimoff leads singing at the Internation- Aivha Phi Omega dztectf Rea' Cross blood a'rz've "Leadership, friendship and service" is the motto of the Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity. These former Boy Scouts conducted an all-campus blood drive, assisted at the center for the handicapped, sponsored the Pine School scout troop, and sponsored cm ugly man contest during Spring Carnival. arc' Alpha Phi Omega collects I67 pints of blood during the annual blood drive. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Sprinkle. Riclcey Long. Robert Thompson, Richard Echter- nacht, Jim McCoy, William Tinsley. Gary Hopson, Neill Lvebhe, William Morgan. ROW 2: James Russell, Douglas Min- ney. Richard Mathes, William Rubin. William Ellis, Kenton Coons, George Hunt, Joe Whitehouse. ROW 3: George Entwhistle. Mark Palmquist, Jame Ent- whistle, Everette Burk, Ken Barkhurst. Steve Odem, James Smith. KWAD Rczdzb pzpes bzg beat mio dorms The signals for the big beat of KWAD are sent over telephone Wires to 7,500 students in the University's dormitories. Sup- ported by dormitory association tees, the station began mid- afternoon and late-evening news programs. KWAD's 25 stu- dent D.l.'s broadcast nine hours a day from Quadrangle dorm- itory. Iowa M0untaz'neer5 A visit to the islands oi Indonesia and a southern Airican safari were two ot the 22 film-lectures presented this year by the Iowa Mountaineers. The 325 University-affiliated members also sponsored weekend hikes and outings as Well as summer trips to Milgne Lake in the Canadian Rockies and to eastern Africa. BOTTOM ROW: Jean Cox, Mrs. S John Ebert. S. John Ebert, Cindy Howell John E. Ebert. ROW 2: A. J. Wendler Dave Duke, Dan Tappmeyer, Steven Ol sen, A. B. Wendler. rn we NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS: Kathleen Mac- Lean, President, Robert Dworschak. Treasurer. Mary Canny, Secreiary, Mary Lou LaVelle, Vice Presideni. Newman Club rvonsors cizkcusszbng jkzzz, fmyrzkfe Discussions on the doctrinal and practical value of the Sec- ond Vatican Council, entertainment by Mike Byrd's jazz piano and a hayride were all part of the Newman Club for Roman Catholic students. The Young Christian Students' Society, the service arm oi the club, aided the Red Cross and other Wel- fare organizations. The Newman Club offers inexpensive meals for University students. L I-A. - s 1 A 3 ., ,ri V ,L " 1' ,ul FRONT ROW: Bruce Karon, Helene Maduif, lan Heller, Suzanne Linfield, Barbara Melnick, Lawrence Raviii. ROW 2: Rabbi Samuel Lerer, Dean Rosen, Judiilw Karl. Kailie Kalniisky, Sue Fer- dinand, Paul Eisner. New 501756 house .gvczrfes fzzllel Founalalzbn program Into the Eve of Man swarmed coffee-hungry students. This new coffee house, sponsored by the Hillel Foundation, con- ducted book discussions, Iewish education classes, films and talks by men oi different religions. Other programs included the inter-iaith progressive dinner party and the Israeli Folk Dance Group. HILLEL OFFICERS - FRONT ROW: Dean Rosen. Vice President Helene Maduii, Sec- reiary. Bruce Karon. Treasurer. ROW 2: Rabbi Samuel Lerer. Direcior, lan Heller, President FRONT ROW: Jeannette Croxsll, Bar- bara Burkhurdt, Sheryl Mahood, Patricia Ruegg, Jane Kading. Carolyn Speed. ROW 2: Jean Valentine, Doris Hill. Suzanne Dunn. Sandra Peters. Candace Elliott. ROW 3: Jane Ashby. Susan Rockwell, Anne Griffin. Pat Magee. Mari- lyn Tsulcamoto. FRONT ROW: Pat Murray. Robert Hinii, Tom Renquist, Paul Baumann, Pat Braunschweig. Donna Straub. ROW 2: Sue Willis, Enid Calder, Roger Aude. Denis Dahms, Christine Deming, Phyllis Harms. Kappa Pla' Fifty years of service was celebrated by Kappa Phi in 1967. The Methodist girls' service club held two meetings a month on the theme "One Way." It held a continuous Work day project for Methodist churches ond a Mother's Day luncheon. The group encouraqed university Methodist Women to become ac- tive participants in the church. Gamma Delia Sunday niqht dinners and a student-run chapel were the heart of Gamma Delta of St. Paul's Lutheran Church. This or- ganization brought Lutheran students together for fellowship and to perform service projects. This year's main project Was a ree qional convention for Gamma Delta chapters held in the fall. u-,"'y.1g,,1,.,f: . . .,Wy,,. ,,., .1 , ,1 . l Two fencers participate in one of the WRA- sponsored activities. WRA zhlramuralg clubs mm al student relaxalzbn Tense? Nervous? Out of shape? These conditions are the sworn enemies of the Women's Recreation Association in its at- tempt to provide relaxation for a weary student body. If it's activity you want, try its intramurals in popular sports or it it's interest you're after, try the clubs in specialized sports. WRA GENERAL COUNCIL: Ginny Mil- ler, Pam Devins, Chris Wallrich, Lucy Craiqie. Robyn Lock. -A FRONT ROW: Bill Pitka. Jerry VVilson. Rob Wittsl-nire, Bobby Altman, Mika Sol- man, Bruce Vosseller, Connie Corcoran. Doug Johnson, Diane Sieinqer, Dave Ju- dish. ROW 2: Dennis O'Neill, Paul Beck, Ann Berehns, Sandy Boyd. Jeanne Jsira. Dave Reed, John Lohr. Pat Smiesko, Dave Nolte, Wendy Karlinos, Ann Bre- cunier. Dave Vandemier, Gwen Cottinq- ham, Ann Wayner. Tim Eckerman, Lu- anne Keller, Mary Andre, Patsy Gusts- von. Pat Beigle, Cheryl Cook, Ed Kaly- sko, Marge Schwiebert, Jerry Atchison. ROW 3: John Gray. Ann Jones, Rick Eckel, Kent Sissel, Dick Jongewaarci. ROW 4: Mike Livingston lDirectorl. Carol Bunn. John Hadley, Pai Heichel, Warren Jones, Dixie Poindexter. Ula' Gola' Szagers appear at annual Dolzvfrziz show Not one of the Old Gold Singers is a music major. Yet this group, organized by the Alumni Association, gave nearly 60 performances last year, providing music exclusively for enter- tainment, including ballads, show tunes and folk songs. For the first time, they provided the music at the Dolphin show during Homecoming Weekend. Mike Livingsion, Old Gold director, leads members in a daily rehearsal. UHZ'VET5Zbl Chozr peqforms at Iwo southern colleger As a part of the RILEEH program, the University Choir visited LeMoyne College in Memphis, Tenn., and Rust College in Holly Springs, Miss., on its annual tour this year. Daniel Moe, di- rector of choral activities, also led the choir in five concerts at the University. The first concert, which included "Choral Varia- tions oi Beethoven," was followed by cr Christmas Concert in De- cember. The choir gave two concerts with the Oratorio Chorus: "The Creation" by Haydn and Verdi's "Ptequiem." A Mother's Day Weekend concert conluded the season. FRONT ROW: Mary l-lannon, Bonita Bergman. Carroll Leh- man, Kathy Stageman, Jim Morrison, Kay Barnes, Cindy Church, Larry Johnson, Phyllis Heclcman, Dr. Daniel Moe. Janet Moore, Richard Frost, Gretchen Boedeker, Robert De- Yarman, Nancy Whittenbaugh, Cheryl l-laack, Karen Brown, lnez Eland. ROW 2: Roger Charipar, Pat Cadwallacler, Ju- dith Drews, Celia Herbert. Barry Shor, Karen Kelly, Carol Bowen, Steve Slezalc, Barbara Anderson, Trish Gregory, Sarah Manley, Nancy McReynolds, Kathy Wilcox. Alan Stanga. ROW 3: Barbara Burr, Pamela Boclc, John Bay, Sue Leonard. Darlene See, Carol Beerman, Merry Manuel, David Wilson. Kathleen Weaver, Ronald Anderson. Sonia l-lanshaw, Joe Noble. Susan Guenther, Barbara Bower, William Brown, Jo- anna Buswell. Thomas Money, Michele Sassaman, Orin Linder. ROW 4: John Patrick, Mimi Westphal. Dave Marshall, Helen Kreis, Robert Rosene, Sally Holm, James Major, Charles Linclsley, Joyce Schuessler, Carol Thorson, Robert Snyder. Carmen Olson. Ralph Alderter, Jill Stansberry, Kevin Haniclc. Chris Stuart. ' 1 Symphony Band jiazlures guest sofozlvlg conductors Famous quest conductors and soloists were featured at the four concerts of the Symphony Band this year. In the loand's first concert, David Glazer played two clarinet solos and War- ren Benson, professor of music at Ithaca College, conducted two of his own works. During the first week of March, Frederick C. Ebbs, conductor, led the band on a tour of Western Iowa. The season 'Was concluded with an outdoor concert on the steps of Old Capitol during Commencement Week in lune. lt's a tricky piece - cymbalizecl by Walter Schneider con centration. The marching band forms a buiierfly during a half-Time performance. Marchzhg band performs at all home fooiball gamer Members of ihe Hawkeye Marching Band waii' 'For a Touchdown ai ihe Norihwesiern game. "Ladies and gentlemen, the Hawkeye Marching Band," rang out over the crowd as the band members performed at half-time during the Iowa football games. In addition to appearing at all home games and the Iowa-Purdue game in Lafayette, Ind., the 140-member band performed at the Induction Ceremony, the freshman orientation convocation and the Homecoming Pep Bally. M 17122191 .1 1 mg. -Lg. - ': vm-. . 12 .-., ,. .. .,.,,, ..., ,V .- 1 .., ...rf -Y-fu.. --f,-ff.-.g vfmff ags -'-"'-i'-Tv-f'7r::fwwt --'W' A' 'F.1?.ii'irff? f-'.irff'Fa 'f , ,. V I,-1. .4-,','-gg . H-. Ei N .nd ' F-my 'H Y- v vi- TJ " . .31 . time -1 ' 4- , '- ., -. "A '-1"!-1 7 Q., ' . 12 12 F11 Vw" j'-.q?E"'--.- -wg 'iwf '-4---f:-,'1,, 1.5 ' -I . 5 .- . Q 1 '1..!'..- '- . .... , .f B -I-- . -'sw .' ,- . . . jx .fr 22511.-.. 4-,. x -f . .. 1 ., -. - f 4 V .A .-.1 y X v .- 4 Q-. - Cs-.qu . . .. .-4 ', M:-ss...+' Lfkfmw wi ' gl. f 1. - . ng --1 -'.,, Q , , '.'t1'i,.., .,-. . .-, fgp -3 -. ' U r -5.5.7514-13--f , .2: ,L5,v5s,,,. I 1 ' gf "fg. Trim-. fa. ' fuf : '6::ffr-f':r'-.- 5 ' 'W-as-:', ,ifwf-+' -. '.:1Nff':1: .vfxfi iff." 1 1-Ji-'-1 'f - . Y ff' w. 2 - ,3..-v1 af feng 1- ' :H-,-:1,,a-'I, ...vllww-AQ". . J"-1 Q' Q W'-Gj,,:- lj 5 ' ' ' .. ' 4 9"f'- A ' f Ffh. " - A. , , - 1- , , -, , . . - . , . .- - -. 5, g, 55" . " ' 4 . . r ' .4 -1, 'att 1. 2 .5 3 - A 'If ,-'A ' J R, 1.,..,., -CX fi-,uv 1 fm. , wp 1... . f ,V ,1 I ' f . . ' , . -, , 'Q-11'--.w-Q-Saw-'j,f'f,1 , ' 1 r.4 5 7 2 f GH wi., ' - , ' V- . W . an - ' ' ' ,Map ' :- 'fi E..-fy "Zag", -" V f 3 ' if, g!',.j.- -1, .1 b ' Q, A b ,ff ' Y ' I .. . '- - ' ' ' 4"5f".E . x Q "X, ' - '1 ' " ..fImf3f.'E.. ' M 'L f. 45. . A ': "ff -.-Li 1 k"'f" '1TE.'3'ff?' gr,-' ' s, -' V 'l'f'gff?ggf...N 5 vii? V " 5 , " . , 1.5-.-.f-5 W. -.j- , VV f ,SA , f . f A w 'fw x Rl ' . rd ' 6 1 -'iz-,. 'P ,Pl '.. , 11. ., -. -'ry'-RW 3 A if ' 1 J.- , ,vi A L --: - '.- - ' an f ' ,3k?.Y,, -Q 6 .J N .Y ,514 Tv A A 1 - M ' A + i7 -J ' " I V 7 "Q I," . N . -I. 1.:.' " " . 59 - it 81' - . - My .1 . .' 'A . 4 ' 'J' 7, . ,X 5 .N -'., 1 f W 4, . - NM- . Q .W V E vu b ml P 1, Q fa ne a . X X K' I' 1 4 1? '-.X Q ww.. ,QL ' . I V! . Q v Q Z' ' , .qi ,v l W V :IQ ,,, . ' I . gif - ' . . 2: ,I-E: r Ugg " I I D , . I .. 5, A , A X :R na 1 fd .fi . .:, 55? . '9"1p .. . bf-. ff' 'I -' "1.'.11Z:.?s.s:nnn-a ggiggj-531411-ef: . as- ' f""gg4f1'1 W. - ,., !-Ea, , :.:-lg,L"fL'f'1- A325 H , 'fi' ' " N H mi F- N ' 5Ffi:,-K. K' 1? J W " . I. 1' ' ' A5 . .1 . .fav -V M , . Q .1 I 1 ., f"-nu' vf, ,. . .A : f'2'af::,..,., . x-'ff' 'ip' I , 5 ' f Vg.: 1 'fjLg,aj..f'1:4 ur I, n ' ' "N mx.. .. I r V A 1. ' . J", Ii l 'Z .. W V if. Q rj 'HL' 1. x f xF',-1 v:':"'f 'X .. kkfi-1f"' fm.-I Qt.. yxv N r if-,Q 1 ml I V , ' r lx I . " ...Y F fix: V -A 12 .. ' Conor Commomfor 15 Arm y Code! Colonel Each year' an outstanding senior cadet is chosen by the military faculty to serve as the Corps Commander. The selection alternates each year between the Army and the Air Force cadets. The chosen cadet is at the top oi a chain oi command including both the Army Bri- gade and the Air Force Wing. Army Cadet Col- onel David Carlson and his command staff have the authority and the responsibility to coordi- nate all joint military activities. The command over the entire corps of cadets at the University is exercised through the Air Force Wirig Com- mander and. the Army Brigade Commander to each branch oi the corps. CORPS COMMANDER Cadet Colonel Donald Carlson CORPS STAFF: Brooke Harris, Don Carlson Douglas lreland James Regan if ? Lieuienani' and Mrs. Roberi' Briersheid, Lieufenanf and Mrs. Kerry Alberfi, Lieulenani' ancl Mrs. Thomas Slcillicorn, and Lieufenani and Mrs. Douglas Ireland fake par? in iradiiional pinning ceremony. Begzhnzhg of ez New Career Commzkyzbnzhg zfzlezr Fezleulzy gen Promolzbns TOP ROW: Colonel Brooks W. Brooker, Jr.. Major William L. Binney, Maier Norris W. Overlon, Major Roberl W. Weaver, Major Eclwin A. Heeney, Major Roberf A. Sfein. Capiain Wayland D. Welly. BOTTOM ROW: Colonel Cyrus R. Shockey, Maior George V. Kmiolek, Major John H. Kirkwood. Capfain Carl E. Arnl, Capiain Roberf F. Zielinski, Caplain Richard J. Merchani' . -fmmygqi il ' ii . .",,,if oczazl Hzghlzghl of the year Ill' the Mlnllfdijf Ball The social highlight of every military year is the joint Army- Air Force military ball. This year the Air Force cadets, led by Doug Ireland and supervised by Major Robert Weaver, trans- formed the Union ballroom into a medieval castle reminiscent of the days of King Arthur and his gallant knights ot the Round Table. The theme was Camelot and even King Arthur couldn't have found a more gallant, more dashing corps d'esprit. The peak of the evening was the coroiation of the queen. Queen candidate Ann Holly escorted under crossed Sabres by Cadet Colonel Steve Dimon. Wing Commander, BOTTOM ROW: David Akerman, William Jalcubsen, Richard Merchant, Brooke Harris, Mary Kent, Thomas Skillicorn, Douglas Si- mons, Eldon Van Arkel, Don Carlson, John Swenson, James Dauber. ROW 2: Richard Tyner, Bill Teagarden, Jack Chaffee, Tim Maher, Denis Uecke, Joe Klucas, Don Hum- phrey, Jim Coulter, John Humphrey, Mel lshii, Mike Perry. ROW 3: Larry Miller, Dave Schafer, Lars Larson, Jim Lindaman, Steve Brownfield, Doug Hollingsworth, Ronald Sons, Tim Buck, John Heaslel, Kevin Flatt. ROW 4: David Dryer, lvan Webber, James Bailey, Robert Wiltshire, Waller Prentice, Eliot Kel- ler, Kenny Gibson, John Graham, Thomas Hronik, John Lewis. ROW 5: Dave Peterson, Gary Dvorak, Steven Smith, Kennelh Moore, John Wazaner, Lassegue Frantz, Willie Lee, Steven Jo nson, Harlan Slee, David Toussaint, Grant Wilken. Pershzhg Riley Honorary Capiazh zk Mar Kem' A Pershing Rifle is not a gun, at least not at The University of Iowa. He is a member of a select group of Army Cadets who belong to a national social fraternity named in honor of General lohn Pershing. Company B at the University chose Mary Kent as the sponsor and Honorary Cadet Captain for l967. The com- pany cornmander was Cadet Colonel Tom Skillicorn. Honorary Pershing Rifles Captain Mary Kenl surveyed by Company Commander Tom Slcilli- corn. We BOTTOM ROW: Craig Lewis, Don De- wees, Bill Hierstein, Lars Larson, David Scott. TOP ROW: Sgt. Martel. George Cosson. Phil Spilger, Thomas Schrunk, Ronald Sons, David Toussaint, Capt. Arnclt. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Schaetzel, Sue Junge. Barbara Updegraft, Sharon Main. Kathy Cutler, Nancy Moore, Mary James. ROW 2: Mauxutov Tanya. Suzie Dare, Mary Peacock, Becky Smith, Linda Ehlers. Jan Luclcenbill. ROW 3: Jeanne Jacob. Mary Gustafson. Sally I-lolm. Debbie McKnight, Mary Lou Shoenthal. Suzanne Newcomer. Sara Horstman, K. K. Fischer. ROW 4: Jane Witwer, Val- erie Pierce, Carol McCollum, Pat Low- rey, Nancy Shepherd, Jan Leipolcl, Marsha Morgan, Jann Munson, Pam Thompson. Army R076 Team "Ready . . . aim . . . tire!" lt you ever get in trouble with the Army, chances are you just might end up looking down the rifle barrel ot an Iowa alumnus. And don't bother hoping for a bad shot because every one of these cadets is an expert marks- rnan. Cadet Craig Lewis led the Hawkeye team this year to a second place finish in the annual Iowa Intercollegiate Rifle League meet. Guzkzlon Soczkzy The word is out, the Guidons have landed and the Army isn't what it used to be. However, year after year these girls in Army green have become a definite asset to the Army and this year is. no exception. With president Sue Iunge leading the way, the Guidons have undertaken many service projects in- cluding the ROTC blood drive and lending moral support to a company in Vietnam through letters and 'care' packages. Left to Right John Pell Gary Calhoun Army Bflgddg ZtLZvgi:ir:Ln.lJVallace. Reilly Harm, Ken Army Brigade Commander Stewart Wallace and his staff of seven cadets carry out the commands ot the Corps Commander and are responsible for the organization and supervision of the Army Brigade, its duties and activities. The mission oi the staff is to train and motivate the basic cadets as well as provide leadership training. Army Flzghi fnslrudzbn No longer can the Air Force claim to have sole possession of the Wild blue yonder. The Army has flyboys, too, fulfilling the need for pilots trained the Army way. These Army disciples are not second-raters either. Beginning with training in AROTC, these eventual pilots must pass rigorous instrutcion in Army combat techniques as Well as in the Army's special types ot aircraft. by ,S Le-H' to Right: George H. White. Rich ard A. Williams. David M. Merrifield. William Jalculosen. Richard Tyner, Will- iam Teagarden, Mel lshii, Robert Wilt- shire, David Schafer, Charles Morello. Fritz Garth. Kenneth Gibson. John Gra- ham, Steve Brownfield, Thomas Hronik, Lars Larsen, Tim Brock, Ron Sons, Don Kleis, David Dryer. BOTTOM ROW: John Peil. Brooke Har- ris. Don Carlson, Stewart Wallace, Ran- dy l-lam, Ken Steelman. TOP ROW: Wayne Walters, Jay Jeffries, Richard Williams, Myron Kautsch, Frank I-lout, Robert Biersheid. Gary Calhoun. Army Drzfl Team Precision is the Word and practice is the key for these Army cadets when they perform in various regional drill meets, in the Homecoming parade and on Governors Day. This year the drill team, under the leadership oi Cadet Colonel Tom Skillicorn, competed in the regional drill meet 'at Madison, Wis., and plac- ed sixth against the toughest competition in the area. Dzklzrzguzkhed Students Army senior scholars, having achieved high academic stan- dards in their military and undergraduate studies. are awarded Distinguished Military pins in the spring and fall semesters of their senior year. These men are the cream oi the Army military crop, most of them holding ranks from cadet captain to colonel. They are given a regular Army commission upon graduation. Army Seniors are tough mslemaslers or cadets These are the "bad guys." Toughened by four years oi hard training, Weeded out by rigorous testing and conditioned to physical and mental hardship through six weeks of summer camp, these Army senior officers are given the responsibility of shaping up a group of Frosh cadets cmd making them into a respectable corps of military rnen. Split-personality schizophren- ics, they're ruthless in uniform on the drill floor, but oft the floor they'll bend over backwards to help any cadet. TOP ROW: Richard Beaver, Raymond Beemer, Robert Bier- scheid, Ted Boston, Darrel Brown, Gary Calhoun, Don Carl- son, Kenneth Collman, Kenton Coons. Alvin Davenport. Thomas Elstad. Thomas Fennelly. ROW 2: Charles Fields, Phillip Gee, David Gervich, Gary Goldsmith, Charles Hal- verson, Brooke Harris, Jack Hazan, Randall Heim, Raymond Helmer, Ralph Herring, William l-lierstein, Francis Holt. ROW 3: Dennis I-loul, Frank lossi, Greg Irwin, Jay Jeffries, James Johnston, Myron Kautsch. Thomas Kuntson, Jeffrey Lewis. William Love, James lvicl-lugh, Donald Mehrens, Don- ald Montgomery, ROW 4: Stephen Moss, Terry Mulligan, Peyton Narum, David Nolte, John Peil. Robert Person, Marc Peterson, Thomas Roberson, James Rochette, John Roott, Marc Roth. John Scherrer. ROW 5: Elton Sheets, David Simpson, Thomas Slcillcorn, Randy Sprout, Kenny Steelman, Robert Swanson, Eldon Van Arlcel, Stewart Wallace, Wayne Walters, Van Wells, George White. BOTTOM ROW: J. Anderson, D. Ire- land, D. Tom, M. Hogan, J. Bowermaster. R. A. Stein, G. Anderson. J. Thorius, T. Lowenberg. D. Ragland, R. Johnson, B. Kross. ROW 2: D. Colby. J. Matthews, J. Allender, R. Moitzen, D. Page. J. Pet- rie, F. Plotslcy, J. Maly. D. Schreiber, P. Fooken, R. Mullins. ROW 3: C. Faarlow. D. Swallom, R. Throckrnorton, G. Mon- tour, R. Carlson, P. Mason. D. Stock. T. Frieden. M. Monahan, D. Templeton, M. Graham, B. Barnshill. l.. Bright. ROW 4: T. Fisher. D. Hogan. R. Toon, M. Mcllhon. G. Strasser, J. Ragan. J. Bow' en, R. Moulds, D. Vavroch. D. Hayek, G. Schwif-tz, N. Dappen. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Stopulos, Clyde Tanita. Greer Sayles, Robert Venes. Rob- ert Neumeier. Jon Malcolm. Michael Solomon. Michael Parmely. ROW 2: Jas. I-ianzliclc, J. E. Gray. Ronald Julseth, Robert Neppl, Perry Moukelein, John Monroe., Darrel Kubik. ROW 3: Stu- art Burns, John Barnes, Darel Deviclc. John Carter. D. Greg Carpenter. Mi- chael Marti, Jack Castle. ROW 4: Ken- neth Rossmiller, John Pizali, Dennis Schneider, Jim Dickson. Henry Hor- ton. James St. Martin, Kenneth Hunt, Bruce Orr. y Amolai Az? Soczkly These men in blue know the word "play" as well as they do the word "work." In their off-duty hours they've got plenty of weekend passes with a lot of excitement planned and a iew surprises in store tor the new initiates. Arnold Air society is a national military fraternity named in honor oi general "Hap" Arnold. - Ali' Force Drzll Team As an auxiliary unit oi Arnold Air, the drill team competes in military drill meets with other ROTC units in the Midwest under the leadership of Cadet Commander Ioel Marks. This year the drill team was named number one among all college teams in a five-state area. They also performed in the Home- coming parade and on G-over-nor's Day. Arr Force Wng Sfdjy At the top of the Air Force chain of command are these cadet senior officers chosen by the military faculty for their proven leadership capability. At the fore is Wing Commander Doug Ireland, who is also a member of the Corps Command Staff. These cadets pull rank over the entire Air Force Wing and are delegated the authority to coordinate the activities of the cadets. Az? Force Flzglzt Instruclzbn Clear the runway! The Air Force pilots are here and they're ready to take off, having passed rigorous mental and physical exams and having been thoroughly screened for a flight in- struction program which includes ground school training and actual flying instruction. After successfully completing 36 hours in the Wild blue yonder, they receive private pilot licenses and are ready to earn the coveted wings of an Air Force pilot when they enter the service. F BOTTOM ROW: Terry Brinker, Dick Calta, Richard Floyd, Jim Bright, Bill Irvine. ROW 2: Robert Peters. Marvin Kipp, Mac Golclsberry, Paul Fooken, Franklyn Plotsky. BOTTOM ROW: Paul Fooken. Robert Peters, Edwin Heeney, Richard Floyd. James Regan. TOP ROW: Richard Ev- ans, John Benten, Jerome Jessen. Del- mar l-lammond, Brooks Booker, Bob Mur- phy, Bob Sheets. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Page, David Tom, Doug Ragland, Jon Bowermaster, Capt. R. A. Stein, Mike Hogan, Dick Templeton. Douglas ireland, Richard Maitzen, James Regan. ROW 2: Jett Petrie, Franklyn Plotsky, Gregory Mon- tour, John Allender, Patrick Mason, Da- vid Stock. Terry Frieden, Mark Mona- han, Burton Kross, Don Schreiber, Ray Mullins. ROW 3: Dennis Colby, Dan Swallom, Mike Mcllhon, Randell Carl- son, Greg Strasser, James Bowen, Robert Moulds, Duane Vauroch, Mac Graham, Bob Barnhill. ROW 4: John Matthews. Carroll Farlow, Ralph Throckmorton, Tom Fisher. David Hogan, Richard Toon, Den- nis Hayek, Gregory Schwirtz. Nate Dap- pen, Larry Bright. BOTTOM ROW: James Regan, Douglas Ireland, Glen Anderson, Richard Floyd. Robert Peters. TOP ROW: Dick Calta, Marvin Kipp, Mac Goldsberry, Bill Ir- vine, Russell Smith, Paul Fooken. Bljbl M zlchell Squadron The Air Force Wing is divided into three squadrons, each commanded by a cadet major who delegates the authority of the wing commander. Cadet Major Ion Bowermaster is squad- ron commander oi the famed Billy Mitchell Squadron, which is the training ground for prospective Arnold Air pledges. This year the lowa Billy Mitchell Squadrons was selected the num- ber one regional Arnold Air Squadron in the midwest. - Dzklzrrguzklrea' Students One not the greatest honors ior an Air Force cadet is to be awarded a Distinguished Military pin for outstanding scholastic achievement. To be selected for the award, which is given each semester of the senior year, the cadet must maintain a 3.0 grade point average on all undergradute work and a 4.0 on all military science courses undertaken. l Barb Collins. Jill Ruggeri. Pai' Smith, Mary Sue McGimsey, Carla Homan, commander. Angel Flzggfrl tops ziz the M zkiwesi Angel Flight is flying high this year with a full load of 40 en- thusiastic members and a cargo of activities to keep the Whole crew busy at the controls. The Iowa unit was selected as the top Angel Flight in the Midwest and one ot the top in the country, and with joint Arnold Air-Angel projects, drill team, campus hostessing, "Valentines for Viet.na1'n," National Con- clave at Miami and lots more, it looks like happy landings ahead for these girls in blue. TOP ROW: Jill Applegate. Marlys Bal- anotf. Kathy Beres, Rosalie Bowman. Cynde Coggeshall, Barb Collins, Judy Cornwell, Sally Cozzalino, Cindy Driebel- bis, Shari Seach. ROW 2: Sue Gmein- er, Mitzi Grossman, Dana Hendrickson. Jean l-leeren, Rivian Henry, Marsha Her- big, Carla l-loman. Becky Huxtable, Mary Jo Knutson, Marcia Kron. ROW 3: Lori Lane, Judy Lewison, Mary Sue Mc- Gimpsey, Nancy McGimpsey, Ann Mc- llrath, Leanne Miller, Andrea Nelson, Deanne Neuman, Beth Niclcolson. ROW 4: Jill Ruggeri, Linda Severson, Jan Sill, Pat Smith, Sue Sondrol. Linda Sor- enson. Kathy Taaicfe. Janet Teague. Bon- nie Wolford. .5-lefx E-i Air Force Seniors lead the wing to new hezghts These senior Air Force oiticers have to prove their ability as leaders and show their proficiency in mental and physical ex- ams in order to be selected to lead the cadet Wing each year. As first and second year cadets they learned the basics of Air Force organization and saw the Air Force in action by flying to various bases around the country. Upon graduation they are commissioned as second lieutenants in the Air Force. TOP ROW: Glen Anderson, Edward Arnold, John Benten. Brooks Booker, lll, Jon Bowermasier. James Bright, Terry Brinker, Dick Celia, William Casey, Raymond Davis, Jerry Edsen, Henry Engel. ROW 2: Richard Evans, Lance Ferris. Larry Finley. Richard Floyd, Paul Eooken, James Getz, John Gillespie, Francis Goldsberry, Delmar Hammond, Harlahd Hanson, Paul Hicks, James Hudson. ROW 3: Robert Hutt- man. Douglas Ireland, William lrvine,.Jerome Jessen, Ran- dall Johnson, Marvin Kipp, Richard Maitzen, Brian McGuire, Ted Mickelson, Bob Murphy, Danny Nicol, Dick Odle. ROW 4: Robert Peters, Jetfry Petrie, Frank Plotsky, James Ragan, Ronald Raider, Thomas Rumora, Richard Schlegel, Stanley See, James Sevdy, Robert Sheets, James Shillinqton. Russell Smith. ROW 5: Terry Smothers, James Stevens, Pat- rick Strabala, Steven Stryker, Mark Walter, Edward Weeks, Charles Wieneke, Lynn Wildblood, Leon Wilkinson, Robert Woodford, George Wysock, Bruce Yates. +.X. asf' xv My E M. nf H L..-gf f u ,,11f1V...-, V .. r C 'A' 3 v. . " 7'f'ff1.- . -.. - ..4. ..Q,,,4 ,' '.'5iP'3'?? 4':I '.-.-i"1'Q"f'T-I. ' 'K 'Ii A 4'f'.Q,'?:, . I .1 " -51 I---0 I-' 'ff-f-3'g-'- . . "A ,f.""'.1.,",,.-'Y ' f.m,H.T . , g,:': -.9 :gg-j:.:1',' '54, ":,, :Q '. 1:-Qi, N, --5,-3' gifs." -'-f f 'pw' - .. -Q.-"ws -v -, -.. :,.-:V -,ff - .. U, , -WW,-.. L. Z, I ff C"71' -:P .N -'P -f'- bw.. -':".:'-'i jf., in-, 4 1,-1g.:,l.--.Q E3 ' . N - "fix-'B -1.'41'.Pf -f ":'-5'--::" ,V - if . - A' - .-' -"fl f",".1-- -' " ,. .. gf- -mf-' ' -ik 45 'i'd'?'f"',.f 5. I fig.-' .1 1. - j,-'N' 1.1, g'.v"f:g: 3,4 ffr' "' ,.,f li' ' "2-, ' ' A -5 S: .I-,'-".-Q-'-AV:IT-": W ' " " "'- - gf. .- f .T--1'1" 1 ' JF".-'-'f ., ,, --K-.. , Q-I , - ---. . XA- .. - ...M:, .., ff-19.f 'ff..l,"':C'45.f:,1':fEF ffjf ' .z'- 1' 'Q " 'U ' -'-v' '95 4 .f - ' A 'f . -gh .Q,-3 if ,a 'L ,. .gg no 'ng u-.' I - A Q .,g .1-., 'Lg-4"wff+A"ef'g-n-Th 1-'1?",,'5gf-av , F rank.: G: ,tt Y.'!,Y4,..go ' , but Hww-".-fm j.P.,Hf"r+f, .+,ffri- ?.f' fs... -,M -4 M ' ' -45-f"' 'Y' '-f""k+9t'.".L'Y 5f"7'k-:?f'L, M W 5 . , V f-Y - f ' ' E v A .1 if rv. . vfbsihilmv g ,S T- H ., , ',,..,l-. :R Q H - . J , Q e I., .- ,, F ,W I 4 A Q' 4. :X-2' 1 "SA-:-. f . M Lu 1' .:.:' .wx - ' ' 1 '. .. vf-Mini'-I, L" 'i"1Q.1"f., L- -L'P'5'5':':JJ'w" A - .,f- -Y - vm Athlelzbs .,, ,., 51.13 , And .l tt- s l 1 . V 4 5 'vw " Ma-H MW , 1, - , X, .. !,,,Y.L A -, . each generation has its hopes, its fears, and its Iowa football team. H-lead Football Coach Ray Nagel Ueftl and Athletic Director Forest Evashevskij , IIS nz busy year in sports for Evy and company Successful teams . . . modern facilities . . . leadership in the Big Ten . . . a winning spirit. These were all part of this year's athletic program under the direction of Forest Evashevski. The old field house was taking on a new look and a new all- weather track was being readied for the 1967 season. Evy along with many Hawkeye fans, anxiously watched as new head coach Ray Nagel began rebuilding the Iowa Football tradition. "F' ., f-HVQH lg' r , if "' 1 4' . .W "s 0 g J W ll . ., ' .r. , ,IL N f I . -.Vi 1 Eu- A- 5 -'z .4, sf"'f-' . , ' FU 'Hg' H : rv- ' 3 Q: ld NX 1 A4 ' M r Nj-E Q 'Q ' '. .. -F W - '4 1 - W Fm M1 fu . 1,1 6 ff ' vi!! , A ! A 5' H Qing X, :Li Q HE :k h- . WM M ,,.' 4"' g 'I Qu, 'f Amugj -jaw F J ,. V '- Q' A ft., 1, 'I 5 I 1. sf 1 1 Lqg H - q P fr , ,,-Q fl vi ', rg ' ' rg- U ,V 4 Q1 L' VJ, :ni,Q'3, . ,HA ' ' f, 4... , ,'j, kii5j:'- I4 ' g 1 'VJ ' " -'t 4 E' ,X 'QIT' I - 1. V T V ii ,5rQi:33'.Hfl L 1- 5 qv' 'lfgxu A .JJ I ,L ,NAS 'lag 3 Kfa .4, ,. .I 5 Q. I-Q , ' ' . - " ' ,ms SL , ,V . 55" Y .. l V Y Y x S V ' .9 M " M n 1+ an 'A -" , ' . X'QM.-ff?" r 1.24 5 v vw- lag N M -"td ' 'AEA ' 1. ri 3 1 WN!-T IN .I 1. .- ' "" g 4' l' . "' f N ' -I: "' r ' '- . A fi ' , 1- s if . , 'Ab ,. V. ,rf V .- 1 ,R ,n mx w ,V 1: 4 A ,.., if - , -1- nm 3 , ' wp Vf 'ff' Jw .1 H2 ' - CA Q, ,LV J .f 33- e Q M 5 , F - - , ak L- ay, 1 'gi fi px 4 nr f , Q 1 .-uh "',k!- D Q50 I 4: I j 1 Kia' ff '1 ,uf J .", I , w fi ,f , 'aff I I' . 1 w A1 ROW I: Bob Krga, Larry McDowell, Tom Ross, Rick Thiele, Steve Hodoway, Dave Moreland, Dave Bonior, John Ficeli, Jerry O'Donnell, Terry Mulligan, Dan Hilsabeck, Gordon Monroe, Dick Somodi, Tom Knutson, Dick Gibbs. ROW 2: Jim McHugh. Jack Williams, Roger Lamont, Bob Ziolkowski, Je'Fi Newland, Bob Gibbs, Philip Major, Tony Williams, Paul Usinowiccz, John Hendricks, Bill McCutchen, Guy Bilek, Duane Grant. Mike Lavery. ROW 3: John Carrithers imgr.l. John Diehl, Sterling Laaveg, Chuck Roland, Rod Faino, Rich O'Hara. Andrew Jackson, Roger Swenson, John Evenden. Craig Miller, Greg Barton, John Hayes, Robert Tripanier. ROW 4: Barry Crees, Ed Podolak, Jim Erickson, Al Bream. Pete Paqueirte, Bill Smith, Scott Miller. Tom Haugo, Steve Wilson, Glenn Paul, Bill Roberts. Greg McManus, Galen Noard. ROW 5: Cornelius Patterson, Silas McKinnie, Bill Flynn, Bob Anderson, Neil Tschudi, Terry Huff, Mike Hun- zinger, Paul Baker, Frank Goldsberry. ROW 6: Ted Law' rence, George Seifert, Gordon Lee, Bob Watson, Head Coach Ray Nagel. Dick Mansperger, Frank Gilliam, Bud Tynes, Lynn Stiles. Hawley show a'etermz'natzb11 and .gvirzt dervzre losses This year as the Hawks began their long struggle upward the fans were elated at the outcome of the first game of the season. As the final gun sounded, Iowa led Arizona 31-20. This kicked oft the season with a bang. Throughout the rest of the year the team poured it on with a victory over indiana and by giving their "all" at Homecoming against Northwestern. The high point in the season occurred as the Hawkeyes battled Ohio State off its feet and barely miss- ed the victory bell. The team displayed excellent improvement throughout the year, bolstered by spirit and determination in- dicative ot a group of men Who don't know what it means to quit. il, IN .I-" r 'J 'H I -wfwzif: I - 52,4 .F if--Q - L iii 'IQ' ag Wig. ' sz - L :"g. "' l..?- The score will soon be I7-O despite the efforts of Dan Hilsabeck l67I ancl John Hendricks l55I to block the extra point try. The Iowa Hawkeyes are on their way to gain some yardage with an- other successful pass by Ed Podolalc. Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa SEASON'S RECORD . . 31 Arizona . . . 3 Oregon State . . O Wisconsin . . . 0 Purdue . . . . O Minnesota . . . I 5 Northwestern , . 20 Indiana , . . . 7 Michigan State . . IU Ohio State . . . O Miami . . i is J 285 H"s anoiher fourih-down deep in fhe en- emy's lerrifory and anolher successful punl by Hawkeye Larry McDowell. iff Terry Mulligan The game is over, 'rhe fans are leaving and The bruised Iowa players huslle Coach Nagle off 'rhe field. The Hawkeyes had beafen Indiana, 20-19. Tag, you're it 1966 year of fru5tmz'z'011 or reZmz'Idz'11Cg Hawks Iunior fullback Silas Mcliinnie took top honors in rushing tor the hawks by gaining an average of 4.2 yards per carry. Place- kicker ace Bob Anderson captured top scoring honors tor the second year in a row by booting nine extra points and five field goals. Sophomore quarterback Ed Podolak finished second in scoring with 20 points, although he was first in passing and total oitense, completing 77 out of 91 passes for 1,041 yards and three touchdowns. Sophomore Al Bream was Podolctk's favorite pass receiver as he snagged 30 receptions for 421 yards and one touchdown. On defense, Iowa Captain Dick Gibbs edged linebacker Dave Moreland as the season's leader in the tackling department. Gibbs finished the season with 98 tackles while Moreland fin- ished close behind with 94. As Coach Ray Nagel stated at the close ot the season, "The team was without doubt the most competitive I have ever coach- ed. It was a team that never gave up." SEASON'S RECORD Iowa 66 Washington . . . Iowa 65 Washington . . Iowa 68 Creighton . . Iowa 90 Drake . Iowa 83 Drake . . Iowa 72 California . . Iowa 77 Stanford , . , Iowa 94 Wichita State . Iowa 78 Cincinnati . . Iowa 84 Indiana . . . Iowa 70 Michigan State . Iowa 88 Northwestern . Iowa 91 Michigan . . Iowa 87 Loyola KIIIJ . . Iowa 96 Illinois . . Iowa 73 Ohio State . Iowa 80 Northwestern . Iowa 86 Minnesota . Iowa 75 Indiana . Iowa 75 Purdue . . Iowa 90 Ohio State . Iowa 90 Wisconsin . Iowa . . 83 Michigan . . 76 Huston Breedlove goes high inio ihe air io prevent another 'lwo points for lllinois. A young and exciiing Iowa baslceiball team brought Coach Miller off ihe bench many Times this season. Iowa cenler Husion Breedlove takes ii on ihe chin while try- ing io break up a California play. "-- ' 'J "' 7 7' M ,I s. 'il I N r i rr I fl -it it lmlf, X34 'w is Q he gi SRM as .Ili 7 He came. he played and he conquered. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Chapman, Chris Phillips, Sam Williams, Gary Gottschalk, Dave White, Fred Crum, Rolly McGrath. Ron Norman. ROW 2: Lew Perkins. Harry Venrik, Vic Rod- Larry Johnston. Dave Arkovich, senior manager. qers, Huston Breedlove, Dick Agnew. ROW 3: Gerry Jones, Hawkeye crzgers 'bln' for can erence crown -falls short The year 1967 was unusual for the Iowa varsity basketball caqers. The Hawks beat conference champs Indiana twice, 84-73 at home, and 75-74 in a cliff-hanging overtime at Indiana, yet lost to Minnesota one of the lower ranked teams in the Big 10 conference, 86-88. The team lost three games by a total of only five points. But those five points made the difference between a first place and a third place finish for the Hawks. However, for a team that pre-season polls predicted to finish in the lower division, Coach Ralph Miller said, "the season Was better than I expected. It surprised me and l do not surprise easily." QW L1 i? J. H 4 v :- 'f E X-.1 wh, 1 M, ,M -gy 5 . EN ef, 4 -X, x r,' 'M , 1' iv-J f-' "v-fn"4"'. :ff ' ' F 1 ,x PQ. 5,4 ,.,- .f" l f",:7.fLA. F I , -xiii Xl- t. , 555 X X' N' V f 2.5 IQIV if ' 3 . jf' I Lf, Lx - I 4 R, rx ,mx N W-fi 'iff f..-.9-13.5.-amz?, iff- 4 Tp., 4 ik? , 1 4 V -'JV X 'Q i., Fr- 2 -4 f K k x 4 'Qi .5 -- Schultz, van Emman, and Miner give me Hawkeyes pre-game strategy and pre-came enCoufagemen+ before we w.SC0nS.n game unzbr Sam VVYIlzezm5 leads Hawkeyes 111 seorzng Sam Williams, a junior transfer student from Burlington Iunior College, led the Hawks in scoring with a 22.6 point aver- age per game. Williams was also voted on to the all-conference team, and the NCAA District Four team. Senior Gerry Iones ranked second to Williams in scoring with an 18.6 average per game. Tom Chapman, also a senior, shattered Iowa's free throw record by hitting 114 of 131 for an .870 percentage and a new Iowa record. Huston Breedlove, a junior, paced an 8.4 point average per game, but proved himself more valuable un- der the boards. Iowa? dzbmona' team jQt16275 L strength ln I4 lettermen Under the effective leadership of Dick Schultz in his first official year as baseball coach, the Iowa nine batted in a successful season. With 49 games on the schedule, Iowa used the strength of its 14 returning lettermen. Iunior Russ Sumka, who started the season with the best bat- ting average of the returning letterrnen, proved to be the best infield player. Larry Rathje, a senior Hawkeye, showed his power in the outfield. In addition the team was backed up by junior pitchers Donn Haugen, Mike Linden, and Tom Staack. Iohn Blackman, Lee Endsley, Todd Hatterman, Steve Hirko, Gaylord MCG-rath, Pat Prima, Frank Benner, Bob Schneider, and Wayne Wright were the lettermen who rounded out the squad. BOTTOM ROW: Ben Banta, Larry Cole, Steve Hirko, Tom Dick Schultz head coach Gaylord McGrath Bob Schneider Myatt, Mike Ebbing, Steve Welter. Pete Marasco, Todd Hat- Donn Haugen P S k Q C I f h terman, John Monroe. ROW 2: Keith Junge, Ed Podolak. Steve Barker Eric Athi TCW' Slaac TUV' arson 'es Larry Johnston. Mike Wymore. John Blackman, Larry Rathie. man CO5Cl'1 Bob Leshyn, Mike Linden. Russ Sumlca, Rick Connell. ROW 3: S-T-R-E-T-C-H is Jrhe name of lhe game on 'rhe baseball diamond, and Jrwo players show how Fr is done. I a lw- ,im Pifch on 'lhe way, eyes on The ball. and possibly a hif for 'lhis Iowa baH'er. Hawkeye infielders gel' sel as The pifcher sends down The firsl pilch of lhe game. SEASON'S RECORD Iowa 87 Missouri . Iowa 53 Minnesota . . Mich. State . Iowa 54 Ohio State . Iowa 69 Illinois . . . Iowa 64 Northwestern . Iowa . . 50 Wisconsin . . 73 Iowa . . 73 Purdue .... . 48 Biq IO Relays - Iowa 8th Big 10 Championship - Iowa 10th A Hawkeye diver 'Flies through the air with a little less than the greatest ot ease. A good start can be the margin ot victory tor a swimmer Look, Mom! No hands! Are you sure this is the shortest way to the Liner? BOTTOM ROW: Dennis Volcolelc, Tom Mayer, Gil Hitch- all, Tim Barnes, Terry Swanson, Charles Marshall, Bolo Wood- coclc, Alan Schenclc, Ralph Kryder, Paul Monahan, Jim Jonse. bury, Gregory Apel. ROW 4: Kevin Kelly, Rick Nestrucl, Dale Mead. ROW 2: Dan Yocum, Dave Schafer, Ken Mc- John Brown, Mike Sheets. Bob Doran, Andrew MacMillan. Beath. Skip Jensen, John Scheda, Raymond Kearney, Maurice Ted Kingsley. Levers. B-ob synhafe. Row at ereg sigh. eeorge Marsh- Howkeye swimmer: strong oluring tough season Swimming their Way to victory after victory this year, the swimming team displayed excellent balance. Backing the team with their fine performances were Captain Gil Hitchcock, holder of the 1000 and 500 meter freestyle records: junior Iohn Scheda, holder of the 100 and 50 meter freestyle records: Paul Monahan, senior, who swam the butterfly: and Iunior Allen Schenck, the team's top diver. Sophomore lim Bames also aided the mer- men as did George Marshall. Although they finished last in the Big 10 Championship, the team proved to have a better dual meet record of five Wins and four losses, than the previous year and set the record in the 4000 yard relay. Exlverzence paves way for succesful track season lowa's indoor track team was one of the strongest in the Big Ten this year, going undefeated in regular season meets and finishing third in the championship meet in Madison. Leading the Hawkeye runners were Larry Wieczorek, mile record holder in the Big Ten: junior half-miler Mike Mondozneg and senior co-captains Fred Ferree and Ted Brubacker. Ferree, Roger Frazier, Ion Reimer, and Mondane composed one of the conferences fastest mile relay teams. Outstanding Hawks in field events included pole Vaulter Bill Burnette, broad jumper Dick Gibbs, and shot putter Torn Knutson. With almost the same team returning for the outdoor season, coach Creizrneyer's men Were expected to be strong contenders in the Big Ten championship meet held on loWa's new all- Weather track facilities. lt's up and over for lowa pole vaulter BOTTOM ROW: Tom Safely. John Kelley, Carl Frazier, ROW 3: Francis X. Cretzmeyer, head .coacl-i, Steve Der- Jolwn Reimer, Al Bream. Lynn Sampson, Bill Burnette, Larry finger. Steve Wilson. l-Om Kfiulsofi- Mike Mondfmer Ron Weiczorek. ROW 2: Roger lvlenke, Randy l-laines, Dale Griffith, Don Utsinger, Steve Szabo, Mark Meyer, Curl' La- Teberg, Clyne Keller, Rollie Kitt. Ted Brubacher, Fred Ferree. bond. Denny Kohl. GSSISTGVW Coach' indoor hack relay ieam members Frei Ferree, Jon Reimer. Carl Frazier. and Mike Mondane cafch iheir breaih aiier an record- breaking performa nce. - s Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa SEASON'S RECORD ..86 ..lO3 88W ..85 Chicago Track Club DePaul Track Club NE Missouri State . Grinnell . . . Illinois . Purdue . .. Northwestern. . Minnesota . Purdue . Every hurdle seems a iiiile higher as an iowa irackman heads for fhe finish line. 59 15 64 4 54 20 13 V2 62 V2 24 V2 LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Francis X. Cretzmeyer, Ted Bru- Larry Wieczorek, Linn Sampson, Ron Griffith, Carl Frazier, loacher, Steve Szabo, Captain Pete MacDonald, Rollie Kitt. Curt LaBond. .,3,pg,4f'r. 1- I, - ', ate , ' i' F,f5i4s:-f- ' -. ' iw-212,11 1 -Y , 215 g Harrzkrs rapture Bzgg I0 crowng Fourth zrz N CAA Coached by Francis X. Cretzmeyer, Iowa's young cross- country team captured its first Big 10 conference crown since 1961, and placed fourth at the NCAA cross-country champion- ships at the University of Kansas. Iunior standout Larry Wiec- zorek, who finished third in the NCAA finals, earned the title of "All-American." At the Big 10 conference meet, Wieczorek brought Iowa its first team championship in any Big 10 sport since 1963. Steve Szabo, a junior, finished seventh, and Curt LaBond, a sophomore, finished eighth. Coach Cretzrneyer pointed out that with the many returning lettermen, indicaions pointed to another successful season. Even as it turns to dusk, Iowa's cross country runner speeds along as he is timed by Coach Francis Cretzmeyer. A hanclstand on the rings shows the strenqth and concentration gymnastics requires. Iowa? agzle gymnasls take Big Ten Champzbnshqv Under the direction of new Coach Sam Bailie, the Hawkeye gymnastics team piled up win after win to bring them the Big 10 championship. The team suffered only two losses, one to Southern Illinois, defending national champions, by a close margin, and the other to Michigan, Whom they defeated for Con- ference title as a result of Big 10 Meet scores. Keith McCan- less, Neil Schmitt, Tom Goldsborough and Don Hatch figured prominently in competition, with individual Wins to give Iowa points for the Big 10 title. Sam Bailie, head coach, Dick Holsaeptel, assistant coach, ler, Dan Price, Don Uttelman, Ken Gordon, Neil Schmitt. Don Hatch, Arnie Lazer, Paul Omi, Fil Williams, Marc Slot- Keith McCanless. ten, Tom Goldsborough, Bob Dickson. Terry Siorek, Ike Hel- Coach Chuck Zwemer Don Miller, Rhys Jones, Tom Fisher, Bill Kahler, Jack Bieber, Phil Aldridge. - ' 'Enix "H "" -1 1- 'rf rj fnzy- -'ff 'z 'F e if f e f Iowa? zronmen zhcrease Ili exlverzknce and skzfl After a disappointing golf season last year, Coach Chuck Zweiner looked at the road ahead with pleasure. The Big Ten league proved to be Very tough competition, but Iowa was Well represented by a strong and experienced team, especially in the conference meet at Michigan. Seniors, Torn Chapman and Gary Gottschalkg and juniors lack Bieber, Don Sorenson, and Bill Kahler were the team's returning letierrnen who brought to the squad the skill and spirit for a successful season. Witlq an outstanding freshmen team this year, Coach Zwein- er definitely feels that the team will hit its peak next year. An Iowa ironman tees off at the University Country Club. Coach McCuslcey proves that coaches aren't all talk and no show to Hawkeye wrestler Ray Davis. " ' it 3-1 Hezwleeye gralvplers ace tough compelzfzve season Herky's grapplers faced a big deficit as they launched their 1966-67 season against the fighting Illini. Coach McC'uskey's pre-season prediction was for a great improvement over the 2- 5-2 record of the previous year. The Hawks were led by returning lettermen Ioe Wells 61455, Ray Peterson H237 and Phil Henning. However, depth in this year's squad came from the sophomores and juniors. An im- pressive future lies ahead for Iowa, with five former high school champions on the freshmen team. BOTTOM ROW: Ken Starkey. Roy Prange. Bob Machacek. ROW 3: Joe Greenlee, freshman coach. Dennis Wegner, Pete Pohlman, Ray Pastorino. John Fye. Chuck McCosh. Jan Willard. Russ Sill, Dale Stearns, Steve Moss. Jerauld ROW 2: Russ Schroeder. Doug Duss, Jaclc Deere. Ray Davis, Kennelly, Tom Fennelly, Ralph Rielas, assistant coach, Dave Joe Wells, Richard Miller, Verlyn Strellner, Phil Henning. McCuskey, heacl coach. l ROW I John Kramer Jam VanCleve Dal l.ePre t, N V d M h, All J R' h d S k d R than Chapman ROW 2 Steve Broqden Sieve Ehleii. Rail- Fl6REgl5OyUND:a2IoaZhel3on Ilgloirh. To ala I USS Murphy' Ha wkeye rackeieers dzlgvlay than court zzbzfztzks Anticipating strong competition, the tennis team began the season with plenty of Big Ten Tournament experience and or renewed determination tor victory. With only two returning lettermen, Richard Strauss and Dale LeProvost, the squad needed the talented efforts ot sophomores Randy Murphy, Nathan Chapman, and Richard Stokstad. Richard Strauss proved to be the team's best server with his well-known spin ball. Dale LePrevost and Richard Strauss displaying their winning form in the doubles, while Randy Murphy showed his talent in the singles. Coach Don Klotz certainly knew the score when he predicted his tennis squad to be a better team than in the past. Served to his back hand, two inches from the line. Not a chance. Richard Stokstad. BOTTOM ROW: Nile Falk, Den Hed- rick, Doug Corey, lvan Webber, Karl Luneclcas, Terry Kinney. John Schweppe, John Huey. TOP ROW: Capp Herman. freshman coach, Timothy Wilson, Robert Rosenthal, Wayne Whitmore, Bill Waltz. Kent Grieshaber, George Bergman, Phil Carter, Rich Linch, Richard Marks. head coach. Hawkeye fencers display the agility and bal- ance needed for a successful team. Iowa enrers are lop Challengers for Big Ten lzrle Seven returning lettermen bolstered Iowcr's hopes of winning the Big Ten fencing championship in 1967. Kent Grieshcrber cmd te-crm captain Tim Wilson, both juniors, provided stronq entries in the epee, while senior Wcryne Vlfhitmore was the best prospect in the sabre. During the season, Coach Dick Marks' team met other Biq Ten teams cmd non-conference opponent Notre Dame. iw ' ' l . i 5 Z 'le ii -- .V ini i , . r.-,ev-, nc -f-1' The .Rugby Club "l say there, the ball got loose." Kicking cmd scraming their way to a successful 4-3-1 season, the Rugby Club introduced this rugged European version of football to the University. Two teams of iitteen players attempt to score points by grounding the ball in the enemy endzoney but unlike the American game, there are no substitutions, even in case ot injury, and no protective padding. Coached by Leon Smith. the Hawks Won second place in the Windsor Tourna- ment in Canada defeating many more experienced teams. ROW I Jim Middleton. John Raney, Steve Johns. Denny Denny l-learcl, Kent Grieshaber, Jett Musteldt, Craig John- Katser ROW 2: Earl Fitz. Bion Hitchcock. Dave Sidwell. son. ROW 3: Dick Merrick, Gary Goldstein. Larry Mitchell. Dane Erickson, Charlie Brooke, Dr. Leon Smith, Rudy Blythe. Miele O'Connor, Denny Sidwell. Will Waly. Mel Paisley. - ... Letterman score lZ70Zl1I5 both on and 019' 192107 Being an athlete involves more than just playing on the team for the sports stars making up the Letterman's Club. As a ser- vice organization they are on hand at all the football games selling programs, ushering at basketball games and the an- nual Dolphin show and are always available for such help during activities at the fieldhouse. A high point tor the letter- men this year was their annual Christmas party, giving members a chance to add pleasure to service .as a part ot their function. These Winners of the major "l" letters sponsored pic- nics cmd other social events throughout the scholastic year. The spring picnic was a special success for the men and their dates, providing them with an exceptional afternoon of en- tertainment. This honorary organization is a part of campus activities as Well as contributors to loWa's athletic achievements. ROW I: Lee Endsley. R. Sumka, Daniel Price, Kenneth Gor- don, Franklin Renner. ROW 2: Tom Staaclc, Cap Hermann Ted Brubacher, Larr Wieczorelc, Lew Perkins John Hend Y l reiclcs, Wayne Whitmore, Jim Jones, Jon Reimer, Paul Mon' ohon. ROW 3: Dick Agnew, Randall Haines, Dennis Weg- ner, Steve Moss, Ship Keller, Mike Mondane, Peter MacDon ald, Tom Hattermann, Larry Rathie, John Ficeli, Roger Wal lenstein, Tom Knutson, Dan Yocum, Skip Jensen. Bill Burnette Maurice LeVois, Russ Sill, John Schecla, Gil l-litchcoclc, Ser ry Jones. BOTTOM ROW: Vicky Ott, Pat Riley. Linda Leyerle, Cynthia Kokiohn, Linda Adams. Cathy Cramer. Vicki Robertson, Sue Sunderbruch, Jane Rosborough, Carol Kemp. ROW 2: Janene Kuhl. Sue Soults, Diane Sieclc, Sandy DeReus, Jean Koza. Misty Miller, Sue Junor, Gigi Charlstrom, Barb Pattee, Diane Salamon. JoAnn Enburg, Debby Fayden, Barbara Luclws. ROW 3: Carolyn Porter. Nancy Boettcher, Carol Jackson. Cindy Elliott, Judy Balcar, Kathy Pederson, Diana Kremenak Carol Tures Cath Case Marcia Johnson Dor i I Y Yu 1 ' otlwy Feldman, Pam Misteldt, Beth Ellis, Mary Curland, M. Elizabeth Moss, Sue Balsam, Linda Angell Jean Hays. Sue Nielson. NOT PICTURED: Carolyn Moore, Bonnie Minkel, Dixie Brusich, Teresa Ewen, Eloise Extrom, Mariorie Milleville, Ann Paschall, Linda Peterson, Cindy Sharp. ' - .1 Seals 51411511 thezi' way mio the hearts of Moms Swim to the music of Bach or 'rock. This year the Seals, J g, 5 rf"'T" the girls synchronized swimming club, presented this theme in a Water ballet for Mothers' Day Week-end. With its largest membership, the group's Weekly rehearsals, trips to regional and national conferences, and Workshops Were tun and use- ful. The club also has opened avenues for those girls Wishing to participate in the National AAU Aquatic Arts contest and the International Aquatic Arts festival. The instruction for precision and grace plunged the performance to a splashing success. Officers, from left: Nancy Boettcher, publicity chairman: Carolyn Porter, secretary: Sandy DeReus, treasurer: Janene Kulnl, president: Carol Jackson, vice-president. BOTTOM ROW: M. Einspahr, N. Alberty, D Brown, M. Alexander, G. Zerwas, M. Glover M. Touch, S. West, P. Smiih, S, Sondrol, L Guii, S. Harder, J. Knoll, C. Neighbbor, C Nelson. ROW 2: D. Johnson, B. Prior, M Christensen, C. Konicki, D. l-lellrnund E Sandbulte, S. Schreiber, M. Russell, J. Pohl- mann, T. Jacobsen, K. Addsen, B. Rubin, S Hammers, 8, Robinson, L. Smith, R. Robert- son, J. Larson, M. Wahrenbrock. ROW 3 N. Adams, S. Macy, M. Sabift, V. Barkema C. Rowmer, C. Goff, K. Watson, B. Goold W. Ellis, P. Ellison, K. Moore, P. Goss, R Martin A. Thumrnel, B. Mores, J. Gengler, s. Taylor, e. Miner. Row 4: R. Prinz, D Gervich, K. Krueger, L. Fabian, D. Kerr, L Lercher, R. Pierce, K. DeYarman, L. Lander J. Rushton, D. Hansen, C. High, C. VahI,.M Eitel, J. Davidson, P. White, C. Olechnovlch C. Sweet, B. Erickson. ROW 5: L. Claus, M Rosenber , S. Peterson, J. Whalen, J. War- ren, J. ?lVhilehouse, J. Dailey, J. Day. J Warren, S. May, T. Clark, M. Plaftenberger E. Waples, N. Goold, B. Tegland, J. Deems ROW 6: W. Kuttler, D. Olson C, Fields, W Holt, 6. Somerville, J. Carlton, K. Bund- gaard, S. Peluso, D. Pefersen, B. Couillard L. Brooks, D. Den Harfog, D. Snyder, P Groben, W. Rath. Iowa .szzzfors zhzkh ZT1 Big Ten compeiztzbn In the fcrll of '65 the U of I Sailing Club hosted the Big Ten regctttcr crt the Luke Mdcbride club fcrcilities. Although the IOWCI teorn finished fifth of seven entries, the young Hawkeye mor- iners show promise of strong competition in the future. The morjor objectives of the 170-member group included further trcrining of both experienced and novice sailors. lowa sailors faclz for a posifion in the Big Ten sailing championships. if f 7 ,Z :' iii ie? ii 308 BOTTOM ROW: Bill Sayre, Paul Mono- hon. Dave Allender, Ed Chapin, Don I-latch. Paul Omi. Torn Goldsborough. ROW 2: Bob Dixon, Mart Kiernan, Jim Jones, Neil Schmitt. Dave Snyder, Dick Taizie. Ike Heller, George Marshall, Jim Morlen, Ken Krizan, Chuck Mensching. Tim Anderson. ROW 3: Coach Allen, Keith lVlcCanless, Jerry Bonney, Ken Gordon, Ted Kingsley. Jim Scothorn. Skip Jensen, Dale Sheehan, Maurice Le- vois, Al Schenck, Tim Barnes. Ken Mac- beth, Wayne Walters, Bob Synhorst, Keith Evans, Dennis Vokolek. ROW 4: Andy Pierce, Dan Yocum, Terry Swan- son, Jud Te Paske, Lloyd Matthes, Bill Ray, Rick Nestrud, John Sheda, Ralph Kryder, Jim Vavra, Dave Sheridan, Mike Kane. Frosiz Linda Pecan! Rezgns A5 1966 Dolvhzh ueen A big splash-that's the Dolphins' specialty! They continued their traditions this year by shaving new members heads and presenting their annual homecoming show "Aqucrtropolis." Through this project they raised funds to send members to Florida to attend a swimming clinic held during Christmas va- cation. The fraternity also held. its "Glutton" ice cream eating contest in the spring. Party Time! Linda Ehlers shouts "Go Hawks!" as If ihis cloesn"i encourage louder cheers, it will at "Oh boy! Look . . . he's . . . she cheers for an Iowa victory. least bring the men to their feet. Jan Wheeler. they're . . . he's gonea ...WE SCOREDV' Cheerleaders, emtzes generate e11If1 uszkzsm and slvzrzi' With "smashed" pyramids, upsideclown porn porn girls, and the antics of Herlcy the Hawk, the U of I cheerleaders suc- cessfully projected their enthusiasm into the crowds of spec- tators. Their gymnastics on the gridiron and boisterous voices on the court provided the moral support required for a win- ning team. LEFT TO RIGHT: Babara Carlsen, Gilmore Williams, Cheryl McDaniel, Jamie Zanios, Jan Lowenberq, Hugh Mossman, Bill Booker, Linda Ehlers, Scott Wallace, Stevie Guiney, Bob Neumeier, Randy Schatroth. V f if r a V' 51--' FF'f"55'1!f'T4'f'fY 1 1 : up E- . - " "Q 5. 112 'f--4. K- - -' , : E: gi, . Z . ,rx I A, -V I , ,, G ....,.. 1 .i.....,7.g Y , , "I can'+ gel' 'rhis damn ball oflfa my pinga ponqa paddle." All righi'-I'll gel you Jrlwis lime my fine feafhered friend." "Hmmm . . . Randy Maison l'1asn'Jr go? anylhing on me-in handball anyway." 3l0 Intramurals offer Iowa mea variety of sports Touch football, basketball, softball, snooker and squash were only a few of the many sports offered in IoWa's Intramural Sys- tem this year. In its 58th year at the University, iniramurals provided athletics for all men at Iowa, All students at Iowa are automatically members of the intramural Association. This system in turn is divided into seven leagues representing all housing and organizational units. l.....l""'i ftlllllllllggglllllllll. Billllll' llllllllll-.--:::::-.- lQlIl.iihli..--F! I iiii it lt's a bird, its a plane, ii"s a great white dove D ' 4 v .zwxrjl Wi' - LL 2 5' I' Q.' :gk , .x A, lsr." 'X I ,I s W Q' A .3, ,X ,, ,.,.mM I ,F NN it ' 2 E 3 sv? 5. Qi 'A . 'qi Wk 555 ' C' .11 . N:-'K I J .L 1 3'l"f. Y 41, 'N I' Jil -if . 4-.H ' if iflgxf, I ' x ' N w 7'.w'f , M ,L ' , , -Sl J ,. 4. A 'U '1 ' f 41.121 l Q 1 , -f ,, 2 ,h N. , Q .-..v ,,,, ,,..f- , A-1,L.,l, 1 ,yy H, ., ,,-, .fa - '- ,-- fi- 'A -my ,g,.,. -- - V .,-. .f ' -K - 1 , 7, . .Y . . 'X 'N 1 . ,vi . J Greek I-. flip KH 5:57.13 ,- - " Y f. .,, ,s ' ."gK .?, ln.. J . 5 1' . QQ- '1-- Yak. ' -, C1 V ' 1- ' ' if 47.5 . , J X .jf -4 4.r 'F--..- . . Sa-,JA-' Qin. N-Lf-rw-1few-'fte.lf--,Q-'1-vff11'.fe 1-Lf P .f ..4.'fff .-- ,. Y .rf ,4,',..,x, 3,- -.,, 1 Y. ,,,NAA., Gr? El- ,Zi 'f .Ja j., 1:11 sill." ., , .r,,,1.- .,,. . ., ,.-1. - 1 I' fs5:l ' .i.LtY..:.' f- "'- N -- gg,f..g. q.,.,g,g1" SML , ,WY -.. gy- in-A . vi Af .NM ,sq -iff. Roger Servison and Eloise Good GTEEIE 77'ld7'l 6171627 111107716171 6176 LlCl'Z'VE 071 C6l'771lULl5 The outstanding Greek man and Woman are chosen by a corn- rnittee from candidates representing each sorority and fraternity house on campus. They are judged on their grade point aver- aqe and their service to the University and the Greek system. The Winners were announced at a leadership banquet during Greek Week. Dr. Samuel Osdoba, the University Dad of the Year for 1966 spoke to the qroup. IFC empl1a5z'ze5 service lo the cov11muf1z'z'y For service and administration the twenty fraternities on the Iowa campus look to the Intertraternity Council. Service to the campus, the community, and the member fraternities is the goal of the council. Members of IFC include the president and one elected repre- sentative of each member chapter. This year IFC established a speakers bureau which spoke to various groups in the state on the topic "The University ot Iowa," giving a student's impression ot the University. A visit oi foreign students to the Iowa campus during Greek- Week Weekend was also sponsored by IFC. Going to classes on Friday, touring the University, and staying in fraternity and sorority houses introduced them to university life. BOTTOM ROW: David K. Peters, Bloyce Johnson, Michael Hynes, William Rubin, Steve Wherry, Steve Hamilton, Stu Wal! lace, Gary Calhoun, Michael Shea, Ken Grosz. Robert Peters. ROW 2: Ted Johnson, Steve Seymour, Richard Hel- ler, Paul A. Eisner. Jim Nunn, Don E. Winnett. Tom Jacobsen. Dan Anderson. John Jones, Andrew D. Robinson, Tom Alttillisch, Doug Carlson. Dean Hoppe. ROW 3: Kent Barnard. Hugh Mossrnan, Mitch D'VIier, Roger Servison, Karmen Huyser, Lee Endsley, Dick Querrey. Bob Griffin, Dan Nicol, Ron Poole, Ted Pas- tras. Mike Moon. BOTTOM ROW Beth NlClCOllS6D Allce Davis Cheryl Ames. Frlecllieb. ROW 3: Barbara Johnson, Patricia Henderson, Ellen Taylor Sue Galloway Nadya Fomenko Vrclci Reynold- Carolyn Rinker, Sue Wright, Sally Holm, Marsha Morgan. son ROW 2 Linda Severson Judith Rushton Libby Bland- ROW 4: Carolyn Shapiro. Mary Pieper, Eloise Good, Grace JoAnn Olson Fran Balmer Mary Ellen Glenn, Susan Pyper, Andrea Nelson, Deborah McKnight. Sororztzes worh together through Ptznhellenzk The Panhellenic Council is the basis of communication be- tween the sorority houses on campus. Two members from each sorority oncampus make up the council. Panhellenic plans rush parties, and co-ordinates other sor- ority activities. This year several officers from the University council attended a Big Ten Panhellenic Conierence at Ohio State, and brought back some helpful hints. Panhellenic Council Works closely with Inter-fraternity coun- cil in planning Greek Week in addition to other functions. Greek Week was lively as Peter and Gordon presented a concert and the Kingsrnen provided dance entertainment. Dinner exchang- es and serenades were also planned by the Greeks for their week. The outstanding event of the Week was the announce- ment of outstanding Greek man and Woman of the year. ufzzbr Panhellenzk Courzcil Promotes U ICEF Halloween morning 15 groups of coeds were discovered dec- orating store Windows with jack-o-lanterns, black cats and Witches. In the midst of these creations the letters UNICEF seemed to stand out. This early morning spree was sponsored by the lunior Panhellenic Council. A This council is comprised of the presidents from each of the l5 sorority pledge classes on campus. Hoping to bring soror- ity pledge classes closer together, the council planned four mass meetings with special programs for all the pledges on campus. Dating etiquette was discussed by the Inter-Fraternity Council officers, cr faculty member discussed the rhetoric pro- gram, a skit was presented by the pledges and at the last meet- ing a trophy Was given to the pledge class with the highest grade point. BOTTOM ROW: Rebecca I-lohl, Betsy Cutler, Julene Hoper, Carolyn Beglntel, Sue Mr:Shane, Ginny Harrison. ROW 2: Patricia Paulsen, Mary Clark, Rachel I-iaverkamp, Bonnie Deur, Johanna Bon- de, Carol Pedersen, Antoinette Louden, Judy Canter. A CMOS "Go Brz'tzQrf1" at Mod Ca Rocker Iwrzy After returning from National Convention in New Hampshire, the Alpha Chi's swung into a new year. The girls participated in many activities which included Old Gold Singers, Mortar Board, AWS, Highlanders, CPC, Guidon, Union Board, Dance Theatre, Sailing Club and Daily Iowan. The service project for the year was a party for the elderly people at Greenwood Acres. The girls also entertained under- privileged children in their house at Christmas tirne. House parties highlighted the social whirl throughout the year. The Mod and Rocker party give the girls their dates a chance to "Go British." TOP ROW: Mrs. lvean Aldrich, Karen Blakely, Mary Ann Brinkman. Bette Brislcin. Judy Brown, Ann Buckley, Becky Deahl, Barbara Fons, Karen Garwood, Marilyn Garwoocl. Martha Gillam, Jane Gillespie. ROW 2: Mary Ellen Glena. Gail Graham, Donna Gunderson, Betty Gustafson, Susan Harder, Clarissa l-lellman, Dona Hudek, Mary lcenogle, Cor- inne lqnarski, Cheryl lmel, Diane l-lellcenn, Janet l-linze. ROW 3: Marcia Jones, Judy Junkunc, Carol Kaplan, Judy Kappy, Wendy Kartinos, Margie Keil, Susan Kentner, Faye Kletstacl, Lanelle Klein, Mary Jo Kober, Carol Lynn Krueger. Kay Kunkle. ROW 4: Janis Luedlce, Karen Luethye, Madalyn Lyman. Susan Macke. Jane Marriett, Tanya Maxutov, Adri- enne Mayer, Linda McAneIly, Diana McCoy, Diane Mcln- tyre. Linda Melson. Kathy Metzger. Alvha Chi Omega PRESIDENT Barbara Mueller TOP ROW: Jean Miller, Janer Moore, Karen Moore, Barbara Mueller, Palricia Newell, Linda Olson. ROW 2: Elizabewlh Park, Carol Pedersen, Barbara Pence, Anne Poling, Pam Porler, Jean Rolwlf. ROW 3: Sally Saunders, Cynllnia Schmidl, Linda Sclwullz, Nancy Severence. Rosalyn Sfenby, Jan Vaniler Meer. ROW 4: Mary Lee Vierlcarf. Pafricia Volle, Pam Wagner, Chrisllne Wall- rich. Susan Wrighl, Kalhy Zanzig. ,. N, Alvin Delia Pl' PRESIDENT Sheila Bauer TOP ROW: Mrs. Mildred Goddard, Mary Addison, Caihy Anderson, Susan Ballco, Pam Barbour, Kailii Bargren, Sheila Bauer, Judie Blackman. Cherie Bowers, Debby Brown, Carol Bull, Virginia Burcln. ROW 2: Carol Cariwriglir, Pairicia Casey, Sally Chard, Carol Clrienoweih, Beisy Cuiler, Sharon Dirks, Vicki Dusenbery, Jackie Fall, Pam Fall, Anne Fisier. Bobbie.Jean Foullces. Virginia Fox. ROW 3: Nancy Goran, Jeri Granl, Nancy Gray, Mary Hackeii, Barb Heriz, Peg l-loirnes, Nancy i-luenernan. Tina Hunier, Barbara Jess, Jeff- rie Johnson, Vicki Kranovicli, Kay Kroeger. ROW 4: Sue Lane, Aniia Lindberg, Gail Lonqanecicer. Sheri Lundeen. Jann Mayberry, Debbie McKnigl1+, Janel' Mclloberis, Linda Monigomery, Beih Nicl-iolisen. Terrie Nicolaus, Linda Nolan, Par Paiierson. A Elizabeth Pederson, Nan- cy Pennebalcer, Bonnie Pope, Lois Radloff, Elaine Richardson, Suzanne Rob- erts, Nancy Robinson, Jane Sclwnathorst. Judi Sclioenteld, Terry Seaton, Pat Shaw, Mary Lou Shoenthal, Lincla Stoe fer, Mary Beth Supinger, Suzanne Tapia, Janet Tea- que. lleen Thode, Sue Timm, Julie Twedt, Jean Van Heel, Patty Vestle, Aud- rey Walton, Susan Wil- son, Debbie Zuber, Sue Zurbrigqen. 'Q4lclz'vz'tz'es lUlus"Ja'escrz'be many A D Plif Take 14 Union Board members, several chairman, a director, Gail Longanecker, mix with Hawkeye solo twirler, Bobbie Foulkes, a Phi Kappa Sigma calendar girl, a G-larnour's Best- Dressed Coed finalist, and Honorary Cadet Colonel Linda No- lan .... Blend in briskly four journalism class officers, staff members on the Hawkeye and Daily Iowan, the Highlander Drum Major and Coeds in four fraternity little sister groups. Sprinkle into the above ingredients Angel Flight, Guidon, CPC, Highlanders, Mortar Board, and People-to-People. Finally add a House retreat, parties, and a tea for the new house mother. The recipe serves 70 girls and provides enthusi- asrn and united effort ADPi. Dressed in blue and white, A D Pi's sing good-bye to rushees. .ep A R .l mul 1152.221 l.i?7"i:1-if -Fly? lfzftl' . 4 '-1 11- ' , 5 , .-I 1:2 'f-V. f , P' ' fi, f- V 1, ,JL f 3 , IT" ' ' l ,r l -rf 5' :gy 'C -Ti 'v 'ii-'Q -3' X- . , -,., -,l,,.-1,51 :.L 1 J Lu!-fu -i 4 .-1' 'Q e W .R sw fair A a ' ' glfil, J .?',4:A1f'irw ' K- -. " ,, 'diet Y 1 1, , ,Z ,-Lrg! 1 :1 fr 'lv -, Tic .f1f, ..,..---.:,.,,..e.., A Q l , , 5 5, Zzfr,-gs? Q li M N A N '- ' '-fl ,iJ"- t., ,.J 32,21 ' wx Ji-U'-,,,,5 ,h','gf . I 'L 5 1 .. r 4' My lj g r-fer 'Q M U f- ' ' l 1 ig' aff an -2- . ,. ,, ' an - ! -,.,,. I E-it .V Q. 4 ll l ll'E?'f'ae ' A414161 Gamma Della PRESIDENT Barbara Mefferi' T' ,A Eq lllfl J ' by fill 1 YY,. N ? I: ,,.- ,j-Q i,,, : V -' A, fi , I .rl l are lf nl al M Q y . ra: f 5 ffrs . ' ' 'Q-'fr ' ' A -fl .. X my Q , b-'Y J al l W, , x 'f M , 4. l fa 6 5-' I, 5 ll y R -7 I l '15-7 Y 'il A .V - -' 1, -xg' l lk I W xi i l , .rhsv gm f t R , V Q ' Q 1. Q ? , V - g r ll' V 5.51 'lg TOP ROW: Mrs. Kerriqan, Arnal Anaerson, Kay Anderson, Su- san Anderson, Susan Jane Anderson, Mary Banning. ROW 2: Susan Bauli, Jeanne Bennell, Karen Blaclc, Jean Blumgren, Mar- lene Bales, Barb Bullon. ROW 3: Kay Chrislensen, Callny Con' way, Marie Flalley, Bonnie Flelcluer, Suzi Forgerson, Mimi Glover, ROW 4: Nancy Goold, Lois Grilhorsr, Ann Hasewell, Diane l-leqgs, Kay Gellman, Carole l-leseman. I+'s really hard lo keep smiling during a rush parly when your leer hurl. Alpha Gamma Delta has a rewardzng year Although Alpha Gamma Delta has been on campus for only four years, they are already experiencing growing pains. They started the year by acquiring two annexes which will provide additional living space for new members. The Alpha Garns have been active in Freshman Council, Highlanders, Guidon, Mortar Board, and Union Board. They claimed Orientation Group Leaders this fall and have the AWS treasurer in the house. They also have a Phi Kappa Sigma Calendar girl. For their service project, the Alpha Gams collected books tor the patients in the psychiatry ward at the University Hos- pital. .-A 4' ,- ., v- , K 7' M lr II I, I. , L ,r A ,H-, tl ll , ' 'U 1 r . Fi 'wav' ' If I 'f f m I X A f HI Fl-M ' I,.if,1I "I I'I',l I it I ,I I WTI I u T i . - ' . T . r T. ' .4 f , ' :"' L. ,I ,I - I, 1 , P - . Q - TT 1 l, , S, X if ' 3' .jf ,L I, Q 'I i fi.-gi X, V i", rl , , ' e ' T N i' 2' ,- , ' 1 . 1 1 .'., .I I, 1 . I4 I " I ,IIY2.,IIIIiI, III. I I I- I ,sf I, I, W ' r , - nr , ,, , 1 ,-aw " .- -, 1"" a4 if ' ' "- ' ,N l " -4: W, 6-7 TOP ROW: Sally l-lolrn, Sheri Hughes, Karen Johnson, Jeanne Kirkwood, Mar ie Lain Toni Louden Lind Lund Q Qi . 5 ' quist, Mary McEwen, Lyn Mantield, Barb Marsh, Linda Marsh, Linda Matthieson. ROW 2: Callie Maxwell, Barbara Mettert, Leanne Miller, Janie Morse, Arlis Mulder, Nancy l-lanel, Kristin Neotatist, Marcia Nice, Sharon Nystrom, Martha Oldag. Jeannie Pease, Mariann Perry. ROW 3: ,,, r r A ,f f 'fl 2 f .. F.. .- X I ,Iv,I I1 II: II W N, ' . 11 ', Mary Regan, Vicki Reynoldson, Sandy Riegert, Rosemary Ronnebaum, Pat Ruegg. Cindy Rumrnel, Kathy Scott, Pam Stegman, Karen Sigvardt, Judy Sorensen, Karen Steinbeclc, Kristin Steinbeck. ROW 4: Judi Stephani, Ann Street, Sue Taylor, Polly Taylor, Polly Thompson, Helen Toms, Barb Up- degratt, Susan Van Duyn, Kathy Volk, Janine Wedelcind, Jan Weiclcer. Susan Winter, Mary Wynia. 323 N B r if ' La v "W l' 'N 1 Jill Applegate, Kay Barnes, Barb Beckman, Ardes Beisler, Pam Bergo, Joyce Beswick, Nancy Boettclier. Bobi Bradley, Mary Jo Buclcley, Bev Burger, Lin- da Burmeister, Meri Conn, Cindy Cooper, Kathy Corry. Jackie Davis, Joyce Dem- ing, Cindy Elliott, Holly Erskine, Mime Erskine, Ellen Fiqensliaw, Judy Gertsma. The .spz'rzi' of AQUIM Phi Lv ouna' all over campus What's the story about the ghost at the Victorian mansion? No ghost, but the Christmas Spirit ot Alpha Phil As in gifts, carols, mistletoe, San . . . Hold itl The sisters give lots ot time ancl effort. Do you mean in activities and service projects? Sure, there's Sharon Main as Miss U oi l semi-finalist, who with other Phi's is on Union Board and in Guicion. And Sue McShane is president ot Iunior Panhellenic. Phi's are in SNO, Highlanders, Angel Flight, AWS, Orchestra and on Daily Iowan statts. They planned a dance for the Heart Fund and in l986 Won first place in U-sing. So they are the elves heard carolina at the VA Hospital? A11 year long, that's the Alpha Phi spirit! All l said was who wants a date tonight? Agvfm Phi PRESIDENT Y ,WY Virginia Nelson TOP ROW: Joyce Glade, Pam Goss, Gayle Gray, Maurine Hamilfon, Lynne Harvey, Sue Herweg, Pam Hicks, Sally Hildrefh, Chris Holland, Marcia Hudson, Garner Jararrfl. ROW 2: Barb Johnson. Karen Kemp, Lana Kienapfel, Sally Landers, Barb Layiielcl, Caihy LeRoy, Judy Lochmann, Doro- rhy MacKay, Sharon Main, Sue Mains, Sue McShane. ROW 3: Linda Moen. Anqlrea Nelson, Ginny Nelson, Jana Nelson, Suzanne Newcomer, Niki Nichols, Parii Palrice, Pam Porfer. Cindy Poyser, Barbe Rogers, Lea Schaffer. ROW 4: Susie Scoii, Par Seip, Nancy Simmen. Susie Smiih, Gail Sielfner. Carol Vickers, Jan Walser, Janie Weaver, Nancy Weaver, Kaihy Wilcox, Kiki Worrell. A417110 X1 jinds U71165 or actz'vz'Izk5, beszkies 5tua'yz'r1g .Spirit was the Word at the Alpha Xi Delta house. They showed their spirit when they pledged 28 girls, the largest pledge class on campus this fall. Enthusiasm was also evident when they captured the Panhellenic scholarship trophy. The Alpha Xi's showed campus enthusiasm by heading Peo- ple to People, Union Board, Homecoming and Panhellenic corn- mittees. They also were active in CPC, Angel Flight, Freshman Council and AWS. The Alpha Xi energy carried them through a fun-filled social calendar with four class parties and their annual Winter and Rose forrnals. ln February, as their service project, they gave a party for the handicapped children. TOP ROW: Mrs. Naomi Schmitz, Heather Adamson, Janine Allen. Sally Alt, Phyl Anthems, Laurie Barker, Lidi Bermudez, Kathy Boucher, Sue Boudinot, Susi Burroughs, Jane Byrnes. Cindy Church. ROW 2: Cindy Cline. Jan Cline, Suzan Coulter, Donna Gwinnup. Betty Hanson, Judith Hanson, Julie Hanson, Melanie Harms, Jean Hays, Lynn Hey, Diane Hin- rickson, Susie Hollopeter. ROW 3: Sue Hoover, Julene Hoper. Patti Jo Huber, Joyce Huse, Barb Lindhorst, Gret- chen Linlc, Gayle Mashaw, Julie Means, Joan Menlce. Suzie Mottit, Carolyn Moore, Marsha Morgan. ROW 4: Kim Nissen. Nancy Noller, Kris Olson, Georgia Oswald, Carol Paclgham, Jody Parker, Jan Perrin, Judy Pier, Jyme Ratter, Robin Rea. Cam Reed. Bobbi Richardson. L.- 33 P" 1 2.1. Bing - ff-5 F5 . H, W I - f?".vr1f- w 1. --, n..1, . fi? Itia H i w 1 ' Q 1 I A I , -f ? ,f fr H2352 Q, 'P F .gf X,-igiigw. Y , ll' Aj , Y A J I' Nil' X vill- I X! F, K V P if ' f A , ! 'N' 11' Ui!! 'H1"'j A HQ ,144 ' 14' , 1 ' x .i ffi'ii'Tif'T f A 4- - ,mm ,V . . , . vp-fivw1.: 25355 , 5363 Finn -W Lima , E , Ax, ' EW f ff. ..:j5.u I 14- 'L' ,L Kiff , f gpm. 5 4Q,Q,rvf kffhL4y ,.h2 14 -..- l'x.,. .422 - A ' Rael' .3 -Q , V' 'sua 1'- xJ gli? -H R i .X -, J 1' ,, 1. , :,-,- ,1.,.,: w--qrilg wiv jgyLgUMwM ff,iUX 5-n,X4yff 3...-'fr ...1"CF,. - Lm.:x 4?43,IJ:g,:-X S,-J Q... W, , y.. cg ,.- .1 ff .' '.'-' f ,,,,. 1 A 1 'J u A Vajra x . 121.1 r, 1r5,I,i .--y 15359, Y , I . .xg wx -vl- Q. H4 . K ' S ,. , K-4.491 Y' ' A-F'?':,4 Y, ' Q' 'Kilim --la L 9 W'f N. . ggfiwf .1 Q., , - 'fy ' L . '..',. AJ GH 'LK- vrw v 'W-:mi 55 4 ,Sf,-Q V .gf .ww -X 16511 Q vrwt ,-mr. o H 1 Y ., 1 u w H 'u f 1- 'x'11'.1 A . ..,, M I, .-'5P' . 1+ K 'ii A , - .. A JE' ,iw....., w L uf? ff x fu Chl Omega PRESIDENT D'Rene Desmond .Lil-...of f , ,Y k,, Q Y-.-. TOP ROW: Mrs. Elliol'l'. Carol Alolooll. Jane Andruska, Jan Asfolfi, Linda Bailey, Fran Baker, Ginny Ballrus, Donna Bla- ney, Johanna Boncle, Chris Briflon, Pam Cornell. Linda Car- son. ROW 2: Carolyn Cherry, Sue Chrislensen. Kail-iy Cor- coran, Kalhy Cord, Jill Crowell. Elaine Croyle. Sally Dahms. Sue Dawe, D'Rene Desmond, Diana Dinsmore, Karhy Dunn, Jucly Dvorak. ROW 3: Mary Einspahr. Debby Elliol, Muffy Farnam. Jeanne Frederick, Mary Gessing, Bonnie Hall, Jean Heeren, Rulh l-lesselschwerdl, Suzanne Hodson, Kalhy Householder, Jan Hull, Carolyn lsham. ROW 4: Dade Johnson, Kay Kalma, Chris Kelsen. Palli King, Miriam Ky- clan, Lori Lane, Calherine Leylze, Kalhy Maxwell, Linda Mc- Connelee, Palli McCormick, Marianne Mills, Adrienne Mo- loney. i i I Jan Moon. Maureen O'- Bryon, Dailene O'Cormor. Connee Peters, Trudy Probst, Fran Puhl, Chris Richardson, Cathy Rogers, Jill Rug- qeri, Linda Schnycler, Sherry Schoonover, Don- na Skarshaug. Sue Soults, Cheryl Starbuck. Jane Strieby. Sandy Up- son, Marilyn Watson, Michele Wheeler, Cindy Wood, Judy Young, Ann Youngberg, Betsy Zeit. Hooter Scooter zk new guest at the Chl. O house A real live owl? Believe it or not, l-looter Scooter is the real live owl mascot living at the Chi Omega house. He Was just as excited as the ChiO's were to move into their newly finish- ed addition this fall. Other excitement prevailed for the girls as Homecoming took place: lean Heeren Was Chosen one of five finalists of Miss U of If the Chi O's placed fourth in Badge sales: and Won second in humor on their float built with Delta Upsilon. Chi O spirits remained high as Kathleen Dunn was chosen Pershing Rifle queen finalist: Carolyn lsham was runner-up in the Iowa Miss Wool contest: Ian Astolfi was one of ten best- dressed women on this campus: and lean Heeren was elected to represent Panhellenic Council on Student Senate. A Chi Omega beauty parades for Sigma Chi Derby Day Queen iudges. 7 -. 1 mrnzizf. "-f:1 ee I ,-- v. - 1 1, V ,K ,gli Della Delia Della PRESIDENT .:-. L-A?-?q,:...,,:,L -v- Becky Huxfa ble ' .,.-if an Qmzzw-,, , ' i 5 , j .,, ' A II A Ai ' I - M a r , L ' , lx., in H14-Z, X ' Yy:L2,,... f-igf g-an ' f N: 4 ' ' A .- y , rf -Q 1 H, , ,E ,,, N, 6 . , z .:.,, , N .,.., W - . l ls - l , 1 i if H . ' ' 1 - . 4 , , , , , 5 , 1 f , J 2 , ,. , . ' 2: y , , : ,g VS' 5 ' f, -E ,, ,J v' ' wi fi, E, ii , 1. 4 1 ' .T--Y . - , - L sr' - 'I 1 . 1 fi QQ! , . l TOP ROW: Mrs, Don Cook. Cheryl Ames, Gail Anderson. Ginny Baker, Kafie Blair, Sandy Boyd. ROW 2: Leana Breese. Mary Clark, Mary Coyne, Lynn Doolen. Phyllis Duffon, Diane Farrell. ROW 3: Janis Faur, Gwen Flaum, Jan Flohr, Becky Founfain, Pam Freundle, Shari Geach. ROW 4: Trish Gregory. Sfephaniif Guiney, Mary Kay Handfellr, Linda Hawk, Dee Hedge, Jan Ho . , 49, Tri Deli rushees sfep info The briqhr sunlighl affer a merry qo-round par'I'y. TrzlDeIt band P61125 up house and unzverszzy events Under the leadership of President Becky l-luxtable, the Tri Delts actively participated in campus activities such as High- landers, Angel Flight, Student Senate, CPC, Old Gold Singers and Union Board. Phyllis Dutton was president oi Phi Garn- ma Nu, girls' business sorority. The l966 Military Ball Queen IW' was Tri Delts own Carolyn Smith. The girls never lacked in entertainment as they had their own eleven girl combo which played at various university functions. Besides the annual Christmas Party, one of the social high points of the year was the pumpkin serenade at Halloween presented to each fraternity. .hy L: . ,- rg ,, ,- in - 1 T. f gf 1 l fp r Y L ,J 7 lla e U ee n i N . - N 5--jg-a'33eF,, tb : git .. 1 F ' - ' x . T ' .Q 1 Ji I ,w l.:X1.w,y ,yy it his H l A l l X A i- if-Q f ,,f'f5 il, q M I ' af yr 1 fry' I Mr if ' :T E? i' " 1'a5,' ' 2 'I W suv! - ' W ' i l 57 5: W K' L 'll' l lt il Till. l' I Adi: , ...alll .. TOP ROW: Sonia l-loines. Cheri Horsley, Beclcy Huxtable, Judy Johns, Lora Kleuver, Kathy Kruzan. Candy Luclcow. Bobbie Machaner, Melanie Maddox. Trish Maland, Susan Meyers. Margie Milleville. ROW 2: Barbara Mullon, Carole Neville, Pam Newhouse, Phyllis Noecker, Ann Peacock, Dixie Poindexter, Kitty Porter, B. J. Redfield, Marilee Reemtsma, Carolyn Rinlcer, Vicki Robertson, Joan Robinson. ROW 3: Marty Rodwell, Nancy Ruth, Kathy Schmidt, Didi Schmidt. Jeanne Seiple, Nanci Shaw. Pat Shepherd, Jan Sill, Sue Sim- mons, Jane Simon, Mary Kay Taber, Mary Thielen. ROW 4: Cindy Thompson, Karen Wagner, Barbara Walters, Miclcie Webber, Mary Ann Whaley. Sally Wiedenholft, Terry Wil- ley, Carolyn Wilson, Marilyn Wilson, Cheryl Winrow, Betsy Zimmerman. Lisa Adams. Jan Ahlberg, Jane Anton, Marilyn Ba- con, Debby Beal, Jane Beck. Ann Behrens. Becky Boyd, Ann Brecue nier, Sheila Bubb, Kathy Buresh, Nancy Champion. Carol Chisholm, Betty Clynick. Christine Coffin, Sue Cur- tis, Alice Davis, Julie Deems, Ellen Egeland, Vivian Falsbro, Sherry Fennell. DGizmrent5 are honored 011 "We just can't Wait!" This is a frequently heard expression coming from most DG's as they eagerly wait for their new house to be completed. They plan to move in the fall of l9S7. Not having a house did not hamper the DG spirit, however. Campus leaders were Kathy Buresh, president of AWS and Sue Curtis, president of Mortar Board. DG royalties were Barbara Henderson, Miss U of I finalist and Connie Harper, Miss Perfect Profile. Especially planned activities oi the year honored DG par- ents at Dacl's Day and Mcrn's Weekend: and work for the blind was continued as a uniquely DG project. Among the other activities were Old Gold Singers, Seals, Guidon, and Angel Flight. .vpeczkzl weekends D G's 'found Christmas in the dorm just as cheery as ever. -wr ' Della Gamma PRESIDENT Sue Curfis TOP ROW: Nancy Gay, Chris Glaza. Gayle Grace, Mary Gusrafson, Dixie Hackman, Connie Harper, Sally Harrison, Ann Harwood, Barbara Henderson, Ceilia Herberf, Marcia Howe. ROW 2: Sue Jacobsen, Jan Jolwnson, Jean Leslie, Ellen Lincors, Marry McCormick, Paula Mairef, Jeanne Marx, Sue Mafrern, Mary Miller, Kallny Minlrup, Cheri Mucha. ROW 3: Sally Ness, Sue Nielson, Carmen Olechnovich, Judy Opheim, Mary Phillips, Barbara Pit, Sybil Rader, Barbara Reynolds, Judy Ruslwfon, Mary Smiilw, Pal Smiih. ROW 4: Sherri Smilh, Julie Sroker. Carol Sweer, Jan Tielz, Beverly Tegland. Elaine Thompson, Ka'll1y'Tl'1ompson, Marsha Vande- Berg, Julie Vane, Judy Webb, Belsy Webber. Frances Horn, Carol Hubbard, Beth Kappy, Linda Knapp, DZ S serve the commuftzty and the UHZ.V6f5l'lD1 The girls of Delta Zeta filled their year With service to others. Collecting books for the University "Y" group, clothing for the Navajo lndians, and working with the Hearing Society were just a few of the projects undertaken by the Coeds. Activities and scholarship were an important part of life at the DZ house too. The girls ranked near the top in sorority scholarship and are working for first place next year. Activities for the DZ girls included Mortar Board, Angel Flight, Highlanders and Pcmhellenic Council Whose president is DZ Ellen Taylor. A spring formal, pledge party and cozies rounded out a suc- cessful year for the Delta Zeta sorority. TOP ROW Lorraine Battanu Lynne Blinco Judy Boatman. Betty Jo Brown, Barb Campion, Teresa Carradus, Sandy Crabbs, Sherry Creps, Bobbie Crew, Donna Dalen, Mary Derclerian, Andrea Drumm. ROW 2: Ann Enqelhardt, Nancy Florer, Judy Foster, Laura Goodall, Jane Gormley, Barb Gould, Mary Jo Gregory, Jan Gutshall, Barbara Haines, Christine Hampe, Karol Hellyer, Barbara Higgins. ROW 3: Marcia Kron, Lynette Lambeth, Cathy Latta, Linda Levine. Lois Machelc, Melinda McCaughey, Laurie McComb. ROW 4: Martha Mclntyre, Nancy Mclleynolds, Beth Menlce, Jud- ith Mitchell, Sharon Molyneaux, Linda Morrison, Sandy Nel- son, Jean Novak, Ellie O'Brien, Linda Ohnesorge, Dorothy O'Neill. V i l l l J Ah! lsn"l' Cl1ris'rmas wonderful. Delia Zeta PRESIDENT Jane Gormley TOP ROW: Pal' Paulson, Julie Phillips, Ginny Piiclwer, Joellen Roberls, Barb Sclwmidl. ROW 2: Elaine Schroeder, Kallny Slwimp, Deborah Srnilh, Mary Spencer, Ellen Taylor. ROW 3: Sue Tomsyck, Janice Underlcofler, Paily Waller. Carlwy Walsh. Lynn Williams. ROW 4: Sue VVOHT, Sally Woodcock, Karhryn Woodke. Mary Youngren, Janice Zimmerman. Gamma Phi Beta PRESIDENT Nancy Shafer ' 51 ' - i . - ii I , we . --, ,, iii ii +1.iiL v,i i Qi f - W Z j"' i I1i,"f"' Z ,,f ,,: ' Li, . ' il X ' I ' i, X Lf? ' il T i , 1 ,, ,,, if , V il .ff TOP ROW: Pam Baird, Barbara Beiler, Kalhy Beres, Suz- anne Berg, Jean Ann Bloom, Mary Brady, Holly Brisbin, Pal Campbell, Barb Carlson, Linda Carlson, Pam Case, Pam Child. ROW 2: Nancy Chrisfensen, Cyndi Corless, Claire Cowan, Barbara Criswell, Sally DeBord, Mary Jo Donnelly. Kalhy Elcholm, Paddy Faulds, Arlene Faullc, Kalhryn Fischer. Mary Goodman, Joan Hallman. ROW 3: Carol Haley, Gin- 336 ny Harrison, Nancy Harl, Diane Hawlcinson, Sally Hoffman. Joy Hoque. Sara Horslman, Vicki Hursl, Jeanne Jacob, Barb Johnson, Sherry Kirflesen, Mickey Lannon. ROW 4: Jane Lindell, Rufh Lindquist Cheryl Linlon, Linda Luce, Kay Maher, Sue McAllis+er, Marilyn McCollum, Mary Sue Mc- Gimpsey, Nancy McGimpsey, Barb Mores, Bonnie Mores. Melanie Moyer. ss aim Kim Newland, Peggy Nordeen, Mary Jo No- vak, Jo Ann Olson, Sue Peterson, Jane Phillips, Allicia Pugh. Beverly Riehm, Jane Ros- borough, Andrea Scott, Nancy Shafer, Sue Sons V3 drol, Sally Stoker, Pam Townsend. Terry Tubbs. Marilyn Wasson, Sharlyn Wax, Ann Wayner, Jane West. Molly Whalen, Devon Williams, Bonni Wolford. ff S alla -4 Gamma Phi Belair float wins first place za beaazy The Gamma Phi Beta's new addition was added to their house in the spring oi 1967. The addition had been in the planning stage for ten years. In December the Gamma Phi's had their annual Fireside. They went downtown and invited people from the street to their home to sing Christmas carols, visit and have refreshments. The Gamma Phi's had finalists in Dolphin, -Beta Centennial and Pershing Rifles queen competitions. On campus the girls were seen as members of Mortar Board, CPC, AWS, Cheerlead- ing, Highlanders, Freshman Intern program, Union Board, Angel Flight and G-uidon. Their float in homecoming won first place for beauty. OH. l'm so happy-say, when's the first exchange? 1. A .. . , -, Lili-A' . 34,--Segal Kappa A421142 Theta PRESIDENT Kafhleen Weaver TOP ROW: Mrs. Sclnroll, Jan Abbas. Gail Adams, Cindy Agar. Judy Allen. ROW 2: Jane Anderson, Kafhy Anderson, Penny Angell, Cindy Auslin, Marlys Balanoff. ROW 3: Carolyn Bagh- lel, Brenda Blair, Emily Boden, Pam Boolc, Lynn Bowman. ROW 4: Barbara Brewer, Barbara Burke. Roseann Busch, Laurel Camp- bell, Mary Ann Cambridge. ROW 5: Jo Ann Chmura, Candy Cray, Kallny Cufler, Carol Dayen, Cindy Dreibelbis. When siudying becomes loo much, 'rlne seniors seH'le down 'ro walch a good movie on rhe Tube. M135 U of I zlr .czclive in the Theta house "Till There Was Nancy" won for Theta Nancy Moore the title of Miss U of l. In addition to campaigning for Homecoming, other activities claimed much of the Thetas' time. They partici- pated in Homecoming committees, Guidon, Angel Flight, Student Senate, Highlanders, Union Board, CPCQ Project AID and Orien- tion Council. Mrs. Lester Schroll, Theta housemother, -and the girls held an open house to celebrate their new addition. A memloer ot the Theta Grand Council was a special visitor this year to the Theta House. The social whirl began with a Homecoming tea for the alums, followed by the Winter Formal, annual Christmas party and the senior banquet in the spring. TOP ROW: Kathy Dutt, Ellen Dustman, Lynda Field, Kathy Fowler, Judi Gitz, Suzanne G-miener, Eloise Good, Nancy Good, Jane Greiman, Marilyn Grossarth. ROW 2: Patsy Gustafson, Sue Holmes, Carla Homan. Brook Howard, Mary James, Sue Junge, Maureen Kirby, Mary Jo Knudsen, Rolo- erta Kreamer, Julie Krum. ROW 3: Jan Lelpold, Sue Leitz. Michelle Loucius, Pat Lowrey, Sheri Margosian. Mary Mc- Anly, Ann Mcllrath, Nancy Moore, Carolyn Mueller, Theresa Neal, ROW 4: Cindy Paulson, Mary Peacock, Nancy Pear- son, Jane Perkins, Barb Picken. Kristie Poulos, Nancy Ross. Lynne Sausser. Lynette Schmidt, Nancy Shepherd, Becky Smith. ROW 5: Jean Smith, Pat Spurgeon, Cheryl Stroeber, Kay Ulsben, Jean Vande-rPloeg, Susan Walker. Kathy Wea- ver. Gayle Wesselink, Lee Williams, Marcy Zieser, Janny Zupek. Dicli Browditcli, Debbie Beck, Carla Bennett, Cass Bennett, Linde Bittner. Cindy Buresch. l-lelen Calvert, Cindy Cline, Su- san Dewey, Linda Ehlers. Joan Enburq, Claire Field, Nadya Fomenlno, Sue Fri- berg, Vicki Gilfillan. Laurie Greer, Ann Ham- ilton. Margo Hautf, Ra- chael Haverlcamp, Pai' Henderson. Varzeal talents are EVZ'LZ7671f in the Kappa house The girls who wore the key were seen everywhere on cam- pus this year. Kappa leadership was found in Union Board, Student Senate, CPC, cheerleading, Project AID, AWS, High- landers, Guidon, Angel Flight, and Mortar Board. Not only were the Kappas active, but they reigned as royalty as well, with Pam Thompson as Sigma Nu Homecoming Queen and Terry Wissler as Miss Iowa Young Republican. Kappas also claimed finalists in Miss U of I, Dolphin Queen, and Pershing Rifle Queen contests .... Kappas participated in the Chi-Q-Kappa Halloween serenade, a Christmas Party for underprivileged children, and in fireside poetry readings. l just can"t wait' to see all the new pledges!! ' x 4 an , -5 ii' '35 Q',cgL'i":- xiii. Kappa Kappa Gamma PRESIDENT Nadya Fomenlco TOP ROW: Marsha Herbig, Marcia Hoover, Sally Hyde, Peggy Jacobs, Sally Jones, Lois Kercher, Mary Kiesau. Jill Korenevich, Karen Koflman. ROW 2: Connie Lange. Nancy Larson, Karhy Monahan, Janer Moore, Marsha Morgan, Barb Myalr, Siephanie Nissen, Lois O'Conner, Ginger Owens. ROW 3: Ann Paschall, Judy Price, Chris Quinn, Pam Rifler, Lisa Rumi, Mary Jo Schaelzel, Susie Showers, Sally Smirh Linda Sorensen. ROW 4: Doflie Slevenson, Pam Thomas. Pam Thompson, Claudia Verrer, Jamal Wahlke, Jan'Wheeler, Jane Wirwer, Candy Wright Barb Young, Trici Young. P1 Pfiz 5 Zze or zrsl place in rororzify scholarshzlv "Smile pretty," the judges said, and that is what Elaine Ru- meliote did to become "Miss Smile of Iowa." Pi Phi's claimed finalists for several other queen titles and two Women were chos- en as Phi Kappa Sigma calendar girls. CPC, Guidon, Angel Flight, AWS and Union Board kept the Pi Phis busy. However, they found time to study and tied for first in sorority scholarship. For community service projects the Pi Phis sang carols at a nursing home and the pledges distributed pamphlets for the Cancer Drive. The Monmouth Duo with the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, a Christmas buffet and dance, and a spring party finished a successful year for the Pi Phi sorority. TOP ROW: Mrs. Evans, Jan Adamslcy, Becky Alexander. Audrey Arthur, Pam Austin, Sherrill Beckwith, Kim Bernharclt. Rosalie Bowman, Cynde Coggeshall, Barb Collins, Kay Cor- bin, Mary Eirel. ROW 2: Barb Emerson. Mary Farrill, Angie Fryrear. Sue Galloway, Greta Gehrke. Ann Grau, Jucly Grovenburg. Dar Gustitus, Mary Ann Hagar, Diane Han- sen, Dana Hendrickson, Jane Hogan. ROW 3: Jan l-lotger. Mary Jo l-lultgren, Diane Jordan, Mary Kent, Nancy Lam- lorecht, Julie Larson. Mary Layton. Judy Lewison, Barb Lof- gren, Laurel Lund. Jan Lowenberg, Carol McCollum. ROW 4: Cheryl McDaniel, Diane McFarland, Barb Marriott, Ann Montgomery, Jacque Nelson, Jane Olson. Linda Pecaut. Barb Peterson, Candy Phillips, Val Pierce, Grace Pyper. Kris Ranclerson. Pl' Bela PM PRESIDENT Renee Ross TOP ROW: Nancy Rernmers, Renee Ross. Elaine Rumeliolre. Debby Scanlon, Mary Schanlz. ROW 2: Pal' Secldig, Darlene Smiflw, Jane Spreirzer, Ann Sfevens, Carlie Sfolfz. ROW 3: Karin Sullivan. Krisfin Summerwill, Kaine Taaffe, Liz Vanni. Sharon Walker. ROW 4: Dana Wandling, Gail Warffuel, Lori Weir, Dawn Wilson, Karen Wilson. Szgmzz Delia Tau ,i :ik tx 1 . in ll l ll i -li ' PRESIDENT y Pamela S-lone . ii ' l ji ' 1 K. , S-If , i 7, pi: ,N L ! -Q SN 5 F V lu ,ff , fy E , Bally' Z t - fi I Q gil ' 1 xllf..1l H Lwlf! I .. E j. 'C' i .A J' 'g TOP ROW: Mrs. Louis Nilson, June Alfrer, Cookie Canion. Judy Canror, Janel Dishlip. Merilee Farber, Rira Feiqerbaum. ROW 2: Sue Fiedlieb, Donna Frank, Sandy Frank, Marcia Gralnelc, Marina Griqer, Milzi Grossman, Rivian Henry. pl " 'lf' I i rrxilw Lauri lsador, Charlie Mary Kofz. ROW 4: Livi, Sherry Millenan, Rizenlaerg. ROW 3: Karen Herzoff. Sue Hudson, Kelnana, Helen Karpman, Nancy Kirsis, Judy Krukman, Nora Kupermary, Roey Jean Mooney. Maxine Naflwanson, Judi 1 'i " f W i 1' Q' 7 3.-,-ry i eg iii i t V 'le X' Q, f- ,Q Gloria Oscloba, Rita Pa- ' '-i ' - 1 " resky, Jeri Pomizargtz. ,, ...., ' " ' V Diane Rapaport, a a- F7 I" ' lyn Ray. Carolyn Shapiro. :ill . K i l Hi , ., l 1 , , ,, ' r ' 'V ' J' ' ' X ' " 1 a -aaa f5fQ1 li whiff sf til W' , ,,u,L- i T5 ' t 'fit W J V L r it r ei ' -i l , i A ii - rv. : .F V, ,i ' i ,ifli1!l,"l' Libby Shore, Nadine Si' A ' ' , X 1 ii, W " fe H mon. Pam Stone, Ann , fx i "' "WL 2 ' ll if lt" Weindruch. Sharon Wei- fd' xo' A' rf V A ' ' ner, Janeen Wieland. if v - - 17 , - , viz: 7 Qi" W" ' 'zzmi 5 Ni T if r " Ronda Wolil, Joan Ya- ' 1. - - l 1 ' ' E vitz, Iris, Zamansky, Sha- l ie . i -e .. ,, . 5' 2 ron Zetten, Vicki Zeigler. , 4 K ,L ,,,,. , ,YL - ., , SDT ,riezrlr the year with ez HEWQI remodeled house Happiness is a newly remodeled house . . . that was the teel- ing this year at Sigma Delta Tau. The bedrooms were com- pletely redone, new furniture was added, and a new kitchen was installed. Social activities ot the year included the fall party with a ski lodge theme. As always, the traditional party for the children of the Handicapped Hospital was a great success and fun for the children and SDTS alike. The girls took an active part in Greek Week as Sue Friedlieb was Greek Week Co-Chairman. They also participated with en- thusiasm in activities like Project Aid, CPC, Angel Flight, Union Board and Highlanders. And now may I present you with the trophy for Miss ali .... , Miss ah . . . WOW! Miss Legs-Nancy Kitsis. 4 l il s ii .l 4 1 -i ' Ati . . i r -i i 2 1. .yy y 51 Zeta Tau A407141 PRESIDENT Judy Burling TOP ROW: Kafhy Abel, Sue Addis, Cheryl Arviclson, Beverly Ballard. ROW 2: Barbara Binney, Sue Binney. Elizabeth Bland' ford, Jan B-oehmke. ROW 3: Jere Boehmlce, Pam Boll, Judy Bur- linq, Joan Calder. ROW 4: Sue Clifford, Connie Copley, Bobbie Culp, Bonnie Deur. VN fag az l I Leis Try H' one more lime. U-Sing is nexf week Zeta pledges lUllZ'11ll the chapter room as Zhezr project Zetas returned last tall to lind that the Alumni had redone the house during the summer. Changes made included com- plete remodeling oi the dining room and the presidents room and new carpeting and Wallpaper in the main hallway. This year's pledge project was painting the chapter room. A ZTA Mothers Club was also formed. Highlighting a year of activities were a Las Vegas party, the Christmas informal, a spring formal and the spinster's tea Zetas participated in U of l activities including Highlanders, Union Board, CPC, Angel Flight, Project Aid, Seals, SNO, In- ternational Festiyal, WBA and Young Republicans. Led by house president Iudy Burling who has a 4.0, Zeta girls placed fourth in sorority scholarship. TOP ROW: Arlene Dougherty, Jan Ford, Vic Gardalen, Jo- Rea Grimes, Candy Gross. Nancy l-lammann, Donna Hart- ien, Claudette l-leddens, Sandy Hoteldt. ROW 2: Leslee Hoenscheid, Jenny Holcomb. Jan Jones. Sue Kent, Alice Kura- moto, Dianne l.aBarge, Linda Larson, Peggy Mcfivaftey, Misty Miller. ROW 3: Pam Misfelclt, Donna Moore, Jean Moore. Ginger Nebben, Middle Petersen, Linda Peterson, Mary Pieper, Elizabeth Pomeroy, Julie Rodman. ROW 4: Sue Roth, Sue Sclinoebelen, Pat Sincox, Linda Spaight, Diane Stake, Trix Veenhuizen, Bari Gay Weaver, Gail Wetzstein. Bobbi Bassman. Ruth Becker, Jan Brody, Fran Breslow, Carla Conn, Su- san Dine, Pam Fierst. Elaine Green, Beverly Greitman. Melinda Isaacs, Andie Lubin, Linda Maling, Laurie Meyer, Cheryl Milder, lvleraly Nabecl- rick, Linda Olevslcy, Ter- ry Phillips, Bonnie Robin- son. Elaine Rosen, Sandy Rov' ner, Susan Sachnoft, Nan' Cy Schiller, Lynn Schwartz, Barb Schwartz, Judy Sie- gel. Cookie Starkman, Penny Strauss, Dale Wells, in sw, ' 'ir - JET T' li' a P X A . X Z N '-:rv ' N 4 l ' i ff 9 A l X X, . - 4 " IJ 4 7 i Ti! ii is rgr ig . i . of-ri' ki K in ' i , 1 k 1, N Q 'j ,f I if, M 1, A l , :V ' T r ,fiiil,r i A E Phi is the newest sorority 011 the campus A E Phi Was the newest sorority on campus and also one of the most active. Bonnie Robinson Was a finalist for Beta Queen and they claimed members in Union Board, AWS, Pep Club, Guidon, GRA, and Freshman Council. They also planned ser- vice projects and sponsored social activities. The organization received colony status on October lO, 1966 and will become a chapter of the national sorority as soon as requirements are fulfilled. A E Pl1i's show spirit, pep, ancl UZOCX, fewer caivitiesn smiles. PRESIDENT Carla Conn 348 unior I11terfrater11z'Iy Counczl lunior lntertralernity Council is made up of the presidents oi each fraternity pledge class on campus. They coordinate pledge class activities on campus and submit suggestions to the In- terfraternity Council. For Dad's Day weekend, HFC sponsored a display contest. The pledges from each fraternity built a display to Welcome their fathers. These displays were judged by the Junior Pan- hellenic Council. The Sigma Pi pledge class was declared as the winning builders by the coeds. Two open house dances were planned by the pledges. One was held at the Delta Upsilon fraternity and the other at the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. BOTTOM ROW: Edward Eden, James Stewart, Eric Larson, sill, James Hegeman Craig Schmidt Steve Brownfield ROW Jim Eggers, Don Houck. ROW 2: Steve Klinclt. Paul Cas- 3: Don Dewees Davud Haag Clark Boyd Dan McLean Charter member donates ar! colleelzbn to em' center The Acacias were honored when a charter member, Owen Nelson Elliot, donated his rare art collection to the new Uni- evrsity art center. The members prepared for the year's activities by giving their house a new coat of paint during the summer. Socially, the Acaci-ans held their annual Night on the Nile, when all the pledges became slaves, their Yard Party and a Playboy Party. The house gave Homecoming badges to the crippled children in the University Hospital and entertained them at a Christmas Party. lndividually, members of the Acacia were active in project Aid, Union Board and intramural sports. TOP ROW: Mrs. Esther Lipscomb, Daniel Anderson, John Darrell Kehrli. Mark Kl"bY. Lyle Krewson- ROW 31 GFSQOVY Bruesch, William Cooper, Allen Dunton, Dennis Flynn, John Leiii. Mark Milach, James Origer, Donald Neill, Jack Por- Gerwin, Dave Gilioyle, Mark Grulke, Raymond Heaton. ter, John Reynolds. James Roberts. John Robinson, Patrick ROW 2: John Heckel, John Hemingway, Donald l-louclr. Rogers. John l-luey, R. David Iverson, Larry Johnson. John Jones. Acazczkz PRESIDENT R. David Iverson Are you sure Jrhis is is flue newesl dance craze? TOP ROW: Thomas Romine, Hugh Schulfz, Gerald Schulre. Dennis Severson. ROW 2: Joseph Smifh, Samuel Smifh, Thomas Slarlc, Carroll Swanson. ROW 3: Jeffrey Swlneharf, Roberl Thompson, Dennis Wagner, Lynn Woods. A414141 Epszfon Pi PRESIDENT Frank Baron TOP ROW: Mrs. Kre-bs,Jol'1n Alrer. Frank Baron, Michael land, Richard Heller, Chuck Miller, Ed Millunchick, Bill Fish, Mark Goodman, Fred Diamond. ROW 2: Ken Go- Mooney. Ronald Raider. Rick Rice, Dick Rubin. Richard Rubin, Les Rud- nick, Richard Salant. Ronald Schett. Marc Sherwood. Mark Solo- man, Ben Wolt, Rick Wolf. A E Pi wzhs nzztzbmzl honor liz scholarfhgzv "We're number one!" The A E Pi's received this Welcome news from their national headquarters this tall. They were se- lected as the top house of 86 for scholastic improvement. They were also in the top live fraternities scholastically on campus. Studying didn't occupy all their time, however. Their social activities included an Ice Cream party, Pajama Party, Purple Passion Party and Bohemian Party. Other notable events of the year were the tall Pledge Formal and Spring Formal. The A E Pi's also serenacled the children in the Childrerfs Hospital. Saturday night, Saturday night, We all get together on Saturday night! Alpha Tau Omega l I PRESIDENT l Don Cl-irisfiansen l TOP ROW: Dale Beclc. Byrne, John Hansen, Jay ren Conrad, Mrs. Helen Welsch, Slephen Arenf, William Baum. ROW 2: John Benlen, William Blanchard, Barry Carier. ROW 3: Michael Caiher. Donald Chris- Coflin, Ray Collin. ROW 4: Palrrick Colgan, War- Terry Davis, James Denholm. X l'l"s a deal - fhe loser buys The leeql -4 Aloha Tau Omega moves m, DG moves out "Hey, guys, What's this nylon doing in my closet?" No the ATO's haven't been breaking University rules, the nylon is a link with the past, when Delta Gamma was living in the present ATO house. The fraternity redecorated the interior and moved in this tall. Since they are the only fraternity surrounded by sororities, they find themselves in an ideal location. The ATO's have encouraged an active participation in cam- pus activities this year. As a result, they have members in Old Gold Singers and on Union Board and REFOCUS. Bob Wiltshire is chairman ot committees on both of these activities. ATO's are also on project AID and are in the top one fourth oi intra- murals. TOP ROW: Thomas Dills, David Dimlre, John Doellinger, Richard Dohrmann, Henry Duerlcop, Richard Eggert. Robert Gallagher, Thomas Grow, David Hoag, Richard Hutt. ROW 2: John Hunkins, Steven Jacobson, Jerome Jessen, Kasey Kiplinger, Steven Kopet, Robert Lee, Patrick Mason, Greg- ory Montour, Robert Muhlenbruch, John Nagel. ROW 3: Richard Nelson, Jon Noller, Willard Olesen, Peter Olney. Ray Peterson, Donald Pilgrim, John Finney. Roger Rielce. Dennis Roberts, Thomas Rolston. ROW 4: Marc Roth, Stan- ley See, Robert Sheets. Leslie Smaha, William Smith, John Stamy. Michael Strauss, Steven Strother, Don Teeple, Robert Wiltshire. ' 'BE Gary Bell, Mike Bloom, L. Clark Boyd, Bill Christen- sen, Steve Eggimann, Nile Faulk, David Faulk, Larry Fisher. Jon Gibson, James Glatt- ly, James Grazier, Rob- ert Hamilton. Bill Hare ness, Steve Hethering- ton, Larry l-lite, John l-lot2. Andrew l-lull, Greg Hulse, Frank lossi, Gregory lr- win, Dennis Jacobs, Rich Jacobs, Gary Johansen, Skip Keller. Bam Theta Pi celebrates 100111 year on campus The first fraternity West of the Mississippi River, Beta Theta Pi, celebrated its l0Utl'1 year on the Iowa campus. The Novem- ber 4-7 celebration included a banquet for the alurns, a speech by the national fraternity president, and the selection of the Beta Centennial Queen, Sue lunge. Leading the house in its 100th year was Rick Shepley, presi- dent of the house. I-le participated in O.D.K and Phi Alpha Mu. The Beta pledge class was one of three fraternity pledge classes to participate in the new Pledge Enrichment Program. The purpose was to expose pledges to the cultural and adminis- trative function Within the University. Well, shake it up baby now . . . L TEE? Bela Them Pz' PRESIDENT Rick Shepley TOP ROW: Mike Kirby, Pai' Kirby, James Kreger, Peier Lau. James Low, Tom Low, John Marshall, Roger Marlens, George McCarien, Gregory McManus, Michael McRol::er'rs. ROW 2: Edward Nuss. Mike O'Connor, Jerry O'Donnell. Kennefh Oldi, John Olson, John Peil, Jack Pollard, Michael Puclcelf, Sieve Richards, Ronald Rode, Edward Ross. ROW 3: Thomas Sals- bery. Craig Schmidt Dave Schmidt Jim Schroeder. Brian Shepley. Rick Shepley. Randall Siemsen, Gene Snapp, Mike Sparlin, Gary Siewarf, Sieve Sframel. ROW 4: Bob Towle. Bob Tripanier. Sfewarl Truelson, Rober+ Wallcley, Ted Wei- ra+her, George Whife, J. Pafriclc Wilcox, Sieve Williams. Tim Williams. David Worsley. D Chi? place first zh zhtmmuml .sports It Was another year oi growth, fun and busy times for the men of Delta Chi. The Sisters of the White Carnation, the house's womens aux- iliary, gained new members adding spirit as Well as beauty to the fraternity. Their annual Apache Ambush and Spring Formal turned out to be the best in the house's history. The Delta Chis also held numerous other Weekend and after-game parties throughout the year. Sports minded members placed first in intramural sports for the second straight year, while other Delta Chis participated in the varsity football and tennis teams, Hawkeye Marching Band and the Old Gold Singers. TOP ROW: Mrs. Polinq, Jery Achison, Steve Anderson. Tom Dean Hoppe, Ron lfnibbs, Gregg Kucliard, Larry Kuhl, Lars Arvetis, Paul Baker, Bruce Barghahn, Kent Barnard, Harlan Larson, Tom Laughlin, Rick Lepley, Rich Logan. ROW 4: Beach, Jack Bieber. ROW 2: Dennis Bridal, Craig Brown. Joe Meyer, T. J. Mlkkelsen, Al Morgan, Ken Padgham, John Steve Brown, Steve Brownfield, Bill Cone, Doug Davidson, Pickett, Tim Price, John Ramsey, Bill Robbins, Dave Savage. Mitch D'Olier, Ron Gipple, Bill Buinan. ROW 3: Ron l-lock, Steve Schroclc. . Della Chl' PRESIDENT Dean Hoppe TOP ROW: Jim Schulze, Bren? Stanley, Rich Sioksfad, Tom ,,, Sulenfic. ROW 2: Clyde Taniia, Shawn Thompson, Dick Unz, Kirby Ve-sf. ROW 3: Bruce Walker, Scoii Wallace, Siu Wal- Are you sure you don'+ know Hue real words To Louie, Louie? 'GW' Blake Whiin9Y- ROW 42 Gil Wiiliamsi WGYUG Wilson' Ron Wood, Sieve Young. DEZIH Tau Delta PRESIDENT Ted Pasfras TOP ROW: Roberf Ahders, Roger Armsfrong, Eric Afna, Franfz. ROW 3: Thomas Glasser, Ronald Glassner, David James Beckman, Denny Berner, Michael Bowman, James Carl- Harken. Roberf Heggesfad, Neil Hiichcock. Joel Jessen. Da- lon. ROW 2: Tom Cha man, John Chisholm, William De- vid Kehe. ROW 4: Eric Larson, James Lawson, John Lind p . groff. Fred Driver, Roberf Farringion. Earl Fosler, Peiar John Logan. John Loughran, Michael Lucier, Rally McGra1'h. Buster Miller, Terry Mul- ligan, Ted Pastras, Den- nis Pauling, Allen Phillip. James Piepergerdes. Lyle Roudalsush, Richard Roudabush, John Schen- ken, Richard Seitringer, Tom Staaclc. Carl Stuart. Phil Vardaman. Carlton Varner, David Viclcery, David White, William White. John Wright. Leaalershgv prevailed Ili the Dell house "Delta Town" had fa winning leadership combination this year, with Carl Varner as president of the Young Republicans, Pete Franz as director of the Pageant Board, Ted Pastras as CPC publicity chairman, and Carl Stuart and Carl Varner as Union Board Committee chairmen. Student Senate, Spring Fes- tival, Homecoming Committee, IFC, and Young Democrats also claimed members oi the Delts. The well-rounded Delts were athletic as Well as active, as Tom Chapman and Holly McGrath scored in basketball, and Terry Mulligan, Dan Hilsabeck, and Steve Wilson played foot- ball. Delis also contributed to golf, track, and wrestling teams. To make the social year complete, the Delis held Winter and Spring Forrnals, an annual Christmas party, a Roman To- ga party, and tall and spring Kappa Ann parties. Come on guys, CAN IT!! Delia Ulvszfon PRESIDENT Mike Hynes ? " 'ff' fra" f r' l ae, , .l I , Q 5 l x gf 11 A . 1 , lj -N J TOP ROW: Jeffery Anderson, Greg Anlcney, Roberl Beach, Norman Berven, Jon Bilsfrom. ROW 2: Gary Boe. Craig Brock- way, Leslie Carroll, Richard Carrer, Charles Caughlan. ROW 3: Roberlr Chrlsfianson, Keilh Collins, Pefer Curnes, Slephen Dar- ling, Randle Egbert ROW 4: Jerry Evans, Mark Falls, Bruce , , , Felwn. Leonard Frericlws, Howard Gallalin. DU qulz lads lry for bowl Vmlory' D U wms badge sales agazh Ihzlr yzar Tl'1ey've clone it again! Alter winning a stereo and a color t.v. each of the last two years in Homecoming badge sales, the DU's came in first this year to Win a pool table. As campus leaders the DU's have Steve Wherry and Ion Bil- strom as presidents of IFC and HFC: Mike Moon and Iohn Pel- ton student senatorsy cmd Henry Lischer chairman ot CPC. Because of the interest Rev. Robert Gwaltney has shown in the DU's, they made him an honorary member last tall. He is minister of the first Presbyterian Church. The Delta Upsilorfs invited a foreign student, Leonard Pre rich of Holland to live with them. They provided him with room and board andthe university paid his tuition. TOP ROW: James Grosenbach, Craig Harrison, Dan Hed- rick, James Hoener, Michael Hynes. Alan Jencks, Thomas Johnson, Raymond Kearney, Michael Keeling, Louis King, Rodney Kodros, Richard Leonard. ROW 2: Barry Lindahl, Henry Lischer, James Mcflarragher, Craig McCloud. Gor- don McCollium, Dennis McVey, Ronald Merteld, John Mer- kel, Michael Mickelson, Stephen Miller, Stephen Milne, Mich- ael Moon. ROW 3: Stephen Mueller, Pence Parsons. Ray- mond Pastorine, John Felton, Porter Reed, Michael Roberts, William Rubin, Allen Schneider, Thomas Shay, Timothy Shu- minslcy, Douglas Smalley, Arthur Sunderbruch. ROW 4: Wil- liam Tittany, Thomas Tudor, Mark VanderStoep, Stephen West, Stephen Wherry, Richard Wiebe, Stephen Williams, Tony Williams, Timothy Wilson, James Wiltgen, Douglas Wright, David Wynia. Mrs. Fred Bendt, Mike Aldrich, Jim Armstrong. Dale Baker, Jim Baker. Dean Barker, Denny Beclc- er. Terry Brinker. John Burton, Bernie Byrne, John Casper, Mike Childs, Thad Cole, Jett Dahlstrom, Don DeWees. Bill Dixon. Lance Ferris, Bill Gramer. Paul Halliday, Larry Hen- ry, Mike Homan, Don Hoskins, Karmen Huyser, Jim Johnston. Lambda Chix have eventful Ifomecomzng Holy colored T.V. Batman in color! The youngsters at the Crippled Childrens Hospital haven't missed an episode since Homecoming. The colored television was presented to them by the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity criter they Won it as sec- ond prize in the Homecoming Badge Sales Contest. Homecom- ing was a successful event for the Lambda Chis as they also Won second place in beauty for their float. The Lambda Chis had several new projects this year includ- ing an all-Greek dance and the adoption of a Korean orphan. They also planned a Christmas party With the ADPi's for the handicapped children. Dutiful pledges paint out "napalm". Lambda Chi Agvha PRESIDENT Karmen Huyser TOP ROW: Dan Keckler, Terry Kinney, Sieve Klinclr, Jim Koolof, Bruce Marlowe, Bill Marvin. John Masson, Bob Mc- Andrew, Diclc Miller, Dick Moon, Gary Moreau. ROW 2: Craig Morlon, Don Muench. Jeff Musfeldl, Larry Nedved. Greg Osko, John Pedersen, Jim Piersol. Doug Ransdell, Bob Reno, John Richards, Drew Robinson. ROW 3: John Rulem- beclc. George Saklar, Jack Schaefer, Terry Schechinger, Carl Schwab. Gary Seqgerman. Joe Slurm, Rich Synder, Barry Tirnko, Bill VanRoyne. ROW 4: Larry VanSickle, Mark Walker, Ed Wiesner, Jerry Wellik. Joan Wheeler, Jeff While, Gorcly Williams, Lew Williamson, Randy Wright Bob Young. Phi Dells serve the ,campus and the rommunzfy This year the Phi Delta Thetas planned a Christmas pccrty for the underprivileged children. The fraternity received a list of needy children from the Iohnson County Welfare Depart- ment and invited them to the fraternity house on a Sunday afternoon to give them presents and a party. In the Spring the Phi Delis had their annual community service state project. It Was held in conjunction with National Community Service Day for all Phi Delt fraternities. The busy Phi Delis participated in many activities on carn- pus. Doug Iones Was chairman of People to People, and Dick Grangaard was head instructor ot the ski club. TOP ROW: Mrs. lv1cClung, Tom Atfelclt, Jim Barnett, Greg ROW 3r Torn Jacobsen, Marty- Johnson, Don Jones, Tom Barton, Tom Beers, Ray Burkhart, Al Carl, Bob Cairalclo. ROW Jones, Rack Lundberg, John Martln,.Boh Menslng, John Mul- 2: Mark Clark Bill Crawford, Tom Fennell, Rick Froehlich. lin. ROW 4: Morrne Norman, Mike Noyes, Chuck Ober- Dick Grangaard, John Holmes, Bill l-lume, Jim Hutchinson. wetter, Joe Petra. Jem! Pl1elPS. Dale RSPGSS. J0l'H'l RBPPGH- fl- : gig - ' n n- -- ii ' ai , - ' x vi- gf- i, , '. ' :A - Phi Delia Them PRESIDENT Bob Van Orsclel TOP ROW: Jeff Riqgelman, Dick Schley. Don Schley, Slewarf ' Seigel. ROW 2: Sieve Seyfer, Sam Skare, l-lal Smilh, Tom Slamafelos. ROW 3: Dave Sfrief. Bob VanOrsdel, Doug Vin- And now ladies and genflemen as we puf Chicken Man's cent Sleve Vilo, ROW 4: Nile Williamson, Van Woods, Denny head info place . . . V Young, Charlie. ' Phz Epszlon Pl' PRESIDENT fig? - Marfy Rosenfeld ' im! -..- 1 TOP ROW: Mrs. Shirley Robinson, Lee Abrahmson, Gary Abrams. Chip Braun, Don Brenner, Nalhan Chapman, Paul Cohn, Ron Cooper. Lee Dicker, Paul Di-cker, Bob Duilch. ROW 2: Alan Elkin. Fred Emmer, Joe Erman, Larry Fabian, Charles Feldman, Bruce Ganlz, Dan Gervich, Dave Gervich. I-larry Goldslein, Barney Greenhill, Richard Gruen. ROW 3: Roberl Grundman, Dennis Harris. Mike Herman, Louis Hock- enlaerg, Mike Kenler, Mike Klein, Kerry Kohn, David Kofok, Alan Koufer, Joel Kovarsky, Mike Kramer. ROW 4: Larry Lazarus, Jeff Lerer, Jeff Levine, Arnold Levinson, Peler Levy, Jack Mendelsohn, Alan Muskin. Dave Nissenbaum. Jeff Nod- dle, Mike Norron. Frank Osdoba, Sheldon Perlman, Mike Potash, Bob Prinz, Bill Quateman. Fred Rosenberg, Marty Rosenfeld. Dan Schapira, David Schapira, Don Shifter, Bruce Shindles, Albert Schneider, Gary Schnei- der, Jacob Shnurman. S t e v e Schoenenbaum. Milne Shullcin, Richard Strauss. Bob Sweetow. Jim Terman, Barton Uze. Craig Warren. Phi Elm place Ihira' in fraierrzziy scholarsfzzp Activities was the big Word at the Phi Ep house this year. In addition to University and community service projects and par- ticipation, in the Big Brother program, the Phi Eps were senior class Vice-president, and Project Aid chairman. Academics and culture were not iorgotten as the Phi Eps claimed third place in scholarship. As part of their cultural program they invited a faculty member to speak every other Week. Social events, too, were important. A pledge prom, spring formal, and activities for Mothers' Day and Dads' Day were all successful occasions for the Phi Eps. Oh, these house parties are more fun!! ,, M . Phi Gamma Della PRESIDENT John Whisnanf A TOP ROW: Mrs. Guy, Joe Adams, ScoH: Bogguss, Doug Bram- hall, Tom Buxfon. ROW 2: Al Ferguson, Bill Hschbeck, Gary Flefcher, James Franquemonr. Jim Hanson. ROW 3: John Haub, Bren+ Hege, Kurf Heilman, Rick Hugill, Thomas Ivory. ROW 4: James Jolliffe, Jery Jones. John Kos, Jerry Lang, JeFF Lewis. 19 go. ur'- So who needs a floor +o dance on? The +abIe works fine! Fzjis win KZ'WdHZ'5 Club Servzce Trophy A new honors program was part of Phi Gam life this year. The Fiji Homecoming float, "On to Toto Victory," won the Ki- wanis Club service trophy. The annual Community Service Award was given to the Phi Gams in 1966. Work for local char- ity and the BILEEH campaign consumed many "extra hours." The main effort of their year was to reinact honored Ways of 1966 when Fiji's took first place in U-Sing, Spring Festival's Carni and All-University Golf. As ii that wasn't enough to keep any group lousy, the Fiji's repeated the success of their annual parties. The Ieif Duo with the Phi Psis, a Winter Formal and the overflowing Fiji Island orgy managed social notice on the University campus. TOP ROW: Jim Lyons, Joe McGraw, Bill McCutchen, Steve Morain, John Moyers, John Mummy, Robert Nash, Charles Neighbor. Chris Nelson. Bob Nicolazzi, Bill Ostlund. ROW 2: Randy Patterson, Fred Perkins, George Perry. Dave Proctor. Steve Putman, Allan Rauch, Chet Rauch, Tom Roberson, Lennie Ruggeveer, Steve Rubin, Ed Sayre. ROW 3: John Scheda, Burl Sealls, Bob Shields, Rick Schlegel, Steve Shul- lain, Charles Sleichter, Larry Stelter, Larry Striebinger, Bob Synhorst, Ron Terrill. Tim Smith. ROW 4: Dave Snyder, Tim Weissinger, John Welch. Fred Wesley, Ron Wesley, Tom Wilcox, John Whisnant, Dave White, Don Wirtz, Harry Wirtz, Jamie Zanios. Ken Anderson, Jack Bair. Bruce Barnes, Tom Bice, Chris Biornstad, Bill Blakesley. Doug Boatrnen, Steve Burger, Sieve Caswell, Tom Cilek Tom Com is 1 P ano, Bill Conkling. John Curtis, Doug Daw- son, Bob DeKock. Paul Dlugosch, Bob Doran, Steve Rhlers, Tom Ek- strom. Phi Psi receives IFC Trophy for scholarshzp The Phi Psis again took pride in the success of its individual members: among these was Student Senate vice-president Iohn Rupp. Mike Wolfe was Spring Festival Chairman and head of IFC Scholarship. Other Phi Psis participated in Union Board, Project Aid and Greek Week. The brothers turned out to cheer for the Phi Psis on athletic teams. These individual achievements .Were joined with efforts of the house as a group. A new inscription of the IFC trophy for scholarship indicated united academic work. A party was giv- en for Mrs. Ruth Clausen to celebrate her ten years as house- mother. The annual social functions, along With a party given for the patients at the Crippled Childrens Hospital, served to complete a fulfilling year . Phi Psi's share everything equally. leven trophies?l l l W Phi Kappa Psi PRESIDENT Sfeve McGuire TOP ROW: John Fieselman, Marky Frih, Jerry Frosi, Ken? Grieshaber, Sieve Hamilion, Dave Hoak, Bob Houghion, Jack Hudson, Al Jones. ROW 2: John Kelly, Bob Liclman. Sieve McGuire, Bill Miller, Craig Miller, Mike Mondane. Rick Nesirud. Bill Newland, Jeff Newland, ROW 3: Rick Nielsen, Bob Noun, Terry Paul. Bob Peiers, Chris Phillips Tim Pierce, Joe Plank, John Rupp. Scofi Schlieveri. ROW4 Phil Schroeder, Kirk Sirauss. Cliff S+rou+ner, Dan Syverson Lynn Wilzlblood, Mike Wolfe, Bob Woodbury. John Work Buzz Yafes. 1 Phi Kappa Szgma mzkes mcmzy for Projkci AID The Phi Kaps once again chose 12 University beauties to adorn the pages of the annual coed calendar. The girls were screened, then individually interviewed by a board. The money earned from selling these calendars went to Project AID. The men placed second in the all-University College Quiz Bowl and participated in various campus activities. They claim- ed vice-president of Iunior Inter-Fraternity Council UIFCJ, state treasurer oi the Young Republicans and business manager of the Hawkeye. The winter formal and the Black and Gold spring formal were the biggest parties of the year sponsored by the Phi Kappa Sig- ma fraternity. TOP ROW: Al Anderson. Dave Arlaclier, Al Balslw, Warren lorcl. Tom Gilman. Ken Grosz, John l-lasenmiller, Qary Hai- Barney, Guy Bilelc, Marty Bernstein, Bob Berzinslci, Terry char, Gary Hensley, Dale Johnson. Frank Juvan, Jim Kelly. Boobyer, Joe Britenbucher. ROW 2: Pat Carey, Bob Cline. ROW 4: Pat Kinny, Bill King, -Dick King, Tom Kozel. Doug Bob Dahl, Rod Donagliy, John Donohoe, Chuck Eldridge. Kozel. Larry Laborcle, Loren Leitelcow, Rich McKnight, Dave Mike Feiler, Jim Ferguson, Mike Franklin. ROW 3: Joe Gay- Mattison. l -l l ii iillliii "' ' Sfrong backs: minds? Phi Kappa Sigma PRESIDENT Milne Shea TOP ROW: Earl Maxwell, Jeff Melcher, Sieve Orion, Dick Pur- nell. ROW 2: Ron Reidesel. Tom Schirman, Michael Shea, Gary Shera. ROW 3: Greg Sieh. Bob Sinorfe, Reid Spencer, Larry Vandermalen. ROW 4: Dave Verploeg, John Vespa. John Wal- ker. Gary Woodhouse. Pi Kappa y A419641 PRESIDENT Ted Johnson TOP ROW: John Amoni. Gary Barkey, Bill Bickeil, Jol-in Fred Eggers, Norman Ellioif, Randy l-leim, Ray Heimbuciw Burlcarr, Roberlr Clark. Greg Clark. Larry Cole. ROW 2: Paul I-licks, Gil Hi+cl1cock, John Howar. ROW 4: Rick l-luss Sieve Combs, Ken Coupland, Mike Curris, Doug Delperdang. Bill Jakubsen, Jim Johnson, Ted Johnson, Keiih Klaver, Ern- Marly Delperclang. Dick Dennis, Dennis DeSirey. ROW 3: es+ Kosek. Randy Long, Fred Lunclin. A former governor of Iowa High above the Iowa campus, atop "Pike's Peak," the men of Pi Kappa Alpha again had a full year of activities. Homecoming, always a big event, brought a former Iowa governor, Leo A. Hoegh, a Pike alum, back to the compus for the festivities. Pikes participated in campus activities this year, with IFC officers, Dolphins, student senators and president of the fresh- man Pharmacy class in their house. Service projects included a Christmas party for handicapped teen-agers, complete with skits and Christmas carols. Pikes also held a basketball clinic at the Community Recreation Center for fifth and sixth grade boys on Saturday mornings. The yearfs social highlights included the Pike Purple Passion Party, a notorious affair, and the Dream Girl Formal. Flag at half mast again-tl1a1t'stwo pledges Charles McCosh. Bill Mc- Gee, Dan McG-revey, Rick Miller, Bruce Moore, Bob Penwell. David Peters, Keith Pick- ett, Tom Potthott. Drew Schrader. Steve Seymour. Keevin Shultz. Steve Sinn, Randy Sprout, Todd Straus. Joseph Tsia- kals, Vince Vincent, Paul Wallcer. vzlrzts the Pz7ee5 in two weeks. i Sigma A417110 Eivszfon PRESIDENT Lee Endsley TOP ROW: Paul Ausfin, Thomas Balzer, Brad Beer, John Black- man. ROW 2: David Bonior, James Brown. Jack Burns, Joseph Burns. ROW 3: Gary Calhoun, Charles Carlson, Michael Den- nis, Joe Deere. ROW 4: Richard Edwards. Gerry Fehn, Fred Feuchfer, David Gidel. The SAE "CaIerfKz'lIer', stood out for orzgzmzlzly The "fighting" tradition of the Lions led the SAE's again this year. From participation on the football field, to members on the baseball and swimming teams, the Lions battled for victory. Off the playing field, the Lions fought for and Won the IFC Scholarship Improvement trophy. - Going along with this range of activity, the SAE's gave a party for the handicapped at the Children's Hospital. 'Pre-Homecoming revelry did not hamper the first-place effort for the originality of the "Cater Killer." Socially, inner tubes floated down the Iowa River during the Pigeon Creek Massacre. The SAES that recovered continued in the Lion tradition for an active and rewarding year. TOP ROW: William Goodwin, Thomas Green, John Hadley Ron Johnson, Thomas Kabat, Mirrel Kephart, Stephen Koserl Gary Kristan. Robert Lande, Stephen Langlas. ROW 2 Stephen Lanning, Bill Lannom, John Lindell, Mike Linden Roger Lucier, Michael Lyman, Charles Marshall, Richard Mc: Cleary. Thomas Murray, John Petriclt. ROW 3: Peter Pohl- mann, Richard Querrey, Dan Randa, Lewis Randa, Franklin Renner, Tony Renzo, John Roott, Donald Schaper, Ronald Schaper, Marty Schuchat. ROW 4: Bill Shellenberger, Tim Simmons, Russ Smith, Phillip Strohm, Patricia Stopulos, James Stuart. Russell Sumlca, James Swift, Guy VanclerLinden, Jon Yanlcey. Dean Bartholomew. Art Beclian, John Blackburn. Norm Briggs, Bob Burlcle. Charles Carpenter. Steve Chaitos, Dick Clark, Jack Crosley, Vern Dan' ielson, Joe DeRyke, Joe Dixon. Mike Ebbing, Jim Fell, John Fisher, Rich Flesvig, Bob Goddard, Bob Gra- ham. Slgmd Chzk Sponsor 2151 annual Derby Dayy Round up several hundred Coeds, give each of them a black derby, promise them trophies, and what is the result? The Sig- ma Chis say it Was one of the best Derby Days since the be- ginning of the event twenty-one years ago. The lite of a Sig Chi had its serious moments too, as they campaigned for the "Mile ot Dimes" charity project and spon- sored a tree-decorating party for the handicapped children. Several times a month they invited -a faculty or administration member to eat dinner with them. A special girl captured the hearts of the Sigma Chis and she Was crowned the "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" during the spring formal. Active or not, gross activity will not be tolerated in this house! 'il Sigma Cfzz' PRESIDENT Joe Pollock TOP ROW: Bob Griffin, Tom I-lay. Joe Handwerk, Jim ler, John Mueller, Roger Mildensiein. Ron Moeller, Kenf Op- Hankei, Howard Hines, Sieve Hodoway, Craig lniermill. iueim, Joe Pollock. Dave Reid. ROW 4: Don Schreiber, Sieve ROW 2: Warren Jones. Dave Juddish. Jim Kerr, Tom Klein, Smiih, John Siewarf, Tim Sullivan, Mike Tabler, Don WiH'e, Bob Lamb, Bob Lemon, Dave Marion. ROW 3: Jerry Muei' Tim Zaayer. Szgma us are active in campus event: The Sigma Nus have a new housemother, Mrs. Myrtle Ents- minger. She had a busy schedule managing her men, for the Sigma Nus proved to be campus pace-setters once again, tak- ing part in Union Board, Spring Carnival, the University Sing, and the Homecoming Badge sale. Not only were the Sigma Nu men book hounds, but they were athletic as Well, with Phil Major and Paul Usinowicz in toot- ball, lim Kearney in golf, and other members in baseball and wrestling. They were victorious in the 1966 basketball intra- rnurals and placed second in softball. ' The Sigma Nu social calendar was stocked with annual par- ties and dances, beginning in December with the White Rose Formal: followed in the Spring by the Casino and the High School Harry Parties. TOP ROW: Randy Allen, Greg Andrews, Ben Barker, Bob ROW 3: Kevin I-laniclc, Steve Hansen. Steve. Harris, Bob Beck, Terry Boettcher. Rich Bragg, John Brewer. Paul Cassil, Hertz, Bill Holt, Bob Jenks. Jerry Jessen, Mike Johnston. Steve Cavanaugh. Trainer Criii. ROW 2: Parlcer Crouch. Steve Jones. ROW 4: Terry Keenan. Mike Kellen, Al Kxrts. Ray Davis, Joe Diehl. Bill Edwards, Ken Epperson, Jim Evans. John Laughton, Dave Lawerence, Ken Lewis, Dave Lockhart. Ned Ewart, Jim Gerard, Tom Gilbert, Craig l-laesemeyer. John Lundquist, Mike McShane. Szggma u PRESIDENT bun Winne'H i i TOP ROW: Sreve Minikus. Mali Nauman, Jim Nunn, Greg Pearsaul. ROW 2: Rick Perersen, Mike Richmann, Bob Rosene. Terry Saforek. ROW 3: Don Schnurr, Kermii' Sufron. Craig Tay- One more meal like fhar, Mrs. Sasina.and inro lhe pol you lor. Dick Toon. ROW 4: Pere Trorrer, Paul Usinowicz, Mark QQ! Wilson, Don Winneff. Szgmzz Phi Elvszlon PRESIDENT Roger Servison TOP ROW: Bob Allen, Fred Arnold, Bob Barnsey, Doug Balcheller, Dennis Baxler, Rudy Becicka, Bill Booker, Jim Bur- ler, Gary Calacci, Bill Challecl, John Cord, Jim Currie. ROW 2: Bill Edwards, Sieve Edwards, Bob Ehlers, Jim Erickson. Nick Esders, Ken Esler, Roy French, Bob Ganz, Dave Gleason, Al Goldsberry, Mac Goldsberry, Mac Graham. ROW 3: Jim Harris, Chuck Hubbard, Jeff Jepsen, Jack Kaaua. Jim Kah- ler, John Kaiser, Ron Kaplan, Larry Kellerhals, Don Klove, John Koppenhaver, Don Lamp, Ed Lemons. ROW 4: Rex Maurer, Mac McCauslancl, Dan McLean, Jim lvlikelson, Gary Miller, Corey lvlinnich, Dick Moore, Greg Moore, Hugh Mossman, Bill Naryka, Larry Orvis, J. D. Palmer. Dean Palos, Joe Pruess, Larry Reppe. Jim Roch- otte, Bill Ronzani, Roger Servison, Clarence Slite. Gary Smith, Joe Spreitzer, George Stamos, Dave Stock, Jim Strieby, Gary Sundermann, Rick Thiele. Bob Thompson, Richard Underkoiler, Dave Ver- medahl, AI Way, Bob White, Bart Whitman. Van Zimmer. S151 Epi form Golden Hearts AHXZ'ZZlZI97 The men oi Sigma Phi Epsilon were out to capture the hearts of the Coeds of the University of Iowa. To make the Sig Eps a name on every girl's lips they gave the annual Rose Serenade, and formed the Golden Hearts Auxiliary, thirty girls chosen from the coeds on campus, to help with various service projects. Besides actively participating in intramurals, they claimed the outstanding business student, Roger Servison. Again this year, the Sig Eps had two spirited Cheerleaders, Bill Booker and Hugh Mossman. The week of April 16 commemorated the anniversary ot fifty years on campus, celebrated by a dance, banquet and ground- breaking ceremonies for the new addition. Have you ever seriously thought about pledging Sigma Phi Epsilon? Golden Hearts auxiliary that is. Szgma Pz' PRESIDENT Dan Nicol TOP ROW: Mrs. Biddle, Mike Barry, Douglas Beeler, Ken Ben- harf. Adrain Binkercl. ROW 2: John Bishop, Bill Boudinof, Jim Brown, Dale Cochran, Cligg Complon. ROW 3: John Corcoran. Mike Cunningham, Sieve Daggs, Dean Deerberg. Mike Donohue. ROW 4: Dave Erickson, Denny Fargo. Jim Federhart Barry Fish. Sieve Grouell. f E You say you drive a Corveife? - Welcome 'ro lhe house Sigma Pi wins fzrst place for float beauty "And first place in beauty goes to Gamma Phi Beta and Sig- ma Pi." This announcement made all the late nights and brain storming sessions appear worthwhile and left each Sigma Pi with renewed enthusiasm for the remainder of l-lomecorningz Many alumni visited their alma mater during the festivities and the Sig Pts honored them at buifets and dances. ln addition to maintaining an excellent academic record, the men have shown leadership on campus by having Randy Swisher in Student Senate, lim Brown in the Freshman Intern Program and members in IFC, Project Aid and Union Board. Social activities included the Roman Toga Party, hayrides and an annual winter formal which was held in Chicago. ! , , TOP ROW: Delos Hansen, Jim Hageman. Bill Heitmier. ROW 3: Grant Paulsen Larry Pinnow Ronald Poole Fred Dave Holm, John House. Keith Koppernol, Dave Krull, John Rueter. Tom Renquist Al Rossmann Robert Schrade Dave Kunciel, Hugh Leo. Jim Loeb. ROW 2: Jim Lyon, Troy Mc- Schroll, Barry Silbaugh ROW 4 James Smith Jim Stewart Bride, Gary Mcivlinimee. Allen Mira, Tom iviowry, James Marla Stewart Randy Swisher John Templer ivillce Thomas Munns. Dan Nicol, Jett Norcleen, Bill O'Hearn, Glenn Paul. Bill Waxenberg Ed William Ed Zastrow John Allender, Tom Alt- Fillis h Mark Bainhill C . Craiq Best. David Blaha, Bill Bowen, Dave Bunce. Cov Butch. Doug Carlson Don Collins, Chris Craves. Ron Davis, Edward Eden TEKE starts new chapter at the U of I Tl1ere's nothing like 1967 marks the iirst time Tau Kappa Epsilon has been a mem- ber of the University of Iowa Greek system. Iowa was the last of the Big Ten schools to start a TEKE chapter. The newest chapter on campus was pleased to learn that their alumni had provided money tor the acquisition ot a house. The Tekes will be using it tor the first time in the fall oi 1967. Every member Worked tirelessly and the active talent paid oft as they Won the Best Show trophy in the Spring Festival. Their spirit Was matched by the pledges when they acquired a traditional TEKE victory bell. Social events played a prominent roll in their life with spring and winter tormals, exchanges which included a party tor child- ren in University hospitals, and the traditional Kappa Ann Party. Teke home cooking to keep you strong and healthy. Taa Kappa 510517011 PRESIDENT Doug Carlson TOP ROW: Jim Goelz. John Degreve, Jim Gugle, John son. John Richard. ROW 3: Rolo Dixon, Jim Slcarda, James Hansen, Gary l-lopson, Bill lrvine, Dick Kerns, Denny Lein- Smilh, Jim Sleelman, John Sleelrnan, Kenlon Tomey, Sieve loaugh. ROW 2: Charles Lawhead, Patrick Moore, Tom Op- Winninger, Mike Worley. pold, Jeff Permann, Frank Plofsky, Wal+ Prenfice, Greig Raw- ,.,s:,X ,mm f -z. , ' 1, -MBS "" n "wv'u'u"w G- -X ggi , H H" ,XXW M H XX H.. ,N I ,X ' ..- ,ew 'A W' ' Qsifdgff, u EFX uf ' V21-5 4 w 1 I, ,"f L 1 w I "sf ' XXXXu H N pl X H XXHXXX, H. H, r + 1 , X XX,, XL, , :pq-: U s,g. . 1-.-N X. hg e X 'G' ' 1 - . .. 1 35 ll 1 rm-,-W .-f ' L ' ' , W 'X J, X X - .Mn ,Muff-:ix Q igg HX' fe 7 'O " 1, Q f :Q ' gi :Q ogi . f 3 4 .Z I ' - u . , . ' XX 4 4 X . I H, , 5, Q af ,. ... L. . Q H ' -1 as 4 ,- ,'f?""' ""fi 1 R- . I i ' X E A W ss' f " I '-A - '41 -1- ,-as-sf '-.w.a'. 4' 1 - V " nf: ,A ng gg f -- 1- -:jg --'fl ff . . ,ew :fn nc is A ' X. . .. - - :HE rr' gf l 'nw f-Q, .X -..n no ' + I 2 a 5 - K Q - - N X A ' X X 7 ' .g, , ., 'i " . ',n3:T"9T"' Li " ' N' w Xu XX XXXw ww' X H X X w 5 73" - X--v. 3 9 LQXXX w w XX X :A xr" X X XX W W - fi X Q XXX 1 1 . , 5 35 , , 4 -E,'1f'i's' ' Y ' V, ,H ' ' ' , u X w XX N.. X. H 'EQQXW X gi. X XXX ,Q , -:r:wz'- ,- ' X5 - ,L . -'Ei' -. fl X ,M I X is ' "' , , wuz: , , , w"' -...N XXMQXXEXXX... f uf, NXXX... 2 XX... H' -QXXQX f. X X XX . -' X I Y, X :f X, ' ' 1 if ' ' X1 V ' - ., :LZ AI ' K ' If V5-0' .i N f , , N W r X Q . V - - -',. .-'r-153: L I1 .? 5 1 W , 1 s gf ' . if Ya I l lm '?'GPie,"' P " 312 'fHF'i7 , :iff "Ja-ink-if iw A " ww-is--y -9 ' , -, .,-' w' ' J ,Viai -- A-'-W :L': fL'a','ff21.. l1i W' u'i4!i!:f"'l1.ikfc9 MIR- .. ,- ' Q11-gf, :wg adfgi :HL 5 , W, l 11 041.1 ,nav vgiagi, H 'V -'-'fu--1 T' :. QQM- vx .4 L-: ' iw- 5f'3If'? ' 25522-gfifi L 'I ' wr x.:',:.1'V,w.r-:UQ ,. f4qf:.:Qf1.M2vrnQ.'- 1 ' :gynb .-,:Q,lgl,1.,-,I-,.,,L,V.,. 2.1, ,val ,. ,ll Y J? N ,.V . ---'e-,asf-,mf uw. 11--lf. -It F' iw ,Q A '1 -., ew-v ff f , 1 -f T- 515411 ' - 'i -' W ' L, ,iffy l21'e51f-zfwzargvffrfzu'.-:.5-if-5 ,1- Pr, w Q,-,Z ' . -2 1 -. fi .-wil: -,f .. v' "if1!I,f-5251 LT355' L P12 f ' ,l,'L5'f2l27"'f1',. , " 4 ' ,MENU '41 ffl' 1 '1'lS"W'l' "' .J ing ,,1,:'g.- - .-wg,,f,.,--FL,1-1?.- 54 egg 31, V MQ, 1 .r girl-fy--:gg-, ' 'Haifa Ly Jia..-f 'V 4, f::f.E ,, A, gg:-M gre--,X 39I ff"-Q .. . ,O r , ' ' ' 'QQ 2-fin F' 1' :'7En-- ev 4: . 4 '4 Ilia E31 i 5 5 4 va r Q .,,,, N 1 i in v r ,, v ' , Q- 1 1 24-'-11' 19' .elf-1" i. e' : 5-'fi it -Q at if "'k'1"'!?25l',' - Y ,ii-' 37' in . .' S? -C -'f'15r""1:l5Vffi1!'L3'r ' ' ' ' ' Ulf.:--CD9 ii. ' -4- .A ,,,, -2- pf- - -11 - 4- mai., -.f 1. A , r .. ,,,rfsw:f'x, N ar. fu , .,. l,,,,4 - ,ii e - M ig.-5...i,., , V . ii ,. -,, 4 ,ms .f,f:9-3,,5gs.,g,i,s.1't,1,-1. , v M i. 1 if ,f M, in i iii M 1 J i 114 -P I -K V3 it , . , M .-i... M T . ', l-, , xx . V is-E ev Afsoczkzizkm of Reszkfence Halls UIARI-I stands tor University of lowa Association ot Resi- dence Halls, which is in the planning stages as successor to the old lnterdorm Presidents Council. More active than the past organization, it will try to serve as a communications link be- tween residence halls and University offices, giving Iowa a true interhall group. Inlerdorm Soczkzl Board A smashing social year was proven by a Halloween mixer on the river bank, "Fire and Ice," the winter dinner-dance at the Elk's Lodge, and the annual Spring Formal. These were planned by the lnterdorrn Social Board which is comprised of representatives oi the various dorrns. FROM LEFT: Jerome Beckman, Joe Ros- mann, Francie l-lornstein, Jan Meiclies. Linda lhrlce, Eric Morris, Karin Gleamza, Barb Halverson, Louise Duvall, Nancy Parziale, Robert Cook. BOTTOM ROW: Susanne Olson, Linda Otner. Neil Simon, Maria Ambrose. Yvonne l-leims, Bernadette Salary. ROW 2: Jan Luckenbill, Juanita Meyer, Rick Schaal, Pat Maggio, Jack James, Mar- tha Stephenson, Kathy Kielusialc. x tive! if Downs l GENERAL COUNCIL TOP ROW Becky Baumerae Pam Bromberg Dorothy Con- Koehn, Jan Luclcenbill, Barbara Mayer, Barb Meeker, Juanita non Jean Deshaw Louise Duvall Dons Gubson Jan Herald, Meyer, Pam Misteldt, Valinda Pearson, Connie Rosenthal, Pat Jenkins Penny Karber VIClCI King BOTTOM ROW: Liz Sue Starkweather. The 'Daley News U keeps Daley House ulvftofdate Daley girls give their support and sponsorship to many or- ganizations this year. Active participation in intramurals, the Daleyettes, Derby Days and soliciting for Bileeh were a few of the programs they were active in. The house newspaper, "Daley News," continued its success in publishing poetry, articles, and coming events. A Valen- tine's Day party wi'd'1 handicapped children, special programs for Dad's Day and Mother's Day, cozies for the fun of it, and a tloat that took second place in the Homecoming parade put the finishing touches on a big year tor most Daley girls. The new- ly elected officers in the spring were challenged to keep up the tradition of activities. ...l-. ,". Y .V .I qs a .1 1 ' ll . wg I-T .,, - '- " , ', 'rl f, ' . 1' sr. DALEY PRESIDENT Louise Duvall WW C C S secouo FLooR BOTTOM ROW: Diana Brown, Karen Moshy, Nancy Lange, Julie Woodhouse, Becky Baumeier, Juaniia Meyer, Chris Dyskow, Sue Slarkwealher. Ellen Reznelc, Sandra Rickerr, Julia Novak, Judifh Albrecht ROW 2: Mary Riche, Barb Prior, Elaine Walker, Sandy Spencer, Donna Sissel, Linda Dealey. Jan Afherron. Jo Simmons, Ann Dellefsen, Beverly Ruzek, Jeanne Curris, Kay Hadley, Colelre Koesrer, Connie Grand- sraff. ROW 3: Lynne Moore, Carol Orr, Diane Foss, Calhy Boiron, Cyndy Gregory, Debby EllioH', Carolyn Higgins, Marsha Hamilfon, Susan Hummel, Jill Reed, Marilyn Oseiler, Sharon Schwereier. i THIRD FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Judifh Beese, Sue Anderson, Janice Her- ald, Tamara Prenosil, Jolue Morgan, Joyce Prizler, Linda Graham. TOP ROW: Virginia Keller, Joyce Barbel, Ann Lockhart Nancy Howard, Vicky Beerner, Teresa Carradus, Joan Chrisrensen, Sue Chrisfiansen, Diane Lang. FOURTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Rufh Busla, Vicki King, Connie Rosenlhal, Barb Meeker, Liz Koehen, Louise Duvall, Barbara Ann Mayer, Doris Gibson, Chrisline Deming. ROW 2: Jean Bundren, Judifh Vielmeier, Mary Puefz, Verdene Lundell, Janice Zim- merman, Linda Carden, Pamela Bock, Lillian Nunheimer, Kay Chrislensen, Marilyn Swendson, Palricia Schneider. ROW 3: Trudy Probsr, Donna Cain, Keisleen Moore, Monica Renier, Linda Morrow, Carolyn Will, Janis Porler, Susan Soulis, Sandra Wilson, Kalhy Lienau, Debby Grour. ROW 4: Jane Raney, Chrisfine Donovan, Linda Smifh, Ronda Ridenour. Darol King, Mary Urban, Doris Ayres, Krislen Neofolisl. Linda Arllip, Cynlhia Kaloides. FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Rosalie Mesecher, Susan Kress, Jo Reese Sue Dennie, Susan Wylie, Jan Luckenbill, Kelcie Sue Melone Penelope Karber, Mary Kay Dudek, VaLinda Pearson, Kalb- leen Wehring. ROW 2: Pamela Misfeldr, Bonnie Spiker Karhy Glynn, Becky Craig, Peggy Shugarl. Elizabelh Sulerl Donna Kramer, Sue Rogness, Pal Thompson, Doris Heuer. Connie Gardner, Kalhy Eichman, Joan Voss. ROW 3: Carol Reier, Chris Whiling, Jean Blumgren, Mary Morse, Donna Elderkin, Linda Buchwaller, Melody Sclwerubel, Carol God- dard, Pam Gregor, Chris Fuhrmeisrer, Carol Mason, Linda Vollers, Dorolhy Cannon. GENERAL COQNCIL TOP ROW: Barb Bell, Pam Bergman, Mary Cain. Donnetta Kurth, Margo McVoy. Susan Olson, Nancy Parks, Judy Clayhorne, Mary Collins, Janet Day, Kathy Ewing, Marcia Pitschlce, Laura Reilly. Janet Ridenour, Judy Schwartz. Gard, Dianne Hay. BOTTOM ROW: Karin Gvlearnza, Karel McBr00m l1rzlUpz'b1 clams rezgning Dolvhzh ueen McBroom house operated smoothly on a revised constitution this year. Freshmen dominated the house council and strove to promote more floor unity and interest in McBroon'1 house govern- ment. Under the leadership of their strong council, they had a door decorating contest at Christmas, cozies to bring everyone together, and participation in Derby Days. During final Week they had extra-quiet hours to enable everyone to study. Residents of the house listened to faculty speakers conduct open forums, participated in double exchanges, organized skits and programs for Dads Day and Mothers Day and nominated Linda Pecaut, reigning Dolphin Queen. -SI , G-T3 A - , 3 .o. wk J- W :Ni 'li ,, 4 ,M McBROOM PRESIDENT Karin G-leamza SECOND FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Schwarfz, Janice Hoffman, Kalherine Schary Habacek, Barbara Bensing, Barbara Pa+1'ee, Georgann l-lamer, Sherri Smilh, Bonnie Kuslner, Marci Gard, Margo? Coslello, Carol Scoonover, Nancy Adams. Sally Macy, Jean McVoy, Marcia Konarslce, Jan Schneider, Jeanelle Croxell. Eclcels, Janice Bald. ROW 4: Mary McCarlhy, Calhy Hauer, ROW 2: Jean Anderson, Shirlie Smouse, Belh Rosenfeld. Cheryl Ann Goss, Florence Babbill, Jan Goelisch, Nancy Jennifer Davis. Barbie Hagen, Feorgie Mazzoli, Jeannie Parks, Judi Williamson, Bev Dabney, Marlene Masey, Susanne Tamse, Peggy Bowne, Suzanne Bainbridge, Judy Andersen. Olson. Candace Elliolf. ROW 3: Dianne Hay, Gail Van Grundy, ezqp ev .. "" ij v lk , U I Q THIRD FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Karcher. Sue Kunfz, Kalhleen Mc- ley Sleffe. Judi Wright ROW' Fern Goddard, Joan Clure, Janie Jonrz, Cafhy Jolly, Lois Renken. ROW 2: Sarah Grau, Kafhy Garriiy, Jay Dee, Krushne Keppfer, Linda Sands. Barnes, Lois Greenleaf. Lois Johnson, Colleen Maulfon, Shir- ' V, N SY i i - -'-in , -v V: W ' '. - :- ,, x 1 , U . Y' ,gan -- .1339 . - ' ' , Y 5, if A ' ' L .5 H v.: , Y ' -4 ff QL ' ii H :fr 'ws ' , ' fi ' -f '4 v ' 7 '- lg' U A . l B , L'Q .,,,f1 "i ' 'Ax 52, A , ' if 5 i FOURTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Juclilh Pilschlce, Connie Bergman, Karel Kurlh, Anila Ehrlich, Karin Gleazma, Judy Schwarlz. Calh- I-lawkinson, Palricia Flynn, Kaynelle Bablca, Kaihy Ewing, Su- san Parry, Judy Valesky. Palricia Scorr. Connie Alberf. ROW erine Rolh, Judy Palsch. ROW 2: Sandi Schaffer, Marqarer 4: Marcia Snwely, Cheryl Mullahy, Bonnie Leonhardt Sandy Doughly, Jymeann King, Connie Johnson, Barbara Berven. Barb Bell, Cynlhia Brann, Judilh Benz. ROW 3: Lierzie l-laal, Lynne Adolphson, Barbara Rohrbach, Jo McVey, Nan- cy Shivvers. FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Rosemary S+eckelberg, Barbara Laing, San- clra Gruerzrnacher, Slephanie Moor, Lyn Schlirf, Sharlene Swanson, Donnella Clayborne. Janel Ridenour, Kimberly Reevre, Ka+herine Meek, Mary Ann I-lerlel. ROW 2: Sheryl Whifesell, Vicloria Sauer. Susan Sommers. Sharon Fuiinalca, Janice Pelerson. Ruih Ellen Maflhias, Holly Laing, Anne Norlon, Susan Enqelkes, Toni Cecil. Joan Minilnus, Jackie Davis. ROW 3: Palricia Benson, Connie Warson, Ellen Mc- Namara, Julie Heinzelman, Dianne l-lolrlcarnp, Marcia Sle- phen, Terry Meyers, Judy Robson, Sandy Smilh, Kalhleen Ferry, Donna Jo Felzer. Lindy Perry. ROW 4: Kalhy Brady. Linda Blessing. Ann Larkin, Vicki Glowacki, Cheri Wagner. Darlene Richards, Carole Smidr, Sharyn Velclhuizen, Berry Goold, Karhy Johnson, Susan Wagner. 400 we GENERAL COUNCIL TOP ROW: Marilyn Arnold. Deborah Donovan. Kathleen Nancy Parziale. Lynne Riley, Diana Rodclen, Mary Royer, Kenny. Kathleen Kieluisak, Jacqueline Klnden, Carol Kubicek. Mary Ellen Sayre. Carolyn Koon. ROW 2: Judine Lemons, Nancy Mundy. M zbceng cozzkg mad skzts hzghlzght Wardellk year The girls in Wardell enjoyed more socially oriented activities than ever before. Their active freshman council sponsored ex- changes and mixers with various men's housing units, many floor cozies featuring food and skits, plus programs for their dads and moms on "their days." Many Wardell girls were active in student government, and others sang carols at the hospital to bring Christmas cheer dur- ing the holiday season. The music of the Iesters contributed to the atmosphere of one of their dinner exchanges at Rienow Hall. Ioining with the other houses of Burge, Wardell contrib- uted to the unity and enthusiasm of the Whole dorm. WARDELL PRESIDENT Nancy Parziale 'Y --- ' 1'1" - A E i iihia G' A . . 11, , L ,l -. m .-' u . . , ,. 1 e X N , . , .- . -- 6 'if' . . -a lv ,A E11 nj .. , I ' , 5 , V- y v. 1 L " li: "" fi ' -f" an-. SECOND FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Reda McNamee, Lynn Ashley, Connie Moore, Susan Kadow, Mary Royer, Carolyn Koon, Judine Lemons. Marilyn Slarlcs. Beverly Knake, Par Burda. ROW 2: Linda Knopf, Berry Geurinlc, Lora l-lowell, Sally Bleelcs, Cynlhia Kokiohn, Barbara Dodge, Belle Braclcway, Cafhy Iseminger, Cindy Crumrine, Margarel Johnson, Jean Schullz. ROW 3: Karen Schell, Carolyn Kick, Sue Wilkinson, Palricia Wright Jan Joyce, Barb Pinnell, Jan Siqlins, Marianne Cava- lier, Sharon Janson, Kalhryn Volk, Elaine Reese. ROW 4: Molly Shuhan, Dixie Johnson, Judilh Husfield, Carol Mc' Neely, Karen McNeely, Jane Schildrofh, Linda Siclcels. l THIRD FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Gale Bevis, Diane Gerke, Linda Cook, Pam Burns, Marilyn Rosengarden. Marilyn Arnold, Mary Enqwall, Mary Ellen Syre, Krisiine Olson. ROW 2: Mary Collins, Sandy Harris, Barbro Pelerson, Gloria Wirih, Deborah Green- field, Linda Gunn, Kalhy Kenny, Judy Shannon, Karen Dasady. Mielcka l-leddens. ROW 3: Deborah Bell, Dana Collins, Barb Crump, Tamela Johnson, Sheryl Hoogheem, Judy Drews, Marilyn Melling, Diane Paullus, Sara Budd, Ruih Dessel, Carol Kubicelc. ROW 4: Nadene l-larlman, Susan Biclcforcl. Norma Parker, Bonnie Veliericlc, Marqof Arrowsmilh, Char- lolle Krall, Joyce Croulhamel, Jane? Johnson, Mary Smyrh, Marlha Davis. FOURTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Joann Rhoads, Lucinda EllioH', Barbara Barlleli. Linda Sahlerly, Nancy Parziale, Rira Schweers, Angela Forbes. Mary Jo Swanson, Doris Peferson, Dianne Simpson. ROW 2: Pafricia Boyce, Nancy Mundy, Linda Lane, Judy Zieralh, Colleen Slirling, Kalhleen Kielusialc, Carol Myers, Barbara Bolle, Pafricia Simcox, Lynne Riley, Muriel Bell. ROW 3: Connie Klolz, Bonnie Minlxel, Jane Alcorn, Bonnie l-lolub. Judy Beciclca, Barb Lund, Karilyn Mead, Chrisiine Ales, Jacqueline Tiffany. Annefle Argall, Jean Sfark, Karhryn Koop, Donna Bruce. em ,,.,, . , .N... -' ,,1..,....., FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Debby Donovan, Carol Henry, Sharon ROW 3: Bev Balclcum, Laura Roudybush, Jan Bailey, Wendy Freund, Wilma Rains, Ka+hleen Dougherfy, Nina Brousseau. Garbers, Karhy Dollar, Par Mahoney, ROW 4: Dona Sch- ROW 2: Karen l-lass, Mary DeMarco, Peggy Anfinson, leqel, Julia Hebenslreir, Sally Elclredge. Karen Beason. Debbie Nardy, Belly Herrick, Mary Carmody, Phyllis Farrell. Dianne Daedlow, Linda Beyer. Carol Mullins. GENERAL COUNCIL ROW I' Janet Tliroclcmorton. Ranclee Schairoth, Karen Robe Marecelc, Jean Layton, Marcia Kyle Jan lhrrq Lavonne Ho L I I-I P 'r Dou an, Jeanne Derner erts, Janet Osincup. Linda Oiner, Kay Mille. Kathreen Mc- ter, esie anau, a q Ewing, Mary Ann McEvoy, Elizabeth McCord. ROW 2: Anne Active Wellman wrztes letters to solelzers in Wet am Many activities-service, social, and academic were spon- sored by the energetic Wellman girls this year. Service projects, including letters to the men in Viet Nam and the organization oi language tables in the cafeteria to help those taking a foreign language, headed the list of activities. The house sponsored an advisor from the faculty to encourage closer relations between iacutly and students. Wellman was also represented on a panel that participated in College Quiz Bowl. Exchanges, post-midterm parties, and serni-finalists in the Miss U oi I Pageant and Miss Perfect Proiile contest topped a year oi exciting social events. WELLMAN PRESIDENT Pat Dougan .,...-ff-f' ',, .. wr? ,- ,, ,Xian SECOND FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Karhy Conner. Nancy Brody, Susan Reich- wald, Janel Neyrneyer, Joann Laylon, Elizabelh McCord, Leslie Klein, Rufh Faye Jaeclcel, Carol Cavanaugh, Chris Greene, Louise Kiefer, Linda Sforfenbeclcer. ROW 2: Jo Ryburn, Cheryl Milder, Dianne Dennis, Karen Tadloclc, Diane Zornig, Kalhy Shimp, Befh Ann Bane, Conslance Reynolds, Mary Jane Trumbauer, Nancy l-lerrig, Par I-lirf, Cheryl Haf- ner, Fran Fleck. ROW 3: Lorefla Brosnahon, Nancy Gard- ner, Iris Jane Gross, Linda Knight Lynn Andrews, Marsha Sabill, Cindy Veber. Robin Skolnilc, Suzanne Fry, Carole Johnson, Lorna Madden, Kalhy Weslerhausen. ROW 4: Mary Pal Disney, Linda Spiller, Nancy Burns, Michele Wood. Karen Baum. Barbara Hemphill, Par Werl, Susan Rule, Nancy Millcenf, Janef Arnd+. 1' L ila 1 ' 2 A ' i ,, ,L ., We: T. THIRD FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Sherry Glazer, Linda Ofner. Linda Spencer, Andrea Shindler, Janel Throclcmorron, Dixie Brusich, Pam Townsend, Della Brewer. ROW 2: Joann Brown, Sherrie Liplcowilz. Marlene McAllis+er, Pam Warson, Anne Freyer, Sheila Naun, Jean Sipe, Be'Hy Johnson. Linda Leyerle, Viclci Shinn. ROW 3: Marqarel' O'Dea, Nancy Johnson, Dawn Liqhllioof, Margarer deWir, Beverly Slires, Susan Sanders, Linda Lawrence, Ellen Falconer, Jane Sandhagen, Donna VVhi'Hy. ROW 4: Deborah De Gunlher. Eileen Fons. Phyllis Sherrnan, Jean Cypher, Mary Knoebel, Lavonne l-loier. Kale Nlllilliamson, Jan lhrig. Mary Ann McEvoy, Jeanne Derner. FO U RTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Kaihleen McEwing, Rosemary Drobnich, Leslie l-lanau, Karen Roberis, Pai Douqan, Marsha Kyle. Anne Marecek, Dale Wells, Donna Mariin, Judi Messmer. ROW 2: Chris I-luii, Sue Schreiber, Elizalseih Way, Phyllis Elperin, Judy Balcar. Maureen Russell, Debi Peiersen, Michele Wheeler, Nora Pelerson, Marfha Camp. Linda Kingsley. ROW 3: Elaine Green. Mary Alexander, Sandi Brown, Eslher Vilmonf. Jan Beriield, Kaihleen Pilz, Grace Brooks, Judy Solheim, Linda Johnson, Pamela Downing, Karen Cross. Cheryll McLane. ROW 4: Laurel Wilken, Jacqueline Gar- rani, Linda Siern, Sandra Johnson, Vicki Barkema, Carol An- derson, Mary Davis, Linda Handy, Jane Kauffman, Linda Mullin, Linda Slunlz. v ,, il up 4 A i , V ' v , 1 'l 4- AA. FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Beiiy Shumaie. Chris Barden, Marilyn Siarkrnan, Janei Osincup, Margie Johnson, Priscilla Papal, Deanne Gunderman. ROW 2: Karen Davis, Sue Junor, Teresa Briggs, Kim Crecelius, Kaie Mills. Nancy Larson, Ginny Slaley, Karen Sroher. ROW 3: Leslie Cox, Mariha l-J? ,ii Birkeli, Carol Tures, Aniia Besre, Voncla Siarmer. Carolyn Pals, Marilyn Hughes. Sherri l-lollison. ROW 4: Susan Mil- ler. Carol Kemp, Diana Kremenak, Carol l-lariwell, Louise Puls, LaVonne Goode. ALL BURGE COUNCIL BOTTOM ROW: Judy Palsclm Calherine Roth, Christine ROW 3: Jan llwriq. Judy Schwartz, Dorollwy Cannon. Louis Deming, Karin Gleazma. ROW 2: Sue Slarkweallner, Karen Duvall, Nancy Parziale. Roberts, Elizabeth McCord, Carolyn Koon, Judine Lemons. Burge girls work busibf together for ez better dorm "lf only 2-l'2 equalled 5." Mike Faino and Joyce Besuiclc find studying cozy in Burge lobby. Nfl. igning on 'rhe doffed line for dinner are Julie Deems and Ka+l1y Pederson. Texfbooks are never as in+eresHng as magazines. ' 1 ' I.:n1s '-. 111111 E ,X 'Y ai W' X 1112: .-:Q ' :-..... :r--- ,' if ., A-1 -" -.,, 'XR E ' JL- Q21 "And fhen he said 4 08 NTq .ani GENERAL COUNCIL ROW I: Nancy Carlson, Judy Clayton, Marita Eberline, McKee. Karen Moore, Ellen Mowen, Mary Perlwam, Ruth Judy German, Liz Gilbert, Susan Harmon, Susan Hyslop. Thomas, Jill Wiley. Linda llwrlce. ROW 2: Judy Johnson, Louise Johnson, Sue Kale Daumiv float wzhs the Elk? Club Trophy Speakers Whose topics ranged from how to choose your dia- mond to What to buy men for Christmas were part of the activ- ities that changed the daily routine of campus life for Kate Daum girls. During orientation faculty members from student health and counseling service spoke to the girls. After their Homecoming float took the Ellis Club Award, Kate Daurn spirit continued to shine on through the holiday season, which ended with candlelight caroling With Burge Hall. The council worked through the year to reorganize the gov- ernment and reassign committee duties. KATE DAUM PRESIDENT Linda lhrke 77 e ' N ,- Ai , . y nr ', I T .3 1 Y ,. .P 1 i, .sv I , W K - . ' mf FIRST FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Joan l-laclcley, Shirley Bahnsen, Susan Hy- sop, Sheila Diclcson, Marilyn Jensen, Connie Smilh. ROW 2: Susan Beckman, Ann-Bronwyn Thummel, Barbara Mores, Karen Moore, Lonalee Cram, Sandre Duwa, Carol Wilson. ROW 3: Corrine Cremers. Pamela Ellison, Myrna Oleson, Vicki Kuehl, Linda Cremers. ,, QM L.. . sins i ' ' SECOND FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Joanne Housel. Cheryl Haaclz, Sue Camp- bell. Donis Baali, Rennee lovson, Linda John, Connie Norlon, Faye Samuelson. ROW 2: Keni Maqoon, Rulh Kamson, Kafhy Johnsron, Kale Kelehen, Jane Lehman, Jacquelyn Difrrich, Diane Herlaerger, Jane Kaaling, Linda Sanders. ROW 3: Mary l-lernbera. Carmen l-leilenburg, Lincla Seilz. Carolyn Spilman, Grerchen Groverl, Judy Mahan, Jill Wiley, Barbara Masfers, Cheryl Cook. Row 4: Barbara Slelobins, Susan Harmon, Mary Berh Reecly, Nanci Gahan, Peggy Porler, Carla Zuehllce, Karhie Perersen, Susan Van l-lull. 3- I 9 Mi ll 1 L if V EFA f fr by .A y 1 3, "', . - ,' m,,f. ' :ez- .qy ll vv i ' 9 THIRD FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Phyllis While, Virginia Meyer, Pamela Palflerson. Ellen Mowen. Joan Perry, Ginny Orlo, Connie Mandi. ROW 2: Rurh Schmidt Mary Jane Carfwrighr. Ellen Sayre, Pam Klocksiem, Sarah Quinn, Cheri Welp, Suzanne Seyb. ROW 3: Joyce Larsen, Sherry Creps, Lincla Van Donslaar, Debbie Smilh, Belh Menlce, Rosemary Ver- Sreeqh. ROW 4: Sheila Daniels, Janlincla Basrian, Chris Landon, Pamela Buresh, Carole Calza. va M4.i.J',Tf- fwlf' Q ' A, i flj. FOURTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Carol Chesnul, Cynrhia Charlson, Helen Anne Mahl, Nancy Allnerfy. ROW 3: Sue Hari, Sandy Polrholf, Sharon Budde, Susan Day, Jo Marie Roney. ROW 2: Linda lhrke, Carol Schraeder, Jody Slampl, Carol Schell, Nictlgel, Kaihy Jenison, Caihy Burchelr, Cheri Vahl, Kafhlene Boy . FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Pam Beranek, Kalhy Feller, Jan Brady. Dixie Bond, Michele Frisch. ROW 3: Louise Johnson, Vicki Judy Eosler, Penny Beranek, Sandra Hammers, Eileen Lundy. l-lursl, Ann Robar, Ann Byers, Mary Lee Schmiiz, Elaine Judy German. ROW 2: Pal Schiavoni, Carol Krob, Karen Mclnlosh, Pam Smiih, Kalhy Pedersen, Wendy Schamloerger. Blair, Mikel Cooper, Cheryl High. - T ' 'T W T TT SIXTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Joan Younquisf. Krisline Oddsen, Gwen- dolyn Chuck, Mary Lynn Harvey, Mary Jane l-lodson, Adele Slock, Linda Powers. Janeice l-lolz, Vicky Oil. ROW 2: Karen Shade. Joan Ranniger, Bonnie Luelh, Cindy Landes. Pam l-lunie, Carol Milchell, Linda Chrislensen, Ann Merkel, Sue Willig. ROW 3: Charloile Ingram, Jean Beary, Ellen Prehn. Jeanne l-land, Ginni Johnson, Esfher Sorensen, Kalh- leen Kcpecky, Kaihleen Doak. ROW 4: Arliss Wellendorf, Liga Lacis, Ann Gash Vicky Bird, Linda Jean Knapp, Linda Bass, Mary Vielmeier, Rose Ann Kasparek. SEVENTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Rufh Meyer, Susanne DeShaw, Elizabefh Harney, Jamie Ward, Camille Lawhead, Mickey McGinnis. Vivian Villers, Jenny Chorpening. ROW 2: Kay Madison. Lynelle Paarmann, Joan Slanddefer, Janei Allen, Marsha Hansen, Mary Sieil, Sharon Saboe, Linda Sfadler. ROW 3: Sandra Olsen, Sharon Baker. Nancy Carlson, Harrieh' Hoskin, Linda Prescolr, Susan Johnson, Darlene See, Pal Peierson. ROW 4: Maxine Hunl, Linda Friend, Linda Debler, Mary Curland. Candy Freeman, Gwen Colfingham, Arlie Beck- iorden, Rila Redlinqshafer, Sfevie Siberls. s j ? , si iw? V. ' EIGHTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Virginia Houck, Bonnie Hagan, Cheri Hill, Sue Collings, Mary Perham, Nan Ranes, Lois Perry, Frances Hasenclever, Marilyn Chrisrensen, Colleen Konickip ROW 2: Linda Lea Johnson, Jo Ann Swanson, Cheryl Ingram, Conna Claylon, Nicky Harman. Jean Mcliale. Joan Carler, Linda in . i .:J .ll 3' , iiilgh Mafsuda, Marcia Olsen, Call-ny Widmer. ROW 3: Karen Hahn, Judy Winkel, Janef Bell, Debbie Maguire, Krisfie Jacobsen, Carol Hanks, Nancy Sfamen, Mary Lee Wesfphal, Jill Woods, Janice Slowell. "This is 'lhe way we wash our clo'rl'1es." L 1 , GENERAL COUNCIL BOTTOM ROW Juli TePaske Karen Black Lois Garland. Wortman, Joyce Cline. Carll Cain, Judy Reed, Lorie Parker, Barbara Halverson Marianne Reblwolz TOP ROW: Beth Ginny Miller, Judy Elder. oolver gzrls strzve I0 heb illfzlvs U of I jiiuzlzkt Sharing the honor of sponsoring a Miss U of l finalist with Wright house, the Cooper girls joined forces and plotted their strategy to boost the popularity of their candidate. Again this year was a busy season for Cooper house residents. The girls joined in the holiday spirit by participating in tree-trimming parties, a door decoration contest, cozies, and caroling. Follow- ing an old Scandinavian tradition they have used before, Cooper had a Santa Lucia breakfast. Early in the morning Santa Lucia. a girl chosen for her contributions to the house, comes and awakens the girls to bring their Christmas breakfast. COOPER HOUSE PRESIDENT Barbara Halverson SEVENTH AND NINTH UNITS BOTTOM ROW: Barb Kagin, Linda Howe, Barb Seslcer, Juli Te Paske, Lorie Parker, Bells Worfman, Barbara Halver- son, Karen Black. Judy Reed, Marilyn Houser. Sandra Pelers, Suzanne Dunn. ROW 2: Lanefle Carlens, Mary Rulh Smillw. Judy Elder. Mary Ann Lenllw, Dianne Krafll, Marianne Reb- lwolz, Fran Colenso, Deanne Harris, Carol Sweef, Marcia Jacobson, Rira Sr. Clair, Priscilla Underwood, Nancy Glenn. ROW 3: Mary Sue Miller, Mary Jo Novak, Marcia Williams. Jeanie McGloll1len, Julie Beslwore, Lee Ann Wells, Suzanne Fosselman, Linda Carlsen, Mary Walwrenbrock, Nancy Schroe- der, Mary Moore, Jane Dennler, Anne Spiesz. ROW 4: Chrisline Bailey, Pam Armslronq, Debbie Larson. Susan Han- sen, Mary Ann Jenkins, Charlene Clay, Carolyn Speed, Cindi Namer, Sandra Kallio, Randa Roberfson, Mary Jane Nau- mann, Pam Weaver. ROW 5: Rebecca Hubbel, Virginia Miller, Pam Hanover, Jeannie Beard, Jean Barber, Dona Goldsmilln. ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH UNITS BOTTOM ROW: Holly Brisbin, Marcia Hanlcins, Ure Rabong, lander. Sharon Hepker, ROW 3: Marilyn Vossberg, Avis Sherry Hood, Carli Cain. ROW 2: Sue Ann Tlnornas, Marilyn Palllw, Dianne Scoll, Rullw Roser. ROW 4: Beverly Clemenls, McCollum, Slriarlene Henlcle, Barbara Robinson, Debbie Wel- Carol Wilson, Plriyllis Olson, Gayle Baumgarlel. Pam Sliles. Gzrls from Currzkr buy lhemfelves zh LZClZ.VZfZf.5' From our of lhis mess, Karen Black and Donna Davis will creale a beaufiful Chrisrmas door decorarion. Mk , ' .4 V " X HER! :f df, 'T' :ll E Barb Seslcer, Kalhy Knighr and Kalhy Shed decorare fheir door before The Chrislmas vacaiion. A Currier resideni' lakes firne our for a few poinfers from her boy friend. Won'+ -the head residenr be surprised when Sanla really comes down ihis chimney. Mary Grimes, Pai' Kingman, Connie Edwards. .i l 'e Aft ' ' ' E GENERAL couwcu. BOTTOM ROW: Esther Siderman, Donna Straub. Frances Betty Woolfollc. ROW 3: Nellie Chan, Sandra Boland. Hornstein, Beth Pratt. Sue Micich. ROW 2: Dorla Hill. Susan Gosker, Anne Hyland, Bernadette Salary. Diane Bowen, Diane Jenner, Tamara Smith, Janet Malsed. UHZ.VKT5Zb7 Dance Theater erztertezzhs Wrzght house Winning the sweepstakes for their Homecoming float, a joint effort with the Quad, was only the beginning for Wright house: then came festivities at Christmas including tree-trimming parties, caroling, cozies and a door decorations contest. Later in the year Wright council sponsored the University Dance Theater in a concert at the dorm. To recognize the old and new officers, they held a leadership banquet in the spring. Along with their many activities, and in keeping with their desire to improve the quality of residence halls on this campus, they sent a repre- sentative to the Big Ten Residence Hall Conference at the Uni- versity of Minnesota. WRIGHT HOUSE PRESIDENT Francie Hornstein UNIT ONE BOTTOM ROW: Deborah Boyer, Bernie Gabry, Sandra Shavelancl. ROW 3: Sherry Worsler, Anne I-lyland, Marlha Seward, Barbe Leveringlon. ROW 2: Sharon Salferly, Yoalc, Mary Clemenls, Jane Ashby. Janice Spoonemore, Dee Remingron, Sue Micich, Carol Ill UNIT TWO BOTTOM ROW: Donna Slraub, Vicki Ahrens, Sandra Bo- Donna Kramer, Kim Foderberq, Maxine Slieferf, Karen lend, Diane Bowen, Penny-Lynne Pulel, Carol Lee Bennelf. Snook. ROW 2: Sue Harper, Ginger Dunning, Jeane Pohlmann, A 1 S f ff t . 7 ' 1 fs T lilly l 5. "vs . 'JJUFR' 'I . ggi? I, UNIT THREE BOTTOM ROW: Carole Connor, Jonell Sfroehle, Calhy Sensor. ROW 3: Carole Jackson, Susan Yamasalci, Jo Lee Anderson, Wendy VVilson, Diane Jenner, Pal Pederson. Taylor, Shari Key, Linda Garlner, Carol Ann Endo, Belly Vickie Reed. ROW 2: Janef Malsed, Sylvia Vaala, Kalh- Serferer, Bernila Serferer. leen Baskerville, Linda Blair, Befh Prall, Carolyn Chrisf, Ann L ilk f I 1 . UNIT FOUR BOTTOM ROW: Nan Nelson, Esrher Siderman, Susan Sykes, Frances I-Iornsren, Michol Cannon, Susan Goslcer, Sandra Slarr, Marsha Kimberly, Aileen Rimmerman. Barbara Sheefs. ROW 2: Sharon Schwandf, Karen Pedersen, Sheri Rowden, Carol Boyd, Karen Telsrow, Andrea Clause, Kaly Malhison. Linda Tevepaugh, Alice McEwen, Calherine Tennanl. ROW 3: Barbara Orend, Bonnie Milchell, Jeanelle Moller, Cheryl Ray, Linda Knapp. Carol Schmidt Diane Board, Par Pepper. Mary Vralny, Mary Krommenclylc, Shirley Swims. on I' fqyrvnf I f J' e 75 '- I' ,. 1.1 , . A - B5 fi' V, . Q4 W, A ,-- lx ff 1' . iii. ', Y "" A - xg . , '- H , 9.1 ' -'T Q s Y , iii: , , v , 5 ri- , i 1' I 4. - if s-- - r Q" and I . 'if' . 4 UNIT FIVE BOTTOM ROW: Bonnie Wilbur, Linda Wilbur, Dianne Thompson, Nellie Chan, Linda Tiaden, Sue Smilh. Pamela Edwards. Realha Wilken. Sue Shea. ROW 2: Marilyn John- son, Jane While, Jane Sherwood, Barbara Jo Sfachell, Karen Whilney, Sherri Brown, Donna Day, Wanda Bowser, Calhy Mg' Za. , Cramer, Lanyce Dreeszen, Karen Whilney. Row 3: Joann McElroy, Julie Gay, Arlene Swarlz, Peggi Dempewoll, Pal Braunschweig, Pafricia Riley, Jean Kipping, Susan Pelers, Kalhleen Mihm. L ra 1: le 1 4 .' P ,. ,. ,ri BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Weiss. Marfha Nelson, Elsye Garloclc, ' mv. p Q? L I, n - ' I I 5: gf: . 1+ af -fr' ,Q I W e. ' 1 ' ii-. Kolarich. ROW 3: Teresa Jane Owens, Carol Havemann. Tamara Smilh, Mary Hanlcen, Dorolhy Wilkerson. ROW 2: Jane Cook, Helen Schmidl, Sandra Young, Pal I-Iaskovec, Cafherine Roberls, Jane Shade, Lynda Appley, Linda Lucine Connie Olson. ROW 4: Parry Lcclcharr, Pamela Aden. Hicks, Dorla I-lill, Bel-ly Woollollc, Barbra Ford, Marilyn Palricia Gleason. ft' , T? GENERAL COUNCIL Sue Anderso Carol Beaumont Barbara Bucklngham, Cindy Janis Meiches, Cathy Mintrup, Margaret Rae, Nancy Slater, Chamberlain Connie Hayden Yvonne He1ms Mary Jo Kyle. Jean Sundberg, Sandy Terpstra, Jan Tonelli. Janene Kuhl Frances Loeb Kathy McCormack Terry McCoy. Came Stanley mformalbf dedzkaies the new dorm As residents of the University's newest Women's residence hall, Carrie Stanley council was busy with the plans for dedication of the dorm. To show oft their new building, they conducted open houses on various dates throughout the year. Carrie Stanley's social lite was Varied to include exchanges with the men's residence halls as Well as several fraternities, cozies, decorating for the various holidays, and special pro- grams on Dad's Day and Mother's Day. Their student govern- ment was new but once they started working together every- thing ran smoothly. CARRIE STANLEY PRESIDENT Jan Meiches -L.-l-. .i FIRST FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Susan Kimbell, Judilla Gillces, Suzeile Sle- Enslow, Lynne Blinco, Cheryl Bulcoll, Yvonne Skaggs, Lynne phenus, Mary Emmel, Connie Sleenlioek. TOP ROW: Donna Dzien, Elaine Erickson. THIRD FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Susan Rolwrbough, Joyce Swanson, Janef Nancy Badger, Bonnie Jenclcs, Vicki Dillon, Sue Spicer. ROW l-lol+camp,Kall1leen McCormick, Mary Brenneman. ROW 2: 4: Carri Vancer Will, Lynne Lorenz, Pal Kelly, Wencly Jean Koza, Jean Smilln, Suzanne Klein, Jan Miller, Ellen Roe, MacMorran, Maureen Lesler. Bells Ellis. ROW 3: Tamara Diloclcer, Merry Lynn Harnaclc. FOU RTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Pam Flefil- Dlflfle Milli. Linda Thomsen. Elizabelh Osenbauqlw. ROW 3: Gwen Mayberry, Barbara Jean Gerken, Erica Sclirauer, Lee Cramer. ROW 2: Jeanne Heafh, Cindy Garbock, Judy Gilkes, Deborah Hanson, Mary l-lodgclen, Palrlcla Miller, Roberia Peferson, Michelle Hop- Emmel, Mary Savel,Jucli+l1 Kruse. lcins, Kaflwerine Null, Susan Kimball, Barbara Sue Moore, 4 FIFTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Linda Boardman, Anile Smiih, Terry Mc- Weiserf, Jan Wagner, Grelchen Boederer, Sharon Adams. Cay, Cindy Chamberlain, Pal Groe, Cheryl Reimer, Glenda ROW 3: Sharon Gano, Jean Johnsfon, Linda Giles, Deane Coppersmifh, Karen Boyle. ROW 2: Cindy Voorhees, Kafhy l-lale, Sue Weir, Jane Guliclc. Maihews, Linda Lehman, Cheri Marlin, Judy Siegel, Teena SIXTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Pafricia Dunbar, Palricia Cadwallader, Jo Biebesheimer, Sandra Terpsrra. Charloile Smifh. Anneffe Lenzi, Kaly Berenyi. ROW 2: Phyllis Thudium, Rosemary Greek, Connie F'afH'on, Sue Doran, Elaine Rosen, Barb Kilberg, Diane Shall, Mary Jane Slriegel, Sue Laser. ROW 3: Mar- 'rha Walkup. Kalhy VanRees. Becky Swailes, Ann Malzahn, Pai' Sunderman, Jan Threlkeld, Elizabelh LeMas+er, Barbara Egan. ROW 4: Carol Davis, Linnea Peferson, Rosanne Mul- lin, Sally Tallarico. Diane Linf. C SEVENTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Judy Kay Redenbauqh, Ellen Sparrow- Berry, Judy Luiz. ROW 3: Janei' Blalchley, Susan Dine grove, Susan Anderson, Carole Wagner. ROW 2: Karen Chrisiine Mueller, Lynn Wiechern, Jamie Thomas. Leonard, Pai Eickman, Marlene Joclis, Esiher Sandbulie, Barb fr- 1 ' 795, 1 a -- as J EIGHTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Georgia Wrighi, Becky McGee. Jan Wildberger, Jeanne Dennis, Donna Baggarly. Nancy Johnson, Tonelli, Mary Manning, Bonnie Charniclc, Beisy Becker, Dianne Bonnie Beadlesion. ROW 3: Sherlian Crawford, Linda For- Ponser, Karherine Abboif. ROW 2: Chris Hornung, An- ryihe. Dee Gander, Dianne Moriiz, Gail Pedersen. drea Drury, Jill Thomas, Jan Uifer, Jean Valenfine, Sue , , 1, .' - gl ., ,, ,m 'M - 'ii' . ,i H ilt i- NINTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Linda Meseck, Sue Reynolds. Marrha Ham- 3: Sue Ellen Williams, Gigi Jane Chalsirom. Ruih Becker. man, Carol Maidens, Parricia McNamer, Diane Sieclc. ROW Bonnie Luzius, Joanne Cerveny, Cynlhia Howell, Be-Hy Bowls- 2: Janei Roberls, Jodie Chally, Sanclee Rovner, Sue Fercli- by. nancl. Bonnie Roberis, Sherry Simmons. Nancy Moxley. ROW TENTH FLOOR BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Buckingham, Ellen Eisenberg, San- Carolyn Liehr, Shala King, Judy Lewis. ROW 3: Angelina dra Varney. Suzy Rabens, Berry Taylor, Garda Murra, Nancy Reynoso. Diane Hellmund, Ann Tuihil, Joan Miller, Janene Brunner, Paula Lambrecht ROW 2: Linda Osfheimer, Deb- Kul-il, Nancy DeSi'igrer, Mary Roelofs. laie Ehlers, Marsha McCoy, Linda Delsener, Bonnie Hanson. Y STL ,QE f, ,, V., . , is , 3 TX II , .1 air .ff 'ei' it-3 , -, ' 'w-.JPL . gd sr ' f ,: M "-Q H, 'H .4 A ' ,fi fi- ,.,, , 1 v , Gln. V A . ,-3 LQ , I 1 I I e 1 5 i v w i R V . ,I .,., VW FIS fin, .W I Q 1 , l J ,J 1 W Y GENERAL COUNCIL BOTTOM ROW: Mark Monahan, James Bowen. LeRoy Cole- Robert Enqberg Paul Mott ROW 4 Richard Hughes man, Loren Southern, Kirk Bradley, Neil Simon. ROW 2: Fred Rehmke Steve Nyguard Donald Rumney Jerry Raney Byron Wong. Terry Hughes, Lawrence Ravih, Dennis Schuellce. John McCartney ROW 5 Steve Paulk Richard Mathes Donald Raker, Bill Rashid, Robert Smith. ROW 3: Randall John Hoffman B rry Crust Merrill Crawford Robert Lovely Wagner. Robert Matthias, Nels Voldseih, Robert Cook, GM' from Preszkferzt Bowen begzns Hzllcrest Izbrmy A 32,300 gift from President Bowen's office helped Hillcrest establish a new library this year. Witlr their activities budget doubled, the men of Hillcrest were able to have a greatly ex- panded social program. This included dances, parties, dorm exchanges, and open houses. "Interrupted Northwestern Pas- sage," the homecoming float they built With Kate Daurn, Won the best residence hall float trophy. They satirized University officials, faculty, regulations, and college life in skits at their annual Christmas party. The Hillcrest Queen was crowned at the climax of the year's social events the Playboy Party. HILLCREST PRESIDENT Loren Southern .M eg , - ' v I is Q5 M, ,f W H. :wg A V If 'Qi 5 ga W W Mu mwlvwgy,www1gm"w-w mv M Q M 111 W, H H ,. M ,. , ,N ,, H M N ' -1 35 X , 1 X ,, . . ,ug 4 QQ! x ' 5:4-r.,. , ' if .,,.. - TF I '-I wr' 'UPF W A Til' -,ai-1 - A . mi:-,-, W " "' "V-3.3: L' 'L , j'- I , , . 4 T - -4 5 2 wv - .g - , "BV 'J R. ' wi - -'J 1 . - 1, -:A - ' v, ff' , ,1 f , .:"5,. Q .1 fi-- 1 vs li if 'T Q A ,P J' V If uqiav T W' Qi . YT, f. " r v va, Y TW? riff? Vi WT VE vi if I 11' 4" Vis 4 i'-' -if iff F 1 L, 3 TV PM H wr w yy Q1 2? w S 3 my ' W V V252 if - - -1-1' 1.' f 3,4 1: ,X 4' 4 x- gf - ' 1' 'E - 'GE '-f " lF"'.,5 " Jw 'f' Q , S5515-w ggi? W Q' il? W xg if w 3 ' '41 V . V 1 - . v ,4- 'Y - 2,5 . , 1 ,1 E gf? Y! Qy H 'Q f 'E W W W V V 4 5 T' '7 V rr V W' 2 5 -is F' ., ' Q 3 -f -' -Q' at an , , if: 4 1.- , A, .1 jg... W ., , Y ,sul ' lug, ' SDK: "fx, - . X. a , :-- L.. , , ' N N ' . my rf Y 1, l rv wy rv T-,Q m f? A Q15 ff, ff x -. KZ V 9 X V f ' Y Hui 1 -JV' HAP, -uf. ' 'Q' 'M '.i. ' - 11,75 VV? 'tr -Sf' ' ' -1 W V W W N if if w +V X 1 X ,W ,.. - Q' V-A ,. -, ,Nil , - '. -- ' v :V ' 5 yy W , ff ,f 3 'ffiff' UE, 'P " V ' nrt' f ". 1 ,A 1 -6' ' N Tj"fY""TIII ' ' K 'f"Gf""' fm' ' ' ' " Q .rv F, fl V, , my K, F' W W' LJ! QV JY N V ff xg' . f 7 .Av Q- ' . 151 ,f M W HEig2fv??u1 X ik' 4 'ZW . Q ,fi ii ' A ' . J' nah w?1' 5 5 Www W A A E E "Wi - 1 . ,gf ff 'N A ' .58 1 1' : -' , . 7 Y- -f mv 2' '. . - , - 1- .W N - ww... ' " ' H, V v uw ww uw 'm"'E NJ mm ..J Q , , A 4' H. 4: ii ,fs ,. . ,A E f ...L. , t' 'I "ki 'V - f in I 'fgiff iii A Y E537 - ff -1 ws f xt ,fav , ,' M4 ' -, ,Swv 1 ww .X , . :,. 5? ,. , Q., , ff 'viii' V , Qjvzif 1- 1Z j. -4 h f 495 if Al fe S I 9 3' is Qi ,W E ,gf O M' , ., . Y za W fi W S E W EF fr" 1 Q' . "E ur- ' 4" ' we ' Q 'af-Q ' ew 'f fi 3-ff 25' 'M' 'pg' 'F' 'E W uf! N 37 wi '1 51 . M. W M N, ---.1 X,-' V v .ff u - . A 'E .- wigs Sgr, SW in L7 ,, :,ig,!: if.: , vggji 1 ' A, -, xlfi Y , -2, V Wg' s ,f f p X? H f Tv 5 5 ii 5 W X . Q, Lf.: f 1. U'- ' fn-was w V , .-X.,-1 lx- .-in swag Y V A - I -- -f V .ik - ,M ,--,..j : 31.A-,.,.,4,:3 ', 9 J! J, Vi, U W: -. Y , 7 gg: , W 1 x.5,q V 1-.ji . . fm gr i E' ,v ,. ,E .s . v, , nv. H X H M W! J , 1, U , ,mvm , X1 W1 , 'W 1' N ' " U 1 "1 w H ' '1 Q- 5 in ig' - IE' wer 1' ' v S9 F' A 4 - -Y fi , e.'.. M 1 x ' 44 ,ff 1 f' ' ' ,1', N' 'B Q ' - - ' W . . x Q Hi!-, mags 'Q 3 . , ry yy rf E I ' ' ' o 1 'Z , ' ,., 1..,. ,- '+-y: , 2 SW 2 X1-,ff fr yi yi if ea W if rf 5, Le+'s see if l have 'rwenly pair of socks weighing one ounce apiece fha? would be aboul how much soap? No dumping while sfudying, please Hillcresi' boys decorafe The free and enierfain lhe girls ai' The same lime. 6 6 Q GENERAL council. BOTTOM ROW: Robert Cook, Mark Vanourny. Paul Chris- Robert Duke Bull Holm r Make Gaul Rick Andersen John tensen, James Koehler, Steve Kellogg, Eric Morris, Donald Houlahan, Joel Biggs Tom Carr ROW 3 Tom Mlslcumen Gerlcen, Darwin Paustian, Stan Rowe, Care Wewerka. Jim McGrane Bob Smith Bob Lullis David Lrcko Russ Gra ROW 2: Philip Pomeroy, Larry Quigley, Roy Cacciatore. ham. Richard Cola Dave Thomas Bruce Lang Larry Davis Quad starts weekend open homer and shuttle bus A combination oi social and cultural activities marked the very full 66-67 program for Quadrangle. Dances, parties and the newly initiated weekend open houses complete with a shut- tle bus program between the ITIGHIS and women's dorms oc- cupied the year. Winning the Sweepstakes Trophy for their float "Snappy Dreams on," and choosing and crowning the Quad Queen at a large dance, rounded out a tull year, so- cially. Cultural and scholastic activities included faculty din- ner guests, language and topics tables, a tive-week lectureship on sex, and a spring awards banquet honoring achievement in student government and academics. QUADRANGLE PRESIDENT Steve Kellogg ...Y , Q? A W Km V gi 515 T3 f A F 455 vp' M, my 51' aff, .ug W .Sl .,f5'..E ':"'1:T 1 H 1 fv if X W Nw u wi u u . W 1, 4. 'S 'i ' ,-fu VE! T I '65, M, Y,,Y N . .. M '4 UQ 53335 ea . 1 Y, 143 , 1' 1 w if - , Y A if gf E vf 95? ff v ,,-K. FA iv W 111 ,aw un. - 'F N1 ff gf? V? , Q50 sf iv 1 xii? M K f E527 Eg' 5 Q W W v N ' 'wi 4-L 1 , if-5 is 41,1 gig w .,. if '- "ruff 56 W ,-X v , X , , 'H H H, ,HV ., , W 1 , H, ,,v,, H V , . "mv if X ' , , W , , . , -- X , . . , 1 . .A kg? . A V v' F' . :Q , v - ,, X x 6 v v Q W W 1 sw W w v ,, 1, ,Sf ' -9, 'N , at + W + +, v I v ' in QQ. f . 4. ' in , ' x ' . , - , Q , 4 . 4 - H X Wx! 4 V-:nb mm : vm I Y-X f 63 K.: LV J 8, .- . . ,, H- ,, ,V M? ,LEG Y , -PN- " 151, '51 -1,5-. '61 Wifi? . va uv ,, . UD , .51 U 1 , if v 29 x 2 ff v.,,. . rw: 1-4" avril' I 3, . T rt.. X 5 -gf " ffl , M ff ff w ww ,v ga, E -1 X., -1 1. 1 z 'S . A' Q. ,lf ' N151 ff 15 , va ...W " -Q.: 4.-' u,' J L7 1-' ff- N . .. W 3 N99 Q ag EK 'Q' H15 4 ' Ji-,xsviiilpilx 5' 3?-iv: ,Q Q ' s .-.3,, 'D 'v'gC+:f7'f ifxiif' -"2 51.8. ' U ,1 Y, iw. in 1 Nad' E Q, H . ,,q 4 W +5 s. - zz... V ls W SL Yi?" P 'V W " -f .uw uv ii Q 5 W W V9 'r I rf W X X 5 ga 5 S 'ff jf X V my, -, .1 Zisagu -W. ' ,H W it in V ggi ue? 'S wx ei rl 5 .-fu? ix W. 5 'Qi 5 5 n gf wg 3 - , ,M md V - A s. .- Q-. :, is QQ? if if .L,-' W 6 YT I . W1 Em V I W W ig? H W H, w "w M W .2 I 9 V -' 'Q Sf? .. If 1 W Yi he x -vm- -auf qu' .x r- -1 W, , ei! f, 5 BME,-i ,Q if .i .9 x-gm, K., fn - , A, l"'l WW -ya as u N - - -Au . n. - , ,,-V , . - ,Q l -- . - J , . . ,F X1 I., , - I X an .N Y WI if P X 3 if 1 1 GENERAL COUNCIL BOTTOM ROW: John Whalen, Henry Vander Kam, Robert Lawrence, Joe Rosmann. TOP ROW: Gary Leloowich, Robert Kloppen- burg, Edward Snyder. Newest men? dorm trzes ez new The newest men's dormitory Rienow Hall started its first year with a form of government different trom all other dorms. The presidents of each of the 12 floors elected a representative to sit on the dorm council, All other officers did the same. The president, vice-president, and senator were the only officers elected on a dorm-wide basis. Rienow initiated the Weekend open houses, which were adopt- ed in all the men's dorms. Their activities also included speak- ers, music groups, dances, discussions, and dinner mixers. Rienow men Were in student government and in organizations such as STOP, Students To Oppose Paternnalism. arm of govemmenl RIENOW PRESIDENT Joe Rosmann mm Qs W 15 in W -Q Kia' if 'K vo 5' vv 5, N1 H ld. 1 . 3 .!. W. .,, -,Y - wi UA 'F '- -,fp r .1 - ,LJ , . 5 - QE .XE 1 1 , I . , , 'F ,A A ff, , Y., its ,Fw z . ,,'i' v ' : 1 , . .I . 1-,,. . . ,e..L- ar --,f- gg. ,,g1i 1, ,af yy u W E it Y 214 Lf ,' , W W 6,3 H53 4, if yy' f . sa: A K 1 -ew ' - W fi .4 x x Y if? TV W 5 9 W W ' Q ' W 4 Q Q 1 LH , , 'grin I D Yagi WEA Q52 Q-gal S' ' ' ".f.,,, p N sexi, ' Q Q A .- li W Eg? mi! 'i S N A sg? Q , if ig Q V 1 W1 W V , 'ff V fg, N12 , W H ,,, - 5 QQ gif' ig' - ,Jw w 15' 3:7 W V I I ,A wi fm UH: 2 an .HQ ... .. ,-fri? 'V , .-,x-!,?',Q,. X- , ' amd. 1' . 1 L, X Qui' gwfr'1g'f ' HW 2 'WSE' - .1 'r -' , .M IE R4 M4 ziswi -mfs, . SOUTH QUADRANGLE GENERAL COUNCIL BOTTOM ROW: David Miller, James Longman. Stephen Fischer. Howard Tree- hubolil. Dave Turner. TOP ROW: Con' way Henderson, Kevin O'Keete. Rodney Rinderknecht. Charles Gill, William I-leitzman. South Quad changes wzlh the growzhg campus Forty percent freshmen in the traditionally upper-class South Quadrangle meant expanding the activities program. Football, volleyball, and other intramural sports kept many South Quad men busy. "Sottness is Northwestern," their Homecoming float, open houses, mixers and speakers were part of a successful year. ., SOUTH QUADRANGLE PRESIDENT Karl Nollenberger - UjfCzzmlzvu5 From Iowa CID! to Afghtzftzkttzn th student apartment Saduddin Shpoon, expressive, fiery, appealing, Fulbright scholar from Afghanistan combines the excitement of his home- land with the quiet hospitality of the Mid-West. He offers his quests dates grown in his garden at home and a can of beer. His voice lilts with the strange sounds of another tongue as he tells an American joke. Sad quit his job teaching Af- ghanistan literature at Kabul University in Afghanistan to ac- cept an invitation from Paul Engle to study in the Poetry and Translation Workshop. Because of his heritage, Sad is atypical among typical student apartment dwellers. Q 4 44 A6 Jack Por+e r is genfly awakened by roommales Dave Bell and Don Kiesewefler. yr l f ill J 'Q-yk px 1 .L- N ,riff--," . A f' 'iii-if7" "w 'L' 1 9 Qggwlgk.-F' 1, 4 W f GE-. '-'W 1 2' Q11 1"'.'f1fy -- -'Eff - wwf 4 ,T rf'-T -"VJ 'fl ', af., 2-f I, 'V L. it 1 T A ,--,Z 'M -.1 tj v,,. fu.. , ,N , 1 V :M Q Y- .,,J,r. 2p"'l ,. 1:-nf ,a 4J""5. .' -. J. . -J-. " 113' tv". . , 1' - -"J .1 , . :J . ..,J,M,.. M., ,, .,,, M. .: .,:?',3,, j ,V ..J.A.C:.j4 D j-A, . . - V 4. .-'W .. 'vw 4 KL' . , Ttfffu ditfp, 'lf-Q?ylf',:ff ':f-VT '1"" ,lf "fir-71 ,L ' V, V ' -VL, 'f 'X,' TK. f 5 -.ff-,.-f.. ,z 1 -:L A f :H-' ' -,QL , ' Qjif-:',.'?.n N N 32"'f.,f, 4' f . 1 ,' - ' '5 ' , 'f 4' TTC'--' 1 111 ' "-.41 , .k'J"' V 'lil -' -4 ' A L " ' , " ' ,-, ,-'Q -.' L- . v KS'-' 1, l .. .' ' r. ,, ago. Joel l-lollz, Jake 1 b Y 'l I r ' il l ' n One of 'Phe basl-liked ously 'rackled by Bernlwarf Hermann. jobs of housecleaning is vigor- l know if has To be 'H'1ere. I puf Pr 'Ihere llmree weeks Ohlinqer. Off Campus Livzkzg For H19 weighi'-wa+cher's siudy break, Hue handy home-reducing machine provides vi- braiion. John Gingerich Takes his bunnies seriously. Pancakes or eggs are a rough Sunday morninca problem for graduaie s'ruden1's Sfeve Eiliof and Sandor Polsfer. Light passion, and knowledge in John Fis'rer's aparlmenl. l P l K l 2 l l 1 This is Pam Clark. See Pam live in The N Brownslones. Pam likes lo live in lhe Brownslones. Tl1ey're so comfortable. 447 ig in Ojji Campus ' L zvzng Wiih 'Phe courage of his conviciions, Tom . Biuso fasies ine chili he iusir made as Lurch Wilson and Bob Aukes awailr Hue verdicf. x ' i Even 'Though if is woman's work, Mike Sanburq and Bruce Mos? manage +0 wash 'Hwe dishes ai leasi once a week. Some of fhe briql'1+er spofs around are The off-campus perfies. i i For a gourmei' special, Dan Price whips up sorrie hor dogs. i I. . im I 1 Ti 7 ee so I L ,I -i,. ' :.j'.ifY?Q4 i - . , - ,l.iJ:,ytp v . UUE. . . "" 'f' 'A f' .l:, . i , i 1 ' v " Lg .,I' "-- ,. . , 1 I pw -:, '1.rf . W f , ' .i- '1,1.1-'-3-.vs-,g ' - 1' V V fl- -,-,zdzijsgi-' :.- '1 V. 21. i ' :eses-,f'57P.zfi.2,- , '. f -, ity -'ui .11 ' 3 ,',- -nffyfw-iq' -LSA -Ffifq A .-pf., c, . V .:.-,'- - 'ff -uf'-T-Mi. i' -i i- Q uw- gm'!.q17-':.g,' -,. webf- , --v . -4:-vig:-.'1,,, , ' 4 A 1 11l'Tf2'1i.,1" ' :. IM.,-J I,',,.:g,:,5:E f-'m,15.j',P ' 14 .' 'sh E " '1'u.",iI5-.-.:- wi '51 . .. .g':1:'TY' "vii A 3.w.1s- .-:,-,.1'-4.-fm -. N. 9-Lv -if .. aw, frm ig'-11:.E,'4?' '.' 0 or , ' ' , ' - "Y . 1. ..' f: "1 'gi'-:Ein--z' gf' '..".:, L' 2 3, if-I: -- -' J '.--Q?.L5 a-.- 'i'li' ,' fiflbrxz df nn 5.29343-f:it5""' For S4 a monih Ken McCullough enioys some of 'rhe more luxurious housing of progressive Iowa. Everyihing is relaiive you know. .--mg, , . To QTY A dip in 'rhe Mayflower pool is one of The hard- ships of These unforrunafe sfudenfs. Sfill a perfeci' qenfleman. Marlin Levison assisfs his wife ouf of Hwe car in fron? of Jrheir apar+menf. M95 2929 uve! Q. 515, 1 gl., 1"w 2505 fi "W 1 11 90 ' 1 FQ " nr - " Ed Hin+on's wife serves coffee +0 keep him awake To finish his paper. M zzrriezzl Students Cooper Bush has a long way 'lo go lo reach +l1e inlelleclual lweighls of his par- enfs, Bob and Cam. Ffgiee, in .ii . .fuk -mag 'Q ..'- ,l ,..' ' . ,f-,Y-s,?'fa-Q 1- QW' 'i 153221-J ' '1 -I-1 5:-ilu! e U,-J.: 'z' -' .', ,1.,, Q ' :Q-,xl 44511.--,'..,,, M f r::.a.e.' 4:-1.::E'f1 air: -- Lf Q a ' ' 'kfuml l Bu1l+ during World War ll wvfh meager funds and lo be Torn clown when finances Improved lhe barracks have seen 'rwo generahons of marrned sfudenls Wherever 'l'l1ere is a puddle. children will find H. goodbye is loo gooo' o word is l This has been some year. The experience of putting together the 1967 Hawkeye has been at times frustrating and hectic but always rewarding. Most of the staff will remember the long dark work hours spent in the journalism building when the job seemed impossible. But most of all we will remember the good times and the joy that comes from working for a common goal. I am surprised that the journalism school did not take serious measures to stop the noise that often arose from room 210. The howls of de- light and the shrieks of despair must have been unnerving. To so many people I owe so much thanks, to the vagrant journalists who wandered in and out of the office offering a bit of humor at a tense moment, checking on progress, writing a last minute caption or temptingly insisting that simply everyone was going to Doc'sp to the workshop writers for their contribu- tions: to my friends who pitched in and weren't even on the staff. There were those who made the extra effort, who worked just a little bit longer than I had a right to demand. To Cathie Palmer, my special aid and supporter, goes my deepest thanks for enduring my traumas. Roommate this is just as much your book as it is mine. Paul Dagle was a whiz at selling books again this year and to him and his staff goes my thanks. Photo nightmares were unbelievable and Liz Gilbert did a great job of organizing hundreds of people. Shelia Lunin set about editing copy like a pro. The eye catching cover credits go to Larry Davis. Fran Puhl's constant good humor and help were invaluable to me. Mary Einspahr and Connie Peters trekked all over campus to identify un- knowns. University of Iowa's cast of thousands were indexed by Deanne Neuman and Chris I-Iartoft and Cindy Lightfoot who I am sure has the fastest indexing pencil in the west. The photo staff was amazing, especially Ken Kephart who used his special ability of bi-location to get two pictures scheduled at the same time. Paul. Beaver's creative eye produced some priceless photos. I have much to thank hirn for. I am always amazed at the patience of people and in this case that of Gene Mclztea of Southwestern Engraving. I always seemed to be telling her I wouldn't be changing the layouts again. Mr. Walker went out of his way to improve the Hawkeye and for this I am very grateful. Mr. Bill Bywater of Econo- my Advertising offered his expert advice on type set and did on excellent job of printing. Mr. lim Kent and his staff at University Photo Service kept their cameras clicking to take all the seniors and groups. Dr. Ed Bassett came through with my needed extra pages. And last but not least thanks to Keith Sanders who stoically experienced his first year as an advisor with an inexperienced editor. It seems such a short time ago that I started the Hawkeye and I regret that I am now finished. It has really been a selfish job in a lot of ways. I'll look around just once more and then leave. IUNE HALL Editor l967 Hawkeye A Acacia, 350 Adminisiralive Offices, 63 Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chi Omega, 318 Chi Sigma, 189 Della Pi, 320 Epsilon Phi, 248 Epsilon Pi, 352 Gamma Della. 322 Alpha Kappa Kappa, 196 Alpha Kappa Psi, 97 Alpha Lambda De11'a,211 Alpha Phi, 324 Alpha Phi Omega, 255 Alpha Tau Omega, 354 Alpha Xi Delia, 335 Alumni Associaiion, 20 American lnsliiule oi Chemical Engineering, 153 American lnsiiiule oi lnduslrial Engineering, 153 American Pharmaceuiical Associalion, 208 Angel Flighl, 278 Arnold Air Sociely, 275 Ari, School oi, 100 Associaied Siudenls oi Engineering, 152 Associaied Siudenls of Journalism, 190 Associaieed Women Sludenis, 244 Associalion of Residence Halls, 392 B Baseball, 292 Baslceiball. 289 Beia Alpha Psi, 135 Bela Theia Pi, 356 Board oi Regenis, 62 Burge Hall, 394 Business Adminisiraiion. College oi. 73 C Carrie Sianley, 418 Cenlral Pariy Commiliee, 239 C1-ii E psilon, 148 Chi Omega. 328 Collegiaie Chamber oi Commerce, 133 Concerl Choir, 262 Cross Couniry, 298 Currier Hall, 412 Daily Delia Delia Della Della Della D Iowan, 320 Chi, 358 Delia Delia, 330 Gamma. 332 Sigma Della, 138 Sigma Pi, 132 Topical Index Delia Tau Delia, 360 Delia Theia Phi, 157 Delia Upsilan. 362 ' Della Zela, 334 Denlislry, College oi, 76 Dolphin Fraierniiy, 308 E Educalion, College oi, 78 Engineering, College oi, 80 Efa Kappa Nu, 149 F Faculiy, 121 Fencing, 303 Fooiball, 284 G Gamma Alpha Chi, 190 Gamma Della, 259 Gamma Phi Bela, 336 General Nursing S1'uden1's Associaiion, 203 Golf, 300 Graduale College, 84 Guidon Sociely, 271 Gymnaslics, 299 H Hawkeye, 214 Hillel Foundalion, 258 Hillcrest 423 Homecoming Council, 235 Home Economics Associ- alion, 253 ' lnlerdorm Social Board, 392 lnieriraiernily Council, 315 1n1'erna1'iona1 Cenier Associ- alion, 254 lnlramurals, 311 iowa Memorial Union, 66 lowa Siudeni Bar Associ- alion, 159 Iowa Transii, 150 ,J Journalism, School oi, 106 Junior American Denial Associalion, 142 Junior American Denial Hygienisls Associaiion, 143 Junior lnlerfraiernily Council, 349 Junior Panhellenic Council, 317 K Kappa Alpha Thela, 338 Kappa Epsilon, 207 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 340 Kappa Phi, 259 Kaie Daum, 408 KWAD, 256 L Lambda ChiA1p11a, 364 Law, College oi, 88 Le1'1erman's Club, 305 Liberal Aris. Collage oi, 92 M Marching Band, 264 Married Sludenis Housing, 451 Medical Siudenl Council, 195 Medical Technology, School oi, 195 Medicine. College oi, 108 Miliiary, 265 Miss U ol: 1 Pageanf Board and Commiiiee, 297 Moriar Board, 209 Music, School oi, 102 N Newman Club, 257 Nursing. College oi, 112 Nu Sigma Nu, 197 O Off Campus Housing, 443 Old Gold Singers, 261 Omicron Delia Kappa, 210 Orienialions Council, 250 P Panhellenic Council, 316 People-io-People, 233 Peop Club Council, 244 Pharmacy, College of, 116 Phi Alpha Della, 159 Phi Alpha Mu, 252 Phi Bela Pi, 198 Phi Delia Phi. 158 Phi Delia Theia, 366 Phi Epsilon Pi, sea Phi Ela Sigma, 211 Phi Gamma Delia, 370 Phi Gamma Nu, 134 Phi Kappa Psi, 372 Phi Kappa Sigma, 374 Phi Lambda Upsilon, 189 Phi Rho Sigma, 199 Phi Upsilon Omicron, 186 sica1Therapy, School oi, i Bela Phi, 342 Pi Kappa Alpha, 376 Pi Lambda Theia, 187 Pi Tau Sigma, 149 Praciical Nursing Slucleni Organizalion, 205 Proiec1'AlD, 234 Psi Omega, 141 Q Ouadrangle, 431 Phy Pi R Reinow Hall, 437 Religion, School oi, 104 Rho Chi, 252 Rugby, 304 S Sailing Club, 307 Scollish Highlanders, 248 Seals Club, 306 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 378 Sigma Chi, 380 Sigma Della Chi, 191 Sigma Delia Tau, 344 Sigma Nu, 382 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 384 Sigma Pi, 386 Sigma Theia Tau, 204 Symphony Band, 263 Symph Social Souih ony Orcheslra, 262 Work, School oi, 118 Quadrangle, 441 94 Siudenl Heallh, 70 Sludenl Markeiing Associaiion, 135 S'ruden1'Na1'ional Educaiion Associaiion, 185 Siudenl' Nurses Organiza- iion, 203 Siudenl' Occu paiional Therapy Associaiion, 188 Siudenf Publicaiions, lnc.. 219 S1'uden'1 Senaie, 230 Swimming, 295 T Tau Beia Pi, 151 Tau Kappa Epsilon, 388 Television Cenier, 226 Tennis. 302 Thela Sigma Phi, 191 Theia Tau, 151 Track. 296 U Union Board, 236 Universiiy Recreaiion Associaiion, 253 Universiiy ol: Iowa Foundaiion, 69 W Womens Recrealional Associaiion, 260 Wresiling, 301 WSU1-KSUI, 225 Y Young Republicans, 351 YWCA, 243 Z Zeia Tau Alpha, 346 Beck Dla1e,354 ' Balzer, Thomas, 378 A Arbarr, Gary 145 Abbas, Janel, 338 Abboff, Carol, 328 Abbolf, Kalherine, 421 Abel, Dennis, 160 Abel, Kalhy, 346 Abernalhy, Mary, 160 Abersold, Sharon, 160 Abrams, Gary, 368 Abrams, Michael, 192 Abrams, Roloerl, 426 Abramsohn, Lee, 368 Abshier, James, 157 Achison, Jerry, 358 Ackerman, John, 157, 154 Ackermann, George, 426 Adams, Arlhur, 432 Adams, Elisabelh, 332 Adams, Gail, 338 Adams, Joseph, 370 Adams, Kenl, 424 Adams, Linda, 306 Adams, Michele, I60 Adams, Nancy, 398 Adams, Sharon, 420 Adamsky, Janice, 342 Adamson, Healher, 326 Addis, Suzanne, 346 Addison, Mary, 320 Aden, Pamela, 417 Adolphson, Mary, 160, 399 Affeldl, James, 158 Affeldl, Thomas, 366 Agar, Lucinda, 338 Agnew, Richard, 305 Agnew, Roberl 141, 136 Ahders, Roberr, 360 Ahlberg, Jan, 332 Ahrens, Dorolhy, I60, 188 Ahrens, Vicki Lee, 416 Ainsworih, Douglas, 124 Ailken, John, 424 Alberf, Conslance, 399 Alberls, Thalia, 251 Alberiy, Nancy, 410 Albrechl, Judiih, 395 Alcorne, Jane, 402 Alderfer, Ralph, 262 Aldrich, Michael, 364 Aldrich, Roger, 131, 124 Aldridge, Philip, 300 Ales, Chrisline, 402 Alexander, Becky, 342 Alexander, Jane 160 Alexander, Mary, 405 Anderson Student Index Danny, 251,315 Anderson, Gail, 241, 330 Anderson, Gerald, 154 Anderson, Glen, 124, 279, 277, 275, 425 Anderson Harold, 159 Anderson James, 158 Anderson Jane, 242, 235, 338 Anderson Jean, 398 Anderson Jeffrey, 362 Anderson Joseph, 138 Anderson Joyce, 160 Anderson Kaihlyn, 338 Anderson Kay, 160, 322 Anderson Kennelh, 372 Anderson Raymond, 124 Anderson Roberl, 160 Anderson Roger, I60 Anderson Ronald, 262 Anderson Sieven, 358 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Susan A. 322 l Susan J., 322 Susan M., 395, 420 Suzan J., 322 Timolhy, 308 William 158 Andre, lvlary, 261 l Andrew, Sheryl, 160 Andrews, Cheryl, 404 Andrews, Gregory, 382 Andrews, James, 158 Andrews Keilh 427 Auslin, Pamela, 342 Auslin, Paul, 378 Ausiin, William, 442 Ayers, Alvin, 141, 136, 142 Ayres, Doris, 396 B Baarz, Doris, 409 Ba bbage, Sherrie, 160 Babbe, Jennie, 236 Babbifl, Florence, 398 Babcock, James, 124 Babka, Kaynelle, 399 Bacon, John, 189 Bacon, Marilyn, 332, 207, 208 Badger, Nancy, 419 Baggarly, Donna, 421 Bahnsen, Shirley, 409 Bahnson, Damon, 426 Bailey, Chrisiine, 413 Bailey, James, 442 Bailey, Janel, 218, 402 Bailey, Linda, 328 Bailey, Theron, 154 Bainbridge, Suzanne, 398 Bainhill, Mark, 372 Bair, Jack, 388, 372 Bair, Kalhleen, 241 Bair, Nancy, I60 Baird, Pamela, 336 Andrewson, Jack, 275, 428 Andrle, Slephen, 429 Andruska, Jane, 218, 328 Aniinson, Peggy, 402 Angell, Linda, 306 Angell, Penelope, 338 Ankeny, Gary, 157 Ankeny, Ronald, 362 Anihens, M. Phyllis, 124,326 Baker, Dale, 364 Baker, Francene, 160, 328, 316 Baker, Gerald, 438 Baker, James, 364 Baker, Paul, 358, 284 Baker, Sharon, 411 Baker, Thomas, 160 Baker Virginia, 330 Bakkeln, Kalhleen, 252, 207 Anfon, Jane, 236, 247, 332 Anlone, Rila, 160 Apel, Gregory, 295 Appel, Herberf, 429 Appleby, Michael, 131, 124, 133, 135 Applegafe, Jill, 324, 278 Appley, Lynda, 417 Bakkum, Beverly, 402 Balanoff, Arnold, 192 Balanoff, Marlys, 234, 237, 33 Balcar, Judilh, 405, 306 Bald, Janice, 398 Baldwin, Craig, 160 Baldwin, Philip, 138, 136 Allen, Garl'l1, 439 Allen, Janel, 4ll Allen, Janine, 326 Allen, Joan, 160 Allen, Judiih, 338 Allen, Randall, 124, 382 Allen, Roberl, 384 Ailenaer, David, 432, sos Allender, John, 277, 275, 388 Alley, Louis, I60 Arcadio, Larry, 440 Archibald, Michael, 424 Arendl, Julianne, 160 Arend, Siephen, 354 Argall, Annelle, 402 Argo, Charles, 192 Argo, John, 230, 240 Arkfeld, Francis, 131 Armbrusler, Jane, 160 Armenlroul, Gary, 424' Arrnknechi, Raymond, 135 Armold, Frederic, 384, 438 Armslrong, Gary, 124, 425 Armslrong, James, 364 Armsrrong, Pamela, 413 Armslrong, Roger, 360 Arnd1', Janel, 404 Arnold, Edward, 131, 124,279 Arnold, Marilyn, 188, 401, 400 Arrowsmilh, Margo, 401 Arlhur, Audrey, 342 Balko, Susan, 320 Ball, Melvin, 138 Ballard, Beverlee, 346 Ballou, Alan, 145 Balsam, Susan, 306 Balsier, David, 429 Balsler, Sfeven, 160 Ballrus, Virginia, 328 Balizell, Roberf, 138 Barkeyl, Ga ry, 376 Alper, Joseph, 160 Alslon, William, 152, 145 Alf, Sara, 211, 241, 326, 190 Aller, John, I60, 352 Alffillisch, Thomas, 160, 388, 315 Allhoff, Alfred, 160 Allmaier, Palricia, 211 Aliman, Roberla, 261 Ambrose, Eileen, 392 Ames, Cheryl, 330, 316 Arllip, Linda, 396 Ariz, Tyrone, 192 Bamsey, Roberi, 384 Bane, Belh, 404 Banner, Wallace, 124 Banning, Mary, 322 Banla, Benneff, 292 Banwarf, Alber1', 160 Barbel, Joyce, 395 Barber, Jean, 413 Barbour, Pamela, 320 Barclay, Karhryn, 230, 251, 240 Barden, Chrisline, 405 Barghahn, Bruce, 356 Bargren, Kaihleen, 320 Amoni, John, 376 Andersen Andersen Judy, 398 fiuciara, 131,124,431 Andersen, S1anley, 160 Anderson, Arnal, Anderson, Barbara, 262 Anderson, Calvin, 159 Anderson, Carol, 405 Anderson, Calherine, 416, 320 Arveiis, Thomas, 160, 358 Arvidson, Cheryl, 241, 237, 346, 190, 251 Ashby, Jane, 259, 416 Ashley, Barbara, 401 Aslolfi, Janice, 330 Alchison, Gerard, 261 Afha, Eric, 360, 292 Afherlon, Janice, 395 Alor, Donald, 438 Aude, Roger, 259 Audef, Grace, 160 Aufrechr, Sally, 230 Augius, George, 189 Aukes, Roberl, 160 Auslin, Cynlhia, 338 Auslin, Mary, 160 Ba rkema, Vicloria, 405 Barker, Beniamin, 382 Barker, Dean, 160, 364, 382 Barker, Gerald, 252 Barker, Laura, 326 Barker Slephen, 292 8, 278 Barnelr, James, 366 Barnharf, Charles, 427 Barnhill, Roberl, 277, 275, 427 Baron, Francis, 352 Barry, Mike, 386 Barry, Owen, 124 Barfhel, Barbara, 160 Barlholomew, Dean, 380, 426 amine, Edwin, 154,425 Barflefl, Barbara, 402 Ba r1le11', James, 428 Barlon, Gregory, 366, 284 Barron, Jonalie, 252, 207 Barron, Lonnie, 138 Barron, Thomas, 154 Baskerville, Kafhleen, 416 Basofin, Jerrold, 161 Bass, Linda, 410 Basseff, Roberf, 222 Bassman, Roberfa, 348 Baslian, Jalinda, 251, 409 Balcheller, Douglas, 241, 384 Belcher, Richard, 158, 154 Ba11'ani, Lorraine, 334 Bauch, James, 158, 161 Bauer, shells, 209, 161, 320 Baugh, Linda, 161 Baum, Karen, 161,404 Baum, William, 161,354 Bauman, Addie, 161 Baumann, Paul, 259 Baumeier, Becky, 394, 395 Baurngardner, Dennis, 427 Baumgarfel, Gayle, 413 Baulz, Susan, 322 Baxfer, Alice, 161 Baxler, Dennis, 384 Bay, John, 262, 161 Bayard, Angela, 161 Bazeliaes, Paul, 131, 133, 135 Beach, Harlan, 358 Beach, Roberl, 362 Beadlesfon, Bonnie, 421 Beal, Deborah, 332 Beamer, Linda, 161 Bearnish, Thomas, 161 Beard, Jeanine, 413 Beary, J ean, 410, 237, 188 Beasley, Sleven, 424 Beeson, Karen, 402 Beaver, Paul, 215 Beaver, Richard, 274 Beavers, Ronald, 426 Becicka, Judy, 402 Becicka Lenoard 384 Beck, Debra, 340 Beck, Jane, 332 Beck, Jonalhan, 192 Beck, Paul, 261 Beck, Roberf, 382 Becker, Arlhur, 145 Becker, Dennis, 135, 364 Becker, Elizabefh, 421 Becker, Gary, 145 Becker, Lorna, 161 Becker, Lynne, 161 Becker Rufh 348 421 Beckerrnan, lblargiel, 161 Beckiorden, Arlianne, 411 Beckman , Barbara J., 324 Beckman, Barbara L., 161 Beckman, James, 360 Beckman, Jerome, 392 Beckman, Susan, 402 Beckwiih Beclcwiih , Lura, 161 , Sherrill, 161, 342 Barkhursl, Kennefh, 131, 124, 255 Barnard, Kenl, 356, 315 Barnard, Roberl, 124 Barnes, Bruce, 372 Barnes, Clarke, 159, 157, 154 Barnes, Janice, 262, 324 Barnes, John, 275 Barnes, Sarali, 234, 398 Barnes, Timolhy, 295, 308 Bedeian, Arlhur, 124, 380 Beebe, Raymond, 157, 154 Beeck, Kenneih, 132, 124, 135 Beeler, Michael, 386 Beemer, Raymond, 274 Beer, Brad, 378 Beerman, Carol, 265 Beers, Thomas, 232, 366 Beese, Judiih, 161, 244, 395, 244 Beeiner, Vicky, 395 Beger, Jerrold, I59 Beghiel, Caolyn, 338, 3l7 Beh, Alfred, I52, ,l45, I5l Behrens, Ann, 332, 237 Beighle, Pairicia, 26l Beisler, Ardes, 237, 324 Beiier, Barbara, 209, l6l, 236, 336 Biorge Bell Barbara, 397, 399 Bell David, 2ll, l92, 25l Bell, Deborah, 40l Bell, Don, l59 Bell, Janei, 4II Bell Leroy, I24, 440 Bell, Muriel, 402 Bell, Roberi, 425 Bell Thomas, I6l Belling, Fern, l6l Bender, Linda, l6I Benedicl, Douglas, 442 Benharf, Kenneih, 386 Benneii, Carla, 340 Benneif, Carol, IBB, 4l6 Benneii, Cassandra, 340 Benneir, Benneil, David, 2l0, l6l James, I54 Benner, Jean, 322 Benschoier, Harriel, l6I Benscoier, Ronald, 2ll Bensing, Barbara, 398 Bensink, Larry, l6l Benson, David, I38 Benson, Pairicia, 399 Benfen, John, l6l Benfley, Bruce, I24 Beniley, Edwin, l6l Beniroir, Jerry, 424 Benlz, Dale, l6l Benz, Judiih, 399 Beranek, Pamela, 4l0 Beranek, Penny, 2l8, 4l0 Berenyi, Kafalin, 420 Beres, Kalherine, 336, 278 Beriielcl, Janice, l6l, 405 Berg, Michael, 427 Berg, Suzanne, 336 Bergdale, Kelvin, 25l, 425 Berge, Jerrie, l6l Berger, Arlhur, I32 Berger, Mara, I6l Bergman, Bonia, 262 Bergman, Joseph, 303, 429 Bergo, Pamala, 324 Bergsirom, Richard, l92 Berkowiiz, Eiia, I6l Berumudez-Gonzalez, L., l6I, 326, 2 Bernauer,, R. Michael, I24 Berner, Dennis, 360 Bernhardi, Kimberly, 24l, 342 Berning, Sheralyn, I6l Bersiein, Edward, l6l Bernsiein, Susan, I6l Berry, Babara, 234, 420 Berven, Barbara, 399 Berven, Norman, 235, 362 Beshore, Julie, 4l3 Besi, Craig, 388 Besie, Anifa, 405 Beswick, Joyce, 324 Berhel, David, I6l Beliis, John, 252 Bevill, William, 429 Bevis, Gale, 40l Beyer, Linda, 402 Bice, Thomas, 372 Bickeif, William, 376 Bickiord, Susan, 40l Bidelman, Wayne, 2ll, 427 Biderman, Michael, l6l Bieber, John, 356, 300 Biebesheimer, Jerome, 424 Biebesheimer, Johanna, l6l, 420 Bieg, Kevin, 425 Bielenberg, John, 426 Bierie, David, I38, I36 Bierscheid, Roberf, l6l, 274, 273 Bigelow, Harold, I38, I42 Biggane, William, I3l Bigs, Joel, 43l Bildsiein, Larry, 432 Bilek, Guy, 284 Billingion, Mary, l6l SI Bilsirom, Jon, 362 Binkerd, Adrian, 386 Binney, Barbara, l6l, 346 Binney, Susan, 346 Binney, William, 438 Binns, Kevin, 436 Bird, Vicky, 134,410 Birkeland, Nancy, l6l Birkefi, Mariha, 405 Bishop, John, 235, 386, 250 Bishop, Louis, I24' Bissell, Byron, 161 4 Biiiner, Linda, 340 , Thomas, l4l Boney, Pamela, l34 Boniferi, Diana, I62 Bonior, David, 284, 378 Bonney, Jerome, 308 Book, Dennis, l54 Book, Pamela, 338 Booker, Brooks, 279, 276, 384 Booih, Sheldon, I62 Boozell, Michael, 432 Borchari, Barbara, l59, l54 Borcherding, Randall, l58 Bork, Bradley, I38 Bosfon, Ted, 274 Boucher, Kaihryn, 326 Brighi, James, I2, I24, l35, 279,276 Brighl, Larry, 277, 275 Brighl, Merle, I62 Brinker, Terry, I62, 364, 279, 276 Brinkman, Mary, 2ll, 3I8 Brisbin, Holly, 336, 4l3 Briskin, Beiie, 3l8 Brisiley, Gilberi, I62 Biornsiad, C. A., 372 Black, Karen, 322, 413, 4l2, Blackburn, John, 380 Blackman, John, 378, 292 Blackman, Judiih, 320 Blacksiock, Beniamin, l58 Blaha, David, 388, 438 Blaine, Richard, I92 Blair, Brenda, 338 Boudinof, Susan, 235, 237, 326, IBS Boudinoi, William, 386 Bouma, Larry, 426 Bowen, Alice, 406, 4l6 Bowen Carol, 262 Bowen, James, 277, 275, 426, 423 Bowen Bowen Bower, Judiih, I62 William, 131,335 Barbara, 262, I62 Briiion, Chrisiabel, I44, 328 Briiion, Julie, 2SI Broberg, David, l89 Brock, James, I62 Brock, Timoihy, 273, 438 Brockway, Beiie, 40l Brockway, James, 362 Brody, Hlllarie, 348, 4l0 Brody, Nancy, 404 Broerman, Bruce, I62 Broers, Jon, 124 Brogan, Richard, I24 Brogden, Sfephen, 302, 429 Broghammer, Mark, l59 Broghammer, Roberi, I38 Blair, Elaine, 4l0 Blair, Kaiie, 330 Blair, Linda, -us Blair, Roberi, l4l, l6l Blake, Alan, 427 Blakely, Jerry, l92 Bowermasier, Jon, 279, 277, 275 Bowers, Cherie, 320 Bowers, John, 428 Bowker, Charles, 424 Bowlsloy, Beliy, l90, 421 Bowman, David, l58, I54 Blakely, Karen, I6I, 3I8 Bowman, Michael, 360 Blakesley, William, 372 Blanchard, William, 354 Blandford, Elizabeih, I62, 346, 3l6 Blaney, Donna, 2l8, 328, 25l Blaichley, Janei, 420 Blazevich, Siephen, 426 Bleckwenn, Garry, I24 Bleeks, Sarah, 40I Blessing, Linda, 399 Blessman, James, I62 Blingo, Lynne, 334, -H9 ' Bliss, Ronald, 22l Block, Randolph, 425 Blomberg, Gary, I62 Blornker, Richard, I62 Blood, James, I62 Blood, Kaiherine, I62 Bloom, Jean, 336 Bloom, Michael, 356 Bloomquisi, Keiih, 429 Blumgren, Jean, 234, 322, 394, 25I, 396 Blunck, Roberi, I24 Blyihe, Rudolph, I62, 304 Board, Diane, 4l7 Boardman, Linda, 420 Boafman, Douglas, 372 Boalman, Judilh, I62, 334 Bobenhouse, James, I62 Bock, Pamela, 262, 396 Bock, Terry, 425 Bockensiedl, F., l92 Bode, Allan, I62 Boden, Emily, 338 Bodensieiner, Joseph, I92 Boe, Gary, 362 Boeck, Alberi, 439 Boecleker, Greichen, 262, 420 Boehlie, Boyd, l58, l54 Boehm, Colin, 442 Boehrnke, Janifer, 346 Boehmke, Jerelyn, I62, 346 Boelier, Philip, IS9 Boer, Terrill, 425 , Boeiicher, Nancy, 324, 306 Boerlcher, Terry, 237, 382 Bogaard, David, 426 Bogenrief, Richard, 432 Boggess, John, 370 Bohlin, Ella, 2lI Bohnenkamp, Leslie, 442 Bohner, Richard, I62 Boiler, William, 439 Boland, Sandra, 406, 4l6 Boles, Marlene, 322 saliii, David, I62 Bollenbaugh, Keiih, 427 Boli, Pamela, 346 Bolre, Barbara, 402 Bolion, Caihleen, 230, 395, 240 Bombei, Ronald, l35 Bond, Dixie, 4l0 Bonde, Johanna, 328, 3l7 Bowman, Nancy, 338 Bowman, Rosalie, I62, 342, 278 Bowne, Bearrice, 398 Bowser, Wanda, 4l7 Boyce, Pairicia, 402 Boyd, Carol, 4l7 Boyd, Kaihlene, 4l0 Boyd, Lea, 349, 356 Boyd, Sandra, 26l, 330 Boyer, Danny, l4l Boyer, Deborah, 332, 416 Boyle, Karen, 420 Bromley, Richard, l57 Brooks Brooks Brooke, , Dennis, 429 , Douglas, 424 Charles, 304 Brooks, Gary, I53, I52, 427 Brooks, Grace, 405 Brooks, Jay, I24 Brooks, Leonard, 438 Brooks, Roberf, I24 Brooks, Ronald, I52, l45, l5l Brosnahan, Loreiia, 404 Brosseau, Nina, 402 Browdifch, Didi, 340 Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley , Barbara, 324 , Carol, I62 , James, I24 , Kirk, 427, 423 Bradley, Roberi, I62 Brady, Kaihleen, l85, 399 Brady, Mary, I62, 336 Brady, Bragg, Pairick, I38, I36 Richard, 382 Brakke, Dianne, I62 Bramel, Sandra, I62 Bramhall, Ralph, 370 Brandes, Deanna, I62 Brandi, Craig, I62 Brandi, John, 426 Branson, Lindley, I54 Bransiad, Terry, 427 Braskamp, Larry, I62 Brauer, Mary, I62 Braun, Charles, 247, 368 Braunlin, Elizabeih, I62 Braunschweig, P., 259, 4I7 Bray, Daniel, 438 Breeam, Allan, 284, 296 Brecunier, Ann, 26l, 332 Bredall, Mark, I62 Breedlove, Huslon, 426 Breese, Leanna, 330 Breia, Doroihy, I82 Bremer, Carol, I62 Breneman, Dean, I62 Brenholdl, Bruce, 427 Brenneman, Belila, I62 Brenneman, Larry, I62 Brenneman, Mary, 4l9 Brenner, Donald, 368 Breslow, Frances, 234, 348 Brewer, Barbara, 338 Brewer, Della, I24, I34, 404 Brewer, Donald, I52, I45 Brewer, John, 382 Bribrieso, John, 438 Brick, Roberi, I24 Brickman, Jerry, I24 Brown, Addison, l92 Brown, Beify, 2l l, 334 Brown, Brice, I62 Brown, Craig, 236, 358 Brown, Debra, 320 Brown, Diana, 395 Brown, Don, I24 Brown, Harland, 427 Brown, Brown, Jacqueline, I62 James Henry, 428 Brown, James Howard, l53, I52, 372 Brown, James P., 386 Brown, James R., 427 Brown, Joan, 404 Brown, John, 295 Brown, Judiih, I62 Brown, Judy, 3I8 Brown, Karen, 262 Brown, Larry, I24 Brown, Richard, I62 Brown, Roloeri, 440 Brown, Sandra, 405 Brown, Sherri, 4l7 Brown, Sieven J., Brown, Sreven R., 358 Brown, Terryll, 274 Brown, Thomas, 432 Brown, William, 262 Brownfield, Steven, 232, 349, 358, 273 Bruani, Michael, I24 Brubacher, Theodore, 298, 305, 296 Bruce, Donna, 402 Bruhn, Judiih, 209, I62, l9l Brummund, Mary, I62 Brunner, Nancy, I44, I62, 42I, I43 Bruns, David, I4I, l36 Brush, Rodger, l4l Brusich, Dixie, 404, 306 Bryanl, John, I62 Bubb, Sheila, 332 Buch, James, I62 Buchwalier, Linda, 396 Buck, Ernesi, I63 Buck, Sally, 209 Buckingham, Barbara, 42l Buckley, Jo, 163, 3l8 Buckley, Mary, 2l7, 324 Budd, Sara, 40I Budde, Sharon, 4I0 Budelier, William, l5l Bridal, Bridge, Dennis, 358 Benjamin, 438 Briggs, Norman, I62, 380 Briggs, Rolaerf, I38 Briggs, Teresa, 405 Brighi, David, l45 Bukoif, Cheryl, I63, 4l9 Bull, Carol, 320 Bunce, David, 388, 428 Bundren, Jean, 396 Bunn, Carol, 26l, I63 Bunn, Eric, I63 455 Coffin, Ch risfine, 332 Cahil 4 Bunting, Wanda, 163 Burch, Virginia, 320 Burcham, Wayne, 163 Burchett, Cathy, 410 Burda, Patricia, 401 Buresh, Cynthia, 232 Buresh, Dean, 250 Buresh, Fredric, 439 Buresh, Kathleen, 209, 163, 244, 332, 244 Buresh, Pamela, 409 Burge, Gary, 124 Burge r, Beverly, 324 Burger, James, 131 Burge Burge r, Stephen, 372 ss, David, 125 Burgfechtel, Robert, 192 Burho Burk, p, Barbara, 163 Everette, 255, 440 Burkarf, John, 163, 252, 376 Burke, Barbara, 338 Burke, David, 192 Burke, Larry, 427 Burke, Patricia, 131 Burke, Ruth, 163, 251 Burkhardt, Barbara, 259 Burkhart, Raymond, 366 Burkle, Robert, 380 Burks, Burks, Donald, 141, 136 James, 163 Burlage, William, 440 Burling, Dennis, 439 Burlin Burlin g, Judah, 237, 346 ame Barbara 163 Q - - Burmeister, Linda, 324 Burnette, William, 296, 305 Burns, Colleen, 144, 143 Burns, John, 378 Burns, Joseph, 378 Burns, Nancy, 404 Burns, Pamela, 401 Burns, Stuart, 275 Burns, Susan, 163 Burr, Barbara, 262 Burr, Donna, 144 Burreson, David, 145 Burritt, Donna, 163 Burroughs, Susan, 234, 326 Burrows, Jerome, 158 Burrows, Kenneth, 138, 136 Burton, John, 364 Busch, Roseann, 338 Bush, Barbara, 252, 207 Bush, David, 426 Bush, Judith, 163 Bush, Ronald, 428 Bush, Warren, 429 Bushaw, Priscilla, 163 Callaghan, James, 163 Callison, Patricia, 163, 188 Calta, Dick, 125, 279, 276 Calvert, Anne, 243 Calvert, Helen, 232, 234, 340 Calza, Carole, 144, 163, 409, 143 Cambridge, Daniel, 230, 240 Cambridge, Mary, 338 Camp, David, 141, 136 Camp, Martha, 405 Campbell, Bruce, 428 Campbell, Laurel, 338 Campbell, Patricia, 143, 336 Campbell, Robert, 426 Campbell, Susan, 409 Campion, Barbara, 334 Campisi, Edward, 424 Canham, Diane, 234 Cannon, Dorotha, 406, 396 Cannon, Linda, 163 Cannon, Michol, 417 Cannon, Richard, 141 Canny, Mary, 257 Canter, Judith, 317 Canterbury, John, 442 Capper, Stanley, 192 Carden, Linda, 211, 396 Carhott, Robert, 145 Carl, Allen, 366 Carlsen, Kristin, 163 Carlsen, Linda, 413 Carlson, Barbara, 336 Carlson, Charles, 372 Carlson, Danny, 125, 135 Carlson, Don, 267, 274, 273, 388, 3 Carlson, Emmett, 141 Carlson, Kenneth, 141 Carlson, Linda, 163,336 Carlson, Milton, 425 Carlson, Nancy, 411 Carlson, Nelson, 292 Carlson, Randall, 277, 275 Carlson, Susan, 163 Carlton, James, 163, 360 Carman, David, 158, 163 Carman, Neil, 164 Carmichael, Richard, 164 Carmody, Mary, 402 Carpenter, Charles, 380, 428 Carpenter, Dwight, 275 Carr, Chandra, 230, 237, 239, 241 Carr, Thomas, 431 Carradus, Teresa, 334, 395 Carrithers, John, 153, 152, 145 Carroll, Leslie, 362 Carroll, Steven, 164 Carson, Linda, 328 Carstens, Lanette, 134, -113 Chalstrom, Gigi, 421, 306 Chalupsky, David, 442 Chamberlin, Cynthia, 420 Champion, Nancy, 332 Chan, Nellie, 406, 417 Chandler, Larry, 232, 251, 438 Chapin, Edward, 308 Chapman, Dorothy, 164 Chapman, Nathan, 368, 302 Chapman, Richard, 158 Chapman, Thomas, 360 Chard, Sally, 320 Charipar, Roger, 262 Charlson, Cynthia, 410 Charnick, Bonnie, 421 Chase, David, 426 Check, Richard, 141, 136 Chenoweth, Carol, 320 Cherny, Cynthia, 164 Cherry, Carolyn, 328 Chesnut, Carol, 410 Childs, Ann, 217 Childs, Michael, 364 Childs, Pamela, 336 Chisholm, Carol, 332 Chisholm, John, 360 Chism, Stanley, 192 chmura,.1a, 164, 230, 231, 247, 338 Chorpening, Jenta, 411 Chorpening, Linda, 164 Chowaney, Diane, 164 Christ, Carolyn, 416 Christen, Helen, 164 Christensen, Barbara, 164 Christensen, Howard, 164 Christensen, Joan, 395 Christensen, Kay, 322, 396 Christensen, Linda, 410 Christensen, Marilyn, 211,411 Christensen, Paul, 431 Christensen Susan 328 ChristensenlWil1ialm, 237, 356 Christian, Roger, 164 Christian, William, 432 Christiansen, Donald, 354 Christiansen, Sue, 395 Christiansen, Wayne, 424 Christianson, Robert, 362 Christopher, Dale, 164 Chuck, Gwendolyn, 241,410 Church, Lucinda, 262, 326 Cilek, Michael, 428 Cilek, Thomas, 372 Cink, Juleen, 164 Clancy, Don, 151, 152, 149, 145 Clancy, John, 164 Clark Alice, 164 Clark: Charles, 429 Cmeirek, James, 158 Cochran, Dale, 386 Cochran, John, 224 Cochran, Ronald, 427 Cochran Sheryl 164 Coftie, bavaa, is-1 Coffin, Jay, 354 Coffin, Ray, 354 Coffma Coffma n, Kathy, 134 n, Quentin, 164, 185,251 Coggeshall, Cynde, 342, 278 Coghla Cohan, Cohen, n, Robert, 132, 125 Judith, 164 Alan, 428 Cohn, Paul, 368 Cohrt, Colby, Cole, J Larry, 159 Hal, 277, 275 im, 427 Cole, Larry, 292 Cole, Thad, 237, 364 Cole, William, 376 Coleman, Barbara, 207 Coleman, Leroy, 426 Colenso, Frances, 164, 413 Colgan, Patrick, 354 Collignon, Richard, 423 Collings, Susan, 411 Collins, Barbara, 143,342,278 Collins, Charles, 428 Collins, Corrine, 144, 143 Collins, Dana, 401 Collins, Donald, 388 Collins, Keith, 362 Collins, Mary A., 377 Collins, Mary L., 397, 401 Collins, Michael, 132 Collins, Patrick, 428 Collman, Kenneth, 125, 274 Colon, Paula, 164 Colon, Robert, 164 Colsant, Lee, 440 Colwell, Gary, 141, 164 Colwell, Keith, 141 Comba, Randolph, 154 Combs, Stephen, 165, 376 Comito, Barbara, 165 Comp, Donna, 165 Compiano, Thomas, 372 Compton, Clifford, 386 Cone, William, 358 Cong, Joe, 141, 142 Coniglio, Joseph, 138 Conklin Conlan, g, William, 372 Kevin, 428, 427, 442 Conn, Carla, 348 Conn, Meredith, 324 Connell, Richard, 292 Busta, Ruth, 396 Buswell, Joanna, 262 Butch, Cov, 388 Butcher, Charles, 163 Butcher, Glenn, 163,424 Butcher, Patricia, 163 Butler, Denis, 159, 251 Carter, Dean, 164 Carter, Joan, 411 Carter, John, 432, 354, 275 Carter, Judy, 164 Carter, Philip, 303 Carter, Richard A., 125 Carter Richard C., 362 Clark Gregory, 376 Clarkl James, 164 Connelly, Milton, 145 Conner, Kathy, 404 Connor, Carole, 416 Conrad, James, 438 Conrad, Warren, 354 Conway, Catherine, 322 Conwell, Joseph, 221, 165 Butler, James C., 384 Butler, James H., 424 Buttel, Thomas, 163 Butterworth, Mary, 163 Button, Barbara, 322 Buxton, Thomas, 370 Bye, David, 159 Byers, B rne Ann, 410 Barr 354 v . y. Byrne, Bernie, 364 Byrnes, Jane, 163, 326 Byrne s, Sharon, 163 Bys, Barbara, 163 C Cacciatore, Vincent, 431 Cadwallader, Patricia, 211, 262, 230, 251, 420, 240 1, Thomas, 159 Cartwright, Carol, 370 Cartwright, Mary, 409 Carver, David, 138 Cary, Zoe, 164 case, Pamela, 164, 336, 401 Casey, Cathleen, 306 Casey, Patricia, 164, 320 Casey, William, 279 Casper, John, 252, 364 Cassill, Paul, 349, 382 Castle, Jack, 275 Caswell, Steven, 372 Cataldo, Bob, 366 Cather, Michael, 354 Caughlan, Charles, 232, 362 Cavalier, Marianne, 401 Cavanaugh, Carol, 404 Cavanaugh, Gary, 192 Cavanaugh, Michael, 380 Clark, Jean, 144, 164, 143 Clark, Mark, 366 Clark, Mary, 330, 317 Clark, Richard, 380 Clark, Robert, 376 Clark, Sharon, 125 Clark Terry, 424 Clark, Thomas, 141 Clark, William, 424 Clark, Winifred, 164 Clarke, Barbara, 237 Clarkson, David, 424 Clause, Andrea, 417 Clausen, Thomas, 131, 125, 133 Clauson, Karen, 164 Clayborne, Donnetta, 397, 399 Clayton, Donna, 411 Clements, Beverly, 413 Clements, John, 429, 438 Clements, Wilma, 416 Clifford, Susan, 346 Cline, Carolyn, 164 Cline, Cynthia A., 326 Cline, Cynthia S., 340 Cook, Cheryl, 211, 261, 409 Cook, David, 165 Cook, Jane, 417 Cook, Joseph, 165 Cook, Linda, 401 Cook, Richard, 431 Cook, Robert B., 431 Cook, Robert L., 392, 427, 423 Coon, Mary, 144 Coon, Nola, 187 Coon, Stephen, 165 Cooney, Thomas, 158 Coons, Kenton, 274, 255, 425 Cooper, Cynthia, 324 Cooper, James, 141 Cooper, John, 192 Cooper, Mikel, 410 Cooper, Ronald, 368 Copley, Connie, 346 Copley, Mary, 165 Cain, Carli, 413, 412 Cain, Donna, 396 Cain, Mary, 397 Calacci, Gary, 163, 384 Calder, Enid, 259 Calder, Joan, 346, 251 2 Calhoun, Gary, 125,27 ,274, 273, 372, 315 Cecil, Toniann, 399 Cerling, Rebecca, 211 Cerveny, Joanne, 421 Ceynar, Frank, 164 Chadwick, Dennis, 164 Chaifos , Steve, 380 Challed, William, 384 Chally, Jodie, 421 Cline, Jack, 424 Cline, Cline, Cline, Clouq Janet, 326 Joyce, 412 Robert, 141 h, Catherine, 251 Cloyed, John, 157 Clynick, Betty, 332 Coppersrnith, Glenda, 420 Corbin, Catherine, 342 Corcoran, Constance, 261, 165 Corcoran, John, 386 Corcoran, Kathleen, 241, 232, 328 Cord, John, 384 Cord, Kathy, 328 Corderman, Sandra, 165 Cordle, Thomas, 165 Corey, Douglas, 303, -124 Corless, Cynlhia, 336 Cornell, Pamela, 328 Cornell, Ronald, 426 Cornish, Richard, 125 Cornwell, Judy, 165, 278 Corry, Kalhleen, 324, 191 Corwin, William, 125 Cosson, George, 271 Costello, Georgann, 398 Colringham, Gwen, 261, 251,411 Couillard, William, 428 Couller, Suzan, 218, 326 Coupland, Kendale, 376 Cousins, William, 153, 152, 145, 151 Cowan, Dorolhy, 336 Cowles, Dale, 165 Cownie, James, 158 Cox, Anne, 165 Cox, Lawrence, 165 Cox, Leslie, 405 Coy, Gary, 165 Coyle, Michael, 132 Coyne, Denis, 125 Coyne, Mary, 330 Cozzolino, Sally, 278 Crabbs, Sanda, 334 Craig, Rebecca, 394, 396 Craige, Lucy, 165 Cram, Lonalee, 409 Cram, Richard, 192 Cramer, Carhryn, 417, 306 Cramer, Leandra, 165,419 Crane, Michael, 165 Crawford, Merrill, 424, 423 Crawford, Sherylian, -121 Crawford, William, 366 Cray, Candace, 338 Crecelius, Kimberly, 405 Crees, Barry, 284 Creger, Janice, 165 Cremers, Corrine, 409 Cremers, Gerald, 125 Cremers, Linda, 409 Crenner, Caiherine, 165 , Creps, Sherry, 334, 409 Crew, Barbara, 334 Cribbs, Barbara, 165 Crisi, Barry, 426, 423 Criswell, Barbara, 336 Crilz, Trainor, 380 Cromwell, Thomas, 192 Crosley, Jackson, 380 Cross, James, 192 Cross, Jerome, 159 Cross, Karen, 405 Crouch, Parker, 380 Croulhamel, Joyce, 401 Crow, Nalhaniel, 138 Crowell, Mary, 165, 328 Croxell, Jeanelie, 259, 125, 398 Croyle, Elaine, 328 Crumley, Roger, 192 Crump, Barbara, 401 Crumrine, Cynihia, 401 Cullum, Carroll, 152, 145, 151 Culp, Roberra, 346 Culross, Michael, 165 Cummings, Gary, 141, 165 Cummings, Lynne, 165 Cunningham, Joseph, 165 Cunningham, Lloyd, 425 Cunningham, Michael, 125,386 Cuplin, Dean, 125 Cuplin, Jane, 165 Curland, Mary, 411, 243, 306 Curnes, Peler, 362 Currie, James, 384 Curry, Barbara, 187 Curry, Stanley, 429 Curlis, Jeanne, 395 Curlis, John, 165, 372 Curfis, Michael, 376 Curiis, Russell, 230, 251, 240, 440 Curris, Susan, 209, 165, 332 Cusier, Vona, 165, 191, 190 Cuiler, Belsy, 320, 317 Culler, Kalhy, 338, 165, 271 Cypher, Jeanne, 404 D Dabney, Beverly, 398 ow, Dianne, 211, 125, -102 Daggs, Siephen, 386 Dagle,Ches1er, 158, 216 Daedl Dahlh Dahlk eimer, Donald, 427 e, Michael, 427 Dahlsirom, Jelrey, 364 Dahm Dahm Dahm s, Denis, 259 s, Sally, 328, 251 s, Scoll, 153, 152 Dailey David, 125 Dailey, John, 424 Dalen, Donna, 211, 334 Dalen, Roger, 132, 125, 135 Danie ls, Sheila, 409 Dennis, Richard, 376 Dennler, Jane, -113 Derderian, Mary, 334 Derner, Jeanne, 404 Derlinger, Slephen, 296 Derkye, Joe, 380 Deshaw, Jean, 394 Deshpande, Viiaykumar, 440 Desirey, Dennis, 376 Desmond, Drene, 328 Dessel, Rulh, 401 Deilelsen, Ann, 165, 395 Dellelsen, Ellen, 165 Delierer, Penelope, 165 Deur, Bonnie, 346, 317 Dever, Delma, 166 Devick, Darrel, 275, 424 Dougherly, Michael D., 141, 142 Dougherry, Michael L., 145 Doughly, Margarel, 399 Douglas, Mark, 426 Dower, Kalherine, 166 Down, James, 136 Downy, Ronald, 153, 152 Downing, Pamela, 405 Drahos, Dennis, 131, 125 Drake, David, 166 Drake, George, 439 Dreeszen, Lanyce, 251, 417 Dreibelbis, Cynihia, 338, 278 Drews, Judllh, 262, 401 Driscoll, Charles, 166 Driscoll, John, 125, 135 Drillein, William, 424 Danielson, Vernon, 380 Danies, Philip, 424 Dappen, Nalhan, 277, 275, 429 Darby, James, 428 Darbyshire, Hobart, 158, 154 Dare, Suzanne, 271 Darling, Siephen, 362 Daubenberger, Rex, 165, 251 Dauber, James, 426 Daur, Randall, 426 Davenporl, Alvin, 165, 274 Davenporr, Bradley, 165 4 Davida, George, 145 Davidson, Douglas, 252, 234, 358 Davis Alice, 332, 316 Devine, Earl, 154 Devries, Donald, 125 Dewees, Donald, 271, 349, 364 Dewey, Charles, 166 Dewey, Susan, 211, 340 Driver, Frederick, 360 Drobnich, Rosemary, 405 Drumm, Andrea, 334 Drury, Andrea, 421 Dryer, David, 273, 439 Davis Brian, 165 Davis: Carol, 420 Davis Davis Davis Davis , 1-lyrene, 165 ,Jacquelyn, 324, 399 Jennifer, 398 Karen, 405 Davis: Larry, 216, 165, 431 Davis, Marlha, 401 Davis, Mary B., 134, 125 Davis Davis Mary S., 407 : Raymond J., 426 Davis, Raymond W., 125, 279, Davis, Ronald, 388 Davis, Terry, 354, -124 Davis son, Donald, 428 Dawe, Rosemary, 328 Dawson, Douglas, 372 Day, David, 432 Day, Donna, 244, 417 Day, James, 438 Day, Janel, 397 - Day, Roger, 138 Da Susan 410 Y. 1 Dayen, Carol, 338 De Gunlher, Deborah, 404 DeN io, Douglas, 151 Deahl, Rebecca, 318 382, 301 Dewilf, Arihur, 152, 145, 151 Dewilr, Margarel, 404 Dewiil, Roberl, 148, 145, 151 Dewilr, Ronald, 432 Deyarman, Roberl, 262 Dhesse, Judilh, 166, 188 Diamond, Fred, 352 Diblasio, Paul, 166 Dick, Carolyn, 247 Dick, Charles, 158, 154, 210 Dick, Fred, 192 Dick, Judy, 166 Diclcer, Lee, 160, 166, 230, 368, 240 Dicker, Paul, 368 Dickinson, Gary, 125, 133, 135 Dicks, Ernesl, 166 Dickson, James, 275 Dickson, Roberl, 299 Dickson, Sheila, 166, 409 Diehl, John E., 158 Diehl, John R., 284 Diehl, Joseph, 380 Dielman, Eloise, 166 Dierks, David, 426 Dielz, Roberl, 166 Diefz, Sharon, 166 Digman, Gary, 166 Dillon, Vicloria, 419 Dills, Thomas, 355 Dilocker, Tamara, 419 Dimke, David, 355 Dine, Susan, 234, 348, 420 Dingman, Thomas, 166 Dinsmore, Diana, 166, 328 Dirks, Sharon, 320 Disney, Mary, 404 Disselhorsl, John, 154 Dubes, Marilyn, 166 Dubois, George, 439 Ducey, David, 439 Dudek, Mary, 394, 396 Duerkop, Henry, 355 Dull, Kaihleen, 339 Duffy, Daniel, 166, 189 Duffy, Kathleen, 134 Duggleby, Tamara, 166, 191, 198 Dugslad, Bruce, 131 Duilch, Roberl, 368 Duke, Dale, 125 Duke, David, 166, 256 Duke, Roberi, 432, 431 Dukowirz, James, 166 Dunbar, Patricia, 420 Duncan, Larry, 132, 135 Dundis, Slephen, 438 Dunlop, Mark, 251 Dunn, Ka1h1een,328 Dunn, Lynn, 166 Dunn, Suzanne, 259, 413 Dunning, Virginia, 416 Dunsmore, Leroy, 222 Durick, Michael, 131, 125 Duse, Sleven, 432 Dusenbery, Vicioria, 320 Duss, Douglas, 301 Dusfer, George, 426 Dusler, Joseph, 424 Duslman, Ellen, 338 Durrori, Phyllis, 125, 134, 135, 330 Duvall, Louise, 394, 392, 406, 396 Duwa, Sandra, 409 Dvorak, Gary, 132 Dvorak, Judirh, 328 Dvorak, Roberl, 145 Dworschack, Robert, 257, 428 Dealey, Linda, 395 Debarr, James, 426 Debler, Linda, 207 Deboom, Kennelh, 125 Debord, Sally, 336 Decker, John, 165 Deckerl, Edward, 165 Dedakis, Nancy, 165 Deems, Julia, 332 Deerberg, Dean, 165, 242, 386 Deere, John, 301 ' Deere, Slanley, 378 Deienbaugh, Deborah, 165 Degreve, John, 389 Degrofl, William, 360 Dekock, Roberl, 372 Dells, Mark, 438 Delker, Douglas, 429 Dellapenna, Robert, 165 Delperdang, Carl, 376 Delperdang, Douglas, 376 Delsener, Linda, 421 Demarco, Mary, 402 - Deming, Chrisiine, 396 Deming, Joyce, 259, 406, 324 Dempewoli, Margarel, 417 Den Harfog, David, 438 Denholm, James, 354 Denio, Doug, 152 Dennie, Sue, 394, 396 Dennis, Diane, 234, 404 Denis, Kalhryn, 421 Dennis, Michael, 378 Diffrich, Jacquelyn, 409 Dilfrich, Jeanene, 166, 186 Dixon, J ohn, 424 Dixon, Roberf, 308 Dixon, Thomas, 364 Dlugosch, Paul, 372 Doak, Ka1'h1een,410 Dockery, Paul, 166 Doden, Gary, 166 Dodge, Barbara, 401 Doellinger, John, 166, 355 Doering, Doering, Denny, 138 John, 141 Dohrmann, Richard, 355 Dolier, Henry, 358 Dollar, John, 439 Dollar, Kalhleen, 4-02 Dolphin, Thomas, 125 Donnelly, Margarel, 166 Donnelly, Mary, 336 Donohue, Michael, 252, 386 Donovan Donovan , Chrisline, 396 , Deborah, 230, 402, 400 Dyhrkopp, Donna, 166 Dyskow, Chrisline, 218, 395, 140 Dzien, Lillian, 419 E Earl, Wilber, 221 Earley, James, 125 Earley, Larry, 439 Earnesl, Kennefh, 131, 149 Easley, Deborah, 135 Earon, Jay, 230, 232, 237, 240 Ealon, William, 439 Ebbing, Michael, 380, 292 Eberle, Dawn, 166 Eberl, John, 256, 166 Eble, Barbara, 166 Echiernach, Harold, 125 Echrernachl, Richard, 131, 125,251 255 Eckel, Dwighf, 261, 210, 189 Eckels, Lois, 398, 207 Eckerman, Timolhy, 261 Doolen, Lynn, 218, 230, 330, 240 Doolillle, Allen, 429 Doran, Roberr, 372, 295 Doran, Susan, 420 Doralhy, Gwen, 166 Dorr, Lawrence, 192 Dorr, Michal, 166 Dougan, Palricia, 405 Dougherly, Arlene 347 Dougheriy, Kalhleen, 402 Eden, Edward, 349, 388, 425 Edgar, James, 432 Edgerly, Tim, 166 Edgren, Sara, 166 Edsen, Jerry, 125, 279 Edson, Elizabeth, 209, 166 Edwards, Charles, 141 Edwards, George, 166 Edwards, Michael, 429 Edwards, Pamela, 417 Eells, Donald, 159 Evans, Edwards, Richard, 378 Edwards, Sieven, 384 Edwards, William, 236, 3B4 380 Egan, Barbara, 420 Egberi, Randle, 241, 362 Egeland, Charles, 141, 136 Evans, Evans, Keilh, 308 Richard H., 279, 276 Evans, Richard L., 432 Roderick, 131, 125 Fish, Barry, 386 Fish, Michael, 352 Fisher, Eugene, 167 Fisher, John, 380 Egeland , Ellen, 332, 166 Eggers, Fredrick, 376 Eggers, James, 349 Eggerf, Richard, 355 Eggiman, Sleven, 356,424 Ehlers, Deborah, 421 Ehlers, John, 372, 302 Ehlers, Linda, 271, 166, 340 Ehlers, Roberf, 384 Ehrlich, Ehrlich, Anira, 399 Carol, 166 Eichhorn, Sara, 166 Eichhorn, Thomas, 166 Eichman Eickman , Karhy, 394, 396 Pafricia -120 Eighmey: John, 125 Faulds, Eilers, Larry, 131 Eimen, Marvin, 152, 151 Einspahr, Mary, 216, 328 Eisenberg, Ellen, 421 Eisenhari, Ann, 166 Eisner, Paul, 258, 315 Eiiel, Mary, 342 Ekberg, Donald, 166 Ekholm, Kaiherine, 166, 336 Ekslrom, Thomas, 372 Eland, Inez, 262 Elder, Judy, 413, 412 Elderkin, Donna, 396 Eldridge, Lee, 125 Eldredge, Sally, 402 Elkin, Alan, 368 Eller, Thomas, 125 Ellerlson, Pamela, 143 Elliorl, Candace, 259, 398 Ellioll' Deborah 328 395 Eiiiohf LuCihds,'232,'az4, 402,106 Ellioli, Norman, 376 Ellis, Elizabeth, 419, 306 Ellis, Kalhleen, 166 Ellis, Norman, 424 Ellis, William, 255 Ellison, Pamela, 244, 409 El1wanger,Ann, 166 Elperin, Phyllis, 405 Elsea, Peler, 432 Elslad, Thomas, 274 Elmwood, Mary, 190 Ely, Douglas, 141 Emeis, Roger, 442 Emmel, Mary, 419 Emmer, Fred, 368 Emerson, Barbara, 342 Enburg, Josephine, 340, 306 Endo, Carol, 416 Endsley, Lee, 167, 315, 305 Engberg, Roberl, 429, 423 Engebrelsen, Bery, 192 Engel, Evelyn, 167 Engel, Henry, 279 Enge1hard1,Ann, 211,334 Engelhardr, Orville, 125 Engelkes, Susan, 399 English, Michael, 151, 149, 145 Engwall, Mary, 401 Ensign, Craig, 158, 154' Enslow, Donna, 419 Enrwhislle, George, 255 Enrwhislle, James, 255 Epperson, Kennelh, 380 Evans, Rufh, 190 Even, Daniel, 221 Evenden, John, 284 Ewari, Ned, 380 Ewbank, Bonnie, 167 Ewers, Richard, 125 Ewing, Dorofhy, 397, 399 Exslrom, Eloise, 306 F Fabbro, Vivian, 332 Faber, J. Lynne, I67 Fabian, Lawrence, 234, 368 Fabrikanr, Joel, 442 Fachman, Frank, 153, 152, 145 Fackler, Carl, 210 Faino, Rod, 284 Falb, Mark, 362 Falb, Richard, 138, 136, 142 Falberg, Karen, 167 Falconer, Ellen, 404 Falk, Nile, 303 Fall, Jacqueline, 320 Fall, Pamela, 320 Faliis, Dennis, 167 Fane, Larry, 192 Fanlo, Ronald, 167 Fisher, Lawrence, 356, 275 Fisher, Margarel, 167 Fisher, Thomas, 277, 300 Fisler, Virginia, 241, 320 Fiizqerald, Charles, 125 Filz, Earl, 304 Filzgerald, Gary, 428 Filzgerald, Shauna, 167 Filzsimmons, Sfephen, 167 Flalley, Marie, 324 Flair, Kevin, 429 Flaucher, Cheryl, 167 Flaum, Gwen, 330 Fleck, Frances, 404 Fleming, Joseph, 428 Fleming, William, -124 Flesvig, Richard, 380 Flelcher, Bonnie, 322 Flelcher, Gary, 370 Flohr, Janis, I35 Flohr, Thomas, 167 Flood, Roberf, 439 Florer, Nancy, 334 Floyd, Pain, 132, 125, 135 Floyd, Richard, 167, 279, 277, 276 Flynn, Patricia, 167,399 Flynn, William, 284 Foderberg, Kim, 416 Fa rago, Dennis, 386 Farlow, Richard, 277, 275 Farnum, Marcia, 328 Farrell, Alice, I67 Farrell, Diane, 330 Farrell, Mary, 342 Farrell, Phyllis, 402 Farringion, Roberf, 360 Fsnig, David, 425 Fauerby, David, 425 Pafricia, 336 Erickson, Charles, 167 Erickson, Darrell, 304 Erickson Erickson Erickson , David, 386 , Elaine, 419 James, 284, 384 Erman, Joseph, 368 Erskine, Erskine, Holly, 324 Marilyn, 324 Esders, Nicklas, 384 Esler, Kennelh, 125, 384 Esfell, Richard, 167,426 Esles, Billy, 141 Eimen, Marvin, 145 Evans, James, 380 Evans, Jerry, 362 Faulk, Arlene, 232, 336 Pshlk, David, 211, 237, 356,251 Faur, Janis, 330 Febey, Richard, 167 Federharr, James, 386 Fegebank, Larry, 167 Fehn, Bruce, 362 Fehn, Gerald, 378 Fehseke, Richard, 158 Feinsiein, Mark, 167 Felcher, Ellen, 167 Feld, Lyle, 125 Feldman, Charles, 368 Feldman, Dorofhy, 167, 306 Feldman, Fern, 125, 135 Fell, James, 380 Feller, Kafherine, 251, 410 Feller, Paul, 125 Fennell, Sherry, 332 Fennell, Thomas, 366, 274 Fennelly, Thomas, 301 Fensch, Thomas, 191 Ferdinand, Susan, 258, 421 Fernandez, Carmen, 141 Ferren, Fredric, 296 Ferren, Philip, 158 Ferring, John, 167 Ferris, Lance, 364, 279 Ferris, Roger, 158, 231, 251, 240 Ferry, Karhleen, 251, 399 Feizer, Donna, 399 Feuchler, Frederick, 378 Ficeli, John, 284, 125, 305 Field, Claire, 340 Field, Lynda, 234, 339 Fields, Charles, 132, 125, 135,274 Fiersi, Pamela, 348, 419 Fieselmann, John, 373 Figenshaw, Ellen, 324 Filipi, Charles, 192 Fink, John, 167 Finken, Slephen, 429 Finley, Larry, 279 Finn, Michael, 439 Firkins, Terry, 428 Fischbeck, William, 370 Fischer, Karen, 271 Fischer, Kaihryn, 336 Fischer, Slephen, 441, 442 Fogeriy, Dean, 167 Foley, John, 439 Fomenko, Nadya, 167, 406, 316 Fons, Barbara, 318 Fons, Eileen, 404 Fooken, Paul, 279, 277, 276, 275 Fooie, Laconda, 218 Forbes, Alan, 126 Forbes, Carol, 402 Forbes, Curfis, 428 Ford, Barbara, 417 Ford, Jan, 347, 251 Fordyce, Kenr, 424 Foreman, Rockne, 425 Foresman, Ronald, 167 Forgerson, Suzi, 322 Forsf, Ellen, 167 Forsyfhe, Linda, 421 Foss, Diane, 395 Fosselrnan, Suzanne, 413 Fosrer, Craig, 427 Fosler, Earl, 232, 360 Fosler, Judiih, 218, 334, 410 Foulkes, Bobbie, 167,370 Founiain, Rebecca, 330 Fowler, Kafharine, 167, 237, 339 Fowler, Richard, 192 Fowler, Thomas, 158 Frisch, Michele, 140 Frirz, Marfin, 373 Frirzsche, William, 438 Froehlich, Richard, 366 Froese, Roberr, 429 Fromm, Roberl, 429 Frosf, Jerry, 373 Frosr, Richard, 262 Fry, Suzanne, 404 Fryrear, Angela, 342 Fuhrmeisler, C. L., 396 Fuiinaka, Sharon, 399 Fullenkamp, Joseph, 432 Funk, Robin, 211 Funkhouser, David, 154 Furney, Allan, 168 Fye, John, 301, 427 G Gabel, Cheryl, 207 Gabry, Bernadeire, 392, 406, 4 Gahan, Nancy, 409 Gailbreaih, John, 426 Galbreafh, Joseph, 439 Gallagher, Michael, 429 Gallagher, Roberr, 158, 355 Gallarin, Howard, 362 Gallaiin, Sandra, 168 Gallner, Michael, 429 Galloway, Susan, 342,316 Galusha, Rodney, 168 Gamble, James, 138 Gamble, John, 426 Gander, Delores, 421 Gano, Sharon, 420 Ganoe, James, 424 Gans, Jon, 211, 424 Ganfz, Bruce, 368 Ganz, Roberl, 384 Garber, Lesfer, 153, 152, 145 Garbers, Wendy, 402 Gard, James, 168 Gardale Gard, Marcia, 398 n, Vicforia, 218, 346 Gardner, Barbara, 168, Gardner, Connie, 394, 396 Gardner, Nancy, 404 Gardner, Roberi, 428 Garland, Lois, 412 Garlock Garlock 1 Elyse, 417 Lucinda, 419 Garman, Judy, 410 Garnani, Jacqueline, -1 Garnas, Bonnie, 168 Garnas, Richard, 168 188 05 Garner, Janie, 209, 168, 244 Garrels, David, 440 Garriiy, Karhleen, 308 Garlner, Linda, 416 Fox, Duane, 429 Fox, Gary, 425 Fox, John, 153, 152, 145 Fox, Sandra, 167 Fox, Virginia, 320 Frampion, John, 126 Frankel, Sieven, 440 Franquemoni, James, 370 Franlz, Peler, 230, 231, 247, 360 Franzen, Barney, 126 Franzenburg, Dean, 429 Franzwa, Candace, 126 Fraser, Alex, 192 Frazier, Carl, 298, 296 Frazier, Roger, 167 Frederick, Jeanne, 211, 328, 251 Fredregill, Alan, 432 Freed, Michael, 425 Freeman, Candice, 411 French, Bruce, I67 French, David, 427 French, James, 428 French, Vern, 384 Frerich, Leonard, 362 Fresquez, Carol, 143 Freund, Sharon, 167, -102 Freundl, Pamela, 330 Freyer, Anne, 404 Frieden, Terry, 277, 275 Friedl, Charles, 425 Friedlieb, Susan, 316 Friend, Linda, 441 Garfon, John, 136, 141 G-arlon, Joyce, 141 Garwood, Karen, 318 Garwood, Marilyn, 318 Gas1', Ann, 410 Gaslineau, Jeanne, 144, 143 Gaul, Michael, 431 Gaunl, Dennis, 168 Gause, Phillip, 424 Gay, Julie, 417 Gay, Nancy, 334 Gaylord, Joseph, 168 Geach, Sharon, 330, 278 Gee, Philip, 274 Gehrke, Greia, 342, 244 Geissler, James, -139 Gei1h,Juc1i1h, 168 Gelaude, David, 429 Gengler, Paul, 131, 126 Genzel, Jeanne, 168 George, Dixie, 168 George, Siephen, 424 Gerard, James, 380 Gerharr, Sreven, 424 Gerke, Diane, 401 Gerken, Donald, 431 Gerken, Jean, 168, 419 Gerling, David, 440 Gerfh, John, 273 Gerisma, Judy, 324 Gervich, Daniel, 234, 368, 274 Gervich, David, 168, 368 Gerwin, John, 252, 211, 168 Gessing, Mary, 328 Getz, James, 279 Geurink, Betty, 401 Geyer, Melva, 168 Gibbons, William, 425 Gibbs, Richard, 284 Gibbs, Robert, 284 Gibson, Doris, 168, 394, 396 Gibson, Gordon, 154 Gibson, Jon, 356 Gibson, Kenneth, 273 Gidel, Steven, 138, 378 Gienger, Gerry, 141 Gilbert, Elizabeth, 215, 250 Gilbert, Thomas, 380 Gilchrist, David, 168 Gilchrist, Mary, 168 Giles, Linda, 420 Giltillan, Victoria, 340 eilkes, Judith, 419 Gill, Charles, 441, 442 Gosma, John, 158 Goss, Cheryl, 398 Goss, Pamela, 325 Gothier, Douglas, 141 Gottschalk, Don, 154, 157 Gottschalk, Gary, 168 Gould, Barbara, 334 Goulding, Ann, 168 Gound, Tom, 138, I36 Gowans, James, 168 Grace, Gayle, 334 Grady, Bruce, 424 Grundman, Robert, 368 Grupp, Steven, 126 Gryglas, Steven, 153, 152, 145 Guenther, Susan, 262 Gugle, James, 389 Hanken, Mary, 417 Hanlcet, James, 381 Hankins, Marcia, 413 Hanks, Bi11,424 Hanlrs, Carol, 411 Guinan, William, 358 Guiney, Stephanie, 330, 239, 241 Gulbrantson, Joan, 169 Gulick, Jane, 420 Gullickson, David, 476 Gunderman, Deanne, 169,405 Gundersen, Donna, 318 Hanna, Sharon, 169 Hannon, Mary, 262 Hanouselc, Lois, 169 Hanover, Pamella, 413 Hansell, John, 138, I36 Hansen, David, 169 Hansen, Delos, 387 Graefe, Thomas, 428 Gratf, Gary, 158 Graham, Gail, 318 Graham, James, 136, 277, 275, 384 Graham, John, 273 Graham, Linda, 395 Graham, Robert, 380 Graham, Russell, 431 Grandstaff, Connie, 395 Gundersen, Charles, 157 Gunn, Linda, 401 Gunn, Steven, 169 Gustafson, Betty, 318 Gustafson, Dean, 438 Gustafson, Mary, 271, 333 Gustafson, Patricia, 261, 339 Gustitus, Darlene, 342 Gwinnup, Donna, 326 Hansen, Diane, 342 Hansen, Edward, 426 Hansen, James, 126, 270 Hansen, John, 389, 428 Hansen, Joy, 169 Hansen, Marsha, 411 Hansen, Stephen, 382 Hansen, Steven, 442 Hansen, Susan, 413 Graner, William, 364 Gillam, Martha, 318 Gillenwater, John, 428 Gillespie, Jane, 318 Gillespie, John, 168, 279 Gillette, Richard, 168 Gilley, George, 159 Gipple, Ronald, 358 Gitz, Judith, 338 Glade, Joyce, 325 Glasser, Thomas, 360 Glassner, Ronald, 360 Glattly, James, 356 Green Glaza, Christine, 334 Glazer, Sherry, 404 Gleamza, Karin, 397, 392, 406, 399 Gleason, James, 432 Gleason, John, 384 Gleason, Patricia, 417 Glenn, Mary, 318, 316 Glenn, Nancy, 413 Gloe, Nicholas, 158, 154 Glos, Judith, 251 Grang Grant, Grant, Grant, Grant, aard, Richard, 366 Barbara, 168 David, 168 Duane, 284 Jeri, 320 Grappendorf, Robert, 141 Grau, Ann, 342 Grau, Joan, 398 Gray, Gray, Gray, Gray, Gray, David, 132, 126, 135 Gayle, 325 John, 261, 275 Nancy, 168, 320 Rodney, 141 Grazier, James, 356 Greek, Rosemary, 420 Green, Denis, 168 Green, Elaine, 348, 405 Green, Ralph, 138 Green, Thomas, 379 William 169 Greer, Laurie, 340 Glover, Mary, 237, 322 Glowacki, Victoria, 3991 Glynn, Kathleen, 394, 396 Gmeiner, Suzanne, 338, 278 Gobidas, Kathleen, 134 Greene, Mary, 404 Greenfield, Deborah, 401 Greenhill, Bernard, 368 Greenleaf, Lois,,398 Greenlee, Joseph, 300 Hanshaw, Sonia, 262 H Haack, Cheryl, 262, 409 Haaf, Sandra, 399 Haag, David, 349 Haberman, Thomas, 141 Hackett, James, 428 Hackett, Mary, 320 Hackley, Joan, 409 Hackman, Dixie, 333 Hackman, Roger, 131, 169 Hackney, Robert, 252 Hadland,A1an, 169 Hadley, John, 261, 379 Hadley, Kay, 395 Haesmeyer, Craig, 382 Hanson, Betty, 326 Hanson, Bonnie, 169 Hanson, Bonnie, 421 Hanson, Phillip, 432 Hanson , Deborah, 419 Hanson, Harland, 279 Hanson, Jay, 251, 426 Hanson, Judith, 326 Hanson, Julie, 169, 326 Hanson, Nancy, 400 Hanson Robert 439 Hanson: Thomas., 232, 230, 210, 231 Hafner, Cheryl, 404 Hagan, Bonnie, 411 Hagan, Dennis, 439 Hagar, Mary, 342 Hagen, Barbara, 398 Hager Jean 169 Hanzlick, James, 275 Harder, Susan, 169,318 Harding, James, 126 Harding, Robert, 145 Hardy, William, -124 Harken, David, 360 Harlow, Phillip, 427 Harman, Ann, 144, 143, 169 Harmon, Nicky, 411 Harmon, Susan, 409 Greenlee, Ronald, 153, 152, 145, 151 Grego Hall Griffin, Daniel, 159, 157 Grifflt Gochenour, Danny, 439 Godard, Samuel, 442 Goddard, Carol, 396 Goddard, Fern, 398 Goddard, Robert, 380 Godeke, Margaret, 126 Godlove, Max, 425 Godsil, Mary, 168 Goecke, Richard, 145 Goellner, John, 210 Goerdt, Jean, 168 Goeres, Nicholas, 220, 168, 191, 190 Goettsch, Cecil, 158 Goettsch, Janilyn, 398 Goettsch, John, 168 Goetz, James, 389, 428 Goff, Jane, 330 Goland, Kenneth, 352 Goldsberry, Francis, 279 277, 276, 384 Goldsberry, Frank, 284, 384 Goldsborough, Thomas, 168, 299, 308 Goldsmith, Gary, 126, 274 Goldstein, Gary, 304 Goldstein, Harry, 368 Goley, Lawrence, 424 Good, Donald, 138 Good, Eloise, 235, 338, 316 Good, Nancy, 338 Goode, Lavonne, 405 Goodell, Laurie, 234, 334, 188 Goodman, James, 138 Goodman, Mark, 234, 352 Goodman, Mary, 336 Goodsman, Robert, 153, 145, 146, 151 Goodwin, William, 379 Goold, Elizabeth, 188, 399 Goold, Nancy, 322, 188 Goran, Nancy, 320 Gordon, James, 424 Gordon, Kenneth, 299, 300, 305, 168 Gorman, Doreen, 168 Gormley, Jane, 334 Gosker, Susan, 406, 417 Gregor, Pamela, 391 Gregory, Cynthia, 395 Gregory, Gary, 145 Gregory, Mary, 334 ry, Psmcaa, 241, 332, zsz, 3 30, 241 Hahn, Karen, 411 Hailrnan, Joan, 336 Haines, Barbara, 134, 126,334 Haines, Maryhelen, 211 Haines, Randall, 296, 305 Hakes, John, 154 Hale, Mary, 420 Hale, Terrance, 429 Haley, Carol, 336 Halioris, Michael, 432 Harms, Melanie, 326 Harms, Phyllis, 259 Harnack, Merry, 419 Harness, Bill, 356 Harney, Elizabeth, 411 Griefmar, Beverly, 348 Greiman, Jane, 338 Grell, Donald, 152, 145, 151 Grey, Scott, 442 Griesbach, Wesley, 425 Grieshaber, Harold, 373, 304, 303 Hall Bonnie, 328 Hall David, 169 Hall Douglas, 141 Hall James, 169 Hall, Joan,, 134 , June, 452, new Gritfel Griffin , Raymond, 169 , Anne, 259 Grittin, Robert E., 138 Griffin, Robert J., 381,315 Ronald 298 296 11. . 1 Grithorst, Lois, 169, 322 Grimes, Jorea, 346 Grimley, Terry, 169 Gimm, David, 218 Grimm, Robert, 438 Grobe, Jonathan, 439 Groben, Elmer, 428 Groe, Patricia, 420 Grosenbach, Milton, 363 Gross, Claran, 346 Gross, lris, 404 Gross, Michael, 169 Gross, Stephen, 428 Grossarth, Marilyn, 333 Grossman, Mitzi, 278 Grosz, Kenneth, 315 Grotland, Velma, 169 Grouell, Stephen, 386 Grout, Deborah, 396 Grout, Larry, 145 Grovenburg, Judith, 143, 342 Grovert, Gretchen, 409 Grow, Thomas, 355 Grubb, Lyle, 422 Gruen, Richard, 237, 368 Gruetzmacher, Sandra, 399 Halliday, Paul, 364 Halstead, Thomas, 126 Halupnik, Thomas, 232 Halverson, Barbara, 392, 413, 412 Halverson, Charles, 126, 274 Ham, Randy, 273 Hamann, Dennis, 428 Hamann, Stephen, 425 Hamer, Katherine, 398 Hamilton, Ann, 340 Hamilton, Bryce, 169 Hamilton, Marsha, 232, 395 Hamilton, Maurine, 325 Hamilton, Robert, 356 Hamilton, Stephen, 373, 315 Hamilton, Steven, -125 Hamman, Martha, 241, 421 Hammann, Nancy, 218, 347 1-lammel, Kenneth, 141 Hammers, Sandra, 185, 410 169, Hammond, Delmar, 276, 279 Hampe, Christine, 188, 234, 334 Hampton, James, 152, 145, 153, 151 Hanau, Leslie, 405 Hanawalt, Mary, 143 Hand, Jeanne, 410 Handfelt, Mary, 330 Handwerk, Joseph, 381 Handy, Charles, 141 Handy, Linda, 405 Hanel, Nancy, 211 Hanick, Kevin, 262, 382 Harper, Connie, 333 Harper, Susan, 416 Harris, Brooke, 267, 169, 273, 274 Harris, Carol, 169 Harris, Deanna, 413 Harris, Dennis, 152, 368 Harris, Frederick, 135 Harris, Harold, 141 Harris, James, 384 Harris, Kenneth, 442 Harris, Robert, 131, 135, 126 Harris, Sandra, 144, 143 Harris, Sandra, 401 Harris, Stephen, 232, 382 Harrison, Craig, 363 Harrison, Dennis, 153 Harriso, Jerry, 138 Harrison, Sally, 333 Harrison, Virginia, 336, 317 Harstad, Brent, 159 Harstad, Patricia, 169 Hart, Nancy, 336 Hart, Susan, 410 Harter, Robert, 158 Harthoorn, Donavan, 169 Hartien, Donna, 347 Hartman, Layna, 209, 169 Hartman, Leonard, 438 Hartman, Nadene, 401 Hartoft, Christine, 216 Hartrick, James, 131, 135, 126 Hartwel, Carol, 405 Hartwig, Gene, 131, 126 Hartzler, Geraldine, 134, 126, 133 Harvey, Lynne, 325 Harvey, Mary, 234, 410 Harvey, Susan, 207 Harwood, Ann, 218, 333 Hasenclever, Frances, 411 Hasenmiller, John, 217 Haskovec, Patricia, 417 Hass, James, 158 Hugil 4 Hass, Karen, 402 Hassall, Ronald, 169 Hassalbusch, lvan, 135 Hasling, Duane, 159 Haswell, Anne, 322 Haich, Donald, 299, 308 Halch, Larry, 169 Haiek, Dennis, 153 Haliermann, Gregory, 305, 292 Harwich, Wayne, 439 Haub, Johnafhan, 370 Hauer, Calherine, 348 Hauff, Margo, 169, 340 Haugen, Donn, 292 Haugen, Jan, 141 Haugo, Thomas, 284 Havemann, Carol, 417 Haverkamp, Rachel, 340, 317 Havick, Alfred, 138, 136 Hawk, Linda, 330 Hawkinson, Diane, 237, 211,336 Hawkinson, Lielzie, 399 Hay, Dianne, 397, 398 Hay, Raymond, 381 Hayden, Mary, 169 Haye, Thomas, 141 Hayek, Dennis, 152, 275 Hayek, Marilyn, 144, 143 Hayes, John, 284 Hayes, Sherman, 424 Hayne, Roberl, 251, 158 Hays, Jean, 326, 306 Hazan, Jack, 126,274 Hazelell, Marcia, 144, 143 Heaih, Barbara, 419 Hebensfreif, Julia, 402 Heck, Thomas, 428 Heckman, Phyllis, 262 Heddens, Clauidelfe, 347, 273 Heddens, Miekka, 401 Heden, Nancy, 169 Hedge, Delores, 241, 330 Hedglin, Susan, 252, 207 Hedrick, Dan, 363, 303 Heeney, Edwin, 277 Heeren, Jean, 244, 278, 328 Heefland, Gerald, 189, 154 Heffelfinger, M., 192 Heffy, Ea rl, 126 Hegariy, Forresf, 131, 126, 133 Hege, Brenl, 370 Hegeman, 241, 211, 349, 387 Heggeslad, Roberl, 360 Heichel, Pairicia, 261 Heilman, Kurl, 169,370 I1-leim, Carol, 188 Heim, Randall, 272, 274, 376 Heimbuch, Raymond, 169, 376 Heims, Yvonne, 392 Heinzelman, Julia, 399 Heifman, Weldon, 169 Heilmeier, William, 387 Heilzman, Donald, 425 Heiizman, William, 441, 442 Helgevold, David, 141, 136 Helkenn, Naomi, 169,318 Heller, lan, 299, aoa, 258, 169 Heller, Pairick, 428 Heller, Richard, 352, 315 Hellman, Clarissa, 318 Hellman, Richard, 138 Hellmund, Diane, 421 1-lellwege, David, 439 Hellyer, Karol, 234, 334 Helmer, Raymond, 274 Hellne, David, 152, 145, 153, 151 fl-lelvick, Sfeven, 126 Hembera, Frances, 409 '1-lempel, David, 442 Hemphill, Barbara, 188,404 Hernpphill, Palricia, 169 fl-1endershof,Judifh, 187 Z1-lenderson, Barbara, 333 Henderson, Conway, 441, 442 Henderson, Henderson, Pairicia, 230, 340, 3 William, 128 Hendricks, John, 284, 305 Hendrickson, Dana, 278, 342 Hendrickson, Charles, 189 Henely, Bernard, 157 Henke, Sleven, 425 Henkle, Sharlene, 413 Henning, Elmer, 152, 146 Henning, Philli, 301 Henny, Janef, 169 Henrich, Judy, 169 Henry, Carol, 402 Henry, Larry, 364 Henry, Rivian, 278 Henry, Sharon, 135, 126 1-lenshaw, Michael, 189 Hepker, Sharon, 413 Herald, Janice, 394, 395 Herberl, Celia, 262, 333 Herbig, Marsha, 278, 341 Herdman, Craig, 152, 146, 151 Herdrich, Floyd, 169 Herman, Michael, 368 Herman, Michael Wayne, 428 Herman, Thomas, 169 Hermann, Bernharl, 305, 161 Herr, Roger, 169 Herrick, Helen, 402 Herrig, Nancy, 325, 404 Herrig, Ralph, 274, 169 Herring, Ralph, 274, 169 Herfel, Mary, 399 Herlel, William, 425 Herlz, Barbara, 320 Her'l'Z, Roberl, 382 Heseman, Carole, 322 Hess, Lynn, 168 Hesselschwerdf, Ruih, 232, 328 Heiheringlon, Joyce, 187 Helheringlon, Michael, 424' Helheringl'ol1. Sleven, 356, 170 Heuer, Doris, 396 Heun, Darrell, 131, 126 Hey, Gloria, 326, 170 Heykanfs, Ronald, 126 Heckman, David, 251, 170 Hicks, Linda, 417 Hicks, Pamela, 325 Hicks, Paul, 279, 170, 376 Hiersfein, William, 271, 274, 170 Higgins, Barbara, 334 Higgins, Carolyn, 395 Higgins, Duane, 126 Higgins, William, 154, 157 High, Cheryl, 218, 410 Hildrefh, Sally, 325, 170 Hill, Brian, 438 Hill, Cheri, 441 Hill, Darla, 415, 259,417 Hill, Douglas, 440 Hill, Michael, 170 Hilleman, Phyllis, 170 Hilliard, James, 126 Hillman, Mark, 138, 136 Hilsabeck, Daniel, 284 Hines, Lee, 189, 381 Hinman, Thomas, 170 Hinrichs, Rosanne, 170 Hinrichs, Timoihy, 170 Hinrichsen, Diane, 232, 326 Hinion, John, 189 Hinlz, Roberf, 259 Hinze, Janef, 318 Hippie, Richard, 132, 126 Hirko, Slephen, 292 Hirsch, Douglas, 220, 170 Hirr, Patricia, 404 Hiscock, Janei, 211 Hilchcock, Bien, 304 Hifchcock, Gilberl, 170, 295, 376 Hilchcock, Neil, 360 Hile, Larry, 356 Hixenbaugh, David, 425 Hlavacek, Timofhy, 424 Hoag, David, 355 Hoak, David, 373 Hock, Ronald, 358 Hockenberg, Louis, 368 Hodgon, Jeanne, 419 Hodge, George, 442 Hodge, James, 426 Hodoway, Slephen, 284, 170, 381 Hodsdon, Mary, 191, 179, 410 Hodson, Donald, 439 Hadson, Suzanne, 328 Hoegh, Sfeven, 425 Hoener, James, 363 Hoenscheid, Leslee, 347 Hoese, Lawrence, 154 , 3 Hofeldl, Hofer, L Sandra, 347 avonne, 244, 211, 404 Hoffman, Charles, 146 Hoffman Hoffman Hoffman Hoffman Hoffman Hoffman , Janice, 398 , John R., -426 , John W., 423 , Sally, 336 , Timofhy, -E24 , James, 154, 432 Hoifmeier, Brian, 170 Hofmann, Teddy, 429 Hogan, Barbara, 251 Hogan, Carol, 170 Hogan, David, 275, 277 Hogan, Jane, 342, 170 Hogan, Michael, 439 Hogan, Michael L., 275, 277 Hogue, Joy, 336 Hohl, Rebecca, 317 Hoines, Sonia, 331 Holcomb, Jenny, 347 Householder, Kalhryn, 328 Housel, Joanne, 409 Houser, Marilyn, 413 Houf, Howa Howa Howa Frank, 273 r, John, 157, 376 rd, Brook, 339 rd, Nancy, 134, 395 Howe, Bruce, 429 Howe Howe Howe Howe Howe Howe Howe Howe Howe Howe , Donald, 136 , James, 146 , Linda, 413 Marcia, 333 , Ronald, 438 11, Cynfhia, 256, 421 11, Lora, 401 ll, Richard, 426 lls, Richard, 189 s, Richard, 157 Hraha, Louis, 425 Hroni k, Thomas, 273, 429 Hubacher, Douglas, 429 Holcomb, Roberl, 170 Holdiman, Gordon, 425 Holland, Chrisfine, 325 Holland, Juanifa, 185, 186, 170 Hollison, Sherri, -105 Hollopefer, Suzanne, 326 Holm, David, 387 Holm, Harlan, 152, 149, 146, 151 Holm, Sally, 262, 276,323,316 Hubbard, Carol, 334 Hubbard, Charles, 384 Hubbell, Rebecca, 170, 413 Huber, Palli, 326 Hudek, Dona, 318 Hudson, James, 279 Hudson, John, 373 Hudson, Marcia, 325 Huenemann, Nancy, 320 Holmer, Holmes, 1-lolmes, Holmes, Holmes, William, 432, 431 Dianne, 170 John, 126, 366 Margaret, 320 Susan, 339 Holmlund, James, 170 Holoube k, Gayle, 207 Holsirum, Gary, 135 Holi, Francis, 274 Holi, William, 126, 382 Holfcam p, Janef, 419 Holley, William, 442 Holikamp, Dianne, 399 Hollman Hollon, , Slephen, 170 Beverly, 170 Holiry, Sue, 211 Holiz, Dan, 170 Huey, Huff, Jon, 303 Janei, 242, 328 Huff, K. Chrisfine, 405 Huff, Orval, 440 Huff, Richard, 355 Huff, Terrance, 284 Huff, Thomas, 138, 136 Huffman, Roberi, 279, 126 Hugh, Leo, 250 Hugen, Jane, 126 Hughes, Marilyn, 405 Hughes, Raymond, 126 Hughes, Richard, 423 Hughes, Sharon, 393 Hughes, Terry Lee, 429, 423 Hughes, William Roger, 425 1, Richard, 370 Holfz, Kafhleen, 140 Holub, Boniia, 402 Holz, Roberi, 154 Homan, Carla, 278, 339, 170 Homan, Michael, 364 Homme, Roberf, 232, 424 Honl, Dennis, 126 Hood, Sharon, 143, 413 Hoof, Lynne, 170 Hoogheem, Sheryl, 401 Hooven, Susann, 326 Hoover, Marcia, 341 Hoover, Sue, 190, 191 Hoper, Julene, 326, 317 Hopkins, Larry, 442 Hopinks, Michelle, 419 Hoppe, Dean, 359, 358, 126,315 Hopson, Gary, 389, 255 Hopson, Patricia, 170 Horka, Judiih, 170 Horn, Frances, 251, 334 Horne, Mary, 170 Horne, Slephen, 170 Hornsfein, Frances, 415, 392, 417 Hornung, Chrisfine, 421 Horsley, Cheri, 241, 331 Horslman, Sara, 271, 336 Horlon, Henry, 275 Horwilz, Sreven, 428 Hoskin, Harriefl, 411, 209 Hoskins, Donald, 364, 170 Hofger, Janel, 144, 342 Hofor, William, -124 Hofz, Gerald, 126 Holz, Janeice, 410 Holz, John, 356 Holz, John J., 429 Houck, Donald, 349 Houck, Virginia, 411 Houdesheldl, Charles, 427 Houghfon, Roberl, 373 Houl, Dennis, 174 Houlahan, John, 431 Houleffe, John Jr., 228 House, John, 387 Huizenga, Jerry 135 Hull, Andrew 356 1-lull, William 426 Hulse, Gregory, 356 Hulse, David, 131, 429 Hull, Mary, 170 Hulfgren, Mary, 342 Hume, William 366 Hummel, Susan, 395 Hunkins, John, 355 Hunf, George, 255 Hunl, Kennelh, 275 Hunl, Lola, 411 Hunfe, Pamela, 211, 410 Hunfer, Joan, 170 Hunler, Tina, 326 Hunzinger, Michael, 284 Hurd, Paul, 126 Hurlbuf, Jack, 429 Hurlbu1',Terril1, 154 Hurley, John, 141 Hurley, Sheila, 170 Hurley, Sue, 187 Hursl, Vicki, 336, 410 Hurf, Raymond, 170 Huse, Joyce, 326 Huss, Richard, 376 Hussey, Carol, 170 Huslon, Richard, 425 Hufchinson, Jim, 366 Hulson, Paul, 438 Huxfable, Becky, 278, 331 Huyser, Karmen, 364, 126, 315 Hyde, Sally, 341 Hyland, Anne, 415, 416 Hynes, Michael, 363, 315 1-lyslop, Susan, 402 lcenogle, Mary, 318 Ignarski, Corinne, 318 lhrig, Jan, 404, 406 lrhke, Linda, 392, 410 lmel, Cheryl, 318 Irwin, Gregory, 274, 356 lmhoff, Pamela, 170 Ingham, Becky, 187 lngraham, Roberl, 439 Ingram, Charloffe, 410 Ingram, Cheryl, 411 Ingram, David, 158 lnfermill, Craig, 381 Iossi, Frank, 174, 356, 170 Ireland, Douglas, 267, 275, 277, 279 Ireland, Edward, 126 Irvine, Calheryn, 170 Irvine, William, 276, 277, 279, 170, sas Isa, Osmaila, 146 Isaacs, Melinda, 348 Iseminger, Cafhy,-101 lsenberger, Nancy, 170 lsham, Carolyn, 328 lshii, Melvin, 273 lversen, William, 141 Ivory, Thomas, 370 J Jack, James, 442 Jackes, William, 426 Jackson, Andrew, 284 Jackson, Carol, 306 Jackson, Carole, 416 Jackson, Juli, 170 Jacob, Jeanne, 251, 271, 336 Jacobs, Dennis, 356 Jacobs, Peggy, 234, 341 Jacobs, Richard, 356 Jacobsen Jacobsen Jacobsen Jacobsen Jacobson , Dale, 132, 135 , Krisfen, 411 , Samuel, 251, 241, , Thomas, 366, 315 , David, 154 Jacobson, Jon, 215 Jacobson, Marcia, 413 Jacobson, Roberl, 189 Jacobson, Sfeven, 355 Jacobson, Susan, 333 Jaeckel, Rufh, 404' Jaeger, James, 232 Jahn, Jerald, 170 Jakoubek, Roberl, 171 Jakubsen, William, 376, 273 James, John, 131, 392 James, Jonalhan, 232, 438 James, Kerrill, 126 James, Marlin James, Mary, 271, 234, 235, 339, 250 Janes, Jon, 424 Jannsen, Marlin, 126 Janson, Sharon, 251, 211,401,243 Jarard, Garner, 325 Jaynes, Roger, 171 Jeffries, Jay, 273, 274 Jencks, Jencks, Alan, 363 Bonnie, 419 Jenison, Kafhryn, 410 Jenkins, Mary, 413 Jenkins, Pafricia, 235, 394 Jenks, Roberf, 382 Jenner, Diane, 415, 416 Jennings, Richard, 171 Jens, John, 251, 424 Jepsen Jensen, Marilyn, 409 Jensen, Richard, 429 , Jeffrey, 384 Jepsen, Marvin, 138, 136 Jepson, William, 126 Jess, Barbara, 326 Jessen, Jennifer, 382 Jessen, Jerald, 382 Jessen, Jerome, 279, 355, 276 Jessen, Joel, 360 Joois, Marlene, 211,420 Johansen, Gary, 356, 171 John, Lin da, 409 Johns, Judi1h,331 Johns, Slephen, 304 Johnson, Johnson, Barbara E., 143 Barbara J., 325, 316 Johnson, Barbara Joan, 336 Johnson, Bernard, 171 Johnson, Befly, 404 Johnson, Bloyce, 171,315 Johnson, Carole, 404 Johnson, Connie, 399 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnsron Johnslon Craig, 304 Dale, 171 David, 169, 154, 157 Diane, 328 Dixie, 401 Douglas A., 261, 21 1, 171 Douglas, 126 Erik, 439 Forbes, 171 Harold, 438 James D., 154 James O., 376 Janel K., 333 Janei L., 171 1 Janice, 171 Jeffrie, 233, 320 Joan, 171 Karen, 323 Kafhleen, 399 Kellh, 425 Kenl, 171 Larry, 262 Linda, 185, -111 Linda S., 405 Lois, 398 Louise, 211, 410 Marcia, 306 Margaref A., 405 Margarei' Ann, 401 Marilyn, 417 Marly, 366 Michael, 382 Myron, 126 Nancy, 404 Nancy lvl., 421 Pafrick, 432 Randall, 275, 279, 126 Ronald, 171, 379 Sandra, 405 Sfeven, 427 Susan, 185, 251, 411 Tamela, 401 ' Theodore, 376, 315 Thomas, 363 Virginia L., 232 Virginia Lee, 410 , Waller, 429 , James, 274 , Janel, 401 Johnslon, Jean, 143,420 Johnslon, Jim, 364 - Johnsfon, Johnslon Johnsron Joseph, 159 Kailhleen, 409 Larry, 292 Johnsion, Mary, 171 Jollifle, James, 370 Jolly, Cafherine, 398 Jones Allan, 302, 373 Jones Anna, 261 Jones Carolyn, 187 Jones, ii, 152, s, Da I4 151 Jones Donald, 305, 366 Jones, H., 237 , Jones, James, 305, 308, 295 Jones Jan, 347 Jones Jerry, 158,370 Jones, n, 251, 211, 315 Joh Jones Keiih, 426 I Jones Marcia, 318 Jones Mary, 171 Jones, Michael F., 171 Jones, Michael K., 127 Jones Fafricia, 171 Jones, Rhys, 300, 427 Jones, Richard Dean, 146 Jones Roberf, 427 Jones, Sally, 341 Jones, Srephen, 382 Jones, Thomas, 366 Jones, Tim, 171 Jones, Warren, 261, 381 Jongewaard, Richard, 261 Jonlz, Janie, 234, 398 Jonlz, Jeffry, 158 Joonsar, Krisfina, 143 Jordan, Diane, 342 Jordan, Srephen, 428 Jordan Tomma, 171 Jorgensen, Jerald, 171 Joseph, Laura, 171 Joyce, Jan, 401 Joynl, Mary, 171 Jsira, Jeanne, 261 Judisch,Davic1, 141,381 Judkins, Marvin, 171 Juhl, Erwin, 426 Julander, Frederick, 158 Kemp, Earl, 424, 250 Kemp, Karen, 325 Ken, Jim, 210 Kennelly, Jerauld, 301 Kennelf, Michael, 159 Julius, John, 171 Julselh, Ronald, 275 Junck, Rodger, 171 Junck, Junge, Junge, Thomas, 146 Keifh, 292 Susan, 271, 339 Jungk, Thomas, 152 Jungman, Lesler, 440 Jungmann, Conrad, 138, 13 Junk, Ardo, 425 Junkunc, Judy, 171, 318 Junor, Susan, 405, 306 Jurrens, Richard, 171 K Kaaua, Jack, 384 Kenny, Kafhleen, 401, 400 Kenf, Mary, 342 Kenr, Susan, 347 Kenrer, Michael, 368 Kenfner, Susan C., 318 Kepharl, Kennefh, 214 Kepharl, Mirrel, 379 Keppler, Krislie, 398 Kerchen, Barbara, 398 Kercher, Kernan, Lois, 211, 341 Eugene, 426 Kerns, Richard, 389 Kerr, David, 152, 146 Kerr, Ja mes, 173, 381 Kerr, John, 427 Key, Sheran, 416 Khowassah, Mohamed, 13 6 Kabal, Kabel, Thomas, 379 David, 425 Kading, Jane, 259, 409 Kaclow, Susan, 401 Kagin, Barbara, 413 Kahler, James, 384 Kahler, William, 300 Kaiser, Dennis, 146,304 Kaiser, John, 384, 426 Kallio, Sandra, 211,413 Kalma Kafharine, 328, 171 Ksiniiaiy, Kalherine, 258 Kick, Carolyn, 401 Kiaweu, John, 172 Kiefer, Louise, 234, -104 Kiekhaefer, Gene, I57 Kielusiak, Kafhleen, 392, 402, 400 Kienapfel, Lana, 325 Kiernan, Marl, 308, 428 Kiesau, Mary, 341 Kilberg, Barbara, 420 Killinger, Dennis, 172 Kimbell, Susan, 419 Kimberley, Marsha, 417 Kaloides, Cynihia, 396 Kalysko, Ed, 261 Kamienslci, Roberf, 425 Kamson, Linda, 409 Kane, Michael, 308 Kangas, David, 171 Kanlor, Joseph, 211 Kaplan, Carol, 318 Kaplan, Ronald, 384 Kaplan, Russell, 171 Kaplan, Siephen, 234 Kapolas, Chris, 438 Kappy, Elizaberh, 334 Kappy,Judi1h, 232, 318 Kapul, Roger, 438 Karber, Penelope, 396, 394 Karig, Arnold, 252 Karon, Bruce, 132,258 Karr, Judirh, 253 Karlinos, Wendy, 261, 318 Kasparek, Rose, 410 Kaslanfin, Brony, 141 Kauffman, Jane, 405 Kauffman, Robert, 189 Kaul, Dale, 424 Kaulsch, Myron, 273, 274 Kavars, Michael, 171 Kayser, Michael, 138 Kearney, Raymond, 363, 295 Kealing, Slevan, 432 Keckler, Danny, 365 Kee, Pafrick, 432 Keeling, Michael, 363 Keenan, Terence, 382 Keeney, Virginia, 144 Kane, David, 230, 360 Keil, Margaref, 318 Keiner, Luanne, 171 Kinden, Jacqueline, 400 King, Carol, 396 King, Chrisline, 172 King, John A., 127 King, John T., 141 King, Jymeann, 399 King, Louis, 363 King Palricia, 328 King, Richard, 217 King, Shala, 421 King, Sfanley, 146 King, Vicki, 396, 394 King, William, 432 Kingsley, Linda, 405 Kinggsley, Ted, 295, 308, 439, 438 Kinney, Terrance, 365, 303 Kinizel, Larry, 152, 146, 151 Kiple, Charles, 158 Kiplinger, Kasey, 355 Kipp, James, 251, 191, 224, 233 Kipp, Marvin, 276, 277, 279 Kipping, Jean, 417 Kippley, Thomas, 427 Kirby, Charles, 127 Kirby, Maureen, 211, 339 Kirby, Michael, 160, 357, 172 Kirby, Palrick, 357 Kirchhoff, Karen, I72 Kirchner, Dennis, 429 Kirkham, David, 426 Kirkwood, Jeanne, 323 Kirs1', Alan, 382 Kiser, Samuel, 172 Kiser, Sara, 172 Kiser, Sfanley, -4124 Kisner, Kafhryn, 172 Kifchen, Alice, 172 Kiichen, Ernie, 131, 127 Kelehe Kelehe Kellern Kellen, r, Kale, 409 r, Rodger, 141 s, Ernesl, 127 Michael, 382 Keller, Clyne, 296 Keller, Luanne, 261 Keller, Richard, 356 Kiisis, Nancy, 241 Kill, Roland, 296, 298, 424 Kiillesen, Sherry, 330 Kladde, Klassen, Uwe, 172 Karen, 172 Klaus, John, 154 Klaver, Keirh, 376 Keller, Virginia, 395 Kellerhals, Larry, 384 Kelley, John, 296 Kellogg, Sleven, 431 Kelly, Cynfhia, 171 Kelly, James, 172 Kelly, John, 313 Kelly, Karen, 262 Kelly, Kevin, 295, 429 Kelly, Pafricia, 419 Kelly, Walker, 442 Kelsen, Chris, 328 Kemp, Carol, 405, 306 Klefslad, Faye, 318 Klein, John, 189 Klein, Lanelle, 318 Klein, Leslie, 404 Klein Michael, 234, 368 Klein, Paul, 442 Klein, Suzanne, 419 Klein Torn, 381 Kleinhesselink, Don, 424 Kleis, Donald, 432, 273 Kleuva, Lora, 331 Klindl, Sieven, 365, 349 Kling, Cheryl, 172 Klocksiem, Pamela, 409 Kloess, Allen, 141 Klotenstein, Mike, 172 Kloppenburg, Robert, 437, 438 Klotz, Bruce, 426 Klotz, Constance, 402 Klouda, Gary, 138 Klouda, Linda, 190 Kluever, Lora, 251, 232 Klumper, Serene, 172 Knake, Beverly, 401 Knapp, Dean, 172, 440 Knapp, James, 127 Linda, 334, 410 Knapp, Knapp, Linda M., 417 Kneip, Robert, 425 Kness, Kenneth, 127 Knibbs, Ronald, 358, 172 Knight, Jan, 243 Knight, Linda, 404 Knight, Sheryl, 172 Knoebel, Mary, 404 Knoll, Arlo, 127 Knopf, Linda, 401 Knowles, Christine, 172 Knowles, Melvin, 172 Knowlton, Hugh, 155 Knudsen, Mary, 234, 278, 339 Knutson, Thomas, 284, 274, 296, 305 Kober, Mary, 318 Koberg, Charles, 132, 135, 133, 127 Kobus, Dennis, 172 . Koch, Francis, 432 Koch, Stephen, 251,424 Kochel, Michael, 138 Kodros, Rodney, 363 Koehler, James, 431 Koehn, Elizabeth, 396, 394 Koellner, William, 146 Koenig, Melvin, 127 Koenig, Sharon, 172 Koering, James, 292 Koester, Colette, 395 Koester, Henry, I27 Kohl, Craig, 172 Kohl, Dennis, 296 Kohlhammer, David, 158, 154 Kohn, Kerry, 368 Kokiohn, Cynthia, 401, 306 Kolarich, Marilyn, 417 Kolker, Edward, 158 Kollman, Margaret, 172 Ko11rnann,Diann, 172 Konarske, Marcia, 398 Konicki, Colleen, 211, 411 Koob, Mary, 172 Koolhof, James, 365 Koon, Carolyn, 406, 401, 400 Koop, Kathryn, 402 Kopecky, Kathleen, 410 Kopet, Steven, 355 Kopf, Trudy, 143 Kopp, Lawrence, 172 Koppen, James, 432 Koppenhaver, Donald, 127 Koppenhaver, John, 384 Koppernolle, Keith, 387 Korenevich, Jill, 237, 341 Kos, Donald, 172 Kreger, James, 357 Kreis, Helen, 262 Kremenak, Diana, 405, 306 Kremer, Donald, 426 Kress, Susan, 396 Kreutz, Douglas, 211 Krga, Robert, 284 Kristan, Gary, 379 Krizan, Kenneth, 232, 442, 3 Krob, Carol, 211,410 Krob, Duane, 146 Kroeger, Kay, 173, 320 Krommendyk, Mary, -417 Kron, Marcia, 211, 278, 334 Kross, Burton, 153, 211, 275, Krotz, David, 127 Krueger, Alan, 146 Krueger, Carol, 318 Krueger, Kurt, 438 Krull, David, 387 Krum, Julie, 339 Kruse, Dennis, 172 Kruse, Diane, 172 Kruse, Judith, 419 Kruzan, Kathy, 331 08 277, 428 Kryder, Ralph, 173, 295, 308, 439 Kubicek, Carol, 401, 400 Kubik, Darrell, 275 Kubik, Robert, 173 Kucharo, Gregg, 358 Kuechmann, Don, 185, 251, Kuehl, Vicki, 409 Kutner, Michael, 439 Kuhl, Janene, 421, 306 Kuhl, Larry, 358 Kuhlmann, Morris, 173 Kuiken, Pamela, 173 Kula, Robert, 189 Kulik, Michael, 127 Kundel, John, 387 Kunkle, Kay, 173, 318 Kuntz, Sue, 398 Kuperman, Nina, 234 Kuramoto, Alice, 347 Kuramoto, Robert, 250 Kurth, Karel, 397, 399 Kusack, James, 428 Kustner, Bonnie, 398 Kydan, Miriam, 241, 328 Kyle, Marsha, 405 Kyle, Mary, 207 L Laaveg, Sterling, 284, 439 Labarge, Dianne, 347 Labond, Curtis, 296, 298 Labounty, Gary, 141 Lacey, Ronald, 131, 127 Lacis, Liga, 410 Laenertz, Karen, 173 Lattin, Michael, 425 Lagomarcino, S., 173 Laing, Barbara, 399 Laing, Holly, 399 Laing, Mariorie, 323, 173 Lamb, Robert, 381 Lambert, Michael, 432 Lambeth, Lynette, 334 Kos, John, 370 Kosek, Ernest, 376 Koser, Stephen, 379 Koshatka, Beverly, 187 Kotok, Alan, 268 Kotok, David, 368 Kottmann, Karen, 234, 341 Koufer, Alan, 368 Kovarsky, Joel, 368 Koza, Jean, 419, 306 Kraai, Gerald, 155 Krattt, Dianne, 251, 413 Kraft, Charlotte, 401 Kral, Stephen, 424 Kramer Donna, 416 Kramer: Donna L., 396 Kramer, John, 302, 438 Kramer, Michael, 368 Kramer, Robert, 152, 153, 146 Kranovich, Vicki, 320 Kratchmer, Dean, 426 Krause, Bruce, 172 Kreamer, Roberta, 339 Lambrecht, Nancy, 342 Lambrecht, Paula, 421 Lamont, Roger, 284 Lamp, Lamp, Don, 384 Jerald, 132, 135 Lamprecht, Pamela, 173 Lande, Robert, 379 Lander, Larry, 158, 424 Landers, Sally, 325 Landes, Cynthia, 410 Landon, Ch rystal, 409 Lane, Garold, 160, 173 Lane, Linda, 134, 402 Lane, Lori, 328, 278 Lane, Susan, 320 Lane, Virginia, 173 Lang, Bruce, 431 Lang, Diane, 395 Lang, Gerald, 370 Lang, Larry, 173 Lang, Michael, 127 Lang, Robert, 211, -128 Lange, Connie, 341 173 Lange, Lange, Lange, Michael, 426 Nancy, 395 Richard, -139 Langesen, Jean, 127 Langlas Langlas Lanman , Stephen, 379 ,Thomas, 159, 189, 155 Robert, 158 Lanningi Stephen, 379 Lannom Lannon, , William, 379 Michaela, 336 La nyk, James, 442 Laplaunt, Gregory, 429 Larkin, Ann, 399 Larsen, Joyce, 409 Larsen, Rodger, 426 Larson, Craig, 426 Larson, Larson, Larson La rson, 1 Deborah, 413 Dennis, 251, 425 Eric, 232, 360, 349 Edward, 127, 123 Larson, Julie, 342, 173 Larson, Lars, 271, 358, 273 Larson, Linda, 347 Larson, Mark, I27 Larson, Michele, 173 Larson, Nancy, 341, 405 Larson, Patricia, 236 Larson, Paul, 251 Laser, Sue, 420 Larson, Tim, 127 Lashbrook, Mary, 173 Lasota, John, 173 Laslrewick, Barbara, 173 Latta, Catherine, 211,334 Lau, Peter, 357 Laughlin, Thomas, 358 Laughton, John, 382 Lavelle, Mary, 257 Lavery, Michael, 284 Lavolcl, Scott, 440 Lawhead, Camille, 173, 411 Lawhead, Charles, 389, 438 Lawler, Georgia, 173 Lawrence, David, 382 Lawrence Linda, 404 Lawrence, Mary, 173 Lawrence, Robert, 440, 437 Lawrence, Ted, 284 Lawson, Lawton, Ted, 241, 360 Mary, 342 Layfield, Barbara, 325 Layman, Joy, 173 Layton, Joann, -104 Lazar, Arnold, 299 Lazarus, Larry, 234, 368 Lazonby, John, 173 Leary, James, 141 Lebowich, Gary, 440, 437 Lee, Anita, 173 Lee, Elizabeth, 235 Lee, Gorden, 284, 127 Lee, Robert, 355 Lee, Terry, 127 Leeper, James, 173, 426 Legg, Linda, 144 Lehman, Carroll, 262 Lehman, Gerald, 425 Lehman, Jane, 409 Lehman, Linda, 420 Lehnertz, Patricia, 186, 173 Lehrman, Robert, 189 Leimer, Gerald, 155 Leinbaugh, Dennis W., 389 Leipolcl, Janet, 271, 339 Leitz, Robert, 432 Leitz, susan, 232, 339 Lemaster, Elizabeth, -120 Lemon, Robert, 381 Lemon, Stanley, 384 Lemons, Judine, 406, 400, 401 Lenth, Mary, 413 Lenzi, Annette, 420 Leonard, James, 173 Leonard, Karen, 218, 420 Leonard, Richard, 363 Leonard, Susan, 262 Leonhardt, Bonnie, 399 Lepley, Rick, 358 Leprevost, Dale, 302 Lerer, Jeffrey, 368 Leroy, Catherine, 325 Leshyn, Robert, 292 Leslie, Virginia, 333 Lester, Maureen, 218,419 Leverington, Barbara, 416 Levi, Katherine, 173 Levin, Alan, 424 Levine, Jeffrey, 368 Levine, Linda, 334 Levinson, Arnold, 368 Levison, Marlin, 221 Levois, Maurice, 295, 308, 303 Levy, Peter, 368 Levy, Richard, 429 Lewarne, John, 155 Lewis, Craig, 271 Lewis, Jeffrey, 274, 127, 370 Lewis, John, -125 Lewis, Judy, 236, 244,421,250 Lewis, Kenneth, 382 Lewison, Judy, 278, 342 Leyerle, Linda, 404, 306 Leytze, Catherine, 328 Lezcano, Abel, 173 Liberman, John, 173 Licht, David, 173 Licko, David, 431 Lidman, Robert, 173, 373 Liebenow, Richard, 173 Liechty, David, 439 Liehr, Carolyn, 421 Lien, Nancy, 187 Lienau, Kathleen, 396 Lietzau, Richard, 152, 153 Lightfoot, Cynthia, 217, 173 Lightfoot, Dawn, 404 Lightner, Marven, 438 Lilienthal, Thomas, 127 Lillios, Anna, 232 Lillis, William, -131 Lincoln, Richard, 132, 135 Lincors, Ellen, 338 Lind, John, 360 Lindahl, Barry, 363 Lindberg, Anita, 173, 320 Lindberg, Rick, 366 Lindeen, Robert, 425 Lindell, Jane, 336 Lindell, John, 379 Linden, Michael, 292, 379 Linder, Orin, 262 Lindhorst, Barbara, 237, 326 Lindquist, Ruth, 336 Lindsey, Margaret, 127 Lindsley, Charles, 262 Linfield, Suzanne, 258 Link, Gretchen, 326 Link, Karen Sue, 173 Lint, Diane, 420 Linton, Cheryl, 336 Lipkin, Gary, 426 Lipkowitz, Sherrie, 404 Lischer, Henry, 363, 127, 239, 241 Lisle, Nancy, 173 Livengood, Curtis, 135, 136 Livesay, John L., 427 Livingston, E. Michael, 261 Loan, Kieth, 173 Lobb, James, 241 Lochmann, Judith, 325 Lockhart, Ann, 395 Lockhart, David, 382 Lockhart, Patricia, 417 Loeb, Frances, 230 Loeb, James, 387 Loeck, Charles, 138 Loeck, John, 127 Lotgren, Barbara, 342 Logan, John, 241, 360 Logan, Paul, 173 Logan, Richard, 358 Lohtt, Dolores, 173 Lohft, John, 173 Lohr, John, 261 Long, Randall, 376 Long, Richard, 152, 148, 146 Long, Rickey, 255 Longanecker, Gail, 191, 236, 329 Longman, James, 441, 442 Longstreth, James, 152, 153 Lonning, Pamela, 144, 143 Loomis, John, 141 Loomis, Leslie, 173 Loos, Larry, 136 Mclnlyre Lorber, Sleve, 438 Lorber, Terry, 146 Lorenz, George, 146 Lorenz, Lynne, 419 Lorenzen, Roloerl, 173 Loucius, Michelle, 339 Louden, Anloinelle, 323, 317 Loughran, John, 360 Louscher, Michael, 138 Love, William, 274 Lovely, Roberl, 425, 423 Lovelinsky, Winna, 144 Lovig, Paul, 189, 155 Low, James, 357 Low, Thomas, 357 Lowe, Sally, 173 Lowenberg, Janel, 342 Lowenberg, Timolhy, 275 Lowrey, Palricia, 271, 339 Lowry, Jerry, 152, 429 Lowry, Sharon, 173 Lozier, Richard, 158 Lu, Mallhias, 252 Lubin, Andrea, 348 Lucas, Thomas, 127 Luce, Linda, 336 Luchs, Barbara, 306 Lucier, Michael, 360 Lucier, Roger, 379 Luckenbill, Janel, 271, 392, 394, 396 Luckow, Candace, 211, 331 Luebke, Neill, 255 Luebke, Roberl, 141 Luedke, Janis, 318 Luehrsmann, Ronald, 157 Luelh, Bonnie, 410 Luelhye, Karen, 318 Luken, Melinda, 173 Lulrensmeyer, Carolyn, 244, 160, 173 Lund, Barbara, 402 Lund, Laurel, 342 Lund, Raymond, 173 Lundeen, Sharon, 320 Lundell, Verdene, 396 Lundgren, Rodney, 127 Lundin, Frederick, 376 Lundquisl, John, 382 Lundquisl, Linda, 237, 323 Lundy, Eileen, 251, 410 Luneclcas, Karl, 303 Lunin, Sheila, 191, 215, 173 Lulz, Juclilh, -420 Luze, Darold, 439 Luzius, Bonnie, 421 Lyman, Madolyn, 318 Lyman, Michael, 379 Lynch, Richard, 303 Lyon, James, 387 Lyon, Roberl, 424 Lyon, Thomas, 157, 223 Lyons, James, 371 M Maas, Harry, 236, 210 Macagno, Laura, 174 MacDonald, Peler, 298, 305 Macek, James, 152, 153, 146, 151 Machacek, Raymond, 189, 152, 153, 210, 301 Machamer, Deborah, 331 Machek, Lois, 334 MacKay, Dorolhy, 325 Macke, Susan, 144, 143, 318 MacLean, Kalhleen, 257 Macloskey, Ronald, 127 Maclvlillan, Andrew, 295 MacMorran, Wendy, 419 Macy, Sarah, 398 Madden, Linda, 174 Madden, Lorna, 404 Madden, Ronald, 428 Maddox, Melanie, 331 Madison, Kay, 411 Madsen, Penny, 174 Madufl, Helene, 258 Maduff, Kalhryn, 188, Madulf, Michael, 157, Magee, Gerald, 189 Magee, Palrice, 259 Maggio, Pafrick, 392, 439 Magoon, Kenni-Anne, 409 174 155 Maguire, Deborah, 411 Mahan, Charles, 127 Mahan, Judilh, 230, 409, 240 Maharry, Roger, 208 Maher, Rosemary, 336 Mahl, Anne, 410 Mahoney, Palricia, 402 Mahood, Sheryl, 259 Q Mahrenholz, Ronald, 252 Maidens, Carol, 421 Main, Sharon, 271, 325, 237 Mains, Susan, 325 Maire, John, 127 Mairel, Paula, 333 Mailzen, Richard, 174, 275, 277, 279 Maior, James, 262 Maior, Philip, 284 Maland, Palricia, 331 Malcolm, Jon, 275 Maling, Linda, 348 Mallel, Lawrence, 427 Mallie, Joseph, 174 Malloy, Caroline, 174 Malloy, James, 159 Mally, Henry, 174,426 Malone, Dennis, 428 Ma1sed,Jane1', 415, 416 Maly, Jan, 275 Malzahn, Ann, 420 Manlield, Lyn, 323 Manley, Sarah, 262 Manning, Mary, 174, 421 Mansheim, David, 174 Mansperger, Dick, 284 Marasco, Peler, 292 Marecek, Anne, 405 Marek, Ronald, 158 Margosian, Sherry, 339, 217 Marion, John, 381 Markham, James, 233, 230, Marks, Richard, 303 ' Markwell, Gary, 127 Marlowe, Bruce, 365 Maold, David, 428 Marriell, Jane, 318 Marioll, Barbara, 342 Marioll, Thomas, 153, 152 Marsh, Barbara, 323 Marsh, Linda, 323, 244 Marsh, Sheryl, 174 Marshall, Charles, 379, 295 Marshall, David, 262 Marshall, George, 295, 308 Marshall, John, 357 Marlens, Roger, 357 Marli, Michael, 275, -126 Marlin, Cheri, 420 Marlin, Donna, 405 Marlin, James, 158, 155 Marlin, John, 366 Marlin, Karen, 134, 127 Marlin, Paul, 141 Marlin, Rosemary, 174 homas 158 Marlin, T , Marlindale, Beniamin, 425 Marlz, James, 221 Marvel, James, 232 Marvin, William, 365 Marx, Jeanne, 333 Mason, Carol, 396 Mason, David, 159 Mason, Palrick, 275, 277, 355 Massey, Marlene, 398 Masson, John, 365 Maslerpole, Kalhleen, 155 Maslers, Barbara, 409 Mausen, Nancy 174 Malhes, Richard, 211, 427, 255, -123 Malhison, Sleven, 127 Malhews, John, 275, 277 Malhews, Kalhy, 420 Malhison, Kalherine, 188, 417 Malsuda, Linda, 411 Mall, Diane, 419 Mall, Randolph, 127 Mallern, Suzanne, 174, 333- Mallhes, Lloyd, 308 Mallhes, Wanda, 174 Mallhias, Roberl, 424, 423 Mallhias, Rulh, 399 Malrhiesen, Linda, 323 Maulorico, Richard, 442 Maurer, Rex, 384 Mavis, Richard, 189 Maxulov, Tanya, 271, 318 Maxwell, Callie, 323 Maxwell, Earl, 375 Maxwell, Kalhleen, 328 Maxwell, Margarel, 174 May, Susan, 243 Mayberry Gwendolyn, 419 Mayberry, Jann, 174, 370 Mayer, Adrienne, 318 Mayer, Barbara, 396 Mayer, Sleven, 138 Mayer, Thomas, 174, 295 Maynard, Philip, 442 Mayne, Marlha, 174 Mazzoli, Georgine, 398 McAlexander, Errol, 152, 148, 146 McAl1isl'er, Francis, 153, 152, 146 McA1lisller, Marlene, 404 McAllisler, Roy, 428 McAl11sler, Susan, 174, 336 McAl1isler, Vernon, 152, 211, 439 McAndrew, Roberl, 365 McAnelly, Linda, 318 McAnly, Mary, 339 McArlhur, Marlee, 174 McAvoy, William, 426 McBealh, Kennelh, 308, 295 McBelh, Charles, 426 McBride, John, 426 McBride, Leonard, 127 McBride, Roberl, 382 McCabe, Joseph, 155 McCabe, Roger, 158 McCall, John, 146 McCall, Rulh, 174 McCallisler, John, 159, 440 McCanless, Keilh, 299, 308 McCarragher, James, 363, 235 McCarlan, George, 357 McCar1'hy, Eileen, 398 McCarlney, John, 426, 423 McCaughey, Melinda, 334 McCauley, Holly, 174 McCausland, Mac, 384 McCleary, Richard, 379 McClendon, Michael, 428 McCloud, Craig, 363 McClure, Kalhleen, 398 McClurg, Harold, 429 McCollum, Carol, 271, 342 McCollum, Gordon, 363, 232, 241 McCollum, Marilyn, 336, 413 McComb, Duane, 174 McComb, Laurie, 333 McConnelee, Linda, 328 McCord, Elizabelh, 406, 404 McCormick, Kalhleen, 419 McCormick, Marlha, 333, 244 McCormick, Palricia, 328 McCosh, Charles, 301, 377 - McCown, Dana, 189 McCoy, Diana, 318 McCoy, Jarnes, 255, 439 McCoy, Marsha, 421 McCurdy, Gary, 174 McCurdy, Richard, 426 McCu1chen, William, 371, 284 McDade, Donald, 174 McDaniel, Cheryl, 342 McDaniel, Thomas, 131, 128 McDermoll, Terance, 138 McDonald, Palrick, 174 McDonell, James, 432 McDow, Lynn, 174 McDowell, Larry, 284 McElroy, Joann, 417 McE1vain, Kennelh, 427 McEnany, Palrick, 174 McEvoy, Mary, -104 McEwen, Alice, 417 McEwen, Mary, 323 HcEwing, Kalhleen, 405 McFarland, Diane, 342 McFale, Jean, 411 McGafley, Peggy, 347 McGarvey, Brian, 138 McGee, Becky, 421 McGee, William, 377 McGilvray, John, 128 McGimpsey, Mary, 336, 278 McGimpsey, Nancy, 237, 336, 278 McGinnis, Marian, 411 McGivern, Dennis, 4139 McGlolhlen, Jeanie, 134, 413 McGrane McGral'h , James, 431 , Gaylord, 292 McGra1h, James, 155 McGralh, Roland, 360 McGraw, Joseph, 371 McGreevy, Palrick, 174 MCG revy , Daniel, 377 McGuire, Brian, 174, 279 McGuire, Sleven, 373 McHugh, James, 284, 274 Mcllhon, Michael, 275, 277 Mcllralh, Ann, 339, 278 Mclnlosh, Karen, -110 Mclnlosh, Thomas, 158 , Diane, 318 Mclnlyre, Marlha, 334 McKeever, Michael, 138 McKim, James, 427 McKinnie, Silas, 284 Mclinighl, Deborah, 271, 326, 316 McLane, Charles, 425 McLane, Cheryl, 405 McLaren, Carol, 134, 230, 240 McLarl'y, Mayland, 174 McLaughlin, Donald, 425 McLaughlin, Judilh, 207 McLaughlin, Thomas, 208 McLean, Daniel, 384, 349 McLeod, Scoll, 159, 155 McMahon, Roberl, 128 McMahon, Daniel, 131, 128 McMannes, David, 174 McManus, Gregory, 357, 284 McMeen, Lewis, 155 McMinimee, Gary, 387 McMorris, Frederick, 151 McMorris, John, 131 McMullen, Lee, 152, 148, 146 McMurrough, Mary, 188, 174 McNally, William, 155 McNamara, Ellen, 399 McNamee, Reda, 401 McNamer, Palricia, 188, 421 McNaughlon, Clifford, 424 McNeal, Clark, 155 McNeeley, Carol, 244, 401 McNee1ey, Karen, 401 McNiel, Margarel, 174 McQueen, David, 427 McQueen, Nancy, 174 McReyno1ds, Nancy, 262, 334, 174 McRoberls, Janel, 320 McRoberls, Michael, 357, 429 McShane, Dean, 248 McShane, Michael, 382 McShane, Molly, 207 McShane, Susan, 325, 217, 317 McVey, Dennis, 363 McVey, Jo, 299 McVoy, Margol, 211, 397, 398 Mead, Karilyn, 402 Means, Julie, 326 Meek, James, 128 Meek, Kalherine, 399 Meeker, Barbara, 394, 211, 230 Meflerd, David, 128 Mefferl, Barbara, 209, 323 Megan, Michael, 157, 155 Meggers, Richard, 429 Mehesan, Thomas, 155 Mehrens, Donald, 128, 274 Mehrhofl, Thomas, 174 Meiches, Janis, 392 Meier, Roberl, 132 Meinen, Ronald, 122 Meiner, Linda, 144, 133 Melcher, Jeffrey, 375 Melling, Marilyn, 401 Melnick, Barbara, 258 Melone, Kelcie, 396 Melson, Linda, 174, 318 Mellon, Terrill, 424 Mendelsohn, Jack, 368 Menke, Belh, 334, 409 Menke, Joan, 326, 174 ' Menke, Roger, 296 Mensching, Charles, 174, 308 Mensing, Roberl, 366 Mueller Moon Miller 4 Meredilh, Pairicia, 174 Merield, Ronald, 363 Meridifh, Shirley, 174 Merkel, Ann, 4-10 Merkel, John, 363 Merrell, Thomas, 425 Merrick, Richard, 304 Merrifield, David, 272 Mesecher, Rosalie, 396 Meseck, Linda, 421 Meskimen, Jon, 428 Messer, Kennelh, 174 Messinger, Joseph, 132, 135 Messrner, Judilh, 405 Merelak, Gary, 427 Melille, Francis, 189 Meizger, Kalhleen, 319 Meyer, Alan, 128 Miskimen, Glen, 432, 431 Milchell, Bonnie, 417 Milchell, Carol, 410 Milchell, Judilh, 334 Milchell, Lawrence, 304 Milchell, Sleven, 429 Millman, Thomas, 175 Moeller, Ronald, 371 Moen, Linda, 325 Mollill, Susan, 326 Molony, Adrienne, 392, 417 Moller, Jeaneile, 175 Molyneaux, Sharon, 333 Molyneux, James, 427 Monahan Monohan Kalhryri 251 232,341 1 Merk, 275, 277, 426, 423 Mondane, Michael, 373, 296, 305 Mondf, Conslance, 409 Meyer, Joseph, 358 Meyer, Juenne, 394, 392, 395 Meyer Kalhleen 174 Meyer: Keith, lssi, 174 Meyer, Lauren, 234, 348 Meyer, Mark, 296,438 Meyer, Ruih, 411 Meyer, Slanley, 401 Meyer, Virginia, 217, 409 Meyer, Wanda, 175 Meyers, Susan, 331 Meyers Terr 399 Monkelien, Perry, 275, 425 Monkerud, James, 438 i Y. Micich, Sue, 233, 251, 230, 416, 415, 240 Mick, James, 138 Mick, Thomas, 175 Mickelson, Michael, 363, 329, 252, 241 Mickelson, Theodore, 279 Monohon, Paul, 295, 308, 305 Monroe, Gordon, 284, 128 Monroe, John, 275, 292 Monlgomery, Ann, 342 Monlgomery, Linda, 320 Monlgomery, Roger, 128 Monlgomery, Terry, 274 Monlour, Gregory, 275, 277, Moo, Fah-Lin, 432 Moon, Erick, 157 Moon, Janei, 329 Moon, Michael, 363, 315 Richard 365 355 Molr, Paul, 425, 423 Moller, Delores, 134 Moul, Roberi, 128 Moulds, Roberl, 275, 277 Mouw, Bernard, 251, 175 Mowen, Ellen, 175, 409 Mowry, Thomas, 128, 387 Moxley, Nancy, 421 Moyer, Melanie, 336, 241 Moyers, John, 371 Mucha, Cheri, 333 Mueller, Barbara, 175, 318 Mueller, Carolyn, 339 Mueller, Chrisrine, -120 Mueller, Gerald, 381 Mueller, Janice, 151 Mueller, John, 381 Mueller, Mark, 128 Mueller, Phyllis, 175 Mueller , Sie hen 363, 237 P . Thomas 175 Muench: Donald: aes Muerhofi, Allen, 429 Muhlenbruch, Roberi, 158, 355 Mulder, Arlis, 323 Mullahy, Cheryl, 175, 399 Mullen, Barbara, 331 Mulligan, Terrence, 361, 284, 274 Mullin, Mullin, John, 366 Linda, -105 Nelson, 1-larold, 153, 152, 146 Nelson, Jacqueline, 342 Nelson, Jana, 325 Nelson, Jeanne, 175 Nelson, Kennelh, 149 Nelson, Kenl, 146 Nelson, Lary, 251 Nelson, Marlha, 417 Nelson, Nan, 417 Nelson, Nancy, 175 Nelson, Richard, 355 Nelson Richard 152 Ne1son:Rona1d,I128 Nelson, Sandra, 334 Nelson, Nelson, Neolofi Nepal. Slephen, 155 Virginia, 325, 175 s'l', Krislen, 396, 323 James, 155 Mooney, Thomas, 262 Mooney, William, 352 Middlelon, James, 304, 429 Mihm, Kalhleen, -417 Mikelson, 384 Mikkelsen, Tom, 358 Midensiein, Roger, 381 Milder, Cheryl, 348,404 Milder, Cheryl, 348, 404 Miles, John, 158 Milkinf, Nancy, 404 Millard, Glen, 175 Miller, Miller, Busler, 361 Charles, 352 Miller, Craig, 373, 284 Miller, Daniel, 175 Miller, Davicl, 441, 442 Miller, Donald R., 300 Miller, Donald R., 138 Miller, Gary, 384 Miller, Janice, 419 Miller, Jean, 318 Miller, Joan, 431 Miller, Kennelh C., 153, 152, 146 Miller, Kennelh D., 175 Miller, Kennelh P., 128 Miller, Leanne, 323, 27B Miller, Mary Ann, 188 Miller, Mary, 175 Miller, Mary M., 347, 333, 306 Miller, Mary S., 413 Miller, Palricia, 419 Miller, Richard, 301, 365 Miller, Richard, 377 Miller, Roberl, 128 Miller, Roberf, 136 Miller, Scoll, 284, 439 Miller, Sleven, 363 Miller, Susan, 405 Miller, Thomas, 428 Miller, Virginia, 413, 412 William 373 Moore , Alicia, 395 Moore, Barbara, 419 Moore, Carl, 377 Moore, Carolyn, 326, 306 Moore, Connie, 401 Moore , Devld, 159 Moore, Donna, 347 Moore, Gregory, 384 Moore, James, 175 Moore, Janel' B., 263, 341 Moore, Janel C., 318 Moore, Jean, 347, 175 Moore, Karen, 409, 318 Moore, Krisleen, 396 Moore, Nancy, 339, 271, 143 Moore, Palrlck, 389, 425 Moore, Paul, 175 Moore, Richard, 384 Moore, Roberl, 138 Moore, Slephanie, 399 Moore, Thomas, 125 Moorho use, Jeffrey, 128 Moor, Nancy, 175 Morain, Moreau Slephen, 371 , Gary, 365 Moreland, David, 284 Morello, Charles, 273 Mores, Barbara, 336, 409 Mori, Darrell, 159 Morgan, Allen, 358 Morgan, Jolue, 395 Morgan, Marsha K., 271,34 Morgan, Marsha L., 326 Morgan, William, 255 Morilz, Sheryl, -l'21 Morlan, James, 429, 308 Morris, James, 429, 308 Morris, Eric, 392, 431 Morris, Melvin, 424 Morris, Roberi, 189 1,3 Mullin, Rosanne, 420 Mullins, Carol, 402 Mullins, Ray, 275, 277,427 Mulvihill, Palrick, 439 Mumm, Noel, 157 Mummey, John, 371 Mundi, Janice, 175 Mundi, Roberl, 175 Mundy, Nancy, 143, 402,400 Mundy, Richard, 210 Munger, Clark, 155, 251, 235 Munns, James, 252, 387 Munddz-Amed, Horacio, 400 Munson, Janice, 271 Murdock, Gary, 425 Neppl, Roberl, 275,438 Nepslad, Gary, 175 Neselril, Frederick, 425 Ness, Sally, 333 Ness, Sleven, 429 Neslerenko, Elisabelh, 175 Neslrud, Richard, 373, 295, 308 Neubauer, Marcella, 207 Neumaier, Diane, 175, 230. Neuman, Deanne, 191, 278, 216 Neuweg, Maurice, 176 Neville, Carole, 331 Newberry, Candace, 233, 211 Newbrough, William, 190, 191, 176 Newcomer, Suzanne, 271, 325 Newell, Palricia, 176, 318 Newell, Ronald, 128 Newhouse, Pamela, 331 Newland, Jeffrey, 373, Newland, Kimberly, 337 Newland, William, 373 Newlin, Dale, 429 Newmeisier, John, 432 Neylan, Kalhleen, 159, Neymeyer, Janel, 404 Neymeyer, Roberl, 275 Nice, Marcia, 323 284 1 55 Murphy, Murphy, Randall, 302 Roberi, 279 Murphy, Russell, 302 Murphy, Sleven, 438 Murphy, Thomas, 424 Murphy, William, 276 Murra, Gerda, 421 Murray, Thomas, 379 Murray, William, 424 Murlaugh, James, 141 Muse, Roger, 426 Musield Muskin, 11, Jeffrey, 365, 304 Alan, 368 Myalr, Barbara, 341 Myall, Tom, 292 Myers, Carol, 134,402 Myers, Timolhy, 429 Nabedr N ick, Meraly, 348 Nading, Richard, 424 Nagel, Dale, 175 Nagel, John, 355 Nagle, David, 428 Nardy, Deborah, 402 Narum, Peyron, 175,274 Naryka, Nash, R William, 384 oberl, 371 Milleville, Mariorie, 331, 306 Millis, David, 439 Mills, Kaiherine, 405 Mills, Marianne, 328 Millunchick, Edward, 175, 352 Milne, Slephen, 363 Minikus, Joan, 399 Minikus, Slephen, 383 Minkel, Boniia, 402, 306 Minney, Douglas, 215, 255 Minnich, Corley, 384 Minnihan, Marcia, 175 Minnis, Charlene, 144, 175 Minlrup, Mary, 333 Mira, Allan, 387 Misbach, Gregory, 152, 146, 151 Misieldf, Pamela, 347, 394, 396, 306 Morrison, James, 262, 175 Morrison, Jon, 175 Morrison, Linda, 334 Morrow, Bruce, 224 Morrow, Linda, 396 Morse, Janie, 323 Morse, Mary, 396 Morfirnore, Sleven, 128 Morlon, Craig, 365 Moses, Bonnie, 232, 336 Mosher, Ann, 175 Mosier, James, 432 Mosny, Karen, 395 Moss, Gary, 158 Moss, Mary, 506 Moss, Sleohen, 301, 274, 305 Mossman, Hugh, 384, 239, 241, 315 Nassen, Donald, 138 Naughien, Nancy, 175 Naughton, David, 432 Nauman, Mallhew, 383 Naumann, Mary, 413 Neal, Teresa, 175 Neal, Theresa, 339 Neary, Frederick, 128 Nebben, Ginger, 347 Nedved, Larry, 365 Needles, James, 438 Neff, Dennis, 432 Necreie, Simon, 442 Nichol, Douglas, 176 Nichols, Diane, 325, 176 Nickel, Ronald, 252, 442 Nickel, Wilma, 410 Nickolisen Belh, 143, 237, 278, 320, 3 Nicol, Danny, 128, 278, 387, 315 Nicolaus, Theresa, 370 Nicolazzi, Roberl, 371 Niedermyer, James, 426 Nielsen, Larry, 439 Nielson, Kalhryn, 333, 306 Nissen, Kimberly, 326 Nissen, Srephanie, 341 Nissenbaum, David, 368 Nixl, Roger, 155 Noah, Ronald, 158, 230, 240 Noah, Sieven, 428 Noard, Galen, 284 Noble, Joe, 262 Noble, Mary, 176 Nocldle, Jeffrey, 368 Noecker, Phyllis, 341, 242 Noelke, Roberi, 159, 440 Nolan, Linda, 176, 320 Nolan, Mary, 176 Noller, Jon, 355 Noller, Nancy, 188, 326 Nolle, David, 261, 176, 274 Norby, Gary, 155 Nordeen, Jeffrey, 232, 387 Nordeen, Peggy, 337 Noren, Louise, 176 Norgaard, Alan, 439 Norman, Gary, 158 Norman, Morris, 366 Norris, Richard, 176 Norlhcuil, John, 176, 237 Norlhway, Lawrence, 428 Norlon, Anne, 399 Norlon, Conslance, 409 Norron, Michael, 368 Nosbish, James, 176 Neiighb or, Charles, 371 Nelson, Andrea, 325, 278, 316 Nelson, Chrislophffr, 371 Nelson, Donald, 146 Nelson, Frederick, 155 Noun, Roberl, 373 Novak, Jean, 334 Novak, Julia, 395 Novak, Mary, 337, 413 1 Nowlin, John, 158 Noyes, Michael, 366 Nuis, Roberl, 426 Nunheimer, Lillian, 396 Nunn, James, 383, 315 Nurnberg, Marsha, 144 Nuss, Edward, 357 Null, Kalherine, 419 Nun, Wayne, 153, 152, 145 Nyguard, Sieve, 428, 423 Nysirom, Sharon, 323, 250 O Oak1ander,Na1han, 176 Oberwefler, Charles, 366 Obrien, Ellaouise, 234, 334 Obrien, Michael, 176 Obrien, Palrick, 136 Obrien, Susan, 186 Obryon, Maureen, 329 O'Connor, Dailene, 329 O'Connor, Lois, 232, 341 O'Connor, Michael, 357, 304 Oddse, Krisiine, 251, 410 Odea, Margarei, 404 Odem, Daniel, 152, 149, 151 Odem, John, 255 Odem Richard 176 oaiefoiek, 1351, 128, 278 O'Donne1l, Jerry, 132,357,284 Oehler, Mark, 176 Oeslerle, Larry, 138 Oelh, James, 428 Offerrnan, Gerald, 176 Oiner, Linda, 392, 404 Ogedegbe, Alexander, 153, 146 O'Hara, Michael, 176 O'Hara, Richard, 284 O'1'learn, Bill, 234, 232,387,428 Ohlson, Ardylhe, 176 Ohlson, Danny, 428 Ohnesorge, Linda, 334 O'Keele, Kevin, 441, 442 Oldag, Mar1ha, 323 Oldl, Kennelh, 357 Olechnovics, Carmen, 333 Olesen, Willard, 355 Oleson, Myrna, 409 Olevsky, Linda, 348 Olhausen, Nancy, 176 Olinger, Bruce, 425 Orr, Bruce, 275 Oliver, Jerrold, 157, 155 Oskvig, Roger, 427 Oslheimer, Cecil, 155 Osiheimer, Linda, 421 Osilund, William, 371, 427 Oswald, Georgia, 326, 176 Osweiler, Marilyn, 395 OH, Vicky, 410, 306 Oflo, Virginia, 409 Ouverson, Winifred, 176 Oversireel, Roy, 425 Owen, Wilberi, 138, 136 Owens, Teresa, 417 Owens, Virginia, 341 Oxenford, James, 132 P Paarmann, Lyneile, 211,411 Pace, Edward, 428 Padgham, Inga, 326 Padgham, Kennelh, 158, 236, 358 Paelz, Bill, 141 Page, Dennis, 275, 277 Page, Raymond, 428 Paisley, Melvin, 304 Palmer, Caiherine, 215, 175 Palmer, James, 384 Palrnquisl, John, 255, 425 Palos, Dean, 385 Pals, Carolyn, 405 Pankey, Eugene, 131, 128, 133 Paquelie, Peler, 284 Paradissis, George, 252 Paresky, Rila, 185, 345, 216 Parisi, William, 239 Parizek, Raberl, 152, 149, 146, 235, 151 Park, Elizabelh, 318 Park, James, 152, 146, 151 Park, Roger, 176 Park, Rulh, 176 Parker, Belly, 252 Parker, Joanne, 326, 176 Parker, Lorann, 176,413,412 Parker, Norma, 401 Parks, Nancy, 397, 398 Parmely, Michael, 275 Parris, Thomas, 429 Parris, Tlmolhy, 251 Parrish, Frederic, 432 Parrish, James, 177 Parry, Susan, 399 Parsons, Pence, 363 Parsons, Sfeven, 432 Parziale, Nancy, 406, 392, 402, 400 Paschall, Ann, 341, 306 Pease, Frederick, 432 Pease, Janel, 323 Pecaur, Linda, 342, 232, 241 Pechacek, Frank, 158 Peckosh, Thomas, 155 Pedersen, Carol, 318, 317 Pedersen, Gail, 421 Pedersen, John, 365 Pedersen, Karen, 417 Pedersen , Karhleen, 410, 306 Pederson, Elizabeih, 321 Pederson, Pafricia, 416 Peiffer, James, 128 Peil, John, 357, I77, 272, 274, 273 Peirce, Richard, 426 Pekarek, Ann, 144 Pelran, John, 232, 251, 363, 233, 231, 230, 240 Peluso, Sreven, 425 Pence, Barbara, 318 Pence, L inda, 177 Pennebaker, Nancy, 326 Penny, Barbara, 177 Olney, Laverne, 176 Olney, Peler, 355 Olsen, Henry, 176 Olsen, Marcia, 411 Olsen, Sandra, 411 Olsen, Sfeven, 152, 153, 146, 256 Olson, Carolyn, 176 Olson, Connie, 417 Olson, Gary, 191, 176 Olson, Jane, 342 Olson, Jo Ann, 337, 176,316 Olson, John, 357 Olson, Joyce, 251, 176, 216 Olson, Krisline, 326, 401 Olson, Linda, 318 Olson, Oliver, 176 Olson, Phyllis, 413, 207 Olson, Ron, 427 Olson, Susanne, 394, 392, 398 onli, Paul, 299, 308 o'Ne11, Dennis, 261, 132 O'Neil1 , oafniny, 234, 334 Oosfen, Roger, 146 Opheim, Judiih, 333 Opheim, Kenr, 381 Oppold, Thomas, 389 Orend, Organ, Barbara, 134,417 Jean, 176 Orr, Carol, 395 Orion, Slephen, 375 Orvis, Larry, 384 Osborn, Thomas, 231, 230 Osdoba, Frank, 369 Osdoba, Gloria, 345 Passick, Peler, 438 Pasiorino, Raymond, 301, 363 Pasiras, Theodore, 361, 239, 241, 315, 177 Palon, Helen, 135 Palrice, Pafricia, 325 Pafrick, Roberf, 155 Parsch, Judilh, 177, 406, 399 Pallee, Barbara, 398, 306 Palfen, Larry, 128 Parlerson, Cornelius, 284 Pa He rs Pa lie rs on, Pamela. 40? on, Palricia, 320 Paflerson, Randall, 371 I Paflon, Consiance, 420 Palion, Donald, 177 Pahlon, Nancy, 144 Palfon Rex, 147 Paul, Glenn, 284, 387 Paul, Terrence, 373 Pauley, Eugene, 177 Pauling, Dennis, 152, 149, 36 Paulk, Slephen, 425, 423 Paull, George, 428 Paullus, Diane, 401 Paulsen, Grant, 327, 211, 387 Paulsen, Pairicia, 335, 317 1,210,147 Osenbaugh, Charles, 425 Osenbaugh, Elizabeth, -419 Osincup, Janef, 405 Osko, Gregory, 365 Paulson, Cynlhia, 339 Pausiian, Darwin, 431 Payden, Deborah, 306 Pazolernik, Leroy, 189 Peacock, Ann, 331 Peacock, Mary, 339, 271 Pearsaul, Gregory, 383 Pearson, James, 438 Pearson, Nancy, 339 Pearson, Valinda, 394, 396 Penwell, Roberl, 377 Pepper, Palricia, 417 Perham, Mary, 411 Perkins, Fred, 371 Perkins, Jane, 339 Perkins, Lewis, 305 Perlman, Sheldon, 369 Perrin, Janel, 326 Perry, George, 371 Perry, Joan, 409 Perry, John, 215 Perry, Linda, 399 Perry, Lois, 411 Perry, Mariann, 323 Perry, Roberl, 157 Person, Roberl, 274 Peiers, Connie, 237, 329, 216 Peters, David, 377, 315 Perers, Donald, 158 Pelers, Margaref, 177 Peiers Parricia, 315 Pelers, Roberi, 279, 276, 277, 177, Pelers, Sandra, 258, 413 Pelers, Susan, 417 Pefersen, Dennis, 132, 135, 128 Pelersen, James, 177 Pefersen, Kalhie, 409 Petersen, Mildred, 347 Pelersen, Richard, 383, 128 Pelersen, Roger, 426 Pelersen, Stephen, 159 Pelersen, Wayne, 425 Peterson, Barbro, 342, 241, 401 Peferson, Charles, 432 Pererson, Dean, 128 Pererson, Dean C., 152, 149, 151 Pererson, Doris, 402 Pelerson, Dorwin, 439 Pelerson, Janice, 399 Peterson, Kenl, 251 Pelerson, Linda, 347, 306 Peferson, Linnea, 420 Peferson, Marc, 177, 274 Peierson, Mariin, 158 Peierson, Nora, 405 Peierson, 'Pa1ricia, 411 Pelerson, Pererson, Pelerzen Roberia, 419 Susan, 337 Deborah 405 Perra, Joseph, 366 Pefrick, John, 262, 379 Peirie, Jeifry, 177, 275, 277, 279 Perlir, Charles, 128 Pelly, Roy, 439 Pleffer, Paul, 159 Phelps, Jerry, 366 Philips, Chrisropher, 373 Philips, Terry, 348 Phillip, Allen, 361 Phillips, Candace, 342 Phillips, Gary, 152, 151 Phillips, Jane, 337 Phillips, Julie, 335 Phillips, Mary, 333 Phillips, Ronald, 177 Pickering, Beverly, 177 Pickell, John, 358 Pickell, Keiih, 379 Piecuch, Janel, 177 Pieper, Mary, 347, 316 Piepergerdes, James, 177, 361 Pier, Judllh, 326 Pierce, Andrew, 308 Uierce, Sieven, 251 Pierce, Timoihy, 373 Pierce, Valerie, 342, 271 Piernor, Kurl, 425 Piersma, Lyman, 427 Piersol, James, 365 Pilgrim, Donald, 355 Pillard, Warren, 177 Pillepich, Mary, 177 Pinnell, Barbara, 401 Pinney, John, 355 Pinnow, Larry, 387 Piper, David, 128 Piper, Lamar, 159 Piper, Philip, 177 Pirmann, Jeffrey, 438 Pi1cher, Virginia, 234, 335, 211 Pifka, William, 261 Pilluck, Haskell, 158, 155 Piischke, Judifh, 397, 399 Piiz, Barbara, 333 Pilz, Kalhleen, 405 Pixler, Lynne, 416 Piziali, John, 432, 275 Placko, John, 426 Plaisance, Thomas, 189 Plank, Joseph, 373 Plashko, Sylvia, 177 Plali, John, 159, 210 Plalfenberger, Marilyn, 251, 330 240 Plalz, Sally, 177 Prafsky, Franklyn, 275, 277, 279 276 389 Pobanz, Brian, 438 Podolak, Edward, 284, 292 Poepsel, Harvey, 141, 137 Pohlen, Thomas, 177 Pohlmann, Jean, 416 Pohlmann, Peler, 301, 379 Poindexler, Dixie, 261, 331 Pokorny, Thomas, I77 Poling, Anne, I77, 209, 318 Pollack, Waller, 424 Pollard, Charles, 177 Pollard, Jack, 357, 424 Pollaro, Pollen, Brigeile, 177 David, 221 Pollock, Joe, 381 Phleger, John, 424 Picek, Louis, 439 Piclcard, Larry, 438 Piclcen, Barbara, 339 Pollock, Phillip, 424 Pollpeler, John, 128 Polpsel, Harvey, 136 Pomeranrz, Jeri, 345 Pomeroy, Elizabefh, 347 Pomeroy, Philip, 431 Ponder, Julian, 432 Ponsar, Dianne, 421 Poole, Ronald, 387, 315 Pope, Bonnie, 321 Popel, Priscilla, 405 Popper, Cynlhia, 177 Porfer, Carolyn, 306 Porler, Janis, 396, 331 Porier, Kalherine, 177 Porfer, Pamela A., 325, 217 Porler, Pamela, J., 143, 218 Porler, Peggy, 409 Posr, Linda, I77 Polash, Michael, 369 Poffer, Gordon, 141, 137 Poiiholl, Helen, 410 Poilhofr, Thomas, 377 Poffs, Michael, 177 Poulos, Krislie, 339 Powell, Rodney, 426 Powell, Terry, 230, 428 Power, Scoir, 177 231, 230, 270 Powers, James, 155 Powers, Linda, 410 Poyser, Cynrhia, 325 Prange, Roy, 301, 177 Prair, Elisabefh, 415, 177, 416 Prehn, Ellen, 410 Prenosil, Tamara, 395 Preniice, Waller, 389 Prescoll, Daniel, 177 Prescori, Linda, 211, 411 Price, Daniel C., 305 Price, Daniel L., 299 Price, John, 424 Price, Judilh, 234, 34-I Price, Roberf L., 442 Price, Roberf V., 158, 159, 155 Price Timofhy 237, 358 Prichefl, Barba ra, 177 Priebe, Carolyn, I77 Prien, John, 128 Primich, Charles, 177 Primmer, Ernesf, 141 Pringle, Joan, 177 Prinz, Roberf, 369 Prior, Barbara, 395 Prifzker, Margie, 128 Prizler, Joyce, 395 Probsi, Trudy, 396, 329 Procfor, David, 371 Pruess, Joe, 385 Pfacek, John, 192 Puckel'1', Michael, 357 Puefz, Mary, 396 Pugh, Alicia, 337 Puhl, Frances, 329, 214 Puls, Louise, 405 Punelli, Frank, 158, 155 Purdie, Joe, 138 Purnell, Richard, 375 Purman, Slephen, 371 Pyper, Grace, 342, 316 CP Quandf, Marvin, 177 Quareman, William, 369 Querrey, Richard, 379, 315 Quick, Russell, 432 Quigley, Lawrence, 431 Quinn, Chrisfine, 341 Quinn, Francis, 177 Quinn, Sarah, 409 R Raach, George, I77 Rabens, Suzy, 421 Rabong, Ula, 413 Rodemacher, Roger, 177 Rader, Sybil, 177, 333 Radloff, Lois, 321 Raffer, Jyme , 326 Ragan, James, I77, 275, 267, 279, 277 Ragland, Douglas, 275, 277, 425 Rains, Wilma, 402, 400 Raifora, 0110, I77 Raker, Donald, 426, 4123 Ramsey, John, 358 Rancla, Daniel, 379 Rancla, Lewis, 379 Randall, David, 141, 137 Randall, Roger, 147 Randall, Sfeven, 429 Randerson, Krisfine, 342 Randles, Carol, 177 Randles, Kennelh, 178 Randolph, Jeffrey, 178 Randol, Kirk, 429 Ranes, Nan, 411 Raney, Jane, 396 Raney, Jerry, 425, 423 Raney, John, 158, 304 Rank, Karen, 234 Rankin, Kay, 178 Ranniger, Joan, 410 Ransdell, Douglas, 365 Ransdell, Sfephen, 158 Rapoporl, Diane, 345 Rarig, Jan, 178 Rashid, William, 426, 423 Rashke, John, 155 Rafhie, Larry, 292, 305 Rauch, Allan, 371 Rauch, Chesfer, 371 Rausch, Donna, 178 Rauscher, Robarl, 178 Raveling, Judifh, 178 Raviiz, Lawrence, 258, 427, 423 Rawson, Greig, 131, 389 Fay, Cheryl, 417 Ray, Madelyn, 345 Ray, William, 251, 308 Raymon, Richard, 128 Raymond, David, 178 Raymond, Paul, 251 Rea, Robin, 326 Reay, Richard, 141 Rebholz, Marianne, 178, 413, 412 Redenbaugh, Judy, 420 Redenius, Myron, 141, 142, 137 Redfern, Alan, 178 Redfield, Billie, 178, 331 Rediger, Gary, 128 Redlingshafer, Rifa, 411 Reeb, Larry, 129 Reed, Alice, 177 Read, Barry, 129 Reed, Camelia, 188, 326 Reed, Dave, 261 Reed, Jill, 395 Reed, Judifh, 413, 412 Reed, Marilyn, 177 Reed, Porfer, 363 Reed, Vickie, 416 Reedy, Mary, 409 Reernfsma, Marilee, 331 Reese, Elaine, 401 Reese, Jo, 396 Richmann, Michael, 383 Ricke, Mary, 395 Rickerf, Michael, 158 Riclcerl, Sandra, 395 Rickerfsen, Donald, 4241 Ricklefs, Thomas, 424 Riddle, Fred, 141 Riddle, Roberl, 425 Ridenour, Janef, 397, 399 Ridenour, Ronda, 396 Riclouf, William, 155 Riedel, John, 426 Riedesel, Riegerf, Riehm, B Ronald, 375 Sandra, 323 everly, 337, 251 Rieke, Roger, 355 Rieken, William, -125 Riffel, Sherry, 178 Riggleman, Jeffrey, 367 Roney, Jo, 410 Ronnebaum, Rosemary, 323 Ronzani, William, 385 Rooff, John, 379, 274 Rosa, Cheri, 186 Rosborough, Jane, 337, 306 Roseberry, Sharon, 178 Roseman, James, 152, 147 Rosen, Dean, 258 Rosen, Elaine, 348, 420 Rosenberg, Fredrick, 369 Rosenberg, Jack, 152, 153 Rosenberg, Sfeven, 158 Rosencrans, Befh, 178 Rosene, Roberl, 262, 383 Rosenfeld, Befh, 211, 398 Rosenfeld, Marfin, 369, 368 Rosengarden, Marilyn, 401 Rosenthal, Cansfance, 396, 394 Rosenthal, Roberf, 303 Roser, Rufh, 413 Rosmann, Joseph, 392, 437 Riggs, Gary, 178 Riley, Lynne, 402, 400 Riley, Michael, 425 Riley, Nancy, 178 Riley, Pafricia, 417, 306 Riley, Rimm Richard, 158 erman, Aileen, 417 Reeves, Kimberly, 399 Regan, Mary, 323 Reh rer, Pai, 178 Rehmke, Fred, 425, 423 Rehorsf, Eric, 178 Reich, Charles, 424 Reichwald, Susan, 404 Reid, Carlefon, 129 Reid, David, 178, 381 Rindels, Wayne, 178 Rinderknechf, Donald, 129, 442 Rinderknechf, Rodney, 441 Ring, Dale, 141, 137 Rinker, Carolyn, 331, 316 Riffer, Pamela, 341 Rifzmann, Roy, 439 Robar, Ann, 410 Robbins, Bruce, 429 Robbins, Gary, 429 Robbins, James, 429 Ross, Berna rd, 426 Ross, Edward, 357 Ross, Kennefh, 426 Ross, Nancy, 339 Ross, Renee, 343, 144 Ross, Thomas, 284 Rossrnann, Alan, 232, 387 Rossmiller, Kennefh, 432, 275 Rofh, Cafherine, 406, 399, 207 Rolh, Gregory, 155 Roth, Marc, 355, 274 Rofh, Susan, 347 Roudabush, Lyle, 141, 361 Roudabush, Richard, 361 Roudybush, Laura, 402 Reider, Ronald, 178, 352, 279 Reier, Carol, 396 Reierson, Richard, 132 Reilly, Laura, 397 Reilly, Lawrence, 442 Reimbold, John, 439 Reimer, Cheryl, 420 Reimer, Jonafhan, 296, 305 Reinders, Ronald, 129 Reiseifer, Philip, 178, 231 Reiter, Randall, 178 Remingfon, Deana, 416 Remley, David, 158 Remmers, Nancy, 343 Remrnes, William, 129 Renaud, Tobie, 178 Renier, Monica, 396 Renk, Jerry, 424 Renken, Lois, 398 Renner, Franklin, 379, 305 Renner, Kay, 178 Reno, Roberf, 365 Renquisf, Thomas, 259, 387 Renzo, Anfhony, 379 Repass, Dale, 366 Reppe, Larry, 385 Repperf, John, 366 Reschly, Vicforia, 144, 143 Resler, Lisa, 178 Resfelli, William, 147 Refrum, William, 131, 237, 133 Reynolds, Barbara, 232, 333 Reynolds, Consfance, 404 Reynolds, David, 424' Reynolds, John, 178 Reynolds, Susan, 211, 421 Reynolds, William, 424 Reynoldson, Roberf, 249 Reynoldson, Vicki, 251, 323, 316 Roynoso, Maria, 421 Robbins, william, asa Roberson, Thomas, 274 Roberfs, Bonifa, 188, 421 Roberls, Cafherine, 417 Roberls, Dennis, 355 Roberfs, Forresl, 438 Roberfs, James L., 178 Rober1s,Jane1' 178, 215, 421 Roberfs, Jay, 155 Roberfs, Joellen, 335 Roberfs Roberfs, Roberls Karen, 406, 405 Michael, 363 Suzanne 321 Roberfs: Williami 284 Roberfso Roberlso Roberfso Roberlso n, Gary, 178 n, Randa, 211, 413 n, Thomas, 371 n, Vicloria, 331, 306 Robinson, Andrew, 365, 241, 315 Robinson, Barbara, 413 Robinson, Bonnie, 234, 348 Robinson, Joan, 331 Robinson, Nancy, 321 Robson, Judifh, 399 Rochofefe, James, 385, 274, 241 Rocklin, James, 158, 155 Rockwell, Susan, 258 Rodden, Diana, 400 Rode, Ronald, 357 Roderneyer, David, 129 Rodman, Julie, 347 Rodwell, Marcia, 331 Roe, Ellen, 186,419 Roeder, Michael, 155 Roeiofs, Mary, 421 Roelofs, William, 428 Roerner, Roeske, Pefer, 138, 137 Pauleffe, 178 Rogers, Barbara, 325 Rogers, Cafherine, 178, 329 Roulson, Leroy, 131, 129 Roussell, Roberf, 178 Rovner, Sandra, 348, 421 Rowden, Sheri, 417 Rowe, Sfanley, 129, 431 Royce, Merle, 155 Royer, Mary, 251, 400, 211, 401, 320 Ruark, Tony, 178 Rubel, Lynne, 178 Rubin, Dick, 353 Rubin, Richard, 353, 158 Rubin Rubin Ruck, Rudni , Sfeven, 371 , William, 363, 315, 255, 251 Gary, 432, 251 ck, Leslie, 353 Ruebel, Janel, 178 Ruefe r, Fred, 337, 387 Ruegg, Pafricia, 323, 259 Ruegniiz, Judifh, 178 Ruefe Rufe, r, Sfeven, 426 Susan, 404 Ruffcorn, Mifchell, 424 Reznek, Elle n, zls, 395 Rhine, Wendell, 189 Rhoads, Joann, 402 Rhodes, Daniel, 424 Rice, John, 178, 237 Rice, Richard, 353 Richards, Darlene, 399 Richards, John, 365 Richards, Sfephen, 357 Richardson Elaine 321 Richardson: Ellen, 329 Richardson, Richardson, Richardson, George, 211 Lynn, 425 Roberfa, 326 Riche, Mary, 218 Rogers, John, 424 Rogness, Susan, 396 Rohlf, Jean, 185, 518 Rohrbach, Barbara, 399 Rohrbough, Susan, 178, 419 Rohref, Jeaneffe, 143 Rohwedder, Pafricia, 178 Rohwedder, Priscilla, 178 Roland, Gene, 284 Roland, Ronnie, 425 Rolfs, Brian, 211 Rollins, Lynn, 178 Rolsfon, Thornas, 355 Romine, Thomas, 351 Ron, John, -132 Ruggeri, Jill, 278, 329, 178, 209 Ruggeveer, Lennie, 371 Rukgaber, Charles, 147, 152 Rumeliofe, Elaine, 343 Ruml, Lisa, 341 Rummel, Cynfhia, 178, .123 Rummery, Lee, 176 Rumney, Donald, 423, 424 Rumora, Thomas, 178, 279 Runchey, Jane, 178 Rupp, John, 239, 252, 231, 210, 31.5 Rush, Roberf, 158 Rushfon, Judifh, 316, 333, 237, 251 Rusk, Alan, 129 Russell, James E., 179 Russell, James P., 255, 152 Russell, Maureen, 405 Rufenbeclc, John, 365 Rufenbeck, Todd, 147 Rulenbeclc, Vicroria, 179 Rulh, Nancy, 331 Rufman, Howard, 179 Ruzek, Beverly, 395 Ryan, Marilyn, 179 Ryan, Ralph, 129 Ryburn, Jo, 234, 404 Ryerson, Sfeven, 230, 240 Ryg, Chris, 232 S Sabiff, Marsha, 404 Saboe, Sharon, 411 Shebe Sachnoff, Susan, 348 Safley, Thomas, 296 Saforek, Terry, 383 Sage, Diane, 179 Salcimolo, Herman, 179 Saklar, George, 365 Salamon, Diane, 306 Salanf, Richard, 353 Salmon, Diane, 327 Salrnon, Douglas, 261 Salome, Ronald, 439 Salsbery, Thomas, 357 Sample, Larry, 131, 129 Sampson, Linnwood, I79, 298 Sampson, Lynn, 296 Samuelson, Faye, 143, 409 Sanchez, Ramon, 141 Sandbulre, Esiher, 420 Sanders, Keilh, 214 Sanders, Linda, 211, 409 Sanders, Susan, 232,404 Sandhagen, Jane, 404 Sandler, Sleven, 432 Sands, Linda, 398 Sankol, Thomas, 147 Sarff, Jon, 179 Sassaman, Michele, 262 Sassaman, Ralph, 179 Safchell, Barbara, -117 Salferly, Linda, 402 Sarrerly, Sharon, -116 Sauer, Vicloria, 399 Saunders, Carl, 158, 156 Saunders, Sally, 318 Saur, Slephen, 425 Sausser, Lynne, 339 Savage, David, 358 Savage, John, 426 Savarese, Carolyn, 134, 129 Savel, Mary, 419 Sawin, Daryl, 129 Sawyer, William, 442 Sayles, Greer, 275, 439 Sayre, Ellen, 400, 409 Sayre, Mary, 211, 185, 401, 400 Sayre, William, 308 Scanlan, Deborah, 343 Schaal, Frederick, 392 Schaefer, David, 295 Schaefer, Jack, 365 Schaelzel, Mary, 341 Schafenacker, Judiih, 179 Schafer, David, 273 Schafer, Leola, 325 Schaff, Carol, 410 Schaffer, Sandra, 399 Schafrolh, Randee, 230, 240 Schallau, Donald, 179 Schamberger, Terry, 179 Schamberger, Wendy, 410 Schanlz, Mary, 179, 343, 236, 209 Schaper, Donald, 379 Schaper, Ronald, 379 Schapira, Danny, 369 Schapira, David, 369 Schardein, Keilh, 438 Schechinger, Terry, 365 Scheda, John, 295, 308, 305 Scheel, Karen, 401 Scheff, Ronald, 353 Scheiclenhelm, Sarah, 179, 327, Schelm, Evelyn, 179 Schemrnel, Thomas, 141 Schenck, Alan, 295, 308, 438 Schenken, John, 361, 129 Scherrer, John, 274 Scherubel, Melody, 396 Scherubel, Ronald, 159 Schiavoni, Palricia, 410 Schild, Donald, 159 Schilclrofh, Marilyn, 401 Schiller, Nancy, 348 Schimberg, Mary, 179 Schimmel, Leon, I79 Schindles, Bruce, 234 Schirrnan, Thomas, 375 Schissel, John, 158 Schlapkohl, Danny, 135, 132 Schlegel, Dona, 402 Schlegel, Richard, 329 Schlegel, Roberr, 179 Schlenker, Keifh, 427 Schley, Donald, 367 Schley, Richard, 138, 367 Schlifr, Lyn, 399 Schmelzee, Mary, 179 Schmidl, Barbara G., 335 Schmidl, Barbara K., 179 Schmidl, Carol, 179, 349, -117 Schmidf, Craig, 357 Schmidl, Cynfhia, 318 Schmidl, David, 357, 179 Schmidi, Helen, 417 Schrnidr, James, 179 Schmidi, Karhleen, 331 Schrnidl, Lyneire,-339 Schmidl, Marlys, 241, 331 Schmidr, Ruih, 179,409 Schmidl, Sara, 179 Schmill, Neil, 308, 299 Schmilz, Mary, 134, 410 Schnalhorsr, Jane, 321 Schnedler, Marcia, 188 Schneider, Alberl, 369 Schnei1der,, Allen, 363 Schneider, Dana, 179 Schneider, Dennis, 275 Schneider, Edward, 424 Schneider, Gary, 369 Schneider, James, 179 Schneider, Jan, 398 Schneider, Parricia, 396 ' Schneider, Roberf, 292 Schnieders, Richard, 252 Schnoebelen, Suzanne, 347 Schnurr, Donald, 383 Schnyder, Linda, 329 Schoell, Charles, 148 Schoemaker, Barbara, 179 Schoenbaum, Sfeven, 234, 369 Schoenield, Judiih, 321 Schoenielder, James, 159 Schoenfelder, Kennelh, 440 Shoenlgen, Pam, 179 Schaler, Alealha, 236 Schoon, Carole, 211 Schoon, David, I79 Schoon, Elizabelh, 179 Schoonover, Sharon, 329 Schorf, Siephen, 179 Schrade, Roberf, 387 Schrader, Marion, 377 Schroeder, Carol, 410 Schramm, Douglas, 179 Schrauer, Erica, 419 Schrieber, Don, 275, 277, 381 Schreiber, Julia, 327 Schreiber, Susan, 405 Schrock, Jacob, 179 Schroder, Alan, 232 Schroeder, Dennis, 151, 148, 147 Schroeder, Elaine, 335, 233 Schroeder, James, 357 Schroeder, Nancy, 413 Schroeder, Russell, 301 Schroll, David, 241, 387 Schrunk, Thomas, 271 Schuchal, Marlin, 379 Schuelke, Dennis, 230, 424, 423 Schuessler, Joyce, 262 Schueil, Dennis, 135, 131 Schuelle, Alan, 427 . Schulenburg, Richard, 432 Schulle, Alan, 180 Schulle, Germaine, 211 Schwerrley, Leo, 426 Schwerzler, Sharon, 395 Schwieberl, Margery, 261 Schwiriz, Gregory, 275, 277 Scoonover, Carol, 218, 398 Scoihorn, Jimmie, 308, 424 Scoir, Andrea, 337 Scorr, David, 271, 131, 129 Scoll, Diane, 413 Scofl, James F., 427 Scoll, James, 156 Scoll, Karhleen, 323 Scoli, Susan, 325 Seaba, Peler, 151, 149 Sears, Gregory, 138 Sealon, Jean, 327 Sealon, Terry, 321 , Seckinglon, Larry, 156 Seddig, Palricia, 343 See, Darlene, 262, 411 See, Slanley, 279, 355, 180 See, William, 424 Seggerman, Gary, 365 ' Seip, Pafricia, 251, 325 Seiple, Jeanne, 331,211 Seilz, Linda, 180, 409 Seilzlinger, Richard, 361 Seiver, Roberl, 180 Sell, James, 158, 156 Sellers, Michael, 159, 180 Senn, James, 180 Senneff, Donald, 1, 158, 156 Sensor, Ann, 416 Servison, Roger, 210, 247, 385, Sesker, Barbara, 413 Seuferer, Bernila, 416 Seuferer, Berry, 416 Sevdy, James, 279 Severance, Nancy, 318 Severson, Dennis, 351 Severson, Linda, 327, 278, 180, Seward, Sandra, 416 Seyb, Seyb, John, 426 Suzanne, 188, 409 Seyler, Sfephen, 367 Seymour, Sfeven, 377, 315 Shade, Jane, 417 Shadle, Douglas, 425 Shafer, Nancy, 337 Shaff, Diane, 420 Shannon, Frieda, 187 Shank, Louis, 157 Shannon, Judy, -101 Shapiro, Carolyn, 345, 316 Shapiro, Joan, 180 Sharbo, Paul, 141, 180 Sharp, Cynthia, 306 Sharp, Frank, 147 Sharples, Thomas, 137 Shaveland, Carol, 129, 416 Shaw, Alan, 440 Shaw, Nanci, 331 Shaw, Palricia, 321 Shaw, Richard, 439 Shaw, Robert, 180 Shaw, William, 158 Shay, Thomas, 363, 241 Shea, Michael, 375, 315 Shea, Roberl, 153, 152, 147 Shea, Susan, 417 Sheahan, Roberl, 308 Shearer, Leon, 156 k, John, 180 Schulfe, James, 156 Schulfz, H ugh, 351, -1804 Schullz, Jean, 401 Schulfz, Roland, 189 Schulz, Linda, 318 Schulze, James, 359 Schumacher, Leon, 147 Schumann, James, 426 Schurmann, David, 425 Schufle, Gerald, 351 Schwab, Carl, 365 Schwandf, Sharon, 417 Schwarlz, Barbara, 348 Schwarrz, Judy, 397, 135, 399 Schwarlz, Lynn, 348, 398 Schweers, Rifa, 183, 402 Schweiker, Karhryn, 327, 233 Schweilzer, Sandra, 144, 134, 143 Schweppe, John, 303, 426 Sheerer, Roberl, 158 Sheels, Barbara, 417 sheen, Euan, 152, 274 Sheefs, Michael, 295 Sheels, Roberr, 278, 279, 355 Sheldahl, Norma, 187 Shellenberger, W. J., 379 Shepherd, Nancy, 339, 221 Shepherd, Parricia, 331 Shepley, Alan, 429 Shepley, Brian, 357 Shepley, Richard, 357, 129 Shera, Gary, 375 Sheridan, David, 308 Sheridan, William, 180 Sherman, Donald, 152, 149 Sherman, Phyllis, -404 Sherwood, Jane, -117 Sherwood, Marc, 353 316 Shew, John, 429 Shidler, Sue, 134, 129 Shield, Michael, 429 Shillingfon, James, 279, 180 Shimanek, Roberl, 158 shimp, Karhleen, 335, 404 Shindler, Andrea, 404 Shindles, Bruce, 369 Shinn, Vicki, 404 Shippy, Ronald, 152, 153, 147 Shirley, Susan, 327, 180 Shirman, Torn, 217 Shivvers, Nancy, 399 Shnurman, Jacob, 234, 369, 232 Shoemaker, Marlha, 180 Shoenlhal, Mary, 321, 237, 271 Shogren, Richard, 147 Sholeen, John, 180 Shor, Barry, 262 Shore, Kerry, 147 Shore, Libby, 345 Shores, David, 157, 156 Shouse, Kenf, 180 Showers, Susan, 341, 180 Shradel, Jon, 189 Shriver, Jay, 158 Shriver, Roberi, 429 Shrock, Sreven, 358 Shuey, Gordon, 232, 438 Shugarl, Margaref, 396 Shulkin, Michael, 369 Shuliz, Keevin, 377 Shuminsky, Tim, 363 Siberls, Sfephanie, 411 Sickels, Linda, 401 Siderman, Esfher, 415, 417 Siders, Donald, 132 Siders, Wayne, 180 Sidwell, David, 304 Sidwell, Dennis, 304 Sidwell, Slephen, 135 Sieck, Diane, 421, 306 Siegel, Judirh, 348, 420 Siegel, Sluarf, 367 Sieh, Gregory, 295, 375 Siemsen, Randall, 357 Siesseger, Jane, 180 Sievers, Sherman, 211 Siglin, Janice, 401 Sigvardr, Karen, 383 silbsugh, Barry, 211, 387, 439 Sill, Janef, 331, 278, 180 Sill, Russell, 301, 305 Simcox, Palricia, -102 Simmen, Nancy, 325 Simmons, Joann, 395 Simmons, Sherry, -121 Simmons, Susan, 331 Simmons, Timofhy, 379 Simon, James, 138 Simon, Jane, 331 Simon, Nadine, 345 Simon, Neil, 392, 427, 423 Simon, Susan, 180 Simpson, Charles, 439 Simpson, David, 274 Simpson, Dianne, 402 Simpson, Roger, 236 Sincox, Parricia, 347, 180 Sinn, Sleven, 377, 129 Sinolre, Roberf, 375, 232 Siorek, Terry, 299 Sipe, Evelyn, 404 Sissel, Dewey, 261 Sissel, Donna, 395 Sissel, Gary, 251, 428 Skaggs, Jeanne, 419 Skarda, James, 389 Skare, Samuel, 367 Skarshaug, Donna, 329, 251 Skillicorn, Jane, 180 Skillicorn, Thomas, 274 Skinner Lowell, 141 Skinner, Mary, 187 Skinner Maryio, 180 Skinner, Roberf, 147 Skolnik, Robin, 404 Slay, Dennis, 129 Slezak, Sfephen, 262 Slieferl, Maxine, 416 Slife, Clarence, 385 Slinker, Sreven, 425 Sloflen, Douglas, 439 Sloiien, Marc, 299 Smaha, Leslie, 355 Smalley, Douglas, 363 Smallwood, Thomas, 156, 154 Smarl, Joyce, 180 Smedema, David, 159 Smedema, Kalhryn, 180 Smidi, Carole, 399 Palricia, 333, 209, 181 Smiesk o, Palricia, 201 Siley, Gene, 180 Smilh, Anita, 420 Smirh, Ben, 147 Srnilh, Cecil, 432 Smilh, Charlolfe, 420 Smilh, Connie, 409 Smilh, Darlene, 343 Smilh, David ls., 425 Smilh, David C., 129 Smilh, Deborah, 335, 409' Smilh, Gary D., 385 Smiih, Gary E., 180 Smilh, Gordon, 427 Smilh, Gregory, 438 smilh, l-lsl, 367 Smilh, James L., 255 Smilh, James M., 387 Smilh, James R., 152, 148 Smiih, Jean C., 419 Smifh, Jean P., 339 Smi1'1'l, Joseph, 351, 180 Smilh, Kerlrlelh, 180,424 Srnilh Launa, 180 Srnilh Linda, 396 Smilh Lyle, 442 Srnilh Mary J., 333 Srniih Mary L., 1, 134, 129 Srnilh Mary R., 413 Smilh Maureen, 188 Smilh Pamela, 410 Smilh Smiih Smilh Palricia, 278 Rebecca, 339, 271 Smirh: Roberl c., 429, 423 Smi'r1'l, Roberl W., 431 Smiih, Ronald Carl, 181 Smiih, Ronald Craig, 138 Smifh, Russell, 279, 379, 277 Smiih Sally, 341 Srnilh, Samuel, 351 Smilh, Sandra L., 399 Smifh, Sandra S., 134, 129 Smiih, Sharon, 181 Smiih, Sherri, 333, 181, 398 Smilh, Stephen J., 381 Smifh, Slephen M., 159 Smiih, Susan, 325, 417 Smilh, Tamara, 415, 517 Smilh, Terry, 439 Smilh, Waller, 438 Smilh William, 284, 355 smlgeearas, 159, use Smoihers, Terry, 279 Smouse, Shirlie, 398 Smylh, Snaplv. Mary, 401 Gene, 357 Srlavely, Kei'1h, 147 Snell, Anne, 181 Snell, Mary, 184 Snook, Karen, 416 Snyder, David, 308 Snyder, Edward, 437 Snyder, John, 138 Snyder, Reloecca, 181 Snyder Snyder Snyder , Richard, 365 , Roberl, 262 ,Wa1lace, 158, 156 Snyder, William, 156 Soloalle, Perer, 181 Soika, Kennelh, 159 Sokol, Howard, 156 Sokolof, Sieven, 234 Solheim, Judy, 405 Solomon, Mark, 353 Solomon, Michael, 295 Sommers, Susan, 399 Somrnerville, Charles, 432 Somodi, Richard, 284 Sondrol, Iver, 425 Sondrol, Sandy, 232 Sondrol, Susan, 337, 278, 230, 181 Sonksen, David, 141 Sons, Ronald, 273, 271 Sorensen, Eslher, -110 Sorensen, Judilh, 323, 181 Sorensen, Linda, 341, 278 Sorensen, Roberl, 128 Sollo, Enrique, 141 Soukup, George, 129 Soulis, Susan, 329, 396, 306 Soulhern, Darrell, 426, 423 Spaighl, Linda, 347 Sparlin, Michael, 357 Sparrgrove, Dewain, I29 Sparrowgrove, Ellen, 420 Spechi, Elizaberh, 186, 181 Speed, Carolyn, 259, 413 Speers, David, 4-28 Spencer, Linda, 404 Spencer, Mary, 335 Spencer, Reid, 375 Spencer, Sandra, 395 Spicer, Douglas, 141 Spicer, Susan, 419 Spielman, Nancy, 232 Spiesz, Anne, 413 Spiker, Bonnie, 396 Spilger, Philip, 271 Spiller, Linda, 404 Spllman, Carolyn, 409 Spina, Gary, 147 Sponberg, Rollo, 428 Spoonemore, Janice, 416 Spragg, John, 181 Spreilzer, Jane, 343, 181 Spreilzer, Joseph, 385, 241, 424 Sprinkle, Larry, 181, 255 Sproul, Randy, 377, 274, 181 Spurgeon, Palricia, 339 Squier, Gloria, I77, 181 Squire, Richard, 189 51. Marlin, J., 275 Sraack, Thomas, 292, 361, 305 Sfadler, Linda, 411 Slafiord, Phoebe, 181 Siageman, Kalhleen, 212 Slake, Diane, 347 Sialey, Virginia, 405 Siamalelos, Tommy, 367 Slamen, Nancy, 251, 411 Sramos, George, 385 Slampf, Joanne, 410 Slarny, John, 355 Sfandefer, Joan, 411, 243 Sianford, Slephen, 424 Slanga, Alan, 262 Slange, Roberl, 439 Slanley, Gordon, 359 Stanley, Lyle, 427 Slansberry, Jill, 262, 181 Slanlon, James, 440 Slarbuck, Cheryl, 329 Slark, Jean, 402 Slark, Thomas, 351 Siarkey, Kennelh, 301 Siarkman, Marilyn, 348, 405 Slarks, Marilyn L., -101 Slarkwealher, Susan, 394, 185, 395, I Slarman, Paul, 292 Slarmer, Vonda, 405 Starr, James, 131 Slarr, Sandra, 417 Stearns, Dale, 301 Slebbins, Barbara, 181, 409 Sfeckelberg, Rosemary, 399 Sfeckling, Marlene, 181 Siedwell, David, 429 Sieele, Kay, 327 Sieelman, James, 389 Sieelman, John, 389 Sieelman, Ken, 272, 273, 274, 426 Sleenhoek, Connie, 419 Sleffe, Shirley, 398 Sieilen, Carol, 181 Sregman, Pamela, 323, 181 Sfeil, Mark, 129 Sieil, Mary, 411 Sieinbeck, Karen, 308, 237, 181 Sleinlaeck, Krislen, 308 Sfeinbicker, Mariha, 181 Sleine, Mark, 181 Sieingreaber, Donald, 137 Sleinrnelz, David, 181 Sfeinrnelz, Eric, 181 Sielier, Jacqueline, 181 Slempel, Randall, 427 Srempel, Reid, 138 Sienby, Rosalyn, 318 Sleninger, Helen, 261 Slephani, Judllh,'323 Srephanie, John, 189 Slaphen, Marcia, 399 Sulenfic, Thomas, 359 Sullivan Sullivan , Gayle, 181 , Karin, 343 Sullivan, Timoihy, 381, 428 Sumka, Russell, 292, 379, 181, 305 Summerwill, Krislin, 343 Sundberg, Richard, 428 Sundberg, Slephen, 439 Slephens, Suzelle, 419 Slephe Slerlaa Slerba nson, Marrha, 392 , Bruce, 424 , William, 427 Sunderbruch, Arlhur, 363 Sunderlaruch, Susan, 306 Sunderman, Gray, 385 Sundermen, Pafricia, 420 Slern, Linda, 405 Slellner, Gail, 325 Slevens, Ann, 343 S1evens,James, 279, 129 Srevenson, Dorolhy, 341 Siewarf, Gary, 357 Siewarf, James, 349, 232, 387 Siewarf, John, 381 Sfewarl, Mark, 387 Sfewarf, Roberr, 156 Slewari, Thomas, 132, 439 Slewarl, William, 129 Sliles, Pamela, 413 Slilwill, Frederick, 438 Siires, Beverly, 404 Slirling, Mary, 402 Slock, Adele, 410 Slock, David, 275, 277, 385 Sloeber, Wayne, 135, 132, 133 Sloier, Linda, 321, 181 Sloik, Anlhony, 429 Sloker, Julie, 333 Sloker, Karen, 405 Sioker, Sally, 337 Slokslad, Richard, 359, 302 Sioll, Mary, 181 Slolienberg, Clyde, 251, 211 Sloliz, Carlie, 343 Slone, Gayle, 220 Supinger, Mary, 321 Sufer, Elizabelh, 396 Sullorl, Kermil, 383 Sullon, Lois, 181 Svendson, Raymond, 425 Swailes, Becky, 420 Swain, Gary, 138 Swallom, Daniel, 275, 277, 152,427 Swan, John, 129 Swanson, Carroll, 351, 181 Swanson, Joann, 411 Swanson, Joel, 158, 156 Swanson, John, 181 Swanson, Joyce, 419 Swanson, Lynn, 189 Swanson, Mary, 402 Swanson, Roloeri, 274 Swanson Sha rlane 399 Swanson: Terry, 2956, 308, 438 Swanson, Virgil, 135, 132, 129 Slone, Slone, Srone Lawrence, 218 Pamela, 345, I81 Theodore 157 156 Swanson, Swarlz, Arlene, 417 Swarlzendruber, Ray, 147 Sween, Jimmy, 181 Sweet, Carol A., 333 Sweel, Carol E., 181, 413 Sweei, Roberl, 179 Sweeiland, Sharon, 181 Sweelow, Roberl, 234, 369 Swendson, Marilyn, 396 Swenson, Roger, 284 Swifl, James, 379 Ward, 189 Sloner, Ronald, 138, 137, 142 Slopulos, James, 275 Srorby, Gene, 137 Slorhoff, Bruce, 189 Slorrenbeclcer, Linda, 404 Sloupulous, Palrick, 379 Sloulner, Clifford, 152, 151 Slowell, Janice, 411 Slraloala, Palrick, 279, 129 Slralow, James, 425 Slrarnel, Sfephen, 357 Sfransky, Gary, 129 Srrasser, Gregory, 275, 277, 425 Slraub, Donna, 415, 259, 416 Swirns Shirle 182 417 l Y. l Swineharf, Frank, 351 Swisher, Randall, 239, 232, 230, 24 387, 241 Swilzer, Brock, 440 Sykes, Susan, 417 Synhorsr, Roberl, 295, 308 Szabo, Sieve, 298, 296 T Taaife, Kalhryn, 343, 278 Ta ber, Ta ber, Mary, 331 Ronald, 156 - Straus, Slrauss Sirauss Todd, 377 , David, 156 , Michael, 355 Slrauss, Penny, 348, 181 Slrauss, Richard, 369 Slreel, Ann, 323 Slreil, Colelia, 181 Sireill, James, 424 Srrellner, Verlyn, 301 Slrieby, James, 385 Slrieby, Jane, 329 Slriel, David, asv, 181 Slriegel, Mary, 420 Slroeber, Cheryl, 339 Slroehle, Jonell, 416 Tabler, Mike, 381,426 Tackenberg, William, 429 Tadloclc, Karen, 404 Talfe, Richard, 308 Talcoll, Roberl, 182 Tallarico, Sally, 420 Tallerday, 182 Tammen, Vicloria, 327 Tarnse, Jean, 398 Tangren, Frank, 147 Tanila, Clyde, 275, 359, 211 Tanner, Eleanor, 156 Tapia, Suzanne, 321 Tappmeyer, Daniel, 256 Tarrani, Nancy, 182 Slroh, Sieven, 424 Slrohm, Phillip, 379 Sirohm, Ralph, 129 Sl'rong,'Gary, 152, 153 Slrolher, Sleven, 153, 355, 425 Slrum, Joe, 365 Slryker, Sleven, ,158, 279, 181 Sluarl, Carl, 247, 251, 237, 361 Siuari, Chris, 262 Sfuarl, James, 379 Sluber, William, 129 Slucker, Richard, 181 Sludlmann, David, 251, 230, 240 Siumme, Dianne, 327 Siundlz, Linda, 405 Sublerr, Elsie, 181 Suchan, Gerald, 129 Suchy, Karen, 181 Sulek, Jean, 327, 251 Taylor seily, 421 Taylor, Craig, 383 Taylor, Ellen, 335, 188, 182, 316 Taylor, Gary, 158 Taylor, Harold, 425 Taylor, Jerry, 424 Taylor, Jo, 416 Taylor, Peier, 182 Taylor Richard, 135, 132 Taylor, Taylor, Susan, 234, 323 Wayne, 158, 156 Te Paske, J., 308 Te Paske, Juliana, 230,412,413 Teagarden, William, 273, 426 Teague, Janel, 321, 278, 237, 218 Teal, Michael, 152, 148, 147 Teaier, Ronald, 426 Teberg, Dale, 296 Tebrugge, Herman, 208 Tedeschi, Russell, 440 Teeple, Don, 355 Telfer, David, 182 Teeler, Dennis, 182 Tegland, Beverly, 333 Telsrow, Karen, 417 Templer, John, 387 Ternplelon, Richard, 275, 277 Tenhulzen, Kirby, 427 Tennani, Caiherine, 417 Terman, James, 234, 369, 232 Terpsira, Sandra, 420 Terse, Paul, 182 Tesiralce, Donald, 440 Tevepaugh, Linda, 417 Tevis, James, 182 Tews, Donald, 182 Tharp, Ron, 182 Therrien, Ginny, 244 Thie, Charles, 138, 142 Thiele, Richard, 385, 284, 129 Thielen, Mary, 331, 241 Thode, lleen, 321, 182 Thoma, Thomas Palricia, 182 Ba rba ra, 182 Thomas David, 432, 431 Thomas Jamie, 420 Thomas James, 156 Thomas Jill, 134,421 Thomas Thomas, Thomas Judirh, 182 Michael A., 141 Michael J., 210, 137, 182 Thomas, Pamela, 341 Thomas, Pairicia, 182 Thomas, Ronald, 147 Thomas, Sue A., 413 Thomas Sue E., 182 1 Thomas William, 182 Thompson Thompson Thompson Thomuson Belly 143 I Carol., 143 Chrisiina 327 I Cynihia, 331 Thompson Dianne, 417 Thompson Elaine, 333 Thompson John, 426 Thompson Kalhleen, 333 Thompson Pamela, 341, 271 Thompson Parricia, 396 Thompson Polly, 323, 182 Way, Al Thompson, Roberi E., 351, 129, 255 Thompson Roberl O., 385 Thompson Shawn, 359 Thompson William 129 Thomsen, Linda, 419 Thomson, Ruih, 230, 245 Thorius, Jerry, 275, 152, 153, 424 Thorman, John, 429 Thornlon, Barbara, 144 Thornion, Kenr, 182 Thornion, William, 429 Thorsbakken, Kalhleen, 182 Thorsen, Dennis, 439 Thorsen, Carol, 262 Thran, Duane, 439 Threlkeld, Janice, 420 Throclcmorion, Janef, 404 Throckmorion, Ralph, 275, 277 Thudium, Phyllis, 420 Thummel, Ann-Bronwyn, 409 Tichane, Roberf, 424 Tidball, John, 211, 425 Tieige, James, 141 Tielz, Janann, 333 Tifiany, Jacqueline, 402 Tiffany, William, 363 Timko, Barry, 365 Tonn, Gene, 141, 137 Toomey, Kenion, 389, -140 Toon, Richard, 275, 277, 383 Torgersan, Susan, 143, 182 Touch, Michael, 129 Toussainl, David, 271, 426 Tovson, Renee, 409 Towle, Roberl, 357 Townsend, Pamela, 337, 241, 404 Toyne, William, 135, 130 Trachsel, Earl, 428 Tracy, Clark, 147 Travis, David, 425 Traw, Charles, 156 Trecker, Sleven, 210 Treehuboii, lrwin, 182, 441, 442 Trimble, Daniel, 141, 137 Tripanier, Roberl, 357, 284 Triplell, Margarel, 182 Tripp, Donald, 182 Troe, Charles, 211 Trommer, William, 147 Troller, Peier, 383 Troyer, Marlene, 182 Truelsen, Slewarl, 357 Truiil, James, 424 Truog, Palricia, 182 Tschudi, Neil, 284 Tsiakals, Joseph, 377 Tsukamoio, Marilyn, 259 Tubbs, Therese, 337 Tucker, Earl, 189 Tucker, Terry, 426 Tudor, Tom, 363 Tuller, Roberl, 182 Tures, Carol, 405, 306 Turner, David, 441, 442 Turner, Juclilh, 182 Turner, Michael, -126 Tuihill, Ann, 421 Tuff, Barbara, 130 Twedl, Allen, 426 Twear, Julie, 321, 132 Tyler, David, 424 Tyler, Michael, 152, 151 Tyler, Paul, 158, 156 Tyner, Richard, 273 U Ubben, Kay, 339 Uffelman, Donald, 299, 439 Uhlenhopp, Clelus, 251 Ulevilch, Alan, 425 Ullman, Slanley, 130 Underkofler, Janice, 335 Unclerkoiler, Richard, 385, 182 Underwood, Priscilla, 413 Unliedf, Sieven, 425 Unz, Richard, 359 Updegrali, Barbara, 323, 271 Updegraif, James, 157, 156 Upson, Sandra, 329 Urban, Mary, 396 Usinowicz, Paul, 383, 284 Uisinger, Don, 296, 439 Ufier, Jan, 421 Uze, Barron, 369 V Vaala, Sylvia, 416 Vahl, Cheryl, 410 Vakulskas, Thomas, 425 Valdes-Fauli, G. F., 141 Valeniine, Jean, 185, 259, 182, 4 Timrn, Sue, 321 Tindal, Douglas, 182 Tinsley, William, 255 Tiaden, Linda, 417 Toal, Julie, 182 Toclc, Richad, 153, 189 Toii, Donald, 141, 137 Toillion, Bruce, 141 Tokarczyk, Karen, 182 Tolliver, David, 428 Tom, David, 275, 277, 425 Tomas, Ronald, 425 Tompkins, Richard, 428 Toms, Helen, 323 Tomsyck, Sue, 335, 182 Tonelli, Janice, 421 Van Arkel, Eldon, 274 Van Boskirk, 182 Van Cleve, 302 Van Cleve, J., 131, 187 Van Donselaar, Linda, 409 Van Duyn, Susan, 323 Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Van Gelder, Thomas, 427 Heel, Jean, 321 Houlen, L., 130 Houlen, Sieve, 192 Hull, Susan, 409 Nora, M., 130 Orsdel, Roberl, 67 Roekel, Gerald, 130 Rooyen, William, 365, Sickle, Harold, 424 425 21 Van Sickle, Larry, 365 Van Zee, Carolyn, 237, 182 Van1:1oord,Teunisie, 182 Vande Kamp, Barbara, 182 Vande Kamp, J., 130 Vandenberg, Marsha, 333 Vander Hoelc, Harold, 141 Vander Kam, H., 440, 437 Vander Linden, Guy, 379 Vander Sloep, Mark, 363 Vander Will, David, 439 Vanderhari, Allan, 182 Vandermaien, Larry, 375 Vandermeer,Jane11e, 261,318 Vanderploeg, Jean, 339 Vane, Julie, 333, 232 Vannie, Elizabeih, 343 Vanourney, Mark, 431 Vanourney, Siephen, 182 Vardaman, Phillip, 361 Varner, Carl, 251, 361, 247, 23 231, 240 Varney, Sandra, 421 Vavra, James, 308, 182 Vavroch, Duane, 277, 275, 428 Veber, Cynlhia, 404 Vedder, Sheila, 134 Veenhuizen, Bealrix, 347 Veldey, John, 156 Veldhuizen, Sharyn, 399 Veldman, Anfon, 158 Vellinga, Rodney, 182 Venes, Roberi, 275, 438 Venzke, Gary, 429 Ver Sieegh, Rosemary, 409 Vergamini, Douglas, 182 Vermedahl, David, 385 Vermedah1,Joseph, 135, 131, Vermeer, Wayne, 156 Vernon, Ronnie, 428 Verploegh, David, 375, 130 Vespa, John, 375, 217 Vesf, Kirby, 359 Vesfle, Parricia, 321 Veiler, Claudia, 341, 211 Veiferick, Bonnie, 401 Vickers, Carol, 325 Vickery, Roberf, 361 Viclorine, Carolyn, 327 Vidis, Jerry, 438 Vierkanl, Mary, 318 Vielmeier, Judilh, 396 Viefrneier, Mary, 244, 410 Villers, Vivian, 411 Vilmonl, Eslher, 405 Vinall, William, 183 Vincenf, Gaylord, 377, 367 Vilo, Steven, 367 v1++, Linda, 327, 211 Vlack, Roberi, 141, 137 Voas, Sheryl, 188 Voefberg, Dirk, 438 Vogel Roger, 432 Voigis, Jerry, 152, 147, 151 Voiia, Danny, 135 Vokolek, Dennis, 295, 308 Voldseih, Nels, 428, 423 Volk, Kalhryn, 323, 401 Vollbeer, Jerry, 131 Volle, Pairicia, 318 Vollers, Linda, 396 Von Asher, Gary, 147 Vonahsen, Gary, 152, 151 Voorhees, Cynihia, -120 Voss, Joan, 396, 244 Vossberg, Mary, 413 Vosselle Vrainy, r, Bruce, 261, 183 Mary, 417 Vrhovnik, Thomas, 252 W Wagner, Carole, 420 Wagner, Cheryl, 399 Wagner, Dean, 147 Wagner, Dennis, 361 Wagner, Janef, 420 Wagner, Karen, 331 Wagner, Pamela, 318 Wagner Wagner Wagner , Randall, 428, 423 Susan, 399 , Virgil, 131 2, 230, 130 Wagner, Wahlke, I Jerome, 183 Janel, 341 Wahrenbrock, Mary, 413 Walboll, James, 432 Walk, Daryl, 183 Walker, Bruce, 359 Walker, Elaine, 395 Walker, James, 438 Walker, John, 375 Walker, Mark, 365, 183 Walker, Paul, 377, 183 Walker, Sharon, 343 Walker, Susan, 339 Walkley, Roberl, 357 Walkup, Mariha, 240 Wallace, Frederick, 230 Wallace, Larry, 147 Wallace, Michael, 130 Wallace, Scol'1, 359 Wallace, Sfewarl, 359, 272, 274, 13 Wallen, Nancy, 207 Wallensfein, Roger, 305 Waller, Pairicia, 335 Wallrich,Chris1ina,318 Walser, Janei, 325 Walsh, Kalhleen, 335, 183 Walfer, Thomas, 159 Wallers, Barbara, 331, 217 Waliers, Roberl, 427 Wallers, Wayne, 308, 273, 274, 130 Wallon, Audrey, 321 Waliz, William, 303, 439 Wandling, Dana, 234, 343 Waples, Alan, 156 Waples, Elaine, 211 ' Ward, Jamie, 411 Ward, Pamela, 327 Ward, Ted, 131, 130 Warifuel, Gail, 343 Warner, George, 156 Warning, Gary, 428 Warnke, James, 439 Warnock, Gary, 141, 183 Warren, Craig, 369 Warren, Jack, 131, 130 Warren, James, 131, 133, 130 Warren, Russell, 183 Waskow, Thomas, 138, 137 Wassom, Marilyn, 337 Wafers, Raymond, 147 Waikins, Sharon, 251 Wafson, Connie, 399 Waison, Marilyn, 329 Waison, Pamela, 404 Walson, Pegggy, 144, 183 Waison, Thomas, 426 Waison, Vlasla, 144, 143 Walf, Dennis, 159 Wax, Sharlyn, 337 Waxenberg, James, 130 Waxenberg, William, 387 len, 385 Way, Elizabelh, 405 Wayner, Marlha, 261, 337 Wear, Terrance, 439 Weaver, Bari, 347 Weaver, Kalhleen, 260, 327, 339, 3 Weaver, Mary, 183 Weaver, Nancy, 251, 325, 183 Weaver, Pamela, 413 Webb, Judiih, 333 Webber, Belsy, 333 Webber, Ivan, 303 Webber, Margarel, 337 Webber Weberi, ,Wi1fred, 183 Karmeleiia, 183 Wedekind, Janine, 323 Weede, James, 152, 153, 442 Weeks, Edward, 279 Wegner, Dennis, 301, 183, 305 Wehring, Kalhleen, 396 Weicker, Janef, 323 Weigel, John, 141 Weller, Susan, 183 Weimer, Theron, 427 Weindruch, Ann, 345 Weiner, Sharon, 234, 345, 241 Weir, Lorefia, 343 Weir, Susan, 420 Weirafher, Ted, 357 Weis, Kaihleen, 327 Weiseri, Teena, 420 0 25 Weiss, Dennis, 138 Weiss, Lynn, 417 Weiss, Teresa, 327 Welcher, Fred, 130 Welden, Bradley, 147 Wellander, Deborah, 413 Wellendorf, Arliss, 410 Wellik, Jerry, 365 Wells, Dale, 348, 404 Wells, F., 274 Wells, John, 138, 137 Wells, Joseph, 301 Wells, Lee, 413 Welp, Cheryl, 409 Weller, Slephen, 292 , Wendl, Ronald, 159 Wenger, Howard, 427 Wengerl, Anlhony, 424 Wenslrand, Marlha, 183 Wenlhe, Claudia, 143 Wenlhold, James, 147 Werch, Theodore, 152, 149, 147, I51 Werhan, Carol, 190, 183 Werling, Jack, 442 Werl, Palricia, 404 Wessel, John, 183 Wesselink, Gayle, 339 Wesl, Jane, 337 Wesl, Roberl, 439 Wesl, Slephen, 363 Weslberg, Craig. 159, 183 Weslbrook, Barbara, 183 Wescoll, Emory, 183 Weslerhausen, K., 404 Weslon, Kalhryn , 183 Weslphal, Mary, 262, 411 Welzel, Craig, 432 Wieben, Ronald, 152, 147, 151 Wiebener, Candace, 183 Wieczorek, Lawrence, 296, 298, Wiedenhoell, Sally, 331 Wiedenmon, Carol, 188 Wieland, Janeene, 345 Wiele, Charlene, 183 Wieneke, Charles, 729 Wiese, Carllon, 130 Wiesenlhal, Michael, 428 Wiesner, Edward, 365 Wilbur, Bonnie, 417 Wilbur, Linda, 417 Wilcox, J., 357 Wilcox, Kalhleen, 262, 217, 325 Wild, Jamie, 151 Wildberger, Suzanne, 421 Wildlaerger, William, 158 Wildblood, Lynn, 279, 183 Wiley, Jill, 237, 230, 409, 240 Wilhelm, David, -132 Wilhelm, Michael, 442 Wilken, Laurel, 405 Wilken, Realha, 417 Wilkerson, Dorolhy, 417 Wilkes, Lyle, 183 Wilkins, Duane, 183 Wilkins, Todd, 183 Wilkinson, John, 183 Wilkinson, Leon, 279 Wilkinson, Sue, 401 Wilks, Chesler, 138, 142 Willadsen, David, -125 Willard, Jan, 301, 424 Willer, Kenl, 138, 137 Willell, Max, 183 Willey, Julia, 331, 183 Wilson, Timolhy, 363, 303 Wilson, Wayne, 359 Wilson, Wendy, 251, 416 Willgen, James, 363 Willshire, Roberl, 273, 261, 35 Windsor, Nancy, 184 Winkel, Judy, 411 Winkleman, Sleve, 189 Winkler, Kirk, 427 Winkler, Margarel, 327, 184 Winnell, Don, 133, 130, 313 Winninger, Slephan, 389, 130 Winrow, Cheryl, 331 Winler, Susan, 323 Wirlh, Gloria, 401 Wirlz, Donald, 184 Wirlz, ell, 158 Wirlz, Harold, 147 Wisecup, Toby, 427 Will, Carolyn, 396 Wille, Dale, 184 Wille, David, 159, 156 Wille, Donald, 147, 381 Wilwer, Jane, 341, 271 Wohl, Ronda, 345 Woll, Benny, 353 Wolf, Richard, 353 Wolf, Susan, 335 Welzslein, Gail, 347 Wewerka, Case, 431 Weymiller, Roger, 429 Whalen, James, 438, 437 Whalen, Molly, 337 Whaley, Mary, 331, 241 Whannel, Jay, 425 Whannel, Sluarl, 425 Whealon, Gregory, 428 Wheeler, Harold, 153, 152 Wheeler, Janice, 341 Wheeler, John, 365 Wheeler, Michele, 329, 405 Wherry, C., 363, 130, 315 Whilaker, Richard 183 David, 361 Douglas, 429 While, While, While, George, 357, 272, 274, 183 lra 427 While, , While, Jane A., 183 While, Jane R., 417 While Jeffrey, 365 Williams Ann, 183 Williams: Anlhon 284 Williams Y. Arlhur, 440 Williams: Brian, lsz, isa Williams, Devon, 337 Williams, Edward, 387 Williams, Gerald, 141 Williams, Gilmore, 299, 359, 242 Williams, Gordon, 365 Williams, John, 284 Williams, Joseph, 159 Williams, Lynn, 335, 339, 183 Williams, Marcia, -113 Williams, Richard, 272, 273 Williams, Roberl, 439 Williams, Roberl D., 157 Williams, Slephen, 357 Williams, Slephen W., 363 Williams, Sue, 134, 421 Williams, Susan, 144, 143 Williams, Talbol, 183 Williams , Timolhy, 357 While where: Leonard, 152, 153 While, Phyllis, 251, 409 While, Roberl, 385 While, Thomas, 425 While, Timolhy, 158, 156 While, Virginia, 183 While William 361 head, Wlllllom, 442 Williams, Tony, 363 Williamson, Dave, 428 Williamson, Kalhryn, 244, 404 Williamson, Lewis, 365 Williamson, Nile, 367 Willig, Susan, 259, 410 Willis, Kenl, iss Wilmelh, Margarel, 183 Whilehouse, Joseph, 141, 251, 183, 255 Whilesell Sherl 399 Wilshere, Wilson, Denis, 292 Byron, 156 Wolfe, Daniel, 184 Wolfe, James K., 440 Wolle, James W., Wolfe, Linda, 184 Wolfe, Mary, 188 Wolff, Orville, 131 Wolford, Bonnie, 337, 278 Wong, Byron, 424, 423 Wood, Cyrllhia, 329 Wood, David, 442 Wood Wood Wood , Michele, 404 , Richard, 184 , Ronald, 359 Wood, Slephen, 147, 235, 152, Wood, Sluarl, 432 Woodbury, Roberl, 295 Woodcock, Sally, 335, 188 Woodford, Roberl, 279, 184 Woodhouse, Alan, 141, 375 Woodhouse, Julianne, 395 Woodke, Kalhryn, 335 Wood's Carmen, 237, 184, 250 Woods, Jill, 411 Woods, Lynn, 351 Woods, Sharon, 184 Woods, Van, 367 Woodson, Daryl, 429 Woolfolk, Belly, 415, 417 Woolm, James, 130 Woolums, Jerry, 130 Woolsey, Nancy, 144, 184 Woon, Eden, 184 Work, John, 184 Workman, Jerald, 141 Worley, Jerald, 141 Worley, Michael, 389 Worrell, Kalherine, 325 Worsley, David, 357 Worsler, Sherry, 416 Worlhen, Gary, 184 Worlman, Belh, 413, 412 I Y l Whiling, Chrisline, 396 Whillock, Slanley, 439 Whilman, Barlon, 385, 250 Whilmore, Kennelh, 438 Whilmore, Wayne, 303, 183, 305 Whilney, Karen, 417 Whilney, Terry, 359 Whillenbaugh, Nancy, 262 Whilly, Donna, 404 Wichman, Kennelh, 252 Wickham, Theodore, 183 Widmann, Sandra, 327 Widmer, Calherine, 143, 411 Widmer, Melba, 183 wlebe, Richard, 363, 237, 130 Wilson, Carol J., 331, 413 Wilson, Carol L., 409 Wilson, Daniel, 428 Wilson, David, 262 Wilson, Dawn, 343 Wilson, Evan, 183 ' Wilson, James, 138 Wilson, Jerry, 261, 183 Wilson, Karen C., 156 Wilson, Karen L., 343 Wilson, Marilyn, 331 Wilson, Mark, 383 Sandra 396 Wilson, , Wilson Slephen, 296, 284 Wilson, Susan, 321 Wray, Lawrence, 130 Wrighl, Audrey, 184 Wrighl, Candy, 341, 234 Wrighl, Douglas, 363 Wrighl, Edward, 141 Wrighl, Georgia, 421 Wrighl, John, 361 Wrighl, Judilh, 398 Wrighl, Kennelh A., 424 Wrighl, Kennelh E., 159 Wrighl, Merry, 143 Wrighl, Norman, 152, 149, 147 Wrighl, Palricia J., 401 Wrighl, Palricia, L., 184 5, 237, 184 46,151 Wrighl Wrighl , Randall, 365 , Roberl, 425 Wrighl, Roger, 184 Wrighl, Sandra, 327, 184 Wrighl, Susan, 244, 184, 317, 318 Wunder, Gene, 251, 131 Wunder, John, 184 Wunn, Beniamin, 184 Wylie, Randall, 251, 232, 230, 240 Wylie, Susan, 251, 396, 232 Wymore, Michael, 292 Wynia, David, 363, 184 Wynia, Mary, 323 Wyse, Chrislian, 141, 151 - Wysock, George, 279, 184 Y Yager, Don, 251, 237, 184 Yamasalci, Susan, 416 Yankey, Jon, 379 Yarringlon, Gary, 141 Yales, Bruce, 279, 184 Yavilz, Joan, 345 Yazman, Thomas, 184 Yeller, Suzanne, 134, 133 Ying, Diane, 191 Yoak, Marlha, 184,416 Yocom, Daniel, 295, 308, 184, 05 Yoder, Delmar, 184 Yoder, Reginald, 184 Young, Barbara, 341 Young, Bonnie, 143 Young, Dennis, 367 Young, John, 184 Young, Judilh Kalhryn, , Young Judilh Kay, 244 Young, Kalhleen, 184 Young, Kennelh, 135, 130 Young, Palricia, 341 Young, Roberl, 365 Young, Sandra, 417 Young, Sharon, 184 Young, Sleven, 359 Young, Sluarl, 158 Youngberg, Ann, 329 Younggren, Mary, 335, 233 Youngquisl, H., 138 Youngquisl, Joan, 410 Z Zaayer, Timolhy, 381 Zahasky, Luann, 184 Zamanslcy, Iris, 345 Zanzig, Kalhy, 318 Zaslrow, Edwin, 184,387 Zawislowslri, Edward, 189 Zeflren, Sharon, 345 329 143 Zehnle, Bruce, 218, 440 Zeiger, Vicki, 345 Zeil, Belsy, 329 Zerwas, George, 152 Zibilicll, George, 427 Ziegler, Berry, 159 Ziegler, Dennis, 130 Zieralh, Judy, 402 Zieser, Marcia, 339 Zigman, Alvin, 189 Zimmer, Van, 385,241 Zimmerman, Elizabelh, 331 Zimmerman, Janice, 335, 396, 211 218 Zimmerman, Kenl, 130 Ziolkowski, Roberl, 284 Zisko, Thomas, 426 Zorrlig, Diane, 404 Zuber, Deborah, 321 Zuber, Slewarl, 147 Zuehlke, Carla, 40? Zuendel, Roberl, 141 Zumbrunnen, Glenn, 152, 147 Zupek, Janel, 339 Zurbriggen, Susan, 321, 239 L I Q! N h

Suggestions in the University of Iowa - Hawkeye Yearbook (Iowa City, IA) collection:

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