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5- if Vw 8 J 1964 'Ullman Evans- , W W EXPANDING fOr' TCJIVICJIQIQOVV The State University of Iowa is in the midst of expansion . . . expansion physically, academically, culturally, and numerically. Keeping abreast of the fast-moving times is essential for all colleges and universities. This SUI strives to accomplish with its programs and policies of University improvement and expansion. With a sharp eye on the future, SUI is already planning for tomorrow's needs. gfma THE UNIVERSITY . . . 18 V ACADEMICS . . . 50 ACTIVITIES . . 142 uphll' RESIDENCES . . . 330 ,i More than S20 million in University building projects are now or soon will be under construction on the SUI campus. Not since the 1920's when the medical cam- pus was established has SUI enjoyed such a period of expansion as the one now under- way. This construction, when completed, Will add n Svbstanfiallr 'f01f11QP11YSiCHl ,plant df U 15heiUf1iVerSity. find, better lofi a Vll, student iiehliiorialii iii in F li X i V ' A B' .- w 4 1 ' 1 g 'evatw aw--'Y 'W T m"""U"'2 L5 ' I ' fi 1 if r K , 7 . Y g , E I ,k ,j jvf 'Mi , giwilaggeiqtigj ,, ., . , i ggi! ,law . -' 'LW-118' -x 1' '-Mamma. W--Jw xr cz :gf ww r--V1 a: ,g'T?7l55mfs L,,A YY A 3 ,V - w , L o il' "'72?i?2z fKfif: 'Cl'Mi3f 'L ffl -"WI .7 ' f ' ,. H , K of ,L.. - K ammwwiwmqw, M.Q.q,a,A-...W ,M-.4-W -1.-,w,,,n,, The 85 foot ion Tower Building will house a 5.5 million volt Van de Graaff particle accelerator upon its completion. This "atom smasherv will open new vistas of nuclear re- search at SUI. E e K - rnrtttiiifil f K-wif ri'- ' Q l .,,4f-"await ii Q 23.22. mggtttryi llllllllilll THIS YEAR, physical expansion meant a changing "face" for the SUI campus. Among the new buildings in progress are a 65-foot tower housing a high- energy particle accelerator, a six-floor Physics-Mathematics building, a four- Hoor Zoology building addition, a new building for the College of Business Administration, 34.2 million in addi- tions to the Memorial Union, a four- story Engineering building addition, a new University Water Treatment Plant, a 476-bed annex to Burge Hall, a multi-level parking ramp and a men- tally retarded children's center as a wing to the Hospital School for Se- verely Handicapped Children. r x xpected to be completed by late l965, the new home of the ollege of Business Administration will also house the Bureau of Labor and Management and the Bureau of Busi- ness and Economic Research. ' Y X. Simms ,,V. 6 .t., tr., K Q s H sli lliliiil - 4 i i i glial nisnrlrrll at ,c usnn - rutn E, an ,A i f . 2 A -2 - c s frsrrr rnfr ' L JJWJWJMK' B llgvl W A Vgkl ,,,., 'wmdnmquqi Wm ' . Lu.: - , , , f' Y' r f -fr-are -fiajg, , 1' ""' "W fm.. K V- fm- " ' 1, V, w The new four-story Zoology Building addition, when com- pleted, will provide faculty and graduate students, Ofhce space adjacent to research laboratories, teaching labs and special research facilities. r r 1 1 4 1 I e 9 1 E 3i x , .- - , pw -,H 'V ---'fm Q A W. - gfyyg -f f 1 f . ffm,-,, f 1 -- 1 5111122 zz - f. f-'pr-. - ,A ig, , M 1.5 wa, g . Q5 :Wg v , --z vm Z . ' 4125:-iz.: .zzz-erzaxnmffnagsrmicz-rmn.wfmB: H+ .., ffm. i , 1 . . .mlb-:PN ' 9' " rf' IW, 1' fi' A-sf""' V Nw.. x If .1 Sw NE: a. s 4, ' an-'TJ www., .,,, I ,GQ-1, .. 1 L-NL4:f'L's 51, -.....,.,.v.. Ji" , 'V V. WEP! , J W . , f. fuwkv . Nw. l if iliias-'W' ,HWL 1' sfgW7,A"' 'N QYQE, Wi ,, . una 2 ,- ,.- 1 in B X .,,, B2 Em, , ,sex 1 , f : Nfl, Q R? wx it Q 97- ,I siwl 3 ., . . 91-Jxf. 1 S 1 n ,Y 1 1 f 1 ja, ! - . N mah. Aww , 1 .l' ,I J .LW V, -s W ,A 1 F 4 1 I Q x f M-wang E o 30 b p K,,i?m-y W aw C ii' The Iowa String Quartet, composed of SUI music faculty, has ap pcared in many Eastern cities and is well known for fine perform ant-es. -5' Ihis 50411 the tion depicting 10th Century Japan. Sponsored by Project AID, Suzushi Hanayagi, classical Iap- ancse dance artist, performs the Iiuta, a danced iove ballad. Universitv Theatre Jrcscnted mans' fins Uiavs ineltidin! uRE1Si101TiUD,,, Q ymdtw- . I . , t, xl ...QE Q, ,ff , I w,.LL Sigma ..,: Sm blkb' r f ,E Q Q s .Q-wJH!"N'vw.M g Q Q xg H X 1, 1 1 5 X A 1 Y .tn .F tg .. V. . if . M L4 A' " 'UV sv .A A , .2 gr Q 1.: 4 'Wx ' 933 'K : -gb 1 In iQ i Am-pk-.nm 'luv Hua, W. WH N ,- fn i . I Y"' ..Zi -- 141 E2 5m-.AQ 3 r.mff....,.,,. . ,Q Section ONE Q!! mmf lil f+i.'....... ...- I B! Q! - f""N f . 'L-'-1-' ' ' 1. ,ff ,'N'-vw--1-.14-' -. wut , Q Eg .W vw, 1 13,2 f , as wQ,,gw wif. ' at , . .,,.....,- NAM., N s P, ,M , -aff. V. QQ, 1 mp., A .SMA 5 K W ' V K . ..v-- A v f W A - " A ' lfwf' ':. -5'-i:'1:aJE .. A VN'-iz ,, k -f' f 0 ' 45 H ,. -. - ' iff 'WL ,- 'ig ' 1 l I V jg? wg ssl? ' Q A in ,4 , , T. ,lf-y'!0"'Y 'W' ' "'fl''5fi2"4R'5'Q1,M1lbaeQa11w,:5??Pw"'2,-52,1 'H YL ww,-,:f. Gv-"TQ, ' 5 is ,L ,bi - lg 1 K , mga ,we fqsffggsv F 4 V x c ,W- g :,,.,m"? .f ff, ., -if - ' ,, -fgfwk? ., , ., R fm , an K., ' "9? 6' I wax The Campus has many spots where students may study and enjoy the out-of-doors at the same time. 20 ,, N The sidewalk beside the Geology building hill, though treacherous when icy, is always busy with students X -,,...g Bicycle-riding students park their 'iu'heels', outside Schacf for Hall. if ,1 1:65, .Q an fi 1, N J 4, 4. Nth. - -V 7- . .. Rarely is only one person seen walking across the Ponta CYCSY. ni: l ...sign A ' if QS, V 1 ,bm ,. QM , , " Vi. 8. Sv af, "M i ,f mx' ffrezwwnsifai am f Walking back and forth across the river is facilitated by the handy footbridge, also a favorite lolling place for students as they watch the Iowa River slip by. M 1 J ,QS PQ IF' vw 9,,.p QI .-1 gmygk, 1 1 M ,wg N .V.."E,, 'rw gif' , f- ,v.wxf- W iw, , ,..-,., -,.w' ,Q K I A ,':i.i:,.'W" Z Xi. " 5 lf? " . Q ,ii :,. 4 . .5, , , , wi, -, 'vim' K , -4 . -Q-,M - -W 'W' v:,W'L' , . ' 4"w.,f-,,. V ,v f 6-vw., Y A A 1 f -W,-,ww A .. . Y . ,,,w.4+,..-.4 1,23 vm, 41 ,ggi v 9 ulfl ll 3' ff uv-Q . . v-vu-J ,ff- fig!! Q f"' :fri I QQ I ff, 1 1 , my f f Ky ...-od' -md N,,,, ' -av ,A-"M A Wealth uf fricmlsliipw . . . 4-ummumil living , . mimrcd 1111111101115 the D namic New Responsibilities, regui an ions, hours ff! M orld of SUI A fZ1Si,-IJ21C'Cd new world s- U 2 ,M T Q YK 'QM X? radix Q + gk W5 i y G w X 'Z i 7 5:5-2949 ii ,ig The vhullonge of higher education a new life at new . . ever is entefing a fast-paced ideas . . . a Wealth of friendships '. . '. communal' 'living and shared mo- ments . . .fthe challengeofhigher education . . . a paradox of limitations andgffreedoms . becoming a part of a dynamic university. Signing the book, wearing the pin A sense of belonging, 21 security Sis Friendships, guidance, encouragement age r Vi ,ri 1 W me .. i ,pu . ' if , Q if 3 ' -5-Meg gi ,fr I QL in So many new faces . . . all those Greek names The excitement of Rush VVeek is a never-forgot ten thing . . . so many new faces . . . all those Greek names . . . confusion and disappointment, sometimes . . . could the rushees make a choice? . . . they did . . . men and women took the oath, signed the book, Wore the pin proudly . . . pledge- ship meant hard work, study hours, responsibilities . . . also good fun . . . pledges were striving to become Worthy of active membership . . . Greek life was another new experience . . . an important part of college life . . . a belonging, a security, in a sense . . . an inspiration to excel academically and socially . . . friendships, guidance, encour- agement . . . ties within a common bond. si il "I guess l should have pledged a sororitylv we if .Q 1' "Do you mean IM- uaitvql in this line ull this time :md set-tion 'll is L-lwsecl?" Becoming an Official Part of SUI Registration is an ordeal . . . but necessary to be- come an official part of the University . . . it means long lines outside Macbride, the Field House, at the tables . . . disappointments . . . students juggle sched- ules . . . "Well, I guess I canit get all my classes before 11:30 after all" . . . but itis soon over and A only comes twice a year. l 3 I i V X An opportunity to meet other students and professors The coed calendar ? 1 Parents, too, are welcomed to SUI fn Q , 9.7, 1 Q 1 , Q, , . , F , X, A -,.5,,,,3. - fs -, vii' 'la fp 4, ,ef H , ,,n,f,, Students enjoy the lingering days of fall by ftudying or droaming on the campus lawn. Fall At SU Means Man Things Sunny INUI'lliINlgiS. briwk afwrxwmxf .1 up-izgmnimn ls-ulv X-au i.w..N 1.-nr lf N .ww . ' 3 '1-SPX K k K. 1 Vw N4 rw, 1 ' Kuff , Q W . , 1' i' . , -1 . f " 5 0 ming, X 7' ' 4 y Nw f ,r ,nu , . ,f 'Q 1 K "1 , 1 .I K eu-A A 2 i My, A Vp M + I 11- ' ff' lv x 3' R A Af, 5 E EMA, t as, T h .5 M I ,La.,iN' rl 4- ,V . V , ' f' ,. H ,si fs, , 1' f' K- ywj , 7 - "Q gg ', ff, - ,m,wf'- mu-QE, :Q 'Ng 'u Q w:'w"5"L X 'C ' A J I , I. A WV, Aj, ,QQLV 4 Q ., " .f uw 5 -. W 3, I ,Q N- if ,L,,mbvw, Q A a ,L Y., ' W r if x A L' Q Q ,Q ,J M . M , . fm 'll -'fix-' ff-RN .'s ..1, . ,,. , af . mu' f' A. .-"1 4 , 1 it 1 , Ar' ' J' f S4331-1 A gf , K, W: . M I ii ," ng ly in 1 . 4. 1 15,1-' +5j.',HEg,wb?,' N ni? , M ,,.k v Am. Q Q- iff 7 ,, H - Full fun 1 55 ? L, an I ar 553 if S. Smiles promise a Win-and Iowa did! Imont on every play Ha-rky kept a close XV8lL'h from his sideline perch. I,i' ,AM SUIowans in the Pep Club cheering block waved their straw hats, demanding a touchdown. A fall semester at SUI wouldn't be complete without football . . . led by captains Wally Hil- genberg and Paul Krause, the Iowa squad had a good season . . . the Hawks won some, lost some . . . but the fighting spirit was always there . . . and so were the students . . . they came with blankets and radios . . . packing the stadium, in- tent on every play, giving their support . . . led by the Pom-Pom girls, SUlowans cheered with pride . . . 'il-O-W-Ali . , . the Pep Clubis cheering block waved their straw hats and called for touch- downs . . . the Highlanders and Marching Band entertained spectators during hall-time . . . even Herky kept a close watch on the games from his sideline perch. Mike Reilly . , , the fighting spirit was always there Jun-ummm 4 Y 4 E :kg 'nh' My , S x ,.:.. . X4 ..., E ' 951- ?'f f AK 51' y N .1 s 4 ! I 4 ummm ,L mm-mwwmm 1 'F X S mrramwmmmamr ww! W ., A QS ' ' 152- kg, 5 JM crowned-lovely Ioeth Mauna 9, hw ,J QQ - my uh 'ima .Q- ! f """"""-M. Students watch the 4l-foot Homecoming monument, "Top of the Crop," crumble-a tribute to the victory over Indiana Alter Winning the Indiana game, 37-26, Slllowans burned the traditional Homecoming monument, built by engineering students . . . open houses and parties welcomed back the alumni . . . and students ended an exciting Weekend dancing to the music of May- nard Ferguson. Maynard Ferguson and his band played for Homecoming. Go, Hawks . . . Coach Jerry Burns. "1" me Students celebrate Homecoming with a dance in the Main Lounge ! 1 E I if 2. -f, Q If ,Qt 2 5 'Q' "K f ' g!4i'5wL!T f ,.-2' ftf. A - r 8746.1 b -Y .Z 4 vagm f W: ,, , , v, J y' Wt... .. . ,H , V K - , ,al WJ,- ui' sim Q "N K Q . 5 f a Y' -N K , . is , , , is' f K rl. gg fag, 5 fL3.,,li o w, .Al P - 6 ,Z 4 wg. .. ht. . Lt:-q f 'QA I. N g::- XEX H, it -, ,., . A Q.-24, ii uf - M , "f5gi1-,'5 m- Q R. -l , - Wgafk QL 4- . gn fri: ff- ,sb , X V- . eijf -Lg 5 . ,A X 2' . fl' 2 W 'Y 3 my W,x 'Nw E V 'Fw A 'wiv A. .,3:.mHS..f54Aff Y "WN ' Twugns-H 5-m,f"' '- ' ' Snowballs Colne in all sizes. Snow Falls on the Campus Union Board honored Prosidvnt and Mrs. And as always , . . lherv was studying Ham-her with a Christmas party. 1 i ., V Y. f 1422555 H ff J' Snowmen were built all over the campus by I fr 5' df K A' sr ' 2 Hu lf' Q M g Students enjoy a mid-morning lecture. A not uncommon occurrence Mr. Vxlooley and his "Playboy Bunny' bring finals to photography class students. W...--vi Reading . . . a part of that liberal education. SUI is as diverse as its student body . . . a group of students doubling with laughter one mo- ment . . . hushed in intense seriousness the next . . . heavy studying for rnidtenns and final exams . . . Writing papers . , . students still find time for many diversions . . . activities, campus poli- tics, sitting in the Gold Feather Room, riverbank- ing, frequenting the Liner and Ioe's . . . indi- vidual talents and aspirations are fostered and developed at SUI . . . Writing, reading, discussing, expounding, sounding out ideas . . . this is the education outside of classes . . . that liberal edu- cation . . . but there is the formal one too . . . Finals come at least twice a year. W!,.'-Q1-'Z?'f+:"i vg, 1 ' +u..,e', - ' ,gsgyfgr al LL l WWMMM . W " 'ri W-wifmiiiixr.-is f -af -'HW -.M t5fza,.,. fs .M f- . uw. . , W . , iw s 'ff it K 'W ,.,, W li:72t55:m,w, ff t .,,, y t tr e 4 Trying to make every minute count. 'yew ,,,Lxi,. ,.,,. ,,,mm, ,""'Nw.4.:.TS3:., Xu HW. 1' .M if ig' y eil fmwez ggg WW R ... ,,,,,wm--Sf'-Q r-ul L - kg' " x , , V, .L E u ,fw- 'Y in :fm 3. Mya? f QV I 2 ' W In Wa , A gp Q -5 i s L . , .,., . ' ' - ii I W' nf 4 1 , 48 Sllloxxans share spring-arm in a SUlowans like to share spring . . . nice Weather invites students outdoors . . . the Iowa River and its banks provide an ideal place for students to eat lunch, study, nap, or spend the alternoon with a special person. Seniors are the last class to receive degrees from President Hanther The year ends . . . many students leave the eampus with long-sought degrees in hand . . . prior to graduation many hours are spent Filling out applications . . . being interviewed in an el'- fort to secure a job in their ehosen field . . . this year's class will be the last to receive degrees from President Haneher who retires in lung X... other students will say good-hye with summer P13115 foremost in mind . . . knowing they will return next lull . . . each student can stop to reflect . . . another year spent at Sill. Section TWO 'Vu . I. , , Q - .Q "' W'lIV3'g S "U I E -x S 44, JI' f 'O' 3 'mx FEBRV xxNNXxxxsv" , ......., 1 g g 5 g f 1 iii' 44 f 6 "'- -...-' -" 41' f' .W 6. Y I A i s f n E . iv P . 4' giwf. QQAJLI1' ' Intec , .. k 'U' i?:Lv3??ff: f W ,bf M ff ., , .hmm ,ii 1 QE AQ! was M l' 'J-1 When he retires this spring, President Haneher will have served the University or rg years. President Hancher Virgil M. Hancher assumed his duties as Presi- dent of the State University of Iowa on November l, l940. When he retires this spring, President Hancher will have served the University for 24 years. A Rhodes Scholar and an alumnus of SUI, President Hancher was graduated Phi Beta Kappa. He also holds ll honorary degrees. President Haneher is a very prominent figure in various national organizations, He is a past presi- dent of the Association of American Universities and the National Association of State Universities. ln lf-359, President Hancher served as a mem- ber of the United States delegation to the lllth General Assembly of the United Nations, and he was chairman of the Educational Policies Com- mission. He is currently vice-president of the American Association of Rhodes Scholars, and a member of the permanent committee of the Oliver Wendall Holmes Devise. President Hancher has been a symbol ol' admiration and respect for thousands ol' SUI students. sii rw .. 3 saw-W1 P, fn Q Q , -W I fm 12? 9 5m?32i's4 1 - - ji S3 f :nf -X 4, gmw Board of Regents STANDING: Maurice Crabbe, Eagle Groveg Melvin Wolf, Waterloog Wilbur C. Molison, Grinnellg Iohn Chrystal, Coon Rapidsg Iohn C, Oberhausen, Du- buque. SEATED: Mrs. Richmond Valentine, Des Moinesg Alfred W. Noehren, Spencerg Mrs. Ioseph F. Rosenfield, Des Moinesg Stanley Redeker, Boone. The State Board of Regents, formed in l909, is composed of nine private citizens of the state. Appointed by the Governor and con- firmed by the Senate, the members serve on the Board for six-year terms. Restrictive qualifications for membership assure political and educational impartiality from the Board. Under the Boardis jurisdiction are the admission requirements, curricular offerings, facilities, properties and finances of the six in- stitutions now under its control. The State Board of Regents has a heavy responsibility and does a great service to the citizens of Iowa. Vice-president for Instruction and Dean of the Faculties, Ray Heffner is also an English professor at SUI. He received his B.A., lVl.A., and Ph.D. from Yale Univer- sity and was previously Assistant Dean of Faculties at Indiana University. lVI. L. Huit came to SUI in IQ46, after receiving his B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan and teaching in China for two years. He received his lVl.A. from SUI in 1949. As Dean of Students since l956, he is re- sponsible for the general Welfare of the students. fficers of Administration Allin W. Dakin, Administrative Dean and Assistant to the President since l944, received his lVl.A, from SUI and lVl.B.A. from Harvard. He is president of the Iowa Association of United Nations and serves on the finance committee of Rotary In- tcrnational. 1 Ted McCarrel, Dean of the Division of Student Services since l96l, prev- iously served as Registrar. Elwin T. Iolliffe, Vice-president of Business and Finance since 1958, has been with the University for 31 years. Robert F. Ray is Dean of the Division of Extension and Uni- as well as Director of Admis- versity Services. He received his sions, Convocations, and Public M.A. and Ph.D. from SUI. Events. Donald E. Rhoades is Registrar New Director of Examinations and Testing Service, Charles R. Statler was Director of Testing at the University of Wichita. l V fluff. Q The Reserve Reading Section of the library is a popular place among students. Librar Since its completion in l952 the University Li- brary has been in a state of continual development. In 1959 the building was expanded, and remodel- ing was done during l96l. A 1963 legislative ap- propriation will be used for further physical ex- pansion and interior improvements. A growing volume of books plus the increasing number of students using the library is the basis for these improvements. The library is distinguished by its policy of per- mitting students open access to all books. AH- other outstanding feature is the availability of over one million books, almost three times as many as a university of similar size. Some special fa- cilities include: the browsing room, a self-service desk, and a photo duplication area. LESLIE W. DUNLAP, Director Iowa Memorial nion LOREN V. Korman, Director ...NN I xl Bc it for a .freindly cup of coffee, a concert, a committee meeting or a night of ubookingf, every student at SUI finds himself drawn often to the Iowa Memorial Union. Created in commemoration of those alumni who served our country in war, thc Union serves the University as a center of education, culture, and fellowship. Always available for use are the Music Room, Browsing Library, Television Thea- tre and the Gold Feather Room. Throughout the year the Union enriches us by providing guest speakers, Spotlight Series and fine arts programs, and entertains us with hootenan- nies, tournaments and dances. The completion of an addition will provide the facilities for an even greater scope of Union pro- gramming in the future. The new lounge. accented by the large oval i'Hcrky" rug, is the favorite study spot of many students. ' ' ""'T"",'H"W""""" A59 0 Dr, Pat Hicks administers to many SUI students every day. Student Health The Student Health Service, filling the place ol the family physician for University students, pro- vides office consultation, free iniirmary care and hospitalization, among other benefits. This service is unique in its very close connec- tion With the SUI Medical School and University Hospital, which place at its disposal laboratories and clinical consultation facilities. Because of this cooperation, specialists and hospitalization can be provided for students at a markedly reduced rate. The staff of Student Health is composed of seven Well-qualified physicians with a total of 99 y6arS of experience in Student Health. In one year, ap- proximately 6O per cent of the students on campus use the services of Student Health-medical serv- ice rated as the best. CHESTER I. MILLER, Head Alumni Association l.oR12N Hiciceasoiv, Director The lowa Alumni Association, composed of 65,- 000 living SUI graduates, is a significant link be- tween the University and the world outside. The Association organizes class reunions, arranges and supervises Rose Bowl trips and European tours, and sells subscriptions to an alumni newspaper. Also for the beneht of the alums, it publishes the bimonthly Iowa Alumni Review and a quarterly news bulletin, Today at Iowa.. The Universityis Alumni OHice supports the Old Gold Development Fund, in addition to sponsor- ing performances and tours of the Old Gold Sing- ers, a student choral group. Throughout the state, Association members assist in acquainting parents and high school students with the facilities and programs at SUT. Director l-slit-kerson and Joseph Meyer look over a copy of the Iowa Alumni Review. "1 lisa I' rr: f- wwuw w- u iw '. s.s:a.- A Q' If 'tfsi5'rwmgf+.m-- -- Yi 'A ,, -n, Rag' N 2 L - ,S 1' , J . f f ff If i, JY gi J K1 wk fi l fi' . A I if 'i fy 2, X l .1-fmggiygf wifi 5 fx., it r fi: , . i .1 . 'f ,.-1,11:, f5w K 1 a i' 7 Secretaries at the Iowa Alumni Association keep alumni records up to date. ROVV l: W. CI, Stuart. Iohn 1, Greer, Iznnes C. Ranwey. RCW 2: T. A. Lovden, Ray Murphy. Ir., Richard C. Bon Uzrvid Peslikin, Rin-lizxrd W, Peterson. llenry Hook. ers, Reynold P. lllfgilnsen. William W. Crissmzln. i The unique spiral stairway-fme of the many 1 interesting features of Old Capitol, SU1's ad- ministration building. 1 1 62 JMMQQW Q. jg: I.. .55 KMA ,iilif siifif . ,.iLqwlF"f DEAN BILLY L. BARNES M The data processing department is equipped with the iinest in IBM machinery. College of Business Administration The College of Business Administration was al Business, Labor and Management, Marketing, established as the College of Commerce in 1921, and Office Management and Business Education. succeeding the School oi' Commerce. ln i959 the The present acting Dean is Billy L. Barnes. name Was changed to the College of Business Ad- The College of Business Administration, with ministration. ofhees now in University Hall. Will soon be in its The Work of the College is administered through own building under Construction on Clinton Street six departments: Accounting, Economies, Cener- across from the Pentaerest. SEATED: I.. Konopa, K. Uhl, Dean Barnes, S. Winter, P. Olson, C. Morgan. STANDING: A. Costantino, i.. VVagner, W. Masson, I. Fritzemeyer, 1. Culley. ,t i,, .Q l 35 Fi Q il L an was w A '-ff I Pi sttt c p . p Uental students have access to excellent equipment in the dental labs. o College of Dentlstry The College of Dentistry. organized in l8S2, is an integral part ol SUI a connection which offers its students the advantages and privileges of excellent, accessible dental service. Dean George Easton is responsible lor this ycar's succcessful pro- gram, The main clinic, with the preventive dentistry section. is equipped with l32 chairs. operating units and instrument cabinets to oller students adequate study conditions. Preparing to assist dentists are dental hygienists. The Departrnentis teaching facilities offer two cdu- cational programs to approximately 56 dental hy- gienists. SEATHD: Dr. Wic'lQ, Dean lfuston, Ur. D. Lovett, Miss ll. Newell, STANDING: Dr. l., Anderson. Dr. R. Appleby, Ur. C. Sllfivllter. Ur. A. lfisher, Dr. K, Thayer, Ur, lVl. Ilale. . Y .svsri -...J .auf Am W 'A . K v,,,fmmW:ik,i qw--,v-..M H " WQWH., ,LVL IMA A N Www, 'R""Wf'1-awk -fm. , W- ., DEAN GEORGE EASTON DEAN HOVSVARD R. JONES The student teacher gains practical experience in the application of her skills. 0 College of EdUC3t1OH In 1963 the College of Education celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding, which took place on Iuly l5, l9l3. Its purpose is to provide oppor- tunities for students to obtain a broad and liberal education. which will prepare them for Work in a teaching, supervisory or academic capacity. 'l'he College maintains three experimental schools, a high school, an elementary school and a small primary school for mentally retarded chil- dren Where student teachers obtain experience in application oi their skills. Dean Howard R. lones is presently the lilth Dean in the Collegeas 50-year history. l,l3lF'l' TU RIGHT: ll. lleliock, L, Smith, ll. liindquist, l.. A. Van Dyke, 1. Stroud, ll. Price, 1. lVlcAdam. I ' .. E sf --.'Rqvn,a,,jp.,-we Students and laeulty olten work together on special projects. College of Engineering The Slll College ol' Engineering, estahlished in l927, is under the direction ol Dean Arthur W. lVlelloh. lt is divided into several departments: chemical, civil, electrical, industrial and manage- ment, mechanics and hydraulics. and the lnsti- tute ol' lflydraulic Research. The aim ol the College is to train students thorouvhlv on a hroad hasis throuvh the instruc- Fw . P1 tional lacilities ol' the Colleges ol' Liheral Arts, Business Administration, Law, and Medicine. Each year the students in engineering partici- pate in lVlecca Wet-k, which involves a search lot the hidden Blarney Stone, LEFT TO Rlfll l'l': T. Faucett. Nfl. Betterley, li, liarninerineyer, Dean Vlelloh, H. Smith, 1. llcme. l. lleegren. 'ns DEAN ARTHUR VV. IVIELLOII DEAN IOHN C. WEAVER i Was? VT' ' 1 4-W" The graduate seminar is a basic part ol' the graduate student's curriculum. Graduate College Graduate courses are ollered in all colleges of the University. To honor students ol' high abili- ty, the Graduate College bestows the following appointments: Scholarships, Fellowships, and Re- search Assistantships. Graduate assistantships car- ry the same qualifications as a research assistantf ship, but with a graduate assistantship the student LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Hulbary, S. Wawzonek. O. Hitchcock. Dean Weax'er, I. aids in teaching undergraduates in a lield in which he has had advanced training. Degrees offered by the College are Master ol' Arts, Master ol Science, Master of Business Ad- ministration, Master ol Fine Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy. Gerber, P. Hubbard. A. Bogue, A. Benton, V. Van Dyke, f l Fi!!! 47. x 3 an The new l.avv Library serves as a source of research and study lor Sl lI's lavv students. Educating its students lor the practice of law and promoting growth ol' government, expansion of business and industry, and movement in scien- tific discovery are the primary purposes of the College ol Law. The College ol' Law at SUI is the oldest con- tinuous law school west of the Mississippi River. lt was established at Des Moines in l865g in H968 it was moved to lovva City. lt is a charter mem- ber of the Association ol' American l.avv Schools. The Iowa Lavv Center, a recently completed building, houses all ol the academic and research activities of the College ol' l.avv, novv under the direction ol Dean Mason Ladd. SEATED: C. Heriot. O, Patton, A. Bonlield, P. Neuhauser, R. VVeintraub, N. Hines. STANDING: VV. Boyd. VV, Davidson, 1. O'Byrne, M. Harris, A. Cullison, S. Fahr, Bergsten. :Fi 1 A .........fA 1:3 ' Many students take advantage of the Sehaefler Hall Study Hall and the adjoining Honors Study Lounge. C llege of Liberal Arts Growing from a nucleus of live philosophical The College, headed for the past 15 years by and four scientific departments in 1855, the Col- Dean Dewey B. Stuit, has placed increased empha- legc of Liberal Arts now is the largest of ten col- sis on Honors work, offered in almost every de- leges which comprise SUI. This year 7,200 stu- partment. By maintaining a 3.0 grade average, dents received training from its four schools and a student can benefit from the many challenging over 40 departments and areas ol concentration. opportunities provided by an Honors course. SEATED, left to right: H. Harshbarger, K. Spence, R. Turnbull, Wawzonek, O. Nybaklxen, I. Gerber, G. Scott, R. Hulbary E. Nelson, I. Van Allen. STANDING. left to right: H. Iones, Dean Stuit. F. Seiberling, W. Thietje, B. Booker, W. Holm. R. Braddock, E. Chasea, E. Whitehead, T.. Shannon. C. Gibson, I.. Alley, S. Tuttle, M. Oppenheimer, I. Curtis, H. McCarty, M. Zagel, H. Voxman, R. Hcflner, I. Weax'er, H. Muhly. ,. ,am W -,.Mm.,,,., - Mmm,-K A I l , l . I, Medical students obtain practical experience in one or more of the hospital settings available through the College of Medicine. C ll g f M d' ' In l870 the College of Medicine consisted of a course of two years for 20 weeks. Now students pursue a course of four years for 36 Weeks, pre- ceded by three years of liberal arts training, Cur- rently headed by Dean Hardin, the College offers what has been termed "the best medical training availablei' with numerous opportunities for prac- SEATED: W. Harnilton, W. Huffman, C. Larson, Dean Hardin, P. STANDING: E. Van Epps, G. Hartman, C. Vestling, W. Keettel, C. tical experience. Last year the State Board ol Regents approved the establishment of a Department of Anesthesia and a new undergraduate program in Special Edu- cation. Another innovation is the use oi closed circuit television for medical instruction. Huston, A. Sahs, I. Porter, W. Bean, R, Tidrick, R. Carney: Hogben, L. Woods, I. Layton, L. Ianuary. DIEAN FLORIQNCE E. SHIQRBON . 125 is i if The student nurse-each day a new learning experience. 0 College of ursmg This year the College ol' Nursing provided train- ing lor 429 students in its four areas ol' study, in- cluding a graduate program leading to a lVlaster's degree. Under a four academic year program, initiated in l96l, the students receive a hroad hack- ground in all areas of nursing. Du ring their sophomore year, the students he-gin their nursing courses at the University and Psy- chopathic Hospitals. As seniors, they gain experi- ence in Public Health Nursing which gives them an opportunity to work for eight weeks in one ol lour Iowa communities. Acting Dean ol' the Col- lege is lilorenee E. Sherhon, I,lil7'l' TO Rlilllli C. Boulton. M. VVoodl'ortl. Nl, Lorenz, lf, lfriclxson. llean Slit-rlmon. P. Zl'!7lllt'liEl, Nl. liylord. li, Colbert, Ar Ox'ei'land. ifgflm swf DF? rf gs Facli student works at his own Fully equipped counter in the new Prescription Laboratory. Since its organization in lS55, the College ol' In September the expanding College moved to Pharmacy has graduated over l800 students who, a new four-story building where more laboratories, in turn, have filled 19,500,000 prescriptions and classrooms, research equipment, and facilities for Ward orders, according to their present rate. Un- manufacturing pharmaceuticals were available. der the instructional supervision of the University Completing his eleventh year as Dean ol' the Col- Hospital Pharmacy staff, seniors gain practical lege is l,ouis C, Zopl. and diversified experience in dispensing drugs. ROW l: D. Witiak, W. Tester, W. Kerr, H. Black, l.. Zopl, dean, R, Kueyer, V. Thudium, D. Kann, 1. Cannon, ROW 2: ton stairsl II, Baumann, lf. Parrott, I. Laeh, S. Blaug, ll, Carexx. -ui DEAN LOUIS C. ZOPF w...,.,, 'n DIRECTOR LESLIE G. MOliLLER 14. f,-Q 1 The linotype operator performs an important task in many phases ol' journalism. 0 School of Journallsm Since it was officially designated as a school in l924, more than l,600 students have graduated from the School of Iournalism, presently headed by Leslie G. Moeller. Another 320 have received their Master ol Arts degree or the Ph.D. in Mass Communications, which lowa first conferred in 1948. lt was the hrst institution in the United States to do so. SEATFD: W. Steigleman. I. Buclialew, R. Budd, W. Peterson. Andrews, I. Markham, l.. Moeller. director, A. Barnes, H. Duncan. L. The journalism major may select his specialty from nine general fields: advertising, community, high-school teaching, magazine, editorial, pictorial, public relations, radio, and television. As a junior and senior, he devotes time to work in laboratory areas such as the Daily Iowan, WSUI news bu- reau, the photography laboratory, or the HAWK- urn. STANDING: A. Sanderson, E, Andrews, I. Kottman, C. Benz, D. Wooley. ,,.-uv An interview uith guest speaker l,eo Schwarz is taped for use on WSUI hy the School ol' Religion. S h I f R I' g' A unique venture lor a state university, the School of Religion was established in l925, Pres- ently, SUI is one of the few U.S. institutions where a graduate student can study religion under an inter-religious faculty, and the only state uni- versity oilering a Ph.D. in religion. This year l,200 students were enrolled in the School's l8 courses under the direction ol' lames Spalding, Recently SUI and three Dubuque theo- logical schools formed the Association ol Theo- logical Faculties. Further advancement will oc- cur this june with a new program ol' Clinical Courses in Pastoral Carer Llllfl' 'VO RIGHT: George Forell, Sidney Mead, Frederick Bargehuhr, David Belguin, Robert Welt-h, Harold Duerlisen. latnes Spalding, director. A , 5153 N . . T Z 1, Q- 5 W'-f Q l L- 5 xii f E1 If -+4 iff 5 Y fbgvii F W 'f f bQ.AQul'w'7' --v. A-,Q N . unify- 3 V HA gk DIRECTOR JAMES C. SPALDING DIRECTOR FRANK Z. GLICK Field work is a Vital part ol' the student social workers curriculum, School of Social Work The youngest school at SUI, the fully accredit- ed School of Social Work was established in l949. All professional Work in the school is done on a graduate level and leads to a Master of Arts de- gree at the end of a two year program, combining academic work and field work. Under the program. the lVlen's Rclormatory. Mental Health Institutes, and similar locations have become classrooms for students as they per- form their actual field work. Under the direction of Frank Z. Glick. the School is currently making plans to mcet the in- creasing number of applications which have dou- bled in the last four years, SliA'l'lilJ: l". ltxin. K. Kruse. lf. Glick, director. M, Snider. STANDING: W. 'Vurnc-r. ll. Anclcrson. S, Vrfliiting. Nl. lllillwl- I E. Zober, R. Nornbrock. I Studying is a never ending processg but then so is learning, and so many excellent opportuni- ties are available to SUI students. QQZW4 Business Seniors James Abshier Lynn Allen Harry Aller Slephen Arneson Dan Aves Sleven Bachman Daniel Baldwin Council Blulls Lamonl Dave-nporl lowa Cily Melbourne Van Horne Foresl Cily Wallace Banner Michael Barlow Ronald Barnes Thad Bechlelheimer David Beck John Beck Bruce Beren Slol-'X Cilv VilliSCO Denmark Walerloo Morning Sun Mason Cily l-lales Corners, Wisc David Biekerl' Alan Bisgrovc William Blake Craig Blanchard Eugene Boldl Hari Bondi Ronald Borden Nashua Clear Lake Shell Rock Lone Rock lowa Cily Davenporl Quincy, lll. Charles Brennan Ned Breuer Charles Brown James Brye Ronald Burnell James Busler Thomas Caslle Emrnelsburg Burlinglon Burlinqlon Waverly Burlinqlon Eslherville Clear Lake John Cavanaugh Rober+ Chapman Delores Chenowelh Mary Chrisl Norvall Clemons Gavin Collins lOWa Cilv Cedar Rapids Burlinglon Belle-ndorl Iowa Cily Mason Cily Slephen Cook Clinlo' Denver Daniels Ladora Richard Dougherfy Ml. Rleasanl' John Engsfrom Des lvloinos Arlyn Frohling Belrnond Michael Cooney Winlhrop William DeMoss Cedar Rapids Theodore Downey Muscaline Judy Ferris lndependence James Furgason Walerloo Business Seniors Waller Corey Cedar Rapids Phillip DeVoe Cedar Rapids Philip DeVoc Websler Cily Alvin Finch Kelly Lesia Gafeller Vlfesl Liberly Douglas Cover James Criblos David Crcclceif Emmef Currans Cedar Rapids Marshalllown Brill Emmelgburg John Diehl Richard Dich+elmiller Larry DiHmer Russell Dohrrnann Des lvloines Delaware Websler Groves, Mo. Clinlon S+ephen Dryer Fred Dryg Douglas Duncan Charles Ellis Fl. Dodge Iowa Cily ColurnbusJunclion Knoxville Marnell Fliger Sfephen Franzenburg Kennelh Franzen Gerald Frimml New Hamplon Conrad Sioux Cily Marenqo Lawrence Gasho Gerald Gilmore Carrel Gosse Billy Gorsuch Fl. Dodge lowa Cily Jesup Earnes Cily Business Seniors Donald Guerin Diane Gelleri William Hancoclc Darrell Hansen David Hansen James Hanson Diane Haich Hinsdale, lll. Holslein Vfeslon, Mass. Clinion Cedar Falls Clear Lake l.ancasier,WisC S+ewar+ Henbesf Gerald Herschberg Kennefh Hersi' Ernes+ Highley David Hiner Jaclcie Hoehnle Jon Holcanson Iowa Cily Des Moines Des Moines Marion Cenlerville Amana Pelerson Alber+ Holcomb Jack Holmes William Holiz Sidney Horowifz Joel Horsiman Theodore Howard James Huber Cedar Rapids Sioux Ciiy Manchesler Chicago, lll. Rockwell Esiherville Mason Ciiy Charles Hun+ley Roger lngwersen Edward ivory Jerry Johnson Charles Jonas A. Karunalcaran William Kelly Roberi' Kern Bronxville, N. Y. Oxlord Junclion Clinlon Duich John, Ulah Cedar Rapids Kerala, lndia New Hampion Cedar Rapids Grace Kiel Melvin Kimzey Phillip Klinger Roger Klinzman Monfe Knudson Duane Koberg Paul Koeppen Gary Krapel Decorah Milo Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids Marshalllown Duranl Iowa Ciiy l-larpors Ferry 94 Business Seniors Dean Krehlilc Du Wayne Krier Judilh Kuehl Michael Lanning Lyle Lasfine Richard Lehmann Iowa Ciiy Auburn Manson Oslraloosa Terril Cedar Rapids Donald Levsen Gary Lewis John Lisle James Li++Ie John Lohr Ronald Long Olin Cedar Rapids Clarinda Mediapolis Rockford Marshalliown Melvin Lynch Linda Mabus Darrel Manser Jay Margulis David Marfson Charles Marlin La Grange. III. Rolling Fork, Miss. Locona Waierloo Glenwood Wesi Burlimion Reber? McCauley W. McCormick Jerry McGregor R. McLaughlin Michael McNeil Eric Melson Rober+ Miller Des Moines Viniori Tipion Belmond Iowa Cily Dubuque Beihesda, Md. James Mole R. Muilenburg Dallas Mulder Roscoe Needles Craig Nichols John Norland Alan Olramura Roloeri Lerner Uriiversiiy Ciiy, M Donald Lopez Rock Island, III. Thomas Maxwell Muscaiine Larry Moore Gilmore Ciiy Dennis Oldorf Cedar Rapids Orange Ciiy Rock Rapids Ailaniic Sioux Ciiy Marshalliown Kealalcelrua, I-law. Siarlwood Business Seniors Rolaeri- OHQ Russell Panlcey Lee Peiersen Donald Pfeiler Jerry Polwlman James Purdy James Reardon iowa Ciiy lowa Ciiy Clinlon Dubuque Melvin lionlanella Vinlon Riclfiard Rex Dennis Reylwons Pafrick Reynolds Gary Richards Wm. Rinderlcnechi' Carolyn Roberfs James Robshaw Wesi Branclw Solon Iowa Cily Corning Cedar Rapids Burlinqion Council Blullis James Rocklin Barbara Roden Arlene Rommel Richard Ross James Russell Allan Scliallau David Sclwallman Sioux Cily Losi Nalion Ml. Pleasanl P+. Dodqe Anamosa lowa Cily Cedar Rapids Roberf Sclimidi Roger Schoclc Roger Scholes William Schwarfz Roberl' Schwieder Alan Seagren Glenn Seime Phillip Senaira Kansas Ciiy, Kans. Fairfield Ankeny Clinlon Davenporl Curlew Audubon Clinlon Dennis Severson David Simmons James Slavens James Spangler Edward Spence Thomas Sprafi Mark Spring Sfanley Sprinlcle Marslwallrown Dubuque Selle-ndori Clinlon Liquisali. Quai. Marion Des Moines Looaw 96 Allen Sfamy Cedar Rapids Douglas Swan Clear Lake Marvin Trachfa Cedar Rapids lames Weissenborn Glen Ellyn, lll. S. Williams Red Oak Business Seniors David Sfeele Rober+ Sfewarf Ronald Slillions Charles Slock David Sfrauss David Sunleaf Des Moines Leon Cedar Rapids Slanwood Iowa Cily Bellevue Jerry Swan Donald Swenson Mervyn Thede Alan Thomas Gene Thorn Elaine Til Ml. Rleasanl Cedar Rapids Eldridqe Cedar Rapids Georqe Farley Frank Tren'r Ryna Trope Marlin Veenker Terry Wallers John Warren Fred Weber Walerloo Peoria, lll. George Danville Walerloo Marion Marvin Wellik Richard Wernick Opal Vxfheeler Roberf Wheeler Edward Whi+mire Gerald Whifnable David Wilkinson Brill Benlonville, Ark, lows: Cily Charles Cily Kalona Fredericksburg Cedar Rapids Byron Wilson Roberl' Winn Jack Wood Clark Workman Glenn Wrighl Dean Young S. Zimmerman Marenqo Muscaline Des Moines Oilurnwa Sanborn Davenporl Remsen John Barlow Douglas Beechel Lenox Des Moines Leonard Carlson Ross Chrisfensen Maralhon Allanlic Donald Garsh Donald Hagan Des Moines Alkins Elgin Jaclcson Richard Johnson San Jose, California Iowa Cily Dentistry Seniors Frederic Borden Los Angeles, Calif. David Conwell Iowa Clly Keifh Hall Milchell, S. Dax. James Kennedy lowa Cily Carroll Bollorff Ollie Lumir Dedic Tama Wayne Hammer Des Moines Michael Kefcham Ollumwa Larry Brunlc Burlinqlon Howard Dedmon Forl Worlh, Texas Carler Holman Sioux Cily Ronald King Galeslourg, lllinois William Buchholrz Ames David Diehl Davenporl Richard Hynes Manly Roberl Landau Walerloo Jerry Carey lowa Cily Larry Dunscombe Forl Doclqe Douglas ldema Parkslon, S. Dali. Bruce Mauer Le Mars Dentistry Seniors Paul Mcclenahan Donald Meliliscli Sam Mummey Leonard Neel Barry Nelson Roberi' Nelson Harold Oleson Kimball, S. Dalc. Ballimore, Maryland Iowa Ciiy Iowa Ciiy Grand Rapids, Minn. Hamplon Iowa Ciiy Melvin Olson E. Pannkulc, Jr. John Purdie Gary Quasi John Read Dennis Rose James Shelfon Andrey Sfraumani Moline, Illinois Laurens Rockwell Ciiy Muscaline Cedar Rapids Iowa Ciiy Des Moines Solon Harold Suchy Jay Swarizwelfer Fred Tisue Bruce Trimble Gordon Williams David Wilson Paschal Zuccaro Terrence Hoof Belle Plaine Richland Gr, I-Iills, Calif. Cedar Rapids Iowa Ciiy Marslwalliown Dubuque Cenlral Ciiy ya 4.,,, . Ewa -:'," V Ma? iliiii if will .f I 5 -I ,QV 'aw ff' A pak, fm ,lr 99 Dental Hygiene Seniors Eileen Allen Nancy Anderson Kafhryn Bay Belfina Berg Linda Cossill Grelclien Godlay Mary Ann Guslafson Marion Des Moines Alqona Eldora La Grange, Ill. Earlham Aledo, III Jana l'lar1lg Mary Be+l'1 Hemmer Barbara Hurleau Julie Jolrlnslon Beverly Karimi Lana Knopf Marilyn Leuz Waferloo Lincoln, Neb. Akron, Olnio Marenqo Donellson Newlon Camden, N Nancy LiHle Joanne Lowe Carolyn Miller Doreen Miller Marilyn Moore Linda Parker Quincy, Ill. Sanla Fe, N. Mex. Davenporl Waierloo Muscaline Moline, Ill. Jan Pelerson Louise Rudman Mary Russell Gerfa Schenk Peggey Siddall Janel Sfaplelon Dunlap Galesburq, Ill. Jefferson Des Moines Laurens Glen Ellyn, lll. Leslie Thelen Elizabelh Vandecar Linda Ward Kay Wenzel Julie While Sally Wichman Kenosha, Wisc. Ames Moravia Cedar Rapids Bonne. Calif. Des Plaines, Ill. James Ashion Davenpori William Boardman Harpers Ferry 'Roberi Clarey Denison Richard De Baere Inwood Hugh Fisher Cedar Rapids Richard A+kinson Cedar Rapids Paul Boyd Iowa Ciiy ScoH Clark Manchesier Jerry Eccles Burlingion Chesfer Francis Le-Claire Engineering Seniors Bassam Baassiri Sidon, Lebanon Roberf Brechwald Fori Dodge Ronald Claussen Daven pori Dennis Ellioii' Knoxville Gary Friend Mason Ciiy Roberi' Banner Sioux Ciiy Roberi Brown LeClaire Richard Colony Cedar Rapids Paul Filean Des Moines Clifford Fudge Ailaniic Roberi' Barry Belmond John Calhoun iowa Ciiy Michael Conlin Fori Dodge Gerald Finzel Dubuque Richard Gibbs Burlingion Darel Benneii' Ralph Benson Sioux Ciry LeClaire William Carson Geogre Chrisfiansen Ely Nora Springs James Crosheck Max Daubenberger Solon Hedrick Gary Fischer Alan Fish Dubuque Fori Dodge Larry Gibson Charles Gillespie Dexior Alion, lll. IOI James Hansen Brill Prabhudas Ka nlesaria Uplela, lndia Vern Larson Roland James Niday Iowa Cily Roberl Ruisch Waierloo Richard Hass 'lipion Kennelh Kiefer Dubuque Palrick Malloy Slflerlandoalii lrving Olson Radclihfe Daniel Scalf Washinqlon l Engineering Seniors La Porle Cily Larry Kinney Ml. Pleasanl James McGinnis Cedar Rapids William Palmer Minneapolis, Minn John Schliekelman Donald Hospodarsky Larry James John Jansen Spiril Lake Lone Tree Thomas Kilfleman Russell Kross Cresion Lowden John McLane Erwin Mohr Clinlon Clinlon Daniel Quinn Phillip Rich Eldridge Park Ridge, Ill. Roberl' Schmidl' William Schmidl' Kansas Cily, Kans. Muscaline Des Moines Waller Johnslon Heikki Joonsar Nichols Walerloo Wallace Lampe William Lang Reinbeck Eyanslon, Ill. Frederick Moore Abdelalif Naas lowa Cily Nedrorna, Algeria Rolaerl Richardson Kenneih Rubin Clinlon Caldwell, N.J. Slanley Schroeder John Sealy Dubuque Cedar Rapids IO2 Daniel Shaw David Simpson Joseph Slaughler James Sleele Marlyn Slerlx Brian Sfone James Sfriclclin Sureshchandra Pafel Le Claire Clinlon lowa Cily Belle Plaine Sheldon Wapello Larry Swanson Gene Sweeney Gary Swyler Donald Thomas James Thoreson Da nvers Tubbs Palo Lansing iowa Cily Cedar Rapids Spiril Lalce Davenporf Ronald Wells Thomas Werch Jerry Wilson Raymond Wilson Maureen Wolfe Roberl' Yingling Cedar Rapids Iowa Cily Blairsiown Keolculs Losl Nalion Muscaline Engineering Seniors Muscaiine Louis Vermeer Sioux Cenler John Yoder Wellman Navsari, lndia Richard Wellc Muscaiine Richard Young Chalham, N.J. Q5 499 Q Q Q QQ FHEHWWQQIRQQW 4 ' 9 S 9 I evbe vwmwa 'Haas emi- aww--Vx f-fL f 1-JW, "You push that one and I'11 push this one, and we'11 see what happens? IM .Michael Allison Mason Cify Ronald BonneH Liberlyville Wilbur Cochran Charilon Richard Duff Coralville James Gailey Siorm Lalce I04 Law Seniors John Beamer John Beard Redge Berg For? Dodge Des Moines Waierloo Carol Bruce Pefer Burl! John Burns Cedar Rapios Fori' Dodge Carroll James Coonley Eugene Copeland Boyd Crih l-lamplon Fairfield Clinfon Rober-i Dumbaugh Charles Ehrhardi Joseph Eversman Slorm Lake Ellcader Burlinglon Nolden Geniry Charles Gilfillan Marilyn Giliner Rockford, Ill. Bloomfield Bafavia, lll. Joseph Biffer Dubuque Tom Burrows Belle Plaine Winifred Deyo Iowa Ciiy Michael Figenshaw Jellferson Michael Glenn Hamburg Frederic Bock Cedar Rapids E. Michael Carr Manchesler John Dillon lowa Cily Jack Fifz Melbourne Philip Goecllren Dyersville Joe Bodcliclrer Winihrop Sieven Carier Leon Harry Doughfy DeWi++ Harold Fofsch Fa rminqion James Graham Dubuque Richard Grassgreen Norlh Bergen, NUI. Kalid lgram Cedar Rapids Kennelh Lemlxe Arlinglon I-leiqhls, III. Richard Niichel Ashlon Jerome Roberson Clinron Jim Graven Law Seniors Norma n Graven Greene Greene Slephen Jackson Paul Kinion Cedar Rapids Burlinqlon David Levinson Ned Miller Mason Cily Kalona William O'Connor William Olinger Riverside Walerloo John Rock Ralph Rodamalcer Cedar Rapids Charles Ciry Ed Grayson Larry Gurz James Hornaday Davenporl Slorm Lalce Des Moines Jerald Kinnamon Culver Klinlcenborg Don Lappin Iowa Cily George Rock Island, III. Charles Milchell Charles Mullen Richard Murphy Ollumwa Perry Dubuque Allan Olsen Max Peferson Joseph Power Iowa Cily David Rome Roclc Island, III. Dunedin, Fla. Cedar Rapids Lehan Ryan Thomas Sanflner Des Moines Swea Cily John Hughes Iowa Cily John Larson.. Iowa Cily John Niemeyer Ellfader Wallace Reed Walerloo John Sawin Iowa Cily I05 Law Seniors Ronald Saylor David Schoenihaler Thomas Schrup Jon Sell David Seller Roberr Shearer John Shors Allan Sfopperan Cedar Rapids lvlaquolceta Dubuque Waterloo Dubuque Osceola Pocahontas Waterloo Roberf Slory George Sudenga Richard Te Kippe Stephen Turner Dennis Valenfine Averil Vallier James Van Werden Siuarf Webb Marion George New Hampton Clarinda Centerville Council Blulls Wintersel Rolfe William Wegman John Wicks Kleber Willcoclxson Richard Wilson William Woodward Donald Young Joseph Zwaclr Anamosa lowa City Sigourney Mount Ayr Dubuque West Liberty Dubuque Usually only the law students see this side ol the new Law Building. I06 i Linda Abramson Aurora, Ill. Dorolhy Alberl' Flushing, N. Y. Carole Andersen Clear Lalme Margarel Arisian Iowa Cily Rose Mary Ally Cedar Rapids Janel Aclcerman Liberal Arts Seniors Karen Adams John Adamson Iowa Falls Cedar Rapids Iowa Cily Nancy Alden David Alfline Tuna Alilcadi Linden Ames Iowa Cily Gloria Anderson Nancy Anderson Roberl- Anderson Peoria, lll. Des Moines Viclor Carolyn Arnold Viclri Arnold Michael Arrowsmilh Ollurnwa Roclc Island, Ill. Oskaloosa Judilh Augspurger Slephen Augspurger Mary Lou Aukeg Bloomfield Bloornlield Bulilalo Ce-nler Jacquelin Ager Shari Ahlbrechl Muscaline New Sharon Slanley Allen Richard Allenbernd Emerson Muscaline Jane Andrews Kalherine Annand Mason Cily Cedar Rapids Jacqueline Allcinson Jo Anne Alkinson Davenporl Des Moines David Axeen Lawrence Baker Mason Cily Davenporl John Aila On'1aha,NelJ. Belle Amble Sigourney Richard Anlrim Cedar Rapids Juclilh Allrinson Quincy, lll. Bruce Bailey Washinglon Arnold Bala noff Des Moi nes Elizabelh Barer Bransville, N. Y. Ronald Baughman Indianola Carol Beeloe Sioux Cily Bellina Berg Eldora IO8 Jack Baldwin Norllnbroolf, III. Clarke Barnes Iowa Cily Marlon Beach Wheal Ridge, Colo. Beverly Beers Coralville James Bergman Sloul Liberal Arts Philip Baldwin Des Moines Margarel Barrels Slcolcie, III. Slephen Beadle Albia Charles Beelner Burlinglon Nancy Bergslen Moline, III. Melvin Ball Davenporl Inez Bar+leH Dyersyille Wayne Beal Maxwell Nancy Belger Iowa Cily Eliz. Bellenhausen Scolland, S. Dalc. Seniors Dennis Ballard Red Oak John Bascom Denison Bruce Beally Creslon David Bell I-Iolnbs, N. Mex. Connie Bier Mason Cily Cynfhia Ballou Slorrn Lake Merlin Bauer Iowa Cily Beverly Becker Geneva, III. Edward Bennell N ewlon Dennis Binning Iowa Cily Roberl Ballzell Charles Cily Sharon Bauer Livinqslon, N. J. Gaynel Beclcwilh Malvern Margo Bennell' Forl Dodge John Binlz Cedar Falls Liberal Arts Seniors Rebecca Birch Sfephanie Birdsong John Birlxbeclr Barbara Blanlrenlourg Paulelle Blaszczylc Jaclc Blessing Jaclclyn Blohme San Anlonio, Texas Marshalllown Mason Cily Sacramenlo, Calif. Flossmoor, lll. Tacoma, Wash. Savanna, Ill. Palricia Bloomcamp James Boclcholl Jana Bogaard Gary Boisen Arnold Booher John Bornholdl' Elizabefh Bosfon Manson Luzerne l-lurnboldl Clinlon Waferloo Fr. Monrnoulh, N. J. Rockford, lll. Shirley Boufen Karolyn Boyd James Boyd Jean Boyle Andrew Boysen Rosalie Brade Ted Breuer Minneapolis, Minn. Websier Cily Iowa Cily Bernard Harlan Nichols Burlinglon Richard Briar Linda Briclcey Linda Bridgeford Dennis Briggs Diane Brighl Healher Brisbin Barbara Bri'H'on Monona Oflumwa Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids Burlinglon Cedar Rapids Newlon Judifh Broclcshus Sara Brogan John Brouhard Darryl Brown Douglas Brown Flora Brown Jerald Brown Lynne Brownell Williamsburg Thorion Harlan Maxwell Garner Wilburlon, Olcla. Iowa Cily Monlezuma Lisa Brueggemann lowa Clly Nancy Burianelc Cedar Rapids Candace Carlson Klernrne Gail Casey lowa Cily Sarah Chilfon Sigourney David Bruns Sheldon Belly Burke Liberal Arts Seniors Marianne Brunsl' River Foresl, lll. Janel' Burns Welosler Cily Pxledo, lll. Karen Carlson Laurence Carlano Rockford, Ill. Monlicello Willard Caslonguay Raeiean Caudle Charsworlh, Calif. Winrersel Mary Chopelc Linda Chrisinger lowa Cily Des Moines Carol Bubb Waukegan, Ili Thomas Burolcer Willon Junclion Orwin Ca rler Hillsdale, lll. Lorna Chaclelx lowa Cily Daryl Chrisl Lalola Nila Bunn Forr Madison Mary Bywaler lowa Cily Wendola Carler Forl Madison Lola Chalfanl Marshalllown Barbara Cincione Mary Burde Bensenville, lll. Mary Caccialore Des Moines Michael Carver Waverly Kay Champlin Long Beach, Calil Peggy Clapp Chicago l-leiqhls, lll. Canlon, lll. Margarel Buresh Cedar Rapids Richard Cannon Oxlord Junclion Carolyn Casady Wayne, Neb. Freicla Chapman Chicago, lll. Marijane Clark Osage Il0 Nancy Claypool Soulln Englisli Lois Cook Terril Jane Co++er Columbus Junclion Donna Crookham Oskaloosa Pafricia Damon Edina, Minn. l Liberal Arts Seniors Charlolfe Clinger Franceen Close Peniield, lNl.Y. Monle Cook Cenlerville Thomas Cook Poslville Fairiield Mary Colfer Edward Cowaman Corning Monroe Judill1Culber+son Brian Cummings Nashua Columbus Junclion Ellen Danielson Jeffrey Davis Ames Dubuque Carolyn Clover Cedar Rapids Mark Corr Iowa Cily Sherril Cox lndianofa M. Cunningham Elmlwursl, ill. Larry Davis Clinlon Bernard Cogley Grinnell Sue Corson Evanslon, lll. Lawrence Crain Roseburg, Ore, Sanford Daily Nora Springs Mil+on Deppe Bellevue Roberla Collier Forl Madison Frederick Cosenlino Mounr Vernon, N.Y. Daniel Crawford Columbus Juncron Susan Dalen Redfield James DeH'er Iowa City Kaiherine Conrad Park Ridge, Ill. Linda Crossifl' Le Grange, Ill. Lawrence Crissman Cedar Rapids Gary Dalmasso Canlon William Dew Des Moines Charles Dick l-lamplon Barbara Dixon Clinlon Larry Draeger l-lam plon Francis Easlon Porl' Huron, Mich. Jean Ekiss Geneva, lll. Il2 Valerie Dick Sioux Cily Karen Donahe Farr Dodge Judilh Duff Earlharn Charles Ebel Faullina Lee Elizer Keolcuk Liberal Arts Seniors Diane Dierks Glenview, Ill. Kennelh Donnelly Iowa Cily Linda Dufoe Cenler Poinr Kafhleen Eden Lone Tree Dennis Ellerison Cedar Rapids Wilhma Dierks Cedar Rapids John Donovan New l-lamplon Pamala Duncan Columbus .lunclion Karen Egger Cedar Rapids Bonnie Ellis Charles Cily Mary Dirksen Walerloo Margaref Doolilfle Madison, Wis. Palricia Duncan Daven por? James Ehrhardf Elkader William Ellison Des Moines Edward Dislelhorsi Cedar Rapids Sharen Dorn Beividere, lll. Michael Dunn Hamplon Paul Eisenmann Bur 'nqlon Margarel' Ellsworfh iowa Cily Thomas DiHmer Sioux Ciiy Andrea Dow Alexandria, Va. Phillip Dye Marion Donald Ekberg Coralville ivlargarefe Ellyson Waierloo Liberal Arts Seniors Cynlhia Elmquisf Ronald Elmquisl' Dorolhy Emmell' Sandra Ericzon Lynne Erie Rulh Erlanger Judifh Elheridge Ml. Pleasani Des Moires Forl' Madison Flrnhursl, Ill, Manson Sl, Louis, Mo. Laurens Susan Evans Deborah Everingham Carl Faclcler Kenl' Falb Elizabe+h Fangman Alan Farslrup Craig Faslenow Fairlield Forl Madison lndianola Elgin Boone Iowa Cily Pelerson Judilh Feichlinger Joye Feinberg Lawrence Feldsfein Celia Ferner Nancy Fiala Nancy Fischer Calhy Fischgrund Panera Sioux Cily While Plains, N,Y. Sioux Cily Mason Cily Lone Roclc Soulh Bend, Ind. Paul Fi+zsimmons John Flanagan Harry Fleming Lorraine Flemming Margarel Flynn Gerald Fogarly James Fosler Remsen Sioux Cily Wall Lalce Syossel, N.Y. Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids Traer James Frahm John French Philip French Nancy Frerer Mary Frisch Margo Frye Elizabelh Furnish Alan Gard Ollumwd Ml. Pleasanl Reinbeclc Tiplon Sioux Cily Davenporl' Iowa Cily Springville II3 Anneliese Gardner Municlw, Germany Mari Gensini Galeslourg, Ili. Barbara Gievre Decorali John Gosma Clinlon Sfephen Green Cambridge Rober+ Gardner Madrid Mary Gerlce Siale Cenler Janice Glassman lowa Cily Don Goflsclmallc Ellcader George Gronen Waferloo Liberal Arts Seniors J Alan Gareliclc Brooklyn, NY. Gayle Gerken Forl Dodge Rulh Glesne Forl Dodge Mariha Gower Ferl' Dodge Linda Gronerl' Des Moines Sue Garner Iowa Ciily S+epl'1en Gibson Sac Cily Grelchen Godby Earlliarn William Gran Sioux Rapids Carole Gross Davenporl Nan Gaulnier Jane Gearman James Gebbie Corning Clinion l-lawarden Sfeplnen Giles Grelclien Gilmore Janis Gilmore For? Dodge iowa Cily Roadl1ouse,lll. Nadine Godwin Eileen Goerdl Carol Goelz Redfield Dyersville Waukesi1a,WiSC. Linda Granl' Ann Green Frannie Green Pocalionlas Sl. Louis, Mo. Allanlric Cily, NJ Jeremy Grossman Pamela Grofeluschen Bruce Gruemmer Bellwesda, Md. Manning Willon Junclion II4 Judilln Grund Herberl' Grunwald Des Moines Sacrarnenlo, Calii. Helen Halcomb Los Angeles, Calif. Andrew Hanlclns Waukegan, Ill. Marvin Harner Des Moines Carl Hauser Clwarles Ciry Virginia Hall Cedar Rapids Holly Hann Iowa Cily Charles Harris Dollewalw, Tenn. Roberf Havens Clinlon Liberal Arts Seniors Ann Guildner Haslings, Neb. Phyllis Hall Perry Karen Hansen Anarnosa Diane Harlmann Franklin Park, lll, Jacalynn Havensleln lowa Cily Joan Gunning Princelon, lll. Kennelli Hamann Rock Valley Don Hanson Cedar Rapids Regina Harfwig Cedar Rapids Harrielrl Hawkins Ml. Pleasanl Mary Gus+aFson Aledo, lll. Mary Hamillon Cedar Falls Janalyn Hanson Spiril Lake Brian Harvey Waverly Toby Hayer Naperville, lll. Kallwryn Hagie Janel' Halbach Clarion Slacyville Conslance Hammel Emma Hampel Cresco Milwaukee, Wisc. Carol Harbaugli Joe Harding Muscaline Coralville Mary Haskell Russell Hauenslein Needham, Mass. Ernmelsburg James Hayes Foresl Cilry Lucinda Haynie Lincoln, Nell ll5 Janice Hayward Fairlield Karen Hendryx Cedar Rapids Carol Hiclcerson Burlinglon La Vonne Hilmer Vinlon Thomas Hoffman Des Moines 6 Roberi' Hearson Newporl R.l. Irvin Henfzel Burlinqron Richard High Cedar Rapids Ro beri Hinrichs Liberal Arts Seniors Evelyn Heden Muscaline Alice Herman Cedar Falls Beverly Hild Charles Cily Paify Hippie Missouri Valley Marion Lawrence Hagsirand Marilyn Holmes Marshalliown Memphis, lem. Gary Hedge Spencer Sherry Hermley Muscaline Dixie Hilderbra nd Deep River Margarel' Hodge lox-,fa Cily Wilma Holsirum lowa Cily Joan Helg Mary Hemmer Burlinqlon Lincoln, Neb. Dale Herren Thomas Herlzberg Alburneir Milwaukee, Wisc. Kaiherine Hildrefh Des Moines Cheryl Hohenbolren Geneseo, l l, Nancy Holi' Jellerson Bonnie Hill Elkhari' Lynne Hohenshell Boore Ronald Homans Marieila, Ga. Karen Hemphill Fairiield Eloise Heuer Rock Valley Terry Hilleman Marshalliown Eliza beirh Hoffa Forr Dodge Edward Hood Manson Jo Ann Hoppe Gladbrook John Howard Wesl Liberly Mary Hun+ Adel Susan Israel Eldon Alberf Jagnow Coralville Thomas Horn Liberal Arts Seniors Lincla Houck Ann Houle Eliza belh House Donald Houser Ann Howard Chicago, Ill. Corning Chicago, Ill. Galesburg, Ill. Moullon Cresco Slephen Howard Jean Howes Barbara Howand Eugene Hubka Palricia Hulil Marlene Hulslein Shenandoah Independence Sun Cily, Ariz. Cedar Rapids Bellendorl Orange Cily Roberl' Hunler Susan Hunler Karen Hufchinson Gary Huxforcl Carolyn lhm Carol lngraham Easl Moline, Ill. Oak Park, Ill. Iowa Cily Iowa Ciry Rowan Clinlon Dan Iverson Karen Ivins MaryeHa Jackson Sondra Jackson Rober+ Jacobson Susan Jaeger Waulcon Melrose Park, Ill. Vale Alberl Cily Leavenworlh, Kans. Burlinglon Bonnie James Mary James Susan James Darlene Jaspersen Susan Jenke Roxanne Jensen William Jensen Poslville Wesl Liberly Grinnell Thornlon Ml. Vernon Eslherville l-lamplon II7 Julie Johannsen Waverly Judifh Johnsion Paclfwood Douglas Joslin Amber Linda Kellar Wesl Des Moines Quen+in King iowa Cily Charles Johnson Cedar Rapids Julie Johnslon Marengo Michael Kaiser Keokulc Ka+hleen Kelley Iowa Ci+y Warren King Egan, Ill. Liberal Arts Seniors l Ellen Johnson Sheldon Janice Joines Lesler Johnson Quincy, lll. Diane Jones Spiril Lake Spencer Gaida Kalnins Maifhew Kaschmiller Monroe Sheldon Jane Kennedy John Kerr Ollurnwa McHenry, lll. Naomi Kinoshila Barry Kipnes l-lilo, Hawaii Chelsea, Mass, Roberl' Johnson Muscaline lsham Jones Cedar Rapids Linda Kau+z Muscaiine James Kerwin Des Moines Rolena Klahn Wilion Junciion Roma Johnson Websler Cily Jack Jordan Clinion Gordon Keahbone Sanla Fe, N. Mex. Berne Ketchum Oelwei n John Klein Marengo Sally Johnson Omaha, Neb. Ronald Jordison Forl Dodge Rodger Keleher Marion Lane Kelelsen Maquokela Roloerl' Klingaman Walerloo lI8 I Marilyn Knappen Brill Theodore Kramer Iowa Ciry Donna Kruzick Davenporl David Lamb Iowa Cily Bruce Larson Lake Ciry Lois Knudsen Maywood, III. Linda Krane Fairfield Linda Kubicek Riceyille Barbara Lampe Bellevue Roberf Larson Mediapolis Liberal Arts Seniors Joyce Kohn Walerloo Janice Kranrz Des Moines Lois Kuchenbaker Qlin Gerold Lampe Ferl Dodge Maureen Lawlor Laurens Roberr Kolrerman Red Oak Gerald Krockover Sioux Ciiy Carol Kuhn Des Moines Marian La pfook New York, NY, Joel Lazinger Sioux Ciry Karen Koser Norlli Liberiy Jeanne Kron David Kowal Auburn, IXLY. Mary Krull Iowa Ciiy Walerlown, S. Dak. James Laclegaard Spirir Lake John Larkin Onawa Palricia Leamer Sioux Cily Esfelle Ladrey Alexandria, Va, Richard Larsen Clinlon James Lee Dumonf John Krahmer Cedar Rapids George Kruse Clear Lake James Laga Cicero, III, Margarel' Larsen Newlon Wayne Lee Albia Liberal Arts Seniors Dennis Leiper Frances Leeper Palricia Legg Douglas Leslie Gary Le++ow Marilyn Leuz Morrison lowa Cily Lehigh Des Moines Eldora Camden, N.J. John Lewarne Richard Libby Larry Lilies Kenneth Lindberg David Lindrofh Karen Linlclefier Forr Dodge Iowa Cily Quincy, Ill. Maquokela Waverly Marion Janel' Lloyd Peggy Locltard Gary Loclrharl Lynda Lockwood Charles Loeclc Sylvia Loendorf Eagr Berhany, N.Y. Readlyn Garnavillo Burlingfon Lake Ciry Billings, Monl. Linda Long Roger Long Pa+ricia Lonning Larry Loos Dick Louvar Gary Lowman Forr Madison Phoenix, Ariz. Iowa Cily Maquolcela Cedar Rapids Clear Lalce Adena Lucas Carolyn Luclcen Pafricia Luiz Terry Lyon Marla Mabie Marilyn Mace Zila Madden Lenox Kenselr Manlalo, Minn. Cllnlon Williamsburg Forl Dodge Long Grove I20 Raleigh Levinson Mason Cily Blanca Lippisch Cedar Rapids Clarence Loh'FF l-lolslein George Lowry Washinglon Randall Maharry Clearfield Philip Maly Cedar Rapids Paul Mariin Lawler Charles Maurer Tipion Juciiili McClone Pori Byron, lll. Riia l-leacle Mi. Please ni Minia Maner Iowa Ciiy Norman Maihews Danville Daniel Mayer Keoia Merle McCoiol Manly Juciiili Mears Qrand Junciion Liberal Arts Seniors James Mann Raymond Marsclwallr Kailierine Mariin Fredericksburg, Va. Glen Ellyn, lll. Clarinda Richard Mafhies Dennis Maiiliias Jan Maiiis Coralyille Garwin Albia Wallace Mays Bonnie McBe+l'r Sara J. Mcclarnan Wesi Liberiy Des Moines Wilmeiie, lll. Pairicia McCullough Jucly McDonald Roy McGowan Moline, Ill. Oiiumwa Baiavia, lll. Paul Megrew Larry Meisgeier James Merriclr Cromwell Ellcader Keolculc Linda Mariin Spencer Marianne Mafiison Des Moines Judii'l1McClelland l-lomewood, Ill. Scoii' McLeod Ma rslialliown Beisy Meyer Calmar Michael Mariin lowa Ciiy Karen Mauer Le Mars George McClencion Berwyn, Ill. Lewis McMeen Gregory, S. Dali. Marilia Meyer Oiiumwa l2l Deanne Michael Holly Michaels Forl' Madison Oskaloosa Roberf B. Miller Roberl' Glenn Miller Dallas, Texas Michal Mokleslad Erie, l l. Kay Moline Liberal Arts Seniors Calhy Miller Walerloo Sheila Miller Evanslon, l'l, Julia Monahan Eslherville Rockwell Cily Skokie. Ill, Larry Moon Nancy Moon Roberfa Moore Winlersel' Des Moines Mason Cily Jean Morrissey Deanna Morrison Carolyn Mosena Winlersel' Wesl Liberly Burinqlon Doreen Miller Joyce Miller Walerloo Wesl Bend Sfeven Miller George Mills Boone Des Moines Carole Mong Barbara Moninger Franklin Grove, lll. Marshalllown David Moreland Joyce Morgan l-lighland Park, NJ. Moscow Mary Moser Des Moines Tom Mosier lowa Cily Phyllis Miller lowa Cily Gordon Mills Walerloo Gerald Monk Iowa Cily William Morris lowa Cily Anna Mougin l:airlio'd Ray Miller Newlon John Molcleslad Eslherville Joan Monks Bellendorl Jane Morrissey Winlersel Bonnie Moyer Cedar Rapids I22 Carolyn Mulder La Grange, lll. Jean Murrin Cedar Rapids Jerry Napier Ollumwa John Neuzil Hamburg Linda Noyle Morron Grove, Ill. Roberr Muller Clarinda Jean Musgrove Des Moines Jane Naso Cedar Rapids Michael New Nevada Jane+ Oberweis Aurora, lll, i Liberal Arts Seniors Karen Munch Racine, Wisc. Karen Musser Ham pfon Pafricia Nerf Ca lam us Harry Neyeng Forl' Madison James O'Brien Des Moines Mary Mundi' Barbara Murphy Walerloo Mr. Pleasanr Judy Myers Holly Myers Websler Cify Ollumwa Mary Neglia D. Harold Nelson Maxwell Walker Judy Nichols Gary Norby Clear Lake Sibley James O'Hallcran Phyllis Olrubo Viclor Mundelein, Ill, Mary Murphy Alron Mickey Myriclr La ke Park Sandra Nelson Sioux Cify David Novak Cedar Rapids Karen Olmsfead Bafavia, Ill. Holly Murphy Hedrick Roberr Nandell Coralville Edwin Neufeld lowa Cily Joyce Nowlin Dubuque Donald Olson Chicago, Ill. Gregory Olson Forl Dodge Sylvia Page Chicago, Ill. Richard Pearson Chicago, ill. Carroll Pefersen Red Oalc Paul Phelps Spirir Lalce l24 Jerilyn Olson Pocahonias Claudia Palmer Charilon Alan Pechacelr Sioux Ciiy Edward Perersen Iowa Ciiy Joan Picken Freeporl, ill. Liberal Arts Seniors Rolaerl' Omodl' Gowrie Warren Paris Newlon Judirh Peelan Sanborn Ga ry Pefersen M aquolaela Charlene Pierard Hemel, Calif. Richard Onlren Carroll David Passmore Algona Marlha Perkins Lone Tree Max Pelerson Oakville Jeffrey Pill Sioux Cily Susan Osgood Eslherville Jane Pafierson Rock Island, Ill. Linda Perrin Marshalllown Jay Pelerson Des Moines Jane Pippenger Lewisville, ind. Carolyn Oufhouse Moline, Ill. Karen Pavlis Cedar Rapids Benjamin Pelers Ackley Boniia Perlengill Rock Ra pids Dennis Pirages Bellendorl Margare+ Overgaard Venlura Roberl' Peal Cedar Rapids Lyle Peiers La rising Jane? Phelps Kingsley Haskell Pirluclc Laurens -I Donald Plalner Cedar Rapids Caroline Porler Ja Alloona mes Prilchard Boone Linda Rebec Cecla r Rapids Gary Reschly Mouni Union Bernl'1eardfPlaulz Spencer Marshall Por'l'er Iowa Cily Sharon Proclor Keokuk Helen Refle Elkporl' Willi Resler Mason Cily Liberal Arts Seniors Ann Ple++ Spenard, Alaska Sarah Porlzline Van Horne Peler Placelc Websler Ciiy Bruce Reimers Des M oines Margie Rice I.osl Nalion Palricia Pollock Richard Polly Franklurl, Germany Missouri Valley James Posey Maryhelen Posey Iowa Cily Iowa Cily Linda Pugh Carolyn Ralae Mounl Union Manchesier Nancy Reimers Diana Remboll' Ringsled Iowa Cily Cecilia Riedel Mary Rielce Pomplon Lakes, NJ. Sioux Cily Irma Pools Newlon Jerry Polrler Iowa Ciiy Thomas Rachow Slrealor, III. Van Renoe I-Iamplon Reinhard Riessen I-larlley Mary Pope Tallahassee, Fla. Juclilh Price Forl Dodge Janadene Radlte Aurelia Camille Repass Walerloo Richard Riley Keokulc l25 Virginia Riser Sharon Risfa u Liberal Arts Seniors James Robbie Lansing Mason Cily lowa Cily Joseph Roos Rebecca Ross Susan Ross Bellendorl Shenandoah Winnellca, lll. Phyllis Ryan Louise Sacia Toshilco Salcala Brooklyn Wesl Bend, Wise. Des Moines Allen Scheel Gerda Schenli William Schnurr Avoca Des Moines Forl Dodge George Schrimper Roberl' Schuellce Dianne Schulze Cedar Rapids Lakewood, Colo. Des Moines Phyllis Rober'l's Leslie Rodman Bonnie Roeslce Des Moines Chicago, lll. lowa Falls Lanny Rolh Merle Royce Jack Rudd Burlinglon Marshalllown Bloomfield Lynn Sampson Janel' Sanden Bonnie Sanders Grinnell Clarendon Hills, lll. Algona William Schnule Mary Schoch John Schorr La Grange, lll. Des Moines Clinlon Vicloria Schwab Carol Schwaegler R.Scl1wendinger Fox River Grove, Ill. Zwingle Monlicello Daryl Rolla nd Bode Mariorie Rudman Galesburg, Ill, Jo Sanders Cedar Rapids Herberl' Schrader Viclor Michael Scoll Wellman l26 Linda Secress Englewood, Colo. Elaine Sheridan Mason Cily Peggy Sicldall Laurens Joseph Slafer Templelon Janel' Smilh Boone Madeline Seferovich Kansas Cily, Mo. Melanie Sherin Des Moines Liberal ' Judy Seley Creslon Nancy Shinn Norlh English Baiba Sifers Daylon Simpson Des Moines Greenfield William Slaffery Sandra Slaymalce Muscaline lowa Cily John Smilh Judilh Smifh Keolculf Grinnell F Arts James Sell Walerloo Judilh Shold Roland Nancy Sincox Sl: Clair, Mo. Doris Sloan Burlinqion Paul Smoker Davenporl Semors James Shepard Allison Rosemary Shold Williams Slephen SinoHe Keokulc Thomas Smallwood Eorl' Madison Roger Snell Eorl' Dodge Joseph Shepard Cedar Rapids Janel Shook Cedar Rapids David Siverly Oakville Allen Smi+h Lalcola Joan Snoolc Monlezuma William Shepard Allison Dorofhy Shrader Ames Karen Slcripslcy Ely Calherine Smilh Evanslon, lll. Ellen Snyder Burlinglon l27 William Snyder Davenporl Sfeven Spilcer Des Moines Janer Sreele Davenporr Miriam Slewarl Sioux Cily Randall S+rand lowa Cily I28 James Sonlcsen Audubon Charles Spurgeon Bloomfield Mary Sleele Whealland Marie Sfoline Gra nd Jundion Daniel S+roH'man Sumner Liberal Arts Seniors Sharyl Sorden Websler Karen Spurgeon Bloomfield Roberl Sreenrod Iowa Falls Thomas Sroferau Harlley William Sfroud McGel1ee,Arlc. Judilh Sorensen lowa Cily James Sianbary Burlinqion Mary Slen+z Springville Jane Sioufer Council Bluffs Loyd Slroup Corwilh Judirh Sparlcs Kansas Cily, Mo. Linda Sianer Monlicello Bernard Sfepanelc Cedar Rapids Gary Sloul Danville Julie Sfruve Forr Dodge Linda Spendlove lowa Cily William Sianley Manchesler Judifh Sfevens lowa Cily Harold Sloui' Wellman Russell Sfruyli Sheldon A. Donald Spieih Muscaline Elaine Siebleion Minor, S. Dal4. Oliver S+eward Burl Judiih Slouf Parkersburg Sfeven Sfudi' lowa Ciry John Slummo Muscaline Eleanor Tanner Viclor William Teelers River Edge, NJ Cynlhia Subach Cicero, Ill. Norber+ Talro Mason Cily Michael Tegfmeyer Wesley Thomas Thompson Dorolhy Thompson lowa Cily Joyce Turkal Whealon, Ill. Eslheryille Donald Twacldle Emerson Liberal Arts Seniors Janice Suraslcy Maplelon Jean Taylor Shellield Carol Tharp Bloomlield John TiFfa ny Maxwell Kenneih Twil Kelly Susan Swain Macomb, lll. Marfha Taylor Perry Leslie Thelen Kenosha, Wisc. Alan Touch Sprinqlield, Ill, William Tygelf Springfield, lll. Frederick Swan Wesl Bra nch Rosalind Taylor Cedar Falls Terryl Thies Ashlon Ja ne Trimble lowa Cily Paul Tyler Lenox Palricia Swanson G. Swa rlzendruber Rockford, lll. Kalana Palricia Teal Sandra Teefers Dubuque Iowa Cily Glen Thompson Linda Thompson Blairsburg Sac Cily Omer Troyer Gary Tschaniz Kalona Wayland Judilh Uilermarld' Nancy Ullem lowa Cily Des Moines I29 Liberal Arts Seniors James Updegraff Leaella Urelius Mary Uricli V. Van De Roovaarl Racl'1el Vander Sleep David Van Leeuwen Ruflw Van Roekel Iowa Cily Farnliamville Garner Cedar Rapids Le Mars Rock Rapids Manson Jolm Venenga Muriel Vernick Melvin Vevera Nancy Vogelfanger Dow Voss Raymond Voss Donald Waechler Lillle Rock Michigan Cily, Ind. Iowa Cily Baldwin, NY. Iowa Cily Williamsburg, lNl.Y, Wesl Bend Janel' Wagner Lynelle Wagoner George Waile Jonal'I'1an Waile Chrisline Walker Jane Walker Rolnerl' Walker Scarsdale, lNl.Y. New I-Iarllord Anamosa Fergus Falls, Minn. Keokuk Davenporl Fairlield Carroll Wall Teresa Wallace Kalliryn Waller Edwinna Ward Roger Walson Roberl' Walls Mary Wauer George Weaver Gaza Winlersel' Lake View Logansporl, Ind. lliornlon Cedar Rapids Sioux Cily Grinnell Joan Weaver David Weber Pamela Weber Roger Wel1rle Janel Wellinglon William Werner R. Wernimonl Jacqueline Werl Wapello Bancroil Des Moines Ml. Pleasanl Keolculc Tama Carroll Newlon l30 Ann Wescoaf Ames James Wildblood Park Ridge, iii. Jon Wilson Perry Maxine Wong Mason Cify Berfha Zaidenberg Chicago, Ill. Shari Wesf Liberal Arts Seniors Cecily Wheeler Marfha Whicher iowa Ciiy Beliendori Wapello M. Wilkinson Barbara Willard Mary Willcockson Sioux Ciiy Arlingron, Va. Sigourney Lonny Wilson Mary Wilson Thomas Wilson Coralville Oliurnwa Cresco Mari+a Wood Sa nclra Worlanci Linda Wossels Davenporl Rockford Beliendori Donald Zhorne Helen Zieser Debbie Ziffren Cedar Rapids Rowley Rock Island, III. Farrell While Janel' Wiegel Gene Wieneke Daryl Wierda Cedar Rapids Evergreen Park, lll. Cedar Rapids Allen Margarel' Willen Lynn Willelf John Bush Wilson John E. Wilson Clark, S. Dak. Slaler Burr Lovilia Mary Winger R. Winierberg Be-rnadineWir+z Cary Wong Mason Ciry Glen Rock, NJ Wesl Bend l-long Kong, China David Wrighf James Wya++ Louise Young Harolcl Zabin Buy-lmgfon Hudson Marshalllown Sioux Ciiy Eric Zoeckler Suzanne Hagge Dennis Jerde Grani' Polk Kankakee, Ill. Clinron Welosier Cily Lake Park I3I Donald Abrams Thor Gary Bloom Spencer Anihony Colby Ha nlonlown Rudolph Galaslc Forl Dodge Frederick Hahn Maquolcela Lowell Balcer Minneapolis, Minn. William Buhrow Walerloo Roberl Cowger Iowa Cily Lenly Gearharf Newlori Loren Hall Spring Lalce, Mich Medical Seniors Jerome Bashara Sioux Cily Daniel Bullock Inwood Jaclc Dodd Cedar Falls Vincenf Glowaclci Da venporl Lee Harlcer Iowa Cily Roberl' Baslron Red Oak John Burke Marshalllown John Edison Marion Ronald Gabel Kanawha Gary Hayes Waierloo Joseph Baum Manchesler Roberl Cardelli Dubuque James Egan Missouri Valley James Gohman Cedar Falls Bruce l'lildrel'l1 Ames Donald Beisner Cedar Falls Richard Carson Coralville Alan Fedge Ackley Michael Graham Des Moines John Hill Cedar Falls Toby Bla nford Walerloo Maurice Chamberlain Davenporl Roger Fliclcinger Mason Ciry Roberi' Gufhrie Clear Lalce Dale Hirz Shenandoah Donald Hoberf Charles Cily Roderick Kellogg Des Moines John McDonald Iowa Ciiy Roberi Penningrolh Allanla. Ga. Carl Richards Oelwein Howard Hughes Rock Rapids James Kimball Murray John Mohr Sumner Dale Phelps Walerloo James Rinlcer Burlinglon Medical Seniors Linda Hughes Kerry Jensen Amherst S. Dak. Vancouver. B. C. Ben Knechi Rapid Cily, S. Dak. Clarence Moore Ollumwa Thomas Place Shell Roolc Dale Roberson Elma Eli Krigslen Sioux Cily John Murphy Gerril Leo Plummer Des Moines Garry Roghair Orange Cify Roberi' Johnson lowa Falls Delberi Larson Eifinqham, Kans Norman Nelson Iowa Cily John Ramsell Cedar Rapids Warren ScoH' Wi niield Charles Jones Holslein Marion Linari Des Moines Joseph Nizolelc Florida, N, Y. David Rafer Oilumwa William ScoH' lowa Oily John Kammermeyer iowa Ciiy Roberf Mailliard Storm Lalce Melvin Parlas Bloomfield Eldon Reed Oulhrie Conlor Joan Shean Birmingham. Ala. Medical Seniors Jack Smilh James Smilh Thomas Spooner Dennis Sfeffen Ervin Slubbs Rodney Swarlling Dean Swifl' Cedar Rapids Mason Cily Grand Rapids, Mich. Dyersville Des Moines Mason Cily Welcome, Minn. Bruce Taylor Arnold Thompson Daniel Till Gerald Tweed David Tweilo Julian Ullman Glen Van Roelcel lowa Cify Hubbard Epworrh Iowa Ciiy Marshall, Mo. Ollumwa Oranqe Cily John Wallcer Wayne Wallace Dale Weber Sfephen Weiss Jerry Williams Charles Wilmarlh lowa Cily Des Moines Cumberland Reinbeck Mason Cily Harris Bruce Wilson Richard Yaki Paula Youngberg Joan Zebus Theodore Zeran Rober'r Zoller Lansing Chicago, lll. Roclc Island, III. Sioux Cily Rockford lowa Cily Beverly Abbofl Cedar Rapids Sylvia Bendfschneider Clinlon Sharon Bruner Ml, Pleasanl Ru'l'l1 Drewis Tri poli Jean Fuller Clwerolcee Karen Abel Ma son Ciiy Pafricia Bersfler Forl Ma dison Jane'r Burlxley Ackley Carol Eggland Des Moines Mary Fuller Mankaio, Minn. Nursing Seniors Helen Alexander Cnarilon Joyce Bielenberg Clia rlorie Jean Caisley Morris, lll. Janice Eness Ames Jean Furulcawa l'lilo, Hawaii Elsie Andrews Julie Ausfad Marion Decoralri Janice Bode Judiih Bolwenliouse Alqona Earllwam Carolyn Capouch Berwyn, lll. Joan Fernald Keola Marcia Gilliland Waierloo Bonnie Clow Macomb, III. Juaniia Fogel Clwariion Mary Granl Des Moines Mary Bachman Marsnalllown Belle Born Siory Cily Jeanne Cozine Forl Madison Diane Forselc Brookfield. lll. Joann Griffin Gowrie Ca+l-serine Baldwin Henry, III. Virginia Brockway Cedar Rapids Celia Dingman Auslin, Minn. Sandra Freverl' Pocalionias Marilyn Griffiflas Sioux Ciiy l35 Mary Griswold Chalharn, N. J. Helen Higby Aurora, lll. Charloile Hoolcer Naperville, Ill. Anne Kindred Panora Dale Lieberfarb Chicaqo, lll. l36 x K - i 'V . , W , pf ff Nursing Seniors Deanna Grundmeier Marilyn Halverson Susan Haun Roberta Hayes Sandra Hemsfoclc Mar+ha Hesse Carroll Des Moines Yales Cily, lll. Iowa Cily Davenporl Hinsdale, lll. Amy Higgins Susan Hillman Calherine Hobbs Eileen Hohf Karen Holl Rulh Holforf Clarindd Glen Ellyn, Ill. Decalur, lll, Norlh Chicago, lll. Sl. Louis, Mo. 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Sioux Cify Belief, Wisc. Susanne Shirbroun June Skow Jane+ Sloan Brenna Snider Pafricia Sonichsen Carole Spicer Janice S+a'ron Scranfon College Park, Md, Des Moines Minier, ill. Arfhur Lenox Lake Cify Charlene S+roeber Carol Tappan Sue Tafum Sharon Thomas Carolyn Tucker L, Vanderlourgh Mariorie Walsh Des Moines Sioux Cify Cedar Rapids Fremonf, Neb. Bayard Sheldon Ames Linda Wafson Norma Whife Pafricia Wignall Harlene Williams Judifh Wissler Valerie Wynes Pa+ricia Yanda Biqqsville, Ill. Cranford, N. J. Traer Lime Springs Des Moines Clinfon Sf. Louis, Mo. l37 Roberf Claxfon Cedar Rapids Gerald Kollman Rockford Fredric Schwarz Dave n porl I38 Pharmacy Seniors Bernard Cremers Gary Ellery Gill Har+liep Darrell Heilmann Ronald Hess Kenne+h Isenberg Leon Kaldenberg Alberl Cily Charles Ciry Clierolcee Dunlcerron M+.Verno:1 Dexfer Pellfi Gary La Boun+y Michael Moran Eugene Ommen Ma+'rl1ew Perry John Price Carl Rouse D. Sclwalekamp Clwarles Cily Morrisor lll. Asioria, S. Dal. Dubuque Clvarles Cily Albia Sioux Cerwfer Clwarles Schwenke Jared Siurdevani' Alice Tam J. Vallandingliam Kennefh Wichman James Wilken Jon Yeager l-ledriclw Minden Macao, S. Clnirra Maxwell Grirnell Fori' Madisor lowes Cify EQ. Y.: Graduating seniors listen to their last formal speaker at SUI. llic scart-li for a job begins. 2 Q . 3 if iii, 'iiiif ,wt 3QtC.!3,,,w 41 K M , . . ,,,f,-M-L W f 'VX ..., I Q51 ff -2f'ff'iEiS5351 .J ' ii I 21559, ,U ff -, V 4. . zfaimfsr-ff mein- 1 -,tzflaafa -fr -ffm: 1 t "W -- iw ' wrgfp f ef V Q X . gf: ,gg gi' if t ,QE it A E 1 1 if, , " AH at , it S ,,.,, .41 ... ...V K,,,,-f The Liberal Arts Senior Class OlliCG1'S. "VVell, Dad, we finally got him through? , fini, gi Q , 5 ,, The maria nl' rho wenior engineering student-the traditional straw hat and the beard worn during Mecca Week. l40 f""? Q.. a ofa' 1" fi. U 'D . DI Q 'I .,, . K I , va: 2, g., Nu ?,.x,?': .- 42 - 1, , 5 ,A l Q' n I f 5 A.. ......-.-- y E gi, M ,M A Y ,' i 5 M , . ,a 'ax . - X at 'X va. ss 1 wig E T1 'f' 1 - x F 'C . ..f ,zu ' M- ,f-Q: A " tu., I: A., gi? f VA fi I xi'2L1f,E .W W Section TH REE sxXXXXXXxxx XX E SIU' M 1 4' I I f 'I' vulIv,'o,.-.'-mg' il 7 1 24, 5 'K 1- 1 0 Y 'NN ' 5' x i ..... ,osx 5 ' ,ul m I . X . '--.1 ......- "ii: 5 si " 5 I 9' img? W fslgiif, I iffy ,M l M 'T if 5 fn. w, ,vw ar. Q..-em,,.,,,.,wv.mQ-J nn L A K X 1 2 ,r 'W 1. 7 " ',: SH- -lk V kk-, ' - -, -wi. '53, 4, Q W 3 'X -"'- ,vw Riggs? ygpnfkfiifiiamryoriw iw i qfit 'W U W The Activities Open House hold at the Union in thc' fall helps ac-quaint the new students with the various groups and organizations on campue. 5. V 1964 Hawkeye Volume 74 of the HAWKEYE began to take shape in the spring of 1963 when Ian Burns was chosen as editor and Iudy Stevens as business manager by the Board of Student Publications, Inc. As editor, Ian undertook a full-time job. She ap- pointed her stallf, and the task of compiling copy and photographs began. Berne Ketchum, chief photographer, and his assistants Were never on campus without their cameras. Section editors Wrote copy, while others Worked on art and pub- licity. The business staff promoted sales, man- aged the budget, and took charge of distribution. The staff was privileged to Work under the leadership of Professor Wilbur Petersen, the fac- ulty advisor, and was especialy pleased when he was named Distinguished Yearbook Adviser for 1963 by the National Council of College Publi- cations Advisers. The assignment of the HAWKEYE staff was to assemble the diverse events of i963-64 and con- dense them between the covers of the Yearbook. BERNF KITCHUM Chief Photographer IUDY STEVENS, Business Manager 5 . ..Q A --,fun---.-. K. K nik, 'Va 3 O ,gfll .E2., Z ,. NANCY BERGTSEN, Assistant Editorg SUSAN ARTZ, Copy Editor PROFESSOR WILBUII PETERSON, Faculty Advisor Mr. R. C. Walker, president of Southwestern Engraving Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, ex- plains his cornpany's part in HAYVKEYE produc- tion as Ian and Nancy look on. Official Yearbook 'M-'f Ef-+s ww, to eff 94 E 6 1 sf 2 X sf , i f ' I s x 35537 , :, . - ix 6 1 K, Wh 2 1 1 aw fy .iw J is nun bw-tm -on 1., fl Wm? 1 , zfsfifxf ' X Ji :ss , R?" 5 w f' p .x"NQi ROW l: M. Tomasek, R. Collier, I. Oslack, L. Winherg, I. Aita, I. Bice, I. Worrnley, ROW 2: I. Christiansen, P. Carlson, V. Folsom, D. lamieson, R. Shinn, F. Shrauger, S. Chudwick, I, Farneti, B. Beiter, T. Fink. Hawkeye Staff Editorial Staff Editor-in-Chief ........ IAN BURNS Chief Photographer . . BERNE KETCHUM Assistant Editor . . . NANCY BERGSTEN Copy Editor ..... . . . SUE ARTz identifications Editor . . PAT VANHEEI. Index Editor .... . LINDA WINBERG Art Editor . . . . NANCY SIAS Sports Editor ...... HARRTET HINDMAN Military Editor ..,..... IOHN AITA Dorms and OFF-campus Editor . JEAN WORMLEY General Organizations Editors . SUE CHUDWICK JANE Bicie Professional and Honorary Editors JUDY OSLACK TERI FINK Schools and Colleges Editors . . . BARR BEITER VANNA FoLsoM Administration Editors . . . SHEILA BAUER JUDY FARNIETI Arts, Communications Editors JANE CHRISTIANSEN ROBERTA COLLIER Sorority Editors . . . PAT CARLSON Roz SHINN Fraternity Editors ..... DIANE JAMIESON ED SPENCE Religious Organizations Editors FRAN SHRAUGER MIRIAM TOMASEK Photography Assistants .... TOM MOSIISR IOHN ANDERSON Business Stag Business Manager ...... IUDY STEVENS Business Assistant . . . . SUE STIEFF Page Sales Manager ..... DON KELLOGG Book Sales Manager ..... BOB HOBART Assistant Book Sales Manager . . PAUL DAGLE Promotion Manager . . . CAROLE ANDERSEN Office Manager . . . SUZANNE RoUsso lD1EAN lVlH.LS, Editor Daily Iowan The Daily Iowan, distributed five mornings a week, is a University publication on par with many professional newspapers. As Iowals fourth largest daily, the DI gives comprehensive coverage of the events affecting SUI students. The Daily Iowan emphasizes campus news, but provides lo- cal, national and international news for students who rely on it as their only news source. Aside from local reporting, the Daily Iowan benefits from the AP news and wirephoto services. Each year the paper prints several supplements, includ- ing a special edition sent in the summer to enter- ing freshmen. Responsible for publication of the Daily Iowan is a permanent staff of l7 students who serve on the paper for a full year. A fluctuating staff of journalism students do much of the copy writing, interviewing, and reporting required for daily pub- lication. The DI is distributed 52 weeks a year, with approximately 9,500 copies printed daily during the school year. ,,,,. .Je an y 1. D GARY SPURGEON, Managing Editor CELE FERNER, City Editor fi,- Puhlisher . Editor .... Managing Editor . City Editor . . News Editor . Sports Editor . . Editorial Page Editor VVomen's Editor . Chief Photographer . Assistant City Editor ff The Daily Iowan newsroom is always the scene of much activity DI Staff . EDWARD P. BAssIa'I"I' . . DEAN MILLS . GARY SPURGEON . CELI3 FERNIZR . . ERIC ZOECKLER l'lARRIE'1'T HINDMAN . ..., ION VAN . SIIAIION PROCTOR . IOIQ LIPPINCOTI' . . IULIE NELSON IOIIN LIsVVAI1NIa Clst semj NADINI: GODWIN tlst senmj Assistant News Editor Assistant Sports Editor Assistant, Photographer Advertising Director . Advertising Manager . Classilied Nlanager . BOB flIBBS . . IOIIN BORNIIOLDI IIM PIPIQR Qlst sem.J . . BOB NANDIQLL . . IIIV CROSSMAN . ClA'I'HY FIsc:IIGRUND DICK RAGAN tlst semj DON OLSON CA'I'IIY FISCIIGRUND fist sem.j Advertising Consultant . . . DENNIS BINNING Circulation Manager . . JIM COLLIILR 5, we A Wo ? Q5 .. , L 45233515 .4 1 gjstwmv, 2 ft 2 ,..,, ,Ei ' ,- tr. N"-.. t.. Mm , A t. of A VVSUI announcer on the Cuing a record for KSUI FM reproduction. W SUI - KSUI WSUI at 9l0 lac. and KSUI at 9l.7 m,c., under the direction of Carl Menzer, bring a Vast amount of entertainment to their listeners. WSUI is thought to be the lirst radio station this side of the Mississippi River. It reaches from southern Minnesota to northeast Missouri and from north- west Illinois into two thirds of the state ol Iowa, featuring programs from music to class room lee- tures. KSUI, the PM station, inaugurated stereo-mul- tiplex broadcasting on October 2l. This station is devoted mostly to music but they do broadcast news and other outstanding features. The two stations keep several professional per- sonnel busy plus a number ol students who are interested in radio work either for courses or as part time jobs. l E 2 E s s l E l E 1 3 E l, silt' ,pa 'Whit Information is continually phoned into the newsroomn. Two journalism students prepare the next news broadcast. FJ .t in Students prepare to lilni a geography lecture series. Television Center Each student gets experience in the control room. The latest techniques ol the television industry are "learned hy doing" at SUl's Television Cen- ter. Here students prepare ior work in video ad- vertising. production, research and management hy training with actual equipment, including a new 2560.000 video tape recorder. Both dramatic and educational programs are filmed at the Television Center, which is under the direction of Dr. Iohn Kuiper. This year lor the first time a University course in geography was taught via closed circuit television. The grad- uate and undergraduate memhers oi the Tele- vision Center also produced educational programs which were seen by grade school pupils through- out the state. Other SUI students gained exper- ience While filming an original television drama. 4 9 wwmm-wee?-1?-,, ...,,.. :c-.www Mwwmwmi em --ww ,wang ' . a. nr' .uf -M YV , . jar-i"-1 ' gf ,Xxx F V-ft' ,..-w-""" vw .S Wk' X NK Nancy Shinn, Edward Bassett CPublisherj, Larry Travis, l.. A. VanDyl4e, Leslie Moeller, George Easton, Dale Bentz, Lee Tbcisen, Nlarilee Teegan. Alan Touch. Student Publications, Inc. LESLIE MOELLER, President oi the Board of Trustees Student Publications, Inc., is a board composed of four faculty members appointed by the Presi- dent and five students elected by the student body. As trustees, they are responsible lor all policies ol the Daily Iowan, the I-IAWKEYE, and the Iowa Football Program. SPI names the administrators in charge ol' these publications and selects the editorsg thus repref senting the entire University. The five student body representatives were Nancy Shinn, Marilcc Tec-gen, Lee Thcisen, Alan Touch and Larry Travis. The faculty was repre- sented by Prof. Dale M. Bentx, Dr. George S. Easton, Prof. Leslie G. Moeller and Prof. Lauren A. Van Dyke. Mr. Edward P. Bassett, publisher of the Daily Iowan, also sits in on SPI meetings. m. H-NM--Q-..u-W.-,......,,.,,.....,,,4 "'N"":i Qf'9 , My wp QV f- Jas mf - ,-, j,.:,: 4 X-f-A 515 Q 'TQ-TNIS Hi WF, ns 4 X , A Els-I W ASH f V ,: ..a '9L, fifggsfffliv - - ' fm N -- 221:--'K FoRnsT EVASIHZVSKI Dirac-lor ui' Alhletirx si 5 ,, I Qs yt Q, ,Q A 5 -as , e V. r l if -fi' ATI!! . ATH5 Q EPT. 0 QV' ff' Jw at fb 5 mmf 4 N D i 4: ff W ?, mffrfg 5 DSW 6 . x ULPTA O wr 2 . W ff -- V, 2 EF V 93 9 f U , Q r A i 1 - G A -ff- :,,MAf , j""w,- fr M Mil Y, Q k '- 1 A was ' X, U G 'e 5 fbf W if to 1 V 7 iissi ii! ' is W if mlb 5 t ,Q Wg rrii - WP-WLQ. Q it ig-Y ' 553' A Um 4' A ' i r rssr t C2 mf 0 B llli Wi- 'A I ,..x A ROW l: james White, Bill Happel, Head Coach Ierry Burns, Andy MacDonald, ROW 2: Archie Kodros, Henry Piro erry Hilgenberg, Bob Flora. Coaching Staff Simim SCHEUIQRMAN, Head Basketball Coachg DICK SCHULTZ, Assistant. X, f-'IH l A if I Agni N 'L ws N, ,Xi , WL. my X X I +A, qjtf' , X Wrestling Coach Daw iVlcCL1skey is presented with 1 gulf cart hy his teanfi members in recognition ol his outstanding service. Mike Kinsinger kr Fencing XQW "Cf:-Q, Si wa, Andy Honkrns Basketball Paul Football Mike Reilly Foolbull 'W Dove Roach Lo rry Kramer ,5m:,,,,L ,W 'W M-'fwfr -oo, .- Iowa Iowi I Iow il Iowa Iow il Vvashington Washiiiglriii Indiana . Wiscciiisiri Purdue . Season's Record Slam' Iowa . . 53 Ohio Stale . . . 7 Iowa . . 27 iVlirmQsotz1 , . I3 Iowa . . . Qi Michigan . . . 21 Iowa .... Notre Dame QCzmCClIcd as the nation mourned Prcsidcnt Iohn F. Kc-nnedyj the death oi' mmm: -5. ez... f E My 'f '- 1 -'-- "' 7 .5 J, 5: i .7 2 3 . ul. M.. . at ..-M: .M - .ei ., .,. ,t ,S . Y wil, ig if gg , 1 ,S S saw., .. i Q , s i ,..m....M.w EJ ,km I .:..,,. I - sa 714 - -H'-5 ."f i 555 ' sense-was -V X, f. ROW l: C. Webb, R. Wehrle, I, Roberts. R. Dougherty, F. Glover, Co-Capt. VV. Hil- genberg, Co-Capt. P. Krause, R. l.eZottc, l.. Rogers, W. Niedbala, C. Kasapis. ROW 2: A, Kodros. assistant coach, C. Fletcher, T. Giacobazzi, P. Deutsch, li, Rid- dle, B. Budzilc, B. Sherman, D. Recher, Nl. Reilly, C. l.atta, B. Crier, I. Sunseri, jcrry Burns, Head Coach. ROW 3: A. McDonald, assistant coach, R. Hendryx, I. McGuire, M. Moses, T. Welt, R. Mitchell, T. Ferry, C. Harris, 1, Price, M. Wiese, B. Wright, Ucman, G, Sanirey. W. Piro, assistant coach. ROW 4: K. Noonan, I. Wagner, O, Town- send, I. DeAntona, D, Cchrke, D. Long, B. Howererter, D. Elbert, Cmejrek, l.. Wil- liams, A. Randolph, G, Tompras, Hilgen- berg, assistant coach. ROW 5: R, Flora, assistant coach, W. Happel, assistant coach, C. Wilder, C. Nourse, I. McDowell, W. Krill, I. Niland. W. Restelli, R. Ziolkowski, S. Hodoway, G. Tucker, L. Weston, I. White, assistant coach. ROW 6: E. Abrons, manager, K, Ryan, D. Kantak, R. Gates, I. Killbreath, G. Swain. D. Moss, L, Miller, I. Lasota, I. Fashimpaur, M. Mullins, Buster, manager. ROW 7: A. Buntroclc, trainer, W. Briggs. R, Brozek, G. Simpson, G, Snook, S, Lilly. R. Carle, F. Reinhardt, T. Roberts, B. Ole- son, L. Hoffman, K, lfalh, assistant trainer, R. Iohnson, manager. It s game time again as the Hawks hustle onto the lield through the Highlander tunnel. W 1 i ...--f' ge' Q K at any an HQ"ms-lil as .M 'f Hawkeye quarterback Fred Riddle lights oil' efforts of two Washington State tat-klers in lowa's opening vietory. Bobby' Crier stiff-arms defender and moves around end lor Ql-yard gain against Cougars. Football Ioyvas Iiaxvkeyes opened the i963 footballsea- son, against xVHShhlgUH1 State hi Iowwi Stadiuni Sept. 28. Iowwt scored Erst on a three-yard pass from Fred Riddle to Hanker Patil Krause. Early in the second quarter, Riddle sneaked over from the one lor another score and lay Roberts' conversions gave the Hawkeyes a 14-0 advantage at halftime. But during the halftime show, the 83 degree temperature cooled eonsiderably and the Hawk- eyes had also lost their spark as the Cougars took the kiekoli and marched S0 yards for their hrs! score, and 63 for another to tie the score. The Hawks tried one last desperation play with three seconds to go as sophomore quarterback Gary Snook lofted a 45-yard pass to Krause who fell out-of-bounds at the Washington State 25 as the gun sounded with the scoreboard reading, I4-14. WWW' 3 Football lndiana's Hoosiers invaded Hawkeyclancl lor the Iowa Homecoming contest Oct. l2. The air was filled with footballs as Riddle set a Big Ten record for the most touchdown passes in one game by throwing Five scoring aerials. End Tony Giacobazzi and Krause each caught two of Riddle's touchdown passes and end Cloyd Webb captured another. The record-breaking performance earned the jun- ior signal-caller United Press International's Midwest Back of the Week honors. The Hawkeyes' other score was a 25-yard field goal by Roberts which opened the scoring. Iowa fans had only two chances to see All- Arnerican candidate Marv Woodsfan in action. The Hoosier Speedster injured his knee on the lirst play from scrimmage and returned for only one more play. Five interceptions, three by Iowa linemcn, and three recovered Hoosier fumbles helped the Hawks to a 23-U lead late in the first hali and a 37-26 Victory which Iowa Head Coach Ierry Burns called "a fine win" as he was carried oft the field, and the Homecoming monument burned in the tradition ol cele- brating a Hawkeye victory. Throwing under pressure is a great asset and sopho- more quarterback Gary Snook demonstrates his poise as he seeks out receiver despite Indiana taekler. I I Halfback Bob Sherman is oft in an open held after receiving block from center Gary Fletcher. Ehil lDeutseh ruins passing plans ol Wiseonsin's llal ranrt, Football The next task lor the undefeated Hawkeyes was Wisconsin, the No. 2 team in the nation. It was an effort that ranked with the greatest ol all Iowa efforts and victory seemed only a finger- tip away as the Hawks, final drive fell a foot short of a first down. Linebacker Mike Reilly led an Iowa defense which allowed the Badgers, ranked among the top teams in the nation in rushing, total offense and scoring, only 207 total yards. As the game started, Wisconsin moved immedi- ately to the Iowa nine, and after the Hawks had staged a goal line stand, stopping the Badgers on the three, a field goal gave Wisconsin a slim lead which stood until the third quarter in which both teams scored. With 99 seeonds remaining, the Hawks had moved to the Badgers' '32-yard line where, on fourth down, they tried a lake field goal attempt. Krause carried l5 yards, hut was run out-ol- hounds on the l7, just a loot short ol the first down as Wisconsin won, l0-7. l.onnie Rogers goes lor an extra yard on pure determination alter being surrounded by Wiseonsin taeklers. 255: Y.. at "Floyd of Rosedale" comes home in the arms of Co-captains Wzrlly Hilgenberg and Paul Krause as Mike Reilly and Lonnie Rodgers look on alter win over Minnesota. Two deserving symbols of Iowa football got rides off the field Nov, 9. Coach Burns, whose Hawkeyes defeated Minnesota for the first time since he became coach, was Carried off by his play- ers, and following him came Floyd of Rosedale, the bronze statue of a prize hog which goes to the winner of the Iowa-Minnesota game each year. Snook threw for three touchdowns as he eu- gineered the Hawks to a 27-l3 victory before H sell-out Dad's Day crowd of 60,000 Krause and Sherman each returned an intercepted pass for 21 touchdown, and Krause and Webb captured Snook aerials for scores while Roberts kicked a field goal to complete the scoring. Reilly was named the Midwest's Lineman of the Week by UPI for his defensive play, and at the close of the season was selected to Look Maga- zineis All-America team and the Associated Press' All-America second team, Cloyd Webb evades two Minnesota defenders enroute to one of his spectacular catches. Y , H05 x ., 123' , W 1 U Wig 1 5 3 U it M.....- ,,.f-2: 4-55 W4 E 3 'WW it 'and' ' N If N-si ROW l: Terry' l.yon, Gary Olson, Trever Toland. ROVV 2: Coach Sharm Seheuerman, Iimmy Rodgers, Lewis McNlecn, Dave Roaehx Captain Andy Hankins, Assistant Coach Dick Schultz. ROW '31 Mike Denotna, George Peeples, Bill Skea. lzclxvard Bastian, Joel lessen. ROW 4: lim Wilsoii, assistant managerg Dennis Pauling, Roh Clehhard, Philip VVilliainson. lim Roslnorough, Haskell Pitluck, manager. George Peeples outreaehes his Illinois opponents lor a cru- cial rebound. Basketball What emerged as Sharm Seheuerman's last year as an lowa sports figure-the l963-64 haskethall season-was uneventful in many Ways. lt had its hig moments-the vvin over St. Louis, the 'gal- moSt" victory over second-ranked Michigan, the night Ed Bastian Hheldw All-American Gary Bradds to 30 points, the first hall against defend- ing national champion Loyola. Vxfinning their first four non-conference games. the Hawkeyes had high hopes for a hrst-division hnish in the Big Ten. But, after edging Indiana, 72-7l, in the opening Conference tilt of the season, a five-game losing streak killed lowais hopes. The Hawkeyes won only three Big Ten games and lost ll for ninth place in the conference Stand- ings, their worst finish in 25 years. Seas0n's Record Iowa Iow a Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa . 85 South Dakota . . . 75 I'Ix'ansx'iIIe CoIIege . . 753 St. Louis University , 7'3 Southern Methodist . 72 Creighton . . . tOx'ei'titneJ PI4 Pk Dk FAR VVHST CLASSIC . 56 CoIorado State . . . SI Louisiana State . . . 74 VVashinggton State . .72 . 70 . 6I .75 .71 .71 .822 . 82 82 . S9 76 . 63 . SI . 61 . 67 -i- ak Tis Indiana . . IIIinois . Wisecpiisiti . . Purdue .... I,oyoIa lCIhieagoU . Minnesota . . . Indiana . . . Michigan State . . Ohio State . . Michigan State . . Northwestern , . Minnesota . . Purdue Miehigan . . . IIIinois Reueiving unexpected heip, lid Bastian tips in two points for the IIawIss as Ioel lessen IoIIows. .slnunniinpcn-qqnwqs - Q57V-ayhiwaiifqffgw-A-W ,vm . ., I mm f awww 25, , I ,.,.. " ' . , f, Q , V pg., aim N gg an ,,,f,,::.. X " bf? 5 ' A 5b J . ,s:x::f1 , ' wgw' 1 4 Q ' fgxi' jf " J: I A, - -- ., , Mm 3 8 ji 4 , It V x, A W I L , 1 Lk E , ,Sv "V K f . W E. , 1.2 W , i 4 , X A A ,M 4 VA gy , , f - A L A' 1 A Basketball ln their last home appearance ol the season March 7, the Hawks launched a tremendous ellort against second-ranked Michigan, but the upset bid lell short in the last ten minutes ol' the Contest as lowa lost, 69-6l. The Hawkeyes took the lead alter the first lour minutes ol the game and at one time held a 33-21 advantage. Iowa led, 40-34, at halftime alter hitting l6 of 35 attempts lrom the field for 46 per cent. ln the second hall, however, lowa hit only 9 ol 35 attempts as the percentage for the night fell to 40 and the Wolx'erines, "big menu swung into action. All'Ameriean Bill Buntin and Callie Rus- sell teamed up lor 55 ol lVlichigan's points as Buntin scored 28 and Russell 27 in one ol' lVlichigan's lowest point totals ol tht- season. Dave Roach was lowa's leader with l3. "l've never heen happier and more proud than l am tonight," lowa's retiring coach Sharm Seheuerrnan said after receiving the game hall lrom Captain Andy Hankins. Seheuerman received two standing ovations during the game from the crowd ol' lO.5OO lans, It's either prayer or a Search lor contacts. but all the Hawkeyes are interested. The hest way to make sure the hall goes into the hasket is to dunk it through the rim-joel lessen makes sure ol two Iowa points. 'X ,A 2 E nm-9 k K wh, -M v W x G I 1 Basketball Sharm Scheuerman. a Hawkeye sports person- ality lor ll years, resigned as Iowa's Head Basket- ball Coach at the end ol' the l963-64 season, He had held the position lor six years, since l953. when, at the age ol' 24, he became the youngest major university head coach in the nation. Scheuerman was a guard on Iowa's 'iFabulous Fivew team ol lS356, which won the Big Ten title and was runner-up in the NCAA Tournament. He was assistant varsity and head freshman coach at Iowa until lVlay. l958, when he was named head coach alter the death ol' Bucky O'Connor. Scheucrmanis most unusual feat occurred in the l960-6l season when he developed two separate teams which had a combined season's record ol IS-6. In the Big Ten, a IO-4 mark gave Iowa a second place tie with Purdue. Only three teams in Iowa history had ever won more games. The outlit became the conferences best defensive team with an average of 6l.3 points per game lor op- ponents. Three team and three individual rec- ords were broken. The feat centered around the loss ol four players by ineligibility in early February, l96l. That team, lrom Dec. I to Feb. 4, had won the Los Angeles Classic with three victories over Cali- lornia teams and compiled a l2-3 record. But the big story was the second semester heroics ol' one original regular, two second-teamers and one from thc third team. Known as the "Hustling Hawksf' this team won six ol' nine league games and lin- ished eighth in the linal Associated Press national poll. Seheucrman received the third highest num- ber ol votes in the uCoach ol the Year" poll. At thc end ol the NCAA Tournament in March. l96l, Seheucrman was chosen coach ol' the vic- torious West squad in the Eetst-West All-Star Shrine game at Kansas City. Iowa Athletic Director Forest Evashevski surn- med up Iowa's leelings, when, in announcing Scheuerman's resignation, he said. 'Sharm has al- ways reprcsented the University and the Athletic Department with dignity. He will be sorely missed by the intercollegiate athletic scene in which he has been active since l952." Fd Bastian ruins another Bradcls attempt as tlie Iowa sophomore "held" the Big Tens leading scorer to 'Sli points. well below his average. linnny Rodgers linds his 6-l height inches short as he tries to stop Bradds lrom dunking the ball. 1964 SPRINC SQUAD ROW l: I. Vandeliamp. C. Brunst, R. Lee. D. Hampton, D. Perkins, B. Stuber, A. Herylord. C. Dawson, R. Stroup. ROW 2: I. McAndrews. I. Koehnk. D. Winders, D. Liddicoat, B. Sherman, S. Hohle, I,. Myatt, R. Hendryx, M. Moses, I. Mowen, H. Ostrander, N. Maw. ROVV '32 Coach Otto Vogel, Assistant Coach Dick Schultz, B. Anderson, D. Moss, I.. Petersen. B. Gebhard. -I. Freese, K. Banaszek, I. Madden. B, Schauenberg, R. Reppe, D. Miner, S, Green, R. Sludes, I. Petersen. H, Bisbee. manager. Iowa First baseman Duke Lee waits amciously for ball as enemy runner inches nearer base. Baseball Assistant Dick Schultz became interim coach of the IQ63 Iowa baseball team alter Head Coach Otto Vogel suffered a stroke, and engineered a Big Ten pennant drive which came to a thrilling climax in the last contest ol the season. a double- header with Illinois. The Hawks held a l9-8 record when they played host to the Illini in the season Hnale. In the first game of the twin bill, which was to de- cide the title, the Hawks came from behind twice to tie the score, 6-6, going into the ninth inning. An Illinois triple scored a man who had gotten on base with a walk and the Hawkeyes lost their title bid, 7-6. The 20-9 seasonis mark and second- place finish in the Big Ten was Iowais highest finish since l957. Pitching played a big role in the Hawks, suc- cess. Iunior Lee Petersen. a transfer, pitched the only no-hitter of the year, and Iim lVIeAndrew finished with a perfect 4-0 mark. Bob Sherman led Hawkeye hitters. is A 'HQM' ,S 'fir -sexy 1 5, 'gr f29lti3STe'??'f QW 3 wmmw W Win lem. 151 -a X . R X X Q E, S I 1 HN J xml? ROW I: Coach Dick Holzaepfel, lack Sehben, Glenn Gailis, Rick Febey, Elliott Pearl, Steve Drish. ROW 2: Barry Keeley Pete Drozdowicz, Bob Swanson, Keith Spaulding, Bill Sayre, George Hery. Gymnastics Iowa's gymnastics team finished the season with a perfect dual meet record, defeating Michigan State, Minnesota, University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio State. The favored Hawkeyes lost their bid for the Big Ten title to Michigan. Iowa had two individual conference champions, Glenn Gailis on the side horse and George Hery in Iloor exercise. Gailis and Hery paced the Hawkeyes during the season as Gailis was the leading scorer, averaging 22 points a meet, and Hery was a close runner-up. Six Hawkeyes represented Iowa in the NCAA meet at Los Angeles: Gailis, Hery, Elliott Pearl, Bill Sayre, lack Sebben and Pete Drozdowiez. The Hawks finished sixth in the meet as Gailis placed second in still ring competition and Hery tied for third on the trampoline, placed fifth on long horse and tied For eighth in Hoor exercise. lack Sebben does uerossi' on the still rings Swimming After lowa's swimmers had lost to Indiana, Ne- braska, Michigan State and Minnesota and stretched their losing streak to 12, "l3,' proved a lucky number for the Hawkeyes as they opened second-semester competition with a win over Illi- nois and then added Northwestern and Purdue as victims before losing the closing meet of the sea- son to Wisconsin. The swimmers were helped hy Hal Bigger, a junior transfer who set lowa varsity records in the 200-yard and 500-yard free-style events. Sopho- mores Ron Berry and Ralph Bextinc also proved top competitors for the Hawks. Michel LeVois, Iowa diver, won seven consecu- tive first places in dual meets and qualified in both high and low board diving at the Big Ten finals, in which the Hawks placed seventh. Le- Vois was named to the Collegiate All-American team following his showing in the NCAA finals. Sophomore Ron Berry takes another Hrst place in the brcaststrokc. ROW l: B. Kantor, T. Rikcr, M, I,eVois, M. Royce, manager. ROW 2: M. Fuller, managerg D. Casady, asst. coachg C, Nich- ols, R. Berry, M. Peterson. I, Roseman, B. Allen, coach. ROW 3: B. Sjostrum, Ci, Gray, H. Haskens, T. Nestrud. RUVV -I: H. Bigger, I, Jones, R. Bextine, I, Cook. ,fb 3 ,LV Am, , 'WN -4' , bf " 2 4 -rf. Y 'V bus. Y i e Q Q A " .35 fkwifi SJW N DLPI ROW l: Tom Bowman, Iohn McCarthy, Bill Fuller, Norm Parker, Morris Barnhill, Ioe Greenlee. ROW 2: Assistant Coach Ralph Ricks, Mel Wieland, Dave Kohl, Roger Murray, Roger Schilling, Wilbur Devine, Iay Roberts, Coach Dave McCuskey. Wrestling The Hawkeye wrestlers entered the Big Ten meet with a 7-2 season record after wins over Illinois, Wisconsin C2j, Minnesota, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue and losses to Northwestern and Michigan. Norm Parker, Iowa's l3O-pounder, extended his dual meet winning streak to l9 victories and won the conference crown in his weight class. Parker was undefeated in dual meet matches the last two years. Mel Wieland won the Big Ten I67-pound title, and Ioe Greenlee and Bill Fuller won consolation matches in the Big Ten finals, but the Hawks again finished second behind re- peating champion Michigan. Iowa had no National champions as Fuller was the only Iowa wrestler to survive first round com- petition and advance to the semifinals. Fuller won the consolation crown in the NCAA meet as the Hawkeyes tied for l2th place, second-highest fin- ish lor a Big Ten team. Iowa's wrestlers, who placed second in the conference, are off to another win-this time over Wisconsin. Golf is a game for spring, but Rog Gunderson starts prac- tice early in the Field House lolt. Golf With a bigger squad than usual, IS men, Coach Charles Zwiener tried to revive Iowa golf fortunes in l963 alter a 4-9-l mark in l962, but found the job diliicult as the Hawkeyes finished with a 3-9 record and placed ninth in the Big Ten. The Hawks defeated Northern Illinois, North- western and Notre Dame, but lost to Minnesota CQD, Wisconsin QD, Northwestern QZD, Northern Illinois and Missouri. Five lettermen, Bill Bran- denburger, Mark DeVoe, Bob Gitchell, Herb Knudten and lim Mueller paced the Hawks. As the 1964 season began, prospects were still not bright as Donald Allen, DeVoe, Gitchell and Alan Peehacek were the only returning lettcrmcn. Zwiener cited Iames Scheppele and Ioseph McEl- voy as two of his top sophomores along with identical twins, Robert and William Fanter. 15364 SPRING 'l'IiAM ROW l: Richard Steward, Cap Hermann. joe Mclilvoy, Ben Smith, lim Cannclla. RUVV 2: Mark l7eVoc. Iohn l7onox'an, Dan Fliger. Roger Gunderson, Steve Miller, Charles Zwiener. coach. f ,P G K M W it sr ROW l: Mike Kinsinger, Al Hastetler, Orville Townsen, Ed Koe. ROW 2: Steve Combs, Theron Baily, Iohn Keaus. ROW 3: Dick Adams, Bill Tticker. Fencing Coach Iim White, practicing his belief that "fencing is an athlete's sport," led the Hawkeye fencers to a 7-5 Big Ten dual meet record in 1964, one of the best fencing marks in Iowa history. After a winless season in l963, the Hawks, led by Mike Kinsinger and Dick Adams, and strength- ened by the participation of gridders Ivory Mc- Dowell, Orville Townsend and Karlin Ryan, fin- ished in a tie with Michigan State for second in the Big Ten meet compared to their fifth place finish in a field of six in l963. Kinsinger, who finished the season with a 62-17 mark and had a lO-0 record in the Big Ten finals, claimed the conference foil crown. His season's record was the best individual mark ever achieved by an Iowa fencer. Kinsinger finished in the top ten in the NDAA finals, and Adams and McDowell also placed high as Iowa finished among the top 20 teams in the nation. Steve Bryan demonstrates a stop-thrust as he helps the Fencers to one of the best records in Iowa history. Tennis Lettermen Steve Wilkinson, Dick Riley, Dennis Ellertson and Dave Strauss were joined hy lVlikc Schiavoni, Ken Vlfright. and Gary Fletcher as the Hawkeye tennis team Won 10 and lost S dual meets in 1963 and placed Hith in the Big Ten tournament. Coach Don Klotz regarded the 1964 prospects as "fain, since six lettermen, Elliot Ahrons, Ellert- son, Fletcher, lVlarc Mears, Riley and Strauss, re- turned. Four sophomores, headed hy Arden Stoke stad, Were regarded as top prospects. Klotz lelt that if the younger men could push the veterans, the team would be improved by that competition. In a four-meet spring vacation trip in late March, the 1964 candidates returned with a 2-2 mark alter meeting Washington ol St. Louis, St. , t Louis University, Southern Illinois and Western The game gets under way as an Iowa netman steps into serving position on the Field House court. Mlchigilll' ROW 1: "l'. Rusk, D. Lutz, ll Klotz, coach, D. Gervicli, Walter. ROW 2: 1, lilvert, 17. llllertson, A. Stokstad, D. Strauss, Nl. Mears, D. Riley. ,IM .ip. Y . -Q 3. up a. tmp. 5 W , Q Z!-,. ROW l: Ed Troughton, Lee Wraith, Ron Greelee, Derrick Williams, Lee Walker. ROW 2: Freshman Coach Roger Kerr, Capt. Larry Kramer, George Clarke, Larry Shcek, Coach Francis Cretzmeycr. Cross Iovva's cross country team, hampered by inex- perience and depth, failed to win a meet during the l963 season and finished seventh in a field of eight at the Big Ten championship meet. Captain Larry Kramer, George Clarke and lim Ashton were the only returning lettermen from the 1962 team. Kramer suffered from a leg injury throughout the season and was unable to repeat his top performances of the previous year. None of the Hawkeyes ever Won a first place, but Clarke, who led the Hawks during the long sea- son, claimed several third and fourth places. The Hawkeyes lost to Illinois, led by Big Ten champion Al Carius, 20-39, in the opening meet of the season and then fell to Wisconsin, 2l-37, the Chicago Track Club, 18-40, and to Minnesota, l9-36. The loss to Wisconsin on the Finkbine Golf Course was the first time the Hawkeye har- riers have lost a home meet in three years. Country George Clarke, Iowais leading harrier, keeps eyes on thc i v-', gi , t watch, even at practice sessions. f ...a-...wha RUVV I: Coat-h F. Cretzinc-yer, A. Randolph. I., Leonard. IU, VVilliznns. R. Greenlee. l.. Wraith. l.. Kramer. RKJW 2: CI. Hollingsworth, S. Cloldston, Cl. Clarke, l.. Walker, l,. Sheets, P. Piper. ROW 3: R. Hurt. K. Ziegler. 1, Pleteher. I. Piper. G. Richards. ROW' -1: R. Mellon an. li. rl11'OUQ'l1lOH. D. Kohl. D. Thompson. Rocker. Iowa hurdlcr attempts to cut time ollf his own record. Track Alter sharing the Big Ten indoor track title with Nlichigan in N63. lowais Hawkeyes linishefl last in the eonlerenee meet in l964. Sophomore Steve Goldston. who staged several thrilling per- formances during the indoor season. was the only Hawkeye to place as he finished sixth in the 60- yard dash. Gary Hollingsworth was unahle to de-- lend his 440-yard dash crown hecause ol illness. Iowa lost most ol' its champion athletes ol l96'S and was forced to build lrotn only four letter- men. Hollingsworth. whose time of 146.6 in the 440 ranked him in a tie lor llth in the H363 world list. headed the list ol outdoor prospects. Distance man Larry Kramer and sprinters Gary Richards and Scott Rocker were the only other returning lettermen. Rocker and Hollingsworth were mem- bers of the IQ63 record-breaking mile relay team. Captain Bill Frazier, champion half niiler, was out for the season with a pulled tendon. and was granted another year of eligibility hy the Big Ten. aiL,.,..,i N' -u-Q41 Z' Sb., jf, ff www 7,5 Nga f yi if BM CHEERLEADERS ROW l: Ierry Davidson, Bill Parks, Arnie Man- vitz, Bob White. ROW 2: Gwen Owen, Ioan Fee, Nancy Laughlin, Barb Burry, Diane Schoen- berg, Linda Markulin. awww Student Senate Student Senate meetings are always well attended. The Executive Cabinet oi the Student Senate includes the president and vice-president of the student body and the ll committee chairmen and commissioners of Senate committees. This group, which meets once a Week, is pri- marily to advise and give opinions to the presi- dent of the Student Senate. The Cabinct also de- termines some oi the policies presented to the Senate for consideration. The duty of an Executive Cabinet member is to act as a two-Way liason between his commis- sion and the executive body. Special projects organized and sponsored by the Student Senate, under the leadership of Executive Cabinet, were the mock referendum on the ShaFl Plan in the fall, the Political Affairs Conference in February, Project AID, the Book Exchange, and the Spring Festival. ROW l: Dave Beck, lim Kopel, Mike Carver, Iudy Steelman, Pete Ptacek, Marilee Teegen. ROW 2: lim Bennet, Tom Stone, Rick Wernick, Neal Rains, Theisen, Gene Olson, Wally Snyder. ROW l: P. Reisetter, S. Gumbiner, D. Dunshee, B. Parisi, L. Theisen, I. Birkeland, T. Kling, L. I-Iibbs, T. Yerkey, S, Ericzon, P. Duke. ROW 2: K. Cottrell, H. Goodall, NI. Teegen, I. Ioines, A. Wescoat, P. Kaplan, I.. Connell, P. Griflin, K. Farrell, M. Cook, D. McMahon, M. King, K. Anderson, N. Laughlin. ROW 3: R. Shinn, S, Bush, D. Zahn, L. Winberg, S, Teichner, P. Risdal, D. Smith, I. Perry, N. Shinn, P. Crews, S. Cortimiglia. ROW 4: L. Schoeneman, W. Taylor, D, Netherton, S. Showers, N. Plumb, K. Kinne, P. Erb, D. Sulentic, I. DeI.aat, NI. Klobuchar, A. Peacock, I. Christiansen, ROW 5: I. Grun- Igagl, B. Curley. C. fVlarshall, S, Buck, I. Iseminger, I, Fister, G, Olson, E. Olson, I, Starr, T, Stone, R. Clymer. D. Montgomery, . Ioetz. Student Senate Subcommittees The Senate Subcommittees, inspired by the worked on housing and book cost reports, the an- capable leadership of president Mike Carver, or- nual book exchange, the Faculty and Course ganized student policies and programs. Evaluation polls, and the new 25 member Fresh- lVIany committees Worked together to make man Internship Committee. SUI's first Spring Festival a big success. Others I I Student Senate .Iudlclary This committee of the Student Senate acts as a laws on the campus, court on all University tradic appeals ol SUI stu- If a student receiving a ticket Wishes to appeal dents. his case it is then transferred to the Student Sen- The University Police enforce all traffic prin- ate Iudiciary, which meets every Saturday morn- ciplcs and distribute tickets for violations ol these ing. ROW l: Charles Pelton, Max Peterson. Lawrence Prybil. ROW 2: Verne lVIcClurg, Seymour Oray. Project AID lu .. A-..-w....,..... .- ,. . - Selling football cushions was one of Project AID,s Fund raising activities. Project AID stands lor the "Assist Iowa Devel- opment" fund. This lund was set up to provide scholarships for students who demonstrate need and academic excellence. The function of the Project AID committee is to organize fund-raising projects with the hope of eventually building up reserve lor an endowment fund. The committee also directs distribution ol scholarships. In Project AID,s three years of existence, lour scholarships have been awarded. Two were pre- sented Hrst semester this year. Among the fund-raising projects were the Parf ent Drive, Shoeshine Drive, and the Bunab Drive. As added help, Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity do- nated money from their calendar sales and Hill! crest Association sponsored a Peter Nero Concert lor Project AID. ROW 1: Sandi Ericzon, David Beck, Nancy Boyd, Michael Sehiavoni. ROW 2: Douglas Zahn, judy Haefner, Linda Krane, Iudy Steelman, Dick Mundy. ROW I: B. Doughty, S. Brogan, I. Moore, I. Kopel, S. Ilyde, S. Cortiniiglia. ROW 2: S. Peterson, I. Khera, H. Goodell, S. Artz, D. Wilson, C. Ileeren, N. Brown, Y. KiHe, I. Steclman. People to People People-to-People, organized at SUI in the spring ol IQ63, promotes better understanding be- tween the American and the foreign student. Through its various programs PTP hopes to aid both the American and foreign students in ap- preciating each others, cultures. Friendships on a person-to-person basis is the ideal Way to accomplish this goal, and the PTP programs are designed to loster personal contacts. The Executive Committee, headed by chairman lim Kopel, Works with the various subcommittees to coordinate the yearis projects. The committees include: Hospitality, Events, Student Ambassador, Iob Placement, Brother-Sister, and Publicity. The International Song Festival and tours of places ol interest in the Iowa City area were some of PTP,s major projects. ,ah , - 1. 1 '55 at 1 t 5, N 'N .Num Many hours ol planning went into the International Song Festival held on March l-l. t I93 ff ROW Dunn, Kztrcn Smith l: Lindsay Arthur. Cynthia Borland, Sue Bubb, Ioyct- Burnett, Shirley Bush. Karnese Cameron. Lynda Chinn, Diane ROVV 2:7 Sue Fverroad, Elaine Higgins. Linda Howe, Louise Larsen, Marilyn Linclholin, Sandra Little, janet Murlic'd. Ring. ROXV '3: Cathy Rowley. Judy Schafenacker. Ianet Scott. Mary Shepherd, Nancy Singlcy, Judy Smith, Rachel ROVV -l: jutly Sorenson, Pam Stegnian, Arm Stephens, Barbara lhompsoti, Kathy Walter, Linda YNQ-is, Andrea VVilson. Alpha Gamma Delta OFFICERS President ........ IANE1' SCo'I"1' Vice-President . . DIANIQ ABEGI: Secretary . . DIANI3 DUNN Treasurer ....... LINDA HOWI41 This year a tea sponsored by Panhellenic Council welcomed the colony of Alpha Gam- ma Delta to the campus. In November and December, Weekly rush parties rapidly in- creased the number ol Alpha Gains. ln April Alpha Gamma Delta, SUl's fif- teenth sorority, received its Charter. Mixing Work and fun, the Alpha Clams es- tablished their new Chapter and are looking forward to a permanent home. Dinner :tt the Union was included in the Alpha Gamls social schedule. General Council ROW l: D. Corson, S. Reynolds, l.. Creed, A. Howard, Barbara Derr, C. Repass, B. lVIcCohan. ROW 2: S. Nolan, l,. Iohns- ton, E. Cole, ll.. Perrin, C. Ingraham. K. Crenawalt, T. Craflt. B. Pieper, I. Ioslin, S. Hawk. ROW 3: D. Ferguson, T. Walters. Associated omen Students Coordinating women's activities on campus and stimulating the intellectual, social, and cul- tural development of women students are the two primary functions oi Associated Women Students. Events sponsored by AWS range from Fall Or- ientation for new students, to Spinsters Spree, H girl-ask-boy dance held in the Union, An event oriented by AWS this year was a three-day Sym- posium dealing with the theme of nlndividualism in a Mass Societyn. The purpose of the Sympos- ium was to stimulate thought concerning such subjects as the indivdual and his relationships with the world, organized religion, and science. Ollicers of AWS this year were: Ann Howard, presidcntg Linda Beth Creed, vice-president, Sue Reynolds, treasurerg Diane Corson, Freshman Council Advisor. OFFICERS President . . .,.... ANN HOXVAIZD Vice-President . . LINDA BETH CREED Treasurer . . 3 . . . SUE REYNOLDS Freshman Council Adviser . . DIANE CORSON Executive Council ROW l: Linda Beth Creed, Ann Howard, Barbara Dcrr. ROW 2: Diane Corson, Sue Reynolds. Freshman Council ROXV l: C. Higgim, P. Cube, 1. Holstcun, Nfl, Pritylxcr. Foss, C. Union, ROW 22: 1. list-li. l., jolmston, C, Stott, C, liilwme meycr, I. Sill, S, Harder, ROVV 'Sz l.. llirlvnstt-in, ,-X, Nora-oil. 1. Garner. li. Holme, C, Hullonbet-li, I, liarhard, l,, Zelixrdt. Symposium Committee ROW 1: Inagrace Perry, Tani Grallt, Linda Beth Creed, Barbara Doughty. ROW 2: Patricia Beckford, Sue Mockridgc, Sharon Graham, Lynda Lockwood, Barbara Derr. 'Pm' ww .B .1-, 'Z 'EF Li N- f,4wswfrf If Qf,X,,,g75p, ig, M. if ,M W, ,,,g,g. gags , :ffmk 1, '11 dv M W S f"':1fZ-:1,mA-,'w1f- T, is be QW L,,,.f2 ,pie 5 , 2 Q 1 Q "mv way: , in ri i i 2 I W mm.. ii N, if omen's Recreation Association ',,,..-.-"""WY 39' y . W ei XVR.-X sponsors girls' basketball intramurals each year. Sue Hunter, Ellen Dow, Katie Grenawalt, and lane Hawkins served as executive officers of the Womens Recreational Association this year. Under their leadership WRA attempted to carry out its triple purpose of encouraging interest in recreational activities, arranging suitable facilities for these activities, and encouraging leadership in organized activities. All Women who participate in intramurals and those Who are members in good standing of any of the various clubs are eligible for membership to WRA. Included in the activities offered to SUI Women by WRA are intramural swimming. volleyball. bowling, basketball, golf. tennis. mixed tennis, and mixed golf. Membership to twelve clubs. among them Seals. Rifle Club. and Orchesis. is also of- fered io any woman student. General Council ROW l: K. Grenawalt, S. Hunter, L. l.ory, P. Erb, R. McKenna. ROW 2: S, Curtis, D. McMahon, M. Fisher, P. Ellsworth, S. Mitchell. ROW 3: A. White, C, Pauli, C. Cottle, D. Scott, VV. Knowles. ROVV 4: Harms, I. Evans. B. Harris, ROW 5: L. Hilmer, D. Dunlop, C. Meek, N. Killinger. I98 2 Gi Q Z! gf A, 1, 1 P 1 i ROW iz N. Fiala, I. Olive, A. Lindherg, S. Pilster, I.. Struelq, S. Sporman, D. Feldman, P. Smith. C, Jackson. M. Klepinger. ROW 2: R. Taylor, N. Nicholson, P. Weidner, C. Cramer, S. Burress, B. Rohse. C. Lawler, A. Santee, C. Collins, ROW 3: Miss Clement, advisorg M. Beaupre, B. Cribhs, K. Champlin, Iiineham, B. Smith, l., Hofla, 1. MeClone, I. Moeller. I. Porter. K. Wilson, N. Rees. Seals Club Seals Club presented their annual synchronized swimming show on Mothers Day Weekend. This year members of Seals represented SUI at AAU events at The Midwest Aquatic Arts Festival at River Falls, Wisconsin. This year's officers were: president. leon Porter: viee-president. Rusty Me- Cloneg secretary, Carolyn Cramerg treasurer. Betti Smithg publicity. Liz Holla. Am. Home Economics Assn. Home Economics Club worked to stimulate a ner and Senior Banquet. Oflieers were: Linda wider interest and knowledge of SUI's Home Ee Kautz. president: Holly Hann. vice president, department in the high schools as well as within Donna Sehaeller. seeretaryg Sally Oehler, treasur- the department itself. The eluhis liftieth anniver- sary aetivities eoneluded with a Baked Bean Din- ROW l: S. Chudwiela. Oehler. L. Kautz. II. Hann, I. Blohme. C. Mueller, S. Garner. ROW 'Sz P. Moreland, A. Mauer, C. Wheeler, D. Yost, M. Meindertsma, N. Sint-ox. er, Sue Chudwiek. puhlieity. D. Schafer, I. Hopson. ROVV 2: R. Burke. li. Brain, A. Cotter. S. Friezon. M. Beat-h C. Wfhitney, A. lontfstreth. RGVV -1: P. Hull. ROW I: S. Slessor, C. Cottle, I. Patterson, M. Moser, B. Doughty, C. Casady, I.. Simon. ROW 2: C. Bokorney, I. Rittgers, L. Bader, I. Artley, I.. Nelson, P. Rashke, D. Crook, E. Cole. Young Women's Christian Association Spurred by their eagerness to help others, mem- bers of the Young Womenis Christian Association completed an active and commendable year of ser- vice. The YWCA takes part in every phase of life, as shown by the Five major committees: Campus and Personal Life. Major and Marriage, Hospital Board, Christian Heritage. Community Service. Mary Moser led the women in their projects 011 campus and in Iowa City. Among the Y-sponsored projects were the sale of Homecoming Badges. and the sale of Indian- made goods. The three-day Indian Sale included a program, featuring Elms and an Indian studenl as guest speaker. Members joined in singing Christmas carols and entertaining patients at Oakdale Sanitorium and the Crippled Childrerfs Hospital with various parties. 354' President Mary Moser serves at a Y tea Union Board I K "ire-JET AVE L BOARD est Vnion Board members are ready to travel! Union Board is a governing body, charged with controlling student activites in the Union. This organization attempts to have such a variety ol actvities that there will he something oi interest to every type of person concerned with the Uni- versity. Several new events were originated this year. Among these were the Ski Trip in February and the Religion-Culture Forum. Union Board also sponsored the American Broadcasting Com- pany's televised "Hootenany." Union Board consists of l6 members. Eight of these are elected in the spring hy students while the remaining eight are appointed hy deans of their respective colleges. Executive memhers of Union Board are: Chuck Dick, presidentg Rich Halverson. vice-presidentg Sue Havvk. secretary: and Sue Reynolds. treasurer. ROV! li S- RCW l10lClS. R. HHIYCYSOD. C. Dick. S. Hawk. C. Hvman. ROW 2: B. Cremers, S. Bauer, K. Allihantl, B, Gita-hell, IE, Green. BOW '31 R, Pleller, I. Piper, M, Driskell. I. Lofgren. ' ROW 1: A. Kirkpatrick, I. Haeiner, C. Faulk, P. Carlson, Erickson, K. Diddy, I. Engel, I.. Barricks, S. Stage, I. Levin. ROW 2: O. Howard, F. Fever, M. Quinn, L. Winberg, C. Smith, I.. Parker. I. Aagensen. I. Bice, H. Condell, L. Swanson, M. Moore, P. Still. ROW 3: S. Cline, B. Harris, A. Raskin, S. Lawrence, K. Munson. R. Hieronymus, B. Schnede, l.. Ierrel, S. Cortimiglia, B. Morrison, D. Darling, K. Wilson. ROW 4: D. Howe, I. Fister, C. Weinberg, B, Laing, I, Hackett, P. Wells, S, Hatlield, W. Sisler, D. Montgomery, F. Renshaw. ROW 5: I. Weber, D. Miller, C. 3Nilliams, T. Bauer, C. Marshall, I. Dulin, VV. Thompson, W. Colbert. nion Board Sub-Committees Sixty-three SUI students are members ol Union Board committees. These comittees work to utilize the Iowa Memorial Union to its fullest capacity for the greatest number of students. Among the activities sponsored by Union Board committees are exhibits, concerts, poetry readings, iree movies, billiards, bridge, post-game dances and lectures. An innovation this year was the partieipation of committee members as hosts and hostesses in the Union after home football games. Another new idea was sponsored by the Special Events Committee. This was the possibility of 8 Ski Trip in February for interested SUI students. The members ol Union Board serve as chairmen lor the committees. After completion of one ycaris committee work, a participant may apply for the central group. There is open bowling lor the enjoyment ol all in the Union. l Central Party OFFICERS President . . ,... DICK lVlUI.I,ARKY Vice-President. . . . . RICH EDLHR Secretary . . NANCY FRIQDRICKSON Treasurer . . JOHN Disrnriioizsr Committee Under the leadership of Dick Mullarky, the Central Party Committee selected, contracted and presented varied popular entertainment to the students of SUI. Such notables as The Brothers Four, the Four Saints, and the Four Freshmen were sponsored by CPC. Maynard Ferguson played for the Homecoming Dance and Iulie London sang for Dadis Day. CPC tried to acquire performers that the stu- dents would enjoy. To poll public opinion, enter- tainment questionnaires Wcrc filled out during spring registration. From the favorites indicated, CPC made preliminary plans for the coming year. CPC sent three delegates to the Association of College Unions Convention in Missouri during Hrst. semester. Other officers included Rich Elder, John Distle- horst and Nan Fredriekson. ROW l: Richard Fdler, Maryann Ruud. Dick Mullarky, Nancy Frederiekson, John Distelhorst. ROW 2: Shirley Bush, Heidi Ruston, Cerry Meester, Ioy Stoker, Bob Fletcher, lean Fee, Bill Parisi. ROW l: A. Hendershot, I.. Barricks, I. Clemens, E. Erickson, C, Dick, N, Hall, P. Carlson, S. Hyde, K. 101195, 5. MCAlliS'LCl'. ROW 2: N. Fomenko, L. Swanson, C. Neuwirth, L. Schmidt, B, Picken, Mannebach, Rice, A. Reed, C. Dockstader, S. Showers, C. Carpenter, ROW 3: H. Goodell, C. Cleveland, S. O'Donnell, T. Wilson, R. Petersen, I. Carlton, M. Dolan, S. Hatfield, D. Carnas, I. Underwood, S. Cortimiglia. Central Party Sub-Committees The four Central Party Committee subcommit- tees total a membership ol about 35. These sub- committees publicize and carry out the entertain- ment secured by CPC proper. Students may offer their time and talents to Entertainment, Tea and Bids, Decorations, and Publicity. This year during the Homecoming Dance intermission, Tea and Bids subcommittee sponsored a tea lor President and Mrs. Virgil lVl. Hancher commemorating their last Homecoming while serving SUI. Taking part in subcommittee Work gives the participants experience which may eventually qualify them for membership on Cen- tral Party Committee. A selection board meets each spring to select new members for CPC prop- er. Because they have proved their ability, many members of CPC subcommitees become members of the nucleus group. The Four Saints entertained informally in the Gold Feather Room. 5 Bro CPC Entertainment TIIFI M" Q ,M-MI?" The New Christy Minstrels Each year Central Party Committee is responsi- ble for bringing prominent entertainers to the SUI campus. This year the students enjoyed some ol the most popular performers available lor college eoneerts. Early in the year, the Brothers Four and the lfour Freshmen drew large crowds to the Union. At the Homecoming Dance, Maynard Fergusen and his band provided the musie. Iulie London sang at Dadis Day, andt he Four Saints gave H eoneert in February, The year was rounded Off with a performance by the ever-poular New Christy Nlinstrels. , .nfl I " T5 Hi The Fon 1' Saints Miss SUI Pageant Board Pageant Board has charge of the presentation ol the Miss Sill candidates at the llnion. The nine-member Pageant Board, composed of three members each from Union Board, Central Party Committee and Student Senate, chose as its officers Iohn Distelhorst, pageant dircctorg Debbie Ziflren, secretaryg and Rich Halverson, treasurer. During the weeks the Pageant Board supervises the selection of a new Miss SUI, the candidates are interviewed, introduced to the student body at the Union, individually presented during skits at the various menis housing units and presented by photo displays. Included in this ycar's pageant was the addition of one day ol' open campaigning. Climaxing the 1963 Pageant was the selection of Miss loeth Manncbach as Miss SUI. Included in Miss SUI's Court were Elsie Andrews, Linda Nyquist, Maryann Ruud and Nancy Brown. ROW ll Nancy Fredrickson, Rich Halverson, John Distelhorst, Debbie Ziflren, Nancy Bergsten. ROW 2: Charles Dick, Carol Ingrahain, George Mayer, Sue Hawk, William Parisi. ROW l: Helen G-oodell, Leslie Parker, Pat Carlson, Kay Blosten, Iae Hughes, Iudi Skalsky. ROW 2: Lynn Barricks, Larry Crider, Robert Baron, larry Bailey, Fnid Wiczer. Miss SUI Pageant Committee Selected by the Miss SUI Pageant Board, the Pageant Committee serves to carry out the policies established by the board in relation to the annual selection of Miss SUI. The six separate committees are each headed by a member of the Miss SUI Pageant Board and work under his supervision. All phases ol the pageant are directed by the committee including the Union presentation of candidates, the skit presentations at the various men's housing units, the selection of judges, the entire publicity surrounding the event, the han- dling of the all-male vote lor the new Miss SUI and the construction of the Pageant Board float. The Pageant Committee also was in charge of handling and insuring an eliieient day ol open campaigning that was included in this yearis cam- paign in a modified form before the selection ol lVliss SUI. 'K Another ballot is cast for MiSS SUI The men's housing units were entertained with skits during the week of campaigning QM we ,Li. i Miss SUI and her court were presented at the Homwming rally. ROW l: I. Kopel, I. Stevens, R. Ross, I. Haefner. ROW 2: T. Gralit, M. Teegen, B, Karl, K. VVilson, B. Nuttall. ROW 3: K. Kauffman, E. Hart, I. Underwood, R. Riessen, H. Pitluck, I. Beecher. ROW 4: W. Thompson, D. Schalekamp, D. Asinger, D. Brady, S. Mockridge, C. Spaulding. SUI Orientation Council Two hundred and twenty upperclassmen helped to orient approximately 2500 new students during Orientation Week this fall. This annual event, under the supervision of the Orientation Council, helps acquaint new students with the faculty, cam- pus activities, other new students, and the struc- ture ol SUI on the academic and social levels. Highlights of the sessions were Recreation Night, Activities Open House and President's Open House. This year marked the last Open House with President and Mrs, Hancher as host and hostess. The Orientation Council changed the fall pro- gram for the l964-65 school year under the guid- ance of Miss Helen Focht, Orientation Council Advisor. Aiding with these changes were the next yearis co-chairmen, Ian Moore and Rich Edler. tif' , f. .. . "-- ,fzffif-L , . , , A,,,,,,2'5Tff. Orientation fosters relations between the students, the lac- ulty and the University. 2II l Dolphin Fraternit l ROW lz Cary Cray, seeretaryg Merle Royce, president. ROW 2: Ceorge llery, Vit-e president, Ralph Laughlin sergeanteat-arms, Mike Martin, treasurer. ri 1 - Founded in l92l at SUI, the Dolphin National llonorary Swimming Fraternity is now established on i8 college and university eampuses throughout the country. The fraternity, designed to promote competitive swimming and gymnastics as well as aquatic interests in general, is known lor the an- nual Homeeoming Dolphin Show which provides lunds lor the group to utilize throughout the school year and to send representatives to state and na- tional AAU meets. The Dolphins are busy all during the year with the Homecoming Shovv in the fall, the annual trip to Fort l.auderdale, Florida, during Christmas ya- eation and the Clutton Contest in the spring, Oflieers of the Dolphins were George llery. president, Cary Grey, Vice-presidentg Ron Barry. seeretaryg Mike Martin, treasurerg Mike Cragie, sergeant-at-arms. ROVV l: R. Carlson, B. Frietag, P, Brandt, B. Buck, Lee Peters. ROW 2: Coach Dick Holzapfel, C. Harris, P, Drozdowiez. I. Roos, I. Rasley, I, Sebben, B. Sayre, S. Drish, B, Swanson, ROW 3: Coach Bob Allen, ID. Vololek, I, McGill, R. Hoskinson. W, Crillith, I. Howard, R, Bextine, E. Hart, B. Cramer, B, Keeley, R. Berry, M. Craggie. ROW -lz D. Casady, I. Nessen, 'I. Sheridan, E. Larson, T, Nestrund, N. Bretz. li. Sehutte, 1. Matson, M, Peterson, P. Miller, D. Ring, 'l'. Eggers, T. Riker, 1, Kelley. B. Sjostrum. ROW 5: A. Hostiller, G. Cailis, C, Noble, V. Allen, I. Cook, T. Beamish, A, Mood, B. Cantor, M, Fuller, B, Clense. 2I2 swf X ,K ' E ,f ,,i,, 'S x 3 R 3 Fx SA rr jj! .A W ' ral X' mist' f. W Q by V... 5 g nv' f' , J , 1, fl Q M 'A'-of :ug we Q, Tim "Sm rig? 5' 1, W wif. ff I fwfr Q George Hcry thrilled the audience with a daring trapeze performance. The traditional head-shaving. Glen Gailis performs mystical movements in a still rings demonstration Herlay, lowa's most loyal lan. Pep Club Council Utilizing the talents of President Frank Patton, the comedy of Herky, and the enthusiasm of the student cheering bloc, the Pep Club Council sue- ceeded in instilling an attitude of pep and vibrant school spirit in the SUI student body during the past school year. A noticeable change made by the Council was the adoption of black-banded white straw hats for the cheering setion, The pep bloc Worked with the four male cheerleaders, seven pom-porn girls and the llawkeye Marching Band to produce a spirited athletic season for the University and enf thusiastie lollowers of the llawks. The selection ol the cheerleaders, Herky, and the pomepom girls is also a lunetion of the Council. Thanks to Pep Club Council, Hawkeye athletic teams always found a loyal and vocal group of supporters wherever they appeared throughout the season. ROW l: l.. Barriclcs, L. Connell, D. Sulentie, F. Patton, L. Crider, S, Eriezon. K. Kushner. ROW 2: M, Bywater, l.. Herb, I Watson, P. Braun, B. lVIcGrarvey, N. Boyd, A. Manvitz, L. Markulin, I. Fee. ROW l: I. Carver, T. Kling, S. Hyde, K. Farrell, S, Hatfield, I. Rice. ROW 2: S, Smith, V. Francis, R. Lamb, M. Lustgarten, B. Strom, VV. Taylor, M. Stone, A. Peacock, C. Meek, Cl. Weinberg. Pep Club Sub-Committee The use of such slogans as "Cage the Cougarsw and "We Vifant Floydi' provided a lramework lor the work ol the SUI Pep Club subcommittees dur- ing the year. Organized under the leadership ol the Hawkeye Pep Club Council, the various sub- committees worked throughout the l963-64 school year to promote and maintain a high degree ol school spirit. Committee members emphasized game attend- ance and cheer participation as a part ol their effort. Making use ol all-University pep rallies, cheer contests, the Miss Pep contest. and various other publicized events, the Pep Club subcommittees worked also to bring Iowa Citians into the ellort of Hawkeye support. The malty committees all contributed to the general operation of the Pep Club Council and especially to the success ol the Iowa student cheering block. A record crowd lined the river bank for the lirst pep rally ol the year. it 1 'iSor13', kids, seasoxfs overf' J HHS? Chccrlvnders and Several mvmbcrs of the mum-il make an Cmhusiastic picuxrc on the stops ful' Old Capitol, 2l8 3--nfl: ,:.L, f .AV. I K -MW Scottish Highlanders The Scottish Highlanders added many more colorful and talented performances to SUl,s foot- ball games this fall. Half time and opening per- formances were presented by lassies proficient at the Highland Fling, and playing the bagpipes and drums. Director Bill Adamson and Carolyn Rabe, com- pleting another year as head drum major, led the girls in several new and unique routines. These were especially appreciated when the girls traveled to the Purdue game. The dancers presented for the lowa crowds the traditional Sword Dance, climaxed by Lynn Hohenshell doing the famous Drum Dance. Second semester was spent in preparing the girls for their European tour this coming summer. Crowds will greet the group at the Worldis Fair, Buckingham Palace and throughout Europe. Governor Hughes signs the Highlander drum. , 1 Letterman s Club Members gather for a snack in the Union alter meeting. Every winner of a major 'T' letter in any ol the many sports at SUI is a member ol the SUI Let- terman's Club, The lettermen provide the Hawk- eye lans with thrilling athletic performances and also donate their time to the University in many different ways. The program sellers at home lootball games, the ushers at basketball games, and the helpers at lowa athletic events are all members ol' the Letter- man's Club. Assistant lootball coach Jerry llilgenberg and track eoaeh lfraneis Cretzmeyer are the faculty advisors. Oflieers are Clary Fletcher, president: George Latta, Vice-presidentg Dave Roaeh, secre- tary: lim Rogers. treasnrerg lack Sebbin, sergeant- at-arms. ROW l: H. Hoffman, D. Strauss, G, Fletcher, I. Rodgers, 1, Sebben, D, Roach, G. Hery, I, Roos, D. Vokolek, ROW 2: B. Fuller, W. Hilgenberg, V. Kohl, N. Parker, G. Clarke, R. Carlson, R. Perkins, ll. Pitluek, T. Henzberg. ROVV Il: D. Riley, l- ASIUOU, l- Reberts, R- Kerr. A. Hankins, T. Lyon, I. Koehnk, M. Kinsinger, S. Drish. ROVV 4: D. Reeher, I, Greenlee, I. Anderson, R. Lee, L. Petersen, R. Gebhard, G. Richards, G. Hollingsworth, M, Mears, C. Niehols. ROW 5: A. Giacobazzi, A. Massueei, P. Deutsch, I. Iones, R. Sehilling, M, Denoma, P, Krause, R. Lezotte, G, latta, W. Niedbala, W. Skea. 220 ROW iz Minta Manek, Mogus Molia, Akiko Umebayashi, Gilbert De Couvreur. ROW 2: Robert Johnson, Umakant Mahajan, lnder Khera, Henry 'l'ieic-man, Amir Ali, Suresh Verma. International Center Association The International Center Association opens its doors to all foreign and American students, and boasts a membership of over lO0. Not only does the club provide for cultural exchanges but it also works toward better understanding between stu- dents of different lands. The organizationis activ- ities range from thought-provoking seminars to such forms of recreation as ping-pong and bridge. Saturday night Finds students having fun together in the basement of the International Center. 221 Young Republicans SUI's Young Republicans were an active polit- ical group throughout the year. Members enjoyed both a club picnic and a hayride sponsored by the Young Republicans and the Young Democrats. Debates on controversial issues. speakers and panel discussions were held to create campus political awareness. ln Ianuary. a mock nominating convention was held in Davenport due to the great interest in the forthcoming presidential election. Sioux City was host in March for the annual state convention at which time state olhccrs and the state platform were chosen. Gene Krckel was Chairman of the group. Other olhccrs were ,Ian Ackerman. vice-chairman. Ann Wescoat, secretary, Denny Meridith. lreasurcrg and Neal Rains, executive sccrctarv. Dr. Llovd- These YRS are members of a special study group. limes was ddvism. I ' 2 ROW l: M. Cooper, D. McMahon, D. Abcgg, K. Steelman, I. Skalsky, B. Parisi, M. Teegen, L. Theisen, T. Yerkey, T. Stone, L. Irlibbs, R. Miller, I. Starr. ROVV 2: R. Collier, K, VVilson, K. Smith. R. Shinn, K. Blakely, R. Lamb, C. Cramer, Evans. M. QUIUH- S. Hillneld, G. W9l11b9fS- S- YVOHQCU. T. McCahill, D. Simmons, N. Skoglund. ROW 3: C. Meek, I. Evans, S. Harms, L. R9bCC. D- DOIT, P. Beckford, K. Cottrell. A. Mosher, C. Iansen. G. Masselink, M. Nlislnach. I. Dulin. S. Olson. C. Goff, N. Sincox. ROYV 42 E. CQIC, P. Meier, C. Wright, D. Pierce, I. Stoutner, I. Shramek. M. Iohnson. M. Appleby, D. Reid, S. Smith, M. Iohn. SEOI1. H. SCl'1W61IZcr, I. VVeber, A, Santee. ROW 5: I. Beck, C. Cottle, VV. Wolff, F. NlcCaw, C. Barker. R, VVood. B, Gillespie, C.. Fields, B. Iohnson, M. McBride, E. Zastrow, R. Echternacht, L. Herb. RUNV l: I. F. Priue, P. Yuung, P. Reisetter, D, Meriditli, I. At-lccnnan, G. Krelxel, A. VVe5t-oat. Rains, R. Seivcr, L. Bailey, K. Kent, K. Kaltenborn. RUVV 2: D. Scott. P. Ellsworth, li. Blandford. l.. Young, C. Pfbtter, S. Harvey, M. King, M. Drew. C. Davenport, I. Ionefs. K. Viilson. B. Aldriuli. l.. Faber. K. Honold, K. Conrad, I. Iohannsen, ROW 3: S. Schcidenhelm, L. jolniscm, Nl. Lee. M. Hurst, P. Thompson. P. Sinuux, C. Copley. I.. Soidati, S. Iiricyon, B. Saboc, P. Belfnn. K, Muna-h, D. l.ohil' l.. lockwoocl, ROXV 4: I. Ver Smeg, D. Mason. I. Hackett, I. jacob. Rounds. M. Babe. D. ljllxlilll, R. Blunck, Bennett. j. Platt. VV. Bruns. RUVV 5: D. Willelxc. Ni. Martin, W. Smits. Spangler. R, H. Tlmrrmpson. R. Mt-Knight, M. Petersen, 'I' Kesfn. C, Graves, A. Okamura, 1. Hemingway. ROXV lc B. Fwtillws. M. VVillianis, B. Benson, lingo, XNVZHMII1, R. Aldrich, 15. Perkins, D. Ciolcnian, L. Mtg er, 1, Sprague K. Lucas. KT. Fricdln ROVV 2: D. Mmm:-. IVI. Kuclifvl. C. Pauli, NT, Vieindertsma. I. Touliill. I, Caldwell, I. Cnonlcy, l. PUXXCY. lf. Pankuy. Ni. lfoncs, li. Dc-an, S. XX'l'l11bO1'g: R. Zobel. Pugff. RCJW 3: D. jflliliwll- l. 50011, C. Gcfrlcen, M- llmglillg j, Tfnnosvli. :X, Rnclfz Cordeg. H. Stlrlattt-r. K. Elliot. D. Finley. RUXV 41 K. Sctmscr. P. Cll1I'iNiiZlI1SOIi, C. Campbell. C. l,.ar5on 1. Ilarnagel. D. Deliock, I. Furgason. K. Clark, W. Cecil, N. MHl1C1', N. Wilson. RUVV 55 l- DUGTHGT, M- THYl01', R- Straw R. Stwnur, K. Eltlerlcin, S, Teichner. Cl. Calit-, T. Hannon, R. Iones, R, Neff. HMS RCDW l: ll. Zohel. Cirulis. l. Curio, B. llowell. Hauser, RCJW 2: l.. liens, D, Zetterholm, I, Jones. I, Sjoberg, R, Silima. HOVV '31 iii. Storby, C. Larson, K. Keat, R. Stoner. I. Belz. Iowa Conservatives Newly aroused interest, in the conservative pof lohn Curio, this years president. led the mem' litieal viewpoint as SUI is undoubtedly due in hers through their fourth year at SUI. highlighted part to its hraneh of the Iowa Conservatives, The with leetures hy Conservative politicians, repre- aim of the group is to lloster the conservative heliel' sentative ol all levels oi' government. on campus. Alpha Kappa Alpha Members ol Alpha Kappa Alpha organized pro- As an international social sorority they partici- jeets lor the purpose ol' raising money on hehalf ol pated again this year in their annual activities: Scholarship and Foreign Service Fund. The Amer- a fall Chex Nu party and a Christmas party. and iean Council on Human Rights, and Sickle Cell ended the year with a spring Hawaiian Luau Anemia Research. party. ROW l: Marilyn llolmes, Constanee Ashford, Barbara Carier, ROVV 2: Barbara Penny, ljlletta Williams, Ida Barnes, Shirley Vanderpool, lane Penny. ROW l: M. Teegen, K. Crenawalt, D. Darling, D. Ziffren, C. Ingraham, S. Mockridge, D. Morrison, B. Karl, B, Doughty. ROW 2: S. Bauer, M. Magee, M. Moser, Mary Heidhreder, Marty Heidhreder, I. Farneti, I.. Winherg, L, Perrin, P. Ellsworth. ROW 3: C. Repass, R, Hieronymus, D. Durlee, Skalsky, A. Trimble, A. Davis, K, Bay, P. Duke, I.. Elliott, K. Champlin. Panhellenic Council Three representatives .lrom each ol the I5 na- University and to maintain high social and sound tional social Womenls sororilies on the SUI cam- scholastic standards. This year the Panhellenic pus compose the Panhellenic Council. Council welcomed a new sorority to SUI, Alpha The purpose of the organization is to create co- Camma Delta. operation between the sorority chapters and the O O C Junlor Panhellemc Council lunior Panhellenic Council consists ofthe pledge serves as a training ground for their future activa- class presidents from each of the I5 social wom- tion. Once each month a mass meeting is held en's sororities on campus. The organization ac- with speakers discussing subjects concerning aca- quaints the pledges with the Greek system and demic areas, etiquette, and rush. ROW l: S. Bauer, L. Zeliadt, E. Walsh, B. Boardman, M. Haase, M. Nehel. ROW 2: P. Stone, K. Solberg, S, Bernatz, K. Catehel, R. Collin, I.. lohnston, B. Hall, I. Holsteen. Inter-Fraternity Council OFFICERS President . . . DAVE AXEEN Vice-President . . DAVE BOWMAN Secretary . . . JIM WATSON Treasurer . . MIKIS SCHIAVONI Coordinating the various activities ol the I9 so- cial fraternities on the SUI campus is the focus of the Interfraternity Council. This organization consists of the president and one elected repre- sentative lrom each of the member chapters. Setting up the regulations lor fall and informal rushing and seeing that they are carried out is one ol IFC's primary functions. IFC annually sponsors a Leadership Workshop, a Scholarship Banquet, and, in cooperation with the Panhellenic Council, the Greek Week activities. This year the IFC and IIFC dances were com- bined into an all-Greek dance. The "Rooftop Singersu were secured to play for this dance dur- ing Greek Week. IFC officers were Dave Axeen, president, Dave Bowman, vice-president, lim Wat- son, seeretaryg Mike Sehiavoni, treasurer. i ' ,. igiifeii- s , tt, ROW l: T. Yerkey, L. Smaha, W. loy, M. New, D. Axeen, D. Bowman, M. Schiavoni, I. Watson, T. Kling, I, Goodman, W. Earl. ROW 2: A. Touch, R, Edler, D. Camas, G, Olson, M, St-haeferle, I, Speer, W. Ellis, I,. Crider, D, Marston, E. Lundquist. ROW 3: R. I.amh, B. Tonquest, M, Wellilc, R. Strauss, D. Neiman, R. Baron, I. Diehl, W1 Thompson, I. Cebbie, W. Woman. ROW 4: T. Stone, C. Hagen, VV. Rosebrook, B. Strom, B. Kienepfel, I. Fister, L. Herb, W. Henderson, B. Strum. t ROW l: T. Brown, D. Iohnson, C. Weinberg, I. McGarvey, T. Montgomery, K. Versman, I. Bassman, I. Alper, C. Jansen, L. Hibbs. ROW 2: O,Donnell, W. Cecil, C, Calhoun, I. Hemingway, S, Smith. R, Cillespie, I. Kelley, D. Deerberg, R. Armstrong, D. Mace. ROW 3: W. Emarine, I. Conwell, D. Kuiken, D. Miller, I. Tornabane, I. Shepard, R. Neufeld, D. Bowman, D. Buck. ROW 4: G. VVinter, S. Wheriy, R. Phalen, I. Price, P. Young, K. llldcrlxin, A. Dunton. S. Arent, ll. Donovan, I. Ahrold, Achenbach. Junior Inter-Fraternity Council Iunior Tnterfratcrnity Council was formerly known as the lnterlraternity Pledge Council. The change in name was made this year to solve the problem oi newly activated men belonging to a pledge organization. Now all first year fraternity men on campus are represented on a council. The Council handles problems dealing with pledge-active relationships, pledge skips and schol- arship. It also assisted the Tnterlraternity Council with a Community Service Project and sponsored a Foster Child. Members ol HFC include the president and one elected member from each of the lil social fraterni- ties' fall pledge classes. Officers of the Council for last year were Dave Mace, Sonny Buch, lim Aehenbach, and Steve Wherry. i.TT'3IIT.::' Several IFC members meet at the Delta Chi house for discussion on Creek issues, Interdorm Social Board Fred Borden play ed for the Interdorm Dance. Coordinating social activities between the men's and women's dormitories and Working toward bet- ter dorm relations is the function of the lnterdorm Social Board. It is composed of nine social chair- men representing the six dormitories on campus. The Board plans and carries out such activities as mixers, dinner exchanges. picnics. skating par- ties and hayrides which provide opportunities for the students to get acquainted. The lnterdorm Dance. held annually in the spring at the Union, is the Board's biggest project. Wonicii living in the dorms elect an Interdorm King. while the men elect a Queen. The royal pair are presented at the dance. lim Ashton and lean Meyers serve as advisors for the group. headed by Steve Gumbiner. presi- dent. ROW l: Steven Gumbiner. Pat Baxter. Karnese Cameron. james Mhton, ROW 2: Antoinette I0h1l5UH. Irene Duvall, Nancy Gross, Margie Walsli. 'fi 'Sim The Interdorrn Queen, Miss Diane Iordan, and her court were presented at the Interdonn Dance Lots of fun and refreshments were had by all at the Interdorrn Dance. a r r fn rw, ,f K I L If Interdorm Presidents' Council Menihers oi' the Council work out last tninute details for the Big Ten Residence Halls Conference. The six dormitory presidents at SUI, forming the lnterdorm Presidents Council, are advisors to the separate halls and divisions within the dormi- tory units. Aiding the Council are the lnterdorm Social Board and the lnterdorm Public Relations Board. Together they organize social activities. such as exchanges between the dormitories, and solve the day-to-day problems in dormitory living. The goal of each housing unit is the attainment ol a plaque awarded to the group with the highest grade average. The students are immediately informed ol the opportunities in dormitory living at the beginning of the year. At the Union Open I-louse thc asso- ciation sponsors a booth, where students are cn- couraged to participate together in cooperative living. ROW l: Mary jane Cotter, lane Morrissey, Sharon Thomas, Iudith Pederson, Janet Moore. ROW 2: Douglas Zahn, Ronald Wendt. Mary Ann johnson, Larry Crain. QQW md 6gJ!5fZdf Alpha Kappa Psi The Union was host to the Alpha Kappa Psi convention. Alpha Kappa Psi. national professional business fraternity, is directly concerned with the promo- tion of business as a profession. and thus it is in- volved with all of the major areas of business: accounting. labor and management, economies, marketing, ofiice management and general business. The regular meetings of the fraternity during the i963-64 school year were enhanced by the professional meetings at which guest lecturers from various business-related fields provided the mem- bers with information and practical experiences. Officers of Alpha Kappa Psi during the past year included Dennis Oldorf, president. lvan Hassel- busen. vice-president: james Huber. secretaryg and Bruce Beren. treasurer. Advisor was Prof. Max Wortrnan. ROW l: W. Corey, I. Huber. R. Winn. D. Oldorf, l. Hasselbuseli, B. Beren, B. Baack. L. Biagioni. ROW 2: E. Wfhitmire I. Ruby. W. McCormick. l.. Dittmer. H. Alter, R. Pankey, R. Miller. ROVV fl: R. Peal, T. Stroope. S. Cook. A. Wheeler. R Bruning. D. Gosse. ROVV 4: D. Finlcen, K. Creech. R. Mc-l.ane, E. Ivory, VV. Schwarz. M. Needles. P. Buchanan. A. Ulcamura ROW 5: I. Russell, D. Pfeiler. S. Arneson. L. Raasch, R. Blunek, R. lngwersen, D. Levsen. l ROW l: D. Steele, I. Burke, C. Ressler, A. Rommel, I. Kuehl, S. Keller, D. Ridenour. ROW 2: H. Ostendorf, M. Pankey, D. Cosse, M. Thede, R. Wernick, D. Golik. ROW 3: S, Wilkinson, L. Gasho, D. Beck, E. Zuber, P. Senatra. ROW 4: S. Seime, R. Draper, A. Seagren, I. Robshaw, G. Grovert, D. Davis. Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi, honorary accounting fraternity, pledges on Held trips to accounting firms. Ac- requires for membership an accumulated grade counting and its many occupational possibilities point of 2.5 and a 3.0 average in accounting. were the top choices of guest speakers featured at During the year the active members joined the dinner meetings. President was Melvin Pankey. O I Delta Sigma P1 Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity organ- Officers included Patrick Reynolds, president, ized to foster the study of business, Works to pro- Dave Wilkinson and William Holtz, vice-presi- mote closer relations between the commercial dentsg James Bottomley, secretary, and Dallas World and students of commerce. Epsilon chapter Hogan, treasurer. was organized at SUI in l92O. ROW l: M. Drain, R. Wernick, I. Bottomley, D. Hogan, W. Holtz, D. Wilkinson, P. Reynolds, C. Farrar, L. Pearce. ROW 2: L. Howe, D. Simmons, I. Burke, L. Gasho, G. Wright, W. Burnett, R. McKnight, I. Lester. ROW 3: D. Boland, I. Spangler, I. Matson, W, Stoneburg, I, Dory, L. Pleggenkuhle, G. Klein, P. Murphy. ROW 4: R, Langlas, C. Ionas, P. Pisher, D. Reeves, C. Stock, M. Thede, D. Colik. ROW 5: K. Miller, I. Furgason, D. Dvorsky, P. Senatra, D. DeKock, R. Spain, I. Beck. Collegiate Chamber of Commerce s Tickets are sold early iior the annual Careers Conference. SUl's chapter ol the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce is part ol a similar national organiza- tion. Membership is open to students in the Col- lege ol' Business Administration. One of the best known projects ol the SUI group is the annually sponsored Careers Conlerenee held during February. This assembly of businessmen lrom major eompanies throughout the United States is presented lor any interested student re- gardless ol' his elassilieation. The Careers Confer- enee helps underelassnien beeome acquainted with the many possibilities open to them within the husiness world. and provides upperelassmen with speeihe knowledge eoneerning their vocational interest. Walt Corey presided over Chamber meetings during the year. The other oflieers were Steve Coob. viee-president: Carol Naehaxel, seeretaryg and Terry Walters, treasurer. ROW li Stephen Cook, Terry Walters, Walter Corey, Carol Nat-hazel, Charles Stoek. ROW 2: David Wilkinson, Robert Winn, larry Uittmer, Arnold Wheeler, James Burke, Charles Jonas. wa xr it KH' if it www fi.-vi "gif, X j i. Y rw, iv 4-em. Na- ftffv RCVUW l: Barbara Brinton, Ioyce DeVilall, Marjorie Friedl. Diane Hatch, Kay Hofmann, Marilyn Iahn. ROW 2: Stephanie Johnson, Iudy Kuehl, Carolyn Kuhr, lean Langesen, Linda Niebaum, Cheryl Povvell. RCVJW 3: Betty Ray, Barb Roden, Kathy Smith. Gloria Stange, Terry Vx'alters, Doris WEllC1'l1OLLS6, lane Westxi'icl4. Phi Gamma u Phi Gamma Nu, professional sorority open to Women With business administration majors and an accumulative grade point ol' 2.0. promotes achievement in. business and furthers a high standard of commercial ethics. Meetings featuring guest speakers were part ol the group's activities. Miss Helen Eames from the SUI Placement Bureau and Professor Harlow. fac- ulty adviser to AIESEC both spoke to the group. Social functions included a Christmas party. I Motheris Day tea, spring picnic, and an exchange ,gg fi V K. i meeting and dinner with the Phi Gamma Nu H2235 chapter from Drake University. Officers of Phi Gamma Nu Were: Doris WatC1'- house, presidentg Carol Nachazel, vice-president: 1 XX Delores Chenovvith, secrctaryg Barb Brinton. treas- X F urerg Marilyn Iahn. scribe. Members of the executive council get together early to plan agenda for the next meeting. ROW l: C. Wheeler. M. Weinzweig, T. McCahill, D. Simmons, I. Beck, A. Okamura, I. Lehman. ROW 2: S. Kent, D. Marshall. I. Beretta. M. Stoddard. C. Whitnable, D, Finken, D. White, R. Pankey. ROW 3: B. Weber, I. Welk, R. Young, D, Cover, D. Ask. D. Wilkinson. 1. Cribbs. ROW 4: D, Koberg, D. Chapman, D. Swan, D. Ioyce, I. Cole, D. Virtue, I. Powell. Student Marketing Club Student Marketing Association. student branch ers and tours of noted business firms, SMA busily of the American Marketing Association, encour- promoted the image of a rejuvenated organization. ages SUlowans and helps them gain experience in OH1icers of the SUI chapter of SMA were Dave the marketing field. While featuring guest speak- Simmons. lohn Beck and Tonia McCahill. P' Lambda Theta Pi Lambda Theta. honorary and professional tion. To be eligible lor Pi Lambda Theta member- association for women in education. was organized ship. Women must have a 3.0 in general courses at SUI in l9l9. Membership is open to under- and in courses offered by the College of Education, graduate. graduate, and faculty women in educa- and a minimum ol six hours in education courses. ROVV l: Dixie Hilderbrand. Ioan Gunning. lean Ekiss. ROVV 2: Beatrice lfurner. Cammy Repass. Louise Beltramo, Linda Kubicek. Stephanie lohnson, Ioan Tillotson. ROW 3: Anna Mougin. Linda Rebec, Marianne Brunst. Lola Challant. Carolyn Rabe. Ann Green. Ieanne Kron. Rosalind Engel. Phyllis Ludwig. Sondra Iaekson. fin . 5 . g A ROW l: K. Cottrell, A. Mosher, P. Beckford, C. Mong, K. Gray, C. Bokorney, S. Evans, M. Patterson, I. Peelen, K. Champlin M. Bywater. ROW 2: B. Dvorak, I. Grund, K. Wilson, I, Boyle, B. Fangman, B. Dearn, P. O,Toole, M. Goebel. I. Frei, P Meier, M. Mabie, R. McKenna, S. Harms, M. Mitchell, S. Sehmickle. ROW 3: A. Wescoat, K. Kushner, Iane Morrissey, P Smith, M. Christ, I. Bright, M. Rielce, D. Morrison, K. Hildreth, S. Garner, G. Cerken, I. Lloyd, P, Behm, H. Hann, B. Peves- torf, B. Aldrich. ROW 4: D, Donaldson, P, Ellsworth, S. Mitchell, Iean Morrissey, A. Lucke, P. Baxter, M. Iohnson, I. Ioines H. Schlatter, D. Banwart, I.. Lupton, L. Hohenshell, B. Mt-Cohan, ROW 5: I.. Bowen, K. Miller, W. Shemian, L. Peterson D. Cheeks, D. Herren, W. Mays, I. Scott, P. Parrott, I. DeI.att, I. Patterson, I. Rittgers, V. Arnold. Student NEA Student NEA-ISEA, the SUI student branch of the National Education Association and the Iowa State Education Association, annually sponsors a Prospective Teacher's Day every fall on the SUI campus. The conference helps to acquaint high school seniors with the teacher education program offered hy SUI's College of Education. Other NEA activities during the past year in- cluded panel discussions, state and national con- ventions and mock job interviews. The group also utilized the NEA journal and Iowa Midland Schools in chapter meetings. Student NEA-ISEA officers for the year were Carol Bokorney, presidentg Kari Gray, vice-presi- dent, Sue Evans, secretary, and Marie Patterson, I treasurer. Dr. Iack Bagford was faculty advisor to the l42 prospective teachers. A l Susan Evans, Karen Cray, Carol Bokorney, Marie Patter-son Delta Sigma Delta The Delta Sigs have a small lalv of their ovxn. Delta Sigma Delta, professional dental frater- nity, strives to keep high the standards of dentistry hy instilling a spirit ol fraternal cooperation in the minds ol dental students. These aims are in part obtained hy studying and working together and participating in dental clinics throughout the year. Spending all day in class and late hours in the lab prompted the Delta Sigs to have several social functions this year. including a Homecoming dance. Christmas dinner-dance. post New Years party and senior banquet. The service project lor the year consisted ol showing vveekly movies to invalids at the Veterans Hospital. Delta Sig officers were Donald Loomis. presi- dentg lay Svvartxvvalter. vice-presidentg VVayne Hammer. seeretaryg and Dale lansen. treasurer. ROW l: D. Bodell. C. Holman. I. Svvartzxvelter. D. Vtfilson. W. Hammer, I. Purdie. M. Olson. ll. Hershey, K, Bruce, E. Smith. ROW 2: T. Hoot. D. Carsh, I. Satterlee, I. Duro, D. Struln, P. Appel, W, Chadima, T. Cound, l.. Dedie, C. Storhy. ROW 3: I. Lofgren, I. Rosenberger. K. Walesh. I. Harrsell. R. Falla. C. Iungmann. M. Erickson, I, Wrills. K, Burrows. M. Ratlilaf, B. Clemons. ROVV 4: R. VVay, H, johnson, l.. lVlcCray, G, lfingert, T. Asareh, Cooper, D. Weis. P. l.axsen, M. McLaughlin, R. Stoner. an iwmvifu-WMA' ww M -I K-M 5.571 i i .fig - .ig 1 5 ' W ...ln Q, Helm 5 . vp Did mmerme say ice tongs were the latest thing in dental equipment? U.. A W 5.2.5 gif. K. ,.g,5,f V 1233? V. . , Q51 . is-AJ my ROVV l: ll. OIL-sen, R. Niglningale. S. Sovhreu. D. lumen. ll lxlfblflli. VV. Cups-land. Cl. VVilliams. D, Uutz. D. Bea-li. I. Mc'- Clloskey. ROVV 2: F. Time. Cl. Ritsfm, ID. Blevins. YV. Sticlwvll. B. Czlmplwll. P. Bfillly. D. Svhmdy. U. Bierie. ll, "I'ved1e. F. ,Iac-kson. ROVV '51 C. Slorlwy. I. Clumlerxon, A. Haxick, l, :Xm'c-ll, P, Baldxxin. D. llmw, K, Vv'iller. G. Black, VV. Sample. Nl. Krc-clams. ROVV -lg 1. Beuylp, T. Shurples. T. Kullbmm. U, lqlblllilllilll, D. DOVWU, Nl. jepsen. Nl. llillmzm, T. xy2lSliOXX', WV, Owen, I. Wells, P. Abrahamsfm. R. Slfmer. 239 2 ,V ap, .X 'f Psi Omega R 2 Sa , ffm' ,H p 9. The Psi Os always try to have the latest issue ol the Den Association Ionrnal on hand. Established in l906 as the original dental fra- ternity on the SUI eampus, Psi Omega offers membership to all freshmen in dentistry. One of the foremost aims of Psi Omega is to instill a professional attitude among its members and to maintain this attitude among the dental alumni. The Psi Os, working together with the College of Dentistry, provide professional table clinics during chapter meetings at which guest lecturers and alumni preside. At the present time the Psi Os are contemplating the purchase of a new fraternity house due to the rapid growth in membership, Howard Dedmon presided over Psi Omega meetings during the past year. Other oflieers were lim Thateher, vice- presidentg Ron King. seeretaryg and Phil Kofron. treasurer. ROW l: R. Hynes, G. Quast, M. Keteharn, S. Muinmev, P. Kofron, H. Dedmon, I. Thatcher, F. Borden, I. Barlow, R. Landau. ROW 2: I. Kilfoil. D. Rose. T. Sruin, R. Iohnson, P. Grimm. D. King, P, MeClertahan, B, Mauer, L. Dunseombe, C. Rowley, E. Parmkuk. ROW 3: R. King, R, Christensen. D. Camp, N. Workman, R. Golly, E, Wolford, R. Galiher, R. Barney, W. Buehholtz, L. Book, I, Kennedy. ROW 4: B. Trimble D. Idema, D. Brubaker, W. Benson, R. jenkins, I. Straumanis, H. Tjarks, B. Stumbaugh, I. Sperry, O. Book, D. Beeehel. 'ws M-551' 9 fm. W, .,, 1 - '21-. :M -Kp ,,,, , , W 1 QW' f f 5 ,iss - .wqfg ' 45255 .V 'L Q? It -2 Q15-455' ,V Q iffffli 4 gif 2 W . 2 8 . aw, Q' Q Q '13 W 40 Q11 c Eli' W -X III' """"""-M Xxxinx lm-ef ga. 'X f MM ww Qu sind wwf, ., ,A M W -. E N Wm H ,M M Q E 1 . ge Y Associated Students of Engineering The AS of E students put their talents to work on Homecoming monument. the Spring and fall of each year at SUI provide op- portunity lor the Associated Students of Engineer- ing to display their talents. The Executive Council, composed of six engi- neering students. functions to plan and supervise construction of the traditional Homecoming mon' ument. This yearis monument. 'iTop of the Cropf! a giant ear of Iowa corn. was complete with a revolving Herky. Names ol the Big Ten schools were on the sides in flashing lights, simulating a rocket count-down. Once again MECCA Wetik, complete with NIECCA Queen. blarney stone and beards, was another success for the SUI engineers. AS of E officers were Michael Boyd. presidentg Leo Yanda, vice presidentg Bob Rudman, secretaryg and Gordon Kingsley, treasurer. Faculty advisor is Prof, Royce Beckett. ROVV l: D. Foclerlaerg. R- VVill7anks. R. Richardson, M, Boy cl. D, Tubbs, I. Ashton, I. Thoreson, VV, Lang. ROVV 2: A. Farber, G. Shelangoslci, VV. Zager, M. Wfolle. R, Frederick, Cl, Christiansen, I. Croshecla, Schwoh, II, Ioonsar. ROW fi: G. Cialic, E. Huluka, R. Kress. D. Daniels, B. Bailey, M, Sterk, I, Scltatier, L, Yancla. ROXV 4: I. Stricklin, I. Ries, L. Swanson, XV. Carsonxl3,NN1rwt1'e, lf. Barth, Ci. lfriencl. B. Gearhart. I, Frtz, ROXV 5: U, Kingsley, D. Lorenc, VV, Boardman, D. Bennett, 1. Hunter, Ci, lfisther. R. VVell4, Xl. Plautle. l.. Sheets. ROW l: R. Richardson, E. Hubka. G. Christiansen, C. Kingsley. ROW 2: A. Farber, M. Wolfe, C. Shelangoski, W. Zager. ROW 3: T. Kittlefman, I. Ertz, R. Wilbanks, V. Francis, D, Daniels. ROW 4: D. Clow, D. Powell, I. Schafer, M, Plaude. AICE The American Institute of Chemical Engineer- ing acquaints its members with the opportunities in the chemical engineering Field. Bi-monthly meetings inform members by featuring speakers or films. The SUI group hosted the annual meeting of student chapters of AICE this spring. Officers were Engene Hubka, president, Bob Richardson, secretary-treasurer, George Christian- sen, secretary-treasurer. Chi Epsilon Chi Epsilon, an honorary civil engineering fra- ternity, considers only those men in the top third of each class for membership. The group strives to recognize the fundamental characteristics of the successful civil engineer and then aid in the devel- opment of those characteristics. The fall ofhcers were: Frederick Moore, presi- dent, Dan Tubbs, vice-president, Dennis Foder- berg, secretary-treasurer. ROVV l: Iames Ashton, Dan Tubbs, Frederick Moore, Dennis Foderberg. ROW 2: James Croshcck, Russell Kross, Robert Frederick, Bruce Bailey. ROW l: I. Fuhrman, I. Bodey, D. Elliott, S. Clark, L. Kinney. ROW 2: D. Schaefer, S. Patel, R. Canfield, D. Hyde, I. Iansen E. Hronik. ROW 3: I. Slaughter, R. Breuer, W. Iohnston, K. Kiefer, R. Fretwell, T. Patrick. Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding men are elected to Eta Kappa Nu from students in the last two years ol baccalaure- ate courses in electrical engineering. Group pro- jects include striving to enhance the professional status of the EE department and a formal banquet each semester. Fall ofiicers Were: Dennis Elliott, president Scott Clark, vice-presidentg Steve Cuerdet, secre- tary, Al Fish, treasurer. Pi Tau Sigma Pi Tau Sigma encourages mechanical engineer- ing students to attain high scholarship and add to their professional status. The active members chose new pledges each semester from seniors in the top 35 per cent of their class and from juniors in the top 25 per cent. Officers this year were: jim Ries, president Cary Fischer, vice-president, Leon Yanda, secre- tary, james Hunter, treasurer. ROW l: William Boardman, I.eon Yanda, Iames Ries, Donald lorenc, Darel Bennet. ROW 2: Cary Fischer, Larry Swanson Heikki Ioonsar, Marlyn Sterk, William Carson, Iames Hunter. ROW l: T. Lee, B. Ketchum, R. Borglurn, R. Upham, C. Francis, R. Benson. ROW 2: M. Wolfe, L. Kraeht, E. Gerard, R. Wubbena, G. Christiansen, B. Schmidt, I. Packwood, W. Deegan. Iowa Iowa Transit, an engineering magazine with a circulation of 1800, is published monthly during the school year by students in the College of En- gineering. lt is governed by a board of control composed of four student olhcers and four faculty advisers. Its objectives are: to give engineering students experience in journalismg to give them, at the same time, the chance to have their scholarly articles and papers publishedg to inform Iowa high-school students of engineering-especially engineering at SUIQ and to inform students in the College of En- gineering of news in the engineering fields and in the College. Student oflicers this year were: Ron Upham, editorg Rich Borglum, general managerg George Christiansen, business managerg Ron Benson, comptroller. Transit wg., Another edition of the Transit is in the making. 245 l ROW l: T. MeClimon. Thoreson. Ashton. R. Riehardson, H. Ioonsar, L. Yanda. I. Crosheek, M. Boyd. ROW 2: A. Farber, Ertz. W. Zager. S. Bailey. G. Shelangoski, E. Gerard, I. Rattenborg. Khatibi. G. Hery, ROW 3: F. Barth. L. Sheets, B. Gearhart, Sterk. R. Rudman, D. Tubbs. F. Moore, S, Schroeder. ROW 4: R. Greenlee. R. Wilbanks, W. Koellner. D, Topinka. W. Schmidt. I. Sehwob. Strein. ROW 5: C. Christiansen. I. MeSwiggin. P, Cillespie. Hunter. R. Borgluni. C. Fischer. S. Tiernan. Bodey. B. Bailey. D. Mitehell. Theta Tau Theta Tau is a national professional engineer- ing lraternity. lVlembership is limited to 50 stu- dents in the College of Engineering or Working lor a combined degree in liberal arts and engineering. Theta Tau develops the professionalism ol the Tau Scholarship. the primary pre-requisite for mem- bership in Tau Beta Ri. is encouraged by the members who annually award the Outstanding Freshman Award at the lVleeea Smoker. The mem- bers also perlorm a service by conducting the lae- undergraduate engineer by inspection trips to in- dustrial plants and speakers at the monthly dinner meetings. Heikki Ioonsar was president lor the fall terni, Beta Pi ulty evaluation in the College of Engineering. Fall officers were: Bill Carson. presidentg jim Crosheek. viee-presidentg lim Ries. seeretaryg Larry Kinney. treasurer. ROW l: R. Richardson. D. Tubbs. I. Ries. W. Carson. I. Crosheek. D, Elliott, B. Bailey. ROVV 2: J. Hunter. I. Fuhrrnan. I.. Kinney, S. Clark. Hronik. R, Ruiseh. I. Ashton. ROW 3: R. Oanlield, Bodey. H. Ioonsar. ROW l: D. Hoy, R. Telcippe, D. Valentine, G. Shepard, P, Cltristianson, I. Boddicker. ROW 2: P. McComiiclt, D. Lappin, H. Fotsch, E. Beane, C. Davis, D. Clemem. ROW 3: R. Bonnett, P. Burk, E. Brunk, I. Slavens, I. Hintermeister, P. Fitzsim- mons. ROW 4: R. Ames, W. Buell, I, Hentzcl, I. Cleveland, N. Craven. ROW 5: R. Larsen, T. Hart, R. Niichel, V. Sprengelmeyer. Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Phi develops a well-rounded law student. To improve scholarship, advanced mem- bers tutor freshmen. Social highlights are dinner- dances and the Founders, Day Picnic. Speaker- luncheons feature current law topics, and the men participate in intra-murals. Fall officers were: Dennis Valentine, president, Stuart Huff, vice-president, lim Casey, sccretaryg Paul Christensen, treasurer. Iowa Student Bar Association The Iowa Student Bar Association is the student and the summer picnic. governing body of the Law School. Nine members, including the officers, comprise the executive coun- cil. The ISBA sponsors Law School activities in- cluding: Advocate Cnewspaperj, Barristers' Ball, Officers this year were: Al Olsen, president, Bill Woodward, vice-president, Marilyn Giltner, secre- taryg Ned Miller, treasurer. ROW l: Lehan Ryan, William Woodward, Ned Miller, Richard Vogel, ROW 2: Eugene Brunlc, John Lowther, Dale Furnish. The long awaited study break! Phi Delta Phi ' When law classes are over and studying is done, the members of Phi Delta Phi, the largest law fra- ternity at SUI, get together lor relaxation and the change of pace that is necessary before starting to study again with renewed enthusiasm and con- eentration. Although studies are very important to all of the Phids, they realize that a certain amount of revelry has its place, too. Besides frequent and informal bull-sessions, the organizationis group social activ- ities each year regularly include two smokers, sev- eral dinner-stags, and two formal dances. The members also participate in various intramural sports throughout the year. Ofhecrs this fall included: Nolden Gentry, pres' idcntg Iames P. Hayes, secrctaryg John Savvin, treasurerg Iohn Wicks, social chairman. ROW l: W. Olinger, R. Dumbaugh, L. Gutz, C. Larson, I. Linge, R. Shearer, B. Green, B. Tracy, H. Lawton, I. Meusy, L. C annon. ROW 2: R. Konehar, R, Norris, I. Cronkhite, M. Knopf, H. Dickey, W. Dew, I. Sell, E. M. Carr, E. Check, C. Camp- bell. ROW 3: I. Kallmer, E. Hood, T. Miltner, S. Page, M. Woelfler, L. Lillard, R. Ross, L. Seuferer, S. Hoth, M. Kanter. ROW 4 W. Grifhn, I. Ausberger, I, Sprague, I. Bush, W. Pratt, K, Kennedy, I. Kelley, I. Tomasek, T. Rice, E. Lewis, I. Blommers. . 4 It takes two Phids just to hold this huge law volume. ROW l: W. Olinger, I. Coonley, L, Ryan, I. Power, C. Gilfillan, M. Peterson, R. Doughty, R. Scott, I. Estes, A. Stopperan, T. Finley, ROW 25 W, Claerhout, M. Martin. C. Stinard. D, Brownlee, R. Carlson. C. Krekel, I, Campbell, N, Manoclzeo, S, Avery, P. White. ROW 35 D, Afleldt, I. Houar, K. Borehart, C. Coulter, F. Iacobberger. D. Furnish, E. l. Bennett, l.. Theisen, A. Goode. ROW 4: L, Dixon, R. Shors, D. Ehrhardt, A. HHVGTCHHID. R. Bauer, C. Ehrhardt. I. Shors, E. Copeland, R. Kreamer, M. Colloton. ROW 5: R. Elrnquist, l.. Boeke, B. Peters, I. Sloan, I. Ewert, C. Pelton, R. Pitner, W. Barbee. 249 ROW l: A. Vallier, G. Rinden, R. McLeran, I. Lowther. VV. P. Cochran. ROW 2: I. Parden, R. Ottesen, D, Cook, I. Van Werden, I. Baueh, W. VVooclwarcl, I. Larson. ROW 'Zz K. Seesser, IVlePeak, K. Clearwaters, R. VVilson, I. Filert. ROW 4: K. Willcockson, I. Coats, D. Willeke. L. VValters. F. Sauer. S. Carter. Phi Alpha Delta Members of Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity and ness is mixed with pleasure when faculty members their dates and wives enjoy several dinners each or members of the lowa Bar Association speak on year. usually before such events as the Barristers' current legal problems, President of the Pad fraa Ball and Foundation Frolic. At dinner stags. busi- ternity during i963-64 was Gerry Rinden. Alpha Lambda Delta Members of Alpha Lambda Delta, honorary membership requirements. scholastic sorority for freshman women, promote During the year. the girls initiated their sponsor high scholarship by sending letters to promising Miss Marguerite lknayan as an honorary member. freshman women. telling them the general aims of President this year was Kathleen Farrell. the organization and making them aware of the ROW l: S. Graham, B. Schnede. S. Montgomery. K. Farrell, B. Smith, Nl. lltnayan. ROVV 2: S. Cortimiglia. C. Potter, N. Boyd. M. McCabe. C. Cramer, P. Palmer, A. Brauer, 1. Fee. ROVV 3: R. Morrison, S. Blat-loner, P. Emerson. S, Evans, R. Dyas, D. Dever. A. llaas, S. Batman. ROVV 4: li. Trummel, I. Jacobson, P. McNeil. S. VValsh, C. Ielfries. L. Cain. C, Holley, R. Petersen. R. Sperry. ROW 5: M. Corson, L. Mast, G. Garlock, A. Fitzpatrick, S. White, I. Pease, M. Newcomer, S. Woods. ROW l: C. Repass. D. Ziflren, D. Sloan, L. Krane, S. Brogan, S. Bauer, N. Bergsten. ROW 2: C. Hyman, B. Nuttall, R Klahn, I. Stevens, C. Fischgmnd, R. Van Roekel, I. Caisley. ROW 3: M. Bywater, C. Rabe, M. Shrader, C. Ingraham, I Gunning, S. Hunter, B. Derr, C. Maxwell, A. Howard. Mortar Board The SUI chapter of Mortar Board, an organiza- tion honoring outstanding Women students, hosted the sectional meeting of Mortar Board chapter rep- resentatives on campus in December. The guest speaker was Miss Louise Barthold, a staff specialist in personnel practices for the GE Company. Her talk, "Make No Small Plans," discussed the place of the educated woman in society and business today. New this spring, the girls, service project was a booklist of recommended reading lor liberal arts undergraduates, prepared in conjunction with se- leeted liberal arts professors in almost every de- partment. Ofhcers this year Were: Linda Krane, president, Doris jean Sloan, Vice-presidentg Nancy Bergsten, treasurerg Sara Brogan, sceretaryg Sharon Bauer, historiang Debbie Ziffren, reporter. A Mortar Board meeting in session micron Delta Kappa 9 U ODK members meet with Dean Huit. Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society for men, is an organization Whose members have collectively distinguished themselves in scholarship, athletics, student government, social and religious ailfairs, publications, speech, music, and the other arts. This active honorary society is best known for sponsoring "Dad,s Day" week-end activities with the Dad's Association. lt recognizes men who have attained high efficiency in college activities and inspires others to bring together the most repre- sentative men of all phases of college life, and brings together members of the faculty and stu- dent body on a basis of mutual interest and un- derstanding. Oiiieers this year were: Mike Carr. president, Larry Prybil, vice-presidentg Charles Dick secre- tary, Iefl Pill, treasurer. ROW l: C. Dick, I.. Prybil, M. Carr, I. Ashton, S. Webb. ROW 2: L. Kinney, D. Axeen, D. Wilken, D. Samuelson, R. Gitchell, I. Bennett, B. Clemons, R. Christensen. ROW 3: I. Kinnamon, S. Page, W. Barbee, M. Graham, C. Krekel, R. Michaelsen, A. Hankins. ROW l: Iohn McKee, Steve Drish, Phil Reisetter, Ron Downey. ROW 2: Stephen Wollcen, Ralph Bohlin, Mike Kennett, Harris Russo. Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma, a freshman honorary scholastic were initiated. fraternity, traditionally distributes 'il-low to Study' Officers this year were: Ralph Bohlin, presidentg booklets during fall registration at the fieldhouse. David Mason, vice-presidentg David Bakken, sec- During the spring, at a joint banquet with the retaryg Iohn McKee, treasurer. members of Alpha Lambda Delta, new members O Phi Alpha Mu Phi Alpha Mu is an honorary fraternity which The fraternity honors the high scholarship that has no formal organization. It is open to socially its members obtain and it helps them prepare to aliiliated college men who have obtained a mini- give academic aid to their own social fraternities mum 3.6 grade point average after 60 credit hours and to improve fraternity scholarship. of college Work. ROW l: Martin Schaeferle, Stephen Wolken, Carl Fackler. ROW 2: Bob Gitchell, Stan Verhoeven, Dave Axeen. ROW 1: I. Douthitt. G. Coker, D. Casady, I. Little, G. Thompson, I. Gonnan. D. Vokolek. ROW 2: R. Sprague, O. Holyoak, R. Schild, C. Ekstrom. T. Colgate, K. Finanger. D. Leslie. ROW 3: W. Hess, T. Mullen. R. Kerr, R. Gebhard. A. Buntrock, T. Smith, E. Burhardt. ROVV 4: D. Rith. R. Berry, S. Reinking, K. Dains, D. Andreason. H. Ostrander, D. Bergert, R. Libby. Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa. a national professional fra- meeting of each month consists of a program fea- ternity for male students and teachers of health. turing speakers including University coaches,f1lms, physical education. and recreation sponsors Recre- and demonstrations. President this year was Glen ation Night of Orientation Week, Thompson, The members meet bi-monthly. and the second Sigma Alpha Eta ln Sigma Alpha Eta. the fraternity for speech In programs. which try to expand on class work. pathology and audiology majors. majors in the the members listened to panels of faculty members, Department are associate members, and anyone and saw a guest demonstration on C'Hearing Ther- else interested in the licld can be an aiiiliate mem- apy for Children." President this year was Ann ber. Guildner. ROW l: Cesas. C. Dahlquist. P. Reading. P. Coodhue. R. Conwishcr. H. Brisbin, S. Koehler. ROVV 2: D. Albert. 1. Smith, I. Taylor. V. Cladhill, l.. Hugh, B. Hugelnian. Nl. Cotter, M. Gustafson. ROW 3: C. Maxwell. K. Hedberg. R. Tarara, M. Graham, R. Johnson. A. Cuildner. C. Fisher. advisor. ROW l: Dr. Adeline Hoffman fadvisorj, Linda Kautz, Sue Garner, Carolyn Mueller, Barbara Britton. ROW 2: Evelyn Cookscy, Marilyn Schnittjer, Ieanette Armstrong. Phi Upsilon Omicron Phi Upsilon Omicron, an honorary professional organization for Women in home economics, was organized at SUI in March of 1963 to promote and further the study of home economics. Women must be in the upper 40 per cent of their class to be considered for membership. Other criteria are included for election to membership by the Alpha Psi chapter. Officers were Sue Garner, Linda Kautz, Carolyn Murlleur, and Grace Young. Faculty advisors are Dr. Adeline Hoffman and Mrs. Evelyn Cooksey. Omicron Nu Omicron Nu, honorary home economics sorority, promotes research and scholarship in home eco- nomics and related areas, such as nutrition. Although scholastically qualified juniors and seniors are eligible for membership, the members are mostly graduate students and faculty members, the co-ordinating cabinet of the Home Economics Department. President this year was Shirlee Simp- son. ROW l: A. Gormican, S. Schwictert. S. Simpson, I. Armstrong, I. Friesema, P. Hull. ROW 2: M. Ohlson, K. Kopf, M. Parsons, M. Osborn, E. Cooksey, I. Welch, E. Good, A. Marteney, M. Lawler, S. Garner. Sigma Delta Chi The members of Sigma Delta Chi, national pro- fessional journalism society for men, sponsored a dinner this spring, featuring as the speaker Mr. Ted Koup. a viee-president of CBS, in charge of Gamma The members of Gamma Alpha Chi, an organ- ization ol Women in advertising and related lields. attended a Christmas party at the home ol their sponsor, Professor Ellis Newsome. At their meetings, the girls hear from speakers News in VVashington, D.C. Mr. Koup, a graduate ol' SUI and a former Daily Iowan editor, is eur- rently the national president ol Sigma Delta Chi. loe Lippincott served as local president this year. Alpha Chi who are professors and professionals in the pub- lishing and advertising lields. They also toured a newspaper plant. this spring. President this year was Ellie Liseher. LEFT TO RICHT: Carla Schumann, Cynthia Tripp, Nadine Godwin, Ellie l.isehe1', Marilee Teegen, Beverly Beeker, linda Spendlove. ?"""H ROVV l: I.. Langerud, E. McCarter, I. Dietz. D. Rembolt, C. Vtfalker, S. Dorn, l.. Van Dyke, ROW 2: j. Iames, C. Dockstader, I. Wisliart, B. Nuttall, K. Cohen, N. Feltus, I, Sanden, l.. Gates, C. llass. Student Occupational Therapy Association Guest speakers and visits to clinics provided practical experience for the Student Occupational Therapy Association members this year. Money was raised by club personnel through the sale of craft projects to carry on the plans of the organiza- Alpha Phi The aims of Alpha Phi Omega are to provide service to the campus, community, the members themselves, the fraternity, and the nation. The group also strives to develop leadership through service. Anyone expressing a desire to serve, has tion. The club's traditional projects are the spon- soring of the Iohnson County Home Christmas party and a banquet given by the juniors in honor of the seniors. Omega satisfactory scholarship and a past or present af- filiation vvith the Boy Scouts of America is eligible to join. Serving as president this year Was Larry Bailey. ROW l: Verne Mt'Clurg. larry Bailey, Edward Koe, Iohn French. ROW 2: lvon Harris, Ierry Thatcher, Dale Bentz, Kerry Alberti, Dennis Vokolek. ROW l: D. Bahniclc. D. Berge, R. Nylund, M. Maynard, I. Wagenkneeht, l.. Kehoe. D. Piehl, F. Arnold. ROW 2: G. Hemp- hill, F. Herkes, R. Sung, O. Carter, B. Studnieka. I. McCarten, I. lung, I. Greenwald, D. Whitehurst, T. Wilkinson. ROW 3: W. Duax, R. Antrim, I. Vtfilliamson, S. Tsung-yuan, Roger Steiger. L. Davis. I, Stovvell, Ronald Steiger, 'l'. Lee. Alpha Chi Sigma The members of Alpha Chi Sigma, professional chemistry fraternity. make available tours of the Chemistry building, and also arrange for displays in the building. One ol' the few professional or- ganizations to have a house lfor its members. who are mostly graduate students, their new house will be ready for occupancy this fall. Presiding over the Weekly meetings this year was Iohn VVagen- knecht. president. Phi Lambda Upsilon Phi Lambda Upsilon is a national honorary society for chemists. chemical engineers and bio- chemists, Upsilon chapter. established in l925, annually presents two awards to undergraduates in chemistry for academic achievement. Present membership includes 22 faculty members and 44 students. Officers for the year Were: Ron Dfstcad, Iohn Mcffarten, Duayne Whitehurst and Rod Sung. Advisor was Dr. R. D. Campbell. ROVV l: ll Bahniek. R. Nylund. I. McCarten, D. VVhitehurst, R. Sung, R. Olstead. I. Wagenlcneeht. ROW 2: M. Maynard, D. Berge, O. Carter, B, Studnieka, I. Stowell, T, Wilkinson. ROW 3: Williamson, C, Fields, R. Steiger, F. Arnold, S. Hwang. ROW l: L. Hiler, L. VandeCarde, I. Tinklenberg, I. Egan, F. Hahn, I. Walker, I. Hill. ROW 2: D. Schmickley, R. Maharry, R. Fox, R. Schurtz, I. Carr, R. Osborn, R. Dimond, K. Stewart. Medical Student Council The representation of all medical students and the expression of their interests and ideas is the most important function of the Student American Medical Association, and most of the Work of this group is directed towards this ideal. Activities in- cluded handling the activities of the med school and maintaining the student lounge. President of the group was Iohn Edison. Medical Technologists At the beginning of the senior year, all medical technology students are enrolled in a 12-month period of hospital training. Clinical laboratory Work including lectures, discussions and 40 hours of actual lab work a Week is undertaken. The med techs are then graduated with B.A. degrees with majors in general science from the College of Liberal Arts. Advisor for the group is W. A. Cox. ROW l: Ellen Dow, Marcia Loyd, Linda Thompson, Reba Sakata, Helen Zieser. ROW 2: Lois Cook, Marita Wood, Carol Hickerson, lane Gearman, Glenna Fry, Barbara Cincione. Alpha Kappa Kappa Af ' The Aliliis study a little anatomy. Association with others who are assuming the new role of a med student is one of the primary benefits that a med school freshman gains from Alpha Kappa Kappa, one of SUl's four medical fraternities. AKK strives to oller each member good hous- ing. study aids and lun. Discussions, group lcarnf ing and guidance from upper elassmen are all a part ol AKK study aids for pledges, The fall ham- burger fry, post footbal game dances, Homecoming party. Christmas party and spring picnic are the nucleus of the AKK social life. Other social events are the VVives' Club party. the famous "Kadaver Kapersv and the annual Aeseulapian Frolic party. Leading the AKK's for the year were Iohn Crowell. Ross Madden. Icll Reinhard and Dick VVaterbury. l l i l ROVV l: R. 1. johnson. I. llill. R. Guthrie, D. Abrams, l, Davey. I. Crowell, I. McDonald, G. Van Roekel, R. Flielcinger, Vkfalker. ROVV 2: T. Mt-Garvey. R. Cruinley. l.. Pane. S. Vlleinherg, C. Filipi, D. Bell, D. Phelps, A. Balanoll, I. Blakely, D. Beisner, ROVV '31 D. Vlfpilw. A. Pet-haeek, R. Sehurtz. B. Reimers. R. Miller. I. Iochims. 1, Cross, D, Txveito, I., Schimmel. I. Tinklenberg. ROW -iz I. Ferstcnleld. V. Vtfilson. B. Gitehell, I, VVinner. R. T. Brown. D. Stearns, D. VVall, G. Harris, L. Vandeflarde. R, Madden. V. Ritznian, R. Thompson. 260 ROW l: I. Burke, G. Tweed, H. Lubin, B. Kennedy, D. Steffen, I. Hart, D. Roth, R. Cardelli, R. Swartling, R. Fox. G. Lee. ROW 2: I. White, I. Lindholm, R. Dimond, I. Hoepner, N. Fiet. I. Carr, G. Martinez, D. Silver, R. Rehmann, D. Ferguson. ROW 3: N. Svendsen, E. Laing, I, Wanken, R. Hiszczynslcyj, D. Till, D. McGregor, I. Lane, K. Stewart, B. Burgfechtel, F. Bockenstedt, D. Bailey. ROW 4: C. Iulius, L. Hiler, L. Lantis, D. Kay, R. Kraus, C. Moore, I. Finnegan, A. Heng, T. Allen, S. Vanourny. ROW 5: I. Sehlieher, I. Ziska, I. Nizolek, T. Hesselmann, M. Iones, D. Burke, M. Croxdale, E. Coli, D. Abel, M. Ochs, D, Hanssmann. u Sigma u Nu Sigma Nu, one of the four medical fratern- ities on the SUI campus, is directly concerned with helping the medical student, and especially the freshman, assume an attitude of good pro- fessional eonduct which will carry over into his professional life after his completion of medical school. f 'ii The Nu Sigs have the distinction of being the oldest national medical fraternity, and throughout V. the year, the founding ideals of the fraternity were observed by the men. Not only did they e.Ii study diligently toward the coveted lVl.D. degree. L ' ' ,W but they also enjoyed many social events, inelud- . ing the Christmas party and the quarterly parties. Leading the Nu Sigs were Dennis Steffen, presi- dent, Brian Kennedy, vice president, Dave Plotli, secretary, and Hal Lubin, treasurer. Everyone knows med students never study anyway 26I Phi Beta Pi The promotion of the advancement of the med- ical sciences, encouragement of scholarship in the profession and provision of fraternal fellowship- these are the components of the three-fold purpose of Phi Beta Pi, national medical fraternity. With a newly remodeled kitchen and living room, the Phi Bete house has assumed a new look, and the fraternity is continuing with plans for more remodeling in the near future. Activities of Pi chapter for the past year included the quarter- ly parties. guest speakers, post football game din- ners and last, but not least. the Phi Bete chorus. Officers of the fraternity for the l963-64 school year were: Fredrick Asmussen, president, Curtis Groote. vice president, Robert Osborn. secretary: and Patrick Donlon, treasurer. Cood lun at another Phi Bete party. ROW l: I. Henry, B. Wilt-ox, l.. Dunham, I. lsobe, R. Osborn, F. Asmussen, P. Donlon, B. Cameron, I. Beck, W. McGregor, I. Westra, R. Kilzer. ROW 2: Gardner, I. Coellner, M. Clazer, Cooper, D. Wilken, T. Hughes, Kimball, Murphy, F. Hahn, I. Shalley, B. Roseman, I. Ullman, K. Petersen, A. Kushner. ROW 3: W. Bruns, H. Simons, G. Cohen, I. Young, I. Landhuis, I. McConkie, I. Hoover, I. Richmond, I. Ceisinger, R. Cram, K. Cheek, D. Kundel, T. Gaarder. ROW 4: K. Iohn- son, A. Fraser, D. Hudgel, C. Beitdixen, T. Thurman, K. Iensen, C. Iones, D. Schrunk, I. Bardole, I. Brindley, ROW 5: W. Gorbunoff, l.. llinhorn, R. Fowler, VV. Brown, W. Shipley, D. Holt, D. Schmiekley, C. Kruse. ROW 6: K. Aldinger, E. Swenson T. Wilson, R. Miller, B. Bosveld. B. Vickerman, H. Pratt, S. Massick, F. Dick, T. Artz. 5 ROW l: R. Bergstrom, D. Tesdall, K. Fox, I. Hashrook, I. Whelan, D. Levine. ROW 2: I. Brunherg, L. Gearhart, R. Frus, R. Mahoney. R. Paeanowski, A. Chang, W. Tygett. ROW 3: I. Beamer, D. Decker, C. Lyford, R. Nervig, R. Kellogg, D. Rater. ROW 4: I. Stanley. R. Maharry, I. Madden. D. Bulloek, H. Smith, R. Crooters. Phi Rho Sigma Phi Rho Sigma, national medical fraternity, aims to promote good lellowship, to encourage a high standard of professional work and to assist in the advancement of its members. The medical fraternity not only encourages scholarship, but also has many activities. The Homecoming party, the Christmas iireside party and the uHeaven and Hell" party were high' lights of the past year. Monthly smokers were held at which time guest lectures were heard. The group also participated in the major intramural sports offered hy the University. The Phi R110 Sigma Wix'es, Club is also a very active part ol the fraternity. Oliicers for the past year were: Don Tesdall. president, Ron Kellogg, vice presidentg Iohn Has- brook. secretary. and Karl Fox, treasurer. The Phi Rhog mix 3 little fun with their studie ,,.--.. ,IQ P I Q ROW l: I.. Knopp, M. Rocker, l,. Franks, R. Holtorf, M. Anderson. S. Snodgrass, L. Ruther. ROW 2: B. Born, L. Viering, S. Marlow, M. Asbury. M. Fuller, K. Kinney. M. Halvorson. ROW 3: L. Iosten. M. Staclel, S. Ilelnstock, P. Yanda, B. Becker, C. Hostetier, K. Hutchinson, I. Hansen, D. Porter. General Nursing Students Association Organized for the purpose of lending guidance, support and fellowship to all its members, the General Nursing Students, Association helps the student nurse to identify more readily with the Practical Student Similar to the Student Nurses, Organization, the Practical Nursing Student Association was or- ganized to meet the new needs of SUISS practical nursing students. Organized last year, the group SUI College of Nursing, and to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the profession. Member- ship is open to all registered nurses in the SUI College of Nursing. President was Ruth Holtorf. Nurses Organization meets once a month and holds many social and informal events throughout the year. President of the organization was Bonnie Charnoski. ROW l: E. Packer, K. Koepniek, I. Nielsen, I. Kasemeier, R. Wolcott, P. Clausen. ROW 2: N. Beranek, L. Spangler, D. Van Maasdam, S. Bloomberg, M. Wiskus, V. Hook, K. O'Hollearn, Ioyce Brown, Joanne Brown. ROW 3: M. Miller, S. Evans, M. Mickelson, V. Wille, A. Levin, E. Holton, B. Charnoski. ROW 4: M. Brenneman, S. Zimmerman, K. Peeples, F. Szemkus. ROW 5: 1. Dukek, I. Ditch. C. Wears, M. Svvitz, I. Hatcher, A. Tietz, K. Capps, A. Rozenboom. ROW l: G. Smith, S. Sielken. l.. Farroh, C. L. Spicer, R. Hanson. D. M. Tr-hing. K. El1S5lClf1f1l'df- ROVV 2: P. Orr, NT. K. Rule, B. Pieper, C. Stroeher. Niclcleson, I. Cozine, P. Wignall. S. Penningroth. ROW 3: M. A. Ver Steeg, C. Iordan, I. Bohhinhouse, K. Lorimer, S. Good, R. Nelson. K. Morgan, V. VVynes. J. l.ane. Sigma Theta Tau The fostering of creative work and emphasizing the scientific research aspects of the nursing pro- fession are the dual purposes of Sigma Theta Tau, the national honorary society for Women in nurs- Student Nurses SNO, Student Nurses Organization, defines the standards and ethics for the SUI College of Nurs- ing. Organized in 1935, the executive council is composed of the nursing class oFP1cers. The nurses sponsor several events including the Winter carol- ing. All of the groupjs activities are organized and promoted to emphasize the importance of the group and the responsibility it has to the nursing profession. Organization ing party and the spring cider party. SNO ofiicers were: Karen Iones, president, Kathy McGee, vice-presidentg Martha Burton, sec- retary. Mrs. Lorna Berens was the advisor. ROW l: Gretchen Schultz, Martha Burton, Karen Iones, Kathy McGee, Marilyn Lindholm. ROW 2: Mary Io Schaetzel, Ginnie Meier, Pam Nesler, Lindsay Arthur, Eileen Hohf, Debra Rohling. V' Hi22 i.Yn...'lZ2 " WM ' ww American Pharmaceutical Association Plant research is carried out in the new pharmacy greenhouse. The members of the student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association are all stu- dents enrolled in pharmacy at SUI. The profes- sional activities oi the group during the year in- cluded the junior-senior tour oi the major pharma- ceutical houses and the speakers invited to speak at the regular meetings. Socially, the APA held the annual Pharmacy Prize Prom in the spring and the annual spring picnic. Highlighting the l963-64 school year was the dedication of the new College of Pharmacy building in which the American Pharmaceutical Association was a major participant. Oflicers included: Carl Rouse, prcsidcntg Roh- ert, Chaxlon, vice-presidcntg Ian Clifton. secretary: and jack Vallandingham. IFCHSLIVQY. Bob Claxton, lack Vallandingham, Ianice Clifion, Carl Rouse. 266 XT 'M V 1 J . ifm 'iw Q . 9 Q Www, an ,K ',., uf.- if Q Exif A b N S . K Q 1' pr 1 L0 F ROVJ l: Alice f.. Tam, laniee Clifton. ROW' 2: Cail Barker, Kay Cumpston, Cherie Sweeting. Mrs, Donald Witialc. Kappa Epsilon Kappa Epsilon. national honorary for women in pharmacy. serves as the official hostess of thc SUI College of Pharmacy. Gamma chapter requires for membership a 2.0 GPA and, in addition to scholarship. works to foster a professional attitude among its members. Ianiee Clifton, Alice Tam and Mrs. Don Witeah were the leaders of this pro- fessional group during the past year. Alpha Kappa Gamma This year. the members of Alpha Kappa Gam- ma. national dental hygiene fraternity, sponsored a Christmas party for the children of the Blind School Research Project. They made Valentine cards for students at the Hospital School for Crippled Children, and in March, celebrated their founders' day with a banquet and intiation of members. Mary Ann Gustafson was president this year. ROVV l: C. Codby. N. Anderson. M. Gustafson. B. llemmer. I. Ifanig. j. Iohnston. P. Siddall. ROVV 2: M, Mcfeocl, M. fVfeConlcie, L. Morrison. D. Long. N. Moffatt. D. Miller. S. Burggraaf, E. Allen. NT, l.euZ. f.. Thomas. ROVV 3: I. Miller. K. Kopesha, I. Kiipsaar. B. l'l21I'ICi1L1. I. Beard. N. Iackolat. I. Vander-ar. C. Owen. ROW' 4: M. Toelle, K. VVilliams, S. Hyde, l.. Thelen, D. Barghann. K. Arne. L. flowe, j. VVyatt. B, Karl. ROVV 5: Downey, G. Schenk, I. Wiegel, M, Rudman, I. Iohnson, S. Curtis. Nancy McQueen, I,ouise Bader, Greg Olson, Martha Lipton, Margaret I.arsen, Arden Stokstad, Susan Fvans, Alice Davis, lean Rutherford, Karen Ring, Eugene Olson, Phil Connell. adviser. American Field Service AFS is an extension of the high school Ameri- can Field Service. The purpose of the organiza- tion is to promote AFS and its ideals on the col- lege level. Members include returnees who have gone abroad under AFS supervision and other in- A. AIIE, the American Institute of Industrial En- gineers, is a national group offering membership to all students enrolled in SUIls industrial engin- eering program. Dinners featuring guest speakers and a trip to Cedar Rapids sponsored by local businessmen I. I. terested students. This year the club sponsored a Foreign Student Weekend. Approximately 40 foreign AFS students living with Iowa families visited SUI. E. were among the ycar's events. AIIE also helps to organize and promote SUI's annual IVIECCA Week. President of AIIF, during IQ64 Was Iim Thore- son. ROW' l: Stanley Schroeder, Brian Stone. Iames Thoreson, Darel Bennet, William lang. ROW 2: Ronald Upham, Larry Hinwf' Rfrtnlfl Benson. William Schmidt, William VanHaecke, Dale Mitchell. 5 fs is :milk -'A ., My L.L, 2 WEE: iii? ef 7' 'i E I A 1. .axilkf ' via ns: .4 51 1? ,AK P fa g iii - warg ,Qi W, , ,fwifi , lik fifk . JH -ew 5 M I ki 5-'x u-my H 1 1 5 M 1 g ,W ,,,. A 3, mg, -gzggvm 2 1 MS W"f-fa A Ji ' .iw 1 ,www 'ge Wla wfggggg .5591 M .ziggy K f if-sw W i5fEfL5"f?ifl' 'V - J' ?7?r?5M ,sf -Xi 'Q M img j, WW. A H wav' f 3 11. fgji l 'L fi' , AL? 3 QM ff , -2' as 31 2 Ei , -3, 'F ' ' , s 3 23 fj ,sr 'V L' mag iw T ' , s,gp6',. it :W 4 L61 Sv ' if 4 -sg 5 .fy W ix- F A My ,Y .,: mx B L Q2 'S V W mai! KYB? CE . if 5 4, ..L, f as ,5-E.q.1:w- 57: :mr 'S L 11 an :SEM 9 . v- f,..,.+a s...-,.f -Q k, .4-v""' This student: takes time out to think-or perhaps just to rest-so much to do, to think about. WZZW Inter-Religious Council Y I, I The Inter-Religious Council is an organization I I of elected representatives from each of the student religious associations on the SUI campus. It seeks to bring about a greater understanding of differ- ing religious viewpoints by opening communica- tions between thc various religious groups. The In council also arranges and sponsors lectures, films, nik panel discussions, and symposiums on current re- 1 ligious and secular topics. The main purpose ol the group is to further the personal contact of SUI students with contrasting tame church positions. Through this contact, discus- KVI! - v llili sion, and social inter-action, the council hopes to achieve a better educated public, and to promote brotherhood among the students, campus organi- zations, and religious groups of SUI. The Baptist Student Center is one of the many places for students to meet and make friends in a religious setting. Newman Club members take an interest in the functions of the Inter-Religious Council. ROW l: B. Brinton. P. Klocksiem. S. Iaclcson, M. Neal. I. Scholtz. ROW 2: L. Pampel, M. Recd, R. Rogers, B. Prichctt, E. Davenport, B. Deam. M. Doolittle. ROVV 3: R. Burke, M. Peterson. A. Tcner, D. Bartlett. V. Custer. ROVV -l: Nl. Light, S. Koss, I. Aschenbrenncr, S. Trost, L. Cain, M. Hurst, C. Vxfalters. Kappa Phi Kappa Phi membership is open to all Women pant in the church ol today and tomorrow". Keep- of Methodist preference. The goal ol Kappa Phi ing this in mind. the girls in Kappa Phi carry on is "Every Methodist Woman in the university a variety of service projects in accordance with World a growing Christian and an active partici- the church and the community. I C Q 0 C Christian Science College Organization The Christian Science College Organization mony meeting and a free lecture each year. Any- holds many meetings which provide the oppor- one who might be interested is cordially invited to tunity lor students to apply their religious train- attend any of the events sponsored hy this or- ing in order to meet the demands of human ganixation. needs. The Organization holds a Weekly testi- ROW l: Nan Skoglund, Barbara Long, Nancy Fiala, Metta Moore. ROW 2: Edward Chouinard, Charles Huntley, Robert I lu l bary. ROW l: M. Plaurle, R. Beckloii, C. Whitney, C. Hansen, B. Primus. ROW 2: L. Hibma, I. Nelson, L. Klosterman, S. Mont- gomery. Anderson, M. Hulstein. ROVV 3: L. Anderson, C. Chadim, P. Palmer, E. Cherry. ROW 4: S. Allen, C. Ganibs, R. Briar, VV. Bushaw, M. Spring, I. Belz. Inter -Varsity Christian Fellowship The lnter-Varsity Christian Fellowship wit- student with the claims and opportunities of the nesses to Iesus Christ as the source and meaning Christian faith. To this end, the group sponsors oi life. National and intcrcdenominational in Bible discussions. prayer groups, lectures, debates, scope, it strives to confront the individual college social activities, and weekend conferences. O I Liahona Fellowship Liahona Fellowship, affiliated with the Rcor- tian. The group achieved this by acting as host ganized Church of Iesus Christ oi Latter Day to many notable and well-informed guests repre- Saints. strives to relate the academic aspects of senting various phases of study. The president of student life to the role of the student as a Chris- the group Was Steve Wilkinson. ROVV l: M. Hunt, K. johnson, I. Resch, D. Bruns, NI. Wilkinson, M. Carlson. S. Wilkinson, R. Rcsch, C. Nichols. ROW 2: C. Schwaegler, G. Hice, M. Hammer, I. XIVHIHCY, P. McCurry, L. VVessels, S. Davis, C. Davis, I. Hoover, W. Brown. ROW 3: Green, S. Gleaxcr, S. Klopping, B. Shalley, K. lensen, T. Caarder, lf. Warner. ROW 4: R. Outhouse, D. Tucker, Utholli, D. Foraker, C. Fields, R. Stempcl, F. Hahn, I. Shalley. ROW 1: R. Hudek, M. Babe, M. Clinite, P. Seelau, K. Miller, E. Brimeyer, P. Tumelty, C. Connelly, T. O'Brien. ROW '2: D. Neuman, R. Tarara, K. O'Hollearn, F. Szernkus, I. Koudelka, S. Sanford, R. Walljasper, P. Okubo, I. Kilpatrick, ,lane Morris- sey, lean Morrissey, A. Peacock. ROW 3: H. Crosheck, M. Fellhauer, R. Spading, C. C-reiner, B. Thompson, A. Rick, M. Hughes, F. Rubel. T. Loop, I. Toohill, T. Wilson. ROW 4: R. DeCoster, M. Pratt, R. Langlas, I. Benda, I. Hill, C. Magner, S. Hatfield, C. Weinberg, S. Ericzon, B Bruns, I. Croshcek. ROW 5: D. Pfeiler, D. Zahn, E. Klosterman, W. Boardman, D. Spain, R. Rodamaker, M. Teal, I. Tegeler, I. Henry, I. Gardner. Newman Club The Newman Club is active in religious, educa- tional, and social activities. It enables Roman Catholic students to become acquainted and dis- cuss religious problems together. On Sundays, the students sponsor a coffee hour in the morning and a supper with discussions and lectures. The Catholic Student Center is open every day from S a.m. to 10 p.m. lor student use. The SUI chapter is active in the National New- man Club and sends represcnatives to retreats and conventions on the state and national level. Many social and charitable activities completed the pro- gram for the year. Students took crippled child- ren to mass and went Christmas earoling, Social functions included a hayridc. H scavenger hum, and an honor banquet featuring graduating sen- tors. wg sl' Members enjoyed Sunday night suppers and discussion meetings. The mziuy religious groups on campus enable the siudcurs to further the religious convictirms of thvir clioicv. C532 Iohn Quinn practices on the new organ purchased this year lor the Department ol Music. Many hours of individual rehearsin g. Department of Music The Department of Music, headed by Himie Voxman, is a division of the Department of Fine Arts in the College of Liberal Arts. Areas in which the Department offers study are rnusicol- ogy, music education, composition, performance and theory. The music buildings are continuously buzzing with students practicing ,lor lessons, rehearsing for certain ensembles and for particular concerts sponsored by the school of music. The Depart- ment olfers live degrees including: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor ol Music, Master of Arts, Master ot Fine Arts, and Doctor ol Philosophy. The Hawkeye Concert Band pro- vided lively entertainment at home basketball games, helping to boost the spirit of both the fans and the players. Symphony Band The close of football season means just the be- ginning of hours of practice for the Symphony Band and the Hawkeye Concert Band. These groups, under the direction of Frederick C. Ebbs for the tenth year now, practice three times a Week and give forty to Hfty performances a year. This year the Symphony Band presented con- certs in Ianuary and in May and also played for both commencement ceremonies. It held its an- nual hand clinic for high schools in january. A highlight, of course, was the traditional Com- mencement Concert in front of Old Capitol. The activities of the Symphony Band are not just limited to this campus. The group Was in- vited to play at the Iowa Band Association in Des Moines and also made a four-day trip to perform at South Dakota State University and Morehead State College in Minnesota. Here they played at a clinic attended by approximately 7,000 people. A lively performance at our basketball games was one contribution of the Hawkeye Concert Band this year. They also presented a concert in March. This is the group from which the members of the R.O.T.C. Band are drawn. The members of these two musical organiza- tions have devoted much hard Work and long hours to their end. The final product has been one of which they and SUI can be proud. The SUI Symphony Band in concert. f-ff V ft ,,,.. 5... t- - f f ,ad ,fwfr University Chorus DR, IDANIEL MOE, Director The University Oratorio Chorus, which con- tains approximately 200 voices. is one of the two major vocal groups at SUI. Its members are cho- sen by audition in the fall and rehearse twice weekly throughout the year. The chorus was seen by the University in its annual Christmas and Easter concerts. in which it was assisted by the University Symphony Orchestra. This year at the Christmas Concert, the chorus presented Handel's immortal "lVIessiah'i. which is done every four or five years in order to give each stu- dent the opportunity to sing or hear it. This year, a special pre-concert briefing for students was planned by the Fine Arts Commit- tee of Union Board. Dr. Daniel Moe, chorus di- rector. discussed the history of the "NIcssiahii, Handel's life, and the mechanics of the piece. The briefing, held in the Union, prepared stu- dents for the lovely concert. Tickets for the "lVIessiah', were gone long be- lore the concert, indicating the student interest in thc performance. Dr. Moe. who was previously Director of Cho- ral Music at the University of Denver, came to SUI in I96l and has since led the University Chorus. ,-fx niversity Choir tions. In addition to many local appearances, the choir took a tour of the state in the spring and was also invited to sing at the annual Iowa Music Educators Association Conference in Des Moines. tg - A m Symphony Orchestra Tuning up for the performance. The SUI Symphony Orchestra, under the di- rection of lames Dixon, presented some of the fin- est concerts of the year. Mr. Dixon, holder of the Gustav Mahler medal for conducting, lead 90 musicians in many exciting compositions. William Doppmann shared his talent With them playing the '6Fourth Piano Concerto" by Beetho- ven. In February the audience was thrilled by the performance of John Simms accompanied by the orchestra with Brahmis "D Minor Con- certon. The Symphony Orchestra had the honor of pre- senting the premier of Charles Wuorninen's "Coneertoneii written in l96O. Another honor the orchestra had was to work with Peter Minnin, President of Iulliard School of Music, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the time he spent here as guest composer. Another outstanding concert featured Divorakis K'Cello Concerto" with Ioel Krosnieh playing. In May the campus saw the return of Charles Tre- gor to play Beethovenis 'iViolin Concertov. Besides all this the orchestra still found time to go on tour, They shared their talent with the people of Carthage, Illinois and Fort Madison, Iowa. S In 5,,,1,,,+ ww' W 3. EW? " ag-,Q D 4 5 ml, ,QW ,,,,..-- I .. .,..,.....n...n..,..i.. ,, . .,.- ...1..-A.-. .,-,.:, ,...A..A1.-:AL 4 SUI's Marching Band is famous for its intricate and well-executed formations. Hawkeye Marching Band The Hawkeye Marching Band, directed by Frederick C. Ebbs, started a spectacular season with a tribute to SUI's retiring president, Virgil Hancher, entitled "Portrait of a Presidentf, The all-male, 140-piece band continued throughout the season to provide the pageantry of Big Ten football. "A George Gershwin Albumf, presented at the Indiana game, included such old favorites as "Swanee," "Rhapsody in Bluef' and "Summer- timef, At the Wisconsin game, the band executed a new "Trio" formation, in which members did their drills in threcs. The yearis performances were climaxed by the special appearance of Meredith Willson at the Dad's Day game. Mr. Willson, an Iowan and composer of the musical "I-Iere,s Love", directed the Hawkeye Band in the Iowa Fight Song. The band featured several songs from "I-Iere's Lovev in their performance. ,,, ii in The band members salute each Iowa touchdown with a song from their reserved section in the sta- dium. Many long hours of rehearsal are necessary for the group to prepare a lengthy repertoire of songs for future performances. Old Gold Singers Kenyard Smith directs 30 voices in an ensemble known as the Old Gold Singers. This group of non-music majors who enjoy singing is sponsored by the Alumni Association and the Department of Music. The singers, primary function is in developing public relations for the University by singing for alumni groups in the area, University group meet- ings, and civic organizations. Throughout the year they are busy traveling to perform for the alumni groups and colleges to which they are in- vitedg on the average they perform twice a Week. Along with this busy schedule, the Old Gold Singers perform with the percussion ensemble in their annual concert in the spring. In the past the group has also made several guest appearances on radio and television. The Old Gold Singers in formal dress for a concert at Macbride Hall. The new modern main gallery is open to the public. Individual talents are encouraged. Art Department The Art Department is headed by Frank Sei- berling and staffed by faculty members who not only teach but are professional artists themselves. The Art Department is outstanding in the field of Graphic Art. Most of the classes in painting and drawing take place in thc studios, Where the student gains practical experience. His Work may be displayed in the halls or clasrooms While the main gallery holds exhibits of general interest. This year the exhibitions included one of the restoration paintings and a faculty exhibition of sculpture, painting, and photography. This studem works diligentb' O11 9 mppm' etching The pl tx els iccene list minute lnstiuttlons lrom the director before the curtain goes up. Drama Department SUl's Dramatic Arts Department, headed by H. Clay Harshhargcr. trains students to direct plays. design sets. and understand the technical aspects of theatrical production. as well as to act. Both the University Theatre and the Studfo productions give drama students the chance to put these theories into practice. The University Theatre, under the direction of Arnold Gillette, this year staged "Rashomon,'. "HamletH, HA Thurber Carnivaln, and HOedipus Rex", among others. The Studio Theatre in the Qld Armory again presented imaginative productions and sev- eral original plays by SUI students. ww-,,. 5 -4 ,wa- wm A ww ,W -,gfg?5hf Half a Pound of Tea The month of December brought from our Studio Theatre some light, polished entertain- ment in the form of Half Cl Pound of Tea. by ferry L. Crawford. The plot is centered around a mid- dle-class, midwestern family and involves the con- Hict between Chester Iones, who wants to return to the simple family life of his past. and his more progressive family which is against the idea. Orig- inality, clever dialogue, and a rapid pace of ac- tion are the outstanding characteristics of this comedy. Under the direction of Dr. lean Seharfenherg, the play was done quite professionally by a cast which showed a clear understanding of the play. Members of this excellent cast included: lackson Lee Ragsdale as Chester Ionesg Mary Lee Tread- well as the daughterg Bruce Avery French as the song Phil Fisher as the mirror image of Chesterg and Katherine Peil as the lady upstairs, In spite of the physical problems to he dealt with in Old Armory, the staging Was effectively handled. All in all. it was a smooth and superior production. 91326 is 49 -wx ww, ns Q W, J-'H' . I' 1 EQ-K, N 'NK 23,1 .. ,www ,MK . xl Wff .Q?Lh?L.w, ' 1 ' 1 'S , f 7-Q ,531 gf f wk ,ig Wil! '4 MM A . " M- ,NH Yr 'fm' , , ' 452,35 xx .ga 6 rw, P. 3 Hg 7 Ng 5 yr, wumwmw., X.,..,.Q ' 2 4 ,W ' M 5, ,miififg fm 33,35-fi.--,fX,,,5.54-, . wl- ,455 4? V Workshop class in session under the direction of the professor, Paul Engle. W rlters W orkshop prospective Workshop member must submit a manuscript lor appraisal. The criticism of con- temporaries and the free exchange of ideas makes the Workshop an ideal place for the Writer to give form to his talent. The Writers' Workshop has attracted many modern novelists during its evolution, and has achieved recognition as a cen- ter for current American literary development. 5 l Graduate students listen eagerly to Engleis lectures provoking the ere- ative in thinking and Writing. I 1, .UQ . 1 .. -Q f ,,. -,A 1555 ' if V -11 , M145 WM ilitary Ball Barbara Derr is crowned Honorary Cadet Colonel at the annual Military Ball. The first of two joint activities initiated and enacted by the SUI Corps of Cadets is the highly festive Military Ball. This event is the highlight of the social year for all Army and Air Force Cadets. This year,s Military Ball was held on March 13, in the Iowa Memorial Union. The cadets in their dashing, highly polished uniforms, together with their udragsu in formal attire created a most im- pressive atmosphere for this event. The main event of the "Ball,' was the crowning of one of the Universityls beauties as the Honorary Cadet Colonel. Each year, the women's housing units are asked to nominate one girl for Honorary Cadet Colonel. These nominees are screened to ten semi-finalists by a faculty committee. The ten girls are then narrowed to live finalists by the advanced Corps Cadets. Out ol these live, the Honorary Cadet Colonel is chosen. The responsibility for the "Ball', rests with the Deputy Corps Commander, who this year was Cadet Colonel Orwin Carter of the Army. Guests are welcomed by the receiving line early in the evening. Governor Hughes is escorted from the airport to take part in the day's activities. Governor's Day Weeks ol practice drills, inspections and re- hearsals culminate With the annual Governor's Day ceremony. This joint activity of the corps of cadets displays the achievements ol the Army and Air Force Cadets, the Highlanders and the SUI Marching Band. For eighty-two years the Gov- nor and various State and University oihcials have reviewed the corps of cadets in this mass parade. Governoris Day has been held annually since lSSl, with one exception, the Governofs Day ol 1918. That year it was not held because thc parade field, then behind the present University Library, was flooded by high water, and Water was standing in the basement ol' the armory and in the gun lockers. Governofs Day has been and continues to be an important and colorful event with its tradi- tional review of the cadet corps. presentation of awards and parade of the cadets. 'Top Brass' review the troops Cadet Corps Commander and Staff ' S5551 4. , I we i f at n , CADLT Cotuts Coxtnagvnra. Cot.oN1iL Dixvm ST11 L of the Air Forte 433 H...-4i.,W The Reserve Officers Training Corps program at SUI consists of a Brigade of Army Cadets and a Witig of Air Force Cadets. The Army Brigade is governed by the Cadet Brigade Commander and Staff, while the Air Force VVing is governed by the Cadet Wing Commander and Staff. The Brigade and Wing are headed by the Cadet Corps Commander and Staff. All activities. policies and standards that are enacted jointly by the Army and Air Force Cadets are supervised by the Cadet Corps Commander and Staff. This includes the annual Military Ball and Governors Day. Each year the positions ol Corps Commander and the other three staff positions are alternated between the Army and the Air Force. This year. the Cadet Corps Commander was Col. David Still ol the Air Force. He was as- sisted in his duties by the Deputy Corps Com- mander. Col. Orwin Carter of the Artnyg the Corps Executive Ofiieer. Lt. Col. Dennis Bolland of the Army: and the Corps Adjutant. Lt. Col. lay Shalf. of the Air Force. Iay Shall. David Still, Onvin Carter, Daryl Rolland. 296 ROW l: Scott McLeod, William Holtz, R. D. Fretwell, Merwn Thede Iames Ross Iohn Bornholdt ROW 2 Iaelt Holmes lack Iordan, Steven Studt, David Sivcrly, David Topinlaa. Brigade Staff and Leadersh1p Lab Instructors The Brigade Commander and Staff are in charge of and responsible for all standards, activi- ties and policies that are to be enacted and initiat- ed by the Brigade of Army Cadets during the year. The Brigade Commander this year was Army Flight Instructlon The Army Flight Instruction program is open instruction Upon completion of this program to all senior Army cadets. The seven cadets cur- which is offered to the cadets at no expense to rently enrolled in the program must complete ba- them they vsill receive their prlvate pilot s license sic ground instruction and in-flight dual and solo and will fly when on actixe duty ROW l: William Holtz, Loyd Stroup, David Siv s Ts.. , A A V 3' A .ie A C , 72... it I f ,U ' 15f'ffQj2',:g ' fm ,fi t A W r S . . 3 TI , as Q A .. ,- Q . Q ,Q f ,, is if Ref- t W1 " 2 I ' ... gf' X I Q , 4-5+ Q , ,ms psi f 'WW was '54 .Hi , ,san-am., r,..... 353' .frkv-QWCP. fbi. I. Anderson D. Aves H. Bondi I. Bornholdt B. Bowen O. Carter C. Coffelt T. Dittmer D. Filbrandt P. French R. Fretwell I. Clebbie K. Herst I. Holmes W. Holtz L. Iaekson I. Iordan W. King B. Klinzman S, Mcl.eod I. Martin C. Maurer l.. Moore M. Reilly D. Rolland I. A. Ross I. B. Boss D. Sivcrly D. Snyder W. Snyder l.. Stroup S. Studt M. Thede R. Thomas D. Topinka D. Voss D. Waechter W. Wells T. Ribaudo C. Scherrer Army Senior Cadets Senior Brigade Stall' members plan weekly drills. These are the cadets Who, upon graduation. will receive commissions as Second Lieutenants in the various branches of the U. S. Army. To become an Army Senior Cadet, one must have been enrolled in the Army ROTC program for four years, been accepted to the Advanced Corps, and have demonstrated leadership potential and proficiency in mental and physical examinations. An important phase of training is the six weeks of summer camp spent at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, be- tween their junior and senior year. As senior cadets, these students have assumed various positions of command in the Army Bri- gade and have been responsible for all the opera- tions initiated and enacted by the cadet Brigade. The instructor for the Army Senior Cadets is Colonel Holm. ROW l: S. Iohnson, I. Ross, D. Siverly, M. Thede. K. Herst, I. Ross. W. Snyder, I. Ferguson. ROW 2: W. Palmer, I. Cheeks, C. Clarke, D. Hampton, M. Schoeppner, E. Kohes, I.. Moore. ROVV 3: D. Filbrandt, D. Topinka, R. Thomas, L. Kehe, I. Eire-enlee, S. McLeod, I. McCarthy, L. Stroup. ROW 4: I. Anderson, W. Vincent, W. Yarolem, O. Carter, D. Aves, H. Bondi, . Holmes. Association of the U.S. Army and Pontoniers Hawkeye Company was lirst established at The Pontoniers are the SUI student part of the SUI in l96l as a chapter ol the Association of the National Society of American Military Engineers. United States Army. The presiding oHicer of the Presiding ofiicer of the group this year was Cadet Company was Cadet Major Thede. Major Topinka. Distinguished Military Students A Distinguished Military Student is a cadet in ship in military and campus affairs. This year, the top third of his summer camp unit and mili- l2 cadets were chosen hy the professors of mili- tary class and in the top half of his graduating tary science and the dean of their individual col- class. He has demonstrated initiative and leader- lege to be Distinguished Military Students. ROW l: l.. M. Iackson, R. D. Fretwell, Orwin Carter, lack Holmes, Iohn Bornholdt, Daryl Rolland. ROW 2: Mervyn Thede, lack Iordan. William Holta, Scott Macleod. Pershing Rifles lmiif' S' Pershing Rifles is a National Honorary Mili- tary Society named alter General Iohn F. Persh- ing. Company R. part ol the Second. Regiment of the National Soeiety. is the largest drill company in the Army ROTC. Pershing Rilles provide the Color guard for all home football games. the Homeeoming parade and Goyernor's Day. During the lall, a eraek drill team praetiees Various rou- tines lor invitational drill meets in the spring. The Commander this year is Cadet Major Larry Iaekson. Company B's sponsor and Honorary Pershing Rifles Captain is Miss Marilyn Cook. Miss Cook has taken an aetiye part in Pershing Rilles fune- tions. ln the spring. she will compete in the Regi- mental drill meet for Regimental sponsor and Honorary Pershing Ril'les Colonel. Drill practice is held in the lieldliouse. lg S, , eil. . ROW l: Bornholdt. S. Ctumbiner, Iordan, L. Iaekson, M. Cook, C. Collelt. R. lfretwell. S. Studt, O. Carter. S. Iohnson. ROW 2: D. Rolland, VV. Holtz, W. llieronymus, C. Shimoda. I. Cook, I. Lawrence, D. Hamilton. M. Kennett. R. Coon, R. Deegan, D. Cook, K. Hixson, D. Rakken. I. Betterley. E. Thompson, R. C. Miller. ROW 3: K. Cundaeker, G. Lorenz. IN. Trommer, W. Story, K. Steelmar, D. Brown, K. Snayely, A. Kilberger, R, Cooper. Coghlan, S. Simmers, VV, Bowen, I. Price. ROVV 4: D. Burgess, D. Gunderson. G. Campbell, I.. Dorr. D. Ayres. G. Raaeli, I. Cook, H. Iohnson, I. Seheuerman, D. Mask R. Kubik. M. Petersen. R. Hoff, D. Voss, I. Opdegrall. ROXV 5: R. Boe. R. Bartels, l. Hartzog, I. Anderson, D. Steinmetz. l.. Becker, M. Dooley, I. Hackett, R. Nielsen, T. H. Smith. ROVV 6: T. Putnam, C. Fruehling. T. Skillieorn, L. Miller, F. Hart, I. Selialer, R. Rruning, I. Calvert. R. VVaters, B. Kienaplel, D. Iones. ROW l: Iames Ferguson, Dow Voss, L. William Kehe, Gary Coffcit, Cletus Luberts. ROW 2: Keith Snavely, William Hierstein, Larry Becker, Bruce Kienapfel. Army Rifle Team The Army Rifle Team is open to all Army ROTC Cadets regardless of class or rank. The team, headed by senior Dow Voss, is composed of two teams of four members each. This year's se- ries of matches included various Iowa Inter-Col- legiate shoulder-to-shoulder matches, the 14th Corps Postal matches and other postal matches. The team is coached by Captain Ferguson and Sergeant Luberts. The Military Department color guard took part in the University memorial service for the late President Iohn F. Kennedy. A L ROW l: D. Vajgrt, E. Zoeekler, H. Ioonsar, Brimmer. D. Still. I. Shali, R. Stewart, D. Gosse . ROW 2: R. Iaekson, R. Dallenbaeh, M. Barlow, G. Monk. I.. Points, L. Hilliard, L. Rutt, I, Hall. ROVV 3: M. Mears. T. Genung. G. Mills. M. Cooney, R. High, P. Phelps. ROW 4: D. Mayer. C. Lewis. R. Struyk. D. Clow, W. Vincent, l.. Horn. Air Force Seniors Commissions as 2nd Lieutenants in the U.S. schools. Some will be granted educational delays Air Force await more than 30 graduates this to obtain advanced degrees. As Air Force seniors year. After graduation each will go to either Air they have been responsible for the supervision Force pilot. navigator. technical. or non-technical and operation of leadership training programs. Distinguished Air Force Students The Distinguished Cadet award is presented an' Distinguished Military Graduates and are eligible nually to those senior Air Force Cadets who have to apply for a Regular Air Force commission if excelled in leadership in military and Campus ae- they maintain an academic standing in the Lipper tivities. Distinguished Cadets may be designated 20 per Cent of their graduating class. ROW l: E. Zoeelcler. Shalf, D. Still, K. Rrinnner. H. Ioonsar. ROVV 2: R. Stewart. M. Mears. D. Gosse. G. Monk, M. Cooney. D. Vajgrt. R. Iaeobson. ROW l: I. Church, W. Thompson, C. l.inhoi'l, A. Lincoln, R. Creswick, D. Gray, I. Benda. ROW 2: N. Dillingham, A. Hostetler, T. Stroope, I. Puffer, I. Bay, L. Bailey, I. Hinton. ROW 3: I. Berg, R. Wood, D. Ott, I. Shall, D. Fetzer, M. O'Brien, VV. Hicks, Cf. Clark. Billy Mitchell Squadron All basic Air Force Cadets desiring to enter thc lected for their academic standing and leadership Arnold Air Society must go through a period of potential. Each Cadet must be sponsored by an pledge training, as a member of the Billy Mitch- advanced corps member. This unit has consist- ell Squadron. Potential Society members are se- ently Won highest Air Force Drill honors. Air Force W mg Staff Cadet Col. Kirk Brimmer, Wing Commander The mission of the Wing is to provide leader- and Cadet Lt. Colonel Heikki Ioonsar, Wing EX- ship training in a military command and staii en- ecutive Oflicer head the Air Force Wing Staff. vironment and to assist in education. motivation The Commander and staff direct and supervise all and training of basic Cadets. VVing activities. ROW l: R. Hopkins, E. Zoeckler, K. Brimmcr, D. Vajgrt, H. Ioonsar . ROW 2: I. Hall, L. Rutt, D. Cosse. D. Clow, W. Vincent, I.. Horn, D. Simpson. ROW l: Rex Ritz, Dick Calta, Larry Points, Rob VVhite, Vincent Dittrich. ROW 2: Sgt. Donald Vogt, Dennis Bennett, Edward Iacobson, Norman Briggs, Jerry lfdsen, james Carlson. Capt. Wayland Welty. Air Force Rifle Team The Air Force Rifle Team. guided by Capt. Welty and Sgt. Vogt. is open to all Cadets in Air Force ROTC. Two teams of four members each participated in shoulder-to-shoulder meets. nu- merous postal meets and the NRA Sectional Match. which was held at SUI. Setting the pace for the Air Force teams last year were veteran marksmcn Larry Points. team captain, and Bob White. Rod and Gun Club The Air Force ROTC Rod and Gun Club was first organized in l96l to promote sportsmanship in hunting and fishing among its members and to encourage an active interest in Wild life con- servation. It was the first organization of this type organized on a college campus. Membership is open to anyone in the Air Force. Ciiiccrs are chosen by election, Major Hopkins is the Faculty Advisor. ROW l: Cary Bagnall, Charles Fahn, Robert Hopkins, Allen Hostetler, Edward Arnold. ROVV 2: Vtfilliam Heitineicr, Robert Dallenback, George Tischler, Richard Carmichael, William Tromrner, Lance Ferris. ROW l: D. Still, D. Cray, I. Church, A. Lincoln, I. Shall, L. Horn, M. Kinsinger, C. Linholl. ROW 2: D. Vajgrt, B. Hicks, L. Bailey, I. Wheeler, R. Coon, T. Shaller, C. Fahn, A. Hostetler, R. Creswick. ROW 3: I. Hinton, M. Callaway, I. Benda, C. Bloomquist, T. Cenung, C. Kesselring, T. Stroope, D. Ott, I. Berg, I. Bay. ROW 4: K. Brimmer, I. Puller, M. O'Brien, P. Mayer, R. Wilhanks, R. Langlas, W. Doane, I. Cook, R, Wood, W. Thompson, C. Clark. Arnold Air ' Arnold Air Society, a national organization named in honor of General "Hap'5 Arnold, pro- vides cadets ol' outstanding leadership, scholastic ability, and military interest with an opportunity SOC1ety to develop leadership which will enhance their abilities as an oHicer. The local commander, lay Shafl, is also in charge of the Societyis pledge class, the Billy Mitchell Squadron. Flight Instruction Program Advanced AFROTC Cadets who have shown an aptitude for flying on their oflicer qualifica- tion tests and have passed the pilot physical tests are enrolled in a course of flight instruction. ln- struction consists of ground school and llying time. Completion of the course entitles the Cadet to his private pilot's license before graduation and Air Force pilot school after graduation. ROW l: Robert Hopkins, lay Shall, Kirk Brimmer, Heikki Ioonsar, Robert Stewart. ROW 2: Larry Points, Richard lligli. Paul Phelps, Michael Cooney, john Hall. ROVV I: C. Rahe. B. Wirtz. K. Moline, Ferris, Mrs. B. W. Booker. NI. Byxvater, IVI. Ruud, I.. VVinherg. Slialsky ROW 2: A. Ifitzpatriclc. C. Sanders. K. Countryman, D. Brady, l. Collins. I. Carvvood, I.. Starter, Vwliehinan. ROW 3: B. Howell. P. Still, I. Stoker. 1. Steelnian. IVI. Moore. K. Anderson. T. Apel. N. Laughlin. RCJW 4: N. Brown. N. Cross. C. Smith, NI. Steele, S. Cortimiglia. A. Peacock. RCJW 5: I. Fee. Olive. l.. johnston. I.. Markttlin. l.. Parker, Ii. lfrickson. K. Kushner. Angel Flight Angel Flight is the womens auxiliary to the Arnold Air Society at SUI. Thirty-tvvo members participate in Arnold Air Society functions and service projects with the University. The Flight acts as hostess at University and AFROTC iunef tions and sponsors fund raising projects to send their delegates to regional and national con- claves. lVlary Bywater was Commander of the Flight this year. Base Visitations Air Force ROTC Cadets make visits to Air Force bases several times a year. The trips are de- signed to acquaint the AFROTC Cadets with the many facets oi Air Force lile and familiarize them with procedures involved. The Base Visitations are a high point of the year lor Air Force ROTC Cadets. heing oi both heneiit and interest. 5' " 'wliffr Xe x I fji'5V3gg. . , iz. V it I. . . if . X X ffm! Mfg. Z.: -Z...-I 1 A , ff?'??r'ff f jd Miss SUI Q..-La... an.-.1..-.L .a...4.. ... , I ff' r Y 1 1 .V K' i Y kv,-Y-1' -we we A Attendants t" - -sm. Z' fjfxiif .. -..-.,.-, .t..-.1....L.1.....-L.L,,,H..4t.m.. 2 ss -- Y f fa 9. . Jigs' 'G+ V ,kg Y! , fl! ja my Attendants 9522 dw Zim EZWW ' - . 'A ,A M..-of -an ' if A Y F JJ IFC Queen 'W WW, 5 wggpw 1 Q i L 'Y Ju..z.uAn-.u4.,....1, N. . ..,,.L-. :gf gm, f . WAQVQ- fe 31 w H22 H226 X?V94Agff WL 1'R5f?5"5h'fih 'i 337 X 2 S 2 -K' l l,,,...--Y j,,,QQf,y 4JaQ ww. f QM W Wfffwfm - .n..,, L.4A:........LjnlnzuiM.i.A5 -- P-a 1-k.h'fl-lelrlfi'-uhfm. 'f 4-T' f JW IFPC Queen XY s X WK E 4V v , :,, , ?, seM 'ff' VQ,.1'V ' Q, N 4 lf , V - 4 ?'AA Qi ,ww 2 Sis V li-1' OQWUM C Cgafmzafa ' Attendants X, ,awww MWQMM , Am-...-.f.aIRw:,u..ln'2ll4-g,.z.,.A:.:'i..u.1h.i's.s- N ' I 4 I I t I 1.4 K f ,...v" xg.. -U 4' UMM 8224, JW Attendants -tim-ir -"K-4 t W, 'Ygm t G-541540 ZW Honorary Cadet Colonel X ll, - Y,4..i--V ,T Y Y Y ,--a-f-,,,, 1 gwyfffffff , QQOZW5 QZMWMMJ gm ,.. .. m A t N 4 3. s 1 i cres 1 Queen -11,4 l1 V 1,-if--H Atte nd cl n ts f if M' Cgdz QZa M W -1 1 , W 59 dam Westlawn Queen ff 1 jf, ..Z, ,i -Mt JWOVZ? dm JW Attendants . -v , 'Y - - .wr-t ' Y A 'A 2 I3 5,1 A i t t t -Q, ' ,, I "" ,M,",fX , I Q ,Q Q Qilfef' if wwf t 2 4 5 fm gm? C50 -. .tttt. ,. A .li in it . v 9m InterdornLQueen i4.,,r WWW! J QM 'C Q ,.1"a:9, h U - 1. ,, . ,ff Q3 X ' ei QW . Q52 5099 gf .,,. fv W 3' NAM X 1 J 1 1 4 Y 1 P V N i e .3 rf. 5. . , ? i 4 fr L...-!K,.,: ' P, Q if X , +2 ' ff gk QM WW Greek Woman of the Year ,v -3 ,f 01- 62104234 Greek Man of the Year L 3 .A age W sk at Miss Perfect Profile 4' gf. Q s 3 ' 6 4 Q. 4 gf -Wie if , 'JM , . I . , 45- 1 'M N " if M55 tv AS' J? fi in . P' is 1' my if W 7 'W' A- . , s A Q IL. 1 ax J, A - iz K QQMAk mm.-i.JQL,.QQ1,L,L-.-AJ. V .m..-3Z. . - I fa .W f ,wi me I' The tension and excitement oi' that final moment. The sparkle and the glamour. 'a ? ax 3 5 Thv hopes and dreann of many girlx R IU 'V '. - Wm 1'v.7,m ""' "W V V' i 5 I I ' f 1 iz: we A ' , R A - 2 Q" ' x . .. W .:,,-,Ui -2 L03 ..':gA K K ,I , V my ,mm-.....,x,MmMwm -WM mwmf, ,z---A-.ggw-w -e-:ff-P-fn' g'1'lalnun-mann , W., w- f.f, fi Q23 H f'-vf+5k'+'v4Q+f' "- - f . - 5 , - I s Q4 U 'X' ! :Y -4 , ww nffz lfff, 4,4 . . . , '- ,, , n - -,gtg as . A K Q QM x wr,-H -S x . .:-sf ,K ' nn, ,gag,ug.I.5:gg:E2,f33ez5m1-:g- 1 ::.:-.5-L. ,mga ,,. ,gi f :ji W a:f,:5'-.s:'i-4i- -, -g -: :- -, PM-' 1'-"f 'rf-Marg .. . i '-Fwfe?-fm' Q L'f- " WW ?""': H'-15" 1 aj ff 2" fx! U I If - 5 5 'V , mills ll It if " USU' 1 xaww. ik wilaihuulwllf li v.x...,a.w.,., .unanimous .Anus Bl fiqf 4 5, -1 ff jak, A ' A U y A,, M, , ,LWM , ,V .A,.WL,,. .M WM, A fi- ,, M., WW,mW My A 5 ., ,Mn -.,, ,, . fs ,nw Ma J' 5 ' H.- ' - WW 'A :::-'--- v .fb .-4 37 ,M X' . f 7 - ,iw ,ls K, A ' ' M L-1115:--UQ Q- , , ,,- , ,,, .-.W W... W.. , WW. , 4,4 . ,.,.-,..,,,,.,.. ..- 0... -0.--M M If --- 1 ' nhfviivil.-+1135 4.3l..4,ia dat," 24: '- .I W'.2l:lI.e1-v vi 7. ...N . A , . - A Q Q A Q - ,, Q awp., ,, Q. K. ga -K M4011-man we .1 ins? Sv- S sliwis 4, Qgwmiuk I M H., 'HQ , 6 9 fi wt Y 'sri' ,SH E. i 11 0 5 4 C1 it cd' ' ' " ' i Q s.' ii -x 'KA f 1 F, gqhsfi. if' a , ,,. iii . ff ff , ,Kff iw -4 1 . , - 1 i 1 K - -J A ' Q ,L 'Y A if 2 .- ' 'A B J 'S E if fa When spring hits the campus, the doirmiiory lawns, roofs. and sundecks are immediately clut- tered with anxious sunbathers, l w 1-9- 'ZF' General Council ROW l: Diane Anderson, Pat Christensen, Nancy DeWolf, Linda Gredig, Ruthellyn Henderson, Antoinette Johnson, Ianet Moore. ROW 2: Kaaren Munson, Mary Hellen Pope, Iean Scholtz, Lynette Siems, Miriam Tomasek, Terry Walters. Burge Hall - Clara Daley The halls of Clara Daley House were graced this year by activity-minded Coeds, most especially by its two semi-finalists in the Miss SUI Pageant and three semi-finalists in Profile Previews. A most valuable activity of Daley House was the scholarship cozy several weeks before finals, dur- ing which upperclassmen gave study hints to the freshmen. Another house-wide activity, the Daley Chorus, brought music to the halls every week with informal hootenanny sessions. Daley coeds hope to make this as much a tradition as their annual Christmas caroling and participation in U-Sing. The officers of Clara Daley House were Ianet Moore, president, Linda Beth Creed, vice-presi- dent, Diane Anderson, secretary, Lynette Siems, treasurer, Miriam Tomasek, student senate. Floor chairmen were Ruthellen Henderson, Karen Mun- son, Iean Schultz and Nancy DeWolf. Board chairmen were Mary Helen Pope, judi- ciary, Pat Christensen, public relations, Tony Iohnson, social, Terry Walters, activities, Velma Gladhill, arts, Linda Gredig, scholarship. The adviser for Clara Daley House during the IQ63-64 school year was Mrs. Ruth Cline, the head coun- selor of Burge Hall. . New Student Council ROW l: Deannc Neuman, Ioan Cause, Barbara Feldman, Brenda Carlson. ROW 2: Susan Lane, Karen Weiss, Mary Iane Hintzsche, Cheryl Buko-ff, Nancy Roemmich. Judiciary Art Board ROW l: B. Bush. C. Rowley. T. Pope. M. Stewart. K. ROW l: Marilyn Aclix. Velma Gladhill. Marilyn Peterson. Keller. ROW 2: Anderson. M. Scott. C. Sievers. R. ROVV 2: Nancy Evans. ludy Olson, Carol Hogan. lean Campbell, K. Bruelqer, B, Benson. P, Kielsineier. ROVV 3: Taylor, Phyllis Kaplan. Bobbi Crow. M, Byers, B. Baker, S. Brenlqer, C. Aden. Scholarship ROW l: Christine King, Linda Ann Credig, Mary Sue Bastow, Marilyn Laudner, ROW 2: Gail Corlett, Mary McCluskey. Senate Committee ROW l: Catherine Palmer, Miriam Tomasek. Barbara Benson, Nancy Baldridge. ROW 2: lanet Brody, Kay Beniamin, Linda Thomas. Public Relations Activities Social ROVJ l: l.eeanne Barnhart. Pai Christen- RQVNI lg Nlayy lane llintzsche. Terry ROVV l: loan liiimann. Brenda Carlson. wn. Tarn Duggleby. ROVV 2: Connie Wfalters. Karen Dirlam. ROW 2: Diana ROV' Q1 .-Xnloinette johnson. Kathleen Yoshirnura. Sharon Lenninger, lam-th Crook. joan Cook, Sandy Drake. Roepf-. Wolfe, Susan Appleton. 335 W at-"fi, f t 465 General Council RUVV l: Pat Beckliord. Easther Brisendine. Marianne Brunst. l,iz Cole. Rosa Conwisher, Mary jane Cotter, Karen Cottrell, Diane Dunn. lrene Duvall. ROW 2: Sandy lclies. Michelle Katz. Kathie McDonald. Ann Mosher, Serene Olson. Sally Page, lean llinner. Barbara Roessler. Burge Hall - Maude McBr0om Pep, enthusiasm and activity were the bywords of Maude McBro:um House this year. Much ol this enthusiasm was directed toward participation in intramural sports: the house received the WRA trophy for lirst place in intramurals during three consecutive years. MeBroom coeds hold a special place in their hearts for the patients in Childrenis Hospital. so many ol their activities were directed to interest them. The girls carved pumpkins for Halloween. gave a Christmas party for the Perkins' School and the McBroom Chorus led a 'ihootenanny" of ehildren's songs lor the patients. The executive hoard ol Maude McBroom House consisted of lane Cotter, presidentg Pat Beckford, vice-presidentg Rosa Conwisher. secretaryg Esther Brisendine. treasurerg Diane Dunn, student senate. Floor chairmen were Barbara Roessler, Kathy McDonald. Karen Cottrell and Serene Olson. Chairmen ol the boards included lean Rinner, judiciaryg Sally Page, public relationsg Irene Duvall and Ann Mosher, socialg Liz Cole and Michelle Katz. activitiesg Sandy lekes. artsg Marianne Brunst, scholarship. Burge counselor Miss Io Rossiter acted as i953-64 adviser for Maude McBroom House. Freshman Council ROW l: Candace lfranzxsa. Melissa Burch, Deanne Cunderman, Brycene Wilsruit. RCJW Q: Patricia Becklord. Karen Clauson, Io Ann Chase. Mary Shepherd. Diane Wicklund, Mariann Ahram. Maude McBroom - Second Floor ROW l: S. lclies, K. Cohidas V. Brinn. Nl. Pierce. T. Alaernathv. B. Roesslcr, H. lVlcCleary, D. Dunn, Preskitt. ROW 2: G. Cerilccn. M. Barnhart. I, Lange, D. Pavlove. L. Tague, I. Moore, I. Nott, P. Brown, K. Kempenaar, S. Ohdc, ROW 3: P Daniel, E, Brisendine, l. Duvall, l.. Knutson, Messerli, L. Warth, I. Breder, L. Gilleland, A. Brauer, M. Gower. ROW 41 KVI. Burch, M. Frame, I. Rinner. I. Weber, S. Lunin, M. Brummund, C. Franzwa, M. Trettin, L. Piazza, D. Eastman. Maude McBroom-- Third Floor ROW l: S. Brown, D. Mallory, M. Naihedrick, S. Sanford, S. Smith, P. Smith, C. Scrvoss. ROW 2: M. Meindertsma, S Cehrke, R. Ross, D. Sage, L. Faber, K. Honold, E. Ulland, S. Cordon, 1. Ruegnitz. ROW 3: K. Olson, S. Schmitt, D. Wicklund I. Chase, C. Storer, D. Lage, S. Foss, M. Wenstrand. ROW 4: P. Marten, S. Thompson, K. Clauson, M. Rogers, P. Olson K. Falherg. C. Newton, K, Stueplert. ROW 5: C. Collins, C. Lind, K. McDonald, M. Shepherd, C. Popper, E. MacMonaglc, I. Stelter, M. Burton. 337' Maude McBroom -- Fourth Floor ROXV I: Olwu. D. Piurw. lf. Felchvr. NI. Lashhrruok. P. Brunmwml. Loxmmvilz. C. I.41mhc'rti. A. Mosher. Cl. Hurloft. ROVV 2 I. Patlurslm. l.. Hnhcmlwll. I.. Nolan. P. x"I2lLXh?lC', I. Ilrwlstr-en. 1. Thye. K. Rutherford. D. PI'4lL'l0I', P. SEHIITLICTS, S. Shirley. K Cohen. ROW' '51 K. Pike. S. Smith. B. Burkharch. S. VV1'igh1. I. Willey, 1. Czxrpvmer. I. Bmndslra. S. fxlli-I'0L'I1I, Pagu. C NTAVIQNH. RUVV -l: B. I'IQ11'1'immIl. C. Cflcmcnls. Helm cy. C. Barnes. F. Bl2l!1dI'4H'd. Maude McBroom 4 Fifth Floor ROW' 1: VI. Nrwzxk. H. Hzmscu. S. Ulsmx. C. Hillicr. C. S'w1'1'1hc1'g. S. Schvidvnhchxm. Uaxissrm. M. Cmtur. ROW' 2: D. Am- Imm-. M, Pauly. NT. Shadloy. H. Arudcrxrm. R. Burke. K. Ccmy. I. Muulo. B. Vamc. S. Sf.-hmicklo. I. Creger, NI. Bruml. ROVV 'E R Allan I. Slihuc-1' E. Davenport. C. johmfm. S. Kechn. S. lfricksrm. C. Dungan, D. Kruse. I. Pop-kmh. I. Thodc. RUVV -l: K Churad. Miu-hell: 1. Bruhn. P. Calliscm. Carreu. 1. Fvum. M. lin-lintoin. K. Colhcrg. D. Cundermzm. ROXN 5: D. Kollmzum S. Kuhl. 1. Ohde. C. Kuhr. ID. Feldman. S. Kirkland. .-X. Davis. 1. Beatty. C. Oswalcl. I. Mmm. P. Thoma. E. Colo. M. Kzuz. Social ROVV l: M. Kiclt. I. Duvall. .-X, Nloslficr. Lenowitz. K. l':I1ll7L'1'3l. I. Per-lwsli. ROVV 2: S, Gordon. S. Shirley. B. Harriott, Kulil. M. Haclclrucli. C. Su-i'iilv0i'g, I, ClI'CQIl'l', Scholarship ROW l: Nlariha Wenstrzind. Marianne Brunst, Katherine Conrad. ROW 2: Donna Pierre, Ann Brauer, Iudith Maulc, Sue Kirkland. Judiciary ROW 12 Carfrl Hiller, lean Rinncr. Ma-lainie Frame. Cecilia Scrwiss. ROW 2: l,oih Knutson, M2113 Ann Pauly, lane Patterson, Susan Thompsfm. Carol Clements. Activities ROW l' Glynn Ccrlal, Sandy Gohrlae, Mir-lwllv Katz, Elizabeth Colo, Betty Hanson. ROW 2: Cheryl Fisher, Ellen Fclr-her, Christine I,an'1hcrri. Sharon Smith. Marsha Nabcdrirk. Art Board ROW l: Ann Stoplu-ns, Sandy lckcs, Pznriria Smith, Maggy Picrve, ROVV Q: Kathy Weaver, Pat Callison, Teri Ahvrnalhy, Diane Dunn. Public Relations ROW l: Karen Pike, Mary Novak, Sally Pago, Joyce Olson. ROW 2: Indy Bruhn, Sharon Sanlord, Donna Ambrose. ' L:-" "'-11.1.4-:M an .1-,,,,:1:t' :'f'-vvfg: H" V..- ,.:Eg,.,:.9'..'5f:Ze T eu ' .f .- , . EQ:tt-'::,,r2:iie':.:a:,' 1'fL'WYrf't "" 1 . rf N 1' If . fir ."' f:. 'it Fifi' .. 'Ugg ' 1 , ,Q . ,lf ' HWS ff' sm" -Q , - . '- . I at J -- . . A 5, , -ma ap, f- Q A .55 ,V V, ' .L 5 -ve QC.. -'-rf" A r A-,,. " . if , J Regt! ' ' .f t if J . . - - ,yr 57 it-E , f r , .L Wi gg.. ,. J , at 5' me ff , , p . . .J . J Swf , ,,,f, 5 . VA, V . , 4 mf ' Wi JV 7 ' N1 General Council ROW l: Parn Emerson, Mary Flynn, Nancy Gross, Jean Horves, Judy Jewell, Janice Joines, Tomma Lou Jordan, Geraldine Kisler, Wendy Knowles. ROW 2: Jane Little, Phyllis Olson, Regina Ostrander, Judith Pederson, Carol Pfaif, Carol Ross, Sue Schneider, Sharon Wildermuth. Burge Hall - Ruth ardall Wardall House kept its coeds up-to-date this year with two new publications, the house officer directory and house calendar. The detailed calen- dar of activities was issued every two weeks in the Wardall Leader, the house newspaper. lVlother,s Day was one of the most important events on the Wardall Calendar. The 'iWardall Mother of the Year" was presented at a breakfast honoring her and the other mothers. The house activities for Dadis Day and Motheris Day were planned by the ,freshman council, the council served as an orientation for their future participa- tion in dorm government. The officers of Ruth Wardall House included Judy Pederson, president, Phyllis Olson, vice- presidentg Jean Howes, secretary, Mary Flynn, treasurer, Jan Joines, student senate. Floor chair- men were Judy Jewell, Gina Ostrander, Carol Ross, Barbara Russell and Sue Schneider. The board chairmen were Carol Piaff, judiciary, Geri Kisler, public relations, Nancy Gross, social, Tomma Lou Jordan, activities, Pam Emerson, arts, Jane Little, scholarship, Wendy Knowles, intra- murals. The counselor for Wardall House was Miss Kay Clifton, the assistant head counselor of Burge Hall. Freshman Council ROW l: C. Bremer, S. McDowell, F. Wolfinger, J. Brown, B. Foulkes, M. Feuer. ROW 2: J. Dishlip, C. Pranske, L. Tureen, A. Bauman, D. Benz, P. Coon, J. Clemens, K. Godeke, C. Mertz, P. Olson. Ruth Wardell - First Floor ROW l: I. Iewell, R. Schreiher. A. Dutcher, D. Roudyhush. ROW 2: C. Hosietter. L. Fiscui, M. Brauer, K. Elliot, K. Wilson. ROW 3: M. O'Pallon, S. Spormann, I. Downey, D. Van Klompenburg. V I Ruth Wardell - Second Floor ROW l: S. Pilster, l.. Boriz, P. Walker, S. Schneider, W. Knowles, I. McConnell, K. Dr-Bolt. ROW 2: C. Neuwirih. B. Beck, S. Snyder, I, Coon, M, Dickey. N. Latimer, S. Stznnpl, I. Toohill. ROW 'ix P. Bezclela, K. Ventling, M. Odendahl, I. Dessel. M. Larson, M, Billington. M, Mr-Nicl. ROW 4: S. Gordon. Conkin, I. Dessel. A. Cornish. K, Wilson, D. Brown. Ruth Wardell -- Third Floor ROW l: I. Schnack, R. Ostrander, S. Stevens, M. Thede, I. little, C. Dorathy, P. Coon. ROW 2: C. Davenport, M. Slzidek, L. WilliaIT1S, I. Lynch, L. Butin, S. Wildermuth, C. Iackson. ROW 3: M. Verhetsel, H. McCauley, I. Calvin, I. Koudelka, L. Schmid, I. VanHaalcn, S. White. ROW 4: M. Phillips, K. Kramer, G. Cintert, R. Snyder, A. Cox, R. Rix, I. Raznick. ROW 5: B. Wolf, S. Ford, C. Bamsey, S. Brus, P. Meier, C. Elliott, K. Mauer. Kits ,lik Ruth Wardell - Fourth Floor ROVV l: H. Clwristcn. B. Russell, B, Fwulkes. V. L:1Suor. N. McQueen, B. Ray. ROW 2: P. Schcicl. M. Flynn, M. Matter, D. Trcmmcl. S. Cordcrman, E. Seitz, D. Blair. K. Willcr, ROW 3: l.. Larson, Howes, Brown, P. Olson. l. D0ckCndorll', K. Huglivs, C. Crciner, N. Gross, C. Plalf. S. Harvey. Ruth Wardell - Fifth Floor RQW l: Indy Kubik, Shirley Swims, Kitty Spies, Sandy Butin. ROVV 2: Kathy Buresh, Susan Hayes, Kendra Wilson, Marilyn Marsh, Linda Nelson, Marie Patterson. Judiciary ROVV l: C. Brunel.. R, Schrcilvcr, Iglqkggn, C, Plafl, P, VVzilker. T. Mohr. ROW 2: D. Bzinvvart, L. Bender. B. Bowcr, l.. Pumplncy. A. Cornish, Dislilip. C. Cintcrt. gl 4 Scholasfic Recognition Board ROVV I: Mary lfllvn Fits, Carol Bremer, Vliiurccn Thvde, jane Littlc, Cindy Suler. ROVV 2: Gloria Stangv, Rnszilic Sclirciiher, linda Cannon, Polly Sp-heel, Sliuron VVilclernwulh, Karon Vifiller. S fdam, f,,o. , .Q 1 Y. Floor Officers Rcginzi Usirzinder, Bz11'lvzm1 Russell. Sue Si-lmcidvr. Iuclith jexxell. Art Board Activities RUWA1: Shin-on VVildc-nninli, Pain Emerson. ROVU ROW l: Mary Jones, Tomrna Iorclan, linda Schmid. 2: Shirley Andvrson, janet Dishlip, Maryjane Phil- ROVV 2: Barlvzira 'llhfm'ipson. Lynn Shvrman, Mari lips, Bobbie lfoulkes. Iana McConnell. Billingtcm. Student Senate ROVV l: Polly Sp-noel. Mary Graco King, Ianin-e joincs, Janice Downey, Carolyn Lulccnsmeyer. ROW 2: Nancy McQueen lane Koudellca, linda Cannon, Ian Pricbe, Mara Berger, Anita Goodman. Social Board ROW l: Mary King, Nancy Gross, Ian Pricbc. ROW 2: Anne Dutchcr, Barbara Hickman, Lesley Tureen, Polly SL-heel. Public Relations Intramurals ROVV l: Sherry Cox, Geri Kisler, Mario Patterson. ROW l: Nlargiarot Mc'Niel, Wendy Klwwles, 5115311 Rfjxxf 2: Cappie Stanley? Judy Miller, Kitty Spiga, Spm-mmm, ROW 2: Susan Ford, Kathy Cook, Lynn jnh ngnn, Nanq Hrnlstrm. 4... V, V , 5 P' I A vw- ' V General Council ROW l: Karnese Cameron. Ruth Ann Dyas. Doris Finley. Elizabeth Goeldner. Nancy Io Hart, Neva Hubbartt. Marcia Hurst, joan Iacob. Iudy Iennings, ROW 2: Kristin Sue Iohnson, lane Morrissey. Martha Newcomer, Gu en Paton. Iora Rittgers, Pam Thompson. Ardis Vermazen, Martha Wallace. Burge Hall - Beth Wellman Homecoming began the school year victoriously lor Wcxllman coeds as the Hawks beat the Hoosi- iers. and the girls were able to "Take 'Em For A Ridev on their prize-winning dormitory float, built with South Quadrangle. Wellnian House kept its goals high throughout the year under the programs of its scholarship board. The board promoted faculty dinner ex- changes, this year's special guests being President and Mrs. Hancher. A tutoring system was estab- lished within the house. and extra emphasis vvas placed on scholarship in a contest between floors for highest academic achievement. WCll1UHl1lS house orhcers this year were lane Morrissey, presidentg loan lacobs, vice-presidentg Sara Snair, secretary: Martha Watllace, treasurerg Marsha Hurst, student senate representative. The floor chairmen were Neva Hubbartt, Pamela Thompson, Kristin lohnson. Doris Finley and Iora Rittgers. Board chairmen. vvere Ruth Dyas, judiciaryg Gwen Paton, public relationsg Nancy Vetter and Sherry Scinta, socialg Mary Goeldner, operations- outg ludy Jennings, les artsg Ardis Vermazen, schol- arshipg Nancy Hart, operations-in. The counselor lor Wellinan House was lVliss Lois Ireland. Freshman Council ROVJ l: M. Hoult, K, McClelland. K, Doxver. S, VVright. C. Vtferhan, ROVV 2: I, Jacob. C. Homan. I. Donn. B. Gardner, M. Bacon, K. Klouda. M. Beaupre, I. Kammiller. Social Board Judiciary ROW l: Linda Weis. Mary Ann Krull, Karnese Cameron. ROW l: Marilyn Roudalvnsh. Linda laughnan. Ruth Mary Beaupre. ROW 2: Patricia Parrott. Janet Scott. Dyas, Fran Herbrandt. ROVV 2: Penny Kloeksiem, Ianann Pam Peterson. Barbara Carclner. Cilvson, Bonnie Purvis, lean Wormley. Operations In Scholastic Recognition UPPER LEFT-ROW l: Arlene Craig, Karen Kuypers, ROW l: Dolores Lohlf, Lynn Hirtenstein, Ardis Ver- Susan Hobart, Sharon Roselwerry. ROW 2: Karen Klouda, rnazen, Marilyn McCabe. ROW 2: Cwen Paton, Beverly Andrea Gartlcy, Nancy Hart. Iudy Reseh. Saboe, Linda Pohltnan, Karen Kuypers. Public Relations LOWER LEFT: Margaret lfones. Gwen Paton, Susan Hobart, Sharon Roseberry. Les Arts Operations Out ROVV l: Verna Rindcrknecltt. Samantha Williams. ,luclith It-nning. Karen Kloutla. ROVV lr Pant Peterson. lflizalnctli ROW 2: Carol Starrett. Kit Dowvr. Cinny lane, Doris Dyorsky. Karen Cook. Coeltlllvf. Janice Donn, ROW 2: Carolyn liallberg, lutly Sorensen, Karen Floor Chairmen Cook. If-annie Artley. ROW l: Doris Pinlei. Neva llulwlzartt. lora Rittgers, ROXV 2: Pam Thompson, Kristin Iohnson. i Currier Hall get if W yt"'y'a.g-6 By the time I get these boots on, l'll probably be late to classfl' The l963-64 school year found SUl's Currier Hall alive with organizational changes, lots ol ac- tivities and just plain lun, Division of the dorm into tvvo houses was necessary for more eflicicnt dorm government. Naturally, this brought added excitement to the spring association elections. All-house activities maintained a unity of spirit among Currier coeds. Currier's family-style din- ners were highlighted throughout the year by vis- iting faculty and administrative officials. The an- nual open houses on Dad's Day, Christmas and Nlotheris Day weekends provided chances for the girls to display their newly-cleaned rooms and original dorm decorations. A most popular Cur- rier activity Was the monthly all-house cozy which usually ended in. an enthusiastic hootenanny session. General Council HUVV PI. llztater. K. Diddy, C. Poxxell, M. lohnson, 1. Bohlke, K. Zaiman. I. Hardman. ROVV 2: S. Carlson, C. Mt-Daniel, L. Vileinsteln. P. Miller. C., l.aPlante. F. Brchm. l,. Niebauin. ROW' 3: ll. Abegg, YVall:er, I. Joslin, 1. Henderson, A. llastinggs, ll. Hill, VI. Kerdus, Unit Three ROW l: E. Brimeyer, P. Teal, V. lolinson. C. Schleihs, C. Shaveland, M. Crabb, B. Becker. ROW 2: I. Ralhjen, C. Cramer, I. lones, A. Manocheo, M. Barrels. S. Neglia, D. Kirby. ROW 3: M. Asbury, I. Henderson. VI. Hulsiein, S. Clancy, A. Clark, P. Mueller. ROW -l: E. Danielson. M. Warren, A. Langlas. I. Hilsman. B. Schultz. Unit Four ROW 1: I. Schoenlelder, C. Henning, E. Frank, B. Aldrich. M. O'I.eary, L. Struck. ROW 2: I. Lockwood, A. Meyer, E. Good- hue, K. Ciunpston, C. Linch, I. Thayer, E. Brehm. ROW 3: B. Carter, C. Gruenhagen, B. Haines, I. Weining, N. Patch, I. Arendt. F. Belling. in 1 349 Units One, Two and Five RUVV 1: U. Culver. E. Sulnlctl. K. Mmurwm. .-X. l.uL-kc. B. Sludek. I. Tlemscll. NT. Dixqm. ROVV 2: VI. Berck. L, Nrwwomy. Cl Ilcixilin. 'l'. Andrei. XVCllCI'liI1QI. K. IIOIUHIZIIUI. Us-rmlvy. I.. Dunlap. C, Bolcmik. K, Zaimzm. ROVV '31 I. VVilmot. Hum XI. Clxartrmmg V. Ifvlclman. VI. Cwrey. Ii. Rey es. Nlilchcll. CI. Harrix. S. U1'vcl1s0l. S. Curlsfm. ROW' 4: KI. Hem. VI. Fellhzuner R. Spalding. NI. Nliln-ic. N. VzmderPmuI. B. Hartley. Mary Bzxllunl. Marjrwrie Ballard. ROW' 5: P. VVeidner. Vundvnliewg NT. Ilammcr. S. Inmln. C. Canmuly. I.. Dunham. Units Six and Seven RUVV l: S. Kfmehlor. D. Curr. I.. Smilh. K. Kalta'nbmn'N. VVL-rl. ROVV 2: I., Ymmg. F, Hnizdzl. K. Fklwlm. W. Divrks H1 Jn I . Myers. VI. Czirlasrm. ROVV '52 K. Bc hg, S, Radvr. M, Imygsdoll. A. VVHSC . Bmxstcac. Unit Eight ROW l: H. Ticrnan. Nl. Andre, R. Hill, C. Iohmon. K. Anderson. ROW 2: K. Ersiad, lVl. Plaude. L. Hughes, M. Hasscllvusch T, Halvmson. ROW' 3: I. Hogan, L. Cummings. J. Thomas. D. Wilkans. M. Thmrdsen, S. Hitt. Unit Nine ROW l: Ann Sowers, Sandra Hammers, Pat Hammond. Corinne Dahley, Lee Cramer. ROW 2: Nancy Bergman, Suzanne Day, Ianine lngmanson, Diane Follrner, Ruth Sheils, Lucille Pampel, Caroline Erickson. v Unit Ten RQVV IQ: 1. I.LlI1Ql'SC'N, I. lhxlford. S. Hmxscmzm. S. Page, B. Murphy. B, Hugolmnn. L.. Krohy. I.. Abmmsmw. RUVV Q: I. Poll- mvxvr. IL. Staws. P. Hippie, D. Ywsl. I. 'NVmmirk. Cl. Iluhlvy. I. Pvlorwn. T, Kvmnur. C. Moyer. ROVV '51 S. Hayuvs. S. Hum- . 5 . mcgrs. P. Hzmxwfwmd. 1. jrmlmstrm. B. Ocsl. I.. Amlermu. Iv.. Clr41buv1'. RUVV 4: YI. fJYOI'f.IllHI'd, YI. Slwvnmkcr. B. I rmmm, 1. Ort-J. C. Trrrxvl, NI. Kc-rdus. D, Huiv. Nl, lluttvm. P, Vlillvr. Nzxrgor. Unit Eleven Y ROVV l: P, Sim-ox. K. .-XiYr0. K. PSQIICTIZ, K. Nluxwlmll. M. Alslumlw. C. Nlulrluxwic-l. ROVV 2: K. l.ucz1s. C. Komwp, CI. Calwrl 9 Strcvmlcx' I Tumcr, I.. Dcnkinger. RUVV '31 II. Rcmink. P. NIL-Umuzxld, D. Maier, C. Pcwsch. A. Nurcrnl. ROW' 4: S -Clrme, D. Bwslmrl. Eilcaxer, INIPIIKJINDSOII. NI. Drew. P. Lmming, I. Bvrgc. ROVV 3: N, I.0I'grvn. l.. Niebaum, I. ML si Units Twelve ancl Thirteen ROW l: B. Geiger, C. Beardrnore. I. Bohlke, A. Griffith. I. DeWall. S. Portzline, L. Berg, E. Gound. ROW 2: S. Barton G. Davis, B. Wendt. T. Ness, S. Margosian. M. Sloan, I. Gesas. D. Hall. ROW 3: B. Blong, I. Olson, T. Drahozal, L. Poini dexter, N. Buell. M. Smith, M. Acheson. M. Greene. ROVV 4: E. Nelson, K. Hedberg, K. Tokarczyk, M. Helland, D. Dinsmore, IVI. Geyer, I. Lund, L. Grimm. Unit Fourteen ROW l: L. Mandas, B. Brown, P. Harker, M. Gaines, E. Garlock. ROW 2: Moore, I. Holzhammcr, L. Daleiden, M Anderson, L. Houck. ROW 3: K. MCGrigl'1t, Ulland, I. Hampton, S. Gavitt, D. Franklin, K. Diddy. Executive Council ROW l: Ianct Henderson. Kit Zaiman. Mary Ann johnson, Cheryl l.ziPlame, Cheryl Powell. Janie Walker. ROVV 2: Andrea Hastings. Carol Porter. Diane Abegg. lan Ioslin. Linda Niebaum. Pal Baxter. New Student Council ROW l: A. Wilson, Kruse, L, Lyon. F. Scudder, K. Lacnerlz. S. Clancy, C. Bailey, C. Schlcihs. ROW 2: P. McDonald. N. Crandineiti, I. Dewall, NI. Ballard. C. Linton, V. Bergstrom, A. Norcott, M. Helland, B. Rohsc, C. LziPlar1te. Judiciary ROW I: Linda Schulz, jamie Vxfzilker, Diane Ahegg. Louisa Young, Dianne Donaldson. ROW 2: Connie Henning, Virginia Drcehsel, Virginia Riser, Sally Crulke, Ioannzi PCICISUII. D00 Maddy. Public Relations ROW 1: P. Newell, E. Curl, K. Kepiiord, I.. Niebaum, K. Zaiman, A. Pavih. ROW 2: K. Crew, C. Davis, M. Endahl, M. Geyer, S. Page, S. Chester, S. Guttenfelder. Activities Intramurals ROVV l: Mary Kay Cook, Christie Iohnson, Joyce Dexyall. ROW l: Izxnet Henderson, Merry Rausrher, l,eAnne Berg, Imincttc Brecse, Ian Joslin, ROW 2: Mary Gaines. Betsy Rebecca Hubbell, Ioanne Peterson. ROVV 2: Carol Harris, Boardman, Mary Austin, Merrilce Endzihl. Mimi Moyer. Sheila Lenit, Darlynn Mickle, Sarah Portzlinv. Ann Nrircott. Social Scholarship ROVV l: Pat Baxter, Mary Hoyland, Emily Cound, Janice ROVV 1: Veatrice johnson, Iulianne Arendt, Carla Beard- Qargilc, jar-lynn Mittqlslaclt. ROW 2: Louisa Young, more, BOVV 2: jackie Wert. Ann Hjermstad, Carol llrancy Scudder, Gale Bailey. Bonnie Bachman. Carrnnie Potter, Schleihhs, 1 4 Westlawn Westlavxfn, serving its last year as a nurses, dor- mitory, houses the senior nursing students, prac- tical nursing students, graduate students and stu- dents in the X-ray technician program. All these girls eat their meals at the hospital and attend many of their classes in the hospital area, the sys- tem of tunnels connected to Westlawfn has proven to he a great convenience for them. Westlawn participates in many university func- tions, it had Finalists in the Miss SUI Pageant during the last two years. Since their interests are largely centered on the University Hospital, Westlawn eoeds include the patients in their Christmas plans. Caroling, an original show, and contributions to a Worthy cause bring satisfaction to the patients and to the residents of Westlawn alike. ' Q t, ' ' if fi -. 'lt is I ' F vs VJ., J 0, I mi zsfikf ' , 4 K ,, -I S ., I in ' f ii. Q X 5 w V y 1 A Q ai., f.r, 11 K'.,. N .E g I Q B i':a+z,a..' .7 , ' i .-M ll . i' R - 1.5 Q .,., 'ff' ENV fy., L s", 1 9 1 ia 4 4 '-3 'i il, X .1 ?.figgfj qsgw f . t is 1 , 3 I hiit . V' ,... in Eg . ,-gk. x.:' Q 347552 ig! Nursing students form an interesting pattern of white as they gather after class. General Council ROW l: K. Iones, S. Regan, I. Nichclson, S. Thomas, D, Grundmeier, A, Larson, M. Walsh. ROW 2: C. Tappan, I. Caisley B. Scholtes, M. Bachman, I. Bode, B. Charnoski, P. Maxhcim, 5. Sheridan, B. Piep0r. Nominations Board Marcia Gilliland, Karla Scitz, Deanna Grundmoicr, Ian Staton, Ioan Fernaid. Judiciary RCW l: Susan Tatum, Sheila Regan, Mary Bacliman, ROW 2: Ianet Harm ell. Charlotte Hooker, Indy Floy PRN Mary Griswold, Ian Bode, Marilyn Griffiths, Rosemary Robinson. Activities Roberta Hayes, Diane Forsek, Ruth Drewis. Publicity Iudy Floy, Sally Sheridan, Karen Abel, Carole Mohni Social jean Fuller, Margie Walsh, Sandi Zimmerman. Hillcrest A seminar can be quite funny at times. Much of the effort and budget of Hillcrest As- sociation was directed this year toward the im- provement oi facilities, including expansion of the stereo and television rooms and relocation and expansion of the laundry facilities. Constructive steps were also taken to develop an increasing cooperation, between the men's dorms. Hillcrest and Quad made plans to combine their efforts toward a spring social event, and both dorms investigated the possibility of incorporating Hillcrest into KWAD radio network. Hillcrest continued its cooperation with Project Aid this year by bringing top name entertainment to the campus. The dormis most anticipated event, the spring dance and crowning of the Hillcrest queen, was a grand ending to a year of real progress and activity. General Council ROW l: Price, V. Varney, I. Spangler, R. Gardner, H, Russo, D. Zahn, O. Carter, I. Platt, D. Netherton. ROW 2: B. Carruthers, G. Kuhl, M. Kennett, K. Clark, I. Park, R. Blunck, W. Renandcr, P. Dahlstrom, M. Goldsberry. ROW 3: R. Feller, P. Christiansen, R. Clausman, L. Becker, C. Ryan, R. McLane, D. Leonard, R. McKnight. 360 Baird House ROW l: L. Becker, C. Green, T. Wunderlich, C. Streit, I. Cardullo, R. Fey, R. Echternacht. ROW 2: Weigel, S. Fitzsirnmons, T. Hanson, G. Iohansen, I. Wojcilciewicz. I. Ficeli. D. Daedlow. ROW 3: Hoolc, R. VVeStplahl, D. Scott, D. Higgins. R. Prange, D. Schild, Nl. Barry, R. Daetsch. ROW 4: R. Holcomb, D. Chute, D. Balsley, M. Prochaska. Turner. Bordwell House ROW l: W. Neth, B. Harris, E. Karlson, W. Wulf, D. Batman. ROW 2: R. Magnuson, M. Reifschneider, R. Clough, T. Kurth, M. Bryant, I. Wankum. ROW 3: B. Iohnson, R. Foresrnan, C. Houdesheldt, R. Anderson, I.. Iones, R. Hays. Bush House ROW ls l. Price, D. Ely, S. Simmers, P. Dahlstrom, M. Coldsberry, W. Nevvbrough, R. Bierscheid, H. Schweitzer, R. Holtz. ROW 2: E. McKee. G. Kerslalae, D. Pfellcr, I. Rector, Nl. Iohnston, 1. Rice, P. Moore. 1. Cook, L. Newlin. ROW 3: L. Bmmrnel, R. Kane, Bringelson, D. Evans, N. Brown, B. Bright, C, Peterson, K, Cghrg, Calvin House ROVV I: W. Rvnandcr. Bonth. CI. Looper. I1 Martin. VV. Sigsbve. RUVV 2: D. Cnplin, F. Tzlngrcn, E. 'I'rrmugInon, G. Arm Strofgf I- Iirandt. ROW 3: Cl. Bz1gnaII. I. Brooks. P, Munsrrn. R. Heirnlmch. I.. Fcrris. ROW -I: K. Pvtorsrmn. K. Kent. I. I,ind R. SCIYCF. IL. Arnold. I.. Olnvy. Ensign House ROXV I: C. NQIUIO. IJ. Lcrmnzarcl. .'X. Hfwstvtler. Pzlnlscn. I. YM' SHT! I BI:1Xc'r IQUVV '5' If I7iRI1cr H Clrqx' IJ Cru I Sw-her. S. Cftmh.. Row A. xt. mp. Is. rsmtt. T. Cyn-1-wII.T. wt1,m.'x1'fSmit.' Remy 4fXx'.'1:.,I5m-IQ 'r'ffr1a1i6n. il. Iliitifi N. Yun VVU10. VV. 'I'1'm'is. K. IfsIc1r. Fenton House ROVV 1: M. Drain. D. Sc-hztlekamp. S. VVuIPF. P, Joyc-0. Dryer. R. Mt-Knight. M. Pctvrsen. P, Mwnnhnn. R. johnson. ROVV 2 G. Barr-Ia. R. Snell. I. Lundgren. W. Green. D. Richards, 'I'. Madsen. I. Stuart. I. McLane. ROVV 'Sz M. Imam-In, C. Smith. K CoIIman, I. Bowcrlnastcr, I. Flatt, W. Bateman. K. Coom. W, Popper. ROW LI: I1 Zahn. W. Irvine. R. Knox. B. Strrmther G. Brooks. S. Vchrs. Higloee House ROVV l: S. Goldsron, Nl. Cc-tsclier. D. Stcnmietz. l.. Sc-ott, IZ. Thompson. C. Kulil. D. McBlain. ROVV 2: Hampton. B. Pierrot. 1. Betterley. D. Bonnett. C. Cznnlns. G. Swain. .-X. Hankins. R. Scherulnel. T. Vvlillqin. ROVV 3: T. Vv'iesc'. It Shillington. R. Hair-Icy, I. Smith. P. Humlwrt. 'XVigl1t. ROW 4: I. Drzycimslii, C, jones. D. Vxfilltins. R. Day. I. Kilmer, E. Ilariin. E. Eettli. M. Teal. ROXV 5: T. Vvflfd. NT. Bloom. l. Lolilf. 1, Tevis. P. lfrenr-li. C. Simms. C. VNl2lIlI'1lI1g6'l'. S. Hotli. I. Helxcr. '. znnplrf. Kuever House ROVV 1: D. Eells. C. Davidson, I. Papp, C. Coll. G. Olinc, I. Cross. l. Park. ROW 2: O. Bonn. R. Raumgartcn. C. Barton, Bosonac, D. Price. D. Dessingfer, R. Gardner. R. Wollin. ROW fl: I. Fowles. W. Burnett, W. Howell. I.. Kvtclsvn. VV. Henderson, R. McLane, Ware. ROW 4: R. Stucker. R. Schumacher, M. Roddy, VV. Roberts. I. Hurley. D, Sayre, P, Parsons, Smith. ROW 5: R. Miller. G. Lewis, D. Barker. S. Rozc-li, K. Miller. C. Fields. C. Edwards, D. Hzrrmolinlc. D. Netlwerton. Mott House ROW l: C. Croll. A. Sudimack. M. Kennett, R. linkin. G. Vande Kamp. G, Reznicelc. R. Wood. B. Hollmeier. ROW 2: R. Miller. V. Varner. I. Sclwneidc-r, D. Sclnneiser. I. Vande Kamp. R. Feremce, R. Wheatley. O, lolinson, ROW 3: R. Spfivcly, H. Russo. Fink. S. Hiland, S. Digwo. D Morrissey. Christiansen. R. Bren-hwald. O'Connor House ROW l: D. Williams, K. Crichlow, D. lfliger, A. Wohlleil, R. Feller. O. Carter. ROW 2: M, Kissinger, H. Schultz, D. Ireland I. Edson, l.. Lasack. A. Niyhra. ROW 3: I. Spimglur, R, Dodge. I. lessen. D. Broun. I. McfVIOrri5, ROW -1: T. Lightfoot, D Clow, I. Buvh. D Maison. D Marlin. D Mack, Phillips House ROW l: I. l.tJI'lLlI'lg3Il, A. Bode, I. Cordes, M. Babu, R. Blum-lx, I. Bringelson. D, Exam, I., Brummel. ROVV 2: K. Yam D0- Venter, M. Bunge, K. Carlson. Buswell. D, DvCowtc-r. VI. VVag11er. li. NMKQQ. ROVV '51 C. Dziwmn, Hzmgz1rtl'1z-r. P. Seelau R. Gubharrl, R. Schrader. l. Platt. Seashore House ROW l: G. Tisuhler, S. Horne, R. Riessen, B. Carruthers, I. Hentzel. D. Breneman. ROW 2: E. Heimz, I. Saar, H. Mammen. C. Mensching, I. Schafer, R. Bruning, L. Herb. ROW 3: D. Simpson, E. Ianson, A. Rusk, B. Sheets, W. Nesbit, I. Vespa, F Hull. ROW 4: D. Kladstrup, W. Burnette, D. Daake, S. Nichols, R. Kryder, C. Disselhorst, R. McLane. ROW 5: P. Christian- son, R.Tharp, R. Green, M. Williams, S. Treiber, W. Decker. Steindler House ROW l: C, .-Xnclvrsmi. C. This. S. Roberts, l.. Vlyzitl. C. Ryan. F. Bunn. M. Quandi, M. Zahnlc. ROW 2: R, Smith, W. Cook. T. Bohhitt. VV. Melzrnd. T. Brinker. NI, Swccm-y, P. Ilicks. ROVV '31 D, Cornish. C, .-Xiiclcwswii. D, Bell. Nl. lfvisruii, O. Arsts. J. Izlnoowii. Thacher House ROW l: lf McCaw. W. Wolfl, K. Clark. R. Miller, W. King, K, MQ-sser, F. Perkins, M. Taylor, D. P2lL'liill'Cl, R. Srnrha. ROW 2: R. Shafer, R. Aldrich, R. Steward. T. Stroopc. D, Topinka, C. Ryan. S, Roherts. TVI. Lynch, S, Carl. M, Pratt, ROW 3: 1. Frederick, R. l.undgrC-n, I. Leseney. Wessels. R. Rrmdamaker. M. Kulik, I. Olsen. I. Simon. B. French. Trowbridge House ROW l: M. Hynes, NI, McBride, R. .-Xndorsoii, I. VVilsrm. R. Rf'llUl1Q2lI'il'I1. lf, Rasniussen, ROYV 2: F. Tiingivn. L. Barium. R. Clausman, G, Sniitli. T. johnson. K. Clierryholmq-5, ROW 3: T. VVe'llc'r. Q. Collkmiin, R, Mailxen. Bright. M. Ivimings, D. Lieizau. ROW -lx VI. liarlcy. 1. Ilawirey. C. Malone. A. Druivciiga. CI. Mi-Cahc. Van Der Zee House ROVV l: Nl. jungling, VV. Hicks. D. Balglccn, R. Coon. R, Bonne. ROW 2: 1. Rounds, A, VVoodi'o1'd. l. Sullivan. S. Quinn, P, Fiala. K, johnson. L. VVz1lsliirv. ROVV 3: D. Martin. T, Prihlvn, K. Baxter. G. Nlarliwoll. D, l.ol'iiis. D. Grzining. l, Siarr. ROW 4: I. Reimer, D. Mason, G. Mills, K. Koesier. I, llarnagcl, l. Uuscnbcry. H. Glin-ken. I. Pcnclvrgmlt. Orientation, Facilities and Scholarship ROVV l: lnlin F, lj1'iL'0. lDI1I'I'Cll Nc'tl'i0i'mn. Vernon Vzirncr. Umiglm Zzilin. jcslm Vvrslveg. RUVV Q: Cir-rzild liulil. Clary Ryan. I. Siruclovr. l.klI'!'y Rvckcr. lQOl1I1Cll1 Clark. Rolnurt Qi2lI'Lll'll'I'. Freshman Forum ROW l: Stvphcn Carl. Charles Fields. Inhn VVilsrin. Dnn Lfiftus. l.c0 Kraus. ROVV 2: Clary Inlianyen. Stephen Fiixsimninns, lon Bnuerinaster. Kc-nnctli Koen. Executive Council ROW 1: Vernon Varner, Iohn Price, Harris Russo, Douglas Zahn, Robert Gardner, Iohn Platt. ROW 2: Glen Anderson, Paul Chrislianson, Richard Mc-Lane, William Sigsbee, Mae Goldsberry, Darrell Netherton, I. Spangler, I. Park, D, Feller. Presidenlfs Council ROW l: Mac Goldsberry, Gary Oline, Ioseph Cardullo, Craig Golf, Ronald Scott. ROVV 2: Melvin Ellis, Leslie Blaser, William Decker, Elvin Thompson, Stephen Dryer. Judiciary ROW l: R. Riessen, R. Miller, I. Platt, C. Gambs, D. Mason. ROW 2: R. Miller, M. Getscber, R, Speedy, R, Bruning, F. Hull, P. Christianson, R. Feller Social ROW l: R McKnight, T. Lightfoot, I. F. Price, W. Sigsbee, T. Wunderlich. ROW 2: I. Rounds, R. Baumgarten, A. Wohlfeil, I. Buch, I. Ver Steeg. ROW 3: L. Scott, E. Bunn, C. Noble. Intramurals Board ROW lz Richard McLane, Gerald Green, Steve Wolff, Mike Harley, Al Hostetler. ROW 2: Michael Babe, Robert Holcomb, Mike Hynes, Don Eells, Mike Kissinger. Members of the Hillcrest Hand work hard at a scheduled rehearsal --...Msn "No kidding, you,YC got me so snowed Isve lost my ZIPDCIIIC. Quadrangle Executive Council ROVV l: VVilliarn Koellner, Larry Crain, l.arry Bailey. Vxfilliam Holtz. Eugene Olson. ROVV 2: Steven Gum- biner, Tomas Vvagner, Douglas VVoll'e, Richard Nell. Kerry Alberti, james lwirgason. A small part ol' the University as a Whole, Quad- rangle nevertheless houses a unique complex of students and student activity. Quad's traditional appearance is modified both by its modern recre- ational lacilities-a darkroom, music room, ping- pong tables, TV room and library-and by its activities-social exchanges, newspaper and movies. Quad participates in many University lunetionsg but one of the most popular originates within its own walls, the KWAD interdorm radio station. Supported by Burge, Currier, Westlawn and Quad, it serves students with music twelve hours each day. KWAD's most special feature occurs during final week. There is around the clock broadcasting of study music as well as live broad- casts by professors on the subject matter ol their courses. General Council ROW l: S. Cumbiner. K. Alberti. W. Koellner, F. Fumducker. l.. Crain, Olson. ROW 2: D. Wolfe, S. Ludeman. D. Reid. N. Rains, U. Widmer. l. Ashton. ROVV '31 D. Larson. l. Radda. Vust, ll VViese, I, Rohwedder. ROVV -l: P. O'Neill. O. Over, T. Wagner, R. Nell. Upper A, Lower E, North Tower ROW l: CI, Lee, S. Haus, T, Skillicorn, D. Coflie. A. Schulte. ROW 2: H. Sakirnoto, W, Olson, R. O'Connor, I., Crain, W. Fravcrd, T. Ebersole. ROVV 3: W, Koellner. R. Beach, C. Goedken, I. Hartzog, I. Whitehotistw, ROW 4: W. Holtz, I. Furgason, R. Skinner. D. Frager. R. Baurngartcn. ROW: I. Peifler, M. Kirby, I. Falk, I. Fawcett, D. Gartner. Lower and Upper C and D ROW l: K. Henry, D. Mori, K, Alherti, S. Gumloincr, G. Miller, B. Vollrner, I. Oshorne, I. Carton, D. Schuldt, D. Odle. ROW 2: R. Briclcson, W. Rath. M. Willett, I.. Horn, N. Briggs, D. Leistikow, P. O'Neill, V. Wells, R, Frink, G. Cummings, T. Smith. ROW 3: I. Haskett, R. VVr,modford, W. Tronirner, D. Morgan, T. Tulty, R, Smith, G, Barker, T. Rawson, P, Di Blasio, R. Cook, B, Baum, B. Brown. ROW 4: A. Dickson, D, Ogzttzt, P. Armstrong, W. Scihert, W, Strohzich, D. Nolte, E, Elledgc, B. Bartels, I. Burton, P. Sohalle. ROW 5: D. Wiese, C. Facklcr, T. Critz, S. Linn, D. Reid. C. Knoot. M, Van Zee, W. Hoyt, W. Miller, S. Ludeman, I. Thatcher, W, Mills. Lower A and B, Upper B ROVV l: A, Carver. C. VVrwll'c-, K. Slwlman. li. Gearllzxrt. T, Xrv21QfY'lQI', l.. Bailvy. N. Bvrwn. VV, lung. .'X. Sloncr. M, Hill, D H zmsvn. ROVV 2: j. Sarfl. l., Shows. 1, Camdvn. I, llill. J. Svnicwr. 'lf llinmzm. R. Nvll. G. Hoc-lam. D, Wvgnmg M. Appleby I Bmklrm. RUVV '33 li. Buck. D. Vvbllc. Nl. NIwC1.m5'. li. IVlcl5cm. H. VVirlx. Nfl. llllf warcl. Cf. Sxumsfm. T, Slwumimky, I. Hrmzlrcl ROVV 4: T. Keim. Nl. Ylalrmv. D. l:LlllON, S, Dalums. R. Slum. l.. Rullim. D, lonseu. Nl. Vx'ug1wr. ROVV 3: 5. Sp-holbx'o:l4 D I . loskins, 'lf Halstc-ml. T. Rumora. li. NlCc.2LllI'f', l.. Eclxxzlrds. I. llzmig, l.. Ilerln. S, E and W Towers ROVV l: lf. Olson. R, Berry. R, Spain. P. Nflillvr. C. Buhlen. ROVV 2: Rzldcla. VV. Vxlestplml. I. Daniel. I. 'l'0gele1'. M aulwr. D. Miller. ROVV fi: G. Isvnlvrwger. P. Rust. Oliver Uwr. F. Tnpy. R, Riedesvl. VV. Nmlcan. ROVU -lr A, Kirlalmrt scar Over, ID. DuVz1ll, D. Van Zee. C. Graves. l H O The Quadrangle Cafeteria serves its students and also caters to the public "ls sleeping space this scarce in the down?" .gg , srtr t . t - A L J. A4 ' 'L K MW .W Que 1 K... M'-My , .,,.v,...w,..,.....-1 Y A 9 South Quadrangle General Council ROW lr Paul Tyler. Robert Shadle. Ronald Wendt. Bernie llowerter. Michael Sellers. ROW 2: Everett Sortor. Norman Dunlap. lohn Norland. Russell Kock. The one hundred men of South Quadrangle enthusiastically proclaim theirs as the best dorm on the SUI campus. due to its excellent rooms, modern facilities and generally congenial atmos- phere. More unique is South Quadrangleis size and structure: it is the smallest and the only non- boarding dormitory on campus. Board contracts are available. however. if one prefers dorm food. For purposese of dormitory government. South Quadrangle is divided into five sectionsg but being a small dorm it does not function in distinct parts. The basic unity. cooperation and craftsmanship of its men has come to the fore. giving South Quadrangle first prize among dormitory' floats in the past two years. lts proud men look forward to establishing this as another SUI Homecoming tradition. RQVXZ l: I. Watson, R. Wendt. V. Wilkie. I. Halterman. Larson, ROVV 2: R. Pas, VV. Blomker. L. Enyart, lf. Pankey, M- Ulmfllll, M- SCll0f'PPH0l'- ROW 'Sz M, Sellers. Norland. D. Don. R. Shadle. N. Dunlap. RQVV -1: R, Howerter, D, Blomker, P. Tyler. F. Sortor. R. Koelc. Qf QM K , 4 Q 5 ,WIS im. E M jf, I ': .2 Q, gl "Such a big choice I have! I can either do these dishes or studyf' ff Campus Housing Off-campus housing offers a special opportunity to those students who prefer a more autonomous college life. All unmarried undergraduates under 21 years of age must live in University-approved residences. The inspection division of the University De- partment of Health approves residencesg the Office of Student Aliairs keeps a listing of approved resi- dences for undergraduates. This office also pub- lishes a newsletter for off-campus students in order to maintain friendly relations and to develop an understanding of the studentis responsibilities in living off campus. Ilia? img lt's nice to be able to raid the refrigerator when- ever you feel hungry. "Hey, fellas, three more books and we can buy an automatic stamp-moisterxerf' 4 A V, , ,-,. .W Even a typewrirer can serve as a pillow when tiredness tali6S UVOY. 1 1 1 W Q if 1 I MM Wm MWA i T1 M ,,,,.,,,w-W-A"" "" 1 ig ml- t .:iQ1:.,gfZ"f Q' Z' " if "" - A . ' A: ' '. V Z ,,,. xx xr M. W .,, These new modern Hawkeye Apartlnents are home to many married student couples. These barracks in Stadium Park are home to others. 2 Alpha Chi mega It's the last cozy of the year and th Sigma Chapter c candle has just been passed. Another girl is pinned and another song is sung. Looking back over the past yea , thc Alpha Chis r remember the fun, hard Work and rewards. O OFFICERS Durin the ast school ear the Al ha Chis have rovcn g P Y P P ' . themselves leaders in activities such as ricntation Coun- Preszdent . , . BONNIE PEFTINGILL ' Vice P ,l t L S cil, Woinenis Recreation Association, Profile Previews, - rest e . . . . , . . C H IN ISLER Union Board, Seals, Student Senate Subcommittees, Asso- Secretary . . SANDRA ENGLH ciated Women Students, U nivcrsity Sing Publicity, cheer- T,-eawrw Q w DIANE GERLERT leading and the Highlanders. ,. X - an s-.. -- ,,-1-. .- ' E s al . t , I fiat ,if-. :ag X t 2 its - sf ' QL vii -wil t KfJi.:i:!I.i 5 :L RW ' i' 7: Saw' f , sav- G:--N, 111. x . M Une ol' Alpha Chi Omcga's main house activities was the Christmas party for the Handic School. It was a full and exciting year, with Homecoming iioat, parties, and student, The Alpha Chis seem to share everything! appcd Childrt-n's queen contests, a activities. . iw W Bev Allan Mary Sue Baker Karen Blakely Kay Brain jan lirandniill Judy Brown Barb Burry Carolyn Capouuli KayCl1aniplin judyCl1ase Karen Clements Barb Cribbs Ian-ki Dc-Laal Nancy DeVi!oll' Kay Drennan Linda Elliot Suzanne Erlfae Pam l:I'QI'1l'l1 Connie Geez' Diane Cellert Onalee Clensini Lauralee Gorder Judy Haefner Hope Greeg Diane Hartman Peggy Head Diane Helkenn Barbara Hallman Susan Harder Iudy Iunkune Nyle Killinger Ann Kirkpatrick Susan Kranlz Sue Liss Mary Mel ,end -Iucly Mears Barbara Mueller Carol Naehazel Donna Ieanne Nye Denise O'Brien Bonnie Pcttengill Anne Poling Linda Relnec' Gail Rolvinelt Sisler Karen Solberg Cailiie Starkey Mindy Stewart Pam Teinplernan Kathy Turner Beth Vee-lielsel Carrie W0rJlL'4aII Sue Wright Pat Aldrich Beth Baker Sharon Bauer Shelia Bauer Sherry Birk Kay Brandt Barb Britton Sara Brogan Mary Sue Brownlee Pat Carrier Linda Chrisinger Nancy Comber Maureen Corcoran Karen Crew Susan Dalen Judy David Deedy Dickinson Kathleen Diddy Sharon Dirlcs Barn Doughty Anita Eagle Sandi Ericzon Lynne Erie Pat Fairall Andrea Goeb Gayle Hallenbeck Sue Joy Sandee Kristufek Anita Lindberg Jann Mayberry Jamie McClelland Nancy Messer linda Morgan Madelyn Mowry Linda Nelson l.inda Nolan Susan Paul Janet Pease Pam Petersen Pat Petersen Betty Peterson Donna Poppen Mary Quinn Judy Raveling Sherry Read Julie Rendlen Julie Roberson Suzanne Seifert Trudy Sevatson Judy Shafer Sue Shank Carolyn Sheats Gail Spaulding Cheryl Stearns Barb Stermer Ileen Thode Pat Thoma Judith Thompson Julie Twedt Pat VanHeel Judy Van Vlack Cennene Ver Vais Joan Wells Janet Wiegel Alpha Beta Chapter Alpha Delta P1 The A D Pis will always remember their last year in the house at 222 North Clinton: Homecoming.. . their elaborate float which won first place for beauty . . . a lockout which held surprises for both actives and pledges . . . the "Mother Gooseu pledge prom . . . presenting carefully filled stockings to their dates at the Christmas party . . . University Sing . . . Easter and spring . . . candy eggs in your shoes . . . Mother's Day Weekend. A D Pis were kept busy in such activities as Union Board, Old Gold Singers, Mortar Board, Project AID, Highlanders, Orientation, HAWKEYE and People to People. They also spent time each week in several hospitals and nursing homes in Iowa City, giving talent shows, organiz- ing games and reading to the patients. The A D Pis enjoy frolicking W OFFICERS President ...... Vice-President . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Delta Epsilon Chapter Alpha Phi LINDA STANER KAY HILDRETH CAROL BROWN PRIS WATERS Excitement surrounded the traditional Dad's Day cozy when an Alpha Phi dad was announced the "SUI Dad of the Year." This elimaxed the fall activities for the Alpha Phis. Homecoming was a time lull of Work and iung winning second place in humor for their float with the Phi Gams and campaigning for their Miss SUI semi-finalist were just a few of the many activities. Throughout the year the Alpha Phis entertained guests for dinner on Wednesday nights, Special events included the traditional Christmas party, the Winter formal, a eos- tume party with the Gamma Phis, the spring luau, and working on the philanthropic project-cardiac aid. The Phis were represented on Mortar Board, Union Board, Angel Flight, Highlanders, l'lAWKEY1i, Orientation and Profile Previews. Pledges join the active Alpha Phis for Friday night eozies. f if Barb Ah rens Nancy Anderson Kay Arnold Linda Ashby lean Beckwith Karen Berg linda Brickey Karolyn Bright Carol Brown Mary Carr Carolyn Casady l.iz Connell Ioyce Deming Suzanne Downs Susan Fvans Iudy Ferris Ianie Finn Sue Garner Beth Hammer Chris Higgins Kay Hildreth Sally Hildreth Nancy Ialcolat Kathy Ienkins Carol Iirsa Barb Iohnson Mary lane Klepinger Martha Klobuchar Jean Landis Ioan McWilliams Linda Moen Dottie Morrison Mary Lou Nebel Diane Nichols Donna lean Perkins Shirlee Proctor Linda Perrin Barb Rogers Sally Stage Linda Staner Ian Stapleton Judy Stevens Mary l.ou Stork Gail Sullivan Karen Swanson lane Taylor Ginqie VandeRoovarrt Ian Walser Priscilla Waters Ioan Weaver Nancy Weaver Andi White Marty Whitmore Pam Wiggins Ian Williams Bernie Wirtz Katherine Worrell Becky Allan Phyllis Anthens Barbara Barthel Carol Bokorney janet Bright Ian Coldwell Roberta Collier Mary Cath Cooper Cris Cottle Ianice Davisson Cathy De Muth Diane Dunlop Eileen Ehlers Suaan Elder Ioy Evans Helen Goodell Karen Cray Katie Grenawalt Kathy Hall Iulie Hanson Shari Harms Becky Harris Roberta Hayes Mary Helgeson Lynn Hey Sue Hunter lean Iacobson Connie Kiger Holly Lee Nancy Lefgren Martha Lipton Betty McGohan Rosemary McKenna Diane McMahon Carol Meek Ioan Menke Sue Miller Linda Mitchell Mary Io Mitchell Susie Mitchell Shelia Nolan Peggy Olson Georgia Oswald Iody Parker Charlotte Paull Betty Pavestorf Nan Randolph Susan Russ Anne Santee Vicki Schach Sara Scheidenhelm Karen Schmidt Nancy Sedrel Mary Severson Linda Stock Marilee Teegen Connie Tudor Iudi Uiterrnarkt Susan Wager Ann Wescioat Larra Zeliadt 388 W Sigma Chapter Alpha Xi The Alpha Xis have the greatest of memories for the l963-64 school year. The Homecoming parade alone holds the unforgettable excitement of capturing the sweepstakes honors for the second consecutive year with their entry- "Happiness is Homecomingi'--plus the Kiwanis award for the best fraternity Hoat. Christmas time meant a tree decorating party, a Christ- mas buffet and a "Cheerful Cherub Week" to liven the holiday spirit. The beginning of second semester again found Alpha Xis as old and new members of Highlanders, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS, WRA, and NEA Executive Boards, SPI board, Union Board and CPC subcommittees, Seals, People-to-People, and Pep Club. Memories of the past and promises for the ,future rounded out a perfect year for the Alpha Xis. The open kitchen at the Alpha Xi house tempts hungry Coeds with bedtime snacks lin 5 ,. Psi Beta Chapter AWA Q 9 K o 52 fi Y oo- PQ I Chi mega Take one part work. one part enthusiasm, and one part fun: VVhat do you get? A fVliss SUI. first plaee in Home- eoniing hadge sales, and a trophy-winning ffoat, With a year starting this way. the Chi Os went all out in their ' 1 ' inanv worthwhile endeavors. llavinv a faeultv fuest for OFFICERS - e 1 P dinner each week encouraged an atmosphere of serious Pres1r1'r11t . . . NANCY SHINN Study, l7liCf'fIJI'PXidl'l1l , , Nl,-,Ry MCGOUN The first annual Chi Umega Cotilfion highlighted the ASHWHIVU l A U IZLHEN I EMHHQON itat s social talendai, and spring found the Psi Beta C. ap T ter as hostess for the state-wide celebration of the national reasurer . , . KEM MoLIN1i founding. Chi O aetivities ineluded executive positions in Angel Flight, Highlanders. HAWKI-:Yii and Daily Iowan staffs, SPI Board and Orientation Couneilg meniherships in Alpha lambda Delta. Student Senate. and CPC, and a Pom Pont girl. Singing Chi Us enjoy their own brand of llootenany. Susan Artz Nancy Baldridge Francene Baker Cindy Ballou Sue Borrall Sharon Beggs Mary Beth Blaliesley Ian Brown Barh Brydon Mary Ann Burde Mary Canon Cheryl Chandler Cindy Clark Judy Collins Phyllis Crews Sharon DeLay Lin Dismer Donna Ferguson Sharon Graham Barbara Hall Cynthia Halvorson Linda Hansen Lynn Hanson Marty Hiedhrcder Mary Hiedhreder Barb Heim an Ioni Hendry Dottie Hofer lane Holsteen jean Iaclcson Carol Jameson Kay Kalma Linda Lamson Carol Lee Nancy Little Lynda Lockwood Lesley Logue Pat Machac Ioeth Mannehach Maureen Lawlor Mary McConkie Mary McGoun Iudy Miller Kem Moline Inagrace Perry Marty Pullen Iudy Rive Pat Risdal Shirley Rodriguez Linda Schnyder Nancy Shinn Rox Shinn Karen Skarshaug Donna Smith Sherie Smith Mary Spiess Ellen Templeton Mary Toelle Ginny Towle Beth Vance Diane Vining Barh Wagner Pam Ward Sally Willcin f fu EP? he 1--., A , f , L .V , 1'f V, -1 a it ali ,H it B B ff' ' ,f M 'W We " ,,,,Hv"y, ' 4 5 W, :aj-if ' t 'W ' ' V. Q at N 11 Vf.,,, 'I y V , ,,'i i?'1-tv 'N ' ' A L f is 'Lit 401- 'S raii ' S 'W if oi I ' 43 i' -t't L BM L f -1 .i B L rtry "1tf H. " it ttiiy V..,:- A L S A My L 1 1 ' ,jj V fi ' 39l Tuclci Apel Linda Barry Carol Beehe Sue Blackmer Cynthia Britton Betsy Boardman Ian Cartwrighi Cherry Chuck Sue Chudwick Ann Dingman Indy Duff Parn Emerson Sydney Fineham Teri Fink Pris Fountain Mike Gleason Pam Groteluschen Mary K Hawkinson Carol Highsrnith Connie Hipwell Dianne Iohnson Pam Johnson Becky Kodei' Mona Kuhn Barbara Langer Naney Lien Carol Lind Ann l.undvall Betsy Meyer Holly Michaels Mary Misbach Connie Morgan Mary Moser Maggi Nichols Phyllis Noeeker Sh a rie Olson jean Porter Barbara Randall Susan Randall B. I. Redfield Rochelle Richelieu Carla Schumann Ian Sill l,anell Simon Carolyn Smith Ida Stanley Sue Thielen llarh Thompson Carolyn Tufty Barbara Wessel Kay Whitebook Sue Wilson Linda Winberg Phi Chapter f ff? Delta Delta Teas after football games, a party for Pine School chil- dren, winter and spring formals, pumpkin and Christmas caroling, and a Pansy breakfast for all senior women on campus provided a full social calendar for the Tri Delts. Activities participated in by the Tri Delts included High landers, Union Board, Angel Flight Profile Previews resi- , , P dent of YWCA, president of Seals and president of Little Sisters of Minerva. The main goal of service projects, such as bridge benefits and selling candy, was to finance the awarding of a Tri Delt scholarship to a senior Woman on the SUI campus F 5 ounders Day, November 25th, marked Tri Delt's na- tional seventy-fifth anniversary. Special festivities with alumnae commemorated the eventful occasion. The Tri Delts gather on their porch for gf it lair-W Qitta fsttatl Delta OFFICERS President ..,.. CONNIE HIPWELL Vice-Preside nt .... JEAN PORTER Secretary .... PRISCILLA FOUNTAIN Treasurer . . BARBA some after dinner fun. RA SULLIVAN X Q t ia ...X 5 wwiah-2 Tau Chapter Delta Gamma OFFICERS President ...... KAREN IVINS VicevPresirIent MARY SCOTT VANDERVEER Sccrelrlrtf. . . . ANN TRIMBLE 'I'n-asurer . . KAREN COUNTRYMAN Homecoming morning lound a giant butterHy on the DG lawn beneath a banner reading, c'ButterHy Home. IU." Although the girls always had lun building house decorations, still more rewarding was the project of tape recording books for the blind, a service done in connection with the DGS national project. Remembering their main purpose for coming to the Unie versity, the Delta Gammas proudly received the Panhel' lenic scholarship trophy for the llith consecutive year. Their Italian foreign exchange student, Anna Dassio. made life at the house interesting and humorous with her comments on American customs. Included in campus leadership were the president ol Iunior Panhcllcnic Association. vice-president ol' AWS. and secretary ol Panhcllenic. Italian student, Anna Dassio, entertains the DCs with tales of old Florence. Marilyn Bacon Carole Bartholomew Becky Boston Paula Briggs Kathy Buresh Kris Carlsen Mary Fran Cilek loan Country man Karen Countryman Becky Cox Sue Curtis Anna llassirm Alice Davis Barbara Derr Ann Dinsrnoor Ionni Fllswortli Anne Fitzpatrick lean Furnish Ann Coulding Suzanne Grace Ioan Cunning Mary Hakes Micky Harvey Carol Hinson Marianne Holaday Barbara Howell Karen Ivins Louise Ienkins Kip Kiipsaar loan Knet-ht Karen Kregness Karen Lazarus Marilyn l.euz Bertine Loop lane Mabry Linda Mast Karen McConkey Sue Mot-kridge Sue Nelson Kathy Neylen Muna Riley linda llttrnclcin Glenda Sanders Betty Smith l-'at Smith Sherri Smith lillen Stewart Peggy Still 1ttlicStnkm- Ann Trimble Diane VanCain p Mary Scott VanlJerVeer Dee Veit Eileen Walsh Ml, +2 Pam Adams Judy Akin Carolyn Angus Jo Ann Atkinson Diane Barghahn Vicky Bergstrom Judy Boatnian Bonnie Brauer Linda Bridgelord Catherine Chase Linda Cox Lisa DeVoe Mary Ellen Ellis Judy Farneti Margo Frye Vicki Gelbach Jane Gormley Leslee Giles Roxy Groben Barbara Haines Kathy Hall Dianne Hamilton Rita Hedstrom Sara Hess Sandy Heuer Nancy Hogan Nancy Hoover Jeanine Hopson Ann Howard Mary Hunkins Karen Jensen Laurie Johnston Linda Johnston Eileen Lleinjan Fran Kreiter Jeanne Kron Patricia Kron Mary Lashbrook Jackie Lauer Dinah Litsey Nancy Matthias Patty McCullough Ann N aibert Paula Norftz Barbara Nuttall Sally Oehle Sue Orr Pam Porter Penny Pritchard Janice Pyle Carolyn Rekers Judy Roseland Sallie Rumbaugh Margaret Shrader Ellen Taylor Leslie Thelen Bonnie Welter Delores Westfall Candy Wiebener Sara Sue Wilson Gail Wingert Sally Woodcock Iota Chapter Q. f E E Delta Zeta Among the highlights of the year for the Delta Zetas was the fun and experience they had with music. Known for their musical ability, the DZS upheld their reputation when they received first place in University Sing with the Phi Beta Pi fraternity. The DZs have also sung at Aesca- lapian. Delta Zetas were represented in activities in all areas of campus. These activities include AWS president and com- mittee members, U-Sing chairman, Red Cross chairman, Union Board and Orientation Executive Council. DZ social events included a pledge-active Prison Party, hayrides, annual formals and a party for the severely han- dicapped children. Scholarship is emphasized at Delta Zeta with three DZS on Mortar Board and Phi Beta Kappa membership. The DZs are also active in honorary organi- zations. OFFICERS President .... BARBARA NUTTALL Vice-President . . . JUDY ROSELAND Secretary . . . . MARY HUNKINS Treasurer . . Io ANNA ATKINSON When getting ready for the big date, everyone wants in on the excitement. Rho Chapter Gamma Phi Beta OFFICERS President ..... CAROLYN RABE Vice-President. . . CAROLE ANDERSEN Secretary . . Treasurer . . SUE CORSON . PATTY LUTZ "Consider yourself at homen was the invitation from the Gamma Phis this year at their annual Halloween party for crippled children and Christmas Fireside. Friendliness of the Gamma Phis appeared all over cam- pus in Angel Flight executive board, CPC, Panhellenic president, senior class vice-president and Highlanders. In scholarship they boasted of Phi Beta Kappas and three Mortar Board members. Semifinalists in Profile Previews and Dolphin show and attendant to Miss SUI were Gamma Phis. In the social light the Gamma Phis had their annual costume party and formal. For the first year, Gamma Phis and Alpha Phis gave a themc party commemorating the founding of their sororities at Syracuse University. The nicest part of studying is the unexpected study break. X as t.aaaw ,ix:"' ' t Fld!! E, ikiillllil nan v il- 'E new HP 8 :zzt ' vwfliil or E121 Carole Andersen Lynn Atherton Marghi Bair Sandy Batman Barbara Beiter Lorna Bennett Lynn Benson Nancy Bergsten Darlene Brady Heather Brisbin Ian Burns Linda Carlson Pat Carlson Pat Campbell Carol Carpenter Pam Case Ann Chadwick Mary Christiansen Sandy Clark Sue Corson Sally DeBord Nancy Denny Katy Dunn Ellen Erickson Carol Faulk Iudy Frink Cheryl Frimml Phyllis Foster Ann Green Dargy Hamilton Ann Hanson Nancy Hart Vicki Hildebrand Carol Ingraham Diane Jamieson Barbara Johnson Sally Iohnson Cheron Karns Ianet Leggett Blanca Lippisch Alice Long Patty Lutz Maureen Magee Karen Maher Kay Maher Sue McAllister Io Ann Olson Linda Parker Ann Peacock Kathy Peil Penny Peterson Carolyn Rabe Cindy Ritenour Maryann Ruud Gretchen Schultz Nancy Shafer Fran Shrauger Dale Soderstrom Sue Sondrol Toni Stephens Cindy Yoder "'?' Gail Adams Barb Bailey Iulia Barnard Carol Barnes Kathy Bay N. Lynn Bowman Naney Boyd Nancy Brinker Scharlott Chiesa Io Ann Chmura Ianice Christiansen Ruth Collin Dee Deekard Kit Dower Peggy Duke Linda Duroe Peggy Erb Mary Ellen Erieksen Sharon Fladoos Iudy Gitz Eloise Good Mary Gullekson Carol Heeren Karmen Hobbs Carla Iloman Roxi Iensen Susie Iensen Kay Kinne Nancy Laughlin Terrie Lee Rose Ann Lindsay Linda Lory Connie Maxwell Ianiee Miller Molly McGuire Carole Mong Ann Montgomery Susan Montgomery Sandi Morris Linda Nyquist Iane Olive Sue Olive Leslie Parker Iean Pasker Barbara Pieken Nancy Plumb Ian Reimers Suzanne Rousso Lynette Schmidt Linda Seely Dana Shafer Naney Sias Sandi Sieperda Nancy Sundquist Kathy Thompson Kathy Weaver Beta Cmicron Chapter Kappa Alpha Theta In September the Thetas converged on SUI .from all parts of the country to put their enthusiasm to Work on fall and Homecoming activities and Christmas caroling with the Pi Phis. This year Student Senate, People-to-People, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Angel Flight, HAWKEYE staff and other groups kept Thetas Working. Theta beauty was especially Well represented by finalists for Miss SUI and Dolphin Queen. The Thetas emphasized academics by instituting nightly study hours at the house and a counselor program. The tradition of community service was not forgotten for the Thetas serenaded the Iohnson County Home, gave a party for the children of the Handicapped School, and again supported a Korean child. OFFICERS President .... CONNIE MAXWELL Vice-President . . . LINDA NYQUIST Secretary . . . SANDI SIEPERDA Treasurer . . . KAY KINNE Thetas have found that the front lawn is a great place to study on fall afternoons. Beta Zeta Chapter Kappa Kappa Gamma OFFICERS President . . . Lmoix Ktwrz l"'1'ee-Presidertt . . . N'lARILYN .lows Secretary . . SHARON Ktmsiaizttx Trerzstzrer . CAMMY Riimss Kappa pltclges try th YI' nest "Keep stuffing those napkinsw were lamiliar Words heard by Kappas during that busy time, Homecoming week. KKC's energies were Vvell rewarded. however, when their float built, with the Delta Upsilon fraternity won first place in originality. The float featured an elephant. attired in gold and black tennis shoes. "stomping out the Hoosiers." Aetixities also kept Kappas busy this year. Among cam- pus leaders, Kappas had positions as secretaries ol AWS and Union, Board. treasurer ol Union Board. committee head of People to People. CPC board member, Pageant Board member and Chairman of Central judiciary and International Festival. Kappas also held sub-eommittee memberships. Kappas received scholastic honors from Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Beta Kappa. 1 to tit the golden key in the door 1 I' the ehapter house. p t 2 i i 5 sa ...M wwe W AW rt FW sa ' g waqgag . qqg...f.r..tgk -in-.tf55.3AjW,:fgg ff: 1 . . Q :+!::,.r:s:'.-41 Hi..'.::'-'ILE'-2153.4-r"--if .QF - f1.,'J'f't- 1' 1 5 Marj Aagesen Kathy Anderson Judy Beet-her Jane Bice Connie Carpenter Judy Catlett Linda Close Dottie Darling Nancy DeDal:is Linda Deitehler Carolyn Dit-lc Linda Ehlers Nadya Fornenko Sally Foss Sandi Fisher Gretchen Garlot-lt Julie Garwood Kay Gate-hel Carole Getz Francie Green Margo Haufl Sue Hawk Beverly Hild Quin Howa rd Jae Hughes Susie Jacobs Judy Johnson Kathy Jones Marilyn Jons Linda Kautz Sharon Kimberlin Kris Kingsbury Kathy Kling Sue McElveen Marcee Merrill Marie Messina Marilyn Moore Brooke Morrison Nancy Peters Shelley Peterson Alice Reed Cammy Repass Joanne Rohwedder Judy Roths Pam Saunders Mary Jo Schaetzel Brenda St-hnede Susie Showers Barb Sorg Joy Stoker Lorene Swanson Charlotte White Jean Williams Karen Williams Patricia Young 2'5- 1,,41 gi. lx-0 Sherrill Beckwith Sue Bernatz Buzzy Blakey Rosalie Bowman Mike Brady Nancy Brown Iolene Bryant Iana Bulmer Linda Buresh Mary Bywater Ginny Calame Carol Cleveland Sandy Cline Marilynn Cook Sharon Cortimiglia Linda Cossitt Suzanne Cote Anne Davis Diane Durfee Ioan Eseh Kathleen Farrell Iean Fee Marcia Files Sherry Florer Nancy Fredrickson Tani Grafft Mary Ann Gustafson Ginny Hall Ann Harman Anne Hawley Karen Hendryx Ian Hotger Ian Hugg Suzanne Hyde Ioan Inimer lean Iaines Louise lerrel Linda Knudson Iulie Larson Barbara Lewis Ellie Liseher Ann Loraek Carolyn Murphy Gwen Owen Muriel Pfister Becky Prough Paula Rashke Dianna Rembolt Becky Ross Sherry Rush Heidi Ruston Uiane Schoenberg Iane Svhott Kale Seorza Pam Shannon Ieanne Slsalsky Judi Skalsky Marilyn Steele Rachel Stock juli Sullivan Marty Way Zeta Chapter Pi Beta Phi Pi Beta Phis, interests this year centered around scholar- ship and activities. All scholastic endeavors were acknowl- edged when the chapter was awarded third place in schol- arship at the annual Panhellenic dinner. Pi Phis are active in such campus organizations as AWS, CPC, Angel Flight, Pom Pom girls and Student Senate. Homecoming Was a lun time for the Pi Phis and excitement reigned when a Pi Phi pledge was chosen to be Dolphin Queen and When the Pi Phi candidate for Miss SUI was a finalist. Socially the Pi Phis were active also. The pledges gave a party for the actives and the Christmas season was festive with the seasonal buffet. The Pi Phis again entertained the football team, co-sponsored the Monmouth Duo with the Kappas, gave a theme party with the Gamma Phis and had a winter formal. President . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . A male visitor is greeted warmly at the Pi Phi door. OFFICERS . . BECKY Ross . . . DIANE DURFEE . . LINDA Coss1T'r . KAREN HENDRYX Q' M ?' in IRR Yvonne Addis Shirley Anderson Kathy Baldwin Susan Bastow Sue Blott Ellen Clinch Connie Copley Pat Duncan Bonnie Edlen Penny Ellsworth Mary Ann Haase Ruth Hieronymus In-nny Holcomb Nancy Iverson Kathy Keltenborn Esther IVIcAdam Leslie McCasey Carolyn Mueller Betty Nelson Janet Oherweis Iudy Peelen lan Phelps Suc Rex Sharon Ristau Nlzny lo Robbins N2l11C5'R0ft1T1INiCk Pam Schocntgen Diane Scott Sue Shafer Pat Sincox Linda Soldati linda Struck Sue Swain ludy Underwood Nancy Walker Cecily Wheeler Fern VVol Unger -Y..-.X --.Q-f nw ul Alpha Omicron Chapter Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta's year Was filled with exciting social events and activities. The October highlight Was a reception honoring the Zeta Tau Alpha national vice-president. At this tea the ZTAs entertained many campus dignitaries. Service projects provided rewarding experiences for the Zetas. In connection with the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, they gave a party for the hospitalized cerebral palsy chil- dren. The pledge project Was volunteer Working for the transportation team at the University Hospitals. ZTAS are active on campus in such organizations as Union Board, CPC, Miss Perfect Profile Committees, High- landers, WRA, orchestra, band and chorus. Zeta annual functions include a Christmas stocking party and a house- boy party. The porch of the Zeta house-a place for lingering OFFICERS President ....... ION FISTIQR Vice-President, . . RON SUNDERMANN Secretary . , . JOHN HACKIJI' Treasurer . . CHARLES HARRIS Resh Chapter Acacia Throughout the year the Acacians worked together on projects lor the fraternity and for the community. Social events of Acacia centered around house parties, and included the Black and Gold Formal. a Christmas party. and the Spring Formal. The annual 'iNite on the Nilef! publicized by the pledge class dressed as Egyptian slaves, is a tradition with all Acacian chapters. Acacia members participated in campus activities, such as Union Board and Student Senate sub-committees, and athletics. excelling in basketball, fencing. gymnastics and wrestling. As service projects the Aeacians held a Christmas party for severely handicapped children. and the pledge class devoted a weekend to working for the Iowa Historical Society. Therels always time for a little good old fashioned singing at the Acacia house. Mrs. Lipscomb Bruce Beatty Ioe Coniglio Allen Dunton Max Evans Ion Fister Iolan Hackett Charles Harris Iohn llemingxx ay Bruce Kienapfel Uwe Kladdc Dennis Maring Larry Meyer Thomas Morrison Iohn Paekwood lack Porter Iames Raisley Iohn Reynolds Rex Ritz Jerry Sanfrey Steve Scheiber Ioe Smith James Stewart Dick Strate Ronald Sundermann Steve Teichner Bob Thompson Dean Viekstrom Stacey Ware Van Wells Lynn Worlds 74? if' - Vis. Wm QQK 'Kr -. me "Please-. fellas, Fm an active! -.ev-"' Sager' MF, is 795 ...wr ...M-N' .W -any -and i'41".x Shaving cremn can be used lor many things! fw- Elliot Abrons Ioe Alper Iohn Alter Icrry Bassrnan Neil Bloom Al Booth Eric Carlson Alan Farber Ron Feder Brian Goldstein Maurice Goldstein Marty Greenblatt Allan Kamen Harry Kipnes Bob Kitsis Robert lmstein loc Nflurlw Mark Paclnos Mark Polen Ronald Reider lack Rosenberg M. A. Rosenstein Mare Rosenthal Brent Rulven Dick Rulvin Harvey Silverberg Ken Silverstein Hurry Strurn Bflilll Tabacli Ed Wfxllocfk Bolu VVornan Norm Zulu-r -.aj- 'es rw V Q , H is x-,S Q fl Iota Upsilon Chapter Alpha Epsilon Pi l963-64 was another school year ol enthusiastic accom- plishment lor the men of AEPi. Along with scholastic ef- forts the AEPis managed a full social schedule, including a "Cowboy Party," the annual Winter Formal and many exchanges. Their Homecoming float, built with the Delta Zetas, provided a combination of Work and fun. There Was music in the air whenever the AEPis were in sight, and this year they again serenaded delighted SUI coeds with their own arrangements to guitar accompani- ment. Music Was also important when the AEPis held a songfest for thc patients at the Children's I-Iospital, now an annual service project of the house. Alpha Epsilon Pi balanced the activities for the year by participating in many campus organizations. President. . Vice-President Secretary , Treasurer . These four AEPi brothers are hard at work at something. OFFICERS . . ROBERT WORNAN . . IACK ROSENBIERG NORM ZOBI-IR . RON FEDER If-s N g fiftw i..y -it xx . . c 2 Delta Beta Chapter Alpha Tau mega ATG alums were welcomed to Homecoming hy a giant balloon released at half-time of the Iowa-Indiana game. The fall social season, continued that evening with an alumni-sponsored party. The winter formal, 'iAladdin's Lamp," and the pool-side spring formal were complemented by a full calendar of exchanges, serenades and informal parties at the house in the Winter and "Woodsies" in the spring. The Taus were well represented on the varsity swim. track, golf, tennis and debate teams, While having a very successful year in intramnrals. Strong emphasis was again placed on personal scholastic achievement among actives and pledges alike. ATO men supported the Greek system hy awarding its annual HHelp-VVeek', Trophy. a liew ninstructionsi' for pledge lessons. Eugene Anderson Steve Arent David Bakken Tom Beatty Iohn Benten Mike Bernauer lim Bobenhouse Dennis Briggs Larry Brown Iohn Burry Dan Clay George Shidler Bob Colon Barry Crist Larry Devick Iohn Doellinger Edward Donovan Paul Filean Bob Ford Doug Foss Tom Frieden Bill Fiyxell Bobo Gallagher Dwight Garman Ed Garman Phil Gee Dick Gruber Mark Hillman William Ioy Dennis Kelly Kasey Kiplinger Russell Knudsen Patrick McGarvey Ierry McGregor James Millen Bob Muhlenbruch Larry Orr Chuch Murphy Patrick O'Brien Grant Polk Randy Redenius Bill Retrurn Tony Riker Don Russell Allen Scheel Wil Cochran Bob Sish Les Smaha Dick Smith Iohn Stephens Dick Swalve Ron U pham Dennis Vajgrt Reno Walker Mark William Jerry Wilson Rob Wiltshire Iohn Aita Steve Berg Randy Borcherding Bill Burfeind Dave Chapman Dean Christiansen Bill Douglas Ken Elderkin Rick Evans Dick lfeller Bob Clesne Bill Harness Iim Hass Mackay Hull Greg Irwin Williziin Iahn Steve Iohns Dave Kautz Michael Kirby Pat Kirby Dave Kohlham mer Thomas low Iohn Malpede Larry Martin Mike Mastrogany Tom Mayne David McCoicl Don Nassil Mike O'Connor Fred Odendahl Iohn Peil lay Peterson Ted Pospishil lim Salley Mike Schaeferle lack Schwidder Rick Shepley Dave Simmons Bill Sjostrom Iohn Speer Michael Stitt john Stonebraker George Tompras Bruce Vernon Iames Weber George W'hite Bill Wildberger Steve Wolken Alpha Beta Chapter Beta Theta Pi The Betas this fall renewed their program of coordinat- ing an active social calendar with a rigorous scholarship program. Several uthemen parties sparked the usual round of ex- changes and get-togethers. A full social season began before Thanksgiving with the annual "Barn Partyfi Couples came dressed in country-style clothes, and the newly redecorated house was transformed into a barnyard, complete with hay and farm animals. The Winter Formal in Ianuary created a more sophisti- cated atmosphere for the Betas and their dates. Later in the spring the "Bowery Bravvli' and the annual Mardi Gras celebration kept the Betas busy. The Betas again Worked at individual scholastic achieve- ment and excelled in many areas of campus activities as well. OFFICERS President . . MARTIN Sc11AnF1aR1.E,III Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . Beta brothers congregate around the television set. GEORGE TOMPRAS . . JAMES HAss . MIKE STITT nun, 9333333539 l'5E .A K, 23283232 wwasfsu sdnaeizn y N-muy' Iowa Chapter Delta Chi OFFICERS President . . . . MIKE NEW Vice-President . . lVllKli SCHIAVONI Secretary . , . IOHN DULIN Treasurer . . FRANK SANDELL The calendar of the Delta Chis was full after an active year of social, academic and extra-curricular events. High- lighting their house activities Were the spring and winter formals, the Flintstone party, and the annual pajarna party. Exchanges and informal parties were held more often and helped to Fill the Delta Chi agenda. The Delta Chis took an active interest in campus affairs and participated both individually and as a fraternity. In the fall the Delta Chis joined with the Tri Dells to build their Homecoming float entitled nThe Same Old Story." They maintained a balance between scholastic and social life, and enjoyed their annual scholarship banquet at the Holiday lnn. The D Chis have their own answer to the Brothers Four! , Mrs. Poling Wayne Allcott Iiin Anderlik Iohn Anderson Steve Anderson Dave Andreasen Iohn Arledge Dick Asinger Al Atkinson Robert Banner Wally Banner Iohn Broz Kenny Caines loc- Conwell Rich Crandall William Curley John Dulin Peter Ferenezy Mike Gregson Roger Gunderson Steve Holtinan Ieff Iseminger Stan Kluver Ronald Knilohs Mike Koehel Donald Kuiken Mike Langer Iohn Larson Dick l,utzelm an Peter Mackintosh Iohn Marvel Steve Mayer Mark McKinney Fred Mcl.ain Bob Miller Paul Miller David Moore Mike New Al Okarnura Ken Padgham Paul Pancotto lack Pilling Iohn Regnier William Roselvrook Frank Sandell Mike Schiovoni Lou .Schoeneman Al Starny Kirk Stephan Arden Stokstad Jerry Suiter Don Sulentie Frank Trent Stu Wallace Lew Wallbridge Paul Willis Doyle Andrews Roger Armstrong Don Bc-rgcrt Chrix Britton Carl Brunst Bvrnie Budzik Iamcfs Carlton Milan' Carver Tom Chapman Lana-0 Davenport Nlilw Dolan Richard lfdler Dick Fllland l.arr5' liostor Al Clelirlio Dick Clow-lic Iolm Helm Larry llc-rln Clnruk Hoflman Daw llviclston lim Nlatlwws lolm Nlaurice Phil Mayberry Dick Nliller Terry Mulligan Dirk Nlundy Clark Neal VVilliam Parisi led Pasrras Dr-nnis Pauling joli n Pla-tulier Dave Rr-vlicr Gary Ricl1arclS Ken Rouse l,arry Schreiber Ken Scliug: lfrniv Slialor Dcan Sicpcrcla Bill Stonelarakcr l,arr5' Sl1'OpCS Stow Trccker Clark Valentine Pore Vlfclls l,c'0 Vllcston Dick VVi1sou Iolm Zionler a,..,..,-"" Ornicron Chapter Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta began a busy year of social, scholastic and extra-curricular activities with the football parties after home games. Other social events highlighting the year included the Winter Formal and a Christmas party at the house. The Delts had a special reason for serenad- ing Mrs. Birdsall, their housemother, at the Christmas party, for it marked her fifteenth year with them. A festive "Santan distributed mock gifts, and each girl contributed an ornament for the tree. The Delts have in their ranks many leaders of campus organizations, including president of Student Senate and the head of next yearis Orientation program. A memorial award was established this year to be given annually to the most outstanding pledge. President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . . Delts get in a little putting practice right in their own living room. OFFICERS . . . . RICHARD EDLER . . . CARL BRUNST . . CLARK VALENTINE . LARRY FOSTER fx Iowa Chapter Delta Upsilon Iowa Chapter of Delta Upsilon hegan the l963-64 year on a high note hy Winning the international sweepstakes trophy as the outstanding DU chapter. On campus the DUs earned other honors. This fall QFFICZERS they joined forces with the Kappas to huild their Home! V coming float, which captured the first place trophy for President . . . Davie NlARS'IiON Origilmlily. Vice-President . . CZHRIS H,-,GEN VVhile maintaining a high standard of scholarship, the Spcwtaly h I IIM SHEHRER Dlls. found time for xnany campus activities. DUS held positions of leadership in lnter-Fraternity Council, publi- Treasurer . P1fTiz SMITH cations, and athletics. This year eleven DUS participated in intercollegiate competition. Highlighting the fall i'Hoho spring 'gpledge-Active Party" sponsored hy the pledge the social calendar lor Delta Upsilon was Party," now an annual function, and the class. The Dl is measure their trophy for outstanding chapter achievement. af ff 1 1 is , 4 K A Av 32 L -et? " Y Mal-' , iljgip . we A I 1 ii ff ,gf iff t f '1 , 'vt 'v 'wifi' K" . , ... A lim Anderson Theron Bailey Rick Bary T. K. Bauer lim Baueh Iohn Bornholdt lim Brye Tim Carroll Iohn Cooney Tom Dalton Dick Fc-hseke Bob Fletcher Tom Flohr lim Getz Doug Giildner Chris Hagen Dan Hagen Dale Harris Dan Hilsaheck George Illian Steve laeohs Don Kellogg Ioe King Dennis Kovaeevieh Hank Liseher Harry Maas Dave Marston Roger McCoy Gerry Meester Mike Moon Tom Morehead Roh Moul Dick Mullarky Iohn Murphy Mark Peters Boh Pfeifer Loran Randles Dave Risley Dick Roseland Ioel Roseman Al Severson lim Sheerer Dave Sherod Bill Sisler Bob Soudari Art Sunderbrueh Bill Thomas Jonathan Tracy Phil VanderStoep Tom VanderStoep Dave Walters Trav Westly Steve Wherr5f Chuck Williams Tim Wilson Gary Winter Dave Wyrija l.1 Steve Baehrnan Bob Benson john Birkeland Byron Bork Gary Brown jim Brown Michael Childs Iames Church Robert Coon William Corwin Mike Crane Robert Creswick Don Dunshee Larry lfarrell Larry Hibbs A. Ranson Howe jim Hunter Terrill Hurlbut Pete Iacobson Curtis Jansen Tom Keen Cordon Kesselring Dennis Lamb George McDaniel Larry Nedved Cary Norby William Orr Marshall Pearson Bob Petzinger Charles Primich Fred Rauscher Bob Rauscher Karl Reichart George Schabloske Richard Shors David Souter Lee Theisen Lee Vaughn Dick Vosepka Wlark VValker Ioh n 'Watson Ierry VVellil4 Marv WVellik Louis Wells john Wlieeler Tom Yerkey 424 1 Iota Chi Chapter , , - miixyz- Lambda Chi Alpha The Lambda Chis enjoyed another year of high scholas- tic ratings which are becoming traditional for the group. Grades and studying are important to SUl's newest frater- nity and its members strive for excellence in this area. Another phase of their fraternity life is the social season which this year was highlighted by the winter .formal on the theme of "The White Rosef, The new fall pledges planned a 6'Hobo" party for their pledge prom. A party was also given for the crippled children at Christmas time. The Lambda Chis are looking forward to Iune when they will move into their new house. Formerly owned by Alpha Delta Pi sorority, the house will be the closest fra- ternity to the campus and will provide a home for a new and fast-growing fraternity. OFFICERS President ...... TOM YERKEY Vice-President . . . MARV WELLIK Secretary . . . . ROBERT CRESWICK Treasurer . . . TERRY HURLBUT "How about a little electric guitar action, Tom?" Iowa Beta Chapter Ph1 Delta Theta The year held many varied service and social activities for the Phi Delts. Participating in the johnson County Polio Vaccine Campaign, entertaining underprivileged chil- dren at a Christmas party and Working in their annual Community Service Day highlighted some of the Worth- while projects. The g'Shc-Delta-Thetan party, a three-day mock pledge- ship for the boys, dates, led a roster of parties including the annual Swamp Stomp and Buckaroo parties and the Winter Formal. The Phi Delts proudly displayed the Fraternity lntra- mural Trophy and the ATO Help Week Trophy, captured for the second successive year. Many Phi Delta Thetas were active in campus organizations while the house main- tained a good scholastic standing. up for a lem swingin' songs. nn l:a-mm Iohn Ahrold David Anderson Stan Anderson Kent Arnold Tom Barry Ed Bastian David Bowman Bob Brown Paul Buchanan Sonny Buck lohn Burrell Iohn Carrigg Dick Chapman Iohn Diehl lim Falk Chip Follcers Iell Gallagher Ion Gaskell Neil Glass lack Goodrich Rich Halverson Bill Henderson Iohn Holmes Greg Horrigan Greg Hull Arnie Johnson lim Koehnk lim Landis Dick l.arue Iohn Lasota Steve League Mike Lott Tim Lowe Dave Marshall Iohn Marshek Scott McLeod Marc Mears Ron Nazette Merrill Nelson lim Nissen Eugene Pauley lim Phelps lim Pierson lim Ridihalgh Merle Royce Richard Schley Doug Sheldon lay Shriver Ras Skare Dave Specht Rohert Stewart William Stewart lack Sivan Roger Tracy Bill Van Orsdel Iohn Veldey Stan Verhoeven Michael Williamson Kenneth Zika Mrs. Sands Iames Anixter Rich Asarch Bob Baron Boh Barrieks Ed Bernstein Hart Bondi Ron Borden Steve Cohn Lee Dicker Rich Engel Fred Falk Chuck Feldman Max Feuer Dave Gervich Rich Glickman Larry Greene lack Hazan Mike Herman Al Kotok ferry Krockover Steve Luhin Mike Lustgarten Arnie Manvitz Izty Margulis Al Myerson Larry Vlulmed Stevc Myers Flliot Pearl Haskell Pitluck lim Rocklin Steve Rosenberg Rick Seltzcr Doug Sinn Ioe Spector Rich Stroller David Strauss Rich Strauss Bruce Strom Ken Versmart lim Waxenberg Marty Wiss Ieff Wohler Dan Wolfe Tom Yazman Alpha Beta Chapter Q? 'AQ A F1 U r - 9, 1 .N Q I 5 , Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Epsilon Pi has demonstrated leadership in every phase of campus life during the past yeari The fraternity Won all three trophies lor the highest scholastic attainment. placed high in intramural athletics and had many men in responsible positions of student government. Realizing that the attainment of social graces is also a goal to be strived for, Phi Eps practiced their manners at many exchanges and parties. Highlights included the Spring Formal and Pledge Prom, now an annual affair, given hy the pledges for the active chapter. The sun roof, Woodsies and Greek Week activities added more enjoyment. Sponsoring functions with other houses, the Phi Eps worked toward the betterment of interfraternity relations. Phi lips get in shape for the fraternity intramui ils malt Mu Deuteron Chapter Phi Gamma Delta CFFICERS President ..... TERRY NOONAN Corresponding Secretary JERRY DAVIDSON Recording Secretary . . DAVE ROBERTS Treasurer ...... BOB LANMAN Scholarship ranked high with the Fijis this year as they captured fourth place among the fraternities. Activities rivaled a close second with Pep Club president and posi- tions on Student Senate, IFC and Union Board among Phi Cam achievements. Two Fijis were members of the Fresh- man Intern Program and three more lcd the Iowa Cheering Block as yell leaders. Finding time to "swing out,': the Fijis held the annual i'Apache Brawlj' and "Wine and Cheesel' parties and cli- maxed the fall semester with a third consecutive trophy for their Hoat, "The Hawkeyes Wonat Clown Aroundf' Phi Cams represented themselves well in intramurals and varsity football and basketball. The Phi Cams dishwasher sometimes serves a double purpose. 4. t g Iarnes Achenbach Steven Albers Allan Brown Ioseph Carpenter Donnie Conkel Iarnes Craver Ierorne Davidson Mike Denorna Mike Doran Larry Dorr Steven Drish Philip Drumm Steve Duerkop Phil Ferren Iames Gard Clark Graham Douglas Hall Iarnes Hansen Ierry Iones Rusty Iones Mark Iust B. B. Lanrnan Ieffrey Lewis Richard Neufeld Terry Noonan Bill Parks Frank Patton Frank Punelli Allan Rauch Fred Riddle Tom Roberson David Roberts Glenn Ruud Ed Sayre Richard Schlegel Kent Sharp Iohn Shepard Chuck Sleichter Wally Snyder R. G. Vincent Iames Weissenborn Michael Welton Iohn Whisnant Bob White Donald Wirth Harold Wirtz Stuart Young Robert Ziolkowski Kenneth Anderson Allan Axeen Dave Axeen Iohn Berggren Douglas Boatman David Bruce Charles Bywater I. Allen Carley Tom Cooney Mark Danowsky Iarnes Dunn Iames Fisher Robert Flanigan Iohrr Fletcher Robert Gainrath Steve Gibson Darrell Grimes Harry Haskins Dirk Kruidenier Egils Lapainis Rudolph Leytze Robert Lidman Iohn Lisle Richard l,ozier Brian McGarvey Iohn MeGarvey Dick Montgomery Timothy Montgomery Robert Pendleton Robert Peters Carleton Reid Roger Schilling Roger Stinard jeffrey Stoutner Terry Tegen Ronald Ubben Ierry Weeter Frank Wetmore Lynn Wildblood Marvin Wilson Iohn Work Bruce Yates Alpha Chapter F 1 Phi Kappa Psi The Phi Kappa Psis opened their house to alumni, dates and friends with a buHet after each home game. The crowds normally numbered 200 guests. Proudly displayed at these openhouses were three pelts Won from other Phi OFFICERS Psi chapters from campuses of the rival, and losing, teams. Scholarship gained high recognition from the Phi President .-.- - TIM DUNN Psis as they tried to recapture the fraternity scholarship Vice-president ..'- STEVE GIBSON trophy. Much effort also Went toward two Worthwhile service projects. Volunteer Workers for the Easter Seal Secretary ' ' ' DICK MONTGOMERY Foundation and a Christmas tree-trimming party for han- TVCCISUVGT - - - - AL AXEEN dicapped children headed the list. The Spring and Winter Formals and the "Fall Brawl" spiced up weekends for the Phi Psis. The annual "Jeff Duoi' was again held with the Phi Gams. Hungry Phi Psis raid the iccbox . . . what if Mrs. Claussen knew? ll President . . Vice-President Secretary . Treczsurer . Alpha Phi Chapter Phi Kappa Sigma OFFICERS . . . GREGORY OLSON , . . . PAUL DfXCiLlf GIZRRIT MASSEl.INK . ALAN Woooitousiz Twelve University eoeds decked the new calendar put out for the first time by the Phi Kappa Sigmas. The sweep- ing success of the calendars brought about plans for an- other next fall and thoughts toward making it an annual event. Halloween saw the Phi Kaps and the Camma Phis bob- bing for apples along with the thirty children being enter- tained at the party. Social events included exchanges, an annual Christmas party and a special Christmas serenade with Carols and favors for the womenis housing units on campus. Post- game parties and the Winter and Spring formals provided fun during the rest of the year. Scholarship and activities held a strong note for the Phi Kappa Sigmas with representatives on Senate Sub-eommit- tees and the publication staffs. Maryann and Sally are shoxvn their pictures in the Phi Kap Coed Calendar. Don Adis Ieffrey Berg Bill Blessing Eugene Boldt Dave Bolender lim Burks Iim Collnian Paul Doggett Paul Dugle Bob Dahl Iames Debo Chuck Fields Dave Frank Richard Gurnas Ioe Gaylord Brick Gillespie Nick Gloe Doug Gothier Herb Hedstrorn Forrest Hegarty Dale Johnson lim Kelly Bob Koterman Tom Kozel Roger Kuhik lim Lynk E. Dale Mask Gerrit Masselink Carl Meier Ron Miller Thornas Nervig Gregory Olson Dave Ott Dick Romer Ioe Scheuermau lim Shepard David Verploegh Iohn Vespa lim Wildblocmcl Richard Wood Alan Woodhouse Dave VVright is Mrs. Fern Boardway Larry I.. Ales Robert A. Alex Charles Allen Gene Ball Doyle Burkett Williarww Cecil Glen E. Clark l.arry Clore Steve Combs Tom Eggers Dick Eggert lohn Gardner lim Cchhie Nick Gollohitz Dennis Nl, Gray Crant Hachmann David Hadley Dick Harrison Ronald Hedglin Ron llershergen Lee R. Hitchcock Randy Hoff Cary C. lohnson Richard D. loneS Mike Kinsingzer David W. Klnnipar R. Keel Krcinhringg Lance B. l,ercher Nels Alun Lundgren Ron Nflacloskcy luck Vlzxrtin Norm Ylaw lim fVlcAnclrew Alan D. Vloocl lohn Nac-hazel Ted Pence Petersen Mike Petersen Dick Ross Steve Stientjes Ray Swartzendruber VVaync Thompson Alan Touch Paul Wlalker Gamma Mu Chapter President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . +34 Pi Kappa Alpha OFFICERS . . . . GARY JOHNSON . . IACK MARTIN . . . RON HEDGLIN . WAYNE THOMPSON This fall the Pikes welcomed their new housemother with a tea, and at Homecoming welcomed their alumni with the float which won both the Sweepstakes title and the Kiwanis Trophy lor originality. The Hoat, built in conjunction with the Alpha Xi Deltas, featured characters from the cartoon series "Peanuts.M Collaborating with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, the Pikes entertained forty children from the Crippled Chil- dren's Hospital as a Thanksgiving service project. A full social calendar included exchanges, serenades, cos- tume parties, two formals and the Founders' Day District Convention in lVlarch. Along with maintaining a high degree of scholarship, the PiKAs were well-represented in campus activities and athletics. Pikes discuss fraternity affairs over coffee in their "Ratskeller',. it ' f - ,M PM 1 V ,tgp -12, .y rl I wg i- , - .f .,, fd rf ui K mt 'gif ,J fb! Iowa Beta Chapter Sigma Alpha Epsilon CFFICERS President ,..., lVlIKE LANNING Vice-President . . VJILLIAM EASTON Secretary . . . . RoBiaR'r FINCH Treasurer . , VVTILLIAM HANCOCK Always contenders for top intramural honors, the SAES capped another successful year with firsts in golf, football, and volleyball. The active SAE social calendar was highlighted by the innovation of the Little World Series Sorority Softball Tournament. It met with great success and will be planned as an annual event. The climax of this year's tourney came on Dad's Day when the KKGS defeated the Gamma Phis before an enthusiastic crowd of students and parents. Other SAE functions included the Pajama Party, the Sher- wood Forest Party, and the Pledge Party. Once again. the Little Sisters of Minerva were active in SAE affairs. Their activities included the Christmas Tea, a car Wash sponsored for the brothers, and caroling with the chapter at Christmas. The Alphs vvill have to appoint an official trophy polishcr. ' . l it K ft n f X l we l LM Ron Anderson Iohn Brakloxv Richard Brown Brad Caldwell Gary Calhoun Ion Cecil Chris Cormany Price Dahlstrom Robert Dehl Denny Dennis Bill Easton Robert Fanter William Fanter Steve Franklin lim Gamble Iim Gaudineer Larry Geist Bob Hall Bill Hancock Mart Higginbotham Rich High Bruce Hillenweyer David Hunt Williani Iunginger Alan Kessler Flip Klinger Bill Lannom Steve Lilly Steve Mashek Iim Miresse Gary Mittelbusher Iohn Muller Robert Muller 'Torn Nestrud Scrap O'Donnell lay Orr William Otto Marv Pcttersen Robert Phalen Bruce Picper Bill Popek Ioe Purdie Tom Putnam Ken Richard Tom Roberts Iohn Roofl Steve Schultz Steve Shank Mike Shay Steve Shipka Pete Skoxv Bill Strasburger lack Swanson Mike Whitehill Roland Wilken Iim Bainbridge Roger Bauer Paul Bock Tod Boston Thomas Bowman Dunc Brooke Scott Bruntjen Iohn Calvert Ianies Carlson john Carver Tom Clapsaddle VV'illiam Colbert Rohcrt Cook Russ Crawford Dean Dort Carl Flacker Mike Farran Rick Fcbc-y Bill Fellows Verne Francis Charles Freyermuth Steven Hull Gus Kasapis lorry Kelley Tim Kling Al Koehler Cerry Kraai Roh l.amh Ion Nolan W'illiam Patrigo lim Pieper lim Powers Russell Prince Richard Raymon Mir-had Rehwaldt jim Rittenmeyer Drew Scott lim Shields Stephen Smith Thomas Stone lim Tansey Bruce Thompson Bernard Tonquest Iames Tornaloanc Mike Tousey Ron Towell Bill Tucker lon Vanllusseldorp Alpha Eta Chapter Sigma Chi Representation on Student Senate, IFC, Project AID Committee and Central Party Committee exhibited the enthusiasm of the Sigma Chis. The house took second place in their division of intramurals. Another second place in beauty went to the Sigma Chi-Chi Omega Homecoming float. Parties dotted the social schedule among exchanges. The 'Tlamlet Exchangefi a culture party With a personal Visit from Hamlet, started the hall rolling. Christmas time found the living room decorated with seven trees. A Champagne Party and a "Black and Bluew party added more highlights to the Sigs, social life. The Sigma Chis rounded off a fun-filled year with their annual Derby Days festivities. President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . . OFFICERS . . . . . DEAN DORT . . . AL KOEHLER . TOM CLAPSADDLE . SCOTT BRUNTJEN Sigma Chis wait their turn while the artist Finishes a charicature of one of the brothers. Qt . . mm ' Beta Mu Chapter Sigma Nu UFFICERS PI'l'Slll1Cl1fZ . . . . BILL ELLIS l'I'cefPI'esI'rIeIII . , MICIIAIQL SIIUEY Secremrif . . JIM VVATSON Trerzsurer . . BILL VVIQLLS The Sigma Nus pointed II ith pride to the newest addition to their house. the Red Lion Lounge. The newly redeco- rated basement, sporting a thick red carpet and a fireplace, is the favorite gathering place ol Sigma Nus and their dates. Leadership and participation. are the key words as the Sigma Nus took part in campus activities. A pledge was elected president Ol lunior Inter-Fraternity Council. Qther members of the house held positions in Pep Club, Student Senate and CPC. Second place in U-Sing Went to the Sigma Nus and Gamma Phi Bctas. Intramural sports headed the list of athletics enjoyed by the house. The Polynesian Party. the annual Vilhite Bose Formal at Christmas time and many exchanges rounded out a lull social schedule. The Sigma Nus and their dates cuddle up around their clierry fireplace. Randall Allen Michael Arrowsmith Richard Austin Milton Baily Thomas Baker Iack Baldwin Robert Baltzell Michael Barlow Dan Beach Stephan Beckman Williani Bode Lawrence Boe Tracy Brown Iohn Burgess Stephan Buswell Charles Butcher Richard Carmichael Dave Cook Richard Cornish Robert Dallenbach William Ellis William Emarine Paul Feller Iohn Flanagan Alan Forker Ronald Cambach Elwood Garlock Roger Hanson Howard Hensel Iames Hodges Dennis Hogan William Holt Stephan Horne Tom lessen David Iones Michael Iones Kent Kauffman Frank Kos Larry Lawrence Donald Leonard Eric Lundquist David Mace Robert Manhart Iack Marchant Gary Marshall Robert Maxwell Thomas Meheson Dennis Meredith Allen Miller Stephan Minikus Robert Near Don Neiman Richard Neiman Lawrence Nelson Gary Olson Rick Peterson Iohn Quinn Michael Shuey Richard Spencer Doug Stauch Iames Steelman Ben Summerwill Michael Thomas Tom Throckmorton George Tracy Larry Travis Iames Watson William Wells Roger Wilkinson Don Winnett Mrs. Clark Daniel Barrett Miles Bextine Paul Braun Mark Bredall Torn Gralt William Cramer Larry Grider Iohn Darnall George Davida Rick Davis Iohn Distelhorst Ierry llvans Robert Freitag Larry Geadelrnann Mac' Goldsberry Bobby Grier Dennis Hamilton Ian-lc Holmes Iohn Ieliries Craig Johnson Gary Klouda Rolland Knopf Corky Kress Robert Laing Robert Latham Iohn Lawrence Donald Miller Ioe Miller Mickey Moses Robert Mossman lim Mowen Harlan Pelz Lee Peters Gary Phelps Ross Randall Ron Reppe Steven Schomberg Iohn Scott Roger Servison Vlfayne Taylor Steve Test lim Wilson Ken Ziegler Iowa Gamma Chapter Slgma Ph1 The men behind the 'Ped Doori' balanced their in- terests between scholarship. social life, activities, and sports. Sigma Phi Epsilon was represented on Union Board, Student Senate, Pep Club, CPC, Pageant Board, ODK and Dolphins. Two Sig Eps became Phi Beta Kappas and the house again was in the upper quarter of the fraternity scholastic standings. The house was also host to George Davida, a foreign student from Bagdad, Iraq. The Sip Ep "Fellas" played at the Hawk and many Greek parties and the crowning ol the Sig Ep Sweater Girl and Sweetheart and the annual Rose Serenade were high- lights ol the social year. Epsllon OFFICERS President ...... ToM DITTMER Vice-President . . WAYNE TAYLOR Secretary . . . BURNS MOSSMAN RICK DAVIS Treasurer . . IAROLD EVANS It looks here as though the Sig Eps have one of the most popular mascots on campus! N Maw . OFFICERS Preszklent . , . Im CiOODMAN Vice-President . . RICH BORCHIQRS Secretary . . RICH RIEAY 'l'rensz1rer . . ROB lVlIT,I.liR XI Chapter Sigma Pi Throughout the year, the brothers ol' Sigma Pi leveled the balance between social and scholastic activities, The enjoyment ol their numerous parties. serenades. Greek Week activities, and all-campus activities such as Home- coming was indeed rivaled by their enthusiasm lor par- ticipation in intramurals. Not to be outdone in the mu- sical lield, the Sigma Pis organized a barbershop quartet providing entertainment at many functions. Once again their high scholastic average proved the eilectiveness ol' their ellort to maintain responsibilities of college life. ln Working and living together the key word to the successful maintainanee ol' the leveled balance at Sigma Pi is cooperation. "Please, mother, Fd rather do it myself!" Mrs. Thurlow Paul Babiak Ron Barnes Ierry Blakely Bob Borchers Rich Borchers Roger Bradley Bucky Buchanan Bruce Bundgaard Dan Bunnell Mike Callaway Gary Colwell Mike Cunningham Ken De Boom Dean Deerberg Woody Earl Ted Eller Terry Fahlenkamp lim Goodman Steve Grouell Iay Hamilton Vern Harvey William Heitmeier Ron Heykants Iohn House Chuck Johnson Mike Jones Bruce Iorgcnson Iohn Kelley Dave Kyner Dick Lehmann Iohn Meierkord Dan Merta Iim Mick Tom Mick Bob Miller Tom Mowry lim Munns Mike Murphy Wil Nelson Dan Nicol Iim Nosbish Dean Orris Dave Parsons Rollie Perkins Rick Reay Tom Reinhardt Iack Sargent Marlo Schield Fay Smith Iohn Stahly Gary Taylor Al Tebrugge Dale Tharp Gary Warnock Ed Zastrow Editor's Note "I hope to make the 1964 HAWKEYE the best ever!" This was the statement I made to the Daily Iowan shortly after my appointment as editor in the spring of 1963. Dedicated to this com- mittment, I chose a top-notch staff and we settled down to begin production on the 74th volume of the HAWKEYE. Putting together a yearbook which would accurately and comprehensively represent the State University of Iowa seemed quite a gigantic task in the beginning. We made a few basic changes in the book, including a new section on schools and colleges and their faculties and a 16 page feature on University expansion. The I-IAWKEYE office became a busy and constant hub of activity, both day and night. Desks became cluttered, typewriters clicked, and Pepsi bottles collected on the little green table. The pictures and the copy started rolling in-we were making a dent! The pressure was on continually as deadline after deadline approached and was met. To turn out quality work in record time was our immediate goal, this requiring many hard, hard hours of work. On Friday nights when many were relaxingg on Saturday mornings when others were sleeping, work was in progress on the HAWKEYE. There were some undeniably bad days and plenty of headaches, but the good times, Bernie's off-guard snapshots, and the rewards of accomplishment kept us going. As always, problems arose, but the "panic buttona' went untouched thanks to the help and advice from Professor Peterson and the staff members, Many people had an important responsibility to this book, and no one let me down. This will- ingness and eagerness to work is what made the 1964 HAWKEYE. So many deserve recognition here that the space doe-s not allow, but I do wish to acknowledge the following for their part in HAWKEYE production: 0 Mr. R. C. Walker, Miss Gene McRae and Auxier of Southwestern Engraving Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for top quality engravings and invaluable advice. 0 Bill Bywater and Clarence Unash of Economy Advertising Company in Iowa City for a beautiful job of printing. 0 lim Kent and his staff at University Photo Service for pictures. 0 Dilley Manufacturing Company of Des Moines for the HAWKEYE cover. 0 Iowa Alumni Association and University News and Information Service for a wealth of information. My special thanks go to my constant standbys . . . to my advisor, Professor Wilbur Peterson, who never failed to have a reassuring word or a right answer at the right time . . . to Berne Ketchum, whose pictures will hold memories for many SUI students and whose cooperation and easy-going manner I will never forget . . . to Nancy Bergsten, without whose able assistance I may never have gotten through the year . . . to Sue Artz, who will occupy my desk next year, for a fine job of copy reading and editing . . . to Pat Vanl-Ieel for the big job of HAWKEYE identification . . . to Tom Mosier and Iohn Anderson for photographic assistance . . . to Linda Winberg for her time on the index . . . to Iudy Stevens and the business staff for their cooperation . . . to all the editorial writers for well-written copy. Also a thank you to Bob Nandell and Ioe Lippincott for their pictures . . . to the girls who helped at Photo Night, on the index or with identifications . . . and to the many others who contributed in any way to the 1964 I-IAWKEYE. The year is over now, as is the task to which the staff and I had dedicated ourselves during this time. We are proud to present to you, the students, this 1964 I-IAWKEYE. For us, it is "the best evern because it became so much a part of us. We sincerely hope it will bring enjoyment to you. IAN BURNS Editor-in-Chief 1964 HAWKEYE 448 A Acacia, 410 Administrative Ofiicers, 55 Alpha Chi Omega, 382 Alpha Chi Sigma, 258 Alpha Delta Pi, 384 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 412 Alpha Gamma Delta, 194 Alpha Kappa Alpha, 224 Alpha Kappa Gamma, 268 Alpha Kappa Kappa, 259 Alpha Kappa Psi, 231 Alpha Lambda Delta, 250 Alpha Phi, 386 Alpha Phi Omega, 257 Alpha Tau Omega, 414 Alpha Xi Delta, 388 Altunni Association, 60 American Field Service, 269 American Institute of Chemical Engineering, 243 American Institute of Industrial Engineering, 269 American Pharmaceutical Association, 266 Angel Flight, 306 Art Department, 286 Associated Students of Engineering, 242 Associated Women Students, 195 B Baseball Team, 174 Basketball Team, 168 Beta Alpha Psi, 233 Beta Theta Pi, 416 Board of Regents, 54 Burge Hall, 334 Business Administration, College of, 65 C Central Party Committee, 204 Cheerleaders, 188 Chi Epsilon, 243 Chi Omega, 390 Christian Science College Organization, 273 Coaching Staff, 159 Collegiate Chamber of Commerce, 234 Cross Country Team, 185 Currier Hall, 348 D Daily Iowan, 150 Delta Chi, 418 Delta Delta Delta, 392 Delta Gamma, 394 Delta Sigma Delta, 238 Topical Delta Sigma Pi, 233 Delta Tau Delta, 420 Delta Theta Phi, 247 Delta Upsilon, 422 Delta Zeta, 396 Dental Hygiene, 100 Dentistry, College of, 66 Dolphin Fraternity, 212 Drama Department, 288 E Education, College ol, 69 Engineering, College of, 70 Eta Kappa Nu, 244 F Fencing Team, 183 Football Team, 162 G Gamma Alpha Chi, 256 Gamma Phi Beta, 398 General Nursing Students Association, 264 Golf Team, 182 Graduate College, 73 Gymnastics Team, 176 H HAWKEYE, 146 Highlanders, 219 Hillcrest, 360 Home Economics Club, 200 I lnterdorm Presidents' Council, 230 lnterdorm Social Board, 228 Interfraternity Council, 226 International Center Association, 221 Inter-religious Council, 272 Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship, 274 Iowa Conservatives, 224 Iowa Memorial Union, 58 Iowa Student Bar Association, 247 Iowa Transit, 245 l Iournalism, School of, 85 Iunior Interfraternity Council, 227 Iunior Panhellenic Council, 225 K Kappa Alpha Theta, 400 Kappa Epsilon, 268 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 402 Kappa Phi, 273 Index L Lambda Chi Alpha, 424 Law, College ol, 74 Letterman's Club, 220 Liahona Fellowship, 274 Liberal Arts, College of, 77 M Marching Band, 284 Married Students, 379 Medical Student Council, 259 Medical Technology, 259 Medicine, College oi, 78 Military, 293 Miss SUI Pageant Board, 208 Miss SUI Pageant Committee, 209 Mortar Board, 251 Music Department, 278 N Newman Club, 275 Nursing, College of, 81 Nu Sigma Nu, 261 O Occupational Therapy Club, 257 O11 Campus, 375 Old Gold Singers, 285 Omicron Delta Kappa, 252 Omicron Nu, 255 Orientation Council, 211 Outstanding Athletes, 160 P Panhellenic Council, 225 People-to-People, 193 Pep Club, 216 Pharmacy, College of, 82 Phi Alpha Delta, 250 Phi Alpha Mu, 253 Phi Beta Pi, 262 Phi Delta Phi, 248 Phi Delta Theta, 426 Phi Epsilon Kappa, 254 Phi Epsilon Pi, 428 Phi Eta Sigma, 253 Phi Gamma Delta, 430 Phi Gamma Nu, 235 Phi Kappa Psi, 432 Phi Kappa Sigma, 434 Phi Lambda Upsilon, 258 Phi Rho Sigma, 263 Phi Upsilon Omicron, 255 Pi Beta Phi, 402 Pi Kappa Alpha, 437 Pi Lambda Theta, 236 Practical Student Nurses, 264 Project AID, 192 Psi Omega, 240 Q Quadrangle, 370 Queens, 307 R Religion, School of, 86 . S Seals Club, 200 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 438 Sigma Alpha Eta, 254 Sigma Chi, 440 Sigma Delta Chi, 256 Sigma Delta Tau, 406 Sigma Nu, 442 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 444 Sigma Pi, 446 Sigma Theta Tau, 265 Social Work, School of, 89 South Quadrangle, 374 Student Health, 59 Student Marketing Club, 236 Student National Education Association CNEAD, 237 Student Nurses Organization 265 Student Publications Incorporated, 156 Student Senate, 190 Swimming Team, 178 Symphony Band, 279 Symphony Orchestra, 282 T Tau Beta Pi, 246 Television Center, 154 Tennis Team, 184 Theta Tau, 246 Track Team, 186 U Union Board, 202 University Choir, 281 University Chorus, 280 University Library, 57 W Westlawn, 357 Women's Recreation Association, 198 Wrestling, 180 Writers' Workshop, 292 WSUI, 152 Y Young Republicans, 222 YWCA, 201 Z Zeta Tau Alpha, 408 449 A Aagesen, Marjorie, 203, 403 Abbott, Beverly, 135 Abegg, Diane, 197, E, 348, Abel, David, 261 Abel, Karen, 135, 359 Abernathy, Teresa, 337, 340 Abrahamson, Paul, 239 Abram, Mariann, 336 Abrams, Betty, 407 Abrams, Donald, 132, 260 Abramson, Linda, 107, 352 Abrons, Elliot, 412 Abshier, James, 92 Achenbach, James, 227, 431 Acheson, Mary Ann, 353 Ackerman, Janet, 223, 107 Adams, Gail, 400 Adams, Karen, 107 Adams, Pamela, 396 Adamson, John, 107 Addis, Yvonne, 408 Aden, Carol, 335 Adis, Donald, 435 Adix, Marilyn, 335 Alfeldt, David, 249 Affre, Katherine, 352 Ager, Jacquelin, 107 Agnew, Robert, 241 Ahlbrecht, Sharon, 107 Ahrens, Barbana, 387 Ahrold, John, 227, 427 Aita, John, 416, 107, 149 Akin, Judith, 396 Albers, Steven, 431 Albert, Dorothy, 107, 254 Alberti, Kerry, 257, 371, 370 Alden, Nancy, 107 Aldinger, Karl, 262 354, 355 Aldrich, Barbara, 223, 237, 349 Aldrich, Patricia, 284 Aldrich, Richard, 23 Aldrich, Roger, 365 Ales, Larry, 436 Alex, Robert, 436 Alexander, Helen, 135 Alftine, David, 107 Ali, Mir, 221 Alikadi, Tuna, 107 Allan, Rebecca, 388, 338 Allcott, Wayne, 419 Allen, Beverly, 382 Allen, Charles, 436, 212 Allen, Eileen, 268 Allen, Lynn, 92 Allen, Randall, 443 Allen, Stanley, 107, 274 Allen, Terrence, 261 Alliband, Kathlyn, 202 Allison, Michael, 104 Almquist, Theodore, 241 Alper, Joseph, 412 Alshouse, Marsha, 352 Altenberned, Richard, 107 Alter, Harry, 232, 92 Alter, John, 412 Amble, Bette, 107 Ambrose, Donna, 340, 338 Ames, Richard, 247 Ancell, Ivan, 239 Anderlik, James, 419 Andersen, Carole, 399, 107, 148 Anderson, Carl, 365 Anderson, David, 427 Anderson, Diane, 334 Anderson, Evan, 415 tudent Index Anderson, Margaret, 353 Anderson, Mildred, 264 Anderson, Nancy, 387, 107, 268 Anderson, Robert A., 107, 174 Anderson, Robert T., 361 Andreson, Roger, 365 Anderson, Ronald, 439 Anderson, Stanley, 427 Anderson, Shirley, 408, 344 Anderson, Steven, 419 Andre, Mary, 351 Andreasen, David, 419, 254 Andres, Trifona, 50 Andrews, Doyle, 420 Andrews, Elsie, 135, 309 Andrews, Jane, 107 Angus, Carolyn, 396 Anixter, James, 428 Annand, Katherine, 107 Anthens, Phyllis, 388 Antrim, Richard, 107, 258 Apel, Ann-Morrison, 197, 306 Appel, Paul, 238 Applebee, Benny, 372 Appleby, Robert, 222 Appleton, Susan, 335 Arendt, Julianne, 349, 356 Arent, Stephen, 227, 415 Arisian, Margaret, 107 Arledge, John, 419 Armstrong, Gary, 362 Armstrong, Jeanette, 255 Armstrong, Paul, 371 Armstrong, Roger, 227, 420 Ame, Karen, 268 Arneson, Stephen, 232, 92 Amold, Carolyn, 387, 107 Amold, Edward, 304, 362 Amold, Fred, 258 Arnold, Kent, 427 Arnold, Vicki, 237, 107 Arrowsmith, Michael, 443, Arsts, Ojars, 365 Arthur, Lindsay, 194, 265 Artley, Virginia, 201, 347 Artz, Susan, 391, 193, 147 Artz, Tyrone, 262 Asareh, Richard, 428 Asarch, Thomas, 238 Asbury, Margaret, 264, 349 Aschenbrenner, Joann, 273 Ashby, Linda, 387 Ashford, Constance, 224 107 Ashton, James, 220, 228, 242, 243 252, 370 Asinger, Richard, 211, 419 Ask, David, 235 Asmussen, Frederick, 262 Atherton, Lynn, 399 Atkinson, Alan, 419 Atkinson, Jacqueline, 107 Atkinson, Jo Anne, 396, 107 Atkinson, Judith, 107 Atkinson, Richard, 101 Atty, Rose Mary. 107 Aufrecht, Sally, 338 Augspurger, Judith, 107 Augspurger, Stephen, 107 Aukes, Mary, 107 Ausburger, James, 248 Austad, Julie, 135 Austin, Mary, 356 Austin, Richard, 443 Avery, Stephen, 249 Aves, Dan, 92, 298, 299 Axeen, Allan, 432 Axeen, David, 253, 226, 432, 107, Anderson, Glen, 365, 367 Anderson, Gloria, 107 Anderson, Helen, 338 Anderson, James, 423 Anderson, Janice, 335 Anderson, John, 220, 297, 298, 299, 148 Anderson, John R., 419 Anderson, Karen, 351 Anderson, Kathryn, 403, 306, 191 Anderson, Kenneth, 432 Anderson, Linda, 274, 352 450 Ayres, David, 300 B Baack, Bennett, 232, 362 Baassiri, Bassam, 101 Babe, Michael, 223, 275, 364, 368 Babiak, Paul, 447 Bachman, Bonnie, 356 Bachman, Mary, 135, 357, 358 Bachman, Steven, 424, 92 Bacon, Marilyn, 395, 346 , 246, 252 Bader, Louise, 201, 269 Bagnall, Gary, 304, 362 Bahnick, Donald, 258 Bailey, Barbara, 400 Bailey, Bruce, 107, 242, 243, 246 Bailey, Duane, 261 Bailey, Gale, 354, 356 Bailey, Lawrence, 370, 209, 223, 257, 303, 305, 372 Bailey, Milton, 443 Bailey, Scott, 246 Bailey, Theron, 423 Bainbridge, James, 440 Bair, Margaret, 399 Baker, Beth, 384, 335 Baker, Francene, 391 Baker, Lawrence, 107 Baker, Lowell, 132 Baker, Mary Sue, 382 Baker, Thomas, 443 Bakken, David, 415, 300, 365 Balanoff, Arnold, 108, 260 Baldridge, Nancy, 335 Baldwin, Catherine, 408, 135 Baldwin, Daniel, 92 Baldwin, Jack, 443, 108 Baldwin, Philip, 108, 239 Ball, Melvin, 436, 108 Ballard, Dennis, 108 Ballard, Marjorie, 350, 354 Ballard, Mary, 350 Ballou, Cyn'hia, 391, 108 Balsley, Duane, 361 Baltzell, Robert, 443, 108 Bamsey, Carol, 342 Banaszek, Kenneth, 168, 174 Bandstra, Jeanne, 338 Banner, Robert, 419, 101 Banner, Wallace, 419, 92 Banwart, Delores. 237, 343 Barbee, Walter. 249, 252 Barck, Gerald, 362 Bardole, John, 262 Barer. Elizabeth, 108 Barghahn, Diane. 396, 268 Barker, Dean, 363 Barker, Gail Ann, 222, 268 Barker, Gerald, 371 Barlow, John, 240 Barlow, Michael, 443, 92, 302 Barnard, Julia, 196, 400 Barnes, Carol, 400 Barnes, Celia, 338 Barnes, Clarke, 108 Barnes, lda, 224 Bames, Ronald E., 447 Barnes, Ronald 1-1., 92 Barney, Ronald L., 240 Barnhart, Leeanne, 335 Bamhart, Marianne, 337 Barnhill, Morris, 181 Baron, Robert, 209, 226, 428 Barrett, Daniel, 444 Barricks, Lynn, 203, 205, 209, 216, 407 Barrieks, Robert. 428 Barry, Linda, 392 Barry, Owen, 427 Barry, Richard, 423 Barry, Robert, 101 Barry, VVilliam, 361 Bartels, Larry, 371 Bartels, Margaret, 108, 349, Barth, Frederick, 242, 246 Barthel, Barbara, 388 Bartholomew, Carole, 395 Bartlett, Donna, 273 B-artlett, Inez, 108 Bartley, Betty, 350 Barton, John, 371 Barton, Lonnie, 363. 365 Barton, Stephanie, 353, 328 Bashara, Jerome, 132 Bassett, Edward, 156 Bassman, Jerome, 227, 412 Bastian, Edward, 168, 427 Bastow, Mary Sue, 408, 335 Bastron, Robert, 132 Bateman, William, 362 Batman, David, 361 Batman, Saundra, 399, 250 Bauch, James, 423 Bauch, Jared, 250 Bauer, Merlin, 108 Bauer, Roger, 440, 249 Bauer, Sharon, 202, 225, 384, 108, 251 Bauer, Sheila, 225, 384 Bauer, Thomas, 203, 423 Baughman, Ronald, 108 Baum, Joseph, 132 Baum, William, 371 Bauman, Addie, 341 Baumgarten, Rich-ard, 363, 365, 368, 371 Baxter, Kenneth, 366 Baxter, Patricia, 28, 237, 348, 354, 356 Bay, John, 303, 305 Bay, Kathryn, 225, 400 Beach, Danny, 443 Beach, Marcia, 200 Beach, Marlen, 108 Beach, Robert, 371 Beadle, Stephen, 108 Beal, Wayne, 108 Beam, Edwin, 247 Beamer, John, 104, 263 Beamish, Thomas, 212 Beard, Janet, 268 Beard, John, 104 Beardmore, Carla, 353, 356 Beatty, Bruce, 411,108 Beatty, Joan, 338 Beatty, Thomas, 415 Beaupre, Mary, 346, 347, 200 Bechtelheimer, T. C., 92 Beck, Barbara, 342 Beck, David, 239, 92, 190, 192 Beck, Jonathan, 262 Beck, John, 222, 233, 92 Beck Paul, 440 Becker, Barbara, 264 Becker, Beverly, 108, 349, 256 Becker, Larry, 301, 300, 360, 361, 366 Beckford, Patricia, 196, 222, 237, 336 Beckman, Steven, 443 Beckwith, Gaynel, 108 Beckwith, Jean, 387 Beckwith, Sherrill, 404 Bedell, Donald, 238 Beebe, Carol, 392, 108 Beechel, Douglas, 240 Beecher, Judith, 211, 403 Beers, Beverly, 108 Beetner, Charles, 108 Beggs, Sharon, 391 Behm, Pamela, 23, 237 Beisner, Donald, 132, 260 Beiter, Barbara, 399, 149 Belger, Nancy, 108 Bell, David, 108, 260, 365 Belling, Fern, 349 Belling, Karen, 350 Belz, Joel, 224, 274 Benda, James, 303 Benda, John, 305 Bender, Linda, 343 Bendixen, Charles, 262 Bendtsehneidcr, S. R., 135 Benjamin, Kay, 407, 335 Benn, Otto, 363 ichard, 366 Benne, R Bennett, Darel, 242, 244, 101, 269 Bennett, Edward, 223, 108, 249, 252, 190 Bennett, Lorna, 399 Bennett, Margo, 108 Benson, Barbara, 223, 335 Benson, Lynn, 399 Benson, Ralph, 245, 101 Benson, Robert, 424 Benson, Ronald, 269 Benson, Walter, 240 Benten, John, 415 Bentz, Dale, 257, 156 Beranek, Nadine, 264 Bcrek, Mona, 350, 232 Beren, Bruce, 92 Beretta, Edward, 236 Berg, Bettina, 108 Berg, Jeanne, 407 Berg, Jeffrey, 435, 303, 305 Berg, Karen, 387 Berg, Minnie, 353, 356 Berg, Redge, 104 Berg, Stephen, 416 Berge, Douglas, 258 Berge, jerrie, 352, 321 Berger, Mara Lynn, 407, 345 Bergert, Donald, 420, 254 Berggren, john, 432 Bergman, james, 108 Bergman, Nancy, 351 Bergsten, Nancy, 197, 208, 399, 108 Bergstrom, Richard, 263 Bergstrom, Victoria, 396, 354 Bernatz, Susan, 225, 404 Bernauer, Michael, 415 Bemstein, Edward, 428 Berry, Ronald, 254, 178, 212, 372 Bersbach, john, 213 Berstler, Patricia, 135 Berven, Norman, 372 Bettenhausen, E. A., 108 Betterley, joseph, 300, 363 Beurle, james, 239 Bextine, Miles, 444 Bextine, Ralph, 178, 212 Bezdek, Patricia, 342 Bice, Jane, 203, 403, 149 Biekert, David, 92 Bielenberg, Joyce, 135 Bier, Constance, 108 Bierie, David, 239 Bierscheid, Robert, 361 Bigger, Hal, 178 Billington, Mary Ann, 344, 342 Binning, Dennis, 108 Bintz, john, 108 Birch, Rebecca, 109 Birdsong, Stephanie, 109 Birk, Sherry, 384 Birkbeck, john, 109 Birkeland, john, 424, 191 Bisgrove, Alan, 92 Bitter, joseph, 104 Blackmer, Sue, 392, 250 Blair, Della, 343 Blake, William, 92 Blakely, jerry, 447, 260 Blakely, Karen, 22, 382 Blakesley, Mary, 391 Bl-akey, Mary, 404 Blanchard, Craig, 92 Blandford, Elizabeth, 223, 338 Blanford, Toby, 132 Blankenburg, Barbara, 109 Blaser, Leslie, 362, 367 Blaszczyk, Paulette, 109 Blessing, jack, 109 Blessing, William, 435 Blevins, Donald, 239 Blinker, Nancy, 400 Blohme, Jacklyn, 200, 109 Blomker, Richard, 374 Blomker, William, 374 Blommers, James, 248 ,251 Bohlin, Ralph, 253 Bohlke, Judith, 347, 353 Boisen, Gary, 109 Bokomey, Carol, 201, 237, 388 Boland, Donald, 233 Boldt, Eugene, 435, 92 Bolender, Carl, 435 Bolonik, Cheryl, 350 Bondi, Hart, 299, 428, 92, 298 Bonnett, Dennis, 304, 363 Bonnett, Ronald, 247, 104 Booher, Amold, 109 Book, Glenn, 240 Book, Larry, 240 Booker, Brooks, 213 Booth, Alan, 412 Boothe, john, 362 Borchart, Donald, 249 Borcherding, Randall, 416 Borchers, Richard, 447 Borchers, Robert, 447 Borden, Frederic, 240 Borden, Ronald 428, 92 Borglum, Richard, 245, 246 Bork, Byron, 424 Borland, Cynthia, 194 Bom, Bette, 135, 264 Bornholdt, john, 423, 109, 297, 298, 299, 300 Bright, Karolyn, 387 Bright, Merle, 361 Brimeyer, Eileen, 275, 349 Brimmer, Kirk, 302, 303, 305 Brindley, jack, 262 Bringelson, john, 361, 364 Brinker, Terry, 365 Brinn, Victoria, 337 Brinton, Barbara, 235, 273 Brishin, Heather, 197, 399, 109, 254 Brisendine, Esther, 336, 337 Britton, Barbara, 384, 109, 255 Britton, Christopher, 420 Britton, Cynthia, 392 Brockshus, Judith, 109 Brockway, Virginia, 135 Brody, janet, 407, 335 Brogan, Sara, 197, 384, 109, Sl, 193 Bundgaard, Bruce, 447 Bunge, Mark, 364 Bunn, Eric, 365, 368 Bunn, Nila, 110 Bunnell, Danny, 447 Burch, Melissa, 336, 337 Burde, Mary Ann, 391, 110 Buresh, Kathleen, 395, 343 Buresh, Linda, 404, 310 Buresh, Margaret, 110 Burfeind, William, 416 Burgess, David, 334 Burgess, john, 443 Burgfechtel, Robert, 261 Burggraaf, Shirley, 268 Burianck, Nancy, 110 Burk, Peter, 247, 104 Burke, Betty, 110 Bortz, Linda, 342 Boshart, Diane, 352 Bosonac, Stephen, 363 Boston, Elizabeth, 395, 109 Boston, Ted, 440 Bosveld, Robert, 262 Bottomley, james, 233 Bouten, Shirley, 109 Bowen, Bruce, 298 Bowen, Linda, 237 Bowen, William, 300 Bower, Barbara, 343 Bowermaster, Jon, 362, 366 Bowman, David, 226, 227, 427 Bowman, Nancy, 400 Bowman, Rosalie, 404, 315 Bowman, Thomas, 440, 181 Bowstead, Judith, 350 Boyd, james, 109 Boyd, Karolyn, 109 Boyd, Nancy, 192, 197, 216, 400, 250 Boyd, Paul, 242, 246, 101 Boyd, William, 443 Boyle, jean, 237, 109 Brooke, Duncombe, 440 Brooks, Gary, 362 Brooks, jay, 362 Brouhard, john, 109 Brown, Alan, 431 Brown, Anthony, 241 Brown, Bambi, 353 Brown, Barry, 371 Brown, Carol, 387 Brown, Charles E., 92 Brown, Darryl, 109 Brown, Deborah, 342 Brown, Douglas, 109, 334 Brown, Flora, 109 Brown, Gary, 424 Brown, james, 424 Brown, james C. N., 361 Brown, janet, 391 Brown, jerald, 109 Brown, Joanne, 264 Brown, joseph Brown, Joyce, 264 Brown, Judith, 341, 343 Brown, Judith Ann, 382 Brown, Larry, 415 Brown, Nancy, 309, 404, 306, 193 Brown, Patricia, 337 Brown, Richard, 439 Brown, Robert, 101 Brown, Robert S., 427 Brown, Robert T., 260 Brown, Sara, 337 Brown, Tracy, 227, 443 Brown, YVil1iam, 262, 274 Brownell, Lynne, 109 Burke, David, 261 Burke, james, 233, 234 Burke, john, 132, 261 Burke, Ruth, 200, 273, 338 Burkett, Harvey, 436 Burkhardt, Barbara, 338 Burkhardt, john, 254 Burkley, janet, 135 Burks, james, 435 Burnett, Joyce, 194 Bumett, Ronald, 92 Boysen, Andrew, 109 Brade, Rosalie, 109 Bradley, james, 447 Brady, Darlene, 211, 399, 306 Brady, Miohael Ann, 325, 404 Brady, Patrick, 239 Brain, Ellen, 200, 382 Braklow, john, 439, 372 Brandmill, janet, 382 Blong, Beatrice, 353 Bloom, Gary, 132 Bloom, Michael, 363 Bloom, Neil, 412 Bloomberg, Susan, 264 Bloomcamp, Patricia, 109 Bloomquist, Carroll, 305 Blosten, Kay, 209, 407 Blott, Susan, 408 Blunck, Robert, 23, 232, 360, 364 Boardman, Elizabeth, 225, 392, 356 Boardman, William, 242, 244, 101, 275 Boatman, Douglas, 432 Boatman, judith, 396 Bobbitt, Thomas, 365 Bobenhouse, james, 415 Bobenhouse, Judith, 135 Bock, Frederic, 104 Bockenstedt, F., 261 Bockholt, James, 109 Boddticker, joe, 247, 104 Bode, Allan, 2.3, 364 Bodey, john, 244, 246 Bode, janice, 135, 357, 358 Boe, Lawrence, 443 Boe, Ronald, 300 Boeke, Lee, 249 Bogaard, Jana Sue, 109 Bohlen, Clair, 372 Brandt, Joseph, 362 Brandt, Kay, 384 Brandt, Paul, 212 Brauer, Ann, 250, 337, 339 Brauer, Bronwyn, 396 Brauer, Mary, 342 Braun, Paul, 216, 444 Brechwald, Robert, 101, 363 Bredall, Mark, 444 Breder, Joanne, 337 Breese, Jeanette, 356 Brehm, Evelyn, 348, 349 Bremer, Carol, 341, 343, 344 Breneman, Dean, 364 Brenker, Susan, 335 Brennan, Charles, 92 Brenneman, Muriel, 264 Bretz, Norton, 212 Breuer, Ned, 92 Breuer, Richard, 244 Breuer, Ted, 109 Briar, Richard, 109, 274 Brickey, Linda, 387, 109 Brideson, Robert, 371 Bridgeford, Linda, 396, 109 Briggs, Dennis, 415, 109 Briggs, Norman, 304, 371 Briggs, Paula, 395 Briggs, William, 162 Bright, Diane, 109 Bright, james, 365 Bright, janet, 237, 388 Brownlee, David, 249 Brownlee, Mary Sue, 384 Broz, john, 419 Brozek, Richard, 162 Brubaker, Dennis, 240 Bruce, Carol, 104 Bruce, David, 432 Bruce, Keith, 238 Brucker, Kenna, 335 Brueggemann, Lisa, 110 Bruhn, Judith, 340, 338 Brummel, Larryl, 361, 364 Brummund, Mary Ann, 337 Brunberg, james, 263 Bruner, Sharon, 135 Bruning, Richard, 232, 300, 364, 368 Brunk, Tommy, 247 Bruns, David, 110, 241, 275, 274 Bruns, William, 223, 262 Brunst, Carl, 420, 174 Brunst, Marianne, 236, 110, 336, 339, 338 Brunstrom, Pamela, 338 Bruntjen, Scott, 440 Brus, Shirley, 342 Bryant, Jolene, 404 Bryant, Michael, 361 Brydon, Barbara, 391 Brye, james, 423, 92 Bubb, Carol, 194, 110 Buch, james, 368 Buchanan, Glenn, 232, 447 Buchanan, Paul, 427 Buchholtz, William, 240 Buck, Dorryl, 227, 427, 191 Buck, Emest, 372 Budzik, Bernard, 420, 162 Buell, Nancy, 53 Buell, Willis, 427 Bukoff, Cheryl, 334 Bullock, Daniel, 132, 263 Bulmer, jana Lou, 404 Burnett, William, 233, 363 Burnette, Willtiam, 364 Bums, jack, 104 Burns, janet, 399, 110, 146 Buroker, Thomas, 110 Burrell, john, 427 Burress, Susan, 200 Burrows, Kenneth, 238 Burrows, Tom, 104 Burry, Barbara, 382, 188 Burry, George, 415 Burton, Martha, 265, 337 Bush, Barbara, 335 Bush, james, 248 Bush, Shirley, 194, 204, 191 Bushaw, William, 274 Buster, james, 162, 92 Buswell, Henry, 443, 364 Butcher, Charles, 443 Butin, Lynn, 342 Butin, Sandra, 343 Byers, Mary Lou, 335 Bywater, Mary, 306, 216, 237, 110, 251 C Cacciatore, Mary, 110 Cain, Linda Lou, 250, 273 Caines, Kenneth, 419 Caisley, Jean, 135, 251, 357, 323 Calame, Virginia, 404 Caldwell, Bradley, 439 Caldwell, jan, 110 Caldwell, Janice, 223 Calhoun, Gary, 227, 439 Calhoun, john, 101 Callaway, Michael, 447, 305 Callison, Patricia, 340, 338 Calta, Dick, 304 Calvert, Connie, 352 Calvert, john, 440, 300 Camden, john, 372 Cameron, Bruce, 262 Cameron, Karnese, 194, Camp, David, 240 Campbell Bowen, 239 Campbell, Charles, 223, 248 Campbell, George, 334 Campbell, James, 249 Campbell Patricia, 399 Campbell, Ruth, 335 228, 346, 347 Cannady, Cheryl, 350 Cannella, James, 182 Cannon, Linda, 344 Cannon, Richard, 110 Canon, Mary, 391, 345 Capouch, Carolyn, 382, 135 Capps, Kay, 264 Cardelli, Robert, 132, 261 Cardullo, joseph, 361, 367 Cargile, janice, 356 Carl, Stephen, 365, 366 Carle, Richard, 162 Carley, J. Allen, 432 Carlsen, Kristin, 395 451 Carlson, Brenda, 334, 335 Carlson, Candace, 110 Carlson, Eric, 412 Carlson, james, 440 Carlson, james, 304 Carlson, Karin, 116 Carlson, Kenneth, 364 Carlson, Linda, 399 Carlson, Patricia, 149, 203, 209, 205, 399 Carlson, Raymond, 220, 249, 212 Carlson, Susan, 348, 350 Carlsson, Mary, 350 Christiansen, Laura, 191, 149, 400 Christianson, Paul, 223, 247, 360, 364, 367, 368 Chuck, Cherrelyn, 392 Chudwick, Susan, 200, 392, 149 Church, james, 424, 303, 305 Chute, Donald, 361 Cilek, Mary, 395 Cincione, Barbara, 110, 259 Cirulis, Maris, 224 Claerhout, William, 249 Clancy, Sharon, 349, 354 Clapp, Peggy, 110 Conlin, Michael, 101 Connell, Mary, 216, 387, 191 Connelly, Carol, 275 Conrad, Katherine, 223, 111, 339, Conwell, joseph, 227, 419 Conwisher, Rosa, 254, 336 Cook, Dave, 443 Cook, David, Z0 Cook, joan, 335 Cook, joseph, 361 Cook, joseph 111, 334, 212 Cook, Karen, 347 Cook, Kathleen, 345 3 38 Carlton, james, 205, 420 Carmichael, Richard, 443, 304 Carpenter, Carol, 399 Carpenter, Constance, 205, 403 Carpenter, jotann, 338 Carpenter, joseph, 431 Carr, E. Michael, 248, 104, 252 Carr, john, 259, 261 Carr, Mary Anne, 387 Carrier, Patricia, 384 Carrigg, john, 427 Carroll, Timothy, 423, 362 Carruthers, Bruce, 360, 364 Carson, Richard, 132 Carson, William, 242, 244, 246 Cartand, Laurence, 110 Carter, Barbara, 24, 349 ,311 , 101 Carter, Orwin, 364, 298, 110, 360, 258, 296, 299, 300 Carter, Steven, 104, 250 Carter, Wendola, 110 Cartwright, janet, 392 Carver, Harold, 372 Carver, john, 217, 440 Carver, Michael, 110, 420, 190 Casady, Carolyn, 301, 110, 387 Case, Pamela, 196, 399 Casey, Gail, 110 Cassaday, Donald, 254, 212 Castle, Thomas, 92 Castonguay, Willard, 110 Catlett, judith, 403 Caudle, Raejean, 110 Cavanaugh, john, 92 Cavitt, Sandra, 353 Cecil, jon, 227, 439 Cecil, William, 223, 436 Cemy, Kathleen, 338 Chadek, Loma, 110 Chadim, Cheryl, 274 Chadima, Warren, 238 Chadwick, Ann, 399 Chalfant, Lola Ann, 236, 110 Chamberlain, Maurice, 132 Champlin, Kay, 225, 237, 110, Chandler, Cheryl, 391 Change, Astor, 263 Chapman, David, 236, 416 Chapman, Frieda, 110 Chapman, Richard, 427 Chapman, Richard R., 92 Chapman, Thomas, 420 Chamoski, Bonnie, 264, 357 Chase, Catherine, 396 Chase, jo Ann, 337 Chase, judith, 382 Check, Earl, 248 Check, Richard, 241 Cheeks, Dansby, 237 Cheeks, john, 299 Chenoweth, Delores, 92 Cherry, Elizabeth, 262 Cherryholmes, Keith, 365 Chester, Susan, 355 Chiesa, Scharlott, 400, 317 Childs, Michael, 424 Chilton, Sarah, 110 Chinn, Lynda, 194 Chmura, jo Ann, 400 Chopek, Mary Etta, 110 Chovinard, Edward, 273 Chrisinger, Linda, 110, 384 Christ, Daryl, 110 Christ, Mary, 237, 92 Christen, Helen, 343 Christensen, john, 363 Christensen, Mary, 399 Christensen, Patricia, 334, 35 Christensen, Ross, 240, 252 Christiansen, Dean, 416 382, 200 Christiansen, George, 242, 243, 245, 246, 101 452 Clapsaddle, Thomas, 440 Clarey, Robert, 101 Clark, Alice, 349 Clark, Cynthia, 391 Clark, Glen, 186, 436, 299, 303, 305 Clark, Kenneth, 223, 360, 365, 366 Clark, Marijane, 110 Clark, Ruth Ann, Clark Sandra, 399 Clark, Scott, 244, 246, 101 Clarke, George, 185, 20 Clarke, Thomas, 148 Clausen, Phyllis, 264 Clausen, Robert, 360 Clausman, Richard, 365 Clauson, Karen, 336 Claussen, Ronald, 101 Claxton, Robert, 138, 266 Clay, Danny, 415 Claypool, Nancy, 111 Clearwaters, Keith, 250 Clemens, David, 247 Clemens, janet, 205, 341 Clements, Carol, 338, 339 Clements, Karen, 382 Clemons, Norvall, 92 Clemons, Wilson, 238, 252 Cleveland, Carolyn, 215, 404 Cleveland, jerry, 427 Clifton, janice, 266, 268 Clinch, Ellen, 408 Cline, Sandra, 203, 404 Clinger, Charlotte, 111 Clinite, Michele, 275 Clore, Lawrence, 436 Close, Franceen, 111 Close, Linda, 403 Clough, Randy, 361 Clover, Carolyn, 111 Clow, Bonnie, 135 Clow, Donald, 364 Clow, Douglas, 243, 302, 303 Clymer, Barbara, 191 Cmejrek, james, 162 Coats, james, 250 Cochran, VVilbur, 415, 104, 250 Coffelt, Gary, 298, 301, 300 Coffie, David, 371 Coffin, Ruth, 225, 400 Coffman, james, 435 Coffman, Quentin, 365 Coghlan, Robert, 300 Cogley, Bemard, 111 Cohen, Gary, 262 Cohen, Kathryn, 257, 337 Cohn, Steve, 428 Cohrs, Kenneth, 361 Coker, Gordon, 254 Colbert, john, 203, 440 Colby, Anthony, 132 Cole, Elizabeth, 261 Cole, Elizabeth, 338, 195, 201, 222, 336, 340 Cole, jerry, 236 Coleman, Don, 223 Colgate, Thomas, 254 Collier, Roberta, 22, 111, 388, 149 Collins, Corrine, 337, 200 Collins, Gavin, 92 Collins, judith, 391, 306 Collman, Kenneth, 362 Colloton, joseph, 249 Colon, Robert, 415 Colony, Richard, 101 Colwell, Gary, 47 Comber, Nancy, 384 Combs, Stephen, 436 Combs, Steven, 362 Coniglio, joseph, 411 Conkel, Donnie, 431 Conklin, Eileen, 342 Cook, Lois, 111, 259 Cook, Marilynn, 404, 191 Cook, Mary, 356 Cook, Monte, 111, 300 Cook, Robert, 371 Cook, Robert M., 440 Cook, Stephen, 234, 93 Cook, Thomas, 111 Cook, William, 365 Cooksey, Evelyn, 255 Coon, janet, 342 Coon, Phyllis, 341 Coon, Robert, 424, 300, 305, 366 Cooney, james, 223, 104 Cooney, john, 423 Cooney, Michael, 93, 302, 305 Cooney, Thomas, 432 Coons, Kenton, 362 Cooper, john, 262 Cooper, Mary C., 388 Cooper, Mary, 222 Cooper, Roger, 300 Cooper, Steven, 238 Copeland, Eugene, 104, 249 Copeland, Walter, 239 Copley, Connie, 223, 408 Corconan, Maureen, 384 Corderman, Sandra, 343 Cordes, john, 223, 364 Corey, Margaret, 350 Corey, Walter, 222, 232, 234, 93 Corlett, Gail, 335 Cormany, Christopher, 439 Corn, Loretta, 407 Cornish, Anne, 343, 342 Comish, Richard, 443, 365 Corr, Donna, 350 Corr, Mark, 111 Corson, Marjorie, 195, 196, 197, 250 Corson, Sue, 111, 399 Cortimigla, Sharon, 193, 197, 203, 205, Crew, Karin, 384, 355 Crews, Phyllis, 391, 191 Cribbs, Barbara, 382, 200 Crihbs, james, 236, 93 Crider, Larry, 209, 216, 226, 444 Crissman, Lawrence, lll Crist, VValter, 415 Critchlow, Donald, 364 Critz, Boyd, 104 Critz, Trainor, 371, 213 Crockett, David, 93 Cronkhite, john, 248 Crook, Diana, 201, 335 Crookham, Donna, 111 Crosheck, james, 242, 243, 246, 101, 2 Cross, james, 260 Crow, Roberta, 335 Crowell, john, 260 Croxdale, Michael, 261 Crumley, Roger, 260 Culbertson, judith, 111 Culver, Enid, 350 Cummings, Brian, 111 Cumminsg, Gary, 371 Cummings, Lynne, 351 Cumpston, Kay, 268, 349 Cunningham, Margaret, 111 Cunningham, Michael, 447 Cuplin, Dean, 362 Curl, Eva, 355 Curley, William, 419, 191 Currans, Emmet, 93 Curtis, Susan C., 198, 268 Curtis, Susan M., 395 Curto, john, 223 Custer, Vona, 273 D Daake, Dennis, 364 Daedlow, Dennis, 361 Daggett, Paul, 435 Dagle, Chester, 435, 148 Dahl, Robert, 435 Dahley, Naomi, 351, 52 Dahlquist, Carole, 254 Dahlstrom, Roy, 439, 360, 361 Dahm, james, 241 Dahms, Scott, 372 Daily, Sanford, 111 Dains, Kenneth, 254 Dalciden, Lenore, 353 Dalen, Susan, 111, 384 Dallenbach, Robert, 443, 302, 304 404, 250, 306, 191 Corwin, William, 424 Cosentino, Frederick, 111 Cossitt, Linda, 111, 404 Cossmon, Charles, 241 Cote, Suzanne, 404 Cotter, jane, 200, 111 Cotter, Mary, 230, 111, 254, 336, 338 Cottle, joan, 198, 201, 22, 388 Cottrell, Karen, 22, 237, 336, 191 Coulter, Charles, 249 Countryman, joan, 395 Countryman, Karen, 395, 306 Cover, Douglas, 236 Cowama, Edward, lll Cowger, Robert, 132 Cox, Anne, 342 Cox, Linda, 396 Cox, Rebecca, 395 Cox, Sherril, 111, 345 Cozine, jeanne, 135 Crabb, Millicent, 349 Cralt, Thomas, 444 Craig, Arlene, 347 Craigie, Miohael, 212 Crain, Lawrence, 230, 111, 370, 371 Cram, Richard, 262 Cramer, Carolyn, 222, 250, 349, 200 Cramer, Leandra, 351 Cramer, VVi1liam, 444, 212 Crandall, Richard, 419 Crane, Michael, 424 Cravcr, james, 431 Crawford, Daniel, lll Crawford, Russell, 440 Creech, Kenneth, 232 Creed, Linda, 195, 196 Creger, janice, 339, 338 Cremers, Bernard, 202, 138 Creswick, Robert, 424, 303, 305 Dalmasso, Gary, 111 Dalton, Thomas, 423 Damon, Patricia, 111 Danile, john, 372 Daniel, Phyllis, 337 Daniels, Dale, 242, 243 Daniels, Denver, 93 Danielson, Ellen, 111, 349 Danowsky, Mark, 432 Darling, Dorothy, 203, 224, 403 Damall, john, 444 Dassio, Anna, 395 Daubenberger, Max, 101 Davenport, Carolyn, 2.3, 342 Davenport, Elizabeth, 273, 338 Davenport, Lancelot, 420 David, judith, 384 Davida, George, 444 Davidson, Charles, 363 Davidson, jerome, 431, 188 Davis Alice, 395, 269, 338 Davis, Anne, 225, 404 Davis, Carol, 353, 355 Davis, Charles, 247 Davis Davis Davis Charles, 274 Davis, , David, 233 , jeffrey, 111 Davis, , Richard, 444 Larry, 111, 258 Davisson, janice, 388, 338 Dawson, Craig, 364, 174 Day, Ronald, 363 Day, Suzanne, 351 Deam, Barbara-Kay, 223, 237, 273 Deantona, joseph, 162 Debaere, Richard, 101 Debo, james, 435 Debolt, Karen, 342 Deboom, Kenneth, 447 Debord, Sally, 399 75 Farstru Ellis Deckard, Diane, 400 Decker, David, 263, 364 Decker, William, 367 Decoster, Richard, 275, 364 Decouvreur, Gilbert, 221 Dcdakis, Nancy, 403 Dedic, Lumir, 238 Dcdmon, Howard, 240 Deegan, Robert, 300 ' Deegan, William, 245 Deerberg, Dean, 227, 447 Dehl, Robert, 439 Deitchler, Linda, 403 Dekock, Donald, 23, 233 Delaat, Jacqueline, 237, 382, 191 Delay, Sharon, 391 Deming, Joyce, 387 Demoss, William, 93 Deumth, Catherine, 388 Denkinger, Linda, 352 Dennis, Dennis, 439 Denny, Nancy, 399 Denoma, Michael, 168, 220, 431 Derr, Barbara, 251, 195, 196, 395, 318 Dessel, Joan, 342 Dessel, Julia, 342 Dessinger, David, 363 Detter, James, 111 Deutsch, Phillip, 162, 220 Dever, Delma, 250 Devick, Larry, 415 Devine, Wilbur, 181 Devoe, Lisa, 396 Devoe, Philip, 93, 182 Dew, William, 111, 248 Dewall, Joyce, 235, 353, 354, 356 Dewitt, Dennis, 239 Dewolf, Mary, 382, 334 Deyo, Winnifred, 104 Diblasio, Paul, 371 Dichtelmiller, R., 93 Dick, Carolyn, 205, 403 Dick, Charles, 327, 202, 208, 112, 252 Dick, Fred, 262 Dick, Valerie, 112 Dicker, Lee, 428 Dickey, Howard, 248 Dickey, Mary, 342 Dickinson, Dianne, 384 Dickson, Arthur, 371 Dickson, Sheila, 203 Diddy, Kathleen, 384, 348, 353 Diehl, John, 26, 427, 93 Dierks, Diane, 112 Dierks, Wilhma, 112, 350 Dietz, Judith, 257 Digwo, Samuel, 363 Dillingham, Nathan, 303 Dillon, John, 104 Dimond, Richard, 259, 261 Dingman, Ann, 392 Dingman, Celia, 15 Dinsmoor, Ann, 395 Dinsrnore, Diana, 353 Dirks, Sharon, 384 Dirksen, Mary Ann, 112 Dirlam, Karen, 335 Dishlip, Janet, 314, 343, 344 Dismer, Melinda, 391 Disselhorsr, Charles, 364 Distelhorsi, E., 204, 208, 112, 444 Ditch, Judith, 264 Dittmer, Larry, 232, 234 Dittrner, Thomas, 112, 298 Dittrich, Vincent, 304 Dixon, Barbara, 112 Dixon, Larry, 249 Dixon, Margo, 350 Doane, William, 305 Dockendorff, Janice, 343 Dockstader, Carolyn, 205, 257 Dodd, Jack, 132 Dodge, Ronald, 364 Doellinger, John, 415 Dohrmann, Russell, 93 Dolan, Michael, 205, 420 Donahe, Karen, 112 Donaldson, Dianne, 237, 355 Donlon, Patrick, 262 Donn, Janice, 346, 347 Donnelly, Keneth, 112 Donovan, Edward, 27, 415 Donovan, John, 112, 182 Dooley, Michael, 300 Doolittle, Margaret, 112, 273 Doran, Michael, 431 Dorathy, Gwen, 342 Dorn, Sharen, 112, 257 Dorr, Larry, 431 Dorr, Lawrence, 300 Dort, Dean, 222, 440, 374 Dory, Kermit, 233 Dougherty, Richard, 162, 93 Doughty, Barbara, 196, 197, 201 384, 193 Doughty, Harry, 104, 249 Douglas, William, 416 Douthitt, John, 254 Dow, Andrea, 112, 259 Dower, Katherine, 400, 346, 347 Downey, Janice, 268, 342, 345 Downey, Ronald, 253 Downey, Theodore, 93 Downs, Suzanne, 387 Draeger, Larry, 112 Drahozal, Theresa, 353 Drain, Michael, 233, 362 Drake, Sandra, 335 Draper, Ronald, 233, 93 Drechsel, Virginia, 350, 355 Drennan, Kay, 382 Drew, Mary, 223, 352 Drewis, Ruth, 135, 359 Drish, Steven, 20, 431, 253, 212, 177 Driskell, Michael, 202 Drozdowicz, Peter, 177 Druivenga, Alan, 365 Drumm, Philip, 431 Dryer, Stephen, 93, 362, 367 DrYB', Fred, 93 Drzycimski, John, 363 Duax, William, 258 Duerkop, Stephen, 431 Dull, Judith, 112, 392 Duff, Richard, 104 Dufoe, Linda, 112 Duggleby, Tamara, 335 Edlen, Bonnie, 408 Edler, Richard, 204, 26, 420 Edsen, Jerry, 304, 364 Edwards, Charles, 363 Edwards, Larry, 372 Edwards, Ronald, 213 Eells, Donald, 363, 368 Eliland, Robert, 420 Egan, James, 132, 259 Egger, Karen, 112 Eggers, Robert, 212 Eggers, Thomas, 436 Eggert, Richard, 436 Eggland, Carol, 135 Ehberg, Donald, 112 Ehlers, Eileen, 388 Ehlers, Linda, 403 Ehrhardt, Charles, 104, 249 Ehrhardt, Dennis, 249 Ehrhardt, James, 112 Eilert, John, 250 Einhorn, Lawrence, 262 Eisenmann, Paul, 112 Eitmann, Joan, 335 Ekholm, Katherine, 350 F Faber, J. Lynne, 337 Faber, Lynn, 223 Fackler, Carl, 113, 440, 253, 371 Fahlenloamp, Terrance, 447 Fahn, Charles, 304, 305 Fairall, Patricia, 384 Falh, Kent, 113 Falb, Richard, 238 Falberg, Karen, 337, 339 Falk, Fred, 428 Falk, James, 427, 371 Fane, Larry, 260 F anter, Robert, 231, 439 Fanter, William, 439 Farber, Allan, 412, 242, 243, 246 Farber, Farell, Gail, 407 Cesar, 233 Farneti, Judith, E, 396, 149 Farran, Michael, 440 Farrell, Kathleen, 271, 404, 250, 191 Farrell, Larry, 424 p, Alan, 113 Eloiss, Jean, 236, 112 Elbert, Donald, 162 Elder, Susan, 388 Eldcrkin, Kenton, 223, 227, 416 Elizer, Lee, 112 Elledge, Edward, 371 Eller, Theodore, 447 Ellertson, Dennis, 112, 184 Ellery, Gary, 138 Elliott, Carolyn, 342 Elliott, Dennis, 244, 246, 101 Elliott, Kay, 223, 342 Elliott, Linda, 225, 382 Ellis, Bonnie, 112 Ellis, Charles, 93 Ellis, Mary, 396 Ellis, Melvin, 367 , William, 26, 443 Fashimpaur, Jay, 162 Fastenow, Craig, 113 Faulk, Carol, 203, 399 Fawcett, John, 371 Febey, Richard, 440, 177 Feder, Ronald, 412 Fedge, Alan, 132 Fee, Jean, 188, 204, 216, 404, 250, 306 Fehseke, Richard, 423 Feichtinger, Judith, 113 Feinberg, Joye, 113 Feloher, Ellen, 338, 340 Feldman, Aviva, 350 Feldman, Barbara, 334 Feldman, Charles, 428 Feldman, Dorothy, 338, 200 Feldstein, Lawrence, 113 Feller, Feller, Paul, 443 Richard, 416, 360, 364, 368, 367 Duke, Margaret, 225, 400, 191 Dukek, Janet, 264 Dulin, John, 203, IZ, 419 Dumbaugh, Robert, 248, 104 Duncan, Douglas, 93 Duncan, Pamala, 112 Duncan, Patricia, 112, 408 Dungan, Carol, 338 Dunham, Larry, 262 Dunham, Louisa, 350 Ellison, William, 112 Ellsworth, Jonnifer, 395 Ellsworth, Margaret, 112 Ellsworth, Penelope, 198, 223, 225, 237, 408 Ellyson, Margarete, 112 Elmquist, Cynthia, 113 Elmquist, Ronald, 113, 249 Ely, Douglas, 361 Emarine, Charles, 27, 443 Dunlap, Lesley, 350 Dunlap, Norman, 374 Dunlop, Diane, 198, 388 Dunn, Diane, 194 Dunn, James, 432 Dunn, Katy, 399 Dunne, Michael, 112 Dunscombe, Larry, 240 Dunshee, Donald, 424, 191 Dunton, Allen, 227, 411 Durfee, Diane, 225, 404 Duro, John, 238 Duroe, Linda, 400 Dusenbery, Jerry, 366 Dutcher, Anne, 342, 345 Dutton, Phyllis, 338 Duvall, David, 23, 228, 372 Duvall, Irene, 336, 337, 339 Dvorak, Bonita, 237 Dvorsky, Denver, 233 Dvorsky, Doris, 347 Dyas, Ruth, 250, 346, 347 Dye, Phillip, 112 E Eagle, Anita, 384 Earl, Wilber, 226, 447 Earley, James, 365, 368 Eastman, Donna, 337 Easton, Francis, 112, 439 Ebel, Charles, 112 Ebersole, Terry, 371 Ebert, John, 184 Eccles, Jerry, 101 Echtemacht, Richard, 222, 361 Eckstein, Mary Ann, 338 Eckstrom, Conrad, 254 Eden, Kathleen, 112 Edison, John, 132 Emerson, Pamela, 392, 250, 341, 344 Emmett, Dorothy, 113 Endahl, Merrilee, 355, 356 Eness, Janice, 135 Engel, Engel, Engel, Joyce, 203 Richard, 428 Rosalind, 236 Engstrom, John, 93 Enyart, Larry, 374 Erb, Margaret, 198, 400, 191 Erbe, Suzanne, 382 Erickson, Mary, 400 Erickson, Caroline, 351 Erickson, Ellen, 203, 205, 399, 306, 316 Erickson, Michael, 238 Erickson, Sharon, 338 Ericzon, Sandra, 200, 216, 23, 275, 191, 113, 384, 192 Erie, Lynne, 113, 384 Erlanger, Ruth, 113 Erstad, Karen, 351 Ertz, John, 242, 243, 246 Esch, Joan, 196, 404 Esler, Kenneth, 362 Estes, Jerry, 249 Etheridge, Judith, 113 Evans, Dale, 361 Evans, Dave, 364 Evans, Jarold, 444 Evans, Joyce, 198, 388 Evans, Max, 411 Evans, Nancy, 335 Evans, Richard, 416 Evans, Shylr Lynn, 264 Evans, Susan, 22 Evans, Susan Kate, 237,ll3, 387, 269 Everingham, Deborah, 113 Everroad, Sue, 194 Eversman, Joseph, 104 Ewert, Joseph, 249 Fellhauer, Martha, 275, 350 Fellows, William, 440 Feltus, Nancy, 257 Ferance, Russell, 363 Ferenczy, Peter, 419 Ferguson, David, 261 Ferguson, Donna, 195, 391 Ferguson, Jay, 299, 301 Femltad, Joan, 135, 358 Ferner, Celia, 113, 150 Ferren, Philip, 431 Ferris, Judy, 387, 93, 306 Ferris, Lance, 304, 362, 213 Ferry, Terry, 162 Ferstenfeld, Julian, 260 Fetzer, Douglas, 303 Feuer, Frances, 203 Feuer, Margaret, 341 Feuer, Max, 428 Fey, Ronald, 361 Fiala, Nancy, 113, 273, 2.00 Fiala, Paul, 366 Ficeli, John, 361 Fields, Charles, 222, 435, 274, 363, 366 Fields, Clark, 258 Fiet, Norman, 261 Figenshaw, Michael, 104 Filbrandt, Douglas, 298, 299 Filean, Paul, 415, 101 Files, Marcia, 404 Filipi, Charles, 260 Finanger, Kenton, 254 Finch, Alvin, 93 Fincham, Sydney, 392, 200 Fingert, Gary, 238 Fink, John, 363 Fink, Teri, 392, 149 Finken, Dwight, 232, 236 Finley, Doris, 223, 346, 347 Finley, Thomas, 249 Finn, Janice, 387 Finnegan, Jerald, 261 Finzel, Gerald, 101 Fischer, Don, 242 Fischer, Gary, 244, 246, 101 Fischer, Nancy, 113 Fischgrund, Cathy, 113, 251 Fiscus, Linda, 342 Fish, Alan, 101 Fisher, Cheryl, 340 Fisher, Frederick, 233 453 Fisher, Hugh, 101 Fisher, James, 432 Fisher, Merry Dell, 198 Fisher, Sandra, 403 F ister, Jon, 203, 226, 411, 191 Fite, Mary, 344 Fitz, Jack, 104 Fitzpat rick, Anne, 395, 250, 306 Fitzsimmons, Paul, 113, 247 Fitzsimmons, Stephen, 361, 366 Fladoos, Sharon, 400 Flanagan, John, 113, 443 Flanigan, Robert, 432 Flatt, J Flemin Flemm' oseph, 362 g, Harry, 113 ing Lorraine, 113 Fletcher, Gary, 220 Fletcher, John, 432 Fletcher, Robert, 204, 423 Eileen, 353 Flickinger, Roger, 132, 260 Fliger, Daniel, 364, 182 Fliger, Mamell, 93 Flohr, Thomas, 423 Florer, Sherry Lee, 404 Floy, Judith, 358, 359 Flynn, Margaret, 113 Flynn, Mary, 341, 343 Foderberg, Dennis, 242, 243 Fogarty, Gerald, 113 Fogel, Juanita, 135 Folkers, Herman, 427 Follmer, Diane, 351 Fomenko, Nadya, 205, 403 Fones, Margaret, 223, 347 Foraker, David, 274 Ford, Robert, 415 Ford, Susan, 345, 342 Foresman, Ronald, 361 Forker, Alan, 443 Forsek, Diane, 135, 359 Foss, Douglas, 415 Foss, Sally Ann, 196, 197, 403, 337 Foster, James, 113 Foster, Larry, 420 Foster, Phyllis, 399 Fotsch, Harold, 247, 104 Foulkes, Bobbie, 223, 341, 344, 343 Fountain, Priscilla, 392 Fowler, Richard, 262 Fowles, Julian, 363 Frisch, Mary, 113 Frohling, Arlyn, 93 Fruehling, Conrad, 300 Frus, Ronald, 263 Fry, Glenna, 259 Frye, Margo, 113, 396 Fryxell, William, 415 Fudge, Clillord, 101 Fuhrman, James, 244, 246 Fuller, Jean, 135, 359 Fuller, Mary, 135, 264 Fuller, Michael, 178, 212 Fuller, Milton, 220 Fuller, William, 181 Fulton, Duayne, 372 Furgason, James, 203, 233, 93, 370, 371 Furner, Beatrice, 236 Furnish, Dale, 247, 249 Furnish, Elizabeth, 113 Furnish, Sarah, 395 Furukawa, Jean, 135 G Gaarder, Thomas, 262, 274 Gafeller, Lesta, 93 Gailey, James, 104 Gailis, Glenn, 212, 177 Gaines, Mary, 353, 356 Galask, Rudolph, 132 Galic, George, 223, 242 Galiher, Robert, 240 Gallagher, Jeffrey, 427 Gallagher, Robert, 415 Galv-in, Margaret, 342 G-ambach, Ronald, 443 Gamble, James, 439 Gambs, Carl, 274, 363, 368 Gamrath, Robert, 432 Ganfield, Roger, 244, 246 Gannon, Lawrence, 248 Garelich, Allan, 114 Gard, Alan, 113 Gard, James, 431 Gardner, Anneliese, 114 Gardner, Barbara, 347, 346 Gardner, James, 262 Gardner, John, 136 Gardnre, Robert, 114, 360, 362, 366, 36 Garlock, Fox, Karl, 263 Fox, Richard, 259, 261 Frager, David, 371 Frahm, James, 113 Frame, Melanie, 337, 339 France, Barbara, 320, 325 Francis, Chester, 245, 101 Francis, Vemon, 217, 440, 242 Frank, Frank, Frank, David, 435 Emilou, 349 Sari Dee, 407 Franklin, Delores, 353 Franklin, Stephen, 439 Franks, Phyllis, 264 Franzen, Kenneth, 93 Franzenburg, Stephen, 93 Franzwa, Candace, 336, 339 Fraser, Alex, 262 Fraverd, William, 371 Frederick, James, 365 F rederi Fredric ck, Robert, 242, 243 kson, Nancy, 204, 208, 404 Freese, James, 174 Frei, Judith, 237 Freitag, Robert, 212 Freitag, Robert, 444 French, Bruce, 365 French, John, 113, 257 French, Pamela, 382 F rench Frere r, , Philip, 113, 298, 363 Nancy, 113 Fretwell, Richard, 297, 298, 299 Fretwell, Robert, 244 Frevert, Sandra, 135 Freyermouth, Charles, 440 Freyermuth, Janet, 311 Frieden, Thomas, 415 Friedl, Marjorie, 223, 235 Friend, Gary, 242, 101 Friesema, Jane, 255 Primm 1, Cheryl, 399 Frirnml, Gerald, 93 Frink, Judith, 399 Frink, Robert, 371 454 Garlock, Elwood, 443 Garlock, Gretchen, 403, 250 Garman, Dwight, 415 Garman, Edward, 415 Garnas, Richard, 205, 226, 435 Garner, Janie, 196 Garner, Sue, 200, 237, 114, 387, 255 Garsh, Donald, 238 Gartley, Andrea, 347 Gartner, Donald, 371 Gartner, Merideth, 350 Garton, John, 241, 371 Garwood, Julia, 403, 306 Gascho, Kathryn Gasho, Lawrence, 233, 93 Gaskell, Jon, 427 Gatchel, Kay, 225, 403 Gates, Linda, 257 Gates, Robert, 162 Gaudineer, James, 439 Gause, Joan, 334 Gauthier, Nan, 114 Gaylord, Joseph, 435 Geadelmann, Larry, 444 Gearhart, Burton, 242, 246, 372 Gearhart, Lenly, 132, 263 Gearman, Jane, 114, 259 Gebbie, James, 226, 114, 436, 298 7 Gebhard, Robert, 168, 220, 254, 364, 174 Gee, Phil, 415 Geer, Connie, 382 Gehlbach, Vicki, 396 Gehrke, Alan, 420 Gehrke, Delbert, 162 Gehrke, Sandra, 337, 340 Geiger, Brenda, 353, 317 Geisinger, James, 262 Geist, Larry, 439 Gellert, Diane, 382, 94 Gensini, Mari, 114, 382 Gentry, Nolden, 104 Genung, Thomas, 302, 305 Gerard, Evan, 245, 246 Gerke, Mary, 114 Gerken, Gayle Ann, 223, 237, 114, 337 Gerlat, Glynn, 340 Gervich, David, 428, 184 Gesas, Janet, 254, 353 Getschcr, Marshall, 363, 368 Getz, Carole, 403 Getz, James, 42.3 Geyer, Melva, 353, 355 Ghandi, Mohssen, 374 Giacobazzi, Anthony, 162, 20 Gibbs, Richard, 101 Gibson, Larry, 101 Gibson, Margaret, 347 Gibson, Stephen, 114, 432 Gildner, Douglas, 423 Giles, Leslee, 396 Giles, Stephen, 114 Gillillan, Charles, 104, 249 Gillespie, Beryl, 222 Gillespie, Charles, 246, 109 Gillespie, Robert, 227 Gilliland, Marcia, 135, 337 Gillissen, Norbert, 358 Gilmore, Gerald, 93 Gilmore, Gretchen, 114 Gilmore, Janice, 114 Giltner, Marilyn, 104 Ginsberg, Janet, 407 Gintert, Grace, 343, 342 Gitchell, Robert, 202, 252, 253, 260 Gitz, Judith, 400 Gjevre, Barbara, 114 Gladhill, Velma, 254, 335 Glass, Neil, 427 Glassman, Janice, 114 Glazer, Melvin, 262 Gleason, Michela, 392 Gleazer, Sandra, 274, 352 Glenn, Michael, 104 Glesne, Robert, 416, 212 Glesne, Ruth, 114 Glicken, Harold, 366 Glickman, Richard, 428 Gloe, Herman, 435 Glover, Frank, 162 Glowacki, Vincent, 132 Gobidas, Kathleen, 337 Goble, James, 132 Godby, Gretchen, 114, 268 Godeke, Margaret, 341 Godwin, Naomi, 114, 256 Goeb, Andrea, 384 Goebel, Margaret, 237 Goecke, Richard, 420 Goedken, Christopher, 371 Goedken, Philip, 104 Goeldner, Mary, 346, 347 Goellner, John, 262 Goerdt, Eileen, 114 Goetz, Carol, 114 Goetz, David, 191 Goff, Craig, 22, 363, 367 Gohman, James, 132 Goldsberry, Francis, 444, 360, 361, 367 Goldsborough, Thomas, 213 Goldstein, Brian, 412 Goldstein, Mark, 412 Goldstein, Maurice, 412 Goldston, Stephen, 363, 186 Golik, Donald, 233 Gollobitz, Gregory, 436 Golly, Robert, 240 Good, Eloise, 400, 255 Goode, Allan, 249 Goodell, Helen, 193, 203, 20 191 Goodhue, Enid, 254, 349 Goodman, Anita, 345 Goodman, James, 226, 447 Goodrich, Jack, 427 Gorbunoif, William, 262 Gorder, Lauralee, 382 Gordon, Gertrude, 213 Gordon, Suzanne, 337, 339, Gorman, John, 254 Gormican, Annette, 255 Gormley, Jane, 396 Gorsuch, Billy, 93 Gosma, John, 114 30 Gosse, Darrel, 232, 233, 93, Gotberg, Kathryn, 338 Gothier, Douglas, 435 Gottschalk, Don, 114 Goulding, Ann, 395 5, 209, 388, 342 2, 303 Gound, Emily Ann, 353, 356 Gound, Tom, 238 Gower, Martha, 114, 337 Grabner, Linda, 352 Grace, Suzanne, 395 Grailt, Tani, 195, 196, 197, 211, 404 Graham, Clark, 431 Graham, James, 104 Graham, Michael, 132, 252 Graham, Sharon, 196, 391, 250 Gran, William, 114 Grandinetti, Nancy Jo, 354 Graning, David, 366 Grant, David, 241 Grant, Linda, 114, 148 Grant, Mary, 135 Grassgreen, Richard, 105 Graven, Jim, 105 Graven, Norman, 247, 105 Graves, Charles, 223, 372 Gray, Gray, David, 362 Dennis, 436, 303, 305 Gray, Harold, 362 Gray, Karen, 237, 388 Gray, Seymour, 191 Grayson, Edward, 105 Gredig, Linda Ann, 334, 335 Green, Ann, 236, 114, 399 Green, Brent, 202, 248 Green, Frances, 114, 403 Green, Gerald, 361, 368 Green, Michael, 362 Green, Stephen, 114, 274, 174 Greenblatt, Martin, 412 Greene, Laurence, 428 Greene, Marilyn, 353 Greenlee, Joseph, Ml, 299, 181, 186 Greenlee, Ronald, 185, 246 Greenwald, John, 258 Gregg, Hope, 382 Gregson, Michael, 419 Greiner, Cheryl, 343 Greiner, Raymodn, 275 Grenavwalt, Katherine, 195, 198, 199 25, 388 Grey, Gary, 212 Grier, Bobby, 162, 444 Grilfin, Jo Ann, 135 Grilhn, Patricia, 191 Griffin, William, 248 Griffith, Anna, 353 Griffith, Wylie, 212 Griffiths, Marilyn, 135, 358 Grimes, Darrell, 432 Grimm, Philip, 240 Griswold, Mary, 136, 358 Groben, Martha, 396 Groff, Clarence, 363 Gronen, George, 114 Gronert, Linda, 114 Groters, Ronald, 263 Gross, Carole, 114 Gross, Nancy, 228, 306, 341, 345, 34 Grossman, Jeremy, 114 Groteluschen, Pamela, 114, 392 Grouell, Stephen, 447 Grovert, George, 233 Gruber, Richard, 415 Gruemmer, Bruce, 114 Gruenhagen, Garlen, 349 Grulke, Sally Ann, 355 Grund, Judith, 115, 407 Grund, Lois, 237 Grundmeier, Deanna, 136, 357, 358 Grunewald, Judith, 191 Grunwald, Herbert, 115 Guerin, Donald, 94 Guildner, Ann, 115, 254 Guillaume, Jacquclyn, 325 Gullekson, Mary, 400 Gumbiner, Steven, 228, 300, 371, 19 370 Gundacker, Kurt, 300 Gunclerman, Deanne, 336, 338 Gunderson, David, 334 Gunderson, John, 239 Gunderson, Roger, 419, 182 Gunning, Joan, 236, 115, 395, 251 Gustafson, Mary Ann, 115, 404, 268 Guthrie, Robert, 182, 260 Guttenfelder, S., 355 Gutz, Darrell, 239 Gutz, Larry, 248, 105 y 3 1 H Haas, Ann, 250 Haas, Samuel, 371 Haase, Mary Ann, E, 408 Hachmann, Grant, 436 Hackett, Iohn, 203, 223, 411, 300 Haddock, Martha, 339 Harris, Carl, 162 Harris, Carl, 162 Harris, Carol Ann, 350, 356 Harris, Charles, 115, 411, 212 Harris, Dallas, 423 Harris, Gilbert, 260 Harris, lvon, 257 Harris, Rebecca, 423 Hemingway, Iohn, 227, 411 Hemmer, Mary Beth, 116, 387, 268 Hemphill, Donald, 258 Hemphill, Karen, 116 Hemstock, Sandra, 136, 264 Henbest, Stewart, 94 Hendershot, Ann, 205 Henderson, Ianet, 348, 349, 354, 356 Hadley, David, 436 Haefner, Iohn, 203 Haelner, Iudith, 211, 382, 192 Hagen, Christopher, 226 Hagen, Daniel, 423 Hagen, Vern, 423 Hagge, Suzanne, 131 Hagie, Kathryn, 1 15 Hagstrand, Loren, 116 Hahn, Frederick, 132, 259, 262, 274 Haines, Barbara, 396, 349 Hakes, Mary, 395 Halbach, Ianet, 115 Halcomb, Helen, 115 Halford, Iudy, 352 Hall, Barbara, 225, 391 Hall, Diana, 353 Hall, Douglas, 431 Hall Hall Iohn, 302, 303, 305 Katharine I., 197, 388 Hall Katherine A., 396 Hall Loren, 132 Hall Nancy, 205 Hall Phyllis, 115 Hall Robert 439 Hall lvifgtnfa, 115, 404 Hallberg, Carolyn, 347 Hallenbeck, Gayle, 196, 384 Halstead, Thomas, 372 Halterman, Ioel, 374 Halverson, Richard, 202, 208, 427 Halvorsen, Marilyn, 136 Halvorsen, Thelma, 351 Halvorson, Cynthia, 391 Htalvorson, Marilyn, 264 Hamann, Kenneth, 115 Hamilton, Carl, 241 Hamilton, Dennis, 444, 300 Hamilton, Dianne, 396 Hamilton, Iay, 447 Hamilton, Mary, 115, 399 Harr is, Richard, 436 Hart, Edwin, 211, 212 Hart, Iohn, 261 Hart , Nancy, 399 Hart, Nancy Io, 346, 347 Hart, Thomas, 247 l1art Hart Hart Hart ig, Iohn, 372 in, Edwin, 363 liep, Gill, 138 mann, Diane, 115, 382 Hartoft, Christine, 338 Hartwell, Ianet, 358 Hartwig, Regina, 115 Hartzog, lra, 300, 371 Harvey, Brian, 115 Harvey, Iacquelyn, 338 Harvey, Lavern, 447 Harvey, Michelle, 395 Henderson, William B., 363 Henderson, William D., 226, 427 Hendricks, Ronald, 162 Hendry, Ioan, 391 Hendryx, Karen, 116, 404 Hendryx, Richard, 174 Heng, Arthur, 261 Henning, Consnance, 349, 355 Henry, Harold, 371 Henry, Iulianne, 262, 275 Hensel, Howard, 443 Ilentzel, lrvin, 116, 364 Hentzel, Iohn, 247 Herb, Larry, 372, 216, 222, 226, 420, Herbrandt, Francine, 347 Herkes, Frank, 258 Herman, Alice, 116 Herman, Michael, 428 Harvey, Susan, 343 Hasbrook, Iohn, 263 llasek, Ondre, 241 Haskett, Ioseph, 371 Haskett, Mary Lou, 115 Haskins, Harry, 432, 178 Hass, Carol, 257 Hass, Iames, 416 Hass, Richard, 102 Hasselbusch, Ivan, 232 Hasselbusch, Mary, 351 Hastings, Andrea, 348, 354 Hatch, Diane, 235, 94 Hatcher, Ioanne, 264 Hatfield, Stephen, 203, 205, 217, 222, 275, 372 Hauenstein, Russell, 115 Hauff, Margo, 403 Haun, Susan, 136 Hauser, Carl, 115 Hauser, Iudy, 224 Havens, Robert, 115 Havenstein, Iacalynn, 115 Hammel, Constance, 115 Hammer, Mary, 350 Hammer, Wayne, 238 Hamers, Sandra, 351, 352 Hammond, Patricia, 351, 352 Hampel, Emma, 115 Hampton, Donald, 299, 174 Hampton, Iames, 363 Hampton, Ianet, 353 Hancock, William, 439, 94 Hiangartner, Stanley, 364 Hankins, Andrew, 168, 20, 115, 252, 363 Hann, Holly Sue, 200, 237, 115 Havercamp, Alan, 249 Havick, Alfred, 239 Hawk, Susan, 195, 197, 202, 208, 403 Hawkins, Harriett, 115 Hawkinson, Mary, 392 Hawley, Aurilee, 404 Hawley, Robert, 363 Hawtrey, Iames, 365 Hayer, Toby, 115, 407 Hayes, Gary, 132 Hayes, Iames, 115 Hayes, Roberta, 388, 359 Hayes, Susan, 136, 343 Hansen Hansen Hansen , Betty, 340, 338 , Carole, 274 , Darrell, 94 Hansen, David, 94 Hansen, David, 372 Hanson, Iames, 424 Hansen, Iames, 431 Hansen, Ioyce, 264 Hansen, Karen, 115 Hansen , Linda, 391 Hanson, Ann, 399 Hanson, Don, 115 Hanson, Iames, 94 Hanson, Iulie I., 388 Hanson, Ianalyn, 115 Hanson, Lynn, 391 Hanson, Roger, 443 Hanson, Thomas, 223, 361 Hanssmann, Dennet, 261 Harbaugh, Carol, 115 Harder, Susan, 196, 382 Harding, Ioe, 115 Harker, Lee, 132 Harker, Patricia, 353 Harman, Ann, 404 llarmelink, Dennis, 363 Harms, Sharon, 198, 22, 237, 388 Harnagel, Iohn, 223, 366 Harner, Marvin, 115 Harness, Walter, 416 Harriott, Barbara, 338, 339 Harris, Brooke, 198, 203, 361 Haynes, Sandra, 352 Haynie, Lucinda, 115 Hays, Robert, 361 Hayward, Ianice, 116 Hayward, Michael, 372 Hazan, Iack, 428 Head, Margaret, 382 Hearson, Robert, 116 Hedberg, Karen, 254, 353 Heden, Evelyn, 116 Hedge, Gary, 116 Hcdglin, Ronald, 436 Hedstrom, E. Rita, 396 I-Iedstrom. Herbert, 435 Heelan, Glenn, 372 Heeren, Carol, 400, 193 Hegarty, Forrest, 435 Hcidhreder, Martha, 225, 391 Heidbrcder, Mary, 225, 391 Heilmann, Darrell, 138 Heirrian, Barbara, 391 Heimbuch, Raymond, 362 Heintz, Iames, 364 Heitmeier, William, 447, 304 Heivilin, Geraldine, 350 Helg, Ioan, 116 Helgeson, Mary, 388 Helgeveld, David, 241 Helkenn, Naomi, 382 Helland, Mary, 354, 353 Helm, Iohn, 420 Helzer, Iames, 363 Hermann, Bernhart, 182 Hermley, Sherry, 116, 350 Herren, Dale, 237, 116 Hersbergen, Ronald, 436 Hersehberg, Gerald, 94 Hershey, Howard, 238 Herst, Kenneth, 94, 298, 299 Hertzberg, Thomas, 220, 116 Ilery, George, 212, 220, 246, 177 Heryfbro, Allen, 174 Hess, Mavis, 350 Hess, Ronald, 138 Hess, Sara, 396 Hess, William, 254 Hesse, Martha, 136 Hesselman, Thomas, 261 Heuer, Eloise, 16 Heuer, Sandra, 396 Hey, Gloria, 388 Heykants, Ronald, 447 Hibbs, Larry, 22, 227, 424, 191 Hibma, Lois, 274 Hiee, Gail, 274 Htickerson,Caro1, 116, 259 Hickman, Barbara, 345 Hicks, Paul, 305, 365 Hicks, William, 303, 366 Hieronymus, Ruth, 203, 205, 408 Hieronymus, William, 300 Hierstein, William, 301 Higby, Helen, 136 Higginbotham, Ioseph, 439 Higgins, Amy, 136 Higgins, Christine, 196, 387 Higgins, Duane, 361 Higgins, Elaine, 194 High, Richard, 116, 439, 302, 305 Highley, Ernest, 94 Highsmith, Carol, 392 Hiland, Steven, 363 Hild, Beverly, 116,403 Hildebrand, Vicki Lee, 399 Hilderhrand, Dixie, 236, 116 Hildreth, Bruce, 132 Hildreth, Katherine, 237, 116, 387 Hildreth, Sally, 387, 315 Hiler, Mervin, 259, 261 Hilgenberg, Nllalter, 162, 220 Hill, Bonnie, 116 Hill, Iohn, 372 Hill, Iohn Vance, 132, 259, 260 Hill, Michael, 372 Hill, Rae Ann, 348, 351 Hilleman, Terry, 116 Hillerneyer, Bruce, 439 Hilliard, Loren, 302 Hillier, Carol, 339, 338 Hillman, Mark, 415, 239 Hillman, Susan, 136 llilmer, Lavonne, 198, 116 Hilsabeck, Daniel, 423 Hilsman, Ianice, 349 Iliner, David, 94 Hinman, Thomas, 372 Hinrichs, Robert, 116 Hinson, Carol, 395 Hintermeister, Iohn, 247 Hinton, Iohn, 303, 305 364 Hintze, Larry, 269 Hintzsche, Mary, 334, 335 Hipple, Iatty Io, 116, 352 Hipwell, Constance, 392 Hirtenstein, Lynn, 196, 347 Hirz, Dale, 132 Hiszcynskyj, Roman, 261 Hitchcock, Lee, 436 Hitt, Martha, 351 I-Iixson, Kenneth, 300 Hjermstad, Ann, 356 Hnizda, Frances, 350 Hobart, Susan, 347 Hobbs, Catherine, 136 Hobbs, Karmen, 400 Hobert, Donald, 133 Hodge, Margaret, 116 Hodges, Iames, 443 Hodoway, Stephen, 162 Hoehnle, Iackie, 94 Hoepner, Iohn, 261 Hofer, Dorothea, 391 Hoff, Randy, 436 Hoff, Richard, 300 Hoffa, Elizabeth, 116, 200 Hoffman, Barbara, 382 Hoffman, Charles, 420 Hoffman, Herbert, 20 Hoffman, Thomas, 162 Hoffman, Thomas Iames, 116 Hoffmeier, Brian, 363 Hofmann, Kay Ann, 235, 350 Hogan, Carol, 335 Hogan, Dennis, 233, 443 Hogan, Ianet, 351 Hogan, Nancy, 396 Hohenboken, Cheryl, 116 Hohenshell, Lynne, 237, 116, 338 Hohf, Eileen, 136, 265 Hohle, Charles, 174 Hoie, Denise, 351 Hokanson, Ion, 94 Holaday, Marianne, 395 Holcomb, Albert, 94 Holcomb, Ienny, 408 Holcomb, Robert, 361, 368 Hollander, Richard, 241 Holley, Caroline, 250 Hollingsworth, Gary, 20, 186 Holman, Carter, 238 Holmes, Iack, 444, 94, 297, 298, 299 Holmes, Iohn, 427 Holmes, Marilyn, 224, 116 Holsteen, Iane, 196, 24, 391, 338 Holstrum, Wilma, 116 Holt, Douglas, 262 Holt, Karen, 136 Holt, Nancy, 116 Holt, William, 213, 443 Holtmtan, Stephen, 419 Holton, Etta Mae, 264 Holtorf, Ruth, 136, 264 Holtz, Richard, 361 Holtz, William, 233, 94, 297, 298, 299, 300, 370, 371 Holyoak, Owen, 254 Holzhammer, Iudith, 353 Homan, Mary, 400, 346 Homans, Ronald, 116 Honold, Karen, 223, 337 Hood, Edward, 116 Hood, Edwin, 248 Hook, Steven, 361 Hook, Vella, 264 Hooker, Charlotte, 136, 358 Hoot, Terrence, 238, 99 Hoover, Iames, 262, 274 Hoover, Nancy, 396 Hopkins, Kenneth, 303, 304, 305 Hoppe, Ioann, 117 Hopson, Io Ieanine, 200, 396 Hom, Leon, 302, 303, 305, 371 Horn, Thomas, 117 Hornaday, Iames, 105 Horne, Stephen, 443, 364 Horrigan, David, 427 Horstman, Ioel, 94 Hoskins, Donald, 372 Hoskinson, Reed, 212 Hospodarsky, Donald, 102 Hostetler, Allen, 303, 304, 305, 362, 212, 368 Hostetter, Carol, 264, 342 Hotger, Ianet, 404 455 Hoth, Steven, 248, 363 Houar, John, 249 Houck, Linda, 117 Iloudesheldt, Charles, 361 Houk, Mary, 346 Houlahan, Dennis, 239 Houle, Ann, 117 House, John. 447 Houseman, Suzanne, 352 Houser, Donald, 117 Houston, Nancy, 345 Hovland, Mary, 356 lIoward, Ann, 195, 196, 117, 396, 251 Iloward, John, 212 Howard, John Thomas, 117 Howard, Quin, 203, 403 Howard, Stephen, 117 Howard, Theodore, 94 Howe, Arthur, 424 Howe, Donald, 203, 239 Howe, Larry, 233 Howe, Linda, 194, 268 Howell, Barbara, 224, 395, 306 Howell, Wayne, 363 Howerter, Bernard, 162, 374 Howes, Jean, 117, 343 Howland, Barbara, 117 Hoy, Donald, 247 Hoyt, William, 371 Hronik. Edward, 244, 246 Hubbartt, Neva, 346, 347 Hubbell, Rebecca. 356 Huber, James, 232, 94 Hubka, Eugene, 117, 242, 243 Hudgel, David, 262 Hua, Patricia, 200, 117, 255 Hugelman, Billie, 352 Hugg, Janet, 404, 254 Israel, Susan, 117 Iversen, Nancy, 408 Iverson, Daniel, 117 Ivins, Karen, 117, 395 Ivory, Edward, 232, 94 1 Jackson, Carol, 343, 342, 200 Jackson, Elgin, 239 Jackson, Jean, 391 Jackson, Lawrence, 298, 299, 300 Jackson, Mary Etta, 117 Jackson, Sondra, 236, 117, 273 Jackson, Stephen, 105 Jacob, Joan, 229, 346 Jacobberger, F., 249 Jacobs, Steven, 423 Jacobs, Susan, 403 Jacobson, Edward, 304 Jacobson, James, 365 Jacobson, Jean, 388, 250 Jacobson, Peter, 424 Jacobson , Robert, 117, 302 Jaeger, Susan, 117 Jagnow, Albert, 117 Jahn, Marilyn, 235 Jahn, William, 416 Jakolat, Nancy, 387, 268 James, Bonnie, 117 James, Jean, 404, 257 James, Larry, 102 James, Mary, 117 James, Susan, 117 Jameson, Carol, 391 Jamieson, Diane, 399, 149 Jansen, Curtis, 222, 424 Jansen, Dale, 239 Johnson, Randall, 362 Johnson, Richard, 240 Johnson, Robert, 260 Johnson, Robert, 118 Johnson, Robert J., 133 Johnson, Roma, 118 Johnson, Sally, 118, 397 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson , Johnson, Johnston , Johnston, Johnston Johnston 1 1 Stephanie, 235, 236 Stewart, 299 Thomas, 365 Veatrice, 349, 356 Jane, 268 Judith, 118 Julie, 118, 352 Laura, 224, 396 Johnston, Linda, 195, 196, 197, 396, 306 Johnston, Johnston Miami, 22, sei waiter 244 102 Joines, Janice, 237, 118, 341, 345, 191 Jolson, Douglas, 118 Jonas, Charles, 233, 234, 94 Jones, Charles, 133, 262 Jones, Daniel, 300 Jones, Diane, 118 Jones, Gerry, 363 Jones, Isham, 224, 118 Jones, Janice, 349 Jones, Jerry, 431,213 Jones, Karen, 136, 265, 357 Jones, Kathryn, 205, 403 Jones, Lawrence, 361 Jones, Mary, 344 Jones, Maynard, 261 Jones, Michael, 447 Jones, Richard, 436 Jones, Rusty, 431 Jons, Marilynn, 403 Joonsar, Heikki, 242, 244, 246, 102, 302, Hughes, Howard, 133 Hughes, John, 105 Hughes, Judith, 403 Hughes, Katherine, 343 Hughes, Linda, 351 Hughes, Linda R., 133 Hughes, Mary, 136 Hughes, Thomas, 262 Hull, Franklin, 364, 368 Hull, John, 427 Jansen, John, 227, 244, 102 Jaspersen, Darlene, 117 Jeffries, Carol, 250 Jeffries, John, 444 Jenke, Susan, 117 Jenkins, Kathleen, 387 Jenkins, Louise, 395 Jenkins, Richard, 240' Jennings, Judith, 346, 347 Jennings, Michael, 365 303, 305 Jordan, Diane, 324 Jordan, Jack, 118, 297, 298, 299 Jordan, Tomma, 341, 344 Jordinson, Ronald, 118 Jorgensen, Bmce, 447 Joslin, Janann, 195, 348, 354, 356 Josten, Lavohn, 136, 264 Joy, Susan, 384 Joy, William, M, 415 IIull, Mackay, 416 Hull, Steven, 440 Ilulstein, Marlene, 117, 274, 349 Humbert, Philip, 363 Hunkins, Mary, 396 Ilunt, David, 439 Hunt, Mary, 117, 274 Hunter, James, 242, 244, 246 Hunter, Robert, 117 IIunter, Susan, 198, 199, 117, 388, 251 Huntley, Charles, 94, 273 Hurlbut, Terrill, 424 Hurley, John, 363 Hurst, Marsha, 223, 273, 346 Hurt, Donald, 148 Hurt, Raymond, 186 Hurt, Susan, 350 Hutchinson, Karen, 117, 264 Hutton, Marcia, 352 Huxford, Gary, 117 Hvidston, David, 420 Hyde, David, 244 Hyde, Suzanne, 205, 217, 404, 268, 193 Hyman, Claire, 202, 407, 251 Hynes, Michael, 365, 368 Hynes, Richard, 240 I Ickes, Sandra, 336, 337, 340 Idema, Douglas, 240 Ignam, Kalid, 105 Illian, George, 423 Immer, Joan, 404 Irnmerfall, Cheryl, 136 Ingmanson, Janine, 351 Ingraham, Carol, 195, 208, 225, 117, 399, 251 Ingwersen, Roger, 232, 94 Ireland, Douglas, 364 Irvine, William, 362 Irwin, Gregory, 416 Iseminger, Jelfrey, 419, 191 Isenberg, Kenneth, 138 Isenberger, Gregory, 372 Isobe, James, 262 456 Jensen, Danny, 372 Jensen, Karen, 396 Jensen, Kerry, 133, 262 Jensen, Roxanne, 117, 400 Jensen, Susan, 400 Jensen, William, 117 Jepsen, Marvin, 239 Joyce, James, 236 Joyce, Patrick, 362 Julius, Clark, 261 Junck, Katherine, 136 Jung, John, 238 Junginger, William, 439 Jungling, Marvin, 223, 366 Kehoe, Lawrence, 258 Keim, Thomas, 372 Keleher, Rodger, 118 Kellar, Linda, 118 Keller, Kaye, 335 Keller, Scott, 233 Kelley, John, 227 Kelley, Kathleen, 118 Kellogg, Donald, 423, 148 Kellogg, Roderick, 133, 263 Kelly, Dennis, 415 Kelly, James, 435 Kelly, James, 248 Kelly, John, 447, 212 Kelly, William, 94 Keltenborn, Kathy, 408 Kempenaar, Karen Rae, 337 Kennedy, Brian, 261 Kennedy, James, 240 Kennedy, Jane Ann, 118 Kennedy, Kael, 248 Kennett, Michael, 253, 300, 360, 363 Kent, Stephen, 236 Kcntner, Katherine, 352 Kepford, Karen Lee, 355 Kerdus, Mary Beth, 348, 352 Kem, Robert, 94 Kerr, John, 118 Kerr, Roger, 185, H, 254 Kerslake, Gary, 361 Kerwin, James, 118 Kesselring, Gordon, 424, 305 Kessler, Alan, 439 Ketcham, 1V1ichae1, 240 Ketohum, Beme, 118, 245, 146 Ketelsen, Lane, 118, 363 Khatibi, Mahmoud, 246 Khera, Inder, 21, 193 Kiefer, Kenneth, 244, 102 Kieft, Mary Lee, 339 Kiehl, Grace, 94 Kieniapfel, Bruce, 226, 411, 301, 300 Kifle, Yohannes, 193 Kiger, Connie Rae, 388 Kiipsaar, Inne Lee, 395, 268 Kilfoil, James, 240 Killbreath, James, 162 Killinger, Nyle, 198, 382 Kilmer, James, 363 Kilpatrick, Judith, 275 Kimball, James, 133 Kimball, James, 262 Kimberlin, Sharon Kay, 403 Kimzey, Melvin, 94 Kindred, Anne, 136 Jerde. Dennis, 131 Jerrel, Louise, 203, 404 Jesina, Judith, 136 Jessen, Joel, 168, 364 Jessen, Thomas, 443 Jewell, Judith, 341, 342, 344 Jirsa, Carol, 387 Jochims, Jerry, 260 Johannsen, Julie, 118 Johannsen, Ulmer, 23 Johansen, Gary, 361, 366 Johns, Stephen, 416 Jungmann, Conrad, 238 Junkunc, Judy, 382 K Kaiser, Michael, 118 Kaldenberg, Leon, 138 Kallmer, James, 248 Kalma, Katharine, 391 Kalnins, Gaida, 118 Kalnitskey, Kathie, 407 Kaltenbom, Kathryn, 223, 350 King, Christine, 335 King, David, 240 King, Joseph, 423 King, Kathleen, 223 King, Mary, 345 King Quentin, 118 King? Ronald, 240 King, King, Warren, 118, 365 William, 298 Kingsbury, Kristine, 403 Kingsley, Gordon, 242, 248 Kinion, Paul, 105 Johnson, Johnson, Antoinette, 228, 334, 335 Arnold, 427 Johnson, Barbara, 399 Johnson, Barbara Joan, 387 Johnson, Bloyce, 361 Johnson, Charles, 447 Johnson, Charles, 118 Johnson, Christie, 351 Johnson, Constance, 338 Johnson, Craig, 444 Johnson, Dale, 227, 435 Johnson, Dianne, 392 Johnson, Ellen, 118 Johnson, Gary, 436 Johnson, Harold, 238, 300 Johnson, Jerry, 94 Johnson, Judith, 268 Johnson, Judy, 403 Johnson, Kennneth, 262 Johnson, Kent, 366 Johnson, Kristin, 346, 347, 56 Johnson, Lester, 118 Johnson, Lynn, 345 Johnson, Mary Ann, 354 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Mary Anne, 230, 237, 348 Ollie, 363 Pamela, 392 Kamen, Allan, 412 Kammermeyer, John, 133 Kammiller, Joanne, 346 Kane, Randall, 361 Kantak, Daniel, 162 Kanter, Mayer, 248 Kantesaria, Prabbudas, 102 Kaplan, Joy, 407 Kapaln, Louise, 407 Kaplan, Paula, 107, 191 Kaplan, Phyllis, 335 Karl, Barbara, 211, 224,407, 268 Karunakaran, A., 94 Kasapis, Constantinos, 440, 162 Kaschmitter, Matthew, 118 Kasemeier, Janet Kay, 264 Kauffman, Kent, 211, 443 Kautz, David, 416 Kautz, Linda, 200, 118, 403, 255 Kaven, Dale, 241 Kay, Dennis, 261 Keahbone, Gordon, 118 Keat, Kenneth, 223, 224, 362, 366 Keehn, Susan, 338 Keeley, Barry, 212, 177 Keen, Thomas, 223, 424 Kehe, L. William, 299, 301 Kinnamon, Jerald, 105, 252 Kinne, Caroline, 400, 191 Kinney, Karen, 136, 264 Kinney, Larry, 244, 246, 102, 252 Kinoshita, Naomi, 118 Kinsinger, Michael, 436, 305 Kiplinger, Kasey, 415 Kipnes, Barry, 118, 412 Kipp, Marvin, 362 Kirby, Michael, 416, 371 Kirby, Patrick, 416 Kirkhart, Arlen, 372 Kirkland, Donnie Sue, 339, 338 Kirkpatrick, Ann, 203, 382 Kisler, Geraldine, 341, 345 Kissinger, Michael, 220, 364, 368 Kitsis, Robert, 412 Kittleman, Thomas, 243, 102 Kladde, Uwe, 411 Kladstrup, Donald, 364 Klahn, Rolena Ann, 118, 251 Klein, George, 233 Klein, John, 118 Kleinjan, Eileen, 396 Klepinger, Mary Jane, 387, 200 Kling, Kathryn, 403 Kling, Timothy, 217, 25, 440, 191 Klingaman, Robert, 118 Kltinger, Phillip, 439, 94 Klinkenborg, Culver, 105 Klinzman, Roger, 94, 298 Klobuchar, Martha Kay, 387, 191 Klocksiem, Penelope, 273, 347 Klopping, Sheila Nan, 274 Klosterman, Everett, 275 Klosterman, Lucy Arm, 274 Klouda, Gary, 444 Klouda, Karen, 346, 347 Klumpar, David, 436 Kluver, Stanley, 419 Knappen, Marilyn, 119 Knecht, Ben, 133 Kross, Russell, 242, 243, 102 Krull, Mary Ann, 119 Krull, Mary Ann Faith, 347 Kruse, Carl, 262 Kruse, Elaine, 354 Kruse, George, 119 Kruzick, Donna Lee, 119 Kryder, Ralph, 364, 213 Kubicek, Linda Ann, 236, 119 Kubik, Iudy Ann, 343 Kubik, Roger, 435, 3110 Kuchenbaker, Lois Ann, 119 Kuchl, Iudith Ann, 233, 235, Kuhl, Gerald, 360, 363, 366 Kuhl, Sheryl lean, 339, 338 Latta, George, 162, 220 Laudner, Marilyn, 335 Lauer, lacquclyn, 396 Laughlin, Nancy, 400, 306, 191, 188 Laughlin, Ralph, 212 Laughnan, Linda Sue, 347 Lawler, Georgia Ann, 200 Lawler, Mary Beth, 25 Lawlor, Maureen, 119, 391 Lawrence, Iohn, 444, 300 Lawrence, Larry, 443 Lawrence, Susan, 203, 407 Lawton, Roger, 248 Lazarus, Karen, 395 Lazinger, Ioel, 119 Linkletter, Karen Ann, 120 Linn, Steven, 371 Linton, Cynthia Ann, 196, 354 Lippisch, Blanca, 120, 399 Lipton, Martha Ruth, 388, 269 Lischer, Eleanor, 404, 256 Lischer, Henry, 423 Lisle, john, 432, 95 Liss, Sue Ellen, 382 Litsey, Dinah lane, 396 Little, Clara Iane, 341, 344, 342 Little, Iarnes, 95 Little, Nancy Raye, 391 Little, Lloyd, Sandra Sue, 194 Janet, 237, 120 Knecht, Ioan, 395 Knibbs, Ronald, 419 Knopf, Morris, 248 Knopf, R olland, 444 Knopp, Loretta, 264 Knott, John, 371 Knowles, Wendy Sue, 198, 341, 345, 342 Knox, Robert, 362 Knudsen, Linda, 404 Knudsen, Lois, 119 Knudsen, Russell, 415 Knutson, Lois Kaye, 337, 339 Knudson, Monte, 94 Koberg, Duane, 236, 94 Kobes, Eugene, 299 Kuhn, Ramona, 392 Kuhr, Carolyn lane, K, 119, 338 Kuiken, Donald, 27, 419 Kulik, Michael, 365 Kullbom, Terry, 239 Kundel, David, 262 Kushner, Amold, 262 Kushner, Kathleen, 216, 237, 407, 306 Kuypers, Karen Ruth, 347 Kyner, David, 447 L Labounty, Gary, 138 Ladegaard, Iames, 119 Leach, Marvin, 362 League, Stephen, 427 Leamer, Patricia Io, 119 Lee, Carol lane, 391 Lee, Gordon, 261, 371 Lee, Harold, 119 Lee, Iames, 119 Lee, Molly, 223, 388 Lce, Richard, 20, 174 Lee, Terrie, 400, 314 Lee, Thomas, 258 Lee, Thomas Lloyd, 245 Leeper, Dennis, 120 Leeper, George, 120, 362 Lelgren, Nancy, 388, 352 Lockard, Peggy Anne, 120 Lockhart, Gary, 120 Lockwood, Lynda Kay, 196, 223, 120, 391 Lockwood, Sylvia lean, 349 Loeck, Charles, 120 Loendorf, Sylvia Sue, 120 Lofgren, Iames, 202, 238 Loftus, Donald, 366 Logsdon, Martha Gay, 350 Logue, Lesley Iohtanna, 391 Lohif, Clarence, 120 Lohfl, Dolores Jane, 223, 347 Lohff, Iohn, 363 Lohr, Ioihn, 95 Londrigan, Ioseph, 364 Kobler, Linda, 136 Kochel, Michael, 223, 419 Kock, Russell, 374 Koder, Rebecca Ann, 392 Koe, Edward, 257 Koehler, Albert, 440 Koehler, Sandra Lee, 254, 350 Koehn, Iiames, 20, 427 Koehn, Iames, 174 Koellner, William, 426, 370, 371 Koepnick, Karen Kay, 264 Koeppen, Paul, 94 Koester, Kenneth, 366 Kofron, Philip, 240 Kohl, Dennis, 186 Kohl, Vemon, 20, 181 Kohlhammer, David, 416 Kohn, Ioyce, 119 Kollman, Gerald, 138 Kollman, Diann, 338 Kolterman, Robert, 119, 435 Konchar, Robert, 248 Konop, Cora, 352 Kopel, Iames, 211, 190, 193 Kopeska, Karen, 268 Kopf, Kathryn, 255 Kos, Frank, 443 Koser, Karen Lynn, 119 Koss, Shirley Mae, 273 Kotok, Alan, 428 Koudelka, Iane Marie, 275, 345, 342 Kovacevich, Dennis, 423 Kowal, David, 119 Kozel, Thomas, 435 Kraai, Gerald, 440 Kracht, Lavonne Rae, 245 Krahmer, Iohn, 119 Kramer, Katherine, 342 Kramer, Larry, 185, 186 Kramer, Theodore, 119 Knane, Linda Anne, 119, 251, 192 Krantz, Ianice, 119 Krantz, Susan, 382 Krapll, Gary, 94 Kraus, Leo, 366 Kraus, Rudolf, 261 Krause, Paul, 220, 162 Kreamer, Robert, 249 Krebs, Loretta Lee, 352 Kreelcos, Michael, 239 Kregness, Karen Linda, 395 Krehlik, Dean, 95 Kreinbring, Raymond, 436 Krciter, Frances Ioy, 396 Krckel, Gene, 23, 249, 252 Kress, Craig, 444 Krier, Duwayne, 95 Krigsten, Eli, 133 Krill, William, 162 Kristufek, Sandra, 384 Krockover, Gerald, 119, 428 Kron, Ieanne Marie, 236, 119, 396 Kron, Patricia Ann, 396 Kropacek, Marilyn Lee, 136 Ladrey, Estelle, 119 Laenertz, Karen Ann, 352, 354 Laga, Iarnes, 119 Lage, Diane, 337 Laing, Earl, 261 Laing, Robert, 203, 444 Lamb, David, 119 Lamb, Dennis, 424 Lamb, Robert, 217, 222, 226, 440 Lamberti, Christine, 338, 340 Lampe, Barbara Ann, 119 Lampe, Gerold, 119 Lampe, Wallace, 102 Lamson, Linda Anne, 391 Landau, Robert, 240 Landhuis, Iesse, 262 Landis, Iames, 427 Landis, Mary Iean, 387 Lane, Iack, 261 Lane, Ioan, 136, 265 Lane, Susan, 334 Lane, Virginia, 347 Lang, William, 242, 102, 269, 372 Lange, Iudith, 337 Langer, Barbara, 392 Langer, Michael, 419 Langerud, Cecilia, 257 Langesen, lean, 235, 352 Langlas, Anne, 349 Langlas, Ronald, 233, 275, 305 Lanning, Thomas, 95 Lannon, William, 439 Lantis, Larry, 261 Lapainis, Egils, 432 Lapes, Donald, 95 Laplante, Cheryl Kay, 348, 354 Lappin, Don, 247, 105 Laptook, Marian, 119 Larkim, Iohn, 119 Larsen, Louise, 194, 343 Larsen, Margaret, 119, 269 Larsen, Richard, 247 Larsen, Richard I., 119 Larson, Anita, 136, 357 Larson, Bruce, 119 Larson, Charles, 223, 224, 248 Larson, David, 370 Larson, Delbert, 133 Larson, Iohn, 250 Larson, Iohn, 105, 419 Larson, Jonathan, 374 Larson, Iulie Ann, 404 Larson, Marjorie, 342 Larson, Robert, 119 Larson, Susan, 350 Larson, Vern, 102 Larue, Dick, 427 Lasack, Lynn, 364 Lashbrook, Mary, 396, 338 Lasota, lOh.n, 162, 427 Lastine, Lyle, 95 Lasuer, Virginia, 343 Latham, Robert, 444 Latimer, Nancy Ann, 342 Legg, Patricia, 120 Leggett, Ianet Kay, 399 Lehman, Irvin, 236 Lehmann, Richard, 447, 95 Leinhauser, Mike, 213 Leistikow, David, 371 Lemke, Kenneth, 105 Lenit, Sheila, 356 Lenninger, Sharon Kay, 336 Lenowitz, Sharleen, 338, 339 Leonard, David, 360 Leonard, Donald, 443 Leonard, Lawrence, 186 Leonhart, Donald, 362 Lercher, Lance, 436 Lerner, Robert, 95 Leseney, Iiarnes, 365 Leslie, Douglas, 120 Lester, Ierry, 233 Lettow, Gary, 120 Leuz, Marilyn, 120, 395, 268 Levi, Katherine, 407 Levin, Annette, 264 Levin, Judith, 203, 407 Levine, David, 263 Levinson, Raleigh Ann, 120, 407 Levison, David, 105 Levison, Marlin, 365 Levois, Michel, 178 Levsen, Donald, 232, 95 Levsen, Peggy Ann, 136, 323 Lewame, Iohn, 120 Lewis, Barbara Kay, 404 Lewis, Ervin, 248 Lewis, Gary, 95, 302 Lewis, Iellrey, 431 Leytze, Rudolph, 432 Lezotte, Robert, 162, 220 Libby, Richard, 120, 254 Liddicoat, Donald, 174 Lidman, Robert, 432 Liebenow, Richard, 213 Lieberfarb, Dale, 136 Lien, Nancy Ann, 392 Lietzau, Richard, 365 Lietzau, Sharon Lee, 136 Light, Mary Anna, 273 Lightfoot, Thomas, 364, 363 Likes, Larry, 120 Lillard, Larry, 248 Lilly, Steven, 162, 439 Linari, Marion, 133 Linch, Carol Iayne, 349 Lincoln, John, 305 Lind, Carol Ann, 392, 337 Lindberg, Anita KaY, 384, 200 Lindberg, Kenneth, 120 Lindholm, Iohn, 261 Lindholm, Marilyn, 194, 265 Lindroth, David, 120 Lindsay, Rose Ann, 400 Linge, Iack, 223, 247 Limhoif, Charles, 303, 305 Linkin, Rodney, 363 Long, Alice Rae, 399 Long, Barbara Ann, 273 Long, David, 162 Long, Doris, 268 Long, Linda, 120 Long, Roger, 120 Long, Ronald, 95 Longstreth, Alvinia, 200 Lonning, Pamela Lyn, 120, 352 Loomi Loop, s, Donald, 239 Bertine, 395, 275 Loos, Larry, 120 Lorack, Margaret, 404, 319 Lorenc, Donald, 242, 244 Lorenz, Katherine, 400 Lorimor, Karen Anne, 136, 265 Lory, Linda, 198, 199, 400 Lotstein, Robert, 412 Lott, Michael, 427 Louva r, Dick, 120 Low, Thomas, 416 Lowe, Timothy, 427 Lowm an, Gary, 120 Lowry, George, 120 Lowth Loyd, er, Iohn, 247, 250 Marcia Ann, 259 Lozicr, Richard, 432 Lubin, Alvin, 261 Lubin, Lewis, 428 Lucas, Adena Lane, 120 Lucas, Kathleen, 223, 352 Lucke, Ann Marie, 237, 350 Lucken, Carolyn, 120 Ludeman, Stephen, 371, 370 Ludwi Luken Lund, g, Phyllis jean, 236 smeyer, Carolyn, 196, 345 Iane Anne, 353 Lundgren, Ion, 362 Lundgren, Nels, 436 Lundgren, Rodney, 365 Lundquist, Eric, 226, 443 Lunduall, Ann Kathryn, 392 Lunin , Sheila Mae, 337 Lupton, Linda Kay, 237 Lustgarten, Michael, 217, 428 Lutz, Iudith Ann, 136, 32.3 Lutz, Patricia Ann, 120, 399 Lutz, Richard, 184 Lutzel man, Richard, 419 Lyford, Charles, 263 Lynch, Ianet Kay, 342 Lynch, Melvin, 95, 365 Lynk, Lyon, Lyon, Maas, Iirnmy, 435 Linda Lee, 354 Terry, 120, 168 M Harry, 423 Nlabie, Marla Kaye, 237, 120 Mabry, lane, 395 Mabus, Linda Ann, 95 Mace, Mace, David, 27, 443 Marilyn, 120 457 Machac, Patricia Ann, 391, 338 Mack, Donald, 364 Mackintosh, Peter, 419 Macloskey, Ronald, 436 MacMonagle, Ellen, 337 Mayberry, Phillip, 420 Mayer, Daniel, 121, 302 Mayer, George, 208 Mayer, P aul, 305 Mayer, Steve, 419 Moen, Madden, John, 263 Madden, Ross, 260 Madden, Zita Ellen, 120 Maddy, Claudia, 355 Maynard, Marvin, 258 Mayne, Tommie, 416 Mays, Vtfallace, 237, 121 McAdam, Esther, 408 Madsen, Thomas, 362 Magee, Maureen, 25, 399 Magncr, Clement, 275 Magnuson, Ronald, 361 Mahajtan, Umakant, 21 Maharry, Randall, 120, 259, 263 McAndrew, James, 436, 174 McBeth, Bonnie Mae, 121 McBlain, David, 363 McBride, Michael, 222, 365 McCabe, Charles, 365 McCabe, Marilyn, 250, 347 Maher, Karen Ann, 399 Maher, Mary Kathryn, 399 Mahoney, Russell, 263 Maier, Danielle Jane, 352 Mailliard, Robert, 133 Maitzen, Richard, 365 Mallory, Diana Jean, 337 Malloy, Patrick, 102 Malone, Clark, 365 Malone, Michael, 372 Malpede, John, 416 Maly, Philip, 121 Mammen, Harris, 363 Mandas, Violette, 353 Maner, Minta Lou, 221, 121 Manhart, Robert, 443 Mann, James, 121 Mannebach, Joeth, 197, 205, 391, 308 Manocheo, Ann, 349 Manocheo, David, 249 Manser, Darrel, 95 Manvitz, Amold, 216, 428, 188 Marchant, Jack, 443 Margosian, Sherry, 353 Margulis, Jay, 428, 95 Maring, Dennis, 411 Marks, Joseph, 412 Markulin, Linda Jean, 216, 306, 188 Markwell, Gary, 366 Marlow, Sheryl Ann, 264 Marschalk, R. J. Jr., 121 Marsh, Marilyn, 343 Marshall, David, 236, 427, Marshall, Gary, 203, 443 Marshall, Katherine, 352 Marshek, John, 427 Marston, David, 26, 42, 191 95 Marten, Paula Jean, 337 Martens, Cynthia, 338 Martin, Charles, 95 Martin, Dennis, 362, 366, 364 Martin, Katherine, 121 Martin, Jack, 436 Martin, John, 298 Martin, Larry, 416 Martin, Linda, 121 Martin, Michael, 212, 223, 121, 249 Martin, Paul, 121 Martinez, Gilbert, 261 Marvel, John, 419 Mashek, Stephen, 439 Mask, Ernest, 435, 300 Mason, David, 223, 366, 364, 368 Masselink, Gerrit, 22, 435 Massick, Stephen, 262 Massucci, Arthur, 20 Mast, Linda Kay, 395, 250 Mastrogany, Michael, 416 Mathews, James, 420 Mathews, Larry, 241 Mathews, Norman, 121 Mathies, Richard, 121 Matson, John, 233, 212 Matter, Mary Lou, 343 Matthias, Dennis, 121 Matthias, Nancy, 197, 396 Mattis, Janice Kay, 121 Mattison, Marianne, 121 Mauer, Karen Jean, 200, 121, 342 Mauer, Nancy Joann, 223 M.aule, Judith, 339, 338 Maurer, Charles, 121, 298 Maurice, John, 420 Maw, Norman, 436, 174 Maxheim, Paula Ann, 136, 357 Maxwell, Connie, 400, 251 254, 319 Maxwell, Robert, 443 Maxwell, Thomas, 95 Mayberry, Jann, 384 458 McCahill, Tonia Ann, 22, 236 McCal1ister, Marian, 136 McCartcn, John, 258 MeCarter, Elaine, 257 McCarthy, John, 299, 181 McCasey, Leslie, 408 McCauley, Eloise, 342 McCauley, Robert, 95 McCaw, Fred, 222, 365 McC1arnan, Sara-Jean, 121 McCleary, Harriet, 337 McClelland, Judith, 121, 384 McClelland, Karen, 346 McC1ena1-ian, Charles, 240 McClendon, George, 121 McClimon, Paul, 246 McClone, Judith Ellen, 121, 352, 200 McCloskey, John, 239 McCloskey, Mary Sue, 335 McCoicl, David, 416 McConkey, Karen Ann, 395 McConkie, John, 262 McConkie, Mary Irene, 391, 268 McConnell, Jana Ruth, 344, 342 McCormick, Patrick, 247 McCormick, William, 232, 95 McCoy, Michael, 372 McCoy, Roger, 423 McCray, Larry, 238 McCright, Kathleen, 353 McCullough, Patricia, 396 McCurry, Penny Jane, 274 McDaniel, Carroll, 348, 352 McDaniel, George, 424 McDonald, James, 260 McDonald, Janice, 336, 337 McDonald, John, 133 McDonald, Pamela, 352, 354 McDowell, Ivory, 162 McDowell, Sandra Kay, 341 McElveen, Mary Susan, 403 McGarvey, Brian, 432 McGarvey, John, 26, 432 McGarvey, Patrick, 415 McGarvey, Paul, 260 McGee, Kathleen, 265 McGill, Gerald, 212 McGinnis, James, 102 McGohan, Elizabeth, 195, 197, 237, 388 McGoun, Mary, 391 McGowan, Roy, 186 McGreevey, Edward, 241 McGregor, Jerry, 415, 95 McGregor, William, 262 McGuire, Brian, 372 McGuire, James, 162 McGuire, Molly, 400 McKee, Erik, 361, 364 McKee, John, 253 McKenna, Rosemary, 198, 199, 237, 388 McKinney, Mark, 419 McKnight, Robert, 368, 223, 233, 360, 362 McLain, Frederick, 419 McLane, John, 102, 362 McLane, Richard, 368, 367, 232, 360, 363, 364 McLaughlin, Michael, 238 McLaughlin, Richard, 95 McLeod, Mary, 382, 268 McLeod, Scott, 298, 299, 121, 427, 297 McLeran, Robert, 250 McMahon, Diane, 198, 222, 388, 191 McMecn, Lewis, 121, 168 McMorris, John, 364 McNeil, Michael, 95 McNeil, Patricia, 250 McNiel, Margaret, 345, 342 M:Peak, James, 250 McPike, J. Donald, 260 McQueen, Nancy, 269, 345, 343 McSwiggin, Joseph, 246 M:Vxlilliams, Jean, 387 Meade, Rita, 121 Mears, Judith Ann, 121 Mears, Marcus, 20, 427, 302, 184 Meek, Carol, 198, 217, 222, 388 Meester, Gerald, 204, 423 Megrew, Paul, 121 Mehesan, Thomas, 443 Meier, Carl, 433 Meier, Ginnie Kay, 265 Meier, Patricia, 22, 237, 342 Meierkord, John, 447 Meindertsmta, Martha, 200, 223, 3 Meisgeier, Larry, 121 Meland, William, 365 Mclson, Eric, 95, 372 Menke, Joan, 388 Mensching, Charles, 364 Meridith, Dennis, 223, 443 Merrick, Robert, 121 Merrill, Marcee, 403 Mcrta, Daniel, 447 Mertz, Carol, 341 Mitchell, Mary Jo, 237, 388 Mitchell, Sara, 350 Mitchell, Susan, 198, 237, 388 Mittelbusher, Gary, 439 Mittelstadt, Jaclynn, 356 Mockridge Susan, 196, 197, 211, 224, 395 Moeller, Jacquelyn, 200 Linda Kay, ss? Moffatt, Nadene, 268 Mohni, Carole, 359 Mohr, Erwin, 102 Mohr, John, 133 Mohr, Theon, 343 Mokelstad, John, 122 Moklestad, Michal, 122 Moline, Kay Ellen, 122, 391, 306 Molla, Mogus, 221 Monahan, Julia, 12 Mong, Carole, Ann, 237, 122, 400 Moninger, Barbara, 12 Monk, Gerald, 122, 302 Monks, Joan Ruth, 122 Monohon, Paul, 362, 213 Montgomery, Ann, 400 Montgomery, Dick, 203, 432, 191 Messer, Nancy, 384 Messerli, Mary, 337 Messin Meurs, a, Marie, 403 Judith, 382 Meusey, Joseph, 248 Meyer, Amelia, 349 Meyer, Betsy, 121, 392 Meyer, Carol Ann, 352 Meyer, Larry, 223, 411 Meyer, Martha Raye, 121, E6 Meyer on Alan 428 S 3 l Michael, Deanna, 12 Michaels, Holly Noel, 12, 392 Mick, James, 447 Mick, Thomas, 447 Mickelson, Margaret, 264 Mickle, Darlynn, 356 Milcic,Marcella, 350 Millen, James, 415 Miller, Allen, 443 Montgomery, Sue Carol, 400, 250 Montgomery, Susan, 274 Montgomery, Timothy, 227, 432 Montross, Kaye Jean, 350 Mood, Alan, 436, 212 Moon, Judith Anne, 338 Moon, Larry, 122 Moon, Michael, 423 Moon, Nancy Beth, 122 Moore, Clarence, 133, 261 Moore, David, 223, 419 Moore, Eloise, 353 Moore, Frederick, 242, 243, 246, 102 Moore, Janet Kay, 230, 334, 337, 193 Moore, Larry, 95, 27, 298, 299 Moore, Marilyn Kay, 203, 403, 306 Moore, Metta May, 273 Moore, Paul, 361 Moore, Roberta, 122 Moran, Michael, 138 Miller, Cathy Ann, 12 Miller, David Eugene, 372 Miller, David Leroy, 27 Miller, Donald, 444 Miller, Donna Rae, 268 Miller, Doreen, 12 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Morehead, Richard, 403 Moorehead, Thomas, 443 Moreland, David, 122 Moreland, Patricia, 200 Mori, Darrel, 371 Morgan, Constance, 392 Jean Louise, 268, 371 , Joe, 444 Joyce, 12 Judy Kay, 399 Judy Marie, 345 Karen Ann, 237 Kemp, 233, 363 Leo, 300, 162 Marilyn, 264 Ned, 247, 105 Patricia, 348,352 Paul, 419 Philip K., 372 Philip E., 212 Phylis, 122 Ray, 122, 262 Richard E., 420 Richard, 363, 368 Robert B. Jr., 12 Morgan, David, 371 Morgan, Joyce Ann, 12 Morgan, Kathleen, 136, 264 Morgan, Linda, 384 Morris, Sandra Ann, 400 Morris, William, 122 Morrison, Morrison, Deanna, 12 Dorothy, 197, 224, 237, 387 Morrison, Linda, 197, 203, 403, 250, 268 311 Morrison, Thomas, 411 Morrissey, Jane Alice, 230, 237, 122, 275 346 Morrissey, Jean Ann, 237, 12, 275 Morrissey s Richard, 363 Morton, John, 213 Mosena, Carolyn, 122 Moser, Mary, 201, 224, 12, 392 Moses, James, 174 Miller, Robert C., 365, 368 Miller, Robert G., 95 Miller, Robert George, 419 Miller, Robert Glenn, 122 Miller, Robert Morton, 232, 447 Miller, Roger, 260 Miller, Ronald, 435 Miller, Sheila Kaye, 12, 407 Miller, Steven, 122 Miller, Susan Marie, 388 Miller, Vlfilliam, 371 Mills, George, 122 Mills, Gordon, 122, 302 Mills, Dean, 150 Mills, VVayne, 371 Miner, Dale, 174 Minikus, Stephen, 443 Miresse, James, 439 Misbach, Mary, 222, 392 Mitchell, Charles, 105 Mitchell, Dale, 246, 269 Mitchell, Janet, 338 Mitchell Lydnta Ann, 388 Moses, Michal, 444, 162 Mosher, Ann Louise, 321, 222, 237, 336, 338, 339 Mosier, Thomas, 12, 148 Moss, David, 162, 174 Mossman, Robert, 444 Mote, James, 95 Mougin Anna Marie, 236, Moul, Robert, 423 Mowen, James, 444, 174 Mowry, Madelyn, 384 Mowry, Thomas, 447 Moyer, Bonnie, 122 Mueller, Barbara, 382, H Mueller, Carolyn, 200, 408 Mueller, Phyllis, 349 Muhlenbruch, Robert, 415 Muilenburg, Robert, 95 Mulder, Carolyn, 123 Mulder, Dallas, 95 Mullarky, Richard, 204, 42 Mullen, Charles, 105 Mullen, Ted, 254 122 3 Muller, Muller, John, 439 Robert, 123, 439 Mulligan, Terrence, 420 Mullins, Michael, 162 Mulmcd, Lawrence, 428 Mumm, Noel, 240 Munch, Karen Ruth, 223, 123 Mundt, Mary Mae, 123 Mundy, Richard, 420, 192 Munns, James, 447 Munson, Margaret, 203, 334 Munson, Philip, 362 Murfield, Janet, 194 Murphy, Barbara Ann, 123 Murphy, Barbara Jean, 352 Murphy, Carolyn Ruth, 404 Murphy, Charles, 415 Murphy, John, 133 Murphy, John, 262 Murphy, John, 43 Murphy, Mary, 123 Murphy, Michael, 447 Murphy, Molly, 123 Murphy, Patrick, 233 Murphy, Richard, 105 Murray, Roger, 181 Murrin Musgro , Jean, 123 ve, Jean, 123 Musser, Karen, 123 Myatt, Myers, Myers, Myers, Myhra, Larry, 365, 174 Judy Lee, 123, 350 Molly, 123 Stephen, 428 Arnold, 364 Myrick, Mickey, 123 N Naas, Abtleltatil, 102 Nabedrick, Marsha, 337, 340 Nachan el, Carol, 234, 382 Nachazel, John, 436 Neibert, Anne Louise, 396 Nandel 1, Robert, 123 Napier, Jerry, 123 Naso, J Nassif, ane Ann, 123 Donald, 416 Nazette, Ronald, 427 Neal, Clark, 420 Neal, Martha, 273 Near, Robert, 443 N ebel, Mary Lou, 225, asv Nedved, Larry, 424 Needles, Roscoe, 232, 95 Nell, Patricia Kay, 123 Nell, Richard, 372, 370 Nell, Ronald, 223 Neglia, Mary, 123, 349 Neiman, Donald, 226, 443 Neimar 1, Richard, 443 Nelson, D. Harold, 123 Nelson, Diana, 136 Nelson, Elizabeth, 408, 353 Nelson, Lawrence, 443 Nelson, Linda Jean, 343 Nelson, Linda Joy, 201, 384 Nelson, Merrill, 427 Nelson, Norman, 133 Nelson, Robert, 241 Nelson, Sandra, 123 Nelson, Susan, 395 Nelson, VVilrner, 447 Nervig Thomas 433 263 Nesbit: Willie, 364 3 Neslcr, Pamela, 265 Ness, Toni, 353 Nestrud, Thomas, 439, 178, 212 Neth, NVilliam, 361 Netherton, Darrell, 360, 363, 366, 191, 367 Neufeld, Edwin, 123 Neufeld, Richard, 227, 431 Neuger, Linda, 407 Neuma Neuwir N cuzil , n, Deannc, 275, 334 th, Cyntltia, 205, 407, 342 John, 123 New, Michael, 226, 123, 419 Newbrough, Vlfilliam, 361 Newcomer, Martha Ann, 250, 346 Newell, Linda Sue, 137 Newell, Patricia, 355 Newton, Carol, 337 Neyens, Harry, 123 Neylan, Kathleen, 395 Nichelson, Jane, 137, 357 Nichols, Craig, 220, 95, 178, 274 Nichols, Diane, 387 Nichols, Judy, 123 Nichols, Margaret, 392 Nichols, Stuart, 364 Nicholson, Nancy Ann, 200 Nicol, Danny, 447 Niday, James, 102 Niebaum, Linda, 235, 348, 352, 354, 355 Niedbala, lVi1liam, 162, 220 Nielsen, Janet, Lee, 264 Nielsen, Richard, 300 Niemann, Mary Ann, 137 Niemeyer, John, 105 Nightingale, Roger, 239 Niichcl, Richard, 247, 105 Niland, John, 162 Nissen, James, 427 Nizolek, Joseph, 133, 261 Noble, Charles, 362, 212, 368 Nodcan, Xklalter, 372 Noecker, Phyllis, 392 Nolltz, Paula Ann, 396 Nolan, Linda Kay, 384, 338 Nolan, Sheila, 195, 197, 388 Noland, Jon, 440 Nolte, David, 371 Noonan, Karl, 162 Norby, Gary,l23, 424 Norcott, Ann, 196, 197, 352, 354. 356 Norland, John, 95, 374 Norris, Richard, 248 Nosbish, James, 447 Nott, Jerri, 337 Noursc, Craig, 162, Novak, David, 123 Novak, Mary Joan, 340, 338 Nowlin, Joyce, 123 Nowotny, Linda, 350 Noyle, Linda, 123 Nuttall, Barbara, 319, 211, 396, 251, 257 Nye, Donna, 382 Nylund, Robert, 258 Nyquist, Linda Rae, 400, 309 O Oherweis, Janet May, 123, 408 O'Brien, Denise, 382 O'Brien, James, 123 O'Brien, Michael, 303, 305 OiBrien, Patrick, 415 O'Brien, Terry, 275, 362 Ochs, Melvin, 261 O'Conner, Vllilliam, 105 O'Connor, Richard, 371 O'Connor, Thomas, 213 Odendahl, Frederick, 416 Odendahl, Marsha Ann, 342 Otlle, Dick, 371 O'Donne1l, James, 205, 221, 439 Oehler, Sally, 200, 396 Oest, Mary, 352 Ofallon, Mary Ann, 342 Olstcad, Ronald, 258 Ogata, Dennis, 371 O'11alloran, James, 123 Ohde, Joann, 338 Ohde, Sharon, 337 O,11ollearn, Kathryn, 264, 275 Okamura, Alan, 223, 232, 236, 419, 95 Okubo, Phyllis, 123 Oldorl, Dennis, 232, 95 O3Leary, Maureen, 349 Olesen, Harold, 239 Oleson, Blake, 162 Olinc, Gary, 367 Olinger, VVil1iam, 248, 105, 249 Olive, Jane Ann, 400, 200 Olive, Susan, 400, 306 Olmstead, Karen Lee, 123 Olney, Laverne, 362 Olsen, Allan, 105 Olsen, Jay, 365 Olson, Donald, 123 Olson, Eugene, 269, 191, 370, 372, 190 Olson, Gary, 168, 226, 443, 191 Olson, Gregory, 124, 435, 269 Olson, Irving, 102 Olson, Jerilyn, 124 Olson, Jo Ann, 399 Olson, Joyce, 338,340 Olson, Judith, 335 Olson, Judy Kay, 353 Olson, Karen, 337 Olson, Lois Mae, 137 Olson, Melvin, 238 Olson, Peggy Ann, 337, 388, 343 Olson, Phyllis, 341 Olson, Serene, 336, 338 Olson, Sharon, 222, 392 Olson, Wayne, 371 Ommen, Eugene, 138 Omodt, Robert, 124 O1Neil1, Patrick, 371, 370 Onken, Richard, 124 Orr, John, 439 Orr, Larry, 415 Orr, Pauline Kay, 137, 265 Orr, Sue Anne, 396 Orr, Vlfilliam, 424 Orris, James, 447 Osborn, Robert, 259, 262 Osborne, Joel, 371 Osgood, Susan, 124 Oslack, Judith Ann, 149 Ostendorf, Harry, 233 Ostrander, Harry, 254, 174 Ostrander, Regina Jo, 341, 344, Oswald, Georgia, 388, 338 O'Too1e, Patricia, 237 Ott, David, 435, 303, 305 Ottescn, Realll, 250 Otto, Janice Ann, 352 Otto, Robert, 96 Otto, VVi1liam, 439 Outhouse, Carolyn, 124 Outhouse, Richard, 274 Over, Oliver, 372 Over, Oscar, 370, 372 Overgaard, Margaret, 124. 352 Owen, Gwen, 404, 268, 188 Owen, Wilbert, 239 P Paeanowski, Roger, 263 Packard, David, 365 Packer, Ellen, 264 Packwood, John, 411, 245 Padgham, Kenneth, 419 Padnos, Mark, 412 Pacth, Avis Jane, 355 Page, Sally, 336, 338, 340 Page, Sylvia, 124, 352, 355 Page, Vernon, 248, 252 Palmer, Catherine, 335 Palmer, Claudia, 124 Palmer, Patricia, 274 Palmer, VVilliam, 102, 299 Parnpel, Lucille, 273, 351 Pancotto, Paul, 419 Pankey, Eugene, 223, 240, 374 Pankey, Melvin, 233 Pankey, Russell, 232, 236, 96 Papp, Joseph, 363 Parclen, James, 249 Paris, VVarren, 124 Parisi, VVillinm, 204, 208, 222, Park, James, 360, 362, 367 Parker, Joanne, 388 Parker, Leslie, 203, 209, 400 Parker, Lindta, 399, 306 Parker, Norman, 220, 181 Parks, Melvin, 133 Parks, XVilliam, 431, 188 Parrott, Patricia, 237, 347 Parsons, David, 447 Parsons, Philip, 363 Pas, Rick, 374 Pasker, Jean, 400, 313 Passmore, David, 124 Pastras, Theodore, 420 Patch, Nancy Jean, 349 Patel, Sureshchantlra, 244, 103 Paton, Gwen Marie, 346, 347 Patrick, Thomas, 244 Patrigo, Willitam, 440 342 420, 191 Patterson, Jane, 201, 237, 124, 338, 339 Patterson, Marie, 237, 343, 345 Patton, Frank, 216, 431 Paul, Susan Kay, 384 Pauley, Eugene, 427 Pauling, Dennis, 168, 420 Paull, Charlotte, 198, 223, 388 Paulsen, Joseph, 362 Pauly, Mary Ann, 339, 338 Pavlis, Karen, 124 Pavlove, Peacock, 306 Diane, 337 Anne, 191, 197, 217, 399, 275 Peal, Robert, 232, 124 Pearl, El Pearson, Pearson, Pease, Ja liott, 428, 177 Marshall, 424 Richard, 124 net, 384, 250 Pechacek, Alan, 124, 260 Peckosh, Judith Ann, 339, 338 Pederson, Judith, 230, 341 Peclen, Judith, 237, 124, 408 Peeples, Peeples, George, 168 Kathy Ann, 264 Peifer, James, 371 Peil, Joh n,416 Peil, Katherine, 399 Pelton, Charles, 249, 191 Pelz, lla Pence, E rlan , 444 tlwin, 436 Pendergraft, Joel, 366 Pendleto n, Robert, 432 Penningroth, Robert, 133 Penny, Barbara, 224 Penny, Ruth Jane, 224 Pepper, Lawrence, 362 Perkins, Donna, 387 Perkins, Fred, 223, 365 Perkins, John, 174 Perkins, Martha, 124 Perkins, Rollin, 220, 447 Perrin, Lindta May, 195, 197, 224, 124, 387 Perry, lnagrace, 196, 391, 191 Perry, Matthew, 138 Peters, Barrett, 249 Peters, B eniamin, 124 Peters, Lyle, 124 Peters, Mark, 423 Peters, Nancy, 403 Peters, Robert, 432 Peters, William, 444, 212 Petersen, Edward, 124 Petersen, Gary, 124 Petersen, Jay, 174 Petersen, Kenneth, 262 Petersen, Lee, 96, 174 Petersen, Lee, 220, 435, 174 Petersen, Michael, 300 Petersen, Michael J., 362 Ptersen, Pamela, 384, 317 Petersen, Patricia, 384 Petersen, Richard, 205 Petersen, Ruth, 250 Peterson, Betty Ann, 384 Peterson , Carroll, 124 Peterson, Glen, 361 Peterson, Jay, 124, 416 Peterson, Joanna, 352, H Peterson, Joanne, 356 Peterson, Kent, 362 Peterson, Larry, 237 Peterson, Marilyn, 335 Peterson, Max Deane, 124, 178 Peterson, Max, 105 Peterson, Max G, Jr., 249, 212, 191 Peterson Peterson Peterson , Pamela, 347 , Penelope, 399 , Richard, 443 Peterson, Shelley Kay, 403, 193 Pettengill, Bonita, 124, 382 Pettersen, Mark, 439 Pettit, Charles, 363 Petzinge r, Robert, 424 Pevestorf, Betty, 237, 388 Pfalf, Carol Ann, 197, 341, 343 Pletler, Duane, 361 Pfeiffer, Robert, 202, 423 Pfeiler, Donald, 232, 96, 275 Pllster, Muriel, 404 Phalcn, Robert, 439 Phelps, Dale, 133, 260 Phelps, Gary, 444 Phelps, Janet, 124, 408 Phelps, Paul, 427, 302, 305 Phillips, Mary Jane, 344, 342 Piazza, Frances, 357 Picken, Barbara Dee, 205, 400 Picken, JOHY1, 124 Piehl, D onald, 258 Pieper, Barbara, 195, 137, 357 Pieper, Bruce, 439 459 Pieper, James, 202, 440 Pierard, Charlene, 124 Pierce, David, 22 Pierce, Donna, 338, 339 Pierce, Margaret, 337, 340 Pierrot, William, 363 Pierson, James, 427 Pike, Karen, 338, 340 Pill, Jeffrey, 124 Pilling, John, 419 Pilster, Shirley, 342, 200 Piper, James, 186 Piper, Philip, 186 Pippenger, Jane Ann, 124 Pirages, Dennis, 124 Pitluck, Haskell, 211, 220, 124, 424 Pitner, Richard, 249 Place, Thomas, 133 Platt, John, 368, 223, 360, 364, 367 Platteter, Dennis, 125 Plaude, Mara, 351 Pltaude, Martin, 242, 243 Plautz, Bernheardt, 125 Pleggenkuhle, Lavern, 233 Pletcher, John, 420, 186 Plett, Ann Marie, 125 Plumb, Nancy, 400, 191 Plummer, Leo, 133 Poesch, Carol Lee, 352 Pohlen, Thomas, 366 Pohlman, Jerry, 96 Pohlman, Linda Mary, 347 Poindexter, Linda, 353 Points, Larry, 304, 305, 302 Polen, Mark, 412 Poling, Anne, 382 Polk, Grant, 131, 415 Pollmeier, Joyce, M2 Pollock, Patricia, 125 Polly, Richard, 125 Poots, Irma Mae, 125 Pope, Mary Helen, 125, 334 Popek, William, 439 Poppen, Donna, 384 Popper, Cynthia, 337 Porter, Caroline, 125, 396 Porter, Dixie, 264 Porter, Jack, 411 Porter, Jean, 392, 200 Porter, Marshall, 125 Portzline, Sarah Ann, 125, 353, 356 Posey, James, 125 Posey, Maryhelen, 125 Pospisliil, Theodore, 416 Potter, Carol Antn, 354, 356 Potter, Coleen, 223 Potter, Jerry, 125 Powell, Cheryl, 234, 348, 354 Powell, David, 243 Powell John, 236 Power, Joseph, 223, 105, 249 Powers, James, 440 Prall, Wayne, 241 Prange, Roy, 361 Pranske, Carole Ann, 341 Pratt, John, 262 Pratt, Michael, 275, 365 Pratt, William, 248 Preskitt, Judith Anne, 337 Price, Daniel, 363, 213 Price, John, 138 Price, John, 300 Price, John F. Jr., 162, 123, 227, 36 361, 368, 367, 366 Price, Judith Ann, 125 Prichett, Barbara, 273 Priebe, Janet Lee, 345 Primich, Charles, 424 Primus, Barbara, 274, 352 Prince, Russell, 440 Pritchard, James, 125 Pritchard, Penelope, 396 Pritzker, Margie Lou, 196, 407 Prochaska, John, 361 Proctor, Diane, 338 Proctor, Janet Rae, 137 Proctor, Sharon, 125 Proctor, Shirlee Ann, 387 Prough, Rebecca Jane, 404 Prybil, Lawrence, 252, 191 Ptacek, Peter, 125, 190 Puller, John, 303, 305 Pugh, Linda, 125 Pullen, Martha Jane, 391 460 0, Pumphrey, Lou Ann, 343 Punelli, Frank, 431 Purdie, Joe, 439 Purdie, John, 238 Purdy, James, 96 Purvis, Bonnie Lee, 347 Putnam, Thomas, 300, 439 Pyle, Ja nice, 396 Q Quandt, Marvin, 365 Quinn, Daniel, 102 Quinn, John, 443 Quinn, Mary Margaret, 203, 384 Quinn, Stephen, 366 R Raach, George, 300 Raasch, Larry, 232 Rabe, Carolyn Kay, 319, 236, 125, 399 251, 306 Rachow, Thomas, 125 Radda, James, 370, 372 Rader, Sybil, 350 Radke, Janadene Lee, 125 Rains, Merritt, 223, 370, 190 Ramsell, John, 133 Randall, Barbara May, 392 Randall, Bruce, 444 Randall, David, 241 Randall, Susan Ray, 392 Randles, Kenneth, 423 Randolph, Alvin, 162, 186 Randolph, Nanette, 388, 137 Rashke, Paula Sue, 201, 404 Raskin, Andrea, 203, 407 Rasley, James, 411 Rasmussen, Frank, 365 Rater, David, 133, 263 Rath, William, 371 Rathien, Judith, 349 Ratlif, Marion, 238 Rattenborg, Jerry, 246 Rauch, Allan, 431 Rtauscher, Merry Layne, 356 Rauscher, Robert, 424 . Raveling, Judith Ann, 334 Rawson, Thomas, 371 Ray, Betty Lou, 343 Raymon, Richard, 440 Raznick, lnalou, 342 Read, Sherry Ann, 384 Reading, Patricia, 254 Reardon, James, 96 Reay, Dorothy, 137 Reay, Richard, 447 Rebec, Linda Jean, 197, 222, 2 382 Recher, David, 220, 420, 162 Recker, Mary Ellen, 264 Rector, John, 361 Redenius, Myron, 241 Redenius, Randall, 415 Redfield, Billie Jean, 392 Recd, Alice, 205, 403 Reed, Eldon, 133 Reed, Marilyn, 273 Reed, Wallace, 105 Rees, Natalie, 200 Reeves, David, 233 Relle, llelen, 125 36, 125, Regan, Sheila, 197, 137, 357, 358 Regnier, John, 419 Rehmann, Ronald, 261 Reichert, Elmer, 424 Reid, Carleton, 432 Reid, David, 22, 371, 370 Reider, Ronald, 412 Reifsohneider, M., 361 Reilly, Charles, 162, 298 Reimer, Jonathan, 366 Reimers, Bruce, 125, 260 Reimers, Janice Ann, 400 Reimers, Nancy Lee, 125 Reinhardt, Franklin, 162 Reinhardt, Thomas, 447 Reinke, Robert, 241 Reinking, Steven, 254 Reisetter, Philip, 223, 253, 191 Rckers, Carolyn Lee, 396 Rembolt, Diana Rae, 125, 404, 257 Remer, Richard, 435 Renander, Warren Jr., 362 Rendlen, Julie Kay, 384 Renoe, Van, 125 Rens, Laverne, 24 Renshaw, Frank, 203 Rensink, Helen, 352 Repass, Camille, 403, 195, 197, 224, 236, 125, 251 Rcppe, Ronald, 444 Resch, Judith, 274, 347 Resch, Ronald, 274 Reschly, Gary, 125 Resler, Willi, 125 Ressler, Charlene, 233 Restelli, William, 162 Retrum, William, 415 Reuben, Marlene, 407 Rex, Richard, 96 Rex, Susan, 408 Reyes, Esther, 350 Reyhons, Dennis, 96 Reynolds, John, 411 Reynolds, Margaret, 195, 196, 202 Reynolds, Patrick, 233, 96 Reznicek, George, 363 Ribiaudo, Theodore, 298 Rice, Judith Anna, 205, 217, 391 Rice, Margie Ann Ales, 125 Rice, Terry, 248 Rich, John, 361 Rich, Phillip, 102 Richard, Kenneth, 439 Richards, Carl, 133 Richards, David, 362 Richards, Gary, 20, 420, 96, 186 Richardson, Robert, 242, 243, 246, 102 Richelieu, Rochelle, 392 Richmond, John, 262 Rick, Annette, 275 Riddle, Fred, 162, 431 Ridihalgh, James, 427 Ridnouer, Dennis, 233 Riedel, Cecili, 125 Riedesel, Ronald, 372 Rieke, Mary, 237, 125 Ries, James, 242, 244, 246 Riessen, Reinhard, 211, 125, 364, 368 Riker, Robert, 415, 178, 212 Riley, Alice, 131 Riley, Mona Marie, 395 Riley, Richard, 220, 125, 184 Rindcn, Gerry, 250 Rinderkneeht, Verna, 347 Rinderknecht, W., 96 Ring, Dale, 212 Ring, Karen Rie, 194, 269 Rinker, James, 133 Rinner, Jean, 336, 337, 339 Risdal, Patricia, 391, 191 Riser, Virginia, 126, 355 Risley, David, 423 Ristau, Sharon, 408, 126 Ritenour, Lucinda Rae, 399 Ritl1, Donald, 254 Ritson, George, 239 Rittenmeyer, James, 440 Rittgers, Iora Kay, 201, 237, 346, 347 Ritz, Rex, 411, 304 Ritzmian, Vernon, 260 Rix, Reatha Rae, 342 Roach, David, 168, 220 Robbie, James, 126 Robbins, Mary Jo, 408 Roberson, Dale, 133 Roberson, Jerome, 105 Roberson, Jule Ann, 384 Roberson, Thomas, 431 Roberts, Carolyn, 96 Roberts, David, 431 Roberts, Jay, 162, 181 Roberts, Phyllis, 126 Roberts, Steven, 365 Roberts, Thomas, 162, 439 Roberts, William, 362, 363 Robinett, Gail Lynn, 382 Robinson, Rosemary, 137, 358 Robshaw, James, 233, 96 Rock, John, 105 Rocker, Sidney, 186 Rocklin, James, 428, 96 Rodamaker, Ralph, 105, 275, 365 Roddy, Michael, 363 Roden, Barbara, 96 Rodgers, James, 168, 220 Rodgers, Vernene Mary, 197 Rodman, Leslie, 126 Rodriguez, Shirley, 391 Roemmich, Nancy, 408, 334 Roepe, Kathleen, 335 Roeske, Bonnie Lou, 126 Roessler, Barbara, 336, 337 Rogers, Barbara, 387 Rogers, Lonnie, 162 Rogers, Mary Ellen, 337 Rogers, Ruth Emma, 273 Roghair, Garry, 133 Rohling, Debra Sue, 265 Rohse, Bette Ann, 196, 354, 200 Rohwedrler, James, 370 Rohwedder, Joanne, 403 Rolland, Daryl, 126, 296, 298, 299, Rollins, Lynn, 372 Rome, l,Vayne, 105 Rommel, Arlene, 233, 96 Rooff, John, 439 Roos, Joseph, 220, 126, 212 Rosborough, James, 168 Rose, Dennis, 240 Roseberry, Sharon Kay, 347 Rosebrook, Lee, 226, 419 Roseland, Judith, 396 Roseland, Richard, 423 Roseman, Joseph 111, 423, 178 Rosenberg, Jack, 238, 412 Rosenberg, Steven, 428 Rosenthal, Elizabeth, 137 Rosenthal, Marc, 412 Ross, Carol Jean, 341 Ross, James, 237, 298, 299 Ross, John, 298, 299 Ross, Rebecca Ann, 126, 404 Ross, Richard, 211, 436, 248, 96 Ross, Ruth Ann, 337 Ross, Susan Jayne, 126 Roth, Roth, Kenneth, 261 Lanny, 126 Roths, Judith Ann, 403 Rothstein, Kay, 407 Rouclabush, Marilyn, 347 Roudybush, Dorothy, 342 Rounds, John Jr., 23, 366, 368 Rouse, Carl, 420, 138, 266 Rousso, Suzanne, 400 Rowley, Carl, 240 Rowley, Catherine Ann, 194, 335 Royce, Merle 11, 212, 126, 427, 178 Rozek, Steven, 363 Rozenboom, Alvin, 264 Rubel, Frank, 275 Ruben, Brent, 412 Rubin, Kenneth, 102 Rubin, Samuel, 412 Ruby, James, 232 Rudd, Jack, 126 Rudman, Marjorie, 126, 407, 268 Rudman, Robert, 246 Ruegnitz, Judith Ann, 337 Ruiseh, Robert, 246, 102 Rumbaugh, Sallie Ann, 396 Rumo ra, Thomas, 372 Ruroden, Linda Lou, 395 Rush, Sherry Rae, 404 Rusk, Rusk, Russ, Alan, 364 Thomas, 184 Susan Jane, 388 Russell, Barbara, 344, 343 Russell, Don, 415, 213 Russell, Don, 415, 215 Russell, James, 96 Russell, James, 232 Russo, Romolo, 253, 360, 363, 367 Rust, Phillip, 372 Ruston, Heidi, 204, 404 Ruther, Lavonne, 264 Ruthe rford, Jean, 269 Rutherford, Kay, 338 Rutt, Lavon, 303 Ruud, Glenn, 431 Ruud, Maryann, 204, 399, 306, 309 Ryan, Gary, 360, 365, 366 Ryan, Karlin, 162 Ryan, Lehan, 247, 105, 249 Ryan, Phyllis, 126 S Saar, Jesse Lee, 364 Sabdc , Beverly Jean, 223, 347 Sacia, Louise, 126 Safley, James, 416 Sage, Diane, 337 Sakata, Toshiko, 126, N9 Sakimoto, Herman, 371 Sample, Sample, Larry, 363 William, 239 Sampson, Lynn ll, 126 Samuelson, Dennis, 252 Sandell, Frank, 419 Sanden, Sanders Sanders Sanford, Sanfrey, Janet, 126, 257 K Bonnie Lou, 126 Sanders, , Glenda Kay, 395, 3115 , Jo Frances, 126 Sharon, 275, 337, 340 Gerald, 411, 162 Sanftner, Thomas, 105 Santee, Anne, 222, 388, 200 Sarfl, Jon, 372 Sa rgent, Jack, 447 Satterlee, James, 238 Sauer, Franklin, 250 Saunders, Pamela Sue, 403 Sawin, John, 105 Saylor, Ronald, 106 Sayre, Donald, 363, 212 Sayre, Edwin, 431 Sayre, William, 177 Scalf, Denise, 102 Schabloske, George, 424 Schach, Vickie Lee, 388 Schaefer, Dean, 244 Schaeferle, Martin, 226, 416, 253 Schaetzel, Mary Joan, 403, 265 Schafenacker, Judith, 194 Schafer, Donna Raye, 200 Schafer, John 11, 242, 243, 300, 363 Schafer, Susan Kay, 408 Schralekamp, Donald, 211, 138, 362 Schallau, Allan, 96 Schallman, David, 96 Schauenberg, Robert, 174 Scheel, Allen, 126, 415 Scheel, Polly Jane, 344, 345, 343 Scheidenhelm, Sarah, 223, 388, 338 Scheiver, Steven, 411 Schenk, Gerda, 126, 168 Scheppcle, James, 363 Scherrer, Charles, 298 Scheuerman, Joseph, 435, 300 Schiavonia, Michael, 226, 419, 192 Schield, Marlo Rae, 447 Sehild, Donald, 361 Schild, Richard, 254 Schilling, Roger, 220, 432 Schimmel, Leon, 260 Schirm, Marilyn, 137 Schlatter, Hilda, 223, 237 Schlegel, Richard, 431 Schleihs, Camilla Rae, 349, 354, 356 Schley, Richard, 427 Schlioher, John, 261 Schliekelman, John, 102 Schmeiscr, Donald, 363 Schmickle, Sally Ann, 237, 338 Schmickley, Dennis, 259, 262 Schmid, Schmidt Schmidt, Schmidt, Linda Sue, 344, 342 Karen, 388 Lynette, 205, 400, 315 Robert, 245, 102, 96 Schmidt, William, 246, 102, 269 Schmitt, Susan Lee, 337 Schn ack Schnede Judith Ann, 342 Brenda Lee 203 403 250 Schnute, William, 126 Schneider, Susan Kay, 341, 344, 342 Schnittjer, Marilyn, 255 Schnurr, William, 126 Schnyder, Linda Ann, 391 Schoch, Mary, 126 Schock, Roger, 96 Schoenberg, Diane Kay, 404, 191, 188 Sehoencman, Louis, 419 Schoenlelder, Joyce, 349 Sehoentgen, Pamela Jo, 408 Schoenthaler, David, 106 Sehoeppner, Melvin, 299, 314 Scholbrock, Sylvanus, 372 Scholes, Roger, 96 Soholtes, Betty, 137, 357 Scholtz, Jean, 273, 334 Schomberg, Steven, 444 Schorr, John Edwin, 126 Schott, Jane, 404 Schrader, Herbert, 126 Schrader, Richard, 364 Schreiber, Larry, 420 Schreiber, Rosalie, 342, 343, 344 Schrimper, George, 126 Schrody, David, 239 Schroeder, Stanley, 246, 102, 269 Schrunk, David, 262 Schrup, Thomas, 106 Schuelke, Robert Jr., 126 Schug, Kenneth, 420 Schuldt, Dennis, 371 Schulte, Alan, 371 Schultz, Barbara, 349 Schultz, Gretchen Ann, 399, 265 Schultz, Hugh, 364 Schultz, Stephen, 439 Schulz, Linda, 355 Schulze, Dianne, 126 Schumacher, Robert, 363 Schumann, Carla, 392, 256 Schurtz, Russell, 259, 260 Schutte, Harvey, 212 Schwab, Victoria Ann, 126 Schwaegler, Carol, 126, 274 Schwartz, Cheryl Ann, 232 Schwarz, Fredric, 138 Schwarz, William, 96 Schweitzer, Harold, 22, 361 Schwendinger, Richard, 126 Schwenke, Charles, 138 Schwieder, Robert, 96 Schwietert, Shirley, 255 Schwob, John, 242, 246 Schwridder, Jack, 416 Scorza, Catherine, 404 Scott, Andrew Jr., 440 Scott, Carolyn, 196 Scott, David, 361 Scott, Diane, Louise, 198, 408 Scott, Janet, 194, 237, 347 Scott, John, 444 Scott, Larry, 363, 368 Scott, Margaret, 335 Scott, Michael, 126 Scott, Rodger, 249 Scott, Ronald, 367 Scott, Warren, 133 Scott, William, 133 Scudder, Frances, 354, 356 Seagren, Alan, 233, 96 Sealy, John, 102 Sebben, Jack, 220, 212, 177 Secress, Linda Mae, 127 Sedrel, Nancy Marie, 388 Seelau, Paul, 275, 364 Seely, Linda Ruth, 400 Seesser, Karl, 221, 250 Seferovich, Madeline, 127 Seibert, Walter, 371 Seifert, Susan, 384 Seime, Glenn, 233, 96 Seitz, Exie Gracetta, 343 Seitz, Karla Kay, 137, 358 Seiver, Robert, 362 Seley, Judy, 127 Sell, James, 127 Sell, Jon, 248, 106 Sellers, Michael, 374 Seltzer, Richard, 428 Seniatra, Phillip, 233, 96 Senior, James, 372 Servisson, Rogert, 444 Servoss, Cecilia Elle, 337, 339 Setter, David, 106 Seuferer, Lawrence, 248 Sevatson, Trudy, 384 Severson, Allen, 423 Severson, Dennis, 96 Severson, Mary Louise, 388 Shadle, Robert, 374 Shadley, Marcia Anne, 338 Shafer, Dana, 400 Shafer, Ernst, 420 Shafer, Judith Kay, 384 Shafer, Nancy Lee, 399 Shafer, Robert, 365 Shafi, Jay, 296, 302, 303, 305 Shaffer, Terry, 305 Shalley, Jack, 262, 274 Shalley, Rebecca, 274 Shank, Stephen, 439 Shank, Susan, 384 Shannon, Pamela Jean, 404 Sharp, Melvin, 431 Sharples, Thomas, 239 Shaveltand, Carol Jean, 349 Shaw, Daniel Jr., 103 Shaw, Robert, 372 Shay, Michael, 439 Shean, Joan Marie, 133 Shearer, Robert, 248, 106 Sheats, Carolyn Anne, 384 Sheerer, James, 423 Sheets, Elton, 364 Sheets, Lawrence, 185, 242, 246, 372, 18 Sheils, Ruth, 351 Shelangoski, Gary, 242, 243, 246 Shepard, Donald, 427 Shepard, Gene, 427 Shepard, James, 127 Shepard, John, 27, 431 Shepard, Joseph, 127 Shepard, William, 127 Shepherd, John, 435 Shepherd, Mary Kay, 194, 337, 336 Shepley, Richard, 416 Sherbroun, Susanne, 137 Sheridan, Elaine, 127 Sheridan, Sara Louise, 137, 357, 339 Sheridan, Thomas, 212 Sherin, Melanie, 127 Sherman, Lynn Lorey, 344 Sherman, Robert, 162, 174 Sherman, William, 237 Sherod, David, 423 Sherre, Phyllis, 407 Shidler, George, 415 Shields, James, 440 Shillington, James, 363 Shimoda, Christian, 300 Shinn, Mary, 22, 391, 191, 149 Shinn, Nancy, 156, 127, 391, 191 Shipka, Steven, 439 Shipley, William, 262 Shirley, Susan Joyce, 338, 339 Shoemaker, Martha, 352 Shold, Judlith Ann, 127 Shold, Rosemary Kay, 127 Shook, Janet Doris, 127 Shors, John, 106, 249 Shots, Richard, 424, 249 Showers, Susan, 205, 403, 191 Shrader, Dorothy, 127, 396, 251 Shramek, Jon Alois, 222 Shnauger, Frances, 399, 149 Shriver, Jay, 427 Shuey, David, 443 Shulkin, Sharon, 407 Shuminsky, Tim, 372, 213 Sias, Nancy Ann, 197, 400, 148 Siddall, Peggy Ann, 127, 168 Siems, Lynette Ann, 334 Sieperda, Dean, 420 Sieperda, Sandra Sue, 400 Sievers, Frances 335 Sifers, Baiba, 127 Sigsbee, William, 362, 367, 368 Sikma, Rohert, 224 Sill, Janet Roberta, 196, 392 Silver, Dee Edward, 261 Silverberg, Harvey, 412 Silverstein, Kenneth, 412 Simmers, Samuel, 300, 361 Simmons, David, 96, 222, 233, 236, 416 Simms, Clyde, 363 Simon, James, 365 Simon, Lanell Ann, 201, 392 Simson, Herbert, 262 Simpson, David, 103 Simpson, Dayton, 127, 303, 364 Simpson, Gary, 162 Simpson, Shirlee Ann, 255 Sincox, Nancy Sue, 200, 222, 127 Sincox, Patricia Lee, 223, 408, 352 Singley, Nancy Kay, 194 Sinn, Douglas, 428 Sinotte, Stephen, 127 Sisk, Robert, 415 Sisler, Linda Ann, 382 Sisler, YVill'iam, 203, 43 Siverly, David, 127, 297, 298, 299 Sjoberg, John, 224 Sjostrom, William, 416, 212 Skalsky, Jeanne, 464 Skalsky, Judith, 209, IQ, 25, 404, 306 Skare, Rasmus, 427 Skarshaug, Karen, 391 6 Skea, William 111, 168, D0 Skillicorn, Thomas, 300, 371 Skinner, Richard, 371 Skoglund, Ruth Nan, 222, 273 Skow, Julius 111, 439 Skow, June Anne, 137 Skram, Kathleen, 321 Skripsky, Karen, 127 Sladek, Margo, 342 Sladek, Mary, 350, 311 Slater, Joseph, 127 Slattery, William, 127 Slaughter, Joseph, 244, 103 Slavens, James, 247, 96 Slaymtaker, Sandra, 127 Sleiuhter, Charles, 431 Slessor, Sheila Dawn, 201 Slinger, Jul-ie Ann, 338 Sloan, Doris Jean, 127, 231 Sloan, Janet Marie, 137 Sloan, John, 249 Sloan, Mary Lee, 353 Smaha, Leslie Even, 226, 415 Smallwood, Thomas, 127 Smith, Allen, 127 Smith, Bette, 395, 250, 200 Smith, Carolyn, 203, 392, 306 Smith, Catherine, 127 Smith,Craig, 362 Smith, Dona, 391, 191 Smith Smithi Fay Kelly 1 Smith, Edgar, 238 Ga ry, 365 Smith, Harry, 263 Smith, Jack, 134 Smith, James, 134 Smith, James, 363 Smith, Janet Lou, 127 Smith, John, 127 Smith, Joseph, 411 Smith, Judith, 127 Smith, Judy Ann, 194 Smith, Kathleen, 235 Smith, Kelley, 222 Smith, Linda, 350 Smith, Marcia, 353 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Patricia, 395 Patricia Green Rachel, 194 Reginald, 365 Richard, 415 Ronald, 371 1, 443 , 237, 337, Sharon, 338, 340 Sheri Ann, 391 Sherri Sue, 395 Stephen Jack, 227, 440 Stephen James, 363 Terry, 371 Thomas IV, 300 Smits, George, 223 Smoker, Paul, 127 Smrha, Ron, 365 Snavely, Keith, 301, 300 Snell, Roger, 127, 362 Snider, Brenna Lee, 137 Snodgrass, Sharon, 264 Snook, Gary, 162 Snook, Joan, 127 Snyder, Darrel, 298 Snyder, Ellen, 127 Snyder, Rebecca Marie, 342 Snyder, Sherril, 342 Snyder, Wallace, 431, 298, 299, Snyder, VVi1liam, 128 Soballe, Peter, 371 Soderstrom, Dale Lea, 399 Soehren, Stephen, 239 Solberg, Kraren Ann, 224, 382 Soldati, Linda Jo, 223, 408 Sondrol, Susan, 399 Sonichsen, Patricia, 137 Sonksen, James, 128 Sorden, Sharyl Liffmcf 128 Sorensen, Judith Ann, 128, 313 Sorensen, Judith Ann, 194, 347 Sorg, Barbara Jo, 403 Sortor, Everett, 374 Soudan, Robert, 423 Souter, David, 424 South, Maurice, 362 Sowers, Margaret, 351 Spading, Rosemarie, 275, 350 Spain, Richard, 233, 372 340 190 Spangler, Iames, 223, 233, 96, 360, 364 367 Spangler, Linda Kay, 264 Sparks, Iudith Kay, 128 Spaulding, Gail, 211, 384 Spaulding, Keith, 177 Specht, David, 427 Spector, Ioseph, 428 Speedy, Ronald, 363, 368 Speer, Iohn, 126, 416 Spence, Edward, 96 Spencer, Richard, 443 Siiendlovc, Linda lane, 128, 256 Sperry, Iohn, 240 Sperry, Rebecca lean, 250 Spicer, Carole Lea, 137, 265 Spies, Marie, 343, 345 Spicss, Mary Louisc, 391 Spieth, Donald, 128 Spiker, Steven, 128 Spooner, Thomas, 134 Spormann, Susan Kay, 342, 345, 200 Sprague, Iohn, 248 Sprague, Iudith Ann, 223 Sprague, Robert, 254 Spratt, Thomas, 96 Sprengelmeyer, V.,247 Spring, Mark, 96, 274 Sprinkle, Stanley, 96 Spurgeon, Charles, 128, 150 Spurgeon, Karen, 128 Stadel, Mary Ellen, 264 Stage, Sarah Iane, 203, 387 Staggs, Elizabeth, 352 Stahly, Iohn, 443 Stampf, Susan, 342 Stamy, Allen, 419, 97 Saanbary, Iames, 128 Staner, Linda Lee, 128, 387, Stange, Gloria, 234, 344 Stanley, Capitola, 345 Stanley, Ida, 392 Stanley, John, 263 Stanley, William, 128 Stapleton, lanet, 387 Starkey, Catherine, 382 Starr, Iames, 272, 366, 191 Starrett, Carol Ann, 347 Staton, lanice, 137, 358, 322 Stauch, Douglas, 443 Stearns, Cheryl Lynn, 384 Stearns, David, 260 Stebleton, Alma, 128 Steele, David, 97 Steele, Iames, 233, 103 Steele, Ianet Ann, 128 Steele, Marilyn, 404, 306 Steele, Mary Ann, 128 Steelman, lames, 443 306 steetman, 1ud1th,306, 190, 192, 193 Steelman, Kenny, 222, 372 Steif, Susanne, 148 Steffen, Dennis, 134, 261 Stgman, Pamela Rae, 194 Steiger, Roger, 258 Still, Margaret, 203, 395, 306 Stinard, Roger, 432, 249 Stitt, Michael, 416 Stock, Charles, 233. 234, 97 Stock, Linda Lee, 197, 388 Stock, Rachel Cleo, 404 Stoker, Ioyce, 204, 403, 306 Stoker, Iulic Ann, 395 Stokstad, Arden, 419, 269 Stoline, Marie, 128 Stollcr, Richard, 428 Stone, Brian, 103, 269 Stone, Miriam Leslie, 217, 407 Stone, Pamela Beth, 224, 407 Stone, Thomas, 222, 226, 440. 191 Stonebraker, William, 420 Stoncburg, William, 233 Stoner, Arthur, 372 Stoner, Ronald, 24, 238, 239 Stopperan, Allan, 106, 249 Storby, Gene, 224, 238 Storck, Mary Lou, 387 Storer, Carol Ann, 337 Story, Robert, 106 Story, William, 300 Stoterau, Thomas, 128 Stoufer, lane, 128 Stout, Gary, 128 Stout, Harold, 128 Stout, Iudith, 128 Stoutner, Ielfrcy, 222 Stoutner, Robert, 432 Stowell, Iames, 258 Strand, Randall, 128 Strasburger, William, 439 Strate, Richard, 411 Straumanis, Iuris, 240 Strauss, David, 220, 428, 97 Strauss, Richard, 223, 226, 428, 184 Strein, Eugene, 246 Streit, Charles, 361 Stricklin, Iames, 242, 103 Strobach, William, 371 Stroeber, Charlene, 137, 265 Strom, Bruce, 217, 26, 428 Stromley, Sandra, 352 Stroope, Thomas, 232, 303, 305, 365 Swanson, Carroll, 372 Swanson, lack, 439 Suanson, Karen, 387 Swanson, Larry, 242, 244, 103 Swanson, Swanson, Lorene, 203, 205, 403 Patricia, 129 Swanson, Robert, 177 Swartling, Rodney, 134, 261 Swartzendruber, G., 129 Swartzentlruber, Ray, 436 Sxvartzwelter, lay, 238 Sweeney, Gene, 103 Sweeney, Michael, 365 Sweeting, Cherie Lee, 268 Swenson, Donald, 97 Swenson, Eldon, 262 Swift, Dean, 134 Swims, Shirley, 343 Switz, Margaret, 264 Swyter, Gary, 103 Szemkus, Faye, 264, 275 T Tabacli, Brian, 412 Tague, Linda, 337 Tam, Alice Lei-Shang, 138, 268 Tangren, Frank, 362 Tanner, Eleanor, 129 Tansey, Verne, 440 Tappan, Carol Iean, 137 Tapy, Francis, 372 Tarara, Rosele, 234, 275 Tatro, Norbert Ir., 129 Tatum, Susan, 137, 358 Taylor, Bruce, 134 Taylor, Taylor, Ellen, 396 Gary, 447 Taylor, lane, 387 Taylor, lean Louise, 129 Taylor, Martha Gay, 129 Taylor, Michael, 365 Taylor, Rosalind, 129, 200 Taylor, Wayne, 217, 444, 191 Teal, M ichael, 275, 363 ' Teal, Patricia, 129, 349 Tesdale, john, 263 Thompson, Iudith, 384 Thomp son, Kathy, 400 Thompson, Linda Ann, 129, 259 Thomp son, Pamela, 223, 346, 347 Thompson, Polly Ann, 352 Thompson, Robert E,, 223, 411 Thompson, Robert, 260 Thompson, Susan, 337, 339 Thompson, Thomas, 129 Thompson, 'Wayne, 303, 203, 211, 226, 436 Thompson, 1Vendel, 305 Thomp son, Dorothy, 129 Thordsen, Maureen, 351 Thoreson, Iames, 242, 246, 103 Thorn, Throck Gene, 97 morton, Tom, 443 Thurman, Thomas, 262 Thye, Ierilee, 338 Tieleman, Henry, 221 Tiernan, Helen, 351 Tiernan, Stephen, 246 Tietz, Annabelle, 264 Tiffany, Iohn, 129 Till, Daniel, 134, 261 Till, Elaine, 97 Tillotson, Ioan, 236 Tinklenberg, Iared, 259, 260 Tischler, George, 304, 364 Tissue, Fred Ir., 239 Tjarks, Heyo, 240 Toelle, Mary Susan, 391, 168 Tokarczyk, Karen Ann, 353 Toland, Trevor, 168 Tomasek, lohn, 23, 248 Tomasek, Miriam Ann, 334, 335, 149 Stropcs, Lawrence, 420 Strother, Bruce, 362 Strottman, Daniel, 128 Stroud , William, 128 Stroup, Loyd, 128, 297, 298, 299, 174 Strub, Don, 238 Struck, Linda Kaye, 408, 349, 200 Strueber, James, 362, 366 Strum, Barry, 412 Struve, Iulie Ann, 128 Struyk, Russell, 128, 302 Stuart, Iames, 362 Stubbs, Erwin, 134 Stuber, VVilliam, 174 Stucke Richard 362 V1 , Studniclea, Ben, K8 Studt, Steven, 128, 297, 298, 300 Stuepfert, Kathleen, 337 Tebrugge, Herman, 447 Teegen, Marilee, 156, 211, 222, 224, 388, 191, 256, 190 Teeters, Sandra, 129 Teeters, William, 129 Tegeler, lack, 272, 372 Tegen, Terry, 432 Tegtmcyer, Michael, 129 Teichner, Stephen, 223, 411, 191 Tekippe, Richard, 247, 106 Templeman, Pamela, 382 Templeton, Ellen, 391 Tener, Ann Mary, 273 Test, Steven, 444 Tevis, Iames, 362 Tharp, Carol Kay, 129 Tharp, Dale, 447 Tharp, Ronny, 364 Tompras, George, 162, 416 Toner, Michael, 362, 148 Tonn, Gene, 241 Tonquest, Bernard Ir., 226, 440 Toohill, Ieanne, 223, 275, 342 Topinka, David, 246, 297, 298, 299, 365 Tornabane, Iames, 227, 440 Touch, Alan, 156, 236, 129, 436 Tousey, Michael, 440 Towell, Ronald, 440 Towle, Virginia, 391 Townsend, Orville, 162 Tnachta, Marvin, 97 Tracy, Boyd, 248 Tracy, George, 443 Tracy, Roger, 427 Travis, Larry, 443, 156 Trccker, Steven, 420 Treiber, Steven, 364 Tremmel, Diane, 343 Trent, Frank, 419, 97 Trettin, Mardell, 337 Trimble, Bruce, 240 Trimble, Carol Ann, 225, 395 Trimble, Daniel, 241 Trimble, lane, 129 Tripp, Cynthia, 256 Trommer, William, 304, 300, 371 Trope, Rynia Lurie, 407, 97 Steiger, Ronald, 58 Stein, Iellrey, 213 Steinmetz, David, 300, 363 Stelter, Iacqueline, 337 Stempel, Reid, 274 Stentz, Mary, 128 Stepanek, Bernard, 128 Stephan, Kirk, 419 Stephens, Ann, 194, 340 Stephens, Antoinette, 399 Stephens, lohn, 415 Sterk, Marilyn, 242, 244, 246, 103 Stermcr, Barbara, 384 Sternberg, Carolyn, 339, 338 Stevens, ludith Lce, 211, 128, 387, 251 146 Stevens, Sherrie Lynn, 342 Steward, Oliver,, 128 Steward, Richard, 365 Stewart, Ellen Ruth, 395 Stewart, james, 411 Stewart, Keith, 59, 261 Stewart, Mary, 382, 137, 335 Stewart, Miriam, 128 Stewart, Robert, 427, 97, 302, 305 Stewart, William, 427 Stidwell, Walter, 239 I Stientjes, Steven, 436, 213 Still, David, 296, 302, 305 462 , Stumbaugh, Bruce, 240 Stumme, Iohn, 129 Sturdevant, Iared, 138 Sturman, Robert, 213 Sublett, Elsia, 350 Sudenga, George, 106 Sudimack, Allan, 363 Suiter, Ierry, 419 Sulentic, Donald, 216, 419, 191 Sullivan, Gayle, 387 Sullivan, Ierry, 366 Sullivan, Iulienne, 404, 315 Summerwill, Ben Ir., 443 Sunderbruch, Arthur, 423 Sunderman, Ronald, 411 Sundquist, Nancy, 400, 325 Sung, Rodney, 258 Sunleaf, David, 97 Surasky, Ianice. 129 Suter, Cynthia, 344 Svendsen, Reinert, 261 Swain, Gary, 162 Swain, Gary Richard, 363 Swain, Susan, 129, 408 Swalve, Richard, 415 Swan, Douglas, 236, 97 Swan, Frederick, 129 Swan, lerry, 97 Swan, john, 427 Thatcher, Iames, 240 Thatcher, Ierry, 257, 371 Thayer, lerrilca, 349 Thede, Maureen, 344, 342 Thede, Mervyn, 233, 97, 297, 298, B9 Theisen, Lee, 156, 222, 424, 249, 191, 190 Thelen Leslie Ann, 396, 168 Thic, Charles, 365 Thielcn, Susan, 392 Thies, Terryl, 129 Thode, Ileen Ann, 384, 338 Thomas, Patricia, 384, 388 Thomas, Alan, 97 Thomas, Donald, 103 Thomas, Iudith Mac, 351 Thomas, Linda, 163, 335 Thomas, Michael, 443 Thomas, Miohael, 241 Thomas, Ronald, 298, 299 Thomas, Thomas, Thompson Sharon, 230, 137, 357, 323 William, 423 mold 134 , A 5 - ' Thompson, Barbara lo, 302 Thompson, Barbara L., 194, 275, 344 Thompson, Bruce, 440 Thompson, Dale, 186 Thompson, Elvin, 300, 362, 367 Thompson, Glen, 129, 254 Troughton, Edward, 185, 362, 186 Troxel, Catherine, 352 Troyer, Omer, 129 Trummel, Elizabeth, 250 Trussell, lane, 350 Tschantz, Gary, 129 Tubbs, Danvers, 242, 243, 246, 103 Tucker, Carolyn, 137 Tucker, David, 274 Tucker, Gary, 162 Tucker, William, 440 Tudor, Conni, 388 Tufty, Garolyn Lee, 392 Tufty, Terry, 371 Tumelty, Paul, 275 Tureen, Lesley, 341, 345 Turkal, Ioyce, 129 Turner, Iudith, 352 Turner, Kathy, 382 Turner, Stephen, 106 Turner, Stephen, 361 Tvedte, Twaddl Hans, 239 e, Donald, 129 Twcdt, Iulie Anne, 384 Twede, Gerald, 134, 261 Tweito, Daria, 104, 260 Twit, Kenneth, 129 Tygett, William, 129, 263 Tyler, Paul, 129, 374 Williams, Wirtz, Harold, 431, 372 U Ubben, Ronald, 432 Ucman, Joseph, 162 Uitermarkt, Judith, 129, 388 Ulland, Elaine, 353 Ullem, Nancy, 129 Ullman, Julian, 134, 262 Umebayashi, Akiko, 121 Underwood, Judith, 205, 211, 408 Updegraff, James, 130 Upham, Ronald, 415, 245, 269 Urelius, Leaetta, 130 Urich, Gary, 130 Utholf, Steven, 274 V Vajgrt, Dennis, 415, 302, 303, 305 Valentine, Clark, 420 Valentine, Dennis, 427, 106 Vallandingham, Jack, 138, 266 Vallier, Averil, 106, 250 Vaneamp, Diann, 395 Vance, Beth Marie, 391, 338 Vandecar, Elizabeth, 168 Vandegarde, Larry, 259, 260 Vandekamp, Gary, 363 Vandekamp, Jerry, 363, 174 Vandenberg, Sylvia, 350 Vanderburgh, Linda, 137 Vanderoovaart, V. L., 130, 387 Vanderpol, Nancy, 350 Vanderpool, S. A. R., 224 Vanderstoep, Philip, 423 Vanderstoep, Rachel, 130 Vanderstoep, Thomas, 423 Vanderveer, Mary, 395 Vandeventer, Kennie, 364 Vandusseldorp, Jon, 440 Vandyke, Lorraine, 257 Vanhaecke, William Jr., 269 Vanheel, Patricia, 384 Vanhouten, Stephen, 260 Vanklompenburg, D., 342 Vanleeuwen, David, 130 Vanmaasdam, Diane, 264 Vanorsdel, William, 427 Vanourny, Stephen, 261 Vanroekel, Glenn, 134, 260 Vanroekel, Ruth Marie, 130, 251 Vanvlack, Judith Ann, 384 Vanwerden, James, 106, 250 Vanwyhe, Norman, 362 Vanzee, Donald, 372 Vanzee, Merwin, 371 Varner, Donald, 363 Varner, Vernon, 360, 366, 367 Vaughn, Lee, 424 Veenker, Martin, 97 Vehrs, Stephen, 362 Voit, Cordelia, 395 Veldey, John, 427 Venenga, John, 130 Ventling, Karen Kae, 342 Verhetsel, Mary Beth, 382, 342 Verhoeven, Stanley, 427, 253 Verma, Suresh, 221 Vermazen, Ardis Kay, 346, 347 Vermeer, Louis, 103 Verniek, Muriel, 130, 407 Vernon, Bruce, 416 Verploegh, David, 435 Versman, Kenneth, 227, 428 Versteeg, John, 23, 362, 366, 368 Vervais, Gennene Mary, 384 Vespa, John, 435, 364 Vevera, Melvin, 130 Vickerman, Robert, 262 Vickstrom, Dean, 411 Vincent, Randall, 431 Vincent, Wesley, 299, 302, 303 Vining, Diane, 391 Virtue, David, 236 Vlack, Robert, 241 Vogel, Richiard, 247 Vogellanger, Nancy, 130 Vokolek, Dennis, 120, 254, 257, 212 Vollmer, Bruce, 371 Vosepka, Richard, 424 Voss, Dow, 130, 298, 301, 300 Voss, Raymond, 130 Vust, John, 370 W Waechter, Donald, 130, 298 Wagenkneoht, John, 258 VVager, Susan, 388 VVagner, Barbara, 391 Wagner, James, 162 Wagner, Janet Ruth, 130 Wagner, Mark, 364, 372 Wagner, Tomas, 372, 370 YVagoner, Lynette, 130 Waite, George, 130 Waite, Jonathan, 130 Walker, Christine, 130, 257 Walker, James, 259, 260 Walker, Jane, 130, 348, 354, 355 Walker, John, 134 Walker, Leland, 185, 186 Walker, Mark, 424 Walker, Nancy Lynn, 408 Weinzweig, Michael, 236 Weis, Dave, 238 Weis, Linda Kay, 194, 347 Weiss, Karen, 334 WVeiss, Stephen, 134 Weissenborn, James, 431, 97 Welk, Jerry, 236 Welk, Richard, 242, 103 Weller, Terry, 365 Wilcox, Milton, 262 Wildberger, William, 416 Wildblood, James, 131, 435 VVildb1ood, Lynn, 432, 213 VVilder, Clifford, 162 Wildermuth, Sharon, 341, 344, 342 Wilkans, Diann, 351 Wilken, Dennis, 252, 262 Wilken, James, 138 Wellik, Jerry, 424 Wellik, Marvin, 26, 424, 97 XVel1ington, Janet, 130 Wells, F. Van Cook, 411 Wells, Joan, 384 Wells, John, 238, 239 Wells, Louis, 424 Wells, Peter, 203, 420 Wells, Ronald, 103 Wells, Vincent, 371 Wells, William, 443, 298 NVilken, Roland, 439 Wilken, Sarah Marie, 391 Wilkie, Vernon, 374 Wilkin, Truman, 362 Wilkins, Duane, 362 Wilkinson, David, 233, 234, 236, 97 Wilkinson, Margaret, 131, 274 VVilkinson, Roger, 443 YVi1kinson, Stephen, 233, 274 Wilkinson , Theodore, 258 Willard, Barbara, 131 Walker, Patty, 343, 342 Walker, Paul, 436 Walker, Reno. 415 Walker, Robert, 130 Wall, Carroll, 130 Wall, David, 260 Wallace, Martha, 346 Wallace, Stewart, 419 Wallace, Teresa, 130 Welt, Anthony, 162 Weller, Bonnie Lee, 396 Welton, Michael, 431 NVendt, Betty, 353 Wendt, Ronald, 230, 374 Wenstrand, Martha, 337, 339 Werch, Thomas, 103 Werman, Carol Arm, 346 Werner, William, 130 Willcocksoii, Kleber, 106, 250 Willcockson, Mary Ann, 131 Wille, Vadarae, 264 Willeke, Donald, M, 250 Willen, Margaret, 131 Willer, Karen Lou, 344, 343 Willer, Kent, 239 Willett, Lynn, 131 Willett, Max, 371 Wallace, Wayne, 134 Wallbridge, Lewis, 419 Walljasper, Stanley, 275 Walser, Janet, 387 Walsh, Eileen, 224, 395 Walsh, Marjorie, 228, 137, 357, 359 Walsh, Sharon Ann, 250 Walshire, Larry, 366 Walter, James, 184 Walter, Kathryn, 194, 130 Walters , David, 423 7 Walters, Terry, 334, 195, 234, 235, 9 250, 335 Walters, Wayne, 213 Wanken, James, 261 Wankum, John, 361 Wanninger, Charles, 362 Ward, Edwina, 130 Ward, Pamela Ann, 391, 321 Ward, Ted, 363 Ware, Dennis, 411 Ware, Stephen, 363 Warner, Edward, 274 Warnock, Gary, 447 Warren, John, 97 Warren, Mary Sue, 349 Warth, Lucia, 337 Waskow, Thomas, 29 Waterhouse, Doris, 235 Waters, Janice Jean, 137 Waters, Priscilla, 387 Waters, Robert, 300 Watson, James Lee, 374 Watson, James, 216, 223, 22 Watson, John, 424 Watson, Linda, 137 Watson, Roger, 130 Watts, Robert, 130 Wauer, Mary, 130 6, 443 Wernick, Richard, 233, 97, 190 Wernimont, Raymond, 130 Wert, Jacqueline, 130, 350, 356 Wescoat, Ann Marie, 22, 237, 131, 388, 191 Wessel, Barbara, 392 Wessels, James, 365 Wessels, Linda Ann, 274 West, Shari Ann, 131 Westfall, Dolores, 396 Westfall, John, 372 Westly, Gabriel, 423 Weston, Clarence, 162, 420 Westpfahl, Richard, 361 Westra, John, 262 Westwiclc, Jane, 235, 352 Wetmore, Frank, 432 Wetterling, Joan, 350 Wheatley, Richard, 363 Willey, Julia, 338 Williams, Charles, 203, 423 Williams, Derrick, 185, 364, 186 Williams, Gordon, 239 Williams, Harlene, 137 Williams, Janis Ann, 387 Williams, Jean Marie, 403 Williams, Jerry, 134 YVil1iams, Karen, 403, 168 Linda Rae, 342 Willims, Louis Jr., 162 Williams, Mark, 415, 364, 213 Williams, Samantha, 347 Williams, Stephanie, 97 Williamson, Jerry, 258 Williamson, Michael, 427 Williamson, Philip, 168 Willis, Paul, 419 Wilmarth, Charles, 134 Wheeler, Arnold, 232, 234 Wheeler Wheeler, John, 424, 305 Wheeler, Opal, 97 Wheeler, Robert, 97 Whelan, Francis, 263 Wherry, Charles, 227, 423 Whicher, Martha Jean, 131 Whisnant, John, 431 White, Andrea Sue, 198, 387 White Bob, 304 White, Charlotte, 403 White Donald E. Jr., 236 White, Farrell, 131 White, George, 416 White Joseph, 261 White White White White , 1 Norma, 137 Robert, 431, 188 Sue, 250 Susan, 242 , Cecily Ann, 200, 236, 131,408 Waxenberg, James, 428 Way, Martha, 404 Way, Robert, 238 Wears, Carolann, 264 Weaver, George, 130 Weaver, Jon, 130, 387 Weaver, Mary, 400, 340, 311 Weaver, Nancy Ann, 387 Webb, Cloyd, 162 Webb, Stuart, 106, 252 Webber, Pamela, 130 Weber, Bernard, 236 Weber, Dale, 134 Weber, Dave, 130 Weber, Fred, 97 Weber, James, 416 Weber, Judith Kay, 337 Vtfeeter, Jerry. 432 Wegman, NVil1iam, 106 Wegner, Dennis, 372 Whitehill, Michael, 439 Whitehouse, Joseph, 371 Whitehurst, Darrell, 258 Whitmire, Edward, 232, 97 Whitmore, Martha, 387 Whitnable, Gerald, 236, 97 Whitney, Carolyn, 200, 274 Wichman, Kenneth, 138 Wichman, Sally, 306, 313 VVicklund, Diane, 337, 336 Wicks, John, 106 Wiczer, Enid, 209, 407 Widmer, David, 370 Wiebener, Candace Sue, 396 Wiegel, Janet Lu, 131, 384, 168 Wieland, Melvin, 181 Wieneke, Eugene, 131 Wierda, Daryl, 131 Wiese, David, 371, 370 Wiese, Marlin, 162 Wilmot, Joyce, 350 Wilson, Andrea Marie, 194, 350, 354 Wilson, Betty, 336 Wilson, Bruce, 134 Wilson, Byron, 97 Wilson, David, 238 Wilson, James, 444 Wilson, Jerry, 415, 103 Wilson, John Bush Jr., 131, 365, 366 Wilson, John, 131 Wilson, Jon, 131 Wilson, Karen, 200, 203, 222, 223, 342 Wilson, Kay, 342 Wilson, Kendra Lou, 343 Wilson, Lonny Ray, 131 Wilson, Marvin, 432 Wilson, Wilson, Mary Ann, 131 Norris, 223 Wilson, Raymond, 103 Wilson, Richard, 420, 106, 250, 193 Wilson, Sara Sue, 396 Wilson, Susan Kay, 392 Wilson, Thomas, 362 Wilson, Thomas Earl, 131, 262 Wilson, Timothy, 205, 423 Wilson, Victor, 260 Wiltshire, Robert, 415 Winberg, Linda Ruth, 203, 225, 392, 306, 191, 149 Winders, Douglas, 174 Winger, Mary, 131 Wingert, Gail, 396 Winn, Robert, 232, 234, 97 Winner, Jonathan, 260 Winnett, Don, 443 Winter, Gary, 227, 423 Winterberg, Robert, 131 Wirth, Donald, 431 Wirtz, Bemadine, 131, 387, 306 Wehrle, Roger, 162, 130 Weidner, Patricia, 350, 200 Weigel, John, 361 Weinberg, Gary, 203, 217, 222, 26, 275 Weinberg, Steven, 22, 260 Weinstein, Elizabeth, 348 Wiese, Thomas, 362 Wiggins, Susan, 387 Wight, Stephen, 362 Wignall, Patricia, 137 Wilbanks, Robert, 242, 243, 246, 305 Wilber, Diana Jean, 317 Wishart, Judith, 257 Wiskus, Martha Ann, 264 Wiss, Martin, 428 Wissler, Judith Lee, 137 Witiak, Deanne Beth, 268 Woeltler, Michael, 248 463 XVoh1leil, Alan, 364. 368 NVoh1ner, jeifrey, 428 Woieikit-wicz, james, 361 XVol1'. Barbara jeanne, 342 1Voll'e, Maureen, 103, 242, XVo1l'e, Charles, 372 VVol1e, Daniel, 428 Wolfe, Douglas, 372, 370 NVo1le, janeth Diane, 335 XVollf, Orville, 222, 365 NVo1lf, Stephen, 362, 368 XVoll1nger, Elizabeth, 403, VVollord, lfnlow, 240 243, 245 3-ll VVolken. Stephen, 222, 416, 253 W'o11in, Robert, 363 XVo11ock, Eduard, 412. 213 1Vong, Cary, 131 VVong, Maxine, 131 Wood, jack, 97 NVood, Marita, 131, 259 1.Vood, Richard, 435, 305 VVood, Ronald, 222, 363 Woodcock, Sally, 396 Woodlord, Alan, 3136 Wootllord, Robert, 371 XVoodhouse, Alan, 435 VVoods, Lynn, 411 XVoodward, VVi11iam, 247, Vxfoolcott, Alice, 382, 264 464 106, 250 YVorlc, john, 432 Vllorkman, Clark, 97 Workman, Norman, 240 VVor1and, Sandra Lee, 131 NVormley, jean Ann, 149 XVornan, Robert, 226, 412 VVorre11, Katherine, 387 XVosse1s, Linda, 131 Vtfraith, Lee Taeke, 135, 136 NVright, Benjamin, 162 NVright, Cheryl Lee, 222 Vllrigltt, David, 131 Vllright, David Irving. 435 Vlfright, Glenn, 233. 97 VVright, Sandra Kay, 346 VVright, Susan Diane, 332, 338 YVubbcna, Robert, 245 NVu1l', VVi11iam, 361 NVunder1ich, Thomas, 361, 368 XVyaZt, james, 131 Wyatt, jantice, 163 NVynes, Valerie Lee, 137 Xkfynja, David, 423 Wyse, Christian, 241 Y Yaki, Richard, 134 Yanda, Leon, 242. 244, 246 Yanda, Patricia, 137, 264 Yarger, janet Rae, 352 Yates. Bruce, 432 Yanman, Thomas, 428 Yeager, jon, 133 Yerkey, Thomas, 222, 226, 424, Yingling, Robert, 103 Yoder, Cindy, 399 Yoder, john, 103 Yoshimura, Constance, 33.5 Yost, Donna jane, 200, 352 Young, Dean, 97 Young, Donald, 106 Young, joe, 262 Young, 1.ouisa.223, 131. 350, Young, Patricia, 22, 403 Young, Phillip jr., 27 Young, Richard N., 103 Young, Robert, 236 Young, Stuart. 431 Youngberg, Paula Ann, 134 Z Zabin,1Iaro1d, 131 Zager, VVi11iam, 242, 243, 246 101 3.1.1, 356 Zahn, Douglas, 101, 230, 275, 360, 366, 367, 192 Zahnle, Mark, 365 Zaidenberg, Bertha, 131 Zaiman, Kit, 343, 350, 354, 355 Zastrow, Edwin, 222, 447 Zebus, joan, 134 Zeliadt, Larra Rae. 1516, 224, 393 Zeran, Theodore, 134 Zetterholm, David, 224 Zhorne, Donald, 131 Ziegler, Kenton, 444, 1SlS Zienter, john, 420 Zieser, Ilelen, 131, 259 362 Zilfren, Deborah Rae, 208, 225, 131, 407, 251, 326, 313 Zika, Kenneth, 127 Zimmerman, Sandra, 264, 359 Zimmerman, Stephen, 97 Ziolkouski, Robert, 431 Ziska, james, 261 Zobcl, Ronald, 223, 224 Zobcr, Norman, 412 Zoeckler, Eric, 131, 302, 303 Zoller, Robert, 134 Zuber, Ernest jr., 233 Zwaek, joseph, 106

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