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The 1962 HAWK STATIQ LINIv151eS1'1'Y ov IOWA Volume 72 -wx. " ."A'g , ef1GCti0I1S .. To know tomorrow xx WWW ' . f if--W . , , N.. , . , .... Y, ,. ,,.,. ,, . . .N M.,f.M..,+..-'awa,x...a.,,.., w....a..a.-as Ex- z 3 l ,- My 1' w:H'f1wswfef'wm, A '3 I a ""' -..i f W" M ' vi i 1 il N51 lr .ts-..M-.:mm..f I g , r sfifmm-ws. A zfwvfzeue. ' 1 ,,e.w,,,..,.m 4' 'if , .,., ' ' Reminders of the schemes We shared. We wait, The world won't hesitate. Tomorrow comes. And then with heads held high, We shall that world defy, Prepared. We leave, From bonds we now are freed, Still untried. With youth our strongest sword, We seek our just reward, Undeterred. Carolyn Jensen, Editor ay , we , ws , A ,ki K in if tx , Q . Q f f V, S x , A ,1 ., .- K K V , , X , E, , , . k K 1, ,A Qi 5, , jg' 2 I 1, ,xx Q + It ' V .f , 1 - W rw. gg. V A Sslsnlyi wif . 'Q' ,A , ,, .-. :B ---5. , f 7 .. ...- V. ,.,,.,.,.M .., .Q H . 4 ? 2 faitimf-"Q , WW? ' 4 Y 5,-I' B' , -.........w..........................................,,...,,.t if 4 1 we "' '.. ' aww, . -' - Y ' ,if 5902-5g',.5u 6 -'AM' , 'E MA 'L A 'I , ' ,fr 'fm ,, . . A M .4 .. 2 2 , 1 jf fliif, it lg J . Q. 'nsig9'f,5 k 3 I If G Ik it i"1-"" w,,.'--fx . ' fftitiifsk A '2 ,,.n'5f ... ' img Y CGNTENTS 1 1?Q ily' Book One The UNIVE R X fieie ku, . , ffifgkgg siiwzi fiif ' . , J an Reflections. 4, , , ., 5 I Qeilsfm I. ,. I 1 1 1 1 1 v l W-w: ,' A 4 z dis 1 ' .3 . li? L ' k' W 1 Q. 5 Q 4 4. ' " .:"f-' 1 A f Q 31' f 'I-2, N M- , . f A '- - 79m-... 1- - Y fl 5 I .ef .vivi- " f '23 .as if ,'-j.. .Zl?'f'isM7 , j uainuiiul iunsuiiq niwaill llnnailuuul lnneueaumnllumnunnnul Y 4.- 1 I , 5 i 5 , T'.""" fi' A .wht rm ,A - A , U lv QL 5 itat H ' Sl 57- .,.. fvk -L. Ir..- A 7 .LKAX ' ' , 5 LLM 5 f f 503807 gm 'Libr .14 Rush nd Registration The thrill of pledging for both Actives and ncwcomcrs. No rest for the weary. I4 Happiness overshadows licnrtlwrcnk . . . the thrill of being wanted, But before you know therels endless waiting, and watching, and wanting. , . . - It could bc thc MMPI test? RELIGION W WWAH THF? 'W nun Countless organizations bid for thc stu dcnt's time. But everything Can7t mccl at 9130! sw K " , grip., s ys 'x , ,Q 5 A Thuy dont mcnlinn Iowa Citv wcathv.-r in thc catalogs, in .fi VW fit? SUI Greets Us In Many Ways Even rain cmft wash away the newness . . . and euerylzudv turns out for that first football game. QDidn't y0u7j Did anybody study dur- ing those first few weeks 7 Take mc to your luader ,.,..-.4-nl' X Need wc say more? ,MA l K ,,wJ"" ,.,..-- Univcrsity policemen are always on the alcrt. j Ekibia-T" -I.,-' 1-1 l 'Ni' Wfherc IS the Pentacrcst? nd We Meet SUI lt's a long walk home at 12 below. .. 2,3 -. . ,YI -we The year grows older Slowly as long as the skies stay blue and the weather balmy. And midterm bells ring our approaching doom. Q, L ,gg gf!,,f34Zf5if1?sig,ff -Z ,A 351 , -:15.gid,SE 4z's,gii'i55,Ei'L5"w,"L'- f. - ' .VHF-,w Cf, jf' 5131 e'f1'V:7gQx1f' Wi Tiff. ' Q51 ,- tp, I-5 f i fwll rams brmg Qphttus un the Iwacki of lags :wi ,Wm .MS-uid.-ff , Ann Lorack is Crowned Miss SUI. Fall Brings If citement All the campus applauds when a new qucun is Tlwrc arm many ways nf drcaming nl. crowned. . . . But all must someday turn thu laurels nvcr to a ncwcoxm-1' and it starts all over again. Homecoming Fresh cut, long stcmmcd, Iowa Cold Mums. A tedious job, but a lasting tradition. Fi Homecoming is the climax of fall. Even the weath- er grows crisp as if knowing this is the last big blow- out hefore winter gets Control. The monument is huilt and hurried . . . for of course we win. Q, -1 A tribute to thc team from one wc all rcspcct Thar she blows! -W -1- Ycs, I should say wc won. 23 One of the mort appropriatc floats. 7 It s Pageantry A dance ul culclvratimi Pnrndes with Hmmm, marching lmmlf, :mtl pretty girls .... A dance of victory ,... Our own 5pcCinl ritual of l'lOlllCCOl1'lll1g. Old grads Come lmclc .... But who Qnioycd it most? me From the pressbox or the field an impressive sight Time to clean up and go home. .r nf-'J gk . 5 lt's been a hard day for Hcrlq 9423 T if if :Avis The debris of excitement. nd It's Aftermath It ends as quickly as it started , . . the campus must come back to reality. The spectacle and pag- entry . . . there are a few to Stay to clean up. 27 QW: -, .L f im- .. I .f.., ' 5? 'Sh K A' 3455 . Q , I I 'fy . 51 Eff A - g kv, V3 2,7553 i V ' 1:2 - 5 iv - g' 4' ' if ' fl W , -2 1 is fifiaf Q. 'Li 5 '- Q 1 ai Q s " ,- F ik! Lf' 1 : Lv i W ,,.:, ..,,.. y Z, ff 2, i .,.,.E,g,, .9 X -3 X . 4 1 K J , XE, Z. ,',f4l0"'M vs .L , , ,Ja ff if-Q .' 3 . L 3 , 3 2 ii :gi Q 1 fi .J . 454' ' 2 55314 wa Q- 5 1 .Q if , 7 ,.., Q 4 . A V M, , Wg, 5: K WW' 5 5-23337: There are lots of ways to walk on top of the world. Every Man King . . . The SUI male , . . a species we won't trade. Ef- fervescent, enthusiastic . . . indifferent, bored . . pacific, tyrannical. The between class coffee break with a pretty girl Wfatchful wailing. E ery Girl A Queen . . . A crown amp a happy head Thc SUI female . . . a type all to lucrself. Littlv girl grown up? woman grown down . . . flown-1'w and luluc jeans . . . flirt, coquctrv . . . 5catterf brnim-d, intellectual. . . ' , I 1' .Y . - , ,JW , .W Wfatch the birdie K J. is ,, sw-viffiwz, W X Thcrds a moral to this sto 2 Q ,W ,ffgyzs . f iififffw- wifyz 'fx ,: -Q f 2, ry somewhere. 1: K is-V3 5 T ,gs E24 ,122 Lusty lungs help win football games. The Seasons Change Suu breeds solitude and pleasant drcmns , . . gloom brings melancholy . . . winter burics newness but with it comes a sense of satisfaction -unless, of course, it lasts too long .... l . P 1 u 33 Trotsky's sccrctary Raya Dunaycvskaya visits SUI. MARXISM 0' FRFFDQM mst lcarmn LUINU5 the hard May Instruction comes in many forms. But All The Time We're Learning Wfillic Musconi gives billiard tips to Slllowans. 'ir XVlierc did we Find the time . . . for studies? for outside lectures? concerts? plays? and Friday after- noons? It must have been there, or were we just ex- pert nrrnngcrs. So many things to do .... 5 T mf Q a ' .N ,gxiism ,f . 4 V kfiff, N if X .fsikfi aw 9 X Q -,.: :V 1 1 m W 'ax VW Y fr g1fgs,,gr2 gg . f b . . MmL,L Q2 Q af Z' ,. L La: X, Q. v 1. 5 2:1 -,fy H ,A E - '-:wa - 'Q-7V" " ' 7 mm. X -I v-w-m....Q,,mf1w,x,f ., A A SUI joins Iowa City in "Pause for Peace." Some Projects We Support Our projects are varied as are the rewards .... Some picket the Military Ball . . . others sent tele- grams of congratulations to ,Iohn Glenn. Therels room here for all. An engineer toots his horn for his favorite Mecca Candidate Others We Create Items on display for Project Aid Auction. Iowa's Governor Norman Iirhc shows his support for SUI's Project Aid. Burge HaII's Ruth Wfardell House bought this page in the HAWKIQYIE at the AID action and asked that it he devoted to the AID project itself. They ask con- tinued support for AID in future years. I 3 X'-1, Q . . -Q 1 1 lf ,js of 2 it -. f fr .5 A C0-Cducational tree-decorating party is bound to help thc Christmas spirit. Can this he carrying things tuoooo far? VDTE NIPHT VOTE THF I ART 1' wxm E' S' f""f EXZLLOTS M513 HERE S. Dormitory radio station KWAD. 39 0 LN.,- M 'A:': ' 555 Nga' W' 'iv:xf,,m,l , ,Q 'Mgr'-fi 1, 1 x H42 'e r -as-Jf. Q , A ,. Q . gp ,, ,. K Q: H" Q -A" f JV. f- XX '- lin .' " 2 N11 ' A' ' " 't'- : .,,,,',,..N-,M 'iifly' 1f'v:Z'?' :25i mfwf..1Nfffmz4:fP1ff"Hiw .Q , - .fb+51:"' ' M 0- g J ' ??'fr'1f 2 'n.p5S?5f M' uf "A 9 .. n v 0 .U Y Q 0 .A rg s. ' W' 359' of U If n 'I' ,O qi" ' 4 , .ww-Kd 'A i .QQ 5 4 ' x '32 J ,. ' I 2 ' W Q if A 1--, 3 'ffm ---V ., f'gg fe, Q I M 4 . N5 , W xr Q W Z 1 ,Q ,. , . ' if y ' f 1 ,. . ' ' 1 5 3 f ' .. 2 5 - 5' ,, I' Vw W - 5 v ' , X a x " 1 W' ' - .Q A 1 A .1 Q-7' x K M ,, I , T, ' f " f N Y 352' '5t?M - ' , .' , m f - ' - A A 'A ff 'w M - , N1 an W , M A, f 5 ... A ff of f- '-'S A , ,Y--Wg, ,. ,V . . -,, . . . -' ' ' ' Qi N - - 4' vf,1,.f.-nM-.1 '..'-s v . .ff :-my-mf.: ff . Good company but canlt say as much for the COHQQ Anything new at SIOXUOU a year? MAP :NES I a. Ai T 1 fi' ! ni 5 Z 1 uf- is ww Eg gui-2 Gur Minds Are Wii1d0w's reflect melancholy. ot Made Up lior Seniors the days grow short then long in inde- cision. There will be johs for many, niarringe for many more. The rest will come hack here, unwilling, unable to leave. But Off We Go! A timc for serious thoughts. A PHD, degree-hard to win , ,,,.-rr - .4-f""" 1 .....,., Book Twcn ADMINISTR To those of you who share your knowledge, our salutes . , . our apol- ogies for sometimes being inatten- tive: There are so many of you. You range from the highest to the lowest rank ot protessorial degree, yet each of you has something special to add, You have enlarged our world . . taught us faith. Wfe all retain a part of you. . This section is especially dedi- cated to Professor Wfilhur Peterson, Ti.-XXVKFYYE advisor. . . Thanks, Pete. . Thank you all. . ,iii J gl. ale 1 I 4 Ala YT TI In M'll9 f' 'N-1-ww Han, W ,Q , iiiuiq, ,Q ws """" N 'M NT i li -Y Q ff W H Rn if in L Administration Nationally famed administrators and educators at SUI are many. They range from nuclear physicist james Van Allen, discoverer of the Van Allen radiation belts, to Mauri- cio Lasansky, prize-winning print maker. Paul Engle and Vance Bour- jailly, both lauded authors, are SUI- owans, as are Harold Mulford, known for studies of alcoholism, and Harry Duncan, typographer and writer of lihrettos. SUI boasts ten colleges. And SUI is growing. Added only recent- ly to the list of major departments were the Department of Russian and the Department of Oriental Studies, Only hy continuing to attract the Finest educators can SUI keep pace with the growing complexity of world problems. President I-lancher 4' New students are given the opportunity to greet President Hancher during his Open House. SUl's President Virgil M. Hancher is, to coin a phrase, Hall things to all menf' Himself a graduate of our University, Hancher holds a Phi Beta Kappa key, He is serving, or has served the Chicago Bar Asso- ciation, Masonic Lodge, American Legion Newcomen Society of England, Rotary and the University Club of XVashington, D. C. He has been president of the State University Association and the National Associ- ation of State Universities. ln 1949 he was appointed to the College of Electors of New York University's Hall of Fame, and in 1953 he was named to a new advisory committee of the National Science Foundation. He has heen chairman of the Education Policies Commission, and in 1859 he served as a memher of the United States delegation to the 14th Ceneral Assemhly of the United Nations, Add to the list of his accomplishments the continu- ing growth of SUIA President Hancher is truly "all things to all men," President Hancher Qrightj Iowa City Mayor Thelma Lewis, and Provost Davis view Homecoming activities from the reviewing stand. Pnovosr l'lARVIEY H. DAVIS Provost Harvey H. Davis was appointed to his present post in 1950, giving him administrative power in the Presidents absence, A former vice- president of Ohio State University, Dr. Davis has also been Dean of lowa's Graduate College. University Deans DEAN M. L. Huir In 1956, M. L. Huit was named Dean of Students. He is also director of the office of Student Adairs, has served as president of the SUI chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, and as advisor to the Student Council. DlfAN ALLIN W. DAKIN Allin W. Dakin has served as administrative dean and assistant to the president since 1944. He received his MBA degree from Harvard University. Dean Dakin administers SUI,s budget. DEAN TED MCCARREL Robert 1. Blakely is dean of the Extension Division, one of SUIJS busiest departments. The Extension Divi- sion has two purposes: First, it takes care of varied activities such as the photo services and lakeside lab, secondly, it extends SUI's educational aspects in off- campus work. DEAN ROBERT F. RAY Ted McCarrel became registrar at Iowa in 1946. Now Dean of the Division of Student Services, Mr. McCarrel has also been president of the Upper-Mid- west Association of Collegiate Registrars and president of the University's Triangle Club. He aided in revising SUl's registration program. DEAN ROBERT J. BLAKELY Robert F. Ray first headed the Institute of Public Affairs in 1949, and is now dean of the Division of Special Services. This agency acts as a research- service linlc between SUI and public officials in gov- ernment units. Dean Ray also heads the Police Sci- ence Bureau, Other dministrators LESLIE W. DUNLAP Leslie Dunlap, as director of SLII's Main Library, keeps this vital spot running smoothly. He was formerly at the Library of Congress and the Universities of Wisconsin and New York. DONALD E. RHOADES Donald E. Rhoades is Director of Admissions, Convo- cations, and Public Events, as well as Registrar. He is responsible for three graduations a year, the scheduling of classes, and orientation. ELXVIN T. JOLLIFFE Elwin T. jolliffe has been vice-president of Business and Finance since 1932. In this capacity, Mr. jolliffe is responsible to the president for all of SLII's financial transactions. , X at DR, CHESTER I. MILLER Dr. Chester I. Miller, Director of Student Health, is an SUI graduate and professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine. Dr. Miller has put flu and polio shot plans into practice at SUI. DEAN SIDNEY G. WINTER Acting Dean of the College of Dentistry is Dr. George Easton. Dr. Easton has authorized several publications and belongs to many professional organi- zations. These include Sigma Psi, Omicron Kappa Upsilon, and the American College of Dentists. Dr. Easton supervises the College,s dentistry program. ACTING DEAN HENRY C. DEKOCK Deans Cf Colleges In june, Sidney Cv. Winter will have completed his twelfth year as Dean of the College of Business Ad- ministration. Dean XX7inter has also been president of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. I-Ie is on a team of seven experts in account- ing for the Comptroller General. ACTING DEAN GEORGE EASTON Henry DeKock is acting dean of the College of Education. Dr. DeKock has been at Iowa since 1953 and is a graduate of SUI. Dr. DeKock co-ordinates the flexible programs of the College which allow stu- dents to prepare for teaching, specialized practice, or research procedures. Dean A. W. Melloh will complete his second year as head of the College of Engineering in june. A sen- ior member of the Institute of Radio Engineering, Dean Melloh has eight major departments under his supervision. All eight are concerned with providing a sound liberal education. DEAN JOHN C. WEAVER Mason Ladd, dean of the College of Law, is an ex- tremely active man, both professionally and civically. Many of his books are used as texts in law schools all over the country. He has been chairman of the Re- search Committee of the American Bar Foundation. G A , DEAN A. W. MELLOH john C. Weaver, who has been affiliated with the University since 1953, is dean of the Cvraduate Col- lege. As dean, he is continuing to expand the College in various fields. In the past two years, fields related to nuclear science and business administration have been expanded. DEAN MASON LADD ' 'M DEAN DEWEY B. STUIT Dean Dewey B. Stuit is head of the vast College of Liberal Arts. Dean Stuit is the author of two books and countless articles on psychology, his major field. DEAN MARY KELLY iVlULLANE In june, Mary K. Mullane will complete her second year as dean of the College of Nursing. As a past Detroit Nurse of the Year, she was on the American Nurses Associations Research Committee. DEAN NORMAN B. NELSON After being assistant Dean of Medicine at UCLA and Dean of Medicine at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, Dr. Norman B. Nelson now heads SUI's widely recognized College of Medicine. DEAN Louis C. ZOPE Louis C. Zopf is dean of the College of Pharmacy. He has held national positions in the American Associa- tion of Colleges of Pharmacy. He is an SUI graduate. Directors MARK HALE Director of the School of Social Work, Mark Hale, directs his attention toward the development of Psychi- atric Social Work. ROBERT lVlICHAELSON Director of the School of Religion, Robert Michaclson also devotes much of his time to youth groups. He teaches courses in religion and is a memher of the North lowa Conference of the Methodist Church. EARL E, HARPER Earl Harper directs both the School of Fine Arts and the Iowa Memorial Union. He is also curator of the LIniversity's permanent art collection and is responsible for all University lectures and concerts. LESLIE C. MOELLER A member of the first class in the SUI School of journalism, Leslie Moeller is now director of the school. He also heads the Board of Student Publications and is an author for professional and scholarly journals. sip-v Business Administration -wr,-,744 ':"'f i-'iw if 'as sf :v2,z'2.s1 . V , A. ,,- vt- -. , amen ,, 1 fr , , , .sat 1 4 i f 95521 ,J "Vi f'-"Y: 4592. .www re Business rgtuitas rnwrrrttwct " :i"' S f is ir ni A k,,V Q ' , iv 2 ' 'el fir? ia 445,54 -6 ,rua 1 WWW 14,-f 1 -fl X -97332 fra' 4 es ff ' MA t . The College of Business Adminis- tration offers its students a general education plus a choice of six de- partments in which to concentrate: Accounting! Economics, Cveneral Business, Labor and Industrial Man- agement, Office Management and Business Education and Marketing, Each business administration stu- dent is a member of the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce. This group sponsors the annual Careers Confer- ence in which prospective business graduates may become acquainted with key areas in career opportuni- ties. Dean is Sidney C. Wfinter. C-. R. ARMKNECHT .,., PAUL ARMSTRONG .,,, FREDRICK H. ATHEY ,... WILLIAM C. BARKER XVILLIAM C. BARNHART RAYMOND C. BEICHLE TERRY R. BENFER ..... , BARRY L. BENNETT STEPHEN A. BENINC ROBERT C. BERCER .... ALAN W. BIRD ..,... RICHARD BOE ....., ROBERT BOOTH ...... MICHAEL E. BROOKS .. JAMES C. BROWN ...,. DURK F. BUEFINCTON LOUIS E. BURESH ..... EDWARD L. CASTELEIN DAVID L. CLEMENS RUSSELL J. CLEMENS ...Jowa City ... Calarnus . ,. .,..,., Avery ............,.....'Vict0r Downers Qrove, Jllinois . . , ...... Martelle .. . Qarrison ... Uoura City 'Waterloo ...,.........Arnana Dyersville .... .Lake Zuricln, Illinois Spencer .... Dubuque Dike .. . Mt. Pleasant .. . Oxford Junction .... Moline, Ullinois ...... Dubuque ... Oeluvein BETTY COLE ..... MARV COVAULT . .. GARY L. COX ,.,. RICHARD L, COX ... LOWELL D, DACCETT ALVIN DAHRN ...,. DON D. DALLENBACH CHARLES A. DESTIVAL ALLEN DEVOE ...,...... LEROY J. DIRKS .... DUANE DITTMER .... ROBERT L. DOBLINC ... .... DEANNE DOBSON .... JOHN T. DONNELLY ,... MARK DONOVAN .... JACK C. DOUCHERTY BRIAN R. DURBROW .. DENNIE EDXVARDS ... CARL EIESLAND .,. DENNIS J. EIKE ... ...... 'Waterloo Qutlirie Center .. . Pleasantville . . . Dubuque .. . Melvin . . . Bryant . . . . Laurens . . . Stanley .... Tairjield ...... 'Waterloo Strawberry Point Oxford junction .. Marslaalltown ...... Knoxville . New Hampton ..... Lake City .... flowa City ... . Davenport ...... flnwoori ,... Xstlnerville Business Seniors The University Hall bulletin board advertising jobs attracts the curious. ti? VON L. ELBERT .,..... ... Des Moines ROLAND R. EMERSON . .. ...,. Toronta PATRICIA L. ENGLE .... ..... B nriington CAROLYN ERICKSON ...,.,.,,... Pomeroy THOMAS E. FERGUSON . . ,. grand Junction PATRICIA D. FLECK .....,. 'Virgi11ia, Wlinn. GERALD L. FLOOK .,.,..,. Qrand junction VINCENT L. FOUBERT ......... Wliilersburg LARRY L. FREDERICKSEN ....... Estberuille FLOYD FRENCH .......,... .... E lkader DANIEL B. FREY .......... Crystal fake, fill. HOWARD FRIEND ........ New york, N. 37. DAVID A. FROSCHALIER ....... Harvey, 771. GERALD K. GAMBER ..... BRIAN XV. GAULER TOM GEORGE ..,........ JAMES E. GIASAFAKIS ..... CRAIG I. GILCHRIST JOHN GILDNER ....,. JON O. GOODMAN JEROME J. GRAVES . ,. . RICHARD C. HALL ..... . VELMA M. HAMANN . ,... .. . 'West Branch ... Muscatine 'West Des Moines ,.... Sioux City .. . Keosauqua .... Nason City .. . 'Iowa City Tllcluin ... Cedar Rapids . ...,,. Jilvord JAMES L. HARRINGTON .... Harltey ALLENE M. HAYS ...... JAMES M, HEARN ...... ... Qrinneli .... Des Moines DENNIS M. HENNING .....,...... Calamus DONALD HERZBERG ,......,., Des filoines JOHN E. HEWITT ... ... 'West Des Moines RICHARD L. HICKS .. .,....,..... Boone PAUL L. HINES ......... LEONARD G. HOGLAN . EUGENE J. HOLDERMAN LARRY HOLMES ..,..... ARNOLD N. HONKAMP . JAMES D, HUNT .... JOHN W. IMMEL ,..A MARY JEFFRIES ....... Euc,ENE E. JOERGER DAVID L. JOHANSEN KEN JOHNSON .....,... LAWRENCE R. JOHNSON WAYNE A. JOHNSON .,... . VICTOR L. JONES DENNIS J. KELSO BERNARD H. KERSEY THOMAS KESICK ....... .... Muscatine . Cedar Rapids .. ... Dubuque .... Sioux City ... Dubuque ...... Tairfeld .. Charles City ., Chicago, Jll. .. Charles City .. . Des Moines ... Skokie, Ull. ...... Tama ... Low Moor ... Spirit Lake .... Jowa City Qrand junction .. Chicago, flll. DAVID J. KIRKPATRICK .... Lone Tree JOHN H. KLINE ......,. RICHARD M. KNAPPEN .... RUSSELL KOEBRICK .... DENNIS K. KOHLMEYER KENNETH J, KOLBET . .. ROBERT E. KONCHAR . . . JAMES W. KOPEL ..... RONALD W. KRASUSKI . GERALD A. KUEHN ..... ROBERT E. KURTZ ...., THOMAS LAMMERS . .. HOWARD L. LANE .... ..... Jllgona ... Jowa City . . Charles City "Wylcofj', Wlinn. .... Alla Vista . Cedar Rapids . Marshalltown .... Burlington ... Tort Dodge .... Davenport .... Newton .... 'Vinton Business Seniors When a retailing examination is quickly approaching, any handy place will do for cramming. KERMIT D, LARSON Tort Dodge PAUL LAURSEN ....., .... A tlantic CARL J. LEINFELDER .,., ..... J owa City JAMES L, LINDY ..... ..., B urlington RICHARD MADSON ..... .... T arnhanwille RICHARD L. MASON .... Cedar Rapids DENNIS F, MALLOY ..,...,.. ,...... C ascade EUGENE I. MATSUMOTO WILLIAM MAWE ..., WILLIAM L. MAY ANN L. MAYER ...,.,. ,. 7-lico, 7-lauzaii Manchester ... Columbus Junction ..... Tairfeld WINFIELD C, MAYNE . .. .... Red Oak THOMAS W. MCCARTHY ...... Manchester MORGAN J. MCENANEY, JR, .... Mason City G. EDWARD MEANS, JR. ..,.. .... M t. Pleasant ARLYN J. MILLER ...,.. L. CHARLES MILLER, JR. RICHARD H. MILLER .... RICHARD W. MOELLER . LOYAL G, MOHR ....,.. ... . Rock 'Valley . Des Moines Marshalltown . . Maquoketa Worth English DAVID M. MOJONNIER MARILYN K. MORTLEY .... ROBERT B. MULDER .... RICHARD D. MUNDEN . .. ANNETTE K. NAC-LE W. A. NOCKUNAS .,., JOHN P. NORTHEY . .. KARL OBRECHT .,...... JOHN M. O'CONNOR . ,. ROBERT C, OEBSER ...., SUSAN J. OEHLER DARLENE L. PARIS CARY L. PARKER ......, ROBERT B. PATTERSON ..., LANCE P. PENNEY ......,.... ALLAN L. PENNINGTON JON D. PETERSEN ....... .. THOMAS E. PETERSEN . GORDON PETERSON . .. RONALD PETERSON . ,. ... Coralville ..... Newton ... Des Moines ... Davenport . Rockwell City ,... iowa City ,.... 'Waterloo . Cedar Rapids .... Dulmque ...... Oelwein ..., Centerville Chicago, Ullinois ..... Malizerit . ... Red Oak ... Uowa City ..... Ottnrnwa , Cedar Rapids ,.. Clear Cake .. Charles City .. Davenport RICHARD PIERCE ...,.. WILLARD PLOTKIN .... DELL L. POOLER .... SUSAN POWERS .... DAVID RANK .... WILLIAM E. REIF ...,. DAVID L. REMBOLT JAMES ROSENBALIM . .. JOHN R. ROSSIE .... CARL W. ROTHS ....... GEORGE F. RLIOPP ...4 STANLEY R. SADDORIS DONALD H. SAXTON . CATHERINE SCHALLALI CAROL J. SCHALLERT . RICHARD L. SCHANZE . JOHN SCHALIB .,... JANET SCHEPERS ...,.. LAWRENCE SCHISSEL RICHARD K. SCHMIDT . .CeQrange, Jllinois Omaba, Nebraska ..... Naquoketa ... Melbourne .... Deep River Kalona ... Uouia City ... Centerville .. Jouza City ... Rock Rapids ,. , Narslaalltown ..... Osceola .... Oxford ..... Wan Horn ,... Underwood .... De"Witt .... Ottumwa ... Lost Nation ..... Wlonona .. . 'Wellsburg THOMAS E, SCHMIDT .... ROBERT K. SCHNEIDER GERALD L. SCHRAMM ,... RONALD R. SCHWARTZ .. JAMES P. SCHWARTZHOFF STROTHER C. SCOTT ..., R. D. SEDERBLIRG .... GARY SEVERSEIKE ..,, PATRICIA SHEETZ .,.,.. . THOMAS J. SHERIDAN .... . LEWIS SHERRILL ........ DANIEL M. SHINN .... PAUL J. SHOVLAIN ,... ROBERT SHRADER , , . ROBERT M. SIERK FRED SINKANKAS ... MERRILL E. SIVILL .... THOMAS D. SMITH CLIFF SNIDER .......,. NEIL E. SODEMANN ..,, ..... Dubuque .. 'Wheatland . . . . Sac City Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids .. Burlington . . . Red Oak .... Radcliffe . 'Washington .... 'Bancroft ,. Burlington North English ...... Ottumwa .... Belle Plaine . .. Princeton ,. Davenport ... Cbariton ... Cliariton . . ,. Naslma .... DeWitt Business Seniors Busmcss Administration students discuss Careers Conference. WILLIAM R. SONNENBERG RICHARD E. SPANGLER ,.. . GALEN R. STACY ....... RON STALEY ..... B. ANN STARK .... EARL L. STARK .,..,.... STEPHEN STENSTROM . .. DAVID STENTZ .......... GARY STIBAL .............. E. EUGENE STRANDBERG .. JACK R. STUNKARD ... RUFUS R. SUTTON NEIL E. SWANSON .... CLAY THOMPSON .... VIRGINIA G. TOMS . .. ALFREDS TIRZMALIS . .. GENE A. TRENARY .... JON W. TROST ......... E. JEAN TUCKER ........., GALEN E. UNDERXVOOD LARRY G. VETTER ..., . .. PAUL R. VOGT .........., WILLIAM F. XVACHTER ..,. JANET F. WALKER .... DIANNE WALSH .... .,. . .. Dubuque ., Cedar Rapids .. ,. , Jndianola . . , . Centerville . . .. Wlaxwell ... . Stuart ..., Burlington .... Springville . .. . ,. Osage ,. .. , Boone ,.,. Clear Lake ...... Cl7L11'llO11 ,.. . Sutherland . ,. , Osage . . . . Hlingo . . fuarslaalltown Rolfe ..... Waterloo .. Cedar Rapids Keokulc ..... Tlluscatine The Dalles, Ore. ,,. Chicago, Jll, .. 'West Liberty ... Eagle Qrove DOLORES M. VANMETRE .... WALTER F. XVALZ ..,...... RICHARD A. XVARREN DORIS J. XWATERHOUSE .... DON C. XYXATT ...... FRED E. WEBER, JR. . EDWIN WEISS ...,... DALE J. WELTER .... DONALD A, WELTER JAY P. WHITE ....... PATRICK XVHITE ..,. ROBERT B. XVHITE . .. JERRY WILLIAMS .... ROBERT T. XWILLIAMS DIANE WILMARTH .. EDWARD H. WILSON ORRIN A. WILSON .. RICHARD XVILSON .... DARRELL WISE ..,... LARRY WRIGHT ..... ROBERT W. YOUNG . DALE T. ZIMMERLY . ... Clemens ..... Zowell ........fltleins Central Cify .... Roseville, flllinois Wlarion ..... Denison ... illasonville .,.. Monticello . . , . Pocahontas ..... Iowa City .... Des Moines fTacoma, 'Waslvington .Fort Dodge .. ......... , Corning Jlrlington 7-lls., Jllinois . . ........ 'Wilton "Junction .... Delmar' ...... Salvula . . . . Nt. Pleasant .. , Fort Ylfladison ... 7!IflEpC1IflE1'lCL' Business Seniors A welcome break from Business Law is taken by this young man and his date. s ft' Dentistry The College of Dentistry was or- ganized in 1882 and is an integral part of SLU, Keeping the College in tune with the present is Dean Wfil- liain J. Simon. Practical on-the-job training in the Children's Dental Clinic provides necessary experience for the senior dentistry students. Both the juniors and seniors are trained in diagnosis and X-ray techniques. Learning to assist the dentists are the dental hygenists, The University offers two educational programs in Dental llygiene. RALPH AASHEM .......,,. LAWRENCE ANDERSON .,,, ROGER BALL ...,.,. JERRY BANES ....... DAVID C. BARNES . CARY B. BLODCETT WILLIAM T. BROWN ROBERT L. BURNS . . BERNARD J, CALZA HAROLD E, CLARK JAMES N. CLARK ... Uowa City .... Thompson . . . Des Moines ... Sigourney .... Jawa City .. . Pleasaniuille ... Des Moines . . ....... Montrose Midlothian, 711. Richland, 'Wash ......,DuI9uque WILLIAM I'I. CLEMENTS . . . .. . Newfon ROGER L. DIEREKS ..... Jowa Cify EDXVARD R. FOWLER .... Coralville RICHARD P. FRANK .... JAMES L. FULLER .........,. VINCENT P. CRAETTINCER ARTHUR HAAC ...........,. WILLIAM HEMPHILL . .. JOHN J, HESS, JR. ....,.... . WILLIAM ARTHUR IDEMA ELWIN ISOM ......... BRADLEY H. JONES ..., EDWARD H. KARL PHILLIP A. LAINSON WILLIAM E, LAVELLE .... JAMES G. LILLIE ..,..,... C-ERALD L. MAGNUSON . ,, . .... flnamosa ... Burlington .. Qmettinger ..... lledyard ... Jltluntic .,. Creston .,. Sheldon Council, 70101190 .. Sioux City .. Sioux City .. Des Moines .... Sioux City ,.... Spencer ., Des Moines Dentistry Seniors Lost in a mazc? No, it's SUI's modcrn DcntaI Clinic. ROBERT MCNAMEE .... RICHARD W. MOHR ,... K. WILLIAM MOPPER . THOMAS O. NESLER ROY G. OSBORNE ...,...,,. ... 'Waterloo ... flowa City Sioux City .. . Dulmquc Creslfmrd, S. D. RICHARD V. PALMER . .. ,. , .... Jndianoltt MARVIN L. RAHJEN ......... THOMAS C. RAYMOND . , . .. JAMES L. RUNDLE RICHARD L. SAGERS .... . HARRIE T. SHEARER .... . GEORGE C. SHEY DAN D. STEELE ,....., JOHN PHILLIP THOMAS BRUCE R. THORISLIRN ,... DAVID L. TURPIN .... XYXILLIAM VOGE ..... JAMES A, WALKER .... JERRY WALKER ........ CARY LEE WRIGHT , . . . ELIGENE W. YOUNG . .. GENE A. ZACH ....,.. . Witliamslvttrg .. Des Moines .,... Payton ... Wlaquokfla .. D65 Wloincs . . . . Red Oak . .... . Malloy ... Spirit Lake ... Sigourncy .. , Wtnwtsovt ... gjt'IIl7rI . . . Oskaloosu ..... Wlarion Town City . . Des 7I'IoincS ,... 7-Irlrnlmrg MARGO BRIGGS ........ JOANNE CAMPBELL ..., ... Moline, flll. ..... Maquoketa RUTH E. ECKHARDT ............ Town City BONNIE GLITHRIE .....,.. LINDA HALSEY , .. GAY HAMLIN ,...... . . . JOANNE M. HANNEMAN JANICE HARVEY ....... Las Vegas, Neo. . . . . Rochelle, Ull. .. . sign, 111. 'Vinton ., . , . Marshalltown MARGARET A. HASEK ... ... Cedar Rapids CAROL HATHAWAY . .. SANDI HEMPHILL . .. LINDA LENZ ......... MARY S. LONSBLIRY LINDA LOPER .....,. MARNE LOWMAN .,., SANDRA K. LUNDBERG . JLIDITH A. MAXANT CAROL L. MILLER .... MARY MILNES ..,..... MARCIA L. NELSON ..., ARLETTA J. OSTER ..., CAROL R. SPACHMAN . GLORIA SQUIER ....,.. SUZANNE 1. STEARNS . PAULA WAGNER . .. EMILIE WALKER ,.,. LYNDA WEAVER .,., ELAINE ZLIBER . ,, . , Muscatine Dinle Pacifir junction , ...... Qary, Und, ,. . Muscatine ... Clear .Cake ... Des Moines .. . Riverside, flll. Stuart ,... Burlington ... fl-turnlroldt Oxford 'junction . . ,,..... !t1ncs Compton, 711. .,... Cedar Rapids .. , Des Moines Tort Dodge ,... Peoria, Ull. ... South Jlmanu Dental H giene Seniors An attractive Dental Hygienist gains professional experience gt Engineering A well trained engineer is the re- sult of the book learning and pracA tical application program of the Col' lege of Engineering. Twenty percent of the students' busy scliedule is concentrated in the area of liumanf ities, providing tlie engineer with a greater understanding of tlie world around liim. Dean Arthur XV. Niel- lnli coordinates the activities tw assure a successful program. Mecca Wleek gives the student a chance to search for the hidden lilaritey Stone. ELMER AMOS ....,.... XVILLIAM D. ASHTON LARRY E. BAILEY ..4., LARRY BARTLESON .. JOHN M. BEATY DAVID L. BECKER ..... DAVID L. BLOCK ..... XVARNER BONDERMAN DAVID K, BRESE ........, , . .. THOMAS C. BRUCMAN JAMES K. BULLIS ..... THOMAS A. BUTTS . ,. RICHARD CARLISLE .. ARTHUR J. CARSON . . ERNEST H. CHRISTENSEN ..... ...,. DON CIEMNOCZOLOWSKI .... ..,. MICHAEL J. CONLON .... PATRICK L. CORBIN ... ... ROCER G, CORMAN ... .... . . . . Keokak .. Davenport .. Burlington . .Forest City .. Wlaquoketa . . . . Keokuk .. Davenport . . . Jlfclver IiafJaIo, N, 37. ... ..... Wluscatinc ., Davenport . . . fwuscafim' . . .. ,fltalissa .....KIemmc .. flowa City Cedar Rapids .. Dalvuquc . , . Dulmquv . . Bllfl1'1IIIIU1I DAN C, CRONIN Qrand Junction JOHN R. DOYLE JOHN J, DUFFY .... VERNON G. EBERT RON EDEN ...... WILLIAM EICH ........ DONALD L. ELBERT XVILLIAM C. ELDER DONOVAN L. ELIAS ..... WILLIAM E. ERICKSON .. TERRY N, ELEENER ....,. RICHARD J. ELEISCHMAN JAMES E. ERANDSEN .... HERBERT W. FRANSEEN . CAYLEN ERAZIER ....... DONALD FREIBURCER ... DEWEY XV. CEARY, JR. . . DAVID A. CERKE ...... JOHN C. CLESNE .... DAVID K. GRAHAM ,... LESLIE V. CRAU .,.,. Qrand Junction .... Ma Qrove Wlarcus ,... 7WonticeIIo ... Stockion, fIII. ...... Rodman .. Des Moines Ely Rock Tsland, 711. ,.... Offumwa .... Davenport ... Naquoketa ... 7VloIine, 711, .. WH. Pleasant ..... D14I21zquc ...... Oelwein .. Stale Center ...... fSlkaa'c1' . .Forl 7Wacii5011 .,... Calamus Engineering Seniors Man meets and conquers machine in the College of Engineering. . y, DONALD A. GURNETT ...... HOWARD A. GUSTAFSON .. LARRY J. HARMSEN ...,..... BRUCE HALIPERT ..,., THOMAS HAVEL . .. KENNETH W. HEILING .... JIM HLIFF ...........,.. ROSS M. IWAMOTO .... BILLIE D. JAMES ..... MARVIN JAMISON . .. LARRY JENSEN ....... CHARLES R. KIME ..,. ROGER KLAAS ..,..,.. DELBERT L. KLEIN KENNETH R. LAMP .. RON LARSON ........ JAMES G. GLEIBOLD JOSEPH M. LORD, JR. . . BLAIN MCCLARY ........ JAMES R. MCINTOSH GARY MERCER ....... ..... DARRELL A. MEYER ... .... DAVID E. MILLER GAEL MILLER ........ JERRIS C. MOELLER ..,. JAMES A. MONTGOMERY LARRY MONTGOMERY .... LOUIS K. MUENCH ...... , KENNETH A. PARK .......... , . .. Tairfax ... ... Stanley . Rock Rapids , . . . filarslyalltown .. . Jiinswortia ..... Decorah De'Witi Wlaunaloa, Ha. 'West Liberty .. . Wlrrscatine .. . f7VIuscatine ... Clinton ... Jawa City ., Dubuque .. . filuscatine ... Des Wloines ..... Cascade ., . Burlington ... Jawa City .. Koesanqua . . . Muscatine Qrundy Center . Freeport, 711. .. . floma City . . . . Davant Iowa City ... Nrrscatine .. . .. Siifaaieee Cedar Rapids ROBERT R. PETERSON Shenandoah KENNETH H. PRICE JERELD R, REEDER .... GENE RIDDLE .,.....,... PAUL ROHRBACHER ...... ROBERTO R. ROMARION . ROBERT D. ROSE .... RICHARD ROTH ........,. JAMES W. SCHALLALI .,.. MARVIN W. SCHLIMACHER WILLIAM W. SCHWENER ROBERT Cv. SHEPPARD .... JOHN R, SIMON ,....... MARTY E. SIXT ,,.. JAMES E. SLOAN DLIANE SNYDER LARRY D. STILLIONS , .. RONALD I.. STOLTE JOHN M. THLIIRER ,... RICHARD W. TOCK . .. JAMES B. TRECEK CHARLES D. VYSKOCII. . .. CHARLES WEI-LS ....,.... AQLIILLA W. WHEADON , THOMAS A. WHEELAN JOHN L. WHITE DEXVAIN WILCOX .. . .... Sioux City . Cedar Rapids ..... Lakeview . Cedar Rapids San Juan, Arg, . Tndepemience . . .. Davenport 7014741 City .....,. Denver .... Bctfendorf . . , WVOOIIHIIITLI .. . 31115011 Cih' ,..... Sibley ... Des Moines .. Davenport , .. Marion .. , Boone ..., . Spencer ,... Ran' Oak .. jII1l5L'L1Ii1l8 .. . CLWIN1' Rnfmii .. . ,. Sioux Cilv ff. Si. Louis, 711. . Cedar Rapids ..., Ssflicrirille Coleridge, Nair. ROGER A. XVOOD ,......, 'West Des flloines NORMAN XVOODALL . .. ....... Dubuque Engineering Seniors If A connects to R, than B leads to A Z goes with L and Im right back where I started from ,..-Q-s 3? 33 24144456 Education The academic program for the stu- dent in the College of Education offers a well-rounded background in preparation for teaching in the ele- mentary or secondary school systems, Surrounding puhlic Schools and the University schools welcome the students and aid them in learning the art of teaching. The College of Education was established in 1903. At the present time Dean Henry DeKock organ- izes the educational activities of the college. nw- www i 5 iii 'I , , zzemwgfg ' ' F, ,Wi , ,,.., 'nt K, wi 5 t?,m me , .J f,,,.LNg1.,z .tm .,,,. ,, fu, t,. ,,1,:Lf. , The three R's - student teacher version. M fxnmcg L1 E mmfu wma gif u f wg. e" Prospective educators also tackle the rnurc abstract subjects. Wbuld Robert Which approve? Graduate College 6,754 Graduate courses, through the Graduate College, are offered in all colleges of the University, hoth pro- fessional and non-professional. Last year graduate students suc- cessfully competed for fellowships offered hy the Federal Government in the sciences and arts. Fellowships, scholarships, and research and grad- uate assistantships are annually given to students in the College. Degrees offered hy the College are Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Fine Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy. Q' ,WW An institution invented especially for graduatc studcnts the scminnr. -- -- , -3 -nm, 1 The graduate students quest for kmuwl udgs leads to morn and morc research s is if-.QYQE X t, ya is st , t X VB , X Law The growth of government, the expansion of husiness and industry, the movement in scientific discovery, the solving of social prohlems, the seelxing of economic security and the preservation of the freedoms repref sent the work of the College of Law. The SUI College prepares its stu- dents for the double tasli of dealing with catastrophies that have oc- curred and with legal planning es- sential to individual, governmental, and social development. Oldest continuous law school west of the Mississippi River, the College is a leading contributor to legal scholarship and research. CARY L. ANDERSON .... ROBERT E. BOLIMA .... RICHARD J. BOYLE ..... DAVID E. BYERS ...,.,.. WILLIAM CARMICHAEL . .. JAMES A. COHEN ...... TASSO H. COIN .......... WILLIAM A. CONZETT CARY W. CORDES ...... JOHN C. COTTESIO, JR. . .. ALAN D. CULLISON ...... JAMES CASEY DAVIS ..... ROBERT L. DETIMMERMAN JAMES L. DONOHLIE .....,... JOHN J. DLICCAN ........ EDWARD E. EATON, JR. .. C-EORCE C. EDDY, JR. . .. R. WENDELL EILLIS ... JAMES D. ERICSON ...., CHARLES F. FAIRALL . . . . Creston ... Pocahontas .... Uowa City . Ttlafsballtown ftowa City .. Des Wloines Rock Jsland, 711. . .,.. Dubuque ... fort Dodge ... Centerville Harlan Qreenoi11e, 711. ..... Oelwein .... Wlnseatine .. Cedar Ta11s ,.... Sidney . . . . Keosanqaa .. Wit. Pleasant .... Hawarden . 7tflars1aa1ltown TED FAY, JR. ..,., . DAVID J. FISHER .... JOHN W. C-AILEY ROBERT A. CAMBLE .. JAMES V. GIBSON .,.. MARSHALL I. C-ONSKY RUSSELL B. CRAY, JR. LARRY C-RIFFITH ..... JOHN E. HARMELINK . MARK A. HARPOLE RICHARD L. HARRINC1 BRIAN R. HEANEY .. .,., RUSSELL R, HENRY LARRIE C. I-IINDMAN C-EORCVE M. HOF ..,. KARL HORN ......... LLOYD HUMPHREYS . HAROLD E. JAHN .... DON A. JENSEN ...... BERNARD L. JOHNSON .... Iowa City ...... Boone ... Storm Lake ... Des Moines .... S1oe11Rock .... Chicago, 711. .... Nason City Keokuk . . . . Hawarden Spirit Lake De'Witt grand Rapids, Nick. .. . Lanark, 711. ... Wleservey ... Mason City ..... fhtdulnon .... Chicago, 111. ...... flntbon ..... Jtudubon .... Humeston DONALD L. JOHNSON . JERRY L. JONES ....,... CHARLES KIERSCHT . .. DAVID R, KILLINGER DAN KINNAMON ........... VERNON E. KRATCHMER JOHN E. LANDESS ...... MICHAEL I. LANE JOHN LOCHER ........ VINCENT L. MAURER ... MICAEL s. MCOALILEY . JIM McMAHON ..,..... DONALD MENSTER JOHN E. MILLER ..... PATRICK J. MURPHY . .. HOWARD P. MYERS GERALD NALIGHTON . . . JOHN T. NOLAN ..,.. Swea City Boone ... Arlington, "Va. St. Petersburg, Tla. ..... Des Wloines ... Charles City ,... Des Noines ... . 'Waterloo ..... Tarley ..... Readlyn ,... Dulvuque ,... Jllgona ... Cascade ... Harlan .... Moline, flll. .. . Pleasanluille ..... Wlarengo iowa City DEAN E. PHILLIPS JOHN R. PHILLIPS ..., LAVERNE ROBERG .... DARYL E. ROHERTS .... THOMAS ROWE ....,. ,.,... .,.. THOMAS SCHEUERMAN GEORGE H. SHADLE ...... . WILLIAM L. SHELDON JAMES B, SMITH .,.,,.. ROBERT W. SPACHMAN DOUGLAS R. STATE LEO J. STEFFEN, JR. . ... WILLIAM J. THOMPSON JLIDD E. TRUAX ....... LARRY L. VICKREY ....... FRANK J. WALDBLIRGER ROY D, WARD ....,.... DAVID WENTE ......,. THOMAS WILKINSON, JR Brewerton, N. 37. .. . .. Uowa City . .. Coralville . ......... Dallas ...,... Tairfleld Rock Jsland, 711. ..... Estberuille . . . Clyariton Kcokule .. Riverside, 711. ..... Qrinnell ...... Oelwein .... Jowa City .... Brandon Jllbia ... Tort Dodge ., . ilflonmoutln . , . . 'Waterloo .. Cedar Rapids l'm sure I just said something nice about the long arm of thc law . ,. wa, YXMNNK W , Www A,,,,, MW, W' Zhu. 7 A M M jg 1, I : I , MESA UKHMN' sat ffl' Liberal Arts In 1949, Dewey B. Stuit hecame dean of the largest of the ten SUI colleges, the College of Liheral Arts. This college includes the schools of Journalism, Fine Arts, Religion, and Social XWork, plus more than thirty departments and other areas of concentration. Increased educational opportuni- ties challenge the superior student in the Honors prograin. To remain in llonors, the student must maintain a 3.00. The liheral arts student receives a hroad hacliground of knowledge in many fields. Tobye L Baron Treasurer Robert E. Benson, Secretary, Jeanette A. Laughlin, Vice-President, Barbara liberal rts Class Ufficers Part of the work of the senior class officers of the College of Liberal Arts is serving as class representatives to academic and alumni affairs. They discuss with the faculty, student reactions to the present curriculum at SUI and help in suggesting more efficient policies and regulations. This year the officers are working on the liberal arts program, trying to revise the present system in relation to course hour requirement and the grading and testing systems. They also meet once a semester with the student council to plan better student government, Title, publisher, author, student number. . . . Are you in league with the Library? fr' . ,M ts.. .,,.....m--ses? Liberal Arts Seniors The Schaeffer to Macbride walk is especially familiar to Liberal Arts students. LEE M. ADAMS .... GALE ADAMSON ...., LYNN L. ADAMSON .... GEORGIE A. ADDIS JOANNE AHROLD ..,. MARY ALESCH ..,.,. REBECCA A, ALLEY . .. JERRY P. ALT ......... HAROLD M. AMFAHR MARGARET L. ANDERSEN DONNA R, ANDERSON . . EVELYN J. ANDERSON .. EVERETT B. ANDERSON . JANET R, ANDERSON KAY E. ANDERSON KENNETH M. ANDERSON ,. . Marble Rock ,. . Des Moines ., . Des Moines Aurelia .. . Des Moines 1IeMars ..., Uowa City ..... Kalona .. , Jllgona . ,..... Ottumwa .,. Des Moines ..... Clinton , ,....... 'Ventura .... Sioux City . . . . Martelle Tonda BARBARA ANDREWS ,.,. Highland Park, flll. DEANNA ANTHONY ...,.... 'West Liberty MARVIN L. ARKOVICH ......., Sioux City DAVID L. ASHER .......... Steamboat Rock JUDITH A, ASSMUS ..,..,.,.. Jnalependence FREDERICK G. ASMUSSEN ...... Sioux City DAVID N. ATKINSON BOB AUSBERCER ..,........ JANE M. BAHNSEN ........ STUART M. BAIRD .... BARBARA BAKER .,... JOHN L. BAKER SUSANE BAKER ...... .. , SLIZANNE E. BALES . .. . . . . . Red Oak ..,,,. jeyerson Rock Tsland, flll. . . . Otlumwa ...,.. Carlisle ,. . Cedar Talls Qlendale, Miss. ,. . Sioux Rapids LARRY BAMFORD . .. BEVERLY BANG ..... ALAN J. BARASCH KEVIN Cf. BARBERA ,....,, TOBYE BARON ...,. . . . LONSON L. BARR .,.. JAMES E. BARTON ...., JOELLYN J. BARTON LEON R. BAUSCH ,..... CHARLENE BEANE . ., DONALD BEDINGFIELD . . JANET BENDA ..,.....,.. CAROL BENDINGER . .. ROBERT E. BENSON . .. RAYMOND S. BENTON . . ROBERT R. BENZ ... ... LARRY L. BERG ......... DAVID BERTOLINO .. 'W. Colo ... Sioux City .. ., . . . Rochester ... Boston, Mass. San jlntonio, Tex. ... Sioux City .... Oltumuza .... Blaleeslvurg ... Cedar Rapids Stuart Arlington Hts., 711. Uowa City ... Rock Rapids .... Red Oak .... flowa City . ...... Oskaloosa .. . Rockwell City 7-tauerstraio, N. 37. JUDY BIDDLE ............... Lfegrange, Yll. APRIL M. BINGHAM MARLITA BIRZNIEKS ... LINDA C. BISHOP SARAH J. BISHOP .... SARA E. BIXLER .... THOMAS BJORGE . .. BONNIE J. BLACKMER ., NANCY BLANCHARD , .. SANDRA BLATTERBAUER ROBERT A. BLEAKLEY . .. KATHRYN BLECKER . . . . ..... Wlanson . . . 'Woodward Crdar Rapids Stillman, 7ll. .. ... Corning . . .. faralnee Holstein . .. 'WinfiuIa', Kan. . ........ Newton ..... Cedar Rapids ... Moline, 711, Liberal Arts Solitude between Ciasscs and time to study more French Verbs ROGER C. BLOOMQUIST . .. DENNIS L. BOATMAN .... NANCY BOEHM ......... JANICE BOEKE ........ JoANNE BOETTCHER .,... KENNETH W. BOKHOVEN LARRY BOLL .....,..,.... EVAN F. BORNHOLTZ .... JOHN BOSVELD ,.....,.,. ANTHONY S. BOUCOUKAS BONNIE BOWMAN ....,., WILLIAM C. BOYD ,... ALLEN BOYSEN .....,. JOHN N. BRADLEY .... DAVID BRAND ...... KAREN BRANSON . .. T. J. BREHENY .......,... MAUREEN E. BRENNAN ., RUTH A. BRENNER ....... MICHAEL W. BRESNAHAN ..... Qowrie .... Bloomfeld ... Oak Park ... Hubbard ... Storm Lake . . New Sbaron Sioux City .... Wloville .. Mason City Campbell, Olnio ...... Sterling Wlecbanicsville 7-Iarlan . ...... Cresco . Cedar Rapids ..... 'Waterloo .. . Clear Lake .. Ernmetsburg . Marshalltown .... Qlowa City RONALD BROCKMAN MICHAEL J. BROCAN DON D. BROWN .... PAUL BROWN ..... LARRY J, BRYANT . ., MARY JO BUCK ...., CRETA BUCKNER .... NANCY BURKE .....,. SHARON LEE BURKE JUDI BURKEN ...,.,.. MARY BUSH ........ BARBARA BUTLER . .. RONALD R. BUTTERS NACY KAY BUTTS ......... MARJORIE M. BYWATERS .... DANIEL E. CAHILL ......... TONI CALI ......... JAMES A. CAMPBELL JOANNE CAMPBELL .... JOYCE CAMPBELL ,.,. ......,'We5tgate . Chicago, Ullinois ..... Manchester Omaha, Nebraska . ...... Ifeon .... Keosanqaa . . . Humboldt . . .. Burlington . . . 'Waterloo ..... Clinton .... Melbourne . . . . ffreynor ... Cedar Rapids . .. . Wlitscatine Keota .... Burlington Newton .... Coon Rapids ... Maquoketa ..... Spencer JLIDITH CAMPBELL .,.. PRUDENCE CAMPBELL . . . LAVERNE CANTINE ,... MICHAEL J. CAREY . . . CHERYL J. CARLSON . .. CAMILLE CASE ....,..... KAREN I. CASTACNOLI PENELOPE CECIL ......,. SUSAN A. CHANDLER .... CECIL L. CHAPMAN . .. BETTY CHRISTENSEN .,..,. IRVINC B. CHRISTIANSEN ... MARY CHRISTENSEN ....,... ROGER M. CHRISTIANSEN ...., CLARICE CHRISTOPHERSON . SCOTT A. CLARK ........... KENNETH C. CLATTERBAUCH SUSANE CLEAVES .,.,......, JERRY T. COHEN .,.,...... THOMAS E. COLLINCS .... Spencer Jlmes .. , flaclzson, Mick. .,... Des Moines . . .. 'Vinton . , . . . Qrinne11 ... Tort Dodge ... Muscatine Down cfs Qrove, 711. Jltalissa Jawa City . . Cliicago, Ullinois .. Rock fls1and, 711. ... grand Mound .......Sclaa11er .... Manchester Jawa City ... ... Omalna, Nebraska ...... Sioux City ... Council Bluffs ALDEANE COMITO .. WILLIAM J. CONDON SHARON J. CONCER . MARILYN J. CONN .. JEFF CONNELL ....., KENNETH L. COOP RAY F. CORNELIUS ,... NANCY L. COSSITT . . CHARLES R. COLILTER DIXIE COLIRTNEY . ., DAVID N. COX ...... RAY S. CRABTREE ROBERT CRAIG . ...., .... Des Moines .... Tort Dodge ... Rice1Jil1e . . . Marengo .... Uowa City ... Tairjfeld Tenton ...... Lagrange .... .... 'Webster City Tipton, Missouri ..... Uowa City iowa City ... Mt. Pleasant ROBERT A. CRAVEN . .. ........ 'Waterloo KEITH L. CRAWFORD ILIDITH A. CREMER . . DEENA CRIM ......,. ROBERT S. CRISSMAN BOYD R. CRITZ, III .. MYRA CROFT ....,., . ,. .....,.... fone Tree Omaha, Nebfaska Phoenix, jlrizona . .. ..... Des Moines .. Clinton ... Esllaerville Liberal Arts Seniors Stop the presses! Tuition's been increased by S5l5O." MICHAEL B. CROXDALE R. C. CULBERTSON . ...,. . PHILIP R. CURRIE KEITH A. CURRY ..... LYNN DALE CURRY . . . 'Villisca .. Blairslnufg . Nason City .. Jowa City Cedar Rapids LES CLITLER ........,. Qrosse Pointe, Nick. SANDRA S. DAMME .... , Des Moines LINDA DAILEY ............,. .... Sioux City CLARICE DANIELSON Tort Dodge JIM DARRAH ....,.... . . . Burlington BEULAI-I ANNE DARROW . .. New Hampton BRICE DAVIS ........,.......,. Des .Wloines JUDITH ANN DAVIS ..... Rochester, Minn. MARILYN M. DAVIS ..,.. JAMES DEECAN .... BARBARA DEHANN DEETS DAVID M. DELAY ....,.,. STAN R. DELFS .,... DIANA DELPHEY ..... ROBERT DEYARMAN . .. DONALD W. DOHRER SHARON RAY DOLAN SANDRA DOMSALLA . .. EDWARD DONHOWE .... PETER DONHOWE ..... ....... Oskaloosa ... iowa City ,... Orange City . Marion Dysart 7-iarpers Terry . , . . . . . Olds ... Towa City ... . Qrimes ... . Clinton ,. Story City .. Story City JANET HAYES DOUCHERTY .. Mt. Pleasant JERRY W. DRAISEY ................. Jlmes MARY EILEEN DRISCOLL ..,.,.,. 'Wellman ROBERT W. DROLL ..,.............. 9-lills NORA LEE DLIFFE .... ,, . 'Wilton Junction DOROTHY A. DUNCAN . , Montgomery, Jlla. DONALD M. DUNSHEE ......... Eyons, 711. MARGARET L. DVORSKY RICHARD XV. EAGLE ,.,,. KAREN L. EASTIN LOUISE EASTLAND . .. RUTH ECKHARDT .... DAVID EDLEMAN .... NOLA K. EDWARDS ..,. MARY M. EGGER ,.... JOYCE EGGERT .,.,. , . ANN N. EKSTROM ...,., MAXINE S. ELLIOTT ,.... DAVID A. ELLIS .,., GERALD L. ELSEA .... JUDITH A. ENDERLE SUSAN ENGLEHART . .. JEROLD L. ENGLE HELEN B. ERICKSON JESOLA E. ERNEST .... LAURA M. ERVIN THOMAS H. ERVIN ...... DA NIFI. C. FAHRLANDER JOYCE E. EALK ....,.,... KENNETH R. FEAIUNC, PAMELA FELD ......... MAXINE L. FELPER ,.,... ,. Tonya City ...,, Ainsworth ... Cedar Rapids ... Iowa City ..... ftowa City ... Lost Nation flown City ... Monticello .... Sparta, N. J, New Carlisle, Jud. ...... Ainsworth .... Sioux City ,... Sioux City ....,.. Keystone St, Louis, 5140. .. Treeport, 711. ...... 'Winfieid ... Brambting, Ln. .. Ctnartes City .. ... Rockford .....,. Town City ... Sioux City . . . Wapcllo ,... fttanvluester ..... Qrimtcll DIANNE M. FERGUSON ..,.... Cedar Falls ROBINETTE FERGUSON . . VIRGINIA FEURER ....... ... . ,. Spirit Lake .. Park Ridge, fill, Liberal Arts Seniors A Physics problem with extra oomph. I r IM STANLEY G. FINCH .. ELEANOR FIRZLAFF . JANE FISHER ........ RONALD M. FISHER . DONALD E. FLYNN , SHIRLEY FOLLMER .. GORDON B. FORBES . MARSHA A. FORD .. GEORGE FOY ....,. LINDA FRANKLIN . .. SARAH FRANKS ...... LAVONNE FRAZEN . . ROBERT L. FRETWELL KAROLE L. FULLER . . JOYCE E. FULTS . . . HAMID FARHAT . . Belle Toarclae, S. D. Dulouque Mountain View, Calif. ........ SWestCl1ester .. Cedar Rapids ...... loioa City Fort Dodge . Rock island, Yll. .. . 7ljiYOH'll11g ... Cambridge . , . . . fisloon . ,. Stockton Keokule Des Moines Qlndepeudence, Missouri .....,. Qalilee, flsrael DIXIE GABRIELSON . . ...., Stratford SUSAN GALIC ....... .....,... 7 owa City WILLIAM F. GAMMACK . ,. .....,..,...,.... jlmes LINDA C. GARMAGER .... .... I3 rigbam City, 'Utah ALICE GARRY ....., DAVID GATES ....., DONALD E. GARTIN SUZANNE GAYLORD JOSEPH GEHRINGER WALDO GEIGER ....., SHARON GERE .... KAY GETZ .....,... BETSY GIDXWITZ CHARLES A. GILDERBLOOM, II ,... LYNN GILLIAM ........,... MICHAEL GILLES ..., EDITH D. GLASS ...., HAROLD GLIDDEN . .. JACK GLIDDEN ......, VIRGINIA GNAGY ..., JUNE M. GODFREY . ,, JERYL GOETTSCH ..., JOE GOLDBERG ...., JANE M. GOLLY .... ,... Bancroft .... Cresco ..... Clnariton ... Des Moines .. . Burlington ... flowa City . .... Davenport Sioux City 7-Iiglaland Park, flll. ... , . .. Des Moines ...,... Des Moines Mason City Cleveland 7-Its., Ohio YUPPUY 'l'lf'estioood, New jersey Sioux City Cedar Rapids .... Monticello .... Sioux City ..,. State Center JULIA GOODRICH . .. LYNNE GOODNVIN . .. JUDITH A. GORDON . .. ELLA GOTTLIEB ..,.... WILLIAM A. GRAHAM .... , . . KAY GRAU ............ DOUGLAS L. GRIESSE . NV. CARTER GRIFFIN, JR. . .. MARY JANE GRISXVOLD CURTIS GROOTE ...... ERNEST C. GROSSER . ., NICKI GUSTIN ......, flvoca ,.. Swestmont, flllinois . . , . Evanston, Jllinois .. Des Wloines Deon ..... Denison . Rock Rapids . Morning Sun ... ... Cedar Rapids Qrundy Center Shaker Heights . . Tort Dodge LARRY GUTZ ........,. . Storm Lake MARY K. HAGERMAN ,. . Cedar Rapids ALLYS HAIN ..,...,,,.. ..4,,,.,.. D auenport KATHLEEN HALBERG .... . . , fHolrlving, Minnesota XVILLIAM H. HALFXWASSEN ..,, ..... B elmond JOHN R. HALL ............ .... S ioux City LAWRENCE C. HAPLIN ...., .... C edar Rapids RONALD G. HALVORSON .,.. Jflarengo SHARON D. HAMILL .,., CARL P. HAMILTON . . . SHIRLEY HANKEN .... THOMAS HANSEN . . . JACK W. HARDCASTLE . .. LAURENCE HARDMAN .... ... RICHARD A. HARRIS . ,. JANET HASS ,........ HOYT E. HART ..,,.. JANICE HARVEY ...,.... MARGARET A. HASEK .,.., PATRICIA HASSELQUIST .,.. ... HAROLD D. HATFIELD CAROL A. HATHAXVAY . .. THOMAS HAUNSPERGER . . MERLE F, HAUSER ........ ALAN R. HAVERCAMP ..,. REV. CHARLES HAXVKINS . MARYELIZ A. HAWKINSON DON H. HAYS .....,.,,,.. ,... Des Tlloines . . . 9-lanilvurg ., Monticello . Cedar Talls Eagle Qrovc . Spirit Lake Cedar Rapids Harris .. 7l1iasfatine 7l'larslJalltown Cedar Rapids ... Dubuque .. . . .Bedford .. Vlluscaline ..., Kellogg . . . . Lawler ... Davenport Slllaslvington ,.. ... Davenport .... Kinross Liberal Arts Seniors Evcn an art student must use his muscles. A hand-run printing press provides the exercise. LARRY D. HAYES ......... GERY CLARA HAZARD . . JOAN ELLEN HEIN ..... ANN L. HEISERMAN GARY P. HERRITY ..,. DENNIS R, HERRMANN . . GARLAND HERSHEY, JR. CHRIS O. HERTZ ........ THOMAS W. HERTZBERC GARY HESS ,.........,,, MARVIN R, HIEMSTRA .. RICHARD E. HIGLEY SUSAN C. HIGLEY ,.,. DONALD E. HILL .,... RALPH E, HILLMAN .,.. MARILYN HILLS ....,. JEANNIE HINDMANN .,. DON HINER ............ SHARON MCELROY HIRZ JOE HLADKY .........., LORA HNIZDA ....... THOMAS M. HOGAN . .. KATHY HOLADAY ...... KATHRYN HOLDERMAN RICHARD HOLLANDER . . . .. Ottumwa ... Uowa City .. . Coralviile .. Jinamosa . . , Clinton ....., Des Moines , ....... Iowa City ...... Des Moines Milwaukee, 'WiS. Extra Pella .... Davenport ... Cedar Rapids Sumner Essex , . . . WH. Pleasant , 'Villisca . Osage Percival ..... Cedar Rapids ... Ti, Wladison ,.., Dubuque . . ,, . Qrecnfeid ... ... Dnlmqne ... Siaeidon LOIS ANN HOLMBERG . . 'jefferson City, IMO. Tom Homseno ........ ' ....,. cedar mis ,IUDITH I-IOLSCHLAG ....... New Hampton DAVID H. HOLTZ ......,. Philadelphia, Pa. CARL HOLVIK, JR. ..,. ...,... 714 ason City JAYE HOWE ......,..... ,....... Q reenfreld STEPHANIE HOWES ...,,......... De'Witt CAROLTON HOWORTH . Minneapolis, Wlinn. BRENDA HUGHES , .... , JOHN N. HUNTINGTON ANN HLIRICH .......,,, DAVID EARL HUTCHINS OAROLE HYMES ......,. BOBBE J. HVIDSTON JON H. ioso .....,4 WILLIAM J. IMMEL I,.. ROBERT D. INOLE ROBERT ISENHART JON IVENSON ....... DARLENE IVERSON I... BABARA JAMMER . .. JERRY L. JARRARD NANCY F, JEBENS .... JANET E. JENKINS . .. CAROLYN JENSEN . . . JERLAD N. JENSEN ..,.. MARCIA FOLEY JENSEN ..,.,... Muscatine ALICE M, JOHNSON ........ Towa City New :York City .. Jlmes, Neb, Jllgona ... Davenport . ... Clinton ,... jlltlen ... Charles City ... Des Wloines . . . . Redfield . . . , Milford iowa City ... Rock Rapids ..... 'Waverly . .... Davenport . .. , Yllarslvalltown ... Cliarles City ... Lone Rock 'l7enlum, Calif. DAVID M. JOHNSON ....,...,.. Muscatine GRETCHEN E, JOHNSON .... Evanston, 911. JEANINE JOHNSON .... KARMA JOHNSON .,... NORMA V. JOHNSON . . CHARLES D, JON .... EDGAR L. JONES ... ,... Nccnab, 'Wis. ...... Story City 7-Iorncivoori, 711. Sac City .... 'Washington Liberal Arts Seniors The Schacffcr Hall study alcove is always crowded JOHN C. JORGENSEN KAREN JORGENSEN . SONYA JORGENSEN . ... .......... Kimlvallfon Omaha, Nebraska .. . .,.,..... llowa Talls ROBERT B. KAMMER .... .... C ouncil Bluffs ORVA G. KALIFMANN ROBERT W, KECK ... .. . Salem, Oregon ....... Earloille ROBERT W. KEITH ..., ,...,..... Q jayner CARTER D. KELLEY ... ... 'Vista, California RICHARD KELLOGG . Cluarles City EARL P. KELLY, JR. . . .,..,. Newton JOSEPH D. KENNEDY JULIA M. KENNEDY . NANCY A. KENNEDY ..,. flowa City ....... Clarence . .. 'West Eilverty NORMAN D. KENNEL ....,..,. flowa City HENRY S, KEPNER, JR. .. .... Chicago, illinois IVAN G. KERR ....,,. ...., C amlzridge JO ANNE KERSHAW . Dallas, Texas JOYCE I. KIBBY ...,. .... E stlaeroille ELLIN L. KILGORE ., Waterloo SAM KILLINGER . .. . . . Henderson HONG SLIP KIM ... ROBERT G. KING HOWIE KIPNES . .. TERENCE KLEIN .... NANCY KLINGER ,..., . JANIS J. KLINGMAN ANGELA KLOSTERBOER MARILYN KNAUSE .... MARLY KNEELAND MARY K. KNOX ..... LLOYD J. KNOX .... DONALD L. KOBES MARY L. KOEHLER .,,. ERANCIA C. KOEHN EDWARD F. KOLKER .. JOYCE KOZLOW ...... GERALD H. KRAMER .. JEANNE KRAMME ..... NANCY A. KRAMER PATRICIA A. KUCERA , . ...... Seoul, Korea ....... 'Wilton junction Chelsea, Wlassaclnusetls iowa City ,. . Cedar Falls ... Cedar Rapids ..... Jefferson .... Wlaseatine ,. . Wtarslaalltoam ,... Uowa City Casey ... flowa City . . , . Henry, Tllinois ........ 'Winterset Waterloo Homewood, Ullinois ..... Wloline, flllinois ... 'West Des Moines Rernsen Tama ALLAN JAMES KUETHE ......... Sumner LOGAN K. KUIPER .,...... ............. P ella ARTHUR W. KUNTZ, JR. ,. Tupelo, Mississippi KAY KUPRIS ...........,.. ......... 'W aterloo KAY KUTNINK ..... ,... JUDY KYLE .......... CAROL JEAN LANE ANN E. LANGE .,... CAROLYN LANGFORD .... , LARRY LANTIS .,.. , ...., ,. . DON E. LAPPIN ....... KAREN LARKIN ., .,.. SUSAN S. LARSEN .,... CHARLENE LASCODY , .. .. . ANNE LAUGHLIN ...., JEANETTE LAUGHLIN . .. . JUDY LEASE ........,..,., MARGARET M. LEHMAN LILA E. LEICHSENING .,.,, PHILIP C. LEIPOLD ..., . . .. Ottumwa ... Sioux City jlllvia ... Clinton ,,,,. Otlurnwa ...... jltlantic Rock island, ill, .... Qladliroola ... Qraeltinger Skokie, Illlinois Wit, Carroll, Ull. Harlan , . . flfluscatinc .,.. Polk City . . . . . alumna .... louva City LINDA LENZ ........... WILLIAM C. LERETTE LOIS B. LESHYN ...... MARLENE D. LEVIN . .. ERVIN H. LEWIS ,.... JAMES LIDDELL .... SANDRA L. LIGHT .... LE LINCH ........,. ROYCE LINDBERG ..., MARY LINDEMAN ... WAYNE K. LINDER MICHAEL R. LINK ... THOMAS V. LOFTUS PRISCILLA LOHR ..,.... DONNA R. LONG ...,...,.. JOSEPH CARL LONG, JR. ... JAMES LONGSTAFE ........ MARY STEXVART LONSBURY GARY K, LORENZ .......... ROBERT B. LUDWIG ,... . . Pacific Junction jlvoca . Chicago, flllinois Sioux City flowa City Maywood, Jllinois ...,.,. Muscatine . Aralri, Louisiana ..... Wlaquoketa .... flplinglon ..... Sperry .... Davenport . ... 'West 'Union Cllurdan .. . LeQrandc Washington, D. C. .... Cedar Rapids . . . -Gary, jfllllllllfl ........ Clinton ... Tiffin Liberal Arts Seniors No free movie, no guest lecturer, but SUI Auditoriums always stay busy. ls-.... GARY MICHAEL LUKE GARY LUSTGARTEN .,.... JLIDITH ANN MAACK .... STERLING R. MACER JOHN T. MADDEN THOMAS E. MALL ......,. DIANE MALTBY ........., DAVID N. MANOCHEO .. ,......Ottum1,oa . . Qllerriek, N. 31, ...... Davenport Nason City Tonya City Qreen Bay, SWis. Sleger, 711. Oelwein MARY MANSEIELD .... San francisco, Calif. MARIANNE MARTIN ..,.,,.,... Swea City IANICE REX MATHER ..,..... 'West Branch RANDY MATHER .....,..,,,... Storm Lake ,IANEEIXI CAMPBELL MATTHEWS .. Oelwein JANE MALIRICE .....,..,. , ..... Wlonticello HOWARD B. MAYER .............. Clinton DENNIS E. MCAVOY . .. THOMAS L. MCBEE ....... .,.. New London ... Clear fake DONNA MCCHESNEY ..........,, 7Vape1lo NORMAN D. MCCLASKEY . ROBERT MCCRILLIS ....... STEPHEN A. MCCLIE ,.... BETH MCDERMOTT ..,.,.. RICHARD S. MCDONALD . SANDRA MCDONALD .,., EDXVARD L. MCFARLAND . CATHERINE A. MCGREGOR .. .. 7l'1as0n City ,. New Ulamplon .... Rockford, Ill. . ,.,. Muscatine . . . Ylflarslvalltown ..,... Danville . , . fllarslvalltown .. Narslvalliown TERRY JOAN MCKEAN ,,...,..... Qrinnell SUSAN K. MCMULLEN ........ Tlrlvana, 711, ROBERT GEORGE MCMLIRRAY ,. Sioux City PHILLIP I. MCPARTLAND ....,. Burlington JLIDITH MELBY .... ERIC C, MELSO ..,. SUSAN MELTZER ....... LARRY MENNINCA ..... MICHAEL J. MERCHANT XWILLIAM R. MEYER .... DONALD F. MEYERHOFF BARBARA A. MIDDLETON CAROL A. MILLER ..,., CAROL L. MILLER .. DAVID J. MILLER GLENN H. MILLER ,,.. JAMES MILLER, JR. . . JOHN A. MILLER .... . MARY K. MILLER ..,. RICHARD A. MILLER SUE MILLER ,..,....,. WESLEY MILLER ..., MARY E. MILNES JOAN MISHLOVE H. D. MITCHELL ...,... ROBERT A. MITCIIISLI. . JANET K. MOBERLY PATRICK J. MOODY .,., FLORENCE MOORE . .. ROBERT V. MOREY, JR. NEDRA MORGAN ...,.. ELLIOTT MORRIS . .. . .. , 'Plivmiix ,lri:, NANCY J. MORRIS ...... XVILLIAM E. MOSS .... .. , Nt. Pleasant ... D65 Moines ... Cellar Rapids Otlcv . Ti. FWOVIIJ, Tex. .... Daiienfvorl ... .. . Rcadlyn .. .... Dulvuquc ... .Cost Nation ...... Sfuarl ... Nason City ., Cliicaqo, fill. ........ Ilurlington Knoxville, Term. Carroll .... .Cake 'View .. . Des Noiiivs .,.,.. Tipton ... Btlfllilhllltlll .. . Boone ,... Sioux City ... Das Wloincs ,... Shirley, flll, .... 'Walcrloo ... Jowa City . . . . . . PL'Y'1'Y ..... Iowa Lib' rI'l'IKIl?fJCIOI1, N. IJ, ..... Slicnaizrloali Liberal Arts Seniors There arc many advantages to a broad Liberal Arts education JENNIE MRAD ,.,.,,.., ELAINE C. MULHERIN . RONALD G. MULLINS . JACQUELINE MUMMEY BONNIE MUNSON ..,.. BETTE JO MUSGROVE ..,. . . MARGARET MYERS .... M. KAYE MYERS ...,. CA ROLE NATTKEMPER MARY LEE NEILLY ......... CAROLYN NEISWANYER JOHN K. NELSON ..... JOYCE A. NELSON . . . PEGGY JO NELSON . .. DENNIS E. NETSER ..,. GERD E. NEUMANN NORMAN W. NICHOLS . HENRY NIEDORF ........ LOUISE D. NOAH ..... ROBERT B. NORTON . .. ,.. Cedar Rapids .,,... Mt. 'Vernon .... Dallas Center Iowa City ,. .. . Alton, Qlllionis Ottumwa Lexington, Kentucky Nevada Terre Haute, Undiana ....,. Cedar Rapids Keokuk .. . Lake Wlills , . , . Muscatine ,. . Cedar Tails 'Wellman . ,. Kiel, Qermany . . . . Osage . . , . 'Walcott , . . Chariton .. Coralville COLLEEN NUSS .,.....,.. NORMAN S. OBERSTEIN . . DADEAN OBRECHT ....., LEONARD O'BRIEN . .. PATRICIA O'BRIEN . . . DAVID L. OETJEN ..., SUSAN S. OGG ...... JO ANNE O'HAVER ..... GARY JOSEPH OLINE , .. ALLAN E. OLSEN ....... CAROLE LYNN OLSEN . .. EMELIE OLSON ........ PAUL DAVID OLSON ..... SHIRLEY MEHAFFY OLSON Y LINDA O NEIL ............... DENNIS A. OSBORN ...... MARGARETE OSKOLKOFF MARY OSSIAN .........,.. SUZANNE OTT .,., LARRY PABST . .. . . . . . Sumner .., Des Wloines . , . . Belrnond . , .. Decorah . . . . 'Waukon . . . Oslealoosa .............Jldel ........ 'West Liberty ,... Springfield, Ullinois ....... Sioux City ,.. Des Moines .... Uowa City . ,, Northwood ....... Northwood Wlitchell, S. D. ...,.. Davenport ...,........Kalona , .......... Shenandoah Houghton, Michigan Desillfloines ANNE L. PACE ..,..,. JANE PALMER ,...,.,... MARILYN A. PALMER SUSAN PEARSON ....... CHARLES H. PELTON . .. DIANNA PENNY ...., FRANK C-. PERSON DON LEE PERTL PHOEBE PETERSEN .... RONALD G. PETERSEN . . DELAINE PETERSON .... CEORCYIANNE PETERSON JOAN C. PETERSON .,.. ROBERT L, PETERSON . MARK PETSCH ........ JUDITH ANN PFEFFER , ., JANICE S. PILLER ,..... ALAN PHIL PISTORIUS . JERRY J. PLATT ......,. CAROLYN A. PLOCK Wilmington, Delaware Brooklyn . , . Detroit, Wlicbigan Iowa City . . . , Clinton ... flowa City , . . 7owa City . , . . 'West Bend ..., Wlount Ayr .. . Davenport Red Oak ,... ... Des Moines . .. . Wloline, Jllinois Olds ,... Dubuque . . .. 'Wesley . . . Qranger ,. . Burlington .. . Uowa City . . . Burlington VANCE LARRY POLICH ,... MARIE S. POMERANTZ ..,, DENNIS R. PORTER ..... J. ROBERT PRICE . ., . JOANNE PRYBIL ,....,.... EMERY B. PUDDER .........., . . . CHARLES LEWIS PULLEN .,,. .. . SUE LYNNE PULLMAN . , . . JUDITH ANN PURDUM . .. EDWARD A. PURDY VIRGINIA PUTNAM . .. DIANE QUARTON . ., LAWRENCE C.. RAPOPORT JAMES J. RAUKER ......,.. ., JACLYN RAY .,..... JEANNE M. READ .... JAMES REINKING ....... MARIANNE REYNOLDS POLLY REYNOLDS ..., BARRY A. RICHARDS ,.,. ,.... Tllelclver ,... Des Wloines Ames ..., Uouva City flowaCity Englislotouvn, N. ...... Estberville ... Centerville ......Clinton ..., Spirit Lake ... Council Bluffs .. Cedar Rapids ... Cedar Rapids . East Lake, Ohio Doon ... Cedar Rapids .,.. l.I0ilVt'lC1I ,... Clmrlolle .. . Charles Cilw' ... Davenport Liberal Arts Seniors Four papers for Rhctoric, 18 chapters of outside reading, and all I can think about is dissecting that frog tomorrow. JAMES O. RICHARDS ... JUDITH RICHMOND . .. KAREN RIDDLE ....,. LARRY RIECER .,.., CHARLENE RIEHM .. LINDA RIEKE ,....... JLIDITH RIENIETS ,,,.,.. .. SANDRA JEAN RICC-S . RONALD RIMRODT .,., ANNE ROBINSON ..,. LARRY C. ROBINSON ., RICHARD ROBINSON .. SUSAN ROCKSIEN ..... JACQLIELINE RODEEN . ELIZABETH ROGERS . .. JAMES T. ROGERS , .,..... .. 54544, ,... Uowa City .. Tt. Madison .. , Lalee 'View ., . Manchester Britt . Cedar Rapids .. . Monticello .. Claicrlgo, 711, . Cedar Rapids , . Des Moines ... 'Woodward . . .... flowa City .... Manilla Sioux City ... Clarinda .. Urbana, 711. HAROLD E. ROGCENDORF, JR, ..,. Clinton NORMAN ROLLINS .... BEVERLY ROMAN .... FRITZ ROSEBROOK .... JUDITH ROSS .......,. NANCY LEE ROSS ..,.. CALVIN RAY ROLILSON MARY ROWLEY ..,......... NANCY ROYALTY ,.... PATRICIA JEAN RLICH . JANE A. RULE ...,.... JANET RLIMMERY ...,. DOLORES M. RUMP .... DAVID L. RLISK .... Mitchell, S. D. . Cedar Rapids Ames Uowa City . Cedar Rapids .. 'West Union Qutbrie Center Jltlantic . . . . Denison ... Thornton ... Moline, flll. ... 'West Point .. . 'Llrbandale Mm.. A JOHN DAVID RLITHERFORD ,....... Econ GRACE SANDNESS ..A.A. 'Valley City, N. D. THOMAS R. SANFTNER ....,... Swea City ERIKA SCHAEFER ,...,......, Cedar Rapids MARGARET ANN SCHAEFER ,..... Sheffield FRAN E. SCHILLING PAT SCHIMBERC ....... JOHN C. SCHLOBOHN . . JO ANN C, SCHMIDT .JUDY SCHMIDT .....,. MARIE SCHMIDT .....,. DAVID SCHOENTHALER ELAINE M. SCHRIMPER , WILLIAM E, SCHROEDER LEO R. SCHUBERT ...... BARBARA V. SCHLILTZ . . , . . . Marion Cedar Rapids . . Rock falls . . . 'Waterloo .. Knoxville . . . Riverside . Wlaquoketd Cedar Rapids . . . . Dundee . . Iowa City Chicago, Ull, LESLIE SCHWEILOCH .... Roslyn Hts., N. 7. RALPH W. SCHWEINFURTH ...... Lansing MARCOREE SCHWERDTEGER ..., Coralville JOAN SCLAROW ................... Ames KARL H. SEESSER .... JEAN M. SHABEI. ..... . ...... Clinton .... Iowa City JILL C. SI IAEIIITER .,.,.......,. Des Moines LOUIS WARREN SHANK DAVID A. SI-IARBO ..... flowa City . . . 'Waterloo PENELOPE KAY SHAW ....,...... 'Waverly RUTH SI-IEARER .......... Woodbury, N. fJ. RAYMOND DLIANE SHEEHY ..... Polk City JANE LILET SHELGREN ...., ..,... R olfe BARBARA SHIRLEY ..... .,. Hamburg Liberal Arts Seniors Who's idea Was this anyway? BRENDA SHIRLEY ..4.... JUNE E. SHROUDEMIER . MARTHA A. SIAS ....... EVELYN E. SIEGLE ..... JOHN R. SIMPSON, JR. . .. . , MARCIA SIMPSON ...,,., LEONARD IRWIN SINGER NORMA M. SKADELAND BETTY LYNN SKOCVLUND CHARLES E. SLACK .,.,, JULIANNA SLAYMAKER . SANDRA SLOAN ,.,.... CAROL JEAN SMITH , .. GARY SMITH ....... JOHN D. SMITH ..,... LINDA JOYCE SMITH ... LINDA LLOYE SMITH ROBERT C, SMITH .,,.,. SONNY SOHN ....,.,.,... CAROL RAE SPACHMA N ..... Perry .... Thayer .... Dubuque . . . . .. Oakville . Marshalltown . , . , , 'Waterloo Medford, Mass. ,..... .Carabee Batavia, Ullinois , .... Davenport .....I Osceola Mount Pleasant . , Des Moines Toledo ,. . Burlington . , . . Anarnosa . . . . 'Winterset Ogden . . . Park Torest, Jllinois . . ..........., Ames JANET SPADINC- . .. . . DUANE W. SPICER ..... ANNABELLE STAFFORD . , . ARLINE R. STANDLEY .. RONALD Cv. STARK ,... ANNE STEBBINS ...... HARRIET STEELE ,...,, BARBARA STEELMAN . ,. JON STEENHOVEN ..,.. PATRICIA STEENROD . .. CAIL E. STOAKS ..,..., ELLEN M. STOCKMAN . MICHAEL R. STOLINE ., LARRY C. STOLTENBERC. JOAN M. STOTTS ,..... GLENN W. STOUSLAND STEPHEN STRAUSS ..... ANN STRIEE ........... KAYE STLIRDEVANT . .. PAUL SLINNER ,,,.. . . . . . 'Victor Lenox ,. , 'Washington .. Miami, Florida ,,.,... 'Waterloo Evanston, illinois ....,.. Decoralu 'West Des Moines ..... Mason City ... Iowa Tails . . ,. . Lenox . , . . Oxford .,, Jowa City .,..., Davenport Boone . .. ..,. Des Plaines, Ullinois . ........., Ilowa City .,,. Des Moines ..... 'Webster Eagle Qrove JUDITH C. SUTHERLAND . JUDITH J. SUTHERLAND .. JERRY J. SXVANEY .A.... LELAND SWANGER .,.. SHARON K. SWANSON A,..,, BUDROW SWARTZENDRUBER CELIA SWEDE ..,......... . RICHARD S, SXVEITZER . .. SHARON SWENSON ,... STEVEN D. SYNHORST ..,. MARY ANN SYNTSMA .... SUSAN FRANCES TEETER , .. DONALD WILLIAM TEWS . .. JOSEPHINE E. THIELEN MARJO MAY THOMAS ..,... CHARLOTTE THOMPSON . .. STEVE C. THOMPSON ..,. KAREN THOMSEN ...... LOIS THOMSEN ...... LYNN J. THORESEN . .. . . . . . . 'Waverly ...... Monticello Qrand Junction Nashua .,. Stanton . ,. . 'Wellman . .,. Spirit Lake . . . . 'Waterloo . , . Jnwood .......JImes .,..., Leighton .,. Cedar Rapids .... Bloomfield ...... Tonda .... Dubuque ,., jlrlington Roland . .. Bettendorf ,,. Clinton ... 7VIonona LO RAE THOYSON ...... JARED R. TINKLENBERG . DAVID TRAVLAND .,.., GEORGE T. TRESNAK ..., JEAN TRIMBLE .... KURT H. TRUAX .... XV, B. TSCHUDY . JAMES B, TUCKER ..., .. ARNOLD I. TURKHEIMER JAMES TURNER ......... PATRICIA ANNE TURNER HANS A, TVEDTE ,.,.... CLAYTON H. TWETTEN BONNIE TYSDAL ........ JAMES D, UNDERWOOD SAUNDRA L. UPSHAW .. TRULA R, URBANEK ,..., DONALD L. URBATSCH . GENE W. URBATSCH DONALD G. VAJGERT . .. . forest City .... Jawa City .... Mason City .. Cedar Rapids .. Cedar Talls .,..., Clinton ....,. Jowa City ...... Hampton Bronx, New york .... ...... Wlanrhester .. . Dubuque .... Jowa City ., Spirit fake Qalt .... Des Moines . . Qary, Undiana Solon ..... Osage Osage .... Mason City Liberal Arts Seniors It's a long walk home from the Pentacrest. AVERIL D. VALLIER .... CENE VANDEKOP ........ PETER C. VANDERHOEE .. PENNY VANEK ........... DA RLENE VANMAANEN ...... MARY C. VELDEY ........ JANET ELAINE VENZKE ... THOMAS J, VOCEL ....... JERRY WACNER .,,. GAIL WALDINCER .,. PATRICIA A. WALLINDER . SYDNEY WALSTON ...... MARY M. WALTER ,...... DARLENE JUNE WALTHER CAROL C. WARNER ...... ALLAN C. WASSENAAR ...... NANCY D. WATSON ........ RICHARD G. WATSON ....... VERLE L. WEAVER ..... LLOYD E. WEBB ,.,... . ., ' "Q4 I HM., . A-Af A W' .. '-F 'R .J-rj ' Council Bluffs . Rock Rapids ... Towa City ... Muscatine Sioux Center 7owa City Katana Cedar Rapids ,... Otturnwa . Des Moines Carroll ..... Wtancbester .. .Cake 'View 'West .Cilverty Jawa City Sioux Center Duluth, Wlinn. ... Tndianola Wlarslyalltouzn Rockwell City DENISE CLAIRE WEINBERG Cl1tCt1gO, 711. DOROTHY L. WEISHAAR ........ Marathon JIM C. WELLS ........, KAREN SLIE WELLS ,... NANCY E. VUERNER JOYCELYN WESTPHAL ...... ,... Carnaneke ., fltount Jtyr Cedar Rapids State Center CEORCE WHEAT ...... ...... Wt elliourne WILLIAM WHELPY ... DIANNE WHITE .,.. JAMES XV. XVHITE ... .... Cedar Rapids .. . Oslealoosa Cedar Rapids SUSAN WHITEHEAD PAULINE WHITESEL ..... ALAN K. WHITWORTH .. NANCY ANN WHYTE ..,. KAREN RAE WIENERT .., ROBERT C, XVIKEL ...... DOROTHY L. WILBUR . .. JEANETTE XWILCOX . .. JAMES L. WILLCOCKSON MERLE E, WILLIAMS .,... BARTLETT L, WILKERSON ALICE WILKINSON ,..... SUZANNE M. WILLARD .. ANN E. WILLIAMS ..,.. KAREN K. WILLIAMS DIANA J. WILLS ..... LINDA HELEN WILMETH EFEIE C. WILSON ....,...., SALLY WILSON . .. Deerfield, Ullinois ,.. Cedar Rapids , ... Wlaclzslourg . . . Cushing ,.. Davenport ...., Coralville .,. ,., Davenport . Center Junction ..... Sigourney .. .. Cedar Rapids ....... Burlington Covina, California .... Cedar Rapids Sl. Louis, Missouri ......., Stratford ... Dumont Iowa City .,... 'Wapello ,., Clrarles City VICTOR T. WILSON ... DAVID L. WINTER .., RONALD WISE ..... DORCAS WOLFE ... JUDITH ANN XVOLFE . ARTHUR WOLFF ..,... DOYLE L. WOODCOCK JAMES E. WOODS ...,. ROSEANN WOODWARD JERRY C. WOOLUMS ... BARBARA YANKEE HAROLD YOERCLER MARY E. YOUNG ....... XV. DENNIS YOUNC JANETTE YOUNC .., MARY L. ZEDICK .4.. Durant ..,. New 3-larnpion ...., Burlington .... Iiondurant ..,. Davenport ,.... Rowan .. .,,.. Cliariton ... .................. Coagon East Qrand Forks, Minn. PAUL B. ZIMMER ..4.... ....... SHEILA JANE ZUCKER Ta 1' ,.. . .. Paclewood .,. Cedar Rapids , .,,,,,. ITarna .. 'Waslainglon . . . , fllodiapolis .... Odelvolt ... fltonticcllo ,.......Cli1zion Jlwzlv Rock, N, JK r ' M -sf, f' My Medicine Experts have called tlie training: received in the SUI College of Medie cine "the lvest available." The various college departments aid in the diagnoses of many hos- pital cases. In conjunction with tliese diagnoses, research work to detect and eliminate disease is carried on. Medical students work with a general practitioner for four weeks in a program called "preceptorsliip." Otlier experience is gained wliile training in University hospitals. Dean is Dr. Norman Bt Nelson. Class Ufficers JUNIORS They forgot to come for their picture. FRESHMEN john Henry, Brian Kennedy, jane Boad- bury, Don Brown SENIORS Daryl Cranncr, Richard Rctz, James Scott SOPHOMORES Robert johnson, Dennis Steffen, Kerry Jensen edioal Seniors NfICdlClI'lC means long hours of study and experimentation. RICHARD W. ADAMS ........ Keota HAROLD L. ALBERT ............., Jlllanfic KENNETH CLAIR ANDERSON ..... Tremont ROD ANDERSON ................ Iowa City JOHN ASHLINE .... ... Keokuk THOMAS A. BAILEY .. Emmetsburg ARTHUR E. BARNES ...4...........,. Jlmes ROMAINE L. BENDIXEN .....,...... Terril UDELL LAWRENCE BERNSTEIN .. 'Waterloo DONALD L. BILLER ,.... . .,..,.., 'Waterloo MAX A, ROLLER .. De5 filoines DUANE L, BORK ..... ..... 71 flarcus WILLIAM H. BOYD .... .... L ake City LARRY L. BREWER .... Muscatine JERRY E. BRINKER .., Jefferson JOHN H. BRINKMAN .. ....,..,. Colo JACK L. BRISTOXIU .. Des 7Ifloine5 RALPH W. BUBECK ..... ...... C lav'1'o11 ROGER ALLEN BUSH ... ..,. Jawa City JOHN J. BYLER .... Kalona RODNEY CARLSON .... . . Tllaratlvon JOHN CARTER ................. Iowa City MAURICE CRAIG CHAMPION .,.... Osage CURTIS W. CLARK .. Rocleforrl JAMES XV. COLE .... .. . fHavelock JOHN CURRY ....... ,. Iowa City JOHN W. DEC-ROOTE .. 7-lumlvoldt JANNIS DIMANTS, JR, .... Des Moines JAMES E. DOLAN .... .... B ancfoft S. ALLAN DOROSIN . Tlflarsloalltown MILO M. FARNHAM , .. DEAN E. FINKEN ...... . , . LAVERN E FLACE .....,.. MARVIN D, CALINSKY .,.. LEWIS J, CARROTTO .... GEORGE J. CATAKY, JR. . . FREDERICK F. CIRARD .... MARSHALL C. COLDBERC DRAYL K. CRANNER ...... JOHN J. GREVE ...,... EDWARD B. CROSSMANN . JOSEPH D. HALL ........,. JOHN W. HARBISON ..... CHARLES F. HESSE WILLIAM L. HICCINS . DALE HUFF ...,.......... DENISE DENNIS HUFF WILLIAM KERBY HUMMER TOM J, IRISH, JR. ....... . WILLIAM LYLE JACKSON PAUL C. JAHNKE .... STAN L. JAMES ......, ERWIN T. JANSSEN DONALD JENSEN ..... DAVID JOHNSTON , .. C. FRANK JUDISCH . ., FRANKLIN Z. KATZ ..... JAMES A. KAUFMAN ..,.. Eamoni Missouri 'Valley 'Waukon ... Des Wloines ... Wlason City New york, N. 31. ..,.. Sioux City ...,. Sioux City ,, Rockwell City ......., Clinton Orange City ...... Undianola .... Keosauqua ... ... 'Waverly . . Council Bluffs ,. . 'Waterloo , 'Waterloo .... Des Moines ,.... Torest City ... Sioux City . . .. Harlan flowa City loufa City Nason City ,.. . Springville .. ...... , flrnes .... Cedar Rapids ...,... Dubuque WILLIAM M. KELLY .......... Clvarles City EDWARD JOHN KENNEDY ..,. Spirit Lake Medical Seniors SUI's Cobalt Ray machine. The most modern of equipment is used at our University Hospitals, and students in medicine learn the newest techniques. Medical Seniors Doctors from 26 foreign countries attended thc third annual con- ference on Medical Education for Foreign Scholars in Medical Science, held this year at SUI. CHARLES J. KRAUSE .... ROBERT KUNAM, JR. .... GARY L. LEVALLEY JAMES E. LICHTY ,... ROBERT L. LOVETT .... AXEL T, J. LUND ...... JOHN XV. MCBRIDE, JR. . PATRICIA MCEVENEY . .. GUY E. MCFARLAND, III WELDON McKEE ....... HARRY H. MAHANNA .. DONALD G. MARSH ..,. CARL B. NELSON ..... JAMES D. NELSON .... BARRY J. OBERSTEIN . .. MARK D. PABST .......,. ..... Slater .. . Jowa City .... Dayton ...... Bloomfield . Scoiislllujt, Noll. flrwin Rock Rapids .... Cedar Rapids Jlmes ,.. Des Wloiizcs .... Spirit .Cake ... TL Naziison .. Sioux City ... Des Tlfloines ,.. Des Wloines Jlllvia XVESLEY J. PALMER .... Fl'limicwaukan, N. D, DALE PASSICK ........... THOMAS F. PURDON . .. JAMES H. RANSOM CLIFFORD L. RASK ..,., JOHN D. RASMUSSEN .. GEORGE A. REICH ....., RICHARD D. RETZ ..... GEORGE ROGGENSACK PAUL L. ROHLF ........, MERLIN G. ROHRSSEN RICHARD L, RUBOTTOM RONALD D. SAGER ...... THOMAS G, SCHEMMEL .. ... Des Wloincs .... Waltfrloo iowa City ., Nandan, N. D. ........ Qoldlfcld Los flngeles, Calif. .,. . . . .. Oeliucin ,.... Des Tlloincs ... Sloclclon 7651417 Yowa City ...... Sioux City . . , . Zlfiarslvalllown But now and than tI1erQ's time for a little fun. H2 Medical Seniors JAMES R. SCOTT ....... RICHARD H. SCOTT .... ROBERT C. SLAXWSON .... ROBERT C. SMITH ..,.,. THOMAS R. SPRAC-C .... BRADEN C. STEVENSON ., JERRY STOLLER .......... DANIEL TOLIBES ....,... DAVID VAN C-INKEL ..... CERALD WAHMAN ......, DALE ROBERT WASSMUTH WAYNE H. WELCHER .,.. JAMES XVHITTEN 4.4... DAVID M. XVININCER .. DEWARD R. XVINCA .... DLIANE C. XVOMBOLT .... . Burlingion . Olfumwa . . . , felaiglo Eagle Qroue ,. 'Waterloo . Humboldt . Sioux City ROBERT L. SXVANEY .....,... Cedar Rapids ALAN R. SWEARINCEN ....... Morton, Qlll. CARLETON D. THORNWALL ..... Maxwell Des Moines Des Moines .. , Dayton Des Moines W . Uowa City . . 'Wellman . . . . Dexief 'Wasluingfon . JOIUKI Ciiy 5 4 A -x an I I - I 8 ' O ' Q Q l gr A klffiiff . I , ,f-gil .V, . - I. .Ii it 85-.' ii 'E 'E 0 is 'I in in--3 K ' S Q QQ' if il , I nas a '. n :Va s i . . S 5 1 5 , I I I 1 ,,,J-'af' wv.vHk4,,,..- if H' ,,,,,,.-ff' I 'ii it ...uv- ,,...-n -fv' Inn.- ursing The four year program of the College of Nursing is designed to train the student nurses in all areas of nursing. Student nurses receive their ex- perience while working in the Uni- versity, General, Children'S, and Psychopathic Hospitals, They are also taught to help the patient understand his emotional and mental needs, hesides relieving phys- ical suffering. Students enjoy social activities as menilvers of the Student Nurses Organization. Dean is Mary K. Mullane, IANICE M. AHRENDSEN ALICE A, ALFTINE .,... SHARON L. ANDERSON ELLEN K. ANSPACH SUSAN BARTLETT .... JEAN E. BERNHARD .... BARBARA BRUMMLIND . ANNE BURKEHOLDER , MARY R. CARSON ,.... MARY I. CLINE .,...... BLIELANE DAUCHERTY JLIDITH E, DAVIS ...... SHARON DEVINE BETTY DINCES . .. MARCE DOWN . .. JANET EATON . ,. NANCY L. ELSBERRY .. JANE E. EAY ......I... JOLLEN K. FRIER JOYCE CARTZKE Ztanning ........Uowa City Rock Usland, Jllinois ...... Wlitcbellville . . . . Jlnrora, llllinois Wlonona Kanawha Columbia, Wlissouri Ely East Peoria, llllinois Jldel Cleariake Washington, Ullinois ...... Eminetslvurg .... Lernars .., Sidney ,.... Wlarsballtowii . ... 'Water1nan, flllinois Rienlzeclz Iowa City JANICE CILCHRIST . .. CAROL CLIERNSEY . .. DIANNE HALLAND ... HELEN HALLBERC . .. ELIZABETH HANDY .. MARY M, HANSEN ,.,. MARTHA HAYES ..... SHARON K. HAYWARD JULIE HENDERSON . . . DIXIE HICKLINC ..... MARCIA HITCHCOCK JEANNE HOWE ,.,. ...Y VIRGINIA JENKINS ... CAROL JOHNSON ...... SANDRA M. JOHNSON JUDY JONDAHL ...... VERLABETH JUEEER .. MARCJA KEEN ..,.... LINDA J, KEMMERER . CATHERINE KEMP .,.. North English . .............., Claariton . ......... ,.,... N ortlvwood Watertown, South Dakota Percival Red Oak 'Waterloo Dysart Jlnlzeny ., . Savanna, illinois . . . ....,...... Laurens . . . . Tort Smitlv, Arkansas .... Lucas .... Clinton .. . ,. Eldora .... 7-iarnpton ,.... Ureton ... Lfegrand ..... Oelwein ... Cedar Falls Nursing Seniors The impressive nurses capping ceremony is held early in the fall. ANN KIDDER ........ VIRGINIA KIMBERLIN KAY KLINGAMAN .... BARBARA LADD ......,.. CAROLYN R, LATTY . .. ROSEMARY E. LEAZER SHARON LEWIS ...... INA M. LINDSTROM . TRLIDY A. LUND ...... JOLINE A. LYNCH ... Naperville, 711. Englewood, N. j. ....,.. 'Waterloo . Lincolnwood, ill. .,..... Burlington Wtorton Qrooe, 711. ..... Des Moines ,.., Albert City Dow City . Qreen Mountain CLARISSA I, MARSOLAIS ........ Uowa City SARA G, MCILRATI-I ....,,.... Cedar Rapids JANET MERTES ....... 'Western Springs, 711. IUDITI-I E. MILLER . ,. JAN MINER ....,. MERRIDY MITCHELL . ELINICE MOELLER ANITA OESTREICI-I ..,. MIRIAM OSBLIRN ..... MARCIA OSTRANDER SALLY PARKHURST ..., JUDITH A, PIERSON . . MARY L. PORKLOCK .... SANDRA PRICE ........ LORNA RAMMON ADELAIDE T, REINERT NANCY I. ROBEN .... ,IANICE G. ROZEBOOM JOAN SCHOLTES ........ ......, Bellevue, Web. .... Adair, Ill. ... Billings, Mont. flnuzood .. . Tt. Dodge .... Des Moines ,. . Dallas, Tex. .... 'Webster City .,.,. Sioux City .. Jlurora, Ill. ..,.. ft. Dodge .., Nortlvjield, 7ll. Eflkader HLITHA REIALE ........... ..,.. Park Ridge, Ill. Iowa Talls Ottumwa Sioux City SUZANNE E, SCHULTZ . . MARY ELLEN SEOA . .,.. . CORRINE L. SEMLER ..., ABBIE SHOOP .....,,... BARBARA J. SIMMONS SALLY L. SNYDER ,,,.,.. , , . . . .. . Pr'in1g1n11' .. 1'1fl771171OlIL1, Jud. .,... Story Cily .... 51155011 Cify .... S'fOf1e1'0n, 111. . Town City' ESTHER K, SPAAN ......,..., Orange City MARJORIE A. STALLBALIM MARA I. STRALIMANIS . ,. NORMA SWANSON SANDRA K. TEDROXW ..,,, SARA TERBELL . .,.., . ,llrlington fl-HS., 711. DONNA TUCKER ......... MAE VANDERWEERD . ,. RUBY S. VEBER ........ ......., f'lfIa14rxcc Solon ... Chicago, 311. . ,.....,,. Se1ma ... . .. iowa City Rock Rapids ...... Newton PHYLLIS VELINE . .. ...,....,. . Ames JEAN WACNER .... . . . ANN WOLF ...... . SHARON ZAHN ..,. H6 . Prairie City, 711. 'l1'infe1r1 Hartley Nursing Seniors Nurses rcccivc actual experience in the wards of University Hospitals. al in ' "MQW EJ ..,-ms MW I K i , rrs a i Pharmacy Wfell prepared when graduating from the College of Pharmacy are seniors who receive their practical experience while preparing over 'l5U,0lJ0 orders and prescriptions an- nually for University llospital and Student llealth. Each year junior and senior phar- macy students visit pharmaceutical manufacturing lahoratories. There they are ahle to ohserve the different features of applied pharmacy. Louis C, Zopf is completing his ninth year as Dean of the College. RICHARD L. ABRAHAMSON .. .... St. Ansgar JAMES L. ASWEGAN ........ Cedar Rapids THOMAS AYRES ......... .. ROBERT E. BELLINGER . . . . RICHARD E. BOWER .... EVERETTE BROOKS . . , WALTER BUCK ....... . Cedar Rapids .. La Porte City . . . . Dunkerton . Dixon, Jllinois Savanna, Ullinois HELEN L, BUIKEMA ,... ....... A udnbon KOBBIN R. BURNS .... JOHN DALY ..T....... GUS T. ERICKSON ....,.. NORMAN D, HANSON RICHARD J. HELLMAN . .. . . MARTIN W. HILL ....... . THOMAS H. HOFER ...... HAROLD R. HULLINGER ,. . Burlington .... Cresco ,.... Spencer ,,. 'Waterloo ..,,. 'Waterloo .. Cedar Rapids Kalona Iowa City HAROLD C. JACKSON ...., Creston KENTON A. JENS .,...., .......... 7 owa City GARY L. JONES ......... ......,..,... 7-I edriclz GORDON JOSSERAND .... Bloomington, Ullinois ROBERT J. LENZ ......... GARY M. LOCKWOOD . .. LINDA MCKINSTRY ....... ROBERT J. MCMILLAN . .. SHIRLEY ANN MICHAELSEN KENNETH R. MOORMAN .. BERNARD MUSEL ..... RICHARD E. MYERS .... JUNE PAKOZDI ........ GARY A. PETERSON GEORGE RASHID, JR. . . KENNETH I.. RECK . ., STEVE REGGENTIN .... ROBERT REIS .......... RONALD J. WATSON .... SHELVA J. WEST ........ WALTER T. WILLIAMS .... CAROL WHITEHORN .... DARRELL WITT ........ VICTOR YANCHICK . .. .. . Nt. Vernon .. ,. . Mallard ., . Washington ,. . iowa City .... 'Waterloo ....,... jltlantic ....... Cedar Rapids ... Merced, California Middlesex, New Jersey Wlarengo .... . .. Tort Wladison ,.... Ottuniwa .... Cedar Rapids Harnlvurg Jowa Talls East Wloline, :Illinois ......,.,....!lntlvon Onawa Denver .. . Joliet, Ullinois The new Pharmacy Building to be opened soon Wm? Wfff awfafvnm IMF fiauh fail and uwrmg uhvn thc mem aurncstcr bQ there is Fl rush tu purclmsc new tcxtbmulw. CHECK STAN " Q- ' CASH CQECXS means U' 9?!FE!.S,S Book Three ACTIVITI There are some of us who only talk . . . There are others who do. Countless meetings, all those jobs which must be done . . , How can there be enough time? Yet you are able to keep the campus running smoothly. . . There are miner crises . . . but your decisions are usually quick, usually arrived at fairly . . . This section is especially decli- cated to Tobye Baron and those others whose names you know . . . Mike Gilles, Jeanette Laughlin, jucly Assmus, Nedra Morgan, Mike Mc- Dermott, Sherry Hamill . . . Your skill is our gain. wMh,,,,, ,W .,,. NM Zin' , A ff 'fm z J, uk- .M , iw ..- :-.2 E7 3 M iii , , nvg Q Lmh,AJ, 1 A ' wil 9-gym--,ww-nn-.,....,,. e an ll he -1 ...x Honorar and Professional Urganizations Doctors, lawyers, merchants, chiefs, rich men, poor men . . . All belong to SLIVS many Honorary and professional organizations. Offering professional training to the Student while he completes his academic work or honorary recogni- tion for high scholastic standing, there organizations occupy a definite placc in the campus life. Omioron Delta Kappa OFFICERS President . Nlllilf iWlCDERMO'I"I Vice-president . BILL Husmiiie Secretary . . Mimi Canoe Treas 111'L - r . Dox Hnoxtx Omicron Delta Kappa, national honorary leadership fraternity, gives recognition to men who have shown outstanding scholarship and leadership in campus ac- tivities. Members of the fraternity hold the stimulation of facultyestudent cooperation as one of their prime aims. W'ith Mortar Board, Omicron Delta Kappa sponsors the SUI Leadership Banquet in the spring. Leaders of all campus activities are honored at this time. Omicron Delta Kappa sponsors the Dad's Day Wfeekend activities, including the selection of the SUI Dad of the Year, and the Homecoming Breakfast. ODK members also hold monthly luncheon meetings. ROW' I: L. Humphreys, N. Dherstein, D Brown, W'. Hummer, W', Reif, C. jons, R. Lawton. ROW" 'lz l.. Vickrey, S. Curtis, P. Rohlf, R. Benson, j. McDonald, J. Clesne, M, McDermott. ROW' 3: D. Brodsky, M, Carr, M. Cilles, B. Downer, CQ. Krause. leiw ,liz 3 aaa .M 9 ROW 1: E. Anderson, N, Morgan, Sharon Hamill, H. Buikema, J, Holschlag, ROW! 2: S. Higley, j, Assmus, B, Steelman, D. Ander- son, j. Laughlin, T. T. Baron. ortar Board Mortar Board, senior womens honorary society, has as its main purpose the development of finer college women. Students are "tapped" for membership on the basis of leadership, scholarship, and service at a han- quet held in the spring with Omicron Delta Kappa and retail merchants. To support campus activities, members of this organ- ization attended lectures and concerts as a group and attempted to pass on worthwhile ideas to the appro- priate student organizations. The annual "Smarty Partyf, at which all under- graduate women with a gradepoint of 3.25 or higher for the fall semester are honored, is sponsored by Mortar Board. A white blazer jacket is the Mortar Boarder's mark of distinction. OFFICERS President . SHARON hlAMlLL Vice-president . l'll7l.lfN Btiitiiimvt Secretary . Evil Ammifiesox Treasurer . Niinarx MORGAN ROW' l: B. Adams, K. Morgan, L. Lyon, G. Repass, S. Hrogan, G. Maxwell, K. Egger, L. Peterson, S, Ericzon, S. Baum. ROXV 2: N, Godwin, P. Wfignall, E. Heuer, j. Kiel, D. jones, K. Amstutz, V. Wfynes, L. Kuchenbaker, J. Lane, M. Plimpton. ROVU 3: S. Bauer, L, Kubicek, G Gisondi, H Alexander, R, Klahn, R. Ziiiren, K. Moline, G. Van de Roovaart, Krantz, M. Gerke, J, Crum, G, Stroeber. ROW 4: M. Brunst, M. jenkins, J. Gearman, K, Maher, F. johnson, M. Mattison, j. Gunning, j. Oberweis, B, Derr, B. Pieper, G. Eckels, P. Orr Ipha lambda Delta To stimulate interest and achievement in scholar- ship, Alpha Lambda Delta is an honorary sorority composed of freshman women with a 3.5 average or Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma promotes outstanding scholarship among freshman men. This scholastic fraternity re- stricts membership to those with a 3.5 gradepoint at the end of their freshman year. The group holds co- above. A spring banquet was given after initiation for all members of Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma. Connie Maxwell served as president this year. meetings with the freshman womens honorary society, and climaxes the year with an initiation banquet in the spring. Charles Dick served as president this year. ROW' I: D, Briggs, R. Dunlap, T. Patrick, J. Heefner, E. Macagno, G, Dick, G, Allinson, XV. Lynch, j. XVilson. ROW' 2: J. Grosheck, J. Ashton, G. Fackler, G, Petersen, G. Norby, R. Ross, J. Potter, F. Rauscher, R, Gritchell, ROW! 3: D. Bell, M. Powers, E. Hronik, F, Garrett, S. Gibson, M. Breuer, O. Garter, R. Miller, ROW 4: j, Ehraharclt, D. Lamborn, R. Riessen, J. Blakely, R. Nielsen, ,L Ncuzil, R. Maharry. 7 i l -- -vi in - r l l I I i ROW! 1: C. Richards, R. Jensen, C. Brunzic, R. Scvenich, B. Jensen, P. Cassidy, J. Wfagenknecht, E, Johnson. ROW! 2: R. Sung, C. Fields, R. Steiger, L. Miller, R. Cucldncr, M. Wchking, R. Steiger, J. Hegenbarth, R. Nylund. ROW 3: W, Harmer, T. Wilkinson, J. Jung, T. Lee, J. McCarten, J. Cole, A. MacDonald, C. Goodrich, J. Krcnzer. ROW 4: R. Snipp, M, Maynard, D, Piehl, R. McC,rew, D, Barge, J. Wfilliamson, J. Stowell, R. Kistner. I h Ch' S ' l Scientific displays, undergraduate safety programs, sional chemistry fraternity, this year. The purpose of intramural athletics, and American Chemistry Social the organization is to advance the science of chemistry. Dinners were sponsored by Alpha Chi Sigma, profes- Robert J. Sevenich was president. Alpha Kappa Alpha, an international social sorority, Sickle Cell Anemia Research. Darlene L. Paris, presi- participated and made contributions to the national dent, led the organization in celebration of Founderjs projects of the sorority: American Council on Human Day and charitable functions. l i Rights, Ethel Hedgeman Lyle Endowment Fund, and ROXV 1: C. Ashford, B. Burrell, D. Paris, A. Hamilton, B. Hightower. ROXV 2: M. Briscoe, O. Elliott, XV, Carter, P. Jordan, B, Carter. ROW l: D. Boyle, M. Boller, J. Bristow, W. Hummer, T. Purdon, Mrs. Davey, R. Sager, J. Harbison, S. James, T. McFarland, D, Christensen. ROW 2: J. Werth, A. Healy, J. Crowell, B, Windcrs, C. Holvik, L. Sevcrcid, J. Hill, S. Walsh, R. Zoller, D. Boatman, J. Copeland. ROW 3: J. Clark, C. Clark, D, Rost, S. Curtis, D. Dahl, L. Harker, C. Skaugstad, J. Cook, J. Leinfelder, D. Abrams, C. Krause, C, Highgenbokn. ROW -iz R. Rctz, D. Brown, J. Turner, C, Jons, R. Atkins, H. Albert, J. Scott, D. Prcuss, D. Wineingcr, R. Swaney, ROXV 5: R, Bittie, R. W'aterbury, D. Samuelson, D, DuBois, T, Irish, I-. Friedman, C. Challas, J. Tinklcnberg. Ipha Kappa Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa, national medical fraternity, is united in membership for the advancement of medical science, the promotion of good fellowship, and the mutual beneliit of its members, Among the group's medical projects were a series of Sunday night smokers with guest faculty speakers, and sponsorship of the annual Arthur Steindler Memo- rial Lectureship at University llospital. Social gatherings included the traditional "Kadaver Kapersl' spring party, a Homecoming party, a Christ- mas dance, and a spring picnic. The fraternity has 134 members. AKK members also participated in intramural sports including softball and bowling. Dflicers included Harold Albert, president, Dale NVassmuth, vice-president, David Dahl, treasurer, ,WK-S pigk up 3 fu.. p,,,,,m, Anthony Colby, secretary, Al Healy, chaplain. Ipha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fraternity, promotes scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance, and helps to benefit those in business administration. The fraternity is active in many areas including intramurals with a variety of special events planned each year. This year they marshaled the Homecoming Parade, had an alumni coffee hour at Homecoming time, had both a winter and spring dinner dance, a spring picnic, took two UNITS, and attended two con- ventions. A research project was also conducted in the spring. Mr. Ted McCarrel became an honorary initiate of the fraternity with three other faculty members also being initiated. These included: Max S. Wortman, Robert E. Snyder, and Herbert S. Denenberg. OFFICERS President . . Vicroiz joxiis Viceepresident RICHARD MoELLi5R Secretary C-i5N1f TRENARY Treasurer ARLYN fVlILLlER ROW l: T. Green, L. Swanger, J. Immel, G. Trenary, R. Moeller, C. Offerman, W. lmmel, J. Brown, D. Cormaney, F. Wagner. ROW 2: R. Peterson, C. Grovert, E. Matsumoto, M. Donovan, T. Sheridan, C. Roths, R. Sutton, C. Snell, D. Weltcr, N. Swanson. ROW 3: L. Allen, C. Eisland, L. Lehmkuhl, D, Welter, C. Miller, B. Condon, R. Kurtz, C. Stibal, D. Malloy, R. Schmidt, ROW 4: R. Miller, L. johnson, S. Keller, K. Kolbet, C, Leinfelder, D. Ridenour, G. Haack, H. Friend. Associated Students ot Engineering The Associated Students of Engineering Council is the student governing body of SUl's College of Engi- neering. Two meinhers from each Held of engineering are elected to the council. lieards, straw hats, and the hunt for the hlarney stone are all traditions upheld during MECCA week which is annually planned hy the Council. During this week, smokers are held to choose the MECCA Queen and her' court. ln addition to spring and fall picnics sponsored by the council, the group maintains a lounge for the use of the students and coordinates engineering activities throughout the year. Officers included Cvael Miller, president, ,lim Liebold, secretary, joel Shouse, treasurer. Mecca candidates "twist" for the voterse ROW 1: J. Leibold, C-. Miller, J. Shousc, J. Mclntosh. ROW' 2: D. Curnett, A, Carlson, L. Bailey, B. Hansen, R. Richardson. -mechanical, electrical, civil, chemical, aeronautical- ROXV I1 R, Staley, K. Fenton, R. Moeller, Jl. Tucker. ROXV 2: D. Malloy, C, Trenary, K. Kolbet, D. XVaterhousc, J. Brown, I.. Daggett. Collegiate Chamber of Commerce Every student enrolled in the College of Business Administration is a member of the Collegiate Chamber of Commerce. This group organizes and directs the annual two-day Business Careers Conference held in February. During this conference, outstanding busi- nessmen speak to the students, describing job oppor- tunities and helping them in planning their own pI'O- fessional careers. The Board is primarily a service organization whose first concern is the student and his future opportuni- ties. lt is organized to promote interest in the College of Business Administration and its activities. Wfith this goal in mind, the Collegiate Chamber of Com- merce holds a spring banquet in May to present awards to outstanding seniors. The Board of Directors of this organization is elected in April and consists of ll members. Officers of this board included: Richard Moeller, president, Lowell Daggett, vice-president, ,lean Tucker, secre- tary, Dennis Malloy, treasurer, Professor Charles Gordon, adviser. ff.-EQ'f'Q5gi:fPfif Qigf lvf NT .. i t 1 if f fm., ,.., N A ,ft ,kk . ggfi 1 "er tri- W X N.. .if .. f t'r.t +11 " . .,.. .. ' , g 5. 'M -1"' T ' "" ,. , T "f- .i,,,5is,,.,.F E ,, ,5 L.. .,. ,, ,,, ,, . ,L gi 52,5 ks , .i k ,,,.::5. F v . 2,4 A .. L The Collegiate Chamber of Commerce helps promote Careers Conference. RCJW I: M. Smalley, C. Hathaway, j. Campbell, E. Zuher, R. Eckhardt, M. Hasek, L, Lenz, M. Lonsbury. ROW' 'lg J. Fisher, C. Fountain, XV, Feick, B. Pinney, L, Dahlgren, J, Sanders, V. Niemann, J. Lundell. ROW' 3: j. Harhey, M. Milnes, F. Allen, X Davies, C.. Squier, S. Hemphill, M. Minton, A. Oster, C. Miller. ROXY' 4: B, Carey, 1. Vandecar, li. Blank, J. W'iegel, L. Halsey, M Briggs, M. Nelson. Ipha Kappa Gamma A Valentine's Day party for handicapped children and Christmas caroling at the Veterans Hospital were two activities of Alpha Kappa C-amma, national dental hygiene fraternity, this year. At the annual May Ipha Phi llmega Alpha Phi Omega, national fraternity for former memhers of the Boy Scouts of America, was headed this year hy Charles Miller. The fraternity strives to picnic, a scholarship award and recognition of the most outstanding senior member of Alpha Kappa Camma are given. Ruth Eckhardt was president. stimulate interest in the Scout system through worth- while campus and community activities. ROW' 1: F, Beehee, N. Wfelter, S. Sibley, L. Miller, A. Olcamura, J. Harding, R. Oshorn. ROW' 2: D. Cothier, l. Harris, R. Otto, N. W'illiams, M. Bird, F. Moore. ROW' 3: S. Howard, K. Shore, A. Loclxxicl-Q. .579 7796. ROW I: K. Hovet, I Van Scoy, D. Miller, V. Renaud, E. Parker, I.. Harmsen. ROXV 2: Dr. R. XV. Roberts, advisor, I.. Bailey, R. Peterson, XV. Lang, S. Lee, D. Cronin, HI. Mclntosh, XV. Kuntz, L. Reynolds. meriean Institute of Chemical Engineering The American Institute of Chemical Engineering is organized to give recognition in the field of chemical engineering. An award is presented to the most out- standing sophomore chemical engineering student. The Beta lpha Psi The honorary accounting fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi, bases membership on minimum grade requirements of a total of 2.5 average and a 3.0 in accounting. This year the group took field trips to accounting firms and had dinner meetings at the Amana Colonies with ROW' 1: K. Ohrecht, D. Eilte, I.. Fredericltsen, I. Ellis, A. Stentz, E. Zuher, C. Trenary, L. Daggett, C. Armltnecht, R. Sh group meets bi-monthly and often hears guest speakers prominent in the Field. Larry Harmsen served as presi- dent this year. speakers discussing topics in the accounting Field. President was jerry N. Ellis, vice-president, Arlyn I. Miller, secretary, Larry Fredericksen, and treasurer, Roland Emerson. Miller, R, Emerson, H. Ostendorf, C, Roths, ROW' 2: R. Hicks, D. inolield, Dent, K. Larson. Delta Sigma Delta The purpose of Delta Sigma Delta, professional dental fraternity, is to instill a spirit of fraternal co- operation toward scientific, ethical, and professional progress. These aims are in part reached by partici- pation in dental clinics following chapter meetings. Late hours over the books and extra work in the laboratory prompted the Delta Sigs to hold various parties. Members also participated in intramural ac- tivities. The fraternityis annual party for crippled children was held in the spring. Delta Sigma Delta also prepares a semi-annual news- letter for alumni of the fraternity. Ofhcers included ,lohn Sawyer, president, Mick Brunsvold, viceepresident, Harris Shearer, secretary, Bud Bolin, treasurer. The black and white of it. Wfhile one Delta Sig studies an- other reads the sports page. ROXV 1: XV. Mack, P. Bonstead, J. Sawyer, Dr. P. XV. Herrich, Dr. T. E, Ritze, B. Calza, S. Soehren, D. Jlansen, R. Horn, J. Purdie, R. Palmer, j. Clark. ROXV 2: C. Trewet, J. Baker, D. Turpin, R. Roush, H. Schuchrnann, D, Bradbury, T. Raymond, R, Dierclcs, J. Duro, C. Hershey, D. Whittemore, E, Smith, j. McCloshey, T. Nesler, F. Tisue. ROXV 3: D. Larson, E. Karl, D. Cassady, T. Choate, R. Sagers, M. Olson, j. XValker, D. Barnes, P. Appel, j. Hess, H. Campbell, XV. Chadima, VU. Hammer, R. Locher. ROXV 4: C. Rottorfl, C. Wfilliams, D. Hedell, K. Bruce, K. Valesh, D. Loomis, B. Bliss, M. Olson, L. Royer, XV. Servine, R. Hakken, j. Hulting. ROXV 5: S. Anderson, K. Truax, M. McLaughlin, D. Wfeis, P. Larsen, M. Brunsvold, XV. Bolin, E. jackson. J, Daly, C. Lockwood, C. losserancl, R. Reis. merican Pharmaceutical Association The American Pharmaceutical Association includes all students registered in the College of Pharmacy. The student branch of the fraternity familiarizes stu- dents with association affairs, stimulates leadership, and promotes the objectives of the profession. The monthly meetings feature guest speakers such as Presi- dent of the American Pharmaceutical Association and President of the Iowa Pharmaceutical Assocation. Special events sponsored by the organization were the annual Pharmacy Prize Prom and the all-pharmacy picnic highlighted by the inter-class softball tournament. Ufhcers for the year were: president, Nlohn Daly, vice-president, Clary Lockwood, secretary, Cordon losserand, and treasurer, Robert Reis. Pharmacy students examine many samples Yational Pharmacy Wick window, Nhl mcrican Pharmaceutical Association Thu well-szuckcci pharmaceutical ialwratorxx 'f- X E, .ff Mgt -nf 1 Sw iv f QW 5 Q? 'wp W!!! F , E2 ' A A A,uV , Y X . f, an 1,51 S E , K Y M X ,-. if -v ,t, Ei, W sm M FARM Y 'P' 7 M QQ v 4' 'Q E Hia 1 , 5 'X " f A 4 F Fw: i W Us ff -f Jil ROW 1: D. Block, J. Frandsen, W, Paulson, Advisor, W, Ashton D Cerke R Nlohl ROW! 2 T Butts H Custafson F lrizier l, Shousc, J. Youngerman, D. Gucssford. Chi Epsilon Chi Epsilon, honorary civil engineering fraternity, recognizes the fundamental characteristics of a success- ful civil engineer and aids the development of those qualities. The fraternity encourages advancements in engineering education and contributes to the improve- ment of the civil engineering profession. Officers for Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Phi, professional law fraternity, pro- dance and 1 schedule of special speakers Officers vides professional as well as social interests for the included president john T Nolan vice president members. Special events sponsored during the year Dennis Valentine secretary lun Stanton,and tteasurei included a spring picnic on l7ounder's Day, a dinner- lim McN1ahon ' lf? fi ,,-451.1 ' 4,Zf5i' il heh ROW' 1: M. Casper, C. Kime, R. Tranberry, A. Carlson, R, Stolte, R, lwamoto, E. Christensen. ROW 2: R. Sufficool, NV. Curtis, J, Simon, R. Halsor, M. lnman, J. Stancleven, D, Craham. ROW' 3: J. Bullis, D, Curnett, D. Elias, E. Schwarting, J. Sloan, J. Huff. Eta Kappa u Students in electrical engineering showing high scholarship and character are qualified for membership in Eta Kappa Nu, national electrical engineering honor society. This group promotes better student-faculty relationship, and each semester the pledges perform a Gamma Ipha Chi Gamma Alpha Chi is composed of journalism majors in advertising and related fields. Its purpose is to pro- vide opportunities for extra curricular training in ad- vertising. One of its service projects includes the sale service project for the electrical engineering depart- ment. This year Arthur W. Melloh, Dean of the Col- lege, was initiated into membership. Arthur J. Carlson was president of the society for this year. of advertising on desk blotters and phone cards dis- tributed at registration. Susanne Stell served as presi- dent this year. ROXV lg B. Hughes, D, Hartman, J, Burken, B, Becker, N, Codwin, S, Creen. ROW' 2: S. Clark, P. Xvaller, C. Ferner, S. Stoll, B. Butler, C. Fischgrund, j. Musgrove. Delta Sigma Pi OFFICERS President . . . -lirxcii DOUGHERTY First Vice-president . RoN,u.n Sr-xiigi' Second Vice-president . CHARLLS Ki5LLi3i' Secretary . . Davin R1sx'NoLDs Industrial tours to various companies within this area along with professional speakers each month provided a busy program for Delta Sigma Pi, professional com- merce fraternity. This year's activities also included however, many social functions such as the spring for- mal and participation in intramurals. Delta Sigma Pi also helped further interest in the business field this year by giving a panel discussion composed of faculty members. This program was suc- cessful in providing students with a better understand- ing of the curriculum and opportunities in the business area. The pledges of the fraternity also planned the annual service project for the community and school. ROW 1: N. Gentry, P. Hubbard, L, Ferguson, j. Williams, D, Gardner, C. Nokes, B. Perkins, C. Counts, j. Liddell. ROW 2: A. jackson, L. Hicks, J. Thomas, M. Childress, D. Perry, R. Cray, W. Carpenter. ROW 3: S. Harris, C. Friley, H. Lypson, C. Creen, F. XVelch. Kappa lpha Psi Kappa Alpha Psi, a national social fraternity, en' deavors to promote the achievement of true brother- hood. Activities of the group this year centered around raising enough money to build a fraternity house. Participation in intramural activities as basketball, track, and other team sports kept members busy. Kappa Alpha Psi also participated in activities from the Crand Chapter. Twelve actives and fifteen pledges put on the annual Homecoming dance and Founders' Day banquet. A spring formal was also held. Money-making projects were carried out in order to help local and national organizations such as the NAACP. Meetings are held twice weekly at which speakers as C. Roger Wfilson, national president, are heard. OFFICERS President . . C-ifolzcaig Norms Vice-president . XWILLIAM PERKINS Secretary , DONALD C,ximN15R Treasurer . . LARRY Fiiiususox ROW 1: R. Stieglitz, Crouse, E. Schwarting, D. Elliott, R. Upham. ROW 2: C. Kime, T. Breese, R. Peterson, D. Elias, R. Borglum. Another tough editorial decision. Io a Transit The lowa Transit is a monthly engineering publica- tion with a circulation of over 2,0041 Copies circulate to all junior colleges and high schools in lowa, SUI engineering students, faculty, and alumni. The magazine is designed to give engineering stu- dents an opportunity to have their work published and to help them keep informed about recent industrial innovations. The .Town ffmrisi! presents monthly features of feminine beauty on the SUI campus. lt also helps to publicize the annual MECCA week activities. All engineering students are urged to contribute articles. The magazine is governed by the Transit Board of Control. The staff included Eugene Schwarting, editor-inf chief, james Crouse, general manager, james Vfhitelay, business manager, Dennis Elliot, coinptroller. Nu Sigma Coordinating a program of activities with a busy academic schedule kept Nu Sigma Nu members busy for the year. Several formal and informal parties were held as well as lectures by various speakers dealing with areas of interest to the medical profession Also, the fraternity participated in the intramural program. Nu Sigma Nu, national medical fraternity, promotes associations and co-operation between medical students working to benefit each member. The officers for this year were: president, jerry Ringer, vice-president, Wfilliam Finn, secretary, Leo Plummer, and treasurer, Thomas Schemmel. w A bridge game during the off hours . . . and two kibitzers ROW 1: D. Ferguson, E. Krabill, R. Cardclli, W. Finn, J. Ringer, T, Schemmel, H. Lubin, U. Trichomonad, L. Plummer. ROW 2: D. Kahle, N. Filet, D. Till, P. Rozeboom, J. Burke, C. E. Moore, E. Coli, B, Dougherty, J. Auer. ROW 3: M. Osborn, B. Kennedy, H. Kuehn, E. Laing, L. Lantis, P. Weigel, H. Mahonnah, D. Kelly, J. Curry. ROW 4: I. Nizolek, T. Edmonds, D. Robertson, D. Steffen, L. Hilier, C. Bisgard, D. Mericle. ROW! 1: P. Allan, S. McElveen, M. Foss, L. Handy, L. Briskin, S, Snyder. ROW! 2: C, johnson, K. Alliband, L. Newell, C. Smith, J. Caisler, S, Esser. Student urses Urgani The Student Nursing Organization works to pro- mote and maintain professional standards of nursing, They facilitate communication and better understand- ing within the student body and the College of Nursing faculty. Kappa EpsHon Cvamma chapter of Kappa Epsilon began the year by hostessing the fraternityls national convention in Sep- tember. Other events throughout the year included trimming a Christmas tree in rhe Pharmacy building and hostessing the Pharmacy Homecoming Tea. lHti0H The SNO sponsored special activities this year in- cluding a style show, a Christmas concert, and a spring picnic. The officers were: president, Elizabeth Handy, vice-president, Lynn Bryskin, and secretary, Mary Ellen Foss. Kappa Epsilon units women students in pharmacy to stimulate a desire for high scholarship and to foster a professional consciousness. june Pakozdi was presi- dent of the group for the year, the new advisor was Mrs. Shirley Xllfinckler. ROW' 11 C. Duff j, Pakozdum, J. Abramhamson, H. Buikema. ROXV 2: Mrs. Lach, C. X'Vhitehorn, A, Tam, S. Wfest, Mrs. Winckler, M, - , S W, ROXV 1: F. Asmusscn, P. Rohlf, C. Krause, S, Curtis, E. Kennedy. ROXV 2: j. Tinklenherg, R. C-uthrie, XV. Dougherty, S. Xvalsli, D, Ferguson. ROXV 3: D. Roberson, C. Phelps, J. McDonald, J. Gardner. law Student Council Coordinating the activities of law students is the purpose of the Iowa Law Students Association. Ac- tivities of the year included a coffee homecoming week-end, sponsoring of Iowa Supreme Court Day, Medical Student Council The Association of Medical Students Council repre- sents all medical students and expresses their interests and ideas. lts activities include voicing student opinion to the administration, organizing the annual Aescu- lapian Frolic, maintaining the student lounge, and and two special events, "Barrister's Ball" and "Spring Flingfi The officers for the group were jim F. Mc- Mahon, president, Cary Veldey, vice-president, Laura Sawyer, secretary, and Ted Fay, treasurer. handling other medical school activities. Leaders for the group this year were: president, Charles Krause, vice-president, Stan james, secretary, Paul Rohlf, and treasurer, Steve Curtis. ROW 1: B. Heaney, Cf. Veldey, J. McMahon, L, Sawyer, T. Fay. ROW' 2: L. Vorbricli, XV. Tyler, M. C-etscher, A. Left, D. Daggctt. Phi Beta Pi Among its many outstanding achievements, the Phi Beta Pi fraternity is known for its wonderful chorus, which has several years won first place in University Sing. Other special functions of this chapter of the national medical fraternity have included: post foot' 'wifi . . . ,gg ball game informal get-togethers, a Homecoming party, F a Christmas party, a mid-winter costume party, a ' spring party and a pre-Aesculapian party. iii. a f The fraternity unites students of medicine and en- . ,,., A, courages its members to uphold the highest standards of scholarship, conduct and service. The group par- , ' ticipates in many activities including intramurals. B 3 They also entertain guest speakers at times throughout the year. The fraternity has an active Wlives' Club. Ofhcers for the year were: archon, james V. Addy, .iiv Y vice-archon, W'alter E. Gower, secretary, Donald A. V ' Q' Yi .- Grief, and treasurer, Carl Richards. Phi Bets examine one of their own members who seems to have grown a few extra arms. ROW' 1: L. Erickson, P. Penningroth, K. Cerwin, F, Asmussen, M, Flapan, J, Addy, J. Ullman, S Bovenmyer, M. Mercltant, E. Lucltstead. ROW' 2: A. Courter, C. Le-Valley, C. Richards, D. jansma, C. jackson, WF Bruns, j, McBride, j. Henry, C. Counts, R. Minnihan. ROW' 3: D. Toubes, S. Bauserman, Cv. Sammons, j. Mershon, j. .NlcManis, D. McCoy, C. Hayes, ,l. Kennedy, C.. Cohen, P. Donlon. ROW' -iz P. Rohlf, R. Anderson, M. Farnham, A. Lund, F. Hahn, ,I. Swaney, C. Cvroote, C. Abel, D, Cralnelt, L. Eielc- staedt, H. Simons. ROW' 5: T. Boat, T. Spragg, D. Butterfield, C. jones, J. Hoover, N. Lewiston, J. Cardner, K. Plate, W'. Gower, T. Pallidum, L. Boclte. ROW' lx R. Doughty, R. Dufl, B. Johnson, D. Jensen, J. Haus K Reed A Leff R Qchraee D Schul H Shearer ROXY7 2 J Erwin, T. Burns, E, Carr, B. Downer, C. Mullen, C. Ehrharrdt A Stopperan R Dumhaugh 'Vl Clenn L R3 an ROW w C Veldey J. Coonley, J. Briggs, D. Sernett, N. Centry, J. Budd, R, Sauer J Williams M McDermott T Reilly J Dailey ROW 4 J Jones J. Burns, D. Killinger, D, Johnson, P. Murphy, V, Maurer, F Waldburgcr P Cocdken W Olinger ROW 5 R Rosene J Sell C. Fairall, G. Shadle, F, Davis, J. Phillips, J. Landess, R. Harring T Santtner B Claerhout ROXV 6 R Carlson J Beamer E Copeland, H. Coggeshall, R. Boyle, J. Kinnamon, T, Burrows L Humphreys B Qpachman ROW 7 J Nliller T Qcheuerman R Crowford, S. Webb, N. Miller, D. McCuskey, M. Consky, R, C-lovka D LlIdVlgSOl'1 Phi Delta Phi Phi Delta Phi, professional law fraternity, functions primarily to provide social activities for the members. One of the events this year was a homecoming dance for alumni. Also each semester a semi-formal dinner and dance was held and also a stag dinner each semester. Members of the group added special honors for the fraternity. Larry Vickrey was editor of the loim Lim' .Review and was aided hy two other "Phids." Cary Veldrey was elected president of the senior class. The fraternity also won the professional league football championship for the second year. The officers for the year were: magister, Thomas Scheuerman, clerk, Richard Harring, exchequer, George Shadle, and historian, Donald Johnson. ROW' I: V Vaaridrager, L. Cearhart, F, Katz, C. McGowan, j, Flage, R, Scott, N. Reitzel, D. Rater, ROW' 2: R. Shultice, R, Duel land, NW. Petty, D, Killer, D. Myrsiades, Ni. Yields, j. Swinkin, T, Pallidum, B. Casey, ROW' 3: D. Bullock, XY". Tygctt, j, XY'hite- house, j. Wfells, H. Berry, R. Kellogg, R. Harry Phi Rho Sigma A pleasant fireplace helps mernhers ol Phi Rho Sigma enjoy their evening oil Phi Rho Sigma, national medical fraternity, empha- sizes high scholarship and leadership for its members, The fraternity provides good fellowsliip and an at' mosphere conducive to studying such that each student may pursue his chosen held in medicine. Many special events are held each year including three major parties and several smaller parties. Qther activities include very active participation in all pro- fessional intramural sports. The group also entertains guest speakers each month. Othcers for the year were: president, L. ,lohn lilage, vice-president, Richard Scott, treasurer, Alerry hlcilowan, secretary, David Rater, house manager, Norman Reitzelg and librarian, How- ard Herrv. Psi Omega Psi Omega, professional dental fraternity, has been active in both social and professional activities this year. Participation in intramural sports, fall, Christmas, and spring parties, and a special Psi Omega-Delta Sigma Delta party kept the calendar filled for the 75 actives and 16 pledges. The Psi O's remodeled and enlarged their labora- tory. This greatly benefited the members in their study programs. The industrious pledges also painted the main lounge. The common study of dentistry by the members and their activities in conjunction with the College of Dentistry provide professional events such as lectures by members of the dental faculty at Psi Omega meetings. President . Vice-president Secretary , Treasurer . OFFICERS W. H. CLli.N1EN'I'S . Joiix Joxnox JOHN Tiiosms L1fRoi' Bosioaaus ROW 1: R. Burns, B. Jones, J. Banes, J. Thomas, J. Jordan, W. Clements, L. Bomgaars, W. Mopper, W. Brown, W. Hemphill. ROW 2: J. Carey, R. Burns, D. Wfahl, M. Rathjen, H, Clark, J. Camamo, J. Barlow, J. Smalley, M. Lettween, R. King, J. Kiltoil, W. LaVelle, J. Koufer. ROW 3: J. Thatcher, V. Walters, S. Hyde, R. Crawford, D. Beechel, R. Ranney, R. Hannemen, B. Trimble, L. XVirtz, J. Lane, J. Devin, E. Isom, W. DeKock. ROW 4: L. Book, W. Buchholtz, W. Voge, B. Thorburn, M. Ketcham, G. Wright, R. Frank, T. Ervin, L. Mathews, L. Anderson, J. Lillie, R. Hynes, C. Rowley, L. Carlson. ROW 5: P. Grimm, D. King, G. Quast, D. Steele, C.. Blodgett, S, Mummey, C. Hornbuckle, R. Johnson, R. Gamble, G. Dundee, B. Nelson, D. Idema. ROW' I: j, Gibson, D, Atkinson, j, Hanlon, G. Anderson, L. Vorhrich, jr Thorn. ROW' 2: B, Critz, R. Sweet, E, Eaton, j. Powers, R, Henry, H. Lemon, E, Grayson. ROW' 3: NW. Ellis, K. Horn, XV. Shelton, XV, Gochran, j. Greve, D. Schoenthaler, G. Vanderhur. ROW' 4: T, XY'ilkinson, D. Hendrickson, D, Gasiens, I.. Roberg, A. Vallier, G. Rinden, Crowl, V. Nelson. Phi Ipha Deha Phi Alpha Delta, professional lam fraternity, is com- American Bar Association and Anthony A, Di Grazia, posed of 70 members. This years fraternity speaking president of Phi Alpha Delta National. Gary Ander- program consisted of various lawyers and judges in- son served as president. cluding john D. Randall, 1959-60 president of the Phi Ipha Mu Phi Alpha Mu is a mens honorary fraternity for mal organization, the group is designed to give recog- those who are socially affiliated. Memhership is nition to its members and to prepare them to give awarded to those who achieve a 3.6 grade average academic counsel to memhers of their respective after 60 credit hours of college work. Having no for- fraternities. ROW' I: jim Knoke, David Atieldt, Richard Shaw. ROW' 2: jeff Lamson, Harold Rabbit, Larry Pryhil. W at ..e t -,.1fz'ag'z.f-, 1 .A g ff P gfaw -v4 3, N ROXY' lr A. Wfencller, D. Kallem, Nl. Mclntyre, D. Volcolelf, D. Casady. ROXY' 2: F. Babcock, D, Hardin I Harris jr D Nlapes P. Gates. Phi Epsilon Kappa Phi Epsilon Kappa, professional physical education fraternity, sponsors the foreign gymnastic teams that visit SUI, and the coat check at basketball games. Its Pi llmega Pi Pi Omega Pi, honorary business education frater- nity, sponsored a Homecoming open house for its alumni in the Business Education Department this year. purpose is to increase interest in promotinv the physi cal fitness of American citizens Martin Mclntyre served as president this year The group also was responsible for keeping the depart 1HCI1tlS facilities open every Tuesday night for students needing them. Kay Fenton was president ROW 1: J. Schcpers, K. Fenton, -I, Osberg, V. Toms. ROW 2: S. Oehler, D. Wfilmarth, P. Shcetz D Nflueller S Muclltr 'Q Sigma Theta Tau OFFICERS President . MRS. Suis AND13RsoN Vice-president . JOIILLA ANT15s Secretary . MARY Rocic Treasurer . . KAY CREIEN Sigma Theta Tau, national honorary society for women in nursing, stresses high professional standards, creative work, and scientific research in all areas of nursing. The group holds monthly meetings and this year sponsored several special events including: a Founders, Day Tea in October, the annual Christmas dinner, and the initiation banquet in May. As a special project the organization is raising money to establish a scholarship for nursing students. ROW 1: H. Sheflc, S. Terbell, J. Kallous, J. Mertes, M. Moore. ROW 2: S, Zahn, L. Boettcher, J. Shaffer, R. Walk, N. Mead, M. Robinson. :3 'i-llllv ' lnflif' A 1 . Z, . 3 We if ie ffl .1 K x X i if 'C 1 ROW! I: E. Siegle, N. Cossitt, V. Loughran, J. Nelson, K. Getz. ROXV 2: N. Blythe, C. Lascody, M. Dvorsky, M. Croft. M d' I I h I This year nine seniors took training at the Veterans SUI grants 30 semester hours credit toward the bache- Administration Hospital School of Medical Technology. lor of arts degree, with a general science major, for This is approved for hospital training by the Council the year spent in hospital training. on Education of the American Medical Association. O Ilccupatlonal Iherap Club Through trips to various hospitals and departments, ing of the Johnson County Home Christmas party and and movies, experience was gained by the members of the Occupational Therapy Club banquet organized by the Occupational Therapy Club in their professional Kim Shearer, president. area, The clubls projects this year were the sponsor- ROW l: P. Peterson, S. Ott, R. Shearer, P. LaDage, M. Rowley. ROW 2: J. Pillcr, I Peterson, J. Stout, K. Donham, K. Nigge- mann, S. Nicolaison, S. Dorn. ROW! 3: L. Brickey, D. Rembolt, K. Belling, J. Alexander, J. Bussan, I. Wilcox. The Phi Gamma Nus min first place in humor during Homecoming activities. The National Efficiency Contest award was won by Phi Gamma Nu, professional commerce sorority, this year at the national convention in Memphis. Social functions, guest speakers at department meetings, and active participation in business meetings were included in the activities which led to the award. Another achievement this year was the winning of First place in the originality division in the Homecom- ing parade with the Student Iviarketing Club with the float, 'iThey're just Along For The Ride? Projects included the annual Christmas party, a picnic in May, a spring banquet to install new officers and to honor graduating seniors, and a field trip to Chicago, The field trip was a combined educational and pleasure trip including industrial tours and sight- seeing. Orbicers included: Doris Xlffaterhouse, president, ,lan Schepers and Diane Walsli, vice-presidents. Karen Bell Hunnie Blael-uner .Nlaurin Bnrehers Sheila Clark Nancy Easter Pat Engle Edith Ennis Carol Erickson Kay Fenton Barb Fischer Lesta Gafeller Diane Gellert Velma Hamann Diane Hansen Allene Hayes Judy Krohn Jane Maurice Judy McKay Judy McKinney Delores Mueller Annette Nagle Susan Ochlcr Jean Osherg Nancy Pisarik Susan Powers Arlene Rommel Janet Schepers Pat Sheetz Jean Smith Judi Smith Shirley Stehans Mary Strawn Sandy Strickfaden Janet Tucker Jean Tucker Virginia Toms Doris Vffaterhouse Diane Wilmarth Janet Wfalker Dianne Wfalsh Stephanie XY'illiams Ellen Zook RCW 1: D. Shinn, J. Belger, R. Kautz, D. Pcrtl, E. Tucker, P. Lance, R. Staley, D. Wfilderman, A. HonKamp, Paul Hines. ROW 2: R. Miller, G. Schramm, J. Walker, D. Nelson, D, Smith, J. Tucker, J. Wathier, A. Nagle, D. Wfaterhouse, P, Engle, J. McKay, R. Moore. ROW 3: J, Kallmer, G. Flook, P. Shovlain, J. Wfagner, R. Peterson, A. Pennington, T. McGrath, D. Kohlmeyer, E. Vffilson, R. Beighle. ROXV 4: R. Bauer, R. Brokaw, J. Hewitt, B. Reif, B. Mawe, W. Immel, J. lmmel, l- Johnson, R, Spangler, J. Knox. Student Marketing Club The Student Marketing Club helps to stimulate interest in the iield of marketing and stresses scholar- ship for students in this curriculum. Speakers from the field of marketing talk at monthly meetings, and field trips are taken to various marketing departments Student atinnal Edueatiu The Student National Education Associations pur- pose is to promote professional growth in education. This organization is composed of 100 members who have monthly meetings dealing with the various as- of business firms in lowa. The club's activities were directed this year by: President, Lance Penney, Vice-president of Membership, Don Perti, Vice-presi- dent of Programs, Ron Staley, Treasurer, Cary Se- verseike, and Secretary, Jean Tucker. n sseeiatiun pects of education, Members sponsor the Prospective Teachers Day at SUI. Marcia Jensen was president this year. Judith Drews, Barbara Middleton, Susan Higlcy, Marcia Jensen, Sue XY'ells. ROW 1: D. Klein, D. Snyder, C. Wfells, I.. Montgomery, D. Rhoads, R. Pose, P. Corbin. ROW 2: R. Bract, F. Kurrie, R Klaas K. Park, D. Frciburger, L. Crau. Pi lau Sigma Pi Tau Sigma is a national honor society for me- chanical engineers. Criteria for membership is high scholastic achievement and significant contribution to Worthwhile activities in the field of mechanical engi- Sigma Ipha Eta Sigma Alpha Eta, honorary fraternity for speech pathology majors, holds monthly meetings promoting the professional interests of its members. Guest speakers from fields such as social work and psy- neering. This group also actively participates in MECCA week activities. Larry Montgomery served as president this year. chology are heard throughout the year. Other ac- tivities include social events such as student-faculty coffee hours and a banquet. Linda Smith was chapter president for the year. RCW 1: Patti Franklin, Linda Smith, Adrienne Perlman, Karen Kimberly, Margaret Neihcrt. ROW 2: Kathryn Moon, Nancy Blanchard, Roseann Wfoodward, Judith johnson. ROXV l: R. Daggett, R. Thorpe, B, jacobson, j. Flsea, H. Hatfield, ROW' 2: L, Benz, D. Frein, j, Seda, P. Currie, J, Tucker S ' D It C h ' Sigma Delta Chi, nnrionnl professional i0LIl'llZ1llSlI1 fessionnls from the newspaper, radio, and television society for men, is over 50 years old. Members fields. President this yCZ1l'XVElSl"lZll'OlCll'lZll'i'lt3lCl, Daily of the fraternity include students, professors, and pro- lonwm city editor. The set-up committee prepares for a big evening. ROXV 1: L. Montgomery, K. Price, C. Wells, Cv. Moeller, E, Cardenas. ROW 2: J. Glesne, M. Breucr, R. Sheppard, D. Curnett E. Christensen, P. Corbin. ROW 3: M. Casper, L. Crau, R. Klaas, D. Freiburger, R, Stolte, A. Carlson, Tau Beta Pi Perplexed freshman and sophomore engineers can achievement and good character are prerequisites of find encouragement and guidance from more experi- this organization, which draws its membership from enced upperclassmen, thanks to Tau Beta Pi, national the upper fifth of the senior class in the College of honorary engineering fraternity. High scholastic Engineering. This yearls president was Don Greenlee. That S' Ph' The Matrix Table Banquet to honor campus and At the banquet, Matrix awards are presented to the community leaders is held each year by Theta Sigma most outstanding student and most outstanding Iowa Phi, professional journalism fraternity for women. City woman. Judy Holschlag served as president. ROW l: C. Jensen, J. Anderson, J. Moberly, J. l-lolschlag, B, Butler, B. Tobye, ROW! 2: K, Swift, F. Smith, J. Sawyers, L. McClary, S. Montgomery, E. Cvrommesh. I6l ROXY7 ln N. lngmm, H, Marker, XV. Ashton, T, lirccse, C. Kimc, H, Gustafson, J, Franclscn, D. Ca-ary, C, Qhmntakcr j Doyle ROXY7 2: M, Canby, D. Elbert, J. Tomlinson, J, Ashton, E. Cardenas, R. Stolte, R. Wfriglit, R. Richardson, j, Bndu Pulxer D Elliott, ROW' 3: R. Sticglitz, D. Topinlca, j, Croshcck, XV. Hetzcl, j, Mullins, l,.. Meier, l-3. Hames, F. Orme, l- Moore XV Qtout ROXV -i: T, Havcl, Ti Butts, IJ. Elias, D, Klein, G. Schlapknhl, -I, White, J. Schlunz, R, Rudman, T, Flccncr, Theta Tau Theta Tau, n national professional engineering fra- ternity, is limited to 50 students. Activities such as assisting in the construction of the Homecoming hlonument, pt'epm'ing rt jet engine for display, and holding monthly dinner meetings were pwrticipated in hy the memhers. Charles Kime ins president this Melting snow hrings its own version nl the mushroom-shapecl cloud. , ' - Ffizigiiff- K if , 'ff' ,.. 1-1 A. q..1ufif. gg f,,. 5541.95 ,.,,: , ij ks ,rf ' 1 Misfit X . 7 , ,, , .M ,g,,,,,,. t. . Q' X34 . Fffs is A if ut .fq, ,ii g,,eVs,,3fmf, K ATM 1-X, ' ' 4m-5,15 J' wife, st f fwfmf"X'-,V vig: Ng,- lf' w, f 'K 31 x, Y. tm, kv' ' ,-ws. -5 i. 5,1 - . w -'QJS' f 'f -9 r .f ,riff ' ' - . , , . ' i K. -51,33 -.Q , fi K, -,w.,,i: .1 , Nitstwgg i . . ,Q tu x - . V V 1. 5, . 1 K 9 ,Sh , 1 Y i as if -as f, General Urganizations It is the administration which keeps the academic side of things running smoothly, but the students themselves oil the machinery of ex- tracurricular activities. From Union Board to Hawkeye Stall and Young Republicans to Newman Cluh, each activity fills a studentls specific need. Outlets for discussion, creation, and organiza- tion talents are found. Student Senate E LLL Constant discussion and debate in these hallowed Senate halls. eeutive Cabinet The Senate Executive Cabinet administers the pro- grams and executes the policies approved by the Senate. Beneath the Cabinet is an imposing committee organization which dealt this year with the Peace Corps, civil defense, the lowa Student Covernment Conference, all-campus elections, minority group re- lations, and a variety of other subjects. The Cabinet also began work reviewing the Orientation program and the University judiciary program, One of its main objectives was the job of bringing home to the state legislature the needs of higher education, and toward this objective a trip to Des Moines was or- ganized when the legislature was in session. The Executive also saw approval won of several Senate proposals, including a student health insurance program, the abolition of the hegemony over all- campus entertainment previously held by the Cen- tral Party Committee, the lowering of the ROTC requirement from two years to one, and the reduction of the age limit required for renting apartments from 23 to 21. ROW' l: D, Killinger, L. Davies, ul. Niemeyer, J, Toohill, R. Andersen. ROW' 2: C. Coulter, j. Brown, M. Mortley, N. Oberstein, R, Brockman, B, Green. Student Senate The Student Senate, under the leadership of john Niemeyer, this year passed a number of measures. Some of their projects were received with whole- hearted campus support, such as Project Aid, a system to collect money for scholarships for needy students. Qthers fizzled, but such is the legacy of all Student legislatures. A student health program, a plan to abolish com- pulsory ROTC training, and a proposal to eliminate curfew hours for women over 21 all were dehated on the Senate floor, and in some form or another man- aged to find their ways into the spring election cam- paigns. XVith the election of Mark Schantz to the presi- dency this spring, a new administration took over, promising more progress in the field of student govern- ment. ,,w" 1v1..,,,,,-40-"""" Student Senators meet with Governor Erbe in Des Moines Frank Waldburgen, Marilyn Mortley, Nancy Glenn, David Killinger. Student Senate Judiciary in lt's election time again-fthe Student judiciary has jurisdic- tion over irregularities. Pink slips here, please. The Student Senate ju- diciary spends most of its meeting hours in listening to endless pleas and excuses from students accused of parking violations. Explanations such as "But l got lost in Burge Halln and "Are you sure that Parking Lot is for 'C' stickers only?i' echo in their ears long after court hours are over. The court also has jurisdiction over legal problems arising from All-Campus elections however, and these powers were again used this year. Elections in gen- eral went off smoothly however and no candidate was disqualified. ROXV l: D. Rusk, J. Ackerman, C. Miller, R. Andersen, Q. Miller, C. Criffin, A. Goode, XV. Ellis, J. Cearman, ROXV 2: J, Kelley, S. Watscun, M. Lockwood, L. Murdy, L, Linch, L. Cvrund, J. Johnson, C. Birch, D. Anderson, C. Fischgrund, J. Spading, S. Johnson. ROW 3: V. Schramm, E. Bennett, J. Cebhie, R. Henninger, S. Allen, J. Wenndt, J. Wfinner, J. Harding, M. Snider, L. Winberg. ROXV 4: C-, Somermeyer, F. Edens, J. Hoeffding, M. C. Jones, R. Lehmann, R. Smith, B. Eyres, R. Hrockman, D. Sheldon, D. Carlson. Student Senate Subcommittees The Student Senate Sub-committees, organized un- der Various commissions included in the Senate, deal constantly with different phases of student life. The committees are concerned with a freshman orientation Project id Committee Project AID-Assist Iowa Development-is a scholarship fund established by the Student Senate to be permanent and continuing. The scholarships will be distributed on the basis of need and academic program, a leadership training school, all-campus elections, the Campus Chest, and a student exchange. Committees often take surveys to learn student ma- jority opinions. excellence. To raise money, a concert by the Four Freshmen was presented, an auction featuring twist lessons was held, and "Once Upon a Mattress" was staged in May. John Niemeyer was chairman. ROXV 1: S. Johnson, J. Kozlow, J. Niemeyer, D. Maltby, S. Wfhitacre, N, Shinn, P. Murray. ROW! '21 C. Rasmussen, L. Bowen, C. Esch, J. Stevens, K. Conkling, J. Loros, C, Stroeber, H. Murphy, M. Plimpton. ROXV 3: P. Campbell, N. Nelson, B. Blakey, S. Corson, J. Andersen, F, Rauscher, L. Theisen. ROW! 4: C. Pelton, J. Kelley, V. Schramm, J, Thomas. Christian Science College Organization OFFICERS President . . , Cru1s'i'15R Niciiors Secretary-Treasurer CoNST,xNc13 Wieiiracizu Sponsor . . . DR. R. TILILN.-XRY, Botany This organization of Christian Science youths states as their purpose "Freely ye have received, freely give" CMatt. 10183, The group also wishes to provide education in spiritual freedom through weekly testimony meetings hy showing how the truths of Cod can he applied to every human need, The Christian Science College Organization meets each Thursday in the Congregational Church Chapel at 5115 p.m. Elected president for the coming year xt as Pricilla Dee Brown. ROW I: C, Wlhitaker, P. Brown, A, Newman. ROXV 2: J. Godfrey, R. Hulbary, j. Rosalind, C, Petersen, 1, Ross, P, Newman. ROXV 3: C. Nichols, j, Kolda, T. Brooks, B. Petersen. Dedicated this spring by chief justice Farl Wfarren, SUl's new Law Building is one of the campus most modern buildings ew law Building Though not an honorary fraternity or professional site in future years for the finest training of younv organization, the new SUI law building will be the lawyers. SUI is proud of its College of Law Canterbur Club Executive Committee Canterbury Club, an Episcopal church youth group, is made up of students who meet every Sunday for dinner and either a special program or a social hour. Different members prepared the meals and expenses Klart. Rufus Adegboye, Karen Fanth, Father Wfilliam B, Klatt, jack were shared by all. Often members engaged in dis cussions of religious questions Some participated in a retreat in Madrid. Club adviser was Pr Wllliaill ie Mummey, Michael Link A vw 4. ROXV 1: P. Popejoy, B. Blezek, J. Clattly, L. Louk, J. Atkinson, Ml. Thostcnson, XV. Seeley. ROXV 2: M. Smit, A. Jennison, J. Trumbo, S. Erickson, R, Rogers, H. Holmes, j. Carlson, C. Reinebach. ROW! 3: C. Altmaicr, P. Klocksiem, D. Fossler, C. Smith, S. Smith, B. Brown, B. Darrow. Kappa Phi Kappa Phi, national organization for Methodist women in college, strives to develop leadership quali- ties in its members to enable them to be active church members in the future. The groups activities have lutheran Student ssociat The Lutheran Student Association met weekly this year, either engaging in activities such as hayrides or participating in discussions on theological and biblical topics. At Christos House, which is co-ordinated with the LSA, an experimental community of 30 students lived, worshipping together daily and participating in lay theological studies. included working in the University Hospital Pedi- atrics Nursery, delivering Christmas baskets of food, and sponsoring rummage sales. Lynn Louk was presi- dent this year. ion OFFICERS President . . . FLom3Nc15 Moomi Vice-president . DIXIQIQIEL Cussii Secretary ANN HURICK Treasurer E1.o1s15 HELIER ROW 1: E. Heuer, F. Moore, M. Rcineckc, N. Null, A. Hurich, J. Venzkc. ROW 2: N. Luker, J. Boll, D. Haxton, jr., L. Stockscth, A. Kvaalen, C. Peterson. .. . , . ,sv.',. . . ROW 1: P. Marsh, T. C-ingcrich, L. Ervin, J, Cosenberg, R. Tock, P. Berstler, H. Higby, C. Peterson. ROW 2: j. Hunter, R. Parrish, J. Thor, L. Lockwood, B, Smith, J. McCom1ick, R. Nielsen, Y. Addis, J. Remley, D. Day, R. Day. Roger Williams Fellowship Each week during the year, the Roger Williams of Religion and Miss Rhoda Nielson, who served as Fellowship enjoyed fine programs which included a missionary in the Congo. The group climaxed the such guest speakers as Dr. George Feral of the School year with a banquet in May. liahona Fellowship The Liahona Fellowship is the youth group of the Reorganized Church of jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The members meet every Sunday for dinner and to hear a guest speaker or discuss various aspects of Cvod and religion and how these subjects apply to the members as individuals and as a church. ln April, the Regional Liahona Conference was held on the SUI campus. President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer . Faculty Adviser OFFICERS . JIM CAMET STEVE WILIQINSON . SLIE WELLS VIRGINIA PUTNAM DALE BALLENTYNE Hillel Foundation OFFICERS President . . . AL WINNICK Vice-president . NORMAN OBERSTEIN Director . RABB1 SHELDON EDWARDS The Hillel Foundation, an organization to provide religious, cultural, and social facilities for jewish stu- dents on the campus, spent a good share of the year making plans for a new building to house their or- ganization. By the middle of 1963 Hillel hopes to complete a new building on its present site which features a library and study lounge, a 600-seat auditorium, and 15,000 square feet of floor space. The three-story building, which is expected to cost nearly 3250,000, will be capable of housing facilities needed for the extremely high jewish students population expected by 1970. The Hillel Foundation also held its first big formal this winter in the River Room of the Iowa Memorial Union. The Hillel Building. ROW 1: L. Ruggeri, J, Niemeyer, L, Shank, J. Toohill, P. Seelau, M. Petsch, M, Hauser, J. Ziegler, J. Mead, M. Pavizek. ROW 2: K. Hurley, H. Connelly, C. Bigot, V. Forbes, J. Ries, J. Manka, E, Brimeyer, C. Davenport, M. Wallace, F. Dempewolf, D, VenHorst. ROXV 3: S, W'elsh, C. Connelly, S. Davis, N. Benn, B. Kendrick, Cv, Hintz, J. Dainton, J. Cremer, M. Holmlund, M. Urich, P. Schaefer. ROXV 4: J. Schauh, K. Hillman, J. Holdridge, J. Russo, M. Donovan, C. Stibal, D. Wfelter, L. Reiter, J. Crosheclc, A. Emanuel. evvman Club The Newman Club is an organization which strives to improve the religious, social and intellectual lives of Catholic students, Every Sunday, coffee and rolls are served after mass. ln the evening, members take turn preparing the dinner served at 6 p.1n. Afterwards, there is often a speaker and informal discussion. During the year, members take handicapped chil- dren to church and give parties for them, including one at Christmastime. Other activities of the club include hayrides, dances, picnics, Christmas caroling at the hospitals, a Hal- loween party, and a Suppressed Desire party. This year the Mardi C-ras dance was held at the Jefferson Hotel. The club's Homecoming float won second prize for humor. Members also have an annual retreat and a Day of Recollection. President . Vice-president Treasurer Recording Sec Corresponding Sec. OFFICERS M.-tm: P15'rsCi-I PAUL Sui5L,xu hflERLIi H.-XLISIER . PAT Ti5,xL Surf XVATICINS Debbie Ziflren, janet Armstrong, Tohye Baron, Ncclra Morgan, Mindy Baker, o Associated Women Students OFFICERS All women students at SUI are memhers of As- pmsidem l Tom-15 BARON sociated Wfomen Students. This organization has a ViCQ.p,-Qeidcm Nyglylm MORUAN wide range of activities which deal with almost every SCC,-wary - lxqmme BAKER aspect of a college woman's life. Members plan fresh- T,-melll-U My ARMSTRONQ man orientation programs, entertain hospital patients, and present a style show for freshman women, a dance, and Mothers' Day Weekencl. This year one of the most important campus changes, the revision of womens hours, originated from the judicial Board of ANWS. ln the fall, AXVS was the host for the AWS State Convention. Throughout the year, foreign student dinners were held with one nationality preparing each meal. Spinsters' Spree was held in February with a theme of "S.S. Showl'Joat." ln May, the University Sing competition was held in conjunction with Moth- ers' day Wleekend. Pat Srnulhach introduces AXVS projects at Activities Open House I74 ROXW l: I. Armstrong, N, Morgan, T. Baron, M. Baker, D. Ziffrcn, ROW 2: S. Schreyer, S. Gartner, S. Hansow, N, Ctlenn, P. Brown, S. Wfhitacre, S, Ericzon. ROXV 3: N. Files, P. Schmulbach, J. Shimek, D. Anderson, J. Molschlag. AWS General lleuneil The C-eneral Council of AWS is composed of the Executive Council, the Freshman Council adviser, the chairmen of the subcommittees, and the housing unit representatives. The main function of the council is AWS Freshman llouneil Each fall AWS selects a representative group from the freshman women to form the Freshman Council. These girls then learn about and participate in the various activities that AWS sponsors while planning to hear reports of, to discuss, and to recommend activities to the AWS subcommittees. It also discusses various campus problems. their own projects. The 1961-62 council's activities in- cluded serving as hostesses during the AWS State Convention and publicizing Spinsters' Spree. ROW 1: M. Tecgen, J. Haefner, R, Conwisher, H. l-lagenah, S. Artz, L. Creed. ROW' 2: C. Madison, L. Pearson, C, Peila, M, Treadwell, B. Bark, I., Wfciner, M. Smith, li. Prieast, T. Craflt, ROW 3: S. Albright, B. Karl, I.. Bennett, D. Darling, K. McClure, K. Crenawalt. Sli -KX: X- X1 1 Xe I S 5 Sz X. X X 'qi -X. A . X- XX ,vm -, HJ- -:Zim 5.1: wx Mumwwwnm .-X ,XXUXvX-4 ff: 25 A ,-31. , X X 2 X X X 3 X f 5 Z k .. i 1 i X 3 gf X X 3 E X Q X , X. 1 X 1 X 5 2: X ,E E ,... 1 5 if X. Sai Q X- E Q B in K. X X '52 1 X XM Q .4 ,, ' .' ,QQ Jw- 'X --: - If za 1, X 1' r'-'Q' HX. 5216 . ff ' xg X. Gm lv'i1" X - -X Masq 51141 W 5 12? 4 X 5 XXX tx SN 2 1 :X X JI ,Q 5 X X X K X AS v si X XSX , 4 X 12 X '--Q my XLXE. H.. ,aaa W :s.:aX::g. Q s Vg .L is .-if -r EL 'ff' ,X " 3 ,x 1 X? L 'f 'N s X X X w s XX X-X X X WW4.XQ,XXX.XX,,,GXQWWX,,Xf:X9 5 S r E ., Mix.. X 5 X X .e-W my X 1 .fsgi-'Z X as ,X,..,,4...,,X, , ,Q ..X....qA 3 H A' X .4 X, 3 QQ A ,,,. 'vc' -1 53-Q a,XlEii?x?Z5?i ?? M " ,- . ,X ,Efgqt X X31 5 JJ y V+ - 'Chflif H X 1.92 , .fam .gi :mu fu S MA, f 1 .- r-2 g X www 2 X ' 4 .Xs 1 H., ,.,,. .. X. I 5 Aw mf" W., wwf W WXM-wnfaw " 'ifgk 2 Vue! i M111 ew , 255 Q' Xp .. X Se , X ESM? 5 gg 2 K f .X Xi' VVomen's Recreation Association The XVomenls Recreation Association promotes gen- eral enthusiasm in athletic sports through a program of intramurals and numerous athletic events. Sub-committees are organized for the various sports, such as basketball, badminton, hockey, and tennis. The group also sponsors contests in swimming, golf, volleyball, and bowling. The womens housing: unit accumulating the highest number of points throughout the school year receives a trophy from XWRA. Seals and Orchesis are organizations for students interested in advanced work in synchronized swim- ming and modern dance, respectively. Both the groups, under the sponsorship of the WRA, have work shops and present several programs. The WRA also sponsor periodic "play nights" in the women's gymnasium, offering recreational oppor- tunities in many sports to all students and faculty members in the university. t xt i V ' gg f 'XX i X 1. fi X y f ,f SUl's XY!omcn's Rifle Team trains for a shooting match ,lean Milligan, janet Armstrong, Shirley Siefken, Sharon Hamill, Sally Echternacht, Betsy Cidvritz. ROW! 1: J. Davis, J. Milligan, J. Armstrong, S, Hamill, S. Eclwternaclwt, B. Cidwitz, S. Siefken, D, Hamilton. ROW 2: R. Hayes B, Adams, j. Sanden, K. Getz, J. Mcflline, A, Green, N. Butts, J. Burch, j. Peterson, D, Curnsey. ROW 3: Bauer, L, Krane C. Hall, M, Pfister, j. Bryant, P. Wfaller, B, Patterson, C. Stmelner, J. Maurice, S. Evans, Z. Mulder, S. Hunter, B. Friend. XVRA girls welcome new and prospective members at a spe- cial Open House. Registration for the Rifle Club. x f,y-Qi, - ROW I: S. Olive ...Aw Hawk, B. Pfafl, G. Hall, M. Criswald. ROW 2: K. Getz, B. Wfilson, C. Fischgrund, S. Dutton, J. johnson, C, Feuer, C. Cramer, A. Hanson, P. Olson, j. Sandcn. ROW 3: 1. McGuire, J. Funnell, L, Lory, E. Kleinjan, H, Hagenah, j. Lucas, R. Hill, j. McClone, L. Stock, C. Capouch. ROW 4: L. Hofia, J. Dowey, S, Hamill, M. Fennell, J, Henderson, Seals Club Seals Club, a subsidiary of the Womeifs Recrea- year "Alice In Wonderland" was a great success. tion Association, each year presents a synchronized Kay Getz was president this year. swimming show on Mothei"s Day weekend. This Round and round we go, and where we stop . . . I79 Before we amendment, adjourn? nion Board discuss the motion, we have to consider the but that was tabled. Does anyone move we Poetry readings, "Hootenannies'l Cfolk singing festsj, and the formation of a talent index were high- lights of the 1961-62 slate of events at the Iowa Memorial Union, Other functions planned and initi- ated by Union Board were art exhibits, post-ball game dances, free Sunday-night movies, recreational tournaments, and student-faculty discussions. Union Board consists of 16 members, representing all colleges in the university, who are either elected during all-campus elections or appointed by the dean of their college. Board members attend a regional conference in De- cember where delegates from various colleges and universities meet and exchange ideas about their Union activities. Holding executive positions on the Union Board were Norm Nichols, president, Ed Karl, vice-presi- dent, Jeanette Laughlin, secretary, and Craig Ellyson, treasurer. ROXY7 1: XV. Ellis, B. Steelman, j. Mertes, A, Meyer, N. Glenn, J, Laughlin, V. Yanchick. ROW! 2: A. Maly, E. Karl, R, Mather, C, Corwin, H. Glidden, K. Reed. ROXV 3: N. Nichols, C. Ellyson, B. Hummer. Union Board Sub-Committees After the Union Board has made plans for the yearls activities in the Iowa Memorial Union, it is then up to the 64 members of the Union Board Sub- Committees to see that the organizational plans are carried out. The Union Board Sub-Committees work on events such as Fine Arts, Post-Came Dances, free Sunday night movies, Spotlight Series, special events, and recreational games such as bowling, billiards, bridge, and table tennis. All of this work adds up to bring SUI students such events as Wfillie Masconi's billiard exhibition, an art lecture by Vincent Price, and ex- cellent free movies. The members of the Union Board serve as chair' men for the sub-committees. Members of the sub- committees, in turn, are eligible for Board membership after one yearns satisfactory work on a committee. .i Wfhere there's smoke, there's fire ROW! 1: L. Borin, N. Sodemann, S. Page, L. Lyon, M. Hywater. ROW' 'lg M, Torode, D. Edwards, rl. Distelhorst, J. W'olfe, C. Coulter. Central Part Fred Wfaring, nationally known choral director, presented this years Dad's Day Concert. Committee Of paramount importance to the Central Party Committee is its responsibility to the student body of SUI. The programs sponsored by CPC are di' rected toward every segment of student life at SUI and contribute greatly to the social and cultural life of the University. Through a process closely altin to that of a big business operation, CPC contracts, estimates expenses, establishes ticket prices, and plans through its four committees, Publicity, Entertainment, Tea and Bids, and Decoration for the event. The result of such work brings to the campus such outstanding entertainment as Fred W'aring, the Chad Mitchell Trio with Miriam Makeba, and the Lime- liters. CPC also co-sponsors the Homecoming Dance and Spinsters' Spree. Officers were Spencer Page, president, Lynn Lyon, vice-president, Ruth Koelbel, secretary, and Neil Sodemann, treasurer. CPC Sub-Committees Selected at the commencement of each year by review of applications and interviews with the re- spective committee heads, the CPC sub-committees perform an invaluable service to the CPC, as well as preparing for future service on the CPC itself. Wforking in the four areas of event preparation, sub-committee members gain knowledge and experi- ence in CPC work. In the course of the year, each member is given an opportunity to direct the prepara- tion of an event. This allows the Committee chair- men to evaluate his merits and leadership ability. The sub-committee members' contributions to the success- ful presentation of each event qualify them for serious consideration by the Selection Board which meets in the spring to select the members of the CPC for the approaching year. This ground-floor work has qualified many mem- bers for leadership in other campus organizations. The darkened bandstand expresses the mood and atmosphere of the party. ROW 1: M. Teegen, K. McClure, D, Morrison, P. Wiggins, J. james, N. johnson, B, Lippisch, H. Morrison, J. Skalsky. ROXV 2: C. Sanders, C. Repass, S. Bauman, M. Ruud, K. Maher, K, Kinne, L. Bjornstad, S. Cline, S. Westcrfield, N. Fredrickson, M. Walsh, D. Weslaufer. ROXV 3: 1. Haworth, K. Williams, K. Alliband, F. Patton, R. Hughes, D. Sears, J, Helm, D. Wfhitaker, N. Close, B. C-ray, J. Deckard, 1 .. fiy, . i 358 1 . H L I 9 ,153 a Q za, 1? 9 rl if f G 'V K le ik ,Q 5 f f 2, ' 4 ,L , A U 5 f K im , 2 ' L W 'W 1 I' Q A if R . wk Q? KW , 1-'N 1 X if? W.,-1 ,I Bandlcadcr HL-rnard Pciflcr An informal chat with Chad-Mitchell of course. 'M -. A big evcning for all Homccomcrs , All ,ww ? - A X . if 1 . 'K f 'lk l y- M K 5 ,, , v Na: Mmf,w.Q.,,LL., ,,lA, , If x M fl ROW l: L. Goodwin, S, Light, S. Englehart, J. Alherhaslcy, B Crouch ROW 2 j Cremer K Wisgerhof M Rossie C Kesiclx l. Shabcl, l. Slaymaker, ROXW 3: M. Wfehster, j, Bryant, F Hurlbut C Rtinebach ul Wfhuler Ml Toohill S Eric on ROW' 4 M, Pfister, H. Hann, l, Kozloxx, l, Rodecri, 9, Carrier, B. Randall Home Economics Club The Home Economics Club is a group open to all day nivht supper a fashion shou and the annual those interested in clothing and textiles, interior deco- sprintf banquet honoiinv the seniors in Home Eco rating, foods and nutrition, and various other phases nomics This years president it as Sue Envelhatt of homemaking. This year the club sponsored a Sun- Inter-Religious Council The Inter-Religious Council is made up of repre- sentatives of all religious faiths on campus, for the purpose of raising significant questions and stimulating reflective thinking by students on religious matters. ROW' 1: J. Ross, A. Balanotl, C. Nichols, M. Petsch, R. Arden ROY '5 P Sctlau L Crund R Resch C Hanson adxisor P, Shively. ROW 1: G. Squier, S. Franks, D. Anderson, S. Lundberg, M. Thomas, N. Randolph. ROW 2: L. Wilbur, N. Anderson, j. Shimek M. Moser, P. Maxheim, A. Mayer. ROXV 3: C. Ashford, M. Dodge, M. Enich, E. Wilson. YWCA The YWCA, an organization of women "uniting in the desire to realize a full life through a growing knowledge of Cody, carries on many projects through- out the year. In the fall, members sell Homecoming badges as a money-making project. The group also holds an annual used book sale in the Y Lounge, runs a baby- sitting service, entertains foreign students, and enter- tains handicapped children and other hospital patients. The Sale of India Goods in which many handicraft articles from India were sold was held for the first time in February. The members also act as Big Sisters to handicapped children. Vesper services were held at Thanksgiving and Easter. A'Major in Marriage," a physiological and psycho- logical series of lectures, is also sponsored by the as- sociation. Donna Anderson was president. f161J6l?AM The YWCA's Big Brother and Big Sister program has cross campus appeal. ROXV 1: C. Harris, C, Slack, A. Mawhinney, C. Crey, B. Clearhot, R. Carlson, V. Treacy. ROW 2: C. Rhodes, B. Hardt, C-. Hery, K. Spaulding, D. Moud, D. Elliot, I... Peters, S. Giles, K. Stewart, L. Daniels, S. C-ryglas, M. Martin. ROW 3: F. Wilson, B. Douglas, J. Alward, B. Bode, H, Wfadington, P. Shore, B. Sjostrom, E, Hart, j. Wildbloocl, j, Meier, D. Riggins, E. Grayson, B. Clesne. ROXV 4: H, Dickey, R. Cramer, R. High, D. Anderson, XV, Meyerhofl, A. Snopelc, j. Holzaepfel, XV. Cramer, J. Sebben, R. Strate, D. Carl- son, ROW 5: E. Matz, j. Coolc, F, Ardman, L, Cutler, R. Neff, J. Robeson, j. jones, l.. lioe, T. Cromwell, D. Norris, D. W'ray, H. Schutte, D. MaHusch, R. Laughlin, j, Speer. ROW! 6: M. Burns, R, Filter, j, Robhins, j. Kennedy, L. Clark, M. Royce, T. Heamish, C. Cailis, XV. Sayre, J. Proheck, C. Boyles, C. Yarde, R. Szerlong, R, Towell, E. Riter. Dolphin Fraternit The SUI chapter of the Dolphin National Honorary Swimming Fraternity was founded in 1921. There are now I8 chapters in universities and colleges throughout the country. Designed to promote competitive swimming and gymnastics as well as acquatic interests in general, the fraternity sponsors the annual Dolphin Show, "splash parties" at the SUI Fieldhouse pool, and many informal get togethers during the year. The Home- coming Dolphin Show provides the fraternity with funds to utilize during the school year, as well as to send swimmers and gymnasts to state and national AAU meets. During Christmas vacation, seniors, lettermen, and olhcers are sent to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for the National Swimming Forum. Officers included jon Boulton, president, Dennis The Dolphins employ contortionists too. Vokolek, vice-president, john Hoepner, secretary, Bill Buck, treasurer, Bob McNamee, sergeant-at-arms. ,w ii 2 , X wil .X ,mfhvt 3 F -9? . 6' - iff ' 8 if My H - M52 ng .wb Dolphin Show A new version on the piggyback bit. Those glorious years, the "Roaring Twentiesf' was Symbols of the Roaring Twenties, the theme of this year's Dolphin Club annual aquatic show. Action centered around a "speakeasy" night- club, and sometimes shifted to street scenes. Dolphin clowns spoofed "Elliot Mess" and the NUn- washablesf' Other members performed on the trapeze, the trampoline, and did acrobatic and diving routines. There was also an adagio act. Beulah Cundling, an aquatic champion and former AAU champion, presented a synchronized swimming routine. During intermission, new stroke develop- ments were performed. ,lan Curtis was named this year's Dolphin Queen. ,wa T' If A:- ,, Wim I if W Vw 54in?4rn,,,.,kQu'Ai- W ww is by B 'A W ifsv W' M ar.. M M235 .6 - m.,.,,, ' l MZ, .. ,,. ,. uf- .. 09" - N- an ', .I .W A ,Q ,. .,..., Q-- W r 'S -E ,G sv uf - ,K -.1 VT 1 5 I 1. 2 QF' Q. sf , mi 5 .. 1 B .W 'ibn flxwfw, ' ,JW R, . ,it q r"if'Z wwe. Ci'4 5 l i i . i i ,fir as IOWA 511131 HSN Highlanders SLll's Scottish Highlanders, the dancing, hagpiping lassies known throughout the country, completed an- other successful year. The group is unique in charac' ter and in the past has appeared on the Ed Sullivan television shou. The Highlanders perform at every home football game's opening ceremonies, and often entertain Hawke eye fans with a sparkling halftime performance of drumming and dancing. The group also travels to out of town games, this year performing at Ohio State. Bill Adamson directs the group with Camille Case holding the drum major position, She was presented a tuition scholarship this year for her outstanding work. 'sf ., I ff mmiyfff ROW' 1: N. Strain, M. Torode, L. Prybil, A. Mayer, D. Hall, E. Schmultz. ROW' 'lz D. Maltby, M. Gilles, P. Hcrzoll, j, Lofgren, j. Classman, C. Mayer, B, Butschi, R. Munn. President . . Vice-president . Recording secretary . Corresponding secretary Treasurer . . . OFFICERS A gopher, an ear of corn, a cigaret burning inch LARRY PRYBIL Dick HALL. . ANN MAYER MARALYNN Toizomg Nun- Som5M,xNN by inch, "l-O-XV-A" in bright colors, and a pleasant "Hi, Dad": these are all part of the 900-member Pep Club bag of card tricks. At every home football game, the Pep Club is there to perform and entertain. The Pep Club, headed by the Pep Club Council which is made up of club officers and committee chairmen, was just reorganized this year, Usually, all members practice card tricks and cheers on the W'ednesday afternoon prior to each game. The Pep Club also is in charge of Friday night pep rallies during which members lead the student body in lively cheers and present humorous skits. XVorking with the Pep Club are the clowns and cheerleaders. Other duties entail caring for the live Herky Hawk as well as the energetic human Herky. SUI clowns-a familiar scene every football Saturday. Pep Club Handling much of the busy work for the SUI Pep Club are the Publicity, Pep Rallies, and Card Design and Transfer sub-committees of the club. Publicity is in charge of making posters and signs publicizing rallies and other events. The Pep Rallies sub-connnittee arranges for housing units to put on skits at Friday night pep rallies. It innovated the Mstepladder to victoryi' and planned cheers and spirited songs for the student body, Inventing card tricks is the work of the Card De- sign and Transfer sub-committee. A scale drawing is made of each card trick. Then the design is trans- ferred frorn the key cards to the larger, colorful cards which the Pep Club manipulates. This is done for each new trick. Sub-committees also facilitate card section seating and practice sessions. Pep Club helps work up school spirit at the Homecoming Rallv. ROW I: A. Page, B. Karl, A. Greenberg, K. Kipnis, E. Heuer, B. Sharer, S. Cerc, B. Abrams. ROW 2: R. Krogstad, l. Evans K. Countryman, L. Morgan, S. Ericzon, 1. Campbell, 1. Kozlow, C. Ingraham, M, Bywater, T. Dittmer, C. Dick. ,, f M, , ,, V. ,:, 7 RONV 1: M. Cuplin, C. Tharp, P. Maxheim, K. Countryman, j. Steelman, S. Ericzon, j. johnson, R. Sakata, P. johnson, C. Catz. ROW' 2: A. Cerks, L. Perrin, K. Hildreth, M. Crissman, C. Howorth, j. Chenhall, S. Echternacht, S. Hughes, M. Nelson, K. W'ilson, C. Hirdsall, P. Fountain, C. Hathaway. ROXV 3: F. Cales, M. Caines, H. Hibbcrt, M, jones, A. Otto, S. Barnum, L. Campbell, XV. Seecey, M. Enich, P. Bierma, C. Hintz, C. Lockhart, K, Lucas. ROW 4: T. Swan, XV. Zager, W. Cramer, T. Pardun, F. Oelschlaeger, R. Leavitt, T. johnson, D. Afieldt, XV. Allcott, R. Banner, W. Merrill. ROXV 5: T. Schrunlc, A. Rasmussen, j. Thomas, T. Hurlbut, F. DeXVees, L. NY'allbridge, F. Sandell, M. Schiavoni, D. Bell. Young Republicans The SUI Young Republican year got off to a good start with the news that they were chosen runner up among national college Y. R. clubs at the national Young Republican convention. Senator Roman Hruska, Congressman Fred Schwen- gel, and President Virgil Hancher were among the distinguished speakers to the Young Republicans this year. The club achieved a membership over two and one- half times that of the last non-election year and par- ticipated in the state, midwest, and national Young Republican conventions. Club members attended a Y. R. Rendezvous, partici- pated in picnics, meetings, and Hay-Rack rides, and co-operated with ,lohnson County Republicans in their activities. Officers were: Chairman, Lee Theisen, Co-Chain men, Torn Ferguson, Candy Lamb, Secretary, Helen Holmes, Treasurer, Tom Hansen. ROXV l: S. Davis, L. Ervin, T. Ferguson, j. Wfeycr, H. Holmes, L. Theisen, M. Torode, T. Hansen. ROXV 2: j. Peelen, j. Vfathier, A. Kliebenstein, P. McCarvey, R. Llpham, R. Remmers, J. Cebbie, P. Wfiggins, D. Morrison, C. VandeRoovaart. ROW' 3: L. Puhl, J. Carlson, C. Reinebach, K. Meier, M. Wfillcoclcson, D. Anderson, 1. Ackerman, J. Caisley, D. Strain, F. Friedl, B. Bang. ROW! 4: D. Beck, B. Sayre, R. Andersen, j. Brown, T, Burton, T. Tuity, P. O'Neill, C. Somermeyer, L. Soldati, N. Wfillson, N. Rains. ROW! 1: R, Culbertson, T, Stewart, P, Caldwell, M. Hart, K. johnson, E. Mulherin, M. Figenshaw, K, Keele, M. j. Llrich, J, Shimek, C. Kuhl, M. C-race. ROXV 2: N. lversen, 1. Berg, P, Sheetz, P. Schaefer, L. Van Dyke, l. Stein, S. Schmickle, S. Wfilliams, P. Schaefer, L. Van Dyke, J, Stein, S. Schmickle, S. Wfilliams, M. Logsdon, R. Ross, C. Connelly, E. Schneider. ROW 3: J. Merriman, K. MacMahon, E, Tenner, A. Emanuel, D. Elbert, K. Cunningham, C. Cilmour, R. Hines, C. Kinton, R. Faaborg, M, Parizelc, J. Brouhard. ROXY7 4: J. Kindred, R. Tomson, C. Crovert, l. Taber, L. Davis, E, Donhowe, P. Donhowe, l. Kinnamon, A. Lavis, P. Ptacelt, R. Draper, M. XVood, Young Democrats This inter-election year was fairly quiet for the Young Democrats but as election time neared, activity increased. In the fall and winter they heard Scott Swisher, State Senator Edwin Cillmour, and President Hancher speak. ln the spring, as their visions focused lnternational Club The lnternational club, composed of students from about 50 foreign countries as well as American stu- dents, promotes intercultural activities during the school year. Receptions, dinners, seminars, and open ROXY! I: Bassem Armaly, C-ary Hess, lnder Khera. ROXV Hamid Farhat, Edward Yen. ROXV 3: Zulejha Ridjanovic, Ch on the elections in 1962, the Young Demos started a fund-raising drive, had a picnic, attended the State Convention, heard Prof. E. B. Smith speak, and en- joyed a discussion by a panel of SUI professors. houses, directed toward better understanding among students from different countries, are held. The Club holds monthly meetings at the lnternational Center, featuring a program and social hour. 2: jawahar Sawardelxer, Blanquita Solos, Cary Wfong, Mary Hazard, arles Plummer, Muhamed Ridjanovic, Annabelle Staflorcl, Roger Stafford, Marshall Getschcr, Arthur Kuntz, Karen Kimberly, john Curto, 0 Iowa Conservatives The main project of SUIE Iowa Conservatives was the group, also contributed articles to the Daily Iowan bringing Russell Kirk, noted conservative lecturer and Political Spectrum column, and several papers were author, to the campus. Sarah Slavin, president of written and presented by members of the group, And when you bring a sack lunch it's even more fun. lVl'ss SUI Pageant Board The crowning of Ann Lorack as Miss SUI for 1961-62 climaxed weeks of planning, scheduling, and Hhusy norkn for the Nliss SUI Pageant Board. The nine-memher hoard, with the assistance of vari- ous committees, arranges for and directs the pageant campaigning, Union presentation, selection of judges, and the Final election in which SUI men vote for their choice for Miss SUI. An official Pageant Board float was added to the list of activities for the hoard this year. Miss SUI and her court rode on the Hoat during the Homecom- ing parade. Miss Lorack's court included Nan johnson, Pat Teyro, Connie McBurney, and Betsye Beatle. The Pageant Board is composed of three members each from Union Board, Central Party Committee, and the Student Senate. The first Miss SUI Pageant float in the history of Home coming Parades-definitely a success, Ruth Koelhcl, Ralph Hillman, Jeanette Laughlin, Dennis Edwards. Director Secretary Carol Ingraham, Andrea XY'ilIiams, Sue Wfliitaere, Sandi Ericzon, Sandy Watson, Mary Hywatcr. Miss SUI Pageant Committee OFFICERS Di Nxis Emvuxaius C..ueoL IAKIR.-XIIAX1 The Kliss SUI Pageant Committee innovated two features of pageant activity this year. All live finalists rode together on their own float in the lloniecoming parade and more frequent appearances of Miss SUI mere arranged throughout the year. This committee, through its subcommittees, xtorks in all phases ofthe pageant, Publicity prepared gold and xxhite posters publicize ing the candidates and arranged for the Miss SUI display in the Union. The Board of Experts chose the pageant judges and set up an interview schedule for candidates. The Elec- tion Subcommittee arranged for pollwatchers and the location of ballot boxes. Union Presentation handled skit rehearsals, and supplied onstage, backstage, and lighting and audio crews for the actual presentation. The Parade Subcommittee built the pageant float iaith the Association of the U, S. Army. One of the ten Iinalists lor Miss SUI and ber campaign group wait for admission to a fraternity bouce. 'I-IQIIU, Qvcrybudy, IIE A Inuautiful day in lima City and I mpc IIS cvcn marc Ivcautiful xxI'1crcvCr you arc." f zu V . :z , V-J I My " if Beautiful roses for a I1caulifuI quccn, Miss SUI Iinalists Pat Tcyro, Connie Mcliurncy, Nan johnson, and Betsy Bcallc, with Miss SUI Ann Lorack. QV? 1,4134 ,,,. fi K K ,, wi BM U, I if A KQV? ...y fm , iy ff f ' 'I if JW sn- Q 3 f if EW. w 'gf I 1 Q .21 john J. C-reer, new president of the SUI Alumni Association, received his B.S. from SUI in 1942. I-Ie is a member of the Iowa Bar Association and the American Bar Asso- ciation. I-le has been a member of the Alum- ni Association board of directors for two three-year terms. JOHN J. GREER Iumni Association LOREN HICKERSON The Class of 362 joins a company of almost 65,000 graduates of the University of Iowa. They are scat- tered to the four corners of the world-even as you, too, will scatter. Wfhether the years since they left the campus are few or many, Iowa City and the University are indel- ible parts of their lives-even as they are indelible parts of your lives, too. Thousands of Hawkeye graduates belong regularly to the S.U.I. Alumni Association, whose own maga- zine keeps them in constant touch with the Univer- sity, and with their own classmates. The Association welcomes the Class of '62 to its ranks. May you wish to remain with us, and with S.U.I., through all the years to come! THE STATE UN1v15Rs1TY or Iowix ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Alumni House-Iowa City I Thcsc largc IBM machines kcup accu ALUMNI HOUSE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OLD GOLD DEVELOPMENI funn S.U.l. FOUNDATION The Alumni Association sign points the way to close Con tact with the University aftcr graduation. rate records of SUI alumni lnterdorm Social Board A glamor treatment before the big lnterdorm exchange. The Interdorm Social Board is Composed of the nine social chairmen of the SUI dormitories. lt is in charge of arranging social activities for dorm residents. At the beginning of each semester, the Board ar- ranges mixers and exchanges between the men's and womens dorms in order to acquaint new students, The lnterdorm Dance, the biggest event of the Board, was held in -lanuary this year. Titled "Snow- flaltefl the dance had a winter theme complete with icicles and a snowman. Sheila Trace was lnterdorm Queen and Mick My- rick was Interdorm King, lnterdorm royalty are elect- ed after the various housing units nominate candidates and dorm residents vote upon them. Advisers were ,lean Myers, assistant counselor at Currier, and Tom Frith, counselor at the Quadrangle. OFFICERS Chairman . . Fimsit Rifrsiixx Recording Secretary . PM' STifi5Nizon ROW' l: L. Helmrich, ll. Steenrod, li. Relman, C. Walker. ROW' 2: P. Wignall, XV, Sigsbee, B. .NflLirpli3'. Sheila Trace, elected Interdorm Queen qgggwww Q a-sq.,,.k W .MW-W ,W ..-..,,p 1962 lntcrdorm king and quccn finalists. 'CTD' "Lct's do the twist." 205 i 5 1 2 205, ROW 1: R. Munden, D. Sears, D. Rusk, R. Lawton, R. Xlifhile, M. Schantz, R. Moeller, D. Edwards. ROW 2: S. jones, L. Adamson 1 R. Miller, D. Seidenfeld, C. Dick, W. Reif, J. Clesne, C. C-recn, ROW 3: S. Stenstrom, W. Ellis, R. Ross, L. Schweiloch, W. Shank, J. Brown, L. Theisen, N. Oherstein, ROXV 4: J. Clark, P. Brown, R. Pitner, T. Cromwell, D. Bell, H. Hoeffding, M. Henscl, D. Brodsky, C. Mayer. ROW 5: M. New, A. Havercamp, j, jones, j. Willctvckson, D. McKinney, R. lngle, B. Clemons, T. Hansen, J. Harkness. Interfraternit Council OFFICERS President . . DAVID Rusk Vice-president . . Ruooiis LAvc"1'oN Secretary . . , MARK SIIANTZ Treasurer . . Bois XVIIITI5 The lnterfraternity Council is made up of the presi- dent and one representative from each social fraternity on the SUI campus. The purpose of the Council is to solve fraternity problems and to better the fraternity system in every possible way. The lnterfraternity Council, in conjunction with Panhellenic Council, organizes the Creek XVeek Pro- gram each year. Among the XlC'eekis activities are dis- cussions, exchange dinners, and a Creek Week dance. The Council also sponsors a Leadership retreat in the fall. At this Retreat, students hear prominent speakers and discuss problems. The background research for various aspects of the Councilis activities is done by IFC committees. The Council also has a court which handles incidents oc- curring within the fraternity system. The Council also sponsors the IFC dance. lnterlraternit Pledge Council The lnterfraternity Pledge Council is composed of the president and one representative from each fra- ternity pledge class. The purpose of the Pledge Council is to create a better understanding of the principles behind the Creek system. The Pledge Council is the governing body of the fraternity pledge classes on campus. Weekly meetings are held during the year. ln the spring, in conjunction with the Panhellenic Pledge Council, IPPC usually sponsors a fund raising campaign for the March of Dimes or the Campus Chest Drive. The campaign takes place on the main street of Iowa City. By such activities, the Pledge Council seeks to make valuable contributions, both to the community and the campus. The lnterfraternity Pledge Council is also concerned with bettering the fraternity system. OFFICERS President . . CARLOS Kmmco Vice-president . , C-REG HORRIGAN Secretary . . CHRIS HAGEN Treasurer . . MATT ROSLNSTEIN ROW 1: D. McCombs, M. Collor, T. Davis, C. Kiamco, A. Brown, W. Burge, M. Rosenstein, C. Tracy, j. Brye, R. Mullarky. ROW 2: M. Rosenthal, S. Huff, J. Ott, j. DeGraw, M. Zaboda, S. Jacobson, J. Reid, J. Dunn, R. Lawton. ROW 3: K. Lindberg, j. Wells, L. Foster, M, Kinney, B. Hunter, D. Turici, S. Towle, M. Schiavoni, S. Barnes, T. Smallwood. ROW 4: D. Sunleaf, H. Nivens, D. Clapsaddle, M. Dooley, G. Wielc, R. Stouther, L. Randall, B. Caldwell. v B ff if . A-ffx -nv wr Ag, 5'0- 1 W5 Queens Upon this campus walk the most beautiful women in the world. SUI is properly appreciative as each year a new crop of queens is chosen to reign over various activities. The Queen of queens is Miss SUI, chosen to rule at Homecom- ing, This year, Ann Lorak, Men- dota, Ill., was selected through all- campus male voting. But whether recognized with crown and scepter, each SUI maid- en is a queen to someone. 45 55 -3 -.-Z Q .QM CONNIE MCBuRNEY fwfr fff Ann Lorack 2 R H W 2 x, , S ff xi Q iss AH, f, 7 Y R BETSY BEATLE NANCY JOHNSON PAT Txsvuo s ' " MxJ2Yn' LINDA NYQUIST RAYLEEN VANDER SCHLL KAY ENDERES Qfohi Qfefxf J an Curtis LINDA LIDDE LL .. y 5' v,, 7 3 f..w""' fv , 3 W-W.. , W Q, w1.,...-N. E i H 5 5 ! k U -ii 'X -..aa - ,.., My f . JEAN PASKIQR 3 ., IVLXRY ANN MILLER fff Qfeef Ann Strief JUDY TOOHILL , ijf , Ha 5 I A Af , 1 wwf-., ,lgfffm cm PAT TEYRO LJNDA LJDDELL SANDY Lu SHANE SALLY YW1cHA4AN fffpf 0662! Karen Raish SHARON FLADOOS yew M Aww- . KM ,.-as-M-u.,,,,,h M .Mb ,, X U ,auf I ff" ,-vM.,.,, M-,ww J 831, if wifi , ,rw AVI ESE A .,,,5 fr. 5 115 ,M , .+A-MW. 5 mx sa, M M1 an-AM A W -9- 0: .rw twwfff' 4. wwf? , wrv' "' r"'7f?mi1'!5 ,M- A ,F H, ,W ,tw ,Kami 'V' SALLY NEVILLE Maw 0661 Margaret Baumgartner NIXNCY JOHNSON WU? NANCY KRAMIQR Nrfnlm MORGAN fzffaxfaxfy QW! Qin! Barbara Steelman TOBYE BARON 4f""r, Tucx RIJNERT Yharv ln.. if 'S .W 4 5. A ,W .A ix A X -1 swag ins' 9' xv KW as W5 4 J? 5, --0. 4. ,gm-1 ir Q X . '7' Q W L .X ,Q 4 L W ,QQ 1 ' it ',.. 5 K ,dvi Li? , '1 wx Y Suu ORR fffwxfeff' gif!!! Dina Moor PAM PE'I'IiRSON W JUDY DAVIIH i .Qi Suzi OLIVE 223 LYN SEARS Qfmiwfyfe Qfewf Kay Enderes M,xRG,xR15T B,xL1Ax1GARTNE1z s xi. "lull-""rem3, he 'E QQ 3 eh!! 0 V? WWW an 92 ff" 3 Q Q 1 0 'M' if M ' Q Z I f m ,X VV fy I 5233, . SHERYL CRONINGA Zffkfdl 0661 Tuck Reinert DIANNE LADLN "'--u SUSAN BARTLETT v 'W :,. ' , J. Mmm, mmwmmw mawwmm, wwf. 1, .MY 12 Q1 U f ir A f B , ? Kf- '0 bi Y WH? 1121 . if ' 3 l X F535 T E 233 ,wg C Qi r ' s l 3 7ggf.M wwwi A 255-kgswam 3 r Q o v 2 1 ,M x A A wi z.kE!ggjEQEiiQQg? if Wg. f,fJ 4aY 1 Q The Arts To create is a ncccl of all men, Slll departments ollcr outlets for all kinds of Crcativc abilities. The Art Department, long rccognized as ont' of the lwcst in the country, trains students in all areas. Our University Theatre ranks among the mpg tlic SUI Wlritcrk Wforksliop liay ruccivecl national lionorsg tlic Sclicml of ,lournalixni can claim ex- cullt-nccg and tlic Music Department lias also reaped national laureli. 3 A view of the Schmal music group rehearsing. Department of Musi For SUI students Dr. Himie VoXman's Department of Music leads to a vocation, an avocation, andfor entertainment. For the music majors, everyday classes, hours of practicing at East Hall, possible student teaching in the junior year, and performing on and off campus result in graduation and a degree. Those extremely talented students who desire a high degree of specialization in performance and composition delve even further into this area to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music, A number of vocal and instru- mental groups and courses offer the non-music majors an opportunity to develop musical talent and interest of any degree. Membership is based on tryouts usually held in September. And the SUI students who prefer a seat in the audience rather than on stage are well- rewarded with music ranging from the Symphony Orchestra's 'IPiano Concerto in C Major, K. 467' to the Old Cold Singers, "I Cot Rhythmf' When the reed is in place, we're ready to go -1-1 University Chorus Many were the ovations duly claimed by SUI's two major vocal organizations and Professor Daniel Moe, new director of choral activities of the 1961-62 season. The 50 select male and female voices of the newly- formed SUI Choir were accompanied by the Univer- sity Chamber Orchestra as they presented selections of Christmas music November 29 in Macbride Audi- torium. The same concert was received equally as well December 4 by the Oelwein Community Schools and Rotary Club. Programs presented in and around Iowa City and a Spring Tour of Iowa completed a successful year of song. The University Oratorio Chorus performs twice each year in conjunction with the Symphony Orchestra, The Christmas concert was highlighted by the Midwestern premiere of "Gloria," a new work by Frances Poulenc, the eminent French composer. Dr. Mods new work, l'TeIJeum for X'v'inds and Chorus," was featured at the Easter presentation. The 200-member chorus applauded the compositions as entlnisiastically as the audiences. The all important arrangement Strings ready?" Symphony Urohestra The SUI Symphony Orchestra and Conductor Paul Olefsky, associate professor of music, well-deserved the applause of the capacity crowds which filled the Main Lounge of the Iowa lvlemorial Union for the 1961-62 concert season. The October concert featured "Symphony," a composition written by SUI's Richard Hervig, associate professor of music, and closed with Maurice Ravells "Rapsodie Espagnolen in four move- ments. Wfilliam Doppman, associate professor of music and piano soloist, was highly praised for his presen- tation of K'Piano Concerto in C Major, K. 467" and "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganiniu in the November concert. Teaming with the University Chorus in De- cember, the Orchestra augmented the holiday spirit on campus with the traditional Yule program. The Febru- ary and March concerts continued to introduce the world's greatest compositions to the SUI audiences. The 125-member Orchestra performed the works of Dr. Halsey Stevens, as they honored the visiting com- poser in April. ,fir ,- mwamwwzwus 4 vga? t, Symphony Band The lights dimf the instruments 'ltune upf' a short silence ensues, The Symphony Band hegins another fine musical experience for its audience. This year the hand, directed hy Frederick C. Ehhs, followed a husy schedule, It presented a concert and participated in a hand clinic in -lanuary and presented two other concerts on Palm Sunday and in the late spring of this year. The two commencement ceremonies were aug- mented hy its performance, and audiences were thrilled throughout Iowa during the hand's tour this Nlarch. A derivative of this group, the Hawkeye Concert Band, inspires school spirit during hasltethall games throughout the winter. They also perform in conjunc- tion with the ROTC parade and present their own concert in April. "A one and a two and a three . . ." It gives you a feeling of power, doesn't it? Marching Band The brilliant performances of the Hawkeye March- ing Band never fail to thrill spectators everywhere. Under the direction of Frederick C. Ebbs, assisted by Thomas Davis and a graduate staff of six, the 145- piece band executes such difhcult numbers as "The West Side Story" and a "chorus linen with perfect precision and skill. The band not only entertains dur- ing half-time of the football games, but inspires the crowd's pep and enthusiasm throughout the game it- self by playing such familiar and rousing songs as the "Iowa Fight Song" and "On, Iowa." The band also adds color and inspiration to the traditional Induction Ceremony at the beginning of the year. This year, a trip to the Purdue-Iowa game at Purdue served as the only out-of-town excursion. As usual, the band re- ceived tremendous applause after each performance. Qld Gold Singers Director Marvin Cenucki and the Old Cold Singers have certainly contributed more than their share of laurels to the fame of SUlis Department of Music. Composed entirely of non-music majors, this outstand- ing choral group's performances are oriented toward audience enjoyment rather than a scholastic study of music. The hlack and gold clad singers tour Iowa and surrounding states, where they are as familiar and wel- come as on the SUI campus. Thirty-four Iowa radio stations featured the 30 singers on a 13-minute pro- gram premiering a new SUI song, Hhlawkeye Hymn," written by an SUI alumnus, Cedar Rapids received the singers and a three-piece instrumental combo enthusi- astically as they performed at U.S. Sen, Bourke B. I'Iickenl0oper's testimonial dinner and the Lions Club's meeting. The applause at the Dadys Day Luncheon, Miss SUI Presentation, and the May student concert prove that the Old Gold Singers are considered one of the favorite entertaining groups on campus. "Figaro, figaro, figaro U One slip and it's ruined, as this student engraves a steel plate. rt Department The Art Building is truly a fascinating place. A short walk through the building itself will reveal the many facets of the art department, directed by Frank Sieberling. The two galleries this year held exhibits of the works of faculty members, an oriental exhibit, a sculptural exhibit, and others by prominent artists throughout the country. The students experiment in the techniques of drawing, painting, and ceramics in the painting and sculptural studios. Housed in the building also is the industrial design department, the photography department, and the comprehensive li- brary for art research-added specialties offered to the student. The graduate school is outstanding, especially in the field of Graphics. The art student develops a new visual sense of surrounding objects and learns to "see" them in space. The most benign of expressions, captured in one of manls oldest mediums. . -fyfgf 5 fliillii K: ,M X :ft 'lv QW A graduate art student surroundcd by his work. , 1321 ki . '- u. ,, L3 --mi., V , JK lntc the The rested guests inspect a painting at one of many displays held at the Art Building. Potters Wlmccl-an old tool still used in ceramic work. Ni .W ,, -I ai X f 4 r :V sei ov G4 4 3.5 -Q11 .Q up 5. af Y , Q? it A bold stroke hcrc, a bit of subdued shading there . . . i'The Merry XYf'ives of XYfindsor" co-produced by the Music and Drama Departments. University Theatre Under the auspices of the Department of Speech and Dramatic Art chairmaned hy H. Clay Harsh- harger, the Drama Department, directed hy A. S. Gillette, presents every phase of theatrical production to the drama student. This includes everything from stage makeup, movement fundamentals for theatre and dance, and the theory and technique of acting, to a complete survey of theatre history and dramatic litera- ture. This year, the University Theatre with its re- markable revolving stage, presented such divers and challenging production as Shakespeare's "Twelfth Niglnf' "The X5C'ild Duck," hy Henrik lbsen, often designated as the father of modern drama, and "The Merry Wives of Wiitclsor,'l a delightful opera in Eng- lish, procluced this summer as a joint presentation with the Music Department. Because of its fine work in every area the Drama Department proved once again that it is well deserving of its national rating. Some of the Merry XY'ives look on as Falstaff serenades, Hotel Paradiso A slapstick, French bedroom farce, the unforget- ahle HHotel Paradiso," directed hy -lames NW. Gouseff, was the Hrst production of the season. The play is one of the earliest works of Georges lfeydeau, the man who has heen termed "the greatest French comic drainatist after Molieref' Anthony Bougoultas and Barbara Peeters play the lead roles of Boniface and Marcelle, who, with another couple, become involved in the "inevitable futility of attempted infidelity" and whose attempts at rendezvous end in hilarious and long-rememhered hedroom-door chase scenes. A wacky scene at Hotel Paradiso. A moment of supplication. Three men chat as a priest looks on. l h V' 'l A poignant tragedy proved to be the second play of the season. "The Visit," hy the playwright Friedrich Duerrenmatt, criticizes the greed of contemporary society and places its emphasis on the materialism of modern peoples. Agnes Knauf portrayed Claire, the extremely wealthy and vengeful woman who otlers a much-needed fortune to the citizens of her former hometown of Llullen, Germany in exchange for the death of Anton Schill, the "respectable" grocer, por- trayed by Peter O'Sullivan. The realistic ending and the scenery, simply composed of the bare essentials, produced the desired effect of the realization of per- verted human values upon the audience. Studio Theatre The Studio Theatre, occupying one end of the Old Armory huilding opposite the University Lihrary, is concerned with the presentation of plays that supple- ment, hy their choice and method of production, the offerings of the University Theatre. This year's schedule included the well-known Pantomimes, di- rected hy james XV. Cousseff. The "clown-facedl' pantomime artists are students who write their own material after studying the history, theory, and tech' nique of pantomime. Behind the scenes, one will find them pantomitning anything from a Picasso painting to articles from The Daily 7owrin, msgs, w r f -11 ,L an 5425512 '. :Su WEEK ? ' - , :fm ,::- 1' lf 1: , :',f Zi'::: '. 5: ' 1 3:2 2'L A suspenseful moment in "Letter to Corinth." Studio Theatre The Ladyjs Not For Burning." "Letter to Corinth," was written by Virginia Peters Scott, a graduate student in the Department of Speech and Dramatic Art. The leads were remarkably handled by True Fugate and Ruth Longman who de- picted Theresa Reed and Mother Mary Edmund St. George. The focus of the play is ". . . the foolish things of the world has God chosen to put to shame the wise . . . as it is written, Let him who takes pride, take pride in the Lord." I Corinthians, 1 126-31. "The Lady's Not For Burningfl a poetic drama by Christopher Fry, was directed by William Larson and produced in the Studio Theatre also. Barry Witlian as Thomas Mendrip, the Vagabond soldier, and Rosa- lind john as jennet jourdemayne, the young towns- girl falsely accused of being a witch, represent the glaring clash between the "life force and the death wishfi Reflective thought-a poem? a short story? Writers' Workshop The Writers, Workshop, largely conceived and energetically directed by SUI's Paul Engle, is a new program that is turning out some of Amer- icals best writers. The most distinguished creative- writing school in the US., the Workshop has brought considerable gains both to the University and to the republic of letters. Admission to the program requires submitting a manuscript to dem- onstrate writing ability, for the primary requisite is talent. Some of the students in the Workshop teach in SUI's regular English department. Direc- tor Paul Engle qualifies the program as a plan which ". . . gives the writer a place where he can be himself, confronting the hazards and hopes of his own talent, and at the same time he can measure his capacity against a variety of others , . f' Paul Engle's flashing fingers demonstrate a point A sculptured figure watches over potential poets and novelists during classes at the Writers' Worlcshop. Mike Maduff, Karen Branson, Dale Bentz, Fred Pownall, and L. G, Moeller, SPI members. SPI Board The Board of Trustees of Student Publications, Inc., represents a two-fold purpose: policy determination and fund allocation, The student-dominated body con- trols the policies of the Daily Iowan and the HAWKEYL by appointing the editors of both publications, setting staff salaries, fixing sale prices of the newspaper and yearbook, and approving the DI staff members. De- cisions to allocate funds for the Daily Iowan and the l'lAXY'KIfYE and processes to obtain the funds from the University serve as the additional responsibilities of Chairman Leslie B, Moeller, director of the School of ,lOUI'11ZIliS11l, and the Board. Four of the nine positions of the SPI Board are filled by faculty members ap- pointed by SUI President Virgil Hancher. Although the student members need not be journalism majors, they must obtain the confidence of other SUI students through campaigns and petitions to receive votes dur- ing the all-campus elections in the spring. Arc you sure I have thu right cud? Q' 9 F' z The busy life of a photographer. fha, fm . 415 'W If, f Hifi: ,ffyitf It isnjt thu Daily Iowan? For shams A CAROLYN JENSEN, Editor MIKF CILLES, Business Managcr 196 Hawkeye 10, ---...,,, Vs N Kathie Swift, copy cditorg Mamlynn Torodc, managing cditnrg with mcmhcrs of the cditorial staff: Janie Fraham, Carol Ingram, Sue Curson, Dargy Hamilton, Carolyn Rabc, ,lan Burns, john Bornholt, and Denny Wfallcr, 252 Doug McAuley, Sue Steff, and jim Cebhie - high command of the Hawkeye Business staff. College days and experiences are anticipated with eagerness and anxiety. Then that September day arrives, and with it a new world-more study and de- cisions, less sleep and dependence. But the experiences gained at SUI will never be forgotten-Rush Week with its joys and disappointmentsg the first football week-end and the celebrations of the Hawks, win, the allrnight sessions with texts and lecture notesf the arrival of those first "DU slipsf the hours spent in the libraryf that maze of entwined couples at the entrance of Burge each weekend. Too quickly these events and experiences become only memories, but they will live on always in the pages of the 1962 HAWKEYE. TOM MOSIER, Chief Photographer Qi' us ss. 'annum PHIL CURRIE, Editor IM QEDA Managing Editor For many, the student-staffed Duily Ioxmm serves as the primary link of communication and information between Iowa City and the personalities and happen- ings of the world. Because so many of the day's hours are claimed by study and libraries, a thorough review of the home- town newspapers and weekly and monthly magazines is not always possible nor probable. Carrying AP, and AP W'ire Photo Service, the IUIIHHI is, therefore, able to provide the University with local, state, na- tional and international news. In addition, Eric Sevareid, and Roscoe Drummond, nationally syndie cated columnists, contribute daily features and edi- torials to Iowa's fourth largest morning paper. In this way, the SUI student or faculty member finds the results of the Senate's action of the previous day on page one, Editor-in-chief Phil Currie's editorials on page two, the pinnings and engagements of the week on the third page, and the sports follow-ups and features on the remaining pages. The Daily IOIFLHI is circulated Tuesday through Saturday mornings fifty weeks out of the year. GARY CERLACH and BOB ENGLE, News Editors JERRY ELSEA, Sports Editor, and his assistant HAROLD HATFIELD and BARB BUTLER, City Editors The 250 issues of The Daily .lowmi written and printed each year represent hours of work, whether spent in reporting, photographing, interviewing, copy writing, ad selling, or typing-all essentials in any newspaper ottice. The actual reporting and copyreading is handled hy a fluctuating staff of students from the reporting and copyreading classes of the University's School of journalism, But the responsibilities and challenges which accom- pany a daily newspaper are met primarily by the eleven permanent members ofthe DI staff. The editor- in-chief is selected by the SPI Board each May and his term runs until the following May. He then is free to appoint the remaining members of his crew, all of whom are paid for their work and contributions to the publication. Not all necessarily journalism majors, the staff usually numbers approximately 35 students. Heading the 1961-62 Daily Yoimui staff, Editor Phil Currie also appoints the photo staff, the chief photog- rapher being Larry Rapoport. Photo Staff flu' Daily loimuz photography staff, under the direc- tion of Larry Rapoport, chief photographer, spends its days snapping pictures of any and all campus events. Himself a student, Larry is also responsible for The Daily 701mm darkroom, where pictures are de- veloped, printed and dried. The Daily JOILHH1 also receives the Associated Press Wireplioto Service, so that thorough coverage of major national events is insured. ....... LARRY RAPOPORT, Chief Photographer ,.Q"K"MLMi V . q 7 Q Q, D" Cutting, pasting, filing -- the Daily Iowan keeps a complete photo file of campus events. ,anal- 'il' 5 , ,QL T vk,i,.1 , , iff ' ' . sf if - I. ,K Nicki Custin, Kay Kutnik, Bob Clafcke, Larry Prybil, Dick Scott, and Chet Matthews bring home the bacon by selling advertising. Business Staff Under the direction of Bob C-lafcke, the advertising staff of The Daily Iowan is composed of ten students during the first semester. Each student handles twelve or more accounts in the Iowa City area. Appointments with each merchant one or more times a week provide the time for the preparation of the store's advertising and a realistic Contact with the ways and means of the business, and specifically the advertising, world. Like any regular newspaper, The Daily loimiu offers complete advertising service-selling, layout, copy writing, and mat service. From the initial sale of each ad to the layout of the copy and its eventual appear- ance in the University-circulated newspaper, a Dl advertising account is handled completely by students. Advertising staff positions are held by Larry Prybil, advertising manager ffirst semesterj, Chett Matthews, classified manager, and David Thompson, promotion manager. Ardis Ruby, Arlene Brennan, and Lee Wfest take care of DI business and circulation problems. XY'Sl.ll Broadcasting tower. ack? W"hat's this we hear about Ted cheating on an exam7' Throughout the year, radio station XVSLll, under the direction of Carl H. Menzer, concentrates on hringing a large variety of programs to its listening audience, These programs are produced in coopera- tion with other SUI departments and activities and include student panel discussions, lectures, and nu- merous interviews. Topics range from Homecoming Badge sales to such contemporary issues as fallout shelters. Pull coverage is given to such events as the State of the University address, and all sports events. Musical recitals and concerts are presented in their entirety and once each week, stations XWSLII and KSUI are used to hroadcast stero concerts. lnter- spersed regularly throughout all these programs are the comprehensive news broadcasts compiled hy the School of Journalism. P f Radio newsmcn have iicadaciics too. All kinds of important looking machinery-but docs anybody understand it? An impromptu, unrchcarscd type interview. 1'-M 'asriiiiiilliizii iii . . . iw W f 1 - ' +5 :: , EW , A I ,V.:, .V A. 3 ,W 7: ,tranny -f t . Q.-,-I. Television classroom-in more ways than one. Television Center Roll 'eml Speed and recording! The clap-stick snaps shut and another production from the Television Center is underway. The Center is directed by Samuel L. Becker and emphasizes student participation. Several television shows are produced. The "Expedi- tion Seriesf, a special program produced monthly in conjunction with the ABC Broadcasting network, offers an Hexpeditionn into the fields of science and the arts. It has included a film on Picasso, archeologi- cal expeditions and discoveries, and interviews with japanese religious leaders. Proven successful in the past, experimental dramatic productions, written and directed by the students, have been continued this year. In the field of education, "TV School Time" is transmitted through three cooperating stations and brings classroom instruction to primary school children, 260 The SUI TV Center. lffi :EE ,! .,f mf . ' fx ilxw 2 A Eff-W gr .4 js. "of :img W K, 1 lla V an V4 my ax. NR, an I M Q, as Q - H 91 lvsgfm sv '5 mv, W my f, y , .k,L. . . ,,.,Q.,,m , V . A, 5. ,Lf , ' f Q,5lf?i2LiSiii? ' 2 ,f A-f, A.,, . , fm 17 ww ww MM 1? V M-. -,M., -. N n Iowa City'5 own Wfhitc Cliffs :ll-w,LQS'rf -f:m? r, wma xfw1sm2lwwm,ww:m:'u2f Athletics Every Hawkeye fan is an avid one. There is nothing lukewarm about it. The mad, roaring football games in the fallg equally noisy bas- ketball games in the winter. Hawk- eye minor sports have their follow- ings, too, though it is football and basketball games that draw the mass audiences. SLll's Morning Quarterbacks dif- fer not at all from those found elsew where. Of course he should have thrown on the second down! Then there was the big basketball game this winter. We almost beat Ohio Stare. RI FOREST EVASHEVSKI, SUI Dircctur of Athlctics ERRY BURNS, hcad hvuthnll wash SH.-NRM SCHEURMAN, head haskcthall coach Outstanding thletes ,Q-a Quarterback Matt Szykowny also has letters in basketball and baseball. Tackle Al Hinton-most valuable Hawkeye player Center Bill Van Buren, ccntcr and co-captain Don Nelson, Co-Captain, ccntcr, and leading SUI scorer idj.. Outstanding Athletes Sherwin Thorson, NCAA Heavyweight champion Tom Huff, All-American wrestler Basketball Co-captain loc Novak Bill Clacrhout, outstanding swimmer Bill Frazier, Big Ten indoor 600-yard dash winner, Uutstanding Athletes ,Ion Cada, SUI gymrxast jim Tucker, All-Amcrican distance runncr. Los Cutler, SUI swimmcr 267 Football The Iowa Hawkeyes started the new season under the direction of new coach, jerry Burns, with a 28-7 victory over the California Colden Bears. During the game, Iowa All-American Larry Ferguson suffered a knee-injury which ended his career for the season. Sherwin "'l'lnunper'l Thorson was voted the Associated Press 'fLineman of the W'eek'l as he helped Iowa hold California to only a net 85 yards rushing. Next Saturday in Los Angeles, Iowa halfback Sammy Harris turned in a top defensive effort hy knocking down a vital 2-point pass which was a con- version attempt with 48 seconds remaining in the game. This play maintained a 35-34 Hawkeye victory over the Southern California Trojans. SEASONS RECORD Iowa City, Sept. 30 Iowa . 28 California . 7 Los Angeles, Calif., Oct. 7 Iowa . 35 So. Calif. . 34 Iowa City, Oct. 'I4 Iowa , 27 Indiana . . 8 Iowa City, Oct. 21 Iowa . -I7 Wfisctvnsin . 15 Lafayette, Ind., Oct. 28 Iowa . O Purdue . . 'I Columhus, Ohio, Nov. 4 Iowa . IS Ohio State . 29 Iowa. City, Nov. ll Iowa . 9 Minnesota . lf: Ann Arbor, Mich., Nov. IS Iowa . 14 Michigan . 23 Iowa City, Nov, 25 Iowa . 42 Notre Dame Il Next week in Columbus, Ohio State fans saw the Buckeyes use an effective platoon system to beat the Hawkeyes by a score of 29-13. In the first quarter, defensive end Tom Perdue turned a mid-air fumhle into a 55-yard scoring run. Ohio State fullback Bob ROXV I ffrontlz E. Pudcler, I. Wfilliams, S. Thorsen, B. DiCindio, Co-Capt. B. Van Buren, Co-Capt. XV. Hollis, R. Yauck, K. Barhera, I.. Ferguson, II. XVyatt, VU. Wfhisler, J. Burns, head coach, ROXV 2: H. Piro, assistant coach, A. Kodros, assistant coach, D. Wfatkins, XV. Perkins, I. Wfinston, M. Szykowny, D. Turici, A. Fischer, Lindeman, J. Calhoun, D. Perry, E. McQuiston, B. Flora, assistant coach. ROW 3: B. Happel, freshman coach, jim Kopel, manager, S. Harris, K. Neubert, J. Williams, R. Kreamer, J. Rohrs, M. McDonald, H. Fisher, L. Lyon, G. Kasapis, J. Hilgenberg, assistant coach. ROW 4: A. Buntrock, trainer, R. Wehrle, N. MacLean, T. Buroker, F. Rogers, R. Sherman, L, Hilliard, XIV. Cervenak, 1. Maughan, A. Massucci, Ir., W. Hilgenberg, P. Krause, E. O'Brien, assistant equipment manager, A. MacDonald, assistant coach, ROW' 5: K. Falb, assistant trainer, L. Ford, assistant manager, P. Mathey, K. Silverstein, D. Christensen, XV. Niedbala, J. McSwaney, D. Dougherty, J. Sunseri, M. Reilly, I-lelgens, R. LeZotte, W. Phillips, freshman assistant coach. TOP ROW: H. Friend, assistant trainer, L. Rogers, Cv. Fletcher, G. Boutelle, P. Roemer, j. Robshaw, C. l..atta, R. Brocavich, C. McGill, T. Walker, B. Crier, C. Xltfehh, L. Wfelcher, equipment manager. Hawkeye fans didn't see enough of Fergy this year. A few plays later an injured leg put him out of action. Ferguson exemplified a typical Woody Hayes offensive unit with powerful running through the middle of the line. Bitter after three Big Ten losses the Hawks returned to Iowa City for the traditional game with Minnesota, the I'Floyd of Rosedalei' trophy being at stake. A fired-up, but careless, Iowa team lost to the Minnesota team before the Dad's Day crowd of more than 60,000 by a score of 16-9. The Gophers forced the anxious Hawks to make mistakes and then took ad- vantage of them. Iowa scored on a safety in the first quarter and a 33-yard touchdown pass from Szykowny to Webb during the last minute of the game. Minne- sota scored in the fourth quarter after an Iowa fumble on the Gopher 45-yard line. A 39-yard scoring pass from Sandy Stephens to Bill Muncy did the trick. The Gophers scored again when .a Hawkeye punt was blocked and then recovered in the end zone. Close only counts in horseshoes. , " , Q , . rf' V s ,nf x V by J A 2' J, , 1 nf Q if Y AX:-i X 'F is It g x 1, ,J 1 ff' 1 I 4 1. 4 .rf fi ' I fa M My Ms" , 1 xx ff . 2 ,ff 3 ,fi " ca , 5 ' ,. W-Q' 7 0' W r f K ' K -1- , f' ' 1 M .M A . 'Y' 'S . 4' A f- fy uz, wi. gm-zg?73i-:Alarm W' 'N-rf, J ,U .- Afi 'v5Sfaaq?'f ., , 5 3'.is:f:fEf g Z,.,'m,,f ,", ,,- , gg- - ,pm y . Q. ,,h. M ? ,vi 'T' , ,- , A , . , ,. ' -, I H7 H xfw J -' K . M v 'N 'L V :,' -fgijlflfk A 5 S K :ziiiglfv-: "' A My xg w f ' "" ,K SSLfi'155233-SigiigsseggkLg,:Qgfff-5i . , M, A ,,-wf,n- ,,.-L,,.,, L L,1, S ,.. ,,A.., A ' 'Sf A X Q S K K ' - -2 1' " K -.iafwfi-2 f2li21TLfl:'l' '-25:53 X , ' 5 , -. " T f f ' ., ,?i?lQQ-,iz H ' - ' ' . Vifff'::5"'ffEi2l 2 -Wfff f N ' M' mmm ' 5 ,WM ,. ' :1'i,-ffkfeifl K' 5 , .Q V 'L .vii 25 l f ' M 3 f QW. T' L A ffl X f Q rs ' . - Q t QI Lu ' f ' ' ' 5 - k-kk in , q,..M We JP' V ' 1 , , N k M' -Q up g1 4g f f -WW 4 . W L ,,hm ., ki h,i: Q N -fr Rf' W-...wh x K W w as wx ' , 5 my ,r The half ended 33-0 as Iowa scored five touchdowns during the first Q0 minutes of action. The Hawks did a fine defensive job against Wisconsinis noted passing attack directed by quarterback Ron Miller. Pass inter- ceptions by guards Sherwyn Thorson and Mike Reilly set up two Iowa touchdowns. Iowa's final score was made by end Bill Whisler who intercepted a pass on the Wisconsin 21-yard line and went all the way for the touchdown. Iowa gained Q29 yards on the ground and 222 yards through the air for a series record of 451 total yards rushing. The following Saturday the weather and the breaks turned against Iowa as we lost our first game to the Purdue Boilermakers on rain-soaked Ross Ade Field. Iowais running attack was bogged down as the Hawks lost three vital fumbles to the Boilermakers. Using a "shotgun'J type of offense, Purdue showed it had the ability to complete passes when it really counted. Purdue scored its only touchdown .after a pass inter- ception in the first quarter. The game ended with a 9-O score. A long stretch, but Rogers will bring it down Another week later at Ann Arbor, Iowa dominated the offensive play and led 14-3 for the first half of the game. A half-diving catch by Cloyd Webb of a 49-yard pass thrown by Matt Szykowny set up the first Iowa touchdown which was scored by fullback Bill Perkins. Before the end of the half, halfback joe Williams scored from one yard out after the Hawk- eyes had marched from their own 30-yard line. A determined Michigan team came from behind in the second half to score three touchdowns and defeat Iowa Q3-14. Some of the Hawks' prettier fans cheer them on to the Held. Agile Cloyd Wfchb snags a Szykowny pass. Football Those partisan students who came back to Iowa City during the Thanksgiving recess witnessed a well- deserved and self-gratifying Iowa victory over Notre Dame. Outstanding offensive play by senior end Bill Wfhisler, who made eight grabs which were good for a total of 130 yards, and a 105-yard kickoff return by halfback joe Wlilliams sparked the Hawks to a -I2-21 victory over the Fighting Irish. Wfith the breaks going the other way, Iowa recovered six of seven Notre Dame fumbles and intercepted five passes. On offense, Iowa fullback Bill Perkins was the first Hawkeye to score, racing 43 yards through the hole at right tackle. Other Iowa touchdowns were set up by completed passes to Bill Wfhisler allowing Matt Szykowny to score with quarterback "sneaks" from the one and two yard lines, This victory gave jerry Burns a winning season with five wins and four losses for his first year as head coach of the Iowa team. Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Basketball Evansville . Miami of Ohio S. Dakota State St. Loius . . Los Angeles State Nevada . . P1 IILADELPI rm Ho1-1D..xY Ton RNAMIQNT Penn. State . Pennsylvania . Villanova . . Wisconsin . Northwestern Alinnesota . Michigan . . Northwestern Creighton Ohio State . Illinois . Purdue . Indiana . . Ivlichigan State Michigan . . Ohio State . Illinois . Wisconsin . ROW 1: D. Nelson, D. Shaw, J, Messick, B. Skac, D Mclhaus D Roach ROW 2 S Scheuerman CHcad Coachj D Bollman M. Carver, C. Lorenz, T. Purcell, B. King QAssistant Coachj ROW 3 D Schultz CFresl1man Coachj B McCauley A Hankms J. Rcddington, -I, Novak, M. Arlcavich. w? : Ml f K Basketball The Hawkeye quintet began its 1961-62 season with a loss at Evansville by a score of 65-59. Iowa was not quite ready for Evansvillels pressing man to man defense. Don Nelson, senior and team co-captain, marked his seasonal debut by scoring 29 points. This theme was followed throughout the season as Don went on to score a record total of 572 points in 23 games. Nelson scored 26 points and sophomore Andy Hankins contributed 17 as Iowa came home to defeat Miami of Ohio 7555, Ilankins continued to score well as he chipped in 21 points in Iowa's 6952 defeat of South Dakota State. The Hawks then dropped a 79-61 decision at St. Louis University. Returning to Iowa City, the Hawks defeated Los Angeles State 82-72. Andy Hankins sparked the win by scoring 2-I points. Don Nelson returned to his expected form as he led Iowa to a 88-46 victory over Nevada. Along with 26 points by Don Nelson, Andy Hankins scored 17 and Matt Szykowny added 10, SUIT. Dick Shaw chases the basketball clovsn the court The game begins - Iowa goes on to whip XY"isconsin QSM.- esz?"'M it sw fo -ft W ,t me X in I y YW ...anis fl The Hawks continued their non-conference play by participating in a Christmas holdiday tournament at Philadelphia. Iowa gained a semi-final berth by defeat- ing Penn. State, 67--18. In this game Iowa displayed a pressing man to man defense and shot 731521, from the free throw line. Veteran Don Nelson, backed by sophomores Mel Roach, jerry Messick, and Andy Hankins, put Iowa in the finals by leading the Hawks to a 72-6-1 win over Pennsylvania. All four of them scored in douhle figures. It was a different story in the final game against Villanova when Nelson, with 19 points, was the only Iowa player to score in two columns. The Wildcats used an effective fast break to win the game, 69-56. Big Ten action began when Wiscoiisiii heat Iowa by a 91-79 score. The game was the Badgers' first home victory over the Hawks since 1952. Don Nelson broke the individual scoring record of the Camp Ran- dall Fieldhouse as he stuffed in 39 points. Iowa then bounced back with a 74-69 victory over Northwestern in Iowa City. Nelson's 36 points, enabled him to break the all-time Hawkeye career scoring record of 1,188 by Chuck Darling. ow x ,S-4 Don Nelson, top Iowa scorer, rises above his opponents Iowa then beat Minnesota, 65-63, as Nelson hit two free throws with Hve seconds left in the game. The next Nlonday however, the Hawks dropped a 55-56 decision to Michigan as the XVolverines stole the ball in the last second and scored on a foul shot by Tom Cole. In Evanston, the Hawkeyes defeated Northwestern, 72-60. Sophomores Doug Melliaus and Jerry Messick rebounded well to give support to Don Nelson, who scored 25 points. Iowa started the second semester with a 68-67 set back to Creighton. It was a disappointing defeat marked by low scoring performances by all Hawkeye players. Basketball Nelson haul-qs Ohin St:-llc men for thc rebound. Ohio State npcncd up ri RH-point lend and nevcr relinquished it as the Bucks hear the llnwks, S9-63, at Columbus, Although Don Nelson lcd all 5c:0rcrs with 29 points, none of his tcmnmntes scored over lil points each. Illinois then dcfcnred luwn, 91-81, in Iowa City. Mmm Szykowny, Andy Hnnkins, and Don Nelson all fouled out of thc gains. The llnwkeycs show ed more scoring hnlancc in n 82-75 loss at Purduc, with four nw-n xcoring in donhlc Hgurvs. Terry Uiscliiiigm' PUlIl'L'Ll in 38 points to mninmin his Confcrcncu scoring lL'nLl0I'sl1lp. lnclinna hnndccl lima its lilth straight hav, 72-69, nt liliioiniiigroii, di-fpitc n 37-puini purforinnncu hy Dun Xi-lwii. Don connected on II nf 25 frcc tlimws Matt Syzknwnx slnwns a bucket against Whscomin, Nelson turns it on against Minnesota. ..ii1.tVafiv Iowa came out of its tailspin to defeat Michigan State, 59-51, in Iowa City. Iowa guard Matt Szykowny gave the team some added strength with a series of steals and quick passes to set up Iowa baskets. The Hawkeyes evened the score with Michigan by defeating them here, 68-63. joe Reddington, Iowa guard, set the pace by scoring 18 points. Ohio State recorded its 27th straight Big Ten win by beating Iowa, 72-62. Guards Matt Szykowny and joe Reddington provided good out- side shooting against a Buckeye sagging zone defense around Don Nelson. Each collected 12 and 15 points respectively while Nelson netted 18 points. Iowa revenged an earlier defeat by beating Illinois, 88-78, at Cham- paign. Sophomore jerry Messick scored 28 points and senior Don Nelson stuffed in 32 points. Iowals Hawkeyes finished the season with a surprising 81-64 victory over the Wfisconsin Badgers. Don Nelson ended his brilliant career as a Hawkeye, scoring 35 points. In the final seconds of the game he dribbled in from the side court and dunked the ball cleanly through the hoop. Wfith this basket he broke his old season scoring mark of 570 points. Don was named to the first string of the All-Big Ten team and to the third string of the All-America team selected by the Associated Press. Donjs senior teammate and co-captain should not be over looked. joel Novak was a good defensive player and the floor general who set up the plays and passed off to Don for many Iowa baskets. Iowa terminated the season with a I3-11 record and was held to a three-way tie for fourth place in the conference with a 7-7 mark. The fastest fast ball of them all. Baseball Coach Otto Vogel starts his 34th season with seven returning lettermen. They will help form the 1962 baseball team. Four of them, including veteran Ron Reifert, are pitchers. Ron, a senior, was the leading pitcher on the Iowa baseball team for the last two seasons. Last season his earned run average for all games was 2.68 in seg innings. The three senior pitchers who join Reifert are Bruce Butters, Howard Friend, and Tom George. The infield is composed of three lettermen and a sophomore. At a pre-season glance, the first string will be Howard Kennedy at first base, Dennis Henning at second base, Ron Isler at shortstop, and sophomore Bill Niedbala at third base. Paul Krause and Bob Sherman, two football players, Joe Reddington, a basketball player, and George Hery, a gymnast, are top outfield candidates. The catching position is to be filled by minor lettermen Dick Mowen and Jerry Wilson, along with sophomore jim Freese. The baseball season lasts from April 9th until the end of May. The 32-game schedule starts off with 17 games against other midwestern schools and concludes with 15 games which are played strictly against Big Ten opponents. Early spring practices help get the squad in shape. WI DW 10 Wa W E' ba ll g draw good-slzcd 279 ROW' 1: D. Leiser, bl. lirye, B. Rief, D, Gardner, I.. Kramer, l, Ashton, J. Piper, B, Poe, Mgr. ROW' 'lr C. XYK-hh, B. Kreamcr, N Maske, R. Tiimhlc, R. Kerr, C. lfisher, T. lighert, Asst. Coach ,lack Hill, ROXV 3: j, Fddins, T. Hertzherg, C. Richards, ll. Frazer C, Hollingsworth, B. Sherman, j. Tucker, B. Nlawe, Francis Cretzrneyer fCoach 1. Track The track team, coached hy Francis Cretzineyer, performed well in winning txso of three indoor meets hefore competing in the conference meet held at East Lansing. lowa lost to kY'isconsin, 73-51, and then heat North- western, 7lJLfQ--1343, and Minnesota, 67-47. ln the Northwestern meet, Cary Fisher placed first in the 8?'lH-yard run, -lim Brye came in first in the high jump, and ,lerry XVilliams, Tom Eghert, Roger Kerr, and Bill Frazier won the mile relay. A week later, this same relay team recorded a next SUI indoor time of 3:10.-l against Minnesota. ln this meet, Roh Sherman placed Iirst in the 70-yard high hurdles, Don Gardner cap- tured the 70-yard low hurdles, Roger Kerr won the 440-yard run and Cary Fisher took the 880-yard run. ,lim Tucker, lowa senior, Scored the most points as he won the mile and the two-mile run in all three meets. lowa scored 23 points and gained fourth place in the Big Ten championship meet as sophomore Gary Frazier was a surprise victor in the 6013-yard run, jun- ior Cary Fisher placed second in the l,fJllfJ-yard run and jim Tucker placed second in the two-mile run. "The daring young man" is Tom Herzherg, SUI pole vaulter' Up-and-ovcr with speed in hctwccn, as thc high hurdicrs go into action. Competition is harsh in the Big Ten track meet ROXV 1: R, Trimble, I.. Baker, L. Kramer, B, Ashton, K. Fearing, N. Maske. ROW' 2: J, Hill Qassistant coachb, B. Mawe, B. Frazier, N. Kerr, J. Tucker, C, Fischer, F, Cretzmeyer. Cross Coach Francis Cretzmeyer fielded his cross country team with confidence that Iowa would place first in the Big Ten and higher than the eighth place finish re- corded by last year's team in the NCAA championship race. Blessed with the return of lettermen jim Tucker, Cary Fisher, and Ralph Trimble, the Hawkeyes were undefeated in all dual meets. Iowa opened the season by trouncing Northwestern 15-50. Wiscoiisiii was the next victim 26-32, followed by an Iowa victory over the Air Force Academy, 2135. A 17-41 win over Minnesota marked lowa's 10th consecutive dual meet victory. The Hawkeyes lived up to their pre-season expecta' tions as they placed first in the Big Ten four mile championship run and finished fifth in the NCAA race. jim Tucker, team captain, placed first in the Big Ten finals and came in eighth in the nationals. As a result of his impressive accomplishments, jim was named to the All-American cross country team for the third straight year. Country ,lim Tucker, SUI All-American, on his way to winning the mile run. F . Crmch Achillcg Xiglglgg ,grit big it-liqing roam hourly The art oi swordsrnanship has not been lost. last year's sixth place linish in the Big Ten Champion- ship Nlatch even though it completed dual meet compe- tition with a 1-8 record. The Hawks finished fifth in the Big Ten tournament itith the help of seniors glared Tinltlenherg and Rohert Peterson. Boh, a three-year letterman and the captain of this ye-ar's team, placed third in the epee competi- tion of the Big Ten match. He missed winning the championship hy one bout, Both men will he missed by coach Nicltles next year. Members of the team competing in the foil events were Lance llellman and ,lohn Anderson, hotli juniors, and Fred Ruger and Tom Evanoii, txio sophomores. Along with Robert Peterson other epee competitors were iunior Steve Melgaard and sophomore Steve Bryan. The memhers of the saher team were John , Kirchner, a junior, and Theron Bailey, a sophomore. l ROW l: john Kirchner, Theron Bailey, Steve Bryan, Tom Evanofl, Lance Hellman, ROW 2: john Anderson, ,larad Tinklenlnerg, Achilles Nichols CCoachD, Steve Melgard, Fred Ruger, Bob Peterson. i FT it W i 1 i H g 283 G mnastics A Iianclstand by pretty Iowa gymnast, Iudy Snow, witlt Roger Cedney. The gymnastics team, under the guidance of Coach Dick Holzaepfel, ended the season with a 5-5 dual meet record and a fourth place finish in the Big Ten. Tlirougliout tlie season, the Ilawks showed signs of good team balance in all events. In the University of Illinois at Chicago meet, Iowa took six of seven events. The Ilaxx ks also captured six places in the last meet of the season against Indiana. Uutstanding performers in lwotli meets were George Ilery, trampoline and tum' Iwling, ,Ioe Roos, free exercise, Russ Porterfield, liori- zontal liars, Bolt Schmidt, parallel lwars, ,lon Cada, still rings, and ,lim Liddell. side horse. Sophomore George I-Iery led the Ilaukeyes by score ing 74 points in the first six meets. George placed in tlie trampoline and in the tumlwling events of each meet. Ile was injured in mid season but came lwack to take first place in tlie trampoline event of tlie Indiana meet. In the Big Ten cliampionsliip meet, George placed tliird Iveliind teammate Larry Snyder who did not ioin the team until late in the season. Botlt trampoline artists earned a cltance to participate in tlie NCAA meet lield in Albuquerque, New Mexico Russ Porterlield works out on tlie horizontal bar. ,W if li 1? as bi If X I nam ,ow tn o t L aoces Nexerao a cincton D fassidx ROW 'V I t Nlooc li Filter, I. Speer, H. Fritag., I.. Peters, B. Siostrom, I, Roseman Swimming foacli Bob Allen s swnnimis concluded the season with a 4-4 dual meet record and a seventla Finisla in tlac Conference meet Iona won its first laome meet with a 63 47 xictory over Nebraska. Qui- next victim was XVisconsin 50-46, but tlae Michigan State Spartans overpowered tlie Hawks 75-30. Despite an outstanding per orm ance by All-American Les Cutler, Iowa lost to Minne sota 67-38, Iowa lost by tlae same score to Il inois be ore beatinlf Northwestern 71-32. Iowa was taen victimized, 66-33, at Bloomington by Indiana. In tlae final contest of the ieason, Iowa beat Purdue by a 57-48 score There were sexual individual perfoimances during tlie season tliat were outstanding. In the first meet, tlae 400-yaixl medley relay team of Lei Cutler Binky Wfaddinvton Crain Irwin and Dennis Vokolek swam to a 4104.3 record. Waddiiagtoia also established a 121.1 record in the ZOO-yard butterfly. In tlae Min nesota meet Les Cutler set a 2106.2 record for the Q00-yard baclcstroke. In tlae IXIortlawestern meet Binky XVaddinffton set an Iowa record of 4141.5 for the 440-yard free style nent. Dennis Voltolelt swam tlae 200-yard breaststroke in a record 2127.7 during tlie Purdue meet. He s off a flung start witla a damp endina ROY' - C . 'l P l All' , D. X' lwl-lx, C, Rl li, B. .1 A'-l Fl, IS, XV.dl' A' , . , ' -1 I. .Nia Innes, D. Anderson, T. Cromwell, JI. Maurice, ROXV 3: C, Grey, M. Miclaelson, I Cook, R, Lauglalin, H, Sclautt ROW 4 gr o o t 1 1 f - , . l f , , 4 . i A I' I N c f c I r fl Y ,X V , U I P 1 K X ' K L l X X I ka-ii9S M .WK,,1 I ti sf iq 49 ' ,W f ' ,L , Wf9fViIST,lT',f1f,' 7 g1wsfsf1,s8mv,4,., Nggx, 'WW H' ,, L ..., LW 'A . ,.+,,wv+r4 ' 4 g fQh' L.,1wy:kK A-may , ,Mgr wwzgfk.. , I Ms Wrestling Tom I-lull, Hawkeye All-American and Big Ten champion, gives his opponent what for. Coach Dave McCLiskey's grapplers recorded an- other fine season with a 7-2 dual meet mark and the Big Ten Championship. The only two set-backs in dual meets were administered by Michigan State and Oklahoma. Impressive records were held by 123-pound Norm Parker, 130-pound Tom Huff, 157-pound Steve Combs, and heavyweight Sherwyn Thorson. Norin Parker compiled an 8-3 record, winning the Big Ten title in his class, All-American Tom Ilufl linished the season with a 13-O mark. He also took the Big Ten title in his division. Steve Combs recorded an 8-2-1 mark in all competition and came in second during the Big Ten meet. Sherwyn Thorson won live straight matches before losing the Big Ten championship to Roger Pillath of Wiscorisiii. Iowa totaled 51 points to win the Big Ten cham- pionship for the lirst time since 1958. Thirty-four team points allowed Iowa to place third in the NCAA meet at Stillwater, Oklahoma. Sherwyn HPI-l1lll11I5Cl'U Thorson won the national heavy- weight title by pinning XYfisconsin's Roger Pillath. Tom Huff took third place in the 130-pound class when he pinned Minnesotals Lewis Kennedy. This little piggy goes to market, this little piggy stayed home. QQ, HHL0 S nm Q KW wig' ROW! 1: V. Kohl, T. Curtis, T, Huff, N, Parker, F, McCann, ROW! 2: R. Rieks, S. Wfalston, S. Combs, S. Tlwrson, J, Roberts, D. MCCuskcy, Coach, Norm Parker and Steve Combs End that constant practice helps when thcy're in a tight spot. Q, ATHZQQ Q , N DEPK r 289 AGM FRONT ROXV: Mike McDaniel, Bob Citchell, Don Felt, Duncombe Brooke Herb lxnudton ROXV '7 Nlarls DtVot Bill Brancltn berger, Dave Naso, l. D. Turner, Dave Bollman, Chuck Zwiencr tCoachl G Due to the graduation of Frank james, lack Rule, Bill Hird, and Boh Davis, coach Chuck Zwieneris golf team was a very inexperienced one. The only letter- men returning to the team were seniors j. D. Turner and Chuck Mullen and junior Bill Brandenherger. Dave Bollman and Bob Citchell, two outstanding soph- omores, gave the team some helpful reserve power. Last spring, the hawks compiled a 5-2-1 record in dual meets and finished sixth in the Big Ten tourna- ment. lack Rule '61 got to the quarterfinals in the NCAA match hefore he was eliminated. lack has gone on to play professional golf. This spring the Iowa team plays in seven dual meets before attending the Big Ten Championship tourna- ment held at the University of Illinois in Champaign. , Tennis This spring the Iowa tennis team has a great desire A mighty slam across the net. to improve upon the dual meet record of last yearls squad. The Hawkeyes, under the watchful eye of coach Don Klotz, face a full schedule of 14 dual meets before encountering the Big Ten Championship Tournament and possibly the NCAA meet. Four returning lettermen and four sophomores make up this year's team. The four members returning from last year are Mike Schrier, Herb Hoffman, Steve Wil- kinson, and Larry Halfsin. A successful team will definitely depend on an early adjustment of sopho- mores Denny Ellertson, Dave Strauss, Dick Riley, and Elliot Abrons. Coach Don Klotz, now in his 14th year as the Iowa tennis coach, is confident that the Hawks will win more dual meets this spring, especially with the addition of these promising new sophomores. Victo- ries in the dual meets will depend on an all-out effort by every member of the team. FRONT ROW: CFreshmenD K. Chapman, L. Polaski, M. Schiavoni, E, Vrzal, A. Meyerson, M. Mears, Coach Don Klotz. BACK ROW: CVarsityD Asst. Coach john Winnie, H. Hoffman, D. Ellertson, D. Strauss, S. Wilkinson, M. Schrier, D. Riley, E. Abrons, L. Halpin. , - , F t fy . V , f ff' X mn Fight, Fight, FIGHT! Pep rally to rouse the spirits. 292 Cheerleaders 1 R, a L Q I'. i , ll Up and Over - Cynmasts combine talents with SUI clwccrlcadcrs for fancy stunts. 1 ,"f w1., A'Lct's count the score." An awful lot of noise for such a lirtlc girl 293 ROW l: S. Walston, D, Cates, P. Bonstead, D. Vokolek, J. Wfilliams, I Tucker, XV. Hollis, C, Rhodes, T. Hertzberg, S. Wfilkenson, S. Harris. ROXV 2: E. Matz, S. Combs, E. Wfilson, XV. Ashton, K. Fearing, I. Boulton, H. Hoffman, M. Arkovieh, H. Friend, R. Trimble. ROXV 3: D, Nelson, j. Novak, B. Cramer, R. jenkins, R, Kerr, T. Cromwell, E. Crosser, C. Fischer, D. Turici. ROW' 4: XV. Rcif, M, Carr, R. Bleakley, B, Mawe, B. Perkins, J. Wfilliams, D. Perry, L. Ferguson, F. Rogers. Letterman! Club Seventy-five major 'All' winners of every sport played at Iowa compose the LCYYCYIIICITIS Club. These Informal meetings accomplish most. men, guided by president .lim Tucker, get together once a moIIth to discuss activities sponsored by the organization. Que OffL'lI lands Club IIICIIIINJYS selling programs at home football games and serving as ushers at all of the basketball games held in the Iowa field house. The big event of the year, sponsored by the Letter! men's Club, is the AllfSports Banquet held oII the eve- ning of the annual varsity-alumni spring football game. This event is held iII honor of the graduating seniors. The club is advised by ,lerry Hilgenberg, a member of the Iowa football coaching staff. OFFICERS President . . . 4 AIIM TLICKIER Vice-president . . AIIQIIIIY WILLIAMS Secretary . . PAT Riioous Treasurer . WILIILIIIN HOLLIS Military The State University of Iowa's Reserve Officer Training Program is recognized as one of the top ROTC organizations in the country. Pride in their military status becomes a part of each cadet. Respect for the defense mission of the United States makes the oiticefs commission re- ceived ar graduation even more valuable. ilitar Ball The highly festive social event for the military men on campus is the Military Ball, Dashing uniforms, combined with formal dress and set against a military background, created the atmosphere for the 60th annual Iwlilitary Ball on Friday, March 30th, in the Iowa Memorial Union. The highlight of the eve- ning was the crowning of the Honorary Cadet Colonel Barb Steelman. The dance music was provided by Al Wfiese and his orchestra. ROW 1: M!'SCT Thompson, R. Smith, F. Bauer, M. Miller, C. Heuer, ROW 2: J. Vipond, D. Voss, D. Carlson, R. Canfield. Arm Rifle Team Under the coaching of Captain Haun and MfSgt. Ctlen Thompson, the Army ROTC Rifle Team partici- pated in meets at Drake University, Iowa State Uni- versity, and at the local armory. Doug Carlson was rmy Senior Cadets These are the men who upon graduation will re- ceive commissions as second lieutenants in the various branches of the U. S. Army. Members of the senior class advanced ROTC course, they were selected on one of the outstanding shooters in the Iowa Intercol- legiate League this year. The team is open to anyone in Army ROTC and rigid competition is maintained throughout the year. the basis of demonstrated leadership potential, aca- demic proficiency, and mental and physical examina- tions. As part of their training they have completed six weeks at an active Army post. Corps Commander and Staff The Reserve Officers Training Corps at SUI consists of two cadet corps, the Air Force and the Army, which are governed by the Air Force Wing Staff and the Army Regimental Staff with a Cadet Corps Commander in charge of both units. Each year the Corps Commander and the Deputy Corps Commander positions are alternated be- tween the Army and the Air Force ROTC. The Corps Commander is responsible for all joint activities of the corps of cadets, including the Military Ball and C-overnor's Day. This year the Corps Commander is Michael Arganbright of the Air Force ROTC. joe Ken- nedy is Corps Adjutant. The Deputy Corps Commander is William Reif. l Marvin Covalt, Howard Kennedy. Hawkeye Company Hawkeye Company, formed in May, 1961, is part pany sponsored the Homecoming Queen float this of the ROTC element of the Association of the U. S. year. President Edward Kolker represented the group Army, whose goal is to inform the public and govern- at the Global Meeting of the association in Washing- ment of the necessity for equipping and maintaining ton, D. C. a tough, modern, and mobile Army. Hawkeye Com- rmy Flight Program The Army ROTC Flight Training Program, open the minimum requirements of the Federal Aviation to ROTC seniors, aims to train the cadet in basic Agency. Upon graduation and receipt of their com- ground and in-flight fundamentals of presolo, solo, mission, these men will attend a U. S. Army flight basic instrument, and cross-country flying which meet school. Members: Deegan, Meier, Chrissman, Clark. ir Force Seniors Graduates of the Air Force ROTC program at SUI will be commissioned as second lieutenants in the Air Force Reserve this year. To earn their commissions, these men have com- pleted four years of AFROTC training at SUI. They have also served a tour of duty at summer camp be- tween their junior and senior years. The cadets who are to be pilots have put in at least 35 hours flying time and most of them have earned their pilot licenses. In the service, they will partici- pate in specialized flight training. All the cadets have been trained in Air Force tradi- tion, flight and squadron drill, and the development of leadership attributes through training and supervis- ing other cadets in leadership exercises. ROXV l: L. Robinson, J. Kennedy, D. Dallenhach, R. Haupert, L. Prybil, L. C-utz, C. Parker, S. Bowman, S. Bening. ROW 2: j. Dent, C. Hitchcock, T. Kesick, R. Fretwell, B. Kamer, H. Lane, M, Arganbright, H. Niedorf. ROXV 3: R, Norris, R. Bleakley, R. Patterson, P. Vogt, H. Amfahr, R. Oehser, B. Rankin, F. Kolpin. ROXV 4: L. Crau, P. Vanderhoef, C, Lorenz, W. May, K, johnson, A. Olsen. William Hetzel, Howard Kennedy, Rhoades Lawton. ' ff B rlgade Sta The Brigade Staff supervises, assists, and initiates Tuesday night to discuss and plan activities that will all actions concerning the Army Brigade of cadets. occur on company level. The Brigade Staff, under Major Strider, meets every We mg Staff The purpose of The Wing Staff is to exercise com- and efficiency. The Wing Staff meets weekly to plan mand over all Air Force ROTC cadets and be re- future activities and drill exercises, sponsible for their training, appearance, discipline, ROW I: Larry Prybil. ROW! 2: Stephen Bening, Bruce Kamer, Wfilliam May, Cary Parker, Neil Sodcmarm, Robert Bleakley, Richard Norris, Clarence Hitchcock. llarsit Rifle leam Open to all students at SUI, the Varsity Rifle Team participates for the University in regular varsity competition, Coached hy Captain Haun and M ,,f' Sgt. Clen Thompson, the team was weathered out of several sche- duled matches, but competed in meets at lndiana University and the local armory. Drum nd Bugle Corps The Drum and Bugle Corps is composed of students in either the Army or Air Force ROTC programs who have shown proficiency in playing the drum or hugle and in precision marching. This two-year-old One of SUI Riflt-men, Doug Carlson. organization drills in flashy Civil XVar uniforms and meets weekly. The Corps participates in parades, Air Force ROTC bivouaces, Veishea, and Governors Day. Joe Dent served as commander. ROW! 1: D. Hilliard, J. Miller, J. Tiffany, H. Niedorf. ROXW 2: Maj. C. Stucki, XV. Steele, J. Strueber, F. Sperry, B, Stanley, B. Wfhite, S,fSgt. P. Craybill, team coach. ir Force Rifle leam Any cadet in the Air Force ROTC program is in the Iowa Intercollegiate League at Ames. Besides eligible to try out for the Air Force Rifle Team. This becoming expert marksmen, team members learn how year the team competed with Air Force ROTC teams to teach the proper shooting techniques. from Iowa State University and Drake University Rod And Gun Club The Air Force Rod and Gun Club is the first such is the eventual establishment of a wildlife refuge near ROTC sponsored organization in Iowa. It co-ordi- Iowa City. Recreational activities include skiing, nates its activities with the Isaac Wfalton League and hunting, and fishing. Bruce Haupert served as presi- Conservation Commission. The major goal of the club dent during the last year. ROW 1: 1. Kennedy, P. Vanderhoef, C. Hitchcock, XV. May, R. Rankin, B, Kamer, D. Dallenbach, L. Cutz, M. Arganbright. ROXV 2: I, Jensen, T. Kesiclc, I.. Kauffman, I. Blommers, T. Davis, S. Bowman, R. Haupert, I. Wfhite, L. Prybil, C. Roulson. ROXV 3: L. Cvrau, A, Olsen, R. Oebser, P. Vogt, C. Cvearhart, I. Dent, H. Niedorf, S. Bening, C. Bryan. The Pershing Rifles crest and badge. Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles is a National Honorary Military Society. It was named after General john Al. Persh- ing in 1894 when he was Professor of Military Science and Tactics at Nebraska University. Company B here at Iowa is part of the Second Regiment of this Na- tional Society. It was rated numher one in the regi- ment last fall. Company B is the largest drill com- pany in the Army ROTC. Pershing Rifles provides the color guard for such occasions as foothall games, Homecoming parade and Governors Day. Company BE sponsor is Miss lan Rohertson. She has taken a very active part in Pershing Rifles func' tions. Miss Rohertson is a Pershing Rifles Honorary Captain and will participate in the regimental drill meet this spring as one of the linalist for Regimental Sponsor. ROW' I- R. Canfield, D. Rolland, H. Hall, gl. Deegan, j Rohertsori, S Clark, D Vraniccin, XV, Hopkins, D. Voss, K. Herst. ROW' 21 lx. Kuhlerneier, D. Martin, T. Bush, l. jordan, R. Pretwell, C. Cotleit, S. Studi, D. Meriwether, D. Sunleaf. ROXV 3: P. O'Neill, Ci. Davidson, I7. Edens, lf. Wfallc, S. Ciunihiner, j. Llpdegraff, l. Wfilson, Cl, Taylor. ROW' 4: N. Wfilson, C. Haelirnann, XV, Smith, S. Allen, R. Sisk. Qiilm ROW 1: P. Neumann, J, Bornluoldt, J. Alta, J, Schirm, D. Ballard, D, Carlson, XV. Wfclls, O. Carter, J. Kunath. ROXV 2: j. Alwarcl C. Scherrer, M. McClcary, C. Heuer, XV. Holtz, J. Lester, D. Zahn. ROW 3: R. Coleman, P. Ceo, R. Bruning, F. Snydur, W, Earl M. Hogan, R, Smith, Rffemplcman. ROW 4: R, Hcnningcr, C. Bowers, B. Poe, j. Hokinson, R, Allen, H. Stccre. Honorary Cadet Colonel Finalists Ncdra Morgan, Barbara Stoclman, Tobyc Baron, Nancy Kramur, Tuck Ruin- nrt. ROXV 1: A, Wfheadon, H. Fleming, j, Tomlinson, C. Shoemaker, R, Richardson, D, lfilhrandt, ROXV 2: M, Canby, XV. Palmer, XV Hetzel, XV. Ashton, S. Ferring. ROXW 3: D, Topinka, j. Schliekclman, M, Tedford, Pontoniers The Pontoniers is the SUI student post of the Na- in the science ot military engineering, the development tional Society of American Military Engineers. Open of leadership and good moral qualities, and the de- to all ROTC cadets interested in military engineering, velopment of cadet interest and understanding. the society aims for the advancement of knowledge Do 0 0 h Q l lstlnguls ed Mllltar Students To hecome a Distinguished Military Student, a affairs as well as in the military department. These cadet must he a top ROTC student and above aver- qualifications are determined hy the professors of age in his academic studies. He must also demonf Military Science and the dean of the individual candi- strate initiative and leadership in campus and civic dates college, Peter Vanderhoel, Cary Parker, joe Dent, Michael Arganhright, Lawrence Prybil, Lawrence Gut: ROW l: C. Hitchcock, G. Lorenz, R. Norris, j. Hennessey, J. Kennedy, B. Kamcr, C. Roulson, N. Schultz, M. Arganbright. ROW 2: J, Jensen, L. Kauffman, J. Blommers, T, Davis, L, Robinson, S. Bowman, G. Parker. ROW 3: H. Amfahr, A. Olsen, H. Lane, R. Fretwell, R. Oebser, I-I. Niedorf, R. Blazek. rnold ir Scouts The Arnold Air Society is an organization set up by the Air Force ROTC Department to create ad- vanced interest in Air Force programs and develop well rounded indviduals to serve as future officers. Any sophomore, junior, or senior in Air Force ROTC Bill Mitchell Squadron The Billy Mitchell Squadron is an honorary group of Air Force ROTC freshman, sophomore, and junior men who are chosen for membership on the basis of their grades in military science and their interest in may join the society, which holds regular monthly meetings. The major project this year was the secur- ing of a F-86 fighter plane to be placed on perma- nent display in the city. the Air Force. Furthering interest in aircraft and training future student heads of the corps are two of the aims of the organization. we -- H.. 7, -be- J, iifagyfsitglzxigzfa . A i -'F L' 'LV-12 S9715s'igff5IiK1f2:5,5Ug555i19 Q :max t ,ft Iowa s Governor Erbe reviews SUI troops. Governors Day The first Governor's Day at the State University of Iowa was held june 17, 1881. The tradition of lowals Chief executive reviewing ROTC troops has Continued to this year. Cadets paraded before Governor Norman Erbe and his party. Outstanding military men were presented achievement awards. The Highlanders and the Uni- versity Band Completed the program, followed by the annual luncheon in the Union. i 5 Book Four' RESIDEN We live here . . . in dorms, fra- ternity houses, married student bar- racks . . . in clean and not-so-Clean apartments. There are enough of us to make a good sized Iowa town . . . Our lives are influenced by those who share our housing . . . and by others too. Wfe are looked after . . Girls have hours, maids and telephones, Boys have maids, telephones and girls . . For four years this is home . . . Uthers we may honor with a visit, hut anxiously await return to SUI. . . This is home . . MMM .fun A N! 5 1 ,-'22 lf' u w'W'M1wff ,,.. WM Num A ., ffygwwxik , , .ti KVM '95 A A as ' 1 If we V, f X l , A H " A. LW f Q .. www i """' 'i am m2, Q ' W-WLM, A ,V --s-59 .sy ,fx uv. 4 'gig j wwf-. .m Y ww: ,4 at f .'f "lf-"'s " ' fm-x bmw. H. , , .4-v 'lf' 1. ' T 'qw Y Wk M.: f K: if Q I 5 , MFQ Q M, ,xasr Sn ' M' 1 i I ? MJ ,N ...- yr-iff '-wff' 9 ??31,,f:Ezif1 . A M' 1'L,' r' xii' ."v '1 r 'yi' wxjlw' . 1 1 ' zlxwl. 'Y 5 x v r I 1 M AFM! Greeks ,fa l ii"i.,'1 Liv. 1 -9- t Q al' I 'L . A, 4 in , me K .Y ,kr .-nv...-.- ----rf Fourteen sororities and 20 frater- nities make up SLll'S Creek System. XVorking together through lnterfra- ternity Council and Pan-Hellenic Council Creek men and women sponsor many worthwllile causes. The Greek scholarship average is continuously above all-student avere age, and many of the top campus leaders are members of fraternities or sororiries. Social events held by intliviclual housing units are supple' mented hy inter-Creek exchanges and projects. Alpha Chi plcdgcs work on capturing an active before leaving on their pledge skip. Alpha Chi Umega Thc itlth anniversary at the Alpha Chi Omega house was a very fpc- Cial ont-, ht-cause this fall thu girls returned to quitc a different lwusc. A largc new addition and complete remodeling made their lionic uvcii more lwautiful. An open housc gave everyonu an opportunity to prow tllis. Bccausc the pledges helpctl so much, along with the Delta Llpsilon fraternity, to win the Hmm-coining Badge sale, the actives let thcm 'ltaltc OVCIJY the house for a wcckcnd. But the plcclges certainly paid for their stay by Cleaning the cntirt- houwel OFFICERS Prcwiclent . SH.-xieox lim' UOLAN Vice-Presidcnt SUSAN l..IfY'I'Zlf Secretary M,x1c11-x'N Bums Treasurer Ctxizorli OLSIQN -ff m , .i,,. , joan Alberhasky Donna Anderson Marilyn Beams Carolyn Birch Barbara Blank Mary Boehm Deanna Bennett Linda Bowen joy Brown Carolyn Capooch Kay Champlin Dianne Cioban Pam Daley Sharon K. Dolan Dianne Donaldson Kay Drenncn Pat Dunn Sandra Engle Virginia Feurer Onalec Censini Michele Collobitz Lauralee Corder Mary Gregg Mary Cretzmcyer Karen Hanson Mary Hansen Barbara Hoffman Judy Holschlag Carol Huekncr Linda Lamb Cathy Lee Pat Limberg Mary Lockwood Sandra Lundberg Diane Majerus Nancy Mauer Carolyn McCornrich Sue McMullen Judy Mear Nancy Nesewich Carole Olsen Pat Olson Cece Peila Bonnie Pettingill Linda Rebec Rachel Richards Carla Ruthrog Sue Scott Lin Sisler Bets Slxogluncl Sandra Sloan Kathy Starkey Nlindy Stewart Dianne Strain lo Thiclen Lee Wfarcl Linda Wfeaver Sherry West Shirley XVilSOll Carrie Wloolcott Viive Reet Aarma Mary Aegerter Patricia Aldrich Sharon Bauer Ruth Brenner Barbara Britton Sara Brogan Pat Brown Gretchen Brurika Betty Butschi Cynthia Carter Linda Chrisinger Susan Dalen Judy David Deedy Dickinson Mary Dodge Barbara Doughty Jean Dull Sharon Dumont Sandi Ericzon Sui Flink Patty Fairall Kathy Fox Melanie Helm Marilyn Johannas Marilyn Latta Sharon Lewis Linda Lindemann Martha Lienernann Virginia Loughran Sharon Mayberry Ann Mayer Kim Moore Linda Morgan Madelyn Mowry Judy McClelland Linda Nelson Ann Page Betty Peterson Karen Raish Loorma Rammer Julie Roberson Nancy Ruby Christy Russell Judy Schmidt Susan Seifert Judy Shafer Jean Smith Marilyn Smith Gail Spaulding Susan Spaulding Janice Staton Cheryl Stearns Marian Thompson Mario Thomas Donna Utzke Carlyn Vogel Melissa Wfaggoner Janet Wiegel Ann Wfilliams Joyce Wfilliams Fran Yarber An evening on the town awaits these two ADPis. I h D It P' Friday night at last! At one o'clock in the morning all the pledges were at the house for a cozy. After everyone had found her own pillow and settled down, there was entertainment. A light melodrama suited the occasion perfectly. Afterwards, songs were sung and refreshments served. Finally the noise settled down to a dull roar and eyes got sandy. Then suddenly, someone shouted "serenade,' and everyone ran to the door to listen. The Alpha Delta Pi's sang some songs back to them. The next morning there was a breakfast exchange. This was only the start of a busy weekend for the A.D.Pis. F X OFFICERS President . . juor Scurxnnr Vice-President , . Suu SPALILIJING Secretary . . FRAN YARBIQR Treasurer . . ANN M.-wliiz The latest fashions make good conversation, as these Alpha Phis relax in their new house. Ipha Phi Last year the Greeks welcomed a new sorority to the campus. Many inter-sorority picnics, breakfasts, and housewarmings were given in their honor to help everyone become better acquainted. But this year, the Alpha Phis returned the invitation on several occasions by inviting everyone over for open house. Along with the hustle and hustle of establishing a new chapter and Finding a permanent home, the Alpha Phis still found time to join in many campus activities. Their most thrilling achievement this year was seeing their candidate Y crowned Dolphin Queen for 1961-62. OFFICERS P ' President . Sl IIRLEY Ziuss deli' Viet-'President JANE l'iOI3.'XRT fre Secretary Ku' l-lII.DRlf'l'Il Treasurer Nmcv Eixsriflz Barb Ahrens Jane Andersen Nancy Anderson Kay Arnold Joyce Baxter Marcia Bohlen Linda Brickey Karolyn Bright Carol Brown Pat Buising Mary Carr Carolyn Casady Raejean Caudle Mary Liz Connell Deena Crim Peggy Crissman Jan Curtis Ellen Dow Nency Easter Carla Esch Susan Evans Judy Ferris Sue Garner Barb Hague Pat Hanson Jo Ann Henderson Phoebe Hewlett Kay Hildreth Jane Hobart Dawn Hutcheson Pat Jaeger Julia Janes Kathy Jenkins Daren Karr Martha Klobachar Kay Kutnilc Sandy Le Shane Barb Lightner Pam Mclleynolds Dottie Morrison Zonnie Mulder Jo Ann Noonan Linda Perrin Bonnie Priest Kathy Ritter Linda Staner Jan Stapleton Judy Stevens Shirley Sterens Mary Lou Stork Karen Swanson Virginia Van De Roox wrt Priscilla XX7aters Joan Wfeaver Miclci Weldon Bernie Wertz Marty Wfhitmore Sue Wfhiteside Pam XY'iggins Judy Wfissler Sharon XVright Marlene XVynn Barb Young Shirley Zaiss jan Ackerman Nancy Ayres Mindy Baker Nancy Benn Roberta Collier Nancy Crcswick Judy Davis jan Dibbcrn Deanna Dorsey Diane Dunlap Judy Drews Barb Early Karen Egger janv Ellwcin Marilyn Florida Georgia Funkin Marsha Ford Sandra Crt-cn Betsy Crenawalt Katie Crenawalt Helen Hallberg Cay Hamblin Sue Hanson Roberta Hayes Carolyn Heizer Mary Helgeson Qusan Hess Sue Hunter jill Janssen linda johnson Sunya Jorgensen Susan Kane Harb Kendrick Priscilla Lulir Rosemary McKenna Harb Middlctnn Mary Nliliesell Mary .Niitcln-ll Susan Mitchell Margaret Parks Mary Partluclc Carol Olsen ilnycu Pearson Nan Randolph Linda Rcida Polly Reynolds jan Rummcry Susan Russ Judy Sliimelc Sunny Sohn ,lt-an Sorenson Scottie Stamos Eleanor Tanner Karen Thomsen Virginia Toms Judi Uitermarkt Yvonne Vogclmann Ann Webster Sucllcn XVerncr Ann W'escoat Dutli Wililbur Diana XVills An old Alpha Xi tradition requires pledge paddles to be handpainted for that special personal touch. Ipha Xi Delta To start the yearls activities, the Alpha Xi Deltas bet their sisters at Ohio State a trophy that the Hawkeyes would win the football game against them. Not only did the Alpha Xis participate in a challenge between chap- ters, but they also had a challenge between the actives and pledges of their own chapter. Wfhoever got the lowest grade point had to give the other a Costume party. Later in the year, the Alpha Xis had a pledge paddle cozy. The pledge daughter wrote a poem for her pledge mom and also made a pledge paddle symbolizing a special event between them. OFFICERS President . . SANDY CvRIflfN Vice-President . YVONNIQ VOGEL.NlfXNN Secretary . NANCY AYRISS Treasurer . . LINDA Rrlm Jyuwavil .vu Chi Omega s "dig those crazy sounds" during a study hreak hefore dinner. Chi Omega OFFICERS President . Cueoi. ll.X'I'HiXX Vice-President Susxx Hicuix Sec x'l- tary Irwci' K.xZLoxx Treasurer Aiiiixii I Again this year the Chi Oinegas had a pirate party. 'lhey decorated their house to look like a ship. Valuahle treasures which symholized Chi Omega is ere part of the decorations. The girls dressed up in south sea costumes and their dates came dressed in pirate costumes. The front door Mas fixed up as a plank which everyone had to walk to get into the "ship." Once ahoard ship, there ix ere dancing and refreshments, which were served in the hasement. But the refreshment tahle could only he reached after going through a deep dark tunnel which was really the basement staircase in disguise. .4 , Karen Anderson Susan Artz Beclti Barker janet Benda Sue Borrall Joanne Campbell Linda Carey Karen Clark Sharon Delay Susan Donohue Barbara Elliott Mimi Enich Donna Ferguson Linda Fisher Linda Florey Sheri Gere Dixie Cilderbloom Nancy Griffith Carol Hall Carol Hathaway Allene Hayes M, Hayes Mary Heidbrecler joan Hendry Sue Higley Anne Hobbs jane Huber Brenda Hughes Mary Hughes Carolyn Ihm Jeanine Johnson Nancy Kennedy Joyce Kozlow Anne Laughlin Mary Lewis Nancy Little Linda Loper Dixie Lovell Diane Maltby Lynn MCClary Mary McConkie Mary McCoun Carolyn Neuwerth Iulie Oates Louise Osborn Ann Ostrandcr lane Palmer Anne Pulen Martha Pullen Sue Pullman Judith Rice Celeste Rich Diana Riggins Suzanne Sawyer Nancy Schlotterbeck Carla Schmacher Nancy Shinn Karen Slcarshaug S. Smith Mary Lou Spiess Ellen Templeton Mary Toelle Sally Xlifilken Sharon Zahn Rosemarie Zapf Jody Ahrolcl Carolyn Autry jane Bahnsen Carol Becbe Prudence Campbell Carmen Lcwis jan Cartwright Barbara Cincionc Judy Duff Kathryn Cctz 'loan Coodman Pam Croteluschen Nancy Hancoclc fvlary Hawkinson jerilou Hollis Nancy Hopp Faye jordan Michele Kazunas Karen Kimberly Ann Kirkham Ramona Kuhn Suzanne La Rue Annette Linn Carol Madison joan Matias Betsy Mcyer Holly Michaels Mary Moser jackie .Niummcy Margy .Nlusmalfer Diana Nelson Patty Newsome Kathryn O'Connor Mericlelh Perrill Carol Porter ,lean Porter Mary Porter Christie Rasmussen Ann Rcaclinger Lynn Ricdcscl Sandy Riggs Cretchen Schluctcr Lanell Simon Barbara Smith Barbara Sullivan Sharon Thomas Barbara Thompson Linda Thompson Carolyn Tufty Loretta Tursi Paula Wfagner jan Wfaters Linda Wfinhcrg Sue Wfhitacrc Dianc Wfilmarth : sf tafsiaicw YU Zyl t in i V' I I Wi 2 'i A7 h D wg l l ,gi Tri Dclt artist Carolyn Autry concentrates on a portrait of two sorority sisters. Delta Delta Delta "Hike-one-two-M and once again the Tri-Delts lined up for the annual, grueling pigskin contest against their own houseboys. But the houseboys knew they couldn't lose. Regardless of the game outcome, the girls had invited them to a dinner at which the girls took over the job of serving! In addition to participating in various campus activities, and planning special events as Motherls and Dad's Day, these gals kept themselves very busy with their l11OSt outstanding project-working to raise funds to pay the tuition for some deserving S.U.I. girl. r g OFFICERS 3' Q A M 32,1 z . . A - J President . Miiieiinrrn PIQRRILL t 5 Z7 lt, W ,...,f l' 1 K W X V tw , F Secretary , jrxcluij AlLI,X1.XlLY Treasurer . PA'l"liY Newsome ' Vice-President . BAIQIEAIZ.-X SMITH D z it r para-dw , 1 TV looks hack at these Delta Cammas who are enthralled by a serious dramatic program. Delta Gamma The Panhellenic traveling Scholarship trophy nas permanently retired hy the Delta Cainmas this year. By maintaining the highest grade point average of all the sororitiei for three consecutive years, the trophy is theirs to keep. The DCS scored another victory hy defeating Kappa Kappa Gamma, tu-H, in the annual Dadk Day Powder Bowl Came. But this year one thing the Delta Cammas lost, without regret, wax their heart to Eloisa Cuimaraes, their pretty, dark-haired foreign ex- change Student from Brazil. OFFICERS President . . Miner Busta Vice-President . B.-XRB S'r1315Lex1,xN Secretary Nl.-XRTH.-X Mt'G,xv1e Treasurer LINDA D,xIcL.'xNIJ , 'Z 'Wg if- 2i' . , Y"-"-' Barbara Bausch Elza Bergeron Linda Bjornstad Marcia Bond Martha Britton Chris Ann Brubaker Mary Bush Charlotte Brown Sue Brown Mary Fran Cileli Karen Countryman Becky Cox Bonnie Crouch Linda Darland Barbara Derr Ann Ellsworth Jeanne Fennell Marcia Fennell Karen Fisher Mary Ellen Foss Ann Furnish Teeny Grant Eloisa Cvuimaracs joan Cunning Jeanie Hamilton Judy Haworth Cindy Haynie Kathy Holaday judy Hughes Karen Ivins Ruth Koelbel Innc Lee Kiipsaar Marilyn Luez Martha Limbert Judy Longabaugh Jeannine Loros Susan Mast Martha McCavic Susan Meltzer Carole Midgard Sue Mockridge Ruth Putney Betty Randall Barbara Runge Susie Sandberg Ctlenda Sanders Anne Slemmons Nancy Smith Barbara Steelman Pat Teyro Marilee Treadwell Carol Trimble Diane Van Camp Mary Scott Vander Veer Susan Vannier Marjorie Wfalsh Dorsey Wfetlaufer Marcia XY'olfe Nancy Aldon Mary Antisdcl jo Ann Atkinson Liz Atkinson Diane Barghan Judy Bell Pat Berstlcr Carolyn Blalienship Bonnie Braucr Linda Briclgcford Barbara Bruce Nancy Buell Margaret Burger Mary Chopclc Sharon Cralulws Mary Ellis Sandy Fyc Kay Fcmon Margo liryc Bonnie Curlfc Sara Gilchrist Barbara lfriliitli Sandy Halmr Holly Hagunah Sandra Haycw julia Ht-nclurson Hclcn Higlsy Nancy Hoowr Ann Howard Linda Johnston liilucn Klcinjan joy Kloppcnlvcrg Ylcannc Kron Pat Kron Carol Kulin Marjiu Nailwcrt Carol Nuilly Mary Luc Ncilly Alice Nolwlu Bobbi Nuttall Sally Oclilar Susan Uulilar Karen Rocliglaier Judy Rosland vlan Sagcrs Pat Schmulluach .Nlargarct Schrader Lana Smith Sandra Smitli Lynda jo Straub Diane Strunk l.Qslic Tliclcn Judy Tooliill Karen Van Dillon Lorna XY"ill1L11' joan XY'ilson Sara Sus Wilson Sandy Wfoocls Hclcn Ziwcr XVell-kept scrapbooks record good times for the Delta Zctas. lt will be well appreciated in the years to come. Delta Zeta In order to become acquainted with some of the foreign students at- tending S.U.l., and to give those students a chance to feel more at home in their new environment, Delta Zeta sponsored a Foreign Student Tea. Through casual conversations, the girls were able to exchange profitable and interesting ideas with their foreign friends. The holiday season is always a festive time around S.U.l. This year, in keeping with the true spirit of Christmas, the Delta Zetas gave a Christmas concert to the people at the Tuberculosis Hospital. OFFICERS President . . Susax OEHLISR Vice-President . Muzi' lXlEIl.LY Secretary . . SANDY Evii Treasurer . . Km' SENTON A study seminar in the Gamma Phi's front room is valuable to all participating. G Ph' B t l UCome on over . . . we're having an open house!" X This is a familiar phrase heard on the S.U.I. Campus every year X around Christmas time. At four olclock in the afternoon, the Gamma Phis stop and ask everyone around them to come to the Hreside at their house. Everyone from professors to plumbers comes to get acquainted. Refreshments are served and a little while later, everyone joins in sing- ing Christmas carols. The Gamma Phis have also extended their friendship overseas by adopting a foster child in Greece. The girls have enjoyed writing letters to her, sharing ideas and experiences. OFFICERS President . . -lIiANlg'l"I'If LALIGHLIN Vice-President , Tutiitv WIIELLIER Secretary . . Coxxni BVU. Treasurer . h'lARILYfxI TOROIDIQ Suzanne Alllaaugh Carole Andersen Eve Anderson Shearon Barry Connie Bell Lorna Bennett Nancy Hergsten Linda Booth Darlene Brady Janan lirunsyold Janet Burns Sandra Clark Judy Cnnlin Sue Carson Nancy Denny Nicki Eason Karen Eastin Judy Erickson Julie Filbert Ann Green Nicki Custin Dargy Hamilton Ann Hanson Pam Heeren Pat Hollingsworth Barbara Horn Carol lngraham Nan Johnson Sally Johnson Cale Jones Cheron Karns Jeanette Laughlin Blanca Lippisch Syhil Lippisch Marcia Loyd Judi Lutz Maureen Magee Karen Maher Judy Maxant Betty Maxwell Kathy Maylield Jean Messer Shirley Michaclscn Karen Mikelson Jean Milligan Dina Moor Sue Nehring Sally Neville Judy Palmer Linda Parker Kathy Peil Diane Quarton Carolyn Rabe Maryann Ruud Maralyn Tornde Nancy XY'ahl Janie W'alker Tueky XY"heeler Sonya Baurer Kathy Bay Toni Cali Bridget Caulley jane Chisholm Aldeane Comito Karen Conkling jucly Dethnier Linda Duroe Emily Erb Margaret Erb Mary Ellen Ericlcsen Sharon Eladoos Ellie Eirzlati Bonnie Guthrie Sharon Hamill Beth Hawkins Debbie Hawkins Ann Hjermstad Karen Homfeldt Roxanne Jensen Susan Jensen A. K. jones janet jones Karen jorgensen Kay Kinne jucly Kyle Linda Liddell Linda Lory Connie Maxwell Kathy McClure julie McGuire Molly McGuire Melanie Meredith Kris Milcelson Karen .Nlinner Carole Meng Kathleen Morgan Linda Nyquist JoAnne O'Haver Sue Olive Linda O'Neill jean Pasker Iiohbe Patterson Linda Peterson jan Robertson Nancy Lee Ross Pat Rush Margie Ruopp Lyn Sears Virginia Selle Martha Sias Sandi Siepcrda Kathie Spurgeon jean Trimble Sallie Utley Sandy Vavra Pam Wfaller Barbara Wfilson Thetas arc glad to come home after summer vacation, but moving is a chore. Kappa lpha Theta NOK. Keep stuffing the napkins, pledges. Xlifelve got to get this float done by 7:00 tonight!" These were familiar words around Homecoming time, but words that paid off for the Theta float, entitled 'kBan the Badgers," won second place for originality. The float featured a giant bottle of Ban deodorant with a Wisconsin Badger perched on the top. Not only did the Thetas have activities for their own enjoyment, but they also sponsored projects for others: Supporting a foreign child and giving a crippled children's Christmas party. T' T OFFICERS President . ELL115 l:IRZI.AI?If Vice-President , . TONI CALI Secretary . . PATSY Rucu Treasurer . EMILY Elm Hundreds and hundreds of Marlboro packs, The Kappas may win that stereo this year. Kappa Kappa Gamma This year the Kappas had a special incentive to study-meinhership into the "Smarty Key Club." Any girl who received an A in a test or paper, qualified for a full-year membership in the cluh. To wind up the year's scholastic activities, a l'Smarty Key Cluh Banquetl' was given in honor of those girls who maintained the highest grades throughout the year. But studying was certainly not the only password at the Kappa house -the KKCS mixed lots of work with lots of fun! To entertain the chil- dren froni the Handicapped School, a circus party, complete with re- freshments and a side show, was given. UFFICERS President . ANN Slllllilf Vice-President . ANN Romxsox ,, , Secretary Caaorvx Prociq Treasurer . . Axninaa W1Li.1,x.xis WP'f?A'R"' 1 Kathy Allihand Judy Beecher Judy Bishop Lana Borin Barbara Busby Linda Close Dotti Darling Donna DeBooy Jan Deckard Linda Deitchler Mary Findlay Patti Franklin Suzanne Gaylord Janice Graham Betsy Cray Sue Hawk Beverly Hild Judy Johnson Marilyn Jons Linda Kautz Beth Kesterson Sharon Kimberlin Linda Liehty Sue Linn Marne Lowman Carolyn Lozier Mary Ann Lozier Sharon Lutjen Judy M astin Beth McDermott Mary Sue McElveen Mary Lynne McRae Mary Ann Miller Nedra Morgan Linda Brooke Morrison Lana Moxley Janet Orr Ronna Panek Jody Peehaeek Judy Peters Shelley Peterson Carolyn Ploek Jane Powel Marilyn Reed Cammy Repass Sue Reynolds Anne Robinson Sandy Schroeder Penny Smith Judy Sorenson Jane Stephens linda Stevenson Joy Stoker Ann Strief Joan Wfalsh Susan Wehh Sally Wichman Andy Willianis Karen Wfilliams .F 'S .9- Q. N 4 F x We ff' mf, ' ' N 'ff' , . af a ,. K AJ F I V is ',i iil Deanne Algyer Marilyn Algycr Barbara Andrews Jan Armstrong Jolene Bryant Jana Bulmer Mary Bywater Camille Case Jerron Jo Ghenhall Nancy Close Linda Gossitt Nancy Gossitt Suzanne Cote Glarice Danielsen Nan Davies Ann Davis Brice Davis L. A. Durbrow Diane Durfce Sally Echternacht Linda Fehseke Nancy Files Sarah Franks Gail Gibson Nancy Glenn Emily Grahau Tani Grafft Kay Grau Gini Hall Karen Harris Sarah Henderson Karen Hendryx Joan lmmer Jean James Sharon Karr Jo Ann Kramer Vivian Kuhl Ellie Lisher Ann Lorack Linda Markulin Pat Moyer Linda Newell Gwen Owen Anne Parham Linda Pfafl Muriel Pfister Becky Prough Diana Remholt Judy Richmond Becky Ross Sherry Rush Pam Shannon Georgianna Sexauer Pat Shinberg Susan Shriver Judi Skalsky Sherry Smith Terry Smith Marilyn Steele Julie Stewart Robert Stock Ann Vogt Sandy Wfatson Susan W'hitehead Sandra XY'ilclerson Jaquie XY'ilson Pi Phis take an active part in the campus campaigns, as they paint posters for their favorite candidate. Pi Beta Phi With the coming of fall, every S.U.lowan's fancy turns to thoughts of football, especially for the girls in the Pi Phi house. They have a special interest because of their annual dinner exchange with the members of the S.U.l. football team, Also, by combining their efforts with the Phi Cams, they showed a team spirit of their own which paid off when their float won the sweepstakes prize in the Homecoming parade. Lots of study and lots of fun meant another successful year for the Pi Phis, topped off by their candidate winning the title of Miss S.U.l. OFFICERS President . . SUSAN XVIIITIIIIIZAD Vice-President . . Sixrmii FRANKS Secretary . . SHARON KARR Treasurer CAMILLI5 Cast? A relaxed atmosphere and a hot clog and marshmallow roast around the SDT fireplace. Sigma Delta Tau The Sigma Delta Tau pledges put on a winter formal every year. Most of the fun is keeping everything secret from the actives. The highlight of the formal is the presentation of the serious song, composed by the pledge class, to the active chapter. The Sigma Delta Taus had a very unique plan for raising money for the cancer fund this year, the Cancer Car Wfash. The actives and pledges go to all the parking lots of rhe grocery stores and wash the Windshields of the cars, for donations to the cancer fund. OFFICERS President . lVl.fXRLIiNII Liivix Vice-President B.xRia,xR,x Fisciniiz Secretary , joxi Misnmvr M Treasurer Sxxm' Riruaisx ,, gg ,LW Betty Abrams Tohyc Baron Jeanne Berg Judith Borg Cail Farber Barhara Fisher Janet Cinsbcrg Louisc Gilles Jan Classman Judy Cordon Ella Cottliclu Ava Crccnbcrg Judy Crund Lois Crund Toby Haycr Julie Herman Patty Hcrzoli Joy Kaplan Clairc Hyman Barbara Karl Karen Kipnis Kitty Kushner Susan Krantz Joyce Lcmson Marlene Lovin Raleigh Levinson Sandra Light Sheila Miller Soe Miller Joan Mishlovc Barbara Ahcrstein Adrienne Perlman Sandra Rcubun Margie Ruclman Joni Sclarow Curtruclc Shon Sharon Shulkin ljncil Wfiuzcr Sharon Wfollacrg Dcbhic Ziflrun Caterine Baldwin Barbara Bark Patricia Becker Sarah Bishop julie Campbell Linda Chambers Marilyn Cohrs Sue Davis Linda Dow Edith Eckard Penny Ellsworth Verna Forbes Ann Cerks Myrna Gilmore Claudia Crieshach Mary Ellen Hanna Dorothy Hartshorn janice Harvey Paulette Hon Shauna Hughes Constance Hunting Nancy Iverson judy johnson Kay johnson Ann Kempf M. Kaylene Kenmorthy Linda King joan Kloppcnhurg judy Matthias judy Mcflrea C. Ann McGregor judy McKinney Suzanne Meier jane Merriman Carol Miller ,lonine Noyes judy Peelan janet Phelps Susan Powers Sharon Ristau Mary jo Robbins Diane Scott Linda Soldati Cail Stoolccy Susan Swain Penny Vanelc Stephanie Vega Nancy Wfallxer Cecily Wfheeler Karen Wfienert Stephanie Wfilliams Studying in a cozy corner are this Zeta and her date. Zeta Tau Ipha This year, once every month, the Zeta Tau Alphas set aside a Friday night for Zeta Night. All the actives and pledges gathered together for an after-hours cozy with songs, skits, and "goodies" A completely in- formal atmosphere prevailed, making these Friday get-togethers a real success. Christmas time meant a special Christmas cozy and was preceded by a tree trimming party. The Beta Theta Pi fraternity was invited to join its holiday spirit with the Zetas in "decking the hallsu and decorating the tree for the Christmas season. OFFICERS President . . , . Sus,xN POWERS Vice-President . . juuv MCCREA Secretary . . PENNY VANEK Treasurer . KAREN XVIENERT Mrs. E. Lipscomb Rascal B. Abel David Bell .Niikc Dodge Dwight Finkcn jon liislcr C, Fruclwlimg R, Cabal C, Harris H. Hncffling Mike Irwin Nick Kass Dick Klcin J. Kracht P. Ncurnann XY". Nisscn Dave Novak Art O'Havcr john Packwood Ron Sundcrmann Gary Wficlc These Acacias are getting acquainted with the house mascots, Peg Cin frontj and Rascal. Cacia Early in the fall, the members of the Acacia fraternity joined forces, painted their fraternity house, and remodeled the dining room in prepa- ration for the 1961-1962 school year. After getting the house in shape, the Acacias held their biggest social event of the year-the 1'Nite on the Nilen party--an Egyptian costume party. This party is traditional with all Acacia chapters. One of the highlights of the year came when the Acacia fraternity and the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority won first place in humor with their Homecoming float, "Badgers Donlt Stand a Ghost of a Chance? OFFICERS President . . DICK KLEIN Vice-President JERRY KRACIIT Secretary . DAVE Novixciq Treasurer . DAVIS BELL A big winter exchange is coming up! These AEPS laire up the fireplace, OFFICERS President . Viceapresident Secretary Treasurer Li. Alpha Epsilon Pi The "Fish-Bowl" game hetween Alpha Epsilon Pi and Phi Kappa Theta! a tradition on this campus, was held early in the fall, The win- ning team was awarded gold fish and the AEPi president reports that the black hsh look nice on the mantel in the living room. Among the outstanding social events of the year were the Pajama party, the Friday the 13th Good Luck party, and the winter formal put on by the pledges. After being named All-Campus Bowling Champions for the 1960, 196i year, the AEPis continued their interest in sports hy participating in many intramurals this past year. sirni Sciixvi5iLocH Woom' XVALL.-XCI5 llixieizv GRIGER Bicticig Lilvmu mea . Elliot Alvruns A, Harascli Sl. licrli Hub flulicn Barry Curtis Stn-vc Uuutscli Allan larlwl' Run lfcclui' lfcl lkiiitwli liulw Click llarry Cliigcr Stl-wail Kaplan llirsclwl Katz llarry Kipncs l-luwiu Kipncs llrucc Luvin lzllirml Mm'ris Les. l-'carl jack Rnscnlucrg M, Roscnstcin Marc Rnscntlml Bold Rulvin Pliil Samcmll LCS Scliwcilucli Donny Sciclunlulnl limi Silx'u1'stuiii C, Smmriiux'iiu'x'L-i' l.a1'i'y Su-in Brian Tnlvacli Wfaynu 'Tuync Las Turk Wfimnly Wallacu Gerry VC'cim'i' Hulu XX'!Ul'I'lLlI1 Max Yam i 1 .az as V V X 5 5 X , ' A . V ' r V .. K "f , - .,. ' V sag 'ns 2 ' Mm . K W imfap-V V- 1eiz,Q:-Via : -1, A 1-,gg ,, V w - . V ' V :Ve . , ' - f ff- Y f "kh' MV -V ' V - K . K -X 1 i A Jr. ' . "fl, V i iv ,VA QQ, 1 ' V M V , -4' . ' . :W W - esfi .nw Vee srl--f L. 1 " V ' A A sA.g,gsfiT5i':sSi , gi Ai. - 1' 55Y:iz'fi'5?1' K ' Mlgg35XgfzY.5,-'V ' i 5 ' x ' ' ' ' Wiz' ' -V 6 " 5, ZQSQIAA' .1 fT5ZL1Qjjgf7- K -fill' ' V . , , r ll x . iw gV,5:g5.Ve5 M X . 1. A - 5L,Z.Q . rgggqgsigg V 1. AL . V- . A 1- 'ww . . Z- ,f - ,, if V V' V ,V lai r -fe V, , - . , SV . V 3 VV I V V QV 5 Q V V . ,AAA sf: 4 " , .. V A. - - . L A F- 4 Y V ... ,ew -a 5 L " "Lash, M ' - Vw .V ,. .sf-, -:K or V, . . ., if A V -1 .- ,..N 35 . 7 Risk. . . -5 -, .4 h aegligi. 4' ' I .f' EQ . -V . , .Q V- , ,' M2l2.554f " gg - , ' ' ,. V ' :'f-13:5 lmsiii- 'l x 77 LV " V- L' A " 55122152561 u f' 'H -V A K ...Q , . , V , ,X F V , , . V A '- - .,.' .. V . ..,, 5 E, A.: fa, - sm, - . 1 N-C13 V . . M,Q5f..f - , ,mf 1 1 fV - " .-as A' ' 1 fr 'A - H, A A T T ? . V M- si :fi - " ies' A. f V' .V . ' Av f aisgaai - ,, ' A - sms gsm gmagsgszrrggj , i::ffzJ..ew5. - r 5 W . ,sims--xv . X ' I' s' sa A A ' V .ws ' V V r - ' .. , ' Q A M' J A 'A ' A V x . V . V 9 ,EQ HQ I in V,.,VV.sVkV -I M-is I -7, S. A . -Qin' ' , , -A . K' 'fl' 'pslffy P . . jg A t N fwlz. ' A 7. 'a V- f ' V V V V t A , '- E, P Q , , . 3, r 5 K V N .1 ' J s I " " ' . V f r ragga .. . . . V I ' A " V . A A A TE, 1 " 1 A '! asf::.i:EsV': . .. i rrafrff' ' Lx . x V: ff,. V WEL: .4 A 1921 if A . E E ' , ' .- 5 ' 4 B: k 9 1 1: V,s:V - ,- ' V ,' Q , lxwgzthl' E Q """? V ' ' - - ' --y . V'i'Af? 1' h5'j5j54g,: af: V' A . f L, V K if L V q.: sv . A .Q - -- -' ' 1-'mf VL Mrs. Mosbac Steve Allan jared Bauch Dick Bower Denny Briggs Kirk Brimmer Fred Brook jim Brown Gene Buldrow Tom Burton john Cruise Martin Danielson Larry Dcvick Frank Edcns P. C. Filean Phil Gee Ernest Crosser Darrel Hcilmann Dick Henningcr Harry Henriksen M, C. Hensel W. joy Dale Kinton Howard Loehr Bill Lynch jerry Mcfiregor Q. Miller Cary Niebuhr Pat O'Brien Bob Oebser Pat O'Neill Chas. Pelton Cmnt Polk john Quinn Larry Randall Ron Rcmmers Allen Scheel Tom Shoemaker Bob Sisk lack Skalicky Les Smaha Dick Smith Tim Stewart Boh Stoutner Terry Tuffy Phil Tyler Ron Upham Denny Vajgrt Ken Wichman jerry Wilsori The ATO recreation room can handle everything from a hridge game to a Life Science seminar. Alpha Tau Umega The ATO fall social season was launched with the annual Homecom- ing party in Cedar Rapids. Next, the winter formal "Knight to Remem- ber" was held in the chapter house, decorated as a medieval castle of King Arthur's court. Spring social events included the traditional jazz Costume party and the spring formal. In addition, many informal parties and exchanges were held. Early in the year, the ATO pledge class of 1960-1961 was awarded first place in scholarship for fraternity pledge classes. The ATO's llelp-Xlifeelt Trophy was again awarded to the fraternity at SUI with the best construction week project. -HN President . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . OFFICERS Silivli l3oxv'xi,xN . Buss Ilifnslfi. ,lliizm McZC1u5c1o1e Bois Olfnsiflz A seranade for Beta Theta Pi sweetheart, Kay Enderes. Beta Theta Pi The festivities of the Beta Theta Pi house were launched with the fall "Barn Partyn and then proceeded to an elegant winter formal and the spring 'tBowery Brawln and Mardi Gras celebrations. To supplement these, the Betas made provisions for breakfasts with various sororities, picnics, serenades, and other activities. Putting a great deal of emphasis on individual scholastic achievement, the Betas won the top academic spot among SUI fraternities and were presented with the lnterfraternity Council Scholarship Trophy for the 1960-61 school year. OFFICERS President . . . . TOM CRQMWELI.. Vice-President . . DICK SHAW Secretary . . HANS LAWTON Treasurer JOHN AITA meamasumee-1.,,f.t,4ffe:faiee f Dave Afleldt john Aita Steve Amos D. Anderson jim Ayres Roh Benson Tom Bergstrom john Bickley H, Roe Charles Braley Bill Burfeind H. Carson Ken Cocldington T. Cromwell jim Davis D. Ehrhardt D. Elderkin Mike Erickson Larry Ford john Garwood jim Gibson Don Goode B. Halfwassen Ken Hamann ,lim Hass Bill Hetzel M. Hull Hal johnson Allen Kane Dave Kautz Mike Kinney Jim Kiple Herh Knudten D. Kohlhammer Iim Kunath Bob Lampe Hans Lawton Gary Lee B, Leinbach L. Longseth L. Martin Dave MeCoid Bart Miller john Miller Mike Moran Steve Mosher jay Peterson Dick Pitner Charles Pollard Bruce Reimers Martin Schaeferle Tom Schwob Dick Shinofielcl Dave Simmons Bill Siostrom W. Stanley M. W. Stitt joe Swanson Don Thompson J. Tinklenberg Steve Towle Kurt Truax XV. Wildberger ,ap Mrs. J. XV. Poling Xlifaync Allcott David Andrcasen Richard Asinger Rohcrt Banner Ntuvcn Barnes Edward Cardcnas Michacl Cira Richard Crandall Clharlus Cumming Howard Dickey John Dulin Hun Dullrcc Gus Erickson Wfilliam lfirzsinimons Roger Gunderson Dcnnis Hansen Tliomas Hansun Dcnnis llcrrmann jamcs llowc jon jacohfgon Milli Ylaspcrs larry Kaurlman john Kozcli fiharlcs Lockhart l'L'lcr .Nlacliintosh W'illi?lm fklcrrill ,lamcs Morrison ,lohn Mullun .Nlichacl Xml Raul Rancolto lirucu RL-tnrson XY'aynu Rurk Ip D. Roschrooli Nl. ,l. Ryan lfranlc Sanclcll Michaul Schiavoni 'llmnias Schrunl-Q john Schultz ,lack Sharp Gus Sicgrist Allcn Stamy Stcvc Stcnstrom jerry Suiter Donald Sulcntic lirank Trent julc Vilmont Lewis Xlffalllaridgc Edward H. Wfilson "But I ean't get to the board," Q Delta C li I The Delta Chi fall social season started off with a "hang" with the "49er Costume Partyfl Delta Chis and their dates came dressed as cow- boys and Indians. The fall and spring formals also highlighted the social season. This was the year for house improvements at the fraternity. They redecorated the living room and bought new furniture for the dining room and the chapter room. The Delta Chis also participated in many Campus activities and events. They entered a float in the Ilomecoming parade with the Alpha Chi Omegas and entered Ll-Sing with the Alpha Phis, ' OFFICERS President . . S'115v11 S'l'l:NS'liROM 4 J, Vice-President . . Ifierlx Rosifisieooit Secretary . . To.x1II,xNs15N Q, it Treasurer . E11 Weiss Delta Tau Dcltas make like the Kingston Trio plus two. Delta Tau Delta Besides dating every sharp girl on campus and engaging in all the important campus activities, the Delts had a good time this year. The Delrs unanimously voted to start the year off with a party, followed by another and another. Although they hate to admit it, Delrs fell down in varsity athletics. Numerals were acquired only in football, basketball, baseball, swimming and gymnastics. Guess they need a track man! These activities, along with a strong scholarship program represented a very successful year for the men of Delta Tau Delta. OFFICERS President . BRIAN CL11MoNs Vice-President . Tom PURCELL Treasurer . STEVIE JONES Secretary . TOM TORBERT j. Appel Denny Carney Mike Carr Mike Carver Bryan Clemons D. Erb S, L. Farner S. Vcrring L. Foster Torn Ccorgc J. Gilmore L. Coettsch B, Hcdcrick J. Helgens john Helm D. Hvidston D. Johnston Steve jones ivan Kerr J. Littlefield B. MaCKean P. Marston lim Martin jim Maurice dill Miller Pat Mochn jim O'Mallcy S. Page jack Pillmore U. Polich B. Boston Tom Purcell C. R. Ragan Stcvc Ransdell joe Rcddington K. Rouse Dan Sears jack Sprague Davc Still L. Stropcs Tom Torbcrt C. Valentine S. Wfatson Fred Weber jerry Wells D. Whitaker Vic Yanchick D, Young Ronald Bailey T. G. Bechtelheimer David Benda john Bornholdt, jr, Gerald Bryan james Brye Dennis DeNio Richard Falb David Finch Hugh A. Fisher john Gosma Chris Hagen Dale Harris Thomas Hogan Lynn Gillam Harold Glidden Richard Griffey Steve Holm Donald Houlahan jerry Hutcheson George lllian Donald Kellogg Rohert Knight Dean Lampe Lynn Lyon David Marston Roger McMoy Ronald Moeller Thomas Morehead Richard Mullarky Bruce Petersen james Piper Lawrence Pryhil joseph Roseman Lee Rummery Ferrell Russell Mark Schantz Gerald Schramm Glenn Seime james Sheerer David Simpson William Sisler J. F. Skerik Neil Sodemann Ned Strain Michael Taft Paul Thornvvall joseph Tornabane Merrill Tutton Dennis Waller Right over left, or is it vice versa as this D. U. prepares for a big date. Delta Upsilon With the winter snows, most DUs and their dates can be found in front of the fireplace or singing at the piano in the cheery atmosphere of the chapter house. Sledding, ice skating and skiing parties are other winter activities. On Motheris Day weekend, DU moms take over the house. Serenades, breakfast-in-bed, entertainment, and dates all add up to a full week that the moms "never forgetf' Although Delta Upsilon is a social fraternity, fun stops at a point and studies begin. DUS are proud of their academic achievements over the years. OFFICERS President . DOUG STONE Vice-President . LYNN GILLAM Recording Secretary . STEVE HOLM Corresponding Secretary . RON MOELLER Vice President B015 KAMMIZR Qeuttwiy CARY Noam Timsurei BOB i'RL'IWliLL lambda This Cheek mei thc 111111 applieauon to heeome a national fraternity. 1'1'cvioL1sly .3 colony, the group achieved national The Lambda Chi Homecoming party, with a Playboy theme, was the highlight of the fall social season. The party took place after the llome- coming parade and was put on by the pledge Class. With the change in atmosphere Caused hy the spring weather, the Lambda Chis had a Hawaiian Luau, All the furniture was moved out and the cook prepared a real Hawaiian meal. Emphasis was placed on scholarship this year as the Lambda Chis tried to retain or better their Scholastic rating of 4th for the 1960-1961 school year. The Lambda Chis also acquired an annex this year. Xt, W rf 'X Piesident LARRY LANE M, . f w-w.QM,ffffw, tw :wma:Wwewwtaimmmmww M3mummmxwwwwmwm:amw9m,ft7MN,,MV,N. jcrry All Harry Baggnu Bryon Burk Dave Chifdsg jim Church Vluhn fluhulci I.flI'Iy Cruswiuk Larry Fam- Huh Vrulwxcll Hill Graham March Haugv Vluhn Hicks Terry lillflblll Pctu jacolusun M. C. junta Huh Kammur Dunnie l.aml1 Vrancis Illn- DavQ McC'fm11bs Gun. McDaniel Cary Nurby Denny Piragus Tom QLIL'L'I1 A. Rasmussen Frmd Rallscln-1' Hill Shcrnmn lliuk Slwrs Hill SlUllL'l3llI'g Irv Thviscn jun' Thunms jim Vanuk R. Vanzamlhurgun lim Wfalclw Marx' Wk-llik .- wi I : L L 8 41 s 5 by ,QJHJW e ww v-av! QFJ , 4 --0 LI. 4 :- ...Q Ne-ai ferry- AK" Bernie David Anderson james Ausbergcr David Bowman Richard Chapman Charles Corwin Michael Dahly john Diehl jack Foster David Ficke Robert Frederick Wfaldo Geiger, jr. jack Goodrich Chris Green William Griffin Thomas Hicklin Richard Home Gregory Horrigan jon Hunt john Jordon Robert Kaiser james Kallmer Steve Kent James Koehnk Richard Krogstad Dennis Krouse Thomas Lehman 1. Liebendorfer jeff Lowe Fred Luthans William Marthens Scott McLeod Douglas Mehlhaus Larry Moon Michael Patten P. J. Phelps james Pierson Bruce Rankin William Reif David Rembolt W. H. Rinderknecht jack Sharkey Douglas Sheldon jay Shriver Steve Shoemaker Rasmus Skare R. C. Stewart Calvin Stilwell Kent Thurston Charles Traw Richard Vanderloo Wfilliam Van Orsdel john Vcldcy R. T. Wfay H. Zacherle , l The new Phi Delt mascot, Bernie, gets a brush job from four members of the fraternity. Phi Delta Theta The Phi Delts, as busy as all the fraternities, took time out this year from studies, activities, and social life to devote both time and energy to helping others. At Christmas time the fraternity held its annual Christmas party for the less fortunate children of Iowa City. Later in the year, they again had their Community Day Service Plan in which they devoted many man hours to help a worthwhile community project. Turning their interests a little closer to home, the Phi Delts gave a party honoring their cook, Marg MCCuiness, who has been cook at the Phi Delt house for 28 years. Secretary . . C.Vx1.S'1'1L1-xvELL OFFICERS President . . BILL REIF Vice-President . DAVE REMROLT Treasurer . JIM ALISBERGER ,E , .... f. .y.. 5 if ' sa .3 . 2 -'fr w: 5 tfA' j i ff-'r vs Q V K X The Phi Eps really helieve photographers are doing a fine job with landscapes these days. Phi Epsilon Pl The Phi Ep highlight of the fall social season was the winter formal "Anything Goes." During the spring semester they had the Pledge dance, put on by the pledges for the actives, in addition to the annual Spring Formal. The Phi Eps and the Kappa Alpha Thetas won second place for originality in the Homecoming parade with their float 'LBan the Badgers." A three year redecorating plan was finished this year at the Phi Ep house, with the pledges purchasing new furniture for the living room. OFFICERS President . . . l..lfN SCHILLER Vice-President . AL WINICK Secretary . DICK BLOTT Treasurer . . RON BORDIQN xf MMM it i5 ii l? ' .. Mrs. Sands Morris Alter Tom Asarch Arny Balanofi Robert Baron Robert Barriclcs E. Baumstein Richard Blott Fred Boclcey Hart Bondi Ron Borden Bruce Brody Roger Dimsdale Henry Farber J, Ferstenfeld Max Feuer Cary Fingert Michael Fish David Frolick Richard Goldberg Meyer Heller Donald Herzberg Michael Herzoff Herbert Hoffman Sidney Hoffman Steve Kotok G. Krockover Stewart Jacobson Richard Lazere Alan Levi Steven Lubin Arnold Manvitz Jay Margulis Robert Markham Paul Merar Alan Meyerson Gordon Pearlman jeffrey Pill Haskell Pitluck Ronald Rubin Leonard Schiller Richard Schultz Robert Sigelman Ronald Slosky joseph Spector David Strauss Stephen Strauss Bruce Strom Linn Willianis Alfred XVinick jon Winner Martin XViss jefrey Xllfohlner Harold Zabin S. Zimmerman Mrs. Guy john Allen Angelo Bellizzi Xlffilliam Bethurem Monte Briner Alan Brown Mark flollor Marvin Covault john Cfronlchite Thomas C Davis li. Rohert Dew jo Drechsler, jr. Terry Everroad David Funkhouser XVilliam Ciammack joseph Harding Howard Hensel john Hewitt Rusty jones Scott Kleplier Donald Kruzan james l.annon Carroll Larson lon l.indernan Douglas l.inder D. N, .Nflancheo Wfinlield Mayne XV. fl, Oldalier Rolvert Patterson lfrank Patton Allan Pennington Michael Phelan Dennis Higgins Dan 'Shinn XVallace Snyder john Sommerheld Allen Stroh Nl. R. Struit Williaiii Teelers Patrick Trowbridge Randall Vincent james Xlifeissenhorn Rolvert Wfhite XVillian1 Wfinegardner .-X n d re w Ze l lwege r Though hunting season lasted only a short time, the Phi Cams were always prepared. Phi Gamma Delta The Phi Cams started the 1961-62 year in grand style by capturing sweepstakes honors in the Homecoming Parade float competition. The float, built with the Pi Beta Phis, was entitled "Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho- Itls Off to Win We C-of, and also took first place for beauty. The "Apache Brawln and the "Wine and Cheesej' party characterized the fall social program and set the pace for the social events in the spring -the traditional jeff Dual and the "Grass Skirtn party. When it came time for intramurals, the Phi Cams scored high in bowling, bridge, and football. OFFICERS President . . . . MARV CovAuLT Secretary . . BILL BAILEY Treasurer . . AL PENNINGTON joining in the weekly cleanup session are the Phi Psi pledges. Phi Kappa Psi The Phi Psis began their social season with the annual "Pall Brawl." Parents and alumni were entertained after every football game with a buffet supper, and a special smoker was held shortly before Christmas for all alumni. Again this year, the Phi Psis gave a Christmas party for fifty handicapped children from Children's Hospital. Aside from planning all of these social events and participating in most of the campus intramurals, the Phi Psis evidently took time out to study, for both the pledge class and the active chapter rated second in scholar- ship for the 1960-61 school year. OFFICERS President . JOE l'lARKNESS Vice-President . JEFF LAMSON Secretary . . STEVE GIBSON Treasurer . JON BERGSTROM J s s - ' David Axeen john Bain Ray Benton Jon Bergstrom David Bruce Bowen Campbell jay Cleveland jay Decker james Dunn Thomas Elliott Thomas Finley Robert Cemrath Brian Cvauler Steve Gibson Robert Gitchell Ned Glenn Phil Gruis james Harkness joseph Harkness Joe Hladky john Hobbs Dryke Hutchison Charles jenkins Keith johnson R. C. johnson Heikki joonsar james Kerwin Robert Kreamer jeff Lamson Russell Lamson Michel LeVois james Lofgren Randall Mather Charles May Paul Meftuley Brian McCarvey Robert Mulder jon Newsome Robert Phillips Justus Reid Dennis Rehons Dennis Shay Gary Swartz Steve Van Houten Frank Wctmtnre Robert Wfhite Victor Wilson Denis Bcngfort XVm. Brueckncr john Carven Wfm. Ccrvcnak Ceo. DQBO Gary Graff jim Holden Ed Hood Bob Hunter Gurdon Kcahbonc Barry Kccley Pat Kelly Frank Kurrie Allen Mohr Frank Olson Paul Pfcffer Stan Schroeder L. W. Shank Harvey Swckla Dick Turici Frccl Wfalk Phi Kappa Thetas devour a pizza. Is that a 'itreeu in the background? Phi happa Theta The annual "Fish Bowl" football game with Alpha Epsilon Pi was once again won by the Phi Kappa Thetas, who had a little professional help from their guest Kurt Merz, former Iowa star. The rest of the year was filled with hayrack rides, picnics, a winter formal, and the "Yard and a Halfu party, for which the members buy a yard and a half of material for their dates' sarongs. The year was climaxed by the presentation of the "Lolly Award" to President Bill 'iTree" Cervanek for being the clumsiest oaf in the house. His prize was a pair of ballerina slippers. frwfh OFFICERS President . . BILL CERVANIZK Vice-President . . Boa Moone i 3, Secretary . . FRANK KURRHQ gy Treasurer . FRED XVALK 1 7 'Y' A study of concentration as these Phi Kappa Qigmas match wits over a chess hoard. Phi happa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma welcomed aluins hack to the chapter house at Homecoming hy winning another Homecoming Parade float trophy, their fifth award in succession, Plans were mapped out in the fall for the pledge service project of feting the handicapped children from University Children's Hospital at a Spring house party given in their honor. The rest of the full fall season was highlighted by rayrack rides, picnics, and athletic events, and was climaxed hy the traditional Yule Party on Dec. S, at which Mother l F0rd's organ was the center of attention for the spontaneous caroling. OFFICERS ' President . . . Bos Enom: Vice-President . DIQNNY McKlNNiar Secretary . . Diciq Nomus Treasurer , I lAROI.l5 B,xiaB1'1'1 aww-7...., 4 'K --N, . ,....,w, yawn. -.-,e john Adamson H. Babbit Dave Boicndcr Keith Borchart Stn-vc Bryan Don Burks Larry Burns lofi Connell j. DeGraw Bob Downcr Denny Edwards Ron Elmquist jim Fowler Nick Cleo S. Cryglas Ed Hale jack Hirt Bob Ingle G. Judy Steve Keefcr F. Kolpin Bob Koltcrman Roy Marquis Denny McKinncx Dave Morgan j. Morgan Dick Norris jim Ott Don Pcnly Dcan Phiilips jim Shepard Cary Smith jim Schirm Harry Steers jim Stryker Ron Tcmplcman jim Wiidbiiwivd 'B' -Sir ,L Mrs, Clark Larry Ales Robert Alex Richard Allen Robert Amcs J. L, Aswegan Anthony Bougoulcas jerry Casey Michael Gassady Mark Gorr William Crews William Crosby Ted Dykstra T. A, Darner Steve Eggland G, Fitzgerald Edward Frangenberg john Gardner james Gebbie D, M, Gray Grant Hachmann David Hadley j, S, Harris Ronald Hedglin Ronald Hersbergen Lee Hitchcock David Hylc Gary johnson Richard jones Michael Kinsinger David Klumpar David Krohn George Kruse Lee Lamar Larry Lind Alan Lunclgren lack Martin Joseph McCabe Collis Miller ,lerry Mills Robert Moes Lumir Nezerlca Edward Pence ,lames Rasmussen jerry Reeder Richard Ross Robert Saclc Donald Sayre j. XV. Sobieski Roy Spencer William Stanley David Sunleaf Wfayne Thompson Alan Touch Tom Van Hramer Robert Vander Maten jonathan Waite Richard Warren Kenneth Wright Another Pi K. A. The Pikes began the social season housemother. Another new social Luau party, held in the chapter hot and their dates in the downstairs social events were the winter forma Girl formal. The members also built a Home which won the local Kiwanis Club' and they took part in various intra 5 l,i,i is about to get doused after announcing he has given away his pin. Pi Kappa Ipha event of the year was a Hawaiian orated as a beach, and the fruits of dining room, The three other main s murals and with a welcoming tea for their new Ise. The first floor lounge was dec- the islands were served to members l, the French party, and the Dream coming float with the Delta Zetas award for the second straight year, activities. OFFICERS President . . DICK NWARREN Vice-President . . DICK ROSS Secretary . Tom VANBRAMER Treasurer JIM CHBBIE lliwffx-if ,-, , A, .einem ff- W., . -ev- ...., .'. .. . Members nl the charter chapter ol SAE's little Sisters of Minerva. Sigma lpha Epsilon OFFICERS President 4 , DVNNIS Poniiiie Vice-President 4 Riio,xnE5 LAWTON Secretary . . AIM' IRv1N Treasurer Srisvii Mcfiuii A new innovation at the SAE house was the forming of the Little Sisters of Minerva cluli. Comprised of girls from various sororities and housing units, who have shown an active interest in SAE, this select group participated at post foothall game huflets, the Christmas tea, and other SAE parties. The active SAE social calendar was highlighted hy the SAE sponsored Kappa Kappa Gamma-Delta Clamnia foothall game, and the performance of the Bo Diddley Trio at the annual winter formal. Other social events included the Pajama party, Sherwood Forest party, and the Pledge party. iii ,-iffy . .. 2 John Adams R. Anderson M. Bardeill T. Bough Joe Brunner P, Burkett Brad Caldwell I.. Chapman Les Cutler lioh Dehl LeRoy Dirks Mike Dunn li Easton Mike Evans Bob Finch Mike Courley Bill Hancock D. Hansen S. Hart Rich High li, Hillenmeyer Jim Irvin H. Jensen H. Kennedy A. Kessler F. Klinger J. Kinnamon R. Klinzman M. Lanning R. Lawton D. Lehmann J. Lewis S. Mashek B. Mays B. McCauley Steve McCue J. McSwaney J. Miresse Sid Moore D. Mulvehill J, O'Connor J. Olson J. Palmer M, Petersen B. Picper D. Porter M, Reilly M. Richard Dick Riley B. Robertson M. Schafer S, Schultz Bob Seery Jim Sell S. Shank Mike Shay Bill Skea J. Skow Tom Smallwoocl J. Stephens Tom Vandeventer Mike Whitehill Jim Wilson Mrs. Kimmel R, Bauer Ted Plenty Raul Heck Steve Beisler D. Brooke Bob Cook Wfm. Dawson john Dooley Marv Evans Bill Fellows C. Froyermutli Bob Given A. Havercamp Stove Hayward john Helling jay Hockett J. ,lones R. Kellogg Martin Kling Gerry Kraai C, Lovett Russ Munn Bill Patrigo jim Powers Russ Prince Dick Rinker C. Robertson Dave Rusk Tom Sanflner Drew Scott Don Solil S. Stalilliut Bill Stevenson Tom Stone ,lim Tansey Ron Towell P. Vanclerhoef Steve Wfard l. XVillcockson Charles Yarde N-..,, 5 Xlffinter means snowballs as the Sigma Chis bombard the house across the street. Sigma Chi The Sigma Chis initiated a new social event this year, the Las Vegas party. Roulette wheels, one armed bandits, and other authentic Las Vegas devices provided the atmosphere for this novel and long remem- bered party. An outstanding social event each year for the Sigma Chis, the annual Derby Day was again a success. Highlights of the day were the limbo contest, the flour dive, and the selection of the Derby Day Queen. Trying to maintain a balance between social and academic life, the Sigma Chis worked hard to achieve this goal. i OFFICERS President . . . ALAN HAVLRCAMP Vice-President . . Davis Rusit Secretary . . Ronnie Baum Treasurer . . JERRY JONES Q sa XY"inter exercise, good, clean hard work . . , but always time for clowning. Sigma The Sigma Nus were privileged to have an l.l3.C. foreign exchange student from Peru living with them this year. An organ was added to the Sigma Nu house and the members' interest in music was intensified. The Sigma Nils did a great deal of singing, and their efforts were rewarded when they joined with Gamma Phi Beta sorority for University Sing. The three annual social parties--Polonesian patty, Wfhite Rose formal, and Hotel party-were all great successes, as was their Alumni Hall of Fame Day, a new social event this year. OFFICERS President . -Mex GLESNI5 Vice-President . DICK LEAZIER Secretary . ST13vi5 Aviirzv Treasurer . G15RRYB,xnl51z N A Michael Arrowsmith Richard Austin Steve Avery Gerald Bader Dan Beach l.arry Hoe Wfilliam Bode Robert Booth Paul Brandt Wfilliam Bryan Richard Cappel jeff Cleveland Timothy Curtis Robert Dallenbach Perry Dittmcr Wfilliarn Ellis Donald Flynn Alan Yorker john Fraser Elwood Carloclf lack Clesnc Ronald Crau Roger Hanson Carlton Howorth Stewart Huff Thomas lessen Kent Kauffman Donald Knahc james Knokc- Howard lane Larry Lawrence Richard Leazer Robert Merritt Steve Mcffurdy Richard Neiman Al Olsen Richard Quigley john Quinn james Robeson Michael Shuey Duane Siegel john Sloan D. E, Smith jack Stunkard XV. L. Taylor lloyd Tracy George Tracy Roger Wfilkinson jerry Wfoolums Michael Ulmer Mrs, Clark Phillip Baldwin P, liarcnhruggc Dan Barrett Bob liavcr D, Brimmer Dick Broken Paul Brown P. f:E1SlLJl'lgLl3y james Clark liill Cramer l.arry Cridcr J, Crockham Rick Davis Dick Charles Dick Ciharlcs Roy Dictechlur J. Distclhorst Tum Dittmcr Tom Dodds Tum Egbert ll. lflliot jerry llvans Miko lflcming 'lf liurrcstt-r R. Frcitag . lfruvurt D. liruschaucr l.. Cciscwitc T. Clingcvicli Hrucu Cricr john Hull .I. lirycc llamillun .Nlarvin Harnux' jfilm llullnur ,lack Hulmcs larry Hulmws Dim llimc Ruger Hughes lim llunt Cl. liiliiismi CQ, jungmann Carlos Kiamcu fit-uc Knopf .Nflurris Knupl lulm Kalb fluilcy' Kress It-1 ry' lamps Huh Iatham fkcmlgt' Nlaycl' l3rt-rl Mczklistcr .Nliku .xlCCZUITllik'l Hill Mcliinlcy jim .Nlimun R. Muwun Dick Munclvn llulwri Nclsnn lf Oulschlac-gui' Tom Parclun 'Ibm Patnick A, Pcchacek Lac Pctcrs jim Pritchard Daw Roach I.. Sanhurg R, Schoencman T, Schramm john Speer Wfaync Taylor Larry Solclati Don White Huh Wfilcling Rmmgcr Wfilcy A Sig Ep seeks peace and quiet as he crams for a Chemistry final. Sigma Phi Epsilon Early last fall the Sig Ep pledge class staged a "Name the Dog" con- test among the various sorority pledge classes in order to obtain a fitting name for their new mascot. The Kappa Alpha Theta pledge class won the contest with the name "Bacchus,i' meaning god of wine. Each Theta pledge was awarded a miniature pledge paddle. Socially, the Sig Eps highlight of the fall was the Homecoming party where they treated their parents and dates to dinner at the house and then a cruise on the Kapa-Ann. Also they had many informal skips and exchanges with sororities and the pledges again had the traditional Rose Serenade for the sorority pledges. y GFFICERS I President . DICk lNiLI'NIDI N Vice-President . L 'RRY HOLMI s Secretary . JIM CL tint Treasurer . Ptui BROWN President LYNN A1myisoN Vice President DICK LTHNAANN Secretary DON Tw xonui Treasurer Im- DENY Qtudies are the order of the day, as the Sigma Pis gang up on a calculus problem. Sigma Pi Qver the summer, the members of Sigma Pi redecorated the entire second floor of their chapter house. The "new" house was the scene for the animal Homecoming dance and Alumni Reception, for a Pledge dance, and also for a Christmas party. ln january, the winter formal provided ineinhers and their dates with an enjoyable evening of dining at an lowa City restaurant and dancing at the house. Not to be forgotten was the ever popular "Barn Party." The chapter placed third scholastically for the second semester of the 1960-oi year. tw merfltiaafwwe Mrs, Thurlow Lynn Adamson jcrry Blakely jon Bowman jcrry Brnncmann Michael Callaway Dcan Clapsaddlc Scott Clark Cary CoHclt Richard Colony Douglas Cover joscph Dcnt D. M. Donnelly XV. N, Ifarl Marvin Eckard L. G. Enlfc Terry Fahlcnkamp Robert Fcnchel Ronald Fcssler Richard Fox Larry Classcoclc j. R, Goodman Phillip Groves john Housc Charles johnson james Kcltcr Richard Lchmann Robert Miller Xlifilner Nclson David Nichols Howard Niycns Marlyn Oltroggc Richard Prcston Kcnncth Price David Schrody William Schrocdcr Kcnneth Schug Mcryn Schug Larry Simmon Ronald Sirowy Eldon Slifc Fay Smith XV. D. Smith Richard Spaulding Calcn Stahlc Rohcrt Story Cary Taylor Donald Twaddlc jcrry White Arthur Wrmlfl Larry Wfright Dean Young N . M ez' an L.: , E ew 1. 5 W 1. ' K ss ,za giv- liii Ek 2 ,.,,' rmunqeur My W Li,,,,w .Jaw as M if are it We HW .3 'Aw 3 W k--,. viii. wg? ,, new My Dorm I,Dor1nitoi'y living at SUI is a won- derful experience in group Compan- ionship. Students from all 50 states and many foreign countries live side hy side in SUI! numde1'n dorinituries. Serviced hy maids, and with a tele- phone in every room the dorm resi- dentls life is nn easy one, He or She also has some of the linest recreation and study nrens on Campus right under the home roof. Construction of :another XYOINCIIIS dormitory is scheduled to hegin soon nt SUI. ROW' l: Sandra l., XY'nrlanc'l, Mary M. Egger, Sarajanc Tcrholl, Sue Christiansun, jo Kershaw. ROW' 2: Patrick J, Moody, lucly A. Assmus, Larry S. Scufcrcr, Allan l . Cooclc. lnterdorm Presidents' Council Thr- prwiclciitx ul' SUI! rlnrinitorics COIIIIWOSC the liitui'rlr1i'1n Pmsiclciits' Council, Thr- Council Seeks to Cn-nrrlinatc rlie activities of thc cloi'mitorics and to pi-nviclu a Common ground for mccting anal discussing rlorinirnry pmblcins. In the spring, the Council upcratcs a leadership training school. Thu school acts aw a training grouml lor iwi-.ily clccrunl rlnrniitory nlliccrs A plaque ix auarrlccl hy rlir- Council to ilu- lwusing unit or association with the highest scmcstcr grade' point avuragc, Adviscrs arc Margaret Romcy and Alcxanclcr Davidson. All is not just what it SCUITIS. Burge - Clara Daley If we were to read the lirst issue of the 'Daley QVUIIVS, the newspaper of Clara Daley House in Burge Hall, we would probably find the issue discussing the orien- tation program of the House. The Daley girls famil- iarize 'Kgreenm freshmen and transfers by having an all house cozy to introduce the officers. ln later issues we would read about the Open House on Dad's Day, door and room decorating contests held at Christmas time, and the Smarty Party, held for 3.0 students. On Wediiesday evenings, the Clara Daley residents enjoy bringing faculty members to dinner, and other guests to the special holiday dinners. Daley House is the newest addition to the SUI dor- mitory system. lt was named after Miss Clara Daley, a member of the SUI history faculty for more than forty years, and one of the first women to attain professorial rank at the University. liurge Hallis modern lounges, make good study hideaways joan Anderson, Sue Chandler, Mary Egger, Celia Ferner, Cathy Fischgrund, Sandra Cvartncr, ,Ian Glattly, Judith Greenfield, Lela Linch, Barbara Murphy, Virginia Putnam, Joy Roustio, Judith Steelman, Janis Vaught. K mm J , -nd ...nt 4,1 'fm :.f:s i 1 J 5 M we J! O jg u in . ' W fee : , ff: W Li gg 1 ,K M in ,M ,Ts 'QF' -.1 A5 5 5 ,s i 3 is if 5 And now wouldn't you likc to sec Wl'13tYS in thc plain wrapped linux? ,lan Bode Sue Christiansen Valerie Dick jan Geenman Marty Cower Gretchen johnson judy johnson Peggie Murray Nancie Nelson Mary Plimpton Pat Popejoy Karen Raymond Sandy Schreyer Jody Stolhfarig Christine Wfalker Burge - Maude MCBroom Anyone else suspect were being watched? Pep, enthusiasm, and activity are the hywords of the Maude McBroom House of Burge Hall. The House started its busy year by winning the Ellcs trophy of recognition, for the Homecoming float the House built with Quad. The Christmas spirit entered the Maude McBroom girls as they again joined with Quad, this time on a caroling spree. Maude McBroom unites its house with coitee-donut cozies held every Saturday morning. Each floor con- tinues this custom hy having individual cozies, such as pizza parties and song fests, through the year. Maude Mchroom House feels it has several obligaf tions to its residents: It should provide social contacts, cultural exchanges, and a voice in its governing. In the past, House members have sponsored Christ- mas caroling programs for patients in the Veterans' and Children's Hospitals and Dad's Day weekend activities. Qi 59? F -va. K gisgif .M 5 2 , Q L .3 fa.5,1,3m iw fm Q E W! 1 s qi wg 4 , ,ALW, , ROW' I: B. Ilell, ll. Balclrey, C. Kroemer, ,Ir Berg, R. Klahn, D. lfetroxt, ROW' 2: B, Mefiohan, A, Vanderwicken, Ii. Doughty, F, Higgins, R. Herzog, fi. Hirdsall, S, Barn Burge - Ruth Wardell A panoramic view of a Hurge Hall room 390 Cfhristnias time in the Ruth Wfardell llouse of Burge llall, found many of the girls practicing with llillcrest in the newly organized Christmas chorus. Tossed in for variety were snow hall lights and caroling parties. Ruth Wfardell girls reinemhered their parents hy selecting a Dad of the Year in Noveinher and holding a hlothefs Day hrealifast in May, Ruth Wfardell l louse is proud of its heauty and hrain combination, having Miss Perfect Prolile and a Dolphin Queen finalist, and two Phi Beta Kappas. Other Wfar- dell girls were active in Associated Wfomen Students General Council and committees, YXWCA, Mortar Board, the Scottish Highlanders, and chorus. The activities of the girls in Ruth XWardell llouse are varied and interesting, but a good study atmos- phere still prevails. Thus, the llouse is a good place in which to live. Judy Assmus Bonnie lilaclimer Judy Broafslwus Kay Clifton Diane Hartman Linda Hauser Rollie Klahn Marilyn Kropaeelt Limla Kubicelx Karen .Nlcien Lynette Murdy Diane Pease Carulyn Rolverl Mary Riclce Pat Steenrod Lyn Thorestm Nwrnm Wflwilt' Maylue if I flap my arms a littlc harder . . . Wfaste not, want not ,A ,Aww Q f f gz f: 1 - M 16 :Earl 5 , F 1 ag? -'as f sa -' F5252 1 X 3. iii? , ,E xiii? x K J . , .. E311 , 3 z1,Q,,- , xefsg' E2 an ,:,A. V' ' 221:52 -2:55 1 'f . ? A555 V u iv ifxzgil , ifl'52Sfgez?', iv sim.: . D' Beverly Beeltcr Deanne Belinoff Barbara Burlingham jean Caisluy Karen Carlson Carolyn Coon Ruth Erlanger Diane Celleri Linda Holt Amy Higgins lan Joslin lean Kiel janet Moberly Arlene Rommel Carol Tappan Pat Wignal Sandra Worland Burge - Beth Wellman Beth Wellinan House of Burge Hall compiled a 'little Black Bookn for Project Aid auction. Many of the girls in the "Little Black Booki' were active in the campus-wide organizations of AWS, WRA, Stu- dent Senate, IDPC, and were on Burge Hall councils and boards. Beth Wellniaii House scholastically benefits its resi- dents by maintaining a tutor system, text files, scholar- ship recognition banquet, and student-faculty dinners. Along with the studies, social activities were pro- vided by Beth Wellniaii House to give its girls moments of relaxation. An exchange with the menis dormi- tories, an all house cozy, an officer installation banquet, and a few intramural games, gave the life of the Beth Wellmaii resident a little variety. Holidays warranted attention in the Beth Wellniaii llouse, when a ghost, turkey, Santa Claus, or Easter bunny decoration appeared on the doors, windows, and bulletin boards of the girls' rooms. More attractive than the average reflection. ssssr l- A 393 Operaiions In Social ROW' 11 Martha Wfallacc, Linda Hamhlun, Ruxh Erlangcr, ROXV 11 Gayle Catz, Patricia W"ignall, Slmmii Lictzav, Buvcrly Becker, Meg Maslanik. ROW' 2: Peggy Wblfer, Pam juhnsuii, ROW' 2: Constance Spring, Ruhr-cca XY'nrd, Duudy Dickinson, Sharon Dorn, jan Staplctnn. Pnlly Sawin, Shiriuy Bush. Judiciary Scholasiif: Patricia Smith, Linda Aslilinc, fiarnlvn liimii, Party Hipplc, Dinnc Ylnnw, lfllcn Daniuisnn, Aihyiir- Rinnnn-i, Kml, Barbara Cjevrc, Knrun ,-Xnistutz, Martha Wfallau-. , W ,.-W., za ii if X 1 Floor Chairman Operaiions Ou? Les Aris Amy Higgins, jean Caislcy, Barb Burlingham jan Beard, jan Mobcriy, Tammy Mcsscrsniith Deanna Buiimiti, Karcn Carlson, Nancy I 394 ROW! lf Nancy Phillips, jo Kershaw, Sally Yifhiteman, Susan Miller. ROW 2: ,lean Fuller, Susan Smith, Mary Lincleman, Janice Boeke, Lois Helmrich, Dawn Richardson. Currier Hall Wfho will receive the Currier Pins this year? At the spring Recognition Dinner, the Currier Pin is awarded to the girls who have done outstanding work for Currier Hall. These girls are the unsung heroines who work behind the scenes to make the large, 800- girl dorm function smoothly. ln the fall, the new Currier residents were orientated by cozies, a tea, and guided tours of Currier Ilall. During Dad's Day weekend, the Currier Dad of the Year was presented at a buffet luncheon, The Hallow- een cozy, Christmas cozy, and the tree-trimming party gave the Currier girls a hrealt from studying. On W'ednesday evenings, faculty members are in- vited to eat at the dorm. Thus the girls are able to meet them and speak with them at a coffee after dinner. During Christmas time, a door decorating contest is held. Four prizes are awarded on the basis of humor, beauty, originality, and religious themes, A private chat about girls, boys, and everything else. X f S! ' , ,,l. ' X 9, ,, l" L' A' 395 Miss Mcycrs and Mrs. Olds - Curriur Hall lmcacl cOL1nsclurs. Curriefs snack bar is always busy. -- -NM-pw M, Om: always lcarns more in tlmc dark Currier Unii 2 ROW 1: Ann Steninger, Carolyn Larkins, Barb Butler, jan Stewart, Kay Enderes. ROXV 2: IvaMae Allen, Carole Evans, Harriet Steele, Winter Taylor, Donna Hippe. ROW 3: Sally Taylor, Henrietta Carbarino, Anita Viksne. Currier Unii' 3 ROW l: B. Patterson, 1. Friedman, R. Sakata, C. Pitsch, M. Zedick. ROW 2: I. Klipsaar, B, Moyer, E. Weinstein, C. Whitney, M. Friedman, B. Smith, P. Marsh. ROW 3: C. Potter, L. Bodine, C. Hanna, K. Poole, S. Haber, M. Strobach. ROW 4: J. Cremer, S. Crabbs, S. Gettert, S. Gadient, J. Wfalden, S. Rousso. Currier Unii' 4 ROW 1: V. Blaekleclge, L. Marten, J. Ekiss, S. Murphy, j. Holly, M. Ament. ROW 2: R. Camp, B. Lowe, M. Stentz, E. White, M. Healy, S. Miller, H. Buikema. ROXV 3: V. johnson, C. Duggleby, E. Kramer, E. Brineks, C. Woodburn, C. Mueller N. Phillips, K. McLuckie. ROXV 4: H. Blomendahl, M. Blixt, J. Hanig, L. Dalton, R. Hylland, M. Lindeman, S. Jenkins, S, Davis. Currier Unii' 5 ROXV 1: R. Conwisher, H. Hawkins, C. Johansen, J. Pakozcli, C. Ncsley, N. Elsberry. ROW! 2: Purcell, K. Suchy, M, Mull, R. Frolich, Gauthier, L. Helmrich, S. Smith. ROW! 3: R. Rhodes, E. XVard, M. Griffiths, C. Hinze, I. Lehcda, D. Cohoon, S. Nolan. ROXW 4: B. Hightower, C. Ingram, S. McVay, N. Reimers. Currier Unit 6 ROXV 1: H. Tiernan, L. Wfhitson, L. Schulz, J, Johnson, M. Mauritz, P. Maxheim, M. Abram, M. Lincoln, ROXY! 21 E. Merz, M. Sandhorst, J. Wert, T. Onwcller, C. Kennerly, D. Madson, K. Roudebush, A. Bingham, A. Hamilton, C. Wfilliamson, J. Peterson. RQXV 3: J. Burkhart, M. Johnson, R. Allison, S. Strickfaden, M. Bachman, E. Stowe, C, Prather, S. Erhe, S. Schwiebert, K. Lucas, B. Mumm. I Currier Unil' 7 ROW! I: C. Tharp, C. Messerly, J. Linclell, C. Carlson, S. Mau, L. Bishop, M. Doolittle, K. XVnltcr, M. Mattison. ROW 2: M. Marshall, D. Farber, C. Taylor, J. Buss, K. Shcwaltcr, D. Primus, R. Cvcaclelmann, A. Cihsun, P. Booth, T. Alikadi, A. Ingles. RUW 3: C, Vermillion, A. Guildncr, K. McGee, W. Riley, D, Wfolfe, TNI. Wfiller, K. Belling, C. Kuehl, A. Fmnnuel. Last minute cramming before that midterm. Some Currier activities are a bit unorthodox. Are you sure there's no ridcs to Afghanistan? 1 3 A ,S 1,9 -vi alaS32:9?h.:' ,QfiQf?gf?,fVE f ww ,wlif 754, ' ,V K Generakcouncil ROXV I: N. Phillips, S. Wfhitcman, J. Kershaw, S. Miller, J. Fuller, L. Bishop. ROXV 2: S. Smith, N. W'aIkcr, B, Butlur, K. Ahcl J. Johnston, J, Johnson. ROW 3: C. Hooker, J. Bockc, R. Sakata, M. Lindeman, J. Hawkins, S, Murphy, L. Hclmrich. More makers of automatic waszhcrs pack . ,gf I The Cozy way to study. i ,L , f . .M 'isbn Fixflxlm -4 V 1A - J., .wr.un5in .. -may-1 f .f 5 -- M fs, 4- -- ' vw ' aff ..g.f'2g:f jfs ,- ,-ws: K J 'ill' Currier Unii' 8 ROW 1: M. O'Kelly, E. Hoffa, J. jesina, B. McCabe, C. Hooker, J. Kloppenburg, M. Cviesc, D. Hall, N. Sauby. ROW 2: C. Powell, S. Diedrich, M. Hannes, P. McCurry, S. Hughes, D. Hartshorn, P. Latzo, P. Haywood, L. Morgan, K. Kowa. Currier Unir 9 ROW 1: Cv. Barker, D. Bonnett, P. Schaefer, E. Cvooclhuc, J. Johnston, S. Morgan, M. Klohuchar, A. Otto. ROW 2: S. Tieskotter, E. Brimeyer, J. Austad, R. Hill, M. Neglia, B. Majewski, S. Mroz. ROW 3: H. Longabaugh, M. Liebold, K. Passiclc, D. Wolfmeyer, J. Rathjen, M. Kirkham, S. Wright, S. Cleaves. ROW! 4: L. Van Dyke, J. Hayward, D. Cecdy, D. LaVallic, C. Riedel, A. Eliason, A. Koch. Currier Unil' I0 ROW 1: C. Hironaka, S. Garrett, J. Morton, J. Burch, R. Sorg, 1. Dwyer, P. Pier. ROW 2: D. Hilderbrand, Smelser, C. Bunn, C. Dochterman, L. Smith, C. Langford, D. Walsh, M. Rowley, S. Ochler. Currier Uni+ Il ROW 1: S. Tcctcr, C. Schon, S. Wfcst, N. Caylor, V. Sellers, M. Scothorn, M. Holmlund, M. Lcvcrington, j. Fishcr. ROW 2: D. Smith, S, Blodgctt, L. Bekcmcicr, A. Minkner, A. Cotter, j. Radko, D. Sz-lucy, S. Haines, j. Fullcr, j. Kershaw. ROW 3: M. Waltc1', C. Null, j. Nelson, B. Stcrmcr, M. Barrctt, j. Doycy, B. Erickson, VI. johnson, Currier Unit I2 ROW' I: l.. Cillcs, M, Ccrlic, M. Rcincclxc, C. Morgan, j. Vornald, P. Petersen, L. Abramson, L. Grimm. ROW' 2: j. Katcs, M. McMorris, j. Nicholson, P. Teal, S. jackson, j. Olson, li. Wkitzcl, ll. Schultz, C. Cramer. ROW' 3: H. liauss, S. Russell, M. Wolfc, D. Bright, R. Leo, M. Butts. Currier Unit I3 ROXV I: P. Bicrma, M. Enich, M. Swift, K. Fanth, N. Wfallfcr, M. Kcllcy, M, Baumgartncr, j, Wfhittcmorc, P. Cerhcr. ROW' 2: K. Olson, M. Sloan, K. Koontz, K. Cumpston, j, Smith, S. Cox, S. Wfltitcrnan, Slcow, C. Linch, K. Sauer: ROW' 3: M. Niemeyer, E. james, P. Mcsner, Klotzlnach, L. Robertson, V. Evaltovius, K. Thunc, j. jones. ROKV -ls K. Ryan, S. Burggraaf, M. Christensen, A. liinlccl, M, Martin, M. Marley, K. johnson, M. Milnes. 5 So who's Plato? ,rl , . 5 X it Q-, 4' 4 M -if vf fr Y?-ii N.. This hairdrying rcquircs quite an operation. Curricr girls practice the skit used to present a Miss SUI candidate. - - Q 1 ef' 3 3 Q 'Q Q mg 4 3 A Q xii? : 1 . 45 ' 5 Q f ,ef 'im- .,. , . Ax ,, fe V 4 3. af. Q ' ii 5 L, , is, Q ii 5 4 9 4 Westlavvn MTU think that I Once fhgught 51 11111-gg only gfgod Theyre burning uniforms at the end of the year . . . Does . , . , 1 . f V v 0 by in a crisp white uniform and soothed the fevered anwm MW MU' brow," moaned one weary student nurse. "My only social contacts any more are 'l.C. Lation' and fPeni Cillinl' 'H Bu: it really isn't as bad as all that . . . Thursday afternoon coffee hours with the housemother provide a welcome relief from studies and classes. Sunday mornings, the Wfestlawn industrial streak shows itself when different units sell doughnuts to raise money for special projects. The Christmas season means caroling time again for the patients at University Hospital. Witli March comes a special event, the formal, cli- maxed by the selection of a queen to reign over West- lawn. Wfestlawn may be a somewhat unique housing unit with classes held there, and various assorted residents including nurses, technicians, and practical students, but it's a great place to live. Westlawn Council ROXV 1: Suson D, Cooper, Judy E. Davis, Sharonk Lewis, Sarajane Terbell, Mary L. Portlock, Tuck Reinert, Shirley Loomis. ROW 21 janet L. Mertes, Sharon L. Zahn, Sandi F. Frevert, Elizabeth A. Handy, Barbara J, Kendrick, jan I., Miner, Linda 1. Kemmerer, Susan J. Hanson, Ann XVolf. W! Q 5 2 X 5 5 4. nz 1 L- 2 3 3 . iff bi. ss. 3 4 fi 1 se , 'Q X-rr F429 s K f 9 f',r '5q:fXs,fx,J 'Z Rial,-"wTf21 7 off sn 'Q z A bridal shower, or, another lucky nurse snagged a med student. -K-ff? l told you. l'm on duty 7 nights next wack, ff--if :iff "Thats tellin' 'cm, Benft 407 Council ROW l: R. Anderson, D. Hutchins, D. lieclc, D. Miller, A. Goode, C, Crililin, D. Norris, D. Carlson. ROXV 2: j. McNally, A. Couperider, O, Carter, T. Swan, J, Bennet, D. Wliitmore, XV, Sigsbee, J. Beck, M, Sexton. ROW 3: J. Vipond, R. Pfefler, D. McLuen, C. Krekel, M. Cook, C. Benz, C. Allinson, R, Tock, J. Schmelzer. The newly redecorated Hillcrest dining room. Hillcrest Hillcrest has a new look about it. The new edition has not only added to the general outward impressive- ness but has added new facilities as well. There is a coffee shop open to the public plus a student canteen. Along with this new look is a new enthusiasm for activities. The residents of Hillcrest participate in the all-university intramurals and have captured many of the trophies in the various areas. Each unit is allowed a certain sum of money from the Hillcrest Association to which each resident pays dues, One worthwhile project for which this money is used is to donate toys to the Handicapped Children's Hospital. The annual formal is an event to which all look forward. A Hillcrest queen is chosen at this time. As you can perhaps tell, the new look certainly seems to agree with Hillcrest. ,i , N 2 , 9 . 41 V: fi . 3 -:f::,ig 5 l1i fi i My iw X fe i km ,Q , . Q 2: . we -.5 ' Hx, ,Z 5 V , 3 ,... .. M A mg-5, L E if if 4 Calvin House ROW 1: D. Norris, G. Wfaite, W. Stonebraker, M. Link, D. Beck, li. Hcmingson. ROW 2: H. Gray, L, Wfalker, B. Baack, W. Wfells, J. Perkins, L. Travis, W. Doane. ROXV 3: J. Hamilton, K, Purdy, C. Huston, R. Shaull, M. Powers. ROW! 4. R. Crau, J. Noyd, K. Matzick, B. Hillemeycr, A, Forkcr, D, Miller, D. Lake. Ensign House ROW 1: J. Christensen, D. Perkins, A. Scott, D, Haxton, D. Reynolds, R. Kilzer. ROW 2: C. Benz, R. Gibbs, M, Stratton, M. Sholes, D. Carlson. ROW 3: M. Baker, C. Christiansen, J. Kollman, J. Houar, T. Keen. ROW 4: D. Arndorfer, O. Sohulke, D. Vosepka, D, Dhooge, T. Snyder, J. Havcrhals. Fen+on House ROXW 1: G. Riggs, J. Moklestad, M. Myrick, A. Robinson, D, Wfhitmore, R. Howard. ROXW 2: A. Flanagan, R. Miller, C. Boisen, A. Cauger, Sykes, J. Griffin, N. Zoher, D. Shepard. ROW! 3. R. Jacobson, M. Hill, C. Stoaks, R. McMurray, J. Blood, XV. Sigshee, J. McLane, D. Wfaechter. ROXY7 4. F. Sauer, M. Kinney, D. Virtue, D. Zahn, R. Young, D. Jones, J. Vipond, J. Maurice, D. Carlson. ROXW 5: J. Evans, C. Key, R. Sells, C. Cearhart, D. Schlalekamp, D. Olsow, R. Polly, K. Johnson. F E w - 45 7 V- aiarggfvsvfsg-if ' , . ,N-A mf-,V ww fvH-ff,mMW.- ffbfffwff Q ff-zu-N. f-www . , g . - wp-g,gs' Qg kfmffigfigf 3' w 9 K. 9" if ,ig-Zigi, H Vw' ' V 14755 N J +Sg5gag1sHg552wf,W'Q 15+ wi, 1 f A ' ,gggfvh Q 7 .gv Y . ' 5 , Q Q , , ., Q.. 7 N ku wwf .af ' Tia- K W U in W m Mf F,-1 -. .f . V pi O'Connor House ROW 1: A. Meyer, M, Schoeppner, J. Hermann, D. Kelley, F. Bauer, K. Hammel, E. Peden, D. DefNlio. ROXV 21 D. Schaefer, J. Hein, G. Weaver, D. Gottschalk, T. Meader, S. Verhoeven, J. Breeclen, D, Hogan. ROXV 3: D. Clow, O. Carter, T, Lally, -J. Ehrhardt, C. Phillips, P. Beyer. Phillips House ROW 1: R. Kross, C. Schumacher, P, Mayberry, E. Bennett, R. Miller, R. Upham, H. Bisbee, R. Conn, R. Lamp, ROXV 2: D, Frisch, S. Reeves, J. Danforth, P. Wfagner, V. Nash, C. Russmann, T, Kacling, R. l-lolmherg, J. Daniels, R, Buban, R. Wfilbanks, D. Trimble. Seashore House ROXV 1: J, Schafer, G. Rushton, H. Kobus, C. Kibler, S. Treiber, R. Riessen, R. Burning. ROXV 2: D. Klaclstrup, T, Johnson, R. Park, J. Orris, J. Remley, l.. Loos, E. Van Driel, ROXV 3: T. Herman, M. Mexer, A. Hankins, E. Schneider, C. Scherrer, C. Allinson, C. Roths. ROW 4: L. Smaha, B. McAlpine, E, Hronik, W. Steele, C. Griffin. 1 1 1 Van Der Zee House ROW 1: R. Lambcrtscn, R. Hilo, J. McCarthy, Edwards, D. Hampton, D. Cezcl, j. Monroe, C. Grail, 1, Andcrson. ROW 2: J. Mathews, H. Stinson, L. Allurccht, J. Hall, C. Frisch, C. Mills, R. Hampton, S. Cumbincr. ROXV 3: M. Tcdford, B. Picpcr, J. Beck, R. Andcway, 1. Cravcr, J. Wfcnndt, XV. Palmer, C. Cironen. Execufive Council ROW 1: D. Carlson, D. Bock, D. Millcr, A. Goode, C, Allinson, R. Anderson. ROXV 'la R. Toclc, XV. Sigsbce, D, Mclouen, D. Norris, j. Vipond, C. C-riffin. fo. l Presiclen+'s Council ROXV 1: J. Raitcnborg, K. Moorman, D. Miller, R. Ray, M. Link. ROXW 21 NW. Palmer, E. Crowell, D. Kelley, J. Slavcns, L. Barton, R. Miller. ROW' 3: D. Arndorfer, XV, Eyrcs, R. Hobcrman, M. Myrick. Judiciary ROW' 1: james Elwrlwardt, Doug McLucn, Neal Rains, Robert Nielsen. ROW' 'lz Daniel Toubcs, Marvin Cracc, Ronald Kilzer Ed Schneider. Orienfarion ROW 1: D. Papke, O. Carter, D. Peck, D. Hutchins, D. Norris, M. Powers, C. Griffin, A. Blagg. ROW 2: XV. Palmer, R. Miller, E. Bennett, A. Goode, T. Babbitt, G. Riggs, M. McNally, T. Carpe, Intramural Board ROXV 1: S. Howard, S. Bosonac, S. Bolton, C. Allinson, B. Hcmingson. ROW! 2: D. Checks, S. Irvine, P. Mayberry, J. McCarthy P. Rcynolds, D. Topinka. Facilii-ies ROW 1: Norbert Tatro, jack Vipond, Robert Park. ROW 2: John Hermann, james Griffin, Robert McMurray. Scholarship ROW 1: Carl Gambs, Robert Pfeffer, james Bottomley, Evan Wilson. ROW 2: Martin Powers, Steven Schomberg, Carter Griffin. Social ROW 1: jerry Bartlett, Robert Park, XVilliam Sigsbec, Raymond Smith, ROXX7 2: Ulrich Sielaff, Bruce Gronen, Ronald Kilzer, David Moore. I ,Amer ,. Naturds most perfect food. Did someone say 'Alimitcd choice ,f W Out of thc night, when the full moon is bright .... Councils ROW' 1: S, Davenport, P. Moody, K. Lemkau, S. Baird, N. XY7illiams. ROXV 'lz C, Norton, ,l. Stanton, E. Mcflreevcy, D. Tallent. South Quadrangle The basement-land of milk and honey. SUI students sometimes feel as if they are lost in the crowd and are nothing but a mere number among the multitude. South Quad helps to alleviate this feel- ing. Housing only 100 men students, it provides a warmer and more relaxed atmosphere. Because it is a non-boarding dormitory, it gives residents the oppor- tunity of eating whenever and wherever they please. South Quad does not lack in social activity. Mixers with womenls dorms, Dad's Day coffee, and the Home- coming coffee are just a few of such activities. This year, something new was added to the social calendar --a Christmas party. An established tradition is the spring banquet, which was held this year at the Amana Colonies. its function is not only to get everyone to- gether, but to recognize scholastic achievements as well. The South Quad men work, they play, they CRI, they sleep-in short, they really live beneath the South Quad roof. Quadrangle Association The Quadrangle was the First self-governing dormi- Quail to Burris U1 H mallsf of mlmllla tory west of the Mississippi and for a time was the largest self-governing dormitory in the world. Among its traditions are the winter dance and the crowning of the Quad Queen, the spring picnic, and the Recognition Banquet which honors outstanding residents in scholarship, service and athletics. Although Quadrangle is a dormitory steeped in tra- dition, it is ever striving to provide new and more ben- eficial activities for its residents. One of the new activities of which they are particularly proud is that of providing an annual Christmas party for disabled children at the University Children's Hospital. During Homecoming week-end, Quadrangle was awarded the trophy for the best dormitory float. This was followed by the annual Homecoming Open House st: Fl was W' , 1 El at which Miss SUI was honorary hostess. Quad Executive Council ROW 1: Roger Nightingale, Dennis Leeper, Arthur Rorafi, Larry Seuferer, Robert Steenrod, Sam Sibley, Larry Kinney ROW 2 Warren Harris, Ronald Schwartz, Dennis Wilkin, Henry Kepncr, Edward Sibley, Gary Hess, Chuck Coulter. :eww an W- , 222 .9 Q 'glfmggfi Q ffffagffif if BEER j M Q ,,A,L ,. . K W1 .vw - M.. 'fi L' .W f -we Sn- , if 1 ,Y-2 , K 1 - wi 521 'Q Q isims, f-I m mis ea we , 4 ,s f i ff W E 3 53 Z L: ,ff .-" 1 ' f F3 ' -1 R Qin- V Iwi' , I K B V 3' 'Q : , A M ' fx m z- -2, ' Y L " N' -D -ji Y: K X ' ' ., in 1 f xi 3 vis-f ' 5 , i M ? 4 Q 1 ,mf Q9 aa. .1 1 5 ,.,k aw I 554 , X --.4 i :, -fu 5. ,mb J K V 5 ,. A nn' b Bae wk ? QQ? 2 : A xx, .rs 5, 3 . 3 i K S59 K K -W. sms 3' J M f + H xd Q .. 5 . -. rss. 5 M H af if Lower C RONV 1: Dennis Freed, james Ashton, james L. Furgason. ROW! 2: Xllfilliam DeMoss, David Bertolino, Upper D ROW 1: R. Weimerskirch, B. Parks, S. Sibley, C. Coulter, V. Treacy, K. Cerwin, R, Reppe, S. Augspurger. ROW 2: K. Wickctt, P. Hitch, W. Deegan, K. Creech, L. Hunsake, C. Artherholt, S. Cavanaugh, J. Bidcly. ROW 3: J. Edclins, B. Young, R. Munsinger, L. Polaski, j. Wood, E. Vaughan. Lower D ROW 1: john Hamm, Darrell Xlifise, Michael E, Brooks, john R. Wfarren, Earle Hart, james Robinson. ROW! 2: Thomas Hoffman, Roger Schoclc, Mahmoud Kratibi, Ajitkumar Amegaokar, james L. Frcesc, Robert A, Anderson, Dwight L. Menncga. Judiciary ROW 1: james T. Cushing, Larry L. Kinney, Henry S. Kepncr, jr., james A, Rcinlcing. ROXV 2: john Kirchmer, Larry Stropcs, Arthur Roraff, Donald Liddicoat, David Bcrtolino. Lower E ROW 1: C. Wfcngcr, E, Matz, D. Mood, C, Harrison, S. Combs, L. Kinney. ROXV 2: M. Royce, S, DCMauro, C. Blanchard, B. Hardt, M. Scott, T, Barton, B. Landgraf. ROW S: H. Vander Hock, D. Thics, M. Hillman, D, Coeclcc, XV, Cramer, R. Cramer, R, Crcgan. Nor+l1 Tower ROW 1: L, Swenson, F. Palm, D. MLITHH, D. Taylor, S. Maclcc, C. Heuer, R. Culbertson, J. Holclridgc. ROXV 2: R. Schwarts, W. Holtz, D. Filbrandt, J. Weisenscc, L. Eichmeier, J. Quinby, VU. Mattas, D. Hcnnies, S. Wfilkinson, ,l. Dustin, W. Trucblood, R. Moore, R. Antrim. Sou+h Tower ROW! I: D. Rinlcll, J. Lcwcrs, S. johnson, j. Shnkinuk, P, l-Scnhamou, li. Could, K. Muscr, D. Whculcr'. ROXV 2: J, Wfillctt, CQ. Carlislu, R. Fcllcr, j. Murphy, D. Zicrnan, A. Snnpuk, D, Schollman, R. Horak. ROXV 3: C Mclsa, R. Baumann, Landhuis, R. Spain, J. Crahh, B. Coal, E. johnson, R. Hansen. Eas+ Tower ROW 1: D. Rcynolclson, E. Sihlcy, P. Ptacck, D. Wfilkcn, R. Stccnrnd, L. Scufercr, R. Shinbori, E. McFarland, R. Bald. ROW 2: R. Herr, R. Osborn, M. Bird, R, Edlcr, B. Douglas, J. Valcnta, J. Scott, C, Oycn, K. Schaefer. ROXW3. K. Iscnhcrg, I.. Gibson, L. Criss, M. Pctcrson, J. Mucnch, K. Aldingcr, D. Vander Xvilt, D. Bertolino. ROXV 4: M. Peterson, F. Farwcll, R. Schwartz, H. Fleming, D. Mcycrhofl, C. LcValley. West Tower ROXV lr jay M. Shall, ClifTorcl j. Cutler, Clark M, Workman, Paul A. Rawalt, George Mills. ROW 2: Ronald jahnkc, Philip Mason, Arthur Rorafl, jack Dougherty, Wfilliam H. joy, jerry W. Roberts. Hcigh Ho Prince Charming Qi KVM if if M jf-t-.,, Yi Ulf-Compu Wfhen the University required age for apartment living was dropped from 23 to 21 last year, hundreds more Slllowans joined the ranks of off-campus livers. Other students rent rooms from the many Iowa City landlords. Town Men and Town Wfomen each gained another seat on the SUI Student Senate last spring, emphaSi1ing the growing numher of Students who prefer to live otlf campus, IIA 1 SM.- vis tara Ps.: ,-is 'T' S i"'-Ja 'U-inn-.1--2' Discrimination in OH-Campus housing evokes this type Comment from some campus groups. Ulf Cam us There are more than CNN! VYOIHCI1 and 4200 men living off-campus, nearly one-half of the total student hody. The realm of these indi- viduals includes those living in University ap- proved housing, those residing at home, com- muters, single students over age 21, graduate students and married students. Students living in approved oil-campus hous- ing have the same University regulations. Fon women, this means hours and, for hoth women and men, a regulation of conduct and adult su- pervision. All off-campus housing conforms with University standards of healthful living in terms of space, cleanliness, safety, and morals. Brusha, brusha, brusha . . M' Dirty dishes - no chore for a gentleman, Trip to laundromat, or, I wish Mother were hero. All's not fun and fmlic - even in an apartment. my 4: -. " ' .3 355 in ,, . 5, 11 4 , 'W N M g 4+ I- 3, iv at - f 'L QW. "" iff ' A . vw- .. i q' K' K K WTF iw' wg f ff ': . f'f F ' f -,,. E NE-ff.:1,fgx..7'7 gi .,,. K ggy- 9 Q' ii 0 9 3' TY In 5,6 55"- : Q ky v if ' 7 x x x is A it A in 1. t Q f I k , uw A A LA' s , I 'QL' ,J ' x Q-5 . M - .fa f WR ' H '.k" i - In xgx- ' ,. . ,. .., W ' 'Hf..r, 1 af " '- . x .M Inst, A dmncc tn gut away from thu romnnwnlts. ..,,W A V YAA' . K f' -1 - 1. g : - 9 -V R Sz, hm , I, ' 2 I VA , , M - - A A "'-H13 MK" - ,M nll""'f .I'. "0.g 4" .'o 'Q' 7, When does Mom get a chance to cool off? Married Students lt is not at all unusual to see a student hold- ing a baby in one arm and balancing books in the other, as one out of four students at SUI is married. The married student, almost unheard of before Wforld W'ar ll, lives in two types of housing on SUl's campus. The temporary bar- racks, built around 1946, is one. The other type is permanent housing, which includes Parklawn and Hawkeye Apartments. The University provides married student hous- ing for 980 families. The construction and oper- ation of the housing is paid for through rental fees. Kids raised at SUI grow up quickly . 534 But l want to help? An aerial view of the lovely Hawkeye apartments. .aw- X,,,,,..'---' 'ANo, clcar, tlwc money gocs for pots and pans S0 who needs a secretary? 0 f.,,,.f 'fumf' Summer scene in the shadow of the stadium Come rain or come snow, the babysitter must go on. h l N -. M ' "" .Aff -, ' .. 'M" . 433 WW, And baby makes three , . .U Comparitivcly speaking, they do bcttcr than Hillary. oknovvledgements The story of a year at SUI is a complex one. I have told it as I saw it with pic- tures and copy gathered from all corners of the campus. It is your story. My first thanks go to all of you who buy and read this 1962 I-IAWKEYE. A HAWKIZYE editor soon learns that there is no Santa Claus. There are three. They are Mr. Wilbur Peterson, HAWKEYE advisor, confidant, and friend, Mr. R. C. Walker and his staff at Southwestern Engraving Co. in Tulsa, and Mr. Bill Bywater of Economy Advertising, Iowa City, our printer. My thanks to all three of you for the invaluable help you have given to the HAWKEYE. A special thank-you to my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jensen of Charles City. They encouraged me to try out for the HAWKEYE editorship, and when the going got rough this spring, their confidence and inspiration were always there. To the stalwart members of the I-IAWKEYE staff, I say thank you. Mike Gilles, business manager, Dave Benda, page sales manager, and Doug McAuley, book sales manager, sold more books and page contracts than ever before and this financial aid made possible the color picture. Karen Kimberly, office manager and next year's I'IAWKEYE editor, not only did an excellent job on the business staff this year, but helped out with editorial duties this spring. Best of luck next year, Karen. Thank you to the members of the editorial staff. The fine photography is due to the efforts of Tom Mosier, chief photographer and his staff, especially Jim Under- wood and Alan Carter. Kathie Swift, a conscientious copy editor, and the section editors Judy Williams, Judy Longabaugh, Judy Skalsky, Susie Jensen, A. K. Jones, Linda Lory, Jan Burns, Sue Corson, Carolyn Rabe, Ruth Putney, Ann Lorack, Ann Parham, Denny Waller, Carol Ingrahm, Judy Stevens, Janie C-raham, Dargy Hamil- ton, and John Bornholt-for your efforts, thank you. And last, but not least, thank you, Student Publications, Inc., and SUI School of Journalism. CAROLYN JENSEN Editor-in-Chief 1962 HAWKEYE A Aarma, Viive Reet, 316 Aasheim, Ralph A., 68 Abel, Gene Gordon, 148 Abel, Karen Lee, 400 Abel, Robert Lynas, 342 Abrahamson, Jean C., 146 Abrahamson, Richard, 118 Abram, Mardelle L., 398, 402 Abrams, Betty Ann, 208, 339 Abrams, Donald Jay, 130, 195 Abrons, Elliot Norma, 285, 344 Ackerman, Janet, 167, 196, 320 Adams, Bette Jean, 128 Adams, John Sergeant, 373 Adams, Richard Wesle, 109 Adamson, Gale Eugene, 85 Adamson, John Richard, 368 Adamson, Lynn Leroy, 206, 381 Addis, Yvonne Ersel, 171 Addy, James Vernon, 148 Aegerter, Mary Alice, 316 Affeldt, David Allan, 152, 196, 349 Ahrendsen, Alice Jean, 114 Ahrens, Barbara Jean, 348 Ahrold, Joanne K., 85, 208 Aita, John Fordyce, 305, 349 Akers, David Paul, 413 Alberhasky, Joan C., 186, 315 Albert, Harold Leon, 109, 130 Albrecht, Lorenz Lynn, 414 Alden, Nancy Ann, 328 Aldrich, Patricia C., 316 Ales, Larry Lowell, 370 Alesch, Mary Ktathryn, 85 Alex, Robert Arthur, 370 Alexander, Helen E,, 128 Alexander, Janet Ann, 155 Alftine, Alice Ann, 114 Algyer, Deanne Lund, 336 Algyer, Marilyn Mckay, 336 Alikadi, Tuna, 398 Allbaugh, Suzanne, 175 Allcott, Wayne Gerald, 196, 350 Allen, Don Kirtland, 146 Allen, Elizabeth L., 134 Allen, lvia Mae, 397 Allen, John Frederick, 362 Allen, Larry Joel, 131 Allen, Richard Lee, 305, 370 Alley, Rebecca Ann, 85 Alliband, Kanhlyn G., 146, 183, 335 Allinson, Gary Dean, 128, 408, 412, 414, 415 Allison, Ruth Louise, 398 Alt, Jerry -Paul, 85, 357 Alter, Morris, 361 Altmaier, Cedra Anne, 170 Alward, Jerry Wolfe, 188, 305 Ament, Mary Gertrude, 397 Ames, Robert M., Jr., 370 Amfahr, Harold Mathew, 85, 300, 307 Amon, Elmer Thomas, 72 Amstutz, Karen Elaine, 128, 394 Andersen, Andersen, Carole Kay, 331 Jane Marian, 208, 348 Andersen, Margaret L., 85 Andersen, Ronald E., 164, 196 Anderson, David F., 349, 358 Anderson, Donald P., 188, 280 Anderson, Donna Rae, 85, 127, 167, 175, 176, 187, 196, 315 Anderson, Evelyn Jean, 85, 127, 208, 331 Anderson, Everett B., 85 Anderson, Gary Lee, 80 Anderson, James Bruce, 422 Anderson, Janet Rae, 85, 161 Anderson, Joan Marie, 167, 267, 385 Anderson, John Edward, 414 Anderson, Karen Lee, 323 Anderson, Kay Ellen, 85 Anderson, Kenneth M., 85 Anderson, Lawrence F., 68, 151 Anderson, Marjorie E., 386 Anderson, Nancy Karen, 187, 348 Anderson, Robert A,, 414, 423 Anderson, Robert C., 148 Anderson, Robert L., 167, 373, 408 Anderson, Rodney A., 109 Anderson, Sharon L., 114 Anderson , Andeway, Stephen W., 136 Russell, 414 Andreasen, David A., 50 436 Student Index Andresen, Grant W., 152, 208 Andrews, Barbara Lord, 85, 208, 336 Anspach, Ellen Kay, 114 Antiskel, Mary Martha, 328 Antrim, Richard Lee, 424 Appel, Paul, 136 Ardren, Robert Lyman, 186, 188 Arganbright, Mike J., 298, 300, 303, 306, 307 Arkovich, Marvin L., 85, 294 Armknecht, G. 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m, Thomas, 349 Berk, Michael, 344 Bernhard, Jean, 114 Bernstein, Udell, 109 Berry, Howard, 150 Berstler, Pat, 328 Bertolino, David, 86, 423, 424 Ethurem, Bill, 362 Ettis, John, 409 Eyer, Phillip, 412 Bickley, John, 349 Biddle, Judith, 86, 423 Bierma, Margaret, 196 Bigot, Catherine, 173 Biller, Donald, 150, 109 Bingham, April, 86, 398 Birch, Carolyn, 167, 315 Bird, Allan, 60 Bird, Michael, 134 Binnieks, Maruta, 86 Bisbee, Harold, 412 Bisgard, Carl, Jr., 145 Bishop, Judith, 335 Bishop, Linda, 86, 398, 400 Bixler, Sarah, 86 Bjorge, Thomas, 86 Bjornstad, Linda, 327 Blackledge, Virginia, 397 Blackmer, Bonnie, 86, 157, 391 Bltagg, Arlan, 413, 415 Blakely, Jerry, 128, 381, 42 Blakely, Mary, 167, 336 Blanchard, Craig, 424 Blanchard, Nancy, 86, 159 Blank, Barbara, 134, 315 Blatterbaugh, Sandra, 86 Blazek, Bob, 170, 294, 307 Bleakley, Bob, 86, 301, 306 Bliss, Brian, 136 Blodgett, Gary, 68, 151 Blodgett, Sharon, 402 Blohme, Jacklyn, 389 Blomendahl, Harriett, 397 Blommers, James, 303, 309 Blood, James, 410 Bloomquist, Carroll, 87 Blott, Richard, 361 Blythe, Rudolph, 155 Boat, Thomas, 148 Boatman, Denniss, 87, 130 Bobbitt, Thomas, 413 Bode, Janice, 388, 389 Bode, William, 188, 377 Bodeen, Linda, 391 Boe, Henry, 349 Boe, Lawrence, 377 Boe, Richard, 60 Boehm, Nancy, 87, 315 Boeke, Janice, 87, 395, 400 Boettcher, Lois, 87, 154 Bohlke, Fay, 348 Boisen, Gary, 410 Bokhoven, Kenneth, 87 Bolender, Carl, 368 Bolin, Walter, 136 Boll, Larry, 87 Boller, Max, 109, 130 Bollman, David, 273, 284 Bolton, Steven, 413, 415 Bond, Marcia, 327 Bonderman, Warner, 72 Bondi, Hart, 361 Bonnett, Deanne, 208, 401 Bonstead, Paul, 136, 294 Book, Larry, 151 Booth, Linda, 331 Booth, Pamela, 398 Booth, Bob, 60, 377 Borchart, Don, 368 Borohers, Maurine, 157 Borglum, Richard, 144 Borin, Lana, 176, 182, 335 Bork, Byron, 357 Bork, Duane, 109 Bornholdt, John, 305, 354 Bornholtz, Evan,87 Borrall, Sue, 373 Bosonac, Stephen, 409, 415 Bosveld, John, 87 Bottomley, James, 411, 416 Bottorlf, Carroll, 136 Bougoukas, Anthony, 87, 370 Boultinghouse, M. E., 411 Boulton, Jon, 294 Bouma, Bob, 80 Boutelle, Glenn, 268 Bovenmyer, Sam, 148 Bowen, Bruce, 409 Bowen, Janice, 406 Bowen, Linda Dell, 167, 315 Bower, Richard, 118, 346 Bowers, Gary, 305 Bowman, Bonnie, 87 Bowman, David, 358 Bowman, Jon, 381 Bowman, Steven, 300, 393, 307 Boyd, Bill, 87 Boyd, Bill H., 109 Boyle, Don, 130 Boyle, Richard, 80, 149 Boyles, Charles, 188 Bradley, John, 87 Bnady, Darlene, 331, 386 Braet, Ron, 159 Braley, Charles, 349 Brand, David, 87 Brandenberger, W. R., 284 Brandt, Paul, 377 Branson, Karen, 87 Brauer, Bronwyn Sue, 328 Brechw ald, Robert, 411 Breedden, John, 412 Breese, Thomas, 144 Breheny, Terry, 87 Brenner, Ruth, 87, 316 Brese, David, 72, 162 Bresnahan, Michael, 87 B reuer, Max, 161 Brewer, Larry, 109 Brickey, Linda, 155, 358 Bridgeford, Linda, 328 Briggs, Dennis, 128, 346 Briggs, Jack, 148 Briggs, Margo, 70, 134 Bright, Diane, 402 Bright, Karolyn, 348 Brimeyer, Eileen, 173, 401 Brimmer, Kirk, 346 Briner, Monte, 362 Brinker, Jerry, 109 Brinkman, John, 109 Brinton, Edward, 146 Briscoe, Mary, 129 Bristow, Jack, 109, 130 Britton, Barb, 316 Britton Brocavi , Martha, 327 ch, Ron, 268 Brock, Kathy, 389 Brockman, Ron, 87, 164, 167, 413 Brockshus, Judith, 392 Brodsky, David, 126, 206 Brogan, Michael, 87 Brogan, Sara, 128 Brokaw, Richard, 158 Bronemann, Jerald, 381 Brooke, Duncombe, 284, 374 Brooks, Charles, 168 Brooks, Everette, 118 Brooks, Michael, 60, 421, 412 Brouhard, John, 197 Brown, Alan, 207, 362 Brown, Barb, 170 Brown, Carol, 348 Brown, Charlotte, 327 Brown, David, 130 Brown, Don, 87, 108, 126 Brown, Brown, James, 60, 131, 164, 206, 346 John, 133 Brown, Joy, 315 Brown, Pat, 168, 175, Brown, Paul, 87, 206 176, 208, 316 Brown, William, 68, 151 Brubaker, Chris, 327 Bruce, Barb, 328 Bruce, David, 365 Bruce, Keith, 136 Brueckner, William, 366 Brugman, Thomas, 72 Brummund, Barb, 114 Bruning, Richard, 305, 412 Brunka, Gretchen, 316 Bruns, Carol, 386 Bruns, William, 148 Brunst, Marianne, 128 Brunsvold, Dorothy, 331 Brunsvold, Michael, 136 Brunzie, Gerald, 129 Bryan, Gerald, 303, 354 Bryan, Steven, 2167, 368 Bryan, William, 377 Bryant, Jolene, 178, 186, 336 Bryant, Larry, 87 Brydon, Barb, 386 Brye, James, 217, 264, 354 Buban, Ronald, 412 Bubeck, Ralph, 109 Buchholtz, William, Buck, Mary, 87, 404 Buckner, Greta, 87 Budd, Richard, 149 Buell, Nancy, 328 Buillington, Durk, 60 Buikema, Helen, 118, Buising, Pat, 348 Bullock, Dan, 150 Bulmer, Jana, 336 Bunn, Nila, 401 Burch, Joyce, 178, 401 151 127, 146, 397 Buresh, Louis, 60 Burfeind, William, 349 Burge, William, 217 Burger, Margaret, 328 Burggraaf, Shirley, 402 Burke, James, 145 Burkeholder, Nell, 114 Burken, Judith, 87, 141 Burkett, Paul, 373 Burkhart, Judith, 398 Burks, Don, 368 Burlinghtam, Barb, 393, 394 Bums, Janet, 331 Bums, John, 149 Bums, Larwrence, 368 Bums, Michael, 188 Bums, Bob, 68, 151 Buroker, Thomas, 268 Burton, Martha, 386 Burton, Tom, 196, 346 Busby, Barb, 335 Bush, Mary, 87, 327 Bush, Roger, 109 Bush, Shirley, 392, 394 Bush, Thomas, 304, 413 Buss, Janet, 398 Bussan, Janet, 155 Butler, Barb, 87, 166, 397, 400 Butler, Bruce, 141 Butschi, Elizabeth, 176, 194, 316 Butterfield, Don, 148 Butters, Ron, 87 Butts, Nancy, 87, 178, 402 Butts, Tom, 72, 140, 162 Bye, David, 411 Byler, John, 109 Bywater, Mary, 182, 195, 200, 336 Bywaters, Marjorie, 87 C Cahill, Daniel, 87 Caisley, Jean, 146, 196, 393 Caldwell, Brad, ZJ7, 373 Caldwell, Pat, 1917 Calhoun, John, 268 Cali, Antoinette, 87, 333 Calza, Bernard, 68, 135 Canamo, Joe, 151 Camp, Reva, 397 Campbell, Bowen, Jr., 136, 365 Campbell, Eugene, 409 Campbell, James, 87 Campbell, Joanne, 70, 87, 134, 195, 323 Campbell, Joyce, 87 Campbell, Judith, 88 Campbell, Julie, 40 Campbell, Lynda, 196 Campbell, Prudence, 88, 167, 324 Canby, Marquis, 162, 306 Cannon, Donna, 386 Cantine, Laveme, 88 Capouch, Carolyn, 179, 315 Cappel, Richard, 377 Cardelli, Robert, 145 Carey, Michael, 88 Carlisle, George, 425 Carlisle, Richard, 72 Carlson, Arthur, 141, 161 Carlson, Candace, 398, 404 Carlson, Darrel, 132, 167, 188, 299, 300, 408, 410, 414 Carlson, Judith, 170, 196 Carlson, Karin, 393, 394 Carlson, Ken, 409 Carlson, Leonard, 151 Carlson, Rodney, 109, 149, 188 Carpe, Tom, 411, 415 Carter, Orwin L., 128, 305, 408, 412, 415 Carter, Wendola M., lm Carver, Michael R., 273, 353 Case, Mary C., 88, 336 Casey, Gerald W., 370 Casey, Robert J., 150 Cassady, Donald D., 136 Cassady, Michael L., 153, 370 Cassidy, Patrick E., 12 Castagnoli, Karen Jo, 87 Castelein, Edward L., 60 Caudle, Raejean, 348 Caulley, Leonoir, 333 Cavanaugh, Steven, 408 Ceil, Penelope, 88 Cervenak, William, 268, 366 Chadima, Warren, 136 Challras, George, 130 Chambers, Linda, 340 Champion, Maurice, 109 Champlin, Kay, 315 Chandler, Susan, 88, 385 Chapman, Cecil, 88 Chapman, Kenneth, 285, 373, 409 Chapman, Robert, 358 Cheeks, Dansby, 414 Cheeks, John, 413 Chenhall, Jerron Jo, 196, 336 Childress, Michael, 143 Childs, David, 357 Choate, Thomas, 136 Chopek, Mary Etta, 328 Chrisinger, Linda May, 316 Christensen, Mary, 88, 402 Christensen, Susan, 88 Christensen, Donald, 130, 161, Christensen, John H., 410 Christiansen, George, 410 Christiansen, Kathryn, 392 Christiansen, Susan 384, 388 Christianson, Roger, 88 Christophersen, C. A., 88 Church, James, 357 Ciemnoczolowski, D. D., 72 Cilek, Mary F,, 327 Cincione, Barbara, 324 Oioban, Dianne, 315 Claerhout, William, 149 Clapsaddle, Dean, 207, 381 Clark, Curtis, 109, 133 Clark, Harold, 68, 151 Clark, James, 68, 130, 136, 206 Clark, Karen, 303 Clark, Lee, 188 Clark, Sandra, 331 Clark, Scott, 88, 141, 304, 381 Clark, Sheila, 157 Clatterbaugh, Kenneth, 88 Clausen, Alan, 421 Cleaves, Susan, 88 Clemens, David, 60 Clemens, Russell, 60 Clements, William, 68, 151 Clemons, Wilson, 206, 353 Cleveland, Jeffrey, 377 Clcx cland, Jay, 365 Clifton, Kay, 391 Cline, Mary, 114 Cline, Sandra, 183 Clinger, Charlottee, 389 Close, Linda, 335 Close, Nancy, 183, 336 Clow, Douglas, 412 Cochran, Wilbur, 152 Collelt, Gary, 304, 381 Coffman, James, 409 Coggeshall, Harris, 149 Cohen, Jerry, 80, 88, 148 Cohen, Robert, 314 Cohoon, Darla, 398 Cole, Betty, 60 Cole, James, 109, 129 Collier, Roberta, 326 Collins, Judith, 386 Collor, Mark, 207, 362 Combs, Steven, 294, 424 Comito, Aldeane, 88, 208, 333 Condon, William, 88 Conkling, Karen, 167, 333 Conlin, Judith, 331 Conn, Russell, 412 Connell, Jeffrey, 88, 368 Connell, Mary, 348 Connelly, Carol, 173, 197 Connelly, Helen, 173 Conwisher, Rosa, 176, 208, 398 Conzett, William, 80 Cook, James, 130, 188, 280 Cook, Joseph, 421 Cook, Larry, 413 Cook, Lois, 386 Cook, Michael Glain, 408, 411 Cook, Robert, 374 Cooker, Harry, 176, 393, 394 Cooney, Michael, 149 Coop, Kenneth, 88 Cooper, Charlene, 392 Cooper, Susand, 405 Cooperider, Albert, 408, 413 Copeland, Eugene, 149 Copeland, John, 130 Corbin, Patrick, 72, 161 Corbin, Rhadolph, 159 Cordes, Gary, 80 Corman, Roger, 72 Cormaney, David, 131 Corr, Mark, 370 Corson, Sue, 167, 331 Corwin, Charles, 176, 180, 358 Cossitt, Linda, 336 Cote, Suzanne, 336 Cotter, Jane, 402 Coulter, Charles, 88, 148, 164, 17 408, 419, 421 Countryman, Ktaren, 195, 196, 32 148 Counts, George, 143, Courter, Arlo, 148 Courtney, Dixie, 88 Covault, Marvin, 60, 303 Cover, Richard, 381 Cox, David, 88 Cox, Gary, 60 Cox, Rebecca, 327 Cox, Richard, 60 Cox, Sherril, 402, 404 Crabb, James, 425 Cnabbs, Sharon, 328, 397 Craft, Thomas, 411 Craig, Robert, 88 Crain, Lawrence, 422 Cramer, Carolyn, 179, 402 Cramer, Roy, 188, 424 Cramer, William, 188, 196, 424 Cnandall, Bruce, 294 Crandall, Richard, 350 Crandall, Thomas, 413 Craven, Robert, 88 Crawford, Robert, 151 Creech, Kenneth, 421 Creed, Linda, 176, 208 Cregan, Robert, 424 Cromer, Juditlh, 88, 173, 186, 397 Creswick, Nancy, 176, 320 Creswick, Robert, 357 Cretzmeyer, Mary, 282 Crews, William, 370 Crim, Cliffordine, 88 Crim, Marilyn, 348 Crissman, Margaret,l96, 348 Crissman, Robert, 88 Crissman, Boyd, 88, 152 6, 182 7 Cromewell, Thomas, 188, 280, 294, 349 Cronbaugh, Terry, 413 Cronin, Dan, 72, 135 Cronklffite, John, 333 Crosheck, James, 128, 162, 173 Crouch, Louis, 186, 327 Crowell, Edwin, 411, 414 Crowell, John, 130 Crowl, Stanley, 152 Croxdale, Michael, 89 Cruise, John, 346 Crum, Jane, 128 Culbertson, Robert, 89, 197, 421, Cullison, Alan, 80 424 Cumming, Charles, 350 Cummins, Walter, 402 Cunningham, Kirk, 197, 413 Cuplin, Marilyn, 196 Currie, Philip, 89, 160 Curry, John, 109, 145 Curry, Keith, 89 Curry, Lynn, 89 Curtis, Barry, 344 Curtis, Stephen, 126, 130, 149 Curtis, Thomas, 289 Curtis, Warren, 141 g, James, 421, 424 Cuslhin Cutler, Clifford, Cutler, Lester, 8 425 9, 188,373 D Daggett, Duane, 147, 160 Daggett, Lowell, 60, 133, 135 Dahl, David, 130 Dahlgren, Linda, 134 Dahly, Charles, 358 Dailey, Linda, 89, 149 Dainton, Janice, 173 Dalen, Susan, 316 Dallenbach, Robert, 300, 377 Dalton, Linda, 397 Dalton, Thomas, 421 Daly, David, 137 Daly, John, 118 Danforth, Jerry, 412 Daniel, John, 412 Daniels, Lee, 188 Danielson, Clarice, 89, 336 Danielson, Ellen, 394 Danielson, Martin, 346 Darland, Jack, 327 Darling, Dorothy, 176, 208, 335 Damer, Thomas, 370 D arrah Jim, 89 437 Enich, Darrow, Ierry, 170 Daugherty, Alice, 114 Davenport, Carolyn, 173, 195 Davenport, Stuart, 418 David, Judith, 316 Davidson, Charles, 304, 409 Daview, Linda, 164 Davies, Nan, 134, 336 Davis, Ann Britton, 208, 336 Davis, Brice, 89, 336 Davis, Frank, 149 Davis, Iames, 349 Davis, james, 80 Davis, Iuditlh, 405, 406 Davis, Iudith Ann, 89, 114, 178, 320 Davis, Larry, 187 Davis, Marilyn, 89 Davis, Sharon, 196 Davis, Sue, 208, 390, 397 Davis, Thomas D., 307 Davis, Thomas C., 207, 303, 362 Dawson, William, 374 Day, Donald, 171, 411 Day, Ronald, 171. 411 Debo, George, 366 Debooy, Donna, 335 Deckard, Iudith, 183, 335 Decker, Iiay, 365 Deegan, Iames, 89, 304, 408 Deets, Barbara, 89 Degraw, Iames, 207, 368 Degroote, Iohn, 109 Dehl, Robert, 373 Dekock, William, 151 Delay, David, 89 Delay, Sharon, 323 Delts. Stanley, 89 Delphey, Diana, 89 Demaria, David, 411 Demiauro. Savatore, 424 Demoss, William, 423 Dempewolf, Francene, 173 Denio, Dennis, 354, 412 Denny, Nancy, 331 Dent, Ioe, 135, 300, 303, 306, 381 Derr, Barbara, 128. 176, 327 Destival, Charles. 60 Dethmer, Iudy, 333 Deutsch. Stephan. 344 Devick, Larry, 346 Devin, Ierry, 151 Devine. Sharon, 114 Devoe. Phillip. 60, 284 Dew, Birchel, 362 Dewees, Earl, 413 Deyarman, Robert, 89 Dhooge, Russell, 410 Dibbem, Ianet, 320 Dichtelmiller, 268 Dick, Charles, 128, 195, 206 DiCindio, William, 268 Dick, Valerie, 388 Dickey, Howard, 188. 350 Dickinson, Diianne, 316, 394 Diedrich, Shirley, 401 Diehl, Iohn, 58 Diercks, Roger, 68. 136 Dimants. lanis, 109 Dinges, Patricia, 114 Dirks, LeRoy, 60, 373 Distelhorst, 182 Dittmer, Duane, 60, 377 Dittmer, Larry, 411 Dittmer, Thomas, 195 Doane, William, 410 Dobling, Robert, 60 Dobson, Mary, 60 Dochtermian, Lillian, 401 Dockendorlf, Robert, 411 Dodge, Charles, 187, 342 Dolan, Iarnes, 109 Dolan, Sharon, 89. 315 Domsalla, Sally, 386 Domsalla, Sandra, 89 Donaldson, Dianne. 315 Denham, Kathy, 155 Donhose, Edward.89, 197 Donlon, Patrick, 148 Donnelly, Dwight, 381 Donnelly, Iohn, 60 DOHOGIUE, Iames, 80 Donovan, Mark, 131, 173 Donow, Herbert, 60 Dooley, john, 374 Dooley, Michale, 207 Doolittle, Margaret, 398, 404 Dorn, Sharen, 155 Dorosin, Allan, 109 438 Dorsey, Deanna, 320 Dougherty, Ianet, 89 Dougherty, lack, 60, 425 Dougherty, Richard, 149 Dougherty, William, 147 Doughty, Barbara, 145, 316, 390 Douglas, Robert, 188, 425 Dow, Andrea, 348 Dow, Uinda, 340 Dowey, Iill, 179, 402 Down, Marjorie, 114 Downer, Robert, 126, 149, 368 Doyle, Iohn, 72, 162 Draisey, Ierry, 89 Draper, Roniald, 197 Drechsler, Io, 362 Drennan, Kay, 315 Drewis, Ruth, 392 Drews, Iudith, 158, 320 Driscoll, Iohn, 89 Droll, Robert, 89 Drzycimski, Iohn, 413 Dubois, David, 130 Duff, Carol, 146 Duff, Judith, 324 Dull, Richard, 149 Duggan, Iohn, 80 Elfias, Donovan, 72, 141, 144, 162 Ellerston, Dennis, 285, 422 Ellingson, William, 162 Elliott, Dennis, 144, 188 Elliott, Maxine, 90 Elliott, Ora, 129 Ellis, David, 90 Ellis, Ierry, 135, 152 Ellis, Mary, 328 Ellis, Melvin, 422 Ellis, William, 167, 180, 206, 377 Ellsworth, Margaret, 327 Ellsworth, Penelope, 340 Ellyson, Craig, 180 Elmquist, Ronald, 368 Elsberry, Nancy, 114, 398 Elsea, Gerald, 90, 160 Emanuel, Ann, 173, 197, 398 Emerson, Ronald, 61, 135 Enderes, Kay, 398 Enderle, Iudith, 90 Engellhardt, Kay, 186 Englehart, Susan, 90 Engle, Jerold, 90 Engle, Patricia, 60, 151, 157 Engle, Sandra, 315 Mary, 187, 196, 323, 402 Duggleby, Carol, 397 Dulin, Iohn, 150 Dull, A. Iean, 316 Dumbaugh, Robert, 149 Dumont, Sharon, 316 Duncan, Dorthy, 90 Dundee, Gary, 151 Dunlop, Diane, 321 Dunn, Iames, 207, 365 Dunn, Michael, 373 Dunn, Patricia, 208, 315 Dunshee, Donald, 90 Dubrow, Brian, 60 Durbrow, Leslie, 336 Durfee, Diane, 336 Duro, Iohn, 136 Duroe, Linda, 333 Dustin, Iames, 424 Dutton, Shirley, 179 Dvorsky, Denver Iohn, 155 Dwyer, Iill, 401 Dykstra, Sidney, 370 E Eagle, Richard, 90 Earl, Wilber, 305, 381 Enkle, Lloyd, 381 Erb, Dean, 353 Erb, Emily, 333 Erb, Margaret, 333 Erbe, Suzanne, 398 Erclmann, Gary, 42 Weixkawn, Mary, 333 Erickson, Carolyn, 60, 157 Erickson, Gus, 118, 350 Erickson, Helen, 90, 402 Ericson, Iudith, 331 Erickson, Larry, 148 Erickson, Michael, 349 Erickson, Robert, 413 Erickson, Sally, 128 Erickson, Sharon, 170 Ericson, james, 80 Eriaon, Sandra, 175, 195, 196, 200, 316 Erlanger, Ruth, 393, 394 Erps, Marilyn, 392 Ervin, Laura, 90, 171 Ervin, Thomas, 90, 151 Erwin, Iohn, 149 Esch, Carla, 167, 348 Esser, Sarah, 195 Evaltovics, Velga, 402 Evanoff, Thomas, 267 Early, Barbara, 311 Eason, Nicolee, 331 Easter, Nancy, 157, 348 Evans, Carole, 397 Evans, Iarold, 146, 410 Evans, Evans, Marvin, 374 Michael, 373 Eastin, Karen, 90, 331 Eastland, Louise, 90 Easton, Francis, 373 Easton, Edward, 80, 152, 409 Eaton, Helen, 114 Eberhard, David, 134 Echtemacht, Sally, 177, 196, 336 Eckard, Edith, 340 Eckard, Marvin, 381 Eckels, Carole, 128 Eddfins, Jim, 264, 408 Eddy, George, 80 Eden, Ronald, 72, 167 Edleman, David, 90 Edler, Richard, 45 Edmonds, Thomas, 145 Edwards, Dennis, 60, 182, 199, 206, 368 Edwards, John, 414 Edwards, Nola, 90 Evans, Susan, 176, 178, 348 Everroad, Terry, 362 Ewoldt, Gary, 413 Eyres, William, 413, 414 F Faaborg, Robert, 197 Fackler, Carl, 128 Fahlenkamp, Terrance, 381 Fahrlander, Daniel, 90 Fairall, Charles, 80, 149 Falirall, Patricia, 316 Falb, Kent, 268 Falb, Richard, 354 Falk, Ioyce, 90 Falkers, William, 409 Eane, Larry, 357 Eifland, Richard, 421 Egbert, Thomas, 264 Egger, Karen, 128, 320 Egger, Mary, 90, 384, 385 Eggerty, Ioyce, 90 Eggland, Steven, 370 Ehresman, Iames, 421 Fantih, Karen, 169, 402 Farber, Allan, 344 Farber, Fail, 339 Farber, Henry, 361 Farhat, Hamid, 91 Earner, Steve, 353 Farnham, Milo, 110, 148 Ehrhardt, Charles, 149 Ehrhardt, Dennis, 349 Ehrhardt, Iames, 128, 412, 415 Eich, William, 72 Eichmeier, Larry, 424 Eickstaedt, Lawrence, 148 Eiesland, Carl, 60, 131 Eisele, Robin, 413 Eiselstein, Allen, 422 Ekiss, jean, 397, 404 Ekstrom, Anita, 90 Elbert, Darold, 72, 162 Elbert, Donald, 197 Elbert, Don Leland, 61 Elderkin, David, 349 Farwell, Forrest, 425 Fauss, Brenda, 402 Fay, David, 114 Fay, Theodore, 80, 147 Fearing, Kenneth, 90, 282, 294 Feder, Ronald, 344 Fehseke, Linda, 336 Feick, Wylene, 134 Feintech, Edwin, 344 Feld, Pamela, 90 Felt, Donald, 284 Fenchel, Robert, 381 Fennell, Ieanne, 179, 327 Fennell, Marcia, 179, 327 Fenton, Kay, 133, 145, 153, 157, 208, 328 Ferguson, David, 147 Ferguson, Lawrence, 143, 268, 394 Ferguson, Robinette, 90 Ferguson, Thomas, 61 Ferniald, Ioan, 402 Ferner, Celia, 141, 385 Ferreter, Darrel, 353 Ferring, Steven, 306 Ferris, ludy, 348 Ferstenfeld, Iulian, 361 Fetrow, Diane, 390 Feur, Frances, 361 Feurer, Virginia, 90, 179, 315 Ficke,, David, 358 Fields, Clark, 129 Fields, Mark, 150 Fiet, Norman, 145 Figenshaw, Michael, 197 Filbert, Iulie, 331 Filbrandt, Douglas, 306, 424 Filean, Paul, 346 Files, Nancy, 175, 176, Z18, 336 Filter, Robert, 188, 280, 411 Finch, Robert, 373 Finck, Stanley, 91 Findlay, Mary, 335 Fingert, Gary, 361 Fink, Gustave, 411 Finkel, Andrea, 402 Finken, Dean, 110 Finken, Dwight, 342 Finley, Thomas, 365 Finn, William, 145 Firzlaif, Eleanor, 333, 391 Fischer, Alan, 268 Fischer, Barbana, 157 Fischer, Gary, BZ, 294 Eisfxhgrund, Cathy, 141, 167, 179, 385 Fish, Michael, 361 Fisher, David, 80 Fisher, Hugh, 268, 354 Fisher, lane, 19, 134 Fisher, Iudith, 402 Fisher, Karen, 327 Fisher, Ronald, 91 Fister, Ion, 342 Fitzgerald, Charles, 370 Fitzsimmons, William, 350, 409 Fladoos, Sharon, 333 Flage, Lavem, 110, 150 Flanagan, Alan, 410 Fliapan, Marshall, 148 Fleener, Terry, 72, 73, 162 Flaming, Harry, 306, 425 Fletcher, Gary, 268 Flink, Susan, 316 Florey, Linda, 176 Florida, Marilyn, 320, 406 Flynn, Donald, 91, 377 Folkers, Colette, 406 Follmer, Shirley, 91 Fonken, Georgia, 320 Forbes, Vema, 173, 340 Ford, Larry, 349 Ford, Marsha, 91, 300 Forker, Alan, 377, 410 Forst, Iames, 413 Foss, Mary, 146, 327 Fossler, Dorothy, 170 Foster, Iohn, 358 Foster, Larry, H17, 353 Foubert, Vincent, 61 Fountain, Glennys, 134 Fountain, Priscilla, 196, 389 Fowler, Edward, 68 Fowler, Terry, 368 Fox, Kiathryn, 316 Foy, George, 91 Frangenberg, Edmund, 370 Frank, Richard, 63 Franklin, Patricia, 159, 208 Franks, Sarah, 91, 187, 336 Franzen, Kenneth, 151 Frtaser, Iohn, 140, 377 Grazier, Gaylen, 72, 73, 264 Frazier, William, 282 Frederick, Robert, 358 Fredericksen, Larry, 61, 15 Fredrickson, Curtis, 409 Fredrickson, Nancy, 183 Freed, Dennis, 423 Freese, Iames, 423 Freiburger, Donald, 72, 73, 159, 161 Frein, Dean, 160 French, Iohn, 421 French, Philip, 411 Fretwell, Richard, 300, 304, 307 Fretwell, Robert, 91, 357, 405, 413 Friedman, Jolene, 397, 404 Friedman, Larry, 130 Friend, Barbara, 178 Friend, Howard, 61, 131, 268 Friley, Grant, 143 Frisch, Dennis, 412 Frisch, Gary, 414 Frohlich, Rosemarie, 398 Frolick, David, 361 Fruehling, Connad, 342 Fry, Larry, 409 Frye, Margo, 328 Fuller, James, 68 Fuller, Jean, 395, 400, 402 Funlqhouser, David, 362 Furgason, James, 421, 423 Furnish, Elizabeth, 327 G Gabel, Ronald, 342 Gabrielson, Dixie. 91 Gadient, Susan, 397 Gafeller, Lesta, 157 Galiley, John, 80 Gailis, Glenn, 188 Gaines, Mary, 196, 386 Gales, Frances, 196, 386 Galinsky, Marvin, 110 Galvin, Nancy, 386 Gambach, Ronald, 421 Gamber, Gerald, 61 Gamble, Robert, 80, 151 Gambs, Carl, 411, 416 Gammack, Thomas. 362 Ganfield, Roger, 297. 304 Garber, Kathleen, 397 Gardner, Donald, 143, 264 Gardner, James B., 147, 148 Gardner, John, 370 Garlock, Elwood, 377 Garlock, William, 153 Garmager, Linda, 91 Gamer, Sue, 186. 344, 385 Garrett, Evan, 128, 411 Garrett, Sharon, 401 Garrotto, Lewis, 110 Garry, Alice, 91 Gartin, Donald, 91 Gartner, Sandra, 386 Garwood, John, 349 Gatiaky, George, 110 Gatz, Gayle, 196 Gauler, Brian, 61. 365, 410 Gauthier, Nan, 308 Gaylor, Nancy, 402 Gaylord, Suzanne, 91 Geadelmann, Roseann, 398 Gearhart, Burton, 421 Gearhart, Charles, 303, 410 Gearhart, Larry, 150 Gearman, Jane, 128, 167, 176 Geary, Dewey, 72, 162 Gebbie, James. 167, 196, 370 Gee, Philip, 305, 346 Gehringer, Joseph, 91 Geiger, Waldo, 91, 358 Gellert, Diane, 157, 393 Gensini, Mary, 315 Gentry, Nolden, 143, 149 George, Thomas, 61, 353 Gere, Sharon, 91, 195, 323 Gerke, Bonita, 328 Gerke, David, 2, 73, 159 Gerke, Mary, 128, 402 Gerken, Gayle, 389 Gerks, Ann, 196, 340 Gerwin, Kenneth, 148, 423 Getscher, Marshall, 147 Gettert, Susan, 397 Giasafakis, James, 61 Betsy, 91, 177, 178 Gibson, Audrey, 398 Gibson, Gail, 336 Gibson, James, 80, 152, 349 Gibson, Larry, 125 Gibson, Stephen, 128, 365 Gidwitz, Gliese, Martha, 401 Gilchrist, Craig, 61 Gilchrist, Janice, 114 Gilchrist, Sara, 328 Gilderbloom, Dixie, 323 Gildner, John, 61 Giles, Stephen, 188 Gillam, Lynn, 91, 354, 402 Gilles, Michael, 91, 126, 194 Gilles, Sara, 339 Gilliland, Marcia, 386 ,294 Gilmore, Gerald, 158 Gilmore, Jack, 353 Gilmore, Myrna, 316 Gingerich, Tommy, 171 Ginsberg, J-anet, 339 Girard, Frederick, 110 Gisondi, Chloe, 128 Gitohell, Robert, 128, 284, 365 Given, Robert, 374 Gievre, Barbara, 394 Gladhill, Velma, 386 Glass, Edith, 91 Glascock, Larry, 381 Glassrnan, Janice, 194, 339 Glattly, Janis, 170, 176, 385, 386 Glenn, Glenn, Glenn, Glesne Michael, 149 Nancy, 166, 180, 336 Neal, 365 , John, 72, 73, 126, 161, 206, 377 421 Glesne, Robert, 188, 423 Gl'ick, Robert, 344 Glidden, Harold, 91, 180, 354 Gliddon, Jack, 91 Gloe, Herman, 368 Glovka, Richard, 149 Gnagy, Virginia, 91 Goble, James, 413 Godby, Gretchen, 389 Godfrey, William, 168 Godwin, Naomi, 128, 141 Goecke, Richard, 424 Goedken, Philip, 149 Goettsch, Cecil, 353 Goldberg, Joseph, 91 Goldberg, Marshall, 110 Goldberg, Richard, 361 Gollobitz, Michele, 315 Goode, Allan, 414, 415, 411, 384, 408, 167 Goode, Donald, 349 Goodhue, Enid, 401 Goodman, James, 381 Goodman, Joan, 324 Goodman, Jon, 61 Goodrich, Qharles, lm Goodrich, Jrack, 350 Goodrich, Julia, 92 Goodwin, Lynne, 92, 186 Gorder, Lauralee, 315 Gordon, Judith, 92, 339 Gorsuch, Billy, 413 Gosenberg, Joan, 171 Gosma, John, 354 Gothier, Douglas, 134, 421 Gottlieb, Ella, 92, 339 Gootschalk, Don, 412 Griffin, James, 410, 416 Grilhn, William, 358 Grilhn, Glen, 80 Griffith, Nancy, 323 Griffiths, Marilyn, 398 Griger, Harry, 344 Grimm, Philip, 151 Griswold, Mary, 92, 179 Grommesh, Evanne, 161 Gronen, George, 414, 416 Groote, Curtis, 92, 148 Grosser, Ernest, 92, 294, 396 Grossman, Jeremy, 422 Grossmann, Edward, 110 Groteluschen, Pamela, 324 Grovert, George, 131, 158 Groves, Phillip, 381 Grund, Lois, 339, 186, 167 Grundmeier, Deanna, 392 Hanson, Ann, 179, 331 Hanson, Karen, 315 Hanson, Patricka, 348 Hanson, Roger, 377 Hansow, Susan, 175, 405, 406 Harban, Nancy, 406 Harbison, John, 110, 130 Hardin, Donald, 153 Harding, Joe, 167, 362 Hardt, Brian, 188 Harker, Lee, 130 Harkness, James, 365 Harkness, Joseph, 206, 365 Harmelink, John, 80 Harmer, Walter, 129 Harms, Sharon, 392 Harmsen, Larry, 73, 135 Harpclc, Mark, 80 Harring. Richard. 80 Gryglas, Steven, 188, 368 Guemsey, Carol, 114 Guildner, Ann, 398, 404 Guinan, Terry, 327 Gumbiner, Steven, 304, 414 Gunderson, Roger, 50 Gunning, Joan, 128, 327 Gumett, Donald, 73, 132, 161 Gumsey, Dean, 178 Gustin, Nicki, 92, 331 Guthrie, Bonnie, 70, 333 Gutz, Larry, 92, 300, 303, 306 H Haack, Gordon, 131 Haag, Arthur, 68 Haber, Sandra, 397 Hachmann, Grant, 304, 370 Hadley, David, 370 Haefner, Judith, 175 Hagen, Christopher, 354 Hagenaah, Holly, 175, 179, 208 Harris, Charles, 188. 342 Harris , Dale, 354, 413 Harris, lvon, 134 Harris, Jerry, 153 Harris, Riohard, 92 Harris, Sammie, 143, 268, 294 Harris, Warren. 419, 421 Harrison, Charles, 424 Harrison, William. 422 Hart, Edwin, 188, 423 Hart, Hoyt, 92 Hart, Maryhelen, 158 Hart, Nancy, 394 Hart, Stephen, 373 Hartig, Kenneth, 42 Hagerman, Mary, 92 Hayle, Barbara, 344 Haight, How-ard, 409 Hain, Allys, 92 Hale, Edwin, 368 Halfwassen, William, 92, 349 Hall Carol, 323 Hall Diana, 194, 401 Hall, Harold, 304 Hall, John R., 92, 414 Hartin, Edwin, 411 Hartmann, Diane, 141, 392 Hartshom, Dorothy, 340, 401 Harvey, Janice, 70, 92, 340 Hasek, Margaret, 70, 92, 134 Hass, James, 349 Hass, Janet, 92 Hatfield, Harold, 92 Hathaway, Carol, 70. 92, 134, 323 Hathaway, Gloria, 196 Hlauge, Marcus, 357 Haunsperger, Thomas, 92 Haupert, Raymond, 300, 303 Hauser, Merle, 92 Hauser, Thomas, 421 Havel, Thomas, 73, 162 Havercamp, Alan, 92. 206, 374 Hawk, Susan, 179, 208 Hall, Joseph, 110 Hall Richard, 61 Gould, Bemard, 425 Gourley, Michael, 373 Hall, Virginia, 178, 179, 336 Hallberg, Helen, 114, 300, 406 Halpin, Lawrence, 92, 285 Halsey, Linda, 70, 134 Halsor, Richard, 141 Hawkins, Charles. 92 Hawkins, Elizabeth. 333 Hawkins, Harriet, 398 Hawkins, Deborah, 333 Hawkinson, Mary, 324 Haworth, Judy, 183, 327, 400 Haxton, Donovan, 170, 410 Gower, Martha, 388, 389 Gower, Walter, 148 Grabau, Emily, 336 Grace, Marvin, 158, 411, 415 Graettinger, Vincent, 68 GraFf, Gary, 366, 414 Grafft, Tani, 175, 176, 336 Graham, David, 72, 73, 141 Graham, William A., 92 Graha, William F., 357 Halvorson, Ronald, 92 Hamann, Kenneth, 349 Hamann, Velma, 61, 157 Hamblen, Linda, 394 Hamill, Sharon, 92, 127, 177, 178, 179, 333 Hamilton, Aaronetta, 129, 398, 404 Hamilton, Carl, 92 Hamilton, James, 409, 410 Hamilton, Martha, 327 Hayer, Toby, 339 Hayes, Don, 92 Hayes, Gary, 148 Hayes, James, 149 Hayes, Martha, 114, 323 Hayes, Roberta, 186, 320 Hayes, Sandra, 328 Haynie, Lucinda, 327 Hays, Allene, 61 Hayward, Sharon, 114, 406 Gralnek, David, 148 Granner, Daryl, 108, 110 Griant, Mary P., 327 Grau, Kay, 92, 208, 336 Grau, Leslie, 73, 159, 161, 300, 303 Grau, Ronald, 377, 410 Graves, Jerome, 61 Gray, Dennis, 370 Gray, Harold, 410 Gray, Jessie, 183 Gray, Ronald, 143 Grayson, Edward, 152, 188 Green, Brent, 358 Green, Charles, 143, 206 Green, Robert, 422 Green, Sandra, 141, 300 Green, Thomas, 131 Greenberg, Ava, 195, 339 Greenfield, Judith, 385 Greeg, Mary, 315 Grenawialt, Elizabeth, 300 Grenawalt, Katherine, 175, 176, 300 Greve, John H., 152 Greve, John J., 110 Grey, Gary, 188, 2180 Grier, Bobby, 268 Griesbach, Claudia, 340 Griesse, Douglas, 92 Hamlin, Sandra, 70, 208, 300 Hamm, John, 423 Hammel, Constance, 392, 412 Hammer, Wayne, 136 Hampton, Donald, 414 Hampton, Ronald, 414 Hancock, Nancy, 324 Hancock, William, 373 Handy, Elizabeth, 405 Handy, Patricia, 114, 146 Hanig, Jana, 397 Hanken, Shirley, 92 Hankins, Andrew, 273, 412 Hanlon, James, 152 Hann, Holly, 186 llanna, Carolyn, 397 Hannah, Mary, 340 Hanneman, Joanne, 70 Griilin, Hoyt, 167, 408, 412, 414, 415, 416 Hanneman, Ronald, 151 Hannes Mary, 401 Hansen Bob, 132 Hansen Carl, 411 Hansen David, 373 Hansen Dennis, 350, 411 Hansen Diane, 157 Hansen, Mary, 114, 315, 411 Hansen, Ronald C., 413, 425 Hansen, Tthomas W., 92, 206, 350 Hansen, Thomas A., 196 Haywood, Patricia, 401 Hazard, Gery, 93 Healy, Alfred, 130 Healy, Mary, 397 Heaney, Brian, 80, 147 Heath, Donovan, 409 Hedglin, Ronald, 370 Heefner, John,l28 Heerdt, Russell, 409 Heeren, Pamela, 331 Hegenbarth, Jack, 129 Heilmann, Darrell, 346 Hein, Joan, 93 Hein, John, 412 Heiserman, Ann, 93 Heizer, Carolyn, 320 Helgens, James, 268, 353 Helgeson, Mary, 320 Heller, lsrael, 361 Helling, John, 334 Hellman, Lance, 269 Hellman, Richard, 118 Helm, John, 183. 353 Helm, Melanie, 316 Helmrich, Lois, 204, 395, 398, 400 404 Helt, Linda, 393 Hemphill, Sandra, 70, 134 Hemphill, William, 68, 151 Henderson, Brent, 410 Henderson, Joann, 348 Henderson, Julie, 114, 179, 328 Henderson, Sa.rah, 336 Hendrickson, Dorothy, 152 Hendry, Joan, 323 Hendryx, Karen, 336 Hennies, David, 42, 424 Henning, 61 Henninger, 167, 305, 346 Henriksen, Harry, 346 Henry, Joihn, 108, 148 Henry, Russell, 80, 152 Hensel, Howard, 362 Hensel, Mark, 206, 346 Hensel, Sandra, 406 Herman, Julie, 339 Herman, Thomas, 412 Hermann, John, 412, 416 Herrity, Gary, 93 Herrmann, Roger, 350 Hexsbergen, Ronald, 370 Hershey, Howard, 136 Herst, Kenneth, 304 Hertz, Christian, 93 Hertsberg, Thomas, 93, 264, 294 Hery, George, 188, 278 Herzberg, Donald, 61, 361 Her-zoff, Patty, 194, 339 Herzog, Ruth, 390 Hess, Gary, 93, 136, 419, 421 Hess, John Joseph, 68 Hess, Marilyn, 320 Hesse, Charlm, 110 Hetzel, William, 162, 306, 349 Heuer, Charles, 217, 305, 423 Heuer, Eloise, 128, 170, 195 Hewett, John Earl, 158, 362 Hewitt, John, 61 Hewlett, Phoebe, 348 Hibbert, Hollister, 196 Hibbs, Robert, 421 K I-Dicklin, Thomas, 358 Hickling, Dixie, 114 Hicks, Jon, 357 Hicks, Leon, 143 Hicks, Richard, 61, 135 Hiemstra, Marvin, 93 1-ngby, Helen, 171, 176,328 Higgins, Amy, 393 Higgins, Elaine, 390 Higgins, William, 110 High, Richard, 188, 373 Highgenboten, Carl, 130 Hightower, Beverly, 129, 398, 404 Hoffman, Barbara, 315 Hoffman, Charles E., 413 Hoffman, Herbert, 285, 294, 361 Hoffman, Sidney, 361 Hoffman, Thomas F., 423 Hogan, Dallas, 412 Hogan, Thomas, 93, 305, 354 Hokinson, James, 305, 413 Holaday, Kathleen, 93, 327 Hollander, Richard, 93 Hollingshead, Gary, 264 Hollingsworth, P. A., 331 Hollis, Jerilou, 324 Hollis, Wilburn, 268. 394 Holly, Judith, 397, 404 Holm, Stevan, 354 Holmes, Helen, 170, 195 Holmes, Larrv, 62 Holmlund, Marilyn. 173 Holschlaz. Judy, 127. 176, 208, 315 Holtz, William, 305. 424 Holvik, Carl. 94, 133 Holzaeofel, John, 188 Homfeldt, Karen. 333 Hon. Paulette, 340 Honlftamo, Amold, 62, 158 Hood. Edwin, 366 Hooker, Charlotte. 400, 401 Hoover, Nancv, 328 Honlcins. William. 334 Hoon, Nancy, 324 Hom, Barbara, 331 Hom, Karl, 80, 152 Hornbuckle. G. Conrad, 151 Home, Richard, 358 Harrigan, David, 358 Houlahan, Dennis, 354 Houle, Anne, 404 House, John, 381 Hovet, Kenneth. 135 Howard, Ann, 328 Howard, Ronald, 410 Howard, Steohen, 134, 409 Howe, Jay, 94 Howe, Jeanne. 114 Howorth, Carlton, 94, 377 Hoyt, Michael, 412 Huebner. Carolyn, 315 Huff, Dale, 110 Huff, Denise, 110 H1102 Jimmie, 73 HuH'. Stewart Allen. 73. 207, 377 Huff, Thomas, 141. 289 Ingle, Robert, 94, 206, 368 Ingles, Anne, 398 Ingraham, Carol, 195, 200, 331 Ingram, Nurrni, 462 Irish, Thomas, 110, 130 Irvin, James, 373 Irvine, Stephen, 413, 414 lsenberg, Ken, 425 Isom, Waldon, 68, 151 Iversen, Nancy, 197, 340 Iverson, Jon, 94 Ivins, Kraren, 327 Iwanoto, Ross, 73, 141 1 Jackson, Harold, 118 Jackson, Jean, 392 Jackson, Mary, 392 Jackson, Sondra, 402 Jackson, William L., 110 Jacobson, Jon, 50 Jacobson, Peter, 357 Jacobson, Robert, 160, 410 Jacobson, Stuart, 207, 361 Jiaeger, Patricia, 348 Jahn, Harold, 80 Jahn, Marilyn, 386 Johnke, Paul, 110 Jahnke, Ronald, 425 James, Alan, 411 James, Billie, 73 James, Elinor, 402 James, Jean, 183, 336 James, Stanley, 110, 130 Jamison, Marvin, 73 Jammer, Barbara, 94 Janes, Julia, 348 Jansen, Dale, 136 Johannes, Marilyn, 316 Johansen, David, 62 Johnson, Kenneth G., 62, 197 Johnson, Lawrence, 62, 158 Johnson, Lester, 131 Johnson, Linda, 320 Johnson, Mary M., 398 Johnso n, Nadline, 183 Johnson, Nancy Lou, 331 Johnson, Norma, 94 Johnson, Pamela, 394 Johnson, Robert J., 108, 413 Johnso n, Robert C., 151, 365 Johnson, Sally, 167, 331 Johnso Johnso Johnso n, Sandra, 114 n, Stanley, 167, 425 n, Thomas, 196, 412 Johnson, Veatrice, 397 Johnson Wayne, 62 Jones, Jones, Bl'ad1ey,68, 151 Charles, 148 Jones, Denysc, 128 Jones, Diane, 389 Jones, Edgar, 94 Jones, Gary, 118 Jones, Janet, 333 Jones, Jeremy, 81, 188, 206, 230, Jones, John, 149 Jones, Maruita, 331 Jones Maynard, 167, 196, 357 Jones? Ralph, 333 Jones, Richard, 370 Jones, Jones, Sandra, 406 Stephen, 206, 353 Jones, Victor, 62 Jons, Charles, 126, 130 Jons, Marilyn, 176, 335 Joonsar, Heikki, 365 Jordan, Faye, 324 Jordan, John, 409 Jordan, John B., 58 Jordan, Phyllis, 129 Jordon, James, 392 Higley, Richard, 93 Higley, Susan, 93, 127, 158, 176, 323 Hilbert, John, 411 1 Hilderbrand, Dixie, 401 Hildreth, Bruce, 196 Hildreth, Katherine, 348 Hile, Roger, 414 Hilgenberg, Walter, 268 Hill, Jack, 130, 282 Hill, Martin, 118, 410 Hill, Rosalind, 179 Hill, Rose, 401 Hillemeyer, Bruce, 373 Hilliard, Loren, 268, 302 Hillman, Mark, 424 Hillman, Ralph, 93, 199, 413 Hills, Marilyn, 93 Hindman, Jeannie, 93 Hindman, Larrie, 80 Hindman, Mary, 404 1-liner, Donald, 93 Hines, Paul, 158 Hines, Robert, 158 Hintz, Georgitana, 173, 196 Hinze, Carla, Q8 Hippe, Donna, 397 Hipple, Patty, 394 Hipwell, Constance, 386 Hironaka, Carole, 401 Hirz, Sharon, 93 Hitchcock, Clarence, 300, 331, 303, 394 Hitchcock, Lee, 370 Hitchcock, Mary, 404 Hitchcock, Marcia, 114 Hjermstad, Ann, 333 Hladky, Joseph, 93, 365 Hobart, Jane, 348 Hobbs, Catherine, 323 Hobbs, John, 365 Hoben, James, 366 Hocketr, Jay, 374 Hofer, Thomas, 118 Hoff, Richard, 413 Hoffa, Elizabeth, 179, 401 440 Hughes, Judith. 327 Hughes, Mary Jo, 323 Hughes, Richard, 160. 183, 422 Hughes, Shaunta, 196. 340, 401 Hughes, Timothy, 389 Hulharv. William, 168 Hull. MacKay, 349 Hullinger, Harold, 118 Hulting. Jon. 136 Hummer, William, 110. 126. 130 Humohreys, Lloyd. 80, 126, 149 Hunsaker, Linn, 389 Hunt, James. 62 Hunt, Jon. 358 Hunter, John, 171 Hunter, Robert, 207. 366 Hunter, Susan, 178, 320 Hunting1on,John. 94 Hurioh, Ann, 94, 170 Hurlbut, Evelyn, 186 Hurlbut, Terrill, 196. 357 Hurley, Kathleen, 173, 197 Huston, George, 410 Hutcheson, Dawn, 348 Hutcheson, Jerry, 354 Hutchins, David, 94. 389, 415 Hutchison. Dryke, 355 llvidston, David, 94, 353 Hyde, David, 370 Hyde, Steohen, 151 Hylland, Rosanne, 397 Hyman, Claire, 339 Hymes, Carole, 94 Hynes, Richard, 151 I ldema, Douglas, 151 Idema, William, 68 Idso, Jon, 94 Ihm, Carolyn, 323 lllian, George, 333 lmmel, William, 94, 131, 158 Immer, Joan, 336 lmmerfall, Cheryl, 386 Johanson, Judith, 398 Johnson, Alice, 94 Johnson, Bemard, 80, 149 Johnson, Carol, 115 Johnson, Charles, 381 Jansma, David, 148 Janssen, Erwin. 110 Janssen, Jill, 320 Jarrard, Jerry, 94 Jaspers, Keith, 350 Jefferies, Mary, 62 Jenkins, Charles, 365 Jenkins, Janet, 94 Jenkins, Mary, 123 Jenkins, Richard, 294 Jenkins, Sandra, 397 Jenkins, Virginia, 114, 348 Jenks, John, 115 Jennlison, Arda, 170 Jens, K Jensen enton, 118 Barbara 129 Jensen, Carolyn, 94, 161 Jensen, Don Arlen, 80, 149 Jensen, Donald, 110 Jensen, Jerald, 94, 303, 307 Jensen, Kay, 392 Jensen, Kerry, 108 Jensen, Larry, 73 Jensen, Marcia, 94, 158 Jensen, Richard, 129 Jensen, Roxranne, 333 Jensen, Susan, 333 Jensen, William, 373 Jcsina, Judith, 401 Jessen, Thomas R,, 377 Joerger, Eugene, 62 Johnston, David, 110, 353 Johnston, Julia, 400, 401 Johrwton, Linda, 328 Joines. Jondah Janice, 392 1, Judy, 114 Jones, Alys, 333 Johnson, David, 94, 149 Johnson, Donald Lee, 81 Johnson, Elbert, 129, 425 Johnson, Ellen, 128 Johnson, Ernest, 370 Johnson, Gretchen, 94, 388, 389 Johnson, Harold, 349 Johnson, Jeanine, 94, 179, 323, 398, 400 Johnson, Judith Ann, 196, 388 Johnson, Judith Ann, 159, 167, 335, 389 402 Jofflnson, Judy Ann, 340 Johnson, Karen, 94 Johnson, Kay, 340, 402 Johnson, Keith, 300, 365, 410 Jorgensen, John, 95 Jorgensen, Karen, 95, 333 Jorgensen, Sonya, 95, 3K1 Joslin, Janann, 393 V Josserand, Gordon, 118, 137 Joy, William, 346, 425 Judisoh, George, 110 Juffer, Verla, 115 Jung, John, 129 Kading, Thomas, 412 Kahl, Steven, 145 Kahler, Dennis, 409 Kaiser, Robert, 358 Kallem, Donald, 153 Kallmer, James, 158, 358 Kalnins, Gaida, 389 Kamer, Bruce, 300, 301, 303 Kammer, Robert, 94, 307 Kan, Jonathan, 413 Kane, Allan, 349 Kane, Susan, 320 Kaplan, Joy, 339 Karl, Barbara, 175, 195, 339, 389 Karl, Edward, 68. 180 Karns, Cheron, 331 Karr, Daren, 348 Karr, Sharon, 176, 336 Kasapis, Constantinos, 268 Kass, Nicholas, 342 Kates, Judith, 402 Katz, Franklin, 110, 150 Katz, Hirschel, 344 Kauffman, Kent, 377 Kauffman, Larry, 303, 307, 350 Kaufman, James, 110 Kautz, David, 349 Kautz, Linda, 335 Kautz, Roy, 158 Kazunas, Michele, 324 Keahbone, Gordon, 366 Keck, Robert, 95 Keefer, Stephen, 358 Keele, Karen, 197 Keen, Marcia, 114, 115 Keen, Thomas, 410 Kehrberg, Donald, 413 Keith, Robert, 95 Keller, Scott, 131 Kelley, Carter, 95 Kelley, Dennis, 412, 414 Kelley, James, 167 Kelley, Margery, 402 Kellogg, Donald, 354 Kellogg, Richard, 95, 130 374, 402 Kellogg, Roderick, 374 Kelly, David M., 145 Kelly, Earl, 95, 366 Kelly, William M., 110 Kelter, James, 381 Kemmerer, Linda, 115, 406 Kemp, Catherine, 114, 115, 406 Kempf, Ann, 340 Ken nedy Barbara, 173, 320 Kendrick, , Brian, 108, 145 Kennedy, Edward, 110, 174 Kennedy, Howard, 373 Kennedy, James, 307 Kennedy, John, 148, 188, 300, 303 Kennedy, Joseph, 95 Kennedy, Judith, 95 Kennedy, Nancy, 95, 323 Kennel, Norman, 95 Kennerly, Carole, 398 Kent, Stephen, 358 Kepner, Henry, 95, 174, 422, 424 Kern, Thomas, 413 Kerr, James, 42 Kerr, Roger, 264, 294 Kersey, Bemard, 62 Kershaw, Joanne, 95, 384, 395, 400, 402 Kerwin, James, 365 Kesick, Carolyn, 186 Kesick, Thomas, 62, 300, 303 Kessler, Alan, 373 Kesterson, Beth, 176, 335 Ketcham, Michael, 151 Key, George, 410 Khatibi, Mahmoud, 423 Kiamco, Carlos, 207 Kibler, Charles, 412 Kidder, Ann, 115 Kiel, Jeanne, 128, 393 Kierscht, Charles, 81 Kilfoil, James, 151 Kilgore, Ellin, 95 Killinger, David, 81, 164, 166 Killinger, Sam, 95, 149 Killinger, Terry, 409 Kilzer, Ronald, 410, 415, 416 Kim, Hong Sup, 95 Kimberlin, Sharon, 335 Kimberlin, Virginia, 115 Kimberly, Karen, 159, 176, 324 Kime, Charles, 73, 141, 144, 414 Kindred, Jeremy, 151, 197 King, Linda, 340 King, Maxine, 404 King, Richiard, 151 Kinnamon, Daniel, 81 Kinnamon, Jon, 149, 197, 373 Kinne, Caroline, 333 Kinney, Larry, 174, 424 Kinney, Michael, 207, 349, 410, 421 Kinsinger, Michael, 370 Kinton, Gerald, 197, 346 Kiple, James, 349 Kipnes, Barry, 344 Kipnis, Karen, 95, 195, 339 Kirby, Patrick, 421 Kirchner, John, 267, 42, 424 Kirkham, Ann, 324, 401, 404 Kirkpatrick, David, 62 Kistner, C1iHord, 129 Kitchen, Michal, 386 Kladstrup, Donald, 412 Klahn, Richard, 128 Klahn, Rolena, 390 Klaus, John, 409 Klein, Delbert, 73, 159, 162 Klein, Terence, 95 Kleinjan, Eileen, 179, 328 Klepfer, Scotti, 362 Kliebenstein, Ann, 196 Kline, John, 62 Kling, Martin, 374, 407 Klinger, Nancy, 95 Klinger, Phillip, 373 Klinzman, Roger, 95, 373 Klobuchar, Martha, 348, 401 Klocksiem, Penelope, 170 Kloppenburg, Joan, 378, 340, 401 Klosterman, Everett, 411 Klotzbach, Jacquelyn, 402 Klumpar, David, 370 Knabe, Donald, 377 Knappen, Richard, 62 Knause, Marilyn, 95 Kneeland, Marilyn, 95 Knight, Robert, 354 Knoke, James, 152, 377 Knox, Lloyd, 95 Knox, Mary, 95 Knudten, Herbert, 284, 349 Kobes, Donald, 95 Kobus, Helmut, 412 Koch, Ave, 401 Koehn, Francia, 95 Koehnk, James, 358 Koelbel, Ruth, 176, 199, 327 Kohl, Vemon, 289 Kohlhammer, David, 349 Kohlmeyer, Dennis, 62, 158 Kokjohn, Vicki, 389 Kolbet, Kenneth, 62, 131, 133 Kolda, Sheryl, 168 Kolker, Edward. 95 Kolpin, Frederick, 300, 368 Kolterman, Robert, 360 Konchar, Robert, 62 Koontz, Kristin, 402 Kopel, James, 62 Kopp, Ruth, 386 Kotok, Stephen, 361 Koufer, Jerrold, 151 Koutny, Barbara. 386 Kowal, Karen. 401 Kozek, John, 350 Kozlow, Joyce, 95. 186, 195, 323 Kraai, Gerald, 374 Krabill, Robert, 145 Kracht, Jerry, 342 Kramer, Edith. 397 Kramer, Gerald, 95 Kramer, Larry, 264, 282 Kramer, Nancy, 95, 305 Knamme, Paul. 409 Krane, Linda, 178, 389 Krantz, Susan, 128. 339 Krasuski, Ronald, 62 Kratchmer, Vernon, 81 Kratz, Robert, 130 Krause, Charles. 111, 126, 147 Krause, Paul, 268 Kreamer, Robert, 264, 268, 365 Krekel, Gene, 398, 411 Krenzer, John, 129 Krewson, Lyle, 422 Krockover, Gerald, 361 Kroeger, Gene, 413 Kroemer, Georgiana. 390 Krogstad, Richard, 195, 358 Krohn, David, 370 Krohn, Judith. 157 Kron, Jeanne, 328 Kron, Patricia. 328 Kropacek, Marilyn, 392 Kross, Russell, 412 Krouse, Dennis. 358 Kruse, George, 370 Kruzan, Donald, 362 Kubicek, Linda. 128 Kubik, Linda, 406 Kuchenbaker, Lois. 128 Kuehn, Harold, 145 Kuethe, Allan, 96 Kuhl, Gerald, 197, 411 Kuhl, Vivian, 336 Kuihn, Carol, 328 Kuhn, Ramona, 3M Kuiper, Logan, 96 Kunau, Robert, 111 Kuntz, Arthur, 96 Kuntz, William, 135 Kurpis, Linda. 96 Kurrie, Francis, 159, 366 Kurtt, William. 131 Kurtz, Robert, 62 Kushner, Kathleen, 339 Kutnink, Linda, 96, 348 Kyle, Judith, 96, 333 L Lacis, Andrew, 197 Ladiage, Prebble, 155 Ladd, Barbara, 115 Laing, Earl, 145 Lainson, Phillip, 68 Lake, Donald, 410 Lally, Thomas, 112 Lamb, Dennis, 357 Lamb, Linda, 315 Lamberton, Robert, 414 Lamborn, David, 128, 413 Lammers, Thomas, 62 Lamp, Kenneth, 73 Lamp, Ronald, 412 Lampe, Robert, 349 Lampe, Wallace, 354 Lamson, Jeffrey, 152, 365 Lamson, Russell, 365 Landess, John, 81, 149 Landgnaf, Robert, 424 Landhuis, Jesse, 425 Lane, Jerry, 151 Lane, Joan, 128 Lang, Michael, 81 Lang, William, 135 Lange, Ann, 96 Langford, Carolyn, 401 Lanning, Thomas, 373 Lantis, Larry, 96, 145 Laplante, Cheryl, 404 Lappin, Don, 96 Larkin, John, 411 Larkins, Carolyn, 397 Larsen, Patricia, 389 Larsen, Larsen, Paul, 136 Susan, 96 Larson, Anita, 392 Larson, Carroll, 362 Larson, Douglas, 136 Larson, Kermit, 63, 135 Larson, Luann, 386 Larson, Philip, 42 LaRue, Suzanne, 324 Lastine, Lyle, 411 Latta, George, 268 Latta, Marilynn, 316 Latty, Carolyn, 115 Latzo, Patricia, 401 Laughlin, Anne, 96, 208, 323 Laughlin, Jeanette, 84, 96, 127, 199, 331 Laughlin, Ralph, 188, 280 Lauman, Paul, 413 Lavelle, William, 68, 151 Lawrence, Larry, 377 Lawton, Rhoades, 126, 373 Lawton, Hanson, 206, 207, 34 Lazere, Richard, 361 Leavitt, Richard, 196, 409 Leazer, Richard, 377 Leazer, Rosemary, 115 Lebedta, lrene, 398 Lee, Catherine, 315 Lee, Curtis, 411 Lee, James, 349 Lee, Lewis, 411 Lee Lee , Roma, 402 , Thomas, 129 Leeper, Dennis, 174, 421 Leeper, George, 413 Leif, Alan, 147, 149 Lehman, Margaret, 96 Lehman, Ronald, 167 Lehman, Thomas, 358 Lehmann, Dennis, 373 Lehmann, Richard, 381 Leihmlcuhl, Larry, 131 Leibold, Mary, 132, 401 Leichsenring, Lila, 96 Leinbach, Robert, 349 Leinfelder, Carl, 63 Leinfelder, Joseph, 130, 131 Leinhauscr, Caroline, 96 Lemkau, Kenneth, 418 Lemon, Kathleen, 152 Lemson, Joyce, 339 Lenz, Linda, 70, 96, 134 Lenz, Robert, 118 Lerette, William, 96 Leshane, Sandra, 348 Leshyn, Lois, 96 Leuz, Marilyn, 327 Levalley, Gary, 111, 148 Leverington, Marilyn, 402 Levi, Alan, 361 Levin, Benny, 409 Levin, Bruce, 344 Levin, Marlene, 96, 339 Levinson, Raleigh, 339 Levois, Michel, 365 Lewers, John, 425 Lewis, Ervin, 96 Lewis, Gary, 411 Lewis, Jack, 373 Lewis, Mary Frances,323 Lewis, Sharon Kay, 405 Lewis, Sharon Lou, 115, 316 Lewiston, Norman, 148 Libe, Francis, 357 Lichty, James, 111 Lichty, Melinda, 335 Liddell, James, 96 Liddell, Linda, 333 Liddicoat, Donald, 424 Liebendorfer, Jon, 358 9 155, 180, Lienemann, Martha, 316 Lietzau, Sharon, 96, 394 Light, Sandra, 186, 208, 339 Dightner, Barbara, 348 Lillie, James, 68, 151 Limbert, Martha, 327 Limburg, Patricia, 315 Linch, Carol, 402 Linch, Lela, 96, 385 Lincoln, Mary, 398 Lind, Larry, 96, 370 Lindberg, Kenneth, 207 Lindell, Jeannette, 398 Lindeman, Jan, 176, 268, 397, 404 Lindemann, Linda, 96, 316, 395, 400 Linder, Douglas, 362 Linder, Wayne, 96 Dindgren, Michael, 409 Lindstrom, Ina, 115 Link, Michael, 96, 169, 410, 414 Linkletter, Karen, 392 Linn, Annette, 324 Linn, Susan, 335 Libbisch, Blanca, 183, 331 Lippisch, Sibylla, 331 Lischer, Eleanor, 336 Lister, David, 413 Liston, Dennis, 413 Little, James, 411 Uittle, Nancy, 323 Littlefield, James, 353 Locher, Robert, 81, 136 Lockhart, Charles, 196 Lockhart, Jeffrey, 350 Lockwood, Gary, 118, 137 Lockwood, Linda, 171 Lockwood, Mary, 167, 315 Lodwick, Algha, 134 Lofgren, James, 194, 365 Loftus, Thomas, 96 Logsdon, Martha, 197 Lohman, James, 421 Lohr, Priscilla, 96, 320 Long, Donna, 96 Longabaugh, Helen, 401 Longabaugh, Judith, 327 Longstaff, James, 96 - Lonsbury, Mary, 70, 96, 134 Loomis, Donald, 136 Loomis, Shirley, 405 Loos, Larry, 412 Loper, Linda, 70, 323 Lorack, Ann, 336 Lord, Joseph, 73 Lorenz, Giary, 273, 300, 307 Lorenz, Joan, 96 Loros, Jeannine, 167, 327 Lory, Linda, 333 Lovell, Dixie, 323 Lovett, Charles, 374 Lovett, Robert, 111 Lowe, Barbara, 397 Lowe, Geoffrey, 358 Loyd, Marcia, 331 Lozier, Carolyn, 335 Lozier, Mary Ann, 335 Lubin, Alvin, 145 Lubin, Lewis, 361 Lucas, Kathleen, 196, 398 Luckow, Robert, 148 Luckstead, David, 42 Ludvigson, Donald, 149 Ludwig, Robert, 96 Luke, Gary, 97 Lund, Axel, 111, 148 Lund, Tnxdy, 115 Lundberg, Sandra, 70, 187, 315 Lundell, Julie, 134 Lundgren, Nels, 370 Lustgarten, Gary, 97 Luthans, Freddie, 358 Lutjen, Sharon, 335 Lutz, Judith, 331 Lutz, Patricia, 331 Lynch, Joline, 115 Lynch, Melvin, 413 Lynch, William, 128, 346 Lyon, Lynn, 128, 182, 354 M Maack, Judith, 97 Macagno, Eduardo, 128 MacDonald, Alexander, 129 Macer, Sterling, 97 Mack, Donald, 409 Mack, William, 136 Macke, Stephen, 424 Mackean, Barry, 353 Mackintosh, Peter, 350 MacMahon, Karen, 197, 386 Madden, Susan, 392 Madison, Carol, 175, 324 Madson, Donna, 398 Madson, Richard, 63 Magee, Maureen, 331 Magnuson, Gerald, 68 Mahannah, Harry, 111, 145 Maharry, Randall, 128 Maher, Karen, 128, 183, 331 Maierus, Diane, 315 Majewski, Bonnie, 401 Mallicoat, Elizabeth, 389 Malloy, Dennis, 63, 131, 133 Maltby, Vivian, 97, 167, 194, 323 Maly, Allan, 180 Mangler, Jeannette, 389 Manka, Jacqueline, 173 Manocheo, David, 97, 362 Mansmith, Fred, 111 Manvitz, Amold, 361 Mapes, Donald, 153 Margulis, Jay, 361 Marker, Harry, 162 Markman, Robert, 361 Markul'in, Linda, 336 Marley, Merlene, 402 Marquis, Roy, 368 Marsh, Donald, 111 Marsh, Patricia, 171, 317 Marshall, Madelyn, 398 Marston, John, 53, 354 Marten, Linda, 397 Marthens, William, 358 Martin, David, 304 Martin, James, 353 Martin, John, 370 Martin, Larry, 349 Martin, Marianne, 97 Martin, Martha, 188, 402 Martin, Paul, 411 Martin, Richard, 42 Martin, Thomas, 411 Mashek, Stephen, 373 Maske, Norman, 24, 282 Maslanik, Mary, 394 Mason, Philip, 425 Mason, Richard, 63 Massucci, Arthur, 268 Mast, Susan, 327 Masterpole, Kathleen, 389 Mastin, Judith, 335 Mather, Bonnie, 97 Mather, Randall, 97, 180, 365 Mathews, James, 414 Mathews, Larry, 151 Mathews, Norman, 411 Mathey, Paul, 268 Matihis, Diana, 324 Matsumoto, Eugene, 63, 131 Mattas, William, 424 Matthias, Judith, 340 Matthiesen, Joan, 389 Mattison, Marianne, 128, 398 Matz, Eric, 188, 294, 424 Matzick, Kenneth, 410 Mau, Sandra, 398, 404 Mauer, Nancy, 315 Maurer, Vincent, 81, 149 Maurice, James, 353 Maurice, Jane, 97, 157, 178 Maurice, John, 410 Maw, Norman, 42 Mawe, William, 63, 158, 264, 282, 294 Mawhinney, Andrew, 188 Mmm, 1udith,7o, 331 Maxheim, Paula, 196, 398 Maxwell, Connie, 128, 333 Maxwell, Elizabeth, 331 May, Charles, 365 May, Sadie, 300, 303 May, William, 301 Mayberry, Phillip, 63, 412, 415 Mayberry, Sharon, 316 Mayer, Ann, 64, 187, 194, 316 Mayer, George, 194, 206 Mayer, Howard, 97 Mayfield, Kathleen, 331 Maynard, Marvin, 129 Mayne, Winfield, 63, 362 Mays, Brian, 280, 373 McA1pine, Bruce, 412 McAndrew, James, 42 McAuley, Paul D., 273, 365 McAvoy, Dennis, 97 442 McBee, Thomas, 97 McBride, Clara, 148 McBride, John, 111 McCabe, Beth, 401 McCabe, Joseph, 370 McCann, Francis, 289 McCarten, John, 129 McCarty, John S., 392, 414, 415 McCarthy, Thomas, 63 McCauley, Robert, 373 McChesney, Donna, 97 McClary, Edward, 73 McC1ary, Mary, 323 McCleary, Morris, 303 McClelland, Max, 415 McClelland, Judith, 316 McClone, Judith, 178, 179 McClure, Mary, 175, 183, 333 McCoid, David, 349 McOombs, David, 207, 359 McConkie, Mary, 323 McCormick, Carolyn, 171 McCormick, William, 411 McCoy, David, 148 McCoy, Roger, 354 McCrea, Judith, 340 McCri11is, Robert, 97 McCue, Stephen, 97, 373 McCurdy, Steven, 377 McCurry, Penny, 401 McCuskey, David, 149, 289 McDaniel, George, 284, 357 McDermott, Michael, 126, 147 McDonald, Beth, 97 McDonald, John, 126, 147 McDonald, Michael, 268 McDonald, Richard, 97 McElveen, Mary, 146, 335 McEnaney, Morgan, 63 McEveney, Patricia, 111 McFarland, Edward, 97, 425 McFarland, Guy, 111 McGarvey, Brian, 365 McGarvey, Patrick, 196 McGavic, Martha, 176, 327 McGee, Joseph, 411 McGee, Kathleen, 398 McGill, Gary, 268 McGoha.n, Elizabeth, 390 Mccotm, Mary, 208, 323 McGowan, Gerald, 150 McGnath, Robert, 158 McGreevey, Edward, 418 McGregor, Catherine, 97, 340 McGregor, Jerry, 346 McGrew, Leroy, 129 McGuire, Julie, 179, 208, 333 McGuire, Molly, 333 Mcllrath, Sara, 115 Mclntire, Wayne, 153 McIntosh, James, 73, 135, 153 Mclntosh, Ronald, 42 McKay, Judith, 157, 158 McKean, Terry, 97 McKee, Weldon, 111 McKenna, Rosemary, 320 McKinley, Richard, 368 McKinley, Judith, 157, 340 McKinstry, Linda, 118 McLane, John, 410 McLaughlin, Michael, 136 McLeod, Scott, 58 McLuckie, Karen, 397 McMahon, James, 81, 147 McManis, James, 148 McMillan, Robert, 118 McMorris, Monica, 402 McMullen, Susan, 97, 315 McMurray, Robert, 97, 410, 416 McMurray, Susan, 389 McNamee, Robert, 69 McPart1and, Philip, 97 McQuiston, Earl, 268 McRae, Mary, 335 McReyno1ds, Pamela, 348 McSwaney, John, 268, 373 McVay, Sandra, 398 Mead, Judith, 173 Means, James, 63 Mears, Judith, 315 Mears, Marcus, 285 Meier, Jon, 42 Meier, Karen, 196, 392 Meier, Larry, 162 Meier, Suzanne, 340 Melby, Judith, 98 Melgaard, Steven, 267 Melsa, Cleon, 425 Melso, Eric, 98 Meltzer, Susan, 98 Mennenga, Dwight, 423 Menninga, Larry, 98 Menster, Donald, 81 Merar, Paul, 361 Mercer, Gary, 73 Merchant, Michael, 98, 148 Meredith, Melanie, 333 Mericle, Dale, 145 Meriwether, David, 304 Merrill, William, 196, 350 Merriman, Jane, 197, 340 Merritt, Robert, 377 Mershon, James, 148 Mertes, Janet, 115, 154, 180, 405, 406 Merz, Edith, H8 Mesner, Patti, 402 Messer, Kathryn, 331 Messersmith, Tamra, 394 Meyer, Alan, 412 Meyer, Betsy, 324 Meyer, Donald, 411 Meyer, William, 97 Meyerhoff, Donald, 97, 425 Meyerhoff, William, 188, 280 Meyerson, Alan, 285, 361, 413 Michaels, Holly, 324 Michelson, Mark, 280 Michelson, Robert, 411 Messick, Gerald, 273 320 Middleton, Barbara, 98, 158, Midgard, Carole, 327 Mikelson, Karen, 331 Mikelson, Kristin, 333 Mikesell, Mary, 321 Miller, Arlyn, 63, 135 Miller, Barton, 349 Miller, Bethany, 411 Miller, Carolyn, 98 Miller, Carol Lee, 70, 98, 134, 340 Miller, Collis, 131, 167, 370 Miller, David, 414 Miller, David, 98 Miller, David Michael, 409, 410 Miller, David Earl, 73 Miller, Douglas, 135, 408, 414 Miller, Gael, 73 Miller, Gary, 132 Miller, George, 413 Miller, Glenn, 98 Miller, James, 98 Miller, Jams Earl, 149 Miller, John, 349 Miller, John, 81 Miller, Judith, 115, 389 Miller, Linda, 128 Miller, Lydia, 134 Miller, Mary, 98 Miller, Mary Ann, 27, 335 Miller, Ned, 149 Miller, Quentin, 167, 346 Miller, Richard, 131 Miller, Richard Allen, 98 Richard H,, 63, 158, 412 Miller, Richard, 413 Miller, Miller, Robert, 126, 206, 381 Miller, Robert Morton, 414 Miller, Ronald, 410 Miller, Sally, 400 Miller, Sheila, 339 Miller, Stanley, 466 Miller, Stephen, 413 Miller, Susan, 98, 395 Miller, Suzanne, 339, 397 Miller, Thomas, 409 Miller William, 353 Milligan, Jean, 177, 178, 331 Mills, George, 370, 425 Mills, Gordon, 414 Milnes, Mary, 70, 98, 134, 402 Miner, Janet, 115, 176, 405, 406 Mingo, Garth, 421 Minkner, Ann, 402 Minnihan, Richard, 148 Miresse, James, 373 Mishlove, Joan, 98, 339 Mitchell, Harold, 98 Mitchell, Mary, 320 Mitchell, Merridy, 115, 406 Mitchell, Robert A., 98 Mitchell, Susan, 320 Moberly, Janet, 98, 161, 393, 394 Mockridge, Susan, 327 Moehn, Patrick, 353 Moeller, Eunice, 115 Moeller, Jerris, 73, 161 Moeller, Marvin, 413 Moeller, Richard, 63, 131, 133 Moeller, Ronald, 206, 354 Mohl, Roger, 140 Mohr, Loyal, 63 Mohr, Martin, 366 Mohr, Richard, 69 Moionnier, David, 63 Moline, Kay, 123, 389 Mong, Carole, 333 Monks, Joan, 414 Montgomery, James, 73 Montgomery, Larry, 73, 159, 161 Montgomery, Suzanne, 161 Mood, Dale, 280, 424 Moody, Patrick, 98, 384, 418 Moon, Kathryn, 159 Moon, Larry, 358 Moor, Dina, 331 Moore, Clarence, 145 Moore, David D., 409, 416 Moore, Florence, 98, 134, 170 Moore, Frederick, 162 Moore, Janet, 386 Moore, Karen, 316 Moore, Marilyn, 154 Moore, Richard, 158, 424 Moore, Samuel, 422 Moore, Sidney, 373 Moorman, Kenneth, 118. 411, 414 Mopper, William, 69, 151 Moran, Michael, 349 Morehead, Richard, 354 Morey, Robert, 98 Morgan, Cynthia. 402 Morgan, David, 368 Morgan., John, 368 Morgan, Kathleen, 128, 333 Morgan, Linda, 195, 316, 401 Morgan, Nedra, 98, 127, 174, 175, 305, 335 1 Morgan, Susan, 401 Morris, Elliott, 98, 344 Morris, Nancy, 98 Morrison, Dorothy, 183, 196, 348 Morrison, James, 350 Morrison, Linda, 335 Morrison, Robert, 183 Mortley, Marilyn, 63, 104, 166 Morton, Judith, 401 Moser, Mary, 187, 324 Mosher, Stephen, 349 Moudy, Wayne, 409 Moyer, Bonnie, 397 Moyer, Patricia, 336 Mrad, Jennie, 99 Mroz, Sharon, 401 Mueller, Carolyn, 397 Mueller, Delores, 153, 157 Mueller, Sally, 153 Muench, John, 425 Muench, Louis, 73 Mulder, Robert, 63, W Mulder, Suzanne, 178, 348 Mulherin, Elaine, 99, 197 Mull, Mary, 398 Mullarkey, Richard, 207, 354 Mullen, Charles, 149 Muller, Robert, 413 Mullins, Ronald, 99, 162 Mullins, William, 373 Mummey, Jacqueline, 99, 169, 324 Mummey, Samuel, 151 Munden, Richard, 63, 206 Munn, Russell, 194, 374 Munson, Bonnie, 99 Murdy, Lynette, 167, 176 Murfin, Donald, 424 Murphy, Barbana, 204, 385, 386 Murphy, Patrick, 149, 167 Murphy, Patrick James, 81 Murphy, Sally, 397, 400 Murray, Patricia, 167, 388 Musgrove, Bette, 99 Musgrove, Jean, 160 Myers, Benton, 409 Myers, Howard, 81 Myers, Margaret Anne, 99 Myers, Richard, 118 Myrick, Mickey, 410, 414 Myrsiades, Costas, 150 N Naggs, Robert, 413 Nagle, Annette, 68, 157, 158 Naibert, Margaret, 328 Pennington, Allan Lee, 63, 158, 176, 3 Nash, Van, 412 Naso, David, 284 Nattkemper, Carole, 99 Needles, Roscoe, 411 Neff, Richard, 188 Neglia, Mary, 401 Nehring, Susan, 331 Neilly, Carol, 99, 328 Neilly, Mary, 328 Neiman, Richard, 377 Oehler, Sally, 328, 401 Oehler, Susan, 153, 157, 176, 328 Oestreich, Anita, 115 Oetien, David, 99 Ogg, Susan, 99 O,Haver, jo Anne, 333 Ohde, Sharon, 134 Oldaker, William, 362 Oline, Gary, 409 Olinger, William, 139 Peil, Katherine, 331 Peila, Celia, 175, 315 Pelton, Charles, 100, 346 Pelz, Thomas, 421 Pence, Edwin Tully, 370 Penly, Don, 368 Penney, Lance Powell, 64 Penningroth, Sandra, 406 Penningroth, Robert, 148 Bruce, 168, 254, 350 Petersen , Nelson, Barry, 151, 152 Nelson Nelson Nelson , Carl, 111, 386 , Diana Ghlee, 324 , Donald, 147, 158, 294 Nelson, Iames, 111, 155 Nelson, Iohn K., 99 Nelson, Judy, 386, 402 Nelson, Linda, 316 Nelson, Marcia Lu, 70 Nelson, Marcia D., 134, 196, 392 Nelson Nelson , Norman, 167 , Ordean, 99 Olive, Susan, 333 Oliver, Ierrold, 409 Allan, 300, 303, 307, 377 Olsen, Olsen, Carole, 315, 320 Olsen, john, 413 Olson, Donald, 410 Olson, Francis, 366 Olson, Melvin, 136 Olson, james, 373 Olson, Ierilyn, 402 Olson, Karen, 402 Olson, Melvin, 136 Neslon, Wilmer, 381, 409 Nesewich, Nancy, 315 Nesler, Thomas, 69, 136 Netser, Dennis, 99 Neumann, Gerd, 99, 342 Neuwerth, Carolyn, 323 Neuzil, Iohn, lx Neville, Sally, 331 New, Michael, 206, 350 Newbrough, Ierald, 409 Newell, Iudy, 389 Newell, Linda, 146, 336 Newhouse, Norman, 421 Newman, Anabel, 168 Newman, Paul, 168 Newsome, Ion, 366 Newsome, Patricia, 324 Nererka, Lum'ir, 370 Nicholson, Iane, 402 Nichols, Chester, 168, 186 Nichols, David, 381 Nichols, Nomlan, 99, 180 Nicolaisen, Sally, 155 Niebuhr, Gary, 346 Niedbala, William, 268 Niedorf, Henry, 99, 300, 302, 303, 307 Nielsen, Rhoda, 128, 171 Nielsen, Robert, 415 Niemann, Virginia, 134 Niemeyer, Iohn, 164, 167, 175 Niemeyer, Mary, 402, 404 Niggemann, Kathryn, 155 Nightingale, Roger, 419, 421, 42 Nissen, William, 342 Olson, Patricia, 179. 315 Oltrogge, Marlyn, 381 O'Mal1ey, Iames. 353 O'Nei11, Linda. 333 O'Neil1, Patrick I., 196, 304, 346 Onweller, Toni. 398 Ome, Eugene, 162 Orr, Pauline, 128 Orris, James, 412 Osberg, lean, 153, 157 Osbom, Louisa. 323 Osbom, Merlin. 145 Osbome, Roy, 69, 134 Osburn, Miriam, 115 Ostendorl, Harry, 135 Oster, Arlette, 70, 134 Ostrander, Marcia. 115, 323 Ott, Iames, 207, 368 Ott, Suzanne, 99. 155 Ottesen, Iames, 368 Otto, Aljean Dianne, 196, 401 Otto, Robert james, 134 Owen, Gwen, 336 P Pabst, Larry Dean, 99 Pabst, Mark Dell, 111 Packwood, Iohn, 342 Padilla. Doren, 386 Paetz, Bill Lee, 409 Page, Ann Lee, 100, 195, 316 Page, Sally, 182 Page, Sylvia Mary, 353 Norris, Richard, 368 Nixon, Ronald, 145 Noah, Louise, 99 Noble, Alice, 328 Nockunas, William, 63 Nokes, George, 143 Nolan, Iohn T., 81 Nolan, Sheila, 398, 404 Noonan, Ioann, 348 Narby, Gary, 128, 357 Norris, David, 408, 410, 414 Norris, Norton Richard N., 300, 301, 307 , Clarence, 418 Norton, Robert, 99 Pakozd i, lune Marie, 118, 146, 398 Palm, Franklin, 424 Palmer , Jane Lee, loo, 323 Palmer, Iohn Michael, 373 Palmer, Linda, 389 Palmer, Marilyn, 100 Palmer, Richard. 69 Palmer Palmer , Richard Lee, 136 , Stanley, 409 Palmer, Wesley, 111, 306 Non, lanet, 406 Novak, David P., 342 Novak, Ioel, 273, 294 Noyd, lohn, 410 Noyle, Linda, 340 Null, Nedra, 170 Nuss, Colleen, 99 Nuttal, Barbara, 176, 328 Nylund, Robert, 129 Nyquist, Linda, 333 O Oates, Iulie, 323 Oherstein, Barry, 111, 126, 164 Oberstein, Norman, 99, 206 Oherweis, Ianet, 128 Ohler, Nadine, 99 Ohreoht, Karl, 63, 135 O'Brien, Iames, 268 O'Brien, Leonard, 99 O'Brien, Patrick, 99, 346 O'Connor, Iames, 373 O'Connor, Iohn, 63 O'Connor, Klathryn, 324 O'Connor, Walter, 409 Oebser, Robert, 300, 303, 307, 346 Palmer, William, 414 Pancotto, Paul, Ir., 350 Panek, Ronna Lee, 335 Pangbum, Craig, 409 Papke, Richard Paul, 414 Pardun, Thomas, 196 Parham, Anne, 336 Parizek, Marilyn, 197 Parizek, Ronald Gene. 422 Park, Robert Iames, 412, 416 Parker, Gary, 63, 300, 301, 306, 307 Parker, Linda lean, 331 Parler, Norman, 196 Parkhurst, Sariah yanc, 115 Parks, Margaret, 320, 423 Parrish, Richard, 171 ' Parsons, Philip, 409 Pasker, lean, 333 Passick, Dale Allen, lll Paterson, George, 392 Patrick, Thomas, 128 Patrigo, William, 374 Patten, Michael, 358 Patterson, Barbara, 178, 333, 397 Patton, Frank, 183, 362 Pearlman, Gordon, 361 Pearson, Ioyce, 320 Pearson, Linda, 175 Pease, Diane, 391, 392 Pechack, Ioellen, 335 Peden, Eugene, 412 Peelen, Iudith, 196, 340 Perkins, lohn, 410 Perkins, William, 268, 294, 410 Perlman, Adrienne, 159, 208, 339 Perrill, Merideth, 3214 Perrin, Linda May, 196, 348 Perrin, Sandra, 386 Perry, Dayton, 143, 268, 294 Perry, Robert, 100 Partl, Don, 100, 158 Peters, Iudy, 335 Peters, Lyle, 188, 280, 411 Petersen, Carolyn. 168 Petersen, Gary. 128, 413 Petersen, Iay, 155 Petersen, Ion, 63 Petersen, Morris, 373 Petersen, Pamela, 152, 402 Petersen, Ronald, 100 Petersen, Thomas, 63 Peterson, Betty Ann, 310 Peterson, Carol, 170, 171 Peterson, Delaine, 100 Peterson, Gary. 118 Peterson, Iay, 349 Peterson, Ioan, 100 Peterson, Iudy. 167, 333, 338 Peterson, Larry, 13 Peterson, Mark, 425 Peterson, Robert, 131, 135, 144 Peterson, Robert R., 73, 100, 267 Peterson, Ronald, 63, 158 Peterson, Qlelley, 335 Peterson Thomas 421 Petsch, Mark, 100, 173, 186 Pettengill, Boneta. 315 Petty, Wendell, 150 Pfaff, Carol Ann, 179, 392 Pfalf, Linda, 336 Pfeffer, Paul, 366 Pfester, Murial, 167, 178, 336 Phelps, Charles, 147 Phelps, Ianet, 140 Phelns, Paul, 358 Phillips, Dean, 81, 368 Phillips, Gary, 412 Phillips, Iohn, 81. 149 Phillips, Nancy, 395, 397, 400 Phillips, Robert, 365 Phillips Roger, 268 Piehl, Donald, 12 Pieper, Barbera, 392 Pieper, Barbara. 392 Pier, Pamela, 401 Pierce, Richard, 64 Pierson, Iames, 358 Pierson, Iudith, 115 Peitzsoh. Paul, 411 Pill, Iellery, 361 Piller, lanice, 100 Pillmore, Harry. 353 Pinney, Betty, 134 Piper, Iames, 264. 354 Pirages, Dennis, 357 Pisarik, Nancy, 157 Pistorius, Alan, 100 Pitluck, Haskell, 361 Pitncr, Richard. 349 Pitsch, Carol, 397, 404 Platt, Icrry, 100 Plimpton, Mary, 128. 167, 388 Plock, Carolyn, 100, 335 Poe, Brian, Lee, 264, 305 Polaski, Lawrence, 285. 423 Polich, Vance, 100, 353 Polk, Grant, 346 Pollard. Charles, 349 Polly, Richard, 410 Poole, Ka ren, 397 Pflpeifvy, Patricia Ann, 170, 388, Porter, Carole, 324 Porter, Dennis, 100, 373 Porter, lean, 208, 324 Porter, Mary, 324, 386 Portlock, Mary, 405 Pose, Robert, 159 Potter, Carol, 397 Potter, Ierry, 128 389 62 Powell , Barbara, 335 Powell, Cheryl, 401 Powers, Frank, 416 Powers, Iames, 152, 374 Powers, Martin, 128, 410, 415 Powers, Susan, 64, 157, 340 Prather, Carol, B8 Preston, Ray, 381 Preuss, Donald, 130 Price, Iarrles, 100 Price, Kenneth, 73, 161, 381 Price, Sondra, 115 Prieast, Bonnie, 175, 348 Primus, Delores, 398 Prince, Russell, 374 Prough, Rebecca, 336 Prybil, Larry, 100, 152, 194, 300, 301, 303, 306, W Ptacek, Peter, 197, 425, 451 Pudder, Emery, 100, 268 Puhl, Luanne, 196 Pullen, Ann, 323 Pullen, Charles, 100 Pullen, Martha, 323 Pullman, Sue, 100, 323 Pulver, john, 162 Purcell, Susan, 398 Purcell, Thomas, 273, 353 Purdie, Iohn, 136 Purdon, Thomas, 111, 130 Purdum, Iuditlh, 100 Purdy, Edward, 100 Purdy, Kenneth, 410 Purk, Wayne, 350 Putnam, Virginia, 200, 385, 386 Putney, Ruth, 327 Q Quarton, Diane, 100, 331 Quast, Gary, 151 Queen, Iohn, 357 Quigley, Ilames, 377 Quinby, James, 424 Quinn, Iohn, 346 Quinn, Iohn Philip, 377 R Rabe, Carolyn, 176, 208, 331 Radke, Ianadene, 402 Ragan, Charles, 353 Rains, Merritt, 413, 415 Raish, Karen, 316 Rammon, Loma, 155, 316 Randall, Elizabeth, 167, 208, 327 Randall, Larry, 207, 346 Randolph, Nanette, 187, 320 Rank, Daryl, 64 Rankin, Bruce, 300, 303, 358 Ransdell, Stephen, 353 Ransom, Iames, 111 Rashid, Gene, 111 Rashid, George, 118 Rasmussen, Alfred, 357 Rasmussen, Christie, 167, 324 Rasmussen, Iames, 310 Rasmussen, john, 111 Rater, David, 150 Rathjen, Iudith, 401 Rathjen, Marvin, 151 Rattenberg, Ierry, 409, 414 Rauker, Iames, 100 Ray, Raymond, 413, 414 Raymond, lack, 409 Raymond, Karen, 388 Raymond, Thomas, 69, 136 Read, Ieanne, 100 Readinger, Ann, 324 Rebec, Linda, 315 Reck, Leon, 118 Reddington, Gary Ioe, 273, 353 Reed, Keith, 149, 180 Reed, Marilyn, 335 Reed, Wallace, 413 Reeves, Stanford, 412 Relle, Hutha Ann, 115 Reid, Iustus, 207, 365 Reida, Linda, 320 Reif, William, 64, 158, 206, 294, 298, 358 Reilly, Charles, 268, 373 Reilly, George, 149 Reiners, Bruce, 349 443 Reimers, Nancy, 398 Reinback, Carolyn, 167, 170, 196 Reinert, Adelaide, 115, 305, 405 Reinking, James, 100, 421, 424 Reis, Robert, 118, 137 Reitzel, Norman, 150 Rembolt, David, 64, 358 Rembolt, Diana Rae, 155, 336 Remley, James, 171, 412 Remmers, Ronald, 196, 346 Repass, Camile, 128, 176, 183, 335 Reppe, Ronald, 423 Resch, Ronald, 186 Retman, Frank, 204 Retz, Richard, 111, 108, 130 Reuben, Sandra, 339 Reyhons, Dennis, 365 Reynolds, David, 410 Reynolds, Larry, 135 Reynolds, Margaret, 335 Reynolds, Marianne, 100 Reynolds, Patrick, 411, 415 Reynolds, Polly, 100, 208, 320 Reynoldson, David, 425 Rhoads, Rhodes, Rhodes, Rhodes, Rice, Ju Donald, 159 Charles, 184, 188, 280 John, 409 Rita, 398 dith, 323 Rioh, Celeste, 323 Richard Richard Richard Richard Richard Richard s, Barry, 100 s, Carl, 148 s, Gary, 123 s, James, 101, 264 s, Melvin, 373 s, Rachel, 315 Richardson, Dawn, 385, 404 Richardson, Robert, 132, 162, 306 Richmond, Judith, 101, 336 Rickets, Dennis, 417 Riddle, Gene, 73, 114 Riddle, Karen, 101 Riehm, Charlene, 101, 404 Rieke, Linda Ann, 100 Riecke, Mary Elizabeth, 391, 392 Rieniets, Judith, 101 Ries, James, 173 Ries, Janet, 389 Riessen, Reinhard, 412 Rife, Jeanne, 126, 406 Riggins, Dennis, 188, 362 Riggins, Diana, 323 Riggs, Sandra, 101, 324 Riggs, Gary, 410, 415 Riley, Donald, 285 Riley, Richard, 373 Rinden, Gerry, 152 Rinderknecht, VVi1liarn, 358 Rinker, Jerry, 145 Rinker, Richard, 374 Rintell, Douglas, 425 Ristau, Sharon, 340 Ritter, Kathryn, 188, 348 Robbins, James, 188 Robbins, Mary, 340 Roberg, Laveme, 81, 152 Roberson, Dale, 147 Roberson, Jule Ann, 316, 335 Roberts, Carolyn Lee, 391, 392 Roberts, Daryl, 81 Roberts, Jay Paul, 289 Roberts, Jerry, 135, 425 Robertson, Carl, 374 Robertson, Janet, 333 Robertson, Lynne, 154, 402 Robertson, Robert, 145, 373 Robeson, James, 188, 377 Robinson, Charles, 410 Robinson, Joan, 404 Robinson, Larry, 101, 300, 307 Robinson, Mary, 101 Robinson, Richard, 101 Robshavv, James, 268 Rocksien, Susan, 101 Rodeen, Jacqueline, 101, 167 Rodgers, James, 101 Rodgers, Raymond, 268 Rodighier, Karren, 328 Roeleis, Robert, 268 Rogers, Felton, 294 Rogers, Ruth, 170 Roggendorf, Harold, 101 Roggensack, George, 111 Rohlf, Paul, 111, 147, 168 Rohrbacher, Paul, 73, 74 Rohressen, Merlin, 111 Rollard, Daryl, 304 Rollins, Norman, 101 444 Roman, Beverly, 101 Romarion, Roberto, 73 Romey, Toni, 392 Rommel, Arlene, 157, 393, 394 Rods, Joseph, 278 Rose, Robert, 73, 74 Rosebrook, Frederick, 101, 350 Roseland, Judith, 168, 328 Roseman, Joseph, 168, 328 Rosenberg, Jack, 344 Rosenstein, Matiihew, 207, 344 Rosenthal, Marc, 207, 344 Ross, James Adam, 186 Ross, Judith Ellen, 101 Ross, Rebecca, 336, 404 Ross, Richard, 128, 206, 370 Rossie, John Raymond, 64, 167 Rost, Dwight, 130 Roths, Carl, 64, 131, 412 Roudebush, Katherine, 398 Roulson, Calvin, 101, 303, 307, 409 Rouse, Kenneth, 353 Roush, Richard, 136 Rousso, Suzanne, 397 Roustio, Grace, 385 Rowe, Thonas, 81 Rowe. Thomas, 81 Rowley, Carl, 151 Rowley, Mary, 101, 135, 401 Royelty, Nancy, 101 Royce, Merle, 188, 424 Royer, Lawrence, 136 Rozeboom, J-anice, 115 Rozeboom, Paul, 145 Rubin, Robert, 344 Rubin, Robert, 361 Ruble, Thomas, 413 Rubottom, Richard, 111 Ruby, Nancy, 316 Ruch, Patricia, 101, 333 Rudman, Robert, 162 Rugger, Robert, 267 Rugger, Frederick, 267 Ruggeri, Linda, 173 Rule, Jane Ann, 101 Rummery, Lee Everett, 101, 354 Rump, Dolores Marie, 101 Rundle, James, 69 Runge, Barbara, 327 Ruopp, Margaret, 333 Rush, Sherry, 336 Rushton, Gerard, 412 Rusk, David, 101, 167, 206, 374 Russ, Susan, 320 Russell, Christy, 320 Russell, Ferrell, 354 Russell, Shirley, 402 Russmann, Gerald, 412 Russo, Charles, 408 Rustan, James, 173 Rutherford, William, 173 Rutherford, John, 102 Rutherford, Terrance, 413 Ruthroff, Carla Jean, 315 Rund, Maryann, 331 Ryan, Kathleen, 402 Ryan, Michael, 350 D Sack, Robert, 370 Saddo-ris, Stanley, 64 Sager, Ronald, 111, 130 Sagers, Richiard, 69, 136 Sakata, Toshiko, 196, 397, 400, 404 Sammon, Marvin, 148 Samuelson, Dennis, 130 Sandberg, Susan, 327 Sandell, Frank, 350 Sandem, Janet, 289 Sanders, Glenda, 183, 327 Sanders, Joan, 134 Sandhorst, Marcene, 398 Sandness, Grace, 102 Sanftner, Thomas, 102, 314 Sauby, Nancy, 210 Sauer, Fnanklin, 410 Sauer, Ralph Dean, 149 Sawin, Polly, 136, 394 Sawyer, Laura, 147 Sawyer, Suzanne, 161, 323 Saxton, Donald, 64 Sayre, Donald Alan, 188, 370, 411 Sbiral, Diane, 392 Schaefer, Dean, 412 Schaefer, Margaret, 102 Schaefer, Patricia, 102, 173, 197, 401 Schaeferle, Martin, 349' Schafer, John, 349 Schafer, Michael, 373 Schalekamp, Donald, 410 Schallau, Catherine, 64 Schallau, James, 73, 74 Schallert, Carol, 64 Schanze, Robert, 64, 176, 354 Schaub, John, 64, 173 Scheel, Allen, 346 Schemmel, Thomas, 111, 145 Schepers, Janet, 64, 153, 157 Scherrer, Charles, 305, 412 Schiavoni, Michael, 196, 207, 285, 350 Schiefen, Clark, 413 Schiller, Leroy, 361 Schimberg, Patricia, 102, 336 Schirm, James, 368 Sohlapkohl, Gerald, 162, 422 Schliekelman, John, 306 Scholbohm, John, 102 Scholtterback, Nancy, 323 Schueter, Gretchen, 324 Schlutz, Marian, 162, 373 Schmacker, Carla, 320 Sohmickle, Sally, 197 Schmidt, Joann, 102 Schmidt, Marie, 102, 170 Schmidt, Richard, 64, 131 Schmidt, Thomas, 64 Schnulbach, Patricia, 175, 176, 208, 328 Schneider, Edmund, 197, 412, 415 Schneider, Robert, 64 Schock, Roger, 423 Schoenthaler, David, 102, 152 Schoeppner, Melvin, 412 Sohollman, Walter, 425 Scholtes, Joan, 115 Schomberg, Steven, 409, 416 Schrage, Russell, 149 Schnamm, Gerald, 64, 149, 158, 354 Schrann, Victor, 167 Schreiber, Rosalie, 392 Schreyer, Sandra, 175, 388, Schrier, Michael, X Schrimper, Elaine, 102 Schroder, David, 381 Schroeder, Sandra, 335 Schroeder, Stanley, 366 Schroeder, William, 102, 381 Schrunk, Thomas, 350 Schultz, Neil, 307 Schultz, Susanne, 116 Schulz, Keith, M8 Schumacher, Carl, 412 Schumacker, Robert, 411 Schutte, Harvey, 188 Schwab, Victoria, 389 Schwarting, Eugene, 141, Schwartzhoff, James, 64 Schwarz, Fredric, 421 Schweiloch, Leslie, 102, 206, 344 Schweinfurth, Ralph, 102 Schwener, Willia.m, 73, 74 Schwerdtfeger, Leon, 398 Schwob, John, 349 Sclarow, Joan, 102, 339 Scothorn, Margaret, 402 Scott, Andrew, 410 Scott Diane, 340 Scott, James, 108 Scott, James Raymond, 112, Scott, Margaret Ann, 424 Scott, Nicholas, 374 Scott, Richard, 112 Scott, Strother, 64 Scott, Susan, 315 Sears, Daniel, 183, 205, 353 Sears, Linda, 333 Sebastian, Merlin, 42 Seda, James, 160 Sederburg, Ronald, 64 Seelau, Paul, 173, 186 Seery, Robert, 373 Seesser, Karl Harold, 102, 413 Seidenfeld, Dennis J., 206, 344 Seifert, Susan Alice, 316 389 144 130, 392, 425 Seifert, William Carl, 411 Seime, Glenn Stephen, 354 Sell, James Clariian, 373 Sell, Jon Richard, 149, 410 Selle, Virginia Mary, 333 Sellers, Pamela Kay, 402 Semler, Corrine L., 116 Semett, Richard P., 149 Servine, John William, 136 Setter, David F., 176, 384, 419, 421, 425 Sevenich, Robert J., 129 Severeid, Larry R., 130 Severseike, Gary L., 64 Sexauer, Georgiiana, 336 Sexton, Michael J., 413 Shabel, Jean Mary, 102, 167 Shadle, George H., 81 Shaeffer, Jill C., 102 Shafer, Judith K., 316 Shafer, Rodger D., 409 Shall, Jay M., Jr., 154, 421, 425 Shank, Louis W., 102, 173, 206, 366 Shank, Stephen G., 373 Sharer, Brenda R., 195 Sharp, Jack Paul, 350 Shaull, Roger L., 410 Shaw, Penelope Kay, 102 Shaw, Richard T., 152, 273 Shay, Dennis M., 365 Shay, Michael, Dennis, 373 Shea, Terence F., 373 Shearer, Harrie T., 69 Shearer, Robert C., 149 Shearer, Ruth E., 102, 155 Sheddy, Daniel D., 411 Sheehy, Raymond D., 102 Sheerer, Robert J., 354 Sheetz, Patricia A., 64, 153, 157, 197 Shefren, Gerald M., 154 Sheldon, Douglas M.,167, 350 Shelgren, Jane L., 102 Shelton, William L., 81, 152 Shepard, Donald F., 410 Shepard, James Irwin, 368 Shepard, William, 411 Sheppard, Robert Gene, 73, 74, 161 Sheridan, Thomas J., 64 Sherman, Robert D., 264 Sherman, William L., 357 Sherod, David W., 421 Shewalter, Kristin J., 298 Shey, George C., 69 Shields, James C., 409 Shimek, Judy A., 175, 176, 187, 197, Shimoda, Christen T., 409 Shinbori, Ronald T., 425 Shinn, Nancy C., 167, 323 Shinofield, Richard C., 135, 349 Shirley, Barbara Ann, 102 Shirley, Brenda J., 103 Shoemaker, Glenn, 162, 306 Shoemaker, Stephen, 358 Sholes, Mark A., 410 Shoop, Abbie L., 116 Shore, Kerry M., 134, 409 Shors, Rickard A., 357 Shouse, Joel A., 132, 140 Shovlain, Paul J., 64, 158 Shrader, Dorothy, 328 Shrader, Robert A., 64 Shriver, Susan Kay, 336 Shriver, T. A., 358 Shroudemier, June, 103 Shuey, David M., 377 Shulkin, Sharon D., 339 Sias, Martha A., 103, 333 Sibley, Edward M., 419, 421, 425 Sibley, Samuel E., 419, 421, 423 Siefkin, Shirley, 167, 177 Siegel, Duane F., 155, STI Siegrist, Gus, 350 Sielaif, Ulrich, 416 Sieperda, Sandra S., 333 Sierk, Robert M., 65 Sigelman, Robert J., 361 320 Sigsbee, William, 204, 408, 410, 414, 4 Silverstien, Kenneth, 68, 344 Simmon, Donald L., 381 Simmons, Barbara, 116 Simmons, David C., 349 Simon, Lanell A., 324 Simon, Herbert, 141, 148 Simpson, David R., 354 Simpson, John R,, 103 Simpson, Martha, 163 Singer, Leonard R., 103 Sinkankas, Fred, 64 Sirowy, Ronald, 381 Sisk, Robert B,, 304, 346 Sisler, Linda A., 176, 315, 354 Sjostrom, William, 188, 349 Skadeland, Norma M., 103 Skalicky, John C., 316 Skalsky, Judith A., 336 Skare, Rasmus, 358 Skarshaug, Karen, 323 Skaugstad, Charles A., 130 Skea, William G., 273 Skerik, Joseph, 354 Skoglund, Betty, 103, 315 Toelle, Mary, 323 Skow, Iulius, 373 Skow, Iudith, 402 Slavens, Iames E., 411, 414 Slawson, Robert G., 112 Slayma.ker,Iu1ianna, 103, 186 Slemmons, Arme, 327 Slife, Eldon F., 381 Sloan, Iames, 73, 74 Sloan, Iohn D., 141, 377 Sloan, Mary L., 402 Sloan, Sandra E., 103, 315 Smaha, Leslie E., 346, 412 Small, MaryI., 134 Smalley, Iames, 151 Smallwood, Thomas, 207, 373 Smelser, Ianet F., 401 Smith Barbara, 324, 397 smithf carol 1., 103 Smith, Dean Carr, 377 Smith, Dona Louise, 158 Smith, Donna Lee, 386, 402 Smith, Edgar L., 136 Smith, Fay Kelley, 161, 381 Smith, Gary L., 103, 368 Smith, Glen R., 413 Smith, Gloria M., 146, 170 Smith, Iames B., 81 Smith, Iane Y., 402 Smith, Iean V., 157, 316 Smith, Iohn Dowell, 103 Smith, Iohn William, 413 Smith, Iudith A., 157 Smith, Smith, Lana Raye, 228 Linda Ioyce, 103, 159, 401 Smith, Linda LLoye, 103 Smith, Marilyn I., 175, 316 Smith, Nancy L., 327 Smith, Raymond E., 410, 413 Smith, Richard, 305 Smith, Richard A., 167, 346 Smith, Robert, 112 Smith, Ronald C., 297 Smith, Sandra L., 323 Smith, Sandra L., 208, 398 Smith, Steffenie G., 170 Smith, Susan C., 395, 400, 404 Smith, Teresa Ann, 336 Smith, Smith Thomas R., 409 Wiley Dexter, 381 Smith:Wi1lie R., 304,411 Snair, Sandra S., 389 Stafford, Annabelle Z., 103 Stahle, Galen W., 381 Stahlut, Steven A., 374 Staley, Ronald I., 65, 133, 158 Stallbaum, Marjorie A., 116, 406 Stramos, Scottie A., 320 Stamy, Allen I., 350 Standeven, Iohn W., 141 Standley, Arline R., 103 Staner, Linda L., 348 Stanley, Richard E., 302 Stanley, William W., 370 Stanley, William C., 349 Stanton, Iames L., 418 Stapleton, Ianet, 348, 394 Stark, Bertha, 65 Stark, Earl L., 65 Stark, Michael I., 409 Stark, Ronald G., 103 Starkey, Catherine, 315 State, Douglas Ritter, 81 Staton, Itanice L., 316 Stauffer, Edward W., 411 St. Clair, Gary W., 422 Stearns, Cheryl L., 316 Stebbins, Ann F., 103 Steele, Dan D., 69, 151 Steele, Marilyn, 336 Steele, Mary Ann, 389 Steele, Wesley D,, 302, 410 Steelman, Barbara, 84, 103, 127, 180, 32 Steelmtan, Iames M., 305 Steelman, Iudith M., 196, 385 Steenrod, Patricia, 103, 204, 391, Steenrod, Robert, 125, 419, 421 Stelien , David L., 141, 145 Steffen, Dennis H., 108 Steffen, Leo, 81 Steiger , Roger A., 128 Stein, Howard, 344 Stein, Iared M., 197 Steninger, Ann, 397, 404 Stenstrom, Stepren H., 65, 206, 350 Stentz, Stentz, David D., M, 135 Mary E., 397 Stephens, Iane A., 335 Stermer, Barbara, 402 Snell, Gary C., 131 Snell, Lee E., 421 Snider, Margaret M., 167, 404 Snipp, Robert, 129 Snook, Fredrick A., 188, 425 Snyder, Darrel A., 159 Snyder, Franklin D., 305 Stevens, Iudith L., 167, 348 Stevens, Phillip, 422 Stevens, Shirley A., 348 Stevenson, Braden, 112 Stevenson, Linda, 335 Stevenson, Willitam G., 374 Snyder , Max D., 73 Snyder, Sally L,, 116, 146, 406 Snyder Sobel , Wallace, 362 esse 370 Steward, Richard, 413 Stewart, Ian C., 397 Stewart, Iulie K., 336 Stewart, Keith, 188 Stewart, Miriam B., 315, 389 Stewart, Robert, 358 Stewart, Timothy A., 197, 346 . 1 4 Sodemiann, Neil E., 65, 182, 301, 354 Soehren, Stephen E., 136 Sohl, Donald L., 374 Sohm, Sondra C., 103, 320 Soldati, Linda I., 196, 340 Soman, Barbara, 404 Somermeyer, Gary, 167, 196, 349 Sommerfield, Iohn, 362 Sonnenberg, William R., 65 Sorden, Lynne, 392 Sorensen, Iudith, 335 Sorg, Ruth, 401 Spaan, Esther Io, 116 Spachman, Carol R., 70, 103 Spachman, Robert W., 81, 149, 167 Spading, Ianet A., 103, 176 Spain, Richard I., 425 Spangler, Richard, 65, 158 Spaulding, Gail F., 316 Spaulding, Keith M., 188, 208, 278 Spaulding, Richard I., 381 Spaulding, Susan F., 316 Speckhart, Lowell A., 421 Spector, Ioseph, 361 Speedy, Ronald, 411 Speer, Iohn A., 188 Spencer, Roy Harris, 370 Speery, Iohn F., 302, 411 Spicer, Duane W., 303 Spiess, Mary L., 213 Spragg, Thomas R., 112, 148 Spring, Constance C., 394 Spurgeon, Kathleen A., 333 Squier, Gloria A., 70, 134, 187 Stacy, Galen R., 65 Staff, Del I., 413 Stibal, Gary I., 65, 131, 173 Stickel, Kelly C., 42 Still, David H., 353 Stille, Richard W., 421 Stillions, Larry D., 73, 74 Stinson, Herbert L., 414 Stitt, Michael 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R., 131 Swain, Susan, 340 Swtan, Thomas C., 196, 408, 409 Swaney, Ierry I., 104 Swaney, Robert L., 112, 130 Swanger, Leland R., 104, 131 Swanson, Ioel E., 349 Swanson, Karen I., 348 Swanson Swanson , Neil E., 65, 131 , Sharon K., 104 Swartzendruber, G. A., 104 Swearingen, Altan R., 112 Swede, Celia I., 104 Sweet, Robert L., 152 Sweitzer, Richard S., 104 Swenson, Larry L., 424 Swenson, Sharon L., 104, 392 Swift, Kathleen L., 161 Swift, Mary E., 402 Swinkin, Iacob, 150 Sykes, Iohn S., 410 Synhorst, Steven D., 104 Sytsma, Mary Ann, 104 Szaton, Iohn M., 422 Szerlong, Ronald E., 188 Szykowny, Matthew T., 268 T Taber, yahn M., 197, 409 Toerber, Erwin, 411 Tomlinson, Iames, 162, 306 Toms, Virginia G., 65, 153, 157, 320 Tomson, Royce, 197 Toohil1,Iudith, 164, 173, 186, 328 Topinka, David I., 162, 306, 415 Torbert, Thomas, 353 Torn.abane, Ioseph A., 354 Torode, Maralynn, 176, 182, 194, 196, 331 Toubes, Daniel, 112, 148, 415 Towell, Ronald, 188, 374 Towle, Stephen, 207, 349 Toyne, Wayne, 344 Tracy, Boyd A., 377 Tracy, George R., 207 Tranberry, Robert I., 141 Travis, Larry D., 410 Travland, David A., 104 Traw, Charles, 358 Treacy, Vincent, 188, 423 Treadwell, Mary L., 175, 327 Trecek, Iames B., 74 Trieber, Stephen L., 412 Trenery, Gene A., 65, 131, 133, Trent, Frank M., 350 Trevet, Carrol, 136 Trimble, Bruce W., 151 Taft, Mi Tallent, chael, 254 Donald, 418 Trimble, Carol Ann, 327 Trimble, Daniel R., 412 Trimble, Iean Ann, 104, 333 Trimble, Ralph W., 264, 282, 294 Trost, Ion Wayne, 65 Trowbridge, Patrick H., 362 Truax, Iud E., 81 Tam, Alice Lei-Shang, 146 Tanner, Eleanor, 320 Tansey, Verne, 374 Tappan, Carol, 393 Tatro, Norbert I., 411, 416 Tatum, Susan, 386 Taylor, Catherine, 398 Taylor, David, 424 Taylor, Gary G., 304, 381 Taylor, Iean, 389 Taylor, William L., 377 Taylor, Winter, 397 Teal, Patricia, 402 Tedrow, Sandra, 116 Teegen, Marilee, 176, 183, 398 Teeter, Susan, 104, 402 Teeters, William, 362 Templeman, Ronald, 305, 368 Eernpleton, Ellen, 323 Tener, Kay M., 176, 197 Terbell, SaraIane, 116, 384 Terbell, Sara Iane, 116, 384 Teyro, Patricia, 327 Tltarp, Carol, 196, 398 Thatcher, Iames W., 151 Theisen, Lee S., 167, 196, 206, 357 Thelen, Leslie Ann, 315, 328, Kurt, 104, 136, 249 Trumbo, Ioyce, 170 Trunnell, Allan, 421 Tschudy, Will B., 104 Tucker, Donna, 116 Tucker, Emma Iean, 65, 158 Tucker, Iames B., 60, 104, 158, 264, 28 294 Tucker, Ianet, 133, 157 Tucker, Robert C., 411 Tulfty, Carolyn L., 324 Tuilty, Terry, 196, 346 Tulley, Michael, 411 Turici, Richard, 207, 268, 294, 366 Turner, Iay Dwight, 130 Tumer, Iames Walter, 104 Turner, Turner, Iohn David, 284 Patricia, 104 Turpin, David, 69, 136 Tursi, Loretta Io, 324 Tutton, Merrill, 354 Tvedte, Hans A., 104 Twaddle, Donald, 381 Tygett, William David, 150 Tykeson, Terry, 413 Tyler, Phillip, 346 Tyler, Walter, 147 Thies, D avid, 424 Thomas, Iohn W., 143, 167, 196 Thomas, Iohn P., 69 Thomas, Ioseph R., 151, 357 Thomas, Karen M., 423 Thomas, Marjo, 104, 316 Thomas, Sharon, 3214 Thompson, Barbara, 324 Thompson, Charlotte, 104 Thompson, Clarence, 65 Thompson, Don C., 349 U Uber, Michael, 377 Ullman, Iulian, 148 Ulness, Iames, 65, 413 Underwood, Iames, 104 Uph m, Roniald, 144, 346, 412 Upshsw, Saundra, 104, 386 Urbanek, Trula, 104 Urbatsch, Donald, 104 2, 445 Urbatsch, Gene, 104 Urich, Mary Ieann, 173, 197 Utley, Sallie, 333 V Wheeler, Harriet Dae, 331 Vaandnager, Vernon, 150 Va j gert , Va I gert , Donald, 104 Dennis, 346 Valentine, Clark, 353 Valesh, Keith, 136 Vallier, Averil, 105, 152 Vanbramer, Thomas, 370 Va.nBuren, William, 268 Van Camp, Diann, 327 Vandecar, Elizabeth, 434 Vandekop, Iean, 105 Vanderbur, Charles, 152 Vanderhoef, Peter, 105, 300, 303, 306, 374 Vanderhoek, Harold, 42 Vandermatten, Robert, 370 Vanderoovaart, V. L., 128, 196, 348 Vanderveer, Mary S., 327 Vanderweerd, Mae, 116 Vanderwicken, Ann, 390 Vanderwilt, Daryl, 425 Vandeventer, Thomas, 373 Vandillen, Karen, 328, 406 Vandrieel, Eugene, 412 Vandyk, Mary, 197 Vandyke, Lorraine, 401 Vanek, Iames, 357 Vanek, Iune, 105, 340 Vanginkel, David, 112 Vanhouten, Stephen, K Vanleeuwen, David, 411 Vanmaanen, Darlene, 105 Vianmetre, Dolores, 66 Vannier, Susan, 327 Vanorsdel, William, 358 Vanscoy, Iames, 135 Vaught, Ianis, 385 Vavra, Sandra K., 333 Veber, Ruby Maxine, 116 Vega, Stephanie, 340 Veldey, Gary, 147, 149 Velde, Iohn, 358 Velde, Mary, 105 Verhoeven, Stanley, 173, 412 Vemredahl, Ioseph, 421 Vermillion, Charla, 398 Vetter, Larry, 65 Vickrey, Larry, 81, 126 Vignaroli, Donald, 411 Viksne, Anita, 397, 404 Vilmount, Iule, 350 Vincent, Randall, 362 Vipond, Ion, 297, 408, 410, 414, 416 Virtue, David, 410 Voge, William, 69, 151 Vogel, Carlyn, 176, 316 Vogel, Thomas, 105 Vogelmann, Yvonne, 320 Vogt, Katherine Ann, 336 Vokolek, Dennis, 153, 294 Vorbrick, Lynn, 147, 152 Vosepka, Richard, 410 Voss, Dow, 297, 304 Vrzal, Edward Iohn, 285 Vyskoeil, Charles D., 74 W Wachter, William F., 65 Waechter, Donald I., 410 Wagenknecht, Iohn H., 129 Waggoner, Melissa Lee, 316 can 116 Wagner,I ' , Wagner, Ierry Homer, 105, 158 Walker, Nancy Lynn, 340, 400, 402 Walker, Reno Francis, 411 Wallace, Martha E., 173, 394 Wallace, Wayne Amold, 344 Wallbridge, Lewis C., 196, 350 Waller, Dennis R., 354 Waller, Pamela Grace, 141, 178, 333 Wallinder, Patricia A., 105 Walsh, Dianne Marie, 64, 157, 401 Walsh, Ioan Catherine, 335 Walsh, Marjorie Agnes, 327 Walsh, Mary, 183 Walsh, Stephen Iohn, 130, 147 Walston, Sydney C., 105, 289, 294 Walter, Kathryn Iane, 398 Walter, Mary Margaret, 105, 402 Walters, Victor E., 151 Walther, Darlene Iune, 105 Walz, Walter Frank, 66 Ward, Edwinna Kay, 398 Ward, Leslie Ann, 315 Ward, Rebecca Quaife, 394 Ward, Roy Daniel, 81 Ward, Steven Michael, 374 Ware, Dennis Stacy, 411 Carol C., 105 Wamer, Warren, Iohn Marsili, 421, 423 Warren, Richard A., 66, 370 Wassenaar, Allan G., 105 Wassmuth, Dale Robert, 112 Waterbury, Richard C., 130 Waterhouse, Doris I., 66, 133, 157, 1 Waters, Ianice Iean, 324 Waters, Priscilla I., 348 Wathier, Iacque1ineI., 196 Watkins, David Eugene, 268 Watson, N-ancy Ieanne, 105 Watson, Richard Gay, 105 Watson, Ronald Iames, 118 Watson, Sandra Kay, 167, 200, 336 Watson, Sherman Ralph, 353 Watt, Donald Gene, 66 Wagner Wag-ner, Paul Francis, 131, 412 Paula Ioann, 70, 324 Watts, Iohn Thomas, 413 Weaver, George Edwin, 412 Weaver, Ioan E., 348 Weaver, Linda Gail, 70, 315 Weaver, Verle Layton, 105 Webb, Cloyd William, 264, 268 Webb, Lloyd Everette, 105 Webb, Susan Bridgman, 149, 35 Weber, Betty Faye, 389 Weber, Pamela Ann, 320 Wedean, David Rudolph, 413 Wehking, Milan, 129 Weigel, Perry Lee, 145 Weil, Martin Eli, 105 Weiner, Gerald S., 344 Weiner, Linda, 175 Weinstein, Elizabeth, 397 Weis, Dave Ioseph, 136 Weisensee, Iohn P., Ir., 424 Weishaar, Dorothy L., 105 Weiss, Theodore Edwin, 66 Weissenborn, Iames P., 362 Weitzel, Roberta Kay, 402 Welch, Felix Holton, 143 Welcher, Wane Hoyer, 112 Weldon, Michelle Io, 348 Wellik, Marvin R., 357 Wells, Charles Emest, 74, 159, 161 Wells, Ierry Howard, 207, 353 Wells, Iimmie Charles, 105 Wells, Iohn Stewart, 150 Wells, Karen Sue, 105, 158, 386 Wells, Sharon, 406 Wells, William Earle, 305, 410 Welsh, Sarah Iane, 173 Welter, Dale Ioseph, 66, 131, 173 Welter, Donald Alan, 66, 131 Wenndt, Iames Henry, 167, 414 Wente, David Oscar, 81 Warner, Nancy Ellen, 105 Wahl, David Walter, 151 Wahl, Nancy Kaye, 331 Wahman, Gerald E., 112 Waite, Ionathan A., 370 Waldburgcr, Frank I., 81, 149, 166 Walk, Frederick L., Ir., 304, 366 Walk, Rose Marie, 154 Walker, Christine, 204, 388, 389 Walker, Emilie Marie, 70 Walker, Iames Allred, 69, 136, 158 Walker, Iane E., 331 VValker, Ianet Faye, 65, 157 Walker, Ierry Dean, 69 I Walker, Leland Carl, 410 446 Werner, Suellen, 320 Wert, Iacqueline 1., 398 Werth, Iames Laree, 139 Wescoat, Ann Marie, 320 West, David Walter, 411 West, Shari Ann, 146, 315 West, Shelva Iean, 118, 402 Westerlieltl, Sara, 183 Westphal, Iohcelyn F., 104 Wetlaufcr, Margaret Dorsey, 327 Vlletmore, Frank W., 365 VVeyer, Iohn Peter, 196 Vtlheatlon, Aquilla W., 74, 306 Wheat, George Clark, 105 58 Wheelan, Thomas A., 74 Wheeler, Cecily Ann, 340 Wheeler, David Lee, 425 Wheele r Ianet Ruth 186 Wheeler IohnW1ll1am 409 Wilson, Orrin, 66 Wilson, Richard L., 66 Wilson, Sara, 106, 328 Wilson, Shirley, 315 Wilson, Victor, 106, 365 Winans, Gavin, 411 Whelpley, William A., 105 Whisler, William A., 268 WW-1ll18Cf9,V B Sue, , 3, 200, 208, 324 Whitaker, Bruce, 353 Whitaker, Constance, 168 White, Bob, 302 White, Charlotte, 386 VVhite, Harriett, 105 White, Iames William, 105 White, Ianet Marie, 66 White, Ierry, 381 White, Iohn Lindsay, 44, 162, 303 White, Norma, 391, 392 White, Olive, 397 White, Robert Kay, 206, 362 W'hite, Robert Benton, 66, 365 Whitehead, Susan, 176 Whitehill, Michael, 373 Whitehom, Carol, 118, 146 Wihitehouse, Iohn, 150 Whiteley, Connie, 397 Whiteman, Sara, 395, 400, 402, 405 Whiteside, Susan, 348 Whitmore, Dennis, 408, 410 Whitsel, Lottie, 398 W'hittemore, David, 136 Whittemore, Iudith, 402 Whitten, Iames, 112 Whitworth, Alan, 106 Whyte, Nancy, 106 Wichman, Kenneth, 346 Wichman, Sally, 335 Wickett, Kenneth, 423 Widmann, Nancy, 386 Wiegel, Ianet, 134, 316 Wiele, Gary, 207, 342 Wieneke, Eugene, 411 Wienert, Karen, 106, 208, 340 Wiggins, Susan, 183, 196, 348 Wignall, Patrician, 128, 204, 393, 394 Wikel, Clifford, 106 Wilbanks, Robert, 412 Wilbur, Dorothy, 106, 340 Wilbur, Lornia, 187 Wilcox, Ieanette, 106, 155 Wildberger, William, 349 Wildblood, Iames, 188, 368 Wilderman, Richard, 158, 409 Wilderson, Sandra, 336 Wilken, Dennis, 419, 421, 425 Wilken, Sarah, 323 Wilkerson, Bartlett, 106 Wilkinson, Alice, 106 Winberg, Linda, 167, 324 Winders, Douglas, 130 Winegardner, Robert, 362 Wineinger, David, 112, 130 Winga, Richard, 112 Winick, Alfred, 361 Winner, Ionathan, 167, 361 Winston, Iames, 268 Winter, David, 106 Wirtz, Eli, 413 Wirtz, Larry, 151 Wise, Darrell, 66, 421, 423 Wise, Ronald, 106 Wise, Martin, 361 Wissler, Iudith, 348 Witt, Darrell, 118 Wobbeking, Ronald, 421 Woihlner, Ieffrey, 361 Wolberg, Sharon, 339 Wolf, Ann, 116, 386, 406 Wolfe, Dorcas, 106, 398 Wolfe, Douglas, 42 Wolfe, Iudith, 106, 182 Wolfe, Marcia, 327, 402 Wolfmeyer, Diana, 401 Wollin, Robert, 409 Wombolt, Duane, 112 Wood, Iack, 244 Woodall, Norman, 74 Woodbum, Constance, 397 Woods, Sandra, 328 Woodward, Roseann, 106, 159 Woolcott, Alice, 395 Woolums, Ierry, 106, 377 Workman, Clark, 425 Worland, Sandra, 384, 393 Wilkinson, Stephen, 285, 294, 424 Wilkinson, Theodore, 129 Wilkinson, Thomas, 81, 152 Willcockson, Mary Ann, 386 Willcockson, Iames, 106, 206, 374 Willer, Nancy, 398 Willett, Iohn, 425 Willett, Lynn, 42 Williams, Andrea, 134, 200, 335 Williams, Ann, 106, 316 Williams, Gordon, 136 Williams, Ierry Paul, 66 Williams, Ierry Lee, 268, 294 Williams, Ioe, 143, 149, 268, 294 Williams, Ioyce, 316 Williams, Karen, 106, 183, 335 Williams, Ierle, 106 Williams, Nevin, 418 Williams, Robert T., 66 Williams, Stephanie, 157, 340 Woman, Robert, 344 Wright, Gary, 69 Wright, Kenneth, 370, 421 Wright, Larry, 66, 387 Wright, Ronald, 162 Wright, Sharon, 348 Wright, Sherry, 401 Wvant, Wynes, Wynn, Bemard, 261 Valerie, 128 Marlene, 208, 348 Y Yanchick, Victor, 118, 180 Yankee, Barbara, 106 Yarber, Frances, 316 Yarde, Charles, 188, 374 Yarp, Max, 344 Yates, Mary, 392 Yoergler, Harold, 106 Young, Barbara, 208, 348 Young, Dean, 381 Young, Dennis, 106, 353 Young, Eugene, 69 Young Young , Mary, 106 , Phillip, 413 Young, Robert, 66, 410, 413, 423 Young erman, Iohn, 140 Z Zabin, Harold, 361 Zach, Gene, 69 Zager, William, 196, 409 Zahn, Douglas, 305, 410 Zahn, Sharon, 116, 323, 380, 406 Zaiss, Shirley, 348 Zapf, Rosemarie, 323 Zedick, Mary, 106, 397 Williams, Walter, 118 Williamson, Ierry, 129, 398 Wilmarth, Diane, M, 153 Wilmeth, Linda, 106 Wilson Wilson , Barbara, 179, 333 , David F., 409 Wilson, Edward, 66, 278, 350 Wilson, Effie, 166 Wilson, Evan, 158, 187, 188, 294, 413, 416 Wilson, Iacquline, 336 Wilson, Iames, 379 Wilson, Ierry, 346 VVilson, Iohn Bush, 123, 304 Wilson, Karen, 196 Wilson, Norris, 196, 304, 409 Zellweger, Andres, 362 Ziegler, Io Ann, 173 Zieman, Donald, 425 Zicser, Helen, 328 Zillren, Deborah, 174, 175, 339 Zimmer, Paul, 106 Zimmerly, Dale, 66 Zimmerman, Sheldon, 361 Zmolek, Douglas, 411 Zwber, Norman, 410 Zogg, Chris, 409 Zoller, Robert, 130 Zook, Ellen, 157 Zuber, Elaine, 75 Zuber, Emest, 134, 135 Zucker, Sheila, 106 A Acacia, 342 Administration, 49 Alpha Chi Omega, 314 Alpha Chi Sigma, 129 Alpha Delta Pi, 316 Alpha Epsilon Pi, 344 Alpha Kappa Alpha, 129 Alpha Kappa Gamma, 134 Alpha Kappa Kappa, 130 Alpha Kappa Psi, 131 Alpha Lambda Delta, 128 Alpha Phi, 318 Alpha Phi Omega, 134 Alpha Tau Omega, 346 Alumni Association, 202 American Institute of Chemi- cal Engineering, 135 American Pharmaceutical As- sociation, 137 Art Department, 238 Associated Students of Engi- neering, 132 Associated Women's Students, 174 Alpha Xi Delta, 320 B Baseball Team, 278 Basketball Team, 273 Beta Alpha Psi, 135 Beta Theta Pi, 348 Business Administration, 59 C Canterbury Club, 169 Central Party Committee, 182 Cheerleaders, 292 Chi Epsilon, 140 Chi Omega, 322 Christian Science College Or- ganization, 168 Clara Daley, 385 Collegiate Chamber of Com- merce, 133 Cross Country Team, 282 Currier, 395 D Daley, Clara, 385 Daily Iowan, 254 Delta Chi, 250 Delta Delta Delta, 324 Delta Gamma, 326 Delta Sigma Delta, 136 Topical Index Delta Sigma Pi, 142 Delta Tau Delta, 352 Delta Theta Phi, 140 Delta Upsilon, 354 Delta Zeta, 328 Dental Hygiene, 70 Dentistry, 67 Dolphin Fraternity, 188 Drama Department, 242 E Education, 75 Engineering, 71 Eta Kappa Nu, 141 F Fencing Team, 283 Football Team, 268 G Gamma Phi Beta, 330 Golf Team, 290 Graduate College, 77 Gymnastics Team, 284 H Hancher, 50 Hawkeye, 252 Highlanders, 192 Hillcrest, 408 Hillel Foundation, 172 Home Economics Club, 186 I Interdorm President's Club, 384 Interdonn Social Board, 205 Interfraternity Council, 206 Interfraternity Pledge Council, 207 International Center, 197 Inter-religious Council, 186 Iowa Conservatives, 198 Iowa Transit, 144 K Kappa Alpha Psi, 143 Kappa Alpha Theta, 332 Kappa Epsilon, 146 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 334 Kappa Phi, 170 L Lambda Chi Alpha, 356 Law, 79 Law Student Council, 147 Lettermanis Club, 294 Liahona Fellowship, 171 Liberal Arts, 83 Lutheran Student Association, 170 M Maude McBroom, 388 Medical Student Council, 147 Medical Technology, 155 Medicine, 107 Q Quadrangle Association, 419 Queens, 209 S Seals Club, 179 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 372 Sigma Alpha Eta, 159 Sigma Chi, 374 Sigma Delta Chi, 160 Sigma Delta Tau, 338 Sigma Nu, 376 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 378 Sigma Pi, 380 South Quadrangle, 418 Military, 295 Mortar Board, 127 N Nursing, 113 Newman Club, 173 Nu Sigma Nu, 145 O Occupational Therapy Club, 155 Omicron Delta Kappa, 126 Outstanding Athletes, 265 P Panhellenic Councils, 208 Pharmacy, 117 Pep Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Phi Club, 194 Alpha Delta, 152 Alpha Mu, 152 Beta Pi, 148 Delta Phi, 149 Delta Theta, 358 Epsilon Kappa, 153 Epsilon Pi, 360 Eta Sigma, 128 Gamma Delta, 362 Gamma Nu, 156 Kappa Psi, 366 Kappa Sigma, 368 Kappa Theta, 364 Rho Sigma, 150 Pi Beta Phi, 336 Pi Kappa Alpha, 370 Pi Omega Pi, 153 Pi Tau Sigma, 159 Project Aid Committee, 167 Psi Omega, 151 Student Marketing Club, 158 Student National Education Association, 158 Student Nurses Organization, 146 Student Publications Incorpo- rated, 250 Student Senate, 164 Swimming Team, 286 T Tau Beta Pi, 161 Tennis Team, 291 Theta Sigma Phi, 161 Theta Tau, 162 Track Team, 280 U Union Board, 180 W Wardall, Ruth, 390 Wellman, Beth, 393 Westlawn, 405 Womenis Recreation Associa- tion, 177 Wrestling, 288 WSUI, 258 Y Young Democrats, 197 Young Republicans, 196 YWCA, 187 ., Z Zeta Tau Alpha, 340 447

Suggestions in the University of Iowa - Hawkeye Yearbook (Iowa City, IA) collection:

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