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F, Q6 . . 3 L.-2.18, Q o ' ' 4 ' 1 T ' ky 40? 4' -fl .lyrl 'I 1, A Q . Nj ' ' 'a L. 5.1 ,ji L 3 V Y F I M W ' Q A -Y Y A Y . ,dl ,, ., ....Lx..4'f4 e gfbx 11119 .J ,Q L0 A K . 1 X1 qv- rs , 3355 gt N . A c, -7 W 1 1 , '. I Q4 Ca ,ll I lx :rx --I ' Lg M -V5-,-sq -1 W-1. iw? 513 lp ww O 1957 HAWKEYE G 3 C3 K...5.,.... 0 DN -1-bv--f 0-.Q U5 L... C953 B ,pw Q u--me ax... Z3 513 5 ....f,m.. iw? wgm.. ww, I ,,?S1K'fWW"W'h " ' ' - ' ,5wWwxw54QE'?E??f?32Sr:-iw'41 ' Wg' sg- 'E ::,'gg9? . 'f ' H MU NWKXQ5gfgasi1srEE :N :eIp:gi?i Mf:I,h,i.M,f,v,,.-ifTawQsw'!2q , a ', . ,.:4 ' . K , ,,.,,L,:,,.,,.. .. ,. ., A ",, . Qi 1 ,X 5 ' A Y ' .-: . . 1 -, "fm ' wi? ,Q 5 Q, 4 WEE v 3 E , 4 X 1 v V wie' r 4 r i ME., Q , - If-1,-.-,. ,. ,. ' " F 4 , W,,,A,WW f., V ,1,,v , 5 f "ef ,waw,w:.,ik?f , I 4 i s ,lg 4 ,I 'ibm d , 1135 .. of THE UNIVERSITY IS A , .EW , ,. , 2 5 S gm. -7 f :iw nm. 5 , F- ,,.-iff fx- 'f vi , ., f', Q O U R Y E A R 1 OUR UNIVERSETY OUR AOTSVETQES OUR ORG-ANEZEWS NS OUR RESSEEWCE3 1 AMPUS ROUTINE ROLLS Q x. a N, ., 'F 'A 1 ' Nw Q 1 N' 0 1. A fm " 6 e i. fat. 'Y N 1' fn ' NQJQ f f by E .,5, A N A , ,xg ZF AQ I :If 1 X. i .. ass Ax , W V, fm k,5gJ"2k ,M il 'A ' "M vs-W 7' Q21 'xx f . X ? F "' l V "' 5 f 2 2 2: . 4 'kilx g in L QLLTVV, ' Lf : V: 1 LL ,wg LVVV ,VLL if 9 -K X 2-L X . i l 1 ' 1 f, N lr V giifj filiw-if ' ' - - K H , ,. . , jwi R wiv? if Ai .. QM ygfsjvfcfgiifn Q' 91? al? 55 ,A -A ,M 3,3 f .. N 3 E H N . The-re's much news To be reIaTed when sTudenTs reTurn Tor pre- l Rush Week. The Time is spenT preparing Tor The rush parTies. RUSHING, ORIENTATION AND By MARGI HALL GREAT anTicipaTion precedes The arrival oT Fresh- man aT SUI. BuT only a glance aT The campus shows ThaT iT isn'T as scenic as The caTologue had hinTeol. NeverTheless, iT is a new world To conquer. ThaT TirsT day is The hardesT. The room in The dormiTory is so much smaller Than The one aT home. ConversaTion wiTh roommaTes is sTrained and The room seems even smaller. There are people all around buT The Teeling oT aloneness remains. ThaT TirsT leTTer home is a liTTIe senTimenTal. BuT Tor Those who come Tor Rush Week, liTe is chaf oTic and TasT. One parTy is here, The ofher is way over There. EmoTion builcls up every day. Some clo noT geT Tar. BuT Tor Those who olo, The air is Tull oT elecTricaI exciTemenT. Those who pledge are wild wifh ioy and reIieT. Those who don'T realize ThaT This is iusT anoTher oT liTe's experiences-hard To Take aT The Time, buT anoTher sTep To maTuriTy. Rush Week, conTinuing Tor Tive days, can be ide-nTiTied by iTs name-Tags and smile-Tirecl Taces xx. ,KRT my if , fl-v-ngqkk REGISTRATION HELP INTEGRATE NEW STUDENTS INTO SUI An inTormaTion I3ooTh, pcrT OT The OrienTaTion program, is seT up in TronT OT Old CapiToI To cIirecT Treshmen and TransTers. INTENSIVE ORIENTATION PROGRAM INCLUDES TESTING, OPEN HOUSES PresicIenT and Mrs. I-Iancher greeT new SUI sTudenTs aT a open house in Their home The IasT niqhT oT The OrienTaTion program. OrienTaTion begins aTTer Rush Week. New sTu- oIenTs are Taken on Tours oT The campus. To Fresh- man, iT seems like an obsTacIe course wiTh hills To cIimb and rivers To cross. SUI TacuITy members open Their homes To new sTudenTs. Even PresicIenT I-Iancher welcomes The uniniTiaTecI wiTh a Triendly hancIshaIce. Meanwhile The TesTing program is grinding on anoI, generaIIy, cIeTIaTing The egos oT Freshman and TransTer. GracIuaIIy They are becoming a parT OT The UniversiTy, buT True orienTaTion is yeT To come. Regisfralion in flue SUl lieldlwouse is a process ilnal lesls ll'1e inlelligence and endurance ol siud P Hcii en 6 mer VAST MAZE OF TABLES AND LINES TESTS STAMINA OF ALL STUDENTS A crucial resl lor Ereslwman is liere. Even Trans- fer Sluclenl is appalled. Qnly by seeing and experi- encing can a person compreliend llrie rigors ol regi- slralion. l-low can one building lvold so muclw confusion and so many people? The diagram is no nelp. Pane demonium reigns. People everywlwere. Bewilderf menl. Amazemenl. Can llwis be lrue? ll's worse llwen ine vvildesl imaginelion could conceive. All lliis lor live classes rlwel apparenlly have no con- neclion. Bur rlwar seclion can? be full. Is Jrliis a require- menl? Nor live 7:3O's. A 9:30 in Easl' Hall and a lO:3O in llie DJX. Building. And only lO minules belween classes? No wonder Upper Classmen nes sucli slarnina. The lreguenl long line osrolion rn y in cw lnings . . . llwe course e o u ar or ve K ' ' iii ? l ' me 1. W U --f--' . INDUCTIGN CEREMONY MARKS OFFICIAL BEGINNING ANTICIPATION and enThusiasTic opTimism ran high as all SUI sTudenTs, old and new alike, plunged inTo The l956-57 college year. Never To be TorgoTTen were The long chaoTic hours spenT in regisTering-The sad Taces and The empTy pockeTbooks oT sTudenTs as They sTood in endless lines To pay Their Tees . . . and The hoT and crowded booksTores where everyone swarmed aT once To buy Their supplies. I'Iopes were high as classes commenced, wiTh Their inexhausTabIe sTorehouses oT knowledge . . . The many TesTs and quizzes ThaT lay waiTing To pounce aT an unguarded momenT. . . The hours oT sTudy each class would demand. Some hoped This would be The semesTer To bring Those grades up. More long lines ThreaTon The sTudenT when he goes To The Treasurer's OTlice To pay TuiTion Tees Tor The semesTer. OTher sTudenTs TelT disillusioned upon Tinding ouT whaT some oT The courses enTailed. Many had To drop one or Two and Ioegin again. The Teeling oT Tall was evidenT all over The cam- pus as sTudenTs, hesiTanT To go inside, sTudied on The Old CapiTol lawn beTween classes and girls Took advanTage oT The diminishing sun Trom Currier's rooT. ExciTemenT mounTed as SaTurday's TooTIoall games approached quickly . . . There were new people To meeT and old Triends To become re- acguainTed wiTh as The swirl oT social acTiviTies goT underway. Yes, everyone Trom The wise old seniors To The green young Treshmen, was geTTing inTo Tull swing aT The STaTe UniversiTy ol Iowa. The UniversiTy year begins oTIicially wiTh The inducTion ceremony in TronT oT Old CapiTol The TirsT day oT class. as 2 gg ,, r i .FN V if ,gi 1, r , Q' .f,.g'l,,,g,m V 5 , ii A " ' Ma E The SUN campus suddenly comes alive at Twenty mimures afrcr We Preumirvaries finished, SUl's sruderws sawed down to hour as QM Capffors be!! siqrufres Ire and of The dass Hour. dasses and H19 more serious business of more-rakincx Gerrimq a prciureH1a+wEH rmaumf rum from his ID nerd for 'rrme res? of Hs Univcrsrfy years, is required of every SUI sruderwf. J s fs -gm I . w ra ' fri 2? J 3 J' ,""gf safe' - .V 5 " Mi ,P 3 g 'fi ii is fr-vw jail, CU 'Wlcarc Jnvtb SIX HOME GAMES ATTRACT RECORD CROWDS FALL weekends aT SUI are almosT synonymous wiTh TooTball, The word alone loeing enough To Turn The Town upside down. The paTTern is re- peaTed Tive or six Times each Tall buT The ex- ciTemenT oT a TooTbalI weekend never aITers. By SaTurday morning The Town has increased iTs populaTion aT leasT Tour Times. TraTTic be- comes impossible. MosT people give up and walk To The sTadium. The exciTemenT is aT a peak beTween I:3O and 4 p.m. NOT even several heavy downpours oT rain can disTracT The ardor oT These Tans. Fi- nally The crowd comes pouring ouT oT The sTadi- um. IVIosT oT Them are ready To celebraTe an- oTher Hawkeye vicTory, The sounds oT which oTTen reverberaTe inTo The morning. Sunday all is quieT as The UniversiTy seTTIes down inTo a rouTine again . . . aT leasT unTil The nexT weekend. Ed McCardelI, SUI Alumni Dad Tor The I956 Dad's Day Weekend, is prosidenT of The SUI Dads AssociaTion. I-Ierlcy, Jim PcTTer oT IvIarshallTown, waves To The TooTbaII Team as They leave The airporT Tor an ouT-oT-Town game. ,WWA I-Iawlceye TooTball Tans had several opporTuniTies lasT Tall To prove Thaf They were more Than Tair-weaTher Triends. ITEM f fi?-4,1 3 N394 Wal ,,.h . am.. The sale oT Homecoming badges was managed by The Hawk-I Pep Club. The I957 Corn Monumenl was designed by John Becic. 45+h HOMECCMING COMPETES WITH U. S. ELECTIONS THE 45Th annual Homecoming aT SUI compeTed wiTh The presidenTial elecTion in imporTance buT iT cerTainIy wasn'T any quieTer. The big weelcend was preceded by badge sales and The erecTion oT The corn monumenT. The acTiviTies were launched oT'Ticially wiTh The Homecoming parade Friday nighT. 75 uniTs made iT The longesT parade in SUI hisTory. Town Men and Women won The grand SweepsTalces Trophy Tor The besT TIoaT. ATTer The parade some people gaThered aT a pep rally while oThers aTTended The Dolphins' "I:esTi- val in Venice." Thursday nighT's perTormance was highlighTed by The crowning oT The Dolphin Queen, Miss Myrna BrandT. AT The Union Open House reTurning alumnae precIicTed The ouTcome oT The nexT day's game. SaTurday 58,000 people saw The Hawlcs play The Michigan Wolverines. IT was a sobered crowd ThaT Tiled ouT oT The sTadium aTTer a IasT minuTe deTeaT. BuT ThaT evening many sTudenTs and alumnae TorgoT Their weariness and disappoinTmenT and aT- Tended The dance, "Memories in TripIem," in The Main Lounge oT The Iowa Memorial Union. o hin Queen Myrna BrandT caTches The banner and ohcicially opens The 1956 Dolphin Show, "A FesTival in Venice." 3-ya I Q-'ga ,iris T . ii TT In , 1 ,L 3 4 FOR PARTIES, GIFTS, CAROLING IN HOUSING UNITS, CLUBS Egg s 5 '-'-stag PM ,. we lax The In+efna+ionaI FesIiveI in Ihe Union depided Ihe diIIerenI' ways Chridmas is ceIeIoraIed in Ihe various coun+ries. SUI'S FOREIGN STUDENTS REPRESENT HOMES AT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL Wishing Io share, groups had pariies for handi- capped chiidren and sang carois aI Irhe hospi+aIs, enIerIaining and giving giIIs. A vicarious four oi ofher counIries was pre! senIed aI Ihe Union when Ihe foreign sIudenIs our did each olrher by represe-nIing Iheir homes ar The Inlrernaiionel Ee-sIivaI. Dec. I6. Throughouir Ihis Iinfie everyone was busy shop- ping Ior Ihose giiis Ihar would Ioe iusi righI. Fi- naIIy, SUI's siudenlrs bundied info every 'rype of ve- hicle and, Ioraving Ihe Iowa winIer, were on Iheir way home Ior vacahon. Singing carois around Ihe Iree, simiiar Io Ihis scene aI Wesi Iawn, was Iypical of Chrisimas parries in SUI's housing unirs THOUSANDS OF IOWA FANS FOLLOW HAWKS WEST PLANS Tor going To The Rose Bowl were underway wiThin a Tew hours aTTer The I-lawlcs' vicTory over Qhio STaTe. Six Trains carrying SUI sTudenTs, alumnae, Tacul- Ty, "I" Club members and The Two musical groups in addiTion To The Thousands oT oThers Tans who Traveled by oTher means, represenTed Iowa aT The TournamenT oT Roses. The nine days proved much Too shorT To see and do all ThaT The Tournamenl' and Los Angeles had To oTler. There were parTies, sighTseeing Trips and Triends To visiT. Anxious Hawkeye Tans awaiT The arrival o'I The I-lerlcy Special Train wl'1ichTransporTed 750 Iowa sTudenTs To The WesT CoasT. Jan. I, oT course, was The Big Day. Crowds Tormed early in The morning To view The parade OT "Famous FirsTs," Iowa parTicipanTs included The Highlanders, band, cheerleaders, The live I'lerlcy, and The Big len and Iowa TloaTs. Then The bumper- To-bumper sTream of TraTlic began iTs way To The Tamous Rose Bowl. Baclf in Iowa The sTreeTs were deserTed as almosT everyone saT peering aT a TV seT. No one was sur- prised when Iowa emerged vicTorious, 35-l9. BuT The pride in The I-Iawlrs was as overwhelming as The crowd pulling aT The goaIposTs. Sandy Lohner, Miss SUI ol l956, adorns The Big Ten TloaT in The 68Th annual TournamenT oT Roses Parade in Pasadena. la.. M ...imawfw W , The SUI Marclwlnq Band enlerlalned lO0,000 specfalors In lne Rose Bowl aa well as mllllons more wafcning On TV. l l wav M J QL fx il K ig R i 1 .lull 1wW2"l'. V' 5 3 "fn 25 The dramallc flip ol llmc coin, wilnessed by lowa co-caplains Dlclc Deasy and Don Suclwy opened ine Hawks' sensalional 35-I9 Rose Bowl vlclory. A lllllc: veal is sought by lour Iowa Coccls allow Qomplelinq cm 9-day lrip which included visils lo Disneyland. Hollywood and Knolfs Berry Farms. 'W ls diff ll l KSQPEUY A! Egg' 'lf BASKETBALL SEASON GIVES THRILLS BUT NO RECORD IT was a sI'udy-conscious sIudenI body Ihal relurned Io SUI aller Chrislmas. Wilh Ihe excilemenl of Ihe Rose Bowl subdued Ihere suddenly came Ihe realiza- Iion Ihal Iinals Iurlced only Ihree weelcs away, The library all bul popped iIs walls as sludenls hurried Io Iinish, or begin, Ierm proiecls, papers and ouI- side reading. Social lile was Iell Io lend for ilsell during Ihis season wilh ils dearlh ol housing uni? or Universily dances. Parlies became more informal and some, Iimes more original. Iobogganing and ice-slcaling enlerlained Ihe more rugged individuals. Qlhers walched Ielevision, had cocoa and popcorn parlies or visiled Iheir Iavorile hangouls in couples and groups. Baslcelball conlinued Io aIIracI Universily crowds. In spile ol Ihe poor season which ended wiIh 8 won, I4 Iosl, one ol 'Ihe worsl records in years, Ihe I-IawIc- eye guinlel provided plenly of excilemenl Ior iIs Ians. "LisIening Parliesu Iollowed Ihe I-lawlcs on Ihe road while Ihey were supporled in person aI home games. Evenings ol games were compleled wilh inlormal galherings. I.iIe aI SUI conlinued during Ihis guieIer-Ihan- usual season bul almosl everyone was expeclanlly Ioolqing Iorward Io spring. TV cameras visil Ihe Iowa Fieldhouse lor nalional Ielecasls of The Indiana and Wisconsin games. BBQ?-Erik v I is kv Ziiim , Q R 'ak' n fa 1 ... A , Tiiis baiiie For fine 'rip in ine season finale saw The Wisconsin Badge-rs Jn-ip Tne Hawkeyes io close lQwa'5 mason wifn a diappoinfinq 8-I4 mark. Ra+Qd as one of ine nations isp coaches, Iowa! Head menlror Bucky O'Cormor gives las? minufe insfrucfions. Everyone wards Wwe bail as ine Hawkeyes badfied Norinwesiern in Hue Fieidncusc. iowa beef Tim Wiidca+5 for I of fiweir 8 victories. yi f , W! as 1 W, W- fv- ...- 27 L 2 A slighl disagreemenl ol opinion conlinues as a noone hour collision delays lunch and allracls on-loolcers. Winler's slush, ice and snow presenled insurmounl- able problems periodically lo plague lhe molorisl, RESERVE FOOTBALL SEATING ALCNG wilh sludenl problems come campus prob- lems and lhe mosl lreguenlly discussed ones al SUI lhis year were lhe new parlcing regulalions and lhe loolball sealing plan. The new sealing plan was designed lo rnalce il possible lo sell unused sludenl seals lo lhe public bul lrom lhe beginning il mel wilh sludenl oppo- silion, The main obieclion was lhal 9,lOO seals were now available lor 9,700 sludenls and lhese seals were nol lhe besl. Piclcing up lhe liclcels lor good seals proved dil- licull because il involved such lhings as gelling up al 6 a.m. Monday, slanding in line lor several hours and, lor some, a choice ol culling classes or laldng lhe lelleover liclcels. Also groups and even dales who wished lo sil logelher ollen could nol lind a lime lor oblaining lheir liclcels. The climax ol pro- lesl came when lhe Iowa legislalure was inviled land lhey accepledl lo sil in lhe sludenl seclion lor lhe Homecoming game. Under a new plan, lines began lorrning al 6 a.rn. Monday al lhe liclcel ollice lo reserve seals lor Salurday's game. if Q QMA5 M WDM AND ZONE PARKING SYSTEM DEBATED HEATEDLY AT SUI SHORTAGE OF PARKING SPACE AND THREAT OF FINES PLAG-UE DRIVERS SIudenI car parking was Iess OT a con+roversy and more of an unsolvable problem. The new sys- Iem, which was rigidIy enforced, divided Ihe Iown inio zones. Parking Iois were resrriclred Io cars 'From ceriain zones as marked by a complicaied series of s+ickers. Neveriheless, There were sIiII 2,500 more cars Than parking places. The Iess-Tor+una+e who owned cars were cons+anIIy Ihreaiened wiih over- parking, mis-parking and re-parking. Boih The ciiy and Universiiy were prompi in issuing graduaied parking fines Io offenders. 29 Unaware oi The women's Tennis courf and whai' is behind him, a pedesfrian cau+iousIy picks his way across an infersecfion The penaIIies for mis-parking, re-parking and over-parking are onscienIiousIy enforced by boih ciiy and Uniyersiiy pohcemen .Mi Vg '+A-W4 Q. N5 i . ivi - - cm f . if. LIBRARY DESERTED FOR PICNICS GOLF SUNBURNS Tl-lE snow has barely melTed when The wornen's physical educaTion classes invade The Tennis courTs, making The TirsT announcernenT oT spring. Soon sTudenTs deserT The old haunTs in The li- brary To ioin The conTesT To see who can be The TirsT To have a picnic or geT a sunburn or Tip over a canoe or break par on The TirsT nine. Wardrobes are TransTormed alrnosT overnighT. Girls exchange Their sweaTers Tor new, lighT blouses and coTTon dresses. And The Tellows, ignoring Their knobby knees, brave Their classma+es wiTh plaid bermudas. The TGIF Club receives a new impeTus, even Though iT compeTes wiTh The WHMTWT Club lWhy l-lave Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday?l Spring even seeps Through To insTrucTors who con- senT To hold a class or Two ouTdoors. The "Good l-lumor Man," whose appearance is a sure sign oT spring, Turnishes much needed reTreshrnenT beTween class. Fad sicle 1 nw. 4 ONE MORE ROUND OF FINAL TESTS AND THEN HOME SPRING final week Is a sIruggIe of conscIence yer- gug desire for mosI SUI sIudenIs, as Ihe necessIIy of sfudying becomes dwarfed by oIher maHers. Some sIudenI's are IeavIng SUI wIIh a dIpIoma In hand. Ofhers will be back nexlr IaII. SIIII ofhers are uncerfain. BUI for everyone There Is a IeeIIng of IInaIIIy. As Ihe UnIversII'y popuIaIIon IhIns, II' becomes In- creasIngIy dII3IIcuII Io concen+raIe on physics and II+era+ure. There Is packing Io be done, IareweII parIIes Io aIIend and many good-byes Io be said. And for everyone Ihe brighf prospeclrs of summer Icom ahead. AI IasI, Ihe IInaI IInaI Is Iaken and beIongIngs are coIIecIed and sfowed Info cars. The UnIversIIy Is IeII, once aqaIn, In an unusuaI sIaIe of serenIIy In Ihe hands of a more quIe+ summer sessIon. aI IasI IInaI Is IinIshed In record-breaking IIme Io permI jus? one more coIIee dafo before Ihe car pooI Ioaves for home Affer IInaIs and qradua'IIon Ihe UnIversiIy year Is ended oIIIcIaIIy. QuIeI prevaiIs In Iowa Cify for 'rhe hrs? TIme In nIne monIhs ff? I CDUR UNIVERSITY: BEST IN FACILITIES, I I I LK Q4 ww -iff gall? 415 g A . W X -1: , eLHs,.m-S-,-sul '31 ' 141 f' W in K ., , C, , . , 625' f fm 153: Q ' 'B ' '79, E f . zIQww5Q H1521 mf ,f:f1ur?'i' f Q, :no +35 J 'Q . 23 -if , x my Mbiivii 'K 5 ,,,, Y' V' 9 . 22 QT, H1 QQ, as m V ,W G 5 1 ,,-L if if Q- , S , in if . , 9, K f Q If 11:4 1 sy .lg . Q 123 . '52 'x ,' Y 1' H2 :H K Y .fn i ,Q as ,f iss? :W ,em 'E Kg mg uf Q WN' M 'f-5,f,,1wss-f--1M,g,L.- f 54216: f ' 'f ez. 45eyw'Ks:1 f , ak if ,1 6:5 Q W 32 .5719 Jnllawn Lu? ' Pfw S4 MILLION DORMITORY TO BE COMPLETED IN FALL 58 FORESEEING increasing enrollmenfs Tor SUI, The UniversiTy is planning and implemenTing an ex- Tensive building program. ReTurning To school lasT Tall, old sTudenTs were amazed aT changes ThaT had Taken place over The summer. Macbride l'Iall was in The Tinal sTage oT remodeling and a new color scheme OT pink and green briqhfened The walls oT The audiTorium. I'Till- cresT's addiTion increased The men's housing ca- paciTy by 387 and The Quadrangle had a new din- ing room. The ground was broken and Burge I'IalI began To Take Term, a Tour million dollar dorm Tor girls wiTh compIeTion expecTed in I958. Near The end oT The year The Medical Research CenTer, helping SUI mainTain iTs place in medical educaTion and research, received The Tinishing Touches. Plans Tor a new law building adjoining Commons was an- nounced. In addiTion plans Tor a new laundry and more land Tor married housing were underway. PoinTing wiTh pride To compleTed proiecTs and looking ahead, The UniversiTy is readying iTselT Tor increased enrolImenTs. The new addiTion To SouTh uadrangl includes a new dining hall ThaT could accommodaTe dormlTory dances as well as din ng space Exrensive laboraTory TaciIiTies Tor viTal medical research were provided by The compleTicn oT Th Med cal Resea cr CenTer Th s spring 1"""unH"'F-'.?.."" ,P S' xv .3 P22 r Tf digg? ,A f a 9' S T .1 lil xxx A modern enTrance and a sun porch add aTTracTiveness To The Union. The laTTer received liTTle use due To a laTe spring. I The Music Room oTTers relaxaTion or study To I-li-Fi recordings. .,,,.q-1-'T' g in , I , 5 . IOWA MEMORIAL UNION OFFERS STUDENTS CULTURE, RECREATION No Tormal classworlq is conducTed in The Iowa Memorial Union buT iT is one oT The mosT used oT all The buildings on The SUI campus. The Union's TaciliTies are open To sTudenTs, Their parenTs, alumni and visiTors. Many sTudenT organizaTions, such as The YWCA, STudenT Council, CenTral ParTy CommiTTee, and Union Board have oTTices There. Those who wanT recreaTion Tind The bowling lanes, ping-pong Tables and Television lounges ready To serve Them. The Union was The scene oT many special occasions such as lecTures, concerTs and dances. Music lovers may enioy The classical records in The luxurious music room while The socializers malce The Gold l:eaTher Room a meeTing place Tor coTTee beTween and during classes. The Union oTTers educaTional opporTuniTies wiTh iTs Tine music, liTeraTure Trom The small buT inTerf esTing library and The painTings on display in The Main Lounge. Also, There are many chairs and soTas-perhaps Too comTorTable-ThaT enTice sTudenTs To relax and even TorgeT sTudying as The aTTernoons slipped by all Too quiclcly. The new lounge is above The aTTracTive Gold FeaTher Room is-f'rxf.e i- . - . - ,sf2f:.igMTgQ-3. if ,.,: ff Old Capifol, wi+h ifs impressive columns and ar+isIicaIIy Iandscaped grounds, forms The iecaI poinf of Ihe Penfacresf FIVE PENTACREST BUILDINGS REMAIN AS TRADITIONAL PART OF SUI CAMPUS WhiIe new sIruc+ures appear every year, Ihe Iive buildings of Ihe PenIacresI remain as Ihe IradiIionaI parI of Ihe SUI campus. OId CapiIoI is Ihe cen+er oi The Penlracresf wiI'h a buiIding on each of The corners Io form Ihe pai- Iern IamiIiar Io SUI's sIudenIs. IVIosI adrninisIraIive offices are Iocafed in Qld Capirol whiIe UniversiIy I'IaII conlrains commerce cIasses, and business and counseIing offices. In Macbride I-IaII are I'he horne economics deparI- menlr, Ihe school OI religion and sociology cIasses. Language and Iiferafure sIudenIs inhabir Schaeffer I-IaII whiIe Ihe Physics BuiIding is horne Ior science and marh sIucIenIs. Bu+ sornehmes conIusion reigns as when a comm sIciIIs class n'1eeIs in Ihe Physics BuiIding or Spanish siudenlrs Iind IhernseIyes surrounded by denraI equipment The aesIheIic quaIiIy of a brighf winier day dis- peI5 Ihe discornIorI and Ireachery OI: snow and ice. , i , iq: 'W A A E The rfslng fowers of Un7versf+y and Veferansl Hospffals Svnnbonzc We nunfvanifarian endeavors of SUf. Tne Pnyslcs Buiidfrq is one of ine four dass l:uENdIngs lcwa Memorial Union wffn af! Hs recreafional facmfies n The Pewecresf, The Mb of fha SUN Campus for smdenls. provides a cenfral rnefzfing pNacfe on campus for friends. an :Aki ,gui A ,, -, ', F, Qu 1 I ,Al The modern-siyie SUI iibrary adds beaufy fo fiwe Campus and is a cons'fan+ service ic sfudenis and facuiiy One of fine Uniied Sfaies' beg?-known arf deperfmenis is wiiizin We SUI Ar? Building. ld: 'T r 41 if ' ' Tiff i ' ,. ,V.L , In 4' 5 .--.--Q-.-.-4-no 1 The world-Tamous ScoTTish I-Iiqhlanders were TreaTed roy- ally on The Queen Mary when They sailed Trom New York. WALTER A. GEORGE W. KENNETH E. STEIGELMAN MARTIN WESSELS Z I 2f,.T?Zf.L 'i 42 1957 mum, Jim STUDENTS, FACULTY, VISITORS! By GRETA LEINBACH FROM The shores OT ScOTland To The sTaTe OT Cali- Tornia, The inTluence OT The STaTe UniversiTy OT Iowa was TelT This year. Baclc aT home, on campus, I0,000 sTudenTs were surrounded by naTionally rec- ognized Teachers, dishnquished guesTs and excel- lenT TaciliTies. OpporTuniTies aT SUI were varied and plenTiTul. This was an acTiviTy year. The ScoTTish High- landers piped Their way Through Europe and par- TicipaTed in Rose Bowl TesTiviTies . . . The I-Iawlqeyes reTurned Trom CaliTOrnia wiTh The Big Crown . . . The cOncerT opera "Samson and Delilah" and a I6O- piece show OT ATrican sculpTure were presenTed during The 8-weelc I:esTival OT Fine ArTs. STudenTs had a chance To hear The words OT Elea- nor RoosevelT, Marquis Childs and Cleme-nT ATTlee and The music OT Dave Brubeclc, The Minneapolis Symphony and The Four Freshmen. Sang CoIIecTion AnoTher campus visiTor-making iTs public de- buT-was The Phillip Sang CollecTiOn OT rare his- Torical leTTers and documenTs. Included in This dis- play in The UniversiTy library were The wriTinqs OT I8 UniTed STaTes presidenTs. OpporTuniTy exisTed in anOTher way Through The KENNETH W. SPENCE 'n and Wim af 5711.9 TAND BUILDINGS MAKE INTERNATIONAL HEADLINES noTable worlr accomplished by TaculTy members. Dr. KenneTh Wessels oT The SUI College oT Den- TisTry was named visiTing lecTurer aT The UniversiTy oT Sydney, AusTralia, under The l:ulbrighT program . . . ProT. WalTer STeigleman oT The School oT Jour- nalism represenTed The LlniTed STaTes aT The ln- TernaTional Press Seminar in New Yorlc CiTy . . . ProT. KenneTh Spence received a granT Trom The Ford FoundaTion Tor TurTher research in psychology . . . Tive physicisTs Traveled To Guam To parTicipaTe in a series oT upper-aTmospheric experimenTs wiTh balloons and roclceTs. Jean Seberg NOT a Teacher buT a sTudenT, Jean Seberg, made news when she was hand-picked by producer OTTO Preminger To sTar in The Tilm, HST. Joan." ConsTrucTion-wise Three sTages oT building were signiTicanT. Burge I-lall, a dorm ThaT will house T200 women by Tall, l958, was well underway . . . A pro- posed men's dorm was on The drawing boards . . . and The 4-Tloor Medical Research CenTer, housing a 543,000 cancer machine called The cobalT ma- chine, was compleTed. Thus, opporTuniTy meanT acTion This year and ac- Tion maTerialized inTo progress. Jean Seberg, lowals laTesT conTribuTion To Hollywood, appeared in an SUI play TesTiyal during summer oT '55. AIVICGU GFI WGS ieafllfed Gi Ground was broken lasT Tall Tor Burge l-lall, new Tour-million dollar women's dormiTory. The The FGSTIVGI Ol Fine AVIS- dorm is expecfed To open in The Tall oT I958 and will accommodaTe abouT l20O girls. qw., J.. aim- . ,,,,5Wf,ul:,,. f,-f-M ll Ill Ill i n ' g i l iiii :w i gm Il Ili ll ns ll mn Ill' llll Ill Ill Ill all Ill 52.335-Qj lll Ill lWwiuTQE5 H iju i li ill l l xl ll iiig fgif ill lll llligh lligeirflll ll m m n u ll Il ull um :ln dig : Ill Ill l an an ma Ill m Ill an ll: II ll ll ill T130 iss H1 i :lofi ax:-fm--ww Gu-zrwuarv sv-4-my A I 43 ,STU Pmlofzma jmuicea In ,Qnwa COMBINES TEACHING, RESEARCH AND SERVICE WORK The Speech Clinic is one oT The SUI agencies devoTing iTs maior Time and eTTorT serving The sTaTe OT Iowa, TEACHING, research and service are The Three main TuncTions oT higher educaTion which are woven inTricaTely inTo The philosophies and policies oT The STaTe UniversiTy oT Iowa. NoT only does The UniversiTy TransmiT knowledge Through iTs classrooms, iT also sTrives To increase knowledge Through research, Thus making boTh The knowledge and The resources oT The UniversiTy available To The people oT Iowa. While Teaching is The primary ol:nligaTion, The UniversiTy endeavors To carry on all Three obiecTives To The besT oT iTs alailiTies. The exTenT OT These Three TuncTions is more or less dependenT on Tunds aIlocaTed To main- Tain iTs high level oT Teaching and research. ln order To aid in preparing young men and wo- men Tor proTessions and specialized work, many services are inTegraTed inTo The UniversiTy pro- gram. LocaTed on The campus are such healTh uniTs as The UniversiTy l'lospiTals, The STaTe Hygienic LaboraTory, The School Tor Handicapped Children, a large and well-equipped DenTal Clinic and The STaTe UniversiTy oT lowa's PsychopaThic HospiTal. The SUI DenTal Clinic, parT oT The College oT DenTisTry, oTTers denTal service To lowans and experience To advanced sTudenTs. -LW Tesls from all over lhe U. S. are correcled bv lhis machine, lls speed and elliciency rnalse il lhe only one ol ils kind in lhe counlry. WORKSHOPS, CONFERENCES, CLINICS AND LABORATORIES BENEFIT IOWANS For Ihe benelil ol leachers, adminislralive person- nel, and many people Ihroughoul lhe slale, Ihe Unie versily mainlains an experimenlal school, audio- visual aids, reading laboralories and speech clinics. Each one ol lhese agencies devoles ils maior Jrirne and ellorl lo aiding and serving lhe people ol Iowa. Business and economic research and olher services are provided lor lhe business people of Iowa. Sum- mer workshops are held each year. Debaling and public speaking on bolh lhe high school and college levels are supervised lhroughoul' The slale as are music, plays, leslivals and conlerences. Educalional services Iosler nnosl ol lhe slandardized Iesls and direcl lhe Iowa lesling program, Salurday classes, correspondence courses and parenl educalion are exlended lo The public. Sludenls have The opporlunily lo become big brolhers or sis- Iers lo lhe crippled children al 'Ihe I-Iandicapped I-lospilal. LSQYIUQI. ,d QIiiIdn:n 45 ,V X A? an ' W4 r AJ'- Wim " 'H 51.4 aw Dgsfua PRESIDENT HANCHER USES 'HUMANOLOGY' THEORY SUI under Presidenf I-Iancher has been much cone cerned wifh "humanology." During his I6 years exisfing programs have been sfrengfhened and new ones added in fhose fields of human knowledge fhaf have fo do wifh "Man as Man." These areas include fhe care and cure of fhe physically handicapped child, fhe malaiusfed and menfally illy fhe physical healfh and well-being of individuals, fhe developmenf and preparafion of medicines: personnel counselling: fhe arf and sci- ence of communicafiong fhe mefhods and fechnigues of learning: polifical, legal and social relafionsq fhe business and indusfrial procedures and fhe goals of human aspirafions. I 3+h Regular Presidenl' Upon his inaugurafion May 24, I94I, Presidenf Flancher became SUl's I3fh regular presidenf and fhe I7+h man fo hold eifher a regular or acfing presidency since I855. Presidenf I-lancher sfudied af Iowa and, as a Rhodes scholar, af Oxford Universify. I-le holds bofh B.A. and JD. degrees from SUI and a Masfers degree from Oxford. Presidenf I-Iancher was admiffed fo fhe Iowa bar in I924 and pracficed law confinually unfil I94O, specializing in corporafion law. Throughouf his professional career Presidenf I-Iancher kepf in close fouch wifh fhe Universify and in I938-39 served as Presidenf of fhe SUI Alumni Associafion. Council on Eclucafion Presidenf Flancher has held several imporfanf of- fices in fhe American Council on Educafion, includ- ing fhe chairmanship in I954-55. I-le has served as presidenf of fhe Sfafe Universify Associafion and fhe Nafional Associafion of American Universifies. Curenfly he is secrefary-freasurer of fhe Associafion of American Universifies and vice-presidenf of fhe American Rhodes Scholars Associafion. Presidenf I-lancher is a member of fhe Board of Trusfees for fhe Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships and was named fo fhe execufive commiffee of fhe I-Ierberf Hoover Memorial Foundafion, Inc. In I955 he was named fo an educafional policies commission of fhe Nafional Educafion Associafion and fhe Asso- ciafion of School Adminisfrafors. In I955 he was fwice appoinfed fo commiffees by Presidenf Eisenhower: an 8-year ferm on a com- miffee fo prepare a hisfory of fhe Supreme Courf and a member of fhe firsf Board of Visifors fo fhe U. S. Air Force Academy. The Freedoms Foundafion af Valley Forge awarded him fhe George Washingfon I-lonor Medal in I956. I-le was cifed in l956 for "Disfinguished Achievemenfsn by Delfa Sigma Rho. Honorary degrees besfowed upon Presidenf I-Iancher include an LL.D., I..I-I.D., Liff.D., LL.B. and D.C.L. PRESIDENT VIRGIL M. HANCHER Iowa's I3I'h regular presideni' 2 Q g'----- I I A I HARVEY H. DAVIS ALLIN W. DAKIN M. L. HUIT Dean of SI'ucIenI's PFOVOSI' Ad minisI'ra+ive Dean Provosf Davis H. H. Davis was appoinied SUI Provosr in l9SO, re- ceiving Ihe power Io acl in Ihe Presidenhs absence. He previously has headed Ihe SUI division of research and leaching. Provosl Davis served as presidenr of The Na- Jrional Educaiion Associalion in I952 Io I953. Dean Dakin A. W. Dalcin has served as Adrninislraiive Dean and Assislanl Io The Presidenl since I944. He is a SUI grad- uare and received a ivl.B.A. from Harvard Universily. Dean Dalcin has been presidenl oi lhe Hawlceye Area Boy Scoul Council and direcior of Rolary lnlernaiional. Dean Hui+ M. L. Huil, previously SUI counselor Io men, since I946, was named dean of siudenis in spring, I956. Dean Huii also has served as supervisor ol Ihe oliice of siudeni alllairs, presidenl ol Ihe SUI chapler ol Phi Bela Kappa and as advisor Io Ornicron Della Kappa iralernily. W X l Dean Peferson E. T. Pelerson became dean of The SUI College of Edu- calion and has direcled summer sessions since I946. Dean Pelerson has served as a UNESCO represemlalive on leaching and educalion and is an Educalional Consullanl for The Nalional Advisory Commillee on Educalion. Dean Loehwing W. E. Loehwing, also a professor of bolany, was named dean ol The SUI Graduale College in I95O. Dean Loeh- wing served as a delegale ol The governmenl Io The In- lernalional Bolany Congress in l'lolland in I953 and is a pasl presidenl of The Iowa Academy of Science. Dean Mahan B. E. Mahan has been dean of The SUI Exfension Divi- sion since I923. l'Ie received a BA., MA. and Ph.D. from SUI. Dean Mahan is a member of Ihe Film Council of America, Jrhe SUI Board in Con+rol of Alhlelics and is on Ihe Board of Truslees for Jrhe Iowa School of Re- Iigion. WALTER F. LOEHWING Dean, Gracluafe College ELIVIER T. PETERSON Dean, College of Eclucafion BRUCE E. MAHAN Dean, Exfension Division TED MCCARREL Regisfrar ROBERT L. EBEI. Direcfor, Exams and Tesfing PAUL W. BRECHLER Direcior, Phys. Ecl., Infercollegiafe Afhlefics Regislrar McCarreI T. H. McCarrel has been SUI regislrar and direclor ol ad- missions since I946, He received a M.S. from rhe Universily ol Missouri. Mr. McCarrel has been presidenl ol lhe Upper- Midwesl Associalion ol collegiale regislrars and presidenl ol The SUI Triangle Club. Direclor Ebel R. L. Ebel resigned Jrhis year as direcror ol lhe SUI exami- nalions service, a posilion he had held since I95O. He al-- lended SUI and rhe Universily of Michigan. While al SUI he was presidenl of rhe Kiwanis Club and a member ol lhe na- lional cornmillee on lesls and measurennenls. Direcfor Brechler Paul W. Brechler became rhe direcror ol physical educarion and inlercollegiare arhlerics al SUI in l947. He received a BJX, 'lrorn Drake Universily and M.fX. and Ph.D. degrees, bolh in physical educalion, from SUI. Direclor Miller Dr. Chesler I. Miller became direclor ol lhe sludenr heallh service in l929 aller lhree years ol inlernship and residency al SUI where he received a MD. Dr. Miller has been an asso- ciale direclor ol lhe SUI deparlmenl of heallh since l932 and a professor since I94I. Direc+or Ellsworfh Ralph E. Ellsworrh has been direclor of lhe SUI libraries since I943. Formerly he held The same posilion al lhe Univer- sily ol Colorado. He received a Ph.D. 'from The Universily ol Chicago. Direcror Ellsworrh has been a member ol lhe SUI campus planning and library commillees. Direcfor Sfudeni' Healfh Services CHESTER I. MILLER RALPH E. ELLSWORTH , Diredor, Libraries BOARD OF REGENTS GOVERNS WIDE RANGE OF AREAS FOR 3 SCHOOLS The Iowa STaTe Board oT RegenTs has called geT- Ting more money Tor TaculTy salaries aT SUI, Iowa STaTe College and Iowa STaTe Teachers College "The mosT acuTe problem" Tacing The colleges. The Board governs a wide range oT areas Tor The Three sTaTe schools. The appoinTed group selecTs and appoinTs execu- Tives, TacuITy and employees oT The insTiTuTions. Rules Tor admission are made by The Board along wi+h The aclminisTering oT TrusTs, giTTs and granTs. The Board musT approve programs and curricular oTTerings and conTrols The properTies oT The insTiTu- Tions. Three men Trom ouTside The Board are ap- poinTed To The Tinance commiTTee and devoTe Tull- LEFT TO RIGHT: V. B. HamilTon, CliTTord M. STrawman, Mrs. Willard D. Archie, DwighT G. Rider, Roy E. STevens, Harry H. Hagemann, Carl F. Gere-nTzlcy, Richard H. Flock, Mrs. Frank G. Brooks. Time To The iob. Biennially The Board reporTs To The Governor and legislaTure, presenTing recommendahons Tor appro- priaTions. AlThough sTaTuTes require ThaT The Board meeT Tour Times a year, meeTings are more nearly on a monThly basis. The board is comprised oT nine Iowa ciTizens ap- poinTed by The Governor and approved by The Sen- aTe To serve six-year Terms. PoliTical and educaTional imparTialiTy is encouraged. No more Than Tive oT The nine members may be oT The same poliTical parTy and no more Than one member an alumnus oT The same sTaTe school. OTTicers are elecTed by The Board members. 1 X,,. V 'fi-nf Y 7 I QV Q H J ,K 2' f 4 ' wi.-M wx aww , M1 R .Q -fy -'AW , 1, ff' Y LL gs W 5 ' , 'lf 4 if ,fu gn . ,L . 9 . Q, ,M T, QK J W W y , , Nd 1 , it QP' we- , , v we-qw up-wr Wit. Q. k give iii 'As 4 ,L ncofmaqmjchn 85070 OF UNDERGRADS EARN C GRADES OR HIGHER EIGI-IIY-FIVE percenl' ol SUI undergraduales have grades of 'C' or higher, according Io a recenl sludy of Jrhe academic worlc of I5 colleges and uni- versilries. Failures, 'Ds and incompleles compose lhe remaining I5 per cenl ol lhe SUI undergradu- ale grades. I-Iigh scholarship is encouraged and iurlhered by alrnosl every college, organizalion and group in lhe Universily. Nalional honorary groups have been eslablished Io honor high scholaslic achievemenl in every field. Many groups, such as lvlorlar Board, sponsor sludy-aids worlcshops lo leach beller sludy rnelhods. Membership in Phi Bela Kappa is Ihe highesl honor awarded for scholaslic achievement Various awards are offered as incenlives. The Iraveling sororiiy scholarship Trophy is awarded annually Io ihe chapler having Ihe highesl grade average for 'rhe previous year. This year's winner was Kappa Kappa Gamma wifh a 2.68 grade average. Phi Epsilon Pi capiured lhe iraiernily scholarship Jrrophy wilh a 2.6. Similar programs are sponsored by Universily dormilories io encourage high scholarship. Cerlain evenings ir requires delermined conceniralion for 'the a adem c and cal rn nd d siudenls 'ro g I ny real slud ing done fr" ifvdfkz 54 g S Q' 74 I i l'W sf Qinlrnenls and pills are produced in Ine menu'IacIuring Iaboraiory wlwiclw is operaled similar Lo as commercial plmrmaceulical nouse. ine sirenqlli of sfeel and welding is Iesled bv Inis maclwine in Tlwe Endineerinq Building, Force reqisfers on Tlie dial TO lne riqlvh SUI STUDENTS HAVE ACCESS Irie commendable sclwoleslic record ol SUI slu' denIs musl be allribuled in perl To ine qualily and duanlily ol equipmenr provided. A loIeI ol 450,000 boolcs Iocaled in Ilwe General Library, plus Ilie many volumes Iound in depart menlal libraries, 'lurnislw SUI sludenls willi books, periodicals and newspapers for sludy. Qlner Iilorary Iacililies lor sludenrs include microIiIm and micro- cerd reading rooms, lislening rooms lor recorded poefry, music and speeches, Iyping rooms, seminar and conlerence rooms, and special boolc colleclions. A denlel clinic willi modern equipmenl offers preclicel experience for sludenls ol denfislry. Tne Dramalic Arls Building is equipped wiln a revolving siege, relwearsal rooms, and scenery and coslume worlcsnops, The clinic in Tne denial puiiding ciiers prezlical experienie rc denfisiry' yudenis as vveli is si-'vinin people Ircm all over 'Ine safe. i ' i , x f- I., 1 TO THE LATEST IN EQUIPMENT The UniversiTyls Television lal3oraTory houses The largesT educaTional TV producTion room in The counTry. OTher equipmenT includes Tilm proiecTion rooms, sound recording rooms, a Tape recorder and a lcinescope recorder. ExperimenTal classes seen on closedfcircuiT TV provides more inTeresT Than con- venTional classes To The maioriTy oT sTudenTs pare TicipaTing. The phoTography lalooraTory in The School oT Journalism was The TirsT among Big Ten schools To worlc wiTh color phcTographv This year. Radio sTaTion VVSUI, "The oldesT sTaTion wesT oT The Mississippi Riverf' is Tamiliar To sTudenTs and sTaTT as well as lisTeners in surrounding sTaTes. The sTaTion Trains sTudenTs inTeresTed in radio work as iT broadcasTs educaTional maTerial and enTerTain- menT six days a week Trom 8 a.m. To IO p.m. is T,-e 'TY' Q I The UniversiTy's Television laboraTory in The Old Armoury houses The largesT educaTional TV producTion room in The UniTed STaTes. The School oT Journalism phoTography laboraTory was The siTe oT The TirsT processing oT a color riegaTive by any Big Ten school. , 5 P X, ,J , 5 W ' Tis' -if my f mi' 4-W ci" E35 5529 . ,W ,, ,gl s if W W 'QQ E Ln I T", Q 2 uw ww il -qw: r if '-rm . ,WV Lf' an in 9 5 bf -ew wtf' W s 5, . t. A 9 ...,. ...M ,. va 5 if i, 2 W xi g. 5 ig E x QRS 6 1 0 we 1' iff? if '55 f W 3 'n may fndfs and 6.241214 2,000 SUI SENIORS GRADUATED IN 'YEAR OF ROSES' BySAIv1 PESSES FOR The more Than 2,000 seniors graduaTed Trom The STaTe UniyersiTy oT Iowa in February and June oT I957, graduaTion day was probabIy The greaTesT dimax in Their Iives. The sobrieTy oT The bIacIc gowns as weII as The Iong-coveTed sheepskins, Tor mosT sTudenTs, marked The end OT The Tour years oT Their ooIIege Career. For some The Tour years had been a sTruggIe wiTh Tinances. For oThers iT had meanT a conTinuous grind oT sTudying, pushing Them beyond whaT They beheved To be Their capaciTies. For sTiII oThers iT represenTed a round oT wonderTuI Tun and a Time Tor making IasTing Triends. For all oT Them iT had been Tour years oT Iearning-many Things. Some oT Them would re-Turn To The UniversiTy Tor graduaTe school, To Teach or maybe Tor a Ten Year Reunion. Neverlrheless, graduaTion day deTiniTeIy was An End To Tour years ThaT never could be relived under The same c:irCumsTanCes in The same aTmosphere. BLJT These seniors CouId always remember They grad- uaTed in The "Year oT Roses." The heaT is a perenniaI probIem aT SUI graduaTion ceremonies. The Iong anTicipaTed GraduaTion Day ceremony is pemcorrned in a TransTorrned FieIdhcu5e beTore an overTIowing crowd oT specTaTors Wig' COMMERCE sa COLLEGE OF COMMERCE SPONSORS CAREER DAYS FUTURE businessmen oT America, represenTed by prospecTive graduaTes aT SUI's College oT Commerce, aTTended The annual Careers ConTerence, Feb. I9 and 20. The conTerence, spon- sored by The CoIIegiaTe Chamber oT Commerce, covered 20 iob areas in The business Tield. ExecuTives Trom 35 companies all over The counTry Told The prospecTive employees whaT Their jobs enTaiIed and whaT salaries and promoTions could be ex- pecTed. The sessions were held in Old Capifol and were Tole Iowed by discussion periods. Each OT The six deparTmenTs in The College has one repre- senTaTive on The Chamber board, The governing body. The oTher Tive deIegaTes are Trom The Three proTessionaI organiza- Tions and Union Board. The curricula oTTered by The College is designed To give an undersTanding oT The economic organizaTion. Dean WinTer Sydney G. WinTer became dean OT The College oT Com- merce in I95O aTTer I6 years on The commerce sTaTT. I'Ie re- ceived a IvI.S. Trom The UniversiTy oT Illinois. Dean WinTer was presidenT oT The American AccounTing AssociaTion and The SocieTy of CerTiTied Public AccounTanTs. I-Iis research inTeresT and speciaIizaTion has been in accounTing. SIDNEY G. WINTER Dean, College of Commerce CoIIegiaTe Chamber of Commerce FIRST ROW: Lehan Ryan, Virginia I-Iagens Ann Jochumsen, Ardis lvlillard, secreTary' KenneTh Penn ingfon, presicIenT SECOND ROW: John F. ChrisTen sen, John I-ledges, William hlammer, Jerry Torrence Richard Peldo, vice-presidenT' Lowell RoberTson Treasurer lk ADELE ABODEELY Cedar Rapids HOWARD ALLISON Greene J. THOMAS BALE OeIwein NANCY ABRAMSON Aurora, III. ARTHUR AMUNDSON EsIIwerviIIe DONALD BARTELS Iowa Cify NEIL ADAMS Iowa Cify LLOYD ANDERSON Mason Cify VINCENT BARTON Spencer Dicfaphone operaiion Takes pracfice. DONALD AHLGREN Cedar Rapids DEAN ANKRUM NVesI I.iberIy MARIO BASBAUM Rio, BraziI ROGER BERG WaverIy LELAND BOSCHE ManiIIa DONALD H. AHRENHOLTZ OdebeI+ ROBERT ARMBRUSTER For? Dodge KEITH BEARDSLEY Davenporf ALLAN BERGREN Red Oak GARY BOSTROM Wesf U nion JAMES ALEXANDER EOM Dodge THOMAS ASCHOM Lansing STANFORD BEEBE CenIraI C'+y WALLACE BISHOP Mason Ciiy DANIEL BOYLE Iowa Ciiy W. THOMAS ALLEN KeIIerIon CHARLES BAILIN Sioux FaIIs, S. DaIc. DEAN BEERY Toledo THOMAS W. BLACK Iowa Cify JAMES BOYLE Iowa Ci+y GERALD ALLISON Harnpion NATHANIEL BAIRD Dewiif DUANE BEHM Missouri Valley EUGENE BOLEY Iowa Cify IRENE BRANDT BurIingIon 60 FULTON BRECHER Clinlon C. ALLAN BYERS Spencer LLOYD CLEVEN Eagle Grove JAMES CUTRIGHT Davenporf RONALD DRAVES Ames fl DONALD BROOKER Jeflerson ROBERT CALLAHAN OsceoIa JIM L. COLLINS Clinlon JOSEPH DAVIDSON Iowa Cily RUTH DRIPS Mafion BU RDEEN BROWN Iowa CIIy ALLEN CAREW Dubuque SHARILY COOPER Iowa CII'y LEON DAVIS Iowa Cify LLOYD DUFFE Ely SAMUEL BROWN SaIIx JAMES CARNAHAN Su'rl'werIand ELWIN CREESE ClWarIer Oali KEITH DEIBLER Wa+erIoo RICHARD DULEY Davenporl MALCOM BROWNLIE Falrfax KEITH CASEY La Porfe Clly RAYMOND CROCKER Burlinglon VERLIN DICKMAN FI. Madlson NANCY DUNN Burllnglom DONALD BRUA Lake Mills A. ALAN CAVEY Des Moines JOHN CROSS Fl. Dodge DONALD BRYANT Van Home JOHN F. CHRISTENSEN Wa+erloo DEAN CUBBAGE Oxford Juncfion EVELYN BU RKE Websfer Cily THEODORE CLAUSON SI1eIdon JOHN CURRELL Cedar Rapids fvmmmm Sfllivfld JOHN DINGES Bedford MARVIN DWORZAK Marslwalllown BARBARA RONALD DI RKSEN DOWD Waferloo Vlnfon BERNARD RICHARD EKLAND ELEESON Clinfon MI, PIeasanI' LENIER EMERSON Swea Cify JAMES FISCHER Burlingfon fn C. GARY GATELY JeFIerso n MIKE GRASSO CenIerviIIe VIRGINIA HAGENS DONALD ENGELKEN Greeley GERALD FONKEN Karnrar SQIZIDAA DONNA GAULT Iowa Cify JAMES E. GREEN Soufh EngIisI'w NORMAN HALL Mason CiIy W. Des Moines ROBERT ENNIS Red Oak JAMES FOSTER Eldora JAY GELFAND Sioux Cify DALLAS GREGERSON Belriendorf WILLIAM HAMMER Sheldon JOHN ETZEL FI. Dodge ROBERT FREEMAN BeI'rendorf RICHARD GIBSON Corning RICHARD GRISWOLD FI. Madison JACK HANSEN Decorah DALE EUCHNER Hudson DENNIS FRIEDMAN CarroII JOHN GILBERT Waferloo DUANE GROBMAN Beffendorf LOREN HAPPEL Cedar Rapids DONALD FAGEN Cedar Rapids GLEN FRIEDRICHSEN Denison RONALD GLESNE EIkacIer DONALD GROENEVELD Parkersburg GENE HARDING Iowa CIW JERRY FAU LKNER New SInai'on JAMES GA LI HER Iowa Cify HARLEY GODARD DeWiI+ DON GUTH Des Moi nes LEWIS HARTWIG Davenporf ROGER FINN Belmond JERROLD GARTH Clear Lake ALLEN GOELDNER Ea rII'1arn LYLE HAGERMAN Shawberry Poin ROGER HASSEBROCK Kamrar I' TONI HATCH Lancasfer, Wis. DAREL HILDRETH Des Moines GERALD HOLM Si'ory Ciiy JOHN HUMPHREY Evansfon, III. ANN JOCHUMSEN Waferloo BERNARD HAUSER Burlinqfon FRED HITE Vinfon WILLARD HOLMAN Melbourne FRANCIS HURLEY Des Moines ARTHUR JOERGER Iowa Cify 1. ROBERT HEAD Sioux Cify JACK HOAG Iowa Cify DENNIS HOLVERSON Briff GERALD HUSTON OIds CLIFFORD JOHNSON CarroII BERNARD HENDERSON Shenandoah JACK HOFFMAN Wesf Branch LARRY HONEYWELL CIinIon JACK HUTCHESON Onawa LLOYD JOHNSON Sioux Cify WILLIAM HERBRECHTMEYER CI1arIes Ciiy PAUL HOGAN Jesup RICHARD HOOD IndianoIa ROBERT IRWIN Iowa Cify MARK JOY OsceoIa ROBERT HICKLIN Des Moines RAY HOLDER Mason Cify ROBERT HOUK Ohkumwa JOH N JACKSON Keosa uqua MERLYN KAUBLE Tama QCD M 1 'E 4' Q' ws ,, Q ,Masai .- , .,y,. 4 45 f"F1 A no?-so-secref Union rendezvous PAUL HOWELL Winferse-I' REGINALD JACOBSEN CIinIon YVONNE KEELER FI. Madison MARLYN HUDLER Iowa Cify KEN JEHLE Wesf Liberfy MAUREEN KELLY Grand Mound RONALD KIGER Iowa CHy JOHN KREBS Cedar Rapids JAMES LAXSON EsfI1ervIIIe fn JAMES LUTH BurIingIon DAVID McC ROSKEY Tipfon JAMES KNOLL Independence RICHARD LABAHAN EvansIon, III. ROBERT LEEPER Iowa CIW jmiafm THOMAS L. MAHER Davenpod GEORGE McDADE Iowa Cify KEITH KNOTT BurIIngIon LEO LADEHOFF GIadbrooIc EDWARD LEIDIG BurIingIon FRED MANN WiIIon Junc. LOUIS McDONOUGH Dubuque ANTHONY KOCIMSKI Chicago. III. WILLIAM LAM BERTY CarraII THOMAS LEON Davenporf JAMES MARIGA BeImond ROBERT MCGANNON Iowa CIW DONALD KOONS BIoomIieId DONALD LANDERS CounciI BIuIIs GEORGE LEONARD Mingo JAMES MARTINDALE CoraIvZIIe EMMETT McMAHON COFWIIII ROBERT LAWRENCE WILLIAM KOVARIK KRAMER KRAMER Tama Le Mars Sfrawberry PI' SHIRLEY JACK RICHARD LAUE LAUGHERY LAVELLE Des Moines GuII1rIe Cenfer FI. Dodge GERALD KENNETH BERNARD LILJEDAHL LINDMARK LOWERY Red Oak Boone Iowa CIW MARK TERRY LOUIS MASTERS MCCANN McCREA Larchwood Cnkago, III. Waferloo WALTER S. CONRAD DONOVAN MCNAMARA McNAY McNEAL Ryan Quuacy, III. New Sharon I A -v-199 WAYNE MENZEL McCaIIsI:nurg JOHN E. MURPHY Des MoInes DALE ODELL Coming RICHARD PELDO Waukon DAVID PETERS CIInI'on JACK MERRITT Iowa CIIy THOMAS E. MURPHY WasI':ImgIon RICHARD OLESON EsII'merviIIe KENNETH PENNINGTON Offumwa RICHARD PETTY Muscaine 'WP' 'E' ARDIS LEO MAX NELSON MILLARD MILLER MINEAR MINER CIear Lake Iowa CiIy Iowa CIIy Iowa CIN HOWARD ELVIN VICTOR CHARLES MYLI NADING NAXERA NESLUND Mason CIIy RandaIia Cedar RapIds PI. Dodge WILLIAM JUDY RAYMOND MAX ORR OVERTON OWEN PARSONS CoIumbus June. Iowa Cify CenIerviIIe Bagley DONALD LAWRENCE SAMUEL ARTHUR PERRY PERRY PESSES PETERS Iowa Cify MarsI1aIIIown BeIIendorI Greene ROGER WILLIAM WILLIAM PAUL PICKEN POLLITZ POWELL PRICE FaIrIEeId Davenporf Keokuk Cherokee DQ? 'Na' ,..f-v WILLIAM MINER WasIuIng+om LARRY NEUMAYER LeMars JOE PASSALINO Chicago, III. GERALD MORSE MIIIersIuurg THOMAS NOWERS AIkInson, III DARRELL PAYNE PuIasIci Regisfrafion scheming worked. 65 BRUCE ROBERT ROBERT RAMLER RANDOLPH RAUSCH I5orI' Dodge Iowa Cify WaIerIoo LOWELL JAMES JEROME ROBERTSON ROWAN RYAN Oskaloosa BurIingIon Des Moines fn .Salaam ROBERT HOWARD LEROY SCHLEISMAN SCHMIDT SCHMIDT Pomeroy Toledo Shawberry PI. THOMAS PAUL WILLIAM SCOTHORN SCOTT SERENIUS Cherokee PropI'ie+s'Iown, III. Rock Island, III. ROBERT T. LYLE ROBERT SMITH SNITKER SNOPEK BurIingI'on Iowa Cify Presfon RICHARD RAY Burlingion RAY RYDEN Des Moines R. KEVIN SCHMITT AIgona NORMAN SHAFFER Iowa Cify RICHARD SPEAS Newfon GERALD REED Iowa Cify JAMES SACKETT Sioux Cify DONALD SCHNEDEN Davenporf JAMES SHAW Iowa Cify JAMES STAUFFER Hampfon LARRY REIDA Lake View RICHARD SAMPSON Forf Dodge DALLAS SCH RADER PrescoI'I' GENE SHEA Galesburg, III. RALPH STEBBING Red Oak ROBERT RICHMOND Jefferson AUSTIN SANDROCK Forf Madison KARL SCHROEDER DeIrnar JAMES SHEELY CIinIon DONALD STERNIIZKE For? Dodge CHARLES ROARK Clear Lake EDGAR SCHAAP Aplingfon DONALD SCH ULTZ Iowa Cify FRANK SHIDELER Cedar Rapids MYRON STOLTE Boone RICHARD ROBERT KENNETH VIRGINA JAMES J. ROGER STONEBARGER SUHR SWANSON SWIHART TANK TANSEY Lone Tree Maynard Spirir Lake Baxfer Spencer WarerIoo WILLIAM FRED RODNEY JERRY ROBERT M. KAY TIDD TILLMAN TOOTHACRE TORRENCE TOUSSAINT TRUESDELL MarsI'raII'rown OskaIoosa Buriinqron Des Moines Beffendorf Tifonka JAMES GARDNER GEORGE MARVIN RICHARD DONALD VAN DEVENTER VAN DYKE VAN HOUTEN VAN HOUTEN VAVRA VEJDA Des Moines Iowa Cify Davenporr Ida Grove Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids DUANE HARRY WILLIAM REID EUGENE NANCY WASKOW WEINDRUCH WELDON WEST WHEELER WIDIGEN Iowa Cify Rock Island.. III. Iowa Cify PauIIina BrooIcIyn DavenporI DEAN RICHARD DAVID WENDELL BRUCE HAROLD L. ROBERT D. WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILSTERMAN WINN WRIGHT WRIGHT YAGER Iowa Ciry CoraIviIIe Marsnallfown Greenfield Iowa Cify Muscarine Monrgomery ,nn r .- f,, gg:- X ALBERT TARDIFF Iowa Ciry ROBERT TUJ ETSCH Gurren Ioerg RICHARD VOELLINGER Waferloo GLENN WILKINS Des Moines CLAYTON YODER Iowa Ciry NORMAN THILTGEN Waierloo GARY URICH Garner GALE VO LZ ArII'1 ur CAROL WILLE Garner PATRICIA ZAMBERLETTI MeIcI1er ,Q-W DENTISTRY 68 if? 252: ,,.:- , X 1 'wg - 'fs :YW ,.,, N, xp N i ax .wk frm if K fum 3 ,V - W5-.I K Q 2 Q QS' ' Y L Q is 5 u x X f K Y u X wa 4, ,, X K , S 6 Z 5 A fi , , eff, .mf -, fy. :M ix - . ,,.. .I 'itil' -if 5 f. v -Y :fp N 4 ..,. . fn if f 5 k :piggy-QVX' ' rf: V+- -w i , . J .V , Q 5 "SV", fy -,Ji-:aa ,, 1 YA, , Wm , 3 .L . 11. sv? 4 W is, , 43598 f ' QS Q ,f 'J COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY GETS GRANT TO EXPAND TITIE College oT DenTisTry added a new TiTle To SUI s honor role oT gueens This year wiTh The crowning oT "Miss DenTaI I-Iygiened aT The Appolonian Erolic, Eeb. 9. All DenTisTry sTudenTs are members oT The AssociaTed STudenTs oT DenTisTry and are governed by The A. S. oT D. Council, whose members are eIecTed. The College oT DenTisTry provides experience in IiTe-Iilce siTu- aTions To iTs sTudenTs Through The clinical program. This year The College changed Trom The Tri-mesTer To The semesTer calendar. In December The College was awarded a SIZZOOO granT Trom The U.S. Public I-IealTh Service To be used Tor a 2AsTory research building in connecTion wiTh The presenT DenTisTry Build' ing. ConsTrucTion can noT begin unTiI The College can maTch The amounT oT The Eederal granT. Dean Simon W. J. Simon has been dean oT The SUI College oT DenTisTry since I953. I'Te received a MSD. Trom The UniversiTy oT Minne- soTa where he was a proTessor oT denTisTry, Dean Simon super- vises The program reguiremenTs ThaT musT meeT cerTiTicaTion sTandards esTabIished by The respecTive Boards oT The Council on DenTal EducaTion. FIRST FxITon ROW Blado WILLIAM J. SIMON Dean, College of DenTisTry AssociaTed STucIenTs of DenTisTry ROW: VincenT Williams, James McCuTcheon, ErommelT, John G, Ellis, Carl Erbe. SECOND William Mclvlahon James Percival, Laverr' n, Richard Risk, HerberT KIonTz. FRANCIS KEITH Des Moines JAMES MCLERAN Audubon Q ROBERT BAUMANN DuranI' WILLIAM DEEMING Tuscon, Ariz. THOMAS GOBLIRSCH DunIap STANLEY KEPROS Marion JACK McNEISH Kanawha .Smubfm JAMES BELDING Waucoma PHI LLI P DOSTER Iowa Cify SVERRE HAMMER Swea Cify DON KING Iowa Ciiy NORMAN MESWARB Cedar FaIIs RICHARD CARROTHERS CI1arIes CiIy HAROLD ERICKSON Iowa Cilry JAMES HANNO Remsen WILEY KLEIN Iowa Cify GUY MILLS Iowa Cify HAROLD CAUDILL Iowa CiIy SYLVESTER FIDELER Rernsen HERBERT HEDGE Hedrick RICHARD KRISTENSEN Cedar Rapids STEVEN MOWREY Cedar Rapids MERLE CHALUPSKY Cedar Rapids CHARLES FREYER Onawa WALLACE HIGH Warrenfon, Ore. WAYNE LAGE Hubbard WILLIAM MURRAY Sforrn Lake JOHN CONINGSBY Iowa Ciry ALTON FROMMELT C:u'rIenburg HARRY HILMER MI. Auburn DAVID McCOY Dubuque JED NORRIS Iowa Ciry DONALD CONLON Spencer PAUL GANNON Spencer RICHARD HINTGEN Dubuque JAMES Mccurci-IEONI Traer I JACK I OPINSKY I Harhford, Conn. , I I PHILLIP CRUMLEY Rippev DAN GHOLSON AIbia WALLACE JOHNSON Iowa CIIy JAMES JAMES JOHN DONALD ALICIJA LAWRENCE MERRYL VINCENT DAVID PETERSON PETTED RINGDAHL RISK RUIBYS SCHNEIDER SCHULKE WILLIAMS WOLF WaIerIoo Des Moines Iowa Cify OeIwein E. Chicago, Ind. Helena, Monf. Iowa Cify Decorah Keokuk Qnnfal .Sanwfm JANET JUDITH CONNIE BARBARA MARY JANE MARSHA ARCHER BAUGH BOHNENKAMP BUCKROYD BURKETT COATS SI.JosepI1, III. Cedar Rapids Iowa Ciiy Des Moines Minburn Cedar Rapids DIANE BARBARA DORIS MELINDA CAROL JOYCE JERENE JANE DAINE EKLUND GUTTENFELDER HADLEY HANSEN HINGTGEN HOPKINS HUNTLEY Ames Des Moines Aflanfic Union A'I'IanIic CIinIon Des Moines Ames LORETTA MARCIA NITA SHEILA JEAN KAY MARILYN SUE LANDERS LEWIS MELSH MULRONEY NELSON PEPPER PETERSON RAECKER CounciI BIu'FIs Joy, III. Cedar Rapids Elkader W. Des Moines RawIins, Wyo. MarsI1aIITown Waferloo LAVONNE JO ANN SANDRA JUDITH DARLENE BARBARA NELDA DARLENE RANALDI RASMUSSEN RODGERS SHOEMAN SNYDER SOMMERFELD SWAN WALKER Iowa Cify Des Moines Omaha, Nebr. Arlanric DuranI' Ames Truro Cedar Rapids ,f ENGINEERING COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING OFFERS 5-YEAR PROGRAM A 5-YEAR oplional program, providing a liberal arls background, was inslilulred by Ilwe College ol Engineering Ilwis year. Irie new program, designed lo prepare engineers for execuiives and ollwer responsiblilies, offers degrees in bollw liberal arls and a branclw ol engineering. Ilwe College is divided inlo Ilne deparlmenis oi clwemical, civil, eleclrical, induslrial and management meclianical engineering, engineering drawing, meclwanics and lwydraulics and Ilne lnslilule oi Hydraulic Researcli. Eacli deparlmenlr is organized and siaicled Io offer Training in all pliases perlinenl Io a parlicular Iield. 'Ilwe I957 Mecca Weelc opened willw a rally Marcli I3 and conlinued willn a searcb lor Ibe Blarney Srone and a Mecca Smoker. The climax was Ilie Mecca Ball and llne presenlalion of a Mecca gueen and Iier Iour allendanls. Dean Dawson F. M. Dawson became dean oi Ibe SUI College ol Engineer- ing in I936. Previously be beaded deparlmenis al Ilie Univer- silies of Wisconsin and Kansas. I'Ie received a M.C.E. Irom Cornell Universily. Dean Dawson's Ieaclwing specialily is civil engineering allliougli Iiydraulics and sanilary engineering are bis special researcli inleresls. . L. FRANCIS M. DAWSON Dean, College of Engineering Associa+ed S+ucIen+s of Engineering FIRST ROW: Philip Lealwy, Paul Kilcln, secrelaryg William MaQuire, clwairmanq James Q. Gibson, lreas- urer: Donald Slevens. SECOND ROW: Jolin I-Iill, Lee lngwersen, Edward Kupka, James Deulscln, James M, Smilli. ALI ABBASI JerusaIem, Jordon PAUL BARRITT CounciI BIuIIs DONALD BOLDT Jesup LLOYD ALLEN Moline, III. CHARLES BAULE Dubuque RICHARD BOLSINGER Davenporf PHILIP ALLEN Hay Springs, Ne JOHN BECIC WIndsor, OnI'. JAMES BRANNAN Cedar RapIds CHRIS ANDERSEN Rudd LOUIS BECKER Keokuk MILTON BRESLAW Bronx, N. Y. Enqmeerlng sIudenIs caIcuIaI'e wiIIn Irusfy sIIde ruIe. RICHARD A. ANDERSON New HarnpI'on GEORGE BENNETT Keokuk MARVIN BROWN Davenporf ROGER COE Tama TED DUNNI NGTON Iowa CIW JAMES AN DREWS Iowa Ci+y BERNARD BENNINGER Muscafine RONALD BUTLER Olrfumwa JAMES COOK Iowa CiIy ROY EBERLINE OskaIoosa Q CARL KENNETH BACKERS BAILEY NorfI1PIaHe, Nelo. Marion HERBERT LESTER BERRY BINKO Iowa CII'y Cedar Rapids KENNETH NORMAN CAMPBELL CHUDACOFF Iowa Cify Iowa CE'ry WILLIAM JEROME CUTHBERT DAVIS Upper Darby, Pa. Iowa Cffy ROGER GLENN ECKSTEIN EDGINGTON Dubuque ManIy i I 5 s ,, 2 I I Q 2 E e 3 Q 3 E 2 ? 3 Q MERLIN EVANS MI. PIeasanI GEORGE GINAKIS Keokuk MYLES HARAI Iowa Cify HARRY JACOBS Iowa Cify RICHARD KRUSE Cedar Rapids WAYNE EVERMAN Casfalia CRAIG GIPPLE Iowa CiIy GRAYDON HASS Harris DON JAN I3eIIe PIaine DONALD KU NTZ Iowa CiIy TERRENCE FISHER Iowa CiIy ROLLEY GLASGOW Iowa Cilry RICHARD HAUSER BurIingIon JEROME JOHANNES Iowa CiIy VERNE LAUSEN Iowa CiIy DONALD THOMAS HARRY JAMES G. FRED FORCE FREUND FRICK GIBSON GILMORE RusseII CIin'Ion Moiine, III. Sioux CiI'y Iowa CiIy RICHARD JOHN DON DIPTIKENDU LOMBRO GOVIG GRAHAM GRIFFITH GUPTA GURNAS BriI'I' BrooIcIyn FIoyd Iowa Cify Des Moines JOHN J. HOU-WONG LEONARD DONALD ROBERT HILL HO HOFFMAN HONKEN HORNBACK Denison Hong Kong,CI1ina MonIiceIIo Manly Rock Island jenwfm HOWARD G. RICHARD RICHARD PAUL HENRY JUDD KERN KISER KITCH KRUEGER CIinI'on Iowa CiIy WiIIon Junc. Sioux CiIy Keokuk PHILIP GERALD DARRELL DAVID WILLIAM LEAHY LEWIS LOAN LONG LUNDQUIST CIin'Ion Ro:Iwes'rer, N. Y. Iowa CiIy DuranI Marion ri" Surveying provides SHERMAN NELSON Earqo, N. D. LAVELLE RU RSCH CIinIon WILLIAM STEIN Rock IsIancI, III. JOHN O'BRIEN Dubuque BERNARD SCHLUTER Nasiiua DONALD STEVENS Iowa Ciiy IresI1 air and views EDWARD OWEN Harian WILLIAM SHOPE GreenIieId DONALD STOECKER Toronlro F41 5, i. 7 s 3 , I . ri MARK LUTTENEGGER BurIing+on RUSSELL MILLSPAUGH Keokuk WILLIAM PETERSON Des Moines TERRY SHUCK Des Moines MERWIN STRATTON Oxiord DONALD MALM I3urIing'Iori WILLIAM MOLIS MuscaIine GERALD PRATT Eorf Madison BERNARD SLOEER KnoxviIIe LEONARD THOMAS KnoxviIIe 5 .QM f f JOHN McMILLIN BIoornIieId JOE MOSS MovIIIe AUGUST RAJA Dubuque DARRELL SMITH Sioux Cify ROBERT UTTER Mason ClIy RICHARD MECKLENBUR6 Morning Sun GRANT MYERS Iowa Ciiy JAI RO Yosu, Korea KENNETH F. SMITH WapeIIo CHARLES E. WARREN Iowa CIW DONALD MICHEL Iowa CIW JERRY NELSON Sioux Ciiy JAMES ROZINEK SoIon WARREN SMULL Duranf DALE WENDEL MI. PIeasanI fi INA ,. P K. ,I,.'.. .1 LVIAI '1i:?'I'TCl D'FV E HOWARD WHETRO Hefueiia DELLOS WOOD Iowa CTW ROGER WYMORE Icwa Cfy 426 f Q 'n v f-391 QQ ffl f , ff I . , . ,... D EDWARD WILLIAMS Cedar RapTos TARJEI WRAA Tefemerk Nor WALTER ZENTNER GsIwIco5I1,VV'Is. v iw-wi, fl . fm fsi1"mi,'f Wi A G U . + I I--,mmm L.,.f,,..f.y- .vff-,- r n,sfM,,L, L,,., p-,L .NM L wpfzw FC: 'C-C MARVIN WILT SI'eIIsburq CHARLES WYLLIE S gourney DAVIDK ZIMMER MQIIUQ, III. 5 Wa: xi ' , 3 H, 2 W - 'f22-, 5 If' i L Y . Qi fl W 2 a .. LC JIW, .,,,-ff..,.ZfQ,--.L -,M we emqlneerlmg amdewf arowd Si, Paf 5 Mme LAW 78 M- Q3 vm 5 rm. 6 A ,, 1' 7 4' Lg, L1- 5 ?'2 7, XR, zggww :A uw vm -IW' S. . SUI COLLEGE OF LAW NOTED FOR FACULTY AND LIBRARY TI-IE SUI College oT Law, Tounded in I865, is The oldesT conTinu- ous law school wesT oT The Mississippi. IT is noTed Tor iTs TaculTy oT legal scholars, whose books are used as TexTs ThroughouT The counTry, and iTs library, which is ranked among The Top I5 in The UniTed STaTes. The College's program provides experience in legal Thinking Through which knowledge oT The law is acquired raTher Than learned. Trial pracTice and procedure prepare sTudenTs To par- TicipaTe in cases wiTh sTaTe and Federal courTs and beTore ad- minisTraTive Tribunals. The Law STudenT Council is The governing body. The Iowa Law Review, a guarTerly dealing wiTh sTaTe legal problems, is sTudenT managed and is considered one oT The besT publicaTions oT iTs kind. Supreme CourT Day, a social and pro- Tessional TuncTion, was Ivlay IO. Dean Ladd Ivlason Ladd became dean oT The College oT Law in I939 aTTer IO years on The law sTaTT. I-Ie received a B.A. Trom Grin- nell, a Ph.D. Trom I-Iarvard and a degree oT iuris docTor Trom SUI. I-Iis special Tield is evidence, procedure and pracTice. I'le has wriTTen Tor The Iowa Law Review, CurrenT Legal ThoughT and The UniversiTy oT Chicago Law Review. MASON LADD Dean, College of Law Law STuden'r Council FIRST ROW: William Bernau, vice-presidenTg John Sennehf, president Barbara CruTchTield, secrekry. SECOND ROW: David Ivlarrier, Dudley Allen, William LeBuhn, Treasurer' William O'Connell. If H 2 I I 431 Q .wtf 'K'-ww ALBERT ALLEN KeIIerIon ROBERT CAMBIER Orange CIIy WILLIAM R. EADS Ida Grove CRAIG ARMSTRONG OI'Iawa, III. RICHARD CHALLED Des MoInes ROBERT EBERSOLE FOVI Dodge COM+ Is adIournedI JOHN C. BECKMAN Iowa Clfy FRANK CRAIG Aufofa F. PHILIP FALVEY Iowa CIW HAROLD KEENAN M rcmef FRED BERGER RIeasar1IVaIIey JOHN CRAY BurIImgIoU HUGH FAULKNER New Sharon JOHN KIRKWOOD SICLX CII WILLIAM BERNAU Lake CIIy BARBARA CRUTCHFIELD Boydom, Va. DAVID FOSTER SHeI'IIeId CHARLES KNUDSON FI Dodce DON LOOTS Pomeroy CHARLES LYNBERG S aux C Iy GRANT McMARTIN Massena RICHARD BITTNER Perry PARK DAVIDSON FaIrI:IeId JACK FULTON Cedar Rapids WALTER KOLLMORGEN Cedar RaoIds CATHERINE MEALY Iowa CIIy A Q . . 3 MICHAEL BRUCHER WaIerIoo ROBERT A. DAVIS Iowa CIIy JOHN GOEN Mandwesfer PAUL LEBUHN Davenpod RANDOLPH H. MOORE Los AngIes, CaIIf. ERNEST BURESH Swisher RICHARD DONOHUE I-Iampfom TOM HAMILTON HarIIey JOHN LINK Dubuque RICHARD MORR Iowa CIW 5.5 kv q 41- :J . ,,lv Ip Ei Ek 'I A A ,- Z5 in ia k r iff? , ,- I'-f, A 'idk ,Era 3 BENJAMIN MORRIS Iowa CiIy JAMES NOLAN Iowa Cify SIMON RASCHE CIir1Ior: DON NA ROGERS Iowa CiIy HARVEY SPERRY SIWe'IsI3urq JAMES NEMMERS Des Moines GEN E PROBASCO Cresfori BYRON RILEY Bur'iriqIor1 MORT ROSENBERG Des Moines ROBERT STONE Cedar Rapids RALPH NEUZIL Iowa CIW MARK PUTNEY GIadIDrook JAMES ROAN Iowa Ci'Iy WALTER REX ROTHSCHILD RYDEN WaIerIoc Iowa CIW DENIS JAMES SULLIVAN VAN VLIET Marenqo OIIey S+andImg room omIy for Iafe-come-rs, Choice seafs go Iasf for viewing passing Coeds. WALTER SCHROEDER Davempod GOLA WATERS Iowa Ciiy DAVID SHUMWAY AIgoma WILLIAM WILLIER WaTerIoo law SQIZLDJIA RAYMOND JAMES SLOAN SNYDER Siqourney CI'iarIes CIW THOMAS R. ROBERT WILSON YOUNG Iowa Cify WaIerIoo '-w?215"22"1'l1 ,, 2 ' f f fi W ,, K ggi, H I -dir LIBERAL ARTS 82 if M I n 1 X 3, m , 16 ' ,if 4-v-'-W"'T"'wA 'gl 'w 1 9 X,-""""fi 'S .ss ...- K , A W .sv ,',.s ' '94, Viv- WA-,,,,.....-af M WX rg.. ,K , ,s af 1 1 fi I if COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS GIVES BOARD EDUCATION RARE is The sTudenT who has no conTacT wiTh The College oT Liberal ArTs, largesT oT SUl's colleges. Though many sTudenTs do noT receive a I5.A. degree They do receive insTrucTion in pre- proTessional curricula povided by The Liberal ArTs College in preparaTion Tor specializaTion. The required basic slcills and core courses are The TundaTions oT every sTudenT's maior Tield. Individual Thinking The purpose oT The College is To provide a well-rounded edu- caTion ThaT acTs as a background Tor individual Thinlcing. The Schools oT Fine ArTs, Journalism, Religion and Social Worlc are included in The Liberal ArTs College in addiTion To Training in more Than 40 deparTmenTs and areas. AlThough The primary emphasis in The College is placed on The academic program, many exTra-curricular acTiviTies are con- ducTed under The auspices oT The Liberal ArTs schools and de- parTmenTs. The UniversiTy TheaTre in The School oT Fine ArTs presenTs several producTions each year, and The music deparT- menT sponsors The UniversiTy chorus, bands, orchesTra and sTu- denT reciTals. GuesT arTisTs and lecTurers presenT programs open To The sTudenT body and The public. An advisory oTiice aids in providing TacuITy advisors selecTed Trom a sTudenT's maior Tield. Advisors are expecTed To help The sTudenT in his TirsT regisTraTion and To assisT in planning his col- lege academic program. There are Three UniversiTy placemenT oTTices which assisT graduaTes OT The College oT Liberal ArTs in obTaining employ- menT. CredenTials are compiled Tor The sTudenTs and inTerviews are arranged wirli prospecTive employers. The highesT honor aTTainable by The sTudenT graduaTing Trom The College oT Liberal ArTs is membership in Phi BeTa Kappa, naTional honorary schoIasTic TraTerniTy. Dean STuiT D. B. STuiT has been dean oT The SUI College oT Liberal ArTs since I949. I-le TirsT came To SUI as a proTessor oT psychology in l938 aTTer having received a BS., lvl.S. and Ph.D. Trom The UniversiTy oT Illinois. As head oT The College oT Liberal ArTs. Dean STuiT supervises The basic slfills, core courses and deparT- menTal programming. DEWEY B. STUIT Dean, College of Liberal ArTs Liberal ArTs Senior Officers SEATED: Carolyn RuTledge, vice-presi:lenT: Jane RichTe secreTary. STANDING: Loy Broolcs, presidenT DK -M. is 83 Q EARL E. HARPER LESLIE G. MOELLER ROBERT S. MICHAELSEN DirecTor, School of Fine ArTs DirecTor, School of Journalism DirecTor, School of Religion MARK HALE Direcfor, School of Social Work 84 DirecTor Harper Earl E. I-Iarper, DirecTor oi The School ol Pine ArTs and The Iowa Memorial Union, is presidenT ol The AsociaTion ol College Unions. I-le was elecTed To The Commission on Worship and Fine fXrTs in Minneapolis and is head oi The UniTeol STaTes Church CreaTive ArTs CommiTTee. Direc+or Moeller Leslie G. Moeller has headed The School ol Journalism since I947. I-le is al'liliaTed wiTh Kappa Tau Alpha, Qmicron DelTa Kappa, The lnTernaTional Press lnsTiTuTe, The InTernaTional Soci- eTy Tor General SemanTics and The NaTional SocieTy Tor The Sludy oT CommunicaTion. Direcfor Michaelsen I2oberT S. Michaelson, direcTor oT The SUI School oT Religion and campus religious acTiviTies, received a Ford PaculTy Pel- lowship To I-larvard in I95I. I'Ie is a member ol Phi BeTa Kappa, American Church SocieTy, SocieTy Tor Theological Dis- cussion and Pxssocialrion ol UniversiTy prolessors, DirecTor Hale Mark I-lale, direcTor ol The SUI School oT Social Work, was chairman ol The Commission on Schools and DeparTmenTs oi The Council on Social Work Educalrion. I-le served as consulT- anT Tor The Bureau oT Public AssisTance in 1956, working Tor The Social SecuriTy AdminisTraTion. . AUDREY AASTAD Omaha, Neb. RONALD ALLINDER Franklin PIL, III PAUL ANDERSON Marslwaiifown RUBY AYERS Iowa Ciry ANN BANE Sioux Ciiy 45 sa DAVID JOYE ADAMS ADAMS Princefon Iowa Cify JACQUELINE WAYNE ALPER AMMONS Memphis, Tenn. Burlingfon RUTH EDWARD ANTRAM ARBAUGH Sioux Ciiy Persia RICHARD HAROLD BACHMAN BAILEN MarsIiaII'rown Denison BETTY JAMES BARLOW BARLOW FT, Madison Beffendori MARGARET ADAMSON Cedar FaIIs DON ANDERLE EImI'1ursf, III. JANET ARCHER SI. Joseph, III. CASS BAILEY Iowa Cify ARTHUR BARNES Ames DONALD AITKEN Toronfc, Oni. ADRIAN ANDERSON Jewell ROBERT ARILDSEN WaierIoo DON BAILEY Osage JANICE BARNES Iowa Ci+y BARRY MARILYN ALLEN ALBERT ALCORN DANISE Websfer Ciiy VinI'on Iowa Ciiy CORNELIA HJORDIS MAXINE ANDERSON ANDERSON ANDERSON Iowa Ci+y Cedar Rapids River Sioux ROBERT MERLE DON ARNOLD ARP ATKINS Ofrumwa Davenpori' Wes? Branch Jibmal data Suuofm SAM ROBERT TOM BAILIE BALLAGH BALLARD SI. Pefersburg, I:Ia. Des Moines Red Oak MARY BEVERLY RALPH BARN ETT BARTA BARTON Iowa Ciiy Cedar Rapids Scarsdale, N, Y 1 - .1 li. DARYL BARTSCH Osage JAMES BELL Clear Lake ROBERT BLITZ Ckicaqc, III. FREDERICK BASTRON FaIrIIeId HARRY BENSON SIerIImq, III, JACK BOAL MI. PIeasa HI ROBERT BATESON Eldora ROBERT BENTLEY Ames DON BOCK Wilminlrom ,III Work, work, work for work-weary sfudenfs. BRADLEY BEALS NewIon ELEANOR BENZ Iowa Cify ROBERT BOETTCHER Marion BEVERLY BOWEN OI+umwa DAVID BRAMSON AHIIWOV1 PATRICIA BEATTY Cedar Rapids KATHRINE BERG Ladue, MO, CONNIE BOHNENKAMP Iowa Cify JAMES E. BOWMAN Cedar Ra pIcIs SONIA BRANDAO Iowa CIW HAROLD BEGEL Iowa CIW SHIRLEY BERGER Quincy, ill. RICHARD BOLTON HaverIon, Pa. MILAN BRAGG Lake Park BARBARA BRAUER Iowa CII'y SALLY BEI SSER FI. Dodq e JOSEPH BERTROCHE Ofmmwa JOHN BOND Independence MILTON BRAGG Lake Park WALTER BREWER Cresco IDA BELL DonneIIson REX BILLS Perry NAN BORRESON SI1eIdon CHARLES BRALEY Manson JERRY BRINKER Je-FIe-rson if T . Hi, A ' A A.,, Y? Ii J-an KAY LOY BROHOLM BROOKS Ufica, Ill. Des Moines CRAIG WILLIAM BUCY BUGBEE Chicago, III. Clinlon WILLIAM C. PAUL BURNS BURT Burlinglon Rowan DAVID MARILYN CAREY CARLSON Marion Moline, III. GERALD EARL CHAPMAN CHECK Willon Junclion Madrid BARBARA BROWN Clwerokee RONALD BU NTEN Des Moines DON BYBEE Wesl Liberly G-Alle CARSON Sewiclcley, Pa. PAUL CHENAULT Eagle Grove BETTY BROYLES Grinnell BARBARA BURGE Iowa Cily EDWARD BYERS Iowa Cily JOH N L. CARTER Iowa Cily ANTHONY CHERUBINI Jersey Cify, N. Y. LEONARD BRUHN Clinlon SALLY BU RGESS Malvern JEAN BYRUM Des Moines PAMELA CARTER Belle Plaine MARILYN CHILD Des Moines GEORGE DALE NORMAN BRUSH BUCHE BUCK Wellman Boone Cedar Rapids WILLIAM JOHN K. RUTH BURGETT BURKETT BURKHEAD Des Moines Minburn Lorin-ner SUSAN DOROTHY WENDEL CAESAR CALDWELL CALDWELL Des Moines Iowa Cily Fairfield oflbimal data SQIILUJIA SUSAN KENNETH MARVIN CASTEEL CASTEK CEYNAR Cedar Rapids Fairfax Amana JANET NEAL BRUCE CHOLLETT CHRISTENSEN CLARK Keokulc I-Iumboldl Ida Grove xf1.fQ,1fxg .is I 56 3, A A v1 , , Nm A QT Q K, wr' . Ig 3 I GEORGE PATRICIA JANET CLARK CLARKE CLAYPOOL Iowa Ciiy Des Moines WiIIiamsburq BAILA CYNTHIA NAN COLGLAZIER CONE CONGER WapeIIo Grand IsIand, Neb. CI1iCago,III. ofl.69Jza1 allfd 5,QI'Ll.0!2A MARLYS BETTY ELIZABETH CREGER CROGHAN CRONK Slafer Sheldon Iowa Cify REX JEAN WILLIAM DAVIS DEASY DE LUNG OsI4aIoosa Iowa Cify Iowa Ciiy ERNEST COLLEEN ARLENE DOCKTERMAN DOLEZAL DOM Cedar Rapids EIy Park Ridge, III. WILLIAM CLEMENTS Iowa Ciiy LAURAL CONN Iowa Cify CAROLYN CROUCH Sioux Ciiy LAWRENCE DENNIS Iowa Cify SUE DONELSON Reinbeck VIRGINIA CLINKER Ofiurnwa GERALD CONWAY Sioux Cilry LOREN CUBBISON MarsI1aIIIown EARL DENNLER Sioux Cify JAMES DOUGHERTY Muscafine DUANE CLIZBE MarsIiaIIIown NOLA COON SI'ieIdon TERRY CUBBISON MarsI1aIIIown NORMAN DESSEL Ida Grove WILLIAM DOVALI Mason City KATHERINE COE FI. Dodge RICHARD COPLEY Iowa Cify WILLIAM CUMMING Decorah JACOUELYN DETHMERS Garner VERNE BOW Iowa Ciiy J' lvl I KAY COLBERT Befienclorf PHILIP COX Des Moines GLORIA DAVIDSON Corydon JAMES DICK Lorain, O. MARY ELLEN DOWNS Offumwa E i I i S 2 5 Q I S E JOAN DU ELAND Huxley FAITH EARLL Menomonie, ROBERT ELLIOT AinsworII'i ROBERT W. EVANS Muscafine LARRY FEINBERG Sioux Ci'ry Wis. JAMES DUMONT Siqourney TOM ECKER WayerIy DOROTHY ELLIS Iowa CiIy TITUS EVANS Iowa CiIy JUNE FELLER SIrawIoerry PI. WILLIAM DUNCAN CoIumbus Juno. JOAN EGGERS Des Moines ROY ELLIS Des Moines THOMAS EVERSMAN BurIingIon DANIEL FELLOWS Sidney IRWIN DUNN Iowa Cify ROBERT EIKLEBERRY MiIIord GEORGE ELLISON CIinIon ROBERT FAGERLAND Grand Mound MARCIA FELTES Offurnwa .fm ff? www -g",gfw. Qwmx A sIudenII'1ucIcsI'er creafes for The D.I. WILLIAM R. DURST Cedar Rapids EUNICE ELIAS Ely JOHN MYRON ELMAN ENFIELD Des Moines Pxnifa KATHRYN EUGENE FALB FARLEY PosIyiIIe ManiIIa LARRY SALLY FILBY FILES Iowa Cify Cedar Rapids JAMES ENGELBRECHT KeysIone SANDRA FAUPEL Des Moines LYNDA FILIP Cedar Rapids DEAN EVANS Iowa CiIy SUSAN FAY Jefferson SUSAN FITZG ERALD Sform Lake yy,iisy K Y! RICHARD ARCHIE RAYMOND FLANDERS FLICKINGER FLORES Waferloo Mason Cify CIarion NORMAN MARGARET DOUGLAS FOSTER FOWLER FRANC Iowa Cify Elk Point S. D. Cedar Rapids JOYCE JAMES I. JON GARBER GARDNER GATES Randohc FairIieId Marcus ofnbmal 6011.4 Saruvfza CAROL MARY SANDRA GLEICH GOEN GOLDBERG Kewanee, III. Marichesfer Shenandoah NORMA JO JAMES GRENCH GRIFFIN GUNSAULUS Iowa Cify Boone Newion DAVID FLUETSCH Iowa Cify CLARA FREI Reinbe-ck DALE GEISE Underwood LOUIS GOLINVAUX Waferloo GLORIA HADDY Cedar Rapids HELEN FLYNN Iowa Ciiy DOUGLAS FUHR Washingion GUS GERDES Ciinfon RONALD GOLTZ Sioux Ciiy PAT HAFNER Burlinqfon JOSEPH FORD Laufens RICHARD FULTON Leon SALLY GIBSON OsceoIa THELMA GRANDIA Pella PHYLLIS HAFT Rock IsIand, III. CAROLYN FORS Moline, III. ROBERT FULTON Leon ALAN GILLBERG Chicago, III. SANDRA GRASHORN Dubuque MARGI HALL I-Iuxiey JOH N FOSTER OI"Iumwa MARTIN GALEX Rock Isiand, VIRGINIA GLASS Manchesfer KAY GREENE Iowa Cify CAROL HAMIEL Tip'ron CAROL HANSEN AIIanIic ROBERT L. HAUSSMAN Gary, Ind. JUDITH HENDERSHOT CenIerviIIe DEAN HILL Sioux Cify FLOYD HODSON BeIIendorF SUSAN WILLIAM ALYCE HANSEN HARREL HARRINGTON KaIor'a Shenandoah Maquokefa ELBERT PEARL K. EILENE A. HAYS HAYS HEAD Gruver PIymouII1, MiCIx. Sioux Ciiy SUSAN ARLENE JOHN F. HERBERT HERSCHBERG HESS MoIime, III. Des Moines Farley MARIANNA DANIEL CHARLES HILL HINSON HINTON ToIedo, O. TenaIIy, N. J. CoIo KITTY DAVID JOHN A. HOLMES HOLS HOLS WaIerIoo BurIii'igI'ori Budingion ALBERT J. HASS Foresi' CM MARGUERITE HEATH Bronson JOHN J. HESS Cres+on DAVID HODGE Cedar Rapids EDWARD HOMEWOOD Des Moines ' ' . ii , . ..,., rw, .W W X 9' x is .. if, M CHARLOTTE HATCHETTE Lake CIiarIes, La VERNON HEIN Essex BERNARD HESSE FI. Madison ws if if M3 . 'I ' if if ,Zi BARBARA HAUN CIimIon WILLIAM H ELGASON Iowa Cify GLEN HESSELTINE Chicago, III. A Iiaven from Iiof, sIuIIy classroom. ALAN HAUSMAN Des Moines RUTH HELGEVOLD FI. Dodge DONALD HEY Cedar Rapids I-44 ,,.f-v v. 4-14' .. ROGER HYLBAK NewIon CLARK JEFFERSON Musca1Ine MINOR JOHNSON ModaIe SprIng Iever aIIecIs In dIIIerenI ways. EDITH RUTH RANDALL ISRAELIT Iowa Cnv Tel AvIv, IsraeI KENTON DON JENS JENSEN GIenwood Audubon RAY C. ROBERT E. JOHNSON JOHNSON Iowa Cify Hawarden ALLEN HOOVLER Davenporf NOYA HUBER Iowa Cny ROBERT IVES AIedo, III. GAIL JOCHIMSEN Vxfauwalrosa, WIS. ROBERT K. JOHNSON OeIweIn JILL HORNER Iowa Cny ROSEMARY HUMM Boore CHARLOTTE JACOBSON Des MoInes JANET JOHN Davenpor'r ROBERT P. JOHNSON Des Moines HOWARD THOMAS JAMES HOUGEN HOULIHAN HUBBARD WaIerIoo Ofwmwa IndIano'a GINGER JAMES ROBERT HUNT HUSMAN HUTTEN Iowa Cifv MonIIceIIo STerIIng, III, ROCHELLE THOMA VERNON JACOBSON JACOBSON JEFFERIS Cedar RapIds CIcero, III. Underwood ANN BETTY MAVIS JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON Ames Prophersfown, III. GraeIIinger ROY S. JANET JOHN E. JOHNSON JONES JONES Iowa CIW Iowa CEIy Cresco 7, KAY JONES OmaI'1a,Neb JAMES L. KELLY AIqcaa CONNIE KINT EsIIwerviIIe KATHARINE KORNS Iowa Cify BONNIE KUTTER Peru, III. f. Q, , sg, uw. . :amis- , .. ,,. ....-.165 . 225 A -, W A x Q. 'N fe Q if . U I ,.: ' I, uf , 2, I VLH: ,. fgg1iI.J:Smmi.f-Af, ' : J: iii, fi fqff . , ,..sf::ff ., ' fm SHIRLEY JONES MI. PIeasarII' ROBERT KEMIS S3oux CIW MARVIN KLAVEN Univ. CIW, Mo. DONNA KRABBENHOFT MIIes EUGENE A. LADD Rock Rapids if STANLEY JONES Keokuk BARBARA KERN Cedar RapId5 MARY KLEIH Dubuque MAUREEN KRATZKE Coun::II BIuI:Is DOROTHEA LAFRIEDA BVookIyn, N. Y. ffl BARBARA KANN OuIIe1berg WILLIAM KERN Iowa CIW DON KLIEBENSTEIN GIacIbrook WILLIAM KRAUSE EIdora HELEN LAMAR Websfer CIW T .,,, gil 'E 4' X H W I X g 1 Jig RK -17 J fig SJ 5' I Tiff gy iff 'di' PHYLLIS KARR EsII1ervIIIe WILLIAM D. KERR EsIIWervIIIe HERBIE KLONTZ Cedar RapIds FREDRICK KRAUSHAAR Modale ROBERT LANDESS Des Moines MARVIN JAYNE CECILE KEEFER KELEHER KELLER Iowa CIW Iowa CIW Iowa CIW MARTIN HELEN LLOYD KIMMEL KING KING BrookIyn, N. Y. GreenIIeId WInIerseI ofabnfzal data Sruzwfm JAN WHEALEN LEONARD KOHL KOONTZ KOPP Cedar RapIds VinIom Iowa CIIy KENNETH KARL JANELLE KUBE KUHLMANN KUNTZ Goose Lake Iowa CIN RIdgeway RONALD ERNEST ROXIE LANGLEY LARKIN LASACK Iowa CIW New I-IampIon Oxford Jumdion quam N ,. X , . 'KX PHILLIP JACK LAWSON LEACH Elburn, III. MonI'rose,CoIo. WILLIAM SYLVIA LICHTENBERGER LIEBMAN Rock IsIand, III. Des Moines MARILYN LUNDY New Sharon PATRICIA LUND Des Moines JO LECHAY Iowa Ciiy IVARS LIEPENS Iowa Cify RICHARD LYNCH Ames ofibmaldfzu SQILEDJM GEORGE LAWRENCE MARSHALL MARSHALL Davenporf Colfax TOM DALE MAU McADAM Perry Des Moines MURRAY MARTEN Des Moines JOHN MCCAMMOND Iowa Ciiy RICHARD LEE Sform Laice DAVID LLEWELYN BIoon'iIieICI DOROTHY MAH ER Iowa Cify DON MARTIN Vinfon JEANNE McCARDELL Newion CORRINE LENZ Manson RAYMOND LONG Iowa Ciiy THOMAS MANN Frederidcsbu JOHN MATHEWS Ames JOHN MCCARTT Iowa Ciiy V' JAMES LEVIS CDGFIIOU MARS LONGLEY Iowa Cify HELEN MANVITZ OmaI1a4 Neb. JOAN NE MATTHESS Iowa CiIy JAMES McCLAIN Des Moines JANICE LEWIS Williamsburg GILBERT LUBBERS Orange Cify ALLYN MARK CIarksviIIe BARBARA MATTHEW Ma rqueffe MARY McCLENAHAN Siqourney MARCIA Lewis Joy, iii, DEAN LUND I-IoIs+ein TERRY MARSH Davenporf JAMES MAU Des Moines JANIE MCCOY Dubuque KENNETH MCCULLOUGH I3urIing+on BARBARA MELAND Denison JANET MILTNER DavenporI MARIE MOORE OIIumwa CURTIS MOSER C5uII'enburg JAMES McGEE EI. Madison RICHARD MEUGNIOT HiIIsboro DAVID D. MITCHELL Cedar Rapids DAVID MORANVILLE Iowa CiIy ROSS MOYER KENT McINTYRE HarIIey ROBERT MIGUEL SI. AIIoans, N. DAVID N. MITCHELL CresIon ARDI MORNING-STAR Nevada SHEILA MULRONEY WeIIesIey I-IiIIs, Mass. EIkader EDWARD ANN BETTY McLACHLAN MCLAUGHLIN McNALLY Iowa CiIy WaI'erIoo Luana FRANCES GERALD KENNETH MILLER MILLER MILLER Iowa Cify Iowa Cify Iowa CIIy SHEILA MIRIAM RICHARD MITCHELL MOGLE MOHR Cresfon WinfieId, Kans. Marion JULIA SHEILA BARRY MORRISON MORRISON MORRISSEY Iowa Cify CarroII MI. Vernon BERT JUDY MARY BETH MURPHY MURTAGH MUSSEN CenIerviIIe AIgona San Bernardino, CaI. JOHN McNULTY Park Forest III. MARY MILLER Rock IsIand, III JAMES MOLLOY Independence DORIS MORTEN CIinIon RICHARD A. MYERS Vinfon MARION MEFFERD Woodbine VESTA MILLER KaIona JULIA MOORE Anderson, Ind MEREDITH MOSBACH I'IurnboIcII' ROBERT NAGELE Dubuque ELIZABETH NAGLE Iowa CIW JAMES NEY Hawarden JOANNE ODEM CI1arIIo'w GEORGE NAIFEH EI, Madison DANIEL NOLAN Iowa Cify JOAN O'I-IARA OHumwa LUDEAN NEESSEN WaIerIoo RICHARD NORRIS Rowan JO ANN OLDORE Sfanwood "Say, couId you pIease IeII me where.. KAREN NEI-IRING Hubbard MARJORIE NORTON Housfon, Tex. ALFA BETTY OLSEN BrooI4Iyn, N. Y. PATRICIA NELL JeIIerson DAVID NUNN EsIIvervIIIe SUE OLSEN CouncII BIUIIS JEANNE NELSON Oiwmwa JOE NUTTING Wa'rerIoo NANCY OLSON Des Moines JAMES NEUBAUER Iowa Cify DONNA O'BRIAN Mus:aIIne WARREN OLSON Winfield DONALD NEWTON Iowa CIW WARWICK OCCOMY Chlcaqo, III. LEROY ONKEN Iowa CIW 5. SIII fy ,t ., SH ERRY ONKEN Iowa CIW JEANNE PARKER OskaIoosa FRANCIS O'ROURKE Iowa Cify RICHARD PAULY BurIInqIorw CONNIE PALMER Webb ALOYSIUS PAVICH WaIarIoo DENNIS PALMER Keofa ROBERT PAXSON eddwme MARVIN PANSEGRAU Bronson MERRITT PAXTON I-IadrICk ,1 -.l I ,,A I ,. WCS X qw.. , , .E .ii 6 'Q' GARY PERDUE Des Molnes RONALD PHILLIPS Waferloo BETTY LOU QUICK EI, Dodge JEAN REDMEN Nevada DONALD RIEGEL Corning Au gm -ev? LORETTA PETERS Marne KENNETH PHILO Iowa Cify MAX RADER Smifbla nd KENNETH REED Iowa CiIy BARBARA RIEMERSMA I-Iospers SUSAN PETERS CIinIor1 PAUL POLYDORAN Des Moines JEANICE RAKER EI. Dodge WILLIAM REICHOW Decorah HAROLD RIES Wesf Des MoInes JO ANN PETERSON CIIn+on ROBERTA POPINGER Cedar Ra pids DAVID RAMBO Websfer Clfy MARY ELLEN REIP Mason Cify PAUL RIGGLEMAN DeIoiI DONALD J. PETERSON Cedar Rapids CHRISTINE PRICE Offumwa ALLEN RAMSEY Cedar Rapids CAROL RESSLER WIIIiamsburg RICHARD RISK Sioux City SUSAN KAY PFOHL PHELAN Dubuque Ernrnefsburg JOHN DELAINE PRICE PROETT BurIIngIon Conrad JOHN D. RUTH RANDALL RANDALL Cedar RapIds Iowa Cify ROBERT JANE RETZ RICHTER Mancnesfer Davenporf RICHARD SHIRLEY RIX ROBERTS MannInc1 Mason Cify JOAN PHILLIPPS Iowa Cify JOHN PUCKETT Jeqerson JUDY REAGAN Sioux I:aIIs, S. D. jnniofm MARGARET RICKETT San Francisco, CaII RICHARD G. ROBINSON MaquoIce'ra fur M' 7-.1 -was 14- THOMAS ROBINSON Iowa Cify ELIZABETH RUNDBERG Des Moines CHARLES ROSENBAUM Des Moines RUTH RUNDBERG Des Moines DONALD ROSENKRANS Sac Ciiy JOHN RUNYON Vinfon ofiluzfzaldfzm Suubfw SHIRLEE SANBURN MapIe+on CAROL SCHULTE FI. Madison SANDRA SEIBERT Waferloo JANET SAUNDERS Iowa Cilry DONALD B. SCHULTZ WesIwinqIon MARGARET SEVERE Nora Springs JOANNE SCHAFROTH Corning HELEN SCHULTZ Iowa CiIy BARBARA SEYDEL Gladbrook MARILYN WALTER ROSS ROTHSCHILD Iowa Cify WeIerIoo ROGER MARY LOU RUSLEY RUTENBECK EeqIe Grove Avoca MARY JO LAVERNE SCHELL SCHILTZ Des Moines Dubuque JACK DOROTHY SCHULTZ SCHWENGEL Waukon Devenporf CAROL LEE JOAN SHAW SHAW Minburn Briff DOROTHY ROUDABUSH BrooIIyn SUE RUTLEDGE Des Moines WAYNE SCHMAHL AIvord DONNA SCLAROW Ames GAROLD SHEDA Merengo JACK ROUSE Brookiie-Id, III. DONALD SALVA AnqoIe, N. Y JEANETTE SCHMIDT Huron, S. D. JANE SCRUGGS Hof Springs, WALLACE SHEETS Tipfon Ark WAYNE ROUSE TerriI NANCY SAMUELSON Sioux Cify ROBERT SCHOELLER Des Moines THOMAS SIGNITZ Michigan CiIy Ind MARGARET SHERBO Des Moines WALLACE SHINKLE S'i:L.,- Ciiy ROSE ANN SIPPY Oxiofd ADELE SMART Iowa CiIy ELMER SORNSON Exira PHI LLIP SPIZMAN Des Moines RAYMOND SHIRLEY SHOULTZ SHULTZ Irma CiIy Griswoid EVELYN CAROLYN SIROTA SLAGER Davenporlr Iowa Cify BARRIE BILLY SMITH SMITH CharIes CiIy CIinIon NANCY MARIANNE SOWDER SPAIN SIaIen IsIand, N, Y. Parkersburg RONALD GEORGE STANGEL STANLEY Wa+erIoo Wes+ Liber+y ELLEEN SIEGEL ian-na CiIy THOMAS SLATTERY Chicago, III. STUART SMITH BurIinqIon JAMES SPARKS Davenporf GLENN STARK Hudson NORMAN SIGEL O+Tumv.fa MARCIA SLOANE Davenporli JACOUELINE SNOWGREN Ma rshaIIIown CAROL SPELLMAN New+on FRANK STEDRONSKY N. Riverside, III MARJORIE SINDELAR Cedaf Rapids SYLVESTER SLUKA CaImar LLOYD SODAWASSER GuHenI3erg KATHERINE SPENCER CIermonI ROBERT M. STEELE Shenandoah SIudy mixed wifh pIeasure. DONALD SOLL Nodhwood CHARLES SPRINGATE Iowa Cify ROBERT STEPHENS WesI Liberfy 'IN BARBARA SOMMERFELD Ames KENNETH SPRINGATE Des Moines SHARON STEVENS EairIieIcI wage wwf lap-A ROBERT L. STEWART Peoria, III, FRANK STRUB Iowa Cify JOHN SWIFT Des MoIres FAYE STILES Chicago, III. MARY STRUBLE Ames LINNEA TAYLOR KaIamazoo, MTCIW, RICHARD STOCKEL WesI New York, N. J. DONALD SUCHY BeIIe Plaine MARY TAYLOR Davenporf .Llvmal HJLL4 jmubfm BARBARA THAYER Davenpor+ MATTHEW THORNTON Lansing MICHEL THIELEN WaIerIoo RICHARD TIEMEYER I3urIInqIon FRANKLIN THIMMESCH Dubuque NANCY TORRENCE O+Iumwa CURTIS STOLTENBERG Davenporf WILLIAM SUDBROOK Newfon ROBERT TAYLOR Wesf Branch DUDLEY THOMAS Dubuque JEANETTE TRIPP Savanna, III, BETTY JEAN STONER WesI Branch STUART SUTHERLAND MonIIceIIo WAYNE TEGLER MasonvIIIe DOROTHY THOM PSON Cresfon SANDRA TROWBRIDGE Iowa Cify JOHN SHIRLEY STRAUMANIS STROHM SoIon CIInTon LADONNA DANIEL SWANK SWENSON Iowa CII'y Mason Cify JUDY LARRY TEMPLEMAN TERRY Muscaine Amee SALLY RICHARD THOMPSON THORESON Spercer Spirii Lake ROBERT DONALD TRUSSEL TURECEK Des IVIoIn-es Ivlanon BEVERLY STROHMAN CI'varEIon JOSEPH SWENSON LawIer GERALD THAIN Rock Fa'Is. III, MARGARET THORNTON La nsInq ANNE TURNER RocIcweII -if RICHARD UPTON BurIingI'on CHARLES WAGNER Cedar Rapids THOMAS WATSON Bloominqion, CHARLES WELCH Iowa CiIy FRED WILSON CoIesIourg Ind DON VANHULZEN OskaIoosa WALTER WAGNER Dubuque ROBERT L. WATTS La moni DIANE WELP Bancroii THOMAS R. WILSON Iowa Ciiy PAUL WILLIAM AUGUST JAN VERSCHOOR VIDEBECK VONBOESELAGER VOOGD MiIcI1eII, S, D. AfIan+ic Park Ridge, III. Woosfer, O, CAROL MARION CARMEN ANN WALDEN WALKER WARNER WATKINS Iowa Cify Gary, Ind. Iowa Ciiy Wa+erIoo BEVERLY LOIS MARILYN SAMUEL WAUGH WEEDE WEHNER WEINGART Budingion Iowa Cify Iowa Cify Des Moines DAVID MAX ROY TOM GARY WETRICH WHEATLEY WIEGERT WIGIM WILKINS Iowa Cify I-IiIIs Gilmore Cify Muscafine Wellman BEVERLY MARVIN DEAN JOYCE JOYCE WITMER WORTHEN YARWOOD YATES YOUNG Newion Iowa Ciiy Decorah Guihrie Cenfer SI. Louis, Mo. ARTHUR DUANE WACHUTKA WACKER BurIing'ron Newfon CHARLES ANN WATKINS WATSON DanviIIe Des Moines LURA AILEEN WEIR WEISS Arnold, Mo. FT. Dodge KERRY MARCELYN WILLARD WILLIAMS GiIrnan SibIey SUE GERALD YOUNGBERG ZIMMER Rockford, III, Amlceny 43 Qdv? if MEDICINE aoz COLLEGE OF MEDICINE ADDS NEW 'RESEARCH BUILDING PROGRESS was seen by Ihe SUI College ol Medicine lhis year as lhe new medical research building arose behind lhe Universily General I-lospilali The research building was Iinanced by a 5900.000 granl voled by The Iowa legislalure in l953 and a Fed- eral granl from The U.S. Public I-leallh Service in l955. The cenler will be used lo cenlralize and expand medical research al SUI and Io release addilional space lor service and clinical inslruclion, A guesl' ol Ihe College in Seplember was Dr. Paul Dudley While, one ol lhe nalion's leading carcliologisls. The SUI College of Medicine has 439 sludenls, all members ol Associaled Medical Sludenls IAMSI. Sixleen represenlalives, four from each class, form lhe AMS Council whose purpose is lo provide a closer relalionship among sludenls and belween sludenls and lacully. x Dean Nelson Dr. Norman B. Nelson came 'ro SUI in l953 as Dean ol lhe College of Medicine and Direclor ol Ihe Universily I-lospilals. I-Ie was Dean ol Medicine al American Universily ol Beirul in Lebanon and had a major role in eslablishing a medical school al UCLA in I947. In l956 he was a member ol lhe Governor's Commillee on menlal heallh. NORMAN B. NELSON Dean, College of Medicine Medical Sfudenf Council FIRST ROW: Richard Daniel Wolle, lreasurer: Jean McNally, secrelaryg John Swanson, president Roberl Sparks, vice-president Dr. Norman Nelson. SECOND ROW: Howard Wolf, Bernard I-loenk, Leroy Berry- hill, Howard Denbo, Arlhur I-lagan. THIRD ROW: I-Iarold Bailen, I-Iarold Rankin, I-Ierberl Gillis, Maurice Schnell. JAMES BARLOON Beffendorf BURTON CARLOCK TouIon, III. MYRON FESSLER Clarinda HAROLD BERGEE Eorr Madison DALE CHRISTENSEN Iowa Ciry ALLAN FISHER Iowa Cify LEROY BERRYHILL BuFIaIo Cenier MARVIN COLLENTINE Dubuque DOUGLAS FOLLI NGSTAD Iowa Cify CHARLES BOYLAN Cha rIes Cify PIERCE CORNELIUS Olympia, Wash. JAMES FRUDENFELD Iowa Cify THOMAS BRIGGS Iowa Cify RICHARD DAMON Council BIUIZIS GUY FRUMSON SI. Louis, Mo. An ovorwrouqhf sfudenf has his bIood pressure chefked as final week nears as I ,I g ,Z . Q - J- -1 as , :.'-,.w,:,--, tif. Z' :-"f:a5.:'1: I04 RAY BRI NKER Jefferson HERBERT DOUGLAS Meriden, Conn, JACK GALLOWAY Chicago, III. ORIN GRUBE Waverly ' EDGAR HANSON HumboIdT JOHN BRITZMANN I-Iawarden WILLIAM ELLIS MI. PIeasanf J. H. GARDN ER Iowa Ciry WILLIAM HALL For+ Madison ROY HASSEBROEK SheIc,Ion NORMAN BROWN Phoeniz, Ariz PAUL EPLER BrooIcIyn EDWARD GREEN Casfalia ALLEN HANDFORD Des Moines CLIFFORD HENDRICKS Davenpori JAMES HERSEY Independence VIRGIL KIRKEGAARD Sioux Cify MAURICE LEWIS Sioux Cify FRANKLIN MYERS SIweIdon HARRY RAMSEYER Pasedena, CaIi'I. 5 ROBERT HOFFMAN Riverside, III. JAMES KIVLAHAN Farley CHARLES MARTIN Devenporf SIGMOND NEDLER WaIerIoo JAMES REED For? Dodge WALLACE HOLTHAUS EarIviIIe FRANCIS KLINGLE Cresco GORDON McCREEDY Iowa Cify RAYMOND NIELSEN CIinIon JON RICH Riprvev RALPH HOOVER Waferloo MARVIN KOLPACK M uscafine JEAN McNALLY Sioux Ciiy ROGER PERKINS I-Iedrich JAMES ROBERTSON Anamosa ROY HUTCHINSON FI. Dodge JOHN KRUGGEL Lake Mills CHARLES MERULLA Anamosa CARLTON PETERSON Sioux Ciiy HARRY ROBISON Corydon STEPHEN JAMES Iowa Ciiy STEVEN KRUSE Olin DONALD MILES CenIraI CiIy RICHARD PFOHL Dubuque EARL ROZESOOM Oiiumwa JUDITH JEWEL Des Moines DONALD KUNDEL Minden CECIL MILLER Davenpod CHARLES POLLOCK OeIccIaIe HARLAN ROZENBERG Des Moines WILLIAM KETTELKAMP Moncna FRANK LAWSON CounciI BIuTLIs JOHN MILLER DavenporI Sminfm CARROLL RAMSEYER Iowa Ci+y GENE SAUNDERS WasI1inc3Ion RICHARD SCHELLINGER Council Bluffs RICHARD SPARKS Lynnville FRANCIS THORNTON Waferloo IO6 GERMAIN ALAN RICHARD SCHMIT SCHUMACHER SHAPIRO Iowa Cily Dubuque Iowa Cily ROBERT ROBERT JAMES SPARKS STEVENS STEWART Newfon Iowa Cily Iowa Cily JAMES GERALD JOHN TURNER VANDERVELDE WANAMAKER Odelooll Emmelsburg Hamburg Alone in a laboralozy, lward al work. RICHARD SMITH Iowa City WILLIAM STEWART Fairfield ROGER WESTERLUND Iowa Cily RONALD SMITH Clinlon RICHARD STUELKE Council Bluffs ROBERT WHINERY Iowa Cily ROBERT SOISETH Sioux Cily GERALD SUNNER Eagle Grove DONALD WILSON Iowa Cily RODNEY SO RN SON Exira JOHN SWANSON Olfumwa RICHARD WILSON Iowa Cily A comple-Ie case liislory is flue basis of all diagnoses. ga K a ,1Q,.js.uiff WW , n N L, . f. I 4 , -Qu - -av--m- . W, M W 0 Ml-Wei, . ir? . .. aiu---4 , .III EMERSON WIRTZ Boone JAMES WRIGHT Des Moines THOMAS WRIGHT Iowa Cify A-s The proIessIonaI rouiine soon becomes a way of Iife. A docfofs educifion Is never rcmplefe. Pa+Ienfs In Unhfersifv I-I x ospifals co-operafe for mecIicaI sfudenis learning Io become cornoefeni' QIinIcIans. 1 -we ' A 532 NURSING los COLLEGE OF NURSHNC5 CAPS I22 TO START PROFESSTON Tl-TE day aTTer Homecoming was one oT resT To mosT SUI sTu4 denTs buT To l22 sophomore nurses Noy. 4 meanT cappng. This annual ceremony marlcs The beginning oT a nurses laboraTory pracTice and The beginning oT her nursfng career. Capping is sponsored by The STudenT Nurses QrganizaTion QSNOT To which all sTuoenT nurses belong, SNC sTriyes To def yelop The nurses's academic and social inTeresTs. C5uesT lecTurers, inTormal social TuncTions and The WesTlawnASNO Tormal are some oT The acTiyiTies. The College aim is To graduaTe nurses who will pracTice under- sTanding, slcillTul and inTelligenT nursing care based on appreci- aTion oT The paTienT's emoTional, physical and spiriTual needs. This is parTly acquired Through The reguirernenT oT liberal arTs courses as a baclcground and The public healTh program Tor SSVTTOF TTLJVSGS. Dea n AydeloH'e MyrTle KiTchell AydeloTTe became dean oT The College oT Nursing in I949. She had previous experience aT ST. lVlary's l'lospiTal in MinnesoTa and was a capTain in The Army Nurses Corps. Dean AydeloTTe has received a B.S., Mfx. and PhD. Trom The UniyersiTy oT lVlinnesoTa. She has wriTTen arTicles and papers Tor medical magazines. .R-Jn MYRTLE KITCHELL AYDELOTTE Dean, College of Nursing STudenT Nurses OrganizaTion FIRST ROW: Nancy Coqswell, presidenTg Jean STocl1. vice president Carolyn l-lerman, Treasurerg Nancy Kaccre, secreTary. SECOND ROW: ElizabeTh WhiT- Ten, Marion Raindley, Lucy Shepard Janei Klingler. l MARY ANDERSON Cedar Rapids HARRIETE BRODY Qffumwa GLENDA EVANS BuIIaIo Cenier CAROL BARNUM Iowa Ciiy LILLIAN BYERLY Iowa Cify MARY F. EVANS Aurora, III BARBARA BELL Des Moines NANCY CARTER Muscafime NANCY FISCHER Iowa Cify CIass work builds fI"ie Ioundaiion for iaier pracfi e BETTY BOYER Cresfon HESTER COLLINS AredaIe CAROLYN FU RNESS Iowa Cify MAXINE BRAMMER Vinfon JEAN ETTE DAVIS Iowa Cify MARY GARDNER TuIsa, OIcIa. MARY BRAMMERLO Presfon DOROTHY DRAKE Winfersef KELA GILMORE LeMars DORIS JUDITH BIERE BISHOP Olin PI1oeriixviIIe,Pa. ALTHEA NORMAJEAN CHRISTOFFERSEN COCHRAN Chippewa I:aIIs, Wie. WaIerIoo PATRICIA VIRGINIA PRIEST FRISTEDT Garden Cify AIqoma TWILA GILMORE Leiviars CORRINE HANSON Downers Grove, III. SUSAN GOSCH WaII Lake NANCY HARPEL Des Moine JANICE HAGENS Mason Ciiy SANDRA HARRIS Cedar Rapids MARY HAGGLUND Oiiawa, III. HARRIETT HARTSHORN Iowa CiIy IIO RUTH H EN N ESSY Iowa CII'y LILLIAN JOHANNES Laurens LEANN MEYER Websfer Cify DOROTHY NAKANO Kamue-Ia, Hawaii SHIRLEY PETERSON Ames COLLEEN HILLIER Cedar Rapids JEAN KASPER Iowa Cify MARY JANE MEYER Warsaw, III. MARGARET NEFF JoIieI, III. DONNA PFANDER CIarInda if, BEVERLY HOCKEL Hardy SHIRLEY KUPKA Iowa Cify DOROTHY MEYERS Grundy Cen+er SHARON NEUBAUER Iowa CI+y JOAN PICHA Iowa Cny JEANETTE HOFFMAN Iowa Cify MARCIA LAMBERT Dysarf DOROTHY MILLER CarroII PATRICIA NEWELL AI+oona KATHERINE POPP CIInI'on ELIZABETH HOUG S+. Ansqar SHIRLEY LENZ MI'. Vernon PATRICIA ANN MILLER Des Moines DOROTHY OCASEK CI'1Ippewa EaIIS, Wrs. CAROL RASTRELLI CIInIon JOYCE HULTMAN Essex MARLYS LONG CyIinder JEAN MONTGOMERY Je-Fferson ELVIRA OSKOLKOFF KaIona JANICE REITER Norfnwood SHIRLEY HURLBUT Iowa Clfy MARILYN LYON Denison MARIAN MORGAN Clear Lake JOAN PALMER Maynard MARGARET RINKER BurIInq'fon SALLY JENNINGS KnoxvIIIe MARY MCCLATCHEY MapIe+on PATRICIA MORTENSEN Audubon jnmbfm MARY PEITERSEN Vincennes, Ind. KAREN ROBERTSON Anamosa SHIRLEY LYDIA ROLLENE SAGGAU Dows Denison DOROTHY MINTA SMILEY SMITH Davenporl' Des Moines O ,Suuofm LENORE SHIRLEY SWARTZ TAYLOR Eayelle Iowa Cily ERMA ARDITH TODD TOERBER Des Moines Massillon CAROL JUDITH WERNER WEST Slrealor, III. Paullina NANCY FERN MARJORIE VIRGINIA SCHENKEN SCHULER SHACKELFORD SHANKS Iowa Cify Humbolcll Des Moines Nora Springs SHIRLEY DONNABELLE MARY MARJORIE SPUNAUGLE STEARNS STEELE STOLTZFUS Council Blulzls Walerloo Cedar Rapids Iowa Cily VIRGINIA BARBARA JOYCE AUDREY TAYLOR TERRY THALACKER THOMAS Tulsa, Olcla. Ames Ollumwa Iowa Clly SALLY ANTOINETTE PHYLLIS MARILYN VANA VANDERBERG WALKER WARREN Marslwallfown Orange Cily Decalur, III. Ollumwa VIRGINIA BARBARA NANCY WOHLHUETER WOODCOCK WOODRUFF Dannelson Cllarilcn Burllnglon HARRIET SHARP Maquokela KATHLEEN STU MME Iowa Clly MARGARET THOMAS Iowa Cily BRUNHILD WEGNER Radclilzle PAU LINE WRIGHT Iowa Cily LUCY SHEPARD Muscallne MARILYN SWANSON Easl Mollne, III MARY THOMAS Iowa Cily JANE WEIR Davenporl' PATRICIA ZIMMERMAN Iowa Clly I' I fl' 5 HY 1 A rr I Each pa+ien+ presenfs a differenf sifuafion for nursing skill. Each area is flvorouqlwly sfudied by The SUI sfudenlr nurse, Affer capping Hwe real work begins-Arigorous , buf i rewarding. ,if + Q2'A a "Q -11 . - gf ,M ex, QR - mv ' -P- v as-'V-X mqfmfix-Q ,kb ' - x f is Y Q ff' X ww 5 3 ,:1gg,qg,: any bf' m idi A if R1 rg. f 2 Q L at qw Y sb fusing? A yi BW 5 'Q' 7 if ff w a L1' 7gNS,3-gamffaz, U ky ff L i A J , N,,, M is X, -fi? as l 5 S Syria f,4,s-iz, .Z R., , ..., at we fa f f X, ai.- . f V' 5 sk 1 1. Q .4 - a 1--Q as w..5,i 3 mga W, ,. ,K ' K 5. Mg- 13- f Bk 4 4 4? Q. , ,fx fy- .f- '1 ,s A22 1' 4 ' 4 gs, 4 ' ' -5 'ikllfm -ww -- 4 , - 5-. ,if N 9-. X, 1 X E N N ii Ki , .. ,,, ' ' ar g ' -wg WMM asm, -1 - f mgm x Q' ,K 1-1 by T 2 1 X -sz --W, , . fig' f.5 -r 'L V L . V -V ., , f . gifs, Wil -if M -f. g-gf -NG?E!MezS11.,ag,-- an ' I 'mmf , . ,, If-w.,,,,,E. EM J i J fy ki 4 F l II5 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY TRAINING COVERS FIELD TI-IERE is more To pharmacy Than making piIIs, 2II pharmacy sTudenTs Iearned This year. The annuaI "Pharmacy Prize Prom," heId Peb. Io, probably is The besT known acTiviTy oT The SUI CoIIeqe oT Pharmacy. The sacks oT pharmaceuTicaI iTems are highly coveTed aII over cam- pus. The Prom is sponsored by The sTudenT branch oT The Ameri- can PharmaceuTicaI AssociaTion, oT which aII pharmacy sTudenTs are members. The associaTion, a naTionaI organizaTion aims To Tamiliarize sTudenTs wiTh associaTion aTTairs, To sTimuIaTe Ieaderf ship and To promoTe The obiecTives oT The proicession, Courses in The CoIIege oT Pharmacy provide sysTemaTic in- sTrucTion in Those subiecTs deemed essenTiaI Tor The successTuI pracTice in all branches oT pharmacy Trom The drug sTore phare macisT To The TacTory anaIysTs. Dean Zopf Louis C. ZopT has been dean OT The CoIIeqe oT Pharmacy since I952 and direcTor oT The pharmaceuTicaI IaboraTories since I928. He received a MS. Trom SUI. In I956 Dean ZopT was named an ouTsTanding conTribuTor To pubIic heaITh by The Iowa PharmaceuTicaI f'NssociaTion. I-Ie is chairman oT American Asso- ciaTion OT CoIIeges oT Pharmacy. LOUIS C. ZOPF Dean, College of Pharmacy American Pharmaceu'IicaI Ass'n Richard WeIch, Treasurer: Max CIarIc, secieTary: Rob T Crawford. vice-presidenT7 James PohIe, pre-sicIenT. CHARLES E. ANDERSON Gowrie LOREN EDWARDS Dawson FRANKLIN MARSHALL Chicago, lll. WILLIAM BARRY Dyersville JAMES GAIN Macomb, Ill. JAMES OLSON Iowa Cify JACK BIEBER Da venporf DON GARDNER Forf Madison RICHARD PALMER Marslialllown Iaa SUCK!! of kvif f , ,ifk .,..V. VZ DANIEL BLOCK Forl Dodge E. RICHARD HANSEN Council Bluffs WAYNE PAULI Davenporr Precision is +l1e ingredienf for every prescriplion. JOHN CARBONARO Cicero, Ill. DONALD HUYGENS Akron JAMES PERKINS Rockford, Ill. JAMES DAGGETT Fairfield JOHN H. KOCH Adel GEORGE PIERCE Greenfield RONALD DVORAK Cresco JANE MACKEY Wall Lake EDWARD PITCHER Iowa Cify ROBERT EASTERDAY Cedar Rapids DAVE MACOMBER Olin JAMES POHLE Rockford, Ill. II6 DONALD POLLAK Cl1icago,lll. JAMES ROUSH Cliarilon ir 155 PHILIP PORTER Wilmelfa, Ill. RICHARD ROUSH Corydon MARK RAUENBUEHLER Burlinglon RICHARD SAND Ossian HOWARD ROBINSON Daverlporl JUSTIN SCHARES Jesup . S ggi at 5 ,.:. .J , ,, ,Y M I X N I W wi if . Q W Q: J -..,.i.Ls.-MA, fr' 'K-5 III g as ses-Qi Q? M iw.: 2 k 5,71 -' z S 3- -Q -: E , - ' l E I I wsu: , . A -4, I ,, I , ii ' , J -Mr 'W l " :'4 ' 'P' , - . A ' I '1" T Y'kkA , , E: is if i g l-3 .V,, N L, , 3 I4 5 A Qi W I A I' I I I I' I 'U Pharmacy s'udemIs Icarm mom 7I'iar iusI We arf QI making piIIs HADDEN DAVID WILLIAM SMITH SUTTER SYMONDS Sfuderifs rereive sysfarvatic imsrruciion in aII phases of pharmacy. Iowa Cify Iowa CiIy Iowa CiIy ELEANOR HAROLD DAVE THEISSEN WALLACE WEINKAUF Farlr Madison KmoxviIIe Cresco DEAN DONALD JOHN WELCH YODER ZUEHLKE Macomb, III. MorIor1, III, OIIumwa Those wI1c arferid The anriuei "I3I1armaLy Prize Prom' are pre- seriiad packaqei IiIIecI wirh various pI1armacei.iIicaI Hems. -qu R I OUR ACTIVITIES: SUI STUDENTS LEARIN AND HAVE FUN AS THEY PARTICIPATE SOCHAL LIFE :zo 911,20 Pmiim Bfmalf Houibm IMPROMPTU GATHERINGS PREDOMINATE IN SUI LIFE By eEORe-E KROLOFF STUDYING is a TuIIfTime iob. Coiiege is TOr Iearn- ing, Grades are imporTenT. IT is The knOwIedge gained and Time puT in Thaf cOunTs. ATT This may be True buT sOmeTimes iT drags. SO, iT is Time To Take a break. There are many ways. Some sleep. Some drink . . pop. Some go TO a movie. Some go TO a parTy. There are all Types OT parTies aT SUI. There is The big band, qaiIy deOOraTed, Union Type parTy. There is The VaIenTine's Day and ST. PaT's Type parTy, There is The "lTlI meeT yOu aT . . Type parTy. BuT mOsTIy There is The "I-Iow abOuT you and some OT The group Coming Over here Tor a IiTTIe geT- TOgeTher . , you know . . nOThing much . . iusT a IiT- Tle gaThering.M This is The Type OT parTy Tound all Over The Carn- pus every day. They are in TraTerniTy and sOrOriTy houses, dOrms, aparTmenTs Or On The riverbank. These are The Tun Type parTies. Why are These The mOsT prevaIenT Type parTy? Why are These The mOsT Tun Type parTy? IT shOuId be Obvious . . They are cheap. Easy IisTening in The I-IiIicresT music rOOm is a pIeasanT manner in which TO spend a rehving evening wiTh a daTe. wg :Vg ga if KW Everyone TO his Own TasTe. And some preTer TO smoke a pipe as a means OT Taking a break Trorn ThaT awTuI headache sTudying. Dancing or Taiking in The T-IiIIcresT reOreaTiOn rOOm OTTers anOThOr way TO spend an inTOrmaI evening away Trom sTudies. FIRST ROW: Jack Laughery, Jean Earrelf, Ernesl Riclrcll. SECOND ROW: Ann Waflcins, Ida Bell, Judiih Murlagh Thorcson. Ka'en Greenwood, Barbara Slienlies. THIRD ROW: James Tilfon, VVilliarn Pfuderer, James l-lubbarcl, Melvin Popofslcy, Presidenl . . Jaclc Laughery Vice-presidenl . Ernie Riclcell Secrelary . Jean Barrelr The women receive dance programs, our The rr-en gel oniy a ca'd, The Ceniral Parry Ccrnrnirfee dances were widely affended. CENTRAL PARTY COMMITTE Besel wilh all lypes ol problems The Cenlrai Parry Cornmillee pulled bands our of hals, enler- lainmenl our oi The air and decoralions our ol good honesr labor lo give SUI a speclacular social sea-I son. Wilh Brubeclc, Palmer, May, The Four lzreshl men, Armslrong, l-lillloppers and Ke-nron, how could rhey miss? The Dads Day Brubeck concerfr was +he lirsl sell-our in IO years. lnnovalions marked The year. Three bands were Tealured al The Homecoming dance and a name band appeared Tor lhe Tirsl lime ar Club Caloarel. This also was The lirsl year for small, complelely organized sub-commillees. ln The words ol CPC presidenl, Jaclc Laughery, "The purpose oi The Cenlral Parry Comnnillee is lo organize and sponsor all-Universily dances and concerls and lo advise olher groups giving parries. We Try lo provide The besl enlerlainmenl al The lowesl possible cosl. The Commillee does nor Try io make a profil and il doesnllfl ? M 'Sa Much Iim and 5?3IQf+ arg IFVOIVGCI In IIwe pIan- Refreshments are 5erved 3II'rInc1 We Infvrmkwicr a4 Q VFQ ard d cfaing ISV CPC-spcrwsored dances. Carta: QVPSQVITQCI duimq W0 SCFOOI yeef bw We Cf-P' RC-BANIZES AND SPONSORS SIX ALL-UNIVERSITY FIRST ROW: J. I-I. Hamimn, J. Kerwemy, M. Smprwenson, M. Lcevorwsky, M. J. CFrI5'er1aQn, E. MC-zvYn5Icy, SECO D. Markman, J. Fo5Ier, C. Dage C. SIngIey, C. Kay, C. STIQUIIGS, T. Rinden, THIRD ROW: J. BaIIavd, M. Pufney, W. Wilwq R. L. Cohn D. ZImmer, M. Bmgafrom, E, Newman. F. CII-Iara, QI' We aI'-sfudefvf Peffy Cm"wmIlTee. PARTIES ROW: S. Escher, Muse A. L. Davis, Im LEIEQJQ shzrfs ard a"qyIe Ichee seeks owe 'he rvworexsvr' 'haf sfivherhrno re arwse rn THIS CIO Gerrrar smcxefr Cahn. I: We O'1'Ihq,I2h1o Vive I he :rc IO Ihre rI:1h+I a ca I.1r'f'a: 3 a " 'O WMM? Ma-Jh11heIs Ima' fI-"I -ser.:if:r-GWWMJ w'au'o?h5 :skim 'SIPOUUG Ihe stage ar rhe Ear arf, IP'-3r'M7,s5'3r. f'XuIheh+5C G'?"'W'3F band accorhparw JIMMY PALMER OPENS SUI SOCIAL SEASON WITH 'HEIDELBURG HOP' The CewIraI Party Commhree presehfed The IIrs+ aII-campus sOeIaI evemk OI Ihe year, Seprember 28 Eh The main Iouhqe OI Ihe Iowa MerhOrIaI UNO", The geasoh Opener, ehhhed "I-IeIdeIburq Hop, kepr The cOupIes hoppihq wiIh The Iwo bahds Ihar were IeaIureO. JImmy I3aImer and hls new high Iidehfy orchesfra provided Ihe music in Ihe mah Iouhqe whIIe Leo Corhrhiqilia heId IorIh Eh Ihe River Room. I'wIerrhI5sIOh ehIerIaIr1rhehI was prOvIded by a reai, Iive, Imlrahoh GSVITIGVI marchmq band COVTI' pIere wIIh IeaIher parfrs, Swiss hawks ahd Ichee socks. Irw addihoh, a "I:raufIihe" OI SUI's I9eauhIuI co-edi appeared In a new VGVSIOIT OI a chorus IIhe, I25 'MEMORIES IN TRIPLEM' WELCOMES HOMECOMERS, PRESENTS MISS SUI The annuaI SUI I-Iomecoming dance in The Iowa MemoriaI Union, Nov. 3, concluded a weekend oT TranTic acTiviTy. The parTy, "Memories in TripIem.I received iTs name Trom The Three bands ThaT were TeaTured. Andy PoweII's own brand oT sophisTicaTed syn- copaTion TiIIed The Main Lounge, Leo CorTimigiIia's weII-Turned Tunes I4epT Them swinging in The River Room and DaIe Thomas and his group oT SUI swingsTers had The CaTeTeria rocking and roIIing. I-IighIighT oT The inTermission was The presenTa- Tion and crowning OT Miss SUI, Sandra Lohner, and her Tour aTTencIanTs. "Memories in TripIem," sponsored by The CenTraI ParTy Comr'niTTee, aTTracTed a Iarge crowd oT sTu- denTs, TooTbaII Tans, reTurning eIumni and Triends. omecoming coupIes 'ry To Iceep pace wiTh Three IiyeIy bands Iowa fans did some unpIeasanT reminiscing TInaT night The I-IawIfeyes meT Their one deTeaT OT The season aT The Homecoming game F . l 5 ii My W E An en i 2 SLV dirls pribvidcs in mms file-slrarivre r w Mei r ni h girl 4.-, is pi'e.e"ed ln 1 f --A i l HILLTCPPERS AND FLOWERS FEATURED lirnrvv File h-isrbi-M 2' nr-si'i1p:,.ifid?5TfiP ff,-le Tin'rEd 'N ,.,:k SNOWI' 7 IZ6 The appearance ol lhe popular recording starr rhe l-lillloppers, was an added allraclion lor revel' ling SUI sludenls al lhe winler lormol. The oerlv held Frioev, Doc. 7 was enlilled ih The Snow. Evervrhir-g al SUl lor rhe less? monlh had cer fe-red around lhe Rose Bowl. ll was only fippropri ale lhol CPC should peroeluale rhe supiecr. The mein lounge ol lhe Iowa Memorial Union was pee decked in pi-seasonal decoralions, pulling lhe Rose Bowl in 5 winrer selling. Every girl who ollended The dance was presenled wilh e rose. Besides lhe hlillloppers. Jimmy liealhersrones band provided The music lor dancing. The hell-lime enlerlainmenl was lurnished by 5 bevy ol girls lorming 51 chorus lhaf sang in Slji , slvle. .ff BILLY MAY'S BAND, 'MY FAIR LADY' ENTERTAIN AT SUI'S 'CLUB CABARET' SarnIey Donahue led The BiIIy May band Info The Iowa IvIen1oriaI UnIon and Info The heads OT The SUI crowd aw' The annuaI "Club Cabaret" Feb. 8. This was The hrsf name band ever Io pIay af a CIub SA DOWN? Iemb 'LQ TWV 'WHY Bend f'+ CWD Cafe?- Cabaref. Though Ihe BIIIy May band biayed snperbIy and was IhoroughIy abpreciaIed, Ihe evening was high- iIqhIed by The Infernnission enferfainrnenf. The home-grown IaIenI bresenIed a versIon OT "My Fair Ladyf combIe+e wI+h dancers and chorus. The 'nusIcaI, "My Fair Lady," was The Theme for The dance. A dandng en5ervbIe and a vOcf:I chorus opered In'fefn1IssIQn cnia-riaInmenT. Three bands prCvIdecI Ihe music Tor "CIub Cabaret' v.,, ,g.. V BW 21 if iv K Y 'Qf"Q"'1 S7 .fy , .M-H' 1, 'r ef ,. 'M ,V A ,, 4 , W Q, Ju A.- ,funny 517119 dQuQmaf5'Ifl9 CLUBS, HOUSES AND COLLEGES SELECT ROYALTY THERE is aT leasT one very disTincTive characTerisTic oT SUI. There is an abundance oT queens. In TacT, There are so many queens ThaT some oT Them are ncT even lrnown. lT seems ThaT iusT abouT every Time a group geTs TogeTher on The SUI campus They are campaigning Tor, elecTing or selecTing a queen. Colleges, hous- ing uniTs, organizaTions . .They all have a queen OT Their very own. There are all kinds. There is Miss SUI, Dolphin, Mecca, ROTC, Dorm, EraTerniTy and iusT This year a Miss DenTal l-lygiene was added To The honor role OT beauTies. Now The siTuaTion is complicaTed by The TacT +haT mosT oT These queens all have Tour aTTendanTs To go along wiTh Them. And, as anyone can see, This is iusT Too many celebriTies To lceep Traclc OT. BuT This siTuaTion is noT The sole responsibiliTy oT The males. SUI has so many queens ThaT even WesTlawn and Currier have Them. New coeds model ouTTiTs aT The Profile Previews show. """' T . Y"lfM5W 5 is i 5.5! ,J V FIRST ROW: Roberw' A. Young, Joan Barre-TT CaroI CrawTord Adehe Davis, So:raTes Pappaiohr. SEC- OND ROW: Jack Ieughery, RoperT Landess I.. Jay Ryan. PAGEANT BOARD GOVERNS MISS SUI CAMPAIGNING November sixTh ended The campaigns Tor The INIaTionaI EIecTion. 'IwenTy days IaTer iusT as vigor- ous a campaign ended in Iowa CiTy. IT was The weeff To seIecT The I956 Miss SUI. During The preceding week Ten beauTiTuI girIs had been Touring aII The men's housing uniTs wiTh Their companies OT enTerTainers. This was PageanT Week aT SUI. ITs purpose was To give To The sTu- LocaI businesses co-operare in disoiaving Miss SUI QOSTFHK. . frfi,52ff. . , ,gwvaewwfgviiic T or ssss I T ,. .sw -las D In X ""f L' c V VI I, denTs . . . especiaIiy The maIe sTudenTs . , . a 'IQueen oT Queensm ...Miss SUI. To organize such an evenT The Miss SUI I3ageanT Board was Tormed wiTh Three members named Trom each oT The groups oT STudenT CounciI, CenTraI ParTy CommiTTee and Union Board. Their iob was To conTroI The eIecTion and The Tinances oT The cam- paigns and promoTions. Campaigncrs work diIigenTIy Toi Their cand'da'es vfriTorj.f. 4, ' J NANCY NEWMAN IS MISS PERFECT PROFELE Take a blonde, Nancy Newman, and dregs ner ln a plaid wool blanlcel slclrl' willw a grey' crewlneclq swealer, place lner in Profile Pre- views, and wlwal do you lwaye? A winning cornbinallon, or ln ollwer words, lVl3ss Pe-rlecl Prollle ol l956. Nancy began as one ol 86 lreslwrnen and rransler wornen wlwo modeled llwelr besl clolhes ln llwe lvlaln Lounge ol lne lvlennorlal Union. Tnen llne lield was narrowed lo lwelye by lnree ludges wlwo were nol from llwe Unle versily, and llwe winner was announced, Ocl. l8. A soplwomore lransler sludenl from Coe College in Cedar Raplds, Nancy is a pollllcal sclence major. NANCY NEWMAN A winnlng combinallon l3l MECCA WEEK'S SANDY LCJHNER ELECTED TO REIGN OVER WENDY STRIEF KAY STARK JUDITH McLAREN PATRICIA POLLCCK E32 CAMPUS AS '56 MISS SUI An old hand aT The game, Sandy Lohner, who received among oTher honors The Mecca Queen TiTleship lasT year, became Miss SUI in November. Sandy Termed iT as "one OT The nicesT Things" ThaT had ever happened To her. OTher "nice Things" Tor Sandy This year has been a ride on The Iowa Rose Bowl TloaT in CaliTornia --and geTTing pinned. Sandy represenTed Gamma Phi BeTa in The Miss SUI conTesT. The winner was seIecTed Trom The TinalisTs by an all-male campus voTe. Sandy lilces To swim, bowl, and ice sI4aTe when she isn'T learning how To become an elemenTary educalrion Teacher. SANDY LOI-INER TiTIe, pin and parade were besT I33 MYRNA BRANDT SELECTED AS DOLPHIN QUEEN TO REIGN CAROL STIENTJES JUDQTH VAN CAMP ANN COOPER MARCIA MYERS OVER SWIMMING SHCJW Myrna BrandT reigned over The "I:esTival oT Venice," The 34Th annual Dolphin Club swim- ming show. I'Ier duTies as Dolphin Queen oTlicially sTarTed when she accepTed The "Banner OT Venice." "I iusT couldn'T believe iT was happening To me," Myrna exclaimed. She was placed in compeTi- Tion by Currier I-Iall. She should Ioe used To such clueenly honors, however, aTTer serving This year as Miss Iowa Rural ElecTriTicaTion and represenling Iowa on The Rose Bowl TIoaT in CaIiTornia. Myrna, an elemenlrary educaTion maior, is Trom PrescoTT. Ironically, This Dolphin Queen Iilces To swim. MYRNA BRANDT "I iusT couIdn'T believe iT." I35 DIANE FOSTER CROWNED AT FIRST ALL-GREEK DANCE AS MARY DONAHUE BETTY BROYLES MARY TAYLOR PATRICIA POLLOCK INTER-FRATERNITY QUEEN The Thela Xi's knew whal lhey were doing when lhev chose Diane Fosler for Their lnler- Fralernilv Queen candidale, Pelile Diane ad- vanced lo lhe lop of lhe courl and reigned over lhe lnler-llrarernilv and Panhellenic dance, 'iClulo fvrhenafi Jan, I l, A l-lomecoming Queen from liorl Madison l-ligh School, Diane adrnilled lhal she never had expecled lo be IFC Queen. Mll was wonderfull" she exclaimed. lFC Council delermined lhe Queen. Diane is social chairman ol Pi Bela Phi lhis year. Academically, she is in elemenlary edu- calion and ranlcs educalion and lileralure courses as her lavoriles. DIANE FOSTER Never had expecleol il. I37 2, . .iw-mf-,s ,.f,,Js- if ' ilu, ' V .M-mmm. M. rf: 3 ' se, anew gsfazi . , f , s 's,fEv1. i-f 5? . .- ' :"xi' :-Wt sf -an , ,,., we ' K Q . ev . .. 1 ' " 7 is ' zz i Mix., I . .,.. .M VIRGINIA VAN ORSDEL CROWNED AS INTER-FRATERNITY ,I ,.,,14,L ,..,, V ,, ,QV I IPPC I'rGSId5r1I Mike Mcfwley Crowns Gimrcr Van OrsdeI ouvimcg Iwmissiom OI the IFRCR ImrfwaI VT ,...,,.,., , , J in Candidahes FIRST ROW: Arm McCabe, Maw IvIaIIoy, Sue I-IIN RLJII1 Bfady. SECOND ROW: ROCITEIIG Cohn, Mary Semen EIIZGEJQIII Bscbner IvIafIIyn MIner, Marsha Lerdk SaIIy I3oa'cImarw. THIRD ROW: Dennis Kemp- ffraa' Mafde WQII, Amr Cooosr' Sandra Swanson. Mart' Myefs Kffncf QI-Iara, Nanzv Efickcfw, Bafbeva V' ' Ia V Sd I I-Icrvw Jaw, an QV. E-. PLEDGE COUNCIL QUEEN Wlwen Ginger Van Qrsdel learned during me inlermission of llwe lnler-Pralernily Pledge Dance, Marcli 2, Ilial slie bad been selecled IPPC Queen, slie was, in ber own words. 'iullrerly llabbergasledf' Sponsored by Della Tau Della Iralernily, Singer was cliosen from nineleen linalisls by Ilwree Iowa Cily businessmen. A Ireslwman willw plans lo become a denial lwygienisl someday, brown-eyed Ginger also was a Profile Previews Iinalisl in Cclober. Slie lilces lo swim and golf and will leaclw swimming Inis summer. Academically, slie is inlrigued by none oII'1er Tlwan cliemislry. Ginger, a Della Gamma, is from Des Moines. GINGER VAN ORSDEL Was ullerly Ilabbergasled. I39 KAY TAYLOR CLIMAXES COLLEGE YEARS AS HONORARY KAY TRUESDELL BETTY BROYLES JANICE BARNES ANN WATKINS CADET COLONEL OF '57 Being cliosen l-lonorary Calel Colonel and reigning over llie Mililary Ball, Marcli 8, l'ias clirnaxed a speclacular college career lor Kay Taylor ol Tulsa, Qlcla. Aller being Miss Perlecl Profile and Dol- pliin Queen in I953, Miss Iowa Press Plriolog- raplier in l954, and Miss Iowa ol l955, Kay was, neyerllieless, surprised upon learning slwe nad been selecled l-lonorary Cadel Colonel. Kay represenled Wesllawn Dormilory, A board ol RCTC army and air force men selecled lwer on laeauly, aclivilies, and grade poinlr. Busy Kay, a Pi Bela Plii, finds Time lo be Morlar Board presidenl, a senior nurse and an avid colleclor ol rninialure dogs. KAY TAYLOR Ends speclacular college career. I4I ENGINEERS SELECT NURSING STUDENT JAN NEWCOMER SHIRLEY BARKER CONSTANCE DEHAAN MARILYN MINER LINDA I-IILL AS I957 MECCA QUEEN Many bearded eoqmeers chose a vivaclous blonde lor llweEr sweellwearl, lvlarcb l5, dorlog me lvlecca Week celebrallow She is Jan New' comer af Nixon, Ill. Judqlcq on beauly, poise, amd personalffy, a commrllee ol swderls awd facully members from me College al Emglneermq narrowed me group ol I6 camdldales. 'll was a greal experience. l was so surf prlsed and very, very lwappyfl said Jam. Arworlwer everml ol lbls year llxal vvlll lmqer in Jarrs memory was Jrlwe day In December slre was capped as a soplwomore nurse. Jan, a Gamma Plwl Bela, lllces all Types ol sporls, buf lwer lavorile is wafer slqlmq. JANET NEWCOMER Mecca and cappmq will be remembered. I43 COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY ELECTS JUDY SHOEMAN AS FIRST MARCIA LEWIS BILLIE RECHER DORIS GUTTENFELDER JERALDINE BRIGHT MISS DENTAL HYGIENE During iniermissien oi ine annuai defiei dence, Appoionian Freiicf' 'ine iirs+ Misf Denial Hygiene was dnosen eng ine Queen was a giri who said if was iusi foo wonderiui fo be irue. Bui a poii oi ine denfei siudenis doesn'+ Fie, and Judy Sinoennen seryed as a preify begin- ning For ine iirsi Miss Denial Hygiene succes' sion oi Queens. Judy is ea queen wiiiw many inferesis. Siwe iiiqes fo swim and ski, buf mosf of eil, she iikes io knit 'ii knii socks and socksf' she discioses. Haiiing from Alrianiic, Judy is 6 Senior den- iei hygienisf. JUDY SHOEMAN Begins line of denial gueens. l45 MARILYN MINER CHOSEN BY MEN'S DORMITORY RESIDENTS SUE HICKS FERRON O'HARA JO WALTERS SU JOHNSTCN eff V9 I46 AS QUEEN OF HILLCREST A bIacI4-liaired, ivory-slcinned Iassie named Marilyn Miner was crowned I-Iillcresl Queen, May 3. Marilyn said, "I arn so qraleiul Io ine I-IiII- cresl boys wlio made il possible." Ailer being norninaled by Pi Bela Phi sororily, slne was cliosen by popular I-Iillcresl vole. A sopliomore wlio allended Sleplnens Col- lege Iasl year, Marilyn rode on Ilwe Iowa Rose Bowl Iloal and was in The Mecca Courlr This year. As lor paslirnes, Marilyn IiI4es Io be near Ilie waler. Slie Iwas been a Iiie guard for Ilie Iasr Iour summers. Marilyn, who is irorn Clriarles Cily, is a Iiislory rnaior. MARILYN MINER Likes Io be near Ilie wafer. I47 PRE-MED STUDENT MARY LITTIG PRESENTED AS QUEEN OF' LINDA HILL PEGGY KESSLER JANET NEWCOMER MARY EVANS QUADRANGLE, DEC. I5 Being chosen Quadrangle Queen December l5 lurlher indicaled The yersalilily ol pelile Mary Lillig. Nol only is she a sophomore pre-med sludenl loul she also has allained an impressive lour- Iooinl scholaslic record. Mary can laugh now over her anxiely when her Alpha Della Pi Sororily named her lheir candidale for Quad Queen, "My enlry piclure was lerriblefl said Mary, "and l lhoughl lhey had lorgollen me because l was lhe lasl one called." Bul lhey hadn'+. l-lailing from Mechanicsville, Mary rounds oul her busy schedule wilh swimming, canoeing and coolcing. MARY LITTIG Nl lhoughl lhey had forgollen me." I49 KING CURT HOFSTAD AND REIGN OVER FIRST S. U. I. SeI'IInq a new precedent InIer-Dorm King CurI I-Iowfslrad Iwelped Queen DIxIe Davenporlr execuIe royal duIIes aI The Iirslr Infer-Dorm Dance, "CeIesIiaI BaII," Feb. I5, CurI' represenfed QuadrangIe Dorn'1iIory. GirIs II1aI aIIended Inis dance voIed on IIwe dormnory Iclng cancIidaIes. As II being a Idnq is noI enouqn, CurI was also e IVIEBCC candidefe In ApriI. Wnen II comes Io inferesfs, CMI has very common IasIes-girIs and parfles. I-Ie aIso IIIces Io weIer ski and WIII Ilfeguard In Cape Cod IIIIS summer. CMI Is a commerce senIor Irom GIIcIcIen. CURT HOFSTAD I-Ias very common IesIes. ,, 'NL , 'rf' Q1 fkfffr V 'cw' . I ' -' ' 1 I I .- 3,3 I -I ' .- ' . 3 ,QQ j-'Iii ' 1' fffvgwnf I I 'IWW E lr - f I SLT' , 'W we ,,,,. , ,, gf.,-I 5 I L I50 QUEEN DIXIE DAVENPORT NTER-DORMITORY DANCE Dormiiory men chose a singing queen for Ihe Inier-Dorm Dance heId Feb. I5, as Ihe bIue- eyed Dixie DayenporI warbied regaliy aiong wiih Les Brown's Band. 'II couIdn'I begin Io express how IhriIIed I wesfi Queen Dixie remarked. She was spon- sored by Currier I'IaII, Dixie made several vocaI recordings for Sky Records This year. She aIso was Ieafured vocaI- isI Ior a campus guarieijre, Ihe Hawkeyes. In addifion To her singing, Dixie Iikes Io dance, paini and swim. A sophomore from Anamosa, she hopes Io Teach speech and dramaiics afier obIaining her secondary Ieaching cerIiIicaIe. DIXIE DAVENPORT Singing queen heIps enIerIain. ISI NURSING DORMITORY CROWNS SENIOR MARY EVANS SUE BENGSTON DONNA PFANDER MIRIAM MICHENER MARY ANN McCLATCHEY l52 AS QUEEN OF WESTLAWN . 5 f Dei. I was ouile a oay for Mary Evans. On lnif day she Celebraled her Zlsl biflhday by beinq crowned Wesllawn Queen. A senior in nursing, Mary lirsl represenled her unil in The conlesf, and lhen The enlire Wes+lawn vole cle-lermined Mary as winner. She was also a Quadrangle Queen allendanl This year. An lllinoian, Mary lalces lime lrom her nurs- ing dulies lo play hoclcey and golf. In addilion, she is an enlhusiaslic polo lan. Mary is aclivily-minded, loo. She has worlceol on Union Board and Wesllawn Qommillees, is a member ol Gamma Phi Bela and a former Scollish l-liqhlander. MARY EVANS A 2 I sl birlhday presenl I53 CULTURE IS4 Mm ' Fmlv 011411 5719 MRS. FDR, 'SATCHMO,' ATTLEE AND CHILDS APPEAR SUl ouTdid iTselT This year as To The number and prominence oT visiTors To The campus. Earl ClemenT ATTlee, Eleanor Roosevelt Marquis Childs, Jesse Qwens and l-lenry l-lull all came, saw, and con guered The hearTs ancl minds oT SUI. Musically, SUI was a swinging campus. The Dave Brubeclc guarTeT and The Pour Freshmen sold ouT The Union. NOT ThaT Louis "SaTchmol' ArmsTrong and his everfloving Velma MiddleTon leTT a seaT wiThouT a sTomping sTuolenT. Dulce EllingTon, Ralph MarTerie and Jimmy Palmer headed The herd oT excellenT musicians who perTormed aT dances. For The more serious minded There were The SolisTi DiZagreb and The Minneapolis Symphony. BRUBECK QUARTETTE ENTERTAINS SELL-OUT CROWDg GETS MATTRESSES The Dave Brubeclc QuarTeT drew The Unionls TirsT sell-ouT concerT crowd, OCT. I2. The ovaTion given Them indicaTed ThaT Those noT already sold on Their sTyle oT modern improvisaTion were ready To buy. This swinging group swung inTo SUI wiTh a brand new drummer, Joe Morello. Morello's sTyle seT SUI sTudenTs swaying and wiTh maTTresses acguired while on campus, The quarTeT deparTed sleeping soundly over The success oT Their showy syncopa- Tion. The Dave Brubeclc QuarTeTTe played in a sTudenT-filled Union. Joe Morello's drums added a new bounce To The brillianT ensemble. UTI aI?as Mark Twain enTer'aineo by reading 3 :T Trowa The ircornoarabhf nurnefi-5Ts work HENRY HULL RECREATES CHARACTER OF MARK TWAIN IN UNION, OCT. 24 The eminenT acTor OT sT-age and screen, Henry I-IUII, opened his visiT To SUI, OCT. 24, as Mark Twain. In The Iowa Memorial Union, Mr. I-IUII, wiTh sihfering hair and a bushy rnusTache, re-creaTed The unTorgeTTabIe Marlc Twain beTore an enThusiasTIc audience. WiTh a sIighT drawl To cornpIeTe his enacTed characTer, he gave an auTobiographicaI IecTure on The IiTe and resuITing works oT This rnennorabIe American IiTerary personaIiTy. SOLISTI DIZAGREB STRING MUSICIANS SET HIGH TONE FOR CONCERT SERIES The Nov. 8 appearance oT The So!isTi di Zagreb seT a high Tone Tor The seasons concerT course. The YugosIavian group oT I3 sTring musicians, under The Ieadership oT ceIIisT fXnTonio Janigro, perwcormed nnusic spanning Two cenTuries. QuTsTancIing in The progranfw was The I5uneraI Music Tor Vioia and STrings by PauI I-IinderniTh. IT was apparenT Trom The reacTion oT The audience ThaT The SoIisTi oi Zagreb expressed a viTaI personaIiTy aII ?Ts own. I- Ted seIT-e o si n a G 1rea' Sohsfl slave ence" Pxnhiri ariqf s 5,bIf-2 aire in Macbride A ATTlee Takes a shorT resT aTTer his Trip To SUI amidsT sTorms oT blinding snow and conTroversy. CLEMENT ATTLEE ARRIVES AT SUI AS PRIME MINISTER EDEN RESIGNS Many eyes were on Earl ClemenT ATTlee when he arrived aT SUI, Jan. 9, in The worsT blizzard ol The winTer and in The greaTer sTorm Caused by The resignaTion oT BriTish Prime MinisTer Eden. Al- Though bad weaTher delayed his planes landing, he was meT by eager reporTers and news service in- quiries Trom all over The c:ounTry. ThaT evening The posT-war prime minisTer spolce To an SUI audience in The Union on The "World Today." I-le CenTered his leCTure around Englands naTionalizaTion program Trom I946 To I95I, when he was prime minisTer. The veTeran BriTish labor leader consenTed To several guesTion and answer sessions buT his Com- menTs on The BriTish poliTiCal scene and The nexT prime minisTer were resTricTed To, "ThaT's enTirely The Queens prerogaTive." AT every opporTuniTy he emphasized ThaT Eden's resignaTion was due To poor healTh. AlThough Tew people were enlighTened all were highly amused by ATTlee's keen sense oT humor. A dubious loolc Trom England's Tormer prime minis- Ter Tells The reporTer his quesTion won'T be answered. A run-down on currenT e-venTs rounds ouT ATTlee's proparahon Tor his lecTure on "World Today." I The Mnneapolis Symphony under The cornpeTenT direcTion oT AnTal DoraTi presenTed Two concerTs in one day in The Union Tor SUI audiences. The besT available seaTs are checlned by Two prospecTice concerT-qoers Tor The Minneapolis Symphony's aTTernoon perTorrnance in The Union. MINNEAPOLIS SYMPHONY SUSTAINS FINE REPUTATION AT SUI, JAN. 22 "SorneThinq indescribable: someThing which we can only call greaT," These were The words oT The Daily Iowan aTTer The Minneapolis Symphony had perTormed Tor an SUI audience in The Union, Jan. 22. The orchesTra has appeared in all parTs oT The Unilred STaTes, Canada and Cuba. ITS SUI per- formance has become almosT an annual evenT. AnTal DoraTi conducTed The "Orc:hesTra on Wheels" Through Two diTTerenT concerTs in one day. DoraTi's individualisTic sTyIe oT conducTing produced excellenT resulTs. The delighTed audience enioyed a repe-rToire ThaT ran Trorn The orThodox-sTriCT To The IighTesT OT The modern lighT. I l I58 W - 'N 21. . -f is fm-ff I , . 5 ' fs., --sissy. .r 'jr-gg 15- HV' ' 95" -- K frflg . -, ru , S - 1 ' Q ' ' .. I H ' -F" My . mn K , . . X , .. . , 65? 'HWYQ 7 .2 ' i-" 'Jaffe' i .1 'E Is ' tw ' ' - s , af ., 1-J, I li , .2 T 1. 5-:. 5- r '1 I K VF 4 V - .5 f .gr ff , ww .- SUI sTudenTs had an opporTuniTy To meeT Mrs. Roose- Mrs. RooseveIT emphasized The necessiTy oT The UniTed veIT aT a luncheon given The aTTernoon beTore her IecTure. STaTes To Tace iTs posiTion oT world leadership Today. MRS. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT URGES U.S. TO FACE WORLD LEADERSHIP, MAR. I3 As The Middle EasT Crisis reached iTs peak, The STaTe UniversiTy OT Iowa was hosT To Mrs. Eleanor Rooseveljr, 'llhe I:irsT Lady oT The World." Nearly 2,000 people jammed The main lounge OT The Iowa Memorial Union To hear The venerable Mrs. FDR spealc The evening OT March I3. Mrs. RooseveIT presenTed and discussed The ques- Tion, "Is America Facing World Leadership?" In her IecTure, sponsored by The UniversiTy LecTure Series, she repeaTedIy emphasized The need ol The UniTed STaTes To Tace iTs posiTion oT leadership and To demonsTraTe an undersTanding oT oTher people. Only by This way, she believed, could The U.S. pre- venT The world-wide spread oT Communism. IT is an uncomTorTabIe posiTion To be The one counTry ThaT has everyThing when many have noThing, she said. Mrs. RooseveIT was appoinTed To The U.S. dele- gaTion To The UniTed NaTions in I945. One year IaTer she was eIecTed chairman oT The Commission on I-Iuman RighTs oT UNESCO. I59 Mrs. FDR is meT aT The Iowa CiTy depoT when she arrived in March To speak aT an SUI IecTure. fm. .W 1 -M' fwf- Marquis Childs recived his MS, degree aT SUI in l925 I-Ie commenTed ThaT The campus had grown more compIicaTed COLUMNIST CHILDS FINDS CAMPUS LARGER AND MORE COMPLICATED Reminiscing abouT his own college days aT SUI, Marquis Childs said The campus has become larger and more complicaTed Through The years. The noTed syndicaTecl WashingTon news colun'inisT relrurned To speak on "The WesTern Alliance-Will IT l.asT7I' in The Union, Feb. 20. ColumnisT Childs, who received a Mfx. degree aT SUI in I925, said l-IillcresT DormiTory especially inTeresTed him as he Tlew over IT, Tor in I925 The hill was The siTe oT his wile's family home. CROONIN6 FOUR FRESHMEN RETURN TO SUI TO DISRUPT CAMPUS AGAIN To prove ThaT you can'T beaT success, "Four Freshmen," who had compleTely disrupTed The cam- pus lasT year, reTurneol To do The same Thing by re- quesT. The leader, Ross Barbour, claimed They hadn'T had such a Tine receplrion since The previous visiT, also a sell-ouT aT The Union. The oThers in The quarTeT, Ross' broTher Don, Ken Albers and Bob Flannigan all gave a harmonic and well accepTed approval To Ross' sTaTemenT. A capaciry crowd Throhqed The SUI Union To hear The popular Four Freshmen periorm Their besi-selling recording. Les Brown and his Band oT Renown provided The music Tor The InTer-DormiTory Dance aT SUI The evening oT Feb. I5. TRACK STAR OWENS EMPHASIZES NEED FOR INFORMING ATHLETES Jesse Qwens, said To be The greaTesT Traclq sTar oT The haIT cenTury, Told a rapT SUI audience, Feb. 6, ThaT The Rose Bowl Trophy will soon be Tar- nished and The banners waved will be covered wiTh cIusT buT an unoIersTanding oT Tellowmen gained in The conguesT will be cherished as a guide To beT- Ter living Tor The resT oT The aThIeTes' lives. Owens emphasized The need Tor aThIeTes To be inTormed, enabling Them To become civic leaders. 'SATCHMO' AND VELMA ENTERTAIN SUI CROWD WITH VARIETY, MAR. 26 Louis "SaTchmo" ArmsTrong and his IIAII-STarsIi came swinging inTo Iowa CiTy The nighT oT Ivlarch 26 and proceeded To blow up a sTorm in The Union. Their music ranged Trom HI-Iigh SocieTy Calypsofl Trom Louis' movie wiTh "Bing and all Them caTs,'I To The sTompabIe "IVIusIfraT Ramblef' The group TeaTured veTeran Edmond I-Iall, clarineT: Trummy Young, Trombone: BarreTT Deems, drums, Billy Kyle, pianog Squire Gersh, bass: and The lovable showe sTopping vocaIisT, Velma MiddleTon. Louis ArmsTrong and Company blew Tor all Their worTh To a deIighTed SUI audience aT The fxrmsTrong concerT in The Union. The greaT Traclc sTar, Jesse Owens, emphasized Tair play, noT The winning oT Trophies, as The ulTimaTe goal oT aThIeTics. i 1 4 i 3 5 I I I i 1 6 1 f w I Y i X i 1 Q 1 AwmwwMww-l1.1wwf -M-w-.w-1-w--1-ffwm-ui- w11--vfwf-wfumlm-1 .SHUI n fn 5 MUSICAL GROUPS FORMED BY UNIVERSITY STUDENTS SUI is a musical campus. ITs music is a music oT conTrasTs. On a cool auTumn aTTernoon The soTT hum OT The wind mixes wiTh a banal TrumpeT call Trom The marching bandls pracTice Tield. I.aTer The melodic sTrains OT The Messiah mix wiTh a iulqeboxls raucous roclc and roll. A TraTerniTy's seranade is over-ridden by a monoTonous auTo horn. Spring Tinds The rhyThmic dip oT a canoe paddle sooThing The sTeady rumble oT a Burge I-Iall air drill. SYMPHONY BAND MAY BE OLDEST IOWA GROUP SUI's symphony band has reTained iTs respe-cT and sTaTure on campus Tor 76 years. The band is believed To be The oIdesT musical organizaTion wiTh conTinuous perTormance in Iowa. In The Tall, audiTions were held by The band's conducTor, Frederick C. Ebbs, and new parTicipanTs were seIecTed. The band immediaTeIy began To prepare Tor iTs spring concerT series. The TirsT Tormal concerT was in The Iowa Memorial Union, Jan. I6. The second concerT was March 20. During April The group made a Tour oT wesTern Iowa. The Tinal band concerT oT The season was presenTeoI May 8. FREDERICK C. EBBS DirecTor, Universi'I'y Bands The SUI Symphony Band, under The direcTion oT Frederick C. Ebbs, presenTed several Tormal concerTs and Toured wesTern Iowa. T I I 2 I JAMES DIXON Direcfor, Universi+y Orchesfra The SUI OrcheSTra la 5 an im ,orTanT TuncTion in The musical realm, F7 Y V' SUI GRCHESTRA AND CHORUS PRESEN A new concerT masTer and an increased membership gaye This year's UniyersiTy orchesTra a sound as reTreshing as The proverbial "sweeT sumf merls breezefl The orchesTra's calendar was highlighTed by shorT Tours ThroughouT Iowa, The presenTaTion oT a February concerT Tor The Music Teachers: NaTional AssociaTion in Chicago and The appearance oT Samuel Barber aT a TesTival program which Te-aTured his cornposiTions. WiTh The conclusion OT The Tinal concerT in May The sweeT summers breeze died down To a calm. YeT The memory oT The pleasanT sounds produced by The UniyersiTy orchesTra are sTill savored by SUI audiences. The o:che5TraT5 calendar was hTghTighTed by short 'Tours lhioughouT The sTaTe. The 'Tvlessiah' and T'Passion Accoroihg To ST. John' we'e 'wo Lhorus prese-nTaTions. -IOME CONCERTS THROUGHOUT YEAR Under The direcTion oT Dr. Herald l. STarlc, The 265 members oT The UniversiTy chorus enTerTained campus audiences ThroughouT The year. AlThough parTicipaTion in The chorus is considered as an acTiviTy, mem- bers are awerded one hour oT crediT. ln addiTion To The regular concerTs The chorus co-operaTed wiTh oTher UniversiTy groups. In November The group worlced wiTh The dramaTiC arTs deparTmenT To produce SUl's TirsT musical comedy, l'l:inian's Rain- bow." Adhering To an SUI TradiTion, "The Messiah" by Handel was pre- senTed aT ChrisTmas Time.A program oT parT songs wiTh The chamber singers and The passion play according To ST. John compleTed The seasons perTormanCes, The chorus co-operaTed wiTh The Dramarics DeparTmenT To produce 'Finian's Rainbow." HERALD STARK DirecTor, UniversiTy Chorus -N" ' h"""m+w'- . ,- Iowa" means peopIe, and IoTs of Them, aT a TooTbaII game. The T956 TooTIJaII games were aTTended by several record-breaking crowds. The Marching Band Iooks and sounds good any way you Iook aT iT. A .-iff' Q 1, SUI MARCHING BAND PLAYS IN ROSE BOWL Under crisp auTumn skies a bIare oT TrumpeTs sounds Trom The end zone, a high-sTepping drurn major appears and once again The STaTe UniversiTy oT Iowa marching band Takes The field. The Teamwork and spIiT-second Timing demon- sTraTed in The inTricaTe TormaTions and spiriTed songs iusTiTy The Tremendous hours oT rehe-arsaI spenT un- der The direcTion oT Frederick C. Ebbs and assisTanT, J. B. WhiTIock. The IOO Trained musicians also do acappella singing. The band received naTion-wide aTTenTion This year by iTs parTicipaTion in The TournamenT oT Roses pa- rade and The Rose BowI haITTime ceremonies. WheTher in The Rose Bowl or The Iowa sTadium, a deep TeeIing oT pride is reTIecTed in every Tan's Tace when The "Alma IvIaTer" is played. This is Their band and This is Their school. i I Seep over-powers fwc cceos while The SccT+isn lardscape goes by. HIGHLANDERS TOUR CONTINENT, PERFORM IN ISLES WiTh bagpipes sounding and Their lcilTs swinging 72 SUI ScoTTish I-lighlanders marched across Europe and inTo The hearTs oT The people There in The sum- mer oT l95o. This Trip had been long anTicipaTed buT surpassed expecTaTions. BeTore sailing Trom New Yorlc The Iowa girls had Tea wiTh The BriTish ambassador, played in TronT oT The WashingTon lvlonumenT, perTormed Tor New Yorlcs Mayor Wagner and appeared on The Ed Sullivan TV show. The Time Tlew as The girls Toured France, The INleTherIands, Germany, England and ScoTland wiTh Time-ouT Tor independenT side Trips. The impressions OT caThedrals in Cologne, casTles on The Rhine, Toune Tains in Rome and liTe in Paris are unTorgeTTable. BuT iT is The Tunny incidenTs ThaT are reminisced: The girl who was conTused by lTalian currency and Tipped a cab-driver SIS, The girl who lived Trom one suiTcase because Cunard Lines misplaced The oTher, The parTy in a Koblenz wine garden wiTh Tellow SUI sTudenTs and The IO-day bus ride Through The High- lands oT ScoTland. The group's size presenTed consTanT Travel prob- lems buT all were surmounTed by DirecTor William Adamson. CrediT Tor delivering The girls home saTe and unchanged lexcepT in weighTl was due To his imperTurbable calmness ThaT channeled conTusion inTo a memorable Trip. "The Press and Journal" oT Aberdeen is crediTed wiTh This picTure oT The Highlanders parading in Aberdeen, ScoTland. ong "lgniTaries To sign The drum were PresidenT and Mrs. Eisenhower SCOTTISH WOMEN'S BAND TOURS THROUGH UNITED STATES The Highlanders' Traveling did noT end wiTh The summer in Europe, SepT. 22 The group perTormed aT The NaTional Plowing ConTesT in ColTax where PresidenT Eisenhower auTographed The coveTed drum. The Tollowing weelcend They wenT To Bloome ingTon, Ind., To enTerTain aT The Iowa-Indiana TooT- ball game. The high poinT came during ChrisTmas vacaTion when The Highlanders Tollowed The Hawks and Their Tans To The Rose Bowl. Their perTormenCes in The parade and The game were Televised. The Cali- Tornia Trip was exTended To include perTormances in Phoenix, Ariz. lin The TirsT rain There in nine monThsl and in l-lousTon, Texas. The group presenred haf?-rime and pre-qarrre enrerrairvnen' The Hrghhznders denfwcnsirared Their loyahy fo rhe Hawkeyes ar home games durrnq rhe foorpah season and ar Indiana. by nnarchinq SV? rnires In The Tcurnarnenf of Roses Parade F. Achenbach, J. E. Anderson. J. B. Ashron, J. Arlonson, S. Barker, J. M. Barnes, E, Bares, B. Bareson, 3. Belsei, D. BeH, I. Befl, B Bloom, E. Boehner, S. Broolcrnan, J. N. Bryan, L. A. Cannpbefi, S. R. Campbeh, C. Casey, M. Cass, N. Chesrerrnan, M. L, Chrisfensen C. Cilelc, J. A. CYarJc, K. Clause, J. C. Cooper, C. F. Crawford, J. Crofr, N. Crone, M. Doden, N. Dodge, S. DoneNson, N. Doss E. Field, C. Foore, J. D. Frush, M. Garvy, J. Gnmer, M. Gifcheh, M. Coen, M. Greene, K. Greenwood, G. Gross, P. Hafner, V. Haqens, J. H. Hamifron, G. Hanson, G. Hernenway, N. Henderson, C. Herman, A. Hidcerson, M. Hrckerson, J. V. Horner, V. Hunr J. Jarrard, Cheryr Johnson, J. J. Johnson, J. E, Johnson, K. Jollirfe, S. J. Jones, J. Karnz P. Keerer, D. Kernpenaar, M. Kerefsen, S. Kniqhf, K. Korns, D. Krabbenhcfr, M. Ladd, A. Larscn, N. Larch, M. Leonard. L. Long, N. Lnrhans M. Mahcy, J. Marhn, S. Mavis L. C. Miller, P. Miher, S. J. Miller, D. Moeher, C. Moen, J. Newcorner, J. Niynerer, J. Norqaard, S. A. Norfon, J. OJHara, K Okerlln, M. Osborn, J. Peckurnn. C. Pfahrzgrarf, S. Pfautz J. Poors, M. Rafe, J. Rrchrer, A. C. Roblnson, E. Roqqenlcarnp, D. Roald:- bush, R. Schafz, D. Schwen el, M. Seabur , M. Scberq C. Srnofe , B. Sknwrnons, C. A. Snnirh. M. L. Snnrrh, S. Sodersrrorn, M. Spies C. Srarre-H, . re, an , . fe 5 ., . ew , . . 'C , . romas, N. Torford, C. VaNy, L. Vandevhog, L. Vofroubek, N Q Y Y K Sr o rek M S pners N S+ arr M I Thr le P Th Weih, C. VV'e+zeU, J. Vfrhianns. M. Woodman rw' ..4.. 'i'7"""' N"N"" "r S! U cm X '1"1'!:5g1 MWWX 3 IH!! 0 UMQRAQU. SHAKESPEARE AND WILLIAMS AMONG SIX PRODUCTIONS I3acIcsTaqe crews work TuriousIy To Iceep The pIay running srnooThIy and To prevenT any raTasTicphes ouT on The sTaqe. ATTer 43 years, SUI sTudenTs are sTiII enThusi- asTicaIIy aTTendinq and parTicipaTing in The Univer- siTy TheaTre, one OT The cuITuraI cenTers oT The carnf pus. An ouTsTanding TeaTure oT This organizaTion is The varied seIecTion oT pIays presenTed which range Trom Shakespeare To Tennessee WiIIiams. Under The direcTion oT A. S. GiIIeTTe, The TheaTre deparTmenT produced six plays during The I95657 season. 'THE DESPERATE HOURS! OPENS YEAR The SUI TheaTre season was opened wiTh "The DesperaTe Hours." This ThriIIer, direcTed by WiIIiam Reardon, IcepT The audience Tensely awaiTinq each new deveIoprnenT. The Terror-sTricIcen I'IiIIiaroI Tann- iIy, porTrayed by SeIdon I3aII4er, The TaTherg Marion IvIichaeI, The rnoTherq Jeanlee IVIaThey, Cindy and Dennis Reardon, Ralphie, were convincing in Their perTormances, RoberT BenTIey, Dennis Jones and Ted Johnson added To The humor and suspense. Tense and dranwaTic 'DesperaTe I-Tours' successTuIIy cornrnencf-d I95657 Thealrre season aT The STaTe Univer5iTy oT lcwa. Uf 6U'mlz.4 OF I956-57 SEASON "Finian's"wes 5irsTSUl-produced musical. "The Dancing Feet," oerTormed by Jo Lcchay, helped add an arTisTic Touch. AUDIENCES DELIGHTED BY FIRST SUI MUSICAL, IRISH 'FINIAN'S RAINBOW' "DelighTTul" was The word To describe The musi- cal, "Finian's Rainbow," direcTed by Willard Welsh. IT Told oT Irishman Finian IVlcLoneran and his daughf Ter who had come To America bringing wiTh Them an Irish leprechaun, Finian had sTolen The poT oT gold belonging To The leprechaun, hoping To ine crease his TorTune, and seTTled wiTh his daughTer in MissiTuclcy. The humorous experiences oT Finian, along wiTh The colorTul songs and dances, made SUl's TirsT musical Thoroughly enioyable. Barry Fuller as The leprechaun added To The humor. The proTessional dancing oT Jo Lechay, por- Traying a cleaT and dumb girl, provided an arTisTic Touch. Finian, played by Fred Sederhoim, and his daughfer, by Rosalie Samberg and Deborah Trissel, gaye excellenT perTormances. To creaTe a characTer on sTage requires more Than knowing cues and acTing well, The appropriaTe malce-up is necessary. The esTablishmenT oT The Trish Free STaTe aTTPr The war produced mixed ernohons in The Boyle Tamily, War memories sTIll exlsred. CapT. Jack Boyle and Triend Joxer Daly provide comic relieT To The sober Theme oT "Juno and The Paycoclcf' O'CASEY'S 'JUNO AND THE PAYCOCK' DEPICTS IRISH RAGS-TO-RICHES STORY The seTTing Tor Sean Q'Casey's 'duno and The Paycoclcf' direcTed by Ronald C. Gee, was Dublin aTTer The signing oT The TreaTy wiTh England esTab- lishing The lrish Free STaTe. There were sTill mixed emoTions abouT The civil war, especially in The Boyle Tamily. BenneTT CbersTein was casT as Johnny Boyle, The dishabiliTaTed son iusT reTurned Trom The wars, and Jean BarreTT gave an excellenT loerTormance as lvlary Boyle, The "liberal-minded" daughTer. The moTher, Juno Boyle, who ruled wiTh a iron hand, was mosT convincingly played by Eleanor Williamson. The escapades oT This Tamily who wenT Trom rags To riches and baclc To rags added a humorous Touch To an oTherwise depressing play. AlThough "Juno and The Paycoclc' was slow moving The acTing was ouTsTanding. 'OTHELLO' MAKES EXCELLENT USE OF SHAKESPEAREAN STAGE TECHNIQUES As evidence OT The varieTy OT plays proouced by The SUl TheaTre deparTmenT was The presenTaTiOn OT Shalcespearsis l'QThellO.i' Under The direcTiOn OT Harold C, Shihfler, The Tragedy displayed a masTery OT Shakespearean sTage Technigues, NO curTains were used and There was a minimum OT props. The change OT scenes was accomplished by a revolving sTage wiTh eTTecTive lighTing. Play-goers also were inTeresTed in The command OT The Shakespearean language demOnsTraTed by all The characTers. James P. Cochran as QThellO gave a convincing perTorrnance as did Marion Michael as Desdemona. BUT George TouliaTOs was excellenT in his pOrTrayal OT The craTTy Iago. A minimum SUT ThaaTrc WWE' OT props and The use oT a revolving sTage Turnished The goer wiTh an unTOrcei'Tabie perTOrmance OT 'OThellO. The players demOrsTraTed a commerdable masTory OT Tne Shapcspearean language in Their presenTaTicn OT The rnoving Tragedy, "OThellO." i ,-nn 0-iq, V i 1 , , -..x Q., w Q if -dfgfgr 3 fx ,. Ag u, . :- M ,,,, I dai 0 Hwmm Plw PLANNED CURRICULUM PERMTTS FEWER ELECTIVES Tl-TE mosT exTensive curriculum revision in 20 years was inTsiTuTed in The arT deparTmenT aT The STaTe UniversiTy oT lowa This year, The new program is designed To give The SUT sTudenT maioring in arT a more comprehensive knowledge oT The arT Tield, Fewer ElecTives The revised curriculum allows Tewer elecTive courses wiTh a sTricTly-planned program OT sTudy now reguired. The arT school Tor graduaTe sTudenTs, which is The largesT in The UniTed STaTes, has increased The emphasis on The PHD. program. Several new courses have loeen added To The academic curriculum. These addiTions are inTended To help give all arT sTudenTs a more Thorough lcnowl- edge oT The hisTory oT arT and The old masTers. Such progress has helped lceep The SUI arT def parTmenT among The ToremosT in The counTry. The creaTivr: mind works diligenTly To produce in spiTe OT The "LlTe Pain' ThaT usually accompanies The arTisTic endeavors. T75 fn Tnizrzuar mcwieoge oT me ar' 'eo is sriesseo a 2 s i TH? SUI qraduafe arf dcparimenf is H16 larqfsl in HW coumfry, Ewhibifs are Dfesemfed durniq The year. asfery of field and knowledge cf refawed fields are required, The arf deparfmenf offers Training ln a wide variefy of arf fidds M! f 3 1 1 . jim V , , x K 'wa ,,.. SIudenT arT is displayed To reward compleTed endeavors and To encourage Tulure arTisTic producTions. SUI ART STUDIOS EOUIPPED TO TRAIN BOTH PROFESSIONALS AND LAYMEN SUIIS arT deparTmenT can boasT oT The number OT iTs sTudenTs who have become Teachers in oTher uni- versiTies and colleges. The deparTmenT also Trains sTudenTs To become painTers, sculpTors, prinT-malqers, designers, ceramic arTisTs, craTTsmen in meTal and jewelry, and hisTorians OT arT. STudios and worlc- shops are equipped wiTh The Tools necessary Tor learning These arTs. Laymen, Too, have Their opporTuniTy in The SUI arT deparTmenT. CerTain courses are resTricTed To non-arT majors so ThaT anyone who is inTeresTed may enioy and proTiT Trom The TaciliTies available. Adhering To The Theory ThaT The creaTive and criTical sTudies supporT each oTher, SUI arT educa- Tion is a planned balance oT sTudio worlc combined wiTh The sTudy oT hisTory, appreciaTion and Thoughlr oT arT. ExhibiTs and design shows are presenTed several Times a year. l+isT ime-consuming work buT The end producT is Tangible Bnand Hula Publicahb STUDENT-FACULTY GROUP SETS BUDGET AND POLICY TI-IIS Rose Bowl, Big Ten Championship year Tound The Board oT STudenT PublicaTions, IncorporaTed, up To iTs earlobes in worlc. The Board is The decision- malcing organizaTion ThaT conTrols The policy and managemenT oT The Daily Iowan, The I'IawIceye and The TooTball programs. The addiTional pages OT The I957 I-Iawlceye, The special Rose Bowl ediTion oT The Daily Iowan and The special reporToriaI sTaTT senT To The Rose Bowl Tor exclusive coverage oT sTudenT acTiviTies all were concerns oT The Board. The alIocaTion oT money Tor sTudenT publicaTions' budgeTs is one oT The Board's maior TuncTions. IT decides how much To charge Tor pubIicaTions and reguesTs money Trom The UniversiTy if iT is needed. Occasionally ediTorial policies are considered and recommendaTions are made. The Board inTerviews candidaTes and selecTs The business managers and ediTors Tor The Daily Iowan and I-Iawlqeye and passes on The sTaTTs ThaT The ediTors selecT. STaTT salaries also are seT. There are Tive TaculTy members on The Board who are appoinTed by PresidenT I-Iancher. Five sTudenT members are selecTed in allecampus elecTions Tor one or Two-year Terms. I:aculTy and sTudenTs Trom any SUI college, school or deparTmenT are eligible To serve on The Board oT STudenT PublicaTions, In- corporaTed. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. George EasTon, ArThur Douglas, I-IerberT I-ledge, ProT, I-Iugh Kelso, PMT. Leslie Moeller, Elaine Scheld, ProT. LesTer Benz, Loy Brooks, John Blealcly, ProT. Loren VanDylce. -,,-- K --- 7777- W- 3- K , -' H,-af..--. f 'S sw , 5 f 5 Q X , . i s .4 , a . w,,Q, Emil E i ,..5-2: :,,j.s: .. if ' --55,12 1:51 , ,V- 'WQWQ Q ,ewwiw , A -mwqixwe K I H , , 1. 4 sl 5 A 'Q 2 f LL, k,1.La,,iM1WL 0 -. 1: I", Pleasahf classrooms and adequafc faborafory facilifies ere provided for fhe differfm? phases of fournahsm in fhe Commumicaflons Cenfer, All correspondence +0 members of fhe Sched of Journahsm passes The imformahfy pracficed in journallsm classes is appreciafed and 'rhrouqh fhe office on 'the second Hoof of fhe Communfcaffons Cerwfer, valuable for The Type of worlc done as demondrafed by fhis ad class. 1 5 f I79 NAN BORRESON EdiTor-In-Chief KiTTy Korns fnanaging ediTorg Margi I-Iali Copy ediTo rner, idenT-index manager, reTcr To The dunnrny pages. DAVID BRAIVISON Chief PhoTograpI1er AUSTIN SANDROCK Business Manager MAGAZINE-STYLE HAWKEYE The I957 Rose Bowl ediTion oT The I-Iawkeye has been paTTerned aTTer a news magazine, The sTaTT's goal has been To produce a book ThaT Tells The sTory OT This year aT The STaTe UniversiTy oT Iowa. To accommodaTe This exTra big year, The I957 Hawk- eye conTains 20 more pages and 200 rnore piQTures Than in I956. The real challenge in producing a yearbook is ThaT iT n'wsT be done while The years sTory conTin- ues To unTold. IT is The revision, inTerrupTions and re-revisions ThaT wear on The sTaTT. The Rose Bowl Trip called Tor I2 more pages aTTer The IayouTs had been cornpleTed. And There is The ronsTanT pressure oT dead- Iines. Everyone wanTs Things aT once: copy Tor The prinTer, picTures Tor The engraver, book counTs Tor The cover manuTacTurers, senior counTs Tor The Regi- sTrar, more copy Tor The prinTer, more piQTures Tor . . . Finally, in laTe spring, The I-Iawkeye goes To press. IT is TransTerred Trorn The Tired and loving hands OT The sTaTT inTo The hands oT SUI sTudenTs, For The TaiThTuI sTaTT iT has been a year oT long nighTs and black coT'Tee buT one which They have been proud To record. I80 Ediior-in-Cliiel . Cliiei Plioiograplner Managing Edilor Copy Ediior . Arl' Edilor . Fealures . Acliviiies . Qrganizalions . . ldenis and index Colleges . . Sporls . Residences Ediforial Slaff Nan Borreson . David Bramson . Kailnarine Korns . Margianne l-lall Marla Clirislensen . Greia Leinbacli . George Krololll Kay Greene, Adelaide Smiilfu . . Ann Berner . . Sam Pesses Tom Mann, Bill l-lise n M L Dave Brarnson and lwis photo assislanls, Jerry Goldslein, ' ' an yn yon Darel l-lein and Don Morris. selecl picfures for l-iawlceye. EXPANDS TG RECORD NEWS-WCRTHY I956-I957 AT SUI Business Manager Sales Manager . Confracis Manager Oiciice Manager . Promolion Manager Advisor . . . Publislwer . Business Sfaff . Ausfin Sandrock . Verlin Dicliman . Judiilfi Tlioreson Lois Ann Campbell Sleplien Peierson Wilbur C. Pelerson . Lesier G. Benz Verlin Dickman Sales manager' Lois Campbell, oiiioe manager: and Sieve Pelerson, prornolion manager discuss Currenl policy problems. gf" v 'Wi f M he M, M is Seclion ecilors Sam Pesses, Torn Mann, George Krolorl: and Marilyn Lyon work lo meol one of me l-lawlceye deadlines, POSITIONS ON HAWKEYE YEARBOOK OPEN TO ALL UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Edi+oriaI Howard Abranams, Eddie Ballen, Donna BIauruss, Judnh BIock, Consrance BIu'r+, Nefa Bowman, WaI+er Brewer, Con- srance BrIIIon, Susan Brown, PaIrIcIa BuIrn, Gary Conn, Nancy Dodge, Joan DueIand, Nancy DunIop, Margaref EI- qar, MyI1IIa Forse. Mary Goen, Donna GuIIIcIcson, Janef Hagerman, MarcIa Hanne, CI1arIes HarIquIsI, PauIa Henry, Ann I-Hckerson, Marrna HIcI4erson, AIan HosIcIns, Bev-arIy Hubbard, Jane HubIy, CI1eryI Jenniscn, Su Ann Jonnsron, Befry Junk, Sandra KeiII1, Susan KnoII, Dawn KoIwIInase, Karen Larson, Maureen Leyes, KarIn Lund, SInirIey MaIII1ess, Pam- eIIa McCIaIn, EIIzabeII1 McDonaId, LInda Megrapn, MIcIwaeI Meyer, Nancy MueIIer, Regma Musmaker, IsabeI Myers, CaryI Newcomb, Sandra Pelrrus, Ann PoweII, BeverIy Rad- dafz, Joanna Rogers, Layona Rowe, LIIIIan Rurmon, Berfy SamueIson, Jean ScIwmIdI, Mary Kay Seabury, Mary Snowers, Marcra Sloane, Ann SrnIIIn, Ronald Sorenson, Barbara S'rIenI- Ies, Sonla Swanson, Mary Woodman, ErroI Zayerr. Business Louis FxnIgren, Lors Arno' .rvf , Frances BaIIey, Janef Bauman, Mary BecIwIeIrreImer, SaIIy Boardman, SyIyia Bookin. Mary Ann Bowne, PaIrIcIa Bunn, KaIIwIeen Buren, Terry CampbeII, Joyce Canar, EIeanor Cnazen, NaraIIe Corson, Rowe Crows Iey, WiIIIam DeweI, MIrIam DIsIeIIwors'I, ESIeen Dueker, Mar- garer EIgan, Nancy EIman, Nancy ErIcIcson, MyndeII FersIen- reId. fxIIce FIckeI, Suzanne Iliscnrupp, Judfrn FuIIon, Larry QIpe, Jean GIoppen, PnyIIfs GoIdsreIn, Saran Granam, Gre'rcI'ren Green, RocI1eIIe Greenberg, SIIyIa Greene, Linda HaIIgren, Thomas S, Har'nIIIon, Jerry Harns Donna HIII, Dororny I-IoIIand, Karen Horr, AIan Hoskins, ArIene HunI, Rurnann Jensen, Linda Jobe, Jean Jonnson, Sandra Johnson Pafrida KeeIer, Judy KInzIe, BonnIe Knock, LInda Knox, Judah Korrman, MaraIyn Ladd NadIne Lanfau, SnIrIey Lar- sen, Karen Larson, Mariiyn Larson, Nancy Laicin, Sneriiyn LeMoine, Maureen Leyes, Fayna Manviiz, Jo Ann Mazza, Eiizabefn McDonaid, Karen McGowan, Frances Nelson, Juan- ira Newman, Sniriey Nicinois, Sandra Nowicki, Ferron OiHara, Beveriy OHO, Saliy Page, Sandra Peirus, Donna Pniiiips, Parneia Powrie, Mariee Raiinernan, Karen Reedquislr, Caroiyn Robson, Mariiyn Rogqenrien, Berry Rosenberg, Dawn Ru- berrs, Sandra Sackeif, Judirn Scnafer, Jndirh Smiin, Sonia Sodersfrom, Sandra Sprague, Virginia Srailman. Caroi Srie- geie, Sonia Swanson, Jeanefre Tripp, Mary Tronn, Mariorie Wfaqrier, Judirn Wasiver. Nancy Weyer, Wiiiiam Wiiirney, Robin Winier, Caroi Zeiinsky. Phofography Jerome Goidsrein, Darei Hein. Hans Myirre, Don Morri Ari Joyce Anderson Karen Ea'k'ey Jsdiin Brady, frdiay Mc- Corrnac, Parricia Ne-iggns aa? his , ,, if f ,,,'e W ,Ml """'r'e ' i 'L ' ' Work on ine Hawkeye never soe'ns ro cease, Time is ine enerny Orqanizaiions Have picrures taken on -wo Hawkeye onorc nioinrs The Daily Iowan is supporTed by adverTising ThaT is soliciTed and prepared by LTudenTs in adverTising classes. c Rose Bowl ediTi3n rolls oTT The press. DAILY IOWAN WINS 3 AWARDS IN COLLEGE PAPER CONTESTS In December, I956, The Daily Iowan won Three awards in The naTionaI Sigma DelTa Chi iournalism conTesT, more Than any oTher college news- paper compeTing. The Iowan, in iTs 55Th year OT pubIicaTion is Iowa CiTy's only morning paper. IT brings world, naTional and campus news To more Than I2,000 readers Tuesday Through SaTurday. The DI is sTu- denT sTaTTed and TaculTy supervised. While Big Ten TooTball games proved a challenge To The sporTs de- parTmenT, The "acid TesT" OT The ciTy reporTers came in November wiTh The all-nighT coverage oT The naTionaI elecTion, In December The DI sTaTT worlced over-Time To issue a 28fpage special Rose Bowl ediTion ThaT was mailed all over The counTry. In guaIiTy and operaTion, The DI has proved iTselT proTessionally. ELEANOR BENZ DAN HINSON EdiI'or, Second SemesTer EdiTor, Firsf Semes'I'er . if, W. ,I if The "rim" buslles wilrh aclivily in preparalrion for +ornorrow's Daily Iowan. The maralhon usually conlinues info The morning. One of ihe valuable pieces ol equipmenl' fha? is provided lor The Daily lowan is This machine 'lor receiving AP wirepholos. Edi+orial S+aFf Edirors ,....... Daniel l-linson Eleanor Benz Managing Edilors . Kennelh Kooprnan Wayne Amrnons News Edifor . . Ellen Eernandez Royce Wall4er Cily Edilors . . Roberl' Boyd David N. Mirchell Royce Walker Donald Milchell Sporls Edilors . . . James Ney Lawrence Dennis Sociely Ediiors . . Eleanor Benz Julie Eosler Chief Pholographers . . William E. Nelson Marlin Reichenlhal Adver'rising S+aFF Adverlising Manager ..... Mel Adams Asslr Adverlrising Manager . . Erneslr Larlcin Classified Manager , . . James l-lubbard WSUI has seven newscasls and Iwo sporlscasls prepared and presenlcd by Universily sludenls daily for a 5-slale a TSG, Music plays an imporlanl' parl in lhe Iare presenled by WSUI Classical and popular record shows are offered several limes a da y. aww- .H u 4-2 1 WSUI AND TV CENTER TRAIN Iowa Cily radio dials were Iunecl lo 9lO. ll was Nov. 6. and WSUI was The only source ol eleclion resulls in Iowa Cily. Twenly-Tour people combined wilh The Daily Iowan slalll lo give a comprehensive eleclion coverage. This is WSUI. Seven newscasls and Iwo sporls- casls daily serve a 5-slale area wilh a polenlial lislening audience of lhree million. As a member ol Ihe Nalional Associalion oi Educalional Broad- caslers, The slalion slrives Tor a balance ol insiqhl, iniormalion and relaxalion. WSUI, The Iirsl slalion wesl ol lhe Mississippi, has served SUI Tor 35 years. Throughoul lhese years il has proven lhal radio can enlerlainingly presenl lhouqhl-provolcinq ideas. WSUI also lrains Universily sludenls. The slall consisls ol a small percenlaqe OT professional help and amaleurs in Iraininq. Aifler serving an "ap- prenliceshipu sludenls may receive monelary con- sideralions lor Iheir world. The lirsl radio slalion wesl oi The Mississippi has lillle pro lessional help: The sludenls ol SUI do The bulk og The worlc STUDENTS AND SERVE PUBLIC ExperimenTaTion and pracTical Television Tech- niques are making The SUI TV CenTer one oT The mosT progressive in The UniTed STaTes. A possible revoluTion in classroom Teaching meTh- ods may resulT Trom experimenTaTion wiTh live TV- TaughT classes. STudenTs are placed beTore The cameras as The show is piped Through closed circuiT TV To Three viewing rooms, The CenTer has Tilmed a series oT shows Tor na- Tional release To educaTional TV sTaTions and a kine- scoped series on geography. BuT The main purpose oT The TV CenTer, wiTh iTs proTessionally equipped laboraTory, is The Training oT sTudenTs Tor posiTions in The TV indusTry. STudenTs do The direcTing, producing, Tilming and acTing Tor The shows worked on aT The CenTer. ln addiTion To making Tilms Tor release, sTudenTs spend hours on closed circuiT Television, learning and pracTicing proTessional TV procedures. STudenTs gain experience in boTh TV proclucTion and acTing, They receive pracTicaI Training Tor posiTions in The Television indusTry. A machine Tor TelecasTing kinescopes in one oT The many pieces oT equipmenT ThaT is used by sTudenTs aT The UniversiTy TV CenTer. ProTessionally-equipped laboraTories are available Tor sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in TV producTion work. H Ei is W "T ATHLETICS use Slnwab ' 12 Hand FOOTBALL STARTS OUTSTANDING SPORTS SEASONS LAUNCHED by a greaT TooTball season, The I956- 57 lowa AThleTic year was one oT The mosT success- Tul in Hawkeye hisTory. Led by such men as Kenny Ploen, Don Suchy, Alex Karras, and Frank Gilliam, The gridders won Their TirsT Big Ten championship since I92I and added Turrher laurels by Thumping Oregon STaTe, 35-I9, in The Rose Bowl, January I. In baskeTbaII, Iowa's home non-conTerence game winning sTreak was exTended To 75 games by a sophomore-dominaTeol Team. AlThough several up- seTs TeaTured The Big Ten season, The Hawks wound up wiTh a 4-IO mark, and an eighTh place Tinish in a Torrid Big Ten race. The TradiTional ScoTTish Highlander Tunnel welcomes The Iowa The wresTling Team, hampered by The graduaTion oT Two-Time NCAA champion Terry lv1cCann, Tin- ished a sTrong Third in The Big Ten and eighTh in The NCAA. The gymnasTics Team compiled an impressive B-2 dual meeT record, and Tinished TourTh in boTh The Big Ten and NCAA meeTs. AIThough shorr on deprh, Hawkeye swimmers gained eighTh place Tinishes in boTh Big Ten and NCAA meeTs, In Tencing, Iowa Tinishecl Tifrh in The Big Ten con- Terence meeT. Hawkeye indoor Trackmen were sixTh in The Big Ten conTerence meeT, while The cross counTry Team Tinished TiTTh in The Big Ten. TooTbalI Team as They arrive on The Tield Tor The Salrurday baTTles. IOWA WINS TICKET TO ROSE BOWL By NAN BORRESON Nov. I7 I'he Iowa Hawkeyes edged Ihe Ohio SI'aI'e Buckeyes, 6-0. This vic+ory gave 'I'he Hawks Iheir 'firsi' Big Ten FooIbaII Championship since I92I. Also ii' guaranieed Ihem a bid Io pIay in I'he Rose Bowl New Year's Day. I957 was I'he Iirs+ year an SUI I'eam played in +he Rose Bowl. The race for 'I'he bid had been cIose. In I:ac+, Iowa's chances were in nerve-wrack- ing ieopardy every Saiurday for a monI'h and a half. Throughou+ 'I'his Iime no one was overly-opI'imis+ic. Bui' wi'I'h 'I'he win over Ohio S'I'aI'e, Ihousands of SUI fans broke Ioose in+o a ceIebra+ion 'I'ha+ had been brewing hopefully for weeks. The crowd had Io be cIeared from Ihe fieId Iwice before I'he game was officially ended. When Ihe gun finaIIy sounded an overwhelming mob descended upon 'I'he goaI pos+s. They were down and shaI'+ered wi'I'hin min- u+es. The noise, punciuaied by echoes of "I-O-Wa- Wa," con'I'inued far inI'o I'he nighi as SUI fans aII'er- naI'eIy rejoiced and anI'icipa+ed a Rose BowI Trip. 7...-...X ,ws-Q. W 5 Q-.J Evy spenf many anxious momenfs as he paced sidelines. ., . ,-,.,M., ,.,... N? 9. xv.. i 1 i af ar f ' .Q V fx, 4 i ra Vicfory over Ohio Sfaie and Iowa 'fans siormed goals. Happy Hawkeyes Ploen and Gilliam celebrafe greai win. 'fw'5""Wf' iiie - V- ' . K , 3 ' X J ii 'ff ','i 'Ein i, , ' i I Q ' fi 4 1 351, ,xi , .V 1 3 anie . " , W Q i s H 1 0 I i i9I Mrs. Evashevski receives a vicfory kiss ai' vicfory rally. Press phofographers have a field clay as anxious lowa sfudenfs awaif +l1e Herky Special and +he dream +rip 'io Hue Rose Bowl. Moline, clear weaflwer, and 'l'l'1e Hawkeyes board fheir Rose Bowl Special for fhe flighf +0 'rhe coasf and game of games. ffff Aboard fhe Herlry Special, lowa sfudenfs made use of fhe special game cars fo fall! and gel' acquainfed. TO CALIFORNIA BY TRAINS, PLANES, CARS AND BUSES Two "Hawkeye Special" frains fransporfed SUI faculfy, alumni, friends of fhe Universify and a few sfafe officials. 240 members of fhe "l" Club com- posed anofher frain. The Scoffish Highlanders and fhe Marching Band fraveled on 1-he "musical frain" wifh fhe cheerlead- ers and non-fraveling foofball squad. The foofball feam leff Moline by plane Dec. I6. They had been scheduled fo deparf from fhe Cedar Rapids airporf six and a half hours earlier buf fog Bingo, cards and eafing were favorife paslimes of Hawkeye sfudenfs as fhey fravelled fhrough fhe plains of fhe Wesf. had prevenfed fake-off. Thousands of lowans drove fo California. Six fhriffy sfudenfs made fhe frip on S50 apiece by eliminafing sleeping and eafing. The Midwesf Air- lines offered round-frip flighfs fo Pasadena for S80 buf if furned ou'l' fo be a sham. Herlcy, fhe live hawk, also made fhe 'I'rip. Unsuccessful was an af- fempf by one sfudenf fo renf a boxcar and sell cheap sfanding room fo fellow sfudenfs. However, fhe caravan fo California began. Everyone planned on geffing plenfy of resf on fhe frip wesf so as fo be fresh for fhe days of advenfure-buf no one did. Taking picfures or ius+ wafching +he counfryside infrigued fhe lowans. Boys of La Jun+a, Colo., dressed as Indians, performed for 'rhe lowans. WESTERN CARAVAN HALTS Alfhough +he caravan 'Thar le'H a snow-swepi' Iowa la+e in December was anxious +o bask in +ha+ Cali- fornia sun, many slopped for sighi'-seeing. The "l-lerky Specials" made +wo planned s'I'ops. The "Gold" halred in La Junra, Colo., for a pro- gram of 'Tribal dances by +he Koshare lndian Danc- ers. Passengers on +he "Black" had rhree hours in Las Vegas. Curious s+uden+s discovered +he lures of fhis famous gambling mecca alfhough a few dol- lars were los+ in rhe scramble from one esfablish- menl 'l'o +he nex'l'. Meanwhile, +he six penny-pinching s+uden+s had exrended rheir 'four and were enjoying 'rhe Grand Canyon al' midnighf and fhe Rocky Mounfains in 'lhe early morning misl'. Also, a bus charfered by an SUI fralerniry had broken down in Las Vegas for several days. ln spife of rhese diversions +he mos+ imporranr par+ of 'l'he 'lrip was s+ill ahead. Q 1 in 7, A s+opover in Las Vegas wasn'+ comple+e wifhouf a fry a+ 'rhe slof Souvenir hunfing for gi'F+s for 'rhe folks back ho machines and fhe famed "Ship" of Fabulous hofels and nighfclubs. occupied lowans' fime during Hue +rain's s+op-ov FOR SIGHT-SEEING IN COLORADO AND LAS VEGAS A fry a+ +l'1e sioi' machines was a "mus+" for Iowa s+uden+s alfhough few won, despiie 40 ways fo fm ww, W if BREAK 1-H5 BANK 1,ZEQQSZSQHEUEBOBBQQ29i!39?,,Q is '.:."' A 1 M , , Several iowa Hlandlubbersu paid a firsr-hand visii' io file Pacific Ocean as Hawlceye fans swarmed lo flue Wes+ Coast One of "Seven Man-Made Wonders of +l1e World," fabulous Disneyland provided many ilwrills fo iowa siudenis and fans. scenic view of fhe Pacific four fhrough Hollywood. HAWKEYES cPRA.cTicE WHILE fhe Hawlcsyiandedy Burbank, Calif., Dec. lb. fill 14,9093 people, were ,therein :ro greef fhern. The Iowa deiegafioni madfeffheir welcome good by pre- iiseniingirhe Tournamenf of Roses welcoming com- 'mi'H'ee I0 hams- and 96 cans of popcorn sifraighi' from 'I'he Land of Tall Corn. There was no 'Formal recepilion when SUI sfudenfs arrived bu'I' fheir presence was fel'I' immediarely. Ai' reduced prices sfudenfs 'look sighr-seeing +rips fo Disneyland, KnoH"s Berry Farm and many oiher ' a 1 We iff az? ' egg Six lowa queens and an average 'family adorned lowa's floaf in fhe 68fh Tournamenf of Roses Parade. IOWA FANS ENJOY PASADENA AND WAIT FOR PARADE places. Planned and unplanned par'I'ies filled 'l'he evenings. Meanwhile 'lhe 'l'eam confinued "warm wea+her" pracrice. Aboul' 9:00 New Year's Eve +he crowd began 'lo garher for rhe nexl' day's parade. SUl sl'uden'I's, hardened by similar wailing 'For 'Foofball 'I'ickel's, were among +he ranks. All nigh+ floals were being decked wirh millions of roses. A+ 8 a.m., lhe 67'l'h Tournameni' of Roses Parade began unwinding before a million and a half peo- M '-' fis"e--M- L - L ,i., 5 agua 5109 .ES-I-933. T 1 1 1 .. ' T A as 'f ssr 'ii 1 sff. ' i" ' X . ww. sss" ' gf' a'sn fi? , 4 Hawkeye cheerleaders led rhe Iowa Band in lhe Tournamenl of Roses Parade viewed by millions of people lhroughour lhe U.S. ple. The parade, wifh 'lhe 'lheme of "Famous Firs+s." was five and a half miles long. lowa was well represenred. Sandy Lohner, Miss SUI, reigned over 'I'he Big Ten float An lowa floal' carried 'Five SUI queens while Carol Morris of OH'umwa, Miss Universe, rode 'l'he Long Beach floal' The highlanders, Marching Band lrequesfed noi' 'lo play rhe "Corn Song"l, cheerleaders and l'he human Herky walked 'l'he long 'lrek down Orange Grove Avenue and Colorado Sheer. lowa pennanis and burlons were everywhere along fhe parade roule as Hawkeye fans converged on Pasadena New Year's day. ls, an ii!"-wifi K Q iw I -if' f ASM ia I ' Q 5 I 'K I' 1 I 3 ,f L - ,im V .fy'Q,l?: .- A.: 1 4, 4 . f , . 'Qs , E , aj' JPN, 'uf 1 3 Iowa halfback Don Dobrino moves 'Io recover an Oregon Sfale All-American Kenny Ploen, volecl game's mos? valuable player, shakes fumble which fhe Hawkeyes converfed info a Firsf quarfer score. loose from Iwo Oregon SI'a'l'e 'lacklers as Hawkeye blocking 'Forms ahead PLOEN LEADS HAWKEYES IN DAMMING OF BEAVERS, 35-I9 Iowa smiles iurned lo 'Irowns when Ploen was removed in 'the second period wifh an iniury. Ploen relurned for lhe Iasf half. ff. hs. K Playing before 98,000 shirl sleeve fans, Iowa made ils firsf lrip wesl fo lhe Rose Bowl a speclac- ular one by defea+ing Oregon S+a+e College, 35-I9, on New Year's Day. Led by all-American Kenny Ploen and Mike Hag- ler, Iowa scored fwice in 'rhe firsl period and once each in 'lhe Iasl' 'Ihree fo dominafe fhe play. Wirh 'four minules gone in 'Ihe firsr period, Ploen rolled oul on his lavorile play and danced down lhe side- lines for 49 yards and a Hawkeye louchdown. Three minules laler Mike I-lagler slipped inlo lhe end zone from nine yards oul. In lhe second period, Billy Happel ended a Hawkeye drive by scoring from 'lhe five yard line. Aller halflime Iowa exploded in 'I'he form of Hagler, who raced 66 yards on a re- verse lor ano'I'her Iowa louchdown. In 'Ihe Iasl' pe- riod Jirn Gibbons scored on a I6-yard pass 'From Ploen. Bob Prescoll kicked all live exlra poinls lo make 'lhe final score 35-I9. Afler lhe game anolher honor was given lo Iowa when Ploen was named lhe lvlosl Valuable Player ol lhe game. This game was lypical of all games lhis fall: il' was won on desire. 1 3, W 5 Q 5 ,wg -vw-gf -1-wwfvf Q "4m'ff'-5515, 'eef"1,i ,e"'Ji,, wa. ',M,.L- 91 Q lss1efff:,sv4Siff?vf'sz?' W 'f f'i1'g, .J ffffeii 1 K g,,a.r'f 'f"'2?51 W , 'WJ4 , , yy A 6 we 2 Wei! JE UU 1 nam. 'ww y i F 'ihe press box via felephone while Hawks wafch 'Phe play. fullback John Nocera moves in +o give Ploen some added assis+ance. Evashevski lisfens +0 one of his coaches' reporfs from Kenny Ploen brings down Oregon Sfaie end Terry Saiisbilry as Hawkeye lowa's 'Fleer halfbaclc Mike Hagler oufruns 1'wo Beavers as he scored on a brilliam' 66-yard run. A ' 'Q "" . "WWW r,. e f f e ,J W 'W Q f A-2-3 s . O' 1 Auf! , gg ng , - .rvs we-i .fi "' if s ' 1 A is 191535 Q V I K 7 .i,, - pg ,fm by F in , 199 Jubilani' fans swarmed fhe Hawkeyes afier lowa's win. 1? 'il A happy Evy led Hue Hawks in an afier-game celebrafion. Praise and congra+ula+ions from fhe nai-ion's besf. The goal-posis came down before Hue game was over. , il Www ,4 if ws' - Af '15 ei IOWA VICTORY 200 ' We I-,,. I vu. H 'Q - 4, I 'k B me . V ,M Af 1, ,.,, J.. . m . .A fQ,,-e,..m. -. , Aw 3 W .M M ' ., " ' '9"S--- v AEN., . . lx a,,,..m.Cf.:?, Q J . A I Mi DRAWS COMMENTS FROM NATIONAL SPORTS SCRIBES MELVIN DURSLAG IN LOS ANGELES EXAMINER: "An oId and I1aIIowed ri'IuaI . . . +I1e pIas'I'ering of +I1e Coas'I conference by I'I'ie Big Ten in II1e Rose Bowl . . . was performed in I'I'1e ricI1 Iradifion of iI's I'ionorabIe ancesfors by 'I'I1e UniversiI'y of Iowa." PAUL ZIMMERMAN IN LOS ANGELES TIMES: ". . . II' 'Iook Iowa a IifeI'ime Io geI' 'II1eir I7irs+ Rose Bowl bid. II' 'Iook Iess 'II1an Iwo and a half I'1ours Io make if a winning crusade." LEO EISCHER IN CHICAGO AMERICAN: "Wi+I1 a name pronounced Io rI1yme wi'I'I1 'pain' Iwe broughf 'ro IoyaI Pacific Coasfer, PIoen ran, passed and di- rec'IecI 'Hwe Iowans +o one of 'II1e mosf decisive vic- iories in II1e in'rer-conference series . . .H I-IARRY CULVER IN LOS ANGELES HERALD EX- PRESS: ". . . Wa+cI1ing Iowa's briIIianI" Hawkeyes . . . dynamire Oregon S+aI'e's Beavers. NED CRONIN IN LOS ANGELES TIMES: "WI1a+ Iwappened was 'I'I1aI' Oregon S'I'aI'e's pigsxinners made 'II'ie misIaIce of geH'ing caugni in II1e Universi'I'y of Iowa's meai' grinder and came oui' of H' Iooking Iifce a minced Beaver." O-nainufe oaffie afiainh rne fzcal-posts resuIIed in a Iriarnphari r' Icnr Im-,a Ian: ahnosf marching Iowa s meaf wir ous! Onic SIaIe captains Dcn Suchy arid Dick Deasy addressed an esfirnared IOOOO I Ir a fans a' The I-Iornoconwing 'a'y Ihe eve CI Ihe Iowa-Mich. gafne, HAWKEYES WIN SECOND BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP In I956 The coyeIed Big Ten Champiohship was broughff To SUI for The second Iirne ih history. Jus? as +he I92I Ieann produced Hs greaIs, of SIa+er. Devine and Locke, i956 had iIs heroes. PIoen was named moslr vaIuabIe player in The Big Ten, in The Pose Bowl and by his iaammaief. I-Ie was NBC TeIe-visionis, Prank Leahys and Mei AIIen's aII-American and UP and AP Back o'I The Week. Karras, on Look Magazines aII-American honor 'Ieanm was con census aII-American. GiIIiam received The Universifys Presidenr AWGVO and was UP aII-American and Big Ten. PIoen, Karras, Klein, BIoomguisI and Suchy were named Io Chicago DaiIy News' aII-midwesr honor squad. INS seIecTed Karras, Ploen and Suchy Tor Their aII-Big Ten Team whiIe AP named PIoen, GiI- Iiarn and Karras To The Big Ten Iearn. Cifed Tor speciIic Tasks by Ihe IvIinneapoIis Tribune were Kar-- ras, Suchy, PIoen, Harris, I-Iabpel and KIein. CerTainIy nof over-Ioolced was Coach Evashevski who was named coach of The year by The Los An- geIes Times, Chicago Poo+baIl WriIers Associahon and The Washingfon Touchdown CIub, Q a, hew rnascer wa: piesenf V ex-oo . Lei I-fried, f,'f:'GI'.'QCT Big Ten Charnpicnshio af The Q7OfEfWiV'-I :sec raiIy, i ppoinlnnenl and deiecrion reigned following 'cwals loss Tc Michigan cu? lrowns lurned fc vriles alle' wins over lvl'nne'c'a and O c A NERVE-WRACKING BUT GREAT SEASON FOR IOWA FOLLOWERS l+ was a nerve-wracking season for SUI loorball fans. While The l-lawks received The Roberr C. Zuppke Award for rhe besl college loolball learn wirh Jrhe loughesl schedule, Their loyal followers de- served Jrheir own lrophy. The air wasn'T always rose- scenred. Oregon Slare, Wisconsin and Purdue were loo close for cornlorl. lvlinnesola 'iried The parience. Hawkeyes board a special charlerecl Quarrerback Ken Ploen was gi plane lor a Big len road encoun?er Silver Trophy as lhe Big il Michigan was a he-arl-loreaker. Bur Chio Slale was rhe real Jresl. Allhough cheers were confused by 'lhe similarily ol "l"lawkeyes" and "Buckeyes," fhe crowd had lo be guieled conslanlly. ll finally ex- ploded in a rush Thar shallered goalpos+s and smorhered lhe learn. Bu? all boislerousness was forgiven as lhe l-lawks were Big Ten Champs and Rose Bowl bound. vcn lhe Chicago Tribuneis Hawk all-American Alex Karra e'i's nnosl valuable olayer. relaxes aller grueling oarlle 5 M Q 5? ,g , ra. . 1 z,-' I FIRST ROW: K, PIocn, D. Dobrirvo, F. 6IIIIam, W. ReIcI1ow, G. Kress, M. WaIIar, R. Deaay, D. SJQIW, O. I:eIzaarirwo, I. Hath. R. Hora F. Hfashevskl. SECOND ROW: I-I. Pfro W. Kraus? W. E, SIoeeIs R. Haussmam J. WIIIQII D. fxIwIqrer' F. RIQHSV P. I31oorrIquIs+, J. Giboom. A. Karras R. Bramdemourq, THIRD ROW: C. IEIIEo1I, C. PIerQa, E, VQH, D. KIQGI-for. W. E. ScoI'. I-I. Euler, D. Bowen, R. Cnopowfl, J. Jaroa R. Treo" J. I-IIIo5r1berg. FOURTH ROW: A. Kodfos, W. M:A:Iaras, J. Browne", I I FOREST EVASHEVSKI IOWA S 8- I SEASON S RECORD Head FooI'baII Coach ? Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa IrIcIIar1a . . Oregon SIaIe WIscor1sIm . HawaII Purdue . MicIIIqarI IvIirmesoIa Ohio SIaIe INIoIre Dame O I3 7 O . 20 I7 0 1 O I 8 , V: Q, g 'Y M v. ' 1. ,S 9. tx? 4 . 5 'I . 1 5 fy. , A H M A Af... , 3. 3 Ki W s E ,Q -. 1 fl Q A eg l 'X JR ,VI O ' ll Q I ' " . B Q3 ll ir... :,, 1 Q S ' or ff J. Jenlcinsom, W. Kendall, R. Lamgslon, M. Plwelps, F. l-lerrls, D. Sgro, J. Malone, W. Haopel. FIFTH ROW: J. Burns, J. Burrouglws, D. Dralce, R. Breedlove K, Chrlsliamson, J. Gearlwarl, M. Knolls, J. Spaan, G. Grouwlnlcel, G. G. Myers, J, Nose-ra. SIXTH ROW: R. Allen, F. Dolsellw, B. Gravel, P. Kerres, C. Lewis, B. Sells, O. Treaclway, K. Furlong, R. Prescoll, J. L. liosler. SEVENTH ROW: E, Mlelle, R. Kleln, R. Barlels, J. Leslwyn, R. Sllller, A. Filer, M. Mcliarlancl, R. Comminqs. BEST SINCE I92I 205 LEFT TO RIGHT: EH: A ,ew l-lffnry Rim, Jerry l-lllqemloerfg, Burn El7oll Bale Flfwe Forwl zvrevevskl At' Q 'izoffs Qf 'fy Bwr-, gi -as fll ew I . . f 9 1 A wk M ,,,, , i, . . . .,, .K , af I Q Q. T' 206 Everyone wanled in on 'the acl before 'rhe Ielevision cameras al Indiana as The Hawkeyes sacred a 27-O win in Ihe season opener. HAWKEYES RAP INDIAN Hlnconsislenl' pul impressive. Polenl bul' unpol- ishedf' This could well be an epilome ol lhe I-Iawkf eyes' lirsl gridiron encounler 'lor I956. The I-Iawks had no Irouple in pealing Indiana, 27-O, bm over lhe din ol viclory a cloud ol pessimism and une cerlainly hovered. The parlisan crowd al Bloom- inglon saw Ihe Ieam Irom Iowa capilalize on Iwo loreaks early in Ihe game and lhen score Iwo more lallies in Ihe laler slages. , 27-O, IN SEASON OPENER Ken Ploen was a slandoul on offense bul' il' was hard lo pick a single player in 'rhe Iorillianl defensive play. Sharing The scoring honors were I-Iappel, No- cera, Ploen, Veil and Prescoll. Whelher This was an indicalion ol lhings Io come or merely Ihe reward for a well prepared allack on Indiana would only be known when Ihe season was over pal, regardless, il was a happy punch ol I-Iawkeyes who llew home Sepl. 29. LAST QUARTER RALLY BEATS BEAVERS, I4-I3 Despair changed To delighf in Tive shorT minuTes The day The Hawks meT Cregon STaTe. The oeiIghT was ThaT oT The Iowa Tans when The Hawkeyes scored Two Touchdowns early in The TourTh guarTer To overcome a I3-poinT deTiciT and go on To win. !4fl3. For Three guarTers The Hawks seemed To be in a hopeless plighT. A sTrong wind hampered any pass- ing aTTempTs and Tumbles made The running aTTack ineTTecTive. Then Iowa sTruck like lighTning, scoring Twice in The TourTh guarTer To overhaul a bewildered Qregon STaTe. Heroes oT The game were Nocera and Duncan who Threw The Touchdown passes, Gil- liam and Gibbons who caughT Them, and PrescoTT who booTed The deciding exTra poinTs. The ouTcome oT The game did noT answer The big guesTion . . . iusT how sTrong was Iowa This year? ATTer The game everyone TelT The Hawkeyes would have a big iob ahead in preparing Tor Wisconsin, fi-1 Don Dobrino is hir hard bv severai Gregor' STaTe Beavers a Hawkeyes won an earlv preview Thwe l957 Rose Bow' a e A hard-charging Beaver lineman is upendecl as Tullback John Nocera punTs. Iowa scored Twice in fha' ouarTe' To win. I4-l3 back Bill Gravel swings wide againsT Wisconsin as Hawkeyes oTT IaTe Badger rally To win beToie a rain-soaked crowd DADS WATCH HAWKS WHIP BADGERS, I3-7 "Iowa is going To be a sTubborn Team To beaT," said Wisconsin Coach IVIIIT Bruhn aTTer his Badgers suTTered a I3-7 deTeaT To The Hawks. The Iowa Dads saw The Hawkeyes sTop Two Wise consin drives in The second period and Then go on To score wiTh iusT one second IeTT in The TirsT haIT. The drive was sparked by a pass-IaTeraI play Trom Ploen To Gibbons To Happel good Tor 45 yards. Ploen Then hiT Hagler who wenT over Tor The TD. The Hawks came back sTrong in The second haIT and wenT SO yards in seven plays wiTh Ploen scoring and I3rescoTT converTing, Wisconsin Then marched 73 yards To score once. They had anoTher ThreaT erased by HappeI's inTercepTion in The closing secf onds oT The game. Karras, Gravel, Gilliam, Harris and Ploen were ciTed as game sTandouTs. This vicTory kepT Iowa in The Thick oT The ever-vicious Big Ten race. WiTh This "musTT' game under Their beITs The Team looked Toward Hawaii. Harris bulls ahead aqainsT The Wisconsin Badgers as Iowa Iincmen open e hole. The Hawks ground OUT a I3-7 Dads' Day vicTory. Fullback Fred Harris l35l and guard Bob Commings l5Ol move in To bring down a Hawaii end aTTer The Rainbows complcTed a pass. IOWA THUMPS HAWAII, 34-0, FOR 4Th STRAIGHT WIN The Hawkeyes made iT Tour sTraighT as They humbled Hawaii, 34-O. Iowa goT OTF To a slow sTarT buT gave The fans liTTle To worry abouT, scoring I4 poinTs in The TirsT half and 20 in The second, in which The reserves saw a greaT deal oT acTion. The Hawks' deTense proved To be a pillar oT sTrengTh as They held The Rainbows To 67 yards gained Tor The enTire game and allowed Them iusT one TirsT down in The second hall. Mike Hagler led The scoring wiTh I2 poinTs and Bob RrescoTT Trailed him closely wiTh a Touchdown and Three exTra poinTs. Harris, Furlong and Ploen also scored. DespiTe The score There was sTill a Teeling ThaT The Hawkeyes had much improving To do if They were going To compleTe The lasT halT oT The season successTully. An ouTsTanding back, "Skippy" Dyer oT Hawaii, received fine ovaTion aTTer being injured in losing baTTIe againsT I-Iawks. c a 1 e .M . . V ego- 'M . 'iq , 4 rf '4"+ ,Q -.,. . A. . - Cf , V. wa"-'dingy Q 1335 , 9 M fl? , I . ' I - f, ,am an-aa, ' 'amp I , I .ww ,mf ww'--ff' x .,g.a.. -Q,-. in- ,.. - , 'f.m hu, . .":-v-24-.-.-af Iowa rnade Ihree Iirsl hall Iouchdowns sland up as lhev held oil a las? quarfer Purdue lhreal +o win Iheir fili+h slraighl al' Laliavelle. PURDUE NIPPED, 2I-20g IOWA TAKES BIG TEN LEAD The Iowa I-Iawkeyes nipped Purdue, 2I-20, in a real lhriller al' Lalayellre and look an undispured Iirsr place in The Big Ten race. The fans saw a Ihrill a minule wilh Iowa iunfiping oihl 'ro a 7,0 lead on Ploen's pass lo Gibbons. The Hawks wenl on lo score Iwo more Iouchdowns in Ihe lirsl hall, I-lappel Iaking Ihe honors. Purdue was nol lo be denied, however, and Ihey bounced righl back aller each Hawkeye Ially Io score Ihernv selves. Purdue came oul The second hall and held Ihe I-lawks scoreless while scoring once Ihernselves. Bul, incredibly, Len Dawson missed lhe exlra poinl which proved Io be Ihe margin. Iowa Ihen capilalized on a Boilermaker lurnble in Ihe closing nninules lo slave oicl a lale drive and ran Ihe clock oul Io win. Coach Evashevski had nolhing bel praise for The learn, bul knowing Ihere is no lel-up in Big Ten play, looked warily al lhe remaining lour games. MICHHGAN JINX HOLDS, HAWKEYES FALL, I7-I4 lowa, pulling lheir undeleared mark againsl Michigan before a Homecoming crowd ol more lhan 58.000, lell viclim lo lhe Wolverine iinx lor lhe lourlh conseculive year. Before losing, I7-I4, lhe Hawkeyes had roared lo a I4-3 lead al halllime. Ron Kramer gave Mich- igan 3 poinrs on a I5-yard lield goal, bur midway in lhe second guarler a pass from Randy Duncan ro Del Kloewer clicked and lowa look lhe lead. A lew minules laler Ken Ploen ran 33 yards lor lhe l-lawkeyes' second and linal score ol lhe game. Michigan rerurned lor lhe second hall a diflerenl leam, however, and ground our lwo louchdowns lo l-ake lhe viclory. The second score was made wilh iusl 66 seconds lell. ll was a disappoinled and ballered l-lawk le-am lhal liled inlo 'rhe locker room. A learn lhar Oos- lerbaan called "as line an lowa leam as weive ever played." lniuries were numerous bul delerminalion unblemished. Fullloack Fred l-larris l35l sguirrhs lor more yardage againsr +h WLv'ver5nes as Frank Bioomguisf lcS4l valnly Tries 'lo open hole A lhorn in lowes side, Michigan fullback John l-lerrnslein l36l breaks info lowa secondary belore l-lawks can move in To make Tackle HAWKEYES UNPACK GOPHERS' BAGS, TRIUMPH, 7-0 Firsf down yardage is picked up by Iowa fullback Fred I-Iarris as The Hawkeyes scored early, Then held OFI Gophers Io win, 7-O. A near-record crowd ol 64,500 fans packed lvlin- neapolis Municipal Sladium Io see Ihe I-Iawks beal The lvlinnesola Gophers, 7-O, winning Ihe Iradilional "Floyd ol Rosedale," a bronze pig, lor Ihe second slraighr year. Iowa scored Ihe Iirsl lime il gol Jrhe ball. Gopher Bob Schmullz fumbled on Jrhe Iourrh play and I-lawk Frank Gilliam recovered. On Jrhe I-Iawks' eighlh play, Ken Ploen hir Jim Gibbons wirh a pass on Ihe lvlinnesola one-yard line. Fullback Fred I-Iarris wenl' over for Jrhe only Iouchdown ol The game. End Bob Prescorr kicked Jrhe exlra poinl. Then The Iowa defense, headed by Bill I-Iappel who inlercepied Iwo Gopher passes in Jrhe second half To slop scoring Jrhreals, Jrighlened and held Jrhe Gophers scoreless. Bloomquisl, Karras and Suchy srood our in Ihe line. Aller Ihe game several hundred Ivlinnesola Ians cancelled plane reservarions +o Los Angeles buf Ohio Srale loomed ahead lor Ihe I-Iawks. Minnesola quarlerback Bobby Cox IIZI jus? gels rid of Ihe ball Iupper righll before Iowa all-American Alex Karras l77l swarms in. Ohio SIaIe end Ed Brown is caughI going Ihe wrong way as Iowa haliback BIII I-Iappel IIOI leans past in Ihe seasonis big game. BUCKEYES BOW, 6-Og HAWKEYES ROSE BOWL BOUND "I'm exlfpemely prgud of I-I-19 men On IOW5 I-Iawkeye haliback Bill I-Iappel is uosel by Iwo Buckeyes in Iowals AFOOHDGH -'team I. Said Coach Evaghevski GHG!! yhe 6-0 win over Ohio Share for Ihe undispuIecI Big Ten championship underdog Hawks had upseI Ohio SIaIe, 6-0, Io gain al' Ieasf a share of Ihe Big Ten IiIIe and a Irip Io Ihe Bose Bowl. This ended a Buckeye winslreak of I7 conference games. 57,000 Ians packed Iowa Sradiurn Io see Ihe I-Iawks and Ihe Buckeyes play a Iierce and scoreless Iheir own 37 yard Iine. Then Ihe Iowans marched 63 yards in 9 plays for Ihe only Iouchdown of Ihe game. II came on a I7-yard pass from Ken Ploen gg Io Jim Gibbons. Iowa was Ied by Ihree 60-minure men . . . Gibf bons, Harris and Dobrino. Twice Ihe crowd had Io be called off Ihe Iield and Ihe goalposls were in pieces, now Iaurels on Iralerniry maniles, beiore V In I ii iw." lik, gf, i ,.:fi5jg , Ihe game was ended oiiicially. f 'H I 1' I- , 171 iirsr half. Iowa relrurned Ihe second half kickoff Io ,,, A i 9? Hawkeyes' Kenny Ploen llll, George Kress l76l and Mac Lewis I74l :novo in lo smear Irish back In Hawks' wln over Tradlflonal rryal. HAWKS CLIMAX GREAT SEASON, WHIP NOTRE DAME, 48-8 John Nocera l33l hqhrs way Inro Notre Dame secondary In lowals Eavored IOF Ihe 'llrsl lime ID IOLJF weeks, Iowals r h 48-8 I I'.If .l .I Ir I 'T :'rI'sn. Wm we H5 Wai OMS 3 Q05 WC my We F' Hawkeyes look Ihe Cue and crushed Nolre Dame, 488, lo Ilnlsh The year wilh an 8fI record and lhe undlspuled Big Ten Championshlp. The individual slandoul was Iowa's quarrerback, Ken Ploen. Ploen scored Iwo rouchdowns on runs of IO and 4l yards, ser up anorher wilh a 33-yard run and passed Io Fred Harris for anolher. The olher Iowa 'rouchdowns were added by Dobrlno, who plunged Irorn Ihe I-yard line, Harris on a 63- yard run, Walker on an 8-yard plunge, and Haqler on a 63-yard dash. As expeded, lhe Hawkeye Iorward wall proved Irs worlh by holding Nolre Dame while Iowa was rolling up a loral ol 459 yards. The llne play ol Karras, Klein, Gibbons, Gilliam and Bloomqulsl hlghllghled Ihe Iowa allack. Nexl slop lor lhe Hawks . . . Rose Bowl. . CHEERLEADERS WORK OVERTIME TO SPREAD ROSE BOWLITIS AT SUI All ol SUI was conlarninaled wilh Rose Bowlilis. The inleclion rnay be al leasl' parlially lraced lo lhe six loyal cheerleaders: Edward Karl, Ke-ilh Besleys John Ballard, Donna Schumann, Loris Shadle and Bonnie Kuller. Working over-lime, lhe SUI cheerleaders helped lhe disease in ils wildelire dilnlusion, working lhe crowds up lo a leyered pilch. Finally lhey accom- panied lhe yirus oul +o California lo iniecl Iowa's lransplanled progeny. They were aided in lheir worlc by I-Ierky, lhe newly-acquired hawlc, given lo lhe Universily in lhe Iall. Herlqy casl a luclcy slare on his name-salces lhroughoul lhe season. "On, you Hawks!" The SUI cheerleaders implore lhe crowd lo show' some enlhusiasrn and spiril lor lhe Bowlebound Hawkeyes. Cheerleaders Turn held inlo a bed ol roses Herlcy, 'rhe I-Iawlc, was cleslined for grealness qv filvimmwmlaw Agaalcatballj " 'lflodlamzzd 'WAIT 'TILL NEXT YEAR' ECHOES THROUGH STATE By Tom MANN WHEN The SUI loaslceTbalI record boolcs were closed Tor The I95of57 year, Iowa had an 8-I4 record and was lowered To eighTh place in The Big Ten. DespiTe The record, which was O'Connor's worsT, and The second division spoT in The con- Terence, The season could noT be considered enTfrely unsuc- cessTul. A green Iowa Team, wiTh only Three seniors, is wiser and will proTiT Trom The season's misTalces. They gave The Iowa Tans more exciTemenT Than They expecTed, despiTe The record. A IorighT slooT in The season was The Big Ten record ThaT Jim McConnell seT by hiTTing IO oT II Tield goal aTTempTs in The game againsT IVlinnesoTa. AT The end oT The campaign The sguad eIecTed seniors Augie MarTel and Franlq Sebollr as honorary capTains. Lead- ing scorer Dave GunTher was named mosT valualole player. AlThough The ill-famed crying Towel and murmurs oT dise conTenTmenT were conspicuously absenT, The cry ol "WaiT 'Till nexT year" could be heard ThroughouT Iowa, FIRST ROW: AugusTir7e lVIarTel, James M. Kelley, Clarence Wordlow Joe Williams Kenf MITT iloe ox SECOND ROW David GunTher, Thomas Payne, Harold Howell Douglas Snyder, Americus John L wis Roy S Johnson Peer Hegg THIRD ROW Bucky O'Connor, Norman Paul, Gregg Schroeder, Richard Harrinq, Charles McConnell Frank SeboIT Raymond Meek r MilTon Scheurman M' E- fall W if S T azimir' P'mkSf1'-1T.ic' TVTE, Tr nc' fT Torefikin-1 Sunue' yC'fd Tuna: "rf saga? ff ra." TL-a'T"naTfff --Tnofff -woaihsf Loyom GT Sftiifn. if my T ,G .. wi 1 if s ip 1 T h rin- T iT T ar nvzr ci- 'r.K- T-Te-ww foered 'i'.i"'irg sea-Tor HOME NON-CONFERENCE WIN STREAK EXTENDED TO 75 BY '56-'57 HAWKEYES A green bm game T-Tawkeye guinTeT conchided The TirsT haTT oT The I956:-57 season a weary biiT wiser bunch. There were vicTorious momenTs oT gTory biiTn1ore numerous occasions when The Hawks rehirneo To Iowa CiTy a deTeaTed oaTT Team. The rnaior aCcompTishrnenT oT The TirsT hi1TT oT The season was running The sTring oT yicTories againsT non-conTerence Toes aT honfie To 75 Consecmiye oarnes by deTeaTing Denver. LoyoTa oT New QrTeans and Kansas 5TaTe. NonfconTerence opoonewrs were noT so easiTy def TeaTeo on The road. The T-Tawks won oyer WesT Virginia, while losing To Nebraska, NorTh Carolina STaTe, DePauT and WashingTori oT ST. Louis. Meanwhile in The Big Ten race, The T-Tawks, whiTe Taihng To be in The running Tor The TiTTe, gave in- dicaTion ThaT They woiiid be no push-over. High' Tlying MinnesoTa was The TirsT To discover This as They Tell beTore a red-hoT Iowa Tearn in Towa CiTy. Qhio STaTe, 1TTinois, NorThwesTern and Tndiana, how' eyer, were yidorious over The Hawkeyes and The Hawks! only oTher Big Ten win in The TirsT haTT oT The season was againsT Wisconsin. .QW Xow, E4 YK , X Q I W ,K mm 5, . wah. 1 ,A,. V f f- - mln mass Peer Hugs and Ckwpnce WofdWcvf bafHe OHKQ S'a+es Cc-repfdr Augie MPH? CC'FCT'VWE ar Ymrlcawe -Afrwefifar Ffamk Hcwaro Qm scfarmrif- fer a Wccse febcwwd. cavnf Jen In ci yeh 'ELIUV' 'C veal We Daw. McC':f,e1' roles aw Qrefwg evairw' 'Ve Buckeye in Hawke-We Blu Ten hams, ooenef. ZI9 Forward Dave Guniiwer drives Hawkeye cemisr Tom Payne gces iwiqiw io biccic a Mirmesoia Jim Mcconrieff rmlefs opposifion as he ior a iaywp aqaimsf Indiana. sim? afiempf as Wie Hawkeyes biaded ikeircid arciv riyais,86-62, drives in aqainsf lmdianaia Covchampb. Hawkeyes' Sebolf and Gunther scrambie for a ioose baii as Augie Medal and Amadeus John-Lewis wafciw. 220 Augie Marfei IaiIs in Q: sYcaI aIIefnpI againsI Purdue as The I-Iawks surprised Ihe BoiIerrnaIers f.fiIh a 74-67 vicIc'y, HAWKS SURPRISE NORTHWESTERN, PURDUE, BUT FINISH WITH 8-I4 MARK Ihe Iowa I-IawIceyes, aIIer Iosing The services oI cenfer Iona Payne, rose Io Ihe occasion and dee ?eaIed Iavored Purdue ar Iowa CiIy. The gIow oI Ihis vicIory was shorIIiveoI because Ihe I-IawIcs were deIeaIed by rugged Michigan SIaIe and Indiana on The road. Senior Iorward Prank SeboII iniured his bacIc and was conIined Io Ihe sideIines Ior nnoslr oI Ihe remainder oI Ihe season. Iowa avenged an earIier Ioss aI IXIorIhwesIern by faking Ihe WIIdcaIs inIo camp. II Iooked as Ihough Ihey nnighI be on Ihe vicIory IraiI. IVIinnesoIa soon sooiIed Ihis by gaining revenge and Irouncing Iowa aI Minneapohs. The I-Iawks Ihen reIurned Io Iowa CiIy Io pIay one oI Iheir besI games oI Ihe season onIy Io Iose a cIosefdecision Io Michigan. AIIer Ihe Michigan hearIfbreaIcer Iowa seerned inehfechve and IeII beIore Purdue aI I.aIayeIIe and then dropoed Ihe seasons IinaIe aI Iowa CiIy Io Wisconsin. Ihe season ended, 8-I4. XOW4 Pug, Big Ter eoouwdirg rei eer Irie I-Iawfkeyes avo Ine Nrr W',dcaI1, rc fiercenes C7 compehvfrm in I 74-66 I Q' A VV'5Xv1wf"'S-f3Ou".i2r jew Wgiv af Harley? ward CWHM3-Hifi Dave Gmmfwf qribbwfak, auf cf Vrfwtvugg Lagfimr Wf,fg3r:5Qr 3 Vv'.3',mfw. Nam E wrfd r1LqPe,' sfcve' Wei Lf? de4Q"i. Iva rock an eww had 'wh 'Q ,ow a 7T"5'HS'93k'-f' 700 0ffFw'efu'P"0 N Lfvue FJVIWER 311 as M'3Com1ei1 wave- if X: J??EV'd ,kiln GQMHA' efz A'W:fR'.1f ldv-Lcwls 'JW 'v Dave GunII'1er goes high Io snare a rebound aqaInsI WIsQorw- SIP as Icrward George Seheru I4II appears To be pur'Tr3, HAWKS TAKE 4 OUT OF I4 FOR 8+In PLACE IN BIG I0 CONFERENCE RACE Iowa Nebraska . Iowa Denver . . Iowa Loyola . . Iowa Kansas SIaIe Iowa N. Caro. Sfafe Iowa De PauI . . Iowa W, Wrqinia , Iowa QIIIO SIaIe . Iowa IIIinoI5. . . Iowa IVIIn'esoIa . Iowa Wisconsin . Iowa NorII1wesTern Iowa IndIana . . Iowa VVasIwInqIon , Iowa Purdue . . Iowa IVIIcnIqan SIaIe Iowa InoIaoa , . Iowa NorIIwwesIern Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Minnesofa . IvIIQIwIoan. Purdue . Wlscorwsi' I Q I W 1 ? 1 X 2 my 4 1 5 .Lx Seaman Pnoducm dfhlahlc H IOWANS RECOGNIZED AS OUTSTANDING IN NATION IOWA'S greaT aThleTic season oT I956-57 produced some oT The ouTsTanding individual perTormers in The UniTed STaTes. Simon Rol3erTs became The sixTh I-lawlceye To win an NCAA wresTling TiTle and The TirsT Negro ever To do so. In The Big Ten meeT, Gary Kurdelmeier won The I9I-pound TiTle and Ralph Reilqs won The I47- pound championship. In gymnasTics, Sam Bailie capped a sensaTional career aT Iowa by Tinishing TirsT in all-around com- peTiTion in The Big Ten meeT and Third all-around in The NCAA TournamenT. Sophomore swimmer Gary Morris had a phenom- enal TirsT year, winning The individual medley and Two seconds in The Big Ten plus Two seconds and a Third in The NCAA meeT. I-Iawlieye disTance ace "Deacon" Jones won looTh The Big Ten indoor mile and Two-mile runs. MANY ALL-STATERS' ON HAWKEYES' HIGHLY RANKED FRESHMAN SQUAD Iowa l:noasTed oT an excepTionally Tine Treshman baslceTloall Team This year, and There are a greaT many Tans wiTh high hopes Tor Them in The years To come. The Team was comprised oT Tive boys Trom Iowa and six Trom Illinois. All Tive Trom Iowa held some all-sTaTe honors in high school. They were Denny Bruns, Larry SwiTT, Earl Nau, Franlq MundT, and PeTe Schebler. Nolden GenTry and I-Iowie Falk Trorn Illinois held all-American honors as well as all-sTaTe laurels. OTher Treshmen sTars Trom Illinois included Bob WashingTon, Don SlaughTer, Mike I-IeiTman and Les Kewney. As mosT Tans realized, This is a Team ThaT will bear waTching in The near TuTure. FIRST ROW: Michael I-IeiTman, Dennis Bruns, Nolden GenTry, Frank MundT, Earl Nau, RoberT WashingTon, SECOND ROW: Iv1ilTon Scheuerman, coachg I-Ioward Falk, Larry SwiTT, Joseph Schebler, LesTer Kewney, Ronald Rogers. Q is WAT FIRST ROW: Paul Olsen, Tom I-Taye, KenneTh KurTz, Donald Bock, John EnqlerT, Raymond LeTo, Paul Eells, LesTer ZanoTTi. SECOND ROW: Ronald Drennan, William K. SmiTh, Donald Dobrino, Richard NorTon, KenneTh Meelc, Ted Jensen, Ralph WalTers, RoberT B. STewarT, Roberf Scheyli. THIRD ROW: OTTO Vogel, coach: Jack Boal, Gordon BersT, Paul KrapTl, John Nora I-lenry Berry, Edward Arbauqh, Larry lnlarsch, ScoTT MacKenzie, James Irwin, William Carmichael, Charles Van Fossen, VETERAN INFIELD LEADS I957 IOWA BASEBALL TEAM A veTeran inTield plus beTTer speed and 4pITching gave The Hawkeye Cgagl-1 QH-O Vogel believeg Iowa has gOOd poggi- baseball Team a briqhT ouTloolc Tor improving Their ll-lb, I956 record, biliyies H: developmerw Confinuesr Phchir-lg Should loe beTTer Than in l956, when The Team had a Il- I6-l record, and speed loolcs improved, Too. Sev- eral baTTers show promise as power hiTTers if They develop. The I-lawlcs have eiqhT leTTermen reTurning, headed by CapTain Don Dobrino, piTcher who led The Big len in sTrilce-ouTs and had an over-all 6-6 record lasT year. Don Boclc is an experienced caTcher, on all-con- Terence second Team, and veTeran inTielders are Kirby SmiTh aT TirsT base: Tom I-laye, shorTsTopg and Les ZanoTTi, Third base. Newcomers To The Team This year who should see cluiTe a biT oT acTion are Diclf WeaTherly, caTcherg Kevin Furlong, ouTTielder: Fred Long, ouTTielderg and Jim Ward and Ron Michaelson, inTielders. Main-sTays on The piTching sTaTT should be Jack Nora, Ron Drennan, John Enq- lerT and AI Bean. 226 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM FIFTH IN BIG I0 MEET The lowa cross counTry Team, alThouqh seeing liTTle acTion The pasT season, Tinished TiTTh in The Big Ten championships. In dual meeT compeTiTion, The I-Iawkeyes spliT id Two meeTs, deTeaTinq The lvlinnesoTa harriers while losing To Vifiscorisin. Leading The I-lawlqeyes To Their TiTTh place Big Ten Tinish were Bop I:leTcher and I-larry Frazier who Tinished TwenTy-TourTh and TwenTy-sixTh respecTiyely, QTher I'lawlceyes To place were Diclc Allen and QuenTin Willces. None OT lowa's Top Tour Tinishers in The Big Teri meeT will graduaTe This year. The I-lawlceye harriers were hampered The pasT season by The loss oT Charles "Deacon" Jones, who won The NaTional ColleqiaTe AThleTic Associalrion championship in l955. Jones was ouT oT school The TirsT semesTer while compeTing Tor The U. S. Olympic Team in Mel- bourne, AusTralia. De-sofa lil+le achon Tae cross couhfri' Team deTea'eo a lol T W ' sl rd T' 'hd TTT' I ' T C iscoh in ai iris e in pace i'i The B T Won LosT Big I0 I I FiTTh LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard L. Allen, Raymond I-Ieremeief, F. X. Crelzrneyer, coachg Roberf FleTcher, I-Tarry' Frazier. The Iowa Tencing Team, wiTh only Three rGTurning major leTTermen, won Tive oT Ten dual meeTs and Tinishcd TiTTh in The Big Ten race. Won LosT Big I0 NCAA 5 5 I:iTTh 2 I ST FENCERS FINISH .500, FIFTH IN BIG I0 MEET Under The guidance oT Coach Franlc Craig, The I-Iawlceye Tencers Tinished The season wiTh a .SOO percenTage, winning Tive meeTs and losing Tive, There were only Three major leTTer winners ree Turning This year, IouT wiTh The help oT Tour minor IeTTermen and seven oTher men in conTenTion, The I-Iawlcs managed To capTure 5Th place in The Big Ten. In The NCAA meeT aT DeTroiT They placed 2IsT among 32 compeTing Teams. Bob I-liclclin and Dave DiTTmer were eIecTed cof capTains oT The Team, and along wiTh Brad BaThey They played a prominenT parT in The I-Iawlqeye Scor- ing. DiTTmer and BaThey will boTh reTurn nexT year. FIRST ROW: Phil Shorr, John D. Rasmussen, David DiTTfner, Rooerl L. Bring, Bradley BaThey, William Bulgren. SECOND ROW: Frank Craig, John E Rush, David Sneller, Boger Sunleali, David I-IarTman, RoberT I-licklin, Jacls Bandviclc, assisTanT coach. FIRST ROW: Jerry T. Washburn, John l'l. LiechTy, Phillip Josclyn Franlc JJdish John Marshall Cyde Fel' s I-IerberT KlonTZ SECOND ROW: Gene NovoTny, Allen Brenneclce, Srephen Shower, Richard M Anderscn Lawrence Dennis P Ter JusT n THIRD ROW Genn Devine, coachp John Wicks, John Bonella, Michael O'DonnelI RoberT J Pichards IOWA GOLFERS AMONG STRONGEST IN HISTGRY Indoor prachce was neces ary before weaTher pe-rmiTTed ouTdoor Paced by Tive reTurning leTTermen and Three ouT- sTanding newcomers, Iowa possessed one oT iTs sTrongesT golf Teams in The school's hisTory. In his TirsT year as head coach, Glenn Devine Tielded a Team ranlced high in The Big Ten. I.ed by veTeran leTTer winners John Marshall, I-Ierlo KlonTz, Clyde I:elTes, Bud Judish, and Dale I-Iayes and in- cluding newcomers STeve Showers, Phil Joselyn and John l.iechTy, Iowa opened iTs season wiTh The an- nual EasTer VacaTion Trip and Tinished wiTh The NCAA TournamenT laTe in May. ln addiTion To Their new coach, who replaced Buclcy Olconnor, Iowals golf Team Tound Themselves wiTh a new home. During The early spring, worlq was compleTed on The new Iowa golT course locaTed souTh OT The old Izinlcloine course. IT was on The new course ThaT The I-lawlqs were hosT To The resT oT The Big len golTers Tor The annual Big Ten TournamenT laTe in May, Wirh only Three seniors, Iowa should have a Tine Team nexT year. 229 i fr. , 4 aj. gt! Xuw K, Gwa QW Xgwa W' in 4 xy .... any 10W FIRST ROW: Samuel Bailie, Jerome Wiedman, Slaniord Bee-be, Godfrey Slycln, Ralpln Speas. SECOND ROW: Norman l-lolzaepfel, coaclwg Myron S+ol'fe, Way Joe Tim Way, Roberl Jusrice, Anders Carlsson, William H. Kind, Robe-rr Hazleir, assislanr coaclw, BAILIE, ALL-TME GREAT, LEADS Won Los'r Big I0 NCAA 8 2 Eoarllw Fourln Sam Bailie, lcwas s eclacular fmnasl, caoped a scrsaiional ca' .Y r, 4 a. lowa by capluring flwe individual scoring Honors in lne Big Ten. XBB4 ya. SUI GYMNASTICS TEAM Tlne early season prospecls seemed exceedingly briglil for ilwe lowa gymnasiic Team ol l95o-57. Led by Sam Bailie, lowa's grealesi all-around gym- nasl, and Slaiian Carlsson, one-lime iunior Olympic champion oi Sweden, Tlwe l-lawlceyes swepi ilrurougli llrieir early meeis wiilw relaiiye ease. Disasler slruclc al semesler brealc, lioweyer, wlien Carlsson was declared ineligible. Willioul flue poinrs llwal Carlsson could collecl line l-lawlseyes dropped lrom a sirong coniender for llwe Big 'len cliampionslnip lo a prominenl also-ran. Bailie conrinued lo represenl line Hawlceyes brilli- anily by capluring llie individual scoring lwonors, placing rlwird in ine all around compeiilion, and leading ilie Team lo a iourili place iinisli in llie Big Ten race. The leam was one oi underclassmen, wiili iusi iour seniors. Tlwere is a possibilily 'llial Jrlie Big Ten will liear from rliis Team nexi year. 230 SWIMMERS EIGHTH IN BIG TEN, NCAA MEETS The Iowan lankmen were wilhoui 'rhe services oi veieran Lincoln Hurring, who parlicipaled in The Qlympic games , buf, neverlheless, iound capable leadership in sophomore Gary Morris. Againsl' exlremely rough Big Ten compelilors 'Ihe Hawkeyes Iinished Ihe season wiih a 4-3 record in dual meel compelilion. Good deplh, buf lfew oul- . I slanding performers seemed Io iell lhe slory, how! ever, as The Hawks placed eighrh in The I3ig Ten 3 meer. Gary Morris led lhe way wilh a lirsl and iwo second places. ii Morris also led The Hawks To eighlh place in Ihe fa NCAA meel al Chapel Hill, Norih Carolina, cap- Iuring Iwo seconds and a Ihird, scoring all buf one A Hewkey? VMOW as Iowa Ccmmec 5 4,3 due! mee? OI II16 Iowa pOII'1'IS. 'nark and finished eiehih in 'he Big Ten and NCAA. This year's Team will lose seven men via gradua- Iion, bul more Ihan Iwice Ihal number will be re- Iurning, some ol Ihem 'rop performers. Won Los+ Big I0 NCAA 4 3 Eiqkiii Eiglirh FIRST ROW: Joel Jones. Thomas Jacobson, Jchn Quick. Gary lvlerris Earl Ellis, Kim Ausiin, Esiel Mills, David Armbrusier, coach. SECOND ROW: Robcri Alier, coach: Carl Kay, Thomas Cnrisrenscn. Roberl Praf' James Davidson, John Snaw Richard Horlon, Rocerl Mclxlamee. FIRST ROW: J. McBride, T. Segura, S. Bailie, R. Allen, R. Ahlgren, R. PraTT, A. Gillberg, J. Bogart S. Nelson, Coach ArmbrusTer, J, V. FosTer, R. HorTon, J. MiTvalslcy. SECOND ROW: A, Carlsson, R. R. Speas, J. D. Jones, J. Kemmerer, J. Erwin, R. W. Murray, S. Beebe, J. J. Neubauer, G. Bailey, J. AusTin, A. Braley, W. Grandy, C. W. Anderson. THIRD ROW: H. Dierks, W. Huebner, M McCaughey. G. NaughTon, R. STaTTord, C. A. Logan, K, ZasTrow, G. Morris, E. Mills, V. TolenTino, D, Miles, Lehan Ryan, R, Hardman R. I3laTo. FOURTH ROW: T. ChrisTensen, R. R. PeTerson, R. I3ogerT, D. Rossberg, R. McNamee, J, Wiedrnan, F, Hill, J. MarTindaIe J. Quick, K, Wollin, D, Adams, J. E. MaThews, D. Shaw, J. E. Shaw, E. Grayson. FIFTH ROW: R. JusTice, J. MCCurdy, J. E. Davidson H. KeTelsen, J. Coles, T. Jacobson, R. L. Johnson. ANNUAL DOLPHIN SHOW DEVELOPS FROM EXHIBITIONS The I956 Dolphin Show, sTaged in an elaboraTe VeneTian sei- Ting, oTTered dancing, clowning, swimming and gymnasTics. The annual Dolphin aguaTic show, now presenTed during The Homecoming weekend, developed Trom aguaTic shows and exhibiTions on The Iowa River wiTh swimming and canoe races. The Dolphin NaTional Honorary Swimming Frae TerniTy was Tounded aT SUI in I92I by swimming coach David A. ArmbrusTer who has been aT The STaTe UniversiTy oT Iowa since l9l6. Since ThaT day when The TraTerniTy was Tounded To promoTe inTeresT in swimming aT Iowa, The organe izaTion has spread naTion-wide wiTh chapTers aT I8 colleges and universiTies. SUI's Alpha chapTer boasTs 75 members and serves as The headguarTers Tor The naTional TraTerniTy. In addiTion To The Dolphin Show, The club holds an annual Tall recogniTion banguel' Tor ouTsTanding Dol- phin Show perTormers and honored guesTs. They also sponsor an annual canoe Trip down The Iowa River sTarTing abouT 25 miles up sTream Trom Iowa CiTy. The Dolphin Show's Theme, "FesTivaI of Venice," had iTs origin in an auThenTic TesTival celebraled annually in Venice. 'valv- AND RACES ON IOWA RIVER A dance paying homage in recogniTior of The Sun and Moon Gods opened The 34Th annial Dolphin AguaTic Show, "I:esTival oT Venice." Miss Myrna BrandT, I956 Dolphin quwen, oTTicially opened The TesTival wiTh her accepTance oT The "Banner oT Venice" Trom The God wJrshippers aT The Tirsl perTormance, Nov. I. The siow was pree senTed The evenings oT Nov. I, 2 anc 3. Mrs. Beulah Bundling, The world's T-iremosT aqua- Tic arTisT, highlighTed The second acT wiTh a grace- Tul waTer balleT, "Rising Sun," undc T The colors oT yellow and Turquoise shimmering on golden splashes rising Trom smooTh dolphins. Miss Ann Cooper, NaTional AFD Low Board Diving Champion, Miss Barbara Boewmler, who did The choreography, Ralph Speas anfnl Ron Johnson highlighTed The TirsT acT wiTh a dancing-swimming rouTine. One couple danced along rhe beach while I The oTher couple swam, providing 'he mysTical re- TlecTion in The pool. 233 1' f 5 f 'Rf ns 1 X , I I Qi A Miss Myrna Brandi I956 Dolphin Queen, and her royal courT seaTed in a regally consTrucTed casTle overlooking The "canals An aerial acT provided parT oT The Dolphin Show enTerTainmenT FIRST ROW: Chafee Eahir MNC Larimer Jour-ph Marin Pam Cheriaei? W?TTiarr, Voxmari Ucvriaio Mlgdhkfoqkl SECOND ROW: IQ 'T I'-I Q I C hw S Qrgf-r' Efrrr-'il' TL""'f-ft KM' 'ga P JSP' W or-e Jrhr Nao :z if wo if ,err ra TENNIS TEAM CALLED STRONGEST IN IOWA HISTORY ci ecpmffcre Ar' Aeoff-.ns .-,h hamrfo ".r'iC9' furvior Tennis ohayer Th The riaTion gervee in ah early preg Compoffd if six remrwiho TeTTer wiehers seo' Three ouTsT. hdirig Treshmeh, Iowa Teceo The season wiTh The 5 rohqesT Tehrie Team if hi5Tory, Arr Afdrews, TQ -mer N5aTiohaI Eoyi Champion heeded The quad, foTIowefi by iophomores Doe TVIioo ef orool sho Br Io PoTTha5T. The IeTTermew were Gary Aridersori, IDC1iICfTG"iiLIIT,STc:1iT JONES, Bill I-hee, Q71- T-Teod emo C? um Bfwer' Bewioei The reqrihariy QheoTuIeo Bio Ten manche- Towe omyed HGTV 'WChfcohTerehCe meeTs. fameeo Them meeTe wITh Grimweli, Missouri arid VVeQTei-1 IIIi"ois, Tri Mei ch The Team TreveIeo To Chicaoo Tor The Chicaco I'iTer-coIIeoiaTe TourhemehT ahd Tirwisheo' TlrsT ix !QXVTd"GWTl worm The eiriqIe5 Champion' Qhip. During The Ecaeffer recess The Team made Theh er1rmeI Trip To The 5ouTh To prepare Tor Their Bio Ter Toes. In eddihori To The power peeked varsTTy Team, Coach DoriaId 1IoTz had eh ouTsTehdirg group OT Treshmeh To prepare Tor hexT year. Composed -UT John Nadiq Jo in SToy, MiIo Larimer and BiII Voxf meh, The Team houId add sTrehqTh To rTexT year! Team. TRACKMEN FINISH 6+I1 IN BIG I0 INDOOR MEET The Iowa Track Team suTTered heavy losses aT IasT year's graduaTion, buT They sTill had a small core oT dependable perTormers, around which To build a successTul Track season. The Team selecTed as iTs leaders Jack MaThews and Gardner Van Dyke. OTher sTeIIar perTormers on The squad were Deacon Jones, Tom Ecker, GasTonia Finch and Larry Perry. The I-lawkeyes closed-ouT a shorT indoor season on The winning end and placed sixTh in The Big Ten Indoor MeeT. Individual winners were Tom Ecker in The 600-yard run and Deacon Jones in The mile and Two-mile. SeTTing Iowa records This year were Jack IVIaThews wiTh :O7.8 in The 70-yard low hurdles, and Gardner Van Dyke wiTh I4-I in The pole vaulT com- peTiTions. Jones also played a prominenT role in The Mid- wesT's inviTaTionaI indoor meeTs, along wiTh gradu- aTe sTudenT Ted Wheeler. BoTh Jones and Wheeler perTormed in The I956 Olympics. During The Iowa indoor Track season The I-Iawkeyes beaT Wiscon- in, NorThwesTern and MinnesoTa and IosT To Missouri Tigers. Milwaukee Chicago Daily Cleveland Journal MeeT News Relays K. C. MeeT I FirsT 2 Seconds I Second I Second I Third I FourTh I Third I FiTTh FIRST ROW: GasTonia Finch, Frederick I-IarTman, George Frohwein, John MaThews. Gardner Van Dyke, Joseph Carnamo, Rodney Anderson, E, G. BooTh, assisTanT coach, SECOND ROW: David Ingram, Richard I-Iermeier, Raymond I-Iermeier, Donald Bowen, James V. Young, Gary Meeks, Tom Burrows, J. E. Davis, assisTanT coach. THIRD ROW: Thomas Fcker, Lawrence Perry, George WhiTe, RoberT FIeTcher, I-larry Frazier, Charles Jones, Francis OreTzmeyer, coach. CongraTulaTions are oTTered by wresTling coach Dave McCuskey who guided The I-Iawks To Third in The Big Ten and eighTh in The NCAA. Won LosT Big IO NCAA 7 2 Third EighTh OLYMPIC CCACH GUIDES MATMEN TO 7-2 MARK Faced by The loss oT Two naTional champions, Ken I.euer and Terry McCann Trom lasT year's Team, Iowa wresTlers posTed a Tine seasons record oT seven wins and Two losses. Oklahoma deTeaTecl Iowa early in The season and Michigan won over an iniury-rid- dled I-lawkeye Team by Two poinTs Tor The only Big Ten seT-back oT The year. I-leaded by coach Dave McCuskey, The head wresTling coach Tor The I956 U.S. Olympic Games Team, Iowa Tinished a sTrong Third in The Big Ten TournamenT and won eighTh place in The NCAA TournamenT. Iowa had Two Big Ten individual champions and a single NCAA champion. Gary Kurdelmeier and Ralph Rieks won individual championships in The Big Ten meeT, and Simon RoberTs placed Third. Three weeks laTer, RoberTs won The NCAA I47-pound championship. WiTh The enTire Iowa wresTIing Team back nexT year, Iowa wresTling Tans can expecT a Tine Team. FIRST ROW: DeIbe"T Rossbc-rg, VincenT Garcia, Larry Moser. Ralph Rieks, Simon RoberTs. SECOND ROW: Gordon Trapp, John Brennner, STephen Turner, James Craig, Thomas I-IalTord. THIRD ROW: Dale I-IuTf, Gene LuTTrelI, Gary Meyer, Gary Kurdelmeier, D. McCuskey, coach. k . ff. . .,..! - T - 'A W .. 7 A .!, I -r I I I F ivy 7 :jing td I . M A Mf.,A,51 K ' A.s'gig,..1,.VffQm' I T -- -. wgzaas- 1 3fka.aerQevfm .. r .X W i . T 'W .- '.,2-Nazi :ay-W uzg. -fm. ..- fi :x 5. : I NS :I-' 0 c y I x . -yu T mf 2 - I 9 ff' . 5 12.1 . " V Y I E IM"- I i 'ik Em it E Tl XM 2 4 .iff f V A A . f I E g.g ..5,y. .ii I E wi I I . If I ' .. V... , ,H . ,V .2 'Se . . V I ,-. '... ..-f I f .J C . -. .,., - ,V A -ks. V. 4. ' W - 1 E ,. ,- -it f.Q' a"eisgxggi, 1 ii' 'f'?lF?'2.:w14T1r-EQ 'x. I f"21W'iQ' 75- i .,-1 ..:5ITIr9,.e:?:'Tj':'::i22QxQS, iIio.'k:LQ? - .. A ww' : , sw . Q 'rr - fa T T . a I H ivfff ' is 5: I , i . 5' 2' We ' z I . . a.' y , if 5 -N fx I I Q I ul 4, 'Q X A W i XM if M hw' R 'T 'IIS f yi is X 'x if .er W A A I' gi T2 ' Q S. 1 af fi iq yr L i X '-fe of 2 5 as I-if T ia xg ws. if N 5 ,ar I "ff X' N if gi . fb I . . 3 I Y raii I . f an . T 1 xi I I I .,...- I ' in ii M""f. fr I A .. ' -'--i I ' . - . LV ' E T I gh. . A A T I "f . ' E - TTT' I 1, - ef I C "N--. j' I I . arr. aa or rfa.iii TIITI .ir riaai gli 'lf is +5515 Wm T ,, an J 1545 -is ,SA fi' 2, Rx CT egg fa FIRST ROW: D. DiTTmer. J. Burroughs, R. L. Allcn, T. Jacobson, P. Leahy, G. VanDyIce A, Carlsson, F. I-lill, E. Ellis, J. Coles. SECOND ROW: M. STolTe. K. Floen, J. V. Young, W. I-Iise, E. Bloomquisf, J. P. Wilson, T. I-laTc:n, C. EelTes, R. I-Iced. THIRD ROW: F CnenaulT, E. SSEO T, R. Labann D. BiursTrorn. S. 5. Jones, L. Maihis, G. E. Meyer, C. Pailin. 'I' CLUB RESTRICTED TO VARSITY LETTER WINNERS Membership in The VarsiTy LeTTermen's Club is limiTed To Those men who have earned a maior "I" in a yarsiTy sloorT aT Iowa. Included in The lisT oT yarsiTy sporTs are TooTball, baslceTball, baseball, Ten- nis, golT, swimming, cross counTry, Traclc, Tencing and wresTling. The "I" Club meeTs monThly aT The Iowa Union To discuss various phases oT aThleTics. Members oT The "I" Club work aT TooTball and baskeTball games as ushers. They also assisT aT oTher aThleTiC eyenTs aT The UniyersiTy. This year The Club was headed by all-American Kenny Ploen. The vice-prosidenT was swimmer Tom Jacobson while Richard Deasy served as Treasurer and Diclc Gibson as secreTary. Each graduaTing senior member oT The Club is bresenTed wiTh a gold UI" ring by The UniyersiTy. 237 'I' Club members usher and assisT aT Iowa home aThleTic eyenTs MEL! 3 v 4 1 1 .. Q f Klwwfn CREATED IN l86I AS PART OF PHYSICAL EDUCATIGN By BILL I-use SEVERAL imporIanI changes have occurred in Ihe miIiIary deparImenI since iIs esIabIishmenI aI SUI 96 years ago. The SUI miIiIary deparImenI was creaIed in I86I as parI oI Ihe physical educaIion deparImenI. II has been in conIinuous operaIion excepI Ior shorI periods during World War I and WorId War Il, In I874 Ihe miIiIary division was separaIed Irom Ihe physical educaIion deparImenI. LI. Alexander Schenk was appoinIed Ihe IirsI proIessor oI miIiIary science. The presenI divided program, consisIing oI Iwo years oI basic and Iwo years oI advanced Iraining was esIabIished in I894. AI IhaI Iime Iwo years oI miIiIary Iraininq was required Ior each man Ior graduaIion. TwenIy-six years ago Ihe presenI home oI Ihe miIiIary deparImenI, Ihe Armory, was buiII. Training was broadened in I947 wiIh Ihe separaIion oI Ihe Air Force as a service and Ihe esIabIishmenI oI AIZRQTC aI Iowa. CadeIs receive insIrucIion in Ihe use oI Ihe cIinomeIer Chow in Ihe hoI summer sun, neverIheIess, is appeahng Io cadeIs aI summer camp who have iusI Iinished a gruehng morning worIcouI w.1..:-fi ,, nwiww fry,emvmw.,f r if 4 7, I f 'S-...A FIRST ROW: WIIbur Maffhes Car! Aspkand, John WoIIorci, Jack Freahwabers, SECOND ROW: Lee S?ngIe'Qr1, JQN Rcirders Rf:maId Darhek Ridvard Maurer, Rkhafd Foefsfrwer. THIRD ROW: Capw, F, A. Tceiam. VARSITY RIFLE TEAM PLACES FIFTH IN BIG TEN MEETS Cad-efs receIve advice from Wwe commander on +I'1e Carbine Range Summer Camp glves Training In many aspecfs of warfare. 240 1, 'A . .1,.:jg,Ki "3,l?iF'iQ3?"'7' J Il f f 77 , W7, Y Y ROTC TRAINS STUDENTS TO BECOME OFFICERS The Reserve 0TTicers Training Corps aT Iowa pro- vides Training Tor college sTudenTs which enables Them To become Army oTTicers in eiTher The inTanTry or engineers upon Their graduaTion. The acTual Training consisTs oT Tour class hours per week and one hour oT drill. During The summer be' Tween The iunior and senior years, all cadeTs aTTend a sixfweelc summer camp Tor Training. All Training given To miliTary sTudenTs during The year is poinTed To The annual reviews held during The spring. The principal reviews are Governors Day and The Federal InspecTion, Upon graduaTion ROTC sTudenTs are required To serve Trom six monThs To Three years. This year The Army STudenT STaTT was headed by CadeT Colonel KenneTh Ploen. Second in command was regimenTaI commander CadeT Colonel David IvIiTcheII. The Army baTTaIion commanders were CadeT LT. Colonels James Sheely and Jack I-IoTT- man. The AFROTC group was headed by CadeT Colonel Loy Brooks and CadeT I.T. Colonels George Van I-IouTen and Richard Pauly. LEFT TO RIGHT: Loy Broolcs, William I-Iolman. KenneTh Plcen, Wendell Winn. KENNETH PLOEN CadeT Commander of The Corps :lf uf LEFT T . , . .f Gvf: osoecfve ROTC swdemh are Issued We P wwvcrmx. L, I. Co Rlcrwaro Papy, Cad? L+. CQI, Gaofge ARMY STUDENT STAFF TO RIGHT: Cadef Maier James McCIaIm Req weve' AdQuI5m+' Cade? C0IQr'eI Daxfd D, MTIQIWQI Reglmorwfa Comfnerder- Cadelr Main' Jimei M Smliid Reqfmewfa' 0Ce'eIfcrws Ogkef. AIR FORCE WING STAFF SEATED: Cady' CCI, Lvy Bfooks Cade' CUT. DCTId,J S:Fvfder. STANDING: Cadof L+. Coh CU5i'W19 K5 Cade? L5 CCI. Q'A?C'ffQ Berr:e+', Cadcv MGM Ra M, Id Thalrw-, Cade' Majof WQUQIQII W7nn, Cadsf' L I-Tome-H. 242 Ven ACTIVES ROW ONE: P. Scnorr, H. WeIIs, T. Ir- win, G. Mears J. Weaver, G. Green- berg. ROW TWO: R. Maurer, L. Brooks, J. Rozinekx E. Arbaugn, L. Gipe, R. A. Anderson. ROW THREE: R. BencIIxen, W, Scnn'veIIng, D. BeIcen'weIer. J. Rossie, J. J. Neubauer. ROW FOUR: T, DeYarrnan. D. J. Refersen, L. WICII- mann, S. B. Jennings. WIIIce5. ROW FIVE: R. D. Hufdnnson, J. Croy, T. Kraefner, H. GrIrnes, V. BIunI'. BILLY MITCHELL SQUADRON IS AFROTC FRATERNITY PLEDGES FIRST ROW: 6. Raferman, C. Denn7s. T. Koerner, G. Organ, R. Barfunek, G. Burns. SECOND ROW: Roberf D. Brown, M. K. DavIs, W. Addis, R. E. Brandenburg, M. Kvidera, D. FrIcIc. THIRD ROW: L, Lines. L, HeIdI, K. KIQin, R. Mariner, T. COIQ, L. Bopp. FOURTH ROW: R. CIauson, R. E. G06-IIscIw, D, CI1rIs'IIansen, C. GIIIDQH. M. SrnaIIwood. 243 FIRST ROW: Edward Beckmann, Rol:TerT Lee Burns, Charles FreTwell David CarTer. SECOND ROW: John McMurray, Vicror WalTers, RoberT Thompson, Lee SingleTon, Phillip Warner, Carl Aspland. THIRD ROW: David Shannon, Thomas Rankin, Mark Fields, James Fuhl- man, RcberT Grimm, Dale Skillicorn, FOURTH ROW: RoberT S. Anderson, Charles W. Anderson Bernard Johnson, Daryle Alwine Jeroid Skinner. PERSHING RIFLES CO. B STAGES MOCK WAR TACTHCS Pershing RiTles Company B hoTds meeTings every Tuesday To help basic cadeTs in Their Reserve OTTicer Training Corps program. Ba Members oT Pershing RiTles Company B puT Their Training To use This spring during a day oT maneu- vers. The mock war was sTaged, May 4, To demon- sTraTe The TacTical Tield problems, Membership in Company B is open To all basic CadeTs. This year all OT The 54 members were Army cadeTs. The naTional TraTerniTy was Tounded in T894 and The Iowa chapTer in l92l. The TraTerniTy aT- TempTs To help The cadeTs wiTh Their ROTC work. Speakers and Tilms were presenTed aT The Tuesday nighT mee-Tings. DrilT pracTices in voice and com- mand helped prepare The members Tor enTering driTl compeTiTions ThroughouT The year. Following TradiTion, members OT Pershing RiTle Company B lad The T956 SUI Homecoming Parade and Tormed a coTor guard Tor home TooTball games. A drilT show was presenTed during The halT-Time oT The lasT Hawkeye home baskeTball game oT The sea- son. , 2: E 'X PERSHING RIFLES REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS SEATED: Near Acrrislerwsem. STAND- ING: Erederuck Basfron, Jarres Macy, Wllfiavw Pierson, George Ro- be, Reber? McCoy. PONTONIERS ADMIT ENGINEERING AROTC CADETS ROW ONE: Richard Sardc. Lennie Pausfiam James M. SmI+h Byrfe Norfrwup, Bernard Sbfar Doujas Eurlracfr, Sven Jorgensen. Richard W. KQWW. ROW TWO: Jchrv McCorwas, Rcfyrw Bait? Jams? Phinray David Diffrror, Jem Sfeermrwoek, Arrwokf Prosser, Racer Srafford Charles Fre+wnW .QM " -fia:' kLf5W15W'fWm?'W 'L' x Q95"l5-'S' 'W' ' WT7ff'd' "I" 'f ' 'C-'Q' " MV' W""":2"" 245 FIRST ROW: Edward Arbaugh, George Bonne'II, Loy Brooks, Kennefh Ces+eIf, Graham Crow, Rex Davis, John Dhwges, John Ehnan SECOND ROW: Toni I-Iafch, Robert I-Iaussrnan, Bernard Henderson, Reber? I-IuIIen, RoberI IrwIn, Anrhony Kocirnski, Jack Leech. COMMISSIONS GIVEN TO 3I AIR FORCE SENIOR CADETS ROW ONE: Edward I.eIdIQ, John E. Murphy, I-Icward Myh, EIvIn Noding, Richard Par:Iy, John E. Price, Chahner RandaII, Lehan Ryan. ROW TWO: James Rozfnek, DonaId Schneden, GeraId Them, VVIIIie:rn Tidd, Frederick TIIIrnar1, George VanI-IouIen, WendeII Winrm. FIRST ROW: W. T. AIIQ-n R. T, Anderson, R. Bards E. Bcckwev D. Bock, D. E. Brofherfon. N, Buck, K. Car'wpbeII, N, CIwrIsIe-nser R. I. Chrkfensev, D. Clizhe. SECOND ROW: J. Curfew. J. Dick, D. Dobrlmo, R. Dowd L. Fochf. J. M. Fosfer, D. Fuhlrodr, W. IvIa:3uIfe. I.. Guslahcm, W. H:I'nar1. THIRD ROW: W. I-Iamvwer, J, D, I-Iamscn, W. I-IafreI, A. I-Iauefnary J. B. Hcgfvam, A, I-Ioug amd. I. Jacobson S. Jorgensen' R. KeIIy. 7I SUI ARMY SENIOR CADETS RECEIVE COMMISSIONS MIIcIweII. SECONDIROW: B. Norfhup, I.. RausIIan, R. Ricken, K. RIoen, W. PoweII, D. Robinson, R. ScanIon, J. SI'aeeIy, B. Sloferz THIRD ROW: S, SIuIca, J. M. Srvifh. R. Sncpek, M. Splvak, R. Webmer, F. WIIson, J, Zeverhwlk D. K. ZIm'rwer. I .QE I V il 3 I, A I A. I I 'I' FIRST ROW: Lee Simgiefon, Wilbur Maffiies, Joiwn Wfaiiord, Jack Fresivwaier, Richard Foersimer, SECOND ROW: Sic, Aiired Pafiorsoni R056-ri J, Barry, Gordon Fio:i4G-miie-im: Mefie LirI4iQ'+af, Dom Adams. David Eberie Is+ Li Juiius Fr:-U er ARMY PLACES 2nd IN IOWA COLLEGIATE ROTC RIFLE MEETg AIR FORCE RANKS 5+h FIRST ROW: Kermcfh Weiier, Richard Maufery Mike Donaiwufv Ronald Perizeic. David Bradbury, John Reinders. SECOND ROW: Sgt Rcbcrf Sanders, James M, Clark, Pau! J. Rvimdcvi, Dennis I-isvmnimqsefi, David Scivmafie Lf. LeRoy Seicm. 1 Y I E I,5OO CADETS PARADE ON GOVERNOR'S DAY Approximalely I,5OO Army and Air Force ROTC cadels paraded belore exfgovernor Leo I-loegli on Ilwe 72nd annual Governors Day lweld on fhe SUI Inlra-murals lield, May IS, l95o. I-loeglm loresenled awards Io 22 oulslanding Army and Air Force ROTC cadels. Also on Ilie reviewing sland were: Gen, William Arnold, commanding general ol Irie 5+lw Army: Col. Cliarles Kirk, lwead ol Ine SUI Air Science Deparl- menlp Col. James Scoll, lwead ol Ilme SUI Mililary Science and Taclics Deparlmenlq SUI Presidenl Virgil I-lancIiergCol.JoI1n Green, clriiel of Ilie Iowa Ivlililary Dislriclg and Dean Dewey B. Sluil' ol Ilue SUI College of Liberal Arrs. Tlie SUI marcning band and l-Iiglwlanders also marclwed belore Irie reviewing sland. Following llie review, Governor I-loeglw spolce al a banquel in liis lwonor wliiclw was allended by ad- vanced ROTC sludenls. WMI? lam A preliminary inspecl on is rec ved before lne evie I,5OO SUI cadols marcli lo cadence counl before 'rlie reviewing slancl af Ina 72d annual Gove nors d y on he Inlra murals lied An- OUR ORGANIZATIONS: SUI'S GROUPS YQ , if ia S x L, 5? 5, ii' 5 ,A 2, Ei .: 51' f gy. gi. S 5: 5. .W ifmMug.J.f.- 250 . WELCCME AND STIMULATE INTEREST xv 2, .ig-f: Mis ,, L. ,lv Q Q3 555, .Z-L,,-1 vt am, Qfifif' 7535? -I ,K W gil. 11:7 A 53' ' " ' -f5?l! ffl -. " fx F Q ' 57274 . ,Q ,. 'i 1 ,- swf Q.. . 1.7 36, .1 aa Fa 1 f x 'S A aw, v X .Qu , L E. S 3 5 , 3' ,Q 1 tr, 5.5234 A522513 4 ggm . ,..., I .Qs E515 12555 ew.- , ,Ls- gif ss, filz.. K W yxrr W 5 1 Q.. ,, : ,M ,, , 'swf fain ws. 1. wk. A. .1 vw Q . iii ff: ' , 5. W rf' 1 vi 2 if Q 'Q 571.9 Klub ' wuied .9 GENERAL ORGANIZATIONS OPEN TO ALL SUI STUDENTS By KAY GREENE ALTHOUGH a grade may be The TirsT and Tore- mosT concern OT a sTudenT, iT is only The shallow who Tind sTudying The only ouTleT oT Their energy. lvlosT sTudenTs Tind ThaT Their inTeresTs musT be saT- isTied Through some ouTsicle organizaTion. This pro- vides The enThusiasTic supporT oT SUI's general or' ganizaTions open To all sTudenTs on campus. There are groups Tor Those oT special inTeresTs, Tor example The Home Economics Club, and The Young Republicans ancl Young DemocraTs. There are The sTudenT governing groups which demand hard worlc and responsibiliTy Trom Their members. These people possess pracTicaliTy and leadership gualiTies. They recognize The TacT +haT iT The UniversiTy is To serve The sTudenT body, Then sTudenTs musT be willing To share The responsibiliTy. By such acTion They are eTTecTively preparing Tor in- TelligenT ciTizenship. The service organizaTions such as YWCA and AWS, which again demand worlc wiTh liTTle reward, are high in membership. WEA, dedicaTed To The enioymenT oT aThleTics and good sporTsmanship, is one oT The mosT acTive groups on campus. The price oT Tun is work, valuable Time and more worlc, buT The willing club member pays The price gladly, lnTeresTed sTudenTs have The opporTuniTy To sign up Tor campus organizahons aT a Union open-house in SepTember. Kms'-N STudenT Council Book Exchange buys and sells used books. PresidenT . . RoberT Young Vice-presidenT . . James l:osTer SecreTary . . . Carol SchulTe Treasurer . . PaTricia Newell STUDENT CCUNCTL TACKLE' f'-Xny odol iobs ranging Trom The book exchange To TooTball seaTing arrangemenTs are Tossed inTo The lap oT The SUI STudenT Council. The STudenT Council is a represenTaTiye organi- zaTion oT I9 members elecTed Trom The housing uniTs on campus. OTTicers are elecTed by The Council members. The Council, meeTing on alTernaTe Wednesdayfs. TuncTions in areas where resTricTed organizalrions cannoT worlc. lTs permanenT commiTTees include The sTudenT boolc exchange, The campus chesT and l-lomecoming. This year The STudenT Council puT inTo acTion The new TooTball seaTing plan. IT has discussed and aTTempTed To Tinol some means To solve The sTudenT parlcing siTuaTion. The Council is a member oT The Big Ten STudenTs and The NaTional STudenTs AssociaTion. FTRST ROW: Dean l-luiT, Carol Schulfe, James V. FosTer, RoberT A. Young, PaTricia Newell, SECOND ROW: Sharon Brown, Mary Reed, Kay l-Talloran, Sandra Swengel. Sandra Levinson, James CoTlins, Gary Kurdelmeier. THIRD ROW: Lehan Ryan, Tom l-lamilTon, James AppleTon, STephen Shadle, John Cray, Joseph Gross, MorTon Y. Rosenberg. IKNOTTY QUESTIONS AND SUPERVISES CAMPUS ROUTINE FIRST ROW: S. ShelTon, N. Corson, M. Jorgensen, J. I-Iubly, E. Moore, J. Nienieier, K, McLarnan, S. LangTiTT. N. Cogswell, E. McKen- Zie, J. I-lavenhill. SECOND ROW: D. I-louse, C. Halbach, J. J. BarreTT, T. Finley, ConsTance BriTTon, T. L. Shcpe, R. Sieplcer, A. Too' good, B. Boelce, D. STroclc, C. STarroTT, Jacqueline McDonald, E. Fellows, C. Jennisch. THIRD ROW: N. Roberson, D. I-I. Thompson, B. Oalcley, J. I-IerTeen, R. Schabaclcer, J. Ellcin, T. I-IurwiTz, I-I. Abrahams, F. Adams G. Morris, J. I-Iumphrey, FOURTH ROW: M. Lurnbard, T. S. I-IarnilTon, M. Levenslcy, E. RickeTT, T. Parker, N. Slocum, S. Pesses, B, Kennedy, P. ChenaulT, Larry SmiTh, D. DieTz. FIFTH ROW: G. Thompson, M. Bcrensfein, Raymond PeTerson, E. Mezvinslcy, C. BlunT, W. I-life, J. MiTvalsky, B. Amble. The "Crusade Tor Freedom" drive To aid Radio Free Europe Tell SEATING AMONG COUNCIL PROBLEMS shorT oT iTs goal in spiTe oT The lasT rninuTe conTribuTions. The scope OT acTiviTies in which The STudenT Council legislaTes and rnalfes recomrnendaTions has broadened in recenT years. As The group has proven iTs capabiliTy, increased responsibiliTies have been N., V be-sTowed upon iT. Several lcnoTTy problems were aired beTore The Council This year. The mosT vehemenr OT These was The new TooTba'l seaTing plar.. The popular elecTion oT The Council presidenT and The parlcing siTuaTion were oTTen-heard subieclrs. STudenT commiTTees were Torrned To discuss and malce recommendalrions on These problems. 'gh' I A fi "l., -"' f-1 rrygeefy' cb? . ff! f 4,1-""'.. .ii FIRST ROW: Caroi Crawifcrd, Ann Berrer, Karer CI3use, Virginia Idaoens, SECOND ROW: Gary WiiIiams Jerry Torrence Socia Pappaiohn Roberf Landesz, THIRD ROW: WaI'ac:3 I-Iioh, Richard Spring Erik Hansen, UNION BOARD SPONSORS STUDENT ACTIVITIES IN IMU Union Board consisrs oI a rcpresenlaii-.fe Irom each SUI coI The Union Board and irs seven sub-commirfees provide and sponsor aciiviries Tor The enrire siudeni body in The Iowa IvIemoriaI Union. Unlike any oiher organizarion on campus, The Union Board is composed oi members from every SUI college, eIecIed in The aII-campus elecfions. TruIy a represeniarive body, The Board is auIhorized Io iniiiaie, promofe and conIroI sIudenI aclrivifies held in and around The Union buiIdinq. The addirion Io The Union has increased Ihese aciiviiies wirhin The Iasi Iwo years, Subfcommihree members are seIecIed from ap- phcarions submifred Io Ihe Board. Through irs sub- commihrees The I956-57 Board did an oursrandinq iob of providing social and educaiional opporiuni- Iies for coIIeqians ouiside The cIassrooms. The posjrfbaligame commiihfee sponsors parries in The Union aijrer home Ioojrbail and basI4eIbaII games and furnishes Ihe band. UNION OFFERS OUTSTANDING FACILI- TIES FOR CULTURE AND RELAXATION Under The supervision oT The movies and TV com- miTTee, SUI sTudenTs had The opporTuniTy oT viewing ouTsTanding movies on a new cinemascope screen in The main lounge Sunday evenings. The big evenT Tor The games commiTTee came in February when The Union was The scene oT The NaTional InTer-col- legiaTe Billiards TournamenT. LaTer in The spring The bridge commiTTee supervised The Iowa division oT The NaTional InTer-collegiaTe Bridge TournamenT. "Memories in Triplemf' SUI's annual colorTul Homecoming dance, TeaTured Three bands. This was The big proiecT OT The special evenTs commiTTee. The Fine ArTs commiTTee sponsored and arranged Monday nighT opera programs in The music room and arT exhibiTs ThroughouT The building. The pub- liciTy commiTTee adverTised all Union evenTs Through SUI media. y fix Union Board presenTs Tree movies Tor viewing Sunday evenings. A new Cinemascope screen was purchased by The Board This year. PresidenT . . SocraTes Pappaiohn Vive-PresidenT . . RoberT Landess SecreTary . . Ann Berner Treasurer . Carol CrawTord FIRST ROW: RuThann Jensen, A. DunIcerTon, F. A. Davis, B. Rasmussen, M. Baumer, S. F'uTney, M. J. ChrisTensen, R. Samberg, M. Lear, S. Lohner. SECOND ROW: J. Gilmer, J. TePasIce, K. Accola, M, KoesTer, J. A. AshTon, F, I-Iamill, S. Swaney, Suzanne I-Iahn, N. Corson, S. Overholser, Sally Hahn. THIRD ROW: W. Carmichael, W. Farlcer, T. S. I-IamilTon, J. Bauman, S. Fischrupp, M. Woodman, M. Doerr, V. Foss, N. Simmons, C. Halbach. FOURTH ROW: 6. Spence. W. C. Pierson, Joe Williams C. Kay, J. R. ScoTT, J. Bane, J. Moes, J. BeITman, K. Koser. FIFTH ROW: D. FiTzsimmons, J, E. MaThews, T. Dallon, J, S. Church, R. Helms, J. Kanealy. SIXTH ROW: D, Hayes, W. I-Iise, M. BercnsTe,in, G. Seaberg, W. WhiTney, F. Mezvirisky, P. I3arTleTT, T. KeneTiclc, F. Denl, L. Keller. if , - ':gT1fa'ii?J4'iii - g M Q1 , T 'Z ' ' Q 2 51+ N if ,T ' by g 1 4 A .g ,Q . 5 Vg Ak 1 6 , hgh 3 XA ,Qc T. T M , 5 f , M ix Mk, g Xt K X K. 33 T HXLV. 1 A L f , A ' if .. fi Girls aTTired in Tamiliar "llce" dresses do some pre-elecTion campaign- ing Tor Their TavoriTe presidenTial candidaTe in TronT oT TooTball sTands. PresidenT . . . lvlarlc PuTney, William Bernau Vice-presidenT . . William Bernau, James Sullivan SecreTary . . , . Dixie DavenporT Treasurer . DoroThy Schwengel CAMPUS PARTIES ENCOURAGE In This elecTion year, The Young Republicans had The highesT membership on record, More Than l,OO0 sTudenTs parTicipaTed in The Club's acTiviTies. Young Republicans aTTempT To creaTe an acTive inTeresT in polilrics among SUI sTudenTs, The I956 year was OTT To a rousing sTarT wiTh members canvassing Tor voTers prior To The naTional elecTion. The Club provided baby-siTTers and Trans- porTaTion To The polls Tor voTers. DernonsTraTions were held and girls in "lice" dresses became Tamiliar sighTs aT The TooTball games. The campaign was ended wiTh an elecTion nighT parTy aT l-loTel Jeffer- son. During The school year The Young Republicans sponsored poliTical speakers on The campus. This year's program included Tormer-Governor l-loegh and SenaTors MarTin and Hiclcenlooper. A secTion of The l,OOO membership lisTens To one oT The many speakers The Young Republicans sponsored To help increase inTeresT in poliTi:s. DARTICIPATION IN POLITICS .il-'I-1.-I-,-,,,j -,P 4-al pus- Presidenr. . . I3auI CarIsIen si., nov' u-IF" Vice-pres?denI , Barbara CruIchIIeId Secrerary . . SarnueI Pesses Treasurer . . Richard Rausch W V,r, ,,...W WWW- uvf, N.-ms-W. + wyannww sr- -.milf fi P-vlmvlt ' 7-WE 0-'-" rf 5:11:1- -I Young Democ:ra+s garher arourd Ihe IabIe :or an QnIormaI poIfIIca' dscussion. Membershuo 05 Ihe CIub Increased IhIs eIecI'fon year. YOUNG DEMOCRATS SPARK IDEA FOR ALL-CAMPUS MOCK ELECTION "GIadII Ior AdIaI" was The banner carried by Jrhe Young Democrat Ihis eIecIIon year. Young Demo- craIs Is a sIudenI organizahon designed Io SIIIYIUIGIG poIiIIcaI achvify and educahon. The Club sparked The Idea Ior a mock elechon Ir Qdober. SeveraI guesI speakers were irwlred To The campus. PoIIIicaI candEdaIes were assisIed in campaigning. EIecIIor1 Day Young Derrmocrafs prof yIded rIdes Io Ihe poIIs and Iurnished babyfsnrrirg services. George Bolden was a deIegaIe Io Ihe sIaIe Presi- denIiaI eIec'rIon and The nahonaI conyenhon, Seve erIy Crane was NaIIonaI Cornrnibheewoman and Sam Pesses, Sfare Execuhve SecreIary. An 'ImparIIaI" run-down af poIIIicaI quaIIIIcaIIons Inferrupfs for a shorr hrne poIIing at Ihe aII-campus mock eIecIIon in November. I" I I',, W" I FIRST ROW: David Adams, Rochelle Loerfs, Richard Spring, Helen Coe, Richard Blum. SECOND ROW: George Krolowq, Rex Davis, Adelle Davis, AusTin Sandroclc, THIRD ROW: SamueI Pesses, James Sheely, James SacIceTT. PEP CLUB BADGE SALES HELP ENLARGE CARD SECTION PresidenT . . . Richard Spring Vice-presidenl' ..... David Adams Secrelraries . Rochelle LoerTs, Barbara Levich Treasurer . . . . Thomas Purdon FIRST ROW: E. Jurlc P, A. Davis. K. Harris S. WyaTT, M. L. SnniTl", G. Cleaver, S. Bien- baum, R. Price, E. Coolc, M. GiTchell, SEC- OND ROW: M. Seabury, S. I3eTrus, M. Arney P. Kessler, N. Rose, J. Klingberg, C. Wefzell, M. Nelson, S. Wheelock, A. Papadalces, V. Foss, R. Popinger, S, Barker, M. RoggenTien. THIRD ROW: S. Schindler, S. Sprague, E. Forbes, J, I:rosT, S. Williams, E. Fiebig, P. Kelly, V, Aisner, N. EllioTT, R. Horner, J. Haven- hill, ConsTance BriTTcn. FOURTH ROW: S. Malby, J. Reclcumn, M. K. CarpenTer, D, Herr- mann, B. Hall, E. Gehrirug, L. Moss, R, LepperT, G. Gioqold, K. Higgins, M. J. Pufney, S, STGT- Tensen, C. Zelinsky, R. G, Clarke. FIFTH ROW: E. Mezvinslqy, A, R. Weiner, M. Beren- sTein, L. Meverson, J, E, MaThews, W. Dovali, T. HurwiT1, J. GoldsTein, M. NewTon, J. A. Wiese, T. LQighTy, M. Chamberlain, D. I:iTZ- simmons. 260 "GeT your Homecoming badge," was The cry ThaT helped The Hawk-I Pep Club Tinance all Homecom- ing acTiviTies and pay The Club's expenses. A maior iTem in The budgeT was The card secTion which, en- larged To 900 boards, had To be replaced aTTer a heavy rain. Herlcy, The live hawls, was inTroduced in The Tall. This year The Club operaTed wiTh I5 council mem- bers and 75 sub-commiTTee members. Through in- Tervievvs, The sub-commiTTee members were selecTed To plan rallies, card secTion designs and manage Homecoming badge sales. NEW INTERNATIONAL CENTER OPENS AT SUI The new InTernaTionaI CenTer, opened in TaII, I956, has increased The acTiviTies oT SUI Toreign sTudenTs. The CenTer Turnishes a pIace Tor Toreign sTudenTs To enTerTain, organize and work TogeTher. IT is operaTed by an eIecTed governing board. Wallace W. Maner, Toreign sTudenT advisor, and his TamiIy, Iive aT The cenTer. The InTernaTionaI CIub is open To all SUI sTudenTs, boTh American and Toreign. The Club and CenTer oTTen execuTe Their acTiviTies ioinTIy. BoTh groups are mainTained by conTribuTions Trom The UniversiTy and inTeresTed persons. NineTeen areas oT The world were represenTed aT The Third annuaI inTernaTionaI ChrisTmas pageanT, "FesTivaIs Around The WorId," Dec. I6. The TesTi- val, sponsored by AWS, incIuded an open house, pageanTs, singing and dancing. Foreign dinners are given aT The CenTer abouT once a monTh. "Seminars on American I.iTe" are heId on Sunday aTTernoons. These and mosT acTivi- Ties oT Toreign sTudenTs, open To The pubIic, have heIped inTegraTe The Toreign sTudenTs inTo IiTe aT SUI. CenTer Board FIRST ROW: N, BiroseI, M. Flores, E. MonTano, S. Brandao, A AI-Maiydh, A. May. SECOND ROW: D. ChaI1ravarTy, R. I.angIancI S. Sami, T. I-Iagos, W. R. Adams, H, Ishkanian, S. Carr, G. I-Iog berg. K. Nagamine. CIub Officers LEFT TO RIGHT: DipTish ChaIcravarTy, vice-presidenT: Warren Ad ams, president AniTa May, Treasurer: LoIiTa Dinoso, secreTary. The InTernaTionaI CenTer received more Than I,5OO visiTors The Tirsi monTh. IvIeeTings sTress sociaI acTiviTies. I 26I hours and special permissions. Presidenjr. . . MargareT RiclceTT Vice-presidenT . . Colleen Dolezal SecreTary . . Marian lzreed Treasurer . . Sandra Swengel AWS SPONSORS VARIETY OF WOMEN'S ACTIVITIES The SUI co-ed is in consTanT Touch wiTh AWS Trom The momenT she seTs TooT on The campus. This organizaTion counTs as iTs members all undergradu- aTe women. AWS is headed by a council which delegaTes and supervises acTiviTies oT The organiza- Tion. QTTicers are elecTed in all-campus elecTions, ANNS's year-long acTiviTies range Trom service To parTies. One oT The mosT valuable TuncTions is The worlq The orienTaTion council does in orienTing new sTudenTs. ln QcTober "ProTile Previews" allows each new cofed To model her TavoriTe ouTTiT and spealc wiTh a represenTaTive Trom a Tashion magazine. The The Toreign sTudenT program TosTers beTTer relaf Tions among SUI sTudenTs Trom all counTries Through iTs Toreign dinners and inTernaTional TesTival. The enTerTainmenT oT paTienTs aT The Ve-Terans l-lospiTal is The main acTiviTy oT The American Red Cross Col- lege UniT. The UniversiTy Sing CommiTTee sponsors The sing- ing compeTiTions beTween housing uniTs. AWS ioins wiTh CPC To sponsor "SpinsTer's Spree." A sTudenT- TaculTy coTTee hour is planned once a monTh. The judiciary board is The Iowa womens auThoriTy on lnTormaTion l:irsT series Tealrures spealcers who are l-lonors are given ouTsTanding SUI women aT Rec- experTs on a wide range oT subiecTs. ogniTion Day, sponsored by AWS in March. FIRST ROW: Linda Gamble, Sandra Swengel, MargareT RiclceTT, Colleen Dolezal, DoroTha SToughTon. SECOND ROW: Virginia Taylor, Sharon Brown, Alyce Venzlse, Gloria ldaddy, lcla Bell, Carol CrawTord. THIRD ROW: Beverly PeTorson, MargareT Fowler, Mary Woodman, Barbara Vendelboe, Jeanice Raker, l-larrief Kunilc. FOURTH ROW: Janis C'roTe-luschen, BeTTy Busby, Jana Richler, Marsha Brubalcer, Irene Brandi Elinore I-luber. Freshman Council FIRST ROW: M. Showers, R, Hale, N. Erickson. S. Piaulz. L. Slone. R. Colin. SECOND ROW: C. Dolezal B. A. Joy. E. O'l-lara J H. Howe. M. Weeber, J. A. Wr'le S, A. Norlor. D. Sfouglfin THIRD ROW: M. Ladd. M. Senlrnan. M. Landis, K. Gray, A, K Lund, M. Kellann. E. Field, Execufive Council FIRST ROW: Linda Gamble, Margarel Riclcell, Colleen Dolezal SECOND ROW: Sandra Swengel. Dorollia Slouqlnlon. Sudenf- Faculfy Coffee Commilfee FIRST ROW: Carolyn Moran, Harriel Kunik, Sliaron Overlialser. SECOND ROW: Connie Palmer, Sandra Bierbaum. l l i Orienlalion Council FIRST ROW: D, E, lnornpson, H. Kunilr. L. Gamble. G. Haody. M. 'lruesdell S. Liyinson, SECOND ROW: K. Accola M. Bare" N. Cnesfernnar. R. Co iirs, M. Mogle, J, Rr'lcl'aro. Universi+y Sing Commi++ee FIRST ROW: Jane Havenlvill. Mary Woodman, Palricia Henry. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Ladd, Mary Lyle. American Red Cross College Unil FIRST ROW: Adelaide Smillw, Marqarel Kimmel Fowler, Nancy Hack. SECOND ROW: Claudia Bullinglon, Jacqueline McDonald. ""7 "Code for Coeds" Commiffee Spinsrers' Spree CommiHee BeverIy Peferscn, Jane? Bauman, Nancy L. Ne'son, Ann Berncr, Befry Busby. Mary Rare. Informarion Firsi Commi+'Iee Profile Preview CommiHee FIRST ROW: Karma JCI5IFIe, Janfs Grerehacren, Joan Tepaske. FIRST ROW: Judnb Newsome, FI3nore Huber, Wendy SIr7e5 SECOND ROW: Donna Norron, Jan3ce VanI-Ioeyer, Narcy SECOND ROW: Sandra Swengef, Lennidore ScInIIIeHer, F?7zabeTL Terrence. Moore. Judiciary Board Foreign Siudenfs CommiHee FIRST ROW: Jane Weir, Jane Ricnfer, PauIa Scnuberf, Jean Ann FIRST ROW: Dororna Sroughfon, Barbara VendeIboe, Berry Jank Williams. SECOND ROW: Barbara Seydel, Barbara Kann, SECOND ROW: Barbara Boeke, Nancy Baker, Grera Leinbaen, Sheridan Newcomb, Barbara Ga'res. ef FIRST ROW: l.. Schilleller, Jane Richler, Joyce Garber, Judilh Levis Margarer l-lurfrnan. SECOND ROW: Sharon Overho's Marilynn Baxfer, Judilh l-lendershol, Saran Jones, Chrisfine Price, Ann Jochurnsen. THlRD ROW: Nancy Conswell Mary Carpenler, Janice Godcersen. Sardra Sierbaum, Nancy Baker. FOURTH ROW: Eefly Tuclcer, Nancy Burcher, Marsha Brubaker, Nancy Roberson, Nancy lVlou'ir'. YWCA SERVES FOUR CAMPUS FUNCTHONS The YWCA, one of lhe mos'r aclive groups on The SUI campus, olrlers service, religious, educa- lional and social aclivilies To all Universily women. Revenue is provided by membership dues and sell- ing mums and pomfpoms. The religious phase of lrhe "Y" involves planning worship services. The service area includes a large number ol proiecls in lhe Universily hospilals, Cak- dale Sanilarium and vvilh The Cily Recrealion Com- mission. Social commillees sponsor discussions on perlinenl lopics lor The enlire membership and help in drives for books and clolhing ro be senlr abroad. The Hlvlaior in Marriage" series presenls leclurers on marriage, lrom courlship lo home-making. Freshman NY" is designed lor and planned by fresh- man women. Presidenl . . Vicefpresidenl Secrela ry-Treasurer Freshman Advisor . Joyce Garber Ivlary Jane l-larms Dorolhy Schwengel . Jane Richler one ervice ol YWCA. fx demonslralion on child care is , ' M 2, . w ,, :5 I- i v 1511" f 5 ,lair f f , f '--1 if M- f' M Q, ff fd My' ,r 1 f y My sw , ,Q-Q. wax' Av ,V ' r?'i:+ for ' W ., A is Q? if J .K ' f "' K 5-nf s -.... . W .ak ,IW wf""'T' f x K. A-3 ' if WRA SPONSORS ALL-WOMEN'S SPORTS PROGRAMS SUI women may parTicipaTe in aImosT any sporT Through The Womenls RecreaTion AssociaTion IWRAI. Increasing The inTeresT in recreaTionaI acTivA iTies is The goal oT WRA. The group claims 270 members who are guided by a policy-malcing board oT 26 members. Many WRA acTiviTies are open To all UniversiTy women. The inTra-mural sporTs program provides compeTiTion beTween housing uniTs in volleyball, baslQeTbaII, bowling, swimming, goIT, and Tennis. A Traveling Trophy, awarded To The uniT accumuIaTing The mosT poinTs in The TournamenTs, wenT To ZeTa Tau Alpha in Tall, I956. OTher WRA groups are limiTed To members. Two oT The organizaTions are honoraries. The Orchesis, a modern dance group, plans inTormaI sTudio nighTs and rehearsals ThroughouT The year. The Seals swimming club presenTs iTs specTacuIar waTer show MoThers' Day weekend. "Canoe Capers," canoe races among housing uniTs, also is sponsored MoTh- ers' Day weelcend. Five clubs cenTer Their acTiviTies around one sporT. The basl4eTbaII club meeTs in The winTer and The hoclcey club in The Tall, boTh compeTing in club and inTer-school games. The Tennis club pracTices in The Tall and spring while The badminTon club is resTricTed To The winTer monThs. CompeTenT leadership is available all year To members oT The handicraTT club. FIRST ROW: Shirley RoberTs, Linda Adamijrz, Jean Dissinger, Barbara I-Ieun, EIizabeTh Moore, RuTh Kozlen, Nancy Bailey. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Wallcer, Mary Dennis, Nancy I-Iendryx, Sandra Bierbaum, Mary Fennell, Linda Swe-eT, JudiTh Ellenberger, Gloria I-Iaddy, I-IarrieT Kunilc. THIRD ROW: Maryanna Spies, Virginia Caldwell, Jacquelyn DeThmers, Sonia Swanson, Mary Varley, CynThia Cone, Sally Files, Kaye Mcl.arnan. X Presrdenjr . Barbara Haun Secrefary . Linda Adamnz Treasurer . Pairrrcia Redman lnfra-murals. . Jean Drssrnqer Orcnesrs members Train for modern dance. WRA empnasizes genuine rnlreresf and SMH. FIRST ROW: Jean Dissinger, Barbara Haun. SEC- OND ROW: Rum KozNen, Linda Adamifz, Elrzabefh 1 Moore. Tennis, golf, baslcerbalr, bowfinq and swimming are infra- murar acrivnres ina? are open fo an Universrfy women. 267 Arnerq ine ciubs 'UgE?V9d by WRA ir wncin ai! Ur-'yersify A giri car ciirfcipaie 'n fairnesi any sporl War sne wisnes ii' y ' V ii i 0 i ni i anne are eigibie :nr rnennberxiwio 3' fre Rnie Clin. ire WRA Ciwararr, We crisis as a varied 'niia rrga f, , 'vga ' The WRA infra-rnurai program sponsors conjresis beiween ine -A 3 VU 8 is noasirq uniis on Carnous. Ai' women are eiiqibie. Seals FIRST ROW: Terry Ufiey, Nancy Weyer. Kay A-:sofa Pairicia Keiiy, Sai'y Fiies, Anne Tee- qcoc iyaiyn Jurgensen, Jiidifn K'ingbei'g, Karen Ciirisiian. SECOND ROW: Marina Hoiier, Diane Ciierry. Kaye McI.arnan, Barbara Coie, Marcia McGovern, Ann Cooper, Jean Niemeier Winiifred Fiies, Mary Jo Dennis, Car- oiyn Herman, THIRD ROW: Judifn C'Don neii, Beverly Hubbard, Sriiriey Horak, Eiien Park, Siniriey Larsen, Anna Ausin, Virginia EH inq, Mariiyn Easiridge, Kay Grofner, Rosemary' Hmmm, Frances Harniii. ua.a.435Lmawv,-m..M,w.W4. . ,, 5 , i ...- 2,4 . FIRST ROW: P. PapriTz Larry SmiTh, R. MaTland. L. GusTaT- son. SECOND ROW: J. M. Rogers, D. M. Miller, W. Bul- qren, L. VVirTz, W. Lillibridge, G. LeValley. THIRD ROW: W. Barbee. Minor Johnson, Phil Anderson, D. DieTZ, J. Harvey, J. Thiele, J. Oden- burger, D. Geise. CAMPUS, CITY SERVICE PROJECTS CONDUCTED BY ALPHA PHI OMEGA Former Boy ScouTs or men who have worked in ThaT organizaTion are members oT Alpha Phi Omega, naTional service TraTerniTy. This year The TraTerniTy compleTed an impressive slaTe oT service acTiviTies. Fall broughT The Homecoming Parade under The group's direcTion. They also presenTed a show aT The Handicapped Childrens HospiTal and helped man The polls during The all-campus elecTion in March. Larry SmiTh served as presidenT This year. OTher oTTicers were: Phil Anderson, vice-presidenTg Dick PapasiTz, secreTaryg and Lanny GusTaTson, Treasurer. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB PRESENTS ANNUAL BAKED BEAN SUPPER The balced bean supper has become The mosT widely-lcnown proiecT oT The SUI Home Economics Club. The supper, given each year, opens iTs abun- danT and delicious beanpoTs To The campus. Anyone enrolled in a course in home economics is eligible Tor club membership. The Club's program was ex- panded This year To include a wide range OT sub- iecTs Trom Tashions in Turs To demonsTraTions oT elec- Trical appliances. OTTicers Tor The year were: KaThryn Falb, presi- denTg Mary Donahue, vice-presidenT7 KaTharine Holmes, secreTaryg Nancy Lynch, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: J. Elman, E. Forbes, D. STroclc, Nadine E, Chudacohf, K. Falb, M. Donahue, K. Holmes, N. Lynch. M. Spoon. SECOND ROW: M. Seabury, P. Kingma. D. Herrmann, N. McCown, N, HaughT, J. D. Warner, N. Elough, F. McMains, S. Adamson, G. Green, M. J. PuTney. THIRD ROW: J. A. ScoTT, A. HunT, M. Dolinselc, M. B. Downs, P. SchuberT, M. Marsau, B. GaTes, L. McCor- mac, R. J. Howard, M. Clarke, B. MiTcheII. FOURTH ROW: S. A. WhiTe, M, Lundy, J. Gauley, C. Trunecelc, M. BechTelheimer, M. Wagner, J. Ferdinand, C. A. Andrew, N. Roberson, B. Beisol, K. Higgins. HONORARY 270 Hana ' awww! Bm! INCLUDE WIDE RANGE OF AGE AND INTEREST GROUPS BY Perhaps Ihe grealesl reward lhal acceprance info an honorary organizarion brings is rhe liie-long disf rinclion such membership carries wilh il. Smdenls who earn admillance carry rhe accompanyirg suc- cess info laler liie, using The winning Iormulas again and again. SUI's honoraries include various age and inleresl groups, ranging from freshman recognilion io socif eries which honor siudenls in a pariicular lield. Re- guiremenls for membership vary, buf scholarship and leadership always are prime consideralions. The maiorily, who view Ihese honoraries irom Jrhe ouiside, sir over The umpreenrh cup of coffee and wonder how Ihe honor sludenis do ir. Playing bridge The nighl before finals, Ihey envy Ihose won- derful crearures who combine worlc and relaxaiion so successfully. NIKKI SMITH A new sociely, Phi Alpha Mu, honorary scholaslic organizalion for Iralornily men, was given a charler for a club ai SUI lhis year The-se girls are being pledged by Alpha Lambda Delia, honorary scholasfic sociely lor freshmen women wiih a minimum grade poinl oi 3.5. FIRST ROW: James Andrews, Roberl Baieson, Roberr Boyd, Loy Brooks, Lloyd Courfer, Richard Deasy, David Fosfer. SECOND ROW: James Fosler, Richard Gibson, James Grier, Erik Hansen, Alan Hausman, Harold Ludvigson, Kennelh Ploen. THIRD ROW: Rex Ryden, Ausrin Sandrock, Lawrence Schneider, Frank Sebolr, John O. Swanson, Darrell Wyrick. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA SPONSORS BASKETBALL GAME Presidenl. . . David Fosfer "Baske+ball Bu1CFooneries" was a new proiecr oi Vicepresidenf , g Roberf Bafeson Omicron Della Kappa QODKJ lhis year. March I5, Secretary ' ' Darrel Wyrick campus queens, foolball feam members and o'rher Treasurer h l Uoyd Courfer unexperienced players were marched in a series of 'lour baskelball games. The evenl was co-sponsored by lvlorlar Board. ODK is an honorary organizalion for iunior and Omicron Della Kappa, honorary lralernily based on Campus lead- ggnior men who are gelegfed pregenl' memberg On h',hld -h 'r' ' U' ll' l . . . .. . els lp O S 6 mon our mee mg ln 5 mom CG Bella GCOVS Jrhe basis of characler, scholarship and parliciparion in campus acriviries, Dads' Day Weekend, Ocl. I3, members selecled E. A. lVlcCardell as The SUI Alumni Dad. lvlcCardell of Newlon is presidenl ol lhe newly-formed Univer- sily Dads' Associalion. ODK originaled lhis honor and has conlinued lo sponsor il. The group also presenls a breaklasl for alumni during The Home- coming weekend. AFI, The All for Iowa club, is sponsored by ODK. New members of ODK were Tapped ai a cere- mony co-sponsored wilh lvlorlar Board lvlolhers' Day Weekend. ,, ,..,NN ,1.,v.s... i 272 MORTAR BOARD PLANS SUI MOTHERS' DAYS DoughnuTs have become almosT as signiTicanT a symbol oT MorTar Board as The TradiTional whiTe blazers. The campus sale OT The economyesize pasTry Tinances The acTiviTies OT This honorary Tor senior women. Members are selecTed on The basis OT scholarship and leadership. MorTar Board sponsored a sTudy aids workshop in The Tall, March 9, The annual smarTy parTy, "SmarTy- land, SUl," honored all undergraduaTe women who earned a 3.0 grade average The preceding semesTer. The MargareT Fowler award wenT To Kay Truesdell Tor having conTribuTed The mosT To her educaTion. March l5, The group helped ODK presenT "BaskeT- ball BuTTooneries." UniversiTy MoThers' Day weekend was sponsored by MorTar Board The members arranged all acTiv- iTies, selecTed The represenTaTive moTher, daughTer and son, and gave a luncheon and a Tea. New mem- bers were Tapped in a ceremony on The wesT ap- proach OT Old CapiTol, SaTurclay, May 4. FIRST ROW: Janice Barnes, Sylvia Donelson, Ida Bell, Virginia Taylor, MorTar Board members are Tapped on SaTurday oT MoThers' Day weekend. Leadership and scholarship are The basis Tor selecTion. PresidenT . . . Kay Taylor Vice-presidenT . . . Ida Bell SecreTary . . Miriam Mogle Treasurer. . Sue Donelson Miriam Mogle, Mary Truesdeil. SECOND ROW: Nan Borreson Colleen Dolezal, MargareT Kimmel Fowler, Joanne SchaTroTh, DoroThy Roudabush, Jane RichTer. ji i -fi 5 , ,, , , ,, , Q is 4- s . ., ws . ,f W V 'af . V QV' I K 1,7 " V E W M iw T Y , ...ff 1 I 'vi 'W af - " , sawzifs f fd .,,.. ,, T- ' A . ...ii. T ei FIRST ROW: R. Bendixen, M. PopoTslcy, R. W. Adams, A. Dorosin, A. Andrews, C. SpringaTe. SECOND ROW: K. MiTTelberg, R. D. Nelson, K. J. Horn, D. AlmquisT, G. Roghair, H. Anlceny, R. D. Williams. THIRD ROW: R. DahlsTrom, J. Zimmerman, W. Parlcer, D. Doan, H. T. Shearer, G. STrine. FOURTH ROW: William Jackson, Charles Grlhfin, Carl Egger, William WhiTney, Donald Simanek. PHI ETA SIGMA HONORS FRESHMEN WITH 3.5 GRADE POINTS OR MORE Freshmen whose UniversiTy enTrance exams placed Them in The Top 20 per cenT oT Their class were honored lasT fall aT The annual Tip-A-WiT-ParTy by Phi ETa Sigma. The scholasTic TraTerniTy, whose members musT earn a 3.5 grade average as Tresh- men, sponsored The parTy wiTh Alpha Lambda DelTa. New members were iniTiaTed aT a spring bangueT. AT ThaT Time senior members who had mainTained a 3.5 were recognized. OTTicers were: Richard Adams, presidenT7 Allan Dorosin, secreTaryg ArThur Andrews, Treasurer. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA CO-SPONSORS ACTIVITIES WITH PHI ETA SIGMA Girls on The sTudenT advisory council who helped aT Treshman regisTraTion in The Tall were well quali- Tied Tor The iob because They were members oT Alpha Lambda DelTa. Alpha Lambda Delfa honors Treshman women who have earned a 3.5 grade average. ImporTanT evenTs during The year were The Tip-A-WiT parTy and a spring bangueT given in coniuncTion wiTh Phi ETa Sigma. OTTicers elecTed were: Carol Slcidmore, presidenT: Frances Hammill, vice-presidenTg Sally Hahn, secreTary7 and Rhea Ressler, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: B. Junlc, J. Diclcer, C. Slciclmore, P. Harn- ill, E. Eiebig, Sally Hahn, A. HunT. SECOND ROW: M. Hacl:eTT, M. Shaver, B. Med- berry, J. Bielefeldf, B. Sleph- ens, J. Teager, K. Schnede, M. EasTridge. THIRD ROW: B, Boelce, S. Eischrupp, J. Tr-Paslce, C. STienTies, M. Bishop, M. Rose, P. Hodge, M. Bilsland. FOURTH ROW: J. Marlin, M. GeiTh, J. Long, R. Collins, J. E. Brady, B. Bloom, M. Doerr, 274 Q lv: FIRST ROW: B. STevenson. E. Newman, B. Sandolc, M l3opcTslcy, A. Pearlman. SEC OND ROW: J. M V. Young, J. o .a . y, R. S'oughTon. PHI ALPHA MU ACCEPTS SOCIAL FRATERNITY MEN WITH 3.6 GRADES In a year's sTarT aT SUI, Phi Alpha Mu, honorary group Tor social TraTerniTy men, has already gained a posiTion oT respecT. This honorary was organized aT SUI and is unique To The campus. STringenT mem- bership requiremenTs, demanding a 3.6 grade aver- age aTTer 60 crediT hours, admiTTed I3 men. The TraTerniTy has no Tormal organizaTion, buT exisTs To give welledeserved honor To iTs members. Occasional luncheons and meeTings help To prepare Them To serve Their TraTerniTies as gualiTied aca- demic consulTanTs. I T I I ' T A 4. Tm STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL HELPS NEW STUDENTS WITH REGISTRATION To a poor bewildered Treshman, a member oT The STudenT Advisory Council seems To be iusT whaT The docTor ordered. This organizaTion aids The new sTu- denT in adiusTing To liTe aT SUI, RepresenTaTives OT The Council, members OT Alpha Lambda Delfa and Phi ETa Sigma, are aT regisTraTion To help wiTh any problems Thaf mighT arise concerning courses, hours, insTrucTors and The conTusing business oT regisTering. Council members prepare Themselves Tor This iob by sTudying The academic programs. OTTen They help new sTudenTs in Their own maior Tield. FIRST ROW: Frances Hamill, Suzanne Fischrupp, Mary Doerr, BeTTy Junlc, Barbara Boelce, Mary Bishop, Phyllis Hodge. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann BieleTeldT, Arlene I-lunT, Sally Hahn, Joan Diclcer, Carol Skidmore, Mary GeiTh, Joan Tepaslce, Carol STienTies, Margie Bilsland. THIRD ROW: Melvin PopoTsIcy, Charles Swain, RoberT D. Nelson, Paul RohlT. XM' CHI EPSILON AWARDS PLAOUES FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT lniTiaTion oT new members was The highlighT oT Chi 'Epsilon acTiviTy This year. AT The iniTiaTion ceree mony individual bronze plaques and oTher awards were given in recogniTion oT The achievemenT oT TraTerniTy members. Chi Epsilon is an honorary socieTy Tor civil engi- neers. The purpose oT The organizaTion is To TosTer schoIasTic aTTainabiIiTy as well as soCiabiliTy, prac- TicaliTy and characTer. OTTicers eleCTed Tor The year were: Thomas Mc' Lane, presidenT: Jerry Nelson, vice'presidenT: and Dewey Anderson, secreTary-Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Dewey Ander- sen, Jerry Nelson, Thomas McLane. SECOND ROW: Louis Becker, KenneTh Ploen, I-lenry SchiTTer, Ronald Brech- ler. TAU BETA PI ENGINEERS ORGANIZE NEW FACULTY RATING PROGRAM A Taculry raTing program conducTed by Tau BeTa Pi was one oT The mosT original oT all SUI organiza- Tional acTiviTies This year, The proiecT allowed sTu- denTs To raTe Their insTrucTors To The beneTiT oT boTh TaculTy and sTudenTs. In addiTion To regular meeTA ings, Tau BeTa Pi Treshmen aTTended weelcly semi- nars. Tau BeTa Pi is a naTional engineering TraTerniTy drawing members Trom The upper TiTTh oT The senior Class. OTTicers were: Donald BoIdT, presidenT: Paul BarriTT, vice-presidenTp Joseph Gross, secreTary7 and Phillip Layhe, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Philip Leahy, John Granam Dcnald BoIdT Paul BarriTT, Joseph Gres: Warren Swwull. SECOND ROW: Gfen Rolli- well, Glenn EdgirgTon, I-larry Jacobs. Donald STeyens Craig Gbple, Thomas Frfvurd Fvansis Jefqries, THIRD ROW: Romer Coe, CurTis Marsh, Way're Evevnan James Pxnd'ews GrarT Myers, Dellos World, Charles E, Wavrefn Roo-A" EClcsTein. M FIRST FOW: Kennefh Bailey, Paul Kilch I-larry Jaccbs Augusl Raia. SECOND ROW: Wayne Everman, Marvin Brovvn, Joseph Gross. PI TAU SIGMA FRATERNITY HONORS HIGH-RANKING ENGINEERS Slringenl' membership reguiremenls make Pi Tau Sigma a highly respecred organizarion. Pi Tau Sigma is an honorary lralrerniry for mechanical en- gineers. To be eligible srudenrs musl ranlc in Ihe upper I7 percenlile of Ihe iunior class and The lop quarler of Ihe senior class. Pi Tau Sigma aclrivilies lor I956-57 were Ihe ac- Jrive-pledge baslceiball game, pledge smoker and ihe iormal inilialion dinner. Oriicers were: Paul Kilch, presiclenlg Marvin Brown, vice-presidenlp Kennelh Bailey, secrelaryq and Augusi Raia, Ireasurer. ETA KAPPA NU ENCOURAGES STUDENT-FACULTY CO-OPERATION Membership in Era Kappa Nu is a dislinclion among SUI eleclrical engineering siudenis. Eligi- biliry requires Thar Ihe sludenl demonslrale high academic achievemenl. This honorary slrives Io im- prove scholarship by encouraging undergraduales and Iaculiy Io worlc Iogelrher. Era Kappa Nu acliv- ily in I956-57 included several proms, pariies and picnics as well as many organized siudy sessions. Serving as oriicers were: Donald Slevens, presi- denly Craig Gipple, vice-presideniq Marvin Will, secrelaryp and Roger Exline, Ireasurer. FIRST ROW: Granf Myers, Qcnald Slovens, Marvin Witr, SECOND ROW: Paul Barriil, Rcoe-r Ecicsrf-in Thomas -fit FIRST ROW: RoberT L. Barnes, LeRoy SchmidT, Lowell RoberTson, Larry C-ipple, RoberT Richmond, D. L. Sweeney. SECOND ROW: NaThanieI Baird, Dale I-Iecox, John Bale, Richard Hood, George VanHouTen, RoberT D. Williams, David Wilsferman. THIRD ROW: Merlyn Kauble, John F. ChrisTensen, James Rowan, Burdeen Brown, Norman ThiITgen, Wendell Winn. FOURTH ROW: Donald Meadows, James Knoll, Paul KrapTI, RoberT RoTh, Karl Schroeder, RoberT I-lead, Donald Kolar. BETA ALPHA PSI HOLDS MONTHLY DINNER MEETINGS AT AMANAS Few organizaTions boasTed meeTing places ThaT maTched BeTa Alpha Psi's monThIy dinners aT The Amanas. IT was in This seTTing ThaT speakers Trom various areas oT accounTing addressed The group. BeTa Alpha Psi is an honorary socieTy Tor accounTing sTudenTs. During The year The group helped wiTh The acconT- ing sessions OT The Careers ConTerence and sold membership in The American AccounTing Associa- Tion. OTTicers were: Lowell RoberTson, president Larry Gipple, vice-president RoberT Richmond, sec- reTary3 LeRoy SchmidT, Treasurer. ' THETA SIGMA PHI SPONSORS NEWS AND INFORMATION CLINIC A News and InTormaTion Clinic was sponsored by TheTa Sigma Phi in November Tor insTrucTing pub- IiciTy chairmen on campus and in Iowa CiTy in The meThods oT pubIiciTy. TheTa Sigma Phi is a naTionaI TraTerniTy honoring women Tor Their scholarship and worlc in journalism. TheTa Sigma Phi presenTed The annual MaTrix Ban- queT in The spring. Regular meeTings TeaTured iour- nalisT speakers. OTFicers eIecTed were: DoroThy Roudabush, presicIenTg DoroThy Schwengel, vice- president Jo Ann PeTerson, secreTaryg and Karen Clause, Treasurer. :uf TQ' FIRST ROW: Nan Borreson, DoroThy Roudabush, Jo Ann PeTersen, Mary Ann STarIc. SECOND ROW: Marlys Cre- ger, Eleanor Benz, PaTricia PeTorsen, BeTTy Johnson, Kar- en Clause. THIRD ROW: Mary BooTh, LoreTTa PeTers, Julie FosTer, BeTTy Broyles. NURSING PRIDE URGED BY SIGMA THETA TAU Sigma The-Ia Tau seIs iis sIandards high in order Io encourage Ihe greaIesI degree of proIessionaI pride among iIs members. This honorary Iraiernny is a naIionaI schoIasIic socieIy for siudenlrs in nurs- ing. Membership is awarded Io Ihose sIudenIs who have QQmpIeI'eCI air Ieagf I'I'1e firgir OI' Hqeir QOI- An in?ormaI cogee hour Es heia airer a Sigma TheIa Tau meefing. Iege academic program wi+h a "B" average or above. In addiIion Io iIs regular meelrings, Gamma chap- Ier of Sigma IheIa Tau sponsored programs aI vari- ous open sessions IhroughouI The year. These pro- grams Iearured oufsianding speakers from diI3IerenI IieIds oI Ihe nursing profession, designed Io sIirnu- IaIe a greaIer inIeresI in Ihe advancemenr of nurs- . Presidenf . . . Elsie Lauglin ing. I D t All Sigma TheIa Tau acIiviIies sirive Io increase VICSBIDISSICIQBI ' EIIZGIDQIII Ryede each member's capacify and desire Io serve Ihe SQCVGIGIY - ' Bonme EIICISSOR nursing profession and socie+y. Treasurer . Lorna Berens FIRST ROW: I-Iesfer CoIIins, Suzanne Swaine, Barbara Bell, Esfher DeIacruz, Mary KoIbeson, Joan BaIIaid. SECOND ROW: Meridean Maas, Alice I-Iadiey, Alfhea Chridoffersen, Marlys L. Long, Caroi WiIson, Audrey Thomas. THIRD ROW: Sylvia Woodruff, Beffy Walfer, DoroIhy Kinyoun, Barbara Woodcock, Nancy Jordison, Joyce Huifman. FOURTH ROW: Bonnie Erickson, Barbara Easfon, Erma AIT, Pafricia Ann Miller, June Smifh. -no 'HMI' 1 . ,.., xg I I I 2422 I if .1 . 1 Q' if '- QMS? Vai: 1 3 PROFESSIONAL zso qu ,,.., M YM. 1 .- 3 ,X N Pfzogmub ,iupponind 484 Klub ALL-INCLUSIVE ORGANIZATIONS MIX GREEK ALPHABET By NIKKI SMITH AlmosT every possible combinaTion oT The Greek alphabeT has been used in Torming SUl's proTesf sional organizaTions. The inTeresT range oT These groups is all-inclusive, resulTing in an organizaTion, or The righT To Torm an organizaTion, Tor every inTeresT. There are many reasons Tor ioining These groups . . . presTige, The experience oT worlcing and living wiTh oThers, The worThwhile purpose oT The groups . . . buT The sense oT belonging probably is mosT im- porTanT. On campus, proTessional organizaTions en- courage Timid TirsT eTTorTs ThaT oTherwise mighT die aborning. The belonging TreguenTly becomes a Icey To TurTher associaTions Tor years aTTer gradua- Tion. lowa's sons and daughTers are a gregarious IoT. The saTisTacTion Tound in sTudenT organizaTions is aTTesTed by The sTrong bonds mainTained by loyal alums. From Cub ScouTs, "Terrible Tens," The many- leTTered UniversiTy has grown. DoubTlessly sTuclenTs will go on To become sTaunch members oT The PTA, alumni groups and The many more clans oT Tomor- row, linlfing Them wiTh The pasT, presenT and TuTure. 28I NU SIGMA PHI MEMBERS HOLD PARTIES IN HOMES OF FACULTY The members oT ETa chapTer oT Nu Sigma Phi ThaT is open To women in medicine. This organiza- Tound a happy diversion Trom The rigorous rouTine Tion aTTempTs To Turnish valuable insTrucTion in medie oT medical school. InTormal parTies were given in cal Techniques and problems. The homes oT TaculTy members. Regular meeTings OTTicers eIecTed To serve Tor The academic year were held once a monTh. were: DoniTa BarTels, presidenT, and Joan Nichol, Nu Sigma Phi is a naTionaI proTessional TraTerniTy Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Jean McNally, AnneTTe FiTz, DoniTa BarTels, Colene Ruch. SECOND ROW: Marian Barnes, BeTTy Budd, Carol Spellman, Joan Nickol, I:'aTricia Nell. THIRD ROW: Arlene Kalsow, I3aTri- cia I-Iiclcs, Jeanne Jacjgard. ., A Q. - , .1 FIRST ROW: T. Briggs, F. Myers, O Grube, P. Fosler, Mrs. Davey, R. M. Huiclsiinson, E. K. Wirrz. J. C. Wriglir, J. Wanamaker, R. Wlninery, H. Bergee, J. Galloway. M. Colle-nline. SECOND ROW: C. Neiby, G. G. Tliomas, G. Oiemann, H. Pelerson, M. Sclwnell, B. Spivey, M. Korns, R. Hansel, R. E. Sfevens, G. Bueclmle, D. Harlleip, J, Weeber, B. Bierbaum. THIRD ROW: W. Kerfelkamp, B. Smilli, R. Hinson, D, Joknsron, J. B. Miner, J. Napier, T. Kenl, B. Holleran, R. Kemis, G. Ellison, A. Sclnroeder, A. Hass, J. Burkel. FOURTH ROW: A. Mark, C. Boylan, J, W. Smillw, W. Brauer, J. Hazen, R. Pirkin, D. Tell, Roger Cunninglwam, R. Sornson, R. Widner, D. Borclierding, D. Ducommun, D. Welriclw, B, Spirlos. FIFTH ROW: J. W. Walker, D. Burgess, R. Hendrickson, W. Fenlon, W. Robinson, D. L. Miller, H. Shining, D. Faber, R. A. Nelson, L, King, R, Bunren, L. Rodgers, W. Bulwrow, K. Day, J. J. Srraumanis, ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA HELPS EASE PAIN OF STUDYING Presidenl' . . Paul Fosler Vice-presidenl . . Roberl Hansel Secrelary . Duane I-Iarlleip Treasurer . . Roald Nelson Alplia Kappa Kappa men are enrerlained by a fellow-sludenl. f f ., X wuz'-in w -7sbiQ7..ammm Alplia Kappa Kappa, prolessional medical lraler- nily, is oledicaleol 'lo easing llrie pain of srudying medicine by pre-exam group seminars and posi- exam narcosis. Paul Fosler and lwis commillee ol Bob Slevens, Roald Nelson, Duane Harlleip and Bob Ellis, planned llwe AKK lwouse aclivilies, including llwe annual lec- iure series. Tlwese leclures, a nalional lraolilion of Ilwe Iralernily, bring To llie Universily noled re- searclw men from SUI and ollwer sclwools. Pasl presi- denls of Omicron Della Kappa, Frank Myers, Clyde Kilclwen and George Oiemann, added dignily lo Ilie IO7 while coals. The 8Oll'1 birlnday of Mrs. Davey, Ilie lwousee morlwer, opened rlie social acliviiies lliis year. Oflier maior evenls were "Kadaver Kapers," sponsored by Ilie Ireslimen, and spring and winler lormals. 282 NU SIGMA NU HOLDS PARTIES DURING '56-'57 AIIer a rigorous scheduIe of concenIraIed sfudy, members of Nu Sigma Nu, naIionaI medicaI iraIer- niiy, discarded Iheir books and whiie ccafs Io enierrain aI several parI'ies Ihis year. February seI Ihe scene for a SI. VaIenI'ine's parfy. The SI. PaIrick's Day Iesfiyiry was a sociaI i'musI" Ihaf IosI none of iIs haIIowed Iradiiions. To add a biI of variefy and feminine beaury Io Ihe house, Ihe Wives' CIub rnelr monIhIy Io play bridge, pIan house parIies 'For married couples and exchange gossip. Nu Sigma Nu is The oIdesI rnedicaI IraIerniIy boIh naIionaIIy and IocaIIy. This organizarion has aIways aIIempIed Io provide iniereshng speakers for iI's members. This year several docIors from Ihe Universijry and surrounding siafes were inviIed Io speak before Ihe members of Ihe IraIerniIy. SN. W K 4 ,' j Combining 'Iheir pIeasure wiIh work, Ihese Nu Sigma INIu's are ,. . . ., .. I . ,, O Q I A corcemrairo cv an iriensive s'rud J Y PresidenI . Vice-presidenI . SecreIary . . I-Iouse Manager . peciawzed anjomy. RoberI Sparks Richard WoIIe . James I-IoIIe CarroII Ramseyer FIRST ROW: A. Tourian, J. W. Whire, R. J. WiIson, E. Hanson, R, Daniei Wohfe, EIIen Dugan, R. D. Sparks J. Ramseyer, F. ThornIon, J. I-IoIIe, E. Worfon, I-I. WOII, SECOND ROW: I-I. RurceII, I3. AIeu, R. German, J. Carr, W. McDeviIf. L. Kerr, N. Rinderknechh I-I. Denbo, R. WiIker, H. Gerndh A. Neuman, C. Toogan, M. Cowznofsky. THIRD ROW: G. U+Iey, J. I-Iofer, R. S. SheIdon, S. An+hony, J. Herman, J. R. BeII, D. Bernus, F. Beran, T. Siark, J. D. Oyerfon, W. TegIcr, J. WormIey, T. W. Murphy. FOURTH ROW: G. York, P. McDeyiII, J. Teegen, J. Lawson, W. Anderson, D. Winfer, R. SchwaegIer, R. Graham, P. McFadden, D. I:uIIer, R. MiIIon WaIson, R. Lind. . zzw-'ff Alas oiiir Yfgzrkle na, 'srfed modern ,kr fy Ivy L65C5u5 :ao Presidenl. . Donald Miles Vice-presidenl . . Jolwn Mauglian Secrelary . . Neal Llewellyn Treasurer, . Richard Hammer PHI BETA PI GIVES POST-GAME DINNERS Plwi Bela Pi, nafional medical Tralernily, is pledged To Tosler Ilwe sludy ol medicine and lo olrTerIl'1elra- Iernal spirilr Io ils members. Pos?-game dinners were open Io members, alumni and guesls. The annual alumni dinner was given Homecoming weelcend. Bess Wallcins, llie Iwouse mollfier, walclied llie annual Clirislmas parly and spring Iormal Tor Ilie 33rd year. Members oi Plii Bela Pi were aclive parlicipanls in allwlelics lliis year. Neal Llewellyn and Ari Hagen were malobed as doubles in Tennis. Tbe wreslling sguad was under Ilie capable managemenl ol LeRoy Berryliill. Neal Llewellyn and William Waldron represenled llie Tralernily al a narional conyenlion in Florida. Tlwe Wives' Club lweld monllwly meelings al Ilwe Qliapler nouse wliere Ilwey arranged leclurers and Tood Tor Ilie I5O men. V r FIRST ROW: J. Swanson B. Carlocli. R. Perkins C. M0ruIla M. Kolpaclr L. Befrynflf Bess Wallcins D. Miles, W. Ellis R. Brinlwr D Kunoe J. M. Miller J, Ricn. SECOND ROW: S. Greenwald J. Mauglnan J. Mclfamrnond. W. Pe+ers R. Pallerson, I-I.W'eon'a1 .,gL, L. Ralerrnan A. I-Iagan, C. Pyifer. I-I. Ranlcin, W. Walden. C. Anderson, R, Wursf H, Thomas N. Sigel. THIRD ROW: K, Conan. W, Bock C. Danneel. K. MCLa'rnan, 3. I-Ioenk, S. Howeiy. C, B, Clark B. Frofnrnaclc S, M'Ils D. Silva A. Gerdes, G, Mamo T. Carscr C. Bakrilges, M. McCIenal'ian. FOURTH ROW: C. I-Iull D, Sweem, R. Ballagn, I-I, Bailen. D. Eqgerl, J. T, Allen ,O. Gesinls. D. Jenkins L. Weldon IQ. W. Hammer, C. Scnowengerdl J. Lingenfellor. D. I-I. Dralco J. K. Jackson, J, E. Way. FIFTH ROW: R Langley W. Kern, K. Kube, R. K. Jolinson, D. Rosenkrans, D. J. Wiliiams, K, Springale J. Dekocli, W. Erps, R. Frinlc, R. Adamson. I.. lls R B rf Lurfnan R. A. Wood I, I-Iorwi'z, I-I. Gi " . ro Jr". I W f' J i FIRST ROW: E. P. PaTTerson, R. PTohE, F. Lawson, W. I-IoIThaus, A. Schumacher R. SoiseTh, J. PrudenTeId, J. KivIahan, M. L. Lewis, V. Kirkcgaard, G. SchnniT. SECOND ROW: R. Kuehn, C. Sinder, T. Basshfr, P Mehchar I-I. Rafnseyer, J. BarIocn, W. Lo, C F. MiIIer, J. STeenhoven, C. WrighT. THIRD ROW: G. Kandel, I. SchueIIer, I. Srhroeder, J. Moes R. I-Iagen. R Sasser, D. Buche, J. KruggeI. FOURTH ROW: P. Ca'npbeII I. CronIcIeT:wr-, D. Nwnrnefs, V. C5Iowa:Ii J. Bar'IeTT, R. L, Barnes R. Durnin. FIFTH ROW: N. Ihede R. WasTe, D. Bonnlfarnp, B. Araher, J. Iirnrhernnan J, Eversrnan. PHI RHO SIGMA STIMULATES STUDY OF MEDICINE The purpose of Phi Rho Sigrna, proTessionaI nfiedi- PresidenT . . . RoberT SoiseTh cal TraTerniTy, is To loin young men who are inTer- Vgcepfesfdemf . . Rgchard Pfohl esTed in dedicahng Their Iives To medipine, giving Secrefary ' v V Alan Shumacher Them The incenTive To sTudy while providing a Tra- Treagurer . t Fred PGHMSOU TernaI spiriT. Mu chapTer was aQTive This year parTicipaTing in Tennis, wresTIing, soTTbaII and TooTIoaII inTra-muraI Membew G4 PM Rm Siqma Coopemie WM homewmkl CornpeTiTion. John Moes and Fred PaTTerson were ,A . , 4 y M-nv The TraTerniTy's represenTaTives aT The NaTionaI Medical Convenhon in EsTes ParIc, CoIo. Cnce a monTh The Phi Rho Sigma Wives' CIub meT To pIay bridge, hear IecTurers and pIan nfieaIs Tor Their husbands. Homecoming marked The annual reunion when Agnes Monahan, housenfioTher and cook Tor The 60 rnen, prepared a TeasT. "Heaven and I-IeII," The pre-LenTen cosTume parTy, gave The Phi Rho's a break peTore The Tri-mesTer TinaIs. I FIRST ROW: J. Megchelsen, R. CarroThers, Don King, M.Chalupsl1y, N. Mfsswarb, W. Klein, R, Krisfensen, R. I-IingTgen, D, Ghclson, S. Mowrey. SECOND ROW: C. KauTTrnan, R. Willcison, R, Nassen, IC. Besley. V, Dodd, I-T, Klonlz T, C. Raymond, J. STaclc, J. Washburn, W. Barnes, J. McCuTcheon, THIRD ROW: P. Boelce S. Slory J. M, I-lamilTon, C. Cornish, G. Krohn, R. Finn, R. Killebrew, L. Svohman, R, M. Nelson, D. R. Nelscn R. Rasmus. FOURTH ROW: R. Dunley, M. SlaTTery, J. Shckley, R, J, Carver, D, Rieclr, M. Armshong, D. J,, W. Dahlberc: R l4ragT L. Engman, S. l-Iammer, R. Ogesen. DELTA SIGMA DELTA SPONSORS DENTAL MEETING The DelTa Sigma Della hou-ie is equipped lo allow members To sludy and experimeril' oui ol-class' hours. Members OT DelTa Sigma DelTa were hosTs To sTudenTs Trom seven colleges oT denTisTry in sur" rounding sTaTes This spring. The conTe-rence was Tol- lowed by a parTy aT The MayTlower. A balance oT sTudy and an impressive varieTy oT acTiviTies and proiecTs has been The goal oT DelTa Sigma DelTa, proTessional denTal TraTerniTy. Dr. Percy hlerriclc is The advisor. The TraTerniTy sponsored bi-monThly denTal clinics aT which denTal sTudenTs and alumni discussed Topics oT signiTicance, On The social calendar were several dances, including a Homecoming dance, posTfNew Year's Eve parTy, a spring Tormal and oTher im- prompTu evenTs. The DelTa Sigs parTicipaTed in The inTra-murals program. The Amalgam la Tillingl Club helped improve The house. Each alum conTribuTed The price oT an amal- gam To The group's Treasury. 286 Presicleni . . . . Wiley Klein Vice-presideni . Norman lvleswarb Secrelary . . Craig Kauffman Treasurer Richard Krislensen The "Amalgam" la filling in lhe fooihl Club helps pay oper- aling expenses ol The Della Sigma Della fralernify house. Members of fhe frafernify were hosls fo sfudenls 'From seven colleges of denlisfry for a conference and parly lhis spring www i 4 - A Iaborafory in Ihe chapIer house provides a place Ior Psi Omega's Io expcrimen+ wifh housework. PresidenI ..... Wayne Lage Vice-presidenr . . . Dickey Graham Secrefary .... James BarreII Treasurer .... CharIes Johnson PSI OMEGA DENTISTS ACTIVE ON CAMPUS Psi Cmega, professional denIaI IraIerniIy, is known as one of Ihe mosI acriye proIessionaI organf izakions on Ihe SUI campus. In Ihe IaII Ihe Iresh- men bangueI honored new pledges. AI Ihe I-IaIIo- ween parIy, varieries OI gay and colorful cosIumes blended weII wirh a haunring armosphere. Psi Omega was Ihe only proIessionaI Ira+erni+y Io enrer a IIoaI in Ihe Homecoming parade. To greeI Ihe December hoIidays, Ihe Tradihonal Chrisrmas dinner was held ar Ihe chaprer house. Feafured ar Ihis parIy was a IIoor show which saIerized Ihe Iives OI Psi Omega members. To iniIiaIe The spring season, a IormaI was given aT Ihe house. Psi Omega's purpose is Io sancIion and be'IIer Ihe social s+aIus of i+s members and 'ro enhance The opporIuniIy of working Iogerher as IuIure denIisIs. ProminenI denIisIs were invired Io Ihe monIhIy cIinics Io inrroduce Irarerniiy members Io new den- Tal Techniques. If appears Inaf poor Yorick, under a new inTIuence, Is Tas? being Transformed info a sfereofype of "Joe CoIIege." FIRST ROW: J. GaIIo. I.. Schneider, J. MCI-Cercner, M. Novohwy, C. E. JoI'1nson, Dr. Whlsenand, W, Lage, J. V. Pefersen, D. Graham, J, T. Barreff, J. G. EIIIS. SECOND ROW: R. Risk, J. I-I. Levis. J. BeIding, A, Fron'wrneII, V. Masln, R. Baumann, W. I-IIqIn, I-I. CaudIII, W, DeernIng, L. Garfin, J. Reffed. THIRD ROW: J. R. Frusn, I-I. I-Iedqe, W. I-IoIIander, J. Rasnid, I.. BIadon, E. BraIey, R. Wlclcey, E. I-Ioulf, J. L. Wiese, V, WIIIiarns, M. Scbulke, F. Nesbir. FOURTH ROW: J. BIodgeH, R, Dubois, W. Dalne, R. Mason, T. BaIdwin. FIFTH ROW: A. CaI1aIan, J. E, Cavanauqn, R. J. NcIson, D. A. I-Iansen, R. C, Gunn, R. M. Drennen, D. I'IaII, K. Cnrisfensen, W. Rodda, L. I5aIdwIn, J. CIapsaddIe, T. GoIJIIrscIw, C. WoodruII. SIXTH ROW: I-I, UVIQIQ, Ii. Brunq C. I-Iaynes, S. QUICIQ, J. L. Larsen, D. Poulsor, D. BIadon, D. D. Anderson, P. CrurnIey G. Now-Is, J. PInI, L. AIIJerI. SEVENTH ROW: T. Coed, J. MQN-elsn, J. MQLP-ran, P. Torgerson, D. SpIneIIa, G. Norin J. W. TayIor, F. Denz, D. LIeweIyn, R, Gdffy, D. GQMIPS. Ye oIde brown jug has Ilne Ps? Omega! spe-IIIoound DELTA THETA PH! CELEBRATES 35+h YEAR AT FOUNDERS' DAY The 35lh anniversary ol Della Thela Phi was cele- braled lhis year al a lounders' day program. Della Thela Phi, prolessional law lralernily. slrives lo pro- mole lellowship and scholaslic achievemenl. Guesl spealcers were lealured al lhe qroup's monlhly luncheon meelings. Parlies celebraling Homecom- ing and Chrislmas ollered diversions lrom sludies. Ollicers ol Della Thela Phi lor lhe year were: James Mclienney, presidenl: Keilh Pubrese, vice- presidenl: Raymond Sloan, secrelaryy and Granl IVlcMarlin, lreasurer. FIRST ROW: Williani LeBuhn, Keilh Pulbrese, James McKin- ney, Granl McMarlin, Alvin De Jong. SECOND ROW: Palriclc Lile, James Weelrs Charles Lynberq Alberl Allen, John Sabbalh. THIRD ROW: Raymond Sloan, John Carlin, Larry Ashloclc, Thomas Daley. PHI ALPHA DELTA LAWYERS HOLD MONTHLY LUNCHEON MEETINGS Speeches by members ol lhe bar were highliqhls al lhe monlhly luncheon meelinqs ol Phi Alpha Della lhis year. Phi Alpha Della, prolessional law lralernily, had lwo represenlalives on lhe Law Slu- denl Council. Two members were senl lo represenl lhe lralernily al lhe annual dislricl conclave. Supreme Courl Juslice Roberl Larson was made an honorary member ol lhe group. Elecled ollicers lor I956-57 were: Carl Pesch, iusliceg William Bernau, vice-iuslicei lra Derlr, clerk: and Harvey Allbee, lreasurer. FIRST ROW: Douglas Hansen, Roberr Berryhill, Harvey Allbee, l'a Dells, Carl Peach, William Bernau. Gerald Nelson, I-lerberl Moore, Philip Saunders. SECOND ROW: Clillon Brillon. Virgil Vochoska. John Shaler, Richard Deyo, Roberl Wallon, James Havercamp, James Andreasen, Roy Marledae. THIRD ROW: Spencer Peclc, Vern McClure, Paul Riggleman, James Molloy, Vernon Gericlce, Milce Palramanis, Leo I-leglvedl, Williarn Lerch, John S. Srnilh. FOURTH ROW: Donald Diehl, Marvin Miller, John D. Randall, Myron Enlield, James Riolly, James Roberlson, Philip S. Ware, Morris Kinne, i S f5.'iiTff'ff S I ,- FIRST ROW: R. Ryden, R. Chaiied. J. Cray, W, Eads. G. WaTers, D. SuIIivan, W, Sueppei, R. Donohue, M. Rosenberg, M. W. Puiney, C. Knudson, P. Cady. SECOND ROW: D. Guernsey, A. Craig, G. Probasco, A. PeTeison, T. Joias, S, Pappaiohn J. Goen, J. Cresweii, P. Davidson, J. Caihoun, L. Courrer, J. RaTherT, J, Burrows, R. Linder, L, Meyer. THIRD ROW: B. Morris, J. O'Connor, J. Kozien, R. W. MiIIer, R. FbersoIe, RoberT A. Davis, R. FranTz, D. LooTs. W. Napier, J. Chipokas R, Buenneke, D. I-Iois, D. Gibson, J. BecksTrom, W. Bump. FOURTH ROW: A. KudarT, R. L0oTs, Tom Hamihon, J. Link, D. J. Brown, R. Berray R. RuTher, R. SchechTman, R. Cambier, F. Tucker, G. Mariner, J. F. Grier, H. MuIIinix, J. B. Evans, R. Boeye, R. Rippie, R. Cohrs. .FIFTH ROW: P. Faivey, J. Kirkwood, T. SenneTT, F. OIRourke, H. BeaTTy, E. HaIbach, Roberi' A. Young, K. BurgoTT, R. Canady, R. Lego, J. M. Adams, G H. Ciark, D. E. DoyIe, W. ManIy, J. C. Beekman, L. Hawe, M. Neciy. PHI DELTA PHI INSTALLS IN OLD ENGLISH TRADITON MagisTraTe . . 6oIa WaTers CIerk . William Eads I-IisTorian . Thomas Tucker Exchequer . . Denis SuIIivar: InsTaIIing oTTicers dressed in robes and powdered wigs sTraighT Trom an Engfish Iaw courT IenT an aT- mogphere OT dIqRITY TO TIRE ITIITIRTIOR OT new mem- This is Todays picfure oT Tornorrows Iawyers. InTensiIied sTudy bers of Del-fa fl-HS Spring. ,AX-Hey -The ini-I-ia-I-jon musT precede anv pracTice and discussions heip broaden minds, ceremony, The members oT The proTessionaI Iaw Tra- TerniTy ceIebraTed aT a banqueT and parTy. Phi DeITa Phi and iTs TradiTions have been on The SUI campus since I893, when iT was Tounded To Tos- Ter inTeresT in The Iaw proTession. Each monTh speakers Trom The Iaw Tieid were guesTs aT Iuncheon meeTinqs sponsored by The Tra- TerniTy. Also included on The Phi DeITa Phi scheduIe were rushing parTies, a winTer dance and oTher im- prompTu qaTherings. The ediTor-in-chieT oT The "Iowa Law Review" was a member oT Phi DeITa Phi as were Three OT The pubIicaTion's subAediTors. ,M fr FIRST ROW: Marie Sheehan, Mrs. Seymour Blaug, Mrs. John Lach, Eleanor Theissen, Kay Fisher. SECOND ROW: Rhea Ressler, Mary Lenox, Donna Nelson, Dorclhy Campbell, Barbara Russell. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Boerner, Janice Hancock, Jacqueline Norgaard, Jeanelle Kiser. KAPPA EPSILON PHARMACY WOMEN ATTEND NATIONAL CONVENTION Members of Kappa Epsilon allended lhe 'ira- +ernil'y's nalional Convenlion in Madison, Wisc., and presenred a Jralenl show for pharmacy sludenls This spring. Highlighling The social acliviry was rhe Pharmacy Prize Prom wilh ils famous lavors ol sam- ple producls provided by pharmaceurical manu- laclurers. Kappa Epsilon is a nalional professional lrarer- nily lor women in pharmacy. Elecled olllicers were: Eleanor Theissen, presidenrq Janice Hancoclc, vice- presidenl: Jacqueline Norgaard, secrelary: and Marie Sheehan, Treasurer. V-Q "Vi, ALPHA KAPPA GAMMA GIVES PARTY FOR FRESHMAN DENTAL HYGIENISTS A "Gel Acquainledu parly was given lasl fall by Alpha Kappa Gamma, nalional denlal hygienisls sororily. This organizarion, founded in I954, now claims a membership of 25 or aboul one hall ol rhe women in denral hygiene. ln December a Chrisrmas parly was given for Jrhree crippled children. lnilriarion was al Founders Day in March and lhe senior capping ceremony on Molhers' Day. Orlicers elecled lor lhe year were: Lorella Landers, presidenlg Mary Jane Burlcell, vice- presidenrg Judy Baugh and Joyce Hinglgen, secre- lariesg Barbara Elclund, lreasurer. FIRST ROW: N. Melsh, D. J. Snyder, Marcia Lewis, L. Lan- ders, M. Burlcell, S. Raeclcer. D. Wallcer. SECOND ROW: C. Bohnenlcamp, N. l-laughf, Dorolhy Smilh, N. McCown M. Slephens. J, M. Baugh, J. Hinglgen. THIRD ROW: M. Damon, A. Koeberle, S, Bader, J. Goodlellow, J. Pallerson, M. Fanl. FOURTH ROW: Joanne Larsen, M, l-ladley, N. O'Connor, B. Compfon, B. I. Eklund, J. Nash, E. Crawford. FIFTH ROW: A, Kiger, B. l-laag, B. hloplcins, N. Swan. Jo Ann Walden, S. Emery. 292 Q FIRST ROW: R. Labahn, P. ZamberleTTi, D. Mcpherren, W. Welsh, ProT. Leonard Kon- opa, J. Humphrey, J. PuckeTT, M. Dworzak. SECOND ROW: D. Sneller, D. M. Gardner, K. Carver, W. Wing, M. K. Mas- Ters, L. Neurnayer, L. Kramer, J. GarTh. THIRD ROW: H. Moline, P. ScoTT, D. C. Payne, M. Brownlie, J. Cronin, G. E. Meyer, WalTer Olson, G. Shirk, R. Voellinger. FOURTH ROW: G. Shea, Samuel Brown, G. Brooks, J. Currell, W. McCusker, J. Van Deven- Ter, J. Torrence, F. HiTe. STUDENT MARKETING CLUB OPEN TO OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY CLUB ENDS ADVERTISING, MARKETING MAJORS YEAR WITH SENIOR BANOUET GuesT speakers lecTured on The procedures and The senior bangueT climaxed The year Tor The policies oT various indusTries in Iowa aT The monThIy Occuparional Therapy Club This spring. Senior meeTings oT The STudenT MarkeTing Club. The Club members were presenTed recogniTion pins. was open To sTudenTs inTeresTed in adverTising and ThroughcuT The year guesT speakers in various marlceTing areas. MeeTings were in The Iowa Memo- phases OT The profession and clinical sTudenTs ad- rial Union. During The year The Club members Took dressed The 3-year-old group, DemonsTraTions oT Tield Trips To see several indusTrial planTs in Iowa. craTTs were included in These programs. An open OTTicers Tor The year were: William Welsh, presi- house was held MoTher's Day To allow visiTors To denTg William Wing and Clark MorTon, vice-presi- examine The Club's work. OTTicers were: Marie clenTsg Roger Tansey, secreTary: David Gardner, Moore, president Lois McMilIin, vice-president and Treasurer: Dr. Konopa, TaculTy adviser. Janelle KunTz, secreTary-Treasurer. FIRST ROW: M. Kralrzke, M. Adamson, R. AnTrarn, M. Kleih, M. L. Moore, M. P. Miller, R. Rundberg. SECOND ROW: D. NeTT, Z. Andersen, E. SaTo, S. Wyrick, P. A. Morris, C. Wenner, J. MoskowiTz, T. Harris. THIRD ROW: A. C. Robinson, E. SyTsma, M. Abrams, G. J. Meyer, M. Werra, J. Olsen, N. Moulin, M. RuboTTom. FOURTH ROW: L. McMillin, J. KunTz, N. Walker, M. Drury, C. Parker, M. Downing, N. Lacina, E. DeLoaTch. -Q: ,ff -i Q'Ws 'A '.A9l?'4?isi'f:r.'i21'slr-US" 'fT4f'4f1 f'?Tfgl!"15 me lf" i.Y?'f'Wfff4L'-'AP' mm 1 I, FIRST ROW: Harley Godard, Leon Hawley, Jim Collins, NaThaniel Baird, John Hedges, KeiTh Deibler, Jaclc Hansen, Roberf Lee Burns. SECOND ROW: Samuel Carlson, John Larscn, Charles Floy, KeiTh Williams, John SincgleTon, John Hope, Richard LaVelle, David Bliss, Paul STeege, Mario Basbaum, RoberT Callahan. THIRD ROW: Richard Larsen Alan Hughes, Norman Thiltgcri, Richard Bump, William Ankrum, Roger STolT-enberg, George Leonard, Donovan McNeal, Richard Vavra, WinTred Clemens. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Fonlren, Reber? Ennis, Reginald Jacobsen, Virgil PoTTenbarger, Leo LadehoTT, VincenT BarTon Dale Euchner, RoberT Snopelc Jerrold GarTh. ALPHA KAPPA PSI TOURS IOWA INDUSTRIAL PLANTS PresidenT . . John Hedges Vice-PresiolenT . . iv1arTin English SecreTary . . James Collins Treasurer . NaThaniel Baird Alpha Kappa Psi sTresses scholarship Tor The commerce maior. The winning oT The scholarship lcey is a goal shared by The members oT Alpha Kappa Psi. The lcey is awarded annually by The TraTerniTy To one OT iTs members. High scholarship and personal achievemenTs are The reguiremenTs, Alpha Kappa Psi is a naTional proTessional TraTer- niTy Tor commerce maiors. The inTeresT range oT The TraTerniTy is noT resTricTed To The classroom Tor These commerce maiors share bolh proifessional and social inTeresTs, These inTeresTs were TurThered in The year's pro- grams. The organizalrion Toured Through some OT lowais leading indusTries. Men in The various Tields oT commerce were inviTed To spealc aT The meeTings Social evenTs Tor The year included a dance given in The Tall and a Tormal parTy held in The spring. 294 FIRST ROW: Virginia Swi- narl, Ann Jochumsen, Ardis Millard, Yvonne Keeler. SEC- OND ROW: Barbara Folberg, Pafricia Zarnberleili, Ru"h Drips, Virginia Fcss, Mary Truesdell. THIRD ROW: Joy Brifron, Susan Brerder, Irene Brandt Mary Humphreys. PHI GAMMA NU SPONSORS GUEST SPEAKERS AT BI-MONTHLY MEETINGS Guesl speakers were sponsored al rhe bi-monrhly meelings oi Phi Gamma Nu This year, giving mem- bers a chance 'lor "shop falls." Olher evenls on The I956-57 calendar were The Chrislmas parry, a founders' day dinner, an alum- nae lea and a spring Ioanquel. Phi Gamma Nu is a nalional professional Tralerniry for women in com- merce. Ann Jochumsen served as presidenr of Ihe organizalion for The year. Olrher officers for The I956-57 year were: Ardis Millard, vice-president Virginia Swiharl, secrelaryi and Yvonne Keeler, Treasurer. DELTA SIGMA PI PROGRAMS EMPHASIZE IOWA COMMERCE Commerce in Iowa was emphasized in The pro- grams of Della Sigma Pi Ihis year. Tours were made Through The planrs of several Iowa induslries. Bi-monrhly meelings Iealured guesrs who discussed problems in The commerce field. Della Sigma Pi, a professional commerce Iralernilry, is open Io pre- commerce and commerce sludenls. Highlighr of The social year was The crowning of The "Rose of Della Sigma Pi" ar Ihe Chrislmas formal. Oiclicers were: Frederick I'IiIe, pre-sidenlq Dean VVilliams, vice-presidenrg Dean Cubbage, secrelaryg Diclc Griswold, Ireasurer. FIRST ROW: J. Saclcelr, E. Creese, R, Griswold, J. Currell, F. Hire, D. Cubbage, D. Gregerson, H. L. Wrighr, Roberr Rausch. SECOND ROW: Roberr D. Davidson, R. Sfacy, R. Hassenbroclc, D. Groeneveld, N. Rider, D. Engellcen, R, Peldo, J. Fredericlcs, D. Hildrelh, Charles A. Brown, D, Newlon. THIRD ROW: W. E. Orris, K. Penninglon, M. Peclc, R. Tuiersch, J. Graham, D. Broolcer, D. Uiley, W. Whileley, R. Leeper, F. Mann. FOURTH ROW: J. Fries, E. Hardman, W, McNamara, A. Bergren, R. Houlc, H. Andersen, W. Loebig, G. Urich, J, Gilberl. FIFTH ROW: H. W. Schmidt A. Srein, V. Naxera, C. E. Marlon. L. Srein, G. Holm, D. Hein, W. Powell, A. Kuqel. FIRST ROW: Jerome Wiedman, Richard Wachler, Earl Dennler, Jaclc Schulfz, Dr. Arfhur Wendler, Rex Davis, Gary Kurdelmeier. SECOND ROW: Kennefh Reed, John Merriman, Larry Harsch, Don Bailey, Thomas Jacobson, Jack Boal. THIRD ROW: Gene Asprey, Jerry Nalan, Le-Roy Onlcen, Dr. Louis Alley, Paul Sfoppels, Fred Harris, Dale Geise. PHI EPSILON KAPPA MAKES LOAN TO MEN IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION A loan fund for deserving men in fhe field of physical educafion was sponsored by Phi Epsilon Kappa fhis year. Members of fhe frafernify pub- lished fhe monfhly magazine, "Physical Educaforf' Proiecfs were financed by checlcing coafs af bas- Icefball games. Phi Epsilon Kappa is fhe only na- fional physical educafion frafernify for men. Mem- bers are selecfed for scholarship and professional promise. Officers were: Earl Dennler, presidenfi Rex Davis, vice-presidenfy Jaclc Schulfz, secrefary: DES MOINES NEWSPAPERS, OFFICES TOURED BY GAMMA ALPHA CHI A spring four of Des Moines newspaper planfs, publishing offices and felevision sfafions gave mem- bers of Gamma Alpha Chi a valuable glimpse of journalism af worlc. During fhe year experience was gained by selling ads for fhe baslcefball programs and felephone cards for sfudenfs. Gamma Alpha Chi, nafional women's adverfising frafernify, spon- sored a proiecf and banguef during Nafional Ad- verfising Week. Officers were: Donna O'Brien, presidenfg Connie Bluff, vice-presidenf: Paf Pefer- and Dr. A. J. Wendler, freasurer. son, secrefaryf and Lois Campbell, freasurer. FIRST ROW: Ann Dunlcerfon, Pafricia Pefersen, Consfance Bluff, Donna O'Brien, Lois Campbell. Pamela Sfenbe-rg. SECOND ROW: Elizabefh Sfroud, Adelaide Smifh, Jane? Bauman, Sandra Harf, Nan Ccnger, Nancy Sarn- uelson. 296 FIRST ROW: Reber? Boyd, PauI Jess, Thomas SIaTTery, Loy Brooks. SECOND ROW: Thomas Mann, MiIes TurnbuII, WaIIace ShinkIe. THIRD ROW: Dr. ErnesT Andrews, Ivars Liepins, VicTor George. SIGMA DELTA CHI EVALUATES I5O IOWA HIGH SCHOOL NEWSPAPERS One hundred and TiTTy high schooI newspapers were evaIuaTed and received recommendaTions Trom members OT Sigma DeITa Chi This year. The iudging service was done Tor The Iowa High School Press AssociaTion. The Wayzgoose BangueT, Tor all iournaIism sTudenTs, was sponsored by The TraTer- niTy aT The MayTIower in November. Sigma DeITa Chi is a naTionaI proTessionaI TraTerniTy Tor men in iournaIism. OTTicers were: DanieI Hinson, presidenT7 Ivars Liepins, vice-presidenTg Thomas Mann, secreTaryq and Loy Brooks, Treasurer. MEMBERS OF ALPHA DELTA SIGMA SPONSOR FAMILIAR DESK BLOTTERS Desk bIoTTers have made Alpha DeITa Sigma, na- Tional adverTising TraTerniTy Tor men, a well-known SUI organizaTion. The IoIoTTers, which serve as shop- ping guides, carry ads soIiciTed by members. This year The TraTerniTy submiTTed Tinished Iay-ouTs in a conTesT sponsored by "PIayboy" magazine and con- ducTed a reader-survey among male sTudenTs Tor ThaT pubIicaTion. Jerome GoIdsTein presided aT The bi-monThIy meeTings. OTher eIecTed oTTicers were: AIIen Ram- sey, vicefpresidenTg David Glidden. secreTaryg and James WITT, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: Don Roeder, AIIen Ramsey, David GIidden, Jerome GoIdsTein, James WITT, MarTin Bassman. SECOND ROW: DaryI CarTer, Errol ZaveTT, Gene DeVoI, Norman Davis, Michel Thielen, Richard Lynch, George KroIoTT. 1 gszezww FIRST ROW: E. Yeakey, F. Monl gomery, C, Coy, J. Marshall, J Moriarly, M. Coe, U. Kunlz, J Roddewig, SECOND ROW: J Willenbaugh, R. Lovrien, J. Clwiia W. Pelerson, W. Ward, S. A. Swan son, W. Baird, G. E. Koch, H Schuldl, F. Cheng. THIRD ROW C. Morreal, T. McGee, L, Hollman R. Coe, D. Wearring, J. Fordem wall, R. Doone, R A. Anderson, H Krueger. ALPHA CHI SIGMA FRATERNITY AIMS TO STIMULATE INTEREST IN CHEMISTRY Alpha Chi Sigma, professional chemislry Iraler- nily, has been formed Io slimulale Ihe inlereslr of men in Ihal Iield. Members ol Ihis group musr have a iunior slanding and a major in chemislry, bio- chemislry, or chemical engineering. Weekly meel- ings are held in 'Ihe Iralernily chapler house, leaf luring speakers six limes a year. The annual Chrisl- mas parly provides social allraclion. Elecled oI'licers are: Merlin Cole, presidenly Charles Morreal, vice-presidenly Earnesl Yeakey, secrelaryy and Jelll Koch, Ireasurer. THETA TAU STRIVES TO ENCOURAGE SCHOLARSHIPS AND INTERESTS In order Io mainlain a bond ol professional unily, +he members of Thela Tau are aclive as a group. The IralerniIy's goal is Io improve scholarship and lo mainlain a high slandard OI professional inler- esl. The local purpose is Io help wilh Ihe proiecls of Ihe College o1fEngineering. Highlighls Irhis year were work on lhe Homecoming lloal and The Chrislr- mas dinner-parly. Ollicers of This nalional engi- neering lralernily were: James Kasler, regenly Ter- rence Izisher, vice-regenlg William Slein, scribe: and William Maguire, Ireasurer. FIRST ROW: David K. Zimmer, Terrence Fisher. James Kasler, Roberl Uller, Russell Millspaugh, William Maguire, William Sfein, SECOND ROW: Kennelh Campbell, James G. Gibson. Warren Smull, Kennelh Bailey, James M. Smilh. George Ginakis, Byrle Norlhup, Ronald Buller. THIRD ROW: Ronald Chrislensen, Lawrence Fochl, Peler Peropoulos, Lennie Pauslian, Mark Lullenegger, Charles Blunl, Glenn Edginglon, Lewis I'-lulman. FOURTH ROW: Lloyd Allen, Thomas Leber, Richard Wallon, Wilbur Busch, Harry Jacobs, Roberl Hornback, Richard Weslwick, Gerald Lewis. FIRST ROW: DeIIos Wood, Daie Wendei, CharIes Rcperrsi Geraid Prafr, Ronaid Chrisrenfen. SECOND ROW: PauI Harmony, Richard Hufchinson, PauI Morgan, LaVeII Rurseh, Warren SrnuII Jarnes M. Srniih. 'IOWA TRANSIT' PUBLISHED BY ENGINEERING STUDENTS "Iowa Transit" Ihe oiiicial publicaiion oi Ihe As- sociaIed SIudenIs of Engineering, provides a di- version Irom rhe sIide-ruIes in Jrhe CoIIege oi Engi- neering. This magazine is puIoIished by a sraii Ihar follows proiessionai procedures and achieves pro- Tessional resuIIs. AII sfudenrs are urged Io con- Iripure ro iIs Conrenrs and producrion. The pubIi- Carion Ieaiures news oi The CoIIege and Ihe Uni- versiiv. Mlowa TransiI"' is supervised by Ihe Transii' Board OI ConIroI. This Board is composed oi Tour sro- denrs, Ihree Iacuhty members and one aIurnnus. Serving as siudenr rnernbers oi Ihe Board in I'-756-57 were: DaIe WendeI, generaI manager: Lee Wood. ediiory GeraId PraI+, business nwanagert Ken Rob- eris, conripIroIIer: and WiIIiam Maguire, represenra- rive of Ihe Associaied Swdenrs oi Engineering. 299 Iowa Transirf' orficiai pubhcaiion oi The Associafed Siudenrs ngineedng, Iearures news oi The CoIIege and The Universiry. Qffrrf Wjfmw I HX ' fjfi klein-Liss, Af' RELIGIOUS 300 " Jzhdllommafjlly INTERMIXING INTRODUCES NEW IDEAS TO STUDENTS By KAY GREENE THEY come Trom all parTs oT The counTry . . . CaTh- olic, ProTesTanT, Jew. They come Trom all parTs oT The globe . . . and bring The wisdom oT ConTucius, Buddha, Mohammed To The WesT. The sTudenT body oT a universiTy is a heTerogene- ous group oT individuals uniTed, idealisTically, by The common bond oT inTellecTual pursuiT. ln realiTy, each individual is a separaTe being Tacing The Threshold oT The Tinal sTep To adulThood. ThaT lasT sTep is a hard one. ln The classroom The sTudenT is inTroduced To more new ideas . . . philosophical, social, economic, poliTical . . . Than aT any oTher Time in his liTe. Some lose a TaiTh, some gain one, some dig Their rooTs more deeply inTo ThaT oT Their youTh, Some boasT They do noT need iT. NoT need iT? The acTive sTudenT religious cenTers on campus TesTiTy oTherwise. And many come lcnoclcing aT Their doors. Sooner or laTer mosT realize ThaT They cannoT be equipped Tor life wiThouT a belieT in some philosophy. The lowa ChrisTian Fellowship sponsors a daily service in The DanTorTh Chapel open To all inTeresTed SUl sTudenTs. .Q ,T Hg, ,sf , A ,- ,sk .ff 1 ,, .... ,sv . is E-:as:gL.fiwqs -wiw li fgftgf- W.-ii: 'fi':1iffsf.2,ii1iS'?i5ffQ5' .a m f , A. rr Many sTudenTs have Their marriages perTormed in SUl's DanTorTh Chapel. C1raduaTion Day is The mosT popular Time Tor These Chapel weddings. 30I , ' ' " ,,., 1 2, . 5 7 , V' X .. gl MosT' churches have To Told Two services To accommodaTe overTlow condiTions. MosT churches in Iowa CiTy have special groups Tor sTudenTs. ProminenT religious speakers enriched The SUI SpiriTual Emphasis Week. A nf' A ax 302 SUI CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS SPONSOR RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK Religious Emphasis Week has become an annual proiecT oT The SUI religious organizaTions. This year The program Tor The week, running Trom Feb. 24 Through March 3, was expanded. Religious Emphasis Week was organized by The lnTer-Religious Council composed oT represenTaTives Trom l-lillel l:oundaTion, The STuclenT ChrisTian Coun- cil and The Newman Club. The week OT acTiviTies in- cluded guesT lecTurers, daily services in DanTorTh Chapel and panel discussions. Many housing uniTs inviTed local minisTers To speak To Them. ln adoliTion To religious acTiviTies, These clubs Till a social need. From The Iowa ChrisTian Fellowship To The Newman club, Their members uniTe noT only in spiriTual reTreshmenT, buT in laughTer over dough- nuTs and coTTee or The Tun oT a sock hop wiTh a combo in The background. F? .fi ' wi: N 1 'ff I I CHRISTIAN COUNCIL UNIFIES PROTESTANTS The religious organizaiions on Ihe SUI campus are unified Ioy Ihe Sludeni Chrislian Council, composed oi represenlaiives from all Proiesianl groups. The Council plans religious aclivilies on campus such as Danlorih Chapel services, Chrisfmas Vespers, sun- rise service and breaklasl on Palm Sunday, Religious Emphasis Week, Universal Day ol Prayer and World Universiiy services. All I956-57 acliviiies were de- signed Io Iurlher Ihe Iheme, "The Chrislian Siudenl al SUI." The Council works on an inler-denominafional basis seeking Io promoie unify among religious groups of The Profeslanl Iaiih. IIs services Transcend inlra-'lailh lines and slrive Io salisiy The needs of a universal group. Ai Chrislmas lime Ihe Siuclenl Chrislian Council prepared packages Tor Hungarian relief. The council helps promole Profesianf unify. Presidenl . . Gwendolyn Zeiiler Vice-presidenlr . Dwighl Ivlaihes Secreiary . . Edilrh Sylsma Treasurer. Thomas DeYarmon FIRST ROW: M. Dirks, P, Allen, T. Deyarman, G, Zeiller, D. Ivlalhes, E. Sylsrna, R, Schabacker, D. Silvis. SECOND ROW: A. Dom, B. Mallhew, S. Kinlner, L. Chapman, V. Swihari, I-I. I-Iimrocl, B. Venclelboe, J. I-Iavenhill, B. I-Iopkins, W. Philipp. THIRD ROW: E, McLachlan, R. A, Anderson, R. Wesfwick, R. Chesmore, W. Deloruyn, W. Carpe, L. Nolling, R. Clarke, J. Pereboom. The rneelings oi The Hillel Eoundalion are inlormal and social. Their yearly program includes guesi spealfer, dances and hayrides. HILLEL FOUNDATION FURTHERS 'UNITED JEWISH APPEAL' THEME "Uniled Jewish Appeal" means co-operalive ellorl Io I-Iillel Iioundalion members. This program was Turlhered by charily drives, guesl spealcers, inlerf Iailh promolion and parries. The Izoundalion, Tor Jewish sludenls, slrives Io Fill The social, cullural and religious needs ol members. Inlormal meelings slress laiIh's formal riles. Olliicers were: David Dae vis, presiclenlg Marilyn Shor, vice-presidenlg Eayna Manvilz, secrelary, Joan Moslcowilz, Treasurer. 'SPIRITUAL HAPPINESS' IS GOAL OF IOWA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP "SpiriIual happiness" is The goal of Iowa Chrislian Fellowship. This inler-denominalional group, em- phasizing Bible sludy, sponsors relreals, cell groups and daily services in Danlorlh Chapel open lo all sludenls. Members are urged lo slrenglhen Their spirilual lile Through prayer and fellowship. Elecled officers lor The year were: Don Silvas, presidenlq Donald Ahrenholz, vice-presidenlp Norma Jean Cochran, secrelaryg Eldora Cline, Treasurer. Membership oT Iowa Chrislian Fellowship is composed oi represenrarives ol all Proleslanl denominalions. Ire inevilable, disbwaslwing and cleaning up, are done by News man Club members afler llweir weelcly Sunday evening suppers. T0 NEWMAN Among llwe social evenls ofiered by Ilwe Newman Club were a sock lwop, suppressed-desire parly, scavenger nunl' and a square dance. NEWMAN CLUB HAS RELIGIOUS AND SOCIAL EVENTS Religious and social evenls appeared Io be Iwape pily combined in Ilie Newman Club for all Calllolic sludenls al SUI. Under Ilwe direclion ol Fallwer Roberl Bordenlcircber, OP., Ilwis large organizalion mel once a monllw Ibis year lor a Communion Sun- day. Guesl spealcers presenleol Ilie sermons al Iliese services. Ollwer aclivilies on ine serious side lor I956-57 included discussion groups which mel Iwice a week Io discuss currenl problems, and gue-sl speakers al open meelings. A leclure series on marriage was sponsored during Ilie Lenlon season. In 'Il'1e spring a relreal was sponsored for all inleresled members. Social evenls were varied. A soclc bop, a pizza parly, a suppressed-desires parly, a Tally pull, a I-Ialloween scavenger liunl, square dances, and swimming and slcaling parlies all lnelpeol liven Ilwe year's calendar ol evenls. Annual Iradilional pro- grams Inal were conlinued Ibis year were Ilue Cbrisl- mas parly and several Ialenl slwows. 'llie Newman Club mel in Ilie Callwolic Sludenl Cenler lor ils regular meelings. Tne Club prinls a monllily news leller felling of 'lulure evenls. CUR RESIDENCES: CAMPUS HOUSING FURNISHES A HOME AND A LESSGN DORMITORIES 308 we 1 'x 45 wi ES: 5 .59 s i ,L ,gg 'w In 3' . fi U6 , 5 ,Wi -V.-fm. Y f ..., gig-me 55 it if TMJ sg! -5 M. Q we 3 4 5, . UQ. fm-:wa n.....,,,-5, K W., 5 s F 1 5, x- 3 .Sir Emma Hunan 3,200 PRESIDENTS' COUNCIL UNITES SELF-GOVERNING UNITS By MARILYN LYON The Inler-Dormilory Presidenls' Council increased ils acIiviI'ies Ihis year 'ro achieve grealer efficiency in governing The 3,200 sludenis living in SUI dor- milories. The Council is composed ol Ihe presidenls of each ol I'he six Universilry dormilories. Allhough each dorm is slruclured as an individual governing uni? wi+h Hs own aclivilies, inler-dorm programs are followed. The Council promoles co-operalion and is a meeling place for solving problems common To all dorms. In Ihe fall all Ihe presidenls of dormilories in The Big Ten schools mel aI SUI for a conference, ex- Iending Ihe Iies of co-operalrion belween dormi- Iories Io olher schools. Officers of Big Ten dormi- Iories have been meeling for several years To de- velop an organizalion Ihal will aid Jrhem in The muI'uaI solving of dormilory problems. A Iraining school for SUI dormilory oicficers was held in Sep- Jrember Io sludy ehfeclive melhods of dorm govern- menl. WP' :Es . The Inler-Dormilory Presidenls' Council meels al a Currier dinner FIRST ROW: Roberl' D. Johnson, Nancy Diclcens, Edwin I-Ieusinlc veld. SECOND ROW: John Graham, Shirley Lenz, Adele Abo- deely, Mary K. Truesdell, Nalhaniel Baird. RESIDENTS CO-OPERATE EGR FIELD DAY AND Isf INTER-DORM DANCE Uniry among dorms was eviden? in Ihe presenrarion oI Ihe hrsr SUI "lnIer-Dorm Dancef I:eIo. I5. The dance was Ihe resulr of The IoInI parIIcIpaIIon oI everyone who Iived In a dorm. The social chairmen Irom each or The housing unns formed an Inrerf dormirory sociaI Iooard Io orqanize Ihe dance. The Kino and Queen, who were crowned air Irhe dance. were elecred loy 'rhe coupIes arrending, Nominae Tions and campalqns had been conducred in each of The dorms. The InIermI5sIon IaIenI was a resuII of Irv-ours wIIhIn each of Ihe unIIs wljrh IInaI selecf hon on an Inrerfdorm basis. Even Ihe Iheme, "Ce- Ieshal I3aII,I' was Ihe resuh of conresrs wIIhIn each oI Irhe dormifories. Piefsmudqed Iaces, a mo oI war and a bairered oucker Irophy marked The Inn orf the lnfer-Dorm EIeId Day, one of Ihe co-operarive socIaI evenirs oI SUI dorms. Ihig annuaI sprino arfarr Iearured dorm resrdenrg In reIavs, races, a Inq af war and a Iradl Mona! pie-eahnq confesf. I ,nIc' do-"rn dance I--amrrnf: res Brown 5 rvrfhoszra war, a Iornr uf aI: 'e4Ide"r+ 'II SUI oc3rneIIcrIf5. Tm cami oven Feb. IS. -'ne for Ihe darce, Ce efhar Don' wa: ec'ec1 Iov LQCUTCSIS hero fr eacn drgrrnirzsry. Inc Kfno arc: Qacen cafrca'q'- .-.ere c'rna,1eo by Irc- cry.-fI'o device 'n+s3rrr17e,Ic 3I0 FIRST ROW: T-loward Leinen, John Graham, Gerald Wahman. SECOND ROW: RoT:erT Kelly, Harold WrighT, JerreT Mathews, Paul I-larmcny. THIRD ROW: Archie Fliclcinger, Joseph Gross, VicTor Naxera, Richard Cheville, Dennis NugenT. SOUTH QUAD ORIENTS NEW RESIDENTS AT SMOKERS AdeguaTe TaciliTies are provided Tor The residenTs oT SouTh Y Quad who wanT To indulge in occasional co-educaTional bridge. Smolces and colces were TeaTured aT The orienTa- Tion smokers Tor The men OT SouTh Quadrangle aT The beginning oT boTh semesTers This year, AT These geT-TogeThers The new residenTs OT SUl's srnallesT men's dormiTory were inTroduced To The oTTicers and ofher men in The dorm. Many oT The residenTs parTicipaTed in The aThleTic compeTiTions during The year. The TirsT Tloor men won The TirsT place TooTball TiTle To receive The "Honey Bucl4eT," a TradiTional Trophy wiThin The dorm. The Two SouTh Quad Teams boTh placed over compeTing dormiTories in The inTra-murals TooTloall games. QTTicers elecTed Tor The year were: John Graham, presidenT3 Gerald Wahman, vice-presidenTg and T-loward Leinen, secreTary-Treasurer. All SUI dorms have been designed To provide an economical, comTorTalole place To live, an environe menT conducTive To sTudy and an opporTuniTy Tor social and exTra-curicular acTiviTies. The lounges cT I-liIIcresT, The largesT mens dorm aT SUI, are uTilized Tor parTies and relaxaTion Tor The more Than I,OOO re-si::lenTs, HILLCREST DORMITORY COMPLETES NEW 5875.000 WING In SepTember, 387 male sTudenTs moved inTo The newly-compleTed wing oT T-lilIcresT DormiTory To raise The ToTaI capaciTy oT ThaT housing uniT To l,O66 men. I-lillcresT, The largesT single dorm on The SUI cam- pus, is one OT Two men's boarding dormiTories. The new wing, so new ThaT The men didn'T geT Their drapes unTil December, was buiIT aT an esTimaTed cosT oT 5875.000 The main Topic OT conversaTion in The hallways, lounge bull-sessions and The dinner Tables around ChrisTmas Time was The Trip To The Rose Bowl. l-lill- cresT men were inTeresTed in The game noT only bee cause The Iowa I-Iawlqs were playing, buT because many oT Their Tellow residenTs were on The Team and in The band. The Tallc oT The big game almosT over-shadowed The highlighT oT The I-lillcresT social season, The annual ChrisTmas parTy. The parTy, Tree Tor all men, TeaTured door prizes worTh more Than SIOO and enTerTainmenT Trom wiThin and ouTside The dorm. I-lillcresT residenTs presenTed Their housernoTher, Miss lvlarTha Van lNlosTrand, and The Tour dieTiTians OT The I-lillcresT Tood service, wiTh ChrisTmas giTTs. Many oT The I-lillcresT men who did noT parTici- paTe in The leTTer sporTs leT oTT Their sTeam by going ouT Tor inTra-murals sporTs. There were inTra-murals Tor men inTeresTed in swimming, badminTon, Tennis, TooTball, soTTbaIl, basIceTball, golT or aImosT any oTher sporT oTTered by The AThleTic DeparTmenT. lnTrafmu- rals were played beTween The secTions in The dorm. The secTion winners Then played The winners Trom The social and proTessional TraTerniTies and oTher organizaTions Tor The championships. The I-lillcresT chorus provided recreaTion and come peTed in UniversiTy Sing. The annual awards ban'- gueT was in May, Gold lceys and recogniTion awards were presenTed To residenTs who did ouT- sTanding worlc in serving The TuncTions oT The dorm. OTTicers were eIecTed in lvlay. If an academic probfem should arise +bere are approximadefy l,O65 near-by fesidenfs who eifher may be of help or able +o assisf in procradinafion. FIRST ROW: J, L. Coilins, J. E. Johnson, C. Cowie, N. Baird, R. L. fxUen, G. Kurdelmeier, D. Tboen. SECOND ROW: R. D. Mason, G. Lambert G. Lubbers, T. Burrows, J. A. Half, W. Caldwefl, D. Erldson. THIRD ROW: D. Granner, L. Focbf, W. Lumry, D. Mafer, R. Gibson, W. Seremius, J. Humphrey. FOURTH ROW: K. Kramer, V. Hein, P. Schorr, R. Cbrisfiarwson, W. McNamara, W. Wild. Choir FIRST ROW: James DeKalb, Carroll Benrieli, Kay Kramer, James Collins, Richard L. Allen, James E. Johnson, Paul Rohll, Lee McClure, Jared Hills, SECOND ROW: Harley Goddard, Nalhaniel Baird, Peler Peropoulos, Gerald Sfofer, John Haydon, Ronald Fisher, Charles Floy, Larry Wirlz, Jaclc Hall, Duane Erickson. THIRD ROW: Don Naclce, Dennis Thoen, James Loos, William Serenius, Daryl Granner. Vernon Hein, Ronald Allender, Jay' Wilson, Charles Harlquisl, Silber? Lubbers, James W, Williams, Rolnerl Karr. FOURTH ROW: Terry Tinqwald, William Lumry, Roger Chrislianson, James Price ,Roberl Klare, Phillip Schorr, Paul Krapll, Daryl Schullz, Lawrence Pochr, Gary Kurdelmeier, Roberlr Clarke. Life ar Hillcresl Dormilory is moclern and comlorfable. The The recrealional room al Hillcresi' pre- largesr men's dormirory laoasls many campus achieyemenrs. vides iaciliiies for "raking a break. .1 L ., MEN SELECT HILLCREST QUEEN FOR ANNUAL SPRING FORMAL Queen Marilyn Miner and her Tour aTTendanTs reigned over The annual spring Tormal. The royalTy was selecTed by a dorm elecTion. Several Times during The year The carpeTs were rolled back in The lounges and The men enTerTained women Trom Commons, WesTlawn and Currier aT inTormal mixers. Records usually provided music Tor These dances, Thursday nighTs were reserved Tor guesT nighTs and dinner exchanges wiTh sorori- Ties and women's dorms. The men oT Tl-lillcresT ioined The WesTlawn women To malce a TloaT Tor The Homecoming parade. The l'lillcresT radio sTaTion oTTered experience To residenTs inTeresTed in radio worlc. A phoTog- raphy laboraTory, equipped Tor developing, prinT- ing and enlarging, was open To all residenTs. PresidenT . . . NaThaniel Baird Vice-presidenT . . CurTis Cowle SecreTary-Treasurer . . David T-larTman Signs poinTing To l-lillcresT DormiTory are guiTe unnecessary. SiT- Ting on a hill wesT OT The Iowa River, The dorm is easily recognized. HITTCTQEST 4'--0+-.- ig . l70f?Mi1QQY-COFFEE swap s .E g, ., In A cl- M, is ResidenTs oT HillcresT are encouraged To gain experience in radio worlc by presenTing Their own programs over l-llLC. 0 14 Resident soon flmd Na+ Ir is dlgfculr To gd Qorwefy In H?Ucres?, The iargesf dor'wH0ry af SUI More Hman LOOO reskienis pass Hwrcuqh Tie HH?cres+ cafe- Lolmqes are for We sfudenfs who warn? +0 Sindy comforfaliy , 'Perla in abou? an hour and I5 minufes for Hwree meals a dey. day Wwe piano or relax, somefimes aT+empTed s7muH'eneous5y """ MDU1 -nv L YN 1 K t . , :KV "" M? 316 A mock queen crowmncz ceremony was H19 em+er Carnmen+ a+ a HwHcres+ soma! 'mxer Resldenfs rdease deparfmenfalhme nerves WMM p anks r' Uwe halls of Hzllcfesf Q 23 4? X G' W Q fifiif' i , 51, ax si ggi, 5. A . ' 1 ,I 'K 5' A' X M3 Q The grill in The Quadrangle Doi-miTory provides an inTormaI place where Triends can meeT and yisiT over a cup oT coTTee or coke. UNITY INCREASES INTEREST "InTeresT in The Quad AssociaTion as a whole has been greaTer This year Than in The lasT Three years largely because OT The uniTied sTudenT group," said Bob Johnson, presidenT oT The Quadrangle dormi- Tory. "The goal-posT Trophy, The Homecoming TloaT, inTra-murals and The ChrisTmas Tormal all symbolize This inTeresT in uniTying The dormiTory,'I he added. A secTion oT The goal-posT Trom The Iowa STadium was added To The Quadrangle Trophy case as a remembrance oT The year The Hawkeyes wenT To The Rose Bowl. ResidenTs and members oT The Quad execuTive council decided ThaT a porTion oT The posT should be sawed oTT, mounTed and placed in The Trophy case wiTh oTher awards The residence hall had won in inTra-murals, music and scholarship in The lasT Tew years. A new dining area was compleTed in The Tall. In- cluded in The addiTion were a bangueT room Tor The residenTs, a public caTeTeria, music room, recre- aTion room and The dining hall. IN QUAD ASSOCIATION The highlighT oT The Quad social season came in December wiTh The annual ChrisTmas Tormal. This year, The TirsT in Quad hisTory ThaT a big dance could be accommodaTed in The dorm, The dance was held in The new dining area. lviary LiTTig was crowned queen and her Tour aTTendanTs were pre- senTed. lvlusic was provided by Larry BarreTT and his orchesTra, Six women Trom Commons DormiTory played SanTa Tor The "Snow Flurriesw dance, dressed in shorT red and green slcirTs and whiTe blouses. SanTa and her helpers served as hosTesses and disTribuTed door prizes To The Quad men. The girls also pre- senTed lvliss ElizabeTh EnglerT, housemoTher, and oTher members OT The dormiTory sTaTT wiTh ChrisT- mas presenTs. Early in The year The Quad men were hosTs To represenTaTiyes Trom each sororiTy Tor a dinner daTe, dancing in The lounge and a Tour oT The new addi- Tion To The dorm. I H mfelf--EEX-My I ,,,.,.,, .. I ,ff -i....2L..4.'+-'SW v .45Vi ...Ms . A iibrary is provided for sfudyinq and browsing by Jrhe residehls of Quad. FIRST ROW: Richard D. Roberrs, Tom Epperson, Reber? Dean Johnson, Charies Shank, Rodney Anderson. SECOND ROW: Joseph Ohfenburger, Richard Mafiand, Charles Schmidt Gordon Goefemann, Roiiand Raim, Laurence Harniey. "Q 'kwa J' ,, L E 'ggi , ,, r HAN' .N " FIRST ROW: James Enqdbrecnt Donald Spooner, Bruce Appleby, James Fasrer, DonaNd W. Riiey. Pnmp Sphrnan, Richard Boyce. SECOND ROW: Robert D. Neison. Roberf S+ark, Von Blunf, Donaki Harris, Maurice Campbell, Jack Hansen, Wirlram Dover? Wrmam Tefer. THIRD ROW: Roger Roiand, Thomas Shafer, Jerry John Davis, Denier Jones, Charhes Scardig, Afberi Alreni Wmrarn Buforen, FOURTH ROW: Gerard Conway. Jarfres Rogers, Renard Cnrisfonsen William DeB5onk. This is one of The four arched enfrances To The Qaadrangfe Dorm. Ar addrnon ro We Quadrangie was cornpiefed THIS year i 5 f"N ,-,,,,,.- QUAD MEN DEMAND CURRIER DOOR KEY FOR GIRLS' KIDNAPPING RANSOM In December, live Quad men arrived al Currier Io pick up The Currier execulive council lor a dinner exchange. The men, wilh hals pulled down over Iheir eyes, wearing sun-glasses and carrying violin cases, Ihrealened lo kidnap lhe council and de- manded as ransom lhe lronl door keys lo Currier. When il was discovered lhal il was all a ioke, Ihe Currier women wenl lor The dinner dale and re- Iurned unharmed. The ransom was noi paid. Residenls ol Quad and Commons worked loe gelher lo conslrucl lhe I-lomecoming lloal. The lloal depicled a large loolloall breaking Ihrough a clock and a lickel ollice. Sludenls huddled logelher wilh The sign, "IFS Worlh lhe Wail lor lhe Win." Presidenl' . . . Roberl' Johnson Vice-presidenr . . Tom Epperson Secrelary . . Charles Shank Treasurer . . Richard Roberls To Ihe residenl' of lhe Quadrangle, as lo any olher SUI sluclenl, mail becomes an ever imporlranl laclor in lhe morale al college. Les Brown and his orcheslra played 'lor lhe lnlerellormilory Dance. All l'he dormilories had a limiled number ol lickels 'ro sell Io The reside-nfs. 32I PresidenT . . Jo Ann SchaTroTh Vice-pre-sidenT . Adele Abodeely SecreTary . . lV1argareTe Koch anT To win ar bridqe? Tnen, Take a peek. This isnt even subne fable Talk or Tloor Talk in Thfs case. Treasurer ' ' Barbara lvledberry v ff-up edge, -fr 1., sf xv -1 sr ' 'MTV ff CCMMCNS BEGINS AND ENDS YEAR WITH PICNIC An aTmosphere oT Triendship was promoTed by The orienTaTion program in Commons, The smallesf womenls dorm aT SUT, The year began wiTh a pic- nic on The lawn. Warm lemonade was served and large chunks oT ice were provided buT only one ice pick. lT was noT hard To meeT new Triends when everyone was sharing uTensils. Commons experimenTed This year wiTh mediTa' Tions in The lounges. AT Thanksgiving and ChrisTmas The women parTicipaTed in paiama-vespers services. UniTs gave a parTy Tor The handicapped children and enTerTained aT Oakdale SanaTorium and VeTer- ans' T-lospiTal. The women Took advanTage oT The lawn again, inviTinq Their daTes To The lawn parTy insTead oT The cusTomary dance. General Council FIRST ROW: A. Abrmdeely, B. Sergemen, S. K. Brown. SECOND ROW: B. Burqe, lvl. CurTis, M. Forse. THIRD ROW: M. Koch, B. Meclberry, C. Newcomb, FOURTH ROW: S, Newcomb, J. Pr5Tchard, J. SchaTroTh, C. Schel- nrqer. 322 Public Relarions Board Myiiria Ecrse. Greia fwdersor' Jcrre-do Ericrsov Marci lliqif' Srudenl' Council Susan Bluedcr' Mary Kerrdi Sbafom Bro.-.r, Hildeqard Scltreider, Rocbelie Greenberg. Orienfafion Board FIRST ROVV': A. Aberdeely, M. Curlis, J. Prircbard, J. Erickson, L. Neesseri, SECOND ROW: S. K. Brown, S. Newcomb, C. Newcomb, S. A. Smillv, B, Eorge, M. Kocb, C. Sclielliriger. Judiciary Board Sae Smfi' Sberida' Ne.-.ccrrvb Margafel Aoarriscn, Caroiyv Heckrmr. Ac+ivi+ies Board FIRST ROW: M. Kocii, G. Abodeely, S. K. Brown, M. fwcliorri, K. Sclwede. M. l-lirirz. SECOND ROW: R. Earl, l., Slone, M. Lublce, P. A. l-leafy, K. Carrierom, M. E. Do-.-.rinx Social Board FIRST ROW: Mary McNeil, Doris Del-lcoqli, Eslelia Coolc, Barbara Bergemam, Rmb Helgevold. SECOND ROW: Kay Brcce, Carol Ives, Frances Davis. 4.3---"M ..,...-f--...W Rav it-. Q.. .45 .., 0 CURRIER HALL EXPERIMENTS The academic year of l956-57 officially was nof- able for Currier Hall as a year of changes, experi- menfafion and successes. Unofficially, for fhe IOOO residenfs, if was a year of acfivifies, sfudies, Rose Bowl and new friends. Currierifes experimenfed wifh a fuforing sysfem for fhe firsf Time. Women who previously had a grade average of 3.0 or more volunfeered fo help less forfunafe sfudenfs. Officers from campus organizafions and faculfy members were welcomed fhrough Currier's newly- decorafed Soufh enfrance af a Chrisfmas recepfion, Ofher Chrisfmas acfivifies were less formal. The all- dorm cozy was designed sfricfly for laughfer and a How fo fend fo your lcniffing? Sif clown and acfually lcnif. Unlilce sfudying, fhe progress of kniffinq can be measured. AND CHANGES IN '56-'57 decorafing parfy included dafes affer fhe alerf social board had decorafed fhe lobbies wifh misfle- foe. Clofhing for Hungarian relief was collecfed by fhe new sfudenf council. Currier sponsored coffee-hours afler foofball games, builf a Homecoming floaf wifh Soufh Quad and presenfed cozies and a Beaux Arfs Ball. The year meanf differenf fhings fo fhe residenfs: To fhe nighf clerk . . . sleepless nighfsp fo fhe sfudy- bug . . . noise: fo fhe bridge player. . .quief warn- ingq fo fhe newly-engaged . . . a fully clofhed show- er: fo fhe senior . . . meefingsq and fo everyone if meanf a long-awaifed sunbafh on fhe roof of Cur- rier Hall. Currier Hall is fhe largesf single women's dormify on ihe SUI campus. More fhan l,OOO women reside wifhin fhe dormifory. ,.a,, ,. .,,, r fr .,:- ,.., ,uname--M 362--i Tlwese lucky Carrier girls were lorfunafe enouqlw lo ind an emply wasninq rnacnine Jflnal would ooerale. General Council FIRST ROW: Barbara Baird, Sally Beisser, Mary Lou Brecluer. SECOND ROW: Claudia Buflinglon, Sara Clirislrensen, Nancy Dickens. THIRD ROW: Linda Gamble, Gloria Haddy, Kallileen Halloran. FOURTH ROW: Marye Harlz, Rosemary Hurnrn, Peggy Kessler. FIFTH ROW: Judilli Korlrnan, Marilyn M. Lyon, Marie Moore. SIXTH ROW: Nancy Moulin, Janice Olsen. Pnyllis Pippilf. SEVENTH ROW: Rlriea Ressler, Mary Rose, Janyce Schneider. EIC-BHTH ROW: Alice Sclwrody, Carol Sclnulle, Barbara Seydel. NINTH ROW: Terry Sliope, Mariorie Sindelar, Ann Smifn. TENTH ROW: Linnea Taylor, Anne Toogood, Mary Truesdale. Tlwe dormifory provides bed spreads and curfains bul' residenls olfen do a lilfle re-decorafing in ilieir rooms. 325 fn., OrienTaTion Board FIRST ROW: RoberTa Sieoker, Sandra HuTchins, Mary Rose. SECOND ROW: Mary Truesdell, Anne Toogood, Terry Shope. The dorrniTory radio sTaTion becomes WVOC when Currier has charge. Musical shows are heard by l'lillcresT and Currier. 'Sw' -A wfgb 326 film ' 49" Public ReIaTions Board FIRST ROW: ArdiTh Johnson, Rosemary I'Iumm, Mary STark. SECOND ROW: Mary I-larpel, Suzanne Malby. ALL-DORM SPRING ELECTIONS FORM BASIS OF CURRIER GOVERNMENT In The spring The halls and lobbies oT Currier suddenly were pIasTered wiTh picTures, slogans and demands To voTe Tor someone. The all-dorm elec- Tions emphasized The worlcings OT The dormiTory governmenT. Currier is a seIT-governing organizaTion, divided inTo uniTs OT abouT 75 women. Each uniT eIecTs a member To The general council and The enTire dorm elecTs The oTTicers and STudenT Council represenTa- Tives, The execuTive oTTicers and The appoinTed board chairmen compose The execuTive council. Through This represenTaTive sysTem, every woman residing in Currier had a voice in The dormls governmenT. PresidenT . . Kay Truesdell VicefpresidenT. . Sally Beisser SecreTary . . Marilyn Lyon Treasurer . . Janice Olsen -if fQr.w I' x : g 'Bu 9 3 . Wag ,Q E.: if ms... , , 'K 51? Ep s -1' 'mf or Tre Iourvoes ar Currier are used for yafous and sprdr cr oses, A Inrie IweI is afwa s a redaied even when If is T. , . I , I p I3 . p . ,Y , . . . . . arrono which IS CO'9CIUCGIICV'GI sruoyrno ans Trcoqff' Cnoge :5a'nes. rnore drsfracrrnq vnan If rs consrrucrrye crfrrcrsrn. Acfivifies Board FIRST ROW: Marjorfe S'ndeIar, GrIorXa Haddy, Arcs M'IIard, Janyce Sdvnelder. SECOND ROW: Caro yn Fors, Norma Doss, Mary Dennis, Terry Snooe. Judiciary Board EIaIne BrIgIvI', Parricia BeaIIy, Barbara Seydef Karen Greenwood. Social Board FIRST ROW: CIaudIa Burnngron, LaVcnPe NoITe, Joyce ScI'rneIder, MarIe Moore, Wy'marfe NEcIwoIson, Joyce Young. SECOND ROW: PaIrIcIa Boss, Jo Anre Moore, SIweryI Quinn, TneIn1a Davies, Lrda Adamnz, Scholarship Board FIRST ROW: Frances Pocnr, Llnda GarnIoIe, Rosemary I-Iansen. SECOND ROW: Nancy Buciciey, CoyIa Fcssera. Dui env a orevdeparrmenfal parfy heh for Curie' s'udQr'+2. Uni+ lnframurals Board FIRST ROW: S. Dud'e-V, G. Merwdenhalk M. Sheiden, C. Vxfieck. K. !AXVWCi'9'll, M. Dermis, L. L. Young. SECOND ROW: C. L. Wilcox, S. Lifsnr' G. L. MYWE-V, R. Sbede J. OWd0f9 M. BUSLWO M. Eafrkiqe. Uni? Scholarship Board FIRST ROW: J. Amer, M. Bishop, F. Fochr K. Smfafsor' M. Fx. Wessei, C. A. Bailey, J. S. Nefsorw. SECOND ROW: J. Moore P. McClain M. Moeik. P. McGraw, A. MOx,d'1fa, Q Kfigbefg P. Lwd. 5 2 2:5 iw -Q 5 1 .f b .A vw ' 4 Q e Q, i N 2. if .. Q I., 5 , . , fr ' r - Q --Ji" 1 IV ia nf f gf rf , J. 5 131-sf Execufive Council New S+uden+ Council IRST ROW: J.O1sen M. M. Lyon, S. Eersser M. T'L.E5' FIRST ROW: D. Crerry, J. Durqcp, fx. Rudy, S. Qelrin cefl G. Heddy. C, Scnrfre. SECOND ROW: M. L, N.Parsons,S.Jonns1on,J.Tnorsan. SECON D ROW: N. Mecre K. Hamcrer, B. Se-yde, L, Gambfe, R. Hurnrn. Buckiey. A. Nerson, M. Cnrrsianeer' C. VanderWea' K. Lumen, L. Knox, M, PxWson. By Tne dining roorns serene appearance one wourd never surmise Jrne onsraugnr fnar ensues wifrr frre do "-J' K3 45, ...N ,.,- A .mf V' A v - mm... ors' opening. 329 Unif Social Board FIRST ROW: M. Trorn, S. Lorenz, A. Ricliards, E. Nowers, J. Park, M. Wolf, J. Mazza. SECOND ROW: N. Elliollr, J. Ervin, B. Joy. J. Howell, P. Carey, A. Walson, B. Wende liauser' L. Goode. Unil' Judiciary Board FIRST ROW: P. A. Wriglnl, D. Olson, D. Pay, R. A. Plnil- lips, S, Clemens, 5. A. Campbell, E. Fiebig, M. L. Car- penler, K. Andersen. SECOND ROW: M. Newell, N, Lyncln, S, Lauger, P. Tlwomas, P. Boss, M. Rufenbeclc, N. Slence. J. Marlin, A. Clirisfiansen, E. Crawford, N. l-lili. The Currier snack bar usually is crowded, especially near closing Time and during dinner liour Sunday niglil. Q'--N .12 5 FIRST ROW: Nancy CodsweII. Virginia TayIor Pafricia NeweII, I-IeIer' Himrod Csrrine Hanson, M h a bm Ih SECO I SI If N 'i Wood iff Lu Shepard, Jane ROW: Donna Piander, Marv J. Meyer, Marion Reind ey Jean oc, ai cy ru, 'cy WESTLAWN ACTIVITIES FOLLOW NURSING THEME The uniqueness oi WesIIawn, a dormiIory for uppenchss women in nurinq, was phyed upon Ihroughoulr The year. The winfer formal, "Caps Capricef was given by Ihe Wesilawn Associahon and 'rhe Siudeni' Nurses Qrganizafion. AI Chrisfmas Ihe Associaiion senI cIoIhing and diffs Io a needy ianMyinIowaC:Hy Reiuvenaiion of Ihe recreaiion room was Ihe aim of aIonq4ange prqecfiorihe numes. Eng-pong equipment games and proper sforaqe pIaces were added Hnsyean Individual uniIs enIerIained aI Ihree maior parlries af I-IaIIoween, Chrisfmas and VaIenIine's Day. Each iIoor is divided info Iwo unifs Io increase Ihe eihiici- ency oIIhe dornigovernmenh Women oi Wesflawn joined Jrhe men of I'IiIICresT donnnoryfo condvucia HoaIiorIheIdoneconnng parade. Residenis con+ribuI'ed ciofhinq 'ro Hungarian Reine W--f-...,..,. 'This 0 O i I sf' ,not cum? afigw Social Board FSRST ROW: Dorofhy Nakano, Nancy Har, pei, Aifhea Ciwrismfferson, Sandra Harris. SECOND ROW: SaHy Siepker, Lucy Shepard. Nancy Kacere. Ac+ivifies Board FIRST ROW: Donrwa Be'veW, Virginla Taykyr Lydia Saggaa Jamlce Hagene. SECOND ROW: Ka+hryr! VawGEPi'e. Sawdfa MU! Hcrefwce Sokdof. Wesffawm Dormifory, simef-ed near The Hcsplfal acccrwwwodafes cwy upper'-dass nursing sfude-mf Tlwis nurse willw lruer lrielpers is preparing for duly on llwe 'Floor al Universily l-lospilal, lraining ground for nurses. Pu blicily Boa rd Presiclenl . . . Shirley Lenz Vice-presiolenl . Palricia Newell Secrelary . . Slwirley Taylor Treasurer . . Mary Meyer Judiciary Boarcl Carolyn Kolker, Margarel Neff, lsabelle Day, Sally Jennings, Jane Weir, Evelyn Dilis, Janice Godbersen, June Mcl.augl1- lin Donna Plfander. Town Men Two groups PresidenT SecreTary Treasurer me-eT ioinTly wiTh Town Women. The uniTy The sTudenTs in OTT-campus housing, , . Roland BesT , . Larry Spillers . . l-lenry Squier TOWN MEN WIN BEST FLOAT A wide varieTy oT TasTes was evidenT in This year's acTiviTies oT The Town Men Associahon. The Assoe ciaTion serves The men sTudenTs who live in OTT- campus housing. Many meeTings were marlced by The rhyThms oT The Mambo and The Samba as The men Toolc danc- ing lessons Trom a proTessional Teacheri Members gol' To exhibiT Their newly-acquired TalenTs aT mixers, exchange dances, a sguare dance and "Spring Sil- houeTTes," wiTh The Town Women AssociaTion. The Town Men and Women Associahons also ioined To consTrucT The sweepsTalces Homecoming Trophy, "No More Sour Grapes Trom Ann Arborf' The I956-57 social year was opened wiTh a buTTeT dinner To welcome new Town Men sTudenTs. A picnic Tor all The members in The spring climaxed The year's acTiviTies. FIRST ROW: Ralph Prusolc, Larry Spillers, John Weaver, I-lenry Squier. SECOND ROW: Richard Voellinger, Mark Rauenbuehler, Thomas Robinson, Willard Morsch, WalTer Olson, Kenne-Th Kaness. THIRD ROW: Roland BesT, John Tradup, RoberT Callahan, Gary BocTh, ArThur Loomis, Daryl CarTer, David ZahrT. FOURTH ROW: Donald Sangl, Merwin STraTTon, Richard J. Robinson, Ronald Parizek, James E. Sinherland, Bruce Novalc, DwighT A. I-lumesTon. TROPHY WITH TOWN WOMEN preside-nr. . . Nyce Venzke Vice-presidenT , JeanneTTe Chadeh SeCreTary . . Caroie MorTon Treasurer ....... Louise WeITei' 'Ri' FIRST ROW: CaioIe MorTon, JeanneTTe Chadek, Nyce Venzke, Louise WeITer, SECOND ROW: Karen Herrick, Saundra SmiTh. Sandra ShaTTer, M. JaneT PaTTerson, DonneTa Frees, MarIene Dorland, Mary J. Davis. THIRD ROW: ShirIey Isaacson. Mary Sheehan, Jean Scheidrup, Donna DubberT, Sheia SmiTh, MariIyn Weeber. FOURTH ROW: Mary Humphreys, BeTTy Krogh, EIeanor I-Iase, Dixie TauberT, Fieanor Mcfhdam, Norma STandard, Miidred DavenporT. WINNING FLOAT DEPICTS MICHIGAN PLAYER DRINKING PAST VICTORIES The IndependenT Town Women's Associahon, composed oT 30 women living in oTTecampus house ing, aIong wiTh The Town Men AssoCiaTion, walked oTT wiTh The sweepsTaI4es Trophy Tor The besT TIoaT in The I956 I-Iomecoming parade. 'iGrapes oT WraTh," The Theme oT The TIoaT, depiQTed a Michif gan pIayer drunk wiTh pasT vicTories. An Iowa TooTf bail champ was Iying behind The Woiyerine player drinking The I956 yicTory wine. The rear oT The TIoaT was decoraTed wiTh a grape arbor TiIIed wiTh ripe grapes made Trom bailoons. The highIighT oT The sociaI year was The annuaI spring Tormai, co-sponsored by Town Men, aT The MayTIower Inn, March I. A bangueT was heId Tor boTh The Town Men's Associahon and The Inde-pendenT Town Women's AssoQiaTion during The TaII semesTer. Ts-4... I ii' ,Q as i f l ,rfwf 'Ms- I Veferans wilh children are given 'rhe Tirsl priorily To The Universily housing Iacililies for married sludenls. Chen Daddy musl double as bclh a s+uclenI and a baby siller. SUI MARRIED STUDENTS MAY The Universily has special housing unils lor married sludenls. The married sludenls of SUI who live in Universily housing are divided inlo len areas. Two of The unils, Parlclawn and Soulh Parlc, elecled Councils Io X JE F W,,r 552 plan social aclivilies and hear complainls. In Parklawn Aparlmenls, The only permanenl housing area, Ihe residenls elecled a presidenl and a represenlahve from each Iloor. Ivleelings were called al The discrelion ol Ihe council. In Soulh Parlf a presidenl and a social Chairman were elecled. Through Ihese ollicers residenls reg! islered Qomlolainls and planned social evenls, The informally-organized governmenl has worlced well in Soulh Parlc. The eighl olher married sludenl housing areas where residenls do nol elecl councils are: Quonsel Parlc, Norlh Parlf, Riverside Parlc, Templin Parlc, Wesllawn Parlc, Finlcbine Parlc, Cenlral Park and Sladium Park. In granling maried housing Iirsl priorily goes Io velerans wilh children and wilhoul, Ihen ro non- velerans wiih children and wilhoul. 336 Because of mulual problems, residenfs in married housing usually become well acquafnled. IVE IN TEN UNIVERSITY AREAS fi 'v-Q--...m-f W , ii Sludylmg lakes a baclc seal To Ilwe obllqalion of Feeding llne Ivlollwers Ivaye llle duIy ol seeing lI'waI"rI1e children don? gel' baby lor SUI Fathers who combine sclwoollmg and fallwerlwood. under fool' wlwlle Daddy ls lryirvq Io gel Hs sludylnq dede. ,P 'SSW J' .5 A A xii iff? 5 bfi?-F . ' HJLQQIM ' fn mana, 511.2211 Wulf 'ROARING TWENTIES' THEME STRESSES CIVIL DEFENSE By KITTY KoRNs NEW TradiTions were added To old as The Greek houses ioineol To make iT an ambiTious year. Jan. II, IEC and Ranhellenic combined eTTorTs To bring Duke EllingTon To The TirsT ioinT lnTerAI:raTerniTy CouncilfPenhellenic dance. Greek Week Tollowed EasTer vacaTion bringing The realism oT civil deTense To The Iowa CiTy area. A Trainee school was held and sTudenTs manned EasT Hall Tor a week To TesT Their newly acguired knowledge as plane spoTTers. A "Roaring '2O's'i characTer was uTilized as The Theme oT The "Bomb ShelTer" dance and The scavenger hunT. A "shimmy" dancing conTesT sappeol sTrengTh Trom The coeds while a 6-hour bicycle maraThori around CiTy Park kepT The Tellows busy. Mr. I., E. Berry, Jr., civilian deTense adminisTraTor, culminaTed Greek Week wiTh a Talk on The midwesT's role in civil deTense. This enTer-aT-your-own-risk egg-Throwing conTesT was parT aT The Olympic games held on SaTurday OT The T956 Greek Week. 2555! Jiri' 'Zip wufww ',. ' wffibeweim FIRST ROW: M. Brubaker, S. Fischrupp, M. Lear, R. Popinger SECOND ROW: M. Galex, B. Junk, A. Douglas, Suzanne Hahn G KroloTI. THIRD ROW: M. Olson, N. Slocum, R, G. PeTerson R BaTeson, B. STienTies, FOURTH ROW: M. PopoTsky, P. La D. DuTTon. These loyal Tans cheer on Their TavoriTes during The comic conTesTs if .if NEW SORORITY HANDBOOK An expanded Penhellenic handbook Tor rushing will appear nexT Tall under The auspices oT Panhel- Ienic Council. The handbook will include compIeTe inTormaTion abouT The rushing sysTem and The I3 SUI sororiTies. Formerly, This inTormaTion was pub- lished separaTely by each house. Panhellenic Council is composed oT The presidenT OT each sororiTy, co-ordinaTing The acTiviTy OT The groups. The Council consTanTIy sTudies campus and Greek problems, recommending and iniTiaTing im- proyernenTs. The incomparable Duke played Tor IFC-Panhell Torrnal. year The Cgungil experimerded wiTl1 gghecl- uled exchanges beTween TraTerniTies and sororiTies. Formerly, The exchanges were arranged by The in- Piesldemin ' H ' Susan Wormlloudl dividual housing uniT. AnoTher TirsT This year was a Vlce-preslclenl ' ' ' We Russell slighTly revised rushing sysTem. The group worked SGCWIGVY - - DOVOIIW Sshweriqel wirh IFC To presenT The TirsT all-Greek dance in Treasurer . , RoberTa Edgecombe January. FIRST ROW: Elinore I-Iuber, Jeanice Raker, RoberTa Edgecombe, RiTa Russell, Susan WormhoudT. SECOND ROW: Nancy Simmons Jane-T' Claypool, Lura Weir, Rochelle Jacobson. THIRD ROW: Marianne Spain, I-Ielen King, Carolyn RuT'edge, Jane RichTer. 'CZ' mama' was r DUBLISHED BY PANHELLENIC PresidenT . . MargareT Ladd SecreTary . . . . Ferron Gil-lara Program Chairman . Beverly l3ogarT ProiecT Chairman . . Carol Skidmore ,'- f - is - ig L5 - I ll i - g f TV' i -I ,H FIRST ROW: WiniTred Files lvla'garoT Ladd Pauline Crone, Carol Skidmore. Myndell FersTenTeld, Carloyn Andrew. SECOND ROW: Mary PlaTT, Ferron O'l-laray Beverly BogarT, Jane Davidson, Sally Page, Geraldine Johnson, Barbara Boehmler. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC COUNCIL MAKES SCRAPBOOKS FOR PATIENTS More Than 50 scrapbooks were compiled as Junior Panhellenicls maior proiecT This year. The books were made wiTh The help oT lnTer-l:raTerniTy Pledge Council and senT To paTienTs in The UniversiTy lTlospiTals. Junior Panhellenic Council, consisTing oT The presi- denT OT each sororiTy pledge class, sponsored monThly rneeTings Tor all pledges wilh a diTTerenT program Tor each monTh, The year was ended wiTh The awarding oT The Junior Panhellenic Trophy To The pledges oT Kappa Alpha IheTa as The class wiTh The besT grade average. A "geT acguainTed dayll Tor pledge classes oT a roriTies was sponsored by Junior Panhellenic Council. ll so, ALPHA CHI OMEGA GIVES STuderiTs and TaculTy members had The oppor- TuniTy To meeT socially aT a ChrisTmas operi-house This year given by The Alpha Chi Qmega sororiTy. More Than IOO SUI proTessors, insTrucTors oT The sororiTy members, aTTerided This parTy sponsored by The pledges. Crgan music was a special TeaTure oT The Alpha Chi Qmega chapTer house This year. Full advanf Tage was Talcen oT The organ which one oT The house members broughT To school wiTh her. The organ was insTalled in The music room where iT pro- vided music Tor Teas, parTies and open-houses. FACULTY OPEN HCJUSE ParenTs oT The sororiTy members were inviTed To a chili supper and an open-house Dads' Dad Weelc- end. Sl4iTs depicTing The yearls acTiviTies provided The enTerTainmenT. The social calendar was highlighTed by The winTer Tormal, "Snow Capers," aT The Ranch wiTh music by Dick KoTTman's band. The chapTer house was The seTTing Tor The annual spring Tormal. For This occa- sion The Maple Room, one oT The TavoriTe lounges Tor bridge players, and The oTher living-rooms oT The house, were laden wiTh a spiriT oT TesTiviTy Tor The lasT social evenT oT The year. Now, girls, don'T you dare lisTen." Women somehow manage To be arourd The premises wlner The Telephone rrgs Mwhyh .T PresidenT . . . JaneT Claypool VicefpresidenT. . Mary Sorensen SecreTary . . Emily Eldred Treasurer . . Terry Cubbison FIRST ROW: Nancy Abramson, Joyce Anderson, Mary Jo Anderson, Donna Belvel, Judy Bergsiron, Beverly Boqarl, Carolyn Card, Judilh Cerilcwiclci. SECOND ROW: Janel Claypool, Terry Culobison, Carolyn Dworzalc, Emily Elclred, Barbara Escher, Mary Fennell, Kalhleen Fox, Janice Fuller. THIRD ROW: Mary Garvy, Sharon Gaslon, Muriel Greene, Harrier Greenleaf, Alyce Harringlon, Mary I-Iarringlon, Joyce Haver, Carol I-Ieeg. FOURTH ROW: Elissa Isaacson, Loreffa Johnson, Maureen Kelly, Mary Koesler, Judirh Korando, Virginia Kreicie, Marsha Landis, Susan Langfilr. FIFTH ROW: Anne Larson, Grelchen Lowry, Elaine McKen- zie, Karhleen Moore, Grerchen Myers, Evelyn Oldsen. Car- olyn Paulson, Carole Pfallzagrafl. SIXTH ROW: Ann Powell, Rulh Rundberq, Lydia Saqgau, Marlha Schimberg, Lucy Shephard, Sally Jo Sieplcer, Carolyn Slager, Caroline Smilh. SEVENTH ROW: Mary Sorensen, Linda Swear, Audrey Thomas, Normandie Walker, Jo Walfers, Carol Wiclchorsl, Corrine Wilcox, Arlene Winn, Palricia Wolfe. FlRST ROW: Ardilli Arndalil, Mary Beclwlellweimer, Barbara Brown, Margarer Cerlca, Marla Clwrislensen, Karen Clwrisfian, Gloria Cleaver, Rullmmary Collins. SECOND ROW: Barbara Crandall, Diane Crawley, Nancy Crowley, Adelle Davis, Ann Fellows, Carolyn Foore, Kallierine Fowler, Joyce Garber. THIRD ROW: Barbara Gales, Rila Gergely, Susan Graeber, Linda l-lallgren, Mary Lou Hanson, Kailneryne Harris, Eliza- belli Henning, Cluarlene l-lirnrod. FOURTH ROW: Julie Horner, Geraldine Jolinson, Joan Jurgensen, Palricia Keeler, Helen King, Marlene Krieger, Slwerilyn l.eMoine, Mary Lilfig. FIFTH ROW: Joanne Maillwess, Joyce Maywald, Lindsay McCorrnac, Elizabefli McDonald, Tonya Miller, Palricia Nell, Connie Palmer, Kallnryn Parlcer. SIXTH ROW: Donna Phil- lips, Marian Poslel, Robin Price, Shirley Pulney, Barbara Ranes, Carolyn Robson, Sandra Sackell, Saralw Snell, SEV- ENTH ROW: Jacqueline Snowgren, Marilee Tiernan, Sara Van Oosierlioul, Marge Wagner, Saundra Walers, Carolyn Wenner, Jean Wlnile, Marilyn Wriglwf, Susann Wyall. PresldenT . . . I-Ielen King Vice presidenT . . Joyce Garber SecreTary . . Joyce lvlaywald Treasurer . . Tonya lvliller 'PIT' IMI ALPHA DELTA PI GETS NEW ANNEX AND ADDITION A new annex and an addiTion To The house pro- vided more expansive living quarTers Tor Alpha DeI+a sororiTy members This year. The purchase oT The annex aT I I I BloomingTon STreeT creaTed a Tew problems abouT who was To live where, buT The added space was appreciaTed. An addiTion was builT on To The baclc oT The chapTer house and The house's inTerior was re-decoraTed. The Alpha DelTa Pi's gave an aTTer ChrisTmas parTy Tor The crippled children Trom The I-landi- capped I-IospiTal. The chapTer realized ThaT many organizaTions would be enTerTaining The children during The ChrisTmas season and wanTed To exTend The spiriT oT ChrisTmas beyond The holiday. The children, iudging Trom The enThusiasrn, agreed iT was a good idea. Members oT The SUI chapTer oT Alpha DelTa Pi had The opporTuniTy To meeT Their sororiTy sisTers Trom oTher chapTers in Iowa aT The Annual STaTe Day in Ames in lvlay. Girls were awarded Tor ouT- sTanding scholarship and parTicipaTion in campus acTiviTies. A jeweled degree was presenTed To each senior girl. Formal dances were held aT ChrisTmas Time and in The spring Tor members oT Alpha DelTa Pi soror- iTy and Their daTes. The ADP: s held an aTTer-ChrisTmas parfy Tor crippled children To help exTend The ChrisTmas spiriT beyond The season. 345 346 xl ,...'wp H ., ,, ,. , . . Q . ' f1. . ?'.,1,."fff: fwv - 1 :fig-,.? :B , "ay '2,'.." i , . ,, X uv! -, ,.1. .-1 - -,,- A s ,ff ya -if gg' s ,Q wg '- T 'W ' as r 70533:-. ' A . i W ff wp' Xxx?" fa' Yi -T Fff iff 5239 ?-avg' 2 ' 5 Y s F J 81 if 3 El' vga? I 2 ' Vcc 'f e iii, 1, HT ii 'i '-Q 'Tiki Q , jf f Y Tig -if '. . -, . I. . ,, Y , L K ,A .- . A . T : T ffm- -s ,M f, ,,,.w,m fi-qv, we - . , , -f ,sa-1 Aa. wif , c, fi ,ra .,:." ' W- "hY ',i.EQ.5 jv ggghwxk u ,1g'm i n P sf, . A is f 145' . T 1 ' Pr'esldenT . . . Lura Weir 'I 5 ' 'T . 'T " s lift' f r L T Z, xt T. JI" . . . . g 'ai' E sg, "W Vice-presidenT . . Marcia Lewis fr ' ' T--jf" . as A N A ' . jx 2 T M q my l SecreTary . Beverly WiTmer ff . ' W ig, ' DQ A ii W ' iff' . 1 Treasurer . . lvlargareT Fowler 1 an . f "Ae r J 4 W 335.4 N 33, gy' " 'fic ' Ly n :! V ,iQ . 6 .x hl:'zgi.1: W fm -,'.... ..,, F L gh it s .W ,fl .E ,. ,.,. .. , A ... ,, ALPHA XI DELTA GETS DOG FOR CIGARETTE BANDS The red band on a paclcage oT cigareTTes became an imporTanT obiecT To members oT Alpha Xi DelTa This year. The sororiTy conducTed a drive Tor The bands To buy a seeing-eye dog Tor a blind person. This was parT oT a naTional proiecT ThaT guaranTeed The purchase oT one seeing-eye dog in exchange Tor each pound oT cigareTTe bands. A German band welcomed The Dads OT Alpha Xi DelTa lasT Tall when The members oT The sororiTy enTerTained Their TaThers during The UniversiTy Dads' Day Weekend. The band consisTed oT a TrombonisT, a bass drummer, a TluTe player and a corneT player. The music may noT have sounded sTraighT Trom The Rhineland buT aT leasT The cosTumes were auThenTic and The spiriT genuine. The German Theme was a carry-over Trom Tall rush acTiviTies when The Ger- man-Type parTy had been a hiT wiTh boTh rushees and acTives. Once a monTh, on Wednesday evenings, members oT The sororiTy inviTed Their TavoriTe proTessors and insTrucTors To The chapTer house Tor dinner. ATTer dinner They had an opporTuniTy To play bridge and visiT, helping To give The house a repuTaTion Tor iTs hospiTaliTy To visiTors. AnoTher dance To be aTTended and anoTher new Tormal To buy. AlmosT any excuse can be Tound To iusTiTy a 3 pu rchase 'NU FIRST ROW: Pal Adamson, Linda Allen, Virginia Alrn, Jayne Aikinson, Virginia Ball, Shirley Barker, Marlene Bohlken, Shir- ley Bowers, Mary Jo Burke. SECOND ROW: Nancy Bulcher, Diane Cherry, Judilh Clark, Pairicia Clarke, Kalhleen Col- berl, Janel' Cooper, Maxine Crone, Jane Davidson, Wanda Dederl. THIRD ROW: Margarel Fowler, Joanne Gilmer, Donna Gullickson, Barbara Ann Hall, Dorolhy Herrmann, Phyllis Hodge, Theresa Hoilman, Alice Hogan, Shirley Horak. FOURTH ROW: Roberia Howard, Jeanne Howe, Joann Howell, Carol Hughes, Janef John, Barbara Johnson, Nancy f wean. 4 Af....G Johnslon, Karma Jollilzle, Phyllis Kinqma. FIFTH ROW: Karen Larsen, Francia Leeper, Mary Lenox, Marcia Lewis, Sharon Marsden, Ann McDonald, Jacqueline McDonald, Niia Melsh, Nina Neel. SIXTH ROW: Pairicia Nixon, Donna Jo Norlon, Barbara Olson, Marlene Olson, Beverly Raddaiz, Donna Rowlands, Elizabeih Rundberg, Verla Schmidl, Kay Schroeder. SEVENTH ROW: Mary Kay Seabury, Darlene Snyder, Carole Slrarre-H, Dorofha Sloughlon, Barbara Thayer, Sara Thurwanger, Lura Weir, Beverly Wilmer, -vt" ha kk ,. ,.:. 2 QW, 'vo- we-f. 'vs- EE-I FIRST ROW: Mrs, Warerrnan, Kay AcCoIa, Mary Jane Adams, Jane Asnfon, Nancy Baker, Suzanne BaII, Sharon Berqquisf, Sandra Bierbaum, Barbara Boenrnler. SECOND ROW: Barbara Boeko, Jean Byrum, Mary Lou Carver, Nancy Dodge Mary EIIer Downs Nancy Dunn, MarIys Enabnn, Sue Gascn, Jean GIoppen. THIRD ROW: Marcla 6obIoIe, Bey- erIy Graef, RoberIa I-Iarkins, Janef I-Iendriclcson, Susan I-Icrberr Doroihy KayoIan, Dawn KoIwIIwase. Dorofny Kroenino, Nadine Lanran, FOURTH ROW: Nancy Lardn, Mary EIIen Lawrence, CaryI Linn, Pafrkra Mayor, Karen McGowan, W, Vw 5 3 1"" Eu Riff:- ErneI McKeIycy, Darla MoeIIer, JeneIe Morgan, Frances NeI- son. FIFTH ROW: Juanifa Newman, Joanne Odem, EIIen Park, CaroIyn Parker, Sandra PeIser, Kafnryn Pepper, Mary Ann Rlcnards. Sandra Rodgers Eiaine Raqgenkarnp, SIXTH ROW: Rrra RusseII, Kay ScI1anIand, Mary EIIen Senrnfaan, CoIIeen SInqIcy, Marda Sloan, Judkh Smirh, Sandra SorreIIs, CaroI Srienrjes. Kay Snenfjes. SEVENTH ROW: Sandra SwenqeI, PIryIIIs Tea, Judy TernpIernan, Terry Ann UrIey, Caroiyn WaIIcef, I5eyerIy WanQIe. MarfIyn War'ren, Nancy Widrqen, Mary Wocdrnan, Sarah Zeucn. 'A PresidenT . RiTa Russell Vice presidenT . . Nancy Baker SecreTary . . . Joanne Odem Treasurer . . Mary Woodman Ev CHI OMEGA ATTENDS NATIONAL CONFERENCES The imporTance oT The SUI chapTer oT Chi Omega in relaTion To The naTional organizaTion was empha- sized This year as several OT The members aTTended naTional Chi Qmega convenTions. The oTTicers who were elecTed Tor The spring Term represenTed The local chapTer aT The Fireside ConvenTion in Chicago in March. This was a meeT- ing Tor chapTers in The Middle WesT sTaTes. Three members represenTed The SUI chapTer aT a naTional convenTion in WhiTe Springs, W. Va. AT This meeTing The Three women were recognized as represenTing one oT The chapTers ThaT placed TirsT in scholarship ThroughouT The naTion. WiTh The spring scholarship bangueT always in mind, The women oT Chi Omega had an incenTive Tor high scholarship. AT The bangueT all members were seaTed according To Their grade poinTs so ThaT There was no opporTuniTy To hide a low scholarship ranking. AclcnowIedgemenT was given aT The ban- gueT To The Top ranlcing acTive and pledge and also To The acTive and pledge who had improved Their grades The mosT during The year. "Top I'laTs and Tailsl' Tormal, a TaculTy Tea, and a senior dinner highlighTed The social year. The Chi Omega's enioy a song TesT around The I-Iammond. lT's one way To avoid The ever-presenT burden oT sTudying. 350 DELTA DELTA DELTA BEGIN An addilion lo lhe local chapler house ol Della Della Della was planned and begun lhis year lo ex- pand lhe living lacililies lor lhe sororily's members. The addilion is expecled lo be compleled by Sepl. I, l957. Included in lhe addilion will be a recrea- lional room, a lounge, living guarlers lor lhe house- molher, a Icilchen, dining room and dormilories. A ceremony commemoraling lhe laying ol lhe cornerslone lor lhe addilion was held March I7. Placed in lhe cornerslone were: lhe March I6 issue ol lhe Daily Iowan, an alumnae program, a piclure ol lhe chapler house, an ollicial role ol members S ADDITION TO HOUSE and pledges and an issue ol lhe nalional sororily's magazine. A scholarship lor second semesler luilion, spon- sored by lhe chapler, again was presenled lo a woman oulslanding in campus aclivilies, In lhe spring lhe members gave a parly wilh relreshnnenls lor I-landicapped Childrens I-lospilal palienls. Members ol lhe Della Della Della alumnae or- ganizalion pre-senled lhe program lor lhe annual Founders' Day in lhe spring. Formal parlies were held lor members and lheir dales al Chrislmas lime and in lhe spring. Il is nice lo have a car, bul winler sels oul lo prove lhal il is somelimes besl lo walk il you are lo arr e ? Presidenl . . Nancy Simmons Vice-presidenl . . Carol Crawlord Secrelary . . Virginia Clinlfer Treasurer . Dixie Slrocic FIRST ROW: Carolyn Andrew, Barbara Bauer, Virginia Boclc, Donna Brown, Suzanne Campbell, Virginia Clinker, Carol Crawford, Sara Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Mary Bern Doden, Elizabellw Field, Judilh Fullon, Sally Gibson, Janis Grolelusclwen, Page Harnor, Geraldine Hanson, Nancy Hen- derson. THIRD ROW: Sue I-licks, Karen Higgins, Palricia I-Iorslrnan, Judy Howe, Suzanne I-lunn, Mary Klein, Janice Kupfer, Marina Law. FOURTH ROW: Sara'n Malwan, Mari- lyn Marsau, Kallwryn McMillan, Marcia Myers, Carolyn Nay. Eloise Neuman, Judilln Newsome, Sandra Norlon. FIFTH ROW: Sybil Norfon, Sharon Oyerlnolser, Dianne Pelerson, Joann Rasmussen, Karen Reedquisl, Annefle Robinson, Pairi- cia Rohde, Lynn Rolli. SIXTH ROW: Jeanefle Sclwmidl, Paula Sclwuberl, Loris Slwadle, Nancy Sirnrnons, Dixie Slroclc, Janice Vanl-Ioeyer, Margaref Wiclcard. FIRST ROW: Mary Asher, Alice Baker, Donna Blaulfuss, Eliza- belh Boehner, Nan Borreson, Sharon Brady, Lois Ann Carnp- bell, Dawn Carlson, Colleen Casey. SECOND ROW: Belly Clark, Mary Ann Clark, Ann Dunkerlon, Jane Dunlop, Mary Ann Edmund, Kalhryn Falb. Terry Finley, Karleen Flscher, Mary Goen, Dorls Gullenlelcler, Suzanne Hahn, Judllh Harn- illon, Jean Harker, Jill Horner, Joan Horner, Carolyn Jep- son, Nancy Jepson, Llnda Jobe. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Kellh, Kalharlne Korns, Grela Lelnbach, Sheryl Llndqulsl, Mary Lee Lyle, Ann McCabe, Jeanne Mcffardell, Juclllh McLaren, Kaye McLarnan. FIFTH ROW: Frances Mclvlalns, Sandra Mlller, Juclllh Murlaqh, Reglna Musrnaker, Nan Nor- Ton, Farron Oll-lara, Joan O'Hara, Palricla Parker, Susan Pfohl. SIXTH ROW: Mary Jo Pulney, Marion Relndley, Nancy Roberson, Nancy Roberls, Sue Rulleclge, Sandra Shellon, Barbara Slemrnons, Nikki Smllh, Vlrglnla Slallman, Marilyn Thlele. SEVENTH ROW: Dorolhy Thompson, Sally Thompson, Judllh Van Carnp, Vlrginla Van Orsdel, Julle Vogel, Ann Wallbridqe, Judilh Washer, Kalhryn Whllaker, Rae Ann Wleqerl, Sandra Willlarns. PresidenT . . . Sue RuTledge Vice presidenT . . Nan Borreson SecreTary . . lvlary Ann Clark Treasurer . KaTharine Korns DELTA GAMMA GIVES ORTHOPTICS SCHOLARSHIP A penny per pound was The Tax levied on all DeITa Gamma members This year To help raise money Tor The orThopTics scholarship. This award is made by The chapTer To a deserving sTudenT in The SUI or- ThopTics program. The proiecT was sTaged during UniversiTy Dads' Day Weelcend so ThaT TaThers could be included Too. The immediaTe reacTion To The penny-a-pound drive was The esTabIishing OT a special dieT Table. Members who were slow in pay' ing Tor Their poundage Tound Their names and weighTs posTed by The house buzzers where all The guesTs and daTes would be sure To noTice. The annual Founders' Day luncheon was held in Cedar Rapids in Ivlarch, presenTed by The local and Cedar Rapids alumnae organizaTions. April I2 and I3, members OT The sororiTy were hosTs Tor STaTe Day. DeITa Gamma members Trom oTher chapTers in The sTaTe came To Iowa CiTy To parTicipaTe in The discussions and workshops. The pledge class sponsored a winTer Tormal aT The Big Ranch while The spring dance was aT The lvlayiflower, lvloThers' Day Weelcend. During The summer The dining room was re- decoraTed and refTurnished. A girl can'T geT ready alone. She is aT a loss To make decisions wiThouT The assisTance oT roommaTes, eT. al. :M 2 f 353 354 ,fi fi n..rLe3'fi2ZSR'-5'-fEld'5"f'fA'z W ' A 1- i, V Nw 4-we . Presidenl . . Jeanice Ralcer Vice-presioenl . . Rocllelle Loerls Secrelary . . . Jacqueline Norgaard Corresponding secrelary . Ann Jocliumsen s-..,b,,,- -fff,,:Hrfw'. is . V ' f . . A A , 7 g a- H ,, f Mis-if Um a-, 1 . DELTA ZETA PRESENTS FIRST ANNUAL 'MELCN MESS' Une lwundred and lwenly-live walermelons disap- peared as lliouqll by liglwlning wnen members ol Della Zela sororily inviled everyone on campus wno liked melons lo llieir 'llvlelon Messfl Tlle evenl was slaqed in llie Cily Parlc in llwe early lall and lurned inlo a real casual allair. Qld clollles were llle only sale slyle-sellers as llxe lormalily ol ealinq willw ulensils was dismissed. Everyone nol only gol llweir fill ol melon bul liad suclw a qay lime llwal llwe clwapler members voled lo malce llleir illvlelon Messl' an annual allair al SUl, Ealliers were inviled lo spend llle niqlll in llie clwapler lmouse Dads' Day weelcend. Aller everyone was in lor llne niqlwl, lllere was a cozy al wliiclw llie lalllers were enlerlained. The nexl morning llwe Dads were served breallasl by llweir dauglilers. Tlwe pledge class cbose lo malce lneir lradilional barly lor llwe aclives and llveir dales a coslume al- lair. "l:ulurama" was llie lille and llwe decoralions were ol lulure men ol space. Qn Founders' Day llwe members presenled a lea. Wfomen in llie cllapler wno were oulslandinq in scliolarsliip and campus aclivilies were recognized and awarded al llie lea. A wa'er'nelcin leed always is qood, Bul did 'ney purcnase llvese melons lrom a grocery or del lnem llwe usual way? . , 1,.:.e::?i: 1- , ' f 1 - . - rv- fr . -'H - . . 4 ' 4 - x K H. ' - ' azffefsi , A 'w g rriifegi ,, .rr H ,,- .. -. -. Iii? rf . r Vflw K' V , Q ' " r l ' .. " A' A fa, am 1 fr f fl . ll N 4,5 is 5 T l' F., T iv F a he - , H ' z , ' . V H M V, , ' . .. V . ww, gs. , - hx ,L V5 2 I sfrggy. sz. . 4 V , ,. , .. . ,L,. . AW. .1 ,,..,, . , T " is s fi . f :Q il . .T Wx if 'i' i 5" ' ii f- X' . Y " :fa W . Q ' i 'i i f 3 X . ,S 6 "Q" 1 if" T 'i pa - . , 'h L . fix, rr r iwflil' . Ls, - ,- f- , ' ' ' ' - -1. - ' 5 5' ' "' F- + A' as gl . F' r ' ' Q, . V . gi? . r . fb L , x ,ni r H42 r- '.f1.,Q:1.y +g . K f - Q- gs fremfi 1: -1 2 -. 1-'.-as ,wil . gf' . . ,H rl fa ,Sv 1 fm My-' sian- .. IW "1 , .. , rf ' "K r 3 . 4' .. L F ' ' - 1- .. riff' ..2.Zfj,,:?,:, , . . . f rm 'f ' " 'egg .. AJ , 1 r ' . . . sz, I- H ,f I ' 4? ., -New r ,- . - Ur--,.T ww - fr . YSL ' ' f ' LLM'-'ji ' ' z' , r -iff: 7 535352 . 71211 az. . ...f L, 2 - , was v lm- ... V .. -- .Q M was -. :sill-f . Q ' Q.. r 11 N -"" -- K l i, 7 . ' ' - ,QsQ,g,.., r ri 'EQ' r ,fr ' . . 111, f as T T - . .f , ' . ' K , W sy. . .V l . eva 2f..f,.,,.ra. .- 1 W f f - -.1. . 1' , , V Qin: 1 'F ' we' l' Wx? ' g li . . . . f ,.. if - -:sq X ffm, ' ' - L .. . . A 'i i . l - 'l Kiwi s? ,. f uf ' .. f ll . 5. .L .3412 .. sp, -11:3 , -5 ,y ,f of . . W , A , i ' ' Killa? ,V . 'fa' , -' " lfla i f , is .. l ' . r. ,fi-J. 4 ' . ,N ,for - . . . V V - 1 ' " 9, . -, 1 . M V -5 ' "' f - F . " . ' f' - " , ' -F F if ,, , .. V- -- I I. .- . , ,.. .5 ., 655555 ,? . .. V- ,H -3 .wg f ., , 1 . 2 '1 'G , , ' 3 1 iq, gin, fs.-W. . 1 'ig P, , V, Q ' 22 - I A. f l3i1E5f2Ijl'. ' A" 2 ,r ' "" ' ' - ,, . . I ' ' is 1 sf s . . - . . , , - M . a s lf ' f 'l ' -1' ' " 'f rl. WW' W sz' - '27 2. , Q Y lf. '. ,. ' lzwagsgzs . . sf Cir- all ff ws' '- I V. ik - . suv, . - -W -ii r . .. liiili 5 41 ff-H If 'H ' Q f V ' " 4 ' ' .. ,. .. r '- " A r " ' 1 ., . .- -' l ' ' W 5 W' . 5 " - r- " aa, 'gf-,I 1 . A, 3, -, J ' "" ' r . ' ' . ., Swish . " ' . . ,, A 1 " " . 'l - 3 rl' . 5' , i T - WW an Y 'R f yr. .55 . -- K 'wr ' " , ' l " 1- . K ala, . .' 2 I 2,4595 L3 ,. 'Q L' 'f ' " l ':ff'f'ikE'll : Bi l ly Sirzififi glib ' ri 552 ,, 1' ' El.. 1 in FIRST ROW: Jean Asher, Bonnie Baker, Janel Bauman, Suzanne Beally, Judilh Bishop, Palricia Buhn, Sheila Chase, Kalherine Coe, Jacquelyn Delhmers. SECOND ROW: Col- leen Dolezal, Ellen Fernandez, Fslher Forbes, Virginia Foss, Joan Frosl, Elaine Guslalson, Gail Hansen, Sandra Harris, Suzanne Hill. THIRD ROW: Mary l-lrulaelz, Gail Jochimsen, Ann Jochurnsen, Belly Kay Johnson, Rosemary Johnson, Mary Kalhryn Kellarn, Judilh Klingberg, Maureen Kralzke, Donna Lillle. FOURTH ROW: Rochelle Loerls, Karen Man- ley, Gloria Marlens, Carolyn McKee, Shirley Meier, Lois Miller, Mary Miller, Julia Moore, Diane Morlensen, FIFTH ROW: Palricia Nelson, Jacqueline Norgaard, Sandra Now- iclci, Margarel Osborn, Alhena Papadalces, Mary Jane Pieler- son, Mary Plall, Roberla Poppinger. SIXTH ROW: Jeanice Raker, Ann Risk, Shirley Rollene, Sara Schindler, Sandra Sprague, Margarel Sleinmann, Carol Slieqele, Eldine Taylor. SEVENTH ROW: Nancy Torrance, Anne Turner, Melyene VVeldl, Carol Welzell, Sue Wheelock, Grelchen Wiegman, clean Williams, Robin Winler. 355 l Linh.. FIRST ROW: Kay Arnick, Fran Bailey, Ann Berner, Sally Boarclrnan. Mary Ann Bowne, Belly Boyer, Belly Broyles, Marslwa Brubaker, Karlwleen Buren, Mary Clnrisriansen. SEC- OND ROW: Marslra Coars, Marilyn Cralr, Diane Daine, Nancy DeSarI, Miriam Disrellrorsl, Nancy Erickson, Mary Evans, Carilann Farclrrnin, Alice Fickel, Virginia Frisledl. THIRD ROW: Josephine Fruslw, Virginia Glass, Terry I-lack, Parricia Hafner, Janice Hagens, Virginia I-Iaqens, Consfance I-lalbacla, Clwarlorle I-Iarclwerre, Karen I-lorn, Rurlwann Jensen. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Jolwannson, Slwirley Jones, Bonnie Kuirer, Bonnie Lane, Slnirley Larsen, Shirley Laue, Maureen Leyes, Sandra Lolnner, Marge Long, Nancy Lullwans. FIFTH ROW: Judy Maclzayden, Mary McCall, Carolyn McNarnara, Greiclien Meier, JoNelr Melclnerl, Kay Murray, Janei New- comer, Kerin O'Kerlin, Davie Sue Olson. SIXTH ROW: Jane? Olson, Sally Page, Donna Plander, Pamela Powrie, Beulaln Reclier, Slnerry Reernrsnrra, Dawn Ruberls, Mary Jo Scnell, Carol Sharer, SEVENTH ROW: Sonia Se-derslrorn, Carolyn Sraurler, Karen Sreoanek, Mary L. Taylor, Joyce Turner, Carol Valy, Marion Willard Jean Williarns, Sue Wormrioudl. Ji. PresidenT . . Susan WormhoudT Viceepresidenlr . . Kerin 0kerIin SecreTary . . JoneTT MeIcherT Treasurer . . CaroI VaIy GAMMA PHI BETA CANDIDATE ELECTED MISS SUI WheTher wi+h headwork or Iegwork, each woman OT Gamma Phi I3eTa sororiTy aided in The campaign and eIecTion oT Their candidaTe, Sandy Lohner, as Miss SUI. The work Tor The campaign began in The house wiTh commiTTees To chose a Theme, organize a skiT and decide on campaign pubIiciTy. The members seIecTed "Sandys Side OT The STreeT" Tor The Theme and creaTed a song and dance rouTine To presenT Their candidaTe. Everyone in The house was draTTed To cuT ouT The Tiny Iamp posTs oT consTrucTion paper which bore Sandys name and were given To SUI men To wear on Their IapeIs. During The week oT campaigning, beTore The eIecTion, They even had a band which rode around Iowa CiTy on The back oT a pick-up Truck adverTising Sandys charms. In preparaTion Tor The presenTaTion OT The candi- daTes aT The Union, which was The kickoTT Tor The campaigning, The members OT The chapTer spenT Two evenings seIecTing The dress Sandy was To wear. They also spenT Two nighTs consTrucTing a backdrop Tor Their skiT, only To Tind ThaT iT had To be re-buiIT. The Trame had been made Too Iarge To go Through The enTrance To The sTage in The Union. Members oT Gamma Phi BeTa wenT aII ouT To geT Their candidaTe, Sandy Lohner, eIecTed Miss SUI. And They did. QB' PresidenT . . . Noya Huber Vice-presidenT . . JudiTh WalTers SecreTary . . JudiTh WalTers Treasurer . Marilynn BaxTer KAPPA ALPHA THETA GIVES BRIDAL STYLE SHGW A sTyle show Tor brides was presenTed by mem- bers oT Kappa Alpha TheTa sororiTy This spring aT The Pansy Tea. SororiTy housemoThers and engaged, aTTiliaTed women Trom all over The campus were guesTs. The show TeaTured Trousseau apparel Tor all occasions. CloThes Tor The sTyle show were loaned by shops in lowa CiTy and Cedar Rapids. The Pansy Tea, which is held aT The Kappa Alpha TheTa chapTer house each May, Talces iTs name Trom The house Tlower. IT was aT The T956 Tea ThaT The brides' sTyle show was TirsT presenTed. IT was such a success Then ThaT The women voTed To presenT a show again This year reTlecTing The Tashion changes Tor The UniversiTy brides-To-be. Kappa Alpha TheTa pledges were awarded The Junior Panhellenic Trophy Tor The pledge class wiTh The highesT grade average, having aTTained a 2.7 average among iTs members. "l-leads Up l-lawlcsll was The winning slogan Tor l-lomecoming TloaTs in The originaliTy division. The TloaT, consTrucTed ioinTly by members OT Kappa Alpha TheTa and Phi DelTa TheTa, depicTed a huge. revolving penny wiTh The words, "ln Evy We TrusT," and "E Pluribus Losemf' T WheTher iT be a brealc Trom mid-Terms or Tinals sTudy or iusT an urge To eaT, a midnighT snaclc hiTs Th s o FIRST ROW: Jane Aclweson, Carole Alexander, Elizabellw Bales, Virginia Ealesole, Marilyn Baxler, Jane Bender, Kay Boolier, Susan Brown. SECOND ROW: Anne Buringlon, Virginia Caldwell, Karen Camp, Linda Carlson, Barbara Cole, Caren Cole, Julia Ccle, Mary Jo Felles. THIRD ROW: Janice Fenlon, Suzanne Fisclnrupp, Susan Fifzqerald, Kaflwleen Gray, Marcia I'-lalwne, Corley Hamill, Judilli I-lenderslnol, Paula Henry, FOURTH ROW: Mary Jo I-lobarl, Marllwa Holler, Elizabelln I-loug, Noya Huber, Ann Johnson, Mariorie B, Johnson, Sara Ann Jolnnson, Conslance Kinl. FIFTH ROW: Janel Kohl, Ann Lewis, Jane Maclcey, Kallwerine Mas- sier, Virginia McWilliams, Marjorie Michael, Miriam Mogle, Jean Monigornery. SIXTH ROW: Nancy L. Nelson, Marilyn Pelerson, Judy Reagan, Nancy Rodgers, Mary Ann Seberq, Carol Skidmore, Sandra Swanson. SEVENTH ROW: Nancy Telford, Mary Ann Tornaka, Judilli Wallers, Karen Warness, Nancy Wein, Sandra Wlwannel, Susan Wissler. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Craig, Janice Barnes, Barbara Be-iseI, Ida BeII, Karhrine Berg, Barbara Brauer, JeraIdine Briqhr, Con- srance BriIIon, Sydney BrooIcn'1an. SECOND ROW: Beffy Busby, Nancy Chesferrnan, Pa+ricia Conn, Barbara Fair, JuIie Fosrer, Susanna Gibson, Marcia Graham, Sarah Graham, Grefchen Green, THIRD ROW: SaIIy Hahn, Ann Heberhng, Caroiyn Herrnan, Linda HiII, Marianna HiII, Barbara HoImes, Karherine Holrnes, ArIene Hunr, Sandra Johnson. FOURTH ROVv': Donnis Kempenaar, Karherine Ke+eIsen, Susan Knorf, Margarer Ladd, Jane Maher, Mary Malloy, Sara Mavis, Jeannefre Mayne, Ann McLaughlin. FIFTH ROW: Caroiee Moen, HeIene Peck, BeyerIy Pererson, Jane Richfer, Karen Roberton, Sandra Roclawig, Rhea Rukgaber, Mary Sahnon Donna Schumann. SIXTH ROW: Dororhy SchwengeI, Joyce Scorr, Sandra Seiberr, Suzanne SIaymaIcer, Marcia Srarny, Parneia Srernberq, Marian SIephenson Wendy Sirief. SEV- ENTH ROW: Jane Sun1rnerviIIe, Sara Swanoy, Margarer Tanqney, Be-Hy Jean Tucker, Hoise Weir, AiIeen Weiss, Karhryn Werner Joan WiIson. PreSidenT . . . DoroThy Schwengel Vice-presidenT . . Jane RichTer SecreTary . . Anna Berg Treasurer . . Aileen Weiss KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA WINS PANHELLENIC AWARD Kappa Kappa Gamma sororiTy was awarded The Panhellenic Trophy in l956 Tor Their scholasTic achievemenT. ChapTer members had a grade poinT average oT 2.6. The award is a Traveling Trophy presenTed by Panhellenic each year To The social sororiTy aT SUI wiTh The highesT grade poinT aver- age. Any sororiTy winning The cup Tor Three con- secuTive years may keep iT permanenTly. The commendable scholasTic record oT Kappa Kappa Gamma is aT leasT parTly due To The pro- grams encouraging high scholarship in The house. 0uTsTanding sTudenTs were recognized aT a scholar- ship bangueT. The senior who had obTained The highesT grade poinT in her senior year and The meme ber who had shown The greaTesT improvemenT in her grade poinT during The I'-756-57 year were honored. Dads' Day Weekend members oT The sororiTy proved Their TalenTs in anoTher Tield-TooTball. Tra- cliTionally, The "ToileT Bowl" piTs The Kappa Kappa Gammas againsT The DelTa Gammas in a game OT hard-ToughT, 8-man TooTball. The Teams meT in CiTy Park wiTh a cheering secTion Tull oT enThusiasTic par- enTs and sTudenTs. In spiTe oT all The side-line ca- pers, The players Took The game seriously and The Kappas' Team emerged vicTorious. A real Tire in a real Tireplace. Popcorn always TasTes beTTer when IT is accompanied by auThenTic aTmosphere. """"F'l ' PI BETA PHI MARKS 75+h ANNIVERSARY AT S. U. I. February I2 marked The end oT 75 successTul years on This campus Tor The SUI chapTer OT Pi BeTa Phi. Members OT The sororiTy inviTed people Trom all Tields in The UniversiTy To help Them celebraTe Their anniversary aT an ouTdoor parTy in The spring. The 75Th year was an acTive one Tor The local chapTer. One oT Their proiecTs was The supporT OT The SeTTlemenT School aT GaTlinburg, Tenn. AT This school, people Trom an undeveloped secTion oT The counTry are TaughT arTs, craTTs and slcills To enable Them To earn an income. ConTribuTions To help supporT This school are made annually by The na- Tional sororiTy. Each year Pi BeTa Phi alumnae aT SUI sponsor a Tea To exhibiT and sell arTicles which have been manuTacTured in The school. ProTiTs Trom These sales are Turned baclc To The school. Socially, Too, This anniversary year was an acTive one. One unusual parTy was a buTTeT supper given on a Sunday evening during The ChrisTmas season. The meal was eaTen by The sororiTy members and Their daTes in The respecTive women's rooms. lee- hee giTTs accompanied by appropriaTe poems were presenTed To each daTe by SanTa Claus, played by a house-boy. There is noThing like ThaT inTellecTual liTeraTure To Train one's mind To appreciaTe The beTTer Things o ,W-W bww 160 060 if vygi yw 4:33 I PresidenT . . . RoberTa Edgecombe Vice-presidenT . . . Carol I-Iansen N SecreTary . . . Virginia I-lunT Treasurer . . Sa Piles of iw FIRST ROW: Mrs. Evans, Jean Anderson, Janef Archer, Doris ArnIaI, Jean Barreii, BeIfe Baieson, Mary Bergsirom, Janer Bryan, Barbara Buckroyd. SECOND ROW: Jean BUI- Iock, Carol Burgess, Nancy CIarIc, Karen CIause, Ann Cooper, Consrance De Haan, Deanne Doerr, Mary Donahue, Nancy DunIop. THIRD ROW: Roberra Edgecornbe, SaIIy FiIes, Winiired FiIes, Diane Fosrer Jane Gabe, Mary Jo GiIcheII, Caroi Hansen, Jean Hansen, Linda Hansen. FOURTH ROW: Jane Have-nhiII, CaroIyn Henderson, Ann Hickerson, Marfha Hickerson, Jerene Hopkins, Jane Hubly, Virginia Hunr, Mary Janss, Sarah Jones. FIFTH ROW: Mary I-Ielen Kennedy, Sandra Knighr, Margaref KoIIfer, Marrha Lear, Karhryn McCormick, Marcia McGovern, MariIyn Miner, Fiizabefh Moore, Elizabeih Nagle. SIXTH ROW: Jean Niemeier, Judiih O'DonneII, Linda Pederson, CaroIyn PiIImoi'e, PaIricia PoIIocIc, Bonnie Rasmussen, Mary Rafe Jean Redman Jane' Rose, Lennadore SchiIIeHer. SEVENTH ROW: Sandra Schneider, ShirIey Scofi, Sara Shinn, Mary Showers, Caroyn Spahn, Maryanna Spies Karen Swenson Joan Tepaske Ann Warkins, Marsha Younr. -New Y ff " :ear 'f K ,abegr 1. .K "-'- , Iesazfae , -1-A Y I - --'X' " - I f ,Q R fe , y I y gm ., 42 If -+ mr :ar I, I, .-an Q, I 5 ' , , n , LN:-si, w I f -ww I IV: r'-"". r ,- vu M I QV , ,-121.1-f:,I. 1M M f 2-iw k EJ 3. W My I ., ,Wye R Q - I - , e Q , , f ,g my-I 5 -LL I , - j , Y f A . .f-f f, L7 . K , - 1 W- J . -1 'f if -r A , , In . ,....: , M . - . f - If-f J Ir.33'e+szr21 2, ' , 195' - . . . iwsfzief .win-f Q Q , i me I ,. , A, - - W 4 A V . , - I 5527 " ,. ,W 1. ff-J-x g' I-1 an W a , gr' an ,, wr , N. . 1 i I I - I I I ,, . Fr ' Q I , r i I sv W. 9' , I , W . H 7 R I R I,,I he , V I . , ,xx -Q. Kew 3 ,U '37 , - if FIRST ROW: Mrs, Nefzorg, MarIene Abrams, Anna Barrnasn, JucIIe Bass Frona Bezrnan. Snerry Bobroff, Diane Bookln, Joyce Canar, EIaIne Cone-n. SECOND ROW: RocI'1eIIe Conn, EIIeen Druker, JuCIITI'w Ferdinand, IVIydeII Fersienfeid, Barbara I:oIberQ, Kay GInsberg, Snaron Gddberg, PI'vyIIIs GoIds+eIn, Rocne-?Ie Greenberg. THIRD ROW: SIIyIa Greene, PInyIIIs I-Iafr Rlra Hall, Dorcfny I-IoIIancI CnafIc're Jaccbsor, RocneIIe Jacobson Joann Jose-bn, Ma+Iee Kane- nnar. FOURTH ROW: I-Iarrielr Kenik, Roberlra I.ey7nscn, SyIyIs: Uebnnan, Izayna Manvirz, I-IeIen Manyirz, Joar Moskce Miz, Berry Rosenberg, Edifn Roynor. FIFTH ROW: RcsaIEe Sarnberg, IVIarIIyn Snor, GIorIa SIIyer, EyeIyn SIro'ra, Fforence Sakalaf, Nancy Sussman, Sara InaIberq. Galda WaIdInqer. s 'Y' I K we-1 , 3 ,, X v m K ,r I I A Sigma DeIIa Tau pIe-dge seems Io be enIoyFng being d napoed by Ihe acnyes when Iney Ieave Ior Hveir dass s i 7. Pr sidenT . . . Rochelle Jacobson Vice presidenT . . Sharon Goldberg SecreTary . . Treasurer . . Kay Ginsberg Evelyn SiroTo SIGMA Members OT Sigma DelTa Tau sororiTy TreaTed Their daTes and guesTs To an old-Tasliioned Ice Cream Social wiTh some sTrange new TwisTs aT Their original "SaTurday INlighT Sundaem parTy. As guesTs sTepped on The maT aT The TronT door OT The chapTer house They were welcomed by The voice OT Elsie, The Cow. The rooms OT The house were decoraTed appropriaTely To depicT The pro- cedure Tolowed in developing an ice cream sundae. The TirsT room pOrTrayed a scene baclc on The Tarm. AnOTher room showed The processing OT ice cream and a Third was decoraTeoI wiTh signs adverTising dozens OT Tlavors OT ice cream. DELTA TAU REVISES ICE CREAM SOCIAL In The basemenT was The mosT popular room in The enTire house, a soda TounTain cOrnpleTe wiTh soda ierlcs. I-Iere, all guesTs were TreaTed TO ice cream sundaes oT Their choice. Among The TirsT TO smell roses IasT Tall, members oT Sigma DeITa Tau and Phi Epsilon Pi enTered The TIoa+, "Go WesT Young Man . . . The Rose Bowl Express," in The I-lomecoming parade. This TloaT was The only one in The parade ThaT suggesTed ThaT The I-Iawlcs mighT go wesT. During The UniversiTy Dads' Day Weelqend The chapTer house opened iTs doors To all alumnae OT SUI. AnoTher group can'T resisT gaThering around The Trophy-laden baby grand To blend voices in a biT OT singing. -Vx . 366 ZETA TAU ALPHA STARTS Cinderella, Jaclc and The Bean STall4 and The Three Bears came To liTe Tor The children our The Handicapped Childrens HospiTal when Hue meme bers oT ZeTa Tau Alpha sororiTy enTerTained Them aT a parTy in The chapTer house. The sororiTv women peruformed in a series oT narraTed slciTs which were Talce-oTTs on sTory boolf characTers. The chil- dren were all Tamiliar enough wiTh The sTories To enioy The humor compleTely, as did The casT. ApproximaTely 25 children enioyed The hospiTalf iTy, reTreshmenTs and enTerTainmenT aT This parTy. l.aTer, members senT giTTs To The T-TospiTal. IT always is an exciTing momenT T e SCHOLARSHIP PRGJECT A scholarship improvemenT program was anoTher proiecT sponsored by The house This year. To en- courage higher grade poinT achievemenT, The women planned a sTealc and bean supper which was held aTTer TirsT semesTer grades were ana nounced. Women who had improved Their grade poinT averages aTe sTealc, while Those who had re- mained The same or whose grade poinT had gone down TeasTed on beans. The Tall pledge who had received The highesT grade poinT in her pledge class was awarded a diamond Tor her pin by The naTional sororiTy. i ,1f. PresidenT . . Marianne Spair Vice-presidenT . Sonia Swansor Se-creTary . . NeTa Bowman Treasurer . Kay Fishe vervone when a sororiTv sisTer is serenaded bv a TaTern A liqhled emblem looks lovely from lhe dislance bul' ils upkeep ofien presenls some perplexilies 9 .,.., K .'v- .V-v'- " if P' ..-..... ,.-' 5 - :-2 - gm ,.,. . . , ',,, If. Q, QQ, 4::- 5 il Q A , 'f'- . H mmm M .':, I 0 lkh ., 5 Wal FIRST ROW: Nefa Bowman, Cynlhia Cone, Pauline Crone, Judilh Ellenberger, Kay Fisher, Sanclra l-larfman, Rosalee l-larfwig. SECOND ROW: Je Jennisch, Belly Junk, Jacqueline Kessler, Bonnie Knock, Nancy Mueller, Diane Nell. THIRD ROW: Margarel Nuck- ols, Sally Plaulz, Shirley Roberls, Marilyn Rogqenlien, Mar- lene Rubollorn, Barbara Russell, Palricia Scherrer. FOURTH ROW: Phyllis Scherrer, Marianne Spain, Sonia Swanson, Delores Taves, Mary Belh Taylor, Carol Zelinsky. an Ann Jacobson, Cheryl IFC GIVES FIRST ALL-GREEK Blessed wilh progressive leadership, The Inler- - Fralernily Council look long slrides This year Toward making The SUI Tralernily syslem one oT The linesl in The nalion. This progressiveness was reiflecled in proiecls Ihroughoul The year. Ulilizing iournalislic Ialenls, The "I:raIerniIies OT Iowa" handbook and The "I-Iawkeye Greekl' news- paper were revised. Sell-improvemenl was made by a new rushing policy, a leadership school and an IFC relreal. Socially, Greek Week and a Greek Diane Foyer was chown queen +0 rekjn if Greek ,fmmayv lormal were coesponsored wilh Panhellenic Council. As service proiecls Iwo foreign sludenls were spon- sored al SUI and books were recorded Tor use by The blind palienls in The Universily I-lospilals. The Presldem' ' ' ' Lloyd Counter Nalional lnler-Izralernily Council awarded The SUI SeCV9Tf3"Y'TVe53UVeV - - - -IGVYISS Sheely Council Tor The brochure which Jrhey published exe Execulive Council . James Grier, Alan Pearlman plaining The lralernily syslem al SUI. FIRST ROW: Donald Koons, Charles Braley, John M. Price, I-Ioward Myli, Frank Bloomguisl. SECOND ROW: Wellborn I-Iudson, Norlon Rider, Alan Pearlman, Phillip Lawson, David Dullon, James Grier, George Krolog. THIRD ROW: James Clabaugh, Donald Carlson, James Sheely, Donald Sherk, Todd Parker. Lloyd Courier. PresidenT. . . Michael McAuIey Vice-presidenT . . . Channing Nixon DANCE WITH PANHELLENIC Sweefy . - - Ralph Wemiefi ExecuTive Council . . Max LeTTween I-IusTon Iverson FIRST ROW: Max I.eTTween, Michael McAuIey, Ralph WenTzien, Alben' Iverson. SECOND ROW: Mohamed Igram, Merlin May- berry, Robe-rf Murphy, Alwin STahI, William Paxson, Richard Bobenhouse. THIRD ROW: RoI'JerT Lampe, Arnold Vogel, Errol ZaveTT, Ralph Carroll, ChrisTopher I-IawTrey. FOURTH ROW: Ronald RuTkowsI4i, Channing Nixon, George Shadle. INTER-FRATERNITY PLEDGE COUNCIL 2 IPPC and Junior Panhellenic ccnnloined Their eTTorTs To compile scrapboolcs To give To The paTienTs aT The UniversiTy I-IospiTaIs. "Check Please" was The InTer-I:raTerniTy Pledge Council dance presenTed in The Union, March 2. The dance, TeaTuring The music oT Ralph MarTerie and The crowning oT The IPPC Queen, was open To all pledges and Their daTes. PresidenTs oT all TraTerniTy pledge classes com- pose The InTer-I:raTerniTy Pledge Council. As a group The Council discussed pledge policies which ' we-f will be presenTed aT The leadership Training school , nexT Tall. As service proiecTs IPPC made scrap- I, IoooI4s wiTh Junior Panhellenic Council and sTraighT- ened Iowa CiTv sTreeT signs. 369 ...ff ..-mf' ,sf ff A-.w Q I I3residenT . . . Paul ChenaulT Vice-presidenT . . Thomas Boeke Secre-Tary . . LesTer Bigallc Treasurer . Clarlc Lane ACACIA CONTINUES FRIDAY OPEN-HOUSE TRADITION The inTormal aTmosphere oT The TradiTional Friday evening open houses was enjoyed by members of Acacia TraTerniTy and Their daTes ThroughouT The year. Some couples rolled baclc The rugs in The main lounge and danced. OThers could be Tound around The TV seT. Those oT a more energeTic na- Ture livened up The crowd wiTh a TaTTy-pull. Several Times during The year The open-houses were by-passed in Tavor oT oTher enTerTainmenT, such as a hayride, The ChrisTmas Tormal, The spring Tor- mal and The pledge parTy. During The ChrisTmas season paTienTs Trcm The I-Iandicapped Childrens I-IospiTal were inviTed To The chapTer house Tor a parTy. ReTreshmenTs were served and The Acacias' version oT a modern SanTa Claus appeared. The local chapTer oT Acacia received The Kiwanis award Tor consTrucTing The besT TraTerniTy TloaT in The I956 Homecoming parade. To cop The award The TraTerniTy adapTed iTs Theme Trom The currenT Elvis Presley craze. The members creaTed a large, yellow, Tloppy-eared dog Tolowing a brighT red Tire hydranT. The slogan Tor The TloaT was, "You Ain'T NoThing BuT a Hound Dog." I-Iardly breaThes a person on The SUI campus who hasn'T come 'n conTacT wiTh bridge during his college ca mfg 'Y lrwcllvidual fralernllies and sororllles pooled Ideas, lime and man land womarml power +0 consrrucr llueir Hoare for Homecoming. ,W FERST ROW: Mrs. Hamillon, Lesler Blgallc, l.arry Boeke, Perer Boelce, Thomas Boelfe, Richard Boss. SECOND ROW: Richard Broer, Paul Cluenaulr, James Clabauglw, Mike Dona- hue, William Hollander, Dean Kmlglwl. THIRD ROW: Clark Larve, Marshall Lovrien, Merlin Mayberry, Jim W. Nelson, Sleven Norman, Jolrm Valasslades. WV' NF" "',.'S?i -'ictif' FIRST ROW: I-foward Abrahanes, Eddie Baiien, Marfin Bass man, Roberi Biiiz, Eugene Borochon James Cohen, David L. Davis, Jack Eiicin, Howard Faih. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Feinberg, Jerome Fusslce, MarTin Gaiex, Eiiioi Geiimari, Sherwin Goidberq, Richard Goiden Avrorn Goidiarb, Jerorne Goidsiein, Marshaii Gonsicy, THIRD ROW: Lowei! Harris, Theodore Hurwiri, Haroid Kaiman, Franidin Kaiz, Waiie" Koiier, Jerrold Kouier, George Kroioii, Lawrence Miiier, Michaei New'on. FOURTH ROW: Benncii' Obersiein. Sian' iev Rich, Burfon Sandck, Eddie Seidenfeid, Wayne Sreinbero, Marvin Thomas, Leonard irookrnan, Erroi Zaveif, 372 When rheir housemofner received a broker arm, Jrhe AEPVS de- cided sne shouid have her casr amoqraphed by house members. if L er, P sid nT . . MarTin Galex Vice presidenT . Lawrence Pienberg SecreTary , . EilioT Gellrnan Treasurer . . BurTon Sandolc ALPHA EPSILON PI PORTRAYS 'THE ACTIVE AND I' Members oT Alpha Epsilon Pi, naTional social Traf TerniTy, presenTed The main evenT oT Their social year, The winTer Tormal, in The newly re-decoraTed chapTer house. The Theme oT The dance was "The AcTive and l." Leo Corjrimiglia played Tor The OrienTal-Tlavored parTy. Prior To The dance The AEPi men served as dinner hosTs aT The house Tor a compleTe Chinese meal wiTh all The Trimmings. Marilyn Cramer was crowned ChrisTmas queen and aTTendanTs were BeTTe KouTer and RoberTa Levinson. Earlier in The Tall The TraTerniTy held iTs second annual "Meanwhile . . parTy. The Theme oT This dance was "Meanwhile, Back WiTh The WiTches." Alpha Epsilon Pi received The second place Trae TerniTy scholarship award Tor T956 Trorn lnTer-l:ra- TerniTy Council. Members conTribuTed To The comTorT oT some Tamous UniversiTy guesTs when They donaTed a maT- Tress To The Dave Brubeck guarTeTTe, aT SUI Tor a Tall concerT. Several OT The men discovered ThaT Brubeck and his group were noT going To have a place To resT on The way To The nexT perTorrnance. They wenT back To The house, Toolc an unused maT- Tress Trom Their own dormiTory and gave iT To The guarTeTTe. T e AEP s proudly display The Trophy They won aTTer playing The Phi Kappa's in The Fish Bowl TooTball game. ' " N- ' ff "wwf ' 373 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 'CLUB TAU' COPIES NIGHT CLUB A gambling den in The basemenT oT The Alpha Tau Omega TraTerniTy house drew The inTeresT oT many guesTs aT "Club Taul' This year. The money losT in The gaming room was special Club Tau cure rency, oT course, which had been disTribuTed To The guesTs. 'Club Tau," an annual ATO Tall Tormal, was builT around The Theme oT a nighT club compleTe wiTh combo. The decoraTions Tor The eyenT creaTed a Talse wall wiThin The main lounge oT The chapTer house and depicTed scenes Trom a nighT spoT ThroughouT The house. AT The Egg Nog ParTy, on The Sunday aTTernoon beTore ChrisTrnas, The ATO's exchanged giTTs wiTh Their daTes and each oTher, The ATO SweeThearT was crowned aT The spring Tormal. TradiTion dicTaTes ThaT The ouTsTanding pledge oT The year be honored aT The ATO house. This year The honored pledge was chosen by a commiTTee oT The presidenT and housemoTher. T-lelp Weelc was iniTiaTed This year by The naTional Alpha Tau Omega TraTerniTy. Help Week is a sub- sTiTuTe Tor The well-lcnown l-lell Weelc. During l-lelp Weelc The pledges do consTrucTiye proiecTs Tor The house, an individual, or a local or campus organiza- Tion. ln case The disrressed caller should lose his nerve, The broThers are on hand To dial and orom T iT necessa T P' 4 XT PresidenT . . Donald Koons Vice-presidenT . James M SmiTh SecreTary . . RoberT Harvey Treasurer . l4enneTh Swanson - ' 359,,gg:g,f:gg3zMW:imay ' S ,Q Ay O , I few , T a rria f - r W: . I ,Swv f - " ,, . V53 ' ,, 6 -' - I ? ' 4'6fir: ' , il I E 1' xiiiia' ', , Qi. 5 ". H . 2 ' HS F' A f Ss fi W A of :wir 645' 555'-1 'Nw J 'Ms wwiv FIRST ROW: Neil Adams, Duane Anfon, Daniel Beauchamp, Richard Beisel, Wayne Blunk, Richard Bobenhouse, Donald Bowlin, Richard Brandi, Jerald Brinqle. SECOND ROW: Rodney Campbell, David Chrislensen, James Davis, Ted Davis, Devon Diefz, D. T. Doan, Jerome Ersland, Arlhur Filean, Thomas Fisher. THIRD ROW: Allen Goeldner, Rich- ard Haegle, Glenn Hammond, Diefrich Harlmann, Rcberi' Harvey, David Hoyf, Roberf Ives, Torn Jacob, Donald Kallen. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Kennedy, Donald Koons, Dennis May, Wayne Menzel, Gary Meyer, Donald Milchell, Slephen Mourer, Norman Nelson, Wallace Nissen. FIFTH ROW: Jon Olson, William Pollilz, Allen Robb, James M. Smilh, Larry Srnilh, Richard Smilh, Edward Speer, Kennelh Swanson, Fay Van Kirlc. 375 ff wa Y' ,idlkpw -..n-.-, pww 'Y' yoj , I 1 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Rini' Jcnn Anwzbbnm Tnovnas 531-3 Lei- Bcssfm Cnwos Bfalew, R353-ff Sfzlrnan Rnblf' Iifirv' Doug as C3V"6:N. SECOND ROW: Jin: Dawes Midas' Uessinixez Lfwy Dumzcrnbc, Tnfunwa- Evefsrvan KQV F-idk' nav Qrah: Gfgczrd Dlbniixd GPQWQS David Hdbacn. THIRD ROW: Laffy Honfeyw-W, Sven Jorcjfenwn, Dun K'IQbs1ns+e3n Reber: Linwpn, Edward Leidin Rcndki Leidb Ge-mine Mu:-EJ Paffick Myers, Ronafd Ndson. FOURTH ROW: Jaws-S Nunn, Ridnard Pfaufy, Keifn Peffefscvn Kennefn Pfoen James Sabin, Reber? Scnkeuqer' K. Donald Scnuiz, fxnan Thorns, James Wiileff, Tke-Xe boys 113+ 654+ --Q' f-2530 'gafner"g irvwd fne baby gfmc In ' '1' u' C30-Hnwe narrnonfzlnq durinrg :ware VTYOlT"V6fTf'- fu MM r Q D f 12? :Cul aww Qlnvli' PresidenT . . . James WilleTT Vice-presidenT . . KenneTh Ploen SecreTary . . Richard Pauly Treasurer . Larry Honeywell ROSE BOWL FEVER HITS BETA THETA PI CHAPTER Rose Bowl Tever hif The BeTa TheTa Pi TraTerniTy house hard and many oT The BeTas were in Pasadena on New Year's Day. Kenny Ploen, chapTer vice- presidenT, was guarTerbacking SUl's Rose Bowl Hawkeyes. The sporTs-minded BeTas wanTed To be There backing Kenny, The oTher men playing Trom The house and The Team. lT was a similar BeTa migraTion ThaT Travelled To Minneapolis when Iowa played MinnesoTa There. lT was esTimaTed ThaT halT The BeTa house aTTended The alum parTy in The Twin ciTies ThaT weekend. AThleTics weren'T The only Things on The minds oT The BeTas. ln The Tall They presenTed The TradiTional "Barn ParTy" compleTe wiTh live chickens. The rugs oT The chapTer house were rolled back and sawdusT was sprinkled over The Tloors in preparaTion Tor The annual "Bowery Brawl" during The lvlardi Gras sea- son. This all helped To creaTe an aTmosphere oT a Typical New Orleans bar. One oT The biggesT evenTs oT The year was The Miami Triad, sponsored by BeTa Thefa Pi, Phi DelTa TheTa and Sigma Chi TraTerniTie5. Friday evening oT ThaT weekend all members aTTended a dance Tol- lowed by a picnic SaTurday. ood game oT bridge wiTh a suTTicienT number oT kibiTzers relaxes and Takes The mind OTT work Tor all concerned. TIF .. ix., if wi' I Q f ,,,, 4, In ,wr -Il' in 'MM 378 DELTA CHI EARNS HOMEC Members oT The SUI chapTer oT DelTa Chi social TraTerniTy proved Themselves To be super salesmen This year. They copped The Homecoming commiT- Tee Trophy Tor selling The highesT number oT Home- coming badges per member in compeTiTion wiTh all oTher housing uniTs on campus. They won The Tro- phy by selling an average oT Sib9.3l worTh oT badges per member. The DelTa Chi's began The year by serenading each sororiTy house on The nighT oT Tall pledging, They congraTulaTed each sororiTy on iTs new pledge class wiTh song, and presenTed each group wiTh one dozen whiTe carnaTions. CMING BADGE TRCPHY HighlighTing The yearls social acTiviTies was The annual "49er" parTy. The newlyAdecoraTed chapTer house lounges were TransTormed inTo Tunnels and mine shaTTs To depicT The gold rush days. EnTerTain- menT was provided by a DelTa Chi version oT Pa- Tience and Prudence. The members oT The TraTerniTy won second place honors Tor Their l-lomecoming TloaT, "LeT's Play, Boys," in The originaliTy division oT The T956 Home- coming parade. The TloaT was lcepT concealed be- neaTh a large circus TenT in baclc OT The DelTa Chi house where iT aroused The curiosiTy oT local grade school sTudenTs. Tne Delfa Chi's are primed and ready To seranade some TorTunaTe girl who has iusT been pinned ro a bro e PresidenT . . . Vlfallace Shinkle Vice-presidenT . James Sheely SecreTary . . Brice Qalcley Treasurer . Neil Slocurn Y aff 'awe EE ki Evvfgfj f 2:12533 W.L any fsiy v K 1 Q 4' 'A ,--' 2. A in Kfk2,ggffisy1f,V.g 1: .AJ . . , .k,VL V,--JZ.: Q i, f 1 Ein QQ: fgsiis. A , nr- M11 "W asain, ' + ' ' ,ws i X I8 yr F 4 + x R1 J 2 1 4 U .4 .1 , ,X 2 s sf I 1 ,Q -L ajf ' , 2 S L .r 5 ws I ,Q 1 3 I- , I I I I I . . i,a :,-A , y ,K,: at yr , FIRST ROW: Mrs. Pohnq, John Ndershof. Gary Anderson, WaIIer Barbee, CharIes BIun'r, Richard Buenneke, John Bur- rows, Roberf Cech, Jandes Church, SECOND ROW: Thomas Colhnqs, David CrandaII, Jarnes Decker, SIanIey Doe-rr, John Duenow, AIan GhoIson, Edward Grayson, Lanny Gusfafson, Jarnes Herfeen. THIRD ROW: Roberr High Kev-win I-IuI- berf Derry Kauhnan, Refer Larsen, Curia Lungreh Kennefh McAIpIne, Gary Mears, Richard B, Murphy, Brice OaIcIey' FOURTH ROW: WIIIIarn Pfuderer, Jarnes PohIe, James QuIqIe, I-IaroId RICQ, Tom Robison, Roberf Schabacker James SheeIy, Terry ShInhIe. FIFTH ROW: Ned SIocurn Ke-nneIh E. Snnlrh, Refer Sfein, Roberf Shawn, Rooerr Suhr Arr'oId VoqeI, BIII Wagner, WIIIIarn WhiIney. we s we ui ,Q init- J I f Q , Ji 380 FIRST ROW: Roberf Baleson, Craig Beck. Rooerr Benner, Richard Berry, Rex Bills, James Black, Lance Blue, Jarnes Boyer, Thomas Burke, Bruce Burion. SECOND ROW: RoberT Carlson, Keifh Casey, Allen Chapman, Jerald Chiles, Jerry Church, Roberi Clarlc, Jarnes Cuiriqhi, Carroll Daqe,Thon1as Dalion, John Doclcendorii. THIRD ROW: Richard Dug, Charles Fairall, Gary Garely, Duane Goode, Charles Griiiin James I-Iamblin, Richard Hansen, Roiaerl I-Ieidridqe, William lde, Raymond C. Johrson. FOURTH ROW: Bradley Jcres, Rees Jones, Iviarlc Joy, Jarnes Kane-aiy, Roger Kipi, John Kre-gel, David Krumboliz, Roberi Larson, Jack Laughery, Melville Lunwbard. FIFTH ROW: Dean Lund, Carroll Lusl, Harald Marla John F. Miller, Richard Milchell, Dennis Oli- yor, Donald Sherlc, Leigh Sprcwls, Richard Siilwell, SIXTH ROW: Dann Thompson, ,larhes Tilion, Reber? Logan Turner, Dayid Verler, Ralph Wenizien, Marshall Young Keilh Zas- lrow, David H. Zirnrner, Wiliiarn Zunlcal. PresidenT . . Richard I-Iansen Vice presidenT . . James CuTrighT SecreTary . . . Craig Beck Treasurer . . William Zunkel DELTA TAU DELTA WINS AlThough There was noT a music maior in The house, members oT The SUI chapTer oT DelTa Tau DelTa TraTerniTy disTinguished Themselves on campus This year as men oT musical TalenTs. AT leasT one member OT The house perTormed aT every UniversiTy dance This year. They became known Tor Their vocal soIoisTs, singing groups, dancers and a choreogra- pher. They Took Tull advanTage oT These musical abiliTies during UniversiTy Sing and MEBOC Week. l:esTiviTies began early in The evening aT The "I-lell's Holiday" parTy, an annual aTTair, because each oT The men's daTes TirsT had To be senTenced MUSICAL ACCLAIM AT SUI To I'-lell. Each daTe was charged wiTh an imaginary misdemeanor and senTenced by The iudge To spend The resT oT The evening in I-lell, which Turned ouT To be The DelTa Tau Del+a basemenT. ATTer his iudg- menT, everyone donned a red cape and descended Tor dancing in The basemenT. Pledges Turnished The appropriaTe enTerTainmenT aT inTermission-Time. The DelT SweeThearT was crowned March 22 aT The annual TraTerniTy spring Tormal. The crown was placed on The gueen's head by The house presidenT during a musical ceremony and Then The evening oT dancing conTinued. A pledge is going Through an orienTaTion period To see if he can wiThsTand The rigors oT TraTerniTy living. T , , is 5 f - z '7 5 . if . ,I V myyaff-'vsigixf DELTA UPSILON IS HOST TO PROVINCIAL MEETING The annual Provincial ConTerence oT The regional chapTers oT Delfa Upsilon TraTerniTy was held in Iowa CiTy, March 8 and 9. The Two-day convenTion was designed To encourage improvemenT in The chapTers and To insTrucT new oTTicers in Their duTies. As hosTs The local DU chapTer was required To analyze The operaTion OT Their own group and To presenT Their Tindings aT The conTerence meeTings. As a resulT oT Their sTudy, The men became more aware oT The TraTerniTy's posiTion on an inTer-Tra- TerniTy basis. The "I-lobo ParTy" has become a TradiTion aT The DelTa Upsilon house and This yearls parTy was one oT The mosT hilarious in a long series. lnviTaTions were Talcen To daTes in Their housing uniTs by a Tew well-chosen hoboes. The oTTicial summoners arrived wiTh shredded cloThes. dirTied Taces and loud man- ners. The parTy began wiTh a dinner-daTe aTTer which The women were reTurned To Their residences To assume The parT of lady hoboes. A bus called Tor The daTes and TransporTed Them To a specially consTrucTed enTrance To The TraTerniTy house. The guesTs had To slide down a darl4 coal-shuTe inTo The den oT vice and Then search Tor Their daTes. These nonplussed girls are receiving inviTaTions Trom Their well-dressed daTes Tor The annual DU "I-Iobo ParTy I I Presidenlr . . . Lorrence Kellar Vice-presidenT . Thomas S. I-lamilTon SecreTary . . Verlin Diclcman Treasurer . Ronald Dowd K KE via, - . V 4. - Vcsisa .L V V .ca - y-,-1 . W... ., V V-V if V .V 7 - e - . , A --3, gy f .QL Qs ,- " . V ' . - if -' V- W V 1: wr" . - Sr- f - LV , , .V - V - VV s ii V S 1 i . ww., gl: nj .1 ,.,.- Mi ky -'VV 2 V5 . , f- ,Jani .. VM A gk .Q V . I E' A - I VV .- .. ' 3? V- ' s V fair . - Nr r , g Tj.. -' - " '- ---2 .i V - V, M - V P ' V, -3 U, V L-, ' , V ., ' "y- .. i ' .17 .gif 9 . -H. - ' V' ' ' -P ' K V ,mis V .. .. Sf.: , g,. -so-'sehr 9 V ., I .Vg V , . , :M ., . . V y . V x J , K .ye 1 s , V. ,,V., . . 1 - ' ,ZA 5 V r exif. , V -. . Zriifisri' -1 - . I V 1 VV . I -, ' 'Wd V- sd . V , -V . ""' . V . ,V ., ' A V a "V K 4 . , A I Q Z 4 I . ..,.,..f J, LQ-VV wr I Eli V it V V -eggr .V .WI , A XL KV. Y -if I f V .. - ' , ' ' -' Y' . sr-s i W 'k" ' - ' F ' I ' 4 i 1 R x TR, ... N 'K U QQ' -ii Vi ,s9.ViQ, ia' W ' .. 5f2fV5.y:,3. - .- I K 'VV ififgg ' V V V my-. .,,V- K ' VW A i ' 'S " - 11- 1 -, 11229 5: ' fr- . :11rVV .,-f ,V .gf V- gf,-Siggiigfy 'Vggg-WVVV - V- I V- - V ' wi., . . :,I!f'm' :M-Y' Vi -sz I ji -V 'W V , -V "" - . ,. Zffi V ' - , . V . V ' A ' - ? I ' V' , ,, r ,rs 3 7 ' . E if ' ' Q .J i I' - . ' N0 ' ' ? ..- 1 - J Vr il if is H 'Q f V 5' f H552 f V , if I an V. V, 7 .,, X . V . 2 rm- H .Z V 5 iw an .. . , im ii T '15 ' q V- '- ., , .aizigfei ' .eeVEi1F' - - ' -' ", Q' 'V V: V V' V ' . J 'Ee' . ' of " ' -af f .MM-1' V - Vzfi V' I fr" he ' . A' -. ' .Vi isp 'ZVP' fb V f l . - V -w x: sr 'K V -- 12-is - i ., ' - -' , inn- ' - ' ' -- V - , - , ssl:-:V . : : . r . .i.'z ' . 1: -... . . V "" . - .S , ' ' -' 51 1-VT' W-fe V V . V :V,,""',,,f '- 'Z K .. 15 .V - ' V1-1 I all "SN" fi ik. " sa " ' I L I ' xx 1 I ', V ,' ' .. -f V V , - .F 5 ,5 -'.g:2s.V , QV- L J V , V V ' M A "i I 'SV 'V4rN'A i I Q i'5'SHrrfWi 'i , " i 'r . ' l . X . Q ' i K A I I i I -V -V - V . I 1 V H if , 3 ig V - T L . -QV --" ,. . 'Q ' ,. V 91 35 V .V V 5 sm . ' ' .,,. 1 I -- H N X V - iw.. . V I was . . K ., QV . X . I V-V , I Q.. -' V Q ,, ,?..,,,A,,. .,.. V., ,A,V. V: , K ,. . . . .V ,L,,. 1 ., K is-2 V VV . VV . . , . ' . , 3 VV , -. . I ,I I , K .I V -, 2 A KV H . ,12 1 . V ,V H Q .-I ' . - : . 'lr . V". 5. xg.. 'V aV a .. . V, R, .. - - V x af ' .i -. . fi: fV3,,5V.f-:A - my- f -. ...rm -s' ,'-.wif ' - : 9 , V 5 --5. - V- , V- -5 . V -. V- A. 'xg' V . V. as . . . V- V r ,, 'V .J - I Q Q .. r - J rs. V " A' S ,Va is 'V 7 . ., - , ' Q V. .V . A 525414 . ' -' - i' , wx-Jw' ' .ii V. .. -, - - 1 V ' 'QNIMQTV .1 ' - ' VV fee- -ir.. AS Vis-15 --:sa Vs: , - V' VV V , V . ,., . . iw. V' " .,,., .,., . . . V . F ,M V V . V .L V i f: 'V - . - ..- , V V ' - 'V-'-- . ,.. - -1'-'f , . KL 'ff - . 153 Vgjfziimwgrf V ,. Q L V, Q. kr A . VV . V,,. Adi, , . . ,, , ...yr , . V VV W V V . V UV VV .1 ' A V - s L 5, . . ' 1- as f . r ' V as . FIRST ROW: Terry Adams, John B. Anderson, John Ash- line, Nalhan Baldwin, James Alan Barnes, Gary Barry, Roberl Behrends, Wayne Bells, Wallace Bishop, Bruce Boke, Roberl Borls. SECOND ROW: Gary Boslrom, Barron Bremner, Roberl' Bring, William Burlon, Maurice Chamberlain, Collison, Lloyd Courier, William Curran, Rex Davis, R Davis, Verlin Diclcman. THIRD ROW: Arlhur Douglas, ald Dowd, Roberl Emanuel, Lance Erwin, Tirnolhy I-lenry Filselh, David Filzsimmons, Frederic Folbrechl, J V, Gibson, Peler Goss, Alan Gross, FOURTH ROW: Gulz, Thomas S. I-lamilron, John I-Iarbison, William I-I Jaclc ussell Ron- Evans, GVYTSS John arrel, Gregory I-larrison, Daniel I-linson, John Kalchlorenner, Lor- rence Kellar, Wayne Kinnel, Jaclc King, Gary Kurdelmeier. FIFTH ROW: Roberl Lancless, Douglas Larson, Terry Leighly, Richard Lynch, Gerald Myers, Thomas Nugenl, James Pallie, James Polfer, George Robey. SIXTH ROW: Roberl' Rueh- rnann, George Sears, David G. Smilh, Richard Spring, Alwin Slahl, Don Swanson, Jon Swanson, lvlanlord Tharp, Michel Thielen, Tommie Turlc. SEVENTH ROW: Franlc Turner, Rich- ard Uplon, Roberf Van Epps, John Welch, Palricli Welch, Paul Wenlzien, Reid Wesl, Richard Whilney. Jafnes A. Wiese, Roberf Yocum. 383 rw-gg-,W VD' ,,...-nv '-...auf -av' FIRST ROW: John Ballard, Dale Blurnslrom. John Bouma, James Edward Bowman, Marvin Braman, James A, Colllns, Vvlighael Cumminqs, Gary Eschnwan Larry Hays. SECOND ROW: Ronald Helms, Bernard Henderson, De-nnl5 Henning- sen Roger Hoppe, Charles Horner, Dennis Jordan, Harry Karas, Thomas Konehclc, Wlllianl Klrlley. THIRD ROW: Phillip Lainson, Richard Landess, James McClain, James lvlcconnelr, Roberl H. Nelson, Gene Noyofny, James Cie' fcn Don Relerscn, John Pieraon. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Puroon, Jerome Ryan Richard Thorebon, Rodqer Var Ness Jamea F. Williams, Roocfrr Wyldffr Rcberf D. Yaoer Ronald Yemey. The enlire house galhers around lo wlrness lhe plnq-pong game and fo cheer on ll'e7r :ayorlle daring ln! crucial barlle. PresidenT . . . James I-lubbard Vice-presidenT . John Bouma SecreTary . . . James lvlcClaIn Treasurer . . RoberT D. Yager PHI DELTA THETA AIDS The members oT Phi DelTa TheTa TraTerniTy helped To malce The Iowa CiTy cancer drive successTuI This year. IT was The group's iob To soliciT among The SUI married sTudenTs. Their service proiecTs were along a diTTerenT line aT ChrisTmas Time. The group gave a parTy in The chapTer house Tor under-privileged children Trom Iowa CiTy. Names oT The young guesTs were obf Tained Trom The local Red Cross organizaTion. The children, who ranged in ages Trom Tour To eleven, enioyed games based on a Spanish ChrisTmas Theme. The high-poinT oT The parTy Tor all The chil- IOWA CITY CANCER DRIVE dren was The brealcing oT The pinaTa when each child received a ChrisTmas gITT. DaTes oT The Tra- TerniTy men helped wiTh The enTerTainmenT. This year was The 75Th anniversary oT Phi DeITa TheTa TraTerniTy on The SUI campus. The house celebraTed Their IongeviTy aT Poundersl Day. Members Threw aside oTTicial business and cele- braTed The annual "Swamp STomp" in The spring. The house was decoraTed To resemble The Florida Everglades. Branches were hung Trom The ceiling, and The Tinishing Touch was an alligaTor baslcing in a pool oT waTer. aT's away, The mice will play. Perhaps an honor sysTem Tor pipes will besT remedy This siTuaTion. While The c ' 3.Y,5,, i i i. I i i'--- ' 2 -I -I q a' M io M' 7.7. . i ...,, ,A A as , ' Ag. 'fff'f!','w K f, www 386 i x1 yi - PHI EPSILGN PI AWARDED The Phi Epsilon Pi TraTerniTy was awarded The Sigma Chi ToundaTion Trophy lasT Tall by The lnTere EraTerniTy Council Tor earning The highesT scholar- ship average among all SUI TraTerniTies in 1956. The winning grade poinT average was 2.62. This Phi Ep record was The highesT grade poinT level ever aTTained in The lnTer-EraTerniTy Council hisTory oT scholasTic compeTiTion among SUI social TraTerni- Ties. An alumni bulleTin enTiTled "Phi Ep Pi aT SUI" was originaTed This year by members oT The local chapTer. The men organized, wroTe and ediTed This new publicaTion ThaT conTained chapTer and alumni SCHOLARSHIP TROPHY news. lT was mailed To more Than 600 alumni, par- enTs and Triends. The Tall pledge class oT 26 men was one oT The largesT classes in Phi Epsilon Pi hisTory. On The social side, The "AnyThing Goes ParTy" hiT new heighTs oT hilariTy. This year The special TeaTure was The Phi Ep Mid Way. CosTumes and decoraTions were based on a car- nival Theme. An auThenTic carousel played in The TronT yard and riders Tound They were noT yeT Too old To enjoy The old-Tashioned merry-go-round. The house was decoraTed To resemble a carnival Tun- house wiTh animal cages. Mail Trom The righT person can TransTorm The Typical Monday blues inTo The Friday-aTTer-classes exuber PresidenT . . . Larry PopoTslcy Vice-presidenT . . Marvin BerensTein SecreTary . . Paul Carman Treasurer . Samuel Pesses M -'04 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Sands, Clxarles Ballers, Louis Barmisln, Marvin Berenslein, Gordon Bernslein, Richard Bondi, Fred Bookey, David Brodsky, Sleplien Cliailcin. SECOND ROW: Gerald Clwesen, Allan Clayrnon, Gary Colin, Allan Dorosin, Reber? Drobner, Melvyn Druclcer, David Garber, Ronald Garber, Jay Gelland. THIRD ROW: Kennelln Gerwin, Dar: Green, Alan l-lausman, David l-lcclcenberq, Paul Kaiman, Slanley Kanlor. Edward Karl, .lack Kozlen, Eli Kriqslen FOURTH ROW: Franlc Lelclwoolc, Max Lelfween, Marlc Laven- slcy, David Levinson, Slanley Lipshulz, Jellrey Marqulies, David Marlfrnan, Murray Marren, Miclwael Meyer, FIFTH ROW: Larry Meyerson, Edward Mezvinslcy, K. William Mop- per, Edwin Newman, Allen Passer, Alan Pearlman, Samuel Pesses, Harold Pidgeon, Larry Poplslcy, Jerrold Rosenberg. SIXTH ROW: Slanley Rovner, Lawrence Seidenleld, Edwin Slwullcin, Allan Speclor, Marvin Spivalc, Sluarl Slone, David Tepperman, l-larry Weindrucln, Ricliard Weiner, Samuel Weinqarl. rw? fwgk s , .33 if ,wr,,', gi R J M2 Q ,,. is , rm' 1 W I If I H V i, I K 2 ' Ervin ., y ,I lg :qt V ., ,V FV VA kr, W k. 1 . ' 'F' ' '- r in 'V ' . I r H .,1 . ,. 11 ' fr Je .,. "': A I N .ffl I by Y i ' i-aw ,A i -of .-5 fwfL'a+5 ia? Q-. , : , i.i1i ,i 15.3 fi an 5 V SF 7 . kin: V7 f E I L J , N kk 1 'Q z, , 'W , I . 1, 'ar i 555 'F gg? ' all -, ' Q an . N w a s , , 'W H 41'-'S 'f 'QZP New li l Q' fi i Q ,QF ,I F K 3 Q I ,..k be . xx: K P ir ii kr I Ao ' k-V z K, If 4 . ' ' ". L 1 T ..k, X 7 A. ,xy H ,V..,, , M, iv Y ,XX V V in i ' I ' ' of 2 Q 1 .., , 1' I I Q . I 3 eg' , K ' 1 P x sm P' Emi: 'AH 'fe 'are Fa, ,ffl R d mag ii, f Q.. - -45 ' ,-ol 4 - Y Y ' ' ff ' 4 I O . a r f, I R ' I 19 I I fag K i " Q ' K K' ' i A K K K ix . in - I , ,sw 5 g , as - ".. , 'las Q- F D ew , v fs' A Q7 if .J - 388 FIRST ROW: William Abraham, Joel Armslrono, Raymond Asper, Bruce Benson, Toby Blanlord, Richard Bolton, Glenn Book, Allen Brennecke, David Burchell. Floyd Burns. SEC- OND ROW: Richard E. Carver. Conslanline Chipokas, Gor- don E. Clark, John D. Cox, John Duggan, David Duffon, Roberl Flelcher, James Frazier, Richard Frech, Richard Fry. THIRD ROW: Douglas Fuhr, Richard Fuhr, Roberl' Gamble, Kennelh George, Louis Golinvaux, Ronald l-licks Thomas Holcomb, Samuel Hoskinson, Roberl Hullen, Huslon Iverson. FOURTH ROW: Peler Juslen, Carl Kay, William Kelly, Bob Knapp, George Kress, Allen Lehman Thomas Leon, Donald Lund, Scoll MacKenzie, Thomas Mann. FIFTH ROW: Joe lvlolleslon, Don Ivluilenberq, Don Nindos, William Olinger, William Parker, Kennelh Penninqlon, William Pierson, James Pohl, Paul Raflenspergcr, Keifh Reed. SIXTH ROW: Ernesi Rickell, Thor Rinden, Richard Rix, James Sackell, Russell Schraqe, George Seaberq Roloerl Spachman, Braden Sievenr- son, William Sullon, John Swill. SEVENTH ROW: Thomas Ward, Richard Weaiherly, Nick Weller, Thomas Wesllund, Michael Whilmore Gary Williams, Joe Williams, Ralph Wilson, Lowell Wornack. PresidenT . . George Kress SecreTary . . Michael WhiTmOre Treasurer . . Richard Puhr Oops, a PHI GAMMA DELTA PARTY OFFERS HULA CONTEST A hula cOnTesT drew many howls and cheers as well as much laughTer aT The biggesT parTy OT The year Tor The men OT Phi Gamma DelTa. IT was The "Grass SlcirT" parTy held This spring and Tor which all couples were equipped wiTh grass slcirTs. BeTOre The parTy everyone cnioyeol a dinner OT bar-b-gued ribs. Earlier in The year The men and Their daTes donned The garb, supposedly Typical, OT The Parisian under-world To cOmpleTe The French aTmOsphere OT The "Apache Brawl." A garTer exchange was The OuTsTanding TeaTure OT The evening. ApprOximaTely TOO alumni and acTive members aTTended an alumni dinner in The spring. This din- ner was a naTional evenT in ThaT iT was given by Phi Gamma DelTa chapTers all over The naTion, al- Though nOT necessarily on The same nighT. Fre- guenTly, naTional oTTicers are The guesT spealcers aT These dinners. In The spring The acTive members presenTed The pledge award To The man who scored highesT in scholarship, acTiviTies and aTTiTude among all The members OT The pledge class. This award is a plague which hangs in The chapTer house. The name OT The pledge receiving The award is added To The plague each year. minor Tragedy has iusT occurred. These are The Tragic resulTs OT one who was Too impaTienT Tor resulTs. .fif 7 Fifi' .yy Q 'fi' . . . . PresldenT . . . . James Sullivan . Vice-presidenT . . Thomas Nowers SecreTary . . Francis Sinelc Treasurer . . Donald Dahnlc PHI KAPPA MOVES T0 NEW HOUSE IN FALL l956 390 Phi Kappa TraTerniTy members began The year in Tall I956 by moving inTo The new chapTer house lo- caTed aT 5l5 EasT College sTreeT. During The I956 Homecoming weelcend The TaciliTies oT The new house were used To Their capaciTy when more Than 80 alumni members visiTed The new residence. ATTer Rush Week The Phi Kappa's launched a suc- cessTul TooTball season. They were The vicTors in The annual Fish Bowl conTesT wiTh Alpha Epsilon Pi TraTerniTy, winning one oT The Two Fish Bowl Trof phies. The Phi Kappa's Trophy said "We Won" while Their opponenTs had To be conTenT wiTh The Trophy ThaT admiTTed "We Played." The Phi Kape pa's edged pasT The AEPi's by a score oT I9-I8. RoberT Garrison was appoinTed by The InTer-Fra- TerniTy Council To represenT SUI aT The Big Ten Fra- TerniTy Council aT NorThwesTern UniversiTy. Several social evenTs highlighTed The year Tor The Phi Kap-pa's. A pre-lenTen cosTume parTy helped brighTen The long spring monThs. The TradiTional spring formal was held in coniuncTion wiTh members OT Acacia TraTerniTy and Their daTes. IT iT isn'T The piano or bridge, if is TV, Almosi any r'neThod may oe empioyed To leave sTudying Tor a sh T T Q - 1' x ' I 1' , X ,..-w , .44 X i 1 f-..,-of There is noi much doubl in anyone-'s mind where The allegiance FIRST ROW: lvlrs. Esles, William Alley, Raymond Biersch- OT fhis QVOUP lle5- HKS bellwed llTeY are Phi Kappa membefsi laach, Thomas Brolhers, Dennis Bruns, Ralph Carroll, Roberl' Crosby, Donald Dahnls. SECOND ROW: Edward Dayifr, Mai-yin Dworzaek, James Egan, William Emanuel: Thomas Fanqman, Theodore Fay, Charles Flaherly, Joseph Ford. THIRD ROW: Robert Garrison, Ronald Gollz, Jerald Hud- speth, Charles Knudson, Paul Lolilus, John Moseley, Thomas Nowers, John Powers. FOURTH ROW: Donald Salva, Rob- erf Scanlon, Pole Sohebler, Richard Sernell, Francis Sinolr, James Sullifan, Roqer Werner, Richard Winn. FIRST ROW: Harold Alberl. Rlghard M. Anderson, James Bane, Richard Barber David Barnes, Phll Barrlefl, Alden Bear.. Edward Bedell. John Bonella, David Bradbury. SEC- OND ROW: Edward Burgess Slephen Curlls, Howard Elder, Archie Fllcklrzqer, Gregory Gallher, John I-laqan Reber? l-Iebel, Wllllarn I-Iennclnlll. Rlchard Herbrechlnneyer, Wlillarh l-lerbrechhneyer THIRD ROW: George I-lol, WTI' lard I-lolrnan, Fred I-larseil, Slephem Hulfrnan, Wll':ar' Hummer, Kenron Jens, RIP Lalcr. Alan Lell, John Malhews, Michael Mcfaxuley. FOURTH ROW: Willlanw Mllanl, Gene Mueller, Michael O'Donnell, James Ollenburq. Mark Faber, Raymond Felerson, John M. Price, James R. Scorr, James Sealy. FIFTH ROW: Harrie T. Shearer, Thornas Shope, John D. Smllh, Roberr B. Srewarr, Gary Thornpsorw, Terry Thornson, George Tledens, Douglas Whlreheacl, David Wilson. Prgrure 1.9. pfnmale, radfc and lr7erds milr re'pfu' advice. Whar more does ene need ITD serlle down lor ar evening ol corcenrrahon7 PresidenT . . . John Price Vice-presidenT . . Dick Flickinger SecreTary . . RoberT STewerT Treasurer . . James Sealy PHI KAPPA PSI DISPLAYS ATHLETIC CAPABILITIES Members oT The Phi Kappa Psi TraTerniTy dis- The house Tor The dance. A paper napkin snowman Tinguished Themselves as men oT aThleTic capabiliTies This year. Their gridiron Team Took TirsT place in compeTiTion wiTh oTher social TraTerniTies and They won TirsT place in Tennis singles and doubles. The advenT oT The Rose Bowl caused a migraTion oT Phi Kappa Psi's To CaliTornia during ChrisTmas vacaTion. One oT The members who lives in San Bernardino, CaliT., Tound his home swamped by TraTerniTy broThers who made The Trip. The winTer Tormal broughT ouT The arTisT in some oT The men who displayed Their TalenTs in decoraTing greeTed guesTs aT The enTrance To The house and whiTe snow was sprinkled everywhere. Even The mirrors wished The guesTs a TesTive holiday season. The "JeTT Duo" was a weekend ThaT was cele- braTed by Phi Psi chapTers ThroughouT The UniTed STaTes. The evenT was given in coniuncTion wiTh The Phi Gamma DelTa TraTerniTy and included a dance Friday nighT and a mass-picnic all day SaTur- day. The men and Their daTes also enioyed dancing in The inTormaliTy oT slacks and Ievis aT The "Fall Brawl" parTy. W hunTing season closed, These Phi Kappa Psi's discuss The one ThaT goT away while The less TorTunaTe looks on. felifisi- .LEE PHI KAPPA SIGMA WINS TWO HCMECOMING PRIZES I:irsT place honors in The humor and second place in The beauTy division Tor The Homecoming Parade TloaTs lasT Tall were copped by members oT Phi Kappa Sigma. The social TraTerniTy buiIT Their TIoaT in coniuncTion wiTh The women oT ZeTa Tau Alpha. To proTecT The TloaT, which was buiIT in The back oT The TraTerniTy house, The men posTed guards each nighT. The guards reporTed sTaving oTT an aTTack oT ink during one oT The vigils. The TloaT's Theme, "Michigan, NoT Mulligan," demanded ThaT several men porTraying cannibals ride in The Parade. ATTer much proTesT and many ThreaTs, The Phi Kappa Sigma's Tinally recruiTed several oT Their more aThleTic-looking members To cover Themselves wiTh black pancake make-up and goT Them on The TloaT iusT in Time Tor The Parade. Members OT The house were successTuI in a new Torm oT compeTiTion This year. For The TirsT Time The chapTers oT Phi Kappa Sigma ThroughouT The middle wesT meT on a baskeTbalI courT. This meeT- ing was aT The Illinois InsTiTuTe oT Technology. The SUI chapTer senT The baskeTbaII Team ThaT had rep- resenTed Them in The inTra-murals compeTiTion in Iowa CiTy. Trophies are displayed proudly by all who receive Them, This looks as if iT were The original pg s PresidenT . . Donald Carlson VicefpreSidenT . . . STandish Barrows Recording Secre-Tary . . Glenn STark Treasurer .... Roger SToughTon M. -wav" ,-nu. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Ford, Siarudish Barrows. Frederick Basfrorw, Russell Breedrove. Dohard Carrsoh, Jchrv A. Chrisfehsreh, Jerome CXCGVVTWGU. SECOND ROW: Donald Gardner, Rich! ard George, Dohard Gufh, Bernard Hesse, Marshal! Hlfcr- cock, Thomas. Kcsder, WiiNiam Luhdquisf. THIRD ROW: James Macy Robcrf McCoy! James Mc,Gee, Thornas Nader, Wrlrfam Paxsoh, Dean Phrrllps, Thomas Pohard, Phihp Porfer. r FOURTH ROW: Richard Roschc, Donald Rage Russel Schfofferback, Qkmrm Sfark, Roger Smughroh, Gary Thudrum, Larry Wichrharw, Reber? WFV!Iaw's. FIRST ROW: Mfs. Burkhar' Wfiiiafi M. Adavimr, Defy Baihcb, John Becic, CiWdViHS Bkfe, Bradley Coover Join Pjawiey. SECOND ROW: Mohameo iqfarvi Dcriaid Krwiqhf Rohm? Kocimer James Landemberqeig Robeif Landin, iufrief Leif, Jarwn Lioyd, THIRD ROW: Cimafies Mifcicii, Hov.a'd Myli, Room Opporirieimef, Edward PeTei'som, Wayne Prich- ard, Howard Raya-avi, Jlffry Rfrin. FOURTH ROW: Mefwym Pipiov, Miciiaei Rosebfwry Tiweoaow Rosky 'Woviax Seqfii Roqoii SQGVVVGV' Roberf Thompson Piiiilip Warner' Rifiiifd Z?Wi"w-, The Fisiofy 0? We Fi Kappa Afpha ciiapier ai SLN was reviewed ai' Hwe Fraferniw Founders' Day ceiebraiiou im The Spring, PresidenT . . Edward PeTerson Vice-presidenT . . Howard Ivlyli SecreTary . . Daniel Eicner Treasurer . Wayne Prichard PI KAPPA ALPHA CHAPTER REVIEWS SUI HISTORY The hisTory oT The SUI chapTer oT Pi Kappa Alpha was The ouTsTanding TeaTure oT The I957 Founders' Day. Many alumni members reTurned To The PEKA house To parTicipaTe in The day's acTiviTies, March I. The hisTory was presenTed aT a banqueT. More Than IOO alumni also re4yisiTed The TraTer- niTy house during Homecoming weelcend. Members OT Pi Kappa Alpha crowned Their Dream Girl wiTh a special musical ceremony aT The annual spring Tormal. The queen, wiTh her courT oT Tour aTTendanTs, was selecTed by a secreT ballar wiThin The house. The "Dream Girl" Tormal is a naTional e I g To records induces a sooThing aTmosphere conducive To chaTTing TradiTion and There has been a song wriTTen Tor The occasion. The house decoraTions were echoes oT spring. One eye-caTching TeaTure was a sTaTue in The paTio which was highlighTed by Tlood lighTs re- TlecTing in The waTer oT The Tish pond below. AT ChrisTmas Time The PiKA's inviTed children Trom The Handicapped ChiIdren's HospiTaI To The house Tor a parTy. The children and cI'iapTer mem- bers played games, sang and visiTed wiTh SanTa. The house lounges were TransTormed inTo a French cabareT Tor The "French ParTy" in March. DaTes wore French cosTumes wiTh bereTs required. wiTh Triends, sTudying or relaxing. 3,01 PresidenT . . Eranlc BloomguisT Vice-presidenT . RoberT Tanner SecreTary . . STephen Showers Treasurer . Donne Moen SIGMA ALPHA EPSILGN WINS INTRA-MURALS AWARD 398 For The Third consecuTive year The members oT Sigma Alpha Epsilon TraTerniTy copped The inTra- murals parTicipaTion Trophy, awarded annually To an SUI social TraTerniTy. In addiTion To winning The Trophy, They also raTed Tops in inlra-murals swim- ming and volleyball. The chapTer's inTeresT in sporTs Turned To promo- Tion during Dads' Day Weelcend when The SAE's sponsored The ToileT Bowl. According To TradiTion The DeITa Gamma and Kappa Kappa Gamma so- roriTies baTTle on The gridiron aT CiTy Parlc. Sigma Alpha Epsilon issued The challenge Tor The Bowl game, awarded The Trophies and TooTed The bills Tor The parTy which Tollowed. Members oT The TraTerniTy and Their daTes had an opporTuniTy To exhibiT Their ingenuiTy when Time Tor The annual cosTume parTy rolled around. The parTy was enTiTled "Hollywood l:anTasia." Couples came dressed porTraying The TiTles oT movies. The spring Tormal was presenTed aT The CounTry Club in Cedar Rapids. This annual dance Tor daTes, alumni and guesTs crowned a long lisT OT SAE social acTiviTies and was an appropriaTe climax as one oT The biggesT social evenTs oT The TraTerniTy Tor The year. "Slcol," "Cheers," "l-lere's mud in your eye," and all ThaT. When one doesn'T have, one makes use oT whaT one has .J QW A ,.,- . f -F-if 'if' Wi ni I LV, gl . if 'W 4 B, ,,,,- I , 9.3 6 . ...I 'I ,Nl s , an ...Q- . . , V V I 1 - I , :IV , 4. s V 39' V Vw K my V Q I' -'-"' If .av wt J L? -W' Q -'NV ":' i ,VV ' TX, V . , .. Q V V 2. 3.3. W, gif: QQ, -so '7 7 If . ' 1 N0 rv - r.'f'..-I I-1" .Q XV, A A Q Qi. .,.....-' ' ' 1 fff F X K' atm' k -W I 1 Ii V V so I VViVV?i VMVMI. VV V . - V VV V M ,W nw , in nf 1 ,I 9- L 'Q' I iw'-er ff :Pi IZ", T , xi rf I P I V I 5 ' ,IS il ff, I I ' I C I . A V, ' . n I V K .Q ,. .. V V 1. V V . .V V V AV. V V if ' xi 'I V K I I - I K snil I I I .,, , WV. , V V IQI: V ,, V , .V V V .V , . V V ,y VV 4 a n V I , ll . X J, ,.vVVVVV . -Vggggfw r ' ' V " i L, .., Nix, 45 ' I '44 . I -. ', . I ' ' I ' if-J K ' ' if Q ,h' k fm' - ' H iss. I if 4 f I .A ., I K Ah' I L :" " I , I I x -I , 1' 42 " , ii C .J I i , Lees i f i- rf K' ' ' V, ' ' V .. ', , .,A,,- I I I , . V5 . , . I -K wwe AA , I . , jr. .f 'ef . A is . 'ff' . . ef ii d ' , g in-fs. I . if .n.I of 'ef K . 5' - ffirf L FIRST ROW: Bruce Arnble, Reber' Aryin, Donald Beiglnael, Reberl Benz, Reber? Blanlr, Jarnes Blixi, Frank Bloernquisl, Reberl' Brandenburg, Duane Clizbe, Edward Daniel, Micliael Dooley. SECOND ROW: Jolwn Dolsen, Bruce Eafon, Roy Eleerline, Dean Eberly, Jenn Fosfer, Joseph Gesseir, Jenn Grier, William Happel, Toni Halcn, Dale Hayes, William I-lise. THIRD ROW: Tnornas Heulinan, Jerry Jenlcinsen, Phillip Joselyn, James Jey, James L, Kelley, Jerry Kinna- rncn, Jerry Kilcnen, William Keenn, Charles Krause, William Krause, Reberf Landau. FOURTH ROW: Jenn Liecnly, James Mau, Tommy Mau, Myron Mccaugliey, William Mcffrea, David IvIcCusley, Jon IvIcCuslcey, Jenn S. McDon- ald, James McKown, Jenn McNulIy, Jenn Milyalslcy. FIFTH ROW: Donna Moen, Larry Moser, Roberl H. Murphy. Rich' ard F. Nelson, Lawrence Perry, Roger RicIcen, James Powell, Jenn E. Price, Reberl' Prine, Ricliard Redrrian, Dori Reeder. SIXTH ROW: Lynn Ruslce, Jolin Sallceld, Allyr Selnafer, Jon Sell, Beake Sells, S+e-pnen Sliewers, Car! Sierp, Derlc Sirren- son Donald Soil, Reberl L. Sleele Reber? Tanner, William Tidd. SEVENTH ROW: Jerry Terrence, Gordon Trapp, Siephen Turner, George Van Heulen, Donald Van Hulzen, Jenn S. Warren, Riclward Webber, Noel Weili, Dian Welir, Jenn Wicks, Jarnes WW, Ji'n V. Yeung. 399 FIRST ROW: Mrs. MCCIunq, Roberr ArnoId, Roberf Bafcher, Roberf Bieaadeh, James Bowers, Terrence Brennan, Terry CarnpbeII, Eari Check. SECOND ROW: Wilharn Curnnning, John Cunoiiq, King Deefs, WiIIiarn DeweI, WaIIace Diefz John Dinges, Georqe Frohwein, CharIes Geisewhde. THIRD ROW: LenIy Gerhark Larry Gipe, Jerry I-Iarris, DonaId I-IeIrns, Raw I-IoweII, David Ingram, Keifh Jones, James M. Kehev. FOURTH ROW: Perez KernI3Ie, Roberf Koser, Rich- ard Krezek, Charing Logan, N'ViIIiarn Love Tom Lucas, James Mewhorr, Phihp Mi'is, Joe Mullins. FIFTH ROW: 'WiIIiam E, Nekcn WiIIiam Orrie, DonaId Osberg, Todd Parker, Siepheri Pefersorz, Wairer Pierson, Richard Runlce, Aushn Sandrodc, David Seger. SIXTH ROW: George ShadIe, Nick Srurnansky, Larry Srnifh. Daniei SIOII, Frede-ricIc C. Thomas. Refer Usqaard, Gardner Van Dyke, Gary Ve-Idy, Richard WarbOy'. Pre idenf . . . Ausfin Sandroclr Vice presidenf . . William Cumming Secrefary . . William Nelson Treasurer . . Pefer Kemble SIGMA CHI SPONSORS Cify Park was fhe scene of much work and a lof of fun when fhe Sigma Chi's presenfed fheir annual "Derby Day." This evenf was a false-off on fhe famous Kenfuclcy Derby af Churchill Downs. During fhe week preceding fhe field day, af which women sfudenfs compefed wifh one anofher in a series of relays and confesfs, fhe Sigma Chi's adverfised fhe coming evenf by wearing conspicuous derbies on campus. Preparafions included seffing up lanes in fhe Park for races, cleaning for an open house, finding enough converfibles for fhe parade and polishing fhe frophies which were donafed by inferesfed Iowa 'DERBY DAY' COMPETITIONS Cify businessmen. The parade, beginning af The Sigma Chi house aI' noon, fravelled pasf all of fhe sororify houses and women's dormifories fo collecf parficipanfs and specfafors. The main evenf of fhe Derby was fhe selecfion of a queen. The iudges selecfed one girl, from can- didafes nominafed by housing unifs, fo reign over fhe day's acfivifies. The women compefed by chas- ing a greased pig, shaving balloons, fhrowing eggs and eafing wafermelon. Affer fhe confesfs and awards everyone was invifed fo an open house af fhe Sigma Chi house. Gad anofher game of bridge being played. One mighf be led fo believe fhaf nofhing else happens on fhis campus. 40I PresidenT . . . Allan Byers Vice-presidenT . . Donald Halverson SecreTary . . STanTord Beebe Treasurer . Bruce GebhardT SIGMA NU GIVES HANDICAPPED CHILDREN'S PARTY 402 As was True oT almosT everyone on The SUI cam- pus This year, The men oT Sigma Nu social TraTerniTy were TooTball-conscious. Theirs was a special pride in The I-Iawlcs oT Rose Bowl Tame as Sigma Nu Alex Karras was all-American. During a year highlighTed wiTh many social acTivi- Ties, The pledges oT Sigma Nu enTerTained children Trom The Handicapped Childrens I-lospiTaI aT a parTy co-sponsored by The pledges oT Pi BeTa Phi. As anoTher service proiecT The Sigma Nu's par- TicipaTed in a special Service Weels This spring, The group selecTed one person in The Iowa CiTy come muniTy To whom They could be oT service. They helped This person in every way possilole Tor one Tull weelc. The men oT Sigma Nu TraTerniTy and Their daTes dined royally beTore dancing aT The "WhiTe Rose" Tormal lasT winTer. Caren Cole was crowned The WhiTe Rose Queen aT This Time. The annual "I-IoTeI ParTy" was presenTed in The chapTer house in March. The "Lilac Formal" was given in The spring. This TradiTional dance Tools iTs name Trom The hundreds oT Tresh lilac Tlowers ThaT were used as wall and Table decoraTions. Mixed emoTions accompany The player as he malces his shoT. NoTe The praying aTTiTucles oT a couple oT o loo e s -or x-an YQ., X-fd : if ,Z I .. - .... -,Z H A 35 735. -4 .g i I I ,. -' -ff W 5 5 X A 'Q Wil 1 'wp-v ii! '10 -.nv 4' .1 ,qv vw-nv vu., Wg' 'Y ,af-.I -an' 'di QQ' ,,,,.v' FIRST ROW: Uormki Aifkem p'iiIi5 Arwdefson, Shmicfd DG' Jerser Pv'1uf Jzfes fNIf1fx Cuirlfife Kiera Beebe Gordon Beief, Rfmaio Bosfozik John Brand+ AIIan Milo Lafimfe' I3IwiIIip Lawson. FIFTH ROW: I-I. W, Liihhzm By-ers, Wiiiiam Carmichael, Wiliafi: Carrier, AIan Cavey. omqcr, BiII Licdrioim, Richard Makoim Jemies IVI61V'T9V7S,JOVNP SECOND ROW: Domed DEWWGTLZF, G. TCW Davidgorx, Hamid M':Cfr, SGCQQ IvIQC'if5'h Verrom Mffaddam, Www Dfzvris Rfweid Dfemmari. Gary Uuvaiwg? Pau: EHS, Wivian' Maura' Riz"eId Mifafaisfpn, SIXTH ROW: Jiglscr Miki-' Emeis, Roger Ewen, Bruce Gffbbardf, NCHI GiIfw1ov'e. THIRD .,Ii:'ifX,' MiIICf Jew, piewie JCM' RfaI'P JCM D, Randfaw Rok:- ROW: Rcrvaio QIeanQ,JfuI1n Gicveer, Gcoiqe Grams Jfmr eff Reimefs Mfzfcw' Rirghfw Rondo Ru+Icc5wsIfi, HQ-vbfeff Oriqiq Rohm? Hain, Dcwaid I-I:1Ifa's0r: Ridard Hafidcff, Srffvx SEVENTH ROW: Kiftiy Srriiffi, Tmswwa: Survvwiy, Fad RCPQEV I-IGTSITQB' Gian I-Ie5geIrinf:, Relief? I-IiQI4Iifw. FOURTH Sher? Annuaf Vai: BCi6:i'IiI'E7' Giydcrr WarJ5v.fv"II: KQV: ROW: Sofew I-I0"r'be"1 Rifwafd Hfncd Caflhm I-Icwa"'Iw Wafkei' Cr:fai.?1Wa':fQ" Guzifze We'-?sf1II Hitt:-,afd WI'i'e-. QQ an Ku , - A - Af, Q'- R, A 2 I 'fi' 403 HM? I -1 i j Q, ! "" R 4 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Bagey S'' Aff-V Tfffwog I. Pvwse' as NC1"'wffr' Mme NIIIIPVQIBIIX Car! Nelcf-, phi: Dir Rfri-fi AMVWG KQAITF Bfarfivi-' Owe' Berscfw Rcfef' Hwy Nfxcr. FOURTH ROW: W'wIi?a "'X Orr Rvhefn Qxev- I5'mrYq INa3'ef Bwwev' Jerk B'is+c3fu SECOND ROW: Riih Iwo Gerald PoI'vvev Rcmeid Pcaph, Chsfvef Phelss, Thomas wci Cafsrzrw, Davie Cm JQIIR Crueaii John Crpq, Joh: Raywcro Nw igark RICll1'VAD'WfidII1 Rod-1:11 Ti-:rg Riff. FIFTH Txafmef-' Hmhzr' fur: Wa'45,' J, I'em4LsCzr CU5fIes Sam- ROW: Jawwes Runfc Lau! SCVHL' Rrvbvf Svfwcrs vVII,,fe'f1 ff7'w", JCM QIICHT, THIRD ROW: Lzisfe' Kavwe DWG S?'WY'orws, Rcraid S1554-e' UAJCI THcw'Y5v1 .John Tv,nIUreQrw IC-IIPQIG' Qcuzzsai- L,fa"s'1r, Vefrid' MCGcvwry Micfwafei Mm Richard Vavfa, Albefi VCL-Qke Jew' V -"y Inf. PresidenT . . . William Orr Vice-presidenT . . WaITer Brewer SecreTary . . . John Gilberlr Treasurer . . lNlorTon Rider P' SIGMA PHI EPSILON JOINS COMMUNITY PROJECTS Talcing Their places as parT oT The Iowa CiTy communiTy, The members oT Sigma Phi Epsilon Tra- TerniTy This year sponsored proiecTs which bene- TiTTed people ouTside The UniversiTy. During The elecTions in November, Sig Ep men donaTed Their Time and cars To TransporT voTers To The polls, The house phone number was made avail- able To all who needed rides. A parTy Tor crippled children was anoTher proiecT on The IisT oT services done by The house. Since iT was held aT EasTer Time There was no laclc oT ideas Tor decoraTions and games. The parTy was given wi 'I TT T ,M ,, W , T2 24 TT 9 in coniuncTion wiTh The women oT Pi BeTa Phi social sororiTy. Members oT The TraTerniTy caroled in The local hospiTals during The ChrisTmas season. The social liTe OT The house was Tar Trom ignored. The "Greenwich Village" parTy was The biggesT parTy OT The year. The members and Their daTes aTTended in cosTume, dressed as "characTers." The house was TransTormed inTo a Bohemian-Type caTe. The upsTairs lounges were decoraTed wiTh murals oT sTreeT scenes. In The basemenT The Greenwich aT- mosphere was heighTened wiTh candles burning in wine boTTles on Top The red-checkered caTe Tables. 7:30 class, anyone? The mirror becomes a biT over-crowded in The early morning rush To geT To classes on Time. 5 ,V F Y'-s ' I ,ss .,, 1, f, 'ws 'sz f 52.222 if f fl. i wifeiis, I 5 gjjffwfep w i' - ' :T'ifTfsi'ai1i g , sql- Q f ,, . ,B -if l- We f-at sb 93? is f at -31, A-fag T X fr, fs, I, K ,:, T iisli issi sissi s T I 35: M, Ji., .v, yo , ,f . ,la ,W We M.. lags, U -f llsls 2 fr ,355 1 ' .Q 405 Treasurer . 1 l PresidenT . . Rolyn Baaclc Vice-presidenT Jack Fansher SecreTary David Gardner Sidney Phillips THETA XI MOVES OUT DURING FALL 'HOUSE PARTY' DaTes oT The TheTa Xi men discovered how Tra- TerniTy men really lived aT a TheTa Xi "l-louse ParTy" lasT Tall. ATTer a TooTball game, dinner and a dance The men moved ouT OT The house and The daTes moved in Tor The nighT. The TraTerniTy members and Their daTes Tripped To Lalce Macbride in The spring Tor The "Heidelberg ParTy," dressed in real German cosTumes. The parTy was a gloriTied picnic which oTTered all Types OT games including a moclc duel. The duel was per- Tormed in suiTs OT armor which were Tashioned oT card-board. A ChrisTmas parTy TeaTured The i'Roaring Twen- Ties" and a chapTer house ThaT was decoraTed as a Prohibilrion speak-easy. An old AbboTT and CosTello film was shown Tor The guesTs. The candidaTe nominaTed by TheTa Xi, Diane FosTer, was selecTed IFC Queen. A parTy was given in her honor aT The chapTer house. Members OT The TraTerniTy made an organized drive Tor high scholarship This year. Awards were presenTed To The acTive and The pledge who had obTained The highesT grade poinT and To Those who had made The greaTesT improvemenT. Several members aTTended a conTerence in Min- neapolis To discuss common chapTer problems. A TraTerniTy house oTTer members a chance To relax wiTh chess, reading, in a home-lilae aTmosphere among Triends. TLIGVOKS a lair arnounr ol work involved ln operallng a lralernlly lnouse. Members ollen worlc parl-lime jobs as wailers, washers, elc. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Feddern, Donald Anderle, Jolnn Andrews, Darrell Arendls, Robe-rl Arrnlnreclwlq Rolyn Baack, L. Arrlwur Berg, Alson Braley. SECOND ROW: David Cerny, Jack Fanslver, David Gardner, Cnrlsloplner l-lawlrey, Dean Hill, Welllizorn l-ludson, G. Lloyd Jolmson, Larry Krueger. THIRD ROW: Jolnn Kyd, Jerry MCQAMQQ, Rolserl L. Pelerson, J. Sid- ney Plwilllps, Tlwornas Plwllllps, Ronald Rasmuson, Edwin Slrorn, Jolwn Truax. L D. D l AN ENTIRE UNIVERSITY . IT Takes an enTire UniversiTy To produce a UniversiTy yearbook. IT is inevi- TabIe ThaT There be many TaceTs in a UniversiTy wiTh Thousands oT sTudenTs and hundreds of TacuITy members. Each oT These is involved, some unknowingly. in The produc:Tion oT I-Iawkeye. We wanT To Thank all oT These TaceTs, in Their human Torms, Tor Their conTribuTions To The I957 I-Iawkeye. EirsT, crediT is due To The hard core oT The sTaTT who survived The TirsT bursT oT enThusiasm and remained unTiI The Tinal hecTic day To compIeTe The TinaI unwanTed chore. WiThouT phoTographers a yearbook couId noT exisT. The I-Iawkeye phoTo sTaTT, headed by Dave Bramson, proved Themselves boTh com- peTenT and eTTicienT. SpeciaI Thanks is due To Daily Iowan phoTographers IvIarTy ReichenThaI, Bob STrawn, Bill NeIson, Doug Lyman, Larry Day and Ben BIacksTock who voIunTeered Their services whenever I-Iawkeye was caughT shorT. The sound advice and paTience oT Mr. R. C. Walker and Miss Gene McRae oT SouThwesTern Engraving Company, Mr. Tom IVIcConneII oT KingsporT Press, Inc., Mr. LesTer G. Benz, pubiisher, and CIarence oT Economy AdverTising Company were greaTIy appreciaTed. T. Wong STudio deserves Thanks Tor all The queen and aTTendanT picTures. EinaIIy, Wilbur PeTerson more Than TuITiIIed his iob as I-Iawkeye advisor. I-Iis Time and encouragemenT doubTIessIy were The IargesT singIe conTribuTions To The I957 I-Iawkeye. To These people and many oThers who were opTimisTicaIIy encouraging we say "Thank you." The EdiTor A ACGCIG, 370-37l Adminislralion, 48-50 Air Force Rille Team, 248 Air Eorce Seniors, 246 Air Force Wing Slall, 242 Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chi Omega, 342-343 Chi Sigma, 298 Della Pi, 344-345 Della Sigma, 297 Epsilon Pi, 372-373 Kappa Gamma, 292 Kappa Kappa, 282 Kappa Psi, 294 Lambda Della, 274 Phi Omega, 269 Tau Omega, 374-375 Xi Della, 346-347 American Pharmaceulical Ass'n, II5 Army Rille Team, 248 Army Seniors, 247 Army Sludenl Slall, 242 Arl Deparlmenl, I74-I77 Associaled Sludenls ol Denlislry, 69 Associaled Sludenls ol Engineer- ing, 73 Associaled Women Sludenls, 262- 264 B Band, Concerl, I63 Band, Marching, I66 Baseball, 226 Baslcelball, Freshman, 225 Baslcelball Games, 2I8-223 Baslcelball, Varsily, 2 I 7 Bela Alpha Psi, 278 Bela Thela Pi, 376-377 Big Ten Championship, 202-203 4IO TOPICAL INDEX Billy Milchell Squadron, 243 Board ol Sludenl Publicalions, I78 C Cadel Corps, 24 I Cenlral Parly Commillee, I22- I27 Cheerleaders., 2I5 Chi Epsilon, 276 Chi Omega, 348-349 Chorus, I65 Collegiale Chamber ol Com- merce, 59 Commerce Seniors, 6.0-67 Commons, 322-323 Cross Counlry, 227 Currier I-Iall, 324-330 D Daily Iowan, I84-l85 Della Chi, 378-379 Della Della Della, 350-35I Della Gamma, 352-353 Della Sigma Della, 286-287 Della Sigma Pi, 295 Della Tau Della, 380-38I Della 'lhela Phi, 290 Della Upsilon, 382-383 Della Zela, 354-355 Denlal I-Iygiene Seniors, 7l Denlislry Seniors, 70-7I Dolphin Club, 232-233 E Engineering Seniors, 74-77 Ela Kappa Nu, 277 F Fencing, 228 Foolball Coaches, 204-205 Eoolball Games, 206-2I4 Foolball Team, 204-205 G Gamma Alpha Chi, 296 Gamma Phi Bela, 356-357 Goll, 229 Governor's Day, 249 Greek Week Commillee, 339 Gymnaslics, 230 H I-Iancher, Presidenl, 46-47 I-Iawkeye, l80-I83 I-Iawk-I Pep Club, 260 I-Iighlanders, I67-I69 I-Iillcresl, 3I2-3I7 I-lillel Eoundalion, 304 Homecoming, 20-2I Home Economics Club, 269 Inler-Dorm Presidenls' Council, 309 Inler-Eralernily Council, 368 Inler-Eralernily Pledge Council 369 lnlernalional Club, 26I Iowa Chrislian Fellowship, 304 Iowa Transil, 299 J Junior Panhellenic Council, 34I K Kappa Alpha Thela, 358-359 Kappa Epsilon, 292 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 360-36I L Law Seniors, 80-8I Law Sludenl Council, 79 Lellermen's Club, 237 Liberal Arls Direclors, 84 Liberal Arls Ollicers, 83 Liberal Arls Seniors, 85-IOI M Married Sludenls, 336-337 Medical Sluclenl Council, 103 Medicine Seniors, 104-107 Miss SU1 Pageanl Board, 130 Morlar Board, 273 N Newman Club, 305 Nursing Seniors, 110-112 Nu Sigma Nu, 283 Nu Sigma Phi, 281 O Qccupalional Therapy Club, 293 Qmicron Della Kappa, 272 Qrcheslra, 164 P Panhellenic Council, 340 Pershing Rifles Company B, 244 Pershing Rifles Reg. 1-lg., 245 Pharmacy Seniors, 116-117 Phi Alpha Della, 290 Phi Alpha Mu, 275 Phi Bela Pi, 284 Phi Della Phi, 291 Phi Della Thela, 384-385 Phi Epsilon Kappa, 296 Phi Epsilon Pi, 386-387 Phi Era Sigma, 274 Phi Gamma Della, 388-389 Phi Gamma Nu, 295 Phi Kappa, 390-391 Phi Kappa Psi, 392-393 Phi Kappa Sigma, 394-395 Phi Rho Sigma, 285 Pi Bela Phi, 362-363 Pi Kappa Alpha, 396-397 Pi Tau Sigma, 277 Ponloniers, 245 Psi Qmega, 288-289 O Quadrangle, 318-321 Queens, 128-153 R Rose Bowl, 24-25, 190-201 Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma S Alpha Epsilon, 398-399 Chi, 400-401 Della Chi, 297 Della Tau, 364-365 Nu, 402-403 Phi Epsilon, 404-405 Thela Tau, 279 Soulh Quadrangle, 311 Slale Board ol: Regenls, 51 Sludenl Advisory Council, 275 Sludenl' Chrislian Council, 303 Sludenl Council, 254-255 Sludenl Marlceling Club, 293 Sludenl' Nurses Qrganizalion, 109 Swimming, 231 T Tau Bela Pi, 276 Television Sludios, 187 Tennis, 234 Thealre, 170-173 Thela Sigma Phi, 278 Thela Tau, 298 Thela Xi, 406-407 Town Men, 334 Town Women, 335 Traclc, 235 U Union Board, 256-257 V Varsily Rifle Team, 240 W Wesllawn, 331-333 Women's Recrealional A 268 Wreslling, 236 WSU1, 186 Y Young Democrals, 259 Young Republicans, 258 YWCA, 265 Z Zela Tau Alpha, 366-367 ss'n, 266 411 A Aastad, Audrey Ann, 85 Abbasi, Ali Daoud, 74 Abodeely, Adele Kay, 60, 309, 322, 323 Abodeely, Georgina, 323 Abraham, William W., 388 Abrahams, Howard A., l82, 255, 372 Abrams, Marlene E., 293,364 Abramson, Nancy Jean, 60, 343 Accola, Kay Jean, 257, 263, 268, 348 Achenbach, Florence O., I69 Acheson, Jane Elin, 359 Aaamnz, Linda Jay, 266, 327 Adams, David Mason, 85, 232, 260 Adams, Don, 248 Adams, Warren Rolland, 26I Adamson, Margaret J., 85, 293, 323 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson STUDENT INDEX Mary Jo, ll0, 343 Maxine L., 85 Paul M., 85 Phil Gene, 269 Anderson Philip D., 403 Anderson Ralph T., 247 Anderson, Richard A., 74, 298 Anderson Richard M., 229, 392 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Robert S., 244 Rodney A., 235, 243, 303, 3l9 Thomas l., 404 William R., 283 Andreasen, James H., 290 Andrew, Carolyn Sue, 34l, 35l Andrew, Charlotte A., 269 Andrew, Kay Marilyn, 328 Andrews, Arthur W., 274 Andrews, James Gordon, 74, 272, 276 Adamson, Patricia Ann, 347 Adamson, Richard H., 284 Adamson, Sharon Kay, 269 Adamson, William M., 396 Addis, Winston Clark, 243 Ahlgren, Donald Elmer, 04 60, 2 l82 Ahlgren, Louise Anne, Ahlgren, Robert Carl, 232 Ahrenholtz, Donald H., 60 Aisner, Vicki Lee, 260 Andrews, Ankeney John Robert, 407 Harrold W. 274 Ankrum, William Dean, 60, 294 Anstine, Robert Lee, 404 Anthony, Sherman Lane, 283 Anton, Duane Ray, 375 Antram, Ruth Ann, 85, 293 Bale, John Thomas, 60,278,376 Ball, Suzanne, 348 Ball, Virginia Fern, 347 Ballagh, Robert M., 85, 284 Ballard, John David, l23, 279, 384 Ballard, Thomas Henry, 85 Bane, Ann Eales, 85 Bane, James Julian, 257, 392 Bannister, Keith M., 404 Barbee, Walter W., 269, 379 Barber, Richard Ellis, 392 Barck, Richard Thomas, 247, 345 Barker, Shirley Lee, l42, I69, 260, 347 Barkley, Karen F., l82, 32B Barloon, James Henry, IO4, 285 Barlow, Betty Jane, 85 Barlow, James Thomas, 85 Barmash, Anita J. F., 364 Barmish, Louis David, 387 Barnes, Arthur Eddy, 85 Appleby, Bruce C., 320 Appleton, James R., 254 Arbaugh, Edward Don, 85, 226, 243, 246 Barnes Barnes, David Charles, 392 James Alan, 383 Barnes, Janice Mary, 85, l40, l69, 273, 360 Barnes, Marian Lois, 28l Barnes, Robert Linn, 285, 287 Barnes, Wayne Joseph, 236 Barnett, Mary E., 85 Beisel, Richard Ross, 375 Beisser, Sally Elaine, 86, 329, 325 Bekemeier, Don, 243 Belding, James H., 70, 288 Bell, Barbara Jean, lI0, 279 Bell, Dorothy Jean, I69 Bell, lda Mae, 86, l22, I69, 262, 273, 360 Bell, James Raymond, 86, 283 Beltman, Jerry W., 257 Belvel, Donna Ruth, 332, 343 Bemus, Dean Harold, 283 Bender, Jane Emma, 359 Bendixen, Romaine L., 243, 274 Bengston, Susan E. H., I52 Benner, Robert Bruce, 380 Bennett, Carroll Lee, 3l4 Bennett, George E., 74, 242, 246 Benninger, Bernard G., 74 Benson, Bruce B., 388 Benson, Harry Curtis, 86 Benson, Omar P., 404 Bentley, Robert Heald, 86 Benz, Eleanor Jean, 86, IB4, 28l Benz, Robert Rex, 399 Beran, Frank Van, 283 Berenstein, Marvin S., 255, 257, 260, 387 Berg, Lloyd Arthur, 407 Berg, Anna Katherine, 86,360 Adams, Adams Adams Franklin T., 255, 383 , James Marty, 29l , Joye H., B5 Adams, Mary Jane, 348 Adams Adams Neil Arthur, 60, 375 , Richard Wesley, 274 Aitken, Donald Bruce, 85,403 Albert, Barry Dean, 85 Albert, Harold Leon, 392 Albert, L. Jack, 288 Alcorn, Marilyn Gwen, 85 Aldershot, John Dale, 379 Aleu, Fernando, 283 Alexander, James E., 60 Allbee, Harvey G., 290 Allen, Albert Jackson, 80, 290, 320 Allen Danise P., 85 Allen Dudley J., 79 Allen Allen Allen , Jay Thomas, 284 Linda E., 347 Lloyd Edward, 74 Allen Philip Shyrl, 74, 303 Allen, Richard Grant, 232, 3l4 Allen, Richard Leroy, 227, 237, 33l Allen Stewart, 404 Allen William Thomas 60 247 Allin.-ier, Ronald, ss, 3l4 ' Archer, Bernard T., 285 Archer, Rheta Janet, 7l, 85, 363 Arendts, Darrell E., 407 Arildsen, Richard Lee, 85 Armbrecht, Robert G., 407 Arrnbruster, Robert L., 60 Armstrong, Craig M., 80 Armstrong, Joel Dean, 388 Armstrong, Maclay M., 286 Arney, Myra Ann, 260 Arnold, Robert Dwaine, 85, 400 Arnow, Lois Dale, l82 Arntal, Doris M., 363 Arp, Merle Elmer, 85 Arterburn, Connie J., 328 Arvin, Robert Powers, 399 Aschom, Mary Ethel, 323 Aschom, Thomas R., 60 Asher, Jean Elizabeth, 355 Asher, Mary Lou, 352 Ashline, John William, 383 Ashlock, Larry lra, 290 Ashton, Jane Blanche, I69, 348 Ashton, Janet Ann, 257 Asper, Raymond Earl, 388 Aspland, Carl Edwin, 240, 244 Asprey, Gene Maurice, 296 Allison, Gerald Lynn, 60 Allison, Howard E., 60 Allison, Marilyn J., 329 Alm, Virginia Ellen, 347 Al-Maiydh, Ali, 26I Almquist, David Duane, 274 Alper, Jacqueline, 85, 328 Alt, Erma Jean, 279 Alwine, Daryle Eugene, 244 Amble, Bruce Roy, 255, 399 Amdahl, Ardith Ann, 344 Amesbury, John F., 376 Arnick, Mary Kay, 356 Ammons, Wayne, 85 Amundson, Arthur M., 60 Anderle, Donald Frank, 85, 407 Andersen, Chris, 74 Andersen, Harvey J., 295 Andersen, Karla Jean, 330 Andersen, Zoe Ann, 293 Anderson, Adrian Dale, 85 Anderson Charles E., II6 Anderson: Charles w., 232, 244 Anderson, Clitton Lee, 284 Anderson, Cornelia, 85 Anderson, Dewey R., 276 Anderson, Dwight Dean, 288 Anderson, Gary W., 379 Anderson, Greta M., 323 Anderson, Hiordis R., 85 Anderson, Jean Harold, I69, 363 Anderson, John B., 383 Anderson, Joyce T., l82, 343 Anderson, Lloyd Edgar, 60 4l2 Atkins, Donald S., 85 Atkinson, Jayne Alice, I69, 347 Austin, Alice E., 328 Austin, Anna Belle, 268 Austin, James Walker, 23l, 232 Ayres, Ruby Taylor, 85 Baack, Rolyn Ernest, 345, 407 Bachman, Richard L., 85 Backers, Carl Henry, 74 Bader, Shirley Jean, 292 Bailen, Eddie Howard, l82, 372 Bailen, Harold Norman, 85, l03, 284 Bailey , Cass Hause, 85 Bailey, Catherine Ann, 328 Bailey, Bailey Bailey Don Charles, 85, 296 Frances B., l82, 356 , George, 232 Bailey, Kenneth E., 74, 277, 298 Bailey Nancy Jo, 266 saiiief Samuel Eawsfaas, 230,232 Bailin, Charles David, 60, 234, 237, 387 Baird, nafhsniei r., so, 278, 294, sos, 3l3, 3l4 Baird, William C., 298 Baker, Alice Marie, 352 Baker, Bonnie Ann, 355 Baker, Nancy Lou, 264, 265, 348 Bakritges, Chris Nick, 284 Baldwin, Lawrence G., 288 Baldwin, Nathan W., 383 Baldwin, Terrance D., 288 Barnum, Carol Jean, ll0 Barrett, James Tudor, 288 Barrett, Jean J., l22, l30, 255, 363 Barritt, Paul F., 74, 276, 277 Barrows, Standish K., 395 Barry, Gary Edwin, 383 Barry, Robert John, 248 Barry, William F., ll6 Barryhill, Robert, 290 Barta, Beverly Sue, 85 Bartels, Donald A., 60 Bartels, Donita June, 28l Bartels, Russell W., 204 Bartlett, John Carter, 285 Bartlett, Phil B., 257, 392 Barton, Ralph Larose, 85 Barton, Vincent lrwin, 60, 294 Bartsch, Daryl Dean, 86, 396 Bartunek, Robert D., 243 Basbaum, Mario A., 60,294 Bass, Judie Ellen, 364 Bassler, Thomas J., 285 Bassman, Martin G., 297,372 Bastron, Frederick C., 86, 245, 395 Batcher, Robert E., 400 Bates, Elizabeth Jane, I69, 359 Batesole, Virginia A., 359 Bateson, Bette Jean, I69, 363 Bateson, Robert Rule, 86, 272, 339, 380 Bathey, Bradley Scott, l82, 228 Bauer, Barbara Ann, 35l Baugh, Judith Mae, 7I, 292 Baule, Charles L., 74 Bauman, Janet Irma, l82, 257, 264, 296, 355 Baumann, Robert W., 70, 288 Baxter, Marilynn Ruth, 257, 263, 265, 359 Beals, Bradley Alan, 86 Bean, Alden Suydam, 392 Beardsley, Keith M., 60 Beatty, Harry Edward, 29l Beatty, Patricia June, 86,327 Beatty, Suzanne, 355 Beauchamp, Daniel Lee, 375 Bechtelheimer, Mary K., l82, 269, 344 Becic, John Stephen, 74, 396 Beck, Craig Allen, 380 Becker, Louis Edward, 74, 276 Beckman, John C., 80 Beckmann, Edward Merz, 244,247 Beckstrom, John H., 29l Bedell, Donald Edward, 392 Beebe, Stanford Ray, 60, 230, 232, 403 Beekman, John Charles, 29l Beery, Dean Joseph, 60 Begel, Harold Charles, 86 Behm, Duane Edward, 60 Behrends, Robert John, 383 Behrens, Joan Eileen, 328 Beightol, Donald E., 399 Beisel, Barbara Mae, I69, 269, 360 Berg, Roger William, 60 Bergee, Harold Ellet, l04, 282 Bergeman, Barbara Ann, 322, 323 Berger, A. Fred, 80 Berger, Shirley Ann, 86 Bergquist, Sharon Sue, 348 Bergren, Allan John, 60,295 Bergstron, Judith K., 343 Bergstrom, Mary C., l23, 363 Bernau, William R., 79, 80, 290 Berner, Ann Marie, l80, 256, 264,356 Bernstein, Gordon A., 387 Berray, Robert W., 29l Berry, Henry Curtis, 226 Berry, Herbert Curtis, 74 Berry, Richard Warren, 380 Berryhill, Leroy K., l03, IO4 284 Berst, Gordon Kay, 226, 403 Bertroche, Joseph G., 86 Besley, Keith W., 286 Best, Roland William, 334 Betts, Wayne LeRoy, 383 Bezman, Frona June, 364 Bieber, Jack Walter, II6 Bieleteldt, Joann, 274, 275 Bierbaum, Beniarnin E., 282 Bierbaurn, Sandra Ann, 260, 263, 265, 266, 348 Biere, Doris Louise, llO Bierschbach, Raymond, 39l Bigalk, Lester C., 37l Bills, Rex Eugene, 86, 380 Bilsland, Margie Kay, 274, 275, 328 Binko, Lester Douglas, 74 Birosel, Norbe C., 26I Bishop, Judith Ann, ll0, 355 Bishop, Mary Jane, 274, 275, 328 Bishop, Wallace Wiley, 60,383 Ralph R., 80 Bittner, Biurstrom, Dale E., 237, 384 Black, James Allen, 380 Black, Thomas William, 60 Bladon, Doyle G., 288 Bladon, LaVern A., 69, 288 Blantord, Toby M., 388 Blank, Robert Thomas, 399 Blautuss, Donna C., I82, 352 Bleakley, John L., I78 Bleasdell, Robert J., 400 Bliss, David Paul, 294 Blitz, Robert lrwin, 86, 372 Blixt, James Karl, 399 Block, Daniel Lee, ll6 Block, Judith Mary, l82, 328 Blodgett, James M., 288 Bloom, Barbara Ann, I69, 274 Bloomquist, Frank W., 204, 237, 368, 39' Blough, Norma Lee, 269 Blue, Charles B., 396 Blue, Lance Conde, 380 Bluedorn, Susan Ann, 323 Blum, Blunk, Richard Yale, 260 Wayne LeRoy, 375 Blunl, Charles H., 255, 298, 379 Blunl, Von LeRoy, 243, 320 Blull, Conslance E., I82, 296 Boal, Jack William E.,86, 226,296 Boardman, Sally Jean, l38, I82, 356 Bobenhouse, Richard H., 369, 375 Bobrol 'l, Sherry Lee, 364 Bobrove, Florence L., 328 Bock, Donald Keilh, 86, 226,247 Bock, Virginia Mae, 35I Brechler, Ronald C., 276 Breedlove, Russell E., 204, 395 Bremner, John Barron, 204, 236, 383 Brender, Susan Irene, 295 Brennan, Terrence D., 400 Brennecke, Allen E., 229, 388 Breslaw, Millon Allen, 74 Brewer, Waller J., 86, l82, 404 Briggs, Thomas G., IO4, 282 Brighl, Elaine Deanna, 327 Brighl, Jeraldine F., I44, 360 Bring, Roberl LeRoy, 228, 383 Bock, William Charles, 284 Bringle, Byers, Brown, Boehmler, Barbara, 34l, 348 Boehner, Elizabelh A., I38, I69, 352 Boeke, Barbara Jean, 255, 264, 274, 275, 348 Boeke, Larry Harold, 37l Boeke, Peler Reece, 286, 37l Boerner, Carolyn L., 292 Boellcher, Roberl A., 86 Boeye, Roberl Pryce, 29l Bogarl, Beverly F., 34l, 343 Bogerl, John Alden, 232 Bogerl, Ralph Baker, 232 Bohlken, Marlene J., 347 Bohnenkamp, Conslance, 7l, 86,292 Boke, Bruce Ray, 383 Boldl, Donald Bernard, 74, 276 Bolsinger, Richard D., 74 Boley, Eugene Conlee, 60 Bolsinger, iRichard D., 74 Bollon, Richard Lee, 86, 388 Bomkamp, Donald F., 285 Bond, John Thomas, 86 Bondi, Richard Leon, 387 Bonella, John Warren, 229, 392 Book, Glenn LeRoy, 388 Bookey, Fred E., 387 Bookin, Sylvia Diane, I82, 364 Boolh, Gary Lee, 334 Boolh, Mary Lynn, 28l Boolier, Kay Marie, 359 Bopp, LeRoy Claylon, 243 Brinker Brislon Brillon Jerald Elwin, 375 Ray Allen, IO4, 284 Jack Lane, 404 Cliflon J., 290 Brillon, Conslance J., I82, 255, 260, 360 Brillon , Joy Maxine, 295 Brilzmann, John B., IO4 Brockman, Roberl, 376 Brodsky, David Leon, 387 Brody, Harriele L., ll0 Broer, Richard Neil, 37l Broholm, Kay Anne, 87 Broholm, Russell, 284 Brooker, Donald L., 6l, 295 Brookman, Sydney L., I69, 360 Brooks, C. Granl, 293 Brooks, Loy, 83, 87, l78, 24l, 242, 243, 272, 297 Brolhers, William T., 39l Brolherlon, Douglas E., 247 Brown, Brown, Barbara Jean, 87, 344 Burdeen Fred, 6l, 278 Brown, Charles Arlhur, 295 Brown, Donald Joseph, 29I Brown, Donna Rae, 35l Brown, Marvin Allred, 74, 277 Brown, Norman Baillie, IO4 Brown, Roberl Delord, 243 Brown, Roberl Lee, 376 Brown, Samuel Burr, 6l, 293 Brown, Sharon Kay, 254, 262, 322, 323 Susan B., I82, 359 Burroughs, John A., 204, 237 Burrows, John R., 29I, 379 Burrows, Tom Gury, 235, 3l3 Burl, Paul Dean, 87 Burlon, Burlon, Bruce Leon, 380 William R., 383 Busby, Belly Carol, 262, 264, 360 Bulcher, Nancy Louise, 365, 347 Buller, Ronald Edward, 74, 298 Bybee, Don Kennelh, 87 Byerly, Lillian Lou, lI0 Byers, Charles Allan, 6I, 403 Edward J., 87 Byrum, Jean, 87, 348 C Cady, Palrick Arnold, 29I Caesar, Susan Myers, 87 Cahalan, Arlhur B., 288 Caldwell, Dorolhy H., 87 Chapman, Allen Ray, 380 Chapman, Gerold Forey, 87 Chapman, LaVonne J., 303 Chase, Sheila Gail, 355 Chazen, Eleanor Deana, l82 Check, Earl Dean, 87, 400 Chenaull, Paul Gene, 87, 234, 237, 255, 37l Cheng, Francisco C., 298 Cherry, Diane Adele, 268, 329, 347 Cherubini, Anlhony R., 87 Chesen, Gerald, 387 Chesmore, Ronald W., 303 Cheslerman, Nancy E., I69, 263, 360 Cheville, Richard A., 3Il Child, Marilyn Rulh, 87 Chiles, Jerald Edwin, 380 Chipokas, Conslanline, 388 Chipokas, James L., 29l Chollell, Janel Lee, 87 Caldwell, Virginia L., 266, 359 Caldwell, Wendel Lee, 87, 3l3 Calhoun, John Rains, 29I Callahan, Roberl G., 6l, 294, 334 Camamo, Joseph Alberl, 235 Cambier, Roberl Keilh, 80, 291 Cameron, Karen Mae, 323 Camp, Karen Chrisline, 359 Campbell, Dorolhy L., 292 Campbell, Kennelh C., 74, 247, 298 Campbell, Lois Ann, lBl, I69, 296, 352 Campbell, Maurice D., 320 Campbell, Palrick G., 285 Campbell, Rodney Kenl, 375 Campbell, Sheila Ann, 330 Campbell, Suzanne R., I69, 35I Campbell Canady, R Terry Fred, I82, 400 chard W., 29I Chrislensen, Dale L., IO4 Chrislensen, David l., 243, 375 Chrislensen, John A., 395 Chrislensen, John F., 59, 6l Chrislensen, Kennelh, 288 Chrislensen, Marla Jo, l23, 257, 344 Chrislensen, Neal R., 87, 245, 247 Chrislensen, Ronald l., 247, 298, 299, 320 Chrislensen, Sara J., 325 Chrislensen, Thomas P., 23l, 232 a Chrislian, K ren J., 268, 344 Chrisliansen, Ann E., 330 Chrisliansen, Mary K., I69, 329, 356 Chrislianson, Karl J., 204 Chrislianson, Roger K., 3I3, 3I4 Chrisloflerson, Allhea J., ll0, 279, 332 Chua, Jonalhan E., 298 Chudacolf, Nadine E., 269 Canar, Joyce Anne, l82, 364 Carbonaro, John A., ll6 Card, Carolyn Eslella, 343 Carew, Allen James, 6l Carey, David James, 87 Carey, Palricia Ann, 330 Borche Boroch rding, Donald L., 282 oll, Eugene H., 372 Borreson, Nan, 86, l80, 273, 28l, 352 Brownlie, Malcolm H., 6l, 293 Broyles, Belly Jane, 87, I36, l40, 28l, 356 Brua, Donald Trumane, 6l Bryant Donald Edward. bl ciarke, Pamela, ss, 269, 347 Bowen, Borls, Roberl Allen, 383 Bosche, Leland Mark, 60 Bosrock, Ronald M., 403 Boss, Palricia Lee, 327, 330 Boss, Richard William, 37l Bossen, Lee George, 376 Boslrom, Gary Fraser, 60, 383 Bouma, John Jacob, 275, 384 Beverly Anne, 86 Brubaker, Marsha Jo, 256, 262, 339,356 Bruce, Kay Marie, 323 Brucher, Michael E., 80 Bruhn, Leonard V., 87 Bruns, Dennis L., 225, 39l Bruns, Henry Claylon, 288 Brush, George Howard, 87 Bryan, Janel Nadine, l69, 363 Carlin, John Joseph, 290 Carlock, Carlson Burlon Arlan, IO4, 284 Dawn Rae, 352 Chudacofl, Norman E., 74 Church, James B., 379 Church, Jerry Slephen, 257, 380 Cilek, Carolyn Louise, l69 Clabaugh, James Ross, 368, 37l Clapsaddle, Jack G., 288 Clark, Belly Kay, 352 Bruce W., 87 Charles B., 284 Clark, Clark, Carlson, Donald Arvid, 368, 395 Carlson, Linda Jo, 359 Carlson, Marilyn L., 87 Carlson, Roberl J., 380 , Samuel L., 294 Carlsson, Anders S., 230, 232,237 Carmichael, William H., 226, 257, 403 Carnahan, James W., 6l Carlson Clark, George H., 88, 29l Claik,EGordon Eugene, 388 Clark, James Merrick, 248 Clark, Judilh Ann, I69, 347 Clark, Mary Ann, 352 Clark, Max William, ll5 Clark, Nancy Peabody, 363 Clark, Roberl Gibson, 380 Bowen, Bowers Donald Leonard, 204, 235 ,James Virgil, 400 Bowers, Shirley Ann, 347 Buche, Dale Kunlz, 87, 285 Buck, Norman W., 87,247 Buckley, Nancy B., 327, 329 Carpe, William Donald, 303 Donald L., 375 Bowlin, Bowman, James Edward, 86, 384 Bowman, Nela Marie, I82, 367 Bowne, Mary Ann, I82, 356 Boyce, Richard John, 320 Boyd, Roberl Kirby, 272, 297 Boyer, Belly Lou, ll0, 356 Boyer, James Lee, 380 Boylan, Charles E., IO4, 282 Boyle, Daniel William, 60 Boyle, James Palrick, 60 Buckroyd, Barbara C., 7l, 363 Bucy, Paul Craig, 87 Budd, Mariorie E., 28l Buechle, George T., 282 Buenneke, Richard H., 379 Bullinglon, Claudia S., 263, 325, 327 Bugbee, William, 87 Buhn, Palricia Lynn, I82, 355 Buhrow, William Lloyd, 282 Bulgren, William G., 228, 269, 320 Bullock, Jean, 363 Bradbury, David R., 248, 392 Brady, Brady, Judilh Ellen, I82, 274 Rulh Sharon, I38, 352 Bragg, Charles Millon, 86 Bragg, Thomas Milan, 86 Braley, Alson Deming, 232, 407 Braley, Braley, Charles P., 86, 368, 376 Edward Miller, 288 Bump, Richard Olis, 294 Bump, Wilbur N., 291 Bunlen, Ronald Keilh, 87,282 Burchell, David Eric, 388 Buren, Kalhleen Ann, I82, 356 Carpenler, Mary L., 260, 265,330 Carr, John Eddinglon, 283 Carrell, Douglas E., 376 Carrier, William Lee, 403 Carroll, Ralph J., 39l Carroll, Roberl William, 369 Carrolhers, Richard L., 70, 286 Carson, Georgia Gail, 87 Carson, Richard Alan, 404 Carson, Thomas Edward, 284 Carler, Daryl Lee, 297, 334 Carler, David Ellis, 244 Carler, John Linus, 87 Carler, Nancy Ellen, ll0 Carler, Pamela Dolak, 87 Carver, Carver, Carver, Carver, Kendall Lynn, 293 Mary Lou, 348 Richard James, 286 Richard E., 388 Chaikin, Slephen Alan, 387 Braman, Marvin Lee, 384 Brammer, Maxine A., ll0 Brammerlo, Mary Lee, ll0 Bramson, David B., 86, l80, I8I Brandao, Sonia M., 86, 26l Brandenburg, Roberl C., 204, 243, 399 Brandl, Irene Mollie, 60,262,295 Brandl, John F., 403 Brandl, Myrna Ann, l35 - Brandl, Richard Arnim, 375 Brannan, James Edward, 74 Brauer, Barbara E., 86, 360 Brauer, William W., 282 Braun, Roberl William, 404 Brecher, Fullon R., 6l Brecher, Mary Lou, 325 Buresh, Ernesl Joe, 80 Burge, Barbara Ellen, 87, 322, 323 Burgess, Carol Sue, 363 Burgess, Darrell D., 282 Burgess, Edward Lee, 392 Burgess, Sally Anne, B7 Burgell, Keilh Edwin, 29I Burgell, William A., 87 Buringlon, Anne, 359 Burke, Evelyn Vesla, 6l Burke, Mary Jo, 347 Burke, Thomas Edward, 380 Burkel, John McVey, 87, 282 Burkell, Mary Jane, 292, 7l Casey, Colleen June, l69, 452 Casey, Keilh William, 6l, 380 Cass, Margarel Ann, l69 Clarke, Roberl James, 260, 303, 3l4 Clause, Karen, I69, 256, 28l, 363 Clauson, Richard C., 243 Clauson, Theodore R., 6l Claymon, Allan Wolfe, 387 Claypool, Janel Ann, 88, 340,343 Clearman, Jerome P., 395 Cleaver, Gloria Deane, 260, 344 Clemens, Susan J., 330 Clemens, Winfred Jack, 294 Clemenls, William H., 88 Cleven, Lloyd Maynard, 6l Clinker, Virginia Lee, 88, 35l Clizbe, Duane Lee, 88, 247, 399 Coad, Thomas Frederic, 288 Coals, Marsha Ann, 7l, 356 Cochran, Normaiean, Il0 Coe, Helen Kalherine, 88, 260, 355 Coe, Merlin Dale, 298 Coe, Roger Norman, 74,276,298 Cogswell, Nancy Ellen, IO9, 255, 265, 33l Casleel, Susan Ann, 87 Caslek, Kennelh Louis, 87, 246 Caudill, Harold F., 70, 288 Cavanaugh, Joseph E., 288 Cavey, Aubrey Alan, 6l, 403 Cech, Roberl William, 379 Cerekwicki, Judilh A., Cerka, Margarel Ann, 344 Cerny, David Edward, 407 Ceynar, Marvin Emil, 87 Chadek, Jeannelle Ann, 335 343 Cohen, Elaine Frances, 364 Cohen, James Alan, 372 Cohen, Kennelh L., 284 Cohn, Gary Unger, I82, 387 Cohn, Rochelle Lynn, I23, l38, 263, 364 Cohrs, Roberl D., 29I Colberl, Kalhleen T., 88, 347 Cole, Barba ra Frances, 268, 359 Cole, Caren Marie, 359 Cole, Julia Cole, Terry Rose, 359 Franklyn, 243 Burkhead, Rulh Lenore, 87 Burns, Floyd Emil, 388 Burns, Gerald Edward, 243 Burns, Roberl Lee, 244, 294 Burns, William Carl, 87 Chakravarly, Diplish, 26l Challed, Richard A., 80, 29I Chalupsky, Merle J., 70, 286 Chamberlain, Maurice, 260, 383 Coles, James Henry, 232, 237 Colglazier, Baila J., 88 Collenline, Marvin E., 104,282 Collings, Thomas E., 379 Collins, Hesler S., ll0, 279 4l3 sell Lee, 383 Collins, James A., 384 Collins, Jim Lloyd, 6l, 254, 294, 3l3, Collins, Ruthmary, 263, 274,344 Collison, Jack Lee, 383 Commings, Robert C., 204 Compton, Barbara Jean, 292 Cone, Cynthia Sue, 88, 266, 367 Conger, Nan Lynn, 88,296 Coningsby, John L., 70 Conlon, Donald Joseph, 70 Conn, Laurel London, 88 Conn, Patricia A., 360 Conway, Gerald F., 88, 320 Cook, Estella Jean, 260,323 Cook, James Laurel, 74 Coon, Nola Dee, 88 Cooper, Ann Thon, I34, l38, 268,363 Cooper, Janet Clare, I69, 347 Cooper, Sharilyn V., 6l Coover, Bradley J., 396 Copley, Richard E., 88 Coppotelli, Roy W., 204 Cornelius, Pierce A., l04 Cornish, Charles Graf, 286 Carson, Natalie Lee, l82, 255, 257 Courter, Lloyd W., 272, 29l, 368, 383 Cowle, Curtis Irvin, 3I3 Cowznotsky, Melvin, 283 Cox, David Lawrence, 404 Cox, John David, 388 Cox, Philip Gardiner, 88 Coy, Clair Brock, 298 Craft, Marilyn Kay, 356 Craig, Arlo Frank, 29l Craig, James William, 236 Crandall, Barbara L., 344 Crandall, Charles David, 379 Crawford, Carol F., l30, l69, 256, 262 35l Crawtord, Elaine L., 292, 330 Crawford, Robert L., ll5 Crawley, Diane, 344 Cray, John D., 80, 254, 29l Creach, John William, 404 Creese, Elwin Henry, 6l, 295 Creger, Marlys Ardene, 88, 28l Creswell, James F., 29l Crocker, Raymond D., 6l Croft, Judy Ann, I69, 328 Crogham, Betty Glee, 88 Crone, Nellie Maxine, I69, 347 Crone, Pauline, 34l, 367 Cronin, James Francis, 293 Cronk, C. Elizabeth, 88 Cronkelton, Thomas E., 285 Crosby, Robert David, 39l Cross, John William, 6l Crouch, Carolyn Joan, 88 Crow, Graham Paul, 246 Crowley, Nancy Jean, 344 Crowley, Rowe Ellen, l82 Croy, John Harvey, 243, 404 Crumley, Phillip J., 70, 288 Danneel, Clifford M., 284 Dasher, John Lawrence, 404 Davenport, Dixie Ann, l5l Davenport, Mildred J., 335 David, Janice Helen, 328 Davidson, George T., 403 Davidson, Gloria E., 88 Davidson, James E., 23l, 232 Davidson, Jane Louise, 34l, 347 Davidson, Joseph W., 6l Davidson, Park Rutan, 80, 29l Davidson, Robert Dean, 295 Davies, John Edward, 376 Davies, Thelma Jean, 327 Davis Adelle Lourene, I23, l30, 260, 3 Davis Dav id Louis, 372 Davis Frances Anne, 257, 260, 323 Davis, Howard Will, 375 Davis, James Jay, 375 Davis, Jeanette M., ll0 Davis Jerome Thomas, 74 i Davis, Jerry John, 320 Davis, Leo Davis, Mark Keith, 243 Davis, Mary Jean, 335 Davis Nor i n Paul, 6l man Scott, 297 LeRoy, 88, 246, 260, 296, 383 Davis, Rex Davis, Robert Allen, 80, 29l Davis, Rus 44 Davitt, Edward Joseph, 39l Dawley, John Averill, 396 Day, Isabelle, 333 Day, Kenneth Lowell, 282 Deasy, Jean Marie, 88 Deasy, Richard E., 204, 272 DeBlonk, William A., 320 DeBruyn, William H., 303 Decker, Leonard James, 379 Dedert, Wanda Lee, 347 Deeming, William S., 70, 288 Deets, Milton King, 400 DeHann, Constance S., I42, 363 Del-loogh, Doris Jean, 323 Deibler, Keith, 6l, 294 De Jong, Alvin Willis, 290 DeKalb, James Arnold, 3l4 Dekock, John Byron, 284 Delacruz, Ester B., 279 Delk, Ira Edwin, 290 DeLoatch, Eleanor M., 293 DeLung, William LeRoy, 88 Denbo Dennis Dennis Dennis , Howard Edward, IO3, 283 Charles W., 243 ,Harold C., 403 , Lawrence W., 88, 229 Dennis, Mary Jo, 266, 268, 327, 329 Crutchtie ld, Barbara, 79, 80 Cubbage, Dean Thomas, 6l, 295 Cubbison, Loren M., 88 Cubbison, Terry D., 88, 343 Cumming, William W., 88, 400 Cumming s, Michael D., 384 Cunditf, John William, 400 Cunningham, Roger J., 282 Cunningham, Sara, 35l Curran, William A., 383 Currell, John F., 6l, 247, 293, 295 Curtis, Mary Anne, 322, 323 Curtis, Stephen Jon, 392 Cuthbert, William, 74 Cutright, James R., 6l, 380 D Dage, Caroll Lynn, l23, 380 Daggett, James Ellis, II6 Dahlberg, William H., 286 Dahlstrom, Ralph H., 274 Dahnk, Donald Charles, 39l Daine, Dorothy Diane, 7l, 356 Daine, William D., 288 Daley, Thomas F., 290 Dalton, Thomas J., 257, 380 Dameron, Donald Gene, 403 Damon, Meitie S., 292 Damon, Richard Alan, IO4 Daniel, Edward L., 399 4l4 Dennler, Earl George, 88, 296 Denz, Frank Leo, 257, 288 De5art, Nancy Ruth, 356 Dessel, Norman Frank, 88 Dessinger, Michael, 376 Dethmers, Jacguelyn M., 88, 266, 355 Deutsch, James C., 72 DeVol, Gene Richard, 297 Dewel, William C., l82, 400 DeYarman, Thomas Hugh, 243, 303 Deyo, Richard Eugene, 290 Dick, James Norton, 88, 247 Dickens, Nancy Marie, 309 Dicker, Joan Crystal, 274, 275 Dickman, Verlin Dean, 6l, I8I, 383 Diehl, Donald Lee, 290 Dierks, Herman Hansen, 232 Dietz, Devon Dennis, 255, 269, 375 Dietz, Wallace L., 400 Dilts, Evelyn, 333 Dinges, John M., 6l, 246,400 Dinoso, Lolita P., 26l Dirks, Marlene Ann, 303 Dirksen, Barbara J., 6l Dissinger, Jean K., 266 Distelhorst, Miriam, l82, 356 Dittmer, David Louis, 228, 237, 345 Doan, D. T., 274, 375 Dobrino, Donald E., 204, 226, 247 Dochterman, Ernest W,, 88 Dockendorff, John R., 380 Dodd, Vern, 286 Doden, Mary Elizabeth, l69, 35l Dodge, Nancy Ann, l69, l84, 348 Doerr, Mary Deanne, 257, 274, 275, 363 Doerr, Stanley Gordan, 379 Dolezal, Colleen M., 88, 262, 263, 273, 355 Dolinsek, Marlene A., 269 Dom, Arlene Faith, 88, 303 Donahue, Mary Sue, l36, 269, 363 Donahue, Mike William, 248, 37l Donelson, Sylvia Sue, 88, I69, 273 Donohue, Richard L., 80, 29l Dooley, Michael P., 399 Doone, Robert George, 298 Dorland, Marlene Faye, 335 Dorosin, Allan, 274, 387 Doss, Norma Elizabeth, l69, 327 Doster, Phillip Martin, 70 Dotseth, Frank R., 204 Dotson, John Thomas, 399 Dougherty, James E., 88 Douglas, Arthur C., I78, 339, 383 Douglas, Herbert John, l04 Dovali, William J., 88, 260, 320 Dow, Verne E., 88 Dowd, Ronald Eugene, 6l, 247, 383 Downing, Mary Eleanor, 293, 323 Downs, Martha Blanche, 269 Downs, Mary Ellen, 88, 348 Doyle, Donald Edward, 29l Drake, Darrell Hugh, 204, 284 Drake, Dorothy Ann, ll0 Draves, Ronald Edward, 6l Drennan, Ronald Lee, 226, 403 Drennen, Robert M., 288 Dr'ps, lRuth Elaine, 6l, 295 Drobner, Robert, 387 Drucker, Melvyn R., 387 Druker, Eileen, 364 Drury, Marilyn Wilma, 293 Dubbert, Donna Mae, 335 Dubois, Roger Charles, 288 Ducommun, Dale Jesse, 282 Dudley, Sally Jo, 328 Dueland, Joan Naomi, 89, l82 Duenow, John Allen, 379 Dutt, Richard William, 380 Dutfe, Lloyd Melvin, 6l Duggan, John Joseph, 388 Duley, Richard Claude, 6l Dumont, James N., 89 Dunahugh, Gary Allen, 403 Duncan, Hearst R., 204 Duncan, William A., 89 Dunkerton,Ann, 257,296,352 Dunley, Robert Emmett, 286 Dunlop, Jane, 329, 352 Dunlop, Nancy Jane, l82, 363 Dunn, lrwin Keith, 89 Dunn, John Huston, 404 Dunn, Nancy Jane, 6l, 348 Dunnington, Ted F., 74 Dunscombe, Larry Lee, 376 Durnin, Robert Eugene, 285 Durst, William R., 89 Dutton, David James, 339, 368, 388 Dvorak, Ronald George, II6 Dworzack, Carolyn J., 343 Dworzak, Marvin Frank, 6l, 293, 39l E Eads, William R., 80, 29l Earl, Rozetta Ann, 323 Earll, Faith A. Allbaugh, 89 Easterday, Robert R., II6 Easton, Barbara Ann, 279 Eastridge, Marilyn, 268, 274, 328 Eaton, Bruce Earl, 399 Eberle, David Harden, 248 Eberline, Roy Francis, 74, 399 Eberly, Dean Henry, 399 Ebersole, Robert Paul, 80, 29l Ecker, Thomas Robert, 89, 235 Eckstein, Roger John, 74, 276, 277 Edgington, Glenn E., 276, 298 Edgecornbe, Roberta G., 340 ,363 Edgington, Glenn E., 74 Edmund, Mary Ann, 352 Edwards, James, II6 Eells, Paul Irving, 226,403 Egan, James Russell, 39l Egger, Carl Thomas, 274 Eggers, Joan Dalbey, 89 Eggert, Delmer C., 284 Eikelberry, Robert O., 89 Ekland, Bernard L., 6l, 7l, 292 Elder, Howard John, 392 Eldred, Emily Rebecca, 343 Elefson, Richard E., 6l Elgan, Margaret Jane, l82, 323 Elias, Elkin, Eunice Mae, 89 Jack Milton, 255, 372 Ellenberger, Judith A., 266, 367 Elliott, Nancy Lee, 260, 330 Elliot, Robert A., 89 Ellis, Ellis, Ellis, Dorothy Jean, 89 Earl Nelslee, 23l, 237 John Gilbert, 69, 288 Ellis, Roy James, 89 Ellis, William Gene, IO4, 284 Ellison, George W,, 89, 282 Elman, John Louis, 89, 246,269 Elman, Nancy Jane, l82 Elting, Virginia Ann, 268 Emanuel, Robert D., 383 Emanuel, William A., 39l Emeis, William Emil, 403 Emerson, Lenier Ray, 62 Emery, Sandra Jean, 292 Enabnit, Marlys Joy, 348 Enfield, Myron Leroy, 89,290 Engelbrecht, James L., 89, 320 Engelken, Donald F., 62,295 Englert, John Philip, 226 Engman, Lawrence T., 286 Ennis, Robert Dean, 62, 294 Epler, Paul Gene, l04 Epperson, Tom Leo, 3l9 Erbe, Carl Frederic, 69 Erickson, Duane M., 3l3, 3l4 Erickson, Harold John, 70 Erickson, Jorrene L., 323 Erickson, Nancy Sue, l38, l82, 263, 356 Erps, William Edward, 284 Ersland, Jerome Jacob, 375 Ervin, Joyce Ann, 330 Erwin, John Lance, 232, 383 Escher, Barbara Ann, l23, 343 Echman, Gary Lee, 384 Etzel, Euchn Evans John Marvid, 62 er, Dale William, 62,294 , Dean Robert, 89 Evans, Glenda Myrle, ll0 Evans, John Bryan, 29l Evans, Mary Frances, ll0, I48, l53, 356 Evans, Merlin LaVern, 75 Evans, Robert William, 89 Evans, Timothy Turner, 383 Evans, Titus Carr, 89 Everman, Wayne F., 75, 276, 277 Eversman, John Joseph, 285 Eversman, Thomas L., 89, 376 Ewen, Roger Franklyn, 403 F Faber, Donald Keith, 282 Fagan, Donald J., 62 Fagerland, Robert G., 89 Fair, Barbara Louise, 360 Fairall, Charles F., 380 Falb, Kathryn Joan, 89, 269, 352 Falk, Howard, 225, 372 Falvey, F. Philip, 80, 29l Fangrnan, Thomas J., 39l Fansher, Jack Albert, 407 Fant, Marilyn Jean, 292 Farchmin, Carolann L., 356 Farley, Eugene Arthur, 89 Fassero, Coyla June, 327 Faulkner, Hugh Vernon, 80 Faulkner, Jerry Allen, 62 Faulkner, Kent M., 376 Faupel, Sondra Susan, 89 Fay, Delores, 330 Fay, Susan, 89 Fay, Theodore Foster, 39l Feinber, Lawrence H., 89, 372 Feller, June Laurine, 89 Fellows, Daniel E., 89 Fellows, Elsie Ann, 255, 344 Feltes, 'Clyde Richard, 229, 237 Feltes, Marcia A., 89 Feltes, Mary Jo, 359 Fennel, Mary Helen, 266, 343 Fenton, Janice Elaine, 359 Fenton, William Ralph, 282 Ferdinand, Judith I., 269, 364 Ferguson, Walter John, 404 Fernandez, Ellen Jane, 355 Ferstenfeld, Myndell, l82, 34l, 364 Fessler, Myron Dale, IO4 Fickel, Alice Jane, l82, 356 Hall, Fideler, Sylvesler, 70 Fiebig, Eugenia Ann, 260, 274, 330 Field, Elizabelh Wald, I69, 263, 328, 35l Fields, Mark Hanna, 244 Filby, Larry Dan, 89 Filean, Arlhur Siglin, 375 Filer, Armand Jay, 204 Files, Sally Meserve, 89, 266, 268, 363 Files, Winifred W., 268, 34I, 363 Filip, Lynda Mae, 89 Filselh, Henry Clark, 383 Finch, Gaslonia C., 235 Finley, Terry Ann, 255, 352 Finn, Raymond John, 286 Finn, Harold Roger, 62 Fischer, James W., 62 Fischer, Karleen May, 352 Fischer, Nancy Claire, ll0 Fischrupp, Suzann E., l82, 257, 274, 275, 339, 359 Fisher, Allan Leo, l04 Fisher, Kay Louise, 292, 367 Fisher, Ronald Mac, 3l4 Fisher, Terrence Lee, 75, 298 Fisher, Thomas Paul, 375 Filz, Annelle Elaine, 28l Filzgerald, Susan Ann, 89, 359 Filzsimmons, David H., 257, 260, 383 Flaherly, Charles E., 39l Flanders, Richard E., 90 Fleckenslein, Gordon, 248 Flelcher, Roberl Ash, 227, 235, 388 Flickinger, Archie D., 90, 3l l, 392 Flores, Minerva C., 26l Flores, Raymond R., 90 Floy, Charles Raymond, 294, 3l4 Fluelsch, David W., 90 Flynn, Helen Wicks, 90 Fochl, Frances Joan, 327, 328 Fochl, Lawrence G., 247, 298, 3l3, 3l4 Foerslner, Richard A., 240, 248 Folberg, Barbara Rae, 295, 364 Folbrechl, Fredrick, 383 Follingslad, Douglas, l04 Fonken, Gerald Alan, 62, 294 Foole, Carolyn Ann, I69, 344 Forbes, Eslher Louise, 260, 269, 355 Frush, James Roy, 288 Frush, Josephine D., l69, 356 Fry, Richard Ramsey, 388 Fuhlman, James Oliver, 244 Fuhlrodl, Douglas B., 247, 345 Fuhr, Douglas Dale, 90, 388 Fuhr, Richard Alan, 388 Fuller, Dale Eugene, 283 Fuller, Janice Louise, 343 Fullon, Jack Merrick, 80 Fullon, Judilh May, l82, 35l Fullon, Richard W., 90 Fullon, Roberl L., 90 Furlong, Furness, Kevin Marlin, 204 Carolyn V., ll0 Fusske, Jerome H., 372 G Gabe, Jane Elizabelh, 363 Gain, James Edward, lI6 Galex, Marlin Harold, 90, 339, 372 Galiher, Gregory Lee, 392 Galiher, James G., 62 Gallo, Julian, 288 Galloway, Jack S., l04, 283 Gamble, Linda Ann, 262, 263, 325, 327, 329 Gamble, Roberl A., 388 Gannon, Paul Leo, 70 Garber, David Richard, 387 Garber, Joyce Edilh, 90, 265, 344 Garber, Ronald David, 387 Garcia, Vincenl Paul, 236 Gardner, David Morgan, 293,407 Gardner, Donald Earl, ll6, 395 Gardner, James H., l04 Gardner, James Irving, 90 Gardner, Mary, Il0 Garlin, Laurence A., 288 Garrison, Roberl D., 39l Garlh, Jerrold James, 62, 293, 294 Force, Donald Charles, 75 Ford, Forde Joseph Emmell, 90, 39l nwall, James N., 298 Fors, Carolyn Louise, 90, 327 Forse, Mylilla S., l82, 322, 323 Foss, Virginia Ann, 257, 260, 295, 355 Fosler, David Lee, 80, 272 Fosler, James Vance, 62, 232, 254, 272, 320 Fosler, Jim Louis, 204 Fosler, John Morrell, 90, 247, 399 Fosler, Julie Marie, l23, 28l, 360 Fosler, Mary Diane, I37, 363 Fosler, Norman H., 90 Fosler, Paul D., 282 Fowler Fowle Kalherine H ., 344 ri Msrgsrei Kimmel, 90, 262, 263 273, 347 Fox, Kalhleen Ann, 343 Franc, Douglas Ernesl, 90 Franlz, Richard Paul, 29l Frazier, Harry W., 227, 235 Frazier, James S., 388 Frech, Richard Eugene, 388 Fredericks, Jack Neil, 295 Freeman, Roberl David, 62 Frees, Donnela F., 335 Frei, Clara Louise, 90 Frenier, Julius A., 248 Freshwalers, Jack T., 240, 248 Frelwell, Charles C., 244, 345 Freund, Thomas C., 75, 276, 277 Freyer, Charles F., 70 Frick, Delmar Lee, 243 Frick, Harry Leroy, 75 Friedman, Dennis John, 62 Friedrichsen, Glen D., 62 Fries, John Howard, 295 Friesl, Palricia Ann, ll0 Frink, Richard James, 284 Frisledl, Virginia A., ll0, 356 Frohwein, George E., 253, 400 Frommack, Bernard W., 284 Frommell, Allon Alois, 69, 70, 288 Frosl, Joan Helen, 260, 355 Frudenleld, James H., l04, 285 Frumson, Guy Herman, l04 Garvy, Mary Elizabelh, I69, 343 Gosch, Susan Ann, 348 Gasser, Richard C., 285 Gasswinl, Charles D., 404 Gaslon, Sharon Lea, 343 Galely, Charles Gary, 62, 380 Gales, Barbara Ann, 264, 269, 344 Gales, Jon Henry, 90 Gauley, Josephine V., 269 Gaull, Donna Jean, 62 Gearharl, John Darwin, 204 Gearharl, Lerily M., 400 Gebhardl, James Bruce, 403 Gehring, Edilh V.. 260 Geise, Dale Leland, 90, 269, 296 Geisewhile, Charles W., 400 Geilh, Mary Annelle, 274, 275 Gelland, Jay, 62, 387 Gellman, Elliol Field, 372 Genlry, Molden Irving, 225 George, Kennelh M., 388 George, Richard W., 395 George, Viclor R., 297 Gerdes, Augusl R., 90, 284 Gergely, Rila Rae, 344 Gericke, Vernon John, 290 Gerlils, David W., 288 German, Roberl George, 283 Gerndl, Harold LeRoy, 283 Gerwin, Kennelh S., 387 Gesink, Owen John, 284 Gholson, Alan Leo, 379 Gholson, Dan Curlis, 70, 286 Gibbons, James Edwin, 204 Gibson, Dana Bruce, 29l Gibson, James G., 72, 75, 298 Gibson, James Van, 383 Gibson, Richard E., 62, 272, 3l3 Gibson, Sally Lou, 90, 35l Gibson, Susanna Gay, 360 Giegold, Gail Kalhryn, 260 Gilford, Dee Craig, 376 243 Gilberl, Charles Alan, Gil berl, John William 62,295,404 Gillberg, Alan Arlhur, 90,232 204 Gilliam, Frank Delano, Gillis, Herberl G., l03, 284 Gilmer, Joanne Luella, l69, 257,347 Gilmore, Fred Eugene, 75 Gilmore, Kela Mae, lI0 Gilmore Neal David, 403 Gilmore, Twila June, lI0 Ginakis, George R., 75, 298 Gingles, Donald D., 376 Ginsberg, Kay Ellen, 364 Gipe, Larry Charles, l82, 243,400 Gipple, Craig Alden, 75,276 Gipple, Larry David, 278 Gilchell, Mary Jo, I69, 260, 363 Glasgow, iRolley G., 75 Glass, Virginia Belle, 90, 356 Gleich, Carol Sue, 90 Glesne, Ronald Lee, 62, 403 Glidden, David Dean, 297 Gloppen, Jean Ann, I82, 348 Glover, John Richard, 403 Glowacki, Vincenl J., 285 Gobble, Marcia Ann, 348 Goblirsch, Thomas M., 70, 288 Godard, Harley T., 62, 294, 3l4 Godbersen, Janice, 265, 333 Goeldner, Allen Louis, 62, 375 Goen, John Joseph, 80, 29l Goen, Mary Margarel, 90, l69, l82, 352 Goelemann, Gordon G., 3l9 Goellsch, Roberl E., 243 Goldberg, Sandra Jean, 90 Goldberg, Sharon E., 364 Goldberg, Sherwin M., 372 Golden, Richard W., 372 Goldfarb, Avrom Jacob, 372 Goldslein, Jerome Lee, l8l, l82, 260, 297, 372 Goldslein, Phyllis F., I82, 364 Golinveaux, Louis A., 90, 388 Gollry, Rodman R., 288 Gollz, Ronald Glasson, 90, 39l Gonsky, Marshall lra, 372 Goode, Duane Dewill, 380 Goode, Louila Janelle, 330 Goodlellow, Judilh K., 292 Gordon, Susan Gail, I46, 328 Gosch, Susan Ann, ll0 Goss, Peler Michael, 383 Gossell, Joseph Alan, 399 Govig, Richard Alyn, 75 Graeber, Susan Mary, 344 Grael, Beverly Jean, 348 Graham, 309, 3ll Graham, Marcia Ann, 360 Graham, Richard Cyril, 283, 288 Graham, Sarah Ann, I82, 360 Grandia, Thelma Rose, 90 Grandy, William B., 232 Granner, Daryl K., 3l3, 3l4 Grashorn, Sandra Jane, 90 Grasso, Michael F., 62 Gravel, Bill Lee, 204 Graves, George Brian, 403 Gray, Kalhleen Mari, 263, 359 Grayson, Edward D., 232, 379 Green, Dan Harold, 387 Green, Edward Warren, l04 Green, Grelchen Marie, I82, 269, 360 Green, James Ernesl, 62 Greenberg, Garry D., 243 Greenberg, Rochelle, I82, 323,364 Greene, Kay Eloise, 90 Greene, Muriel Ann, l69, 343 Greene, Silvia, I82, 364 Greenleaf, Harriel D., 343 Greenwald, Slanley W., 284 Greenwood, Karen Kay, l22, l69, 327 Gregerson, Dallas G., 62, 295 Grench, Norma Lee, 90 Grier, James Edward, 29l, 272, 368 Grier, John Bailey, 399 Grillin, Charles F., 274, 380 Griflin, John William, 403 Griffin, M. Josephine, 90 Grillilh, Don Edward, 75 Grimes, Harold J., 243 Grimm, Roberl Lea, 244 Griswold, Richard M., 62, 295 Grobman, Duane Jay, 62 Groenveld, Donald H., 62, 295 Gross, Alan, 383 Gross, Gaye, l69 Gross, Joseph Ralph, 254, 276, 277, 3ll Groleluschen, Janis R., 262, 264, 35l Grolher, Kay Eunice, 268 Grouwinkel, Gary, 204 Grube, Orin Charles, l04, 282 Guernsey, Daniel B., 29l Gullickson, Donna Mae, l82, 347 John Brownlie, 75, 276, 295, Gunn, Ronald Charles, 288 Gunsaulus, James D., 90 Gunlher, David Clem, 2l7 Gupla, Diplikendu, 75 Gurnas, Lombro W., 75 Guslalson, Elaine M., 355 Guslalson, Kay Alma, 328 Guslalson, Lanny Lee, 247, 269, 379 Gulh, Donald Dean, 62,395 Gullenlelder, Doris J., 7l, l44, 352 Gulz, John E., 383 H Haag, Belle Jeanne, 292 Hack, Nancy Gail, 263, 356 Hackell, Margie Ilene, 274 Haddy, Gloria Mae, 90, 262, 263, 266, 325, 327, 329 Hadley, Melinda Lee, 7l, 292 Haegle, Richard G., 375 Hafner, Palricia Anne, 90, I69, 356 Hall, Phyllis Barbara, 90, 364 Hagan, Arlhur Darrell, I03, 284 Hagan, John David, 392 Hagen, Rolly Neil, 285 Hagens, Janice Lee, ll0, 332,356 Hagens, Virginia Lois, 59, 62, I69, 256, 356 Hagerman, Janel Kay, l82 Hagerman, Lyle, 62 Hagglund, Mary Ann, ll0 Hahn, Sally Elizabelh, 257, 274, 275, 360 Hahn, Suzanne E., 257, 339, 352 Hahne, Marcia Ann, I82, 359 Hain, Roberl Michael, 403 Halbach, Conslance M., 255, 257, 356 Halbach, David Frank, 376 Halbach, Edward C., 29l Hale, Rulh, 263 Halford, Thomas N., 236 Hall, Barbara Ann, 260, 347 Hall, Daniel Lee, 288 Hall, Jack A., 3l3, 3l4 Hall, Margianne, 90, l80, l83 Hall, Norman George, 62 Rila Jean, 364 Hall, William Ellis, l04 Hallgren, Linda Sue, l82, 344 Halloran, Kalhleen, 254, 325, 329 Halverson, Donald C., 403 Hamblin, James Donald, 380 Hamiel, Carol L., 90 Hamill, Frances C., 257, 268, 274, 275, 359 Hamillon, James M., 286 Hamillon, Judilh H., l23, l69, 352 Hamillon, Thomas S., l82, 255, 383 Hamillon, Tom, 80, 254, 257, 29l Hamley, Laurence E., 3l9 Hammer, Richard W., 284 Hammer, Sverre Henry, 70,286 Hammer, William Park, 59, 62, 247 Hammond, Glenn Edgar, 375 Hamor, Page, 35l Hancock, Janice Marie, 292 Handlord, H. Allen, l04 Hanno, James Gus, 70 Hansel, Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hanson Roberl Gerald, 282 'Carol Jean, 7l, 9l, 363 Douglas W., 290 Duane Alan, 288 Erik Richard, ll6, 256, 272, 380 Gail E. 355 ZJack Dulane, 62, 247, 294, 320 Jean D., 363 Karla Kae, 328 Linda Kay, 363 Rosemary A., 327 Susan E., 9l Corrine Lois, ll0, 33I Hanson Edgar Alan, l04, 283 Hanson Geraldine Ann, I69, 35l Hanson Mary Lou, 344 Happel, Loren Ernesl, 62 Happel, William Ray, 204,399 Harai, Myles Jilsuo, 75 Harbison, John W., 383 Harding, Gene lmmel, 62 Hardman, Edward M., 295 Hardman, Roberl King, 232 Harker, Faye Jean, 352 Harkins, Roberla Mary, 348 Harmony, Paul Kennelh, 299, 3ll 4l5 Harpel, Nancy Mae, 110,326,332 Harrel, William Waldo, 91,247,383 Harring, Richard Lee, 217 Harrington, Alyce Ann, 91, 343 Harrington, Mary K., 343 Harris Harris, Harris Harris Harris Harris Harris Donald Ray, 320 Fred Alan, 204,296 Jerry Lee, 182, 400 Katheryne M., 260, 344 Lowell Norman 372 l Sandra Jean, 110, 332, 355 Tricks K., 293 Harrison, Gregory A., 383 Harsch, Larry Allen, 226, 296 Hart, Sandra Sue, 296 Hartleip, Duane Lyle, 282 Hartman, Frederick E., 235 Hartman, Sandra Lee, 367 Hartmann, Christian D., 228 Hartmann, Dietrich, 375 Hartquist, Charles D., 182,314 Hartshorn, Harriett L., 110 Hartwig, Lewis George, 62 Hartwig, Rosalee Rae, 367 Hartz, Marye Ruth, 325 Harvey, Jackie B., 269 Harvey, Robert Frank, 375 Hase, Eleanor Jean, 335 Jewel, J Hass, Albert James, 91, 280 Hass, Graydon Paul, 75 Hassebrock, Roger B., 62,295 Hassebroek, Roy, 104 Hatch, Toni Robert, 63, 204, 237, 246, 39 Hatchette, Charlotte, 91, 356 Hathorn, Richard H., 403 Haught, Nancy Lou, 269,292 Haun, Barbara E., 91,266 Hauser, Bernard J., 63 Hauser, Richard J., 75 Hausman, Alan Michael, 91, 247, 272, 387 Haussman, Robert L., 91, 204, 246 Havenhill, Jane Ann, 255, 260, 263, 303, 363 Haver, Joyce Elaine, 343 Havercamp, James R., 290 Hawe, Lore Alford, 291 Hawley, Leon Glenn, 294 Hawtrey, Christopher, 369, 407 Haydon, John R., 314 Haye, Thomas David, 226 Hayes, Dale Russell, 257, 399 Hayes, Joan Marie, 328 Haynes, Carroll E., 288 Hays, Elbert H., 91 Hays, Larry Ross, 384 Hays, Pearl Jenny, 91 Hazen, John Glenn, 282 Head, Eilene Alice, 91 Head, Robert John, 63, 278 Heath, Marguerite C., 91 1-lebel, Robert William, 392 Heberling, Ann Dolly, 360 Heckman, Carolyn Ann, 323 Hecox, Dale Irwin, 278 Hedge, Herbert Roy, 70, 178,288 Hedges, John Garold, 59, 294 Heeg, Carol Kay, 343 Hegg, Peer Siegfried, 217 Hegtvedt, Leo Carsten, 290 Hein, Darel D., 181, 182,295 Hein, Vernon Lee, 91, 313, 314 Heitman, Michael Kent, 225 Heldridge, Robert M., 380 Heldt, Lyle Eugene, 243 Helgason, William G., 91 Helgevold, Ruth Anne, 91, 323 Helms, Donald Ernest, 400 Helms, Ronald Willis, 257, 384 Hemenway, Gail Diane, 169 Hemphill, William R., 392 Hendershot, Judith, 91, 265, 359 Henderson, Bernard L., 63,246,384 Henderson, Carolyn R., 363 Henderson, Nancy C., 169,351 Hendricks, Clifford A., 104 Hendrickson, Janet M., 348 Hendrickson, Roger V., 282 Hendryx, Nancy A., 266 Hennessy, Ruth Marie, Ill Henning, Elizabeth V., 344 Henningsen, Dennis N., 248, 384 Henry, Patricia Ann, 263, 323 Henry, Paula Jean, 182,359 416 C Herbert, Susan Carol, 91, 348 Herbrechtmeyer, J. R., 392 Herbrechtmeyer, William G., 63, 392 Herman, Carolyn L., 109, 169, 268, 360 Herman, John Philip, 283 Hope, John David, 294 Hopkins, Barbara C., 292, 303 Hopkins, Jerene Anne, 71, 363 Hoppe, Roger Karl, 384 Horak, Shirley Jane, 268, 347 Hermeier, Raymond K., 235 Hermeier, Richard K., 227, 235 Herrick, Karen Sue, 335 Herrmann, Dorothy Ann, 260, 269, 347 Herschberg, Arlene F., 91 Hershey, James Merrill, 105 Hershey, Roger Dean, 403 Herteen, James W., 255, 379 Hess, John Francis, 91 Horn, Karen Marie, 182, 356 Horn, Karl John, 274 Hornba Horner Horner, Horner, Horner Horner ck, Robert H., 75 Charles A., 384 Jill Marsh, 92, 352 Joan Virginia, 169,352 Julie Dee, 344 Ruth Elaine, 260 Horstman, Patricia J., 351 Hess, John Joseph, 91 Hesse, Bernard B., 91, 395 Hesselfine, Glen C., 91, 403 Heusinkveld, Edwin D., 309 Hey, Donald Mathew, 91 Hickerson, Ann, 169, 182,363 Hickerson, Martha, 169, 182, 363 Hicklin, Robert V., 63, 228, 403 Hicks, James Ronald, 388 Hicks, Patricia S., 281 Hicks, Sue, 138, 146, 351 Higgins, Karen Ann, 260, 269, 351 High, Robert Crance, 379 High, Wallace E., 70, 256, 288 Hildreth, Darel A., 63, 295 Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Hill Dean George, 91, 407 Frank Victor, 232, 237 l John James, 72, 75 Linda Jean, 142, 148, 182,360 , Marianna Lee, 91, 360 Nancy Virginia, 330 Suzanne C. 355 Horton, Richard D., 231, 232 Horwitz, lra Myran, 284 Hoskins, Alan Lloyd, 182 Hoskinson, Samuel M., 388 Houg, Elizabeth Dell, 111,359 Hougen, Howard M., 92 Hougland, Arthur E., 247 Houk, Eugene Eldridge, 288 Houk, Robert Franklin, 63,295 Houlihan, Thomas D., 92, 399 House, Dorothy Anne, 255 Howard, Roberta J., 269, 347 Howe, Jeanne Harrison, 263,347 Howe, Judy, 351 Howell, Harold James, 217 Howell, Joann Marie, 330, 347 Howell, Paul Wayne, 63, 400 Howery, Stephen Edgar, 284 Howorth, Carlton W., 403 Hoyt, David Burns, 375 Hrubetz, Mary Kathryn, 355 Hubbard, Beverly Ann, 182,268 J Jackson, James Keith, 284 Jackson, John W., 63 Jackson, William Lyle, 274 Jacob, Thomas Byron, 375 Jacobs, Harry William, 75, 276, 277' Jacobson, Charlotte L., 92,364 Jacobson, Jean Ann, 367 Jacobson, Reginald H., 63,294 Jacobson Jacobson, 247, 296 Jaggard, Jeanne, 281 James, Stephen H., 105 Jan, Don Herbert, 75 Janda, Jon Wesley, 204 Janss, Mary, 363 Jarrard, Joy, 169 Jefferis, Vernon L., 92 Jefferson, Clark C., 92 Jeffries, Francis E., 276 Jehle, Kenneth Lee, 63 Jenkins, David, 284 Jenkinson, Jerry Jay, 204, 399 Jennings, Sally S., 111,333 Jennings, Stanley B., 243 Jennisch, Cheryl E., 182, 255, 367 , Rochelle S., 92,340,364 Thomas J., 92, 231, 232, 237 Jens, Kenton Arthur, 92, 392 Jensen, Don Arlen, 92,403 Jensen, Ruthann, 182,257,356 Jensen, Ted Wayne, 226 Jepson, Carolyn, 352 Jepson, Nancy Jean, 352 Jess, Paul H., 297 udith Graham, 105 Hills, Jared sarfiiiei, 314 Hillier, Colleen Sue, 111 Hilmer, Harry Dale, 70 Himrod, Helen Charlene, 303, 331, 344 Hingtgen, Joyce Ann, 71, 292 Hingtgen, Richard J., 70, 286 Hinson, Daniel, 91, 184, 383 Hinson, Robert Eugene, 282 Hinton, Charles F., 91 Hintz, Mary Ann, 323 Hise, William Porter, 237, 255, 257, 399 Hitchcock, Marshall L., 395 Hite, Frederick L., 63, 293, 295 Ho, Hau-Wong, 75 Hoag, Jack Paul, 63 Hobart, Mary Jo, 359 Hockel, Beverly Jean, III Hockenberg, David Ray, 387 Hodge, David Wayne, 91 Hodge, Phyllis Ruth, 274, 276,347 Hodson, Floyd Donald, 91 Hoenk, Bernard Eugene, 103, 284 Hof, George Melville, 392 Hofer, James William, 283 Hotfer, Martha Lee, 268, 359 Hubbard, James W., 92, 122 Jobe, Linda Lee, 182,352 Jochimsen, Gail Diane, 92, 355 Hoffman, Jack Boylan, 247 Hoffman, Jeanette Mae, 111 Hoffman, Leonard W., 75, 298 Hoffman Robert M., 105 Hoffman: Theresa Sue, 347 Hofstad, Curtis E., 150 Hogan, Alice F., 347 Hogan, Paul Richard, 63 Hogberg, Gunnar G., 261 Holcomb, Thomas Joel, 388 Holder, Ray Edgar, 63 Holets, Joyce Elaine, 328 Holland, Dorothy Ruth, 182, 364 Hollander, William R., 288, 371 Holleran, Brent J., 282 Holm, Gerald Lee, 63, 295 Holman, Williard W., 63, 241, 247, 392 Holmberg, Claes Soren, 403 Holmes, Barbara Jean, 138,360 Holmes, Katherine Ann, 91, 269, 360 Hols, David Randall, 91,291 Hols, John Austin, 91 Holte, James Allan, 283 Holthaus, Wallace, H., 105,285 1-lolverson, Dennie C., 63 Homewood, Edward R., 91 Honeywell, Larry Gene, 63,376 Honken, Donald Alan, 75 Honsell, August F., 392 Hood, Richard Arthur, 63, 231, 237, 403 Hoover, Ralph Samuel, 105 Hoovler, Allen Robert, 92 Huber, Elinore Noya, 92, 262, 264, 340, 359 Hubly, Jane Marie, 182,255,363 Hudler, Marlyn D., 63 Hudson, Wellborn, 368,407 Hudspeth, Jerald H., 391 Huebner, Wayne Alfred, 232 Huff, Dale S., 236 Huffman, Margaret Lou, 265 Huffman, Stephen Lee, 392 Hughes, Alan M., 294 Hughes, Carol .Ann, 347 Hulbert, Louis Kerwin, 379 Hull, Charles Neifert, 284 Hulman, Lewis Gerald, 298 Hultman, Joyce M., 111,279 Humeston, Dwight A., 334 Humm, Rosemary, 92, 268, 325, 326, 329 Hummer, William Kerby, 392 Humphrey, John Thomas, 63, 255, 293, 313 Humphreys, Mary Lou, 295, 335 Hunn, Sally Suzanne, 351 Himi, Arlene Rae, 132, 269, 274, 275, 350 Hunt, Virginia, 92, 169,363 Huntley, Emma Jane, 71 Hurlbut, Shirley Ann, lll Hurley, Francis Paul, 63 Hurwitz, Theodore P., 255, 260, 372 Husman, James Henry, 92 Huston, Gerald Dean, 63 Hutcheson, Jack J., 63 Hutchins, Sandra Lee, 326 Hutchinson, Richard D., 243, 299 Hutchinson, Roy Merle, 105,282 Hutten, Robert L., 92,246,388 Huygens, Donald W., 116 Hylbak, Roger S., 92 lde, William Joseph, 380 lgram, Mohamed H., 369, 396 Ingram, David Forquer, 235, 400 lngwersen, Lee, 72 lrwin, James Robert, 226 lrwin, Robert Louis, 63, 246 Irwin, Thomas Leonard, 243 Isaacson, Elissa K., 343 Isaacson, Shirley Ann, 335 lshkhanian, Hagop, 261 lsraelit, Ruth, 92 Iverson, Albert H., 369 Iverson, Albert Huston, 388 Ives, Carol Louise, 323 lves, Robert P., 92, 375 Jochumsen, Ann M., 59, 63, 265, 295, 3 Joerge r, Arthur V., 63 Johannes, Jerome V., 75 Johannes, Lillian L., III Johann sen, Sandra Lea, 356 John, Janet Rae, 92,347 John Lewis, Americus, 217 Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso n, Ann Laurel, 92, 359 n, Ardith E., 326 n, Barbara M., 347 n, Bernard Lee, 244 n, Betty Carol, 92, 281, 355 Jhonson, Charles E., 288 Johnson Cheryl Ann, 169 Johnson, Clifford A., 63 Johnson Johnso Johnso Edwin Lloyd, 63, 407 n, Geraldine L., 341, 344 n, Jacqueline J., 169 Johnson, James Edwin, 313, 314 Johnson, Jean E., 169, 182 Johnson, Loretta E., 343 Johnson, Mariorie B., 359 Johnson, Mavis K., 92 Johnson Minor E., 92,269 Johnson, Raymond C., 92 Johnson, Robert Dean, 309, 319 Johnson, Robert E., 92 Johnson, Robert K., 92, 284 Johnson, Robert Paul, 92 Johnson, Ronald Lee, 232 Johnson, Rosemary, 355 Johnson, Roy Stewart, 92, 217 Johnson, Sandra, 182,360 Johnson, Sara Ann, 359 Johnso n Wallace W. 70 Johnston, David G., 282 Johnston, Nancy Kay, 347 Johnston, Su Ann Kay, 182,329 Jolas, Thomas E., 291 Joliffe, Karma Kay, 169, 264, 347 Jones, Arthur Leroy, 403 Jones, Beniamin Rees, 380 Jones, Bradley Hugh, 380 Jones, Charles N., 235 Jones, Daniel, 320 Jones, Janet Bridget, 92 Jones, Joel Daniel, 231, 232 Jones, John Emmett, 92 Jones, Kay, 93 Jones Jones, Jones Jones Keith Lloyd, 400 Sarah Ann, 265, 363 Shirley Jo, 93, 169,356 Stanley Earl, 93,237 Jordan, Dennis Edward, 384 Jordison, Nancy Jane, 279 Jorgensen, Marlene J., 255 Jorgensen, Sven T., 247, 345, 376 Joselyn, Phillip E., 229, 399 Joseph, Joann Miriam, 364 Joy, Barbara Ann, 263, 330 Joy, James Richard, 275, 399 Joy, Mark Laverne, 63, 380 Judd, Howard Gordon, 75 Judish, Frank Louis, 229 Junk, Beffy Ann, l82, 260, 264, 274, 275 339, 367 Jurgensen, lvalyn J., 268, 3 Jusfen, Pefer Joseph, 229, 388 Jusfice, Roberf Lee, 230, 232 4-G K Kacere, Nancy Jean, lO9, 332 Kaiman, Harold, 372 Kaiman, Paul, 387 Kainz, Janef Louise, I69 Kalas, Harry Norberf, 384 Kalchbrenner, John H., 383 Kallem, Donald Edward, 375 Kalsow, Arlene Lois, 28l Kandel, Gerald L., 285 Kane, Lesfer Eugene, 404 Kanealy, James Edward, l23, 257, 380 Kaness, Kennefh M., 334 Kann, Barbara Jude, 93, 264 Kanfor, Sfanley, 387 Kaplan, Dorofhy Mae, 348 Karl, Edward Herberf, 387 Karr, Phyllis Elaine, 93 Karr, Roberf Sfanfon, 3l4 Karras, Al, 204, 403 Karras, Paul George, 204 Kasper, Jean Adela, lll Kasfer, James W., 298 Kafleman, Maflee, 364 Kafz, Franklin Zeller, 372 Kauble, Merlyn James, 63, 278 Kauffman, Craig S., 286 Kauffman, Derry Allen, 379 Kay, Carl Ronald, l23, 235, 257, 388 Keefer, Marvin Edore, 93 Keefer, Pafricia J., I69, l82, 344 Keeler, Yvonne W., 63, 295 Keenan, Harold Daniel, 80 Keirh, Francis Edward, 70 Keifh, Sandra Rae, l82, 352 Keleher, Jayne C., 93 Kellam, Mary Kafhryn, 263, 355 Kellar Keller Keller Kelley Kelly, Lorrence T., 257, 383 , Cecile Louise, 93 , Waller Roberf, 372 James Louis, 93, 399 Kelley, ,James Michael, 2l7, 400 Maureen Elaine, 63, 343 Kelly, Pafricia Y., 260, 268 Kelly, Roberl' Clare, 247, 3l I, 345 Kelly, William Manly, 388 Kemble, Pefer Arlo, 400 Kemis, Roloerf Dean, 93, 282 Kemmerer, Jay Brandr, 232 Kempenaar, Donnis J., l38, I69, 360 Kendall, William J., 204 Kenefick, Thomas W., 257, 384 Kennedy, Bruce Gordon, 255, 375 Kennedy, Mary Helen, 363 Kenf, Thomas Hugh, 282 Kepros, Sfanley G., 70 Kern, Barbara Davis, 93 Kern, Richard Arfhur, 75 Kern, William Gordon, 93, 284 Kerndf, May Kay, 323 Kerr, Lawrence Melvin, 283 Kerr, William Dean, 93 Kessler, Jacqueline A., 367 Kessler, Peggy Jean, l48, 260, 325 Kessler, Thomas Dale, 395 Kefelsen, Harold Karl, 232 Kefelsen, Mary Kafherine, I69, 360 Kelfelkamp, William E., IO5, 282 Kewney, Lesfer Earl, 225 Kierschf, Charles M., 403 Kiger, Audrey Ellen, 292 Kiger, Ronald Lee, 64, 247 Killebrew, Richard F., 286 Killinger, David R., 404 Kimmel, Marfin Jerome, 93 Kimmell, Wayne Roberf, 383 King, Don Boland, 70, 286 King, Helen Marie, 93, 340, 344 King, Jack Dean, 383 King, Lloyd Thomas, 93,282 King, William Henry, 230 Kingma, Phyllis Jean, 269, 347 Kinnamon, Jerry W., 399 Kinne, Morris Y., 290 Kinf, Consfance E., 93, 359 Kinfner, Shirley Ann, 303 Kinzle, Judy Rufh, l82 Kipf, Roger Bernard, 380 Kirkegaard, Virgil G., l05, 285 Kirkwood, John R., 80, 29l Kirfley, William T., 384 Kiser, Jeaneffe L., 292 Kiser, Richard F., 75 Kilch, Paul Edward, 72, 75,277 Kifchen, Jerry D., 399 Kivlahan, James J., lO5, 285 Klare, Roberf John, 3l4 Klaven, Marvin L., 93 Kleih, Mary Vivian, 93, 293, 35l Kennefh R., 243 Richard James, 204 Klein, Klein, Klein, Wiley Refer, 70, 286 Kliebensfein, Don, 93, 376 Klingbero, Judifh Ann, 260, 268, 328, 355 Klingle, Francis L., l05 Klingler, Janel Ann, l09 Kloewer, Delmar J., 204 Klonfz, Herberf Arvid, 69, 93,229,286 Knapp, Bob Lee, 388 Knighf, Dean Laverne, 37l Knighf, Donald Ray, 396 Knighr, Sandra Jean, I69, 363 Knock, Bonnie Alberfa, l82, 367 Knoll, James Bernard, 64, 278 Knoff, Keifh Henry, 64 Knoff, Susan D., l82, 360 Knoffs, Melvin C., 204 Knox, Linda Kay, l82, 329, 356 Knudson, Charles F., 80, 29l, 39l Koch, Gerhard F., 298 Koch, John Hollen, ll6 Koch, Margareffe H., 322, 323 Kocher, Roloerf Lee, 396 Kocimski, Anfhony D., 64, 246 Koeberle, Anneffe J., 292 Koehn, William James, 399 Koerner, Terry Leon, 243 Koesfer, Mary Ann, 257, 343 Kohl, Janef Kay, 93,359 Kohlhase, Dawn Linnea, l82, 348 Kolar, Donald J., 278 Kolker, Carolyn Colby, 333 Kolker, Margaref O., 363 Kollmorgen, Walrer A., 80 Kolpack, Marvin W., l05, 284 Koons, Donald Deane, 64, 368,375 Koonfz, Whealen M., 93 Kopp, Leonard Lewis, 93 Korando, Judifh Anne, 343 Korns, Kafharine A., 93, I69, l80, 352 Korns, Michael Edward, 282 Korfman, Judlfh Ann, l82, 325 Koser, Roberf Wayne, 257, 400 Koufer, Jerrold Ellis, 372 Kovarik, Roberf John, 64 Kozlen, Jack Lee, 29l, 387 Kozlen, Rufh, 266 Krabbenhoff, Donna L., 93, I69 Kraemer, Thomas Fred, 243 Kragf, Presfon R., 286 Kramer, Kay Fredrick, 3l3, 3l4 Kramer, Lawrence J., 64,293 Kramer, William F., 64 Krapfl, Paul Clefus, 226, 278, 3l4 Krafzke, Maureen S., 93, 293, 355 Krause, Charles J., 399 Krause, William A., 93, 204, 247, 399 Kraushaar, Frederick W., 93 Krebs, John Carlefon, 64 Kregel, John Henry, 380 Kreicie, Virginia Ann, 343 Kress, George Jude, 204, 388 Krezek, Richard M., 400 Krieger, Marlene Kay, 344 Krigsfen, Eli Jay, 387 Krisfensen, Richard W., 70,286 Kroening, Dorofhy L., 348 Krogh, Beffy Jean, 335 Krohn, Gary Lefe, 286 Kroloff, George M., l8l, 260, 297, 339, 368, 372 Krueger, Henry F., 75, 298 Krueger, Larry Joseph, 407 Kruggel, John Louis, lO5, 285 Krumb olfz, David R., 380 Kruse, Richard Clus, 75 Kruse, Sfeven Granf, I05 Kube, Kennefh Silvoln, 93,284 Kudarf, Arfhur Ronald, 29l Kuehn, Richard Allyn, 285 Kugel, Arlynn Edward, 295 Kuhlmann, Karl F., 93 Kundel, Donald W., lO5, 284 Kunik, Harrief, 262, 263, 266, 364 Kunfz, Donald Glenn, 75 Kunfz, Janelle A., 93,293 Kunfz, Urban Edward, 298 Kupfer, Janice, 35l Edward Eugene 72 Kupka, Kupka, Shirley Ann, lll Kurdelmeier, Gary R., 236, 254, 296, 3l4, 383 Kurfz, Kennefh Karl, 226 Kuffer, Bonnie Lee, 93, 356 Kvidera, Michael L., 243 Kyd, John Roberf, 407 L Labahn, Richard C., 64,273,293 Lacina, Norma Jo, 293 Ladd, Eugene Allen, 93 Ladd, Margaref Ann, l69, 263, 34l, 3 Ladd, Marilyn Adah, l82, 263 Ladehoff, Leo William, 64,294 Lafrieda, Dorofhea F., 93 Lage, Wayne Frederick, 70, 288 Lainson, Phillip A., 384 Lalor, Rik L., 392 Lamar, Lambe Lambe Lambe Helen Jane, 93 rf, Gerald B., 3l3 rf, Marcia E., lll rfy, William E., 64 Lampe, Roberf LeRoy, 369,376 Landenberger, James F., 396 Landau, Roberf Carl, 399 Landers, Donald Frank, 64 Landers, Loreffa Sue, 7l, 292 Landess, Richard A., 384 Landess, Roberf C., 93, l30, 247, 256, Landin, Roberf F., 396 Landis, Marsha Lynne, I38, 263, 343 Lane, Bonnie Jeanne, 356 Lane, Clark Alberf, 37l Langdon, Nancy Ann, 328 Langfiff, Susan E., 255, 343 Langland, Roger G., 26l Langley, Roland L., 93, 284 Langsron, Ralph J., 204 Lanfau, Nadine Esfher, l82, 348 Larimer, Milo Charles, 234, 403 Larkin, Ernesf F., 93 Larsen, Jerry Lee, 288 Larsen, Joanne D., 292 Larsen, John Harry, 294 Larsen Larsen Larsen Larson Pefer Carlfon, 379 Richard Duane, 294 f Shirley Faye, l82, 268, 356 Anne Adair, I69, 343 Larson, Douglas John, 383, 404 Larson, Karen Jo, l82, 347 Larson, Marilyn Joyce, l82 Roberf M., 380 Larson Larson, Sandra Joy, 328 Roxie A., 93 Lasack, Lafch, Nancy, I69, l82, 348 Laue, Shirley, 64,356 Lauger, Sandra Lee, 330 Laughery, Jack A., 64, l22, l30, 380 Lausen, Verne Henry, 75 LaVelle, Richard C., 64, 294 Law, Marfha Evelyn, 35l Lawrence, Mary Ellen, 348 Lawson, Frank Douglas, lO5, 285 Lawson, Jerome Wade, 283 Lawson, Phillip W.,94, 339, 368,403 Laxson, James Edward, 64 Leach, JackArfhur, 94,246 Leahy, Philip Wayne, 72, 75, 237, 276 Lear, Marfha Frances, 257, 339, 363 LeBuhn, Paul Edward, 80 LeBuhn, William J., 79, 290 Lechay, Jo Augusfa, 94 Lee, Richard Dale, 94 Leeper, Francia C., 347 3l3, 60 3 Leeper, Roberf Joseph, 64, 295 Leff, Alan Roberf, 392 Lego, Roberl Thomas, 29l Lehman, Allen A., 388 Leidig, Edward George, 64, 246, 376 Leidig, Roy Ronald, 376 Leig hfy, Terry Lowell, 260, 383 Leinbach, Grefa Jean, 264, 352 Leinen, Howard James, 3ll Lelchook, Frank, 387 LeMoine, Sherilyn J., l82, 344 Lenox, Mary Virginia, 292, 347 Lenz, Corrine Marie, 94 Lenz, Shirley Ann, lll, 309 Leon, Thomas, 64, 247, 388 Leonard, George, 64,294 Leonard, Mary Jane, I69 Lepperr, Rufh Joan, 260 Lerch, William Frank, 290 Leshyn, John Sfeven, 204 Lefo, Raymond Angelo, 226 Lefr, Raymond Turner, 396 Leffween, Max, 269, 387 LeVal ley, Gary Lee, 269 Levensky, Mark Alan, l23, 255, 387 Levinson, David S., 387 Levinson, Roberfa F., 364 Levinson, Sandra Hale, 254,263 Levis, Levis James Harold, 94, 288 Judirh Ann, 265 Lewis, Ann Carlfon, 359 Lewis, Charles M., 204 Lewis, Gerald Edwin, 75 Lewis, Janice Kay, 94,328 Lewis Lewis , Marcia, 7l, 94, I44, 292, 347 ,Maurice L., l05, 285 Leyes, Maureen Yvonne, l82, 356 Lichfenberger, H. W., 94, 403 Liebman, Sylvia, 94, 364 Liedholm, Bill Warren, 403 Liechfy, John Horsf, 229, 399 Liepins, lvars, R., 94,297 Life, Pafrick James, 290 Liliedahl, Gerald V., 64 Lillibridge, William, 269 Lind, Roberf Herman, 283 Linder, Roberf Duane, 29l Lindmark, Kennefh L., 64 Lindquisf, Anne S., 352 Lingenfelfer, John G., 284 Lines, Larry George, 243 Link, John George, 80, 29l Linklefrer, Merle G., 248 Linn, Caryl Ann, 348 Lipshufz, Sfanley H., 387 Liffig, Mary Alice, l49, 344 Liffle, Donna Lee, 355 Llewelyn, David Gene, 94,288 Lloyd, James Duane, 396 Lo, William W., 285 Loan, Darrell A., 75 Loebig, Wilfred F., 295 Loerrs, Rochelle Jean, 260, 355 Loffus, Paul Michael, 391 Logan, Charles Glen, 400 Logan, Clyde Aflee, 232 Lohner, Sandra Kay, I33, 257, 356 Long, David Ainsworfh, 75 Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Longl Loom Juv Ann, 274 Linda Lynne, I69 Mariorie Ann, 356 Marlys Lorranie, lll, 279 Raymond R., 94 ey, Mars Yule, 94 is, Arfhur Ramon, 334 Loos, James Chrisfian, 3l4 Loofs, Don Leroy, 80, 29l Loofs, Roberf James, 29l Lorenz, Sharon Reid ,330 Love, William Asquifh, 400 Lovrien, Marshall N., 37l Lovrien, Rex E., 298 Lowery, Bernard Lemar, 64 Lowry, Grefchen L., 343 Lubbers, Gilberf Ray, 94, 3l3, 3l4 Lubke, Margarefe E., 323 Lucas Ludvi , Tom Francis, 400 ngson, Harold W., 272 Luhman, Lowell Allen, 284 Lumbard, Melville D., 255, 380 Lumry, William Rufus, 3l3, 3l4 Lund, Lund, Lund, Arneffe Kay, 263 Alberf Dean, 94, 380 Donald Roy, 388 Moulin, Nancy, 265, 293, 325 Lund, Karin Louise, I82, 328 Lund, Pairicia Ann, 94, 328 Lundquisl, William A., 75, 395 Lundy, Marilyn S., 94, 269 Lungren, Curlis David, 379 Lupron, Karen Lynne, 329 Lusl, Carroll Roger, 380 Luih, James Frederick, 64 Lufhans, Nancy Ann, I69, 356 Lullenegger, Mark J., 76, 298 Lullrell, Gene Floyd, 236 Lyle, Mary Lee, 263, 352 Lynberg, Charles A., 80,290 Lynch, Nancy Joan, 269, 330 Lynch, Richard Alan, 94, 297, 383 Lyon, Marilyn Marie, l8l, 325, 329 Lyon, Marilyn Ruih, Ill M Mass, Meridean Leone, 279 MacFadyen, Judirh A., 356 MacKenzie, Scori, 226, 388 Mackey, Mary Jane, II6, 359 Macomloer, David B., II6 Macumber, Jane Ardilh, 330 Macy, James Canon, 245, 395 Maguire, William G., 72, 247,298 Mahan, Sarah Anne, 35l Maher, Dorofhy Minna, 94 Maher, Elizaloerh Jane, 360 Maher, Thomas LeVerne, 64 Malby, Suzanne Jane, 260, 326 Malcolm, Richard J., 403 Malloy, Mary Eileen, l38, I69, 360 Malm, Donald Carl, 76 Malone, John Philip, 204 Mamo, George Elias, 284 Manley, Karen Kay, 355 Manly, William F., 29I Mann, Frederick B., 64, 295 Mann, Thomas Parker, 94, l8l, 247, 297, 388 Manvilz, Fayna Fern, I82, 364 Manvilz, Helen, 94, 364 Margulies, Jeffrey R., 387 Mariga, James Evererf, 64 Mariner, George M., 29I Mariner, Richard B., 243 Mark, Allyn Lewis, 94, 282 Mark, Harold F., 380 Markman, David, I23, 387 Marlin, Jane? Elaine, I69, 274, 330 Marner, David Lloyd, 79 Marsau, Marilyn Ann, 269, 35l Marsden, Sharon Hrea, 347 Marsh, Curlis L., 276 Marsh, Terry Alvin, 94 Marshall, Franklin N., II6 Marshall, George L., 94 Marshall, John C., 229, 298 Marshall, Lawrence L., 94 Mariel, Augusiine H., 2l7 Marlen, Murray T., 94, 247, 387 Marfens, Gloria Gay, 355 Marfens, James Kay, 403 Marlin, Charles Dyer, I05 Marlin, Joseph M., 234 Marlin, Walfer Don, 94 Marrindale, James H., 64,232 Masin, Vincenr Frank, 288 Mason, Roberf Duane, 288, 3l3 Massier, Kaiherine H., 359 Masfers, Mark Kenneih, 64, 293 Maier, Dwighi Alberi, 3l3 Malhes, Dwighl Lowell, 303 Maihews, Jerrel Erwin, 232, 257, 260, 3ll Malhews, John Russell, 94, 235, 247, 392 Mathis, Louis Bertram, 237 Mailand, Richard O., 269, 3l9 Marlhes, Wilbur John, 240, 248 Mallhess, Shirley Joanne, 94, I82, 344 Maflhews, Barbara Ann, 94, 303 Mau, James Charles, 94,399 Mau, Tommy Henry, 94, 399 Maughan, John F., 284 Maurer, Richard John, 240, 243,248 Mavis, Sara Lynne, l69, 360 May, Anifa Maria, 26l May, Dennis Arnold, 375 Mayberry, Merlin L., 369, 37l Mayer, Patricia Rulh, 348 Mayne, Jeanneife L., 360 Maywald, Joyce Joan, 344 4I8 Mazza ,Jo Ann Mary, I82, 330 Meadows, Donald Keiih, 278 Mealy, Calherine E., 80 Mears, Gary H., 243, 379 Mecklenburg, Richard, 76 Medberry, Barbara J., 274, 322 Meek, Kennelh Roberf, 226 Meeker, Raymond E., ZI7 Meeks , Gary Wayne, 235 Mefferd, Marion G., 95 Megchelsen, John Paul, 286 Megraih, Linda Louise, I82 Meier, Grelchen E., 356 Meier, Shirley Marie, 355 Melan d, Barbara Rae, 95 Melcherl, Joneife, 356 Melichar, Paul Jan, 285 Melsh, Nira Marie, 7l, 292, 347 Mendenhall, Geraldine, 328 Menzel, Wayne Lee, 65, 375 Merriman, John Burion, 296 Merriri, Jack Dillard, 65 Merulla, Charles A., I05, 284 Meswarb, Norman J., 70, 286 Meugniof, Richard C., 95 Meurei, Wayne Vern, 403 Mewhorf, James Nelson, 400 Meyer, Gary Evan, 236, 237, 293, 375 Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyers, Georgia Jean, 293 Laurance J., 29l Leann Joyce, Ill Mary Jane, Ill, 33l Michael Louis, I82, 387 Dororhy Mae, lll Meyerson, Larry Brian, 260, 387 Mezvinsky, Edward M., I23, 255, 257, 260, 387 Michael, Mariorie Ann, 359 Michaelson, Ronald H., 403 Michel, Donald Dean, 76 Michener, Miriam L., l52 Middlebrook, Donald C., 234 Mielke, Ernesl Henry, 204 Miguel, Roberi L., 95 Milani, William Gregory, 392 Miles, Donald Ray, I05, 232, 284 Millard, Ardis Carol, 59 65,295,327 Miller Cecil Forresi, I05, 285 Miller, Dennis Lee, 282 Miller, Dorolhy, lll Miller, Dwighl M., 269 Miller, Frances Pauline, 95 Miller, Georgia Lee, 95, 328 Miller, Jackson Ray, 403 Miller, Jerry Jay, 403 Miller, John Furman, 380 Miller, John Michael, I05, 284 Miller Kenneih M., 95 Miller, Lawrence M., 372 Miller, Lois Garrison, 355 Miller, Lorranie C., I69 Miller, Leo George, 65 Miller, Marvin W,, 290 Miller, Mary Pairicia, 95, 293, 355 Miller, Patricia Ann, Ill, I69, 279 Miller, Rodney Wayne, 29I Miller, Sandra Kay, I69, 352 Miller, Tonya Ann, 344 Miller, Vesla Marie, 95 Mills, Esiel Lane, 23l, 232 Mills, Guy James, 70 Mins, Mails, Philip Charles, 400 Stanley David, 284 Mogle, Miriam Gail, 95, 263, 273, 359 Mohr, Richard Walfer, 95 Moline, Henry Keirh, 293 Molis, William John, 76 Molleslon, Joe Max, 388 Molloy, Monian James N., 95, 290 o, Edna Calo, 26l Monrgomery, Franklin L., 298 Monfgornery, Jean, Ill, 359 Moore, Elizabeth Anne, 255, 264, 266, 363 Moore, Herberi R., 80, 290 Moore, Jo Anne, 327, 328 Moore, Julia Frances, 95, 355 Moore, Kalhleen Susan, 343 Moore, Marie Louise, 95, 293, 325, 327, 329 Mopper, K. William, 387 Moran, Carolyn Myrna, 263 Moranv Morgan ille, David B., 95 ,Jenele B,, 348 Morgan, Marian Rae, Ill Morgan, Paul F., 299 Moriarfy, John L., 298 Morledge, Roy V., 290 Morningsiar, Ardirh Eleanor Johnson, Morr, R Morrea Morris, Morris, ichard Dean, 80 l, Charles E., 298 Benjamin P., 8l, 29I Don Lewis, I82, l8l Morris, Gary Claude, 23l, 232, 255 Morris, Paul Allen, 293 Morrison, Julia Mary, 95 Morriso n, Sheila Leah, 95 Morrissey, Charles Barry, 95 Morsch, William Paul, 334 Morse, Morien, Morlen Morlen Marion, Gerald Gene, 65 Doris Mae, 95 sen, Diane C., 355 sen, Palrica, lll Carole Jean, 335 Morton, Clark Edward, 295 Mosbach, Meredith Kae, 95 Moseley, John Richard, 39l Moser, Moser, Curiis William, 95 Larry Lee, 236, 399 , Moskowilz, Joan, 293, 364 Moss, Joe Berlan, 76 Moss, Linda Janelle, 260 Mouchka, Alice Ann, 328 Mourer ,Slephen Alan, 375 Mowrey, 'Slevan 'ScoH, 70, 286 Moyer, Mueller Mueller Ross Hadsell, 95 ,Gene Allan, 392 , Nancy Jean, I82, 367 Muilenloerg, Don T., 388 Mull, Sandra Jane, 332 Mullinix, Herberi M., 29I Mullins, Joe Wayne, 400 Mulroney, Sheila, 7l, 95 Mundi, Murphy Frank Allen, 225 Berl Alva, 95 Murphy, John Edwin, 65, 246 Murphy, Richard B., 379 Murphy, Roberl Harry, 369, 399 Murphy Murphy Thomas Eugene, 65 Thomas W., 283 Murray, Kathleen C., 356 Murray, Michael, 404 Murray, Richard W., 232 Murray, William R., 70 Murlagh,Judi1'h,95, 352 95 Millspauqh, Russell E., 76, 298 Millner, Jane? M., 95 Minear, Max Raymond, 65 Miner, James B., 282 Miner, Marilyn Ann, I38, l42, I47, 363 Miner, Nelson Lloyd, 65 Miner, William, 65 Muse, Norman Leroy, I23, 404 Musick, George Edward, 376 Musmaker, Regina Mary, l82, 352 Mussen, Mary Beih, 95 Myers, Franklin Lewis, I05, 282 Myers, Gerald Edward, 383 Myers, Gran? George, 76, 204, 276, 277 Miichell, Beiiy Lou, 269 Mirchell, Charles H., 396 Mifchell, David Doig, 95, 242, 247 Milchell, David N., 95 Milchell, Donald E., 375 Mifchell, Richard S., 380 Mitchell, Sheila, 95 Millelberg, Kenl Noel, 2l7, 274 Milvalsky, John F., 232, 255, 399 Moelk, Mary Jean, 328 Moeller, Darla June, I69, 348 Moen, Moen, Moes, Carolee, I69, 360 Donne Philip, 399 John Roberl, 257, 285 Myers, Greichen C., 343 Myers, Howard Parrick, 376 Myers, lsalael, I82 Myers, Marcia, I34, I38, 35l Myers, Myhre, Myli, H Richard Allen, 95 Hans Guslav, I82 oward Orion, 65, 246, 368, 396 Mc McAdam, Dale William, 94 McAdam, Eleanor F., 335 McAdams, William John, 204 Mefxipi ne, Kennelh C., 379 McAuley, Michael F., 369, 392 McBride, John Warren, 232 McCabe, Ann, I38, 352 McCall, Mary Marrh, 356 McCann, Terrence John, 64 McCammond, John M., 94, 284 McCardell, Jeanne K., 94, 352 McCarH, John Michael, 94 McCaughey, Myron H., 232, 399 McClain, James H., 94, 242, 247, 284 McClain, Pamelia Ann, 182,328 McClarchey, Mary Ann, Ill, l52 McClenehan, Mary Lou, 94,284 McClure, Lee Edward, 3I4 McClure, Vern L., 290 McComas, John L., 247, 345 McConnell, Charles J., 2l7, 384 McCormac, Lindsay A., I82, 269, 344 McCormick, Kalhryn, 363 McCown, Nancy, 269, 292 McCoy, Janie Buller, 94 McCoy, John Leo, 403 McCoy, David Lorenz, 70 McCoy, Roberi Charles, 245, 395 McCrea, Louis William, 64, 399 McCrea?h, James George, 403 Mc'Creedy, Gordon Joe, I05 McCroskey, David J., 64 McCullough, James N. A., 95 McCurdy, John A., 232 McCusker, William E., 293 McCuskey, David Lande, 399 McCuskey, Jon William, 399 McCuTcheon, James A., 69, 70, 286 McDade, George R., 64 McDeviii, Paul I., 283 McDevilf, William P., 283 McDonald, Ann Louise, 347 McDonald, Elizabelh, I82, 344 McDonald, Jacqueline, 255, 263, 347 McDonald, John Samuel, 399 McDonough, Louis T., 64 McFadden, Philip R., 283 McFadden, Vernon F., 403 McFarland, Michael P., 204 McGannon, Roberr L., 64 McGee, James Leeverl, 95, 395 McGee, Thomas Warren, 298 McGovern, Marcia J., 268, 363 McGovern, Patrick J., 404 McGowan, Karen Rae, I82, 348 McGraw, Palricia L., 328 Mclniyre, Ken? Alan, 95 McKee, Carolyn W., 355 McKelvey, Ethel Pam, 348 McKenzie, Elaine, 255, 343 McKercher, John C., 288 McKinney, James D., 290 McKown, James Louis, 399 McLachlan, Edward A., 95, 303 McLane, Thomas I., 276 McLaren, Judilh Ellen, l32, 352 McLarnan, J. Kaye, 255, 266, 268, 352 McLarnan, Keiih Winslon, 284 McLaughlin, Ann Ward, 95, 360 McLaughlin, June M., 333 McLeran, James H., 70, 288 McMahon, Emmeif J., 64 McMahon, William J., 69 McMains, Frances L., 269, 352 Mclviarlin, Granl E., 80,290 McMillan, Kalhryn Ann, 35l McMillin, John Vyvyan, 76 McMillin, Lois Gracie, 293 McMurray, John B., 244 McNally, Befiy E., 95 McNally, Jean June, l03, I05, 28l McNamara, Carolyn Ann, 356 McNamara, Waller Lynn, 64, 295, 3l3 McNamee, Roberl Gene, 23l, 232 McNay, Sherrill Conrad, 64 McNeal, Donovan L., 64,294 McNeil, Mary Ann, 323 McNeish,Jack Roy, 70,288 McNully, John William, 95, 399 McPherren, David L., 293 MCQuigg, Jerry Graham, 407 McWilliams, Virginia, 359 N Nacke, Don Lee, 3I4 Nadig, John Warren, 234 Nading, Elvin Kennelh, 65, 246 Nelson, Nadler, Sigmond H., l05 Nagamine, Kazuharu, 26I Nagele, Roberl Frank, 95 Nagle, Elizabelh Jane, 96, 363 Naifeh, George S., 96 Nakano, Dorolhy E., Ill, 332 Nalan, Jerry Eugene, 296 Napier, John Guilford, 282 Napier, William Hayes, 29l Nash, Janel Lee, 292 Nassen, Roberl Dean, 286 Nau, Earl Keilh, 225 Naxera, Viclor F., 65, 295, 3ll Naughlon, Gerald Paul, 232 Nay Carolyn Ann, 35l Neel, Nina Mae, 347 Neely, Marion Roberl, 29l Neesen, Ludean Janice, 96, 323 Neff, Diane Rae, 293,367 Neff, Margarel P., lll, 333 Nehring, Karen Rulh, 96 Neibergall, Garold D., 404 Neiby, Claire Paul, 282 Nell, Palricia Ann, 96, 28l, 344 Nelsen Nelson Nelson Nelson Richard F. 399 ,Annelle Marie, 329 Carl Buckman, 404 Donna Lou, 292 Nelson Douglas R., 286 Nelson Frances L., I82, 348 Nelson, Gerald Willis, 290 Nelson, Janel Sue, 328 Nelson Jean Elise, 7l, 96 Nelson, Jerry Dean, 276 Nelson, Jim Waller, 37l Nelson, John Ronald, 376 Nelson, Nelson, Nelson Nelson Nancy Leona, 264, 359 Norman Augusl, 375 M. Palricia, I82, 260, 355 Richard Max, 286 Roald Allen, 282 Norlon, M. Nan, 352 Richard D., 226 Sandra Jean, 35l Norlon, Norlon Norlon, Sybil Ann, l69, 262, 35l Novak, Bruce Joseph, 334 Novak, George Edward, 288 Novolny, Gene Lesler, 229, 384 Novolny, Milo Richard, 288 Nowers, Elizabelh Ann, 330 Nowers, Thomas 'S., 65, 39l Nowicki, Sandra Joann, I82, 355 Nuckols, Margarel Lou, 367 Nugenl, Dennis Howard, 3ll Nugenl, Thomas Edward, 383 Nunn, David Neal, 96 Nunn, James Edward, 376 Nulling, Neil Joseph, 96 O Oakley, Brice Case, 255,379 Oberslein, Bennell T., 372 O'Brien, Donna Mae, 96,296 O'Brien, John Joseph, 76 Ocasek, Dorolhy Ann, Ill Occomy, Warwick Gale, 96 O'Connell, William J., 79 O'Connor, James David, 29l O'Connor, Nancy Kay, 292 Odell, Dale Clillord, 65 Odem, Joanne, 96, 348 O'Donnell, Judilh M., 268, 363 O'Donnell, Michael G., 229, 392 Olienburger, Joseph L., 269, 3l9 Ogeson, Roberl Bruce, 286 O'Hara, Ferron, l23, l38, I46, I82, 263, 34l, 352 O'Hara, Joan, 96, l69, 352 Oiemann, George Alvin, 282 O'Kerlin, Kerin Kae, l69, 356 Oldorl, Joann Louise, 96, 328 Nelson, Roberl Duaine, 274, 275, 320 Nelson, Roberl Hall, 384 Nelson, Roberl J., 288 Sherman Allan, 76, 232 William E., 400 Nelson Nelson Nemmers, David Joseph, 285 Nemmers, James C., 8l Nesbil, Floyd Wallace, 288 Nesler, Thomas Owen, 395 Neslund, Charles P., 65 Neubauer, James Alex, 96, 232 Neubauer, Sharon L., lll Neuman, Carl Alfred, 283 Neuman, Eloise Anne, 35l Neumayer, Larry, 65, 293 Neuzil, Ralph Louis, 8I Newbauer, John Jacob, 243 Newcomb, Caryl Jane, I82, 322, 323 Newcomb, Sheridan Ann, 264, 322, 323 Newcomer, Janel Rulh, I43, l48, l69, 356 Newell, Marguerile E., 330 Newell, Palricia Ann, lll, 254, 33l Newman, Edwin, l23, 275, 387 Newman, Juanila Rae, I82, 348 Newman, Nancy Kay, l3l Newsome, James Allen, 256 Newsome, Judilh L., 264, 35l Newlon, Donald Dean, 96, 295 Newlon, Michael Allan, 260, 372 Ney, James Nicholas, 96 Nicholson, Wylmarie G., 327 Nickol, Joan B., 28l Nichols, Shirley, l82 Nielsen, Raymond M., l05 Niemeier, Jean Louise, l69, 255, 268, 363 Nindos, Don Frank, 388 Nissen, Wallace H., 375 Nixon, Channing J., 369,404 Nixon, Palricia M., 347 Nocera, John Slanley, 204 Nolan, Daniel F., 96 Nolan, James Joseph, 8l Nolle, LaVonne Kay, 327 Nolling, Leon Alberl, 303 Nora, John Peler, 226 Norgaard, Jacqueline, l69, 292, 355 Norman, Sleven Roberl, 37l Norris, Jed Wendell, 70 Norris, Richard Lee, 96 Norlh, George Frank, 288 Norlhup, Byrle Arlhur, 247, 298, 345 Norlon, Donna Jo, 264, 347 Norlon, Mariorie Jean, 96 Oldsen, Evelyn Rae, 343 Olerich, James Eldon, 384 Oleson, Olinge Oliver, Ollenb Olsen, Olsen, Olsen, Olson, Olson, Olson, Richard Doyle, 65 r, William F., 388 Dennis LeRoy, 380 urg, James F., 392 Alfa Belly, 96 Janice Kay, 293, 325, 329 Paul Frederick, 226 Barbara Ann, 347 Davie Sue, 96, 330, 356 James David, II6 Olson, Janel Carol, 356 Olson, Jon Merrill, 375 Olson, Marlene Jewel, 339,347 Olson, Nancy A., 96 Olson, Waller LeRoy, 293, 334 Olson, Warren Lulher, 96 Onken, Leroy Arnold, 96, 296 Onken, Sherry M., 96 Opinsky, Jack S., 70 Opuenheimer, Roger E., 396 Organ, Gerald Francis, 243 O'Rourke, Francis J., 96, 29l Orr, William Daylon, 65,404 Orris, Wayne Eugene, 295 Orris, William C., 400 Osberg, Donald Eugene, 400 Osborn, Margarel Lee, I69, 355 Oskolkoff, Elvira, lll Ollo, Beverly Ann, l82 Overholser, Sharon L., 257, 263, 265, 35l Overlo n, Jerry Dean, 283 Overlon, Judilh Rulh, 65 Owen, Owen, Edward Charles, 76 Raymond Everell, 65 Oxenlord, Richard D., 404 Pa bsl, Mark Dell, 392 Page, Sally Ann, l82, 34l, 356 Palmer, Connie Sue, 96, 263, 344 Palmer, Dennis Clark, 96 Palmer , Gerald F., 404 Palmer, Joan Gerlrude, lll Palmer 'Panseg ,Richard E., ll6 rau, Marvin Lee, 96 Papadakes, Afhena, 260, 355 Pappaiohn, Socrales G., l30, 256, 29l Paprilz, Frank R., 269 Parizek, Ronald G., 240, 248, 334 Park, Ellen Susan, 268, 348 Park, Jenny Lou, 330 Parker, Carolyn Mae, 293, 348 Parker, Jeanne Louise, 96 Kalhryn Anne, 344 Parker, Parker, Parlicia Lee, 352 Parker, Todd Kauffman, 255, 368, 400 Parker, William Loyal, 257, 274, 388 Parsons, Max Duane, 65 Parsons, Nancy Lea, 329 Passalino, Joe George, 65 Passer, Allen, 387 Palramanis, Mike G., 290 Pallerson, Fred E., 285 Pallerson, M. Janel, 292, 335 Pallerson, Roberl K., 284 Pallie, James Philip, 383 Paul, Norman Douglas, ZI7 Pauli, Wayne Alberl, II6 Paulson, Carolyn, 343 Pauly, Richard Willon, 96, 242, 246, 3 Pauslian, Lennie Lee, 247, 298, 345 Pavich, Aloysius S., 96 Roberl Bishop, 96 Pavson, Paxson, William Joe, 369, 395 Paxlon, Merrill Allen, 96 Payne, Darrell Cleo, 65, 293 Payne, Thomas, 2l7 Pearlman, Alan Lee, 275, 368, 387 Pech, Ronald Allan, 404 Peck, Merlin Eugene, 295 Peck, Spencer Junior, 290 Peck, W. Helene, 360 Peckumn, Jeane K., l69, 260, 328 Pederson, Linda Karen, 363 Peilersen, Mary Jane, I l I Peldo, Richard T., 59, 65, 295 Pellegrino, Orlando A., 204 Pelser, Sandra Jo, 348 76 Penninglon, Kennelh R., 59, 65, 295, 388 Pepper, Kalhryn E., 7l, 348 Percival, James A., 69 Perdue, Gary Roberl, 97 Pereboom, John Warren, 303 Perkins, James F., II6 Perkins, Roger Lee, l05, 284 Peropoulos, Peler C., 298, 3l4 Perry, Donald Eugene, 65 Perry, Lawrence Karl, 65, 235, 399 Pesch, Carl H., 290 Pesses, Samuel Lee, 65, l8l, 255, 260 3 Pelers, Arlhur Dale, 65 Pelers, David Henry, 65 Pelers, Lorella May, 97, 28l Pelers, Susan B., 97 Pelers, Wayne Emil, 284 Pelersen, Dick Jens, 243 Pelersen, James Vogel, 7l, 288 Pelersen, Jo Ann, 97, 28l Pelersen, Palricia S., 28l, 296 Pelersen, Shirley Ann, lll Pelerson, Arlhur D., 29l Pelerson, Beverly A,, 262, 264, 360 Pelerson, Carllon J., l05 Pelerson, Dianne, 35l Pelerson, Donald J., 97, 286, 384 Pelerson, Edward A., 396 Pelerson, Hamlel A., 282 Pelerson, Keilh T., 376 Pelerson, Maril n J. 7l 359 Y i . Pelerson, Raymond G., 255, 339, 392 Pelerson, Pelerson, Roberl L., 407 Roberl R., 232 Pelerson, Sonia J., 328 Pelerson, Slephen M., l8l, 400 Pelerson, William C., 76, 298 Pelrus, Sandra Louise, I82, 260 Pelled, James Joseph, 7l, 288 Pelly, Richard James, 65 Plallzgraff, Carole J., l69, 343 Pfander, Donna Lu, Ill, l52, 33l, 333, 356 Pfaulz, Sally Ann, I69, 263, 367 Pfohl, Richard A., l05, 285 Pfohl, Susan Rhomberg, 97,352 Pfuderer, William F., l22, 379 Phelan, Kay V., 97 Phelps, Charles D., 404 Phelps, Michael B., 204 Philipp, William P., 303 Phillips, Dean Eldon, 395 Phillips, Donna Marie, I82, 344 Phillips, J. Sidney, 407 Phillips, Joan Carol, 97 Phillips, Ronnie Glen, 97 87 Phillips, Rulh Ann, 330 Phillips, Thomas A., 407 Philo, Kennelh C., 97 Phinney, James L., 345 Picha, Joan Frances, lll Picken, Roger B., 65, 247, 399 Pidgeon, Harold Ray, 387 Pierce, Charles V., 204 Pierce, George L., II6 Pierce, Jerome Wilmer, 403 Pierson, John Morgan, 384 Pierson, Waller P., 400 Pierson, William C., 245, 257, 388 Pillmore, Carolyn Y., 363 Pink, James William, 288 Pippill, Phyllis D., 325 Pilcher, Edward F., ll6 Pilkin, Roy Macbelh, 282 Plalo, Richard Hadley, 232 Plall, Mary Elizabelh, 34l, 355 Ploen, Kennelh Allen, 204, 237, 241, 272 276, 376 Poflenbarger, Virgil, 294 Pohl, James Leo, 388 Pohle, James Edward, ll5, 379 Pollak, Donald Arlhur, II6 Pollard, Thomas LeRoy, 395 Pollilz, William K., 65, 375 Pollock, Charles A., l05 Pollock, Palricia Joy, I32, 136,363 Polydoran, Paul A., 97 Pools, Joan Ellen, l69 Popinger, Roberla R., 97, 260, 339, Popofsky, Melvin L., l22, 274, 275, 387 Popp, Kalherine Ann, lll Porler, Philip Lauren, II6, 395 Poslel, Marian Elise, 344 Poller, James Joseph, 383 Pollhasl, Roberl A., 234 Poulson, Donald Lee, 288 Powell, Ann Barslow, I82, 343 Powell, James Gardner, 399 Powell, William W., 65, 247, 295 Powers, John Joseph, 39l Powrie, Pamela S., I82, 356 Prall, Gerald Bryanl, 76, 299 Prall, Roberl L., 23l, 232 Prescoll, Roberl J., 204 Price, Chrisline, 97,265 Price, James Rhys, 3l4 Price, John Ervin, 97, 246, 399 Price, John Marlin, 275, 368,392 Price, Paul J., 65 Price, Robin Romana, 260, 344 Prine, Roberl Henry, 399 Prilchard, Janylh Ann, 262, 322, 32 Prichard, Wayne G., 396 Probasco, Gene Arlen, 8l, 29l Proell, Delaine J., 97 Prosser, Arnold Roy, 345 Prusok, Ralph Ernsl, 334 Puckell, John, 97,293 Purcell, Hal Clark, 283 Purdon, Thomas F., 384 Pulbrese, Keilh Eldon, 290 Pulney, Mark W., 8l, 29l 355 339, 3 Pulney, Mary Jo, l23, 260, 269, 352 Pulney, Shirley Ann, 257, 344 Pyler, Charles M., 284 Quick, Belly Lou, 97 Quick, John Thomas, 23l, 232 Quick, Slanley C., 288 Ouigle, James Ray, 379 Ouirin, Sheryl Joyce, 329,327 R Raddalz, Beverly Jean, I82, 347 Rader, Max Luyerne, 97 Raecker, Sue Louise, 7l, 292 Raflensperger, Paul C., 388 Ragos, Tesfalidel, 26I Rahn, John William, 403 Raim, Rolland Leo, 3l9 Raia, Augusl, 76, 277 Raker, Jeanice L., 97, 262, 340, 355 Rambo, David Ward, 97 Ramler, Bruce Elwood, 66 Ramsey, Allen Rodell, 97,297 Ramseyer, Harry W., l05, 285 4l9 Ramseyer, J. Carroll, I05, 283 Ranaldi, Lavonne J., 7l Randall, Chalmer Lee, 242,246 Randall Randall, ,John D., 97, 290, 403 Randall, Edith, 92 Ruth Elaine, 97 Randolph, Robert Dean, 66 Ranes, Barbara Jane, 344 Rankin, Harold C., IO3, 284 Rankin, Thomas Carl, 244 Rasche, Simon W., 8l Rashid, Jake Ernest, 288 Rasmus, Robert LeRoy, 286 Robertson, Karen E., Ill, 360 Robertson, Lowell L., 59, 66, 278 Robey, George Earl, 245, 383 Robinson, Annette C., I69, 293, 35l Robinson, Dennis Lee, 247 Robinson, Howard F., ll6 Robinson, Richard G., 97 Richard J., 334 Robinson, Robinson, Thomas A., 98, 334, 379 Robinson, Wayne L., 282 Robison, Harry Vernon, I05 Robson, Carolyn Ella, l82, 344 Rochau, Donald Ray, 404 Sabin, J ames Edward, 376 Sackett, James Truart, 66, 260, 295, 388 Sackett, Saggau, Sandra Sue, l82, 344 Lydia Ann, lI2, 332,343 Salkeld, John Elmer, 399 Salmon, Mary Margaret, l38, 360 Samberg, Rosalie Y., 257, 364 Sami, Sedat, 26l Sampson, Richard C., 66 Samuels on, Betty J., I82 Samuelson, Nancy Ann, 98, 296 Sanburn Sand, Ri ,Shirlee M., 98 chard Forde, ll6 Rasmuson, Ronald Reed, 407 Rasmussen, Bonnie A., 257, 363 Rasmussen, John D., 228 Rasmussen, Jo Ann C., 7l, 35l Rastrelli, Carol L., lll Rate, Mary Lou, I69, 264, 363 Rateman, Leonids, 284 Ratermanis, George R., 243 Rathert, John William, 29l Rauenbuehler, Mark A., II6, 334 Rausch, Robert Lee, 66, 295 Ray, Glenn Richard, 66 Rayman, Howard Alan, 396 Raymond, Thomas C., 286,404 Reagan, Judy Ann, 97, 359 Recher, Beulah Rae, I44, 356 Redman, Patricia Jean, 97, 363 Rockwell, Glen Ellis, 276 Rodawig, Sandra Ann, 360 Rodda, William Frank, 288 Roddewig, John Wilbur, 298 Rodgers, Louis Dean, 282 Rodgers, Nancy Ann, 359 Rodgers, Sandra Sue, 7l, 348 Roeder, Don Ellsworth, 297, 399 Rogers, Donna Jean, 8I Rogers, James Marion, 269, 320 Rogers, Jaonna 8., I82, 328 Rogers, Ronald Robert, 225 Roggenkamp, Elaine J., I69, 348 Roggentien, Marilyn J., I82, 260, 367 Roghair, Garry D., 274 Rohde, Patricia E., 35l Rohlt, Paul Leon, 275, 3l4 Sandok, Burton Alan, 275, 372 Sandrock, Austin, R., 66, l80, 260, 272, 400 Sangl, Donald Wayne, 334 Sato, Elaine Miyoko, 293 Saunders, Gene Arthur, l05 Saunders, Janet E., 98 Saunders, Philip T., 290 Scanlon, Robert M., 247, 39l Scarclitt, Charles W., 320 Schaap, Edgar Raymond, 66 Schabacker, Robert D., 255, 303, 379 Schafer, Allyn James, 399 Schafer, Judith Ann, I82 Schatroth, Joanne F., 98, 273, 322 Schauland, Kay, 348 Schares, Justin M., ll6 Redman, Richard E., 399 Reed, Gerald W., 66 Reed, J Reed, ames Edward, I05 Keith Allen, 388 Reed, Kenneth Lee, 97, 296 Reed, Mary Madeleine, 254 Reeclguist, Karen L., I82, 35l Reemtsma, Sharon Kaye, 356 Reichow, William L., 97,204 Reida, Larry Truman, 66 Reimers, Robert T., 403 Rein, Jerry Dean, 396 Reinder s, John L., 240, 248 Reinders, Paul James, 248 Reindley, Marion Kay, IO9, 33l, Reip, Mary Ellen, 97 Reiter, Janice L., Ill Ressler, Ressler, Carol Jane, 97 Rhea Loris, 292, 325 Retz, Robert Marlow, 97 Rice, Harold Walter, 397 Rich, Jon Henri, I05, 284 Rich, Stanley Wilbur, 372 Richard, Mary Ann, 348 Richard Richard s, Annette, 330 s, Robert Jay, 229 352 Richmond, Robert R., 66, 278 Richter, Jane Louise, 83, 97, I69, 262, 264, 265, 273, 340, 360 Richter, Rickett, Mercer J., 403 Ernest A., l22, 255, 388 Rickett, Margaret A., 97, 262, 263 Rider, Norton Park, 295, 368, 404 Rieck, Donald Allan, 286 Riegel, Rieks R Donald Arthur, 97 al hHarold 236 . P . Rielly, James Patrick, 290 Riemers ma, Barbara A., 97 Ries, Harold Anthony, 97 Riggleman, Paul Earl, 97,290 Rigney, Frank Joseph, 204 Riley, Byron George, 8l Riley, D Rinden, onald William, 320 Thor W., I23, 388 Rinderknecht, Norman, 283 Ringdahl, John Edward, 7l Rinker, Ripley, Ripple, Margaret Jean, Ill Merwyn Dale, 396 Richard Carl, 29l Risk, Ann Carolyn, 355 Risk, Donald Lee, 7l Risk, Richard Joe, 69, 97, 288 Rix, Richard Allan, l97, 388 Ro, Jai Guk, 76 Roan, James Edward, 8l Roark, Charles F., 66 Robb, Allen Lee, 375 Roberson, Nancy Lee, 255, 265, Roberts Roberts Charles K., 299 Nancy Emma, 352 Roberts, Richard Don, 3I9 Roberts, Shirley J., 97, 266, 367 Roberts, Simon O., 236 Robertson, James A., I05, 290 420 269, 352 Roland, Roger Dale, 320 Rollene, Shirley V., II2, 355 Rosche, Richard Frank, 395 Donald George, 395 Rose, Rose, Janet Carol, 363 Rose, Mary Kathryn, 274, 325,326 Nancee Sue, 260 Rose, Roseberry, Michael M., 396 Rosenbaum, Charles H., 98 Rosenberg, Betty Ann, I82, 364 Rosenberg, Jerrold A., 387 Rosenberg, Morton Y., 8l, 254, 29l Rosenkranz, Donald, 98,284 Rosky, Theodore S., 396 Ross, Marilyn Joyce, 98 Ross, Terry Lee, 404 Rossberg, Delbert L., 232, 236 Rossie, John Raymond, 243 Roth, Lynn Ellen, 35l Roth, Robert George, 278 Rothschild, Walter W., 8I, 98 Roudabush, Dorothy K., 98, I69, 273, 28l Rouse, Jack Finlayson, 98 Rouse, James Ray, II6, 404 Rouse, Wayne Earl, 98 Roush, Richard Calvin, ll6 Rosenberg, Harlan K., I05 Rovner, Edith, 364 Rovner, Stanley M., 387 Rowan, James Paul, 66, 278 Rowe, Lavona Beatrice, I82 Roylands, Donna Mae, 347 Rozeboom, Earl Gordon, I05 Rozinek, James Robert, 76, 243, 246 Ruberts, Dawn, I82, 356 Rubottom, Marlene M., 293, 367 Ruch, Colene Ann, 28l Rudy, Audrey Dianne, 329 Ruehmann, Robert L., 383 Ruibys, Aliciia H., 7l Rukgaber, Rhea Louise, 360 Rundberg, Elizabeth A., 98, 347 Rundberg, Ruth Marie, 98, 293, 343 Runke, Richard P., 400 Runnion, Lillian May, I82 Runyon, John Marquis, 98 Rursch, LaVelIe Martin, 76, 299 Rush, John Edward, 228 Ruske, Lynn Eugene, 299 Rusley, Roger L., 98 Russell, Barbara E., 292, 367 Russell, Rita Mae, 340, 348 Rutenbeck, Mary Lou, 98, 330 Ruther, Rex B., 29l Rutkowski, Ronald C., 369,403 Rutledge, Carolyn Sue, 83, 98, 340, 352 Ryan, Lehan Jerome, 59, l30, 232, 246, 254, 384 Ryden, Donald Ray, 66 Ryden, Rex Joseph, 8I, 272, 29l Sabbath, John Walter, 290 Schatz, Rosemary Jane, I69 Schebler, Joseph P., 225, 39l Schechtman, Ronald H., 29l Scheldrup, Jean Ann, 335 Schell, Mary Jo, 98, 356 Schellinger, Carol A., 322, 323 Schellinger, Richard, I06 Schenken, Nancy, ll2 Scherrer, Patricia A., 367 Scherrer, Phyllis J., 367 Scheyli, Robert E., 226 Schitter, Henry D., 276 Schilletter, Lennadore, 264, 265, 363 sehiiiz, LaVerne E., 98 Schimberg, Martha Ann, 343 Schindler, Sara, 260,355 Schleisman, Robert C., 66 Schleuger, Robert Lee, 376 Schlotte Schluter, Schmahl Schmari Schmeli rback, R .J., 395 Bernard C., 76 , Wayne Robert, 98 e, David Paul, 248 g, Wayne A., 243 n Schmidt, Charles M., 3l9 Schmidt, Howard W., 66, 295 Schmidt Schmidt ,Jean Marie, l8Z Jeanette M., 98, 35l sehmiaii LeRoy Max, 66,278 Schmit, Schmitt, Germain L., I06, 285 Robert Kevin, 66 Schnede, Karen Kay, 274, 323 Schnede Schneider n, Donald W., 66,242,246 Hildegard, 323 Schneider, Janyce Kay, 325,327 Schneider, Joyce K., 327, 328 Schneider, Lawrence L., 7l, 272, 288 Schneider, Sandra D., 363 Schneider, Susan Jane, 328 Schnell, Schnur, Maurice Dean, IO3, 282 Louis Harvey, 404 Schoeller, Robert A., 98 Schorr, Phillip Andrew, 228, 243, , Schowengerdt, Carl G., 284 Schrade Schrage, 3l3 3l4 r, Dallas E., 66 Russel E., 388 Schrody, Alice Lee, 325 Schroeder, Alan F., 282 Schroeder, Gregg A., 2I7 Schroeder, Karl C. G., 66, 278 Schroeder, Thomas A., 285 Schroeder, Walter C., 8l Schuber t, Paula E., 264, 269, 35l Schueller, Thomas J., 285 Schuldt, Henry Stuart, 298 Schuler, Fern, ll2 Schulke, Merryl Dean, 7l, 288 Schulte, Carol Susan, 98, 254, 325, 329 Schultz, Daryl Dean, 3l4 Schultz, Donald Bruce, 98 Schultz, Donald H., 66 Schultz, Helen Joyce, 98 Schultz, Jack Erwin, 296 Schulz, Keith Donald, 376 Schwaegler, Robert R., 283 Schumacher, William A., l06 Schumann, Donna Jean, 360 Schwengel, Dorothy J., 98, I69, 360 Sclarow, Donna Lee, 98 Scothorn, Thomas G., 66 Scott, James Raymond, 257, 392 Scott, James Raymond, 257, 392 Scott, Joyce Ann, 269, 360 Scott, Paul Dean, 66, 293 Scott, Shirley Ann, 363 Scott, William Edwin, 204 Scruggs, Jane Ellen, 98 Seaberg, George H., 257, 388 Sealy, James Maurice, 392 Sears, George Eli, 383 Seabury, Mary Kay, I69, I82, 260, 269, 347 Seberg, Mary Ann, l69, 359 Sebolt, Frank Otis, 2l7, 237, 272 Seger, David Lloyd, 400 Segnitz, Thomas M., 98, 396 Segura, Teodoro, 232 Seibert, Sandra Jean, 98,360 Seidenfeld, Eddie L., 372 Seidenfeld, Lawrence, 387 Sell, Jon Richard, 399 Sells, Boake Anthony, 204, 399 Sennett, John Albert, 79 Sennett, Thomas C., 29l Sentman, Mary Ellen, 263, 348 Serenius, William A., 66, 3l3, 3l4 Sernett, Richard P., 39l Severe, Margaret Ada, 98 Seydel, Barbara Jean, 98, 264, 325, 327, 329 Sgro, Dominick A., 204 Shackeltord, Mariorie, Il2 Shadle, George Howard, 369,400 Shadle, Loris Marie, 35l Shadle, Stephen P., 254 Shater, John William, 290 Shater, Thomas Harry, 320 Shatter, Norman B., 66 Shatter, Sandra Sue, 335 Shank, Charles P., 3l9 Shanks, Virginia Jean, ll2 Shanno, David Alan, 244 Shapiro, Richard S., l06 Sharer, Carol Ann, 356 Sharp, Harriet Louise, ll2 Shaver, Marilyn M., 274 Shaw, Carol Lee, 98 Shaw, David Strohbeen, 232 Shaw, James Harvey, 66,232 Shaw, ,loan Louise, 98 Shaw, John Forrest, 23l Shea, Gene Ronald, 66,293 Shearer, Harrie T., 274, 392 Sheda, Garold Edward, 98 Sheda, Raeiean Mary, 328 Sheehan, Marie Kay, 292, 335 Sheely, James Richard, 66, 247, 260, 368, 379 Sheets, Wallace E., 98,204 Shelden, Miriam, 328 Sheldon, Richard S., 283 Shelton, Sandra Lee, 255,352 Shepard, Lucy M., l09, II2, 331, 332, 343 Sherbo, Margaret Anne, 98 Sherk, Donald Ross, 368,380 Shideler, Frank M., 66 Shining, H. Streeter, 282 Shinkle, Wallace T., 99, 297, 379 Shinn, Sara Jane, 363 Shirk, J. Gale, 293 Shoeman, Judith, 7l, I45 Shope, Terry Lynne, 255, 325, 326, 327 Shope, Thomas Charles, 392 Shope, William Harold, 76 Shor, Marilyn Jean, 364 Shoultz, Raymond G., 99 Showers, Mary Louise, l82, 263, 363 Showers, Stephen A., 229, 399 Shuck, Terry Altred, 76 Shulkin, Edwin S., 387 Shultz, Shirley Anne, 99 Shumacher, Alan E., 285 Shumansky, Nick Allen, 400 Shumway, Dave L., 8I Siegel, Eileen, 99 Siepker, Roberta Jane, 255, 326 Siepker, Sally Jo, 332,343 Sierp, Carl Phillip, 399 Sigel, Norman, 99, 284 Silver, Gloria Lona, 364 Silvis, Simanek, Simmons, Donald Henry, 303 Donald E., 274 Nancy Joan, 257, 340, 35l Simmons, iRobert D., 404 Simmons, Simonson, Sindelar, William A., 404 Derk Roland, 399 Mariorie A., 99, 325, 327 Sinder, Charles, 285 Sinek, Francis John, 39l Singleton, John Keith, 294 Singleton, Lee Allan, 240, 244, 248 Singley, Colleen D., I23, I69, 348 Sippy, Rose Ann, 99 Sirota, Evelyn, 99, 364 Skidmore, Carol Jean, 274, 275, 34l, Skillicorn, Dale C., 244 Skinner, Jerold J., 244 Slager, Carolyn Kay, 99, 343 Slattery, Marlin Otis, 286 Slattery, Thomas John, 99,297 Slaymaker, Helen S., 360 Slemmons, Barbara Ann, I69, 352 Sloan, Raymond A., Bl, 29I Sloane, Marcia Carol, 99, l82, 348 Slocum, Neil Richard, 255, 339, 379 Slofer, Bernard Paul, 76, 247, 345 Sluka, Sylvester D., 99, 247 Smallwood, Marion A., 243 Smart, Adele Marie, 99 Smiley, Dorothy Mae, II2 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith 299, Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith smaihf Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smull Snell, Adelaide Cora, 263, 296, 352 Ann Pauline, l82, 325 Barrie David, 99, 282 Billy Lee, 99 Caroline Ann, I69, 343 Darrell Aitken, 76 David George, 383 Dorothy Ann, 292 Halden Porter, ll7 Herbert D., 403 ,James Merritt, 72, 242, 345, 375 James Warren, 282 John D., 392 John Stuart, 99, 290 Judith Ann, l82, 348 June Arlene, 279 Kenneth Earl, 379 Kenneth Frank, 76 Larry Lloyd, 255, 269, 375, 40 Marian Louise, I69, 260 Minla Laverne, ll2, 33l Richard Lee, IO6, 375 Robert Thomas, 66 Saundra S., 335 Shela Sybil, 335 Sue Ann, 323 William Kirby, 226, 403 ,' warren Lindsay, 76, 276, 298, Sarah Jane, 344 Sneller, David Lee, 288, 293 Snitker, Lyle William, 66 Snopek, Robert Gene, 66, 247, 294 Snowgren, Jacqueline, 99, 344 Snyder, Douglas S., 2l7 Snyder, Darlene Jane, 77, 292, 347 Snyder, Jamesillicharcl, Bl Sodawasser, Lloyd W., 99 Soderstrom, Sonia L., I69, l82, 356 Soiseth, Robert Perry, l06, 285 Sokolof, Florence, 332, 364 Soll, Donald John, 99, 399 Sommerfeld, Barbara A., 7l, 99 Sorensen, Mary Louise, 343 Sorenson, -Ronald L., I82 Sornson, Sornson, Elmer T., 99 Rodney Drace, IO6, 282 Sorrells, Sandra D., 348 Sowder, Nancy Boyd, 99 Spaan, James Theodore, 204 Spachman, Robert W., 388 Spahn, Carolyn Helen, 363 Spain, Marianne, 99, 340, 367 Sparks, James Herbert, 99 Sparks, Richard E., IO6 Sparks, Robert Dean, l03, l06, 283 Speas, Ralph R., 230, 232 Speas, Richard, 66 Spector, Allan Ross, 387 Speer, Edward Harold, 375 Spellman, Carol Lee, 99, 28l Spence, George McKay, 257 Spencer, Katherine A., 99 247, 298, 0 299 Sperry, Harvey Lee, 8l Spies, Maryanna F., l69, 266, 363 Spillers, Larry C., 334 Spinella, Daniel John, 288 Spirtos, Basil N., 282 Spivak, Marvin David, 247, 387 Spivey, Bruce Eldon, 282 Spizman, Phillip L., 99, 320 Spoon, Merna Belle, 269 Spooner, Donald W., 320 Sprague, Sandra Kay, l82, 260, 355 Spring, Richard C., 256, 260, 383 Springate, Charles C., 99,274 Springate, Kenneth A., 99, 284 Sprowls, Leigh Robert, 380 Spunaugle, Shirley A., Il2 Squier, Henry Alan, 334 Stack, James Morris, 286 Stacy, iRobert Brown, 295 Stafford, Roger Owen, 232, 345 'Stahl, Alwin Edward, 369, 383 Stallman, Virginia A., l82, 352 Stamy, Marcia Lynne, 360 Standard, Norma L., 335 Slangel, Ronald J., 99, 404 Stanley, George L., 99 Stark, Glenn Everett, 99, 395 Stark, Kay Avonne, l32 Starrk, Mary Ann, 28l, 326 Stark, Robert James, 320 Stark, Thomas Edward, 283 Starner, Roger Allen, 396 Starrett, Carole Ann, I69, 255, 347 Stautter, Carolyn J., 356 Stautter, James A., 66 Stearns, Donnabelle, ll2 Stebbins, Ralph J., 66 Stedronsky, Frank J., 99 Steege, Paul L., 294 Steele, Mary Maureen, II2 Steele, Robert Lew, 399 Steele, Robert Murray, 99 Steenhoek, John Gary, 345 Steenhoven, Jon D., 285 Stetfensen, Sandra L., 260 Stein, Arlo Peter, 295 Stein, Lloyd Henry, 295 Stein, Peter Craig, 379 Stein, William L., 76, 298 Steinberg, Wayne, 372 Sleinmann, Margaret A., 355 Stenberg, Pamela S., 296, 360 Stence, Nancy Frances, 330 Stepanek, Karen L., l69, 356 Stephens, Barbara M., 274 Stephens, Martha Jean, 292, I69 Stephens, Robert L., 99 Stephenson, Marian K., l23, 360 Sternitzke, Donald L., 66 Stevens, Donald R., 72, 76, 276, 277 Stevens, Robert E., I06 Stevens, Sharon Lee, 99 Stevenson, Braden C., 275, 388 Stewart, James R., IO6 Stewart, Nancy Ann, I69 Stewart, Robert Byler, 226, 392 Stewart, Robert Lyons, lOl William R., IO6 Stewart, Stickley, James John, 286 Stiegele, Carol Ann, l82, 355 Stienties, Barbara K., l22, l82, 339, 348 Stienties, Carol Lea, l2'3, I34, 274, 275, 348 Stitter, Robert F., 204 Stilwell, Richard J., 380 Stiles, Faye, l00 Stock, Jean Carolyn, IO9, 33I Stockel, 'Richard F., I00 Stoecker, Donald Lee, 76 Stoter, Gerald Benton, 3l4 Stoll, Daniel Clark, 400 Stolte, Myron Dean, 66, 237 Stoltenberg, Curtis G., l00 Stoltenberg, Roger W., 294 Stoltzfus, Mariorie A., ll2 Stone, Linda Kay, 263, 323 Stone, Robert Joseph, 8l Stone, Stuart Ronald, 387 Stonebarger, Richard, 67 Stoner, Betty Jean, l00 Stoppels, Paul Justin, 296 Story, Stanley Roger, 286 Stoughton, Roger L., 275, 395 Stoy, John Warren, 234 Stratton, Merwin C., 76, 334 Strauman is, Janis, IOO, 282 Strawn, Robert Allen, 379 sitter, wendy csihefn, 132, 264, 350 Strine, Gary Lloyd, 274 Strock, Di Strohm, 'S Slrohman Slrohman xie Lee, 255, 269, 351 hirley Ann, l00 , Beverly Ann, l6 ,LeRoy l., 286 Strom, Edwin Thomas, 407 Stroud, El iza beth T., 296 Slrub, Frank Allen, l00 Struble, Mary Jean, l00 Stuelke, Richard C., l06 Stumme, Kathleen, lI2 Slych, Godfrey, 230 Suchy, Donald James, l00, 204 Sudbrook, William R., l00 Sueppel, William F., 29I Suhr, Robert John, 67, 379 Sullivan, Denis, Bl, 29I Sullivan, James C., 39I Sumrnervi Sunleaf, Roger W Sunner, Gerald C. Sutherland, James lle, Jane E., 360 Summy, Thomas Hart, 403 ., 228 , IO6 Sussman, Nancy Ellen, 364 E., 334 H., I00 Sutherland, Stuart Sutter, David Otto, ll7 Sutton, William H., 388 Swain, Charles W., 275 Swan, Ne Swaney, S Swank, La Swanson Ida Ruth, 7l, 292 ara Lynne, 257, 360 Donna Lee, l00 Don Kay 383 Swanson: John Otto, IO3, l06, 272, 284 Swanson Swanson, Swanson Swanson, Swanson Jon Richard, 383 Kenneth B., 67, 375 Marilyn Jean, II2 Sandra Sue, l38, 359 Sigurd A., 298 Swanson, Sonia Dee, l82, 266, 367 Swartz, Lenore Ann, lI2 Swartz, Paul Thomas, 403 Sweem, Donald Lee, 284 Sweet, Linda Sue, 266, 343 Swengel, Sandra, 254, 262, 263, 26 Swenson, Daniel Lyle, l00 Swenson, Joseph G., l00 Swenson, Karen E., 363 Switt, John Loras, l00, 388 Swift, Larry Vernon, 225 Swihart, Virginia Fay, 67, 295, 303 Symonds, Sytsma, E Taft, Dav Tanqney, William Carl, ll7 dith Mae, 293, 303 T' id Allan, 282 Margaret M., 360 Tank, James Joseph, 67 Tanner, Robert Edwin, 399 Tansey, Roger Kent, 67 Tarditt, .Albert Romeo, 67 Taubert, Dixie Lee, 335 Taves, Delores Anne, 367 Taylor, Eldine Irene, 355 Taylor, James Wesley, 288 Taylor, Linnea Dell, IO0, 325 4, 348 Taylor, Mary E., l00, 367 Taylor, Mary Louise, I36, 356 Taylor, Robert Ellis, l00 Taylor, Shirley Ann, II2 Taylor, Virginia Kay, ll2, l4l, 262, 273, 33l, 332 Tea, Phyllis Aileen, 348 Teager, Joyce Elaine, 274 Teegen, John T., 283 Tegler, Wayne Julian, l00, 283 Templeman, Mary J., IOO, 348 TePaske, Joan Rae, 257, 264, 274, 275, 363 Tepperman, David Jay, 387 Terry, Barbara Joan, ll2 Terry, Lar Teter, Wi Thain, Ge Thalacker Thalberg, ry George, l00 lliam Howard, 320 rald John, IOO, 242, 246 ,Joyce L., II2 Sara Ellen, 364 Tharp, Mantord Eugene, 383 Thayer, Mary Barbara, l00, 347 Stoughton, Dorotha R., 262, 263, 264, 347 Thede, Norman Dale, 285 Theer, Richard E., 204 Theissen, Eleanor C., II7, 292 Thiele, John George, 269 Thiele, Marilyn llene, I69, 352 Thielen, Michel Clair, IOO, 297, 383 Thiltgen, Norman F., 67, 278, 294 Thimmesch, Franklin A., l00 Thoen, Dennis Duane, 3l3, 3l4 Thomas, Audrey Kay, II2, 279, 343 Thomas, Dudley 'S., IOO Thomas, Frederick C., 400 Gordon G., 282 Herman Ray, 284 Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Leonard Lee, 76 Thomas, Margaret Ann, II2 Thomas, Marvin Harlan, 372 Thomas, Mary Ann, II2 Thomas, Priscilla Sue, l69, 330 Dann Huyck, 255, 380 Thompson, Thompson, Dorothy E., l00, 263, 352 Gary Lee, 255, 392 Thompson, Thompson, Robert Gary, 244, 396 Sally M., IOO, 352 Thompson, Thoms, Allan Theodore, 376 David W., 404 Philip Terry, 392 Judith M., l22 Richard M., l00, 384 Francis J., IO6, 283 Margaret M., l00 Matthew J., l00 Margaret Ann, 329 Thomson Thomson Thoreson, Thoreson, Thornton Thornton Thornton Thorson, Thudium, Gary Martin, 395 Thurwanqer, Sara Ann, 347 Tidd, William George, 67,246,399 Tiedens, George R., 392 Tiemeyer, Richard W., l00 Tiernan, Marilee, 344 Tillman, Frederick E., 67, 246 Tilton, James Floyd, l22, 380 Tirrimerman, Jay Carl, 285 Tinqwald, Terry A., 3l4 Todd, Erma Sue, ll2 Toerber, Ardith Kay, ll2 Tolentino, Vicente, 232 Toltord, Nancy Faith, I69, 359 Tonkinson, John Alan, 404 Toogan, Ceriett, 283 Toogood, Anne Carol, 255, 268, 325 Toothacre, Rodney M., 67 Torqerson, Paul M., 288 Torrence, Jerry M., 59, 67, 256, 293, Torrence, Nancy Ann, IOO, 264, 355 Tourian, Ara Yervant, 283 Toussaint, Robert J., 67 Tradup, John, 334 Trapp, Gordon Trumann, 236, 399 Treadway, Olen Gene, 204 Tripp, Jeanette M., l00, l82 Trom, Mary Louise, l82, 330 Trookman, Leonard H., 372 Trowbridge, Sandra J., l00 Truax, John Marshall, 407 Truesdell, Mary K., 67, l4O, 263, 309, 325, 326, 329 Trunecek, Carol Ann, 269 Trussell, Robert L., l00 Tucker, Betty Jean, 265, 360 Tucker, Frank Dean, 29I Tuietsch, Robert L. T., 67, 295 Turecek, Donald Frank, l00 Turk, Tommie David, 383 Turnbull, Miles W., 297 Turner, Anne Marie, l00, 355 Turner, Frank M., 383 Turner, James Howard, IO6 Turner, Joyce Karolyn, 356 Robert Loman, 380 Stephen Allen, 236, 399 lJ Upton, Richard Dale, l0l, 383 Urich, Gary Robert, 67,295 Urick, Howard B., 288 Usgaard, Peter Andres, 400 Utley, David Miles, 295 Utley, George H., 283 Utley, Terry Ann, 268, 348 Utter, Robert Phil, 76, 298 Nl Valassiades, John X., 37l Valy, Carol Jean, I69, 356 Turner, Turner, 326 399 273,295 112 l Vana, Sally Brown, lI2 Van Camp, Judilh Ann, l34, 352 Vanderberg, Anloinelle, ll2 Vanderhoel, Linda, I69 Vandervelde, Gerald M., IO6 VanderWaal, Cheryl A., 329 Van Devenler, James B., 67,293 VanDyke, Gardner C., 67, 235, 237, 400 Van Epps, Roberl F., 383 Van Fossen, Charles G., 226 VanGinkel, Kalhryn P., 332 VanHoever, Janice Lee, 264, 35l VanHoulen, George, 67, 242, 246, 278 399 Van Houlen, Marvin J., 67 Vanhulzen, Don Lee, lOl, 399 Van Kirk, Fay Gerald, 375 Van Ness, Charles R., 384 Van Ooslerhoul, Sara N., 344 Van Orsdel, Virginia J., l38, I39, 352 Van Vliel, James M., 8l Varley, Mary Frances, 266 Vavra, Richard Leroy, 67, 294, 404 Veil, Eugene, 204 Veida, Donald Earl, 67 Veldey, Gary Mark, 400 Vendelboe, Barbara K., 262, 264, 303 Venzke, Alyce Joyce, 262, 335 Verschoor, Paul F., l0l Veller, David Bales, 380 Videbeck, William iR., l0l Vochoska, Virgil Dean, 290 Voecks, Alberl Edward, 404 Voellinger, iRichard W., 67, 293, 334 Vogel, Arnold Lee, 369,379 Vogel, Julie Anne, 352 vaigi, John william, 404 Volz, Gale Curlis, 67 Vonboeselager, Augusl, lOl, 403 Volrobek, Linda Lou, I69 Voxman, William Lloyd, 234 W Wachler, Richard W., 296 Wachulka, Arlhur E., lOl Wacker, Duane Kay, I7 Wagner, Bill James, 379 Wagner, Charles L., lOl Wagner, Marjorie B., l82, 269, 344 Wagner, Waller James, l0l Wahman, Gerald E., 3ll Walden, Carol Fay, lOl Walden, Jo Ann, 292 Walden, William While, 284 Waldinger, Golda, 364 Walker, Carolyn Jane, 266, 348 Walker, Darlene Rezab, 7l, 292 Walker, John Wendell, 282 Walker, Marion John, IOI, 204 Walker, Normandie K., 293, 343 Walker, Phyllis R., ll2 Wallace, Harold W., ll7 Wallbridge, Ann G., 352 Wallers, Jo Anne, l46, 343 Wallers, Judilh Ann, 359 Wallers, Ralph, 226 Wallers, Viclor E., 244 Wallon, Richard James, 298 Wallon, Roberl Wendell, 290 Wanamaker, John M., IO6, 282 Warboy, Richard Loran, 400 Ward, John Thomas, 388 Ward, Wallace, 298 Ware, Philip Slephen, 290 Warner, Carmen Marie, l0l Warner, Craig Dee, 403 Warner, Janel Dell, 269 Warner, Phillip Dee, 244, 396 422 Warness, Karen Marie, 359 Warren, Charles E., 76, 276 Warren, John Sloan, 399 Warren, Marilyn Joyce, 204, 348 Washburn, Jerry T., 229, 286 Washer, Judilh Jo Anne, l82, 352 Washinglon, Roberl L., 225 Waskow, Duane Edwin, 67 Wasle, Richard Lee, 285 Walers, Gola Edward, 8l, 29I Walers, Sandra, 344 Walkins, Ann Carler, IOI, l22, l40, Walkins, Charles, l0l Walson, Ann M., l0l, 330 Walson, Roberl Millon, 283 Walson, Thomas K., lOl Walls, Roberl Loren, l0l Waugh, Beverly Jane, l0l, 348 Way, James Edward, 284 Way, Joe Tim, 230 Wearring, Daniel, 298 Wealherly, Richard D., 388 Weaver, John Bernard, 243, 334 Webber, Richard A., 399 Weeber, Jerome C., 282 Weeber, Marilyn Alice, 263, 335 Weede, Lois Kay, IOI Weeks, James Keilh, 290 Wegner, Brunhild T., ll2 Wehner, Marilyn Rulh, lOl Wehner, Ralph Conrad, 247 Weih, Nancy Jane, I69, 359 Weih, Roberl Noel, 399 Weiner, Alvin Richard, 260, 387 Weindruch, Harry M., 67, 387 Weingarl, Samuel l., l0l, 387 Weinkauf, David Alvin, II7 Weir, Jane Eloise, ll2, 264, 33l, 33 Weir, Lura Gerlrude, l0l, 340, 347 Weiss, Aileen Marie, lOl, 360 Welch, Charles Edgar, lOl Welch, Dion Richard, 399 Welch, John Michael, 383 Welch, Palrick'James, 383 Welch, Richard Dean, ll5, II7 Weld, Melvene Mae, 355 Weldon, L. Dennis, 284 Weldon, William H., 67 Weller, Kennelh B., 248 Wells, Howard Wayne, 243 Welp, Diane Rose, lOl Welsh, William E., 293 Weller, Louise C., 335 Weller, Nicholas A., 388 Wendel, Dale Ross, 76,299 Wendhausen, Beverly J., 330 Wenner, Carolynn J., 393, 344 Wenlzien, Paul Warren, 383 Wenlzien, Ralph Bond, 369, 380 Werner, Carol Fay, ll2 Werner, Kalhryn, 360 Werner, Roger William, 39l Wesl, Reid Warner, 67,383 Werra, Mary Ann, 293 Wessel, Max Dewayne, 328 Wesl, Judilh Lane, ll2 Weslerlund, Roger L., IO6 Wesllund, Thomas R., 388 Weslwick, Richard A., 303 Welrich, David W., l0l, 282 Welsell, George Berl, 403 Welzell, Carol Ann, I69, 260, 355 Weyer, Nancy Ann, l82, 268 Whannel, Sandra Lee, 359 Whealley, Eugene Noble, 67 Whealley, Max D., lOl Wheelock, Sue, 260, 355 Whelro, Howard E., 77 Whinery, Roberl Don, IO6, 282 363 3, 360 Whilaker, Kalhryn J., 352 While, George H., 235 While, Howard Stanley, 403 While, James William, 283 While, Jean Adel, 263, 344 While, Sheila Ann, 269 Whilehead, Douglas R., 392 Whileley, Wayne Henry, 295 Whilm ore, Michael K., 388 Whilney, Richard O., 383 Whilney, William Gene, l82, 2 379 Whille Whille n, Elizabelh J., IO9 nbaugh, John A., 298 Wichmann, Larry Rae, 243, 395 Wickard, Margarel Ann, 35l Wickey, Randall Keilh, 288 Wickhorsl, Carol J., 343 Wicks, John Roger, 229, 399 Widigen, Nancy, 67, 348 Widne Wieck, r, Russell Ralph, 282 Chrislel lrrna, 328 57, 274, Wolf, David Lawrence, 7l Wolf, Howard Charles, I03, 283 Wolf, Marcia Ann, l38, 330 Wolle, Palricia Ann, 343 Wolle, Richard Daniel, l03, 283 Wolford, John R., 240,248 Wollin, Kennelh A., 232 Womack, James Lowell, 388 Wood, Dellos Leland, 77, 276, 299 Wood, Richard A., 284 Woodcock, Barbara J., ll2, 279 Woodman Mary Frances, l69, l82, 257 48 262, 263, 3 Woodruff, Charles A., 288 Woodruff, Nancy Kay, ll2, 33l Woodruff, Sylvia June, 279 Wordlow, Clarence, 2I7 Wormhoudl, Susan, 340, 356 Wormley, John M., 283 Worlhen, Marvin L., l0l Worlon, Eugene W., 283 Wraa, Tariei G., 77 Wiedman, Jerome E., 230, 232, 296 Wiegerl, Rae Ann, 352 Wiegerl, Roy Herman, lOl Wiegman, Grelchen Ann, 355 Wiegman, Hugh Alan, 284 Wiese, James Arlhur, 260, 383 Wiese, James Loren, 288 Wigim, Tom Waller, l0l Wrighl, Wrighl, Wrighl, Bruce S., 67 Charles Larry, 285 Harold Lee, 67, 295, 3ll Wrighl, James C., l07, 282 Wrighl, Marilyn Rulh, 344 Wrighl, Palricia Ann, 330 Wrighl, Pauline M. H., ll2 Wrighl, Thomas G., l07 Wilcox, Corrine L., 328, 343 Wild, William Frank, 3l3 Wilker Wilkes , Richard F., 283 , Ouenlen L., 243 Wilkins, Gary Charles, I0l Wilkens, Glenn Eugene, 67 Wilkinson, Ronald H., 286 Willard, Kerry Arlhur, lOl Willard, Marion Jane, 356 wine, Carol Sue, 67 Willell, James G., 204, 376 Williams, David James, 67, 284 Williams, Edward H., 77 Williams, Gary W., 256, 388 Williams, James Frank, 384 Williams, James W., 3l4 Williams, Jean Ann, I69, 264, 355, 356 Wursl, Ronald Lee, 284 Wyall, Susann Kay, 260, 344 Wylder, Roberl James, 384 Wyllie, Charles E., 77 Wymore, Roger S., 77 Wyrick, Darrel Dewey, 272 Wyrick, Shirley Lee, 293 Y Yager, Roberl Davis, 67,384 Yarwood, Dean Lesley, lOl Yales, Joyce Elaine, lOl Yeakey, Ernesl L., 298 Yeisley, Ronald F., 384 Yocum, Roberl Alfred, 383 Yoder, Claylon Joseph, 67 Williams Joe Waller, 2l7, 257, 388 Keilh Allan, 294 Williams Williams, Marcelyn K., IOI Williams, Richard Lee, 67 Williams, iRoberl Dean, 274, 278, 395 Williams, Sandra, 260, 352 Williams, Vincenl D., 69, 7l, 288 Willier, William F., 8l Wilson, David F., 392 Wilson, Donald Eugene, l06 Wilson, Fred Clark, l0l, 247 Wilson, James Paul, 237 Wilson, Jay lvan, 3l4 Wilson, Joan Clemenls, 360 Wilson, Ralph V., 388 Wilson, Richard J., IO6, 283 Wilson, Thomas R., Bl, IOI Wilslerman, David A., 67,278 Will, Marvin Duane, 77, 277 Wing, William Dean, l23, 293 Winn, Arlene Kae, 343 Winn, Richard Charles, 39l Winn, Wendell Wallace, 67, 24l, 242, 246, 278 Winler, David Hicklin, 283 Winler, Robin Ellin, l82, 355 Wirlz, Emerson Keilh, l07, 282 Wirlz, Larry Lynn, 269, 3l4 Wissler, Susan, 359 Wilrner, Beverly Jo, lOl, 347 Will, James Roland, 297, 399 Wohlhueler, Virginia, ll2 Yoder, York, G Donald Ray, II7 eorge Lulher, 283 Yoshimolo, Palricia A., 328 Young, Jim Van, 235, 237, 275, 399 Young, Joyce Aileen, IOI, 327 Young, Linda Lee, 328 Young, Marshall Paul, 380 Young, Roberl Alan, Sl, l30, 254, 29I Youngb erg, Suzanne L., lOl Younl, Marsha Lea, 363 Z Zahrl, David E., 334 Zamberlelli, Palricia, 67,. 293, 295 Zanolli, Lesler V., 226 Zaslrow, Keilh Edwin, 232, 380 Zaverlnik, John J., 247 Zavell, Errol, l82, 297, 369, 372 Zeiller, Gwendolen, 303 Zelinsky, Carol Joy, l82, 260, 367 Zenlner, Waller, 77 Zeuch, Mary Sarah, 348 Zillman, Richard L., 396 Zimmer, David Harry, l23, 380 Zimmer, David Keilh,77, 247,298 Zimmer, Gerald G., lOl Zimmerman, John F., 274 Zimmer Zuehlke Zunkel, man, Palricia S., Il2 ,John David, II7 William John, 380

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