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3 3, iv .H N .,' 2 I - A as it gif-ay' ' f pr .Mft ,fn-' wg 'dr ' k gmn ,zfflfz ' 4,1 ,Q Q, ,X ,N - Q rf' . '1"'- Qw ""'u'Q"fv af' Af 'Nt' , x AW G .. 4-wr:, 1 ' H, 1 , I 1' state university . :i1n f-' 5522 In the nk He was crowded. Every- where he went, ttrerefwere people and cars. A boom year for SUI and for auto- mobile manufacturers. A year in which there wasn't enough room . . . in university hous- ing, for students at football games, or in parking lots. They were increasing housing capacity, the seating problem was solved, but they still couldn't give him a place to park his car. of iowa I Iowa city, iowa l Q Q T 3. I 4 1 i x x ff 1 ,film wg f 4 -gy. , - ,V , in ffy ,fv ,. - ,ff 2 ??,.f A1- S w,, . 4,51 . j I ., .,, , , Y . , 4 ,Www ,W 7, -i if 'ff 2 gf 'Q' A: i Ag? 51 4 . if F555 ,4 r ! 3 S ew, S ima. 11. Lk '-ww sunny' F Mr. Wilbur Peierson, HAWKEYE adviser , I M I swf , 4 4 if t f His desk was Three inches deep wiTh unanswered leTTers, reTurns Trom newspaper circulaTion sTudies, and assorTed pamphleTs. NOT enough Time To sTarT any- Thing beTore his class in circulaTion managemenT. He decided To siT back and waiT Tor some+hing To happen. lT always did. He glanced up aT The EdiTor and Pube lisher Trophies he had received when he was s+iII in The newspaper business. Things were easier in Those days. NOT ThaT he'd wanT To give up his posiTion as HAWK- EYE adviser. The HAWKEYE chief phoTographer sTuck his head in The door and asked Tor more Tilm. A Trip down The hall To The business oTTice Tor Tilm and prinTing paper, an idle ThoughT ThaT They musT be eaTing The sTuTT. The business manager was waiTing in his oTTice To Tell him The ToTal number oT books sold was 3,l2O, and he made a noTe To send oTT The Tinal cover order oT 5375. The ediTor was nexT, Telling him ThaT The engraver would be up beTore vacaTion. She had several ques- Tions ...should she send a Telegram To Michigan since all previous aTTempTs To geT a picTure oT The lowa-Michigan TooTball game had Tailed . . . whaT size Type would look besT in The beauTy secTion . . . should she order . . . The phone sTarTed To ring in The HAWKEYE oTTice and she hurried To answer iT, Tossing a hasTy "Thanks, PeTe," over her shoulder. He glanced aT his waTch. He'd be lafe Tor his class. W . mm fr TT Q . me Q Sandi Miller Business Manager Barbara Work EdiTor-in-Chief c 0 n f e nit our alrftdmater t administration classes communmatwns fine arts athletics military the Ilfe we live Octivities beauHe5 Organizations sororities i fraternities s dorm itorie A 2 D i ! -5 Tifilg f.l5,'iS -as , le 2 Q 5 A 2 . Q K L Q L s M,, 5 X Wi? . ? 5 Sffml Sf' 1 4 - 2 gr 'WO' hir 58:23 Pi x-Q31 TDR 043 Y Rvfgg I : ,NA I f lip. : , 77 OU" olmcl wh 4? iw mcafer .,,,,Q..4muv"A"-' W in This division iid' 5 . ,YV s-f' , hub 'rhe They come back for anol'her year. Willing . . . hesil'an'l' . . . Escaping. SUI is many 'l'hings. Tradi'l'ion is noi' one of l'hem. A 'few annual even'l's . . . The inducfion ceremony, Burning l'he corn monumenl- lif we winl. Bul' for l'he mosl' parl' our fradifions are nol' formalized. No daisy chains, No passing on l'he l'orch of knowledge l'o l'he underclassmen. Our fradilions are ofher 'l'hings. The 12:30 mob al' Currier . . . Riverbanking in 'l'he spring . . . Parlies in sfrange places . . . Week-end canoeing . . . Quesl' for l'he Blarney Slone. The carbonaled green of S+. Pa+rick's Day . . . The bell of Old Capilol . . . Things real and fancied. lradilional 3 5 Q Q SEQ if Q 53? Lak ,S AV: . A lv H ' ff-' W 'v"'W'f ,,ff " ' A,"- 1- 5 gf- M Rfiiwm.. -4..,,, ---ri gs ,A wwwvnwh 'wwf The year I955-56 was nwuch like any orher year. IT could nor easiiy be caregorized, nor T i couTo if be characferized by any one parricu- Tar evenjr. li was a mulfirude oT Things . . . There was The haze OT aurunin . . . excife- menr oT Toorbaii , . . The Tirsr snowTaii . . and The weighi of winier . , . a dying in na' 'ure. The morning break . . . The afrernoo' break . . . rhe evening break . . . ren-+hir'y . . . friends . . . and orherwise. Learning . . . Torgerfing . . , Tesring . . . road home . . . a Two-week resbire . . . ano oack again. Srudenrs To scholars . . . Tinak . . , recovery , . , The baskerbah rnadness . . . The ride oT The Mob, Spring . . . rebirrh . . . converJribTes . . . ine river . , . a generai sfowing-up . . . The young rnanis iancy . . . The young Tadyis fancy . . . abandoned books . . . picnics and pleasures . . . rhe idyTTic Tinfe. The laslr round . . . a Hurry of srudies . . winners or iosers . . . cabs and gowns . The brief sadness of barjring. i , fr .4 mniuvlz .A W , gg, wH.,,,W " "Q-,,,q ratv ff' . . , A , ,A , 1: -lm , 1 ':1r+iEQ,-2??r.:"s . , I . , ,,rz.,w, ,wr ,.sf.s,wssra-rfffffefcuywr v www ,- .fwi ekk Mfr ? W 3 ,rf M -- ,- M 1 -V Y mf V T no ' .W A vo. , , f Aa V, am NAJVSQM mkfvyxu yw sfg fw , , IL I A Q 3' i ala 1.413 f -1.65445 V I In ,..fg5gHE,5M,, W 'ffurnu ,Y vu "QM W r ,- 1 4 "a ng 'lf , rg 1. my wh 5 sua. 'if ,p 1, it ,,,,,,,, 4, M, - wi i in ,, jf: MW, ,fm - M ,, I 7 -32, 'Awww , ff w rf. ,, 2: 2 lhe The new was everywhere from l'he 2500 freshmen 'lo l-he pile of rubble l'hal' had been Currier Annex and someday would be Burge Hall for women. Olher conslruclion work . . . The medical research cen'I'er Quadrangle and Hillcresl The 'Fieldhouse addifion. Baskelball . . . Firsl' in 'I'he Big Ten Second in 'lhe NCAA. Women in 'l'he Commons and cosmic ray balloons. Expansion and progress. Discoveries . . . In class . . . Of knowledge . . . And people . . . And a variel'y of -lhings. The new was all around us. Wai'l'ing. TIGW 5 iss!! YH of ,FQ-.. W N AddiHon To HiUcres'I' dormifory . . . an expanding universijry. The Commons dormifory . . . women rephaced law sfudenfs. , .IQw,w,,Nw . , The Union 'rerrace . . . gracious living and a iungle gym The Hwlrfeenfh hONG . . a clwaflenqe fo H19 web-foofed 4 nw, X fi" wi W fin ,gggrmww H AL-' M , ', 2 - f ' Z-11" Qziifc ,, , , , x ,, fgiifl- ' f .i V: M' ,-: 2'-,-fwkf-a.':'waf.', " ' 241.-1 ffl' W H gm. . ,:5V+LM,,,., .i:5,,,5.. V5 V . V ,, .1 .ff-,,:a-I -V Q , , , A , V g ., ,- ' 'WW , 9' W m4....,., . ,L H 'g5'7., V W , w 1 . Mfmf' ' " " V JMR, , ,, A :V W3 rw by , , 4 ,,,, , . .A f .3 ,v,,, Q v,,. , A A W, 4 i . I k , W f V5 at 5 1' I I If , lhe There is a cerfain sameness 'I'o some fhings. Coffee and cigarelles . . . Classes and cramming. Dull Iecfures . . . and inspiring ones. Aimless Sunday aflernoons when lhere is everylhing fo be done . . . and nofhing gels done. Our lives are rouline. We do 1'he same fhings over and over. Bridge and felevision . . . Dales and sfudy. Live in our own 'lighl' world lndifferenl' fo 'l'he oulside. Somefimes Indifferenl' lo lhe inside and 1'he people around us. Few are inleresled in elecfions . . . in parficipafing . . or in people . . . very much, We are apa'l'he'I'ic Period. familiar 1 1 1 a as J? w , L , 5 yy Fl -fQfg'5' f1i-f11's,'a..g ,, f K ,- f-if L 3 L. ' Q E5'J' an L-::Hr ' A . -I ,vu q J Q 4 Ar fya. . ' BT' ' 'lhmuf " 4 L is l , l g u 1 3 n T , X i 5 ' 'L f . -9' zfihjlfff I , 5 A 91 as Q .mfqx ww' 1 A .,-5 Q t . Any, V rye? . a 1 . , wg, A - ,A 1, X05 ,' 3 n -,-.4 53? ' ax ' Wi--A U ' " sildf' 'A ff- ilyfff wg f. lf," . lmaj j S' ' , 4 Q 2 ifggfisffgfzfga' 5, - 2,Q44f,Q il v X 1 mg I X, . Q 5 'ggi . 1 'ff ff .ffk LQ, l 5 y1 f.Y'f'f ? A iff ,wg 'wgfmi 1 1 rf .W .1 Y ' X r 3 ' Y x " 'X Q ' A-5 ,gg 5 I 6? I ' .ini 5 . Q k fix Ui it ' M- gg, CDL Wmif an , K X :'g45mg9Y2fip1Q'a'5'-V-XL Q AN- t ' 'x "4gof. 111430 'W yr fag f b3u?,mf .i?3w!4:, gfwfmi 'qf.4f 'A . ,V-, A 'ffrw Wal if 4 ' ll"-0' 35,5 3 'ff 1 -1, i ,li .ggww ,silty few . Q + " , - , v f . 'W 1: MJ , I, f'fiQA tffminll-0'5" ftfgiz ' if ,. ww Q 'U 'Q lx Ein J! 'NYS ,' 'nv f. .Q if 'ws Sli I 4 Q-wllLl.aiwfg'A 0 J " au. F L, P 4 M Aafwisgidmkqgi 9' . ' L .E KH' X ' Q sq I My ww A4 f' ' Q v . 7 C, ks , 1 1 K , .f 1 ,mfs - I F A K xl my k - J' , f I . V' ' , X' QW, ' , A t W . 1 I5 -fi,-M , Q + 'f WSW 'S ' ' 'ff . , sl YA In 1, -' , if ,M gg? A .vM"'- X fx xt x X Y ,xr H- A , J 3 , ,. M-hug X Vw Sciifude and shadows . , . fha waNk +0 Univefsify Hospifals Auiumn haze and shadows . . . Union porch and Chopra! mammal-nfyn-n,ww4U,- ,Jaw muff' fam f' an ,aw .ur ............w.,.....M... .f.N.,......N- kai!!- Q-aw....m.. ,-...Q..u.w...,f........w w 'assault Zi - W1 fs with W Q M ul nsw, --, 4.4.5 ,.., Q "'W'WXnuh-aww . iv.- an if A uligw. K ...::. , 3, N y W xi sf ai . , W 5 xi if ,E "J-5 L..1 . 0 N4 vfwimv-4Mar"f 'za fw'2f-.f"'-Y 'wwf Q' Pieslclenf Vi gil lvl l-lancher congrafu ales recipienis oi lhe John F Murray Memorial Scholarship, 0 presiclen+ hancher ll was 20 minules alier ihe hour, and above him rolled The Qld Capilol bell. From ihe easl window ol his olllice, he walched lhe siudenls pouring our oi Schaeffer Hall, clusiering in righl lcnols which merged info one large group, Then drilling apari and becoming Iosl in lhe flow of sludenis pausing ouiside ihe building belore lheir nexl classes. l-le lurned back lo his desk and loolred over ihe morning's mail . . . a lelier from a congressman inquiring aboul a sludenl who wanled To enroll in denial school . . . nolilicalion oi a new boolc by a laculiy member , . . a reguesi from lhe Naiional Associaiion ol Slaie Universilies lo presenl ai lheir annual meeling a reporl on ihe ioinl commillee surveying governmenl conlrols ol higher educaiion. There were some leilers he would have io answer righi away. l-le siaried diclaling . . . a gralelul accepiance lo lhe Granl Foundaiion for Their 530,- OOO granl . . . replies lo invilalions lo give speeches. l-le would aslc lvlillilcen Universiiy io wrile again in ihe fall. Fairfield high school connmencemeni, June 5 . . . he iolied ii on his calendar as he phrased an accepiance. A regrel because oi a conllicl in lhe dale given by The Carroll Rolary Club . . . an accepTance To The BurlingTon Cham- ber oT Commerce on lvlay 28 . . . he mused over his probable Topic . . . problems oT higher edu- caTion. Adding The lasT daTe To his schedule, he ThoughT oT The Tive speeches he would be giving in The nexT weelf . . . how eTlorTlessly he had accepTed Them one aT a Time lasT Tall . . . how Tormidable an un- derTal4ing iT seemed now ThaT They were upon him. all in one week. l-le seT aside The oTher mail . . . a noTiTicaTion oT The nexT meeTing OT Big Ten presidenTs wiTh a reguesT Tor agenda iTems . . . an inquiry Trom an- oTher presidenT regarding a Tormer TaculTy member . . . leTTers oT congraTulaTion on The Freedom Foundahon award . . . commiTTee reporTs . . . various arTicles on problems OT educaTion. The mornings TirsT appoinTmenT was waiTing To see him . . . a Tormer classmaTe aT The universiTy in The early I92O's who was now wiTh The personnel deparTmenT oT WesTern ElecTric. There was Time Tor only a brieT chaT abouT The 'lgood old daysm beTore Turning To business . . . would The univer- siTy be inTeresTed in having some addiTional schol- arships in engineering? The halT hour wenT rapidly and ended wiTh speculaTion on The chances oT The lowa baslceTball Team and an inviTaTion To visiT The company's planT in Chicago. l-le iniTialed a wire To The superinTendenT oT The Air Force Academy regarding The daTe OT The semi-annual inspecTion Tour by The Board oT Visi- Tors, and sTood up To welcome his nexT appoinT- menT, a visiTing member oT The TaculTy Trom The UniversiTy oT Paris. l-le was able To spend only IO minuTes wiTh The visiTor beTore The universiTy commiTTee on The pro- posed locaTion oT The CosmoTron laboraTory arrived To presenT inTormaTion To be senT To The siTe selec- Tion commiTTee. lT was noon when The commiTTee leTT, and he glanced over The aTTernoon's schedule . . . revise ouTline Tor discussion wiTh UniversiTy FaculTy Coun- cil ThaT aTTernoon . . . examine The aTTorney gen- eralls opinion on The limiTaTions oT a ffSI30,000 spe- cial appropriaTion passed by The lasT session oT The legislaTure. Leaving The oTTice Tor lunch, he ThoughT how righT Tormer PresidenT Jessup had been when he Told him during his TirsT year in oTTice ThaT The main problem would be Tinding Time To devoTe To The really big issues. 1-u-----,. 1 W ' l E 4, . HARVEY H. DAVIS ALLIN W. DAKIN Provosf Adminisfrafive Dean L. DALE FAUNCE SIDNEY G. WINTER Dean of Sfudenfs Dean, Coflege of Commerce . - S EI -ww? if WILLIAM J. SIMON ELMER T. PETERSON Dean, CoIIeqe of DcnIIs'rry Dean, COIIeqe OI Educaion FRANCIS M. DAWSON WALTER F. LOEI-IWING I mf Ulm-,Q M M, rpm N1 ,Z-F flf- --L F 'imp o , V..V . .AI L, , ,zu L, iz L.: . ,, ,A,, MASON LADD DEWEY B. STUIT Dean, Coffeqe of Law Dean Cdfeqe of Liberal Aw X N 3 'D Q' E NORMAN B. NELSON MYRTLE KITCHELL D95' C131 Ol M9U'C'f'3 Deiv, Cameco if Ngrgiro , J .. .. L 'rl p i ll R L LOUIS C. ZOPF BRUCE E. MAHAN Dean, College ol Plwarmacy Dean, Exfension Division EARL E. HARPER LESLIE G. MOELLER Dlreclor, Sclwool ol Fine fxrls Dlrecfor, Sclwool of Journalism ROBERT S. MICHAELSON Dlrecfor, Sclwool of Religion TED MCCARREL Reqislrar MARK HALE Dlreclor, School of Social Work ROBERT L. EBEL Dlrecfor, Examinallons and Tesflnq PAUL W, BRECHLER Dlreclor, Division of Plwyslcal Eclucaflon and lnlercolleqlale Aflwlellcs CHESTER I. MILLER Direclor, Sfudenl Healllw Service gp' COITIITIGFCC-P RUSSELL ABLARD BurIIr1qI0n ROBERT G. ANDERSON A'bIa WILLIAM BALL Iowa CIW BARRY ACKERLEY Des Moines ROBERT ARTHURS Cedar Rapids ROBERT BECKER CemIraI CIW Jeniom Our We Is . .. pracfice JERRY WILLIAM DAVID WILLIAM DONALD GEORGE ADEY AGNEW ALLEN ALLOS ANDERSON ANDERSON Cekefcosa I-IoIsIe'n GaIe-na, III. Mason CIW BwIIng?om Lake CIW ROBERT WILLIAM M. G. BERNARD JOSEPH BARBARA ATHERTON ATKINSON AUGUSTINE AULWES BACINO BAKER CI1ar'es CIW CIYFIIOH OskaIoosa GuIIenberg MI. PIeasamI Des MoIneS ROBERT ALUN PHILIP ROLAND EDITH RAYMOND BEEH BEVAN BILLINGS BLINDT BLOT BOEDING Iowa CIW Iowa Cify Boone WesI PoInI WaIerIoo Wesf PGIU1' FREDERIC DAVID IRVING JERRY BOHLKEN BOLLIE BOROCHOFF BOWEN BJVIIUQIOU Maddd WaverIy BuITaIo CenIer BURTON BRADLEY HAROLD CLIFTON BRANDT BRIN BRINKMAN BRITTON Denver WebsIer CIW Iowa Ci+y Iowa Cify E P ELLIOT JAMES DOUGLAS NORBERT JOHN THOMAS J. JUDD DICK BRODY BROSHAR BROWN BRUMMOND BUCHANAN BURKE BUTLER CANADY Des Moines Wa+erIoo Dubuque EIma Iowa Ciiy For? Dodge I-IarIan Boone CHARLES JERRY ANDREW MARTIN RICHARD RICHARD WAYNE PETER D. CAVANAGH CHALUPNIK CHRISTENSEN CHRISTENSEN CLANEY CLEMENS CONDON COQUILLETTE Davenporf Ely Ames MapIeIon Ciarence OeIwein Mancnesfer Iowa Ciiy ROBERT RUSSELL SHEILA JAMES GERALD THOMAS GEORGE HERBERT CORRELL CRESS CUNNINGHAM CURRELL DALEY DAVIDSAVER DAVIS DAVIS Adair Iowa Cify Iowa Cify EsII1erviIIe CIinIon EIIcader Marafiuon Iowa Cify STANLEY NORMAN ROBERT HARLAN AUDREY JAMES F. WILLIAM DONALD J. DAVIS DEJONG DELAY DIRKS DISTELHORST DOUGHERTY DOWD EDWARDS Glenwood Orange Cify MancI1es'I'er Grundy Cenfer BurIing'I'on Newfon Forf Dodge Iowa Cify STUART DEAN LEROY CHARLES RICHARD WALTER KENNETH JOSEPH EISCHEID ELLIS ERGER FARRIS FELTER FERGUSON FINCH FITZGERALD Sform Lake Newfon Cedar Rapids Forf Madison Cedar Rapids Lisbon Wa+erIoo Forf Madison ROBERT FLEMING BurI4ngIon JOSEPH GANNON Pocanonias DONALD GOSCH SCIuaIIer WAYNE FLISS Iowa Cify RICHARD GASTON Peierson WILLIAM GOVIG Iowa Ciiy 5eni0M men and machines CHERYL CHARLES STERLING WAYNE DANIEL EDWARD FLUENT FRANDSON FRANZWA FRESHOUR FRITCHER FROST Ciwaries Ciiy Siory Ciiy GIidcIen Ofiumwa CoraIviIIe Waierioo EDWARD GEORGE JAMES LARRY DANIEL JACK GELLMAN GILBERT GILCHRIST GIPPLE GOLDSCHMIDT GOODWIN Moiine, III, Iowa Ci'Iy Keosaqua Bridgewaier Wicnifa, Kan. Sac Ciiy JAMES CHARLES THEODORE DAVID RUPERT DWIGHT GRABOW GRANGER GRAVES GREEN GUSTAFSON HAARUP WaIerIoo Waierioo Iowa Ciiy Izruifiand Perry Iowa Ciiy ROBERT GORDON JAMES EDWARD HALLECK HALVERSON HANSEN HARDMAN Des Moines EIkader Cedar Falis Greene ROGER HARRY CHARLES JAN HARRISON HART HARVEY HAUSER Vinion Forf Dodge MarsIiaIITown Cedar Rapids HAROLD LESTER STEWART JOHN JAMES ROBERT CURTIS MARY JOAN HAVER HAWTHORNE HENDERSON HENSS HERTIG HJELMAAS HOCKADAY HOLADAY Sioux Cify Saybrook, III. Dubuque Wayland Mason Cify Crys'I'aI Lake Mancbesfer Massena HARLAN DANIEL CHARLES JOHN RONALD JAMES MAURICE CLARENCE R HOLDEFER HOLLAND HOLM HORTON HOSFORD HOUSER ILTEN JACKSON Newfon Moiine, III. CIinTon EsTI1erviIIe RowIey Des Moines Cedar Rapids Budingfon JAMES HARLAN FREDERICK LAWRENCE E. LESTER OATHER GLENN LOWELL JACOBSON JENKINSON JEWETT JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON KAIR For? Madison FairIieId CounciI BIurIs Humes+on AIber+ Ci+y Wes? Liberiy San Diego, CaI. Ciinfon 3 FRANK RICHARD DON RICHARD DAVID RONALD JOHN JACK KATALINICH KEEHN KINCAID KLIMES KLINE KOBLISKA KOFOED KOZLEN Cedar FaIIs Cedar Rapids ArIing'ron Hrs., III. Cedar Rapids LaPorIe Cify Waverly Wes? Branch EIma GEORGE PAUL DONALD LOWELL BARBARA MARY LOU JOHN KRESS KROMER KRUG LANG LAUNSPACH LEAMAN LEE LEIN Dubuque WaverIy Boone Perry IndianoIa Mason Cify Council BIuI:I:s Maquoicefa KENNETH EARL EDWIN WILLIAM DON CLARK DAVID JAMES LEUER LINDANGER LINDUSKI LOGAN LONG LOONEY LOWE LUX WayzQIa, Minn. Crescc Ie.-,a CW, Ke3IfdIc Sac CIW Io-ea CIW WIOT3 I-Iarar' JUNE JOHN HOWARD ROBERT B. WILLIAM FRANCIS ELDEAN VERN LYMAN MACKIN MADSEN MADSEN MAHER MARRIOTT MATHESON MCCLURE Cedar Rands Mason CIW Eire Cedar FaI's Cedar Raoids Iowa CIW Lake MIIIS Thayer' DONALD JAMES JAMES JOHN RICHARD ROLAND WAYNE RICHARD MCCULLOUGH MCCULLOUGH MCKNIGHT MCLATCHIE McMORRIS MCPHERSON MEAD MEANS Muscawwe CIIr'Ion Ida Grove Daverlporr DSCEIUT GIIddem Cedar Raed. Mcxiwel :S ' KENNETH ROGER ALEX JOANN MEEK MELDAHL MEYER MEYER LaC1d,I 1, MeraIwaIIIown Cedar RapIdfs Amana compufarbm . . . H ROBERT ROBERT ANDREW WILLIAM MEYER MILETICH MILLER MILLHAEM fx - V L75VV:SCII Daverpcrf MamcI1esIer Des Mares MARVIN MICHAEL WARREN GEORGE DON ROGER JOHN DON MONTGOMERY MOORE MOORE MORGAN MORRISON MROZ MUGEE MULLAN Iowa Ci+y Iowa Ci+y RockweII Cify Iowa Cify Oskaloosa Seymour Des Moines Clear Lake JAMES LESLIE FRANK JAMES BEN JOHN DANIEL NORMAN E. GEORGE E. JAMES MURPHY NAVARA NEAL NEFZGER NELSON NELSON NEWTON NORDYKE WaI'erIoo MarsIwaIITown Iowa Cify Des Moines Des Moines Rufhven Iovsa Cify Wa+erIoo MERLIN RICHARD KENNETH WARREN JIM FRED JACK RICHARD NORTON OLSON OTTO PAGE PALMER PALUMBO PARKER PARSONS MecIiariicsviIIe GiIadsI'orie Shebovoan. Wis. PI'1oenix,Ariz. Dysarf Cedar Rapids Ionia BmLFaIo EUGENE W. J. FREDERICK RICHARD ELIZABETH OWEN WANDA IVAN PECH PECINOVSKY PEPPING PHELAN PHELPS PHELPS PHELPS PIHL Walker Iowa Cify McHenry, III. Iowa FaIIs WesI'BrancI1 Cedar Rapids Waferloo TI1orn+on RONALD MAX GAIL PARNELL KENNETH RUSSELL ROBERT ROBERT E. POPELKA PROBASCO PROCTOR PROCTOR PULS OUINN RAUHAUS REED Cedar Rapids Charifon GriswoId Orienf Davenporf Wa'rerIoo BurIIng+on Iowa Cify DWIGHT REEL Missoud VaIIey THOMAS RUSH Sioux Cify ROBERT SEVERSON Lake MIIIS deniom quesflons and answers. LOUIS WILLIAM EDWARD GEORGE RICHARD STANLEY KEITH RETTENMAIER RILEY RINCKEL RISCHMUELLER ROOD ROSEBERRY RUECKERT Maffard Des Moines CerwIefvIIIe McGregor Bose Cedar Rapids Wes+ Unfcn RICHARD THOMAS ARTHUR WILLIAM JOAN WILLIAM DALE RYAN SAMSON SCHELLINGER SCHESSER SCHUMANN SEABERG SEUBERT Emmefsbufg Websfef CTW Bronson Davemporf WaIer'oQ MoISne, III. Iowa CTW LAWRENCE HARRY D. M. DUANE WALKER RAYNARD LARRY JOHN SMILEY SMITH SMITH SMITH SOMMERFELD SPAIN SPEAR STour CIW SpIrYI Lake KIr'qsIey Iowa CIW Woder Parkersburg AdeI GAILEN PAUL JACK THOMAS SPRAGUE STEPHENSON STERN STEVENSON OeIweIn LoIwrvIIIe Perry Dubuque PAUL WAYNE DONALD KENT STONE STOPPLEMOOR STUEDEMAN STUFFLEBEAM 'WaIer,oo SI1eIIy Rock Clirvfov VI Mori ANGELA ROBERT WAYNE CARROLL JERRY RICHARD DANIEL PATRICIA STUART SVOBODA SWANSON TANK TAYLOR THADEN THOELKE THOMAS THOMAS THOMS CenIraI Ci'ry Des Moines WoIcoI+ Iowa Ciiy Lake Park Spirii Lake Forf Madison Iowa Cify Rock IsIand WAYNE TERRY DUANE IRENE BARBARA RAYMOND DONALD ROGER RALPH THOMS THYE TOFSON TORRESDAL TOYNE TREDWAY ULM VANCE VAN ZWOL Ciinion BurIinqIon Wisconsin Deiis, Decorah Muscafine HarIan Iowa Ciiy Adel Eagle Grove Wis. WILLIAM DONALD ROGER LYNDON FRANK DONALD JANET RALPH NORMAN VAUGHAN VERHILLE WAGGONER WALLER WALLIS WALSH WALTER WALTERS WATERS Offumwa Offumwa Wasninqion Davis Cify Eorf Madison Ames Warsaw, Ind. Dubuque EsII1erviIIe WILLIAM WILLIAM DONALD HARRY BILL ROSS M. JERRY WILLIAM WEBB WELCHKO WENDEL WENNER WERNER WILLIAMS WILLIE WILLIS Jefierson Iowa PaIIs Mason CiIy Des Moines Perry Prescoff Des Moines MarsI1aIITown GRANT GERALD LOIS THOMAS LOWELL ARNOLD DONALD RONALD WILSEY WILSON WILSON WILSON WISEMAN WOLFE YAHNKE ZIRBEL Sheldon BIairsI:-urg Ciarion Iowa Ciiy Des Moines Des Moines Iowa Cify Des Moines 4' X' Lwywf? ,K as 44 -gggynna . A ? - ,WW Q gawk w1fsfg3,,Af X?-J: gg - -W -. .414 ,guy-'Q M W , ' S XA, fig H K W .Q X -1,.:-"gy, f L A HM .W Pr I I , I I I I , I I. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I 1 I L I I I I I I I I I I I , I I . I I I I I I I 2 . I I I I I I I DELMAR EDWARD ALBERS ANDERSON Mi'rcI1eIIviIIe Roland RICHARD GEORGE COULSON DASKALOS For'r Madison Mason Cify HAROLD BRONISLAVA GRIFFIN GRUZDAS EscaIanIa, U'I'aI'1 Iowa Cify deniom Our Iife is . .. searching. JOHN ELDON CHARLES KARL ALBERT STANLEY BAUER BILLS BOLENDER BOTTKE BROWN CEJKA Iowa Cify Corydon Primqhar Iowa FaIIs Council BIuIfs Cedar Rapids DOUGLAS CLEMENT PAUL RICHARD RAYMOND JIM DUNCAN EAGAN FRANDSEN FULLER GILL GORDON Iowa Cify EmmeIsburg Roland Des Moines Corwi'II1 Indianola FRANKLIN JAMES ANDREW RUSSELL CHARLES ARLIN HARDY HEATH HOUG HOWARD ISBILL JUFFER Iowa Cify Ridofi, III. SI. Ansqar Iowa Ci'ry Iowa Ciiy Irefon SUNG BOK ROGER GEORGE F. KIM KLINGER KRICK HiIo, Hawaii Somers Des Moines I ARION WILLIAM KENNETH LAMPE LINDQUIST MARTIN Dubuque Orion, III. Iowa Ciiy PETER WILLIAM E. LEON DONALD PATRICK ARTHUR HAROLD DANIEL MCCAUGHEY McCOY MEIER MEISTER MULLIGAN PARIZEK PEARSON ROBINSON Iowa Cify Dubuque Orange Cify OeIwein Bancrofi' Iowa Cify Newell Iowa Cify NORMAN CHARLES ERWIN GARY RAY ROBERT ROBERT RICHARD ROBINSON ROUDEBUSH SCHUMACHER SHARBONDY SIMON STAFFANOU SUTHERLIN TEEPLE Ames Waferloo Waferloo Sibley NapoIeon, N. D. Iowa Cify Fairfield Clear Lake RICHARD JOHN R. WILLARD DAVID GRANT DAVID ERNEST LESLIE THIEGS THOMPSON VARTY VINCENT VINCENT WAIT WITTE YOUNG Iowa Cify Mason Ci'ry Iowa Ci+y Chippewa FaIIs, Iowa Cify Iowa Cify Perry AIber'I Cify Wis. Gush.,-' gm-211 I I WM,-3, 11: A 1 A -I 2' AA Q if ,hx A1 vyj , f. ikiiiskgfgif I q."'2,f . .Ae e ' Lf' I H I V- gm gl! 4, e me 1 F' :I 1 -3-59' was .- I M an K J 2' f I if I I 11 32:3 if f ,Q is A 2 R -4- J' A. I Y me A, em A we Av. A .s IAIW r f : A"',A A- I -, ' I -1:. A I A AAA? A I , Ai, AAA " Y " aww' 'MT ' ' ,-1" A 2 1 v:'v I - 1' 2 A A is 2 A A ' I I , A A ' A I I ":2 I ' " I I "" ' I I I I I ' ia SIS? A I A', R A I ' I4 I Y- Af ' A V" ' , 5 E , ',,. , I IF if 7 EF A 5' A A A A i ,Agfa lzi ,A ' 'I' W il? I ' I 7 A I I "V I W -' A ' A I I A I 'h I TW ,A ,.W,,,. A, A k,,,,h, A :V f U ,:,, 5, EA, A . , k,.,k -,, g AY ,-k. .-:. Eggs V, ,l j-Lf L4 VVVV .,- ' ., ,V V If 1, A My Viv ,fy A V A In I, I ,Wim ,gg ' A AA 'k" 1 zz- we 1 "": I A -' .A ' r "A- I A A . A . ., I A I 'Je 5 f A 1 A .- . A v ' I A Q r A A V ,,: WA ,::V, Z AA A A , I . -A A I A I I ii A I ii I I i ""A. W Wi g? 'A -'V-- I' I M I A ' W I " 'AAA law Q ' -,.,. ' L A 'ZA A AIA3 3" 'I f in A , is Ai "" ' I . QAA ' -fQ'::2"A I I A A f - A :gz A A ,, W -- ' Ai ."L I Kkf' 2' '-K- ww' ' 2 W .wi Y-I I ' I I I GAIL BONNIE THERESA JOANNE JANET MARILYN MARGARET JO ANN ANDERSON BEER BETTIS BRADLEY BROCKSCHINK CARLSON CHAMBERS DUNN Lake MiIIs Perry AIIerIon Des Moines Norway Moline, III. Forf Dodge Ailanfic MURIEL KAREN JEAN MARCIA JEANNE MAROLYN MARY CAROLYN EKSTROM ENGDAHL ERICKSON GANNON HOOPS KALE KIRBY KOPECKY Davenpori' McHenry, III Des Moines Spencer MarsI1aIIIown Truro DeKaIb, III. Wesf Union MARYANN ELIZABETH NANCY BETTY E. MARIE DELORES MARY JO JOAN LORACK NEUMAN NORMAN OOSTERHUIS PHILLIPS ROZINEK VEENKER WATERS NicI1oIs DavenporI Denison I-Iospers Perry Solon George Rockford CJZVLEELK Aygiene A Q55 I --I ZA - if Af.. 5, L ' ' f L. fi Whf., fifywff ,. S Vida, 'W-QXKEK, 5 K , Wifi H15 N 2,f,31,L"f1Yj' '7 Lil V e V+" Win "I" ST'I'Lf'Y3ff.S" .ZWZKf5Q'Q35W+4"!FVf"i9'f1L 4 NJLEV? W1 Wai? MMIf?Q?9fiQE-4L5uQ'5iiRQ4l'PEZf!,WW5515if"EiiQ-S"T . f' ALFRED ALTENEDER Iowa Ci+y RICHARD CHANDLER Cedar Rapids CHARLES FADA Red Oak Aeniom Our Iife is . . . reI'Iec+ions . Lf,A ,, I3 EDWIN MARY LOUISE BILLY JOHN A. KENNETH DAVID RONALD ANDERSON BAGNARA BAKER BRADY BRIDGFORD BULECHEK CAPPS Norinboro Ossian Iowa CiI'y TipIon Davenpori' Cedar Rapids Iowa Cify JOHN JERRY KHALID WILLIAM RICHARD RICHARD JOHN R. CLARK COMSTOCK DIAB DITCH DOHRMANN DUNLAVY EVERINGHAM Audubon Iowa Cify Iowa Cify Marion Sf. Louis, Mo. Salem Iowa Cify WAYNE LAVERNE CLIFFORD HARRY THOMAS CHARLES RONALD FISHER FLAGEL FREYERMUTH FRICK GIBLIN GREEN GREEN Iowa Ci+y Maquokefa Muscafine MoIine, III Iowa Cify Easf I-Iarnpfon, Davenporf N . Y. GEORGE CURTIS DONALD . . HANSEL HANSEN HANSEN "4 Mancnesfer Audubon MancI1esIer RUSSELL WAYLAND RICHARD HARMON HICKS HRADEK Brandon Sioux Cify Tiffin I - I li ' I Q "" A i':'i 5 i'if S I X S W A S , oo Q: oo o Yi .IIATC I ,, .1I, To I ooo o I Pi has I ii" I - , , ' fi ii I I A I 'Q aiai A aaia w Q A - W 4 a'1'i ai, f f-f' 5 I IIIV ' iaii ff iiil , I ' ,:'- , ,, I , ' f '. 'I ' ' ' ' A if IAZQ A I 1 k .'..v ., A ,-.,, 5 -:.,: f if -5 ::Q:. 1 , K 5 ' ' 1 5, , '. ,,A. E : I I nLA A I ' . I 1i.I I ' 1 I I I I ' iii if ,. , 35' 55,1 I ii 95 I "" 9 I " I I I if iiii A S iaoi I J I I I A DAVID ERIC JOHN ROBERT W. JAMES BURTON RICHARD GENE IVERSON JACOBSEN JEFFERS JOHNSON KASTER KIRKMAN KNOWLES KOPP Belle Plaine Avoca Tiplon Clwarifon Wasliinglon lowa Cily Gowanda, N. Y, Muscaline GERALD JOHN JAMES DONIVAN DANIEL NORMAN DON CHARLES KOTTONG LAWLER LINK LUNCEFORD MASSON MCDANIEL McGHAN McLAUGHLIN Davenporf Walerloo Dubuque Iowa Cily Wasliinglon Newlon Osage Des Moines DUANE GEORGE H. HERBERT EUGENE GEORGE PAUL JOHN GEORGE MELCHERT MILLER, JR. MORCH NADIG NIMMER NUNN NUTT PARKER Cedar Rapids Burlinglon Poslville Des Moines Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids Douds Rockford, Ill. RICHARD JOHN LOUIS ELIAS KEITH ALVIN DONALD GENE PECINA PENHOLLOW PRAY PRENTZAS RATHJEN ROWE STOVER SWYGARD lowa Cify Tama Forl Dodge Lamia, Greece Williamsburg Dubuque Coralville Burlinglon LYLE DARRELL RONALD JOHN EARL DARRELL JOHN DONALD B. THOMAS ULCH WAIT WESTNNICK WILL WYRICK YANG YOUNG Columbus Swisher Oelwein Springfield, Ill. Tiplon Forl Madison Manila, P. l. Walerloo Junclion frying 1 ,WRX w, NV 35,1 f, 'mas-sg learning quesiioning finding I ,X F r P f ? 4 i 1 1 5 , Q ,,.., Y 122:52 L. 'n x E A Q r i l 1 1 O JOHN BANCROFT Clarion DONALD DAUGHTON Mounr Ayr CHARLES GORDON Eve reII, Mass. RICHARD BAUERLE CarroII JOSEPH ELWELL Ames JOSEPH HALBACH Clinfon Jeniom Our Iiie is . Trials. P' I NORBERT E. RALPH GEORGE LOUIS EARL BLAKENEY BREMER CHOULES COFFELT COOPER WasIwingIon Phoenix, Ariz. Idaho FaIIs, Iowa Cify Marshallfown Ida. JAMES RONALD JOHN NEIL WILLIE FELLOWS FILIPY FOSS GARNATZ GIBSON Shenandoah Cedar Rapids Inwood Auburn Cedar Rapids DAVID ALFRED TED ROY E. CALVIN HAMMER HUGHES HUTCHISON JOHNSON KUENZEL New'ron Cascade Iowa Cify Sioux CiIy Iowa Cify MARIAN ROBERT EDWARD KUMMERFELDT LANGHOLZ LYONS Davenporf MapIe'ron DavemporI ARTHUR ROBERT DONALD MCGIVERIN MEIKLE METZ Cedar Rapids Bedford Cresron 1 URIAH WALTER WILLIAM DOROTHEA ROGER EUGENE JOHN P. MORGAN NAVIN NEARY O'DEAN PETERSON RADIG RILEY Sioux Cify MI. Vernon Cedar Rapids Rock IsIand, III. Cedar Rapids Fenfon Des Moines JOHN V. REX DARRELL WILLIAM J. ROBERT MARVIN BRUCE RILEY SCHRADER SHARAR SHOEMAKER SLAVENS SMITH SNELL Dubuque Anamosa Musc:aIine Hawarden Be++endorI Ames Ida Grove JAMES KENNETH JOHN ROBERT RICHARD JAMES P. CARL THOMSON VANDERLEEST VERNON VOLLMAR WELLS WHITE ZIMMERMAN Waukon Iowa Cilry Marion I-Iolsfein Iowa Cify Iowa Cify Waferloo Law SIudenI CounciI Htl, F' + ff mg PT X an 1 Wifi 4, .f fm, 7 Ziyi K H255 mf., . 3 1 Y " z , , . A ,11,, .. . NW ,yy 1 . j , si V y Q wi. ,i K naw... ,,i,w.,5V K fs-.asv f in K vi :5 - :Q 3 M? 2 gf J Q4 Sig ts 3 HE 5 1 1 Q 2 gag 'n l -1 V! 2 3 1 5 E 2 Q 5 5 -4 ' ,. :Wi f' ' f: ,,,A AVVHMG rw, ard:-, 'yr'f1'1'1,' harfw -- VH :il -- , . , 1 i A 4,1 lm . , f E 5 'iv- 11? K f 'Q 1, , Q V 'Q ' gf Y K 4 I ' , 5 475 A 2. fx xi' 3 f if ...W -1'-"""' " 5 .,,,, ly? I 1 if is fix' ff S M Miwixfg 55 f .:., 3-F 1 5 1 fi 52 3 fi i 59 4 ,a 3 1 E :E Q 5 i 3 2 5 i 5 5 E E E z 2 2 1 f Q 5 Q s Q f 2 Q 5 WARREN ADAMS BIocIc'Ion LOIS ANDERSON Foresf Grove, Ore. MARY JANE BAKER Iowa CiIy DAVID ADAMSON Des Moines MARY LEE ANDERSON Gowrie ROBERT I'I. BAKER Humboldf deniom Our Iife Is . . . IH'+ered s'IadIums . . . JEAN HARVEY CHARLES JAY WILLIAM KARNA ALBACH ALLBEE ALLEN ALLEN AM BU RN ANDERSON Spirif Lake Muscafine Es+I'1ervIIIe Mason Cify Cedar Falls KeIIogg RICHARD P. JOHN BARBARA JUNE MARJORIE BEVERLY ANDERSON ANGLE APPELMAN ARGO AUWAERTER BAKER Burlingfon Ames Clermonf Iowa Cify For? Madison Des Moines RODNEY STEPHEN FRANKLIN JOAN ROLAND MARGARET BANE BARCZEWSKI BARILE BARLOW BARMASH BATHKE Iowa Cify EaqIe Grove Iowa Cify CIear Lake Offumwa Greene FLOY BYRON JEAN SAMANTHA BAUGHMAN BAUMGARTNER BEARD BEER Dow Cify Wes+ BurIIngIon Cedar FaIIs Iowa Cify NANCY ROXIE MARY FRANK BEIER BEISNER BENNETT BERAN Fon' Dodge TrIpoIi OsIcaIoosa Garden CIW fs! ,,I,, ROBERT ROBERT BERIT GALIN DANIEL HENRY THERESA PHILLIP BERDO BERGMAN BERNSTROM BERRIER BERRY BERRY BETTIS BIDDISON Washinglon Maynard For? Dodge Grand Mound Forl Dodge Chicago, lll. Allerfon Ollumwa ELOISE SYLVIA DON DELBERT REX CLARENCE LUELLA TERRY BIRKY BIROSEL BITTNER BLACK BLAIR BLANCK BLECHSCHMIDT BLEDSOE Wellman Manila, P. I. Perry Columbus Harlan Burlinglon Amana Clinlon Juncfion CAROLE ANN DAVID DONALD DON NORMA JAMES IDA MAY JANET BLUE BOYES BOYLAN BOYLE BRADLEY BRECUNIER BRENDEL BROOKMAN Chicago, Ill. Forl Madison Charles Cily Iowa Cily Cresco Walerloo Muscafine Cenfer Poinf BARBARA RUTH BONNIE DONALD H. DONALD J. PHYLLIS JEAN ROY FRED PAUL BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BRUMMEL BRUNS Sac Cily Sanborn Lincoln, Ill. Rulhven Davenporl For? Dodge Pella Walerloo JO WILLIAM EDWARD GARRETT DAVID ALVIN JERRY CAROLYN BUCK BURCH BURKE BURKE BURMEISTER BURSHTAN BUSH BUTLER Oflumwa Iowa Cily Sirawberry Poinl Marshalllown Preslon Preslon Iowa Cily Forl' Dodge RAY CAESAR MusIceqon,MicI1. JOSEPH R. CARPENTER Boone LAVERN CLARK Davenpori' CARL CAIN Freeport JAMES CARR Gowrie RENATA CLARK Manclnesi Jeniom sun-splashed walks . . . IH er, JOHN ROBERT H. RUSSELL ROSEMARY SALLY JOSEPH C. CALHOUN CAMPBELL CAMPBELL CANO CARNES CARPENTER Burlingfon KnoxviIIe MernpI1is,Miss, Iowa Cify Ciinfon Forf Dodge JAMES ROBERT WILLIAM JOHN E. PAT JERRY CARTER CARTER CASS CHRISTENSEN CHRISTIE CHURCHILL CIarIcsviIIe Cedar Rapids Waferioo Iowa Ciiy I-Ioisiein Marion ELNORA MARLENE NANCY DONALD BONNIE WAYNE CLAUSING CLEMENTS CLITHERO COCKERILL COGSWELL COGSWELL Ofiumwa Iowa Cify Aflanfic Muscaiine Toledo Grundy Cenier KENNETH EDWARD MARILYN JAMES COHEN COHN COLESON CORWIN Des Moines Wa+erIoo Mancnesfer Anarnosa , ALICE JUNE KAY ALAN COX CREESE CROSS CROUNSE Charfer Oaic Des Moines Omaha, Neb. Hinsdale, III. I SHIRLEY ELIZABETH ANNE PARK BONNITA WILLIAM ROBERT NANCY CURTIS DAINE DATESMAN DAVIDSON DAVIS DAVIS DAVISON DEE Ciiariion Washingion, D. C. CounciI BIUIZIS Fairfieid Corning Iowa Cify Davenporf Forf Dodge JAMES JAMES MARYDALE RUTH BEATRICE AUDREY D. SYLVIA BETTY DE KALB DE LANCEY DESSEL DE YOUNG DIERKS DIXON DOLCH DOLEZAL Davenporf Cedar Rapids Ida Grove Iowa Cify Iowa Cify Evansfon, III. Maquokefa Cedar Rapids WILLIAM FRANCIS GERRY VIRGIL DOROTHY CAROLYN DUANE ALTA DONALDSON DONNELLY DORATHY DORWEILER DOW DOWNING DU BOIS DUFFY Blue Island, III. Fori Dodge Ciinfon Guifenberg Forf Madison Ames Grimes Wesi Branch JOAN TOBY IRA ALAN ROBERT ROBERT ARLETTE BARBARA DUHIGG DUNITZ DUNSWORTH EASTON ECKERT EGELAND EITEN ENSIGN Emmefsburg Newion Davenporf Iowa Ciiy Sioux Cify Iowa Cify Zearing, III. MenIor,OI1io ROBERT ERIKA DAVID MARJORIE BRADLEY TOM EMMA JERRY ERDMANN ERICH ETZEL EVANS EWART EWERS FAZIO FEIN Osage York, Pa, Alburneff Sac Cify MI. Pleasani Iowa Cify Des Moines Sioux Ciiy ALBERT FENTON Cen'rerviIIe PHYLLIS FLEMING Garner ELLEN FRENCH MI. PIeasanr ELIZABETH FIELDS Keokuk FLOYD FLIGER Iowa Cify ANN FRONING Des Mo5res Jeniom concerfed eFIorfs CAROL CAROLE RAY PHYLLIS ROBERT B. ZOE ANN FILLENWORTH FINN FINN FISCHER FISHER FITCH Denver, Colo. Algona HarIan EIgIn, III. La Grange, III. RedIieId MAX MIRIAM NANCY EUGENE E. FLOYD E. DEAN FOGEL FORBES FRANCE FRANTZ FRANTZ FREIN Des Moines Iowa Ciry Iowa CIW Cedar Rapids Emden, III. Iowa Ciry JUDY DARLENE RICHARD JOSEPH MARCIA EDWARD FRY FURNE GALBO GALLAGHER GANNON GARRITY Cedar Rapids KeIIoqg Marinerfe, WIS. OeIweIn Spencer IvIarsI1aIIIown MONA NANCY CHARLES JAMES GARVEY GASTON GERSON GIBLIN Galena, III. MT. Vernon Sioux Cny Cedar Rapids DIANE EUGENE SARA STANLEY GIBSON GILBERT GILL GINSBERG Des IvIoInes New I-Iampron Denver, COIO. Cedar Raplds JOHN GERALD JO ARNOLD JANE ELEANOR MARGARET CATHERINE GOLUBOWICH GOOTEE GORDON GORE GRAY GREEN GREENE GRIFFITH Tipfon Manclwesfer Vinfon Kankakee, III. Anamosa Omaha, Neb. Greene Des Moines ROBERT DAVID RICHARD ARTHUR JO ANN PAUL BRYCE FRED GUNNAR GUTHRIE GUTHRIE HAGAN HAGEN HAGENSON HAHN HAHN Des Moines Wes+ Liberfy Iowa Cify Corydon Cedar Rapids CIin'ron Iowa Cify Maquokefa FRANK JANET VIRGINIA JANUS WAYNE MARY SANDRA PATRICIA HALL HALL HALL HAMMER HAMPTON HANCHER HANDFORD HANNAH Columbia Iowa Cify Iowa Cify RingsIed Whiifier Iowa Cify Des Moines Sfurgis, S. D. MAXINE MILDRED DONNA FRANKLIN ROSEMARY MARY JOHN STANLEY HANSEN HANSON HARKER HARTMAN HARVEY HARYCKI HATTERY HAUGLAND Audubon KnoxviIIe Emmefsburg BurIinqIon MarsI'1aIIIown Thorp, Wis. PopIar Grove, III. Mason Cify FRANCIS JOHN CALVIN JOHANNA BETTY MARGARET PAT MARIANA HAUPERT HAZEN HEDEGAARD HEIDKE HENDERSON HERRING HERRING HERRIOTT Dubuque Oifurnwa I-IumboIdI Denison BeImond Cresfon Leon Iowa Cilry CAROL HERTZLER Burlingfon JERRY HOFFER ToIedo JOHN HOSKINS Sioux I:aIIs, S. D. PHILIP HESS Chicago, III. VICTOR HOG LAN Iowa CiIy BETH HOWARD Imogene delfziom endIess Iines . . RICHARD DONALD MARY ROGER ELVIN MAURINE HEUSINKVELD HICKMAN HICKMAN HIPPSLEY HIRL HITE Iowa Cify Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids CI'Iand Hrs., O. Rock Isiand, III. Oak Park, III. JACK JAMES DENNIS JANE STUART ROBERT HOLLANDER HOLTE HOMAN HOOPES HOPKINS HORN Rock Island, III. Ringsfed Cedar Rapids Muscafine Chicago, III. Fremonf WILLIAM GERALD JACK SARAH MARVEL GLORIA HOWARD HOWE HUDSON HUDTLOFF HUFF HUGELEN Wesf Union Cresfori Cedar Rapids New Hampfon Ames Mason Cify STEVEN ELIZABETH MARY GENE HULME HUNTER HUNTER INGLE Iowa Cify EarIriam Grand Juncfion Iowa Cify T DALE JOSEPH ARDIS JUNE IRWIN IVES JACKSON JACKSON Iowa Cify Ciinron Brookings, S. D. Cnaries CiIy 'W' DAVID MARCIA MARGARET TED RICHARD TED CHRISTIAN N. CLAUDIA JAMES JENKINS JENKINS JENNINGS JENSEN JENSEN JEPSON JOHNSON W. Warwick, R. I. Cedar Rapids Perry Iowa Cify OsIcaIoosa Exira Iowa CII'y Rockford, III. GORDON HEBER JERRY PAULT. ROBERT L. RUSSEL KEITH LOUISE JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JONES JONES Humboldf Websfer Wes+ Branch Iowa Cify Forlr Dodge Webster Cify Iowa Cilry Iowa Cify SIDNEY JO ANN JUNE IRA DAVID HARRIET SARAH THOMAS JONES JUHL JURGENS KAPENSTEIN KAPLAN KATELMAN KENNER KENT Aflanfic SIoux Cify Des Moines Brooklyn, N. Y. Norfolk, Va. Council BIUIIIS DuIuII1,MInn. Iowa Cify ROBERT SHIRLEY ANGELA KATHERYN KAREN KAREN WILLIAM R. ELMER R. KERNS KERNS KERR KESSLER KIGER KING KING KISSACK Marion BeIIendorI La Porfe Cify WaIker CounciI Bluffs Forf Dodge Wesf BrancI1 SCOHSIJIUILI, Neb ROBERT HOWARD PHILLIP KENNETH MILT LYMAN ARLENE JOHN KLIESCH KNUTSON KOHLHAAS KOOPMAN KOPECKY KREKEL KROENING KRUGGEL WI1eaIon, III, Webster Cify Algona Bussey Cedar Rapids BurIIngIon MarIon Lake MIIIS BETTY RUBY KUNIK LACINA Iowa Cify Iowa Cify LYLE THOMAS LEWIS LIAS BurIing+on Akron MARILYN RICHARD LIVINGSTON LIVINGSTON Davenporf Council BIUIZIS deniom BARBARA MARIAN DONALD THOMAS GEORGE LARRY LAFRENTZ LAHMANN LALOR LAUGHLIN LAVERY LEONARD Sioux Cify Tripoli EagIe Grove Des Moines Iowa CiIy Davenporf ELDON JOEL ROBERT JO CHARLES FRAN LIBBY LICHT LIND LINDER LISLE LIVERMORE HampIon Cedar Rapids MancI'iesIer Pomeroy WasI1ing+on, OsIcaIoosa JOHN LYNN FREDERICK R. WAYNE GEORGE PEGGY LOCKWOOD LOSEN LUCAS LUDVIGSON LUDWIG LUHRS Harrisburg, III. Mason Cify New Zealand Rock Rapids Tiffin Rockport Mo CHARLES LARRY RICHARD ROBERT LYONS LYONS MAAS MacMILLAN Marion Boone Union Mason Cify FRANK PENUEL DELL LOIS MAGID MALAFA MARGRET MARRIOTT Iowa Cify Nigeria, W. Africa Norwood Park, III. S. Burlingion, VI '-EF FEW W l 'X SIS I sr .f '-I-lL1i??5 57' :H I L.. SARA WILLIAM JAMES VERNON RAMONA JACK KENNETH TOM MARTIN MARTIN MARTINKUS MAULSON MAYER MCBROOM McCAFFREY McCALL Rockford, III. Iowa Cily Spring Valley, Ill, Manclwesler Alqona Iowa Cify Muscaline Iowa Cily SUSAN MERVIN ROBERT JOHN JOHN STUART PAUL JAMES MCCLARY McCLENAHAN MCCLUNG McEWEN McGEOUGH McILRAITH McKEEN McKINNEY Cedar Rapids Sigourney Lyflon Websfer Cify Iowa Cify Oakland, Cal. Iowa Cily Muscaline KEITH KENNETH JAMES LORIN PRUDENCE DONALD PAUL LAWRENCE MCLARNAN McLEAN MCNAMER MEADE MEDER MEINTS MEIS MEISTER Sioux Cily Chicago, III. Waferloo Cedar Rapids Ellcader Coggon Sioux Cily Iowa Cily OWEN CHARLES DENNIS ELOISE FRANK R. GEORGE H. KAY VIRGINIA MENARD MEYER MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER MILLER MILNES Sergeanl' Bluff Clinlon Clwarilon Roclc Valley Milledgeville, Ill. Correclionville Griswold Burlingfon EVERIL JAMES MARGARET LORNA PAUL DONALD RICHARD TED MINARD MINER MOELLERING MOLDENHAUER MORGAN MOSIER MURRAY MYERS Truro Clnarles Cil'y Iowa CiI'y Charles Cily Iowa Cily Cherokee Galeslourq, III. Sheldon VINCENT JOYCE CAROLYN RICHARD A. DON LELAND RICHARD L. THOMAS ROBERT NCHAMI NEEDHAM NELSON NELSEN NELSON NELSON NESLER NEWTON Cameroons, W. Afr. Sioux Cify BuIrfaIo Cenfer Des Moines Porf Dodge BurIingIon Dubuque Muscafine FRANCES JO ANN ARTHUR RICHARD CAROL CATHERINE LORRAINE PATRICIA NICKOLOU NIEMANN NILSSON NORTON NOVAK NUTTING NYBAKKEN O'DONNELL Mason Cify Des Moines Cohasset Mass. TiIIIn CarIinviIIe, III. Piffsburgh, Pa. Iowa Ci'ry Williamsburg WALTER THOMAS LEONA GEORGE JANAN BARBARA ELIZABETH PAUL R. O'DONNELL OFFENBURGER OHSMAN OJEMANN O'KEEFE OLIVER OLNEY OLSEN Iowa Cify Shenandoah Cedar Rapids Iowa Cify WaIerIoo Des Moines Marafhon Dow Cify O JOEL BETTY HARRY SOCRATES PAGE PALMER PALO PAPPAJOHN Gary, Ind. Chicago, III. Iowa PaIIs Mason Cify rare winfer beaufy . . . V BARBARA MARY ELLEN JAMES ELAINE PARKER PARKER PATE PATROU 4. . W, wa, 'wif s- 65 Cedar Rapids Rockford, III. NashviIIe, Tenn. f--auf Websfer Ci'ry 4. sf f.ff,,L.Ws,.., '..r's"' -iv.--4 f' ' sa. " - I ' I if I W- I I f Q., if L- My LEONARD JACK RICHARD JAMES REED NICK LEON ROY PEART PEASE PEDERSEN PERCIVAL PHILLIPS PIPER PIPHO PITKIN Forl Dodge Paullina Marslwalllown Marslmalllown Davenporl' Arnes Cedar Falls Anllwon ELAINE JAMES BARBARA DAROLD HAROLD LAFAYETTE GENE DOROTHY PORTER POTGIETER POTTS POWERS PRIMROSE PRITTCHETT PROBASCO PUTNAM Burlinglon Sleamboal Roclc Des Moines Waslwinqlon Norway Chicago, Ill. Coralvllle Harlley WILLIAM MARTHA JUDITH PAUL JANELLE JOHN H. DARYL JOBYNA PUTNAM PUTNEY OUINN RAMSAY RAMSEY RANDALL RANK RANKIN Buflalo Waferloo Alnsworllz Clarion Iowa Cify Iowa Cify Deep River Tracy JOHN C. LEONIDS CAROL MARILYN MARY JOHN MARY JANE JERRY RASMUSSEN RATERMAN RAWSON RAY RAY REED REEDOUIST REICHOW Grinnell Iowa Cily Chicago, III. Park Foresl, III. Iowa Cily Bedford Iowa Cily Decorah SUZANNE ALLAN ARTHUR JACK ROLANDA LAURA NANCY MARGARET REIDER REYHONS REYNOLDS RILEA RINGO RITTGERS RITZMAN ROBBINS Eagle Grove Cedar Rapids Clwarles Clly Osceola Iowa Clly Pocalwonlas Oranqeville, III. Ames DENNIS ROBERSON Clinfon LOUISE ROTMAN Sioux Cily RODNEY RYAN Des Moines BLAINE ROFFMAN Council Blulzfs CAROLYN ROUSH Clnarilon THOMAS RYDER Dubuque deniom philosophy and colces . . Xia RICHARD WILLIAM P. SYDNEY JACK ROBERT SHELDON ROGERS ROGERS ROPPE ROSE ROSENE ROSENFELD Clear Lalce Moravia Waukon Carroll Rock Island, III. Des Moines WILLIAM MARJORY DELORES EDWIN MAX JERRE ROWLAND ROWLEY ROZINEK RUNNING RUSCHMEYER RYAN Osage Gullirie Cenler Solon Oelwein Iowa Cily Cedar Rapids LINDA THOMAS ARDYCE EDWARD SALLY JAMES SAGE SALKELD SAMPSON SAUCER SCHACHT SCHARDEIN MI. Pleasanl Cedar Rapids Colesburg Walerloo Duranl Cresfon MILTON LEROY RICHARD RICHARD SCHEUERMAN SCHILLER SCHILLING SCHLOBOHM Rock Island, Ill. Lone Tree Waukon Iowa Cify ELIZABETH WILLIAM FREDERICK FRANKLIN SCHOENFELDER SCHOOF SCHORNHORST SCHULTZ Amana Homewood, Ill. Walerloo Malcom ELEANOR JAMES MARJORIE PATRICIA MARIAN MURRAY DAVID GERALD SEARS SEITZ SELINDH SENNEFF SHAPIRO SHAPIRO SHAW SHELLER Williamsburg lzreeporl, Ill. Des Moines Brill Soull'iEuClid,Ol1io Iowa Cily Brill' Iowa Cily CATHERINE J. ALWIN ARNOLD NORMA LARRY HERBERT NORMAN HARRY SHILEY SHINKAWA SIGEL SIPPEL SIRINSKY SITZ SIX SKOGSTROM Graellinger Honolulu, T. H. Ollumwa CarII1age,lll. Slcolcie, Ill. Davenporl Cumberland, a.Algona MADONNA JOANN ALICE CATHERINE JAMES WARREN PATRICIA WILLIAM T. ROBERT SKOGSTROM SLAGER SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SOLL Algona Iowa Cily Cedar Rapids Nashville, Tenn, Sioux Cify Carlisle Sir. Louis, Mo. Norlliwood SUE BARBARA BARBARA CAROL JANET CHARLES JACK JOHN SONNER SOUTER SPACEK SPETHMAN STANZEL STEELE STEFFEY STEGMAN Spencer Des Moines Cedar Rapids Parlc Ridge, Ill, Sac Ciiy Walerloo Des Moines Marslialllown JUDITH NORMAN JOHN HAROLD LESTER DWAYNE GORDON PHYLLIS STEIN STEIN STERNAD STEVENS STEVENS STONE STONE STONE Des Moines Davenporl Coralville Sac Cily Lovilia Knoxville Iowa Cily Maplelon MARY ALICE STRASSBURG Zearing JOAN SWANSON CIear Lake RAYMOND THOMPSON Bode FRANK STU RDEVANT Iowa Ciry KAY SWICKARD NicI1oIs MARGARET TIERNEY MiIrord Aeniom and sus+emance. JOSEPH BARBARA BETH ANN BERNICE JULIA BERNIECE SUCHOMEL SUMMERS SUMMERWILL SUSKI SVOBODA SWANSON Cedar Rapids Audubon Iowa Ci+y Cicero, III. Cedar Rapids O+Iey DONALD DONNA PHYLLIS KAREN WILLIAM NORMAN TANDY TEE TEMPLEMAN TERMOHLEN TETER THEDE Reinbeck BurIirigTon Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids Des Moines WaI'erIoo JAY RUSSELL MAXWELL MARGARET JACK KEITH TIMMERMAN TOKHEIM TOW TRACHSEL TRAVERSE TREMBATH Wa+erIoo EagIe Grove Cedar Rapids Iowa Cify Perry Wa'IerIoo JEAN MARJORIE BARBARA AUDREY TRUAX TRUSTY TURNER UCHTORFF WaIerIoo MT. PIeasanI Avoca Iowa Cify CLARENCE JOANNE JOHN MADALYN UPDEGRAFF UPDEGRAFF VALASSIADES VANDERLIP Iowa Ciry Iowa Ciry Forr Dodge Dows 'Nl' 40" ,...-vw 'W' FAY MARY VAN JOHN MARY JOYCE RICHARD JOHN MARGARET VAN KIRK OOSTERHOUT VAN REE VAN VLIET VECERA VERMILLION VOOGD WADE Anamosa Wilmeffe, III. Independence O'rIey MarshaIIIown Iowa CiI'y Nevada Iowa CiI'y ALLAN MARY THOMAS VIRGIL THOMAS GLADYS PETER YVONNE WAGNER WAGNER WAGNER WAGNER WALES WALTER WALTER WASKOW Davenporf DeIroiI Lakes, Minn, G-raIIon Thornfon Iowa Cify Cresco Chicago, III. Cedar Rapids ALAN JAMES CAROL CHARLOTTE MARJORIE JAMES VIRGINIA SALLY WAXENBERG WEBER WEBSTER WELCH WELDON WELP WENGER WERNER Davenporf FairIieId Abingdon, III. Lone Tree Moorehead Bancrofi' Chicago, III. Perry BARBARA GALE JERRY JOHN C. WILLIAM RANDALL ROGER MAYTA WEST WHEELER WHITE WHITE WHITMORE WICKEY WIEGMANN WILEY Cedar Rapids Cenfer PoinI Iowa CiIy Iowa Ciiy Corning WaIerIoo Waverly Wesf Union GEORGINA MARILYN SARAH JOHN CLAIRE JOHN DAVID SHIRLEY WILLE WILLIAMS WILSON WINDER WING WINGERT WINTER WIRDS Garnavillo New Sharon Iowa Cify Iowa Cify Des Moines Duncombe WapeIIo Iowa FaIIs MARGARET WITTRIG Cedar RapIcIs HARRY WRIGHT Hlghmore, S. D. HOWARD WOLF EIgin VIRGINIA YODER Iowa Ci+y Aeniom ROBERT BARBARA WOLFE WORK MarsI1aIIIown Homewood, III, BARBARA RICHARD I.. YOUNG YOUNG New Orleans, La. CI1arIes Cify DONNA JO WORKMAN SpringviIIe ROBERT YOUNT Cedar RapIds WAYNE WORTI-IEN For'IIVIadIsor1 LARY ZEARLEY WaIerIoo CHARLES WRIGHT Casey CAROL ANN ZEMAN Cedar Rapids E s 5 1 K ! s i i a . 1 5 ' s 1 F E E E E 1 5 1 5 3 1 s S 1 JAMES BELLAMY Marengo JAMES BULLARD Jefferson DAVID DOROSIN MarsI'iaIIfown ROBERT BERGGREN TodcIviIIe EDWARD CEILLEY Cedar Rapids DALE EMERSON EagIe Grove deniom Our Iiie is . . prepararion. ,,m.f":s CLINTON JAMES DAN ROBERT JOHN JOSEPH BERRYHILL BLAZEK BOVENMYER BROER BROMS BROWER BuIIaIo Cenier LawIer Offumwa New Providence EsII1erviIIe SI1eIdon ARLAN DONALD DONN IVAN LAWRENCE KENNETH COHN COLTER DAINE DASSENKO DEN BESTEN DOLAN Si. Louis, Mo. Waierioo Washingfon, D. C. Gardner, N. D. Iowa Ciry Cedar Rapids DEAN KENNEDY JOHN LE ROY FRED RICHARD EVERHART FAWCETT FENTON FERBER FLETCHER FINCHAM Iowa Cify Hunfinqdon Iowa Cify Bronx, N. Y. Cresfon Ames VaIIey, Pa. RICHARD JAMES WILLIAM NORRIS FIRKINS FLYNN FUNCKE GILFILLAN Des Moines Maplefon Cedar Rapids Bloomfield ROBERT ABE GUNARS STANLEY GIVLER ORANDIA GRAUDINS GRAVEN Mason Cify Leighfon Iowa Cify Greene L EQ! ' ff K ff! . , AQ' ,-:fi S- ' W- "E, J- ,W .' ' if :fer RICHARD PHILLIP LE ROY VICTOR GEORGE JULIA JOHN RICHARD L. GROSS HILL HOFFMAN HOLM HOLMES HOPKINS IRISH JACOBS Iowa Cify Williams Iowa Cify Sioux Falls Cedar Falls Early Waslwinglon, D. Forl' Dodge HAROLD ARNO EUGENE THOMAS RICHARD RODGER MAURICE DOUGLAS JAFFE JENSEN JOHNSON KALB KETTLEKAMP KIRKEGAARD KIRLIN KLINK Passaic, N. Y. Iowa Cily Madrid Iowa Cily Monona Esllfierville Missouri Valley Belle Plaine JON ROBERT JAMES JOHN RONALD JOHN JOHN RICHARD KOSEK KUNDEL KUNZMAN LAMAR LECHELT LEHMAN LIEWER LINDGREN Cedar Rapids Minden Cedar Rapids Des Moines Brill Cedar Rapids Iowa Cily Lanyon DANIEL DICK DUANE RICHARD EDWARD J. WILLIAM MANLY GENE LONGNECKER LYLE McCARTHY McKAY McLAUGHLIN METGE MICHAELSON MICHEL Council BluI'Is Iowa Cify Chelsea Knoxville Clinlon Slafe Cenler I-Iumboldl' Marion RICHARD KEITH ALBERT ARLYN SAYLO DUDLEY HARLAN DUANE MILLINGTON MILLS MINTZER MOELLER MUNEMITSU NOBLE OMLID PANSEGRAU Mason Cily Niclwols Des Moines Belle Plaine Iowa Cily For? Madison Walerloo Bronson ZDENEK PAUK Cedar Rapids DONALD ROHRSSEN Jesup DONALD SONES Des Moines deniom GAYLORD A. TREADWAY BurIing+on ALAN WENTWORTH MarbIe Rock MARLIN J. RALPH CLYSTA JOHN BEVERLY DONALD WILLIAM PEARSON REEDS RICHARD RINELLA ROBINSON RODAWIG ROHNER Wes? Branch Iowa Cify Iowa Cify Iowa Cify Des Moines Spirif Lake Iowa Ciiy JOHN MEREDITH WILLIAM GERALD RONALD PHILLIP ROBERT SASS SAUNDERS SCHMELZER SCHULTZ SEVERS SISK SOLL Dubuque Mason Cify Wes? Union Waferloo S+. Louis, Mo. Offumwa Iowa Cify LELAND WILLIAM LAWRENCE WENDELL EDWARD ARNOLD JON SPRAGUE STANFORD STAPLES STEVENS SYBIL TAMMES THORSON Keofa Cedar Rapids Iowa Cify Mason Ci+y Iowa Ci+y Iowa CiIy Dubuque JAMES WALTER RAY VERNON JAMES JAMES S. TRENEMAN TURKE UPHOFF URICH VAN OLST WARD Orange Cify Iowa Ciiy Davenporf Garner Kewanee, III. Iowa Cify ROBERT WILLIAM WILLIAM GEORGE P. EDWARD BOYNTON WETTACH WHITEHOUSE WHITMORE WILLIAMS WOHLWEND WOODBURN MI. Pleasanlr Ofiumwa Des Moines Kansas Cify, Mo. Donneiison Iowa Cify 1 s I K 1 x L 1 1 3 Y 1 S Q v r 1 JEAN ALT Ka'oma CYNTHIA BORCHERDING Fredericksburg DIXIE CONWAY Des Moines MARY BACHRODT Rockiord, III. SHIRLEY BOSS Mamciwesier CARO LYN CROW Iowa Cify Jeniom Our Iife is . . pins and needies. LORNA RUTH BETTY LOU FRANCES ALICE AU RZELLA BERENS BINKERD BIPES BLACK BODEEN BOEWE MaxNeII CoIIax OIIumwa Hawkeye Moiine, III. Iowa Cify NANCY MILDRED JOYCE JOAN JOYCE JANANN BRESNAHAN BROWN BURCH BURY CLAPP CONNELL Iowa Ci'ry Iowa Ciiy Davenporf Clayion, Mo. Oxford Junciiori Dubuque NORMA MARGARET DOROTHY ANN BONNIE MARILYN DOM DOUGLAS DUCOMMUN ENGLISH ERICKSON FJELD Park Ridge, III Iowa Cfiy Sioux Ciiy Camfom III, Sioux Cify Readiyn ALICE SHIRLEY JANICE JANET HADLEY HARRIS HEDGLIN HENDERSON Ufiion Asixiarwd, Ky. Ransom, III, Sioux Cify EVELYN LORRAINE LOIS BETTY HIERSTEIN HLADD HOFF IRWIN ForI Madison Duquesne, Pe. Ciinion Iowa Cify an JUDITH CYNTHIA GWENDOLYN DONNA DIXIE LEE DOROTHY FAYE DOLORES MARY IRWIN JOHNSON JOHNSON JONES KING KINYOUN KIRKEGAARD KLEMPER KLUVER Des Moines Cedar Rapids Ciear Lake Iowa Ciiy Kansas Ciiy, Mo. Nauvoo, III. Sioux Cify Hanover, Kan. CI1arIer Oak FRED JO ANN JOAN LORRAINE JEAN MARY SHIRLEY MONA JULIA KRELL KRUCK LEEHEY LEICHSENRING LONG LUCE MCCORKLE MILETICH MILLER Muscafine Sioux Cify Independence Ama na Decorah La Grange, III. Sac Cilry Loviiia Hawkeye JOYCE JOAN MARILYN MARTHA DELORES JUDITH JANE JEANNE NANCY MOBURG NELSON NICHOLS OLSON OTTE PRUGH REES REICHLING SADLER Gowrie Peoria, III. MuscaIine Sioux CiIy Freeporf, III. Des Moines CIeai' Lake Maquokeia MoIine, III. PATSY SUZANNE ELIZABETH NANCY ALLYN ROBERT L. MARILYN GRETCHEN SUZANNE SCHMELLIK SCHNEIDER SCHULTE SIMMON SMART SMITH SPINNER STARK SWAINE Defroif Lakes, Des Moines ForI' Madison Rock IsIand, III. OmaI'1a,Nebr. Iowa Ciiy Lansing Boone Iowa Ciiy Minn, JANET JOAN CAROL SANDRA BETH KAY BETTY LOU ANNE CHARLOTTE THIEME TROESTER TVEDT VANDERLEEST VANDERMYDE VANDERSLUIS WALTER WEBER WRIGHT Morfon, III. Denver, Coio. MonIour Pekin, III. Morrison, III. Ida Grove Vinion Geffysburg, S. D. EagIe Grove K s K fi 5 fi fi 2 K T " Q ff fmzffm ff - as , I .Ax EK, gg, f E . RAE ,I . mv- qi, . .5 Wing -2 v,,. , -2 , 2 fy , Q , , ,E 5 g af W A gl. , , x 7 "Z, M Thou ar+ is me a deldous form enf. - Emerson ixiaw., 45 if 1 S. x, fa. WILLIAM ROBERT BARRY BECKMAN DyersviIIe Davenpori' EMILY WALTER DOMER DORFNER Iowa Cify Websier, N DAVID MAX HOWARD HOYT Lewis Forf Dodge fieniom We BRUCE GARY ROLLIN ROBERT RAYMOND JOHN BEHRENDT BOEKE BRIDGE DANIELS DENKHOFF DE WITT Chicago, III. NNeIIsburg Sform Lake Iowa Cify Des Moines Clinfon JOHN RICHARD RICHARD M. WILLIAM EMMY LOU JAMES FITZGERALD GLEICHMAN HAYNES HENDERSON HIGHLAND HOFER Cresco Rockford, III. DougIass, Kan. Los Angeles, Cal. Rockford, III. KaIona DAVID CHARLES LYLE JIM WAYNE ELIZABETH KOERNER LANGE LOHMAN NELSON NOVE O'BRIEN Dubuque OdeboI'r Lake Zurich, III Prescoff Cedar Rapids Anamosa DICK KOLF SELMA 'vw' gil ROTH SOLBACH STENDER L, DeII Rapids, S, D. Denison Sioux Cify tx I3 .D K WILLIAM JOHN GEORGE J X SUTTER SWARTZ TRACY 'Im Iowa Ciiy Iowa I:aIIs Iowa Cify 'I I fi Yi! lwyff LEWIS JAMES JOHN WICKWAR WOLD ZIMMER Iowa Cify SI. Ansqar Rock Island commumcahons 14 hawkeye sfaff edilorial Sharon Alison: Anna Ausiin: Janel Bauman: Craig Beclc: Sandra Bier- baum: Sheldon Boclcman: Beverly Bowen: Waller Brewer: Connie Brirlon: Barbara J. Brown: Jean Byrum: Mary Ann Clark: Sandra Cox: Emily Eldred: Sue lzischruppr Jo Gauley: Ellior Gellrnan: Kay Greene: Connie Halbach: Margi Hall: Kalhleen Halloran: Jim Hamblin: Berry Henderson: Linda Jean Hill: Ellen Hoben: Phil Hoclc- ell: Roberla Howard: Beverly Hubbard: Rosemary Humm: San- dra Johnson: Diclc Keehn: Mar- garel Kimmel: Marcia Koch: Bill Krause: Shirley Larson: Grela Leinbach: Marilyn Lyon: Joanne Mallhess: Audrie McManus: Julia Moore: Judy Murlagh: Caryl Newcomb: Joan O'Hara: Pal Oslerling: Richard Paulsen: Sam- uel Resses: Pal Relersen: Larry Popolslcy: Lillian Runnion: Rila Russell: Jane+ Schmerse: Dol Schwengel: Marcia Sloane: Dar- lene Snyder: Rollie Srevens: Ann Threllall: Barbara Upchurch: Hel- en Verner: Kay Wilcox: Jim Will: Marilyn Young: Marshall Young business Marlene Abrams: Thomas Ander- son: Charles Barlow: Nancy Bar- ron: Nadine Breslow: Ronald Bunren: Nancy Burcher: Sally Cleaver: Virginia Clinlcer: Kennelh Cosgrove: Adele Davis: Eileen Drulcer: Joyce Erlringer: Thomas Eversman: Thomas lzangman: Hen- ry Filselh: Barbara Folberg: Frank Gillaspy: Beverly Ginsberg: Ron- ald Helms: Dorolhy l-lolland: Thomas l-loulihan: Rachelle Jacob- son: Richard Jensen: Harrier Kar- elman: Malrrlee Karleman: l-lenry Kemp: Thomas Leon: Fayna Man- virz: James McGee: Donne Moen: Miriam Mogle: Joan Moslqowilz: Judirh Newsome: Jaclc Pease: Beverly Pelerson: Belle Rosen- berg: Sheldon Rosenfeld: Marilyn Rolman: Karen Schmidl: Judilh Segal: Terry Shinlcle: Marilyn Shor: Marvin Spivalc: Jerry Tor- rence: Richard Tyson: Thomas Wagner: Lura Weir phofography Larry Day: Allen Deyoe: Arnie Gore: Fred l-lawlcer: Roy Wallcer ar'I' Marla Chrislensen: Jean Davies: Charlorre I-lalrcherre: Maureen Krarzlce: Kay Norlon: Jenny Lou Park: Pairicia Rohde: Karen Schaeferle idenfificafions l-lovvard Bricker: Gordon Bulrler: Gail Carson: Jean Cook: Naralie Corson: Janice Daigh: Alice Gla- zer: Terry Haclc: Joan Maclnnes: Mary McConnon: Anne Roberrs: Ted Roslcy: Marina Snow: Carolyn Sraurier: Mary Woodman I956 hawlceye reflecrs and records ko' Barbara Work, Ediior-in-Chief Sandi Miller, Business Manager ediiorial sfaff Eclilor-in-Chief ....... Barbara Work Chief Pholographer . . . Bill Smilh Managing Eclilor . . Marian Shapiro Ari Edilor . . . Sylvia Dolch Copy Edi+or . . . Janice Barnes Residences .... Nan Borreson Acliviiies . ...... Alice Cox Organizarions . . . Ann Berner, Joan Duhigg Alhlelics and Mililary . . . Jim Seilz, Tom Mau Colleges ..... . . Gail Jochimsen loenliiicaiions .... . . . Min Morris business sfaff Business Manager . . . . . . Sandi Miller Ass? Business Manager . . . John McNul+y Sales Manager ...... Auslin Sanolroclc Office Managers . . . Joan Naiion, Evie Siroia ADVISER . . . WILBUR C. PETERSON PUBLISHER . . . . LESTER G. BENZ Bill Smirh, Chief Phoiographer a year in The pink lT was laTe. l'Tow laTe, she didn'T know, buT iT had been a long day, sTarTing aT 5 a.m. when she had groped her way OuT OT bed aTTer Two hours sleep. She reached Tor The lasT OicTure and ThoughT OT The Thousands ThaT had already been senT in To be engraved , . . The more Than 3,000 individual pic- Tures her sTaTT had numbered Tor paneling . . . The hundreds OT TeaTure picTures she had cropped AusTin Sandrock, John lv1cNulTy, Evie SiroTa and Joan NaTiOn by The end OT The week. Too Tired To ediT ThaT nighT, she picked up The second Tolder, almosT knocking The dead rose in a pop bOTTle Trom The edge OT her desk. There were Tour Tlowers in Tour boTTles-all very crisp, very dusTy and very dead. The Terns in The boTTle wiTh The rose had shed on The Tolder OT copy and she blew OTT The TragmenTs . . . ThoughT OT whaT iT would be like To sleep Tor abouT I8 hours, and TorgeT she had ever heard OT l-TAVVKEYE. She puT on her coaT. The chieT phOTOgrapher was sTill wriTing capTiOns. 3- , 5 ENN 'x.... , af ' 94'Kps....--F - s .yf Q ii if ki V If .V ,, , an '- 945 az - V a f ' Ann Bern-er, Jim SFTZ Tom Tvlau Alice Cox and Nan Borres n unTil They blurred beTore her eyes as This one was. 'll can'T Tocus anymore," she moaned, and her hand shook slighTly as she handed The picTure To The chieT phoTographer, who looked up inguiringly Trom his capTion-wriTing. She sTraighTened her aching shoulders and waTched him rip The six-TOOT long "ulTimaTe, Tinal phoTo schedule" Trom The supply cabineT. l-le wadded iT up, aimed aT a wasTe-baskeT, and missed. Too many capTions. She walked slowly To her desk. Somehow, iT looked empTy wiThouT picTures piled a TOOT high on iT, as They had been Tor nearly six monThs. fXlmosT empTy, bur noT guiTe. There was a bulgf ing Tolder OT unediTed copy and anoTher Tolder OT rewriTTen sTories waiTing To be Typed Tor The prinTer J. Barnes, M, Morris, M, Shapiro, S. Dolch and 6. Jochimsen -,,.,:-- lhe iowan relleols and records our edilorial Edilors ..... Managing Edilors News Edilors . Cily Edilors Sporls Eaiiars Sociely Edilors . Chiel Pholographers Wirepholo Technician adverlh Business Manager . . Ass'l Business Manager Classified Managers slall . . lra Kapenslein Kirk Boyd . . Bill Baker Jack Pease . . Jack Pease Phyllis Fleming . . Kirk Boyd Gene lngle . Fred Miller lvars Liepins . Belly Broyles Eleanor Benz . Chuck Allen Bob Kerns . . Chuck Allen slall . E. John Kollman William J. Vaughan M. William Norlon Alan Waxenberg lra Kapenslein, Daily lowan edilor lirsl semesler His leel ached, and lhe girl behind him insisled on pushing. All day long he had been in one sorl ol line or anolher. Even when lhey ale lunch in lhe caleleria, lhey had lo sland in line lor lheir lood. Lines all day. Firsl lhe library and Old Capilol, lhen lhe journalism labs, and linally lhis-lhe Daily lowan ollice. l-leaving a sigh, he wondered if lhe lour would never end. The girl pushed again, and lhis lime he pushed back. His leacher smiled al everyone, lhen lurned lo scowl al a boy lyping on lhe roller ol an emply lypewriler. A man slood up behind his desk and began lalking very rapidly. l'le couldn'l hear whal was being said because he was near lhe end ol lhe line. Aller a lew minules, lhe man slarled around lhe big room, slill lalking, and his leacher lold lhem lo be quiel as lhey lollowed lhe man. On lhe man's lell were several long lables wilh lypewrilers on lhem. The lables were clullered wilh slray sheels ol paper, glue bollles and old newspa pers. Kirk Boyd, Daily lowan edilor second semesler claily exisirence To his righT was a girl running her hands Through her hair. The rnan said she was Trying To make a 5:00 deadline. The clock on The wall said 5:l5. A Telephone rang, Then rang a second and a Third Time. l-le considered answering iT himselT The enioyed answering Telephones aT homel when a girl who had been siTTing on a desk Top, waTching Them. slid slowly To The Tloor and ambled across The room. l-le could hear a sTeady clicking sound Trom The back oT The room. The man said iT was a TeleType, buT he didn'T he-ar whaT else The man said because he was looking aT The Tunny picTures on The bullenn board. ' Busines: manager John KoTTman, assisTanT William Vaughan around. This was The besT Thing ThaT had happened all day. The girl who had been behind him was now in TronT oT him. He gave her a push. The Teacher saw him, buT he didnlT care. They Trooped ouT oT The room. l'le sTarTed down The sTairs-Then sTopped suddenly when he saw ThaT The resT oT The group was going The oTher way. NOT anoTher Tour, he ThoughT hopelessly, as The Teacher marshalled Them inTo The HAWKEYE oTTice. EOiT1CfTTEE'iOC6.. . Elen lvars, Phyi, Gere Larry Jim, Jack AnoTher man wiTh a large camera in one hand wandered Trom desk To desk, picking up picTures, looking aT Them, and Then puTTing Them down again. The phone kepT on ringing, and aTTer a while, some- one would answer iT and holler Tor The person wanT- ed. l-le waTched a girl pasTing TogeTher sheeTs oT Typing paper unTil she had a long roll, which she Tolded up and puT in a wire baskeT marked "re- porTers' copy." l-le gave up The idea oT lisTening To The man, and concenTraTed on looking ouT The window. Two men were shouTing back and TorTh Trom op- posiTe sides oT The room, and his TeeT sTiIl hurT. ATTer whaT seemed hours, The TirsT man Tinally sTopped Talking and his Teacher Told Them To Turn Bob Kerns, Eleanor Benz, BeTTy Broyles and Fred SchornhorsT fi H xc, if H W' SQL, ff: i - , of wsui O88 'Wm,.,x ,mu If was a Wednesday evening and Jrhe broadcasr ol one ol The universily concerls. He sal guielly in lhe small room oil lhe main lounge of lhe Union, mike and scripl in ironl of him. Suddenly Jrhe lighls wenl our, and he and lhe engineer were lell in semi-darkness. He saw ihe engineer making a quick check ol his eguipmenl before swilching lo ballery lo gel back on Jrhe air . . . wondered if The balleries would have enough power . . . how long The lighls would be oil . . , if he'd have lo do a quick signvoll . . . The seleclion ended and lhe engineer gave him his cue. He couldnl see his scribl . . . he'd have lo re-lv on memory. He slarled lo announce lhe lille oi lhe ne-xl number, hoping lhe conduclor would be able lo see his slarling cue . . . and lhen lhe lighls came back on. Blinking, he realized lhal lhe crisis couldn'l have lasled over live seconds, even lhough il seemed more like live minules. .We WSUI +ramsmFH'er near Corahiffe Television sfudios The lcleig lighTs were lilce whiTe suns, and The sTiTT cosTume was heavy. Perspiring as he waiTed Tor The nexT closefup, he envied The cameramen who worlced on The oTher side oT The merciless lighTs. The cameras glided over a maze oT cables lying on The Tloor. In The grey darkness, The Tloor direc' 'or gesTured, giving orders soTTly bm decisively. His glance Tool: in The smallesT deTails, and he loolced Toward The conTroi room. The orogram direcTor glanced hom The glass screen To The Tloor. He drew ThoaghTTully on his cigareTTe. A camera made a wrong Turn and missed a pan shoT. He closed his eyes and The mise Take was TorgoTTen. Then a Teeling oT saTisTacTion came wiTh a perTecT TighT shoT. He looked aT The acrors, Then back aT The moniTor. The exTra rehearf sals had perTecTed iT. The small miracle oT characTerizaTion began as The lines were soolen ano The whiTe iighTs were TorgoTTen. The 'Final produd' . . . exfraveqanza wifh fewer fluffs Hman were expecfed. in X sf. 129' E1- journalism laboraTories He didn'T know why They had To see The labs . . . his TiTTh grade Teacher ThoughT iT would be educaTional, buT he didn'T much care Tor The idea, The Typography lab was TirsT, and his Teacher Told Them To pay aTTenTion because They were going To see some examples oT old prinTing. He was more inTeresTed in The men near him who were selecT4 ing Type ouT oT various drawers. He wondered how They knew which pieces To use and where To Tind Them. The nexT lab, newspaper producTion, was noisy, and his Teacher said The machines making all The rackeT were presses. A man showed Them a paper Trom The press and said iT was The Iowa Quest a lab newspaper puT ouT enf Tirely by sTudenTs. The presses TascinaTed him, buT his Teacher Told him To come along because They were going down The hall To The phoTography lab. There were shiny picTures Tacked on The bulleTin boards in This lab. He wanTed To look aT Them, buT a man was Talk- ing abouT whaT wenT on in The darkroom. IT was so dark in There, he couldn'T see anyThing The man was Talking abouT. He wished somebody would Take his picTure. Newspaper producTion . , . washing an engraving negaTi fw,w .gunman was fa- Phmogrephy Yah . t . a good soiwion wi!! 'Hx mosf phofo problems. Typography Web . . . In some cases, if Takes ai! fypes fof a book board of s'ruden+ publioa+ions firsr row: Charles Wyllief Roberl Blifz: Dr. George S. Easlonz Dean Masor Laddg Lesfer Benz, pubiislrer second row: Richard Wolle: Dwiqhf Jensen' Herberl Hedge: Prof. Hugh E. Kelso- Prol. Leslie G. Moeller: Elaine Dislelhorsl The hands of The clock on The wall moved sreadily foward 3:50. He fidgelred in The main oflice, wailing lo be inlerf viewed by lhe board. They had his applicalion Tor edilor before Them, bul he would be expecled lo reilerale everyf Thing in if . . . his background and experience . . . his ren- laiive plans . . . suqgeslions. He wondered if olher appli- canls, bolrh HAWKEYE and Daily lowan, could possibly be as nervous as he was. He swallowed and wondered if his voice were slill Jrhere. The door To Mr. Moellerls office opened and he slrcod up. rw 4 f J 9355.-4 , ' 1 Q 'W if YQ lil df ,x I 'Q 1 A l' .A A noisy corner . . . cencerf band al SUI home games. FREDERICK C. EBBS Direclor, Universily Bands c:oncer+ band He walked lhrough lhe big green doors and inlo lhe soulh rehearsal hall. Selling down his boolcs, he wenl back 'ro The loclc- ers conlaining lhe inslrumenls, opened his loclcer and loolc our his horn. Climbing over a couple ol Clarinel Cases, he found his seal nexl lo a musician busy warming up. Laughler and snalches of Conversalion mingled wilh lhe dissonanl sounds of inslrurnenls being luned. l-le lislened 'ro lhe discord for a few momenls, Jfhen began 'fo lune his own horn. A comparalive silence lell over The hall when lheir direcfor appeared. l-le rnade a lew rerriarlcs lo his assislanf, lhurnbed Through some music, and rapped lhe band lo allenlion. VC Concerl scalef' he said, and rehear- fal had begun. "lake lhe Borodind A ruslle ol scores and lhey played il lhrough once, before faclcling The rnore dihficull passages. marching band He shouldered his bass and Tingered The TirsT noTes in review, TelT The mouThpie-ce cold againsT his lips. Al- mosT Time To march ouT onTo The Tield. STrains oT "ln My Merry Oldsmobile" ran Through his head, wiTh The numbers oT The maneuvers he had memorized. The drum maior blew his whisTle. No more Time To worry abouT doing The righT Thing aT The righT Time. JusT sTarT marching, and hope Tha+ The pre- cision Tor which They had pracTiced would be Theirs Today. The Two long lines oT drums and basses moved ouT onTo The Tield, The resT oT The band Tollowing. As The noTes oT The Iowa TighT song crashed abouT him, he TorgoT ThaT he was marching beTore 52,000 people. The crowd was buT a blur in The disTance as he lcepT his eyes glued To The music score in TronT of him. Back To The "Merry Oldsmobile" . . .musical version wiTh wheels ThaT Turn. MaioreTTes JaneT WalTer, Sandra Lamb, Ellen Moody and LaVonne NolTe lvliTropolous conducTs chorus and orchesTra in "Requiem," i HERALD STARK DirecTor, UniversiTy Chorus chorus The direcTor enTered The room, hurried To his place on The podium, and chorus re- hearsal was under way. She opened The score oT Kodaly's "Te Deuml' and waiTed Tor his signal, appre- hensive aT her TirsT experience wiTh con- Temporary music. They sang Tor several minuTes wiThouT inTerrupTion, and Then seve eral girls Toolc Turns audiTioning Tor solo parTs. LisTening To Their voices, she won- dered how long iT would be beTore she would have The chance To Try Tor a solo. The group began To sing again. l-ler ThroaT was dry, buT she conTinued singing, and Tried To TorgeT how much she wanTed a drink oT vvaTer. Gradually, The music began To have more meaning Tor her. She waTched The direcTor, TascinaTed by The movemenTs oT his loaTon as he blended all The voices inTo a harmonious whole. -- .-., .sf..m. ,-X-ff i i 51... ...., MW: 1 . . . .,,., . I. v',, y A . MJ. I k K, xg .. ll.-Q , fi -f ' , '. . - . ai., if - - Tzwrfiifasri-w 'TT :'fi4?!2yf2,g:S.i?c3s3yi, ,es -1 ' i .T-H - T fe we 1 "k' - -22-ff ' - f Kjfffi-:,'Ff"' si. ' ' ,, .ggss N .. . ' -:J ,g,sS-ng. ' . ' mrysggj' 'i T iv, - - 1 - . A ' f, v 1 T f f 1 ,,.:, .-,.: . -5, -,sw 1 3,7 +V eg - - T . . i Fa Q ., ,Q . A , A A A 9 Z 4 orchesTra From his chair in The second row, he could waTch The audience as They Took Their seaTs, envious OT Their calm indiTTer- ence. They hadn'T spenT hours, weelcs, in- deed monThs in preparaTion. They hadn'T played The same measures over and over unTil each noTe was iusT riqhT. They hadn'T pushed, pulled and coaxed a bow across Tour sTrinqs unTil Their arms ached. They hadn'T TelT The mounTing Tension and ex- ciTemenT as The nighT OT The perTormance drew near. They would enioy The concerT, yeT They would miss The Thrill oT being a parT oT iT. and he lcnevv he would ra+her be on The sTage, in spiTe OT The nervous TluT- Ters in The piT oT his sTomach. The lighTs dimmed and The audience hushed in anTicipaTion. Then a bursT oT applause greeTed The Tiqure sTriding Trom The wings To The podium. GuesT conduc- Tor DimiTri lv1iTropolous raised his baTon, and The EasTer concerT began. JAMES DIXON DirecTor, UniversiTy QrchesTra Oboe, reading in The reed secTion . . . who gives a TiuTe. lf arT building She lingered on The TooTbridge, sTaring down aT The muddy waTer below. There was so much ThaT had To be done . . . painTing . .. sculpTure . . . or The ever-presenT sTac:k oT slides. This mighT be a good day Tor painTing . . . she ThoughT abouT iT a rnomenT and walked up To The arT building. SeaTed in TronT oT The halT-Tin- ished porTraiT, she smoked a cig- areTTe and conTemplaTed her work. The hands looked Too sTiTT, and she asked The girl nearesT her To pose Tor a minuTe. She squeezed painT Trom Tubes onTo her paleTTe . . . whiTe, yel- low ochre, some umber colors, a liTTle black. WiTh her smallesT brush, she re-drew The hands on The porTraiT, Then sTarTed To Till in wiTh color . . . a dab here . . . a sTroke There. For some reason, iT wasn'T going very well. She puT away her painTs and wenT back across The river. lO5 we-X 4. ,H 3 -, A ,,.-.Q--f L1 own mam, We wa' .and iwJ'efpre+a'9ns Forms . . . p'as+Yc and oHwerwEse. design show Back in her room, she reilecied on how much she had learned alooui design in one shorl allernoon. She had piclaed up a lew ideas here and There from her arf major roommale-'rhings lilqe "miracle consiruc- Jrionl'-buf il wasn'l unlil she weni lo The design show ihal she realized Jrhe role archiieclural, inlerior, induslrial and ad- verlising design play in modern life. The Hheliolrope house"-a new concepl' lor living, her rommale had called il-was ihe iirsl lhing she saw in The main gallery. Her roommaie had poinled oui ihe un- usual lighling and how Jrhe archileclural pallern of The molded fireplace corre- sponded in design lo The spherical shape oi the house. She was parlicularly impressed wilh lhe modern lurnilure. Trying oul a dining room chair for comiorl, she was 'fold lhey had been buill oul of plywood, were lighi, and required lillle dusiing. Ailer seeing everylhing from mosaic fables lo adverlising layouls, she under- slood more abou? The worlc lhal was being done in design. P ! IO7 universi+y +I1ea+re ENTER PI-IOTOGRAPHER, car rying Ihree exlension flashes. Speed Graphic, 20 Tlash bulbs, gadgelr bag, spare camera, six film holders and a headache. The slage is flooded wilh light audif Ioriurn is in darlcness. Aclors mill- ing about hushed voices. VOICE FROM THE VOID: Whal do YOU wani? PHoToeRAPHER Isevring down equipmenllz I-IAWKEYE, sir. VVe're supposed Io lake pic- Iures here Ionighl. VOICE: TONIGHT! You can'II Were having dress rehearsal. PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER: Bur we've gol 'ro gel Ihese piclures. VOICE: I won? siand Tor ill You Can'II Go away! SOMEDAY IIIVI GOING TO GIVE A PLAY S O I. E L Y EOR PI-IOTOORA, PI-IERS . . . IVoice rises, craclrsl . . . AND PUT OUT THAT CIO- ARETTEIII Ifhclors snigger.I EXIT PI-IOTOORAPI-IER, car- rying Three exlension flashes, eip. Sound OI Voice rnullering Io ilseli, . There were a mmron liffre problems . . . ro be solved by fhe direcfors ff If! ,-.pww-....w , ,M Emeesecaint and cuveffffei. fhe Caine mu+iny cour+ mar+ial -IH E ----......,...., I J C S y Hfffr,-5,1 W., ,WZ -C , ei, rvyvi. fer +oasfs 6re0nwa!d afrer We des+rm'5 '35 'ne Cecrain 5 Cnarev Even as Hue currern rose on rne Courr nnarrlai scene from ine "Caine Murinyf' he sensed from rhe serring rher ine play wouNo be one of orenneric Inwoecr , . , end he was nor diseopoinlred. The Jrension was bmlr wo Clwierry 'rnrough ine cnerecrer or L+. Barney Greenweid, oiayed by James Rex, es he sknlruliy drew frorn rne wirnesses rne rnwfornwenon he deemed necessary To solve his case. He found nrnnseif rnenreUy on srege GT 'ne climax We fine! ouesrlowing of Cepr. Queeg ffxrrnur Hoosrnanj by fre defense ifrrorney . . . and he ren as fxnougn he were experrencrnq rne rising enxiery or ine rrorney as wel? es 'ne leverrsh reef or rne oncline She sTood in The wings waiTing Tor her cue, won- dering if The Tenseness oT expecTaTion which seemed To sTiTTen her arms and legs would vanish when iT came Time Tor her To go on sTage. Unless iT did, she would appear more like The Tin wood- man in "Alice in Wonderland" Than a waTer-spriTe in llOndine" . . . and an ondine was supposed To be an airy creaTure . . . graceTul, gay and spiriT- lilce. She Tried To reciTe her parT in The second acT . . . The lines she had Tound so hard To remember ever since rehearsals had begun. As usual, The words would noT come. She TelT as Though she were reeliving her TirsT piano reciTal, when she had Tried so hard To remember The TirsT Tew measures oT her piece and Tound ThaT she couldn'T recall even The TirsT Tew noTes. l-ler cue came aT lasT, and in her eagerness To be on sTage, The Tenseness was TorgoTTen . . . she was suddenly quiTe sure Thar when The second acT opened, her lines would somehow come baclc To her. ghTer of a Tisherman, laeTore The assembled court Ondine, We wafer nymoh, chooses fc forsake Bef eH'veA ma! world 40 bg XNIHQ We MTQM I-lens, whom we Noves, 3'c?r'c- ef'e'Y:'s 'C mane -112 'es Seen Lwfakwfu ' i-mm in order To excuse We ocsofffrwo ber Dui PW" ffaap- "Cf 'f 5e"'e"'s ff':'HQe firms we was beef fum. 2 f gi ConTronTed by prooT ThaT he oloT'ed To lcill his wiTe MargoT, Tony Wendice Tries To escape, buT is sTopped aT The door by a policeman, dial "m" for II4 murder The lasT oT The applause had long since died down as she hung up cosTumes To be senT To The cleaners. IT had been a long Two weelrs, louT now ThaT The lasT perTormance oT "Dial 'lvl' Tor Murder" had been presenTed, she was a liTTle sorry ThaT There was noThing more leTT OT iT Than criTics' wriTe-ups, sTray props, leTTover programs, and memories. She ThoughT oT The Tunny and The near-Tragic in- cidenTs she would remember Trom worlfing baclcf sTage . . . opening nighT when The phone on sTage didn'T ring and The guiclq-Thinlcing prompTer imi- TaTed a bell . . . The nighT Three iammed lockers conTaining cosTumes almosT sTopped The curTain Trom going up, unTil They were pried open iusT in Time . . . The perTormance when NaTure herselT conTribuTed sound eTTecTs, obliging wiTh a roll oT Thunder iusT as one oT The acTors spolce his line abouT iT raining ouTside . . . The mild disorder as she helped The Temale lead change in 45 seconds. She hung up The lasT cosTume and Turned To leave. Wg I ,pn-., 'K 1 f Af' ,- Jw X 21 fr Mi 4' w. ,I fl 3? f 4. wk is 4. NQSQ mimi? sw is Mfll11M YB' 2 ,, ' 55 'Qu fr af! 495, Ka :2 K 5 d?g,"567"fL? 2? Q Q l , wma A 4 52 'ef ' w M f Wg ,CJ X ,nf -- f B' 'M A. . f, ,4 K .. .M v -I iv J ' 2 na il ? ,, ,, , yuh ., . F ff- ,, . X gf: A afhlefics E as S 352 A f' V f ouTsTanding a+hle+es VersaTiliTy and consisTency were so Tamiliar in The play oT Carl Cain ThaT sporTs wriTers and coaches could noT over- Iook "Casey" when seIecTing The besT in The cage sporT. Probably one oT Cain's greaTesT honors came when The Olympic board chose The Iowa Torward To compeTe wiTh The U. S. enTry. I-Iis TeammaTes named him as Their mosT valu- able asseT Tor The Three seasons They had played TogeTher. The maior news services in The counTry paid Cain TribuTe by placing him on Two oT The Big Tenls TirsT Teams, while INS selecTed Cain Tor The all-midwesT Team. I-Ie was picked Tor The TirsT Team in boTh The regional and Tinals oT NCAA Tour- namenT play, and was second naTionaIIy Tor The mosT valu- able player award. The swimming Team did Their share To make The I955-56 winTer sporTs season one oT SUI's besT. The 300-yard med- Iey relay Team, composed aITernaTeIy OT Lincoln I-Iurring, Glenn JohnsTon, Jim Coles, Dennis Roberson, I-Tarold Begel and Bob PraTT, beTTered ThaT record Twice. Cn February I3, I-Iurring, JohnsTon and Coles beTTered The NCAA and American marks by swimming The disTance in 2:54.3. Five days IaTer, They erased ThaT Time by approx- imaTeIy Two seconds. The relay Team also beTTered a pool and an Iowa record in The 300-yard disTance, and egualed The NCAA mark over The 200-yard course. VirTuaIIy unknown unTil IasT spring, The SUI shuTTIe hurdle relay Team came inTo The naTionaI spoTIighT by esTabIishing a new record aT The Drake Relays. Tom Ifcker, Don PeTer- son, Les STevens and Jack MaThews covered The 480-yard disTance in 2592, breaking The old sTandard oT :59.4 seT by Chio STaTe in I947. lay mming Team beTTered se ral records while The shuTTIe hurdle Track relay Team established a new Time. 1, ,- . rc, ' . r - A, , w 5? ' I i -' , ' . .L ..kk ur , ,sa ,g ff r 'fa " ii, lf. I . ,se .. A - A I .T J My "- ,ay M ,Q , :J G, I W ,LV V. A -, if jr ii, 1 Y. T ,' B , WJ -.....,..1nlW if Wresllers Kennelh Leuer, Harlan Jenkinson, Terry McCann: s irnrner Lincoln l-lurring. Lesler Slevens, lrack Sam Bailie, gymnastics The names ol Ken Leuer, Terry McCann and Harlan Jenkinson were synonymous wilh wreslling in I955-56. McCann nol only won lhe Big Ten I I5 lb. lille, bul suc- cesslully delended his NCAA lille. Leuer also was a lwo-crown winner, laking lhe NCAA and Big Ten l9I lbs lilles. Anolher Big Ten crown wenl lo Jenkinson in lhe l67 lb. class. Swirnmer Lincoln Hurring won lhe NCAA and Big Ten IOO and 200-yard backslroke lilles, breaking lhe NCAA 200f yard record by I2 seconds. ln fha slale AAU meel, he sel world long course rec- ords in lhe IOO and 200-meler backslroke. Tying lor lhe Big Ten indoor high iurnp lille was Les Slevens, Slevens also held lhe Iowa ouldoor lb' 6"l and indoor l6' Slfgnl records, and lhe lieldhouse 70-yard high hurdle record l:O8.5l. In spile ol a casl on his leg, gymnasl Sam Bailie parlicipaled in every evenl dur- ing lhe season, lied lor lhe Big Ten side- horse lille, and placed second in lhe NCAA, losing by only lwo poinls. Belore breaking his ankle, Bailie had won 4l ol 46 possible lirsl places in dual cornpelilion. II7 WRWKM - q A w 'm""'!"T. L , S 22. Ti ig? Y-my is .. Knew., H! II8 Tirsf row: R. Swedbergg R. Wiegmann' T. Shuck: F. GiIIiam: E. MaTheson: C, Jones: E. KaneIIis: E. Smiihr J. Freeman: K. JehIeg second row: F. Evashevski, head coach: N. Six: H. Jenkinsong D. Deasyg J. SmiThg T. HaTch7 E. VincenTg P. Leahyg D. ToTson: G. Reichowp K. Meek' D. Dobrino: A. Kodros, coach: Third row: B. FIora, coach: W, Piro, coachg W. Reichow: G. Kress' O. PeIIegrinc' R. I-Iaussman: R. Knoeknek Iv1.WaIker'J, Dick:J.WiIIeT: K. I3'oen' D. Suchy'C. EIIIOTT, coach FOREST EVASHEVSKI Head FcoTbaII Coach fooTbaII WhiIe The Hawks didn'T guiTe make The Rose Bowl, They did regain possession OT Floyd oT Rosedale, Traveling Trophy oT The annuaI TooTbaII rivaIry beTween IVIinnesoTa and SUI. The bronze pig came back To Iowa CiTy aTTer a 26-0 rouT oT The Gophers, one oT The Three home games The Hawks won. In spiTe oT Their power, poTh in The IoackTieId and Iine, The I-Iawks' superior TieId play did noT show in The scoring column as They IosT aII Tiye road games and Tied The TourTh home game. . The UCLA game was pIayed beTore an esTimaTed 30,000 Iowa Tans Iiving in CaIiTornia, and The Michigan game was naf TionaIIy coIor-TeIevised. This was aIso The game in which iT ape peared ThaT eiTher The cameras or The reTerees were wrong aT Times. fourfh row: D. Buck: C. Johnson? D. Bowemg F. Riqneyg R. Coppofemq F. Harris' J, Gibbons: C, HaqWerZ D. Sgroi M. PHeNps' J. Bmrougiwsg G. Kurdefmefer: C. Fxercet fif+h row: J. Burns. coadq' J. Jemkkwsorv J. Ymmq' R. Theer' D. Alwfqrem' D, Hawerson' J. Oafdeyy E. Karlenziq' F. Bbomquisfr W. Happefq D. Kbcwerg G. Cabalka: D. Naclwlmarwt W, Schwank, coach: sixfh row: A. Karrasg W. Van Bwent E, Veifq D, Spiewakp J, Janda: W. McAdams: W. Sheefsq W. Kendeffi R. Lear: D. Whifehead kneeling coaches VVHJV Schwarwk Jefry Bffs sfandingz Pima- P'rL J.,X 'Q Kzdm Bwvvo H5197 BO? if naw-wsk.: Arc? Wn"gA, 951 Q 0 Q Q Q n v a I-sun o 1 0 2 a 1 5 n X31 Q Q .1 7: K , . 4 s 4 1' 54' FV ,nl 3"L"'?-lf' Jai' -vmsmlmmv amvunny Q-mmm zsmlni 'a gamer' V' fr l-laliktack Earl Srnilh ll4l lakes pifchcul from ouarlerback Jerry Reichow l25l as Frank Bloomquisl l64l moves To block K-Slaie lacklers. l-lallback Eddie Vincenl fries +o cu?-slep iowa 28-kansas s'ra+e 7 The sun's glare and fellow sludenls in shirfsleeves hardly seemed appropriaie for fhe opening of lhe I955 loolball season, he decided as he ale his sack lunch. To him, fooiball had always meanl a heavy coal, blan- kels and a lailler wind. College loolball was going lo pe diiclerenl in a lol ol ways, he knew. lcle walched The slands around him become rapidly lilled, waiched slu- denls playing card games while lhey wailed. l'le was squeezed belween a husky youlh and a lall, angular girl when lhe game began. Scanning his pro- gram lo associale names wilh lhe numerals on Jrhe play' ersi ierseys, he fell a surge of pride as Jrhe l-lawks made one louchdown aller anolher, while holding K-Slale scoreless. Eullback Jon Janda's second collegiale carry was good lor lhe lirsl louchdown. Quarierback Jerry Reichow and hallback Earl Smilh ioined forces for lwo rnore, on passes ol 31 and I2 yards, and Eddie Vincenl covered 44 yards in iwo plays lo wind up lhe Hawkeye scoring. l-lis leam was ahead 28-O in Jrhe lourlh quarier when Kansas Slale lurned an lowa fumble inlo Their lone louchdown. He decided, and lhe angular girl agreed, Lhal collegiale ioolloall was a greai inslilulion. Eldean IvIaTheson sk rTs I TT end Tor one oT The Tew long Hawkeye gains againsf Badgers, as Tackle Don Bowen I72l moves in. 0 f ' Iowa I4 wisconsin 37 IT was, To him, a dreary aTTernoon as he drove back To Iowa CiTy. I-Ie Tried noT To remember how The day had dawned IorighT and clear Tor him as well as Tor hundreds OT oTher Iowa Tans. They had been enThusiasTic when, aTTer Iowa made The opening kick- OTT, Don Suchy recovered a Wisconsin Tumble on The Badger 28-yard line. Four plays IaTer, Eddie VincenT scored Trom Three yards ouT, Jim Freeman converTed, and Iowa led 740 aTTer Two and a halT minuTes. BuT Then Wisconsin had come back wiTh Two Touchdowns, and Iowa Tans were uneasy unTil The I'Iawks Took The kick-OTT and wenT 64 yards in seven plays. Ken Ploen Traveled The IasT Tive yards Tor a Touchdown, Freemans kick was good, and Iowa led again, This Time I4-I3. I-Ie haTed To recall whaT Tollowed, when The Badgers Took an Iowa punT on The I-Iawkeye 47 and wenT The disTance in Tour plays. Reichow Tried To pull Iowa ouT wiTh passes, buT his Third one was inTercepTed, resuITing in a Badger Tield goal. All hopes Tor an Iowa come-back in The second half were dashed when Wisconsin scored Two more Touchdowns, while They kepT The I-Iawks Trom changing The numerals on The visiTor's side oT The scoreboard. Dobrino sliilarms charging Hoosier as Wiegmann's body block fails. A big pile-up for a Hawkeye iirsl down. iowa 20- incliana 6 He had been wailing all year lor Dad's Day and ihe chance lo see his sonls leam in aclion. Silling in lhe slands, he lell a parl ol lhe milling crowd around him, and shared lheir excilemenl when lhe Hawks gained conlrol oi lhe ball and marched 64 yards on a combinalion ol passes and ground plays. l-le cheered as loudly as any ol Jrhem when Ken Ploen found Don Dobrino in Jrhe clear lor a 24-yard aerial play which nelled lhe lirsf louchdown. Laie in lhe second quarler, he saw lndiana's Milr Campbell loss his lirsi collegiale pass, which con- necied for six poinis. He held his breaih as The Hoosiers 'fried for fhe exira poinl, buf ihe kick was oulside, and Iowa led, 7-6. Before lhe lirsl hall was over, Ploen maneuvered ihe Hawks from midfield lo rhe Hoosier oneeyard line, and Dobrino again wenl over lor lhe score. The kick was good, and his son informed him Thar lhal was Freemans seyenlh slraighl successful con- version. A 24-yard pass from Ploen To Jim Gibbons was good lor lhe Third rouchdown. The second hall was scoreless, bul 'rhe lirsl Two guarlers had made his lrip worlhwhile, and he lell lhe sladium already anlicipaling Dads Day, l956. iowa 20-purdue 20 ShiTTing The can oT gasoline beTween his TeeT, his ThoughTs wan- dered as Time was called on The playing Tield. I-Ie picTured The Tlames leaping high as The corn monurnenT burned, The large Big IO numerals crumbling-a blazing symbol oT vicTory. I-Ie glanced aT The scoreboard. The I-Iawks sTill led 20-I3, and There were only 50 sec- onds unTiI he could sTarT across The river To IighT The monumenT. Lenny Dawson piTched ouT To Mel Dillard and he waTched The powerTuI Tullback drive I7 yards downTieId To The I-Iawkeye I4 be- Tore he was Tinally broughT down. When The arms and legs unTan- gled Themselves, he saw ThaT Dillard sTiII Iay on The Tield, clasping his knee. The clock was sTopped aT I7 seconds. Play resumed and a pass by Dawson was baTTed down by Jerry Reichow. I-Ie reached inTo his pockeT To see if his IighTer was sTill There. Four seconds IeTT-Time Tor anoTher pass by- Dawson. Even as he was aware oT The ThoughT, Dawson Threw, and The pass was compIeTe. Time had run ouT wiTh The score, buT The Boilermakers were enTiTIed To Try Tor The exTra poinT. Dawson, aTTer missing Two previous aTTempTs, booTed sTraighT away Tor The Tying poinT. For a long momenT, Iowa Tans were Too sTunned To move. Finally, he picked up The can OT gasoline and numbly sTarTed across The river. Jerry Reichow keeps on opTion play as Roger Wiegmann and Don Suchy ThwarT Boilermakers' bid Tor a Tackle. The iaunT by Jerry seT up TD. I "V-i'h'f r'lIi'V'f- "Ur" f-nn var Tram no I 'ds duT rrrT . . ,Xl 47, f, ,mb . L. fp, ,.1. , ., IJ l-Ie haTed To miss a game. buT CaliTornia was iusT Too Tar away, and he had To seTTle Tor ioin- ing The crowd around a radio. The parTy goT oT'T To a bad sTarT when The Bruins Took The opening Icicle-OTT and moved 73 yards In II plays To score Trom Three yards ouT. The I-Iawlcs counTered by Covering 78 yards in I5 plays, Mike I-lagler scored on a nine-yard iaunf and Freeman made The Conversion, puT+ing Iowa ahead Tor The TirsT and Tinal Time. The score Tavored UCLA in The second guar- Ter aTTer a pass by Reichow was inTercepTed aT The Iowa 4I, The Crowd closed in around The radio as Reichow moved Iowa Trom Their own 25-nfyard line To The Bruin Three, There was less Than a minuTe leTT in The Tirsr haIT when an oTT- side penaITy ano a nine-yard loss haITed The I-Iawlceye drive. The I-Iawlrs were Torced To punT in The Third guarTer and Sam Brown dashed 67 yards, evad- ing The enTire Iowa Team, To Tally The Third score. ATTer anoTher score by Brown, The I-Iawlcs marched 69 yards and Reichow plunged over Trom The UCLA Three-yard line, buT iT was Too IaTe, The Bruins made anoTher Touchdown, and someone swiTched OTT The radio beTore The an- nouncer could repeaT The 3343 deTeaT. I24 iowa I3 - ucla UCLA :enTef ,lifr IvIaThenv ISII 's abfzu' "3 'aslve Iona f Ea a Ma wg,3kr..M,M51, f , '-k, ' g.,,.5.1,,- , I L. - 1 ,if , , -W' ' in T' T'-Q 25 Elus ve Earl Sm Th Tollows Eddie V ncenT up The sidelines Tor one of his Tarniliar long gains. End Tom MaenTz is abouT To be cuT down. ' 2 I ' I1 ' 3 3 I-le was one oT 25,000,000 ThaT aTTernoon when he saT down in TronT oT The Television seT To waTch Iowa play Michigan in The Game oT The Week. Surrounded by TraTerniTy broThers and Their daTes, There was no room Tor him To sTand up and cheer when Iowa scored The TirsT Touchdown oT The game, on a 23-yard run up The middle by Eddie VincenT. The second Tally came aTTer VincenT Took a Michigan punT on The Iowa 27 and ran 53 yards. Roger Wiegmann picked up anoTher I5 yards, a penaITy againsT Michigan puT The I-Iawks on Tho one-yard line, and Don Dobrino scocTed inside righT end Tor six. Michigan sTarTed To rally in The Third period, and made Their TirsT Touchdown Trom The Twofyard line. Reichow blocked The kick, buT less Than Two minuTes IaTer, The Wolverines scored anoTher Touch- down, and The exTra poinT was good. I.aTe in The Third guarTer, Reichow led Iowa down To The Michigan 27 and Tossed a 24-yard pass To Dobrino who wenT unTouched inTo The end zone Tor The I-Iawksl Third score. The I-Iawks were leading 2Ifl3 when a score by Dobrino was nulli- Tied by a holding penalTy. And Then The impossible happened. The Wolverines scored a Third Touchdown which broughT Them wiThin one poinT oT The Hawkeyes, snuTTed ouT an Iowa drive on Their 28-yard line, and sewed up The game wiTh Two more guick Touchdowns. 1, A TooTball highlighT oT The year-Iowa 26, MinnesoTa O. Swedberg pursues Gopher aTTempTing Touchdown pass. Jones and Suchy move in. iowa 26 - minnesoTa O tddie VincenT clears line OT' scrimmage as The visiTors' deTense Tollows in v He wouldn'T soon TorgeT SaTurday, November 5, The day he waTched Eddie VincenT and The Hawks dump The MinnesoTa Gophers 26-O. VincenT had climaxed an 80-yard TirsT quarTer drive by Taking a hand-oTT Trom Jerry Reichow and compleTing his TirsT collegiaTe pass To Jim Gibbons in The end zone. Freeman converTed, and The score was 7-O. ThaT was only The beginning oT VincenT's aTTer- noon. Reichow piTched ouT To VincenT on an end sweep Trorn nine yards ouT Tor a second Touchdown, and VincenT bulled over Trom The one Tor The Third. lowa boTTled up TvlinnesoTa in The Third guarTer, while VincenT Traveled 36 yards To The lvlinnesoTa 37, where he was hiT hard and carried Trom The Tield. Ken Ploen Taked a pass, cuT around leTT end and back To The righT side To score Trom 25 yards ouT. Freeman's kick was good, and The numerals 26-O blinked on The scoreboard. WiTh only a Tew minuTes remaining, Evy senT his happy crew oT seniors, playing Their lasT home game, charging Trom The Tield while Thousands oT Hawkeye rooTers cheered, They cheered again aT The end oT The game when The Hawks sTormed The lvlinnesoTa locker room Tor Floyd oT Rosedale, buT Tound The TradiTional bronze pig on The Gopher bench. He leTT The sTadium knowing ThaT he would re- member Tor some Time The day Floyd oT Rosedale came back To Iowa CiTy. I26 Iowa IO- ohio sTaTe 20 He knew aTTer The Triumph over MinnesoTa The week beTore ThaT he wouldn'T miss lowa's lasT Big Ten game oT The season, even Though iT meanT driv- ing To Columbus' To see The Hawks play. The ThoughT OT The Hawks upseTTing The Tavored Buckeyes and winning Their TirsT road game oT The year was wiTh him as he Tound his seaT, and his hopes rose when Iowa scored a Tield goal in The TirsT guarTer. BuT Then "Hopalong" Cassady bolTed 45 yards To score, and puT The Buckeyes ahead. He TelT beTTer during The second guarTer when Jim Freeman scored wiTh Jerry Reichowls pass, To pull Iowa up To a I3-IO halTTime deTiciT, buT in The Third period, he saw The Buckeyes repeaTedly halT The Hawks' oTTensive ThreaTs. Vainly he hoped Tor one more Hawkeye Touch- down, buT Ohio STaTe marched on To a 20-IO vic- Tory behind Cassadyls inspired playing. He was disappoinTed when he leTT The sTadium To begin The journey back To Iowa CiTy, buT he knew The Hawks had closed ouT Their Big Ten season by playing a good game againsT The deTending champions. Freeman Tries To aid charging Dobrino as a Buckeye hangs on A record breaking crowd aT Columbus waTches a hosT oT Iowa players converge on All-American "Hopalong" Cassady as he crosses The Iowa 20. iowa I4- Reichow scoops up VincenT's Tie-breaking TourTh period pass. Iowa blockers brush aside FighTing Irish Tor TleeT-TooTed SmiTh. T noTre dame I7 They discussed The game on The bus Trip back To Iowa CiTy, iusT as They had discussed iT on The way up when Talk had been oT The chance Tor an upseT, even Though NoTre Dame was a seven poinT TavoriTe. BuT now Their voices reTlecTed disappoinTmenT. The TirsT quarTer had been a scoreless baTTle as was The second unTiI near The end oT The period when NoTre Dame broke The deadlock by Taking a 7-O lead. They proTecTed This lead unTiI halTTime, againsT The youngesT Team ever To sTarT againsT The Irish. llniuries Torced an Iowa sTarTing line-up oT seven sophomores, Three seniors and one iunior.l Coming back in The Third period, Iowa senT Tullback Fred Harris over Trom The Two-yard line, and early in The TourTh quarTer, Don Dobrino piTched To Jerry Reichow Tor whaT was ThoughT To be The "clincher" Touchdown. WiTh IO minuTes remaining, The Irish sTarTed a 63-yard march which was capped by a I7-yard aerial. BuT The Irish were noT saTis- Tied wiTh a Tie. When a penalTy sTalled NoTre Dame on The Hawkeye 27-yard line, Paul l'lornung booTed The Tie-breaking Tield goal. ef fs ,x we 1 ,ll in fhe air . . . John Ballard. Keifh Beshey, Ed Karl, Bonnie Knhfer, Bob Lancless, Elaine Pafrou, Donna Schumann and Loris Shadle cheerleaders 'KM .nw I-. L "M geeiijggi u " 221- JEQ T A " . ' 'Ns Guard Calvin Jones and quarferback Jerry Relcinow won naiional honors in I955-56. . nahonal awards Coffman Trcwpny, mosf vahabka piayer. E-W game. Cnosen by foofbafl wrifers for Ouffand Trophy Frank Bloomquisl Don Bowen Diclq De-asy Don Dobrino Jim Freeman Jim Gibbons Collins I-iagler Ken Ploen Jerry Reicliow Franlc Rigney Ea rl Smillw Don Sucliy Rodger Swedberq Eddie Vincenl Roger Wiegmann d,i?5'q5QE952tf,Xeai We oak' i ,xxxmmi X0 1 Q V QW 9 M L f WJ' Q8 ,E ,i :Ha2 giQw9oNN1N0W R ,Nw my BEQ2f5?i,r Qi' 3ggEif2i41?:asS31are of Cffraflesf . mm iff? 'QL' SGS h h 4 Hlhbw 45140 'S M W3 Y Ag K N .yitgilgggqa Q, 11" f zoo lfgigfx if Q Q W .Riff fg Q?'7f 5032 ff a'5Ef K? wg o Q' 5 er! .9 L- ggi? HW N 4 Q65 9 ,539 3 XE52wW I? 'xiwibkmf lligb X,02!if'Q if, P0017 XOSNF? 29,307 F S W an XX , '9'4'4, T, K" Ke? HASKE-MALL, 55 ,Gow Ha. .Q wx NSR an f 2 fm,, Tllfg' ey -gown W0 7 6 MS' 1lllNll 5 . L I fi if 0433! UIQ? . 0 . 5 . 21 Whlpg 68 !1SZ9!igWGhYFNSQi'naxwls C-W'h?x 5 xilx 'XO MQZ Q, ids 'Lead' 5urQe 'E G f g siemek lQ ff'Q'f9'-10 1h,,,i'Q'awffSSD REe-:EA Q 'SN . 1 l ' ffn l5 Iii Qi'2 A t, . ?f15frf l, 0 I fLL5 Q T, Q91 How 1--mm w, ,1 - f1d.gE,,,,2L',ffred -ei 2: , , ,A baske,-+baIl He was among lhe IOOO speclalors who iammed lhe Union lo greel lhe grealesl baslrelball leam in lowa's hislory as lhe Hawlcs relurned lrom lhe NCAA linals al Norlhweslern. He was bunled and caughl in lhe crush ol sluf denls who had galhered lo pay lheir lasl ollicial lribule lo lhe leam lhal had held sway over lhe Big Ten lor lwo years in a row, a leam which had perlorrned so smoolhly al limes lhal il seemed ale mosl lo be a machine, while al olher limes il had given lhe lans hearlburn unlil lhe lasl crucial sec- onds. Qnly once had lhe Klulch slipped . . . in Evanslon, where il had counled mosl . . . and il had lalcen San Francisco, probably lhe grealesl leam in lhe hislory ol collegiale ball, lo do il. School, Logan, Cain, Seaberg and Scheuerman were gradualing lhis year, bringing lo an end a golden age ol Iowa baslcelball. They had won I3 conseculive games in lhe Big len, lhey were lhe lirsl Iowa leam lo playin an NCAA lille game, and lhe only Iowa leam lo win lwo Big 'len champion- ships in a row. FRANK IBUCKYI o'coNNoR Head Baslcelball Coach lirsl row: Norman Paul: Gene Pills: Tom Payne: Bob George' Bill Logan, Bill School: Carl CGIVWZ Sharm Scheuerrnenr Bill SEGIDGVG second row: lom Rohovil, Augie Marlel: .lim McConnell: Gregg Schroeder, Paul Rauschp Franlc Seboll, Carler Croolqham lces I-lawlhorne: Frank lBucIcyl O'Connor, coach He shouroered his way Through Jrhe hairfdeiirious crowd 96-72 . , . he Couid harchv beheve I+ In Spire of previoudy having convirweeo himself +ha+ E+ was only barehf possibie ?or +he Hawks rc lose, even fhouqh fhe ooos were some wha+ aqaihsf +hem, Or sc fhe papers said. He had beeh rorfmafe In gerflnq a Sea? away from Jrhe oifiars for once ahhouqh I+ had mean? coming fo The fieldhouse more fhar +wo hours before game Mme. Nor +ha+ +hihgs were ow' while rhey warreo. The crowd was hardly bored . . , exche- mehf had been buiidinq uo for days, O 0 O O I O W 6 - I I I1 O S 11' 2 crawCfer'!f': oefevrrwhahw awo agqrew-'xfeweba 1 recaotmeo oy e rv 5 L CJ l lm. Sharm lo Looan lor baskel in lille-Ciinchinq qarne. Back behind lhe pos? again, pul lhis lime he didn? rnind. Whal he couldnur see, he would be alole lo hear. Funny, he lhoughlr, Jrhis is really lhe big game . . . buf where was lhe eleclric lension lhal had gripped Jrhe crowd al lhe Illinois game? l-le shud- dered lo lhinlc wha? would happen if Jrhe ldlawlcs losl lhis one and The Illini won lheirs. A heavy feeling alrnosl like apalhy hung over lhe crowd. Then lhe announcer infro- duced Cain . .. iowa 84-indiana 73 Logan broke 'rhe career scoring record of IOCP4 by 15 poinls A Ham! ard ar Eade b'+e We du! . - , ,,. xr gf Frank Saba? ,wrcf 5 Que Of: N 7T1' ,ua morehead, ky rx" 1' C561 sy 2, ,ef'e'- " fcgcne' fffzw. 3 M, -an 2? if S WJLH A Ai Vmflm qw We rang? fempc We Morehead game, Cai came bark 'Q life 34 DV:"'S Ke'MC4y We "ed Vg". 3 wi' gk Lg f Temple fries lopplnq Tip, l3ull'1eIglW'l"S advantage is worflw lwo. +emple - - oops A familiar scere . . . Bill Russell blocks amollwer lo-Ne scorlnq allempl' Aller flue finals . . . a qlum alum. The slrange look of deleal' . . . Iowa accepfs second place Trophy. season's record 60 Nebraska ...... 80 Sournern Meinodisi . . 57 Coiorado ..., . 84 Loyola QLAJ . . 7i Wasningron . . 52 Sianford . . . 45 Caiifornia . . . . 64 Michigan Sraie . . 88 Cnio Sfafe . . 84 Minnesoia . . 78 Michigan , . 67 Purdue . . 98 Wicniia . . 78 Wisconsin . . 70 Noriiiweslrern . 88 Purdue . . . 80 Wisconsiri . , . 87 Indiana .... . 83 Minnesofa ION . . 86 Norrlfiwesfern . . . ' 96 Hlinois . . . . ccessffiy boffies .ip Loqar 'n io xivi a's only conieferce 'ofa 84 Indiana .,,, . 97 Morehead Siare . . 89 Kernucicy . . . . 83 Tennpie . . . . 75 5an Francisco . . CL' reidrbcfs ifcrvw we rcr'in ard wesn iird 'ra' evcwfning ir, icwa is corffoiied , , . inciuding fine cage cou is wvvwwxmm mwawfzzf-:Aamir frrws eiww a1m U A , iowa 5 'nos' v5'uebWe prayer Cad Cern qraos on fn fG'YTCxUl ebcun s rn e ore fonference dame NME SMU 'The difference berween rnediocrny and qrearness 5 Wne exrra egori' lowes baskefbalr Jreann fofrowed 'nie sfandard for Three years . . . finish- ng second In conference pray as green oorwcrnores, Wen drsola Ind rne exrra r , Y , efwforr needed fo win Jrne Brq Ten :nernpionsnip as juniors and TO rerarn ne?r idle oy Coming beck from 5 los' ng wreak ro Mr' VA srrargnr qennee and edge our conrender Hlrnois In Hveir enlor year. Over 'ne rnree-year ceded We Hawk wen 62 qannes and 105+ onry IS. n Big Ten Cornperilrron, 35 'reams feri oercre Iowa wnne oniy seven OE+f5fGO nenn. SCLTTJCL fries ?e fhwari Mfchioan Siam fad break. "B.1cky" prepares Hawks for new iowa scoring surge. 3. is 5 7 a w al.: ...43 I40 He was iusr one oi ihe many fans who had +o do an abouffiace during whar iurned oui To be ihe finesf baskeibaii season ever wiinessed by SUI. Disappoinfmenr was wide-spread as The Hawks dropped iive oi 'rheir Firs+ eighf con- fesis, even Jrhough lrhree of 'rhese sefbacks were suiziered on a Wesi coasf four. Aifer Jrheir road games, rhe Hawks reiurned home io face fheir iniiiai Big Ten opponenf . . . and Michigan Siaie, ied by Juiius McCoy ran +he iowa iosing sireak fo four. Af ihis boini, if seemed Thar They couid noi oossibiy relrain fheir fifie, esoeciaiiy since Jrhree oi rhe nexi four conierence games were +o be ioiayed on ioreign courrs. However, regaining Their poise, Jrhe Hawks furned a nearfdisasfrous iosing sireak info ine mos? incredible record in fhe hisfory of Iowa baskeibaii. Chio STGTQS nafionai rafing ieh aiier ihe bafiie oi January 9 . , . iviinnesoia ieit iowa CiTy deiecied bw sfili hopeful . . . Mich- igan offered iiifie obposiiion . . . buf Purdue gave Hawkeye fans a iemporary scare. Back again in Big Ten oiav airer a breaiher wirh Wichifa, rhe Hawks soon became known as rhe 'ihabuious Five' or rhe 'Kiurch Kios, Seven more conierence wins were aooeo bef fore The Hawks and rhe iiiini barried for rhe ririe. Cn Sawroav, March 3, rhe game oi rhe season was oiayeo oeiore a renee iieidhouse crowd ano miiiions oi anxious TV fans, Two oererrnineci reams maicheo forces in rhe iirsr haii, oeiore rhe Hawks roared The caoabie Hiini 96-72, An 84-73 vicrory over Indiana gave Iowa The rifle. As Big Ten champions, rhe Hawks were auiof rnaricaiiy in rhe NCAA regionais. Qn +he iowa courr, rhe Hawks deieared Morehead Sfafe and Ke-nfucky, wiih The guesfionabie supporr of Jrhe iowa Ciry Mob. +0 rake ihe regional championship. For ihe second rirne in as rnany years, SUI was in rhe NCAA play-offs. Cenier Biii Loganis 36 poinis heiped whip Temple, and rhe rifle conresr rnafched Iowa wirh rhe narionis No. I iearn, San Francisco. Biii Russell and Co. achieved an 83-7l vicrory, placing Iowa "seo ond fo one" in fhe narion. o ighis for oossession oi hail . . . 'rearnrnaies Lo an and s con incino Huk r o . , Q Y freshman loaskerball firsl' row: George Seaberg: James Kelley: Donald Verslraelfe: Richard Harring: Douglas Snyder: Ken? Mirlelberg: Joe Williams: Axel Bundgaard, coach second row: Arnericus John Lewis: Russell Roberls: William Scroll: Richard Harfmann: David Gunlher: Raymond Meeker: Clarence Wordlow: Richard Paulsen, manager He glanced quickly af 'rhe clock on lhe scoreboard. Less Jrhan a minu're left and he fell drained and exhausled. Con- slanl prac'l'ice had done a lol for his game, and he feh' Thar he had developed a devaslaling hook shof . . . unlil ronighl, 'rhaf is, when if seemed +o have fallen aparl. There was somelhing aboul playing before 'rhe crowd Jrhal had come To see 'rhe varsify game . . . only on nighls like lhis did scrimmage seem aimless. Perhaps il was because he fell Thar every eye was on him, crilical, iudging . . . and yel he knew lhal no one was very inleresled in how The freshmen played. He saw Logan and Seaberg on lhe sidelines, walching Jrhe game wilh non- commilal expressions. Nexl year il would be dillerenl . . . .W A wi, f is, is we , , 1 sw 'if-:1.,f,,,f f W .,1. , ss, as we TT -an T 3 5 22.4.4 ' .aaa -1 as baseball Third row: OTTO Vogel, coach: .la-:lc Beal: Gordon l3ersT: Paul KrapTl: John Nora: l-lenry Berry: Edward Arbaugh: Larry Harsch: SCOTT Mackenzie: James lrwin: William Carmichael? Vharles Van Fossen second row: Vernon Finch: William Kirby SmiTh: Don Dobrino: Richard lXlorTon: KenneTh lvleeli: Ted Jensen: Ralph WalTersf Roberl' STewarT: RoberT Scheyli firsT row: Warren Olson: Thomas l-laye: Kenna-Th KurTz: Donald Bock: John EnqlerT: Raymond LeTo: Paul Eells: LesTer ZanoTTi l.aTe aTTernoon shadows slanTed across The Tield, dissecTing iT inTo paTTerns oT lighT and dark. IT was The beginning oT The sevenTh inning, and Iowa was leading 3-2. He hoped Today would be diTlerenT . . . aTTer losing Three games in a row To Arizona, he didn'T wanT To boosT Their winning sTrealc To I9 sTraighT. l3uT The sevenTh inning was when iT all happened . . . a double sTeal scored The man on Third, Tying iT up aT 3-3, and he began To be worried. l-le waTChed The piTcher wind up . . . Dobrino had been hurling some beauTiTul ball . . . besides hiTTing a solo homer. The piTch . . . and The Arizona TirsT baseman smacked a Towering Tly inTo cenTer Tield. The ball was losr in The brillianT wesTern sun, and iT wenT Tor a Triple. The Tinal Tally came Trom a single inTo righT, and he TelT sudden de-iecTion. There was sorneThing abouT This Arizona nine . . . buT he was geTTing a good Tan. cross counTry Won LosT NCAA 3 O Jones Tirsf firsT row: lra DunsworThg Richard Allen: Wayne Everman second row: Charles Jones: Murray KeaTinge: Theodore Wheeler, Francis X. CreTzmeyef, coach l-le was glad lowa was TlaT. IT seemed To him ThaT he had been running sTeadily since belore The dawn OT Time. l'le vaguely remembered hearing The sTarTing gun . . . and now he had buT a single ThoughT in mind . . . To sTay ahead oT The paclc ThaT Tollowed him, Too close To leT him resT in his pace. Somewhere ahead was The Tinish line, and his whole being hummed and sTrained To reach iT, TighTing The pressure OT The runners behind him. l-le wasn'T conscious oT The deTails OT Things as They Tlashed by, only OT The sTeady rhyThm OT his sTride. l'le could see The liTTle l4noT oT people Tar ahead, and knew They marked The finish line. Someone yelled aT him, buT The words were losT. The line was closer now . . . iusT a liTTle TarTher. l-le poured his soul inTo The Tinal eTTorT . . . The lasT lqiclc . . . fencing Won LosT Big Ten NCAA 8 4 FourTh Tenfh firsi' row: RoberT Landing Bradley BaTheyg Theodore Myerst Clark Looney: Joseph MasTropaolo, coach: Roy PiTking James Corwinj John Rush second row: Russell Cress: ChrisTian HarTmanng Phillip Schorr: RoberT Hicklinq Richard Gibson: l-larry Norikheyg David DiTTrnerg Gerald NaughTon In K ' . . Tr 11 K... , Q , l-le sTood maiesTically, or so he ThoughT, Teeling very much like a cavalier, and slowly benT The Toil blade back and TorTh. l-le had Tried ouT Tor The Tencing Team aT The suggesTion of his roommaTe, who openly admired The way he manipulaTed a slide rule. The TirsT Thing They had done was To give him a whiTe suiT, a mask and a Toil Thar looked more like a buggy whip Than a sword. l-le had never Tenced beTore, buT he TelT ThaT iT couldn'T be Too diTTic:ulT. They wenT Through The preliminary saluTe, and he was cerTain This was going To be easy. l-lis opponenT, a varsiTy man, sTood quiTe srill, The Tip oT his Toil pracTiCally moTionless in TronT OT him. Suddenly The Tip was gone, and he TelT a paTTering on The TronT of his shirT. l'CongraTulaTions.l' said The Coach. "You iusT goT yourselT killed I2 Times." golf lirsl row: Ronald Malllwiesseng James Nordylce' l-lerberl Klonlz' Jolxn lvlarsclnallg Clyde Felles second row: Douglas Coderg Dale Hayes: Tllornas Davis: Peler Juslen l-le sornelimes wondered wlly l'1e had ever gone oul lor goll as a minor sporl. Probably because lie llad enioyed playing on Sunday mornings, one or lwo allernoons a weelc, and occasionally a le-w holes aller supper. 'Tlwal was guile a bil dillerenl lrom playing every single allernoon besides Salurdays and Sundays. l-le had never llflouglfml llle lime would come when l'1e'd be playing more goll llwan he wanled lo. Bul il llad. He was so lired by llme end ol llle weelq llwal be could llminlc ol nollwing l1e'd ralller do lllan lalce llis girl lo a movie. Bul slle always wanled lo go dancing. Aller llilcing around a goll course all week long, llle lasl llling be wanled lo do on Salurday niglll was walk around a dance lloor. ll was llard lo convince ller ol llnis. Slme didn'l ll1inl4 rnuclw ol gollers, Slne didn'l realize wlwal linning and precision bis sporl called lor, lo say nollwing ol llne llours spenl in praclice. Slle liked loolball players. gymnas+ics Won LosT Big Ten NCAA 8 3 Fourfh Nir1Th Tirsi' row: Diclc l-lolzaeplel, coach' Samuel Bailie? Ralph Speas, l Myron STo!Te' William Voge T second row: Richard Dohrrnanng Sianlord Beebei Richard Kuioer Anders Carlssont Jerry KoTTong MM owe ww.-z xnwa l-le and his roommaTe had wandered inTo The Tieldhouse wiTh The original inTenTion oT playing a iiTTle baslceTball, buT They were abrupTly side-Traclced by The sighT oT a large canvas and sTeel obiecT siTTing like a Table on The main Tloor. "I give up," he said. "WhaT is iT?" "A Trampoline," The oTher replied. "The gym Team uses iT. They bounce on iT." They waTched The small Tigure oT a man as he climbed onTo The Tramp and sTarTed The exercise. The TirsT Tew bounces were shorT hops, much lilce a diver's warm-up on a board. Then The disTance increased as he wenT higher and higher. Suddenly, aT The peak oT his leap, he Tolded inTo a spinning ball, bounced, reversed dire-cTion, bounced, swan-dived, Tolded again iusT beTore hiTTing, bounced . . . They played no baslceTball ThaT aTTernoon. I47 swimming Won Los+ Big Ten NCAA 8 0 Third Fourfh Tirsf row: James ivicfiulloughq RoberT Reed' Sherman Nelson, Lincoln Hurring, Glenn JohnsTon, Dennis Roberson: Fredrick Lucas second row: John Quick' Harold Begelj Thomas Jacobson' Frank l-lill' Earl Ellis: David fXrmbrusTer, coach Third row: JerreT MaThews' KenneTh Miner' John Shaw' James Coles' RoberT PraTTg Clyde Logan: Bob Allen, coach ,, Q, c 9 - Q,,hh 1 5 vs, Up unTil The very day he Tried ouT Tor The Team, he had ThoughT ThaT swimming was Tun. And so iT had been, The Type oT swimming he was used To . . . no sTricT regula- Tions, swimming preTTy much as he pleased and when he TelT like iT. He had Tancied himselT as sorneThing oT a Trogman lin a small pond, To be surel, and he had come To The Try-ouTs guiTe conTidenT ThaT he would have no Trouble, eiTher wiTh Try-ouTs or Training. IT wasn'T like he had imagined. buT he sTuCk iT ouT, even Though aT Times he TelT like guiTTing. The Training had been rigid, and he had even gone so Tar as To give uo cigareTTes, which his soul craved. ThaT had been hardesT oT all .... The nexT evenT in The meeT was The ZOO-vard backsTroke, and he was up. LasT- minuTe iiTTers cluTched him momenTarilv as he glanced aT his obponenTs, Then aT The Coach. The coach nodded reassuringly, and he sTepped To The edge oT The pool. 34 was fr swf +C-:nnis firsf row: Jenn Winnie? Dale Biarsfromg Eugene Naclig' James Mcflpllougn 2-solar' Charles Banc.-p Pad Crenaaih Sfarei, Jones second row: Adgasl Honsel' Gary Anderson' Pas' K9SSl6f' William l-lise' David Sievens' Charles Williams' Donald Kloiz coacr lin- Arfhar Andrews' Charles Swain: James Kelley, Wayne Miller l'le could ieel ihe hol clay oi lhe courl lrhrough lhe soles oi his iennis shoes, and he had ihe nagging feeling lhai his shoelaces were coming unified. They werenll. bul The linlisler on his righi hand had opened again and il slung whenever lhe raclcei lwisied in his palm, a guiclc searing nibble oi pain ihai annoyed ralher ihan hurl: The lasi sei was limping on in an endless way, and he realized ihal neilher oi Them were playing especially well. l-le was losing, 3-2, and if was his lasf serve. l-le paused a momenl io colleci himself. Ii he could iusl pul lhis one where il wasnli expecled. . . . The serve was perleci, low and iasl. l'le drew his opponenl well in foward lhe nel, wondering who would ialier iirsii l-le lanew i+ was ihe lasi volley as soon as he saw ii coming, and his arm suddenly wasn'+ iired any more. l-le slammed ihe ball over lhe nel, and il bounced iusr inside The loul line. fhird row: De-rl: Simonson' Donald Middle-brook: Joseph Ma'- lrack Milwaukee Cleveland Chicago Journal Meel K. C. Meel Relays I firsl I firsl 2 firsls I second 2 seconds I second 3 lhircls I lhird I 'fourlli lirsl row: L, Perry: P. Leahy: T, Ecler: l. Dunsworlh: E. Smiln: W. Srnilh: G. Van Dylce: N. Piper: D. Geise: second row: J. lvlalhews: T. Wheeler: Ci. Finch: G, While: I.. Slevens: D. Pelerson: W. Davis: P. Crelzrneyer, coach: lhird row: P. Kilch: I 1 Q I I 5 ' INC? -,mai 1- his AW 1 Asif 1,5 QV- - , , l lvl. Kealinge: J. Camamo: J. Oakley: J. Young: D. Deasy: D. --vfrfff-'1--- Q W' aw as? Bowen .W .W ,. W. . , I-Ie sal on a bench, walching lhe leam worlc oul. I-le was lascinaled by lhe ease wilh which Jaclc Malhews cleared lhe low hurdles, displaying a perlecl rhylhm which alrnosl belied his slcill. I-le had always wanled lo lry lhe hurdles . . . il loolced easy . . . iusl do whal Malhews did. llle opened his bag ol roasled peanuls and walched lwo men iog silenlly around lhe dirl lraclc, lciclcing up lillle pulls ol dusl wilh each slride. Every so ollen his gaze would drill back lo lhe hurdles, slanding while and challenging againsl lhe gray ol lhe lraclc. ll was growing lale, and alrnosl belore he lcnew il, he was alone in lhe building. llle lrolled oul onlo lhe lraclq, sized up lhe lirsl hurdle, and baclced oll a lew paces. ll loolced easy . . . iusl do whal lvlalhews did . . . I-le pulled hirnsell up, spilling lhe dusl lrom his rnoulh, and lumbled lor his glasses. wresfling Won Losf Big Ten NCAA 6 2 Second Fourih firsi row: Richard Arildsent Larry Lyons: Kennelh Reed: Ter' fence McCann' Simon Roberlsj Ralph Reiksq Raymond Crocker second row: Gary Meyer: Kenneih Leuert Harlan Jenkinson' ' John Winder? Thomas Shaheeng Dave lvlccuskey, coach .ww 1 iz. f - as . l-le lay on his back on Jrhe mal, his legs lied in knols. The gym seemed To he a pin- wheel of lighis, and he could make our sounds like ihe bearing ol ihe surf on a slern and rockfbound coasr. Someone was bending over him, waving a bruialvsmelling vial under his nose, and lwo more people were frying ro uniangle his legs. Through The misl, he recognized Jrhe coach, Dave McCuskey. "Who is he?" asked a voice. "A new guy, came in here yesferday. Said he could wresllef' "Why did you pil him againsl McCann?" asked Jrhe coach. "This kid mighi have had some polenlialfl l-le looked down ai lhe legs. "Yeah," he added Thoughiiully, "he mighl have." officers Presideni .... Kennelh Leuer Vice-Presidenl . Roger Wiegrnann I Secrelary . . Harlan Jenkinson I e e r m e n S C I u b Treasurer . . . George Kress 'firsf row: A. Mariel: M. Slolle: R. Dohrrnann' C. Hansen: R. Hood: D, Bock: F. Lucas: S. Bailie: S. Nelson: L. Hawihorne: K. Kurlz: second row: R. George' G. Korlong: P. Leahy: G-. Johnsron: R. l-lickling C, Barlow: S. Beebe: R. Kuiper: I. Dunsworlh: l-l. Jenkinson: K. Leuer' fhird row: W. Smiih: P, Kilch' L. Leonard: J. Corwin: M. Keafinge' L. Sievens: J. Marschall: W. Everrnan: H. Morchj J, Winder: fourfh row: Gr. Reichow' M. Scheuerrnang K. Ploen' N. Six: R, Gibson' N. Piper' R. Deasy' T.Jacobson:A.Gillberg:fif+l1 row: R. Pilkin: J. Malhews: D. Suchy: T. Davis: W. Seaberg' sixfh row: W. Logan' D. Roberson' T, Myers: R. Johnson: W. Reichow: D. Dobrino: W. School: R. Reed: L. Hurring: J. Wilson He wished lhe people would slop pouring inlo lhe sla- diurn, expecling ro find good sears even rhough if was al- mosl garne lime. If was praclically useless lo fell lhem 'ro go up higher for seals, because he was prelly sure lhere weren'l any . . . yel Jrhey seemed ro Think he was frying To keep rhenn from some good seals down ironli He didn? have lime lo argue . . . some ioker was frying To sneak his girl in on an endezone fickel. Kick-oil rirne, and he wished lheyd gel' selrled. He didn? wanl lo miss parl ol lhe garne iusl because he was in 'lil' Club. 'vw A, was- ,NRM 2 1 ,.,. Q ,wg SQ '75 . , mei 5 , Mix 5 A J, mllfrary ,- A DH? ., '54 Z E 3 I 3 3- 5 E i E e s S 5 i E , 1 w ,L A. .4 M bJi1, im, iz ' If ff: V 'qv , 4, V . reserve officers Training corps l-le sguaTTed on The worn wooden Tloor To sorT his regisTraTion maTerials. l.ocaTing his course schedule aT The very boTTom oT The pile, he dis- covered ThaT he sTill had To regisTer Tor ROTC. l-le gaThered his papers TogeTher, sTood up, and Threaded his way To The ROTC Table, where he signed up Tor a Two-hour lecTure and an hour drill per week. An oTTicer Then moTioned him over To a long line QT his Tellow Treshmen, Telling him To waiT There To draw his uniTorm. A week laTer, he began learning To inTerpreT correcTly The plaToon leaders' commands oT "Ten4 shunn" . . . "pa-raade" . . . "reeusT" . . , "ri-i-ghT Ta-ace" . . . "lOou-u'uT Ta-ace." The Tollowing year, he was'insTrucTing The green Treshmen in These very same movemenTs, and ThaT spring he spenT a Sunday aTTernoon aT The library Tilling ouT applicaTions Tor advanced Training during his iunior and senior years. LaTer he Took The gov- ernmenT exam which made him eligilole Tor "ad- vancedf' ln SepTember he sTrode inTo The drill area wi+h his oTTicer's Cap pulled down over his eyes, prepared Tor a Two-year course which would pay him a monThly salary Tor aTTending Tour hours oT lecTure and one hour oT drill per week. And upon gradua- Tion, he was The owner oT a reserve commission. ROGER WIEGMANN CadeT Commander oT The Corps cadeT corps commander sTaFF-Roger Wiegmann, CacleT Col., Corps Commander: Francis l-lauperT, Col.: RoberT TWolTe, LT. Col James Andrews, LT. Col. James McCuHough, Majorg Ear! Lindanqer, L+. Col.: James Andrews, C014 Francis Hauperf, Col.: Roberf Newfon, L+, Col. Richard Pedersen, Major army s+uden+ sfaff alr force s+uden+ sfaff Hrsi row: Cadef L+, Cof. Donald D. Michel: Cadei' Mafor Raynard Somrnerfeldg Cadef L+. Col, WIl!Iam Vaughan second row: Cader Col. Ted Jense-ng Cade? Major Roland McPherson: Cadef L+. Coi. Socrafes Pappajonny Cadef L+. Co? Cnarfes Gerson 'Q-'33 M. 1 sf - -f I . X, 1 5 Qi? 2 Q 1 ig! 5 E :ff wx mi ,, 2' get Q ,.l,,, 2, w is ii. f x 1' W Y Y ' .- z k 2' 1' -5 W, it ' A iii ? 1' H QQ :P E? ww-W-mawwmenmma-ummm mn V W' ' - ...H vw nuns nw A .p if '1 . ,Q V- ASW.. K 47, I . . . it fv 5, Vfsg-frxxv fam-V. if . Iwi: , i . A - ' Y , s WVMWVVM. . -' ' V - 'F V i, .15 W kg ,,f A . ,TA 'gm "X"'N'f'9"""M"H'-H'ffMf- M ,.,, Ew.V.J-. ,,,: ..1j ,K ,jj-"' ivvmrg , I 5,5 . - Mfgw: K 5 V55 I , it M , ,R WNW ,K .x.,.,. K , Q,A M -V - ,W V - , W. V , , VV :vim in 1' , A X.. I V, 2 N Y U .N I , , A V as I ...,. F M WM A M L is , 2 , ., - V . K , , , .,,., . .,.,,: I Q . Q. .1 , K, N i M ' Q. wi ,... M X - 'O H '- f Q A "5 -, ' ff' ' ' ' V"-1,,,.,.:..f- - Vg " ' ' Yfi2'7'fe75 3?'5sf ,-1 V ,' ' 'NE ' wi- U' f Q.. "5 . - Q. 'X ef- " .. V11 ' ff' my N ' - ' - V .5 ' ..""M , K ' f' """' ' - fm ' M sl' 9 va f"-3 4- - A: ' X' - 'X I A- V ' H . 1 3 h ' ' 4 - V u 5 .. , 5 - ' . " , ' ' f f ,. V 3 -'Q " - af in H - - -U V 4' W V Q V . ' ,,. 4 - , . ' '. J " ' ' 11 T' 3 E n ' ' ., 'N ,Q i. ' . V A 1 it ' I pig A af k U rf K' ' ' 7 n g am gc V 3 g V-, V ' " 5 K 1 'f f' .Q L2 ., '-N . . ,. -H+ 9 9 .V " , , .. ,, 1 V 0 4. ' , K' Y , ', - f . K Q' g5g?,f,g,f ' ww 4-V V s 'xg 1 ,, V,- I . ' mf f' V 1 , , A 3 5 'K 3 ,HQ H491 ' A '11 ,V , 7 1 0 , Mlm, f . K . . K 2- gh ' , M . u . JT1 1 Q- L 4 ., ' an ' b , - K V , ,,. K .V 1, Y , lin. 0 1 o L, , K 'V , , N E I K I ,t , , ..,, X W ,K el VK . ,.,, k H fir' ,X , 4, A 2 3 K . . I I K K ' an '1- Q ff , - Q V -A, .121 Q' Lk : ' 4 in W S 1' ,L ' -1 1 J' , .V ' N - s . , , 'M nl if A i S ' - f , A . 8 ' lg " f 4' A Q ' , s 'V I QV f A. ,g 9 kr G k Q , o . 6 1 . . . . 3 Q - A . 0 o ..,: M 4 Q --2 'if' , . iv Q W5 fi I U, 1 us, 6 K 'li , wt 5 4 A O Rodney Anderson' Edward Arbaugh Russell Barlels: Donald Belfemeierq Roe maine Bendixen: Roberl' Benl: Leroy Von Bluni' Roberl' Bodlcin: Charles Bowman: Thomas Boyle: Waller Brewer: Loy Brooks: Thomas Buclcman' William Bul- qren: John Creach: Russell Cress: John Croy: Ronald Demulh: James Deursch' Thomas DeYarman: John Dochendorhf: Arlhur Dunlap: Larry Gipe: Frederick Gislain' Roland Gorman: Garry Green- berg: John Grilliin: Charles Grihfilh: Lyle Hageman: Ramon l-lenderson: William l-louser: l-lerberf l-lull: Thomas Irwin: l-laryey Jeclcz Slanley Jennings: Peler Jusrenr David Kaus: Lorrence Kellar: lvlillon Kopecky: Thomas Kraemer: Jerry Larson: John Leinen billy mi+chell squadron Gordon Linder: James Macy' Kennefh lvlcAlpine: Roland McPherson: Gary Mears: Alphonse Miller' Richard Miller: Richard lvlorninqsrar: Bruce Novalc: George Novak: Dean OJ-lern: Gerald Palmer: Richard Pedersen' John Price: Thomas Reed: John Rossie: James Rozi- nek: Winlrid Schellin: Wayne Schmel- ing: Phillip Schorr: William Shirna: Vv'al- lace T. Shinlcle: Richard Smilh: Gary Spurgeon: Roberl Srearns: Richard Shir- devanl: Rex Taylor: Gene Ulvesladi George Vanhioufen: William Vaughan: John Voogcl: John Weayer: Harold Wells? Wayne Whileleyi Eugene Whir- more: Larry Wichmann: Quenlen Wilkes: Larry Wirlz: Merrill Wunder: John Zim- merman pershing rifles company b firs+ row Dori Jan Joseph Berlroche Jack Han en Ed lard Beckmann second row Charles Frefwell Bruce Burlon l ndell Daugherly Dale Skillicorn: Kennefh Hesmer: Carl Aspland: Roberl Burns fhlfd row Charles Farrall Roberl Anderson Donald Harris Keilh Winsorj John Wollord: John Williams four+h row Dann Thompson Jerry Church Franllin Adams 'clan Kregel' William Millenbergerq Frederick Basfron errnan Roger Mallard Lamoine Relcemeyerg Roberl' McCoy He had almosl loughl his way over lo Jrhe checlcerls lable al fall regislrralion before he remembered lhal he had wanled To sign up lor Pershing Rifles. Nor lhar he was a "ioiner" by nalure, buf he had Jrhoughr sornewhalr abou? go- ing inlo advanced ROTC. His roornrnale had fold hirn Jrhal Pershing Rifles was a rnililary lralernily and Thai' perhaps lhis would help. Perhaps il would. He was inleresled in lhe drill learns annual Trip lo Madison lor lhe regimenlal com- pelilion . . . he had friends living in Madison. The-re was a girl lhere . . . perhaps she would. . . . ,-:LL 3 E Q 5 I I i 2 I S i 1 1 sg. ,L .1 if: sf - '1 x . K 3 ' firsf row: Wayne Mead, COL' Richard Pedersen, L+. Col. second row: James Macy, WXO: Nea! CLIVLSLGUSSU, TV1a1orqGecrge Robey, WfO pershing rifles regimenfal hq ponfoniers firsf row: Cade? Commander Howard Judd second row: Philip Leahy7Mihor1 Breslawg Leonard Hohfmanq James Lufhq George Gma5d5'Joh1 HKU fhird row: Richard Kehy' Douglas Fuhhodfp Edward McLachlan: Roy Sefzerr Myhes Hara? fourih row: James Phirmeyq John McComas: Leonard Pausriang Bernard Slofer . 7 ff, f.1Qf.l ,EI QQ firsl' row: Carl Aspland' Richard lzoerslner' Bernard Sloler' John Wollord' Jarnes Herleen second row: James Phinney: Virgil Noack: Larry Krueger: David Scolly John Crivaro: Lee Singleron fhird row: Roberl' Wilson, Sic., coach: Paul Teehan, Isl' L+., coach army rifle +eam air 'Force rifle feam firsf row: Bernard Sloler: John Wolford: James Bell: Richard Maurer: Thomas Carson second row: Charles Grirlirhr Roberl Wolfe: David Glidden: Wayne Cogswell fhird row: Roberl' Wilson, Sic., coach: Morlon Blaisdell, Ll., Coach ewfisfi--iff-i,.W i:,f-ww-mfw-i, .-wwf-:wus-www:wwwf-wwnf-fi wfsywes-4mm-if: fsirwf.-Q f,., i -,ff mi-vfigzi ff-in .,-i s,s1,:,f ff,,swwi.:wwm1if,,wmawaw-wfif :,1,-mmseww-imiemee r S K ' AQ Ins ,,', E. firsi' row: Richard Maurer: Bernard Shafer: Thomas Carson: Jann Wolford second row: James BelVg David Giiddenq Wayne Cogswell: James Herfeen rifle fc-ram Gov. Leo Hfflqn p"esQn+ed awards To oufsfandng ROTC cadet durrnq 1955 Governons Day. The Governor ako reviewed We assembled cadefs wffn SUI Presidenf Harder and Honorary Cade? Cor. governor's clay I955 His TeeT hurT and he TelT as Though he had been sTanding aT aTTenTion Tor days. He lis- Tened To The rain's sTeady drum on The rooT oT The Tieldhouse, and TelT The humidiTy Triclcling down The small OT his baclc, Governorls Day, he ThoughT To himselT. He suppressed a yawn momenTarily. One phrase lcepT TliTTing Through his mind . . . "l donwanna be a soierf' He sTared aT The head in TronT OT him. He had seen The baclc oT ThaT head, once a weelc, Tor The pasT eighT monThs, more or less. He shiTTed his weighT slowly To The oTher TooT. He was almosT overcome by The desire To sguaT down and sTreTch The Tighf muscles in The backs OT his legs. NOT much longer now, Though. Gov. Leo Hoegh was presenTing awards To ouTsTanding cadeTs. He liTTed his riTle slighTly by The sling, and leT iT swing againsT his leg. Then he dropped iT The Tew inches back onTo The packed dirT. Two cadeTs in TronT oT him were whispering. He couldn'T TighT iT any- more. The yawn won. ' , I 4 x f ' 1 X13 f' mf xy l'l-- ! R Q 4,54 it X E O M, www wifi' . ' M, 4 ' "i, Vx ww X. A3 W LV t ,-,.m, FA A at :::'5,5:b f ww . , 2 Q? 5 Sf. Q 5 4 :MM sea of faces . . .freshmen men's orienfafion. we embark xi, fn-V3 if X LMA' She climbed The sTeps To PresidenT T-lancher's home wiTh some eTTorT. IT had been a long and exhausTing weelc, sTarTing even beTore The maraThon oT rush had com- pleTely ended. 'lesTs, Tours, mixers, visiTs To TaculTy homes, advisers, regisTraTion, play nighT, someThing every minuTe . . . and now The presidenT's open house. She was glad orienTaTion was Tinally ending. She joined The sTudenTs waiTing To go Through The receiving line, a liTTle appre- hensive aT meeTing members oT The univer' siTyls adminisTraTion. She Turned halTway around To The girl behind her and whis- pered, "l'm so Tired, l iusT lqnow l'll say i f rs, To 02 if 5omeThing sTupid when l'm inTroduCed." BUT she didn'T. She smiled and nodded and shook hands, and Trom The line she wenT Through The resT oT The house. The rooms were ale mosT overrun by sTudenT hosTs and hosT- esses, eager and overly-anxious To wel- come her, Tull oT lighT ChaTTer abouT noTh- ing. She was glad To reach The dining room and reTreshmenTs. 5 we choose She wondered if lhe wide-eyed lresh- men would ever slop pouring inlo lhe house. Surely 'rhis was lhe lasl group. They musl be as rired as she was . . . go' ing lo one sororily aller anorher. Al leasl lhey had an Chance To gel some lresh air. She wondered if her lungs had ever been so smoke-filled. A sororily sis- ler ioined lhem , , . she srarled 'lo inlrof duce her . . . and Couldn'l remember her name. She Could only remember lhal she had lived nex+ door lo her all lasl semes- ler. Somewhal shalcen, she aulomalically moved on lo The nexr group. Qnce more . . . inrroducrions . . . lhe same ques- lions . . . all asked very brighlly, as Though she really were inleresled. The maralhon had only begun . . . lhere were days ol parries ahead . . . nighls ol endf less discussion . . . hurl feelings on bolh sides. She wondered if lhe whole sywlem wasn'T Terribly inane. lr zer sm 1 rle lainnvenr, eurslrelched hard: gellors 9' cakes., chdoler he e .o NEVER l i ii , r . ' ' +1- l e.. Y 1 f g 49 -af 61,1 5 i ,I 1. if ' , Q, 5 , I. g Q .f . I . .3 5 ' V .,.,. ., N 15 ne' K 1 .4 ei - ' , ni, ,. ' 4. Wheels To win fiends, wifh or wifiwouf spokes. Waifing for irwifafioms . . . anxiefy and +ens?om. Paffes till! if :r 'f ! 3 L, if . , ,,,, 4543! 4 by amafe-ur faYen+ and yeady cosmmes. I73 Hwe perpe+ual enigma Clufching his regislralion malerials in one hand, he waileol halfway up Jrhe slairs. Above him, people. Below him, more peo- ple. Noi going anywhere . . . iusl waif- ing . . . moving up one slep af a Time. Finally he was al fhe lop ol lhe siairs, and could see 'rhe policeman who was checlqing permils lo regisler . , . and lhen he was inside. l-le wandered in search ol his adviser . . . he had been Trying TG conlfaci him ar his office for Jrhree days, bul he was never lhere. Nor was he al' Jrhe polilical science lable. Afler five minules ol high-pressure persuasion, he finally ob- +ainecl The signaiure oi anolher professor, and sei oil To piclc up his class cards. Lines , . . lor malh skills, comm slfills and RCTC . . . anolher line al Jrhe checkers 'able The checlcer informed him Thar he was in lhe wrong comm skills seclion. Re- signeo oy now, he piclced up his :lass cards and weni baclc. we acliusf W, Juv ,"-, , V ., ,gf The girl nex? lo him was wriling a leller TO her boyfriend. He 'lried noi lo read over her shoulder, our he had lo do somelhing To keep awalce. He gave up aller rhe lirslr page, lhough. Her lelfer wenl on and on, iusl lilce lhe inslrucrorls leclure. He lurned and loolred our rhe window. The people walking by oulside leaned againsl lhe wind, heads down, hands lhrusl deep in lheir poclqeis. He dreaded lhe walls home lor lunch . . . lhe wird olll rhe river could be lierce on a grey day in mid- Fepruary. He wished hed proughr a magazine lo read. Oi course. he could always wrile a leller home . . . he could use some money. He lhoughl aboul il lor several minules, lhen decided il would lake loo much energy. He sighed and srrelched our his legs. Why did Jrhey always pul rhe rows of sears so close iogeiher? He'd wriie The lelier +o- morrow. Or else bring a magazine. He could gel a lol' ol reading done in lhis class . . . or a lol oi somelhing. Held had a lillle lrouble adiusling io his Oiher classes, especially lhe labs and discussion groups. Always under The inslruc'lor's eyes . , . always expeclred lo accomplish sornelhing or con- +ribule somelhing. Bur This class didn'l' require any ehfori on his parl. ln lacl, il gave him an exlra hour lo relax and go apoul lhe laslr oi walcing up rnenlally. No, he didnli mind il al all. Qs. . . ,,f , H, , A y ,., . elf fr SM T was : 367- , , 'Q is T . ...i M if L m1 ,. as V sw ' er S ,, . I 4 i mi 1,,, , . ' Y' js RS' - 'F T . Q if , QW Ts M if if -.aa ' : W yy, i S ii' -if ww ywpiw Several Times a year we become scholars raTher Than sTudenTs, For mosT oT us, liTe Tooli on a pallor oT impossibiliTies. The inc-:viTable The prinT was beginning To grow Tuzzy around The edges, l-lis eyes burned and The words danced crazily beTore him. l'le Tinished The page and Tried To re- call whaT he had read . . . buf he Couldn'T. l-le remembered how aT The be- ginning oT The semesTer he had really meanT To lceep up wiTh his reading assignmenTs so ThaT when The TirsT hour exam Came along, he would be ready Tor iT. Some- how, There always had been oTher Things To do . . . games, dances, movies, bowling, bridge, Televif sion, meeTings, sleep. And The exam sTiII had been a long way OTT . . . plenTy oT Time yeT To sTarT sTudying Tor iT. UnTil suddenly iT was iusT Two days away, and he discovered ThaT he had I2 chap- Ters To read Tor The TirsT Time. l'le rubbed his eyes, buT iT dide n'T help. l-le laid his head on his book To resT . . . and Tell asleep. K qs Km r W K3 7:23 f ' 4:5 J . 0+ if ,F X A X A ig, 3 M L?jZ11,,.:?L-3 3 Q X a, AA. , W 3 xx M,-.--Q A : K ff: ,Q-'ff' -'-' -. ,LQ ,Asn V,.,'f"" 'mf R., A Q it 'fiwiizsw ff fr J . Y 'Y S ."'M"M ...V .f,.wv""" we par+icipa're ll had all srarled her freshman year. Two aclivilies were required of all pledges, and she had chosen a club and a commillee. The comrniliee work wasn'r bad. When Jrhe lime came, she applied for chairman . . . and much lo her surprise, she was chosen. She gol in+o more aclivilies +ha+ second year. The house pushed her because she was a good worker . . . lhe olher acliviries were ones in which she was genuine- ly inleresled. We +aak lime oul fa help olhers . . . as "Big Srsiefsf' By her junior year. she was Too deeply involved +0 drop our, and she found herself classed wilh lhose who rnade a career our of exlra-curricular aclivilies. The in- evilalole progression led To imporlani' oiclices and elec- lion lo honoraries . . . which lurned our +o be a be- ginning, noi an end. lnslead of merely recognizing her "leadership and service," and lelling ir go al lhal, The honoraries required more and more of her lime. She was caughr up in a whirl of execulive rneelings, plan- ning sessions, and lhanlcless behind-lhe-scenes worlc. Her life was no longer her own. Some singers were walching lhe music, some were walching lhe pholographer, lou? no one was walching ihe direclor. W r S iv" 'S X.. , V I f 'L:'L K -I Subcommiffee work Hours were bonus pofnrs for reaching The rep. V Dance and ski? rehearsals had a fendemcy +0 drag on emdfessfy. Leaders and ?oUowers . . . some +aUced, and owxlwers dEd rrwe work. " Y we congrega+e O::.1paHQra' fhefam , . . H19 dak 0951591-C asses Dui A few souis qof 105+ on fheir way sowewirere 9139-amywive L ga 51 5. l-le sal gazing down info his coffee cup, srirring irs conlenls slowly, wailing for his friends lo ioin hirn. People were crowded info Jrhe boo+hs which lined rhe walls . . . people ealing sundaes, drinking colces, laughing and chairing. l-le looked forward lo lhis brealc in The morning . . . he was always glad ol an excuse lo drop whal he was doing and fake off wilh his friends for coffee . . . or iusl plain fallcing . . . in Jrhe library lounge, where he spenl an inordinale amounl' ol sludy lime, snnolcing, lallcing and lighling his conscience . . . in l'he Gold Fealher room wi+h several olher couples, lisrening fo lhe iukebox and sipping colces . . . oulside Schaeffer l-lall before his 9:30 class, wilh anyone who happened along. WEP' 'rhe cus+omary The soil hum of voices filled lhe room, dishes clallered againsl each oiher, and weaving in and around everylhing was a rock 'n roll scorcher from lhe jukebox. He sal wilh his arm across fhe back of Jrhe boolh, wafching lhe sleady parade ol people slreaming by lo gel lheir aller- noon shol ol coffee. He lhoughl aboul lhe girl in an absenl sor+ of way, wonder- ing wha? she really was like. She had seemed greal lasl night buf nighl lime is deceplive, and Jroday he wasn'+ sure, He sipped his collee and slared lhrough Jrhe big window a+ lhe buildings across lhe river. She was siill in his lhoughls . . . lillle lhings she had said . . . +he way lhey had danced . . . her laugh which was almosl musical . . . nol Thar he really was inleresled, of course. He fell ralher . . . well . . . viclorious. He knew he had scored wilh her, and if boosled his ego. He wenl oul lo a phone boolh and dialed her number. Noi lhal he cared, bui he wondered if she were doing anylhing Salurday nighl. each olher, We learned fo cor1cen+re.'re,despi+e+he environmemf Waifinq for our da+es devdoped a cerfahw sfoicism. ""W ""K"'M"""'5'T"' ' M 'M-L:73:l5w we lake a break He had had every good inlenlion of sludying sfraighl lhrough un+il dinner lime. He had even soughl oul a boolh on Jrhe 'lhird floor of lhe library in order lo avoid dislraclions. His psychology finished, he was iuslr beginning his chemislry assign- rnenl when he looked up lo see his room- male grinning al' him. His roommale clapped him on lhe shoul- der. "How aboul going bowling? You need a break." He prolesled . . . poinlring +o his books and papers . . . buf a cup of coffee in Jrhe Gold Fealher room did sound like a good idea . . .and his prolresls grew leebler. "Come on," his roommale was saying. "Jusl a couple of lines. I+'lI clear away The cobwebsf' I+ was no use. He closed his book and lhey headed for fhe Union. H A K ,N V, Wy, ,W .W ,. , ff 'H-'v . , ,..s. , Q ii 'f-ei.. Mfr M .M-'ff' X l87 sw SomeTimes . , . we losT . . , a few. we celeloraTe IT seemed as Though she had been sTuTT- ing napkins Tor as long as she could re- member . , . wrapping and TwisTing whiTe paper napkins in and around The chicken wire which covered The sides of The TloaT. l-ler Tingers were raw and red Trom scrap- ing againsT iagged pieces oT wire . . . her TeeT were Trozen Trom working in The unheaTed garage . . . her ieans were dusTy and spoTTed wiTh painT. A girl working on The oTher side oT The monsTrosiTy They hoped would look like a TloaT by Friday nighT called To her To bring a hammer and some nails. She was Thank- Tul Tor an excuse To sTop sTuTling napkins, even if iT were only Tor a minuTe or Two. Laying down The pile OT napkins she had been holding, she wenT To look Tor a ham- mer. She Tound one under a pile OT lumber and benT over To pick iT up . . . she hadn'T realized how sTiTT and sore her back was. She walked slowly around To The oTher side OT The TloaT. I89 DeHe Tau Ddfa-CN Omega wfwafe pfaced Hrs? Fm orIqinaWy divislon, I Their Hoa? may Hof have won 5 prlze, bu? Hwey were proud of H. Endless crepe paper, ro? cvimgrf sclsafsfs, av-says disfracrfore. S l . ..- M Homecoming TloaT parade, wiTh The usual resTraining inTluences. We Turned ouT Tor This pep rally . . .and sTayed home Tor The resT. He had noT been back Tor Homecoming in many years . . . so many years in TacT, ThaT he had almosT TorgoTTen The way in which Homecoming makes a man's hearT beaT iusT a TriTle TasTer. He was amazed by all The changes in The campus . . . The addiTion To The Union . . . The hollow shell oT brick walls ThaT once had been Currier Annex . . . The guainT New England chapel down by The river. He was surprised and pleased To Tind an old Triend in The Union lounge. They saT down and Talked abouT The days when They had gone canoeing on The Iowa river . . . The Times They had sTayed up unTil Three olclock in The morning . . . sTudying, drinking coTTee, Talking. Those had been wonderTul days . . . days Tree Trom worry and responsibiliTy, days Tilled wi+h new dis- coveries, days made brighTer by warm Triendships, days Tilled wiTh dreaming dreams . . .some oT which had come True, and oThers which had noT. Vxfe iedfouf fha monume-nf burned anyway. M, 1, ,my fwwwwm1..mQ:JQ,y,ff:L- I' , - V- , . ,v. . . ' " L 7 x 1 ' A -W K , W 5:3545 , - - V , nhimp . 4., . , QR , , .gy .w I Reccsfexfsz Rerwemfcer 'ne 'wwe we campaign She sTood in The hal?-gloom behind The sTage and waiTed Tor her signal To walk ouT onTo The ramp. l-ler hands were cold and clammy and she was suddenly very glad ThaT her dress was TloorflengTh so The audience wouldn'T be able To see her knees shaking. She Tried To remember whose Crazy idea iT had been To nominaTe her Tor Miss SUI, l3uT she could noT. She had never been The ol3iec:T oT so many eyes in all her liTe. and The very ThoughT QT iT made her hearT come up in her ThroaT. She musT remember To smile if she didn'T remember anoTher Thing . . . smile, smile, smile . . . she kepT repeaTing iT To herselT . . . and wondered how she could smile when her sTomach was where iT was. Someone was paTTing her shoulder re- assuringly and she heard The opening measures ol her Theme song, her cue To walk ouT on The sTage. Taking one lasT deep breaTh, she smooThed her hair and sTepped ouT inTo The spoTlighT, CandidaTes skipped dinner To call on menls housing un s a girls, leis . . . a Touch ol old Hawaii by WesTlawn nu X' 3 M ,..-....gsg,,, 'NIU' Greedy bends opfsffefdfed for free Cxqar --my ,H K ,,,4f'M"' Ld... N. 7 erfes . . . CGV!d:UE!f63 in search of vofes . . . a good Time was had by al whens and qymrwasfics . . , an aw-QM effczrf :or We cewdfdefe. I93 The perennial dance The sTring oT dance programs hung Trom ceiling To Tloor . . . dozens oT Them, all sizes, shapes and colors. She wondered if There was room Tor The laTesT one. Some- day she'd have To counT Them . . . see how many dances she had gone To in Tour years . . . l-lomecoming, The universiTy Tall and spring Tormals, Club CabareT, SpinsTer's Spree, Mecca Ball, Currier, IPPC, lvliss SUI dance, lVliliTary Ball, Phar- macy Prize Prom, l-lillcresT, Quadrangle, Panhellenic, Aesculapian Frolic, ll:C . . . she'd made mosT ol Them . . . a Tew misses here and There . . . Caps Caprice, lndependenT STudenTs, some TraTerniTies. AcTually, The dances were all preTTy much alilce. Worrying beforehand abouT a new dress or The condiTion OT an old one . . . waiTing Tor The shower . . . hurry . . . laTeness . . . anTicipaTion . . . leT- down. She slipped OTT her shoes and rubbed her aching TeeT. f ' A ., ,-,za Hi'-..,4:ffiQs?'a:gQ,g1 12 sag? .fm 5 . ,W K- K ' fs -iff fffr 5 rv L- ' k . Vw "QTff15'.iFl v i' '5 k, .55'l-5 ' i ., if'f'2ij 1-Ti . a ,. V -I ,537 my . WM E K f f A ,gm :gg .. Q 56 1 A iii' Q HE ' gg, - 'Jw G4 W 1 4 Q 5 eg S , . : . ,K . f, H, Q if K wif 1 L., . 3 Q s. 5. 1, W Q 1 I 0 K 5' 4 si' 'Af A ki g 7 F. . , 2 ' ' IW? W Lf' 1 . ij" 1 su X pf ' ra-,W Q , ' I '31 ii. - A s wif -.4 Climax fo a Novq weekend , , . everyone fco fired 'ro dame . . . if was easwer +9 ffsfer fi Rahyh Marierids rmsfc af We Homecominq Darce, X 'Q'-z5f'k Tk ...- ilffkf 4 Mins SUN and PTE' a++erWdam+s wefe oreserwfed af We w?m+ef Hyrmif S fling sldrfg . . , pierwfy of peificoafs . . . and fasf mdsk. Slworfenecl version of "Guys and Dolls" musical enferlalned Greeks and 'rlweir dales al flue lnlerlralernlly Dance. U a dance IS a dance Queen Nyce Venzke al llwe lndependenl Sludenls Dance Tocflnpesre and soap were favors er We Pnermecy Prize Prom, Currier Sweefnearf, PnyWs Fischer, surrounded by ner court N ,f J , Q , fr 4 I jg 'am ...F ,gf if ii ,r A ii' f A A QN 1 c Wg 6 - 1 , Ie. ' , -if 13, 4 1 r' l ,Q ig fair- PM Grecian lnferfude . . . Grefcnen Green was queen of ine 1FPC Dance C'ub Cabaref feafured ciqareffe QKFWS. Engineers shaved for Hweir Mecca Bal! 198 X ,ff Panheflenic Dance ski? gave The "inside" on sororify We. The curious wafch a caricafure 'rake shape under AWS pen. Honorary Cade? Col. Janef Sfanzef reigned af The Mihfary Bef l5'5f3'i37f3'?W"'f'f"" M' 'Nm' KK 'mx MQ , 'LAL-L., :fb-T332 ' , , WMM., J,m..q.v4.- ,,1 -5 - ,, 5 .V ,Ing ' k K ' - M. Filly Affif::,gg:',SFfsf,,:4,705, ---- . -wa. ,. A 1 ya-:,a5.b,,+.W.., LW--Aff-Aw.. ,ig mm A , : L w , e SC-'fs GLA5'dH Regfmamfa' Band, Maeve, Dvumwe' its Difceve. we aHc-and M,Vf , . ennoe J o' 'ne orcnezrra were 'wing Weir irfrurnerrs as are 'ook ner oiaee in +ne audience. Seaies ranoonn "dex snarenee oi a eiarner solo, oiscordanf ye' biendirq . . . Her 'nina wandered oaer over fre oo'- cer's GTG eroqrarn me nad adenoeo ow 'ng ine year. Trere ww 're color GAC oaqeaniry of 'ne Regirnewai Band ar: Massed Pioers of ine Scot Guards . . . rive enriwusiasrn oi ine crowd for iour young recording arrisrs ai rhe Four Fresn men Conserv , , . ine ricn and iiawiese rnusie of vioilnisr Yenudi Merwnin , . , Hue ache in fne region oi ner ribs aiier iaugning ar conwedienne Anna Russeii. Fri There nad been orner proqrarns and i i soioisrs, foo . . . pianisr Alexander Brail- owsky . . . rhe Nafionai Drama Quarrers presenfaiion oi "Don Juan in i-ieiiw . , . soprano Leonfyne Price . , . and now ine Minneapoiis Symphony. Aiexander Braiiowslsy, Russian-born pianlsr 'ine Nfiriorai Drama Quariei oerforrned Snaw 'Dor Juan in I-iei' " branding behind iecierrf and reading irfinw rnarwfcriois performances ifish fomediemmo Anna RUSSQU, "worWd's furmiesf woman Lively fecrrdimu gfafs s..vE?dXf2d How rock 'rw ro!! io harmonizing Violin virTuoso Yehudi Ivlenuhin played To a capaciTy crowd. "Mr, Afs Boogie" exhausTed dancers aT AuTumn NocTurne. He saT in The TwenTy-TiTTh row lTive inl and sTared aT The Tigure on The sTage. The concerT was nearly over, and in spiTe OT The beauTy OT The music, he TelT a liTTle uncomTorTable. The massive head OT The Music Lover in TronT OT him blocked ouT aT leasT 75 per cenT OT The sTage, and his neclc hurT Trom Trying To see. He leaned baclc in his chair and opened The programme. The rusTling oT The paper musT have annoyed The Music Lover, because he suddenly became aware ThaT The greaT head had shiTTed and one beady eye was sTaring aT him. "Sorry," he muTTered. The girl nexT To him sneeze-cl 5oTTly inTo her handlcerchieT. Again The greaT head spun around, "Please," iT graTed in a sTage whisper. "MUST you?" Hlvlusl YOU?" she iced. Very good, he ThoughT. Cuhure. The qraduaTe . . . producT oT a qroup eTTorT. we gracluaTe This was The day he had ThoughT would never Come . . . The day Tor which he had waiTed so long . . . The day on which he would become a College qraduaTe. The morning was warm, The Tieldhouse sTuTTy, The chair hard, his rope heavy and unQomTorTalole. BuT, he decided suddenly, he would be willing To endure iusT abouT anyThing Tor The opporTuniTy oT aTTending commenCemenT . . . his commencement The long speeches, The hard chair, The sTiTling robe . . . iT was all a small price To pay . . . aT This momenT, noT even The UniTed STaTes ConsTiTuTion had as much meaning Tor him as The diploma ThaT wculd soon be his. The Tour years oT work seemed worTh iT now . . . The TesTs, The classes, The hours oT sTudying . . . all worTh iT Tor The pride and honor he TelT on This day. Old 6o1d",..W1eiiIrT1a mafev I5 sung af Comnwencemenf, by sczme for We firsi Time, by many for We lash The real diploma is gfvem wlfhouf bemefif of Ceremony l h H o il... lhis 'inne lfir 'val,..ihd he i-, an alan, n .3 fl e iw handed 3 diplofna wi'i is 'Wc'Yi": .n lhe end and 'rhe beginning Slrange lhal he should leel so dellaled, when only a shorl lime belore he had been silling on lop ol lhe world. This was lhe day lor which he had wailed so long. This was lhe day on which he had expecled lo leel like a million dol- lars . . . and he had, all during lhe commencemenl ceremony. Bul now he lell as lhough someone had punclured a hole in his bal- loon ol ioy. He wondered whal had become ol his sell-conlidence, ol his pride in his accomplishmenl. He lell only a lleeling sadness al leaving lhis place lhal had been his home lor lour years, al leaving lhe peof ple who had become his besl lriends. l-le was apprehensive al lhe lhoughl ol being casl adrill lrorn lhe seciirily he had lqnown lor so long . . . al lhe lhoughl ol selling lorlh on his own. Q i Y 1 V 3 1 . 1 r l 1 S x N I N E 1 N 2 l 3 1 I 1 w l N 1 I 1 x 4 I l s f 1 wwf 'S lfVLfff:5 55141. ss dora lee mariin ' , , , ff '-ji , 4vIfwLF?Qi' ugh 'f ,W I - ,A ti' fa' 5 1 1 " x Q. I X x . 7, 'l 1 I 5 x 1 -K, www-49,0 3' fb J049Ail'L queen miss janef price x 1 1 z 1 K I K 4 K :f 1 51911 14-1-q4.,,.Q" infer ralfernify cizfzeemf miss do'r+l1ompson f n 4' J' I Q k I n 9 NN-... nw infer ralfemify fog ge queen miss grefchen green X e V ,gr -i? Q -" Marist, , , , I 1, '5, . k My 11 .11 , - f 839-- 4 ,4 S , , A -f fl f vff - -3' 3:1 1-'r f' 34, , . I , , n 'x . . B 1 1 1 2 1 , ' A x 1 J Y 1 a 3 e 2 r 2 .1 6 f . vw. ,Q ., fm?-H JNA 3. 1 su ,e 0W,0l"6LI"g cacfef COAVLQ Q X vase. ,-WML un.--,.M ueu' N . "Num, 1.14-wg- . ,Y VXQL' 1' QW' Q " Q U-pf. miss janef sfanzel 'J 4 1 -3 4 xii 9 . .J W 'kk C ,, " we I ,1 f ,' , , K F . M L- ' 'mff . J. . , ef' -+ , K, 'X BLEFQ . w?f..ufffs,. Q, ' M 'Q ,fig . ,,y'q4 ,YI- Qf,,5'sLf:Qf, -' - A M' '7' - f Jw- .,, 557 2 :vga , my Q V miss w 4 .. f . 1 E ,.. z. 3 Mk Qfwmm - .. 1 4 X H L 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,f f -' . ,, ,W ,WY f l 1 1 5 W 1 V 1 1 1 I , I 1 . 5 - F i 3 f 2 , 1 .i 11 1 L. - ' f M, N5 155' qbtd P01094 ?ll488lf1, ss dixie davenpo 5 J r Jr fvffv' 4 as www fa J cm rrier dweef!Learf miss phyllis fischer ,, s ,I , 1 ...Y , f-.qv f 2:2515 .Q ,, .W gy ,Z A A in ,iw --mm W 7 , llfgij XLLUVL M 8811 K V s ,, 'jf v ,,,L , . N m r s . g r e 1' C H e n s 1' W :L I 4- 'A-. A-.4-:IQ .Y Azlulvv ., 2:1 1 z2f1 ffis? ,. , 4 . ff5 ii2iii?g53. V Q 52,1-g2gmE i4,g. W 523:15 .- . m, ,,A.QA ,ff Hu H L A, , , 'ft "'13'5g33'?ll':fiV ' 2 ' 4, ' gm l ' 4'lzW 1wj+54,4Lwtg1:if'c " , . ' . .V fx ggi , ""3' g3' +L: ,Q i?'.,.?k,,-K Hg, W, 'EM YM, ,V , G gi .. " gi y Zigi: ll , ,J f Q fig? .. Y if L--f...w-NN shafw. J, A1",V'-I' - ff, 3521: 4 ' ' ' r Pi' N if i'-,3:,iZ4-ai, I of wfiwfw' , .-wf",'f1 w 4 I , , ,. My 1 A X U N, .4g,. 1 J. 1 ji ff? ,. Qjgfru ff 1 65" 3 A ' , MSW 1 'A .1 21,52 12' 5 1 1 ,. ,.,, 5, A.k., , , 4- 1 M H' C A-N 2 kgzik ,if t 1 1. ,31-QR, f- -,gwgym-1,. ff? ' , Q. M wi Qi' hw 1' Qqnf W 1 1 1 4 I 1 A r 1 I 1 N N 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 J u 3 u r n 1 1 if if L1 Q 1 1 is ' X fn- V R, 11", as Q 1, 'jfs Y, "- 1 Q M ' 'X , ,e 11 -, M J-1 an 14,,,'2'lSh-r.55,,'f' wJ,,,,,,,1'M-H My , Q X m fm ,Q ,., M W a C ,L if ,5 3 J' ,jk u v' fum., 'H- + it 11 "'Nf1g 4,5 uk V x My W 1., 'vias -. ml .1 4 is 9,505 . ,JW 'Q-w'f'N.n1+1 by 1, X fr! .ge ' 'vsk' WZ' 1 " A U Q12 in mlwufm L-4 1 if .V SX, '1-w.,.,H A W- 1 jvnw N gg, 42.1, A if if 331, 1:,3l.. KJ' 4' we f ' '- vs f 1 , 'ilscw :-fl ':':':b?f " " J" 6 sl .fxfiin ",,', bw w,1,fi'A 'K '1,7.'4f'4"+'- mfwf' mm"',' 'M1."n'."xm. f',fmx. ' my 565 w ff XV f ro L 9 ,S i515 per ec 1 WL ' 'F f ffl? 31""' ' n d Y 5 + r I e m i s S W e Wf'1r2'3" ff M1 5-gmw . 151.51 ,Z-M' F i,'v??4': ' ffl' ,Mft 1 , , QQSWQ 12 ww . ', wwf" fQ,9'g:iv?-1"' 2 ' pf' . .w""' ,,.1 'gi Q . lg Q lr' f 4g',f' Q ' ,Q 3:51111 ' ', ,1 W if .V ,W rl V - , - 1 officers Presidenr . . . Alan Waxenberg Vicerpresidenl . . . Jerome Ryan C e n + r a I P a Y Secrerary . . . Carol Crawford c:ommiHee Hrs? row: Shirley Currlsp Berh Ann Summerwill' Sandra Levinson: Cecelia Klrbyq Phyllis Half: Carol Crawford second row: Lehan Jerorne Ryan: Richard Runlceq Alan Waxenberg: James Delfalbg Alan l-lausman She srood In The doorway and gazed ar lhe chaos ol Crepe paper, painr brushes and Hn loll Clurrering The main lounge. Boys on ladders were harnnnerlnq and shouring. Girls were sirring Turlc fashion on rhe floor, culling and palnring. Srepping over painr puckers. hall-finished decof rarions, and sprawling commirlee rnernbers, she reached Jrhe Chairman, disheveled and wirh a smudge of painl on one cheelc. 'llr always loolcs rhls pad rhe morning ol lhe dance," he admirlred. She plclced up a brush and slarred painring. Highlanders firsl row: S. Donelson: D. Jung: V. Yoder: K. Korns: N. Slewarl: J. Sloclc: C. Jolwnson: M. Fagan: C. Tyrrell' P. l-lalner: B. Summers: M Snadewald second row: M, Baflnke: J. Sniley: S. Cunninqnam: ihird row: M. Cass: M. Crone: K. Greenwood' B. Buxlon: S. Graham: J Norgaard: N. Tollord: Pres. l-lancner: VVilliam Adamson: D. Pulnam: M. Hanclwer: S. Fihgeraid: J. Barnes: A, Kerr: E. Rogqenlcamp J. Broolsrnan' fourlh row: P. Meder: I. Bell: K. Clause: J. Myers: J. Podlnaslcy: J. OJ-lara: D, Roudabusli: K. Olcerlin: N. Weill: C. Pfallz- grall: L. Campbell: D. Moeller: S. Vernon: S, Swengel: M. Seberg: fifih row: V. Coder: A. Larson: S. Mavis: C. Barrels: N. Doss M Woodman: C. Valy: C. Crawford: M. Taylor: J. Riclwler: sixfli row: S. Salle: J. Anderson: J, l-lagens: V. l-lagens: S. Jones: J. Jarrard S. Curlis P. Keeler M. Edmund: B. Mixson: V. l-lunlg M. Goen: J. Odem: l-larringlon: S. Wormlwoudfg L. Sharp: V. Milnes vv- If 3 .J I 'W' ,P . ... .. , x Adiusling lwer plaid and glengarry lor a linal inspeclion, slwe fell lillle lingles al llwe llwouqlwl llwal slwe would be in Europe Jrlie ne-xl lime slrie donned lwer l-liglilander unilorm. lr lwad been a semesler ol concenlraled praciice and Salur- day morning relwearsals . . . and now llwere was iusl a lillle over a monlli remaining . . . some calculaled paclcing lo gel everyllwing inlo iwo suilcases . . . one linal weelc ol praclice, and llwen . . . deparlure. Slie slood up Jraller as he came by. "Your soars are dirfyf' lie informed ner, "buf llie reslr ol your unilorm is olcayf' hawk-i pep club "Une, Two, Three, down," he counTed inTo The microphone, and waTched 900 heads appear over The Tops OT The colored cards in The Hawk-I Pep Club card secTion. "Trick number IO," he announced. "Gold cards TluTTer. One, Two, Three, up." He waiTed expec- TanTly Tor The picTure oT Herky To Torm in The sTands . . .There were his TeaThers and helmeT . . . buT waiT . . . one oT his eyes was black and The oTher was gold . . . The school colors aT leasT, he ThoughT wryly. - JusT Then The Hawks came back on The Tield. The Tans rose To cheer and he noTiced how Their Homecoming badges glinTed in The sunlighT. Al- mosT everyone was wearing one. He remembered how hard The club members had worked To sell Those badges . . . sTanding on sTreeT corners in cold weaTher . . . sTopping everyone who passed by.. .canvassing all The sTores in Town. He ThoughT he musT have asked, "Buy a Homecoming badge?" aT leasT a Thousand Times, execuTive council HrsT row: R. Zimmerman: J, Slagerg K. KeiTh: C. Slager officers second row: R. Spring: R. Dowd: J. Boumay S. Pessesg A. Waxenberg Third row: L. CourTerg J. Efmang D. Adams' L. J. Ryan PresidenT . . . Ronald Dowd Vice-PresidenT . Carolyn Slager SecreTary . . . Joann Slager Treasurer . . Samuel Pesse firsi' row: A. Meyer: V. Wenger: J. Fuller: F. Felberlsaum: S. Gesfon: C. Heeg: J. Maclnnes: second row: D. Belvel: S. Lage-rloef: R. J. Sleplcer: E. Ge-luring: J. Sclwmerse: J. Fros'I': P. Lawson: J. lvloslcowifz: N. Porlewig: E. Eldred: C. Dworzaclc: K. Sclnaeferle: A. Larson: fhird row: W. 1-larrel: R. Davis: N. Baldwin: G. Barry: W. Bishop: A. Berner: N. Abramson: M. Selling: E. Oldsen: S. J. Sieplcer: J. Blaclrsfoneg fourfh row: R. Raulwaus: W. Burfon: R. Belwrends: D. G. Smiflm: R. Bump: R. Welner: R. Douda: B. Bolce: J. Sealer: S. Rosenman Hrsf row: K. Greenwood: B. Sclwrnilr: I, Derus: L. l-llglnlower: W. Nlclwolson: second row: l-l. Fllsellw: S. Alfson: C. Fisner: C. Tyrrell: K. Kelllw: K. Llndquisf: A. Smillw: S. Blerbaum: K. Van T. Leiglnlryg T, l-lamllfon: L. Courier: L. Lobeck: J. McClure: P. Pefersen: J. Dellwrners: 'fourfh row: J. Wiese: F. Folbreclwf: R. Dowd: R. Wlwllney: F. Turner: P. Wenlzien: R. Uplon: D. Srnlf: R, Rausclw: J. Swlflr Glnlcel: J. Acheson: B. Reid: +l1ird row: A. S. Lindqulsl: C, Johnson: J. K. Piper: M. A. Long: infernafional She look her nalive coslume from lhe box in which ir was lenderly packed away, and srarled dressing for lhe ln+erna+ional Feslival ol Holidays. Adrniring Jrhe hand- sewn beauly ol her oullil, if seemed al- mosi slrange a'l'1firs'l . , . sheld been wear- ing American clolhes for so long. As she dressed, she rehearsed silenlly her lines in 'rhe skil . . . iusl lo make sure. Thinking aboul' Chrislmas in her land, The lheme ol The skil, she was a liflle homee sick remembering 'rhe lasl holiday she had spenf wifh her family and friends, The cus- loms ol her own people seemed especially beauiilul lo her . . . bill, she realized lhe Chrisfmas spiril is lhe same The world over. club and cenfer is:-1 if if Y' ,N A s+uden+ advisory commiHc-ze 'firsl' row: Nancy Cogswell: Lois Frilz: Wylmarie Nicholson: Shirley Smilhp Mary Ann Seberg: Elaine Cohen second row: Sandra Johnson: Sandra Bailey: Beverly Peferson: Rosalie Samberg: Linda Gamble: Karen Clause 'Third row: Melvin Larry Popoislry: Janice Godbersen: June McLaughlin: Barbara Kay Slienliesg Nancy Simmons: Marilyn Young: Nancy Tol- 'ford fourfh row: Sondra Cooper: Sandra Swerigel: Virginia Kay Schaulancl: Sandra Mull: Carol Menlzer: Kay Joanne Berry "Where do l sign up for Weslern Civ?" "Do I have lo have 7:30 classes?" "Who's an easy guy lor Comm Skills?" Queslions were flying al him from all direclions. l-le re- membered how confused he had been ihe lirsl lime he wenl lhrough regislralion, so confused he slood in lhe wrong line 'For Jrwo hours. Bur now he, wilh all lhe superiorily lhal comes wilh sophomore sialus, was a member ol lhe Sludenl Advisory Commiliee, composed ol members ol lhe fresh- man honoraries, and was helping new sluclenls grope Jrheir way Through The maze. o ff i c e r s Presidenl ..... Mark Pulney Vice-Presidenl . . James Milani Secrelary . . . Lois Wilson Treasurer . . Slephen Shadle sludenl council firsl row: Carol lXlovak1Sonclra Cooperg Marcia Walson: Dorolhy Schwengel: Sandra Millerg Lois Wilson: Shirley Boss second row: John Graham: James Milani' Craig Gippleq Rex Rydenq Terry Bledsoe: Roberl B. Fisher: Slephen Shaclle: James Cooney, Jr.g Frank Navarag Mark Pulney "This is lhe lasl one we have, bul lhe price isn'l bad." She leaned wearily aqainsl lhe counler while he examined lhe book she handed him. She was loeginning lo leel lhe need ol roller skales as she rushed lrom counler lo shelves in lhe Sludenl Council book exchange. Impalienl voices enclosed her . . . "Gimme anolher copy-lhis one is loo marked up" . . . "You can'l gel 52.50 lor lhal loookl' . . . "I asked lor 'Principles ol Geography' nol Geology." l-ler leel hurl, and she wondered if lhe exchange was necessary when lhere were live bookslores in lowa Cily. subcommiH'ees firsi' row: Joye Wardecieer: Alice Smillw: Ann Dunlcerlon: Ann Berner: H. Kaye Fredericksen second row: Anne Larson: Pliyllis Hail: Barbara Gales: Janice Serbouselq: Carol Rasfrelli flwird row: William Pluderer: Ronald Dowd: Samuel Pesses: Raymond Goulcl:Jol1n Vooqd: Mel- l 1 yin Larry Popoislcy subcommiH'ees firsi' row: Linda Jean Hill: Janice Barnes: E. Ann Fellows: Karen Greenwood: Jody Myers second row: Judy Jackson: Virginia Kay Taylor: Nancy Dodge: Mary Alice Sirasslourg: Mary Lou Leaman 'llwird row: Elliol Gellman: Slweldon Rosenfeld: Roberf lrwin: James Newsome: Lelian Jerome Ryan' Cliarles Crandall 'fourih row: Frank Precni: C. Graml Broolcs officers Presideni .,.. Roberl Bareson Vice-Presidenl .... John Elman Secrelary . . . . Ann Wallcins Treasurer . . Charles Frandson union board firsf row: Jane? Thiemeq Ann Waflfinsg Edifh Blorq Janei Sfanzel second row: Roberf I.andess7 Charles Frandson: Dean Hager Ronald Capps: Charles Bolender fhird row: Carl B. Zimmerman: Richard Hansen? Roberl Balesont James Frudenleldp John Elman I-le sprawled in a convenienr chair and waired for lhe orher members ro arrive. Fliclcing rhe ashes from his cigar- erre, he conremplared his worlc on Union Board. l-le enioyed helping plan and organize lhe many acliviiies lhey spone sored, allhough il' was a lol' of worlc, somelimes Jrhanldess worlc. lnwardly, Jrhough, he derived a feeling of sarislaclion from being a parl of making lhe Union a campus mee-Ting place...lor a dance.,.a movie...TV...a parry aller Jrhe game . . . arl' exhibi+s . . . music . . . bridge . . . bowling . . . or for iusjr a coke. union board subc:ommiHc-:es firsi' row: Nancy Chesrerrnan: Donna O'Brien' Joann Joseph: Joye Wardeclrer: Lydia Saggau' Parricia Zimmerman' Virginia Kay Taylor Elizaberh Moore: Jean Barrerf: Mary Ann l-lanson' Margarer Kimmel Second row: Lloyd Courier: Lehan Jerome Ryan' Sandra Swengel: Marcia Lewis: Judifh Murlagh: Ann Berner: Karen Clause: Sarah Gra- ham: Gary Williams lhird row: Ernesl Rickerl: Richard Spring: James Wiese' Edward Karl: William Hise' Jerry Torrence: Kenneih Penningiont lviarlc Joy: Donald Sherlc She had alrnosr finished her applicarion for Union Board subcommillees . . . her name . . . class . . . grade poinl . . . aciivilies. Now she had lo indicare her commirree preferences. She glanced down Jrhe lisr . . . special evenrs . . . arr and music . . . games . . . TV and movies . . . Jrhey all sounded inleresring. Bur Jrhe remaining Jrhree were her choices. She checked bridge, publiciry and posr-game parries. Folding rhe applicalion, she inserled il in rhe lronl ol one of her books, 'ro be Turned in The nexlr lime she passed ihe Union, and wenr back io her srudying. officers Presidenf .... Suzanne Reider Q Vice-Presidenf . . Prudence Meder I Secrefary . . . Virginia Kay Taylor sfucl e nfs formerly universify women's associafion Treasurer. . . Marslwa Brubaker general council firsf row: Carol Crawford: Sara Jane Gill: Plwyllis Fisclwer: Jobyna Rankin' Adele Abodeely: Colleen Dolezal: Pafricia Newell second row: Janice Barnes: Mary Louise Bagnara: Linda Gamble: Prudence Meder: Suzanne Reider: Virginia Kay Taylor: Marslwa Brubaker: Bonnie Erickson: Pliyllis Fleming fhird row: Barloara Dierks: Doroflwy Roudabusln: Margarel' Rickelf: Roberfa l-loward: lcla Mae Bell: Miriam Mogle' Kay Boofier' Barbara Work Slwe sfood in flue middle of Jrlie room, losl in flsie confu- sion of a dozen boollws and counlless Coeds. All around lier, girls were signing up for AWS acfivifies in wlfricli flwey were inferesfed. Slwe glanced af flwe program explaining eaclw commiflee . . . Profile Preview . . . Sfudenlr-Paculfy Cof- fee l-lours . . . Orienfafion . . . Foreign Sfudenfs . . . Spinsfer's Spree . . . U-Sing . . . Code for Coeds . . . Informafion Firsf . . . High Sclwool Confacf . . . publicify. So many fo clioose from. Signing, slwe lweaded for flue near- esl looofli. W' ,-. ml. Q.,, Ai, gr Q fl if A .K Za S Z1-,fs xl: . QQ 4 'Qi 'ii V' 4 'it fi , ww t.,,,.+ , 4 A S Am .1 ' ,T f , foreign s'ruden+s commiHee-firsf row: N Bevery Peferson' CoUeen Dolezal, cnairmar second row: Barbara Vevdaooe' Narcy Bale high school confacf commH'fee-firsi row Sfferfes' Kay Booijer, cnairmaf' Joan 995+ second row: I-lardef Kunik' JONQH Mefdweff iudiciary board-firsf row: Janice I-iedqHn Mar Bagnara, chairman: Mary Jordan: Befn Howard second row: Jane- Ridder: Marifynn Baxlrerq Sandra Grahfnorn ., ,, , 12, if an 41, , .fo 'X 2' 'J w . W, f gif J 3: ' if , -mi. jifiij ' as Z- . ski V .- 'fs K , ,,f,, .P an , :,.. I n a -M . , X , A a Aaa, L . 5 'QQ , A ,K ' M . L, an at n an'a VM. :,. a,,. .,. A - "5 A k f f . f ,W-vw, A orienfaiion commiHee-firsf row: Dorollwy Sclnwengel: Slnir- ley Currie' Margarer Rickerf, cl1airnwan:Judy Reagent Nancy Clwesierman second row: Linda Gamble: Kay Truesdellq Gloria l-iaddy' Carol Crawiordg Jane Hoopes profile preview commi++ee-firsf row: Diane Gibsong Miriam Megie, cl1airrnan:Sandra Miller second row: Kay Booiier: Elaine Colienq Arlene Kroeninq American Red Cross college uni+ of AWS-firsi row: Janice Karen Piper? Shirley L. Brown: Louise Jones second row: Min Mcrris'lV1arqarerKirnrnel siudeni-faculfy coffee hour commiffee-firsf row: Pnyiis Fieclier, cnairrnanq Edward Colnnj Virginia Beck second row: Bonnira Davis' Cecelia Kirbyg Marilynn Baader spins+er's spree commiHee-firsi' row: Kay Norion: Ardis Mil'ard: Dcrorlny Malwer: Anne Slwerry Lindquisr second row: ida Mae Bell, clwairrnan: Nancy Srewarft Joan Narion universify sing commiflee-firsr row: Judillri Murfaglwq Dor- oilny Roudabusli, chairman: Mary Woodrnan second row: Marqerer Herringg Nancy Creslerrnan' Sylyia Donelson an i ' .,.,.. N a fi, il i i ii -In my Q. S- lyyii, -A ms, I 'Em A if -we X i X , V , Q., 'N if , V7 .Jfi 53,5 . if - ,gf E i ei? i it women's recrc-:aTional associaTion seals Even Though There were a Tew girls missing, she called The WRA Board meeTing To order. There was a loT on The agenda TonighT . . . Tinal plans Tor The new RiTle Club To be voTed on . . . a parTy To be planned Tor The girls who had enough parTici- paTion poinTs To become WRA members . . . a reporT by The Seals presidenT on Their annual spring show. There would be The usual inTramural reporTs . . . The golT winners would be announced . . . volleyball, basl4eTball and bowling were coming up soon. She was anxious To hear The Orchesis reporT on programs To acquainT lowa CiTy school children wirh modern dance. Three more girls saunTered in, and Hockey Club, Social Dance and badminTon were represenTed. While roll was being Taken, she ThoughT abouT The varied acTiviTies as each name was called. The girls had Tun planning Them-and even more Tun parTici- paTing in Them. She called Tor The TirsT reporT, hoping The meeTing wouldn'T lasT Too long-There would be a parTy Tor board members, TaculTy ad- visers and inTramural represenTaTives as soon as The meeTing was over. TirsT row: L. Shadle: J. Jaclcson: V. McWilliams: E. Phillips: S. Graves: E. Rarlc: K. King: K. VanGinlcel: A. Robinson: B. Hubbard second row: S. Cleaver: J. Niemeier: S. Files: P. Kelly: R. BywaTer: M. Reindley: D. PeTerson: C, Morrison: A. Toogood: J. WalTers: S. BengsTon: R. Humm: C, Forsell Third row: J. Bradley: S. WormhoudT: C, Herman: M. Dennis: M. Taylor: l. Moen: C. Singley: D. STroclz: S. Laue: A. Kerr: K. Accola: R. Rundberg Someflwinq new in WRA llwls year . . , a rllle feam and club. Pxqlfe Coed goes up in flwe alr lor lipfoil Em loumamenl play. Wlw3le-clad badmlnlon player reaclwes leisurely for bird W execu+ive council firsr row: Elaine Rogqenkarnp' C. Jonne Sniley: Joanne Updeqralif Miriam Forbes second row: Barloara Haun: Marqarel Henry: June Jackson Qrclwesis . . . barerool dancers lry lo avoid slill-legged look board-firsf row: M. Rowley: C. Spellwman: D. Workman: V. Hunk: P. Henry: D. Slrock: J. Suclmer: second row: M. Wickarcl: M. Henry: B Haun: C. J. Sliiley: J. Updegrall: M. Forbes: E. Rogqenkamp: J. Jackson: flwird row: P. Sie-nberg: M. Sfallord: M. Slwapiro: H. Kunik: M Halnne: J. Gaslon: K. King: Lf Rulenbeck: E. Sirola: W, Nicl'1olson:S. Mavis officers Presidemh . . . John Chrisrensen Vice-Presidem . . . Joan Duhigg Secre+ary . . James Sulherland Treasurer . . Evere++ Malloy young democrals 'firsf row: J. Meyer: J. Beard: J. Nickol: R. Molle: C. Jennisch: M. Rose: C. Downing: LaVona Rowe: LaVelda Rowe: N. Porlewigf M. Garvey: P. Frosl: S. l-loyer: F. Nickolou: second row: R. Neary: A. Fifz: D. Bain: C. Gremm: M. l-larpel: M. Spina: J. Slory: S. Casleel: N. Barnes: M. Jacobs: J. Byrum: D. Hummel: A. Gore: 'fhird row: J. Christensen: J. Collins: G. Berrier: P. Carlslen: J. Knoernschild: R. Raim: W. Barclay: R. Newlon: N. Baird: J. Rasmussen: E. Kissack: E. Malloy: 'fourfh row: J. Sufherland: S. Pesses: R. Nelson: R. Rausch: S. Sanger: F. Miller: G. Brooks: E. Frosl: W. Eads: C. Cowlej K. McLean l'le looked guardedly al The olhers in lhe meeling. l'le lellr slrrangely alone, and a lilfle apprehensive. The speaker, a iunior whose name he never could remem- ber, held +he floor al lhe momenl . . . +alking To The group aboul Slevenson and lhe coming eleclions. Anolher young democral suggesled fhey 'form a caravan +o lravel +o Lib- eriyville, Ili., and dralf Slevenson lo speak al lhe lielclhouse. Thaf was as lar as if gol, bu+ he knew lhey were all gladly 'lor Adlai. l-le was gladly for Kefauyer. officers Presidenl . . . Carl Zimmerman Vice-Presiclenl . . Michael Brucher Secreiary . . . Marlrha Kay Pulney Treasurer . . . Bonnila Davis young republicans firsf row: L. Shorey: M. Baxler: H. Fredericksen: C. Schulle: B. Davis: E. Egli: M. Olsen: M. Jenkins: V. Kreicie: M. Jorgensen: second row: Mark Puiney: J. Cherveny: E. Fellows: R. Scoff: N. Fellows: K. Greenwood: T. Harris: S. McClary: D. Davenporf: K, Van G-inkel: C. Johnson: P. Zamberleffi: B. Ewerl: fhird row: C. Zimmerman: B. Mifchell: M. Chrislensen: M. Anderson: S. Schachl: Marfha Puiney: I. Day: D. Schwengel: D. Dow: B. Brown: E. Jensen: S. Sfoll: D. Kaplan: 'Fourih row: L. Bigalk: C. Woldum' L. I'-legivedf: R. Johnson: L. Clarke: P. Chenaulfg N. Chrisfensen: W. Pierson: W. Allen: D. Lools: fifrh row: R. Pafierson: E. Toll: M, Monlgomeryi M. Rydson: N. VanWallerop: C. VanC5inkel: A. Anderson: R. Moore: J. Cray: P. Riggleman: R. Johnson: C. Lisle: G. Taylor: sixfh row: D. McGhan: H. Anderson: J. Polgieier: L. Carson: R. l-lasbrookt B. Harrison: R. Tokheim: R. Norris' R. Paulsen: L. Boschet R. Benl' seven+h row: M. Lovrien: F. Shideler: J. Krebs: E. Sfrom: F. Walker: G. Groih: R. Peferson: D, May: C-. Quigley: T. Burrows: R. Paxson: R. Rife: eighfh row. L. Brown: P. McEwen: R, Sfewarf: G. Leonard: M. Enfield: E. Cooper: G. Thompson: W. Hummer: R. Gufhrie: J. Milani: J. While: J. Engelbrechf: M. Masiers: M. Cummings: O. Legreid l-le was fired and a lrille deiecled . . . buf very glad if was all over. l-le fell as Though he had been driving all day . . . aclually, lhough, he had speni The grealer pari of +he aliernoon advising and urging a few sludenls To orga- nize a chapier of Young Republicans on Jrheir campus. I+ wouldn'+ be so bad af lhe nexl school ihey visiled, now fha? he had gone 'rhrough il once . . . worrying lhe nigh? before . . . driving all morning . . . irying lo creafe inleresl where ilhere was none. l-le decided college slrudenls were apa- ihelic on any campus. ywca cabine+-firsf row: J. Ranlcin: C. K. Wing: M. K. Pulney: S. Miller: C. Kirby: D. Schwengel second row: J. Schrnerse: C, Dolezal: C. Price: M. Sindelar: A. Jochumsen: M. Downs fhird row: B. K. Slienliest R. Howard' E, Sirola: P. Ellingson' M. Harms: A. Cox: R. Walker officers Presidenl . . . Marlha Kay Pulney Vice-Presidenl' . . . Jobyna Rankin Secrelaryflreasurer Claire Kay Wing Finance Chairman . Dol Schwengel 'fourfh row: M. Brubaker' K. Keilh: C, Hansen: K. Boolier: J. Garber: S. Rollene: J Richfer: M. Rinker Aller lwo years ol selling mums al Homecoming, allend- ing The annual Silver Tea, and going lo an occasional "Major in Marriage" leclure or film, she had found her niche in YWCA . . . rhe hospilal reading program. ll' was a long wallc over lo lhe hospilal, especially on Cold snowy nighls. She hadn"r read nursery rhymes lor years. nor was she used lo enlerlaining so many children all al once. Bul' rheir eagerness led her lo read unlil she was hoarse, and she kepr going back, week alrer weelc. i greek week c:ommiHee lhumbing Through The pile oT reporTs Trom Greek Week chairmen, she wondered how she had managed To geT sTuck wiTh The iob oT condensing The inTormaTion inTo one bookleT so ThaT everyone would know The schedule oT evenTs . . . exchange dinners? rules Tor The skiTs: inTormaTion abouT Crue sade lor Freedom proiecTs7 descriprions oT The Olympic games: The convocaTion wirh speaker William RaTael, program direcTor oT Radio Free Europe. She chuckled in spiTe oT herselT as she read The rules Tor The "Ugly Kneell conTesT, which would be TeaTured aT The bermudafshorT dance. home economics club She added The lasT ingredienTs To her poT oT baked beans, and couldn'T help Thinking how much simpler iT would be To open a can. BUT TonighT was The l-lome Economics Club Baked Bean Supper. Beans ...shed much preTer sTeak . . .and sTeak probably would be a loT easier To cook. She was beginning To discover ThaT There was a cerTain knack To making baked beans ...and she hoped hers would be edible. She Tried noT To Think whaT mighf have gone wrong wiTh her beans...Tried To picTure insTead The enioymenT oT The oTher girls as They TasTed her dish. 249 'firsl' row: JaneT Vv'alTerq Marian Shapiro Sonia Swarson' n ra i Shirley CurTis' PaTricia l'laTner second row: Nei' Slocum' John McNc'Ty' John Elman' Al W e oe Jack STern Third row: John Rahnj Michael WhiTmore7 Loy Broolisi John Bouma Firsr row: N. Lynch' S. Norman: J. Myers' M. Kleih' J. Bfele edT M Wa ner: S. Mulholland: second row: J, Bell' D, BorTs: N. EllioTl A Glazer Josephg K. ihalbg M. Donahue: Third row: V. Bock: P. Kemni z M Wie S, Beer' D. STrock: P, Schuberh B, Kcnik' N. Bresloffq fourfh row A Sam reenwood? J. Wa"decker' J. Vanhloever' J. l-lave Ruggeberg' fif+h row: J. Piper? J. Argo: J. LueTT' P. Meyers Y W E. LaTrenTzq E. Green' J. Schmicll firsi' row: Lehan Jerome Ryan: Carol CrawTord: Mark PuTney: Marcia WaTson second row: Alan Waxenberg: Terry Bledsoe: Bob BaTeson: Charles Frand- son: John Elman miss sui pageanT board LeTTers To The wor'nen's housing uniTs, rules, pic:Tures, schedules . . . he hadn'T realized There was so much work involved in choosing a queen. IT wasn'T as simple as iusT going To The polls To voTe. l:irsT iT was enTry blanks . . .Then arranging Tor The CandidaTes To have Their picTures Talcen . .. assembling The picTures Tor displaysw. planning The presenTaTion of candidaTes aT The Union. He would be one OT The TirsT To lfnow who The queen was...buT he wondered how much he would care aTTer counTing all Those voTes. , I v T T f if aff' zf' V 'wmv-, ' . w Q 5 isiig :YA , Q .-fi: sm I S, F S. . . ss ' -, f. M5 'i'-. ' li? Q' is ' . .w -9 Q L- K " V sw: , wr T194 H -.X - ss? s -- was ff... : - 'w . SFX A Lil, 5 ll? . K. ..', V . if 125: 3 s , is s- f fs sfss .. - :rv :gifs-f T . s f sf , .W as 1 I w Dil qippfgi' Q U Q' 7 " ii ' 15 if -iff' 1 ' 4' i , 51-4fi1f3wj : 4 if f , P X3 15527.15 fl i13Qfii,i,iif5f, iii" -T Y, 'K 7'., 5 , gi 1 3 1 W fi? Tigmssilfisiisi if 5 W 55252 QQ T 31 .:",Ws5f+:f 'IQ ::'. U 'ff fan' -ef-,iw 4 f as : , A?':EfQ-',f?4we'rrfiQ f ',:.. .35 T 1' "-SEAS' f i sez- , A fx we 1 X: L. s Ar.::.5iw if .nn .r 'S 7-:ges,ll gli REE ,Q 1,4 AM, ,iifgfi -esp T J xg ,fp ,, M f T 'sa 42' ' T ,' V f its .. sw g A ,. ,iv 7 , . T -': ,T 'T T A if fs of sig' Y My H , dwg , 111' T , r 3-ggi . ,Al - ' '- L ' 1 ' ' bf V fr! V Yin, nl f' 'ri ' Y Y fQf'5i 7 4 f if " i J -f- 4' - " wa 'eff' T' if 1492! ' iii , 4- . -NSSWX Q n"g'ige.- A of ' riff - .J , . ..:-5:FIT- r fiom: -,-in ,Q 5 wg .f H L rg: 715 'rv . 4 fy Jw' ag-aj' if 2 -- S - A - 3 , ,::. . , 250 , , A . ,sm ' GQQNA x - , X . f n . officers PresidenT . . . Harold Bergee Vice-RresidenT . . RoberT Hansel SecreTary . . Franklin Myers Treasurer . . RoberT STevens alpha kappa kappa firsT row: J. Sass: B. Spivey: R. Kelrfelkamp: W. Erkonen: D. Borcherding: W. WhiTehouse: K. Swanson: G. Buechle: H, Bergee: O. Jen- sen: W. Caldwell: R. Kirkegaard: J. Napier: O. Grube' J. WrighT: R. Reeds: R. RoberTs: second row: J. Thorson: J. SmiTh: R. Vail: T. Myers: R. RiTkin: R. Whinery: J. Weeber: D. HarTleip: R. Miller: R. Soll: H. Tiaden: J. Wanamaker: D. TaTT: R. Sornson: R. Levis: D. Ducomrnun: W, Ellis: Third row: W. Whifmore: M. Korns: J. Earll: W. Robinson: C, KiTchen: D. McCarThy: L. Beck: E. WirTz: F. Myers: J. Galloway: W. KeTTelkamp: C. Boylan: H. PeTerson: R. Haqenson: T. KenT: J. Miner: C. Anderson: G, Oiemann: 'fourfh row: M. RoloTT: P. FosTer: R. Hendrickson: G. Thomas: T. Briggs: W. FenTon: H. Noble: S. Shining: R. Nelson: J. Hazen: W. Brauer: M. Schnell: R. STevens: Gr. Sumner C. Jepson: M. Kirlin: D, Miller: R. WeTTach He had been waiTing Tor This ever since leaving his daTe aT her TronT door The nighT beTore. Now he-'d find ouT whaT she really ThoughT oT his med TraTerniTyls parTy . . . and OT him. The voices weren'T Too disTincT, buT he picked hers ouT. ". . . ThaT one parT in The skiT . . . l could hardly keep Tronn laughing, buT I didnlT wanT To leT on I knew whaT iT meanT . . , l ThoughT Ild die . . . Talk abouT raw iokes . . . oh, he's okay.. The Tape recordings They made oT The powder room aT parTies were sorneTin'1es embarrassing . . . buT always good lisTening. o f fi c e r s Rresidenl ..... Eugene Recli Vice-Presidenr . . Wayne Fiiss Secrelary . . . Roberr Callakian Treasurer . . Max Probasco l firsf row: G. Days' D, Meadows' G. Anderson: L. Hawley: R. Correllq J, Rolgiererg S. Franzwa: L. f'-Xnderganq J, Crrisfenseng S, Rose- berry' M. Kloolw k' B. Brandlq second row: C. Hiss: H. Ankeney: M. Flissg M, Bagbaam' J, Qollrs' R. Callalrar- TA Graves' M. Probascop Y J. Alexander' N. Brumrnondt D. Yabnke' fhird row: M. Peck: K. Finclt D. Mullan: F. Kafalinicnq R. Burl' R. Cfernens' E. Rirwckel, E. Frost E. Lindangerg G. Morqanp C. Granger' four+l'l row: M. Englislm' N. Baird: J. Hanseng R. Snopek' H. Godard' R. Larsen' J. Hedges' M. Ckrislensen' R. Popelka' M. lllen' fiffh row: K. Debler' R. Bump' G. Newront R. Vayra: R. Meyer' D. Morrison' W. Fresnour: L. Jolwnsonr D. Euclnneri L. Lads-boil All lie wanled lo do was finish Jrlwis lasr year as lasr as lie could and gel our on bis own. You could learn iusl so mucli from books. Look al rlwe commerce speakers lied beard al A K Psi nweelings-llwey bad ideas Jrliey didnlf gel our of books. He really nad enioyed lislening lo lliern, firing ques- Jrions as soon as Jrliey were Jrltrouglw. Pracrical knowledge from rnen in lne field puffing rlweir ideas To work . . . rlwal was wbal lie wanred. Eyen if il looked good on paper, would ir work? He wanled lo know now lwis ideas sounded ro businessmen wlwo lwad rnade good. officers Rresidenl .... Andrew Houg Vice-Presidenl . . William Lindguis+ Secrerary . . . Donald Risk Treasurer . . Ricliard Krisrensen del'ra sigma clel'ra firsf row: E. Wirrez N. Meswarb: D. Risk: V. McFadden: J. Slack: J. Dumbauld: A. Morisako: Dr. Herrick: G. Vinceni: R. Ferguson: E, Hancock: J. Mcfiulclweon: R. Krislensen' E. Sclwumaclwer: second row: W. McCoy: J. Raecker: R. Carrorlwers: D. King: G. Krick: J. Bauer: J. Tlwompson: K. Borfke: A. Brown' W. Barnes: lvl. Fuiinaka' R. Wilkison' D. Gnolson: S. Kepros: R. Hinglgen: +l'iird row: D. Slorie: A. Juller: C. Kaultlman: W. Dalilbergt D. Nelson: R. Ogesen: W. Klein: J. Percival: R. Nernmers: W. Harrison: J. Hess: E. Anderson: R. Nelson: S. Hammer: lvl. Sla'rl'ery"four+l'1 row: J. Megclfielsen: R. Rasmus: J. Waslwburn: P. Elling: D. Duncan- A. Houg: W. Liridquisf: J. Dixon: P. Boekeg M. Armsfrong: D. Rieck: L. Engman: J. Ringdaiil: M. Clialupsky: J. Hanno: G. Tussing: S. Mowrey in 'llie living room ol llie Della Sig liouse was crowded willw grads who had relurned lor Homecoming week-end. He saunlered up lo a group of young denlisls who were en- gaged in slwop lalk: eager ro overliear some ol llieir pro- fessional experiences. "So wlial' did you do?" asked one ol llie group, peer- ing inrenlly al a bloodlesselooking man willi lolack-rimmed glasses. l'Simple," said l'l'1e man. "l iusl kepl' pulling l'1er leellw unlil l found llwe riglwl one." So suave, lie Jrlwouglil. So suave. Deha SIg's Jrake Their work home and grab The nearesf hardware To pradice on a brofher. The piano hadn? had such an enfhusiashc workouf since Jrhe Iasf HAWKEYE phofographer was 'rhere officers Presideni .... Denny Roberis Vice-Presidenl . . Donald Newlon Secrelary . . James Sanlos Treasurer . . John Slarlrs dc-:Ha sigma pi firsi' row: D. Hildrelh: L. Smiley: D. Sfuedemanq J. Slarksg D. Roberlsg D. Newlong J. Sanlosy K. OHO: J. Murphy: second row: G. Halver- son: W. Schesser: J. Fiizgerald: R. Claney: R. Robinsons J. Nelson' R. Swanson' W, Alkinson' W. Agnew: R. Blindl' +hird row: O. Johnson: W. Welchlroy V. Naxeraq D. Gulhf H. Wrighif F. Bohllcen: E. Hardman: D. Adamsonq R. Ryant G. Cornwell: fourih row: F. Mann: F. Mar- fiohl: J. Kofoedq R. Seyerson: K. Penninglong T. Leon: C. Frandson: L. Schmidl: D. Lein' W. Pecinoysky: J. Krebs' R. Richmond' fi'F+h row: J. Gilchrisi: R. Madsen: M. Peclcq fx. Slein' J. Fries: R. Cress' J. Currell: L. Waller: H. Aclcebergq H, Wenner He couldn'l pul il oil any longer . . . he loclced himself in his room and opened his Money and Banlqing book. Whal a lime for Jresls . . . he would have preierred lo he downslairs helping wilh plans for The winier formal . . . perhaps finding our who Jrhe Rose of Della Sigma Pi was . . . hui il was siudy, sludy, sludy. He Jrhoughi alooul calling Jrhe redhead he had mei al lhe Phi Gamma Nu exchange . . . he could use her noles . . . and ir would malre siudying more pleasani. He wandered inlo The hall and piclced up The phone. The nigh? beFore HAVVKEYES engraving deadline . , . De-Ha Sigma Pi's pose af meefinq. Affendanis Narcy WalNace and Ardis Mmard conqrafufafe We Rose of Deffa Sigma Pi, Jean Niemefer o T T i c e r s PresidenT ..... John Broms Vice'PresidenT. . , James VanOlsT SecreTary. . . Richard Schellinger Treasurer. . . . Dale Emerson nu sigma nu 'FirsT row: R. WolTe: E. WorTon: S. MunemiTsu: W. Coburn: G. Holmes: Mrs. Livezey: J. Broms: R. Wilson: J J. Carr: R. Schellinger: R. Firkins: J. CaTerine: second row: R. HockmuTh' R. Sheldon: R. Fincharn: D. Bemus G. York: P. Linden: J. Rinella: F. Beran: S. AnThony: R. Wilker: T, STark' F. Conway: W. Anderson: J. STeTTey E Johnson: fourTh row: F. ThornTon: E. Dorosin: N. Brown: J. WhiTe: P. McDeviTT: T. Henn: D. Rodawig: R. Broer C. MarTin: C. Rarnseyerj W. GrandraTh: J. Pearson: R. Lind: G. Welch . Kunzman: L. SchwarTZ : W. CrawTord7 J. lrish Third row: A. Jensen F. FleTcher: D. Sones: W. KieTTer: N. RinderknechT: W. McDeviTT: H. GerndT: J. HolTe: H. Denbo: T. Murphy: : R. Sparks: J. Lehman : J. VanOlsT: W. MarTin . CI? ... . H5 :VS Dropping his coaT in The hall, he hasTily Took his place in line. He hadn'T boThered scrubbing Too Thoroughly aTTer anaTomy dissecTion because he haTed To miss any parT oT The bi-monThly buTTeT supper. lT was a Toss-up which drew him To The meeTings . . . The Tood or The guesT speakers. He wondered iT TonighT's speaker was Trom The College oT Medicine or was a Nu Sig alum. He had known earlier in The week, buT now The name had compleTely slipped his mind. He loaded his plaTe and Tound an empTy place on The living room Tloor. offi c e rs Presidenr ..... Douglas Klinlc Vice-Presidenl . . Burron Carloclc Secrerary . . Morgan Cline Treasurer . Richard Hammer phi bc-:fa pi iirsf row: W. Schmelzer: R. Seyers: R. Swirzerq R. Chrisrensen: J. Mauqhan: J. Schuchmann: C. Wuesi: P. Meis: L. Lanclhuis: M. Saunders: Mrs. Warlcinsg D. Klinlc: B. Carlock: M. Kraushaar: S. Haugland: J. Saunders: M. Kolpaclc: J. Miller: H. Braby: K. Cohen: J. Rich: second row: D. Lyle: R. Brinker: J. Treneman: D. Kundel: G. Treadway: R. Hammer: H. Cook: N. Llewellyn: E. Wolfgrahm: L. Ralerman: J. LBMGFY C- Df3"1l9lSI D. Miles: S. Howery: L. Sprague: G. Jacobs: C. Clark: K. FawceH: D. Boyenmyer: S. Greenwald: J. Swanson: fhird row: B. Woodburn: G. Williams: D, Longneclcer: E. Wohlwend: G. Michel: S. Barczewski: C. Hull: D. Sweem: R. Prince: l. Horwifz: P. Garry: C. Pollock: L. Sfaplesg W. Slanford: A. Hagan: C. Pyler: M. Cline: J. Klauer: R. Kundel: C, Anderson: J. Ward: fourfh row: W. Walden: R. WOOd: G. Roller: H- Gillis: R. Broholm: J. DeKoclc: M. Dimenf: J. Brown: K. Garber: J. Opifz: R. Frinlc: R. Perkins: D. Williams: F. Sfurdeyanr: J. Urier: R. Schlobohm: R. Lechelr: W. Erps: A. Moeller: J. Barnerl: N. Papadalces Surprising, buf he had done much more srudying ever since freshman work day prior To iniriarion inro Phi Bela Pi medical irarerniry. There was somerhing aboul 'rhe rwo-lone painr iob in Jrhe halls 'rhar lcepl him in his room as much as possible. Nor Jrhar malibou pinlc wi+h coral red was especial- ly violenr. In fact if wouldn'+ have been bad ai all . . . if he had been color-blind. I+ had been a choice of despera- rion, when no one had been able +o agree on any orher ser ol colors, and Jrhere if remained, wifh lhe French blue phone boorhs. officers Presidenl .... Carllon Re-'rerson Vice-Rresidenl . . Harry Ramseyer Secrelary . . , Richard Piohl Treasurer . . Fred Rallerson phi rho sigma firsl' row: L. Zearley: J. Barloon: J. Moes: J. Kivlahan' G. Schullz: H, Ramseyer: C. Pelerson: F. Lawson: W. Merge: D. Pansegrau: N. Thede: D. Rohrssen: second row: W. Turkey R. Hassebroek: P. Bafes: D. Nernmers: D. Shaw: C. Miller: J. Frudenfeld: P. Melicharz R. Glowackii C. Sinder: H. Douglas: A. Minlzer: J. Toyosi' 'third row: P. Pechous: W. Holfhaust F. Palierson: T, Schroeder: V, Glowackiy T. Basslerg R. Hagen: P. Campbell: R, Givler: R. Soiseih: G. Schmii: J. Turner: L. Ferber: R. Was're:l:our1'h row: D. Kivlighn: R. Durnin: P. Kirkeqaard: T. Cronkleion: H. Gamber: E. Brunsiinq: J. Kruqqel: E. McLaughlin: H. Omlidt R, Swanson? R. Plohli A. Shurnacher: J. Liewer: D. Reinsch: R, Kuehn Now ihal' They had gone Through finals, a mild version of Hell, il was lime To Cul loose and Celebrale before slarling The nexl Trimesler . . . was lhal' how Their annual Heaven and Hell parly had derived Hs name? He wasn'+ sure, bul ii did seem +o lypily ihe conlrasl in Jrheir lives. I+ wasn'+ exacily a coslume parly, allhough mosi of Jrhe girls were Clad in Clolhes lhal' angels would be shocked To see . . . heaven for Jrhe guys. The girls were a lol easier lo look af Than his med books. R X, i as N. A case is aioouf fo be diagnosed by Hwe wlwisiiing sound of air passing Jrnrougiw a vacuum. Anoiiwer piano makes sirange noises for benefif of a HAWKEYE piwofograpiner and amused brofiwers officers Fresidenl .... Delmar Albers Vice-Presidenr . . . Wayne Lage Secrelary . . Charles Bolender 'lreasurer . . Charles Roudebushi psi omega firsi' row: P. Mccaugheyt W. Hollander: D. Lulnin: L. Schneider: C, Roudebush: Dr. Whisenand' L. Garlin: C, Johnson' E. Bills: J. Pelfedg H. Hedge: G. Mills: second row: H. Rosenberg: F, Hardy: J. Healh' E. Houli: H. Pearson: D. Vincenlt J, Ellis: D, Albers: T. Goblirsch: J, Pelersen: J. Rashid: M. Schulke: J. Clapsaddle: +hird row: R. Coulson: M. Novolny: D, Graham' D. Wail' P, Mulligan: W. High: E. Braley: S. Quick: C. Bolender: J. Harrell: T. Mclfercher' A, Cahalan: D. Hall: fourlh row: D. Robinson: W. Lage: L. Young: F.Nesb1+ G. Sharloondy: D. Gerlils: J. Mchleishr C. lsloill: F. Denz: D. Poulson: R. Sulherlin: L. Bladon: K. Chrislensen: R. Nelson l'Denlislry is The line arl in lhe field ol science," lhe speaker al' lhe Psi Omega clinic declared. "ll is here lhal you: lhe men in spolless while iaclrels, deviale lrom lhe realm ol cold and hearlless medicine 'lo become: lel us say: sculplors. Never look upon a Jroolh merely as a loolh. Ralh- er, loolc upon il as plaslic lor The drill, your mosl valuable Tool. Never conlenl yourself wilh merely malcing a hole in a loolh . . . be crealivel Try for unique shapes and designs. Remember, drilling can be lun, nor iusl a borefl Grim-faced Psi Omega admfmisfers clipping . . . if may no? Nook H19 same, buf W5 cheaper. "TNS is We way we brush our Jreefhu . , . alas, even poor Yorfck falls Ynfo Hands of derwfd smden o f 'F i c e r s Presidenr ..... Don Billner Vice-Presidenr . . Merlin Norlon Secrerary . . . William Willis Treasurer . . Slanley Ginsberg alpha del'ra sigma firsl row: Alvin Bbrslilan' Alan Waxenberq: Slanley Ginsberg: Ellis Newsome: Jerome Goldsreint David Lowe: Don Billner second row: William Willis: Merlin Norion: Jack lvlcBroom7 Edward Garrilyy Ronald Barmasli: Frank Navarag l'larold Slevens: George Lavery "Genllemen," said Jrlie spealcer, Hlel' us examine llwe cone sumer, Wlrial is lie? l-low does lie llwinlc and respond? "l:irsJr ol all, consider l'iim as big game in Jrlie iungle ol life. ll is your iob lo Calclw liim. l-le may appear wily and slirewd, bul don? lelr lliis iool you. For we lcnow llial be- nearli liis armor ol 'sales resislance' ciuivers a ielly-lilce sub- srance, wealc and vacillaring. l-le is helpless before a good sales lallc. l'le buys Cars lwe Can? allord . . . be is morlgaged up lo liis ears , . . lie is a vicrim ol ADVERTISING . . . yours for rlie raking." officers Presidenr . Vice-Presidenr Secrefary . . Treasurer . . Gary Boelqe John Filzgerald Eleanor Theissen Harold Wallace american pharma- ceurical associarion Gary Boekep John Fifzgeraldy Harold Wallace: Eleanor Theissen Because he was regisiered as a pharmacy siuclenl, he was auiomahcally a member of Jrhe American Pharmaceulical Associaiion. H wasn'+ a mailer of choice-he paid lor ii in his +ui+ion. Perhaps he would've joined anyway, buf he couldn'+ help lhinlcing ihis amounred To forced labor, as he siruggled wilh fhe decoraiions for Jrhe Pharmacy Prize Prom. And wha? would he gei for his work? A shopping loag of pills, soap and oiher drug siore iiems. He could use some. buf whai would happen To The resl? l-lis dale would Take Jrhem, of course. associa+ed s+uclen+s of engineering firsf row: John Brady: John Everingham: Louis Pray: Donald Sloecker second row: William Sf-ein: Dick Dunlavy: Donald Sfover: Elias Prenlzas officers Presideni ...... Louis Pray Vice-Presidenlr . . John Everingham Secrefary . . . Donald Sioeclcer Treasurer . . John Brady The alarm clock iarred him our of sleep as if did every morning a+ 7:30. He leaped oul of bed +o silence if and was halfway across The room before he remembered Jrhar he could sleep five more minules . . . no more shaving unlil alrer Mecca Week. l-le slid back in bed and lay lhere con- sidering his good iorlune . . . and whal his girl would say lo The idea of a beard. As he awoke on lhe morning of 'lhe sevenlh day, slill enioying lhe lew exlra minules, only one lhoughl' was upper- mosi in his mind . . . he coulcln'r undersland why his beard wasn'l growing. officers Presldenl ..... Lowell Kalr Vice-Presidenl . Gordon l-lalverson Secrelary . , . Barbara Toyne Treasurer . . . W. J. Pecinovslcy , collegia+e chamber of commerce Hrs? row: Russell Cress' Barbara loyne: Lowell Kalr' Goroor l-lalversons W. J. Pecfnovsky second row: Prof. Chesler Morgan' Mary Kay Trueedells Charles Frandsor' Wllllam Afklnson' Cnarles Granger' Ed?ll- Blfll' Marlin Engllsh ll was bad enough having lo wrile lellers home every so ollen . . . usually when he wanled money or lood . . . buf here he was wriling lellers lo people he didn'l even know. As a member ol The Collegiale Chamber ol Commerce. sludenl' governlng body of lhe College ol Commerce, he was helplng organlze lhe Careers Conference . . . conlacl- ing guesl speakers from all phases ol lhe business world. finding a place lor meellngs, preparlng program schedules. To mosl commerce sludenls, Careers Conlerence meanl lwo days ol no classes. To hlm Il meanl work. O cl o I p h l n c I u b TirsT row: R. Kuiper' A. Rowe: J. Boged: S. Nelson officers RresidenT . VicefRresidenT SecreTary . Treasurer . second row: R, Ryang A. Braleyg A. Kocimskiy R. RlaToq S. Bailieg E. Ellisg J. Quick: J. MaThews: J, Olerich A. Carlssonq G. JohnsTon Third row: D. Adams: T, Jacobsong S. Beebet K. Wolling D. Allard: G. KoTTong: J. Bell: F, Lucas'E Mills . . . . John BogerT . , Alvin Rowe . . Richard Kuiper . Sherman Nelson R. Ahlgreny J. McCullough: TourTh row: R, Deasy: A. Gillberg: E. Hancock: R. Tannery M. WhiTacre7 K. AusTing D. Shawy R. Mchlamee: K. Minerg J, Jones: D. Miles T'iTTh row: J. Shaw: M. Ruschmever: D. Roberson' R. RraTTg J. FosTer' L. l-lurringq l-T, KeTelsen' S. Bye' R. Reed: G. Morris: l'l. Juddg L. Leonard: O. Ross He gazed down aT The waTer below him . . . Tlaming Torches gave The only lighT, and iungle music Tilled The Tield- house. A raTT on canoes, bearing Dolphin Queen JaneT Price, glided slowly Through The waTer, and The queen was crowned. T-Te waiTed Tor The signal and heard The splash . . . he was nexT. T-le had pracTiced The Tull TwisTing Two and one-halT somersaulT dive unTil he could perTorm iT perTecTly . . . in The empTy Tieldhouse. BUT, now, beTore all These people . . . he Took a deep breaTh, poised himselT, and dived. Look, ma, no Hands" . . . frapeze arffsfs in a wafer show , . . Dofohins do variefy of Hwinqs. W 1 Ure-flwirfy in We morwmg before We bxq sl1ow..."oPay, boygonce more and we' Y C o 'Ffic e r s PresidenT . . . MargareT RiclceTT Vice-PresidenT . . Mary Jane Balcer SecreTary . . . Cecelia Kirby Treasurer . . BeTh Howard mor'rar board firsf row: Toby DuniTz3 Prudence Mecler: MargareT RiclceTT: Mary Jane Baker: Barbara Work second row: Suzanne Reidery Sandra l-landTord: Barbara Oliver: Bonnie Erickson: Cecelia Kirby: BeTh Howard SAS fl ' 9 5 3 sk? i i-' iii' fr T xxx i , - WaTching The blaclcegowned Tigure pass Through The crowd oT eager iunior coeds and inTeresTed specTaTors, she remembered Three years oT commiTTee worlc . . . oTTices she had soughT and won, TesTs Tor which she had sTudied all nighT . . . Triends she had made where iT counTed. Seven of her classmaTes had already been Tapped Tor lvlorTar Board . . . There wouldn'T be many more. The Tigure passed her wiThouT a glance. BiTing her lip, she Tried To lceep baclc The Tears oT disappoinTmenT . . . and suddenly she TelT The coveTed morTar board on her head. 270 omicron delTa kappa Tirsf row Edward Cohn James Cooney Donald GoeTz Richard GuThrie: Paul l-lagenson: Andrew Houg second row James Houser Theodore l-luTchiscn Ted McCarrel Theodore Myers: George Oiemanng Soc:raTes Pappaiohn illiarn TeTer7 Alan WenTworTh: Roger Wiegmann: Darrell Wyriclc Somehow, The ODK leadership TraTerniTy rneeTing wiTh lvlorTar Board wasn'T going quiTe as planned. The girls were veToing every suggesTion Tor money-making proiecTs which would combine The MorTar Board Treasury wiTh ODK TalenTs. The girls clidn'T even wanT To leT ODK in on Their nexT DonuT Day. They had previously discussed selling donuTs To The girls To re-sell, or leasing hospiTal righTs on D-Day, buT now even Their serious proposals were being reiecTed. l-le hoped The girls didn'T mind ThaT The luncheon was duTch TreaT. officers Presidenl ..... John V. Riley Secreiary . , James While Treasurer . . Tom hlamillon phi dc-:Ha phi firsf row: F. Smiih: D. Meiz: R. Challed: R. Wells: J. While: B. Snell: B. Morris: J. Riley: A. Murphy: C. Knudson: J. Snyder: G. Probasco: A. Craig: l-l. Keenan: S. Richards: second row: W. Shoemaker: W. Ball: R. Miller: R. Peierson: L. Johnson: D, Sullivan: S. Rappaiohn: T. Jolas: J. Haiiery: P. Davidson: M. Rosenberg: J. Calhoun: A. Peferson: L. Meyer: D, Loofs: 'rhird row: J. Fellows: R. Cambier: T. Hamilion: J. Milani: J. Cray: G. Choules: T. Sennehi: J. Link: F. Falyey: F. Tucker: C. Armslrong: R. Schechlman: J. Jenkins: J. Senneii: R. Bremer: R. Ripple: M. Pulney: 'fourfh row: D. Brown: W. Sueppel: W. Bump: E. Burke: R. McMorris: E. Cooper: J. Beckman' R. Young: R. Ryden: R. Vollmar: C. Kuenzel: T. Hulchinson: J. Kirkwood: W. Eads: W. Manly: T. McKay: R. Cohrs: J. Giorn This was Jrhe big day in his life . . . he was abour lo be inilialed inlo Phi Della Phi law irarernily. Cn bolh sides oi him in The law building courrroom, his fellow iniiiaies were properly impressed by Jrhe solemniry oi ihe ceremony . . . and especially by The inslalling officers dressed in English law courr robes and wigs. ln The midsr oi such surroundings, he couldn'+ help feeling guilry ar his own lack oi reverence, buf he was amused by lhe wigs. He wondered ii he'd have io suliler rhe discomiori oi wearing one nexi year. officers PresidenT . . DwighT Jensen Vice-PresidenT . . Ira KapensTein Sec:reTary . . Arnold Gore Treasurer . . STuarT Hopkins sigma cic-:Ha chi firsT row: Arnold Gore' Pro? Erne5T Andrews: DwighT.lf3G5e!1' Ira Kgpengfein- STuarT T-lopkirg second row: Charles Allen: Eldon Libby: RoloerT Kernst Richard Young' Thomas RoberTs: Frederick Miller' Dayid STeyens' Russell Tokheim Larry Sirinsf Y Third row: Richard Schilling' Floyd Fliger' lvars Liepins' Richard Timmins? WalTer lngleg Terry Bledsoe' Jack Pease' David Clark The noon whisTle blew as he hurried Toward The Union, Thinlcing OT The reporT he musT give aT The Sigma DelTa Chi iournalism TraTerniTy meeTing. The lasT oT The hundred high school newspapers ThaT he and members oT The evaluaTing Teams had criTicized and sTudied were on Their way back To Their respecTive schools. T-le would have To explain in his reporT how They had CriT- icized The papers on poinTs oT malce-up and news wriTing, wiTh suggesTions Tor improyemenT. officers Presidenl ..... Elsie Laughlin Vice-Presideni . . . Eileen Cox Secrelary . . Ruih Rowland Treasurer . . Lorna Berens sigma +he+a +au firsi' row: Carolyn Walker: Lois Thomas: Elizabeih Byerlyy Mervyn Lorenz: Kay l-lenningg Shirley Eallcq Herman Riesenberg second row: Lois Plummer: Ann English: Joan Leehey: Lorna Berens: Aurzella Boewe: Mariorie Lyford: Marcella Mclnneryq Fred Krall A-.4 ' ii' ,. D Q ll 'f, ar ll' outa". 1051! fp ' ":u'. I lynx 3 H A , 1611 . ll ' 1, ,Hass y 1eIa'i"f - .L She had loeen on duly since early morning, and now she was fired. She wanied io go home and collapse, bul Sigma Thela Tau, nalional scholaslic sociely lor nurses, was having a lec+ure which she had promised To allend. Someone would iallc aboul The problems and Challenges oi nursing ...shed heard il all before. Funny, ihe speakers never seemed io menlion some ol lhe lillle lhings...lil4e Jrhe alarm every morning al 5 a.m .... lhe bedpans . . .lhe ach- ing feel. . .The long hours . . . lhe know-il-all med sludenls. alpha kappa gamma LisTening To The spealcer aT The Alpha Kappa Gamma meeTing, a woman who had had proTessional experience as a denTal hygienisT, she wondered whaT iT would be like To worlc wiThouT some l4now-iT-all senior oenT sTudenT peering over her shoulder... wiThouT a "l-ley, you, can you help me ouT Tor a minuTe," Trom a helpless junior... and wiThouT all The complainTs Trom The people who were waiTing, eTernally waiTing To have some worlc done aT The clinic. Qne denTisT's chair. one man To worlq Tor. ano regular paTienTs . . . someday . .. alpha lambda delTa As she waiTed Tor The pledging cere- mony To begin, The memory oT long hours oT sTudy came back vividly . ..The bridge games she didnlT play. . .The coTTee brealcs she didn'T Talce . . .The Television she didnlT waTch . . .The SaTurday mornings she goT up early To sTudy while everyone else slepT iaTe...The hours she had spenT in The library . . . The sTudy daTes while oTher couples wenT To The movies or wenT danc- ing. BuT she also remembered her pride The day she was aslced To ioin The naTional scholasTic honorary Tor Treshman women. flrsT row: J. WaTei's' N. Normaf' D. Rozhelc: M. Chambers' J. Brockscnink M. Veenker' second row: P. MeesTer' M. RoTman' C. Bolnnenlcamp' fx. Erick sc" J. Nelscn' Third row: B. Eklurd' L. Lahoers' J. Rasmussen' J. BauOh N. Mesh: D. Rezab' M. Lewis: TourTh row: M. BurkeTT: J. l'l'ngTgen'iiB Soear' S. Raecre' TirsT row: L. Gamble' J. McLaughlin: M, Seberg' N. Sfmmons, K. Berry second row: S. Park' J. Jackson: J. TsiTouras' S. Bailey: W. Nicholson: J Joseph: R. Samberg' E. Cohen' S. Levinsor: A. Glazer' C. Vaiy' C. Crew ford: Third row: fx. Schrody: A. Venzlfe' B. Vendelboet K. l-lalloran' B STienTies7 N. Weih' J. Godbersen, L. Frilz' S. Johnson' C. Henderson, R Edgecomb, S. SmiTh, B. PeTerson, fourfh row: N. Cogswell, J. Carmichael C. MenTzerq S. Elwell' B. Schauland' S, Cooper' S. Swengel' S. Mull' L WiTTekind, M. Young, N. TolTord, K. Clause .. W. .,,.,,f. . ,-.,.1,,. 4. . , . . . f ,fs -A ,. .. 0,35 Lavern Bladonq Vlfilliam McMahon, Richard Thiegsj Roberl SuTherlinZ John Ellis: John Hess firsf row: G. Maynard, D. Leing J. Hielmaasg J. STernq E. BloTg D. Sweeney: B. Barnes second row: R. Opheimg P. Ramlo, J, Sfarksp W, Govig: R, Mroz, M. Pro- basco: L. Gipple' L. Johnson Third row: J. Willie, l. BorochoTT, C. Kiomeg F. MarrIoTT, R. McPherson, W. Tank, D. Eyler, R. Ryan, W. Allcinsong G. Morgan T, associa+ecl s+uden+s of clen+is+ry lT was really no honor To be a member oT The AssociaTed STudenTs oT DenTisTryw all denTal sTudenTs auTomaTically belonged. The honor came in being on The governing board ol The associaTion . . .or so he had once Thought when he was elecTed To The board as a Treshman. hlow, Tour years laTer...Tour years oT planning parTies Tor The whole denTal school, seTTing up meeTings and lecTures, organizing commiTTees Tor The Appolonian l:rolic...whaT once had been an honor was now insT plain worlc. be'I'a alpha psi There had been honorary socieTies Tor iusT abouT eyeryThing on campus . . . buT noT Tor accounTing. OTher sTudenTs had Their pins and lceys...buT noT ace counTing sTudenTS. Finally, The lowa chap- Ter oT BeTa Alpha Psi was Tormed . . . come pleTe wiTh meeTings, dinners, speakers and Time-consuming service proiecTs. l'le was one oT 35 new members, ThaT second year oT exisTence, who hadnlT been aware oT The proiecTs unTil Too laTe . , .Theirs was selling subscripTions To accounTing iournals. BUT iT was an honorary, and Thar was whaT counTed. 276 chi epsilon l-le saT by The window oT his room and chewed abse-nTly on The end OT his slide rule. The world is indeed looking brighTer, he ThoughT, as he sTared ouT across The sTreeT aT a liberal arTs sTudenT picking up buTTs Tronn The sidewalk. Following his TaTher's advice, he had gone inTo engineere ing and had been olllered Sl0,000 a year To sTarT wiTh Bailey Bridges, lnc. To Top iT OTT, he had been accepTed inTo Chi Epsilon honorary TraTerniTy. Good old Chi Ep. l'le slipped his slide rule inTo The scabbard Thar hung rakishly Trom his belT. de-lTa +heTa phi l-le leaned back in his chair, puT his TeeT up on The desk, and liT his pipe, Teeling very much a man oT The world aT lasT. Law had iTs advanTages, he ThoughT, as he sTruggled To blow a smoke ring in The same careless manner ThaT his roornmaTe did. DelTa lheTa Phi had called . . . and he had responded by joining. l-le looked aT The cane hanging Trom The Towel rack on The door. l'le had never Told anyone oT his secreT desire To have one which con- cealed a sword. Perhaps someday, if he could Tincl a niche in The diplornahc corps... firsT row: KeiTh RaThien: John Brady: John lv1cMilling John Penhollow second row: Donald STover: Gene Kopp: John Jelllers' Paul BarriTT firsl' row: K. Korns: D. O'Brien: N. Conger: A. DaTesman: N. Borreson: J, OlchoTT second row: K. Wilcox: A. Smirhq G. O'Hara: P. Anderson: M. Goewey' N. Biordal Third row: V. Lazio: l.. Campbell: S. Shullzg J. Bauman: Prol. E. Newsome: P. PeTersen: C. BluTT: N. Cox: K. Greene eTa kappa nu He had worked and slaved and sTudied all year wiTh buT one goal in mind. NoTh- ing had sTood in his way. His Triends had Told him ThaT he was driving himselT Too hard, ThaT he c:ouldn'T keep up The pace. He had Torsaken The innoCenT pleasures oT college lile in his gue-sT. While his room- maTe was enioying himselT aT The well- known pub, he pored over his engineering. He had raised his grade poinT To The peak in his sophomore year. He wanTed The EKN scholasTic award. He had To have iT. And They gave iT To his roommaTe. gamma alpha chi She sTood in TronT oT The sTore, Trying To summon enough Courage To walk in, sTride up To The manager, and Talk him inTo buy- ing an ad. She only had Two more ads To sell, buT aTTer The lasT NOI, her he-arT wasn'T in iT. Membership in Gamma Alpha Chi, wom- en's adverTising TraTerniTy, was more Than an empTy honor. lT meanT a loT oT plain hard work . . .selling ads Tor loaskeTl:nall pro- grams...selling ads Tor phone cards dis- TribuTed To housing uniTs. . .planning The 'lAgaTe Line" loangueT. She Tried To Think oT iT as experience, buT her TeeT hurT. 278 iowa Transil So now he was an ediTor. l-lis rise To success had been rapid since he had come To The universiTy Trom his liTTle mid-wesTern Town, and Today he had been Told ThaT The lransiT was all his. l-le TelT quiTe capable ol handling The iob aTTer Three years oT varied experience. Perhaps someday he would be The ediTor oT a mass circulaTion magazine. This was noT beyond The realm ol possibiliTy. Oh. TheoreTically he was in engineering, buT he wondered ET he mighT noT be cuT ouT Tor someThing else. Hiournalism, perhaps... kappa epsilon Pills, pills, pills...someTimes she won- dered why she had ever decided To major in pharmacy. l'ler Triends oTTen accused her oT choosing iT because oT The male- Temale raTio...iT was True There weren'T very many girls enrolled in The school... buf she haTed working in Those long labs, especially in spring when more TorTunaTe liberal arTs sTudenTs were canoeing or sun- baThing. Worn ouT Trom The lasT session oT pille making, she was looking Torward To The Kappa Epsilon meeTing ThaT nighT and geTTing TogeTher wiTh girls in similar plighT. 279 1 sf, A 1 Y WW i firsl' row: Donald McGhan: Marvin WilT: John Lawler Darrell Wyrick Dale Wendel: Gerald PraTT second row: Ronald BuTler: Walfer l-luber: Will DTc Byl Nod up James SmiTh 'firsl row: Marie Sheehan: Mary Jane Mackey: Selma S ender Janice Han cock: Jacqueline Norgaard second row: Eleanor Theissen: Emily Dormer: Mary Ann Seberg AleTha Ruk gaber: Emmy Lou Highland: Mrs. James W. Jones . rn- wi 'sv firsT row: Donald Kundelg Dr, Morrisq John Swanson: Jean Mchlallyg Wil' liam STanTord: l'larold Bergeeq William MeTge: Bruce Spivey second row: ArThur Haganq Richard WolTe: Morgan Cline: Paul Fasier Maurice Schremf Lodis Schwarizq Arno Jensen firsl' row: Jura l-lopkinsj fxnneTTe FiTz' DoniTa Barlrelsq Beverly Robinson Jean lvlchlaily I second row: Marian l.ahmanrQ Joan Nickel: Marjorie Budd: ClysTa Richard' CharloTTe Barnes medical sTuden'r council He glanced around aT The Tired, sTrained Taces oT The oThers seaTed aT The Table. They had been planning The Aesculapian Frolic Tor weeks now, buT This meeTing was a bad one. "Did you SEE iT?" asked one Through The shroud oT smoke. V The balding one nodded. "IT was Terrible. You'd Think we were criminals or had The plague or someThing. No doubT abouT iT . . . l'd raTher give up smoking. The leTTer said no girl can Take an Iowa CiTy overnighT when we have The parTy." nu sigma phi Being The only girl on The Tank wiTh Tour men had iTs drawbacks. Grouped around The cadaver during anaTomy lab, They liked To Tease her. . . abouT her boyTriend . .. abouT her personal liTe . . . abouT George, Their cadaver. There were oTher embarrassing momenTs, Too. Some oT The proTessors who lecTured To classes oT II8 male and Two Temale medical sTudenTs oTTen iniecTeol commenTs which senT The men inTo bursTs oT laughTer while The girls Turned scarleT. BuT when she goT TogeTher wiTh The oTher Nu Sigma Phils. she was able To laugh aT her experi- ences as They shared common problems. occupafional fherapy club Senior dinner...if had such a final sound. And now if was her own senior dinner. She had looked forward fo fhis day for a long fime . . . fo fhe dinner mark- ing fhe complefion of five years of infen- sive receiving fhe pin and emblem fhaf symbolized her profession. She fhoughf of fhe year of inferning fhaf lay ahead . . . and fhen a career of fherapy . . . if was a challenging field. She had heard many fherapisfs af OT club meefings fell of fheir clinical work. ..en- fhused: inspired speakers. She sfepped up fo receive her pin. phi alpha della l-le saf af his place af fhe fable, fidgef- ing wifh his knife. The banguef was a monfhly occurrence af which prominenf lawyers addressed fhe frafernify, answering guesfions and imparfing bifs of legal know- ledge which he found very helpful. Buf foday he was more fhan a liffle infera esfed in fhe guesfion session which usually followed fhe falks. l-le had a Problem. lf wasn'f foo big, he decided, buf sfill if bcfhered him. l-lis mind fliffed back over fhe evenfs leading up fo his Problem. There was fhis girl in Madison... firsf row: N. Lacina: M. Adamson: M. Moore: E. Erich: B. Bernsfrom: A Robinson: N. Gasfon second row: D. Neff: M. Abrams: M. Kleih' J. Needham: C. Wenner: J Kunfz: C. Griffifh: S. l-lunn fhird row: N. Moulin: M. Miller: M. Krafzke: G. Meyer: D. Dow: S. hlarri son' M, Rowley' J. Svobcda ' - 1 1 ' l i firsx' row: J. Nefnoni C. Gordon: W, Tefer: J. Ruifan' fi. Jonnsch: N. Elerie ney: R. Neuzil: D. l-lammer: H. Allbee: C. Zimmerman: second row: J l-lavercampp W. Bernau: W. Rofhschild: V. Vochoska: F. Walker: J. Thomas L. l-legfvedf: G. Knoke: J. Shafer: J. Frye: fhird row: A. Anderson: M Ruschmeyer: l-l. Viefor: R. Feiden: J. Rielly: K. VanderLeesf: C. Pesch' D Wiff: J. Underhill firsl row: Donald Casadyq C. McCloy: A, Wendlerq Alan Gillberg: Norman Six: Paul Sloppelsy Thomas Jacobsong Samuel Bailiey Lyle Lewis second row: Alois Fienupq Fred Friedrichsen: Dwighl Marslon' Donald Rod- gers' Axel Bundgaard: Dale Pennybaker: Carl Selinq Clarence Hullgren' Jack Schullz: Rex Davis' Richard Wachler firsl row: Melvin Popolsky: John Ballard: Bruce Bolingg John Jackson? Warne Ramseyq Alan Hausman second row: Jack Slern: Paul Krapll' John Bouma: James Joy: Kennelh Penninglony Janis Slraumanis, George Novakg Braden Slevenson phi epsilon kappa l-le sal crosslegged on lhe lloor, loying wilh a lennis ball he had been squeezing in an allempl lo slrenglhen his grip. He iusl had lo squeeze lhal lhing was expecled ol him. The lennis ball was his pledge proiecl, given lo him when he had ioined lhe lralernily lwo years ago. "This is a phys ed lralernilyf' a brolher had lold him. "You've gol lo gel inlo condilion and slay lhal way al all limes. We've been discussing your case, and you seem all righl, excepl lor your grip. ll's like a sponge. Slrenglhen ill" l-le squeezed lhe ball wilh a lury. phi ela sigma l-le hurried down lhe hill lo lhe Old Armory lo pick up his Comm Skills grade. Wilh eighl hours ol B and lour hours ol A, lhis would be lhe delermining grade. l-lis lhoughls llashed back over lhe pasl semesler...his speeches had gone over prelly well . . .he never had lrouble wriling lhemes...bul maybe he should have double-checked his linal lheme. l-le lound lhe class lisl and scanned il unlil his eyes lound his name, wilh lhe leller A aller il. Thal's il, he lhoughl. Wilh a 3.5, he would be eligible lor Phi Ela Sigma. 282 phi gamma nu She was 20 This year. ThaT meanT 20 cenTs. NexT year iT would be Zi cenTs. A raTher nice cusTom, she ThoughT, The Phi Gamma Nu BirThday Fund ...a penny Tor every year on every birThday. A somewhaT slowly accumulaTing Tund. buT wiTh money Trom The Treasury, The commerce sororiTy was able To buy a Type- wriTer Tor The VeTerans l-lospiTal. There were oTher TradiTions, Too ...she wondered ii iT mighT noT have been a good idea To sTudy a liTTle harder and be The pledge To receive a braceleT as a giTT Tor having The highesT grade poinT. pi Tau sigma l'You're in mechanical engineering, aren'T you?l' she murmured. l-le TelT a TriTle nervous. l-lis roommaTe had Tixed Them up, and she was noT quiTe whaT he had expecTed. She was Trom Madison. "Tell me abouT yourselT," she purred, sliding her arm around his shoulder. l-le gulped, buT The words wouldn'T come. l-le hadnlT had much Time Tor girls because oT The pressure oT his sTudies. In TacT, he was very badly ouT oT pracTice. "You musT be good aT Tixing Thingsfl she syrupped. "l've goT a zipper here ThaT . . . H firsT row: B. Folbergg M. Leamanq V. SwiharTy A. Jochumsent M. Truesdell B. Pavlilc second row: J. BriTTony S. Bengey R. Dripsy J. BenneTT7 A, Millard: W Phelps Third row: E. Ennis: S. Brendery J. Lyman' W. Keeler' J. Chadelcg M Humphreys 'iirsf row: William DiTch3 Duane MelcherT: James Link: George Miller: Cur Tis Hansen second row: RoberT Fisher: Paul KiTchg Billy Baker: Richard l-lradelc --Q11-vf :siv- firsl row: Nancy Cogswell' Shirley Lenz' Janel' lheirne second row: Nancy Woodfux' Mrs. Jean Long' Mary Belh Vandermyde firsl row: Elia-. Pierliasg Dcsald Q-Sei' Richard l-lradelxp Paul Earrisl' l.eRoy l-larzen second row: Edwfh Arderscr' Joh" McMillir' Dorald Bold' Russell Har- mon: John Brady ihird row: Keilh Ralhiehq Way'ne Fishers John Penhollow- Phllip Leahy' Bill Baker: Darrell Wyrick s+uden+ nurses organizafion She was a ioiner by nalure. She had always been happiesl' when being noliced, and one way lo achieve lhis was To become a member ol lhe clubs currenlly in vogue. She had ioined Young Republicans, Young Democrals, a sororiry, lwo honorary socielies and a religious organizalion. l-ler roommale said The only fhing she missed was RCTC. Bum when she became a mem- ber o1CSN0, The leeling ol accomplishmenl was gone. Membership was compulsory. The capping ceremony ol The sophomores was gralilying +o her, however, They en' ioyed il, and she fell imporlanl again. +au be+a pi l-le lished a second paclc ol cigarelles lrom his pockel and carelully opened il, fearing lhe cellophane painslalcingly. Melhod in all lhings, he lhoughl. A wave ol pride swepl over him. He was now in a lralernily, nol merely one ol lhe social ones, buf an honorary based on his schof laslic raling. l'le had dulilully grown a beard lor Mecca, a fuzzy lillle blond growlh, and now he fell ralher dislinguished, once he gol over being embarrassed. l-le wondered whal his girl in Madison would Jrhinlc ol his carefully cullivaled 'lunshavenw look. - J +he+a sigma phi The sun was selling across 'rhe river as she hurried lo lhe Union lor lhe annual Thela Sig lvlalrix Table banguel. Hall- running down lhe sleep hill, she lhoughl aboul lhe name ol lhe banguel . . . and wondered how lhey had chosen il . . . she was vaguely aware lhal a malrix was some' +hing iournalislic. She wondered who would be chosen Oulslanding Universily Woman of IQS6. Proud lo be one ol ohose inviled 'ro allend, she was even orouder To be nominaled by a campus group lor lhe honor. I+ wouldnll be long unlil The award would be made . . . +he+a +au "Remember, you who would be engie neersf' lhe Big Execulive inloned al lhe lralernily smoker, "whal's good lor us is good lor lhe counlryf' l-le sal in lhe back ol lhe room, lislening lo lhe speeches 'lhal had been going on lor over an hour now. lnlormal Talks, lhey called lhem. Men had come belore lhe group in The pasl lo exloll lheir companies. l-le was gelling fired ol il all, 3ul he kepl on allending because il was exloecled ol him, l-le had lried lo fell his lalher lhal he liked music, bul he wouldn'l lisfen. american ins+i+u+e of radio engineers "Daddy, fell me a s+ory," +l'ie wide-eyed lol demanded, climbing inlo lwis lap. "Whal kind ol sfory would you like?" he asked, laying aside flue scraiclw sneer. Wlrell me aboul wliere you weni lo scliool an' was a nero," said ine apple of liis eye. l-le cauglil The Cold look l'1is wife slwor llirougln liim. "Yes, darling," sl'ie purred, "fell us aboul llie lime you iliouglil you could repair Jrlial big lesling macliine willi all llie luloes and dials, and did il so well llial ine sclwool lei you buy anollier onefl "Yeah, +eIl us," said llie enianl Jrerrible. american ins+i'ru+e of elec+rical engineers l-le examined llie panel Closely, awed by ine number ol wires and leads llwal con- ironied liim, This was a proiecl llial could noi loe lrealed liglilly. Upon lwis aclions liere depended ine weliare oi many. He liad underlaken llwe rigorous lraining and nours oi preparalion llwal mark llie successiul engineer. l-le nad sliunned ine frivolous ways oi llwe average College man, lor llial way led lo drink and disasler. He nad done llfie riglwl lliings, mel llwe riglir people, and ioined AIEE. Now lliis . ..l1is lwands were lrernbling . . . one of lliese fuses . . . 4 L 4 . uv' 'I wx 'E 1 .Qi ,s . fi s v ' i f Pk M555 ' , ,H ' ef- . r m 1 I , x .X - 'E . 53:2 ff " E: if W, ,A gg. .1 -.L 145' F5 "'. A yu.. . I 5 , 4 ' 45 4' 4 t 0 gi 1 K, 'V Q ,L 6 1- 5' li 9. , X l K officers Rresidenl . . . Ronald Chesmore Vice-Rresidenl . . Donald Johnson Secrelary . . . Edilh Sylsma Treasurer . . William Allos + cl 1' h ' 1' ' . I firsf row: William Alles: Mona Ahlsclagerq Ronald Chesrnore' Don Johnson second row: Delaine Proellg Gwendolen Zeiller: Edora Clineq Mary Barrellg Colleen Dolezal' Cyrlhla Borcherding' Bealriee Dierksg Sally Srnifh ihird row: Philip Allen: Philip Hess' Joyce Garber: Marsha Brubalcerg Barbara l-lopkinsg Sharilyn Cooper: Edward lvlclachlanq Jerry Nelson fourfh row: William Srnilht Harold Ludvigsong Peler Rarnloq Jay Allenq John Channert Donald Pollalc' Roger Coe' Chrislcpher Hawlrey Dialing lhe number ol Jrhe lasl name on her lisl, she Could hardly believe Jrhal' alrnosl everyone on her cornrnillee was coming lo Jrhe nneeling . . . and Thar Jrhey mighl be able lo finish organizing "Religion in Life" weelc. Their lenlalive lisl ol speakers for The leclures and seminars was only a beginning. She wondered how dirlicull il' would be lo gel sludenls inleresled in lhe weelc's evenls. College sludenls seemed +o be apalheric aboul everylhing...poliliCs, lhe world around lhern, Jrhe universily world . . .even religion. officers Presidenr .... Connie Bishop Vice-Presidenf . , . Peggy Thomas Secreiary . Mary Ann Mcciarchey Treasurer . . . . Marie Moore kappa phi firs+ row: J. Kehx- W. O.-.em B. Days J. Rodeo' D. Carnebe' C. Fargo' S. Ca"a i, D'e'5: 'Y i-Ve' M. Morgan' M. Snacke ford S9COI1d FOWZ E. Whiie' M. KiODDf3'Ti3UVQf J. Brockschfnk' P. Kermn'+z: M. Moore' M. Thomas' M. Mccialchey' B. Seydeiq M. Brammedo' M. Lamberi: Fx. Thomas' M. Murphy' K. Hansen: J. Moore 'third row: M. Truesdei" D. Erifnefion' C. Harrison' M. Bagnara' E. McCa'i' N. Ba.-rmaf' B. M'+Cne'i' M. Anderson' S. i-iurioar' R. Coin J. M. Bishop fourfh row: P. Fernng- M. Behion' F. Fochi: M. Macirriii' S, Ei,-.QSM Q, Meyer- 34 Qifyer: R. Harain- M, Mgnrfkeg D. Wiiiiams' S. Harr' 0 S. Roiiene' V. Jacobs Surveying The work around her, she decided io Jriie inior- maiion on parienrs' religious preferences, having iyped ref pcris uniii her fingerrips were numb. H had been a iong iime since shed done any ohfice work, bur now ihai she was a piedge of Kappa Phi. sororiry ior siudenis oi Meihodisr preference, she was assisiing The Proiesrani chapiain a' Uniyersiiy hospiiais. Knowing how he needed 'rhe iime io yisii paiienis, she was glad she couid heip our. She s+arTeo io iiie, aniicipaiing ihe Chrisimasechanulcah pariy Thai nigh' wiih i-iiiiei ioundarion. newman club officers Presidenl ..... Donald Brown Vice-Presidenl . . . Charles Green Secrelary . . Audrie McManus Treasurer . . Roperl Slrawn I-Ie shivered sliqhlly as Ihey wailed for Ihe charlered lous lhal was Ialcinq lhe Newman Clulo lo Soulh Bend lor lhe Iowa-Nolre Dame game. Someone slarled Chanlinq, "Beal lhe Irish, beal The Irish," and he grinned as he picked up lhe Chanl. Lilce many ol Them, he was oi Irish blood, bul lhere was no que-slion ol his was Iowa all 'rhe way. The boy slanding nexl To him opened a bag ol polalo :hips and held il oul Io him. I-le helped himsell lo a lisllul and wondered where The bus was. hillel 'FoundaTion lT was The week oT Chanulcah. He Toolc his place in The TronT room oT The Hillel house wiTh The group lisTening To The rabbi Tell The Tamiliar sTory . . . how The Jewish people drove ouT The Syrians and capTured The Temple where They Tound The lamp ThaT burned Tor eighT days. He ThoughT oT The many Times he had Talcen parT in The ceremony . . . a candle was liT The TirsT day . . . anoTher one The second day . . . a candle every day Tor eighT days. ReverenTly, he waTched The service, and reTlecTed on The beauTy oT The TradiTional cusTom. iowa chrisTian 'fellowship He sneezed once, and Then again. His eyes waTered and he sneezed a Third Time. The wagon iolTed miserably down The coun- Try road and he sguirmed as some oT The hay slipped down The baclr oT his shirT. His nose TwiTched, and, wiTh anoTher sneeze, he realized he never should have come on The hayride ThaT was parT oT The Iowa ChrisTian Fellowship reTreaT. The represenTaTives Trom chapTers all over lowa seemed To be enioying Themselves, Though. He blew his nose and wondered how much longer iT would be beTore They reTurned. TirsT row: J. Nyleny A. Hoshinog J. ReiTerg J. HulTrnan: C. Johnson second row: N. FaTlcag J. Lekwag S. Lingt G. Wei: J. Nelson Third row: H. Rod: D. Silvis: P. Allen: M. Ceynakq D. Ahrenholz Q TourTh row: E. Heusinlcveldy J. Babcock: R. Lind VCU "5'n-'nga'-Q " f 'L!'ZEfiw, nf 'f' Hx fig . fi? .QV . Uma" AW ' ' N,N:..f. ,fel . -V ..,,,,,,,,,, .. Y J- A . '7,,w. ,, 2 ,1mfi',wN,g,1v.., . . gfxggiw mm, . f QW 1 1 sw? , - ,Q-2,f:.1',r Z '. 5 . 4 if. J V .iw .A , ' ,rgfff .S f with . ,mf ,. , M2 :ef ,f . :Sli y A, ' i - 5, x 'Q N 511. ' 9 L, im 6 2 Z i . , wad' 4 , H+ mn 4 5 1: 5 x m S fa ' 4 Q k Xl 4 , "1 :Q .af f .a Q . I - ey' ' 'L as Y 4" . Q . ' I fi. Q 2. :A f , ' 'fy . Vf'wf9"f, ,V , ' i . lf' Q E' iff? E' , ff , ,Q 'A fx-5 K "?Pf33Qf. W Q - A A .f'A i1 4 V 'f -f - 2 f , , . ri, A pm.: . . W f 9 N . 1 ,, 8 5 7' QQ gg 57 ,4 , T f 2' X 2 k ' 'H f ,QV fN3af' 2iaC', a3'f 1 K 1, Y 3 'g f fm 11 P K ' ' 4 . xg fif' f 1 e J ,,-. ,355 41.7 , A I A 1 lg I" ,.. , , n f ' 'gig w 4- , 1 3 if S 5, b A f M slag. ,iviggf h T . ' 4 J .ff Af . . ' f , N A V 1 in ,vi , ' 3 K A 4 1 Z . if . V : 5, . f YQ If 4 Q -2:5 I . 1 uw ' f wffg . , ' - x 3 . , , U35 ,i w A, A ! X", fi, Lf in M , M . V 'i E A , ,kj Pg ,Vw . ,-,r f,Qg?ag.',,:,f-ffm Y . N 'f Q? 'gg t M Y . , 1 7 f 3,9 f ' yi! A ,f,, ,, rw ' 4, f-M125 6,iff', Q Q, V ' ' J 'Lf??:g"12't 5-Q35 A 3A , ,, W' 4 ' 'f , A. panhellenic: council firsT row: Ann Johnson' MarTha Kay PuTney: Mary Van VlieTqJudi1h STein second row: Claire Wing: Sara Gillq JaneT Slanzelg Jane l-loopesg Marilyn Ray Third row: Virginia Milnesi Marcia Jonesg Ellen Fernandez: Arlene Kroenin She swallowed The lasT oT her coTTee and rneThodically pressed ouT The cigareTTe she had been smoking To be come panionable. "Where To now?" They asked her. "Panhel." She picked up The library book ThaT was over- due, and wondered when shed geT a chance To reTurn iT. Panhel council would lasT longer Than usual Today. They had a loT oT plans To make . . . Tor second sernesTer rushing ...The Training program Tor new ohlicers . , .The Panhellenic Formal . . . Greek Week. She was glad The scholarship din- ner was behind Them, officers PresidenT .... Sally SToslcopT SecreTary .... Shirley PuTney Program Chairman . Ann McLaughlin ProiecTs Chairman Jacqueline McDonald junior panhellenic council firsl' row: Ann McLaughlin: Shirley PuTney: Sally SToslvopTg Jackie McDonald second row: RuTh Rundbergg Barbara Boelceq Jeanne Briggs: Jean Niemeierg Barbara Folberg Third row: CynThia Coneg Carolyn McNamara: RuTh l-larnilTon: Nancy Roberson 'rw W The bell in Old CapiTol was Tolling The halT hour when she Took her place in Junior Panhellenic meeTing. As she slipped OTT her coaT, sTill loreaThless Trorn running up The hill from The library, she couldn'T help Thinlcing how much OT her universiTy life was spenT in rneeTings. Pledge meeTings meeTings . . . and especially cornrniTTee rneeTings ...buT This was one she didn'T mind. She noTed The daTe ol nexT monTh's mass meeTing OT all pledges, and leaned loaclc To lisTen To The TirsT pledge class presidenT reporT on her group's service proiecT. alpha chi omega Sorori+y life is . . . bridge efernal . . . oficers Presidenl ...,. Claire Kay Wing Vice-Presidenl' . , . Susan Lagerloel Secrelary . . . Alyce l-larringlon Treasurer . Barbara Launspach sigma chap+er They always played bridge . . . belore lunch . . . aller lunch . . . belore dinner . . . aller dinner . . . any lime ol day or nighl. Dealing lhe cards now lor a ciuiclc hand belore lhey lell lor lhe lieldhouse and commencement her mind raced over The school year drawing lo a close, and she lhoughl ol lhe sislers who had already packed and lell. ll had been a busy year lor some ol lhem . . . lor Kay Keilh and Janel Schmerse on YWCA cabinel . . . lor Kay and Carolyn Slager as oflicers ol l'lawlc-l Pep Club . . . lor Donna Belvel and Elaine McKenzie in Qrchesis. She remembered Tall ol praclices and re- hearsals . . .Anne Larson's worle on lhe panacea show . . . .lo Anne Wallers and Rulh Rundberg slightly walerlogged lrom praclice lor lhe Seals show . , . lhe six l-lighlanders who gol up early every Salurday morning during second semes- ler . . . lallc ol deadlines . . . by HAWKEYE copy wrilers Emily Eldred and Jan Schmerse. Only lhe seniors were lell . . . Kay Wing. a member ol YWCA cabinel . . . Joann Slager, secrelary oi l-lawlc-I Pep Club . . . Janel l-lall, allendanl lo The Honorary Cadel Colonel . . Ardis Jackson, a member ol lhe Chamber Singers. She linished dealing, piclced up her cards and bid. There wasn'l much lime lell. ...Q WRYZ' 1 ,, 3 f, 1 .,..W, : , ie K dm 4- : Wffil' '- 5 M ...W , . . we - iii? ' f , Ili 1453252 1 , ., 2. T if K Ji H gi... 5: 7 .Qi W es, Wei' 1-vw sf we .3 ...M J,-.. , . ff? 1: A I P"' - ' Wifi a?'fzs.f'zJ 114 iw ., ., a..g:g'f- -: - . - , :sae : may Y A32 r" - -f I 3- : view: --H rv 1 L - ,, ' ' " 1. V Q I f ""- 551 215. .s , Ei' - r f f ,:.f: : . re- , ff ' A gb ll QA ,His 'T we fu members Hrs? row: Mrs. Frey: N. Abramson: J. Anderson: M. Anderson M. Bellwlce: D. Belvel: J. Blaclcsrone: V, Bradley second row: J. Claypool: M. Clements: C. Dworzaclc: E. Eld- red: J. Faqen: J. Fuller: N. Gaslon: S. Gesfon 'rhird row: l-l. Greenleaf: J. l-lall: A. l-larrlnglon: J. l-ledqlln C. l-leeg: M. l-lile: S. l-loll: E, lsaacson fourih row: A, Jaclcson: K. Keiflw: M. Kelly: M, Koesler: S. 1 Lagerloel: S. Lengllrfg A. Larson: B. Launspaclw fiffh row: M. Lee: C. Leylem: J. Lyons: E. McKenzie: A. Meyer: B. Morf: E. Oldsen: C. Pfalfzqraf six+l'1 rcw: R, Rundberq: L. Saqgau: L. Sheppard: S. Sleplcer: C. Slaqer: J, Slager: M, Sorensen: A. Thomas sevenfh row: P. Thomas: S. Turner: C. Tyrrell: J. Wallers: V. Wenger: A. Winn: P. Wolfe: P. Zimmerman 297 alpha delTa pi chords and discords . . fm ' 'Z T , oTHcers PresidenT ..,.. MarTha Kay PuTney Vice-PresidenT . . . Mary Kirby SecreTary . . Sylva STeclcler Treasurer . . Ann Fellows ,j ,gg iw. TWA alpha beTa chapTer The weT snow ThaT had been Talling all day was beginning To Treeze as she Turned up The wallc oT The A D Pi house Tor one oT The monThly sororiTy exchange dinners. The TronT door opened and, sTepplng inTo The warmTh oT The brighTly lighTed hall, she was greeTed by Three girls she lcnew Trom The STudenT Council elec- Tions subcommiTTee, Barbara GaTes, Jan Ser- bouselq and Jo MaTThess. They saunTered inTo The living room, and she paused To chaT wiTh Kay PuTney, presidenT oT The Panhellenic Council and oT YWCA, and secreTary oT The Young Republicans. Kay in- Troduced her To her sisTer Shirley, secreTary oT Junior Panhellenic, and They were ioined by Sally SchachT, publiciTy chairman Tor The Young Republicans: Barbara Brown, presidenT oT The Penguins swimming club: and Joyce Garber, a member oT The YWCA cabineT. The dinner bell sounded and she Tiled inTo The dining room wiTh A D Pi's whom she had meT as orienTaTion leaders and on CenTral ParTy subcommiTTees. All around her The Tallq was oT The ToT's TroT parTy, l-lighlanders, AWS commiTTees, and T-IAWKEYE and chorus pare TicipaTion. She piclced up her Torlc and began eaTing. TWH' me an Q s. ifw .1 VV, brim V :Q S l Xi H.. r. - A is-Q I E ff 2 -"-- - f I .nu sv: -"' 5 1 .:,,, A'A. , -:.x -' f ' ' 5? 'S 'Q Q. 1 X .gg :, A in 1 fs' is 9 Wk Q, we -via 1' 4' A mlm members firsf row: Mrs, Bauer: A. Amdanl: C. Barker: M. Beclwfei McDonafd:T.Mil1er: K. MENS: P. Nell heirner: B. Brown: C-5. Cleaver: R. Collins: D. Crawley GNP' row, S Nerqon, B Omapd, C Parmerl K Par second row: N. Crowley: A. Davis: E. Fellows: K. Fowler: Phrliipsy R. Price: M, Purney: S. Pufney H. Fredericksen: J. Garber: B. Gains: S. Graeber . h ' slxfh row: B. Ranes B. Rodenber , rg: , 3 . +hird row: K. Harris: J. Hauser: I.. HW: H. Himrod: J. Schachf: J. Serbouselc: A. Srnifh: S. Snell Horner: M. Johnson: S.Jol1nsong P. Keefer fourfh row: H. King: M. Kirby: S. Maffness: J. Maywafd: E. Vanflosrerrwoufg M. Wagner: M. WrIgn:: S. Wyaff ,L . AM 'Q' fwfr. sevenfh row: J. Snowgreng S. Sfeckler: K. Vandershuis' M K . W fig Q' gf? BBJ 'A is . , - if A A EXE' .:'- . V. 1 ,,. Y " 'a- fi. ser: rv . K F , ,W arm? if Q 5 Q 4 5,13 ...- ., gm 'Eu M wh V 23' .M .,, , 2 5' 'ri . 3 . f 'M fr .,.: ' rw A i wk ker, D. E Roman S RusseU S 299 alpha xi delTa c0mmuna+y man.. o 'FT i c e r s PresidenT ...... Jane Hoopes Vice-PresidenT . . lvladalyn Vanderlip SecreTary . . RoberTa Howard Treasurer . . Lura Weir sigma chapTer This was a new experience Tor him. He had never sTayed overnighT in a sororiTy house unTil Dad's Day l955 when The Alpha Xi's Turned over Their rooms To Their TaThers. He puTTed Tiredly on his pipe and wondered how much longer The enTerTainmenT would lasT. NOT ThaT he wasn'T enjoying iT. IT was iusT ThaT he had driven 300 miles ThaT morning, spenT The aTTer- noon aT The game, and gone To dinner and a movie wiTh his daughTer in The evening. He had meT more oT her sororiTy sisTers Than he could possibly remember, and she had Told him someThing abouT each one . . MargareT Kimmel and Nina Neel were ediTor and arT ediTor oT The Panhellenic Handbook, and she'd menTioned lvlargareT's worlc on Union Board and AWS commiTTees. RoberTa Howard was on The YWCA CabineT and AiWS Council ...Jane Hoopes was a member oT AWS orien- TaTion commiTTee . . . Joan Duhigg was vicef presidenT oT The Young DemocraTs . . . The girls in The sl4iT, Jo Dunn, BeTTy OosTerhuis and Marcia Lewis, were oTTicers OT The American DenTal HygienisT associaTion, and The Two lead- ing The singing were Y-oTTicers Jaclcie lvlc- Donald and DoroTha SToughTon. He leaned baclc and lisTened To The Tamiliar TraTerniTy songs. rii "" 2 Y . ' 1 T . - f 'Q B " :b f ' , . . W , .4 4 1 V m h . V .. .. . , Q.-4 -, A.,, ,. M.. Q, ,: ,-- rw 'V 3 5 .1 1 V' Q, . 1 Q ,E ',-v .. .. gy 4. . ,F , V . , - I ., .. ,... A . , . , . .f .. . ., "r Yr' ' : R 1 ' ' ' " .. .V . '? "" "' .. Y " 'Q 'li .J 42 B' . " . " 35 'il 'Q W 55 " 1 .:.. ll A -I - . - . Y " -as .: : J. U ' - . jk M XA we . : .. W - 'fhf ,4 ir '-" 4' ' la 1 K A '5 li K -- J:-eff qv, QM I . . Q.. W5 " . ,Fr i, ., - 5 : l N. Q mt , - AA 5 . 'af 42 .. ..: V V Ez ul r l z .. rii'r fqzl ' Y J: r J : 1 . . , , i i ,,V.. H : K ' I ,:,. l B' w B C ' J B. "" r f-wr 5 ' i 'ff J if . 1 ie J J W: ui 1 , ,,. :V f. 'I . , , . 4' - A V. K ' W-,,.. - ' . ' A W . - rr. 1 'Jw B .- .." " I g., V. .. I f ff li' ' ' 2 'xt ' J - 1 H j 5432: x ff: . , H J . . . A,i . A,, 1 W WJ . V . m e m b e r s firs+ row: P. Adamson: E. Alborfg F. Allbaugln: L. Allen: J. Auslourger: V. Ball: S, Barker: C. Blue: M. Bolnlken se Clarke: K. Colberf: N. Crone: W. DeDer1: J. Dunigg +hird row: J. Dunn: B. Edelen: C. Fillenworflw: N. Flynn: G. Gard: C. Gasfineau: P. Hodge: J. Hoffman: J. Hoopes fourfh row: R. Howard: J. Jokwn: N. Jolnnsfon: K. Jollifre: M. Kimmel: M. Krohn: K. Larson: B. Lenix: M. Lenox fiffiw row: M. Lewis: S. Marsden: J. McDonald: N. Melsln: R. cond row: S. Bunker: M. Burke: N. Bulclwer: S. Carlson: M. Munn: N. Neel: S. Nesler: D. Norlon: M. Olson sixfh row: B. Oosrerlwuis: M, Perkins: B. Roberdee: E. Rund- berq: V. Sclnmidl: D. Snyder: C. Sfarrel: D. Srouqkilorl seven+h row: M. Sucher: S. Telford: M. Thayer: M. Vanclerlip: L. Weir: C. Werner: F. Wilimek: B. Wilmer 30l chi omega cliefs... 1 Q ofHcers Presidenl ,...,. Arlene Kroening Vicefpresidenl . . Shirley Curlis Secrelary . . . Rila Russell Treasurer . . Mary Ellen Parker psi befa chapfer Walching lhe band and Chi O maiorelle Sandy Lamb leave lhe field al lhe laslr home ganne, she realized lrhal lhis marlced ihe end oi fall, I955, and The end ol a busy guarler lor lhe Chi Cmegas. Qnly a monlh ago lhey had been working on The Chi O-Dell whale which had won lirslr place in The originalily division ol The Horne- coming parade. Jusl aboul lhal Jrime, lhere had been ihree Chi O finalisls in Profile Pre- view, and 'rwo girls named lo AWS Freshman Council. She recalled olher girls aciive in AWS . . . Nancy Balcer, Arlene Kroening, Mary Woodman, Kay Slienlies, and Collon Curlis, who also was on Cenlral Parry Comrniilee. Ellen Parlf was vice-presidenl of Seals, and Mary Ellen Down, Kay Srienlies and Alice Cox served on The Y hospilal board. Alice was also a HAWKEYE volume edilor. And There were lhe girls who had received special honors . . . Bonnie Ericlcson lapped For Morlar Board . . Rulrh Ashlron sele-cred +o Phi Be+a Kappa . . . Kay Schauland on lhe lhealre board oi gover- nors. Fall was over, bul' an evenliul winler lay ahead. The dinner for dales, a Chrislmas cozy. winlrer and spring lormals, and a parly 'lor handicapped children were all yel ro come. members firsf row: Mrs. Wafermanq K. Acccfag N. Bakery S. Ballg S Bierbaumg B. Boekeq J. Byrurnq M. Carverg A. Cox second row: S. Curfisy M. Downs: N. Dunn: D. Egglesfong P. Ellisg I, Ericksong M. Fagang N. Gahegang S. Gosclw 'lhird row: B. Graefg R. Harkfnsy S. Herbert D. Jungg D Kohlhaseg A. Kroeningg S. Lamb: D, Lambachy N. Lafcln fourfh row: K. McGowan: D. Moefferg M. Neff: S. Nienausg J. Odemg S. Offensfeing E. Park: M. Parker: K. Pepper fiffh row: D. Pufnarng M. Richard: J. Robbins: S. Rodgers: E. Roqqenkarnpg L. Russellg R. Russelly V. Scnaulandg C. Sinqley sixfh row: M. Sloaneg J. Smifhg S. Sorreflsg B. Sfienfiesq C. SfIen+jesg S. Swenqelg K. Swlckardq P. Tea sevenfh row: M. Ternplernan: M. Warren: B. Wauqhq B. Wern- sfromg N. Widigeng M, Woodmang M. Wrignfg V. Yoder della della della sl 1 c ..,. .. . ' ofHcers Presidenl ....,. Sara Jane Gill Vicespresidenl . . Prudence Meder Secrelary . . . Mary Hickman Treasurer Barbara Summers Sl ws phi chapler ll didn'l seem possible lhal il was Chrislmas lime al lhe Tri Dell house already. So much had happened lo her sislers since lall . . . il seemed like only lasl weelc lhal Il Tri Dells were marching wilh lhe Highlanders al hall- lime, and Loris Shadle was leading cheers dur- ing lhe games. She walched lhe Tri Dell Sanla Claus, slulled wilh pillows, waddle around lhe room wilh presenls lor everyone . . . lor Nancy Simmons, vice-presidenl ol Alpha Lambda Della, and Marie Phillips, Seals secrelary and one ol lhe eighl Tri Dells who were members ol Seals . . . lor lhe lwo Morlar Board members, Mary Jane Baker, and Prudy Meder, who was also vice- presidenl ol AWS. Kay Norlon. assislanl arl edilor ol lhe HAWKEYE, clulched several gills and slepped over assorled pairs ol legs lo reach Carol Crawlord, a member ol Cenlral Parly Com- millee and chairman ol AWS lnlormalion lzirsl. Nearby were Margarel Wickard, a "Live Yer," Mary Jordan, a member ol cenlral iudiciary board, and Belly Clare Henderson, a runner-up lo Miss Perlecl Prolile. A hush lell over lhe room and she saw lhe song direclor sland up lo lead lhe carols. 'fx' fs .KWV K . L," 1: , ,, .9 51 4 - Q. J ii 1:"A " 1 : : ' W ,Q M.-RQ sg: X 3 5 .K fm uihsm . . ,ua A ,5 V,,. I V : V J .af .. A ,Q .wg V- I . . V' . .'.,V mq-W - ,gi I ,T Q I J A' I lt - 1 K . - ' . ,-., S 1 S :"' ' - ., 5' Y-0? L M ii W: ff: S . L mi :Wi Ii.. 'h :' w s ' L +L X i as . -5... W . 7 2 .3 W . : V. Q M .W - l L his J iw was Q.. . 2. I . W x -4. L,-ML H . j gi ,,:L ff . .i V L . My . 1 --,A L i :iii 5 M J s J i M .. 4: V f A. W, r J' 7 - 2 umm. dwa, J . . .. . 0 wi assi gg. A1 swf s... . Q. "Qi .sw A Q -af: , : H . W gi as .-as is fw-is .gi 4 a ,lf . f ' :ff-3 f my J S J 1 i s 4328 gs, W Q' Fw f- ,,,. . , f . f anis! .. Q .S V 1 V 2 5 . 'F' i.. 'i .. f . y, -- M ""'f51 Zia. 2 . f . . .5 H ' ' 7 A 'N A ' - f. . is .- ,7 1. , V- sw wx . members 'Firsf row: M. Archer: M. Baker: N. Biordai: V. Bock: J. Briggs S. Campbeiig V. Ciinker: N. Ciiihero: C. Crawford second row: J, Firm: L. Fisher: S. Fri-Qmarv A. Frohihg: S. Gibson fhird row: S. Giii: J, Grofeiuscheri: P. Hamer: G. Hanson: A. P-iarhaqei: B, Hehderschg M. Herrihqj M, Hickman: A. Hicks four+h row: C. Hiiiiqosi' P. Hofsfmah: J. Howe: S. Hum' E. Hunferj M. Jordan: M. Kiein: G Maddison: K. McMiiian S. Cunningham: N Diiiey' M. Dodeh: S. Evans: fiffh row: R. Meder: J. Milfher: L. Moidewhauerg S, Muihoi- land: J. Needham: E. Neuman: J. Newsome: K. Norionz Ove-rhoisef S lxfh row: D, Re-iersori: E. Phiiiipst R, Rhiiiios: J. Rasmussen' A. Robinson: P, Rohde: L. Roih: S, Salle: JJ Schmid? S evenfh row: R. Schuberi: L. Shadie: N. Simmons' P. Smifh S. N. Sorensen: D. Shock: B. Summefs: J, Vahi-ioevef: M. Wick- fd 43 'iii 305 dc.-lTa gamma curiosiTy . .. ofHcers PresidenT ...... Marilyn Raye Vice-PresidenT . Anne DaTesman SecreTary . . . Jeanne McCardell Treasurer . Nan Borreson 306 Tau chapTer She hared To Think oT herselT as an "alum," buT now, Two years aTTer her graduaTion, she was discovering how much she had losT Touch wiTh The house and iTs acTiviTies. Glancing Through The chapTer scrapbook, she realized ThaT alThough many oT The Taces were new, The DelTa C5amma's wore busy as ever on campus. lnTerTraTerniTy Queen DOT Thompson was in The TirsT picTure wiTh Judy McLaren, one ol her aTTendanTs. Shown on The nexT page was Marilyn Ray Miller, aTTendanT To The Honorary CadeT Colonel. A loose newspaper clipping inTormed her ThaT Holly Highland had been elecTed presidenT oT Kappa Epsilon, The phar- macy sororiTy. She noTiced a lisT oT parTici- panTs in AWS programs . . . Sue Sonner was secreTary oT The lnTormaTion l:irsT commiTTee, Mary Goen was a member oT The orienTaTion commiTTee, and Judy MurTagh was chairman oT The Tinals of U-Sing. She knew ThaT Nan Borreson was a volume ediTor Tor The l956 HAWKEYE, and she came across a sTory men- Tioning Y hospiTal board member Jody Myers. AnoTher clipping Told her ThaT Sue RuTledge was a member oT Union Board, and on The nexT page she counTed I2 DG! in The Highlander picTure. members fits? row: B. Appelman: M. Asher: A. Baker: J. Bariowg B. Beckman: D. Blaufuss: N. Borreson: N. Bresnahan: B, Buxfon second row: L. Campbell: S. Carnes: M, Cass: M. Clark: D. Conway: A. Da+csrnan: A. Dunkerfong M. Edmund: K. Faib Hwird row: T. Finley: M. Goen: C. Griffiih: D. Guffenielder: S. Hai1n:F, Harker: E. Highland: J, Horner: M. Jenkins fourfh row: J. Jensen: M. Jensen: N. Jepson: L. Jones: S Keifn: K. Korns: A. Lindquisi: K. Lindquisf: M, Lyie 'fiffh row: M. Masseiink' J. McCarde3l: S. McClary: M. Mc Guire: J. McLaren: J. McLarnan: E, Minard: J. Murragh: J Myers sixfh row: L. Nybaicken: J. O'I'-iara: S, Pfolwi: J. Piper: M, Ray M, Reindiey: N. Roberson: C. Rufledge: S. Schneider: S Sharp sevenfh row: S. Sha-Hon: A. Srnirn: S. Sonner: S. Srewarr: D Thompson: J. Vogel: A. Waiibridqe: J. Vxfardecker: K, Wlwif aker: R. Wiegerf delTa zeTa cheese. ofHcers PresidenT ....,. Ellen Fernandez Vice-PresidenT . . BeTTy Kay Johnson SecreTary . , . Jeanne l-loops Treasurer . . Marian Shapiro ioTa chapTer She hesiTaTed a momenT beTore beginning her weekly leTTer To her parenTs. So much had happened aT The DelTa ZeTa house in The pasT week ThaT she didn'T know where To begin. Maybe she should sTarT wiTh The ChrisTmas Tormal, "Blue December." She had had such a wonderTul Time. And Then There had been The AWS Toreign sTudenTs' dinner which Connie Dolezal was in charge of. She glanced aT her waTch. Sheld have To hurry or she wouldn'T have Time To wriTe her HAWKEYE sTories . . . and Then she would have some explaining To do To Marian Shapiro, man- aging ediTor oT The yearbook. IT she could caTch Marian aT home, ThaT is. She, Meg l-lenry and Miriam Forbes were aT a WRA Board meeTing. Across The hall, one oT The DZ Highf landers was warming up on her bagpipe. T-ler roommaTe had promoTion maTerial Tor l-lawk-I Pep Club spread ouT on The Tloor and was raTTling papers and muTTering To herselT. Rochelle LoerTs, iusT back Trom panacea re- hearsal, and a Tew oT The girls reTurning Trom Y CabineT meeTing poked Their heads in To see abouT a bridge game beTore dinner. Was iT ThaT laTe already? "Dear Mom and Dad . . . llm so busy llll iusT have To Tinish This laTer on. members 'firsf row: J. Bauman: S. Beaiiyq J. Bendsen: J. Bishop: M Blessingfong S. Brown: S. Cox: J. De+i'1mers: C. Dolezal second row: S. Dorfon: P. Eliinqson: E. Erich: M. Everif Fernandez: M. Forbes: V. Foss: J. Frosfg P. Gregory fhird row: E. Gusfafsonq R. Harnilion: G, Hansen: M. Harms: S, Harris: M. Haugen: M. Henry: J. Hoops: M. Hruberz four+h row: G. Jociiirnsen, A. Jochumsen: B. Johnson: Krafzke: D. Liirleq R. Loerfs: J. Lyman: G. Marfens fiffh row: A. McManus: L. Miller: M. Miller: J. Moore Moore: J. Norqaard: A. Papadakes: S. Parks sixfh row: R. Popinger: J. Raker: S. Roliene: M. Shapiro Sieinrnannq N. Torrence: A. Turner: G. Wieqrnan M N M gamma phi be-la pan coiieciing . . . off i c e r s Presidenl ...... Mary Van Vliel Vice-Presidenl . . Elaine Balrou Secrelary . . Arlelle Eilen Treasurer . Virginia l-lagens rho chapler She slood in lhe doorway and marvelled al lhe changes lhis room had undergone. l.asl year il had been a cornbinalion chapler-slor- age room. Over lhe summer il was lrans- lormed inlo a recrealion room which doubled as a sludy hall on week nighls, and now il was lheir dining room. Two ol lhe I5 l-lighlanders joined her lo discuss lhe lranslormalion. Versalilily was lhe answer, lhey decided, iusl like lhe Gamma Phi's in lheir aclivilies . . , AWS lreasurer Marsha Brubaker. . . band lwirler Ellen Moody ...cheerleaders Elaine Palrou and Bonnie Kuller . . . WRA lreasurer Jae Jackson . . . HAWKEYE arl edilor Sylvia Dolch and volume edilor Ann Berner . . .queen allendanls Sandy Lohner, Bonnie Lane, Ann Berner, Ginne Frisledl and Barb Work . . . Mecca Queen Sandy Lohner . . . lirsl runner-up lo Miss Iowa, Kerin Qkerlin . . . Thela Sigs Ann Roberls, Belly Broyles and Barbara Work. The lasl lwo came running downslairs lor dinner. She didn'l see much ol Belly and Barb now lhal lhey sloenl mosl ol lheir lime in lhe Communicalions Cenler . . . Belly as sociely edilor ol lhe Daily lowan, and Morlar Board member Barb as edilor-infchiel ol lhe 1956 HAWKEYE. ' ,., . memb firs+ row: P. Alkbeeq B. Bacon: N, Barnes: C, Barfersg B. Beer: A. Bernerp D, Borrsg B. Boyer: B. Broyles second row: M. Brubaker: M, Ckxrisrenseng P. Chrisriej M. Coors: N. Corson: M. Crefr: D. Darne: N. DeSer+g A. Dlsfel- norsr 'Third row: S. Dokch: A. Eifen: M. Evans' C, Farckurnrn: V. Frrsredr: J. Frusn: V. Gfessq N. Hack: P. Hafner fourfh row: J. Hagens: V. Haqensg C. Hakbecn: C. Harcnerfeq J. Jackson: R, Jensen: S. Jonennsen: S. Jones: B. Kufrer GFS fiffh row: B. Lane: S. Larson: S. Laue: S. Lonnerp M. Long N. Lurnensq C. McNamara: J. Me-Ycnerr: J. Menard sixfh row: P. Meyers: L. Moody: K. Murray: V. Murray: J Newcomer: K. Okerkin: J. Okson: E. Parroug D. Pfander: B Recner sevenfh row: S. Reernrsrna: A, Rokyerrfq C. Srauwqer: B. Turner J. Turner: C. Valy: M. Van Vlief: J. Williams? B. Work: S Wormroudf kappa alpha The-Ta off i c: e r s PresidenT ...... Ann l.. Johnson Vice-PresidenT . . Zoe Ann FiTch SecreTary . . JaneT Kohl Treasurer , , AleTha Rukgaber beTa omicron chapTer She held her big sisTer's hand TighTly as They wenT up The sTairs. She hadn'T expecTed To see so many girls all living in one place . . . some waTching Television . . . some playing cards . . . some iusT siTTing and Tallcing. Her sisTer led her down The hall and inTo a room where There were even more girls, sprawled on beds or on The Tloor. Names swirled abouT her head . . . Ann Johnson, Panhel Treasurer . . . Mary Ann Seberg, presidenT oT The 'freshman women's honorary To which Tour oTher TheTas belonged . . . Sally Slroslcopl, presidenT of Jun- ior Panhellenic . . . Miriam Mogle, chairman oT someThing called ProTile Preview . . . Kay Boojrier, chairman OT AWS high school conTacT commiTTee and a member oT YWCA CabineT . . . Marilynn BaxTer, who had someThing To do wiTh AWS coTFee hours. She loolced aT a bulleTin board in The room and saw picTures oT a girl named Marcia Koch who was an aTTendanT To Miss SUI and To The lnTerTraTerniTy Pledge Queen. l-ler sisTer Told her ThaT Marcia also was on AWS Freshman Council. A newspaper clipping on Seals had Three names underlined, and one on High- landers had Tive names marlced. IT was all very bewildering, buT somehow iT loolced lilce Tun. 5. . i .. .-.sw V . . , A' gk , V.--. 4 A Y Q: P A , Q... fp M rr M . ? A r K J " z 'fr xv . K A 53 1 M ' 3 X , ,. A . A .. m',. I V nl ,. ,,A,A 4 , , ., ,. L, h h S :fa . A' ,mr . . . . "' . 1 2 6 . " . w .f A Ji f 'K ,.. . . -. ', , ' - -. - ag.. V- , . - . if-' ' . I J ' . Q 'rw .Ig I K . N .mx . AB, 5 Qi. I M A J gg. VE .- -W ,f v A K QP . -Q 5. ww A W A ' uv 'fx wit: V -W... . . fs? rr A V '13 A ff- , , . - ' I, - dm W . Y ' . V AA, A n":' " K. . - gif? 'Zz K' 3' ff f -T ,, . 29" ,af f .fd 1 , H e by , V, . . N., f . A A 1 1 ,J f, V ma V r n ' 1 .. . ' A ' J A .. . C A"2 rr V 1 ,M rx, V A' . - A' 1. , L h f ,V A K A A ' r M. ' 1 Sm, K I M. . 1- -cf Jag, V .K ,, A Y he as . 'A 5 r 1 .C ij . Jk, ""'k A .F ,r gk ,wr ,,. , 44 'iz' 3 . K KV , Q , Egg . -.Jw ! 'Aff .5 ' .E wh- r v 4 x .. V , :: A 'f fi! - a Q4 ku, K . HI V , j M.. lfgfirf V , .sr "iw ' , rw wr - , W.KL V A A N A X.. , gg - W ..f. mf J .R .... -- ...rf ri -Y v memb firsi- row: N. Acne-:song C. Alexander: G. Anderson: V. Bare- soieg M. Baxferg J. Bender: K. Boofjerq V. CaYdweHg K. Camp second row: L. Cedsonp V, Ccderg C. Cris: J. Co?eg D. Dos- ferp K. Enqdahlg J, Fenfong S. Flscrxruppg Z. Firth fhird row: S. FHzqera?dg J. Fryy K. Greene: M. Hanna: F. HafniN3 J. Hendersnoi P. I-ienryg C. Hess: M, Hooarv fourfh row: E. Hcdcq E. Hucerg J. Hugrnsq A. Jcnrsong V. A-'W x an PY 'IA WD' X W ei' -3 4 mi ra. , K .1 ' N '? V iw. f . we My 'S 4' GTS Jones: B, Kenfi C. Kfnfg M. Koch: J. Kon! fiffh row: A. Lewis: S. Marfing M. Messier' V. McVVfWar'nsg M. Mlcrwcdg M, MOQNGZ J. Monfgcrncryy C. Morrison sixfh row: M. Mussenj N. Ndson' M, Feferscrf' J. Re-aqang C, Roberfsp A. Rukoabcrj M, Seberq: B. Soacek seven+h row: M. Sffarfordy S. Sfoecwbaucr' S. Sfoekcpfp N. To!- fcnoq S. Vareg J. VVQHHS: N, Weldq S. 'WnanneN 3I3 kappa kappa gamma esprif de corps . . . ofHcers Presidenl ...... Janel Slanzel Vice-Presidenl . . Jean Albach Secrelary . . . Ann Summerwill Treasurer . . Aileen Weiss be+a zefa chapfer The Kappas began lo file onlo lhe plallorm and she peered al Jrhem inlenlly, frying lo locale her daughler. She recognized Sue Reider, AVVS presidenl and a member ol Ivlorlar Board, and Jane Richler, chairman of cenlral iudiciary commillee. She saw Wendy Slrriel, lvliss Perlecl' Prolile, nexl 'ro Dol Schwengel, corresponding secrelary of Sludenl Council. The blondes in lhe lronlr row were Bev Pelerson, edilor ol Code for Coeds: JoJo Niemann, Dolphin Queen allrendanlrq and Jan Barnes, allendanl lo Miss SUI. lrnmedialely behind Them were Janel Slanzel, Honorary Cadelr Colonel, and lda Bell, chairman ol Spin- s+er's Spree. Then she found Donna Schumann, who had been an allrendanl lo lhe lnlerlraler- ni+y Queen as were JoJo Niemann and Janelr Slanzel. She lcnew lhal Janel Waller was a balon lwirler wilh lhe SUI band, bul she couloln'+ find her unlil she spolled Ann Summerwill, a mem- ber ol Cenlral Parly Commillee. Then she saw her daughlrer be+ween Two olher pledges . . . lnlerlralernily Pledge Queen Grelchen Green, and AWS Freshman Council presidenl' Belly Busby. She wondered how lhey all lound lime To praclice For The Uniyersily Sing. -q ,, . ' L',' - JMM .. . ' .A ff J . A: '- - J. , . g ' A P n n is-Q A 'f it A V ,iw Tir . AWK A . A 9 3 6 A 1 ,zfyz 5 l - - S A -A f ian if ,- rw., -. . -. I 9 ' . . wi . , W . 4f:--V 1, A Q 0 ' V . . A.n. . A A " ' w i A 4 ?,wL fMf?wifwm .MJ AA HW.w . f A"h W A . nl ig. 1 . .- l " gi., .., , A J . A -W f .f AJA. .in 'ff -3 A f ":' fi ... ,, . A ' ' V . if L.. M A4 l 4 ,A J . J J . M V .5 ZL, 5 neil i M1 L K fi . J ,- Ki .. A AIK M any A WL :59.:g:,..,5,. - T., , Eu: isis , T" " . sax ! ff ' 1, 3 jr.-, N., - A - "hW 9-ff H " , V ' - V A ig. F " ,f ' I . . ' f A . 5 z 'Y I . :ix ...' A A fvvfsigis I I QQ. . 1 'X' .L A325 1 2 n m M " X Q.. W 91 . 5 P Q, -Q . , A 5.2. -Q' "1 ' - mf J i A 'mf A J l t A f Am-' .- 1 .. V 1 ..,. , .. . 1'KA7" ww- , M .wqWnQQ A 1 eMAwws . .,-, , Ki' .1 we L. . - In ,h .A 2 up . V - ' V ,Q 'I' N' ' 'A hw ,f -V 'lf "Lg ' A A M H ' . - - I J J, J , 4 -, ' ' A ,.,. 'Q 3 JW' w 'dy I " 1 . 1 f A -' . memb firsf row: J. Albacng Barbara Baker' Beve-Hy Baker? J. Barr' N. Belery I. BQH3 M. B3nnef+: A. Bergj J. Brvqlwf second row: H, Brody J. Broolcman: S, Brookrnam B. Busbv' P. Canedyq N. Cnesvfnnanq J. Cwefnenfsq E. Crawforo Eafes fhird row: B. Fair" D. Gibson' J, Gordon: S. Graham- Green: S. Hannq A. Hclbenfrqj C. Hefnf- an, L. F-W .esp A. G. fourfh row: M. Hill: M, Hoajir' K, HOJVYWEST A. Hun' S, GFS Jonnsorzg S. Mavfsg S. Mcllerrnrffp A. McLaugHing B, Mixsor fiffh row: M. Mosbacng J. Naflon' J. Nie'nann: H, Peck: 5, Pefersonq S, Raider: J. Ridder' K. Poberhonf S. Rodawfq six+h row: D. Schumann? J. Scnurnannz D. Scnwenqelg S. SCOH: S. Seiberfg J, Sfanzdg P. Sfenbe-rq: M, Sfepnensoni W, Sfrief sevenfh row: A. SUVVWFGVWJ 1' S. Swenny' 3. Twckwq J. Wxamfcfq E. VVPM- A. We-iss' S. VVJson: 'v1.YCur'3 3I5 p i b e T a p h i muTual admira'I'ion . . . officers PresidenT ...... Virginia Milnes Vice-PresidenT . . lvlary Hancher SecreTary . . . DoroThy Dow Treasurer . . KaThryn Van Ginlrel io+a zeTa chapTer lT was hard To believe ThaT iT would be The lasT spring Tormal Tor her and Tor The resT OT The seniors wiTh whom she had pledged. She TelT a Trille sad as she wandered down The hall, looking Tor someone To chaT wifh while she waiTed Tor her daTe. As she sTopped aT The door oT each room, she ThoughT OT The honors and acTiviTies OT The occupanTs. Kay Taylor, Miss Iowa oi I955 and AWS secreTary . . . Jonne Shiley, drum rnaior oT The ScoTTish Highlanders and WRA presi- denT . . . Whihf Kirby, CenTral ParTy Com- miTTee, and a member OT lVlorTar Board wiTh Sandra BeTz l-landTord . . . PaT Polloclc, aTTend- anT To The Quadrangle Queen . . . Sue Piper, Phi BeTa Kappa . . . Ann WaTlcins, secreTary OT Union Board. She remembered The nighT The pledges skipped in a charTered bus . . . cozies and bull sessions which lasTed Tar inTo The nighT . . . The exciTemenT oT a candle or Tive-pound being passed . . . weelc ends They had honored The moms and dads . . . winning The Panhellenic scholarship Trophy . . . The ChrisTrnas buTTeT dinner . . .The winTer Torrnal. l'ler buzzer rang and, wiTh a rusTle OT slcirTs, she gaThered up her coaT and purse. 5 . .-. m ,L Q.: rf-4-fs. 1 .i rf 'QW M. M ll? W 5. S .4 l ra- . : l fg ' X bf : . l I ell? memb firsl' row: J. Allen: S. Alllwoll: J. Anderson: D. Arnlal: J. Ber- refl: B. Branclmillg J. Bryan: B. Buclcroyd: J. Bullock second row: K. Clause: S. Cleaver: M. Doerr: M. Donahue: D. Dow: N. Dunlop: R. Eclgecornbe: S. Files: M. Flafley ihlrd row: M. Fosler: C. Green: J. Hagen: M. l-lanclwer: C. l-lanseng J. l-lavenlwillg C. l-lenderson: A. Hlclferson: M. Hick- erson fcurfh row: J. l-loplcins: J. l-lubly: V. l-lunlz C. Johnson: S. PK GTS Jones: C, Kirby: S. Knirglul: M. Kollcer: S. Larson 'HHH row: M. Lear: M. Maurer: S. McConnell: J. Mcllrallw C. McMahon: V. Milnes: E. Moore: E. Nagle: J. Niemeier sixflm row: B, Parlcer: L. Pederson: P. Polloclc: M. Kale: M Reedquisrg N. Rodlwouse: J. Rose: L. Sclnlleller: S. Scollr sevenlh row: C. Slwlley: S. Slwlnnj J. Slvoernan: C. Spalwn: M Spies: K. Sullon: J, TePaske: K. Van Glnlcel: A. Walklns sigma dc-:lTa Tau quaeif hours . . ls 7 H Ks o H i c e r s PresidenT ...... Jill STein ViceAPresidenT . Eleanor Green SecreTary . . BeTTy Kunik Treasurer . . EdiTh BloT 3I8 pi chapTer IT was lO:35 p.m. aT The Sigma DelTa Tau house and The buzzer summoned The girls in shrill, demanding Tones. Buzzers usually meanT acTive meeTings, or meeTings To plan Tormals, house parTies, or Cozies wi+h pledge enTerTein- menT. BuT aT This Time oT nighT, iT could only mean ThaT someone was pinned. She Threw on a robe and ran downsTairs To The chapTer room. JusT as she ioined her sisTers, The presidenT sTarTed passing The lighTed candle around The circle. Whoever blew iT ouT would be The lucky girl wiTh The new TraTerniTy pin. l-ler eyes Tol- lowed The candle as iT passed Trom one girl To The nexT. There was Toby DuniTz, SD'l"s MorTar Board member. lNlexT To her was Home EC presidenT BeTTy Kunik. The candle casT an aTTraCTive lighT on The Tace oT Judy Ferdinand, a Dolphin Queen TinalisT. FarTher down The line were Phyllis l-laTT, member ol CenTral ParTy CommiTTee, and Edie BloT, Union Board mem- ber. Sandi Miller was There, Too, alThough mosT oT The Time she was kepT busy as Greek Week Co-chairman, Panhellenic represenTaTive To STu- denT Council, and HAWKEYE business mane ager. Would The candle never sTop, she wondered. J , I ' T .... 'X lm .. ffl.. r 9 K ... , ,,, L, 359 . I Q . iw' , ...S X . ,114 .mr Q re. .. V A ..h,, , t , ., 'fr ' ' JW nm' V . G w " " 'ff W' " A--A 'Q . ga . . . : I r r Ki I . W V? ., . 1 A V A f Grp -J "- J: K W -, ffm. ew l'3 , V . 1 .. ' - ,"- .I ::, -- "":: f 2 ::Q ' . A A - I L . J g igiefeere ggi '.. A1 - :reef : Egger? regQegee i,3g7l?2l. e , 41, ,, .E ,.., I ,ggi K , . K ...ggi-ff lnv f 1 . r , Q fl 1 x ., g,: i 7, L . .,,. , . L V rr E i Ein - ,:-:- 7. Q. ' ,L' : 1' ,V ,. " . 5 : cz ' L ' , ,, 'I "' f -H, 'fr -ff ' , ' , , J ., , - ,:., , V , L l J Q 1 f -,,L. 3 , ,,AA., , Q 'r' .gfi .M.1:lQmE -wee l J ,,, : G r rr l J A " "' is I - 5 ,Qi ii . A ., .I -I Q ., A . , W 1? I , ' ' J . . Q 9 H , J "' 5? , A 5- 4 1 - VV Q . ki A . ' K r A" r xl f2"' . " . 3? . --L1 H 32235 members Hrs? row: M. Abrams: N. Barron: E. Blol: M, Braverman: N. Breslow: E, Cohen: E. Drulcer: T, Dunilz second row: J. Ehinqer: F, Felberbaum: J. Ferdinand: B. Pole berq: A. Frank: B. Ginsberg: K, Glnsberq: A. Glazer +hird row: Sandra Goldberg: Slraron Goldberg: E. Green' E. Greenberg: S. Greene: D. Holland: C. Jacobson: R. Jacobson fourfh row: J.Josepl1: H. Kalelrnen: M. Kalleman: R. Kozlen: B. Kunik: l-l. Kamik: S. Liebman: F. Manvirz fiffh row: l-l. Manvirz: S. Miller: M. Morris: J. Moslcowllzp S. Nadlerg L. Passer: L. Rofmen: E. Rovner sixfh row: R. Sernberq' L, Sclwwerfzq M. Slnor: J, Sfeqel: G. Silver: E. Slrola: F. Solcolol: J. Slein: G. Vfeldlnger 3I9 zeTa Tau alpha esregoaan chan+a officers PresidenT Marianne Spain Vice PresidenT Marc a Jones SecreTary Sonia Swanson Treasurer Shirley RoberTs alpha omicron chapTer She saT in The middle oT The hall, surrounded by suiTcases, books, boxes, ice-skaTes, booTs, a Tennis rackeT, blankeTs, coaTs, a TypewriTer and sTuTTed animals, waiTing Tor her parenTs. Her scrapbook was on Top oT a miscellaneous heap, oyerTlowing wiTh memenTos oT a happy, exciTing and rewarding year spenT in The ZeTa Tau Alpha house. She opened iT aT random, and a bedraggled ribbon broughT memories oT The Two weeks prior To ChrisTmas yacaTion. The ribbon had been The mark OT her se-creT lepre- chaun sisTer on all OT The nonsensical giTTs she had received Trom lvliss X in Those Two weeks. A snowTlake slipped Trom beTween The pages and she benT To reTrieve iT, remembering how eTTecTively ThaT snowTlake and iTs sisTers had decoraTed The walls The nighT oT The Snowball Formal. She debaTed which had been more Tun, The dance or preparing Tor iT. She could sTill hear echoing Through The house The desperaTe cries oT Dee Taves and her decoraTions com- miTTee as They had seen anolher snowTlake go limp. A car sTopped in TronT oT The house, and she scooped up The nearesT pile OT boxes and books. 3 Mr?-L :wr Wir N2 'rg' we-p ,ymsqaii 'W' A- 1 WN . r J' 'F ,Nb 4 ,Q S X: 'L YM, W7 aa: Mm wma 1f"""'i9' in KV , A kkrr, , A are aara rf Mae fwr ww: P r, malibu ,J '49 M "XV .2214 M m, me YUFX members 'Hrs+ row: Mrs. Lofqren: Marqarer Ai!en: Judy Andersen: Edirh Anderson: Judirn Beciwfoig Verne Borsa: Nera Bowman: Ann Cnrisriansen: Cynrnia Cone second row: Judirn Eiienberqer: Norma Enderson: Mary Fischer: Kay Fisher: Connie Fyrnbo' Eiizabefn Fymboq Joan Garner: Beife Graaf: Sandra Hariman Hwird row: Rosaiee Harrwigg Caroiyn Hoagiundq Cneryi Jer' niscn: Eiaine Jensen: Marcia Jones: Berry Junk: Bonnie Knock: Nancy Mueiierg Diane Neff fcurrh row: Sneila Nicnoison: Marqarer Nuclcois: Siniriie Prarf: Janice Rirrenrneyer: Nancy Rirzrnan: Sniriey Roberfs: Marlene Ruborrorn: Barbara Russeii: Pairicia Scherrer fiffh row: Beveriy J. Senfman: Marianne Spain: Sonia Swan- son? Deiores Tayes: Mary E, Taylor: Berry Wiilirsg Parricia Zarnberie-fri: Caroi Zeiinsicy 32I i ffnlf f K 1 I , fx, 1 I "f If M Q M, ff . , .H W ,L -.ra ., dr nb.: ww" ,Q Q2 for . Q5 x 2 322 L? 5 W A ' f 4 1? Zi Fi Lf 2 53 1 , 5 ff W E 3 E 1 E2 5 L2 5 Sf 3 2 . I U l -2 ' 1 Q l 3 3 if ....,..........,,-. ,, , ..,,V f1v...,w,, .f A . , . , , , . . KA , wwuml., .am ,ww - v...2ff,u , LL -giMii,1's'Nis'Af5Q 'ff o f fi c e r s Presidenl . . . Roger Wiegmanr Vicefpresidenl . . , James Cooney Secrelary-Treasurer . James Sheely inlerfralernlly council firsrl row: Keilh Rolh: James Carlerr Roger Wiegmanvwg James Sheeiy' Paul Collin second row: Thomas Slevensonq Slephen Shadle: Thomas Olienburger: Alberl Lund: William Henderson: Fredrick Pepping' Jaclc Slern Third row: Russel! Cress: l-larold Bailent Ron Koblislca: Thomas Adams: Richard Jensen: Richard l-lansen For The pasr weelc, The lnlerlralernily Council had been recording shorl slories, magazine arlicles and novels for use by blind people al' Universiry l-lospilals. Fralernily men, bolh pledges and aclives, were making lhe rapes, wilh plans lo esrablish a recording library which could be used by blind persons all over lhe slale. He lhoughl aboul il as he waired . . . "Curl Olcay, you're on next" l-le slood up and wallced over ro lhe recording machine. The green lighl blinked and he slarled To read. inlerfralernily pledge council second row Ed in Slrom Marlc Le en ky Tnorna Fangman Mercer Riclwleri Dan Koenigsaeclcert Derlc Slmonsonp George Kroloff William Wliilney PI'nI Barllellg Ronald Ivlylit Kennellw Georgeq Eddie Barquislq Lesler Bigalk For llrie nearly I8 years ol Iwis Iile, llie Iellers IPPC I'iadn'l meanl a Iliing lo Iriim. Bul as soon as lie was eIec'I'ed presidenl ol I'iis pledge Class, lie discovered llial lliey slood lor Inlerlralernily Pledge Council, rlie cenlral body gov- erning relalions among llie I9 pledge classes. Being a member ol llie IPPC guaranleed exlra worlc. . .a survey oi lownspeople lor llie Junior Chamber ol Commerce... Iwanding our programs al llwe Homecoming parade... guarding lne Iloals all niglil aIler llie parade...and OT Course lneir big evenl, Ine IPPC prom. acacia FraTerniTy life is . . . checks and maTes . . oTHcers PresidenT ..... William Henderson VicefPresidenT . . James Nelson SecreTary . . John Valassiades Treasurer . . Paul ChenaulT 326 iowa chapTer He perched on a bale oT hay and surveyed The room . . . Hallowe'en decoraTions had com- pleToly TransTormed The house Tor This parTy. His shoulders sTill ached Trom TurniTure mov- ing and he 'winced aT The ThoughT oT cleaning up The nexT morning . . . There would be wisps oT hay ThroughouT The house Tor a long Time To come. Probably even unTil They moved inTo Their new home nexT Tall. BUT hay or noT, The Hallowe'en parTy was as much a TradiTion as The ChrisTmas Tormal and The spring SweeThearT Dance. His TraTerniTy broThers were sTarTing To arrive wiTh Their daTes . . . he had To loolq Twice To recognize several oT Them in Their weird cos- Tumes. The gypsy nexT To him wanTed To know who some oT The people were . . . he poinTed ouT Jim Nelson, vice-presidenT oT The senior phar- macy class . . . Paul ChenaulT, a member oT The varsiTy Tennis Team . . . and she recognized Marshall Lovrien, having seen him in The Uni- versiTy TheaTre producTion oT "Mr, RoberTs." They sTarTed Tallcing abouT The SUT Television sTudios, and he Toolq her across The room To inTroduce her To Marshall, veTeran oT roles in several TV plays. ,mln ,-.qua-w""' Miki? NR?-W-wa" QE .,,V, :W ig members firsf row: Mrs, l-lamillorig Sieplwen Barczewskig Lesler Bigallc: fhird row: William He-ndersong William Hollanderg Roy Mex Pefcr Boelceg Thomas Boeke Jolmsong Dean Kniqlwlg Clarlf Lane second row: Paul Clwerieullq James Clabauqlwy Frank Dem: fourfh row: Marshall Lowienq Riclward Morris: Jim Nelson: Tmcrrias Eckerq Jclm Gerber Nicliolas Papadalfesg Theodore- Sclwnfrmeierj John Valassiades gm alpha epsilon pi unlikely songs . . . 3 'El A officers Presidenl ...... Ira Kapenslein Viceepresiclenl . Roberl Blilz Secrelary . . . Larry Feinberg Treasurer . Marlin Galex iola upsnon chapler The line wailing lor relreshmenls seemed endless, especially lrom where he slood wilh his dale. Glancing around lhe aulhenlic-look- ing hayloll lhey had rigged up, he realized lhere was guile a crowd al lhe "Meanwhile Back al lhe l-louse" parly. Jusl ahead ol him in lhe line were Elliol Gellman, a member ol Sludenl Council elec- lions commilleeg Jim lvlalhews, swimming leam manager: and Bob Blilz, a member ol lhe Slu- denl Board ol Publicalions and presidenl ol lhe Sludenl Organizalion lor Television Sludy. l-le was glad see lhal Burl Sandok and Lowell l-larris, members ol Phi Ela Sigma, had pul lheir books aside lor al leasl one evening. The line was moving lasler now, and he won- dered il lra Kapenslein, presidenl ol lhe Associaled Sludenls ol Journalism, had been holding lhings up. Or perhaps il had been Arnie Gore and Larry Sirinsky, members wilh lra ol lhe prolessional iournalism lralernily, Sigma Della Chi. Al any rale, he and his girl picked up lheir lood, dodged square-dancing couples, and made lheir way back lo a more secluded spol. YU? Y 3 5'- 3' IC' ,sv 3-If aw me may ' 43 members Hrs? row: Mvs, Ceuta? Howarc A:fraHa'm7 Eooie Bafhwrq Kapersfeimg Frenkyin Kat' Sydryy Katz F-ferric Belew RCITGW Biitz: Sbeidon Boclcmamg Euaeve Befo- fhoff' Nwimg Bofochoffg Gary Caphan four+h row: Jerrcki Koufcrg George Krclogg Haw-ey LeavE4+' Je-fre-1' Mafhewsq Lawrence MiN!or3 MIQMHQN Ncwfong Be-rme+T second row: James CCFQH: David Demi' Jack Eikimg AUM Gbewfeirwg Marin Reid-1-mH'waN7 SfaPNey Rfciw ' -- -fx fi ,,-. f , , . .V ' fx ' ., tice' Lemfle P' mbi J,' JHOWF Fusbke' MGWR Gael' fiffh row: R-chew Rcsf-rf' Sbddcn Rcseridd' Euffcr Semi? I C+ G5 men' SPEW' Q UOUEHQ Eodie Smdgnfgd' Law, S"Imfkj,' WF','E S'L"rzL'zq Rrbevf Hwlrd row: Qkrac GZNCQT Semis? Gc'c15QhNfc': Jefcwe GCG- TENUF: Maw? Tbcffasz Rffed Vf'sC" iff" Afncc Spf-' L .6 Haffs' TV'ccc1:'e P-L'.'f'r' Va 2 alpha Tau omega Sl'uClieCl COrlCen'l'raTiOn . . . oTHcers PresidenT ....., Ronald Kobliska Vice-PresidenT . . Allen Goeldner SecreTary . . . William PolliTz Treasurer . . David lvloranville 330 delTa beTa chapTer From The middle oT The living room, he gazed upon The minor chaos on all sides oT him. IT was like This beTore all Their parTies . . . Club Tau . . .The Roman ParTy . . . l-lobo ParTy . .. and now The spring Tormal. SomeTimes he Won- dered iT iT were acTually worTh all The Time and eTTorT Tor one shorT nighT . . . iT They shouldn'T leave The decoraTions up Tor several days so everyone could really appreciaTe Their in- genuiTy. Someone yelled aT him To lend a hand, and, shrugging OTT his reTlecTions, he decided To help Chuck Lisle, member oT The lnTerTraTerniTy Council's social commiTTee, Chuck gave him a bunch oT sTreamers To hang up, buT Bob Harvey, who had worked on a CenTral ParTy subfcommiTTee, had his own ideas abouT The sTreamers. They discussed The meriTs oT hang- ing sTreamers one way or The oTher unTil Don Koons and Bob Erdmann, universiTy band mem- bers, inTerrupTed Them by guieTly rolling back The carpeT. l'le hollered Tor a hammer, buT social chair- man Norm Nelson and his crew were using iT To hang The backdrop Tor The band aT The oTher end oT The room. l-le liT a cigareTTe and waiTed. ,vw nnuw ,2-if 1'-Ms uv' 5' Uh vi! 43' wa' . we 4? i 'X 'v 'R QF! ,W A ,,, " " 'ii' 3 3 00" ,,,,-I I . ga wr' iii Mk memb firsf row: Mrs. Yeverp N55 Adarfii C"5:Q Arreyq CPGFXQS Bariowp Bernard Bafesg Donafd Bownny WiNfIafn Bgyerg Rodpg., Cavwpbeng Ted Davis second row: Room? Efdnnern' Jefofne Era end: Thomas Ffsnef' AVWon Go-efdncfq Ricnard P-laeqeks-7 Dondd Hanwpfonz Roberf 1 Haweyg Roberf lvesp Richard Jacobson +hird row: Bruce Kennfcy: Rcnadd Koblfskaq Daria KCE?:g 3c3'3CkG'j DonaWd Koons: Robe-fi' Larsen: Dcnab L7TfdV1?N"" : r fnnm - xi f 1 ,au- f GFS aw- Sw ' X "' AEEY Llflf Cnanes Usb' Dennis May: Wayne Monza! fourfh row: Larry Miner' WesNey MHQne'Ng Uavid Mvanf Sbonen Mourefq Tncrnai Odnanng James Qwnfger HHH row: Riihdfd Owson kwfe-q Alben Robb: Jewels Van Kvkg C4 Lyle Zhnrne ff' ? ,iii M bn -df lvloffoff: Norman Nekonq THOMA- Jon Oison -WuWiwafn Polhzg Rwcnafo Rem Rinaxo M b""'n' Kfwn'-QW' Swanynn- F 'TW 5 W 5 . 33I beTa Thc-:Ta pi angelic voices . . . oTHcers PresidenT ....... KeiTh RoTh Vice-PresidenT . . Ronald Capps SecreTary . . Gerald Daley Treasurer . . David l-lalbach 332 alpha beTa chapTer l-le walked inTo The BeTa house, Took one look around and sTarTed To walk back ouT, Why, The place looked like a barn! WhaT had happened since he had graduaTed7 Then he remembered . . . iT was supposed To look like a barn. These were The decoraTions Tor The annual BeTa Barn ParTy. EvidenTly The Tellows sTill Threw some oT The besT parTies on campus . . . The Bowery Brawl . . . The lvliami Triad . . . To say noThing OT The Barn ParTy. l"le was inTerrupTed by The wild squealing oT whaT sounded like a pig . . .and sure enough, iT was a pig. l-le was glad To see ThaT They sTill wenT in Tor a Tew realisTic Touches. Wandering inTo The living room, he over- heard assisTanT Treshman TooTball coach Binky Broeder discussing his TavoriTe subiecT wiTh Union Board member Ron Capps. l-le sTopped long enough To hear whaT Binky had To say, and waTched Kenny Ploen, Jim WilleT and Dick Theer, all members oT The TooTball squad, sTack- ing bales OT hay in The Tar corner. l-le couldn'T sTay long, buT he assured Them he'd be back ThaT evening, and leTT wiTh a Tond look aT The barn he'd once called home. 5-1- os,-a .ln J LLf '1' LL'1A , an -F -4' "'3IL" """ i S.- XM .rif ,....v-4" . ad' 338- Q' -Q-rf' members firsi' row: John Amesbury' John Baie: Charies Braiey: Edward Brodersen: George Breeder: Lee Bossen: Thonnas Carr: Sfephen Cowrnan: George Gurfis second row: Geraid Daiey: John Davies: Michaei Dessinqer: George Eiiison: Thornas Eversman: Jan Fauiicner: Aiberi Fen' ron: Dee Gihford: Donaid Gingies 'Third row: David Haibach: David Harrison: Brenf I-ioiieran: Larry Honeyweiiq Gordon Jorgensen: Sven Jorgensen: Dom Kifebensieint Edward Lefdiq: Donaid McB"de fourfh row: Herberf Miiier: Roberr Maven: Howard P. Myers: Charies Nesiundt Richard Pauiyg Kernefh Pioen: Franicfin A. Reynoids: Michaei Reynoids: Keifh Rcrh fi++h row: James Sabin: Herberf Sifz: Harry James Smirh: Wayne Thorns: Scofr Weiford: Ji'n Weiis: Jarnes Wiiierf: Raiph Wirnrner 333 clel+a chi kibifzing . .. fig is o ff i cz e r s Presidenl ...... Bow Prilchell Viceepresidenl . . Gary Anderson Secrelary . . Douglas Robey Treasurer . Terry Shinkle 334 iowa c:hap+er l'le headed for lhe Union aller his I:3O class, hurrying lo calch up wilh lvlark Pulney, Sludenl Council presidenl, and Jim Sheely, IFC secre- lary-lreasurer. The Three waved lo a figure dashing across campus in Jrhe opposile direc- lion wilh camera in hand--Bob Slrawn, Daily lowan pholographer. Walking inlo The Gold Fealher room, lhey spoiled several Della Chi's al one of ihe Tables. Jusl as lhey joined lhe group, Gary Anderson and Jack Aldershol decided il was lime for lennis praclice. Dick Slocum and Bow Prilcheli were dis- cussing Jrhe lasl fencing meel when Sian Doerr and Dave Crandall came in, looking for Bob Slrawn lo Jrell him aboul ljanacea rehearsal. Talk Jrurned lo The plans for lhe spring lor- mal. l-le remembered how much fun lhe wimler formal and lhe Forly-Niner Parly had been. l-le glanced around Jrhe room and waved lo a girl a few iables over . . . maybe he'd beller call her Jronighl and ask her lo lhe dance. On second lhoughl, he decided lo ask her righl away. gf'-sf if mi' 'OU ,suv iilr' 9 if nd' x 2' ,,,, ' a 1: Vhzz 5 r 'is i , 3 H J if I it A? 1 r -.. :.'1 - - i n K '- Z.. , ii ' sf' 4 :v nf ' , '-- , ' .,f L if V ' ' -A K Q s J D J J '-QP- e is i 1 A J as r 2 yy : ' fe.: ,I M :...:, ' -g,.,u',- ,- -,- 1.2 , .sr 5: jr f,,: s ,ww 5: .s i ,ff 'Tiff' i "' . rf-:ref 'W J .gi J W ii s s J H i vi i I m e m b e r s 'firsl' row: Mrs. Poling: Jclin Alderslwol: Gary Anderson: Rob- Pluderer erl Benl: Cllarles Blunl: l-loward Briclcer: Riclward Buennelce: Gordon Buller second row: Kenneln Cosgrove: Charles Crandall: James Currellg Dallas Fairley: Slanley Doerr: James l-lerleen: Louis K. Hulbert David lverson fhird row: Derry Kaullman: Peler Larsen: Ken Mcfsxlpine: Gary Mears: William lvlilllwaem: Brice Oakley: Duane Pefselg William fourfh row: James Polwle: Laliayerle Prilfclwell: l-larold Rice: Douglas Robey: Roberl Sclwabacker: James Slneely: Wallace T. Slwinlcle: Neil Slocum fillh row: Kennellv Smillw: Roberl Slravvn: Roloerl Sulwr: Gary Weber: Douglas While: William Wlmilney: David Zalwrl: Jolmn Zeis 335 delTa Tau clelTa sfudy aids . . . o T fi c: e r s PresidenT ...... RoberT BaTeson Vice-PresidenT . . Allen Chapman SecreTary . . Richard Berry Treasurer . . William Zunlcel 336 omicron chapTer He had heard The slogan "Join The Navy and see The world," buT he ThoughT he could very appropriaTely rephrase iT To "Join The DelT guarTeT and see The campus." Since he had Taken his place as one oT The singing Tour, he had been l4epT busy as They enTerTained aT numerous all-universiTy parTies and aT The Oak- dale SanaTarium, To say noThing oT perTor- mances righT here in The house . . . aT Their annual Hell's Holiday ParTy, Tor insTance. QuarTeT pracTice had suTlered a biT during The Tall, buT They had made up Tor iT by winning TirsT prize in The orginaliTy division Tor Their Homecoming TloaT and bringing home The Third place Trophy in inTramural TooTball. He had To admiT some oT The oTher DelTs had l4epT busy during The year, Too . . . Bob BaTeson as presidenT oT Union Board and chair- man oT men's orienTaTion . . . Dick Hansen as a member oT Union Board . . . Don Sherls as presidenT oT The YMCA . . .Jim SeiTz as HAWKEYE co-sporTs ediTor. Someone was shouTing The ineviTable "Quar- TeT pracTice." He grabbed his music and yelled an answer down The sTairs. J 51'- niff . T . F' 1 -'k' e q . V r' , X 3 'Hs f Y . 5 if " Qmmi 5 Vw -, . .'- .Q-5 4 f .-.-.g,.P'-- 5 .- Y Lk . R if fig Q' J: Y A . 1. .B rf -Q 51, if 5 Q members flrsf row: Mrs. Birdselfq J. Agra: R. Bafesong C. Becky R. fiffh row: R. Kipfg I. Kra+z3 J, Kreqelg D. Krumbolfzq R. Lar- Berryq R. BiHsg J. Black: T. Burlceg J. Burke? song J. Laugheryq 6. Lewis: M. Lumbardq A. Lund Second row: B- BUVJOW K- CGSSYT A- Chapman? J- CRUVCR7 sixfh row: J. McKnigH'ry R. Minor: R. MHCHQH3 R, Mdlmannq R- mark? D- CUHQVT J- CULVIQMY T- Dehkom? J- Dockendofg D. Nefsony D. OYiverq J. Ramdalh J. Roda-eng C. Schroeder: fhifcl row: C. Fairallj W. Foofeg C, Gefelyq C. G16-rm: C. J' Sain Grlgem J' Hembhm R' Hansen: H' Have' R' Hemdqe sevenih row: D. Sherlfq R. Smarfq L. Sprowfsg R. Tayforq D fourfh row: W. Hensci' J. G-WM S. Hdmer VV, !deg R, Johr Tbompsong J. 'Wfomg D. Va-Per: D. WP'-ffeg M. Youngq NN song B. Jomesj M. Joyq R. Keehng D. Kinney Zunkel w 2 mv- !! ' 5 A- -gg . QQ? ' M 1552 115 N3 12 ,-, mi.-,,:-ff .. M5 SFR. . A ...S z T C xv . 337 della upsilon molher away from molher . .. o 1' f i c e rs Presidenl ..... Thomas Cllenburger Vice-Presidenl . . Rodney Nelson Secrelary . . Daniel l-linson Treasurer . Wayne Mead iowa chapler l-le rummaged in lhe closel lor his calcher's mill. Someone musl have borrowed il again, and lhe lop suspecls on his lisl were baseball players Jim Wiese and Bob Slewarl. l-le hol- lered lor lhem, lhen checlced in Bob Landess' room and decided lhal Bob L. was al a Union Board rneeling or possibly praclicing wilh lhe cheerleaders. The mill could be anywhere . . . lhere were enough alhleles in lhe house who conceivably mighl have had an inclinalion lor baseball . . . wresller Gary Kurdelmeier . . . rille leam mem- ber Jim Bell . . . or lhe lellows who had won lirsl in lhe Greek League bowling lournamenl, lhe Universily billiards conlesl and lhe inlra- mural snooker compelilion. l-le wenl downslairs lo see il anyone was using lhe mill. Several DU's were sprawled on lhe porch and he slepped over Ron Dowd, presidenl ol lhe l-lawlq-l Pep Club, and Rex Davis, who wore lhe head ol l-lerlcy lhe l-lawlc al home loolball games. Lloyd Courler, presi- denl ol Alpha Phi Omega service lralernily and co-chairman ol pep rallies wilh Diclc Spring, was iusl as lazily slreched oul in lhe sunshine. l-le decided lo lorgel aboul baseball. si As. A AA A A: in I I I jfiljriliv l s . . I W ' A A A A AAAA J A A .A A "iA i Aai si ..,:' EQ 1 A AA """ A lzb A fl- l 9' A - -'-: ' ' ."- A '- " - i A 5' xii AA ....i ' A A . ' ", --.-: A AA 'L--' -.:-. " "" ,.1:. AA A Ai ei' ':"" ' AA J A 'Ai as .A J ". i ' -' ' gil . , f A0-fs LKh'h P' :"' ymh' A -MVA A ff 5 ' w L ' il ' m", A .ff fwsf? sigh' 'I X 9" .A sf 5 iff A "" ' A A A ll .AAA "s 'W ' . A A 1 ,IA vw... gf.. ,A .A kl., A ,AA - W- I. A V: V A5 f' ' if L,'. i A - J M J A. M A-w, W - " -S K .. in ' AA --.:.--' A ' .s -f. fa' 'A Q,-15 I Af ' Ah ll V J A ' il A A A,.:,, A EL A I I V' in k y V i f A 1. 1 k:': 52? F A. 'A . " ' ":- . -,,, K R J fx 'L qw ' :V". Q A ': 1 '- :'- J 7 l " K 'RAL R 1': f ' f L ' AA is A zgg N J J A, A '- AA -. ,,-- 2 A "1 'S 592 - gifs 1 AA A . 'X " ' - , ---' 3 "-' ' V 5? 3 . ,VV E I f A ' Z' A. ' Af 2 sw ' S :" .fs A " si: s. Aa" :A A. is f gggiifasvigfii' it :'if'L' fsv'f A' 1 1 A A AA 92. , .. A .,L,, A .A H 1, L . A A M55 A E ' A ' s is A - .A ' A 4- i "vV 1 . A A ',h. AA A V A L ' -Q A ' A .- " QF 1 A W J A ,,i "2. AA .A ' 'I Ac k l' 12 ' if R , fel V- , A 7- :Aff A swf one sms.Ewf we si ': A 1511 A' ."' fr. ' gg: 1 AIVA' 'f AA AA A M A ,lul VVAAI A. A My A VJ, 1 AAJ Y if w , L 5 A-Q A. A -A A. A A Y" 1 .. A A L f 1 AA ,:A,V A A A A A A. ,, A A A A L3 AA... ls ' ":' 'J A :AA '21.A A A AA A A AAA if 's 'A-: A " ' :"" L 'A ' A J A '?'s" L 4 ' .A ' i.Q5k.if1' f A AA - h ' AA . A ' 1, S -' ' '--.A L il may A AAA AAAA R "" ' ::'is ' V s " - ' if L iial -A A A A . A - H: A A A As S A 5 .. 2 Q ff,, 4 - V 5' " --1 A A 'J .Q E AL E ' -w' AKH' A A A AA - " L s ' " " h" "AA 'A AA A AAA. i ,AA '- AA A AA " as A R R Q " AA AA ' ' f 1 ,ww A QA' - s sf' A sf. ' : 'A ' ' ' ' A' ' ' is - wif? 1 A M , AA ----- P A A "V-: .-'- A A A. .A AA I :" K W W -if AA ' A F -'A'. Ai xi si I A "' s ':i': 'Q A'AA - AA ' A 'Af' . 2 AVA' K gs VA .1 L' if A 'I 'J " ' -AA A 3 A ' ' V -A J' 'L' ' Q ' - ' I 1 f A ' 'AAAVI 1 " "AAA ' AA 'A , f A55-g-gifs ' A - ww .':- ss. .. A:f,,. sus- - 've '-': 'f:' L 345211: - W- A ' :" 1 1? ,--A Aj 1 --AA in ':':-A,'-- "1 Avi. g-525.42 A AAA- ..'.A : stil' . we A- -'sa-W, AA A "" ' R A A- A AAAA "AVA . -Q ' 'sm E'fsmssssff ' W 'ix ess . eseiwnxessw..sHsifj?'++ysiw':a AAAA -"' AAA ' ' A 'L' L W " ' sf Al l members firsi' row: F. Adams: R. Ablard: J. Anderson: J. Ashline: N. l-linson: R. Irwin: C. Jolwnscn: L. Kellar: L. Krelcel: R. Landess Baldwin: D. Balsfer: E. Barquisl: G. Barry: R. Belnrends: J. Bell RHP' row: J' Larsom -I-I Leighw: R' Lynch: R. Lyon: G' Myers second row: W. Bishop: B. Bolce: R. Bring: W. Burlon: D. Cald- R. Nelson: T. O1Cfenburger: J. Palfie: A. Pelersen: B. Pelerson vlgell: W. Cass: A. Clwrislensen: J. Collison: L. Courfer: Rex sinh row: Rl Phillips: JV POHGF: Fl POHS: R. Rauhaui avls Robey: D. Smal: J. Smal: D. Smilln: R. Spring: R. Slollenberq fhird row: Russell Davis: V. Diclcman: R. Douda: A. Douglas: D. Slrub y R. Dowd: J. Euslace: H. Filselh: D. Filzsimmons: F. Folloreclwi: Sevemh row: M' -1-Melon: T. Turk: F- Turner: R. Upfom J. Gibson Walson: P. Welch: P. Wenlzien: R. Wesl: J. Wlwilney: 'fourih row: P. Goss: T. l-lamilion: J. l-larbison: W, l-larrel: D. Wiese: R. Yocum s G R. J. 339 phi delTa +he+a aTTenTion To small Things . . . oTHcers PresidenT . .... Thomas Adams Vice-PresidenT . James T-lubbard SecreTary . . Jack Traverse Treasurer . Ronald Zirbel 340 iowa beTa chapTer l-le led Them down The second-Tloor hall in The Phi DelT house, sTopping in The doorway oT an abnormally clean room. "This is iT. . . and ThaT's Jay," he explained, poinTing To a snapshoT oT his roommaTe, Jay Ryan. "l-le's vice-presidenT oT CenTral ParTy CommiTTee, and he and Jim Newsome are boTh on Union Board sub-commiTTees This year. Jim was iusT voTed lvlr. MEBOC. Oh, l'd like you To meeT John Ballard. VVe're proud oT him be- cause he's presidenT oT Phi ETa Sigma and sTill Tinds Time To be a cheerleader. And This is Jim Freeman--you remember himvhe played end in The games lasT Tall. l guess you also remember Bill ScoTT, our Nile Kinniclc scholar and presidenT oT The InTerTraTerniTy Pledge Council." They wandered downsTairs and inTo The living room where a TasT game oT bridge was in prog- ress, Loy Brooks, presidenT oT The iunior iour- nalism class, was paired wiTh Randy Duncan, Treshman TooTball player, in an eTTorT To deTeaT golTer l-lerb KlonTz, and Jim McConnell, a Phi DelT whose main inTeresT was baslceTball. Some- one Turned The Television on and They saT down To waTCh iT. is 5... - ...: , l'.s'? . J P we . J: i s 5 as 9 1 J ,2 J '-,A A :Q ' i f 2" M :": - '-" 2 r' ,'.' . . ' ' . or JJ: ,,a. J ' Y :J f .J K Jo :I .K V, ,f,,q3, i A , Q ,A - A 5 I s 1 R M. W Z K . .. .,1, J, '. Ui I i 5 J: yi QW' r V , . . 1 N " -'.- QQ. -' : Y H i ff... 5 A . I R5 4? J . . Q is As , K :,., W'4Y, 1 L I Q, ,. A ' , an M? as . . 31" mr . V Q 3 Eg - 5.15: up 7 ., M, . . Y , g 1 M A 4' a' . ' .. . 1 ",. 2 m,,, m, L . - ki., .V , . P 4 1. H f , . ' if 5 my Q 'W' 'lL . 13 Y f- pi 4, K : ,Q : ir V. W ' J , J mW,, W,,. . M :" - V.. i if? :f '..' , ' .',. A.., W W' --" . . J " -,.'- bzv' V if ' ' " 1 i,'V . V' Q' If . . VV I , tm 324, ix , J J -, f h .v v 3 J . 7ffir R' R R J H " : :" , ' J ' : J A: , -1 .f w gj 7 . .. . .,:.z::. f . ,,,, ,. 4. , J M J. 'J 1? 1 :rsr Q: f J Q-J J - sa RQ: wi - "'--4 J . :':2 J' V3 I' V X " A "" A j 5 J V ' A V. .. ,. .. 5, if- .. ' .- ' .. w ' - f f z ' ...V A . V k J . .Qi . ,, . y ,. . V-, .- .E-.. I .. - ZS, I Vrkv lb K ir . I 'SQ Q ',:h J W 3 J f "'- K " . . l . '-':': K . ff 5 1' I f I :', rr .' Q - : g " k ff? 1 'L' - ' H 3 7 9' . 0 AKA' ' 5 . 1, '-,, . t. 5 ,f,,'- fifgw . VV . D In if ' 1 v:lW r In 3. "'L' . r R J ,N . ' . 4 K . : sr - 1 -- . -- . . q 5 . A4:-Q- . an 1 if . . wJ J : s . J Wz . V.L. l ss : - . L J I' sn" H ,. mW.,, 7' :W .. A E .LQ WT E.: 7 ".' 'k" 1 f M T5 - . ... . K 0 J t . : me Hrsf row: T. Adams: J. BaiWey: J. BaUarcl: B. Belf: D, Biursfrom J. Bouma: J. Bowman: M. Braman: L. Brooks second row: R. BuYs7ng: W. BuYSinq:J,CcRir1s: M. Cumrmimos T. Davies: H. Duncan: R. Dunlavy: S. Hlisg L. Hays fhird row: J. Heikes: R. Hefms: B. Hende R. Hoppe: R. Horrwadayj C. Horner? J. Howard: J. Hubbard fourfh row: D. Jordan: H. Ka?as: P. Keefe: T. Kemefick: VV, Krrfleyg H. Klonfz: G. Krohn: R. Lafnson: R. Landess rson: D. Henninqsen' mb GFS fifih row: J. Lawson: J. Lux: J. McC1aIm: C. IV1cCormeNl' McSorNey: R. Ne1sor1:J. Newsome: Q. Novofny: J. Olerich s1x+l'1 row: D. Parker: D, Rfefersen: J. Pierson: D. Pra?I' Purdon: R. Roush: L. Ryan: C. S6I'57JV!9I W. SQOH , R. T, sevenfh row: R. Tlworesomg J. Traverse: C. Van Ness- J VH- monf: R. Wlwife: J Wfwarvsa R, WyNder' R. Yaocr' R.!YeJs!e . - . 4-. J y: R. Zwrbd 34I phi epsilon pi ch anne leclideas... if off i c e r s PresidenT ....... Jaclf STern Vice-PresidenT . . Alan Waxenberg SecreTary . . STuarT STone Treasurer . . Jaclc Kozlen alpha be-Ta chap+er She had heard Them coming when They were sTill a bloclc away, laughing, Talking and singing ...There was no surprise elemenT To a serenade by 50 men in high spiriTs. The noise sTopped abrupTly as They assem- bled on The lawn. She Tollowed her sisTers down- sTairs, wondering which TraTerniTy iT was. WiTh The TirsT Tew noTes, she scanned Their Taces in- TenTly, Trying To idenTiTy one.. .Then she saw Al Waxenberg, a member OT CenTral ParTy Com- miTTee, in The TronT row, and knew iT was The Phi Eps. STanding nexT To Al was John Elman, a co-worlcer OT hers on Union Board. She had worlced wiTh some oT The oTher Phi Eps in l-lawle l Pep Club and on STudenT Council subcom- miTTees, and remembered reading abouT Their acTiyiTies in debaTe, Alpha DelTa Sigma, l-lillel PoundaTion, Phi ETa Sigma, and Treshman and varsiTy sporTs. She was able To pick ouT a Tew more Tamiliar Taces in The group . . .cheerleader Ed Karl . . . Jack STern, recipienT oT The Murray scholarship . . . Ed Cohn, Omicron DelTa Kappa member, beTore The serenade ended and They wenT on down The sTreeT. 'ff' -21, N: P QQ ' we xg ss,,s. sf' ii U. E? . s. , Ei - f Ti' A wig 1 GT N W ffi?Tf3k?5?ff5'7' 2 E W., ,Pj ... ' 1:-,,..:i E jig? S QH I ww' vm " A ' r EX K ..,.. , 'ig E 'PWA , 4" : w if if sr 33 W' . ..q s e 1 . .A if . , ' - 2": ,.:' I A A fam. any f f. J a ll QQ: members W!! Hrs? row: Mrs. Sands: C. Baffin: L. Barmisn: M. Berensfein: fourfh row: J. Kufcner: M. Levensky: S. Lipshufz: M. Marfen: R. Blum: B. Brin: E. Brody: S. Chaikin L. Me-yerson: E. Newman: T. Padzensky: A. Pearlman second row: N. Chudacoff: A. Claymon: E. Conn: R. Drobner: fifih row: S, Pesses: M. Popofskyg S. Richards: B. Ronmang C. J. Hman: J, Feferrnan: R. Freeman: J. Gelfand Rosenbaum: L. Seidenfelcl: E. Snullcin: M. Spivak 'rhird row: E. Gelhnan: M. Goldbero: A. Hausman: W. Heh sixH'1 row: J. Sfern: S. Sfone: A. Waxenberg: H. Weindruclw: , Y 'vert J. Hdfander: P. Kalman: E. Kari: J. Kozlen R. Weiner: S. Weingarfg M. Zessar 343 phi gamma deITa dis+rac+ions and appraisals . . . officers ' PresidenT ..... Roger Wiegmann ViceAPresidenT . . STuarT Thoms SecreTary . . George Kress Treasurer . . Allyn lvlark 344 mu deuTeron c:hapTer Ever since he had pledged Phi Gam, he had been anTicipaTing The annual Grass SkirT ParTy. Now ThaT The nighT was Tinally here, his daTe was properly impressed wiTh The real waTerTall, The grass huT, and The TruiT hanging Trom Trees Tor hungry and bareTooT "naTives." WaiTing To greeT Them was Roger Wieg- mann, chieT oT The Fiji Tribe, Hawkeye Tullback, and presidenT OT The lnTerTraTerniTy Council. l-le poinTed ouT To his daTe some oT The oTher warriors who had been prominenT in sporTs dur- ing The year . . . Bill Seaberg, Babe l-lawThorne and Bob George, all members oT lowa's baskeT- ball Team. George Seaberg and Joe Williams, members oT The Treshman baskeTball squad, were oTTici- aTing aT The barbecue piT and he sTopped To inTroduce Them. Bucky BuxTon, manager OT The Treshman TooTball Team, greeTed Them Trom The line aT The piT, and he inTrocluced his daTe To Fiii swimmers Rich Killebrew, Carl Kay and Chuck Shinkle, wiTh The commenT ThaT Chuck had recenTly broken The Treshman backsTroke record. JusT Then Chuck Frandson, Union Board member, came up To remind Them ThaT The hula conTesT was sTarTing. ie .K is :ri L T iiii iiiii . . . . i Qa- T 1 1 ' i'- A ' ' ..A, A H " ' 4 I A , - , - Vi . a f ..,.. Q Q ,VVV L W .4 A. .. , . A J L- it I M . rr K. "' , , i i : , ig, 5 .Y ,Mp f . ., ii 1 r . ' . Q. L T iw in Sw fig" ri 5 f ' - -rw 4 H . .QW Mi. ggi .AN ' f iw . . A f' . TTT. J 1 A "". V i si " Q a ' - - A : A T A A fQ2' f 'L Ir . .4 A A+? 4 . A- s f 'Lf if 5 i A T K V TT N W? K ww . " 'KW A r - .. . r .. . P ' ' V ' , V. in ..,, .. we .W-5 Vi k.kV T VVVV l krrk K , . g H F .,h. VV I A I . ig... . H ,f,, xl ,. , 5 .. Q A we V ' ":: 5 Q 1, - ,. 5. Nm K ,,- i I Q' E" 'W T H' A A all . P9 Q as . A ' ff i 'Q ' Q' an Vu , A I . W g KL 77 ,. .I . if ., h , K , . .K ,..u',-pt - - Y .t M . ii A . . A . A "m:i ' ' i 'T 4 . . . . T . T . 3 - r. ii' L A f . K - , -' i 'T r iiiii i V S2 all " ' . A . . A 3 h h r E j , ..., .5 Qs , ' .L .f 5 . -an g 's 5 3 ' "H : 1 T- M V "r --' A r A A r y . . ' A AhM :qw 'Q . . 2 . . -. Nw' V. - ' A 1 . as iw L 1 A A 4' ,F is raarrs . - A . 1 W. T . ...fl T . ' I, H Q: ' mr 'r A f if Q 'L 33- .. xl ... .QM .L U W .ig Lg 4- ... ' ' in-W ,ie . 2 i' J i f . L f ' i K .f 6 : ' K ' K fffuij krkk' i Vi . I 'by ' . . T T ' if i -hf - Q 1 K, V. if , , if rrkk M . . H . V V . i53Q1g..Ql . , K ji K V Y. .K . U . K . A T . . , . ,L .V-' . X T Q? I . J. A , is E K .. a A A A T V . A .. A rn G firsi' row: W. Anwburn: P. Asper: P. Biiiinqs: T, Bianiord: R. Bo'?on: A, Brennecice: O. Buxionj R. Canady: R. Carver: D. fx uOX second row: J. Devine: D. DuBois: D. Duffonq P. Epperiy: C. Frandson: R, French: R. Fry: D. Puiir: R. Funr: 6. Gardner ihird row: K. George: L. Golinvaux: L, I-iawlrinorneg J. I-Ticks: P. Huiieng Y. Iverson: P. Jusien: C. Kay: VJ. Keiiy: R. Kiiie- Torew fourfh row: D. Kincaid: P. Koniiwaas: G. Kress: L. Larnar: T. Leon: L. Losen: L. Lyons: S. MacKenzie: A. Marks: C. McGill mb GFS fiffh row: T. Mflier: J. Mcnfesrcng R. Ne-u: D, Nindos: K Nybforn: J. Page: K. Pe-nningion: T. Pickering: TN. Pierson K. Puls six1'i1 row: P, Raiiensperqer: E. Ricks-H: T. Rinden: J. Ryan J. Saciceii: R. Scnceiier: G. Seaberq: W. Seaberq: C. Slninicie S. Thorns sevenih row: R. Waiiers: R. Weafneriy: N. Weiier: M. VVHH- more: R. Widner: R. Wieqmann: G. Wiiiianwsg J. Wii'iams Zwernice 345 phi kappa rude awalcenings . . . oTHcers PresidenT ...... RoberT Garrison Vice-PresidenT . . RoberT Scanlon SecreTary . . . Donald Dahnlc Treasurer . Ronald GolTz 346 deHa chapTer l-le remembered how iT had been in The Tall when They were geTTing The house ready Tor rush week . . . rugs rolled baclc . . . curTains down . . . TurniTure disarranged . . . and Their boxer Duchess in The middle oT everyThing. Somehow, They had managed To resTore order, and The year slipped inTo place.. .early in The Tall They gave a Tea in honor oT Their new housemoTher . . . The acTives beaT The pledges by a dispuTed Touchdown in The annual TooTball conTesT . . . and The pledges reTaliaTed by skipping ouT The nighT They were scheduled To enTerTain aT an exchange. The Homecoming TloaT was Tinished in Time Tor The parade . . . The winTer Tormal was a success . . . and oT course There was always The cusTomary rouTine . . . oT sTudy . . . acTiviTies . . . sTudy . . . social liTe . . . sTudy. And now iT was The same Thing all over again . . . rugs rolled back . . . curTains down . . . TurniTure disarranged . . . Duchess in The middle oT everyThing. Only This Time They were moving . . . renTal dispuTes . . . Tour separaTe houses . . a Temporary sTaTe oT aTFairs. . K 'ff Mg' . ' , ,' z 3 -wig gi EGL kv' 2 Irby ,.-' E - members firsf row: Mrs, Webby WiYfiam Aheyq Raymond Brerschbachg Roberf Crosby' Dohahi Dahnkg Edward Davrffg Waffer Dorfner second row: Dufchessg Thomas Dwyer: William Emanuelg Zane Es+osg Thomas FBVTQVTIGUI Theodore Fayy Roberf Garrison +hird row: Rohafd Goh? Reber? Janssehq Chades KTTUCJSCVTI 4 phi kappa psi applied geomefry . . . ofHcers PresidenT ....... John SmiTh Vice-PresidenT . . Claire Neiby SecreTary , . John Price Treasurer . . James Sealy 348 iowa alpha chapTer IT was a warm, sunny day. . . baseball weaTher . . . a perTecT day To cuT classes . . . and he was looking Tor her all over campus. l-le had Taken her To The Phi Psi Fall Brawl and The winTer Tormal . . . now iT was Time To make plans Tor The spring Tormal . . . IT she would go wiTh him, ThaT is. She usually came ouT OT SchaeTTer aT IO:3O, buT Today she seemed To be laTer Than usual. l-le waved aT senior class Treasurer Dick GuThrie and Union Board member Kemp as They walked by. A group OT sTudenTs including John Hagan and Ray PeTerson, Union Board and CenTral ParTy subcommiTTee workers, came shoving Through The doors, buT There was sTill no sign oT her. He ambled over To a group oT Phi Psi aTh- leTes . . . varsiTy TooTloall players John SmiTh and Doug WhiTehead . . . Tennis players Fred l-lonsell and Don lvliddlebrook . . . Track man Jack lVlaThews and pole vaulTer Nick Piper. They were ioined by swimmer Terry Thomson, wresTler Bill Clemenjrs and golTer Mike O'Don- nell. Then he caughT sighT oT baskeTball player Gene Mueller, anol she was wiTh him, AT lasT . . he could ask her. . . iT he wasn'T Too laTe. ' A A 'ff ii i gi?" N ,LLL :rf fs 535. - wi . .. .. 5, gl ' . '7,f,. I 5 sq 2.i,.. r.r. L A 3.5 l ii A1 : s.wi A " J g, - f r A wi . Q. N . il VV 1 if A' z ,Egg .. ,. .Q fp ,,,,.ew i is . - :2 .. ! f ld as L QW 1,A' A im . AA- 9 Is' 3 ' if gm H if :im Q' ,.. K " A ff" 'P - . .--: ', , . - A! .. V7 . , . E.', .D DDZD .. . 'gi' , . .'AA 5 .. A ..s . f fy 1 - . . : ... A ' "'W i v . 1 . Z - s . -wf. fife ?we: g:ww:ags.wes al g EEE: Q : ' R - ,. V -'V if IA- ' s A . 2 At as h K ..E, f , . . N '1" q l ll I4 Q s . Jrs. . R+ ,fzq ':" J Ly F my 3 y A E1' af :vw + PM :ww eiwii :eel sf' ,,., kg V V .. A , V b 1 V . Js. R R . -Q . rf " fir: ffv. f f 'f:-,, ,.,. Q - -f I '- if .. 3 I- - -S-, zil an .. ' D 4 I iw members firs+ row: H. Alberf: R. Anderson: J. Bane: R. Barber: P. Barfieff: A. Bean: J. Bowen: W. T. Brown: J. Brucfcsnaw second row: R. Canfrnlr R. Carver: P. Cox: J. Crabbe: W. Davidson: R. Dick: J. Dougherfy: H. Eder: T. Ewers +hird row: D. Hfdcinqer: D. Fox: J. Gaiiner: J. Ghsqow: R. Gufnrfez J. Hacgan: W. Hemprsnlg VV. Herbrecnfmeyer: G. Hof fourih row: W, HoYman: A. HonselNf S. Hunfman: W. Hum- mer: K. Jens: H. Kemp: R. Lalor: A. l.ef1E:J. Mafhews fiffh row: R. Meyer: D. Middfebroolc: G. Milani: G. MueHer: C. Neiby: M. O'DonnelI- J. Ollenburqg M. Pabst R. Peferson sixfh row: J. Price: G. QuiqNey: J. Sco++f J. Sea?yt H. Shearer: J. D. Sm?+l'w: R. C. Smifr: R. Sfewarf seven+h row: D. Thompson' G, Thompson' R. Tromson: J, Tweed: C. Warren: D. Wnlferweadq D. Wilson: F. Vfrscn 349 Q N ... Fm 8 phi kappa sigma maTTers oT choice . . . oTHcers PresidenT ...... Wayne Rouse Vice-PresidenT . Philip PorTer SecreTary , . Dean Phillips Treasurer . James CarTer 350 alpha phi chapTer The room was a iumble OT halT-packed suiT- cases, piles oT dirTy laundry, books, shoes, and odds and ends ThaT always Turned up aT The end oT The year. Cleaning ouT The desk drawer, he Tound a Trayed envelope conTaining The picTures ThaT had disappeared a couple oT monThs earlier. l-le sTopped packing and sguaTTed in The middle oT The liTTered Tloor To look Them over. l-le chuckled aT The TirsT one . . . a large black caT playing The Tiddle . , . They had Taken iT oT him aT The l-lallowe'en parTy when everyone had dressed as nursery book characTers, There was one in parTicular he wanTed To see again . . .There iT was. . .The grandsTand They had seT up in The living room Tor The lNloTre Dame game. WaTching iT on TV hadn'T been as much Tun as going To The game, buT They had done a good iob OT creaTing The sTadium aTmosphere . . . They had opened all The wine dows, had a band playing during halT-Time, and had hawked hoTdogs, popcorn and coTTee during The game. Probably The TunniesT Thing oT all had been The miniaTure card secTion. l-le slipped The picTures back in The envelope and conTinued his packing. J '49 'O' ...Qc uv 14,1111 members firsi' row: William Adamson: Jolwn Bambroolc: S'andisl1 Bar- rows' Roberr Beckman: Russell Breedlove: Donald Carlson: James Carler second row: Jerome Clearman: Fred Dole: James Defi?" Slmeon Grlswold: Donald Guin: Bernard Hesse: Roberl Keiper -llxird row: Tlwornas Kessler: Willlam Koelwn: William Lundquisfi Roberl McCoy: James McGee: Frederick Meyer: Tnomas Nasler fourfh row: Vkfllllam Rexson: Dean Phillips: Dona'd Polak: FFVHD Porrer: Rlcnard Rosclwe: Donald Rose FEf+h row: Wayne Rouse: Glenn Slarkg Roger Srougnionz Gary Tnudlum: Prlflip Tuellcen: Reber? Van Halen pi kappa alpha my o T fi c e r s PresidenT ...... Ronald BunTen Vice-PresidenT . . l-Toward Myli SecreTary . . . Thomas Wagner Treasurer . RoberT Baker gamma nu chapTer The house was sTrangely empTy and he could almosT hear The echo oT his TooTsTeps as he made a Tinal Tour, checking To see ThaT he had noT TorgoTTen anyThing. Finals were over aT lasT, and everyone else had already gone home Tor The summer. l-le decided To siT down and waiT Tor his ride. IT had been a good year Tor The PiKA's . . , especially in sporTs and scholarship. l:irsT place in The Greek Week Olympics lasT spring had been an incenTive Tor a successTul year . . . in aThleTics . . . The soTTball inTramurals champion- ship . . . Russell Cress on The varsiTy Tencing Team . . . in scholarship . . . a Tew exTra hours aT The books had paid oTF in a greaTly im- proved scholasTic record Tor The house. Even so, The Tellows sTill had Tound Time Tor campus acTiviTies . . . on CenTral ParTy subcom- miTTees . . . Treshmen orienTaTion . . . Greek Week commiTTees . . . aT The handicapped children's hospiTal. And There had been some greaT parTies . . .The winTer and spring Tormals . . . The French ParTy . . . lmpaTienT honking oT his ride home inTerrupTed him. X243 .., , ,,1Q ,Q ,V ,, i T ig, :.h,, Qi 73' MIS W ' FEUW 4".3'5"' 'L mi k v : , QH- ii . i ' "',,- T A k .ez W' 1 wil 'l1 " if.g WU 'HE 2-12' members firsl row: Mrs. Burlclwarlg Reber? Balcerg Daryl Barlsclwg Ronald lhird row: Morris Kinney Roberl Landing William O, Menard: Bur-lerig William Burqellg Jaclc Clemons l-loward Myli: Ronald Mylig Ronald Oalrioul second row: Russell Cress: Richard Deiqlilonq Jclwn Derclallq 'fourlh row: Wayne Pricliardq Kennellw Sliarpp Dudley Thomasg William Fillerg I-lemy l-leding Jolwn Howell R A ' ' Qalym Tscliellery Tliomas Wagner: Eugene Wlweelerq Kerry Willard 353 sigma alpha epsilon pahence . . fi si 'kfigw K a wk? wgazsf 1 as 244 gk vi-2 8553 ag: :V We ,Q Q: V1 1- 'f x Wifi? T SQA T if ij? gig iii K' 'War' 45 ,W wwf? iw S A elif: was ofHcers l3resiolenT ..,... Richard Jensen Vice-PresidenT . . Jerry Adey SecreTary . Thomas Davis Treasurer . James Nordyke 354 iowa beTa chapTer ConversaTion aT The Founders Day dinner in Des Moines celebraTing The lOOTh year oT SAE as a naTional TraTerniTy was inTormally cenTered on each chapTer's accomplishmenTs and acTivie Ties. l-le was glad he could Tell broThers Trom oTher schools ThaT They had received The all- campus parTicipaTion Trophy in inTramural sporTs Tor Two years in a row. They were noT guiTe as proud oT Their Third place in TraTer- niTy scholarship, buT iT was beTTer Than l9Th. UnTorTunaTely, They didn'T aslc him abouT The individual acTiviTies oT lowa SAE's, buT he could have raTTled Them oTT had he been called on . . . IFC rush chairman Jim Grier . . . Union Board member Jerry Torrence . . . oTher Union Board subcommiTTee members . . . Ar- nold Air SocieTy vice-presidenT George Van l'louTen . . . NCAA wresTling champ and "l" Club presiolenT Ken l.euer . . . "I" Club secre- Tary and anoTher wresTler, Harlan Jenlcinson . .. "I" Club members Frank BloomguisT, Larry Perry, Roy Eberline, Bill l'lappel, Toni l-laTch, Glenn JohnsTon and Don PeTerson . . . Three Nfle Kinniclc scholars . . . Tour TooTball Team managers . . . no wonder The inTramural Trophy was Theirs. .sw J.. . iw T .gg V-sf' 1 L ' ' .,.. 3 ' ,Q ,.v, -wtf. ii i , .. : s AKV... ' " 'iw . - X 7 ,VW . i ,.. ,,LL,- . , wi 1 iq-ni' iff. gi 3 R VAKA f.. 4' ' '1' J e or fs-lfj Vf' Q .t . . l I ,f x -,L I QL , Q, xy 7 .4AAl A Q .: L Jie i 2 'Sul' v.'g S 5 N' rarr ..r.: 1 ' J. V L, . D . Q 6 n.. i' A 5 . L. 1.-gr Q. 3 I f Qi Q A -,1L . it K f. .xi i LY, fr k- I,f' R' i lk ii N' it "f' f fin -- "F Q -"" f ' Wivf ' i i r:rr 5 ' --v W L U.. i ' R L L V,VL - . V,L, , 5 :b , l g Q V. . V M V ' f A I . I r fi .... L rsse ' L' LZL'--,"1 R . 'VL ' . ' EE: , -.' --L' :-" J rsrr R R fm , ' If , h'AW :EV -- ' ' . . Abn . L g l H . L 'J 1 :rr ' 1" E J. v Q - 5 a . is , V .V LL 7 ff L ig' im 5 ' . :Q 1 X 'LL" A Q, L Z . 1151.121 -r . . ' ' ' '-f ll A "h A D 'J' ',A- 1 . 'D L R nl! A :. .. .As J 4'A' L . 11 - . L fi . J ' ' L . ,.,,,, ' 3 . - R V: Q "- ,L, . - L:L f :-' 'fri ' .. fr . w g. Q ' a sa 4 R... ar . L : ' . a r 1 :R - W L " " l ,,, g R . J . I H r I Q I .ik L , , . . ,, i2.:.:E: VV ,n 7 W . I . . I ..:. . I .,,,k:. ...... .K ,, " -' QT ',L'L A X 5 :L . 5" . 4 fuffi' . . f' . 1' r V r . W .W '. V i ' ' 1 2? :f, , A - Q' 'W L, ' L : .:::r: or ss 1 : . , L . V . . , J . . , . W :.:.: I - 'r " L P R -' A - 9 A 1' .iigiisiii i ' A ' 5 me firs+ row: Mrs. Burr: J. Adeyg P. Biddison: R. Eiariic: R. Brand eniourg: J. Brosivar: D. Clizbe: D. Cox: T. Davis: R, Eberline second row: J. Fosfer: P. Giirriore: D. Giidden: J. Goodman J. Gosseffg J. Grier: W. Happei: T, F-larch: D. Hayes: Herring fhird row: W. Hise: T. Houiihan: H. Jenlinson: J. Jemkirxson R. Jensen' G. Joiwrisrcri: R. Joseiym: J. Joy: J. Keiiey: Krause fourrh row: M. Larson: K. Leuer: J. Liecriry: T. Mau: L, Mc D. W. m b e rs Moser fiffh row: R. Neiseri: J. Nordyke: J. Pauisori: L. Perry: D. Pererson: R. Rickeri: J. Price: H. Primrose: A. Prosser: D. Roeder sixfh row: J. Saiiceid: T. Saikeid' S. Showers: C. Sierp: D. Simomscri: D. Soil: J. Srarzdeier: B. Sieeieg R. Srevers: R. Srcme: R. Tanner sevenflw row: W. Tidd: J. Terrence: G. Trace: S. Turner' G. R Vert Houferi: D. Van I-iulzeri: J. Wiiks' J. Wi?': C. Wi4"37 V Crea: J. McNuiJry: J. Mirvalsky: D. Moen' C. Morrissey: L. Woiie: J. Yowg 355 sigma chi sharing... o ff i c e rs PresidenT ...... Richard Kuehl Vice-PresidenT . . . John Hoskins SecreTary . . William Cumming Treasurer . Byrle NorThup 356 alpha eTa c:hapTer He TelT uncomTorTably warm in The black gown, and wondered why iT couldn'T be cool Tor a change on CommencemenT. l-le Tried To concenTraTe on whaT The speaker had To say, and Told himselT Thar iT would soon be oyer. Four years . . . good Times. . . hard worlc . .. and Sigma Chi had been an imporTanT parT oT Those Tour years. l-le had reason To be proud oT his TraTerniTy broThers . . . STeve Shadle on STudenT Council and The debaTe Team . . . Dick Runlse on CenTral ParTy CommiTTee . , . Al EasTon as WSU! news direcTor . . . AusTin Sand- rocl4, HAWKEYE sales manager . . . Todd Parker, vice-presidenT of IPPC. There had been Sigma Chi's on varsiTy Teams To cheer Tor, Too . . . swimmers Jim Cole and Bill Napier . . , pole yaulTer Gardner VanDyl4e. He was anxious To see how The Treshmen would do nexT year . . . JeTT I.angsTon and Niclq Shumansky in TooTball: Jim Kelley in bas- lceTballg Dave Ingram, PeTe Kemble and Milce Tangey in Track: Tom Lucas in swimming . . . and cheerleader KeiTh Besley would sTill be around To give vocal supporT. l-leld miss The parTies . . .The ChrisTmas Tor- mal, The Basin STreeT Brawl, Derby Day, The SweeThearT Dance . . . buT he'd be back. -,.: V 5 ,:.,, k k kkki S . 'V , ,, A t I . VV A . , . A , . - ,A N' ,,.., A 'A 5-' A VA . . , .I - Q iv M .V,' ' - L, ,, --" 3 , J ., ' 23 'A-- ,,7, 'W ' " 9-7 ASSA . H ,, V V. V . 11,5 , . X -nf' if J -4" ig it Xia 9 .m Q , .5 i , , A W .. W ' . - gfj- ,-jg 7 IRAQ I W 19 F , .. I ' K ' Jai " f-21? N 9,2 ., ' W, "'f Z. ,"'- V' - W' A A i l A I 'I Q A Y" , V ' f f , . M - "l ' M ,gs , "" . . ' , ' 5- Q. ,Q f- A I, , A ,J - - , W A l A .4 , ,, Mf. . -g W Q 4if Q ' l qw I V, A .- Q , pf J . fig ff , W '2- , . W 5 -L H z,,' ,-K? :,I W L L i 7.7 2755 A f I I I ,,, sk V -K I I H I v-, , Fjfkjkr fl ,Vx , , M. E i .: " " ' - f Ay , K I-I I r A I LL,.1 D J A , QQ.. .,: 1 f L'WL f V f -- 1, , -- P , . 1 f , W ',,. . V :fl - ' Q- it 4 . 2- ww.f-ifwQQfwQwf ' Q 1 - fww QQQAQAWU- W ,UW 35 , W f W ,, W-A . . 5, ' nl ' My -,Q' ' W an , L., --.'v iff 'W f L , J Q- 'mf I 3? , - W gg. 5 f- f we K , ,lm ,ki ,., 3. , . is f W W W V A 4 if I 1" 1 members firsf row: Mrs. Mccfumqg B, Ackerfeyq J. Arnoldg R. Avfnddf fiffh row: D, Maxfiddg J. McKinney? R. Means- A. Meyer: P. F. Beckman: K, Besleyg T. Campbelfg E. Check W, Cumming Mills: J. Muqgeg W. Napierg R. Neisemy W. Nelson second row: R. Denlchogq W. Dewefg W, Diefz: J, Dinqost S. sinh row: gn NOVMWDT T. perky: S4 Pefefsom W. Pye,-Som J- FWSCIJ7 D- FIUQWSCIJT R- FOSVSWSV7 C- GQFSCWMQY T- Gibym Roberfscng R. Ruwlccg' fx. Samdvockp S, Shadie' N. S!'wu'Tvarwelfy: fhird row: L. Gipeg J. HG'TINTG1I J. Harrie: D. P-fewwg J. H0-f 6- SWXHSY Y king: J' HOUSCVA: P' Howe M D' Mgfarw H' Jedi Sevenfh row: L. Smffhy D. Soi' M, Tawgfveyz R. Tarwey-'Z J, fourfh row: K. Jones: J. Ke 'eyj P. Kerwbk' R. Kc-vfs' 9. 'Neyer' R. Tuweq J, U'k?f:"I P. Usuaifdt G. Viv Dyk' P. VVQE' K6-,eff D. Kuohip R. LBFJSLOFWQ D. Laffervq T, Luias efgeard 357 0 s I g m a n u progressive ThoughTs . . . ofHcers PresidenT ..... Fredriclc Pepping Vice-PresidenT . . Charles Byers SecreTary . . . Donald Jensen Treasurer . Richard Hood beTa mu chapTer He opened his noTeboolc To begin sTuolying,. His lasT TesT , . . The year was really over. IT had been a good year Tor The Sigma Nu's, he reTlecTed. They'd kepT busy, especially The Tel-- lows who were acTive in sporTs . . . AI and Paul Karras and Don Halverson in TooTballg Don Bock, Kirby SmiTh, Ron Michaelson, Gordon BersT, Paul Eells and Bill Carmichael in baseball: Bob Hiclclin in Tencingy Diclc Hood in Tennis: Don AiTlcen in Traclcg and STan Beebe in Dolphin Club. BuT They weren'T limiTed To sporTs, Though . . . Bill I.ichTenberger had been on The IFC social commiTTee . . . John Rahn on The Greek Weelc execuTive commiTTee . . . Jaclc Pepping ediTed "FraTerniTies aT lowa' '... KeiTh Walker was a WSUl announcer . . . Gordon Wads- worTh was on a CenTral ParTy subcommiTTee. His mind wandered on To The highlighTs oT The year . . 4 The Roman ParTy . . . The winTer and spring Tormals . . . The HoTel ParTy. lT seemed lilce only lasT week ThaT They had been planning The spring dance . . . and now he was sTudying Tor his lasT TesT . . . or Trying To . . . The island of Holdfaido produced 935,000 meTric Tons oT iron ore in ICZ37 . . . "" ' 'K,- 1 'VIL 'iikh 1 --rr - -'ff - -- 4 - - ':'- - - - - Q' M -i -'T -' . iff "" - 1 . - . - R .f . ' - . " 1 ' R LLi,' L M ' - 1 . . . . 1 5' l'-- Q 1 " ' if . -. . f ' - 1- - all . - . 35 -rf .. --rll , ' -1 LL,:' A -H51-R ' .. ' , L - - . , flifpif'-w Fl 1 .V 5 ,lk - lwwlwgl 3 fm 1' R M . W 5 we f I N L X ' . Y st 'La . -.-, 1 - L 'Lame' 'PH f 5 .. i , . . J - 5 .. . . -- giggiig . 1- , . 'W ,lj 1' -- Q gg"j-ff 1 ' - :Li -- ii , ' 1 .--mi .J -- ' - . ' 5 ' , 4- ' 1 I -'.' - . - . -..' . f K .Q . rrkk. -.:.7i. '- .L -, .L -5 V . if ',Lk :Q , :i w . I Q? .. - ' ' 1, . ' " ,,.' K . - fl --15: If M3 V . galififfff-Mx mf ir , 1 , K W u .. x , K . .. - 5, he , I 5 fy- . ggi .5 -A K A a. ig. , . A A AJ. in lf A . , . All kk ,. . K It ,J members Hrs? row: Mrs. Whilfordg D. Aillcenj S. Beebey 6. Berslg D. McCreaThg VV. Meurelp R. Mlchaelson: J. Millery F. Pepplngq Boclcg R. Boyle: l-l. Brinlcmang C. Byersg W. Carmichael J. Rahn Seconhd row- A-. CGVGYT D- Cole: J- CVGYY G- Dfwldson? l'l- 'Hffh row: J. Randall: R. Reimersq L. Relcemeyerg M. Richlerg Denmsg T. Dunmngrong P. Eellsg J. Gebharcllq R. Glesne H- Smmqg WV K- gmifyu T. gpgesi T- gummy Ehlrgolodvf:CD'HlLlIiglFerE?n5 Jxjelglsifegl i'aSl?lneerf'.llePy: Llisvslgllflqllnl sixfh row: C. Van Ginlcelg A. Von Bosselaqerg M. Wacker: G. fourth row: l-l. Lichfenbergerg J. McBroorng J. McCoy: J. Wadsworfh, K. Walker, C. Wfarner, R. Vlfalisg J. Young 359 sigma phi epsilon Tidbifs . . . he o TT i c e r s Presidenlr ..... Thomas STeyenson Vice-PresidenT . . Donald Verhille SecreTary . . , lXlorTon Parlq Rider Treasurer . . James Brannan 360 iowa gamma chap+er IT was hoT, and There was no breeze in The principals oTTice where he waiTed To learn whaT The mix-up was on his TranscripT. l-le piclced up a copy oT The T956 l-TAWKEYE and leaTed Through iT To The TraTerniTy secTion . . . mighT as well read up on The guys held be meeTing in Tall rush. l-le sTopped aT The Sig Ep page and loolced over The Tellows . . . he had already meT Ron Chesmore, presidenT oT The STaTe YMCA, in The spring when he had visiTed The Sig Ep house. He Turned Trom The picTures To read whaT They had done during The year, and saw Ron's name lisTed wiTh WalT Brewers as mem- bers oT The marching band. A long lisT oT names and acTiviTies Tollowed . . . Ron, again, and George Nichols in universiTy chorus . . . Dicls Govig, NCAA wresTling champ. . .Clyde l:elTes, varsiTy golTer , . . Bob Reed, varsiTy swimmer . . . Jaclc Creach, WalT Brewer and Jerry Palmer in The Billy lVliTchell Squadron . . . Tom SchornhorsT on The Daily Iowan . . . Rich Orr and George Oiemann in Phi BeTa Kappa . . . George a member oT Gmicron DelTa Kappa leadership TraTerniTy, lVloisTening his Thumb, he Turned The page To The nexT TraTerniTy. xi eq'-.av ,af .63 ,ol 1 QI' y-nd' ,gud 1 nw members 'Firsf row: Mrs. Beg ey: Tecrvas fkricersom: Raicm P. Ausrir: Qmar P. Benson: Roberr Boyce: Jaiwies Braririan: William 3"5mwa1: Waire' Brewer second row: Lyie Bryan: Edward Burke' Ricriaid Carson: Ron- iid Cresmcre: Jciifi P,C1arP: David Cm: Jchm C'eff:1' Jawes Davidson fhird row: Jcifn Bmw: Ciyde Peres: Rayrfzno FV1: Ceugies Sibcs: Jcriri G'cerr: Ricrard Govig: Lercy Hafsew: Rtrierr Jcimsow fourih row: Dcrwaio Kmrg' Dcuczlas L.e'sf': Qecw'-9 Lenz-r' Rfiward Means: Georg? Nicrics: Riceeid CH' Wiiiiam Orr: Gefaid Paimer: Roberr Reed fifrh row: Norom P. Riser: F, ii. Swcwrcfeh Wiiiicaf Sim- mons: John Spear: Rcrvaid Sfariqeig Tiwcyfae Srevenscri: Rohevi UH-. Dfpad vmwiie- ym viffw. ,,: ,K . ,,, X., 36I J fx pu 'W iii 'Q 14" 'qw X ff' ff J . 1 5 fl ,X-3 hx., S. sae 'Wi V . i r +h e 'r a x I and eggplanfs. ofHcers Presidenl .....,. Paul Collin Vice-Presidenl . . Bruce Call Secrelary . . . Donald Anderle Treasurer . . Alson Braley 362 xi chapler l-le hadnil been inside lhe lhela Xi house since his college days in lhe lorlies . . . lor lO years he had successfully resisled any impulses lo relurn lo lhe scene ol his Mmisspenl' youlh," bul his curiosily and memories linally won oul. The personalilies were dillerenl, buf rhe spiril was The same . . . The l-leidelburg Brawl . . . The Chrislmas parly lor crippled children . , . and lhe praclice ol inviling velerans from The hospilal over lo dinner. Cne lhing he hadn'l losl lraclc ol in lhe IO years was SUI sporls, and he became en- grossed in a discussion wilh varsily loolball player Louis lvlalylciewicz and varsily swimmer Al Braley. Chorus and Panacea casl' member Lloyd Johnson joined Jrhe group and fold him abour Panacea's revival, and Bob Pelerson broughl him up lo dare on band and chorus. Back in lhe old, familiar surroundings, every- Jrhing was broughl' info locus once more . . . The good limes . . . lhe parries . . . 'rhe hard worlc . . . and Phi Era Sigma member Tom Slrom reminded him ol lhe hours he had spenl' al 'rhe library as a pledge. l-le wouldn'l lel lO years pass again, 'dl' in members firsi row: Afberf Alspauonq Sfaniey Pvnsbufyg Donald Anderle' fhird row: Edwm L. Jonngonp Jeffy MQQLNQQQ Tnornas Nelson John Bohang Nson Braley Roberf Pefersony Thomas Philiios second row: H. Bruce Cav' ?au' Quinny Davis Gardner: Dean fourfh row: James Pnfnnev: Faber? Sfeewe' Edwin T. Sworn HEHQ Wellbofn Hudson Eafj Vxfesee 1 I f if al J J SY! Wfafffw ff-CJ! 5 Q ,, ,J I F-Rx i , 2 t 2 xiii! Rx . I , I 2 f, ? ri gk ,M . XxS,jwnw', T , ,a . IF Ng f- M ,N,w. 'fx' . .M-A 4- ,Mm fx , . N 1' A - " 'lx -7 ' ,Q A EF . Q . k f 1 f f'-. an ,.5z,X,N,f" '+ 2, , . - , - 'TM -M1 "'f"'N-3 x ' ,HM ...N .nk -X, . 1 I , ...,,. .- A KVM k,,,,,wEyQ,gggsag'g2'f'zi . -. s X Y ,af , f"s,,,, ,X f , Y f if , far. 4 ff-s-"' COITIITIOYIS She couldn'T make up her mind wheTher she enioyed living in The Commons or noT. lVlosT OT The Time she did, buT someTimes . . . like now, when she had puTTed her way up The 87 sTeps Trom sTreeT To lawn . . . good Tor The muscles in one's legs, They had Told her. And There were oTher Times . . . Monday evenings when she envied The resT oT The pledges who had To go only as Tar as Currier Trom The sororiTy house . . . Tues- day and Thursday mornings wiTh 7:30 classes on The easT side oT The river . . . noons when she had To go Trom The music building To The Commons Tor lunch, and back across The river aT I:3O. BuT she did enioy living in a smaller dorm where she knew almosT everybody else, in spiTe oT Teeling somewhaT isolaTed Trom The resT oT campus. l w I . A an WB' . .,C', I ac+ivifies board firsi' row: Adele Aoodee y' Maron Mceller' Conde More rson' Barbara Wes+' Jcaarr Eleroerger' Susan Myers second row: Snrley McClnesrey: Marsna Tlnornas' Beverly ilrurnpery Jorrine Erickaonf Barbara Burge' Connie Emerson execulive council firsr row: Sanora Mu" Deores Der Besle' Elnora Claus' Jean Slock' lsaberle Dey' Sondra Cooper second row: Adele Abodeely' Sharon Scnroeder' Jo Scree- rollnq Marla Clwrisrensen: Slneridan Newcombr Marian Posrel' Slnirley Srnillw: Janel Price iudiciary board firsf row: Janice Godbersen' Gayle Blurnenllnal' Sraron Browne Sandra Mullr L?nda Aclarnilz- Beverly Bogarr second row: Marion Mcellerg Nancy l-lile' Lois Jacobyr Pal rricia Reussi Beverly Bisb public relafions board Firsi' row: Audrie McManus: Marian Posrel: Marilyn Coleson W5 1- J orien+afion board firsf row: Sandra Mull: Elnora Clausing: Jear Slock second row: Slrifrley Smirn- Delores Den Beslet Slwerloar Newcomb social board firsl' row: Slwaron Sclwroederq Maria Halges: Kaye Greene- woldy Jo Sclwafrorlwg Nancy I-Iile second row: Parricia Bradleyr Marlene Gellingy Wendy Srrieli Joy Hansen ,uf 4 in. 55 an ,fm if -Q Q. l 2 ,...... Fr . ix is ff? ... A we .-X. .2 5 1-rw YUM Currier hall Over lhe lhreshold and inlo a world ol lriends and aclivilies . . . reminiscing, she realized lhal was aclually whal her lirsl slep inlo Currier l-lall aller summer vacalion had meanl. She remembered Judy Jackson, who had been on hand lo welcome her, already busy galhering news lor lhe lirsl issue ol Dormslory . . . and remembered also Judyls slruggles wilh lhe hand crank mimeograph machine which had been chrislened "Qld Iron- sides" by lhe ambilious and persislenl Dorm- slory slall. ll hadn'l laken lhe dorm long lo shake oll any apalhy lhe summer mighl have lell. Com- millees and aclivilies were soon in lull swing . . . exchanges, service proiecls, unil meelings, open houses, minls and music. Soon her unil had been nominaling a can- didale lor Dolphin Queen. The aclivilies board selecled and eliminaled unlil lhey had chosen Currier's enlranls , . . and lhe Dolphins voled Barbara Polls an allendanl. ln Decem- ber, Currier's own Dora Lee Marlin was elecled Miss SUI, wilh Dixie Davenporl and Barb Polls as lwo ol lhe allendanls. Laler Dixie was elecled Quad Queen and Barb was l-lillcresl Queen, wilh Jo Swanson in lhe courl. Joby Rankin was an allendanl lo lhe l-lonorary Cadel Colonel, and Mary Jo Thompson was Miss Big len Bowling Queen. council lirsl row: B. Baird: S. Beisser: K. Berry: J, Brockschink second row: G. Carson: S. Chrislenscn: L. Cline: N. Dickens lhird row: P. Fischer: M. Freed: L. Gamble: G. l-laddy fourlh row: R. l-lansen: B. Howard: C. Karns: M. Moore fillh row: L. Nolle: D. Q'Brien: B. Oliver: J. Qlsen sixlh row: J. Rankin: P. Shaw: M. Sindelar: N. Slewari sevenlh row: E. Theissen: M. Truesdell: C. Upp eighlh row: B. Vencleiboe: M. Walson: L. Wilson new sTuclenT council TirsT row: N. O'Connorp F. l-lamill: S. Graeber second row: S. l-lanseny Pl. Vernerg J. Schneider: C. SchulTe7 J. Siepker Third row: M. Freed, P. Thomas: J, Gilmer: R. Jensen, G. Cleaver: F. Davis ChrisTmas acTiviTies in Currier proved an idea which had been growing since The be- ginning oT The year . . .The idea ThaT 900 girls could be good Triends. The halls had been Tilled wiTh music The nighT oT The Tree'Trimming parTy. Piano music, a backdrop Tor The Trim- mers, soon had sTarTed Them caroling. QuiTe a debaTe had arisen early in The parTy . . . was The sTar aT The Top oT The Tree really sTraighT? No one ever decided. Gloria T-ladoly, chairman oT The social board, had waTched The diminishing pile oT popcorn balls anxiously, buT There were plenTy Tor everyone, and The parTy ended wiTh caroling ThaT echoed Trom basemenT To eaves, Currier girls were busy on campus . . , BeTh T-Toward and Barbara Oliver on MorTar Board . . . Phyllis Fischer, Joby Rankin, Phyllis Pleme ing and Linda Gamble on AWS general coune cil . . . Kay Truesdell as presidenT oT Phi Gamma Nu commerce sororiTy . . . Marcia WaTson and Lois Wilson on STudenT Council . . . Marcia on The Miss SUI PageanT Board. "Aren'T Those girls ever on Time? unif ac+ivi+ies firsf row: Eiien Veidnouseq Mariorie Micnaei' Virginia Krei- cie: Jane Gibsonq Liilian Runniong Joyce Benneir' Beiie Rosenbergq Rosemary Humm second row: Joyce Anderson' Narcy Eiiioii' JoAnne Moore' RUF Arr Monson' Louise Trioms' fxiice Scnrody' Berry Bies- sino' Janice VanHoeyer' Sneiia Dorror unif iudiciary firsi row: Caroi Reese: Marrna Haugen: Lois Gilpinq Mari- iyn Sriayerq Marye Harrz' Jadiiiw Moiwfiir: Judiiru Harvey: Linda Sfwcrey second row: Karnefyn Kessier' Mary Ann Hansong Tonya Miiier' Maiiee Kaiiernar' Roberia Saigin: Barbara Seydek Peari Kemni+z' Parricia Bearry' Rosemary iyerson' Mary HLey: Norma Bromberq ac+ivi+ies board firsi' row: Terry Snope' Lowerfa Hignrower' Jobyrra Rankin' Karen Gvreenwoodg Nancy Siewarf' Carol Menizer second row: Mariiyn Ladd' Barbara Ham' Winona Keeier' imcoere Denier Mary ,Nice Srrassbmg judiciary board firsf row: Ann Spencer' Beri' Hcwadg Card Menizer Coqsweii' Syiyia Sue Doneison second row: Mary LLL, Leaman: C ei Brcckscninicr Nancy execufive council Firsf row: Marcia Wafson' Saiiy Beisserq Barbara Oiive' Donna O'Brien' Lois Wiison second row: Mary Kay Tmesdeii' Berif Howard: Linda Gam He' Jobyna Rankin' Pryiiis Eiscrer' Gioria Haddy L -u.. ,. Q,- f-M r ,Q ms- "-rr g , A ll 'Uv 'Eg orienlafion board 'firsf row: Mane Mooreq Mary Alice Srrassburo: Mary Kay Truesdellg Joyce Benner? second row: Beverly Barra: Barbara Vendelboeq Shirley Wlrdsg Linda Gamble unil social firsf row: Carolyn Kollcery Mary Rose? Jaonna Rogers' Flora Felberbaurng Norma Doss: Janice Fuller: Peggy Kessler' Sandra Slclavos second row: Joan Keelineq Nela Bowman' Frances Hours: Mary McConnon: l'lelen Wisgernofq Susan Braley' Marqarel Verneyq Barbara Boebrnler unii inframurals Hrsf row: Cecily Freylnaqeq Rlla Leflerq lrene Derus' Lowella l-liglwlor.-.ferq Wylrnarle Nlclwolson: Mary Jo Dennis' Parnoa Redman: Susan Clemens second row: Jofknn Oldorl' Joyce Gasron' Fafncla CQU- 'ell' Sbuley Wirds: Maxlne Andersor' Pbyllk Woolf 4 , :- . 2 5 1 av Lv I M public relaflons board firsl' row: Mary McConnonq Donna O'Brlen' Marilyn Lyon second row: L7nda Slworeyq Gloria I-lugelen: Carol Karns social board firsl row: Marie Mooreg Eleanor 'lnelsseng Gloria l-laddy: Ruby Lacina: Marilyn Lyon second row: Carol Herlzlerg LOTS Wllson: Beverly Barra: Jo Llnder' Kallwleen l-lalloran Am unexpeded crown brings eifher fears or Vaughfer. Much creme paoef was used +0 disguise 'rbe dining Heli 1 I-iearfs, Uowers and sfreame-rs . . . we ea? here every day. 372 Theres no fire, sir, bul my roommale here says lhere's a mouse in her closet" A rose is a rose is a rose, bul a Currier l-lall dining room was nol always a dining room, especially when il was lhe scene ol Cupid Capers. And a dance did nol always go iusl as il was so carelully planned, wilh enlerlain- me-nl, irilermission, queen presenlalion, soll lighls and sweel music. A lalse lire alarm, sirens, liremen overrunning lhe building, and curious onloolcers in palhrobes and pin curls . . . nol every dance could boasl such added enlerlainmenl. russell house Shivering lrom lhe wallc home in lhe biller December wind, she was glad lo reach lhe warmlh ol Russell l-louse. Selling down her books, she paused in lhe living room where girls were sweeping, dusling and polishing lurnie lure, and snilled lhe aroma ol lreshlye loalced coolcies. This was a lamiliar scene, bul loday lhere was a special reason lor all lhe aclivily. Everyone was lull ol lhe Chrislrnas spiril . . . arid lhere was a parly lhal riighl. She anlicipaled a wonderlul evening, lype ical ol lhe many good limes she had had al Russell l-louse. Three ol lhe girls were lrimming lhe Chrislmas lree while lhey pracliced carols lhey would sing laler. She picked up a handlul ol linsel and ioined lhem. wes+lawn From one ol Jrhe boolhs al lhe Mayflower, she wauched uhe couples on rhe crowded dance Hoor. Their big parly, Capls Caprice, was cerrainly go- ing oyer wiulh a bang . . . and The balloons, parl out Jrhe decorarions, were also going oH wiHu a bang. lr was almosr iniermission . . . she hoped The haze our smoke would clear enough 'ior her To gel' a glimpse oi The queen. Bonnie Erickson, Wesrlawn presidenlr, announced someuhing over The microphone, bul wharever she said was losr wiuh Jrhe pop ouc a balloon. Bonnie fried again, and ihis lime ii came Jrhrough . . . she announced ihe enierrainmenr which would precede uhe crowning of rhe queen. Suanding behind a crowd oi backs, she could only hear +he enueruainmenr, puncuualred occasion- ally by Jrhe pop oi balloons . . . and Jrhen The five candidaues for queen were presenled as more bal- loons burslr. The crowd moved aside To form an aisle for 'rhe candidares, and a loud noise some- whau like machine gun fire was heard from uhe rear of Jrhe room . . . buf if was only rhe balloon popper amusing himself wirh nine balloons. She rurned her aurenrion back +o Hue plauuform in Time Jro see Qreuchen Slark crowned Wesulawn Queen. council-firsf row: Joyce Moburg' Lcis HOH7 Lorraine Leichsenringp Bonnie Erickson: Shirley Boss, Aurzella Boeweg Virginia Kay Taylor second row: Janice Hedglinj Norma Dom, Audrey Thomas, Shirley Lenz, Consrance Bishop' Julia Miller' Marilyn Nichols' Janei Thieme: Parricia Zimmerman . Q parw-bound nurses and Hwelr dafes brave +ypicaV Yowa weafher. fad - ,, ' A, Z , , K, 'eww Q, Uniforms To dawce dfesses . . . nufses HQ Mg Qr'e1+cPf2m Slaflf if vcvwed 5' "Cece Caoflf acTiviTies boa rd l"irsT row: PaTricia Newellg Norma Dom, Mary Brarnmerlo second row: Mary Ann McClaTchey' JaneT Thieme a nurse looks She TelT suddenly very much alone. She wasn'T used To The guieT and comparaTive isolaTion of a privaTe home, aTTer Two years of living in WesT- lawn, and she had TorgoTTen whal iT was like noT To share her liTe wiTh dozens oT oTher sTudenT nurses. The TirsT day . . . she had oTTen wondered whaT her public healTh experience would be like . . . now she knew . . . hecTic . . . diTlerenT . . . more like The real Thing . . .and iT would lasl' Tor Two monThs. EighT weeks under The supervision oT a public healTh nurse . . , a combinaTion OT minimal nursing care and social work . . . conducTing meeTings Tor publiciTy council firsl' row: Donna Planderg CynThia Borcherdingg Aurzella Boewe second row: Maxine Kloppenburgy Phyllis Walker judiciary council TirsT row: Jane Eloise Weirg Mary BeTh Vandermydeq AlThea ChrisToTTersen second row: DoroThy Nakano: Janice l-ledgling Marian Mor- gan back. . . moThers-To-be . . . visiTing indigenT paTienTs . . . grade school vaccinaTions. QuiTe a change Trom her sophomore year, when iusT abouT her only pracTical experience in The hos- piTals had been adminisTering back rubs and oTher minor reliefs. ln her iunior year, she had progressed To giving shoTs and pills . . . regular nursing pro- cedures. By The Time she was a senior, she was giv- ing blood TesTs and Transifusions, helping The doc- Tors in Their ward rounds . . . and going ouT on public healTh. This was The way iT would be aTTer graduaTion. social board firsT row: Mary Evansg Lorraine Leichsenring: Brunhild Weg- ner second row: Jacqueline Wells: Mary Jean Kluver officers Presidenl .... Mary Jean Davis Vice-Presidenl . . . Carol Novak Secrelary . . . .leannelle Clwadek Treasurer . Donnela Frees +own women firsl row: PaTr'cTa gaylgre' Donnela Frees' Mary Dave' Caro Novak' Jaref Sawyer second row: Mary Ann Lorack' Alyce Venzlceg Carole Morron' Beafrlce Dierks: Donna Nelson' Angela Svoboda 'third row: Snlrley Slwllzi Sandra Graslaorn' Mary Lou Furman' Barbara D7erks7 Slnella l-loyer fourfh row: Barbara Scnmlll' Snella Canrlnqlwarn' Elaine Grernrn' Sosan Scnrnlll' Donna Hummel' Berrfce Suskla Mary Lou l-lompnreys Slwe Tlwouglwl of llle lun slwe'd nad as a member of llwe lndependenl Town Women's a buffer supper and mixer for new sludenls In The Tall . . . al dance demonslralions . . , slurllng animals Tor llwe crippled clwlldren ...and now al a Clwrislrmas parly wlllw rlwe Town Men. l-ler llvouglmls ran on fo llrwe winler Torrnal...wlwo would be queen? . . . loo early lo rlnnlc OT llwal . . ,wlwo would lalce ner ro lne dance7...nol Too early lo llwink ol Tlwal. Slwe glanced around llme roorn..,lwer gaze Came back lo lne 'fellow nexl lo l1er...sne lnlroduced nerself. hillcresT Alarm clocks weren'T essenTial To The l-lillcresT residenT. ConsTrucTion worlc on The l25-room addiTion To The dorm began aT whaT he ThoughT was an unnecessarily early hour, bur since he had a 7:30 class, iT didn'T malce Too much diTFerence. He headed downsTairs To qeT some brealcTasT. Only a Treshman, he was easily impressed by The number of campus aThleTes who lived in The dorm . . . TooTball sTars Don Dobrino, Diclc Deasy, Jim Gib- bons and allfAmerican Cal Jones . . . baslceTball players Bill Logan, Carl Cain, Sharm Scheuerman and Augie MarTel . . . disTance runner Charles lDeaconl Jones . . . NCAA wresTling champion Terry McCann. l-le had meT mosT of Them aT dorm func- Tions, where he had also meT Lowell Kair, presidenT of The CollegiaTe Chamber of Commerce, and Bill Vaughan, commander of The Arnold Air SocieTy. gill 'll A i f council-firsf row: Dr. Sfan Norfonq Pefer Peropoulosg Norman Driscoii: Auqusr Gerdesq Janis Sfraumanis' Richard Deasyq NNiHiam Logan David Adamson' Sraniey Bye' Scoff Weiiford' Anfnony Kocirnski second row: Roberr Younf: Jay VanBruqgeriq Lawrence Fccinrp Bernard Hoenk' Marrin Cririsiensenz Waifer Olson' Daryf Grannerq Joinn De- Groofe: Roberf Karr: Wiiiiam Hammer? Richard Gibson: Michael Waddell: Frank Miiier' Terry Biedsoe' Roberf Mason:Joi'1n Walker: Richard Kuiper Tesf of a gzood rcomrnare is His wiiiingness 'ro !enci fnoney. Jei .ae . c ce V eei.. Medern dence is nn? resrricfed +n Orcresif and ie3'a'f1,, 379 our a+ ihe plano C help lr r w V l J Broolcharl' D, Almguisl' D. Lyhch' W. Hammer' D. Fxdamsonj uche unnin n e orn second row eropoulos W rewer D rcningg F. Miller- E, Whirmore' K. Caryerj J. Kawai 0 Sea efd 'Third row li Q: c We er J J l' D M enbefg' R. Carlre' J. Mee' J, Defiroolei B. l-loenlc' our row H Godard R Trorrp on R B ck W h p ai W Logan: M, Scheuermant D. Grarinerj G. l-leasleyi Dorm lile wasnl bad. l-le rhoughr of rhe firsl exchange dinner wirh Currier, when he had had a chance ro meer The blonde who sal in rhe lronr row of his Comm Skills class. A nice girl. l-lis roommale slopped on his way our ol rhe dining hall lo remind him Thar lhey were supposed ro have anorher bridge 'esson in The lounge lhal nigh+, unless rhere was somerhing especially good on TV. F-le didn? parlicularly lilce bridge. ln facl. he had been reluclanl ro lake lessons in rhe firsr place, bul somebody had poinled our lo him Jrhal he had lo play bridge 'ro be accepled socially. So now he was acceplable. The brealofasl' lime crawled. l-le Thoughr aboul playing in inrramurals again nexl year. l-le had enioyed Them in spile ol The pulled muscles, an aching baclc, and The iwo weeks he had spenr on crulches. And his muscles had loosened up awcler The Tirsl lew games. There was The radio slalion. loo, and The darkroom ro lhinlc aboul Tor nerd year. There were firnes when circumstances forced us To Sindy. The unfinished look of consfrucfion . . . difches and diff . . . bare corridors and piasfer dusi' ,---""',.,,.wf-f-W MWw,,..W K .- A rw I g.:z1:...' K f 6 fi Noi every drink came from fhe iand of scraps and shavings . . . E sky-blue wafers . fhe addihon Ei , in 1:15 1 'i 1' ' Z 2 mf f W 'Eesff 38I Amafnur pho oqraphef exammes prmf un HnUcres+ darkroorv Rf x 1 Q - if I mx sedusxor m H14 ares? 5 own nmefaewfh hoNe-In-Therwa . M ,K 35 Q1 l-le sTood near The end oT The lunch line, Tired and hungry. WaTching The oThers already aT Tables, iammed againsT each oTher, he ThoughT absenTly how many were eaTing. l2:30 was a popular lunch hour . . . They had run oul oT Toed beTore and he wondered if iT would happen again Today. The Two men in TronT oT him were discussing The l-lillcresT addiTion. l-le overheard one OT Them say ThaT The capaciTy would be nearly 400. The oTher aslced when The addiTion would be ready Tor use. "NexT SepTember," his Triend answered, 'ibuT They won'T have a dining room Tor a couple more years." l'Te came baclc To earTh wiTh a iolT. Two years . . , and he ThoughT This was bad, wher There were only 650 residenTs waiTing To be Ted .. , a l5AminuTe waiT if There was Tood . . . 45 minuTes iT There wasniT, l-le was glad he wa: d :SINGH I, nn Q Q rfkj., ei'ci'f 8 1 Q, 1 The Hillcresl Chamber Philharmonic ard Marching SocieTy STaTion l-TTLC ...serving one acre and six hundred people Q 'vs' 1 4 'si a ay. 4 "f Q 'Q 'Q ' Q quadrangle Sanla Claus had never looked like lhis. l-le had seen deparlme-nl slore Sanlas, Salvalion Army Sanlas . . . in lacl, he'd run inlo quile a few varielies ol Sanlas as a boy . . . bul never had lhey looked like This. l-le followed lhe Quad Sanlas, Dixie Davenporl and Nancy Wallace, wilh ap- proving eyes. l-le was all for anylhing which included girls, and he lhoughl il was very consider- ale ol lhe Quadrangle powers-lhal-be lo add dinner exchanges wilh sororilies lo lhe social schedule in addilion lo lhe lra- dilional ones wilh women's dormilories. "WSWS havlnl fi PeflOO - - A Yell Come-' Raising his cigarelle lo his nnoulh, he couldn'l help seeing The shorl scar across i Jrhe back ol his lingers, The scar he'd re- ceived in lhe ballle ol paper napkins and chicken wire as lhey buill Their Home- coming lloal . . . lirsl place winner in lhe humorous division and among dormilories. "Dear Dad. yeslerday spenl S30 lor books, please . . ." T E pu 84' M f' f "Sc when I fold lwer slwe didn? have 'ro worry abouf me drlvinq her Cer home effer 'rlwe parfy, she fer me. DIdn"r do much damage, really. x KX gb? Yiwu X Ivy N, :QQ ESM r e lx -g , if V is K 'NX R 29? he xv , ",c" . . W V Ji A fix' 4 Q 11 5 1 , 'E X I execulive council firsl row: Dean Yarwood: Frederick l-lahn: Leonard l-lollimang Richard An- derson, Bruce Appleby second row: Roberl Fisher: Roberl Johnson: Rodney Anderson: Ronald Chrislensen' Kenneih Philo 'Dorff be fooled by Them frills and laces, fonny. ll's cur-lhroal poliTics." They had invaded his room ior one iasl bull session beiore vacalion, and i+ was lale before They finally wandered our again, leaving him lo his packing. Con- versalion was aboul Jrhe mosl plenliiul commodily ai lhe dorm . . . Jrhe year had been one ol innumerable and ever-presenl bull sessions. Some ol his longesl' verbal duels had been ol' a business nalure, as a member ol lrhe Quad Council. l-le had spenr hours wirh Jrhe proclors and seclion represen+a' lives, discussing dorm plans and problems . . . always, if seemed, Jrhe nighl before a leslr or when he had a Jrerm paper due. One of lheir main concerns had been The addilion under conslrruclion which would provide dining lacililies and a music room . . . and a major innovalion of lhe school year had been Jrhe providing ol boarding privileges . . . compulsory lor new resiclenls, oplional lor old. council Hrsf row: A. Allen: W. Teler: W. Slanlordg J. Voogd: R. Becker second row: R. Williams: C. Holman: K. Blunl' J. Glover: R. Gould' J. Barlle-Hg N. Kravelz fhlrd row: W. Powellg W. Eadsq J. Foslerg F. Rreclwlg J. Engelbreclwlq E. l-leuslnlcveld council firsi' row: A. Unzickery G. Gooleep A. Carlson: J. DeKalb: C. Glpple: D. Sclmllz second row: J. Hansen' R. Croclcerg R. Carpenlerg R. Wlnelanp L. Hageman: l-l. Wkle Graham lhird row: J. Gamer' R. Ralfn: J. Ellis: R. Tpcker' R. Roberlsq W. Dovall FirsT row: John Graham: ArThur Nilsson: Roger SmiTh: James Grabow: John WinTer: Gene Harding second row: KenneTh HoTTman: Brownlie Graham: Marshall HiTchcock: Vice Tor Naxera: RoberT Crawliord: Lawrence Baldwin firsf row: Bruce Novak' Larry Spillers: Thomas Robinson: John Weaver second row: Frank Navara: Loren Clarke: Richard George: John Sunierg Donald Sangf: John PeTersen: Alan Squier lk' souTh quadrangle He was a boy Treshman and she was a girl Treshman . . . and The Currier mixer had Thrown Them TogeTher . . . He poured Two more cups oT black coTTee and carried Them back To The chairs by The piano. He gave one To The simper- ing girl seaTed beside him, and Tried To balance The oTher cup on his knee. He Touncl himselT groping Tor The righT words, and conversaTion came hard. They Talked a liTTle . . . abouT movies and Freud, buT he iusT couldn'T seem To make iT go. He decided he hared mixers. Town men He sguirmed under The wagon on his back and yelled Tor a hammer and some nails. Why did everyThing seem To go wrong iusT beTore The parade sTarTed? The Town Men and Women had puT in a loT oT Time on Their Homecoming TloaT and now iT was ready To collapse again. All righT. he ThoughT, l'll carry iT if l have To . . . l've already ruined Two aThleTic deparT- menT sweaTshirTs under This TloaT. He ThoughT oT The mixers and Tormals The Town lvlen had parTicipaTed in. He would miss The Tellows when he graduaTed ...especially The guy who owed him 555. acknowledgmenfs . . . engraving by Soufhwesfern Engraving Company, Tulsa, Olcla. . . prinfing and binding by Economy Adverfising Company, Iowa Cify . . . covers by Kingsporf Press, Inc., Kingsporf, Tenn. . . . cover design by Sylvia Dolch . . . subdivision pages by Arnie Gore . , beaufy picfures by Mrs. I-I. L. Dean, Sfromfsen's Sfudio . . sororify picfures by Sfromfsen, T. Wong and Kenf Sfudios . . senior and frafernify picfures by Universily Phofographic Service . . index fyping by Dr. Cleo P. Casady's classes . . idenf fyping by Mr. Melvin L. Kramer's class An especial fhanlc-you fo fhose who helped malce my dream of May, I955, become a realify in June, I956 . . . . . . Mr. Lesfer Benz, publisher . . Mr. Wilbur Peferson, adviser . . Mr. R. C. Wallcer, Soufhwesfern Engraving Company . . Miss Gene McRae, Soufhwesfern Engraving Company . . Mr. Roberf Collins, Economy Adverfising Company . . . Mr. Tom McConnell, Kingsporf Press, Inc. . . . To Bill, who nof only was chief phofographer, buf was also Iunofficiallyl chief capfion- wrifer, ediforial assisfanf, and chief morale-boosfer. The I956 HAWKEYE would have been a much more difficulf underfalcing had if nof been for his assisfance "above and beyond fhe call of dufy." . . . To Marian and fhose members of fhe sfaff who did fheir iobs unhesifafingly. . . . To Clarence af Economy, who cheerfully answered my guesfions, explained and made suggesfions when I was in fhe darlc, and was so pafienf wifh my blunders. . . . To Ray Crabfree, chief phofographer unfil he leff school in Ocfober. . . . To John Jaqua and fhe Daily Iowan phofographers., . . . To fhe professors and universify personnel who undersfood . . . compensafing for fhose who did nof and who expecfed fhe impossible. . . . To fhose who, whefher fhey were associafed wifh HAWKEYE or nof, pifched in when fhings looked blaclcesf la fairly common occurrence in March and Aprill. The sfudenf index would nof have been included, had if nof been for fhese people. We had been grafified in fhe fall by fhe almosf overwhelming response fo our call for idenf and index worlcers. One of fhe less glamorous iobs, we fhoughf fhaf fhis year if would be a cinch, wifh all fhese willing worlcers. Evidenfly word gof around, however, because when if came firne for fhem fo worlc . . . The index was compiled and prepared by a number of people . . . fhe edifor, fhe chief phofographer, fhe HAWKEYE adviser, fhe edifor's boy-friend, sub-edifors wifh a few minufes befween classes, fwo or fhree sororify sisfers some unsuspecfing individuals who volunfeered fheir help, and SUI fyping classes. Finally, if I had if fo do all over again . . . I would. Especially il I could be sure of knowing in Sepfember whaf I have learned by June. fhe edifor 6 Acacia, 326, 327 Air Rille Team, l6l Air Seniors, I56 Air Sludenl Slall, I55 Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chi Omega, 296, 297 Della Pi, 298, 299 Della Sigma, 264 Epsilon Pi, 328, 329 Kappa Gamma, 275 Kappa Kappa, 252 Kappa Psi, 253 Lambda Della, 275 Tau Omega, 330, 33l Xi Della, 300, 30I American Inslilule ol Eleclrical Engineers, 286 American Inslilule ol Radio Engineers, 286 American Pharmaceulical Associalion, 265 Army Rille Team, l6l Army Seniors, I57 Army Sludenl Slall, I55 Arl Building lealures, l04-I07 Associaled Sludenls ol Denlislry, 276 Associaled Sludenls ol Engineering, 266 Associaled Women Sludenls, 240-242 Band, concerl, I00 Band, marching, l0I Baseball, I43 Baslcelball, lreshman, I42 Baslcelball games, I34-l4I Baslcelball, varsily, I33 390 lopical index l Beaulies, 207-228 Bela Alpha Psi, 276 Bela Thela Pi, 332, 333 Billy Milchell Squadron, I58 Board ol Sludenl Publicalions, 98 C Cadel slall, I54 Cenlral Parly Commillee, 230 Cheerleaders, I29 Chi Epsilon, 277 Chi Omega, 302, 303 Chorus, I02 Collegiale Chamber ol Commerce, 267 Commerce Seniors, 35-43 Commons, 366, 367 Cross Counlry, I44 Currier Hall, 368-373 Currier Oueen, 225 Currier Oueen Allendanls, 224 Daily Iowan, 90, 9I Deans and Direclors, 30-34 Della Chi, 334, 335 Della Della Della, 304, 305 Della Gamma, 306, 307 Della Sigma Della, 254, 255 Della Sigma Pi, 256, 257 Della Tau Della, 336, 337 Della Thela Phi, 277 Della Upsilon, 338, 339 Della Zela, 308, 309 Denlal Hygiene Seniors, 48 Denlislry Seniors, 45-47 Dolphin Club, 268, 269 Dolphin Oueen, 2II Dolphin Oueen Allendanls, 2 I0 G Engineering Seniors, 49-5l Ela Kappa Nu, 278 Fencing, I45 Foolball games, l20-I28 Eoolball leam, I I8, I I9 9 Gamma Alpha Chi, 278 Gamma Phi Bela, 3I0, 31 I Goll, I46 Governor's Day, I63 Greelc Week Commillee, 249 Gymnaslics, I47 Hancher, Presidenl Virgil, 28, 29 HAWKEYE, 86-89 Hawlc-I Pep Club, 282, 283 Highlanders, 23l Hillcresl, 378-383 Hillcresl Oueen, 22l Hillcresl Oueen Allendanls, 220 Hillel Eoundalion, 29I Home Economics Club, 249 Honorary Cadel Colonel, 217 Honorary Cadel Colonel Allendanls, 2I6 lnlerlralernily Council, 324 Inlerlralernily Pledge Council, 325 lnlerlralernily Pledge Oueen, 2l5 lnlerlralernily Pledge Oueen Allendanls, 2l4 Inlerlralernily Queen, 2I3 Inlerfralernily Queen Allendanls, 2l2 lnlernalrional Club, 234 Iowa Chrislian Fellowship, 29I Iowa Transil, 279 o Journalism Laboralories, 96, 97 Junior Panhellenic Council, 295 k Kappa Alpha Thela, 3l2, 3I3 Kappa Epsilon, 279 Kappa Kappa Gamma, 3l4, 3I5 Kappa Phi, 289 Law Seniors, 53-55 Law Sludenl' Council, 55 l.eHermen's Club, I52 Liberal Arls Seniors, 57-74 m Mecca Queen, 2l9 Mecca Queen Aliendanls, 2I8 Medical Sludenl Council, 280 Medicine Seniors, 75-78 Miss Perlecl' Prolile, 228 Miss SUI, 209 Miss SUI Allendanls, 208 Miss SUI Pageanl Board, 250 Morlar Board, 270 I1 Newman Club, 290 Nursing Seniors, 79-8l Nu Sigma Nu, 258 Nu Sigma Phi, 280 0 Qccupalional Therapy Club, 28I Qmicron Della Kappa, 27I Qrcheslra, I03 Qulslanding Alhleles, I I6, II7 P Panhellenic Council, 294 Pershing Rifles Company B, I59 Pershing Rilles Reg. I-Ig., I60 Pharmacy Seniors, 83, 84 Phi Alpha Della, 28I Phi Bela Pi, 259 Phi Della Phi, 272 Phi Della Thela, 340, 34l Phi Epsilon Kappa, 282 Phi Epsilon Pi, 342, 343 Phi Ela Sigma, 282 Phi Gamma Della, 344, 345 Phi Gamma Nu, 283 Phi Kappa, 346, 347 Phi Kappa Psi, 348, 349 Phi Kappa Sigma, 350, 35l Phi Rho Sigma, 260, 26I Pi Bela Phi, 3I6, 3l7 Pi Kappa Alpha, 352, 353 Pi Tau Sigma, 283 Ponloniers, I60 Psi Qmega, 262, 263 q Quadrangle, 384-387 Quadrangle Queen, 223 Quadrangle Queen Allendanls 222 I' Rilfle Team, I62 Russell I-louse, 373 S Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 354, 355 Sigma Chi, 356, 357 Sigma Della Chi, 273 Sigma Della Tau, 3l8, 3l9 Sigma Nu, 358, 359 Sigma Phi Epsilon, 360, 36l Sigma Thela Tau, 274 Soulh Quadrangle, 388 Sludenl' Advisory Commillee, 235 Sludenl Chrislian Council, 288 Sludenl Council, 236, 237 Sfudenl Nurses Qrganizalion, 284 Swimming, I48 1' Tau Bela Pi, 284 Television Sludios, 94, 95 Tennis, I49 Theaier, l08-I I4 Thela Sigma Phi, 285 Thela Tau, 285 Thela Xi, 362, 363 Town Men, 388 Town Women, 377 Traclc, l50 U Union Board, 238 Union Board subcommillees, 239 W Wesllawn, 374-376 Wesllawn Queen, 227 Wesllawn Queen Allendanls, 226 Women's Recrealional Associalion, 243-245 Wreslling, I5l WSUI, 92, 93 Young Democrals, 246 Young Republicans, 247 YWCA. 248 Z Zela Tau Alpha, 320, 32l 39I 1956 guide 6 Ablard, Russell Allyn, 36, 339 Abodeely, Adele Kay, 240, 367 Abrahams, Howard A., 329 Abrams, Marlene E., 87, 281, 319 Abramson, Nancy Jean, 233, 297 Accola, Kay Jean, 241, 243, 303 Acheson, JoAnn, 233 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Peggy Orene, 278 Richard M., 349 Richard P., 58 Anderson, Robert G., 36, 159 Anderson, Rodney A., 158, 386 Anderson, Thomas l., 87, 361 Anderson, William R., 258 to blind dates Andrews, Arthur W., 149 Andrews, Ernest F., 273 Andrews, James Gordon, 154, 155, 157 Aldershot, John Dale, 335 Babcock, James H., 291 Acheson, Nancy G., 313 Ackeberg, Harry Leroy, 256 Ackerly, Barry Allan, 36, 157, 357 'i Adam: Adams Adams Adams Adams Adams, z, Linda Joy, 367 , David Mason, 232, 268 , Franklin T., 159, 339 , Neil Arthur, 331 , Thomas Lewis, 157, 324, 341 Warren Rolland, 58 Adamson, David Earle, 58, 256, 379, 380 Adamson, Margaret J., 281 Adamson, Patricia Ann, 301 Adamson, William, 231, 351 Adey, Attre, Jerry Franklin, 36, 355 John Robert, 337 Agnew, William David, 36, I57, 256 Ahlgren, Donald Elmer, 119 Ahlgren, Robert Carl, 268 Ahlsclager, Mona M., 288 Ahrenholz, Donald J., 291 Aitken, Donald Bruce, 359 Albach, Jean Pauline, 58, 315 Albers, Delmar Dean, 46, 262 Albert, Elva Ann, 301 Albert, Harold Leon, 349 Alexander, Carole R., 313 Alexander, James E., 253 Altson, Sharon Yvonne, 86, 233 Allard, Donald James, 268 Allbaugh, Faith Anne, 301 Allbee, Harvey G., 58, 281 Allbee, Patricia Jane, 311 Angle, John Roland, 58 Ankeney, Harrold W., 253 Anthony, Sherman Lane, 258 Appelman, Barbara J., 58, 307 Appleby, Bruce C., 386 Arbaugh, Edward Don, 143, 158 Archer, Mary Margaret, 305 Argo, June, 58,249 Arildsen, Richard Lee, 151 Armbruster, David, 148 Armstrong, Craig M., 272 Armstrong, Maclay M., 254 Arney, Craig Edwin, 331 Arnold, John Sheridan, 357 Arnold, Robert Dwaine, 357 Arntal, Doris M., 317 Arthurs, Robert Leo, 36 Asher, Mary Lou, 307 Ashline, John William, 339 Ashton, Ned L., 277 Asper, Raymond Earl, 345 Aspland, Carl Edwin, 159, 161 Atherton, Robert E., 36 Atkinson, William L., 36, 256, 267, 276 Augustine, M. G., 36 Aulwes, Bernard W., 36 Austin, Anna, 86 Austin, Kimo, 268 Austin, Ralph Patrick, 325, 361 Auwaerter, Marjorie B., 58 Bachrodt, Mary Teresa, 80 Bacino, Joseph N., 36 Bacon, Beatrice Mary, 311 Bagley, Mrs. B. B., 361 Bagnara, Mary Louise, 50, 240, 241, 2 Eddie Howard, 329 Harold Norman, 324, 329 Bailen, Bailen, 89 Allen, Albert Jackson, 277, 387 Allen, Charles S., 58, 273 Allen, David Warner, 36 Allen, Jay Thomas, 58, 288 Allen, Julie, 317 Allen, Linda E., 218, 301 Allen, Margaret L., 321 Allen, Philip Shyrl, 288, 291 Allen, Richard Leroy, 144 Allen, Robert, 148 Allen, William Thomas, 247 Alley, William Gene, 347 Allos William James, 36, 288 Almguist, David Duane, 380 Alspaugh, Albert E., 363 Alt, Erma Jean, 80 Alteneder, Altred William, 50 Althott, Suzanne, 317 Amburn, William Leroy, 58, 345 Amdahl, Ardith Ann, 299 Amesbury, John F., 331 Amsbury, Stanley W., 363 Anderle, Donald Frank, 363 Bailin, Charles David, 343 Bailey, John Peter, 341 Bailey, Sandra Lee, 235, 275 Bailie, Samuel Edward, 117, 268, 282 Bain, Deborah Jean, 246 Baird, Barbara, 368 Baird, Nathaniel T., 246, 253, 380 Baker, Alice Marie, 307 Baker, Barbara, 36, 315 Baker, Beverly, 58, 315 Baker, Billy Richard, 56, 283 Baker, Mary Jane, 58, 270, 305 Baker, Nancy Lou, 241, 303 Baker, Robert H., 58, 353 Baker, William C., 284 Baldwin, Lawrence G., 388 Andersen, Judith L., 321 Anderson, Alan Ewing, 247, 381 Anderson Carl F., 252 Anderson Clitton Lee, 259 Anderson Donald G., 36 Anderson Edward E., 46, 254 Anderson, Edith A., 321 Anderson, Edw'n Lee, 50, 284 Anderson Gail S., 48, 313 Anderson, Gary W., I49, 335 Anderson, George D., 36, 253 Anderson, Harlan R., 247 Anderson Jean E., 231, 317 Anderson John B., 339 Baldwin, Nathan W., 233, 339 Bale, John Thomas, 325, 331 Ball, Suzanne, 303 Ball, Virginia Fern, 301 Ball, William C., 36, 272 Ballard, John David, 282, 341 Balster, Donald E., 339 Bambrook, John Leroy, 351 Bancrott, John Roy, 54 Bane, James Julian, 349 Bane, Rodney Stewart, 58 Barber, Richard Ellis, 349 Barclay, William M., 246 Barczewski, Stephen C., 58, 259, 327 147, 152 Anderson, Joyce T., 297, 370 Anderson Karna J., 58 Anderson, Lloyd Edgar, 253 Anderson, Lois S., 58 Anderson, Mary Jo, 289 Anderson, Mary Lee, 58, 247, 297 Anderson, Maxine L., 371 392 Barile, Franklin A., 58 Barker, Carolee, 299 Barker, Shirley Lee, 220, 301 Barloon, James Henry, 260 Barlow, Charles E., 87, 149, 152, 331 Barlow, Joan Marie, 58, 307 Barmash, Ronald E., 58,264 Barmish, Louis David, 343 Barnes, Billy L., 276 Barnes, Charlotte, 280 Barnes, Janice Mary, 89, 208, 231, 240, 241, 315 Barnes, NanSeay, 246, 311 Barnes, Wayne Joseph, 254 Barnett, Jerry A., 259 Barnett, Mary E., 288 Barouist, Eddie Hoyt, 325, 339 Barrett, James Tudor, 262 Barrett, Jean J., 239, 317 Barritt, Paul F., 278, 282 Barron, Nancy Sue, 87, 319 Barrows, Standish K., 351 Barry, Gary Edwin, 233, 339 Barry, William F., 84 Barta, Beverly Sue, 371 Bartels, Carole M., 231, 311 Bartels, Donita June, 280 Bartels, Russell W., 158 Bartlett, John Carter, 387 Bartlett, Phil B., 325, 349 Bartsch, Daryl Dean, 353 Basbaum, Mario A., 253 Bassler, Thomas'J., 260 Bastron, Fredrick C., 159 Bates, Bernard Carl, 331 Bates, Plenny J., 280 Batesole, Virginia A., 313 Bateson, Robert Rule, 238, 250, 337 Bathey, Bradley Scott, 145 Bathke, Margaret Ann, 58, 231, 297 Bauer, John Tedford, 46, 254 Bauer, Mrs. William, 297 Bauerle, Richard Carl, 54 Baugh, Judith Mae, 275 Baughman, Floy G., 58 Bauman, Janet Irma, 86, 241, 278, 3 Baumgartner, Byron N., 58 Baxter, Marilynn Ruth, 241, 242, 247, Bean, Alden Suydam, 349 Beard, Jean, 58, 246 Beatty, Patricia June, 307 Beatty, Suzanne, 309 Bechtelheimer, Mary K., 299 Bechtol, Judith C., 321 Beck, Craig Allen, 86, 337 Beck, Leonard Lee, 252 Beck, Robert Arthur, 380 Becker, Louis E., 157 Becker, Robert Eugene, 36, 387 Beckman, Barbara, 307 Beckman, Fritz L., 357 Beckman, Robert W., 84, 351 Beckmann, Edward Merz, 159 Beebe, Stanford Ray, 147, 152, 268, Beeh, Robert Barrett, 36 Beekman, John Charles, 272 Beer, Bonnie Lou, 48, 311 Beer, Samantha Anderson, 58, 249 Begel, Harold Charles, 148 Behrends, Robert John, 233, 339 Behrendt, Bruce Alan, 84 Beier, Nancy Margaret, 58, 315 Beisner, Roxie lrene, 58 Beisser, Sally Elaine, 368, 370 Bekemeier, Donald, 158 Bell, lda Mae, 231, 240, 242, 315 Bell, James Raymond, 161, 162, 268, Bell, Joan Louise, 249 Bellamy, James Caylor, 76 Belt, Bert Harvey, 341 Belvel, Donna Ruth, 233, 297 Bemus, Dean Harold, 258 Bender, Jane Emma, 313 Bendixen, Romaine L., 158 Bendsen, Jean Louise, 309 Benge, Sue Yvonne, 283 Bengston, Susan E. H., 243 Bennett, Joyce Allyn, 283, 370, 371 Benninger, Bernard G., 286 Bennett, Mary Jane, 58, 218, 315 Benson, Omar P., 36l Bent, Robert Elwin, 158, 247, 335 Benton, Mary Lee, 289 237, O9 313 359 339 Benz, Eleanor Jean, 91,285 Benz, Lester George, 98 Beran, Frank Van, 58, 258 Berdo, Robert Henry, 59 Berens, Lorna M., 80 Berenstain, Marvin S., 343 Berg, Anna Kathrine, 315 Bergee, Harold Ellet, 252, 280 Berggren, Robert Lee, 76 Bergman, Robert N., 59 Bernau, William R., 281 Berner, Ann Marie, 89, 222, 233, 237 239, 241, 311 Bernstrom, Berit M., 59, 281 Berrier, Guy Galin, 59, 246 Berry, Daniel Lee, 59 Berry, Henry Curtis, 59, 143, 157 Berry, Kay Joanne, 235, 241, 275, 368 Berry, Richard Warren, 337 Berryhill, Clinton E., 76 Berst, Gordon Kay, I43, 359 Bertroche, Joseph G., 157, 159 Besley, Keith W., 357 Bettis, Theresa E., 48, 59 Bevan, Alun, 36 Biddison, Phillip N., 59, 355 Bieleteldt, Jo Ann, 249 Bierbaum, Sandra Ann, 86, 233, 303 Bierschbach, Raymond 347 Bigalk, Lester C., 247,' 325, 327 Billings, Phillip E., 36, 345 Bills, Eldon Dean, 46, 262 Bills, Rex Eugene, 337 Binkerd, Ruth, 80 Bipes, Betty Lou, 80 Birdsall, Mrs. Charles, 337 Birky, Eloise Elna, 59 Birosel, Sylvia C., 59 Bish, Bishop, Beverly, 367 Constance, 226, 289, 374 Bishop, Judith Ann, 309 Bishop, Mary Jane, 289 Bishop, Wallace Wiley, 233, 339 Bittner, Don Lee, 59, 264 Biordal, Norma Jane, 278, 305 Biurstrom, Dale E., 149, 341 Black, Delbert D., 59 Black, Frances Dobbs, 80 Black, Jarnes Allen, 337 Blackstone, Joan Lee, 233, 297 Bladon, Lavern A., 262, 276 Blair, Rex Milton, 59 Blaisdell, Morton, 161 Blakeney, Norbert E., 54, 281 Blanck, Clarence A., 59 Blantord, Toby M., 345 Blank, Robert Thomas, 355 Blautuss, Donna C., 307 Burt, Mrs. Ralph, 355 Blazek, James Virgil, 76 Blechschmidt, Luella, 59 Bledsoe, Terry Claude, 59, 236, 250,273 379 Blessing, Betty Jane, 370 Blessington, Margaret, 309 Blindt, Roland Joseph, 36, 256 Blitz, Robert lrwin, 98, 329 Bloomduist, Frank W., 119, 131 Blot, Edith Andrea, 36, 238, 267, 276 319 Blue, Carole Ann J., 59, 301 Blum, Richard Yale, 343 Blumenthal, Gayle, 367 Blunt, Charles H., 335 Blunt, Keith Roger, 387 Blunt, Von Leroy, 158 Blutt, Constance E., 278 Boal, Jack, 143 Bock, Donald Keith, 143, 152, 359 Bock Virginia Mae, 242, 249, 305 Bockrnan, sheiaan E., ao, 329 Bodee n, Alice Maxine, 80 Bodkin, Robert Lee, 158 Boeding, Raymond R., 36 Boehmler, Barbara, 371 Boeke, Barbara Jean, 295, 303 Boeke, Gary Neil, 84, 265 Boeke, Peter Reece, 254, 327 Boeke, Thomas Henry, 327 Boewe, Aurzella, 80, 274, 374, 376 Bogarl, Beverly F., 367 Bogerl, John Alden, 268 Bohan, John Leo, 363 Bohlken, Frederic C., 36, 256 Bohlken, Marlene J., 301 Bohnenkamp, Conslance, 275 Boke, Bruce Ray, 233, 339 Boldl, Donald Bernard, 284 Bolender, Charles L., 46, 238, 262 Boling, Bruce Dwighl, 282 Bollie, David, 36 Bollon, Richard Lee, 345 Boolier, Kay Marie, 240, 24l, 242, 248, 313 Borcherding, Cynlhia, 80, 288, 376 Borcherding, Donald L., 252 Borocholl, Eugene H., 329 Borocholf, Irving D., 36, 276, 329 Borreson, Nan, 89, 278, 285, 307 Borls, Dorolhy Mae, 249, 3ll Bosche, Leland Mark, 247 Boss, Shirley Ann, 80, 236, 374 Bossen, Lee George, 331 Bollke, Karl Andrew, 46, 254 Bouma, John Jacob, 232, 249, 282, 341 Bovenmyer, Dan Allen, 76, 259 Bowen, Beverly Anne, 86 Bowen, Donald Leonard, II9, 131,150 Bowen, Jerry Lee, 36, 349 Broer, Roberl Arden, 76, 258 Broholm, Russell, 259 Bromberg, Norma E., 307 Broms, John David, 76, 258 Brookharl, J. Keilh, 380 Brookman, Janel Rae, 59,231, 315 Brookman, Sydney L., 214, 315 Brooks, C. Granl, 237, 246 Brooks, Loy, l58, 249, 341 Broshar, James Ivan, 37, I56, 355 Brolherlon, Diane Rae, 289 Brower, Joseph Donald, 76 Brown, Alberl Neir, 46, 254 Brown, Barbara Jean, 86, 299 Brown, Barbara Rulh, 59, 247 Brown, Bonnie Nelson, 59 Brown, Donald Hooe, 59, I56 Brown, Donald Joseph, 59, 272 Brown, Douglas G., 37 Brown, Joseph Dwighl, 259 Brown, Lyle Leslie, 247 Brown, Mildred A., 80 Brown, Norman Baillie, 258 Brown, Phyllis Jean, 59 Brown, Roy Donald, 59 Brown, Sharon Kay, 367 Brown, Shirley Joan, 309 Brown, Shirley Lee, 242 Brown, William Tracy, 349 Broyles, Belly Jane, 91, 285, 3ll Brubaker, Marsha Jo, 240, 248, 288, 3ll C Cabalka, George W., II9 Caesar, Raymond C., 60 Cahalan, Arlhur B., 262 Cain, Carl Cecil, 60, II6, 133 Caldwell, Donald E., 339 Caldwell, Virginia L., 313 Caldwell, Wendel Lee, 252 Calhoun, John Rains, 60, 272 Callahan, Roberl G., 253 Calla, Sandra Sue, 289 Camamo, Joseph Alberl, 150 Cambier, Roberl Keilh, 272 Camp, Karen Chrisline, 3l3 Campbell, Dorolhy L., 289 Campbell, Lois Ann, 231, 278, 307 Campbell, Palrick G., 260 Campbell, Roberl H., 60 Campbell, Rodney Kenl, 331 Campbell, Russel B., 60 Campbell, Suzanne R., 305 Campbell, Terry Fred, 357 Canady, Phyllis Ann, 315 Canady, Richard W., 37, 345 Cano, Rosemary C., 60 Canlrell, Roberl L., 349 Caplan, Gary Gene, 329 Capps, Ronald Lewis, 50, 238 Carlock, Burlon Arlan, 259 Chrislensen, Ronald l., 386 Chrislensen, Sharon L., 368 Chrislensen, Ann E., 32l Chrislie, Palricia C., 60, 3ll Chrisloflersen, Allhea J., 376 Chudacoll, Norman E., 286, 343 Church, Jerry Slephen, I59, 337 Churchill, Jerry Hugh, 60 Clabaugh, James Ross, 327 Claney, Clapp, Richard Dean, 37, 256 Joyce Anne, 80 Clapsaddle, Jack G., 262 Clark, Charles B., 259 Clark, David Gillis, 273 Clark, John Palrick, 250, 361 Clark, Lavern Raymond, 60 Clark, Mary Ann, 86, 307 Clark, Renala Marie, 60 Clark, Roberl Gibson, 337 Clarke, Loren Keagle, 247, 388 Clarke, Mary Palricia, 301 Clarke, Roberl James, 380 Clause, Karen, 23l, 235, 239, 275, 3l7 Clausing, Elnora Mae, 60, 367 Claymon, Allan Wolle, 343 Claypool, Janel Ann, 297 Clearm an, Jerome P., 351 Cleaver, Gloria Deane, 299, 369 Cleaver, Sarah, 87, 243, 317 Clemen Clemen s, Richard W., 37, 253 s, Susan J., 371 Bowlin, Donald L., 331 Bowman, Charles C., 158 Bowman, James Edward, 341 Bowman, Nela Marie, 289, 321, 371 Boyce, Roberl D., 361 Boyd, Roberl Kirkby, 90 Boyer, Belly Lou, 3ll Boyer, William Duane, 331 Boyes, David Harmon, 59 Boylan Charles E., 252 Boylan, Donald Keilh, 59 Boyle, Don Edward, 59, I56 Boyle, Richard Joseph, 359 Boyle, Thomas Michael, 158 Braby, Howard Hugh, 259 Bradley, Joanne L., 48, 243 Bradley, Norma Ann, 59 Bradley, Palricia C., 367 Bradley, Virginia Ann, 297 Brady, John Arlhur, 50, 266, 278, 284, 286 Braley, Alson Deming, 268, 363 Braley, Charles P., 331 Braley, Edward Miller, 262 Braley, Susan Jane, 371 Brarnan, Marvin Lee, 341 Brammerlo, Mary Lee, 289, 376 Brandenburg, Roberl C., 355 Brandmill, Beryl June, 3l7 Bruckshaw, John, 349 Brummel, Fred Delmar, 59 Brummond, Norberl C., 37,253 Bruns, Paul Ronald, 59 Brunsling, Edwin Leo, 260 Bryan, Janel Nadine, 3l7 Bryan, Lyle Phillip, 361 Buchanan, John W., 37 Buche, Dale Kunlz, 380 Buck, Donn, II9 Buck, Jo Louise, 59 Buckman, Thomas W., 158 Buckroyd, Barbara C., 3l7 Budd, Mariorie E., 280 Buechle, George T., 252 Buenneke, Richard H., 335 Bullinglon, Claudia S., 24l Buising, William H., 341 Bulgren, William G., 158 Bullard, James Allen, 76 Bullock, Jean, 3l7 Bump, Richard Olis, 233, 253 Bump, Vlfilbur N., 272 Bundgaard, Axel, 142, 282 Bunker, Susan, 301 Bunlen, Ronald Keilh, 87, 353 Burch, Joyce, 80 Burch, William K., 59 Burge, Barbara Ellen, 361 Carlson Alberl D., 387 Carlson, Donald Arvid, 351 Carlson, Linda Jo, 313 Carlson Marilyn L., 48 Carlson, Sonia Karin, 301 Carlsson, Anders Slallan, I47, 268 Carlslen, Paul R., 246 Carmichael, Jayne F., 275 Carmichael, William H., I43, 359 Carnes, Sally Jo, 60, 307 Carpenler, Joseph C., 60 Carpenler, Joseph R., 60, 387 Carr, James Russell, 60 Carr, John Eddinglon, 258 Carr, Thomas Goodwin, 331 Carrolhers, Richard L., 254 Carson, Carson Georgia Gail, 87, 368 Leslie Orval, 247 Carson, Richard Alan, 361 Carson, Thomas Edward, l6l, 162 Carler, David Ellis, 159 Carler, James Harvey, 60, 324, 351 Carler, Roberl Donald, 60 Carver, Kendall Lynn, 380 Carver, Mary Lou, 303 Carver, Richard E., 345 Carver, Richard James, 349 Casady, Donald R., 282 Casey, Keilh William, 337 Clemens, Winlred Jack, 353 Clemenls, Joan P., 315 Clemenls, Marlene T., 60, 297 Cline, Edora Lee, 288 Cline, LaVonne Jo, 368 Cline, Morgan Evan, 259, 380 Clinker, Virginia Lee, 87, 305 Clilhero, Nancy Jane, 60, 305 Clizbe, Duane Lee, 355 Coals, Marsha Ann, 311 Coburn, William, 258 Cockerill, Donald J., 60 Coder, Douglas Blaine, 146 Coder, Virginia Lee, 231, 313 Coe, Roger Norman, 288 Collell, Louis Daniel, 54 Cogswell, Bonnie Rose, 60 Cogswell, Nancy Ellen, 235, 275, 28-., 370 Cogswell, Wayne 60, l6l, l62 Cohen, Elaine Frances, 235, 242, 275, 319 Cohen, James Alan, 329 Cohen, Kennelh L., 60, 259 Cohn, Arlan Price, 76 Cohn, Edward Leon, 60, 271, 343 Cohrs, Roberl D., 272 Colberl, Kalhleen T., 301 Cole, Caren Marie, 313 Cole, Donald Eugene, 359 Brandl, Burlon Ernesl, 36, 253 Brannan, James Edward, 361 Brannan, William F., 361 Brauer, William W., 252 Braverman, Marlene B., 3l9 Brechler, Paul W., 34 Brecunier, James G., 59 Breedlove, Russell E., 351 Bremer, Ralph Max, 54, 272 Brendel, Ida May, 59 Brender, Susan Irene, 283 Brennecke, Allen E., 345 Breslaw, Millon Allen, I57, 160 Breslow, Nadine E., 87, 249, 3l9 Bresnahan, Nancy Ann, 80, 307 Brewer, Waller J., 86, 158, 361, 380 335 Bricker, Howard Carl, 87, Bridge, Rollin Carl, 84 Bridglord, Kennelh L., 50 Briggs, Jeanne Marie, 295, 305 Briggs, Thomas G., 252 Brighl, Jeraldine F., 315 Brin, Bradley Marvin, 36, 343 Bring, Roberl Leroy, 339 Brinker, Ray Allen, 259 Brinkman, Harold Dean, 36, 359 Brillon, Clillon J., 36 Brillon, Conslance J., 86 Brillon, Joy M., 283 Brockschink, Janel E., 48, 275, 289, 368, 370 Brodersen, Edward A., 331 Brody, Elliol Joshua, 37, 343 Brody, Harriele L., 226, 315 Broeder, George Henry, 331 Burgell, William A., 353 Burke, Edward Joseph, 59, 272, 36l Burke, Garrell C., 59 Burke, Mary Jo, 301 Burke, Burke, Thomas Edward, 337 Thomas Joseph, 37 Burkel, John McVey, 337 Burkell, Mary Jane, 275 Burkharl, Mrs. E. R., 353 Burmeisler, David F., 59 Burns, Jerry, 119 Burns, Roberl Lee, l59 Burroughs, John A., II9 Burrows, Tom Gury, 247 Burshlan, Alvin, 59, 264 Burl, Paul Dean, 253 Burlon, Bruce Leon, I59, 337 Burlon, William R., 233, 339 Bury, Joanne Lucille, 80 Busby, Busch, Belly Carol, 241, 3l5 Wilbur Henry T., 285 Bush, Jerry Waller, 59 Bulcher, Nancy Louise, 87, 301 Buller, Carolyn Rulh, 59 Buller, Gordon Huslon, 87, 335 Buller, Judd Grove, 37 Buller, Ronald Edward, 279, 285, 386 Buxlon, Barbara Kae, 231, 307 Buxlon, Olho C., 345 Bye, Slanley Jon, 268, 379 Cass, Margarel Ann, 231, 307 Cass, William Bedlord, 60, 339 Casleel, Susan Ann, 246 Calerine, James M., 258 Call, H. Bruce, 363 Cavanagh, Charles M., 37 Cavey, Aubrey Alan, 359 Ceilley, Edward H., 76 Ceika, Slanley O., 46 Ceslercs, Jose N., I56 Ceynar, Marvin Emil, 291 Chadeck, Jeannelle Ann, 283 Chaikin, Slephen Alan, 343 Challed, Richard A., 272 Chalupnik, Jerry C., 37 Chalupsky, Merle J., 254 Chambers, Margrel E., 48, 275 Chandler, Richard P., 50 Channer, John Malcolm, 288 Chapman, Allen Ray, 337 Check, Earl Dean, 357 Chenaull, Paul Gene, 149, 247, 327 Cherveny, Jane, 247 Chesmore, Ronald W., 288, 361 Cheslerman, Nancy E., 239, 242, 3l5 Choules, George T., 54, 272 Chrislensen, Andrew, 37, 339 Chrislensen, John E., 60, 246 Chrislensen, John F., 253 Chrislensen, Kennelh, 262 Cole, J ulia Rose, 3l3 Coles, James Henry, 148 Coleson, Marilyn Jane, 60, 367 Collin, Paul W., 324, 363 Collins, James A., 341 Collins, James L., 246, 253, 380 Collins, Rulhmary, 241, 289,299 Collison, Jack Lee, 339 Coller, Donald C., 76 Comslock, Jerry M., 250, 286 Condon, Wayne N., 37 Cone, Cynlhia Sue, 295, 321 Conger, Nan Lynn, 278 Connell, Janann L., 80 Conway, Dixie Lee, 80, 307 Conway, Francis S., 258 Cook, Harry Salem, 259 Cook, Eslella Jean, 87 Cooney , James P., 236,271 Cooper, Earl Roderick, 54, 247, 272 Cooper, Sharilyn V., 288 Cooper, Sondra Sue, 235, 236, 275, 367 Coppolelli, Roy W., 119 Coguill Cornwe eve, Peler D., 37 ii, emi c., zsf. Correll, Roberl Jack, 37, 253 Corson, Nalalie Lee, 87, 3ll Corwin, James Douglas, 60, 145, 152 Cosgrove, Kennelh G., 87, 335 Coulson, Richard A., 46, 262 Byerly, Elizaloelh, 274 Byers, Charles Allan, 359 Byrum, Jean, 86, 246, 303 Bywaler, Roberla Joan, 243 Chrislensen, Marla Jo, 87, 247, 367 Chrislensen Chrislensen, Mary Lucas, 3ll Chrislensen, Neal R., 160, 247 Chrislensen, Roberl Q., 259, 285 , Marlin D., 37, 253, 379 Courler, Lloyd W., 232, 233, 239, 339 Cowle, Curlis lrvin, 246 Cowman, Slephen A., 331 Cox, Alice Jane, 60, 89, 248, 303 393 Cox, David Lawrence, 36l Cox, David Norfh, 355 Cox, John David, 345 Cox, Nola Ann, 278 Cox Philip Gardiner, 349 Cox: Sandra Jo, 86, 309 Crabbe, James Maurice, 349 Crafi, Marilyn Kay, 3ll Craig, Arlo Franklin, 272 Crandall, Charles D., 237, 335 Crawford, Carol F., 230, 23l, 240, 24l, 242, 250, 275, 305 Crawford, Elizabeih Jane, 24l, 3l5 Crawford, Judifh K., 222 Crawford, Roberl' L., 388 Crawford, William A., 258 Crawley, Diane, 299 Cray, John D., 247, 272, 359 Creach, John William, I58, 36l Creese, Gloria June, 60 Cress, Russell W., 37, l45, l56, l58, 267, 324, 353 Creizmefer, Francis X., I44, I50 Crivaro, John Alan, l6I Crocker, Raymond D., l5I, 387 Crone, Nellie Maxine, 23l, 30l Cronkleion, Thomas E., 260 Crookham, Carier C., I33 Crosby, Roberi' David, 347 Cross, Helen Kay, 60, 285 Crounse, Alan James, 60 Crow, Carolyn Sue, 80 Crowley, Nancy Jean, 299 Cumming, William W., 357 Croy, John Harvey, I58 Cummings, Michael D., 247, 34l Cunningham, Sara, 305 Cunningham, Sheila A., 37, 23l, 377 Currell, James Alberl, 37, 335 Currell, John F., 256 Curfis, George M., 33l Curiis, Shirley Rila, 6l, 230, 23l, 242 249, 303 Culler, Donald Leedy, 337 Cuirighl, James R., 337 Dahlberg, William H., 254 256, Dahnk, Donald Charles, 347 Daigh, Janice lrene, 87 Daine, Donn David, 76 Daine, Doroihy Diane, 3ll Daine, Elizabeih E., 6I Dakin, Allin W., 30 Daley, Dalfo Gerald Edward, 37, l56, 33l n, Thomas J., 337 Daniels, Clarke G., 259 Daniels, Roberi K., 84 Daskalos, George John, 46 Dasse nko, lvan, 76 Daiesman, Anne, 6l, 278, 285, 307 Daugheriy, Lindell L., 159 Daughlon, Donald F., 54 Davenporr, Dixie Ann, 208, 223, 247 Davidsaver, Thomas B., 37 Davidson, George T., 359 Davidson, James E., 36l Davidson, Park Ruian, 6l, 272 Davidson, Wendell, 349 Davies, John Edward, 33l Davies, Thelma Jean, 87 Davies, Thomas Allan, 34l Davis, Adelle Lourene, 87,299 Davis, Barbara June, 289 Davis, Bonniia Rae, 6l, 242, 247 Davis, David Louis, 329 Davis, Frances Anne, 369 Davis, George Elmo, 37, 253 Davis, Harvey H., 30 Davis, Herberi Alan, 37 Davis, Howard Will, 33l Davis, Jerome Thomas, 286 Davis, Mary Jean, 377 Davis, Rex Leroy, 233, 282, 339 Davis, Russel Lee, 339 Davis, Sianley Claude, 37, I57 Davis, Thomas Ellioli, I46, 355 Davis, Waddy, I50 Davis, William D., 6l Davison, Roberl L., 6l Daviif, Edward Joseph, 347 Dawson, Francis M., 3l Day. 394 lsabelle, 247, 367 Day, Larry Alan, 87 Deasy, Richard E., ll8, l3l, l50, l52, 268, 286, 378 DeDer+, Wanda Lee, 30l Dee, Nancy Wolcoli, 6l DeGrooie, John W., 379, 380 Deibler, Keiih, 253 Deighlon, Richard E., 353 DeJong, Alvin Willis, 277 DeJong, Norman Klay, 37 DeKalb, James Arnold, 6l, 230, 387 DeKock, John Byron, 259 DeLandey, James F., 61 DeLay, Roberl, 36 DeMulh, Ronald N., I58 Den Besre, Delores, 367 Den Beslen, Lawrence, 76 Denbo, Howard Edward, 258 Denker, Imogene Ruby, 370 Denkhoii, Raymond M., 84, 357 Dennis, Harold C., 359 Dennis, Lawrence W., 9l Dennis, Mary Jo, 243, 37l Denz, Frank Leo, 262, 327 Dessinger, Michael, 33l Derdall, John Goodwin, 353 Derus, Irene Gerirude, 233, 37l DeSar'r, Nancy Ruih, 3ll Dessel, Marydale, 6l Deihmers, Jacquelyn M., 233, 309 Deuisch, James C., I58 Deursch, Mrs. Rose, 329 Devine, James Aubrey, 345 Devili, James George, 35l Dewel, William C., 357 De Wifi, John Allen, 84 DeYarman, Thomas Hugh, I58 Deyoe, Allen S., 87 DeYoung, Rulh Lois, 6l Diab, Khalid Mahmud, 50, 286 Dick, James Norion, ll8 Dick, Richard Alan, 349 Dickens, Nancy, 368 Dickman, Verlin Dean, 339 Dierks, Barbara Joan, 240, 377 Dierks, Bealrice E., 6l, 288, 377 Diefz, Wallace L., 357 Dilley, Nancy Anne, 305 Dimenf, Merle Morris, 259 Dinges, John M., 357 Dirks, Harlan James, 37 Dislelhorsi, Audrey, J., 37, 3ll Dislelhorsl, Elaine, 98 Diich, William C., 50, 279, 283, 285 Diiimer, David Louis, I45 Dixon, Audrey Eleanor, 6l Dixon, James, l03 Dixon, James Ellis, 254 Dierf, Ida Evonne, 289 Dobrino, Donald E., ll8, l3l, I43, l52 Dockendorff, John R., l58, 337 Doden, Mary Elizabelh, 305 Dodge, Nancy Ann, 237 Doerr, Mary Deanne, 3l7 Doerr, Slanley Gordon, 335 Dohrmann, Richard J., l47, l52, 250 Dolan, Kennelh D., 76 Dolch, Sylvia Alene, 6l, 89, 3ll Dole, Frederick Field, 35l Dolezal, Beify Ann, 6l Dolezal, Colleen M., 240, 24l, 248, 288, 309 Dom, Norma Dora W., 80, 374, 376 Domer, Emily P., 84, 279 Donahue, Mary Sue, 249, 3l7 Donaldson, William F., 6l Donelson, Sylvia Sue, 23l, 242, 370 Donnelly, Francis N., 6l Doralhy, Gerry Duane, 6l Dorfner, Walier Frank, 84, 347 Dorosin, E. David, 76 Dorron,, Sheila Kay, 309, 374 Dorweiler, Virgil W., 6l Doss, Norma Elizabeih, 23l, 37l Dosler, Delores, 3l3 Douda, Richard E., 233, 339 Dougherly, James F., 37, 349 Douglas, Arihur C., 339 Douglas, Herberi' John, 260 Douglas, Margarei' M., 80 Dovali, William J., 387 Dow, Dororhy Ann, 6l, 247, 28l, 3l7 Dowd, Ronald Eugene, 232, 233, 237, 339 Dowd, William Bernard, 37 Downing, Carolyn J., 61, 246 Downs, Mary Ellen, 248, 303 Drips, Rufh Elaine, 283 Driscoll, Norman R., 379 Drobner, Roberi, 343 Druker, Eileen, 87, 3l9 DuBois, Duane Roberr, 6l, 345 Ducommun, Dale Jesse, 252 Ducommun, Doroihy J., 80 Duify, Alla Margarei, 6l Duhigg, Joan, 6l, 30l Dumbauld, James Beery, 254 Duncan, Douglas C., 254 Duncan, Hearsl R., 34l Dunifz, Toby Mae, 6l, 270, 3l9 Dunkerfon, Ann, 237, 307 Dunlap, Arthur King, I58 Dunlavy, Richard Lee, 250, 266, Dunlop, Nancy Jane, 3l7 Dunn, Jo Ann, 48, 30l Dunn, John Huslon, 36l Dunn, Nancy Jane, 303 Dunninglon, Ted F., l57, 359 Dunsworih, lra W., 6l, I44, l50, Durnin, Roberi Eugene, 260 Dufion, David James, 345 Dworzack, Carolyn J., 233, 297 Dwyer, Thomas Richard, 347 6 Eads, William R., 246, 272, 387 Eagan, Clemenl Daniel, 46 Eales, Harrierfe Ann, 3l5 Earll, Jerry Miller, 252 Easion, Alan George, 6l, I57 Easron, Dr. George, 98 Ebbs, Frederick C., l00 Ebel, Roberf L., 34 Eberline, Roy Francis, l57, 355 Ecker, Thomas Roberl, 6l, I50, Ecksfein, Roger John, 286 Edelen, Barbara Ann, Edgecombe, Roberla Edgingfon, Glenn E., Edmund, Mary Anne, Edwards, Donald J., 37 Eells, Paul lrving, I43, 359 Egeland, Roberi E,, 6l Egglesion, Diana Lea, 303 Egli, Edith Marie, 247 Ehrman, Lloyd Dale, 286 Eischeid, Siuari C., 37 Eiren, Arleile Mary, 6l, 3ll Eklund, Barbara Irene, 275 Ekslrom, Muriel J., 48 Elder, Howard John, 349 aol G., 286 231, 307 Eldred, Emily Rebecca, 86, 233, Elkin, Jack Milfon, 329 Ellenberger, Judilh A., 32l, 36l Ellingson, Pairicia R., 248, 309 Ellioi, Chalmers fBumpl, ll9 Ellioll, Nancy Lee, 249, 370 Dean Edwin, 37 Earl Nelslee l48 268 Ellis, Ellis, , , Ellis, Jay Slanford, 387 Ellis, Ellis, Ellis, Ellis John Gilbert, 262, 276 Pairicia Ann, 303 Stephen Allan, 34l William Gene, 252 Ellison, George W., 33l Elman, John Louis, 30, 232, 238, Elling, Philip Ross, 254 Elwell, Joseph Money, 54 Elwell, Susan Ann, 275, 289 Emanuel, William A., 347 Emerson, Connie Anne, 36l Emerson, Donald Dale, 76 Enderson, Norma Jean, 32l Enfield, Myron Leroy, 247 Engdahl, Karen Lee, 48, 3l3 Englebrechl, James L., 247, Englehorn, Gary F., 380 Englerr, John, l43 English, Ann Rasler, 80, 274 English, Mariin H., 253, 267 Engman, Lawrence T., 254 Ennis, Edilh E., 283 Ensign, Barbara Lee, 6l Epperly, Paul Judson, 345 Erdmann, Roloerl E., 6l, 33l Erger, Leroy Joseph, 37 Erich, Ericka E., 6l, 28l, 309 34l l52 327 275, 3l7 297 , 367 249, 250 387 Erickson, Anna Jean, 48, 275 Erickson, Bonnie Lou, 80, 240, 270, 374 Erickson, Inez L., 303 Erickson, Jorrene L., 36l Erkonen Erps, W ,William E., 252 illiam Edward, 259 Ersland, Jerome Jacob, 33l Esfes, Zane E., 347 Eflinger, Joyce Ann, 87, 3l9 Efzel, David Deane, 6l Euchner, Eusiace, Dale William, 253 Jerold Lee, 339 Evans, Mariorie Lu, 6I Evans, Mary Frances, 3ll, 376 Evans, Sharidon June, 305 Evashevski, Foresr, ll9 Evenson, Wayne R., 286 Everharf,Dean Allen, 76 Everingham, John R., 250, 266 Everman, Wayne F., I44, l52 Eversman, Thomas L., 87, 33l Everl, Mary Helen, 309 Ewarl, Ralph Bradley, 6l Ewers, Tom Arlhur, 6l, 349 Eweri, Barbara Ann, 247 Eyler, Donald Neil, 276 Fada, Charles Vernon, 250, 285 Fagan, Mary Margaref, 23l, 303 Fagen, Jane Kenl, 297 Fair, Barbara Louise, 3l5 Fairall, Charles F., I59, 337 Fairley, Dallas C., 335 Falb, Kalhryn Joan, 249, 307 Falk, Shirley, 274 Falvey, F. Philip, 272 Fangrnan, Thomas J., 87, 325, 347 Farber, Allen Tonni, 329 Farchmin, Carolann L., 3ll Farris, Charles R., 37 Fafka, Nada, 29l Faulkner, Jan Craig, 33l Faunce, L. Dale, 30 Fawceff, Kennedy C., 76, 259 Fay, Theodore Fosfer, 347 Fazio, Emma Marie, 6l Feferman, Jerome S., 343 Feiden, Roberi Marfin, 28l Fein, Jerry Edward, 6l Feinberg, Lawrence H., 329 Felberbaum, Flora S., 233, 3l9, 37l Felix, Jean Joyce, 289 Fellows, Elsie Ann, 237, 247, 299 Fellows, James Edward, 54, 272 Fellows, Nancy M., 247 Felfer, Richard J., 37 Felies, Clyde Richard, I46, 36l Fenlon, Alberl' B., 62, I57, 33l Fenron, Janice Elaine, 3l3 Fenlon, John Charles, 76 Fenion, William Ralph, 252 Ferber, Leroy G., 76,260 Ferdinand, Judiih l., 2l0, 3l9 Ferguson, Roberi Gene, 254 Ferguson, Waller John, 37 Fernand ez, Ellen Jane, 9l, 294, 309 Fersch, Slephen J., 357 Fields, Elizabeih E., 62 Fienup, Alois John, 282 Files, Sally Meserve, 243, 3l7 Filipy, Ronald Lorain, 54 Fillenworih, Carol G., 62, 30l Filseih, Henry Clark, 87, 233, 339 Filier, William Viggo, 353 Finch, Gaslonia C., I50 Finch, Kenneih Eugene, 37, 253 Finch, Vernon, I43 Fincham, Richard W., 76, 258 Finley, Terry Ann, 307 Finn, Carole Marie, 62 Finn, Jane Bollon, 305 Finn, Raymond John, 62, 36l Firkins, Richard T., 76, 258 Fischer, Mary Ann, 32l Fischer, Phyllis Mae, 62, 225, 240, 242, 368, 370 Fischrupp, Suzanne E., 86, 3l3 Fisher, Carole Ann, 233 Fisher, Kay Louise, 32l Fisher, Lola Kalhleen, 305 Fisher, Roberi Boyer, 62, 236, 283, 386 Fisher, Roberi Wayne, 50, 284 Fleming, Roberf M., 38 Garner, Gosch, Donald J., 38 Green Fisher, Thomas Paul, 33I Fifch, Zoe Ann, 62, 3l3 Fifz, Anneffe Elaine, 246, 280 Fifzgerald, John L., 84, 256, 265 Fifzgerald, Joseph M., 37 Fiizgerald, Susan Ann, 23l, 3l3 Fifzsimmons, David H., 339 Field, Marilyn E., 80 Flagel, Laverne W., 250, 285 Flansburg, James S., 9l Flafley, Mary Kay, 3I7 Fleming, Phyllis Jean, 62, 9l, 240, 285, 289 Flefcher, Fred W., 76, 258 Flickinger, Archie Dick, 349 Fliger, Floyd H., 62, 273 Fliss, Clarence Wayne, 38,253 Fliss, Marvin L., 253 Flora, Bob, II8, iw Flueni, Cheryl A., 38 Fluefsch, David W., 357 Flynn, James M., 76 Flynn, Nancy Irene, 30I Fochf, Frances Joan, 289 Fochf, Lawrence G., 379, 380 Foersfner, Richard A., l6I, 357 Fogel, Max L., 62 Folberg, Barbara Rae, 87, 283, 295, 3l Folbrechl, Fredric W., 233, 339 Foofe, Warren S., 337 Forbes, Miriam R., 62,245,309 Force, Donald C., 286 Forsell, Charloffe S., 243 Foss, John T., 54 Foss, Virginia A., 309 Fosfer, James Vance, 268, 387 Fosfer, John Morrell, 355 Fosfer, Mary Diane, 3I7 Fosfer, Paul D., 252, 280 Fowler, Kafherine H., 299 Fox, Dan Ray, 349 France, Nancy C., 62 Frandsen, Paul A., 46 9 Frandson, Charles L., 38, 238, 250, 256, 267, 345 Frank, Anifa Joyce, 3I9 Franfz, Eugene E., 62 Franfz, Floyd E., 62 Franzwa, Sferling S., 38, 253 Frech, Richard Eugene, 345 Fredericksen, Helen K., 237, 247, 299 Freed, Marian L., 24I, 368,369 Freeman, James R., IIB, I3I Freeman, Roberf David, 343 Freeman, Sandra L., 305 Frees, Donnefa F., 377 Frein, Dean M., 62 French, Ellen C., 62 Freshour, Wayne Jay, 38, 253 Frefwell, Charles C., I59 Freund, Tom C., 286 Frey, Mrs. Marie, 297 Freyermufh, Clifford, 250, 277, 285 Freyhage, Cecily A., 37I Frick, Harry L., 250 Friedrichsen, Fred W., 282 Fries, John H., 256 Frink, Richard J., 259 Frisfedf, Virginia A., 226, 3ll Frifcher, Daniel D., 38 Frifz, Lois K., 235, 275 Froning, Ann, 62, 305 Froning, Dan M., 380 Frosl, Edward M., 38, 246, 253 Frosf, Joan H., 233, 24I, 309 Frosf, Pafricia C., 246 Frudenfeld, James H., 238, 260 Frush, Josephine D., 3lI Fry, Judy Ann, 62, 3l3 Fry, Richard Ramsey, 345 Frye, Jasper Dean, 28I Fuhlrodf, Douglas B., I60 Fuhr, Douglas Dale, 345 Fuhr, Richard Alan, 345 Fuiinaka, Makofo, 254 Fuller, Janice Louise, 233, 297, 37I Fuller, Richard J., 46 Funcke, William E., 76 Furman, Mary Lou, 377 Furne, Darlene M., 62 Fusske, Jerome H., 329 Fymbo, Connie M., 32l Fymbo, Elizabelh Joan, 32l Gahegan, Nancy Ann, 303 Galgo, Richard J., 62 Galex, Marfin Harold, 329 Galiher, James G., 349 Gallagher, Joseph E., 62 Galloway, Jack S., 252 Gamber, Herberf N., 260 Gamble, Linda Ann, 235, 240, 24I, 242, 275, 368, 370, 37l Gannon, Joseph L., 38 Gannon, Marcia J., 48, 62 Garber, Garber, Joyce Edifh, 248, 288, 299 Keifh Allen, 259 Gard, Gloria Marie, 30I Gardner, Gene Allyn, 345 Gardner, David Morgan, 363 Garfin, Laurence A., 262 Garnafz, Neil K., 54, 277 Joan Marie, 32l Garner, John F., 327, 387 Garrison, Roberf D., 347 Garrily, Edward L., 62,264 Garry, Pafrick Edward, 259 Garvey, Mona C., 62, 246 Gasfineau, Carolyn A., 30I Gaston, Joyce J., 245, 37l Gasfon, Nancy Lucille, 62, 28I, 297 Gasfon, Richard W., 38 Gasfon, Roberf W., 277 Gasfon, Sharon Lea, 233, 297 Gafely, Charles Gary, 337 Gafes, Barbara Ann, 237,299 Gauley, Josephine V., 86 Gealer, James H., 233 Gebhardf, James Bruce, 359 Gehring, Edifh V., 233 Geise, Dale Leland, I50 Geisewife, Charles W., 357 Gelfand, Jay, 343 Gellman, Edward G., 38, 343 Gellman, Ellioff F., 86, 237, 329 George , Kennefh M., 325, 345 George, Richard W., 388 George, Roberl' Scoff, I33, l52 Gerdes, Augusf R., 379 David W., 262 James D., I59 Gerlifs, German, Gerndf, Harold L., 258 Gerson, Charles W., 62, l55, I56 Gerling, Marlene F., 233, 367 Gefz, John Glasgow, 349 Gholson, Dan C., 254 Gibbons, James E., II9, l3l Gibbs, Douglas Gene, 36l Giblin, James I.., 62 Giblin, Thomas Elmer, 50, I56, 285, 28 357 Gibson, Diane, 62, 242, 3l5 Gibson, James V., 286, 339 Gibson, Jane T., 370 Gibson, Richard E., l45, I52, 379 Gibson, Sally Lou, 305 Gibson, Willie G., 54 Gifford, Dee Craig, 33l Gilberf, Eugene W., 62 Gilberf, George R., 38 Gilberf, John William, 36l Gilchrisf, James M., 38, 256 Gilfillan, Norris, 76 Gill, Raymond D., 46 Gill, Sara Jane, 62,240, 294,305 Gillaspy, Franklin H., 87 Gillberg, Alan Arfhur, I52, 268, 282 Gilliam, Frank D., ll8 Gillis, Herberf G., 259 Gilmer, Joanne L., 369 Gilmore, Fred Eugene, I57, 355 Gilpin, Lois K., 370 Ginakis, George R., I57, I60, 286 Gingles, Donald D., 33l Ginsberg, Beverly R., 87, 3l9 Ginsberg, Kay Ellen, 3I9 Ginsberg, Slanley G., 62, 264 Gipe, Larry Charles, I58, 357 Gipple, Craig A., I57, 236, 286, 387 Gipple, Larry D., 38,276 Gislain, Frederick L., I58, 380 Givler, Roberf L., 76, 260 Glasford, Charles T., 277 Glass, Virginia B., 3lI Glazer, Alice Evelyn, 87, 249, 275, 3l9 Gleichman, Richard A., 84 6. Glenn, Cedric Errol, 337 Glesne, Ronald Lee, 359 Glidden, David D., l6l, l62, 355 Glover, John Richard, 387 Glowacki, Richard M., 260 Glowacki, Vincenf J., 260 Goblirsch, Thomas M., 262 Godard, Harley T., 253, 380 Godbersen, Janice, 235, 275, 367 Goeldner, Allen Lowe, 33I Goen, John J., 272 Goen, Mary Margaref, 23l, 307 Goefz, Donald C., 27I, 282 Goewey, Marie Ellen, 278 Goldberg, Marshall G., 343 Goldberg, Sandra Jean, 3I9 Goldberg, Sharon E., 3l9 Goldberg, Sherwin M., 329 Golden, Richard W., 329 Goldschmidf, Daniel L., 38, 329 Goldsfein, Jerome Lee, 264, 329 Golinvaux, Louis A., 345 Gollz, Ronald Glasson, 347 Golubowich, John N., 63 Goodman, Jon Oky, 355 Goodwin, Jack D., 38 Goofee, Gerald J., 63,387 Gordon, Charles H., 54, 28I Gordon, Jim D., 46 Gordon, Jo Anne, 63, 3l5 Gore, Alberf Ausfin, 246 Gusfafson, Ruperf R., 38 Gul'h, Donald Dean, 256, 35l Gufhrie, David Andrew, 63 Gufhrie, Richard E., 247, 27I, 349 Guffenfelder, Doris J., 307 Haarup, Dwighf J., 38 Hack, Nancy Gail, 87, 3ll Haddy, Gloria Mae, 242, 268, 370, 37l Hadley, Alice Amelia, 80 Haegele, Richard G., 33l Hafner, Pafricia Anne, 23l, 249, 3lI Haff, Phyllis Barbara, 230, 237 Hagan, Arfhur Darrell, 63, 259, 280 Hagan, John David, 349 Hage, Dean Silvers, 238 Hageman, Lyle George, I58, 387 Hagen, Joann Patricia, 63, 3I7 Hagen, Rolly Neil, 260 Hagens, Janice Lee, 23l, 3ll Hagens, Virginia Lois, 23l, 3II Hagenso n, Paul Edward, 63, 252, 27I Hagler, Collins, II9, l3I Hahn, Bryce Dee, 63 Hahn, Frederick W., 63, 386 Hahn, Sally Elizabefh, 3l5 Hahn, Suzanne E., 307 Hahne, Marcia Ann, 245, 3l3 Gore, Arnold S., 63, 87, 273, 329 Gorman, Roland J., I58 Gosch, Susan Ann, 303 Goss, Pefer Michael, 339 Gosseff, Joseph Alan, 355 Gould, Raymond R., 237, 387 Govig, Richard Alyn, 36I Govig, William B., 38,276 Grabow, James E., 38, 388 Halbach, Consfance M., 86, 24I, 3ll Halbach, David Frank, 33l Halbach, Joseph James, 54 Hale, M Hall, Da ark, 34 niel Lee, 262 Hall, Frank T., 63 Hall, Janef Arlene, 63, 2l6, 297 Hall, Hall Margi Anne, 86 inia L., 63 . Virq Halle Robert E., 38 ck, Graeber Graef, 8 Graef, B ,Susan Mary, 299, 369 effe Jayne, 32l everly Jean, 303 Graham, Dickey W., 262 Graham Donald Lee 387 Graham: John Brownie, 236, aaa Halloran, Kafhleen, 86, 275, 37I Halverson, Donald C., II9, 359 Halverson, Gordon W., 38, 256, 267 Hamblin, James Donald, 86, 337 Hamill, Frances C., 3I3 Hamilfon, John Allen, 357 Graham, Sarah Anne, 23l, 239, 3l5 Grandia, Abe A., 76 Grandrafh, William H., 258 Granger, Charles W., 38, 253, 267 Granner, Daryl K., 379, 380 Granf, Carole Ann, 222 Grashorn, Sandra Jane, 24I, 377 Graudins, Gunars, 76 Graven, Sfanley N., 76 Graves, Sharon Jolene, 243 Graves, Theodore J., 38, 253 Gray, Jane Louise, 63 Hamilfon, Hamilfon, Mrs. Mary, 327 Rufh Kay, 295, 309 Hamilfon, Thomas S., 233, 272, 339 Hammer, David Lindley, 54, 28l Hammer, Janus M., 63 Hammer, Richard W., 259 Hammer, Sverre Henry, 254 Hammer, William Park, 379, 350 Hamor, Page, 305 Green, Carolee Ellen, 3l7 Green, Charles J., 250 Green, David Ernesf, 38 Green, Eleanor Ann, 63, 249, 3l9 Green, Grefchen Marie, 2l5, 3l5 , Ronald E., 50, 286 Greenberg, Ellen B., 3I9 Greenberg, Garry D., I58 Greene, Kay Eloise, 86, 278, 285, 3l3 Greene, Margaref Rufh, 63 Greene, Silvia, 24I, 3I9 Greenleaf, Harrier D., 297 Greenwald, Sranley W., 259 Greenwood, Karen Kay, 23l, 233, 237, 247, 249, 370 Gregory, Phyllis Jean, 309 Gremm, Cafherine Elaine, 246, 377 Grier, James Edward, 355 Griffen, Charles F., 337 Griffin, Harold R., 46 Griffin, John William, I58 Grif1'irh,Cafherine A., 63, 28I, 307 Griflifh, Charles L., I58 Griffifh, Charles O., l6l Griswold, Simeon F., 35I Groenewold, Marcelyn Kaye, 367 Gross, Richard Dean, 77 Grofeluschen, Janis R., 305 Grofh, Gene Alan, 247 Grove, Connie Marie, 2l8 Grube, Orin Charles, 252 Gruzdas, Bronislava, 46 Gunnar, Roberf Warren, 63 Gunfher, David Clem, I42 Gusfafson, Elaine M., 309 Hampfon, Donald Lee, 33I I-lampfon, Wayne Alberf, 63 Hancher, Mary Susan, 63, 23l, 3I7 Hancher, Virgil H., 28, 29, 23l Hancock, Edwin Joe, 254, 268 Hancock, Janice Marie, 279 Handford, Sandra, 63, 270 Hannah, Pafricia F., 63 Hanno, James Gus, 254 Hansel, George Loren, 50, 285 Hansen, Carol Jean, 248, 3l7 Hansen, Curfis Leroy, 50, I52, 282, 283 36l Hansen, Donald H., 50, 285 Hansen, Gail E., 309 Hansen, Jack D., I59, 253, 387 Hansen, Jack Lee, 359 Hansen, James Warren, 38 Hansen, Joy Dorine, 367 Hansen, Karla Kae, 289 Hansen, Maxine Joann, 63 Hansen, Richard Glen, 238, 324,337 Hansen, Rosemary A., 368 Hansen, Shirley J., 369 Hanson, Geraldine Ann, 305 Hanson, Mary Ann, 239, 370 Hanson, Mildred L., 63 Happel, William Ray, II9, 355 Harai, Myles Jilsuo, I57, I60 Harbison, James R., I57 Harbison, John W., 339 Hardin, Rufh Joy, 289 Harding, Gene lmmel, 388 Hardman, Edward M., 38, 256 Hardy, Franklin James, 46, 262 Harker, Donna Marie, 63 Harker, Faye Jean, 307 Harkins, Roberfa Mary, 303 39 Harmon, Russell Lynn, 50,284 Harms, Donald Ray, l59 Harms, Mary Jane, 248, 309 Harnagel, Anneffe, 305 Harpel, Mary Ann, 246 Harper, Earl E., 33 Harrel, William Waldo, 233, 339 Harring, Richard Lee, I42 Harringfon, Alyce Ann, 23l, 297 Harris Harris Harris Harris i ,Fred Alan, II9 Jerry Lee, 357 , Kafheryne M., 299 , Lowell Norman, 329 Harris, Sandra Jean, 309 Harris, Shirley E., 80 Harris, Tricka K., 247 Harrison, Bruce Allen, 247 Harrison, Cecile E., 289 Harrison David P., 33l Harrison, Roger E., 38 Harrison, Sandra E., 28l, 289 Harrison Warren C., 254 Harsch, Larry, I43 Harf, Harry Torrence, 38 Harfleip, Duane Lyle, 252 Harfman, Franklin Lee, 63 Harfman, Sandra Lee, 32l Harlmann, Chrisfian D., l45 Hartmann, Richard, l42 Harfsaw, Joan Elaine, 289 Harrwig, RosaI'e Rae, 32l Harfz, Marye Rufh, 37 Harvey, Charles W., 38 Harvey, Judifh Ann, 370 Harvey, Roberf Frank, 33l Harvey, Rosemary Ann, 63 Harycki, Mary Anfonia, 63 Hasbrook, Richard E., 247 Hassebroek, Roy, 260 Hafch, Toni Roberf, ll8, 355 Hafcheffe, Charloffe, 87, 3II Hafges, Maria, 367 Haffery, John Joel, 63, I57, 272 Haugen, Marfha Sigrid, 309,370 Haugland, Sfanley M., 63, 259 Haun, Barbara E., 245, 370 Hauperf, Francis J., I54, l55, l57 Hulberf, Louis Kerwin, 335 Hauser, Janef Elaine, 38, 299 Hausman, Alan Michael, 230, 282, 343 Haussman, Roberf L., ll8 Havenhill, Jane Ann, 3l7 Haver, Harold Gordon, 39,337 Haver, Joyce Elaine, 249 Havercamp, James R., 28l Hawker, Fredrick John, 87 Hawley, Leon Glenn, 253 Hawfhorne, Lesfer Lee, 39, I33, 345 I52, I57, Hawfrey, Chrisfopher, 288 Have, Thomas, I43 Hayes, Dale Russell, I46, 355 Haynes, Richard M., 84 Hays, Larry Ross, 34l Hazen, John Glenn, 63, 252 Heasley, George W., 380 Heafh, James William, 46,262 Heberling, Ann Dolly, 3l5 Hedegaard, Calvin B., 63 Hedge, Herberf Roy, 98,262 Hedges, John Garold, 253 Hedglin, Janice Anne, 80, 24l, 297, 374 376 Hedin, Henry William, 353 Heeg, Carol Kay, 233, 297 Hefner, Kafharine G., 24l Hegfvedf, Leo Carsfen, 247, 28l Heidke, Johanna K., 63 Henry, Margaref M., 245, 309 Henry, Paula Jean, 245, 3l3 Hensch, William Wayne, 337 Henss, John Lesfer, 39 Herberf, Susan Carol, 303 Herbrechfmeyer, W. G., 349 Herman, Carolyn L., 243, 3l5 Herrick, Dr. Percy W., 254 Herring, David F., 355 Herring, Margaref A., 63, 242, 305 Herring, Pafricia Ann, 63 Herriof, Mariana, 63 Roger Dean, 359 Hershey, Herfeen, James W., l6l, l62, 335 Herfig, James Leon, 39 Herfzler Carol Kay, 64, 37l Hesmer, Kennefh S., I59 Hess, Carolyn Anne, 3l3 Hess, John Francis, 254, 276 Hess, Joseph Philip, 64,288 Hesse, Bernard P., 35l Heusinkveld, Edwin D., 29I, 387 Heusinlzveld, Richard, 64 Heyman, William Lee, 343 Hickerson, Ann, 3l7 Hickerson, Marfha, 3l7 Hicklin, Roberf V., l45, I52, 359 Hickman, Donald Roger, 64 Hickman, Mary Helen, 64, 305 Hicks, Anne, 305 Hicks, James Ronald, 345 Hicks, Wayland Keifh, 50 Hiersfein, Evelyn M., 80 High, Wallace E., 262 Highland, Emmy Lou H., 84, 279, 307 Highfower, Loweffa C., 233, 370, 37l Hildrefh, Darel A., 256 Hile, Nancy Pearl, 280, 289, 367 Hill, Dean George, 363 Hill, Frank Vicfor, I48 Hill, James Leonard, 337 Hill, John James, l57, l60 Hill, Linda Jean, 220, 3l5 Hill, Linda Joan, 86, 237, 299 Hill, Hill, Marianna Lee, 3l5 Phillip, 77 Hilligoss, Candace, 305 Himrod, Helen C., 299 Hingfgen, Joyce Ann, 275 Hingfgen, Richard J., 254 Hinson, Daniel, 339 Hippsley, Roger H., 64 Hirl, Elvin James, 64 Hise, William Porfer, l49, 239,355 Hifchcock, Marshall L., 388 Hife, Maurine Edna, 64,297 Hielmaas, Jan Roberf, 39,276 Hladd, Lorraine, 80 Hoaglin, Marfha Ann, 3l5 Honsell, Augusf F., I49, 349 Hood, Richard Arfhur, I52, 359 Hoopes, Jane Bufler, 64, 242, 294, 30l Hoops, Jeanne Ann, 48, 309 Hopkins, Barbara C., 288 Hopkins, Jerene Anne, 3l7 Hopkins, Julia Ann, 77, 280 Hopkins, Sfuarf K., 64,273 Hoppe, Horn, Horna Roger Karl, 34l Roberf Walfer, 64 day, Roberf W., 34l Horner, Charles A., 34l Horne r, Jill Marsh, 307 Horner, Julie Dee, 299 Horsfman, Pafricia J., 305 Horfo Horwi Hosfo n, John Roberf, 39 fz, Ira Myron, 259 rd, Ronald Keifh, 39 Hoskins, John Howard, 64,357 Houg, Andrew M., 46, 254, 27l Houg, Elizabefh Dell, 3l3 Houk, Eugene Eldridge, 262 Houlihan, Thomas D., 87, 355 Houser, James Edward, 39, l57, 27l, 357 Houser, William Leo, l58 Houfs, Frances D., 37l Howard, Befh lone, 64, 24l, 270, 368, 3 Howard, David Lee, 84 Howard, James Gwynn, 34l Ives, Joseph DeForesf, 64 Ives, Roberf P., 33l Jackson, Ardis Ann, 64, 297 Jackson, Clarence R., 39 Jackson, John W., 282 Jackson, Judy Mae, 237, 275 Jackson, June Ann, 64, 243, 245, 3ll Jacobs, Gordon W., 259 Jacobs, Marilyn L., 246 Jacobs, Richard Lee, 77 Jacobs, Jacobse Jacobso Virginia Lee, 289 n, Eric K., EI, 277 n, Charloffe L., 3l9 Jacobson, James C., 39 Jacobson Jacobson Jacobson Jacobson Norman N., 285 Richard O., 33l , Rochelle S., 87, 3l9 ,Thomas J., l48, I52, Jacoby, Lois Louise, 367 Jaffe, Harold, 77 James, D Jamison, Jan, Don avid Roger, 65 Janef Louise, 24l Herberf, 159 Janda, Don Wesley, II9 Janssen, Roberf James, 347 268, 282 Howard, Roberfa J., 86, 240, 248, 30l Howard, Russell C., 46 Howard, William, 64 Howe, Gerald Lesfer, 64 Howe, Judifh, 305 Howell, John Floyd, 353 Howell, Paul Wayne, 357 Howery, Sfephen Edgar, 259 Hoyer, Sheila Ann, 246, 377 Jarrard, Joy, 23l Jeck, Harvey George, I58, 357 Jeffers, John Roberf, 5l, 278 Jehle, Kennefh Lee, IIB Jenkins, James D., 272 Jenkins, Marcia Alice, 65, 247, 307 Jenkins, Margaref Ann, 65 Jenkinson, Harlan H., 39, ll7, Il8, l5l I52, I57, 355 Hoyf, Max E., 84 Hradek, Richard W., 50, 283, 284 Hrubefz, Mary Kay, 309 Hubbard, Beverly Ann, 86, 243 Hubbard, James W., 34l Huber, Elinore Noya, 3l3 Huber, Walfer C., 279 Hubly, Jane Marie, 24l, 3l7 Hudson, Jack Lamonf, 64 Hudson, Wellborn, 363 Hudfloff, Sarah Ann, 64 Huey, Mary Cafherine, 370 Huff, Herberf David, I58 Huff, Marvel, 64 Huffman, Sfephen Lee, 349 Hugelen, Gloria Ann, 64, 37l Hughes, Alfred E., 54 Hugin s, Janef Marie, 3l3 Hulme, Sfeven Edward, 64, 337 Hull, Charles Neiferf, 259 Jenkinson, Jerry Jay, II9, 355 Jennings, Ted Vernon, 65 Jennings, Sfanley B., l58 Jennisch, Cheryl E., 24l, 246, 32l Jens, Kenfon Arfhur, 349 Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Jensen Arno Lee, 77, 258, 280 Don Arlen, 359 Dwighf E., 98, 273 Elaine Mae, 247, 32l Janis Lou, 307 Jensen, Marilyn Ann, 307 Jensen, Owen Clifford, 252 Richard A., 65, 87, 324, 355 Rufhann, 3l I, 369 Ted Wayne, 65, I43, I55, I56 Jepson, Chrisfian Neal, 65,252 Jepson, Nancy Jean, 307 Jeweff, Frederick L., 39, I56 Jochimsen, Gail Diane, 89, 309 Jochumsen, Ann M., 248, 283,309 Johannes, Jerome V., 286 Hoaglund, Carolyn A., 32l Hobarf, Mary Jo, 3l3 Hoben, Ellen Margaref, 86 Hockaday, Curfis J., 39 Hockeff, Philip G., 86 Hockmufh, Richard E., 258 Hodge, Phyllis Rufh, 30l Hoenk, 8 ernard Eugene, 379, 380 Hof, George Melville, 349 Hoff, Loi Hoffer, J s Elaine, 80, 374 erry Marfin, 64 Hoffman, Jeaneffe Mae, 30l Hoffman, Kennefh John, 388 Hoffman, Leonard W., l57, I60, 386 Hoffman, Leroy Keifh, 77 Hoglan, Vicfor H., 64 Holaday, Mary Joan, 39 Holdefer, Harlan F., 39 Hulfgren, Clarence W., 282, 359 Hulfman, Joyce M., 29I Humm, Rosemary, 86, 243, 370 Hummel, Donna Mae, 246, 377 Hummer, William Kirby, 247, 349 Humphreys, Mary Lou, 283, 377 Hunn, Sally Suzanne, 28l, 305 Hunf, Arlene Rae, 3l5 Hunf, Virginia, 23l, 245, 3l7 Hunfer, Elizabefh P., 64, 305 Hunfer, Mary Ebba, 64 Hurlbuf, Shirley Ann, 289 Hurring, Lincoln W., II7, I48, I52, 268 Hurring, Theodore P., 329 Hufchison, Theodore M., 54, 27l, 272 Huffen, Roberf' L., 345 Heikes, James Coleman, 34l Heldridge, Roberf M., 337 Helms, Donald Ernesf, 357 Helms, Ronald Willis, 87, 34l Hemphill, William R., 349 Hendershof, Judifh, 3l3 Henderson, Beffy C., 63, 86, 305 Henderson Bernard L., 34l Henderson, Carolyn R., 275, 3l7 Henderson, Janef E., 80 Henderson Ramon Kenf, l58 Henderson Sfewarf D. 39 Henderson, IWilliam M., 34, 324, 327 Holland, Daniel, 39 Holland, Dorofhy Rufh, 87, 3l9 Hollander, Jack Roger, 64, 343 Hollander, William R., 262, 327 Holleran, Brenf J., 33l Holm, Charles Edgar, 39 Holm, Vicfor Marfin, 77 Holman, Charles M., 387 Holman, Willard W., 349 Holmes, George Henry, 77, 258 Holmes, Kafherine Ann, 3l5 Holf, Sharon Lee, 297 Holfe, James Allan, 64, 258 0 I lde, William Joseph, 337 Ilfen, Maurice John, 39,253 Ingle, Walfer Eugene, 64, 9l, 273 Ingram, David Forduer, 357 Irish, John Brownell, 77, 258 lrwin, Beffy Lou, 80 lrwin, Dale Orvis, 64 lrwin, James Roberf, I43 Irwin, Irwin, lrwin, Isaacs Judifh Barreff, 8l Roberf Louis, 237, 339 Thomas Leonard, l58 on, Elissa K., 297 Hendrickson, Roger V., 252 Henn, Thomas William, 258 Henning, Kay, 274 Henningsen, Denn's N., 34l 396 Holfhaus, Wallace H., 260 Holzaepf Homan, Honeywe el, Dick, I47 Dennis N., 64 ll, Larry Gene, 33l Isbill, Charles H., 46, 262 Iverson, David James, 5l, 286, 335 Iverson, Rosemary, 370 Iverson, Yale Huffman, 345 Johannsen, Sandra Lea, 3lI John, Janef Rae, 30l John Le Johnson Johnson wis, Americus, l42 ,Ann Laurel, 294, 3l3 Befry Kay, 309 Johnson, Carroll E., II9, 339 Johnson, Charlene, 29I Johnson, Charles E., 262 Johnson, Cheryl Ann, 23l, 233 Johnson, Claudia Lynn, 65, 247, 3l7 Johnson, Cynfhia Lois, 8l Johnson, Don Ernesf, 288 Johnson, Edwin Lloyd, 272, 363 Johnson, Eugene Leroy, 77, 258 Johnson, Gordon Keil, 65 Johnson, Gwendolyn M., 8l Johnson, Heber P., 65 Johnson, James Edwin, 380 Johnson, Jerry Lee, 65 Johnson, Lawrence E., 39, 276 Johnson, Lesfer G., 39,253 Johnson, Marylyn Mae, 299 Johnson, Oafher Q., 39, 256 Johnson, Paul Timofhy, 65 Johnson, Raymond C., 337 Johnson, Roberf Dean, 386 Johnson, Roberf E., 247 Johnson, Roberf K., 36l Johnson, Roberl' Lee, 65 Johnson, Roberf W., 5l Johnson, Roy Ernesf, 54, 247, 28I Johnson, Roy Max, 327 Johnson, Roy Sfewarf, l52 Johnson, Russel Dean, 65 Johnson, Sandra, 86, 235, 275, 3l5 Johnson, Sara Ann, 299 Johnslon, Glenn M., 39, 148,152, 157 268, 355 Johnslon, Nancy Kay, 301 Jolas, Thomas E., 272 Jollille, Karma Kay, 301 Jones Jones Jones Jones, Calvin Jack, 118, 130 Charles N., 144 Donna Lu C., 81 Jones, Mrs. James W., 279 Jones, Joel Daniel, 268 Jones, Keilh Lloyd, 65, 357 Jones, Louise Marilyn, 65,242,307 Jones Marcia M., 294, 321 Jones, Sarah Ann, 317 Jones, Shirley Jo, 231, 311 Jones, Sidney Cloyd, 65 Jones Slanley Earl, 149 Virginia Ann, 313 Jordan, Dennis Edward, 341 Jordan, Mary Lorraine, 241,305 Jorgensen, Gordon H., 331 Jorgensen, Marlene J., 241, 247 Joselyn, Phillip E., 355 Joseph, Jo Ann Miriam, 239, 249, 275, 319 Joy, James Richard, 282, 355 Joy, Mark Laverne, 239, 337 Judd, Howard Gordon, 157, 160, 268 Julfer, Arlen Allen, 46, 254 Juhl, Jo Ann, 65 Jung, Darlene Nalalie, 231, 303 Junk, Belly Ann, 321 Jurgens, June Marie, 65 Juslen, Peler Joseph, 146, 158, 345 Kaiman, Paul, 343 Kair, Lowell Allan, 39, 267 Kalas, Harry Norberl, 341 Kalb, Thomas Joseph, 77 Kale, Marolyn Jean, 48 Kanellis, Eldan C., 118 Kapenslein, Ira, 65, 90, 273, 329 Kaplan, David Jeremy, 65 Kaplan, Dorolhy Mae, 247 Karl, Edward Herberl, 239, 343 Karlenzig, Ernesl W., 119 Karns, Carol Jane, 368, 371 Karr, Roberl Slanlon, 379 Karras, Alex, 119 Kasler, James W., 51, 285 Kaslner, Roberl H., 359 Kalalinich, Frank A., 39, 253 Kalelman, Harriel M., 65, 87, 319 Kalleman, Mallee, 87, 319,370 Kalz, Franklin Zeller, 329 Kalz, Sydney, 329 Kaulfman, Craig S., 254 Kauffman, Derry Allen, 335 Kaus, David Lee, 158 Kay, Carl Ronald, 345 Kealinge, Murray, 144, 150, 152 Keele, Palrick Thomas, 341 Keeler, Palricia J., 231, 299 Keehn, Richard Haden, 39, 86, 337 Keeler, Winona Yvonne, 283, 370 Keeline, Joan Michael, 371 Keenan, Harold Daniel, 272 Keiper, Roberl Louis, 351 Keilh, Kay Anne, 232, 233, 248, 297 Keilh, Sandra Rae, 307 Kellar, Lorrence T., 158, 339 Kelley, James Louis, 355 Kelley, James Michael, 142, 357 Kelley, James Richard, 149 Kelly, Maureen Elaine, 297 Kelly, Palricia Y., 243 Kelly, Richard Waller Kelly, William Manly, Kelso, Hugh, 98 Kemble, Peler Arlo, 357 Kemis, Roberl Dean, 357 Kemnilz, Pearl Jenny, 249, 289 Kemp, Henry F., 87, 349 Kendall, William Rinden, 119 Kenefick, Thomas W., 341 Kennedy, Bruce Gordon, 331 Kenner, Sarah Reesa, 65 Kenl, Barbara P., 313 Kenl, Thomas Hugh, 65 Kepros, Slanley G., 254 , 160 345 , 370 Kerns, Kerns, Roberl L., 65, 91,273 Shirley Ann, 65,224 Kerr, Agnes Spencer, 231, 243 Kerr, Angela Mae, 65 Kessler, Kalhryn M., 65, 370 Kessle r, Paul Dean, 149 Kessler, Peggy Jean, 371 Kessler, Thomas Dale, 351 Kelelsen, Harold Karl, 268 Kellel ramp, Richard e., 77, 252 Kieffer, William J., 258 Kiger, Karen Pelerson, 65 Killebrew, Richard F., 345 Kim, Sung Bok, 46 Kimm el, Margarel Ann, 86, 239, 242, 301 Kincaid, Don Beniamin, 39, 156,345 King, King, King, King, King, Dixie Lee, 81 Don Lewis, 254 Helen Marie, 299 Karen Kay, 65, 243, 245 William Roberl, 65 Kinne, Morris Y., 353 Kinney, Dallas Leon, 337 Kinl, Conslance E., 313 Kinyoun, Dorolhy M., 81 Kipl, Kirby, 317 Kirby, Roger Bernard, 337 Cecelia Jane, 230, 242, 248, Mary Louise, 48,299 Kirkegaard, Faye E., 81 Kirkegaard, Paul F., 260 Kirkegaard, Rodger S., 77, 252 Kirkm an, Burlon L., 51 Kirkwood, John R., 272 Kirlin, Maurice W., 77, 252 Kirlley, William T., 341 Kissack, Elmer R., 65,246 Kilch, Paul Edward, 150,152,283 Kilchell, Myrlle, 32 Kilchen, Clyde Keilh, 252 Kivlahan, James J., 260 icavirg hn, Donald Dean, 260 Kiome, Clair Wayne, 276 Klauer, James Dennis, 259 Kleih, Mary Vivian, 249, 281, 305 Klein, VVi1ey Peler, 254 Klemper, Dolores June, 81 Kliebenslein, Don, 331 Kliesc h, Roberl G., 65 Klimes, Richard D., 39 Kline, David Lyle, 39 Klinger, Roger E., 46 Klink, Kloew Douglas Dean, 77, 259 er, Delmar J., 119 Klonlz, Herberl Arvid, 146,341 Kloolwyk, Marion E., 253 Kloppenburg, Maxine A., 289, 376 Klolz, Donald, 149 Kluver, Marv Jean, 81, 376 Knighl, Dean LaVerne, 327 Knighl, Sandra Jean, 317 Knock, Bonnie Alberla, 321 Knoebel, Ralph, 118 Knoer Knoke Knowl Knuds nschild, John, 246 ,George John, 281 es, Richard D., 51 on, Charles F., 272, 347 Knulson, Howard Keilh, 65 Kobliska, Ronald John, 39, 324 Koch, Marcia Rulh, 86, 208, 214, 241, 313 Kocimski, Anlhony D., 268, 379 Kodro s, Archie, 119 Koehn, William G., 351 Koenigsaecker, Daniel, 325, 331 Koerner, Waller David, 84 Koesler, Mary Ann, 241, 297 Kofoed, John Woodrow, 39, 256 Kohl, Janel Kay, 313 Kohlhaas, Philip V,, 65, 345 Kohlhase, Dawn Linnea, 303 Kolker, Carolyn Colby, 317 Kolker, Margarel O., 317 Kolpack, Marvin W., 257 Koons, Donald Deane, 331 Koopman, Kennelh Neal, 65 Kooecky, Carolyn D., 48 Kopecky, Millon Ales, 65, 158 Kopp, Gene Waller, 51, 278, 286 Korns, Kalherine A., 231, 278, 307 Korns, Michael Edward, 252 Kosek, Jon Craig, 77 Koser, Roberl Wayne, 357 Kollman, Elmer John, 91 2 Kollong, Gerald Wayne, 52, 147, 152, 268 Kouler, Jerrold Ellis, 329 Kowal, John, 380 Kozlen, Jack Lee, 39,343 Kozlen, Rulh, 319 Kraemer, Thomas Fred, 158 Kramer, Kay Fredrick, 380 Krapll, Paul, 143,282 Kralz, Irwin James, 337 Kralzke, Maureen S., 87, 281, 309 Krause, William A., 86, 355 Kraushaar, Maurice E., 259 Kravelz, Norman M., 387 Krebs, John Carlelon, 247, 256 Kregel, John Henry, 159,337 Kreicie, Virginia Ann, 247, 370 Krekel, Lyman Edward, 65, 339 Krell, Fred Charles, 81, 274 Kress, George Jude, 39, 118,345 Krick, George Frank, 46, 254 Krislensen, Richard W., 254 Kroening, Arlene Rae, 65, 242, 294, 303 Krohn, Gary Lele, 341 Krohn, Mary Fran, 301 Krololl, George M., 325, 329 Kromer, Paul Erwin, 39 Kruck, JoAnn Margarel, 81 Krueger, Larry Joseph, 161 Krug, Donald Dean, 39, 361 Kruggel, John Lewis, 65,260 Krumbollz, David, 337 Kruse, Richard Claus, 286 Kuehl, Dick Warren, 357 Kuehn, Richard Allyn, 260 Kuenzel, Calvin A., 54, 272 Kuiper, Richard Lee, 147, 152, 156, 268, 379 Kummerleldl, Marian J., 54 Kundel, Donald W., 259,280 Kundel, Roberl Ray, 77,259 Kunik, Belly Ann, 66,249,319 Kunik, Harriel, 241, 245, 319 Kunlz, Janelle A., 281 Kunzman, James D., 77, 258 Kurdelmeier, Gary R., 119 Kurlz, Kennelh Karl, 143, 152 Kulcher, Jerry Zelig, 343 Kuller, Bonnie Lee, 311 Lacina, Norma Jo, 281 Lacina, Ruby Carolyn, 66, 371 Ladd, Marilyn Adah, 370 Ladd, Mason, 32, 98 Ladeholl, Leo William, 253 Lalrenlz, Barbara, 66, 249 Lage, Wayne Frederick, 262 Lagerloel, Susan, 233, 297 Lahmann, Marian Lois, 66, 280 Lainson, Phillip A., 341 Lalor, Donald Jene, 66 Lalor, Rik L., 349 Lamar, John Wasson, 77, 257 Lamar, Leonard H., 345 Lamb, Sandra Kay, 101,303 Lambach, Donna Marie, 303 Lamberl, Marcia E., 289 Lampe, Arion Edward, 46 Landers, Lorella Sue, 275 Landess, Richard A., 341 Landess, Roberl C., 238, 339 Landhuis, Leo Ray, 259 Landin, Roberl F., 145, 353 Lane, Bonnie Jeanne, 210, 311 Larson, Sally E., 317 Lalch, Nancy Jane, 303 Laue, Shirley Jean, 243, 311 Laughery, Jack A., 337 Laughlin, Thomas M., 66 Launspach, Barbara A., 39,297 Lavery, George B., 66, 264 Lavigne, Palricia R., 377 Lawler, John Thomas, 51, 279 Lawson, Frank Douglas, 260 Lawson, Jerome Lade, 341 Lawson, Patricia Jean, 233 Lawson, Phillip W., 359 Lazio, Virginia Mae, 278 Leahy, Philip Wayne, 118, 150, 152, 157, 160, 284 Leaman, Mary Lou, 39, 237, 283, 370 Lear, Marlha Frances, 317 Lear, Roberl, 119 Leavill, Harvey R., 329 Leber, Jerome Francis, 361 LeBuhn, Paul Edward, 277 Le8uhn, William J., 277 Lechell, Ronald Keilh, 77, 259 Lee, John Emanuel, 39 Lee, Merle Eleanor, 297 Leehey, Joan, 81, 274 Lell, Alan Roberl, 349 Leller, Rila Maurine, 371 Legreid, Omer Allen, 247 Lehman, John Diller, 77,258 Leichsenring, Lorraine L., 81, 374, 376 Leidig, Edward George, 331 Leighly, Terry Lowell, 23.3, 339 Lein, Don Curlis, 39, 256, 276 Leinbach, Grela Jean, 86 Leinen, John Douglas, 158 Lenix, Barbara Sue, 301 Lenox, Mary Virginia, 301 Lenz, Shirley Ann, 284, 374 Leon, Thomas, 87, 256, 345 Leonard, George W., 247 Leonard, Larry, 66, 152, 268, 347 Lelo, Raymond Angelo, 143 Leuer, KennelhC.,40, 117, 151, 152, 157 355 Levensky, Mark Alan, 325, 343 Levinson, Sandra Hale, 230, 275 Levis, Roberl Edgar, 252 Lewis, Ann Carllon, 313 Lewis, Gerald Edwin, 337 Lewis, Lyle Lee, 66, 282 Lewis, Marcia, 239, 275, 301 Lekwa, Jean, 291 Leylem, Carol Ann, 297 Lias, Thomas Lee, 66 Libby, Eldon Emory, 66, 273 Lichl, Joel Selh, 66 Lichlenberger, Horsl, 359 Liebman, Sylvia, 319 Liechly, John Horsl, 355 Liepins, lvars R., 91, 273 Liewer, John Paul, 77,260 Lind, Roberl Herman, 66,258 Lindanger, Earl L., 40, 155, 157, 159,253 Linden, Richard P., 258 Linder, Gordon F., 158 Linder, Jo Anna, 66, 371 Lindgren, Richard H., 77, 291 Lindholm, Donald W., 331 Lindguisl, Anne Sherry, 233, 242, 307 Lindguisl, Karen, 233, 307 Lindquisl, William G., 46, 254, 351 Linduski, Edwin D., 40 Ling, Samuel C., 291 Link, James F., 51, 283 Link, John George, 272 Lane, Clark Alberl, 327 Lang, Lowell Edward, 39 Lange, Charles F., 84 Langfill, Susan E., 297 Langholz, Roberl W., 54 Langslon, Ralph J., 357 Larsen Larsen Larsen Larsen Dean Richard, 357 Douglas James, 361 Peler Carllon, 335 Richard Duane, 253 Larsen Shirley Faye, 86, 311 Larson, Anne Adair,23l, 233,237,297 Larson, Jerry Leroy, 158, 339 Larson, Karen Jo, 301 Larson, Michael Dorne, 355 Larson, Roberl M., 325, 337 Larson, Roberl R., 331 Lipshulz, Slanley H., 343 Lisle, Charles Vernon, 66, 247, 331 Lillle, Donna Lee, 309 Livermore, Frances R., 66 Livesey, Mrs. Lillian, 258 Livingslon, Marilyn A., 66 Livingslon, Richard E., 66 Llewellyn, Neal N., 259 Lobeck, Lois Ann, 233 Lockharl, Roberl A., 286 Lockwood, John W., 66 Loehwing, Waller F., 31 Loerls, Rochelle Jean, 309 Lolgren, Mrs. Lyle, 321 Logan, Clyde Allee, 148 Logan, William, 40, 133, 152,379 380 Lohman, Lyle Augusl, 84 x Lohner, Sandra Kay, ZI4, 2I9, 249, 3lI Long, Donald Lee, 40 Long, Jean Bradley, 8l, 284 Long, Mariorie Ann, 233, 3ll Longnecker, Daniel S., 77, 259 Looney, Clark Dean, 40, l45 Loots, Don Leroy, 247, 272 Lorack, Mary Ann, 48, 377 Lorenz, Mervyn P., 274 Losen, Lynn, 66, 345 Lovrien, Marshall N., 247, 327 Lowe, David Gerald, 40,264 Lubin, Donald Sundell, 262 Lucas, Fredrick Ross, 66, l48, I52, 268 Lucas, Tom Francis, 357 Luce, M-ary Helene, 8I Ludvig, George Harry, 66 Ludvigson, Harold Wayne, 66,288 Luett, June Lee, 249 Luhrs, Peggy Lou, 66 Lumbard, Melville D., 337 Lunceford, Donivan L., 5I Lund, Albert Dean, 324, 337 Luth, James Fredrick, I57, l6O Luthans, Nancy Ann, 3lI Luttenegger, Mark J., 286 Lux, James Schack, 40, 341 Lytord, Mariorie, 274 Lyle, Dick, 77, 259 Lyle, Mary Lee, 307 Lyman, June Carol, 40, 283, 309 Lynberg, Charles A., 277 Lynch, David Norman, 380 Lynch, Nancy Joan, 249 Lynch, Richard Allan, 339 Lyon, Marilyn Marie, 86, 37l Lyon, Robert Duane, 339 Lyons, Charles Edward, 66 Lyons Edward Joseph, 54 Lyons Joan Rose, 297 Lyons Larry Maurice, 66, l5l, 345 WIC McAdams, William John, II9 McAlpine, Kenneth C., l58, 335 McBride, Donald John, 33l McBroom, Jack Stewart, 67, 264, 359 McCattrey, Kenneth J., 67 McCall, Eileen Mae, 289 McCall, Thomas C., 67 McCann, Terrence John, II7, I5I McCardell, Jeanne K., 307 McCarrel, Ted, 34, 27l McCarthey, Duane R., 77,252 McCaughey, Peter C., 47, 262 McChesney, Shirley J., 36I McClain, James H., 34I McClary, Susan C., 67, 247, 307 McClatchey, Mary Ann, 289, 376 McClenahan, Mervin L., 67 McCIoy, Charles H., 282 McClung, Robert R., 67 McClung, Mrs. William, 353 McClure, Joyce Ann, 233 McClure, Vern L., 40 McComas, John L., l60 McConnell, Charles J., I33, 34l McConnell, Sally Ann, 3l7 McConnon, Mary K., 87, 37I McCorkle, Shirley Ann, 8l McCoy, John Leo, 359 McCoy, Robert Charles, l59, 35I McCoy, William Edward, 47, 254 McCoy, William Paul, 347 McCrea, Louis William, 355 McCreath, James G., 359 McCullough, James A., 40, l48, I49, I I57, 268 McCuskey, David J., l5l McCutcheon, James A., 254 McDaniel, Norman K., 5l McDermott, Susan G., 3l5 McDevitt, Paul I., 258 McDevitt, William P., 258 Meponsla, Eiizsbeih, 299 McDonald, Jacqueline, 295, 30l McEwen, John Russell, 67 McEwen, Patrick Peter, 247 McFadden, Vincent M., 254 McGee, James Leevert, 87, 325, 35l McGeough, John F., 67 McGhan, Donald Kay, 5l, 247, 279 398 McGill, Charles Roger, 345 McGiverin, Arthur A., 54 McGowan, Karen Rae, 303 McGuire, Madonna Jane, 7l, 307 Mclnnery, Marcella, 274 Mcllraith, Stuart M., 67 Mcllrath, Jane Ann, 3l7 McKay, Richard Allen, 77 McKay, Thomas W., 272 McKeen, Paul Jean, 67 McKenzie, Elaine, 297 McKercher, Theodore C., 262 McKinney, James D., 67, 277, 357 McKnight, James D., 40, 337 McLachlan, Edward A., I60, 288 McLaren, Judith Ellen, 2l2, 307 McLarnan, J. Kaye, 307 McLarnan, Keith W., 67 McLatchie, John A., 40 McLaughlin, Ann Ward, 295, 3l5 McLaughlin, Charles, 5l McLaughlin, Edward J., 77, 260 McLaughlin, June M., 235, 275 McLean, Kenneth Alan, 67, 246 McMahon, Clarabelle F., 3l7 McMahon, William J., 276 McMartin, Grant E., 277 McManus, Audrie, 86, 309, 367 McMillan, Kathryn Ann, 305 McMillin, John Vyyyan, 278, 284, 286 McMorris, Richard J., 40, 272 McNally, Jean E., 280 McNamara, Carolyn Ann, 295, 3ll McNamee, Robert Gene, 268 McNamer, James Harold, 67 McNeish, Jack Roy, 262 McNulty, John William, 89, 249, 355 McPherson, Roland V., 40, I55, I56, l58, 276 McQuigg, Jerry Graham, 363 McSorley, Richard D., 34I McWilliams, Virginia, 243, 3l3 m Maas, Richard Rolland, 66 Maclnnes, Joan Alice, 87, 233 MacKenzie, Scott, I43, 345 Mackey, Mary Jane, 279 Mackin, John William, 40 Mackrill, Marlene Germaine, 289 MacMillan, Robert M., 66 Macy, James Canon, I58, l6O Maddison, Gayle E., 305 Madsen, Howard Jerome, 40 Madsen, Robert B., 40, 256 Magid, Frank Newton, 66 Maguire, William G., 285 Mahan, Bruce E., 33 Maher, Dorothy Minna, 242 Maher, William Lane, 40 Malata, Penuel E., 66 Malloy, Everett A., 246 Manly, William F,, 272 Mann, Frederick B., 256 Manvitz, Fayna Fern, 87, 3l9 Manvitz, Helen, 3l9 Margret, Dell, 66 Mark, Allyn Lewis, 345 Marriott, Francis D., 40, 256,276 Marriott, Lois, 66 Marschall, John Dodd, I46, I52 Marsden, Sharon Rhea, 30l Marston, Dwight H., 282 Martel, Augustine H., I33, I52 Marten, Murray T., 343 Martens, Gloria Gay, 309 Martin, Charles Dyer, 258 Martin, Dora Lee, 209 Martin, Joseph M., I49 Martin, Kenneth Dean Martin, Sara Ann, 67, Martin, William B., 67,258 Martinkus, James A., 67 Mason, Robert Duane, 379 Masselink, Mara Gay, 307 Massier, Marcia Alice, 3l3 Masson, Daniel J., 5l Masters, Mark Kenneth, 247 Mastropaolo, Joseph A., l45 Matheson, Eldean Myrl, 40, II8 Mathews, Jerret Erwin, I48, 268, 329 Mathews, John Russell, l50, I52, 349 ,46 3l3 Matthes, Wilbur John, 347 Matthess, Shirley Joanne, 86, 299 Matthiessen, Ronald M., I46 Mau, Tommy Henry, 89, 355 Maughan, John F., 259 Maulson, Vernon Clyde, 67 Maurer, Marilyn Anne, 3l7 Maurer, Richard John, l6l, I62 Mavis, Sara Lynne, 23l, 245, 3l5 Maxtield, Donald W., 357 May, Dennis Arnold, 247, 33l Mayer, Ramona Ann, 67 Maynard, Gilbert P., 286 Maywald, Joyce Joan, 299 Mead, James Patrick, 347 Mead, Wayne Morgan, 40, l60 Meade, Lorin J., 67, I57 Meadows, Donald Keith, 253 Means, Richard Paul, 40, I57, 36I Miller, Richard Lee, l58 Miller, Rodney Harold, 252 Miller, Rodney Wayne, 272 Miller, Sandra Jean, 7, 88, 236, 242, 248 249, 3I9 Miller, Terrance G., 345 Miller, Tonya Ann, 299, 370 Miller, Wayne Donald, I49 Millhaem, William H., 40, 335 Millington, Richard A., 77 Mills, Estel Lane, 268 Mills, Guy J., 262 Mills, Kathryn Joan, 299 Mills, Keith F., 77 Mills, Philip Charles, 357 Milnes, Virginia Anne, 67, 23l, 294, 3l7 Miltenberger, William, l59 Miltner, Janet, 305 Minard, Everil L., 67, 307 Means, Ronald Lee, 357 Mears, Gary H., l58, 335 Meder, Prudence Alice, 67, 23l, 240, 24l, 270, 305 Miner, James B., 67,252 Miner, Kenneth R., I48, 268 Miner, Minor, William R., I57 Robert Chester, 337 Mee, Jerry Daniel, 380 Meek, Kenneth Robert, 40, II8, I43 Meekey, Raymond E., l42 Meester, Patricia J., 275 Megchelsen, John Paul, 254 Meier, Leon Karl, 47 Meikle, Robert E., 54 Meints, Donald Wayne, 67 Meis, Paul J., 67, 259 Meister, Donald E., 47 Meister, Lawrence A., 67 Melchert, Duane F., 5I, 283 Melchert, JoNett, 24l, 3ll Meldahl, Roger Gale, 40 Melichar, Paul Jan, 260 Melsh, Nita Marie, 275, 30l Menard, Jane Elizabeth, 3ll Menard, William Owen, 67, 353 Mentzer, Carol Roxie, 235, 275, 370 Menzel, Wayne Lee, 33l Meswarb, Norman J., 254 Metge, William Ray, 77, 260, 280 Metz, Donald Paul, 54, 275 Meuret, Wayne Vern, 359 Mintzer, Albert J., 77, 260 Mitchell, Betty Lu, 247, 289 Mitchell, Richard S., 337 Mitchell, Wesley W., 33l Mittelberg, Kent Noel, l42 Mitvalsky, John F., 355 Mixson, Barbara E., 23l, 3l5 Moburg, Joyce Ann, 8l, 374 Moeller, Arlyn McClay, 77,259 Moeller, Darla June, 23l, 303 Moeller, Leslie G., 33, 9B Moellering, Margaret, 67 Moen, Donne Philip, 87, 355 Moen, lola, 243 Moes, John Robert, 260 Motfitt, Judith Anne, 370 Mogle, Miriam Gail, 87, 240, 242, 3l3 Mohnike, Marcia Ann, 289 Moldenhauer, Lorna H., 67, 305 Molle, Roberta Jane, 246 Molleston, Joe Max, 345 Monson, Ruth Ann, 370 Montgomery, Jean, 3l3 Montgomery, Marvin W., 4l, 247 Meyer, Alex Alfred, 40, 357 Meyer, Annette Terese, 233, 297 Meyer, Charles Edward, 67 Meyer Frederick C., 35l Meyer, Gary Evan, l5l Meyer Georgia Jean, 28l, 289 Meyer Janice Annette, 246 Meyer JoAnn F., 40 Meyer, Laurance J., 272 Meyer Richard John, 349 Meyer Robert Dean, 40, 253 Meyers, Patricia Ann, 249, 3ll Meyerson, Larry Barin, 343 Michael, Mariorie Ann, 3l3, 370 Michaelson, Manly, 77 Michaelson, Robert S., 34 Michaelson, Ronald T., 359 Moody, Laura Ellen, lOl, 3ll Moore, Elizabeth Anne, 239, 3l7 Moore, JoAnne, 289, 370 Moore, Julia Frances, 86, 309 Moore, Marie Louise, 28l, 289, 368, 37 Moore, Michael W., 4l, I56 Moore, Moore, Moore, Nancy Ann, 309 Robert, 247 Warren Charles, 4I Moranville, David B., 33l Morch, Herbert Oscar, 5I, I52, I56, 286 Mort, Barbara Ann, 297 Morgan, Chester, 267 Morgan, George Edgar, 4I, 253, 276 Morgan, Marian Rae, 289, 376 Morgan, Paul F., 67 Morgan, Uriah Albert, 55 Michel, Donald Dean, l55, I56 Michel, Gene Everett, 77, 259 Middlebrook, Donald C., I49, 349 Milani, George W., 349 Milani, James Gregory, 236, 247, 285 Miles, Donald Ray, 259, 268 Miletich, Mona Kay, 8I Miletich, Robert G., 40 Millard, Ardis Carol, 242, 257, 283 Millard, Roger Leroy, l59 Miller, Alphonse John, l58 Miller, Andrew Joseph, 40 Miller, Cecil Forrest, 260 Miller, Chester I., 34 Miller, Dennis Lee, 67, 252 Miller, Eloise Joanne, 67 Miller, Frank R., 67, 246, 379, 380 Miller, Frederick W., 273 Miller, George H., 5l, 283 Miller, George Harley, 67 Miller, Herbert H., 33l Miller, Jerry Jay, 359 Miller, John Michael, 259 Miller, Julia May, Bl, 374 Miller, Kay Yvonne, 67 Miller, Larry Barnes, 33l Morisako, Akira, 254 Morningstar, Richard, I58 Morris, Beniamin P., 272 Morris, Gary Claude, 268 Morris, Minnie Betty, 89, 242, 3I9 Morris, Richard Lee, 327 Morrison, Catherine M., 243, 3l3 Morrison, Connie Jean, 36I Morrison, Donald W., 4l, I57, 253 Morrissey, Charles B., 355 Morrow, Thomas P., 33l Morris, Dr, W, W., 280 Morton, Carole Jean, 377 Morton, Robert Dale, 33l Mosbach, Meredith Kae, 3l5 Moser, Larry Lee, 355 Mosier, Donald Leroy, 67 Moskowitz, Joan, 87, 233, 3l9 Moulin, Nancy, 28l Mourer, Stephen Alan, 33l Mowery, Stevan Scott, 254 Mroz, Roger Paul, 4l, 276 Mueller, Gene Allan, 349 Mueller, Marion N., 367 Mueller, Nancy Jean, 32l Mugge, John Pagett, 4l, I56, 357 Miller Miller Miller Miller I Lawrence M., 329 Lois Garrison, 309 Marilyn Ray, 69, 2I6, 294, 307 Mary Patricia, 28l, 309 Muilenberg, Don T., 380 Mulholland, Sally A., 249, 305 Mull, Sandra Jane, 4I, 235, 275, 367 Mullan, Don Arlen, 4l, 253 Mulligan, Patrick J., 47, 262 Mullma Munem n, R. Kent, 337 itsu, Saylo, 77, 258 Munn, Roberta Ann, 30l Murphy, Arthur Joseph, 272 Murphy, James Leslie, 4l, 256 Murphy, Marilyn L., 289 Murphy, Thomas W., 258 Murray, Kathleen C., 3l I Murray, Richard Lynn, 67 Murray, Virginia Sue, 3ll Murtagh, Judith, 86, 239, 242, 307 Mussen, Mary Beth, 3l3 Myers, Franklin Lewis, 252 Myers, Gerald Edward, 339 Myers, Grant George, 286 Myers, Howard Patrick, 33l Myers, Jody Joan, 23l, 249, 307 Myers, Susan E., 367 Myers, Theodore P., 67, I52, 252, 27l Myli, Howard Orion, 353 Myli, Ronald Keith, 325, 353 n Nachtman, Don, ll9 Nadig, Eugene W., 5l, l49 Nadler, Sarah G., 3l9 Nagle, Elizabeth Jane, 3l7 Nakano, Dorothy E., 376 Napier, John Guilford, 252 Napier, William Hayes, 357 Nation, Joan Yvonne, 89, 242, 3l5 Naughton, Gerald Paul, l45 Navara, Frank Eugene, 4l, 236, 264, 388 Navin, Walter Dennis, 55 Naxera, Victor F., 256, 388 Nchami, Vincent C., 68 Neal, James Howard, 4I Neary, Rozanne, 246 Neary, William L., 55 Needham, Joyce Ann, 68, 28l, 305 Neal, Nina Mae, 30l Nett, Diane Rae, 28l, 32l Neff, Margaret P., 303 Nefzger, Ben D., 4l, I56 Neiby, Claire Paul, 349 Nell, Patricia Ann, 299 Nelsen Nelsen Richard Allen, 68, 357 Richard F., 355 Nelson, Carolyn L., 68 Nelson, Don Leland, 68,337 Nelson, Donna Lou, 377 Nelson, Douglas R., 254 Nelson, Gerald Willis, I56 Nelson, Jean Elise, 275 Nelson, Jerry Dean, 277, 288, 29l Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Jim Walter, 84, 327 Joan Felicia, 8l John Daniel, 4l, I56, 256 Nancy Leona, 3I3 Nelson, Norman August, 33l Nelson, Norman B., 32 Nelson, Norman Elden, 4I Nelson, Richard L., 68 Nelson, Richard Max, 254 Nelson, Roald Allen, 252 Nelson, Robert Duaine, 246 Nelson, Robert Hall, 34l Nelson, Robert J., 262 Nelson, Rodney Dale, 339 Nelson, Sharon Ann, 299 Nelson 268 Nelson Nelson Sherman Allan, l48, I52, I57, Thomas E., 363 William E., 357 Nemmers, David Joseph, 260 Nemrrlers, Roger Julian, 254 Nesbit, Floyd Wallace, 262 Nesler, Sandra Joan, 30l Nesler, Thomas Owen, 68, 35l Neslund, Charles P., 33l Neu, Richard Bryant, 345 Neuman, Elizabeth B., 48, 305 Neuzil, Ralph Louis, 28l Newcomb, Caryl Jane, 86 Newcomb, Sheridan Ann, 367 Newcomer, Janet Ruth, 3lI Newell, Patricia Ann, 226, 240, 376 Newman, Edwin, 343 Newsome, Ellis, 278 Newsome, James Allen, 237, 24l, 34I Newsome, Judith L., 87, 305 Newton, Donald Dean, 256 Newton, George Eugene, 4l, 253 Newton, Michael Allan, 329 Newton, Robert E., 68, I55, I57, 246 Nichols, George Louis, 36l Nichols, Marilyn Ruth, 8l, 374 Nicholson, Sheila Rae, 32l Nicholson, Wylmarie G., 233, 235, 245 275, 37l Nickol, Joan Belle, 246,280 Nickolou, Frances D., 68,246 Niehaus, Sandra Jean, 303 Niemann, Jo Ann, 68, 2lO, 2l2, 3l5 Niemeier, Jean Louise, 243, 259, 295, 3l7 Nilsson, Arthur E., 68, 388 Nimmer, George Ronald, 5l Nindos, Don Frank, 345 Noack, Virgil Clay, l6l Noble, Harold Dudley, 77, 252 Nolte, LaVonne Kay, l0I, 368 Nora, John Peter, I43 Nordyke, James Edward, 4l, l46, 355 Norgaard, Jacqueline, 23l, 279, 309 Norman, Nancy Marie, 48,275 Norman, Shirley Sue, 249 Norris, Richard Lee, 247 Northey, Harry George, l45 Northup, Byrle Arthur, 279, 357 Norton, Donna Jo, 30l Norton, Kay, 87, 242, 305 Norton, Merlin W., 4l, 264 Norton, Richard D., 68, l43 Norton, Stan, 379 Nosley, Charles C., 286 Novak, Bruce Joseph, l58, 388 Novak, Carol Lou, 68, 236, 377 Novak, George Edward, l58, 282 Nove, Wayne Eldon, 84 Novotny, Gene Lester, 34l Novotny, Milo Richard, 262 Nowers, Thomas S., 347 Nunn, Paul Kay, 5l Nutt, John Carson, 5l Nutting, Catherine E., 68 Nybakken, Lorraine, 68,307 Nyblom, Kaare Hubertus, 345 Nylen, Jean, 29l O Oakley, Brice Case, 355 Oakley, John Boliver, II9, l50 Oathout, Ronald Alva, 353 Oberstein, Bennett T., 329 O'Brien, Elizabeth Ann, 84 O'Brien, Donna Mae, 239, 278, 368, 370, 37l O'Connell, Patricia A., 37l O'Connor, Frank iBuckyl, I33 O'Connor, Nancy K., 369 O'Dean, Dorothea B., 55 Odem, Joanne, 23l, 303 O'Donnell, Michael G., 349 O'Donnell, Patricia A., 68 O'Donnell, Walter W., 68 Otienburger, Thomas E., 68, 324, 339 Offenstein, Sue, 303 Ogesen, Robert Bruce, 254 O'Hara, Grace Aileen, 278 O'Hara, Joan, 86, 23l, 307 O'Hern, Dean Arlyn, l58 Ohsman, Leona Esther, 68 Oiemann, George Alvin, 68, 252, 27I O'Keete, Janan, 68 Okerlin, Kerin Kae, 23l, 3ll Olchotf, Joyce Ringel, 278 Oldham, Thomas E., 331 Oldort, JoAnn Louise, 37l Oldsen, Evelyn Rae, 233, 297 Olerich, James Eldon, 268, 34l Oliver, Barbara J., 68, 270, 289, 368, 370 Oliver, Dennis Leroy, 337 Ollenburg, James F., 349 Ollinger, James E., 33l Olney, Elizabeth Ann, 68 Olsen, Janice Kay, 368 Olsen, Margaret Sue, 247 Olsen, Paul Roger, 68 Olson, Janet K., 3lI Olson, Jon, 33l Olson, Marlene Jewel, 30l Olson, Martha Ann, 8l Olson, Richard L., 4l, 33l Olson, Walter Leroy, 379 Olson, Warren Luther, l43 Omlid, Harlan Hauser, 77, 260 Oosterhuis, Betty M., 48, 30l Opheim, Ronald C., 276 Opitz, John Marius, 259 Orr, Richard Wayne, 36l Orr, William Dayton, 36l Ortland, Barbara Rose, 299 Osterling, Patricia K., 86 Otte, Delores Yvonne, 8l Otto, Kenneth Lee, 4l, 256 Overholser, Sharon L., 305 Owen, Wanita Carol, 289 Pabst, Mark Dell, 349 Padzensky, Theodore J., 343 Page, Joel Richard, 68, I56, 345 Page, Warren Harold, 4l Palmer, Betty Ann, 68 Palmer, Connie Sue, 299 Palmer, Gerald F., l58, 36l Palmer, James William, 4I Palo, Harry Allen, 60 Palumbo, Fred John, 4l Pansegrau, Duane F., 77, 260 Papadakes, Athena, 309 Papadakes, Nicholas G., 259, 327 Pappaiohn, Socrates G., 68, I55, I56, 27l, 272 Parizek, Arthur Keith, 47 Park, Ellen Susan, 87, 243, 303 Park, Sandra Sue, 275 Parker, Barbara J., 68, 3l7 Parker, George Jay, 5l, 285 Peterson Peterson Arthur D., 272 Beniamin F., 339 Peterson, Beverly A., 235, 24l, 275, 3l5 Peterson, Carlton J., 260 Peterson, Dianne M., 243, 305 Peterson, Donald J., l50, 355 Peterson, Elmer T., 3l Peterson, Hamlet A., 252 Peterson Peterson Marilyn J., 3I3 Raymond G., 247, 349 Peterson, Robert L., 363 Peterson, Roger F., 55, 272 Peterson, Stephen M., 357 Peterson, Wilbur, 6 Petsel, Duane Max, 335 Petted, James Joseph, 262 Ptaltzgratt, Carole J., 23l, 297 Pfander, Donna Lu, 3ll, 376 Ptohl, Richard A., 260 Ptohl, Susan Rhomberg, 307 Pfuderer, William F., 237, 335 Phelan, Richard F., 4l Phelps, Charles D., 380 Phelps, Phelps, Elizabeth Ann, 4I Michael B., Il9 Phelps, Owen John, 4I Phelps, Wanda Jean, 4l, 283 Philipp, William P., 380 Phillips Phillips Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips Dean Eldon, 35l Donna Marie, 299 E. Marie, 48, 243, 305 Reed, 69, 339 Ruth Ann, 305 Thomas A. 363 Philo, Kenneth C., 386 Phinney, James L., l60, l6I, 363 Picken, Roger B., 353 Pickering, Thomas W., 345 Parkei, Jack Wendell, 4I Parker, Kathryn Anne, 299 Parker, Mary Ellen, 68, 303 Parker Todd Kaufmann, 325, 357 Parks, Sharon Ann, 309 Parsons, Richard P., 4l Passer, Linda Sue, 3l9 Pate, Ja mes Al bert, 68 Patrou, Elaine P., 68, 3ll Patterso Patte rso n, Fred E., 260 n, Robert K., 247 Pattie, James Philip, 339 Pauk, Zdenek Daniel, 78 Paul, Norman Douglas, I33, 380 Paulsen, Richard H., 86, l42, 247 Paulson, James Harry, 355 Pauly, Richard Wilton, 33l Paustian, Leonard Lee, l60, 285, 286 Pavlik, Betty Lou, 283 Paxson, Robert Bishop, 247 Paxson, William Joe, 35l Payne, Thomas, I33 Pearlman, Alan Lee, 343 Pearson, Harold, 47, 262 Pearson, James August, 258 Pearson, Marlin J., 78 Peart, Leonard Roy, 69 Pease, Jack Leroy, 69, 87, 9l, 273 Pech, Eugene Theodore, 4l Pechous, Paul George, 260 Pecina, Richard Wayne, 5l Pecinovsky, W. J., 4l, 256, 267 Peck, W. Helene, 3l5 Peck, Merlin Eugene, 253, 256 Pedersen, Richard J., 69, l55, I57, l58 l60 Pederson, Linda Karen, 3l7 Pellegrino, Orlando A., ll8 Penhollow, John Orin, 5l, 278, 284, 286 Pennington, Kenneth R., 239, 256, 282, 345 Pennybaker, Dale A., 282 Pepper, Kathryn E., 303 Pepping, Fredrick J., 4l, 324, 359 Percival, James A., 69, 254 Perkins, Roger Lee, 259 Perkins, M. Kaye, 30l Peropoulos, Peter C., 379 Perry, Lawrence Karl, l50, 355 Pesch, Carl H., 28l Pesses, Samuel Lee, 86, 232, 237, 246, 343 Peters, Loretta May, 285 Petersen, Albert C., 339 Petersen, James Vogel, 262 Petersen, Jo Ann, 285 Petersen, John Robert, 388 Petersen, Patricia S., 233,278 Pierce, Charles V., ll9 Pierson, Walter P., 357 Pierson, William C., 247, 345 Pihl, lvan Ellsworth, 4l Piper, Janice Karen, 233, 242, 249, 307 Piper, Nick J., 69, l50, l52 Pipho, Leon Paul, 69 Pippitt, Phyllis D., 37l Piro, Whitey, ll9 Pitkin, Roy Macbeth, 69, l45, I52, 252, 27I Pitts, Gene Leon, I33 Plato, Richard Hadley, 268 Ploen, Kenneth Allen, II8, l3l, l52, 33l Plummer, Lois, 274 Podhasky, Judy Rae, 23l Pohle, James Edward, 335 Poling, Mrs, Jessie W., 335 Pollak, Donald Arthur, 288, 35l Pollitz, William K., 33l Pollock, Charles A., 259 Pollock, Patricia Joy, 222, 3l7 Popelka, Ronald G., 4l, I56, 253 Popinger, Roberta R., 309 Popotsky, Melvin Larry, 86, 235, 237, 282, 340 Porter, Elaine Orita, 69 Porter, Philip Lauren, 35l Portewig, Nancy Joye, 233,246 Postel, Marian Elise, 367 Potgieter, James A., 67, 247,253 Potter, James Joseph, 339 Potts, Barbara Lou, 69, 208, 2l0, 22l, 224 Potts, Frank Duane, 339 Poulson, Donald Lee, 262 Powell, William W., 387 Powers, Darold Lloyd, 69 Pratt, Gerald Bryant, 279, 286 Pratt, Robert L., l48, 268 Pratt, Shirlie Mae, 32l Pray, Lo uis Clark, 5l, 266 Precht, Frank Edward, 237, 387 Prentzas, Elias G., 5l, 266, 277, 284 Price, C hristine, 248 Price, Jack Carl, 355 Price, Janet Lee, 2l I, 367 Price, John Ervin, l58 Price, John Martin, 349 Price, Robin Romana, 299 Prichard, Wayne G., 353 Primrose, Harold John, 69, 355 Prince, Robert K., 259 Prittchett, Latayette, 69, 335 Probasco, Gene Arlen, 69, 272 Probasco, Max Edward, 4l, 253, 276 399 S Proctor, Gail Wesley, 4l Proctor, Parnell E., 4l Proett, Delaine J., 288 Prosser, Arnold Roy, 355 Prugh, Judith Jeanine, 8l Puls, Kenneth Burton, 4l, 345 Putbrese, Keith Eldon, 277 Putnam, Dorothy Lois, 69, 23l, 303 Putnam, William David, 69 Putney, Mark W., 236, 247, 250, 272 Putney, Martha Kay, 69, 247, 294,299 Putney, Shirley Ann, 295, 299 Pyfer, Charles M., 259 Quick, John Thomas, l48, 268 Quick, Stanley C., 262 Quigley, George Alan, 247, 349 Quinn, Judilh Lucille, 69 Quinn, Russell Edwin, 4l I" Radig, Eugene Louis, 55, 277 Raecker, James Arlyss, 254 Raecker, Sue Louise, 275 Rattensperger, Paul C., 345 Rahn, John William, 249, 359 Raim, Rolland Leo, 246, 387 Raker, L. Jeanice, 309 Ramlo, Peter Lowell, 276, 288 Ramsay, Paul M., 69 Ramsey, Janelle Faye, 69 Ramsey, Warne F., 282 Ramseyer, Harry W., 260 Rarnseyer, J. Carroll, 258 Randall, Chalmer Lee, 337 Randall, John D., 359 Randall, John Hammond, 69 Ranes, Barbara Jane, 299 Rank, Daryl Geor e 69 Q i Rankin, Jobyna Ann, 69, 2l6, 224, 240, 248, 368, 370 Rashid, Jake Ernest, 262 Rasmus, Robert Leroy, 254 Rasmussen, Joann C., 275, 305 Rasmussen, John C., 67, 246 Rastrelli, Carol L., 237 Rate, Mary Lou, 3l7 Raterman, Leonids, 69, 259 Rathien, Keith R., 5l, 278, 284, 286 Rauhaus, Robert Allen, 4l, 233, 339 Rausch, Paul Jay, I33 Rausch, Richard L., 233, 246 Rawson, Carol, 69 Ray, Marilyn, 69, 2I6, 294, 307 Ray, Mary Alice, 69 Reagan, Judith Ann, 242, 3l3 Recher, Beulah Rae, 3ll Redman, Patricia Jean, 37l Reed, John Wilmer, 69 Reed, Kenneth Lee, l5l Reed, Robert Edward, 4l, l48, l52, I57, 268, 36l Reed, Thomas Freeman, I58 Reedguist, Mary Jane, 69, 3l7 Reeds, Ralph Edgar, 78, 252 Reel, Dwight Clifton, 42 Reemtsma, Sharon Kaye, 3ll Rees, Carolyn Jane, 8l Reese, Carol Jean, 370 Reichenthal, Martin, 329 Reichling, Jeanne E., 8l Reichow, Garet Neal, 69, ll8, l30, l3l, l52 Reichow, William L., ll8, I52 Reid, Bonnie Jean, 233 Reider, Suzanne Marie, 69, 240, 270, 3l5 Reiks, Ralph Harold, l5l Reimers, Robert T., 359 Reindley, Marion Kay, 243, 307 Reinsch, David Alan, 260 Reiter, Janice L., 29l Rekemeyer, Lamoine L., I59, 359 Rettenmaier, Louis F., 42 Reuss, Patrica Ann, 367 Rex, Richard L., 33l Reyhons, Allan Eugene, 69 Reynolds, Franklin A., 69, 33l Reynolds, Michael E., 33l Rezab, Darlene Marie, 275 400 Rice, Harold Walter, 335 Rich, Jon Henri, 259 Rich, Stanley Wilbur, 329 Richard, Clysta Ann, 78, 280 Richard, Mary Ann, 303 Richards, Stanley, 272, 343 Richmond, Robert R., 256 Richter, Jane Louise, 23l, 24l, 248, 3l5 Richter, Mercer J., 325, 359 Rickett, Ernest A., 239, 345 Rickett, Margaret A., 240, 242, 270 Rider, Norton Park, 364 Rieck, Donald Allan, 254 Rielly, James Patrick, 28l Riesenberg, Herman, 274 Rite, Ronald Eugene, 247, 33l Riggleman, Paul Earl, 247 Rigney, Frank Joseph, ll9, l3l Rilea, Jack Dwight, 69 Riley, John Patrick, 55 Riley, John Vincent, 55,272 Riley, William Edward, 42 Rinckel, Edward W., 42, 253 Rinden, Thor W., 345 Rinderknecht, Norman, 258 Rinella, John Lewis, 78, 258 Ringdahl, John Edward, 254 Ringo, Rolanda, 69 Rinker, Margaret Jean, 248 Ripple, Richard Carl, 272 Rischmueller, George, 42 Risk, Donald Lee, I58 Rittenmeyer, Janice M., 32l Rittgers, Laura Jean, 69 Ritzman, Nancy Ann, 69, 32l Roan, James Edward, 277 Robb, Allen Lee, 33l Robbins, Janice M., 303 Robbins, Margaret Ann, 69 Roberdee, Barbara Lea, 30l Roberson, Dennis E., 70, l48, I52, 268 Roberson, Nancy Lee, 24l, 295, 307 Roberts, Anne, 87, 285, 3ll Roberts, Carole Glee, 3l3 Roberts, Richard Don, 387 Roberts, Richard W., 252 Roberts, Russell Lee, l42 Roberts, Shirley J., 32l Roberts, Simon O., l5l Roberts, Robertso Rcbertso Thomas John, 273 n, John Hugh, 257 n, Karen E., 3l5 Robey, Douglas Alvin, 335 Robey, George Earl, l60, 339 Robinson, Annette C., 243, 28l, 305 Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Robins' n Rod, Hel , Beverly, 78, 280 , Daniel J., 47, 262 , Norman P., 47 , Richard G., 256 , Thomas A., 388 ,Wayne L., 252 en, 29l Rodawig, Donald Floyd, 78,258 Rodawig, Sandra Ann, 3l5 Rodeen, John Kenneth, 337 Roden, J Rodenbe Rodgers, Rodgers, oyce Anne, 289 rg, Barbara J., 299 Donald Paul, 282 Sandra Sue, 303 Rodhouse, Nancy Anne, 24l, 3l7 Roeder, Don Ellsworth, 355 Rottman, Blaine Yale, 70, 343 Rogers, Jaonna B., 37l Rogers, Richard Ross, 70 Rogers, William P., 70 Roggenkamp, Elaine J., 23l, 245, 303 Rohde, P atricia E., 87, 305 Rohner, William L., 78 Rohovit, Rohrssen, Thomas Joe, l33 Donald John, 78, 260 - Rollene, Shirley V., 248, 289, 309 Roller, Gilbert J., 259 Rololl, Marvin Llcyd, 252 Roman, Elizabeth Anne, 299 Rood, Richard Duane, 42 Roppe, Levonne Sydney, 70 Rosche, Richard Frank, 35l Rose, Do nald George, 35l Rose, Jack, 70 Rose, Janet Carol, 3l7 Rose, Mary Kathryn, 37l Rose, Mi Roseberr riam Ann, 246 y, Stanley L., 42, 253 Rosenbaum, Charles H., 343 Rosenberg, Bette, 87, 370 Rosenberg, Harry W., 262 Rosenberg, Morton Y., 272 Rosene, Robert B., 70,329 Rosenfeld, Sheldon S.,70,87, 237,329 Rosenman, Sidney G., 233 Rosky, Theodore S., 87 Ross, Obe, 268 Rossie, John Raymond, I58 Roth, Dick David, 84 Roth, Keith Ernest, 324, 33l Roth, Lynn Ellen, 305 Rothschild, Walter W., 28l Rotman, Louise R., 70, 3l9 Rotman, Marilyn Rae, 87, 275 Roudabush, Dorothy Kay, 23l, 240,242 285 Roudebush, Charles W., 47, 262 Rounds, Robert Frank, 347 Rouse, Wayne Earl, 35l Roush, Carolyn Sue, 70 Rovner, Edith, 3l9 Rowe, Elvin George, 51, 268, 277 Rowe, LaVelda, 246 Rowe, LaVona Beatrice, 246 Rowland, William V., 70 Rowley, Mariory May, 70, 245, 28l Rozinek, Delores Ann, 48, 70, 275 Rozinek, James Robert, I58 Rubottom, Marlene M., 32l Rueckert, Keith L., 42 Ruggeberg, Sondra Lee, 249 Rukgaber, Aletha Love, 279, 3l3 Rundberg, Elizabeth A., 30l Rundberg, Ruth Marie, 243,295,297 Runke, Richard P., 230, 357 Running, Edwin N., 70, 380 Runnion, Lillian May, 86, 370 Rursch, Lavell Martin, 286 Ruschmeyer, Max H., 70, 268, 28l Rush, John Edward, I45 Rush, Thomas Arthur, 42 Russell, Barbara E., 32l Russell, Lois Irene, 2l4, 303 Russell, Rita Mae, 86, 303 Russell, Sharon Lee, 299 Rutenbeck, Mary Louise, 245 Rutledge, Carolyn Sue, 307 Ruttan, John Arthur, 28l Ryan, Jerre Francis, 70, 345 Ryan, Lohan Jerome, 230, 232, 237, 239, 250, 34l Ryan, Richard Joseph, 42,256,276 Ryan, Rodney John, 70, 268 Ryden, Rek Joseph, 236, 272 Ryder, Thomas James, 70 Rydson, Marlyn Dean, 247 Sabin, James Edward, 33l Sackett, James Truart, 345 Sadler, Nancy Louise, 8l Sage, Linda Karel, 70 Saggau, Lydia Ann, 239, 297 Saigh, Roberta Ann, 370 Salie, Susan Gay, 23l, 305 Salkeld, John Elmer, 355 Salkeld, Thomas James, 70, I57, 355 Salva, Donald Louis, 347 Samberg, Rosalie Y., 235, 275, 3I9 Sampson, Ardyce A., 70, 249 Samson, Thomas Ivan, 42 Sandok, Burton Alan, 329 Sandrock, Austin R., 89,357 Sands, Mrs. Sonia, 343 Sanger, Stephen Lysle, 246 Sangl, Donald Vfayne, 388 Santos, James, 256 Sass, John Karl, 78, 252 Saucer, Edward Gene, 70 Saunders, John Andrew, 259 Saunders, Meredith R., 78 Sawyer, Janet Ruth, 377 Scanlon, Robert M., 286, 347 Schabacker, Robert D., 335 Schacht, Sally Lou, 70, 247, 299 Schaeterle, Karen, 87, 233 Schatroth, Joanne F., 24l, 367 Schardein, James L., 70 Schauland, Virginia K., 235, 275, 303 Schechtman, Ronald H., 272 Schellin, Wintrid E., l58 Schellinger, Arthur A., 42 Schellinger, Richard, 258 Scherrer, Patricia A., 32l Schesser, William E., 42, l56, 256 Scheuerman, Milton C., 70, l33, I52, 27l, 380 Scheyli, Robert E., l43 Schitter, Henry D., 277 Schiller, Leroy, 70 Schilletter, Lenadora, 3l7 Schilling, Richard J., 70,273 Schlobohm, Richard M., 70, 259 Schluter, Bernard C., I57 Schmeling, Wayne A., I58 Schmellik, Patsy Ann, 8l Schmelzer, William J., 78,258 Schmerse, Janet Mae, 86, 233, 248 Schmidt, Jeanette M., 249, 305 Schmidt, Karen Faye, 87 Schmidt, Verla Mae, 30l Schmit, Germain L., 260 Schmitt, Barbara Ann, 233, 377 Schmitt, Susan E., 377 Schneider, Janyce Kay, 369 Schneider, Lawrence L., 262 Schneider, Suzanne E., 8l, 307 Schnell, Maurice Dean, 252, 280 Schnormeier, Theodore, 327 Schoeller, Robert A., 345 Schoentelder, Elizabeth M., 70 Schoot, William Henry, 70, I33, I52 Schornhorst, Frederick T., 70, 9l, 36l Schorr, Phillip A., I45, l58 Schrader, Rex Albert, 55 Schrody, Alice Lee, 275, 370 Schroeder, Clare J., 337 Schroeder, Gregg A., I33 Schroeder, Sharon L., 367 Schroeder, Thomas A., 260 Schubert, Paula E., 249, 305 Schuchmann, John D., 259 Schulke Schulte Schulte , Merryl Dean, 262 Carol Susan, 247, 369 Elizabeth L., 8l Schultz, Daryl Dean, 380 Schultz, Don Henry, 387 Schultz, Franklin. 70 Schultz, Gerald Ted, 78,260 Schultz, Jack Erwin, 282 Schumacher, Erwin Ralph, 47, 254 Schumann, Donna Jean, 2l2, 3l5 Schumann, Joan K., 42, 3l5 Schwartz, Lenore, 3l9 Schwartz, Louis J., 258, 280 Schwengel, Dorothy J., 86, 236, 242, 247 248, 285, 3l5 Scott David lrl, l6l Scott, James Raymond, 349 Scott, Roxy Lea, 247 Scott, Sara Jane, 3l5 Scott, Shirley Ann, 3l7 Scott, William Edwin, I42, 325, 34l Seaberg, George E., I42, 345, 380 Seaberg, William R., 42, I33, 152,345 Sealy, James Maurice, 349 Sears, Eleanor Jane, 7l Seberg, Mary Ann, 23l, 235, 275, 279, 3l3 Sebolt, Frank Otis, l33 Segal, Judith Mae, 87 Seibert, Sandra Jean, 3l5 Seindenteld, Eddie L., 329,343 Seitz, James David, 7l, 89, 337 Selin, Carl Warren, 282 Selindh, Mariorie M., 7l Senneft, John Albert, 272 Sennett, Patricia J., 7l Sennett, Thomas C., 272 Sentman, Beverly Joan, 32l Serbousek, Janice E., 237, 299 Setzer, Roy Albert, l60 Seubert, Dale Roy, 42 Severs, Ronald Gordon, 78, 259 Severson, Robert Owen, 42, 256 Seydel, Barbara Jean, 289, 307 Sgro, Dominick A., ll9 Shackeltord, Mariorie, 289 Shadewald, Mardell J., 23l Shadle, Loris Marie, 243, 305 Shadle, Stephen P., 236, 324, 357 Shater, John William, 28l Shaheen, Thomas G., l5l Shao'ro, Marian K., 7l, 89, 245, 249, 285, 309 Shapiro, Murray l., 7l Sharar, Darrell L., 55 Sharbondy, Gary Peler, 47, 262 Sharp, Kennefh Earl, 353 Sharp, Lora Rae, 23l Sharp, Suzanne W., 307 Shaver, Marilyn M., 370 Shaw, David Srrohbeen, 7l, 260, 268 Shaw, John Forresl, I48, 268 Shaw, Patricia Gayle, 368 Shearer, Harrie T., 349 Sheehan, Marie Kay, 279 Sheely, James Richard, 324, 335 Sheels, Wallace, II9 Sheldon, Richard S., 258 Sheller, Gerald Keirh, 7l Shellon, Sandra Lee, 307 Sheppard, Lucy Mae, 297 Sherk, Donald Ross, 239, 337 Shideler, Frank M., 247 Shiley, Calherine Jonne, 7l, 23l, 245 3l7 Shima, William Joe, l58 Shining, H. Slreefer, 252 Shinkawa, Alwin M., 7l Shinkle, Charles K., 345 Shinkle, Wallace T., 87, l58, 335 Shinn, Sara Jane, 3l7 Shoemaker, William J., 55, 272 Shoeman, Judilh, 2l8, 3l7 Shope, Terry Lynne, 370 Shor, Marilyn Jean, 87, 3l9 Shorey, Linda Lee, 247, 370, 37l Shoullz, Raymond G., 277 Showers, Slephen A., 355 Shuck, Terry Alfred, II8, l57 Shuff, Rufus Brenl, 347 Shullz, Shirley Anne, 278, 377 Shulkin, Edwin S., 343 Shumacher, Alan E., 260 Shumansky, Nick Allen, 357 Siegel, Jeanerle S., 3I9 Siepker, Roberla Jane, 233, 369 Siepker, Sally Jo, 233, 297 Sierp, Carl Phillip, 355 Sigel, Arnold Jack, 7l Silver, Gloria Lona, 3I9 Silvis, Donald Henry, 29l Simmon, Nancy Ann, Bl Simmons, Nancy Joan, 235, 275, 305 Simmons, William A., 36l Simon, Ray, 47 Simon, William J., 3l Simonson, Derk Roland, I49, 325, 355 Sindelar, Mariorie A., 248, 368 Sinder, Charles, 260 Sinek, Francis John, 347 Singlelon, Lee Allan, l6I Singley, Colleen D., 243, 303 Sippel, Norma Jean, 7l Sirinsky, Larry Alan, 7l, 273, 329 Siroia, Evelyn, 89, 245, 248, 3l9 Sisk, Phillip Blaine, 78 Silz, Herberl' Emil, 7l, 33l Six, Norman Hobbs, 7l, II8, l52, 282 Skillicorn, Dale C., l59 Sklavos, Sandra M., 37l Skogsfrom, Harry C., 7l Skogslrom, Madonna Jane McGuire, 7l, 307 Slager, Carolyn Kay, 232, 297 Slager, Joann Carol, 7l, 232, 297 Slallery, Marlin Olis, 254 Slavens, Bobbie Joe, 55,277 Sloan, Raymond A., 277 Sloane, Marcia Carol, 86, 303 Slocum, Neil Richard, 249, 335 Sloler, Bernard Paul, l60, l6l, l62 Smarl, Allyn Wells, 8l Smarl, Roberl Lee, 337 Smiley, George S., 277,357 Smiley, Lawrence S., 42, 256 Smil, Duane Dale, 233, 339 Smif, Jack David, 339 Smilh Smilh Smilh Smirh Smil'h Smilh Smilh James Warren, 7l, l62 John D., II8, 349 Judifh Ann, 303 Kennelh Earl, 335 Larry Lloyd, 357 M. Duane, 42 Marvin Loren, 55 Smilh Parricia A., 7l, 305 Smilh Richard K., l58 Smilh Roberl Charles, 349 Smirh Roberl Lincoln, 8l Smilh Roger Lee, 388 Smilh, Sally, 288 Smirh, Shirley Claire, 235, 275, 367 Smirh, Walker F., 42 Smilh Wardell Caesar, l50 Sfein, William L., 266, 285 Sleinberg, Wayne, 329 Sleinmann, Margaret A., 309 Slenberg, Pamela S., 245, 3l5 Slender, Selma K., 84, 279 Slephenson, Marian K., 3l5 Slephenson, Paul W., 42 Slern, Jack Marvin, 42, 249, 276, 282, 324, 343 - Smilh, William Graham, 88 smifh, yfiilism kirby, :43, 152, 359 Smirh, William Lloyd, 288 Smilh, William T., 7l Smull, Warren Lindsey, 285 Snell, Bruce Morey, 55,272 Snell, Sarah Jane, 299 Snopek, Roberl Gene, 253 Snow, Marina Sexfon, 87 Snowgren, Jacqueline, 299 Sfernad, John Allen, 7l Slevens, David Ross, I49, 273 Slevens, Donald R., 286 Srevens, Harold Ross, 7l, 264 Slevens, Lesler Lee, 7l, ll7, l50, l52 Sfevens, Roberf E., 252 Slevens, Rollin M., 86, 355 Slevens, Wendell C., 78 Sievenson, Braden C., 282 Slevenson, Thomas C., 42, 324, 36l Spillers, Larry C., 388 Slewarl, Roberl Byer, l43, 247, 349 Slewarr, Sylvia Avis, 307 Slienries, Barbara K., 235, 24I 303 Slienlies, Carol Lea, 24I, 303 Srock Jean Carol n 23l 367 275, 303 Swickard, Kay Ann, 72. 303 Swifr, John Loras, 233 Swiharr, Virginia Fay, 283 Swifzer, Richard W., 259 Swygard, Gene F., 5l, 286 Sybil, Edward Willis. 78 l' Tall, David Allan, 252 Tammes, Arnold R., 78 Tandy, Donald Joe, 72 Tangney, Michael E., 357 Tank, Wayne Donald, 43, 276 Tanner, Roberl' Erwin, 268, 355 , 248, 275 Tansey, Roger Kenl, 357 Taves, Delores Anne, 32l Taylor, Carroll A., 43 Taylor, George E., 247 Taylor, Mary E., 23l, 32l Taylor, Mary Louise, 243 Taylor, Rex Dale, l58 Taylnr, Russell L., 337 Taylor, Virginia Kay, 237, 239, 240, 374 Tea, Phyllis Aileen, 303 Snyder, Darlene Jane, 86, 30l Snyder, Douglas S., l42 Snyder, James Richard, 272 Soiselh, Roberl Perry, 260 Sokolof, Florence, 3l9 . Y r 4 Sloecker, Donald Lee, 266 Sioegbauer, Susan C., 3l3 Sl'oll, Daniel Clark, 357 Sloll, Sandra Sue, 247 Slolle, Myron Dean, l47, l52 Smiih, Adelaide Cora, 233, 278, 307 Smilh, Alice Florence, 7l, 237, 299 Smilh, Cafherine L., 7l Smith David George, 233, 339 Smilh, Earl Harold, ll8, l3l, l50 Smifh, Forresl' Duane, 272 Smirh Smilh Smirh Smiih Harry Dudley, 42 Harry James, 33l Herberl D., 359 ,James Merrirl, 279, 33l Solbach, Rolf Paul, 84 Soll, Donald John, 355 Soll, Roberl Waller, 7l, 78, 252 Sommerfeld, Raynard M., 42, l55, l56 27l Sones, Donald Allen, 78,258 Sonner, Susann, 7l, 24I, 307 Sorensen, Mary Louise, 297 Sorensen, Nancy Ann, 305 Sornson, Rodney Drace, 252 Sorrells, Sandra D., 303 Soufer, Barbara Jane, 7l Spacek, Barbara Sue, 7l, 3l3 Spahn, Carolyn Helen, 3l7 Spain, Larry Thomas, 42 Spain, Marianne, 32l Sparks, Roberi Dean, 258 Spear, Barbara Ann, 275 Spear, John Sranley, 42, 36l Speas, Ralph Richard, l47 Speidel, Thomas M., 347 Spencer, Ann K., 370 Spelhman, Carol Marie, 7l, 245 Spies, Maryanna F., 3l7 Spies, Thomas Adolph, 359 Spiewak, David F., II9 Spillers, Larry C., 388 Spina, Marilyn Rose, 246 Spinner, Marilyn F., 8l Spivak, Marvin David, 87, 343 Spivey, Bruce Eldon, 252, 280 Sprague, Gailen R., 42 Sprague, Leland L., 78, 259 Spring, Richard C., 232, 239, 339 Sprowls, Leigh Roberi, 337 Spurgeon, Gary Keilh, l58 Squier, Henry Alan, 388 Slack, James Morris, 254 Sraifanou, Roberl S., 47 Slafiord, Mary S., 245, 3l3 Slandefer, John H., 355 Slanford, William, 78, 259, 280, 387 Slangel, Ronald J., 36l Slanzel, Janel Nasby, 7l, 2l2, 2l7, 238, 294, 3:5 Siaples, Lawrence F., 78, 259 Slark, Glenn Everell, 35l Slark, Grelchen K., 8l, 227 Slark, Herald, l02 Slark, Thomas Edward, 258 Srarks, John Orlando, 256, 276 Slarrel, Carole Ann, 30l Slauifer, Carolyn J., 87, 3ll Slearns, Roberl Paul, l58 Sleckler, Sylvia K., 299 Sieele, Charles M., 7l Sleele, Roberl Lew, 355 Sieele, Roberl Murray, 363 Slefley, Jack Mason, 7l, 258 Siegman, Jacob John, 7l Siein, Arlo Peier, 256 Slein, Jud'lh Susan, 7l, 294, 3l9 Srein, Norman Wilson, 7l Slolfenberg, Roger W., 339 Slone, Dwayne David, 7l Sione, Gordon Emory, 7l Slone, Paul Chesler, 42, 355 Slone, Phyllis Mae, 7l Slone, Sluarl Ronald, 343 Sroppelrnoor, Wayne H., 42 Sroppels, Paul Jusfin, 282 Srorie, David Quincy, 254 Slory, Jacqueline Sue, 246 Sloskopf, Sally R., 295, 3l3 Sloughron, Dorolha R., 30l Sloughion, Roger L., 35l Tee, Donna Mary, 72 Teehan, Paul, l6l Teeple, Richard Duane, 47 Telford, Sheila Lynne, 30l Temkin, Roberr H., 329 Templeman, Mary J., 303 Templeman, Phyllis L., 72 TePaske, Joan Rae, 3l7 Termohlen, Karen E., 72 Terer, William Howard, 72, 27l, 28l, 387 Thaden, Jerry Allan, 43 Thayer, James Waller, 357 Thayer, Mary Barbara, 30l Thede, Norman Dale, 72, 260 Theer, Richard E., ll9 Theissen, Eleanor C., 265, 279, 368, 37l Thiegs, Richard T., 47,276 Thielen, Michel Clair, l57, 339 Slover, Donald Rae, 5l, 266, 278, 286 Slrassburg, Mary Alice, 72, 237, 370, 37l Slrallon, Merwin C., l57 Srraumanis, Janis, 282, 379 Srrawn, Robert Allen, 335 Slriei, Wendy Calhern, 228, 3l5, 367 Slrom, Edwin Thomas, 247, 325, 363 Slrock, Dixie Lee, 243, 245, 249, 305 Slrub, Donald Edward, 339 Sluedeman, Donald Lee, 42, 256 Siufflebeam, H. Kenf, 42 Sruil, Dewey B., 32 Sunner, Gerald C., 252 Slurdevanl, Frank M., 72, 259 Slurdevanl, Richard G., l58 Sucher, M. Jane, 245, 30l Suchomel, Joseph T., 72 Suchy, Donald James, ll8, l3l, l52 Sueppel, William F., 272 Suhr, Roberr John, 335 Sullivan, Denis Joel, 272 Sullivan, James C., 347 Summers, Barbara L., 72, 23l, 305 Summerwill, Belh Ann, 72, 230, 3l5 Summy, Thomas Hari, 359 Sunier, John Henry, 388 Suski, Bernice Ann, 72, 377 Suiherland, James Kay, 246 Sulherlin, Roberl R., 47, 262, 276 Sulrer, William E., 84 Sullon, Karlen, 3l7 Svoboda, Angela Mae, 43, 377 Svoboda, Julia Ann, 72, 28l Swain, Charles W., I49 Swaine, Suzanne E. T., 8l Swaney, Sara Lynne, 3l5 Swank, Wally, II9 Thieme, Janel Rose, 8l, 238, 284, 374 376 Thoelke, Richard Neal, 43 Thomas, Audrey Kay, 289, 297, 374 Thomas Thomas Daniel Philip, 43 f Dudley s., asa Thomas, Gordon G., 252 Thomas, James F., 28l Thomas, Lois, 274 Thomas, Lyle Duane, 5l Thomas, Margarei Ann, 289 Thomas, Marsha Ann, 36l Thomas, Marvin Harlan, 329 Thomas, Palricia Ann, 43, 297 Thomas, Priscilla Sue, 369 Thompson, Dann Huyck, IS9, 337 Thomps Thomps on, Dorofhy Ellen, 2I3, 307 on, Gary Lee, 247, 349 Thompson, John R., 47,254 Thompson, Raymond E., 72 Thompson, Rexiord L., 380 Thoms, Louise Anne, 370 Thoms, Sluarl William, 43, 345 Thoms, Wayne Herman, 43, 33l Thomson, James Edward, 55 Thomson, Philip T., 349 Thornlon, Francis J., 258 Thorson, Jon C., 78, 252 Tl-irelfall, Ann, as Thudium, Gary Marlin, 35l Thye, Terry P., 43 Tidd, William George, 355 Tierney, Margarel E., 72, 37I Tilron, James Floyd, 337 Timmerman, Jay Carl, 72 Timmins, Richard H., 273 Tiaden, Herberl' Bruce, 252 Swanson, Berniece E., 72 Swanson, Joan Irene, 72, 220, 224 Swanson, John Ollo, 259, 280 Swanson Keilh Roberi, 252 Swanson Kennelh B., 33l Swanson, Robert N., 43, 256 Swanson Rollin Dean, 260 Swanson Sonia Dee, 249, 32l Swariz, John Lewis, 84 Swedberg, Rodger Jae, ll8, l3l Sweern, Donald Lee, 259 Sweeney, Daniel L., 276 Swengel, Sandra Dawn, 23l, 235, 239, Tofson, Duane Roger, 43, IIB Tofl, Elwood Orion, 247 Tokheim, Russell Dean,72, 247,273 Tollord, Nancy Failh, 23l, 235, 275, 3l3 Toogood, Anne Carol, 24I, 243 Torrence, Jerry M., 87, 239, 355 Torrence, Nancy Ann, 309 Torresdal, Irene M., 43 Tow, Maxwell George, 72, l57 Toyne, Barbara Ann, 43,267 Toyosi, Joseph O., 260 Trachsel, Margarel' Annelle, 72 Tracy, George Edward, 84 40l Irapp, Gordon Trumann, 355 Traverse, Jack H., 72, 34l Treadway, Gaylord A., 78, 259 Tredway, Raymond L., 43 Trembalh, J. Keilh, 72 Treneman, James Dyke, 78, 259 Troesler, Joan E., 8l Truax, Jean Marie, 72 Truesdell, Mary Kay, 242, 267, 283, 289, 370, 37l Trumper, Beverly L., 36l Trusly, Mariorie lnez, 72 Tscheller, Calvin Joe, 353 Tsilouras, JoAnn C., 275 Tucker, Belly Jean, 3l5 Tucker, Frank Dean, 272 Tucker, Richard A., 387 Tuelken, Phillip R., 35l Turk, Tommie David, 339 Turke, Waller, 78, 260 Turner, Anne Marie, 309 Turner, Barbara F., 72, 3ll Turner, Frank M., 233, 339 Turner, James Howard, 260 Turner, Joyce Karolyn, 3ll Turner, Shirley Ann, 297 Tussing, Gerald James, 254 Tullle, Roberl F., 357 Tvedl, Carol Rae, 8l Tweed, John Arnold, 349 Tyrrell, Connie Lee, 23l, 233, 297 Tyson, Richard Donnel, 87 U Uchlorll, Audrey E., 72 Ulch, Darrell James, 5l, 285 Ulm, Donald William, 43 Ulveslad, Gene P., l58 Underhill, James R., 28l, 347 Unzicker, Arlyn E., 387 Upchurch, Barbara Ann, 86 Updegrall, Clarence M., 72 Updegraff, Joanne S., 72, 245 Uphofl, Ray Daniel, 78 Upp, Claire Lavonne, 368 Uplon, Richard Dale, 233, 339 Urler, James William, 357 Urich, Vernon Charles, 78 Usgaard, Peler Andres, 357 Uller, James Theodore, 259 Uller, Roberl Philip, 285, 36l V Vail, Roberl Simpson, 252 Valassiades, John X., 72, 327 Valy, Carol Jean, 23l, 275, 3ll Vana, Sally Brown, 3l3 Van Auken, Roberl A., 35l Van Buren, William J., ll9 Van Bruggen, Jay John, 379 Vance, Roger Lewis, 43 Vanderleesl, Kennelh, 55, 28l Vanderleesl, Sondra D., Bl Vanderlip, Madalyn L., 72, 30l Vandermyde, Mary Belh, 8l, 284, 376 Vandersluis, Kay Lynn, Bl, 299 Van Dyke, Gardner C., l50, 357 Van Fossen, Charles G., I43 Van Ginkel, Charles G., 247, 359 Van Ginkel, Kalhryn P., 233, 243, 247, 3I7 Van Hoever, Janice Lee, 249, 305, 370 Van Houlen, George, I58, 355 Van Hulzen, Donald Lee, 355 Van Kirk, Fay Gerald, 73, 33l Van Olsl, James Harold, 78, 258 Van Ooslerhoul, Mary A., 73, 299 Van Ree, John Claylon, 73 Van Vliel, Mary Eunice, 73, 294, 3ll Van Wallerop, Norman P., 247 Van Zwol, Ralph W., 43 Varly, Willard B., 47 Vaughan, William J., 43, 9l, l55, l56, l58 Vavra, Richard Leroy, 253 Vecera, Joyce L., 73 Veenker, Mary Jo, 48, 275 Veil, Eugene, ll9 Veldhouse, Ellen Wray, 370 402 Vendleboe, Barbara K., 24l, 275, 368, 37I Venzke, Alyce Jayne, 275, 377 Verhille, Donald H., 43, l57, 36l Vermillion, Richard E., 73 Verner, Helen Deloris, 86, 369 Vernon, John G., 55, 28l Vernon, Sarah Ann, 23l Verslraele, Donald C., l42 Veller, David Bales, 377 Vielor, Harold Duane, 28l Vincenl, David R., 47, 262 Vincenl, Eddie, ll8, l3l Vincenl, Granl M., 47,254 Vochoska, Virgil Dean, 28l Voge, William Waller, I47 Vogel, Julie Anne, 307 Vogel, Ollo, l43 Vollmar, Roberl Bryce, 55,272 Von Boeselager, Augusl, 359 Voogd, 387 John Richard, 73, iss, isa, 237, W Wachler, Richard W., 282 Wacker, Merle Roberl, 359 Waddell, Michael J,, 379 Wade, Margarel Amy G., 73 Wadsworlh, Gordon H., 359 Waggoner, Roger Allen, 43 Wagner, Allan Ray, 73 Wagner, Mariorie B., 249, 299 Wagner Mary Madelyn, 73 Wagner: Thomas R., 73, 353 Wagner, Virgil Dean, 73 Wail, David Merlin, 47, 262 Weeber, Jerome C., 242 Wegner, Brunhild T., 376 Wei, George Chaochi, 29l Weih, Nancy Jane, 23l, 275, 3l3 Weindruch, Harry M., 343 Weiner, Alvin Richard, 343 Weiner, Roberl John, 233 Weingarl, Samuel I., 343 Weir, Jane Eloise, 3l5, 376 Weir, Lura Gerlrude, 87, 30l Weiss, Aileen Marie, 3l5 Welch, Charlolle D., 73 Welch, George Leon, 258 Welch, Palrick James, 339 Welchko, William R., 43, 256 Weldon, Mariorie Jean, 73 Wellord, Scoll C., 33l, 379 Wells, Harold Wayne, I58 Wells, Jacqueline J., 376 Wells, Jim Charles, 33l Wells, Richard Jordan, 55, 272 Welp, James Francis, 73 Weller, Nicholas A., 345 Wendel, Dale Ross, 279, 286 Wendel, Donald Duane, 43 Wendler, Arlhur J., 282 Wenger, Virginia Ann, 73, 233, 297 Wenner, Carolyn Jane, 28l Wenner, Harry Oscar, 43, 256 Wenlworlh, Alan Fred, 78, 27l Wenlzien, Paul Warren, 233, 339 Werner, Bill Dean, 43 Werner, Carol Fay, 30l Werner, Sally, 73, 285 Wernslrom, Barbara A., 303 Wessel, Earl John, 363 Wesl, Barbara Kay, 73, 367 Wesl, Reid Warner, 339 Williams Edward H., 286 Williams: Gary w., 239, 345 Williams , George P., 78, 259 Williams, Jean Ann, 3ll Williams Joe Waller, l42, 345 Williams, John Ansel, iss Williams Williams Williams Willie, J , Marilyn, 73 , Roberl Jones, 387 , Ross M., 43 erry Joseph, 43, 276 Willis, William G., 43, 264 Willils, Belly Jane, 32l Wilsey Wilson Wilson , Granl J., 43 David F., 349 , Fred Clark, 349 Wilson, Gerald Edwin, 43 Wilson, James Paul, l52 Wilson Wilson , Lois Marie, 43, 236, 368, 370, 37 , Richard J., 258 Wail, Ronald Richard, 5l, 286 Walden, William While, 259 Waldinger, Golda, 3l9 Wales, Thomas Francis, 73 Walker Carolyn Jane, 274 Weslergaard, Peler C., l57, 357 Weslwick, John Edward, 5l, 285 Wellach, Roberl S., 78, 252 Whannel, Sandra Lee, 3l3 Wheeler, Eugene Noble, 353 Walker: Frederic w., 247, 28l Walker John Wendell, 379, 380 Walker Keilh Evan, 359 Walker Marion John, ll8 Walker Phyllis R., 376 Walker Royce Wingale, 87 Wheeler, Gale Eldon, 73 Wheeler, Theodore S. R., I44, ISO Whelan, Roberl Kirk, 387 Whinery, Roberl Don, 252 Whisenand, Dr., 262 Whilacre, Michael R., 268 Wilson, Roberl L., l6I Wilson, Sarah V., 73, 3l5 Wilson, Thomas R., 43 Will, Marvin Duane, 286 Wimmer, Ralph Eugene, 33l Winder, John Drinkall, 73, l5l, 152 Wing, Claire Kay, 73, 248, 294 Wingerl, John Richard, 73 Winn, Arlene Kay, 297 Winn, Richard Charles, 347 Winnie, John, l49 Winsor, Keilh Wayne, l59 Winler, David Hicklin, 73 Winler, John, 388 Winler, Sidney G., 30 Wirds, Shirley Joan, 73, 37l Wirlz, Emerson Keilh, 252 Wirlz, Larry Lynn, I58 Wiseman, Lowell W., 43 Wisgerhol, Helen S., 37l Wisoll, Richard L., 329 Wilmer, Beverly Jo, 30l Will, James Roland, 86, 355 Will, Richard Armslrong, 28l Wille, Charles David, 355 Wille, Ernesl T., 47, 254 Willekind, Laura Jean, 275 Willrig, Margarel P., 74 Wohlwend, Edward B., 78, 259 Wold, James Thor, 84 Walker, , Wallace, Harold W., 265 Wallace, Nancy Marie, 257 Wallbridge, Ann G., 307 Waller, Lyndon C., 43, 256 Wallis, Frank Boyd, 43 Walliasper, Slanley J., 347 Rulh Elaine 248 Whilaker, Kalhryn J., 307 While While While While While While Barbara Belh, 289 Donald Dean, 337 Douglas John, 335 George H., l50 Howard Slanley, 387 James Palrick, 55, 272 Woldum, Charles H., 247 Woll, Howard Charles, 74 Wolle, Wolfe, Wolle, Wolfe, Arnold Benlon, 43 Palricia Ann, 297 Richard Daniel, 98, 258, 280 Roberl K., 74, I54, l56, l6l, 355 Wollgram, Edwin Dale, 259 Walsh, Donald William, 43 Waller, Belly Ann, 8l Waller, Gladys Marie, 73 Waller, Janel, 43, l0l, 249, 3l5 Waller Peler Dennis, 73 Wallers, Jo Anne, 243, 297 Wallers, Judilh Ann, 3l3 Wallers, Ralph David, 43, I43, l56, 345 Wanamaker, John M., 252 Ward, James Sheridan, 78, 257 Wardecker, Joye S., 237, 239, 249, 307 Warner, Craig Dee, 359 Warren, Charles E., 349 Warren , Marilyn Joyce, 303 Washburn, Jerry T., 254 Waskow, Yvonne lrene, 73, 249 Wasle, Richard Lee, 260 Walerman, Mrs, Clarice, 303 Walers, Joan Behne, 48, 275 Walers, Norman Leo, 43 Walkins, Ann Carler, 238, 3l7 Walkins, Mrs. Bess, 259 Walson, Marcia M., 236, 250, 368 370 Walson, Roberl Millon, 339 Walls, Roberl Duane, 359 Waugh, Beverly Jane, 303 Waxenberg, Alan Mayer, 73, 230, 232, 249, 250, 264, 343 Wealherly, Richard D., 345 Weaver, John Bernard, l58, 388 Webb, Mrs. Mary F., 347 Webb, William Byron, 43 Weber, Gary Mills, 335 Weber, James Edward, 73, l56 Weber, Lou Anne, 8l Weber, Sherman Edward, 380 Websler, Carol Ann, 73 Wecksung, George W., I56 While, James William, 247, 258 While, Jerry Aubrey, 73 While, John Clelus, 73, l57 Whilehead, Douglas R., ll9, 349 Whilehouse, William K., 78, 252 Whileley, Wayne Henry, I58 Whillord, Mrs. George, 359 Whilmore, Michael K., 249, 345 Whilmore, William R., 73, 78, 252 Whilney, John Richard, 233, 339 Whilney, William Gene, 325, 335 Wichmann, Larry Ray, I58 Wickard, Margarel Ann, 220, 245, 305 Wickey, Randall Keilh, 73 Wicks, John Roger, 355 Wickwar, Lewis D., 84 Widigen, Nancy Lee, 303 Widner, Russell Ralph, 345 Wiegerl, Rae Ann, 307 Wiegman, Grelchen Ann, 309 Wiegmann, Roger Henry, 73, ll8, l3l, I54, 27l, 324, 345 Wiese, James Arlhur, 233, 239, 339 Wikslrom, George T., 347 Wilcox, Kay Jean, 86, 278 Wiley, Mayla Jane, 73, 249 Wilimek, Frances Joan, 30l Wilker, Richard F., 258 Wilkes, Quenlen L., l58 Wilkinson, Ronald H., 254 Will, Earl Jaye, Sl, 286 Willard, Kerry Arlhur, 353 Wille, Georgina S., 73 Willell, James G., ll8, 33l Willey, John Lesler, 347 Williams, Charles A., II9, I49 Williams, David James, 259 Williams, Donna L., 289 Wollord, John R., l59, l6O, l62 Wollin, Kennelh A., 268 Wood, Dellos Leland, 286 Wood, Richard A., 259 Woodburn, Boynlon T., 78, 259 Woodman, Mary Frances, 87, 23l, 242, 303 Woodrull, Nancy Kay, 284 Wordlow, Clarence, l42 Work, Barbara Sue, 7, 74, 88, 2l6, 240, 24l, 270, 285, 3ll Workman, Donna Jo, 74,245 Worley, John Roberl, 36l Wormhoudl, Susan, 23l, 243, 3ll Worlhen, Wayne Allen, 74 Worlon, Eugene W., 258 Charles Larry 74 Wrighl, , Wrighl, Charlolle M., 8l Wrighl, Harold Lee, 256 Wrighl, Harry James, 74 Wrighl, James C., 252 Wrighl, Wrighl i Marilyn Rulh, 299 Marilyn Rulh, 303 Wuesl, Curlis Graham, 259 Wunder, Merrill Lee, I58 Wyall, Susann Kay, 299 Wyllie, Charles E., 98 Wyrick, Darrell Dewey, 5l, 27l, 279, 284 Yahnke, Donald Ray, 43, 253 Yang, John Tong, 5l, 286 Yarwood, Dean Lesley, 386 Yeller, Mrs. Roberl, 33l Yocum, Roberl Allred, 339 Yoder, Virginia Mae, 74, 23l, 303 York, George Lulher, 258 Young Young Young Young Young Young Yong Young, Young, ,James Van, IV9, I50, 335 Barbara Jane, 74 Donald Bruce, 5l, 285 James WXHIam, 359 Leslie 47 262 ,Mann Alnn, ee, 235, 275, 3r5 Marsnan Paw, 86, 337 ,Rfcnaro Leon, 74, 273 Roberf A., 272 YounT, Reber? L., 74, 379 Z Zarrr, Daxfd E., 335 Zamberie-Hi, Pafmoa 247, 321 Zanoifl, Lesfer V., 143 Zea'Nev Law De'ano, 74, 250 Zeis, John Russeil, 335 Zeifler, Gwendolen, 288 Zelfnsky, Carol Joy, 32I Zessar, Marvin Eugene, 343 Zeman, Caro! Ann, 74 Zrnmer, Dav'd Kenn 285 Z'mmer, Jenn Levfs, 84 Zmmerman, C, Lde, 33I Zimmerman, Cari B., 55, 238, 247, 28! Zimmerman, John F., !58 Zimmerman, Pafrida S., 232, 239, 297 374 Zfroe1 Ronaid Co'w'n, 43, 157,34N ZODY, Lou'5 C., 33 Z-nkei, W'U'am John, 337 Zwemke, Rfcnard D., 345 403

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