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CONTENTS Academics . Activities Studentlgle Sports . Residences Page Page Page page page 10 174 248 294 322 A Published by Student Publications, Inc. THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA IOWA CITY, IOWA 76th Edition Vol. 76 DOREEN HYDE, Editor PAUL DAGLE, Business Manager MIKE TONER, Chief Photographer I I I I I I KE S 7' - -H' ' ff . ""' 'Twig' 11-,,3's'.'t 'J1nA.y,'y.- Lv I- 1: .' 1,1 -A-r - wr h . V f-2 -A . - . H I----:V , .l - ,J A - , . . N 2 1 '.ff1. "fra fha-"if -a' N.'34-bQJ?J"'!!A!,f5 ?'h1 "tif, L? '.'J""'i "Q'ii.?1fAQt:-'BIAS 7 . K'-Q."QV3 " :iii f .,' - J. .' R 'N .- ' 'M' g.,.":' -' -,:1y', -Af 1,-I -, ' '1' ' jf. 4,'Q.'-1 ' 2, T' ,.-2' L-yr. ,- 2, ' l - I G .. "r f' .-..n. - A4 H ' -1-fz..'ff2.f'fQ- rf, -vu, -.-1 WWI. 'YE-'-BK ',' ., 1 U "M ff? . .- .-- . Q V. 1' 'V' L wil .nf .- ' 1'- 1 114, - ."fw --r , . 1.1 ,.- .- ,,, 2- .-1'-'Tc' A Z.- , f 7. V. f , V . , , . ,JI fi 1 .4.,-4, HM., ,lik 1-f .25 .1 4.1-3 -,Ag,,,f ,, 'isis IJ lg 14 -11. -fry. 'JJLJ, gf -- , ,AH.L.,I A., .. A H ,E -M at , :gl I5 ,. .n-'- - L. F,-,uv-I -3,-jr N xA..l.f:,: IL.-ff, ini? -11:.,..,,Lg.-:L,::,A-',.: Y A r- , il. Lu .1-".."LJ-imli. ':.. ,, -al -vw ,, nf-1 ' 1,2-'f 'f"."5'4':.7vf-'f 5- '71 ,T-'4+'g:,,f-. 'Aw fir?" 1" 52-M94 -+4-gs-Q f. A 4.5 ,..g A '1--'-L . '1.. AANQ1- Q it pf. 11 .".r, 9.1, 34, '15 , -1,f,,4 .,f5f','fK ' -,':-a.'7 gy wg. Ag'f.l.,g, '- -"."'- ' ' .-,lf-'ii ' rf gp.: 1.1 ' j"'- gl ' '-31-Y' 1','!F'f3.r' Wi g."N.lbg,'5'-s.?f.'7l"1 ' fir'-i4'f' -4F"?,ff, 'J 'Yin '5fQ'-A1 mf' f? 3. ff. f'1"4Q5 'Q til 'f"!f"' '3"..',. 'f-N Y , "'fC':'-' if .- I-.-1 .1 ' A" if IV .', ff-rL'v1:i,:f-.' .rfffh A?"' ""ALuT..rA? 593.3 "w'15'-'f9 -"Hi 7 ,vfv J ' 'A-1.4.4 ' 7-3' 44,--W 4'-ft. '-mit.. ' .""' W, 'Ni H --1-,F ' 1 w "' ff' f K" " AAD ' ff'-if' if-ff-XA 4. .'f'.5fQ,"f Y . 'f .. -Y ""'-' -. -- FY .-:,,.cJ- - 4' -1 5 ,, g ,5g'f'g2 ?,.3-- 5'i'1v3':i.5f-r:!f'Zl"1'li7i be-i3?I --L A 3551?-f-y.'f 1.1 .'1?,f1J'g.1- uf i:'3'f.'i'.5 "Q gf, 1- V ar' .--u1j- Y-,.'4 ' ,-.Nj-r 1, A F'.:HfT'.-1 .ki .,4,,f.'f X ,J-5,1 4111 ww l.f!'H-'j",,"fj'.f--19", 7-I., -'if pr 572.1 L 11, 'A 4 1 ' .' ,M -gg, ,nip 1, ---.,-5'--Z ', ',.'3.4 - -.ft-..'f .. --!.'f.'.s14 ,qi-9..+:,. 'Z ' Uhr, Q ga," .fs ga' I Ig ' -,Q V-'V ,!. - "gf '-.xv v 13-,. 1' Af iff 1.f,.-'.7Q:-f,.if'j"2i.f,'i y, 3'f-gqqgw '..-1-.l,3?':.,j' iq-v,e, -WT.: " A'. A 4fFg'AA .' ,sj 1. hi-H ' -' Q" ,rxj Q-... ' HAH",-A 4- ww-N -1 . ' gf . fa'-4. ,3-wi-'.:-r'-'r,"fAf.!i- if .11 71-15, ,-f 73 -M--a-'f'i:".v1v.v1-V." A w"2:,1'g. I1 s-' " . fly A' 'if'-'1 '1 1 -f'1 'H-HM'-' fi."-S51 Mn' -14:4 "1 vu - C""1'1 'J'-.'-' ZFX - Af"J' -, -1"" . .Ah'xx.5,g F T.-AI' wfxg'-wi? 'gr , if-.,.', : nn: dz . -...:.'.,!v'.5 wig? .:x:v.gEAi,Fg':yAA ...Lf Jfiiwixg rf - V,f.j:,':f.1':','t--'fi if :Aid A - - v '- . - ra, . 1' .. :N ,A-,,, . --I f . f 1 ,L A '. f ,' ' - .ff 1 '- ,fl 152. "5 if .""g',3"li-hniifli-2 ,J 'E fy '2 .. L " fp ' .. 'A'f7GLt'f43.L2t:'f:.2'fgFf lifvrk: ?'2w'wQ:J 'EMU' 731' - 'T Aft.. ' . .' ' ff f ' A '-11,--Agn '11-,,f,4--'-f.--w.' ' ff ".t.'. f' fi' liiil- ' " "'1. Q- V-'L f' . Q -1-' K- ' Y I "' "'--A',- A, 'rf 5. 5-ffl: fx 3, -1,5-' , , .-fi- ,-qw.. -,Q -' . g -L ..,, ,rf 1 , . q.,.- 'nm V 1 .,mj,ffY,.g,.e --. .1 an 1'- 'M , 46 4.55 1 'f 151 ' -l 1 -jf: T - 42... A!,"'l-HE' rg, ".4.f,m,' f 'mf-jf, 4, Y X, - ,.- ' 'Tl . : Q , , 'f U f 5 5 "jg gf 'li' 'T in "gf 'ii r . w Q ,,--' -' lyvg.-'lin "' Y-2,1 . t L.-19,-'x-. 5113-ug -5 1':"' , f ,'f're,n' M51 ,iff4f.'g"YZ-.,4 .3 -f.-5 3' X ' -2-1 ' A136 Ig,-fff' Q,-.i.,,z34 'gaz- .j sig "1 ' 5' 'A F" Q 1 ' "4 ' f7."',,. iv' . x -1, - W X .Q-Y j Y Z4 V- . 9, 41, Af fl. -' A-30' W 1, . --is ' 1'- X ' ' " my-Q ,W ,-. ' ..f-yi.. " 2 if. A 2 .l - 123' -X., X-,,-, 1-' -4, W I , '17, , : WT.. l ' 1' 1' ' 5 Q 4 A ' 4 fi F ,F ,f 1' H. .7 , J V , A yi. , . 4- W - F .xy- iff 3 -Q ' f. - 4 I ' fx - , . I ,il q 9 V 5 dr" r I . Y . ij we Q- ,fl 7 4 . ' ' "f 4-aff . - ' - If ' g -J, , fi I'-'J If " -..,- H' I ix ' U - '- f ,,, W- f 4 . . N' V 1 - - H - vw- , -. , A- f X 'AS ' 'Aiming W ' "- '55 x':'.-1737! -Y, I I ' I v Q 'Uv 4,4 Hy, .ff ., 1 r! .. -NA' -, A A ' Q L -- 175, ad? ' --,951-if',"flx - N 'I 'Ag 'fl' ' f S , - ' f 1 .9 . '-.. -0 '- ,Mah .. , . . h 4 . ."' ,1 "' - - 5 + -fm A .2f.:ifa4?2-f :O : . M if - . .1 - . -- , . na f .. .fn 1- fl, ml- fa-QMAQAQ -' - f ?' An- .f.f'--LR' :.'-'fr Q 13- LW :f.vvQ,,"i-A 3 'T'-'.?'e'-,,..f'.'1 a .1,'2+.?-Sag' f . if ,W - "V V 1- 4-4' 4.-:lg , .' ' -.,,"' ' '4' x 'U 4- - -:J",'.,p - 5 f' -',-1,,'g. jg 1r',, T' . . X' ' 'L'-35' '5'-fb-2 T fad. ,1.,'sf- , -f uf f W A-I 11 ?:-T:-'Z-iiffffqq-:fag -1 ' ' - -. . 1.3 :5"fL.' . 3-1 - .f .--1-1352 A '15 '14 - at gg" 'Q QA 'Llp-5' '14,.e1fQ,'-fr.:f.' A- -Y w A U 5, .x U 5' rf I. fit: , 2. .1 X. 1 Q-an-fn? ,,a9.q,,q 3- 633. 'f 5' sq- it .1 1,59 s+xw.f':,"l ' 1 .- . ., . x A-'f 1 -fn: --f .f .' ' x - 3 - ' -. A ' 2 - ' 4 A i ,-V0-1--, ' -'A f ,- 'Y' 5571-' A Acre' , -2' Qjlfg 636 1 Y . fb- . 'x. -V' 'ij -7 ' -5 -- If -fqf' , 1 ' . . mb-n . J I W rf -C Q Q . Q -. Va 1. - ..-.f,. ..+, -, - Af. f 1 L1 ,- .aj 1 -eq ,ag-gg .. LA-.-f..w , ',. . 7 - W 1" ,114 A 'Nh 1 , J tl Qfai . -.f 5,1 5. -.,, ' 'sn,?,,,,2 71 -A 4 'P -' -' "L. -V1 V1 g qt' A' 'I h- um 9 .9 ,?e 'gf J .Cf A29 3 Jw- -3- ga? .11 J! Lf .-. my 1.6 . 1, - . - 9' LA .Q ' Q - . - 0 443,10 - -- ff, --. - A - 4' 'K 1:-f ' ew A1.-zf. S a ga -L .- L. .- Q . Q- .wif , "WS . - ' - 4 - , .-15 , ' ' ' f' ,Q ' V. , ', -5 .. 1 'gym I"-,"Jf1,E'--,si 509 12939 99.5,-'V A . . 551 '. ,V .fl -ji ' 'gif' -- . Us u 7 ,s 7 -Q, P ""', 9' ' 0 "A, - XJ - 42 .-P. - " ,NI 'S ' ' , , , -' -1, Jn-,"J .- -ln, .,.'67'?5"5, "' 5, 'D 97095 -,fo p Q-, I- 'A-wg, "fy-MVT. wi 1' ' 7? 1-139 53 yziwiaigg-W,-Q W'-192. ' ff? ' " . - - "' ,, ' ' ", v"Af .- . 'IJ' "- ' k'?-' P11 xv sl' 'N' ' '. 4 nk 152' . . 3, I ', , 1'-H' 1 ' 5 '3 A 6 Y ' 'L' A , , iff. . wg 699 QQgib9,mf-d,-a 4' 3,569 35, 42 , W., gf 4 .fl J f gf . . 0 -. 1 ma- Q , . Q. . ,qa9f -9yf1-.o9.'..f- .P .3 Q"-1.5 I v ,-3, .N ,W :A I A 1 ' . H v v . N , ,P-V .1 ' -' fy, .' L, X HP- aWA.pf5--Q2 n ' - . Q-.-1534.4 -3' .A - fm, . -Q9-e ,Ara , , Q- . We--M Q,..m,1.-. . -ff , W I I Q, . L - ,Y , H. I , . mp 1 I , , M 5 . - .M , ,. AJ ' - ,, X319 Q. fp QQ . QL? Q af, 5, . " - . W.. ff 4- J ". ,J 13' ,Ag -Q, 0'9" 1 SA' ,TNQ-' . ,V -': fir, 'M .Z Q - , X4 - Q 'H fi '49 . A -'w-- 1, ,,'- ' A n '- ' . - .- 9 M. Q.. La. , K , A. H M , . - V A - , ' n .- AVV A university is a complex of peo- ple and ideas . . . of talented people and people striving to find their talents . . . of doctors and poets, lawyers and psychol- ogists, foreign students and farm- boys. A university isnat just a college, it's many colleges, each contributing to the atmosphere. KEYE MN, 9, A . dl,-:Q , 1 'l,- . M , M .W 1 - 1' ,nlwfr , ,QQ . 1 H y '., xg X V Q ' U f 5 f v Rf W' ,X f A M N 4 ' 1 N.4- v ' , 4 12 If f J '. l r 2 5 ff Rf 2 Q V' , il JX if Ik y Q Ax Xl I 'x xv. I J X V.- , 3' - .V I ,-A F11 ,1 ,W-I L:-f il. -www. - , +1 .ff 'V f., F' 1 , I , I! V 531.gif .lx if' iq 'gs QR, q,I,.I T Er: iff' f ' W W 'f -f ' J y 11' aff- P "1 1' I X I ' f.f.',- , -g,w4:4u-QA ggfggggi is- -v 5 L W W -r1"l -u-his -h 1 -ff 1 I W -nk 'E 'Q-.Mf ff ,W Wide range of disciplines exist in tandem University life is hectic, and sometimes harassing . . . from pleading at registration to sink- ing into the I.D. syndrome . . . it's crowded halls and the Penta- crest during Indian summer . . . moments of victory and defeat in athletics and class. ,I .- I ' v H. 1 nn 1' x Wx ' .' hw' 1. ,Q 'YN Mftjx 'il , H . V A .5 .' , 1 . 1 l Q V 7 , ' lx , Y! t 1. bm. :I : -y X x r. 5, .' , ,Q . l. J V if - 'Q' .1-a'.9 P".:'Q. ..'I1--'V f ' ' I 14, U-t" iw 'X Q X ei- , 1,1 I 7 i' , 1 :fav rl . iw . ' C 'Q LQ' - " . 0 W ,A 12 ' A -W 0 . u"' ,lx 4 - an . 'D , qu- ,, mx "-gh, 3 1' ' r lfw'-Mm 'P ,. . 1 K 'QQ f',,,f . s , . Wg, .V - 1 A Qc- Y I ., ' Sy . 1' 4,llI.w .I '-,Pvii X W E n 0 x Q '1 - " -' x-. Wa' 1 If f, -. 4 WWA X -Vigimfif' ' ws L -,, .VQ .Ugg h U, , . 'J s r 9 ' V r,v . 2 W f -4 F Ng, -, ,,. , . ,,, ' ,nv ,-,,,m.l!o W 1 ' ,Q . 'J 'Q' .J , -- px , X . fa f . , . 1' "' . A 3' ,-,-1 5 , . N 5. ' 'ri' Y i 5, 4. L I Q ' 4 A, 5 ' ' - f I' fzlmfqu 1 -.-,v-nudags-Ann .. Ax 3 YJ. 1 .x ' ,v :, v - A . . , Q. Q u' , , . F . I . 1. Q - 1.5 W5 E51 ,410 H ' ..-V2.7 , - '. 2 3, -13 L 4 Knowledge explodes in diverse direc+ions 'I xx E L 'I 314 -9 x , x x xxxxxxxxx ne' 'xv xxxxxxxxxxzxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxesxxxxxxx'mxxxxxxx , ,fxxw,.x",xxx x ifxxx x x x x x A 1, x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgxxm..:xxxxxxxx xxi, 5' -,xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx' 'fvxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxv.'xxx. xx '1xxxxxxxxxxxsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxQ xxxx xx., x xxx 'xx x x xxcrxxx xxxxx"x x xxxxxxxxxxxxufxxxxxxxxxx xxx l xxxxxxxxif xx as x xxxx xxxxa KX XKKKXKK 'o 'S X QS 06 v' 'N' v 06 SECTION CINE ACAD EIVI I C S President Bowen guides University through growing pains The Firm hands of President Howard R. Bowen are guiding the university through a period of tremendous expansion in enroll- ment and physical facilities. Enrollment in 1965 jumped to 16,355 from 14,480 the previous fall and construction projects dot- ted the campus from the Psychology Build- ing on the east side of the river to the Speech Pathology Center on the west side. Bowen will begin his third year as presi- dent Iuly 1. Before coming to the univer- sity, he was president of Grinnell College for nine years. He earned his B.A. and lVl.A. at Wash- ington State University and came to Iowa for his Ph.D. Among his many honors was being named chairman of President lohn- son's National Commission on Technology, Automation and Economic Progress. His alma mater also granted him the Distin- guished Alumnus Award last May. President Bowen talks to parents at the Orientation Open BOTTOM ROW: Molison, Rosenfield, Redeker, Wolfe. TOP ROW Rlclm cls L ss Iouden Perrin Quarton Slate Board of Regents sets policy for University The State Board of Regents approved a budget of 392,528,370 for all operations run by the University during 1965-66. Meeting monthly, the nine-member Board considers questions under the follow- ing areas of its jurisdiction: admission re- quirements, curricular offerings, facilities, properties and finances. The Board was formed in 1909. Members are appointed by the Governor and approv- ed by the Senate for six-year terms. Looking ahead to provide for the ever- increasing influx of students, the Board ap- proved plans for the S13 million Melrose Towers in October. The three-unit com- plex, scheduled for completion in 1968, will house 880 Women and 1,210 men. Officers of administration Elwin T. Ioliffe, vice president for busi- ness and finance, has served the university for 33 years. He received a B.S.C. from here in 1932. A native of Ottosen, he worked at the university as a machine operator from 1933- 36 and as manager of the statistical ser- vice from 1936-41. He was assistant busi- ness manager from 1941-54 and business manager and secretary from 1954 until ap- pointed to his present position in 1958. LD E. RHOADES, dean of admissions and records execute University programs ELWIN T. IOLIFFE, vice president for business and finance Donald E. Rhoades, formerly director of admissions and registrar, was named dean of admissions and records by the Board of Regents last Iuly. A graduate of Morningside College and the University, Rboades was a high school coach and principal before coming here in 1953. Channeling 16,355 students into over 1,900 courses offered is one of the major functions of his office. To facilitate this, a summer orientation and registration pro- gram for freshmen was begun last summer. About 2,000 freshmen took advantage of the opportunity to register in advance. A A reorganization last summer consoli- dated nine groups ranging frorn the Union to the Institute of Gerontology under the oflice of the vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculties. Willard L. Boyd, professor of law, has headed the office since 1964. He has law degrees from the University of Minnesota and the Univer- sity of Michigan. Wlu ARD L Bow use president for academic affairs dean 1 lacultles "' N Rom RT ln RAY clean of extension 'md Umversitv services Robert P. Ray is dean of extension md university services and is chairman of the board of the Iowa Center for Education in Politics. He received a B.A. from Coe Col- lege and lVI.A. and Ph.D. from the univer- sity. His ollice is composed of 18 units whose work ranges from overseeing corres- pondence studies to drawing medical illus- trations. Charles R. Statler is director of examina- tions service, established in 1943. He re- C1-IARLES R. STATLER, director of examinations service ceived an lV1.Ed. from the University of Wichita. During the course of the year his ollice assists the faculty with the prepara- tion of testing materials and provides scor- ing and analysis service. The first of the month always brings a long line to the cashiefs ofiice in University Hall. PHILIP CL. HUBBARD, dean of academic aI'l'airs ,. half' ALLIN W. DAMN, administrative dean Allin W. Dalcin joined the university as administrative dean and assistant to the president in 1953. He left a position as comptroller of three colleges in California. Prior to that, he had been bursar and a member of the commerce faculty of Robert College and bursar of the American College for Girls in Istanbul, Turkey. He earned a B.A. and lVI.A. from here and an lVl.B.A. from Harvard University. His special interest in international af- fairs is shown by oilices he has held in Ro- tary International, the state United Nations Association, and Partners for the Alliance for Progress. Philip G. Hubbard was appointed dean of academic affairs effective I an. l, making him the iirst Negro dean in the history of the university. The position was created in Iuly of 1965 by President Howard R. Bowen . Hubbard had been professor of mechan- ics and hydraulics prior to being appointed dean. He is also a member of the Presi- dentis ad hoc committe-e on articles three and four of the Higher Education Act oi 1965 and is on the Committee of Human Rights. A native of Macon, Ga., Hubbard attend- ed the Des Moines public schools and re- ceived B.S., lVl.S., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Iowa. Marion L. Huit begins his second decade as dean of students and director of student aliairs this year. He received a B.A. in his- tory and political science from Ohio Wes- leyan University and an lVl.A. in psychol- ogy from the university. He came here in 1946 as counselor to men after teaching in the Peking American School in China and serving in the U.S. Department of Iustice. His oiiice includes counselors for men and women, activities counselors, the Inter- national Center and fraternity business ser- vice. As part of a reorganization plan adopted last summer, the oiiice now func- tions through the oiiice of the vice presi- dent for academic affairs and dean of fac- ulties. Huit has been president of the National Association of Student Personnel Adminis- trators, a member of the Iowa Guidance Association and campus liaison olhcer for the Peace Corps. PRESENT YOUR CAR REGISTRATION CARD HER sntnivz 5 :gm vm hr-'S Car registration is one of the last lines students have to go through before they can tum in their I.B.M, cards. NIARION L. HUIT, dean of students, director of student affairs I7 New Union addition provides meeting rooms, lounge areas The 34.2 million addition to the Union, begun in 1962, was dedicated Sept. 24. It includes the 112-room Iowa House, a new ballroom, the Big 10 meeting rooms and new lounge areas. Founded in 1924 as a memorial to stu- dents who died in military conllicts, thc Union is the third largest structure of itz kind in the nation. Loren V. Kottner, director, believes the Union should be the place where the in- formal education of college students takes place. Q . The Gold Feather room usually has several chess games 'th ' udents' " f ' . OI'1 YV I other st in kibitzing, iange L The new River Room cafeteria looks out on the Iowa River and has an expanded seating capacity. LOREN V. KOTTNER, Union director 5: ,wisp Nsvswbfrlw -L1-.v 'vw N J 1 1?'1?g.l'k -'F' , i A fb ' wrrlfi-..'q-lgvzfa 4 51. x ' M4 5 , 1 wil- ,al i 44 x Eli' 7 X H , 1 1 ' 5.12: . - L., 1 as , hz, 'Q ,, -'iff it' -WA' 1? x it, Each year senior class presidents, composing the Class Representatives Council meet with Association and Foundation stall: mem bers to discuss cooperative ellorts in various programs to beneht the university SEATED Mrs T Iohnsrud T Iohnsrud Mrs D. Brandt, D. Brandt, C. Rice, I. Fee. STANDING: L. Devltlt I W Meyer M Peterson D W WYYICL B Behrens L Hiclt erson, W. Newbrough, A. I-Iavercamp. Alumni Associaiion provides link for graduates to University The University of Iowa Alumni Associa- tion is a significant link between the uni- versity and its 68,000 living graduates. The Association helps arrange reunions and in the past, has handled Rose Bowl trips and similar activities. A legislative relations program and the Qld Gold Singers are al- so sponsored by the Association. It main- tains accurate address and biographical Files on alumni and acts along with the state and local alumni groups as the voice of the alumni in university aiiairs. Association members receive bi-monthly issues of the Iowa Alumni Review maga- zine and all alumni receive three issues each year of the Today at Iowa newsletter. lg' Jill TX Alumni Association files for 68,000 living graduates fill rooms in Alumni House. University of Iowa Foundation gives financial support The Alumni Association works closely with the University of Iowa Foundation, which was until recently a part of the Alumni Association. The Foundation, with ofiices in the Union, is a corporation designed to maximize financial support from private agencies and individuals for the university and its growing programs. The Foundation has as its important agencies the Old Gold Development Fund, which is the annual donation division, and the newly-created Iowa Center for the Arts - an exciting division to spearhead a drive for capital improvements and enrichment ofthe Fine arts facilities. A million dollar art gallery will house the university collection and early completion will assure the gift of one of the lVlidwest's most important collections. Student aids, research and general university enrichment are the three major areas given support by the Old Gold Development Fund. When little or no state tax money is available, the Fund procures special collections for the library and campus appearances of eminent authors and critics. Telephone contacts by alumni in key population centers have been very successful in procuring pledges for proiects. During the latter part of 1963, the Foundation s cumu- lative gifts passed the million dollar mark. Student Health must care for health of I6,000 students One of the a student's seven doctors available at Student Health checks complaint. Some 200 students a day take advantage of the care offered by the Student Health Service. Seven doctors handle everything from mumps to mononucleosis and make a student feel as if he were consulting his family physician. The benefits of labora- tory tests, infirmary care and the services of specialists at University Hospitals are available to the student. Heading this operation is Dr. Chester I. Miller, chief of Student Health Service. He received a B.S. and an NLD. from the uni- versity and has been with the student health program since 1927. He is also as- sociate director of the University Depart- ment of Health and professor of hygiene and preventive medicine. He is listed in Whois Who and has written several medi- cal articles. The waiting room at Student Health is usually crowded. s ,i r W f5"'5 bi , aF,,,.....- .N-S:-,.?-4,1-., A -pr, : , iv,-.ns , x. ,, -,-. . , 1 . - Yi-L' " -' 4 ,. X F gd ln ' .1wii1ii1lm . .0 E ,W ,- Aw ,.'..,,, rag gr 2 ' -:, 13:5 I ' assi- R f 522 Yfi, ' " , S '1 Q i ff . w auf., l ,' NJ . , I - Avg if, F , 3 ' 6' I 27 f w x g' 3,22 1 My 2 ,- xgy , , ,Hg WN .l:"k,gv,5,T, ,, f .hw ,, ,U . ' ' f3"a.'.4:3 - 1. ,AM W O N K .:'1 A I fx P VV ,IJ N - .- Y N ll x , . ,, ' Y' .u S-1'T,,.--a---"6 -1 ""'C"' 1 1 K. , M., .-A-,Q-.--.f-ff---,rv FL. A...--.1-Q 141 i 'A 1 v W S 1 . sm I 1. N ,. 1 x w 'QW I , 1 'i -11 t 5 MTV? 32 AM 7, +L. K . -X it xi l VVQI. lls .,, A g Aj., ,.. .R A, .,,..p:g,..4. 1. -1 . , U, , Y ., A, J . , , . . .,,4fe.Tr-::1:,, , . ,,-we 5 ff5 Ffg' f A, Qlywg .14iTi"'42-'1,....'w he-1341, gf" 1-gl' ' J-W'-W' 'N ' I A .un 1' 1.2 W.: ' - H" 1 M 1 .41 1' J. 'i.f-".L'-.--.Bm L f N 'fi .fx ,,,.3:'.':-fihryuf' ?T"'1 "' ,71"7L' ,., 'SLO 'J ' "7 'L' AL H fig: 'STE X lr-'U wr, fa- AVG'-0.1" v I i 'xv 4 x 5, a f A , An f 1' ' 1 ff 1, I ' F' 55 eg E EP! 5 I 6 :IL ik' lx 'tk A Q .- H ri ' m 5 f' 9 f' 1 , f MgMf f Nl.. rf: 'I ,, I Q . . . . 1 , ' 4- ,A - I , , .. , i W x I 1 , , v - ,,,. ,g :Lg . . z , X, l . 5 V . , 4 , I , , - : r Q 1 - ' - 5 . , 15 , M Qffwf S .-11 E! ?,.l ,1iS?f Q 'E' fr'r'f's' 1 ref, gig ff tp v iw Z Y- 5' Qwikinr ,Wg I "M" 1,',a!+f?f??!'?Vff? J ,rff ,, Q. f lg 514!!!!!4Q ! g I I V Fr y?-1 '- .rf 2',e5i 3 ,,A. , can 3, - mu , ' 11111 . 2 'A . '- rs M-- College of Business Administration moves mio Phillips Hall The College of Business Administration moved into Phillips Hall, its new seven- story home, in September. Expanded facil- ities for business students include class- rooms, an extensive library, an auditorium, and a faculty-graduate student research laboratory. During the past year, the college made provisions to add an electronic digital com- puter in connection with the University Computer Center, and integrated a number of areas which provide for interdisciplinary business education with the specialized cur- ricula. The I ' in classes ollered b the Colle e of Busi yp gu , y s ness Administration are always popular. A coed makes a last-minute dash up the steps for a class in the new Phillips Hall. DEAN B. L. BARNES, lege of Business Administration A busmess 21dlTllI'llS1.T3I1OU majm ponslvely walls for a dass Ill Imame management to Courses tzdm Iutuze SCLIClHllCS to um dma- phoncs and other busmcss and oflmc ma- U41-as W I I 4 ul . l , I h' ' A , . . I. 4 A .', 4 .' 4 , I ,' Q . 4 4' .' l 4 ,' 4 . I. 4 4 .' 4 4' f 4 4 A 1' , 4 4. 4 . 1 . 4 1 4 I 4' ." ' J 4' I' E131-?5?' Q -NE r ! r ! L 'lf lu 1,-,f,,l:?,-u-I.-Y, My-,,.11 . . , i It -K. .' ' , -' ' ' - ' , ' l . .f- 31 A student and a S6CrE:l?t1'y chat outside one ol' the department olhces student reviews notes for one of her classes he held in Phillips Hall before a test. George S. Easton retires as dentistry dean. on faculty 4I years George S. Easton retired this year, after three years as dean of the College of Den- tistry. He was a member of the faculty for 41 years. Dr. Donald l. Galagan joined the faculty in Ianuary as professor and dean- elect. He had been the assistant surgeon general and chief of the Division of Dental Health of the U.S. Public Health Service. The Department of Periodontology, for- merly in the Department of Stomatology, was created in 1965. In the college visual aids are being implemented by training Films which illustrate a single dental con- cept and are produced by the staff, and by closed circuit television in laboratories and classrooms. 'F' eff rrrllrr e rri ' -ni Lectures are the starting point for students before practicing in the dental laboratories. Dent students watch a professor e amining a child in the Dental Clinic DEAN GEORGE S. EASTN College of Dentistr uf" Q 4: An" ' ..' an 15' V ff- -gp 1-..- 'dx Q EW' ,W - an X J M ., G, A :P 5 JZ- 'Hy-' K mklg ,muy rjfiflh .. ff ,, - " if I ,,Q:,.. Q X ,-r F . J.. e L Jw, ,- 5, M. 5' 4354. if ,'.z my 45 ws ,,, , We liz-. A professor explains the method used in arti- hcial resucitation to his students. Weights of various components are measured and recorded during a laboratory session. Lczxmvf C0 our usI0N5 X Nw 'si' lhmmlan Am...illn. ,.-ff" fm. LLW' in ni 1 3121 LF' .' f 1 4 3I W F i 1 gf' 5 if gf? f Fry.. .,, 'I , x J J' AW' I .f-ff' ,f ,f . Ak P i College of Education s+ar+s professional semester for maiors The professional semester was one of the innovations in the College of Education this year. Concentrated in a nine-week pro- gram, elementary education majors now gear their study around student teaching on a fulltime basis. Another First was the approval of the Specialist in Education degree awarded for a year of study beyond the lVI.A. level. The use of the closed circuit television was expanded as a teaching device in meth- ods classes for both science and guidance counselor programs. v iii The superintendent of a school district interviews a prospective teacher. Art students use fellow students as models for a drawing course. HOWARD R. Iomas, lege of Education Student teachers and their professor board the bus for the trip to their teaching assign- ments. Students in a children's literature class listen to the teacher explain different methods. it 4, it, 3'5"L':1 rig' ff-125-:gf I+., 2-fag., "' - WNW x A ,wi gi 'i. 3 J' X . ' students practice sketching in a al aids l,'f'7Lll'Sf3 for future teachers. A student teacher in the primary grades enthralls her class with E1 story. Hunier Rouse is named dean of the College of Engineering W 7 Hunter Rouse was named new dean of the College of Engineering in December and assumed his duties. Last fall, a statement of goals stressing revision of the curriculum to provide a broader education, including more courses in non-technical areas, was adopted by the faculty. Engineering facilities were supple- mented by the completion of a new digital , computer to aid in data analysis and with the remodeling of laboratory and office .- space. i DEAN HUNTER RoUsE, College of Engineering Sophisticated electronic equipment such as this is sometimes used for laboratory experiments. BOTTOM ROW: I. Howe, I. Trummel, K. Kammermeyer, I. Deegan. SECOND ROW: D. Epley, M. Betterly, H. S K HV X is ft' 'iii' in Eau S-N f ,ar-n -- ., 4 -1 -im :kai 1 I iii if-' 2 xgfiliff 38 9 ry "' if f Q Q, 5 I -e "He-gf.. .1 Electrical engineering students use a piece of test equipment in an experiment. Another electrical engineering student equipment to check a circuit he has l xiirffvw f P v . 4, 1.1 4' 'VZ .VN n R -. Nvivl n t ,xy J I Wifi 1 ffigfh 5 41 - f:""' ' i J,jh:f1?i,1.:-Tits, ,Q .' rn, ' , .V 1- ,. -N- D ,ik 1-4 . .-- Si 0 , , ,lg A ff 2 .., '4'3:,"i' +- G fr -.,A f ' 'xo Q . 3, F" , - 2 Q Nmap x P vw aff' ig' - ,pf L..- fl .,,,.,,, Tjhqvg JY' W Er, 5 iw 11 411 +-fm LH gmt 3, ,Lia .152-A, QE,",J"W'. .U J H . , 135, H ,JE . ,- 'f- '-7 ,A ' ' 1',iD1'g.i1fg'g'F5' ' 11' .' -11: ,, ' -mi"5J ':'v V F A 14, .if Q7 I F. -QQ H -:Q , w, It . ii ...F R 455 ug 335 -r fg P 'ff Graduate College increases Dean Duane C. Spriestersbach is corn- pleting his First full year as dean of the Graduate College. A 16.3 per cent expan- sion in graduate enrollment from 3,332 last year to 3,875 this fall met his arrival. An lVI.A. in the department of Urban and Regional Planning and a Specialist in Edu- cation degree were offered for the first time. Because of the continuing expansion, the staff of the college was enlarged to include a funds resource specialist and a graduate examiner. 1 h r l work n n enrollment, adds new degrees A graduate student 'n p a maco ogy s o a experiment for his field of research. ' - w i '1 , Sf! Plants growing in the greenhouse receive atten- I. ., ' tion of a botany graduate student. -A ' , ,grant , DUANE C. SPRIESTERSBACH, Graduate College i 1 4... Laboratory experiments to substantiate a point ior a graduate thesis take many hours. t tt i A chemistry graduate student studies among equipment that threatens to crowd him out oi' his room. it th ,um Y-31' L! s -1 at I7 ,.. ,f i 59' .J --JD -f L If Hfw h-wt Y LN.-W ,J n yi- t, G is -1 ,,.-f' ...if ,dlmf A ':.3r",, ,. Q. ge IQ.. 4 1 N fu?- Tv ' 1 1 Yi iz - -cf 1? 4 ,S S iv -,w A 1:4 ,gh . . , N I ,, P ,- . " . " '75 F " 4 , , y in , : - qv- I .gl 1 - 4 ,ri -' ,, ' . . -' M X wiix if V 'W' , L '. V ' ay 57 ,. . ' v. ' L 1-' + W ' J ,I-4,11 Q- u1.X',, yy as-3 If FV : ' .Iii ' f .MQ L, J 41 .u pl yy, ..- , ME, if.: Til' W -jr . ik' - Ulla F 91, Y ', L 1 1 1 I i . v i Dean Spriestersbach presides at a graduate council meeting. A history graduate student relaxes as he compiles notes on his era of research. w r I I I as H Juli- " V "" 'Y I ' ,, 'Elf' gh: Q 'm .fr M' :X--16122 .Q I I is f ' ff H ag, is I I ig. ,N 2' W gs ,W r 3- ,fm V . 24 win :gm RWSFR . gl I Al L'-' ,, A A Computers are increasingly used by electrical engineering students for their research. 'N N A graduate student plays Romeo in a spring produc- tion of the University Theatre. Equipment for the new particle accelerator is housed on the first floor of the new Physics Building. .-r ,,....--v Iowa's firsl College of Law celebrates centennial year A new century of legal research and edu- cation began this year as the College of Law celebrated its centennial. Established in 1865 in Des Moines, the college is the oldest law school of continuous operation west of the Mississippi. It was rnoved to Iowa City in 1868. Dean Mason Ladd retired after heading the College for 27 years. He has been on the faculty since 1929. During the year, the college increased the use of seminar study and divided the first-year class into two groups to give stu- dents more individual attention. -hawaii: ?5?,f'1',gf if'-1' :alfa V: , ., gg :L-,iii . Law students confer on class notes during a break in their busy schedule. A X ' x. V ll The law library provides a place to study or 5 ,-9.'.,,, i-- H.. 1-. A chat with friends about upcoming law Finals. DEAN MASON 1 College oi I fill L 75- bw 1,6 , ,- S. -k:.'. N x - -ff 'f s 9' -wb Still? 3444, 4' ' '1 N N925 U , -'-:3"r.,3gY -+35 ':5w"'fff . ,xg KW aN'fA x"4'9'6'Q-fig fa EQJLML 'f-si M F T-NX 'x"i'?w,N -'QSR1 Q57 gh' QF.-3 viii".-"f" x'-'N -Q?-'N -.wt-4 Qi--NF qv-igw 4,450 --'iff ri. R-3' q-WN' -.'-axw-N-e-': WS 2-ff.a""w f Ci' 41-XFN? 2-,, 'XS g.""A ' '."g'-f' 5 ,wh via W 'I ' 54 a. - . ' - 1.-N U' , L, . N- Qg x mc-N , xtlqk 1... ,NX qfx..-31.1. .L ,,, x M t x, NX- x fy 1,3-x --gn Qx .W-.X s .5 ,A ,va X152 'Qskx nf'-'xg , g'.UM' 55-1? A?"'g-. lf, 41' 111 ,AIIQN-n"4 ,QQNQQ nga'm"ksm 1xx'S3.'!Y--Q, Wy" S13 I Nf,wwQ,:,X'Qg'5'q.f2fjg N:.4gQ,Q.a1g4",x ..xb1,.-Q 2 - -,, . 4.. 'fn ' .'- ,wx -., Qi. .,-g.,-m-a,,fat+1 ,:- f ' wb 4 '.,-P'5T,gS"c"'gvfA Q-P ,-J1lci'. f1 .M Qi V.,-. 'yi Q1 .,x-4,51 4- Q wi Q wt- sv s f-.sfwg--w,.,:af-'-ff-if S ' m'ig4-92-'F"xN'LLi ' "N 'K N... 'RH gf R 3. '-nf ' X 4 H. r "-Xe e M-A Y 5 Q J .ua x, ,vw ,ni QI lg 1' X' .3434 QA s - L' 1, w Q- 3 35 '53 'v t-SK ,Q 933 . , 4, , Q ,1 ., l N :Wx .S s.' " i' ' fa:- ' ,jr v. ,xN.'1'. Q .V N. -M ,Msxg 5 N. , . .Ve Cys' -z x ' lki, 94-F, ' ,.'-'53 1 5 ,, X NE .A 4 3, , Q l 5 R WNSRS A .N nv 1 I 2' 16.21-'ff"TEE ' f -N mg -Aj I 'l tffgl 'nigga , - .. mg -1 '11- "V Q f R Yu Qgm, 'E-Ai! . v 'Il -Q ' Q Nfl- Wg, 'U Q P 4 5 .ag 1- ,E 1 Sy' uf 'Q -L x"1f s . , .,- -. . ,, , H s"E':'1f' xi figs Q2 Ng-Ly sew. f ,. 1 3 - E 5. ' qu' 5515 u'x" .5 Nl' 'Lit-'R ,si , , u Q x :fix ,je ., , 1 15.0 9 N 'i'! fl 1. u is h'h lr: 'iff i'f'u.'A." . -.i-fu: 'u "f- '-I uie,i el ,Q-, U: 'i rx at q:5Ph.,:k"'1! msig., .E : , an 51 u A ' , wir !ivgE..":2K:R,,YL',:. ,- E l 'Q 1, '01 gnE:d,,,,lh-,Jima ' -X ,Exam ,I x ,f llzqwfli lni,:' 'hw If fy- V. 'Pir9'g.,4Q:f:'S'ir 73" Wall! -+ - -kli- -i' uv L 1 ,1,, N i,v.. QT. U- iq.. Q ul. G1 ,ffl , ' . A -. r r r fe eggs V-..5. r gggm'-l ff M ll i " nr ' ff iw W fl E r fe 5 ff we - - x ,, W: Vrff '.:u V. QT' 1 ' L 2' awk'-if ', 2 Q ':'T'wxf :i Un: . M ,sf S '- . ,- .. .Jr-:W 1-L. L fn fit rr. YC 2 rm 1121?-1il'C"Jf-H iffy fe- - '-WSE! fe 'IL "QV 5-, W w Fil? A ,. 'E "H" -,Q 'l", .-t' :Je .., " I' -. - Q 'e-.1 E 5' H 3155125 35' ' 5, 11jw",jQ. .a:sgsa:' "i" 131 L55 iff .W fu " 'if -I u, A .' V -1l'.,.' , QL,- H ,Mi--2g5'fi'.L ef -a gr ,LUV M. 2, ,Il'l'l1 4 :. f ..... 5 If b l' "'-g"!?- f-iw fri . ffiqef "'Y"'H'af gr- ! i - lg, 1 .- rw Q rr ll 1 L- ,mei " J H "Xl ' l !EE2,..fE:f, ,gy v:.r, Eif,I,f.,l ,:E,.V' ,wi ,IE- Qf, .fl --,- ,ff 'E'- li",i1 il'.f::54 r,'-.f"? f ,H . ,H ,mv , , , ,,'V A H, in R... s ir! R ,fr n 1 W-,X , rr Y mgfgir -wvE,: ?:1- m 'Eau T 1. N- - :ev A ing V fr r rr wlggfsr QrL"-'gW.- 5 ' "5?flT""" r f!1iy'AQu5uwVN"'.lZj ,5'E'f2:'-H 2-if ffm' "' Y '15 "' -Q'-'.'. .rw " J:1..e"-iii.--1 1 4 .5J"" ' 1- 1.f:.2:'i2fl' ., nrrn:::::-1. 22215-.-g' '-"'5l'W'lLli-g24vg"'.'4'Q5- "1 'iii "Q"-fFQ!I'j'2' liiaT?Q'1F-, fr' .5 " 5,2551 5 r r rw '- '- MN., E.52.51'l':Ur H, Hgl'p:s:r:r 'Lip' L- 1 fm: '- ,2?5L,,,-' ,,,1,qu, 25,7--gjzil, .,.,. E li? 13,5 ggi' ,If.1,-'.Q.1.1 ' - .':"' H-H".furFs:.' ea:'5"'!H. , -. ,rf ., -me F, , 5 'N V ,:- V W. rrgligqsaf mf - 1- -"-.Tl r 5 rr ,W w :A - n V H r , fr I 'Q' , wi- aff-1-ff ,. W ,, A 2-ffm V , ,, , . ,, viiiufs' f a Hr -e Q' ge 1 -' ' ' jrrxff' , ' if Qi 48 225 E ra i, 'mngihg , is 2 A coed invades the College of Law Library to study with her boyfriend. The law library is usually busy at night students who need legal reference books rg. P, fn. w r 'mn E: L. Q- -- .N I.- S. .- , . : :- , "' 5. 'A ' Pg, . A s., P - ' Nw sy 1 A- j 2- T 11, 65' ,-- 5- Vs F4 S-, A . 5 F, l.xm'F. L 1: va gr f -...t , 4 P LQ nap' . I , l.'f-:BE D . v I , 4, - W v x Ti pry-. - vi -J" JI' "I 1-ii' X A Y ff' -1..q,aw4. ' 2 LPGA ' -"iff" ' XY -I ,S f. M -F551 -Q Q". ' V Y - ,1 , , 1' ni,,,IU'.-I '-QS, ' - 1 ' r .4 1 . N-Ak g f . 4 Y IT Ae,-fr P' '. Q, uw tf 1 ""?' ' T"'f -1 .yy X .. Q., P , 4 . 1. - . W i.A.g:E1, .IIEUJ QQ'-S' ' 4 ,,.. Sf V ' P-fiwi-Q-'-'Tf'j 'If' . Y 1-fi .f.,I.,f ,., - in-,M 'i ' ' ,ggi ' ' , S . fl 5, H' fra., ' wx' C . -...R .....,. , v- lF"'f Al fzfiigg J ' '4'f,.' 'S as , www, 3 V - I Q. ' . , A Li f -A 1 f. ,Nm U1 . ,L Wu fi- fu" "' - f 9. va" ,T S., N, H W H , 'X W , . .uf 3 Hx H .1 , il ,2.,,,' wx m ,ww -"H, M 1?J"iA,A gm v HJ" M 1 . a f 1' ,, ' '1 Vi , , ,- . , rv", P N, '. ,E V L' , A 1 595511 av , lv z-. mi V x n H ,uw mmf: LM., .. , P ii Q ia Mvu 5 D .Y- Ft' -..- School of Library Science sei' up under College of Liberal Arts The Board of Regents established a School of Library Science within the Col- lege of Liberal Arts last fall, making it the sixth school in the college. There is only one other accredited library science school between Iowa and the west coast, at the University of Denver. The College grew from a nucleus of five philosophical and four scientific depart- ments in 1855 and is now the largest of the 10 colleges of the University, having an enrollment this year of 9,403 The Daily Iowan editor checks the editorial page for typographical errors at the print shop. Schaeffer Hall remained the home of many lib- eral arts classes, for perhaps the last year, Dewar B. Srurr, ge of Liberal Arts Humanilies provide background for liberal arls s+uclen+s The study room in Schaeffer Hall is always crowded with students during the day. A graduate student monitors larguage students while they recite their 'lesson in lab. rf 5-ea Z L. 4 , ,RQ lll is 1 1 x.,.f Modem dance is an increasingly popular class. an H mil-W, 1 x1 I ,ii r J, ra Q , 'LA 'J t ' . , 'Mdt is l +1 ll l 41 l 4. 31 v , " . I is 1 'QM L. l F "TN-'eww--Qw-,, i 1 i it ,mx lfait Many writer's workshop courses were held in the incongruous surruoundings ol the chemistry auditorium. A photography student concentrates on getting a good picture of the spiral lootbridge. Mirrors placed above countertops in 21 home economics kitchen let the instructor watch her students. J i x'xi9v,,..- A x 5 'N X 2 , T' .,..,,,,4...:-:.m- "' 'qv .N 1 .ii A eff 25? f 4--ww'-Pf1.'fj ,ia-:gr-,1i,ai:1.' .ivfffili-'iwfif A ' ' .3 ',:'i, . -.-, , . - .... ' 'Zvi , 1452521 .V ..'w'fl--'Zhi' 9 S4 V Wi , iv. ?':-SUNY' w. - + pf if fill . A i- 1 511 - M ' ff t -f 'Aa e M ,- 'rw ' L Y - V .Puig-A ' ' 1"f1"ff 2' '19?"" "'f:j'L'3.1n-Vlnw. ' V Asflfiw ' I , , -, :L 'A l' ' .AY ,lx - N ,IW .. 1 , 1,-f -f'7ifLf w -' I .1 . c, . A Q- ,:I.,'.L,, I J-Q, ,. 1 ,a -, .uf U' 5' L.- 1 , ' 'LZ' 4,5-" V 4. '.' ,. , - 4- ,, an . L U ." u W ,--,- -, , . -,4,Y's .' ' .,L..1..,: ' ' , 1 . KF IF., 5T:3.1.fv,51'u ff' ,,4.,', K. 5 - i' .,1.',,,,?i 5 , M : 1 J V-'.- . .aff , ff xg , . P' 4 , . M-TY,A.,.,. If'-""'-ffgff 'N ' .UM 1 ir. ..- .P 'J J? ff :Nag J 9' VN - V215 iff 5 www. n.1. -'lx-7.11 T -- -,fx -f -:J ffiif , if 2 55 f'f-fk?..J 1? ' YF' if ,1 34 , "L, .27 5-"Q ' . 'ff1'.5A. - Q V4 ', , ,5 ,Tn , - il,-. :li jf- - fs . f n+i'd:rUf,,-S-Af -' ,'-f' ." ' .1 -n.-AL :-re, . J ,YI-A Af 4-v:' -jigs! wx.: . 4, ,L , Tm , ,-iH?"M5g:. 45: , -,', .-'YLZQEQJ3-"if" iL'.,5r1 .1-ref --.1 'v . "gf: '- - ' v If V -21.g??!+.g ',1-,y 13: ,-,Jimi , ' ,arf ,TGI CL.--'fi 1-:'.':"i -- ..'u.,-af., --i r r J fr ' 1' ri ii A"-- jan-if H H twig' if" H+ ! ,ie Geology majors and earth science students must spend hours memorizing difierent types of roc Science plays an increasing role in +l1e liberal aris ,HJ 17-- Q-Fievni Q -'f' '..rfT' S 3 A quiet comer in Quad and an old blackboard help two students solve their math problems. Graduate students in nuclear physics watch test equipment during an experi- ment. "-Q0-"' Sc Dr. Moe smiles during a break in chorus rehearsal. f Fred Ebbs, director of the concert band, concentrates during a pre-trip rehearsal. Football players and oflicials are re- flected by a tuba laying on the field at a home game. "The Princen was one of several op- erettas performed by students in the Opera Workshop. . ww. ., ,,.'x '.-my 7' ,' Q, nf' ffffw .-., 22 'Wi' wiiipig in I, V? 53 1 . Sal-rrsi 4: if ,, A-gg , , , VF.. . .. ,, 5'?ifLjQ'f f11:1F"'ff': '?1 'fffiQ:'Qw -3,1 ff. Ln- 'vs ,Q -WH. ,fm wal 'ff M 'vi 2:55 . vig A' i ' i VVS' QQ, Q ' ti'- n 'Q . P, 'SF' : uk, .V 1 Q . , , -4 r M, 9 t 22245, F5 5 ' ,fm iw EGU 'fy ,Y Za W mx 22,55 li? Q N ji? yy, WE Q 55: m fb, .. XE rage sg, av EZ, HRM 2 y- X W rig 72? QM? sw .idly M wi yi I if ns: 1: 35, vig, wg?-r ., , 1 . N ,4.,.'1'-:':-':.,-, .4--Jw " - -f, - ,- U E 4 ' ,M-Y-:,-,'.i,.. vt Y ,, , , ,E ,, Q ,. Hx, 55j'lTv,1Q!JjQi'3?WQ1.,Q3gQlQ'!LL1'?if:'1'4'Fq:fflWJig 51f:3,jj.51,',5, H E- 'HH ,H mf, 1w"j.AF-.FE sw W .fi , ,5551,.f'aQ"'"3U2jfKjG5gW,2Qgi5' ig" :'HQVaEjE:., ,.y wii .,!:u' i l LBQJXW "Ef?fj'gi f f .A:n,,, 'J--J: ,, -: w ' H ' -' .. - . .Egg -'Tawau-.Q---H-w f' kf 'g.p.i.1, 4.3, z'1'a,53.ra,.1:5m..f-'LML-1NEL:wm"MM" LQ, Y? gs N it :H um .1 Hx .gy mx 1: .iffw hex, ww . , .51 w --W, 1 w In V " - V.: v i I 51, J I 1 3 Q .. Q13?v,iTv v. :Q 7-rg--. QQ Music, drama enrich liberal ar'rs curriculum a+ Iowa l Scene from "Dark at the Top of the Stairs." Studio Theatre continued to give drama majors a chance to try new techniques. le from "Pot of Gold." :, my-,'5 , ew...- ggw, X . v 4 Nw . 11 . vw .-, ef! I M K" 1, if .W js ' H . ". fx Y F2 Q 2 i 4 A' ki .52 ' W1 ' 1. w w iw., . .xf., - m gi bl .1 if .M X W g 8 1 1 4 I E 1 Q ik A I 1- f ll .'f'K'1. -1951! 'E . w 4. 4. .1 L , 1, v w .W 2 .M iz. . ,-ya. Q' x Q 1 ' 1 . ,.,. '4' I b V W ww - A y +1 - 'iii-me --I X w Y ww ' l'1"wr-' - ww ga.-I A . .4 , ww. wig E 1 w 1 1, w 1 W w V w w mu f VH' w 1 U. ., V W,.---.-fv-- - - iv ' -alfa :N-'QI' -Y' ., . J., . . 21531 , -vw 1 ' - -, . gi--. -.-Y -, ' " 4: Wigff.. 1 -"71f'H:e-Ti i W 'ii3':'i' 25.7 5 1.51421 : .U .- .i . Jw. P ' 5 "-T615 . . , -ge L q..,,, Lg .la W. 1 - Y . .iq ,.,-,U , . V' L' ,M JI. ' "1 1 f -,ai "fs: 5'1" 5' an " ' : 6iFff'.' " . ' , fiflyr i - Q. 3 .. -eil. f-"f Ep .1 'A V 5 "Qi Thi I ...N ' a ' ff I V 1 - r v 'W 5' i .W L ' W i 1 wi" ' . . -W1 '14 .-1 HV..-. xy, f Q - ' .Qi-:EJlF15'.!.,'fg1'5 : v.,...p.M.. Y. V 3 V kjj .. 'f a 'WL 1. ' fri- min f1yf'f. 'Q!'- ':"',-jlgig-i2jfi'1. QL.: ' ,r" 'j: . ...- ., ,, w w if ' . ,zfif .M 3,5 in V , .V .a. ieberling talks Ari' gives expression +o emphasis on liberal ar+s plan Finishing a painting is a dillicult feeling to defmc. Sculptures adorn the School of Art lawn, porches, and hallways. to art students during first ter registration. George Forell becomes director of the School of Religio A w -v N, Q -4 E in N-. K, x .xx i f -uf'-.-g' ll .Q x rt' W Q ,W ' 4 5 P:-. . ing-A., , , ,. sz I' I ' 'i ' "L- P , any,-,,j 4 , Q, X The University School of Religion is not a theological seminary. Rather, it seeks to help students understand the history and literature of religion. During the year, 593 students took courses from the school and 916 were enrolled in core courses. In 1965, the Association of Theological Faculties in Iowa, Inc. was formed to strengthen graduate Work in religion at Iowa schools. Students enrolled in the par- ticipating schools may attend any member school with no additional tuition charge. Dr. George Forell was named director of the school in March. He had been acting director. An ordained Lutheran minister, he joined the faculty in l954. History and religion sparked a well-attended debate. Danforth Chapel is a symbol of interdenomlna tional unity. Dimacron GEORGE W Fo School of Religion U .1- X , 61" 9 w F' K ri.- N X H A HM fa? W f ,LX " ff xx QU K' f. sg-LY' 5 " a - N 1951! 1: - I X, , 49181. 1 I 5 lpglfaj E5 1 4 1 If 3 h'?'f! i' A Vi", fl-1 jf" fi? ff' ,, ,- E11 i " gg ' A f if -J ffl ff' 3 i !. ', v ' n n V' K. 1, ,,.f .3 f . ! . , Y f . N',,..,,.a. .1-Q 1 Q! 'f ' 5 ' eq I 3 4, i414 far-,nt L, ""- avg' -rf-vr-n 5.3 .2 H 'B J Q X XXXX 'U ' -2 XXX XXX, XX ll S 1 X XX XX X' ' X25 W XXX, X X MXXXQ X wiv? W 1 ,XX , .5 XX- X6 XXX X X-XX 'WX MXX VX 1,594 -X j-X".1i. XX, my Xu ,X 'EA' i"'fE-, X X1 L' XX ,f-,,XX- . ', X ix' Q Q I "h't:ST-Q. j ' XXXL, 'X.X--NX X' XX NX XX NX 1 'fel Xi X X XX 'f XX X X 1X , X l'XX: 'Xficq :X . X XX f.,-XX - XX XX FTVX 'ii X ' X 'XXV X .XX XX, '-X X X -XX X .- W X XXX X , XXXX'X:XgXXX-2'1lX1" , if 'Y . - 'X X X13 '-Xp. ., E .-in 5511 ' : X, ., , "Q, iw-. ,fm X 'LX -.X,, -XXX' 1-2 -fi! iff? "W 1vEX.X'1XyXXf5'gE5- Xwlfef MEX.-, . 3- T-iagcff X u1XXJ1X:fhkW3X,ifQ1:TQX.'1d1'XLf H XX' 3 QXXX X 121.1 lzjif L X' 'Q ZX, X. lg.-1 55-X X , X X, X' X - Xf. ii fi 1 - 1'?.,-- -- ' "1':'4NX,,X XXX" 'FXS X5 XXL X XX X YXMX X X .XXXXXXHX-X ' - fi Vi ' pf .wg .W-X-XXX,g,A XXXXXXX' mX1::Xy,XXXm1Q. XX XX.. ,XV-A .V .li , XXX, XB., XL, 'lf .L Mft 1 GZ X. XX? XXXYXXX X -A.-fl X1 - - ,551 4 X XXfXJs:17 ,XM X' XX XXXM W, XX T W.. X vjXXvfE ml'-XX'1'X.X 'f ' -eg ,S V 222' 6. 5 WX, , ,vp Xggggf . X .,-'-' XXf 1 A XE . 2 Q gX. 7-NX XXXXXGN X XXXXXXXMXXXXXN .XXXX,,,N 'XX XXX . . XX -1 Q'4'XX5XX,H' A XX H MXXXNEMJXNX ,X WX, . X X -XX X 5- ji-X " 1 Q 3. WX -zXH'3ff X XXV X X.X,,X ,XX Xwvse Q 5 L' if Q if . 151' X si e X 3 ,355 . ew ' X . MQQJTQQXIWI V . . X -L-:X W ' ' " 1y'X,53?'f59'ff- -, HX.. School of Journalism expands research faclllhes, courses During the past year, the School of Iournalism extended its Work in mass com- munications research and in Writing meth- ods. The newly-established Mass Communi- cations Research Bureau hegan work, serv- ing the university, the mass media, and other organizations. In addition, the school offered its first undergraduate research course, Introduction to Communication Re- search, and added two new graduate courses in research, as well as courses in critical writing and interpretive reporting. The School of Iournalism lounge is always busy at coffee hour. The Communications Center has space for eight journalism sequences. 'ron LESLIE G. MOELLER school of Iournalism ll , f ' 0 " , v al 4 U nf "II .Sai I QI L 'V gif- wfwe J F L 7... 41 -I J ':4vA5j EE X mg..,.. T f ' G-1 Z 5, .H ew .ll', , , 31, em Q , . . Q M, 1 , ,821 w vu mg, N . mlm J - pffyig. v ' ' '9I1.:,4 1 J NM, iw'- 3452 I ,,, , 1 . , f ' , 'iflakml Q wie 515'-1: S, 'f ug: if. 'H PM af? N fl? .fd .gf ' 4' ifflff. , " f iff? X" H W., ,l 5, -V 262' 1, ..4iYJ ww 5 .wg I 'W nj- 11' College of Medicine adds research wing, SI00 000 betairon An expanded College of Medicine rose to meet the needs of the university and the community this year. One of the na- tion's largest and most active medical schools, the college gained access to two new additions: a 7,000 sq. ft. research wing for the Department of Opthalmology and a specially-built concrete wing to house a fl5l00,000 hetatron. The college assumed new functions as the Medical Center incorporated the State Sanatorium at Oakdale. The Sanatorium is being adapted for the rehabilitation and treatment of chronic diseases. Q -:Q fl pf af' Medical students are usually either studying on working. The lighted tower of University Hospitals is '1 cam pus landmark. ROBERT C. I'lARDIN, liege of Medicine V ' .ue L., .- .. J we-'f:.'. ,Z ME., -.,. , .-.:., , . I I M m 1, ,EEL K A s f Z , , , Z. w - mi . If -' .ny MF? I N, Y. Mi, X " , H ' ,N P , , N , ' , 4' kfx.g5x5jff' , ,, , my vxa W Y- , . ..,v , ' -, K , vu 'E -1. , " ' ' "' -...rx 1, f 1: ,. ,.. Htl' ,9i" 1 1. i i .5 I , viii' 17,-I Patients' records are partially maintained by medical students. A medical intern applies an intravenous set-up, Yi 1 w' , .ti 1- ' Fi-j' .117-if ' M is 34, 1 3, il :yi ' yn ff, , 1'-' T .1 wi N - 1.1. ,, - 1 ,1,., A Q - M ff ' 'i b it s bij "3 li v i "'s. J -.,..--.-f 4 ...y uf -44 College of Nursing reorganizes undergraduate program Several changes marked the past year at the College of Nursing, including reorgani- zation of the undergraduate program, the addition of an assistant dean, and remodel- ing of facilities. Beginning in September, the college com- bined its two baccalaureate programs into one undergraduate program. Miss Etta Rasmussen was named assistant dean. The college also moved into two remod- eled floors in Westlawn, and added new classrooms, student lockers and lounge rooms. fr! Ll 9 .wi A student nurse practices the intricacies of read- ing a patient's blood pressure. Taking patients to different departments for tests is part of a studenfs job. LAURA DUSTAN, ege of Nursing Ist- 'UF' ,5- Ei? 'J LQ?- if-4' rf' E1 The College offices were expanded during the summer, and a student lounge was added. Nobody can make a bed like a nurse, al- though the students can testify it takes practice. :QQ 2 --.5 iii R ' ' . H, .-: 1, 1' mu 'L -3 ' I ' In N 'Q , mf.. Yf6j,,:.1'!'17L- i if ,swf-f---'f,',."'f-- 4 ' ' fi Preparing medications is an important part of a student nurse's training on the ward. ained ankle feels much better after a t nurse properly wraps it. 1 College of Pharmacy undergraduate, graduate classes grow Q Enrollment in the College of Pharmacy undergraduate program grew from 187 stu- dents in the fall of 1964 to 216 last fall and the graduate program grew from 48 stu- dents to 60. Pre-pharmacy students num- bered 65 in 1964 and 83 in 1965. The College provides a five-year course of study that trains students for practice in all fields of pharmacy. The first year is spent in Liberal Arts, the next four in the College. As seniors, pharmacy students prepare pharmaceutical products in large quantities for routine use in University Hospitals and Student Health. Y I 1 L Careful measuring of ingredients is important, as a pharmacy student soon learns. The College of Pharmacy's version of cut-glass decanters adorn a display case, DEAN'LoU1s C. Z College of Pharr EL: , .F . f. .4 '-. rf vfx, :.,',' f:..1.""f, 4' gf-ll' F'- L 5-.He 42 V . ihvnpoawri The determination to succeed in both her experiments and pharmacy is obvious on this coed's face. Following his instructions intently, a phar- macy student reaches lor the next tool he needs. . ' i ,i Q! N. 1- . ,-,'. , -1-4.5.51-,..-f.e-fe-:TW -f , L,4,.,n. , E-..-LY , . . 1 'X 'Wi' s fl - 79 -., X R vi' -v 451' T ?x Q-'ln gi., ,A Y' - . A 1' pf sl Q sa Xuu 1. Q Vx its -4? 'WL-f Ax fy K - ii-. 1 vii. Z' Q t T61 Q sw. gyms. 4F-yn! w NA, ,5 it ' I P A -z xc J QU 4.3! 1:3 " ,. . ., .-1,1 - H Qiijiwg 'Hi , ' ' iPf,fz7f9V ' 3' . . -f--"T 37- - f f 'ii ' : . . 4'-ff' A 'Hi , 1,42 ' v C541 My il , ' -A: Pla A. vii A f' . Q A TQ? . .1iA QRw5gLL51' sg! 'A Y :Lf .i"1 4 ,. ,. N.W,T, ,:,.. . .w 0- ,, 1515 ' "9" ,.i:', f A 5 .f1?1" ' V '- - A r' ' Azu.AA -n if . :Y J, My A QA' 4.1-A-r,A ,-.15 A if . ' 1 all Wu ' X xx Q m-q .li --A s. xy ..4 s. . 1 I ,..f+f,-wh, g ' FH-A ,1TiA: ivy' 17-xl' ,L L , A-'K' lf, . , 5 K ,X . , A An W, 'fn W , " ffm- 'JA' . -, fA '2f:A,+.-iw ,, A, ,S-,.H - .ykzh A , Q, .A W,,f,y,L.,Q-5 , ,, , ,M ' -Af, A1 4' r - , - A..-A4 ., .:A5".f. ,. 74 f '3',. A' A12 -'--.-' 4 AQ," .Liu K T - JL..,51'f1,H'gA A,LEE1 I' A f?? Ai5if-A. K .":fr' I.-. ' . R ' '-SV ,.A 5' I Nfl-fs,'ff'A , ARA.. M !sA'5-Eg,.QT', A 'l4TvX?rg?q- :fy H ,Q ' . . , , . ,X A X -, '13 A 'V' - . , " p 4' I .I ' .,,1., V' ' l , wg ,Lv ,Y JH-,JA-M 5 'HA -. A , A. -. M if . . .X . - rxf . 'iq Q ' A4 ' A, 'YL' ' ' ,VT . . 'V H- , - , 3- A 7: " A -1, nfnzfi .A K N ,gil -A at . "5 . A ' 1 1' if l nf. lx .N X 4 MEP AN ' A' A fi , . W7 .gill , .4--5. N 7-W W4 ' Q n. ' I V u :vi '- " ,"T-ff -A T54 -' ' Q - ' ' A 1: 'A ,A4T:A:AfA2Q-Qff.'mAgAAAA A 12 y+52.:f"'1:z1 A ' w1f.,' f ' A -"5 f ii-.wa ? '-tt., 'f :X 'Vyl , - J' gf . A ' I vii . mt-if' 1 0. , 7 f,"i'..9A xi, 3 -5- f ' ', -,Z-' "U "I H, K K tk' 'un A I, A 'Qga ffl 4' ' 'A.l'A!AJ?3f'kvA" A 1 f 1' . 44-ws, , H ANZ QS. ,J XA S :fx AA31v:f,qi'43AJ, : , P Ah A ' - I .A"'Q wk 'A ixskf 1:1 gg, AXA 35gk wr, ' f .inf ,J f. '4' ' " ,r ' , F. w Q: -'K ' .. . A JL, A- , A I N-1 "AL, ry. I,:Vl'xA A - ,. , V , 'ljif Q, -N li L , .l'7-91,0145 c1'a...A 27.-'HA A '3 J' ig 4 n n x School of Social Work reorganizes plan 'I'o include summers As an initial result of four years of plan- ning, the School of Social Work expects the enrollment to increase from 67 to 80 MA. degree candidates next year. Basic to the new program is the reorgani- zation of the upracticumn to provide a single, continual experience by utilizing the summer between the two years of gradua- ate study, enabling students to complete work two months before commencement. Work is done under the supervision of members of the staff and qualified members of participating agencies. 5 . , , , 'l Students in social work hold consultations with doctors and nurses when helping patients. Children are often helped by social workers and are one area of a specihc study lor students. on FRANK Z. Gucic, al of Social Work I. Eugene Spaziani . . . Zoology . . . antithesis ol' "anemic scientist" stereotype . . . oblique humor . . . scepticism without cynicism . . . suspected of omniscience . , . he believes all classes should be ol' honors quality . . . Candid, perceptive . . . a man of quiet intensities. v Betty Dales . . . nursing . . . ward instructor, theory lec- turer . . . doesn't hover , . . believes in individual effort and accomplishment . . . a resource person . . . jocular . . . argumentative . . . knows her own mind, likewise expects students to know theirs . . . un good head." Donald K. Woolley . , . journalism . . . he makes pho- tography an experience as well as a class . . . known throughout the University and the state for his highjinks . . . a professor who teaches in the classroom . . . admired, but an enigma to his own students. 82 Q! We 1143511-ie' 'hi f rv- 1 .1 'l"'t 1: , 1 : ge -arg: ., '-Pda A Qhlgn '3 9:2155 ' Iames N. Murray . , . political science . . . distills com- plexities to an easily-followed framework . . . an artist . . . doesn't take attendance, doesn't have to . . . a slashing, pointed sense of humor . . . vital, compelling . . . one of us, yet lar more. Marcia Thayer . . . physical education . . . disciplines students' minds as well as their bodies . . . inspires de- votion from her students . . . dynamic ligure on stage . . , has brought dancing into theatre productions . . . tireless in her elforts to promote dance on campus. ,Z Clark Griffith . . . English . . . very well organized, rapid fire lecturer . . . "one of the best in the department" . . a strict taskmaster . . . highly volatile temperment . . extraordinary clarity . . . vigorous . . . erudite and com municative . . . respected f Beatrice Litherland . . . home economics . . . gives stu- dents free rein, lots ol' encouragement . . . cheerful . . . en- thusiastic, especially good for teaching intro courses . . . very imaginative . . . an interested instructor . . . well- rounded . . . a good example to her students Patrick L. Alston . . . history . . . no sacred cows, no quasi- sophistieation . . , a real mania for thinking . . . "wild" . . . immersed in his work . . . a boon to the prospective scholar . . . a foe ol rote, a teacher of concepts . . . aware, concerned, but most of all, evocative .rf Samuel M Fahr aw . colorful . . . has interests Hung from Peruvian agrarian reform to Des Moines art centers bicycles, submarines, red socks , . . anecdotal humor . . . loves teaching . . . his specialties are criminal, family law ., . . hypercynieal . . . unforgettable 5 Philip G. Hubbard . . . dean, academic affairs , . . ex- ceptionally capable administrator . . . no professor in a cocoon, he , . . dignified, articulate . . . heart open to everyone . . . altruistic diplomat . . , "tops in his held" . . . a versatile genius . . . going up, last Iay Melrose . . . speech pathology and audiology . . . Oto- Iaryrigalogy and maxiofacialsurgy . . . a specialist with a flair for getting his material across . . . always willing to listen to his students . . . happy-go-lucky . . . lectures easily, clearly and well . Marshall B. MeKusiek . . . anthropology . . . state arche- ologist . . . a human Hgure in the classroom as well as on digs . . . devoted to "hifi students . . . makes the past understandable and educational . . . a lighter for preser- vation of archeological sites in Iowa. ' 'ts i " .R if. ,fu . .1 ., . x -1 , 3 , , as ,if , ,L , I r 21? gc i , i Na, 5 .K J 4 1-sf i .J l I V X 'Y ,fl I BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Mueller, Kathryn Taafle, Eliz- beth Webber, Iudith Beese, Patricia Ienkins, Catherine Kenny, Diane Shulke, Elizabeth Osenbaugh, Iudy Rueg- nitz. ROW 2: Virginia Leslie, Martha McCormick, Pa- tricia Miller, Middie Mae Petersen, Mary Herrick, Barb Hertz, Barb Trummel, Marsha Morgan, Sandra Upson. Alpha Lambda Delta honors Alpha Lambda Delta is an honorary society for women who achieve a 3.5 grade average during one of their first two semesters at . , ,A ,, L V . I I '- N N . ' .1 - ' ., , 1 A V " 'i Elfxfa V Q i i gg" :Y l 5-q:'TZ':' 1 4 Q M .. Mi U ROW 3: Iudy Young, Jean Eckels, Ianice Hopkey, Lynn Paulin, Ian Abbas, Mary James, Sharon Baker, Iane Wolfe, Linda Marsh, lean Gutshall. ROW 4: Maureen O'Bryon, Iean Walter, Elizabeth Gilbert, Fran Puhl, Marcella Neu- bauer, Gerda Murra, lean Valentine, Elizabeth Lee, Ianet McRoberts, Ianet Gutshall. outstanding freshman women the University. Their purpose is to strive for higher academic standards. Phi Eta Sigma gives academic recogni+ion +o freshman men Phi Eta Sigma recognizes high academic achievement among freshman men. A 3.5 average is required for membership. An BOTTOM ROW: Ioe Whitehouse, Lee Dicker, William Steward, Richard Randell, William Hopkins, Eric Thorp, Kenneth McBeath, Michael Shea. ROW 2: Charles Ro- land, Martin O'Donnell, David Bell, Edward Tout, james outstanding senior member is presented the Iohn Briggs Award annually. Longstreth, Bruce Dugstad, Iohn Iames. ROW '31 Larry Burke, Michael Donohue, Iohn Corcoran, Iohn Cerwin, Earl Kemp, Richard Salge, Donald Sierk. Mortar Board sponsors Smarty Party, Graduate Study Nugh+ Mortar Board, national honorary organi- zation for senior Women, strives to encour- age scholarship, leadership, and service among women on campus. Mortar Board membership is selective. Those who most nearly represent the desired qualities are tapped. The program for this year's activities in- cluded the Smarty Party with a Batman theme for Women with 3.25 or above first semester averages, Graduate Study Night, and the Leadership Banquet for those who have made significant contributions to the university. Mortar Board members also were host- esses for Orientation, Union Open House and other University functions. Sally Stage was president. Batmarfs trials were explained in a skit held for Mortar board's annual Smarty Pfirty BOTTOM ROW: Pat VanHeel, Brenda Schnede, Sally Dallas Murphy, Martha Lipton ROW 3 Andrea Raskm Stage, Ioan Countryman, Diane Corson, Tucki Apel. ROW Nancy Matthias Linda Weis Carolyn Smith Carolyn 2: lean Fee, Linda Lamson, Bette Smith, Carol Faulk, Lukensmeyer, Martha Bergstresser an A ' . I fi S-.f BOTTOM ROW: Iohn Dooley, Morris Knopf, Gene Krekel, Walter Barbee, Edward Bennett. ROW 3: M. L. Huit, Charles Dick, Ion Van Dusseldorp, Dennis Pauling, Tom Iohn Platt, Thomas Cromwell, Bill Rosebrook, James Longden. ROW 2: Michael Martin, Dennis Wilken, Ste- Moses, Bryan Clemons. phen Iones, George Forell, Carl Fackler, Thomas Stone, Omicron Delia Kappa picks Dad of Year, plans alum breakfast ODK oliicers plan a lull year of activities for members and help with Dad's Day. Outstanding men in athletics, student government, social and religious affairs are chosen members of Omicron Delta Kappa. Realizing that success is not limited to one area, these men have excelled in both schol- arship and leadership. This year's president was Gene Krekel. The chapter sponsored the Dad of the Year contest and the annual Homecoming break- fast for alumni. ODK also kept busy throughout the year with regular supper meetings. New members of ODK are tapped in the spring at the Leadership Banquet. Mortar Board, the honorary society for outstanding university women, traditionally taps news members at this banquet, also. Z Y 42 BUSINESS SENIORS MICHAEL ABELE, Cedarburg, Wis. SHIZUKO AKAMINE, Naha City, Okinawa KORRY ALBERTI, Iowa City HAROLD ANDERSON, Marshalltown RICHARD ANDERSON, Chariton GARY ARMSTRONG, Marshalltown LAVERNE ARP, Stockton LARRY ASPLEAF, Sioux City IOHN BALSTER, Clinton BERNADINE BARNES, Cedar Rapids RICHARD BARRY, Boone RUSSELL BATZ, Western Springs, Ill. LARRY BECKER, Lakota DEVERE BENDIXEN, Davenport JOHN BERGGREN, Des Moines IOHN BLOODHART, Iowa City CARROLL BLOOMQUIST, Fort Dodge IAMES BLUM, Dubuque DONALD BOLAND, Cedar Rapids RONALD BOLAND, Cedar Rapids RONALD ROMBEI, west Chester SHIRLEY BONTRAGER, Keokuk RANDALL BORCHERDING, Latimer RICHARD BORCHERS, LeMars WILLIAM BOWEN, Iowa City PAUL BRANDT, Davenport PAUL BRAUN, Waterloo DAVID BRCKA, Iowa City CHARLES BRECKENRIDGE, Newton IOHN BRODIE, Muscatine MARVIN BRUCK, Panama IOHN BUCHANAN, Denton, Tex. SHEILA BUESCHER, Burlington ROGER BURKEN, Charlotte WILLIAM BURNETT, Iowa City RAYMOND BYERS, Fremont MICHAEL CALLAWAY, Burlington DICK CALTA, Iowa City STEVE CHANDLER, Iowa City ROBERT CHIADO, Des Moines MARK COATS, Stratford EUGENE CODER, Clinton STEVEN COLLINS, IOWa City DAVID COLLISON, Davenport JOHN COOK, Cedar Falls THOMAS COONEY, Dubuque RAYMOND COOPER, Sioux City ARLENE CRAIG, Aurora JAMES GRAM, North English IAMES CRAWFORD, Columbus junction JEROME CROSS, Vinton PRICE DALSTROM, Iowa City DARROLD DANDY, schailef IOHN DARNALL, omaha, Neb. COLLYN DENIO, LuVerne PHYLLIS DENISON, Cedar Rapids CURTIS DIERDORFF, Moscow NATHAN DILLINGI-IAM, Perry CHARLES DISSELHORST, Burlington DENNIS DUITCH, Des Moines DENVER DVORSKY, Iowa City PHILIP DYLHOFF, Gilman STEPHEN ECI-ITERNACH, Crystal Lake, MARY ELLEN ELLIS, Sioux City IEROME ESSER, Gunenberg TED FARISS, Iowa City RONALD FEDER, Cedar Rapids FERN FELDMAN, Allison DOUGLAS FETZER, Victor RAYMOND FLUHARTY, Garwin EDWARD FORDYCE, Iowa City RICHARD FREEMAN, Oskaloosa JOHN FRY, III, Cedar Rapids LAVONIA GAUNT, Marshalltown IAMES GIBBS, Chariton MARVIN GOLDSTEIN, Mason City RONALD GORDY, Muscatine KATHRYN GOTBERG, Odebolt DAVID GROENEWOLD, Everly RICHARD GRUBER, Mount Prospect, Ill. Ill BUSINESS SENIORS BUSINESS SENIORS THOMAS GRUPP, Mason City IAMES GUGLE, Ottumwa SAMUEL HAAS, Davenport DONALD HALL, I-Iornick MARTIN HANSON, Iowa City LAVERN HARVEY, Betlendorl IVAN HASSELBUSCH, Iowa City WILLIAM HEITMEIER, Letts LARRY HERSHBERGER, Keswick ALLEN HERYFORD, Union IOHN HIRKO, Iowa City KAY ANN HOFMANN, Bettenclorf RAY HOPPE, Middle RAN SON HOWE, Muscatine IEAN HUDSON, Muscatine DAVID I-IULETT, Iowa City STEVEN HULL, Oltumwa DALE HUMISTON, Morning Sun LARRY HUSMANN, Monticello GEORGE ILLIAN, Des Moines STEVEN IACOBS, Davenport CAROL IEFFRIES, Chariton MICHAEL IENNINGS, Columbus THOMAS IESSEN, Waterloo GARY IOI-INSON, Keokuk IOSEPH IOHNSON, Iowa City RODNEY IOHNSON, Clear Lake RONALD IOHNSON, Iowa City MARICA JONES, Aberdeen, S. D. GAYLEN IUNGLING, Parkersburg RITA KELLER, Osceola ALLEN KILBERGER, Fairfax BRUCE KIMMERLE, Dundee ROBERT KNIGHT, Davenport ALBERT KOEHLER, Park Ridge, Il HENRY KOESTER, Dubuque FRANK KOS, Washington ROBERT KULA, Anamosa DAVID KUTSCHER, Iowa City ROBERT LAING, Iowa City Iunttion LEE LAWSON, Boone DAVID LENSCH, Fairfax MICHAEL LINDG-REN, Stanton WILLIAM LISLE, Clarinda IAMES LOCKE IR., Columbus Iunction MARY LOVE, Ida Grove PAUL LUND, Iowa City ERIC LUNDQUIST, Iowa City IAMES MALONEY, Cedar Rapids DION MARKLE, Iowa City IOSEPH MARKS, Urbandale STEPHEN MASHEK, Waterloo NORMAN MASON, Keokuk TONIA MCCAHILL, Iowa City CHARLES MCCALL, Oskaloosa ROBERT MCKNIGHT, Burlington RONALD MERRITT, Marengo DAN MERTA, Fairfax CECIL MILES, Keokuk BOWMAN MILLER, Des Moines DENNY MILLER, Cedar Rapids GENE MILLER, Cedar Rapids KEMP MILLER, Burlington RON MILLER, Fort Dodge MARTHA MISTA, Monona ROBERT MITCHELL, Moline, Ill. LYLE MOELLER, Boone LYNN MOELLER, Davenport DICK MONTGOMERY, Larrabee RICHARD MONTROSS Ir., Millersburg DAVID MOORE, Cedar Rapids EUGENE MOORE, Tipton IUDY MUENCH, Boone RUSSELL NADEN, Webster City DONALD NEIMAN, Des Moines IOHN NELSON, Bouton RONALD NEWELL, Iowa City LINDA N IEBAUM, Sioux City WILLIAM NISSEN, Davenport CHARLES NOBLE, St. Louis, Mo. BUSINESS SENIORS BUSINESS SENIORS AN DERS NORGAARD, East Alton, Ill. GARY NORMAN, Ottumwa JOHN NOYD, Odebolt MICHAEL NUGENT, Iowa City IAY OLSEN, Rock Rapids WILLIAM ORR, Fort Madison DAVID OTT, Wheatland ROGER OTTERSTEIN, Fayette IAMES PARKHURST IR., Manchester DONALD PAUL, Muscatine RICHARD PECK, Iowa City RAYMOND PEPER, Schleswig BRIAN PETERS, DeWitt THOMAS PETERSEN, Durant MARK PETERSON, Dayton JIM PLOEN, Maryville MARK POLEN, Aurora, 111. PAUL POWERS, Dubuque THOMAS PURVIS, New Shrewsbury, N. 1. JAMES QUINN, Iowa City DEAN RAMPSON IR., Dubuque CHARLES RANDALL, Sioux City IERRY RATHMANN, Davenport IAMES REIER, West Liberty THOMAS REINHARDT, Onawa IUDITH REINHART, Solon PHILLIP RIEMENSCHNEIDER, Eldora IAMES RICHARDSON, Iowa City DAVID RISLEY, Davenport DAVID RITCHIE, Knoxville MICHAEL ROCCA, Cedar Rapids MICHAEL RODDY, Mason City IOHN ROENFELDT, Davenport ROBERT ROMINE, Des Moines DENNIS ROSSMAN, Atlantic TOM SALL, Iowa Falls IAMES SCI-IEETZ, Oxford CHARLES SCHEINING, Mediapolis RONALD SCHERUBEL, Palos Heights, Ill MELVIN SCHOEPPNER, Carroll DENNIS SCHUETT, Wilton Iunction PAUL SCHUH, Fort Dodge CARL SCHUMACHER, Marengo STANLEY SCHUMACHER, Woolstock GERALD SERFLING, Cresco ROBERT SHERIDAN, Monmouth, Ill. STEVE SIDWELL, Cedar Rapids KENT SISSEL, Muscatine IUDY SMITH, Cummings RICHARD SPAIN, Clinton IAMES STARR, Wyoming CATHY STOCKMAR, Iowa City WILLIAM STROBACH, Des Moines THOMAS STROOPE, Marion BASIL SWAIM, Drakesville JAMES SWARTZENDRUBER, Kalona KENNETH SWARTZENDRUBER, Kalona CARL THELE, Wever RONALD THOMPSON, Muncie, Ind. IERRY THORNTON, Des Moines ROBERT TOBIASON, Monticello CARRY TOERBER, Lamson RONALD TOWELL, Iowa City ROBERT TRAVIS, Eldora EDWARD TREICHEL, Broadview, Ill. RALPH TRICKLER, Burlington ROBERT TUCKER, Guttenberg ARLEN TWEDT, Nevada IIM VALENTA, Cedar Rapids FRED VOLLBEER, Eldridge DONALD WALKER, Iowa City IIM WALKER, Iowa City DAVID WANGBERG, Duncombe IERRY WARD, Iowa Falls RICHARD WAUGH, Redding NICK WEEDE, Bettendorf CHARLES WELTER, Ottosen WILLIAM WERESCH, Lombard, Ill. DAVID WERTZBERGER, Iowa City ARLYN VVI-IITE, Hartley CHARLOTTE WHITE, Iowa City STANLEY WIEBOLD, Amana MARLIN WIESE, Tama WILIAIVI WIESE, Rhodes IAMES WILSON, Carroll MARVIN WILSON, Winterset SOLVEIG WINBORN, Williamsburg WILLIAM WINEGARDNER, Des Moines ELI WIRTZ, West Bend MERLE WRATISLAW, Waterloo IAY YOUNG, Atlantic BUSINESS SENIORS 5 ,s,,fff'..z., -'ry iss ' F Business students study in the Phillips Hall library. Reference materials help majors in their course work. Up-to-date business machines are used as teaching aids. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Leonard, Art Bedeian, Wayne Wolff, Roger Aldrich, Ronald Bombei, Arthur Howe, Eugene Pankey, Ivan Hasselbusch, lim Maloney, Richard Anderson, Ierome Cross, Basil Swairn, Steve Seymour, Carl Dexheimer, Iohn Hinton. ROW 2: David Brcka, Andy Norgaard, Iames Starr, David Groenewold, Carl Schuma- cher, Eugene Sample, Robert Harris, Roderick Evans, Will- iam Wcresch, Ralph Trickler, Dion Markle, Michael lack- son, Virg Wagner, Mark Peterson, Paul Gengler. ROW 3: james Blum, Collyn DeNio, Robert Kula, Steven Ferring, Edward Arnold, Kenneth Barkhurst, David Ritchie, LeRoy Vander Schoor, Iames Hartrick, Roger Hackman, Michael Iennings, Larry Hershberger. ROW 4: Geoffrey Lewis, Stephen Sidwell, Robert Tucker, Iohn McMorris, Tom Pe- tersen, Fred Vollbeer, Iohn Balster, Gene Wunder, Ted Ward, William Bowen. Alpha Kappa Psi is sponsor of Business Careers Conference Alpha Kappa Psi otlicers led their group to outstanding honors as one of the top chapters in the country. Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity, consists of eligible students seek- ing degrees from the College of Business Administration. For the past two years, the Alpha Xi chapter has ranked as one of the top chap- ters in the country by attaining 100,000 points in the national eHiciency contest. The chapter sponsored the annual Business Careers Conference in February and many of its members were active in honorary fra- ternities in business and accounting. The members built a Homecoming float with Phi Gamma Nu, held a winter formal and a spring picnic, participated in profes- sional meetings, and sponsored a civic and research project. VV! WEE, V , . J A P531 l ,',.v -' ""' Lum U, ,1 in Ci - i,? N' A WJ is I f 51 i f f Q , Q if yy + A 1 G x ' . LZEJVJI ' gp! - '-ggi G, W-lg' I 'Gt 394 E ' JR .j 9 "T f 4 W .9 ,., 'G' I r ,sy ,EQ ,A 3, gg V sv ,g, S Q , - Lu ' ig' 13' WWW ,ifivifgfv I, -U I iq rf 1 v M 4" "" N. 2-.., L 'gi url Y, . 'fi ., I ' ' ., iid f Q- I sv' I . -Q.. Q 'Q '- . 4 Q-:::'l.nQ:l,., Q- A all iii: 333--W -.5-Q' X .- -- :ist , V ' '-' .. ul1i: :'iL1i1f-fu ""'----. 'i ll iii: - 'ii H . 117 "-1""--- .. "T 'liffillll "::'2E EE .Q--' , ll llllz i' Q25 :HH .....:g::g.,V ,. 'E M l ' . 7-59i::--izr :M-'N "-M--.... l: 6 "'?'7f.-':nu'Tn"'.2:' g 1,7 .....,,, :: ..4'f'5,g-I Q i :'3'lQ,3Z':. 4, ,A 'I' Y V Affini- M Hwiil an un. rr-:L .' - foiFHA ,IXWQKKWWAL 'id W ,ai . . SEQ i :z Avg 3 V, . 4 . f SQ vel- K - 4, p """". 77,5 1 1 an ,' V " X ix.- ' I N 1-it 3,1 N W L V Y. -.-'.?k.'i . z R l - -' :'- 9g., 1:-"5 ' ".1.f3" '. sf ' we ,f.f 's"f2 -P.. " .3g. ' -1 ' 1 .. ' XA' 'nr +I? ' . W , ,I ' ,Fig Az . " 3-' ' f 'Pxf Q ,QI Q 'fn A 1 Wi rr-as 5 1-:ery-ze: Collegiate Chamber of Commerce focuses on careers The governing body of the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce is elected by the students in the College of Business Admin- istration. The activities and projects of the group provide experience and oppor- tunities in the field of business. In February, the group held an annual Business Careers Conference. Discussion during the two-day event focused on avail- able careers in business. Prominent busi- nessmen representing different fields, took part in panel discussions. The Chamber also sponsored a banquet in May for the students and faculty in the College. Mark Miller was president. Roger Miller, assistant professor of business administra- tion, was adviser. BOTTOM ROW: David Ritchie, lim Maloney, jean Hud- son, Mark Peterson, James Blum. ROW 2: Tonia Mc- Cahill, Gary Toerber, Paul Bazelides, David Croenewold, '-r- --N .. I l 1 A guest speaker is greeted at the annual Careers Confer ence in February, Kay Hoffmann. ROW 3: Paul Powers, DeVere Bendixen Professor Roger Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Iudy Muench, Iacquelyn Roberts, Bar- Vonna Gaunt, Kathryn Gtotberg, Barbara Haines, Ioan bara Scott, Sue Shidler, Mary Smith, Sandi Smith, Sheila Hall, Geraldine Hautzler, Sue Heddesheimer, Kay Hol- Vedder, Sue Yetter. ROW 2: Marcia Iones, Dana Kohe, mann, Iean Hudson. ROW 4: Clarice Arnold, Shirley Sheryl Kail, lean Langesen, Karen Martin, Carolyn Mat- Bontrager, Della Brewer, Arlene Craig, Mary Beth Davis, thews, Tonia McCahill, Martha Mista. ROW 3: La- Kathy Duffy, Phyllis Dutton, Mary Ellen Ellis. Siyle show, trip to Minneapolis highlight Phi Gamma Nu year Phi Gamma Nu olificers led their group in its efforts to promote business careers for women. Phi Gamma Nu is open to all business administration majors who have maintain- ed a grade average of 2.0. The group aims to promote fellowship and business careers for women students. A style show, guest speakers at monthly meetings, float building for Homecoming and selling popcorn added to their main activities of banquets and the annual Careers Conference. Members also took a Held trip to Minneapolis. The president of the group was Linda Niebaum. Other ofiicers were Kay Stringer and Tonia McCahill, first and second vice presidents, Sandra Smith, secretary, Arlene Craig, treasurer: and lean Hudson, scribe. BO'IvI'OM ROW: Edwin Skorupa, Robert Iensen, Richard Gruber, lay Young, Marcia Iones, Mark Mueller, Marvin Bruck, Tonia McCahiIl. ROW 2: Kemp Miller, Paul Powers, Doug Zmolek, David Moore, Virgil Swanson, Dale Student Marketing Association This student branch of the American Marketing Association strives for better un- derstanding and experience in the Held of Iacobsen, Chuck Koberg. ROW 3: Larry Becker, Roger Kubik, Dennis Petersen, Lee Lawson, Charles Noble, Sam- uel Otting. seeks practical experience marketing. Application of knowledge to job situations was the topic of the yearis programs. Beta Alpha Psi honors outstanding accounting students With selective requirements for member- ship, this honorary accounting organiza- tion provides a broader understanding and BOTTOM ROW: loseph Marks ,Raymond Armknecht, Iohn Engstrom, Ronald Bombei, Dale Humiston, Don Go- lik. ROW 2: Bernadine Bames, Paul Braun, Ioseph Mc- Evoy, William Cook, Iames Blum, Raymond Byers, Shar- promotes interest in accounting. President lohn Engstrom led the group through a full round of activities this year. on Henry. ROW 3: Frank Kos, Stephen Sidwell, Ivan Hasselbusch, Robert Tucker, Eugene Coder, Paul Bazel- ides, Philip Walk, David Groenewold. DENTISTRY SENIORS THEODORE ALMQUIST, Albert City IVAN ANOELL, Leighton THOMAS ASARCH, iowa City IAMES BEURLE, cedar Rapids PAUL ABRAHAMSON, Bismarck, N. D DONALD BLEv1Ns, Mccomb, 111. GLENN BOOK, Des Moines ANTHONY BROWN, Des Moines IAMES CHERVENY, Marshalltown BRYAN CLEMONS, Chariton PAUL COLLINS, Davenport STEVEN COOPER, Davenport IAMES DAI-IM, Pella DENNIS DEWITT, Des Moines DAVID ELLEFSON, Decorah MICHAEL ERICKSON, Glen Ellyn, GARY FINGERT, Des Moines DAVID GRANT, Iowa City IAMES GUNDERSON, Lake Mills DONALD HANNEMAN, Vinton IAY HOCKETT, Des Moines HAL JOHNSON, Northwood BHASKAR IOSI-II, Ratnagiri, India MICHAEL KREEKOS, Sioux City 'TERRY KULLBOM, Lewis IAMES LOFGREN, Bloomfield WARREN MARINACCIO, Iowa City IOI-IN MCCLOSKEY. Dubuque LARRY MCCRAY, Davenport EDWARD IVICGREEVEY, Waucoma ION MCWHINNEY, Cedar Rapids STEVEN MELGAARD, Keokuk DONALD MULLEN, Muscatine DALE NIGHTINGALE, Iowa City WAYNE PRALL, Moline, Ill. MARION RATLIFF, Red Oak ROBERT REINKE, Hartley GEORGE RITSON IR., Clarinda IAY ROSENBERGER, Altoona DAVID SCHRODY, Cedar Rapids ARNOLD SPERFSLAGE, Mt. Pleasant IOHN STEGER, Dubuque WALTER STIDWELL, Ieflerson IURIS STRAUMAN IS, Solon BRUCE STUMBAUGH, Monticello HEYO TIARKS, Dubuque ROBERT WAY, Galesburg, Ill. DAVID WHITTEMORE, Delhi Ill. I ' v ,,. A ,N 'i!..3 f w Wi? I. V L .W 1 K N lilhsvns 'Fl"'qs -min' .. ..,..,,,-T-, -Win.. I -'fn 153:51-:,V,,,, V ' .mf '- 1.-.w ,ini , R , WV, - 1. 'mx if x N l Y 4 l..'. I .f , X., N .0 - Q.. ,JJ W .., A Q. m li- .44 ' -1 "V 45" Eff:-.ani , xitw 1 IQ? " .J 2: .gg 6 . , Delta Sigma Delta presents movies to VA Hospital patients V' "Emi, 1 ' 'A . . , . .1 ffgjeih Two Delta Sigs try to improve their technique at handling a drill by practicing at the house. BOTTOM ROW: D. Cutz, I. Beurle, B. Clemons, H. Iohn- son, T. Asarch, W. Marinaccio, R. Way, P. Baldwin, I. McCloskey, S. Cooper, M. Erickson, D. Blevins, I. Rosen- berger, M. Kreekos, Dr. P. W. Herrick. ROW 2: W. Stid- well, S. Melgaard, R. Smith, D. Schrody, I. Wells, A. Hav- ick, D. Bierie, P. Abrahamson, K. Willer, T. Sharples, C. Fingert, D. Miller, N. Glass, I. Hansell, D. Whittemore, High goals and professional attitudes de- scribe the members of this dental fraternity. Their purpose is to keep the high standards of dentistry by inculcating in the minds of dental students a spirit of fraternal cooper- ation toward scientific, ethical, and profes- sional progress. The Delta Sigs presented weekly movies to the patients at Veterans Administration Hospital as a service project. They also schedule table clinics where new dental ideas were discussed. Along with studying, time was also found to sponsor a Christmas party, Homecoming dance, post New Year's Eve party, and Senior Banquet. Delta Sig president was Philip Baldwin. T. Hess, C. Thie. ROW 3: D. Carver, M. Leuck, D. Kiesau, R. Falb, R. Nightingale, K. Burrows, T. Waskow, R. Miller, C. Iungmann, D. Nassen, I. Simon, R. Edwards. B. Woollolk, T. McDermott, I. Watson, M. Nelson. ROW 4: N. Luebke, I. Mick, I. Ancell, I. Gunderson, I. Hansell. R. Stoner, D. Howe, R. Stempel, C. Cormany, I. Anderson. I. Coniglio, G. Ritson, I. Purdie, T. Gound, D. Good. Sometimes it helps to get the opinion of several friends before starting to lecture or lab. A corner of the living room floor to spread out reference books is needed sometimes, to make practical applica- tions. fir- V: Y . """'w-why: Whether entertaining their dates or study- ing for a clinic, Psi O's Find it's more pleas- ant in the fraternity's new house. . ,f ,1- W5 -xx s- ,. x xx Y ,,.te X -f", I Busy Psi O's 'Furnish their new house, build dental lab Dentists often seem to be interested only in their profession, but Psi O activities are Widely varied. 'To furnish the three-story addition to their newly-acquired house at 220 River St., members painted, laid floor tile and built a dental lab. A color television set for the lounge was assembled from a kit. A presentation on stocks and investments at a monthly meeting resulted in the for- mation of an investment club for those in- terested in learning more about the field. The highlight of the Christmas party was the senior skit, a parody of dental edu- cation. Homecoming and spring parties were other major social events. ' BOTTOM ROW: D. Trimble, D. Camp, A. Brown, I. Straurnanis, W. Liudahl, R. Reinke, T. Almquist, W. Prall, I. Workman, C. Wyse, R. Cannon, R. Vlack, R. Hollander, Heyo Tjarks. I. Steger. ROW 2: I. Carton, D. Cothier. H. Vander Hoek, G. Williams, E. House, B. Paetz, I. Cher- veny, K. Carlson, I. Sperry, D. Grant, I. Dahm, L. Davis, I. McWhinney, G. Yarrington. ROW 3: A. Woodhouse, M. King, D. Spicer, C. Edwards, I. Cooper, M. Redenius, Singing provides a welcome break from the books. D, Randall, T. Clark, A. Ayers, E. McCrecvey, I. King, C- Book, M. Thomas, H. Harris, R. Grappenclorf. ROW 4 B. Di Mambro, K. Hammel, D. Mullen, G. Tonn, H. B Poepsel, C. Potter, R. Agnew, I. Leary, R. Cray D. Burks D. Bruns, D. Toft, D. Ring, B. Stumbaugh, T. M, Fake ROW 5: P. O'Brien, I. Long, E. Primmer, I. Haugen, T Bjorge, D. Helgevold, R. Brush, G. Wilson, I. Murtaugh P. Martin, D. Elvin. BOTTOM ROW: L. Drees, G. Collins, D. Rowe, C. Dun- gan, L. DeCamp, C. Bitker, L. Knudsen, D. Fitzsimmons, L. Noren, N. Woolsey, C. Minnis, M. Nurnberg, M. L. Smith. ROW 2: E. Wilkinson, C. Burns, I. Clark, K. Berg, C. Henning. D. Litsey, K, Conway, N. Grace, S. Williams, P. Lonning, S. Cozzens, P. Ward, D. Burr. ROW SF A. Hastings M. Zieg, P. Vollmar, M. Corwin, L. Meiner, A. Keeney, 1. Gastineau, I. Hotger, B. Holdorf, L. Mayberry, A. Pekarek. ROW 4: N. Brunner, B. Iohnson, S. Batman, DP . Chadwick, S. Schweitzer, G. Calza, M. Hayek, S. Harris, M. Aagesen, C. Getz. Junior American Dental Hygienisrs hear professionals Every coed in dental hygiene is a member of the Iunior American Dental Hygienists, Association. Members met twice a month Dental hygiene majors qualify Alpha Kappa Gamma promotes profes- sional excellence and fellowship among its members. The national dental hygiene fra- BOTTOM ROW: L. Noren, S. Wilken, D. Wilber, P. Vollmar, N. Grace, M. Zieg, S. Cozzens, R. Dyas, V. Stup- ka, N, Brunner, C. Minnis. ROW 2: A. Pekarek, S. Bat- man, L. Mayberry, A. Harman, L. DeCarnp, I. Clark, N. Woolsey, C. Bitker, D. Litsey, L. Knudsen, L. Drees, C. Collins, V. Gehlbach. ROW 3: A. Hastings, C. Dungan, to hear speakers talk on topics related to the dental hygiene field and to enjoy special events such as Decemberis chili supper. for Alpha Kappa Gamma ternity is open to all dental hygiene majors in good standing with the department. S. Harris, M. Hazelett, A. Keeney, I. Gastineau, V. Berg- strom, C. Burns, S. Schweitzer, C. Calza, P. Ward, K. Berg. ROW 4: D. Fitzsimmons, S. Williams, P. Lonning, D. Rowe, K. Conway, M. McArthur, M. Hayek, M. Nurnberg, D. Burr, L. Meiner, M. Corwin, S. Macke, M. L. Smith. Dental hygienists get help from an instructor. D MARIORIE AAGESEN, Iowa City SAUNDRA BATMAN, West Des Moines KAREN BERG, Albert City CHERYL BITKER, Clear Lake PAMELA BRUNSTROM, Davenport RUTH CARLSON, Madrid ANN CHADWICK, Park Ridge, Ill. KATHLEEN CONWAY, Muscatine MARILYN CORWIN, Coralville SARAH COZZENS, Zearing CAROL DUNCAN, Omaha, Neh. RUTH DYAS, Bellevue DIANE FITZSIMMONS, Des Moines NANCY GRACE, Des Moines ANDREA HASTINGS, Pomona, Calif. CONSTANCE HENNING, Galesburg, I LINDA KNUDSEN, Dm Moines DINAH LITSEY, Bellville, Ill. CAROLE LONG, Newton LOUISE NOREN, St. Charles, Ill. DOROTHY ROWE, Harvey, Ill. PATRICIA VOLLMAR, Glenview, Ill. DIANA WILBER, Carson SARAH WILKEN, Fort Madison ELLEN WILKINSON, Allan Park, Mich. MARY ZIEG, Lincoln, Neb. 'Q ,av ENTAL HYGIENE SENIORS 1 I ENGINEERING SENIORS CURTIS ACHENBACI-I, Lisbon SCOTT BAILEY, Iowa City LARRY BARES, Cedar Rapids IAMES BARRY, Lisbon DON BEARDSHEAR, Iowa City DAVID BERRY, Iowa City KENNETH BOIAN, Marion RICHARD BOYLE, Iowa City WILLIAM BUDELIER, Wilton junction DOUGLAS CLOW, Hopkinton IOHN COTTER, Mundelein, Ill. THOMAS CRANDALL, Fairfield GEORGE DAVIDA, Los Angeles, Calif. WILLIAM DEEGAN, Sulphur Springs MICHAEL DENOMA, Rock Island, Ill. MAX DIETRICH, Van Horne OSITA DIGWO, Awkuzu, Nigeria MICHAEL DRISKELL, Greenfield KENNETH EARNEST, Morning Sun IACK EKWALL, Ottumwa PETER ELDRIDGE, Dubuque MELVIN ELLIS, Bettendori ALLAN FARBER, Dubuque GUSTAVE FINK, Lansing RICHARD FIX, Granger VERNON FRANCIS, Salisbury, Rhodesia MICHAEL FULLER, Cedar Rapids PAUL GALBRAITI-I, Marengo GEORGE GALIC, Iowa City BURTON GEARHART, Newton LARRY GEIST, West Des Moines EVAN GERARD, Marengo MICHAEL GILBERT, Keokuk CORWIN GROTH, Davenport STANLEY HANGARTNER, Waukon MICHAEL HAYWARD, Des Moines STANLEY HERTEL, Amana IOHN HILL, Albuquerque, N. M. LARRY HINTZE, Davenport CHARLES I-IOFFNER, Olin ROBERT HOARK IR., Cedar Rapids ROBERT HUEWE, Remsen GEORGE HUSTON, Dearborn, Mich. PAUL IAGNOW, Coralville DAVID IOHN, Iamaica OSWALD IOHNSON, British Guiana IOHN IOHNSTON, Brayton PHILLIP IONES, Avery BRUCE KAISER, Iowa City RICHARD LANNERS, Dyersville LARRY LIEDTKE, Hartley RAY HACHACEK, Cedar Rapids JAMES MAUER, Stacyville PHILLIP MAYBERRY, Maquoketa PAUL MAYER, Clarksville GARY MCGILL, Big Bend, Wis. RICHARD MQKINLEY, Newport Beach, IOSEPH MCSWIGGIN, Wilton Iunction IOI-IN Mc-LAN E, Clinton RONALD MIERSEN, Strawberry Point BENIAMIN MILANDER, Fort Madison IIM MORGAN, Silvis, Ill. PAUL MUNDT, Wellman RICHARD NELSON, Iowa City THOMAS NESTRUD, Memphis, Tenn. DON NORMOYLE, Rock Island, Ill. IOSEPI-I PAPP, Berwyn, Ill. PHILIP PARSONS, Farmington, Mich. GARY PHILLIPS, Delhi GARY PINGEL, Fort Dodge IOHN PLETCHER, Clarion FELIZ RAMIREZ, East Moline, Ill. STANFORD REEVES, Manchester CHARLES RHODES, Kalona CHARLES RICE, Mount Vernon CARL ROBERTSON, Des Moines DANIEL ROCNESS, Royal LANNY ROTH, Burlington ALBERT RUNAU, Iowa City GERALD RUSSMAN, Minden ENGINEERING SENIORS Calif. ENGINEERING SENIORS IAMES SAYLOR JR., Rock Island, lll. IOHN SCHAFER II, Clinton RICHARD SCHEUBER, Ioliet, Ill. RONALD SCI-IMARIE, Muscatine WILLIAM SCI-IMID, Rock Island, Ill. ALLEN SCHNEIDER, Keystone PETER SEABA, Sigourney WILLIAM SEIFERT, Homestead LAWRENCE SHEETS, Lsraton, Co RONALD SPEEDY, Allison JOHN SPEER, Hinsdale, Ill. IAMES STROMLEY, St. Ansgar DALE SUNDBERG, Linn Grove VICTOR TATAK, Tipton ERWIN TOERBER, Stanwood RONALD UPHAM, West Union HARLAN VANDERSCHAAF, Iow nn. a City ROBERT VANSANT, Cedar Falls WARD WELCH, Keokuk JGHN WESTFALL, Wapello TOM WI-IITACRE, Bloomfield I MELVIN WIDNER, Richland ROBERT WILBANKS, Ottulnwa ROBERT WUBBENA, Bristow , WILLIAM WULF, DeWitt ' WILLIAM ZAGER, Washington An electrical engineering student seeks to determine if a circuit he is building is acting correctly. BOTTOM ROW: David Bright Gustave Fink, Charles TOP ROW: Erwin Toerber, Daniel Rogness. Steve Tier Schoell, Dale Sundberg. nan, Dennis Schroeder, Chi Epsilon honors selecf civil engineering s+ucleni's Members of Chi Epsilon are junior and seeks to develop the characteristics of a suc- senior civil engineering students who rank cessful civil engineer in each of its members in the upper third of their class. The group Mechanical engineering students study realistic problems in one of many laboratory sessions. I4 BOTTOM ROW: Dean Schaefer, Evan Gerard, Gary Phillips. TOP ROW: Benjamin Milander, Peter Seaba, William Seifert. Eta Kappa Nu recognizes electrical engineering students Etta Kappa Nu is an honorary organiza- trical engineering. This fall, members set tion for students who show exceptional up displays for an open house at Home- ability and deep interest in the field of elec- coming. Pi Tau Sigma is honorary for mechanical engineering students iield. Membership is based on outstanding scholastic achievements. As an honorary society for mechanical engineering students, Pi Tau Sigma offers ,members a deeper understanding of their BOTTOM ROW: Charles Rice, Robert Van Sant, Richard McKinley. TOP ROW: Iames Lowber, Dennis Pauling, Kenneth Earnest. , V 5 BOTTOM ROW: Iames Mauer, Robert Wubbcna, Ronald Miersen, Michael Weldon, Stephen Wood, Pete Cullum. TOP ROW: Richard Long, Robert I-Iuewe, William Decgan. Daniel Rogness, Burton C-earhart, Donald Grell, Ierry Voigts. TRANSIT reaches circulation high of I,600 copies monthly The Transit stall checks copy on the 'iSurvey Girl of the Month." All branches of engineering are featured in Iowa Transit, a College of Engineering student magazine. This year, the circula- tion rose to 1,600 copies every month to engineering students, subscribers and all high schools in Iowa that requested them. Transit was also sent to the Engineering College Magazine Association to compete with other similar publications for awards. A staff of 15 students is divided into four departments-advertising, editorial, busi- ness and circulation. The magazine in- cludes articles about technology and new product developments, a "Survey Girl of the Month" and engineering news. Mike Weldon was general manager and Ron Miersen was editor-in-chief. BOTTOM ROW: Stanley Hertel, Ron Miersen, Gerald Russmann, Burton Cearhart, Don Beardsbear, Charles Rice, Evan Gerard, Gary Phillips, Robert Parizek. ROW 2: Pete Cullum, Mike Fuller, Michael Weldon, Daniel Rogness, Donald Grell, Iames Maeek, Mike Gilbert, Robert DeWitt, Steve Tiernan, Scott Bailey. ROW 3: William Zager, Gary Vonahsen, Greg Misbach, Dale Sundberg, Robert Wubbena, Arthur DeWit, Gary Spina, Lawrence Sheets, Carl Robert- son, Larry Kintzel. ROW 4: David Heltne, Robert Wil- banks, Stephen Wood, Ierry Voigts, Dan Iones, Ioe Papp, Benjamin Milander, Marvin Eimen, Robert Goodsman, Io- seph McSwiggin. Theta Tau stays busy with Homecoming monument, MECCA Building the Homecoming monument and sponsoring MECCA Week kept Theta Tau's busy the entire year. Outstanding students in the College of Engineering are invited to membership in this national fra- ternity. Tau Beta Pi honors outstanding engineering students at banquet "Man has the ability to elevate his life by conscious endeavorf' Members of Tau Beta Pi use this ability to strive to become BOTTOM ROW: Benjamin Milander, William Seifert, Gary Phillips, William Zager, Dale Sundberg. TOP ROW: outstanding undergraduates in engineering. Top students were honored at the annual honors banquet. Evan Gerard, Erwin Toerber, Gustave Fink, Dean Schaefer. Associated Students of Engineering stage MECCA Week Students from the various branches of engineering united into one body this year to construct the traditional Homecoming monument and to sponsor MECCA Week. The organization also planned engineering social activities for the year. MECCA Week was once again the high- light of the year. Events ranged from hunt- ing for the MECCA stone, entertainment at the smoker and a beardgrowing contest. The prank and queen committees were ac- tive throughout the week. The climax came at the IVIECCA ball when the queen and St. Pat were crowned. A number of green four-leaf clovers on sidewalks still remain as symbols of the festivities. Donald Beardshear led the engineers this year. BOTTOM ROW: C. Robertson, L. McMullen, W. Zager, R. Wilbanks, G. Russmann, S. Bailey, R, Wubbena, D. Beardshear, B. Gearhart, S. Wood, M. Hayward, P. Gal- braith, K. Berry, I. Papp, S. Hertel. ROW 2: R. Shippy, C. Achenbacb, I. McSwiggin, G. Fink, R. Long, H. Holm, D. Swallom. P. Parsons, L, Hintze, W, Seifert, R. Huewe, D. Schroeder, C. Rice, D. Rogness. ROW 3: B. Milander, QP 5l'K" ia 'Wa 3- Associated Students of Engineering built the l965 Home- coming monument in the form of an inverted parabola. I. Mauer, D. Witte, D. Leimer, R. Kramer, I-I. Nelson, W. Deegan, G. Brooks, G. Spina, A. DeWit, D. Clow, F. Fach- man, T. Crandall. W, Wulf. ROW 4: D. Sundbcrg, I. Schafer, R. Goodsman, D. Crell, R. Miersen, L. Garber, G. Galic, K. Earnest, L. Bares, L. White, I. Macek, M. Weldon, I. Hill, W. Budelier, A. Farber. 8' Ac -.3591 6 7'-B f - N. PM A . "ray f L -., ., A-17 5: ,. ,z p RQ -ny 2 BOTTOM ROW: Robert Huewe, Carl Robertson, Peter Eldridge, Robert Goodsman, William Deegan. ROW 2: Lester Garber, Larry Hintze, Iamcs Macek, Gary Brooks, Frank Fachman, Leonard White. Gearhari' wins American Ins+i+u+e of Industrial Engineering award Burton Gearhart, a member of the Amer- ican Institute of Industrial Engineering won an award for reading the best paper in the regional meeting of the group in March. The Iowa group also hears guest speakers and makes field inspection trips. American Institute of Chem. Engineering members win contest Two members of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering, Ioseph lVlcSWig- gin, and Scott Bailey, Won first and third. places, respectively at the group's regional BOTTOM ROW: Robert Wilbanks, Allan Farber, Kent Berry, Ioseph lVlcSwiggin, Scott Bailey. ROW 2: Curtis Achenhach, George Calic, Iohn Schafer, Francis McAllister, meeting. The group also provided pro- grams for the professional seminar and Worked on the Homecoming monument and IVIECCA Week. Harold Nelson, William Budelier. ROW 3: William Zager, David Heltne, Robert Kramer, Ronald Shippy. ANET ACKERMAN, Iowa Falls . PAUL AI-ILERS, Des Moines AMES AUSBERGER, Iefferson 'TEPHEN AVERY, Spencer IAYMOND BAGLEY IR., Cedar Rapids ILLIAM BAILEY, Rock Island, Ill. ALTER BARBEE, Spirit Lake ENNIS BEATTY. Shellsburg EROME BEAVER, Dubuque '. IAMES BENNETT, Newton AYMOND BENTON, Iowa City HOMAS BERGSTROM, Arlington Heights, Ill. FREDERICK BLACKLEDGE, Waterloo AMES BLOMMERS, Iowa City LEE BOEKE, Hubbard ICHAEL BRADLEY, Clarion . DON BRITTIN IR., Des Moines OHN BUMAN, Harlan ARWIN BUNGER, Waverly UGO BURDT, Davenport BARBARA BURKETT, Biggerville, Ill, DANIEL CAHILL, Iowa City EARL CHICK, Madrid HARVEY CLARK, Olin IERRY CLEVELAND, Eldora MICHAEL COLLOTON, Mason City DAVID COPPINGER, Clare JOHN COUGHENOUR, Pittsburg, Kan. WILLIAM DEW, Des Moines IOHN DOOLEY, Iowa City DAVID ELDERKIN, Cedar Rapids RONALD ELMQUIST, Des Moines JERRY ESTES, Iowa City ROGER FARLEIGH, Mt. Prospect, Ill. RONALD FEILMEYER, Guthrie Center THOMAS FINLEY, Mason City PAUL FITZSIMMONS, Remsen MAURICE FRATER, Sydney, Australia NORMAN FREDERICKS, Iowa City STEVEN GADD, Ft. Dodge IULIAN GARRETT, Otley ALLAN GOODE, Bloomfield WILLIAM GRIFFIN, Muscatine HARRY GRIGER, Des Moines RICHARD HANSON, Ames IOHN I-IARTSOCK, Wapello ALAN HAVERCAMP, Davenport CHARLES HEATH, Waterloo LAW SENIORS LAW SENIORS DAVID I-IESTER, Cedar Rapids JOHN HINTERMEISTER, Muscatine STEVAN HOLM, Cedar Rapids LOUISA HOLMBERG, Marshalltown EDWIN HOOD, Des Moines STEVEN HOTH, Lamont JOHN HOUAR, Davenport JOHN HOWARD, Iowa City LARRY HOWARD, Iowa City JAYE HOWE, Greenfield DONALD I-IOY, Bussey JOHN HUNT, Cedar Rapids FRED JACOBBERGER, Emmetsburg RICHARD JENSEN, Davenport CHARLES JOHNSON, Madrid CRAIG KALLEN, Birmingham, Mich. ALLAN KANE, Cedar Rapids JAMES KELLEY, Ames LARRY KEMP, Menlo KAEL KENNEDY, Evanston, Ill. WILLIAM KING, Des Moines JON KINNAMON, Iowa City JAMES KIPLE, Ottumwa MORRIS KNOPF, Kellogg HERBERT KNUDTEN JR., Cedar Rapids STEPHEN KOTOK, Fort Dodge JOHN KRAHMER, Cedar Rapids ROBERT KREAMER, Des Moines GENE KREKEL, Burlington GRAHAM LANT, Moline, Ill. CHARLES LARSON, Princeton, Ill. ROGER LAWTON, Fort Madison JAMES LEVALLEY, Dayton JACK LINGE, Douds JOHN LOWTHER, Ames ROY HARQUIS, Des Moines MICHAEL MARTIN, Iowa City NORMAN MQCLASKEY, Mason City PATRICK MCCORMICK, Sioux City JAMES MCPEAK, Kalona IRVING MILLER, Des Moines NEIL MURPHY, Chester DAVID NEWELL, Prospects Heights, Ill. OSCAR OVER, Council Bluffs CHRIST PANOUSIS, East Moline, Ill. JAMES PARDEN, Sioux City EARL PAYSON, Rock Island, Ill. DELAINE PETERSON, Red Oak LLIAM PURDY, Freclriclcsburg HARD RAMSEY, Osceola Y REDDINGTON, Orient ANK RETMAN, Iowa City IRRY RICE, Ottumwa CHARD ROSS, Fort Dodge ANKLIN SAUER, Central City RTON SCHWIEGER, Dows RRY SEUFERER, Elkhart BERT SIKMA, ocheyedan MES SLAVENS Bettendorf HN sLoAN, Aledo, 111. HN SMITH, Keokuk AVID SORENSON, Iowa City HN SPRAGUE, Mason City CTOR SPRENGELMEYER, East Dubuque, Ill. ESTON STEENHOEK, Pella ONTY STRATTON, Britt LWIN TAN, Singapore OYD TRACY, Shenandoah HN WEAVER, Des Moines HN WILLETT, Tama LFRED WINICK, Des Moines AROLD ZABIN, Sioux City law student looks for a case recedent to validate an argu- ient in his brief, LAW SENIORS :gn - . BOTTOM ROW: David Johnson, Paul Fitzsimmons, Iohn Houar, John Hintermeister, Bill Higgins, Victor Sprengel- meyer, Jerrold Oliver, Bryan Schultz, David Hester, Donald Hoy. ROW 2: William Gibbons, Oscar Over, Iames Upde- gralf, Thomas Lyon, Don Oottschalk, Ierry Cleveland, Michael Megan, Ronald Feilmeyer, Patrick McCormick, Norman Friederichs. ROW 3: Noel Mumm, Iohn Clancy, Ron Iannings, Danie Griffin, Theodore Stone, Warren Shank, Iohn Ackerman, Iohn Willett, Bill Henderson. ROW 4: Terry Fowler, Bernard Henely, Richard Bromley, Richard Howes, Edward johnson, Brian Riemer, Robert Perry. - Delia Theta Phi plans acaclemic, a+hle+ic, social even+s Delta Theta Phi, an organization with local student senates at most of the law schools throughout the country, is the larg- est of three national law fraternities. Dillon Senate sponsors a full program of academic, athletic and social events. Studying under the watchful eye of legal codes helps concentration. Phi DeH'a Phi is Universi+y's largest law fra+erni+y From study they receive knowledge, and from contemplation, they become wise. Thus, the members of this national law fra- ternity spend many hours working toward a career in professional law. Phi Delta Phi is the largest legal frater- nity at Iowa. Its members were honored by receiving student research assistantships, were on the staff of the Iowa Law Review, and held membership in the Order of Coif. Social relief from the rigors of the study of law was welcomed. The Phids sponsor- ed rush parties, a Homecoming dance, post- semester parties and four stag parties de- signed to lessen the pressures of school. William R. Dew served as president. BO'I'I'OM ROW: N. Murphy, M. Culloton, S. Hoth, I. Kallmer, D. Brittin, l.. Seuferer, Avery, VV. Dew, M, Martin, R. Kreamer, F. Iacohhcrger, F. Retman, I. Birkcland. M. Royce, K. Willis, C. Saun- ders. ROW 2: R. llersbergcn, G. Clarke, M. Peterson, S. Petosa, T. Stone, L. Goettseh, G. Graff, B. DcCuok, P. Tyler, B. Hlackstock, VV. VVilley. R. Sikma, D. Young, T. Rice, I. Sprague, S. Holm, L. Boeke, B. Schwieger, C. Panousis. ROW 'Sz M. Knopf, I. Smith, T. Garfield, fl. lfaupert, I. Powers, H. Pitluek, T. VVl1i!e, I. Roberts, D. VVillis, B. Hitchcock, R. Whiting, I. Remley. I. Shriver, I. Velcley, W. Snyder, I. McCabe, fl. Zahin, VV. Barbee, I. Blommers. ROW 4: P. Steen- The Phids and their dates swing out at the annual winter formal. hoek, I. Kiple, I. Swanson. ll. Cirigvr. I. Dooley, G. Krekel, D. Rubin. I. Hass, D. Speeht, lf, Iulander, D, Gilclemeister, I. Iohnson, S. Mc- Leod, A. Davey, A. Havvrcamp, C. Iohnson, I. Hamilton, F. Smith. ROW 5: P. Furren, B. Shiinzinek, D. Meredith, I. Goodriclt, D. Hertz. R. Berklancl, I. Innes. Padghain, I. Affelili, G. Iohnson, F. Mit- vzilsky, K. Meyer, NV. Griffin, A. Goode, C. Dick, I. Ausherger, B. Tracy. ROW li, S. Iohns, M. Prater, K, Kennedy. I. Kelley, R. Frederick, I. Sloan, K. Meyer, B. B-wlilju, T. Smallwood. I. Martin. C. Hagen, A. Parish, D. Bowman, R. Chapman, L. I. Marlin, VV. Taylor, R. Price. ll, Lawton. BOTTOM ROW: William Purdy, Iohn Hartsock, George Warner, Iames Anderson, Thomas Langlas, William Smith. ROW 2: Philip Boelter, David Gerber, Iames McGrath. Lee Kirkham, Greg Roth, Paul Pfeffer, Robert Parks. ROW 3: Franklin Sauer, john Lewarne, Iohn Lowther, Delaine Peterson, joseph Williams, Frederick Nelson, Gary Ander- son. ROW 4: William Snyder, Kenneth Wright, David Smedema, Ioseph Iohnston, Harold Anderson, David Bye. Phi Alpha Del+a sfresses service to legal profession by members "Service to the student, the law school and the professionu describes the purpose of Phi Alpha Delta. Members promote eth- Iowa S+uden+ Bar Associa+ion s Supreme Court Day and the Barristeris Ball were sponsored by the nine-member Iowa Student Bar Association Council, BOTTOM ROW: Walter Barbee, Barbara Burkett, Wil- liam Purdy, David Witte, Robert Price. TOP ROW: Iohn ical, scholastic and professional achieve- ments in law. lames Goats was president. ponsors supreme court day which coordinates law school functions and encourages professionalism among law stu- dents. Buman, Donald Hoy, Thomas Langlas, David Iohnson. ANDREW AARONS, Waterloo TERI ABERNATHY, Hinsdale, Ill. ARTHUR ADAMS, Iowa City MARY ADAMS, East Moline, Ill. DOROTHY ALDEN, Red Oak BEVERLY ALLEN, Iowa City IAMES ALLEN, Sterling, 111. STEPHEN ALLEN, Onawa IOLAYNE ALMQUIST, Mankato, Minn IAMES ANDERLIK. Barrington, Ill. ADRIENNE ANDERMAN, Glencoe, Ill. ANNE ANDERSON, Cherokee EDITH ANDERSON, Gowrie GLEN ANDERSON, West Liberty JAMES ANDERSON, Washington IOSEPH ANDERSON, Des Moines KEITH ANDERSON, Osage PAUL ANDERSON IR., Mason City SUZANNE ANDERSON, LaCrosse, Wis WILLIAM ANDERSON, DeWitt GREGORY ANKENEY, New Sharon IAMES ANIXTER, Highland Park, 111. ANN-MORRISON APEL, Dubuque KARL ARMENS, Iowa City MARY ARNOLD, Waterloo RICHARD ASARCH, Des Moines FORREST ASPENGREN, Des Moines LYLE BABBERL, Osceola LOUISE BADER, Iowa City LAURENCE BAILEY, Peoria, Ill. MILTON BAILEY, Ottumwa LINDA BAKEHOUSE, Mason City IOANN BALLOU, Monticello DONNA BANTZ, Independence PENELOPE BARELS, Carroll REGINA BARNES, Cresco WARD BARNES, Iowa City LEEANNE BARNHART, Oxford KAREN BARQUIST, Des Moines GARLAND BARRON, Anderson, Ind. BETTY BARTLEY, Des Moines BARBARA BASKERVILLE, Iolley SAUNDRA BATMAN, West Des Moines TOM BAUER, West Chester PAMELA BRUNSTROM, Davenport KEITH BAUSERMAN, Iowa City MARCIA BEACH, Iowa City IOHN BECKER, Evanston, Ill. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS PATRICIA BECKFORD, Davenport LOUANN BECKMAN, Hammond, Ind. MICHAEL BEETNER, Burlington STEPHEN BEISLER, Arlington Heights, Ill. ELIZABETH BENDER, Keswick MARCIA BENISCI-IEK, Monticello CHARLES BENO, Council Bluffs ROBERT BENSON, DeWitt IUDITH BENTROTT, Lowden DONALD BERG, Blairsburg MARTHA BERGSTRESSER, Los Alamos, N ION BERGSTROM, Spencer ROBERT BERGSTROM, Cedar Falls ROBERT BERGUSON, Blossburg, Pa. RONALD BERRY, Moline, Ill. DAVID BETHEL, Des Moines IOSEPH BETTERLEY, Iowa City JANE BICE, Fort Dodge WENDY BIE, Ames BRUCE BIGEL, Chicago, Ill, MARLYNE BILYEU, Ioice RICHARD BIRD, Clinton STEVEN BIRENBAUM, University City, Mo. SHERRY BIRK, Earlham IOI-IN BIRKELAND, Rock Island, Ill. ROBERT BISSER, Quincy, Ill. SUE ELLEN BLACKMER, Iowa City DELLA BLAIR, Lenox LESLIE BLASSER, Reynolds, Ill. WILLIAM BLESSING, Rock Island, Ill. IAMES BLESSMAN, Clearfield ANNE BLOCKSMA, Grand Rapids, Mich. SUSAN BLOMGREN, Rockford, Ill. WILLIAM BLOMKER, Humboldt CHERYL BLOOMQUIST, Fort Dodge KAY BLOSTEN, Hyland Park, Ill. IAMES BOBER, Rapid City, S. D. ALLAN BODE, Algona KAREN BOGAARD, Orange City RALPH BOHLIN, Coralville IOSEPH BOHR, Bryant JOHN BOLDES, Des Moines CHERYL BOLONIK, River Forest, Ill. CAROLE BOND, Ottumwa MARY BOUSKA, Iackson Iunction DONALD BOWEN, Burlington DONNA BOWER, Lockridge CAROLYN BOWERS, Iowa City LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS IUDITH BOWSTEAD, Lowden NANCY BOYD, Springfield, Ill. NORLIN BOYD, Iowa City CATHERINE BOYER, Lake Mills DANNY BOYER, Hartley DAVID BOYLE, Burlington SUSAN BOYLE, Burlington KAY BRANDT, Allison ANN BRAUER, Peeatonica, Ill. WILLIAM BRAUNE, WIVCSI Des Moines MARILYN BRAWNER, Mt. Vernon IOHN BREEDEN, Dearborn Heights, Mich. EVELYN BREHM, Van Horne ALAN BRIDGE, Storm Lake BARBARA BRIGHT, Sioux Rapids BILL BRIGGS, Westwood, N. I. CAROLYN BRIGGS, Davenport BARBARA BRO, Exira MARK BROGHAMMER, Cedar Rapids RICHARD BROMLEY, Charles City LINDA BROUHARD, Harlan BEVERLY BROWN, West Branch CHARLES BROWN, Sac City DEBORAH BROWN, Peoria, Ill. DENNIS BROWN, Cedar Rapids DOUGLAS BROWN, Wellman IANET BROWN, Des Moines NANCY BROWN, Chicago, Ill. PATRICIA BROWN, Carlisle ROBERT B. BROWN, Iowa City ROBERT H, BROWN, Cedar Rapids SARA BROWN, Sac City TRACY BROWN, Manson IOAN BROWNSTONE, Clear Lake CAROL BRYANT, Rockford, Ill. IANET BUCK, Carthage, Ill. KEITH BUCK, Iowa City PATRICK BUCKINGHAM, Des Moines IAMES BUNGE, Cedar Rapids LINDA BURESH, Mt. Vernon WILLIAM BURFEIND, Arlington Heights, Ill. BETTY BURKE, Orchard MARYANNA BURKE, Toledo ALFRED BURNS, Fayette ROGER BURT, Estherville VIRGINIA BURTON, Iowa CIR' SHARON BYERS, Cedar Rapids JULIE CADY, Geneseo, III. i LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS THOMAS CAHILL, Fort Dodge LINDA CAIN, Elwood RONALD CALLAWAY, Davenport IOHN CALVERT, Rockford, Ill. IUDITH CAMDEN, Cleveland, Ohio KARNESE CAMERON, Cedar Rapids MARY ANN CAMERON, Oelwein GEORGE CAMPBELL IR., Atlantic SUSAN CAMPBELL, Ames VINCENT CANO, Iowa City JOYCE CARGILE, Burlington PATRICIA CARLSON, Moline, Ill. SUSAN CARLSON, West Des Moines PATRICIA CARNEY, Iowa City CAROL CARPENTER, Brooklyn PAT CARRIER, Burlington BRUCE CARRUTHERS, Orchard Park, N DUANE CAVINS, Burlington ION CECIL, Cedar Rapids CHERYL CHADIM, Hiawatha IAMES CHAFFEE, Clinton CATHIE CHANDLER, Des Moines PETER CHARNON, Racine, Wis. DANSBY CHEEKS, Decatur, Ill. IERALD CHILES, Greenfield IOHN CHRISTENSEN, Rock Island, Ill. LAURA CHRISTIANSEN, Bronxville, N SUSAN CHUDWICK, Iowa City BRADLEY CHURCH, Spencer GLEN CLARK, Cedar Rapids IANE CLARK, Omaha, Neb. RICHARD CLAUSSEN, Grand Mound DAWN CLOWES, Renwick IOHN CLOYED, Burlington IAMES CMEIREK, Marion, Ind. WILLIAM COLBERT, Cedar Rapids MARY GOLDIRON, Cedar Rapids FRANCES COLENSO, LaGrange, Ill. ELAINE COLGAN, Chariton STEVEN COMBS, Lake City RONALD CONDRY, Anamosa ROBERT CONKLIN, Northhampton, Mas IOAN COOK, Corning VALISSA COOK, Cedar Rapids VICKI COOK, Clinton JAMES COONEY, Des Moines TIMOTHY COONEY, Cedar Rapids ROGER COOPER, Mankato, Minn. MAUREEN CORCORAN, Iowa City SANDRA CORDERMAN, Armstrong IOHN CORELIS, Moline, 111. GAIL CORLETT, Farmersburg BECKY CORNWALL, Iowa City FRANCIS CORNWELL, Clinton DIANE CORSON, Rockford, Ill. KAREN COTTRELL, Wilmette, Ill. RICHARD COUGHNOUR, Monticello IOAN COUNTRYMAN, Nevada WILLIAM COUSINS, West Liberty LINDA ANN COX, Iowa City REBECCA COX, Iowa City SARAH ANN COZZENS, Zearing IANICE CREGER, Blue Grass BARBARA CRIBBS, Marshalltown KENNETH CRICHLOW, St. Albans, N. LYNDON CRIST, Clear Lake NATI-IANIEL CROW, Iowa City M. G. CULROSS, Rochester, N. Y. RICHARD CUMMINS, Rock Island, Ill. ELAINE CURTIS, Anamosa SUSAN CURTIS, Peoria, Ill. PAUL DAGLE, I-Iawarden RICHARD DAILEY, Viola REBECCA DALLUGE, Grafton MICHAEL DAVENPORT, Storm Lake RICHARD DAVIS, Fort Dodge LINDA DAY, Muscatine SUZANNE DAY, Nevada PAMELA DEACON, Oradell, N. I. IOSEPH DeANTONA, Scranton, Pa. JAMES DEBO, Ottumwa EDMUND DeCHASCA, Iowa City WILLIAM DECKER, Lowden RICHARD DeCOSTER, Canton, Mo. LU DEDIC, Tama DONNA DeGROOTE, Iowa City LINDA DeKOSTER, Fort Dodge DAVID DEMARIA, Camillus, N. Y. CATHERINE DeMUTH, Elmhurst, Ill. SUSAN DENHAM, Coralville CHARLES DENHOLM, Keokuk LINDA DENZLER JAMES DBREUS, Davenport BEVERLY DEUEL, Lake City LISA DeVOE, Cedar Rapids. NANCY DeWOLF, Rolfe Y. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS SHIRLEE DICKER, Iowa City MARY DICKEY, Iefferson KATHLEEN DIDDY, Meservey IOHN DIDRIKSEN, Sioux City IUDITH DIMMITT, Des Moines KAREN DIRLAM, Des Moines MARGO DIXON, Ft. Wayne, Ind. SANDRA DIXON, Iowa City IANICE DOCKENDORFF, Danville KELLY DONHAM, Iowa City W. GLENN COOLEY, Iowa City DEAN DORT, Davenport SUZANNE DOWNS, Chicago, Ill. MICHAEL DRAIN, Burlington IO DRECHSLER IR., Iowa City CRAIG DRIVER, Waterloo ALAN DRUIVENGA, Arcadia CAROLE DUGGLEBY, Davenport CAROL DUNCAN, Omaha, Neb. DIANE DUNN, Davenport ANNE DUTCHER, Cedar Falls ANNE DUTTON, Peoria, Ill. WILBER EARL IR., Omaha, Neb. FRED EASKER IR., Cedar Rapids IUDITH EASTBURN, Burlington MARY EATON, Troy, N.Y. DWIGHT ECKEL, Shelby MARY ECKSTEIN, Stratford KEDRIC EDLUND, Morrison, 111. LARRY EDWARDS, Marengo DONALD EELLS, Vinton SHIRLEY EHRHARDT, Park Ridge, Ill THOMAS EICHHORN, Galesburg, Ill LINDA ELFERS, Charles City IONNIFER ELLSWORTH, Iowa City PENELOPE ELLSWORTH, LaGrange, IUDITH ELPERT, Decorah PAMELA EMERSON, Decorah STEPHEN ENOCKSON, Fort Dodge LARRY ENYART, Waukon ALLEN ERICKSON, Clear Lake ELLEN ERICKSON, Kanawha PAMELA ERICKSON, Chicago IOAN EVANS, Ottawa, Ill. IOYCE EVANS, Ogden Dunes, Ind. MICHAEL EVANS, Hampton RON EVANS, Carson SUE EVERROAD, Marion, Incl. RNETTE EWAID, Swisher ONALD FARLEY, Dubuque 'ERALD FARMER, Oskaloosa IELEN FARRELL, Clerendon Hills, 'ATHLEEN FARRELL, Sioux City I-IN FAWCETT, West Branch Ill. EAN FEE, Denison . L. FEHSEKE IR., Ft. Madison LAINE FEINTECH, Des Moines USAN FELDMAN, Illinois City, Ill. OBERT FENCHEL, Strawberry Point RUCE FERGUSON, Ottumwa ARGARET FERGUSON, Grand Rapids, Mich. ARGARET FEUER, Winnetka, Ill. IANE FINLEY, Indianapolis, Ind. ILLIAM FIRESTONE, Skokie, Ill. UE FISI-IBECK, Mason City AVID FISH, Cedar Rapids ERRY FISHER, Thompson NNE FITZPATRICK, Marblehead, Mass. IANE FITZSIMMONS, Des Moines 'ATHRYN FLACHMAN, Burlington AMES FLAI-IIVE, Albia I-IERRY FLORER, Des Moines ANNA FOLSOM, Onawa ARGARET FONES, Des Moines ETTY FOX, Des Moines -MILOU FRANK, Ft. Madison TEPHEN FRANKLIN, Iowa City IRGINIA FREEMAN, Glenview, Ill. ANCY FRENCH, Osage AMELA FRENCH, LaGrange Park, Ill. OHN FRIAR, Homewood, Ill. HERYL FRIMML, Iowa City EAN FURNISH, Iowa City OBERT GALLAGHER, Cedar Rapids .INDA GANNETT, Davenport RETCHEN GARLOCK, Waterloo DWARD GARMAN, Burt ERIDETH GARTNER, Dubuque CAROL GAUDINEER, Iowa City .SARA GEIGER, Davenport IEANNINE GENSINI, Galesburg, Ill. LINDA GERARD, Waterloo KARLA GIBSON, Coralville. IOYCE GIDEL, Knoxville JAMES GILES, Fort Dodge RICHARD GILES, West Des Moines LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS SUSAN GILES, Fort Dodge GLENISH GILLESPIE, Chicago, Ill. RONALD GILSON, Marshalltown BEVERLY GINGERICH, Storm Lake IOHN GNATOVICH, Silvis, Ill. IOHN GOETTSCH, Clinton IOHN GODDARD, Emmetsburg BARBARA GOLDEN, Spencer IOSEPH GOLDEN, Clinton BRIAN GOLDSTEIN, Rock Island, Ill. HELEN GOODELL, Peoria, Ill. CHARLES GOODER, Fayette GERTRUDE GORDON, Lake City ELLIENE GOUGHNOUR, Cedar Rapids NANCY GRACE, Des Moines SUZANNE GRACE, Mattoon, Ill. GARY GRAFF, Milford SUSAN GRANDINETTI, Oelwein ROSALIE GREENLEY, Waterloo MARY GREENWALD, Maywood, Ill. NICHOLAS GREINER, Keota DANIEL GRIFFIN, Des Moines RONALD GRIFFITH, Woodland Hills, C LOUISE GRIMM, N. MusKegon, Mich. KAY GROVE, Marion KURT GUN DACKER, New Hampton NANCY GUNTHER, Mason City MARY HAASE, Chariton TERRY HABEGER, Elgin SHARON HAGEY, Marcus LYNN I-IAGGLUND, Ottumwa CAROL HAGMAN, Homewood, Ill. MARSHA HALE, Iowa City NANCY HALFVVASSEN, Meservey HAROLD HALL, Lone Tree IAMES HALL, Cedar Rapids KATHARINE HALL, Ioliet, Ill. NANCY HALL, Waterloo THELMA HALVORSEN, Webster City KENT HAMDORF, Clinton IOHN HAMM, Sac City LINDA HAMPTON, Bettendori CAROLE HANSEN, Humboldt DON I-IANSON, Fort Dodge RANDY HARMES, Algona IOHN HARNAGEL, Des Moines VICTORIA HARNER, Iowa City REBECCA HARRIS, Bloomlfield alii. ENT HARSTAD, Marion ICI-IAEL HARTER, Des Moines ICHELLE, HARVEY, Sioux City JDITH HARWOOD, West Hempstead, NDREA HASTINGS, Pomona, Calif. TEVEN HAUSER, Union ARBARA HAVICK, Des Moines NE HAWLEY, West Liberty LIZABETH HAWLEY, West Liberty ZANNE HEDDESHEIMER Arlington OGAN HEILMAN, Washington ARBARA HEIMAN, Des Moines ANNE HELFRICH, Cedar Rapids NA HENDERSON, Olin ONALD HENZE, State Center RANCINE HERBRANDT, Brooklyn AVID HERIFORD, Cedar Rapids OHN HERMANN, Alexandria, Va. ARY HERTEL, Burlington USAN I-IERZBERGER, Van Horne ERRY HETH, Sumner 'ANDRA HEUER, Rock Valley ILLIAM HICKS, Knoxville AROL HIGGINBOTHAM, Moline, Ill. ARBARA HIGGINS, Riverside ERRY I-IIGHTSHOE, Kellerton ICKI HILDEBRAND, Montezuma LICE HILL, Iowa City AROL HILLIER, Cedar Rapids AN ICE HILSMAN, Marengo USAN HINE, Urbana, Ill. LIZABETI-I HINSHAW, Des Moines AROL HINSON, Waterloo YNNE HIPPLER, Davenport .HRISTIAN HIRSCH IR., LeMars UDY HITCHCOCK, Sterling, Ill. 'LEE HITCHCOCK, Cedar Rapids KENNETH HIXSON, What Cheer KARMEN HOBBS, Glidden RANDY HOFF, Davenport THOMAS HOFFMAN, LeMars NANCY HOGAN, Kirkwood, Mo. CAROLINE HOLLEY, Des Moines FRANCIS HOLT, Denver, Colo, lMICHAEL I-IOLTMAN, Burlington RICHARD HOLTZ, Wyoming MARY HOOD, Cedar Rapids PAT HOPSON, Nevada LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS N.Y. Hts., Ill. l LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS ELIZABETH HORN, Red Oak KAREN HORR, Ft. Madison REED HOSKINSON, Clinton ALLEN HOSTETLER, Ft. Wayne, Ind. IOHN HOUSE, Onawa QUIN HOWARD, Wilrnette, Ill. RONALD HOWELL, Winterset SUSAN HOWERTER, Des Moines RICHARD HOWES, Iowa City WILLIAM HOYT, Ashokan, N. Y. BARBARA HUBBARD, Iowa City NEVA HUBBARTT, Bloomfield REBECCA HUBBELL, Mallard SHERRAN HUEBNER, Creston IUDITH HUGHES, Elkader KATHERINE HUGHES, Lennox MARGARET HUGHES, Searsboro FRANKLIN HULL, Newton LAWRENCE HUND, Galesburg, Ill. MARY HUNKINS, Columbus Iunction WILLIAM HUNKINS, Columbus Iunction DAVID HUNT, Vermillion, S. D. MARCIA HUNTER, Mondamin IUDITH HUPFELD, Vinton MARSHA HURST, Jefferson ALICE HURLIMAN, Burlington MARTHA INGERSON, Bridgeport, Conn. PATRICK IRELAN, Bloomfield MADELYN IRVINE, Iowa City THOMAS IRWIN IR., Iowa City NANCY IVERSEN, Maquoketa IOAN IACOB, Cherokee STUART IACOBSON, Des Moines IUDITH IENNINGS, Newton IAMES IENSEN, Waterloo KAREN JENSEN, Rochester, N.Y. LOUISE JERREL, Des Moines KENNETH IESSEN, Renenelorf IUDITH IEWELL, Cedar Falls IULIANNE IEWELL, Waverly JANE IINKINSON, Sheldon KRISTIN JOHNSON, Montezuma LARRY JOHNSON, Selena, Ill. ROGER IOHNSON, Burlington SHARRY JOHNSON, Iowa City SHIRLEY JOHNSON, West Burlington SUSAN IOI-INSON, Winterset J WILLIAM IOI-INSON, Iowa Falls IAN E IOHNSTON, Davenport IAMES IONDLE, Lone Tree ANN STEPHENS IONES, Davenport ANNA JONES, Iowa City DAVID IONES, Center Point LAWRENCE IONES, Anthon LINDA IONES, Centerville SUSAN JORDAN, Durango, Colo. KATHY IOYCE, Keokuk PAUL IUHL, Duncombe WILLIAM IUNGINGER, Clinton MARVIN IUNGLING, Parkersburg LARRY IUNGMAN, Adel FRANK KAISER, Des Moines KARL KAISER, Marshalltown MARRILL KALKWARF, Belmond KATHRYN KALTENBORN, Council Bluffs IOEL KAMP, Ft. Madison SUSAN KANE, Zwingle THOMAS KANE, Stanwood WILLIAM KANTER, Highland Park, Ill. KENT KAUFFMAN, Des Moines NYLE KAUFFMAN, Iowa City IOHN KASARDA, Iowa City MARY KEEFE, Decorah EILEEN KELLY, Washington D.C. ETHEL KELLEY, Kalona IOHN KELLEY, LelVIars PAUL KENDALL, Bettendorf KATHLEEN KENNELLY, Cresco MICHAEL KENNETT, Grundy Center GLORIA KERSBERGEN, Des Moines MARY KERSTEN, Detroit, Mich. LINDA KESSELRING, Silver Spring, Md ALAN KESSLER, Cedar Rapids LYLE KEWSON, Iowa City GENE KIEKHAEFER, Atkins BRUCE KIENAPFEL, Carroll NYLE KILLINGER, Henderson IUDITH KINNAMON, Iowa City PATRICK KIRBY, Strawberry Point SUE KIRKLAND, Ottumwa ANN KIRKPATRICK, Iowa City ROBERT KITSIS, Mason City MARIILYN KLING, Iowa City TOM KLING, Newton LINDA KLOUDA, Cedar Rapids JOAN KNECHT, Evanston, Ill. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS ' MICHAEL KNEZEVICI-I, Iacksonville, Ill WENDY KNOWLES, Pella CHARLOTTE KOCHEL, Winterset MICHAEL KOCHEL, Council Bluffs FRANK KOEPKE, Carroll BARBARA KOHL, Tipton DAVID KOLOVAT, Cedar Rapids CONSTANCE KOPLEN, Mason City MARCIA KOSCH, Beatrice, Neb. KAREN KOSER, North Liberty SAUNDRA KOUREY, Fort Dodge KATHRYN KOUTNY, Cedar Rapids ELIZABETH KRAAKEVIK, Decatur, Ill. IOHN KREIMAR, Fort Dodge FRANCES KREITER, Davenport DONALD KREKEL, Burlington WILLIAM KRILL, Gary Ind. GEORGIANA KROEMER, Lowden NANCY KRUSE, George DON KUECHMANN, Burlington HAROLD KUHN, Independence SUE LACKEY, Downers Grove, Ill. DONALD LACOCK, Coralville CYNTHIA LAFLIN, Red Oak ARNOLD LAIDIG IR., Estherville JANET LAMBORN, Maquoketa LINDA LAMSON, Park Ridge, Ill. ALLEN LANG, Iowa City RONALD LANGE, Muscatine IEAN LANGESEN, Emmons, Minn. DAVID LARSON, Gowrie PATRICIA LARSON, Iowa City THOMAS LASS, Clinton IACQUELYN LAUER, Ioliet, Ill. LINDA LAUGHNAN, Rockford, Ill. LINDA LAURICH, Ottumwa GWEN LaVELL, Cedar Rajids THOMAS LAW, Berwyn, Ill. GARY LAWRENCE, Milo SUSAN LAWRENCE, Galesburg, Ill. RICHARD LEAVITT, Washington BETTY LEBEDA, Cedar Rapids CAROL LEE, Davenport BARBARA LEEPER, Washington DAVID LEONARD, Osage KAY LESAR, New Hampton IIM LESENEY, Des Moines IUDITH LEVIN, Sioux City DNNA LEVITON, Waterloo Y LEWIS, Sioux City CY LEWIS, Dubuque LIDDLE, Waukon ARY LIGHT, Waterloo 'EVEN LILLY, Des Moines SE LINDSAY, Muscatine E LINDSEY, Iefferson IL LIN INCER, Iowa City ARTHA LIPTON, Villa Park, Ill. ARA LITTLE, West Branch NDRA LITTLE, Davenport ARRY LIVENTALS, Des Moines .FF LOCKHART, Waterloo ANN LOCKHART, Keokuk AN LOCKWOOD, Cedar Rapids SLEY LOGUE, Villa Park, Ill. HN LOI-IFF, Des Moines AN LONGENBACH, Wescoville, Pa. LVINA LONCSTRETH, Iowa City ERTINE LOOP, Monticello RYSTAN LORDAHL, Wilmette, Ill. MES LOWBER, Morrison, Ill, ARY LOZIER, Des Moines ICI-IARD LOZIER, Des Moines NE LUND, Laurens ARK LUNDE, Ames ICI-IAEL LUSTGARTEN, Merrick, N. Y. ATRICIA LUSTGARTEN, East Rockaway, N.Y. ANET LYNCH, LaGrange, Ill. AMES LYNN, Boone ERRENCE MACEK, Cedar Rapids ONALD MAGNUSON, Stanhope ENNIS MAHER, Sioux City IOI-IN MAHER, Carroll KATHLEEN MAHONEY, Webster City ANNE MAIERUS, Dubuque PARBARA MANN, Cedar Rapids MARK MARCUS, Davenport MARY MARESH, Cedar Rapids RICHARD MARIS, Des Moines NORMAN MARRAH, Burlington ALAN MARSH, Iowa City DAVID MASON, Lime Springs LINDA MAST, Waterloo IOHN MATI-IESON, Des Moines IOI-IN MATSON, Glencoe, Ill. NANCY IVIATTHIAS, Newton LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS IUDITH MAULE, Turen ALAN MAURER, South Windham, Conn IOHN MAYER, Brighton TERRILL MAYNARD, Iowa City , RONALD MAYNER, Des Moines PETER MAXWELL, Los Angeles, Calif. MARILEE MCALLISTER, Burlington CAROLYN MCCABE, Ft. Madison MARY MCCLUSKEY, Peoria, Ill. KAREN MCCONKEY, Chicago, Ill. MARGARET MCCONNELL, Mediapolis MICHAEL MCCULLOCI-I, Des Moines DENNIS MCMAI-IAN, Springville DIANE MCMAI-ION, Davenport RONALD MCMILLIN, Ruthven IAMES MQNAMARA, Rowley PATRICIA MCNEIL, Wapello MURIEL MEAD, Ft. Madison MARY MEADOWS, Ottumwa CAROL MEEK, Cedar Rapids PATRICIA MEIER, Sunbury STEVEN MELBY, Mt. Pleasant THOMAS MERRIFIELD, Des Moines MICHAEL METZ, Tremonton, Utah IUNE MYERSON, New York, N. Y. TED MICKELSON, Sturgeon Bay, Wise. MARY MILES, Riverside IAMES MILLEN, Farmington ARTHUR MILLER, Wever GARY MILLER, Newton GLORIA MILLER, Randolph IAMES MILLER, Waterloo LINDA MILLER, Ottumwa MADONNA MILLER, DeWitt PATRICIA MILLER, Iowa City MARY MISBACH, Algona IACQUELYN MOELLER, Bettendorf SALLY MOENNIG, Iowa City ERWIN MOHR, Clinton ANTOINETTE MONROE, Mason City THOMAS MONROE, Charles City ANN MONTGOMERY Vermillion, S. D. ALAN MOOD, Rockford, Ill. IAMES MOORE, Washington, D. C. ME'I'I'A MOORE, Iowa City NANCY MOOT, Park Ridge, Ill. DAVID MOREHOUSE, Charles City DARREL MORE, Fredricksburg IAMES MORGAN, Tama MARY MORHAUSER, Prairie City ERIC MORRIS, Rome, N.Y. SANDRA MORRIS, Chicago, Ill. NANCY MORROW, Cedar Rapids IAMES MOSES, Gladstone, Mich. ANN MOSHER, Davenport DAVID MOSS, Iowa City ELAINE MOSSMAN, Iowa City KAREN MUEHLBAUER, Burlington CHERRYL MUGGE, Marshalltown ROBERT MUHLENBRUCH, Hampton IAMES MULAC, Davenport LAWRENCE MULMED, Fort Dodge RICHARD MUNDY, Manchester SUE MUNSON, Parkersburg CAROLYN MURPHY, Des Moines DALLAS MURPHY, Davenport DANIEL MURPHY, Alton GEORGE MURPHY, Hills LE ANNA MURPHY, Des Moines FRANK MUSSELL, Des Moines IOAN MUYSKENS, Pella LARRY MYA'I'l', Maquoketa RONALD MYERS, Adel STEPHEN MYERS, Des Moines ARNOLD MYHRA, Colfax ANNE NAIBERT, Cedar Rapids ROBERT NAKASHIMA, Dubuque CHERYL NAYLOR, Marshalltown MARY NEBEL, Burlington TORREY NEILL, Iowa City CAROL NELSON. Rockford LINDA NELSON, Iowa City DARRELL N ETHERTON , Iamaica RICHARD NETOLICKY, Ely LYNN N EUHART, Washington NORMAN NEWHOUSE, Des Moines IONATHAN NIBBELINK, Pella MARGARET NICHOLS, st. Charles, 111. IERALD NICOL, Oelwein PAULA NOFFTZ, 101181, 111. SUSAN NOONAN, Sioux City IOHN NORTHCUTT, Billings, Mum. THOMAS NowL1N, Dubuque DAVID O'BLENESS, Keokuk RICHARD O'CONNOR, Des Moana MARSHA ODENDAHL, Moline, 111. LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS ROBERT OEST, Ames PATRICK O'LEARY, Sibley WILLIAM OLSEN, Davenport MARILYN OLSON, Sioux City SUSAN OLSON, Des Moines IANE OMANN, Iowa City DENISE O'NEILL, Davenport IAMES ORCUTT, Des Moines FRANCES OREND, Cedar Rapids IOI-IN ORLUSKE, Nora Springs SALLY OSBORNE, Charlottetown, Canada STEPHEN OSBURN, Iowa City REGINA OSTRANDER, Iowa City PATRICIA O'TOOLE, Davenport IAMES OTT, Princeton, Ill. BARBARA OVERLAND, Independence LISBET OVERSTEDT, Iowa City KATHRYN OWENS, Cedar Rapids SUSAN OWENS, Terre Haute, Ind. BRIGETTE PAASCH, Des Plaines, Ill. MARK PADNOS, Levittown, N. Y. WILLIAM PARISI, Chicago Heights, Ill. LESLIE PARKER, Tenafly, N. I. TOM PARSONS, Iowa City PAMELA PARRIS, Sioux City SAMUEL PATON, Laurens EUGENE PAULEY, Iowa City ANNETTE PAYNE, Adel THOMAS PAYNE IR., Exira ANNE PEACOCK, Des Moines ELLIOTT PEARL, Skokie, Ill. IANET PEASE, Moline, Ill. ANNA MAE PECK, Springville IUDITH PEDERSON, Sioux City HARLAN PELZ, Charles City IAN E PENNY, Iowa City REBECCA PEREBOOM, Hawarden IOHN PERKINS, Des Moines DEAN PETERS, Muscatine WILLIAM PETERS IR., Fort Dodge IAY PETERSEN, Clinton MICHAEL I. PETERSEN, Harlan MIKE A PETERSEN, Rock Island, Ill. RUTH PETERSEN, Watertown, S. D. IRVING PETERSON, Charles City IOANNE PETERSON, Hartley LARRY PETERSON, Northboro PENELOPE PETERSON, Mason City ROBERT PETERSON, Council Bluffs SYLVIA PETERSON, Des Moines WILLIAM PETTEY, Des Moines DAMIAN PIEPER, Donnellson WILLIAM PIERROT, Wever SUSAN PIERSON, Chicago, Ill. IOI-IN PILLING, Storm Lake CAROL POESCH, Waukon ROBERT POLLOCK IR., St. Louis, Mo. IUDITH POPE, Waterloo NANCY POWELL, Des Moines IACKIE PRINGLE, Garner PENELOPE PRITCHARD, Des Moines GERTRUDE PRQFFITT, Muscatine RICHARD PUNDT, Homestead MARY QUINN, Ciimen oT'ro RAITORA, Cedar Rapids ALVIN RANDOLPH, East si. Louis, 111. DONNA RANDOLPH, Cedar Rapids ANDREA RASKIN, Omaha, Neb. PATRICIA RAYHACK, Little Falls, N. I. PATRICIA READING, Cedar Rapids SARAH READING, IeIferson RICHARD REAY, Des Moines LINDA REED, Council Bluffs IAMES REESE, Ottumwa KARL REICHERT, Muscatine STEVEN REINKING, Lowden RICHARD REMER, Des Moines IANET RENAUD, Grinnell VIRGINIA RENAUD, Grinnell LAVERNE RENS, Hull FRANK RENSHAW, Mason City GRAHAM REULING, Iowa City IEAN RHODES, Mason City ROBERT RHODES, LeGrand MARY RICHARDS, Winnepeg, Canada CECELIA RIEDEL, Pompton Lakes, N. I. TOM RIEKE, Iowa City ION RIETVELD, Iowa City TONY RIKER, Boone KAREN RING, Dubuque LUCINDA RITENOUR, Cedar Rapids IAMES ROBERTS, Davenport IOSEPI-I ROBERTS, Ft. Madison DONNA ROGERS, Elgin, Ill. RUTH ROGERS, Iowa City CATHERINE ROGNESS, Oelwein LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS SUSAN SCOTT, Iowa City SHERRYL SEE, Iowa City PAUL SEELAU, Buiialo, N. Y. LINDA SEELY, Lafayette, Calif. KATI-IRYN SENTMAN, Iowa City TRUDY SEVATSON, Spirit Lake MARY SEVERSON, Davenport ANDERS SHAFER, St. Paul, Minn. SUSAN SHANK, Iowa City CAROLE SI-IARPLES, Clinton PATRICIA SHAW, South English ROBERT SHAY, Cedar Rapids VIOLA SHEETS, Iowa City MARY SHEHADEH, West Lafayette, THOMAS SHERIDAN, Bettendorf ROBERT SHERIFF, Chicago, Ill. DAVID SHEROD, Birmingham PHYLLIS SHERRE, Chicago, Ill. GEORGE SHIDLER, AVOCZ-1 LYNDA SHIMON, Iowa City VICKY SHISLER, Davenport RICHARD SHORS, Pocahontas FRAN SHRAUGER, LeMars MICHAEL SHUEY, Des Moines LLOYD SIDWELL, Cedar Rapids GUS SIEGRIST, Huntington, N. Y. IUDITI-I SIEMERS, Ames LYNETTE SIEMS, Burlington IEVA SIFERS, Des Moines SAMUEL SIMMERS, Monroe TERRY SIMON, Waterloo SUSAN SIMONE, Grinnell DOUG SINN, Kewanee, Ill. KATHRYN SISK, Boone EDWIN SKORUPA, Ioliet, Ill. RONALD SLECHTA, Denison IAMES SLOCK, Moline, Ill. BETTE SMITH, Cedar Rapids CAROL SMITH, Quincy, 111. CAROLYN SMITH, Sioux Falls, S. D. GARY SMITH, Farley IOHN SMITH, Council Bluffs MARY SMITH, Quimby SANDRA SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pa. STAN SMITH, Ft. Collins, Colo. STEPHEN SMITH, Waterloo IERRY SMITHER, Iowa City RON SMRHA, Cedar Rapids In LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS ELIZABETH ROI-IRET, Stuart RUTH ROHRET, Oxford IAMES ROHWEDDER, Tulsa, Okla. IUAN ROSARIO IR., Agana, Guam LEE ROSEBROOK, Ames CAROL ROSS, Burlington CARLA ROTHLISBERGER, Bartlcsville, Okla KAY ROTHSTEIN, St. Ioseph, Mo. ROBERT ROUSSELL, Dubuque CATHERINE ROWLEY, Perry CHERYL ROWLEY, Sioux City CARL RUETER, Iowa City STEPHEN RUSSELL, Winterset GARY RYAN, Sioux City KARLIN RYAN, Beaver Falls, Pa. STUART SAMMIS, Clear Lake DAVID SANDAGE, Iowa City IEAN SANDERS, Onawa KRISTIN SAGERT, Independence ROBERT SAVEREIDE IR., Waterloo WILLIAM SCHAAF, Iowa City DONNA SCHAFER, LaPorte City POLLY SCHEEL, Avoca STARR SCI-IERF, Cedar Rapids IANANN SCHIELE, West Branch DONALD SCHILD, Belle Plaine ROBERT SCHIRM, Cedar Rapids IULE SCHLAEGEL, Iowa City IACKIE SCHLOTTERBACK, Cedar Rapids STEPHEN SCHMEISER, Burlington ANN SCHMID, Winnetka, Ill. PETER SCHMITZ, Ottawa, Ill. BRENDA SCHNEDE, Durant SUSAN SCHNEIDER, Monticello DIANE SCHOENBERG, Skokie, Ill. IOYCE SCHOENFELDER, Marengo IEAN SCHOLTZ, Lena, Ill. STEVEN SCHOMBERG, Letts IANE SCHOTT, Davenport CHARLES SCHRADER, Plainfield, Ill. LEON SCHAGE, Osage IERRY SCI-IRUM, Grand Iunction ROBERT SCHULZ, Annandale, Vo. GERALDINE SCHWABBAUER, Fort Dodge ARTHUR SCHWIDDER JR., Fort Dodge IEAN SCHWIDDER, Boone SHARON SCINTA, Maquoketa PATRICIA SCOTT, Mt. Vernon LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS MARY SNYDER, Deep River STEPHEN SODERBERG, Rockford, Ill. MARCELLA SOLDOFSKY, Iowa City BARBARA SONEN, Orange, N. I. CARON SONGER, Mason City CRAIG SONKSEN, Clear Lake ROBERT SOUDAN, Glenview, Ill. SUSAN SOULTS, Ames GAIL SPAULDING, Iowa City DAVID SPENCER, Iowa City REBECCA SPERRY, Clarinda IAMES SPIGENER, Tamfert, Miss. SUSAN SPORMANN, Clinton IUDY SPRAGUE, Mason City SARAH STAGE, Davenport IOYCE STAMPE, Dubuque SUSAN STAMPF, Chicago, Ill. CELIA STARKS, st. Paul, Minn. MARLENE STECKLING, Iowa City IAMES STEELMAN, Des Monies REID STEMPEL, Ottumwa BERNARD STEPANEK, Cedar Rapids KATHLEEN STERNER, Wilton Iunction SHARON STIRLER, Sibley RICHARD STOLLER, Warrentown, Mo. DALE STOUT, Wellman IEFEREY STOUTNER, Keota ANDREA STOWE, Marshalltown IUDITH STRAIT, Colorado Springs, Colo. DENNIS STRANG, Fairfax SYLVIA STRATE, Moline, Ill CHARLES STREIT, Algona BRUCE STROTHER, Ames BARRY STRUM, Flushing, N. Y. VIRGINIA SULLIVAN, Ryan CYNTHIA SUTER, Sigourney RUTH SVOBODA, Cedar Rapids HAZEL SWAILES, Mt. Pleasant ALAN SWAN SON, Lone Tree JACK SWAN SON, Des Moines IOHN SWANSON, Harcourt LORENE SWANSON, Lake City SARA SWENSON, Rockford, Ill. LONA TALBOTT, Iowa City IANE TAYLOR, Iowa City MICHAEL THEIS, Burlington MICHAEL THOMAS, Midland, Tex. 1 ELIZABETH THOMPSON, Owensboro, K Y ELVIN THOMPSON, Ierferson IAMES THOMPSON, Grimes MAUREEN TI-IORDSEN, Monmouth BEVERLY TIBBITTS, Cedar Rapids REBECCA TIDRICK, Iowa City TREVOR TOLAND, Macomb, Ill. ROBERT TOIVIHAVE, Marshalltown IEANNE TOOHILL, Farmington, Ill. THOMAS TORBERT, Perry IOSEPH TORNABANE, Ames ORVILLE TOWNSEND, East St. Louis, Ill. LYNN TRAUT, Dubuque STEVEN TRECKER, Whippany, N. I. CYNTHIA TRIPP, Albuquerque, N. M. ELIZABETH TRUMMEL, Iowa City KAY TRUSLER, Des Moines IANE TRUSSELL, Terre Haute, Ind. ARNIE TWIT, Iowa City IOSEPH UGMAN, Bethel Park, Pa. RICHARD UNDERKOFLER, Marshalltown FAY VAN BUREN, Manson DARLO VANDER WILT, Orange City IAMES VANEK, Denville, N. I. PAT VAN HEEL, Mason City IANET VAN OVERBEKE, Glen Ellyn, C. VAN SYCKLE, Davenport IUDITH VAN VLACK, Manchester CORDELIA VEIT, Clinton ARDIS VERMAZEN, Phoenix, Ariz. VICKI VERMEDAHL, Vinton I. W. VER STEEG, Orange City NANCY VICTOR, Leonia, N. I. DOUGLAS VIGEN, Sioux City ALLEN VOGE, Galva ROGER VOGT, Charter Oak GARY VORHES. Rockford CAROLYN WALDEN, Greensboro, N. DARYL WALK, Grafton STEVE WALSTON, Manchester IAMES WALTER, Charles City BARBARA WARDEN, Boulder, Colo. IAY WATERMAN, Barrington, Ill. JAMES WATSON, Fairfield CHERYLE WATTS, Cedar Rapids IEANNE WEAVER, Grinnell IAMES WEBB, Ft. Madison LINDA WEIS, Muscatine KENNETH WELLER, Iowa City LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS l l LIBERAL ARTS SENIORS IERRY WELLIK, Britt IOAN WELLS, Rochester, N. Y. PETER WELLS, Fairfax, Va. TONY WELT, Iowa City BONNIE WELTER, Monticello RONALD WENDT, Coggon HAL WERT, Newton IAMES WESSELS, Des Moines BETSY WEST. Spencer RICHARD WEST, State Center STEPHEN WESTERCAMP, Deep River BRUCE WESTPHAL, Stale Center MARLIN WESTPHAL, Peterson IOHN WHEELER, New Sharon VAIVA WHITACRE, Coralville GARY WHITAKER, Adair ANDREA WHITE, New Providence IOI-IN WHITEHOUSE, Ottumwa DAVID WIDMER, Bloomfield SUSAN WILDE, Ann Abor, Mich. SARAH WILKEN, Ft. Madison WANDA WILKER, Iowa City CHARLOTTE WILLARD, Clinton CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS, Evanston, Ill DERRICK WILLIAMS, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. IAMES WILLIAMS, Kalamazoo, Mich. PATRICIA WILLIAMS, Darien, Conn. ARDITH WILSON, Marshalltown ROBERT WINTERFELD, Sioux Center BOB WISE, Iowa City ANNE WITTE, Iowa City ALAN VVOHLFEIL, Chicago, Ill. IEANETTE WOLFE. Cedar Rapids SUE WOLKEN, Vermillion, S. Dak. DAVID WOODS, Pensacola, Fla. SHARON WUNN, Baxter JUDY YANANOTO, Iowa City BECKY YANTIS, Wever NORRIS YAZARIAN, Traer DAVID YEAGER, Clinton CONSTANCE YOSHIMURA, Kamrar LUCINA YOUNG, Marshalltown STUART YOUNG, Chatham, N. I. WARREN YOUNGQUIST, Waverly ALVIN ZIMMERMAN, Coralville IERRY ZINN, LeMars DONALD ZOOK, Iowa City ROBERT ZUENDEL, Des Moines BOTTOM ROW: L. Weis, S. Feldman, C. Smith, C. Chuck, L. Lamson, M. Lipton, C. DeMuth, K. Cameron, C. Rowley, I. Stephani, V. Cook, B. Tibbitts, N. Matthias, I. Valentine, A. Longstreth. ROW 2: M. E. Ellis, A. Ver- mazen, M. Hurst, I. Van Vlack, G. Corlett, R. Rohret, I. Evans, I. Iohnston, C, Kochel, C. Meek, D. McMahon, P. Scheel, P. Meier, K. Buresh, R. Hubbell, I. Holland. ROW 3: L. Elfers, I. Taylor, S. Wolken, B. Bartley, B. West, D. Corson, N. Halfwassen, R. Benschoter, S. Scheidenhelm, L. Barker, A. Peacock, P. Baird, L. Larsen, S. Little, I, Rueg- nitz. ROW 4: I. Cecil, I. Reardon, L. Peterson, Q. Coff- man, D. Netherton, K. Hoffman, I. Gensini, S. Day, L. Whiting, N. Morrow, N. Gray, T. Sevatson. Student NEA prepares 'Future teachers for profession Susan Fischbeck and Iim Bush led Student NEA by featur- ing monthly programs devoted to educ ' ' . atlonal subjects Any University student who has an in- terest within the educational field can par- ticipate in regular monthly meetings held by the Student National Education Associ- ation. These programs featured speakers, films, panel discussions and faculty get togethers. Subjects ranged from methods of teaching to the problems of beginning educators, but all tried to maintain the Student NEA goal of recognizing teaching as a profession. Ev- ery member vvorked individually to Widen his understanding of teaching as a whole and his specific area in particular. Student NEA oflicers for 1965-66 were Susan Fishbeck, president, Iim Bush, vice- presidentg Marla Miller, secretary, Cathy DeMuth, treasurerg and Karnese Cameron, historian. K i 2 -T rv- 4 Pi Lambda Theta members discuss a new trend in education. Pi Lambda Theta honors women in education "Creative Use of Knowledge for Excel- is an honorary and professional association lence in Education" was this year's theme for Women in education. for Pi Lambda Theta meetings. The group Phi Delta Kappa furthers educational goals A professional honorary fraternity for students. The goal of the group is to ad- rnen in education, Phi Delta Kappa has a vance education. Burdette Hansen led the membership of 500 faculty and graduate organization. Members of Phi Delta Kappa can steal off to their room to read and relax. ,--1 BOTTOM ROW: Marcia Hunter, Sue Lawrence, Marilyn Olson, Robin Smolin. ROW 2: Mary Crowell, Sandi Sigma Alpha Eta stu Sigma Alpha Eta, an honorary for those interested in speech and hearing or speech pathology majors, sponsored bi-monthly dies ll wa -I Starkopf, Margaret Maxwell, Linda Laughnan, Ginny Bal- trus. ROW 3: Ianice Hilsman, Jake Ohlinger, Anne Cox. speech and hearing meetings, a coffee for the department and a banquet. President Susan Lawrence led the 50 members. Phi Upsilon Omicron encourages home economics study A national honorary for home economics majors, Phi Upsilon Omicron was establish- ed to further the study of home economics. BOTTOM ROW: Alvina Longstreth, Iudith Bentrot 'D' -fr r 9 t. Susan Members must be in the upper 40 per cent of their class. Judith Bentrott was presi- dent this year. O'Brien, TOP ROW: Juanita Holland. Carol Driver. l 16 -f-9 li SOTA members spur interest in occupational therapy r Occupational therapy majors study different bone struc- tures. BOTTOM ROW: IoAnn Olson, lane Wolfe, Kathryn Co- hen, Bobbie Sonen, Anne Borchelt, Patricia Callison. ROW 2: Mary Hertel, Iean Beary, Nancy Noller, Cynthia Suter, Mary McMurrough, lean Lemons, Ruth Nelson. ROW 3: A Halloween party sponsored by the Stu- dent Occupational Therapy Association QSOTAJ helped members get acquainted last fall. The group consists of students majoring in occupational therapy. Its purpose is to promote interest in the occupational ther- apy iield on campus among both members and non-members and provide social unity among its members. Officers were Barbara Sonen, president, Mary Iane Wolfe, vice president, and Kath- ryn Cohen, secretary-treasurer. Elizabeth Collins, director of the occupa- tional therapy program, Marietta Holden and Sharon Eckrich, both occupational therapy instructors, sponsored the group. Ellen Taylor, Cheryl Mullahy, Betty Grouwinkel, Lynne Adolphson, Sue I-Iine, Dorothy Ahrens, Iudy Dhesse. ROW 4: Barbara Gardner, Sally Woodcock, Kay Rankin, Marilyn Arnold, Camelia Reed. nr'-, C5 fav? s 5 V . if Q B A 1 , , L BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence Cook, Stasys Ruclys, Frank Herkes, David Broberg, Fred Sonnenberg. ROW 2: David I-Ieltne, Lawrence Kehoe, Robert Morris, Scott Tucker, Iames Seago. ROW 3: William Hoyt, Eugene Mainen, Daniel Duffy, George Augius. Phi Lambda Upsilon honors chemistry maiors Phi Lambda Upsilon is a national honor- ary society for chemistry majors who show high scholastic achievement. New mem- bers were honored this year at the annual initiation banquet. Frank Herkes served as president. Chemisiry seniors eligible +o ioin Alpha Chi Sigma The objectives of Alpha Chi Sigma, the professional chemistry fraternity are to ad- vance chernistry and bind the men in BOTTOM ROW: Edwin Rowlee, Earl Tucker, Iames Un- glaube, lim Koterski, George Augius, David Broberg, Dana McCown, Frank I-Ierkes. ROW 2: Lawrence Cook, Iames Kroneman, LeRoy Pazdernik, Ronald Slatin, Robert Morris, Lawrence Kehoe, Fred Duax, Wendell Rhine. ROW 3: friendship with each other. Only seniors and graduates in some field of chemistry may become members. William Alston, Stasys Rudys, Richard Narske, DeWayne Townsend, Mark Marcus, Daniel Duffy, Fred Sonnenberg, Francis Mettille. ROW 4: Eugene Mainen, Lynn Swanson, Edward Zawistowski, William Hoyt, Iames Retsema, Thomas Gregory, Iames Seago. -Q Fiat bra,-fb Sk BOTTOM ROW: Michael Toner, Gail Longanecker, Sue Sue Hoover, Richard Brogan. Boudinot, William Newbrough. TOP ROW: Brad Kiesey, Associated Students of Journalism coordinate banquets Donald K. Woolley, s IBM card gifts high- lighted the Associated Students of lournal- ism annual Wayzgoose banquet in Decem- ber. The Wayzgoose and Fourth Estate banquets are planned by journalism class oflicers who make up the executive council of ASI. Gamma Alpha Chi emphasizes advertising projects Handing out blotters at registration and picking the best-dressed Iowa coed for "Glamour,' magazine were projects spon- BOTTOM ROW: Sue Boudinot, Vona Custer, Pamela Emerson, Margaret Fones, Tam Duggleby. ROW 2: Pat I-Iagemann, Ruth Evans, Fran Puhl, Sue Hoover, Fran sored by Gamma Alpha Chi, national pro- fessional advertising fraternity for women in advertising. Schrauger. ROW 3: Iane Elwood, Linda Klouda, Carol Werhan, Gail Longanecker. 3 'I 1 W A G H 'N ' A F ' I, L I ii li 4 it -ey T M N " 'Q T X :if F i -X ' if 5, , ,,,Q1,,i r T ,Y p .iw ai BOTTOM ROW: Malin Swope, Ron Slechta, Lester Benz, Michael Toner, Ron Smrha. TOP ROW: Michael Barnes, William Newbrough, Iohn Cloyed, Tom Longden. Sigma Delta Chi publishes sorority pledge pamphlet Sigma Delta Chi members sold the "Pet- ticoat Pamphletf, a directory of sorority pledge classes, last fall and sponsored a Theta Sigma Phi sponsors Among the many activities of Theta Sig- ma Phi, national professional honorary for women in communications was the BOTTOM ROW: Patricia Asleson, Margaret Fones, Doreen Hyde, Gayle Hallenbeck. TOP ROW: Pamela Emerson, spring banquet. Membership in the honor- ary is open to male students in the news gathering areas of journalism. A annual Matrix Table Banquet choice of the outstanding University coed and Iowa City Woman who were honored at the annual Matrix Table banquet. Iudith Bruhn, Andrea Coeh, Carol Carpenter, Tam Duggle- by, . , ! g 1 -.xl he ' 5 f 4 l MEDICAL SENIORS DAVID ABEL, Council Bluffs KARL ALDINGER, Clarion WILLIAM BARKER, Davenport CHARLES BENDIXEN, Atlantic WILLIAM BEN SON , Ashland, Ore ION BERGSTROM, Spencer THOMAS BOAT, Pella DENNIS BOATMAN, Bloomlield PAUL BOONE, Woodbine WILLIAM BOYD, Iowa City DAVID BRANDT, Gamavillo DONALD BROWN, Manchester ROBERT BROWN, Des Moines ROBERT CALDWELL, Fort Dodge BERNARD CAI-IN, Davenport BRUCE CAMERON, Waukon IOHN CHAMBERS, Lake View KAYE CHECK, Madrid MICHAEL CROXDALE, Villisca PAUL CURTIS, Maxwell IAMES DAGGETT, Iowa City DAVID DECKER, I-Iedrich RICHARD DIMOND, Keol-:uk SUSAN DUVE, Dubuque THOMAS EDMONDS, Dubuque IOHN FANGMAN, Winthrop IULIAN FERSTENFELD, Des Moines RICHARD FOX, Polk City IACK FRIEDMAN, Chicago, Ill. RICHARD FRIESS, Iowa City RONALD FRUS, Creston MARY CANNON, Iowa City IAMES GEISINGER, Fort Dodge MELVIN GLAZER, Des Moines ROBERT GODWIN, Anamosa SHARON HAMILL, Des Moines DONOVAN HANSON, Des Moines GILBERT HARRIS, Marshalltown ROMAN HISZCZYNSKYI, Fort Dodge IOHN HOEPNER, Davenport DOUGLAS I-IOLT, Osakis, Minn. IAMES HOOVER, Fairfield THOMAS HUGHES, Delmar CHARLES HUNTER, Cedar Rapids STEVE IONES, Denison ROBERT KAMMER, Fort Morgan Colo JOHN KEISER, Kalona RONALD KILZER, Homick PHILIP KOHLER, Kewanee, Ill. DOHN KRUSCHWITZ, Cedar Rapids CARL KRUSE, Iowa City DAVID KUNDEL, Minden IACK LANE, Waterloo MAYNARD LANG, Iowa City IOHN MADDEN, Iowa City ROSS MADDEN, Indianola TERRY MAXSON, Mason City PAUL MCGARVEY, Waterloo ROBERT MCGREGOR, Manson DONALD MCPIKE, Muscatine IAMES MERCHANT, Ames DALE MERICLE, Des Moines ROGER MURKEN, Boone RICHARD MYERS, Vinton RONALD NERVIG, Iowa City RONALD NORRIS, Iowa City ROBERT OSBORN, Dexter ROGER PACANOWSKI, Chicago KENNETH PETERSEN, Atlantic VANCE POLICH, Melcher ROBERT PORTER, Iowa City BRUCE REIMERS, Des Moines MELVIN RICHARDS, Tingley IOHN RICHMOND, Fort Madison VERNON RITZMAN, Hampton IOANNE ROSENBERG, Iowa City RONALD SANDLER, West Des Moines IOHN SCI-ILICHER, Cedar Falls CHARLES SMITH, Clinton ROBERT SMITS, Prairie City DAVID STEARNS, Story City REINERT SVENDSEN, Iowa City GENE SWAN SON , Sioux City WILLIAM SWEET, Dubuque DONALD TESDALL, Huxley LARRY VANDEGARDE, Sioux Center CURTIS WAIT, Chamberlain, S. D. DAVID WALL, Ames IAMES WANKEN, Eagle Grove CLINTON WENTZ, Napoleon, N. D. IOE F. WHELAN, Elberon IOE R, WHITE, Spencer DENNIS WILKEN, Westside VIC WILSON, Durant IONATHON WINNER, Des Moines DARRELL WITT, Denver MEDICAL SENIORS School of Physical Therapy offers Two members of the physical therapy program encourage a patient on her first day out of bed. BOTTOM ROW: P. Irving, W, Mills, C. Szymczak, W, Swan, D. Kluck, R. Evans, G. Soper, W. McCormick. ROW TWO: F. Iesse, W. Rogers, K. Magoon, L. Wolf, M. Mc- Leod, R. Egland, G. Vande Kamp, P, Sullivan, P. Kiels- certificate, mas+er's program The School of Physical Therapy oliers two programs to holders of B.A.'s. The cer- tificate program takes 12 months and the master's program, 24 months. Students take courses such as anatomy, physiology, surgery for physical therapy, and psychiatry for related professions as well as technique courses such as massage, hydrotherapy, and electrotherapy. Students spend three five-Week periods as clinical interns at physical therapy cen- ters in the midwest. The program started in 1942 as a war- time measure. The first three classes Went to school three months and then worked at military installations six months. Almost 500 have graduated from the school. This year 25 candidates were working on certifi- cates and 4 on their masteris. meier. ROW THREE: I. Gerwulf, R. Zavocki, B. Bork, D. Lutterman, W. Donner, L. Svacina, R. Wolfe, W. Wer- ner. 5 BOTTOM ROW: K. C. Stewart, Thomas Cromwell, Iames loch. ROW 3: Stephen Wollcen, Gerald Fogarty, Leo Nor Merchant, Daniel Eggers. ROW 2: Lawrence Laslett Ste- den, John Larson. l pien Innes. Dennis Wilken, Iohn Scott, Michael McCul- Sixteen students serve on Medical Student Council Sixteen elected members served on the Medicine. The group Worked to create a Medical Student Council, which is the gov- bond between students and faculty. lim erning body of students in the College of Merchant was president. Medical technologists receive training at VA Hospital The School of Medical Technology offers technology training. Bob Lehy directed the a l2-month program of hospital training to ll seniors in the VA Hospital program. its senior students, thus completing their BOTTOM ROW: Ioan Higgins, Ellen Erickson, Nancy Lewis, Carol Faulk, Kathleen Diddy. TOP ROW: Susan wx I Q '43 -at 'x Kane, Mary Geiselman, Iudith Crick, Dianne johnson Donald Zook. iff' yur. -NB' 6 I 3' . , il ix vii, O-FP T y .iff I I A L4 l e ,.V' I I - 1 -7 ' '- ' ' i ' T l - ' Pl-Q .T I ' V , ft it '. I - 2 S a A G -' BOTTOM ROW: K. Friday, S. Moeller, B. Brown, M. Stitt, S. Melson, I. Davey, L. Fane, R. Murken, S. Iones, C. Hunter, I. Merchant. ROW 2: L. Foster, I. Matter, M. Iungling, D. Coolidge, R. Morehead, D. Bell, G. Cavan- augh, R. Iohnston, L. Mulmed, I. Larson, D. Gauger. ROW Alpha Kappa Kappa holds ,,.,,-- , - 5??'if12'1n- 'Fires Two against one may not be the best odds, but this AKK is game. 3: G. Stahle, E. Chesen, R. Stinard, P. Wallace, A. Suggins, T. Cromwell, R. Crumley, I. Roberts, D. Kirkpatrick, R. Neiman, S. Towle, S. Wolken, S. Bellis. ROW 4: R. Gles- ne, G. Olson, P. Heinselmann, L. Laslett, L. Schimmel, S. Deutsch, I. Carrigg, C. Fackler, G. Isserstedt. I. Hanson. smokers, annual lecture In keeping with the trend towards "so- cializedn medicine, AKICS showed their ap- proval by holding monthly house parties, capped by the infamous Kadaver Kapers. Academics are a big part of any med stu- dentas life and AKK sought to foster a spirit of interest and concern not only in medi- cine but in the surrounding fields of study. To this end, the fraternity, led by president Larry Pane, sponsored several Sunday smokers and the annual College of Medi- cine memorial lecture. The Bortz Award was given to the student presenting the best paper at the Annual Students Research Conference. This year the 130 members of AKK join- ed in saluting Mrs. Inez Davey, who cele- brated her 20th year as their housemother. Nu Sigma Nu gives scholarship +o outstanding freshmen Nu Sigma Nu, composed of medical stu- dents, offered programs including both medical and non medical subjects. Nu Sig Smokers covered a variety of topics, While medical scholarship was promoted through the annual granting of Graves Scholarships to outstanding freshmen med students. Social functions were held during the ac- ademic year, with parties held at Homecom- ing and Christmas being the major events. Spring brought the Nu Sig pre-party before "Aesculapian,', an all med school dance. The Nu Sig house received the professional league participation trophy for Widespread athletic activity. Nu Sigma Nu officers were David Dru- ker, president, Ron Rehmann, vice presi- dent, Art Heng, secretary, and Fred Bock- enstedt, house manager. BOTTOM ROW: M. Croxdale, R. McGregor, I. Wanken, I. Matthias, W. Dall, A. Heng, D. Druker, F. Bockenstedt, I. Sebben, I. Smith, W. Bourne, I. Arnold, G. Ryan, E. Shindler, G. Lee. ROW 2: I. Giles, C. Struyk, I, Scott, G. Fogarty, R. Hiszczynskyj, T. Dougherty, M. Tyler, M. Mc- Culloch, D. Eggers, A. Mardorf, L. Iones, C. Semler, I. These members of Nu Sigma Nu relax after dinner with a pipe and a joke. Wilson. ROW 3: I. Knavel, I. Lammers, G. Larson, G. Johnson, T. Gilmore, L. Dierker, K. C. Stewart, D. Hanss- mann, M. Ochs, A. Lang, R. Nieland, R. Burgfechtel, D. Ploth, D. Abel. ROW 4: I. Wessels, A. Becker, K. Smith, H. Smith, R. Wright, R. Brown, T. Richtsmeier, M. Con- nelly, D. Bush, I. Schlicher, L. Sarff, i 159 Phi Beta Pi members socialize at buffet dinners, parties Studying the bones ol the head can be almost fun Phi Beta Pi members discover when you sit in front of a warm fire- place. BOTTOM ROW: R. Adams, I. Puhl, D. Bakken, L. Hughes, R. Carter, T. Artz, D. Schrunk, R. Riessen, R. Russo, D. Kundel, C. Fredrickson, L. O'Connor, D. Weber, E. Garrnan. ROW 2: D. Brallier, R, Bannister, I. Goellner, D. Holt, M. Glazer, S. Stewart, T. Wilson, I. Thoreson, R. Hanson, A. Booth, B. Wampler, I. Beck, D. Burkley, D. Daake, D. Wilken. ROW 3: K. Petersen, R. Peterson, D. The purpose of Phi Beta Pi is to further progress of medical science and to encour- age scholarship in the medical profession. In keeping with this purpose, the l4O mem- bers of Phi Beta Pi held informal seminars with outside guests and provided practice examinations and various other study helps for the underclassmen. Newly furnished living and entertain- ment areas provided a setting for the nu- merous sorority mixers and exchanges. They were also the site of the harmonizing of the Phi Bete chorus, the football season buffet dinners and the major quarterly parties. The 1965-66 Phi Beta Pi officers were David Schrank, presidentg Tyrone Artz, vice-president, David Brallier, secretary, and Tom Wilson, treasurer. Petersen, G. Peterson, S, Leslie, R.. Linde, I. Adams, K. Johnson, D. Rike, D. MacMillan, M. Wilvey, W. Rigler, C. Kruse. ROW 4: B. Gorbunoff, I. Monroe, R. Merrick. R. Polly, G. Shirk, R. Kothenbeutel, I. Swanson, R. Colt- iet,kW. Shipley, C. Bendixen, S. Morrison, M. Gregson, G. ur en. 0 .sir or 'a sw. 0 BOTTOM ROW: Donald Dalbey, Stuart Sybesma, Robert Carney, Charles Lyford, Roger Pacanowski, Richard Pit- man, Ronald Nervig, lack Friedman. ROW 2: Robert Smith, Dale Wulf, Michael Rosenblatt, William Kuntz, Ioe Whelan, Randall Maharry, Terry Maxon, Gary Resch- Phi Rho Sigma celebrates A member of Phi Rho Sigma gestures while he tells a funny story about lab to his brothers. S 1 l rg - R. ly. ROW 3: Ferrell Peters, Dennis Rajtora, Marvin Vos, Allen Harves, Nyle Kauffman, Gary Lawrence, Michael Lawrence, K. A. Bell, B. C. Abortue. ROW 4: William Cross, David Decker, Larry Becker, Ralph Pray, Donald Reinders, Alan Singer, Ron Grooters, Ronald Hansen. 75th anniversary in December The professional medical society Phi Rho Sigma celebrated its 75th anniversary Dec. 4. At a banquet attended by active mem- bers and alumni, pledges were initiated. Phi Rho's 60 members began their year's social functions with a fall picnic. Special suppers were held at both Homecoming and Christmas, and a lecture series featur- ing campus ministers Was conducted throughout the school year. The Wive's Club of the chapter took care of the house furnishings and sponsored several parties, including the annual spring f'Heaven and Hells" party. Monthly meetings were presided over by Charles Lyford. Other officers were Roger Pacanowski, vice-president, Bob Carney, secretary, and Stuart Sybesma, treasurer. NURSING SENIORS KATHY ADDY, Iowa City CAROL ADEN, Gothenburg, Neb. IUDITH AKIN, Ioliet, Ill. IO ANDERSON, Griswold LINDSAY ARTHUR, Dubuque IEANNE BANDSTRA, Pella CAROL BARNES, Winfield, Kan. MARY BASTOW, Mount Ayr BARBARA BECKER, Bartonville, Ill. REBECCA BEHRENS, Cedar Falls NORMA BORTZ, Thermopolis, Wyo. CAROLYN BRUN, Honolulu, Hawaii VIRGINIA CALAME, Des Moines ELIZABETH CHERRY, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii KATI-IRYN CHRISTIANSEN, Estherville SANDRA COURTNEY, Anamosa KAREN DEBOLT, Corydon MARLENE DELPHEY, Harpers Ferry SUE DENGER, Dows JOAN DESSEL, West Union IULIA DESSEL, West Union RITA DIEI-IL, Osceola SANDRA DORR, Marcus LOUISA DUNHAM, Grirmell MARIE ERB, Berlin, Ohio DOROTHY FINK, Manning IAN ICE FINN, Peoria, Ill. IOAN FRY, Stratford PAMILLA FRY, Vinton SHERRY GILLIATT, Vinton KATHY GUNDERSON, Eagle Grove LINDA HAAR, Laurens ANN HAAS, Elgin, Ill. IANET I-IAN SEN, Grand Mound SUSAN HATTEN, Spencer DONNA HEITMANN, victor GAIL HEITZ, Aurora, 111. JANET HENDERSON, Humboldt RENEA HENRICH, odebolf RUTHELLYN HINTON, coming CAROL HOSTETTER, Ames MARY HOVLAND, Humboldt DIANE ILLIAN, Moline, Ill. SUSAN IACOBS, Park River, Ill. IEAN IACOBSON, Des Plaines, Ill. CAROL IIRSA, Lombart, Ill. SHARON IUENGLING, Danville CAROL KAMMER, Decatur, Ill. MARY KERDUS, Waverly SUSAN KILLIAN, Burlington SUSAN KOSKI, Markham, Ill. MARIORIE LARSON, Pilot Mound FAYE LEWIS, McCallsburg MARILYN LINDHOLM, Des Moines HELEN MALLIE, Tripoli CHERYL MAYER, Roselle, Ill. ELIZABETH MCCUGAGE, Peoria, Ill. CARROLL MCDANIEL, Creve Coeur, Ill. MYRA MESHER, Dyersville KAREN MILLER, Rock Island, Ill, THEON MOHR, Mapleton GEORGIA NESBIT, Landon Mills, Ill. MARY O'CONNOR, Mt. Pleasant MARY O'FALLON, Mason City PATRICIA PALMER, Iesup IEANNE PEARSON, Des Moines SHIRLEE PROCTOR, Strawberry Point IANICE PYLE, Baton Rouge ELWAN DA QUAYLE, Galva, Ill. MARY RECKER, Adrian, Minn. DIXIE REED, Center Point HELEN RENSINK, Sioux Center IOYCE RICHARDSON, Ft. Madison BARBARA ROGERS, Iowa City DIANE ROSELAND, Clinton KAREN SCI-IILLING, Rock Creek ARLENE SCI-IUITEMAN, Sioux Center NICHELE SCHULZ, Iowa City LINDA SI-IAFER, Rockford, Ill. CAROLYN SHEATS, Aledo, Ill. NURSING SENIORS NURSING SENIORS Ji., RUTH STARK, Riverville MARY STEWART, Dundee SANDRA STUMP, Keokuk BARBARA SWEETING, Iowa City ANN TENER, Riverside IUDITH THIESEN, Iowa City BARBARA THOMPSON, Cedar F SHARYN TROST, Taylorville SUSAN TRUNNELL, Waterloo PAMELA TURK, Elgin, 111. NANCY VANDER POL, Pella JOAN VICKERMAN, Ft. Dodge VICKIE WAGNER, Piclcstown, S. MARY WAI-IL, Grafton SHERYL WALLEN, Bettendorf SHARON WALSH, Western Spriu SANDRA WASSON, Perry WANDA WHALEY, Mt. Pleasant KAREN WILLER, LeMars SUSAN VVILLEY, Primghar LINDA WILSON , Nevada GAIL WINGERT, Pearl City, Ill. TONI WIRKLER ROSEMARY WITT, Columbia JEAN WORMLEY, Oswego, Ill. ERMA YODER, Kalcma alls D. ES, -6' lr r I 7 i , S T BOTTOM ROW: Sandra Stump, Vicki Wagner, Karma Schauer, Dorothy Fink, Helen Mallie, Barbara Becker. ROW 2: Erma Yoder, Marie Erb, Mary O'Connor, Arlene Schuiteman, Norma Bortz, Carolyn Crowell, Joanne Bauer. ROW 3: Wanda Whaley, Carol Hostetter, Georgia Nesbit, Ianice Strand, Phyllis Harms, Shirley Rodewald. ROW 4: Margery Mintle, Ioyce Richardson, Dixie Reed, Mary Recker, Barb Rogers, Sandra Wasson, Rita Diehl. General Nursing Students' Association hears medical talks Registered nurses working towards B.S. degrees compose the General Nursing stu- dents' Association. The 70 members enjoy- Student Nurses Organization Better communications between nursing students and faculty is the aim of Student Nurses Organization. Among this yearis BOTTOM ROW: Kathryn Taaffe, Carolyn Mueller, Becky Behrens, Mary Hovland, Carole Brown, Linda Moen. ROW - 2: Ann Engelhardt, Sandra Kallio, Carol Hubbard, Barb ed hearing guest speakers in the medical field. Vicki Wagner presided over the the group. seeks better communications projects were Christmas caroling in the hos- pital and a Valentineis party for handicap- ped children. Shultz, Marilyn Christensen, Linda Marsh. ROW 3: Pamela Turk, Helen Rensink, Elizabeth Lee. ,ml If A.. is ,, , i fini- - 'N' Q if Members of Sigma Theta Tau hear a discussion of problems encountered in nursing at one of their meetings Sigma Theta Tau sponsors Founcler's Day +ea, lecture annually Sigma Theta Tau, national nursing hon orary, selects its members on the basis of scholastic achievement and demonstrated leadership in the nursing profession. The group sponsors a Founder's Day tea and Wesilawn Student Association Westlawn Student Association acts as the lecture annually Officers were Sara Whelp ley, president, Mildred, vice president, Mrs Merle Heick, secretary, and Ida Iohn son, treasurer There are about 50 active members serves as governing board ing in Westlawn. The group also sponsors ' -t ' g , I ,. .,.::.f1,?g.-T3 ,ggi - , W , -12 ' Z? V ' 1 in ' Qi, 'f 'ii' 1 - ll- 5 7 V Q Q .gg i. an - ., ggi fs, V , ij, student governing and judicial board for practical nurses and X-ray technicians liv- BOTTOM ROW: Cathy Kennedy, Iean Stek, Sandra Har- ville, Darlene Roling, Ruth Valen, Sue Lauterbach, Iudy Thiesen, Karen DeWald, Shirley Johnston. ROW 2: Linda Hoogeveen, Verna Van Weelden, Alice Moore, Margaret the senior farewell party and the Christmas cozy. Flygstad, Margaret O'Neil, Vicki McBurney, Iudy Smith, Karen Giascho. ROW 3: Kathy Boisen, Sandra Davis, Iackie Blake, Rosemary Soika, Carol Duncalf, Eileen O'- Neil, Barbara Melley, Carol McMaster. Members of the Practical Nursing Stu- dents Organization are students in the prac- tical nursing education program. A one- year course of study, this program is open to high school graduates and gives a cer- tificate of graduation which qualifies the men and women to take a licensing exam- ination given by the State Board of Nursing in September. The group was formed in February of 1963. Most of the 32 students enrolled in the class live in Westlawn for easy access to classes. The group meets twice a month for social activities and sponsors a gradu- ate tea. Otlicers were Nancy Farnsworth, presi- dentg Carol McMasters, vice-presidentg Ver- na Van Weelden, secretaryg and Eileen O'Neil, treasurer. .. 1 . .Q , .'- .1 f 1 A licensed practical nurse wheels a patient towards his bed after a trip to the Department ot Radiology. Practical Nursing Students Organization gives graduate tea BOTTOM ROW: Iudy Smith, Vicki McBurney, Barbara Melley, Eileen O'Neil, Nancy Farnsworth, Verna Van Weelden, Cathy Kennedy, Darlene Roling, Ruth Valen. ROW 2: Sandra Harville, Karen DeWald, Shirley Iohns- ton, Sandra Stimmel, Margaret O'Neil, Margaret Flygstad, Karen Gascho, Carol Duncalf, Marcha Imig, Linda Hooge- veen, Margaret Cornwell. ROW 3: Eliabeth Rogers, Kathy Boisen, Carol McMaster, Sue Lauterbach, Iackie Blake, Rosemary Sojka, Alice Moore. ltr : ' ,H ,iiH7l.- i 4 Q t Al 3- ..g ,, AV it r tl I is l 't 'X PHARMACY SENIORS LEE ABBOTT, Fulton, 111. IOHN BETTIS, Albia KAY CUMPSTON, Enrlhnnl GAIL DEATHERAGE, Peoria, 111. RONALD DOBBINS, North English PETER DROZDDWICZ, Chicago, Ill. DENNIS FITZPATRICK, Missouri Valley LARRY FRY, Humeston MARY HELGESON, Lake Mills GERALD HESS, Davenport NORMAN INGRAHAM, Barnes City IUDY IOHNSON, Wayne, N. 1. THOMAS IOHNSRUD, C1'eSCO PAUL KENT, Solon GLENN KNOOT, Eddyville IOHN LYNCH, New Hampton RONALD MAHRENHOLZ, Manly PATRICK MCDONNELL, Clinton SHARON MOENCK, Duncornbe PATRICK O'NEILL, Sioux City IOEL OSBORNE, Moline, 111. RONALD SCHMITS, Davenport OHERIE SWEETING, Iowa City TERRY TUFTY, Sioux ony THOMAS WUNDERLICH, Ames 1 DALE YODER, Iowa City 4 BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Moenek, Iudy Marvel, Mary I-Ielgeson, Cherie Sweeting, Barbara Bush. ROW 2: Kay Cumpson, Iudy johnson, Ionalie Iohnson, Susan Stoltz, Kathy Cerny. ROW 3: Gail Deatherage, Susan Harvey, Kappa Epsilon lakes par'rin Na'I'ional Poison Prevenlion Week Membership in Kappa Epsilon is open for pre-pharmacy freshman Coeds and to any coed in pharmacy with a 2.0 grade- hung displays in drugstores for National point. The group sponsored a coke party Poison Prevention Week. Two pharmacy students watch as a pharmaceutical preparation is made. 'if ' ' EI American Pharmaceutical Association tours industries BOTTOM ROW: Gail Deatherage, Cherie Sweeting. TOP ROW: Thomas Wunderlich, Herman Tebrugge, Thomas Iohnsrud. The American Pharmaceutical Associ- ation is made up of interested pre-pharma- cy students and graduates and undergrad- uates in the College of Pharmacy. The group hears guest speakers at its meetings and takes industrial trips to major cities in the midwest. In the spring, the newly-elected ofhcers sponsor a picnic. Officers the past year were Tom Wun- derlich, president, Tom Iohnsrud, vice- presidentg Gail Deatherage, secretary, and Herman Tehrugge, treasurer. Wendle Kerr, associate professor of pharmacy, is adviser of the group. A pharmacy student fills bottles with a chemical solution. 2, lx I70 1 4 X. --,, ,.. eiiwg ' I Officers of the senior class of the College of Medicine are: David Brandt, Iay Ferstenfeld, Mike Croxdale. '- fig .'1ff.'1?'f, 45:5 1 ' :Q4:'51!?'5g'r Oilicers of the senior class of the College of Law are: Dar- win Bunger, Allan Havercamp. CLASS OFFICERS ins... Officers ol the senior class of the College of Lib- eral Arts are: SEATED: Bill Rosebrook, vice presidentg Carolyn Smith, secretary. STANDING: Pat Van Heel, treasurerg lean Fee, president. l7l r ' .uw - 1- 1-5,5 :.- 4 V up' 1' 'HN W .1 ss. . , . 5 , SM . 3 H J. Q. ,277- ln-- . WL IN VIL-'TV' up .1 . j 'Qi m. li "" 12" -ah' 1' AM I . .. I74 SECTION TVVD ACTIVITIES 44' 4' N, s , ,-, K f I y I P, A ' , , ,1 ew' ,W ,W ws: ,wha W' 1 rx ig, I I ? . ' - T 4:5 . . asia WQl'wwwU ' , "?f"fi . 23j53?a?1YifI:if' E4 'wT'.. "nQ1'f'af:w3ilf" Eli! i, -.U.:T,:-q,,. g1gL:5 f2'qgAL 5 .i 1-4Vii4BI' Es' 12.-. 4' N y'1',9f -LL .ui4EJl '1g1Li'r3:' 4 34 3 V ,I ITL. 5.2 ,.., 4 f - lgf'x3f?, -ir.: D r y 1' wh. 1-5 , Mui, .:4f::..1 -Em 'lugs . . fm.:- .4 K , N .g.g'1If11 1" y . .nf an am wiki! -535 M , W ff -w '1 .' QM f ,125 x1E,11'Q?4?vb+'3f!1 'gl fx ' K . wr 53- ggQY1.1fQgSis. my ff . I .95fi5f53EPf , w G11 5,-,,x,,illg4?T , u V ,11,3,,. 5, l5i : -...A-1 J, rF'A vii ml 34 91 7,gi,fV'1:-11. , : . ' 1. 1' fm.-1 1,51 4- ' Ai., 1-T 'zt'2?""S'--- '.4j"" , ' .Jig :.jg,f"J xg, . ,pag,gg1yTwy'pj, f ' 'N -k wh : v ..E:?', -F . , '5'5:-.f?3 f'V'7-l?4?faf5 X ' - C '- -. ,w,wf ,M JJ, Y '1, N - ,t A,V Egui. COMMUNICATIONS SEATED: Pat Asleson, Copy Editorg Iill Ruggeri, Managing Editor. STAND- ING: Kathy Brady, Art Editorg Andi Goeb, Assistant Editor, DOREEN HYDE, Editor PAUL DAGLE, Business Manager WILBUR fy F , . X 5' X PETERSON, Adviser MIKE TONER, Chief Photographer HAWKEYE staff combines efforts to produce 5Ist yearbook Seniors sign up for their free HAWKEYES during fall reg- stration. r x w T rw? W Lid PJ MAFPLY HERf V run vuuR M FREE 1 IMA HHUKEYE3 'Ji KF qs' The 1966 HAWKEYE tries to show the life of the different kinds of people that make up a university community, said Doreen Hyde, editor-in-chief of the book. For adviser Wilbur Peterson, the 76th edition has had particular meaning for it is retire as professor of journalism in August the last hook he will advise. Peterson will after being adviser 15 years. Business manager Paul Dagle sold more than 5,000 books for a new record. Chief photographer Mike Toner was in charge of taking more than 500 pictures. A staif of more than 25 copy Writers strived to present the story of the 1965-66 year in memorable form. Their goal was to produce a book that would bring anoth- er All-American rating from the Associated Collegiate Press. 1. i Three slaffs work individually +o combine deadlines Tir' OFFICIAL YEARBOOK QF THE STATE UIQVERSITY OF T T 4' os T' fr 'fl.wX4'NXmb l T K V -f' we 'Xxx XXV 'N SECTION EDITORS, BOTTOM ROW: Vona Custer, ROW: John Cloyed, Pam Emerson, Kay Krueger, lane Tam Duggleby, Margaret Fones, Gail Longanecker. TOP Henrickson, Carolyn Rinker. l80 X zc . .rv - A ' :ti - . ,, 1 V ' 4 . TU? J Kg ' 'x '-1311 , N r wt' rw , I I 1 N N' M 5. 1'.'4'77fXX ..f,fX f 'ix 'T' J V X I .L .-9555 K A, , F' 'if l f' its I1 'Cf' 5 S 4 f 1, .A 23,4 s ,AX s f- ,A A. X N, .- wt X '33 ,, 'q -s. , . I 5 1-..45+ '7"'x .P ' QT' 1 L . .' Q, Y'-V 1 HJ' JL . ,.. s,- x . , vis. .,. , X I AC-..,........,Q-.,-...,- , Q , -. 3 'Sf'5fl "'i,,.. SUl'J .wx- , mi,- ,'4, .4135 ,gf 4 J, ' - s ir 1 u4..W,nJLg.a w N X W wif 1 V, .. , W. . mx 1 ff: Mx if v :aww , .,1,,.' , ,z, .E -.P v -,f, r,,, w fl 1 . I ,..,-as :Lid 55? -,,.-wg ,U ,, 1, ,....,...,-.. 3 L. L k . A I , , F J, Y I KI X-.1273 milf. if l , ASSISTANT EDITORS: SUZANNE ANDERSON, MARGARET FONES, GAYLE HALLENBECK, RON Buss. The sounds of ty - ' ' pewriters greet city ,Z Daily Iowan covers news of campus, city events The Daily Iowan began production this fall with a new rotary press installed in the Sidwell Building across from the Communi- cations Center. Previously a flatbed press had been used. The new press can print a I6-page paper using spot color or a 20-page edition in black and white. Editor Ion Van, appointed by SPI, chooses his own staff, subject to the approv- al of the trustees. The DI brings national, local and cam- pus news to students Tuesday through Sat- urday each week. Special editions of the paper include the University issue, sent to freshmen each year. Publisher Edward P. Bassett oversees the paper, which has a circulation of about Il,- 000 sitors as reporters work to beat afternoon deadlines. 13 49:1 - it-4 '4 4+ g.Jf"'v .. , Copy Editor Paul Butler sits in the "slot" as he supervises students writing last-minute heads. if UIQ N ALAN Kcrroic, Advertising Managerg PAUL Dr- BLASIO, Classified Advertising Manager. K,,, Business side lakes charge of Daily Iowan operalions EARL E. NORDBROCK, Circulation Manager Rox' E. IJUNSMORE, Advertising Director A W" l' EDVV Ai 'Q,""'ff as fe ,M P. BASSETT, Publisher Daily Iowan and HAWKEYE f WSUI-KSUI provide programs 'For University community WSU1-KSU1 is operated by the Division of Extension and University Services. The paid professional staff is made up of a sta- tion manager, program director and four program assistants. lournalism students, under the supervision of a School of Jour- nalism faculty member, provide news cov- erage. One of 300 stations in the nation that are operated by educational institutions, the station began broadcasting in 1919 un- der the experimental license 9YA. WSUI is heard 84 hours a week at 910 kc. and KSU1, an FM station, is heard 15 hours a Week at 91.7 mc. p-ig I BRUCE MORROW, Managing Editor JOHN CORCORAN, Assistant News Dixecto i' .-n -,, ' t.-. fi T 'jiiiw !El'1'A",f,i,, .lgx Q-A r+1-L- Dennis Brown takes down late news for WSUI broadcast. Tom Rieke greets his audience as host for Tea Time music. gp., ,, S , -Hrs! ,W-7" , -. ' 13 - 1' I ui' ...MI 1 vi VE? ' W , lg , lm'--B ,.s-?'.. . J Q' 3 xx is-LEA - ' Q 'Y' H-':. I Y S, , x - -My N v :uw isis 5 ' -5 lbw? . 'H -fb -.f L js, ar' 'f M1 " ' ' if ,uwff 1-,',-.,L, ' . ,. U. lfmagii ' .. wx ' .-uw-1 My , ', M Q. X gfgffff , viimagggg f:1.,QgL5mQ5Qwf1'5gj?"' "3 J'-L" vb?-gif .X ' ,: k ,,,1,w'F5M.h?, fa '-.,,,gkQj,f.1i,f':,,l" j ijfjfm H X 'ik 'iff ' W 'ug 'M 'ik V .. X N S.-W 1- 4 I IE 1 "' 'W W V L,-,.-A w w X If J w A .iiviil gf : 1 50 X 5' uf se 1 :Jai .Q I-P35 Z . ijgn, i ' g Fggbfiwf Television Center trains students in 'filming techniques A scene from a student production is reflected in the cam- era's viewfinder as a student waits for his cue. In 1931 the Federal Communications Commission granted the University the first experimental television license given to any university in the World. This station was WQXK, the first TV station West of the Mississippi and the first educational television service in the United States. At the present time the television center, Linder the direction of Samuel L. Becker, prepares students for television careers and encourages them to attempt independent creative work in films. Experiments are being conducted with nonverbal communication in order to bet- ter understand the process by which com- munication goes on. The center is also used by the university for closed circuit teaching in such fields as dentistry, medicine, nursing and education. Students form a silhouette on the monitors used while simulating broadcasting of a live television show, I A television student learns how to use a camera by partici- pating in a laboratory designed to give realistic experience. ""5':-- l l J-vida ,4 Trustees of Student Publications, Inc., from left to right ton, Dale M. Bentz, Ardys Ruby fsecretaryj, Orville Hitch- are: Iohn B. Bremner, David Hickman, Carol Carpenter, cock, Lane Davis, Barb johnson. Thomas Stone, Edward P. Bassett Cpublisherj, Iay Hamil- SPI oversees yearbook, newspaper, football programs DALE M. BENTZ, Chairman The central function of Student Publica- tions, Inc. CSPIQ is to provide the contin- uity of management and policies necessary for consistent high quality performance by The Daily Iowan, Hawkeye and Iowa Foot- ball Programs. The board is composed of five students elected by the student body and four fac- ulty members appointed by the president. The publisher of the three publications is also present at monthly board meetings. Each year the board selects the editor and business manager of the Hawkeye and editor of the Iowan. Leslie G. Moeller, director of the School of Iournalism, was presented a certificate of achievement by the board last fall for I8 years of service as chairman of SPI. He retired from the board in Iune, 1965. onGANlzATlc1Ns -9,4 BOTTOM ROW Roger Anderson Elizabeth Edson Iohn Frantz, Richard Pundt, George Soukup, Dan Nicol, Dean Platt William Parisi Becky Huxtablc ROW 2 Peter Deerberg. Bull Parisi, John Platt are leaders of I965-66 Student Senate The l965-66 Student Senate executive cabinet was headed by President Bill Pa- risi and Vice-President Iohn Platt. A S299 round trip, 61-day flight to Eur- ope Was planned by the Senate. The possi- bility of organizing a discount program for students with local merchants was also studied. A proposal on a change in closing hours for women students was referred to the Committee on Student Life who decided that beginning next fall junior Women would have no hours. A change in the ju- dicial review program Which set up appel- late courts Was also proposed. The executive cabinet members act as a lobby group with University administrators as well as the voice of the students. Iowa Siudeni' Association created by governmeni' reorganization The reorganization of student govern- ment plan, approved by the Committee on Student Life and President Bowen, calls for the creation of an Iowa Student Associ- ation. The president of this group would be the president of Iowa Student Associa- tion Senate, similar to the old Student Sen- ate. While reorganization plans were being made, this year's Senate sought to estab- lish a closer relationship with students. Questionnaires concerning issues being studied by the group were sent to housing units to discover student opinion on changes. One change, nixed by the admin- istration, would have changed the final week schedule. The Senate also sought student opinions on serving beer in the Un- ion and on the abolishment of the liberal arts foreign language requirement. BOTTOM ROW: Sally Aufrecht, Steve Trecker, Dick Mundy, Steve Teichner, Lee Theisen, Dick Iennings, Wil- liam Parisi, Iohn Platt, Iudv Kinnamon, Sue Munson, Otto Englehardt, Mary Austin, Sue Michich, Martha Hammon. Student Senate, president Bill Parisi, listens to a discussion during a committee meeting. TOP ROW: Liz Edson, Dean Deerberg, Dan Nicol, Becky Huxtable, Dick Pundt, Rogert Anderson, Iohn Vust, Dave Mason, Walter Barbee, Dave Raymond, George Soukup, Tom Hanson, Sue Curtis, Iohn Riherd. -. -A B Q it . ,, . it , i - BOTTOM ROW: Ieffrey Shapiro, Ieftrey White, Andrew Robinson, Larry Earley, Iohn Loughran. TOP ROW: Dick Mundy, Carolyn Rinker, Tom Hanson. Commission seeks better relations between city, University The University-City Relations Commission, Corps, discounts for students, and a survey made up of 24 members, worked on three of dormitory and oft-campus housing. main projects this year: the Student Service Freshmen Intern Program gives insight into student government The Freshman Intern Program gave 60 freshmen an insight into student govern- ment. The group studied campus organi- zations such as Student Senate, Union BOTTOM ROW: Mary Knudsen, Cathy Bolton, janet Leipold, lean Sulek, lean Beary, Cath LeRoy, Ann McIl- rath, Carole Heseman, Kathie Dunn. ROW 2: Kirk Bradley, Ian Lutjen, Lynn Weiss, Randee Schafroth, Ieanne Iacob, Kathie Beres, Kathy Schweiker, Iudy Price, Sharon Board, Town Men-Town Women, and AWS. Several were elected to Student Senate. Hepker, M. Iill Wiley, Sally Hyde, John Chisholm. ROW 3: Carl Varner, Kent Barnard, Carl Stuart, David Schroll, Randall Swisher, Iugh Leo, William Waxenberg, Ieffrey White, joseph Sturm. People-To-People promotes People-To-People Committee members continued their work this year to promote friendships and better understanding be- tween foreign students on campus and American students. The Hospitality Committee arranged dinners and teas for foreign students at housing units. Tours of farms and indus- tries and visits to city council and Student Senate meetings were made. The events committee organized Halloween and Christ- mas parties and the International Song Fes- tival. The forum committee held group dis- triendship, better understanding Q' - 'ah , . ,,. ..,. 'Q -fl ., r--- 1... -fx' , -'aw 3 'f T fs cussions on aspects of American life and 4515 culture of foreign countries. Both Ameri- C Q can and foreign speakers addressed these gt, . meetings. T ' - 'ik The a1'I1baSS3d01'S 3l9I'OaCl COI'I11'1'1ltt6epla1'1- Senators to represent the fraternity system are also elect- ned summer trips to Europe for students. ed durmg the Spmg' BOTTOM ROW: Iohanna Biebesheimer, Phyllis Noecker, ROW: Douglas Iones, Iohn VerSteeg, lim Federhart. Margaret Nichols, Tam Duggleby, Laura Barker. TOP -al ng. 'A I95 'F girlie? :iii J: , , Fila I ee V "fi H, M M f Project AID sponsors casino party to raise scholarship money 1 Members of the student body made their choices for cam- pus leaders during the general election. BOTTOM ROW: Lee Dicker, Lynn Bowman, Dean Deer- berg, Dick Iennings, Richard Echternacht. ROW 2: Cin- dy Dreibelbis, Iudy Rushton, Charlene Bush, Sharon E1 A casino party complete with gambling tables and costumed hostesses was one of Project AlD's fund raising programs for the year. Students attending the party gambled with "chips', which they received upon admission. Banks in the shape of the letter "I" were used to collect donations at football games. Letters requesting donations were sent to parents of all America students attending the University. The commission also Worked on a cam- pus phraseology booklet which will prob- ably be sold at fall registration. Profits from projects Went into the AID scholarship fund. Three full tuition schol- arships made possible by interest on the fund were awarded. The awards are made by the University Scholarship Committee. Dean Deerburg was commissioner this year. Weiner, Susan Friedlieb. ROW 3: William Heitmeier, Sally Hildreth, Stephanie Guiney. Homecoming badge 'Features Herky in overalls, wielding frowel The sale of badges picturing Herky in overalls wielding a trowel, symbolizing the growth of the University, financed Home- coming activities. The Homecoming Com- mittee and its subcommittees were in charge of coordinating all aspects of Home- coming including the Miss U of I Pageant, the parade which featured the theme "And Thereby Hangs a Talef, the dance With music by the Glenn Miller Orchestra, pub- licity, pep rallies, badge sales, exhibits and coffee hours. The committee is composed of 50 stu- dents, 25 faculty members and four or five community members, all appointed by President Bowen. David Kyner and Royce Beckett, professor of mechanics and hy- draulics, were general co-chairmen of the committee. David Kyner, general co-chairman of the Homecoming Committee, talks to co-chairmen of the subcommittees. BOTTOM ROW: Phyllis Noecker, David Kyner, Ioann Chmura. TOP ROW: Laura Barker, Pamela Emerson, Dean Deerberg, Kathy Cutler. Q? CN T7 BOTTOM ROW: Dave Schmidt, Susan Sondrol, Ronald tricia Smith, Saundy Batman. ROW 3: Michael Thomas, Wendt, Fran Shrauger, Dan Nicol. ROW 2: Dean Bur- Kenneth Versman, Dave Bennett, Steven Combs. esh, Karmen Hobbs, Linda Lamson, Mary Schantz, Pa- Orientation Council helps freshman through first college weeks Freshmen, seated according to their iclentihcation numbers, get their hrst glimpse of University life, Freshmen were divided into groups by major fields and visited homes of faculty members in their areas of interest in a new approach to this yearis orientation program. The academic reception, which replaced the president's reception this year, was also or- ganized according to students, major fields. Other activities to acquaint freshmen with campus life included a mass meeting in the Field House, activities open house, church night, and recreation night. More than 300 orientation group leaders prepared for their job at leadership train- ing sessions last spring. During the sum- mer, leaders Wrote personal letters to their group members explaining life as a Uni- versity student. Transfer students received orientation in- formation from faculty members this year instead of being included in the formal or- ientation program. Union Board presents 550 so Union Board presented an enlarged pro- gram of social, recreational, and cultural events to suit the tastes of a growing num- ber of students this year. Headed by presi- dent Rick Davis, vice-president Pat Van Heel, and executive secretary Ianet Pease, the board is composed of 14 directors, 10 from undergraduate colleges and four from the graduate college. Each director is an executive or heads one of the 12 program areas. These areas are divided into specific committees and chairmen and committee members for each. With this organization, the board is able to sponsor 550 events a year. A change in the movies area was the charging of admission and more viewing times. A change in organization came when directors for 1966-67 were selected by per- sonal interviews, rather than being elected by the student body. SEATED: Carl Fackler, Iohn Gleysteen, Iohn Rupp, Caro- lyn Lukensmeyer, Rick Davis, Iohn Fink, Rick Petersen, cial, recreational, cultural events Student Senate President Bill Parisi answers a question during a session of Union Board's "Issues and Answers." Sheila Bauer, Dave Bennett. STANDING: Byron Clemons, Ioe McCabe, Sally Foss, Ianet Pease. Specira is new Union Board subcommittee, plans entertainment Spectra was added to the expanding number of Union Board subcommittees which plan events such as Cinema 16, Soapbox Soundoff, College Quiz Bowl, Thieves Market, Jazz Night and Open House. Spectra sponsored afternoon and evening entertainment including the TGIF dances on Friday afternoons. The Hospitality Committee hosts and hostesses were on hand to give tours of the new addition. Subcommittee members totaled 331 stu- dents this year. These students will be con- sidered for committee chairmanships for next year. A panel reading sponsored by Union Board featured traditional Christmas pieces. President and Mrs. Bowen accept a Christmas tree presented by the University community in a Union ceremony. M. L. Huit, dean of students, pours for Union stall personnel at a Union Board Coffee. JP 7 Fil. , I f", .fx . ,ax ':' fri . ' l . Q - 'fiixik Q ' ' 'Jli,,,, A . J i, . ' . , l . ! V. 4 , . , 'fl' ui ,. gk , ' 1 we ,, .J "1 'M '. i . - Lili.-7.-. , 1 1 I if --I pqngijy.: U - ,I V , . 5 :X ' ,Lim-Sl... .. f. .A .A . V ':1E,FE'11ff-2:3:zg.i2.,112.1 - -. f I-zfg-.iili-'nib' .J-pq-.1 mf- HL ii . V 'f ' .-.,r,.-v ,-, ,sw-,a. . .-V... - . V .1 ., , X Lrg,-.Hail 4 Qifv-,gyif-14... fi? vim, Y l 3 a Y ,fl I 1 , . -fr ,I 7 P' l Q i fir 11 V xi 'gf hulk-l'1 .Ja " . x-11. gf' Y... ,ol .p:, , . 1 J. A .n -iw . -A .lm -. .-""1r:D'A!1.l'Vl'1: "1- J- fl' -' D. . - - 1' 5 , : ,xo A ---T, -, . "-'. 'M -. an , , , , l .i . . aww , . ,..,a n Q--, ,.w,,-, HJ-, f ,1 'Nil "' -' ff7'f1 mp: .ifvi-in f:jf,4',,f-' , 'Bs 'Z 1 z- , ff 2-V .. 3f'Kf4'l'. .31 at-, -pt. ' P53 l r ,HJ - ,, ---, f .. ' if ' -. 1,1 V - - .---2' ' i . uf., "-:: -fm 1 i-'..-. 1 .' 11.44 ,. , v,, . -ggsvwt' 5 - J .-,-,I . - 3. . ,J ,' 1.3, -' v .4 5 '.1,wJ.-U, .'-U- N .1 , r I 1' ... r 0.11.1 wa.. . ,. lf . . ,,,..i .1 f. .A . ,. ..-l r -,.x H21 Y -' f f- G, ' :.A.1': ,,,- 'Q 4.5,-,-,f. , . - ,,':: 14' 3: 3 . .J-,.'1.':.'e-' " 11,1 .., -' '- -nl'f'lg5'l'4, ' IFE' 'vial "l""ll'2'-I-MV, ' , H1-,E ,., l3::,'5J.vgaf.i. mf? www.:-v.: ' Q, 21555, N ,, .. 'thu ' -pl:!"wut1 :va : 33+ .3 .4 QQ' L ":'G'-'24-. " ' nmqfgc-:.f f--f3g,g,: 1. W "xg r ,M +. i 1inf.,f.l 1: .:'.- .-v . .1-gk A 1 T 4. ..:, :ea-.1.. .. -,ln , ,',11,Jg.i,m mpg. ir,-,AWELAM g,,,,g,.1,g:g,,,,,,M,,,,,g,,.,r,.--e-- fa. . -.lun:..:.,,.. .1 ,.. Ann .,...a . 1 ii ,xii .1 ' .f ,Aff " ' N gb 'g,'JJ.a P fr", 1' Masked go-go girls dance up a storm at the Project AID casino party at the Union. Willie Masconi, world-famous pocket billiards player, lines up a shot. Central Party Committee brings performers 'ro campus : ., . ll: CPC members get instructions for an upcoming concert. The Central Party Committee selects and provides professional concert entertainment of the University student body. An annual preference poll tells CPC members who the students would like to see. CPC may not always be able to secure the student's first choice in performers, but trys to contract the top choices. Appearing this year was the Glen Miller Orchestra at the Homecoming dance, Glen Yarborough, Iohnny Mathis, and Ferrante and Teicher during Mother,s Day Week- end. CPC was led this year by: Frank Tan- gren, president, Iim Carlton, vice-president, Carolyn Dick, secretary, and Hank Lischer, treasurer. BOTTOM ROW: Patti Larson, Barb Collins, Frank Tan- Pastras, Iames Carlton, Hank Lischer, Hugh Mossman, gren, Susan Olson, Becky Huxtable. TOP ROW: Ted Michael Moon. 1-Q BOTTOM ROW: Stephanie Guiney, Michele Telford, Janet Leipold, Iames Rochotte, Kristin Summerwill, Nancy Shepherd, lean Beary. ROW 2: Pamela Book, Chandra Carr, Ian Lutjen, Iean Heeren, Martha Hamman, Dana Hendrickson, Ian Huff, Ginna Baker. ROW 3: Tom Shay, Don Lamp, Robert Allen, Hugh Leo, Randall Swisher. CPC Subcommittee members execute necessary tasks A CPC subcommittee plans details on how to set up the stage. r 1145 1 The workhorses of the Central Party Committee are the students who work for the four subcommittees. The subcommit- tee members must attend to such details as setting up the stage presentations and getting publicity about upcoming perform- ances into every cranny of the campus. Membership on a subcommittee gives students the necessary experience to work on the main committee. Students are se- lected to serve on the subcommittees each fall after submitting applications and being interviewed by a selection committee. The four subcommittees are: Tea and Bids, Entertainment, Publicity, and Dec- orations. BOTTOM ROW: Sally Foss, Carolyn Dick, Patricia Carlson, Leslie Parker. TOP ROW: Ted Pastras, Dave Bennett, Rick Petersen, Iames Carlton, director. Pageant Board supervises uni'l' skits, queen campaigns Susie Grneiner, Chuck Huebner, Mimi Black. Smiling girls dressed in costumes rang- ing from cheerleaders and football players to sailors and pirates danced and sang the praises of their candidates the big night of the Miss U of I Pageant. Adaptions of hit songs from Broadway plays and modern dances were popular among the 19 skits presented by Women's housing units. Each of the 19 candidates was presented in a fashion parade, also. The job of coordinating the pageant was performed by the nine members of the Pageant Board, headed by lim Carlton, director. The Week preceeding Homecoming was filled with various forms of campaigning by the five finalists and their housing units. The Week was climaxed by the crowning of Miss Sheila Bauer as Miss U of I for 1965. , ,1 5.14 ,nnkwm W fn 1-Fw-'if ' .- P, 1 - - v.- ,s ' Mi I l , . I I 5' V-:J -Vg - ,f-54 W SL V f ..,, .QQ gif' ie, A member of a skit adds the finishing touch to her makeup. Pageant Committee helps board organize pep rally, publicity The Pageant Committee helps to organ- ize the details of the production of the Miss U of I Pageant. The committee selected judges and entertainment for the Pageant. They watched rehearsals of each of the 19 skits presented by Women's housing units, giving criticisms, timing and helping to iron out technical problems of lighting, props and music. The committee also handled publicity, gifts for the queen and her cor- onation. Miss U of I for 1965 was crowned in a special ceremony on the east steps of Qld Capitol following the Homecoming parade. A pep rally preceded the coronation and presentation of the queen's court. A large traveling trophy was presented to the queen's housing unit. l 205 YWCA's program helps University through service proiecfs BOTTOM ROW: Priscilla Benge, Cherrelyn Chuck, Steph- anie Gulne Billie Redfield. TOP ROW- Mart Ro w ll, ' y, ' - ' Y fi G Ioan Cook, Mary Buckley. The Young Womenis Christian Associ- ation added two projects to their list of yearly activities. During the Christmas season, the YWCA held a Christmas gift sale featuring items from around the World, with part of the proceeds going toward the purchase of gifts for needy children in the Appalachian area. Members also Went car- oling for residents of area rest homes. This year, Y coeds also held their Silver Tea, and continued to serve the community with their babysitting service and with vis- itations through the YWCA Hospital Board. In addition, the Y program was reorganized, giving members a chance to do more work on their own, under the direction of an advisory board composed of prominent Iowa City women. YWCA oiiicers and members entertained students at their annual Silver Tea. ,l 206 !x,x 'I -I-". 'uf' l , 'zaf- QQ? JL I i-J. 1 I General Council BOTTOM ROW: Peggy Nordeen, Carolyn Lukensmeyer, Brenda Schnede, Nancy Matthias, Kathy Buresh, Iane Christiansen. ROW 2: Susan Sondrol, Linda Lamson, AWS activities cover all aspect A variety of activities kept the Associat- ed Women Students' General Council and committee members busy throughout the year. Soon after classes started, freshmen and transfer women had a chance to show off their own wardrobe in the Profile Previews style show. Highlighting the evening was the selection of Miss Perfect Profile, Claire Cowan. AWS hosted a State Day which oflicers from similar women's organizations at oth- er Iowa schools attended. Speakers and dis- cussion groups aided in the exchange of ideas. The group also co-sponsored a survey with Student Senate to find out opinions about hours for women. lVIother's Day Weekend and Internation- al Festival rounded out the year. Kathleen Neylan, Sue Curtis, Deanne Neuman, Ellen Tay- lor. ROW 3: Margaret Fones, Martha Lipton, Ioan Coun tryman, Barbara Beiter. s of coeds, campus interests ' 1 Executive Council Oflicers from Left: Peggy Nordeen, Carolyn Lukensrneyer Brenda Schnede, Nancy Matthias, Kathy Buresh. K . Personnel Board, Profile Previews BOTTOM ROW: Mary Io Schaetzel, Annette Hall, Ioan Heeren, Barbara Beiter, lane Christiansen, Pam Case Countryman, Sheila Bauer. TOP ROW: Ianet Sill, lean L if ' - 3 3' if-11 l B a it ll M ani M- l' if K ' B f Central Judiciary Martha Bergstresser, Margaret Scott, Sue Curtis, Iill Ruggeri. Gillies, Gayle Gray. 'CSR ST Code for Coeds Sherry Margosian, lane Christiansen. Student-Faculty Relations OM ROW: Sandra Upson, Kathleen Neylan, Janet n. TOP ROW: Sue Nelson, Susan Olson, Catherine th. l Red Cross, International Dinners BOTTOM ROW: Gail Stoltz, Rosalyn Stenby, Ieri Schaff. TOP ROW: Diane Hawkinson, lean Beary, Mary Vietmeier, Indy The profile previews style show gives freshmen women and transfer students a chance to model their own clothes. g V .au W. 1. 'IT' General Council BOTTOM ROW: Iudith Hanson, julie Hanson, Ioyce Ann Englehardt, Lucy Craigie, Sylvia Knott. ROW 3: Ruth Evans, Bonnie Slatton, Mary Perharn, Christina Wallrich. Buelow, Nancy Arn, Marcia Hudson, Becky Yoho, Laura ROW 2: Debbie Maguire, Doris Gibson, Betty Hanson, Barker, Claudette Heddens. WRA adds several sports, awards trophies to intramural winners Executive Council BOTTOM ROW: Iulie Hanson, Ioyce Evans, Bonnie Slat- ton. TOP ROW: Christina Wallrich, Mary Perham, Iu- dith Hanson. WRA sponsored another full year of in- tramural activities this year with emphasis on the social and recreational aspects of sports. New tournaments added this year were hockey, archery, softball, mixed canoe- ing, mixed tennis, badminton, mixed vol- leyball, fencing and mixed bowling. The housing units that participated in intramurals vied for three diderent awards. The individual trophies went to the win- ners of each sport, the championship tro- phy to the housing unit with the highest total points at the end of the year, and the traveling trophy to the housing unit with the best participation during the year. In May, WRA was the host for a sports day which was attended by 48 schools be- longing to the Iowa Athletic and Recreation Federation of College Women. WRA members participate in badmin- ton tournament. Mixed bowling was one of many WRA activities. -. , P,,o,o.3..m ,, Seals spoof television in annual synchronized water show xii OFFICERS FROM LEFT: Iackie Moeller, Sue Spormann, Beth Kappy and President Dorothy Feldman. BOTTOM ROW: Left to right: Miss Annie Clement, ad- visor, Pat Smith, Iudy Osborn, Carolyn Porter, Beth Kappy, Sue Spormann, Dorothy Feldman. Gigi Chalstrom, Pam Henderson, Barbara Weeks. ROW TWO: Barb Moore, Pam Misfeldt, Toni Horseiield, Lynda Sedenka, Ianet Har- "Channel I-I2O,' provided the theme for this year's Motheris Day Weekend water show by the Seals Club. The synchronized swimmers' program consisted of a look at television. Girls prepared for their show and meets at Monday and Thursday evening practic- es. Members of the club attended the Mid- west Intercollegiate meet at Ohio State, the International Academy of Aquatic Art Festival in Seattle and various workshops and clinics. According to Annie Clement, the adviser, the club is organized for three purposes- to give students an opportunity to develop skill in stunts and creative swimming, to provide instruction for the inexperienced, and to give the highly skilled a chance to participate in meets and shows. per, Iackie Moeller fin centerj Kathy Marbach, Ianene Kuhl, Ian Threlkeld, Bette Smith: ROW THREE: Gin- ny Therrien, Sue Balsam, Carol Iackson, Iulie Rodman, Sandy Soults, Angela Brinkley, Janet Moore, Cindy Landes. 30 '96 .ar- 55 BOTTOM ROW: Ike Heller, Neil Schmitt, Paul Monohan, Bill Sayre, Tom Golsborough, Mike Petersen. ROW 2: Don Hatch, Rick Echternacht, Alan Schenchk, Maurice Le- Vois, Peter Levy, Skip Iensen. ROW 3: Keith McCanless, Terry Siorek, Al Smith, Tim Barnes, Bobby Dickson, Ken Q? il -36. -1 -1 4? ov 'A Dip in the Dunes' provides Dolphin Queen candidates wait their turn during judging of semiiinalists. Gordon, Dale Sheahan, Pete Drozdowixz, Ken McBeath. ROW 4: Iohn Ferguson, Ralph Cryder, Lloyd Matthes, Al- len L. Hostetler, George Marshall, Ron Berry, Torn Ren- quist, Iohn Scheda, Tom Mills, Iohn Morton. setting 'For Dolphins show An Arabian setting provided the back- ground for this year's annual Dolphin Fra- ternity Homecoming show, "A Dip in the Dunes? The show revolved around three Arabs who were repeatedly repulsed in their efforts to catch a glimpse of their queen in her court. Their queen this year was Sara Horstman, who was attended by Cheryl Ames, Barbara Shaffer, Judy Allen and Virginia Hans. This year's show was dedicated to Beu- lah Gundling, world champion synchroniz- ed swimmer. Mrs. Gundling appeared in the show in a solo presentation, "Our Star of the East? The fraternity has provided Homecom- ing entertainment for 43 years. It also de- velops the gymnastic and swimming skills of its members through clinics and compe- tition. EXP' 1 -44 it -,,,,51':.,,.:.,,..jtg1. 'g' ,,w'lm Fig- LQ,-ak 3.35 f' imryi Y El-5' L' 1 " .1 'af-:.i!,'ef:15,L:... "n . -t. ,+1.'1fa.,- 2 g,- :i':'.ti Lfg f . 4? 1:77 YT' BOTTOM ROW: Richard Shepley, David Kyner, Patricia ROW 3: Dean Deerberg, Ioan Fitzpatrick, Barbara Collins. Smith, Michael Thomas. ROW 2: Pam Case, Iane Ander- ROW 4: William Heitmeier, Kent Ziegler. son, Sharon Dirks, Diane Schoenberg, Phyllis Noecker. Pep Club promotes support Yell leader Bruce French encourages the cheering section to wave their hats. for Iowa athletic events Dave Kyner again led Pep Club in pro- moting enthusiastic support of the U of I athletic teams. The twelve members of the council expanded the number of cheerlead- ers from four to six this year and inaugurat- ed a traveling spirit trophy. The trophy was given to the housing unit that Won the most points for participation in Pep Club sponsored events. Points Were awarded for attendance at pep rallies, stunts and the best theme in the car caravan for Dad's Day. A greased pig contest, a search for the needle in a haystaclc and a street dance pro- vided big sendofis for the football team. The Pep Club arranges for students to buy season tickets from the Athletic De- partment each spring on a First come, first serve basis for the cheering block section of the stadium. Pep Club Subcommittees takes charge of pep rally duties The Pep Club subcommittee system was renovated again this year, switching from five committees to seven. The committees are in charge of the various duties for Pep Club events. Over 50 students work on the subcommittees. The cheering block committee bought and sold tickets to students for the reserv- ed section, While the arrangements commit- tee Was in charge of staging and getting sound equipment on the field and to rallies. The cheerleaders comprised a separate com- mittee this year and decided to bring back the live "I-Ierky" the Hawk to sit on a perch for all home football games. Other commit- tees were: mass membership, publicity, ral- lies, and special events. BOTTOM ROW: Sheri Lundeen, Beth Nickolisen, Mary Iames, Lynne Marshak, Roberta Kreamer, Christine Parke. ROW 2: Michael Norton, Carolyn Mueller, Helen Toms, Rosemary Ronnebaum, Lavola Spieker, Connie Henning, Marilee Reemtsma, Ellen Dustman. ROW 3: Barbara Hig- The U of I cheerleaders perform one of their cheers, new this fall. gins, Carolynn Isham, Linda Gies, Pam Ellertson, Patti McCabe, Beth Ellis, Nicky Harmon, Kent Ziegler. ROW 4: Hugh Mossman, Ioe Whitehouse, Stan Lemon, Randy Woloski, Randy Swisher, Ron Poole, Nate Dappen, Charles Neighbor. Scottish Highlanders perform through a year of change Dancers from the Scottish Highlanders wait on the side- lines for their turn. BOTTOM ROW: H. Adamson, M. Petersen, S. Bell, I. Herald, P. Stafford, I. Stewart Cfasst. directorj, L. Nolan Cdrum majorj, I. Adamson, M, McAulay, M. Haase, C. Bush, B. Luzius, I. Taylor. ROW 2: P. Klocksiem, C. Schultz, M. Phillips, K. Steinbeck, M. Allen, I. Schafen- acker, C. Dreibelbis, M. Morgan, I. Pesek, B. Brewer, P. Mueller, I. Opheim, M. Schwiebert, I. Clayton, P. Peeks, D. Dethrnann. ROW 3: M. McGinnis, B. Myatt, C. Reed, M. Nice, I. Ranniger, M. Murphy, G. Mashaw, D. Butt, For the Scottish Highlanders, 1966 was a year of change. Led by Drum major Lin- da Nolan and assistant director Iohn Stew- art, the group marched and danced their Way through the football season. Highlights of their performances not on- ly consisted of precision drilling, but Scot- tish dances. These included the Highland Fling, The Shepherdis Crook, and the Sword Dance. The Drum Dance was also performed during Homecoming. Tragedy struck the group this fall, when William Adamson, director of the High- landers for years, died. The girls and as- sistant director Stewart kept the Highland- ers together, and they pursued their normal winter activities which included a banquet for group members. D. Kennedy, C. Flaum, E. Wentworth, M. Anderson, I. Thomas, S. Walker, P. Bushaw, S. Yetter, C. Chervek. ROW 4: P. Dale, D. Rogers, D. Hartjen, B. Deahl, D, Sage, N. Weaver, I. Siesseger, L. Rubel, C. Neville, C. Kahane, C. Wiebener, C. Lukensrneyer, I. Robertson. ROW 5: M. O'Bryon, C. MacLaren, C. Angus, K. DeBolt, S. Ienks, C. Williams, C. Hasty, S, Knight, K. Levi, I. Hays, S. Allers, I. Hitchcock, B. Nickolisen. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Gebhard, Rex Daubenberger, E. A. Iuli Sullivan, Kay Lesar, Charles Wilhite, Iames Dunham, Scholer, Edith Anderson, Phoebe Stafford, Delbert Gehrke, Glenn Dooley. ROW 3: Walt Wombacher, Iames Carson, Karen Koser, David Moss, Jeanne Sherrow, Kieth Loan, Lonis Alley, Robert Brovm, Robert Nakashima, Beverly Phil Williamson. ROW 2: Stephen Moss, Ed Snyder, Craig Deuel, Sara Swenson, Ann McCall, Pamela Klocksiem, Dawson, Sarah Reading, Heidi Rutenbeck, Karen Kregness, Katherine Hughes, Lynne Hippler, Carole Duggleby. U of I Recreation Associaiion initiates new program The U of I Recreation Association is composed of students with majors or mi- nors in recreation. The group presented a Epsilon Phi seeks permission Nancy Lubin was president of Epsilon Phi, wornen's social group, this year. The group BOTTOM ROW: Penny Burian, Bonnie Robinson, Cheryl Venet, Nancy Lubin, Gail Brodkey, Phyllis Hoyt, Carla Conn. ROW 2: Iudith Kart, Paulette Weiner, Nancy Schiller, Andrea Schiff, Gale Bailey, Barb Kilberg, Meraly O panel discussion at the Iowa Recreation Society Congress and participated in the Spring Festival. colonize on U of I campus sought to colonize on campus, but the Pan- hellenic Council refused them permission. Nabedrick, Barbara Schwartz, Haine Penner. ROW 3: Lynne Marshak, Iennine Kraft, Terry Phillips, Elaine Rosen. i, . . L AL.- BOTTOM ROW: Suzanne Heddesheiiner, Nancy Hogan, Ann Mosher, Alvina Longstreth, Susan Pierson, Iuanita Holland, Mary McAulay. ROW 2: Bonnie Rettig, Dolores Hansen, Iudith Bentrott, Ioyce Anderson, Vanna Folsom, Kathryn Sentman, Louise Grimm, Kathryn Owens. ROW 1- 3: Jackie Schlotterback, Sandi Dixon, Elizabeth Specht, Iudith Elpert, Mary Keele, Karen Boggard, Kathleen Thors- bakken. ROW 4: Linda Sanders, Ieanene Dittrich, Nancy Brown, Kent Hamdorf, David Miller, Iulianne Iewell, Don- na Schafer. Home Economics Club gives award to outstanding senior The annual initiation dinner and presen- tation of the Myrna Sprengeler Memorial Award to the outstanding home economics senior and a tea to acquaint high school girls with the home economics department are among the activities of the Home Ec- onomics Association. Junior Panhellenic Council helps pledges adjust to campus The 15 sorority pledge class presidents who form the Iunior Panhellenic Council organized mass meetings of lectures of Uni- versity faculty memhers, panels of frater- BOTTOM ROW: Sue Lawrence, Cathy LeRoy, Sarah nity men and other programs throughout the year to help sorority pledges adjust to the Greek system and the University. or. TOP ROW: Kathy Boucher, Mary Spencer, Lois Rad- Cline, Ian Lutjen, Madelyn Ray, Gayle Grace, Vicki Nail- loif, Kathy Anderson, Iean Miller, Ian Ford. BOTTOM ROW: Thalia Alberts, Barbara Binney, Toni Nash, Alan Redfern, Dirk Rapp, Ramesh Ajmera, Janice Iohnson, Elaine Cohrs. ROW 2: Kathy Schweiker, Suthi Aksornkitti, Anastasio Brobesong, Tsuyoshi Ueda, Pravin Sheth, Adnan Al-Gil-iraibawi, Betty Horton. ROW 3: Vic- torien Looky, Alex Ogedegbe, Jurgen Richter, Ronald Linde, Roland Glover, Michael Hayward, Stephen Gross. International Center provides facilities for foreign students The recreation room offers students a place to play table tennis, and darts and exchange ideas about their countries. -. A-1 .1 1- 1.1.-ffa ,aft , i.,,:j,.:::g,-ff. e ' F 'Q "it: 1 if.ff3:1.I. " ,iff .. 'f :.?r?wr':f The International Center Association provides a home away from home for for- eign and American students in which to ex- change ideas and information and to learn to appreciate the customs and cultures of each otheris nations. The International Festival, organized by the Association, is its biggest event. Other activities such as mixers, seminars, and lec- tures are a part of the association's yearly program. The International Center, next to Kate Daum, is open daily offering a homelike at- mosphere where students can gather for conversation, relaxation, or study. BOTTOM ROW: A. Hostetler, I. Chisholm, R. Echter- nacht, W. Parisi, C. Varner, P. Frantz, M. Monohan, I. Christiansen, L. Krewson, G. Krekel, G. Galic, R. Sikma, I. Meier, D. Bell, I. Iacob, N. Shaw. ROW 2: R. Nading, C. Friedl, M. Hurst, R. Riddle, I. Morgan, L. Larson, M. Mae Petersen, N. Dillingham, C. Morras, I. Starr, S. Scheidenhelm, R. Burke, I. Sulek, S. Hanson, L, Blandford, D. Yager, D. Faulk. ROW 3: C. Wagner, E. Ransom, C. Stamer, I. Chrisman, G. Cottingham, L. Gee, L. Duvall, M. Spencer, I. Camden, S. Micich, S. Pierson, I. Iohnston, L. Weis, C. Ray, P. Cadwallader, M. Royer, K. Barclay, M. Iones, T. Alberts. ROW 4: C. Arvidson, W. Willey, B. Fallgatter, D. Lockridge, V. Nielsen, R. Heaton, D. Ander- son, R. Thompson, I, Smith, R. Nesladek, L. Bright, M. Fuller, G. Wunder, M. Weldon, C. Robertson, C. Hauke, D. Krekel. ROW 5: T. Reithal, L. Guerine, I. Schweppe, E. Glesne, R. Curtis, R. Wylie, M. Coats, I. Loughran, I. Hanson, H. Maas, G. Soukup, R. Pundt. Young Republicans invite party leaders +o speak al' lowa An address by House Minority Leader Gerald Ford of Michigan started oHf the year's activities for the Young Republicans. The group held a luncheon for Senator l a- cob Iavits when he visited the campus for the Political Affairs Conference. Iowa Re- publican National Cornmitteeman Charles Wittenmeyer and Republican National BOTTOM ROW: G, Butcher, I. Broers, D. Bohle, N. Voldseth, M. Kochel, K. Padgham, B. Rosebrook, I. Hamil- ton, B. Waxenber , I. Federhart, C. Christensen, I. El- liott. ROW 2: S. Dahms, B. Riehm, K. Schweiker, K. Kal- tenborn, P. Sincox, I. Glos, I. Gerwin, S. Wolken, S. Wol- ken, L. Davis, S, Wolken, B. Shimanek, I. Campbell, H. Cornrnitteewoman Mary Louise Smith also spoke to the group. Young Republicans from the University attended the college Republican state con- vention in St. Louis. Members also took trips in groups to see and hear speeches by Republican politicians such as Senator Ev- erett Dirksen. Olsen. ROW 3: U. Such, E. Engel, P. Meier, K. Cameron, C. Kubicek, N. Hoskin, I. Carter, C. Norton, C. Beever, R. Bowlin, I. Wunder, K. Arps, S. Houghton, S. Canaday. ROW 4: I. Whitehouse, M. Martin, I. Platt, E, Bennett, N. Wilson, I. Heeren, S. Miller, I. Brown, T. Stone, D. Nickman, D. Bye, E. Woon. 'Fai' 1 BOTTOM ROW: Helen Goodell, Mary Lou Nebel, Sue Lawrence, Carolyn Smith, Nadya Forrnenko, Kathryn Kal- tenborn. ROW 2: Iane Christiansen, Ellen Taylor, Rosalie Bowman, Carolyn VanZee, Ioan Countryman, B. I. Red- I , r ' held, IoAn Olson. ROW 3: Sue Curtis, Bonnie Fletcher Susan Wright, Beth Nickolisen, Lisa DeVoe, Carolyn Sha- piro. ROW 4: Libby Blandford, Alice Davis, Gayle Hallen- beck, Sue Galloway, Laura Barker. Panhellenic Council promotes cooperation among sororities The annual Panhellenic Scholarship Banquet and Greek Week plans were among the activities of Panhellenic Council under the leadership of Carolyn Smith, president. The group also discussed matters concern- ing sororities and worked to promote coop- eration among them. Gamma Phi's Mother Ioyce serves refreshments after her girls were serenaded during Greek Week. BOTTOM ROW: William Marvin, Mark Polen, Iohn Dar- nall, Dean Dort, Bill Rosebrook, Steve Trecker, Dean Deer- berg. ROW 2: Dale Iohnson, Torn Throckmorton, Mike Reifschneider, Iohn Peil, Robert Muhlenbruch, Richard Gruber, William Fanter. ROW 3: Iack Pilling, Ioe Smith, Dan Anderson, Robert Benson, Mike Kirby, Larry Kuhl, Gary Calhoun, Dave Ott. ROW 4: Iames Moses, Michael Eunningham, Dick Montgomery, Harry Wirtz, Fred Per- ms. lnferfrafernify Council serves campus, community, fraternities Interfraternity Council officers led the group in a variety of activities. The lnterfraternity Council is both a service and administrative organization of the 19 fraternities on campus. The council strives to give service to the campus, the community, and the member fraternities. Members of IFC include the president and one elected representative of each member chapter. This year, IFC decided that spring rush would be formal and held on one Weekend. The council also pledged to support RILE- EH and sponsored American Field Service students during Greek Week weekend. Officers for 1965-66 were Bill Rosebrook, president: Dean Dort vice-presidentg Steve Wherry, secretary, and lohn Darnall, treas- urer. BOTTOM ROW: Robert Benson, Glenn Buchanan, Rolly ROW: Richard Asinger, David Bennett, Barry Brown, Perkins, Frank Renner, Thomas Rusk, lack Swanson. TOP Richard Shepley, David Hyde. Phi Alpha Mu membership honors high scholastic achievement Phi Alpha Mu is an honorary fraternity achieve a 3.3 gradepoint after 60 hours of for men who are socially affiliated. Mem- college work. bership is awarded to upperclassmen who Junior lnterfraternity Council supplements chapter training The Iunior Interfraternity Council seeks to campus. It is composed of the president supplement chapter pledge training and and one representative of each pledge class. prepare pledges for future leadership on BOTTOM ROW: Bill Conkling, Craig Miller, Ted Marks, Tom Shay. TOP ROW: Kent Barnard, john Casper, Pat Stopulos, Tom Cilman, Donald Schaper. Shamrock Ball is biggest proieci' o'F Interdorm Social Board ,.,-. :,u,.i-" ling, A coed in Burge sets her hair in preparation for an inter- dorm mixer. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Petersen, Deanne Neuman, lean Hudson, Candy Wright, Ion Bowermaster. The Interdorm Dance, the Shamrock Ball, was the biggest project of the Inter dorm Social Board. Candidates for the In- terdorm Queen are selected by the menis residence halls and the queen is crowned at the dance. Holley August was this year's queen and she presided over the dance amidst the atmosphere of post St. Patrickis Day. The board is composed of ten students, each the social chairman of their housing unit. The board also plans a number of other activities such as mixers and picnics. It is responsible for coordinating the plans for the thousands of dorm residents. Officers this year were Ion Bowerrnaster, chairman, Anne Cox, secretary, and lean Hudson, treasurer. Maggie Winkler. TOP ROW: Gary Graham, Anne Cox, T V " H' "W 4 'i' 1"lf"' 1 IS A..i1- ,yf5' U ,... , an lf: 5.52 Fit: rig , . 224 ,va , 2:3 wa, .. , l- 'S-I--tm R - ,ee '1-vw?--rv-1-9-: - -"H r up-.1---,, ,. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Boyle, Bonnie Washington, Joyce Cargile, Catherine Roth, Dorothy Rowe. TOP ROW: Ion Miller, Duane Cavins, Brooke Harris, Kate Williamson, Margaret Scott. Interdorm Presiden+'s Council coordinates dorm activities The Carnival Room is a favorite stopping place for after- noon snacks and coffee. ' Q.: J? 1 V- sf ., Cy ,jj .SIX Dormitories are home to many students. To make students feel more at home by pro- viding opportunities for them to participate in dormitory activities is the job of the In- terdorm President's Council. IDPC is made up of the presidents of each dorm and di- rects other dorm groups such as the Inter- dorm Social Board and the Interdorm Pub- lic Relations Board. IDPC tries to help students develop responsibility and organi- zational skills by giving them jobs on the committees necessary for the functioning of the dormitory units. IDPC also serves as a tie between dormitory residents and Uni- versity activities. Newly elected oflicers are prepared for their duties at an annual Leadership Train- ing Conference sponsored hy IDPC. Train- ing consists of work in the organization and activities of the dormitory housing units. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Sprinkle, William Rubin, Neill Luebke, Verne McClurg, adviser, Robert Hubbell, adviser, Richard Echternacht, jerry Thatcher. ROW 2: Ioe White- house, Bob Thompson, Stephen Thompson, George Ent- whistle, lim McCoy, William Sibley, Marc Harding. ROW 3: William Morgan, Ralph Hollenberger, Iames Entwhistle, Iarnes Sofen, Iames Shaifer, Robert Dixon. ROW 4: Rus- sell Anderson, Stephen Odem, Iames Russell, Iames Sieg- ling, Gary Hopson, Michael Finken. ROW 5: Rickey Long, Ralph Proctor, William Tinsley. Alpha Phi Omega holds blood drive as service proieci Alpha Phi Omega members watch as a volunteer donates a pint of blood in the Viet Nam drive. A campus-Wide blood drive was one of the service projects sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega this year. The group is a national fraternity for former Boy Scouts. Three hundred and ten pints were donated. The project was organized through the Peoria Red Cross regional blood program. Twenty volunteers from Alpha Phi Omega and members of the Iowa City Red Cross Work- ed during the day of the blood drive. Rich- ard Echternacht and Iames McCoy were co-chairmen of the drive. The fraternity is considering making the blood drive an annual event. The fraternity helped with University registration taking care of the bulletin board announcing closed sections and courses. The group also participated in the all-campus spring carnival. Newman Club members participate in liturgy, hold vigil The purpose of Newman Club is to help its members develop in spiritual, intellec- tual, and social aspects. Sponsoring the 300 Catholic members was the Chaplain of St. Thomas More, the Rev. C. W. Stangohr. Sunday evening suppers prepared by members were followed by formal or infor- mal programs. A December Bible Vigil was held and to broaden their understanding of religious groups on campus, Newman members heard Iewish, Methodist and Uni- tarian Universalist lecturers. Students par- ticipated in the liturgy of 10 a.m. mass Sundays and helped transport handicapped children to mass. Kathleen MacLean was president. Other officers were Mary lane Bouska, treasurer, and Margaret Donnelly, secretary. "fn .J b v Q., 2 - fi 3,5 ,. A V Annually, religion core course students fill St. Thomas More to hear a mass said. Father Mcllenny explains to students aspects of the liturgy. Christus House seeks to provide dynamic atmosphere Students gather around the piano at Christus House after the Sunday evening supper. Christus House, IoWa's Lutheran student center, seeks to provide a dynamic atmos- phere marked by openess and frankness. In this setting, a co-educational community of some 35 students of diverse interests and talents lives and participates in a life to- gether involving worship, study, conversa- tion, common meals, and mutual responsi- bility. It is a life non-residents and guests are invited to share. Christus House is open to persons of all races and persuasions and provides a forum for persons and ideas from the University and the World. In being such a context for growth in freedom and maturity, it tries to be a "Christ Housen in the midst of the life of the University. Students from many different ways of life enjoy the homelike atmosphere of Christus House. BOTTOM ROW: Helene Maduff, Sandi Starkopf, Robin san Friedlieb, Lynn Weiss, Richard Heller, Fred Diamond, Smolin, Miriam Pollack, Gary Goldstein, Vicki Zeiger, Paul Eisner, Elaine Eisner, Cary Lieberman, Margie Pritz- Mark Polen, Lindy Neuger, Rabbi Samuel Lerer. TOP ker. ROW: Ianice Pernick, Leslie Rudnick, Gloria Osboda, Su- Hillel Foundation sponsors Hanukkah party, discussions groups The doors of Hillel House are open to members of the Iewish faith and friends anytime. .14 ,-,..-- .-f1"A -31.- ,PA,,.4- i. The purpose of Hillel Foundation is to provide a religious, cultural and education- al center for Iewish students on campus. Sponsored by the national B'nai Brith Society and under the direction of Rabbi Samuel S. Lerer, the Hillel members attend- ed Sunday dinners and programs. A pro- gram called "Retrospect', featured both sides of the Vietnam protest followed by a group discussion. Hillel offered Friday ser- vices, a place to study and folk dancing for 140 members. The group sponsored a Han- ukkah party and the United lewish Appeal banquet Feb. 2 at the Hotel Ieflierson. Officers were Miriam Pollack, presidentg Vicki Zeiger, secretaryg and Ian Heller, vice- president. BOTTOM ROW: Cynthia Stewart, Marilyn Tsukamoto, lane Kading, Ruth Rogers, Ioan Cook, Ieannette Croxell, Ianice Dockendorfi, Lucy Pampel, ROW 2: Iana Gates, Evelyn Engel, lean Valentine, Pat Ruegg, Ianet Ridenour, Maxine Hunt, Suzette I-Iawlaaker, Susan Willoughby, Shar- Kappa Phi celebrates 50+ "Our Golden Heritage" was Kappa Phiis theme for 1965-66. A service club for Methodist Women, the group celebrated its on Brown, Ruthellyn Hinton. ROW 3: Ruth Fleming, Marcia Schnedler, Ann Tener, Martha Wilbanks, Ieanne Turner, Sheryl Mahood, Nickey McGinnis, Ruth Burke, Marilyn Peterson, Carolyn Speed. h anniversary on Iowa campus 50th anniversary this year. Its major pro- ject was teaching Sunday School to handi- capped children. Gamma Delta stresses service, social activities Gamma Delta, an organization for Lu- theran students, brings members together for service as Well as social activities. Each BOTTOM ROW: David Stock, Wayne Hatwich, Steven Combs, The Rev. Paul Hoenk, George Roberts, David Groenewold, Barbara Becker, Enid Calder. ROW 2: Ielf Musfeldt, Elaine Cohrs, Iohn Kreimar, Dave Feldman, Stephen Echternach, Roger Aude, Melvin Rock, Dennis Wegner, Ernest Howard. ROW 3: Barb Vetter, Carol month a qualified speaker talked to the group on various religious topics. Eschbach, Andrea Gartley, Phyllis Harms, Sally Dahms, Pamela Wiser, Ioan Ranniger, Vicki Wagner, Ruth Buelow, Gretchen Grovert. ROW 4: Paul Schuh, Nancy Vetter, Kathy Franzenburg, Patricia Murray, Robert Hintz, Ginny Lane. Sailing club beats five schools to win regatta here in April The Sailing Club won ftrst place in a re- gatta held here in April, in which five schools participated. The club has 12 boats in operation, a clubhouse, dock, and eating facilities at Lake Macbride. Membership is open to interested students. Dues are S10 a year, with classes about the fundamentals of the sport given so members can pass the test required before actually sailing. The new member is called a novice, if he passes the test, he moves up to crew and after passing a more advanced test, can become a skipper. Oliicers of the 125-member group this year were Mike Touch, commodoreg LeRoy GOH, vice commodoreg Tom Egbert, rear Commodore, Mark Higginbotham, treasur- erg Penny Smith, secretary: Bruce Beatty, Heet captain, and lim Moore, buildings and grounds chairman. BOTTOM ROW: Kathie Beres, Robert Thompson, Michael Touch, Iames Moore, Pennie Smith, Bruce Beatty, Tom Egbert, Ianet Leipold. ROW 2: Stephen West, Ginna Baker, Marty Rodwell, Mary Spencer, Debbie Brown, Di- anne Moritz, lane Anderson, Nancy Shepherd, Frank Fach- The clubhouse at Lake Macbride has lockers so members can change there. man. ROW 3: Brandt Echternacht, Sylvia Knott, Diane Hellmund, Betty Woolfolk, Kristine Oddsen, Sally Aufrecht, Bill Holt. ROW 4: Iohn Steelman, Leslie Gee, Sandra Hammers, Ed Pritchard, Linda Mast, Ian Iohnson. 23I Old Gold Singers tour state, sing carols at Christmas +ime yi -6 .9 f 1, , ,vi The Old Gold Singers present favorite carols at Cocoa and Carols. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Beighle, Ieanne Iirsa, Bruce Vos- seller, Ann Iones, Patricia Gustafson, Sally Hickman, ROW 2: Douglas Iohnson, Dan Coon, Rita Hedstrom, Allan Bode, Connie Corcoran, Roberta Altman, Luanne Keller, I h L h ROW 3 M ll S G o n o r. z Ierry i cr, usan rimes, Ianice Tonelli, jerry Atchison, Sandy Boyd, Gwen Cottingham, The Old Gold Singers is a professional group of non-music majors and one of the University's best known student groups. Under the direction of Mike Livingston, the group toured Iowa and performed be- fore Chicago alumni in May and presented their annual cocoa and carols at Christmas. A guitarist was added to the group this year, permitting a Wider range of music to be performed. More than 200 students audition for Old Gold Singers every year and about 35 are selected on the basis of personality, voice quality, and appearance. The group gives 40 to 50 shows annual- ly and was invited to appear at Governor Harold Hughes' inauguration in 1964. Pat Thoma, Patricia Smieskog ROW 4: Iohn Gray, Carol Randles, David Hvidston, lim Smith, Donald Griffith, Rob- ert Wiltshire, Iohn Hadley, Mike Livingston, ROW 5: Warren Iones, Mike Solomon. ROW 6: Ann Wayner, Rich- ard Stucker. Q' -'45, -5 .. sf B? E F lj! NIILITARY 233 Honorary Cadet colonel is picked ai' 64+h annual Miliiary Ball The 64th annual Military Ball was the social highlight of the year for the Air Force and Army cadets who attended. The high point of the evening came with the crowning of the Honorary Cadet Col- onel. This outstanding senior girl is nom- inated by her housing unit and selected fi: from Five finalists by the members of the Advanced Corps of Cadets. Governor Harold Hughes reviews cadets on Governofs day. Honorary Cadet Colonel Linda Iohnston accepts her award at the 1965 Military Ball. I ij at rr: , F s., Governor Harold Hughes presents decorations and awards to outstanding cadets at Governor's Day ceremonies. The ROTC mascot salutes the cadets as they march by. , :L :Z Governor Hughes reviews RCTC troops for fiH'h +ime Governofs Day, an 84-year old tradition at the University, marked Governor Har- old Hughes, fifth review of the ROTC troops. The governor and other state and University officials have reviewed the U of I Corps of Cadets once each year since 1881. Governor Hughes presented decorations and awards to outstanding cadets from both services and then watched from the reviewing stand as the cadets marched past. Army Brigade, Air Force Wing make up ROTC program here The Reserve Officers Training Corps pro- gram at the University is composed of a Brigade of Army Cadets and a Wing of Air Force Cadets. The Army Brigade is com- manded by a Cadet Brigade Commander and his staff. The Air Force Wing is gov- erned by a Cadet Wing Commander and his staff. All joint standards, policies, and activities, including Governor's Day and the Military Ball, are supervised by the Corps Com- mander with the aid of his staff. The Corps Commander and the three staff positions are alternated each year be- tween the Army and the Air Force. This year the Corps Commander was Cadet Colonel Peter Wells of the Air Force. Donald Schild, The honor ol pinning the gold second lieutenant bars on a cadet goes to his mother, wife, or sweetheart. First set ot gold second lieutenant bars given at commissioning After four years of training and study, the goal of an Air Force or Army cadet is to take the oath of oliice and become a com- missioned oflicer. Traditionally, the first set of gold second Goal ot military taculty to train The goal of the Universityis military fac- ulty is to train college students to become Army and Air Force ofticers. BOTTOM ROW: Col. Brooks T. Booker, Major Norris W. Overton, Major Allen G. Lincoln, Major William L. Bin- nery, Captain Wayland D. Welty, Captain Robert A. lieutenantis bars is pinned on by the cadet's wife, mother or sweetheart. The ceremony began when the Military Department was founded in 1863. college students as otticers Cadets are instructed in the military sub- jects necessary when they enter active service. Stein. ROW 2: Captain Stanley R. johnson, Captain Iohn H. Kirkwood, Major George V. Kmiotek, Major Iames H. Ferguson, Colonel William N. Holm. BOTTOM ROW: Ieflrey Petrie, Ierry Thorius, Michael Hogan, William Irvine, Iohn Riherd, Larry Bailey, Robert Stein, Kerry Alberti, Iohn Hermann, Thomas Purvis, Terry Smothers, Iames Crawford, Michael O'Brien. ROW 2: David Tom, Ian Maly, Wesley Griesbach, Burton Kross, Dennis Braksiek, Patrick Mason, Iohn Benten, Roberta Sheets, Dennis Page, Kevin Wall, Charles Houdesheldt, Richard Nading. ROW 3: Warren Osterfoss, Robert Barn- Arnold Arnold Aid Society is a national organi- zation named in honor of Air Force General "I-Iapv Arnold. Cadets with outstanding Air hill, Iack Andrewson, Iohn Matthews, Richard Farow, Gary Barker, Michael Farrier, Richard Maitzen, Ioe Campbell, Ierorne lessen, Dan Griilith, Iim Ragan. ROW 4: Ron Wolfe, Randy Iohnson, Terry Murtaugh, Gregory Montour, Glen Anderson, Duane Vavroch, lay Baum, Gary Davis, Steve Schneider, Carl Moore, Mike Parmely, Timothy Low- enberg. Society leadership, scholastic and military abilities are given an opportunity to develop traits that will enhance their leadership abilities. Air Force Drill Team The Air Force Drill Team takes part in organized competition with other ROTC units within Iowa and in nearby states. BOTTOM ROW: David Stock, Robert Neurneier, Marvin Kipp, Allen Lincoln, Ion Malcolm, Robert Stein, Richard Floyd, William Casey, Ioel Marks, Terry Berendts. ROW 2: Greer Sayles, Barry Timko, Iohn Burton, Darrell Kubik, The group also performs at local sports events. Membership is open to freshman and sophomore cadets in Air Force ROTC. Duane Vauroch, Iohn Jones, Kevin Wall, Dale Kaul. ROW 3: Iohn Monroe, Michael Solomon, Ric Snitkey, Mike Par- mely, Clyde Tanita, Robert Neppl, Gerald Gehling. Air Force Seniors To become an Air Force senior cadet, a student must complete three years of Air Force ROTC study, be accepted into the advanced course, demonstrate leadership ability and show proficiency in physical and mental examinations. Each cadet spends four weeks one sum- mer at an Air Force base. Cadets are ac- quainted vvith Air Force life and gain train- ing which will be valuable on active duty. When they graduate, the senior cadets will be awarded commissions as second TOP ROW: Kerry Alberti, Lawrence Bailey, Iohn Benda, Donald Bergert, Iohn Birkeland, Mark Bredall, Richard Carmichael, Robert Cilek, Steven Combs. ROW 2: Iames Crawford, Nathan Dillingham, Frederick Dimon, Kirk Dul- fy, Douglas Fetzer, Alan Gehrke, Iohn Hermann, Alan Hos- tetler, Michael Iennings. ROW 3: Paul Kendall, Melvin lieutenants. They will then attend schools Where they will be trained as pilots, navi- gators and specialists in other technical and non-technical fields. If a cadet Wishes to obtain an advanced degree in his major course of study, he is eligible for an "educational delayf' He will not go on active duty until his educational goals have been attained. Air Force seniors also have the responsi- bility of supervision and operation of lead- ership training programs. chael Nugent, Michael O'Brien, David Ott, Dennis Pauling, ROW 4: William Peters, Robert Pollock, Thomas Purvis, James Quinn, Kenneth Schug, Terry Shaffer, Denneth Shaner, Richard Spain, Iames Starr, ROW 5: Thomas Stroope, Robert Talcott, Frank Tangren, Tevor Toland, Steven Walston, Peter Wells, Ronald Wendt, Clarence Weston, Derrick Williams, Kenton Zeigler. Koenig, Deith Loan, Gary Miller, Robert Mossrnan, Mi- lr P-.N r , s l ' I , . , 6 Q ll L f W Miglia' ' gl ,VU eg 4 1 i .""-t r" Y .QLQQJ , ' rf' Adi' BOTTOM ROW: Thomas Purvis, Kerry Alberti, Allen Lincoln, Robert Cilek, Allen Hostetler, Derrick Williams. TOP ROW: Michael Nugent, Kenneth Schug, Steven Combs, john Hermann. Dennis Pauling, Douglas Fetzer, Michael Iennings. Air Force Wing Staff The Air Force Wing Staff provides lead- ership training in a military command and Air Force Flight Advanced Course AFROTC cadets who have shown an aptitude for flying on their oflicer qualification tests and have passed the pilot physical tests are eligible for en- BOTTOM ROW: Derrick Williams, Kerry Alberti, Peter Wells, Allen Lincoln, Frederick Dimon, Richard Carmich- ael, Allen Hostetler. TOP ROW: Robert Cilek, Michael staii environment and assists in educating, motivating and training basic cadets. Instruction Program rollment in this program. Instruction in- cludes ground school and actual flying time. Iennings, Kenneth Schug, Steven Combs, Michael Nugent, Iohn Hermann, Thomas Purvis, Iames Quinn. BOTTOM ROW: Michael Farrier, David Tom, Ierry Thorius, Michael Hogan, Iohn Riherd, Michael O'Brien, Robert Stein, Larry Bailey, William Irvine, Richard Nad- ing, Charles I-Ioudesheldt, Dennis Braksek, Ian Maly. ROW 2: Ron Wolfe, Glen Anderson, Robert Krasche, Iohn Ben- ten, Bob Sheets, Ierome lessen, Patrick Mason, Dan Grill- Billy Mitchell Air Force cadets who want to become members of Arnold Air Society must under- go pledge training as a member of the Billy ith, Dick Calta, Ioe Campbell, Wes Griesbach, Gary Davis. ROW 3: Timothy Lowenberg, Burton Kross, Warren Os- terfoss, David Stock, Stephen Iordan, Iohn Matthews, Gary Barker, Gregory Montour, Iohn Iones, Carl Moore, Bob Barnhill, lim Ragan. Squadron Mitchell Squadron. Cadets are selected for their academic standing and leadership po- tential. Distinguished Air Force Students Air Force cadets who have shown leader- ship in military and campus activities are awarded the Distinguished Cadet award. BOTTOM ROW: Thomas Purvis, Larry Bailey, Kerry Al- berti, Peter Wells, Frederick Dimon, Richard Carmichael, Robert Cilek. TOP ROW: Kent Ziegler, Michael Iennings, Cadets also selected as Distinguished Mil- itary Graduates are eligible to apply for a Regular Air Force commission. Iames Quinn, Trevor Toland, Dennis Pauling, Steven Combs, Iames Crawford. Angel Flight Angel Flight is the womenis auxiliary of the U of I Arnold Air Society. The Flight participates in many Arnold Air Society and other Air Force ROTC functions dur- ing the year. Several parties are held each year with the Society. The girls also pre- sent Air Force cadet awards at Air Society banquets. The 32 flight members act as hostesses at University functions and sponser fund- raising projects to send delegates to region- al and national conclaves. This year the TOP ROW: Iill Applegate, Karen Berg, Nancy Brown, Cathy Chandler, Sally Cozzolino, Ann Fitzpatrick, Mitzi Grossman. ROW 2: Susie Gmeiner, Barb Collins, lean Heeren, Cinde Coggeshell, Ellen Erickson, Iudy Cornwell, Carla I-Iornan, Diane Iordan. ROW 3: julie Kneeland, girls sold candy at Christmas time to raise money to send Valentine packages to sol- diers in Viet Nam. Angel Flight also ushered at such events as Profile Previews, the Homecoming Pageant and Orientation. A drill team has been started this year for the first time. Pledges and any interest- ed actives take part. The drill team march- ed on Governoris Day. Angel Flight Commander this year was Ellen Ericlcsen. Mary McGimpsey, Sandi Morris, lo Mosimann, Deanne Neuman, Anne Peacock, Barb Randall, IoAnn Rohwedder, Iill Ruggeri. ROW 4: Trudy Sevatsen, Linda Severson, Ian Sill, Patricia Smith, Susan Sondrol, Kathy Taffe, lane Trussell, Linda Weiss, Cindy Yoder. fn Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles is a National Honorary Society named after General lohn F. Persh- ing. Company B, part of the Second Regi- ment of the National Society, is the largest drill company in the Army ROTC. The group, one of the most active mili- tary organizations at the University, pro- vides the color guard for all home football games, the Homecoming parade and Gov- ernor's Day. During the fall, a crack drill team prac- tices various routines for invitational drill meets in the spring. The rifle team also competed in various invitational meets dur- ing the year. Each year a coed is selected as Honorary Pershing Rifles Captain and sponsor for Company B. BOTTOM ROW: David Savage, Gary Schumacher, Nor- man Briggs, Dean Dort, David Gunderson, Peggy Kusano, Melanie Moyer, Sybil Rader, George Campbell, Ioseph Tin- oco, George Raach, Patrick Burke, Ronald Boe, Iohn Cal- vert, Roger Cooper. ROW 2: Ernest Ryan, C. M. Boyles, john Swenson, David Akerman, Harold Harnagel, Dennis Bangtson, Dave Toussaint, Iohn Payton, Donald Hicks, The Honorary Pershing Rifles Captain and her attendants Sybil Rader, Peggy Kusano and Melanie Moyer. Dave Burgess, Brooke Harris, William Wood. ROW 3: Lars Larson, Gordon Lee, Douglas Simons, Kenneth Bigson, John Hayes, lim Lindaman, Steven johnson, Keith Knud- son, Harlan Stee, Michael Perry, Bill Fuller, Edward Wil- liams, Walter Prentice. ROW 4: David Mayrose, Eldon Van Arkel, William Orrison, Steve Warbasse, David Schaf- er, lohn Lewis, Don Carlson. f , 'T' f it P fl' ina 41- BOTTOM ROW: Craig Tompke, Dave Toussaint, Craig Ferguson, adviser, Iim Park, Lars Larson, Iohn Mayer, Bob Lewis, Bill Hierstein, lack Iackson. TOP ROW: Major Sheriff, S, Sgt. Schulte, coach. Army Rifle Team The Army Rifle team is open to all Ar- the year, including various Iowa Inter-Col- my cadets, regardless of class or rank. The legiate shoulder-to-shoulder matches. team competed in several matches during O I Gurdon Society The Guidon Society is a service organiza- The 22 girls participate in activities that tion that was formed to promote interest in contribute to the welfare of ROTC, the and enhance the image of Army ROTC. University and the community. BOTTOM ROW: Teri Abernathy, Sue Soults, Capt. Stan- Dirks, Sharon Main. ROW 3: Virginia Baker, lane An- ley R. Iohnson, adviser, Anne Dutcher, Nancy Moore. ton, Ian Luckenbill, Sue lunge, Becky Smith, Tanya Max- ROW 2: Barb Updegraf, Mary Peacock, Karen Kregness, utov, Linda Ehlers, Mary Iames, Sue Dare. Mary Io Schaetzel, Carolyn Mueller, Kathy Cutler, Sharon 'if l - -J BOTTOM ROW: Robert Fanter, Norman Briggs, Iames Park, Roger Cooper, Ronald Boe, Iohn Calvert, Michael Kennett. TOP ROW: Stephen Mashek, Darrolcl Dandy, Ierry Vandekamp, Elvin Thompson, Ioseph Thompson Robert Sheriflli, William Famer, Eugene Pauley. Brigade Staff and Leadership Lab lns+ruc+ors The responsibility of the Brigade Com- mander and his staff include all standards, activities and policies that are enacted and followed by the Army Brigade of Cadets during the school year. The Laboratory Instructors are in charge of drill instruction Army Flighl' lnsiruciion Program Army Flight Instruction is open to senior cadets who are able to meet rigid physical and mental qualifications. When they BOTTOM ROW: Iames Rasley, LaVern Harvey, David Mos complete the course the cadets will qualify for their private pilot's license. TOP ROW: Ronald Boe, Roger Cooper, Norman Briggs GB: ' fi. -A IA Army ROTC Seniors ROW 1: Greg Ankeney, Larry Becker, Charles Beno, Ron- ald Boe, William Bowen, Norman Briggs, William Briggs, David Briggs, David Burgess. Iohn Calvert, George Camp- bell, Allen Carley, Robert Coghlan. ROW 2: Thomas Cooney, Roger Cooper, Darrold Dandy, John Darnell, Robert Deegan, Kelley Donham, Robert Dor- mer, Dean Dort, Bud Erickson, Dick Fanter, William Fan- ter, David Gunderson. ROW 3:- james Hall, Dennis Hamilton, Harold Hansen, Carl Harris, LaVern Harvey, Elmer Hebl, Larry Hintze, Randy Hoff, William Hoyt, Ioel lessen, Michael Kennett, Bruce Kienapfel. ROW 4: Allen Kilberger, Stan Kluver, William Krill, Roger Kubik, Robert Laing, Iohn Lawrence, Iohn Lohff, Ioseph Marks, Steve Mashek, Iohn Mayer, Fred McLain, Iarnes Michael. ROW 5: Leo Miller, Tim Montgomery, Dale Moore, Iames Morrow, David Moss, Thomas Nowlin, Iames Park, Eugene Pauley, Raymond Peper, Michael Petersen, George Raach, Alvin Randolph. ROW 6: Iames Rasley, Donald Schild, Robert Sheridan, Thomas Sheridan, Robert Sheriff, Richard Shogren, Samuel Simmers, Clyde Simms, Keith Snavely, Barry Strum, Will- iam Stuber. ROW 7: Gary Taylor, Elvin Thompson, Ioseph Thomp- son, George Tompras, Iames Updegralf, Ierry Vandekarnp Anton Veldman, Raymond Waters, Gary Whitaker, Leonard White, Ion Woolery. it r Y T ' sz I Y' f 57 I i l R 14 L ' . , K s' 1 L Qi A l i r' at H za me KL 1 as e L L L + s LL rf s rf strr inf' w L to - t ' I lil, I I il 5 iii L ' X F in T - L I I ff:-ma.- ...LL 6 A H Q V - i 1 L -'sf L L ,,'e L if -y . VL 'f LL L A QL L L ee f"'L L 1 L 1 47 S "7 ii f K 2 1 L L 2 r L lg f 3 ,,. , Lg, .,,N V ef af t t L L L , ,Lx L i 'lii':: 1 :AIN Iri W 'iii f- EM .,i ' " N V' L Q ' , il , I Lay' ' V X In I ,LLL , L ,L A LL or ,Rr L f ide. L i, N ig 3 ""' i ii' L .A li LT.: L fl ' v I at wt. ' L L L N , c L -If 1 A 5 A 8 L L ' Q LF Q LL. W LL Q M I 2 ' Y . r, WL, Lipid. Wye :LL Ar , --5 N L 4 5 v F M H I - L L g L , y ' , t L , ' '3' ,, ' - '- ' L , ,, , f 1, ' ,. - - xx f L . , U ds., ' -, 1' A AV I 1' q .1 L L, L , Lx 3 . L if - - LL L -X- L -gg L lt I ll. ' 4 fi' L Y L V r L ' :fi ' L" ' -J V L. L 1, J In ' kl F f fin- '-:- i ,ag . LGT? it V H ,FLAT , V L f-f .1 1' , .Q R, 1 gl :AK W , -1, -LLLQL 5 L L rr U L ,, ,xi ,, ,V I' La L Li ZL 1 1 -Q fr L '-"IT U L J r A 'Sr -L, L' '- '1 L - 1" L '. Q L L . , i , " L, ' 'f-.L ,4 - C 9? ,L li il i ' ' L i fm' ' ' M ' L 1 Hi ' E -Ei ii 2 VV W W L g La. :ig IT L : T L ,,. W Qi .- ,,,,, L :IM F Y TL u U T L"' ':'..g:L, X ' i if Li i ig, E Y I 5 nt v f' 1 L .JI B ,J " ', w M Y ll Ei' l . iw rl LV r v' U 1' A' 5' V V' L LLL,, L LL A L L, , 1 Q g L 6 5 3 1 Q V lf? " ' la K ' S '. L is 1 vi E A ' :pf ii: M-' -J Il. I ' I r' Li, -, J V' S' L e E L are L ' ' ' mug ,EI LR X -17 if , X 3,4 : Q wi L. 5 ,,,L L i h r I ::: ,fi-Ll 17 J I J L 'E i its Q, L, 5 1 I T rw 'Q M T- BOTTOM ROW: Darrold Dandy, Thomas Sheridan, El- Eugene Pauley, Norman Briggs, Brooke Harris. ROW 3 vin Thompson, George Kmiotek, Michael Kennett, Ioseph William Hoyt, Gregory Ankeney, Lavern Harvey, Gary Thompson, Donald Schild. ROW 2: Elton Sheets, Peyton Taylor. Narum, Stewart Wallace, Bill Stuber, Ierry Vandekamp, Associaiion of ihe U.S. Army and Pon'l'oniers AUSA provides its members with infor- Army ROTC cadets interested in or major mation concerning active duty. Membership in Pontoniers is open to all ing in any of the engineering fields. Disiinguished Miiiiary Students Cadets qualifying as a Distinguished Mil- itary Student must demonstrate leadership, character and initiative in campus and mil- BOTTOM ROW: Donald Schilcl, William Fanter, Dean Dort, Roger Cooper, Ronald Boe, Iohn Calvert, Michael Kennett. TOP ROW: Robert Fanter, George Raach, George itary organizations and activties. These ca- dets are eligible for a Regular Army com- mission upon graduation. Campbell, Iames Park, Gary Whitaker, Robert Sheriff, El vin Thompson, Darrold Dandy, Richard Shogren. L if , ., Q' fl f :YW .' - 'K . . . 1 - -1 - 5 4 - ,Q- ... 1 ,g,p: 'L+ 2 f' z SECTION THREE STUDENT LIFE K .4 'FB Il ' F ' ., , w w W Z .1-274' ' .gg ,. i .- 0 . M X' 3, Ku vssfiwm. ' ' ' B 1 :Mix- Q. .9 aa , 'G mi X 1 , , , WI X ' J --ff :jf , gfiryv ,A mf ' il' 'W q Y 'Hui , 1 lg lu 1 wg '4 1 A . -11", X I, ff H ,, 1 ,aw 1 ,nm ' lg Lk 3 Q'-un ,z R ,. Li H T51 , , iQ :J , N., 'x 323 z Lf. ' - V fi . I Fi '1 , n ' fx.. J M q,. ' E I ,A " " eufiv "fr f '- -Q P - ,4 4- .- 'Z .r . . . I x , ,L s -.1 K Y as 'I X' 2,5 ,gun k ?' 5:53 .df 1 I .4 . .V L' -Arla: 'p r, ... 'u-nv., " -I :fir 1" ., -3, ,- .,- . 1 . An orientation leader entertains at a faculty home during freshman orientation. I966, for some a beginning, for others the final year Friendships are easily formed during orientation. Uppergraduates and the administra- tion seek each year to make a new stu- dent's adjustment to university life at Iowa a smooth and enjoyable process. The orientation program includes a mass meeting, visits to faculty-mem- bers' homes, a Union open house and the President's open house. Freshmen gather in the Held house for orientation. g 2, i iii haw B334 i my xi, Y a ., 5 i 1' Q ,, ! X." .V , , 5 'f' ,gg di ' i , H 4 vs' -'- V ' . '. , ' " ,C'l:. i V 'T f' ' ' '!,'4Z Y . ' ' ' il - Ui. A campus policeman directs lmflic by the f Unloading clothes at Burger Hall requires patience and endurance. r - 1, 4 '- .. WM fmxl ,, j f ' Hel Mir. dhmise. x .-1-,JI L, " ' ' . ' I. L 4 X' i7 , Q5-ff? 4 EP if '-Q fu. ' 1 1, rbiyvyv ff' 5 1' f 'W !... '71 64. 1 I , 'iv' P13 .-7' 'KW f fa A: An active exhibits anxiety w pledges to arrive. -2 Y 7.5,-W., xii.: ' fi.. QL, in 5 ns ' hile waiting for the new Pleclging ceremonies are the culmination of a harriecl week for ac- tives and rushees. Sororily and fraierniiy rush is an emoiion-packed, heciic week The tension at last pays off when a pledge is surrounded by her sisters. 83' V-Q 1 A A ' .4 I "' xr ' 1 , -, ,. A. CLOSED i. ry gm. , Am , Iowa freshmen aren't required to wear beanies hut some c1on,t take an chances. , Y The closed courses board makes students wonder why they bother to have registra- tion. He's too young to register, but what better place to start than romance languages? Students vow +o improve After days of careful planning, and pour- ing through the course catalog, students pay the fee, and present their I. D. cards to the campus police at the entrance to care- fully guarded fieldhouse. They then begin the process known as fighting for their ac- ademic life. With barely enough time to meet room- mates and unpack their diverse assortment of gear, classes start and students try to shake off summer lethargy. i Qi ir. .t 53 M past work as classes begin 3 - y N- -he Q I I I l 'lei MW The sidewalk between Schaeffer and Mac- f bride gets crowded more every year. A student takes advantage of fall warmth and a leafy perch to read. lr. F u 15 ..- T, FL, M HZ .1 , VY '4 I ra --nf' Q- , r WAT-ji Q. 7 f'c' .. , H , - 4- 4 I c'S'fo-f . iv'-'G' 1 Al ' 5 N sf-y" . iw - .yn "?'.fliib, - 'f' 3 ' J nw., , X. M is-. I N' v ". . 1 N - :Il Q ' '- ..2-- :Lu 4, K , -p 5' X - , -- ' ' ' K I- L- .Q"A' til.: :ivr'TA" '- V1 ".1l""'T' JL. 'G' - -V AA ' ' ':?'W7 'I-- - .Q , ,, 1 , .-,. --k --LH ' . 9 . " 4 R 4 1-v - , .BE , , Q .-..,, , Ken f"""" "Adn- 3 ,o.- 'Y ,.- '--' ' -1 'QS rl ni ---' ,fini V' V f 1121-,ff x. I, 4. , ,I .V . N .3 ,.. ' ffwfiz. -P H f.-bP"'.:,br9f-?:?!'f'Sf , ,-5 . 5 .Sgt ,gk l -: - ef H '. I '. ' - ' , S, va :pf , Y -'fuf .lf 1-W V v 1, . 'Q '." 1'-wi,'f-,--721. uf , ' ..uw":'x'.. -QL--'. f Hia, 14- 2,5-Q,,.'l:?' 571' f'-.:."i5- ffl, .1 .',.', 13 .nu ' j Y- ..:, .--J... , " . I-Aupfc, Lf :..',.,.n. 4157.4 ,ww - 924' a pK, t vw, 1, ,, rj! gb' ja-1: '- "-' W v'f"'j' if- , Xu ,, -1 . I pfgzfg -fl kg. if--1": 'f -' , v . A 1 ' . 'Y -.,i'.'Ir"-f..H 'TX-Q." f' 2 .14-V '. ,A 'f ' ' :hi 'xligj :I.,',,'J' ' X- "'.v'f' gk. n-A - . . . M x 5 ,4 , in Hsin., Lua- 1 'QL -, ' K1'f1' ' 'z 'inf' 1' 5 J-32:5 Z 63"-" ' ,r Lx. if . 'X' gi we .Q- ., I. M , F. ' F1 .. Ev" Y! .....A,, , . For some students, I966 was a year of protest 1966 was a year of involvement for stu- dents at Iowa, from demonstrating for and against the war in Viet Nam to actively supporting RILEEI-I. A feeling swept the campus that it was up to youth to change what they could for a better world. ,,. .. Two small girls nonchalantly interrupt a ROTC team practice. A group of students marches in protest of the war in Viet Nam. 258 A ROTC student takes a close look at the real thing dur ing inspection. X : 2 2 J 5 -ff! 'A is It's only the second vveek, but assign- ments have a way ol' piling up. A University student burns his draft card in protest of the war in Viet Nam. Some people wear their emotions on their sleeves, others on their back. For other students, I966 was just another busy year Campus life is a blend of atmospheres that make student life distinct from other occupations. A studenfs day is filled not only with studying, but grasping for the infection in which his decisions will lead 1m. Students jammed McBride auditorium for a debate on "Ls Christianity Credilnle?', A couple prolong their goodbyes by wandering through the lobby in Currier. 4-51 :F ? ?' A FB .Q 11 X 'u I 42 ff y. . is N FH r ' ,'1 Z? 5 I. 4 ,.. wi! 3-T A 1 ,1- ,H - x. 1 lf'5""" X f.. 1. u, f. gr, ,- , , W ! U r '5-, Rx. X. . ,Aff 1 Qi! ' ... . v, , mf? ' ' 599' 65 ,,X ' -ww .ning sr' 1s,v - 55' X X X X , ,,-mp. .g:X, Xi " Aww-' His, Xl J 1 f .N X . . ' X H H N , XXXX,mgf' r - .X 5, X 4f..,, 4 .w 1 rf. X1 FT. ir? ' . YL 4. w R' 1 I . A 11 f H131- XXXX. an, .1 1 "Give me an I" Foofball, homecoming, school spiril spark au'rumn days The Scottish Highlanders bring the team onto the field with a drumroll. His lungs and thousands others belt the answer back across the Held. Out, xovll 'K XQW i 4..- f E -v "Klip A in ay 4-Q V2 ,,. A H E ii -1' W 5 N' W' i' 31222 'H i B ii ,2 E52 E 255222 -Q 233-, 'isa E M . .S -in -2 .222 pf' .EU"""E i riffs 264 Housing units warm-up for the Miss U oi I pageant backstage at the Union. A skit member receives last-minute in- structions irom her sorority sisters. A, I., ,Lf- , ..- H G . B Q x 0 .5- if ' , I '40 'Q I 49 +V iv 75 VF 1 A 'r 1. . T' i Q K I ' Ab 'W Ar' -. 1 L .ca f-31 , 1 Ki .iv Maki! M .Z in YT... ' vlivuu 4-g 'NHL .1 TQ -rms.. 5, M153 " A'--.....9"" ' -At' Ah "inf . 11332259 .uk f iff' M Ji? 1 mi':+L"' T -Til - , x 5' if D L wa if "Q , 4.. v 1,7703 ' 1,- ,str :tm x 1 nw 3"'?rv gb. .t I A sf-.kdmegf mn- .Nix . . ,5 4, was rin-" "aa, -' wb' .1-of 1 'if W..-vm 1 sr nn., ,f,.. fyq QQ, . Q,-+,i..4,.1x .:..,'N- -Vs U .M . -n n: ,W-A V A zz. W .-' i""',. fl- .. ,I f.- c K wr ww- fav f'1lj"""4V -1. I- ww 1 v 5 +,..-i- A ,ALB F Y ' gy ' wi aw .mg- .. ' '1 f.1'fQ"'W"t3: F5 , 'M w",,aw M M 1' 2 Ee. . -. 'W 25 S5 W: ,MW .11 51151 -Q-guna.. li .Q g c. 9 I"i 1 I 1 Q j. . f ,Lk -:Q -s ,I egg. in V., V, Sara Horstman was crownccl 1965 Dolphin Queen by 1964 Queen Sus Iunge. A K PLN 1 1 N 4-we 5,5- 3 Mu f i 4 ,a 4 55 Vg' ' s I 1 I 4 3 e W! Miss U of I Hnalists ride on their own Hoat at the head of the Homecoming parade. A couple enters the Homecoming Dance through "I-Iansel' and Gretal's" house 'iAnd Thereby Hangs a Tale" provided the theme for the Homecoming Dance. s Students respond to the yell leaders cali, everybody up for the clap yell. The Homecoming monument emphasized Iowa as a gateway to Victory. Traditionelly, the Homecoming monument is burned alter the game. M1 I 3 .1 5r,,, 59 Winter weather, finals, creep up on unwary students Suddenly, Thanksgiving is over and plans for decorating Christmas trees are dis- cussed. The campus is alternately covered by snow or slush, and friends are trans- formed into walking swatbs of winter cloth- ing. Finkbine is beseiged by tobaggan par- ties and the City Park pond is full of skat- ers. Students leave for vacation vowing to study and instead, leave for the ski slopes. Freezing winds greet our return and Satur- day classes dip in attendance. Industrious students pretend to study for finals in Ianu- ary, but the library remains empty until the big Week. Freshmen and transfer students model Profile Previews. Claire Cowan, Miss Perfect Prof le ,4- 4 Neither show nor sleet shall keep the students lrom their scheduled classes. The drab Iowa City downtown bright- ens up at Christmas time with holiday glitter. 272 I iiiflnf . 1- ,?' room buildings. 1 The walk across the Pentacrest is windy during the winter months. Students with classes west of the river, brave long, cold walks. Worlunen struggled through the winter months to finish needed class- ef ,515 -' ' ,vi -, -, , v ,.- , 7 Il's hard to tell whether some students are studying or sleeping. Surrounded by his paraphernalia, a student races to review his notes. The third floor provides a quiet and lonely place to study. its ,gf 'W di-2-af iii: 2 dy I . ,, , LL Elm-iii:-I Vf,,iii.. 15:5:- -f ff. Fig -.,, S1'uden+s siudy, H1en succumb +o final examinaiions 'Fa'I'igue ' 1 , , ....--,Q+ -,Wim rf, ,, all ,., ,,..-J.Q..gZ1Zv- if V 1 ' ji'-fide? ,,.,,,.,,-...--,.-.- .sy Y F ,af "1 ., ,L,:.Q, , -fr?iF'g'ffT.-Q-,f1,g,,gq4g,Ar.m11vIf '-I " 'WWW A -L, , 'ff' '7-- -f' ,rf f va. 1' "fn 1 . -.H . ' ' . ,,,,....-. --V--M-I-A -, ff " 'N--.Q Y gi .- ws.:--.f-1-Mfg, ' V ' 'W -"K"""" F f "",:--5-. A . 1 H F "M-si Mft: -V m ' P-F -A 1 1 -v r 3 .:,,-hh N - ., ,Q 'a ff' az. N J ,S lr . M- g -f ..,, H N ' i ur ix 1-.' V 2: -J'--fig " --iL-Af Q I FM. V' 4,1 JT. i f H -ff 1-A-H., i f 139194.-A ' +V' ,- v 1 '1 V ' ' 1 Y' - S.. ' 1 ' ' 2 F , 41- J. MA. - ., . .4 , I " LW -'w:. 'tl X A I3 I .Wi-Q.-A v-':TxA:"1:j 'lf Y Vp A 'A -'A ' A L ., Q. ' -xt -L' .4 Q rl "" 1,4 , . , WL. ,,,,.arJ 1. phi 42.7 A wi-, Aix-,-f:.,, A gh f ' , W- Q ' . Q f , V 1 xf ff k ,011 , f 9 4 - f .f . -. -- - FN A JL C - an H H 'A Ar- vm: sux. fi 'iff .' "' ",, A , ' . ,Ngi-Q1 -- A-. 11 as-4, ' 5 ss Q ' -Q . .f " ' ' A -,,f'221" 'Y 5 'fl "T ,:.... -FQ? 3 V' T 5 "f Q v fy.,-45,-xxx 3 U., Y 4,-:ln-'.,: I L ,- Y 2 'hx ' 44 . fi H? 'T ' k -- M ' 4' f ,Iwi " , i Q A ,..- A ff' ' ki ,- ' ',- .. ,' r 1. f f -g' ,,, -K ,4 A ,A T ,V . .N K, ' ' A fi -1 P " 71 F l MIL A 7' ' IJ! A'l'1'0" .. ' 53? - '- ' V ' I Q ., "Y tx 4 5 'N- N' D ,wx X 'ffl V il - F Y uv P in X v,..,.s-4 wr? A 4 .M V A . K ' K ca '. - v - , . 2 P Q H x if-Zu ' " "-M-LQ L rv' ca, 11 li E A dh ,, if wif 1 , My r.f,31w ,vi ff ,V ' ' U, wg gh-.5 4 Representatives to the Model U.N. listen to a speech at the annual session. The second semesfer s+ar+s wifh gripes, grade reporfs Checking grade lists is a popular pastime after Ilnals. A delegate ponders the question of admission of Red China to the U.N. .WEEESQ X vs s W-ws UQ!! H1993 w""'W" amd -'E ,AVS is?25U' M M f The social whirl starts as Spring gradually approaches just as students start to doubt that Spring will ever arrive, the rains begin turn- ing the campus from slush to ankle-deep mud. Some complain of the malady known as midterm blues, while others peer through travel folders from such idyllic places as Mexico, and even Ft. Lauderdale. Grgani- zations step up their activities for Greek Week, MECCA Week, and student elec- tions. There is a sense of tradition as new queens are crowned and new officers elected. Part-time jobs can be fun, but not all are as glamorous as this coed's. A student steals a few minutes from classes to skate on the City Park Pond. 'U 'WI I ,,-1 4511 age, --... 280 MECCA participants can't overlook any likely hiding spot for a clue. It takes math and maps to Hgure out the clues devised by the grad students. ...f' if 4 ' N ' ,.1.1Ll4.4lk3.. -1 rl ye V 1 v. ! 1 V, V f-.ff Clues hidden in manholes, prove that grad students will stoop to anything. An engineer acquiesces to popular demand, and glumly gets beard shaved off. Tl Jf , his Iowa engineers carouse +hrough anolher hec+ic MECCA Week St. Pat, Evan Gerard, and MECCA Queen Cheryl Linton, receive congratulations at the ball. QL. -'r J 'ff in . 282 Ewa.: 1' lllllllllll Ml I!l!ill"4 Fllllllllllllll Ninn?" lllltlufl tml, Sitting down on the job is a great tempta- tion, even for athletes. The footbridge is a popular place for con- templation on Spring days. A workman stands by construction work that turned the sidewalk to mud. 1,.., ,ta- 'Q .w- -- of -'-Q.-X . ,i ..ef.--- .a ,-f - - .1 .Qui In Q? o5?la un.-, -'Qt 'M 5 J 5 New campus leaders are named in a flurry of eleclions gif if lf ,EJ 1 , Iuggling their books, Coeds mark their ballots in the all-campus elections. I " The polling station in from of Burge was always crowded with students, 4 'l Q .QA txtbf 3 3. in -lv Q Zi qi -ali' Xff' .'i. 'T ' v' l - -vQ - t ee .6-w J , j,,.r... Q.: 1 ff: '15 if: M 1, 1' rrpl I' h 3- 1. .W S4-I , Sm K.: Sf, .'ALf?!'f 'eg,+4.g- A U' .WH wg AMN 1 4 3. ffl 1 T' - Y v '- .., f,N, ,Z J ,..I? , ,x, .,: is , -V I 5, Eng M 1 '11",-'b-ij 1211 - Af aff' gl . V ,,,.i iff? 'Ls A V. QW- ag 5 1" " 'ff e ,Fw 'H ,ew L 1 1. 3. -, 5-N wi. 4 3 .gp -,,,.' ., -.-M -..ii'v,. W 1 ' ? 'ff1,' p ffb 5? Z J Q f ,fb V B-'i"'l' 'g,la.f' s ' l l ' 5 F X,-,a A ip, 4, "Af , F iHHmpYq, wQQ1f ,, , ,J , X 1 - V1 I . I, A' 1 IX. , 4-.1L,,.'y,v fn 1 , fwkpfrknuqyfv- Ram is .5.x,!,-, -ln, INA II , I4 'QM' - Kqfjxfh fy, 11,17 hx, w . ,Illini X nxt!" 4 7? 9 L , 3 . 1 E" i' H-"Fr T ,ll .,'l " C' K ,N -gy, - ., 552 .V t , A, W ff ' N v , 5 ,xx , Y J ,A Fl, 1 Q P . x " ' ,1- , . V " ww. f . 4.7 . . . xsw 1 A -" ' V ph .J 'N . , , :,,v,.Q., rp, ik' 1 "'1F" "' .fx " A-'ffwz g f, , -iw' dw V ' "if JJ, if rv g+s q 5 . ' ' 6 H K E GW 5 .4 Z" lv - ? 1 H , 331' ' RQ: ' rf. 'wg i M i ' - 2 . tx- ,Flu Z: YY. 1' , 'bv' ,, .V Y ,,yE..,LIm ,K 353- -' ., . .igcii I ' ,, Q : A., 1 751 lfvg, H 1 ' -... , 4' as .., , ,,, A . ws 42 ' Q ' - - Z' ' ' Q, 4' , ,ffm yr, ' ga -4 2 wf 1 "1 5"-N ,N , 'I W-wt, N 'HQM eikgfi ri. . N Q '1 1 ,I -A -4 1 4 Ju, v w , J'-if: ' VV" al: rg f 1' , Xl W. ah X N I 1 Ja . 4-J mf' , -1 AN f K i , ef ' " - , ' ' .11 31 N. X :Ffa:.7iEMie1Q1 .. ' A..-lag. V22 .5 -fr ' -+221 Elf. f - -, ,.1' q Q-"1W.f . jf, ,+gfw .4W'ff,. ' , ' Y' wlff- ' 4.31, .N '.-,Tlx ELK:--". ,Q ev. 5, , ,, Hx '52, x 9 I. A 'Fife 53 L' r W T 55 - ' pl.. 't Q 'jj ri f n' A 1,1 .Hg 5 5: QW" .GU ..-xg ' L 4 W' S U -vs ., , , Q l , HQ 4 Wg! T Lu' 1 fig-T ' M MH FA Wx fQ 9' M: WV W - "'. , , :ny M' , 1 .5 w' ,qi jg ,w gl- r Affiigr CNA ?w .,n P- gg- nga f " .ily 6.4 .-34 'js -y--, rig ,f -g I . hw ww MW fg M4 24 2-1Mwa 4 U ,Ii in t", f i ' .1 7,2 Emi' , AL Mg' , , 3- , ,Ra '.' 7 H ,I-E4 .fu -1 V2.3 l iu., Y '. ,r ':'1J??- ,tigffi f' ,',.1. U N 'Z 1 W' - ' " f - 'Q x :A N ' 1 . 2 . 5 . YT .,..- 1, -5 fx , ' , " ' L1 ' - 4-1 ' 'L' ' flfg I 5 1 . by -I ,4 wg, k - ' ggi ,WHY I 1 ' I h 5 l mfg, 124' ' E ' fs, -1:1 M A W , 7, 'fm , I., wa' , I .. 1- - 1 v " I ' V, ,N ,E ,1,.,.,- 5 r if : ., " fig fgfg .gf-,? 127 'ng rg.-sv -'usp 11335, ff K fy ff,:p,3,g,yfwVx5fH1,+fm , :.:1 -igzgfgfgf fm sg W , ,.4 J,-x,L J . 1 L:-'-: ,. 724, a Lf... fx'-X The Union walk encourages long strolls in Spring. The campus goes "AWOL" and heads for Hue riverbanks Any spot is fine for studying as long as 115 convenient. .Y + ' X Graduate school or military service? On one hand we could On the other hand, we should . . Q size: W 5323 5. Im f np Q QQ 10 fd! Ha 'Y-1 G ,a Ji ,HL . x J. Q The "monsoon" season arrives, dampening shoes and splrlts April and May bring both showers and increasingly busy weekends. As finals near, the weather gets warmer, and students con- vince themselves they can study while get- ting a suntan. Grubbies get grubbier on weekend woodsies, and new loves flicker in the few months before separation. Stuily classrooms get emptier, and students gaze towards the river. lust as they think the semester will never end, the finals schedule is posted. Old Cap is reflected in a puddle after a spring rainstorm. The battle of umbrellas starts at the doo s of Schaeffer Hall. The railroad footbridge is a perfect place for dreaming on. warm spring afternoons. A wandering minstrel, collegiate style, serenades her boyfriend. 5. A 'Z Apr. 23 fr f 1'1Z'i.:1gi5"".A.... One housing unit sponsored a booth featuring pie-throwing Madcap an+ics, Kaleido, add dazzle +o Spring Fesfival take to their bikes to advertise the Spring Festival. 4,'i.C' 521395: " Il Gunfight at the Pentacrest or how to advertise the Festival. Guys take a break from final stu- dying with a game of basketball. It's easier to study before anyoneis up in women's dormitories. S+uden+s sum up all +l1e years in one "goodbye" +o a buddy ,xr SE Student nurses reflect mixed emotions about the years and study and fun. Students stand in line through years of schooling and graduation is lhe same. W if " ,ngfg g .si 1 T 1 V - . , ,. , l 1 ' i -. 2 ' T . 3, H' Y Q , . ' ' Ye. . ': 1 f t. Y ' 15-9 ' - , 11, , , X 'I , n . .- . me ,- H M ' ' , r 4:-, .V ' 'F Lv ' gf . l, .u faith! Ve:-"l3"'w ' ' E w w x E I N 1 n X 'i I 5 ,- 1 V-1 14 1 w x ,X N lf? E W. X w 1 x 1 If 3 153 , 95 u L nl P YY- ,A 7 7' . U- Q A 1 we in ..! A Ng!! 0- N km 3 ib- 'Lf f..J ' f L, more-sq-.Q , .. ff, K f I r '- 4' +- X2XF'9 ,,.. 5 x W Q I 'Z QCA, xx 4, xf 1 .Q 1- x LNX ver. . ' "" sf-f, -Q55 , I 1 A 13 -' , 1 Q 5'-2 , - . -f w - Y: - "KW -9 , .F ., 'i " A" 57' 4 ' 'Q , Jyy. pb., V l yi! 5. .. . I , A , :Q xv A f my 4 . 1 f ' . ' -451' .. q'Sg"'..eff:L2L . ' ' T safiaf-if ' - -?fz-rf'--frf,' -wr- '51 af. y 1 Q J ifffs- ' 4 fi- 2.' 4- ' " V, -.5 --W ' - , - kgli, ., 3 .' -4 ,r ,ga-2f , A' ' QW' 6166. 5.5, is m fm. . X , a Jn- V I. . 1' 1,2 ' A , r,, I' A , .i 1 Q A P1 . ' . .fi , F EM xi Hyi lvff 2 4 ming 4 - V., I-5 J N, 5-,I . .Sw ,rig .11 ' , " . qi, V - -H ov 1 2. ' ' l I -An.. O I ' I' -,J ,,,,,-A 'A ' Q -A as " if 1 s B y -5 Q , - II 4 A ..... 1 g ' I ' f ,K ,Q-v-5 . ...X - w 4 ' "' ' "' --1-6' 'I' . O"A Q15 .aim A 4 'mx I Whit 'N D at fii V , -. 'nv Q.'?'5ai .v "1 :'TiT3'?i ' ':fri' "qQ:"' 'E X x. 5' , Q-gf? ' i gg' 1 ww 5, iw Y Q3 3 " 2 su A-9 , lE - 4: If R .- V " ' L vi :X " V 155 59' ' U, '1L?,,.4...i -9 5 Vi' X 15 W ,1 , ,, Qi 9 I 5' 'X 2? N L li f'4 1 R' gg' K 'gmt A u- iii: - Aw , 3, 9 5 I :gi n --2 x P3 ,sl 3 at 1 7 3 5, Q , x ' -1 I 1 --- S " 9- gf! . 1 J HL fzf,-RqM , i ,.. 9 ff, "' v -fs. A AQ ,., ,rsv- W - x-. -. 956 35 -bn . Y ,, . if t ' fl J Y Hi SR QQL H - w 4- z Q 3 - Msn 1 . , .. A- f, A ssiufw, X: 'f 1 ' H 51 N . M , 2, ,Y N V Hfiaif '55 fi, " ' ' 2- M I D Q dba. 1 .XM SECTION FOUR SPORTS Iowa Coaches In Achon RALPH H. MILLER, basketball coach FOREST EVASHEVSKI, director of athletics 'Ax ,- F. X. CRETZINIEYER, track coach E fi-dv ROBERT ALLEN, swimming coach CHARLES ZYVEINER, golf coach JERRY M. Burws, football coach - --. ,Lap -fm M ,,L,M Jwa,,,wLT,,,, 4,,, QMWWNM, A " i ' ' g .:k,, I" 'F' W" 'fiM""f'q"'T'Yg1"1't- P3 ' I Tm i i "' "np1iTri2:,,y,e-trove - PHPHETMWFN - , , ,i,,ta,WeL.eee,W,,,,,, , .wif .4-. arf' F QP-a':'f .'v-ef 5, ' Y --1 my Q- BOTTOM ROW:- "Whitey" Piro Qasst. coachb, Iohn Hendricks, John Ficeli, Gary Simpson, CliHf Wilder, Gary Snook, Karl Noonan, Iohn Niland, Bob Ziolkowski, Rich O'Hara, Iohn Diehl, Dalton Kimble, Ierry Burns Cheacl coachj. ROW 2: Thomas Knutson, Al Randolph, David Long, Karlin Ryan, Leo Miller, Bill Briggs, Tony Williams, Bill Restelli, Daniel I-Iilsabeck, Terry Mulligan, Richard Gibbs. ROW 3: Wayne Robinson Casst. coachj, Philip Major, Donald Baier, Gary Larsen, Farley Lewis, Larry McDowell, Phillip Schooley, Curtis Vande Walle, Roger Lamont, Donald Oft, Paul Usinowicz, Iarnes Cmejrek, "'Pin,, Ryan Casst. coachj. ROW 4: Iay Iauch Casst. coachj, Steve Hodoway, Mickel Moses, Thomas Brown, Terry Huff, Terry Ferry, William Smith, Chuck Roland, Seasons Record Iowa O Washington State Iowa . 27 Oregon State . Iowa . . 13 Wisconsin . . Iowa . . l4 Purdue. . Iowa . 3 Minnesota . Iowa . . 0 Northwestern . Iowa . . 17 Indiana . . . Iowa . . O Michigan State . Iowa . . O Ohio State . . Iowa . . 20 N. Carolina State David Moreland, Bill McCutchen, Richard Somodi, Richard Hendryx, Arch Kodros fasst. coachj. ROW 5: Iohn Car- rithers Csr, mgr.J, Allan Schenck, Rod Raino, Ieff New- land, Mike Iones, Orville Townsend, Gordon Monroe, Don Shurr, Silas McKinnie, Cornelius Patterson, Mac Michel, Peter Paquette. ROW 6: Bob Krga, lack Williams, Mi- chael Lavery, Guy Bilek, Carl Harris, Robert Anderson, Bill Iakubsen, Thomas Ross, Gary Swain, Iim Killbreath, Rick Thiele, Gary Fletcher, Casst. coachj. ROW 7: Rob- ert Nelson, Ierry O'Donnell, David Bonior, Greg Barton, William Krill, Iim Wojcikiewicz, Iohn Lasota, David Moss, Less Weston, Mike Mullins, lim Mcl-Iugh, George Tornpras, Frank Reinhardt, Rick Schaal Casst. mgrzj The Iowa football squad carries head coach Ierry Burns off the Held after the last game. lowa's winning hopes shattered during football season A year holding high expectations for Iowa sports fans ended with the Hawkeyes having their worst season in 76 years. Many pre-season polls had picked Iowa to finish high in the Big Ten, but the Hawks were able to battle on only a I-9 record. A touchdown in the closing seconds in the opening game against Washington State beat the Hawks. It was an omen of things to come, but the following week Iowa bounced back to beat Gregon State 27-7 in a nationally televised game. Two sophomores, Silas lVlcKinnie and Farley Lewis, appeared able to supply the ground attack needed by the Hawks for a success- ful season and the passing attack was as potent as it had been expected to be. But fans were disappointed as Iowa lost the rest of its games. The Board in Control of Ath- letics was disappointed too. It dismissed Burns and his staff late in the season. In spite of the team's poor showing, five Hawks were selected to play in post-season games. Dave Long and Bill Briggs played in the Blue-Grey game. Gary Snook, Karl Noonan and Iohn Niland were chosen to play in the East-West Shrine game. Noon- an and Niland also played in the Hula Bowl in Hawaii. ,ii . Bill Briggs reliects the disappointing game and weather that plagued lowa's season. pf" 57 .' ai j Afs- Y ' . -.i""f!l" I 'Q El , 5 . 5' 'sir' r"f f :' ,Ji ' 'sf f-tai A. 'P' " T- iI'i""fi , 'J +j"f f .. ' 'Q .1' Y' il ll -. X . Q Ari, .X I J' 'Y fiffl 11' ' U O f- 7' l 6 7 L b , 7, gi Q, ,W sr 2, L.. ' , L A Q 31 ' 4 ' in 8 Vt! a. 2 A , 4 H ,V 1 ' --lv H x .fx I , 1, wx ' - 1 " - , .,.,. ' 'X ZJN, ' H 2 4 O Q ft' , FY!-l f V -' 1 f " 54' 311' - F if A wg ! sf 'YN' Q1 -3 i' Fifi - NV gg . 4 w " 'VYQVF1 1 f KIVA VV' mr I 4 5. if: 1 ,Q "Q, Ye' I Q iff ,M ,L w L Y ' ' WET1., 3 S Wzw 3 ' M ,Q I 5 Q- 5?' 4 V2- sl mg 44 , l v 1 I in Y Sh!! +.'-Q, Tl? in if my-'fax 1 5 -J, ,,,6..',- -ii Q- tiff? -, U. 1 gm , .. ., ,I ' ' ' 1 , ,-,sw ,INN , -'Inf ,.ignj,,ag14,gt, :X 4, 1 'P ,, ,Q x. M qt ,A w5,11 -. ,W g, .. , N, Q , 7 'Y 7! ' '- " ". ' in ff 'ff' ' 37 TI ', ' ' - I 1 . ' X I 'rlxsgagilrff E i fi iu5,f ' 4 -::- , we w. -1ffn'f-4,1fQ-'ffi.fl'f' "f- -- " 1 , I .1 XP :X J! 1 . N11 V an , 3.3.1. p vvr :A H 5 infs' .j""-13552 3- f ..'Q. 'Q .fi if ,. Q, ' .QU ' 5 Q xv . Aff-,a - 1 iq-.2-rf. my Q Img ' Wd-,R 'x -I . Q.: , Sas 'lj 'ju' V ' ? M 2, f . l,7'1 f . ' gffaf 1 f ff - lf' , F -131 1' 1 '.v'1,-'- A g 7- , .gr , if gfigrqpf A - -X K . 'u'?if57 159310 " f ,Nrf pa ,, J -I " 'j' ' . 3 3 " 1 ' x +1 Sw, 2- -x H - -ff. .if J. ,I I ,' 1' 3 0 ,iq I 05'-, ,x J 1 , V.. K., 'Y . -.Til j-:Q 'Q T -E W X K- -.ip N . 5 Ya Fixf 22.1 q-, 2 X ' f I s JL lg Y X ik I 1-U F 1 W :.,'Q,. 4:J, - V1 I A i D . I 1 17 ,,, , s- ., 4 -,,. I 1 , 7, , fy .'. fi 5215" ff ., "1 -1 .., ft ka 'S BOTTOM ROW: Tom Chapman, Gerry Iones, George 11811 Ben McC1lrner Huston Breedlove lim Rosborough Peeples, Gary Olson, Capt. Denny Pauling, Chris Pervall. ROW 3 Inn Wilson sz mgr Dave Whlte Walter Mc ROW 2: Steve Nielsen, Dick Agnew, Trevor Toland, Ioel Causland Rolly McGrath Cary Cottschalk Dave Arlso lessen, Neil Hitchcock, Harry Venik, Lew Perkins, Ed Bas- VlLh Asst mgr Basketball team places third ln Bug Ten competition The 1965-66 basketball team, at one time ranked fourth in the nation, was a great team at home but a team that had troubles on the road. The Hawkeyes were the first team since the 1947-48 basketball season to win all its home games and com- piled a record of 17-7 for a third place fin- ish in the Big Ten. The big moment of the season had to be when 13,000 fans packed the Iowa field house to Watch Iowa beat Michigan, later the Big Ten champions, 91-82. 302 r j ! Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa . .111 . . 80 . . 69 . .103 . .107 Season's Record Pepperdine . . . 68 Evansville . . . . 73 Southern Illinois . . 58 Creighton . . . . 77 66 Drake ..,.. . 60 99 U. of Washington . . . 70 69 Drake .... . 51 77 Arkansas . . . . 75 68 Texas Western . . 86 68 Wisconsin . . . 69 70 Northwestern . . 58 61 Indiana . . . . 73 90 Michigan State . . 76 98 Ohio State . . 89 Detroit . . . 73 58 Purdue . . . 66 73 Northwestern . . 81 96 Minnesota . . . 87 91 Michigan . . 82 86 Ohio State . . 80 80 Wisconsin . . . 70 88 Michigan . . . 103 90 Illinois . . . . 106 87 Indiana . . 77 The team and coaches intensively watch the game from the sidelines. 1 IRI-is' ,. ' , fx. it I sl 9 1 'rw .eq George Peeples jumps in a futile effort to deflect the basketball. 303 1:.'-'E f l iem,':,,Q,- . 1 I -,..- 'V V 'HHJ .,v J V. M .V H Q, wx-' ug.: -- ,-W? - ,iff 4' mix nl' was Q, -6 mfs! ui an , 1 fer Q M . , 55' 5 L kg .ff ,.f-5 al"4: F Au- Y A' Q' .. IW MQ"-'f'i"1"' , " if 1 u fad .,gg,'." I , . - , ly ' k1.'Z,ii. - Q 9 ' 15353 v L 1 :Q 'V' -' -Lisle! A-f 4 .-lj: T-JT -1 ' mm" , ' ' ' ',-f L: iff".-' . - --Wm -' 2 - wif.. ., A 95 I ? .,Z .-ill! X Z' Q. ,-4 Coach Miller beckons his boys to come in for a talk. George Peeples and Chris Pervall combine their eHorts to score a goal. Denny Pauling grimaces in an effort to score two points for the team. .4 ZX' ,.,,,.A.. V. . ,,--av. i J, l Q ,Q 1 , . S , W-- K 1 'F 1 ,-NT H, 5 5 w 'ic'-wx rl' 1 fx 1 - 5' MM, , . ssgggl 1 , . ,.W, X 2 My ,, K . isufi? L .szgqiggf i if 5- me 1 ,R ': -1 J, 7,1 A ls, 0 1 1 , ' TWP' . 1 . .Y v. "fam, ,iw ,- -1 1 , 1 If " PPQH. w R - ' 5."'zgwg1g-gr-. :1 -, ' ' 1' ' . - , -:.,:F,g,-, , ' 5,.:4"-351' - ' 1 X ,--pf ,, ,. 1 , H 4:1 1,192 111. fqi My E' 1 1 1 1- K Q' 11 w. -1 S M. Ng 1- . 1 - . ' ,-5 ' E ".. I 1 VR ,1 'h .gg -4... -1., 4. , , , W1 Wm: 1 L14 ,- w - , 1 . 4, .i.,,.11 . 1 ' N' 1-1 4 1 V1 1 - V ,N V , ea uw - , Q 7: U ' V . 5' , 51, wg , +1 1 ' 15- A: v--2.55 I ,519 X 'X - ' rg- Q , ' I A, ". :QM ' H f , ' a' , , 1 ge- -.2 x 1 , 3, Y A :E ,gm ,,, , wg ,1 H1 Q 1, K ,M , -, i 111' ,. k I ,L ,. ,S ig Q , A ... I if I 1 1 W H A in -' 1 ,:g'z:,,j V u - - 'rbi f qw. X K FL? afar.. , ML ani, , U V 1 '-v1 r 1, 1 1 ,W ff , F34 . Q -f ,- - . . , . ,, . 1 1 1 Q W o , nf: 4 li 'W - 1 29:41 1" -5' ff! -' ' 'L , ., I K , , 5-3 gh - ' , ly- jr., ,.,J,,o , Q..-air ll W Q 4 5 J 4......A- - ' 1 Y , 2 - f " ' V.. 'xr '-' 1, 1 it.-. A player goes down swinging in Big Ten competition. Baseball team shows surprising strength on the diamond A young Iowa baseball team, with only eight returning letterrnen, had prospects for a good season if untried pitchers were suc- cessful. The Iowa nine, led by co-captains Mickey Moses and Bob Schauenberg, began the season with a solid infield composed of Moses at first base, lettermen Russ Sumlca and Lee Endsley at second base and short stop, and sophomore Iohn Prina at third base. Moses hit .393 and had l4 REPS to lead the team in l965. Schauenberg, with a 5-2 record in l965, set the Big Ten ERA record in 1965 with a 0.28 ERA. Larry Rathje, a regular in 1965, was the only sure starter among the outfield candi- dates, Roger Iaynes, Larry McDowell, Marc Michel, and Larry Myatt. The ump waits in anticipation as a Michigan State player concentrates on reaching home base. Gymnas+ics i'eam sends +hree to na+ional championships .. NT, .3 - 'I .P 'J An Iowa gymnast grimaces in determination to do well in his competition on the still rings. BOTTOM ROW: Arno Lazar, Paul Orni, Mark Slotton. ROW 2: Ike Heller, Charles Menshing, Bob Singerman, Al Smith, Tom Goldsborough, Dick Holzaepfel Ccoachj. Weakened by the loss of All American Glenn Gailis, Iowais gymnastics team fell from a second place finish in 1965 to a fourth place finish in the l966 Big Ten standings. Iowa sent three gymnasts to the National Collegiate Championships. Sophomore Mark Slotten placed third on the side horse. Another sopohomore Neil Schmitt, compet- ed on the still rings and high har. Iunior Ike Heller competed in the all-around and on the long horse. The six returning lettermen besides Hel- ler were Tom Beamish, Dick Febey, Tom Goldsborough, Ken Cordon, Chuck Men- sching and Dan Price. Other men who strengthened the squad were minor letterman Bob Singerman and sophomores lohn Kellner, Arno Lazar, Al Smith and Paul Omi. ROW 3: Dan Price, Ken Gordon, Neil Schmitt, Iohn Kell- ner. ' i .li ,ii ,aw I -,155-.v .4 ii T A judge watches a gymnast perform on the parallel bars during a Big Ten meet. it 'F I A s li , J I 9' v - U k 'A-'Q f Li ! ? I, gl E 4 I w v 2 1 . 'Xui 551 , 3- ,QV A ' ff L- an N K Q if 1 1 . yy T 'N I E Q 3 . f P 'J' 3IO ag A member of the Iowa track team stretches to get over the highest setting of the bar. BOTTOM ROW: Ron Griffith, Al Randolph, Mike Mon- dare, Ion Reimer, Ted Brubacher, Ken Messer, Clyne Kel- ler, F. X. Cretzmeyer Ccoachj. ROW 2: Iohn Kelley, Roger Menke, Larry Leonard, Ierry Currie, Dale Thomp- son, Fred Ferree, Larry Wieczorek. ROW 3: Marty O,Don- nel, Dick Cummins, Bill Burnette, Steve Szabo, Ken Zieg- ler. ROW 4: Don Wolfe, Randy Haines, Dale Teberg, Steve Tiernan. ROW 5: Bill Smith, Tom Knutson, Dick Gibbs. Iowa's track feam shows strong performance in i+s meets The strong Iowa indoortrack team bare- ly missed second place in the Big Ten in- door meet. The team being even stronger outdoors, has a good chance of Winning the Big Ten outdoor meet. Lettermen Ion Reimer, Al Randolph, and Fred Ferree with sophomore Mike Mondane compose the mile relay, one ofthe fastest in the country. Reimer and Randolph are al- so standout hurdlers. Iunior pole Vaulter Bill Burnette, sprinter Dennis Kohl, half- miler Ted Bruhacker, quarter-miler Mike Mondane, and long-distance man Larry Wieczorek are also valuable point pro- ducers. Other returning lettermen are Dick Cummins, Dick Gibbs, Tom Knutson, Lar- ry Leonard, Ken Messer, Dan Wolfe, and Dale Thompson. le f'fF'?':'t17""- A T A lieth if pl 'I 4, l i 1: 'Q ,, , Twig. if Y '-1 Tis V ' ,l':A n W4 N E xr: I x Z. Zi lux , . e 9 - av -L ua." fha up -:sg L ,el , k. 4 MQ, Iowa track team members lead the pack during a race among Big Ten teams in the helclhouse. , V15 , 1 if " ll 3--ff 4 ' F1-fi 1 ' , Q3 ' :i i.12Yf15. iii-T11 . S , ,ig .,g.g,:., f -1 5 2 Jiffy, .r,. . , - 4.i:ut'?- .5 F Pj... 'ip' 3514 1' '-Qrgigvi i 3lI . r l I if UV ii - YW a tttllltta ,ttt X vi- pfpmv , 1 !! y t LE, : E T- BOTTOM ROW: Ted Brubaker, Ken Messer, Ron Griffith, TOP ROW: F. X. Cretznieyer Ccoachj, Pete McDonold, lniuries are a problem for lowa's cross country 'ream Iowa's cross country team was hampered by injuries and lack of depth, but still man- aged to split two dual meets and place fifth in the Big Ten Championships. Iowa beat Illinois, 56-22, and lost to con- ference champ Northwestern, 35-20. Iowa was third in a triangular meet with North- western and Minnestota. Ted Brubacher, Ron Griffith and Ken Messer led the Hawkeye Harriers and plac- ed I4tl'1, 15th and 16th in the conference meet. Pete MacDonald was bothered by an in- fected leg most of the season, but manag- ed a 30th place in the conference. Larry Wieczorelc did not run until the conference meet because of a hairline fracture in his ankle. Ron Greenlee and Don Reinder- knicht filled in most of the season. Larry Wieczorek, Steve Tiernan ffreshman coachj. The cross-country team runs across Finkbine Golf Course as they train for the fall season . l- - i l MID! -bn. 31. . Gary Gottschalk practices his swing during pre-season workouts inside the iieldhouse. BOTTOM ROW: Chuck Zweiner Ccoachj, Bill Kahler, Paul Dlagosch, lack Bieber, Gary Cvottschalk. TOP ROW: ' lex Golf team looks forward to improving previous record Iowa's golf team, led by lettermen Tom Chapman, Gary Gottschallc, Ioe McEvoy, and Paul Dlugosh, is expected to improve on last year's record. Iuniors Chapman and Gottschalk are the best players on team and two-year lettermen lVlcEvoy and Dlug- osh are competing with sophomores lack Bieber, Bill Kahler, and Donald Sorensen for top positions on the team. Coach Chuck Zwiener said he is optimis- tic about the season but it is hard to tell how good the team will be with so many sophomores on the team. The Big Ten conference golf meet is be- ing held at South Finkbine Golf Course this year. This should give the Iowa golfers a good chance of finishing high because they will be more familiar with South Finlcbine than the golfers from other Big Ten schools will be. Tom Chapman, jim Petersen, Bill Beecher, Ioe McEvoy, Don Sorenson. DL Si ,mp ,rs 9 , .E .- Q' Iowa swimming 'ream has best season in lasl len years , Q , .. ls 53.73 -J" ie gg, as-iiifqf t i 1-I' 1 3I4 -115,-, A member of the Iowa swimming team gasps for breath as he competes in the butterfly event. BOTTOM ROW: Skip Iensen, Dan Yocom, Alan Schenck, Mike A. Petersen, Iohn Scheda, Gil Hitchcock Robert Al- len qcoachp. Row 21 Bud Kearney, Ken lVfcBeath, Iim The Iowa swimming team compiled a season record of six wins and three losses and finished eighth in the Big Ten. lunior Gil Hitchcock, sophomore Iohn Scheda, and team captain Ron Berry were standouts on the squad. Hitchcock and Scheda virtually rewrote the school record book. Scheda set records of 22.2 and 48.6 in the 50 and 100 yard freestyles. Hitchcock set records of 5:03.0 and 17:59.0 in the 500 and 1650 yard free styles. A record of 2:00.2 in the butterfly was also set by Hitchcock. Other standout performers were Paul Monohanin in the 200 yard butterfly, Tom Throckmorton in the back stroke, Skip len- sen in the 50 yard free style and back stroke and diver Al Schenk. The Hawkeye squad should be fairly strong next year with ten returning letter- men. Iones, Paul Monohon, Bob Synhorst. ROW 3: Dennis Vokolek Ccoachj, Bob Woodbury, Tim Barnes, George Marshell. "Lnif 553. -. ks 1- MB-LT' 1' . ii' .l -nut -- With a spray of water and Haying arms, Big Ten swimmers race to beat the clock. --I. 3 I 5 I E un xv' a- w 4 ' ' A rx U -P-14' I 5 Gritting his to phase Iow CC Is he up, is he down or is he pinned? lnexperienced wrestling squad has disappointing season The Iowa wrestling squad was young and inexperienced. The squad was com- posed entirely of juniors and sophomores and had only three lettermen, Ray Davis, Dennis Wegner, and Tom Fenelly. Sophomores lim Ewoldsen and Russ Sill and Iunior Steve Moss added strength to the Hawkeye squad. Ray Pastorino, Don Berger, Bill Deck- lever, Roy Prange, Garland Smith, Ken Shaner, Iack Deere, and Earl Fitz were also members ofthe squad. The wrestling team had an overall sea- son record of two wins, seven losses and two ties. In the Big Ten the team had a record of two wins, five losses and two ties. This yearis strong freshmen wrestling team coupled with the experience of this year's team spells out a strong team for next year. In wrestling, the referee spends as much time on his knees as the wrestlers. Jw... BOTTOM ROW: Wayne Whitmore, Al Hostetler, Tim Wilson. TOP ROW: Orville Townsend, Kent Grieshafer, Fencing team grabs the limelight with 2nd place finish Fencing coach Dick Marks coached his team to a second place finish in the Big Ten championships held in Iowa City. This was the highest the Hawkeyes have ever finished in Big Ten competition. Cap Hermann Won the Big Ten and Na- tional championships in the epee. Al Hos- tetler, captain of the fencing team, was sec- ond in the foil in the Big Ten. Wayne Whitmore was fourth in the sabre in the Big Ten. Kent Grieshaber and Tim Wilson were regulars in the epee. In the foil, two-year letterman Orville Townsend and George Bergeman added strength to the squad. Terry Brinker and Karl Luneckas were strong in the saber competition. The fencing team had an overall record of 9 wins and 7 losses. George Bergeman, Steve Mueller, Karl Luneckas, Steve Combs, Terry Brinker, Terry Kinney, Dick Marks fcoachj. A member of the Iowa fencing team shows the form needed to win matches. ., by .-,- ! .E-lr bv. v, :N - -7- ,-. -- , ,, A Y. .rn ,, 6-7, 7 ..,. . in p Q '.1....Q. ....,,.. . .M 4 is , Efigi 'Vi Arden Stokstad waits for his opponent to drive the ball back during a tennis match. BOTTOM ROW: Nathan Chapman, Richard Stokstad, Allan Iones, Paul Ellerback, Iim Van Cleve. ROW 2: Arden Stokstad, Richard Strauss, Mirrel Kephart, Dave Ger- Talentecl sophomores give punch to lowa's tennis team Five lettermen and a group of talented sophomores are providing punch for the tennis team this spring. Arden Stokstad, number one man from the 1965 squad, is back and is being chal- lenged by sophomores Richie Strauss and Dale LePervost. lohn Svarups and Dave Collison, letter winners in 1965, and sophomore Mirrel Kephart are the other performers for Iowa. Iohn Ebert, Dave Gervich, Rolly Mc- Grath, Iohn Wilmeth, and Bruce Haw- thorn are trying to break into the starting squad. Coach Don Klotz said the combination of the good sophomores and the varied tournament experience of last year's squad members should bring the tennis squad to a higher finish in the Big Ten tthan it achieved in 1965. vich, Bruce Hawthorne, Don Klotz fcoachj. ROW 3: Rolly McGrath, Iohn Ebert, Dale LePrevost. LeHerman's Club provides service at Iowa athletic events iowiiia lettermen don their "I" jackets or sweaters to sell loot- a programs. BOTTOM ROW: Ike Heller, Marc Slotten, Lee Walker, Rick Febey, Iack Sebben, Orville Townsend, Bob Rausen- berger, Roger Wallenstein, Chuck Mensching, Ron Berry. ROW 2: Bob LeZotte, Rick Hendryx, Gary Gottschalk, Ken Gordon, Arden Stokstad, Paul Monohan, Ted Bru- baker, lim Wilson, Pete McDonald, Ralph Bextine, Gerry Iones Bill Briggs, Chris Pervall. ROW 3: Al Randolph, The Iowa Letterman's Club is a combi- nation social and service group for its 70 members. The organization helps at Iowa athletic events, sells programs at the foot- ball games, and ushers at the basketball games. It also sponsors a Christmas party for crippled children each year. A new duty was added with the completion of the Var- sity Lounge above the lobby in the Field House. The Club is in charge of the lounge. On the social side, the club holds a banquet for high school athletes who may come to Iowa, a dinner party for alum- ni, and a party for club members in May. Officers of the club are Bob LeZotte, president, Ioe Greenlee, vice-president, Al Randolph, secretary, Iohn McCarthy, treas- urer, and Rich Oil-Iara, sergeant-at-arms. Coach Francis X. Gretzmeyer is the adviser. Iim McGuire, Iohn Kellner, Wilbur Devine, Iim Iones, Larry Sheets, Dennis Wegner, Dan Hilsabeck, George Peeples, Ioel lesson. ROW 4: Mickey Moses, Ron Shudes, Ken Messner, Bob Ziolkowski, Ed Bastian, Steve Hodaway, Torn Chapman, Iohn Niland, lim Gmejrek, Terry Mulli- gan, Rich O'Hara, Lew Perkins, Dick Cummins, Bill Tuc- 'er. 320 i After a losing season, lerry Bums stood gjlfmimself to watch the final football rl . k, , V E? 44. .x. , ' x 'V' . 1 ' ."'- , ..x P M 1 -H - ??f- 'f " W-' 'Q' fffyb- S f" TQ,-Q .4 in ' -11-ff' fl--.'j4G1 1 , ,- --4' -a . V, ' A ,Q '11 ,. A-., N 3, A ,rm -6- "Wy A,L'k,:1iq',', Auf' fx, 1 - , Q, 53,-J' pf.-.X M I-pf hyagzggifi is 'ji i , ' , " A -' J.: 1 7 53. Wg-1 'V 55, I v Ly! 3-,jg E an :E 1 Y Y -Q i J In . V D: li., V' I 219454, 1 ,Yip ig1f.9.g-,,,ff 5.-, 4.5 X 1, K. ,B g N in ,rw If 4 Q' t ygib UL 4 'H'-1 gfuff 'W' LQ95 'ir ,X qprfj 1 E ,b, 44 im g 55 5 ,513 .1 Qi6B'lJi-uivqgfrlvf S' - P ' f ,L .. .f f -- ,., , -M . ,,,,. L . . , . ff 4' l am 1. . - V f. ' 5' g .- --x 'A J' F -Q ,y,Ti+ 'f, -Q gg, - 'H' f - ' ' - A. ' . " .'. ,-a- 1 'QM " . 5' ' V ', " ' ',. f W' " . - ' 3'-8, " fm' 1-'. . . J rx .1 -- - . 'Ty-, 82- rf-'. ,. -1'-'X lu-' ,-J ' in 0 N I , K .H I l ,V 2 It ,vi J, . ,'M,.,vVA,-. it ., ,RH , .. T-C-ga as F' .1 ' ' ' 'ff 2. .. " W. 4 . 4' -ffm' - 'f A ' . F j A -1 , O' "5'fJ'-V: H "' f 2, " wg 'if VH " - ' 5 ff' - f '1 V --"V -ffl, s 1i" "5i':,1.,LL, .4-?: ' : .' 5' L 1 Y: . . A ' ' Y Nbr. 'E'-51 1: ,Yb- .i.l.n..,.1.. 5 K X E Q 'xi Q Q lf z gk M li E ', X ' i 7.7511 X-nm - : 1 ' ww' .- 21 1 .mesa par' SECTION FIVE x . .V' A Y 4 ' -N Kxk ,NX 'S mfn- FIESIDENCES uf' v , A -1,4 K X K , N A f I 2 x , , v ' . ,.' 7:1 ' ' ' .-1. CTQZ' :P'V,w'1",jL ' E"' mf 5' "1 F 5 Yf""5,,:?- 'i ., ...YA 'EQ 3 V ,. U! M... AE, 1 Hi, , ,V .F 4 n 'x ,5 J' ' Q, A f 26:-Q K . ,AE I 4 'TF'j.E .ra-' N' .V ,wg -f .,.-3 lr'., .-' 5 Y A vi ' - f 1 - E w 2 1.4. 'X 7 , 5 ' if -1? 1' jf- Lg.: '1 3 ,fs"5fy'k-' 35: v K"v'f?f1s " -Wh :xiii Y, -l'fQ"- , fill ,gr- fx 1 '. GPEEKS Mrs. Aldrich Delia Ahrens Karen Blakely Mary Ann Brinkman Iudith Brown Ann Buckley Christine Coons Barb Cribbs Susan Curtis Becky Deahl Ann DeCicco Nancy DeWolf Barbara Fons Pam French Ellen Gaither Karen Garwood Mary Ellen Glenn Gail Graham Ianice Hale Susan Harder ludy Hardt Diane Helkenn Ianet Hinze Mary Icenogle Corinne Ignarski Cheryl Imel Marcia Ann jones Marcia L. Iones Iudy Iunkunc Kathy Kennelly Sue Kenter Nyle Killinger Lanelle Klein Mary Io Koher Lynn Krueger Kay Kunkle Karen Luethye Sue Macke Tanya Maxutov Adrienne Mayer Linda McAnelly Diane McCoy Diane Mclntyre Linda Melson lean Miller Barbara Mueller Lindy Neuger Patricia Newell Linda Olson Mary Parker Barbara Pence Anne Poling Carol Raney Beth Rosenfeld Helen Schmidt Vlasta Stupka Margaret Swolford Barb Tinker Ian Vandermeer Mary Beth Verhetsel Mary Lee Vierkant Chris Wallrich Susan Wright ANNE POLING, President Halloween party reveals suppressed desires of A Chi Q's Everyone has a suppressed desire-and Alpha Chi Omegas discovered some of them at their Halloween party. Pledges promot- ed spirit with Halloween serenades. Social life did not stop here for the A Chi O's. They held both a winter and spring formal, and a Christmas tea for Mrs. Ivean Aldrich-their new housemother who "acts just like one of the girls." A traditional Christmas cozy held special meaning for the girls as they experienced more deeply the warmth of togetherness. Besides working as a unit, the sisters par- ticipated individually in Seals, Highlanders, Union Board, University Choir, and Stu- dent Senate and CPC subcommittees. This spring, A Chi O's were represented in the Symphony Band's trip to Russia. Pledges and actives enjoyed joint picnics last fall, and throughout the year harmony was evident. ANDREA Goran, President A D Pi's Sheila Bauer iapped for Miss U of I hile A D P1 act ves sq aeoff to paddletvo scared Fall's golden touch brought the crown of Miss U of I to ADPi beauty Sheila Bauer, and a Finalist for Pershing Rifle sponsor. Football season spotlighted Linda Nolan, drum major for the Highlanders, and Bob- bie Foullces, twirler for the band. Fall was just the beginning for the ADPi's as they held oiiices in the senior class, Union Board and Angel Flight, as well as executive positions on the DI and HAWKEY12. Mortar Board, Symphony Or- chestra, CPC, Old Gold Singers and drama activities rounded out a busy schedule. Christmas was giving time which meant a party for underprivileged children and one for dates with stockings full of sur- prises. A pledge prom, a pillowcase cozy for pledge daughters, alumnae banquets and scholarship dinners rounded out another year for Alpha Delta Fi. AAT! Mrs. Naomi Adams Susan Balco Kathy Bargren Sheila Bauer Sherry Birk Iudy Blackman Cherie Bowers Kay Brandt Debbie Brown Ian Brown Pat Carrier Carol Cartwright Pat Casey Sally Chard Carol Chenoweth Maureen Corcoran Karin Crew Linda Dallenbach Sharon Dirks Pam Fall Annie Fister Bobbie Foulkes Andrea Goeb Nancy Goran Nancy Gray Mary Hackett Gayle Hallenbeck Barb Hertz Barb less Kay Kroeger Sue Lane Anita Lindberg Gail Longanecker Sheri Lundeen Ian Mayberry Debbie McKnight lan McRoberts Beth Nickolisen Linda Nolan Sue Paul Ianet Pease Nancy Pennebaker Louise Petersen Mary Quinn Lois Radloff Suzanne Roberts Nancy Robinson Sue Robinson Judi Shoenfeld Terry Seaton Trudy Sevatson Sue Shank Carolyn Sheats Mary Lou Shoentbal Bobbie Sonen Linda Stofer Mary Supinger Ianet Teague Ileen Thode Kathy Thomas Iulie Twedt Pat Van Heel Iudy Van Vlack Pat Vestle Sue Wilson - V S 2 gffi l-. y 4, Egv F Q . .. 'Q . if B" , F K 5 All t Nitril e at ' -:-f ' N' , W ffl, .. ' ,K 'X 'QT f ' if We N x W. ., M U , K . " L.-A ' Y-Z'-' 1. 5, if-xi i ii- F' A fb 4, Z A , tiene.-,i"w.. , 1 4- at I A -"" f' llfsgyi gmiwb ' l B if N , , t ,S t 412,47 In 'V A M t X It 5 5 -all ji' ,I 1 tttt V r ' i r V. 4 on A 7 im V3 A , J AM Q - , , iw: 5,- ai . ' l'F"'f?r " J, .K ' , L, -N rv A L I V ,Q ' ,ml ra, if 'B X .I ifi-EF. J , lx ' N Q' Y hi ' , 8? - 'l ky, , is !:,' tn ' rii' ' L ' 1 . Y ' 'i 1 Q ,Q i W 1 apt C330 if ..f, 4 I-f ii . I, 'S " if r .fi l Mrs, Kerrigan Arnal Anderson Kay Anderson Susan Ioni Anderson Suzan Jayne Anderson Lindsay Arthur Ieanne Bennett Karen Bleek Mar Boles Peggy Bowne Charlene Bush Susan Campbell Kay Christensen Diane Dunn Bonnie Fletcher Mimi Glover Kathy Creirnan Cindy Crillin Lois Grifhorst Anne Haswell Candy Heusinkveld Diane I-Iibbs Sally Holm Sheri Hughes Karen Iensen Margie Laing Diane Larson Marilyn Linclholrn Sandy Little Linda Lundquist Barb Marsh Linda Marsh Kathy Matthews Carolyn McKee Barb Mellert Iamie Morse Pam Naylor Marcia Nice Sharon Nystrom Martha Oldag Mariann Perry Carol Peterson Vicki Beynoldson Karen Ring Rosie Ronnebauni Cathy Rowley Cindy Ruinmel Linda Schlensig Karen Sigvarclt Iudy Smith ludy Sorensen Karen Sorensen Pam Stegman Karen Steinbeck Iudi Stephani Ann Street Kathy Stuepfert Polly Thompson Helen Toms Suzi Torgerson Barbara Updegrali Ianet Weicker Linda Weis Susan Winter Alpha Gamma Delia OFFICERS President ....... LINDA WEIS Vice President ..... KAREN RING Secretary .... CATHERINE ROWLEY Treasurer . . SUSAN E CAMPBELL .f r - F' LINDA WEIS, President Alpha Gams channel enthusiasm into variety of proiects Alpha Gams have a quick practice session before booking. Enthusiasm is contagious-anyone who has been around an Alpha Gamma Delta can testify to that. The girls channeled their enthusiasm into projects lending beauty, intelligence, and altruism as dem- onstrated by Linda Weis-a Miss U of I finalist, several Mortar Board representa- tives, and a national project to aid brain- damaged children. This diversification was observable on campus as Alpha Gams boasted a semifi- nalist for Pershing Rifles, and a porn-pon girl, and worked in Angel Flight, Seals, Pep Club, AWS, Highlanders, People-to-People, and on The Daily Iowan. Yet they had en- ergy to spare for parties - the Syracuse Swing and the Winter Formal. The sisters traveled to Parsons College at Fairfield for the annual International Re- union Day this spring, rounding out an ac- tive year for Alpha Gamma Delta. ll' ANDREA WHi'1'E, President Alpha Phi's add new housemother, more living space In this, its Fifth year on campus, Alpha Phi had to expand with a new addition for more living space, dining and informal rooms. Another addition to the Alpha Phi house was their new housemother, Mrs. Inez Wait. Not new to the Alpha Phi's however was busy-ness. Members served as Mortar Board president, Panhellenic treasurer, and on SPI Board. Sally I-Iildreth was a finalist for Miss U of I, and her sisters were found gracing the Phi Kappa Sigma calendar and Pershing Rifles Court. Enthusiastic Alpha Phiis also participated in Union Board, Project AID, SNO, WRA, and Profile Pre- views. A special project in the field of cardiac aid brought inner rewards and happiness. A traditional May luau and spring formal climaxed another exciting and rewarding year for the sisters of Alpha Phi. Alpha Phi OFFICERS President ..... ANDREA WHITE Vice President . . KATHERINE WORRELL Secretary ..... BARBARA ROGERS Treasurer . . MARY Lou NEBEL Alpha Phiis steal a corner for one of their study sessions. v-Y Teri Abernathy Kay Allen Betty Anton Iill Applegate Iean Artley Linda Ashby Maggie Behrends Ardes Beisler Karen Berg Pam Bergo Nancy Boettcher Bobbi Bradley Mary Io Buckley Meri Conn Cindy Cooper Kathy Corey Ioyce Deming Holly Erskine Sue Fensterbusch Iamie Finn Diane Fitzsimmons Gayle Gray Melanie Haas Ian Henderson Sue Herwig Pam Hicks Sally Hildreth Marcia Hudson Garnet Iarard Carol Iirsa Barb Iohnson Karen Kemp lean Landis Barb Layfleld Cathy LeRoy Ann Linquist Beth Lower Sharon Main Sue Mains Hattie McCleary Linda Miller Linda Moen Mary Lou Nebel Ginny Nelson Suzanne Newcomer Niki Nichols Patti Patrice Pam Porter Cindy Poyser Shirlee Proctor Marni Radcliffe Barbie Rogers Nancy Schulenberg Susan Scott Sharon Shacklett Nancy Simmen Susie Smith Iudy Sprague Sally Stage Gayle Sullivan lane Taylor lane Weaver Nancy Weaver Andi White Kiki Worrell vp ,.: . a l ,A , 5 3. rr . 'xj-,- -as f f i e S Q W ,L ,,z:, , ,rl ,,, , .N vi! .W 1 , 3 . I :l.' 'f " 1 - A , ,, h gy Wifi Bla H q 'LM' ' i ' Q ' I ,N Q, i 'tk x . r" .fl ' G . L ' .H Q if at l : fl 'L -'at 5' ,EQ H L if - L V, it 3 .,. 'uid' 5 x A KW Al k X F I Y X W 5,14 w - iv I I , ...I X I It ', I B F .A Q GH- A t 1 1 ig our ' X: iii. v t L N we Q 5 on fi ii V a. 'W ', ,A , i " ' -A. 'Pt v- if .h A A ' gi I W ' Milk A - - S, - Q -5 ' , a x 1 3 W I. . v - 1 flsi - is ' H Y , f ,' . - , . C?- ,. 1 fu L 334 Heather Adamson Sally Alt Phyllis Anthens Laurie Barker Ledice Berrnudez Kathy Boucher Sue Boudinot Ruth Ann Burgy lane Byrnes Cindy Cline Diane Davis Cathy DeMuth Joy Evan Ioan Fishel Helen Goodell Donna Gwinnup Kathy Hall Phyllis Hamlin Betty Hanson Iudith Hanson Iulie Hanson Becky Harris Lynn Hey Sue Hoover Patlie Huber Iennifer Iasper ,lane Iohnston Connie Kiger Kay Lewis Barb Lindhorst Gretchen Link Judith Lloyd Martha Lipton Gayle Masbaw Diane McMahon Carol Meek Ioan Menke Sue Meyers Mary Sue Miller Lynda Mitchell Marsha Morgan Ieanne Nelson Georgian Oswald Carol Padgham Pat Payton lane Rhodes Mary Richards Kathy Roberge Sarah Seheidenhelm Iulie Schreiber lean Seaton Linda Severson Mary Severson Suzanne Shirley Diane Stumme jean Sulek Barbara Thompson Carolyn Victorine Linda V itt Pam Ward Sandy Wright 'v , L., Alpha Xi Delia OFFICERS President ..... REBECCA HARRIS Vice President . . MARTPIA LIPTON Secretary . . . MARY SEVERSON Treasurer . KATHARINE HALL REBECCA HARRIS, President Four class parties enhance social whirl for Alpha Xi's Alpha Xi's line up for their Walk to the library. -gl Z. ,gf- "f-1-5i""li:j1, The Alpha Xi Deltas plunged into an- other fun-filled year of parties, outstanding individuals, and numerous campus activ- ities. Four parties, one given by each class, en- hanced an exciting social whirl, highlighted by an annual winter formal, a tree-trim- ming party with dates and tee-hee gifts, and the springtime Rose Formal. At Homecoming, the Alpha Xi's won the Kiwanis trophy for the best sorority Home- coming float and their candidate for Miss U of I was chosen as a semifinalist. Alpha Xi,s were also recognized as a finalist for Miss Young Republican, president, vice president, and publicity chairman of WRA, and scriptwriter-moderator of Profile Pre- views. The sisters were proud of their improved scholastic standing, too, showing they found time to study in spite of their many activities. 336 LINDA LAMSON, President Chi Omega OFFICERS President ...... LINDA LAMSON Vice President . . . JILL RUGGER1 Secretary . . . . . SUSAN OLSON Treasurer . IANE TRUSSELL Strum of guitar, voice of 'Ba' Hall fill Chi O house The soft strum of a guitar-and the voice of Barbara "Ban Hall filled the room. Chi Omegas thrilled to these familiar sounds as their own professional folksinger performed for cozies and skits. Mrs. Laura Elliott, the new housemother, found herself caught in a whirl of activity last fall. Energy abounded at the Chi O house, and the girls proved it by working willingly in Angel Flight, Union Board, CPC, Old Gold Singers, Highlanders, HAWKEYE staff, and Mortar Board. On Dad's Day and Motheras Day, Chi O's took time out from their busy sched- ules to entertain parents with a buffet and special cozy. A traditional formal, the Chi Omega Cotillion, was held in the winter, followed by the spring dance. From the football season to second se- mester fmals, Chi Omegas worked, studied, and had fun in the unity of a true and last- ing sisterhood. "Batman" or "Lost in Spacev?-the Chi O's seem indecisive. Ian Astolfi Linda Bailey Fran Baker Ginny Baltrus Chris Britton Ian Brown Leslie Cassidy Cheryl Chandler Phyllis Crews Elaine Croyle Iill Crowell Suzie Dawe D'Rene Desmond Diana Dinsmore Kathy Dunn Mary Einspahr Diane Foss Nancy Gallagher Mary Gessing Bonnie Hall jean Heeren Sharon I-lcpker lane Holsteen Susan Hopkirk Ianet Huff DeDe Iohnson Kay Kalma Patti King Nicky Korte Linda Lamson Lori Lane Carol Lee Cathy Leytze Lesley Logue Kathy Maxwell Pat McCormick Cathy Miller Ianet Moon Maureen O'Bryon Dailene O'Connor Marilyn Olson Susan Olson Cathie Penaluna Connee Peters Fran Puhl Cathy Rogers Iill Ruggeri Linda Schnyder Carla Schroeder Mary Smith Donna Slcarshaug Cheryl Starbuck lane Strieby Ginny Towle lane Trussell Sandy Upson Carolyn Van Zee Pam Vondran Sally Wilken Nancy Woolsey Iudy Young gf L ,I qQ'N-1' up ANN-MORRISON APEL, President Tru Delis have bulli' In energy: need no pep pills Pep pills are passe when youive got built- in Tri Delt energy-necessary in a sister- hood claiming presidents of Panhellenic, YWCA, People-to-People, and Gamma Al- pha Chi. Tri Delts also served as Student Senate secretary, senior class oflicer, and executive members of Angel Flight, Pep Club, Homecoming, Project Aid, CPC, Spring Festival, Creek Week, and had members in Mortar Board and a Dolphin Queen finalist. Between meetings, Tri Delts were plan- ning a Halloween Pumpkin Serenade, the Atled Irt Party and two formals. Several males were received into the Order of the Little Brothers of the Pine Tree in the win- ter. Winter also brought a Christmas party for the Pine School. Members were busy with fund raising activities for their annual scholarship. A finishing touch to the year was third place in the Panhellenic scholarship race. Blzrriz SMUH, President Combined DG effort brings back scholarship trophy Love makes the world go round-but add a Delta Gamma and it starts to spin. That happy feeling was experienced numerous times this year as the DG,s united to recap- ture the Panhellenic Scholarship Trophy, and Becky Behrens competed as a finalist for Miss U of I. Delta Gammas recognized the import- ance of a variety of interests, by participa- tion in CPC, Angel Flight, Union Board, Highlanders, Student Senate, and Mortar Board. loining with the Lambda Chi Al- phas they presented a Christmas party for the children at the Pine School. Friday afternoon exchanges, study dates, candle passings, a Winter formal and a spring party gave the Delta Gammas many moments to remember and cherish through- out the years to come-moments that were the product of a united eilort. .orqgwze Vicki GEHLBACK, President DZS lend helping hands fo needy families, handicapped s plan fut e actl tes to complete anoth sc 'lpboolt If you're looking for a girl who is full of enthusiasm and always eager to lend a helping hand-you're looking for a Delta Zeta. DZ spirit was obvious as the girls cap- tured first-place honors in the 1965 Spring Festival. Unity continued with the active participants in Freshman Council, Union Board, People-to-People, HAWKEYE staff, Project AID, Orientation, and University Choir. The DZ's also proudly claim Nan- cy Mathias as president of AWS, four High- landers, sisters in Old Gold Singers, and Mortar Board members. Sharing the joys of sisterly love, the girls made monthly welfare deliveries to needy Iowa City families, and held their annual Christmas party for handicapped children. Add a pledge-active party plus two an- nual formals, and youill sum up another gratifying year for the Delta Zetais. CAROL FAULK. President Gamma .Phi Beta celebrates 50th anniversary at U of I A group of sisters unified by the spirit of Gamma Phi Beta celebrated their 50th an- niversary at the University. Commemora- tions included an alumnae banquet and op- en house for the campus and residents of Iowa City. Fall glimpsed a sorority filled with girls qualifying as semiiinalists in Pershing Ri- Hes and Profile Previews, as commander of Angel Flight, pom-pon girl, president of NEA, Mortar Board members, and chair- men of Profile Previews and Orientation. Winter brought a costume party, "The Lady and the Trampfi and spring ushered in the annual formal. Yet the Gamma Phi.'s were never too busy to think of others. By entertaining at the Iohnson County Home and by sponsoring a foreign child, they ex- emplified the strong bonds of friendship which made this 50th year a success for Gamma Phi Beta. Pam Baied Saundra Batman Barb Beiter Cathy Beres Kathy Brady Sharon Byers Pat Cambell Barb Carlson Linda Carlson Pat Carlson Carol Carpenter Pam Case Ann Chadwick Pam Childs Mary Christensen Barb Criswell Mary Io Donnelly Ellen Erickson Paddy Fauld Carol Faulk Suzie Fischbeck Cheryl Frimme Ioan Hailman Nancy Hall Nancy Hart Diane Hawkinson Vicki Hildebrand Sally HoFfman Joy Hogue Lyn Iversen Ieanne Iacob Varv Iohnson Sherry Kittlesen Iulie Kneeland Mickey Lannon Ianet Leggett lane Lindell Cheryl Linton Kay Maher Sue McAllister Susan McCreedy T? - fi 1- I 'D 9 4 3 A. , Q., as Mary Sue McGimp y Nancy McGimpsey Melanie Moyer Peggy Nordeen IoAnn Olson Anne Peacock Sue Peterson Beverly Riehm Gretchen Schultz Nancy Shafer Fran Shrauger Barb Skafer Sue Sondroe Toni Stephens Sally Stoker Sharlyn Wax Molly Whalen Bonnie Wolford Cindy Yoder 0 , U ,gg Q V 1 ' , 6 Ig 1 P- '. V 3 V "5 'P If 8 -H, w v j i c Mrs. Schroll Ian Abbas Gail Adams Iudy Allen Susie Allen lane Anderson Kathy Anderson Penny Angell Marlys Balanoff Carol Barnes Patty Blakey Ann Blocksma Emily Boden Pam Book Lynn Bowman Nancy Boyd Barbara Brewer Barbara Burke Rose Busch Mary Ann Cambridge IoAnn Chmura lane Christiansen Kathy Cutler Kit Dower Cindy Drebilbis Kathy Dull' Ellen Dustman Katherine Fowler Mary Gates Susie Gmeiner Eloise Good Nancy Good Karmen Hobbs Sue Holmes Carla Homan Brook Howard Mary Iarnes Sue lunge Maureen Kirby Roberta Kreamer Iulie Krum Mary Io Knudsen Georgia Lawler Ian Leipold Iudy Lewis Roseann Lindsay Michelle Loucius Sherry Margosian Mary Mcanly Ann Mcllrath Ann Montgomery Nancy Moore Sandi Morris Carolyn Mueller Theresa Neal Leslie Parker Mary Peacock Iane Perkins Barb Picken Kristie Poulos Nancy Ross Lynne Sausser Lynette Schmidt Linda Seely Nancy Shepherd Becky Smith Pat Spurgeon Cheryl Stroeber lean VanderPloeg Susie Walker Kathy Weaver Lee Williams Kappa Alpha The+a OFFICERS President .... ANN MONTGOMERY Vice President . . KATHLEEN WEAVER Secretary . . . . ANNE BLOCKSMA Treasurer . . GEORGIA LAWLER ANN MONTGOMERY, President Spirit is password for Thetas in action-packed year Typing papers is easier with "help" from interested sisters. Spirit was the password as activities, scholarship, and enthusiasm started the Thetas off on another action-packed year. Thetas claimed an ofllcer of Angel Flight, vice president of Young Republicans, Pan- hellenic Scholarship chairman and mem- bers of Mortar Board, Pageant Board, Pro- file Previews, People-to-People, Student Senate, Union Board, Spring Festival and Pep Club. Beauty did not go unrecognized either as Thetas were named finalists for Dolphin Queen and Sigma Nu Homecoming Queen. Penelope Angell was named Miss Iowa Young Republican. Pledges continued the tradition of sup- porting and corresponding with a foster child under the Foster Parents Plan. This was the fifth year the sisters had shared their happiness with a little Filipino girl. LORENE SWANSON, President Kappa Kappa Gamma OFFICERS President .... LORENE SWANSON Vice President . . . BRENDA SCHNEDE ' Secretary . . . . . SUSAN Acoiss Treasurer . CAROLYN DICK -New brick- addition arises from chaos ai' Kappa house Out of temporary chaos arose a brick ad- dition to the Kappa house, furnishing more living space, a new kitchen, and study and chapter rooms. But more room was needed by Kappas to house new scholarship and Hoat trophies as well as dozens of active girls. Panhellenic secretary, AWS vice president, a Pom Pon girl, and members of Mortar Board, CPC, Union Board, Student Senate, HAWKEYE staff, Freshman Intern Program, University Choir, Highlanders and professional organ- ization members could be found wearing the Kappa Key. Highlights of the year included the Chi- O-Kappa Halloween Serenade, the Mon- mouth Duo with the Pi Phi's Christmas buffet, and Little Sisters Weekend. Frosting to top a successful year were Kappa finalists for Dolphin Queen and Miss U of I. The Kappas own "sing along" starts around their piano 'ws"'H" ' 1 .4 I U 2 Marjorie Aagesen Tina Babbc Debbie Beck Iane Bice Connie Cronkhite Nancy DeDakis Susan Dewey Carolyn Dick Claire Field Nadya Fomenko Sally Foss Sue Friberg Gretchen Garlock Carole Getz Vicki Gilfillan Ann Hamilton Marqo Hauflf Patricia Henderson lane Henrikson Marcia Hoover Quin Howard Iuclith Hughes Sally Hyde Susan Jacobs Sally' Iones Lois Kcrcher Iill Korenevich Connie Lange Nancy Larsen Ian Lutjen Cheri Miller Marsha Morgan Barbara Myatt Stephanie Nissen Nancy Peters Nancy Powell Iudy Price Alice Reed Pam Ritter Ioanne Rohwedder Lisa Ruml Pam Saunders Ann Schmid Brenda Schnede Susan Showers Sally Smith Linda Sorensen Susan Soults Dottie Stevenson ,loyce Stoker Ilorcnc Swanson Pam Thompson jane Vasey Ian Wheeler Francis Woods Barbara Young 'I'rici Young Mrs. Evans Ian Adarnsky Audrey Arthur Sherrill Beckwith Rosalie Bowman Nancy Brown Linda Buresh Barb Burlingame Ginny Calame Cynde Coggeshall Barb Collins Sharon Cortixniglia Nancy Eulberg Kathleen Farrell Mary Farrell lean Fee Mercia Files Sherry Florer Angie Fryear Sue Galloway Greta Gehrke Ann Grau Iudy Grovenberg Darlene Gustitus Sharon Hagar Ann Harman Anne Hawley Ianice Heilman Ian Holger Mary Io Hultgren Iean Ierrel Louise Ierrel Diane Iordan Mary Kont Linda Knudsen Iulie Larson Iudy Lewison Ian Lowenberg Carol McCollum Cheryl McDaniel Ann Montgomery Carolyn Murphy Traci Musgrove Vicki Naylor Jacque Nelson Valerie Pierce Mary Lynne Prichard Grace Pyper Kris Randerson Rene Boss Elaine Rurneliote Patricia Seddig Mary Shantz Diane Schoenberg Iane Schott lane Spreitzer Kathy Stockinar Karin Sullivan Kristin Summerwill Kathy Taaffe Michele Telford Ieri Van Slyke Sue Williams Karen Wilson Pi Befa Phi OFFICERS President ...... IANE SCHOTT Vice President . . DIANE SCHOENBERG Secretary .... CAROLYN MURPHY Treasurer . . KATHLEEN FARRELL 3 1 ff r JANE ScHo'i'r, President Pi Pl1i's feed grid players at "End of Season Dinner" Pi Phi's consider the choice between folk songs and jazz. Pi Phi's again captured the hearts of Iowa football players when the team was invited to the annual Pi Phi "End of the Seasonw dinner. Houseboys were treated, too, at the Broken Arrow dinner. A Christ- mas buffet in decorated rooms, a February formal, senior and pledge parties and the Monmouth Duo with the Kappas rounded out a full social calendar. Activity-minded Pi Phiis proudly claim- ed Angel Flight secretary, senior class presi- dent, Union Board chairmen, Mortar Board and Alpha Lambda Delta members, and a Pom Pon girl. Members were also active in Spring Festival, Homecoming, Project AID, CPC, Pep Club, and University Choir. Christmas caroling for the handicapped and work for a settlement school in Tennes- see warmed the hearts of the sisters of the golden arrow and highlighted another year of success for Pi Beta Phi. Q 55 JANET Dis!-ILIP, President Sigma Delia Tau OFFICERS President ..... JANET DISHLIP Vice President .... PAMELA STONE Secretary . . . IUDITH LEVIN Treasurer . . GLORIA OSDOBA SDT's swing into full year with french cafe party Voila les Sigma Delta Taus! Swinging into another exciting year, the girls enter- tained their dates with a French cafe party. Pledges treated actives to another success- ful winter pledge prom, followed by the spring formal. This year, SDT claimed the vice pres- ident of Panhellenic, a semiiinalist in Persh- ing Rifles, three Highlanders, and members of Union Board, Student Senate, CPC, Pro- ject AID, and Freshman Intern Program. The SDT helping hand was extended to foster a child in Viet Nam and to give a party for handicapped children with the Phi Beta Pi's. Laughter, soft music from the piano, the distant sound of a guitar, and the rustle of girls scurrying through the house may have sounded chaotic some- times, hut no one seemed to mind-it was all part of being an SDT. Collaboration on house reports insures accuracy for SDT's. -b hiqQ E L if 4 12 A Shirley Anderson Sue Bastow Barbara Binney Elizabeth Blandford Ianifer Boehmke Ierilyn Boehmke Iudy Burling Lin Butterworth Connie Copley Roberta Culp Ian Ford Iudy Glos Io Rea Grimes Mary Ann Haase Donna Hartjen lane Helms Sandy Hoefeldt Leslee Hoensheid Ienny Holcomb Kathy Kaltenborn Sue Kent Alice Kuromoto Dianne LaBarge Linda Larsen Ianet Lynch Ianet Moore Ian Otto Middiemae Petersen Mary Peiper Elizabeth Pomeroy Sue Schnoebelen Pat Sincox Paula Thomson Gay Weaver Zeta Tau Alpha OFFICERS President .... SHIRLEY ANDERSON Vice Presidents . . . BARBARA BINNEY, IERELYN BOEHMKE Secretary . . . MARY ANNE HAASE Treasurer . . . CONNIE COPLEY Zefas follow sis+er's lead: Cleaning isn't a chore when dusting off your troubles. s ty A... bg Xl SHIRLEY ANDERSON, President drum up many honors Everyone dances, but on top of a drum? That's Where Zeta Mary Ann Haase, head dancer for the Highlanders, does her fancy footwork performing the famous E'Drum Dance." Zetas drummed up honors in other fields, with members in Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Upsilon as Well as three Phi Beta Kap- pas last spring. Rounding out a busy activ- ity schedule were CPC, Angel Flight, Un- ion Board, Profile Previews, Greek Week and work on the hospital transportation team. Not content to confine their efforts to the campus, the chapter captured the province scholarship trophy and Worked actively with the Multiple Sclerosis Association in compiling a booklet for the handicapped. Informal parties in November and March, a Christmas party, and a spring formal rounded out another year for Zeta Tau Alpha. R LYNN Woons, President. Acacia OFFICERS President ...... LYNN Wooos Vice-President . . . JOHN HEMINGWAY Secretary . . . . . 1013 SMITH Treasurer . . . LOMAN KUBISTA Acacia's mark big improvements in scholarship, housing A ho-hum word like uimprovementv can seldom be counted upon to generate much enthusiasm, but around the Acacia house it was a byword of enthusiastic proportions. The pledges were a study in scholarshipg they earned the most improved grade point of all fraternity pledge classes. The whole chapter took up sidewalk engineering when the workmen arrived to remodel the chap- ter room and basement and to begin an ad- dition that will house ten to fifteen men. The hubbub of construction didn't distract Acacians from keeping up on activities like band, Union Board, giving a Christmas party with the Delta Zeta's for crippled children, and throwing a few parties on their own. There was talk about refurbish- ing the Night on the Nile party by import- ing a Cleopatra or two-according to re- ports, that was the only idea for improve- ment that went unrealized. Some advise, some sit with knowing smiles on their faces, some play intently in a before-dinner bridge game with the brothers. Mrs. Esther Lipscomb Dan Anderson Steve Coffin Al Dunton Dennis Flynn John Cerwin Michael Grulke Ray Heaton Iohn Hemingway Michael Irwin R. David Iverson Larry Iohnson Iohn Iones Bruce Kienapfel Mark Kirby Uwe Kladde Lyle Krewson Loman Kubista Ion Meier Dave Merrifield Larry Nelson Perry Paxton lack Porter James Rasley Iohn Reynolds Iames Roberts Michael Rogers Pat Rogers Steve Schreiber Hugh Schultz Gerald Schutte Craig Schuver Ioe Smith Carroll Swanson Robert Thompson Frank Trunnell Dennis Wagner Stacy Ware Van Wells Lynn Woods Mrs. Peterson Frank Baron Paul Bederson Bruce Burke Paul Eisner Doug Elden Mike Fish Iohn Green Rick Heller Dave Howe Paul Iacobsen Alan Kamen Sam Kramer Stan Lemon Cary Lieberman Ioe Marks Ted Marks Ed Mulluncliick Bill Mooney Larry Mooney Paul Natkiel Mark Polen Iack Rosenberg Mark Seligman Neil Simon Brian Tabach Gary Weiss Benny Wolf Alpha Epsilon Pi OFFICERS President ...... MARK POLEN Vice-President . . . FRANK BARON Secretary . . . . RON REIDER Treasurer . STAN LEMON MARK POLEN, President AEPI achievements merit campus, national recognition First you carefully spoon on the jelly, then spread the pea- nut butter, and that's how you make a genuine AEPi super- sandwich. Happiness was high G.P.A.'s for the AEPI's as the brothers captured the IFC scholarship improvement award. The house placed second in grade point competition among fraternities. Two AEPi's, Mark Se- ligman and Ronald Reider, were pledged to Phi Eta Sigma, honorary scholastic frater- nity. Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary accounting fraternity, initiated Ioseph Marks. Frank Baron, AEPi's treasurer, was selected Treas- urer of the Year by the national ofiice. AEPi men were found on the IFC pledge training committee, as orientation leaders, in Pep Club, on Student Senate and as Vice- president and treasurer of the Hillel Foun- dation. Mrs. Pearl Peterson became the new housemother for the group this year. She supervised the Sweetheart Formal and was a second 'Mom' to the basketball, baseball, and track men of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Q Z? ,f cf zz Z, .1 ,I ff' 135, B BOB MUHLENBRUCH, President Alpha Tau Omega OFFICERS President .... BOB MUHLENBRUCK Vice-President . . BOB GALLAGHER Secretary . . BOB SHEETS Treasurer . . Russ KNUDSEN ATO's celebrate 50th anniversary of cl1apl'er's 'Founding This year was the 50th anniversary of the installation of the Alpha Tau Omega chapter on the Iowa campusg it was also the centennial of the fraternityis founding. There was another date the ATO's re- membered, Feb. 2, 1965, the day the chap- ter house on Dubuque Street burned down. The fire destroyed everything-except the brothers' spirit of enthusiasm and resolve. They spent this year in the old Psi Omega house, carrying on business better than us- ual. They took a hand in everything that came along-homecoming competition and alumni reunions, athletics, Greek Week and its dozens of serenades, Spring Festival and U Sing. Mike Cather won the All-Big Ten doubles bowling championship and Larry Bailey was named Distinguished Military Cadet. They gave parties for alumni, par- ties for handicapped children, parties that helped to make the year a good one. The Tau's find a comfortable piece of floor or a mantle to lean against and settle down for a round of songs before studying. F 51 Gene Anderson Steve Arerlt Iohn Argo Larry Bailey Bill Baum Dale Beck john Benten Mike Bernauer Dave Bronner Ioe Campbell Mike Cather Don Christiansen Pat Colgan Bob Colon lim Denholm Iohn Doellinger Hank Duerkop Barry Eggert Bob Gallagher Phil Gee Tom Grow Dick Gruber Lynn Hauser Torn Herman Rick Huff Iohn I-Iunkins Ierome lessen Bill Ioy Tom Kearney Dwight Kelley Greg Kirk Bob Kleinpaste Russ Knudsen Bob Lee Dave Lindeman Rick Lunn Pat Mason Greg Montour Bob Muhlenbruch Gary Murphy Willy Oleson Roger Clney Roy Peterson Don Pilgrim Bill Retrum Tom Rolston Toby Roth Steve Saunders Al Scheel Stan See Bob Sheets George Shidler Les Srnaha Bill Smith Brian Sollazzo Rich Stoufer Bob Strombeck Virgil Taylor Don Teeple Dan Tuffree Gary Voss Bob Wilber Rob Wiltshire Carl Anderson Iack Beck Randy Borcherding Bill Caldwell Bill Christensen Paul Cory Rick Evans Nile Falk Larry Fisher lim Glattly Mike Hamilton Bill Harness Ioe Haskett Steve Hetherington Iack High Larry Hite Iohn Hotz Tom Hunting Frank Iossi Greg Irwin Denny Iacobs Gary Iohansen Skip Keller Mike Kirby Pat Kirby lim Kreger Pete Lau Jim Low Tom Low Carl Luneckas Roger Martens Tom McCarten Mike O'Connor Ierry O'Donnell Ken Oldt Iohn Olson Ed Nuss Iohn Peill Bob Perry Ron Rode Ted Ross Tom Salsbery Dave Schmidt Iim Schroeder Brian Shepley Rick Shepley Randy Siemsen Dave Smith Mike Sparlin Gary Stewart Steve Sturges Stuart Truelsen George White Pat Wilcox Steve Williams Tim Williams Dave Worsley Beia The'l'a Pi OFFICERS President ....... MIKE KIRBY Vice-President . . . . ICI-IN PEIL Secretary . . . FRANK Iossi Treasurer . RICK SHEPLEY MIKE KIRBY, President Be+a's active chapter wins first place in scholarship These Beta's are avid students, obviously, but they arerft averse to welcoming attractive distractions from time to time. Everywhere on campus this year you heard the Betais lifting their voices, wheth- er in song, in meeting or in class. Sorne said you just couldn't keep a Beta quietg the Beta's countered with evidence that they had something to shout about. As indeed they did. They headed com- mittees for Union Board, Senate, Orienta- tion Council and Pep Club. They paddled around the pool for sport with the rest of the Dolphins, they pounded typewriters for the DI. And they cracked books with dili- gence for First place in active chapter fra- ternity scholarship. There was a bit of havoc vvreaked when the pledges took their skip to Northwestern U-all the house silverware not-so-mys- teriously disappeared with them. Being the good fellows they are, however, the pledges compensated for the slight inconvenience by repaneling the upstairs hallways. IACK PILLING, President Delia Chi OFFICERS President ...... JACK PILLING Vice-President .... BARRY BROWN Secretary . . . . ToM MATTAUSCH Treasurer . PATRICK MCENANY Intramural fraternity trophy displayed on D Chi shelf Who has tired, aching feet? Nary a D Chi pledge since an intercom system was installed in the house. A mere Heck of the switch and presto! the pledge on phone du- ty has effortlessly tracked down any broth- er Wanted on the phone. The D Chi's keep in shape, despite such luxuries. In fact, they won the 1965 Intra- mural Fraternity Trophy. So maybe you think D Chi life is all fun and games? That's not exactly true, al- though it was spiced up here and there with the usual number of plain parties, cos- tume parties and formals. The Sisters of the White Carnation pitched in with a sur- prise breakfast for the house and lessons on etiquette for the pledges. Community service claimed its share of D Chi energies, too. The brothers gave up desserts at the house for a month and do- nated the money saved to underprivileged families in town. Broad smiles beam as brightly as the freshly polished tro- phies and the D Chi's lift their tankards to toast a job well done. J i Mrs. Poling lim Anderlik john Anderson Steve Anderson Bruce Barghahn Kent Barnard Jack Bieber Barry Brown Steve Brown Tom Carpenter Ioe Conwell Dale Cowles Fred Dahlmeier Mitch D,Olier Ron Gipple Bob Golombuski Ron Hock Dean Hoppe Richard Keith Ron Knibbs Larry Kuhl Al Lage Iohn Loeck Al Malecha Tom Mattausch Ierry lVIcEnany T. I. Mikkelson Bruce Moffett Al Morgan lack Pilling Britt Podhajsky Iim Price Tim Price Greg Reed Bill Rosebrook Dave Savage Lou Schneider jim Schulze Zane Smith John Stelpflug Rich Stokstad G-reg Swenson Ellery Temple Dick Unz Kirby Vest Bruce Walker Stu Wallace Terry Whitney Gilmore William Paul Willis Wayne Wilson Ron Wood S Bob Ahders Roger Armstrong Eric Atha Al Bream Bob Brueggeman lim Carlton Tom Chapman Iohn Chisholm Bill De Grofli lim Daly Bob Effland Bob Farrington Pete Frantz Ron Glassner Dave Harken Bob Heggestad Neil Hitchcock Chuck Hoffman Ioel lessen Dave Kehe Iohn Lind Iohn Loughran Ierry Luttrell Phil Mayberry Rolly McGrath Buster Miller Terry Mulligan Dick Mundy Clark Neal Bill Parisi Ted Pastras Denny Pauling Iohn Pavlis Iim Peterson lim Piepergerdes Dan Price Doug Rafdal Lyle Roudabush Rich Roudabush Iohn Schenken Carl Stuart Steve Tracker Phil Vardaman Carl Varner Dave Vickery Steve Walker Dave White Steve Wilson DeI'l'a Tau Delia OFFICERS President ..... STEVEN TRECKER Vice-President . . . TERRY MULLIGAN Secretary . . . ROGER ARMSTRONG Treasurer . . . LYLE ROUDABUSH 'wg P fx STEVE TRECKER, President iii Delts command varied positions of campus leadership Hard studying does get wearisome, but the Delts demon- strate the tried-and-true remedy for that "stuffed up with studyh feeling. Entering her sixteenth year as house- mother for the Delts, Mother i'B,,' Mrs. C. I. Birdsall, watched with pride as her men again set the pace in campus activities. She savv Bill Parisi elected Student Senate presi- dent and other Delts serving as chief justice of IFC Court, vice president of CPC, Direc- tor of Pageant Board, chairman of Spring Festival, master of ceremonies for the Miss U of I Pageant and Cadet Corps command- er for ROTC. Delts were also active in Stu- dent Senate, ODK, and the Committee on Student Life. The Delts collected money from Greek houses for the cancer drive as part of their service project. Some 220 Delts and their parents celebrated Dad's Day Week-End in the Union ballroom at a banquet sponsor- ed by the Delt house. When the Delts returned from Christ- mas vacation, a newly-paneled and freshly- painted house welcomed them. 367 N DAVID RISLEY, President Delia Upsilon OFFICERS President ...... Davin RISLEY Vice-President .... THOMAS RUSK Secretary . . . ARTHUR SUNDERBRUCH Treasurer . HENRY I. LISCHER Scholarship awards, remodeled house highlight DU year An alumni party highlighted this year's Homecoming activities for the DU's as awards were presented to outstanding alumni. Guest speaker was M. L. Huit, dean of students. The group's outstanding scholarship was recognized when it won two coveted awards. The fraternity received not only the Sigma Chi Scholarship Trophy, but also the Delta Chi Retention Plaque for having the great- est number of pledges activated. A fBl75,000 addition to the house was completed last spring, raising the capacity to 58 men. The addition included a dining room, a lounge and ll new bedrooms. The original house was also remodeled. Social events played a prominent role in DU life. The annual Hobo Party was rat- ed a success, as well as the Pledge-Active Party and the spring and winter formals. The gourmet chefs in the DU kitchen practice up on their hapless brother, but teasing grins belie the ominous match and skewer, Gary Ankery Iim Baker Rick Barry Jim Bauch Robert Beach Norm Berven Richard Carter Peter Curnes Steve Darling Randle Egbert Bill Ellis Ierry Evans Mark Falb Bruce Fehn Torn Flohr Phillip Henning Iohn Heriford Alan Iencks Randall Iohnson Torn Iohnson Ray Kearney Mike Keeling Lou King Mark Kogle Dave Leachman Barry Lindahl lim McCarragher Craig McCloud Ron Merfeld Mike Mickelson Ken Miller Steve Miller Steve Milne Mike Moon Iohn Murphy Gerry Paluslca Philip Parsons Ray Pastorino Iohn Pelton Dave Risley Mike Roberts Tom Ross Bill Rubin Tom Rusk Charles Russell Allen Severson Tom Shay Tim Shuminsky Doug Smalley Terry Smythe Art Sunfderbruch Bill Tiffany Steve West Steve Wherry Tim Wilson Doug Wright Iohn Wright Dave Wynja if 'fl w. is T5 'ha 1 Mrs. Bendt Iim Armstrong Dale Baker Iiln Baker Dean Barker Dick Baugh Denny Becker Bob Benson Terry Brinker Gary Brown Iohn Burton Bernie Byrne Iohn Casper Mike Childs Bob Coon Bill Corwin Denny Decker Lance Ferris Bill Graner Rick Griffin Paul Halliday Larry Henry Don Hoskins Karmen Huyser Bob Iohnston Iirn Iohnston Bill Marvin Bob McAndrew Gary Moreau Larry Nedved Bill Orrison Greg Osko Iim Piersol Terry Powell Doug Ransdell Bob Reno Drew Robinson Iack Schaefer Terry Schechinger Gary Seggerman Ioe Sturm Barry Timko Larry VanSickle Bob Vergarnini Mark Walker Ierry Wellik Iohn Wheeler Jeff White Gordon Williams Lew Williamson Randy Wright Lambda Chi Alpha OFFICERS President ...... Bois BENSON Vice-President . . . IOHN WHEELER Secretary . . . . JERRY WELLIK Treasurer . TERRY BRINKER 6 BOB BENSON, President Lambda Cl1i's win stereo as Homecoming badge sale prize All you need for a friendly little game of poker is a few more than 52 cards, two unwitting brothers and some quick dexterity. 'cWouldn't you like to buy a Homecom- ing badge?', This plea won a stereo con- sole for the Lambda Chi's for second place in the sales contest. Thirty-five new fall pledges joined this active group of brothers whose activities in- cluded the Freshman Intern Program, Un- ion Board, CPC and Dolphins. As part of their service project, the Lambda Chi's gave a Christmas party for retarded children with the DG's. The Winter social calendar was filled by the Winter Formal in December, a pledge party in lanuary and a White Rose Formal in March. Members were active in intramurals and captured first place in inter-fraternity dart and table tennis tournaments. The chapter celebrated Founder's Day March 22. Throughout the year, speakers representing various areas of the Univer- sity, talked to the group. KENT ARNOLD, President Phi Delia Thefu OFFICERS President ...... KENT ARNOLD Vice-President ..... DICK LARUE Secretary . . . MIKE WILLIAMSON Treasurer . . . , IOHN HOLMES Phi Delis place accent on community, chapter service The accent was on service to community and chapter this year as the Phi Delts en- tertained underprivileged children at a Christmas party and began to make plans for their annual Community Service Day. Last year they raked at Oakland Cemetery. Meanwhile, back at the house, the men completely remodeled the dining room, the better to enjoy the food prepared by their cook of 31 years, and acquired a new color TV. Another acquisition was an in-house ad- viser. Paul Gray, graduate student and former president of the chapter at the Uni- versity of Missouri, advised the brothers as part of a new program. The chapter also won the Phi Delta Theta Headquarters Trophy in recognition of scholarship and activities. The '5She-Delta-Thetan party, the Buck- aroo, Swamp Stomp and the winter formal -plus aquatic excursions on the Iowa with the raft-made for good times. Phi Delt card sharks deal their mascot in, but they seemed amused at the St. Bernard's habit of howling when given a good hand. N 1 Mrs. B. Halse Gary Abrams Iames Anixter Edward Bernstein Charles Braun Nathan Chapman Ronald Cooper Lee Dicker Paul Dicker Robert Duitch Alan Elkin Fred Emmer Ioseph Erman Larry Fabian Charles Feldman Bruce Gantz Daniel Geruich David Geruich Stephen Gold Marvin Goldstein Richard Grant Bernard Greenhill Richard Gruen Bob Grundman Iack Hazan Mike Herman Michael Kenter Alan Kotok David Kotok Alan Koufer Ioel Kovarsky Michael Kramer Larry Lazarus Peter Levy Iack Mendelson Mark Nevvburger David Nissenbaum Ieffery Noddle Mike Norton Sheldon Perelman Robert Prinz William Quateman Louis Rose Fred Rosenberg Martin Rosenfeld Daniel Schapira David Schapira Don Schiffer Albert Schneider Steve Schoenbaum Richard Seltzer Bruce Shindles Richard Stoller Richard Strauss Yale Tucker Barton Uze Kenneth Versman Iames Waxenberg Tom Yazman 37 L Phi Epsilon Pi OFFICERS President ..... RICHARD SELTZER Vice-President . . KENNETH VERSMAN Secretary . . . . CHARLES BRAUN Treasurer . . . Louis ROSE RICHARD SELUER, President Phi Eps add trophies for sports, spirit to 'their case The inter-fraternity football championship trophy is the object of Phi Ep pride as these brothers show it off to best advantage. fi Competitive spirit seemed to envelop Phi Epsilon Pi as the Phi Ep brothers captured the interfraternity football championship this year, adding another trophy to their bursting case. The presentation ofthe Spir- it Trophy challenged the Phi Eps to lead competition the rest of the year. Partici- pation in the Pie Eating Contest over Dad's Day Week-End proved they had pudding prudence. The Phi Ep contestant gulped the lemon meringue First. Other honors included an award from their national headquarters, and two mem- bers added honorary Phi Alpha Mu awards to the list. Creativity Filled the air at the annual c'Beach Partyi' featuring garbage cans full of punch and a foaming fountain in the basement. Members scurried to make orig- inal hoodlum costumes for the memorable "Blackboard Iungle Partyn climaxing a winning year. HARRY WIRTZ, President Phi Gamma Delia OFFICERS President ...... HARRY WIRTZ Secretary . . . . PAUL BRANDT Treasurer . JOHN WHISNANT Fiji wins Help Week, Homecoming, spring festival awards The Phi Gams began the year with a bang as their pledge class won the annual Alpha Tau Omega Help Week trophy. To win the award, they raked leaves, helped light the Hood in Muscatine last spring and gave parties for crippled children over the holidays. The Phi Gamsi honors also included a first-place booth, "Whiskey A Go-Go,', in the spring carnival and a first-place award in intramural track. For the second con- secutive year their entry in the Homecom- ing Hoat competition, "Purdue Will Get a Raggedy Ann-Bushf, won second place in humor. The Phi Gams were socially active, too, planning special entertainment for their parents during Mother and Dad's Day Week-ends. Natives, natives everywhere, the Phi Gams yelled as once again the ever- popular "Fiji Island Party" brought to a close an action-packed, fun-filled year. L rm Hungry men will resort to anything, including sneaking to the kitchen via the dumb waiter for a midnight raid on the kitchen. Phi Kappa Psi GFFICERS President .... DICK MONTGOMERY Vice-President . . . . DICK LOZIER Secretary . . . BOB LIDMAN Treasurer . . . MIKE WOLFE DICK MONTGOMERY, President Phi Psi "brain men" fake College Quiz Bowl top honors Big brother watches to see that the hike signals are cor- rectly called during a spur-of-the-moment play in the Phi Psi rec room. How many houses can boast of the first place award in the University College Quiz Bowl and at the same time hold first place in golf and handball in the fraternity intra- murals? The Phi Psi's excelled not only in these activities of campus life for the year, but had active members on the Union Board, Student Senate, and IFC court. Always busy, the Phi Psfs looked for- ward throughout the year to having alumni at their buffet suppers after football games. As an added feature they were visited by basketball coach Ralph Miller, a Phi Psi alumnus. During their "extra" time, Phi Psiis re- laxed long enough to plan their social pro- gram, including the "Fall Brawl," a country costume party, and the annual "Ieff Duo," a party planned with the Phi Garns. DAVID Orr, President Phi Kappa Sigma OFFICERS President ....... DAVID OTT Vice-President . . . . PAUL DAGLE Treasurer . . . . DAVE VERPLOEGH Phi Kap men survey campus for coed calendar prospects Iowa's Alpha Phi chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma was well represented at the national convention held in San Francisco during Christmas vacation. At the convention brothers elected new national officers and discussed national policies. But it was cer- tainly not all work and no play-the Phi Kaps also had a taste of the San Francisco night life, too. After "sizing upi' all the California girls, the boys were ready to choose the twelve most beautiful and most photogenic Iowa girls to adorn the pages of the annual Phi Kap calendar, the proceeds were given to Project AID. Busy Phi Kaps also participated in a variety of activities on campus. In addition to their many social functions, this year the Phi Kaps added a new pro- gram of faculty speakers to stimulate the brothers culturally and academically. It's a mighty press this Phi Kap's trying to execute, but with all the encouragement and advice forthcoming how could he miss? K Pi Kappa Alpha OFFICERS President ...... GLEN CLARK Vice-President . . . . BOB HOEHLE Secretary . . . . . JIM JOHNSON Treasurer . . . BARNEY FRANZEN NL. GLEN CLARK, President PIKA adds another Homecoming float trophy to collection A checkmate may be imminent, but the PiKA's dalmation seems to be trying to cajole the audience into giving her their attention. Another award, the Kiwanis trophy for the best fraternity-sorority float in the Homecoming parade, became part of the Pi Kappa Alpha trophy case this year. The Pikes, with the help of Alpha Xi Delta, en- titled their winning entry "A Grimm Tale for Purdue." Also new to the Pike house this year was the housemother, Mrs. Mary Collins, an alumna of the University and of Delta Gamma. Mrs. Collins was previously em- ployed in Kansas City and experienced be- ing a housemother for the first time this year. The Pike's big event of the year was the Winter Carnival Week-End, an annual national event. The weekend included a tobogganing party and the traditional Dream Girl formal at which the Pikes chose their dream girl for the year. In University intramurals, the Pikes hold fourth place. BILL FANTER, President was sw' , ,Q figeiinvige-5-A51-.1-YI, img mE? me -55.15 j.- za H . H s .mm M: -it Sigma Alpha Epsilon OFFICERS President ...... BILL FANTER Vice-President . . . IIM GAUDINEER Secretary . . . JIM CMEJREK Treasurer . . . DAVE HUNT SAE welcomes new housemother to "manage" fraternity "Come sing to Sigma Alpha Epsilon and to Minerva, who will lead us onf, So sing the SAE's to their "special" girls, the Little Sisters of Minerva. The Little Sisters arenit, however, the only SAE Sweethearts, for they have a new housemother, Mrs. Marian Biere. Mrs. Biere, a former res- taurant manager, now has her hands full "managing" the active fraternity. Homecoming was eventful for the SAE,s this year. Their float, built with Kappa Kappa Gamma, was entitled "Herky, lay 'em outu and won first place in the humor division. Attendance at the second annual SAE alumni reunion at Homecoming was double last year's figure. The SAE,s boast many able athletes in- cluding six football players, three baseball players, two wrestling champions and a tennis player. Smiles indicate all is going well in the game above board, but that demurring fellow has a handy ace tucked away just in case. -fl Terrv Baker Tom Balzer john Bersbach Iohn Blackman David Bonior Brian Bourke Richard Brown lack Burns Ioe Burns Gary Calhoun Chuck Carlson Jon Cecil Lee Endsley Bob Famer Bill Fanter Gerry Fehn Fred Feuchter lim Gaudineer Tom Goldman Bill Goodwin Bob Hall Dave Hunt lim Iacobsen Craig Iohnson Dennis Iohnson Ron Iohnson Mirrel Kephart Bob Lance Bill Lannom Steve Lilly Iohn Lindell Mike Lyman Dan Mashak Steve Mashek Rich McCleary Iolm McMahon Tim Montgomery Tom Murray Iohn Petrick Peter Pohlmann Steve Potts Dick Querry Dan Randa Frank Renner Tony Renzo Len Richard Iohn Rooff lim Rosborough Don Schaper Ron Schaper Marty Schuchat Bill Shellenberger Tim Simmons Russ Smith Iell Snelson lim Stopulos Phillip Strohm Russell Sumka jack Swanson lim Swift lim Bainbridge Art Bedeian Norm Briggs Bob Burkle john Calvert lim Carlson Dick Clark Ioe Dixon Roger Dorio Dean Dort Chris Ely lim Fell Richard Flesvig jim Foster Al Gehrke lim Griffey Bob Griffin joe Gruemmer Ioe Handwerk john Harness Tom Hay Craig Hodoway Steve Hodoway Dave Iudisch Tom Kling Al Koehler Bob Lamb Bill Lindsay Mike McFate Rod Moeller lim Morrow Ierry Mueller Iohn Mueller Bill Pitka Ioe Pollock Dave Reid Ioe Roberts Dan Schleisman Don Schreiber Rich Simoda Steve Smith Ken Steelman Bill Stevenson Bruce Thompson Craig Tomko Ron Towell jim Wilson jim N. Wilsoii Don Witte Greg Yoder Rick Young Sigma Chi OFFICERS President ..... KEN STEELMAN Vice-President . . . . BOB GRIFFIN Secretary . . . CARI. ROBERTSON Treasurer . . . IOHN CALVERT ff-'E Bing Q X ' "' il S KEN STEELMAN, President Sigs plan 'Mile of Dimes' charity proieci, Derby Days The Sigs like expert advice, so who else would the house- cleanlng crew turn to but their very own version of a younger Mr. Clean? Those men humming 'Tve grown accus- tomed to her faceu were not necessarily in love. They may be Sigma Chi's paying tri- bute to Mrs. Richard E. Bennett in her sec- ond year as housemother. Sigma Chi leaders included Ion Van Dus- seldorp, editor of the Dlg Dean Dort, vice- president of IFC and ROTC Core Com- mander, and three members of ODK. Oth- er Sigma Chi's were active on Union Board, IFC, Student Senate and Pep Club. Sigma Chias planned a "Mile of Dimes" project corresponding to the national March of Dimes as their main service project and spent 33,500 to remodel their house. Special events during the year included the week-ends set aside to honor Sigma Chi dads and mothers. Activity approach- ed a peak as Sigma Chi Derby Days rolled around. The crowning of the "Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" at the May Sweetheart For- mal closed the year. TOM THROCKMORTON, President Sigma Nu OFFICERS President . . . Tom T1-mocKMoRToN Vice-President ..,,. BILL HOLT Secretary ..... CHARLES MAHAN Treasurer . . . . FRANK Kos Sigma Nu extensively remodelsg TV, gaming rooms added The Sigma Nuas donit like to settle for second best and proved it by taking first with the Kappas in the 1965 University Sing. Thirty-five thousand dollars worth of re- modeling kept them busy as they renovat- ed the pool room and added a "tube-roomn downstairs. Along with such campus organizations as Union Board, I Club, Pep Club, and ROTC, Sigma Nu men took part in the Student Senate Blood drive, the Big Broth- er Program and Project AID. The Sigma Nu social whirl thrived throughout the year. Fall began with their own special Homecoming activities com- plete with queen Dailene O'Cor1r1or. The White Rose Formal warmed a December night, and then spring pranced in with two annual parties. Sand and palm trees set the scene for the Polynesian Party, and 'cswingini guys and their chicks" attended the High School Harry Party. Maybe he is a very ambitions pre-dental student, but il's more likely that heis checking out the brothefs Frankie Laine grin. l ii- f 4 l, A. 1 E tr 1 'N rw nt l s Mrs. Clark Bob Allen Dick Beaver Dave Bennett Don Bickley Bill Booker Paul Braun Mark Bredall Iim Brickman Tom Brown Gary Calacci Al Carl Bill Challerl Dale Crider George Dnvida Rick Davis Bob Delong Dennis Doring Iohn Ebling Bill Edwards Steve Edwards Ken Esler Ted Fariss Bob Ganz Dave Gleason Craig Glynn A1 Goldsberry Mac Goldsberry Stan Gruhn Denny Hamilton Ron Happe Iim Harris Gar Hoflunil Joe Howe Dennis Jensen Bob Keller Craig Kirk Don Klove Morris Kuhlman Don Lamp Eddie Lemons Ron Marek Rex Mauer Mac McGausland Iim Mikelson Gary Miller Dick Moore Greg Moore Mickey Moses Hugh Mossman Bill Naryka Greg Nashleanas Dennis Neville Iohn Northcuu lim Palmer Dean Palos Ioe Preuss Randy Randall Bob Rausenherger Larry Reppc Iim Rochottc Steve Schomherg john Scott Roger Servison Clarence Sliie Gary Smith Don Sorensen George Snamos Jim Stricby Rick Thielc Iay W. Thomas Bob Thompson Iohn Tiedeman Cliff Tufty Dick Underlmfler Dave Vermadahl Al Way Dennis Weiss Bart Whitman Warren Youngquist Kent Ziegler Van Zimmer Sigma Phi Epsilon OFFICERS President .,.... MICKEY MosEs Vice-President . . , GARY CALACCI Secretary . . . KENT ZIEGLEP. Recorder . . . . JIM PALMER Treasurer . . STEVE SCHOMBERG MICKEY MOSES, President SigxEp excels in rose seranades, leading fans' cheers Pyramid-building is tricky business at best, but when there's a Wobbly man on the bottom it's all over but the oofs and ouches. Sig Eps began the year by honoring each new sorority pledge with a rose and a kiss during their traditional Rose Serenade. The romantic-minded brothers also won ti- tles of All-University Softball and Basket- ball Champs and included All-American Football and All-Big Ten Baseball players. Support for Sig Ep athletes was never low since two regular cheerleaders in the house kept the pep above par. Far from being "all brawn . . .,', Sig Eps held places in Phi Alpha Mu and ODK. Among those participating in campus act- ivities Were Rick Davis, president of Union Boardg Kenton Ziegler, distinguished AFR- OTC cadetg and members of CPC, Pep Club, and Union Board. Sig Eps welcomed spring with the annual Sweetheart Formal and ended the year by handing over the house to their moms, for Mother's Day Week-End. MIKE CUNNINGI-IAM President Twenty fall pledges accepted the Sigma Pi challenge of maintaining high grades and participating in campus activities They strove diligently to follow in the footsteps of their active brothers who devot ed time and leadership as chairmen of Or ientation Council, IFC, Spring Festival Homecoming, Project AID and Union Board. Sigma Pi's were also members of Pep Club, Student Senate and the Fresh men Intern Program The spirit of Christmas was extended by the Sigma Pi's as they planned a party for severely handicapped children The social calendar included the annual Orchid Ball, a Christmas party and other informal activities throughout the year A new feature at the house was listen ing to a member of the faculty or an advis er from the University every Tuesday eve ning after dinner Sigma Pi OFFICERS President MIKE CUNNINGHAM Vice Preszdent VERN HARVEY Secretary TERRY MAYNARD Treasure: GLENN BUCHANAN As soon as weve finished playing Und the needle in the hlaystack we ll play dig out and brush off the brothers o 2159 M V V may -fl, ,XYK , Q ff-jag? y Z, -ra, N . 'f ' X s 9 rx W' SEG Q . I Ji we 1 s 'Ii' RENEW -2572 1, X Aff? Ni' if ' L r.jW'i' Fbggg I liilafggiie R git X 1 YE, 'fs I fi Xia? ' g:'x's tial! X .4 ' vi tits! fraaffs -Mig ti x An 'E ,-X, N FQ 'CIE 'a is 'WG 'Y 4 lex? -X 1 , 0 u d 1 h I he 0 0 0 Sl ma Pu evotes ener les to sc o ars I achvlhes I 1 I I Q , . . . ,S I I . - , R , , ,. . ,R f-,f- , I ' A vw- ', " . - ' I Q , D f" ' 'J 1 - ff,x . 1 ' A 3 'il JEFF ' u U l' If llril v , f 5 -N5 ak I,-my i . Y -H . -gg tw, . I ' 'X I 37: N '- - L R.. f 1-if fl 4 ' if" - tm 1 N 7 ' I v 2 m e - 'yu ii- 5 -4. . ' Q3 9 , ITM, 4 be JK gig. iL?',l,,,k gg'! ' gpg ,' T . , ' , f xt ,- , '. Nfl,-4. -V ' . . ' A I' -xl' X . v 0,4 ,. I I X fp. H ,nf x I . Gr., xl X G- bl l :wife ,afar-ae T76 -as we Q. NY- W H X 4. . tr fu xg, .n., J H. V . - A F '--'sux 'I K ' x g wr! QS,-Q,' tiqtz .A 'LAkA'::,. ,.' H , X3 ,MQ - ,f ,lx Ip, 3.--. , - . .-23 A .ix 1' ,K- " A-2-a I, gli, ,R 'ttf' if-gg Jig' " ,if -QW' NL -' "gff', . 1' 1, ,pq I , g , -, V 5' A 9, ' :lr 1 I .I ' '49 i7i'.,w .Zig 'I' IEE Q - ,S-. " 1,-all I ' 4 .ui - 1 , ' -- I X if ...f ti - Y 1 X. 1 U W- j , ' ' in :gait " R ,. fi- ' Q 'fr - A i - . - if nr I '. 'Z i J . " -,NV N I 3. ' I 'iff 1' ' . - +R, R- , . ,f- A . -,I 4 . 'Rl 'fs ' ' X - .3 Ut, - , Q X , ,A ,I K, . . - J , .1 fi lf l I I ' ' 'I-'E ' S F ' 1 ' l fi. - All . . ' f V A .pr '-A-Q , -,,:4fe'a L Y' . , '- 'Fir ' ,X L xv!! , xr A 'gv"Z,:wPr.,,. .I luilhbh in ,f - 'I' ,I-Q' N . Li A 1 " 'Z ' ' -3 v ,ff " ."-1 ', .., 4' 11. ,t i ,fr I ig 4 - yt, if f fs 1 sr P 'ri I er sp- Jw 'fi I 1591 at ' - I wi' C - 1 1 y' ,. Xa fp fe, - R A 2 '. f, ' - Pg, vp. I' II V 4 : l 1 1 I 1 5: , ig. iff 1 4 1 X I Ji" Vg - ' v ' f, 41 , f f get Q i .a"Zf"lf hx: F! 4. If I '. . I .Q "li I e 'X ,. ' I3 if Qiiz' 5-5 Mrs. Thurlow Mike Barry Doug Beeler Ken Benhart Adrian Binkercl Iohn Bishop Rich Borchers Bob Boudinot Bucky Buchanan Bob Calmer Dan Clawson Gary Colwell john Corcoran Mike Cunningham Steve Daggs Dean Deerberg Mike Donohue Terry Fahlenkamp Denny Farago Iim Federhart Barry Fish Steve Gidel Kirk Graves Steve Grouell lay Hamilton Delos Hansen Dallas Hansen Vern Harvey Bill Heitmeier Dave Holm Bill Holt Iohn House Mike Iones Ioe Kilkenny Iohn Kundel Hugh Leo lim Lyon Steve Marsh Terry Maynard Dan Merta Inn Mick Tom Mick Bill Mick Tom Mowry Iim Munds Dan Nicol Tim Olk Dave Parsons Rollie Perkins Ioe Peterson Bill Pohl Ron Poole Rick Reay Tom Reinhardt Dave Schroll Kent Schafer Iim Simon Fay Smith jim Smith Mark Stuart Randy Swisher Gary Taylor Al Tebrugge Iohn Templer Mike Thomas Bill Waxenberg Randy Woloski Gretchen 1 n4w...,-.n,-.. ...Hui fn 11,11 ' llii F ,VA A-Yu Qlr, N .5 Q Y ' --1-.sf AJ., V . Y. il' I kbZi:?I'l5rJ'f" QL' , W '-wg - ' .. ', - " ' - - '1 K ' 'S f-' n'3r fu ... I Q5 A .4 DDRIVIITDRIES Executive, Unit Chairmen BOTTOM ROW: Kathleen Arnold, Ioan Miller, Dorothy Sandra Olsen, Kathy Marbach, Toni Tripp, Lois Garland, Rowe, Rebecca Hubbell, Marilyn Fahnstrom. TOP ROW: Mary Hayden. Cooper House Holds Santa Lucia ceremony ai' Christmas Coeds from a unit in Cooper House lake a collective break from their studies at the snack bar. f""'f Cooper house was busiest at the Christ- mas season this year. An art show featur- ing works contributed by residents was held, modeled on the successful show on Dad's Day. Tree-trimming, and decorating room doors kept the girls busy, preparing for an open house that included tours to see the various Christmas greetings. Cooper House held a Santa Lucia pag- eant again this year. One girl portrayed the saint at a special breakfast celebration after caroling. The council collected gifts from the girls that were given to the needy in Iowa City. Officers for this year were: Ioan Miller, president, Becky Hubbell, secretaryg Mari- lyn Fahnstrom, treasurer, and Mary Austin, student senator. -.,,. o ,. Nfgv Q' ' 1. P .4 An uppcrclassznan instructs freshmen in the methods of using the coin-operated washing machine. IFS never too early to smart practicing for IlASing when you hope to win the mixed chorus, There are times when any coed II-els the need for il pop-corn and gah session. 397 Members of the executive DORM ELECUO MA RCI-I 24 council start their campaign to iind new officers for the dorm The how-to-study books all give directions to take breaks, and these Coeds follow the nies 1 I C, Effffi. , e A, s ., 41 11 2 in J' " .N 1 V I t ur- .- ,. F :, H,-1' ..,"'K 7 Wright House institutes language tables during dinners The emphasis at Wright House this year in activities was both social and academic. The girls held exchanges with the menis dormitories, and helped plan the Interdorm Dance, held during the second semester. The council also sponsored faculty din- ners each week, and twice weekly had "lan- guage tables" in the dining room at which foreign language majors sat at the head of a table and only a specific foreign language was spoken during the meal. A variety show and a style show were the highlights of the Mothers' Day festiv- ities in the house . Officers for the house were: Bonnie Washington, president, Susan Pierson, vice- presidentg Tamara Smith, secretary, Eliza- beth Pratt, treasurerg and Sue Micich, stu- dent senator. Executive, BOTTOM ROW: Sue Micich, Susan Pierson, Bonnie Washiixgtoxi, Lucy Pampel, Ian Meiches. TOP ROW: 2 .gl ..-., -- '9 Unit Four BOTTOM ROW: Sandy Robison, Mary Gaskins. TOP ROW: Betsy West, Cindy Huber, Diane Bigelow. Unit Chairmen Saundra Boland, Carol LcPrcvost, Vicki Lucas, Yvonne Heims. 43.19 ig! f it my Unit One BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Putnam, Bernie Gabry, Iudy Bowstead. TOP ROW: Betty Barley, Kathy Benz, Carol LePrevost. f Dis I' .yi ' i ,t."" W , ff'-f' A 'Q T ' T if ' f- I. , 1-I tk 125. 1 I W 4..A! Q 3 , - L-Q -"r ' ,"ll1i1"c' ik 1.-i, M , , 'Vf' i -ef" f' . g n 4' , 1 N-1 .- A' .4 Q-Y.. -0- fit, r kv , S , V in ,V y, 7 . ' 1 E ' ' Lt Tig li X' as , , A ' sw lu X.. :iw W Qi , f ' I- - 1 5 - ,J-. t. - 5. .f. FQ X " Hi -H, ' 1 TJ A A i Unit Two BOTTOM ROW: leztnnelte Crnxell, Indy Osborn. TOP ROW: Pat Barta, Ruth Haig, Marge Schwiclaert, Sherry Longabaugh Unit Three BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn Tsukamotn, Sally Stoker, Angela Hinchey, Vicki Lucas. 14 Unit Five BOTTOM ROW: Ian Meiches, Peggy Beach, Doris Ry- Vlcko, Linda Blair, Iudy Clayton, Virginia Renaud bery, Mary Ann Hertel, Barb Close. TOP ROW: Elizabeth REX Unit Six BOTTOM ROW: Bonnie Beadleston, Carol Bunn, Pat Mc- Sagert, Pat O'Toole, Michele Adams. Cormick, Betsy Becker. TOP ROW: Lin Luken, Kris McBroom residents devote their time to service activities Service was the byword for the residents of McBroom house this year. At Thanks- giving the freshman council sponsored a party for handicapped children at Univer- sity Hospitals. The house council also planned to go Christmas caroling at Vet- erans Hospital during the holiday season. Although the dormitory was so crowded in the fall that girls were living in the lounges, their work along with Daley, Wellman and Quadrangle Won the sweep- stakes prize for their Homecoming Hoat. I an Painter, McBroom's candidate for Miss U of I, was a semi-finalist in the com- petition. Oflicers for McBroom were: Cathy Roth presidentg Iudy Bruhn, vice-presidentg Nancy Slater, secretaryg Diane Shulke, treasurerg and Sally Aufrecht, student sen- ator. The counselor for the house was Miss Dorothy Bridley. 9 Curling up on a bunk to study is a common sight in Burge usually because the desks are loaded. General Council TOP ROW: Sally Aufrecht, Andy Bahnsen, Iudy Bruhn, bush, Phyllis Rosine, Cathy Roth, Sharon Satterly, Indy Anne Hoswell, Camile Lawhead, Ian Neymeyer, Judy Schwartz, Diane Shulke, Nancy Slater. Patsch. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Petersen, Diane Quaken- , . 'L -4 .--V4 Second Floor BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Weidlein, Laura Goodell, Williams, Ieanne Tarnse, Georgine Mazzoli, Patty Lowrey, Nancy Petersen, Nancy Moxley, Iudy Andersen, Elaine Mary Yournans, Iudy Ruegnita, Linda Larsen. ROW 4: Eisner, Ruth Evans. ROW 2: Mary Collins, Cheryl Rohdy, Iennifer Davis, jean Eckels, Margot McVoy, Beatrice Toney, Ioy Layman, Nicky Galbraith, Cynthia Hammitt, Ian Wag- Ioan Volberding, Ianine Chrisman, lean Disney. ner, Ianice Hoffman, Nancy Brunner. ROW 3: Cheryl Third Floor BOTTOM ROW: Ianet Day, Rebecca Flemming, Ian Nel- Donna Bilunos, Penny Carlson, Shirley Steffe, Susan son, Sharon Satlerly, Phyllis Rosine, Donna Dalen, Katie Gehrls, Sally Slightam, Icnnifer Caslavka, Jennifer Curran. Barclay. TOP ROW: Trish Reithal, Marde Anderson, Q I 1 . l ' l ' Fourth Floor BOTTOM ROW: Kathryn Cohen, Carol Kinney, Charlotte Blatchley, Cheryl Woods, Ioyce Larsen, Cheryl Wagner, Ziesrnan, Diane Shulke, Catherine Roth, Debby Grant, Linda Sanders. ROW 3: Kristyn Makinster, Deanna Harris, Diane Moritz, Loraine Marsh. ROW 2: Sharon Schoon- Connie Shipp, Marilee Reemtsma, Amelia Winterfield ouer, Lois Perry, Michele Telford, Renee Tovson, Ianet Kathryn McCarty, Celeste Sturdevant, Marie Flatley. 2 N 5 Q---.,. yi, nfl A-l' ,V ' The steady hum of a hair dryer will do it every time. +,i ,Q Q X .xv it g Qui. MR 'x V , . l I Nas f "' 451F?f'T'i: X , . A . , .W +I- - x w,g5.,g:a X. Y , n"5 ,3f--, V 1 2' is , ' 2 : , iff - 35211-ill 'ri v QQ P Ain ' '3fif,3lw.. rpg? . Lf' ,Lf M 4? , 'hx I f' , ,ma -11- Door decorations brighten Wardell halls during holidays Wardell girls were active in many areas this year. Their council sponsored dinner- and-dance exchanges with some of the men's dormitories and had faculty mem- lsers as their dinner guests periodically. The freshman council invited guests to speak on Saturday mornings on topics of interest to the girls. During the holidays, door decorations, tree-trimming and carol- ing were carried on. Secret gift exchanges among the girls were also a highlight of the festive season. Wardell also had girls living in lounges during part of the first semester, Oiiicers for Wardell were: Barb Boyle, president, Diana Rodden, vice-president, Pat Bezdek, ' secretary, Marilyn Iensen, treasurer, and Kris Godeke, student sena- tor. Counselor for Wardell was Miss Kath- leen Kiss. General Council TOP ROW: Pat Bezdek, Mary Billington, Barbara Bower, Marilyn Iensen Marm McNiel Pat Meier Gerda Murra Barbara Boyle, Iudy Cochrane, Anne Cox, Kris Godeke, Nancy Noller Linda Owens D1aneRodden Enca Schrauer Ianet Holtcamp. BOTTOM ROW: Pamela Henderson, ' ' 1 at W3 71-J 2, vi ' vi I I 'x . , w 2 gtg V C First Floor ROW: Ann Seger, Sara Horstman, Kristen Petersen, Karen Utroska. TOP ROW: Carol Bagge, Sharon Hepker, Wilson, Leslie Drew. ' I , 1 ' - , Q l A ' ' 'd -JL 3- AJ!! A b ami' 1 v Second Floor D MROW: Mary Royer, Karen Wagner, Linda Hawk, Iohnson, Carolyn Koon, Iudine Lernows, Iean Hays. ROW 3: Ianson, Kris Bowman,, Erica Schrauer, Patricia Bezdek, Pamela Henderson ,Martha Stephenson, Kathleen Metzger, Linda Margaret McNiel. ROW 2: IoAnne Elmore, Marie Larson, Ianice Hale, lane Caster, Dawn Wilson, Karen Berg- Stelk, lane Uhlenberg, Dianne Steninger, Ieanne strom, Ianice Siglin, Faye Klefstad, Trix Veenhuizen, Marianne helps Starks, Karen Mclntosh, Catherine Latta, Ielfrie Cavalier. QW Third Floor ROW: Sandra Monson, Cynthia Charlsow, Thelma Barb Gardner, Evelyn Engel, Camelia Reed, Linda Leitch. ROW Karen Norris, Sandi Frank, Io Ann Ballou. ROW 2: Su- 4: Candace Phillips, Claudette Heddens, Karin Caseloeer, Iudy Shirley, Bonnie Campbell, Kathleen Dougherty, Eileen Anderson, Ian Threlkelcl, Marilyn Arnold, Gerda Murra, Pam Kathryn Knoll, Carolyn Victorne, Dorothy Ahrens, Pa- Gregor. Meier. ROW 3: Iane Little, Ruth Hanson, Diane Paullus, 407 Fourth Floor BOTTOM ROW: Gloria Wirth, Vera Sanders, Nancy Nol- ler, Marilyn Iensen, Diana Rodden, Barbara Boyle, Barbara Bower, Ianet Holtcamp. ROW 2: Carol Kubicek, Linda Archibald, Beverly Tegland, Sandra Soults. Iodie Chally, Cassandra Skogmo, Karyn Buttlelnan, Luanne Keller. ROW 3: Mary Ellen Sayre, Patrice Magee, Jane Kading, Kathy Turnbull, Susan Lister. wi. Fifth Floor BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Capek, Lynn Scholtz, Ianie Morse, Joyce Rollins, Diane Hibbs, IoAnn Brown, Rachel Bach, Iudy Cochrane. ROW 2: Becky Hunter, Marty Gil- lam, Barbara Sadlak, Karol Hellyer, Nanci Hendrickson, Iana Gates, Gerrie Schulte, Kristie Poulos, Sandy Smith, Sandra Willadsen, Debby Donovan. ROW 3: Pat Ruegg, Sue Meyers, Kristen Godeke, Susan Christensen, Nancy Severance, Kathy Knuths, Diane Ackerman, Debbie Ma- iuire, lean Valentine, Barbara Anderson, Pamela New- ouse. ' Nw' ' 15' ..-.- - ". ',' :,"a, - WA- Q" X .-gNfii.f'-f,qw f- '+'Hni,. Q I xv - ve 113' if "' l' 4 - n V . 3 ' " S' Q ". kg ifa ' 'A A' f-v.x.'f' ',, gf sux, 5 Q K 1f:.Y.A, . .N ,.,-: '-,-Ev-,fwylw , 1 . E g 'Y t K x fy 5 'Wa P5 A 51. .. 4 .... ,. w T"-. .- L11 '. x,..-g,1 -mf 1 ! RN '4'115SiQjZi5 '.f:!Ll' ,Q vt 'l'2",L I' . , . My 3 ,it-su, . iw ' " v A fl 1- ,, . - -Yv.. f - . ' . -. f. 11, .L . ... ' "." ". -.:.,.l' I: --Y, - - - -. V M . 59 m 'S l xg v ' g 112 aim?-!1S'fz'-' i 42 6 5-5 ,J S I is ,, L E45 f .1 XP M ""T ' '- l:I5'Y' 'ig il i ., , Qi41' SQf, xx L, . Q.. 4 -REA. ' Ng I .94 ii 3 E- S 'Q ' QW -z - 4. . Wellman gears activities 'ro participation on floor units :A' Activities in Wellman were geared to floor unit rather than total house partici- pation this year because of the large num- ber of girls living in the house. Wellman was one of the houses building the float "I-Ierlcy Goes To Market," which captured several prizes during Homecom- ing. To celebrate the holidays, Wellman girls decorated their doors with an old- fashioned idea and trimmed the tree in the main lounge of Burge. The council planned a second semester orientation program for new residents. A Wellman team was part of the College Bowl competition. Oiiicers for Wellman were: Kate Will- iamson, president, Karin Gleamza, vice- presidentg Pat Miller, secretary, Carol Floyd, treasurerg and Liz Edson, student senator. The counselor for the house was Miss Lois Ireland. Pat Dougan tosses her hat into the ring during a skit pre- sented at the house election cozy. General Council TOP ROW: Elizabeth Edson, Inez Eland, Mary Ernmel, Cheryl O'Brien, Elizabeth Osenbough, Annette Rick, An- Carol Floyd, Karen Gleamza Sharon Hoheisel Suzanne netle S ll S ., , ' e ergren, usan Sykes, Kate Williamson, Candy Linheld, Mary Manning. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Miller, Wright. Friends help a candidate for house office, by participating in her skit on little girls. ni , Soft drinks and do- nuts satisfy specta- tors at the Wellman election cozy in the recreation room. i X ,f at I ..---'f u ,YA Kate Daum sponsors special programs, faculty brunches Special programs were held this year for girls living in Kate Daum, dealing with such topics as knitting and gift suggestions for men. The council also sponsored fac- ulty brunches on Saturdays followed by dis- cussions. The house shared with Hillcrest the hon- or of having their float win the award for best residence hall float in the Homecoming parade. In addition to the door decorations and caroling throughout the house during Christmas, one floor sponsored a party for children at Pine School. The council also painted a mural on one association room wall. Officers included: Maggie Scott, presi- dent, Gayle Stoltz, vice-president, Ellen Moyen, secretary, Sharon Freund, treasur- er, and Anne Dutton, student senator. Counselor for the house was Miss Susan Faunce. The right guy and the right voice bring a look of joy as a coed gleefully accepts a date. Executive Council TOP ROW: Teri Brucker, Ann Dutton, Sharon Greund, Ellen Mower, Deanne Neuman, Maggie Scott, Gail Stoltz, Barb Gardner, Ieartne Genzel, Layna Hartman, Trish Hull, Ioyce Sturgeon, Ruth Thomson, Vivian Villers, Jennifer Linda Laurich. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Lynn Meadows, Weber. l -....,.,, "---..,,q1K gi UL... J 'I ' K I ti ' I Q ,Q I V 'YM by 1 ,H ui Q-an i-'N W! it me! X The best thing about getting ready for a date is trying out your roommates new cosmetics. The ironing rooms are always busy, especially before classes, as girls race to get ready. Calling for their dates, guys search for the correct number and settle for a "short" wait. Daley pom-pon girls perform clrills, dances on Dad's Day Daley initiated a pom-pon line this year with 12 girls performing precision drills and dance routines. Wearing the house colors of blue and yellow, they marched to entertain the visitors on Dads Day. The new student council worked with handicapped children this year and spon- sored a Christmas party at Pine School. Another project was the "Daley Newsf' the publication for the house, which con- tained poetry, articles and coming events. Daley, in conjunction with McBroom, Wellman and Quadrangle, sponsored the prize-winning Homecoming Hoat, "Herky Goes To Market? Officers for Daley were: loyce Cargile, president, Pat Ienkins, vice-president, Barb Meeker, secretary, Sue Feldman, treasurer, and Ruth Grout, student senator. The coun- selor for the house was Miss Ianet Rode- meyer. The Dailey public relations board prints a newsletter every month. General Council TOP ROW: Janice Alherton, Kenna Brucker, Joyce Car- Susan Hanson, lean Hudson, Pat Ienkins, Ian Luckenbill, gile, Christin Deming, Louise Duvall, Sue Eichhorn, Sue Barb Meeker, Marcia Pochter, Vicki Stuart. Feldman, Ruth Grout. BOTTOM ROW: Annette Hall, Second Floor BOTTOM ROW: Susan Feldman, Jean Hudson, Jan Ather- sen, Linda McConnelee, Judy Kimball, Elaine Walker, ton, Jann Rarig, Cathy LeRoy, Janie Weaver, Theresa Ursula Trimble, Nancy McGimpsey, Cathy Bolton, Cyndy Judge, Linda Metsker. ROW 2: Jane Cook, Nancy Lange, Gregory, Susan Dubes, Becky Baumeier, Anne Borchelt, Karen Mosny, Joan Hunter, Linda Channell, Mary Knud- Winifred Oewerson. 4 i C YC V ' r .5 Third Floor BOTTOM ROW: Pat Burda, Sue Eichorn, Nancy Lubin, Tamara Prenosil, Fran Hasenckver, Gayle Baumgartel. Barbara Truhlar, Julie Hicks, Judy Mahan, Lynn Andrews Diane O'Leary, Elly Wentworth. ROW 2: Tam Duggle: by, Sharon O'Neill, Elizabeth Ransom, Bonnie Grumstrup Sue Williams, Jeanne Seiple, Della Brewer, Susan Patteei ROW 3: Angela Brinttley, Janice Herald, Beverly Knake Jolue Morgan, Julie Britton, Susan Roth, Barbara Schmidt Ann Eisenhart, Joyce Barbel, Diane Stake, Karen Dean Kathy Hemken. Fourth Floor BOTTOM ROW: Patricia Cadwallader, Rosa Ann Kas- Wendel, Sandy Spencer, Debbie Sindt, Donna Sissel, Doris parek, Susan Sachnoll, Virginia Sullivan, Louise Duvall, Gwen Cottingham, Sally Iones, Marykay Dudek, Sue Gar- vin. ROW 2: Randi Hawkins, Sheryljan Crawford, Diana Lott, Iane Tuchscher, Linda Willhite, Chris Sprouse, Iamie Gibson. ROW 3: Connie Stamer, Linnea Peterson, Carol Eichler, Patti Dunbar, Ieri Iones, Iill Suiter, Kathy Brown, Polly Scheel, Karen Martin, Diana Wilber. Fifth Floor BOTTOM ROW: Neva Hubbartt, Ruth Grout, Vicki Stuart, Susan Hanson, Anette Hall, Ioyce Cargile, Martha Pritchard, Carole Heseman, Susan Fensterbusch. ROW 2: Betty Leman, Martha Hamman, Pat Heichel, Penny Kar- ber, Iane Lehman, Elizabeth Schlanger, Anne Ramsey, Bar- bara Schwartz, Claudia Vetter, Ellen Eisenberg. ROW 3: Suzanne Berg, Nancy Hamrnann, Linda Schenck, Mari- lyn Christensen, Pamela Bock, Colleen Konicki, Carlie Stoltz, Charlotte Cooper, Karen Pallischeck, Ann Mcllrath. ROW 4: Ioan Calder, Carol Hubbard, Pamela Misfeldt, Ieanne Hand, Barbara O,Rourke, Ioan Gordon, Nancy Stech, Iolynne Brown, Dellaine Bishop. "He,-P, I --I .fy P'-V The arts committee builds a replica of Hurley the Hawk for homecoming festivities. The social committee plans mixers, exchanges, and iloatbuilcliug activities. Iudiciary board members time a resident racing through the doors at the last minute. w E n-'15 . , 'B' N N X WXX X Xu X H , X Mug. ww. , ww' uw ef uw mai Hu'XXmXXX 3 N w A Hx.. uw J : "vu N uw XX W' X , , , , JE ,V ,M,gg., H , w au. , 'ij , , . xv A Y X , , ' x my 5. "' F5 . J . .-. 4 ff.. 47 V-1 7 5, FXQ7 Y , 2 1-'QF 1 'hm ' XXX H W H X K H W 7155 1 'E , sl, wi W ' w ' M y- ' . V.: 1' ', 'jug 3.."'X 'uf - - .f-1. 1,353 U www'gg:.awr1f'fgI115QaF L wg" M' V ?'W'xfi , ' QQ : ' ,Hwigrvqgi 1 '11, ' A ' fiffr.-' V ,uv w ' 4, ' X M H 52451 x E S 4 til' .?' ff? 'klfu-"? f"'Ee ' U uw -e ,ff X 'fir 'F' 1.250 git!" . M 2 ..1aA ,gu , 'vf'f' X X? fs A. , - ,lj , ,, -1- fx , , va, 3 H 5.5.2 i x, , ' ui - 1, , r . M 'Ta , 'mms w .-J. M 5 Q , . BEE, P v 1 Hillcrest initiates new social program with 'rhree parties Social events were the main focus of the year at Hillcrest. A new social program was initiated, which included three parties -a vertigo party in the fall, a party for Christmas, and a Playboy Party in the spring at which the Hillcrest queen, Leha Hunter, was crowned. Other activities in- cluded the building of the float 'fWe're on The Right Track" with Kate Daum, which won as the best residence hall entry in the Homecoming Parade. There was an increased emphasis on stu- dent government in the dorm this year, in- cluding a new judiciary set-up and a Fresh- man Forum to train freshmen for offices in the Hillcrest government. A Camera Club was also active this year in Hillcrest. re , ,nl 4 I -0 rag -ff A L ' ,-. ,-. , J -Ak I :J ,- 4"4f ." A- L - Executive Council BOTTOM ROW: Robert Holcomb, Richard Feller, Mark Monahan, Iohn Riherd. TOP ROW: Roger Anderson, Iim Bright, Frank Tangren, Ion Bowcrmaster, LeRoy Coleman. General Council BOTTOM ROW: John Riherd, Roger Anderson, LeRoy Coleman, Mark Monahan, Brooke Harris, Robert Holcomb, David Dallman, Erik Iohnson. ROW 2: Larry Brurnmel, Robert McKnight, Paul Borg, Frank Tangren, Dick Lock- ridge, Robert Schrade, Donald Kos, Gaylord McGrath. ROW 3: Bruce Goddard, Peter Sovas, Ierome Dziurawiec, Iohn Wunder, Richard Krejci, Roy Shannon, Fred Bert- schinger. 7. . Intramural BOTTOM ROW: Larry Kopp, Iohn Fye, Tom Martin, Charles Keller, Byron Wong. ROW 3: lack Andrewson, Charles Houd- Beith, George Hartman, Rich Nading. ROW 2: Iohn Schweppe, esheldt, Dave Marshall, Dick Serrahn, Kerry Conard, lim Bright. Neil Simmons, Darrell Fulton, Burton Kross, Allan Iones, Dick 5-4 -Q Judiciary BOTTOM ROW: Robert Blunk, Richard Feller, Frank Tangren, Sterba, Ierry Thorius, Robert Neumeier. ROW 3: Iefl Mar- Edwin Skorupa, Larry Burke. ROW 2: Gary Swain, William gulies, David Stock, Iames Skarda. Orientation, Facilities BOTTOM ROW: Roger Anderson, LeRoy Coleman, Mark Mona- ROW: Larry Brummel, Michael Roddy, Gaylord McGraat han, Brooke Harris, Robert Holcomb, David Dallman. TOP Iamcs Skarda, George Cosson, Robert McKnight, Roy Shannon. 420 BOTTOM ROW: Glen Gottschalk, Wes Griesbach, Allen Schneider, David Mayrose, Iohn Riedel, Douglas Ireland, Brian Hyduk, Tim McBeth. ROW 2: Rockne Foreman, Dale Kaul, Robert Barnhill II, Craig Wenthe, Iohn Frank- lin, Kenneth Mahr, William Burlage, Thomas Colbert. ROW 3: Barry Kolsrud, Ioe Holtz, Dave Toussaint, War- ren Osterfoss, Terry Tucker, Joseph Galbreath, Michael Parrnely. ROW 4: Michael Curtis, Tom Zisko, Robert Moulds, Fred Diamond, Iames Bowen. Boar-dwell BOTTOM ROW: David Moses, Kirk Bradley, Dick Lange, Kent Rissman, lim Coulter, Byron Wong, Norman New- house, advisor, Charles Catalano. ROW 2: John Maddy, Michael Walrath, Thomas Glasser, Chuck Collins, Wayne Bidelman, Al Boeck, Iim Kolwen, Tim Hlavacek, Roy Mc- Allister. ROW 3: Louis Picek, Larry Earley, Ted Law- son, lim Oeth, Leslie Rudnick, Iohn Scott, Nels Voldseth, Larry Gayeski. ROW 4: Donald Raker, Ice Casey, Steven RowlcEy,kl!!lurray Kent, Iames Dotson, Keith Baker, Harold Van ic ' e. BOTTOM ROW: Rick Monroe, Gary Lenhart, Iohn Wun- der, Robert Bowlin, Keith Arps, Rich Nading, Mark Mon- ahan, Tony Wengert, Bob Murray, Merle Royce. ROW 2: Don Poston, Ed Pritchard, Tim Eckerman, Barry Byrne, Dennis Schuelke, Dennis Bangston, Scott Miller, Dave Smith, Ross Reinheimer, Ion Gans, Iohn Swenson. ROW 3: Steve Iacobson, Thomas Iaynes, Iohn Flitken, Roger Lor- ing, John Riherd, Ken Ross, Merrill Crawford, Tom Starr, Garry Phelps. ROW 4: Iames Koenig, Ronald Davis, Nicklas Esders, Dave Reynolds, Bob Ford, Leroy Bell, James Shriver, Ion Acton. BOTTOM ROW: Ian Maly, Iohn Wilde, Tom Buttel, Michael Hogan, Ierry Thorius, David Tom, Dick Serrahn. ROW 2: Mark Palmquist, Ierry Raney, Larry Raines, Ter- ry Weller, Greg Strasser, Marc Harding, David Heilmann, I. P. Poer, Iames DeReus. ROW 3: Iohn Gillenwater, Pal Sotayl, Bob Stange, Kurt Bundgaard, Spencer Selby, Doug Kreutz, Larry Claus, Gary Armstrong, BOTTOM ROW: Earl Traschel, Darrell Fulton, Allen Hostetler, Bruce Goddard, Randall Haines, Ed Snyder, Iohn Allender, Barry Silbaugh, Roy Ritzmann. ROW 2: Randolph Steig, Robert Riddle, Michael Collins, Dan Gril- iith, David Grainger, Randy Block, Bill Lamberson, Marvin Ensign Bruck, Iohn Lewis. ROW 3: Perry Monkelsen, Roger Wolfe, Tom McGowan, Chuck Friedl, Randy Gaudian, Ste- ven Combs, Ken Hunziker, Ion Schiller. ROW 4: Dennis Critsch, Thomas Miller, Iohn Dearine, Nate Dappen. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Echternacht, Bohn McLane, Larry Kopp, Robert McKnight, Allan Iones, William Ir- vine, Douglas Carlson, Del Gregg. ROW 2: Lou Ehr- hardt, Carl Moore, Craig Wilson, David Stallman, Doug- las Hill, Michael Finken, Dan Cocklin, Dan Pratt. ROW Fenton 3: Ted Ward, Ion Bouermaster, Tom Tucker, Derek Stor- ey, Everette Burk, Ierry Eclsen, James Smith, Ierry Currie. ROW 4: Lyle Petersen, William Newbrough, Glenn But- cher, Iames Brown, Richard Quarton, Thomas Bergstrom, William Tinsley. Higbee BOTTOM ROW: Benj. Vander Zwaag, Steve Ryerson, Vic Villont, Dave Mason, Stephen Echternach, Steve Fobes, Roger Burken, Robert Holcomb, Tom Stroope. TOP ROW: Michael Petersen, Edwin Bartine, Robert Gardner, Alfred Friedrichsen, Robert Dixon, Larry Parson, Bob Mahan, Richard Feldmann, Paul Schuh. Kuever BOTTOM ROW: Ierry Ward, Tom Page, Richard Con- nell, Tom Martin, Dick Lockridge, lim McCoy, Terry Mill- er, Edwin Skorupa, William Smith. ROW 2: William Sibley, Michael Roddy, Larry McElroy, Larry Ledenbach, Richard Howell, Gordon I-Iebenstreit, Raymond Byers, Richard Kraus, William Wolford, Ieff Margulies. ROW 3: Dennis Hagan, William Kuttler, David Hellwege, Clyde Stoltenberg, Dean Mouw, Terry Branstad, Steve Szabo, Darwin Paustian, Robert Neumeier. Mott BOTTOM ROW: Richard Walling, Dick Keller, Steve chael Hellige, Larry Azuse, Mike McKinley, Richard Fredericks, Ron Wesley, Steve Hoth, Steve Hiland, Robert Whealley, Iohn Nicholls, Denny Brown. McDaniel. TOP ROW: Brad Keisey, Barry Miller, Mi- 0'Connor BOTTOM ROW: Lyle Stanley, Iohn Fye, Larry Brummel, Keefe, Arthur Berger, Bruce Marlowe, Iames Weaver, David Steve Pierce, Iames Ragan, Fakhruddin Danish, Tim Wil- Groenwold. ROW 3: Philip Mead, Robert Cook, Brooke son, David Deters, Mike Deters. ROW 2: Ira White, Harris, Alvin Norman, Steve Dertinger, Darwin Goodvin, Daniel Swallom, Robert Iones, Iames Dauber, Frank David Hickman, Iarnes Scott, Gary Doden. 1- H H.1,m -jwL'wu5Q H' -:ljagegf 5.11"-'e' A' 1::?'-al,r-- ,HT - 1,,"?'!i T' , i l '14-' l.5,ijiJ3-igrgjlx' Z L5"'i ' VA 'K , yilii jglr ,-,EL AV N EEI HNF? -f i, '5 lp Q43 3, . , H ? v me w, .Zigi qui Jfg- lrlxi ,. E in yd , l C , ' egg l'1 il gl, Phillips BOTTOM ROW: David Faulk, Vern Smith, lack Iacob- Lon Bright, Kerry Conard. ROW 3: Kenton Coons, Lar sen, Charles Houdesheldt, Kenneth McBeath. ROW 2: ryBurke, Richard Mathes. Richard Randell, Richard Schrader, Harold Schweitzer, Seashore BOTTOM ROW: Darrell William Dunscombe, Randall Iohn Hoffman, Iames Hanket, Kenton Toomey, Mark Mey- Wagner, Burton Kross, Alan Rusk, Steve Carlson, Steve er. ROW 3: Iirn Bright, Mike Humphrey, Danny Ohl- Iordan, Bill Boyd, Dan Hutchinson. ROW 2: Charles son, Terry Firkins, David Stock, Glen Anderson, William Dlsselhorst Michael Herman, Irvin Hentzel, Chuck Beaver, Fritzsche Steindler BOTTOM ROW: Mike Gerdes, Rodney Powell, Iim Darby, Dennis LaPoint, Ioe Reuter, Stephen Bisenius, Duane Pfef- Dave Marshall, Robert Blunck, Iames Middleton. ROW 2: fer. ROW 3: Ron Nelson, Bill Gearman, Robert Lang, Robert Dworschack, Iames Brower, Ronald McClellen, Ioe Iohnson Lawrence Northway, Douglas Minney. Thatcher l 8: II BOTTOM ROW: Philip Moloney, Erik Johnson, Richard Whiteis, Paul Campbell, Derald Dosland, Ierry Luttrell, Cary Lieberman, Fred Bertschinger, Samuel Reynolds, Russell Anderson. ROW 2: Iohn Ivanoff, David Bunce, john Hansen, Tom Tauber, Richard Salge, Ted Weirather, Iames Wilson, Iohn Heffernan, Fred Buresh, Steven Hel- vick, Robert Smith. ROW 3: Doug Olson, Mike Manis, Larry Foster, Ronald Kent, Iim Robbins, Duane Lubbert, Roger Iaynes, Richard Farlow, Gary Barker, Paul Eisner, Donald Miller. ROW 4: Scott Miller, Russ Collingwood, Bob Williams, lack Andrewson, Dave Grimm, Michael Iacobs, Larry Hughes, David Arkovich, William Wilfrud. Loewing BOTTOM ROW: Iohn Schweppe, Iohn Hoffman, LeRoy Cole- Gary Bridgeford, Iohn McCartney, Gaylord McGrath, lim Wen- man, Mike Teal, Steven Rueter, Iohn Steelman. TOP ROW: del, Roger Anderson, Frank Lundon, Art Gursch, g Trowbridge BOTTOM ROW: Robert Schrade, Ronald Harris, George Cos- ROW 3: Brandt Echternacht, Robert Hegeman, Dale Stearns, son, Dale Cochran, Iohn Arnold. ROW 2: Phillip McBride, It-:ff Musfeldt. Quentin Coffman, Kirt Kellner, Neil Simmons, George Hartman. Van Der Zee BOTTOM ROW: Ion Broers, Gary Markwell, Iim Parrott, Kos, james Wolfe, Steve Tindal. ROW 3: Walter Iohnson, Rus- Charles Beith, Jeff Hahn, Richard Kladstrup, Richard Giles, sell Curtis, Bill Ray, Denny Dotson, George Duster, Dennis Bull Michael Cotton. ROW 2: Steven Rutz, Steve Duncan, Kent Frank Hull, Warren Underhill. Iohnson, David Graning, Ronald Nesladek, Henry Olsen, Donald 428 General Council BOTTOM ROW: Iohn Hadley, Gary Berndt, Duane Ca- mings. ROW 3: Thomas Messenger, Case Wewerka, Al- vins, Bernard johnson, Robert Cook, Kevin Wall. ROW lan Young, Steve Gross, Iohn Lohr, Glenn Lee. ROW 4: 2: Dennis McVey, Mark Milach, Dick Wiebe, Roger Larry Duncan, Don Carlson, Iohn Spragg, Larry Davis. Christian ,Thomas Green, Randall Iordison, Gary Cum- Quacl men build prize-winning float pick new queen Quadrangle activities started enthusias- tically this year with the Homecoming fes- tivities. Quadrangle's Hoat, built with three of the houses in Burge Hall, Won the sweep- stakes prize and the second prize for beauty. It was titled "I-lerky Goes To Market." During the spring the Quadrangle men selected Barb Petersen, to reign as Quad- rangle Queen. She was crowned at the an- nual dance. This yearis theme was "A Time and a Placef, During the year, Quadrangle held ex- changes With the girls, dorms, and had fac- ulty dinner guests at the dorm. Career guidance was the theme for these visits. Open houses were part of the festivities during Homecoming, Dads' Day, Mothers' Day and Christmas. Executive Council BOTTOM ROW: Iohn Hadley, Gary Berndt, Duane Cav- ins, Bernard Iohnson, Robert Cook. TOP ROW: Larry Duncan, Dick Wiebe, Steve Gross, Dennis McVey. Lucas, Shaw BOTTOM ROW: Richard Nelson, Robert Harmer, Bill meyer, Iohn Roche, Bruce Dugstad. ROW 3: Alan Zortman, James Solen, Biil Budelier. ROW 2: Don Ed- Schenck, Stan Bjorklund, Thomas Varnum, Bill Fallgatter, gar, Theodore Pieper, Richard Louvar, Timothy Bok- lim Trunnell. Clarke, Harding BOTTOM ROW: Lyle Fullmer, Michael Hayward, Bruce Dick Bogenrief, David Duesler, I. F. Biebesheimer, Norm Krause, Eric Morris, Case Wewerka, Michael Lukowicz, Thompson, Kent Luehke, ROW 3: Mitchell Taxy, Dan- Chuck Clemens. ROW 2: Paul DiBlasio, Larry Guerine, iel Meyer, Tom Messenger, Barry Sletzel. Herring, Beardsley BOTTOM ROW: Iames Wishart, Earl Kemp, Richard William Brock. ROW 3: Iohn Martin, Iay Baum, Pat Spain, Iohn Carson, Thomas Green. ROW 2: Scott Wal- rick Mulvihill, Glenn Lee, Iohn Blackburn, Ieflrey Shapiro lace, Iames Ferguson, Corwyn Berger, Ronald Sweeney, Briggs, Hempstead BOTTOM ROW: Iames Hannah, Iohn Klein, Mike Fuller, Max Willett, Ioe Roseman, Tom Law, Dick Wiebe, Rob- ert Patterson. ROW 2: Gregory Loots, Robert Shields, Michael Horton, Dennis Burling, William Knoke, Ronald Iulseth, Ric Snitkey. ROW 3: Douglas Slotten, Terry Hopper, Bruce Tullis, Rush Shortley, Edward Ratkewiez Charles McLane, Roger Garg, Bob Ienks. ROW 4: Mi- chael Suzuki, Gregory Schwirtz, Bruce McClathchey, Or- ville McCord, Eldon Van Arkel. , 431 Cummins, Chambers BOTTOM ROW: Bernard Iohnson, Mark Steine, Iohn Lawrence Kruse. ROW 3: Roger Christian, Kenneth les- Hadley, Alan Schenck, Robert Cook, Larry Duncan, Dennis sen, Terrell Taylor, Tom Safley, Iake Ohlinger, Gary McVey. ROW 2: Richard Lincoln, Don Kuechrnann, Don Krekel, Robert Rosenthal, Bob Goddard, Rodger Moring. Berndt, Allan Mira. Grimes, Kirkwood BOTTOM ROW: Torn Samuelson, William Leonard, Iohn Lohr, Larry Fennema, Stephen Gross, Steven Schamp, Pat- rick Kirby, Kevin Manson, David Marold, Dean Knapp, Jerry Christensen. ROW 2: Richard Claeys, Gerald Geh- ling, Bill Scherrnerhorn, Iirn Boltz, Mike Aaaron, Richard Stewart, Martin Kent, Alan Cohen, Elvio Vido, Carl Burde, Nickie Sellman, Tim Barnhouse. ROW 3: Richard Car- ter, Iohn Kahrl, William White, Hal Gilehrist, Don Carl- son, Larry Nielsen, Stan Lone, Marv Schmitz, Bill Eaton, Mike Hanley, Steven Warbasse, Dave Schafer. BOTTOM ROW: Ralph Kryder, Larry Davis, Duane Ca- vins, Ronald Berry, Larry Stelter, Bowman Miller, Don Golik, David Manley, Iames Campbell, Ioe Messinger. ROW 2: Iim Ploen, Tom Patthoff, Ron Marshall, Tsuy- oshi Veda, Dean Buresh, Richard Reierson, Tom Osborn, Merrill, Larabee Iohn Payton, Rick Taylor, Iames Russell. ROW 3: Iim Hodson, Rickie Long, Stephen Odem, Tom Stark, Mike Schultz, Dennis McGivern, Ronald Salome, David Baika auskas, Carroll Hanson, Vack Aldinger. N-.Ah '- ' A 'L'-H-sq ' -lvs""'iw-w,,,,, H ""'5a-4.-+5 I --.-., '74 Members of KWAD radio work long hours to bring music and news to residents of the University dormitories. 22, ,f K , , M W ' mv' A rg :' .hug kt LFNEQW f"5ru zfyl W V 3 nazi' J 'H lb! 'tl' u X. , 1 ,1..::5f:Iff, ' ' --L12' .p. -'-1 127,-rSSf5.z 5 - N ' , X ' vi f "'.'- S f .jf U f ,Lg .W B ' ' pf!" -'17 "'3: .'.1 a af. S Hi- "M, A Q X k G , 1 an Y' 7 r 41 .JE ,N 'l H 1 A ww 1 51 .1 6' Y. 4 . :Y 'k 1 ,. J.. N4 in Y , 'Z QA. r 4- 0 W7 in 5 Q. Y-A if 'I a G 4, i v , ,ix ' 56 Ewa, gag V -I 4. ',, :n'- ' -.... ' . ' ' ' Q-"gf: V , 'Xa -N--. VH 'iq L, H H-QQ-, EQJQE X g., ,y,. -. vi? A , :'13w5"'mw'-ll -, ' eil' ' .- . I y x K 4. ln" -' . ,. '51, xx 'lv 'v ,gfg 'w -4 J Q, 3, .yr ...- 4f.,1 - .X J . -X Q., 2 . QQ, 1, -. ,. 'i :wil 5" I, ' M -5 -. .hw ye ..:-' :. .L ny, '- a,,:4jf li, ,Q A I, I 7. . fJ'1-frzhnf f. M 't " f , 'r fgffiylu 'V ' , V , +7 1 lx, h f ,,g:u,Wf xv, Mig, E. Y Y ' V , '- ' '17fT!!'7ri, E 355 1 .- ,' ' f"" " ,g5C1V,'.,'1 W1 'L ' ,, Y. Y ., A ' f fr QEXY M, -W ' -, A ' . , Jaya' z33.g,k.q ifglxf ' Y 'gk' Y, 'Y-n K-,XT " -- . ,Q Qiiissl-llzf I "3 I ' - ' ' 5' 'V X ' --- nh---11.1--w, ' K 7 F , :iff -I J., L+. MIS. N ,, I: 1 -. ..-w...--rf 5 , -- 'Q --- A - na ' M V A ,. 5- ig!! 'A vi - J.. H., N .. -' 6 " ' Q x .- X YV O 50 OO fl Z' A -:su -4. K ' ffl Sv-.Q-: J YW, I B on N I 4:- .L 9 W 6 G, f"?M I giffffvls-Q gy. 'fs .T-5551794-!m'gZ '-.!gQ"5'f.,f1 . QP" f' n . xp .lg v 5' as ,:,'L., 9:11. ' '. . . - -uf ,nr-. , F 'aesmcm . PARKXNG 3 gp-0"' n nu u ,f- ,QPR 175' -, :Hx x ., ir 1 ' i 5..- Ei'---V . n-' ,A J South Quad residents hold discussions on current events Executive Council Butch Cox, Gary Graham. David Miller. South Quadrangle, which held many graduate student sthis year, started activi- ties such as discussion groups one night every two Weeks. They covered topics in- cluding the War in Viet Nam, the college student and the draft, and debates by can- didates for student body oliicers. The council also began a project to ob- tain reference books for the dormitory, since none were available to residents. Men in the dormitory competed with other men's residence hall teams in intra- mural athletics in such sports as touch football and dart-throwing. Other activities included exchanges with Womenis dormitories, a Dads Day open house and a coffee hour. General Council BOTTOM ROW: lack Pringle, David Miller, Ion Miller, vin Schoeppner, Orv Engelhardl, Gary Phelps. ROW 3: Butch Cox, Mel Cline. ROW 2: Richard Bruning, Mel- Gayle Garlock, Stanley Meyer, Gary Good. 5533391 aw- - QE l bg. ., , 5 .. 15,3 F-Gi? g -.fur il -f, I ,4 .Hi ,TIM .ig DFF-CAIVIPUS Increasing numbers of s+uden+s make Hue move off-campus OH-campus living, with its ever-present cooking, cleaning and rent-paying, was part of the lives of about 6,000 students at the university this year. Some of them lived in approved housing that is inspected and ruled by the Otlice of Student Affairs. Other students occupied rooms, apart- ments, houses or trailers and hoped for the best concerning social contacts and living conditions. Problems were many, but so were the rewards of freedom and inde- pendence. 'ES It's just as hard to study oil-campus as it is in the dorm. Eating out is a way of life for students who have room without cookinv Jrivilefes. Q I i'No animals allowed" doesn't mean that a guy can't try to hide his clog in the apartment. if ui -.4 -. 1 .1 W- 49" lf' Sometimes an alley IS the only place to shake a dustmop Bachelor apartments even get cleaned excry onnc in 1 whlle I li ' .Jff -il-zizgl, '-'f4'YfJ1i ':,fim'ff - QV :.' 'iii , ,., . Jill-:fc -A 'WW2 ,, 'Gvff5l'f'f3:k' he 4362-1 ' X Proposed Hawkeye III units will help the housing shortage. U 1 Q .X . 01" It's just easier to study on a couch than at a dorm desk. 5, 'F-X a lllk ,' 1 , o i ,A ,J V , 3. JA M. ,A i 'Ml-ii ,kv ' .-fm. t PM '11-'fi 2,f,,,f 'F l A" ,"iQ'i' ifw' 5'l"" I ff! Q -i KA i I QQ, L' a 4, -ff" A 'lib ' Q K M. S X , ,. Xing., li e X lf' L x xx f '11 nl. v wx X, X X-.,.f X .Q X It may look uninhabitable, but itis just another apartment. 440 , If ,,,.....-gg .4-.. 'Q . , H.m,NvV 1 'QL L, When the dishes are stacked to the ceiling, it's time to clean up. if I m .J Quan.- At least Stadium Park residents don't have Football parking problems. Housing for married students rang- es from University barracks to trail- ers, to apartments of all types and prices. Whatever its shape or form, however, it means one thing to these new families -- home. Newer and more luxurious quarters than the barracks are preferred by some married couples. Vegetable soup, roast beef, meat hash, or a cute little girl? ,Q sly. -4 .mf S i v D Q 3. 3 X , W !E F3 I 'E VX WNW Um m Z M QW' ifwei, 1 -fi Egg, ,gf """" " ' "Af ' -',, W N I VV . -M-an-5-.ff-,., The tricycle set holds its own version of time trials. A car gets revenge against snowy, cold Iowa mornings. '1 l Q2 13 ,fl 4. 1 so ,1 A, 3-.-A Swings and slides occupy children at Finkbine Park. An iron gate insures that small children don't wander. A jungle-gym is the best place to play at Hawkeye. Q25 Q71 x., 'QQQQEQ YW Q ,, -.',-L. -,X .i ' j M I X' ui-f:wQ:.f' 1 The- M - :unit-5.'zw X L5 ijax i K A""fx my . .f .A . 'L L X-fs' 'Ei 5. 'Sffgllisi 'Ms S.5"kQ - 1:49 K"':"'1a . I .- 2-ch , -sf ' - , 'Sk a-.. f Q' Ay 'L-.P , M , f BS? f--5 "5 14 1 iff Q3 . f K . N fa 4 pr' .I rw. lk, 'sA,,f JV' 1 Q-'W x - - f T' ' L: ix' ' p fiffss C nf .9 up f I. rv -. - q . gl , F' w. I f 1 T- 'Z at . -" w. ' ' . . 1 1:1 ' " -. 3 F I w ' ' ' 1-ish' m - I if .' 4' , '?. -V K ' A 4 - A 1- 1 - , 5 F' 3 'l4'l'..gE1fA' ', . --' l 3-', 1.-.A , - W 11 f .1-,il '. -W tit, V , H U i- 4 W .- , A '. , V xv 2 ,, U, , 4, . 3 , Q ,Q , , , f Q 1 I .. , m' ,P " . s' - - , H 1. 1 9 ': L ,, ' K 1 ' .' ' N 'G H Y " .5 3. an --' f 'iq A' ." ' . we q wi,9g . " :X 9 T - L k ' . 2 -wi I W ' - A 1 75 - F , U b 5. 1 'rvvgl ' I' Q .. 1 I - f- .' . -' ' + Wi .." A ' I lv W A JF- ., ,- f K ,- ,,..', wisp- an iz, Y 3 ,- ' Wfv-wx' - Q, , W . ' ' I I- ' Q! 5?""9""7'U'f5f , ' ,J ' . QQ 'Y' V :n ' Q '?iFHf' ' f : " , 'H' " - , g X' I 'svfvf' ,V f..Y..a-- 5 ' 1 , E . 'Sv .:. 1 V V A WH.-1, E M- 'i p . .. ""'T'- . ,, " 4444 J l f., Z , ' A i "' V -f : , pyfgi :,,,3.',u,L- F! T wimblwf, 1 Eiijiwu . ' 1 I J . .V ' Vg Q V 3g!',l:Q1'L:v'-':."V rj f. - f I . Y ' :V ' ' ' , 'V for M, ,X Q all , ' -A wif! Y ix -V-ww ,A iw,-v ENN N, mzfgs ,. 1, ..,, :V I 7 7 , M E" A'f'15,l5Sf3,w - Before Leaving . . . Telling the story of a year at the University of Iowa becomes increasingly complex as the University expands. We have tried to capture a little of the atmosphere, so that in the future years it will be meaningful to the present students. A yearbook editor seems to need large doses of encouragement and I have been no ex- ception. Prom photo night at the Union to finishing copy, many people have lent their support. The 1966 Hawkeye is dedicated to Professor Wilbur Peterson who is retiring this year. He has put in thousands of hours of work on past Hawkeyes-smoothing lines in communi- cation and solving administrative details. To all his editors, he has been a true friend. Under his direction, the Hawkeye has won numerous awards including two All-American ratings. Because of his dedicated work, 4'Pete', was named yearbook "Adviser of the Year" in 1964. Thanks also go to Mr. Walker, Gene McRae and Auxier of Southwestern Engraving Company for their help, and to Mr. Bill Bywater of Economy Advertising. I would also like to thank Mr. Edward Bassett, publisher of the Hawkeye, for his support and the Iowa School of lournalism for theirs. There were many staffers who devoted large amounts of their time to the Hawkeye, and two deserve special accolade. Por Iill Ruggeri, managing editor, and Andrea Goeb, as- sistant editor, the Hawkeye office soon became a second home. Without their unstinting help the book would never have been published. I know that Business Manager, Paul Dagle, would like to add his thanks to mine for Kathy Brady's tremendous work as art editor. Copy editors and writers are the unsung heroes of yearbooks. They put in many hours at the telephone and on their typewriters to sketch an accurate picture of the year. My thanks go to Pat Asleson, Ian McRoberts, Sue Boudinot, Tam Duggleby, Kay Kroeger, Gail Logan- ecker, Carolyn Rinker, Pam Emerson, Margaret Fones, Eileen Gruefe, Sheri Hughes, Sue Hoover, Iohn Cloyed and Ken Baxter. Barb Johnson won my undying gratitude when she volunteered to work this spring, as did Vona Custer, who singlehandedly, did the Index. Fran Puhl and Liz Gilbert did an excellent job of typing the identifications for the thous- ands of students who appear in the 1966 Hawkeye. A yearbook can only be as good as the quality and breadth of the pictures it presents. Under the direction of Mike Toner, the photography staff produced some excellent, if tardy, pictures. Carol Carpenter and Marlin Levison's work is outstanding. Special thanks go to Chris Bunge for his photographic work this spring and to lim Kent and the photographers at Photo Service for their excellent pictures of student groups. I would also like to thank Mr. Donald Woolley and his spring semester News Photo I class for their contributions. Paul Dagle and his business staff worked tirelessly on the summer and fall campaign to sell a record number of Hawkeys. My thanks go to Iohn Vespa, Bud Erikson, Darrel Netherton, Russ Knudson, Allen Weidler, Hank Lischer, lim Anderson, Vicki Heuer, Nadya Fomenko, and Pam Porter. My deepest gratitude goes to my parents, my family, my in-laws and my friends who encouraged me to complete school and edit the yearbook. When the going got rough, they always had time to listen and help. My husband deserves a medal for helping me through the past year. He survived my qualms and soothed my nerves. He was my toughest critic when I needed help with pictures or copy, and my closest ally. The 1966 Hawkeye attempts to show the diverse activities that compose the Univer- sity of Iowa and makes it a special place for its graduates. I hope that in future years it will continue to remind former students of the events and people during the 1965-66 academic year. DOREEN HYDE 1966 HAWKEYE, Editor ical Engineering, 118 A Acacia, 355 Administrative Otiices, 14 Alpha Chi Omega, 326 Alpha Chi Sigma, 151 Alpha Delta Pi, 328 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 359 Alpha Gamma Delta, 331 Alpha Kappa Kappa, 158 Alpha Kappa Psi, 97 Alpha Lambda Delta, 86 Alpha Phi, 332 Alpha Phi Omega, 226 Alpha Tau Omega, 360 Alpha Xi Delta, 335 Alumni Association, 20 American Institute of Chem- American Institute of Indus- trial Engineering, 118 American Pharmaceutical Association, 170 Angel Flight, 242 Associated Students of Engineering, 117 Associated Students ol Iournalism, 152 Associated Women Students, 207 B Baseball, 306 Basketball, 302 Beta Alpha Psi, 101 Beta Theta Pi, 363 Board of Regents, 13 Burge Hall, 402 Business Administration, College of, 24 Central Party Committee, C Chi Epsilon, ll3 Chi Omega, 336 Christus House, 228 Class Officers, 173 Coaching Staff, 294 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce, 99 Cross Country, 312 Currier Hall, 396 Daily Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta D Iowan, 182 Chi, 364 Delta Delta, 339 Gamma, 340 Sigma Delta, 104 Sigma Pi, 98 Tau Delta, 367 Theta Phi, 122 Upsilon, 368 Zeta, 343 202 Topical Dentistry, College of, 28 Dolphin Fraternity, 213 E Education, College of, 32 Engineering, College of, 36 Epsilon Phi, 219 Eta Kappa Nu, 114 F Faculty, 82 Fencing, 318 Football, 298 G Gamma Alpha Chi, 152 Gamma Delta, 230 Gamma Phi Beta, 344 General Nursing Students Association, 165 Golf, 313 Graduate College, 40 Gymnastics, 308 H HAWKEYE, 178 Highlanders, 216 Hillel Foundation, 229 Hillcrest, 419 Homecoming Committee, 197 Home Economics Association, 220 I Interdorm Presidents' Council, 225 Interdorm Social Board, 224 Interfraternity Council, 322 International Center Association, 217 Iowa Memorial Union, 18 Iowa Student Bar Association, 124 Iowa Transit, 115 1 Iournalism, School ol, 66 Iunior American Dental Association, 103 Iunior American Dental Hygienists Association, 108 Iunior Interlraternity Council, 223 Iunior Panhellenic Council, 220 K Kappa Alpha Theta, 347 Kappa Epsilon, 169 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 348 Kappa Phi, 230 Index L Lambda Chi Alpha, 371 Law, College of, 46 Lettermanis Club, 320 Liberal Arts, College ol, 50 M Married Students Housing, 437 Medical Student Council, 157 Medical Technologists, 157 Medicine, College of, 68 Military, 233 Miss U of I Pageant Board, 204 Miss U of I Pageant Committee, 205 Mortar Board, 87 N Newman Club, 227 Nursing, College ol, 72 Nu Sigma Nu, 159 O Occupational Therapy Club, 150 OFF Campus Housing, 437 Old Gold Singers, 232 Omicron Delta Kappa, 88 Orientation Council, 198 P Panhellenic Council, 221 People-to-People, 194 Pep Club Council, 214 Pep Club Subcommittees, 215 Pharmacy, College of, 76 Phi Alpha Delta, 124 Phi Alpha Mu, 223 Phi Beta Pi, 160 Phi Delta Kappa, 148 Phi Delta Phi, 123 Phi Delta Theta, 372 Phi Epsilon Pi, 375 Phi Eta Sigma, 86 Phi Gamma Delta, 376 Phi Gamma Nu, 100 Phi Kappa Psi, 379 Phi Kappa Sigma, 380 Phi Lambda Upsilon, 151 Phi Rho Sigma, 161 Phi Upsilon Omicron, 149 Physical Therapy, School ol, 156 Pi Beta Phi, 351 Pi Kappa Alpha, 383 Pi Lambda Theta, 148 Pi Tau Sigma, 114 Licensed Practical Nurses, 167 Project AID, 194 Psi Omega, 107 Q Quadrangle, 429 R Religion, School of, 64 S Sailing Club, 231 Seals Club, 212 Seniors, 89 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 384 Sigma Alpha Eta, 149 Sigma Chi, 387 Sigma Delta Chi, 153 Sigma Delta Tau, 352 Sigma Nu, 388 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 391 Sigma Pi, 392 Sigma Theta Tau, 166 Social Work, School of, 80 South Quadrangle, 436 Student Health, 22 Student Marketing Association, 101 Student National Education Association, 147 Student Nurses Organization, 165 Student Publications, Inc., 190 Student Senate, 192 Swimming, 314 T Tau Beta Pi, 116 Television Center, 188 Tennis, 319 Theta Sigma Phi, 153 Theta Tau, 116 Track, 310 U Union Board, 199 University Recreation Association, 219 W Westlawn Student Organization, 166 Womens Recreational Association, 210 Wrestling, 316 WSUI-KSUI, 186 Y Young Republicans, 218 YWCA, 206 Z Zeta Tau Alpha, 354 Beckman, Louann, 126 A Aagesen, Marjorie Ann, 108. 109, 349 Aaron, Michael R., 432 Aarons, Andrew David, 125 Abbas, Janet Lucille, 86, 346 Abbott, Lee Thomas, 163 Abel, David lames, 154, 159 Ahele, Michael Arthur, 90 Abcmathy, Teresa l., 125, 333 Abrahamson, Paul R., 102, 104 Abrams, Gary David, 374 Aclienhach, Curtis A., 110, 117, 118 Achenhaclt, lames Ross, 3TI Aelterman, Diane Gayle, 408 Ackerman, Ianel, 119 Ackerman, Inlm Walter, 12 Acton, lon Lowell, 422 Adams, Arthur Linwood, 125 Adams, Gail Kathryn, 345 Adams, james A., 160 Adams, Joseph Henry l., 377 Ande rson Anderson Sl'uclen'1' Index ludith Gay, 407 Kathlyn, 220, 346 Anderson Kay Frances, 197. 330 Anderson Keith D., 125 Anderson Kenneth D., 379 Anderson Anderson Anderson Marde lean, 403 Marlys Ioy, 216 Mary lu, 162 Anderson, Paul Etlwward, 125 Anderson Richard Don, 90, 97 Anderson, Robert C., 298 Anderson, Roger R., 192, 419, 420, 428 Anderson Ronald K., 377 Anderson Russell R., 226, 427 Anderson, Anderson Anderson , Susan Amal, 330 Anderson, , Suzan layne, 330 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson Shirley Ann, 197, Steven lose, 355 Susan Iorii, 330 Suzanne D., 125, 183 William J., 125 Andrews, Cheryl Lynn, 415 Bailey, Gale, 219 Bailey, Larry joe, 3191 Bailey, Lawrence S., 125, 238, 239, 2-ll Bailey, Linda Sue, 337 Bailey, Milton Zee, 125 Bailey, Scott Michael, 110, 116, 117, 118 Bailey, Bainhri William R., 119 dge, Iarnes R., 386 Bair, lack Allen, 379 Baird, Pamela Lyn, 147, 3-15 Bakehouse, Linda L., 125 Baker, Dale Edwin, 370 Baker, Francene Diane, 337 Baker, Gilhert lens, 369 Baker, James Neal, 370 Baker, Keith Ronald, 421 Baker, Sharon Marie, 86 Baker, Terrence Alan, Baker, Thomas Wendell, 389 Baker, Virginia Lee, 203, 231, 338 Bzlklten , David Russell, 150 Balanoll, Marlys Ann, 345 Adams, Mary Alice, 15 Adams, Michele Marie, -101 Adams, Richard Oliver, 160 Anderson, Gregory F., 339 Anderson, lack W., 238, 420, 427 Angell, Penelope, 346 Ankeny, Gary Vincent, 369 Adamson, Heather Ann, 216, 334 Addy, Mary Kathleen M., 152 Aden, Carol Diane, 152 Adolphson. Mary Lynne, 150 Angus, Carolyn Jean, 216 Anixter, James Rodney, 125, Ankeney, Gregory Paul, 125, 374 rv. 246, ..-17 Alleldt, james l.Va1ter, 123 Alleldt, Thomas M.. 373 Agnew, Richard Paul, 302 Agnew. Robert Evans, 107 Ahders , Robert C., 366 Ahlberg. Ian Lynne, 341 Ahlers, John Paul, 119 Ahrens, Delia Ii., Ahrens, Dorothy Marie, 150, 407 Ahrold , John VVilliam, 373 Aitken, John Richard, 42 Anthens, M. Phyllis, 334 Anton, Betty Jeanne, 333 Anton, Jane Lee, 199, 341 Apel, Ann-Morrison, 37, 125, 338 Applegate, Jill A., 242, 333 Archibald, Linda Kay, 408 Arent, Stephen W., 361 Argo, John NVesley, 361 Arkovich, David Gary, 302, 427 Armens, Karl Magnus, 125 Armkneeht, George R., 98 Ajmera, Ramesh Chanil, 217 Akamine, Shizulto, 90 Akerrnan, David Alan, 243 Akin, Judith Kay, 162, 342 Aksornltitti, Sut11i, 217 Al-Ghraibatvi, Adnah ll., 217 Albers, Steven Craig, 377 Albert, David Frank, 381 Allserti, Kerry Barton, 90, 238, 2.39, 240, 241 Alberts, Thalia Ellen, 217, 218 Aldinger, jack Lee, 433 Alclinger, Karl Dean, 154 Aldrich, Roger Lee, 97 Allen, Beverly Sue, 125 Allen, Helen Kay, 333 Armstrong, Gary Lee, 90, 4112 Armstrong, James G., 370 Amtstrong, Roger A., 366 Am, Nancy Ioan, 210 Arnold, Clarice Ann, 100 Arnold, Edward Dale, 97 Arnold, Arnold, Iames Allen, 159 John Conard, 428 Arnold, Kathleen Mary, 396 Arnold, Kent Arthur, 373 Arnold, Marilyn E., 150, -'107 Amold, Mary Susan, 125 Arp, Laveme Alvin, 90 Arps, Keith Layne, 218, 422 Arthur, Lindsay Ann, 162, 330 Artmann, Sara lane, 333 Baldwin, Philip W., 104 Balko, Susan Lee, 329 Bannister, Robert B., 160 Bantz, Donna Marie, 125 Barhee, Walter M., 88, 119, 123, 12-1 Barhel, loyce Ann, 415 Barclay, Kathryn Lee, 218, 403 Barels, Penelope Ann, 125 Bares, Larry Frank, 110, 117 Barghahn, Bruce K., 3155 Bargren, Kathleen Ann, 329 Barker, Dean Allen, 370 Barker, Gail Ann, 427 Barker, Gary Allen, 238, 241 Barker, Laura Louise, 147, 195, 197, 210, 20, 333 Barker, William S., 154 Barkey, Cary Ronald, 382 Barkhurst, Kenneth H., 97 Barnard, Kent Lee, 194, 23, 365 Hams, Bernadine E., 90, 113 Barnes, Carol Lee, 162, 345 Balman, Gail E., 125, 407 Balster, Inhn Richard, 90, 97 Baltrus, Virginia G., 149, 337 Balzer, Thomas Edward, 385 Beach, Beadles Robert Halclean, 369 ton, Bonnie 401 Beardshear, Don 1-fl., 110, 116, 117 Beary, lean Marie, 150, 194, 203, 209 Beatty, Bruce Howard, 231 Beatty, Dennis E., 119 Beaver, Jerome Mathew, 119 Beaver, Paul Ioseph, 182 Beaver, Richard Allan, 390 Beck, Dale Leroy, 361 Beck, Debra Kay, 349 Beck, lack Paul, 362 Beck, Ionathan R., 160 Becker, Becker, Albert August, 159 Barbara Iewell, 162, 165, 230 Becker, Dennis K., 370 Becker, Elizabeth Ann, 401 Becker, John Terrence, 125 Becker, Larry Eugene, 161 Becker, Larry Henry, 90, 98, 101, 246 Becklor d, Patricia L., 126 Bcdeian, Arthur G., 97, 386 Bederson, Paul D., 358 Beebe, Roberta Lynn, 338 Beecher, William L., 313 Beeler, Douglas C., 393 Beese, Judith Kay, 86 Beetner, Charles M., 126 Behrends, Margaret A., 333 Behrens, Anne K., 341 Behrens, Rebecca lane, 162, 165. 232 Beisler, Ardes Ruth, 199, 333 Beisler, Stephen H., 126 Beiter, Barbara lean, 199, 207, 208, 345 Beith, Charles Alan, 420, 428 Bell, David Lloyd, 86, 158, 213 Bell, Kenneth Allen, 161 Bell, Leroy Edward, 422 Bell, Shirley Irene, 216 Bellis, Stephen L., 158 Benda, Iohn Paul, 239 Bender, Elizabeth Ann, 126 Bendixcn, Charles D., 154, 150 Bendixen, De Vere D., 90, 98, 99 Benge, Priscilla Ann, 206 Benhert, Kenneth Dean, 293 Benischelc, Marcia D., 126 Bandstra, Jeanne L., 162 Bangstr Barnes, Barnes, mn, Dennis Noel, 243, Michael Keith, 153 Regina Agues. 15 Barnes, Timothy H., 213, 314 Barnes, Ward Robert, 125 Barnett, Iames Robert, 373 Barney, Warreti Lynn, 381 ane 353 Allen, Iarries Edward, 125 Allen, Iudith Anne 345 Allen, Mary Lee, 216 Allen, Randall Craig, 389 Allen, Robert Michael, 203, 390 Allen, Susan Marie, 346 Allender, Iohn Edgar, 423 Allers. Susan E., 216 Alley, Louis William, 219 Almquist, lolayne S., 125 Almquist, Theodore C., 102, 107 Alston, William, 151 Alt, Sara Roberta, 334 Alter, Altman Ames, 1 , - 1, Roberta M., 232 Cheryl Kay, 338 Ancell, Ivan Dolson, 102, 104 Anderlilc, James M., 125, 365 Antlerman, Adrienne ll., 125, 353 Andersen, ludy Lynn, 403 Anders Anders on, Anne Ellen, 125 nn, Barham E., 403 Ariz, Tyrone Dean, 160 Arvidsnn, Cheryl Ruth, 218 Asareh, Richard G., 125 Asarch, Thomas Edward, 102, 104 Ashby, Linda Sue. 333 Asinger, Richard NV., 223 Asleson, Patricia Lou, 153, 178, 194 Aspengren, Forrest C., 125 Aspleal, Larry C., 90 Astolli, Ianice Lynn, 337 Atchison, Gerard T., 232 Atha, Eric Iames, 366 Atherton, Ianice Kay, 414, 415 Aude, Roger Bruce, 230 Aulrecht, Sally Irene, 231, 402 Augius, George joseph, 151 Augustine, Albpert E., 373 Ausherger, Iames M., 119, 123 Avery, Stephen F., 119, 123 Axtell, David, 373 Ayers, Alvin Iames, Ir., 107 Azuse, Larry Dean, 425 Barnhart, Leeanne Sue, 125 Barnhill, Robert W., 238, 241, -121 Barnhouse, Tim M., 432 Baron, Ahraham Frank, 338 Barquist, Karen Kay, 125 Barron, Garland Gene, 125 Barry, Iames Patrick, 110 Barry, Owen Thomas, 373 Barry, Richard joseph, 90, 369 Barry, William M., 393 Barta, Patricia Ann, 400 Bartine, Edwin VV., 424 Banley, Betty Diane, 125, 147 Barton, Eileen Kay, 407 Barton. Gregory King, 298, 373 Baskerville, Barhara, 125 Bastian, Edward W., 302, 320 Bastow, Mary Sue, 162. 354 Batman, Sandra Sue, 108, 109, 123 198, 345 Batz, Rttssell Gilmore, 90 Bauch, Iamcs Clay, 369 Bennett, David Alan, 198, 199, 204, 23, 390 Bennett, Edward lames, 88, 119, 21S Bennett, lean Kay, 330 Beno, Charles Patrick, 126, 246 Benschoter, Ruth M., 147 Benson, Robert, 126, Z22, 223, 370 Benson, William Lee, 154 Benton, lohn Barry, 238, 241, 361 Benton, Raymond S., 119 Bentrot t, Judith Ann, 126, 149, 220 Benz, Kathy lean, 400 Berendts, Terry Allan, B8 Heres, Kathryn M., 194, 231, 3-15 Berg, Donald Donavon, 126 Berg, jeffrey Payson, 381 Berg, Karen Ann, 108, 109, 333 Berg, Suzanne Alice, 416 Berge, Ierrie Sue, 242 Bergemann, George W., 318 Berger, Arthur Stuart, 98, 425 Anderson, Carl Olaf, 362 Anderson, Danny Dean, 218, 212 Anderson, Edith A., 125, 219 Anderson, Gary F., 124 Anderson, Glen Melvin, 233, 241, 426 B Bablze, Iennie C., 349 Bahberl, Lyle Wayne, 125 Bauer, Ioan ne Kaye, 165 Bauer. Sheila, 199, 208, 329 Bauer, Thomas Kerry, 125 Baugh, Baum, Richard James, 370 Ierald Alan, 238, 431 Berger, Corwyn Mel, 431 Bergen, Donald Gene, B9 Berggre Bergo, n, Iohn Edwin, 90 Pamala Ann, 333 Bergstresser, Martha, 87, 126, 208 Bergstrom, lon F., 126, 154 Bergstrom, Karen Anne, 407 Bergstrom, Robert E., 126 Bergstrom, Thomas A., 119 Bergstrom, Thomas E., 423 Bergstrom, Victoria I.. 108 Berguson, Robert I., 126 Berkland, Randall C., 123 Bermudez-Gonzalez L., 334 Anders on, Glen E., 125 Anderson, Harold E., 90, 124, 361 Anderson, Iames E., 124 Anderson, james Price, 125 Anderson, lane Ellen, 214, 231, 346 Anderson, Iohn Roger, 365 Anders Anders on, joseph H., 104, 125 on, loyce E., 20 Bach, Rachel Ann, 408 Bason, Marilyn Kay, 341 Bader, Louise Ann, 125 Bagge, Carol Lee, 406 Bagley, Raymond R., 119 Bahnsen, Andrea Leia, 402 Baier, Donald Albert, 298 Baikauskas, David I., 438 Baum, William Iames, 361 Baumeier, Becky lo, 415 Baumeister, Mark A., 373 Baumgartel, Gayle L., 415 Bauserman, Keith N., 125 Baxter, Kenneth Leroy, 332 Bazelidesc, Paul Peter, 98, 99 Beach, Peggy, 401 Bernauer, R. Michael, 361 Bemdt, Gary Robert, 429, 432 Bernstein, Edward Lee, 374 Berry, David Kent, 110, 117, 118 Berry, Ronald Lee, 126, 213, 320, 433 Bersbach, lohn B., 385 Bertschinger, F. E., 419, 427 Berven, Norman Lee 369 1 449 Brown, Nancy E., 127, 220, 242 Betterley, Ioseph M., 126 Bettis, Inhn VVilliam, 168 Beurle, lames Gifford, 102, 104 Bextine, Ralph Edward, 320 Bezdek, Patricia Ann, 406, 407 Bice, lane Elizabeth, 126, 349 Bice, Thomas Iohn, 379 Biclcett, William R., 382 Bickley, Don C., 390 Bidelman, Wayne D., 421 Bie, Wendy Althea, 126 Bieber, john William, 313, 365 Biebesheimer, Iohanna, 195, 342, 430 Bierie, David B., 104 Bigel, Bruce Allen, 126 Bigelow, Diane D., 399 Bilek, Guy Otto, 298, 381 Billington, Mary Ann, 406 Bilunds, Donna lean, 403 Bilyeu, Marlyne lean, 126 Binkerd, Adrian F., 393 Binney, Barbara S., 217, 354 Binney, William Lloyd, 237 Bird, Richard Marcus, 126 Birenbaum, Steven Iay, 126 Birk, Sherry Sue, 126, 329 Birkelaricl, Iolm H., 123, 125, 239 Bisenius, Stephen W., 427 Bishop, Dellaine, 416 Bishop, John Schutter,, 393 Bishop, Marlu Kay, 342 Bisser, Robert Fred, 126 Bitker, Cheryl Ann, 108, 109 Bjorge, Thoms Lee, 107 Bjorklund, Stanley A., 430 Black, Willamina K., 205 Blackburn, Iohn C., -131 Blnekleclge, F., 119 Blackman, Iohn F., 385 Blackman, Iudith Ann, 329 Blaekmer, Sue Ellen, 126, 338 Blackstoek, Benjamin, 123 Blair, Della Ann, 126 Blair, Linda Io, 401 Blake, Iacqucline C., 166 Blakely, Karen Kay, 326 Blakey, Patricia Ann, 346 Blandford, Elizabeth, 218, 221, 354 Blaser, Leslie Bruce, 126 Blalchley, Janet A., 404 Bleek, Karen Iean, 330 Blessing, William H., 126, 381 Blessman, Ianftes Leroy, 126 Blevins, Donald E., 102, 104 Bliss, Ronald Lee, 183 Block, Randolph Alvin, 423 Blocksma, Anne E., 126, 346 Blomgren, Susan Iune, 126 Blomker, William D., 126 Blommers, James I., 119, 123 Bloodhart, Iohn W., 90 Bloomquist, Carroll R., 90 Bloomquist, Cheryl A., 126 Blosten, Kay, 126, 353 Blum, Iames Dean, 90, 97, 98, 99 Blunck, Robert C., 420, 427 Boat, Thomas F., 154 Boatman, Dennis Lee, 154 Boatman, Douglas, 379 Boatman, Judith Ann, 342 Bober, Iames Keith, 126 Bock, Pamela Io, 416 Bockenstedt, F., 159 Bode, Allan Floyd, 126, 232 Boden, Emily Kay, 346 Boe, Ronald Oliver, 243, 245, 246, 247 Bocck, Albert George, 421 Boehlje, Boyd, Wayne, 123 Boehmke, Ianiler Rue, 354 Boehmke, Ierilyn Kay, 354 Boeke, Lee Eugene, 119, 123 Boelter, Philip Floyd, 124 Boer, Iaekie Pieter, 422 Boettcher, Nancy lane, 333 Boettcher, Terry Lee, 389 Bogaard, Karen Faye, 126, 220 Bogenrief, Richard A., 430 Bogguss, Jeffrey S., 377 Bohle, Daniel Iames, 218 Bohlin, Ralph, 126 Bohr, Ioseph Howard, 126 Boisen, Kathryn Mary, 166 Bojan, Kenneth Arthur, 110 Bokmeyer, Timothy I., 430 Boland, Donald Edward, 90 450 Boland, Ronald Evan, 90 Boland, Sandra, 399 Boldes, Iohn, 126 Holes, Marlene Kay, 330 Bolonik, Cheryl Lynn, 126 Bolton, Cathleen Anne, 194. -115 Boltz, Iames Elmer, -132 Bombei, Ronald Iohn, 90, 97, 08 Bond, Carole L., 126 Bonior, David Edward, 298, 385 Bontrager, Shirley K., 90, 100 Book, Glenn Leroy, 102. 103, 107 Book, Pamela Elaine, 203, 346 Booker, Brooks W., 237, 390 Boone, Paul Dean, 154 Booth, Alan Zell, 160 Borehelt, Anne Poole, 150, 415 Borcherding, Randall, 90, 98, 362 Borchers, Richard I., 90, 393 Borg, Paul William, 419 Bortz, Norma Ann, 162, 165 Boucher, Kathryn Anne, 220, 33-1 Bouclinot, Robert C., 393 Boudinot, Susan Marie, 152, 334 Britlin, Willard Dim, 119, 123 Britton, Chrtistabel, 337 Britton, Iulie Ann, 415 Broberg, David Earl, 151 Brobesnng, Anastasio, 217 Brock, William David, 431 Brodie, Iohn Elmo, QU Brodkey, Gail Louise, 219 Broers, Ion lay, 98, 218, 428 Brogan, Richard Larry, 152 Brogllammer, Mark C., 127 Bromley, Richard, 122, 127 Bronner, David George, 361 Brooks, Cary Lee, 117 Brouhard, Linda Ann, 127 Bourke, Brian Edmund, 385 Bourne, YVilliam Mark, 159 Bouska, Mary Iane, 126 Bowen, Donald George, 126 Bowen, james Thomas, 421 Bowen, William John, 90, 97, 2413 Bower, Barbara Anne, 406, 408 Bower, Donna Kay, 126 Bowermaster, Ion P., 24, 419, -123 Bowers, Carolyn C., 126 Bowers, Cherie Aileen, 329 Bowlin, Robert H., 218, 422 Bowm an , David Wesley, 123 Bowman, Kay Kristin, -107 Bowman Bowman , Nancy Lynn, 194, 346 , Rosalie Grace, 221, 242 Bowne, Beatrice, 330 Bowslcad, Iudith E., 127, 400 Boyd, Nancy lane, 127, 346 Boyd, Norlin W'ayne, 127 Boyd, Sandra Io, 232, 338 Boyd, William Charles, 174 Boyd, VVil1iam james, 426 Boyer, Catherine Nan, 127 Boyer, Danny Bruce, 127 Boyle, Barbara Ann, 225, 406, 408 Boyle, David Timothy, 127 Boyle, Richard Iames, 110 Boyle, Susan Frances, 127 Brower, Iames Alvin, 427 Brown, Anthony Louis, 102, 107 Brown, Barry Lee, 223, 365 Brown, Beverly M., 127 Brown, Carolc Ann, 165 Brown, Charles Milton, 127 Brown, Deborah lean, 127 Brown, Debra Doris, 230, 329 Brown, Dennis George, 45 Brown, Donald, 154 Brown, Douglas Wayne, 127 Brown, Gary Herbert, 370 Brown, Harold Dennis, 127 Brown, James Howard, 218, 423 Brown, Ian Renee, 329, 337 Brown, Janet Eileen, 127 Brown, Io Ann, 408 Brown, Io Lynne, 416 Brown, Judith Ann, 326 Brown, Kathleen Ann, 416 Brown, Patricia Lou, 127 Brown, Richard Carl, 385 Brown, Robert Berton, 127, 219 Brown, Robert S., 158 Brown, Robert T., 154 Brown, Ronald, 159 Brown, Sara, 127 Brown, Sharon, 230 Brown, Steven, 365 Brown, Thomas, 298, 390 B rown , B rowns Tracy, 127, 389 tone, Ioan, 127 Brubacher, '1"11eodore, 311, 320 B mek , Marvin, 90, 98, 101, -123 Brucker, Kenna, 414 Brucker, Teri, 412 Brueggeman, Robert, 366 Boyles, Charles M., Ir., 243 Bradley, Barbara Sue, 333 Bradley, Kirk Ralph, 194, 421 Bradley, Michael I., 119 Brady, Mary Katherine, 178, 345 Braksiek, Dennis Lee. 238, 241 Brallier, David R., 160 Brandrtip, Leonard A., 381 Brandt, Dav-id Elmer, 154 Brandt, Kay Marlene, 127, 329 Brandt, Paul Charles, 00, 377 Branstad, Terry E., -124 Brancr, Ann Rae, 127 Braun, Charles Hilary, 199, 374 Braun, Paul David, 90, 98, 390 Braune, William I., 127 Brawner, Marlyn Ray, 127 Brcka, David john, 90, 97 Bream, Allan Leo, 366 Breckenridge, Charles, 90 Brecunier, Ann, 341 Bredall, Mark Stewart, 239, 390 Brecden, Iolm Martin, 127 Breedlove, Huston H., 302 Breese, Leanna Lou, 338 Brewer, Barbara jane, 210, 346 Brewer, Della Lee, 100, 415 Brickman, James T., 390 Bridge, Alan Lloyd, 127 Bridgelord, Gary I., 423 Briggs, Carolyn lean, 127 Briggs, Norman Perry, 243, 245, 246, 247 .. ,386 Briggs, William Alvin, 127, 246, 293, 320 Bright, David F., 113 Bright, Iames Allen, 419, 420, 423 Bright, Lonnie Ralph, 218, 426 Bringelson, Iohn W., 377 Brinker, Terry Lee, 318, 370 Brinkley, Angela A., 415 Brinkman, Mary Ann, 326 Bruhn, Judith, 153, 182, 402. Brummel, Larryl, 419, -120 Brummel, Marvin, 425 Brun, Carolyn, 162 Bruning, Richard, -436 Brunner, Nancy, 108, 403 Bruns, David, 107 Brunstrom, Pamela, 109, 125 Brush, Rodger, 107 Bryant, Carol, 127 Buchanan, Glenn, 223, 393 Buchanan, Iohn, 90 Buchanan, Paul, 373 Buck, Keith, 127 Buckingham, Patrick, 127 Buckley, jo Ann, 326 Buckley, Mary Io, 206, 333 Budelier, William, 110. 117, 118, -130 Bnelow, Ruth, 210, 230 Buenn i g, Robert, 389 Bnescher, Sheila, 90 Bull, Dennis, 428 Buman, Iohn, 119, 124 Bunce, David, 427 Bunclgaard, Kurt, 422 Bunge, I-ames, 127 Bunger, Darwin, 119 Bunn, Carol, 401 Burda, Patricia, 415 Burde, Carl, 432 Burdt, Hugo, 119 Buresh, Dean, 198, 433 Buresh, Fredric, 427 Buresh, Kathleen, 147, 199, 207, 3 Buresh, Linda, 127 Burfeind, William, 127 Burger, Stephen, 379 Burgess, David, 243, 246 Burglechtel, Robert, 159 Burma Ruth-Ann, 334 Burian, Penny, 219 Burk, Everette, 423 41 Burkart, john, 382 Burke, Barbara, 345 Burke Betty, 127 Burke, Bruce, 358 Burke, Larry, 86, LEO, Burke, Maryanna, 127 Burke, Patrick, 243 Burke, Ruth, 218, 230 Burken, Roger, 90, 98, 424 Burkett, Barbara, 119, 1211 Burkle, Robert, 386 Burkley, Donald, 160 Burks, Donald, 107 Burks, Iames, 381 Burlage, William, 421 Burling, Dennis, 431 Burling, Iudith, 354 Burnett, William R., 90 Burnette, William A., 311 Burns, Alfred, 127 Burns, Colleen, 108 Burns, Iohn, 385 Bums, Ioseph, 335 Burr, Donna, 108 Burrows, Kenneth, 104 Burt, Gregory, 373 Burt, Roger, 127 Burton, Iohn, 238, 370 Burton, Virginia, 127 Busch, Roseann, 346 Bush, Charlene, 194, 216, 330 Bush, David, 159 Bushaw, Priscilla, 216 Butcher, Glenn, 218, 423 Butt, Dana, 216 Bnttel, Thomas, 422 Butterworth, Mary, 354 Bnttleman, Karyn, -108 Bye, David, 124, 218 Byers, Raymond, 90, 98, 424 Byers, Sharon, 127, 345 Byme, Barry, 422 Byrne, Bernie, 370 Byrnes, lane, 334 C Cadwallader, Patricia, 218, 416 Cadwell, Robert, 154 Cady, Iulie, 127 Cahill, Daniel, 119 Cahill, Thomas, 128 Cahn, Bernard, 154 Calacci, Gary, 390 Calame, Virginia, 162 Calder, Enid, 230 Calder, Ioan, 415 Calhoun, Gary, 222, 385 Calloway, Michael, 90 Callaway, Ronald, 128 Callison, Patricia, 150 Calmer, Kenneth, 393 Calta, Dick, 90, 241 Calvert, Iohn, 128, 243, 245, 247, 385 Calza, Carole, 108 Cambridge, Mary Ann, 346 Camden, Iudith, 128, 213 Cameron, Bruce, 154 Cameron, Karnese, 128, 147, Cameron, Mary Ann, 128 Camp, David, 107 Campbell, Bonnie, 407 Campbell, George, 128, 243, Campbell, james, 433 Campbell, Ioseph, 218, 238, Campbell, Patricia, 345 Campbell, Paul, 427 Campbell, Susan E., 128 Campbell, Susan Lee, 330 Canaday, Sandra, 218 Cannon, Richard, 107 Cano, Vincent, 128 Cantor, Betty, 353 Capck, Nancy, 408 Cargile, Ioyce, 128, 225, 414, Carl, Allen, 390 Carley, I. Allen, 246 Carlson, Barbara, 345 Carlson, Charles, 385 Carlson, Don, 243, 429, 432 Carlson, james, 386 Carlson, Kenneth, 107 Carlson, Linda, 345 Carlson, Milton, 423 245, 21 S 246, 247 241, 361 416 Carlson, Patricia, 204, 345 Carlson, Penelope, 403 Carlson, Ruth Ann, 109 Carlson, Steven, 426 Carlson, Susan, 128 Carlton, james, 202, 204, 366 Carmichael, Richard, 239, 240, 241 Carney, Patricia, 128 Carney, Rohcrt, 161 Carpenter, Carol, 128, 153, 182, 190 Carpenter, Thomas, 365 Carr, Chandra, 203 Carrier, Patricia, 123, 329 Carigg, Iohn, 15S Carrithers, Iohn, 298 Carruthers, Bntce, 128 Carson, james, 218 Carson, Iohn, 431 Carter, Ioan, 218 Carter, Richard A., 432. Carter, Richard C., 369 Carter, Ronald, 160 Carver, David, 104 Cartwright, Carol, 329 Cary, Roger, 431 Case, Pamela, 203, 214, 345 Casehoer, Karin, 407 Casey, joseph, 421 Casey, Patricia, 329 Casey, William, 238 Caslavka, Iennifer, 403 Casper, Iohn, 223, 370 Cassidy. Leslie, 337 Caster, lane, 407 Catalano, Charles, 421 Cather, Michael, 361 Cavalier, Marianne, -107 Cheeks, Da Cavanauglm, Gary, 158 Cavins, Duane, 128, 225, 429, 432 Cecil , Ion, 128, 147, 385 Chatlim, Cheryl, 128 Chadwick, Ann, 108, 109. 345 Chaffee, Ja mes, 128 Challecl, VVilliam, 390 Chally, Ioclie, 408 Chambers, john, 154 Clmndler, Cathie, 128, 338 Chandler, Cheryl, 337 Chandler, Steven, 90 Channell, Linda, 415 Chapman, Nathan, 319, 374 Chapman, Robert, 123 Chapman, Thomas, 302, 313, 320, Chard, Sally, 329 Charlson, Cynthia, 407 Charnon, Peter, 128 Check, Kaye, 154 nsby, 128 Chenoweth, Carol, 208, 329 Cherry, Elizabeth, 152 Chervek, Cherie, 216 Chcrveny, james, 102, 107 Chesen, Eli, 158 Chiado, Robert, 90 Childs, Michael, 370 Childs, Pamela, 345 Chisholm, Carol, 341 Knthryne. 197, 199, 346 Chisholm, Iohn, 194, 218, 366 Chmura, Io Ann, 197, 199. 346 Chrisman, Ianine, 218, 403 Christensen, Carolyn, 218 Christensen, lerry, 432 Christensen, John, 128 Christensen, Kay, 330 Christensen, Marilyn, 165, 416 Christensen, Mary, 345 Christensen, Susan, 403 Christensen, William, 362 Christian, Roger, 429, 432 Christiansen, Donald, 361 Christiansen, Kathryn, 162 Christiansen, Laura, 128, 207, 208 218, 221, 346 Chuck, Cherrelyn, 147, 2116, 338 Chumlwielc, Susan, 128, 199, 338 Church. Bradley, 128 Cilek, Robert, 29, 240, 241 Cilek, Thomas, 379 Claeys, Richard, 432 Clancy, Iohn, 122 Clark, Alice, 341 Clark, Glen, 128, 382 Clark, Jane, 128 Clark, lean, 108 Clark, Ioe, 339 ,345 366 , 209, Clark, Richard, 385 Clark, Thomas, 107 Clarke, George, 123 Claus, Larry, 42 Claussen, Richard, 128 Clawson, Daniel, 393 Cormany, Christoplmer, 104 Cornwell, Francis, 129 Comwell, Iurly, 242 Cornwell, Margaret, 166 Corry Kathleen, 333 Corson, Marjorie, S7, 129, 147 Clayton, iuanh, 216, 401 Clemens, Charles, 430 Clemens, Ianet, 242 Clemons, Wilson, SS, 102. 103, 104, 199 Clevelan d, Jerry, 12 Cline, Cynthia, 334 Cline, Melvin, 436 Cline, Sarah, 20 Close, B arbara, 401 Clow, Douglas, 110, 117 Clowes, Ianiee, 128 Cloyed, Iohn, 128, 153, 1510, 132 Clynick, Betty, 341 Cmejrek. lames, 128, 2513 Coats, Mark, 90, 93, 218 Cochran, Dale, 428 Cochrane, juclith, 406, -'IOS Cocklin, Danny, 423 Coder, Sugene, 90, 98 Coffman, Quentin, 147, 428 Coghlan, Robert, 08, 246 Cohen, Alan, 432 Cohen, Kathryn, 150, 404 Cohrs, Elaine, 217, 230 Colbert, Iohn, 123 Colbert, Thomas, 421 Coldiron, Mary, 128 Coleman, Lerdy, 419, 420, 428 Colenso, Francis, 128 Colgan, Elaine, 12S Colgan, Patrick, 361 Collingwood, Russell, 427 Collins, Barbara, 202, 214, 242 Collins, Charles, 421 Collins, Corrine, 103 Collins, Mary, 403 Collins, Michael, 423 Collins, Paul, 102 Collins, Steven, 90 Collison, David, 90 Colloton, joseph, 123 Colon, Robert, 361 Coltvet, Roger, 160 Colwell, Gary, 393 Combs, Stephen, 382 Combs, Steven, 123, 198, 230, 239, 240, 241, 243, 318 Conarcl, Kerry, 420, 426 Condry, Ronald, 128 Coniglio, Ioseph, 104 Conklin, Robert, 128 Conlcllng, William, 223, 379 Conn, Carla, 219 Conn, Meredith, 333 Connell, Richard, 424 Connelly, Mark, 159 Conway, Kathleen, 108, 109 Conwell, Ioseph, 365 Cook, lane, 415 Cook, Joan, 128, 206, 230 Cook, Iohn, 90 Cook, Lawrence, 151 Cook, Robert, 429, 432 Cook, Robert, 425 Cook, Valissa, 128, 147 Cook. Vicki, 128 Cook, William, 98 Coolidge, Del, 158 Coon, john, 232 Coon, Robert, 370 Corwin, Marilyn, 108, 109 Corwin, William, 370 Cory, Albert, 362 Cosson, George, 00, 428 Cotter, john, 110 Cottingham, Gwen, 218, 23L, 1116 Cotton, Thomas, 428 Cottrell, Karen, 129 Coulter, Rohert, 421 1 Countryman, Ioan, 87, 129, 207. 208, 21, 341 Courtney, Sandra, 162 Cousins, William, 129 Cowles, Dale, 365 Cox, Anne, 149, 24, 406, 407 Cox, Homer, 436 Cox, Linda, 129, 342. Coy, Gary, 93 Cozzens, Sarah, 103, 109, 129 Cozzolino, Sally, 242 Craigg, Arlene, 90, 100 Craigie, Lucy, 210 Cram, James, 91 Crandall, Thomas, 110, 117 Crawford, Iames, 91, 238, 239, 241 Crawford, Merrill, 1122 Crawlorrl, Sheryljan, 416 Crawford, 11Vi1liam, 373 Creger, Janice, 129 Crew, Barbara, 342 Crew, Karin, 329 Crews, Phyllis, 337 Criblns, Barbara, 129, 326 Crichlow, Kenneth, 131, 157 Crider, Dale, 390 Crist, Lyndon, 129 Criswell, Barbara, 345 Critz, Trainor, 389 Cromwell, Thomas, SS, 157. 158 Cronkhite, Constance, 349 Cross, Jerome, 91, 97 Cross, William, 161 Crouch, Parker, 389 Crow, Nathaniel, 129 Crowell, Carolyn, 165 Crowell, Mary, 149, 337 Croxdale, Michael, 154, 159 Croxell, Ieannette, 230, 400 Croyle, Elaine, 337 Crumley, Roger, 15S Cryder, lohn, 213 Cullum, Carrol, 115, 116 Culp, Roberta, 354 Culross, Michael, 13 Cummings, Gary, 429 Cummins, Richard, 129, 311, 320 Cumpston, Kay, 168 Cunningham, Michael, 22, 393 Curnes, Peter, 369 Curran, Jennifer, 403 Currie, Ierry, 311, 1123 Dallman, David, 419. 1120 Dalluge, Rebecca, 1911 Dandy, Darrold, 91, 245, 246 Danish, Ftakhmddin, 425 Dappen, Nathan, 215, 423 Darby, Iames, 427 Darling, Stephen, 369 Darnell, Iohn, 91, 222, 246 Davis, Raymond, 389 Davis, Richard, 129, 199, 390 Davis, Ronald, 422 Davis, Sandra, 166 Dawe, Rosemary, 3337 Dawson, Craig, 219 Dawson, Douglas, 3711 Day, Ianet, 403 Day, Linda, 129 Day, Suzanne, 129, 147 Deacon, Pamela, 129 Deahl, Rebecca, 216, 326 Dean, Karen, 415 Deantona, joseph, 129 Dearing, Iohn, 423 Deatherage, Gail, 168, 170 Daubenberger, Rex, 219 Dauber, Iames, 425 Davenport, Michael, 129 Davey, Clare, 123 Davida, George, 110, 390 Davis, Alice. 21, 341 Davis, Diana, 334 Davis, Gary, 238. 241 Davis, Ienniler, 4103 Davis, Larry, 107 Davis, Larry, 218, 429, 433 Davis, Mary, 100 Delao, james, 129 Debolt, Karen, 162. 216 Deeamp, Linda, 108 Dechnsa, Edmund, 129 Dccicco, Ann, 326 Decker, David, 154. 161 Decker, Samuel, 370 Decker, William, 129 Decook, Robert, 123 Deeuster, Richard, 129 Dedakis, Nancy, 349 Dedic, Lumir, 119 Deegan, Robert, 246 Det-gan, William, 110. 115, 117, 197 Deerherg. Dean, 192, 194, 197, 214, E, 393 Degrofl, William, 366 Deygroote, Donna, 129 Deitchler, Ronald. 381 Dejong, Robert, 390 Dclperdang. Douglas, 382 Del phe y, Marlene, 162 Dernaria, David, 129 Deming, Christine, 1114 Deming, Inyce, 333 Demoss, Philip, 373 Demuth, Catherine, 129, 209, 334 Denger, Elsie. 162 Denham, Susan. IE Denholm, Charles, 129 Curtis, Elaine, 129 Curtis, Iolm, 379 Curtis, Michael, 1121 Curtis, Paul, 154 Curtis, Russell, 218. 428 Curtis, Susan, 129, 326 Curtis, Susan, 207, 208, 2121, 3111 Custer, Vona, 152. 180 Cutforth, Ia mes, 373 Cutler, Cooney, Iames, 128 Cooney, Thomas, 90. 246, 379 Cooney, Timothy, 128 Coons, Christine, 326 Coons, Kenton, 426 Cooper, Charlotte, 416 Cooper, Cynthia, 333 Cooper, Donald, 389 Cooper, Iames, 107 Cooper, Raymond, 90 Cooper, Roger, 128, 243, 245, 2-16, 247 Cooper, Ronald, 374 Cooper, Steven, 102, 104 Copley, Connie, 354 Corcoran, Constance, 232 Corcoran, Iohn, 86, 186, 393 Corcoran, Maureen, 129, 329 Corelis, john, 129 Corlett, Gail, 129, 147 D Daake, Dennis, 160 Daggett, James, 154 Daggs, Stephen, 393 Dagle, Chester, 129, 178 Dahlmeier, Frederick, 35 Dahlstrom, Roy, 91 Dahm, James, 102, 107 Dahms, Sally, 218, 230 Dailey, Richard, 129 Dalbey, Donald, 161 Dale, Patty, 216 Dalen, Donna, 403 Dalen, Roger, 98 Dall, William, 159 Dallenbach, Linda, 329 Denholm, Iames. 361 Denio, Collyn. 91, 97 Denison, Phyllis, 91 Dennis, Richard, 382 Denoma, Michael. 110 Derderian, Mary, 342 Dereus,1ames, lm, 42 Dertinger, Stephen, 1125 Desmond, Drene, 337 Dessel, Ioan, 162 Dessel, Iulia, 162 Deters, David, 425 Deters, Michael, 425 Dethmann, Diane. 216 Deuel, Beverly, 129, 219 Deutsch, Stephen, 158 Devick, Darrel, 426 Devine, Wilbur, 320 Devoe, Lisa, 129, CEO, 342 Dew, William, 123 Dewald, Karen, 166 Dewey, Susan, 349 Dewitt, Arthur, 116, 117 Dewitt, Dennis, 102 Dewitt, Robert, 116 Dewoll Dexhei , Mary, 129, 326 mer, Carl, 97 Dhesse, Iudith, 150 Di Ma mbro, Bemard, 107 Diamond, Fred, 229. 421 Diblasio, Paul, 185, 430 Dick, Carolyn, 204. 1149 Dick, Charles, SS, 123 Dicker, Lee, 86, 194, 374 Dieker, Paul, 374 Dieker, Shirlee, 130 Dickey, Mary, 130 Dickinson, Gary, 98 Dickson, Robert, 213 Diddy, Kathleen. 130, 157 Didriksen, Iohn E. Diehl, Iohn, 318 Diehl, R ita, 162, 165 Dierdorlf, Curtis, Q1 Dierker, Leroy, 159 Dietrich, Max, 110 Digwo, Samuel, 110 Dillingham, Nathan, 91, 98, 213, 239 Dimon, Frederick, 239, 240, 241 Dimnncl, Richard, 154 Dinsmoor, Ann, 341 Dinsmore, Diana, 337 Dirks, Sharon, 214, 329 Dirlam, Karen, 130 Dishlip, Inner, 194. 353 Disney, Ioan, 403 Disselhorst, Charles, 91, 426 Dittrich, Ieanene, 220 Dixon, Ioseph, 386 Dixon, Robert, 26, 424 Dixon, Sandra, 1311, 220 Dlugosch, Paul, 313 Dobbins, Ronald, 168 Dockendorlf, Ianice, 130, 230 Doden, Imogene, 425 Doellinger, john, 361 Dolier, Henry, 365 Domihue, Mike, 86, 393 Dunham, Kelley, 130, 246 Donnelly, Mary, 345 Pane, Larry, 158 Donovan, Deborah, 408 Dustrnan, Ellen, 215, 346 Dutcher, Anne, 130 Dutton, M. Anne, 130, 412 Dutton, Phyllis, 100, 338 Duvall, Louise, 218, 414, 416 Duve, Susan, 154 Dvnrsky, Denver, 91 Dwnrchack, Rrihert, 427 Dyas, Ruth Ann Dylhnif, Philip, 91 Dzziurawiec, Jerome, 419 E Earl, Wilber, 130, 182 Earley, Larry, 194, 421 Earnest, Kenneth, 110, 114, 117 liasker, Fred, 130 Easlhurn, Judith, 130 Eaton, Jay, 373 Eat-m, Mary, 130 Eaton, William, 1-132 llbeling, Iohn, 390 Ebert, Iohn, 319 Echlernach, Harold, 91, 230, 424 Echlernacht, Brandt, 231, 428 Iichlernacht, Richard, 194, 213, 218, 226, 423 Eckel, Dwight, 130 Eckels, Lois, 86, 403 Eckerman, Timothy, 42 Eckhardt, Dale, 338 Eckstein, Mary, 130 Edgar, Dun, 4311 lirllunrl, Kedric, 130 Eflmunrls, Thomas, 154 Eclsen, Ierry, 423 Edson, Elizabeth, 192, 1110 Edwards, Charles, 107 Edwards, George, 199 Edwards, Larry, 130 Entwhistle, George, 2213 Entwhistle, Iarnes, 2126 Enyart, Larry, 1311 Erin, Marie, 162, 165 Erickson, Allen, 130, 246 Erickson, Ellen, 130, 157, 242, 345 Ericksun, Michael, 102, 104 Erickson, Pamela, 1311, 197 Erman, Joseph, 374 Ervin, David, 107 Eschbach, Carol, 230 Esders, Nicklas, 42 Esler, Kenneth, 390 Esser, lemme, 91 Evans, Iames, 389 Evans, Ie rry, 369 Evans, Ioan, 130 Evans, Ioyce, 130, 147, 210, 334 Evans, Michael, 130 Evans, Richard, 362 Evans, Roderick, 97 Evans, Ronald, 130 Evans, Ruth, 152, 403 Everroad, Sue, 130, 242 Ewart, Ned, 389 F Fahian, Lawrence, 37-4 Fachman, Frank, 117, 231 Fackler, Carl, 88, 158. 198 Fahlenka mp, Terrance, 393 Fahnslrorn, Marilyn, Faino, Rod, 379 Fake, Th omas, 107 Falb, Mark, 369 Falb, Richard, 104 Falk, Nile, 362 Full, Pamela, 329 Fallgatter, William, 218, -430 194, 338 Donley, Iohn, 88, 123 Dooley, W. Glenn, 130, 219 Dnrio, Roger, 386 Dormer, Robert, 2'-16 Dorr, Sandra, 162 Dorf, Dean, 130, 222, 236, 243, 2-16, 247, 386 Dosland, Demlll, 427 Dutson, Dennis, 428 Datsun, james, 421 Duty, Jimmie, 366 Dougherty, Kathleen, 407 Dougherty, Thomas, 159 Dower, Katherine, 346 Dowie, Frank, 373 Downs, Suzanne, 130 Drain, Michael, 130 Dreschler, Io, 130 Drces, Linda, 108 Dreihelhis, Cynthia, 194, 216, 3416 Drew, Leslie, 406 Driskell, Michael, 110 Driver, Carol, 149 Driver, Craig, 130 Drozdowicz, Peter, IGS, 213 Druivenga, Alan, 130 Druker, David, 159 Duax, William, 151 Duhes, Susan, 415 Dudek, Mary, 416 Duerkop, Henry, 361 Duesler, David, 430 Dulf, Kathleen, 346 Duffy, Daniel, 151 Duily, Kathleen, 100 Duffy, Kitt, 239 Duggleby, Carol, 130, 153, 219 Dugglehy, Tamara, 152, 180, 195, -115 Dugstad, Bruce, 86, 430 Duitch, Dennis, 91 Duitch, Robert, 374 Dunbar, Patricia, 416 Dunealf, Carol, 166 Duncan, Larry, 429, 432 Edwards, Eclwa rnls Edwarcls Ronald, 104 , Steven, 390 Edwards, , William, 389 Timothy, 379 Fells, Donald, 130 Elllanil, Robert, 3615 Egbert, Randle, 3511 Eghert, Thomas, 231 Egeland, Ellen, 341 Eggers, Daniel Brian, 157, 159 Eggers, Fredrick, 382 Fangman, john, 154 Fanter, Robert, 245, 245, 247, 385 Fanter, William, 2, 245, 246, 247, 385 Farragn, Dennis, 393 Farber, Allan, 110, 117, 118 Fariss, Theodore, 91, 390 Farley, Donaicl, 131 Farluw, Richard, 233, 427 Farmer, Gerald, 131 Famswnrlh, Nancy, 1613 Duncan, Stephen, 428 Dungan, Carol, 108, 109, 130, 166 Dunham, Iames, 219 Dunham, Louisa, 162 Dunn, Diane, 130, 330 Dunn, K athleen, 194, 337 Dunscombe, William, 426 Dunsmore, Leroy, 185 Duster, George, 428 452 Eggert, Richard, 361 Ellrharclt, Louis, 423 Ehrhardl, Shirley, 130 Eiehhorn, Susan, 414, 415 Eichhnrn, Thomas, 130 Eichler, Carol, 416 Eimen, Marvin, 116 Einspahr, Mary, 337 Eisenberg, Ellen, 416 Eisenhart, Ann, 415 Eisner, Elaine, 229, 403 Eisner, Paul, 29, 358, 427 Ekwall, lack, 110 Eland, Inez, 410 Eldon, Douglas, 353 Eldridge, Peter, 110 Eliers, Linda, 130, 147 Elkin, Alan, 374 Ellelson, David, 102 Ellerbcck, Paul, 319 Ellertson, Pamela, 215 Elliott, I0 Ann, 218 Ellis, Elizabeth, 215 Ellis. Mary, 91, 100, 147 Ellis, Melvin, 110 Ellis, William, 369 Ellsworth, Ionniier, 1311 Ellsworth, Penelope, 130 Elmore, Io Anne, 407 E1pert,Iudith, 130, 220 Elwood, Mary, 152 Ely, Christopher, 386 Emerson, Pamela, 1311, 152, 153, 180, Emmel, Mary, 410 Emmer, Fred, 374 Emrich, Daniel, 382 Enclsiey, Lee, 385 Engel, Evelyn, 218, 230, 407 Engelhardt, Ann, 165, 210 lingelhart, Orville, 436 Engstrom, Iohn, 98 Ennckson, Stephen, 130 Farrell, Helen, 131 Farrell, Kathleen, 131 Farrier, Michael, 238, 241 Faulds, Patricia, 345 Faulk, Carol, 87, 153, 345 Faulk, David, 218, 426 Faur, Ianis, 338 Fawcett, John, 131 Febey, R ichard, 320 Fecler, Ronald, 91 Federhart, james, 195, 218, 393 Fee, Jean, 87, 131 Fehn, Bruce, 369 Fehn, Gerald, 385 Fehseke, Richard, 131 Feigenbaum, Rita, 353 Feilmeyer, Ronald, 122 Feld, Lyle, 98 Feldman, Chrles, 374 Feldman, Fern, 91 Feldman, Susan, 131, 147. 414, 1115 Feldman, Richard, 424 Fell, Iames, 386 Feller, Richard, 420 Fenchcl , Fennell, Rnhert, 131 Sherry, 341 Fennema, Larry, 432 Fenslerhusch, Susan, 333, 416 Ferguson, Alan, 377 Ferguson, Bruce, 131 Ferguson, James, 237 Ferguson, James L., 431 Ferguson, John, 213 Ferguson, Margaret, 131 Ferree, Fredric, 311 Ferren, Philip, 123 Ferring, Steven, 97 Ferris, Lance, 370 Ferry, Terry, 298 Ferstenield, julian, 154 Fetzer, Douglas, 91, 98, 239, 240 Feuchter, Frederick, SSS Feuer, Margaret, 131 Ficeli, Iolxn, 298 Field, Claire, B49 Fincham, Sydney, 338 Fingerl, Gary, 102, 104-1 Fink, Dorothy, 162, 165 Fink, Gustave, 110, 113, Illi, 117 Fink, Inhn, 199 Fink, Richard, 382 Fink, Teri, 338 Finken, Michael, 226, 423 Finley, Diane, 131 Finn, Janice, 162, 333 Firestone, William, 131 Firkins, Terry, 423 Fischheck, Sue, 131, 3415 Fish, Barry, 393 Fish, David, 131 Fish, Michael, 358 Fishel, Ioan, 334 Fisher, Lawrence, 362 Fister, Virginia, 329 Fitzpatrick, Anne, 131. 341 Fitzpatrick, Dennis, 168 Fitzpatrick, Janet, 341 Fitzpatrick, Ioan, 214, 341 Fitzsimmons, Diane, 108, 1051, 131 Fitzsimmnns, Paul, 12 Fix, Richard, 110 Flachman, Kathryn, 131 Flahive, Iames, 131 Flatley, Marie, 1104 Flaum, Gwen, 216, 338 Fleming, Ruth, 230 Flemming, Rebecca, 403 Flesvig, Richard, 386 Fletcher, Bonnie, 221, 330 Fletcher, Gary, 377 Flohr, Thomas, 359 Florer, Sherry, 131 Floyd, Carol, 410 Floyd, Richard, 238 Fluharty, Raymond, 91 Flygstad, Margaret, 166 Fobes, Steven, 424 Fogarty, Gerald, 157, 159 Folsom, Vanna, 131, 20 Fumenko, Naclya, 182, 221, 349 Fones, Margaret, 131, 152, 153, 180 183, 207 Fons, Barbara, 326 Ford, Ian, 20, 354 Ford, Robert, 422 Fordyce, Edward, 91 Foreman, Roekne, 421 Foss, Diane, 337 Foss, Sally, 199, 204, 349 Foster, Iamcs, 386 Foster, Larry, 158 Foster, Larry Dean, 427 Foulkes, Bobbie, 329 Foulkes, William, 381 Fountain. Rebecca, 338 Fowler, Katherine, 346 Fowler, Terry, 122 Fox, Betty, 131 Fox, Richard, 154 Fox, Richard Lorain. 389 Francis, Vernon, 110 Frank, Donna, 353 Frank, Emilou, 131 Frank, Sandra, 353, 407 Franklin, john, 421 Franklin, Stephen, 131 Frantz, Peter, 192, 218, 366 Franzen, Barney, 382 Franzenburg, Kathryn, 230 Frater, Maurice, 123 Frederick, Rcmald, 123 Fredericlw, Steven, 425' Fredrickson, Curtis, 160 Freeman, George, 382 Freeman, Richard, 91 Freeman, Virginia, 131 French, Nancy, 131 French, Pamela, 131, 326 Freund, Sharon, 412 Friar, john, 131 Friberg, Susan, 349 Friday, Kenneth, 158 Friederichs, Norman, 12 Friedl, Charles, 218, 423 Friedlieb, Susan, 194, 229, 353 1-'riedman,Iack, 154, 161 Friedrichsen, Alfred, 424 Friess, Richard, 154 Frimml, Cheryl, 131, 345 Fritz, Collin, 379 Girlel, Steven, 393 Gies, Linda, 215 Gramer, William, 370 Grangaard, Richard, 373 Hackman, Roger, 97 Hadley, Iohn, 232, 429, 432 Frilzsehe, William, 426 Frost, Ierry, 379 Frus, Ronald, 154 Fry, Ioan, 162 Fry, John, 91 Fry, Larry 168 Fry, Pamilla, 162 Fuller, Michael, 110, 116, 218, 431 Fuller, Terri. 342 Fuller, William, 243 Fullmer, Lyle, 430 Fulton, Darrell, 420, 423 Furnish, Surah, 131, 3711 Pye, Iohn, 420, 425 G Galary, Bernadette, 400 Gaither, Thomas, 326 Galbraith, Nieyle, 403 Galbraith, Paul, 110, 117 Galbreath, joseph, 421 Galic, George, 110, 117, 118, 218 Gallagher, Nancy, 337 Gallagher, Robert, 131, 361 Galloway, Susan, 220 Gannett, Linda, 131 Gannon, Mary, 154 Gans, jon, 4172 Gantz, Bruce, 374 Ganz, Robert, 390 Garber, Lester, 117 Gardner, Barhara ean 407 I , Gardner, Barbara lean, 150, 412 Gardner, john, 382 Gardner, Robert, 424 Garlanrl, Lois, 396 Garlock, Gayle, 436 Garlock, Gretchen, 131, 349 Carman, Edward, 160 Garman, Gill, 131 Gartley, Andrea, 230 Gartner, Meredith, 131 Gartnn, john, 107 Garvin, Susan, 416 Garwood, Karen, 326 Gilbert, Elizabeth, 86 Gilbert, Michael, llfi Gilbert, Thomas, 110 Gilchrist, Hal, 432 Gildemeister, George, 123 Giles, Iames, 131, 159 Giles, Leslee, 342 Giles, Richard, 131, 428 Giles, Susan, 132 Gillillan, Victoria, 349 Gilkes, Iudith, 209, 342 Gillam, Martha, 408 Gillenwater, john, 422 Gillespie, Iohn, 381 Gilliatt, Sherry, 162 Gilman, Thomas, 223 Gilmore, Gerald, 159 Gilmore. Susan, 333 Gilson, Ronald, 132 Gipple, Ronald, 355 Glass, Neil, 104 Glasser, Thomas, 421 Glassner, Ronald, 366 Glattly, Iames, 362 Glazer, Melvin, 154, 160 Gleamza, Karin, 410 Gleason, john, 390 Glenn, Mary, 326 Glcsne, Eugene, 21S Glesne, Robert, 158 Gleysteen, Iohn, 199 Glos, Iurlith, 218, 354 Glover, Mary, 330 Glover, Roland, 217 Glynn, Frederick, 390 Gmeiner, Suzanne, 205, 242, 347 Gnatovieh, Iohn, 132 Goddard, Bruce, 419, 423 Goddard, Iohn, 132 Goddard, Robert, 432 Godeke, Margaret, 406, 40S Godwin, Robert, 154 Goeb, Andrea, 153, 178, 329 Goellner, Iohn, 160 Goettsch, Cecil, 123 Goettsch, Iohn, 132 Graning, David, 428 Grant, David, 102, 107 Grant, Deborah, 404 Grant, Richard, 374 Grappendorl, Robert, 107 Graves, Kirk, 393 Gray, Gayle, 209, 333 Gray, Nancy, 147, 329 Gray, Paul, 373 Gray, Rooney, 107 Green, John Maxwell, 358 Green, Lee, 353 Green, Thomas, 429, 431 Green, William, 389 Greenhill, Bernard, 374 Greenley, Rosalie, 132 Greenwald, Mary, 132 Gregg, Del, -123 Gregor, Pamela, 407 Gregory, Cynthia, 415 Gregory, Mary, 342 Gregory, Oliver, 373 Gregory, Patricia, 338 Gregory, Thomas, 151 Gregson, Michael, 160 Greiman, Kathy, 330 Grell, Donald, 115, 116, 117 Crieshaeh, Wesley, 238, 241, 421 Grieshaber, Harold, 318 Griflel, Raymond, 382 Grifllley, james, 386 Griffin, Cynthia, 330 Grillln, Daniel, 122, 132 Griffin, Richard, 370 Grilhn, Robert, 386 Griflln, William, 13 Griffith, Dan, 238, 241, 243 Grilhth, Donald, 232 Griffith, Ronald, 132 Grilhorst, Lois, 330 Griger, Harry, 123 Grimes, Iorea, 354 Grimes, Susan, 232 Grimm, David, 427 Grimm, Louise, 132, 20 Gritsch, Dennis, 423 Hagan, Dennis, 424 1-lagemann, Patricia, 152 Hagen, Christopher, 123 Hagey, Sharon, 132 Hagglund, Lynn, 132 Hagman, Carol, 132 Hahn, jeffrey, 428 Haig, Ruth, 400 Hallman, Ioan, 345 Haines, Barbara, 100, 197, 342 Haines, Randall, 311, 423 Hale, Ianice, 208, 326, 407 lf-lallwassen, Nancy, 132 ,147 Hall, Annette, 208, 414, 416 1--lall, Bonnie, 337 Hall, Donald, 91 Hall, Harold, 132 Hall, james, 132, 246 Hall, loan, 100 Hall, Katharine, 132, 334 Hall, Nancy, 132, 345 Hall Robert 385 Hallenbeclz, Gayle, 153, 183, 221, 329 Halliday, Paul, 370 Halvorsen, Thelma, 132 Hamdorf, Kent, 132, 220 Hamill, Sharon, 154 Hamilton, Ann, 349 Hamilton, Dennis, 246, 390 Hamilton, lay, 123, 190, 218, 393 Hamilton, Robert, 362 Hamilton, Stephen, 379 Hamlin, Phyllis, 334 Hamm, john, 132 Harriman, Martha, 203, 416 Hammann, Nancy, 416 Hammers, Sandra, 231 Hamrnitt, Cynthia, 403 Hampton, Linda, 132 Hand, Icanne, 416 llandielt, Mary, 338 Handwerk, joseph, 386 Ilangartner, Stanley, 110 Hanick, Kevin, 389 Hanke, Carl William, 218 Hanlcet, lames, 426 Gaseho, Karen, 166 Gascho, Kathryn, 166 Gaskins, Mary, 399 Gastineau, Ieunne, 108 Gates, Iana, 230, 40S Gates, Mary, 346 Gaudian, Randy, 423 Gaudineer, Carol, 131 Gauger, David, 158 Gaunt, Lavonna, 91, 100 Gay, Nancy, 341 Gayeski, Larry, 421 Geach, Sharon, 338 Gearhart, Burton, 110, 115, 116, 117 Gearman, William, 427 Gebhard, Robert, 219 Gee, Leslie, 218, 231, 341 Gee, Philip, 361 Gehlbach, Vicki, 108, 342 Gehling, Gerald, 238, 432 Gehrke, Alan, 239, 386 Gehrke, Delbert, 219 Gehrke, Greta, 208 Gehrls, Susan, 403 Geiger, Sara, 131 Geiselman, Mary, 157 Geisinger, james, 154 Geist, Larry, 110 Gengler, Paul, 97 Gensini, Ieannine, 131, 143 Genzel, Ieannc, 412 Gerard, Evan, 110, 111-1, 116 Gcnard, Linda, 131 Gerber, David, 124 Gerdes, Michael, 427 Gervich, Daniel, 374 Gervich, David, 319, 374 Gerwin, Iohn, 86, 218 Gessing, Mary, 337 Getz, Carol, 108, 109, 163, 349 Gibbons, William, 122 Gibbs, james, 91 Gibbs, Richard, 298 Gibson, Doris, 210, 416 Gibson, Karla, 131 Gibson, Kenneth, 243 Gidel, loyce, 131 Golcl, Stephen, 374 Golden, Barbara, 132 Golden, joseph, 132 Goldman, Thomas, 385 Goldsberry, Francis, 390 Goldsberry, Frank, 390 Goldsbomugh, Thomas, 213, 308 Goldstein, Brian, 132 Goldstein, Gary, 229 Goldstein, Marvin, 91, 374 Golik, Donald. 98, 433 Golombuski, Robert, 365 Goocl, Donald, 104 Good, Eloise, 346 Good, Gary, 436 Cond, Nancy, 346 Goode, Allan, 123 Goorlell, Helen, 132, 221, 334 Goodall, Laurie, 403 Gooder, Charles, 132 Goodrich, john, 12.3 Goodsman, Robert, 116, 117 Gomlvin, Darwin, 425 Goodwin, William, 385 Goran, Nancy, 329 Gorbunolf, William, 160 Gordon, Gertrude, 132 Gordon, joan, 416 Gordon, Kenneth, 213, 308, 320 Gordy, Ronald, 91 Gormley, lane, 197. 342 Gotberg, Kathryn, 91, 100 Gotl-tier, Douglas, 107 Gottschalk, Don, 122 Gottschalk, Gary, 302, 313, 320 Gottschalk, Glen, 421 Goughnour, Elliene, 132 Gound, Tom, 104 Grace, Gayle, 220, 341 Grace, Nancy, 108, 109, 132 Grace, Suzanne, 132, 341 Grail, Gary, 123, 132 Graham, Clark, 377 Graham, Gail, 326 Graham, Gary, 224, 435 Grainger, David, 423 Grandinetti, Susan, 132 Crnenewold, David, 91, 97, 98, 99, 230, 425 Grnoters, Ronald, 161 Gross, Stephen, 217, 429, 432 Grossman, Mitzi, 353 Grosz, Kenneth, 381 Groth, Corwin, 110 Grouell, Stephen, 393 Grout, Ruth, 414, 416 Grouwinkel, Betty, 150 Grove, Kay. 132 Grovert, Gretchen, 230 Grow, Thomas, 361 Gruber, Richard, 91, 101, E, 361, Gruemmer, joseph. 386 Gruen, Richard, 374 Gruhn, Stanley. 390 Grumstrup, Bonnie, 415 Grundman, Robert, 374 Grupp, Thomas, 91 Gucrine, Larry, 218, 430 Gugle, Iames, 91 Guiney, Stephanie, 194, 203, 206, 33S Gundaeker, Kurt, 132 Gunderson, David, 243, 246 Gunderson, Tarnes, 102, 104 Gunderson, Kathy, 162 Gunther, Nancy, 132 Gursch, Arthur, 428 Gustafson, Nlary, 341 Gustafson, Patricia, 232 Gutshall, Iunet, 86, 342 Gutshall, lean, 86 Gutz, Dennis, 104 Gwinnup, Donna, 334 H Haar, Linda, 162 Haas, Ann, 162, 341 Haas, Melanie, 333 Haas, Samuel, 91, 98 Haase, Mary Ann, 132, 216, 354 Haberger, Terry, 132 1-Iaehacek, Raye, 111 Hackett, Mary, 32 Hackman, Dixie, 341 Hanley, Michael, 432 Hannah, Iames, 431 Hanneman, Donald, 102 1-lansell, Iohn, 104 Hansen, Carole, 132 Hansen, Dallas, 393 Hansen, Delos, 393 Hansen. Delores, 20 Hansen, Harold, 246 Hansen, james, 377 Hansen, Iohn, Q7 Hansen, Ronald, 161 Hanson, Betty, 210. 334 Hanson, Carroll, 433 Hanson, Don, 132 Hanson, Donovan. 154 Hanson, Iames, 158 Hanson, Iay, 218 Hanson, Iudith, 210, 334 Hanson, Iulie, 210, 334 Hanson, Randall, 160 Hanson, Ruth, 407 llanson, Susan, 218, 414, 416 Hanson, Thomas, 194 Hanssmann, Dennett, 159 Happe, Ronald, 390 Harder, Susan, 326 1-larrling, Mare, 226, 42 Hardt, Iudith, 326 Harken, David, 366 Harman, Ann, 108 I-iarmes, Randolph, 132 llarmon, Nicky, 215 Harms, Phyllis, 165, 230 Hamagel, Harold, 243 Hurnagel, John, 132 H arner, Harness, Harness, Victoria, 132 Iohn, 386 Walter, 362 Ha rper, Larry, 373 1--larrima n, David, 339 Harris, Brooke, 225, 243, 247, 419, 425 420, Harris, Carl, 246, 293 I-Iarris, Deanna, 404 Harris, Gilbert, 154 Harris, Harold, 107 Harris, James, 390 Harris, Rebecca, 132, 334 Harris, Robert, 97 Harris, Ronald, 42511 Harris, Sandra, 108 Harris, Stephen, 381 Harstad, Brent, 133 Hart, Nancy, 345 Hurter, Robert, 133, 430 I-lartjen, Donna, 216, 354 Hartman, George, 420, 428 Hartman, Layna, 412 Hartrick, Iurnes, 97 Hartsock, Iohn, 124 Harves, Allen, 161 Harvey, Lavern, 91, 246, 247. 393 Harvey, Michelle, 133, 341 Harville, Sandra, 166 Harwoucl, Iudith, 133 Hasenelever, Frances, 415 Haskett, Ioseph, 362 Haskins, 1-larry, 379 Hass, James, 123 Hasselbusch, Ivan, 91, 97, 98 Hastings, Andrea, 108, 109, 133 Hasty, Carol, 216 Haswell, Anne, 330, 402 Hatch, Donald, 213 Hatten, Susan, 162 Hutwich, Wayne, 230 Haufl, Margo, 349 Haugen, Ian, 107 I-Iaupert, Raymond, 123 Hauser, Lynn, 361 Havercamp, Alan, 123 Htavick, Alfred, 104 1-Iaviek, Barbara, 133 Hawbaker, Suzzette, 230 Hawk, Linda, 338, 407 Hawkins, Randi, 416 Hawkinson, Diane. 208, 209, 345 Hawley, Aurilee, 133 Hawley, Elizabeth, 133 Hawthorne, Earl, 319 Hay, Raymond, 386 Hayden, Mary, 396 Hayek, Marilyn, 108 Hayes, John, 243 I-lays, lean, 216, -'107 Hayward, Michael, 110, 117, 217, Hazan, lack, 374 Hazelett, Marcia, 108 Heaton, Raymond, 218 Hebenstreit, Gordon, 424 I-Iebl, Elmer, 246 Heddens, Claudette, 210, -107 430 I-Ieddesheimer, Suzanne, 100, 133, 220 Hedge, Delores, 338 Hedstrom, Rita, 232, 342 Hceren, Carolyn, 199, 203, 208, 218, 242, 337 Heffernan, Iohn, 427 I-Iegeman, Robert, 428 Heggestad, Robert, 366 1-Ieichel, Patricia, 1116 Heilmun, Kurt, 377 I-Ieilman, Logan, 133 Heilmann, David, 422 Heim, Randall, 382 Heiman, Barbara, 133 1-Ieimbuch, Raymond, 382 Heims, Yvonne, 399 Heinzelmann, Peter, 158 Heitmann, Donna, 162 Hcitmeier, William, 91, 194, 197, 393 Heitz, Gail, 162 Helfrich, Ioanne, 133 1-lelgeson, Mary, 168 1-Ielgevold, David, 107 Helkenn, Naomi, 326 Heller, Ian, 213, 398, 320 Heller, Richard, 29, 358 Hellige, Michael, 425 Hellmund, Diane, 231 1-Ielwege, David, 424 Hellyer, Karol, 408 Helms, lane, 354 I-Ieltne, David, 116, 118, 151 Helvick, Steven, 427 Hernken, Kathryn, 415 Henderson, lana, 133 Henderson, janet K., 133 Henderson, Ianet L., 162 Henderson, Pamela, 406, 407 454 214, Henderson, Patricia, 349 Henderson, William, 122 Hendricks, Iohn, 298 Hendrickson, Dana, 203 Hendryx, Richard, 298, 320 Hendrickson, Nanci, 408 I-Ienely, Bernard, 122 Heng, Arthur, 159 Henning, Constance, 108, 109, Henning, Phillip, 369 1-lenrieh, Renea, 162 Henrilcson, lane, 349 llenry, Larry, 370 Henry, Rivian, 353 Henry, Sharon, 98 Hentzel, Irvin, 426 Henze, Donald, 133 1-Icpker, Sharon, 337, 406 Herald, Janice, 216, 415 Herlnrandt, Francine, 133 Herilfmrd, David, 133 Herilord, Inhn, 369 Herkes, Frank, 151 Herman, Michael A., 374 Herman, Michael W., 426 Herman, Thomas, 461 Hermann, Iohn, 133, 238, 239, llerriek, Mary, 86 1-lersbergen, Ronald, 123 Hershlaerger, Larry, 91, 97 Heftel, Mary, 133, 150, 401 1-lertel, Stanley, 110, 116, 117 llertz, Barbara, 86, 329 Hertz, David, 123 Herweg, Susan, 333 Herylord, Allen, 91 llemberger, Susan, 131 llenolf, Karen, 353 lleseman, Carole, 194, 416 1-less, Richard, 104 Hess, Sara, 342 Hester, David, 119, 122 lieth, Jerald, 133 Hetherington, Steven, 362 I-Ieuer, Sandra, 133, 342 Heuer, Vicki, 182, 342 Hcusinkveld, Candace, 330 Hey, Gloria, 334 I-Iibbs, Diane, 330, 408 Hickman, David, 190, 218, 425 Hickman, Sally, 232 Hicks, Donald, 243 Hicks, Julie, 415 Hicks, Pamela, 333 Hicks, Paul, 382 Hicks, William, 133 Higginbotham, Ioseph, 133 Higgins, Barbara, 133, 215, 342 Higgins, Ioan, 157 Higgins, William, 122 nigh, tack, 362 Ifiightshoe, Ierry, 133 I-Iiland, Steven, 425 Hildebrand, Vicki, 133, 345 1-Iildreth, Sally, 194, 333 Hill, Alice, 133 I-lill, Douglas, 423 Hill, Iohn, 110, 117 Hill, Michael, 382 Hillier, Carol, 133 Hilsabeck, Daniel, 298, 320 Hilsman, Janice, 133, 149 Hinehey, Angela, 400 Hine, Susan, 133, 150 Hinterrneister, Iohn, 119, 122 Hinton, Iohn, 97 Hinton, Ruthellyn, 162, 230 Hintz, Robert, 117, 230 Hintze, Larry, 110, 246 Hine, Ianet, 326 Hippler, Lynne, 133, 219 Hirko, John, 91 Hirsch, Christian, 133 Hiszcaynskyj, Roman, 154, 159 Hitchcock, Bion, 123 Hitchcock, Gilbert, 314 Hitchcock, Judy, 133, 216 Hitchcock, Lee, 133 Hitchcock, Neil, 302, 366 1-lite, Larry, 362 Hixson, Kenneth, 133, 382 Hlavaeek, Timothy, 421 Hoak, David, 379 Hobbs, Kurmen, 133, 198, 346 Hack, Ronald, 365 2 240 Hackett, lay, 102 Hodoway, Richard, 386 1-Iodoway, Stephen, 298, 320, 386 Hodson, Iames, 433 Hoehle, Robert, 382 Hoenseheid, Leslee, 354 Hoepner, Iolm, 154 Hofeldt, Sandra, 54 Holt, lanis, 338 Hoff, Randy, 133, 246, 382 Hoffman, I-aniee, 403 Hollman, John, R., 426 I-Iolfman, John W., 428 1'Io11'man, Kathleen, 91 I-lollman, Sally, 345 Hoffman, Thomas, 133 Hoflfner, Charles, 110 Hollund, Car, 390 Hofmann, Kay, 99, 100, 147 Hogan, Carol, 338 Hogan, Michael, 238, 241, 422 Hogan, Nancy Lynn, 133, 220 Hogue, Iny, 345 Hoheisel, Sharon, 410 Holcomb, Icnny, 354 Holcomb, Robert, 419, 420, 424 Holdorf, Barbara, 108, 197, 338 Holland, Iuanita, 147, 149, 220 Hollander, Richard, 107 Holley, Caroline, 133 Holm, David, 393 1-Iolm, Harlan, 117 Holm, Sally, 330 Holm, Stevan, 119, 123 Holmberg, Louisa, 119 Holmes, John, 373 Holmes, Susan, 346 Holsteen, jane, 337 Holt, Carol, 338 Holt, Douglas, 154, 160 Holt, Francis, 119 Holt, William D., 393 Holt, William E., 231, 389 Holtcamp, Ianel, 406, 408 Holtman, Michael, 133 Holtz, Ioel, 421 Holtz, Richard, 133 Homan, Mary, 242, 346 Hood, Edwin, 119 Hood, Mary, 133 Hoogeveen, Linda, 166 Hoover, Iames, 154 Hoover, Marcia, 349 Hoover, Sue, 152, 334 Hopkey, Janice, 86 William, 86 Hopkins, Hopkirk, Susan, 337 Hoppe, Dean, 365 Hoppe, Ray, 91 Hopper, Terry 431 Hopson, Gary, 226 Hopson, Patricia, 133 I-Iorak, Robert, 110 Horn, Elizabeth, 134 Hoor, Karen, 134 Horstman, Sara, 406 Horton, Betty, 217 Horton, Michael, 431 Hoskins, Nancy, 218 Hoskins, Donald, 370 Hoskinson, Reed, 134 Hostetler, Allen 134, 213, 218, 239, 240, 318, 43 Hostetter, Carol, 162, 165 Hotger, Ianct, 108 Hoth, Steven, 119, 122, 425 Hotz, Iohn, 362 Houar, Iohn, 119, 122 Houdesheldt, Charles, 238, 241, 420, 426 Houghton, Robert, 379 Houghton, Sheryl, 218 House, Ernest, 107 House, John, 134, 393 Hovland, Mary, 162, 165 Howard, Betsy, 346 Howard, Ernest, 230 Howard, Iohn, 119 Howard, Larry, 119 Howard, Quin, 134, 349 Howe, Arthur, 91, 97 Howe, David, 358 Howe, Donald, 104 Howe, Iay, 119 Howe, Marcia, 341 Howell, Richard, 424 Howell , Ronald, 134 Howerter, Susan, 134 Howes, Richard, 122, 134 Hoy, Do nald, 119, 122, 124 Hoyt, Phillis, 219 Hoyt, William, 134, 151, 246, 2-17 Hubbard, Barbara, 134 Hubbard, Carol, 165, 416 Hubbartt, Neva, 134, 416 Hubbell, Rebecca, 134, 147, 396 Huber, Cynthia, 399 Huber, Patti, 334 Hudson, Hudson, jean, 91, 99, 100, 224, Marcia, 210, 333 Huebner, Charles, 205 Huebner, Sherran, 13-1 Huewe, Robert, 110, 115. 117 Hull, Ianet, 203, 337 Huff, Richard, 361 Hull, Terrance, 298 Hughes, Judith, 134, 349 Hughes, Katherine, 13-1, 219 Hughes, Larry, 427 Hughes, Lester, 160 Hughes, Margaret, 134 Hughes, Hughes, Sharon, 330 Thomas, 154 Hugill, Richard, 377 1-Iulett, David, 91 Hull, Franklin, 134, 428 Hull, Patricia, 412 Hull, Steven, 92 Hume, William, 373 Humiston, Dale, 92, 98 Humphrey, Michael, 426 Hund, Lawrence, 134 Hunkins, john, 361 Hunkins, Mary, 134 Hunkins, William, 134 Hunt, David, 134, 385 I-Iunt, Iohn, 119 Hunt, L Hunter, Hunter, ol-a, 230 Charles, 154, 158 Ioan, 415 Hunter, Marcia, 134, 149 Hunter, Rebecca, 408 Hunting, Thomas, 362 Hunziker, Kenneth, 423 Hupfeltl, Iudith, 134 Huxtable, Becky, 198, 202, 338 Huyser, Karmen, 370 Hvidston, David, B2 Hyde, David, 223 Hyde, Doreen, 153, 178 Hyde, Sally, 194, 349 Hyduk, Brian, 421 I Ieenogle, Mary, 326 Ignarski, Corinne, 326 Illian, Diane, 162 Illian, George, 92 Imel, Cheryl, 326 Imig, Marche, 166 Ingerson, Martha, 134 Ingraham, Norman, 168 Iossi, Franklin, 362 Irelan, Patrick, 134 Ireland, Douglas, 421 Irvine, Madelyn, 134 Irvine, William, 238, 241, 243 Irwin, Gregory, 352 Irwin, Thomas, 134 Isador, Lauren, 353 Isham, Carolyn, 215 Isserstedt, Glenn, 158 Itzin, Charles, 389 Iva nolf , Iversen , lversen , Iacob, G Iohn, 427 Lynn, 345 Nancy, 134 erda, 194, 218, 345 Iacob, Ioan, 134 Iaeobber gm, F., 119, 123 Iacobs, Dennis, 362 Iacobs, Michael, Q7 Iacobs, Steven, 92 Iaeobs, Susan, 162, 349 Jacobsen , Dale, 98, 101 Iacobsen, lack, 426 Iacobsen, james, 385 Jacobsen, Susn, 341 414, 415 Jacobsen, Tliornas, 373 Jacobson, Jean, 162 Jacobson, Paul, 358 Jacobson, Steven, 42 Jacobson, Stuart, 134 Jallrey, Jagnow, Carol, 353 Paul, 110 Jakubsen, William, 298 James, John, S6 James, Mary, 86, 215, 346 Jannings, Ronald, 122 Janson, Sharon, 407 Jararcl, Garnet, 333 Jasper, Jennifer, 334 Jayncs. Roger, 427 Jaynes, Thomas, 422 Jellries, Carol, 92 Jencks, Alan, 389 Jenkins, Patricia, 86, -114 Jenks, Robert, 431 Jenks, Susan. 216 Jennings, Judith, 134 Jennings, Micliael, 911, 97, 240, 241 Jensen, James, 134 Jensen, Karen, 134 Jensen, Karen Marie, 330 Jensen, Marilyn, 406, 408 Jensen, Jensen, Jensen, Jenson, Richard, 119 Robert, 98, 101 skip, 213, 314 Dennis, 390 JL-rrel, Louise, 134 Jess, Barbara, 311 Jcsson, Jerome, 238, 241, 361 Jessen, Joel, 246, 302, 320, 366 Jcssen, Kenneth, 134, 432 Jcssen, Thomas, 92 Jewell, Judith, 134 Jewell, Julianne, 134, 120 Jinkinson, Jane, 134 Jirsa, Carol, 162, 333 Jirsa, Jeanne, 232 Johansen, Gary, 362 John, David, 110 Johns, Judith, 338 Johns, Stephen, 123 Johnson, Ardys, 337 Johnson, Barbara, 190, 333 Johnson, Barbara Joan, 108, 345 Johnson, Bernard, 429, 432 Johnson johnson Jnlmson Johnson Jt ihnsrm johnson johnson johnson Johnson , Bloyce, 382 , Charles, 119 , Craig, 385 , Craig, 123 Dale, 222 , Dale C., 381 , David, 12, 124 , Dennis. 385 , Dianne, 157, 338 1 Johnson, Edward, 122 Johnson, Erik, 419, 427 Johnson, Gary Charles, 123 Johnson, Cary Leroy, 92 Johnson Johnson johnson johnson Johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson Johnson johnson Johnson johnson Johnson johnson Johnson johnson johnson johnson johnson , Gordon, 159 , Harold, 102, 104 , James, 123 , james Owen, 382 , Janet, 209, 231, 341 , Janice, 217 , Janis, 338 , Jellrie, 407 , Joseph, 427 , Judy, 168 , Kenneth, 160 , Kent, 428 , Kristin, 134 , Larry, 134 , Martin, 373 , Oswald, 110 , Randall, 369 , Randall W., 238 , Rodney, 92 , Roger, 134 , Ronald, 385 , Ronald M., 92 , Shirley, 134 Johnson, Stanley, 237 Johnson, Steven, 243 Johnson johnson johnson johnson , Susan, 134 , Theodore, 382 , Thomas, 369 Walter 382 428 Johnson? William, 134 Johnsrurl, Thomas, 168, 170 194, 239, Johnst on, James, 3711 on, Jane, 135, 147, 218, 334 Johnston, john, 110 Johnst Jolmst Johnst Johns! Johnst on, Joseph, 98, 124 on, Michael, 339 on, Richard, 158 on, Shirley, 166 Jolille, James, 377 Jondle, James, 135 Jones, Allan, 319, 420, 423 Jones, Ann, 135, 232 Jones, Anna, 135 Jones, Dan, 116 Jones, David, 135 Jones, Gerry, 302, 320 Jones, H. Douglas, 373 Jones, James, 195, 314, 320 jones Jeri, 416 Jones: Jerry, 123, 377 jones, john, 238, 241 Jones, Lawrence, 135 Jones, Linda, 135 Jones, Lowell, 159 Jones, Marcia Ann, 92, 100, 101, 218, 326 Innes, Marcia Lynn, 326 Jones, Michael F., 393 Jones, Michael K., 389 jones, Phillip, 110 Jones, Robert, 425 jones, Sally, 208, 349, -116 Jones, Stephen, 88, 154, 157, 158 Jones, Warren, 232 Jordan, Diane, 242 Jordan, Stephen, 241, 426 Jordan, Susan, 135 Jortlison, Randall, 429 Joshi, Bhaskar, 102 Joy, William, 361 Joyce, Janet, 135 Judge, Theresa, 415 Judisch, David, 386 Juengling, Sharon, 162 Juhl, Paul, 135, 382 Julantler, Frederick, 123 Julseth, Ronald, 431 Junge, Susan, 346 Junsinger, VVi11iam, 135 Jungling, Caylen, 92 Jungling, Marvin, 135, 153 Jungman, Larry, 135 Jungmann, Conrad, 104 Junkunc, Judy, 326 Juvan, Frank, 381 K Katling, Jane, 239, 408 Kahane, Charlotte, 216, 353 Kohler, William, 313 Kahrl, john, 432 Kail, Sheryl, 100 Kaiser, Frank, 135 Kaiser, Karl, 135 Kaiser, William, 111 Kalkwarf, Merrill, 135 Kallen, Craig, 119 Kallio, Sandra, 165, 208 Kallmer, James, 13 Kalma, Katharine, 337 Kzlltenbom, Kathryn, 135, 218, 221, 35-1 Kamen, Alan Joseph, 358 Kammer, Carol, 162 Kammer, Robert, 154 Kamp, Joel, 135 Kane, Allan, 119 Kane, Thomas, 135 Kane, Susan, 135, 157 Kanter, William, 135 Karber, Penelope, 416 Kart, Judith, 219 Kasarda, John, 135 Kasparek, Rose, 416 Kaullman, Nyle, 135, 161 Kaul, Dale, 238, Q1 Kearney, Raymond, 314, 369 Kearney, Thomas, 361 Keele, Frankie, 425 Keele, Mary, 135, 2120 Keeling, Michael, 369 Keenan, Terry, 389 Keeney, Virginia, 108 Kehe, David, 366 Kehoe, Lawrence, 151 Keiser, john, 154 Keith, Richard, 365 Keller, Clyne, 311 Keller, Luanne, 32, 408 Keller, Richarcl, 419, 420, 425 Keller, Rita, 92 Keller, Robert, 390 Kelley, Dwight, 361 Kelley, Ethel, 135 Kelley, James, 119, 123 Kelley, John, C., 135 Kelley, john T., 379 Kellner, John, 308, 320 Kelly, Eileen, 135 Kemp, Earl, 86, 431 Kemp, Karen, 333 Kemp, Larry, 119 Kendall, Paul, 135, 239 Kennedy, Catherine, 166 Kennedy, Donna, 216 Kennedy, Kacl, 119, 123 Kennelly, Kathleen, 135, 326 Kennett, Michael, 135, 245, 24 Kenny, Catherine, S6 Kent, Kenneth, 421 Kent, Martin, 432 Kent, Paul, 168 Kent, Ronald, 427 Kent, Susan, 354 Kenter, Michael, 374 Kentner, Susan, 326 Kephart, Kenneth, 182 Kephart, Mirrel, 319, 385 Kerchcr, Lois, 349 Kcrdus, Mary, 163 Kersbergen, Gloria, 133 Kersten, Mary, 135 Kesselring, Linda, 135 Kessler, Alan, 135 Keyser, Ann, 208 Kiekhaeler, Gene, 135 Kienaplel, Bruce, 135, 246 Kiesau, David, 104 Kinsey, Dennis, 152, -125 Kiger, Connie, 334 Kilberg, Barbara, 218 Kllberger, Allen, 92, 246 Kilkenny, Joseph, 393 Killhroath, James, 298 Killian, Susan, 163 Killinger, Nyle, 135, 326 Kilyer, Ronald, 154 Kimball, Judy, 415 Kimberly, Marie, 407 Kimble, Dalton, 298 Kimmerlc, Bruce, 92 King, john, 107 King, Louis, 369 King, Patricia, 337 King, Richard, 381 King, NVil1iam, 119 Kinnamon, Jon, 119 Kinnamon, Judith, 135 Kinney, Carol, 404 Kintzzel, Larry, 116 Kiple, james, 119, 123 Kipp, James, 186 Kipp, Marvin, 238 Kirby, Maureen, 346 Kirby, Michael, E, 362 Kirby, Patrick, 135, 362, 432 Kirk, Craig, 390 Kirk, Gregory, 361 Kirkham, Lee, 124 Kirkland, Donnie, 135 Kirkpatrick, Douglas, 158 Kirkwood, John, 237 Kirts, Alan, 389 Kitsis, Nancy, 353 Kitsis, Robert, 135 Kinlesen, Sherry, 345 Kladstrup, Richard, 482 Klelstad, Faye, 407 Klein, John, 431 Klein, Lanelle, 326 Kleinpaste, Robert, 361 Kling, Marilyn, 135 Kling, Timothy, 135, 386 Klocksiem, Pamela, 216, 219 Klouda, Linda, 135, 152 Klove, Don, 390 Kluvcr, Stanley, 246 Knake, Beverly, 415 Knapp, Dean, 432 Knavel, James, 159 Knecht, Joan, 135, 199, 341 Kneeland, Julie, 242, 345 6, 247 Knezevich, Michael, 136 Knibbs, Ronald, 365 Knight, Robert, 92 Knight, Sheryl, 216 Knoke, William, 431 Knoll, Kathryn, 407 Knoot, Glenn, 168 Knopf, Morris, 88, 119, 123 Knott, Sylvia, 210, 231 Knowles,, Wendy, 136 Knutlsen, Linda, 108, 109 Knudsen, Mary, 194, 346. 415 Knurlsen, Russell, 182, 361 Knurlson, Keith, 243 Knudten, 1'-lerbert, 119 Knuths, Kathleen, 408 Knutson, Thomas, 298, 311 Koberg, Charles, 98, 101 Kochel, Charlotte, 136, 147 Kochel, Michael, 136, 218 Koehler, Albert, 92, 386 Koenig, James, 42 Koenig, Melvin, 239 Koepke, Frank, 136 Koester, Henry, 92, 98 Kogle, Mark, 369 Kohl, Barbara, 136 Kohl, Danalie, 100 Kohler, Philip, 155 Knlner, James, 421 Kolovat, David, 136 Kolsru, Barry, 421 Konicki, Colleen, 416 Koon, Carolyn, 407 Koplen, Constance, 136 Kopp, Lawrence, 420, 423 Korenevich, Jill, 349 Kone, Nicole, 337 Kos, Donald, 419, 428 Kos, Frank, 92, 98, 389 Kosch, Marcia, 136 Koser, Karen, 136, 219 Koski, Susan, 163 Koterski, James, 151 Kothenbeutel, Robert, 160 Kolok, Alan, 185, 374 Kotak, Charles, 374 Kotok, Stephen, 119 Koufer, Alan, 374 Kourey, Koutny, Saundra, 136 Kathryn, 136 Kovarsky, Joel, 374 Kola, John, 377 Kozel, Thomas, 381 Kraft, Jennine, 219 Krahmer, John, 120 Kramer, Michael, 374 Kramer, Robert, 117, 118 Kramer, Samuel, 358 Krasche, Robert, 241 Krause, Bruce, 430 Kreamer, Robert, 120, 123 Kreamer, Roberta, 215, 346 Kreekos, Michael, 102, 104 Kreger, James, 362 Kregness, Karen, 219, 341 Kreimar, Walter, 136, 230 Kreiter, Frances, 136, 342 Krejci, Rochard, 419 Krekel, Donald, 136, 218, 432 Krekel, Gene, SS, 120, 123, 2 Kreutz, Douglas, 42 Krewson, Lyle, 135, 218 Krga, Robert, 298 Krill, William, 136, 246, 298 Krueger, Kay, 180, 199, 329 Kroemer, Georgiana, 136 Kron, Marcia, 208, 342 Kroneman, James, 151 Kross, Burton, 238, 241, 420, Krueger, Carol, 326 Krum, Julie, 346 Kruschwitz, Dohn, 155 Kruse, Carl, 155, 160 Kruse, Lawrence, 432 Kruse, Nancy, 136 Kmzan, Mary, 338 Kryder, Ralph, 433 Kubicek, Carol, 218, 408 Kubik, Darrell, 238 Kuhik, Roger, 101, 246 Kuechmann, Don, 136, 432 Kulil, Larry, 222, 35 Kuhlmann, Morris, 390 Kuhn, Harold, 136 18 -126 Kula, Robert, 92, 97 Kulllrom, Terry, 102 Kundel, David, 155, 160 Kundel, Inhn, 393 Kunkle, Kay, 326 Kuntz, William, 161 Kupcrman, Nina, 353 Kuramoto, Alice, 354 Kusano, Peggy, 243 Kutscher, David, 92 Kuttler, William, 424 Kyner, David, 197, 214 L Lablarge, Dianne, 354 Laborde, Larry, 381 Lallin, Cynthia, 136 Lacock, Donald, 136 Lage, Alan, 365 Lnidig, Amolcl, 136 Laing, Marjorie, 330 Laing, Robert, 92, 246 Lambom, Ianet, 136 Lamberson, William, 423 Lammers, Iohn, 159 Lamont, Roger, 298 Lamp, Don, 98, 203, 390 Lamson, Linda, 87, 136, 14 207, 337 Landes, Cynthia, 333 Lange, Ronald, 136 Lane, Curtis, 379 Lane, Delores, 337 Lane, lack, 155 Lane, Susan, 329 Lane, Virginia, 230 Lang, Lang, Lang, Lan ge, Lange Lange, Allen, 136, 159 Maynard, 155 Robert, 427 Connie, 349 , Nancy, 415 Richard, 421 Langesen, jean, 100, 136 Langla s, Thomas, 124 Lannom, William, 385 Lannon, Michaela, 345 Lant, Graham, 120 Lapoint, Dennis, 427 7, 198, Larsen, Edward, 98 Larsen, Gary, 298 Larsen, Ioyce, 404 Larsen, Linda, 147, 354, 403 Larsen, Nancy, 349 Larson Charles, 120 La rson Larson Q David, 136 , Diane, 330 Larson, Gordon, 159 Larson, john, 157, 158 Larson Larson Larsnn, Larson, Larue, , Lars, 243 , Linda, 218, 407 Marjorie, 153 Dick, 373 Laslctt, Lawrence, 157, 158 Lasota, john, 298 Lass, Thomas, 136 Latla, Catherine, 407 Lau, Peter, 362 Lauer, I-acqueline, 136, 342 Laughnan, Linda, 136, 149 Laughnan, Thomas, 389 Laughton, Iohn, 389 Laurich, Linda, 136, 412 Lauterhach, Cora, 166 Lavell, Gwendolyn, 136 Lavery, Michael, 298 Law ,Thomas, 136, 431 Lawheacl, Camille, 402 Lawler, Georgia, 346 Lawrence, Gary, 136, 161 Lawrence, Iohn, 246 Lawrence, Leslie, 161 Lawrence, Susan, 136, 149, Lawson, Iames, 421 Lawson, Lee, 92, 98, 101 Lawton, Roger, 120, 123 Layfield, Barbara, 333 Layman, joy, 403 Lazar, Arnold, 308 Lazarus, Larry, 374 Leachman, David, 359 League, Stephen, 373 Leary, Iames, 107 Leavitt, Richard, 136 456 Patricia, 136, 199, 202 220, 221, 353 Leb Led eda, Betty, 136 enhlach, Larry, 424 Lee. Carol, 136, 337 Lee, Elizabeth, 86, 165 Lee, Glenn, 429, 431 Lee, Gordon, 243 Lee James, 159 Loan, Kieth, 218, 239 Locher, Regula, 341 Locke, Iames, 92 Lockhart, jeffrey, 137 Lockhart, Lillian, 137 Lockridge, Richard, 218, 419, 424 Lee, Rnhert, 3131 Leeper, Barbara, 136 Leggett, 181181, 345 Lehman, lane, 416 Leimer, Donald, 117 Leipold, Janet, 194, 203, 231, 346 Leitch, Linda, 407 Leman, Betty, 416 Lemon, Stanley, 215, 358 Lemons, Edward, 390 Lemons, Ieannette, 150 Lemons, Iutline, 407 Lockwood, Sylvia, 137 Loeck, Iohn, 365 Lofgren, james, 102 Logue, Lesley, 137, 337 Lohff, john, 137, 246 Lohman, Robert, 232 Lohr, lohn, 429, 432 Lone, Stanley, 432 Long, David, 298 Long, joseph. 107 Long, Richard, 115, 117 Long, Rickey, 26 Long, Rickie, 433 Lenhart. Garrett, 42 Lensclr, Davitl, 92 Leo, Hugh, 194, 203, 393 Leonard, David, 136 Leonard, Lawrence, 97, 311 Leo nard, William, 432 Leprevost, Carol, 399, 400 Lep revost. Dale, 319 Lercher, Lance, 382 Leroy, Catherine, 194, 208, 220, 333, 415 Lesar, Kay, 136, 219 Leseney, Iames, 136 Leslie, Daniel, 382 160 Leslie, Stephen, Leslie, Virginia, 86, Leuck, Michael, 104 Lcvalley, Iumes, 1,20 Levi, Katherine, 216 Levi, Rosemary, 353 Levin, Iudith, 136, 353 Levine, Linda, 342 Levisrm, Marlin, 182 Leviton, Donna, 137 Levois, Michel, 213 Levy, Peter, 213, 374 Lcwarne, Iohn, 124 Farley, 298 341 Lewis, Lewis, Faye, 163 Lewis, Iellrey, 97, 377 Lewis, john, 243 Lewis, Iudy, 199, 346 Lewis, Kay, 137, 334 Lewis, Kenneth, 389 Lewis, Nancy, 137, 157 Leytze, Catherine, 337 Lezotte, Robert, 320 Liddle, Linus, 137 Lirlman, Robert, 379 Lieberman, Cary, 29, 358, 427 Liedtke, Larry, 111 Lien, Nancy, 338 Lilly, Steven, 137, 385 Lincoln, Richard, 432 Lincors, Ellen, 341 Lind, Iohn, 366 Limlahl, Barry, 369 Linclaman, Iim, 243 Lindberg, Anita, 329 Linde, Ronald, 160, 217 Lincleherg, Richard, 373 Lindell, jane, 345 Lindell, Iohn, 385 Lindeman, David, 361 Lindgren, Michael, 92 1..indh0lrn, Marilyn, 163, 330 Lindhnrst, Barbara, 334 Lindsay, Rose, 137, 346 Lindsay, XVi11iarri, 386 Lindsey, Dee, 137 Linfield, Suzanne, 410 Linge, lack, 120 Lininger, Neil, 137 Link, Gretchen, 334 Linquist, Ann, 333 Linton, Cheryl, 345 Lipton, Martha, 87, 137, 147, Lischer, Henry, 202 Lisle, William, 92, 379 Lister, Susan, 408 Litsey, Dinah, 108, 109 Little, Clara, 137, 407 Little, Sandra, 137, 147, 330 Liudahl, Wayne, 107 Liventals, Harry, 137 Livingston, Michael, 232 Lloyd, Judith, 334 207, 334 Longabaugh, Sherry, 400 Longneclcer, Gail, 152, 180, 199, 329 Longden, Thomas, SS, 153 Longenbach, Ioan, 137 Longstrelh, Alvina, 137, 147, 149, 220 Longstreth, James, S6 Lonning, Pamela, 108 Looky, Victorien, 217 Lnop, Bertine, 137, 341 Loots, Gregory, 431 Lordahl, Krystan, 137 Loring, Roger, 422 Lott, Diana, 416 Leucius, Michelle, 346 Loughran, john, 194, Louvar, Richard, 430 Love, Mary, 92 Low, James, 362 Low, Thomas, 362 Luwher, Iames, 114, 137 Lowe, Timothy, 373 Lowenherg, Timothy, 238, 241 Lower, Beth, 333 Lowrey, Patricia, 403 Lowther, John, 120, 124 Lozier, Mary, 137 Lozier, Richard, 379 Lozier, William, 137, 379 Lubbert, Duane, 427 Luhin, Nancy, 219, 415 Lucas, Kenneth, 377 Lucas, Victoria, 399, 400 Luckenbill, Ianet, 414 Luckuw, Candace, 338 Lueblce, Kent, 430 Luehke. Neill, 104, 26 Luethye, Karen, 326 Luiken, George, 160 Luken, Melinda, 401 Lukensmeyer, Carolyn, ST, 199, 207, 216 Lukowicz, Michael, 430 Lund, Iane, 137 Lund, Paul, 92 Lunde, Mark, 137 Lundeen, Sharon, 199, 215, 329 Lundon, Frank, 428 Lundquist, Eric, 92, 389 Lundquist, Linda, 330 Luneckas, Karl, 318, 362 Lustgarten, Michael, 137 Lustgarten, Patricia, 137 218, 366 Magnuson, Ronald, 137 Maguire, Deborah, 210, 408 Mahan, Charles, 339 Mahan, lticlith, 415 Mahan, Robert, 424 Maharry, Randall, 161 Maher, Dennis, 137 Maher, Mary. 199, 345 Mahoney, Kathleen, 137 Mahood, Sheryl, 230 Mahr, Kenneth, 421 Mahrenholz, Ronald, 16S Main, Sharon, 333 Mainen, Eugene, 151 Mains, Susan, 333 Maitzen, Richard, 238 Majerus, Anne, 137 Major, Philip, 298 Makinster, Kristyn, 404 Malecha, Alan, 365 Mallie, Helen, 163, 165 Mallon, Iames, 382 Maloney, james, 92, 97, 99 Maly, Jan, 238, 241, 422 Manis, Michael, 427 Manley, David, 433 137 Mann, Barbara. Mann, William, 98 Manning, Mary, 410 Manson, Kevin, 432 Marbach, Katherine, 396 Marcus, Mark, 137, 151 Mardorl, Allen, 159 Marek, Ronald, 390 Maresh, Mary, 137 Margosian, Sherry, 209, 346 Margulies, jelirey, 420, 424 Marinaccio, Warren, 102, 104 Maris, Richard, 137, 373 Markle, Dion, 92, 97 Marks, joel, 238 Marks, Joseph, 92, 98, 246, 358 Marks, Richard, 318 Marks, Ted, 223, 358 Markwell, Gary, 428 Marlowe, Bruce, Q5 Marold, David, 432 Marquis, Roy, 120 Marsh, Alan, 137 Marsh, Barbara, 330 Marsh, Linda, 86, 165, 330 Marsh, Loraine, 4041 Marsh, Steven, 393 Marshals, Lynne, 215, 219 Marshall, David, 420, 427 Marshall, George, 213, 314 Marshall, Ronald, 433 Martens, Ruger, 362 Martin, Iames, 123 Martin, john, 431 Martin, Karen, 100, 416 Martin, Kim, 273 Martin, Larry, 123 Martin, Michael, 88, 120, 123, 218 Martin, Martin, Marvin Paul, 107 Tommy, 420, 424 , NVil1iam, 194, 222, 370 Mashaw, Gayle, 216, 334 Mashek, Daniel, 385 Mashek, Stephen, 92, 245, 246, 385 Lutjen, Ianice, 194, 203, 220, 349 Luttrell, Ierry, 366, 427 Lylnrd, Charles, 161 Lyman, Michael, 385 Lynch, janet, 137, 354 Lynch, john, 168 Lynn, james, 137 Lyon, Iames, 393 Lyon, Thomas, 122 M Maas, 1-larry, 199, 218 Macdonald, Peter, 320 Macek, James, 116, 117 Macek, Terrence, 137 Mason, David, 137, 424 Mason, G. Patrick, 238. 241, 351 Mast, Linda, 137, 231, 341 Mathes, Richard, 426 Matheson, Iuhn, 137 Matheson, Steven, 382.1 Matson, Iohn, 98, 137 Mattausch, Thomas, 365 Matter, james, 158 Matlern, Suzanne, 341 Matthes, Lloyd, 213 Matthews, Carolyn. 100 Matthews, Iohn, 238, 241 Matthias, Iames, 159 Matthias, Nancy, 87, 137, 147, 207, 34 Mauer, Iames, 111, 115, 117 Machek, Lois, 342 Macke, Susan, 108, 326 Maclaren, Cynthia, 216 Macmillan, David, 160 Madden, John, 155 Madden, Ross, 155 Maddy, Inhn, 421 Marluli, Helene, 229 Magee, Patrice, 408 Maurer, Alan, 138 Maurer, Rex, 390 Maxon, Terry, 155, 161 Maxutov, Tanya, 326 Maxwell, Earl, 381 Maxwell, Kathleen, 337 Ma vnvel Maxwel May her 1, Margaret, 149 1, Peter, 138 ry, Iann, 329 Mayberry, Phillip, 108, 111, 366 Mayer, Adrienne, 326 Mayer, Cheryl, 163 Mayer, john, 138, 246 Mayer, Paul, 111 Mayer, Thomas, 98 Maynard, Terrill, 138, 393 Mayner, Ronald, 138 Mayrose, David, 243, 421 Mazzoli, Georgine, 403 McAllister, Francis, 118 McAllister, Marilee, 138 McAllister, Roy, 421 McAllister, Susan, 199, 345 Mcilndrew, Robert, 370 M:Ane1ly. Linda, 326 McAr1ly, Mary, 346 McArthur, Winna, 103 McAulay, Mary, 216, 20 McBeath, Kenneth, 86, 213, 314, 426 McBerh, Charles, 421 McBride, Phillip, 428 McBurney, Vicki, 155 McCabe, Carolyn, 13S McCabe, Iuseph, 123, 199 McCabe, Patricia, 215 McCahi1l, Tonia, 92, 99, 100, 101 McCall, Ann, 219 McCall, Charles, 92 McCanless, Keith, 213 McCarragher, Iames, 369 McGartzu1, George, 362 McCartney, Iolm, 428 McCarty, Kathryn, 404 McGausland, Waller, 302, 390 McClaskey, Norman, 120 McClaLchey, Bruce, 431 McCleary, Harriet, 333 McCleary Richard. 385 McClellan, Ronald, 427 McCloskey, Iuhn, 102, 104 McCloud, Craig, 369 McC1ugage, Laura, 153 McCluskey. Mary, 138 McComb, Laurie, 312 McConkey, Karen, 138, 341 McConneIec, Linda, 415 McConnell, Margaret, 138 McCord, Orville, 431 McCormick, Martha, 86, 341 McCormick, Patricia, 337, 401 McCormick, Patrick, 120, 122 McCos11, Charles A., 382 Mcflown, Joseph, 151 McCoy, Diana, 326 McCoy, james, 226, 424 McCray, Larry, 102 McCrcedy, Susan, 345 McCulloch, Michael, 138, 157, 159 McCutchen, William, 298 McDaniel, Carroll, 163 McKinley, Richard, 111, 114 McKinnie. Silas, 298 McKnight, Deborah, 329 McKnight, Robert, 92, 98, 419, 420, 423 McLain, Frederick, 246 ML-Lane, Charles, 431 McLane, John, 111, 423 McLeod, Snort, 123 McMahan, Dennis, 138 McMahon, Diane, 138, 147, 334 McMahon, Iohn, 386 McMaster, Carol, 166 McMillin, Ronald, 138 McM0rris, Iohn, 97 McMullen, Lee, 117 McMurroug11, Mary, 150 McNamara, James, 138 McNeil, Patricia, 138 McNiel, Margaret, 406, 407 McPeak, Iames, 120 McPike, Donald, 155 McRol7crts, Ianer, 86, 199, 329 McSwiggin, Joseph, 111, 116, 117, 118 McVcy. Dennis, 429, 432 MeVny, Margot, 403 McWhinney,1on, 102, 107 Mead. Muriel, 138 Mead, Philip, 425 Meadows, Mary, 138, 412 Meek, Carol, 138, 147, 334 Meeker, Barbara, 414 Mellen, Barbara, 330 Megan, Michael, 12 Meiches, Janis, 399. 401 Meier, Ion, 218 Meier, Patricia, 138, 147, 213. 40 Meiner, Linda, 108 Melby, Steven, 138 Melgaard, Steven, 102, 104 Melley, Barbara, 156 Melson, Linda, 326 Melson, Stephen, 15S Menclelsohn, lack, 374 Menke, Roger, 311 Merisching, Charles, 308, 320 Mercer, Iohn, 389 ' Merchant, Iames, 155, 157, 153 Merleld, Ronald, 369 Mericle, Dale, 155 Meridith, Dennis, 123 Merrick, Robert, 160 Merrill, David, 377 Merritt. Ronald. 92 Mena, Daniel, 92, 393 Mescher, Myra, 163 Messenger, L. Thomas, 429, 430 Messenger, joseph, 433 Mersker, Linda, 415 Mettille, Francis, 151 Metz, Michael, 138 Metzger. Kathleen, 407 6. 407 Miller, Gary L., 138, 230 Miller, Gary N., 390 Miller, Gene, 92 Miller, Gloria, 138 Miller, Irving, 120 Miller, james, 138 Miller, lean, 20, 326 Miller, lemme, 232 Miller, Ioan, 396 Miller, Inn, 225, 436 Miller, Karen, 163 Miller, Kemp, 92, 98, 101 Miller, Kenneth, 369 Miller, Leo, 246, 298 Miller, Linda, 138, 333 Miller, Madonna, 133 Miller, Mary, 334 Miller, Melvin, 366 Miller, Patricia, 138 Miller, Patricia M., 86, 410 Miller, Richard, 382 Miller, Robert, 104 Miller, Ronny, 92 Miller, Scott, 218, 42, 427 Miller, Steven, 369 Miller, Terri, 424 Miller, Thomas, 423 Miller, William, 379 Mills. Thomas, 213 Millunehick. Edward, 358 Milne, Stephen, 369 Minikus, Stephen, 389 Minney, Douglas, 427 Minnis, Mimle, Charlene, 108 Margery, 165 Mintrup. Mary, 341 Mira, Allan, 432 Misbach, Gregory, 116 Mishach, Mary, 138, 338 Misleldt, Pamela, 93, 100 Mitchell, Judith, 3-12 Mitchell, Lynda, 334 Mitchell, Robert, 93 Mitvalsky, Frank, 123 Moeller . Iacquelyn, 138 Moeller, Lyle, 93 Moeller, Lynn. 93 Moeller, Ronald, 386 Morgan, Allen Wright, 365 Morgan, James, 139 Morgan, Iimmy, 111 Morgan, Iolue, 218, 415 Morgan, Marsha, 349 Morgan, Marsha Lee, 86, 199, 334 Morgan, William 26 Morhauser, Mary, 139 Moring, Rodger. 432 Moritz. Sheryl. 231, 404 Morris, Eric, 430 Morris, Eric, 139 Morris, Roherl, 151 Morris, Sandna, 139, 242, 346 Morrison, Linda, 342 Morrison, Steven, 160 Morrow, Bruce, 186 Morrow, James, 246, 386 Morrow, Nancy, 139, 147 Morse, Janie, 330, 408 Morton, lohn, 213 Moses, David, 421 Moses, James, 88, 139, E, 293, 320, 390 Mosher, Ann, 130, 220 Mosimann, Io Ann, 242 Mos ny. Karen, 415 Moss, David, 139, 219, 246, 293 Moss, Stephen, 219 Mossma Mossma n, Elaine, 139 n, Hugh, 202, 215, 390 Mossman, Robert, 239 Moulds, Robert, 421 Mouw, Dean, 424 Mowcn, Ellen, 412 Mowry, Thomas, 393 Moxley, Nancy, 403 Moyer, Melanie, 243, 345 Moyers, John, 377 Muehlbauer, Karen, 139 Mueller Barbara 326 Muelleri cami,-nf ss, 165, 215, 345 Mueller, Gerald, 386 Mueller, john, 386 Mueller Mark 98, 101 Muelleri Phyllis, 216 Mueller, Stephen, 318 Mueneh, Iudy, 93, 100 Moeller, Steven, 158 Moen, Linda, 165, 333 Moenck, Sharon. 168 Moennig, Sally, 133 Moffett, Bruce, 365 Mohr, Erwin, 138 Mohr, Theron, 163 Moloney, Philip, 427 Monahan, Mark, 218, 419, 420, 422 Mandanc, Michael, 311, 379 Mugge, Gherryl, 139 Muhlenbruch, Robert, 139, 222, 3 Mulluhy, Cheryl, 150 Mullen, Donald, 102, 107 Mulligan, Terrence, 298, 320, 366 Mullins, Michael, 298 Mulmcd, Lawrence, 139, 158 Mulvihill, Palrick, 431 Mumm, Noel, 122 Mundi, Paul, 111 Mundy, Richard, 139, 194, 366 Bl Monkelien, Perry, 423 Munohan, Paul, 213, 314, 320 Mnnroe, Antoinette, 13S Murtaugh, James, 107 McDaniel, Robert, 424 McDermott, Terance, 104 McDonald, Gregory, 382 McDonnell, Iohn, 168 McDowell, Larry, 298 McElroy, Larry, 424 Mclinany, Patrick, 365 McEvoy, Ioseph, 98, 313 McFaKe. Michael, 385 McGarvey, Frederick, 379 McGarvey, Iuhn, 379 Mcflarvey, Paul, 155 McGill, Gary, 111 McGilmer, Benjamin, 302 fm Meyer, Daniel, 430 Meyer, Keith, 123 Meyer, Kendall, 123 Monroe, Gordon, 298 Monroe, James, 160 Monroe, john, 238 Monroe, Richard, 422 Munns, james, 393 Munson,, Susan, 139 Murken, Roger, 155, 15S Murphy, Carolyn, 139 Murphy, Dallas, 87, 139, 182 Meyer, Mark, 426 Meyer, Stanley, 436 Meyers, Susan, 338 Meyrs, Susan Lyn. 408, 344 Michael, Iamcs, 246 Michel, Marc, 295 Micich, Sue, 218, 399 Mick, Iames, 104, 393 Mick, Thomas, 393 Mick, William, 393 Mickelson, Michael, 369 Monroe, Thomas. 138 Monson, Sandra, 407 Montgomery, Ann, 138, 346 Montgomery, Dick, 93, 222, 379 Montgomery. Terry, 379 Montgomery, Timothy, 246, 385 Muntour, Gregory, 238, 241. 3151 Montrnss, Hugh, 93 Mood, Alan, 138 Moon anel 337 Myers, McGimpsey, Mary, 242, 345 McGimpsey, Nancy, 345, 415 McGinnis, Marian, 216, 230 MeGivern, Dennis, 433 McGowan, Thomas, 423 McGrath, Gaylord, 419, 420, 428 McGrath, james. 124 McGrath, Roland, 302, 319, 366 McGrath. Stephen, 382 N1eGreevey, Edward, 102, 107 McGregor, Robert, 155, 159 MeGrevcy, Daniel, 382 McGuire, james, 320 McGuire, Steven, 379 Mel-lugh, Iames, 298 Mcllrnlh, Ann, 198, 203, 31-lb, 415 Mclntush, Karen, 407 Mclntyre. Diane, 326 McKee, Carolyn, 330 McKinley, Michael, 425 Mickelson, Theodore, ISS Middleton, Iames, 427 Miersen. Ronald. 111, 115, 116, 117 Miller, Mary, 341 Mikelson, Clarence, 390 Mikkelsen, Tom, 365 Milach, Mark, 429 Milunder, Benjamin, 111, 114, 115, Miles, Mary, 92, 138 Millen, Iames, 138 Miller, Alma, 337 Miller, Arthur, 133 Miller, Barry, 45 Miller, Bowman, 92, 433 Miller, Cheri, 349 Miller, Craig, 223, 379 Miller, David, 220, 436 Miller, Denny, 92 Miller, Donald, 104 Miller, D maid R., 427 117 , I , Moon, Michael, 200, 369 Money, Joseph, 358 Mooney, William, 358 Moore, Alice, 166, Moore, Carl, 238, 241, 423 Moore, Dale, 246 Moore, David, 93, 93, 101 Mzmre, Eugene, 93 Moore, Gregory, 390 Moore, Inmes, 138 Moore, Iames R., 231 Moore, lean, 354 Moore. Metta, 138 Moore, Nancy, 3-46 Moore, Richrad, 390 Morain, Stephen, 377 Moreau, Gary, 370 Morehouse, David, 138 Moreland, David, 298 Mori, Darrel, 133 Murphy, Daniel, 139 Murphy, Gary, 361 Murphy, George, 139 Murphy, john, 369 Murphy. Leanna, 139 Murphy, Mary, 216 Murphy, Neil, 120, 123 Nlurra, Gerda, 86, 406, 407 Murray, Ianc, 230 Murray, Robert, 422 Murray, Thomas, 385 Murlnugh, Terrance, 238 Muslelclt, jclfrey, 230, 428 Mussell, Frank. 139 Muyskens, Ioan, 139 Myatr, Barbara, 216, 349 Myatt, Larry, 139 Myers, 1--Iiram, 373 Richard , 155 Myers, Ronald, 139 Myers, Stephen, 139 Myhra, Arnold, 139 N Nabedrick, Meraly, 219 Nnehazel, john, 382 Nailing, Russell, 93 Nailing, Richard, 218, BS, 241, 420, 422 Naihert, Anne, 139, 342 Nailor, Vicki, 220 457 Nakashima, Robert, 139, 219 Narskc, Richard, 151 Narum, Peyton, 247 Naryka, William, 390 Nash, Robert, 377 Nash, Toni, 217 Nashleanas, Gregory, 390 Nassen, Donald, 104 Nathanson, Maxine, 353 Natkiel, Paul, 358 Naylor, Pamela, 330 , Neal, Clark, 366 Neal, Theresa, 346 Nebel, Mary, 139, 21, 333 Nedved, Larry, 370 Neighbor, Charles, 215 Neill, Torrey, 139 Neiman, Donald, 93, 389 Neiman, Richard, 158 Nelson, Carol, 139 Nelson, Christopher, 377 Nelson, Frederick, 124 Nelson, Harold, 117, 118 Nelson, Jana, 403 Nelson, Jeanne, 334 Nelson, John, 93 Nelson, Merrill, 104 Nelson, Richard, 111 Nelson, Richard R., 430 Nelson, Robert, 298 Nelson, Ronald, 427 Nelson, Ruth, 150 Nelson, Sandra, 342 Nelson, Susan, 209, 341 Nelson, Virginia, 333 Neppl, Robert, 238 Nervig, Ronald, 155, 161 Nesbit, Georgia, 163, 165 Nesladck, Ronald, 218, 428 Ncstrud, Thomas, 111 Netherton, Darrell, 139, 147, 182 Netolicky, Richard, 139 Neubauer, Marcella, 86 Neuger, Linda, 197, 22, 326 Neuhart, Lynn, 139 Neumann, Deanna, 197. 207, 24, 242, 412 Neumcier, Robert, 238, 420, 424 Neville, Carole, 216 Neville, Dennis, 390 Newbrough, William, 152, 153, 423 Newburger, Mark, 374 Newcomer, Suzanne, 333 Newell, David, 120 Newell, Patricia, 326 Newell, Ronald, 93 Newhouse, Norman, 139, 421 Newhouse, Pamela, 338, 408 Newland, Jellrey, 298, 379 Neyland, Kathleen, 207, 209 Neymeyer, Janet, 402 Nibbelink, Jonathan, 139 Nice, Marcia, 216, 330 Nichols, Diane, 333 Nichols, John, 425 Nichols, Margaret, 139, 195, 338 Nickolisen, Beth, 215, 216, 221, 329 Nicol, Danny, 192, 198, 393 Nicol, Jerald, 139 Nicolazzi, Robert, 377 Niebaum, Linda, 93 Nieland, Robert, 159 Nielsen, Larry, 432 Nielsen, Stephen, 302 Nielsen, Vance, 218 Nightingale, Roger, 104 Niland, John, 298, 320 Nissen, Stephanie. 349 Nissen, William, 93 Nissenbaum, David, 374 Noble, Charles, 93, 98, 101 Noddle, Jellrey, 374 Nodecker, Phyllis, 195, 197, 214, 338 Nofltz, Paula, 139, 342 Nolan, Linda, 216, 329 Nollenberger, Ralph, 226 Noller, Nancy, 150, 406, 408 Noonan, Karl, 298 Noonan, Susan, 139 Nordbrock, Earl, 185 Nordeen, Peggy, 207, 345 Norden, Leo, 157 Noren, Louise, 108, 109 Norgaard, Anders, 93, 97 Norman, Alvin, 425 Norman, Gary, 93 458 Norman, James, 389 Normoyle, Donald, 111 Norris, Karen, 407 Norris, Ronald, 155 Northcutt, John, 139, 390 Northway, Lawrence, 427 Norton, Constance, 218 Norton, Michael, 215, 374 Novak, Jean, 342 Nowlin, Thomas, 139, 246 Noytl, John, 93 Noyes, Michael, 373 Nugent, Michael, 93, 239, 240 Nunn, James, 389 Nurnberg, Marsha, 108 Nuss, Edward, 362 Nystrom, Sharon, 330 O Oberwettcr, Charles, 373 Obleness, David, 139 O'Bricn, Cheryl, 410 O'Brien, Ellaouise, 342 O'Brien, Michael, 38, 239, 241 O'Brien, Patrick, 107 O'Brien, Susan, 149 Obryon, Moureen, 86, 197, 216, 337 Ochs, Melvin, 159 O'Cnnnor, Dailene, 337 O'Connor, Larry, 160 O'Connor, Mary, 163, 165 O'Connor, Michael, 362 O'Connor, Richard, 139 Oddsen, Kristine, 231 Odem, John, 226, 433 Odendahl, Marsha, 139 O'Donnell, Jerry, 298, 362 O'Donnell, Martin, 86, 311 Oest, Robert, 140 Oeth, James, 421 O1Fallon, Mary Ann, 163 Oft, Donald, 298 Ogerlcgbe, Alexander, 217 O'Hara, Richard, 298, 320 Ohlinger, Jacob, 149, 432 Ohlson, Danny, 426 Ohnesorge, Linda, 342 Oldag, Martha, 330 Oldt, Kenneth, 362 O'Leary, Diane, 415 O'Leary, Patrick, 140 Oleson, Willard, 361 Oliver, Jerrold, 122 Olk, Thomas, 393 Olney, Roger, 361 Olsen, Henry, 218, 428 Olsen, Jay, 93 Olsen, William, 140 Olson, Diana, 140, 202. 209. 337, 4 Olson, Douglas, 427 Olson, Gary, 302 Olson, Gregory, 158 Olson, Jo Ann, 150, 221, 345 Olson, John, 362 Olson, Linda, 326 Olson, Marilyn, 140, 149, 337 Olson, Sally, 342 Olson, Sandra, 396 Omann, Jane, 140 Omi, Paul, 308 O'Neil, Dennis, 140 O'Neil, Eileen, 166 O'Neil, Margaret, 166 O'Neill, Dorothy, 342 O'Neill, Patrick, 168 O'Neill, Sharon, 415 Opheim, Judith, 216, 341 Orcutt, Orend, James, 140 Frances, 140 Orluske, John William, 140 O'Rour ke, Barbara, 416 Orr, William, 93 Orrison Osborn , William, 243, sro , Judith, 400 Osborn, Robert, 155 Osbom, Thomas, 433 Osborne, Joel, 168 Osborne, Sally, 140 Osbum, Stephen, 140 Osdoba, Gloria, 229, 353 Osenba ugh, Elizabeth, 86, 410 Osko, Gregory, 370 Osterfoss, Warren, 238, 241, 420 Oswald, Georgia, 334 27 O'Too1e, Patricia, 140, 401 Ott, David, 93, 222, 239, 381 Ott, James, 140 Ottcson, James, 93 Otting, Samuel, 98, 101 Otto, Janice, 354 Ouverson, Winifred, 415 Over, Oscar, 120, 122 Overland, Barbara, 140 Overstedt, Lisbet, 140 Owens, Kathryn, 140, 220 Owens, Linda, 406 Owens, Susan, 140 P Paasch, Brigitte, 140 Pacanowski, Roger, 155, 161 Padgham, Inga, 334 Padgham, Kenneth, 123, 218 Padnos, Mark, 140 Paelz, Bill, 107 Page, Dennis, 238 Page, Thomas, 424 Pallischeck, Karen, 416 Palmer, James, 390 Palmer, Patricia, 163 Pulmquist, Johrt, 42 Palos, Dean, 390 Paluska, Gerald, 369 Pampel, Lucille, 230, 399 Pankey, Eugene, 97 Panousis, Christ, 120, 123 Papp, Joseph, 111, 116, 117 Paquette, Peter, 298 Pardcn, James, 120 Parish, Arlon, 123 Parisi, William, 140, 192, 218, 366 Parizek, Robert, 116 Park, James, 245, 246, 247 Parke, Christine, 215 Parker, Leslie, 140, 204, 346 P-arkcr, Mary, 326 Parkhurst, James, 93 Parks, Robert, 124 Parmcly, Michael, 238, 421 Parris, Pamela, 140 Parrott, James, 428 Parry, Dennis, 381 Parsons, Lawrence, 424 Parsons, David, 393 Parsons, Philip, 111, 117, 369 Parsons, Thomas 140 Pastorino Raymond, 369 Pastros, Theodore, 202, 204, 366 Paon, Samuel, 140 Patrice, Patricia, 333 Patsch, Judith, 402 Pattee, Susan, 415 Patterson, Cornelius, 298 Patterson, Robert, 431 Paul, Donald, 93 Paul, Susan, 329 Pauley, Eugene, 140, 245, 246, 247 Paulin, Lynn, 86 Pauling, Dennis, 88, 114, 239, 240, 241, 302, 366 Paullus, Diane, 407 Paustian, Darwin, 424 Pavlis, John, 366 Payne, Thomas, 140 Payson, Earl, 120 Payton, John, 243, 433 Payton, Patsy, 334 Pazdemik, Leroy, 151 Peacock, Anne, 140, 147, 242, 345 Peacock, Mary, 346 Pearl, Elliott, 140 Pearson, Jeanne, 163 Pease, Janet, 140, 199, 329 Peck, Anna, 140 Peck, Richard, 93 Peeks, Pamela, 216 Peeples, George, 302, 320 Peil, John 222, 362 Pekarek, Ann, 108 Pelton, John, 369 Pelz, Harlan, 140 Penaluna, Cathie, 337 Pence, Barbara, 326 Pennebaker, Nancy, 329 Penner, Helaine, 219 Penny, Ruth, 140 Penwcll, Robert, 382 Peper, Raymond, 93, 98, 246 Pereboom, Rebecca, 140 Perelman, Sheldon, 374 Perham, Mary, 210 Perkins, Fred, 22, 377 Perkins, Jane, 346 Perkins, John, 140 Perkins, Lewis, 302, 320 Perkins, Pernick, Rollin, 223, 393 Janice, 29, 353 Perry, George, 377 Perry, Lois, 404 Perry, Mariann, 330 Perry, Michael, 243 Perry, Robert, 122, 362 Pervall, Christopher, 302, 320 Pesek, Joanne, 320 Peters, Benjamin, 161 Peters, Brian, 93 Peters, Connee, 339 Peters, Nancy, 349 Peters, Robert, 379 Peters, William, 140, 239 Peters, William, 140 Petersen, David, 160 Petersen, Dennis, 98, 101 Petersen, James, 313 Petersen, Jay, 140 Petersen , Kenneth, 155, 160 Petersen, Kristen, 406 Petersen, Louise, 329 Peterson, Lyle, 423 Petersen, Michael, 140, 213, 246, 314 Petersen, Michael, 140, 424 Petersen, Mildred, 86, 216, 218, 354 Petersen, Nancy, 24, 402, 403 Petersen, Richard, 199, 204 Petersen, Ruth, 140 Petterscr 1, Thomas, 93, 97 Peterson, Carl, 366 Peterson, Carol, 330 Peterson, Delaine, 120, 124 Peterson, Irving, 140, 160 Peterson, Joanne, 140 Peterson, Joel, 393 Peterson, Larry, 140, 147 Peterson, Linnea, 416 Peterson, Marilyn, 230 Peterson, Mark, 93, 97, 99 Peterson, Martin, 123 Peterson, Penelope, 140 Peterson, Richard, 389 Peterson, Robert, 141, 160 Peterson, Roy, 361 Peterson, Susan, 345 Peterson, Sylvia, 141 Petosa, Stephen, 123 Petra, Joseph, 373 Patrick, John, 385 Petrie, Jcllry, 238 Plefler, Duane, 427 Pfe1l'er, Paul, 124 Phelps, Francis, 373 Phelps, Gary, 42 Phelps, Gary, 436 Phelps, Jeanne, 407 Philips, Christopher, 379 Philips, Terry, 219 Phillips, Candace, 407 Phillips, Gary, 111, 114, 116 Phillips, Julie, 342 Phillips, Mary, 216 Picek, Louis, 421 Pickens, Barbara, 346 Pieper, Damian, 141 Pieper, Mary, 354 Pieper, Theodore, 430 Piepergerdes, James, 366 Pierce, Steven, 425 Pierrot, William, 141 Piersol, James, 370 Pierson, Susan, 141, 218, 20, 399 Pilgrim, Donald, 361 Pilling, John, 141, 222, 365 Pingel, Gary, 111 Pitka, William, 386 Pitluck, Haskell, 123 Pitman, Richard, 161 Pitz, Barbara, 341 Platt, John Charles, 88, 192, 218 Pletcher, John, 111 Ploen, Jim, 93, 433 Ploth, David, 159 Pochter, Marcia, 414 Podhajsky, Norbert, 365 Poepsel, Harvey, 107 Poesch, Carol, lf-11 Pohl. William, 393 Pohlmann, Peter, 385 Poindexter, Dixie, 338 Polen, Mark, 93, 2213, Polish, Vance, 155 Poling, Vance, 326 Poling, Anne, 326 Pollack, Miriam, 229 Pollock, Howard, 335 Pollock, Robert, 141, 230 Polly, Richard, 160 Pomerantz, leri, 353 Pomeroy, Elizabeth, 354 Poole, Ronald, 215, 393 358 Pope, Iudith, 141 Porter, Katherine. 338 Porter, Pamela, 182, 333 Poston, Donald, 422 Poyser, Rubin Porter, Robert, 155 Porter, Gordon, 107 Potts, Steven , SSS Poulos, Kristie, 346, 408 Powell, Nancy, 141, 349 Powell, Rodney, 427 Powell, Terry, 370 Powers, james, 123 Powers, Paul, 93, 98, 99, 101 Cynthia, 333 Prall, Wayne, 102, 107 Pratt, Dan, 423 Pray, Ralph, 161 Prenosil, Tamara, -115 Prentice, Walter, 243 Price, Daniel, 365 Price, james, 365 Price, Iudith, 194, 349 Price, Robert, 123, 124 Price, Timothy, 365 Primmer, Ernest, 107 Primmer, Robert, 381 Pringle. Iackie, 141, -136 Prinz, Robert, 374 Pritchard, Edward, 231, 422 Pritchard, Martha, 416 Pritchard, Penelope, 141, 342 Pritzker, Margie, 29 Proctor, David, 377 Proctor, Ralph, 26 Proctor, Shirlee, 163, 333 Rannlnlph, Alvin, 1-ll, 246, 293, 31 Raney, Carol, 326 Raney, jerry, 422 Rankin, Carolyn, 150 Ranniger, Ioan, 216, 230 Ransrlell, Douglas, 370 Ransom, Elizabeth, 218, 415 Rapp, Dirk, 217 Rarig, Ian, 415 Raskin, Andrea, 87, 141, 353 Rasley, Iames, 246 Rathmann, lerry, 93 Ratlcewicx, Edward, 431 Ratlilif, Marion, 102 Rauch, Allan, 377 Rauch, Chester, 377 Rausenberger, Robert, 320, 390 Ray, Cheryl, 218 Ray, Madelyn, 220, 353 Ray, William, 428 Rayhaclc, Patricia, 141 Reading, Lawrence, 373 Reading, Patricia, 141 Reading, Sarah, 141, 219 Proffitt, Gertrude, 141 Pruess, Ioc, 390 Pudzuvelis, Peter, 373 Puhl, Francis, 86, 152, 337 Puhl, james, 160 Pundt, Richard, 141, 192, 218 Purdie, Ioe, 104 Purdy, William, 120, 124 Purvis, Thomas, 93, 238, 239, 240, 241 Putman, Stephen, 377 Putnam, Nancy, 400 Pyle, Ianice, 163, 342 Q Quakenhush, Diana, 402 Quarton, Richard, 423 Rohdy, Cheryl, 403 Quateman, William, 374 Mary, 141, 329 Quayle, Elwanda, 163 Quinn, Iames, 93, 98, 239, 240, 241 Quinn, R Raach, George, 243, 246, 247 Radcliffe, Marni, 333 Rader, Sybil, 243, 341 Radlolf, Lois, 20, 329 Ralclal, Douglas, 366 Ragan, Iames, 238, 241, 425 Reardon, , Reay, Richard, 141, 393 - Reeker, Mary, 163, 165 Reddington, Gary, 120 Reclenius, Myron, 103, 107 Rederus, Susan, 341 Redlem, Alan, 217 Redfield, Billie, 197, 206, 221, 338 Reed, Alice, 349 Reed, Camelia, 150, 216, 407 Reed, Dixie, 163, 165 Reed, Gregory, 365 Reed, Linda, 141 Reerntsrna, Marilee, 215, 404 Reese, Iames, 141 Reeves, Stanford, 111 Reichert, Elmer, 141 Reid, David, 386 Reid, 1-larry, 381 Reier, James, 93 Reierson, Richard, 433 Reifschneiclern 1Vl.. 222, 380 Reilly, Michael, 373 Reimer, jonathan, 311 Reimers, Bruce, 155 Reinders, Donald, 161 Reinhardt, Franklin, 298 Reinhardt, Thomas, 93, 393 Reinhart, Iuclith, 93 Reinheimer, Ross, -122 Reinke, Robert, 102, 107 Reinking, Setven, 141 Rcithal, Patricia, 218, 403 Remer, Richard, 141 Remley, Iames, 123 Renaud, janet, 141 Renaud, Virginia, 141, 401 Renrier, Franklin. 23, 385 Reno, Robert, 370 Renquist, Thomas, 213 Rens, Laveme, 141 Renshaw, Frank, 141 Rensink, Helen, 163, 165 Renzo, Anthony, 385 Reppe, Larry, 390 Reschley, Gary, 161 Restelli, William, 298 Relman, Frank, 120, 123 Retrum, William, 361 Retsema, Iames, 151 Rettig, Bonnie, 220 Reuling, Graham, 141 Renter, Donald, 427 Reynolds, David. 412 Reynolds, Samuel, 427 Reynoltlson, Vicki, 330 Itimes 147 Raines, Thomas, 422 Rains, Wilma, 407 Rajtora, Dennis, 161 Rajtorzi, Otto, 141 Raker, Donald, 421 Ramirez, Felix, 111 Rampson, Raymond, 93 Ramsey, Ann, 416 Ramsey, Richard, 120 Ronda, Daniel, 385 Randall, Barbara, 242, 338 Randall, Charles, 93 Randall, David, 107 Rundell, Richard, 86, 426 Ra ndles, Carol, 232 Rhine, Wendell, 151 Rhoacls, Vivian, 334 Rhodes, Charles, 111 Rhodes, Jean, 141 Rhodes, Rohert, 141 Rice, Charles, 111, 114, 115, 117 Rice, Iohn, 199 Rice, Terry, 120, 123 Richard, Kenneth, 385 Richards, Mary, 141, 334 Richards, Melvin, 155 Richardson, james, 93 Richardson, Ioyce, 163, 165 Richmond, john, 155 Richter, Iurgen, 217 1, 320 Richtsmeier, Thomas, 159 Rick. Annette, 410 Riddle, Robert, 218, 423 Ridenour, Ianet, 230 Reidel, Cecelia, 141 Riedel, John, 421 Riehm, Beverly, 218, 345 Rielce, Thomas, 141 Riemenschneider, P. j., 93 Riemer, Brian, 122 Riessen, Reinhard, 160 Rietvold, Ion, 141 Rigler, Wilson, 160 Riherrl, Iohn, 238, 241, 419, Rike, Dennis, 160 422 Rosenthal, Robert, 432 Rosine, Phyllis, 402, 403 Ross, Carol, 142 Ross, Edward, 362 Ross, Kenneth, 42. Ross, Nancy, 346 Ross, Ross, Richard, 120 Thomas, 298, 369 Rossman , Dennis, 94 Roth, Catherine, 175, 402, 404 Roth, Gregory, 124 Roth, Lanny, 111 Roth, Marc, 361 Roth, Susan, 415 Rothlisberger, Carla, 142 Riker, Robert, 141 Ring, Dale, 107 Ring, Karen, 141, 330 Rothstein, Kay, 142, 353 Roudabush, Lyle, 366 Rrsudahush, Richard, 366 Rinker, Carolyn, 180. 194. Risley, David, 93, 359 Rissman,, A. Kent, 421 Ritchie, David, 93, 97, 99, Ritenour, Lucinda, 141 Ritson, George, 102, 104 Ritter, Pamela, 349 Ritzman, Vernon, 155 Ritzmann, Roy, 423 Robbins, james, -127 Roherge, Kathy, 334 Roberson, Thomas, 377 197, 338 Roussell, Robert, 142 Rowe, Dorothy, 108, 109, Rowlee, Edwin, 151 Rowley, Catherine, 142, Rowley, Cheryl, 142 Rowley, Steven, 421 E, 396 147, 330 Royce, Merle, 123, Royer, Mary, 213, 407 Ruhel, Lynn Ann, 216 Rubin, Samuel, 123 Rubin, Steven, 377 Williarn 226 369 Roberts, George, 230 Roberts, Iacquelyn, 100 Roberts, Iamcs, 141 Roberts, james M., 389 Roberts, lay, 123 Roberts, Ioellcn, 342 Roberts, Ioseph, 141, 386 Roberts, Lyman, 158 Roberts, Michael, 158, 369 Roberts, Suzanne, 329 Robertson, Carl. 111, 116, 117, 218 Robertson, lane, 216 Robinson, Andrew, 194, 370 Robinson, Bonnie, 219 Robinson, Cary. 98 Robinson, Nancy, 329 Robinson, Susan, 329 Robison, Sandra, 399 Rocca, Michael, 93, 98 Roche, John, 430 Rochotte, james, 203, 390 Rudnick, Leslie, 229, 421 Rudys, Stasys, 151 Rueggf Patricia, 230, 408 Ruegnm, 1udiih,s6, 147, Rneter, Carl, 142 Rueter, Steven, 428 403 auggefi, jill, 178, eos, 242, 337 Ruml, Lisa, 349 Rummel, Cynthia, 330 Runau, Albert, 111 Rupp, Iohn, 199, 379 Ruroclen, Linda, 341 Rushton, Iuclith, 194, 341 Rusk, Alan, Q6 Rusk, Thomas, 197, 23, Russell, Charles, 369 Russell, james, 226, 433 Russell, Steve, 142 369 Russmun, Gerald, 111, 116, 117 Russo, Romolo, 160 Rutenhach, Heidi, 219 Rock, Melvin, 233 Rockwell, Mark, 373 Rodden, Diana, 406, 408 Roddy, Michael, 93, 420, 424 Rode, Ronald, 362 Rodemeyer, David, 98 Rodewaltl, Shirley, 165 Ruiz, Ruud, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, Steven, 428 Glenn, 377 Emest, 243 Gary, 142, 159 Karlin, 142, B8 Ryberg, Doris, 401 Ryerson, Steven, 424 Rodwell, Marcia, 206, 231, 338 Roenieldt, Iohn, 94 Rogers, Barbara, 333 Rogers, Barbara Ann, 163, 165 Rogers, Catherine, 337 Rogers, Donna, 141, 216 S Sachnoif, Susan, -416 Sadlqk, Barbara, 408 Safley, Thomas, 432 Rogers, Elizabeth, 166 Rogers, Ruth, 141, 230 Roggeveen, Leonard, 377 Sage, Diane, 216 Sagert, Kristin, 142, 401 Salge, Richard, 86, 427 Rogness, Daniel, 111, 113, 115, 116, 117 Rohret, Elizabeth, 142 Rohret, Ruth, 142, 147 Sall, Thomas, 94 Salome, Ronald, 433 Salsbery, Thomas, 362 Sammis, Stuart, 142 Rohwedder, Ioanne, 349 Roland, Gene, 86, 298 Ruling, Darlene, 166 Ro11ins, Joyce, 408 Rolston, Thomas, 361 Romine, Robert, 94 Ronnebaum, Rosemary, 215, 330 Rooif, Iohn, 385 Rosario, Juan, 142 Sample, Larry, 197 Samuelson, Thomas, 432 Sandage, David, 14.2 Sanders, lean, 142 Sanders, Linda, MJ, 404 Sanders, Vera, 408 Sandler, Ronald, 155 Sarlf, Larrie, 159 Satterly, Sharon, 402, 403 Rosborough, lames, 302, 385 Rose, Louis, 374 Rosebrook, Lee, 88, 142, 218, 222, 365 Roseland, Diane, 163 Roseman, Ioseph, 431 Rosen, Elaine, 219 Rosenbaum, Nancy, 353 Rosenberg, Fredric, 374 Rosenberg, lack, 358 Rosenberg, Ioanne, 155 Rosenberger, lay, 102, 104 Rosenhlatt, Michael, 161 Rosene, Robert, 389 Rosenfeld, Beth, 326 Rosenfeld, Martin, 374 Sauer, Franklin, 120, 124 Saunders, Carl, 123 Saunders, Pamela, 349 Saunders, Stephen, 361 Sausser, Lynne, 346 Savage, David, 243, 365 Savereide, Robert, 142 Sayles, Greer, 238 Saylor, Iames, 111 Sayre, Edwin, 377 Sayre, Ellen, 197 Sayre, Mary, 408 Sayre, William, 213 Schaal, William, 142 Schaal, Frederick, 298 Shehad Schaeffer, Dean, 114, 116 Schaefer, jack, 370 Schaetzel, Mary, 208 Schafenacker, judith, 216 Schafer, David, 243, 432 Schafer, Donna, 142, 220 Schafer, john, 111, 117, 11S Schafer, Kent, 393 Sheff, jeri, 209, 353 Shaffer, Craig, 382 Schafrnth, Randee, 194, 208 Schamp, Steven, 432 Schantz, Mary, 198, 199 Schaper, Donald, 223, 385 Schaper, Ronald, 385 Schapira, Danny, 374 Schapira, David, 374 Schauer, Karma, 165 Schechlinger, Terry, 370 Scheda, john, 213, 314, 377 Scheel, Allen, 361 Seheel, Polly, 142, 147, 416 Scheetz, james, 94 Scheidenltelm, Sarah, 147, 218, 334 Scheihing, Charles, 94 Schenck, Alan, 213, 298, 314, 430, 432 Schenck, Linda, 416 Schenken, john, 366 Scherf, Susanna, 142 Schermerltom, William, 432 Scherubel, Ronald, 94 Scheuber, Richard, 111 Scheuerman, joseph, 381 Schiele, Margaret, 143 Schiff, Andrea, 219 Schiffer, Donald, 374 Schild, Donald, 143, 236, 246, 247 Schiller, Harvey, 423 Schiller, Nancy, 219 Schilling, Karen, 163 Schimmel, Leon, 158 Scltindles, Bruce, 374 Schirm, Robert, 142 Schlaegcl, jule, 142 Schlanger, Elizabeth, 416 Schlapkohl, Danny, 93 Schlegel, Richard, 377 Schleisman, Donald, 386 Schlensig, Linda, 330 Sehley, Donald, 373 Schley, Richard, 373 Schlicher, john, 155, 159 Schlotterback, j., 142, 220 Schmarje, Ronald, 111 Schmeiser, Stephen, 142 Schroeder, Carla, 337 Schroeder, Dennis, 113, 117 Schroeder, Elaine, 342 Schroeder. james. 362 Schroll, David, 194, 393 Schrum, jerry. 142 Schrunk, David, 160 Schuchat, Martin, 385 Schuellce, Dennis, 422 Schuett. Dennis, 94 Schug, Kenneth, 239, 240 Schuh, Paul, 94, BO, 424 Schuiteman, Arlene, 163, 165 Schulenberg, Nancy. 333 Schulte, Germaine, 408 Schulte, james, 12 Schultz, Barhara, 165 Schultz, Gretchen, 216, 345 Schultz, Michael, 433 Schulze, james, 365 Schumacher, Carl, 94, 97 Schumacher, Gary. 243 Schumacher, Stanley, 94 Sehwabbuer, G., 142 Schwartz, judy, 402 Schweiker, Kathryn, 217, 21S Schweitzer, Harold, 426 Schweitzer, Sandra, 108 Schweppc, john, 218, 420, 428 Schwidder, Arthur, 142 Sehtvidder, jean, 142 Schwiebert, Margery. 216, 400 Schwieger, Barton, 120, 123 Schwirtz. Gregory, 431 Scinta, Sharon, 142 Sheaha Sheats, ri, Robert, 213 Carolyn, 163, 329 Sheets, Elton, 247 Sheets, Lawrence, 111, 116 Sheets, Robert, 238, 241, 361 Sheets, Viola, 143 ch, Mary, 143 Slavens, james, 120 Slechta, Ronald, 143, 153 Sleichter, Charles, 377 Sletten, Carol, 341 Slife, Clarence, 390 Slightam, Sally, 1103 Sloan, john, 120, 123 Shellenberger, W., 385 Shepherd, Nancy, 203, 231, 346 Shepley, Brian, 362 Shepley, Richard, 197, 214, 223, 362 Sheridan, Robert, 94, 246 Sheridan, Thomas, 143, 246, 247 Sheriff, Robert, 143, 245, 246, 247 Sherod, David, 143 Sherre, Phyllis, 143, 353 Sheth, Pravin, 217 Scott, Barbara, 100 Scott, james, 425 Scott, john Farrell. 425 Scott, john E.. 157. 159 Scott john Francis, 421 sam? Johan.. 390 Scott, Margaret, 208, 25, 412 Scott, Patricia, 142 Scott, Susan E., 143 Seaba, Seago. Peter, 111. 114 james, 151 Seaton, jean, 334 Seaton, Terry, 329 Sebben, jack, 159, 320 See, Sherryl, 143 See, Stanley, 361 Sc-elau. Paul, 143 Seely, Linda. 143, 346 Seger, Ann, 406 Seggcrman, Gary, 370 Shidler, George, 143, 361 Shitller, Sue, 100 Shields, Robert. 431 Shimanek, Robert, 123, 218 Shimon, Lynda, 143 Shindler, Elliott, 159 Shipley, William, 160 Shipp, Connie, 404 Shippy, Ronald, 117, 118 Shirk, Gerald, 160 Shirley, Suzanne, 407, 334 Shisler, Vicky, 143 Shoeman, Kathryn. Sltoenthal, Mary, 329 Shogren, Richard, 246, Shors, Richard, 143 Shortley, Rush, 431 Showers, Susan. 349 Shrauger, Francis, 143, Shriver, james, 422 Shriver, jay, 123 Shudes, Ronald, 320 Shuey, David, 143 247 152, Shulke, Diane, 86, 402, 404 Shullaw, Steven, 377 Shultz, Keevin, 382 Shuminsky, Tim. 369 Shurr, Donald, 298 Sibley, William. 226, 424 Sitlwell, Lloyd, 1-13 Sidwell, Steve, 94, 97, 98 Siegling, james, 226 Siegrist, Gus, 143 Siemers, judith, 143 Siems, Lynette, 143 Siemsen, Randall, 362 Sierk, Donald, 86 Siesseger, jane, 216 198 345 Simon, Snyder, Edward, 219, 423 Schmid, Ann, 142, 349 Schmid, WWi1liam, 111 Schmidt, Barbara, 415 Schmidt, David, 198, 362 Schmidt, Helen, 326 Schmidt, Lynette, 346 Schmits, Ronald, 168 Schmitt, Neil, 213, 308 Schmitz, Marvin, 432 Schmitz, Peter, 142 Schnede, Brenda, 87, 142, 207, 349 Schnedler, Marcia, 230 Schneider, Albert, 374 Schneider, Allen P., 111 Schneider, Allen R., 421 Schneider, Louis, 365 Schneider, Stephen, 238 Schnoebelen, Suzanne, 354 Sch n yder, Linda, 337 Schoell, Charles, 113 Seifert, William. 111, 114, 116, 117 Seiplc, jeanne, 415 Selby, Herbert, -122 Seligman, Mark. 358 Sellergren. Annette, 410 Sellman, Nickie, 432 Seltzer, Richard, 374 Semler, Charles, 159 Sentman, Kathryn. 143, 20 Serlling, Gerald, 94 Serrahn, Richard. 420, 422 Servison, Roger, 390 Seuferer, Lawrence, 120, 123 Sevatson, Trudy, 143, 147, 242, 329 Severance, Nancy, 408 Seversnn, Allen. 369 Severson, Linda, 242. 334 Severson, Mary, 143. 334 Seymour, Steven. 97, 382 Sifers, Siglin, Ieva, 143 janiee, 407 Sigvardt, Karen, 330 Sikma, Robert, 120, 123, 21S Silbaugh, Barry, 423 Sill, janet, 197, 208, 242. 338 Silton, Marilyn, 353 Silvey, Marvin, 160 Simmen, Nancy, 333 Simmers, Samuel, 143, 246 Simmons, Neil, 420, 428 Simmons, Timothy, 385 Simms, Cylde, 246 Simon, james, 104 Simon, jane, 338 Simon, Marilyn, 353 Simon Nadine 353 simfmf Neil, asa Terry, 143 nders 143 Schoenberg, Diane, 142, 214 Schoenhaum, Steven, 374 Schoenfeld, judith, 329 Schoenfelder, joycc, 142 Schoeppner, Melvin, 94, 436 Scholtz, jean, 142 Scholtz, Mary, 408 Schombcrg, Steven, 142, 390 Schooley, Philip, 298 Sehoonover, Sharon, 404 Schott, jane, 142 Schrade, Robert, 419, 428 Schrader, Charles, 142 Schrader, Marion, 382 Schrader, Richard, 426 Schrage, Leon, 142 Schrauer, Erica, 406, 407 Schreiber, Don, 336 Schreiber, julia, 334 Schrody, David, 102, 104 460 Shabel, Frank, 377 Shafer Shafer, Schacklett, Sharon, 333 , A , B arbara. 345 Shafer, Linda, 163 Shaffer james, 226 Shaffer Terry, 239 Shaner, Kenneth, 239 Shafer, Nancy, 345 L Shank, ouis, 122 Shank, Susan, 143. 329 Shann on, Roy, 419, 420 Shapiro, Carolyn. 221, 353 Shapiro, jcllrey, 194, 431 Sharples, Carole, 143 Sharples, Thomas, 104 Shaw, Nanci, 218, 338 Shaw, Patricia, 143 Shay, Robert, 143 Shay, Thomas, 203, 223, 369 Shea, Michael, 86 Simone, Susan, 143 Simons, Douglas, 243 Simonsen, Ann, 341 Slock, james, 143 Slotten, Douglas, 431 Slotten, Marc, 308. 320 Smaha, Leslie, 361 Smalley, Douglas, 369 Smallwood, Thomas, 12 Smedema, David, 124 Smieslco, Patricia, 232 Smith, Alan, 213, 308 Smith, Bette, S7, 143, 341 Smith, Carol, 143 Smith, Carolyn, 87. 143, 147, 338 Smith, David, 362, 422 Smith, Fay, 123, 393 Smith, Gary D., 390 Smith, Gary L.. 143 Smith, Hal, 373 Smith, 1-1-arry, 155 Smith, Howard, 159 Smith, james L., 423 Smith, james M, 393 Smith, jerome, 159 Smith, Smith, john C, 143 john H, 120 123 Smith, joseph, 218, 22 Smith, judith, 166 Smith, judy, 94, 330 Smith, Koen, 150 Smith, Mary K., 337 Smith, Mary Lou, 100 Smith, Mary Lou, 108 Smith, Mary Louise, 143 Smith, Patricia, 193, 214, 242, 341 Smith, Pennie, 231 Smith, Rebecca, 346 Smith, Rex, 373 Smith, Robert C., 1127 Smith, Robert E., 161 Smith, Ronald, 104 Smith, Russell, 385 Smith, Sally, 349 Smith, Sandra G., 353 Smith, Sandra Louella, 143 Smith, Sandra, Louise, 408 Smith, Sandra S., 100 Smith, Sharon, 342 Smith, Sherri, 341 Smith, Sheryl, 333 Smith, Stanley, 143 Smith, Stephen jack, 386 Smith, Stephen james, 143 Smith, Vern, 426 Smith, William B., 361, 424 Smith, William L., Smith, William S., 98, 124 Smith, Zane, 365 Smithers, jerold, 143 Smits, Robert, 155 Smolin, Robin-Lee, 149, 229, 353 Smothers, Terry, 238 Smrha, Ron, 143, 153 Smythe, Terry, 369 Snavely, Keith, 246 Snelson, jelirey, 385 Snitltey, Richard, 238, 431 Snook, Gary, 298 Snyder, john, 389 Snyder, Mary, 144 Snyder, Wallace, 123 Simpson, Gary, 298 Sincox, Patricia, 218, 354 Sindt, Deborah, 416 Singer, Alan, 161 Singerman, Robert, 308 Sinn, Douglas, 143 Sinn, Steven, 382 Siorelt. Terry, 213 Sislc, Kathryn, 143 Sissel, Dewey, 94 Sissel, Donna, 416 Skarda, jarnes, 420 Skare, Samuel, 373 Sltarshaug, Donna, 337 Skogmo, Cassandra, 408 Skompa, Edwin, 101, 143, 420, 424 Slater, Nancy, 402 Slatin, Ronald, 151 Snyder, William, 124 Soderherg, Stephen, 144 Solen, james, 226, 430 Sojl-ca, Rosemary, 166 Solclofslty, Marcella, 144 Sollazzo, Brian, 351 Solomon, Michael, 232, 238 Somers, james, 377 Somodi, Richard, 298 Sondrol, Susan, 198, 199, 207, 242, 345 Sonen, Barbara, 144, 150, 329 Songcr, Caron, 144 Sonksen, Craig, 144 Sonnenberg, Fred, 151 Sorensen, Donald, 313, 390 Sorensen, judith, 330 Sorensen, Karen, 330 Sorensen, Linda, 349 Sorenson, David, 11111 Soudan, Robert, 14-1 Soukup, George, 98, 192, 218 Soults, Sandra, 403 Soults,, Susan, 144, 349 Spain, Richard, 94, 98, 239. -131 Sparlin, Michael, 362 Spaulding, Gail, 144 Specht, David, 123, 373 Specht, Elizabeth, 2211 Speed, Carolyn, 230 Speedy, Ronald, lll Speer, Iohn, 111 Spencer, Carolyn, 341 Spencer, David, 144 Spencer, Mary, 218, 220, 231. 342 Spencer, Reid, 381 Spencer, Richard, 389 Spencer, Sandra, 416 Spersllage, Arnold, 1011 Sperry, Iohn, 203, 107 Sperry, Rebecca, 14-4 Spicer, Douglas, 107 Spieker, Lavola, 215 Spigener, Iames, ' Spilman, Nancy, Spina, Gary, 116, 117 Spormann, Susan, 144 Spragg, Iohn, 429 Sprague, Iohn, 120, 123 Sprague, Iuclith, 144, 333 Sprengelmeyer, V., 120. 122 Sprinkle, Larry, 226 Sprousc, Christine, 4115 Sprout, Randy, 382 Spurgeon, Patricia, 346 Staliord, Phoebe, 216. 219 Stage, Sarah, 87, 144, 199, 333 Stahle, Galen, 158 Stake, Diane, 415 Stallmann, David, Stamer, Constance, 218, -116 Stamos, George, 390 Stampe, Ioyce, 144 Stampl, Susan, 144 Standeler, Ioan, 338 Stange, Robert, 422 Stanley, Itla, 338 Stanley, Lyle, 424 Starbttck, Cheryl, 337 Stark, Ruth, 163 Stark, Thomas, 433 Starkopl, Sandra, 149, 229, Starks, Celia, 144, 199 Starks, Marilyn, 1107 Starr, james, 94, 97, 213, 239 Starr, Thomas, 422 Steams, Dale, -123 Stearns, David, 155 Stcch, Nancy, 416 Steckling, Marlene, 144 Stee, Harlan, 243 Steelman, Iames, 144 Steelman, Iohn, 231, 425 Steelman, Kenny, 386 Steenhoek, Preston, 120, 123 Steffe, Shirley, 403 Steger, Iohn, 102, 107 Stcgrnan, Pamela, 336 Steig, Randolph, 423 Steil, Mark, 4311 Stein, Norman, 237 Stein, Robert, 238, 241, 242 Steinbeck, Karen, 216. Stek, Marcia, 166 Stclk, Susan, 407 Stelpilug, john, 365 Stelter, Larry, 433 Stempel, Reid, 104, 144 14-1 535 Stewart, Iohn, 216 Stewart, Keith, 157, 159 Stewart, Mark, 393 Stewart, Mary, 163 Stewart, Richtirtl, 432 Stewart, Stephen, 160 Stewart, William, 373 Stick, james, 382 Stirlwell, Walter, 102, 104 Stimmel, Sandra, 166 Stinard, Roger, 153 Stirler, Sharon, 144 Stitt, Michael, 158 Stock, David, 230, 238, 241, -120 -126 Stockmar. Kathleen, 94 Stoeber. Wayne, 98 Stofer, Linda, 329 Stoker, Ioyce, 349 Stoker, julie, 341 Stoker, Sally, 345, 400 Stokstatl, Arden, 319, 320 Stolcstad, Richard, 319, 355 Stoller, Richard, 144, 374 Stoltenberg, Clyde, 424 Stoltz, Carlie, 416 Stoltz, Gail, 209, 412 Stone, Pamela, 353 Stone, Theodore, 122 Stone, Thomas, 88, 123, 190, 213 Stoner, Dennis, 377 Stoner, Ronald, 104 Stopulos, Iamcs, 223, 385 Storey, Derek, 423 Stouler, Richard, 361 Stout, Dale, 144 Stotttner, Clil1'ord, 379 Stoutner, Icilrey, 144, 379 Stowe, Andrea, 144 Stenby, Rosalyn, 209 Steninge r, Helen, -'107 Stepanek, Bemard, 144 Stepharti, Iudith, 147, 330 Stephens, Antoinette, 345 Stephens, Thomas, 379 Stephenson, Martha, 407 Sterba, William, 420 Sterner, Kathleen , 144 Stetzel, Barry, 430 Stevenson, Dorothy, 349 Stevenson, William, 386 Steward, William, 86 Stewart, Cynthia, 230 Stewart, Ellen, 341 Stewart, Gary, 362 Strait, Iudith, 144 Strang, Dennis, 144 Strand, Ianiee, 155 Strasser, Gregory, 1122 Strate, Sylvia, 144 Stratton, Monty, 120 Straumanis, Iuris, 102, 107 Strauss, Richard, 319, 374 Street, Kathryn, 330 Streit, Charles, 144 Streiby, James, 390 Streiby, Iane, 337 Streil, David, 373 Streif, Iohn, 379 Strobach, William, 9-1, 98 Stroeber, Cheryl, 346 Strohm, Phillip, 385 Strohm, Ralph. Strombeck, Iames, 361 Stromley, James, lll Stroope, Thomas. 94, 239, 424 Strother, Bruce, 144 Strum, Barry, 144, 246 Struyk, Curtis, 159 Stuart, Carl, 194. 366 Stuart, Victoria, 414, 416 Stuher, William, 245, 247 Stocker, Richard, 232 Stuepfert, Kathleen, 330 Stumbaugh, Bruce, 102, 107 Stumme, Dianna, 334 Stump, Sandra, 163, 165 Stupka, Vlasta, 105, 326 Sturdcvant, Celeste, -104 Sturgeon, Ioyce, 412 Sturges, Stephen, 362 Sturm, Joseph, 194, 3711 sum, Jill, 416 Sulek, jean, 194. 218, 334 Sullivan, Gayle, 333 Sullivan, Iulienne, 219 Sullivan, Virginia, 144, 416 Sumkrt, Russell, 385 Summerwill, Kristin, 203 Sundberg, Dale, 111, 113, 116, 117 Sunderbruclt, Arthur, 369 Supingcr, Mary, 329 Suter, Cynthia, 144, 150 Suzuki, Michael, 431 Svendsen, Reinert, 155 Svoboda, Ruth, 144 Swailes, Hazel, 144 Swaim, Basil, 94, 97 Swain, Gary, 420 Swallom, Daniel, 117, 425 Swanson, Alan, 144 Swanson, Gene, 155 Siva nso n tact 144, ms, 335 Swanson: Joel: 123 Swanson, Iohrt, 144, 160 Swanson, Lnrene, 144, 349 Swanson, Lynn, 151 Swanson, Virgil, 98, 101 Swartzendruber, Iames, 9-1 Swartzendruber, K., 94 Sweeney, Ronald, 431 Sweet, Carol, 341 Sweet, William, 155 Sweeting, Barbara, 163 Stveeting, Swenson, Cherie, 168, 170 Gregory, 355 Swenson, Iohn, 243, 422 Swenson, Sara, 144, 219 Swift, Iames, 385 Swisher, Randall, 194, 203, 215, 393 Swoifortl, Margaret, 326 Swope, Malin, 153 Sybesrna, Stuart, 161 Sykes, Susan, 410 Synhorst, Robert, 314. 377 Szabo, Steve, 311, -124 T Taafle, Kathryn, 86, 165, 242 Tabach, Brian, 353 Talbott, Lona, 144 Talcott, Robert, 239 Tamse, jean, 403 Tan, Alvin, 120 Tangren, Frank, 202, 239, 419, 420 Tanita, Clyde, 238 Tatalc, Victor, 111 Tauber, Thomas, 427 Taxy, Mitchell, 430 Threlltelcl, Ianice, 407 Throckmorton, Tom, E, 389 Tihbitts, Beverly, 145, 147 Tice, 1-Villiarn, 379 Tidrick, Rebecca, 145 Tietleman, john, 390 Tiernan, Stephen, 113, 116, 311 Tii1any, NVil1iam, 369 Timko, Barry Russell, 238, 370 Timmerman, Rosealice, 199 Tindal, Steve, 428 Tinker, Barbara, 326 Tinsley, William, 26, 423 Tjarks, lrleyd, 102, 107 Tohiason, Robert, 94, 98 Tnerber, Erwin, 111, 113, 116 Toerher, Garry, 94, 99 Toft, Donald, 107 Tolantl, Trevor, 145, 239, 241, Tom, David, 238, 241, 422 Tomhave, Robert, 145 Tumkc, Craig, 386 Tornpras. George, 246, 298 Toms, Helen, 215, 330 Tonelli, Janice, 232 Toner, Michael, 152, 153, 179 Toney, Beatrice, 403 Tonn, Gene, 107 Toohill, Ieanne, 145 Toomey, Kenton, 426 Toon, Richard, 389 Torbert, Thomas, 145 Torgerson, Susan, 330 Tornahane, joseph, 145 Touch, Michael, 231 Toussaint, David, 243, 421 Tovson, Renee, 404 Towell, Ronald, 94, 386 Taylor, Ellen, 150, 207, 21, 342 Taylor, Gary, 246, 247, 393 Taylor, lane M., 144, 147, 216, 333 Taylor, Richard, 433 Taylor, Terrell, 432 Taylor, Virgil, 361 Taylor, VVayne, 123 Teague, Ianet, 329 Teal, Michael, 428 Teberg, Dale, 311 Tehrugge, Herman, 170, 393 Teeple, Don, 361 Tegland, Beverly, 408 Telenson, Peter, 373 Telford, Michele, 203, -104 Temple, Ellery, 365 Templer, John, 393 Tener, Ann, 163, 230 Tesd all, Donald, 155 Theis, Michael, 144 Thele, Carl, 94 Thie, Charles, 104 Thiele, Richard, 298, 390 Thielen, Mary, 338 Thielen, Susan, 338 Thiesen, Judith, 163, 156 Thode, Thoma, lleen, 329 Patricia, 232 Thomas, james, 382 Thomas, jay, 390 Thomas, Iill, 216 Thomas, Kathleen, 329 Thomas, Michael, 107 Thomas, Michael I,, 144, 198, 199, 214, 393 Thompson, Barbara. 163, 334 Thompson, Dale, 311 Thompson, Elizabeth, 144 Thompson, Elvin, 145, 245, 246, 247 Thompson, Iames, 145 Thompson, joseph, 245, 246, 247 Towle, Stephen, 158 Towle, Virginia, 337 Townsend, Dewayne, 151 Townsend, Orville, 145, 298, 31 Trachsel, Earl, 423 Tracy, Boyd, 120, 1123 Traut, Lynn, 145 Travis, Trcckcr, Robert, 94 Steven, 145, 222, 366 Treiehel, Edward, 94 Trickler, Ralph, 94, 97 Trimble Trimble , Daniel, 107 , Ursula, 415 Tripp, Cynthia, 145 Tripp, Toni, 396 Trust, Sharyn, 153 Trotter, Peter, 389 Truelsen, Stewart, 362 Truhlar, Barbara, 415 Trummel, Barbara, S6 Trummel, Elizabeth, 145 Trunnell, james, 430 Trunnell, Susan, 163 Trusler, Donna, 145 Trussell, lane, 145, 242, 337 Tsiakals , joseph, 382 Tsttkamoto, Marilyn, 30, 400 Tuchscher, Flora, 416 Tucker, Earl, 151 Tucker, Frank, 423 Tucker, Robert, 94, 97, 98 Tucker, Terry, 421 Tucker, William, 320 Tucker, Yale, 374 Tulfree, Daniel, 361 Tully, Clifford, 390 Tulty, Terry, 153 Tullis, Bruce, -131 Turk, Pamela, 153, 165 Turnb ul Turner, 1, Katharine, 408 Jeanne, 230 Thompson, Kathleen, 341 Thompson, Norman, 430 Thompson, Pamela, 349 Thompson, Polly, 330 Thompson, Robert E., 199, 218, 225, 231 Thompson, Robert O., 390 Thompson, Ronald, 94 Thompson, Shawn, 386 Thompson, Stephen, 226 Thomson, Paula, 354 Thomson, Ruth, 208, 412 Thoresnn, Ioseph, 160 Thorius, jerry, 238, 241, 420, 422 Thornton, Ierry, 94 Thorp, Eric, 86 Thorsbakken, Kathleen, 20 Twedt, Arlen, 94 Twerlt, Iulie, 329 Twit, Arnie, 145 Tyler, Kenneth, 389 Tyler, Mark, 159 Tyler, Paul, 123 U Ucman, Ioseph, 145 Uecla, Tsuyoshi, 217, 433 Uhlcnberg, Flora, 407 Underhill, Warren, 428 Underkoiler, Janice, 342 Underkoiler, Richard, 145, 390 Unglauhe, larnes, 151 302 S, 320 Unz, Richard, 365 Updegrall, Barbara, 330 Updegrail, James, 122, 246 Upltam, Ronald, 111 Upson, Sandra, 86, 209, 337 Urban, Russell, 373 Usinowicz, Paul, 298 Utroska, Karen, 406 Utsinger, Don, 377 Uze, Barton, 374 V Vztlen, Ruth, 166 Valenta, Iames, 94 Valentine, lean, 86, 147, 230, 408 Van Arkcl, Eldon, 243, 431 Van Buren, Fay, 145 Van Cleve, I., 319 Van Sickle, Harold, 421 Van Van Sickle, Larry, 370 Weelden, Verna, 166 Voss, Gary, 361 Vosselle r, Bruce, 232 Wagner, Cheryl, 218, 404 NVagner, janet, 403 Wagner, Karen, 338, 407 Wagner, Vicki, 163, 165, 30 Wagner, Virgil, 97 Wahl, Mary, 163 VVait, Curtis, 155 Walden, Carolyn, 1115 Walk, Daryl, 145 Walk, Philip, 98 Walker, Bruce, 365 Walker, Donald, 94 Walker, Elaine, 415 Walker, Iohn, 381 Walker, Leland, 320 Walker, Mark, 370 Walker, Paul, 382 Willoughby, Susan, 230 Van Zee, Carolyn, 221, 337 Vandegarde, Larry, 155 Vandekamp, jerry, 245, 246, 247 Vander Hoek, Harold, 107 Vander Maten, Larry, 381 Vander Wilt, Darlo, 145 Vander Zwaag, B., 424 Vantlermeer, Janette, 326 Vamlerploeg, jean, 346 VVa1ker, Stephen, 366 Walker, Susan, 216, 346 Wall, David, 155 Wall, Kevin, 238, 424 Wa11ztce,,Peter, 158 Wallace, Scott, 431 Wallace, Stewart, 247, 365 Wallen, Sheryl, 163 Wallenstein, Roger, 320 Weber, Vanderpol, Nancy, 163 Vanderscltaal, Harlan, 112 Vzmdcrschoor, Leroy, 97 Vandewalle, Curtis, 298 Vandusseldorp, Ion, 88, 182 Vanek, James, 145 Vanhcel, Patricia, 87, 11-15, 329 Vanorsdcl, Robert, 373 Vanoverbeke, Ianct, 145 Vansant, Robert, 112, 114 Vansyckle, Channice, 145 Vanv1ack,Iur.1ith, 145, 147, 199, 3 Vardaman, Phillip, 366 Varner, Carlton, 194, 218, 366 Varnum, Thomas, 430 Vasey, Jane, 349 Vavroch, Duane, 238 Vedder, Sheila, 100 Veenhuizcn, Beatrix, 407 Veit, Cordelia, 145 Veldey, john, 123 Vcldman, Anton, 246 Venet, Cheryl, 219 Venik, 1-larry, 302 Vergamini, Robert, 370 Verhelsel, Mary, 326 Vemtazen, Ardis, 145, 147 Vermcdahl, David, 390 Yermcilahl, Vicki, 145 Verploegh, David, 381 Versman, Kenneth, 198, 199, Versteeg, john, 145, 195 Vespa, Iohn, 381 Vest, Kirby, 365 Vestle, Patricia, Sw Vetter, Barbara, 230 Vetter, Claudia, 416 Vetter, Nancy, 230 Vickerman, Ioan, 163 Vickery, Robert, 366 Victor, Nancy, 145 Victorine, Carolyn, 334, 407 Viclo, Elvio, 432 Vierkant, Mary, 326 Vietmcier, Mary, 209 Vigen, Douglas, 145 Villers, Vivian, 1112 Villmont, Victor, 424 Waller, Patricia, 342 Walling, Richard, 425 Wallrich, Christina, 210, 326 Walmth, Michael, 421 VVa1s11, Walsh, Kathleen, 342 Sharon, 163, Walslon, Steven, 145, 239 Waller, Walters Ioan, 86 , Iames, 145 Wampler, Robert, 160 Wungberg, David, 94 XVBIl1CCf1,13lTlCS, 155, 159 Warbasse, Steven, 243, 432 Ward, Iellrey, 382 Ward, Ierry, 94, 424 Ward, Pamela, 334 Ward, Peggy, IOS Ward, Ted, 97, 423 Warden, Barbara, 1415 Warner, George, 124 Wasltirm gton, lmuvoniu, 225, Waskow, Tlmmas, 104 Wasson, Sandra, 164, 165 Waterman, jay, 145 VV a ters, Raymond, 2416 Watlmn, Nlicltael, 373 Watson, James L., 104 NVatson Wa ugh, , James R., 145 Richard, 94 NVax, S1-iarlyn, 345 Waxenherg, Iames, 374 Wraxenberg, William, 194, 218, 393 Way, Allen, 390 Way, Robert, 102, 104 Wayner, Martha, 232 Weaver, Bari, 354 Weaver, Iames, 425 Weaver, Ieanne, 1-15 Weaver, Iohn, 120 Weaver, Kathleen, 338 Weaver, Margaret, 333, 415 Weaver, Mary, 346 Vkleaver, Nancy, 216, 333 Webb, James, 145 Webb, Iudith, 341 Webber, Elizabeth, 85, 341 Webber, Margaret, 333 David, 160 Wilken, Dennis, 88, 1.15, 157, 160 Vincent, Gaylord, 382 Vitu, Steven, 373 Vitt, Linda, 334 Vlack, Robert, 107 Vlcko, Elizabeth, 401 Voge, Allen, 145 Vogt, Roger, 145 Voigts, Ierry, 115, 116 Volberding, Ioan, 403 Weber, jennifer, 412 Weede, Nick, 94 Wegner, Dennis, 239, 320 Weicker, janet, 330 Weidlein, Carolynn, 403 Weidler, Allen, 182 Weiner, Paulette, 219 Weiner, Sharon, 194, 353 Weirathcr, Ted, 427 Voldseth, Nels, 218, 421 Vollbecr, Fred, 94, 97 Vollmar, Patricia, 108, 109 Vonahsen, Gary, 116 Vondran, Pamella, 337 Vorhes, Gary, 145 Vos, 462 Marvin, 161 Weis, Linda, 147, 218, 242, 3 Weiss, Dennis, 390 Weiss, Gary, 353 Weiss, Lynn, 194, 29, 353 Weissinger, Timothy, 377 Welch, Iohn, 377 W'elch, VVa rd, 112 399 30 Weldon, Robert, 115, 116, 117, 218 Weller, Kenneth, 145 Weller, Terry, 422 Wellik, jerry, 146, 370 Wells, Ioan, 146 Wells, Iohn, 104 VVe11s, Peter, 145, 236, 239, 240, 241 Wclt, Anthony, 146 Weller, Bonnie, 146, VVelter, Charles, 94 Vvlendel, Iames, 423 Wendel, Iamie, 416 Wendt, Ronald, 146, 198, 239 Wengert, Anthony, 422 VVenthe, Craig, 421 Wentworth, Ellen, 216, 415 Wentz, Clinton, 155 Wercsch, William, 94, 97 VVer11an, Carol, 152 Wert, lrlal, 146 Wertzberger, David, 94 Wesley, Ronald, 424 Wessels, james, 146, 159 VVest, Betsy, 146, 147, 399 West, Richard, 146 West, Stephen, 231, 369 Wcstercamp, Stephen, 146 Westfall, Dolores, 342 Westfall, Iohn, 112 Weston, Clarence, 239, 298 VVestphal, Bmce, 146 Westphal, Marlin, 146 VVewerka, Case, 429, 430 VVha1en, Molly, 345 Whaley, Wanda, 164, 165 Wheatley, Richard, 425 Wheeler, Ianice, 349 VVheeler, Iolln, 146, 370 Whelan, Francis, 155, 161 Wherry, C., 369 Whisnant, Iohn, 377 Whitacre, Tummy, 112 Whitacre, Vaiva, 146 NV11itaker, Gary, 156, 246, 247 White, Andrea, 146, 333 W'11ite, Arlyn, 94 White, Charlotte, 95 White, David, 302, 356 NV1tite, George, 362 White, Ira, 425 NVhite, Iellrey, 194, 370 White, joseph, 155 White, Leonard, 117, 246 White, Timothy, 123 White, William, 432 Whitehouse, Iohn, 146 Whitehouse, Ioseph, 86, 215, 218, 226 Whileis, Richard, -127 Whiting, Linda, 147 Whiting, Ronald, 123 Whitman, Barton, 390 Whitmore, Wayne, 318 Whitney, Terry, 365 Whittemore, David, 102, 104 Widmer, David, 146 Widner, Melvin, 112 VViebe, Richard, 429, 431 Wiebener, Candace, 216, 3-12 Wiebold, Stanley, 95 Wieczorek, Lawrence, 311 Wiese, Marlin, 95 Wicse, William, 95 Wilbanks, Martha, 230 Wilbanks, Robert, 112, 116, 117, 1 Wilber, Diana, 108, 109. 416 W'il1Jer, Robert, 361 Wilcox, J., 362 Wilcox, Thomas, 377 Wildblood, Lynn, 379 Wilde, John, 422 Wilde, Susan, 145 Wilder, Clillorrl, 298 Wiley, Mary, 194 Willzite, Charles, 219 Wilken, Sarah, 108, 109, 146, 337 Wilker, Wanda, 146 Wilkinson, Ellen, 108, 109 Willadsen, Sandra, 408 Willard, Charlotte, 146 Willer, Karen, 164 Willer, Kent, 104 Willett, John, 120, 122 Willett, Max, 431 VViIley, Iulia, 338 18 Vlfilley, Susan, 164 Willey, Wythe, 123, 218 Willhite, Williams Linda, 416 , Anthony, 298 Williams, Bobbie, 427 Williams, Cheryl, 216, -103 Williams, Christopher, 145 Williams, Derrick, 146, 239, 24 Williams Williams , Edward, 243 , Gerald, 107 Williams, Gilmore, 365 Williams, Gordon, 370 VVilliams, Iames, 146 Williams, John, 298 Willimm, joseph, 124 Williams, Lynn, 342 Williams, Patricia, 145 Williams, Stephen, 3612 Williams Sue, 415 Williams, Susan, 108 Vllillinms, Timothy, 362 Williams, Virginia, 242, 346 Williamson, Kathryn, 2125, 410 VVillita mson , Lewis, 370 Williamson, Michael, 373 Williamson, Nile, 373 Williamson Willis, Dav Willis, Ken Willis, Pau , Philip, 219, 389 id, 123 t, 123 1, 355 Wilson, Craig, 98, 423 Wilson, Dawn, -107 VVi1son, George, 107 Wilson, James B., 95, 302, 320 Wilson, James D., 159 Wilson, James N,, 386 Wilson, James R., 427 Wilson, James Russell, 386 Wilson, Laurie, 208 Wilson, Linda, 164 VVilson, Lyn ne, 406 Wilson, Mark, 389 1fVi1son, Norris, 218 Wilson Stephen, 366 Wilson, Susan, 3129 Wilson, Thomas, 160 VVilson, Timothy, 369 Wilson, Timothy R., 425 Wilson, Victor, 155 Wilson, Wayne, 365 VVi1tshire, Robert, 232, 361 VVinborn, Solveig, 95 VVinegardncr, William, 95 Wingerl, Gail, 164, 3411 Winick, Allred, 120 NVink1cr, Margaret, 224 Winner, Ionathan, 155 Winnett, Don, 389 Winter, Susan, 330 Wintercflcl, Robert, 146 Winterfielcl, Amelia, 404 XVirt11, Gloria, 408 VVir1z, Eli, 95 Wirtz, Harolcl, 222, 377 Wise, Bobbie, 146 VViser, Pamela, 230 VVishart, Iames, 431 Witt, Darrell, 155 Wilt, Rosemary, 164 Witte, Anne, 146 Witte, D avi d, 124 VVitte, Donald, 117, 386 VVo11l, Ronda, 353 Wohlleil, Alan, 1413 YVojcikiewicz, Iames, 298 Wolf, Benny, 358 Wolfe, Iames, 428 Wolfe, Ieanette, 146 VVol1'e, Mary, 86 Wolfe, Michael, 379 Wolfe, Roger, 423 VVol1'e, Ronald, 238, 241 Wollf, O VVo1ford, rville, 97 Bonnie, 345 VVolken, Stanley, 210 Wolken, Stephen, 137, 158, 218 Wolken, Sue, 146, 147, 218 Wollock, Edward, 197 Woloski,, Randall, 215, 393 Wombacher, Walter, 219 Wong, Byron, 420, 421 Wood, Richard, 199 Wood, Ronald, 365 Wood, Stephen, 115, 116, 117 NVuod. William, 243 VVuud1Jury, Robert, 314, 379 XVnodcoc1c, Sally, 150, 342 1Vuod11ouse, Alan, 107 1rVondhu9c, Gary, 331 VVunrls, Cheryl, 404 1rVuods, David, 146 Xkfumls, Frances, 349 Worlds, Van Wayne, 373 1Vtfro1cry, Inn, 245 1rVm,i11'011'i, Betty. 231 Wnolfolk, Bruce, 104 NVoo1sey, Nancy, 108, 337 XVuon, Eden Yi-Teng. 1115 XVork, Iohn, 379 XVorkman, jcruld, 107 VVorm1ey, lean, 164 XVorre11, Katherine, 333 Vlfnrsley, David, 3612 1fVratis1uw, Merle, 115 NVrigh1, Candace, 24, 410 Xvfiglll, Douglas, 369 XVrigh1, Iohn, 369 XV right Wright Wright, VVri ght VV right Kenneth, 1114 Randall, 370 Roger, 159 Sandra, 334 Susan, 121, 3126 1Vuhhcna, Robert, 1112. 115. 116, 117. 197 VVu1f, Dale, 161 Wtrli, NVi11iam, 112, 117 Vlfunder, Gene, 97, 218 Wunder, Iohn, 213, 419, 42 VVundcr1ic11, Thomas, 168, 170 VVunn, Sharon. 146 Wylie, Randall, 218 VVynja, David, 369 Wyse, Christian, 107 Y Yantis, Rebecca, 146 Yarrington, Gary, 107 Yates, Bruce. 379 Yazman, Thomas, 374 Yeager, David, 146 Yctter. Suzanne, 100, 216 Yvconi, Daniel. 314 Yoder, Cindy, 242, 345 Yoder, Dale, 168 Yoder, Ermu, 1154, 165 Yoder, Gregory, 3155 Yohu, Rebecca, 210 Yrishimura, Constance, YoumauS, Mary, 4113 Ynunce Young, Yuung, Young, Young- Young, Young, Young, Young, , A11an, 429 Barham, 349 Dean, 123 jay, 95, 98, 101 Judith, 86, 337 Lucina, 146 Patricia, 349 Richard, 386 Stuart, 145 146 Younggrcn, Mary, 342 Ynuogquist, Henry, 146, 390 Z Zabin, Harold, 1120, 123 Zagcr, VVil1iam, 112, 116, 117, 11S Zamansky, Iris. 353 Zanios, Jamie, 377 Zawistnski, Edward, 151 Zeiger, Vicki, 29, 353 Zieg. Mary, 103, 109 Ziegler, Kenton, 214, 215, 241, 239, 311, 390 Ziesman, Charlotte, 404 Zimmer, Van, 390 Zimmerman, Avin, 146 Zinn, Ierry, 146 Ziolkowski, Robert, 298, 320 Zisko, Thomas, 421 Zrrxolek, Douglas, 98, 101 Zook, Donald, 146, 157 Zortman, NVi11iam, 430 Zucndei, Rohnrt, 145 1 01 3 11- -C s 1 1 . ., . uf- -.. . " ' Tin' M. " 1: f' w I 4- uf' .- , uf.. rr: .. . U xg," ugjls. . .N ' -,,u.,. v.-pf, . ',,.,,., ., -Y li

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