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.--1: . F ' , 4 . ,J , ,-+ "v, ak , ba, gf 1 K 4 1 uP 'Q w 5-. 'Mi Wiki? v QA, J' " F115-4 A ' ffviixe . I . , f-,- . , 'r ' I ,- . Q, . . 'M 4 f K?-Ea 59' " I-IAWKEYE g f - .J 591 f f 'gif I , fy-.W ,. . -5, I.: x x s ni Q. ...Nw ,Mmm S.. W rw.. Q4 awww 4... f 4 s .v AWKEYE VOLUME SIXTY Compiled ancl eclifecl by +l1e business ancl ediforial sfaffs af ihe S+a+e Universily of Iowa and published by Sludenf Publicaiions, Inc Pafricia Lounsbury Edlfor Business Manager I 3, P - Daniel Hoffa A :pf 'Lf' - . P px 1: alll VY llllllxll r'N,- "H" L . l nnlll llllllkx lllll nllilllilll. ,nMllllllMN'Iilxx l Ill A I 4 I ll l " Mf,'.f'f3'1nH'l'M Il l l l l THE STCJRY CF A HAWK One day in June of I948, SUl's "Herky" was haiched by carioonisi' Dick Spencer, a faculiy member and graduaie of 'ihe Sfafe Universiiy of lowa. Spencer had received a "hurry up" memo ask- ing for a versafile symbol 'For ihe black and gold spiri+ of 'rhe Hawkeyes. Herky receiv-ed his name af+er a sfafewide confesf in July of I948, and Dick Spencer him- self admiH'ed, "By fhe 'lime homecoming rolled around, Herky was in!" Adepi' al' any spor+ or campus ac+ivi1'y, lowa's humorous and aciive hawk plays fhe same role as Wisconsin's badger or Minneso+a's gopher. Bu'r he seems +o assume more expressive anima- 'rion in his own enfhusiasfic manner. The I'-750 HAWKEYE brings you Herky in his momenfs as a campus wheel, moun+aineer, or perhaps a wary graduaiing senior. Whaiever his role, he's definifely been acclaimed ihe B.H.U.C. -Big Hawk On Campus. For fhose who seek a +heme or dedicafion in ihis yearbook, and for all who have an in+eres+ in 'rhe Slaie Universi'I'y of Iowa, we proudly pre- sen+ Herky. COLLEGIATE ATMOSPHERE GRGANIZATICNS ACTIVITIES SENIORS 'NE M fr THE UNIVERSITY HOSPI- TALS TOWER-ranks wi+I1 Old Capi+oI in Hs s+a+eIy beau+y. vswwwf THE CHILDREN'S HOSPI- TAL-provides a picfuresque scene on +I1e wesf campus. sa-kj. Ma 193+ E K W GY f 2 51 W fi. Y, L ffg 1 ' ,B '?: 1 2 ,N :Wm S, 52 RW him WZ' v MQ' W I 1 up yn ' MW ,L li Wiz ' if Q 153323 A K 'Jim 4 ff? 2 in Q1 2 W ' - Q5 ,Newry 'sa 'far-f -, k z-2 . K 3 5 qsssiw -S f - ,j.. ' 1453 V H ' - 5 --B ggi Sig?" A -. 2, A W M, ,J zffiffff 'W SK :f li 2 1 - 1' T45 : 15 if A nf f' S! .L , ,.., , ,W - , ' 3 iii uw., ei - , J 1 5 1" fi'55f'i 2 '- Y -' wif., 35? ,E wi' -msg 1 : W . 'J f- V 'piss 2 ,H ' 3 -1 . E an -ri ' f., 'j . ,, ,Q 2? 5 , Ai ' 'M ,,:?w9"' 1 :f1'w iii V 4 -M ig iw? is 31, N ., ."- ', J ' Af Q Eh WZ - ,Hmm Wy - - .. - if ff.- wmwf p 'f " 1 1 ,I Wg mf. f '-im . 1-f , Af' 2.5 .A Q, , New . , -L , . .1 ' " PM -wifetfs- ' L 'Iraq ,. N , hW3Q5sfll yi ' EMA-4v,w,K'eei - . H .X-sw ,, -1- . M 9 ii W gag ,S if k " 5' pk A ,. 3 . ' "lil 'Y 55 ' viz' .i f ,'H " 1m,1' , w 5 umm Ejigz N '1 ,N U , 1 if.-F ,Ljs,55i,,,,. isa ' up- M A -mr. E Q S B. , 4 ? 41 R QT? 2 1 1,.K , ,rw . If Ea ,W -iw? 4 .- -115 QM K4 ff-f. H5 95' . 1 .q' an f' D 4 SE 5 :A-. A v ,gt x if-2 722, ?fw' if-Q Q di: .1-ig" ,2 Sf I' 'P r r . ,, 5 5 1 1 15 f , 5 x 'M' ,E 'lg iii? ,, WEE 4 I ' . f , 1 ' 5 1 . 1' ' n liw- Q W w1g.TW mf N :EES Q 55i f1'ffW'ja 5 fi in i wg! gif? WE fx 5 .4 ,fx Pfpw sw :if ,' .ff 6 f 4 4 ,ff 'u 1111 -1,14 fm, iv 1, Jr 5, I ff I .Q X Q ' 1 5 ilz f. ' tif' Q ' WM f Zi 9 -ff f - 7 ? 1 A' 'R Y ' i. V, Lg- , .' ' f H " f ix ' N A F51 1 5:11 fi ' 1 wi: 2555 5 . 1 ,T ' 51 1, Q 1 i -we 'F ' ' I .352 ff 4 1: -1" , QM' W . I ' , 5 -.ff riiii-.'1i1T' ' ,sg V ,F -' . ,vw - mf. Il f , mmm 4 w'-' - , M' .-1 53 'W pf 'nf ?'0'd .'if ,W MQ K Q mf i - 1, 4 . ,..-' ,Qu ' 3 1, .ni Ir .g ' , .13 "J. W 7 I ' vw 'J fu-1"' K ff X gx f .f,,1,Qu. ' Q Q A My- ' i is M MACBRIDE HALL, where fhe general library is Iocaied. EAST HALL, haven for journalisis and psychoiogisfs SHAEFFER HALL, where l'1is'I'ory and poiiiical science reign. CHEMISTRY BUILDING, full of complicafed formulas. I GEOLOGY, awkward buf dignified in Hs age. DENTISTRY BUILDING solid and conservaiive QUADRANGLE WALK-a colorful scene during +he fall season. A GLIMPSE OF OLD CAPITOL-Harough fhe haze of Id go en oak leaves. , B SUl's PresidenT WriTes: . xfkffifliipiaidakllf - , y-,HV sil- ,v' - "AA f 'v . -. 2 T Q Magis- Swv.-,-K -' 'Ffa' TP, Unk. 'r Y. -' ff11ff.'.,f 1 WZ?-T-I W ' 5 f!ff'wf'f!1QTT'i'ii:'?f2s2zr.i 1 if - lf7"' f Aplf si -. ,liwigfa Aj ggi. 7 .- .Fi 4 "' -.ff MH! .. IT has been observed ThaT we live in an "adapTive, noT a sTaTic, civilizaTion." This is a new Thing in human hisTory. Cer- Tainly older civilizaTions have changed, have alTered Their Torms and cusToms, and have come To ends Tar removed Trom Their beginnings. BUT They never experienced The acceleraTed raTe OT change which our civilizaTion has experienced in The lasT cen- Tury. Moreover The raTe oT acceleraTion appears To be increas- ing. Hence The problems oT educaTion are Tar diTTerenT Than They were in prior ages. Whereas, educaTion Tormerly was designed To TiT persons Tor a socieTy noT unlilce ThaT oT Their TaThers and grandTaThers, educaTion musT now TiT sTudenTs To live in a rapidly changing socieTy, a socieTy unlilce ThaT OT Their TaThers and grandTaThers, a socieTy whose shape and paTTern cannoT be predicTed. UniversiTies by Their consTanT search Tor knowledge and by Their educaTion oT men and women Tor The proTessions and specialTies oT our modern world sTand aT The very ToreTronT OT our civilizaTion. Their conTinued exisTence, Treedom, and pros- periTy are essenTial To The mainTenance oT our advancing civili- zaTion. IT The lighTs oT learning Tail or Tliclcer in The universiTies, They will Tail or Tliclcer everywhere. More Than a decade ago, Orlega Y. GasseTT in "The RevolT OT The Masses" expressed concern lesT our civilizaTion decline or perish because The very persons whom iT susTains Tail To under- sTand The civilizaTion which susTains Them. The same dangers Tace our universiTies, Religion, poliTics and educaTion are subiecTs upon which everyone, even The mosT ignoranT, has an opinion. OTTen The more ignoranT The person, The more vehemenT and inTlexible The opinion. Men, who would never Think oT prescribing a pill or Trying a lawsuiT, will discourse wiThouT knowledge or qualms on The educaTion OT youTh. YeT Tew Things are more complex and diTTiculT Than The educaTion oT youTh. Ignorance can desTroy, parsimoniousness can sTarve, chauvin- ism can enchain our universiTies, The lighTs oT learning can go ouT as They wenT ouT in Germany and Japan, and as They have gone ouT in Russia, and as They will go ouT in China. Your generaTion musT see ThaT The lighTs do noT go ouT in America. By your example, The lighTs musT be lighTed once more ThroughouT The world. !!...,'.f m lima... DEANS HARVEY I-I. DAVIS Execuiive Dean, l-iealfh Sciences and Services ALLIN W. DAKIN Adminisirafive Dean 4 uf ii" - G Ac,W wil?" CARLYLE F. JACOBSEN Execuiive Dean, Research and Teaching Graduafe Dean - - - - - f---W ---- -., DEANS A. W. BRYAN Deniisfry MYRTLE KITCI-IELL Nursing G.. W. R. GOETSCH Siucle-nf Affairs F. M. DAWSON Engineering R. A. KUEVER Pharmacy DEANS ir. ,-f: kk-ing? . 5 I .A L. ,. f - Mx-xsom LADD , l B. E. MAI-IAN Law w e mm Exfension C. A. PHILLIPS D- B. STUIT Cgmmergg Liberal AFLS E. T. PETERSON Educafion DIRECTCRS P. W. BRECI-ILER Physical EcIuca+ion InIercoIIegiaIe A+IwIeIics RALPH D. ELLSWCDRTI-I Libraries WILLIAM D. CODER Ve+erans Service MILFORD E. BARNES S+uden+ I-IeaI+I1 EARL E. I-IARPER Fine Arfs Iowa Memorial Union DIRECTORS GERI-IARD I-IARTMAN Superinlendenl, Universily l-lospilals TED l-l. MC CARRELL Admissions and Regislrar M. WILLARD LAMPE Sclwool of Religion LOREN l-HCKERSON Alumni Service LESLIE G. MOELLER School of Journalism I ,mi FRED M. POWNALL Publicaiions I-IOMER R. DILL Museum Direcfor Emerifus DIRECTCJRS R. R. RAY Insfifuie of Public Affairs CARL MENZER WSU!-KSU! Radio Siafions WAYNE VASEY School of Social Work ff. f M X 1? i fa STATE BOARD OF EDUCATICDN MEMBERS HENRY C. SHULL Sioux CiTy DWIGHT G. RIDER ForT Dodge - OFFICERS ROY LOUDEN FINANCE COMMITTEE Fairfield - HENRY C. SHUI-L MRS. HIRAM HOUGHTON JR. CARL FDIQERNETZKY PresidenT Red Oak ILLIADII on Sioux CHI' RICHARD H. PLOCK W Des MZQOTH BurlingTon DAVID A. DANCER D AVID A D ANCER secrewy v. B. HAMILTON Secrgmy Des Moines HampTon Des Moines HALSTEAD M. CARPENTER MonTiceIIo MRS. GEORGE L. KYSETH Chari'I'on - W. S. RUPE Ames For TorTy-one years The STaTe Board oT EducaTion has governed The sTaTe-mainTained schools oT Iowa. The STaTe UniversiTy oT Iowa is one oT Tive insTiTuTions coming under The iurisdicTion oT This board. The oThers are lowa STaTe College, The Iowa School Tor The DeaT, The Iowa School Tor The Blind, and The STaTe SanaTorium. The seven men and Two women oT The board were appoinTed by The governor and were approved by The sTaTe senaTe. The Tinance commiTTee members are appoinTed by The board Trom ouTside iTs membership. The board meeTs Tour Times each year To appoinT TaculTy and adminisTraTors, To approve Tinances and To TormulaTe TuTure plans Tor The Iowa schools. l-lenry C. Shull is presidenT oT The board and David A. Dancer is secreTary oT The Tinance commiTTee. QM X4 I R XL. lb Cal' f QE-F Q 2 Q Q ...-,, l p A 93 ' - V S C LLEGl Nlo l+'s +he liHle fhings in college life fha? you'll always remember . . . a hilarious cosfume parfy . . . fhe girl who sal' nexl' fo you in class and was a campus beau+y queen . . . fhe baskefball game when Iowa came fhrough fo upsel The exper+s . . . a professor who fhoughf his course was l'he only one in ihe universify . . . 'rhe sfuffy almosphere of Re- serve library . . . and coffee hours, when world problems were solved. x Avril W 1 u X h ,. - -- "' IX ali' . 'al' .-- o -,, 11 f", f ,N vf xy " v ln" l'l'lilxll.11' A llllllll',lll','lil"I "4" n Q 'qw 53. if Y' CAMPUS CALENDAR PARTIES BEAUTIES SPORTS MINOR SPORTS WOMEN'S SPORTS SPARE TIME SCENES CAMPUS CALENDAR SEPTEMBER Comes SepTemloer, and Through These heclrie por- Tals musT pass I0,000 TuTure Iowa grads .... The high cosT oT learning can be measured by high sTacIcs oT TexTbool4s .... Seniors on The varsiTy TooTbaII squad are honored aT a pep rally. Pumplcins, goblins and spoolcs inhabiT The Sigma Nu house aT a Halloween parTy .... The Phi Sams sail To a TirsT prize in The homecoming parade TloaT conTesT .... Benny STrong plays Tor sTudenTs and Their dads aT a dance in Iowa Union. Tri DeIT Mary Fran Anderson receives The coyeTed Panhellenic scholarship cup Tor her sororiTy aT The annual Tall banqueT .... Former I-Iawlc player Johnny EsTes reTurns To SUI To appear aT a pep rally .... The Illinois band "Tiddles" aT halT-Time To enTerTain aT Iowa sTadium. 'Y 5? Wm Q QB. 'ibm . W, S31 ,' A yy.. ? .X .L .iw 5255221 iw an fig? . 3 W Q12 ,M 3 .. 5.2 W.. 'F K Q X S6 4 ii gig: ...Zig nag WA? ' 5 ses..-W5 3, Q UIC M1516 ILL CEIIZU f 3 H 1:25513 ., M. 1. 12 t h.. , V .. . A Q. , A -"4 e ! ! - IU Y 'RW' if :Q E -5' 5 -- an v s.'3x5'a 3 f U f 1 Q I? ' 4 my 1 4 14' ' vs, . . x m, . 1 Q, DECEMBER E. K. Jones and Dick Dice siand by one of I3 busses used by SUI sfudenfs Io go Io 'rhe Iowa-Wis- consin game .... I+'s iusf a Iew shopping days "riI Chrisfmas as Ihe Union pufs up iIs Tree .... Ihey're OFF Io Ihe "Spins+er's Spree' in Ihe "surrey wi+h 'rhe fringe on Iopf' Jimmy, one of Ihe fabulous Dorsey brofhers, broughf his band Io SUI for fhe Chrisfmas Iormai. . . . Two of I'he greaf names in I'he music world- Woody Herman and Na+ "King" CoIe-give a holiday concer'r a+ Ihe Union. 'Twas Ihe nighf before vacaiion and all Through The Union Ihere were pIen+y of creafures sfirring as everyone ar SUI gafhered Io wish each ofher holi- day greeiings over "coffee and doughnuI's." . . . Sanfa Ciaus arrives a+ Ihe Quad Chrisfmas parfy wiIh Iwo Iovely beIIes .... SUI s+uden+s ger info Jrhe spirir of Chris+mas as 'rhey ioin Jrogefher Io sing carols af Ihe Union. Page 33 1 lk ff, M ,t Q V Z s 5 . E -.................. .,...,....,.m......,,..,,.,, -...-.........,.. .-.....x....,,..,....m...,.,h,,.. " ' ,. 'Q 51 -ff-Y Ag "'fWfW' ff 'Ne DRUG LA W5 " , .1 M o 5 ic? 1 ,Y I ,- 53' Jp,. W 5 ii. ggi ,gg if ' " if Q r, gm, Egg f. - V X ...A I ' 'Q' A J' ww .Kam M. ...Nh " -I .,, 15:2 Q-gg 1 l wg f'2'f2FE."f5w L.. ..v :Axim : " we 3 'Ng ,, ,L , hw' . Fflln1, 'I L,k:k . nl A X TW' i iw 52222, fi, . 'Miva f 'N ' ff v xiii:-4, '4 51- , f' 32 -'J za, , Egg: 41 we EW, 2. . ,... ,:-,,, ,ah -Yjmql 413 if D51-, 'l. 'izff ,i'Q,'f2Ql?Q'jff-ai - 1' 4 .. ..4. :.: 'Q .legs in R339 myqgk av' I 5,51 f 1 :lf - N' :my f ' f' 3255 , grip, U A . f wg, 2 in , Q22 X i Q 'Wifi 'LE WK Im- 1 f. ..-'1 W , "Weil 5:-fsg. , ' - qw. :S Vg.: gi A: ,L :fn ff . ' Wwzw M gg A u,y1sP-QW' iff? 'fkfiiiff A fiflfi A PV-3 ' 4 pzzmlwx I - , .L,A V, ,W X ,wx . , K fb? if it Q f X f' R' 4 Q ' L. ,f - QP 2 ge" ff-' ,,x5Qff3ggi' g l ,X E55 .- Y . K ,ff gf? H if wg? A, X, ,s ,kg . 51 4 s r , X, 8,25 is Q E' Y as Z' 5 2? KN if 5? Q mah W H 3 'L 1 53? W . if Q 63,53 Mfg K , f i 55,3 ,wg 5 sl 4 Q 2 if Q' S Q, .ak 'SE 3' f ' 'I , Q fm. X A N xpmi 2:5441 if Nw, :W --'mm gf ,SM Q W 1 f!A:5m'?3Si1Zk V551 9,'??:5ue S1 V" H Q r SQ rf Y K :E L L, sim . 35 1.5 I . we . -:. P g , Q K f Q . 'wr 5 W nj' 5 ta k ,S 5 if 'Hs . . . 'ilz ' '?:55:332?s I , '. -I fu.: .k,. ., , V 'iz . fig! F K I L,,.W,, , , , we Qiiaffaig, , - 4-Qfgwgjy if gs, ufiielffizf . w as 111 1, lsr-W ' 2 2 2 ' if 2251 . n -555 ,-Q Q. ., ? . ii ,f 1 fsligw ,, A, .- ,ig ,j ffz wif? ,JE i .W ,ig I, ,Q X -gm 3 Q, fzfsj .ag .Qwf wage ,gs Page 38 TOP ROW: Colville, Jones, Burge, Dickinson, FeblowiTz, Freidman. BOTTOM ROW: I-Iays, Carson, McKenzie, Appleman, ShuTTIeworTh. CENTRAL PARTY COMMITTEE JIM MCKENZIE PresidenT ANNE SMITH SecreTary DICK COLVILLE Treasurer Responsible Tor supervising aII-universiTy dances are The eleven members OT The CenTraI ParTy commiTTee. The Fall Frolic, ChrisTmas Tormal, All-UniversiTy prom, Club CabareT and May Trolic were sponsored by The commiTTee This year. The bands oT Benny STrong, Dizzy Gillespie and Jimmy Dor- sey were engaged Tor dancing. and The King Cole Trio and Woody Herman orchesTra Tor concerTs. ResponsibiIiTies Tor each evenT were roTaTed so ThaT every member gained ex- perience in pubIiciTy, decoraTions, seIecTion OT programs and Themes Tor The dances. The six men and Tive women oT This year's CenTral ParTy commiTTee were chosen Tor one year Terms Trom applicaTions To The execuTive councils oT The Union board and The sTudenT council. 418 .., , Wm, - . . ff .gm , - A Q + . KWH,-',,'.'. 'Sify A. if 1, in fm N3-. ' 5 7 K , , fi TL' k :Y in if M , 5? K ,Hi 5 iw? 2 f ' s at x - Wi ' K 2 gf, as iff R Ami Q 'Fl t "" f K 'NF ' " 'L .2 ii-in i '71 s,.: is . we -ix MMA V l X- L 5 Yr .v TS Us am wg? we wi' ff ff A 4 , ft!!!- 4. , wi : , .Q H wih- I AQ: 25213. f 'fl N 4. urn.. 'fa ,SQ fm 5 y Q' , 1 nxm., ,pig A Q is f K 1 V ss " 'R is gg 1? 3- mi d i gm. 5. I is 5 . 'f E R if s--V . . 1 Wifi M 5? g.s M , 7 'i 7 fir' fl . v A Q ' ky, , - g, N. ,1L. M WA i ,i, i: ..,,...: X 3, "-4k,,x,1r- W, RM' V325 ii 1 N, Rules of ine evening said Thai' SUI Coeds musf pay for The evening, assume The cscorfs usual dufies, and presenf iiim wifln an originai corseqel Dizzy Giliespie and his bop crew brouqnf unique music wirn Hnem-and ii' irwciuded good dance arrengemenrs for Hue Spinsfers Spree crowd. Seeing doubie? The wonnen are fwins and iimeir defcs were idenficaiiy dressed, io cornpiicafe rnaiiers. SPINSTERS SPREE Page 4l "BARGAIN BALL" Leo Corlimiglia and his combo drew ad- mirers in The River Room, while a dance band provided music in lhe main lounge ol Iowa Union. l-lighlighl of Jrhe evening was an "aucl'ion"-lwo of lhe highesr bidders received a haf aulographed by Ezio Pinza, slar of "Sou+h Pacificuq and a necldie from Arlhur Godfrey-buf Jrhe bidders didn'+ have To pay! H was clefinilely a "Bargain Ball" and coslumes loolced like somelhing from +he hobo havens . . . included in The crowd was an alumnus of San Quenlin-al leasl' his coveralls said so. Page 42 gfnf Flowers 'ri formal dresses insiead of slrarchecl caps and uniforms--lhal was lhe order of lhe evening for Jrhe nurses al Caps Caprice. A 'rea al Wesllawn before The Caps Caprice dance galhered lhe nurses and iheir escorls for an informal receprion. The pholrographer wasn'+ exacily ob- vious, since he caughl These couples loe- lore lhey had lime +o spy him! CAPS CAPRICE Page 43 Allendanls Marian Rees and Donna Bello Jones: Miss Jeno Buckley, Queen: Shirley Anderson and Gladys Nelson, allendanls. CURRIER SWEETHEART DANCE Currier loolc on a parly almosplwere, parficularly along 'rlwe lines of formal dresses and flowers . . . llwe lounge provided a comforleble spol for silling one ou+. Page 44 Minialure fralernily paddles served as dance programs . . . INTERFRATERNITY PLEDGE PROM The "Paddle Prom" was an evening for pledges of SUl's lralernilies, and aclives laler heard llwal flue pledges didr1'+ miss 'emi . . . allhouglm I+ was Hsfricfly formal llwe lun was informal. QUADRANGLE FoRMAL DANCE l ,--fi-'n -V , 1 Q if N ii .-f""""' A ,Q D Q 'ii il " f 5. H sl l gg xi ll s c.l.ff3.s'E,.l s fi 8 f in iff f lf i C -'ij i .'-A xii!-li. i 4 5 E2 Film fif.-if Qing if-ff 1 Y ' ,gi Vhyk -l ,, f if M71 ? 4.31251 ' M! - "h4'mop-s,.c?,"nA 'r v u,,,uM,mgX i 2 M 1 , ,E , il A big mornenl ol suspense occurred imnfiedialely belore lhe I95O Quadrangle Queen was presenled al inlerrnission. Lell lo righl are Gladys Nelson, Carol Tauber, Queen Marian Rees, Bob Yackshaw, Quadrangle presiclenl, Colleen Newell and Jane Buckley. The Quadrangle beauly courl, lell lo righl: Gladys Nelson, Carol Tauber, Queen Marian Rees, Colleen Newell and Jane Buclcley. "f'Nu+umn Leaves" lell Quad men and lheir dales wilh lhe impression lhal The ' dance was successlully planned by Chairman Bill Scoll and his connrnillee. l l sz ss. U,'.y Some of ihe engineers' besr friends didn'1' recognize +hem, buf +ha+ was due +0 rhe cui+iva+ed cannouiiage grown by +he siide rule sei! The beard coniesi during Mecca week was a pleasure for ihe men who didn'+ have To shave, buf some of +he SUI co- eds ihoughr if was a iifile rough. MECCA BALL Miss Jean McCar++, Mecca Queen, reigned af ihe iradifionai dance, while S+. Pafricic was +he cenfer of a long- s+anding argument whose pafron saini is he-Lawyers or engineers? Page 47 - C an , Q . in ,Vx A. M 5?MQ iq 1 1 fy? U. f 1 ,h.f4g, H H" f ,Q if Y I 'V : 1 if f , M 4 K 5" , ":Q' i Li 3 . '35 me : wi-via -K. wi 1 6, ga 'W' Q .sf-f""' " ' H ' . A 5 BEAUTIES Page 1 A Wm, .i::"1:5ii:' 'Q' 'fs sif -' ' .. 5 "" 1 1 , was A k ,,Wf ffk mn my My wifi 'S 5 '55 W Jifiiii Sus fjfsvani, 7950 C75ZClLUEEyE Bsaufy GLLEEIZ . . . was chosen from a field oi haii a hundred Iowa Coeds by Milf Canihf, a compefenlr judge of beauiy as shown by Jrhe pulchrilrudinous women in his car+oon creaihion, "S+eve Canyon". Miss Sievens reigned as an aiiendanlr io +he I949 Dolphin Queen and was named I95O Infer- iraierniiy Queen. L L ez-Luca' NEW TYPE EENT om CAMPU-9 2 LEAN AND MEAN ' vvuo HE? wuo HE2 GLUE 51,116 H' . -HN ' EM A ESA , C ySr AQ' 3 l w x ' X f m ' A A N-L I ESV? FOR Tl-IE I-IAW KEYE and The GANG ai' IOWA , SUB. and TIMES Company KX.. UNCOIL., com! THAT? CANIFF-9 GPY--CONXE TO EYE THE LQOKEJZE Eoz THE I-IAWKEYE ! ence: To Us I -euys oz you Nxnem' END UP IN THE comucm. PAPERS! :SSN 55 'A Q55 A MW A f C PM A in .sl From STEVE CANYON ' 4, NEW YOZK I9 SO Pg 5I Page 52 wan Eausfzfzozk Affendanf JVO 'una Qfwfcfing Aflrendanf dxfacfina dwsmcuz Alrfenda nf M- ,, , .,L, ,M ..,..,L.. .,,, .. Uoni Boaz Affendarfr Page 53 Page 54 JVlCL'Z!'O'Zi5 Uamflgzff I95O Honorary Cade? Colonel fm AS x A fu Gqffslzcfcznfi Ubona .LEE BEHJLXEH EOHI262, .IBEZTS CQOIZEQ e ff.. ,, , qw cfflmcazian JMS inia Quik i' 9 Page 56 ffmcuzy .fou 556505121012 Dolphin Queen 5lfla'zl'o'zia Klfafsrzfina lpii forzjfsy Dolphin Allenclanl Dolphin Allendanl lnlerlralernily Allendanl 'Q- Qaf Ugwzag Dolphin Allendanl lnlerlralernily Pledge Allendanl l l 9 goffssn LJXQLUEZT Uoffssn gigazf jnfsfzfzafsfznify cqffancfanfi cQo5samz.s Kl'fVa9or2.s'z v 4 , . , Q 1. ,' ' -eil. F 5, E5 f 531 e ee l goan Qafzfsz ' ' Affendanlr 1 Wm Frivol Freshmen Beaufy 5M6l'lQLl'15f Avfiffin Inferfrafernify Pledge Queen " 1' Cfvarzcy Euccni Gqnn. 'fmfsffa A++endan+ Affendanf W My , if dlffazy Jon FRIVOL Freshman Beaufy 5Ma'zis cyinai FRIVCL Freshman Beaufy Dozofgy 64715551 FRIVOL Freshman Beaulry A Q dmazifgn ,gDEf5'ZiOI2 FRIVOL Freshman Beaufy . .4-sl , CQZQZIZE5 f2E3llCZQ!Z231 I 949-50 Currier SweeHwea rf Page bl Page 62 oem Qffofion l949 Newman Queen 'Jaan Jmcdcvzff l95O Mecca Queen "N: I 1 Q -Q Page 64 MAJOR "I" WINNERS FOOTBALL Earl Banks Roberl Boslwick Harold Bradley Duane Brandi' Joe Brisfol Andrew BunI'z Arnold Caplan Donald Commack Charles Denning David De Prospero Jack Di'I"Imer Glenn Drahn Ronald Fairchild Jerold Faske Roberl Geigel Louis Ginsberg William Greene Roberl Hoff Huberf Johnson Quenlin Kaisershol' Roberl' Lage Richard Lasler Jerry Long Roberl' Longley Rober+ McKenzie Mearl Naber Gerald Nordman Joseph Pausen Delberl' Perrin Ronald Peferson William Reichardl Donald Riley Fred Ruck John Towner Ausrin Turner Roberl Wilson Donald Winslow Ralph Woodard Donald A. Woodhouse Donald E. Woodhouse WRESTLING Miles Benda Kennelh Carman Manuel Macias Vern McCoy Joe Paulsen Joe Scarpello George Tesla BASEBALL Edward Browne Jack Bruner Wesley Demro John Dinzole Jack DiHmer Glenn Drahn Dale Erickson Arnold Espe Lawrence Germuska George Hand Richard Hoeksema KeiI'h Kafer Murland Moran Richard Orlh Roberl- Primrose George Schamberger Roberl' Smifh John Sullivan John Tedore GOLF Willard Carlson Roberl' Graham William Marlin Gene MaH'hess Roberl' McKirahan Roberf Phillips James Rasley Warren SI'rouI' CROSS COUNTRY Bill Bye Kennefh Carman John Collins Jack Davis Earle Duggan William Snook TRACK Bill Bye Keifh Brown John Collins Jack Copeland Richard Erdenberger Clair Jenne'H' BASKETBALL Frank Calslaeek Roberf Cliflon Charles Darling Jack DiHmer Herald Greene Donald Hays Richard Riecks Fred Ruck Rober'I' Schulz Roberl' Vollers SWIMMING Roberi' Busch Duane Draves Lawrence Dunbar Edward Gars'I Henry Griesbach William Hark Paul Hufinger Richard Keilh Herman Lehman Michael McGuire Wallace Nicholson Bowen SI'arrfor'I'h Donald Warson Jack Wilson GYM NASTICS Bruce Sidlinger TENNIS William Ball Roberl' Dahlin Donald Lewis William Lewis Sidney Newman Alvin Pierce Mike Trueblood Russell Merkel EIIio'H McDonald Joe Peferson Tom' Sangsler Jack Simpson Richard Tupper E. K. JONES JR. P 'd T XXEATHI QXXRATHI43- res: en .pF'r'fHfq,. as 'ff QXYYATHFQ. ymffff LEN EVERETT Vice-PresidenT JOAN PERRY SecreTary JOHN HARRIS Treasurer Nui A MQ, .Ami I 3 793.6 wi T lf , TOP ROW: Linderman, EvereTT, Harris, Turchen, Jones. FRONT ROW: Kamerick, Polasky, FosTer, Holzaepfel. TaiIfeaTI1c-:rs Sparked SUI Cheers As The Hawks circled abouT Big Ten aThIeTic compeTiTion, TluTTering near The Iowa U. nesT were The TaiITeaThers, sTudenTs who prompTed and sparked The enThusiasTic cheerf ing which accompanied This season's sporTs evenTs. The pep club planned halTTime enTerTainmenT aT TooTball and baskeTball games, assisTed in The seIecTion oT cheer- leaders, and sponsored pep rallies. More Than 32,000 Homecoming badges were sold This year by TaiITeaThers. STudenT Trips To games played on oTher universiTy Tields Tormed The nucleus Tor sTudenT cheering. Organized in I946, TailTeaThers now boasTs a membership oT 320, compared wiTh IasT year's I30 parTicipanTs. The I950 sporTs- manship award To The Iowa aThleTe who has done The mosT To TurTher aThleTics aT SUI wenT To Earl Banks, TooTbalI guard. g M . A .VA . W -fy Y T T- y ,Arg vvinxg -qv ..., 'iq NT Hffr -w-lim? f .-STV'-'lr , . 'ii' 4. I r-an . ,Q , ur. ' X , .ef I cw- 'T 1'.,-f ,Altima T 99' bg, QQWWQI .- R A . I C My A ' BOTTOM ROW: Rosemary SixTra, Jo STooker, Jane Buckley, Jean Meggers. TOP ROW: Dick Turchen, Vic Young, Bob Liable. Cheerleaders PresenTed New STunTs One of The mosT unique and versaTiIe squads in Iowa aThIeTics was The group oT eighT Tumbling, shouTing cheerleaders, led in all sorTs oT spiriTed chanTs by CapTain Vic Young. A pracTice exclusive wiTh SUI cheerleaders is The use oT TrampoIeTTes by Tumblers Dick Turchen and Don Casady. Journeys To The Iv1innesoTa and Wisconsin TooTbaII games were included among The duTies OT The yell leaders. Their enThusiasm was direcTed Toward iTs mosT eFFecTive channels by Dick I-IoIzaepTeI, new advisor Tor TaiITeaThers and The cheerleaders. Amusing anTics aT inTermission were provided by "I'Ierky The Hawk," symbol oT Iowa aThIeTic Teams. ,.-I Lellermen Organize New Club William Ball Earl Banlrs Russell Benda Marvin Bendorf Edward Berge Kenneih Blackman David Brockway Keifh Brown Edward Browne Roberl' Busch William Bye Willard Carlson Earl Cafhcarl Dan Cahoe John Collins Jack Copeland James Cozad Sid Crarger William Crain Francis Crelzmeyer David Day Wesly Demro Alphonse Di Marco John Dinzole Jack DiHmer Glenn Drahn Duane Draves Arnold Espe Peler Everell' Jerry Faske Harold Fiala Lesler Fields Eugene Freels Roberf Freeman Edward Gars+ Roberf Geigel Laurence Germuslra Louis Ginsberg James Graham William Greene Henry Griesbach Joseph Grolhus Roberi Guslafson James Halliburfon George Hand William Harlt Donald Hays Richard Hoelcsema Roberl' Hoff Dennis Holifnagle James Hudson Evan Hullman Paul Hulinger Clair Jennell' Quenlin Kaisershoi William Kerslen Richard Keifh Roberl' Knarr Glen Kremer Olgivie Larrimore Richard Lasler Herman Lehman Don Lewis William Lewis Roberf Longley Romeio Macias Richard Maine Vern McCoy Ellio'H McDonald Jaclc McDonnell Roberf McKenzie James McKinsiry Russell Merlrel Richard Meyer Murland Moran Peniield Mower Mearl Naber Bobby Nelson Richard Orlh Joseph Paulsen Delberl' Perrin Rex Ploen Herberl Preul Roberl' Primrose Roberl Reynolds Tommy Sangsier Joseph Scarpello Roberl' Schulz George Schamberger James Shoaf Jack Simpson Roberl Smiih Roberf Snyder Jack Spencer Wayne Spurbeclc Bowen Siassforih Edward Sleinhoff Ervin John John John Slraub Sullivan Sullivan Tedore Richard Erdenberger Loy Julius AI Pierce The "I" club, reorganized in December, I949, is composed of maior Ieller winners in baseball, baslcelball, loolball, golf, gymnasiics, lennis, lraclc, swim- ming ancl wresiling. Purposes ol: Jrhe club are lo slimulale cooperalion ancl uniiy among The various sporls, promoie grealer siuclenl inleresl in all SUI aihleiics, furiher lhe concepl ol good sporlsmanship al SUI ancl promole bei- ler cooperalion among lhe sluclenl body, alhleiic deparlmenr and alumni. The reorganizalion was promoled by Alhlelic Direclor Paul Brechler and Frank Havlicelc, business manager of aihleiics. George Tesla Russell Tharp Milne Trueblood Richard Tupper Jack Wilson Donald Winslow Ralph Woodard Richard Woodard RALPH WOODARD Presidenl BOB MCKENZI E Vice-Presidenl DICK ERDENBERGER Secrelary E DUAN E D RAVES Sergeanl-al-Arms EDDIE ANDERSON Head Foo+baII Coach SEASON'S SCORES UCLA . . Iowa . . . IIIinois . . Iowa . . . Iowa . . . Minnesofa . Wisconsin . Nofre Dame Iowa . . . Purdue . . Iowa . . . Nor+hwes'Iern Oregon . Iowa . . . Iowa . . . Iowa . . . Page 68 THE I949 HAWKEYE EARL BANKS The I949 edi+ion of fhe Hawkeye eleven proved Io be one of I'he besf offensive squads Io appear on I'he Iowa gridiron in many years. The Hawks smashed 'rhrough nine opponen+s for I84 poin+s, winning four and dropping five games. In Big Ten compeI'iI'ion Ihey won fhree and Iosi' fhree, Io gain fiH'h place in a +ie wifh IIIinois. Iowa Iosf Hs opener +o UCLA, 4I-25, bu+ came back figh+ing fhe fol- Iowing week Io sI'un Purdue, 2 I-7. Nexi H' was IIIinois who handed +he Hawks +heir second defeai' before +he home crowd, 20-I4. Then Eddie Anderson's squad won fhree s1'raigh+ a+ home. In +he homecoming baH'Ie Ihey swamped Indiana, 35-I3g squeezed by Norfhwesiern, 28-2I, and amazed 'rhe Dad's Day crowd wifh a sensa- 'IionaI IasI half comeback 'Io defeai' a sfubborn Oregon Ieam, 34-3I. Wi+h I'he scen+ of roses in Ihe air, Iowa +ook +o +he road, onIy fo be buried under a Minneso+a barrage, 55-7. Furfher humiIia+ion was added The 'FoIIowing week as Wisconsin smofhered 'rhe Hawks, 35-I3. AII honor was resfored in fhe final game as a figh+ing Hawkeye Ieam held undefeafed Nofre Dame +0 four fouchdowns and managed +o score againsi' The Irish, 28-7. GRIDIRON SEASON Tense Hawks wafch lheir leammales .... Banks paves lhe way for Reichardl' .... VARSITY SQUAD TOP ROW: Deuel, E. Sangsler, Reichardf, Fryauf, Greene, Nordman, Paulsen, Ruck, Brandi, Gregory, Di++mer, McKen- zie, Shoaf, Willimack, Bradley, Cohrs, Longley, Vrame. ROW 2: Al Milvlarco, assislanl' loackfield coach: Riley, Bob Fifch, end coach, Hoff, Wilson, Chrislensen, BraH'ebo, Naber, Commack, Bosfwick, McKins+ry, Towner, Wegman, Caplan, Denning, Fairchild, Bullock, Hun+, Sanford, D. A. Woodhouse, Bickerl, Frank Carideo, backlield coach: Dr. Eddie Anderson, head coach, Pal Boland, line coach. BOTTOM ROW: Faske, Pefersen, Drahn, D. E. Woodhouse, Hell, Woodard, Lasfer, Turner, Banks, Kaisershof, Geigel, Winslow, Long, Lage, Perrin, Ginsberg, Bunlz, De Prospero, Johnslon. Reichardf drives, McKenzie's enfering fhe pIay .... JIM McKINSTRY Page 70 , h UCLA Overpowers Iowa, 4l-25 UCLA blazed info Iowa Cify fo renew foofball relafions, and wifh plans fo uphold Pacific Coasf conference presfige. The Bruins did iusf fhaf, wifh a final score of 4l-25. Alfhough ouf- gained in fofal nef yardage, 447-275, fhe Uclans managed fo gobble up five Hawk fumbles-fhree in fhe fhird period for fouch- downs-fo waIfz away from fhe hard-fighfing Hawkeyes. Iowa counfed firsf in fhe second sfanza, buf UCLA bounced back wifh fwo fouchdowns and were on fop fo sfay. Hawk score No. 2 cIi- maxed a 99-yard march near half-fime, buf UCLA Ied, I4-I2, af fhe gun. An onrush of UcIan power and facfics pushed fhe score fo 34-l2. Two Iowa drives cIosed fhe gap, 34-25, buf UCLA scored again for fhe final vicfory. 5 ' I I Commack carries fhe pigskin 'rhrough a wall of players .... I Hawkeyes Roll Purdue, 2I-7 The Hawkeyes opened +heir conference season wi'rh Purdue's Boilermakers al' LafayeH'e and proceeded +o display IiH'Ie respecl' for Iheir ersfwhile hosls by slamming fhe Rive+ers, 2I-7. The "fumbIeiI'is" which plagued Iowa 'rhroughoul' I'he UCLA conlesl' fhreafened fo rear i+s ugly head once more as Purdue snalched a Hawk bobble on lowa's I0-yard slripe and scored. The Hawks roared back as Bob McKenzie snagged one of Glenn Drahn's pilches +o score. Bill Reichardl' booI'ed 'rhe exI'ra poin+ +o even +I1e game. Fred Ruck sneaked over fhe goal marker minules Iafer for lowa's second 'Iouchdown-and I'he Hawks were on lop. AHer anofher score, Iowa was con1'en+ fo hold fhe margin, halling Pur- due's driving aH'emp+s fhree +imes wifhin 'rhe Iowa I0-yard line. 'Q . , DON WINSLOW Page 7l Page 72 I949 Iowa Iowa Humloles Siarfing ai' The upper Ieff, HAWKEYE follows SUI player Bob McKenzie Ihrough his homecoming day. Up early, he Iooks forward 'ro a day of foo+baII .... Down Io breakfasf wi'Ih 'Ieamma+es Bunfz, Vrame, Ruck and Turner .... A+ Ihe Hawk Iocker room, McKenzie puI's on his IoaH'Ie armor. . . . On 'Ihe fieid, before 44,000 fans, McKenzie blocks ouf an Indiana player as Faske goes 'For a firsf down .... Dr. Eddie gives I'he 'ream a half-Time pep I'aIk .... Back +o fhe field 'For Ihe second half and a final 35-I3 vic'rory .... Former Hawk player Johnny Es'res drops in affer +he game Io congrafulafe Wilson, McKenzie, and Winslow .... AH'er a rough day of foo?- baII, McKenzie leaves +he sfadium. Homecoming ndiana, 35-9 Before a homecoming crowd of 44,000, fhe Hawkeyes powered fheir way fo vicfory over an oufmanned Indiana eIeven, 35-9. The Hoosiers scored firsf, buf Iowa roared back fhrough fhe air and on fhe ground fo score an impressive vicfory. Affer Indiana scored early in fhe firsf period, Bill Reich- ardf fook a pifchouf and wenf over from his own I5. Wifh Reichardf kicking fhe exfra poinf, Iowa Ied 7-6. When an Indiana drive bogged down on fhe eighf-yard Iine, Don Henkle made a field goal good and Indiana again Ied, 9-7. From fhis poinf on, Iowa fook over fhe game. Page 73 335 F ,N :I .MQ Vg, It +fHi. ,g L, .Z I 11, ' . IPA, ,135 It V 1:1153 - I ,fi.iQgf-.uffcf -rs 3 sf' 4 ,Sy again ggn, :Ig .m , ,,. kQ,gv,?4. In R b-gy," :lm , . .4,,i. ,nf N V H . 7, 5 ' W , . 4- " fr- ff"f, i, , ' ri " ' ,- ' ' ,gllisl-me W ' f 'T-"'Yf -Q. . .Ja I ' ' "' I I ' 'W - I ' ., I ' A .. I I I . 4 ' " . v Q I ' rf - K . - ,, . 4- I I I ff' o ' M, A i . Zi I fn 3, fp- 'T4mi"? f an - "' ll?" f ...., if my we A ' ' 3 A . - A f ' , ,M ' SL 1, 'fm V' r.-eff 1' H32-,,.v. Lf . ' Q I Z 'f I .A I 4 mm 7 ix .sq gt has ,Wg i. V, , .- W its W ., . ' " . is 1 1 x ' H -sz--,:fg.L,5.,:i' ' ' ' - - Haw'WWwJ7VLnbmV'W5wMWM?WfVWWW3WUM35?WQw'fnnwmwmwf, I 'I ? V i f .lf 12555 . 'i " 1 I ' I ' 'ff' fd 'f fm 'fri 1 , fmffy- A F g ,M A' fl twig , gk so kr I A . Z' - ,. ,I 1 ' in - f I, gym was F . +s'iLffe,w,.1z-' :ISL fs If , I n pw ' "- nw "iw 5- , 5' 5-"Ar, Q' 1 Q X"g I "L" , , 4- :f'I1fxQw5if Q " 4: . ss .1 ,fysirh , h' I 1 - . Qi QM If 3' X A. I Qqgixfzfg ' ,kj 1 jqjr -gl w:,:f-VE, 1,1 5 ' 1-7455,-7 I I SUI band honors Iowa and IIIinois aI' haIHime .... DICK LASTER Reichardf reaches wiI'h eager fingers .... Iowa's hopes for a second s'rraighI' Big IO vicfory ran down 'rhe drain as IIIinois ground ou'r a sfunning 20-I4 win. The defea+ clouded Iowa's far-reaching ambiIion of a con- ference championship and a possible Rose Bowl bid. Affer a scoreless firs'r period, Illini haI'Fback John Karras sprinI'ed 34 yards Io a Iouchdown. Don Commack soon mafched iI' wi+h a Hawk Iouchdown, buI' IIIinois sI'ruck back wi+h Iwo I'hird-quarI'er Iouchdowns, raising Ihe margin 20-7. Iowa marched 89 yards for iI's second score I'o geI' back in Ihe baIIgame. Wi'rh Iime running ouI', Iowa sna+ched an IIIini fumble near mid-field wi+h a chance 'ro gain a Iie. Four of Glenn Drahn's passes failed Io connec+ and Illinois I'ook over on downs. The wearers of I'he orange and bIue s+iII possessed +he oval when 'rhe game ended. Page 74 Page 75 BOB LONG-LEY .M ,.,. V . We Hawkeyes Humble Nor+hwes+ern, 28-ZI lowa's Hawkeyes dumped a favored Norfhwesfern when a game-winning +ouchdown came a'Fl'er a wild fourlh quar- +er wi+h 1'he score 2I-2I. Jack DiHmer raced behind 'rhe Wildca+ defenders, snalched Fred Ruck's looping pass, and scored 'rhe winning fouchdown. The Wildcafs' "never- give-up" aHi'rude' carried +hem far downfield, only +o have Duane Brand+ filch a Don Burson pass in l'he end zone 'ro kill 'rhe drive. Twice in +he second period Iowa marched 60 yards +o score. Hawk hopes were momenlarily dimmed on +he firsl drive when a penal+y sei' fhem back near fhe 20, bu'r Jerry Faske fore 'ro his lefl' and pi+ched a pass +o Bob McKenzie for a louchdown. Minufes laler, Jerry Long grabbed a Norfhwesfern 'Fumble on lowa's 40, leading +o anofher +ouchdown. The Wildcals regained poise wil'h +wo louchdowns, and scoring swaps kepl il lied un+il DiH- mer broke up fhe game. Brandi' carries as Drahn, Geigel and DiH'mer pave +he way. JACK DITTMER Iowa Bombards Oregon, 34-BI The Hawkeyes charged ouf of fhe depfhs of near cafas- frophe in fhe fourfh quarfer fo bombard Oregon wifh four devasfafing fouchdowns in less fhan six minufes. Bob Longley's 94-yard goalward gallop in fhe waning seconds of period fhree was fhe feafher fhaf broke fhe Ducks' back, 34-3l. Wifhin fhree minufes Iowa counfed again, via Jerry Faske's Ieff-handed flip fo end Jack Diffmer. Buf Oregon was nof finished. John McKay slipped pasf lowa's forward wall and sprinfed 37 yards, making fhe score 3l-20. Bill Reichardf hauled in Oregon's kick-off on his one-yard line and rambled fhrough fhe enfire Webfoof feam for lowa's fourfh fouchdown. A few breafhs Iafer fhe Dad's Day specfafors saw Bob Hoff force Oregon's Bob Sanders fo fumble and Iowa was paydirf-bound again. Page 76 Paulsen and Hoff help sfop an Oregonian .... ffK IOWA 7 Highlanders enferfain af a home game .... Faske escapes a maze of Minnesofa Gophers .... Iowa's Rose Bowl-bound special gof sfuck in a Gopher hole as Minnesofa sfruclc fhrough 'rhe air and on fhe ground fo grind ouf a sfunning 55-7 Big I0 vicfory. The Hawks managed fo cross fhe pay-off line only once. Glenn Drahn pifched a seven-yard fouchdown sfrike fo end Bob McKen- zie, climaxing a 65-yard march in fhe fourfh period. Hawk fumbles plus fhe Gophers' "musf win" affifude caused fhe score fo mounf fo sfarfling proporfions. Minneso+a's greaf back, Billy Bye, was fhe fhorn in Iowa's side. The l75- pound "Gamboling Gopher" ran and passed fhe Hawks off fhe field. Minnesofa scored in every quarfer and counfed 27 poinfs in fhe final sfanza. The Gophers led 2 I-0 af fhe infermission and climbed fo a 28-0 advanfage before lowa scored fhe lone fouchdown. fx- ,- RALPH WOODARD Page 77 Faske, Winslow, Reichardl and Drahn fry for The pigskin .... Page 78 BOB GEIGEL Wisconsin Wallops Hawkeyes, 35-I3 The Hawks wallowed fheir way Through fhe mud af Camp Ran- dall sfadium and finished on fhe shorl' end of 'rhe score, losing fo Wisconsin, 35-I3. The Badgers, fighling for fheir Homecoming vicfory, pushed across a pair of firsl'-half fouchdowns and 1'hen capifalized on lowa's desperafion aHemp+s in +he waning minutes of 'rhe game. The Hawks sfruck fhe firsf +ime in +he 'rhird period as Glenn Drahn lo'H'ed an aerial +o Don Commack, good for 29 yards and six poin+s. Bill Reichardi' missed l'he placemenf, his firsl' a'H'er I5 sfraighi, and Iowa hailed, 28-6. The Hawks' final fally came affer a fourih-down pass had moved fhe pigskin +o 1'he Badger five. Bob Pe+ruska's booming pun+s, fwo of which weni' oui of bounds inside lowa's one-yard line, kep Hhe Hawks con- 'rinually in +he hole and led 'ro +wo of Wisconsin's markers. Faske carries for The Old Gold .... Irish Oufscore Iowa, 28-7 The Hawks finished The I949 season by holding a highly re- garded Nofre Dame eleven To a near sTandsTiII before bowing To The naTion's Top Team, 28-7. Iowa's only Touchdown came when Glenn Drahn spoTTed Bob McKenzie alone in The end zone and Ioffed a pass wiTh success. Jerry Faske proved To be Iowa's chief ground Threaf. The speedy back lugged The pigskin 82 yards in II Tries-more yardage Than any Irish back gained. Affer Iowa Tied The score, Nofre Dame's emerald-jerseys crossed The goal line wifh a ground aTTack and Two successful passes. The final Irish Touchdown came wifh 45 seconds lefT in The game, when NoTre Dame filched one of Drahn's passes. Irish quarferback Bobby Williams pifched a perfecT aerial To Leon Harf for The score. has LOU GINSBERG Page 79 .I . as Page 80 Freshmen Join Hawk Ranks Jerome Anderson William Baher Roberf Bain Frank Barile Bernard Bennefl' Donald Biorl: William Block Charles Brislol Burl' Brilzmann James Broadsron Rudy Bulrich Donald Chelf James Cilelr Jerry Clark Delmar Corbin David Crumley Richard Donohue Waller Donohue James Doornink Dan Exline John Ferguson Clyde Gard ner, Jr. Earnesl Gilson Tedd Godfrey Earl Hamers Francis Harney James Harvey John Hess John Hlavacelt Ray Holder John Holh James Howard Roy Hulchinson Dan Jacobs Conrad Jones Rober+ Keefe Paul Kemp Paul Klink Karl Knowles William Knuclrles Obren Koprivica Jaclt Lasley Jack Leinbaugh Lyle Leinbaugh Roger Luedlre Jack McKinney John Malone Ronald Miller George Myers Dudley Noble Harold Reisfer Donald Shum Harry Sievers William Skaife Peler Spaniers John Sfeibel Thornfon Slrange Donald Swarlzendruber L. E. Thayer Carl Turk Virgil Van Ahsen Pefer Van Oosferhoul Harold Viefor Charles Wheeler Russell Zimmermann Freshman foolball al lowa, iusl as al any college or universily, plays a vilally impor- lanr parl' in lhe alhlelic program. Wirh 'lhe freshman coach is The responsibilily lo walch for "up and coming" gridiron hopefuls lo bring inlo lhe varsily Team. Those who have lhe abilily lo play inlercollegiale loolball are given 'rhe chance +0 show whal Jrhey can do-regardless of whelher lhey were s'rar performers for 'rheir high school squads. Among Jrhe brighl' prospecls in lhe freshman ranks lhis year were Don. Swarlzendruber of Wellman, Clyde Gardner of Newlon, Connie Jones of Norlh Des Moines, Gene Helrick of lowa Cily, and Rudy Bulcich of S+. Louis. ATHLETIC BOARD OF CGNTRCL The general poIicy making body for Iowa's aThIeTic deparTmenT is The Board of ConTroI of AThIeTics. The board is composed of I3 members, II of whom are SUI TacuITy members and The remaining Two are fac- uITy members. Besides deTermining policy. The board acTs in a supervisory capicify for The aThIeTic deparT- menT and musT pass on any appoinTmenTs To The aTh- IeTic sfaff. The IaTTer is subiecf To approval of Presi- denT Virgil IVI. I-Iancher. In order To pass on any ac- Tion, The board musT have a favorabie voTe from The maiorify of The facuITy members. Any policy enacTed by The board musT be puT info effecT by The direcfor of aThIeTics. - Prof. PauI J. BIommers, Chairman Dean Mason Ladd Dean Bruce E. Mahan Dean Chesfer A. Phillips Dr. Paul W. Brechler Prof. Fredric G. Higbee Prof. John E. Briggs Prof. Sfuarf C. Cullen Dr. Ralph A. Fenfon Prof. J. W. Jones Mr. Fred W. Ambrose Dr. Wayne J. Fosfer Mrs. WaITer L. Sfewarf Page 8I Page 82 "POPS" HARRISON "BUCKY" O'CONNOR ROLLIE WILLIAMS I949-50 BASKETBALL SEASON This was a good year for Iowa baskefball. No conference championship was broughf fo Iowa Cify nor did any all-Americans grace fhe Hawkeye squad. Neverfheless, lowans were well safisfied wifh fhe I950 represenfafives. Wifh only one regular on hand from fhe '48-'49 squad, prospecfs were far from brighf as coach "Pops" Harrison prepared for fhe campaign. Thanks 'Io an oufsfanding crop of sophomores, Iowa posfed a record of I5 vic- fories in 22 confesfs, including a 6-6 conference mark and a fiffh place finish. .lf was a bizarre year foo, as no less fhan fhree coaches guided fhe Hawks during fhe season. "Pops" Harrison, fhe regular menfor, sfarfed, buf when ill-healfh forced him fo fhe sidelines, Rollie Williams fook over. Williams, assisfanf afhlefic direcfor and former head coach here, served for fhree weeks and fhen refurned fhe reins fo Harrison. The fiery "Pops" was nof phys- ically up fo fhe iob, however, and affer fwo conference games refired for fhe remainder of fhe year. Frank IBuckyl O'Connor, 36-year-old freshman coach, became fhe fhird occupanf of fhe posf, guiding fhe feam for fhe maiorify of fhe conference race. As usual, fhe Hawks had Iiffle difficulfy in non-conference play. The cusfomary breafh- ers appeared on fhe schedule buf fhere were vicfories of nofe, including a win over Nofre Dame af Soufh Bend. In conference compefifion fhe inexperienced lowans were unable fo win on foreign courfs buf balanced fhe road defeafs wifh fhrilling friumphs af home, such as fhe 65-64 squeaker againsf Indiana and a 70-65 vicfory over Illinois. Affer compiling a 3-3 record, fhe Hawks suffered fheir firsf loss af fhe fieldhouse fo Wisconsin in an overfime hearfbreaker. The road iinx, however, was also snapped as fhe mafuring squad scored wins away over Indiana and Minnesofa-a brighf poinf in fhe season. Losing fhe season's finale fo Minnesofa cosf Iowa a fhird place fie in fhe conference. 4...T.., our YY Page 83 LEFT: Dick Riecks Takes +0 +l'1e air for a shor during 'The Iowa-Carnegie Tech game. RIGHT: Bob Voliers goes up for a rebound shoi in The midsi' of Ufah Siaie players. BOB SCHULTZ A guard from Davenport he served as a iisparkpiuqi' for lowa's Team again This year. Irorn II1e IangIe oi Purdue pIayers. sholr in +I'1e IIIinois game. FRANK CALSBEEK Inis bffoor 6If24inCI1 cenIer or forward Irom I'IuII, Iowa. was a mainsiay on Ine Hawk squad again Ibis year. RIG!-IT: Fred Ruck and Chuck DarIing Ioak Iike II'1ey were waifing for Skip Greene Io emerge LEFT: Frank CaISbeek again Iakes Io II'1e air Ior a Page 84 9, , l BOB HPINKYH CLIFTON A sixfooi-Iour guard Irom Boone, Iowa TOP: "Ev" Cochrane, number I9, Iussles wi+I1 an Indiana pIayer for 'rhe ball, while Frank Cals- beelc eyes a possible rebound chance. BOTTOM: I-Iawk uniforms domina+e Jrhe scene as Bob VoIIers a++emp+s Io guard an IIIinois pIayer . . . a+ Ieff are Dick Riecks and Chuck DarIinq. Page 87 G 2 1' , , Lf, 0 . 3 v F, . 1 .L ,y H - A 5 Y. W - " in c ff 'XM 35.21.255-'Ali I Vliillf 5' 'ly L Page 89 ,- - mms, DICK RIECKS CHUCK DARLING A sfellar forward from Danbury, Iowa. P+. Logan, Colorado, losr Jrlwis six-'foof eighf-inch cenfer +o +he Hawk squad. "l.iHIe" Dick Riecks, Hawk forward, was srill a L X Chuck Darling approaches for a rebound big Threaf To Jrhe opposifion . . . on Hwe right I' FRESHMAN BASKETBALL . As usual, Iowa's freshman baskefball feam did noi' play any formal games, buf fhaf did no+ obscure fhe facf fhaf fhe I949-50 frosh squad was well above average. From fheir infrasquad games, scrimmages wifh fhe "B" feam, and general pracfice sessions, observers were able fo spof a number of fop-flighf varsify prospecfs. Some of fhe' leading names were Herb Thompson, high scoring all-sfafer from Foresf Cifyg Gene Heffrick and Whifey Diehl, former Iowa Cify sfarsg Bernie Bennef, all-sfafe guard from Mason Cify: Bob Mau, all-sfafe cenfer af Charles Cifyg Lee Eskilsen, clever forward from Governeur, N. Y.: Don Swarfzendruber, all-around afhlefe from Wellman: and Don Bjork, from Alberf Cify. Changes in fhe varsify coaching sfaff also affecfed fhe frosh feam. When Bucky O'Connor relinquished his freshman dufies fo fake over fhe varsify iob, Jack Spencer, former sfar guard for fhe Hawkeyes and varsify assisfanf for fhe firsf parf of fhe year, was given 'Ihe job. MINOR "I" WINNERS FRESI-IMAN NUMERAL WINNERS Roberf Bosfwick Jack Miller I Roberf Baker Roberl' Mau Tom Cady Richard Reid Bernard Bennefi' Roberf Oiemann Gene Gefiys Gene Slack Donald BIOIE Id SOX ilqallzt d b Jack Hargrove Roberf Wischmeier Alaq Bulle' Ie on War Zen ru er William Creger lmanagerl Herberf Thompson James Treneman Page 90 ilu.. K INDIVIDUAL SPURTS Page 92 a. TOP ROW: Wresfling Coach H. M. Howard, Tharp, Benda, Scarpello, Paulsen. FRONT ROW: McCoy, Macias, Carman, Tesla. WRESTLING Iowa wresflers won 4 and Iosf 2 mafches-fhree wins and fwo Iosses of which were Big IO. In fhe opening meef, fhe Hawkeyes edged Wisconsin, I5 fo I I, by winning fhe Iasf fwo evenfs on fhe card. Iowa puIIed a repeaf performance in fhe nexf meef and came from behind in fhe' Iasf fwo evenfs fo down Wheafon coI- Iege, I6 fo I4, buf was unsuccessful againsf IIIinois in fhe nexf meef, Iosing I9 fo 8. The Hawkeyes refurned fo fhe winning road by frouncing Norfhwesfern, 23 fo 5, buf fhen Iosf fo Michigan, I5 fo 9. -The Hawks came back and finished fhe season by polish- ing off Minnesofa, I6 fo II. The illnesses of Vern McCoy, I2I pounder, and Capfain George Tesla, I45 pounder, and a shoulder iniury for heavyweighf Joe Paulsen, proved fo be a greafer handi- cap fhan fhe hard working Hawks could overcome. The onIy brighf spof for Old Gold was former Olympian Joe ScarpeIIo, who became a four-fime Big I0 champion by defending his I75- pound fifle againsf Norfhwes'rern's Tom Rogouzis. ScarpeIIo has a sfring of 20 dual vicfories in fhe I75 pound class. Scarpello, Delberf "Junebug" Perrin, "Subby" Colanino, Ken Carman and Manuel Macias scored poinfs in fhe 2Ofh annual Big I0 wresfling championships, for which Iowa was hosf, fo place fhe Hawkeyes fiffh as Purdue defended ifs crown. iz. are Scarpello gefs ready fo pin Purdue's Dasso af We Big IO meefImH'1e Iowa Hefdlwouse Hawk Grapplers in Acfion Kollcer fangles wI'rl'w Kouqh of Ohio Sfafe in We Big IO meet -A-'ilk GYMNASTICS BACK ROW: Holzaepfel lcoachl, LaDue, McKenna, Duggan, Turchen, Williams. FRONT ROW: Harris, JenneH, Casacly, Engels, Lewis. FENCING T lli . ' "L R E I R l O in T ,Q ., ,531-115 . I Q . xl lil? A 1 , - T R ' X 'R-, T if 4 T f Q V K . . , rf X is TOP ROW: Morris, Johnson, McDaniel, Blum, Allen. ROW 2: Wright McCann, Gollsinger, Hopwell. BOTTOM ROW: Miller, Wl1i+e, Dofson, Tannenbaum. Page 95 . .. fcflfwdw-. -lowa's Pride Swimming Team DUANE DRAVES Capiain of The I95O Team TOP ROW: lzu, MCG-uire, I-iarlc, Dunbar, Lehman, Busch, Wilson. ROW 2: Coach D. A. Armbrusier, Hoeff, Siifh, Boyd, Nicholson, Wilson, Assisianl Coach Jim Counsilman BOTTOM ROW: Keilh, Huiinger. Siassforih, Draves lcapiainl, Griesbach, Garsf. , , , V ,ww ,,,,,, ,W , .Q Larry Dunbar, WaNly NICH- olson, Rusfy Sars? and Bob Busch were swimmers on We 400-yard free sfyle fe- Yay feam for We Hawk. fi"'w ,AN A X , xx X- lowa's swimming feam, which was second in fhe Big I0 and NCAA meefs in I949, sfill had enough power fo grab fhird place in fhe Wesfern Conference meef. Minus All-American Wally Ris, fhe Hawks dropped fhree dual meefs and finished firsf in fwo. Their confer- ence record was fwo and fwo. Edward "Rusfy" Garsf splashed fo a pair of crowns in fhe league meef as he won bofh fhe 50 and I00-yard free sfyle sprinfs. Ofher conference places were gained by Bowen Sfassforfh, Jack Wil- son, Duane Draves, Don Wafson, and lowa's fwo relay feams. Bill l-lark congrafulafes Bud Griesloach on a good race in fhe Sfafe A. A. U. baclcsfrolce evenf. Ed Garsf fakes off on fhe fouch of Larry Dunbar during a relay race. Page 98 Dolphin Club I PAUL I-IUTINGER Presiclenlr BOWEN STASSFORTI-I Vice-Presidenl BILL I-IARK Treasurer TOM CADY Secrela ry DUANE DRAVES Sergeani-al-Arms Daring young men on Ihe flying Irapeze perform for Jrhe '49 Dolphin Show. Florida Trip Highlighfed Year's AcI'ivi'ries . . Twenly-Ihree Dolphin swimmers a++ended 'Ihe an- nual Nafional Collegiale Aqualic 'Forum during 'Ihe Chrislmas holidays in F'r. Lauderdale, Florida, as one of fhe brigh+es'r poinfs in anoI'her year of acfivify. In April, 'Ihe club senl' 'Ihe Iowa feam +o fhe Nafional A.A.U. al' Ohio Slafe, where Iowa swam 'Io a 'rhird place in a field of power-laden feams 'From Ihrough- ouf fhe Unifed S+aI'es. Spring acfivifies included a picnic al 'I'he quarries, near Iowa Cify, and a canoe frip from Lalce Macbride down 'rhe Iowa river. TOP ROW: Weber, Dahl, Waison, Yim, Lehman, I-Ioefi, Izu, Wolf, Lewis, Wright Syverud. ROW 4: Squire, Marlin, Kern, Shih, Cady, Griesbach, McGuire, Thorson, I-Iein, Thomas. ROW 3: MacKeon, Moore, Sione, Rigler, Kincaid, McDonald, I-Ioliinagle, Mana, Schmidi, Lynch, Keifh. ROW 2: Bielefeldl, LaBahn, Garsi, Dunbar, Busch, Bloomburg, Wi++e, Rinella, Piclcus, Myron. BOTTOM ROW: Assisiani coach Jim Counsilman, Cady, I-Iarlc, I-Iuiinger, S+assIor+h, Draves, Coach D. A. Armlorusier. Iowa Resembled 'rhe Islands aI' I'he vsfyr 4193, -N Q75 3 I s tg: x 1' ,Y v gp Dolphin Show . . . Members of fhe Dolphin club began +he year wi+h 'Ihe annual wafer pageant a homecoming +radi+ion ai' SUI. This year I'he Iheme was based on fhe Ha- waiian Islands and 'rhe show was +iI'Ied "Hawaii Calls". Five members of Ihe swimming Ieam played Iheir ulceleles 'For I'he pageanI', and for fhe firsi' occasion wi'rhin fhe memories of I'he SUI Dolphins, women were included in Ihe wafer carnival. Twins Marilyn and Karilyn Adams, boI'h champion synchronized swim- mers, were a worI'hy addifion Io fhe show and won +he approval of crowds who came +o Ihe enferfaining presenI'aI'ion. Page 99 Palm frees were reflecfed in lhe lowa fieldhouse pool, as Hawaiian melodies added a+mosphere 'ro 'rhe Dolphin show. A high poin+ in l'he en'l'er- 'lainmenf fhis year were The aufhenlic ulcelele music and fhe 'lradifional hula dances. Declced oul' in mulii-colored Ieis, l'he capaci+y crowd showed iheir approval of lhe novel afmosphere and good enl'erl'ainmenl'. Page I00 "Hawaii Calls" Enlerfained Homecoming TOP, LEFT: A new 'Feaiure in +he show 'lhis year was syn- chronized swimming by +he Misses Marilyn and Karilyn Adams of Des Moines-'lhe firsl women fo appear in a Dolphin produclion. TOP, RIGHT: Specfafors included +he Dolphin beaufy cour+. Lef+ 'ro righi' are Marge Valenfine and Lois Longley, a'H'endan+sg Mary Lou Slevenson, queen, and Sue Sievens and Pal Church, aH'endan+s. BOTTOM, LEFT: "And so we fake leave of our Hawaiian paradise, as fhe ship slowly glides in+o ihe azure blue wafers of +he Pacific, wi+h fhe sirains of 'aloha' fading info +he dis+ance"-well, you gel' +he idea! BOTTOM, RIGHT: lf looks easy, bul we have if on good aufhoriiy +ha+ a wa+er ballei' requires perfecf fiming, much pracfice, and fhe abili+y 'lo swim wifhoul splashing. Crowds Page l0I M wi TRACK COACH FRANCIS CRETZMEYER lowa's new 'rrack coach, Francis Crefzmeyer, underlook Ihe iob of rebuilding 'rhe sporf during 'rhe I948-49 season. In I'heir firsl' dual meeI's, Iowa Iosl' Io Minnesola and MarqueH'e: in a Iri- angular meel wilh Wisconsin and NorI'hwesI'ern, Ihe Ihinclads finished Ihird. The I950 season promised a clefinile slep forward in Iowa I'rack, as I'he rebuilding process enI'ered ils second year. Among I'he 26-man squad were II maior "I" winners and many good sophomore pros- pecI's. The indoor season of I950 was marked by viclories over Marquelle and Norlhweslern. The Hawks shared a second place lie wi'rh Pur- due af Illinois. Russ Merkel swepf bo+h hurdle evenls and Marcellus Boslon won Ihe 60-yard dash 'ro give Iowa I'hree firsls. Merkel also I'ook bolh barrier +i+Ies in I'he Illinois Tech relays in Chicago, and Boslon edged ou+ a Drake univer- siI'y en'rranI 'ro caplure Ihe 70-yard dash crown. HAWK TRACKMEN ON THE UPSWING . . TOP ROW: Assislanl Coach Roberl Filch, Kaplan, Weik, Coach Francis Crelzmeyer. 4TH ROW: Copeland, Deuel, Nordman, Erdenberger, Fields, Riley. 3RD ROW: R, Merkel, Jennell, Caplan, Collins, Davis, Snook, Brown. ZND ROW: Dielz, Greene, Sleiclen, Bye, I-Iarper, Sangsler. FRONT ROW: Moore, Rosen, Duggan, J. Merkel, McDonald, Simpson, Boslon. Page I02 Keilh Brown crosses Jrhe half-mile evenl finish line in firsl Tom Sangsler Takes 'rhe bafon from Dereef Greene llelll place in lasl' spring's lriangular meer wiih Norfhweslern lo anchor ihe l-lawlcs +o a relay win over' Norlhweslern. and Wisconsin. Sophomore Marcellus Bosio n breaks Jrhe lape in lhe 6Ofyard dash during Norlhweslern rneel. s 2 lv Page I04 UPPER LEFT-Dick Erdenberger clears fhe bar for Iowa's M of a poin+ in The I949 Big I0 oufdoor meel a+ Evansfon . . . DuWayne Dielz and Russ Merkel, Big I0 champion in high and low hurdles, 'rake +he low hurdles during praciice . . . Miler Jack Davis paces 'rhe pack wi+h Norl'hwes'rern's Dean Pieper lrailing . . . Marcellus Bosion lakes lo 'I'he air in a broad iump . . . Jack Davis lakes a warmup +urn around +he fielclhouse lrack. Jaclc Davis, Bill Snook and Earl Duggan pause for a Iorealher. SUI's I949 cross counfry Ieam, winning +hree ou'r of four duaI'meeI's, had I'he besi' season's record in ai' Ieasi' fiffeen years. In dual meefs, +he Iowa harriers defeared IIIinois, Nofre Dame and MarqueH'e. Their only Ioss was 'ro Minne- so+a. The Ieam finished fiffh in fhe Big Ten championship run. Earle Duggan won 'rhe four mile run a+ Nofre Dame and MarqueH'e, and fin- ished second in I'he IIIinois race. Cross Counrry Squad Builds Record Team TOP ROW: Track Coach Francis Crelzmeyer, James, Zuclc, I-Iarlsoolc, Slone, Assis+an+ Coach Thomas Whelan. ZND ROW: Kaplan, Houlihan, Ryan, Marchi, Emmons. FRONT ROW: Gibbons, Moldenhauer, Kinglcade, Davidsaver. Swv? 1 X f""""'e-...M-" DON KLOTZ, Tennis Coach Mike True-blood reaches Io a hgh one TENNIS SQUAD WINS FGUR DUAL MEETS Page I06 The I949 Hawk ne+men, aI'rhough eighfh in 'I'he conference championships, had a couple of brighi' spoI's in 'rhe season. They downed Indiana, 5-4, 'For fheir firsr Ieague dual vicfory since I940. In 'I'he conference meeI', I'he Hawks were separaI'ed from +hird place Wisconsin by a mere 4If2 poinfs. The overaII dual meef sI'anding for Ihe I949 season was four wins and five Iosses. Don Lewis, Bill Ball, AI Pierce and Mike Trueblood were refurning IeHer- meni' for 'rhe I949-50 season. Gordon Chapman in +he foreground, and Bruce Hig- ley and Jack Flefcher in The background-during a prac- Hce sesdon. "":-4.-,,. TOP ROW: Coach Klofz, Ball, Sinion, Pierce, Chapman, Flefcher, Van Ginkel, Richards. BOTTOM ROW: Marcovis, Jenna, Trueblood, Lewis, Higley, Coe. Page IO7 l4 COACH OTTO VOGEL Baseball Squad Wins Big Nine Tille One of lhe oul'sl'anding players in lowa's rise lo l'he lop was All-American Lefly Jack Bruner. The deadly soulhpaw hurler eslablished a new league slrikeoul record, fanning 66 baH'ers in bl 2X3 in- nings, and pilching lhe Hawks lo five league wins while losing only one-lo Norlhweslern. Bruner's overall mark was 6-2, and he allowed only 37 hi+s in 7l 2X3 frames. On lhe' hiHing side of l'he books, il' was All-American Jack DiH'mer who wielded lhe big s'l'ick. "DiH'y" marked a slrong .356 balling average for 'lhe I949 campaign. He was closely followed by Caplain Ed Browne wil'h .333 and Bob lPinkyl Primrose wilh .325. The Umpire peers Through a cloud ol dusl-Jrhe runner was sale .... One skill a firsl baseman musl masler is slrelching for a possible wild lhrowl Page l08 4.. ,, aa s.-lem-.fag Coach Ollo Vogel explains a play I'o several of Ihe Hawkeye players. An Illinois runner is forced 'ro hi'r +he dirl in a game which Iowa won, 3-0. Affer a slow sfarl' early in I'he I949 conference season, I'he Hawkeye baseball 'ream seH'Ied down fo vaull' info a fhree-way +ie wifh Indiana and Mich- igan for ifhe Big Nine +iI'Ie. The clear crown eluded Coach Offo VogeI's charges when fhey dropped 'rhe firsf of a Iwo-confesif series wi'I'h Norfhwesfern on +he Hawk diamond. In fheir non-conference games, Ihe SUI players compiled a 6-4 record 'For a season mark of I4-8. Included in 'I'he non-confer- ence vicfories were wins over a pair of professional clubs, Rockford, III., and Clinfon of 'rhe Cenrral Associarion. Page I09 Page IIO L -f. 3 4, as 'Q ii If- fi., I x 'i 1 ,V,, i w I Tsyis 1 5 ff , 4N',N, 5?,s??T"'E . ' 'N " .Arr fr ' sg K A I 3 1 4 . J 'ei fi ffl I' ,T ,!'Nv ,, I f fr ' , if . ' iii' y gl -H, ,,,, file--..,R, ,I :fr zz, 'f ' we , v,, fi ' 11? :WLQ r'-531' ' ,A , lf, 52 ' , V , ,.., 7:7 I . 4 .1 -Q - we-Ja,L,,,,,,-vs ,, siasiif, . , Q fumw gwiiiii M: Q , - V . .49 A -Q ,,.wi , . . , Q ,W . -mf,-,' X . se.5,,,gf'fi'T:W1- 7 -Y ' I T ,. E1 Jack DiTTmer, a sTeIIar player Tor The Hawks, Tound Time To compeTe in TooTbaIl and baskeTbaII during his 'Tour years aT SUI .... CaTch- er Bob Primrose was a depend- able receiver Tor Iowa's piTching sTaTI and aided The squads baT- Ting average wiTh a .325 season mark. An Iowa player happily sTrides across home pIaTe as The oppo- nenTs' caTcher peers aT a disap- pearing baseball .... Jack DiTT- mer Talks The game over wiTh an Illinois player. The play looked This way To The phoTographer--and To The man who slid in .... Looks like The play was close. .i . ,I , Iowa 5 Iowa 5 Iowa 8 Iowa 3 Iowa 4 Iowa I Iowa 4 Iowa 7 Iowa 3 Iowa I 2 Iowa 9 Iowa 6 Iowa 3 Iowa I4 Iowa 7 Iowa 4 Iowa 3 Iowa 7 Iowa 2 Iowa 9 Iowa 8 Iowa 20 Bradley . . . 4 Bradley . . . I2 Nofre Dame . . I No'I're Dame . . 4 Wes+ern Michigan 5 WesI'ern Michigan 3 Monmoufh . . 0 CIinI'on Sfeers . I IIIinois .... 0 Illinois .... I3 LaPIan'r-Choafe . 3 Purdue . . . I Purdue .... 6 Rockford Rox . 7 Indiana . . . 2 Indiana . . . 5 Wisconsin . . 2 IIOinningsI Wisconsin . . 6 Minneso'I'a . . 0 Minnesofa . . . 4 NorI'hwesI'ern . . IO II3inningsI Norfhwesfern . . 3 TOP: The camera freezes a momeni of aciion in a close play. BOTTOM: Wha hoppened? no Page III q - Y f-- -'V BACK ROW: Johnson, Miller, Ackley, Coach Frank O'Connor, Kromer, Gableman, Carlson, Cooper, Anderson, Goode, O'Riley. FRONT ROW: Fields, Slack, Ferguson. Golfers Sef Besf Record . . . Two leffermen from I949, Willard lskipl Carlson and Gene Maf- fhess, plus Les Fields, a I948 lefferman, formed fhe nucleus of fhe I950 Hawkeye golf feam. Frank lBuckyl O'Connor pilofed fhe Hawks for fhe firsf year in '49 as fhe linksfers won fhreei and losf fwo dual meefs. The Hawk golfers were consisfenf as fhe season progressed and pushed Iowa fo ifs besf golf record in several years. They finished fourfh in fhe conference meef af Ann Arbor, ahead of foufed Minnesofa and Norfhwesfern. In fhe NCAA champion- ships af Ames, fhe Hawkeyes ranked l5fh, fopping such perennial powerhouses as Yale and California. , Q F R E S H M A N SQUAD-Neifher fhe coaches nor any of The players could iden- fify everyone in fhe picfure . . . buf here fhey are. Page II2 , 2 8 'W T' wwf' if 2-QE: .7 W S f EEN' Mi-rf 3 4. ,fx Q, Qi W Q 'f 422 EEA 2 ni? 1 ag Q EMR ff , If 3 Page I I4 TOP ROW: Voss, Ivlanxmiller, S+. Clair, Silverman, Zadelc, Esfes, Bode, Jensen, lvl. Thornron, Shiplon, Greenlee, Korab, Egli. BOTTOM ROW: Nu'r'l'all, Virginia Sferling, advisor: Shields, Blair Fallc, Barron, C. Thornlon, Airrh, Clarlc. .WRA Plans Women's SporI's Program HELEN FALK Presidenr LILY LOU BARTON Firsi' Vice-Presideni' LAU RA SHI ELDS Second Vice-Presidenr JOAN BLAIR Secrefary CI-IALLIE THORNTON Treasurer WRA offers many opporfunifies for service and leadership in recrea+ion for all women on campus. An execulive board composed of live orlicers, club presidenls, 'rhe inlramural and publicily chairmen and The faculfy advisor rules on WRA ac- Iivilries. Included in a full calendar of special evenls were a freshman open house in Sepfember and a hockey sporis day in November, when six colleges were represenled. A "Penny Carnival" was anofher WRA funcrion in February, and Ivlay saw 'Ihe annual Orchesis recifal. The infrarnurals board of WRA sei up an ex'l'ensive sporls schedule This year so 'l'ha'r women in every housing unil could compele for Ihe inlramural Irophy, awarded Io Ihe group mos? acfive in parficipalion. Specialized recrealion is offered Io SUI women by WRA clubs, all of which are open 'ro non-maiors as well as majors in physical educarion. viii." by SOFTBALL CLUB TOP ROW: WalTer, Jones, Key, Clarlc, Blair, Shielcls, NolTe, Silverman. BOTTOM ROW: ST. Clair, EsTes, l-lenry, Egli, Korab. HOCKEY CLUB TOP ROW: WalTer, NolTe, Blair, l'luTTman, Clark, TomTeld, Thomas, Key, Beekman, Miss CriTz. BOTTOM ROW: ST. Clair, Silverman, Parker, Jensen, ThornTon, Morrell, Greenlee. Marion Sollecler and Jane Johnson "ping" Tor serve. AlThough The uniTorms may noT be uniTorm, The spiriT's There when Teams vie Tor vicTories in The inTramurals TournamenTs. 5 INTRAMURALS BOARD Jan Sl. Clair, Marilyn Jensen, Marion Thorn- Ton, Arlene Silverman, Miss Jean Slanicek, June Korab, Gerfrude Clarlc. MIXED BADMINTON TOURNAMENT Background: Norma Bode and Jagdish R. Bammi. Foreground: Hans Lenschow and Nancy Luzon. HICK HAWKS "Swing your parlner and promenade" is The password for members of The SUI Hiclq Hawks, who meer 'Tor square dancing during evening hours. BASKETBALL TOP ROW: Mary Lee, Arlene Silverman, Pal A Barnhouse, Lily Lou Barlon, Rifa Walsh, Donna Belle Jones, Pal Wallers, Laura Shields. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Adler, lda Egli, Jan S+. Clair, Jerri Greenlee, Marion Thornlon, June Korab. , ,,, ,, , CRAFT -GUILD lris Sievers lrims a piece ol melal as parl ol her proiecl lor Crall Guild. A complelely equipped workshop enables members ol lhe Guild lo creale handmade goods lrom lealher, wood and melals. HONORARY TENNIS CLUB TOP ROW: Silverman, MacKenzie, Clarlc, Laylon, Slarr, Lauzon. BOTTOM ROW: Wallers, Thornlon, Jensen, Henry. ORCHESIS T TOP ROW: Janel Cumming, inslruclor: Moellering, Wollson, Ducommun, Lindley, Jewell, McManus. ROW 2: Laurer, Kao, Zadelc, Kouba, Pierce, Smilh, Zenlmire. BOTTOM ROW: Cohen, Mundl, Hardinger. SEALS TOP ROW: Voss, Howe, Schulz, Jewell, Naylor, Jebens, Orsloorn, Wilson, Fox. Graham, Israel. ROW 2: Beekman, Thornlon, Toline, Klein, McRoberls, Slcelley, Bordewiclc, Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Johnslone, Carlson, Beller, Auner, Cole, Funlc, Nullall, Dwigans. 535-1 .J N-.JS 122 , ,L Q Q S ,U L 5 A KK 'N , f, ' -e , , F! ., 5 Q i f 4 1 ,. 5 .r S Y ,. MU , fl, Q , - ,fmwwgaf ,,,, Y"Q s K ' ,,iw21,E 'ig if Lg. 'giilg 5 lffflsf' Qfgfwif 3 2, if Sf f Q if K' in 25. . 2 . 11. Q ,f i 5 v ,Y N 3 in ,i A' if N .14 .i Q M M . Q.w-Mama, 4MM.MWM,,,,M A 5 5 f f M 5 U Q nil I - 3 1 7 '27'1,., ' , . --W 4 A Musa-f. x Q hug K ,is K x ma' sf' av"-G an . N V , 'Q V,." 7 '-.5 K7 .531 W Q ' .naw ' Q lfwiW3 X 5-Q. f?f"f ' f, - Q 1 , Q X Yah,-?K?,A':Txv?1:R9Laf--gzyK l - , w.,,f,-wA::nf'.a-gs, U Q , ,- , ,, 1, y .- 4?gTfi' , 1, y Y 'F 1 425 yy. A -4 ' 'L , 52.392 h..g-llfai PROFESSCJRS . . . Prof. Jack Johnson, lhe Man and Sociely man, checlcs Jrhe morning mail . . . while Don Lewis elabo- rales on man's mind for his infro- duciion To psychology leclure . . . and Dr. George Mosse finds a Wesiern Civilizaiion naiion on Jrhe map. Opposile page, left A. Craig Baird prepares for a seminar in lhe fundamenlals of public speaking . . . and Eugene Harlan, a public relaiions "whiz", does some adver+ising of his own for lhe school ol journalism. Opposile page, righiz Dr. John A. Eldridge suspends himself on chair and lable +o dem- onsira+e a principle of Physics . . . while Prof. Dorrance While ex- plains how words work for his Greek and Lalin for vocabulary building course. 'G n ,giwf A isi s, -ik Q M, f - Q41 3 M K " 1 if-1P4:4,f,, s .R e fi wwf Q ,Of QSM ,mg ,H x 'wi Wil , 4 1 gram , LSANSQJE Y 1 9 Zvi ,Q E pkqvw A .mf Lev! ' Y A lg ,Sy S '71 l "Press firmly on your pencil-+he insfrucfions fell you everylhing buf wha+ you need +o lcnow for +hose mulfiple-guess exams, buf +haf's one of +he piifalls of modern mass educa+ion . . . Toying wifhga frog's liver during a noon hour lab isn'+ some sludenis' idea of a good pre-luncheon appefizer. Page I22 Mixed emoiions regis+er on sludenfs' faces as an enferlaining prof re+rieves an old pun from dus+y re- +iremen+ . . . There's nofhing quiie like arriving a+ The classroom half an hour early so you can finish lcniHing a row on fhe argyles. Reading from leff 'lo righf, 'Four sludenfs show lheir emolions al' fhe resulfs of fhe exam: "Unbelieving Calm", "S+oic, si-ulaborn resignation +o 'rhe news", "Maybe I go+ a C", and "Ummmmmm--well, l'll be-" . . . and we have ano+her lab session, where "the law of somelhing or o+her applies here." Scene: a lecfure which probably isn'f fhe mos? 'Fascina+ing and illuminaring bi+ of informaiion ever heard. Time: abou? 'ihe poini when you wish you were our having coffee insfead of in, ge++ing numb. . . . They don'i seem io frusf us any more down af reserve, buf ihen ihose 'fascinafing volumes are fempfing. He's giving her encouragemenf and advice, alfhough fhe lec+ure nofes seem fo dispufe whaf ihe +ex+ says. . . . Then 1here's fha? lasf hundred pages you've go? io read, alfhough if's gefiing harder and harder 'l'o mainiain an aleri' and recepfive aififude. Affer wailing half an hour +o gel' +o fhe card cafalogue, searching +hrough confusing drawers of codes and symbols on cards, filling ou'r a call slip, and waifing hopefully for a lengihy inferlude, you hear -lhem say: "Sorry-fhe book's been checked oui fo a faculfy member." . . . And +here's 'Phe quief and resfful almosphere of +he "lounge" lobby af reserve, where icy winier winds whip in 'rhe door. Page I23 TOP, LEFT: Dryslrones, where we gafher for boiled sawdusi'-wifh Chlorine .... Nofhing Ile along,+aW odd maH .... Mus+be deanup Ngh+a+ Curder .... Fdendw bhdge +ourney,rnaybe .... VVe'd be proud of +ha+ +n3phy,+oo .... G5onna cu? +he ice? . .. Everywhere you go,+hereE a waIHng Une .... FeHaa you nu5+ be giving a sedous prob- !enw .... VVha+E wA+h Bhondie? .. . Record-breaking conference. Page l24 TOP, LEFT: We woulcln'+ play lhal card, eilher .... Nolhing quile like a ierm paper .... Mail call brings forlh smiles .... Whal HAVE you lhere? . . . Anolher enjoyable coffee hour .... "Man on second"-need we say more? . . . The Kappa Kappa Chi boys have a rival lcilchen crew .... Collecling lhe Jrroops for a wallc fo class .... Well-filled scrap- looolc, hm? . . . LiHle ihings .... Be palienl-she's only been Talking 'lor lilleen rninulesl Page I25 u , 35? 5 i N ryxr Jw as iw at iw Y 5' Q ..a..rt!B-K S- ff V ! "M , fa , M L ' ing . ii 6 ri, ' I 935 wi K Qgff 4 M K W A 1- if , W , ' ',"- - fmi Zfv -, "J ffiiizff , ,' w :ff f 11 1:11. :iw 5' HV' 5 X If It A v iffy' I 1 T W A 3' , gp , QQ W M W W if- ,:,j0:i W 'ff V 3 wb-pfwfwff :LQ wg Q ' f. . .Sig ,391 ,i .. N W .L . . , Y Q Q Q, 2,7 vim- K .1 ' '- ' ' 'Y' f, X A A ,. - ,.A: 1 , . , x ' ' a N -X I , 1 .' , - fd . QP 2' ' fe N Ns. 3 if XS. ff, Y: 4 i fu - V S - - - , B WT: ,S 5' as Q " ef s .sf A gm , ,z. SK.:-L. t 4 D 1 x sf 1 if 0, E k ,I M'W"""'i""""""h..5,.5x A I N ff 22 h ,mg 4 x x :Q EP 'ix m 6' I i 5' -i Y 4 P r' .f ggi: 4 vm W, A 37 f gy 2133.11 ff: J I 930m f? L, LPHIN UEEN I Page l28 IIEIXI HOME A A I 0 W A ffe B-, -'Q THE GRiom.-Mi TOP, LEFT: The Highlanders added Iheir colorful skill a+ The annuaI homecoming parade .... Cheese- cake was Jrhe dominanf mo+if in many Iloais .... MIDDLE, LEFT: Paffy Church seems Io have been caughi in a +aIIca+ive momenlr .... The firsf homecoming parade was raied a success .... MIDDLE RIGHT: I-Ionesf, ii was a phone boo+hI . . . I-Ierky picks ai The bones of Indiana .... RoyaIIy, 'rhaI is. ., . . Some day Ihey mighf play for Iowa! 170 A group of s+uden1's, banded fogeiher under lhe naime of an honorary or professional frafernify . . . or pledged +o a Greek leH'er social or- ganizarion . . . or belonging io a huge dormifory associaiion . . . whafever +he name, fhe organizafion had a purpose, and ii' was an ideal laborafory where you worked, learned and lived wi+h sfudenis who were parl' of an over-all pa'H'ern which se-emed 'lo uni'I'e for common good. Q, if ,,l ,1- fad' f 4-1' ,QD K 3 eff? --551 -igngffsgfr a N '-W 'F fp ' X3 lil -. ni i , 'M'niiI", 2 'WT ll"llXll 1 7-rr' X 'l mimllmqltlqlllliHlllmlii ll l 132 , 'J ,A fx? Q tif A f M Lp-45 Jw, my-", W , 3. V w h ' i k Vi 1 'T in 4, 1 gunna iz: ll ,, , we ClHLQQwL.LSZ,,' Wink WWW. Page I30 TOP ROW: BurT, Erickson, Campbell. ROW 4: Gordon, Henderson, Hansen ROW 3: Johnson, Jones, Mueller. ROW 2: Rehmlce, RUST, Thurnau. BOTTOM ROW: Tripp, VandeSTeeg, WrighT. MORTAR BOARD JOELLE HANSEN PresidenT ETTA M UELLER Vice-presidenT FRANCES HEN DERSON SecreTary YVETTE WRIGHT Treasurer CAROL Tl-IURNAU l-lisTorian Each year SUI junior women ouTsTanding in scholarship, service and leadership receive recogniTion Trom MorTar Board, naTional honorary organizaTion wiTh 82 acTive chap- Ters. Purpose oT The organizaTion is To discover campus needs, evaluaTe Them and help solve Them. Since iTs Tound- ing in I926, The Iowa chapTer has esTablished The vocaTional conTerence program, seT up The mailbox sysTem aT The Union, and conTribuTed a number of oTher services To The universiTy. Since l928, MorTar Board has sponsored The MoThers' Day weekend program Tor The enTire campus. New MorTar Board members are "Tapped" by The reTiring members aT a special spring recogniTion ceremony. MorTar Board ioined wiTh oTher campus groups in sponsoring Panacea, The all-campus carnival and The May Frolic dance. The annual "SmarTy ParTy" This year honored all universiTy women who received a TirsT semesTer grade average oT 3.0 or above. JoinTly wiTh ODK, MorTar Board presenTed a S75 award To PaT Louns- bury as "Hawkeye Woman oT The'Year." - , l.. CMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delfa Kappa is a nafional honorary frafernify for men who are oufsfanding in service, leadership and scholarship. Junior men who fulfill fhe requiremenfs are elecfed 'ro membership in 'rhe spring of each year. The fra- Jrernify was founded in l9l4, and in I947 SUI added ifs chapfer as a confinuafion of fhe All For lowa club. Abouf sixfy gracluafe members from all over 'rhe Unifed Sfafes af- fended ODK's annual reunion brealcfasf during homecoming. The frafernify sponsored fhe Dad's Day dance, fhe alumni dad confesl' and ofher acfivifies for alumni and foofball dads. During fhe fall members held forums on parliamenfary law. ODK is 'rhe ioinf sponsor, wifh fhe Sfudenf Council and Morfar Boarcl, of fhe all-universify carnival and fhe Panacea show. This year Jrhe chapfer received a double honor: SUI Presidenl' Virgil M. l-lancher was elecfed fo The nafional execufive board and Evan I-lulfman received one of four scholarships awarded annually by fhe nafional organizafion. ln coniuncfion wifh Morfar Board, ODK presenfed a S75 Award fo E. K. Jones as "l-lawlceye Man of The Year." EVAN l-l U LTMAN Presidenl' l-IARLAN l-IOCKENBERG Vice-presidenl' M. L. HUIT Secrefary RALPH WOODARD Treasurer Tor ROW: Dice, Dooley exam. Row 4: Hays, Hockenberg, Huber. Row 31 Hulfman, icnzrfen, Mcsumey. Row 2: Mcmahan, Shuffleworfh, smoker. BOTTOM ROW: Thodr, woodsfd. Page I3I ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA TOP ROW: Miller, Schnoebelen, Reger, Slarman, Melcalfe, Schuck, Olson, Malloy. BOTTOM ROW: Sideman, Gordon, Orsborn, Howard, Bekrnan, Swanson, Mochal. Page I32 William J. Burney George R. Davies Waller L. Daykin Richard E. Gerlach George W. Harfman C. Addison Hickman Elmer W. Hills Roberl H. Johnson Elwin T. Jolli'Fle Charles E. Burbridqe Keilh L. Cook Donald E, Fallis BETA GAMMA SIGMA Karl E. Leib Gilberl' P. Maynard Harold H. McCar+y James F. McRailh Roberl D. Melcalf Paul R. Olson John E. Parlinglon Chesler A. Phillips STUDENTS VV'ayne E. Harger Harry R. Hedlund Herman J. Malheis Keilh A. Morse Alan N, Polasky Wendell R. Smilh Durward Slahl C. Woody Thompson Guy W. Trump John H. Ulhofl Lula Van Meler Harry H. Wade Sidney G. Winler Jean T. Pumroy Roberl J. Reinders Roberl C. Slille Bela Gamma Sigma is a nalional scholaslic lralernily lor sludenls qradualing in commerce. Eleclion 'ro The Tralernily is limiled lo lhose ranking in Jrhe hiqhesl len per cenl in combined liberal arls and commerce work. .4682 mal. Wayne G. Anderson William Aydelolie Clark C. Bloom W. F. Brisiol Malfhew Buclcsbaum W. J. Burney She-wo Chang G. R. Davies Eugene E. Davis David W. Day Waller L. Daylcin Ohio Field Richard Gonzalez Roberi Goosfree John L. Gould George T. Harris George Hartman C. A. Hickman Sfanley R. Hill U 'J Milk ORDER OF ARTUS Elmer W. Hills Louis Irwin Roberl Johnson Louis Jurgenson George Kelly F. R. Kennedy Alexander C. Kern Murray A. Kniiien William A. Knolce Manford H. Kuhn Karl E. Leib Elmer P. Lo+shaw James B. Ludilce John J. Lufher Ramsey H. Maclany William J. Masson G. P. Maynard H. H. McCarfy J. F. MCRailh Roberl D. Melcali Fred Meyer C. M. Mickey George E. Mowry Joseph Murphy Wallace B. Nelson Paul R. Olson John Pariinglon Roberf D. Pashelr Charles E. Peck Charles Phillips Dean C. A. Phillips Alan N. Polaslcy Norman Ringsfrom Roberl' L. Rouse Harold W. Saunders Alvin l-l. Schild Kurl Schaefer Samuel Silberman C. Franlc Smilh Wendell R. Smiih Roy Sloddard C. Miller Sfraclr Carl B. Sirand Leo W. Sweeney Roberf Talberf C. Woody Thom pson Gerald Thompson Goy W. Tromp Chi Pei Tseng L. K. Tunlrs Harry H. Wade Donald A. Walson S. G. Winfer Allen Zahner Mosiaia Zoheir Order of Arius, naiional honor socieiy, is composed of sfudenls and facully mem- bers inieresfed in economic issues. Membership consisfs of represeniaiives from many deparlmenls in ihe universiiy and of oulslanding sludenls wiih lhe requisiie grade average who are inviled 'lo ioin lhe group. The organizarion holds luncheon meelings every 'rwo weeks, a+ which guesi speakers from many fields ireai economic issues from iheir own slandpoini and fry +o find common ground belween 'rheir field and eco- nomics. There are eighl aciive chaplers of Jrhe Order of Arlus in 'rhe counlry. SUI Chapier Member C. Woody Thompson is narional secreiary-ireasurer. Local officers during I948-I949 were Wallace B. Nelson, president and David W. Day, secrelary. Page las TOP ROW: Scanlon, T. Babcock, Harfsoclc, Nifsch, Tolson, Brundage, Birlca. ROW 2: Mefz, Browne, Edwards, Simmons, Figge, Aflcinson. BOTTOM ROW: Johnson, Taylor, Lueclce, Sfrieb, L. Babcock, Tingeleff. ETA KAPPA NU Junior and senior elecfrical engineering sfudenfs in fhe upper one-fourfh and one-fhird of fheir classes, respecfively. are eligible for membership in Efa Kappa Nu, nafional hon- orary frafernify for elecfrical engineers. Since ifs founding, fhe frafernify has endeavored fo help ifs members and ofher elecfrical engineering sfudenfs become beffer fiffed for fheir chosen profession. Each year Befa lofa awards an elecfri:al engineering handbook fo fhe sophomore who enfers elec- frical engineering wifh fhe highesf scholasfic sfanding. One of fhe frafernify's major acfivifies is fhe preparafion of pre- liminary publicify for fhe Mecca weelc fesfivifies. ln addifion fo ifs ofher acfivifies, Efa Kappa Nu offers fhe services of ifs nafion-wide employmenf bureau fo fhe sfudenfs and grad- uafes of elecfrical engineering. Undergraduafes parfici- pafed in seminars and discussions, and were offered financial aid fo assisf fhem in securing jobs. Q Page I 34 ' GERALD LuEcKE Presidenf WILLIAM STREIB Vice-presidenf RAYMON D TI NGLEFF Recording secrefary LAWRENCE BABCOCK Corresponding secrefary DONALD TAYLOR Treasurer MARJORIE LOWRY GRETCI-IEN FIESELER LOIS LAXSON Members oT Sigma TheTa Tau, naTionaI honorary socieTy of nursing, are chosen on The basis OT scholarship, profes- sional inTeresT, leadership and promise in The Tielol oT nurs- ing. The socieTy's purpose is To promoTe higher ecIucaTionaI research in The nursing proTession. The naTionaI organizaTion oTTers a scholarship each year To The gracIuaTe nurse mosT qualiTied To carry on research. Six chapTers OT Sigma TheTa Tau have been Touncled in colleges ThroughouT The naTion. Since iTs esTabIishmenT on The Iowa campus in I929, Gam- ma chapTer has iniTiaTecI I59 women. Sigma TheTa Tau's acTiviTies This year included The TracIiTionaI Tounders' day Tea in OcTober To acquainT new sTucIenTs in nursing wiTh The organizaTion. Social evenTs cenTered upon The annual ChrisTmas parTy aT The Iowa Memorial Union and a ban- queT in honor oT The new iniTiaTes in May. SIGMA THETA TAU LOI S WATSON LEE PresidenT KATI-I RYN GAY Vice-PresicIenT HEN RIETTA M. I-TALE Treasurer Page l35 Page I36 TOP ROW: Marclc, Oiemann, Johnson, McGiverin, Anderson, Burlchardf, Choilz. ROW 2: Woodard, McClellan, Sfeffen, Thompson, Thurn, Tyndall, Silleffo. ROW 3: Winiclc, Chrisfenson, Griflifh, Dandos, Spaan, Eads, Coclrshoof, Anneberg. ROW 4: Marrs, Lease, Pefro, McBride, Beclc, Swanson, Moore. BOTTOM ROW: Larew, Sorem, Turney, Olson, Coulfer. PHI ETA SIGMA RICHARD TURNEY Presidenr ROBERT PAULUS Vice-Presidenl' THOMAS F. OLSON Secre+ary RICHARD LAREW Treasurer To become members of Phi Efa Sigma, freshman men musr affain a grade average of 3.5, ei+her during Iheir Tirsf semesfer or as a cumulafive average Tor The enfire year. The honorary scholaslic Trafernily was founded al Ihe Uni- versily of Illinois in I923. Tolal membership of The Iowa chapfer, esrablished in I945, is 247. Phi EIa Sigma's pur- pose is Io promole higher slandards of learning and To en- courage high scholasfic a+I'ainmen'I' among freshman men. In honor of Ihe TraI'erniIy's founder, Thomas Arlqle Clark, Ihe na+ional organiza+ion offers one gradua+e scholarship every olher year Io ouIs+anding members of Ihe fralrerniry. The local chapler aids The advisory oIIice's program by assisling wiIh freshman regisfralion each semesrer. In March Ihe chap+er joins wilh Alpha Lambda Della Io sponsor a ban- quef honoring new iniIia+es. - V, ,.. -mg I i TOP ROW: Windsor, McAdams, Wilkerson, Smifh. BOTTOM ROVV: Johnson, Brooks, Cummings. Kappa Alpha Psi, men's social Iraferniiy, was founded ai Ihe Universiry of Indiana, Jan. 5, I9I I. Gamma chapler was 'Founded on Ihe SUI campus Jan. 27, I9I4 and was is- sued a universify charfer in March of Ihe same year. The Iraferniiy encourages achievemenf in all fields, promoies 'Ihe social, infelleclual and moral welfare of i'Is members. New members are chosen each spring by vore of 'Ihe aciive chaprer. AI regular bi-monihly meeiings alumni members were guesl speakers. William London was chapier delegale 'ro Jrhe nafional conveniion of The frarerniiy Dec. 27-30 in Nashville, Tenn. Lulher H. Smiih was eIec'red presideni of Ihe campus chapier of The American Socieiy of Mechanical Engineers Ihis year. Social aciiviiies began wiih a smolcer lor pledges in Seplrember and included informal parries and a win+er formal. A social week-end in May included base- ball games, a picnic and Ihe annual spring formal. KAPPA ALPHA PSI WILLIAM T. CUMMINGS Polemarch JACK COPELAND Vice-Polemarch EDWARD BROOKS, JR. Keeper of Records HARRY CARROLL Exchequer ISAIAH JOHNSON S+ra'regus Page I37 ALPHA OMEC-3A ALPHA TOP ROW: RuIiI3Ison, Markoviiz, Moore, Spencer, Reading, Dr. Kerr. BOTTOM ROW': Sfaffon, Whifney. I-IopIey, Mindrum, Conner, MEDICAL STUDENT COUNCIL Page I 38 TOP ROW: O'BrIen, Plows, Baker, Saar, I-IIII, Eicher. ROW 2: W'IIson, Sfewarf, Goslin, Sear, Hughes. BOTTOM ROW: Lagoni, Presidenfg Beniegerdes, Kiel, Joynf. NOT IN PICTURE: HenIcIe. Era chapier of Nu Sigma Phi, naiional women's medical fraferniiy, was founded ai' rhe Universiry of Iowa in l9I9. I+ is a praciical organizaiion wilh a purpose of furnishing insfrucrion in medical Techniques and problems, and of asso- ciarion wi+h orher women medical siudenrs. The year's so- cial aciiviiy for ihe group began wiih a "gel-acquainfed" rea. Oiher informal dinners or pariies were given during The year ai' The homes of +he chaprer advisers or faculiy members. Advisers of The fraierniiy are Mrs. W. R. Ingram. Mrs. Roger Porfer and Mrs. M. E. Barnes. Las'r year's presi- denr, Evelyn Anderson, airended +he narional conveniion of The fraierniiy ai Norihwesiern universiiy Iasi' spring. There were 24 members in Jrhe fraferniiy ihis year. TOP ROW: Toverud, Teig, Cole, Baumeisler. ROW 3: Wheeler, Kiel. Underriner, Beniegerdes. ROW 2: Collins, Eorsyihe, Fisher, Edgren. BOTTOM ROW: Coffin, Dodge, Marshall, Crolcer. NU SIGMA PHI JEAN MARSHALL Presideni ELIZABETH COEEIN Secreiary MARY UNDERRINER Treasurer HELEN WHEELER Social Chairman x NOT IN PICTURE: Hopley, Heuermann, Sfrafhman, Carier, I-Iabersiroh, Loselce, Haiiield, Andreasen. Page I 39 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA The 68 members oT Alpha Kappa Kappa, naTional medical TraTerniTy, were acTive in many campus organizaTions. Rome SchaTTner was a member oT Union Board, while Ken McKay and John Lohnes served on subcommiTTees. Medical STU- denT Council represenTaTives included Anson Hughes, Bob Henkle, Dick Saar and Charles Plows. Dick RusT was acTive in ODK, naTional honorary service TraTerniTy. AKK's broughT medical and research speakers To The universiTy under The TraTerniTy's lecTureship plan. The chapTer's Team won The universiTy proTessional TraTerniTy Touch-TooTball champion- ship. Social program Tor The year included The Aesculapian Erolic, winTer and spring Tormals and many inTormal parTies. CHARLES W. FLOWS PresidenT KENNETH Sl EGRIST Vice-Presidenl' PAUL ORCUTT Treasurer DECK SUTHERLAND SecreTary TOP ROW: Plows, Berens, ChrisTensen, Van Eldik, SmiTh, LiebendorTer, Eenlon, Morgan, Orvis, DuniTz. ROW 6: LisTer, Michaelson, Ring, Byrarn, Berg, Weis, Simpson, RusT, CarTer. ROW 5: Miller, Herrrnann, Johnson, Flynn, McCollisTer, BarTels, Wise, Nemrners, OesTerreicher, EasTon. ROW 4: Millea, Johnson, Kemp, Mandsager, Henkle, Krueger, McKay, MerriTT, Soper, Gardner, DiTTo. ROW 3: Burke, Peck, Kadesky, Mahan, Schumacher, Buckles, SuTherland, HeisT, Zehr, Saar. ROW 2: Hasbrouck, SchaTTner, Ouinn, Spencer, Scholl, Kohlhaas, Kerr, Kinyon, Lohnes, Downey, Auer. BOTTOM ROW: Kirkegaard, Macy, Reed, Bryan, SiegrisT, SelT, Kreuger, Powell, Heilmann. The background loolcs inferesf- ing-ancl so does fhe conversa- fion . . . This shows whaf a professional medical frafernify is for-mosfly sfucly . . . Buf fhere's always fime for a few informal momenfs af fhe AKK house. avail... Page I4I Sfudenfs of medicine cuHiva're 'rhe habi+ of arising early-say 6 a.m. or Jrhereabouis . . . The Phi Rho's always had iime for a rapid game of ping pong be- fween siudy hours . . . Like s+uden+s in oiher coileges of The universify, ihe medics ofien depended on iava for iaie eve- ning encouragemen+ . .' . Don? be fooled-H"s siricily fake! Page H-2 PHI RHO SIGMA Mu chapler of Phi Rho Sigma, men's nalional medical Ira+erni+y, had 46 members Ihis year. Norman Schachl and Roberl I-I. Slewarl were represenlalives on Ihe Medical S+uden+ council. Five members were chosen for exlferne- ships in leading hospilals This summer. Residenl doclors and members of Ihe universiry hospilal slaill spolce al monfhly alfer-dinner smolcers. Many men parlicipaled in inlerfraler- nily baslcelball, Iouch Ioolball and baseball. A I-Iallowe'en coslume pariy and win+er and spring Iormals were big evenls of Ihe social program. BACK ROW: Slalfon, Edvenson, Ware, Meyer, Sprall, Forsyfrie. A. L. CLEM ENS Presidenl MIKE MOCI-IAL Vice-Presidenl JOHN SEAR Secrerary EDWARD CI-IERNISS Treasurer ROW 4: I-Iulchins, Voorhes, Palmer, Eversman, Schachl, John Mochal, Nifzlce. ROW 3: Caudill, Clappison, Allen, Nordschow, Gillell. ROW 2: Geary, Benda, Pelerson, Reburn, Fi+cheH', Tinlcey, Doxsee. FRONT ROW: Sear, Milo A. Mochal, Clemens, Cherniss, Mcconlcie, Page I43 1 NU SIGMA NU Members oT Nu Sigma Nu medical TraTerniTy Took Time ouT Trom Their sTudies This year Tor an annual ChrisTmas Tormal dance and a TaculTy-acTive smoker in The spring. ln The Tall, The Nu Sigs enTerTained Themselves and Their daTes aT a "Hard Times" parTy. Mrs. Ella Nelson, Tor I7 years The TraTerniTy chaperon, saw Don Reading and Gordon Mind- rum become members oT Alpha Omega Alpha, honorary TraTerniTy Tor medical sTudenTs. Jim Wilson, John Baker and STeve O'Brien served on The medical sTudenT council. Two Nu Sigs were class presidenTs: John Doran, senior, and Howard CarTer, iunior. TOP ROW: Snyder, Green, SrniTh, Chapman, Balmer, Larson, Caudle, PayTon. ROW ROW ROW ROW Mayo, J. Moeller, Fuhrman, McAIlisTer, Kelly, I-lolberT, Ulman, Orelup, l-lasTmo SiTz, Mighell, STowers, Kern, Cornish, Minor, B. Moeller, CarTer. Osrnundson, Mercer, Rulihfson, Reading. Bauer, Barloon, SchmiTT, Gammon McMahon, Maas, Mulford, Wilson, Niclcless, Undem, Anderson. BOTTOM ROW: Doran, O'Brien, Mindrum, Mrs. Nelson, l-losTelTer, Englund, Bridge TOP ROW: Young, Burke, Buck. ROW 3: Rickey, Meis, BanwarT. ROW 2: McEleney, Faullce, De Jong, Briggs. BOTTOM ROW: McNurlenA Dean Bryan, Hussman, Julius. ASSCCIATED STUDENTS OF DENTISTRY On March 28, T946, The denTal sTudenTs oT SUI organized The AssociaTed STudenTs oi DenTisTry. IT is a local associa- Tion serving as a channel oT communicaTion beTween TaculTy and sTudenTs, To provide a means oT securing denTal auThori- Ties Tor lecTures, and To organize social TuncTions Tor sTu- denTs and TaculTy. All sTudenTs in The denTal college are ARTHUR T-IUSSMAN Presldenir members oT The associaTion and This year There were 2l5 I-QYD JULIUS members. The organizaTion is governed by The DenTal STU- Segrehgry-Treagurer denT Council. Three members are elecTed Trom each class represenTing The independenT sTuclenTs, DelTa Sigma DelTa and Psi Omega TraTerniTies. A sTudenT-TaculTy mixer was held in The Tall To acquainT Treshmen wiTh The TaculTy and upper- classmen. The Appolonian Frolic and a denTal school picnic in The spring were oTher imporTanT social evenTs. Page T45 Della Sigma Della den'ral fralernily was founded a+ lhe Universily of Michigan in l882. Gamma Gamma chapler was organized a+ SUI in I9I4. This year's aclivilies began wilh a fall freshman mixer and pledging of 2l men. A Homecoming dinner and dance, a Chrisimas parly, a spring formal and a weelcly Wives' club meeling were olher social highlighls. In early spring chaplrer clelegales aHended a dislricl conclave in Kansas Cily. Members were proud of a complerely redecoraied and refurnished firsl floor in lheir chaprer house. TOP ROW: Hale, Hollingsworfh, Bowie, Thornley, Lindenmeyer. IRVING WEBER Grand Masler ROBERT ERVI N Worlhy Masfer CLARE TEETER Scribe JAMES SOMMERS Treasurer GLENN PETERSON Senior Page ARTHUR HUSSMAN Hislorian RICHARD RUTH Tyler DR. P. W. HERRICK Depuly Supreme Grand Masler ROW 6: Kennedy, La Bahn, Freverl, Hinds, Kaep, Johnson, Hansen, Biclcford, Rugliv, Hippe. ROW 5: Burke, Meis, Buch, Oslrus, Fosler, Anderson, Kimball, Kern, McCormick, Sandvig, Nelson. ROW 4: Flieder, Kopechy, Kollleman, Shorlell, Norlh, Joslyn, Minnich, Koch, Walson, Slonebroolc. ROW 3: Harris, Knighf, McAndrew, Frish, Maxwell, Sulley, Sprall, Kercheval, Repp, Fideler. ROW 2: Harr, Johnson, Warringlon, Feuchel, Guich, De Jong, Vincenf, Griflilh, Edwards, While-side, Milchell. BOTTOM ROW: Hussman, Ervin, Sommers, Oliver, Dr. Herrick, Weber, Dr. Grieve, Dr. Laude, Teeler, Rufh. Page I46 .wiki Two of Hwe Delia Sigs 'rake Hme ou+ 'ro beaufify The lafesf +ropi1y in Hue living room . . . I-ie's Hckling a differenf kind of ivories Hwis 'rime . . . A bif of iasi-minufe cramming for an exam, perhaps? xi ii Page I47 Page I48 Wearing 'rlwe +re-zdifional denrisrs' derbies, severe! of Hue Psi O's pol- ish up Hweir cnairsicle manner . . . Life af Hwe house was far from dull. Fulrure denfisfs compare ideas on how a cavify gefs There. fi ,ep Gamma Mu chapTer of Psi Omega, naTionaI denTal Tra- TerniTy, is one oT 34 acTive chapTers in The naTion. IT was Tounded on The Iowa campus in I906. Over Three-TourThs oT The presidenTs oT The American DenTaI AssociaTion have RICI-IARD GEIGER Grand MasTer STUART FOULKE Junior Grand MasTer been members oT Psi Omega, as well as The presenT presi- denT oT The STaTe DenTaI SocieTy. The TraTerniTy sponsors RICHARD LYNCH clinics by men pracTicing in The denTal field. Psi Omega SecreTary Wives' club promoTed social evenTs which included a Tresh- WILLIAM F. VANCE man welcoming banqueT, a Halloween masquerade ball, a Treasurer ChrisTmas parTy, an annual picnic and a spring dinner-dance. DR. P. J. RASI-IID DepuTy Counselor PSI OMEGA TOP ROW: Berner, O'Brien, Lyons, Sinlcsanlc, I-lorTon, Miller, Folsom, I-laThway, I-loTz, Glade. ROW 5: ROW 4: ROW 3: ROW 2: BOTTOM Humphrey, DiTTmer, Whisenand, Roberf Geiger, Sievers, OsTrem, Drebes, Vance, GilborTson. SlaTer, Ziegler, McEIeney, GranT, Scare, McConville, Johnson, Schorg, Rubino, Nelson. Cole, BoTheII, Muscharnp, Norris, AshTon, STrong, Fraseur, Lynch, LundquisT, Klauer. Weigel, Bean, Snyder, BuTTs, BundT, Julius, MunTz, Follce, CarsTensen. ROW: Dr. Raalc, Dr. Callahan, Major ChrisTensen, Richard Geiger, Dr. Thoen, Dr. Rashid. Page I49 I ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ENGINEERING The AssociaTed STudenTs oT Engineering pIans and pro- rnoTes sTudenT engineering acTiviTies. IT was Tounded in I9IO as The AssociaTed STudenTs oT AppIieoI Science. and received iTs presenT name in I927 when The College oT Applied Science became The College oT Engineering. Mem- bership in The associaTion was auTomaTicaIIy granTed To The 507 sTucIenTs regisTered in The CoIIege oT Engineering This year. The oTTiciaI puI3IicaTion oT The group is "The Iowa TransiT." During The hoIiday season The engineers sponsored Their annual ChrisTmas dance. Each year The A. S. oT E. builds The homecoming monumenT Trom pIans chosen in a conTesT open To all SUI sTudenTs. IT aIso sponsors The Mecca week ceIebraTion in which all engineering deparTmenTs par- TicipaTe. This year's Mecca week acTiviTies incIuded an open house in The engineering coIIege, a smoker, The Mecca ball, The seIecTion oT a Mecca queen and The TradiTionaI search Tor The bIarney sTone. PuTnam, PeTerson, Larew, I-Iove DUNCAN M. PUTNAM PresidenT CLAUDE E. PETERSON Vice-presidenT RICHARD LAREW SecreTary RICHARD I-IOVEY Treasurer I50 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS TOP ROW: Proudfif, Painfing, Ressell, I-Iaryey, FuIIer, Riecke, Spear. ROW 4: Poline, Edwards, Jackson, Snyder, Burger, Gerard, Isennarf, BIad. ROW 3: Cirks, Tierney, Bickley, Carlson, Sfrieb, BockensIedI, Jackson. ROW 2: Gorman, Bennefr, Roach, Saedey, Gassman, BrammerIo, Tolson. BOTTOM ROW: Mafhewq Rennekamp, Vice-presidenfg Soderquisf, President ScanIon, Secrefaryp Kurfz, Faculfy Advisor. AMERICAN INSTITUTE CF RADIO ENGINEERS TOP ROW: Yuppa, Miller, I-IiaII, I-Ielec, Taylor, Brown, Luecke, AIbrigIwI'. ROW 5: Wright Ree-IZ, OIson, McDonnell, Ford, Kulick, King. ROW 4: PeIIey, L. Babcock, Birka, Larson, Emerson, T. Babcock, Anderson. ROW 3: Mefcalf, Showers, Behnsack, Sfafford, MeIz, I-Iarfsock, I-Ioskins. ROW 2: Efhingfon, Showers, LiIIick, Wilkinson, Browne, Simmons, Tnoennes, Feay. BOTTOM ROW: Figqeg Truesdale, Secrefary-'rreasurerg Afkinson, Presidenfg Vander I-Iamm, Vice-chairman: KesseI. Page I5I AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Mechanical engineering sTudenTs aT Iowa are eligible Tor membership in The sTudenT branch oT The American SocieTy oT Mechanical Engineers. ObiecTives oT The socieTy are To promoTe mechanical engineering, encourage research, TosTer engineering educaTion, advance sTandards and promoTe The sharing oT engineering experience. STudenT members are eligible Tor higher grades oT membership in The socieTy aT- Ter graduaTion. AT weekly meeTings The SUI group heard IecTures by pracTicing engineers who explained various phases oT mechanical engineering and described recenT de- velopmenTs in The Tield. A highlighT OT The year was The ioinT meeTing oT The SUI sTudenT branch wiTh The Iowa- Illinois secTion oT The ASME. STudenT papers were presenTed aT This meeTing, and The Iowa-Illinois secTion presenTed a cash award To The winner. Page I52 JAMES BINGI-IAM Chairman CLAUDE PETERSON Vice-chairman LUTHER SMITH SecreTary BOB MURPHY Treasurer R. L. SUTI-IERLAND Honorary chairman TOP ROW: Owens, Riedinger, Beck, SynnesTvedT, Podlaha, I-loThan, Dyorslcy, Bireline. ROW 3: Chalupslcy, Smull, Meyer, Brown, Rehberg, Julich, ThisTIewood, ROW 2: Jacobs, Larson, Moeller, Nemec, Richey, HaerTher, McManus, PeTerson BOTTOM ROW: Herud, Kauzlarich, Wagner, Kruse, WILLIAM SMULL PresidenT OTTO PODLAI-IA Vice-presidenT DONALD WAGNER Corresponding SecreTary LESTER I-IAERTI-IER Recording SecreTary JAM ES BETTER I-IisTorian FRANK I-IERUD Treasurer PI TAU SIGMA Omicron chapTer OT Pi Tau Sigma, naTionaI honorary me- chanical engineering TraTerniTy, was esTablished aT Iowa in I935 To TurTher high ideals in engineering. Scholarship, personaliTy and engineering apTiTude Torm The basis oT qualiTicaTions Tor membership. Each year The TraTerniTy presenTs an engineering handbook To The iunior in engineer- ing who shows The greaTesT improvemenT in characTer, schol- arship and parTicipaTion in school acTiviTies during his sopho- more year. The mosT imporTanT social evenT oT The year sponsored by Pi Tau Sigma was The annual "Grease Ball," a dance Tor engineering sTudenTs and TaculTy. Members played an imporTanT parT in organizing and parTicipaTing in The acTiviTies oT Mecca weelc. Pledges oT The TraTerniTy op- eraTed The TradiTional sTeam whisTle on The roof oT The engi- neering building which was heard aT pep rallies and aTTer TooTball games. Page l53 TOP ROW: HarTsoclc, PuTnam, Adams, Fleming, JohnsTon, Pelley, Springer, Taylor. ROW 3: Luecke, Kimm, Herud, HearTher, Richey, Rehberg, Meyer. i ROW 2: Nehlsen, Zimmerman, PeTerson, Moeller, Smull, Brown, Richey. BOTTOM ROW: Babcock, Chalupsky, SToelcer, Teeds, TingleTf. TAU BETA Pl ROBERT STOOKER PresidenT NELSON REEDS Vice-PresidenT PAUL CHALU PSKY Recording SecreTary TED BA BCOCK Corresponding SecreTa ry RAY TINGLEFF Treasurer E. A. BROWN CaTaloguer Page l54 The primary purpose OT Tau BeTa Pi, narional honorary engineering socieTy, is To honor ouTsTanding scholars in The Tield oT engineering. Membership is dependenT upon char- acTer, leadership, high scholarship and iunior or senior sTanding in The college oT engineering. TwenTy-one mem- bers were iniTiaTed in November, bringing ToTal membership Tor The year up To 40. Besides The regular monThly business meeTings, Tau BeTa Pi held sTudenT-TaculTy breakTasTs once a monTh ThroughouT The year. Bob SToolcer and Nelson Reeds were senT as delegaTes To The socieTy's naTional convenTion OcT. I3-I5 aT Purdue universiTy. Once again This year Tau BeTa Pi conducTed a TaculTy raTing poll in which engineering sTudenTs judged insTrucTors, class procedures, TesTs and as- signmenTs in The college. In The spring The organizaTion pre- senTed an award To The highesT ranking Treshman engineer. NaTional publicaTion OT The TraTerniTy is "The BenT," a monThly magazine. 4121? l 1 THETA TAU TOP ROW: Simmons, Temple, Pulnam, Murphy, Jeffrey, Inman, Kraafz, Sodemann, Sword. ROW 4: Snyder, O'Brion, Lindberg, I-lovey, Rogers, Holle, Flanders, Compfon, Griffith. ROW 3: Hayes, Vollcmer, Cirlcs, Kauhfman, Wagner, Podlaha, Springer, Moorhead. ROW 2: Ward, Barllefl, Evans, Hauer, Sallen, George, Bogue, Wood, Nilsch. BOTTOM ROW: Ashlon, Olson, Lazenby, Pelersen, Melfzer. KAPPA BETA PI Williamson, Noonan, Ferguson, Diehl. Page ,I55 Page IOWA LAW SCHOOL ASSOCIATION All Iowa Iaw sTudenTs are members of The Law School AssociaTion which aims To promoTe The inTeresT and weITare oT The Coiiege oT Law. The associaTion senT deIegaTes To The American Bar AssociaTion convenTion in ST. Louis Tor The purpose oT seTTing up The American Law School associaTion as a parT oT The naTionaI group. The deIegaTes heIpecI draTT and adopT a consTiTuTion and eIecTed oTTicers. Campus ac- TiviTies sponsored by The associaTion included a TaII picnic, The BarrisTers' Ball and IecTures by prominenT Iawyers. The highIighT oT The year was Supreme CourT Day, when The Law Club argumenTs reached a climax, and The Tour sTudenTs who were raTed highesT during The year argued cases beTore The Supreme CourT oT Iowa. ROBERT P. ANDERSON PresidenT DICK SCHLEGEL Vice-presidenT CLAIRE FERGUSON SecreTary JOHN IVIEISENI-IEIIVIER Treasurer I.eTT To righT: Beasiey, Byers, Meisenheimer, Gray, Fiehi, Schlegel, Polasky, I-IaIIam, Ferguson, Schneider, SIoan, Pappadaclcls I56 ROBERT P. ANDERSON Chancellor CLARK SLOAN Praefor JACK OUIGG Recorder CHARLES BARKER Ouaesfor WILLIAM E. WALLACE Sheriff RICHARD DUTHRIE Licfor NORMAN REA Bailiff JAMES PRICHARD Tipsfave GAMMA ETA GAMMA Gamma Efa Gamma, nafional legal frafernify, empha- sizes fhe imporfance of scholasfic abilify well-seasoned wifh social acfivifies. Throughouf fhe year bi-monfhly Iuncheons and dinners were held wifh oufsfanding members of fhe legal profession as guesf speakers. Highlighfing The social season was fhe annual Chrisfmas formal. Gamma Efa Gamma was represenfed in all law school funcfions includ- ing fhe "Iowa Law Review,"' class officers, fhe Law School Associafion council and fhe Supreme Courf Day argumenfs. TOP ROW: DePron, McClain, Norelius, Curry, Delaney, Lilledahl, Saqers, Tucker, Anderson, Hayworfh, Crawford, Hollis, Fillen- warfh, McCarfhy. ROW 2: Sfoddard, Krearner, Milroy, Hoover, Cufler, Abrahamson, Schleqel, Pefers, Dunlap, D. Wallace, Andresen, Wollx. ROW 3: Ufkes, Newporf, Cawelfi, Shirlc, Milroy, D. Anderson, Peshlcin, Peffy, Sfewarf, Diehl, Bryan. ROW 4: Bernard, Aifchison, Reimer, Wassom, Frazier, Hoffman, Smifh, Iverson, Coddinqfon, Dufhie, Kenyon. ROW 5: Green, Holly, Long, Andich, Benedicf, Houseal, Daly, Allen, Hamsfreef, Hawley, Sfiensfra, Henry, BOTTOM ROW: Keifh, W. Wallace, Ouiqq, Sloan, Anderson, Rea, Prichard, Kinfzinqer, BarIcer,Thornfor1. Page l57 -1 I I I I DELTA THETA PHI Delfa Thefa Phi, professional legal frafernify, claims 87 members on fhe SUI campus. Since fhe founding of The Iowa chapfer in I92I, approximafely 600 members have par- ficipafed in frafernify acfivifies. Obiecfives of fhe organi- zafion are fo promofe fellowship and increase scholasfic achievemenf. This year Al Polaslcy and Jerry Hallam repre- senfed Delfa Thefa Phi on fhe law sfudenf council, while Diclc Jordan acfed as Treasurer of fhe senior class. The Delfa Thefa Phi scholasfic lcey was awarded fo seniors in fhe fop I5 percenf of fheir class. A Chrisfmas parfy, spring formal, and picnics offered relaxafion from sfudies. HUGH HART Dean DAVE MCEERREN Vice-dean JAM ES BRADLEY Tribune VINCE POWERS Clerk of fhe Roles JOHN JOSEPH COLLINS Treasurer ELMER RAMSEY, JR. Masfer of fhe Rifual DICK JORDAN Bailiff TOP ROW: Tersch, Thomson, Marfin, Hughes, Kennedy, Cahill, Mahr, Goelz, Cosfer, Ryan. ROW 4: Winlcel, Mcllerren, Ibeling, Ar1sIey,Welp, Polaslcy, Wilson, Easfrnan, Cronin, McGuirge, McGill. ROW 3: Enabif, James, Ramsey, Collins, Kendall, Kehlhass, Sessler, I-larf, Gorden, Broolcs, Deegan. ROW 2: Mefier, Nefllefon, Hallam, Frazier, Allcinson, Dougherly, Fosselman, Spillman, Palmer. BOTTOM ROW: Springer, Dunbar, Bradley, I-lildrefh, Wagner. Page I58 I I TOP ROW: J. Slichnolh, Turner, Ford, Jones, Phillips, Johansen, Harsha, Koch, Thornlon, Dickey, Ovrom, Swill. ROW ROW ROW ROW 5: While, Doran, Richardson, Harris, Diqqes, Heckl, Osborn, McCracken, Fullon, Garlen, Silz, Boeye. 4: J. Mcliurney, Pelerson, Chrislensen, Keele, Grahl, G. McBurney, Charllon, Crary, Hemingway, Murray, Gould. 3: D, Slichnolh, Anderson, Fullon, Nully, Garlen, Schneider, Brownlee, Broderick, Johnson, Skinner, Miles, Bauch, Barra, Schorr, Hullman. 2: Graham, Gray, Rulher, Rhaads, Uriell, Young, Williamson, Tucker, Sulholl, Marlin, Slilller, Hall, Swanson, Larrabee, Kluever, Habhab, Kluever. FRONT ROW: Cimprich, Hudson, Bedell, Richardson, Pence Phi Della Phi, prolessional legal lralernily, was founded on lhe SUI campus in I893. This year 97 men comprised lhe Iowa chapler ol Phi Della Phi. Facully members spoke al luncheon me-elings once each monlh. Iowa Senalor Bourke B. Hickenlooper spoke al lhe lirsl ol lwo semesler inilialion parlies. Members held lhree ol lhe live eclilorial posilions, and conlribuleol arlicles and case commenls lo lhe "lowa Law Review." The annual Chrislmas parly was lhe lop social evenl ol lhe year lor aclives, pledges and lheir dales. PHI DELTA PHI LES KLU EVER Presidenl TOM McCRACKEN Hislorian JACK OSBORNE Secrelary DAVID SHAPE Treasurer SECOND SEM ESTER DEAN STICHNOTH Presidenl VICTOR YOUNG Secrelary JOHN STICHNOTH Treasurer BERT FULTON Hislorian Page I59 manure: Wa TOP ROW: Paul, Turner, Pavlik, ChalsTrom, Adams, Onnen, WalTon, Mayer, Beasley, Huber. ROW 5: Baker, Meyer, Gerard, Bryan, Nelson, Hamiel, Prichard, Thompson, SwiTT, Moorhead, Nyman. ROW 4: O'Kelly, Duhigg, Johnson, Hinlcle, McLaughlin, Ward, PeTers, Murry, Campbell, Chapman. ROW 3: Henry, Crandall, Hibbs, Shea, Brown, Hughes, HarTman, Lillios, Oehler, Olson, DeTleTs. ROW 2: MclnTosh, Klien, Young, Van Roelcel, McDonald, Berry, Ballard, Mangold, Tallman, Loughlin, KnoTTs. BOTTOM ROW: Byers, Hayward, Hill, Holden, Tharp, Velman, McKinley, Hoyman, Hull, Bridges, Carroll. PHI ALPHA DELTA Page I60 THOMAS O. OLSON PresidenT JAMES HINKLE 1 Vice-PresidenT JAM ES ADAMS SecreTary OSCAR BEASLEY Treasurer Under The leadership of PresidenT Thomas Olson, Phi Alpha DelTa, proliessional law TraTerniTy, compleTed anoTher successTul year boTh socially and scholasTically. Richard Huber was chosen ediTor-in-chieT OT The "Iowa Law Review." Marvin Hayward acTed as noTes and legislaTion edi+or. Six TraTerniTy members parTicipaTed in The Junior Law club ar- gumenTs. Under The direcTion oT George Williams, social evenTs included bi-monThTy parTies in The TraTerniTy club rooms. An alumni parTy was parT oT The homecoming TesTiv- iTies. In cooperaTion wiTh The Drake universiTy chapTer, Hammond chapTer acTed as co-hosT To The disTricT conven- Tion. GAMMA ALPHA CHI TOP ROW: Duncan, Ingels, Robinson, Kendall, Grossman, Hodgen, Pelree. ROW 2: Franson, Seifert Schoenfeld, Rochefori, Gordon, Buckingham. BOTTOM ROW: Kiffleman, Barnhouse, Egglesfon, Smiih, Liem, Barfh. ALPHA DELTA SIGMA TOP ROW: Alfer, Cooper, James, Sianley, Wesley, Thomas, Seibel, Lanxon, Pearce ROW 4: Crowley, Dyer, Nelson, Pierce, Wasley, Jones, Keefe, Hewiif. ROW 3: Coppess, Waldo, Siephen, Gold, Ely, Arlcofl, Heafon. ROW 2: Franzwa, Clilhero, Smiih, Fulfon, Kahn, Jones, Cosiello. BOTTOM ROW: Olanslcy, Thorpe, Horion, Ross, Hancock, Chadima, Siurfz, Williams. No? in Picfure: Cary. Page I6I TOP ROW: Bloxam, Oualley, Thurnau, Lampres, Fuller. ROW 3: Lounsbury, Elman, Seidner, Meggers, Jensen. ROW 2: Auburn, Thein, Miller, McFadden, Wingale. BOTTOM ROW: Wrighl, Kclsch, Polaslcy, Seagren, Lindsay. THETA SIGMA PHI Membership in Thela Sigma Phi, honorary journalism Ira- lernily, is open lo oulslanding iunior, senior and graduale women sludenls in iournalism. Members musl mainlain a B average in iournalism and a C plus in all olher courses. All have worlced on one or more universily publicalions. Rho Chapler's 26 members held bi-monlhly meelings lhroughoul lhe year. The chapler sponsored publicily courses lor uni- versily organizalions and Iowa Cily women's clubs. Al Chrislmas lime members sold greeling cards. A plaque was given by lhe organizalion for lhe mosl oulslanding news- paper women's page in Iowa. Relief from lhe cry ol "dead- line" was provided by lhe Pica ball, publicalion ol: The "Pica Sun" scandal sheel, and sponsorship ol lhe Malrix Table banquel which was allended by 400 journalism sludenls and lacully members. Lasl summer Thela Sig senl clelegales lo lhe nalional convenlion in Dallas, Texas. Allending were Millicenl Righler, JoAnn Thein, Jean Slrong, Mary Oualley, and Beverly Lindsay. Page I62 ELFREDA KOLSCH Presidenl JOAN WRIGHT Vice-presidenl BEVERLY LINDSAY Secrelary JEAN ANNE SEAGREN Treasurer I I .Ni- TOP ROW: A. Moyer, Dooley, Finn, MonTgomery, KirkpaTrick, McMorris, Van Roekel, Wilson, Jackman, Thomsen. ROW 4: Koch, Turnbull, Reyhons, RuTenbeck, Welch, I-IerTel, Duke, Anderson, Robinson, I-lirozawa. ROW 3: Rodman, GelaTT, MarTen, CarTer, Seeger, Bale, Woodard, D. Moyer, Blumer, Mahaney. ROW 2: Fosselman, STreib, I-Iolway, Mozer, Brahce, Brink, I-lennessy, Rossi, Chapman, Bailey. BOTTOM ROW: Tripp, McInTosh, Richmond. SIGMA DELTA CHI Members OT Sigma DeI+a Chi, naTional iournalism TraTer- niTy Tor men, are selecTed Tor Their abiliTy in iournalism and Their inTenT To remain in The Tield. PresenT membership oT The SUI chapTer ToTals around 40. Learning The Techniques OT good journalism is one purpose oT membership. Bi- monThly meeTings are conducTed so ThaT members can be- come acquainTed wiTh oTher iournalisTs and obTain inTorma- Tin To help Toward Their proTessional career. MeeTings Tea- Tured speakers chosen Trom acTive members oT The proTes- sion, including publishers, phoTographers and managing edi- Tors. In December The Sigma DelTa Chis held Their annual Wayzgoose banqueT, when copies oT The Wayzgoose Ga- zeTTe, a lampooning newspaper, were clisTribuTed. The chap- Ter conducTed a conTesT among Iowa weekly newspapers, wiTh sTudenT and TaculTy judges choosing The Three besT edi- Torial pages and The Three besT columns. JOI-IN Mcl NTOSH PresidenT WILLIAM WOLF Vice-PresidenT VAN RICHMOND SecreTary STAN TRIPP Treasurer Page I63 TOP ROW: Gehrke. STrunce, MehaTTey, Chehak, Vande VoorT, Advisor. ROW 2: WrighT, ScoTT, RoberTs, Seick. BOTTOM ROW: Kerns, PresidenTy DeViIbiss, Vice-president EmanueI, Treasurer: Jordan, SecreTaryg WiIIis. KAPPA EPSILON Page I64 MARGOT KERNS PresidenT PATRICIA DE VILBISS Vice-presidenT CAROL JORDAN SecreTary LOIS EMAN UEL Treasurer LUCRETIA GEI-IRKE Social chairman DELORES WRIGI-IT I-IisTorian Kappa Epsilon, naTionaI pharmacy sororiTy Tor under- graduaTe women, had II acTive members This year. The women pharmacy sTudenTs sTrive Tor higher scholarship, IasT- ing Triendships, and beTTer cooperaTion beTween sTudenTs and TacuITy. All are members oT The American PharmaceuTi- caI associaTion. WiTh members oT The associaTion, They sponsored a College oT Pharmacy picnic IasT TaII. A picnic Tor new women in pharmacy was heId in SepTember and ToIIowed by coke parTies ThroughouT The semesTer. High- IighT oT The yearls sociai calendar was The annuai ChrisTmas parTy given by aIumna members. Founders' day was ceIe- braTed aT a banqueT May I2 and The acTives were enTer- Tained by The pledges aT a picnic The same monTh. Under The direcTion oT PresidenT IvIargoT Kerns, Gamma chapTer made pIans Tor The naTionaI convenTion To be held on The Iowa campus nexT year. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION W. Q, - h All pharmacy s+uden'rs are members of Ihe American Pharmaceulical associarion, a branch of The Nalional Phar- maceuiical organizalion. The aim of Ihe associaiion is Io promole professional in'Ieres+. Guesl speakers and movies were Iealured al Ihe regular monrhly rneelings. The organi- za'rion's firsf social evenl was a fall picnic. Wi+h Kappa Ep- silon, women's pharmaceuiical Irarerniry, 'rhe associarion also sponsored The annual spring pharmacy picnic. O'rher social ac'rivi'ries included informal parries and The "Prize prom." Larry Feagin headed 'rhe dance commirlee for Ihe prom. Olhers who worlced as chairmen for The dance were Bolo Ohrland, Chuck I-Iarringron, Lois Emaneul, Pal DeVil- biss, Bill Grossman, Jaclc IvIcGrane and Lucrelia Gehrke. Ken Rice acred as masler of ceremonies. The associalion en- 'Iered a 'floal' in 'the universi'I'y homecoming parade. LAURENCE FEAGIN Presidenr DONALD B. JOHNSON Vice-Presidenl' DON NA J EAN ROBERTS Secrela ry WILLIAM STAN FORD Treasurer STANDING: Larry Feagin, Warren Myers, Don Johnson, Bill I-landlord, Bob Oslerhaus. SEATED: Norma Sfrunce, Jean Roberls, Sheryl Chehalc. Page I65 Page L...i ,, DELTA SIGMA PI The purpose of Delia Sigma Pi, Ihe worlds largesl com- merce Irafernify, is To develop in ils members 'rhe capabili- DAN I-IOEFA lies Ihey will need in Ihe field of commerce. Several mem- Presidenlr bers of Ihe Ira+erni+y were session leaders 'lor The annual JOHN HOWES SUI Careers conference and some served on Jrhe board of , direclors of The Collegiale Chamber of Commerce. Della Senior Warden DWIGHT RIPLEY Junior Warden VIRGIL I-IARDER Sigma Pi sponsored monihly dinners and indusirial Tours Io acguainl ils members wilh The business world. Epsilon chap- Ier won The Inlernalional Rose of Della Sig beauly corilesl in I948 and I949, The liirslr Iwo years Jrhe coniesl was spon- sored by Ihe cenlral office. Della Sigma Pi pariicipaled in Scribe inlramural sporfs, winning Jrhe doubles Iennis Iournamenf in WAYNE I-IAROER Ihe professional Iralernily league. Facully members include Treasurer Dean Phillips, Professors Bloom, Burney, Daykin, I-Iills, Mc- Railh, Smijrh, Wade, and Associales Allee, Jahn, Peck, and Slrand. TOP ROW: Timmins, Brinkman Fahrenkrog, Rehnblom, Zahorik, Packer, Velrnan. ROW 5: Sondergarcl, Gonzalez, Marshall, Bening, Scoff, I-Iompland, I-Iarlle, Pelerson, Cafhcarf. ROW 4: I-Ioldren, McDonald, Rehnsfrom, Calhoon, Luse, McMahon, Walker, Zawodny, Winborn. ROW 3: Cochran, Pegram, Drees, Sfock, Bickel, Meggison, Vicferson, Vose, Meeker. ROW 2: I-Iill, Billing, I-Iedlund, Wood, Roberfs, Smifh, Crawford, Engel, Schullz. BOTTOM ROW: Rinnan, Ripley, Moore, I-larger, Hollla, I-lowes, I-Iarder, Allee, Miller. I66 5? TGP, LEFT: Two of The Delfa Sigs compare ac- counhng nofes .... Haffa dozen of+he boysconv pare nwudcal nofes .... These conwnerce sfudenfs offen burn +he nidnighf OH .... Waying a rapid hand or+wo ofbddqe. Oniy 4,568 Hems more +0 calculafe, Then he can puH+heleverand geffheresuhl Page I67 M.. ix, TOP,LEFP A K Hfsawembk bra nmeHngin Old Cap .... Inilriafion ceremonies .... Theres no+hing Hke a formal dance +0 gef yourrmind OH commercial enierprises. Even+he chap+erpre5denh Don Boege,coMd man- age an evening away fronwfex+bookd Page Alpha Kappa Psi, professional commerce fralernily, had a Jrolal of 60 members during I949-50, and an expansion of acfivilies highlighlecl l'he commerce maiors' year. Tours were 'ralcen +0 lhe aluminum planr al Beflendorl, lowa, and also +o lhe Shaelller Pen Company a'r E+. Madison. The "News Bullelinf' a publicalion senf +0 alumni, facully, acfive members, and all chaplers, was ediled by Bernie Seagren. The annual alumni reunion was held in The fall and a scholas- lic award was presenred in May lo The gradualing senior wi'rh +he highesf grade poinl average. Kennelh Meade, per- sonnel direcfor of General Mofors, was sponsored by Alpha Kappa Psi in an all-universily address. Social aclivilies were highlighfed by +he Chrislmas formal and spring formal. ALPHA KAPPA PSI DONALD BOEGE Presidenl' FRANCIS ADAMS Vice-Presidenl' FRANCIS WALENSKY Secrefary GEORGE ZEM LICKA Treasurer TOP ROW: Hoffman, Burke, Nilles, Tyler, Renlc, l-las+y, Krebs, Arnesen, Ofiens, Spencer. ROW 5: Walfemeyer, Eisele, Keisfer, Harold, Breaw, l-lesfer. Jensen. ROW 4: Copeland, Napier, Werle, Johnson, Seagren, Van Echaufe, l-leggen, Ausdal, Thoennes, Yoder. ROW 3: Eallis, Cufhberfsen, Wiley, Brewer, Chrisfensen, Crone, Burgdorf, Madsen, Severe, Hagen, ROW 2: Willhife, Mafheis, Garnafz, Langholz, R. Miller, Tiernan, Regan, Kilbourn, C. Miller. BOTTOM ROW: Edwards, Adams, Walenslcy, Zemliclca. Nol' in Picfure: Boege, Madany, Sfupay, Concannon, Helm, Knapper, McDonald. E:. 34 f num Page I69 l PHI GAMMA NU MITZI DI MARCO PresidenT DOROTHY KAMERICK Vice-PresidenT BETTY JO ANDERSON SecreTary BETTY JANE REI-IMKE Treasurer CAROL I-IERBEL Marshal DONA DOBSON SociaI Chairman INA MAE MOCI-IAL and LOUISE PATCH Rush Chairman DeITa chapTer OT Phi Gamma Nu, women's commerce Tra- TerniTy, was granTed iTs charTer May 30, I928. IT sTrives To TurTher inTeresT in civic and proTessionaI enTerprises, promoTe high scholarship and encourage parTicipaTion in campus ac- TiviTies. One OT Phi Gamma Nu's proiecTs is a job Tech- niques cIinic ToIIowing The UWA VocaTionaI conTerence each year. A dinner was held wiTh DeITa Sigma Pi Jan. II, and Founder's day, Feb. I7, was ceIebraTed wiTh a dinner and iniTiaTion OT new members. The group, in coniuncTion wiTh DeI+a Sigma Pi and Alpha Kappa Ps,i sponsored a dinner April 26. during The Careers conTerence conducTed by The CoIIegia+e Chamber oT Commerce. Members oT The commerce TacuITy spoke aT The bi-monThIy dinners. The or- ganizaTion aIso sponsored a ChrisTmas parTy To which each member broughT a guesT. Those who aTTended The parTy cIonaTed giTTs which were IaTer disTribuTed aT The chiIdren's hospiTaI. Page I70 """--.... 'Sk fs 3- Q A , 1 T ,Q 4 N TOP ROW: Dobson, Anderson, Casey, Davis, DiMarco, Lee. ROW 5: ROW 4: ROW 3: ROW 2: BOTTOM Herbel, Hunfer, lnflekofer, Johnson, Kamerick. Kamle. Larson, Laurer, Lurie, Marlcen, Max, McCulloch. Mc.GoniqFe, McNeill, Me-fzger, Mocnal, Mousel, Pafch. Pafferson, Plefscn, Preffakes, Rehmke, Rinderer, Rizor. ROW: Salisbury, Sonnlcafb, Sweef, Weber, Wiese, Winborn. Page I7l TOP ROW: EvereTT. Palmer, Bye, Kruse. ROW 2: Roper, WrighT, Tesla, Eden. BOTTOM ROW: ChrisToph, I-IoTT, Casady, I-Iousel, McCoy. PHI EPSILON KAPPA Page I72 DEAN I-IOUSEL PresidenT DON CASSIDY Vice-PresidenT ROBERT CI-IRISTOPI-I SecreTary DR. E. S. BEEBEE Treasurer BILL DE I-IART Social Chairman This year was The 25Th anniversary oT IoTa chapTer of Phi Epsilon Kappa, The only naTional physical educaTion TraTer- niTy Tor men. Membership in The organizaTion, IimiTed To men majoring in physical educaTion, is based on above average scholarship and pr'oTessionaI promise. IoTa chapTer mainTains clubroorns in The universiTy Tieldhouse, where bi- monThly meeTings are held during The regular school year and weelcly meeTings during The summer. The chapTer spon- sors The Phi Epsilon Loan Tund which is available To deserv- ing men or women maioring in physical educaTion. IT also sponsors universiTy play nighTs every Tuesday and Eriday nighT aT The Tieldhouse. PublicaTions oT The TraTerniTy are "The Physical EducaTor," a proTessional magazine, "The Blaclc and Gold," a TraTerniTy publicaTion, and "The IoTa News I.eTTer," publicaTion qoT The local chapTer. SGRORITIES Jo Tripp, DelTa DelTa DelTa: AniTa Schiller, Sigma DelTa Tau: Louise Wilimek, siTTing Tor Carol Thurnau, Alpha Xi DelTa: Joan Perry, Alpha DelTa Pi: Miss Helen Reich, Advisor: Jean Gordon, Kappa Kappa Gamma: Maxine Erickson, Pi BeTa Phi: Shirley Harvey, Alpha Chi Omega: Sue CarTwrighT, Kappa Alpha TheTa: MargareT McRoberTs, siTTing Tor PaT Pierce, Chi Omega: Shirley Summere ville, DelTa Gamma: Virginia BurT, Gamma Phi BeTa: Marion NeTT, ZeTa Tau Alpha. MAXINE ERlCKSOlNl PresidenT JEAN GORDON Vice-Presidenir JOAN PERRY SecreTary SUE CARTWRIGHT Treasurer Page I74 L.-.. ,, , Panhellenic council members are The presidenTs oT The Twelve naTional social sororiTies aT SUI. OTiicers Tor The council are selecTed by a yearly roTaTing sequence. In OcTo- ber, Panhellenic gave iTs annual scholarship banquet aT which The scholarship cup was awarded To DelTa DelTa DelTa. The chapTer which mainTained The highesT grade poinT aver- age during I948-49. The Pledge Prom in SepTember and The Panhellenic Tormal dance in March were Two social Tunc- Tions sponsored by The council. AdopTion and supporT OT a I6-year-old French girl was a philanThropic acTiviTy This year. In The spring, a Panhellenic workshop oTiered sororiTy women Trom Iowa colleges and universiTies The opporTuniTy To meeT Tor group discussions. Each monTh The chapTer houses enTerTained guesTs Trom oTher sororiTies in a new exchange dinner program. Miss Helen Reich was TaculTy adviser Tor The council. TOP ROW: Norma Johnson, Alpha Chi Omega, Joan Bordewick, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vivian Keeley, ZeTa Tau Alpha: Peg HunTer, DelTa DelTa DelTa. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ellen STeiner, Chi Omegag MaribeTh De WiTT, Gamma Phi BeTa: Kafhleen Kelly, DeITa Gamma, Peggee LuTz, Kappa Alpha TheTag Bea Ann Vandenburgh, Alpha Xi DelTaq BeTTyann Dubanslcy, Sigma Delfa Tau. NoT in PicTure: Nan HunT, Pi BeTa Phi, Joan FanTer, Alpha DelTa Pi. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC All social sororiTy pledges aT The universiTy are governed by The Junior Panhellenic council. Members oT The council are The Twelve pledge class presidenTs, who hold regular meeTings wiTh Their advisor, Miss Helen Reich. Once each monTh The enTire group oT pledges had a meeTing aT which general inTormaTion concerning TradiTions, scholarship and hisTory oT sororiTies and The naTional Panhellenic associaTion was given. These group meeTings served To acquainT women wiTh The purpose, ideals and TuncTions OT sororiTy liTe. This year's Junior Panhellenic general proiecT was The sponsor- ship of special parTies Tor The School Tor Handicapped Chil- dren. MonThly parTies were planned and execuTed by The council. The pledge groups also assisTed wiTh preparaTions Tor The Panhellenic Tormal. PEGGEE LUTZ PresidenT KATHLEEN KELLY Vice-PresidenT BEA ANN VAN DEN BU RG SecreTary MARY BETH DeWlTT Treasurer Page I75 L.-. A W ALPH Under The supervision oT housemoTher Mrs. Marie Frye, The Alpha Chis had a year TuH oTsTudy and Tun. PreddenT Shidey Harvey was PanheHenk repmxenTaHve on The UVVA councH and PaT VVhHe was ekcTed heshman represenTaTive. PaT was also Treasurer oT Treshman YWCA. Carol SuTTon served on The organizing commiTTee oT ProTile Previews and Norma Johnson acTed as hosTess. HAWKEYE workers were PaT Hauser, acTiviTies volume edHom Jan Und, pmfesdonak edHom Peg Jensem copywrnen and ldary Woodard and GweneTh RoberTs, members oT The business sTaTl. Jan also re- wroTe news Tor WSUI news broadcasTs. Mary Lou EllioT sang on a weekly radio progrann had aleading nie h1The umverdTy pby,'T4ohdayf'and ap- peared in"Karnpus Kapersu Tor which Shidey Schreiber did The choreogra- phy. Francine Appleman, a member oT CenTral ParTy commiTTee, was arT ediTor oT "Code Tor Coeds" and The Panhellenic handbook. UniversiTy chorus members were DoroThy Thomas, Arlene Yeager, PaT WhiTe, Shirley SmiTh and Donna Bendixen. Donna worked on The UWA orienTaTion program as an ori- enTaHonleader and Shidey Doran was an asMsTanTleader. PhannacysTudenT Annabel Willis was a member oT Kappa Epsilon. Nadine Nieman marched wiTh The Highlanders while 20 girls cheered as members oT TailTeaThers. WRA members Jan Killinger and Mary Woodard kepT up inTeresT in inTra- mural sporTs. lnTormal parTies and picnics, a Tormal ChrisTmas dinner dance and a spring Tormal were high poinTs oT social acTiviTy. Sigma chapTer OT Alpha Chi Omega was hosT To alumnae and acTive members ThroughouT The sTaTe dudng The annual STaTe day in hday. Alpha Chi's mix conversaTion wiTh ToasT, cereal and The Daily Iowan . . . A sponTaneous songTesT calls for enThu- siasTic volunTeers. Scene aT The annual ChrisTmas 'formal dance aT HoTel Jeff . . . When The mu- sic sTops, iT's Time Tor inTermission and parTy chaTTer. Page I76 " f 1? A5 biz lg sz 45 M ,Q . cv Q ll all 'ff ,X k .3 . ,ji Hi is 2 TOP ROW: Appleman, Ashlon, Basler, Beauchamp, Bendixen, Bixby, Bixler, Bruggenwirfh, Chronis ROW 6: ROW 5: ROW 4: Jensen, J. Johnson, N. Johnson, Killinger, Lane, Lind, McCoy, McEwan, McQueen. ROW 3: ROW 2: Schrieber, Sally Smilh, Shirley Smilh, Sfarr, Sulion, Thomas, Thompson, Walker, While. BOTTOM ROW: Weir, Wiley, Willis, Wifherow. Wilowslcy, Woodard, Wyler, Yeager. Day, De Bondi, Doran, Elliolf, Engleberf, Foul, Gelber, Giles, Grant Hamillon, Handley, Harvey, Higgins, Hines, Hauser, Hunl, Jackson, James. Miller, Moore, Nieman, Oalhouf, Pelerson, Pufnam, Raney, G. Roberls, M. Roberls. Page ALPH DELT. The Pdpha Deha PVS NghhghTed Then schoolyear wHh honow and socbl evenTs. Wielding The house gavel was PresidenT Joan Perry. A. D. Pi's dem- onsTraTing execuTive abiliTy were Carol Chopek, presidenT OT The home eco- nonncs dub, and Jo Fran Kouba, who predded over Chchesk Thh yeah Members oT Gamma Alpha Chi, women's adverTising TraTerniTy, were Donna Kendall and Shirley Wood. PooTball observers saw The marching oT High- landers Barbara Wicks and Marlys Halverson. AT aThleTic evenTs more Than 20 A. D. Pi's were Tound in The TailTeaThers secTion, wiTh Joan Perry serving as secreTary. Marge Irwin was acTive on The sTaTT oT "Code Tor Coeds" Tor new women sTudenTs. A Fall OrienTaTion leader was PaT Tucker, while Joan Phipps and Mary RoberT served as assisTanT leaders. Musical abiliTy was displayed by Eleanor Thompson, Joan Phipps, and Jean l-loTle as universiTy chorus mem- bers. YWCA cabineT members were Marge Irwin, Joan Phipps, who was in charge oTThe Ydeens,and Joan PeNy,edHoroTThe"Uve Y-ef'newspapen Alice Wake worked on The "Religion in Life Week" program. Mary RoberT- son was a member oT The STudenT-FaculTy relaTions commiTTee. Joan FanTer was chosen as an aTTendanT To The InTerTraTerniTy pledge prom queen. Mrs. Ruby CoquilleTTe served as housemoTher and chaperone aT The many social evenTs. Top evenTs included The "T'layseed Hop", given by The Tall pledge dass,The vdnTerTormah and The spdng dinner dance. A Typical evening's sTudy-via The Tele- phone . . . Boudoir-inspired leTTer home . . . Peelcing over a shoulder in The living room. This view gives us anofher angle-The Trophy room occupies The background . . . "Hayseed Hop" called for besf blue jeans and hillbilly singing. Page I78 -di' G' TOP ROW Adler Baker Barlon Blalce Boyle Brandi Brown Bryson Campbell ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW BOTTOM ROW Warnoclt Weber WICB K Wood S Wood Zoolr LPH XI DELT Alpha Xi DelTa presidenT Carol Thurnau served as hisTorian for MorTar Board and also Tound Time To ediT "Code Tor Coeds" This year. Joy Wilson was a member of YWCA cabineT, while June Marken direcTed The Worship Workshop and Wardine Rimel worked wiTh The Y radio sTaiT. Pour Highland- ers were Jackie Malloy, MargareT Goodnow, Joyce SuTTer, and Jean Bringle. Ann Jebens served on UWA Freshman Council and Joy Wilson was a mem- ber of UWA's Foreign STudenT commiTTee. HAWKEYE sTaTl workers were Doris Peacock, Kay Cleary, Carmen l-lills, and Claire Weber. Jackie Malloy was a member of Alpha Lambda DelTa. Wardine Rimel served as publiciTy chairman Tor SpinsTers' Spree, and Carol Thurnau was acTive on Panacea commiTTee. Alpha Xi's who were in The UWA OrienTaTion program were Joyce Rimel, Norma Wilding, June Marken, Gloria OliphanT, and Joy Wilson. MargareT Goodnow belonged To DelTa Phi Alpha, while iournalisTs Carol Thurnau and Maureen Auburn were members of TheTa Sigma Phi. Ann Jebens was a member oT Seals Club. EighT Alpha Xi DelTas belonged To Taill7eaThers, and nine worked Tor WSUI. Maureen Auburn wroTe Tor The WSUI News Bureau and served on The Daily Iowan and Frivol sTaTfs. Jackie Mousil was a member of Phi Gamma Nu and PaT l'lodgen belonged To Gamma Alpha Chi. BeTTy BaTes was a member of Currier Judiciary board. Alpha Xi DelTa social aHausinduded an auTumn haydde paHy,The annum wunerformah and The "Final Fling," an informal dance sponsored by The pledges. Mrs. Ben MerriTT was The chapTer housemoTher. Swishy gowns and Chrisfmas aTmosphere aT The annual formal dance . . . Alpha Xi's Try To be kind To animals buT The lriTTen seems resfless. Hilarious bridge session-or could iT be a wild canasTa game? . . . Happy faces regisTer an enjoyable pariy. Page I80 Q,-4' TOP ROW: Auburn, Ballah, Ba+es, Bonnenlramp, Bringle, Brown, Cleary, Dodds, Dorn. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW Drahn, Duhigg, Felf, Fisher, Golfman, Grey, Hacle, Halbecll. Hess, Hills, Hodgen, Hoye, Jebens,Jol'1nson, Junge, Kelsey, King. Lulher, Malloy, Marken, Mefzger, Mousel, Neumann, Nunn, Olipl1an+, Peacock. Perley, Por+h, Reilly, J. Rimel, W. Rimel, Rose, Rosenbaum, Sclweyli, Schaclcleif. SuH'er, Thurnau, Vandenburgh, Varnes, Vogf, Wanamalxer, Weber, Wilcling, Wilimelr. BOTTOM ROW: Wilson, Winegardner, Winier. Page l8l CHI 0 EG Under The leadership oT PaT Pierce, Chi Omega compleTed anoTher acTive year aT SUI. Seven Chi O's were in Seals Club, wiTh Kae Lynch as vice-presi- denT. Challie ThornTon held The purse sTrings as Treasurer oT WRA, and PaT Pierce was secreTary-Treasurer oT Orchesis. KilTed lassies PaT DeVilloiss, Fran- ces ValenTine, and HarrieT SuTTon marched wiTh The Highlanders. WiniTred Wakefield served as secreTary oT The WSUI music deparTmenT while Marilyn Shackehford, Helen PiTTas, M. L. Seidner, and Joan Fuller Took parTs on "Chil- dren's Hour" and "FicTion Parade." Ann Lawson was a member oT The Union Board PubliciTy commiTTee. Mary Kay Miller was a volume ediTor OT The HAWKEYE. OTher sTaTTers were Peg Fuller, M. L. Seidner, Ann Lawson, and Marg McRoberTs. Peppy addiTions To TailTeaThers were DoTTie Koivun and Joan FuHer. Jo STooker was a rnenwber oT The cheedeading squad. Terry Haack served as secreTary-Treasurer oT DelTa Phi Alpha, and M. L. Seidner and Peg Fuller were acTive in TheTa Sigma Phi. Frances ValenTine was on The STudenT-FaculTy board and aided Treshman women as an orienTaTion leader. Maralyn ShackelTord and PaT Pierce Took sTarring roles in "Kampus Kapersf' Chi O's enTerTained handicapped children wiTh a Halloween parTy in OCTO- ber, and sang ChrisTmas carols aT The hospiTals in December. Social acTiviTies cenTered upon The ChrisTmas Tormal, "Candy Cane Capers," The pledge dance, and The "Chi-OTee Howl," annual hard-Times parTy. Mrs. Clarice WaTerman compleTed her Third year as Chi O housemoTher. This session somehow lacks The True in- formal aTmosphere . . . "Please, roomie, musT you sfudy so laTe? lMusT be a TascinaTing TexT.l "You say you'll be over aT seven o'cloclx?" . . . Flowers 'n misTleToe were parT of The ChrisTmas aTmosphere aT The formal dance. Page I82 Schullz, Seidner, Shaclcelford, Shaffer, S+amos, Sfeiner, Sliclxels. TOP ROW: Allen, Arganbrighf, Ariens, Bagley, Bradley, Canedy, Davis. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW De Vilbiss, Downs, Elgin, Frosi, J. Fuller, P. Fuller, Gossman. Haaclr, Haney, Jaclcson, Jones, Kaufman, Koivun, Kress. Lauzon, Lawson, K. Lynch, M. Lynch, McRober+s, Miller, Meyer. NuH'all, Pierce, PiH'as, Rashid, Reilly, Russell, Schapanski. BOTTOM ROW: Sfoolcer, SuHon, Thornfon, Toline, Valenline, Wakefield, Woodard. Page I83 DELT DELT DELT Presidenr Joan Tripp led her Tri Dell sislers in anoiher year of honors and acliviries. Anne Smi+h was presidenl of Gamma Alpha Chi and a member ol rhe Board of Publicarions and Ceniral Parry Commirlee. Sue Gronna acied as chainnan of The Panacea show and was PanheHenic represeniahve +o The Srudenl Council. Morrar Board had Joan Tripp, B. J. Johnson, Fran Hender- son, and Joelle Hansen as members. The Tri Delis were awarded Jrhe annual Panhellenic scholarship Trophy af a Tall banquei. Sally Lachner was chairman offhe Sphwrers Spree conwnH+ee,and Joan Sywasdnk wasin charge oflhe Profile Preview fashion show. B. J. Johnson served as presidenl of UWA, and Joan Tripp was secrerary of The Sludenf Council. Lois Longley was an al' +endan1"ro rhe lnierfralerniiy and Dolphin queens. Adding Their bif +o school spirir were Tailfearhers Shirley Snodgrass, Jo Swanson, and Marge Kurlz. Mona McCormick worlced for slalion KXIC. Marilyn Smilh was a member of Zera Phi Era and Bev Richards was acfive in Forensics. Mary Ann Anderson, Joelle Hansen, and Jo Knox showed Jrheir execulive abilily as YWCA cabinei members while Fran Henderson was YW lreasurer. Mirzie Horsrman sang wirh 'rhe Universify chorus. Jo Swanson had a role in 'rhe universily play, "You Can'l Take H Wirh You." Nine Tri Dells, compleie wiih drums and bag- pipes, paraded wi+h 'The Highlanders. Social aciiviries were highlighied by lhe winier formal and a Valen+ine's Day buffer dinner and open house. Mrs. Lyda FHkhm was +he chaprers housernolhen Here's one lineup +ha+ seems +o be en- ioyable for all concerned . . . Colres 'n Teddy Bears seem +o appear lale af night B. J. looks as +hougl1 she hasn'i any more hump . . . Mrs. Fillrins en+er+ains nicely af fhe piano. Page l84 off TOP ROW: Adams, Marilyn Anderson, Mary Anderson, Avery, Baldridge, Baies, Boreman, Brechwald, Briggs. ROW 6: Buxfon, Conner, Dillon, Dingle, Feller, Fredrick, J. Freyder, K. Freyder, Gronna. ROW 5: Hanlon, Hansen, Henderson, Horne, Hcrsfman, Howard, Huffman, Hunfer, Johnson. ROW 4: Kerns, Knox, Koch, Kurfz, Lachner, Larson, Longley, McCormick, McNaugh+on. ROW 3: McQuade, Merlcley, Mefcalf, Pauley, Podhaslci, Pifzenberger, Richards, E. Slavafa, J. Slavala. ROW 2: A. Smifh, J. Smifh, M. Smifh, Snodgrass, Spangler, S+arman, Swanson, Sywassinlc, Thielen. BOTTOM ROW: Thompson, Tripp, Waison, Wise, Yea+es. Page I85 DELT GAMMA Della Gammas parlicipaled in varied aspecls ol campus lile during lhe l949-50 year al SUI. Nineleen girls cheered lor lhe lowa alhlelic leams as members ol lhe Taillealhers pep club. Bonnie Campbell, Sally Finlcbine, Joan McLaren, Eleanor Glick, Rosemary Talbol, and Nancy Smilh marched wilh lhe Highlanders. Reigning as lhis year's Dolphin queen was Mary Lou Sleven- son. Shirley Slcelly, Kalhleen Kelly, Nancy Smilh, and Sue Orsborn were mem- bers ol Seals. Direcling Campus Chesl solicilalions were chairman Mary Louise Anneberg and sororily chairman Carol Jackson. Aclive "Y" members were Louise Belqman, Sue Birlcs, and Louise Cannon. Louise Belqman look parl in universily Forensics and was secrelary ol Alpha Lambda Della. Sue Ors- born was elecled presidenl ol Alpha Lambda Della, while Rulh Swanson was vice-presidenl. Sue Orsborn was chairman ol lhe Vocalional Conlerence inlerview seclion. Belly Laurer was a member ol Phi Gamma Nu and Orche- sis. The Cenlral Parly commillee included Diane Carson. Marlha Young was publicily chairman lor Prolile Preview, and Marlha Frye served on lhe hosless commillee. Journalisls Kay Liem, Sue Eggleslon and Carolyn Gordon were members ol Gamma Alpha Chi. Mary Louise Anneberg served as chairman lor lnlormalion Firsl and chairman ol lhe Fine Arls commillee ol Union Board. Rulh Swanson was publicily direcloriol lnlormalion Firsl. Virginia Larson and Kalhleen Kelly worlced on lhe Union Board subcommillees. Chap- ler presidenl lhis year was Shirley Summerville. l-lousemolher Mrs. Ralph E. Overholser chaperoned lhe Della Gamma's. Gordo doesn'l seem lo be vilally inler- esled in whal lhe bool: says . . . "Pass lhe cookies" is lhe byword when lhe laundry mailer comes. Someone musl've hif lhe wrong nole This somelimes leads lo an evening when you 'Forgel complelely aboul' lexlboolrs. Page av C' '25 -J T TOP ROW: Anneberg, Bauer, Belnman, Birks, Blaul, Cannon, Campbell, Carson, Cheyney. ROW 6: Daisley, Dancer, Eggleslon, E. Evans, N. Evans, Finlnbine, Fish, Fry, Glick. ROW 5: Gordon, Horrabin, Jaclrson, Jaeger, Jensen, Kelly, Kinneman, Knudsen, Larson. ROW 4: Laurer, Libal, Liam, McElwain, McLaren, Maher, Marfinelli, Melrose, Michellree. ROW 3: Murray, New+on, Nicholaus, Orsborn, Pefree, Phillips, Roolr, Ruhl, Sacl:eH. ROW 2: Schwincl, Slcelley, Smith, Smufz, Sfevenson, Summerville, Swanson, Talbofh Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: Thul, Tyler, Van Alsfine, Wells, Young. Page l87 GAIVIIVI PHI BET Members of Rho chapier of Gamma Phi Bela celebraled The 75+h anniver- sary of The founding of Their sororiiy +his year. Presideni Virginia Burr served as YWCA vice-presideni and was rapped for Moriar Board. Bev McNamee was drum major of The Highlanders which included Gamma Phi's June Schnndt BeHy Knby,and Jan Bddgesin Hs marcmng hneup. The Musha- iions on The I949-50 UWA calendar were drawn by Donna Gow, who was also a member of YWCA cabinelr wiih Lincla Laird. Pai Church served as an allendanl lo The lnierfraierniry Pledge Queen and 'ro The Dolphin Queen. Slardng in umverdly lheaier produchons was G5wenn Davenport Awdylh Sorenson was a member of UWA Orienfarion council. Nafionally recognized synchronized swimmers Marilyn and Karilyn Adams parricipared in ihe Dolphin show. Lois Marlin was on The Union Board and Jane Osborn and Bev Bariels served on UWA council. Jo Pairen, a member of Gamma Alpha Chi, wom- en's adverrising sororily, was layouf ediior of The I95O HAWKEYE, while Linda Laird worked as copy wri'rer. The I949 WRA iniramurals cup was pre- senred To G5anuna Phildouse. TaHfea+hers were hdargy Baken Jan Bddges, Bobbie Campbell, Carhy Cheyne, Maribeih DeWiH, Polly Laude, Rhoda Huxsol, Joyce Palmer, Pail' Smilh, and Sue Susman. l-lousemoiher Mrs. Eliza- beih Wherry chaperoned The Gamma Phi social season which included 'rhe "Ca+'s Walk," a l'lallowe'en pariy, +he Chrislrmas formal, and a spring dinner dance. Look wha'r's under OUR Chrisrmas free! . . . The lafesr info brings smiles . . New decor leads +o leisure. ln+eres+ed onlookers see a iriple +hrea+ irumpcard...And everyone had a good 1'ime ai' The Chrisfmas formal. Page I88 of-"' 'G' 'if' 4g'F TOP ROW: K. Adams, M. Adams. Baker, Bariels, Beckman, Bragdon, Bridges, Brighf, Burf. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW Campbell, Cheyne, Church, Clausen, Davenporf, De Reus, De WiH', Evans, Gow. Gregg, Hardersen, Havercamp, Huxsol, Jensen, Jessen, Johnsfon, Johnsfone, Kelly. Kersey, Kinsey, Kirby, Laird, Laude, Lawrence, Lielc, Long, Luff. McMullen, McNamee, McTigue, Major, Marfin, Miller, Milow, Moriensen, Murray. Osborne, OH, Palmer, PaHen, Pifz, Pyles, Schmidi, P. Smiih, S. Smifh. BOTTOM ROW: Sornson, Sfroy, Susman. 'Nl' E7 "av Page IB9 22355. , eg KAPP LPH THET Kappa Alpha TheTa members, led by PresidenT Sue CarTwrighT, parTici- paTed in many exTra-curricular acTiviTies This year. Mary Vande STeeg was Treasurer oTThe hberalarTssenior dass on sTudenT councH,hAorTar Board and The "Religion in LiTe Week" commiTTee. Marjorie Campbell, who also parTici- paTed in MorTar Board acTiviTies, headed UWA's I949 orienTaTion council and was CadeT Colonel Tor The MiliTary Ball. EighT TheTas were members OT Highlanders. PaT Lounsbury was ediTor OT The I95O HAWKEYE. Flo Robin- son served as presidenT oT The YWCA and Women's program direcTor Tor WSUI. Casey CoverT was heard on "Tea Time." "Kampus Kapers" perTorrn- ersinduded Bobby Benden Lorna EWOTL Kayo Hodim Sharon Kdens and Casey CoverT. Ellie Leedham helped plan publiciTy Tor lnTormaTion FirsT, and Joan Beu served on The UWA freshman council. Sally Irish was on The I95O orienTaTion council and Merry WesT served as secreTary oT The vocaTional con- Terence planning commiTTee. Linda Leuchauer, Ursie Dawson, and Anne Gil- son were members OT The YWCA cabineT. Nancy AirTh was chairman OT WRA's publiciTy board and Ursie Dawson and Joyce Howe were Seals mem- bers. Presiding over The CanTerbury club were Marianne Swisher and Anne Gilson. Pegee LuTz was Junior Panhellenic presidenT and Sherle Chehak and DoTTie Danielson were on Union Board sub-commiTTees. Working on HAWK- EYE sTaTT were Teddy Allen, Joan Beu, Kayo Flodin and Merry WesT. House- moTher "Mommie" Anderson guided The chapTer Tor The sixTeenTh year. Okay, who's The ioker . . . or did BooTjer TorgeT To Trump The Trick? . . . OdeTTe has The group spellbouncl wiTh her ioke book. NoThing like geTTing in a noTe edgewise . . . "Rag Mop" 'For The 4,568Th Time- or is iT Kayo's TavoriTe record? Page I I TOP ROW: Allen, Airlh, Beers, Bender, Berg, Beu, Boofier, Bowers. ROW 7: Burrell, Campbell, Carfwrighi, Chehalx, Clarlce, Coverf, Cramblil, Dailey. ROW 6: Danielson, Dawson, Dodd, Egerl, EllioH, Fenfon, Finders, Flodin. ROW 5: Gilson, Glendinning, Grifl'i+h, Gusiafson, Hall, Howe, Irish, Jackson. ROW 4: Juslman, Kane, Killinger, Kirkland, Kriens, Leedham, Lindquisf, Lounsbury. ROW 3: Luechauer, Lulz, Marlin, Meloy, Miller, Mona, Murray, Noland. ROW 2: Pinlrerfon, Reid, Reller, Robinson, Ruby, Schwinn, Shoquisi, Sierp. BOTTOM ROW: Sfoermer, Swisher, Tenney, Tillolson, Trueblood, Vande Sfeeg, Walker, Wesl. Page l9I . ...fl KAPP K PP AIVIMA Predded over by Jean G5ordon,+he Kappa'sspenran achve and busy year ar SUI. Pai Morehead and Mary Reger were members of UWA's execuiive councu, Pai as ireasurer and hAary as The sophornore represenlaiive. hdary Ladd was chosen as a member of fhe Freshman UWA council. This year ilie Panhellenic judiciary represeniaiive was Jane Tewlcsbury. Marilou Cords, Doris Horslund, and Barbara McKown devoied lime io Y work as cabinei members of rhe YWCA. Four Kappa Highlanders were Diane Irwin, Mariha Hale, Sue Eversmeyer and Joan Durr. A Union Board member was Marilou Cords, wiih Connie Jewell on one of rhe subcommiifees. Jean Gordon wore ihe while iackelr of a Moriar Board member. The Seals organizarion included swimmers Marilyn Miller, Nancy Wilson, Greichen Flindi, Meg Auner. Sue Funk, Connie Jewell, Peg Cornwall, and Joan Borderwiclc. Nancy Wilson was appoinred i950 Orienraiion Council chairman and Helen Hayes was a mem- ber oi ihe Cenlral Parry commiriee. Tailfealhers pep organizaiion had four Kappas on Hs lisi, while Peg Cornwall and Mary McMann were aciive in Forensics. Nancy Wallace served as a member of rhe Spinsiers' Spree com- miHee. Heading The hospiialiiy commiiiee for ihe spring Vocarional Confer- ence was Beverly Aarons. Margarer Siefien was honored by being chosen as +he lnieriraierniiy Pledge Queen. I949's "Code for Coeds" had Pal' More- head asih edHor.lWrs H.l4.Bauman wasfhe Kappas house moiherrhh yean Menagerie parade-whose wins ihe prize? . . . H's iusi' abou? +ha+ rime, and dcn'+ 'forger fo sei' rhe clock, Sue. Determined roommare aHemp+s +o srudy despife an imprompfu 'fashion show . . . Pledge cheerfully vacuums while acfives happily supervise . . . lOzzie, where were you?l Page I92 TOP ROW: Aarons, Arp, Auner, Benfer, Bevins, Bordewiclc, Brandenburg, Cords. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW Cornwall, Dodge, Durr, Eversmeyer, Flinclf, Freclericlrs, Funk, Gierlxe. Gordon, Green, Hale, Hayes, Horslund, Irwin, Jewell, Krause. Ladd, Langland, Mcclinfoclc, McKown, Manlaeclc, Marlin, A. Miller, C. Miller. D. Miller, M. Miller, J. Milclwell, M. Milchell, Morehead, B. Morrissey, C. Morrissey, Oswald. PraH', Raflw, Reger, Ross, Spaulding, Sfeffen, Taylor, Tewlcslaury. BOTTOM ROW: Thomason, Thompson, Tye, Wallace, Wilson. Page I93 PI BET PHI Pi BeTa Phi arrows were seen on many campus leaders aT SUI This year. MargareT PosTer was vice-presidenT oT UWA, and Maxine Erickson held The posiTion of CenTraI Judiciary chairman. The YWCA cabineT claimed JeaneTTe N4acLeod, whHe LU Thonwen served on a Llmon Board subconwnHTee. The UniversiTy sing was direcTed by Chairman Marion O'Connor. Peace Penning- roTh predded overThe VVeshnhwTerToundaHon and h4aMne Edchon was a member oT MorTar Board. Marilyn DuckeTT, Melanie Snider, Nancy I-IunT and Marilyn PeTerson wore The plaid kiITs of The Highlanders. KIaudeTTe Diddy was a scripT wriTer Tor WSUI. Pi Phi swimmers in Seals organizaTion were Norinne Fenner, May Thomas, and AsTrid Carlson. The UniversiTy chorus inf cluded singers Maxine Erickson, Peace Pennir1groTh and Colleen Newell. NaTalie I-Iennessey was acTive in Forensics. Pall orienTaTion leaders were Joan Frohwein, Sally Johnson, PaTTi RickeTTs, Jean ThrockmorTon and Sally Webb. Pi PM beauhesinduded hHerhaTernHy queen Sue STevens who was ako at TendanT To The Dolphin queeng Colleen SiberT, InTerTraTerniTy aTTendanTq Col- leen Newell, Quadrangle queen: Phyllis Allen, Newman queen aTTendanT, and Ann Wells, InTerTraTerniTy pledge queen aTTendar1T. One of The Pi Phi's proi- ecTs This year was The supporT OT a TosTer child. A busy social calendar in- duded a Dads day weekend,inTonnaIparhesand coQes,and hNo'HadTHona formal dances. Mrs. I"IarrieTTe Evans served as housemoTher Tor Pi BeTa Phi soroHTy Thk yeah Dad's Day weekend aT SUI broughT Pi Phi Dads To The chapTer house, where They unpacked Their suiTcases and sTayed Tor The weekend . . . AnoTher friendly bridge game. KniT Two, purl-"Say did you hear abouT-?"..."Ice cream an' hoT dogs" come aT The opporTune momenT during an evening's diIigenT sTudy. Page I94 vt TOP ROW: Allen, Andelfinger, Archie, Baller, Boudreaux, Burrill, Carlson, Carr, Killeen Diddy. ROW 6: ROW 5: ROW 4: ROW 3: ROW 2: BOTTOM Klaudeffe Diddy, DooliHle, Doornink, Duckeff, Ericlcson, Eschbaclc, Fenner, Fishbaugh, Fos+er. Frohwein, Gehrke, Goodner, Guy, Heller, Hennessy, Hunf, Johnson, Kaufman. Kimmel, McCord, MacLeod, Malloy, Marlin, Moyers, Newell, O'Connor, N. Penningrolh. P. Penningro+h, Peterson, RiclreHs, Schlampp, Scoff, Siberf, Skinner, Snider, Stevens. Sfrafe, Sfrolher, Sufherland, Thomas, Thomsen, Tinley, Throclrmorlon, Tyler, Webb. ROW: Wenger+, Wells, Wildman, Young. Page l95 "ZPL, Y , --I SIGIVI DELT T U Under The leadership oT PresidenT AniTa Schiller, Sigma DelTa Tau members engaged in a busy year oT acTiviTies. Helen Falk presided over The Women's RecreaTion associaTion, and Arline Silverman acTed as lnTramurals chairman. Training chairman oT The Tall OrienTaTion program was Sandra Glass. AniTa Schiller direcTed The "ProTile Preview" program, and Eunice Germansky was on The YWCA CabineT as chairman OT The Wednesday nighT hospiTal enTer- TainmenT. Corresponding secreTary Tor The Hillel FoundaTion was EsTher Bau- mer. Jeanne STrauss, Leah WoolT and Millie Rubinson were members oT The Hillel council. HAWKEYE sTaTT members were CharloTTe SchoenTeld and C5reTa Grossman. Riva Casfleman worked on WRA's publiciTy commiTTee. Torchy CasTle, Millie Rubinson, Nan MarkowiTz, and Ellen Simons spenT spare Time on "Kampus Kapersf' A member OT The SpinsTer's Spree commiTTee was Judy Fein, who was also a member OT The lnTormaTion FirsT publiciTy commiT- Tee. Rosie KaTz and Florence Russman sang in The universiTy chorus, and Renee Brody and Audrey Kirsch conTribuTed Time To CORE acTiviTies. Gam- ma Alpha Chi's membership lisT included CharloTTe SchoenTeld and GreTa Grossman. Sandy Andich marched and danced wiTh The Highlanders, and Velma Gannon did radio work aT WSUI. Hillel's library chairman was Renee Brody, and CharloTTe SchoenTeld served as program chairman oT UWA's VocaTional conTerence. OTher house acTiviTies included The parTial supporT oT a French TosTer child, and various social evenTs. The housemoTher Tor Sigma DelTa Tau was Mrs. Viola Heidenreich. Mighi' be a SaTurday affernoon aT The SDT house, whaT wifh all Those record albums . . . Comparing noTes on who did whaT and when. Bridge seems To be one of The campus pasfimes, iudging from The games on phofographs in This here yearbook . . Mrs. Heidenreich and her girls have a spare momenf Tor The phofographer. Page I96 - . -M1 m .a1 TOP ROW: Andich, Ban, Baumer, Bloclr, Blum, Bordy, Braverman, Briclxman. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW Brody, Caslle, Caslleman, L. Cohen, S. Cohen, Dubanslxy, Eisler, Engman. Falk, Fein, Gannon, Germansky, Glass, Goldman, Gordon, Grossman. Kaballolif, Kafsman, Kah, Kennard, Kirsch, Lurie, Marlcowifz, Musin. Pred, Reider, Robinson, Rubinson, Russman, Schiller, Schlass, Schoenfeld. Schulman, Shapiro, Silverman, Silverlon, Simons, Slrauss, Sugarman, Tarlroff. BOTTOM ROW: Uli+, Waldinger, Winlroub, Wolf, Woolf. Page I97 ZETA TAU LPH The house aT 8I5 EasT BurhngTon was horne To busy mernbers oT ZeTa Tau Alpha. Wi+h Marian NeTT as presidenT The ZeTas Took an acTive parT in cam- pusachwhesand ahaha Jean Robeds Kappa Epdbn member,smved as secreTary Tor lowa's chapTer oT The American PharmaceuTical associaTion. Marge Day, Jane Fall, Joyce Frymire, Wilma Bloom. Claire lngels, Doris Hekch, Hame Engbbreck hAaNon PheHen and Joan Hokop bebnged To TailTeaThers pep club. Marian NeTT served as Freshman YWCA advisor, as weH as PanheHenk achvihes chainnan and PanheHenk:represenTaHve To The lnTernaTional club. Jo Tripp played in The UniversiTy band and MarTha Jerni- gan sang in The chorus. Phi BeTa Kappa honorary included Ann Wilson on iTs membership lisT. Doris PleTsch was a member oT Phi Gamma Nu. Mary Lou BarTh acTed as secreTary oT Gamma Alpha Chi, wiTh Fran Franson and Claire lngels oTher members oT This adverTising TraTerniTy. The social board oT The Newman club included Jo Prolcop, and Marian NeTT direcTed aTTairs as social chairman oT The OccupaTional TherapisTs associaTion. A Union Board sub- commiTTee member was Doris PleTsch, who also worked on The HAWKEYE sTaTT. Mary Lou Hughes belonged To The CollegiaTe Chamber oT Commerce. Fhghlander prachce Tound hAaHanna STevens going Through drHk and rou- Hnes. Jan Naykx swan1TorThe Seah organhahon. The QudenT coundis newly Tormed public relaTions commiTTee had Jane Fall and Marilyn Madsen as members. Claire lngels wroTe Tor Frivol magazine. HousemoTher Tor The ZeTa Tau Alpha's was Mrs. Hazel B. Miller. Mary Lou plays a delighT'FuI piano, we've heard . . . The laTesT in MoTher Hubbard fashions . . . The ice cream man arrives again. NoThing like living in The living room . . . Typical lafe evening scene: Texf- book, crackers 'n cheese, hairdryer and good inTenTions To sTudy. Page TOP ROW: Andrew, Barfh, Bloom, Buckner, Cadwalacler, Dahlberg, Day. ROW 5: Engelbrech+, Fall, Fisher, Franson, Friedrichsen, Frymire, Greene. ROW 4: Hasselman, Hiscoclr, Hughes, lngels, Jernigan, Keeley, Loepp. ROW 3: Looney, Madson, Menard. Myers, Naylor, Neff, Pfeiffer. ROW 2: Plefsch, Prolrop, Rober+s, Roose, Schmarie, Seeley, Sfevens. BOTTOM ROW: Tripp, Vauihrin, Waechler, Wall, Wicks, Wilson. Page l99 is 'Q' .' L Ss ALPHA CHI OMEGA: Founded aT DePauw UniversiTy, I885 4' Alwgs? ,K . . Sigma ChapTer esfablished, l9II QQLQEEW , 552. .Tolly-A,, ALPHA DELTA PI: Founded aI' Wesleyan Female College, T 85 I Alpha Befa ChapTer esTalolishecI, I9I5 ALPHA xi DELTA: Founded aT Lombard colaooo, T893 5 ' f' Sigma ChapTer esTabIished, I9I2 CHI OMEGA: Founded aT The Universilry of Arkansas, l895 3EffgQv Psi Befa C:hapTer esTabhshed, I9I9 DELTA DELTA DELTA: Founded aT BosTon uoavofody, Teas Phi Chap+er es+ablished, I904 DELTA GAMMA: Founded aT The Lewis School for Girls, I873 E Aldo' Tau C:hapTer esTabhshed, I886 FS,"vi?i" ' riff. Q5,SqZ'fT'gL:4 GAMMA PHI BETA: Founded aT Syracuse UniversiTy, l874 Rho Chap'l'er esTablished, l9I5 'ftk-53,4 .fm M aw-ff' KAPPA ALPHA TI-IETA: Founded af DePauw UniversiTy, T870 BeTa Omicron Chapfer es'raIoIished. QI l926 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA: Founded a+ MonmouTh College, I87O :-1 BeTa Zefa Chap+er esTabIished, I882 PI BETA PHI: Founded aT Monmoulrh College, ,I867 Iowa ZeTa ChapTer esTaIolished, I882 for SIGMA DELTA TAU: Founded aT Cornell UniversiTy, l9I7 Pi C:hapTer esTabhshed, I933 A TAU ALPHA: Founded a+ The Virginia STa're Normal CoHege,l898 ha Clnncron C:hapTer esfabhshec Page 20 ZET Alp l922 3: w offs .EF ,L M.. 4: I 0 f, ZQSTAFQZ. up .M y Y 'R i'e?25?i213Ifm'W5?7 . ' if. 'lg mfr. bf gy. W, 'L V, N 'su- Q- 'XL .,..,-lt!" 'fy I 'Wx Y" -X, , A A, X V Q if A, h 3, I Wg - ' . M. i Zfiflfw 1 . Q ,Q 1:- f fp fx! fr ' "xg: , Z if Q , , Y . f W . 7 1 X X 3 My 1, 'WWR K , , far, 4 7-3 J 1 X .7 97 ,K f JS-il .J .Y ,L . L ff - J. 'Q ms- f Z . ' A fi? 1 ,L Y ,ii l -W .. Ya , 3,1 i - ,I AW 'mth "', f ' Q . "ff xi " A Zi i W, X K Era W L z- 'xi' Htl' ' 1 v ' ,fd V fl1QL,f"",i W1 V' iwgm. , FRATER ITIES TOP ROW: Wrex Vandecar, Pi Kappa Alpha: Irving Sherman, Phi Epsilon Pi: Jack Kampmeyer, Sigma Chi: John Hovland, DelTa Upsilon: Bill Swanson, Phi Kappa Psi: Chuck Ruhl, BeTa TheTa Pi: Marshall Berg, DelTa Tau DeI+a: Larry Gross, Phi Kappa Sigma: Dan Krumm, TheTa Xi. BOTTOM ROW: Leroy Phelps, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Jim Nunn, Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Bob MarTin, Sigma Nu: Chuck Dodd, Phi Gamma DelTa: E. K. Jones, DeI+a Chi: Dick Gibson, Phi Kappa Psi: Chuck Hanson, Phi DeI+a TheTa: Graham Marshall, Advisor. Noi' in PicTure: Gordon ForsyTh, Alpha Tau Omega. lnTerTraTerniTy Council Wins NaTional Award The year broughT naTional eminence To SUl's lnTerTraTerniTy council, when The associaTion was named runner-up among U. S. campuses by The NaTional lnTerTraTerniTy comference held in WashingTon, D. C. SUl council PresidenT Chuck Dodd and l949 Rushing Chairman Bud Phelps aTTended The annual CHARLES DODD conTerence, which awards honors To excepTional college TraTerniTy sysTems. PresidenT Each year, The lowa council subscribes S500 in supporT oT The Foreign STudenT JAMES NUNN Aid program, and The group has been insTrumenTal in esTablishing The policy Wceupresidenf oT The sixTeen social TraTerniTies on campus To conTribuTe generously To The . . . . E. K. JONES Campus ChesT, polio Tund, and oTher welliare campaigns. Social climax oT The SecreTary-Treasurer season Tor men OT TraTerniTy row was The gala lnTerTraTerniTy Prom, a January 2OTh evenT which broughT The orchesTra oT Claude Thornhill To The lowa Union. Reigning over The evening was Queen Sue STevens, who was aTTended by Lois Longley, Colleen Newell, Rozan Wagoner, and Colleen SiberT. Page 202 TOP ROW: Pele Van Ooslerhoul, Sigma Chi: James Ransom, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Rudy Fleischaclcer, Alpha Tau Omega: Joe Regan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Gill Coen, Phi Epsilon Pi: Bob Becker, Phi Kappa Psi. ROW 2: Herb Herlzler, Pi Kappa Alpha: Harry Dunn, Sigma Nu: Rex Rulher, Phi Della Thela: Chuclc Wheeler, Bela Thela Pi: Bob Ebersole, Phi Kappa Sigma. BOTTOM ROW: Dale Holroyd, Della Chi: Don Rowe, Della Tau Della: Troy Anderson, Della Upsilon: Bill Shields, Phi Gamma Della: Dick Gelman, Thela Xi. Pledge Council Sponsors Special Evenls TROY ANDERSON As lhe men lrom lhe social lralernily houses inslrucled lheir pledges in Presidenl SUI Greek lradilions, lhe lnlerlralernily Pledge council provided addilional DQN RQWE direclion lor lhe pledges by lhe sponsorship ol "exchange smokers." The V:Ce,preS:den+ council's yearly Pledge Prom broughl lhe band ol Bill Meardon lo lhe Iowa BILL SHIELDS Recording Secrelary DALE HOLROYD Corresponding Secrelary DICK GETMAN Treasurer Union lounge, January 7. The dance was lhe scene ol lvlargarel Slellen's crowning as queen, surrounded by her allendanls, Pal Church, Ann Wells, Joan Panler, and Nancy Evans. The edilors ol "Mademoiselle" selecled lhe queen lrom lhe sixleen cancliclales, each represenling a pledge class. The pledges mainlaining lhe semesler's highesl grade poinl average look home lhe lraveling scholarship lrophy, awarded by lhe council lo encourage aca- demic inleresl among lhe pledges. Page 203 ALPH AU T D EG The ATO's, under fhe leadership of Gordon Forsyfh and wifh fhe aid of Mrs. Yeffer who served compefenfly as housemofher, complefed anofher suc- cessful year on fhe Iowa campus. Scholars Gordon Forsyfh and Torn Olson were members of Phi Ffa Sigma, freshman honorary frafernify. Followed by fheir Sf. Bernard mascof, ATO II, fhe Alpha Tau afhlefes displayed fheir skill on fhe afhlefic fields. Fred Ruck won a varsify leffer for his quarferbacking wifh fhe foofball feam. Freshman numerals wenf fo Dick Mau in baskefball and frack and fo George Sebbins in golf. Jack R. Miller was on fhe varsify basebaH squad and Jack L NMHer was on fhe iunkw vardfy baskefbaH squad. Bofh Millers, wifh Mal Wesfly, who played organ music on his program, NSfarhghf Serenadef' worked on fhe VVSLH sfaH. VVesHy, Bob l4eeL Bm Pollifz and Luke Shorf played in fhe Iowa band. Dick Mau worked on fhe DaHy lowan sfah. Dick Dice predded over fhe Sfudenf councH and was a member of fhe Board of Publicafions. He also was elecfed fo Omicron Delfa Kappa and was lowa's sfudenf delegafe fo fhe Nafional Associafion of Manu- facfurers lndusfdal congress Ed Eheknwann was regional preddenf of fhe Nafional Sfudenfs associafion, assisfanf producer of Kampus Kapers and a member of fhe universify debafe feam. The ATO's had a varied social season wifh fheir annual ClubQTau and spring formal parfies. Sounds like good boogie +o us . . . He can'+ wail fo read if lafer . . . Thaf's a lol of bull fiddling. Looks like a serious game of bridge... ATO even sfudies once in a while, buf he can"r see a +hing wiihoui' his spec- facles. y Page l l 2 TOP ROW: R. Pefersen, Bowers, Sfallman, Flieschhaclrer, Andersen, J. Miller, Sl1el'ron. ROW 5: Slnorl, Herbsl, Rozeboom, Engels, Krebs, Dorey, Hess. ROW 4: Jolwnslon, Mau, Donnell, Curren+, Pollilz, Neel, Maflwiasen, E. Pelersen, J. R. Miller ROW 3: Sfrang, King, Pos+, McDonald, Tyler, Bogue, Fisclwer, Hagen. ROW 2: Sfamp, Sfebbins, Lewis, Wallers, Riley, Harrover, Filzgerald, Melcalf, Meade. BOTTOM ROW: Clark, Neppel, Forsylhe, Mrs. Yefler, Pelri, Salem, Olsen. "Club Tau", a fradilional nighf club parfy, provided ATO's and +l1eir dales wilh a Monle Carlo almosphere. ATO is an impressive reminder of Yu- kon days, and rumor has i+ 'lhaf lhe meandering mascol' consumes more vil- lles fl'1an llie resf of +l1e cliapfer. Page 205 ,wr BET THET PI WiTh PresidenT Charles Ruhl proving his leadership capaciTy, BeTa TheTa Pi scored anoTher successTul year in campus acTiviTies. ProminenT aThleTes among The BeTas included Bunny Broeder and Bud Dahl on The varsiTy swim- ming Team, who, wiTh Tom Moore, were members oT The Dolphin club. Bob Longley bore The black and gold banner Tor lowa on The gridiron. The varsiTy golT Team included Bob Goode and Jim Twogood. Dick Miller proved his meriT on The baseball diamond. Craig Harper pounded The cinder paThway as a member oT The Track Team. AThleTic achievemenTs were The lighTweighT baskerball TournamenT championship and Top place in The inTramural swim- ming meeT. AcTive in honorary TraTerniTies were Don Chadima and Bob Keefe in Alpha DelTa Sigma, adverTising, and Tom Moore, Chuck Ruhl' and George Beno in DelTa Sigma Pi, commerce. Working in publicaTions on The Daily Iowan sTaTT were Don Chadima and Bob KeeTe. Dean FriTchen was The HAWKEYE sales manager. BeTas FriTchen and Jim Bawden served on Union board subcommiTTees. WiTh The assisTance oT Their housemoTher, lvlrs. Thomas Hammill, The social acTiviTies Tor The year included The annual Barn parTy, The Bowery parTy, The ChrisTmas Tormal and The Miami Triad. The guy seems To be holding The cen Ter oT inTeresT . . . An informal session has a way oT geTTing more informal Than This. Al Meyer's Trying To impress us-he seems To be carrying books . . . Perhaps The BeTa version oT canasTa? Page 2 MT g L , ,AA I "i: q':: Q -Q v,,.L D1,Q Q, Q::'.f.f,1L,-H, ..-,. -5 -.-,LA,- w-',,1S--:1 gfi 4 my ':'- :::.:-' -if -'-".':' - "-. . 2 , - 'L "1:2':'21" A A A ' - K'l,5 h L mfg. W 'if m.1' K' L k , . A H QQ f ' P A' f my q':kL 5 a in 3 If 3 f N - J . ,-,Qi i W, 7-Q-ig .W ., X' Hfiil .' fy' l , Q K- ' ' 353 2'fng1:gg:,.5, ff W ai Q W asf sf Q 5 ? - 'X ' KP Y ? ' 'ei Q31 53 M g Y? 'Q , gif: I n ,K 5 N . . t 5 7 X ,. m. g1 as S 355 ' , 9 I L W -Q54 f ' 1 Q 11 1 1 ww-'14 1 if ' W X 9 i Q a 4 ' - f x 3, x f af gi 1 1 VV 4 A 4 . 4 - . in V JL xx' ki, V I K . K I W 1 wr , V V . V .1 - gf ? wi fy -,N if ,gm V 1 W' ,A 5, f ? A fffzfxf l 'W' JF? aQ1w - W 'f w , xgx 'AN ,335 . x DELI CHI The DelTa Chi's opened Their 38Th year on The Iowa campus by winning The InTerTraTerniTy Touch TooTball championship. Individual DelTa Chis were prom- inenT on campus, Too. E. K. Jones was presidenT oT TailTeaThers. secreTary oT- The InTerTraTerniTy council, and a member oT The cenTral parTy commiTTee. Tom Dorsey was producTion assisTanT Tor I-IAWKEYE and resoluTions chairman Tor The Young DemocraTs. Irvin Cirks was business manager oT "TransiT" and a member oT TheTa Tau, naTional engineering TraTerniTy. Rome Schaiclner was on Union board, and RoberT I-Iill, Don STrub, Mickey Thomas, Harry Dahl and AI Bruce were Iowa MounTaineers. Roy Barron, member oT The SUI symphony, and AI FrosT, who played wiTh The marching and concerT bands. represenTed The chapTer in The music Tield. OTher men in campus acTiviTies were Dick Duncan and John I-Iogeland, Union board sub-commiTTeesg Dale I-lolroyd, secreTary oT The InTerTraTerniTy pledge council, and Willis OTTO, who appeared in severaluniverdTy TheaTer producnons. h4rs Frank SHver chap- eroned The social program oT The year which included The " '49er" parTy, Two Tormals and numerous inTormal parTies. Looks like if was a delighfful evening Buf whaf did you bring back besides empTy shells? . . . They enioyed The Chrisfmas 'formal dance, Too. Okay, E. K., we see i+'s sTricTly homoge- nized . . . KenTon versus Gillespie, maybe? Page 2 All dressed up for a big evening af ihe Chris+mas formal-iudging from 'ihe happy expressions, we wish we'd been ihere! Page 209 TOP ROW: Nellos, Trissel, C. Hyde, T. Hyde, J. Smifh, Fros+, Percy. ROW 5: Proudfii-, Lundsgaard, DuBois, Gordon, Hogeland, Treneman, Barron, Beclcsfrom, Blaser ROW 4: Kirchner, Lenhari, Broeker, Karr, McNall, Beach, Goerz, Duncan, LaGrange. ROW 3: Nau, Sfrub, Waller, Dorsey, Dahl, Cirlrs, Ellis, Knolre, Thomas. ROW 2: Spear, J. Smi+h, Holroyd, High, Gloffeliy, Marchi, Wood, Hill. BOTTOMiROW: Bergman, Cufler, Duncan, Mrs. Silver, E. K. Jones, Pu+ney, Bruce DELT T U DELT EnTering Their 7OTh year aT SUI, The Delrs were led by PresidenT Marshall Berg and chaperoned by Their housemoTher, Mrs. James Folley. On The grid- iron Bob Geigel capTained Two Iowa games and during The winTer was a mem- ber OT The wresTIing Team. Frank Barile, a Nile Kinnick scholarship winner, and John Tinley won Their Treshman TooTbalI numerals. Jay STorey and OrliTF Clark walked The links Tor The Iowa Team, while Ted Morrison was on The swimming Team. In exTra-curricular acTiviTies The DelTs held many prominenT posiTions. Dick Ball, Fred Leonard and Bob LooTs were on The Frivol sTaTf, Dick Colville worked on HAWKEYE and Al Devine was alumni ediTor oT The Iowa TransiT. The sTrains oT "On Iowa" were oTTen heard as Jim Bullard, Bob SweeT and Bob LooTs pracTiced Tor The marching band. LooTs, Tom FranTz, and OrIiTI Clark were in YMCA acTiviTies. Don Rowe was vice-presidenT oT The lnTerTra- TerniTy Pledge Council while Dick Colville was Treasurer oT The CenTraI ParTy CommiTTee. Kenny Alsager and Bob Daasch were members oT DeITa Sigma Pi, commerce TraTerniTy. Dick Ball and Carl Scheld were members oT The Forensics AssociaTion. Topping oTF a successTul social season were The ChrisT- mas and spring Tormals. A Ii++Ie on The gayer side, as Iowa coeds will agree. were The annual "WalTer MiTTy" and paiama parTies. The DeITs have Their own bop crew, good for many a session . . . WhaT's The book he's reading so avidIy7 lT's a long walk home, we have a 'flaf Tire, and The women have I2:30 hours . . . Three's a crowd for sTudying. Page 2l0 The food was excellenl, +he music lops, and all lhe Delis ancl lheir clales rafed fhe Chrisimas formal clance "+ops". Page zu TOP ROW: S. Jaeger, Zoeclxler, Woodburn, Ball, Divine, Phillips, Lane. ROW 5: Carlson, Lenaghan, Froelich, Anderson, Tinley, Colville, Loo+s, Bullard, Thomas ROW 4: B. Clarlc, H. Jaeger, Morrison, Scheld, Leonard, O. Clarlc, Boehm, Chrislensen ROW 3: Johnson, Kuhn, Sweef, Jackson, Scholfes, Beam, Wallgren. ROW 2: Kern, Conners, Franfz, Rowe, Barile, Eclrhardr, Shull, Wai'r, Be+ar. BOTTOM ROW: McClow, BriHon, Sforey, Mrs. H. Foley, Berg, Alsager, Suller. DELT UPSILU -Z DelTa Upsilon was well represenTed in sTudenT governmenT acTiviTies on The Iowa campus This year. Gaige WalTers and John l'Iovland held posiTions on The STudenT councHp Don G5uHuie and Don Edwardg who dnecTed The an rangemenTs Tor The all-universiTy Homecoming parTy lasT auTumn, were on The Union board: Bob Dickinson was on The CenTral ParTy commiTTee. and GuThrie was a member oT The STudenT Board oT PublicaTions. OTTicers Trom D. U. in sTudenT groups included Ralph Woodard, presidenT oT The "I" club and vice- presidenT oT The senior class oT liberal arTs, and Troy Anderson, presidenT oT The InTerTraTerniTy pledge council. Woodard was also a member of Omicron DeITa Kappa, men's leadership TraTerniTy. ln The communicaTions Tield were Don GuThrie, heard regularly over WSUI, and Larry Siulin, copywriTer Tor I-IAVVKEYE. Siulin also served on The sTudenT-TaculTy mixer commiTTee. DU's in Iowa aThleTics were Glenn Drahn, l-luberT JohnsTon and Ralph Woodard, TooTballp JohnsTon and Don Larsen, baskeTballg Drahn, Bob STewarT and Don Edwards basebam and Jack Davh,capTahL VHQH Troyer and John VVana- maker, Track. The DU's held Their TourTh annual Hobo convenTion under The reign oT King George Marks. OTher social evenTs were The winTer and spring Tormals. Chaperone oT house acTiviTies was Mrs. Geraldine Ballard, who com- pleTed her TirsT year as housemoTher Tor The Iowa chapTer. Piano capers aTTer dinner . . . Two good hoboes seen aT The TradiTional Tall parTy . . . His parTner looks amazed-musT have been a ioker in The deck. This looks like an "off The cuff" game of someTl1ing-or-oTl1er . . . Big broTher is waTching you. Page 2l2 Page Friendly looking pe? fhese DU's are en- ferfaining-probably ea+s less +l'1an ATO, we'd ven+ure. 2I3 TOP ROW: Ruebel, Doscher, Larson, Guihrie, Clark, Bonnell, Niclelson. ROW 5: Anderson, Lynch, Sayre, Silleffo, Wanamaker, Edwards, Brown, Erich. ROW 4: Creel, Fisher, Blomsfer, Sfewari, Daine, O'Leary, Bacon, Mohling, Vollzmer. ROW 3: F. Huebsch, Barnes, MacDonald, Sohn, Bader, Waliers, Wirfz, Troyer, Reeds. ROW 2: Johnsfon, Marrs, Bronson, Longfield, Hogan, Krieg, Bailey, T. Huebsch, Egland. BOTTOM ROW: King, Woodard, Marks, Hovland, Mrs. Ballard, Sjulin, Dickinson, Piclcard, Casey PHI DELT THET The Phi DeITs. guided by PresidenT Charles Hanson and Miss Naomi HouIT, housemoTher, again proved Themselves among The leaders OT The campus. They sTarTed The year by bringing home a TirsT place Trophy in The InTerTraTer- nHy homeconung parade. and Then won second phce in Touch TooTbaH SporTs claimed many Phi DeI+s. John Towner and AusTin Turner won Their maior "I" 's in TooTbaII, Don Hays and Gene GeTTys wore The black and gold in baskeTbaH and Bob G5ordon and Jim Scroggs were on The heshman Teanm Larry Larimore and Wally Nicholson were on The swimming Team and, wiTh PeTe Hedlin and Dan Roper, were members oT The Dolphins organizaTion. Dick Tupper, Jim Iv1i+chelI and Claire JenneT were on The varsiTy Track Team. Var- siTy Tennis Team members included Jack FIeTcher and Bill Ball. FIeTcher was also a member oT The HAWKEYE sTaTT. Paul and Jim Conrad were carToonisTs Tor The Daily Iowan. Don Hays was on The Union board and was also a mem- ber oT Omicron DeITa Kappa. Bob Wolford served on a Union board commiT- Tee. Chuck Hanson was again acTive in Kampus Kapers and a member oT Pi Tau Sigma, engineering TraTerniTy. John McTavish was a member oT BeTa Gamma Sigma. commerce honorary. Bob Pearce parTicipaTed in The adver- Tising acTiviTies oT Alpha Delfa Sigma. Phi DeITs mainTained social promi- nence wiTh such evenTs as The ChrisTmas and spring Tormals, The annual Buck- aroo parTy and The Miami Triad. Phi DeITs worked Iflard To win a Trophy 'for Their homecoming floaf . . . "Af+er hours" iam sessions proved popular wifh everyone. Open house broughf many guesfs To The casTIe painfed blue and whiTe . . . The "Buckaroo" parTy was a durn good wesT- ern aTTracTion. Page ZI4 TOP ROW: Weideman, Marlin, Firch, Broms, McTigue, J. Carsiensen, Galloway, Gordon, J. Conrad, P. Conrad ROW 6: Fryer, Hedlin, Rufher, Kass, While, Barnes, Nilsson, Hyinlr, Hays. ROW 5: Killion, Grinde, Van Ginkle, Tupper, Johnson, Friend, Girard, Shand, Flefcher. ROW 4: Willer, Oclren, Bredensfeiner, Hemrich, Holland, Richards, Bris+ow, Michel, Ryden, D. Carsfensen ROW 3: Egerrson, Brush, Preslon, Wolford, Ball, Snider, J. Keeler, Arndl, Turner, Slxaife. ROW 2: Roper, Kerrigan, Jenner, Purcell, Treynor, Meyer, Wiilelxind, Lox, Towner. BOTTOM ROW: Lu+gen, McTavish, Hanson, Pearce, Henningsen. Sfricrly Rah-Rah, and reminisceni of fhe roaring lwenlies lwe'll rake lhe fiffiesl . . . Chuck Hanson fool: 'rime oFF from his presiden+ial dufies +o enleriain 'rhe boys. Page 2l5 eL, . PHI EPSILD E, PI Alpha BeTa chapTer OT Phi Epsilon Pi, under The leadership of Irving Sher- man, mainTained Their high academic sTandards by winning The naTionaI Phi Ep scholarship Trophy. Harlan I-Ioclcenburg was named The ouTsTancIing na- Tional Phi Ep undergraduaTe. WiTh The assisTance oT I-IousemoTher Mrs. Sonia Sands,The chapTer dayed hosTTo The Ng Ten PM Ep condave. Don Levy Sam Silberman and Paul Wolf were Dolphin club members. While Jerry Easlce and Lou Ginsberg were on The gridiron Tor The TooTbaII Team, cheer- leader Dick Turchen was cheedeading Tron1The ddehnes and Sherwin Broh man, Julian GuTTerman, Ted Seldin and Jules I-Iarlow were enTerTaining The crowd as members oT The SUI band. Jack BIanIcenTieId was a member oT The orchesTra. Phi Eps acTive in oTher campus TuncTions included Wilber Fried- man, a member of The CenTraI ParTy commiTTee: Sam Silberman, in The Order oT ArTus, honorary economics socieTy, and Norm MaTuIeT, a member OT a Union board subcommiTTee. MaTuIeT also served as vice-presidenT oT Alpha Phi Omega, honorary service TraTerniTy, while Dick LeviTT was secreTary. I-Ioward Olanslcy, Sid Abraham and Norm MaTuIeT were on The Daily Iowan sTaTT. Zan Eaigen, KeiTh KarTman and Jules Harlow were sTaTTers aT WSUI. Many Phi Eps were acTive in TaiITeaThers, I'IiIIeI ToundaTion and Treshman aThIeTics. Numerous inTormaI parTies were highIighTed This year by The pledge prom, The "AnyThing Goes" parTy and The spring formal dance. Mrs. Sands enferfains some of The Phi Eps . . . Some of The Phi Eps enTerTain. Comparing grade averages, maybe7... One of The more informal social evenfs on The chapfer calendar . . . Looks like he goT an A on Thai Term paper. Page Whaf well-dressed collegians wore in The days of high inflaiion and hobo pariiesl Page 2 I 7 TOP ROW: Abraham, Ginsberg, Shapiro, Robinow, A. Siern, Heeger, Wolf, Cohen. ROW 5: Silberman, Lasensky, Wolff, Faigen, Mafulef, Leviif, Cohn. ROW 4: GuHermen, Lewin, Gessner, Broiman, Cufler, Freeman, Seldin, Meyerson. ROW 3: Belkin, Kufcher, Sherman, Frumlin, Masfers, D. Levy, Marcovis, Dockforman, Karfman. ROW 2: Greens+ein, Swarfz, R. Sfern, Harlowe, Epsrein, Turchen, Leiserowih, Kolpak, J. Levy. FRONT ROW: Roffman, Gordon, Arkin, Olanslxy, Mrs. Sands, Sherman, Siirick, Myers, Rosenberg. PHI AM A DELT The Phi Gams began The year by winning TirsT prize Tor Their TIoaT in The Homecoming parade. ChapTer PresidenT Chuck Dodd, serving as InTerTraTer- niTy council presidenT, was The universiTy's deIegaTe To The NaTionaI InTerTra- TerniTy council convenTion, and was also a member ol: Alpha DeITa Sigma adverTising TraTerniTy. Phi Grams in pubIicaTions were Herb Williams, adver- Tising sales manager oT The Daily Iowan: John Holway, sporTs wriTer Tor The Daily Iowan, and Jim Urice and Jack Zack on The sales sTaIT oT Frivol. The Fiiis were represenTed in campus honoraries by Tour sTudious men, Bob Car- penTer, Phi BeTa Kappa, and John Dinzole, John Miller and Allen Anneberg. who were iniTiaTed inTo Phi ETa Sigma. Men parTicipaTing in Iowa arhlefics were Bill Green, Bob HOTT and Ron PeTerson in TooTbaIIg Bob Schulz and Bill Bauer in baskeTbaII7 John Dinzole and Jack CarpenTer in baseball, and Russ and Johnlwemelin hack Idembew oTThe Ddphm dub mcmded Bowen STassTorTh, who served as vice-presidenT and was a member oT The Hawkeye swimming Team, Pen Mower, Dick Bloomburg and Herman Lehman. High- IighTs oT The social season were The Apache parTy, The winTer Tormal and The annual Fiji Grass SkirT parTy. Mrs. T. N. Harker was The chapTer housemoTher. Apache parTy inTerIude . . . He musT've 'Found The IasT IosT chord . . . Chuck Darling was one of The more peTiTe pledges. Mrs. HarIrer's always on hand for an en- joyable conversaTion . . . n'esT-ce pas? Page 2I8 Same group around lhe piano, buf a diliierenl- song of +he humorous varieiy. Page ZI9 TOP ROW: Darling, Rose, Sinks, Bauer, Jepson, Peferson, Lehman. ROW 6: Amend, Walker, Palmer, Kadukis, Murphy, Gilmer, Larson, Mau, Burron, Sfassforrh. ROW 5: Graier, Marly, Doornink, Carpenfer, Wischmeier, Alexander, Marron, Burrell, Reisler, Hicks. ROW 4: Thompson, J. Merkel, R. Merkel, Winegardner, Zack, Bloomberg, Williams, Maine, Mower, Wallis. ROW 3: Brinkman, Snider, Griffin, Pierce, Anneberg, Frifcher, Duncan, Snook, Chrisfians, Walfher. ROW 2: Seela, Shields, Spohn, Davenpor+, Hansen, Washburne, Conn, Schnoebelen, Pappaiohn, Crum, Davis BOTTOM ROW: Dinzole, Nicholas, Jepson, Dodd, Mrs. Alice Harker, Brunflel'+, Urice, Frei+ag. PHI K PP SIGIVI Members of The Alpha Phi chapTer of Phi Kappa Sigma celebraTed Their cenTenmalyearunderTheleaderdnp oTPreQdenT Rkhard Fkhbaugh and wHh The guidance of Their housemoTher, Mrs. AlTha Pfeiffer. For The second con- secuTive year The Phi Kaps received The lnTerTraTerniTy scholarship cup Tor ouTsTanding academic achievemenT. AT The lnTerTraTerniTy scholarship ban- queT, Phi Kap RoberT SToolcer was named The mosT ouTsTanding Greek of The year. SToolcer was also presidenT of Tau BeTa Pi, naTional engineering TraTer- niTy, and Wayne JohnsTon and Ray Tinglehf were recording secreTary and Treasurer respecTively of ThaT group. On The freshman fooTloall Team Russell Zimmerman and Paul Klink held promising posiTions and Jim Eickleberg was on The freshman wresTling squad. William Snoolc was a member oT The "I" club and acTive in varsiTy Traclc and cross-counTry compeTiTion. Dick MarTin was The designer oT The Homecoming monumenT and Harlan BainTer played in The univerdTy band. Mrs. Pfeiffer and a 'few of The boys gaTher for a Typical before-dinner ses- sion . . . A SaTurday afTernoon inspec- Tion of The record library. 'Round The piano-was iT "Rag Mop"7 . . . EnTerTainmenT was a high poinT in The success of lasT 'faIl's barn parTy. Page 220 Time off 'For somefhing besides dull fexfs-is lie reading Esquire? Page 22I TOP ROW: Owen, Jolwnsfon, Zimmerman, Wenfzien, Marlin, Jaeclxel, Thomson, Shannon, Klinlr ROW 4: Soper, Camp, Brandon, Sfarlc, Buescher, Moldenluauer, Colberg, Jackson, Hauer. ROW 3: Fishbaugh, Blaclcsfone, Hamilfon, Snoolr, Erickson, Cudworih, Bauclw, Eiclcelberg. ROW 2: Bainfer, Ebersoll, Dulce, Kollrer, Lafch, Larson, Feerlcson, Anlcrum, Whifney. BOTTOM ROW: Woodard, Taylor, Nordsfrom, Mrs. Pfeiffer, Gross, S+ooker, Pefficord. PHI K PP PSI The Phi Psi's were led Through The year's acTiviTies by PresidenTs Bill Swan- son and George Alexander. The pledges, assisTed by scholarship chairman Dick McKay, won The inTerTraTerniTy scholarship Trophy Tor The TourTh succes- sive year. John FenTon and John ChrisTian were iniTiaTed inTo Phi ETa Sigma, Treshman honorary TraTerniTy. Iowa Alpha men were acTive in many aThIeTic evenTs: on The gridiron Dick LasTer, Jerry Long, Jim IvlcKinsTry, Bill ReichardT, and Jim SangsTer wore The black and goldg All-American Bob Busch and John Boyd were on The swimming Team and were Dolphins: Tom Kincaid was on The Trosh squad, and Bob Berry and Jim SangsTer were on The baseball Team. Charles Kromer and Bob Ackley held posiTions on The varsiTy goIT Team. Phi Psi's acTive in exTra-curricular campus acTiviTies included John I-lowes, mem- ber oT The Board oT DirecTors oT The ColIegiaTe Chamber oT Commerce. Clark PhHhpsin The LhnverdTy chorus and on The execuhve conunHTee Tor Religion in I.iTe Week, and Bill IvIeTz in ETa Kappa Nu, honorary engineering TraTerniTy. Max Sowers was eIecTed To The STucIenT Board oT PubIicaTions and Dick Gercles was on The Frivol sTaTT. The headliners oT The social season were The ChrisTmas and spring Tormals and JeTTerson Duo. Ivlrs. Marie GranT was The chapTer housemoTher. NoTe The Trophy casually occupying The manTIe . . . ThaT's a heckuva noTe. WhaT would rummy be wiThouT kibiTzers7 . . . Happy group aT The ChrisTmas 'for- mal. Page ..imu -1.a..s........Ke...,m.gQ,, aw ,.W... 2 TOP ROW: McLaughlin, Boyd, Kinglcade, Fenlon, Phillips, Lenzen. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW 6 5 4 3 2: Hollingshead, Bulloclr, Brequiner, Reichard+, R. Schoel, Dow, Lasier, J. Anderson. McKay, Linge, Vifquain, B. Beclcer, Huppenbauer, Anderson, Vollmers, R. Thompson, Kromer, Lenfhe Beahr, Guedfrend, Hays, Chapman, Balmer, Howes, Ferguson, Fryauf, Wickman. D. Thompson, Myers, Chrisfian, Gerdes, Bunce, Cur+is, McKins+ry, Sowers, Busch. Berry, Grove, Nuesser, Gibson, Hakes, Sheehy, Me+z, Pickens, Goodnow. 1 BOTTOM ROW: D. Schoel, Alexander, Smi'rh, Swanson, McClain, Achley. Anoiher off-guard picfure of happy couples a+ fhe Chrisimas formal. Page 223 K PPA WiTh an emphasis on scholasTic achievernenT, Gamma Nu chapTer oT Pi Kappa Pdpha connJeTed an achve year on canwpus. Led by preddenT VVrex Vandecar, PiKA was represenTed in The TailTeaThers pep club and in The Y.lvl. CA. There were eighT men among The ranlcs oT The AssociaTed STudenTs oT Engineering and Tour wiTh The American PharmaceuTical associaTion. John Beers Jewy Shknon and Don SandhomT phyed h1The umvemHy symphony orchesTra and Bill Redman was in The universiTy band. Among Those elecTed To honorary TraTerniTies were Don Wagner, Howard lvlclvlanus and OTTO Podlaha in Pi Tau Sigma, while TheTa Tau men included Podlaha, Wagner and Bob VVood. Rkhard Hardd Took parTin Pdpha Kappa Pd acHvHks and David SmiTh was in DeI+a Sigma Pi. RoberT Hogg was a member oT Sigma Xi and had The preQdenTs oThce h1The maThemaTks dub. Don VVagner was vice-presidenT oT The senior engineering class. On publicaTion sTaTTs were RobeH'Bawden oTThe DaHylowan,James Donahey and VVHham Levy on HAWKEYE and Bob Van Dyke, Don Wagner, and OTTO Podlaha on The lowa TrandT.ln sporh Theodore Nebon and Jim Johnson were on The heshman TooTbaH Teanm whHe Eugene CDaThouT and VVHharn Levy were on The baskeh ball squad. Chaperoned by Their housemoTher, Mrs. C. O. Cuddy, The social season was highlighTed by The TradiTional "Gold NuggeT" and winTer Tormal parTies. Wha+, no longplay? . . . WaTer's beTTer Than noihing, even in lowa CiTy . . . Ah, founiain of youTh. Those Trophies lock raTher impressive To us . . . "Then didia hear The one aboui' Page 224 ' , f. ,s,.v.. au.-ms uw 1' JEQVH IQ, . f--2'-will " :f : fx, -f - 5,5 A W J i f 3453535 es - . : - - gli -AA, QVQKSEQB! -vii V 35 'rv A 7 R 1.' V ' ,E R if , l Q A ' 0 ,wg sifwg 'W Q' .Q .gy - 135' L9 ,wg 'fyieifrii E: xi? wwsrbg 4 ilfk ? : Q 3 SW X 5 f f L 21+ "hA F B 121' yt .. 4 Q Q? f , H y I 1, Y W ! L 'J sg I 4, s . i 5 gg A -' -xr -W, -ff-.Q4 r Y if -P 4: f ,1fy,.,:57v:4-tgwfg 3 if Q. Q 1 4' fi Wkk f is 5, 5 me 1 I an N .N I vw 'wm- x f 9 L SIGMA EPSILO This year again Tound men oT Sigma Alpha Epsilon prominenT on The SUI campus, wiTh SAE's Bob McKenzie and Jack DiTTmer playing Their IasT season as ends on The Hawkeye grid Team. DiTTmer also won his sixTh and sevenTh major IeTTers in baskeTbaIl and baseball, respecTiveIy. Bob Primrose and DiTTmer made up The "keysTone combinaTion" Tor The baseball squad, while RusTy G-arsT was one oT The ouTsTanding swimmers on The Iowa Team. Also parTiaI To The pool were Dolphins Jim Thorson, Tom Rigler and Tom Moore. Mike Irueblood, Union board represenTaTive, was a member oT The Tennis Team and Bucky I-Iarris and Gene Slack devoTed Their eTForTs To The baskeT- ball courT. The SAE's also won The I949 parTicipaTion Trophy in inTramurals aTTer carrying home TirsT place honors in six sporTs. In oTher campus acTiv- iTies, SAE claimed Chuck Carroll, ediTor oT The Daily Iowan, as well as Jim Nunn, chapTer presidenT and vice-presidenT oT The InTerTraTerniTy council. Fred Greusel was a member oT Tau BeTa Pi, honorary engineering TraTerniTy, and serving on The CoIIegiaTe Chamber oT Commerce were paT Bacon, Tom Brooke and Ed CarTy. Living aT The house This year was Fred Gleixner, an exchange sTudenT Trom Hamburg, Germany, who was sponsored by The SUI chapTer OT SAE. Social evenTs included The spring and winTer Tormals, The "Opus No. 2" cosTume parTy and a pledge parTy. Mrs. I-I. F. Scholes served as chapTer housen1oThen Somebody's been IosT in The shuffle . . . Boys, This is sTricTIy on The Cue-T. Pinging Tor serve in The SAE cellar . . . Casual looking group-looks like a SaT- urday aTTernoon. Page ., ,f 3 ff W-QS fe - f f Q" " 2 f in fl 2 Qi 4 f fi it aww? 3 3 if 'xvg 'Q' Q f , vi n 'P 3. A , W I 8 . 8 nl 1 Q , 3 i X1 n gi by ! E. at 5 A 9 flew' , mmf' I SIGMA CHI Underlhe guidance olldrs Rhea Dahh housenuMher,andIed by Preddenl Jack Kampmeyer, Sigma Chi ended anolher successful year ai Iowa. Sigma Chi's wearing The black and gold in sporls were George Vrame and Don Winslow in Ioolball, Dick Miller in goll, Jim Wiley in Irack, and Jack l-Iar- grove in baskelball. Sigma Chi men-aboul-campus include Ihree presidenls oIIheHrespecHvesemorchsuwzlom Kaugmaninengmeenng,DonVVmdow in pharmacy,and Jim hAcKenAe nihberalarh. N4cKenUe ako predded m Ihe dual role as presidenl ol The Cenlral Parry commillee and as a member ol Ihe Union Board, as was Bill Tandy who served as presidenl ol Ihal organi- zalion. Dave McClellan and Ed IVIcI.aughIin worked on Union board sub- conwnnllees. Earlffalhcarl acled as vice-presidenl of bolh Ihe senior Conv merce class and Ihe Collegiale Chamber ol Commerce. Dick Puelz and slag carloonhl Jack Bender were on Ihe Iowan and hdorl Baker and Kar Schullz on HAWKEYE. Dick Pelerson parlicipaled in Iowa debales and was a member of Gmicron Della Kappa. Thornlon Klos was ac'Iive in lhe universily 'lhealer produclions, and Clyde Grilllen was edilor ol: Ihe Canler- bury Club news paper. During Ihe Sigma Chi Derby leslivilies Ihe sororily houses compeled lor a much-soughl-aller Irophy. The "Basin Slreel Bounce," a Chrislmas formal, and "A Nighr in Bagdad" were parl ol Sigma Chi's I949-50 social schedule. Barnes and Wilihile-Ihe Sigma Chi comedy Ieam-en+er+aIn again . . . Mind if we look over your shoulder? Pledges perform a+ Ihe able direclion of Moroney . . . The Sigs and Iheir sweet- hearl-, Mrs. Dahl. Page 228 f.,- -r,.s.ssi f, I- . ,.., I-I,,.:isi. ai1,.,f?sl.mffmam Looks like a glimpse of basin slreer . . . Take lhaf! Page 229 TOP ROW: A. Meyer, Mueller, Schick, Kuehl, Griffen, Van Os+erhou+, Scanlon, Hargrove, Davis, Murray. ROW 6: Sl-aley, R. Miller, Viefh, Dorn, Walker, D. Howell, Holloway, Broer, M. Howell, Selander, Harris. ROW 5: McHugh, Kauffman, Carlson, Hendrickson, Calhcarl, Cosgriff, Huglin, Carpenfer, Kupker. ROW 4: Wilhife, Morony, Wiley, McClellan, McKenzie, Van Horn, Soderberg, Keeler, Gableman, Schulfz. ROW 3: Hagen, Munson, Vrame, J. Miller, Sfephan, Thoen, Hopkins, Thompson, P. Howell. ROW 2: Lisle, Baker, Lay, Bender, Schlabach, Bryon, Hinfz, R. Meyer, Barnes, Puelz. FRONT ROW: Tandy, Woodard, Helselh, Kampmeyer, Mrs. Rhea Dahl, Baslron, Anundscn, McLaughlin, Winslow. E fl SIGIVI NU The Sigma Nu's. under The leadership oT Bob MarTin and chaperoned by Mrs. ArThur Guernsey, housemoTher, sTarTed The year by winning a TirsT place Trophy in The Homecoming TloaT conTesT and capTuring The all-universiTy golT championships. The house combo, Ding Daisley, Bruce Marsh, and Jim STeT- Tens,kepT everyone DITUHS wHh nudnighTian1sesdons. Dudng The TaH,The Sigma Nu's were represenTed by Jim BrodsTon, Jack Hess and Dick Donahue in Treshman TooTball. Bruce Marsh, Buddy Trom and Bob Neals were members oT The varsiTy baseball Team. Dick Doran and Jack l-less were on The Tresh- man Team. Bill WulTT, Jack STewarT and Korky Kelly played golT Tor The var- siTy squad. Kelly also was on The riTle Team. All-American Dick Maine again showed his prowess in The swimming pool. Dick Hornaday and Charles Hicklin served as arT direcTors Tor The Dolphin show. Bob MarTin was on The execu- Tive commiTTee oT The InTerTraTerniTy council. In publicaTions, Bud Sims worked on The Daily Iowan adverTising sTaTT and Tom CliThero was adverTising manager oT Frivol. CliThero, Sims, Bob Cary and John l-lewiTT were mem- bers oT Alpha DelTa Sigma, adverTising TraTerniTy. The year's ouTsTanding social TuncTions were The ChrisTmas Tormal, The "HoTel ParTy" and The spring "LHac ParTyf' Typical iam session aT The Sigma Nu house . . . Behind The 8-ball, buT he looks very opTimisTic. MorTimer JeweTT has been using Pepso- denT Tor nigh onTo-- . . . CosTumes were clever and The Halloween parTy was successful. Page 230 Highlander regalia, lop hal ancl lails lhe parly, loo! Page 23I TOP ROW: Garlen, P. Weaver, Hewell, Jensen, Pinch, Cohrs, Marsh, McMahon, Dickinson, E. Daisley. ROW 5: Dunn, Doran, Miller, Amiclr, Easlburn, Ringold, D. Daisley. ROW 4: Kelso, Krug, Odum, Kelly, Broaclslon, Swill, Hess, Kirlre, Slewarl, Wullf. ROW 3: Hiclrlin, Slephens, Mueller, Slevens, Hornaclay, Klein, Beals, Cary, Reger, Ellison. ROW 2: Laible, Trom, Maine, Hornaday, Clilhero, Sims, Grissel, Puller, Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: Slover, Wolfe, Charllon, Marlin, Mrs. Arlhur Guernsey, Joker Jewell, Slern, Coffman The pholographer said he enioyecl SIGM EPSILD Under The leadership OT Presidenl' Dick Pahre and chaperoned by Their new housemoTher, Mrs. Ruie Dickinson, The Sig Eps mainTained a high scholasTic sTandard during The year. ln The acTiviTies segmenT oT campus liTe, Dan Miller served as ediTor of The HAWKEYE beauTy secTion and John Hess was a sTaTT phoTographer. BHlG5eorge was pubhcaHons4nchned in hh capacHy as gen- erd manageroTThelowa'HanQT,engmeeHng magajne. He wasako chan- man Tor The annual homecoming monumenT proiecT sponsored by The engi- neers. PasT presiclenT Bud Phelps served as The lnTerTraTerniTy delegaTe To The PJaHonalInTerhaTernHy councH. The Sig Eps were weH represenTed in aTHeHcs. CM1The gdduon Jhn Shoah Bud Kakemhoh Lany VVHHmack and Frank l-leldT won maior leTTers. Richard Walker was on The varsiTy baseball squad, Miles Benda hald a posT on The wresTling Team, and Jack Scanlon and Bob Oiemann were on The baskeTball squad. Dick l.aBahn was a swimmer Tor SUI, and wiTh Don Myron was a member oT Dolphins. ArT Doran served on a Union Board sub-commiTTee. Social acTiviTies This year included The novel "Pajama ParTy," The ChrisTmas Tormal, and inTormal exchanges wiTh sororiTies. DM.. "Lei-'s geT rid of This Lombardo record righf now" . . . Friendly aFFecTion from The brofhers. Whaddya recommend 'for dishpan hands? . . . Sig Eps af one of Their pinning serenades. Page 2 TOP ROW: Cruse, Brown, Oiemann, Shoal, Ransom, J. Smiih, Sievers. ROW 6: ROW 5: ROW 4: ROW 3: ROW 2: BOTTOM Crook, E. Jones, Hess, Kaisershof, Schluier, Anderson, Henrich, Paramore. Weber, Doran, Johnson, Naramore, Caba, Campbell, Miller, Emrich, Walker. Kilby, Fosfer, Brennan, Benda, WhiHle, Heldf, Schilling, Geiselman. Knobbe, Baughman, Flick, Eichacher, Harlsell, Clay, Jochumsen, Goaghagan Eafon, Myron, Koss, Lillarcl, Brewer, Keppler, Rofhenberg, George. ROW: Pahre, Kifson, Scanlon, Mrs. Dickinson, Phelps, Kunz, Welsh. , Sfock "Now we won fhis one back in I899." . . . Mrs. Dickinson has a "Flair" 'lor enier- fainlng fhe boys. Page 233 THET xi The Xi ChapTer OT TheTa Xi spenT anoTher busy season among The TraTerni- Ties oT Riverside Drive. WalT Mclvlahon divided his year among Omicron DelTa Kappa, DelTa Sigma Pi, worlc on The Panacea commiTTee, and The presi- dency oT The YMCA. Bob Ford served as secreTary oT The "Y" and The InTer- TraTerniTy Pledge Council elecTed Diclc GeTman Treasurer. OTher commerce men in The DelTa Sigma Pi honorary were Jaclc Sonolergard and ArneTT Bening. TheTa Xis acTive in aThleTics were Jerry BossharT on The golT links, Tom Sang- sTer, a winner oT Tour Track leTTers and an "l" Club member, and Ron Miller, who worlced ouT wiTh The Treshman TooTball squad. Chairman oT The MiliTary baH wasrHn1Tobon,a conwpany conwnanderin advanced RCDTCIand a menv ber oT The American lnsTiTuTe oT ElecTrical Engineers. Dan Krumm, presidenT oT The TraTerniTy, ioined John Morgan To serve on The YlVlCA's Child Gui- dance commiTTee. Social Chairman Bob l-lammes announced plans Tor The winTer Tormal, held aT The JeTTerson hoTel, and a spring Tormal. ln addiTion, TraTerniTy row was invaded by women, as daTes arrived Tor The TheTa Xi house parTy and The men Tound shelTer elsewhere Tor The nighT. The February calen- darTeaTured a Rusdan parTy,and ThelnTerhaTernHy QDueen candidaTes were honored wiTh a dinner prior To The lnTerTraTerniTy dance. Mrs. RoberT F. Glen again served as housemoTher Tor The TraTerniTy. Serious, down-To-earTh game. You Two can have ThaT lvory loolc . . He can'T possibly understand whaT he's Trying To read ouT of ThaT bool! . . . STudy hours for The pledges. Page 234 The Chrisfmas formal al' lhe Jeff was an occasion for mellow music. Page 235 TOP ROW: Phelps, R. Bessharl, Palmer, Chalupslcy, Alling, Turner, Maffeson, Jacobs, Gelman. ROW 5: Miller, Ginger, Town, Harms, Naber, G. Bossharl, Maser, Angle, McAllis+er, Sangsler. ROW 4: Lohry, Eden, Wilson, Benning, Meade, Kaiser, Edge, K. Morgan, Murphy. ROW 3: Kruse, Shaffer, Ford, Benson, Koch, Srnilh, Halfon, J. Morgan, Mohr. ROW 2: While, Gibbons, Perlzins, Anderson, Trembafh, Davidson, Rice, Jennings. FRONT ROW: Wehrenberg, Hammes, Tolson, Deilrmann, Mrs. Glenn, Krumm, Sonclergard, McMahon l- 5 .0 -if x I 0 ALPHA TAU OMEGA: Founded aT The Virginia MiliTary InsTiTuTe, I865 DeITa BeTa ChapTer esTabIlshed, I9l5 BETA THETA Pi: Founded E+ Miami unavermy, oxford, ohio, I839 Alpha BeTa ChapTer esTabIished, I866 DELTA CHI: Founded aT Cornell UniversiTy, I89O Iowa ChapTer esTaIolished, T921 DELTA TAu DELTA: Founded E+ BeThany College, I859 Omicron ChapTer esTabIished, I88O DELTA uPsiLoN1 Founded E+ Williams College, T834 4-A Iowa ChapTer esTaIolished, l925 PHI DELTA THETA: Founded aT Miami UniversiTy, OxTord, Ohio, l848 "1 Iowa BeTa ChapTer esTablished, l882 I 45,2c"iS'1 T. 'QE PHI EPSILON PI: Founded aT The CiTy College oT New Yorlc, l904 lm rg Alpha BeTa ChapTer esTaI3lished, I92O wif TTT . PHI GAMMA DELTA: Founded aT WashingTon and JeTTerson College, I848 Mu DeuTeron ChapTer esTablished, I9I9 -:"f3If"'u PHI KAPPA PSI: Founded aT WashingTon and JeTTerson College, T852 Iowa Alpha ChapTer esTabIished, I867 Hltl, Nxy' 5:13. PHI KAPPA SIGMA: Founded aT The UniversiTy of Pennsylvania, l85O Qffisiffz Alpha Phi ChapTer esTabIished, I92O SIGMA CHL Fou A I :sa P SIGMA M124 l 'NO 'll 'I ,LLQI 1 0 e kts' PI KAPPA ALPHA: Founded aT The UniversiTy oT Virginia, I868 Gamma Nu ChapTer esTabIished, l929 ' SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON: Founded aT The UniversiTy oT Alabama, T856 " Iowa BeTa ChapTer esTabIished, T905 nded aT Miami UniversiTy, OxTord, Ohio, I855 ha ETa ChapTer esTabIished, I882 NU: Founded aT The Virginia MiIiTary lnsTiTuTe, I869 BeTa Mu ChapTer esTabIished, I893 SIGMA PHI EPSILON: Founded aT The UniversiTy oT Richmond, l9Ol Iowa Gamma ChapTer esTablished, I9I7 Xi ChapTer esTabIished I9I2 THETA XI: Founded aT The Rensselaer PoIyTechnic lnsTiTuTe, I864 w 5 ,gs +5 Nw f f Nez K Jim ,M I f f 'Q 'F , pw, L' 1 L , 4 i 1 A i s 'if ,if fx Page 238 TOP ROW: Allison, Anderson, Barnlwouse, Bealfy, Cellce, Conner. ROW 4: Dowd, Egli, Fallcofl, Flynn, Gilbert Greenberg. ROW 3: l-liaH', l-ludlloll, E. Jensen, Jones, Inrnan, J. Jensen. ROW 2: Klawans, Lewis, McMinn, Nelson, l-l.Osl'1man,J.Osl1rnan. BOTTOM ROW: Palch, Payne, Pelerson, Oualley, Sidernan, Wingale. DONNA BELLE JONES Presidenl C RRI ER Vice-presidenr ELAINE JENSEN Secrelary JAN Ol-ISMAN Treasurer Ma l Time brings The Currier girls To The mailboxes in norTh and souTh lobbies . . . and snack Time brings Them To The soda bar on rnain Tloor. The 850 gidsin C:urHer,The annex,coTTages and hTuTchin- son house, plus residenTs Trom lv1cChesney, Howard and Chedey house, were achve in every phase oT dorm HTe. UniT chairmen Trom each OT The 21 Currier uniTs, board chairmen, and The execuTive oTTicers were members OT The Currier council. Solving disciplinary problems and enTorc- ing dormiTory rules This year were Min BeaTTy, judiciary chairman, and her commiTTee. DoTTy Klawans' acTiviTies board kepT down dweHem hformed oT campus acHvHks Manned The homeconnng Hoah and conducTed The spdng elecTions. A special projecT Tor The year was The adopTion oT a war orphan. The social board, led by RuTh Cellqe, saw ThaT Currier women enjoyed social acTiviTies, along wiTh newly decoraTed lounges and recreaTion room. A home- coming coTTee hour: "FanTasy in FrosT," The ChrisTmas dance: a unpdse HaHoween pady and a mass ChrkTmas parTy were big evenTs on The Currier social calendar. Page 239 Two of The CurrieriTes pracTice a skiT Tor presenTaTion aT an aTTer-hours dorm gaThering . , . The library has laTe magazines good novels Page 240 and loTs oT spare-Time readers. ATTer The TirsT semesTer Tinals were over, The Currier social program conTinued wiTh The SweeThearT dance: The spring carnival dance aT Iowa Union: a recogniTion break- TasTg inTramurals dinner: Sunday aTTernoon "MinTs and Music," and inTormal "cosies." Mixers and exchanges wiTh WesTlawn, l'lillcresT, Law Commons and The Quadrangle compleTed a busy social schedule. Verna Mae WingaTe, chairman of The publiciTy board, was responsible Tor signs and posTers publicizing all dorm evenTs. "Dorm- sTory," Currier's own "scandal sheeT," was ably ediTed by Mary Qualley. Donna Belle Jones and E++a Mueller were members oT MorTar Board, while Mary Qualley repre- senTed Currier on The STudenT Council. Min BeaTTy and Gladys Nelson served on The UWA cenTral iudiciary board, while l-lilda Greenberg was a member oT The UWA Treshman orienTaTion council and headed The big-liTTle sisTer program aT Currier. Elaine Jensen wroTe minuTes as secreTary oT Currier and oT UWA. Ellen Sideman was chairman OT The UWA Toreign sTudenTs commiTTee and Marion Rees direcTed voca- Tional comcerence. Julie Jensen was head OT The YWCA hospiTal board and Carol ShuTTleworTh clirecTed The energeTic Live Y'ers. Currier women who held posTs on The WRA execuTive board were Lily Lou BarTon, Laura Shields, Joan Blair, Ida Egli, BeTh Marxmiller, Jan ST. Clair, BeTTy Jo EsTes, GerTrude Clark, Marilyn Jensen, Marian ThornTon and Geraldine Greenlee. Jane Buckley and Jean Meggers helped build SUI spiriT aT aThleTic evenTs, serving as cheerleaders. UNIT ACTIVITY CHAIRMEN UNIT SOCIAL CHAIRMEN PUBLICITY BOARD TOP ROW: Reisler, Ohsman, GendIer, CoII?ns, I-Iifchings, Wgnffoub, Bfookhari UNIT JUDICIARY CHAIRMEN BOTTOM ROW: Sfepp, Winqafe, Powers, Bush, Daubenber- ger, Bellef, Todd. JUDICIARY BOARD SOCIAL BOARD TOP ROW: Nelson, Boclcensfedf, Mendekon, Ba+es. TOP ROW: Greenberf, McCovkIe Feferson, Sldeman. BOTTOM ROW: Dorf, Robinson B-ee++y, Curfls. BOTTOM ROW: Lee, I-Iibbs, Keme'IcIc, King, CeIIce. Page 24I EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ACTIVITY BOARD Jan Payne, Jane Buckley, Klawans, Doroflwy Slarr. Currier's winrer formal scored a success . . . BOTTOM ROW: Min Beally, Pal Barnlwouse, Dorofhy Kla- wans, Verna Wingale, Ru+h Cellce, Donna Jones. TOP ROW: Elaine Jensen, JaneI'Ol'1sman, Mary Oualley. TOP ROW: Marge Llllle, Allce Sellz, Elaine Clwarnprnan, BOTTOM ROW: Lily Lou Barlon, Belly Jo Esfes, Dorofhy Page 242 Anofher scene al The annual Winfer Formal . . . CURRlERlTES WILL LONG REMEMBER . . . . .. The Mxudous new decorahng lhh year in bolhlobbms andlounges .... The Hhneupu afliorfh and Soufh doors .. . breakfasf popu- lar music via The record player .... A crowded dhung room on VVednesday and Sunday when guest were abundanl .... The hanwnedng and hasfe during The consfrucfion of 'rhe newesl' parl of The building .... Cold fudge sundaes a+ Jrhe soda lounlain .... "QUIET HOURS" echoing lhrough +he haHs .. . and +he Ho+ous fun ai forded when 700 college women live under one rooH ln fhe foreground, Lois Miller and Hank Cufler concen frafe on lheir dancing . . . Page 243 , --. , .... TOP ROW: Wolferz, Leernon, Sfeele, Decherl, Hyde. ROW 5: Clark, Rooks, Fisher, Seymour, Underriner, Runyon. ROW 4: Holrnquisf, Malles, Lahr, Johnson, Mrs. Howell, Jorgensen, Murchison, Hyde. ROW 3: Sidhanfa, Nelson, King, Riichey, Rudman, Ellersich, CoIweII, Cambell. ROW 2: Gelberg. Shiplon, Reicherl, Raskin, Bender, Payne, Jaroslavsky, Hymans. BOTTOM ROW: Jackson, Hill, Del Vecchio, Unger, Sfeir, Pavlovec, Zelaya. EASTLAWN Page 244 VIRGINIA HYMANS Presidenl MARGARET LEEMAN Vice-presideml MARCELLA SHIPTON Secrelary-Treasurer Easflawn, a non-boarding dormilory for graduare sfudenfs and women over 22 years of age, provided a home for 7I grads and I4 undergraduale women. The cosrnopoliran group included Iowans, non-residenl' sludenls, and women from foreign counlries. Despile an in'IeIIec+uaI "s+udy hard" armosphere, Eas+Iawn residenls found 'rime for exlra curricu- Iar aclivilies. On Ihe social agenda were monrhly Sunday morning breakfaslsy mixers wilh graduare men from Ouad- rangle and HiIIcresIg a Chrisfmas parfy: exchange bridge parlies wirh Jrhe Ouadrangle, and a spring dinner parI'y. Social chairman was Ann Clark. Wilrh Joan Rich as infra- murals chairman, Easllawn women parlricipaled in +he WRA inframurals evenls. During Ihe Chrisrmas season, women in Jrhe dormilory confriloufed Io Ihe care of 'Four needy Iowa Ciry 'Families in cooperalion wifh 'Ihe YWCA. BeHy Hood served as EasIIawn's represenralive Io Ihe S+uden+ Council. JANE NEIBERT KATHLEEN PROUDFIT LOIS GUTZ Judiciary Board Presidenl Senior Class Presidenl Sludenl Council Presidenr Wesrlawn Dormi+ory's I7 council members direcled rhe aclivilries of 'rhe 265 srudenr nurses This year. When noi busy al Jrhe hospifal, women parlicipared in +he exrensive social program planned by The social board and chairman, Kalhy Proudfir. Evenrs of The year in- cluded a freshman rea, fireside sing, big sisrer parries, barn dance, a Homecoming open house, Dads' day coffee hour, "Caps Caprice" a+ The Union preceded by a pre-Caprice social hour ar lhe dorm. and a Wesllawn and Hillcresl' chorus parly aller caroling ar Jrhe hospilals. These were followed by a slcaring parly and chili supper, a receplion for freshmen affer lhey received Their caps, an April Fools parry, Mo+her's Day lea, a spring formal, senior banquet mixers, and exchange dinners. Judy Hemmye, acriviries chairman, saw Jrhal Wesrlawn was represenled in inlramurals and lhe Homecoming parade. Jane Neiberf was iudiciary board presidenr and a member of cenlral iudiciary commillee rogelher wifh Marge Lowry. Janer Albaugh was an orienlarion leader and Felicia Hope was a member of Union board. Georgia Parris served on fhe sludenl-facully com- mirree and Jane Taber worlced on Vocarional Conference. Jane Neiberr was presidenl of Jrhe 5l'h Dis+ric+ of Sludenr Nurses of Iowa. Joy Lawrence was Wes+lawn's voice in Sludenl Council. WESTLAWN LOIS GUTZ Presidenr MARJORIE LOWRY lsr Vice-Presidenl JOY LAWRENCE 2nd Vice-Presidenr KATH RYN OLSON Secrela ry MARY NOEL Treasurer Page 245 Page 246 TOP, LEFT: Wliaf could be more oleliglilful on a Sunday morning Than The advenlures of Sieve Canyon? . . . RIGHT: D. J. Chacoine and Doro+I1y Prince Iwang oul The welcome sign .... MIDDLE: Georgia Hein, Evelyn Pelerson, Marina Wilkinson ancl Jo Smillw do a Iillle inferior clecoraiing .... BOTTOM, LEFT: Pai' Price, Eileen Farnsworlh, Dorolliy Sclwuliz, Delores Boes, Belly Collenfine and Marion Kinney in an aller-Iiours session .... RIGI-IT: Maxine Voss and Verna Nelson share The I-IaIo. . gf TOP, LEFT: Dorofhy I-IarcIy, Vickie Rarh, Mary Hoff, and Joyce Newman are "iusI reIaxin'." . . . RIGI-IT: Jean SIuIeIberg and Dororhy Schwarrz make a big decision. . . . MIDDLE: Peggy Sorenson, Tonie Boes, Janann Connell and Vickie Rafh plan The Chrisirnas decorafions .... BQTTOM, LEFT: Renee Langeman, Judy Cornish, Clar- ice I-Iaserneyer, Mary Koch, Rufh Wigim and Judy I-Iemmye have Iheir own coffee hour .... RIG!-IT: Maxine Wehr, Shirley Bramman, EiIeen Srerfenson and Carhy Spurling share Ihe IeIephone. Page 247 CO-OP DORMITORIES Page 248 MADELON HILL PresidenT YVETTE WRIGHT Vice-presidenT ZOE BROBERG SecreTary J. ROBERT COTTER Treasure r-adviser Girls living in Dean house, Fairchild house, and Russell house Torm The CooperaTive DorrniTory associaTion. They manage The cooking and cleaning Tor Their dormiTories and are able To cuT living expenses. The annual Tall "Turkey TroT" and individual house parTies TeaTured by The organiza- Tion were highlighTs oT a successTul social season. AT The spring dinner dance, keys were presenTed To The Two mem- bers who conTribuTed The mosT To The associaTion and Their individual houses during The year. The associaTion presenTed a scholarship Trophy To The house wiTh The besT grade poinT average. B. J. Rehrnlce and YveTTe WrighT were elecTed To lvlorTar Board. Governing The co-ops were council members DoroThy RosTovac, B. J. Rehmlce and Sally Voss. MargareT Habbinga represenTed The associaTion on The UWA cenTral judiciary board and Sally Voss was sTudenT council repre- senTaTive. TOP ROW: Sivenson, Fonlana, Kudrna, Ginsberg, Casey, Showalier, Dobson, Brown. ROW 3: We-ndel, Morgan, Sidrnan, Kell, Vannice, Bueiiell, Woods, Seifert ROW 2: I-loglan, Woodhouse, I-Iaring, Walerman, E++er, Pillcingfon, Ehrle, Wilson. BOTTOM ROW: Mullaney, Beckman, Pim, Ashley, Thompson, Goodrich. ROSE LOUISE EI-I RLE Presideni MI LDRED L. CASEY Vice-presideni GWEN I-IOGLAN Secreiary DONA DOBSON Treasurer CLINTON PLACE The 40 resiclenis of Clinfon Place spenr many hours work- ing for campus organizaiions besides pariicipaiing in 'I'heir own aciiviiies. Rose Louise Ehrle, presideni, represenied Town Women on 'Ihe siudenl' council. Mildred Casey was music chairman for Phi Gamma Nu and Kappa Phi. She also served as chairman of 'rhe Commerce Mari dance. Donna Dobson was a member of Jrhe Highlanders governing commiiree, acied as social chairman for Phi Gamma Nu, and was a member of The Collegiale Chamber of Com- merce. Publiciry for boih Clinion Place and Town Women was direcled by Irene Seiferi. Darlene Waierman headed 'rhe house social commiiree and Shirley Ashley was music chairman. Ann Russell worlced for "The Daily Iowan": Joan Pillcingion sang in 'rhe Universiiy chorus wifh Shirley Ashley. Naida I-Iardinger, and Jeannine Walsh, and Alice Swensen was on Ihe Spinsiers Spree commiiiee. Members of 'I'he Iowa Mouniaineers were Karie McCord and Jeannine Walsh. Pai' Mullaney was a member of I'he Young Demo- crais. Page 249 LAW COMMONS TOM McCRACKEN Presidenl JOHN LAUGHLIN Vice-presidenl A RT BRYAN Secrela ry SAM BEATTY Treasurer The Law Commons was lhe home of I6O undergraduales and law sludenls lhis year. The emphasis was on scholarship, loul' Jrhe barrislers also found lime for varied social and campus aclivilies. Richard Huber was edilor of 'lhe "Iowa Law Review" and many olher Commoners were on The magazine's slafl. Jim Prichard represenled 'rhe Commons on Sludenl' Council. Harlan Hoclcenlaerg was elecled 'ro Omicron Della Kappa. Homecoming open house opened Jrhe social season wilh Halloween, Chrislmas and spring par- ries following. lnforrnal parlies compleled lhe social season. Jack Wagner was chairman of lhe social commillee, wilh Arr Thomson and Vince Powers as lhe olher members of lhe commillee. TOP ROW: Dulhie, Hamill, Powers, Prichard, Jordan, Paul, Thompson. BOTTOM ROW: Wagner, Laughlin, McCracken, Bryan, Beaily, Harrison. Page 250 TOP ROW: Riley. Griesbach, EberT, Loomer, de Regil, Lorence, Lynch, Mergen, Dawson, Larson, Gannon. ROW 2: Nordhus, Palmer, Lamb, Krandelwahl, Lamb. Thoennes, MarTin, Davidson, Toland, Williams, ReuTer, Price, Taylor, Gregg, ArThur, Nielson, HesTer. BOTTOM ROW: Baher, Eicher, Herud, Yaclcshaw, SmiTh, Thorsness, ScoTT, Howard. QUADRANGLE SchoIasTic and social phases oT The Ouadrangle's I949-50 season conuined To make an evenThH cdendar Tor IIOO residenTs oT The campus' largesT dormiTory and iTs adiacenT coTTages. Disciplinary and judicial problems were The respon- sibiIiTy of The 40-man council, composed oT elecTed repre- senTaTives and procTors appoinTed by The universiTy. Among The acTiviTies on The Ouad agenda were a series oT Tea dances and The inTramural sporTs program. Men were also busy wiTh chorus rehearsals or inTormal bridge games in The OuadrangIe's lounge. Open house ceIebraTions during Homecoming and oTher SUI holidays aTTracTed many vis- iTors. Miss Marian Rees, oT Currier hall, reigned as The TirsT Ouad Oueen and was crowned by The dormiTory's presidenT, RoberT Yaclcshaw, aT The AuTumn Leaves dance. SchoIasTic and service awards were presenTed To Ouad residenTs Tor Their achievemenTs in academic and exTra-curricular Tields. ROBERT YACKSHAW LUTHER SMITH Presideni' Vice-Presideni' DAVID THORSNESS FRANK HERUD SergeanT-aT-Arms SecreTary-Treasurer Page 25I Page 252 Fellas, you look simply devasTaTingl . . . Bob Yackshaw and The Quad Queen, Miss Marion Rees oT Currer Hall Quadrangle men enioyed The TaciliTies provided by Their own library, grill, music room and barber shop. Mrs. ElizabeTh EnglerT again served as housemoTher To This year's dorm dwellers. AT The ChrisTmas dance in The Quad lounge, sTudenTs and adminisTraTors oT The Quadrangle gaThered Tor an evening oT enTerTainmenT provided by Their own musicians. Tex Beneke's orchesTra was booked To play Tor campus dormiTory men and Their daTes aT The Tri-Dorm dance. LuTher SmiTh was chairman oT The Campus ChesT drive. Jack Peder- son direcTed The Kampus Kapers musical, "The Happy ATom," and John Craven was a member oT The casT. SporTs DirecTor Bill WolT and Music DirecTor Warner MarTin were on The WSUI sTaTT. Harlan Bjork was presidenT oT The SocieTy of American MiliTary Engineers. Krish Khandelwal, John Hohmann, Gerald Leucke, and William E. Smull were presidenTs oT The lnTernaTional club, Rho Chi, ETa Kappa Nu and Pi Tau Sigma, respecTively, and Gordon Toland presided over The Billy MiTchell Squadron. l.iTe aT The Quad was preserved on Tilm wiTh a sTudenT-phoTographed, produced and financed moTion pic- Ture, "Loose Ends," incorporaTing The TalenTs of universiTy women and porTraying The social and scholasTic behavior OT The Typical resi- denT, "Joe Quad." DirecTor oT This proiecT was Hal Davidson, who was aided by Ross Williams. ? .i 1:? ' 1 E33 5 X x 2 if 3 M, . , X in -Q , I+ 3 Q.,-5,5 . hx., s 1 if QAAM5 Sw Q fl 'il- , ,,.... . ig 5,9 N f K-at y J LW , 4 ., 4 W ,O 'X . , V. W , ., .il 1 .fw:f.ef1f,.:w my 5? if-L i I w Z 2 3, 2 . mtv? df Q E bs 33 fx ""5-w TOP, LEFT: Piano-vocal enferfainmenf af Cnrisfmas Hrne .... Walfz Hme af The Quadrangle .... Fellas, mind your Table manners! . . . This musf be leff over from The I898 Pb4VVKEYE .... TneyreaHy can day .... See anyone you know? Page 255 pq l S Page 258 TOP, LEET: Tea fable al a Tall social evenl .... Presidenl Leo Young lwad lime +o sludy occasionally llwis year .... BOTTOM, LEET: l-le's lwurrying +o gel ready for a 7:30 .... MIDDLE: Clwrislmas lree and carols .... Having a relaxing good lime in Jrlie lounge. STANDING Mofhl Randolph, Oglesby, Turney, Knorr, Seeger, Foldef, Benson, Calhoon, Lewis, Mallie+, Thomas, Wherry, Engler, Blesre Libbey Levin Feldman, Bluesfone, Hayes, Wells. SEATED Radig Lorence Mrs. Swords, l-lollinqsworih, Harfle. HILLCREST For men who called Hillcresf lheir college home, i+ was an evenrfuL vaded year. Dornnrory Hfe was enhanced by +he sodalagenda phnned by Bob Randdph,Tom h4oHH,and Les Fields. The season gof under way wi+h +he Aulumn Noc- Turne dance, held al +he lowa Union, which broughl The music of Larry Barrelrl fo Hillcreslrers and 'rheir dales. The annual Hillcresl parly, a barbeque, and "Club 52," which fealured fhe Leo Clorihnigha CDuin+e+,se+ The pace for +he Tri-Dorm Dance. These evenfs were supplemenlred by olher social diversions such as secfion-sponsored hayrides and ex- change dinners wilh several women's housing unils. Much in demand all during lhe year was +he popular Hillcresl chorus, direcled by Gene Thomson. Dormilory residenls recalled Jrhal The chorislrers won +he '49 Universily Sing, and plans were made +o promole a Chrislmas caroling +our. "The Crest" official publicafion of fhe dorm, was direcled by an ednodalboard headed by BM Habermann and Jack Dobbs Academic inleresf was promoied 'rhrough sludenl-Tacully dinners,lec+ures by SLH professors and vd+h lhe shovdng oi various mofion pic+ures. Page 259 l 'v E F 1 if Page 260 A solid combo played Tor The l'lillcresT "Club 52" dance in January. Work was begun on The new l'lillcresT wing of rooms, scheduled To be avail- able To sTudenTs by nexT Tall. AT The climax oT The currenT session, recogniTion awards were presenTed To l-lillcresT men prominenT in scholasTic achievemenT and acTive in universiTy organizaTions. Among The ranks oT promising l-lillcresTers were such men as Rod GelaTT, managing ediTor oT The WSUI news bureau and presidenT oT The senior AssociaTed STudenTs oT Journalism. Les Fields parTici- paTed in The varsiTy baskeTball and golT Teams, and George Dixon was voTed The lVlosT Eligible Bachelor on Campus, Serving as presidenTs oT Their respecTive organizaTions were RoberT 0sTerhaus and Donald P. Hayes, oT The sophomore gaihd senior pharmacy classes. Dick Turney was elecTed head oT The Phi ETa Sig- mas, Treshman scholasTic honorary, and Carl FosTer presided over The sopho- more class in iournalism. Phillip Bigelow divided his Time beTween his duTies as presidenT oT The LuTheran STudenT associaTion and as a member oT The universiTy band. l-lillcresT residenTs Turned in Their conTribuTions To The Campus ChesT drive, direcTed aT The dorm by Bob Wells. CurT Johnson drew picTures Tor Frivol, while Don STeTTen shoT picTures Tor ThaT magazine and Tor l-TAWKEYE. STudenT Councilman BurTon W. l:aldeT was chairman oT The commiTTee esTab4 lished by ThaT group To inauguraTe TaculTy grading on campus. Dick Finn, WSUl news ediTor, was one oT nearly a dozen l-lillcresT men who conTribuTed Their Tal- enTs To radio, Jack l'larTle, Eugene Thomson, Maurice Kirlin, and Arlyn Moeller Trod The boards oT The Macbride sTage Tor The Kampus Kapers show. TOP, LEFT: How can They ioolc ai Those dull books? . . . Hexs gof a solid foundafion for lifes foolrwork .... "GH up one Hwef floor, Them nawgs has Qo++a be fed!" . . , Lifes liffle conveniences, like cigareffes .... "Down Jrwo . . . . . Hilfcresf chorus cauqh+ on-guard. ' Page 261 Q Q Page 262 TOP, LEFT: Chow hounds how! .... Anie-gambling crusade in mind, 'ihey played "Old Maid." . . . Thafs a hecicova no+e! . . . Siaiion HILC feaiured The golden Jrones of Rod Geiaihs booming ioarifone and good pop music for evening lisfening. . . . No wonder They iooic well-fed .... Gelding a punch oui of life. TOP, LEFT: l-le's wondering wlwal his perlner really bid on .,.. "Any mail for . . . . . . TV lemplalions .... "Wi+h or willwoul onions?" . . , We all have lo make cle! cisions, buf cafelerias complicale llminqs .... Gleeful crowd apprecialed +l'1e enler- ldnmeni Page 263 TOP ROW: Henfges, O'Brien, Miller, Cahill, Allender, Broderick, Ouirlc, Devine. ROW 4: Juve, Oosfendorp, W. Thomas, T. Ryan, Hogan, R. Ryan, Becker, Yanushka. ROW 3: Pusaleri, Wrighl, Breiibaclc, Corcoran, Norron, Linnan, Welp, R. Thomas. ROW 2: Mafhias, Donahoe, Ri1'rer,Williams, Merrill, D. Kohlhaas, Liclcleig, Hoffmann. BOTTOM ROW: Shaughnessy. Cavanaugh, R. Kohlhaas, Mrs. Florence Tighe, Bradely, Reide, Hook. LCYOLA House The residenls of Loyola House, Calrholic men's housing unilr, 'rook parr in many campus aclivilies during The pasl year. Tom Ryan was presidenr of 'rhe Newman club and Elmer Henrges was rreasurer. John Ooslendorp was a mem- ber of Omicron Della Kappa and Delia Sigma Rho. James F. Bradley capfured The universiry Tennis Trophy and also served on The ediiorial board of rhe "Iowa Law Review." Herman Marhias, member of Alpha Kappa Psi, professional commerce lralernify, was also elecled To Befa Gamma Sigma, commerce honorary. Loyola House won 'rhe Jrown league rouch Toorball Jrournamenr and swimming comperi- rion. Loyola residenr Corey Wrigh'r was on The varsify baseball squad and was assisfanf baclcfield coach ar Uni- versily high. Jack Corcoran was a member of rhe 'freshman wresrling crew and Leonard Yanushlca was among +he var- siry foofball ranks. Loyola also sponsored a social program consisfing of a Chrisfmas chariry ball, scavenger hunr, spring formal and The annual "Fronrier Frolic." Page 264 ROBERT F. KOH LHASS Presidenf JAMES F. BRADLEY Vice-presidenl' STEPHEN SHAUGHNESSY Secrerary DAVID C. RIEDE Treasurer 00 Wl'1e+l'1er you posled signs for a lecfure or iniroduced +l1e main speaker. your pari' in The aciivily seemed as essenfial as anyone's . . . and some- how fhere was always a job To be done . . . maybe you became com- mi+'ree chairman, and were on l'l'1e inside lraclc, bui' H' was less wearing on fhe nerves +o do a smaller fask . . . +l1is business of campus acfivi- +ies was worfhwhile fo add 'lo classroom +ex+s and roufine. ,gulf ,ii l' ,nf if i Q ' .fe +31-X g ...' ' 1 Ln ,MN 1,2211 issfwwfesiaf, 3 ' qmfwei, kv , 0 - ff . 'saw Sz nz, ' :iii if ay? 1' . 1 'Wir-. ,..,l3.: 'ff' ,:,wNwgeSw , megwgm fn eff- f haw assi. MW' 'Qi' . . ' ww- u.: 1- fm.-. was 4:9 idx? , 1:1 , J.: N 'R ' , 5, gs,f3415iQ'ffg 'Was-v"wQ.?'2Z v 5 iwwfze, . A N 5 1 11533 , 'Q ef,-Q: - ,,,.,. , 4,-ww , nw Ml V , dv mf 1.5 mfz,Sa1a4 mwfff Mzw 5 f5T?Qi'Y'?f2 x pw . ' If , 'IQ ,UE ,MU ,MW ww X ,,5,.,WL, ,, f 'S' V 'VI , Y . lfxfg' V M 'Z hi X.: 3 ,S Z? as 35" 1. , 94? a A Q, E M . Q Q 1 ia ' R 2 Mxgvww. + gdyfwwgs W9 4 await? 1, gzzgf an S- wk Wag ghd? Q C 2? f Q.: J-f 2 35" Q M S 539 5 0 , ,sth Q. 'wifi X WM wf it L -Q sf U b , ff Q ,, L, .7 4 is Q 1' kg W. AQ, 5:2Q4,3Qkd3 .4 4 A W ,iaisfflv 'A f . Liu , -,Q-, Q15 UWA, Y K .. . mb, L,,v,,,, I + W X W ,i 5 Eff . x 9, ,, m. Q gf-'fb img in I 1 Q . ahh, wr? 5 Km R -' N gf A V Nxfw, A , Yi PUBLICATIONS SPEECH FINE ARTS INTEREST GROUPS RELIGIOUS MILITARY N ffgiw 'S fi? V1 1 Q, .. W ff' Q? " if' .AN np... " .,,s':-.f 5 58 -K, 11,- M as 4 '.s:'P iii X X H1 X 1 , Ls: -' f2e.'f:- : if A - , 1352 2211 --mei: an --Ma, - Z, ,,V:iz,11e,1kL 3 :, rgw a,-,,,1 M i huns ,N W mga ,,.-iw Sf . Q, P" A xi 1 55 THE DAILY IOWAN EDITORIAL STAFF CHARLES CARROLL ......... EcIiTor BILL SEWARD . LEN MOZER . . LEW HODGSON DON KELLY . . VAN RICHMOND LEN MOZER, LYN MARY NELL GRA ALAN MOYER SHIRLEY ELMAN DON KEY . . JACK ORRIS . . . . JIM ROBINSON JOE BROWN . CHUCK KROUSE DON KEY . . JIM SHOWERS . . . Managing EdiTor, TirsT . Managing EdiTor, second semesTer semesTer . . . . CiTy EdiTor Wire EdiTor, TirsT semesTer Wire EdiTor, second semesTer N BAILEY . . News EdiTors, TirsT semesTer Y, RAY HERTEL . News EdiTors, second semesTer . . . . SporTs EdiTor SocieTy EdiTor PhoTo EdiTor, TirsT semesTer PhoTo EcIi+or. second semesTer . . AssisTanT CiTy EdiTor, TirsT semesTer . AssisTanT CiTy EdiTor, second semesTer . . . EdiToriaI AssisTanT, TirsT semesTer . . EdiToriaI AssisTanT, second semesTer . . WirephoTo EdiTor ADVERTISING STAFF JOHN FULTON ........ Business Manager JACK DYER . . . AssisTanT Business Manager 'WARD CROWLEY . . , CIassiTied Manager HOWARD OLANSKY . . Campus ConsuITanT BOB DE PEW . . . NaTionaI AdverTising JOHN GLENTZER . . . PromoTion Page 266 CHUCK CARROLL EdiTor JOHN FULTON Business Manager The cIaTTer oT TypewriTers and TeIeType machines TypiTies The operaTions oT The Daily Iowan newsroom as sTudenT ediTors, reporTers, phoTographers, ediToriaI wriTers and adverTising copywriTers make Their conTribuTions To The nexT day's issue. One oT The cIisTincTions OT The Iowan is ThaT These sTudenTs are producing a daiIy newspaper wiThouT TacuITy supervision or censorship. The Iowan is aIso disTinguished from oTher coIIege newspapers in having The TaciIiTies oT AssociaTed Press, UniTed Press and AssociaTed Press WirephoTo. Rapid Turnover gives all journalism sTudenTs a chance To work on The Iowan and many OT Them a chance Tor ediToriaI posiTions. AII Iook Torward To careers like Those oT Tormer sTaTT members George GaIIup. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gould, ediTors oT The Ladies' Home Journai, and Frank EyerIy and Ken McDonald, managing and execuTive ediTors respecTiveIy OT The Des Moines RegisTer and Tribune. LasT year The Iowan, compeTing wiTh 300 oTher coIIege papers, received The grand award oT The NaTionaI Ad- verTising service in The TieIds oT management research and adverTising. 1 Q., A f 3 1.-an un. ,.+,, .m THE I950 HAWKEYE Locale-d in a cozy 'rin huI which is nesIIed among ofher Iin hufs on The Iowa campus is Ihe HAWKEYE office, where 75 business and ediforial shahfers assembled on occasion Io work on an exfra- curricular proiecf. More Ihan 4,000 picfures and innumerable sheafs of manuscripf copy were wedged info a six-monfh produc- Iion period. Some of The "old regulars" assembled for soirees on SI. PaIricI:'s day and again on "Bunny Day"-before Easler vaca- Iion. By fhe year's end, The HAWKEYE office was a regular hang- oul' wifh Japanese IanIerns, an ivy pIan'r dubbed "Junior" and The cluffered remains of wha? had been a mounfain of ediforial ma- Ierial. EDITORIAL STAFF PAT LOUNSBURY ........ Editor-in-Chief TED LEIGHTON ...... Assisfanf Io The Edifor TOM DORSEY .,... . Producfion Assislanf ROY BARRON, PAUL MAHANEY .... Copy Edifors MERRY WEST , .... . Organizafions PAT HAUSER . , . . Acfivifies MARGARET ANDERSON ........ Seniors Secfion Edifors DAN MILLER, ACE MONTGOMERY, MARY LOU SEIDNER, JAN LIND, GRETA GROSSMAN, LARRY SJULIN, JACK FLETCHER. CHARLENE MCCORKLE, PEG FULLER, JANE HUBBARD, CHAR- LOTTE BATES, MARILYNN WIESE, RON VALLINE JO PATTEN .......... LayouI Edifor Layouf SIafI CHARLOTTE SCHOENFELD, BARBARA PETREE, CAROL ASH- TON, DOLORES TERPSTRA, CAROLYN GORDON, MOLLY MAL- LOY MAX PALMER ..,...... Phofo Edifor WINIFRED ALLEN ..... . Phofo Assignmenfs Phofographers JIM FORNEY, JOHN REINEMUND, ROY BARRON, FLICK FLEISCHER, GEORGE BLACK, NED CAPMAN, BEN CRANE, ACE MONTGOMERY, JOHN HESS, DON NAU, DON STEFFEN. JACK ORRIS, BOB GORDON Copy Wrifers JO ELLEN LANE, CORENE STUDT, NAN EVANS, ELEANOR EV- ANS, LIZ DE REUS, JACK WILLER, JOAN FULLER, KAYO FLO- DIN, MARTHA YOUNG, LINDA LAIRD BUSINESS STAFF DAN HOEEA . ...... Business Manager DEAN FRITCHEN . . Sales Manager BILL SCOTT ....... . Page Confracfs DORRIS PEACOCK ...... . Index Manager Sales Sfallf LIZ DOOLITTLE, BETTY LAURER, DICK THOMPSON, NANCY SEELEY, CHARLOTTE PIERSON, JANE ANN GIERKE, DON STALLMAN, LIZ THOMSEN, JIM DONAHEY, BILL LEVY, DON BRINKMAN, MARTHA HAYES, BILL DONNELL, ROGER KOL- KER, GWEN ROBERTS, CARMEN HILLS, BILL I-IADLEY, JANE DOORNINK, JOAN BORDEWICK Office Sfaff MARTHA HAYES, GWEN ROBERTS, MARY WOODARD, MARY LADD, JO ANN BEU, BARBARA MURRAY, CLAIRE WEBER, PAT PIERCE, CAROL ALLEN, PEG DOWNS, SHIRLEY WOOD PAT LOUNSBURY Edifor DAN HOFFA Business Manager Page 269 F l i l NICK THIMMESCH Edifor FRIVOL Ann, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Y , BOB ALTER Business Manager FRIVOL is SUI's monlhly magazine devoled +o humor, crealive wrifing, carfoons and +he ever-presenlr college iolces. More Jrhan 5I persons conlribufed +heir edilorial el- forls lhis year lo one of lhe few college magazines which relies chiefly on original malerial for i+s conlenls. Many FRIVOL carloons were reprinled in olher college maga- zines, and a lalceolil on a nalional magazines "highbrow- middle-lorow-lowbrow" fealure was Jrhe inspiralion for +wo olher college magazines afler FRlVOL's original presenla- Hon. A series of sporls profiles appeared during lhe year, and slalil members inlerview such 'famous persons as Arffie Shaw, King Cole, Woody Herman, Jimmy Dorsey, Dizzy Gillespie, Ogden Nash, Harlan Miller and Presidenr Virgil l-lancher. Edilor Nick Thimmesch poinled our Thai "The March issue was a llopperod' loul made up for +ha+ one lag wi+h issues on carloon parodies and lhe roaring lwenlies. Planning a Iayoul-and en- ioying if-are Len Mozer, Bill Hollander, Edifor Nick Tlwimrnesclw and Bob Sarn- mens. Tlwe business slalzl looks business-like . . . Jim Ur- ice, Bob Aller, manager, Chuck Cooper and Dick Kalwn. STAFF NICK TI-IIMMESCH . . . . . Edifor BOB ALTER . . . Business Manager TOM CLITHERO ..... Aclverlising Manager LEN MOZER, R. R. SAMMONS . . Ediforial Edilors BOB GADBOIS, CURTJOHNSON, DEAN VIETOR Ar'I'S'raI1C DON STEFFEN ........ Pholo Edifor JOHN EGENES, MARK KRUSE . . Plnolo Sfaff Edilorial Slafli BILL HOLLANDER, BOB BALSTER, KEITH KARTMAN DON MULLIN Ad Slalzl CHARLES COOPER, RALPH COPPESS, SAM PRESTON JIM URICE, DICK KAI-IN, FRANK FRIDAY, LARRY BUE SCI-IER, CLAIRE INGELS, JOI-IN WASLEY, SID ABRA- I-IAM I I I 1 A -' ' W 7' 7" ' JIM SHOWERS and JACK ORRlS, AP man and chief pholograplwer of flwe Daily Iowan, respedively, look respecffully al fha camera. HAWKEYE pliolo chief Max Palmer clweclcs wilh Jim Forney and Ace lvionlgomery. Don Sfelllen, Jolwn Reine-mund and George Black give llwe l equipmenl a check before embarking on a HAWKEYE asf signmenf. l Page 274 7 ,, Y , WI , 5 ,E kg ,kf.f,k- LL:-,f1 Wx! f , ,fb-'ff'-f:w . ,11 ,,.. M.: .w14g.,,,LM,A:,,Q,,J,,kf,:1.,.fl,gf. ,, H . K, ?"557?35i .,,. frflfi - 7 . . 4 ,-w,s,i:5 fi if W, .Jie - .W V , l' L , - Ar-agim , ,, MI-f.efm'g,f.. -:QQ'fsrgsfvFigs-sw'SQm?1xszg1f,,5g',,-Af f ,'g5ry,2?fsz in ,g ,wg-,ff,1:g5:e22J1,ug33255'rf'efY1x?fw,sggggggfzfiilff'?Rz?5ig?mgi5?if'Sup: 1 i wfvffia is -'flfwff-' -a1,ffQ1,,'?2 MENwgfgfgw-w2,f'Xfggwg,3::g4Qs ef:g2ge,gwgw,mfg,gw'My ' k SV -"17?74z'f'i'1'sf. , , W .V , . .wifi 1? FT 3.-if 1 Y1if"'1f5j'l A ' 7:25531 Y f5Af7li92VzZ5Jff'V' i'57i 'fi F351'QV5wll?f7'5?zii5f ' ,X - '-:ff?Ifz5szssg4?" Q-Q Em -Q:fa5,,.wfw1f1'2fffvE"'2 V 1 nm .M gf X . f , f Lf 5' , 1"L'f':475 G57 f, 5"3'g'ff ' iff Q if by S552 limp, uv?"?5?2iZ5r?W555f2zf?F3i'if-iw '5 ' zkl' TWYV .WBESWW975i"i2k1Q3rf5f'?Z.5i-553551: ,vm K Zfagz-,wfw 'fwww,--Www, ,Yskgg-'fwgi 25 mw,w-In 1::i,f5.1:f::mw:w,-:safermifwxzsggzf 'I155-KwHwfSsQff5'95?1as1fF1QfffiLs5?favg-f.ewig2 35 0 . feiaaiiwmszgusfszfff'fi4efi1. f ine 'fVf5.4zfz'W9 H552-VSf5f:vv1Q WM a2fffwf1:s:W"f' 3 12 fxkivifli 1 7155,iii:.J:jilifi9fs5Ee7i - '55 : . .'j'1:-TE: 'Z??EFi,37 X V'-1 ' -r L," ME" ,z 1 'E ??L:L:'f'f-W'friafilfwqff' ? 'f?w"fg"Q -fff'G42'1:H:'-M5152 xg K , 11f159.3?Nf:'fY255V f?g5fSii2 152525: '5fTi2a35swc'Sf5fefn:1ffazz, 0, W., '51, JH, .ZNQRIE , . f u, f m, xx -Aw-Lim ,-4: , W ,-W'-fM,1wv1.a,M,. be121swlag?ff,1wf-'fx'f3ViS25ff3,:ffHiw1 - N I - P6 kiwi, ., f W 3ffW'mff?'2f:As42 -- if ' L. K an , f Jw - A X M . "rv lffliwq? sM353QYe11sf, :,. :Es , -' H, KV M QimiiS1SiEsf1ffQi1fa95fS?5mgQgfvf2i5?P 1 Ay A , FH.. , ,,,2,f.,A A .. .,,. . M.. .. Q Y 1, Q 2 ., ., , Q ,, ,. , .. . .X .YLQRQLyfQW,,Q,gfQWwffwwwsk '- 2 e 5 W s 1 1 Wifi, ' 13 ' f 1 H - 3? 755'MIffvfgfwff-e224sffff?az 1 ffff 2 ww '1ffpyvy-f'f1'vgfwlvfssfwgslv ...Q fl if R .. fi if-45 f - QM S'--" ' Zxflfv' 5?'?':f1 "if "L' ig 'I l".'1'-:: :ET dt, 37 , . -I :'1:5'3Q5::2" -: :.' , ' 2 5 K .- -f Qygl ? Q f. .. 1 iw .. Q ? ,gk kk I ' H Y ,L X 'L 212.555 -Yvggqzgg1Q,,gk,:g2feg-ifgfifai 1145 9 'Q Q5-,. " L95-1 4 .W I M + ffl- 55,8 .. 4 " 'V My., ,Q jf-isigfggfgw 13 'Wagga'-5 uw-Q5 .b-: E -gg5: g-,:: - - Wy, 1ffSsv.r,M: , 1, - .. -ff: ,Y mf -gwzkgsgiegf - 1 -V - . ff' uf., Y Jf 15",--. 13:1 ' -' ,f,..A'X -E Y g A-A W,,L - ff' -. ff., ,ga ' X 522 I if Q W . 'Q' - 4 2 mf, , ' Q1f:w1'1:,h, , Q rs: ,. ' .-'::5,f5',Af:,! -sig Y 5- K l ik 'wi ,Z fm,-my iz 1 My 1, 1.. ' ' 'A 'fYg5jI??l,,,:gr??3TY:g - l AX 3. 1 W 1A e 11, af ,, X "9IO ON YOUR RADIO DIAL" WSUI-KSUI STAFF CARL MENZER ...... RICHARD SETTERBER6 . JOHN EBERT . . . . . . Srafion Direcior . Program Direcror . . Chief Engineer VERN REYNOLDS . . Assisiani Program Direcior DAVE STASHOWER . WARNER MARTIN . JACK DAVIS .,... JACK DOOLEY, ROD GELATT , BILL WOLF, HAL HART . . . Chief Announcer . Music Diredor . Coniinuiiy Direcfor . News Edifors . . Sporis DirecIors r 'Jsren and Learn" series PHYL JORDAN .... Dfrecfo I TACY HIATT MERRIEL CURTIS Co-Direc+ PLO ROBINSON ...... ors, chiIdren's programs . Women's Direcior WW Page 276 Dave Sfashower, chief announcer, broadcasfs Ihe "CIassma'res Over- seas" program for The "LisI'en and Learn" series. WSUI and KSUI, The Universiry of Iowa radio siaiions, broadcasr I35 hours weeIcIy from six sfu- dios in Ihe engineering buiIding. They serve an audience of Ihree million people in The five-sIaIe Iisiening area. WSUI, now in iis 3IsI' year, is The oIdesI educaiional sIaIion wesI of The Mississippi. II is served by boih The AP and UP news services and operaies wiih a power of 5,000 waI+s. KSUI, The PM slraiion, operafes on a 'frequency of 9I.7 megacycles wiih a radiaied power of I6,5OO waHs. The sIaIT, supervised by Siaiion Direclror CarI Men- zer, is composed of ISO siudenis Iraining for work in commercial radio. The sialrion Teaiures compIeIe sporis coverage, cIassicaI and popular music, drama, chiIdren's and women's hours and reguIar world news reporis. Milo HamiIIon, emcee of "RhyIhm Rambles", seIecIs discs For The noon-hour show, a Tavorife wifh SUI siudenfs. Don Roberfson, announcer for "Musical Cl'iaTs", and Vern Reynolds, assisfanl' program direclor, survey flie conlrols. Ken Reylwons, news s1al'l:er,and Jaclr Dooley, Hrs? semesler news edilor, prepare copy for their daily newscasls. Plwyl Jordan, clireclor of " and Learn", Flo Robinson, women's direcfor, and Diclc Selrerberg. program direcror. Page 277 WOMEN'S DEBATE STANDING: Oosfenderp, Larsen, Bekman, Hennessy, Dickison, Baker. SEATED: Richards, Lesser, Sloan, Peferson. John Oosfendorp and Virginia Dickison direcfed women's debafe af SUI This year, and Mel Baker served as assisfanf direcfor of forensics. MEN'S DEBATE TOP ROW: Cornell, McBurney, Baker, Prof, A. Craig Baird, Dr. Ray Sandeiur, Thodi. ROW 2: Crane, Pike, McKinney, Perrin, Hulfman, Larew. BOTTOM ROW: Shu+'rIewor'rh, Diekmann, Knillfen, Pearlman. Prof. A. Craig Baird served as direcfor of forensics ac+ivi+ies7 Mel Baker and Dr. Ray Sande-fur were assisfanis To Dr. Baird. Page 278 FORENSIC ASSOCIATION TOP ROW: Pike, Siebenmann, Diekmann, Guihrie, Vollmar, Woodward, Crane, Dave CorneII, direcior of discussion. ROW 3: Wiiliams, Becker, Irwin, McKinney, Gaul, Shapiro, Pickens, Bunce. ROW 2: Peariman, Perrin, Larew, deJung, Peay, Waller, Eberi, Thodi, Hofmann. BOTTOM ROW: Peferson, Bekman, Hennessy, Schuck, Richards, Larsen, Sloan, Lesser. AII srudenfs pariicipaiing in forensic ac+ivi+ies a+ SUI are members of +he Forensic associa- Iion. Sfudenis from I8 coIIeges and universiiies parricipafed in Debaie, Afier Dinner Speaking. Discussion, Original Oraiory and Exiemporaneous Speaking aI' Ihe InIercoIIegiaI'e conferences af SUI in December and March. In addirion, siudeni' speakers Iook parlr in 'rhe IoIIowing oui-of-Iown debaies and discussion evenist The Wesiern Conference Debaie League meeiing aI Bloomingion, Ind.: The Delia Sigma Rho Conference aI' Ihe Universiiy of Wisconsin: Ihe Grand Wesiern Iourna- menf ar Norihwesiern Universiiy in Evansion, III.: 'Ihe Universiiy of Nebraska Conference aI' Lin- coIn, Neb., and mee+ings wirh Cornell college and The Universiiy of Missouri. STANDING: Thodi, Guihrie, PearIman. SEATED: Peay, I-Iennessy, Kniwcien. IVI U RRAY KN I FFEN Presideni CI-IARLES TI-IODT Vice-Presideni NATALI E I-I ENN ESSY Secreiary DARRELL FEAY Treasurer OIL PEARLIVIAN Speakers Bureau DON OUTI-IRIE I"IisIorian Page 280 TOP ROW: Baker, Pelerson, Ooslendorp, Prof. A. Craig Baird. ROW 2: Feay, Cornell, I-Ioclcenburg, Thodl, Knnclen. I-IuII'man. BOTTOM ROW: Shuffleworfh, Diclison, Georgianna McBurney, George McBurney. DELTA SIGMA RHO GEORGE MCBU RN EY Presidenl OWEN PETERSON Vice-Presidenlr RUTH CORNELL SecreI'ary MERRILL BAKER Treasurer PROE. A. CRAIG BAIRD Sponsor The Alpha chapler of Della Sigma Rho, nalional honorary forensics sociely, is dedicalred Io encouraging elifecrive public speaking in Ihe universiry and in Iowa high schools. This year Ihe group sponsored Iowa's 22nd iniernaiional debale in November, wilh a Brilish Ieam from Oxford universily. Parlicipanls from SUI were William ShuHIe- worfh and Evan I'IuIIrnan. The subiecl of Ihe deba'Ie was, "Resolved: Thar public ownership is in 'rhe besr inleresr of a democraric socie'Iy." Membership is reslricled Io juniors and seniors who have been our- slanding parlicipanrs in in+ercoIIegia+e forensics. Members elecfed Ihis year were Murray Knilifen, Charles Thodr, Darrell Eeay, Virginia Diclcison, Belly Jean Pelerson, Pafricia Sloan, Alysia Larson, Edward Dielcmann, Gil Pearlman, Reid Digges and Nalalie I-Iennessy. , 4 . E' mx f, 4 ,fx V V.: V , -2 ,A L 5 ,Xws ff -, 7 Wu. 'we K N 1 x if ,f 1 "FN s -ft D xp' E s-41 5, Mk, R in X., "2 xx. ' X g 7' . We Q. I fuk, 11 'N 'E AQ' fn. N -Q -5 5: at s X r CRCHESTRA Page 282 Prof. P. G. Clapp direcled Jrhe Universify symphony orcheslra in anolher series of concerfs again 'rhis year. Al Chrislmas, +he orcheslra in coniunclion wil'h lhe Uni- versily chorus, direcled by Prof. Herald l. Slarlc, pre- senled l-landel's "The Messiah." An all-universily group. The orcheslra 'lhis year included more Jrhan a hundred musicians 'From lhe lacully, lhe music deparlmenf and olher universily deparlrnenls. Prof. William Gower served as assislanl conduclor again Jrhis year. DR. P. G. CLAPP Direclor X .033 fs e , , ,.., faqs My ,sf ME' . 53157 QL - is ' T, - V Early in The year, musicians are audiTioned and as- signed To eiTher The Tall concerT band or The marching band. AT The end oT The TooTball season, members are re-assigned To The concerT or varsiTy bands. The varsiTy band perTorms aT all universiTy baslceTball games played in Iowa CiTy. This organizaTion is direcTed by "Doc" Oehlsen and conTribuTed To The ToTal oT nearly 50 public performances given by The various bands Trom SUI's mu- sic deparTmenT. CounTless special universiTy ceremonies and celebraTions, scheduled concerTs, and aThleTic evenTs combine To make a Tull year's schedule Tor The sTudenTs and direcTors. The marching band included I IO men. and numerous aTTracTive and novel TormaTions were inTro- duced To Hawlceye specTaTors and Tans. Special TribuTe was paid The college oT engineering by a special march- ing band paTTern on Tield aT halT-Time during The NorTh- wesTern game. The marching uniT Traveled To Minneapolis To appear aT The lowa-MinnesoTa game. 1 A ., 43, if 0 ? . l"l'i kv . fa! BMD CONCERT BAND Page 284 During iTs currenT season The concerT band of The universiTy's ins+rumenTaI music deparTmenT boasTed 85 members. WiTh Direc- Tor Charles B. RighTer and AssisTanT DirecTor Arnold Oehlsen, The abiIiTies oT The musicians were evidenced in The Three regularly scheduled concerTs, presenTed in The main Iounge oT The Iowa Union. OTher schools were audience To The band. as a choice 60- piece uniT compIeTed a series oT I4 concerTs while on Tour Through Des Moines and oTher various ciTies ThroughouT souThern and wesTern Iowa. A concerT presenTed by The combined bands is given in The spring, when gold Iceys are awarded musicians having parTicipaTed in The concerT band Tor six semesTers or having played wiTh The varsiTy group Tor eighT semesTers. These awards are made available by "I" Club alumni oT The universiTy. Each Tuesday and Thursday evening found rnany SLHfes head- ing for easf campus and fhe music rehearsal hall. A blending of I8O coHegiafe voices nwade fhis years univerdfy chorus concerfs again a credif fo Direcfor Herald I. Sfarlc. Assisfed by Charles Davis, Professor Sfarlc conducfed four formal concerfs during fhe season. Af Chrisfmas fime, fhe group presenfed ifs audience wifh fhe fradifional Messiah, and fhe lasf of fhe scheduled perform- ances ako feafured orchedra acconwpanhnenf Dudng fhe fwc regularly scheduled performances, such cornposifions as Howard l-lansen's "Lamenf for Beowulf" were presenfed, along wifh SUI graduafe Marshall Barnes' "Dirge of Four Cifiesf' sung May 24. Sfudenf soloisfs were given opporfunifies fo appear wifh fhe cho- rus, and a fofal of four concerfs were presenfed fhis year. Ac- companisfs for fhe group were Marion Panfel and Dorofhy KrebH. CHCDRUS PROP. HERALD STARK Direcfor Page 285 DRAMATIC ARTS Page 286 Rich young Tony Kirby, fiance of The only sane member of The lam- ily, is amazed when inlroduced lo his inlaws, including Essie, a bal- le'r dancer: her xylophone-playing husband, Ed: Mr. DePinna, a slcy- roclcel manulaclurer, and various olhers. Afler a riolous second acl, mosl of The group lands in iail buf evenlrually are exlricaled in The final acl for a happy end- ing. "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" The eccenlric Sycarnores caper 'Through "You Can? Talce H' Wifh You", Jrhe firsf play of The I949- l95O Universily 'lhealre season, in 'rhe selling of a mosf unconven- Tional household. The family is presided over by Grandpa Van- derhaf, who has an aversion 'lo worlc and prefers To spend his Time alfending cornmencemenf exercises al Columbia Universily, "COMMAND DECISION" "G-I" afmosphere was capfured in 'rhe play by an abundance of khaki, OD, army discipline, and agonizing red rape. The realisfic army iouches, ihe problems and iriais of command, and fhe fre- mendous imporfance of air in a complex buf bifing faie porirayed a ihoughffui reminder of a war noi Too far in The pasi and wha? if iook io win ii. Page 288 An aii-maie cas? of 18, chiefiy Army personnei, were seen againsf The background of ine somevvhaf severe headquarfers of a USAF bomber group in Europe, in fhis piay by Wiiliam W. Haines. The play showed fha sfruggies of a qenerai deiermined To prove ihe worrh of precision bombardmeni despiie heavy cas- uaifies and much criricism. ART FCJR ART'S SAKE An arf siudeni dresses ro be comior+able- and +o avoid paini'-daubed cloihes. Brush, hammer, and chisel fool workmanship into wooden figures . . . Careful brush sfrokes complefe absfracf waiercolor in fhe Picasso vein . . . Siudenf compares surrealisfic prinfs wifh her reference fexf. Page 289 Ei .mf-f B K. f .., 1 Az, 0 Mm V www fmwv W EQQM K w my Si 55-ki iv' .mg,:4z1gy:m5z .,. N1 si. i 3- , A 1 ,, - af Q V , . 5,37 I Y L - ., 2 in wk' in .ai ff 3 N, I Ma. gg, . af 5 ,. A, nv .i f, v. :nth f A .Xa 575 H 5 4 -Q 71 ,, 55, ,el ,flu Q 'Y-is ff..,w ,Q I 1. ex , -A5 li I Ai 3, h if RW . hx, gg 'I In we Jw E? A A 4.53 ,wifi f 5 'Cl 'K ff uk Q . wi K K an 1 V ggx' My Q., F ' f 'wi' L Q A ' f " ' I Q F X A M. if fl X -5 4 ,,.m,,,4i4 gg w .Jw 1 , M' ,Kwai ',,',4hj' 3 .l,::.,a-gs. 5 .f -55 V 'K 'SN K8 Mx v is' :iff Wisswf , 4 big ,Zi M" f F as rw' U 4, , .W 14 S X .wk H f , L 1 , f , lf K, i ?f f F 'S X it AXVQ' ' ' +Q,' "' Nw' if L ' 5 'Q ' X 4: x Q 3 Z-QT 5 ww ,Q xi: a 1 Q 45 Q. f fgwn wif ILM' ia gxf mxtx qw --cms ' if ,gg of , a 1' 5 is F mth t":' iFA'l7 p'i2:iHF5 pins ' f , 'Gm 'ff 'qs' Q ,4"'i13-' . , Q .- X . , , 5, A .1 V 1 1 ' ,' 5 L 5 'V . ,, E ' Q la X - J' ' 2' - 4 W LL ?'f .., ' x "1 ', i X , " 'z ' Q A TY . . X ,X , V. A A 5 L wx-at :M y F ya . qflhgi ,Q ,au we Q , ra, Q, -EAL M' S4 si 'Fi 4 E f H, '5f Q '. , p h, - -V : '..' - L 1' IA -' L , A sf ,' ,, , 4 fl is 5 pg. A - xx R" 1 .-:vq fe - wi.. v, twfwgwwkmiwiiwg a ' 'iilfifii' My-:.'2fL1,-f3'HP352f1QfvQ5f?gi1ZgE.,gff,ijqig4f,:5z:,153f9x 23 " if 'ifsy A ,grew-. -3 .ififx fnIffgfg,-:JMQA1ewwHMM i S35 H -fy 1, 3 .M-WWW-WW""w , ref - ' . if gif f4s41sw.1,fvmg1'f 255-!:'v WEE 5- : k ' , if 7, ' 5 , M m, ,Y 1' -vU?xifL1.eif 252,25 - "' . sf 5 g 2z52i3fsaig,5g, 'Pix f 2 . A2 1wfwfW?fw55--::- Tww 1::,2I' iii fa' 2,ig2?Z'W wifi. 'iie " nf ff 12515532 M., Q- I 5 fm. gl Wifi isifffi , ga' -fre a l HWQSQW gg iww, egwwif -QQ 57 a ,gy Aj ...,,. ' 'T M5523 ' 4 ' :iv 1159 rggswf ww g . .,,, ,. w,.. M .. , fs? 'fl' ':"f, :g: --- , , 1 - fi-3.5 . 7 ?2??5 2 a 2 Q: f I i . J 1 , 1255 S . 1 Q . K A . 1 ',' 4 Q' '-G. ' O ' .. r'..... '--vw f ' 'f -f .ff 4 hs A m 5 " kr K ,Q it F Mi if Q J 1 ifagibimim W E., 5 .ii fu aww Q E 'I 'Ax 0 Y Dal p 5 E 'traps ? .iz Fi rd' s TOP ROW: Barker, Ehrle, Faldef, Gronna I-Iood ROW 2: I-Iovland, Lawrence, Prichard ualley Rovane BOTTOM ROW: Shef1e,VandeS+eeg Voss Walfers Williams The Sludenf Council is The cenfral governing body al SUIfor dudenf Wews and probknw. The councWs I7 members are elecled by sfudenl vorers. Four are dele- gales-aI'-Iarge and Ihe oihers represenl' campus groups. including 'Four dormi+ories, Ihe women's co-ops, married s'IucIenIs. Panhellenic associafion, Inferfrafernily council, Ihe professional colleges and Iown men and women. Council members are eleclred in Ihe spring and serve for one year. Many campus proiecis were carried on by Jrhe council, including Ihe Campus Chesl drive, a program of heshman odenfahon and Ihe aH-campus dechons. The councH was ako acHve hilhe NaHonaISIuden+ awocb- Iion and in selfing up an office of public relafions. In Jrhe spring an all-universily congress was held under Ihe lead- erdnp oflhe councH. Some 300 dudenrleadem a+ SUI mer Io discuss common s+udenI' governmen+ problems. DICK DICE MURRAY KNIFFEN Presidenl' Vice4PresidenT JOAN TRIPP LARRY WALKER Secretary Treasurer Page 292 EXECUTIVE COM M ITTEE Burien Faldef, Dick Dice, Gaige Wallers, Larry Walker, Murray Knilien. STUDENT COUNCIL Council meefings were lneld in The Senale Chamber of Old Capi+ol- and Tlne crysial chandeliers ofien burned laie al niglii' as sfudeni gov- ernrnenl rolled on. N.S.A. COMMITTEE SEATED: Gaige Wallers, Louise Belcrnan, Mary Vande Sieeg, clwairmanq Bob Rinnan. STANDING: Marilyn An- derson, Torn Olson. Page 293 REGISTRATION COMMITTEE The regidrahon connnHTee G vHaHy hnpoHanT To SUI Qnce H serves boTh TacuHy advkors and sTudenTs Because The advisors have Their Time consumed by regular insTrucTive and advisory capaciTies, Dr. I-I. Clay Harshbarger, secreTary oT The liberal arTs advisory oTTice, helped Torm a cornrniTTee in I945 To aHevbTe The rouhne iobs oT The advkors Tha commiTTee is composed oT iunior and senior women who are selecTed Trom all housing uniTs. AT The beginning oT each Tall semesTer The commiTTee aids sTudenTs wiTh schedules and helps To arrange conTerences wifh advisors. This leaves Tree The Time necessary Tor The TacuITy To help Their sTudenTs TormulaTe obiecTives and compleTe The required course lisT. Worlcing aT iTs greaTesT pealc This year, The regisTraTion com- miTTee was highly successTul in Tulfilling iTs purposes. TOP ROW: McClow, Colville, Treynor, Connor, BOTTOM ROW: Cady, Ross Williams, Chairman, Sennex. NOT in PicTure: MarTin, I-IasTings, Glenn, GriTTiTh, Hyde, Brainerd, Siulin, Sandroclc, Packer D dson Page 294 Anderson, Rizor, I-lays, Calhcarf, I-Iolzla, Meelcer, Bloom, Zahoriclc, Concannon, Howes, Wiese, Grieve. EVERETT MEEKER Presidenr EARL CATI-ICART Vice-Presidenr ED ZAI-IORIK Vice-Presidenr Second Semesfer DORIS RIZOR Secrerary WAYNE I-IARGER Treasurer BETTY JO ANDERSON Treasurer Second Semesler PROF. CLARK BLOOM Adviser COLLEGIATE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Collegiale Chamber of Commerce is an acrive organ- izarion of 250 members inferesfred in commerce. A board of direclors meels bi-weekly Io ouiline Iulure proiecls. Among 'l'he programs arranged by Ihe chamber I'his year were monlhly panel discussions on "Problems of The Small Businessman." Guesr speakers from Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cily and surrounding areas were presenred al Ihese meefings. Induslrial fours of firms in Davenporl' and Rock Island were also arranged by Jrhe organizafion. "The Commerce Marr," annual informal dance sponsored by +he CoIIegiaI'e Chamber of Commerce, was held Nov. 5 aI' rho Iowa Union, wilh Larry Barre'r'r's orchesrra. The annual spring Careers conference again was Ihe climax of +he sea- son's evenrs 'For commerce men and women. A Two-day pro- gram aHrac'red oursranding professional spealcers from Ihe business world. Page 295 TOP ROW: Trueblood, Sprolr, Schaiclner, Meyer, Tandy, Edwards, I-Iavs, Gulhrie, Burge, I-Iarper, Conlson, Brose. BOTTOM ROW: Cords, Johnson, I-Iope, Anneberg, Greiwe. UNION BOARD Page 296 BILL TAN DY Presidenr DON OUTHRIE Vice-Presidenlr JEANNE GREIWE Secrelary DON EDWARDS Treasurer ROBERT BROSE Delegale-al-Large "To iniliale, promole and conlrol sludenl aclivilies of all Iypes, which shall be held in or around +he Iowa Union building," is The purpose of +he I6-member Iowa Sludenl' Union board. The group serves as a middle-man belween The SUI sI'uden'rs and Iheir cenler of acliviries-The Iowa Union. Members of Ihe Union board are chosen by campus volers a+ Jrhe general eleclions in Jrhe spring. This year Ihe Union board sponsored Sunday and Wednesday aflernoon 'rea dances, The Carnival of Bands, a Chrislmas parly, aller- garne open houses and had a represenlalive who served on The ioinl sludenl-Iacully cornrni'Hee which planned The I9-49 homecoming weelcend 'Ies+iviI'ies. UNION BOARD SUBCOMMITTEES The Union board sub-commillree members are 48 sludenls chosen by lhe Lhnon board lo represenl each of The coh leges. Members gain experience and Training necessary for possible Union board service. Commillees plan The regular acrivilies al lhe Union during Jrhe year. Tournamenls, in- dudmg bHdge,canada,chessand pmg-pong,werefJanned and supervised by lhe commillee members. Olher commif- lees planned arf shows, movies, "library chars," and The Chdshnas paHy. Dances were had each Sunday and Wednesday aflernoons and aller games. These were popu- lar evenls, as were lhe Meyers-Corlimiglia iam sessions. The new pubhcny conwnH+ee pubhshed a cdendar ofsochi evenls hdd al +he Union and had charge of +he pubHcHy lor Union board acHviHes. . TOP ROW: Lenlhe, Francis, Teeler, McLaughlin, Bawden, l-lilliard, Malulef. ROW 4 Clayton, l-logeland, Slaford, McClellan, Griflilh, Doran, Mercer, Anderson. ROW 3 Larew, Knolls, Frilchen, Lindquisl, Duncan, Wolford, Kollcer, Hulfman, Lohnes. ROW 2 McKay, Thonisen. Chehalc, Lawson, King, Kelly, Ple'rsch,Can'1pbell,JeweH. FRONT ROW: Allbaugh, Noel, Knox, M. Smilh, Srrunce, Danielson, Rees, Larson, Morrissey. Page 297 TOP ROW: O'Connor, Rees, Sicleman, Klawans, Barnhouse Campbell, Erickson, Appleman. ROW 2: Sywassinlc, Jones, Belcman, Harvey, Anneberg, Osborne Lowry BOTTOM ROW: Morehead, Reger, Eosfer, Johnson, Jensen. The universiiy Women's Associarion is an organizaiion wifh mem- bership of all uncle-rgraduaie women ai SUI and is ihe sponsor oi many campus aclivilies for all sludenis. Council members are Ihe chairmen of UWA commillees or proiecls, and 'rhe five eleclecl ogi- cers comprise The execuiive council, a policy planning group. Those five are chosen by all women siudenls af Ihe all-campus eleclions each spring. Page 298 B. J. JOHNSON Presidenr MARGARET FOSTER Vice-Presidenr ELAINE JENSEN Secrelary PAT MOREI-IEAD Treasurer MARY REGER Sophomore Represenialive UWA FRESHMAN COUNCIL TOP ROW: Marilyn Winlroub, Mary Joyce Allison, Eleanor Glick, Sally Yeares, Marilyn Duclcell, Bev Barlels, Rosemarie Chelf, Bev Robinson, Pai I-Iofsfefier, Nancy Euiimolo. 3OTTOM ROW: Mary Reger, sophomore rep- resenfafiveg Juanifa Befhlce, Mary Ladd, presiclenlg Pal While, Jo Beu, Margie Eosler, advisor. No? in Piciurez Rivalie Sideman, Ann Jebens. VOCATIONAL CONFERENCE Vocalional Conference is a program of leclures by speakers from varied vo- calional fields, Each spring special areas of employmenl' are emphasized in The 'Iwo-day conference. Profile Preview is UWA's fashione beauly-grooming series, wilh a leclure by a 'fashion aulhorily and a slyle show as highlighls of The proceedings. STANDING: Tabor, Ullman, B. J. Johnson, Wesl, J. Johnson, Robinson, Egenes, Barnhouse, Throclcmorlon, Rafh. SEATED: Rizor, Palch, Miss Helen Fochl, advisor: Marian Rees, chairman: Anneberg, Schoenfeld. CENTRAL JUDICIARY BOARD SEATED: Jane Nieberl, Maxine Erickson, chairman: Margarel I-labbinga. STANDING: Gladys Nelson, Kalhy Silz, Jean Gordon. STUDENT-FACULTY COMMITTEE Chairman Louise Belcman planned a series of sludenl-facully cohfee hours lhis year wirh The help of her UWA commillee. The informal galherings were designed lo bring logelher facully and sludenls and honored parlicula' areas al SUI, such as iournalism and physical educalion. INDEPENDENT TOWN WOMEN BACK ROW: Showaller, Mrs. Pal' Haclcelf, advisor: Weller, Seiferl, Woodhouse. FRONT ROW: Moellering, Ehrle, Jones Cenlral Judiciary board ol UWA has The responsibilily of ruling on special permissions and hours ol undergraduale women. Board members are represenla- lives from housing unils. lnformalion Firsl is a popular leclure series designed lo bring lo SUI audi- ences lhe besl in currenl Topics. Thurs- days al 4:30 saw sfrearns of sludenrs heading for Old Capifol, where Informa- lion Firsl leclures were held. INFORMATION FIRST Leif lo righl: Ellie Leedham, Helen Hayes, Mary Louise Anneberg, chair- man: Dean Brown and Fred McKenzie. speakers al a program on speech cor- reclionq Anne Gilson and Milzi Melcalf. Page 299 FOREIGN STUDENTS COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Wilson, Ellen Sideman, chairman: Guy. BACK ROW: Kwan, Gupfa, Glenn, Clien. SPINSTERS SPREE COMMITTEE Lelf To riqlwlz Alice Swenson, Marllwa Jernigan, Margarel Sewall, Sally Laclwner, clwairmang Nancy Wallace, Cl1ar- loffe I-less, Warcline Rimel, Judy Fein. PROFILE PREVIEW Commillee members included Anifa Scliiller, chairmang Jo Sywassinlc, Miss I-Ielen Foclnl, advisory Sally Pinlcerlon, Marflia Young, Slnirley Anderson, Mariorie Day, Marilyn Killinger, Marilyn Smilln and Carol Sullon. UNIVERSITY SING Among Ilia commiflee members were Dean Frilclwen, Milne Trueblood, Emily Prail, Barbara Campbell, Dona Ben- dixon and Marian O'Connor. Page 300 ORIENTATION AND CODE FOR COEDS STANDING: Pal Morelnead and Mar- iorie Irwin, Code lor Coeds: Jane? Albauqli, Francine Appleman, Code: I-Ielen I-Iewifl, Ardyllwe Sornson. SEATED: Carol Jackson, Mariory Day, Mariarie Campbell, Clwairman, Orien- lalion Council, Marian O'Connor, Mona McCormick. Advandng lheh concept of wodd peace Hwough wodd governmen+,+helowa chapleroflhe UnHed VVodd Federak isis senl Vice-Presidenl Jim McKinney and Delegale Frank Blick io Jrhe nalional convenlion af Cleveland during Oclob ber. Wilh Presidenl William Shujrlleworlh leading filly UWF advocafes, lhe campus organizalion sludied in+erna- fional problems and conlribuled Their ideas iowards ailain- ing workable soluiions. The groups nafional board of advi- sors included Raymond Gram Swing, Norman Cousins and Aufhor Allen Cranslon, presidenl of The nalional organiza- Tion. Twice monlhly Jrhe SUI sfudenl lederalisfs assembled lo discuss Jrheir parl in Jrhe campaign for peace and lo hear such speakers as Norman Cousins, Vernon Nash and Harlan Miller. Through The medium of lhe UWF speakers' bureau, menwbersleclured lo exphin lheh ideak +o orher canwpus groups STUDENT FEDERALISTS STANDING: Wall McMahon, Jim McKinney. SEATED: Mrs. Beverly Berksfresser, Jean Sfanley. Page 30I TOP ROW: Phipps, Dawson, Shufileworlh, While, Goldberg, Fein. ROW 3: Klingner, Cress, Phillips, Anderson, MacLeod. ROW 2: Knox, Bekman, Binks, Vandenburgh, Wilson, Luechauer. BOTTOM ROW: Rusi, Neff, Robinson, I-Iearsi, Irwin, I-Iorslund. Y. W. C. A. The YWCA Turnishesiboih social and educaiional acliv- Vries for Hs members. I+ sponsored bi-monihly programs al The psychopa+hic hospiial and Oakdale saniiorium as well as craiis, library-hours, enieriainmenr and worship al' The gen- eral and chiIdren's hospilals. The problems of couriship and marriage were presenied in discussions eniilled "Maier in Marriage" Ied by Dr. Alfred Nickless and Dr. E. D. Plass. "Bridal Workshop" presenied The praciical side of marriage and homemaking. This year The Homecoming Mum sale was sponsored by Jrhe Freshman Y. The annual "Silver Tea" was presenied a'I' The home of Presideni and Mrs. I-Iancher by 'rhe social commiHee. A+ Thanksgiving and Chrisimas Jrimes +he social welfare commiiiee packed boxes of food and clofhing 'Tor Ihe poor. The religious emphasis commiliee planned worship services. Page 302 PLO ROBINSON Presideni VIRGINIA BURT Vice-Presiderfr NAN CY RUST Secreia ry FRAN HENDERSON Treasurer Y. M. C. A. TOP ROW: l-Iussien, Miller, Krouse, Davenport Clausen. ROW 3: Frey, Walnls, McGivern, Glenn, Blualia, Avery, Crosier. ROW 2: Bremer, Jaclcson, Bell, McDonald, Saunclers,Ta'll'1well, Leiglnfon, Sclnloming. BOTTOM ROW: Lisle, Ford, Davis, McMahon, Frilclner, Wlwife, Snerer. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB TOP ROW: Jones, Kinsey, Plafh, Kumle, Meelcer, Scales, Anderson, Pilz. ROW 2: l-loglan, Moore, Laylon, Bruce, Raslnid, Simpson, Inman, Wiley, l-lamilfon. BOTTOM ROW: Morrissey, Kersey, Payne, Clnrislenson, Miss Lula Smilln, advisor: Carol Clnopelc, presidenfg Sfoolcer, Fosfer, Suffon, Slelsiclc. Page 303 . lvlariorie LiTTle, VioleT Dimoch, lViilTon Levy, YveTTe WrighT, Byron BurTord STUDENT ART GUILD Page 304 The sTudenT ArT Guild serves as a social organizaTion Tor arT sTudenTs, sponsoring Two mixers during The year and also Two series oT six Tilms during each semesTer. The Tilms- boTh American and Toreign-were designed To bring enTer- TainmenT and inTormaTion parTicularly along The lines oT arT Techniques, and were open To The public as a 'service oT The Guild. In March members organized a Trip To The Chicago ArT lnsTiTuTe Tor a special showing oT a VincenT Van Gogh collecTion. ln April, The Guild sponsored The annual arT ex- hibiT Tor sTudenT work. TOP ROW: Amidon, Hippalca, Hayworfh, Toverud, Hansman. ROW 2: Langehough, Bernelu, Glenn, Piercy, Pavlilc, DeVoe. ROW 3: Gullerman, Lawlon, Hammer, Moldenhauer. Kammerer, Bower. ROW 4: Modu, Saunders, Jacobs, Feay, Rosenberg, Gordon. BOTTOM ROW: Levilr, Claylon, Cahn, Randall, Ballanlyne, Feblowilz, Moldenhauer. DALE RANDALL Presidenl NORMAN MATULEF Vice-Presidenl' RICHARD LEVITT Secrelary BEN CLAYTON Treasurer ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega, nalional service lralernily, conlinued wilh ifs program of service on 'rhe SUI campus. This year some of ils aclivilies included managing 'rhe losl' and found office in Old Denlal building and making daily hospiral visi'rs 'Io Iowa sludenls. Their services were invaluable in ushering al loorball games and assisling in campus eleclions. The fralernily also enferlained and cared for children in The handicapped ward of Universily hospilal. They awarded a lrophy ro 'rhe oulslanding cilizen of Iowa Cily in The field of service. Alpha Phi also decoraled a floar for lhe Iowa homecoming parade. Page 305 fl-' YIWWU MOUNTAINEERS df? pg ' Q Page 306 JOHN EBERT Presidenf ROBERT BUCKLES Vice-presidenf MARGARET SEWALL Secrelary MARTHA ANN ISAACS Corresponding Secreiary GORDON L. KENT Treasurer PROF. ARTHUR WENDLER Facully Advisor DONALD SULLIVAN MRS. JOHN EBERT MICKEY THOMAS JOAN COX JOHN I-IESS JOHN PAVER February marlced Ihe IOI'h anniversary of Ihe Iowa Moun- Iaineers, one of Ihe mosr unique and colorful clubs on cam- pus and Ihe Iargesr college group ol iis kind. The year broughl' widespread publiciry I'o Ihe record-breaking mem- bership of over I,OOO lovers of Jrravel and advenlure. Trav- elogue programs arrracied more Ihan I5,000 persons. The Mounraineers' schedule Iisled 23 oulrdoor aciiviries, among which was a summer climbing expedifion in Ihe mounrains of Ihe Pacific Norlhwesl. Emphasis was cenfered on safery Ihrough a Iirsr aid course offered early in Ihe year, and Ihe sponsoring of an accrediled course enlirlecl "OuJrings and Mounraineeringf' These precauiions resulied in a record unmarred by serious accidenls, a fear noi ofien paralleled by moun+aineering groups. Social aciiviiies ceniered upon The Iowa Mounraineer clubhouse. Members conrribuied a Iloar Io The Homecoming parade. AII aciiviiies of Ihe club were chronicled in "The Iowa Climber." An annual award banquei' recognizes oursranding accomplishmenrs by club members, Wifh November came flne Camfsus Cliesf drive and ifs appeal fo SUlowans for fheir confribufions. Chairman of fine I949 drive was Bob Kramer. A fofal collecfion of more flwan 52,900 was reached before flrie campaign closed No- vember I6. Gil Pearlman, Mary Lou Anneberg, Effa Muel- ler and Anne Gilson served on flue execufive cornrniffee, while sfaff members Wanda Dodd, Merry Wesf and Marvin Pomeranfz mainfained financial accounfs. The fifflw in a series of annual opporfunifies for sfudenfs fo aid oflier sfu- denfs Clanwpus Czbesf funds are being shared by fhe Urnfed Negro College fund, fhe World Sfudenf Service fund, CARE and flwe American Cancer Sociefy. Honorary chair- man flwis year was Dr. Earl J. McGrafl1, former dean of flie College of Liberal Arfs af SUI, now U. S. Commissioner of Educaion. CAMPUS CHEST Leff fo righf: Pomeranz, Wesf, Kramer, Gilson, Pearlman, Mueller, Jackson, Anneberg. Page 307 I 'F Treslle board, organized in I947, is The sludenl Masonic organhahon al SUI. Roger E. Nordyke of h4amhaH+own wielded Ihe presiden+'s gavel Ihis year and Ihe cIub's spon- sors were Prolessor Frederick S. Beebe and Professor C. C. Wylie. Treslle board is sponsored by Iowa Cily Lodge No. 4 A. P. and A. M. The group mel' on The firsl Friday of every rnonrh during Ihe school year. The organizalion rnade il possible for Masons allending SUI from all over The world To unHe,+o gel acquanWed,+o keep poded on Nhsonk procedure and riluals and Io parlicipale in social aclivilies. Thh yearlhe TresHe board had rhe pdvHege of headng out slanding speakers sorne of whcwn were hAasons on lhe lac- uHy al SUI. TRESTLE BOARD TOP ROW: Winfer, Davis, J. Brisfol, C. Brislol, I-Iarnillon Bryan, I-Iiil, Vuicich, Harrison Rob nson ROW 2: Scholl, Glade, Bilzer, Ramsey, Scofl, I-Iawley, Noe, Kean, Soderlind, Nurlen. BOTTOM ROW: Raissle, MacRae, Crews, Corniclr, Nordylce, Alienbern, Prof. C. C. Wylie, Dr F S Beebe Page 308 TOP ROW: Peierson, Welp, Blunck, Kail, Leeper, Buchanan, Sloan, Snyder, Bernard, Newport Scofhorn, Sievers. ROW 4: Polaslcy, Norfon, Suurballe, King, Griffiih, Hakes, Burns, Kohlhohc, Jones, Schinneller, Mershon. ROW 3: Minlcler, Marco, Browne, Dannacher, Hickey, Dickens, Bufler, Pelerson, Anderson, Sanders. ROW 2: Smifh, Bahls, Myers, Blauer, Kapel, Cornish, Hand, Casady, Meeker, James, Thomas, Goos. BOTTOM ROW: Jones, Keasling, Bauer, Roberfs, Quigg, Bell, Francis. The Universiiy of Iowa Dames raiiliied 'fhe cons+i'ru'rion of 'rhe nafional associaiion of universiiy dames in February. I922. There are 94 achve nwenwbersin Bela chapier here a+ Iowa. The obiecls of Ihe club are 'ro promofe friendliness and Io provide social ac'riviI'ies. All wives of universiiy slu- cIen'Is are eligible Io become members. A social chairman is in charge of rush pedods in CDc+ober and February which conQd'oIa cogee pady and a bddge paHy,IoHowed by imhahon. December I4 Ihe Iowa Danms sponxred a Chrislmas pariy organized by Mrs. Jaclc P. Hand which in- cluded bridge and exchange of giiis. They parficipaied in a square dance January I8 in Ihe convnunHy buHding af which 'rhe Hick Hawks, Iowa square dancing club, performed. The annual picnic for members and families was in May. Thelowa Dameslmve mon+Hy bddge parhesand buines meeiings. Mrs. John Dusch is in charge of programs for meefings, Mrs. Ralph Blunclc of The sewing club, Mrs. John Blauer of 'Ihe bool: club and Mrs. William Sievers of desseri bddge parhes ' IOWA DAMES MRS. F. D. FRANCIS Honorary Presidenf MRS. G. E. ROBERTS Presiden+ MRS. J. E. ATKINSON Vice-Presidenl' MRS. KENNETH BELL Recording Secrelary MRS. RUDY BAUER Treasurer MRS. J. R. QUIGG Corresponding Secreiary Page 309 1 fl An inTormal "bull session" aT The CongregaTional church lounge aTTer a break TasT. These sessions were a popular parT oT The Religion in l.iTe Week program aT SUI. "RELIGION IN LIFE" WEEK Page 3I0 Religion in LiTe week is seT aside Tor an inTensiTied program bringing religion and iTs pracTical appIicaTions To daily life on The universiTy campus. "l:icTion, FacT, and FaiTh" was The Theme oT This year's program. The week began Sunday, Feb. I9, which was designaTed as The "World STudenT Day of Prayer" Tor l950. IT opened wiTh a convocaTion Tor all sTudenTs, conducTed by Dr. I.isTon Pope, dean oT The diviniTy school aT Yale UniversiTy. All religious groups parTicipaTed in The acTiviTies. Speakers Trom various Tields in religion addressed universiTy classes ThroughouT The week, and seminars were held in The aTTernoons Tor all sTudenTs. CurrenT secular and Theological problems were discussed in The semi- nars. ln The evenings, clergymen parTicipaTing in The program were guesT speak- ers aT housing uniTs. Discussions were held aT nine p. m. in The houses and aT The religious sTudenT cenTers in Iowa CiTy. A Bible sTudy was conducTed by William EasTon Tor all sTudenTs on Friday aTTernoon and all day SaTurday To Tinish The week. 'Y BACK ROW: Rev. Roberl R. Sanlcs, adviser: Joan Buclcwaller, coordinafor: Clark Phillips, Jrreasurer: Ray Daven- pori, general chairman, Sue Gronna, personnel: Bill Davis, publicily. FRONT ROW: Elizabelh lvlcOuade, ad- viser: Mary Vande Sleeg, program chairman. Dr. Lunger, Ray Davenporl, Bill Davis and Rev. Gould. Page 3II TOP ROW: Sherer, Davis, Cochran, Jones, Bigelow, Joeckel, STuarT, Pike, McMahon, Jackson WhiTe BOTTOM ROW: Shahcer, Bekman, MorTensen. DavenporT, McOuade, Dr. RoberT Michaelson G lson Swisher STUDENT CHRISTIAN COUNCIL Page 3I2 The STudenT ChrisTian council is a represenTaTive body oT all sTudenT religious groups on campus. IT performs a co- ordinaTing TuncTion beTween various ChrisTian sTudenT groups, The religious advisory council and The school OT reli- gion. In The pasT year This group has sponsored or has aided in sponsoring many acTiviTies. These acTiviTies included The World STudenT Day of Prayer service, Religion in LiTe week and The EasTer Sunrise service. The council was also respon- sible Tor The MidwesT UniTed STudenT ChrisTian conTerence which was held March I7 Through March I9. One of The guesT speakers was Mr. Parker Rossman, associaTe execuTive secreTary oT The UniTed ChrisTian council Trom The naTional oTFice in New York. AnoTher speaker was Miss RuTh Sea- bury of The DanTorTh ToundaTion. "EcumeniciTy" was The Theme Tor The comference which included sTudenTs Trom many universiTies and colleges wiThin a 300 mile radius in The midwesT. Disciples of Sruclenl Fellowship Composed of lwo sfuclenl groups, lhe Berhany group for single sludenls and lhe Kum-Dubl group 'For young marrieds, lhe Disciples of Sludenl Fellowship played an acfive parl in 'rhe religious life on fhe campus. Every olher Sunday a depufafion feam conducled church services af Oak Grove and conducled morning worship. On Thursday aflernoons a corclee hour was held, wilh a special speaker leading a discussion in various aspecfs of Chrisfian failh, Married sluclenls parficipaled in a proiecl fo bring a German sludenl +o SUI for one year. The Belhany group held several relreafs al Macbride, where fulure programs were planned. Canlerbury Club E 5 L3 ii ls gt A win , -mlm ae-my ' , at R sq KM s .-A' A 2 ai, 39? 1 l-lighlighling lhe year of lhe Episcopal church group was lhe sponsoring ol a presenlalion of T. S. Eliohs play, "Murder in lhe Calhedralm, acled l:y lhe Calhedral Players of Davenport Bolh performances were for capacily audiences. Anolher proiecl aimed al a beller underslanding ol lhe church was a Lenlen program which consisled ol a series ol leclures explaining Chrislian doclrine. In adclilion lo being aclive in all parish aclivifies lhroughoul The year, lhe group enlerfainecl The Weslminsler Foundalion, caroled al Jrhe Universily hospilal, played an imporlanl parl in Religion and Life Week, and enlerlained guesf speakers who led discussions on currenl lopics ol inleresl. Page 3I3 Hillel FoundaTion CenTered upon a desire To beTTer undersTand Their religion and To help oThers, The Hillel FoundaTion held Their annual Hillel forum wiTh proTessors Trom Three universiTies as guesT speakers. FurTher discussions were aTTended every SaTurday aTTernoon Tor a more Thorough undersTanding oT The Midrush, and Sunday nighT suppers were Tollowed by an inTormal program. One oT The main proiecTs carried on by Hillel was The adopTion oT a French child, cloThed and supporTed by The SUI group. One oT The highlighTs oT The year was The annual parenTs' banqueT. AT This Time Hillel keys were presenTed To members oT The organizaTion Tor ouTsTanding work displayed in campus acTiviTies. Gamma DelTa I Gamma DelTa, under The supervision of Rev. John ChoiTz and Howard ChoiTz, local presidenT oT The group, spenT an evenTTul year on The Iowa campus. STudenTs aTTendecl Two convenTions oT The inTernaTional associaTion-one in Minneapolis and The oTher in Ames. RepresenTaTives from Cedar Falls and Ames aTTended The Lakes Region Seminar, sponsored by The SUI chapTer of The Missouri Synod LuTheran church. lowa members began a campaign Tor mission work in Japan. Sunday evenings included vesper services, luncheons, and social hours or discussion meeTings. Picnics were held in The Tall and spring, and The annual banqueT was presenTed in The church basemenT. Page 3I4 Kappa Phi The purpose of Kappa Phi, nafional MeThodisT club. is To Train young women on campus To become acTive in ChrisTian leadership in Their communiTies. The group held bieweelcly meeTings TeaTuring lecTures, discussions and programs by The members. Mrs. How- ard LeSourd, naTional sponsor OT The organizaTion, visiTed The SUl chapTer in The spring and spolce aT The Torrnal spring banqueT. The main social acTiviTy oT The club was a ValenTine parTy wiTh men oT The Wesley FoundaTion as guesTs OT The club. The organiza- Tion also held a Rose Tea in The Tall and in The spring iT awarded The Degree oT Rose To iTs graduaTing seniors. LuTheran STudenTs AssociaTion The LuTheran STudenTs associaTion, now in iTs 28Th year on campus, is parT oT an inTernaTional group wiTh uniTs ThroughouT The U, S. and in Canada. Led by Duane MorTenson, The associaTion is sponsoring a LaTvian displaced person who is To come To SUI in Sep- Tember To sTudy nursing. They also senT shipmenTs oT Tood and cloThing To sTudenTs aT The UniversiTy of GoTTingen, Germany. So- cial evenTs oT The group included a hayride in The Tall, a TalenT pariy wiTh perTormances by members, a parTy celebraTing The Third birThday oT The house and a combinaTion smorgasbord parTy and ChrisTmas pageanT in December. Page 3I5 Roger Williams A Tull schedule oT acTiviTies lcepT members oT The Roger Williams Tellowship busy This year. Religious acTiviTies included The Palm Sunday communion brealcTasT, regular Sunday evening vesper services and The spring reTreaT aT Palisades park, where nexT year's acTiviTies were planned. Among evenTs on The social schedule were a hayride and horseback Trailride in The Tall, Two square dances wiTh The Disciples' STudenT Tellowship, and a ChrisTrnas smorgasbord wiTh members oT The lnTernaTional club as guesTs. They also parTicipaTed in The sTudenT council displaced persons program. Wesley FoundaTion Members oT Wesley FoundaTion had a year Tull oT acTiviTies under The leadership oT PresidenT l-lenry Jaeclcel. In The Tall several sTudenTs aTTended a conTererice aT Ames, and 28 wenT To The Iowa STaTe MeThodisT STudenT MovemenT ConTerence aT Des Moines. Social evenTs included a ChrisTrnas Chanukah parTy sponsored by Wesley and Hillel. The Wesley Players presenTed Tour plays during The year, winding up in May wiTh The producTion oT "The lrnporTarice oT Being EarnesT." WESUI, a publicaTion of The FoundaTion, was ediTed bi-weekly by members. Highlights oT The Term also included a hayride in The Tall and a picnic in May. GraduaTe sTu- denTs parTicipaTed in acTiviTies Through a l-landicraTTs group and The Wesley Wives. Page 3I6 WesTminsTer FoundaTion - . --we-.....,..,,,,,,, Guided by The execuTive commiTTee, The WesTrninsTer FoundaTion, a naTional organizaTion oT PresbyTerian sTudenTs, enioyed a year oT Tellowship and accomplishment The "Mr, and Mrs." club was again acTive Tor married sTuclenTs. The Iowa CiTy group was hosT To numerous oTher Iowa colleges aT The sTaTe c:onTerence of The ToundaTion in April. The council oT TiTTy sTudenTs planned and or- ganized Sunday evening TwilighT vesper services, 'Followed by inTormal suppers and devoTion programs oT Bible sTudy during The week. The lounge oT The sTudenT cenTer was open daily, and monThly parTies highlighTed The PresbyTerian sTudenTs' year. UniTed STudenT Fellowship For a Triendly chaT and a cup OT coTTee on Friday aTTernoons aTTer classes or Tor a quieT place To sTudy, CongregaTional sTudenTs found Their answer in The inTormal aTrnosphere OT The sTudenT cenTer. Though The acTiyiTies oT This group were mainly social, They busied Themselves raising money To bring a foreign sTudenT To The campus nexT year and collecTed cloThing Tor alumni aT Kobe College in Japan. Also prorninenT among proiecTs Tor The year was conTribuTing SIOO Tor a scholarship To be used by a Japanese sTudenT and money To bring anoTher Japanese sTudenT To Iowa. These TuncTions, in addiTion To a regular meeTing every Sunday TeaTuring supper and a discussion aTTerwards, rounded ouT The acTiviTies Tor The year. Page 3I7 SEATED: Joan Schwab, FaTher Roberf Welch, Sally Lachner. STANDING: Elmer l-lenfges, Tom Ryan, Dale Scannell. NEWMAN CLUB Newman club, naTional CaTholic sTudenTs' organizaTion, serves iTs members Through religious, educaTional and social acTiviTies. Religious acTiviTies included Communion break- TasTs, a reTreaT and caTechism classes TaughT aT The children's hospiTal. The educaTional acTiviTies included panel discus- sions on currenT Topics, weekly meeTings conducTed by Fa- Ther Welch, aT which religious subiecTs were discussed and a series of marriage lecTures in May wi+h guesT speakers. Main evenTs OT The social season were a square dance in OcTober, a ChrisTmas parTy, The l-larvesT Holiday dance in November aT which The Newman queen and aTTendanTs were presenTed and a CaTholic sTudenTs' mixer in The Tall. For The sevenTh year The Newman club sponsored Kampus Kapers, all-universiTy varieTy show clirecTed by Jack Peder- sen. The casT gave a beneTiT performance of The show To aid The March OT Dimes Drive. TOM RYAN PresidenT DALE SCANNELL Vice-Presidenl' SALLY LACHN ER Recording SecreTary JOAN SCHWAB Corresponding SecreTary ELM ER l-IENTGES Treasurer GaThered 'round The piano Tor a Tew songs, The Newman club members obviously enioy infor- maliTyl .Q E Q 4 ...:, --... 525 Sigh: x 1 2 4, H COLONEL W. W. JENNA Ivlaior Irvin lvl. Parsons was born on December I7, I9I7, in Waferfown, Soufh Dalcofa. He moved fo Iowa Cify in I929 and affended Cify High school. He affended fhe Universify of Iowa and graduafed in February, I947. lvlaior Parsons grad- uafed from flying school and was commissioned in fhe air corps in lvlarch, I942. He was commis- sioned info fhe regular Air Force in July, I947. He was assigned fo fhe Universify of Iowa in Sepfem- ber, I946. In June, I949, he became fhe firsf pro- fessor of air science and facfics. He served over- seas in fhe Caribbean fheafre and fhe Pacific fhe- afre. He received fhe air medal wifh four oak leaf clusfers. Colonel Jenna was born in New Hampshire in I895. He received his primary and high school edu- cafion in Massachuseffs. Enfering fhe Unifed Sfafes Milifary academy in I9I4, he graduafed as a sec- ond lieufenanf of infanfry in Augusf, I9I7. He served overseas during and affer World War I. His service has been varied and includes posifions as an insfrucfor and fhen associafe professor of modern languages af fhe Unifed Sfafes lvlilifary academy. During World War II, he commanded fhe 54fh Infanfry regimenf for fhree years. The regirnenf parficipafed in connbaf af Hollandia, Bialc, Leyfe, Luzon, Corregidor, Mindoro and lvlin- danao. He reporfed fo fhis universify on July 24. I946, and has been professor of milifary science and facfics and head of fhe rnilifary deparfmenf since fhen. MAJOR I. M. PARSONS ,lf TOP ROW: L+. Col. Shaffer, MfSq+. Mullen, Policln, Haslings, Alberf, Orelup, Meyer. ROW 5: Spralf, Eclcsrein, Dennerl, Kirlregaard, Moore, Whilney, McAllis+er, Hayes, Grimes, Jaqqard. ROW 4: Gardner, Huqlwef, Clark, Vorlnes, Buchanan, Mulford, Goldenburg, Sleinberg, Plaws, Oerrly, Miclwaelson. ROW 3: Heneks, Wilcox, Foss, Byrarn, Lisler, Banks, Green, Ryerson, Parson, Riclwards, Heist 'ROW 2: Clemens, Clwerniss, Eiclier, Gross, Berens, Morrison, Orcufl, Juel, Tupper, Johnson. FRONT ROW: McEleny, Manclersclweid, Lindlwolm, Clappison, Anderson, Linder, Sfewarf, Kunslling, Ring. M E D I C A L U N I T Page TQP ROW: Foulke, Vance, McCormiclc, Lanqland, Weigel, Musclwarnp, Osirem, l-lafliaway ROW 3: Craven, Mifchell, Sprofh Kern, Hussmann, Sievers. ROW 2: Appleby, Kercneval, Moen, Crouclw, Kopeclcy, Lundquisf. FRONT ROW: Oliver, Sclnorq, Clwrisfensen, Fifield, Wlnisenand, Wiclcs. , li IA ' A - f K X- 4 . ' 611' qv s H 3 at -ug, f 5 'fm F as U if ff ? F Q' Y' 3 , tv A .. 1 ,V s , f' 1 x k ,f Q' U7 -ffyif ,, W :gf 4 Q, 'T " ,' Q 'T EQ is if , G, gy? W, n .Q . . v s s 0 . fm 'v 1 , - v a U - ' D U J . D U U J v . gm e 8 Ii M P- rl rn fi 3 n 5 J 'P if ,Q Q W H ga .? Y 1 , eye- 2 QQ "i-Q2 W, 5 'S Q fl 58 F M 9 5 S . - :hmmm Q x L4 as 4 Q . 2 3 X ,J 'il ,..." Illia: s- it , Q Z' 1 . A f .. NSA 5: Q, M' x,:5 aiiiiiifrsisvg 3, Ag , 'iff S N rn 'E' rx , ..,, W . B . , 1 IQ X , .. A M , 'Q' ,.. 'lf , 7, in f . gb i ,E V , i Q 1. I - Q 1 ' b xx ' my 5 ' N Y 9 N fy WW ' as ' M . - u ,K e 9 ' R?s:Li'e,lf::1 4 Q- .Lf, f 1, 531, 5 , Y Se H vw. Q 21 may 1 gi Qw ,mf 'L ,Z , ,, A L.z,Q L.L-- f ,A,. , 4,. J Xa, r Q 2 gs-115:55 wwe 5212353 N- mf: ifimzfz' 24925355255 lib ' .. ' A Pf' Q . , , wi. ,... . . 0 4 Q ki t . 0 lu ff' , X F ar Q E .. V , wth: Nw, . ifgfwiisf- ,Q2f5saQ'M:f 2325? P-QQPGZSWA' Sf--CM fi? TS' '?' fe - -ww ,yy :gm w1.,- - ,iw ' mf-Hfspiy 1, . - QA fy , , f 1 Z f ' 'V QE - -2112: ffm ' .. , K, -W :Af -1 K ' ,,,. ESYBASQQ Q59 A M, 553525 - eismsiyi " fn ,N gfiszg 155 Q Jam , 563 ' I V :g?5?fif , , , ,wygff V Qi ,-"5 9 44 fi . , . . X75 535 5 :fifgvi gag M, W Q' , ww if 5 H A ,Q 54 0 cf at ?' :Q -z f Q 54 335 ,Nw f - MM L 1 . Y 5 5 0 Q 2 M E: wwf' .., If In O! .pw fa' f Q d ., .fs 5:1 nw., ,2 2 I, f :Sff?i??5T- 5255. 5 favgwf iw K 515 ,- 3 4' N, 1 75 A . . .M 15155 ' Q, , 1, -S A5?3k.!?i :PQ 0 . 4 M ,A M ' . , , , , ' k ' f 5 'L ? fl , just . i , nf:-W -, . ' .ff kykr . ,na 2 f- xii .,: ,H Lik' ' 6 F Y V 7 F ! Kg , 3' .. ,, ,mo K. ep ff ' K 2 . 5 Qi n ,, ,i , - Q f ' ' 1 .A 6 L 2 . , , U , X K .. , . , ,, - . I A, A f , Q ff' " 4 A '- 13, " sv 1 'f i 3' if .. M J 3 1, i 'P g 0 92 ' W.. I W s . K 1 o v : . 0 o Q 4 . 5 K . , g C Q . ' A ' J 0 V 4 ' I I- 5 . ' J , Q As . U ff . 4 2 72 5 . . . , :L - W ' fx " f 2 ' 'K f. . 2 ff: , - . ' g55ff,i2,g-den 1 .WW W Q' ' 22 .' P - 13' Q 5 V ' ' 9- L, iIZs"3' :F Y! . - QQYQWV: Wi 2 , ,mi W' , ,... , f K W " 'sfviififg' 221317, '. 'p 9' 1 1 an WS 5 'Www H ,,vw::f.1swfP Q. 11, mi-,5:,.w:1Rf,wf.f ' ' A :-f:s2::z,s'1, M , L' .. , W ' 5 ' ' 1 ' ' W - ' , , " K . , , I wx . I 1 K ,..., X . A ' ' .Q ,. . X VA, is F A O z Cl . Q, 5' n V , g ky. v 1 ' ' ' ' Q ' 1 9 if f L 5 8 Q? hi " 4' Q , XM-" 0 T ' 4' o -s 'iff ,, 1 Q 5 : is YK .1 I X R , Q Vi Q 4- iff-in kxkkk x ni ff 5 Q x if A lvv k ,, 1 W L ' f ' L, 5' if f , Q gif' . , V 'E 1 iisrfwfag ff f . A :X A - K1 Q I B . -V, .P , ? 9 W,,.MW,, mmm D 3 ' A v ,Q f ' . 3 - s, ' 'Q E' Y 'M f rn..- u 3 N , , 4 X ' . ' , . ' Q W' ' 'REV J ' an 5 X, ' 4 :L ' 0 4 XA ' O Q . . 9 I k . R 0 0 ' f' A r Xi , Q q. .... O D D - , . : . ' W,W,LW,,,.,.,,h,V M ww I 2 0 5 gg ' QM' en . ,V A , A , V , MN, en ,V g ,. N..,....,, ,M 1-Mlj nv -...L.,'i.,.. Ah V-Mm-V A , A W , , a ""'M""M M M . M ,AW,A.WA,, AM "M 'W L Miixrfq T ,wav 3 My 5 U MM- ,.,.,,.,,m,-,,-4 ' ,L,,W gf h V , mffgfjiv f ffwvf -QW. - ' Tffffwilff ' Wi , v, - -Ji .gf f U -' ETS. Q ' 'Qt 1 ' . - f"""v 1 YN y 'A I A ,. 'fl U . I ' fix Q Q , X'-'MM-M ' . Y X . k is U Q . 1 I fini' , '-is "3 , 0 Q 5 1 ' ,Q " C l ' ' 0 Q 'Q F, 1 F it Q 3 , '32 nv ',3V . U aw 0 " Q ' -a 1 I 1 J . 0 K 8 Pershing Rifles I-lonor Milifary sociefy was founded by fhe lafe General John J. Pershing in I894. Ifs purpose is fo furfher fhe highesf ideals of fhe milifary profession. The SUI company was formed in I929 and is acfive in exfra-curricu- lar acfivifies of fhe milifary deparfmenf, such as providing honor guards af American Legion funerals, flag raising defails and ofher milifary exhibifions. Iowa won firsf place in squad drill in fhe I948 meef af Minneapolis, and in i949 af Madison. Permission was granfed for fhe unif fo use a nafional guard airplane for fransporfafion fo fhe fhird regimenfal drill rneef af Champaign, Illinois, March IO-I I, I95O. Af fhis meef fhe unif won firsf places in bofh plafoon and exhibifion drills. TOP ROW: Fry, Farren, Williams, Bushnell, Innes, Abboff, I-larf. ROW 3: Bailey, Andrews, Whife, Waller, Nelson, Hardy, Daniels. ROW 2: Willer, Prolcop, Sfanford, Carlson. Lohrnann, Chrisfenson, Tuifon, Burns. FRONT ROW: Maior Sfurrnan, Capf. Fairnon, Jensen, Brawner, Warner, Sfouf, I-lopew PERSHING RIFLES ,.. N " fx- V,, wg 1fw4K 1, if , gi, ay Aff 'Q r V' I 'ftmy ,g I fr V 'J Y , ' " t , A Q, E. ,. . K va ' ' i I ' v ll Y ,, M V 6 5 Wy 2 M f i 4 1 if YE 41f,s, ,gg w i, Q - 1 ' A V , iff""s T' ,Q ,, 3155 L,f"fT, 5313 af i ff , ' " M- sr' Q Z 'ff ,,,.5,,,, 7, W -. Q2?'i'w F if 1 gg-wk A Q 1 5 V.. E5 -3' 16. I 3 ' Z flfsiilvef. 1 Mt, +A , 4 - 'K'h' f 4lw s Af 1- u 155' ILL J? Q, j ' 'fa - ' I Q51 1 I W. is I I W W A F f ff f Us v Q Ks I . f l . A U-, 2 2 Q 4 E .HAZEYM saws? fm . ,. 5:5353 f ,,. 1 .1 T 1 ' X F ' M 'ix' "29sw ! f ' 5, "J ' ' 3" -' , ' - ,' I - .M in gf . ,Qi A :Sty r 'T' Ai B- , Y as f 2 1 A 1 w s-- a V. ' M s. 4 i f W 4 ' e EW v w ' 4 . W Q1 gpg ,W 3, M in: f 2 ' 'E-a,,,:f i . , ff. A x , Q M L I p . H my 'zy' A A Lf YA I I NX -, 4 'YV 7: WJ ii. . Q. , W 1 ff W-N xv ,. A ' E- T A ' , f ' 4 ig ,A R , 5 l RQ I E ' .fy 1 f C A1L... -iggw, V - ' P' 2 'X WV +2 TOP ROW: Sneclcenberger, Hagen, Dawkins, STaub, BreTTman, Van ATTa, Bell ROW 2: Williams, Palmer, Wells, Toland, Kuplca, Jones, Zempoluch.. . .. BOTTOM ROW: Joublanc, Rodman, CapT. Faimon, Slnaier, MaTTeson. BILLY MITCHELL souADRoN Page 328 Four years ago The Billy lv1iTchell squadron was creaTed on This campus by The advanced air R.O.T.C. sTudenTs To TurTher The purpose, TradiTions and concepT oT The UniTed STaTes air Torce. Now iT has The addiTional TuncTion of in- creasing cooperaTion beTween The services in The inTeresT oT naTional deTense. CooperaTion beTween The army and air Torce uniTs, which is one of The goals oT service uniTicaTion, has always been evidenT in SUl's R.O.T.C. organizaTion. The Billy MiTchell squadron is now composed noT only oT qualified advanced sTudenTs, buT also sophomores of high sTanding in The air R.O.T.C. ln order To meeT The obiecTive of The organizaTion, use has been made of all Types of mili- Tary Tilrns and of lecTures by qualified personnel. Looking To The TuTure, The aim of The Billy MiTchell squadron is To be- come a recognized naTional socieTy. Cadel Colonel allendanls as They were escorfed Io Jrlweir presenfalion during inlermission. MILITARY BALL WIII1 a background of mililary insignia and I'l1e combi- nalion of uniforms and formal dress, Iowa Union was a colorful scene. ' ' f 'sn QQ kl?i bvI4 LA , lg ima Di' If X IA N3 .f lu . The band played on while ROTC men or ex-GI's en+er'rained Ilweir dales al a Iradilional SUI dance. Page 329 SQUA KEYE -ro EDIT How A MHBOOK 4"""+i.. CS to f'xTTer romping Through This many pages oT HAWKEYE, l-lerky almosT crawled back inTci his shell, buf The yearbook sTaTT deTerred him in Time . . . iT seems ThaT l-lerky TelT much like They did-iusT plain Tired! l-lowever, boTh he and They wanTed To Tell The oTher 9,030 sTudenTs aT lowa ThaT This HAWKEYE is The besT The sTaT'F could produce. CK' Spencer No yearbook has ever been perTecT, and This one probably has The usual number oT misTakes and omissions . . . Those are The re- sulTs oT a hecTic and hurried year: perhaps a lack oT experience among The sTaTT, and The usual human Tailings. As The worried ediTor on The opposiTe page said, "Uh-we done our besT buT nobody Told us The iob would be so darn conTusin'l" Page 333 l'2w0Llw3"" f ,... f ,gf Y W' F www. 'Our office condifions weren'1' +l1e besf, buf whai' could ya expecf from a femporary l1u1'?" A'Her 'Phe 2,2I91'h senior picfure, fhey all begin +o look alilfe .... " M'- 4 ff H ffffillfaf Y ffkg A1 1, ,,4w.,, 3 , Q5 ww Wa flil' - 5 fgwaw, 4.-av I fb 1, ee 3 J : V? ? Q, f QV , , ,L , Hf fifxk W M gyff yfl ff . ' WLM " " ,. r :Q ' i ii' ' W ff ' MP' 7 ,,,,f:, 4u.i'Y' L, MW, ,Q ' Q , K :Suk ,.-il 5, v fy ' ,, W 5?-'Z , ww ' K , Q W 1, WLWL L ,,Qwa,. ,. ,, ,figkggki W Bk if 0 LVM. ,l.,2'W"g,L ' Af., W if f' Asi f Qi, ' lggg Ss. We 'M 9 wmv fer- , JI ff? Y 1-af, f z ea f f 5 , hex . . .,, ,ng Q, ,, 3 ,K V X if , NN U17 Comrriencemenf seemed like somefhing fhaf would never arrive . . . fhere was 'lhe misfake af fhe regis+rar's office, when fhey said you were fwo hours shorf . . . buf if furned ouf fhaf an absenf-minded professor had forgoffen fo furn in your final grade . . . and afrer fhe lasf lafe hour cram-session, fhe final mulfiple guess exam, and fhe finished ferm paper, you were clad in cap and gown, sad and glad fo leave 'l'he universify. ,,f' gi ,4 .11 11' ,ev gn? i 2 z 3 Q 5 F a , L. 5 E f Q 3 :5 3 'S 55 z 5 v S 2 :Q " "7 frzffvv H .f 5Mw':7'cw25ifi, f tif J-'wax' V.: fx fwmgsw , J, 1.'f.vmfwQAgfzf:zsfzu: 11 ',v,s'i 3vf:.:'lf ni sm'4mi4nzzw?.i4Ef3waw, ' f' ' A-'W f' 2 ff 1:15-afef4-vw wrrv-vvmxwg COMMERCE LIBERAL ARTS DENTISTRY ENGINEERING LAW MEDICINE NURSING PHARMACY LIBER L ARTS LIBERAL ARTS Page 338 BEVERLY AARONS Fori' Dodge JOHN ABBOTT . Haohlomiloo. ALBERTA AOHENBACH Lisbon DOROTHY AOHENBACH Lisbon JOHN ADAIR . . Redding BEN ADAMS . . New+on MARTHA ADRIAN . Iowa Ci+y BENJAMIN AOEE . Marengo NANCY AIRTH . Evansfon, III. KATHRYN AITCHISON Iowa Cify WINIFRED ALLEN . Laurens KENNETH ALLENDER OT'rumwa JOHN ALLINO, JR. Orange, Conn. RALPH ALTERWITZ Brooklyn, N. Y. SHIRLEY ALVARADO WiIrnInqTon, DeI. RICHARD AMICK . Sac CITy MARVIN AMO . EOTT Dodge CLYDE ANDERSON EasT Moline, III. ELMERINE ANDERSON . Lewis MARILYN ANDERSON Des Moines MARY FRAN ANDERSON Avoca ROBERT ANDERSON . Spencer JOHN ARDEN WiImingI'On, DeI. ANN AROANBRIOHT Oulrhrie CenTer PHYLLIS ARIENS . A+wood, III. CAROLE ARNETT . Clarinda F. WAYNE ARMSTRONG MT. Vernon JOHN ARMSTRONG OTTawa, III. RICHARD ARNOLD . Ames MARY ARP . . Moline, III. JOHN ARTHURS Cedar Rapids ZAE ASCHENBRENNER Earmingion, Mich. CLIFFORD ASHBY EFFingham, III. MAUREEN AUBURN Woodbridge, N. J. MARGARET AUNER Des Moines ROBERT AUSDAL . Davenporf MYRNA AYRES . Norih English VADA BABCOCK . Iowa Cify WILLIAM BABER . Lamoni ROBERTA BAILEY . Offumwa JOHN BAKER . Des Moines LEO BAKER . . Iowa Ciiy ROBERT BAKER . Ofiumwa SAM BAKERIS . Davenpori MARY BALCOM . Sioux CiI'y BARBARA BALDRIDGE Iowa Cify SHERMAN BANGERT Pomeroy ELSIE BARNES . Cedar Rapids MARGARET BARNES . Dysari PATRICIA BARNHOUSE Newfon RAYMOND BARRA Taylorville, III. JAMES BARRETT . f Lamoni ALYCEMARY BARRON Cedar Rapids ROY BARRON . Chicago, III. MARY BARTH . Washingion JULIA BARTLING . Iowa Cify LILY LOU BARTON MediapoIis ROBERT BASTRON . OHumwa JOAN BATESON MarshaII+own JOHN BAUCH . Gladbrook LIBERAL ARTS Page 339 LIBERAL ARTS Page 340 JAMES BAUER . Iowa Ci+y SOL BAUMER . Omaha, Nebr. CLIFFORD BEAMER Des Moines MARILYN BEATTY . Moline, III. GERALD BECKER . Iowa Cify HELEN BECKER . . Eldora JOHN BECKER . Dubuque DICK BEEMER . Mason Cify JOHN BEER . BeIIwood, III. MARTIN BEER . . Marengo SHIRLEY BEERS . Warerloo KATHLEEN BEHNKE Parkersburg ROBERT BELKNAP . MapIe+on MILES BENDA . Cicero, III. DONA LEE BENDIXEN LeMars VIRGINIA BENFER . Davenpori ROZANNE BENIN6 . WaIerIoo RICHARD BENNE Hammond, Ind. ROBERT BENTZ Van Nuys, CaIiI. MARSHALL BERG Cedar FaIIs EDWARD BERGE . Chicago, III. CARTER BERGEN . Waferloo LLOYD BERGER . Iowa Falls HAROLD BERGMAN . Sfour THOMAS BERHOW Cambridge WILLIAM BERRY . Berwyn, III. OTTO BERWANGER Dubuque SAM BETAR, JR. . Kewanee, III. DEAN BETZ . . Iowa Ci+y ELIZABETH BETZ . Iowa Cify DALE BINGHAM . Manning JOSEPH BISH . . Keswick KENNETH BISHOP . Iowa Ci'ry BARBARA BIXBY . Es'rherviIIe GEORGE BLACK . Iowa Ciry RUTH BLACKETER Whaf Cheer RICHARD BLACKMAN PowersviIIe, Mo. EDWIN BLAINE . Marengo JOAN BLAIR . . Benne+'r ELEANOR BLAKESLEE Rochesfer, N. Y. MARY BLASKOVICH Des Moines WILLIAM BLEEKER . Ackley FRANK BLICK . Boise, Idaho ADAM BLOCK . Iowa Cify KENNETH BLOCK . Renwick MELVIN BLOOM . Des Moines A. RICHARD BLOOMBURG Des Moines BARBARA BLOXOM Council BIufIs PHILIP BLUMER . Livermore JOHN BOEHM . . Ogden RICHARD BOEHMLER Cedar Rapids MARCIA BOGAARD S'rerIing, III. EUGENE BOHLMAN O'r+urnwa HOWARD BORRETT, JR. Osferdock RICHARD BOSSHART Chicago, III. ROBERT BOYLAN . Iowa Cilry CARL BRAHCE . EIin+, Mich. JAMES BRANLEY Mason Ci+y VINCENT BRANN Cleveland, Ohio PHYLLIS BRAY . . Denison LIBERAL ARTS Page 34I LIBERAL ARTS Page 342 ARTHUR BREAULT Lowell, Mass. RALPH BREMER Eagle Grove FRANK BRENNER Revere, Mass. BETTE BREY . . Iowa Cify JEAN BRINGLE . Esfherville PAUL BRINK . . Esfherville ZOE BROBERG . Slorm Lake KEITH BRODERICK Rock Islancl, III. MARILYN BROOCKS . LeMarS JAMES BROOKS Fairmont W. Va. RICHARD BROOKS Forl Dodge MELVIN BROOKMAN Chelsea, Mass. EUGENE BROWN . Iowa Ci+y ALBERT BRUCE . Oflumwa FRANCOIS BRYSSELBOUT York, Pa. MARJORIE BUCHANAN Tiplon JOAN BUCKWALTER Humboldl JAMES BURKE . Iowa Ciry DONALD BURKGREN Iowa Cily GILBERT BURNS . . Toledo MAYBELLE BURRILL . Akron VIRGINIA BURT . O++umwa ROBERTS BURTON Wesfern Springs, III. HARRIET BUSH La Grange, Ill. EMILY BUTLER Homewood, III. KEITH BUTTERFIELD McGregor BERNARD BUXTON . Creslon SHIRLEY BUXTON . Iowa Ci+y CHARLES BUZZARD Clmarleslon, III. ARDITH CADWALADER Beflendor? GEORGE CADY Sioux Rapids RALPH CAHILL . Wesl Branch BILLY CAMPBELL . Iowa Ciiy BONNIE CAMPBELL Des Moines CHARLES CAMPBELL Cedar Rapids DAVID CAMPBELL . Dubuque MARJORIE CAMPBELL Jefferson JACK CARLSON . Armory JOHN CARLSON Sioux Falls, S. D. SHIRLEY CARLSON Independence EDMUND CARROLL Davenporl SUSAN CARTWRIGHT Marshalllown DONALD CASSADY . Dean THOMAS CASE . Iowa Cilry JAMES CASSIDY Tacoma, Wash. RUTHANNE CASTLE Des Moines RICHARD CAVANAUGH Carroll DON CAWELTI . . Toledo RUTH CELKE . Cleveland, Ohio DAN CHADIMA Cedar Rapids JAMES CHADO . lndianola OBERT CHALSTROM . Olho WILLIAM CHARLTON Manchesrer NORMAN CHERNISS Berkeley, Calif. ALFRED CHERRY Forf Madison CAROL CHOPEK . Iowa Cily BEVERLY CHRISTENSEN Wesl Liberly GEORGE CHRISTENSEN Davenporl FRANCES CHRISTENSEN Iowa Cily BEVERLY CHRISTENSON Alberl' Cify LIBERAL ARTS Page 343 LIBERAL ARTS Page 344 GERTRUDE CLARK Davenporf ROBERT CLAYPOOL Williamsburg N. R. CLIFT . . . Alden THOMAS CLITHERO . A+IanIic RONALD COATS . . Vicfor GERALDINE COBB Park Ridge, N. J. JAMES COCHRAN Iowa Cily DEBORAH COHEN Brooklyn, N. Y. DORIS COLBORNSON Marengo PATRICIA COLE . Waverly GERALDINE COLLIER Davenporl FLORENCE COLLINS Maywood, III. THOMAS COLLINS Rock Island, III. EMMETT COLLISTER Cedar Rapids LEONARD COLSON . Wapello DICK COLVILLE . . Cedar NADA COLWELL Iowa Cily SUZANNE COMBS Denver, Colo. ROBERT CONLEY . Washfa JAMES CONRAD . Mason Ci+y DONALD CONRAD . Tipfon PAUL CONRAD . Mason Cily WENDEL COON . Des Moines CHARLES COOPER Iowa Ci+y JACK COPELAND Des Moines MYRNA COPELAND . Ellcporl LAWRENCE CORNISH Iowa Cily ROBERT CORNISH Cedar Rapids JOHN CORNWALL . Spencer CHAN COULTER . Iowa Ci+y HELEN COUSIN . . Alden ROBERT COX . MarsI'1aII+own WILLIAM CRAIN . Iowa Cily JOAN CRAMBLIT . Oifumwa RICHARD CRANDALL Lake Cily ROGER CREWS . . Grinnell JOHN CRIVARO . Des Moines ARTHUR CROSMAN Demaresi, N. J. WARD CROWLEY . Des Moines DWAIN CUMMINGS Wa'IerIoo GRAHAM CURTIS . Redfield MERRIEL CURTIS . Milan, III. ROBERT CURTIS . CI1ari+on HENRY CUTLER . Walerloo HARRY DAHL . Des Moines LOIS DAHLEN . . Decorah MARY DAILEY . Evansfon, III. EDWIN DAISLEY . Chicago, III. ARTHUR DANIELS Wilmefle, III. GWEN DAVENPORT Sfurgis, S. D. RAYMOND DAVENPORT Grinnell HAROLD DAVIDSON Brooklyn, N. Y. EVERETT DAVIS . . Hedrick JOHN DAVIS . Eorf Dodge WILLIAM DAVIS . Burlinglon JACK DAWKINS Claude, Texas LEE DEITCHLER . Silver Cily JOHN DE KRUSE . Peierson JEANNE DELANEY . Clinlon JOHN DEMPSTER . Cedar Ealls LIBERAL ARTS l Page 345 LIBERAL ARTS Page 346 CORA DE MDNCR . AI+on ELIZABETH DE REus Knoxville ROBERT DENTEL . . Ackley JACOB DE RYKE . Iowa CI+y HAROLD DESKIN . . Albia MARY ELLEN DE SMET Rock Valley WENDELL DEWARE Davenporf RICHARD DICE . . Marion ROBERT DICKEY . . Keokuk ROBERT DICKINSON Iowa Cify KILLEEN DIDDY . . Perry ROBERT DIETERICH Aurora, III. BARBARA DIGGES . Lone Tree REID DIGGES . . Iowa Cify JOHN DITTMER . . EIIcaoIer WINSTON DITTO . BurIing+on GEORGE L. DIXON, JR. Tucson, Ariz. DOLORES DODDS . Dubuque BARBARA DODGE Des Moines FRANK DODGE . I:or'I Madison KENNETH DONELSON Iowa CIIy CHARLES DONNELLY Rapid CH'y, S. D. MELVIN DONNELLY Highland, Ind. MARJORIE DONNELSON Logan WILLIAM DONOVAN WaIerIOO JOHN DOOLEY . Iowa Cify MARY DORR . . Warerloo LEONARD DORSEY New Brirain, Conn. HUGH DOTY . Websrer Cify JOHN DOUGHERTY New MarkeI JOHN V. DOWNEY Muscaiine JAMES DOYLE . Iowa Cify DUANE DRAVES Hollywood, Calif. BARBARA DRIGGS . Iowa Ci+y JOHN DRIGGS . Cenlerville MARILYN DU BOIS . Walerloo RALPH DUKE , . Burlinglon JAMES DUNLEY . Des Moines NORMAN DUNITZ . Newlron MARY DUROS . Iowa Cily JOHN DUSCHL . Maplefon ERNEST DUWELL Chicago, Ill. JACK DYER . . Sioux Cily GRANT EASTHAM Greenwood, Ne-br. JAMES EASTAN . Iowa Cily NORMA ECKLUND . Denison DONALD EDEN . Lone Tree THELMA EDIS New York, N. Y. CLINT EDWARDS . Elclora PAUL EDWARDS . Maquolcefa SUE EGGLESTON . Burlingfon GEORGE EHRHARDT Alberl Lea, Minn. WILLIAM EIKLEBERRY Milford GLORIA EISLER Peekslcill, N. Y. JAMES EITEL . . Dubuque ELLIOT ELGART Chelsea, Mass. ROBERT ELLER Richland Ce-n'rer,Wis. MARY ELLERBROCK Offurnwa JOYCE ELLERSICH Evelelh, Minn. MURRAY ELLIS . Evanslon, Ill. LIBERAL ARTS Page 347 LIBERAL ARTS Page 348 SHIRLEY ELMAN . Davenpori JULIA ELY . . . Iowa Cify TED ENABNIT . . . Osage JACOUELINE ENGELBERT Williamsburg LOIS ENINGER . . Spencer AVIVA EPSTEIN . Wa+erIoo RICHARD ARDENBERGER Mason CiIy ANN ERICKSON . Iowa Cify MAXINE ERICKSON . Boone ARNOLD ESPE . . Radcliffe CARL EVELAND Cedar Rapids LEN EVERETT . Kirkwood, III. BURTON FALDET . Decorah DEAN FALES . Ponca, Nebr. HELEN FALK . Waslwingion JANE FALL . . BurIingIon DOROTHY FARLEY Des Moines IVIARIAN FAUST . . DeWi+I DARRELL FEAY . Iowa CiIy ALVIN FEULNER Slrrawberry Poini' EARL FIAGLE . . Riverside HAROLD FIALA . Iowa CiI'y LESTER FIELDS . . Cresco WILBER FIELDS . . Dubuque JACK FINCHAM . . Ames LOIS FINCHER . Kewanee, III. LOIS FINDERS . . Oelwein RICHARD FINN Piirsburgh, Pa. RICHARD FISHBAUGH Rockwell ALLAN FISHER . Cedar Rapids LAURA FISHER . LaGrange, III. JOAN FISHER . Rockford, III. RICHARD FLEISCHER EIizabe'rI1, N. J. THOMAS FLEMING WiIIon, Conn. DANIEL FLORES New York, N. Y. OAKLEY FLOYD . . WaIker ORVAL FLOYD . . Walker ABBY FLYNN . Wesf Chesier VIRGINIA FORD . Iowa Cilry ROBERT FORD . Cedar Rapids ROBERTA FOREST . Clinfon MARY FORWALD . Lone Tree GREGORY FOSSELMAN Wa'IerIoo ARNOLD FRANSON . Dubuque DORIS FRANSON . Red Oak GREGORY FRANZWA GIicIden EMILIE FREDERICKS Davenporf EUGENE FREELS . . CIin'ron ROBERT FREEMAN . Iowa Cify FLOYD FREERKSEN Freepori, III. EDWIN FRERICHS Buffalo Cenfer CHARLES FREYER . Onawa ELLEN FRIED . Council Bluffs ORVILLE FRIED . CounciI BIuTIs ARTHUR FROOG . Iowa Cify JOHN FRY . . Cresfon MARTHA FRY . Des Moines GLENN FULLER . Iowa FaIIs MARGARET FULLER CenIerviIIe CAROLE FULTON Philadelphia, Miss. LIBERAL ARTS Page 349 LIBERAL ARTS Page 350 JOHN FULTON . LeClaire ROBERT FULTON . Milford LELAND FUOUA San Diego, Calif. JACK GARDNER Fairmont Minn. DORIS GARGAS . . Colfax MELVIN GARRISON Orange, Calif. WILLIAM GARTEN Des Moines PATRICIA GAUMER . Fairfield ROD GELATT . Des Moines HOMER GEORGE Sioux Rapids MAXINE GEORGE Wesi Union RICHARD GEORGE . York, Pa. RICHARD GERDES . Burlingfon SYLVIA GIRSH . Delroii, Mich. KEITH GLASGOW . Iowa Cily SANDRA GLASS . Musca+ine JOSEPH GLATTLY . Oslcaloosa DAVID GLEIM . . Arlinglon GENE GLENN . . OHumwa JOHN GLENTZER . O'rIurnwa CARL GOETZ . . Iowa Cily HAROLD GOLD . Chicago, Ill. BRUCE GOODENOW Ba'rIIe Creek MARGARET GOODNER Shenandoah MARGARET GOODNOW Iowa Ci+y DONALD GOODYEAR Cedar Rapids ROGER GOOS . Gladbroolc CAROLYN GORDON Wesfern Springs, III. JACK GORDON . Musca'Iine JEAN GORDON . Moline, III. MILTON GORDON Council Bluffs JOHN GOSKUSKY . Losfanl, III. EUGENE W. GRAHAM Keolculc JAMES GRAHAM . Springville ROBERT GRAHAM Springville CHARLES GRAHL Des Moines ROBERT GRAHL . Des Moines SHIRLEY GRANT . Burlinglon JACK GRAY . Rockwell Cily MARY GRAY . . EsII'1erviIIe SIDNEY GREEN . Revere, Mass. POLLY GREEN . Cedar Rapids ARTHUR GREGG . Hawarden MARGARET GREGG Sioux Falls, S. D. JEANNE GREIWE MI. Vernon, N. Y. GORDON GRIFFIN . Odeloolf MARTIN GRIFFIN New York, N. Y. JOHN GRILL . . Dubuque CAL GROSS . . Oelwein HAROLD C. GROSS LaMoiIIe, III. DONALD GROTHE Des Moines ROGER GROVE . Maquolcela SUZANNE GRONNA Minof, N. D. ESTHER HAACK . . Vin+on ALBERT HABHAB . ForI' Dodge CALVIN HACKETT . Calmar AMANDA HAGEN Homesfead DON HALE . . . Nevada LOREN HALUSKA . . Albia DAWN HAMILTON Es'rI1erviIIe LIBERAL ARTS Page 35l LIBERAL ARTS Page 352 LELAND HAMILTON . Fairfield ROMAN HAMMES . BeH'endorI ARTHUR HANCOCK Terre Hauie. Ind. JEROME HANDMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. D. LA VON HANEY . Glenwood JOELLE HANSEN . Slorm Lake RAOUL HANSEN . Clinion VERNA HANSON . Graefiinqer BARBARA HARDERSEN Clinlon DELBERT HARDY Missouri Valley MARY ANN HARING Forl' Dodge CARLTON HARKER . Le Mars CHARLES HARMON Cedar Rapids PRESCOTT HARMON Iowa Cify VERNON HARRIMAN Iowa Cily THOMAS HARRINGTON Iowa Ciry EDNA HARTMAN Rock Rapids SHIRLEY HARVEY . . Burl MARGARET HASTINGS Marion DON HASTINGS . . Marion WILLIAM HATTWICK Mill Hall, Pa. JAMES HAUS . Charles CiI'y JACK HAUENSTEIN . Tracy FRANK HAYASHI SeaHIe, Wash. KARL HAYES . . Indianola MERLIN HAYS . . Lake Ci+y DAVID HAYWORTH Sioux Cify JOAN HEATH . . Iowa Ciry JAMES HEDLUND . Des Moines RICHARD HEMINGWAY Waverly CALVIN HENRY . Iowa Cify NANCY HENRY . Davenpori ROBERT HENRY . . Sheldon BARBARA HENDERSON Council Bluffs FRANCES HENDERSON Oakland JANE HENDERSON . Iowa Ciiy ROBERT HENELY . Eagle Grove M. ADELLE HENNEGER Dubuque MARY ANN HERMAN . Boone MARY HERR . MI, Pleasanf CAROL HERRICK . Braylon REYNOLD I-IERTEL . Amana TACY HIATT . . Oslcaloosa LILETH HIBBS . . Clarinda GRETCI-IEN HIERONYMUS Allania, III. MARIE HICKEY . Iowa CiI'y CHARLES HICKLIN . Wapello DONALD HILL . Des Moines ROBERT HILL . . Keolcuk CHERAL HILLIER . Iowa Cily DAN HINTZ . . Oelwein SHUREI HIROZAWA Kauai, Hawaii MARTHA HISCOCK Iowa CiI'y KENNETH HOBSON Wesf Liberly LEWIS HODGSON . Davenpori LLOYD HOFFMAN . Ogden DENNIS HOFFNAGLE Chicago, III. JAMES HOGAN . Iowa Cify GERALD HOISINGTON . Floyd RICHARD HOLDEN Cedar Rapids LIBERAL ARTS Page 353 LIBERAL ARTS Page 354 WILBUR HOLLANDER Brooklyn, N. Y. ROBERT HOLMES . Des Moines JOHN HOLWAY . Rye, N. H. BEVERLY HOOPS . . GaIva JOHN HOOVER . . EIIcacIer GLEN HOPE, JR. . Iowa CiIy RICHARD HORNADAY Joplin, Mo. DIANE HORRABIN . Iowa Ci+y EENN HORTON . Davenporf CORINNE HOUSEL . Iowa Ci'ry DEAN R. HOUSEL . Iowa Cilry WILLIAM HOWARD OHumwa MARY ANN HOYE . EsII1erviIIe IMOGENE HUFEMAN Carbondale, III. BARBARA HUGG . Davenporf RICHARD HUGHES . Iowa CiIy RUTH HUGHES . Des Moines THOMAS HUGHES . Iowa Ci'Iy DONALD HULL . DavenporI' WALTER HUPPENBAUER BurIingI'on PAUL HUTINGER S+. Louis, Mo. RHODA HUXSGL Charles CiIy CLARE HYDE . . Sioux Ci+y ROBERT HYINK Rock Island, III. DONALD IBELING . Iowa Ci'Iy MARGARET INMAN . KeoIcuIc ELIZABETH IRWIN . Iowa Cify JAMES IRWIN . Des Moines WILLIAM IRWIN . LeMars CHARLES JACOTT Miami, Ariz. HARLAN JACKSON New Sharon LLOYD JACKSON . Iowa Cily MARY JACKSON . New Slriaron FELIX JACQUES Kansas Cily, Kan. ARDELL JAMES . Davenporl DARYL JAMES . Glen Ellyn, III. CLAIR JENNETT . Sac Cily ROBERT JENNINGS Cedar Rapids BEVERLY JENSEN . Jefferson HARVEY JENSEN . Liberlyville JAMES JENSEN Missouri Valley JOHN JESSUP. . Iowa Cify ALBERT JOENS . Iowa Cily BETTY JANE JOHNSON Bedford DONALD JOHNSON . Spencer DON T. JOHNSON Alberl' Cily OWEN JOHNSON . Moorland JANE JOHNSON . Alexis, III. KENNETH JOHNSON Walerloo LACO JOHNSON Clarksburg, W. Va. RICHARD C. JOHNSON Bloomfield RICHARD D. JOHNSON Red Oalc WALTER JOHNSON Chillicollwe BARBARA JOHNSTON Knoxville IRENE JOHNSTON Reynolds, III. DONNA BELLE JONES Missouri Valley EVAN JONES . Des Moines FRANK JONES . . Creslon DALE JUNGST . Maclcsburg MARION KAHN Broolclyn, N. Y. LIBERAL ARTS Page 355 LIBERAL ARTS Page 356 RICHARD KAHN Brooklyn, N. Y. JOSEPH KAIL . . Spencer CLARENCE KALLSEN Oclweyedan PAUL KAMMAN . Des Moines ROLAND KAMMEIER . Osage JOHN KAMPMEYER Sioux Cify ELIZABETH KAMPS Des Moines PATRICIA KAUFMAN Cedar Rapids ROBERT KARR . . Irelon CYRIL KAUFFMAN Cedar Rapids RUSSELL KAUFMANN Sioux Cily MARY KAUP . . Des Moines WILLIAM KEAIRNES Council Bluffs H. JANE KEENEY . Grinnell RICHARD KEITH . Des Moines KARL KELLCHER . Lansing RALPH KELLICK . Chicago, III. DONALD KELLY Middlefown, N. Y. MARK KELLY . . Cenlerville FRANK KELSO Weslern Springs, Ill. ELKAN KEMP . . Iowa Cify DONNA KENDALL Rock Island, III. PHYLLIS KERSEY . Des Moines F. ANNE KERSTEN . ForI Dodge PAT KEY . . Shenandoah DONALD KEY . . Iowa Cily ANN KIEL . . . Clinlon FRANK KILLIAN . Fairfield KATHRYN KIMMEL Pleasanl Valley NANCY KING Universily Cily. Mo. DAVID KIRKMAN . Clinlon C. MAXINE KIRKEGAARD Esflwerville AUDREY KIRSCH New Yorlc, N. Y. MARILYN KITTLEMAN . Coring DOROTHY KLAWANS Chicago, III. ALBERT KLEIN . Council Bluffs JOHN KLEIS . WauIcesI1a,Wis. HAROLD KLINZMAN New Sharon GEORGE KLOPPENBURG DavenporI THORNTON KLOS Indianapolis, Ind. MURRAY KNIEEEN Roclc Rapids JOHN KNOWLING . Iowa Cilry MARILYNN KOCH . Sioux Ci+y JOHN KOHRS . BurIing+on DOROTHY KOEPPEN . Marion EDWARD KOLB Kansas Ci'ry, Mo. FRANK KOLODZIEJ . Marion ELEREDA KOLSCH Sioux Falls, S. D. JERALD KOPREN Sioux Falls, S. D. L. JUNE KORAB . Iowa Cify CHARLES KRAMER . Paullina WILLIAM KRAUS . . Farley GLEN KREMER . . Dubuque CHARLES KROUSE . Toddville JAMES KRUSE . . Vinfon MARK KRUSE. . . Vinlon WILLIAM KRUSE Pine HIII, N. J. BERNEIL KUCHEL . Kingsley WILLIAM KUHLMAN Manchesler DELAINE KUHRTS . Washfa LIBERAL ARTS Page 357 I LIBERAL ARTS Page 358 MARIAN KUMMERFELDT Davenporl' ROBERT LACKE . Dubuque MARILYNN LAMBERT MuSCaI'ine HAZEL LAMPROS . Indianola REYNOLD LANDON Council Bluffs KENNETH LANE . Davenporl' JACK LANG . Sfrawberry Poinl' AUDREY LANGLAND Slory Cily RALPH LANGNER . Slorm Lake ROBERT LANXON . Cherokee OGILVIE LARIMORE Des Moines CHARLES LARRABEE Forl' Dodge ARNOLD LARSEN . Audubon LAWRENCE LARSEN Cedar Falls ALYSIA LARSON . Clarion DENNISON LARSON . Denison ROSALIE LASKER . Bronx, N. Y. JAMES LAWRENCE . Iowa Ci+y JOHN LAWRENCE Porlland, Me. THOMAS LAWTON . Vicror HOWARD LEBOWICH Sioux Cily OFFIE LEEPER . . . Leon LEO LEIBSOHN . Iowa Cily WALDEMAR LEIDING Esfherville RICHARD LEMBURG Davenporl' CHARLENE LESTER . Hamplon JOSEPH LEVY New York, N. Y. JANICE LEWIS . Caseyville, III. JAMES LEIK . Cedar Rapids KATHRYN LEIM . Phoenix, Ariz. NICHOLAS LILLIOS Cedar Rapids JANICE LIND . . Burlinglon ANN LINDBERG . Sioux Cilry GEORGE LINDEMAN Walerloo JACK LINDERMAN Des Moines BEVERLY LINDSAY . Bonaparie FRANCIS LINNAN . Laurens ROBERT LINTHACUM . Anlceny ARONA LIPMAN S+. Revere, Mass. CONRAD LIVINGSTON OHumwa PHILIP LONDON New York, N. Y. DON LONG . Nor'rI1 English JOHN LONG . . Bloomfield MARILYN LONG . Renwiclc HAL LONGER . Waslwingion PATRICIA LOUNSBURY Des Moines LINDA LUECHAUER Cincinnaii, Ohio PATRICIA LUND . Belle Plaine ALVERN LUNNING Cedar Rapids MARTHA LYDOLPI-I MI. Slerling ROBERT LYNES . . Oelwein ROBERT LYON Silver Spring. Md. GILBERT MAAS . Marengo JACK MACHULA Cedar Rapids BAHIJ MADANY Laialcia, Syria JACK MAGARRELL Council Bluffs PAUL MAHANEY . Waferloo MARY MAHER . Gilmore Ciiy THOMAS MAHONEY Springfield, III. THOMAS MAINE . Esiherville LIBERAL ARTS Page 359 LIBERAL ARTS Page- 360 CORINNE MAJOR . Oliumwa WILLIAM MALLORY De+roi+, Mich. GEORGE MARKS . Eldora GILBERT MARTEN . Sform Lalce ANN MARTH . Sauana, III. JANE MARTIN . Davenpori LOIS MARTIN . . Monona ROBERT MARTIN . Des Moines ROSE MARTIN . . Goldfield ARTHUR MARTINEK . Cresco LEONARD MARTZ Sioux Rapids HUGH MARX Manchesier, Mich. JULIA MATHESON Williamsburg AL MAUER . . . LeMars SHIRLEY MAURER . Tiplon JOHN MAYEIELD Minneapolis, Minn. BETH MARXMILLER . Dubuque PAUL MAXWELL . Whai Cheer JAMES MAY . Olmsied, III. RONALD MAY Palm Beach, Fla. RICHARD MAYER . Clinlon CATHERINE MEALEY . Sheldon GLADYS MEEKER . Iowa Ciiy MARY MEGCHELSON Keolculc ARTHUR MENHART Brooklyn, N. Y. THOMAS MEIS . Cedar Rapids MADLIN MELROSE . Walerloo LESLIE MEREDITH . Iowa Cify MARGARET MERKLEY Des Moines CHARLES MERULLA Anamosa JAMES MEYER . Burlingfon LE ROY MEYER . . Ackley PAUL MEYERS . . Dubuque ANN MILLER . . Sioux Cify AVA MILLER Grand Island, NeIor. BARBARA MILLER Phoenix, Ariz. BONNIE MILLER . BurIing+on DOROTHY MILLER . Iowa Cify JACK MILLER . . Red Oak JOHN MILLER . Iowa Cify MARY J. MILLER . MaquoIce+a MARY K. MILLER Coon Rapids LLOYD MILLIGAN . CIin+on R. D. MINOR . Cedar Rapids GLENN MITCHELL . Iowa Cify MARTHA MITCHELL Eorf Dodge R. ELLEN MOBERG . Iowa Cify WILLIAM MOELLER Iowa Ciiy HAROLD MOESSNER . Middle EVERETT MONTGOMERY Vinjron WAYNE MOONEY GaIesburg, III. BETTY MOORE . . Decorah EDWIN MOORE . Malcom JOHN MOORE . Iowa Ci+y MARIAN MOORE . Iowa Ci+y WARREN MOORE . DanviIIe MERLIN MORAN . Cascade PAUL MORAN . . Cascade PAUL MOREHEAD . Maquakelra JAMES MORRIS . Gary, Ind. LIBERAL ARTS Page- 36I LIBERAL ARTS Page P362 BETTY MORRISSEY . Boone BETTY MOSCOVE . Des Moines MARTIN MOTTLOWITZ Chicago, III. PENFIELD MOWER Rockford, III. ALAN MOYER . Tenafly, N. J. LEONARD MOZER Chicago, III. WILLIAM MUDGE EveIeII1, Minn. ETTA MUELLER . Van Meier JACK MUELLER . BurIing'ron JAMES MUNSON . Mon+peIier EERN MURFIN McVey+own, Pa. EDWARD MURPHY . Iowa Cify BARBARA MURRAY ForI' Dodge JEAN MURRAY . Iowa Cify JOHN MURRAY . Iowa Cify JOSEPH MURRAY . Iowa Cify JEAN MAC DONALD Rockford, III. DONA MAC NAUGHTON Eagle Grove HILLIS MAC NAUGHTON MarsI1aIIIown JAMES McALLISTER . Oclebolfr GEORGE McBURNEY Council BIUHS ALBERT McCLAIN . Iowa Ci+y WILLIAM McCANN . Marion JOHN McCARTY . Iowa Cify WAYNE McCLOW . Ida Grove FRANK McCLUN . OsIcaIoosa VERN MCCOY . . Waferloo RICHARD McDANIEL . LeI+s ELLIOTT MCDONALD Davenporf CHARLES MCELMURRAY Iowa CiI'y PRISCILLA MCEWAN Winnellca, III. E. JEAN MCEADDEN . Lells SHIRLEY MCEARLAND Iowa Cily MARGARET MCGILL . Oxford THOMAS MCGILL Rock Valley ALLEN MCGLOTHLEN Des Moines JAMES MCHUGH . Chicago, III. EDWIN MCINTOSH . Davenporl ROBERT MCKEAN . Mondarnin JAMES MCKENZIE Applelon, Wis. ROBERT MCKENZIE Tonlcawa, Olcla. BRUCE MCKIM . Burlinglon VIRGINIA MCLAUGHLIN Des Moines ELMER MCMICHAEI. . Waverly ROBERT MCMORRIS . Leon RONALD MCNAMER Ollumwa ELIZABETH MCOUADE Iowa Falls JAMES MCTIGUE . Des Moines EDWARD NARAMORE Summill, N. J. DONALD NAU . . Danville DALE NEBEL . . Iowa Cily MARIAN NEEE . . Ames EARL NELSON . . Keolculc RUDOLPH NELSON . Scarville THEODORE NELSON Iowa Cily LYLE NESBITT . . Iowa Cily JACK NEUSWANGER Mackinaw, III. DONALD NEWBROUGH Eagle Grove COLLEEN NEWELL Carllwage. Ill. CHARLES NICKELL Upper Darby, Pa. LIBERAL ARTS Page- 363 LIBERAL ARTS Page- 364 JOHN NICKELSEN . CIin+on ROBERT NICOL . . Osage RUTH NIELSEN . Whiie, S. D. NADINE NIEMAN . Manchesier MARILYN NIXON . Shenandoah CARL NOEL . . Spencer NANCY NOONAN Marshalliown PHIL NORDSTROM Rocky River, Ohio WILLIAM NORELIUS . Denison PHILIP NORLAND . Kense++ DELPHIA NORMAN MarshaIII'own LOWELL NORTHWAY . Manly JAMES NUNN . . . Perry CHARLES ODELL . Muscafine JOSEPH OHLIGSCHLAGER Cedar Rapids NAOMI OHRTMAN Pocahonfas GERALD OLSEN . Fori Dodge HOWARD OLANSKY Dubuque BYRNECE OLSON . Pocahon+as IVAN OLSON . . Soldier EDITH OLSON . Oskaloosa LELAND OLSON . Winfield RAYMOND O'KELLY Iowa Fails LOIS OLSON . Fori Dodge JOHN O'MEARA . . Ireion PAUL OPSTAD . Iowa Ciiy HOWARD ORR, JR. Fori' Madison DONALD OSGOOD . OH'umwa RUTH OSWALD . Knoxville RICHARD OTHMER . Keolcuk JOAN OVERHOLSER . Tipfon RICHARD OVERHOLSER Red Oak RALPH PAARMANN DavenporI LELAND PAGE . ErankIIn, N. C. GEORGE PAPPADACKIS Sform Lake TESS PAPPAS . Eorf Dodge LILLIAN PARIZEK . Iowa CI+y ADA PARKER . . CIInI'on ROBERT PARKER . BurIIngI'on WILLIAM PARKER . BeImond CARLYLE PARSONS Spirif Lake JACK PASLAY . Topeka, Kan. RODGER PATRICK . Tabor ADOLPH PAUL . . A+Ian+ic WILLIAM PAUL . Selby, S. D. BETTY JEAN PAULS . Newfon JOANN PAULUS . Iowa Cify WAYNE PAUSTAIN . Traer DOROTHY PAVLOVEC Eori' Arkinson JANICE PAYNE . . Exira RUTH PAYNE . LaGrange, III. JANE PAZDERA . Cedar Rapids BETTY PEACOCK . Ouincy, III. ROBERT PEARCE . Quincy, III. JACK PEDERSEN MarsI1aIIIown MERNA PEET . . Iowa Ci+y KEITH PENNEY . Iowa Cify ANDREW PERGAKIS Mason Cify PETER PERGAKIS . Mason Cify THOMAS PETERS Revere, Mass. LIBERAL ARTS 3 '14 xi N! Q 5 wr f'-': ,rrrra 'lg Page 365 I I LIBERAL ARTS Page 366 ALBERT PETERSON . Davenporf BETTY PETERSON . . Rippey EVAN PETERSON . Iowa Ci+y OLADYS PETERSON MarsI1aII'rown JOHN PETERSON . BurIIng+on KEITH PETERSON Williamsburg MILDRED PETERSON MarsI'1aII+own RICHARD PETERSON Ringsfead BARBARA PETREE . Be'r'I'endorI HARRIETT PETTIGREW O'I'I'umwa JOHN PFLAUMER Weymou'rI1, Mass. LOIS JEAN PHOENIX Chicago, III. MICHAEL PHOTIADES Mason Cify ARLETA PICKETT . . Oxford WILLIAM PILCHER . Davenpomk NEWELL PINCH . Cedar Rapids ALICE PITZ . MIddIe Amana ELAINE PLATH . . Logan CORNELIA POLASKY Cedar Rapids GORDON POLLOCK New York, N. Y. JOHN POLLOCK . Muscaine JOSEPH POLZER New York, N. Y. JOHN POMEROY Omaha, Nebr. GLORIA PORTH . CaIamus JOHN POULOS . Council Bluffs MARY POULTER Horicon, WIS. CLAIR POWERS . Iowa Cify KENNETH PREISS . Iowa Ci+y RALPH PRICE . Muscafine DONALD PRIEBE Nardin, OIcIa. BARTHUS PRIEN . . Irwin JOANNE PROKOP . Gary, Ind. RICHARD PUETZ . Davenporlr ERNEST PURCELL . Anamosa JOHN PUSEY . Council Bluffs MARILYN PYLES S+. Joseph, Mo. MARY OUALLEY . Des Moines WILLIAM RADER . Slrorm Lake STANTON RAIMEY DeIroi'r, Mich. ROBERT RANDOLPH CenIerviIIe DOROTHY RASTOVAC Johnsfon BETTY JANE RATH . Waferloo FRANK RAVE . Orange Cify DAVID B. RAY, JR. Memphis, Tenn. NORMAN REA . Bu1CIaIo, N. Y. NORBERT REBURN . Dubuque BILL REDMAN . . Gowrie BLANCHE REDMAN Davenporf AGNES REECE . Nor'rhwoocI EDITH REED . . CIarincIa JOHN REED . Kewanee, III. LURA REED . . . Danville ROY REESE . . PoIk Ci+y ROBERT REEVES . Decorah JAMES REGER . Iowa CiI'y RICHARD REID Wihkon Junciion SUSAN REID . . Ouincy, III. CHARLES W. REILLY, JR. Chicago, III. PATRICIA REILLY Cedar Rapids MARY RAE REIMERS Iowa Ci+y LIBERAL ARTS Page 367 LIBERAL ARTS Page 368 ELAINE REISLER . . CIin+on VIRGINIA RENIER . Dubuque FRANK RENNER . Burlingion RAYMOND RENNER Lake Geneva, Wis. KENNETH REYHONS . Solon ROBERT REYNOLDS Palisades, Calif. FRANK RICE . Councii Bluffs JACOUELINE RICE Cedar Rapids VAN RICHMOND . Beloit Wis. ANNA MARIE RIDER Iowa Cify MARGARET RIES . Iowa Ciiy JOSEPH RILEY . Cedar Rapids JOYCE RIMEL . . Bedford JANE ANN RING . Iowa Cify JOHN RIPPEY . Sioux Cify DOROTHY RITTLER Des Moines EARL ROBERTS . Davenporf MARY ROBERTS . Forf Dodge WILLIAM ROBERTS . Iowa Ci+y ROBERT ROBERTSON . Boone SIDNEY ROBINOW . Sioux CiIy FLORA ROBINSON Cedar Rapids JAMES ROBINSON Muskegon, Mich. JOSEPHINE ROCCA Iowa Cify RUSSELL RODER . Iowa Ciiy HAROLD ROED , Clark, s. D. MYRON ROGERS . Mom Ayr RICHARD ROHLOEF . DeI+a ROBERT ROLLSTIN Des Moines SHIRLEY RAE ROOK wa+efiOO MARY ROOSE . Iowa Ciiy DAN ROPER . . Davenporf JEAN RORICK . . WiI+on MELVIN ROSEN BrooIcIyn, N. Y. BERNARD ROSENBERG Rock IsIand, III. HAROLD ROSENBERG Muscafine JACK ROSS . Pomona, Calif. NEIL ROWLEY . Gu+hrie Cenfer JOANNE RUBY . . Harlan EDGAR RUDI . . Iowa Ci+y NANCY RUST . Cedar Rapids HARRY RUTENBECK . CIin'ron ARNOLD RUSTIN . Iowa Cify EVON RUTH . . . Onawa LILLIAN RUTH . Spirii' Lake WILLIAM J. RUTTAN, JR. Hawarden RICHARD RYAN Cedar Rapids LEROY SALEM . Sioux Cify LEROY SALING . ToddviIIe ROBERT SAMMONS Sioux Cify JOSEPH SAMUELSON . Kiron RITA SATTERLEE . . Marcus DEANE SAVAGE Websfer Cify LUVERN SAUERBRY Wesf Branch WAYLAND SAVRE . Osage JOHN SCANLAN Chicago, III. JOSEPH SCARPELLO Omaha, Nebr. GEORGE SCHAMBERGER Cedar Rapids ANITA SCHILLER . Chicago, III. AL SCHILTZ . . Dubuque LIBERAL ARTS Page 369 LIBERAL ARTS Page -370 EDWARD SCHMORR Manhassef, N. Y. JOY SCHNOEBELEN Iowa CiIy CHARLES SCHOLL Cedar Rapids WARREN SCHOTT . Marquelle RICHARD SCHREMPF Roclc Island, III. IRENE SCHULTHEIS Iowa Ciiy ROBERT SCHULZ . Davenporl GERALD SCHULTZ . Walerloo RAYMOND SCHUTZ Rock Valley JOAN SCHWAB . Davenporl BETTY SCOTT . Owosso, Mich. JOYCE SCOTT Gulhrie Cenlrer LOIS SCOTT . Kansas Cily, Mo. JEAN SEAGREN . Slorm Lalae DAVID SEIBEL . . Spencer JACK SENNEFF . Mason Cily IMOGENT SEWARD . Dundee ROEHM SEXTON . Iowa Cily ANNE SEYMOUR Lifchfielcl, Conn. RICHARD SHAFT Chicago, III. ALICE SHAKOW . Chicago, Ill. GEORGE SHAW . Jolief, III. WILLARD SHAW . Iowa Cily LEATRICE SI-IAY Belvidere, III. CHARLES SHELTON Denver, Colo. DAVID SHELTON S+. Joseph, Mo. G. A. SI-IERPARD Corvallis, Ore. ROBERT SHEPPARD LaOrande, Ore. ELAINE SHERMAN . Sioux Cily ELIZABETH SHERRICK LaRose, S. D. LAURA SHIELDS . Red Oak JERRY SHIPTON . Davenporf MARCELLA SHIPTON ScarviIIe JAMES SHOAF Grindsione, Pa. RICHARD SHROPSHIRE Des Moines RICHARD SHULL Chicago, III. WILLIAM SHULTZ . Richland COLLEEN SIBERT . Wa'rerIoo SAM SILBERMAN . Chicago, III. ARLINE SILVERMAN Chicago, III. PAUL SIMS . . Des Moines IRVIN SIEGEL New York, N. Y. CHARLES SIEGLAFF Waierloo IVAN SKINNER Missouri Valley JEANANNE SKINNER Rochesfer, III. CHRISTIAN SLAGLE CITGIIWGVTI, N. J. CHARLES SLOAN . Iowa Ci+y PATRICIA SLOAN . Des Moines CHARLOTTE SMITH . Harhtord JAMES SMITH . Genesee, III. JAMES B. SMITH . Sioux Ciiy JOHN SMITH Elini, Mich. MILO SMITH . Iowa Cify PAUL SMITH . Wyoming ROGER SMITH Edgewood WAYNE SMITH Marengo FRANK SNIDER Iowa Ciiy ROBERT SNYDER Sioux Ciiy ROBERT SODERGREN Wayland PAUL SODT . . Iowa Ciiy LIBERAL ARTS Page 37I LIBERAL ARTS I Page 372 ARDYTHE SORNSON . Harlan OAKLEY SOVEREIGN . Cresco ELEANOR SPANGLER Independence CECILY SPAULDING Waseca, Minn. JAMES SPEAR . . Oakdale ROBERT SPEARING . Manly ROBERT SPILLMAN Fori' Dodge SAM SPURCHISE Syracuse. N. Y. DONALD STANLEY Park Ridge, III. DEE STARK . . Burlingion JOANNE STARK . Oifurnwa GEORGE STAUB . . Wever BARBARA STAVES . Fairfield RICHARD STECKEL . Davenporl' ROBERT STEFFEN . Oelwein JAMES STEIN . . Sioux Ciiy CHARLOTTE STELCIK Cedar Rapids RICHARD STEUSSY . Luverne GEORGE STEVENS . Dundee ROBERT STEWART Kansas Cify, Mo. DEAN STICHNOTH Des Moines ELEANOR STILLE . SI1aIIer ODETT STOERMER . Burlinglon JOSEPHINE STOOKER Kansas Ciiy, Mo. JAY STOREY . Des Moines JOHN STRAIN . Muscaiine FLORENCE STRATE . Keokuk ERVIN STRAUB . S+. Louis, Mo. EAYE STRAYER . . Carbo DANIEL STREIB . Rockford, III. BERNARD STROHM . Iowa Ciiy FRANK STRONG . Spencer PATRICIA STRUB . Iowa Ciiy DON SUCHOMEL Brookfield, III. LOUISE SUCHY . Greenfield ROLLA SUGARMAN Chicago, III. JOHN SULLIVAN Cedar Rapids SHIRLEY SUMMERVILLE Des Moines CAROL SUTTON . Olney, III. CARL SVOBODA Cedar Rapids WILLIAM SWAB . CenIerviIIe RICHARD SWANSON Odebolf WILLIAM SWANSON Red Oak STANLEY SWINNEY Bloomfield MARIANNE SWISHER Mission, Kan. JOSEPH SZMYD . Kearny. N. J. WILLIAM TADE . Hillsboro MARY TALLEY . Amoriia, OIcIa. JUSTIN TALLMAN Gu'I'I1rie Cenfer BARBARA TAMM . Denison BILL TANDY . . . Pelle ANTHONY TANGARI Oelwein RUTH TARKOEF Denver. Colo. JACK TATHWELL . Davenporf BEVERLY TAYLOR Morning Sun MARGARET TAYLOR . Keokuk NORMA TAYLOR . Vinfon CYNTHIA TEDROW Mediapolis BETTY TEIG . . . Adel PHYLLIS TENNEY . Chicago, III. LIBERAL ARTS Page 373 LIBERAL ARTS Page 374 JO ANN THEIN . . Oelwein NICHOLAS THIMMESCH Dubuque CHARLES THODT . WaIcoII NOEL THOEN . . Iowa Cilry CHARLES THOMAS . Marengo GLENN THOMAS . Marengo JOHN THOMAS . Ida Grove MARIANNE THOMAS Marengo MARY THOMAS . . Marion ROBERT THOMAS . Clnicago, III. RONALD THOMAS Council Bluffs TOM J. THOMAS Cedar Rapids EDWARD THOMPSON LeMars MARY THOMPSON Cedar Rapids THOMAS RONALD THOMPSON Gilman MARY L. THOMPSON Red Oalc THOMAS ROGER THOMPSON Iowa Cily EUGENE THOMSON . Garrison JAMES THOMSON Siorm Lalce CHALLIE THORNTON San Anionio, Tex. EARL THORPE . Des Moines JEAN THROCKMORTON Charilon JOAN TILLOTSON . Sioux Ciiy SYLVIA TIMM . Muscaiine ALBERT TINDERHOLT . Ossian RICHARD TINGLEFE Iowa Cify ISLA MAE TISHER Cedar Rapids MARY TOBIN . . . Vinion WILLIAM TOOLE . Ollumwa HAROLD TRANAN . Iowa Cify ELEANOR TREY . MarsI1aIIIown JOAN TRIPP . . MapIeI'on ROSEMARY TRUEBLOOD Sioux EaIIs, S. D. CHARLES TURNER . Wa+erIoo RICHARD C. TURNER . Avoca ALAN TYREE . Des Moines RICHARD ULMAN . Sioux CiI'y LAWRENCE URBAN Iowa Ci+y FRANCES VALENTINE . Casey RONALD VANDERWIEL Sheldon ROBERT VANDERWILT Rock Rapids MARY VANDE STEEG Orange Cify ROBERT VAN NOSTRAND Leon STANLEY VAN OSDOL ManiIIa WILLIAM VELMAN . Hospers LESTER VLIEGER . Hospers JEANNE VOELZ . . Minden SALLY VOSS . Rockford, III. GEORGE VUICICH Chisholm, Minn. GEORGE WAASER Hempsfead, N. Y. GENE WALDO Grand Rapids, Miclw. RICHARD WALKER Por+smouI'I'1, N. H. JAMES WALLACE . CIin+on E. EVERETT WALLER Sioux Ci+y CHARLES WALLING Oskaloosa KENNETH WALTER . Keokuk JOHN WALTERS . Wa+erIoo HAROLD WALTON EorI Dodge WILLIAM WALTON Rock IsIand, III. DELLA MARIE WARD . NeIa LIBERAL ARTS Page 375 LIBERAL ARTS Page 376 FRANK WARNER, JR. Des Moines JOHN WARREN . . S'ruar'r LAWRENCE WARU Milwaukee, Wis. JAMES WASLEY Park Ridge, III. JOHN B. WASLEY, JR. Park Ridge, III. ARTHUR WATT . . Spencer JOHN WAY . WI1eaI'on, III. MARJORIE WAY . Des Moines PHILIP WEAVER . Des Moines MAYNARD WEBB . Cen+erviIIe CLAIRE WEBER . . WapeIIo NATHAN WEINBERG New York, N. Y. ELLIOT WEITZMAN Newark, N. J. ARTHUR WELCH MiI'I'on, Mass. VERA WELLER . Iowa Cify BURTON WERTZ . Sioux Cify WILLIAM WESSELS Des Moines DOUGLAS WEST Cedar Rapids JOHN WHERRY . Des Moines JANET WHISLER . Manchesfer DON M. WHITE . . Popeioy DON WHITE . S'Iorm Lake ELMER WHITE . Anfioch, III. JAMES WHITE . BurIing'I'on MAYNARD WHITEBOOK Iowa Cify RALPH WHITEFORD . Marion PEGGY WHITEHILL . I:arraguI' JOHN WHITESELL . Davenporf ROBERT WHITESIDE DuIuII'a, Minn. JACK WICHMAN . Iowa Ci'ry JO ANN WICKS . Iowa Ci+y HAROLD WIEBKE . Remsen MURIEL WIEMAN EI Reno, Okla. DONALD WILCOX Salina, Kan. EDWIN WILCOX . Iowa Ci+y GARETH WILKINS . Boone JOAN WILLIAMS . Gary, Ind. LEOLA WILLIAMS . DonneIIson RUTH WILLIAMSON Williamson ANN WILSON . Osicaloosa EDWARD WILSON, JR. BaII'imore, Md. HAROLD L. WILSON Iowa Ci+y HAROLD WILSON . Dysarf JACK WILSON . Des Moines RUTH WILSON . Iowa Cify JAYNANE WILT . . CarIisIe JAMES WISHARD . Oiiumwa FOREST WITMER . . Tipfon VERNON WITTE . Williamsburg IRENE WITTMAN Kearsarge, Mich. LIBERAL ARTS Page 377 L . LIBERAL ARTS Page 378 ALVIN WITWER . . Breda PETER WITWER . Cedar Rapids LILLIAN WOLF . Mason Cify WILLIAM W. WOLF, JR. Keokulc DON WOLFF . Chicago, III. LEROY WOLTER . Sheldon NORINE WOODARD Wayzala, Minn. WENDELL WOODARD Iowa Cify COREY WRIGHT Omaha, Nebr. M. JOAN WRIGHT . Hamplon RICHARD WRIGHT Oslcaloosa YVETTE WRIGHT Ridgefield, Conn. RONALD WULI: . Davenporl SARAH WYLER . . Boone MARTHA YOUNG Des Moines NANCY ZADEK . Winnellca, Ill. LOWELL ZEARLEY . Iowa Cily EARL ZEHR . . . Manson ROBERT ZESIGER . Davenporl' MARSHALL ZIESER . Iowa Cily DANIEL ZOLL . Brookline, Mass. CORDIE LOU ZOOK Holland, N. Y. ISADORE ZUCKERMAN Iowa Cify -6 COMMERCE Page 380 SID ABRAHAM . MapIeI'on FRANCIS ADAMS . Manson GEORGE ALEXANDER Websfer Cify KENNETH ALSAGER Sfory Cilry ROBERT ALTER BrookIyn, N. Y. ANDREW ANDERSON Oneida, III. BETTY JO ANDERSON Muscaiine DALE ANDERSON . Oraviiy JOHN H. ANDERSON Des Moines RICHARD ANDERSON Forf Dodge WILLIAM ASHER . Clarksville DONALD ASKE Kiesfer, Minn. ROBERT AUSEN . Lake MiIIs HARRIETT AVERY Princeion, III. CLIFFORD BAAK . Rickeflrs GENE BACON . Aurora, III. MURRAY BACON . Lorimer WILLIAM BAHLS . Richards HOWARD BAKER, JR. Iowa Ciiy MEADE C. BARTLETT Iowa Falls MERVIN BATEY . New Sharon DONALD BAUER . Jesup ROBERT BAWDEN . Davenporf JAMES BEACH . . Keokuk EDWARD BEATY . . Ames CHARLES BECKER . Dubuque JAMES BELL . Mi+cheIIviIIe ARNETT BENING . Wa+erIoo MAURICE BENTLEY S+ewar'rviIIe, Minn. M. SCOTT BERGESON Sioux Cify MYRON BERKHEIMER BeIIe Plaine ROBERT BERNSTERN OsIcaIoosa ALAN BICKEL . Cedar Rapids ROBERT BILLINGS Dover, N. H. EARL BITTNER . Iowa Ciiy RALPH BLUNCK Grand Mound WALLACE BOGEN Rockford, III. DONALD BOWERS Lime Springs PAUL BOWERS . Davenporf ALLAN BRANDENBURG Denison RICHARD BREAW . Davenpori EARL BREWER . Iowa Cify JOHN BRISTOW . Des Moines KENNETH BROOKS . LeMars THOMAS BROOKE Wesi' Liloerlry RICK BRUEMMER LaCrosse, Wis. VEARL BRUMWELL . Solon DON BRUNTLETT . Gowrie WELLS BRYAN . Monfezuma GEORGE BUCKINGHAM Es+I'1erviIIe EUGENE BUDELIER WiIIon Juncfion LAWRENCE BUESCHER GIenview, III. LALY BURGIN . BurIingI'on GERALD BURKE . Kingsley NORMAN BURNETT Fairbank RIUSSEL BURNS . Iowa Cify ROBERT BUSHLAND Oelwein GEORGE CALHOON Ciarinda MELVIN CARNEY Cedar Rapids ARNOLD CARLSON . PauIina COMMERCE Page 38I COMMERCE I ri Page 382 EARL CATHCART . Oalcland BRYON CHANT . Muscaline ROGER CHAPPELL Roclcwell Cily CRAIG CHARLTON Des Moines DLIANE CHISMAN . Mondarnin ALVIN CHRISTENSEN Davenporl CLOYD CHRISTENSEN Iowa Cily LEE CHRISTENSEN Cedar Ealls ROGER CHRISTENSEN Clermonl ROBERT CHRISTIANSON Garwin PAULINE CLAUSEN . Harlan ALONZO CLAWSON Cedar Rapids WALTER COCI-IRAN Walerloo ROBERT COEEMAN Des Moines DAN COHOE . Hibbing, Minn. ROLLYN COLBERG . Inwood CHESTER COLE . Clinlon HOWARD COLE Cedar Rapids THOMAS COLEMAN . Ryan HAROLD COLWELL Hollislon, Mass. GEORGE CONN . New+on LESLIE 'CONNELLY Marshall, Micln. ROBERT CONNER . Keolculc ROBERT COONRADT Waverly JOHN COOPER Grand Rapids WALTER COPELAND . Logan BURTON CORNING Cedar Falls ROBERT CORWIN . Iowa Ci+y ROBERT COSGRIFF . Tipjron JOSEPH COSSMAN . Clirfron MICHAEL COSTAS Cedar Rapids JOSEPH COUGHLON Forf Dodge EUGENE COSTELLO Davenporf RONALD COYNE Sergeani Bluff JAMES COZAD . WaI'erIoo GEORGE CRAIG Cedar Rapids JOHN CRAWFORD . NicI1oIs WILLIAM CUMMINGS CI'1arIes Ci'ry RICHARD CUTHBERTSON Kansas Ci'Iy, Mo. ROBERT DAN I ELSON Davenpor+ LAURA DAVIS . . AIpI1a VERNON DAVIS . OIIumwa JOHN DEGROOT Parkersbury DONALD DEIKE . Wa'rerIoo ROBERT DEMEULENAERE Vicfor ROBERT DIETMEYER Waukegan, III. DONA DOBSON . MarsI1aII+own ROBERT DONLY . Eorf Dodge ROBERT DONAVAN . Coggan ROBERT DOUGLAS Davenporf DAVID DRINKWATER Havre, Monfana MONA EARLY . Iowa Cify ELLIOT EDELMAN . Davenporf CLEO EDWARDS Cedar Rapids JOHN EGENES . Sfory Cify JACK EGERTSON . Es+I1erviIIe WALLACE ENGEL . Benne++ ELAINE ENGELBRECHT Remsen HAROLD ESCHEN . SI'anIey DONALD EAHRENKROG HarIan COMMERCE Page 383 COMMERCE Page 384 ZAN FAIGEN . Rock IsIand, III. DONALD FALLIS . Wesf Liberfy JOHN FATTIG . . . Palo DENNIS FERK . BurIingIon VERNON FESTER . . CIinIOn ARVIN FETTKETHER . Dubuque KENNETH FIDLER . ViIIisca WALTER FIGG . Iowa Cify ROGER FINLEY FranIcIin, Minn. RICHARD FISHBAUGH Shenandoah ALLAN FISHER . BurIing+on ROBERT FISHER . . Adel JACK FITZGERALD . EII4I1orn JEROME FOSSELMAN WaIerIoo JACK FOX . . WaIerIoo ROBERT FRAZER . Offumwa MERLE FREY . Monmou+I'1, III. DOUGLAS FREYER . Onawa JIM FRIEND . . . Harlan LAIRD FREYER . Des Moines RAY GAOGHAGAN Sioux CiI'y EARLE GILL . . BurIingI'on ROBERT GILL . . Iowa Cify LOUIS GINSBERG Cedar Rapids CHARLES GLAZEBROOK Rock Island, III. PETER GNATA . . Mysfic CLYDE GOIN . . Dubuque RICHARD GONZALEZ Sioux Cify JOHN GRADY . Iowa CII'y DONALD GREAZEL . Iowa Cify I 1 GLENN GREGG . Hawarden ALFRED GRIER . Sioux Cify CHARLES GRIER . OsIcaIoosa LOREN GRIEFITH . Iowa Ciiy ARMAND GULICK . Whilring ALBERT GUSTAFSON Des Moines WILLIAM GUTHART CharIes Cify MARGARET HABBINGA George RICHARD HAGERTY Hackensack, N. J. DONALD HAKES . Sioux Ciiy JOHN HALBMAIER WaIerIoo KEITH HALSTEAD . Grinnell CON HAMBORG . Des Moines CECIL HAMILTON . Iowa Ci'ry LAUREL HAMMAN . Garner WAYNE HARGER Cedar Rapids HAROLD HARMS . BrunsviIIe DONALD HAROLD Mason Ciiy JOHN HARRIS HumboIdI', S. D. DONALD HARRISON MiIcI'1eII, S, D. JACK HARTLE . Des Moines DUANE HASS . . EIIcader ROBERT HASSEL Cedar Rapids DEAN HASTY . Washingion JAMES HAYDEN . . Alden DONALD HAYES . Des Moines GUY HEATH . . Iowa Cify KEITH HECOX . . CIarion HOWARD HEGGEN . SIaIer MARION HEINS . Iowa Ciiy COMMERCE Page 385 l COMMERCE Page 386 ALERED HEITZMAN . Dubuque FRANK HELDT . Chicago, III. CAROL HERBEL . Sioux Ciiy HARRY HERMAN Rock IsIand, III. LEO HESTER . Des Moines JOHN HEWITT Li+'rIe Rock, Ark. THOMAS HILL . . Newion DON HILLSTROM Mason Cilry DANIEL HOFEA Grundy CSHTSF DALE HOFEMANN . Walnuf DELMAR HOFFMEIER Lowden JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH Dubuque CHARLES HOLLOWAY EvansIon, III. DALE HOLST . . Marion GLENN HOMPLAND . Gaza ROSCOE HOPKINS . Wall Lake WILLIAM HOPPE, JR. Washingfon DONALD HOUSE . BurIing+on JOHN HOVLAND Websfer CiIy JOHN HOWES . Davenporf DUANE HUDSON Rockford, III. MARY HUGHES BriggsviIIe, III. ROBERT HUGLIN . Forf Dodge DONALD HUNT . Belle Plaine JIMMIE HUNT . Iowa Cify ROBERT HYNDEN . Lamoni BRUCE INGELS . Cedar Rapids ALVIN IVERSON . . Dows RICHARD JACOBS . OrinneII MONICA JACOBSON Graewuringer ROBERT JENNINGS Cedar Rapids BRYANT JENSEN . Iowa FaIIs VERNON JENSEN . I'IanIonIown WILLIAM JEPSON Coronado, CaI. BLAKE JOHNSON . Chariion CLIFFORD JOHNSON Lockport III. JAMES L. JOHNSON Offosen JAMES R. JOHNSON Wa'rerIoo STAN JOHNSON . Alberf Cify AARON JONES . WiIrne++e, III. MICHAEL JONES . MaIvern NORMAN JONES Manchesfer KERMIT JONSBERG Cedar Falls DOROTHY KAMERICK Knoxville JAMES KANE . . Dubuque RICHARD KARLL . Davenporf THOMAS KASS . Sioux Cify GEORGE KAUFFMAN Audubon JOHN KAUFFMAN Jacksonville, III. DAVID KEAGGY . iowacny JOHN KEANE . . Manning CECIL KEARNS . . Clinfon FRANK KEEFE . . CIinIon ROBERT KEEFE . . CIin'ron RONALD KELLEY . Reinbeck DAN KELSEY . . Iowa Ci+y EUGENE KELSEY . Iowa Ci+y MERLE KENSINGER . Tama CLARENCE KERSCHINSKE Musca+ine GARLAND KIRCHER Iowa Cify COMMERCE Page 387 COMMERCE Page 388 ROBERT KIRCHER . Iowa Cify RICHARD KOCHER LaPorIe Cify LORRAINE KOHL . Waferioo RICHARD KOPEL . Wa+erIoo CHARLES KOSS . . Swisher KAY KRAET . . WeIIman ARTHUR KREBS . . I'IarI'Iey DANIEL KRUMM . Primghar ALGART KUDUKIS Chicago, III. LESLEY KUPKA . Riverside JAMES KURKA . . Eair1CieId ROBERT LAIBLE Irvingfon, N. J. GORDON LANE . Iowa Ciry JAMES LARSON . Iowa Cify LESLIE LARSON . HanIon1'own REYNOLD LARSON Redwing, Minn. RICHARD LASTER Des Moines DAVID LEBER . LaGrange, III. JAMES LENSIN6 Scranfon, Ark. GEORGE LENZEN Cedar Rapids DON LEVY . CoIumbus,OI1io DONALD LEWIS . Iowa Ci+y FRANCES LEWIS . Sfrubie RICHARD LILLARD . Jolley DONALD LINDEN . Davenpori' BUFORD LINDLY . WinfieId DAVID LINGE . Cedar Rapids WILLIAM LINN . Dubuque MICHAEL LINNAN . Laurens RAYMOND LITTLE Prospeci' Heighfs, III. WILLIAM LITTLEJOHN Offumwa GEORGE LOERZEL . Iowa Ciiy ROBERT LONGLEY Davenporf NOBLE LOPEMAN Pon'riac, III. ROY LOREN . . BrooIcIyn CHARLES LOTSPEICH Davenporf WAYNE LUSE . . MoviIIe RONALD LUTGEN . WaIerIoo RICHARD MALLIET . Kelley DONALD MANGELS CI'1ari'ron GEORGE MANGOLD Washingion JOHN MANGOLD . Ryan JOHN MARLOW . Wa+erIoo DONALD MARTIN Cedar Rapids GERY MARTIN . Sioux Ciiy WILLIAM MAUKE Worcesfer, Mass. JACK MacALLISTER . Vinfon EVERETT MCBRIDE . Sac Cify ROBERT MCBRIDE . Iowa Ciiy HENRY MCCARRELL Davenpori PAUL MCCLAIN . WaIerIoo DORWIN MCDONALD KnoxviIIe ROBERT MCGILL Independence JAMES MCGILLIN . Oxford ALICIA MCGIVERN . Marengo LAWRENCE MCGRATH Cedar Rapids BILL MCGUIRE . Davenporf EDWARD MCGUIRE Offumwa DIJANE MCKINZIE . Moline, III. VVALTER MCMAHON . CIinIon COMMERCE Page 389 CCJMMERCE Page 390 JAMES MCMATH Harlsburq, Ill. JAMES McNEAL . Grinnell JOHN MCTAVISH . Es'rl'1erviIIe EUGENE MEADE . Oxford GLENN MEDHUS Cedar Rapids LEO MEEHAN . . Elkader EVERETT MEEKER . Iowa Cify JACK MEGGISON . Walrerloo EUGENE MELL . Pocalwonlas JOHN MERKEL . Ouincy, III. RUSSELL MERKEL . Iowa Cily RUSSELL MERRITT . Clinfon DONALD MESSICK . Newlon OWEN MEYERSON Council Bluffs HAROLD MILLER McCoolc, Nelor. JACK MILLER . . Waierloo RICHARD MILLER . Williams ROBERT S. MILLER Cedar Rapids ROBERT W. MILLER Cedar Rapids WILLIAM MILLER Cedar Rapids MAX MINEAR . . Maxwell INA MAE MOCHAL . Tama ROMANE MOELLER . Denver GRANT MOEN Raleigh, N. C. EVERETT MOLINE . Marafhon DONALD MONTGOMERY Brooklyn TOM MOORE . Des Moines JAMES MORONY . Spencer DEITH MORSE . . Osage LE ROY MUELLER . Cherokee ag f 772 Y Y .Q IAF RYAN MULDER . Orange Cily KENNETH MULLENIX . Fairfield EDWARD MULLINS . A+IanI'ic DEAN MUSSER . . Royal DON MYRON . Sioux Cily JOHN NARGANG . Walerloo ROBERT NEFZGER . Spencer EARL NEPPL . . . Carroll RODNEY NEWLAND Iowa Cily ROBERT NICHOLS . Vinlon FRANCIS NILLES . Cedar Rapids ARTHUR NILSSEN . Eoresl Cily JAMES NOE . . Sheldon FRED NORDSTROM Shenandoah ROGER NORDYKE MarshaIl+own BENNIE NOZICKA Mason Cily LEONARD NYSTROM Joliet III. STEVEN OAKLEY . . Marion RALPH O'BRIEN Cedar Rapids EDMUND O'CONNOR Walerloo EUGENE OHSMAN Cedar Rapids EUGENE OLSON . . Lalcola MAX OLSON . . Conroy WILLIAM O'MEARA Millersburg JOHN O'RElLLY . Dubuque WILLIAM ORR . Iowa Cily WILLIAM ORTON . Iowa Ciry LOUIS PAARMANN . Davenporl JAMES PACKER . Cedar Rapids RICHARD PAGEL . Aflanfic CCMMERCE Page 39I CGMMERCE Page 392 RICHARD PAHRE . Des Moines MORRIS PALMER . Knoxville WILLIAM PALMER . Pos+viIIe KEITH PARK . Wesf BurIingIon KENNETH PARK Wesf BurIinqTon CARROLL PARKS . . Salem REX PARKS . . Iowa CiIy LOUISE PATCH . . Lucas HAROLD PAUL . Eorf Madison DUANE PEARSON . Davenporlr DALE PETERSON . . CIinIon DONALD PETERSON . Keokuk JAMES PETERSON . Osage JOHN PETERSON . Nevada VERLE PETRI . . . Adair DUANE PHELPS . Cedar EaIIs THOMAS PHERSON MinneapoIis, Minn. EUGENE PORTER MarsI1aIIIown MILTON POTEE . Iowa Cify BURTON POULSON . AI'ron DEMETRA PREFTAKES Iowa Cify MELVIN PREWETT . Iowa Ci+y ROBERT PRIMROSE . Norway LAWRENCE PROFFITT Musca+ine DAVID PUFFETT . . Ames JOSEPH QUIGLEY MarsI1aIIIown DONALD RAMSEY . . Olin DALE RANDALL . Iowa Cify ROBERT RASDAL Cedar Rapids JAMES REDING . Mon+iceIIo MAURICE REDSHAU . Fonda DONALD REGAN . Walerloo THOMAS REGER . Burlinglon RICHARD REHA . Iowa Cily BETTY JANE REHMKE Oxford Junclion WENDELL REHNBLOM Slralford ROBERT REINDERS . Humboldl CARROLL REINERT . Earlham RAYMOND RENK . . Adaza RICHARD RHOADS . Clarksville TONY RIASSETTI . Kincaid, Ill. ROBERT RICHES . Wesl Bend THOMAS RINK . Joliel, Ill. DWIGHT RIPLEY Slale Cenler DONALD RISH . Independence ROBERT RITTLER . Quincy, Ill. EDWARD RIVERS . Monlezuma DORIS RIZOR . . Eairlield GLENN ROBERTS . Iowa Cily ROBERT ROBERTSON Crawfordsville LESTER ROBSON . Springfield JACK ROI-INER . Iowa Cily JOHN ROHRER . . Rhodes EDMOND ROMANAS ' Worcesler, Mass. LEO ROSENBERGER . Clin+on CHARLES RUHL . Davenporl ALAN RUTENBECK Maquolcela JAMES RYAN . . Waulcon ROBERT SAYLOR . Hamplon ROBERT SAVIDGE Shenandoah COMMERCE Page 393 CCMMERCE Page 394 CHARLES SAUNDERS Sioux Ciiy ROBERT SCHMECKPEPER Galva VVILERED SCHMID SI. Joseph, Mich. DALE SCHMIDT . Mason CiI'y MARVIN SCHMIDT . CIinIon JOHN SCHNEIDER Melbourne LYELL SCHNITTJER . EarIviIIe GERALD SCHOLTES EsIherviIIe HENRY SCHOUSEN Chicago, III. GLENN SCHULTZ . Joliet III. RICHARD SCHUSTER Camanche WILLIAM SCOTT . Sferling, III. BERNARD SEAGREN . Fonda EUGENE SELLSTROM Princeion, III. WILLIAM SERNETT Mason Ci'ry DALE SHATZER . . Greene CHARLES SHEEHY Cedar Rapids VANCE SHEPHERD Cedar Rapids HARRY SHERRARD . Iowa Ciiy LEONARD SHOPE . Gladbrook DAVID SHUGARD Council Bluffs JACK SIMPSON . Sac CiI'y SHELDON SITRICK Davenpori CHARLES SLATER Cedar Rapids RAYMOND SLOAN Sigourney HENRY SMIT . . Iowa CiI'y ARTHUR SMITH Cedar Rapids BURTON SMITH . . Nashua CARL SMITH . . . Orienf DAVID SMITH . . Hampion 1- ee Q EVAN SMITH . . Aflanfic WILLIAM SMITH . Des Moines NORMAN SNIDER . Wa+erIoo DONALD SNOOK . Fairfield JACK SONDERGARD . Avoca MARION SONNKALB Pos'rviIIe SAMUEL SPICHER . KaIona HAROLD STAR, JR. Mounf Pleasanf JAMES STEPHENS Kansas Cify, Mo. ROBERT STEPHENSON BurIingI'on ORVILLE STEVESON MarsI1aII+own GLENN STIGALL Eorf Madison ROBERT STILLE . . . AI+a DuWAYNE STOKKA . Ames MARTIN STOLL . Blairsfown WALTER STOCK . Slrorm Lake HORACE STURTZ . . Boone JOHN SULLIVAN . Cascade EVAN TALLMAN . Iowa Ci+y DAVID TAYLOR . ' . Derby HARRY TAYLOR Cedar Rapids JAMES TAYLOR . Davenporf MILTON TAYLOR Cedar Rapids ROY TAYLOR . . WeIIman LYLE TENOLD . Lake Mills RICHARD THARP . Muscafine ROBERT THOENNES Cedar Rapids JAMES THOMAS Wheafon, Mo. WALTER THOMAS . Keokuk JOHN THOMASON Burlingfon COMMERCE Page 3-95 +1 i i I I I L. 4 COMMERCE Page 396 BERNARD THURTELL Akron, Colo. FRANCIS TIERNON Des Moines JOHN TILGNER . Hawarden DONALD TILL . . Bellevue WILLIAM TIMMINS Des Moines BERNARD TITCHENAL Alfon, III. ROBERT TODD . Iowa Cily WILLIAM TOWLE . . Boone PAUL TREY . . Parkersburg RICHARD TUPPER . Dubuque JAMES TURNER . Red Oalc MERRILL TURNER . Cenlerville KENNETH TYLER . . Villisca AUREL VAN ECHAUTE Moline, Ill. DEAN VAN HORN Charles Cily JAIME VARELA Heirera, Panama CHARLES VERMERRSCH Cedar Rapids LESTER VICTORSON . Delroil' CHARLES VIDAS . Cenlerville ROBERT VOLLERS . Keolculc ROY VOSE . . Waierloo FREDRICK VOSS . New Sharon BERNARD WACKER Milwaulcee. Wis. LEWIS WAGNER . Iowa Cily RICHARD WAGONER Walerloo FRANCIS WALENSKY Walerloo WILLIAM WALKER Cedar Rapids ROBERT WALTEMEYER Melbourne GAIGE WALTERS . Harlan DONALD WARD LaGrange, Ill. 9.1, LAUREN WARD . . Clinlon ROBERT WAYLAND 'Forf Madison LAVERNON WEAVER . Keola SALLY WEBB . . . Rolfe ROBERTA WEBER . Muscaline ORLIN WEBERT . . Luzerne DONALD WEE . . Huxley VONA WEGER Slrawberry Poinf DAVID WEHRENBERG Forf Wayne, Ind. WILLA LEE WEIKEL Bloomfield HAROLD WEIR . . Colo ROBERT WELLS . . Milfon CHARLES WERNER Cedar Rapids JAMES WEST . Marshallfown WILLIAM WEST Woodslock, III. LLOYD WHEELER . New'ron RICHARD WHIPPLE . Vlnlon JAMES WILEY . Marslwalllown PAUL WILKERSON . Iowa CI+y DONALD WILLARD . Persia COMMERCE Page 397 1 COMMERCE Page 398 DONALD WILLIAMS Iowa Ciiy HERBERT WILLIAMS Cedar Rapids JAMES WILLIAMS . Iowa Cify JACK WILLIAMSON WiIIiamsor1 ROBERT WILLIAMSON Sioux CiI'y DONALD WILSON Grundy Cenfer ROBERT WILSON . Spencer HELEN WILTGEN . LeMars KARL WINBORN Williamsburg CLAYTON WOOD S+ewar+sviIIe, Mo. BERNARD WOODKE . Sclwaller DeLOSS WOODWORTH Nashua DONALD WORK . SIa+e Cen'Ier AVON WRIGHT . CI1ari+on JACK WRIGHT . . Osage KEITH WRIGHT . . Terril GEORGE WYLIE LarI4sviIIe, Pa. DEAN YOCUM . New London DUANE YODER . Iowa CiI'y CLIFFORD YOUNG . Onawa JAMES ZAWODNY . Iowa CiI'y GEORGE ZEMLICKA Cedar Rapids JOHN ZOECKLER . Davenpor'r V' i wb k X i 'F if an ff gy ,, X gf 52: X . 1 Q X if 2, 3, 'K' -6- SW K gh xy 5 ' ,V E.. DENTISTRY Page 400 JOHN R. ASHTON . HAROLD BANWART ALERED BOTHELL . ROBERT HANSEN . ALBERT E. HOLCOMB KnoxvIIIe . AIgona Iowa CII'y Iowa Cify Iowa CE+y BRUCE C. HOLLINGSWORTH KENNETH BOWIE . DONALD BUTTS . JOSEPH CAHALAN HILLARY COLE . HENRY DE JONG . ROBERT ERVIN . HARVEY EIFIELD. . RICHARD FOLSOM Dubuque Oskaloosa Fayeffe Iowa CII'y Thurman . . . Boyden Rockford Iowa CIW Iowa Cify GEORGE L. ERASEUR, JR. Iowa Cify JOHN I-I. FREVERT. . . Iowa Clfy RICHARD GEIGER . . Sheldon ROBERT GEIGER . . She-Idon JACK J. MILLER . . ELWIN MUNTZ . . . ROBERT M. NELSON . PAUL W. HORNE . PHILIP HORTON . , . ROBERT R. HUMPHREY DONALD HULT . . . C. PAUL JOHNSON, JR LOY JULIUS .... ROGER KLAUER . . ROBERT KNARR . . PAUL E. KOCH . VINCENT LA BAHN . DONALD LUNDOUIST JOSEPH MCCONVILLE . ROBERT B. NORRIS. . RICHARD OLIVER . DONALD OSTRUS . . WaIerIoo . Bona pa rI'e . Burlingfon . Iowa Cify . . Osage . Iowa Ci+y . Burlingfon . Savanna, III. . Cherokee . Dubuque . . AIIan+ic . . Lisbon . . WaverIy Cedar' Rapids . Knoxville . Iowa Cify . Onawa . . Wiofa DENTISTRY Page 40I DENTISTRY Page 402 GLENN D. PETERSON . . A. NORMAN RUGTIV . . . Vinfon Es'rherviIIe WELDON SCHORG . . Renisen HARRY ESCHOTT . . Marquemure JOHN R. SCHWEITZER . EUGENE SEUFFERLEIN . MEYER H. SCHAFFER . . LOUIS SHORTELL . . DOUGLAS SMITH . . . NORMAN STOAKEY . . LOWELL D. STRONG . . ROBERT V. VINING. . . ROBERT D. WARRINGTON J. D. WHISENAND . . . RAYMOND L. WICKS . . CLAYTON WILKINSON . Iowa Cify Lake C'u+y Iowa Cify Dubuque Iowa Cify Iowa Ci+y Iowa Cify Iowa Cify Iowa Ci+y CI1arIIon Iowa Cify Iowa Ciiy E Jai if 5 -Q- 1. K i wif: E A M '2 1 N04 2 A V D I Q t W L5 www W-1 , K 3 1 ii W' A N. ' Z V A--W-W-1 H, W , ,V -l--nf . VM A 1 V as ., ,fl I, A sv , , 'eg F' K' YM-r M ., H ..,,: . ., , ig , MMV W-Q-S ,Y A a A , f MM 'WML I Q m W F Y , fi ,fl I lv, I 75 ' g Sf.,.1:....Wg,,,,..,W, - f- - if? A g.M.,.1,w-0 f s ' ' ee' bk ' . 51 A 6 'im -if --,. 3.1,--:Wg1g,. 7 K , 5 k gs 3 5- ' 2 5 - m,x,. -E if ' Q 1 ,,,,,,-mw.-..,,W,," ,,,. F ' , V -- ",i,e.,,,QW. V-mf, .' fv 8 .1-rv W -x4- 55522 K -531: .,.,., V , L, V, A " .. ,n ' -, . I " A ,mii- 4. . 5 if A H A Q ' 1 , , , 7: 6 j ' ' 3, ..g, . 1 L gg fi 1 :----' an . if i 1' ' f fi sw .- Q-7 , . Q., ' . , F. K Q N 4, A 1 ' Z Q ' . ' . f ' . LE . f ' ,' I I all l P S 1 - 1 -. -iw- Rf' , nf- 'H 5 X E Q Lt :rf it Y z 1 ' 4 n 8 Q in Q QQ -I Q. x- rar .. Q. . S is Fits 3 1 ,. ,aw . 5 N, 3 EQ X Q? Y 5 2, Q i 1 I Q ai gif w fy 4' A. .5 2, I I 1 -Y' 5 341 Q Q l Emi U fa, rf 'Bi S F5 - 15 W ENGINEERING Page 404 DONALD A. ADAMS Wa+erIoo RICHARD C. ALBRIGHT Cedar Rapids HOWARD R. ALEXANDER MarsIwaIIIown PERRY E. AMIDON Newion, Mass. DONALD W. ANDERSON Sioux Ci+y HAROLD L. ANDERSON EuIIerIon, Ky. GERALD E. ARD Cedar Rapids JOHN E. ATKINSON Crawfordsville LAWRENCE E. BABCOCK Jamesfown, N. Y. THEODORE R. BABCOCK Jamesiown, N. Y. ELMER J. BANNICK Davenpori WILLIAM J. BARTH Washingfon EDWIN M. BARTLETT Iowa Cify HARLEY E. BEAN . Iowa Ci'ry ROBERT M. BEES Cedar Rapids MAYNARD K. BENNETT Sioux Ciiy JAMES W. BETTER Winslow, Ariz. EMIL B. BICKLEY New York, N. Y. JAMES J. BINGHAM Cedar Rapids ROBERT J. BIRELINE Iowa Ci+y DONALD E. BIRKA . Riverside HARLAN L. BJORK . WapeIIo PAUL J. BOCKENSTEDT New Vienna RICHARD A. BOCSUE SIaIe Cen+er ROBERT A. BOYD . Iowa Ci'ry CSAIL E. BRECKENRIDGE Newfon ALVIN R. BROWN EIusI1ing, N. Y. ELLSWORTH A. BROWN, JR. Iowa Ci+y DEAN W. BROWN BeIIe Plaine GARRETT J. BROWN Cedar Rapids EDWARD P. BROWNE Des Moincs LAWRENCE C. BURGER Iowa Ciiy FREDERIC A. CARLSON Decorah THEODORE H. CATE . Spencer MERLE J. CI-IALUPSKY LaPorIe Ci+y PAUL A. CHALUPSKY LaPorIe Cify DARRELL D. COURTN EY Logan LEWIS R. COYLE Plainfield, N. J. CHARLES T. CRANE Wailuku Maui, Hawaii VVELTON A. CROISSANT Crefe, III. GLENN CULLEN . Sioux Rapids ROBERT R. DRESHER Cedar Rapids DONALD DVORSKY Cedar Rapids DON A. EDWARDS . Davenpor+ RICHARD E. EMERSON Cedar Rapids DALE D. ETHINGTON S+a+e Cen'rer FREDERICK M. EVANS . Aialissa ROBERT EVANS . Chicago, III. DALE M. FAAS . . Marengo DONALD FAVREAU Rolla, N. D. DONALD FEAY . Iowa CiIy EMIL J. PENCIL . New Hampfon ERWIN E. FIGGE . Chicago, III. KENNETH E. FINDERS . Oelwein NEIL B. FISHER . . Edgewood JOHN R. FLEMING Gowanda, N. Y. PAUL J. FLEMING . Denison GEORGE C. FLICK . . Wes+ DAVID FORD . . MI. Vernon GENE E. FOULKE . Carlisle ENGINEERING Page 405 I I I I I I l ENGINEERING Page 406 WALTER H. FREITAG Charles Ci+y RAY A. FULLER . . Monona ROBERT B. GALLAGHER Cedar Rapids JAMES E. GASSMAN . Clinlon WILERED R. GEORGE . Grinnell HOWARD L. GERARD Iowa Cily JAMES W. GERLICH Worlhinglon SIDNEY GORMAN Chelsea, Mass. DANIEL L. GRAY Cedar Rapids FRED GREUSEL . Omaha, Nebr. LESTER W. HAERTHER . Allcing DONALD W. HALL . Vinlon CHARLES HANSON Roclc Island, III. KURT L. HAUER . Belfendorl JOHN HEASLEY . Olfunnwa STANLEY R. HERMANN Waferloo FRANK R. HERUD Chafham, N. J. RICHARD HIATT Modeslo, Cal. ROBERT I'IILL . . . Coggon VICTOR HOLEC Cedar Rapids ARNOLD HOLETS . . Swisher ROBERT C. HOLLE Oak Park, III. PAUL HOSKINS . . Iowa Cilry HAROLD HOTHAN . Crele, III. JOHN R. HOTZ . . Iowa Ciry RICHARD J. HOVEY Cedar Rapids CHARLES HUGG . Burlinglon RICHARD INMAN Oak Park, III. RHODES J. ISENHART Iowa Ci+y RALPH JACKSON Missouri Valley DONALD JACOBS . . Oxford EDGAR JEFFREY . Burlinglon CHARLES JOHNSON Fairfield LEONARD R. JOHNSON Buffalo EDWARD JOHNSTON LocI4porI, III. JOHN D. JOHNSTON Iowa Ci+y ENGELBERT JULICH Maple River WILLARD H. JORGENRUD Iowa Cily JAMES KAUZLARICH Cedar Rapids JOSEPH KEHLBECK CIiI+on, N. J. WALLACE E. KESSEL Iowa Falls KRISHNA K. KHANDELWAL CaIcuHa. India GOPINATH KHANNA Mafhura. India JAMES KIMM . . . Marengo WILLIAM KING . . Red Oalc JOHN DEVERO KIRBY DeWi++ WILLIAM L. KOLLMAN Cedar Rapids LOWELL KRAATZ Oak Parlc. III. FREDERICK KULICK Largo, Fla. WALTER LANE . . Muscaline WARREN L. LARSEN Council Bluffs RONALD P. LARSON Chicago, III. GEORGE K. LATCH . Renwick WILLIAM LAUFENBERG Rock Island, III. CHARLES W. LAZENBY Cedar Rapids CHARLES LINDBERG Shenandoah ROBERT LONGFIELD Blue Island, III. GERALD LUECKE Ma++eson, III. TORSTEIN LUNDESGAARD Oslo, Norway DONALD LYNCH . . Decorah ENGINEERING I Page 407 ENGINEERING Page 408 JOHN McDONNELL . Oelwein ROBERT L. MCFARLAND E+. Madison PAUL T. MATTHES Wesi Palm Beach, FIa. GLEN MATHEWS . Burlinqion GEORGE MATHWIG Sioux CiI'y WILLIAM T. METZ . Burlingfon RALPH MEYER . Cedar Rapids DAVID MIAO . Kunming, China ERNEST LEWIS MILLER CI'1ari+on HAROLD A. MILLER Cedar Rapids RICHARD MOELLER Iowa Cify LEWIS MOORE Rock IsIand, III. ROBERT MURPHY Ausiin, Minn. PAUL A. MUTCHLER Iowa Ciiy JOHN NABER .... Tipion WILLIAM R. NEHLSEN Davenporlr JOSEPH F. NEMIC . Iowa Ci+y TERRANCE J. O'BRIEN . Tiiiin HAROLD V. OLIPHANT Iowa Ci+y GENE HOWARD OLSON Rockford, III. WILLIAM J. OWEN Grand Island, Nebr. JOHN J. OWENS . Dubuque TOM PAINTIN . . EImI1urs+, III. ARLO PELLEY . . . Waferloo JOSE N. PEREZ, JR. Panama Ciiy, Panama CLAUDE PETERSON Mankaio, Minn. VERN L. PETERSON Mouni' Auburn LEONARD PETSKA Cedar Rapids ELWYN C. PICKART . Norway HERBERT PREUL . . . Jolley HAROLD PRICE . . Muscaline JOHN PROUDFIT . . Runnells DUNCAN PUTNAM Walerville, Me. CHARLES R. REARDEN Tina, Mo. CARL REEDER . . Iowa Cily JOHN N. REEDS . . Iowa Ci+y FORREST REHBERG Independence EUGENE E. RENNEKAMP Cedar Rapids .IAMES D. RICHEY Cedar Rapids ROBERT W. RICHEY Cedar Rapids FRANK H. RIEDINGER Council Blulzls EARL R. RICKABAUGH Harlley MAURICE U. ROACH MarsI'1aII+own WARREN KENDIG ROGERS, JR. MI. Pleasanl CESAR SAAVEDRA Panama Ci+y, Panama LEROY SALLEN . E+. Madison JULIO SANJINES LaPaz, Bolivia DOUGLAS SAWDEY Iowa Cily JOHN L. SCANLON Iowa Cify EMIL SEDLAK . Endico'r'r, N. Y. ERNST G. SEHLMEYER Rossville, N. Y. RICHARD J. SELEE Hunlingfon, W. Va. DON SEMECHACK Clwarles Cily A. DONALD SEXTON Iowa Ciiy WILLIAM SHOWERS Cedar Rapids DAVID J. SIMMONS Cherokee EDWIN SIMMONS . Marengo ALBERT SMITH . . Li+IIe Sioux LUTHER H. SMITH. JR. Des Moines NORTON R. SMITH . Iowa Cily ENGINEERING Page 409 ENGINEERING I I Page 4I0 WILLIAM SMULL WiIIon Junciion GEORGE SODEMANN CIin+on RUSSELL SODEROUIST MarsI1aIIIown DWAINE SOUCHEK Cedar Rapids CYRUS SPEAR . . Davenpori ROBERT S. STOOKER Kansas Ciiy, Mo. WILLIAM STREIB Rockford, III. WILLIAM J. SWARD Chicago, III. MAYDEAN SWATOSH Cedar Rapids JOHN TAILOR . . Mason Ciiy DONALD TAYLOR . . Norway PHILIP A. TEMPLE . Cedar EaIIs EUGENE O. THOENNES Cedar Rapids EUGENE TIERNEY . Mondannin RAYMOND D. TINGLEFF Oak Park, III. THEODORE TOLINE Moline, III. RICHARD TRUESDELL Cedar Rapids CHARLES K. VALENTINE Park Rapids, Minn. WREX VANDECAR . Kirkrnan ROLAND VANDERHAMM Ireion EUGENE W. WILKINSON Moline. III. PHILIP WILSON . Cedar Rapids KENNETH WRIGHT Wesi Branch WILLIAM YUPPA . Iowa Ciiy PAUL ZIMMERMAN . Amana ROBERT P. VAN DYKE Rock Island, III. LLOYD VERKET . LaCrosse, Wis. DONALD WAGNER Iowa Ciiy GEORGE H. 'WAMSLEY Ereepori, III. ROBERT E. WATKINS Cedar Rapids ax SSE, gf! ,.1 M 1 ,f is-2 " 1 .Mm-Nw-ff-+ K " A fwhwk ,Zi ,K i f-45 f ,Sill Wi" Lf -fi 5 Qfgfyugglg X I , Q, H-1 3,53 4, y- x 'x-Ezuivr. ' 1 ,M , Wx, M-w.'5:":-w"'?Nq wifi 55i'S?lQ,iY ' ,i -i r ' A . ff, : 5 Q' ' W ,Efwfff 'WW ' an Z I Y V. w.g,f5isw1e14.-A' N A ' Sfw . , 3 HIM A za- Ai. M J K-me -x 5 S 'f - -fizf fix - A wh f ' H a- g.lk5z3iz'f71 xiii. F .sis ,Y tha W- iss' pf W- - 1 2252? Q5fMQL:M1ff'f?"'S5f:sg,4f'1 , 2. q i 7 ' " , A -.www A - Q zwfm as l . if 53 . ,,..M xy u 'I ' 73521 5 iq v 'Zim-1 4 -- sLm?k- Air 3957551 FW' LAW I I 4 Page 4I2 RICHARD ACKLEY . O++umwa CARLTON J. ANDERSON Maraihon CHARLES R. S. ANDERSON Danbury ROBERT P. ANDERSON CenIerviIIe WILLIAM ANSLEY . Charilron CHARLES A. BARKER Iowa Ciiy OSCAR BEASLEY Omaha, NeIor. JACK BEDELL . . Spirir Lake BARNEY BERNARD . Erie, Pa. JOHN E. BOEYE Websier Ciiy LON BOND . . . Indiana, Pa. FRANCIS J. BRADLEY Bancroflr MAHLON BROWN Wim cheer JOHN BYERS .... Oman DEAN CARLSON . P+. Dodge OEOROE A. CARROLL Indiana, Pa. KENNETH L. CASSAT Ciarinda W. O. CIMPRICH Cedar Rapids JAMES W. CODDINOTON Moline, III. ADRIAN CRAWFORD Eioydada, Texas SIDNEY CURTIS . Charles Ciry JOI-IN DELANEY . . Clinion DALE DETLEFS . . Sioux Ciry MARY ANN DIEHL . Iowa Ciiy ROBERT DIEHL . . Sform Lake RICHARD DUNLAP WiIme+'re, III. RICHARD DUTHIE . . Anifa CLAIR FERGUSON Des Moines KENN ETH FILLENWARTH Sanborn KARL W. FISHER, JR. . Vinlron BLINZY GORE . Hinfon, W. Va. J. ROBERT GRAHAM Iowa Cify RICHARD GREEN . Sulrherland JERROLD HALLAM Riverside, III. HUBERT M. HART Eagle Grove EDWARD HARTMAN GuII'1rie Cenfer ALAN HAWLEY . . Richland MARVIN C. HAYWARD Independence MELVIN HECKT . . Iowa Ci+y HARVEY HINDT . Rock Rapids JAMES HINKLE . . Iowa Ciiy GEORGE HOFFMAN . . Leon JOHN H. HOLLEY . . CarroII HENRY A. HOLLIS . . Perry EARL E. HOOVER . Ouincy, III. RICHARD HUBER CI1arIes Ci+y JAMES W. HUDSON Pocanonfas EDWIN R. HUNTER Des Moines LAW Page 4I3 LAW Page 4I4 MARVIN IVERSON . DoIIiver RICHARD JORDAN . . Boone RODNEY JOY . . . De WIH ANTHONY KAUSPEDAS Sioux Cify JOSEPH C. KEEFE Charles CiIy ARNOLD KENYON . . Lewis EDWARD Y. N. KIM HonoIuIu, T. H. CHARLES A. KINTZINGER Dubuque LESTER L. KLUEVER . A+IanIic ROBERT KOHLAAS . . Algona FRANKLIN H. KREAMER . Exira WILLIAM LOUGHRAN Davenporf MICHAEL A. MARTIN BrooIcIyn, N. Y. DAVID MAYER . . Iowa CIIy WALTER J. MCCARTHEY Maquokefa THOMAS MCCRACKEN Iowa Ciiy WILLIAM MCKINLEY Des Moines KEITH A. MCNURLEN . Perry MOSS MEERSMAN . Iowa Cify JOHN L. MEISENHEIMER Iowa Cify MAX R. MILLER . Sform Lake IRA E. MORRISON WasI1IngIon THOMAS OLSON Emmefsburg ALBERT C. OMER . Ouincy, III. JACK C. OSBORNE . Wa+erIoo DONALD D. PAUL . Des Moines ERNEST PENCE . . . Tipion VINCENT POWERS . EI. Dodge JAMES PRICHARD Sform Lake JACK QUIGG . . Davenpori ELMER B. RAMSEY Eairbury, III. NORMAN REA . Bu1CfaIo, N. Y. JAMES W. REGER . Burlingfon ROBERT REIMER . . Schleswig LYNN RHOADS . Des Moines ROBERT K. RICHARDSON Jefferson WILLIAM RUTHER . Clarence WILLIAM H. RYAN Cedar Rapids JOHN M. SAGERS . Maquokeia PHILIP J. SCALETTA, JR. Sioux Ciry DICK R. SCHLEGEL Bloomfield CHARLES SCHORR Davenpori ASHER SCHROEDER Maquokefa ANTHONY R. SCOLARO Cedar Rapids DAVID SHAPE . . Camanche JOHN SHEA. . Cedar Rapids DONALD H. SITZ . Davenporf CLARK J. SLOAN . Manchesier LAW W' ' ' 'iwm Page 415 LAW Page 4I6 . ALLAN SMITH . . Moniezuma JAMES SMITH . . Iowa Ciiy LLOYD STARR . Cedar Rapids PHILLIP STASKUS . Iowa Ci+y PAUL SULHOEE . . Glenwood FREEMAN SWIFT . Des Moines DARWIN E. THORNTON Sioux Cify WILLIAM M. TUCKER . Aflaniic LESLIE TURNER . Independence DEAN WALLACE Kearney, Neb. WILLIAM WALLACE Williamsburg JAMES WILLIAMSON Manclwesfer DONALD G. WOLFF . Chicago CARROLL WOOD . Iowa Ciiy WILLIAM WOOD . . Chicago VICTOR K. YOUNG CI1arIes CiI'y LEO ZIFEREN. . . Davenpori 4 -as w 'ffww . iff Qi., W 1 l' K.. W T X wi A 'X Q f 5 . , , if iff P , F 1, 2, -,P M . , f F 1 , :tm ' , :fm r ,., 'R ii r ':-- ' tl I L ' , I . I t Tiff Aw M W 'WHIP' xi X, A .Z P ,a 5 MEDICINE Page 4I8 i , 7, W , ROBERT ARNOFFF . . . Iowa Cify JOHN BARDOON . . . Davenporf JACOUELINE BAUMEISTER Waukee MILDRED BONJEGERDES Beaver, Okla. BARTON C. BRIDGE . . SIorm Lake ELWYN BROWN . . . Belle Plaine CREIGHTON BRYAN . Phoenix, Ariz. DONALD K. CAMPBELL . Oskaloosa WILLIAM E. CONNOR WALTER DENNERT . . JOHN R. DORAN . . JOHN ECKSTEIN . . GAYLORD EDVENSON . PHILIP ENGLUND . . JUNE FISHER . . . FRANK FORSYTHE . . ROBERT H. HAYES. . ROBERT D. HEILMAN . DOROTHY HEUERMANN JOHN HOSTETTER . . Iowa Cify . Boone . Boone Iowa CiIy Williams Iowa Cify Colesburg . Albia Davenporf Sioux CiIy I-Iampion . Ames MARY HOSTETTER . ANSON HUGHES . JACK DARWIN . . ROBERT S. JAGGARD KRISS KERR ...... GILBERT KINYON . DALE KIRKEGAARD JOHN KOHLHAAS RALPH LAGONI . JACK LA RUE . . WILLIAM W. MACY MEYER MARKOVITZ . Ames Iowa Ci+y . Marion Iowa Cify Fairfield Iowa Ci+y Sioux Cify . Algona DavenporI . Dickens Iowa Ci'ry Iowa Cify KATHRYN J. MARSHALL Washingfon WILLIAM MCALLISTER . Sioux Cify EDGAR A. MEYER .... WaIcoH GORDON MINDRUM Minneapolis, Minn. CARLYLE MOORE .... Terril REX MOORE .... Shannon Cify EVERETT A. NITZKE . . Sform Lake STEPHEN O'BRIEN, JR. . Mason Cify MEDICINE Page 4I9 MEDICINE Page 420 DONALD N. ORELUP LAWRENCE ORTON ROBERT PAYTON . LOREN PETERSON . BENNY PINSKY . . JOI-IN POLICI-I . . ROBERT POWELL . . DONALD READING ROBERT REED . . FRED RICI-I . . . . . AIIoia Iowa Cify Belle Plaine Cherokee Iowa Ci+y Des Moines Mason Ci+y Iowa Cilry Iowa Cilry . Rippey I-IOWARD RULLIFSON . Iowa Ci+y ARNOLD RUSTIN . . . Iowa Ci+y CAMERON SELF . . Fredericksburg KENNETH SIEGRIST . . . Keokuk Cows SPENCER . . cedar Rapids lRvuNe SPRATT ,.... Ames ROY STRATTON .... Iowa CI+y ELEANOR STRATI-IMAN . EI. Dodge JOI-IN TYRRELL .... Edgewood DAVID G. WHITNEY . Independence 4. O 45? A, Kr. fsa.:4,gi,1-M.. o fs? Sa ' ji A ,gi l YF 'fix- ?'eMz :af hx 'Q F? 2 3 .ni-, NURSING Page 422 DORIS BALTZ . . . PosIviIIe DORIS BLECKER . . . Rock Rapids LAVERNE BOES ..... Ogden PI-IYLLIS BURT. . . Rock Island, III. DONNA J. CI-IICOINE Elk Point S. D. MARY T. COLLINS . . Des Moines JANANN CONNELL . . Dubuque LILLIAN COOPER .... Grinnell JULIA CORNISH . . . Des Moines LOUISE E. CRETCI-IER. . . Canfril BEVERLY ANN CROUSE . BIoomIieIoI VIRGINIA CRUM . . Dallas Cify, III. MARIAN EGGERS . . Mason, Mich. EILEEN EARNSWORTH . . . Solon CHARLENE FLICKINGER . Cherokee MURTIS GORDANIER . . PosIviIIe PI-IYLLIS GROVE . . . Des Moines LOIS GUTZ ...... Hampfon CLARICE I-IAESEMEYER . Ainsworfh JOYCE DELAINE I-IANSEN Cherokee LOIS HANSEN . . MARTHA HART . . GEORGIA HEIN . JUDITH HEMMYE . GERALDINE HILLIGER FELICIA HOPE . . . FLORENCE HOTTLE . . Presron BurIingIon Anamosa Burlingron Dundee Iowa Cify Iowa Ci+y WILHELMINA H. HORST . Iowa Cify ALICE JOHNSON . . MancI1esIer MARY KOCH . . . FI.AIkinsor1 JOY LAWRENCE . PATRICIA LIND . . AUDRIA MCCLATCHEY VIRGINIA MARTIN . . D. JANICE MILLER . . JEANNETTE MILLER . IRMA MITCHELL . . Cherokee BurIinqIon Maplefon . Osage Es'rI1ervIIIe Iowa Cify Brooklyn JESSIE MORRIS . . Rockwell Ci+y JANE ANN NEIBERT . . . Fairfield ELIZABETH NITZKE . . . Iowa Cify NURSING Page 423 NURSING Page 424 BETTY NOEL . . Norlh English EVELYN PETERSON Norlh English MARJORIE PRICE . . Glidden DOROTHY PRINCE. . Keolculc KATHLEEN M. PROUDFIT Runnells IRIS RATH . . Crallon, Neb. EDRIS RINELLA . . iowa Cily MARY Lou SANDBERG Algeria DOROTHY SCHULTZ siqaumey DoRoTHY SHELLMYER Burlinglon SHIRLEY SHORE . . Malcom JOAN SMITH . . Slale Cenler PEGGY SORENSON Des Moines JO ANN KALSEIM SPIESS El. Madison HAZEL STOAKES. . . Dysarl FRANCES STOEN . . Decorah NANCY STRACK Grundy Cenler GEORGIA STRIAN . Brooklyn JEAN STUTELBERG . Danville DOROTHY LOUISE SWARTZ Wolerloo RENEE TANGEMAN Gullenberg CELESTE WALL . . Hoplcinlon B. JANE WAYLAND . Henry, III. RUTHANN WIGIM Wesl Liberly MARTHA WILKINSON Anarnosa EVELYN WYGLE . Clarksville MARY LOU YENTER . Iowa Cily CGI I FGF OF PHARMACY PHARMACY Page 426 LYMAN BENNETT . . Council Bluffs GLENN E. BURGRAFF . Mason Cily ROY B. CANNON, JR. . Sioux Cily RALPH CHANSKY .... Solon DARWIN E. CLOE . Gullirie Cenler JAMES CONINE . . . Newlon HARVEY COONTZ . . . Walerloo CHARLIE COX . . Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM T. CUMMINGS Rockford, III. RICHARD DIEHL . . . Iowa Cily DON A. DOUTHITT . Morenci, Ariz. LOIS M. EMANUEL .... Marion GLENN EVANS . . Easl Moline, Ill. ROBERT FARLEY .... Grinnell LAURENCE FEAGIN Hendersonville, N. C. LOUIS ERANTZEN . . Mancliesler RONALD HAAS .... Waulcon CHARLES R. HARRINGTON Newlon RAY POTTS .... EDWARD ROSHEM . . . Kingsley Des Moines WALTER E. SCHIEL. JR. . Manclnesler DONALD HAYES . . ROGER HEALD . . ROBERT HUDGENS Maquolaela Wes? Branch . . Davenpori ROBERT JOHNSON . . . Spencer PAUL D. LEINER . Hoi Springs, Ark. WARREN H. MEYER HOWARD MILLER . ROBERT E. OHRLUND LYLE WAYNE OLSON JACK PERRYMAN . . . . Union . Iowa Cily . Iowa Ci+y . . Roland . . . Newlon CHARLES B. PETERSON . . Lenox WALTER PORTER . . Sioux Rapids HAROLD SCHRIEVER . . . Brislow WILLIAM SEHNERT . . Moline, III. JOHN E. SHEPHERD . . Farragul PHARMACY Page 427 I I , PHARMACY Page 428 4 GERTRUDE SIECK THOMAS SLATTERY ROLAND SPRATT . DARYL STAMP . . RAY SWART . . . Apron Iowa Cify . Oxford . Perry GrInneII RICHARD V. THEOBALD . Oelwein WINSTON TYLER .... Lenox RONALD LEE WATKINS . Wa+erIoo WILBUR H. WEERS . . . Elma KARL W. WHEAT . . Rockford, III. KENAN V. WHITE .... Oakland ROBERT WILCOX . . Hampshire, III. WAYNE W. WILLER . . Sioux Cify DONALD WINSLOW . . Iowa Ci+y HAROLD WOODLEY . . Shell Rock DELORES WRIGHT . . . CIarion A Aarons, Beverly, 193 Abbott, Robert, 326 Abraham, Sidney, 217 Abrahamson, Richard, 157 Marilyn, 189, 268 Ackley, Robert, 223 Adams, Donald, 1 54 Adams, Francis, 168 Adams, Georgia, 185 Adams, James, 160 Adams, Karilyn, 189, 268 Adams, - - , . PICTURE I DE Babcock, Theodore, 151, 154 Bacon, Gene, 227 Bacon, William, 213 Baeder, Donald, 213 Baher, G, William, 223, 251 Bagley, Betty, 183 Bahls, William, 305 Bailey, Cass, 326 Bailey, James, 163 Bailey, Lynn, 266 Bainter, Harlan. 221 Adler, Nancy, 179 Airth, Nancy, 191 Aitchison, James, 157 Albert, Thomas, 322 Albertson, Frank, 215 Albright, Richard, 151 Aldridge, James, 324 Aleshire, Edgar, 215 Alexander, George, 223 Alexander, Howard, 219 Baker John, 138, 144 Baker, Leo, 160 Baker, Margaret, 189 Baker, Martha, 179 Baker, Merrill, 278, 279 Baker, Morto.n, 229 Baker, Phyllis, 193 Baker Robert 223 Baldridge, Barbara. 185 Barker, Charles, 157, 292 Winifred. 191, 268 Allbaugh, Janet, 297, 299 Allee William, 166 Allen, Carol, 183 Allen Joe, 157 Allen, Phyllis, 195 Allen, Richard, 94, 143 Allen, Alling, John, 235 Allison, Mary, 238, 298 Alsager, Kenneth, 211 Altenbern, John, 309 Alter, Robert, 161. 270, 271 Amend, Ralph, 219 Amick, Richard, 231 Amidon, Perry, 306 Andelfinger, Rozanne, 195 Anderson, Betty, 171, 295 Anderson, Carlton. 157 Anderson, Clyde, 233 Anderson, Conrad, 322 Anderson, Dale, 305, 324 Anderson, Don, 157 Anderson George, 144 Anderson Harold, 151 Anderson Harry, 205 Anderson John, 223 Anderson Margaret. 268 Anderson Anderson Marilyn B., 185 Marilyn Lee. 303 Anderson Mary, 185. 302 Anderson, Norman, 223 Anderson, Paul, 136 Anderson, Robert, 231 Anderson, Robert P.. 157, 159 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson , Roger, 211 Shirley, 238 Troy, 297 Truman 146 Andich, Sandra, 197 Andich. Marvin, 157 Andreasen. Helen, 139 Andrew, Dorothy, 199 Andrews, Robert, 323, 326 Angle. John, 235 Ankrum. Leonard. 221 Anneberg, Allen, 136, 219 Angnjgberg, Mary, 187, 296, 298, Ansley, William, 158 Anundsen. John. 229 Aooleby, Ralph, 322 Anoleman, Francine, 38, 277, 298. 299 Archie. Louise, 195 Arganbright. Annabelle, 183 Ariens, Phyllis. 183 Arkin. Alan, 217 Arkoff, Harold, 161 Arndt, Robert, 215 Arnesen, Kenneth, 168 Arp. Mary, 193 Arthur, James, 251 Ashley, Shirley, 249 Ashton, Carol, 177 Ashton, John, 149 Atkinson, Kenneth, 158 Auburn, Maureen, 162, 181 Auer, George, 140 Auner, Margaret, 193 Ausdal, Robert, 168 Avery, Harriett, 185 Avery, James, 303 Barloon, John, 144 Barnes, Forrest, 213 Barnes, James, 229 Barnes, Robert, 215 Barnhouse, Patricia, 161, 238, 242, 298 Barra, Raymond, 159 Barron, Roy A., 209 Barron, Roy N.. 268 Barrowcliff, Felicia. 296 Bartels, Beverly, 189, 298 Bartels, Edward. 140 Barth, Mary, 161, 199 Bartlett, Edwin. 155 Barton, Inez, 179 Barton, Lily, 242 Basler, Phyllis, 177 Bastron. Robert. 229 Bates, Betty, 181, 242 Bates. Charlotte. 185. 268 Bauch, John, 159. Bauer. James. 144 Bale, Hugh, 163 Ball. Lloyd, 211 Ball. William, 105, 215, 324 Ballah. Alice, 181 Ballard, John. 160 Ban. Doris, 197 Banks, Earl. 69 Banks, Keith, 322 Banwart. Harold, 145 Barile, Franklin. 211 Bauer, Joanne, 187 Bauer, William. 219 Baughman. Donald. 233 Baumeister. Jacoueline, 139 Baumer, Esther. 197 Bawden, .Tames. 207, 207 Bawden. Robert. 225 Beach. James. 209. 323 Beals, Robert. 231 Beam, Donald. 211 Bean. Merle, 149 Beasley. Oscar. 156. 160 Beatty. Marilyn, 228. 241, 242 Beatty. Samuel. 250 Beauchamp. Suzanne. 177 Beck. Charles. 126 Beck. Richard. 153. 227 Becker, Donald. 280 Becker, Paul. 223 Beckman. Kathryn. 249. 302 Beckstrom. Roger, 209 Bedell. Jack. 159 Beekman, Bonnie, 115, 189 Beer, John. 225 Beers. Shirley. 191 Beiderbecke, Charles. ?07 Beiderbecke. Richard. 207 Bekman. N. Louise. 132, 187, 278. 280, 298. 312 Belkin. Herbert. 217 Bell. .Tames. 323, 328 Bell. Ruel. 303 Beller, Barbara. 115 241 Benda, Miles, 92. 233 Benda, Thomas. 143 Bender, Barbara, 191 Bender, Doris, 244 Bender, Jack, 229 Bendixen, Dona, 177 Benedict, George, 157 Benfer, Virginia, 193 Bening, Arnett, 166, 235 221 Benjegerdes, Mildred, 138, 13 Bennett, Maynard, 151 Beno, George, 207 Benson, James, 259 Benson, Robert, 235 Berens, Burdette, 140, 322 Berg, Ben, 140 Berg, John, 323 Berg, Kenneth, 211 Berg, Roberta, 191 Bergeson, Milo, 207 Bergman, Kenneth, 209, 324 Berkstresser, Beverly, 301 Bernard, Barney. 157 Bernard, Elber, 305 Berner, Raymond, 149 Bernstein, Martin, 306 Berry, Thompson, 160 Betar, Samuel, 211 Better, James. 153 Beu. Jo, 191, 298 Bevins, Nancy, 193 Bhatia, Vishnu, 303 Bickel, Alan, 166 Bickert, Roderick, 69, 231 Bickford, Burton, 146 Bickley, Emil. 151 Bieber, Rae, 207 Bielefeld, Arthur, 99 Bigelow, Phillip, 312 Billing, Robert, 166 Bingham, James, 152 Bireline. Robert. 153 Birka, Donald. 151 Birks, Mary, 187. 302 Bitzer, Joseph, 309 Bixby, Barbara. 177 Bixler, Mary, 177 Bjork, Harlan, 253, 327 Blad, Wallace. 151 Blake, Alice, 179 Blaser, Frank, 209, 323 Blauer. John. 305 Blaul. Joan, 187 Blenderman. Ronald, 323 Blesie, Harold. 259 Block, Kenneth, 223 Block. Marilyn. 197 Blomster. Wesley. 213 Bloom, Clark. 295 Bloom, Melvin, 94 Bloom. Wilma. 199 Bloomburg, Albin, 99. 219 Bloxom, Barbara. 162. 267 Bluestone. George, 259 Blum, Reba. 197 Blumer, Philip, 163 Blunck, Ralph. 305 Bockenstedt, .Toan, 241 Bockenstedt. Paul, 151 Boege, Donald. 168 Boehm. John, 211 Boes, Delores, 246 Boes, Laverne. 53, 247 Boeye, John. 159 Bogue, Richard. 155. 205 Bohnenkamn. Phyllis, 181 Bohnsack. Paul. 151 Bonnell, John, 213 Bootjer. Bettv. 191 Bordewlck, Kathryn, 115, 17 193, 268 Bordy. Judith, 197 Boreman, Joan. 185 Bosshart, Gerald. 225 Bosshart. Richard, 225 Boston. Marcellus, 102 Bostwick. Robert. 69, 323 Bothell. Alfred. 149 Bondreaux, Carol, 195 Bowers, Jeannine. 191 Bowers. Paul. 205 Bowie, Kenneth, 146 Boyd. John. 223. 323 Boyle. Marilyn. 179 Bradley, Francis, 158, 264 Bradley, Harold, 69 Bradley, Marilyn. 182 Bragdon. Elizabeth, 189 Brahce. Carl. 163 Brainerd. Robert. 294 Brammann, Shirley. 247 Brammerlo. Allen, 151 Brandenburg., 193 Brandon, Charles, 221 Brandt, Duane, 69, 75 9 5. Brandt, Margaret, 179 Brannan, William, 233 Braverman, Annette, 197 Breaw, Richard, 168 Brechwald, Dolores, 185 Brecunier, James, 223 Bredensteiner, Kay, 215 Bremer, Ralph, 303 Brettman, James, 328 Brewer, Earl, 233 Brewer, Erwin, 168 Brickman, Audrey. 197 Bridge, Barton, 144 Bridges, Donald, 160 Briggs, Charles, 145 Briggs, Geraldine, 185 Bright, Nadine, 189 Bringle, Jean, 181 Brink, Paul. 163 Brinkman, Donald, 166, 219, 323 Bristol, Charles, 309 Bristol, Joe. 309 Bristow, John, 215. 324 Britton, Charles, 211 Broadston, James, 231 Broberg, Zoe, 247 Brockman, Melvin. 323 Broderick, Jack, 159 Brody, Renee, 197 Broeder, Otto, 207 Broeker, John, 209 Broer, Robert, 229 Broms, John, 215 Bronson, Louis, 213 Brooke, Thomas, 227 Brookhart, Katherine, 241 Brooks, Edward, 137 Brooks, Wayne, 158 Brose, Robert, 296 Brotman, Sherwin. 217 Brower, Herbert, 253 Brower, Lester, 306 Brown, Brown, Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown . Brown, Brown, Alvin, 151 Benjamin, 160 Douglas. 213 ,EHlsworth,153,154 Jane, 179 Joseph. 266 Keith, 102, 253 Norma, 249 Robert, 233 Sharon, 181 Browne, Edward, 151, 305 Brownley. Shirley, 159 Bruce, Albert, 209 Bruce, Mary. 303 Bruemmer, Rick, 225 Bruggenwirth, -Jo Ann, 177 Bruntlett. Don. 219 Brush, Milo, 215 Bryan, Arthur. 250 Bryan, Creighton. 140 Bryan, Robert, 229 Bryan, Wells. 157. 160, 309 Bryson, Fredda, 179 Buchanan, Lee, 305. 322 Buck. James, 145. 146 Buckingham. Ruth. 161 Buckles, Robert. 140. 306 Buckley, Jane, 66. 242 Buckner. Nancy, 199 Buckwalter. Joan, 310 Budelier. Eugene. 225 Buescher, Lawrence, 221 Buettell, .Ioan, 249 Bullard, James A., 211 Bullard, James R.. 227 Bullock, David. 223. 324 Bullock. James. 69 Bunce, John, 223, 280 Bundt, Lyle. 149 Buntz. Andrew, 69, 72 Burbridge. Charles, 132 Buresch, Theodore, 253 Burgdorf. Theodore. 168 Burger, Lawrence, 151 Burke, Gerald. 225 Burke, John, 168 Burke, Joseph, 145, 146 Burke, Robert, 140 Burkhardt, Robert. 136 Burns, Jack, 324, 326 Burns, Vincent, 305 Burrell, Barbara, 191 Burrell, David, 219 ewzgsmrvfr ' 6 ' 1 l l l l Page 429 innaniwn-nd 4 Burrill, Maybelle, 195 Burt, Virginia, 130. 174, 139 Chronis, Molly, 177 Church, Patricia, 189 Burton, Roberts, 219 Busch, Robert, 99, 223 Bush, Harriet, 241 Bushnell, Richard. 326 Butler, James, 305 Butts, Donald, 149 Buxton, Shirley, 185 Bye, Bill, 102, 253 Byers, John, 156, 160 Byram, Burns, 140, 322 C Cimprich, Willmer, 159 Cirks, Irvin. 151, 155, 209 Clappison, Gordon, 143, 322 Clark, Arthur, 322 Clark, Bruce, 211 Clark, George, 213 Clark, Mac, 205 . Clark, Margaret, 243, 244 Clark, Orliff, 211 Clarke, Patti, 191 Clausen, Frederick. 303 ,,,,,,,,,,,Y.Y,tv.. ..- V , ,..-.2-.,..., ' Currant, Howard, 205 Curry, Thomas, 157 Curtis, Merriel, 241, 276, Curtis, Robert, 223 Cuthbertson, Richard, 168 Cutler, Henry, 157, 217 Cutler, Richard, 209 ID Daasch, Robert, 211 Dahl, Eldon, 99, 207 Dahl, Harry, 99, 209 Dahlber Barbara, 199 Caba, Jan ies, 233 Cadwalader, Ardith, 199 Cady, George, 294 Cady, John, 99 Cady, Philip, 99 Cahill, William, 158 Cahn, Otto, 306 Calhoon, George, 166, 259 Camp. Frank, 221, 323 Campbell, Barbara, 1 89 Campbell, Bonnie, 187 Campbell, Charles, 160 Campbell, Joe, 233 Campbell, Marjorie, 130, 191, 244, 298, 311 Campbell, Robert, 297 Campbell, Suzanne, 179 Canedy, Margaret, 183 Cannon, M. Louise, 1 87 Cannon, Roy, 225 Caplan, Arnold, 69. 102 Carlson, Albert, 326' Carlson, Astrid, 195 Carlson, Frederic. 151 Carlson, Jack. 229 Carlsten, Paul, 211 Clausen, Pauline, 189 Clay, Donald, 233 Clayton, Ben, 297, 306 Cleary, Mary, 181 Clemens, Albert, 143. 322 Clifton, Doublas, 323 Clithero, Thomas, 161, 231 Cochran, Walter. 166, 312 Cockshoot, Ralph, 136 Coddington, James, 157 Coe. Richard, 106 Coffin, Elizabeth, 139 Coffman. Robert, 231 Cohen, Deborah. 115 Cohe.n, Leah, 197 Cohen, Sheila, 197 Cohen, William. 217 Cohn, Gilbert, 217 Cohrs, Robert, 69. 231 Colberg, Rollyn, 221 Cole, Larry, 149 Cole, Patricia, 139 Cole, Susan. 175 Coleman, William, 225 Collentine. Elizabeth, 246 gl U Dailey, Mary, 191 Daine, William, 213 Daisley, David, 231 Daisley, Edwin, 231, Daisley, Jane, 187 Daly, David, 157 Dancer, Jo, 187 Dandos, Phillip, 136 Daniels, Robert, 326 Danielson, Dorothy, 191, 297 Dannacher, Paul, 305 Darling, Charles, 219 Daubenberger, Joan, 241 Davenport, Gwenllyn, 189 Davenport, Raymond, 219, 303. 310, 312 Davidsaver. Thomas. 105 Davidson, Darrell, 327 Davidson, Donald, 235 Davidson, Harold, 251, 294 Carman, Kenneth, 92 Carney, Melvin. 225 Carpenter, Fred, 229 Carpenter, Jack, 219 Dunitz, Casady, Coober. Carr, Jean, 195 Carroll, Charles, 266 Carroll, Harold, 160 Carroll, Harry, 137 Carroll, John, 231 Carson David, 205 Cars0n'Inane,3s.1s7 Carsten Carsten sen, David J., 149 sen, David N., 215 Carstensen, Jack. 215 Carter, Frank. 158 Carter, Howard, 144 Carter, Kenneth, 163 Carter. Laura, 139 Cary, Robert, 231 Donald J.. 85. 305 Collins, Alice, 139 Collins, Florence. 241 Collins, John, 102 Collins, John Joseph, 158, 159 Collins, Thomas. 229 Colville, Richard. 38, 211, 294 Colwell, Betty 244 Combs Suzanne 1 Davis, Dorothy, 183 Davis, Emery, 133 Davis, Jack, 276, 309 Davis, James, 229 Davis, Laura, 171 Davis. Marilyn. 179 Davis, Max, 321. 324 Davis Severt, 102 Davis, William, 312 Davis 310 , William G., 219, 303, , , .. 79 Commack, William. 69, 71 Compton, Earle, 155 Concannon, Robert, 168, 295 Conn, George. 219 Connell, Janann. 247 Conner, Joyce, 185 Conner, Robert, 211. 294 Connor, Kathleen, 238 Connor. William. 138 Conrad, James. 215 Conrad. Paul. 215 Cook, Keith. 132 Coon, Wnndel, 227 Charles. 161. 271 Casady. Donald R.. 323 Casey, Mildred, 171, 249 Casey. Neal, 213 Cassidy. Joan, 179 Castle, Ruthanne, 197 Castleman, Ester. 197 Cathcart, Earl, 166. 229, 295 Caudill, George, 143 Caudle, Harold, 144 Cawelti. Donald, 157 Celke, Ruth, 238. 241. 242 Chadima, Donald, 161, 207 Chadima, Glenn, 205 Chalstrom, Obert, 160 Chalupsky, Merle, 235 Chalupsky, Paul, 153 154 Chamberlain, Thad, 219 Chang, She-wo, 133 Chapman, Charles, 144 Chapman, Elaine, 242 Chapman, Gordon, 106 Chapman, Norris, 160 Chapman, Robert. 163 Charlton, Crai 231 E, William. 159 Charlton. Chehak. Sheryl, 164, 191, 297 Chelf, Rose, 298 Cherniss. Edward, 143. 322 Cheyne, Catherine. 189 Cheyney. Jane. 187 Choitz. John, 136 Chopek, Carol. 179, 303 Christensen, Frances, 303 Christensen, George, 253 Christensen, Holger, 69, Christensen, John, 149, 322 Christensen, Raymond, 140 Christensen, Robert, 159 Christensen, Roger, 168 Christensen, Richard, 136, 326 Christian, Jack, 219 Christian, John, 223 Christiansen, Marvin, 211 Page 430 Cobeland, Frank. 205 Coneland. .Tack-, 102, 137, 253 Copeland. Walter. 168, 323 Coouess. Ralph. 161 Cofiuillette. Peter. 225 Corcoran. William. 264 Cords. Mary. 193 296 Cornell, Corwin. '278, 280. 3072 Cornick, Richard 215, 309, 324 Cornish, Julia. 247 Cornish, Lawrence. 305 Cornish. Robert. 144 Cornwall. Margaret. 193 Cosirrlff, Robert. 229 Costello, Eugene. 161 Coulson, Roger. 296 Coulter, Chan. 136 Covert, Carolvn. 191 Coyne. Ronald, 225 Crambit. Joan, 191 Crandall. Richard, 160 CFPUIG, Charles T.. 207. 325 Crane, Charles W.. 207 Crary, William, 159 Craven, George. 322 Crawford, Adrian. 157 Crawford. John. 166 Creel. James, 213 Cress. Donna. 302 Crews. Ari. 306 Croker. Mary. 139 Crone. Robert. 168 Cronin. Dennis. 158 Croot. Darrel, 233 Crosier, Dale. 303 Crouch, William, 322 Crouse, Donald, 227 Crowley, Ward, 161, 266 Crum, Robert, 219 Cruse, James, 233 Cudworth, Charles. 221 Culhane, James, 325 Cummings, William, 137 Dawkins, Jack, 321, 323, 328 Dawson, Lyle, 251 Dawson, Ursula, 191, 302 Day, David, 133 Day, Jacoueline, 177 Day. Marjory, 199. 299, 311 Daykin. Robert, 227 DeBondt, L. Jeanne, 177 Dechert, Mable, 244 Deegan. James, 158 DeGraff. Lucia, 179 Deike. Donald. 253 Deitchler. Lee, 253 DeJong, Henry, 145, DeJung, Joh.n, 280 Delaney. John, 157 Dellos, George. 219 Del Vecchio, Mary. DeMeulenaere, Robert, 253 Dennert, Walter, 322 Denning. Charles. 69 Denew, Robert, 266 DePron, Wayne. 157 DeProspero, David, 69 DeRegil, Francisco, 251 DeReus, Elizabeth, 189 Detlefs. Dale, 160 Deuel. Dean. 69. 102 DeVilbiss, Patricia. 164, 183 DeVoe. Robert, 306 DeWitt. Maribeth, 175, 1129 Digg? Richard, 131, 205, 272, Dickens, James, 305 Dickey, Robert. 159 Dickinson, L. Call, 231 Dickinson, Robert, 38. 213 Dickison. Virginia. 278, 279 Diddy, Killeen, 195 Diddy, Klaudette, 195 Diehl, Mary, 155. 156 146 244 Diehl, Robert, 157 Diekmann, Edward, 205, 280 278, Diekmann. Richard. 235 Dietz DuWa ne 1 , Y . 02 Digges, Reid, 159 Dillon, Patricia, 185 DiMarco. Alfonso. 69, 171, 30 Dingle, Cyrena, 185 Dinzole, John, 219 Dittmer, Arthur, 149 Dittmer, Jack, 69. 75, 76, 227 Ditto, Winston, 140 Divine, Laurence. 211 Dobson, Dona. 171. 249 Docktorman, Jay. 217 Dodd, Charles, 219 Dodd, Wanda, 191 Dodds, Dolores, 181 ,...,,4 1-wr. 5 Dodge, Barbara, 193 Dodge, Dorothy, 139 Donahey, James, 225, 268 Donnel, Billy, 205 Dooley, John, 131, 163 Doolittle, Elizabeth. 195 Doornink, Alma, 195 Doornink, James. 219 Doran, Arthur, 233, 297 Doran, John, 144 Doran, Richard, 231 Doran, Shirley, 177 Dorn, Dan, 229 Dorn, Norma. 181 Dorr, Mary, 241 Dorsey, Thomas, 209. 268 Doscher, Theodore, 213 Dotson, Louie, 94 Dougherty, James. 158 Dow, James, 223. 323 Dowd, Patricia, 238 Downey, Eugene, 140 Downs, Margaret, 183 Doxsee, George, 143 Drahn, Glenn, 69, 75. 78 Drahn, Jacqueline, 181 Draves, Duane, 67, 99 Drebes, Raymond. 149 Drees, Charles, 166 Dubansky. Elizabeth. 175, DuBois, Marilyn, 179 DuBois, William, 209 Duckett, Marilyn, 195, 298 Ducommun, Ethel. 115 Duffle, Edward, 227 Duggan, Earle, 94, 102 Duhigg, Ann, 181 Duhigg. Jay, 160 Duke, Calvin, 221 Duke, Ralph, 163, 253 197 Dunbar James, 158 Dunbar, Lawrence, 99, 253 Duncan E. Jean, 161 Duncan, Leland. 219 Duncan, Richard, 209, 297 Duncan, Robert, 209 Norman. 140 Dunley, James, 321, 324 Dunny, Harry, 231 Durey, Kenneth, 205 Durr, Joan, 193 Duthrie, Richard, 157, 250 Dvorsky, Donald, 153 Dwigans. Barbara, 115 Dwyer. James. 161 Dyer, Jack, 266 E Eads, William, 136 Eastburn, Charles, 231 Eastman, Forest, 158 Easton, James, 140 Eaton, Edward, 233 Ebersole, Robert, 221 Ebert, William, 251, 280 Eckhardt, Walter, 211 Eckstein, John, 322 Eden, Donald, 235 Edge, Robert, 235 Edgren, Marjorie, 139 Edvenson, Gaylord, 143 Edwards, Cleo, 168 Edwards, Harold, 146 Edwards, Melvine. 323 Egeland, Robert, 213 Egert, Mary, 191 Egertson, Jack, 215 Eggleston, Suzanne, 161, 187 Egli, Ida. 238 Ehrich, Glen, 213 Ehrle, Rose, 249, 292 Eichacker, Otto Eicher, Charles, 138. 251, 322 Eickelberg, James, 221 Eisele, Harry, 168 Eisler, Gloria, 197 Elgin, Joan, 183 Ellersich, Joyce, 244 Elliott, Lorna, 191 Elliott, Mary, 177 Ellis, John, 209, 323 Elman, Shirley, 162, 266, 268 Ely, Harry, 161 Emanuel, Lois, 164 Emerson, Richard, 151 Emmons, Wayne, 105 Emrich, Herbert, 233 Enabnit, Ted, 158 Engel, Wallace, 166 Engelbert, Jacqueline, 177 Engelbrecht, Elaine, 199 Engels, Frank, 94. 205 Engler, Robert, 259 f -in -W ' Edwards, Donalt, 151, 196, 212 Englund, Philip, 144 Engman, Nancy, 197 Epstein, Arthur, 217 Erdenberger, Richard, 67. 102 Erickson, Maxine, 130, 174, 195. 298 Erickson, William. 221 Ervin, Robert, 146 Eschbach, Phyllis, 195 Eschen, Harold, 257 Estes, Betty, 242 Ethington, Dale, 151 Etter, Barbara, 249 Evans, Eleanor, 187 Evans, James, 227 Evans, Mary, 189 Evans, Nancy, 187 Evans. Robert. 155 Everett, Len, 65 Eversman, George, 142 Eversmeyer, Susan, 193 I, . Fahrenkrog, Donald, 166 Fahrner, Betty, 179 Fahrner, James. 207 Faigen, Zan, 217 Fairchild, Ronald, 69 Faldet, Burton, 292 Falk, Helen, 197 Falkenhainer, Tasker, 324 Falkoff, Anna. 238 Fall, Jane, 199 Fallis, Donald, 132, 168 Fanter, oJan, 175, 179 Far.nsworth, Eileen, 246 Farren, James, 326 Fzzsgke, Jerold, 69, 72, 77, 78, Feay, Darrell, 279, 280, 306 Feay. Donald, 151 Feblowitz, Gerald, 38, 306 Fein, Judell. 197. 302 Feldman, Ronald, 259 Felt, Donna, 181 Felter, Margaret, 185 Fenlon, Charles, 140 Fenner, Norinne. 195 Fenton, Anne, 191 Fenton, John, 223 Ferguson, Claire, 155, 156 Ferguson, John. 223 Fideler, Tyrus, 146 Fields. Lester. 102. 323 Fifield, Harvey. 322 Figge, Erwin. 151 Fillenwarth. Kenneth, 157 Finders, Lois, 191 Fine. Alfred. 253 Finkbine, Sally, 187 Finn, Michael, 163 Fisher. Rodney, 205 Fish. Jacqueline. 187 Fishbaugh, Jacouelyn, 195 Fisher, Joan, 181 Fisher,, 139 Fisher, Mary, 199 Fisher, Robert. 213 Fisher, Sally, 244 Fishk, Nancy,'179 Fitch, Robert, 215 Fitchett, Vernon, 143 Fitzgerald, Jack. 205 Fitzgerald. Thomas. 205 Flanders. Bernard. 155 Fleischhacker. Rudy, 205 Fleming, Paul, 154 Fletcher, John, 106, 215, 268, 323 Flick. George. 233 Flieder, Donald, 146 Flindt, Gretchen, 193 Flodin, Carolyn. 191, 268 Flores, Daniel. 324 Abigail, 238 Flynn, Flynn, Gordon, 140 Folke, Stuart, 149 Folsom, Richard, 149 Fontaine, Richard. 323 Fontana, Mary. 249 Ford, David. 151 Ford. Robert, 150 Ford. Robert R.. 235, 303 Forney. James, 268 Forshay, Alanna, 179 Forsyth, Gordon. 205 Forsythe, Dorothy. 139 Forsythe, Frank, 143 Foss, John, 322 Fosselrnan, Earl, 158 Fosselman, Gregory, 163 Foster, Jack, 233 Fo3s62er, Margaret, 195, 298, Foster, Mary, 65 Foster, Rex, 146 Foulke, Stuart, 145, 322 Fout, Florence, 177 Fox, Beulah, 115 Francis, Marion, 297 Franson, Doris, 161, 199 Frantz, Thomas, 211 Franzwa, Gregory, 161 Fraseur, George, 149 Frazier, Charles, 157, 158, 211 Fredericks, Charles, 211 Fredericks. Emilie, 193 Fredrick, Marilyn, 185 Freeman, Robert, 217 Freerksen. Floyd, 221 Freitag, Walter, 219 Frevert, John, 146 Frey. Merle, 303 Freyder, Joan, 185 Freyder, Kathryn, 185 Freyer, Douglas, 257 Friedman, Wilbur, 38 Friedrichsen, Lucille, 199 Friend. James, 215 Frish, Dean, 146 Fritchen, Dean. 207. 268. 297 Fritcher. Ted, 219. 303, 324 Froelich, Gerald Frohwein, Joan, Frost, Alan, 209 Frost. Lois. 183 Frumkin, Victor, 217 Fry, David, 326 Fry, Martha, 187 Fryauf, Donald. 69, 223 Fryer. Laird, 215 Frymire, Joyce. 199 Fuhrman, Frank, 144 Fujimoto, Nancy, 298 Fuller, Joan, 183 , 211 195 Fuller, Margaret, 162, 183, 268 Fuller, Ray, 151 Fulton, John, 161. 266 Fulton. Robert, 159 Funk, Sue, 193 Funke, Anneliese, 115 G Galloway. Robert. 215 Gamble, John, 323 Gannon, Harold, 251 Gannon, James, 144 Gannon, Velma, 197 Gardner, Jack, 140 Gardner, Victor, 322 Garnatz, Neil, 168 Garner, Gordon, 205 Garst, Edward, 99. 227 Garten, William, 159. 231 Gassman. James. 151 Geary, Riley, 143 Gehrke, Lucretia. 164, 195 Geigel, Robert, 69. 75, 78, 211 Geiger, Richard, 149 Geiselman, Roy. 233 Gelatt, Rod, 163 Gelber, Avis, 177 Gelberg, Anita. 244 Gendler, Annette, 241 George, Wilfred, 155, 233 Gerard, Howard, 151 Gerard, Stephen, 160 Gerdes, Richard. 223 Germansky, Eunice, 197 Gessner, Ira, 217 ' Getman, Richard. 235 Gettys, Gene, 215 Ghrist, Thomas, 207 Gibbons, William. 105, 235 Gibson, Richard. 223 Gierke, Jane, 193 Gilbert, Kay. 238 Gilbertson, John. 149 Giles, Marilyn. 177 Gillett, Roy, 143 Gillette, Bert, 276 Gilmer, Robert. 219 Gilson, Anne, 191. 308, 312 Giltner, John, 227 Ginger, John, 235 Ginsberg, Louis. 69. 79, 217 Ginsberg. Phyllis. 249 Girard, Charles. 253 Girard, Sylvia, 215 Glade, Calvin. 306 Glade, Fred, 149 Glass, Sandra. 197 Glattly, Joseph. 225 Glendinning, Elizabeth. 191 Glenn, Gene. 131. 257, 294, 303 Glen.n, Robert, 306 Gletzer, John, 266 Glick, Mary, 187, 298 1 -.... i- . . T.. -1-H. 1 Glotfelty, Clarence, 209 Goaghagan, Raymond, 233 Goetz, Carl, 158, 209 Gold, Harold, 161 Goldberg, Helen, 302 Goldenberg, Sidney, 322 Goldman, Maureen, 197 Goltman, Sue, 181 Gonzalez, Julio, 225 Gonzalez, Richard. 133, 166 Goode, Robert, 207 Goodner, Margaret, 195 Goodnow, Margaret. 181 Goodnow, Robert. 223 Goodrich, Marjorie, 249 Goos, Roger,,305 Goostree, Robert, 133 Gordon, Carolyn. 161. 187 Gordon, Elizabeth, 130, 174, 193 Gordon, Jack, 158 Gordon, Milton, 217 Gordon, Miriam, 197 Gordon Robert, 215 Gordon: William, 209, :zoo Gorman, Sidney. 151 Goslin, Fred, 138 Gossman, Mary. 183 Gould, John, 133 Gould, Larry, 225 Gould. Norris, 159 Gow, Donna. 189 Graham, Helen, 115 Graham. John, 159 Grahl, Charles, 159 A Grahl, Robert, 321, 323 Grant, Helen, 179 Grant, Lloyd, 149 Grant. Shirley, 177 Grater, Richard, 219 Gray, Jack, 156. 159 Gray, Mary. 266 Green, Marvi.n, 143, 144, 32, Green, Patricia. 199 Green, Polly, 193 Green. Richard. 157 Greenberg, Hilda. 238, 241 Greene, DeReef, 102 Greene, William, 69 Greenstein. Morev. 217 Gregg, Arthur, 251 Gregg, Margaret, 189 Gregory, Donald. 69 Greiwe, Jeanne, 295. 296 Grey, J Griesbach, Henry, 99, 251, 321 Griffin, GriiTith acqueline, 181 Gordon. 21 9 Donald. 1 46 Grimth: Richard, 227, 297 Griffith , Robert, 136 Gritiilth, Sylvia, 1 91 Gridilth Thomas 207 294 Griffithj Williamy. 155', 305 Grimes Perry. 322 Grindef Douglas. 215 Grissel, James. 231 Gronna. Amy. 185. 292, 310 Gross, Harold. 221 Gross, Richard, 322 Grossman. Greta. 161, 197 Grove, Harry. 223 Gruesal, Fred, 227 Gustafson. Jo Ann, 191 Gutfreund. James. 223 Guthrie, Don, 213, 272, 280, 296 Gutterman, Julian, 217, 306 Gutz, Lois. 245 Guy, Marian, 195 Haack, Esther, 183 Habbinga, Margaret, 247 Habermann, William, 324 Haberstroh. Colleen, 139 Habhab. Albert, 159 Hade. Marjorie, 181 Hearther, Lester. 153, 154 Hagan, James, 229 253 Hagen, Eugene, 168, 205, 323 328 Hake, Marshall, 323 Hakes, Donald. 305 Hakes, Ledgard, 223 Halbach, Edward. 207 Halbach, Jean, 181 Halbach, Joseph, 207 Hale, Don, 146 Hale, Martha. 193 Hall, John, 159 Hall, Nancy, 191 Hallam, Jerrold, 156, 158 Halliburton, James, 231 v Halton, Frederick, 235 Halverson, Marlys, 179 Hamann, Harold, 225 Hamiel, Norman, 160, 250 Hamilton, Dawn, 177, 303 Hamilton, Leland, 309 Hamilton, Leslie, 221 Hammer, Richard, 306 Hammerberg, Herbert, 225 Hammes, Roman, 235 Hamstreet, Wilbur, 157 Hancher, Charles, 205 Hancock, Arthur, 161 Hancock, John, 207 Hand. Jack, 305 Handley, Mary, 177 Haney, Delores, 183 Hanger, Herbert, 253 Hanlon, Mary, 185 Hansen, Darrel, 219 Hansen, Joelle, 130, 155 Hansen, Robert, 146 Hansman, John, 306 Hanson, Charles, 215 Harder, Virgil, 166 Hardersen, Barbara, 189 Hardinger, Naida, 115, 249 Hardy, Charles, 326 Hardy, Dorothy, 247 Harger, Wayne, 132, 166 Hargrove, John, 229 Haring, Mary, 249 Harlow, Jules, 217 Harms, Henry, 235 Harold, Donald, 168 Harold, Richard, 225. 323 Harover, William, 205 Harper, Craig, 102, 207 Harris, George, 133 Harris, James, 146 Harris, John, 65 Harris, Keith, 159 Harris, Keith, 229 Harris, Norman, 172 Harris, William, 94 Harrison. Donald, 250, 309 Harsha, Harold, 159 Hart, David, 99, 326 Hart, Hubert, 158, 276 Hartley, Jack, 166, 259 Hartman, Edward, 160 Hartsell, Dale, 233 Hartsock, Robert, 151, 154 Hartsook, 105 Harvey, Robert, 151 Harvey, Shirley, 174. 177, 298 Hasemeyer, Clarke, 247 Hass, Ronald, 225 Hasselman, Ruth, 199 Hastings, Eugene, 294 Hastings, John, 144, 322 Hasty, Dean, 168 Hatfield, Mary, 139 Hathaway, Alan, 149. 322 Hauer, Kurt, 155, 221 Haun, Philip, 324 Hauser, Patricia, 177, 268 Havercamp, Virginia. 189 Hawley, Alan, 157: 309 Hayes, Donald, 131 Hayes, Lawrence, 155 Hayes, Martha, 268 Hayes, Robert, 322 Hays, Donald, 215, 296 Hays, Helen, 38, 193 Hays, John, 223, 295 Hays, Theodore, 323 Hayward, Marvin, 160 Hayworth, David, 157, 306 Hearst, Jo Anna, 302 Heaton, Robert, 161 Heckt, Melvin. 159 Hedlin, John, 215 Hedlund, Harry, 132, 166 Heeger, Jack, 217 Heggen, Howard, 168 Heilman, Robert, 140 Hein, Charles, 99 Hein, Georgia, 246 Heist, Erwin, 140, 322 Heldt, Frank, 233 Heller, Carla, 195 Helm, Donald, 168 Helseth, Carleton, 229 Hemingway, Richard, 159 Hemmye, Judith, 247 Hemrich, Charles, 215 Henderson, Frances. 130, 185 Hendrickson, Carl, 229 Heneks, William, 322 Henkle, Robert, 138. 140, 229 Hennessy, John, 278 Hennesey, Robert, 163 Henningsen, Donald, 215 Page 43I Hopkins, Ross, 229 Henrich, Walter, 233 Henry, Calvin, 160 Henry, Nancy, 115 Henry, Robert, 157 Hentges, Elmer, 264 Herbel, Carol, 171 Herbst, Frank, 205 Herrmann, Paul, 140 Hertel, Reynold, 163, 266 Herud, Frank, 153, 154, 251 Hess, Charlotte, 181 Hess, John, 231 Hess, John M., 233 Hess, Patrick, 205 Hester, Leo, 168, 251 Hetzler, Herbert, 225 Heuermann, Dorothy, 139 Hewitt, Helen, 299 Hewitt, John, 161, 231 Hiatt, Richard, 151 Hiatt, Tacy, 238, 276 Hibbs, Lilith, 241 Hibbs, Loyal, 160 Hickey, James, 305 Hicklin, Charles, 231 Hicks, Wayland, 219 Higgins, Carolyn, 177 High, Robert, 209 Higley, Bruce, 106 Hildreth, William, 158 Hill, Carolyn, 244 Donald, 138 Hill, Hill, Madelon, 247 Hill, Robert B., 209 Hill, Robert W., 160 Hill, Robert L., 309 Hill. Thomas, 166 Hilliard, Robert, 297 Hills, Carmen, 181 Hinds, Verner, 146 Hines, Marie, 177 Hinkle, James, 160 Hintz, Charles, 227 Hintz, Dan, 207 Hippaka, William, 306 Hippe. Paul, 146 Hippsley, Roger, 324 Hirozawa, Shurei, 163 Hiscock, Martha, 199 Hltchings, Diana, 241 Hockenberg, Harlan, 131, 250, 279 Hodgen, Patricia, 161, 181 Hodgson, Lewis, 266 Hoeft, Lee, 99 Hoff, Mary, 247 Hoff, Robert, 69, 76, 172 Hoffa, Daniel, 166, 269, 295 Hoffman, Dale, 168 Hoffnagle, Dennis, 99, 255 Hofmann, Ronald, 264. 280 Hofstetter, Patricia, 298 Hogan, Howard, 264 Hogan, William, 213 Hogeland, John, 209, 297 Hogg, Robert, 225 Hoglan, Gwen, 249, 303 Holbert, James, 144, 211 Holden, Richard, 160 Holdren, George, 166 . Holec, Victor, 151. 253, 325 Holland, John, 215 Hollander, Wilbur, 271 Holle, Robert, 155 Holley, John, 157 Hollingshead, Milton, 223 Hollingsworth, Bruce, 146 Hollingsworth, John, 259 Hollis, Henry, 157 Holloway, Charles, 229 Holmquist. Mary. 244 Holroyd, Dale, 209 Holroyd, Virginia, 179 Holsinger, Lloyd. 94 Holway, John. 163. 219, 324 Holzapfel, Bob, 225 Hood, Betty, 243, 292 Hook. John, 264 Hoover, Earl, 157 Hopewell, Hughes. 94, 324, 326 Hopley. Mary, 138, 139 Horn, Roger, 225 Hornaday, John, 231 Hornaday, Richard. 231 Horne, Patricia, 185 Horrabin, Diane, 187 Horslund, Doris, 161, 193, 302 Horstman, Marilyn, 185 Horton, Fenn, 161 Horton, Philip, 149 Hoskins, Paul, 151 Hostetter, John, 144 Hothan, Harold, 153 Page 432 Hotle, Priscilla, 179 Hotz, John, 325 Hotz, Philip, 149 Houlihan, Joseph, 105 Houseal, William, 157 Housel, Dean, 172 Hovey, Richard, 150, 155 Hovland, John, 213, 292 Howard, Anne, 185 Howard, John, 251 Howe, Joyce, 115 Howell, Charles, 229 Howell, Mark, 229 Howell, Paul, 229 Howes, John, 166, 223, 295 ,-..,,l-.b.x..5'H-'MM-egtt-. A 4-'M Jensen, Margaret, 177, 189 Jensen, Marilyn, 115 Jensen, Mary, 162, 238 Jensen .Iensen , Nancy, 187 Robert, 168 Jepson: Peter, 219 Jepson, William, 219 Jernigan, Martha, 199 Jessen, Dickie, 189 Jegngertt, Constance, 115, 193, Jewett, Gerald, 231 Job, Donald, 207 Jochumsen, Edward, 233 Johansen, William, 159 Keith, Keith, . ,N Kenneth, 157 Richard, 99 Kell, Barbara, 249 Keller, Lester, 172 Keller, Robert. 215 Kelley, Ronald, 323 Kelly, Charles, 231 Kelly, Dennis, 144 Kelly, Donald, 266 Kelly, Edwin, 231 Kelly, George, 133 Kelly, Kathleen, 175, 187, 297 Kelly Mary, 189 Kelsayy, Helen, 181 Kemp, Paul, 227 Hoye, Mary, 181 Hoyman, James, 160 Hubbard, Jane, 161 Hubbell, Robert, 227 Huber, Mary, 179 Huber, Richard, 131, 160 Hudso.n, James, 159 Hudtloff, Ruth, 238 Huebsch, Frederick, 213 Huebsch, Tony, 213 Huffman, Imogene, 185 Hughes, Anson, 138 Hughes, Mary, 199 Hughes, Bruce, 158 Hughes, Thomas, 160 Kemp, Robert, 140 Kendall, Donna, 161, 279 Kendall, Richard, 158 Kennard, Delores, 197 Kennedy, James, 158 Kennedy, Richard, 146 Kenyon, Arnold, 157 Keppler, James, 233 Kepros, Stanley, 327 Kern, Herbert, 99 Kern, Jordan, 211 Kern, Stanley, 146, 322 Kerns, Margot, 164, 185 Kerr, Kriss, 140 Kerrigan, James, 215 Hughes, Keith, 322 Huglin, Robert, 229, 323 Hull. Donald, 160 T-Iultman. Evan, 131, 159, 278 279. 297 Humphrey, Robert, 149 Hunt, Herbert. 69 Hunt. Jean, 177 Hunt, Nancy, 175, 195 Hiirgger, Margaret, 171, 175, Hussmann, Arthur, 145, 146, 322 Hutchins, Vince, 143 Hutinger. Paul, 99, 253 Huxsol, Rhoda, 189 Hyde, Charles, 209, 294 Hyde. Thomas, 209 Hyink, Robert, 215 Hymans, Virginia, 243, 244 I Ibeling, Donald, 158 Ingels, Claire, 161, 199 Inman, Margaret, 238, 303 Inman, Richard, 155 Johnson, Betty, 130, 185, 296 Johnson, Beverly, 298 Johnson, Byron, 227 Johnson, Paul, 146 Johnson, Carl, 215 Johnson, Charles, 140 Johnson, Curtis, 136 Johnson, DuBoys, 233 Johnson, Ellen, 244 Johnson, Isaiah, 137 Johnson, James, 225 .lohnson, Jane, 177 .lohnson, Janet, 171 .lohnson, Luther, 211 Johnson, Marilyn, 181 Johnson Norma, 175, 177 Johnson, Paul, 146, 149 Johnson, Richard, 94 Johnson, Robert C., 133 Johnson, Robert, 322 Johnson, Robert W., 205 Johnson, Sally, 195 Johnson Walter, 159, 160 Johnston, Barbara, 189 .Iohnston, Edward, 154, 221 .iohnston, Hube1't, 69 Johnston, Robert, 215 .lohnstone, Jane, 115, 189 .lones, Aaron, 161 Jones, Donna, 130, 238, 242 Jones, Everett, 233 Jones, Everett K., 38, 65, 209 .Iones, Janet, 183 Jones, Lemuel, 159 Jones, Marian, 179 Jones, Michael, 161, 328 Jones, Ruth, 303 Jones, Terry, 305 Jones, Walter, 327 Jordan, Carol, 164 Jordan, Richard, 157, 158, 250 Kersey, Phyllis, 189, 303 Kessel, John, 151 Kessel, Wallace, 151 Key, Donald, 266 Kahandelwal, Krishna, 251, 253 Kiel, Ann, 138, 139 Kilbourn, Jerry, 168 Kilbey, John, 233 Killinger, Janice, 177 Killinger, Marilyn, 191 Killian, Gerald, 215 Kimball, Richard, 146 Kim, James, 154 Kimmel, Kathryn, 195 Kincaid, Dale, 99 King, Edith. 181 King, Ethel, 244 King, Gertrude, 297 King, James, 151 King, Lloyd, 213 King, Lloyd W.. 305 King, Nancy, 241 Kingkade, Francis, 105, 223 Kinne man, Syrena. 1 87 Kinney, Frances, 246 Innes, Alexander, 326 Intlekof er, Ruth, 171 Irish, Sara, 191 Irwin, Dale, 280 Irwin, Dian, 193 Irwin Louis, 133 Irwin: Marjorie, 179, 299, 302 Isenhart, Rhodes, 151 Iverson, Marvin, 1 57 Izu, Jimmy, 99 J' Jackman, Richard. 163 Jaiclcfon, Carol, 187, 299, 308, Jackson, Charlotte, 244 Jackson, Donald, 151 Jackson, Lloyd, 211 Jackson, Margaret, 191 Jackson Mary, 177 Jackson: Norman. 303, 312 Jackson, Rachel, 183 Jackson Ralph 151, 221 Jacobs, David, V153 Jacobs, Jacobs, Donald, 321, 325 William, 235 Jacobs, Richard, 306 Jaeckel, Henry. 221, 312 Jaeger, Anne, 187 Jaeger, Henry, 211 Jaeger, Joseph, 211 Jaggard, Robert, 322 James, Ardell, 177 James, Daryl, 161 James, Dean, 305 Jorgensen, Beatrice, 244 Joslyn, Thomas, 146 Josse, John, 215 Joublanc, Eugene, 228 Joynt, Robert, 138 Juel, Einer, 322 Julich, Engelbert, 153 Julius, Loyd, 145, 149 Junge, Barbara, 181 Jurgensen, Louis, 133 Justman, Virginia, 191 Juve, James, 264 I Kabakoff, Janet, 197 Kadesky, Melvin, 140 Kaep, Thomas, 146 Kahn, Richard, 161, 271 Kail, Joseph, 305 Kaiser, Stanley, 235 Kaisershot, Quentin, 69 Kamerick, Dorothy, 65, , 241 Kammerer, Robert, 306 Kampmeyer, John, 229 Kane, Marilyn, 191 Kao, Madelaine, 115 Kaplan, Morton, 102, 105 Karr, Robert, 146 Karr, Robert S., 209, 323 Kartman, Keith. 217 Kass, Thomas, 215 Katsman, Anita, 197 Katz, Roselind, 197 Kauffman, Thomas, 155 , 233 171 Kinsey, Helen, 139, 303 Kintzinger, Charles, 157 Kinyon. Gilbert, 140 Kirby, Betty, 189 Kirchner, Don, 209 Kirkberg, Robert, 207 Kirke, Richard, 231 Kirkegaard. Dale, 140, 322 Kirkland, Ona. 191 ' Kirkpatrick, Keith, 163 Kirsch, Audrey, 197 Kitson, Raymond. 233 Kittleman, Marilyn, 161 Klauer, Roger, 149 Klawans, Dorothy, 238, 242. 298 Klein, Kenton, 231 Klein, Suzanne, 115 Klingner, Ann. 302 Klink, Paul, 221 Klinzman. Harold. 172 Kleuver, Lester, 159 Knapper, Arno, 168 Knarr, Marjorie, 179 Kniffen. Murray, 131, 133, 278, 279, 292 Knight, Robert. 146 Knobbe, John, 233 Knoepfier, Donald, 227 Knoke, George, 324 Knoke, William. 133, 209 Knorr, Keith, 259 Knotts. Harold, 160. 297 Knox. Elizabeth, 185. 297, 302 Knudsen, Nancy, 187 James, Paul, 158 James, Stanley, 105 Jaroslavsky, Sara, 244 Jebens, Ann, 115, 181. 298 Jeffrey, Edgar, 155, 325 Jenna, William, 106, 227 Je515l4ett, Clair, 94, 102, 215, Jennett, Paul, 215 Jennings. William, 235 Jensen, Dick, 231 Jensen, Elaine, 238, 242, 298 Jensen, Harvey, 323, 326 Kaufman, Karma, 183 Kaufman, Patricia, 195 Kaufmann, John, 253 Kauzlarich, James, 153 Kean, Elwyn, 309 Kearney, Alfred, 327 Keefe, Frank, 207 Keefe, Joseph, 159 Keefe, Robert, 207 Keefe, Robert J., 161 Keefer, Robert, 229 Keeley, Vivian, 175, 199 Keister, George, 168 Koch, Koch, Koch, Koch, Koch, Kohlh Kohlh Kohlh Koivu Frederick, 159 James, 163, 235, 324 Marilynn, 185 Mary, 247 Paul, 146 aas, Dean, 264 aas, Robert. 158, 264 off. Carl, 305 n, Dorothy, 183 Kolker, Roger, 221, 297 Kolpack, Marvin, 217 Kolsch, Elfreda, 262 Kopec ky, Paul, 146, 322 L f.. L I Qs. Kopel, Richard, 305 Korns, John, 325 Koss, Charles, 233 Kotteman, William, 146 Kouba, Jo, 115, 179 Kraatz, Lowell, 155 Kramer, Robert, 257, 308 Krause, Mary, 193 Kreamer, Franklin, 157 Krebs, Arthur, 168, 323 Krebs, William, 205 Krepelka, Ann, 161 Kress, Donna, 183 Krieg, Donald, 213 Kriens, Sharon, 191 Kromer, Charles, 223 Krouse, Charles, 266, 303 Kruckman, Reyburn, 207 Krueger, Jack, 140 Krueger, Norman, 140 Krug, Donald, 231 Krumm, Daniel, 235 Kruse, John, 235, 324 Kruse, Merle, 153 Kruse, Paul, 172 Kruse, William, 172 Kudrna, Evelyn, 249 Kadukis, Algart, 219 Kuehl, Dick, 229 Kuhn. Curtis, 211 Kulick, Frederick, 151 McManus Kumle, Phyllis, 171, 303 Kunstling, Harry. 322 Kunz. Donald, 233 Kunzman, Richard, 323 ' Kupka, Lesley, 328 Kupker, Arnold, 229 Kurka, James, 225 Bla Kurtz, Marjorie. 185 Kutcher, Jack, 217 In Labahn, Richard, 99 Labahn, Vincent, 146 Lachner, Sally. 185 Ladd, Mary, 193, 268, La Due. Francis, 94 Lage, Robert, 69 Lagoni, Ralph, 138 La Grange, Robert, 209 Lahr, Delores, 244 Laible, Robert, 231 Laird, Linda, 189 Lamb, John, 251 Lamb, Marvin, 251 Lampros, Hazel, 162 Lancaster, Beverly, 179 Lane, Gordon, 225 Lane, Jo, 177 Lane, Kenneth. 211 Langehough. Paul, 306 Langeman, Renee, 247 Langholz. Robert, 168. 323 Langland, Aubrey. 193 Langland. Olaf, 322 Lanxon, Robert, 161 298 Larew, Richard, 136, 150, 27 280, 297 Larlmore, Larry, 215 Larrabee. Charles. 159 TJHPSQTI Charles, 219 Larsen Donald. 213 Larsen, Lawrence. 221 Larson, Alysia. 280 Larson, Donald, 251 Larson Gloria, 171 Larson Joyce. 185 Larson Ronald. 151 Larson Virginia. 187, 297 Larson Walt, 144 Larson William, 153 Lasenskv. Julius. 217 Laster. Richard. 69, 74, 223 Latch, George, 221 Laude, Adalyn, 189 Lauer. Dorothy, 268 Laughlin. .Tohn. 250 Laurer, Betty. 115. 171. 137 Lauzon. Nancy, 115, im Lawrence, Dorothv, 189 Lawrence. Joy. 245, 292 Lawson, 183, 297 Lawton. Thomas, 306 Lay. Robert, 229 Layton. Marjorie, 115. 303 Lazenbv. Charles. 155 Lease. Burrell. 156 Lee, Mary, 241 Lee. Patricia, 171 Leedham. Eleanor, 191 Leemon. Margaret, 243, 244 Leeper. Otfie, 324 Leeper, Thomas, 305 8, Lehman, Herman, 99, 219, 253 Leighton, Ted, 268, 269, 303 Leinfelder, Joseph, 225 Leiserowitz, Robert, 217 Lenaghan, John, 211 Lenhart, John, 209 Lenthe, Charles, 223, 297 Lenzen, George, 223 Leonard, Frederick, 211 Levin, Edward, 259 Levitt, Richard, 217, 306 Levy, Donald, 217 Levy, Joseph, 217 Levy, William, 225 Richard, 217 Lewin, Lewis, Alice, 238 Lewis, Don, 106 Lewis, Francis, 259 Lewis, Robert, 94, 99 Joyce, 187 Libal, Libbey, Howard, 259 Lickteig, Gerald, 264 Liebendorfer, Richard, 140 Lick, Barbara, 189 Liem, Kathryn, 161, 187 Lierle, Richard. 227, 327 Lillard, Richard, 233 Lilledahl. John, 157, 253 Lillick, Bernard, 151 Lillios. Nicholas, 160 Lind, Janice, 177, 268 Lindberg. Charles. 155 Linden, Donald. 227 Lindenmeyer, Richard, 146 Linder, Enfred. 322 Linderman, Jack, 65 Lindholm, Claire, 322 Lindley. Shirley, 115 Lindquist. Louise, 191 Lindsay. Beverley, 162, 268 Linge, David, 223 Linnan. Michael. 264 Lisle, Edwin, 229. 3071 Lister, Eugene, 140. 322 Little, Marjorie. 242 Loepp, Marie, 199 Lohmann. Frank. 326 Lohnes, John. 140. 297 Lohry, Kermit. 235 Long, Elmer, 324 Long, George. 157 Long, Jerry. 69 Long. Marilyn, 189 Longley, Lois, 185 Longley, Robert, 69. 75 Loomer, Charles, 251 Looney. Patricia. 199 Loots, Robert. 211 Lorenc, Ernest, 251 Lorence, Andrew, 259 Lorfeld, Charles. 213 Loseke, Margaret. 139 Lotshaw. Elmer. 133 Loughlin. John. 160 Louis. Henry. 205 Lounsbury, Patricia, 130, 162, 191, 269 Lowry. Marjorie. 245, 298 Ludtke. James. 133 Luechauer. Linda. 191. 302 Luecke, Gerald, 134, 151, 154, 253 Luff. Janet, 189 1 Lundduist. Donald, 297, 322 Lundquist. Robert. 149 Lundsgaard, Dennis. 209 Lurie, Mildred. 171, 197 Luse. VVayne, 166 Lutgen, John. 215 Luther. Nancy. 181 Lutz, Peggee. 175, 191 Lux. James. 215 Lynch, Dennis. 99 Lvnch, Katherine, 183 Lynch, Margaret. 183 Lynch. Richard, 213 Lynch. Richard J.. 149, 251 Lyon, Warren, 149 Maas, Paul, 144 Macdonald, Daniel. 213 Macias, Manuel, 92 MacKenzie. Rosanne. 115 Mackeon, William. 99 MacLeod. Jeannette, 195. 302 MacNaughton, Dona. 185 MacRae. Donald. 309 Macy, William, 140 Madany, George, 168 Madany, Ramsey. 133 Madsen, Paul. 168 Madson, Marilyn, 199 Mahan, Thomas, 140 Mahaney, Paul, 163, 268 Maher, Mary, 187 Mahr, Paul, 158 Maine, Richard, 231, 325 Maine, Thomas, 219 Major, Corinne, 189 Malliet, Richard, 259 Malloy, Jacqueline, 181 Malloy, Mary, 195 Mana, Kiyoichi, 99 Ma.nbeck, Mary, 193 Mandsager, Robert. 140, 322 Mangels, Donald. 323 Mangold, John, 160 Marchi, Gene, 105, 209 Marcovic, James, 106, 217 Mark, Edward, 136 Marken, Grace, 171 Marken, June, 181 Markovitz, Meyer, 138. Markowitz, Nan, 197 Marks, George. 213 Marolf, Leo, 227 Marron, Henry, 219 McEleney, Donald, 322 McEleney, Donald E., 145, 149 McElwain, Janet, 187 Mc-Ewan, Priscilla, 177 McFadden, Esther, 162 McF6r ren, John, 158 McGill, Thomas, 158 McGiverin, Arthur, 136, 303, 324 McGlyn. Richard, 207 McGonigle, Darlene, 171, 179 McGuire, David, 158 Mt'Gui re, Vincent, 99 McHugh, James, 229 Mclntosh, Edwin. 160 Mclntosh, John, 163 McKay, Kenneth, 140, 297 Mc-Kay, Richard, 223 McKenna, Kendall, 94, 172 Mc-Kenzie, James, 38, 229 Mc-Kenzie, Robert, 69, 70, 72, 73 McKim, Bruce, 229 Marrs, Jack, 136, 213 Marsh, Kenneth, 172 Marsh, R. Bruce, 231 Marshall, John, 166 Marshall. Kathryn. 139 Marten, Gilbert, 163 McKinney, James, 278, 280, 301 McKinstry, James, 69, 70, 223, 323 McKown, Barbara, 193 McLaren, Joan, 187 McLaughlin, Charles, 223 McLaughlin, Edward, 229, 159 Marth, Kathryn, 179 Martin, Charles, 207 Martin, Francis, 158, Martin, Gary, 215 Martin, Herbert, 99 Martin Martin Martin Martin , Jane, 195 , Lois, 189 , Mary, 191 Nancy, 179 297, 327 McMahon McLaughlin, Philip. 160 Walter. 131, 166, 235, 3012 303, 312, 324 McMahon, William, 231 McManus, Beatrice, 115 Howard 1 53 225 Martin, Richard, 221 Martin, Robert, 231 Martin, Sally, 193 Martin, William, 251. 276, 294 Ma rtinelli. Eileen, 187 Marty. Wayne, 219 ser, Elwayne, 235 Masters, Gerald, 217 Matheis, Herman, 132, 168, 264 Mathews. Glen, 151 Mathiasen. Donald, 205 Matulef. Norman. 217, 297 Mau, Richard, 205 Mau, Robert. 219 Max, Alice. 171 Maxwell, Paul. 146 May. Joseph. 324 Mayer, David. 160 Maynard, Gilbert. 133 Mayo. Kenneth. 144 McAllister, James. 144 McAllister, John. 235 McAllister, William. 322 Mf'Andrew. John, 146 McBride, Donald. 207 McBride, Jack. 136 McBride, Thomas, 207 McBurney, George, 131, 159, 278. 279 McBurney, Georgianna, 279 Mr-Burney. Jean, 159 Mc M c Cube, Williain, 172 Cann, Bill. 94 McCarthy. Thomas. 157 Mc-Cartt. M. Jean. 179 Mt-t'arville. Robert. 227, 323 McClain, Albert. 157 Mc-Plain. Paul. 221 Mc Mc Clellan. David. 136. 229, 297 Clinton-k, James, 193 McCl intock. Martha. 193 Mr' Clow. VVay"e. 211, 294 Mcf'ollister. Robert. 140 Mr-Conkin. Stuart. 143 Mcffonville Jose h. 149 M c McMichael, Elmer, 323 McMinn. Karyl, 238 McMorris, Robert, 163 McMullen, Marilyn. 189 lN'lcNall, Rodney, 209 McNamee, Beverly, 189 McNeill, Jean, 171 McNurlen, Keith, 145. 309 hlagggiade, Elizabeth, 185, 310, McQueen, Gloria, 177 McRoberts, Margaret, 115, 174, 183, 268 McTavish, John, 215 McTigue, George, 215 Mc'I'igue, Mary, 189 Meade, Don, 235 Meade, Eugene, 205 Medhus, Glenn, 323 Meeker, Everett, 166, 295, 305 Meeker, Gladys. 303 Meeker, Merle, 324 Meggers, Mary, 66, 162, 268 Meggison, Jack, 166 Mehaffey, Alice. 164 Meis, Donald, 145, 146 Meisenheimer, John. 156 Melrose, Madlin, 187 Meltvedt, David, 207 Meltzer, Paul, 155 Menard, Edith, 199 Mendelson, Ruth, 241 Mercer, Wayne, 144, 297 Mergen, James. 251 Merkel, John. 102. 219 Merkel, Russell, 102. 219 Merkley, Margaret. 185 Merner, Roland, 227 Merrill, Curtis, 264 Merritt. James, 140 Mershon, Richard, 305 Metcalf, Carl, 205 Metcalf, Elizabeth. 132. 185 Metcalf, Robert, 133, 151 Metier. Ardeth, 158 Metz, William. 151, 223 - D Cord. Kathryn. 249, 268 McCord. Lois, 195 Mt Mc -Corkel. Charlene, 241 Cormick, Eugene. 146. 2222 Mr-Cormick, Mona, 185, 299, '211 ml-ctw, Edith, 117 McCoy, Vern. 92. 172 McCracken, Thomas, 159, 250 McC11ll MeDan McDon McDon och, Ethelyn, 171 iel. Richard, 94 Dorwin, 166 ald, ald, Elliott. 102. 160 McDonald, James B., 227 McDonald, James R., 227 McDonald, James Roger, 205 McDonald, John F., 99 McDonald, John J., 168 McDonald, Robert, 227, 303 McDonnell, John, 151 . Metzger, Marjorie, 171 Metzger, Marlys. 181 Meyei Albel t. 207 Meyet-I Alex. 229 Meyer, Edgar, 143. 322 Meyer, Frederic. 133 Meyer, Ralph, 153. 154 Meyer, Robert. 229 Meyer, Sybil, 183 Meyer, Warren, 296 Meyers, William, 160 Meyerson, Owen, 217 Michaelson, Don, 140, 322 Mighell. Robert. 144 Millea, Roger, 140 Miller, Ann, 193 Miller, Ava, 189 Miller, Bonnie. 162, 191, 268 Miller, Carol, 177 Miller, Carolyn, 193 Page 433 Nelson V1-Jvvsf- ..,.,,:,,. - 1 .we-spa.-sa.,.. .nn n Amr 'wif Miller Charles, 168 Miller, Chester, 94 Miller, Daniel, 233, 268 Miller, Doris, 193 Miller, Ernest, 151, 303 Miller, Jack J., 149. 227 Miller, Jack L., 166 Miller, Jack Lynn, 205 Miller, James, 225 Miller, John, 205, 324 Miller, Leo, 264 Miller, Marilyn. 193 Miller, Mary, 183 Miller, Orville, 231 Miller, Richard A., 229 Miller, Richard H.. 207 Miller, Robert. 168 Miller, Ronald, 235 Miller, Verlyn. 140 Mills, .ludd, 225 Mills, Robert, 207 Milow, Jane. 189 Milroy, Boyd, 157 Milroy, Jack, 157 Mims, Hornsby. 211 Mindrum, Gordon. 138, 144 Minnich. Ralph, 146 Minor, Winston, 144 Mitchel. James, 215 Mitchell, Glenn, 146. 322 Mitchell, Jeanne, 193 Mitchell, Martha, 193 Michelltree, Jonquil, 187 Mochal, Ina, 171 Mochal, John, 143 Mochal, Mary, 132 Mochal, Milo, 143 Moeller, Donald. 225 Moeller Jay, 144 Moeller, Richar, 153. 154 Moeller. William. 144 it. Phanwua-ww'-. - Myers, Marilyn, 199 Myron, Donald, 99, 233 N Naber, Joh.n, 235 Naber, Mearl, 69 Napier, Joseph, 168 Naramore, Edward, 233 Nau, Donald, 209 Naylor, Jo, 151, 199 Neal Charles 253 Y, 1 Neel, Robert, 205 Neff, Marian, 174, 199. 3 Nehlsen, William, 154 Neibert, .lane, 245 Nellos, George, 209 Nelson, Charles, 160 Nelson, Gladys. 241 Nelson, Jane, 238 Nelson, John, 326 Nelson, Marshall, 16I Nelson, Robert D., 146 Nelson, Robert L., 253 Nelson, Robert M., 149 Nelson, Theodore. 225 , Verna, 24 6 02 -, -f-4. - .. 4 ,wiv-4-'4,.4,givf' 'br'-,-4-...,.,., .. gydffl' 'f'g,.a,f11.,,-b,-., A AY Olson, William H., 321, 325 Onstot, James, 227 Oo2stgndorp, John, 264, 278, 7 Orcutt, Pa.u1, 322 Orelup, Don, 144, 322 Orris, Donald, 266 Orsborn, Mary, 115, 132, 187 Orvis, Roger, 140 Osborne, Jack, 159 Osborne, Jane, 189, 298 Osmundson, Philip, 144 Ostrem, Roy, 149, 322 Ostrus, Donald, 146 Oswald, Ruth, 193 Othmer, Richard, 323 Ott, Marjorie, 189 Ottaviano, Matthew, 229 Ottens, Nathan, 168, 257 Uverholser, Richard, 215 Ovrom, Arthur, 159 Owen, William, 221 P Packer, James, 166. 294 Pahre, Richard, 233 Painting, Thomas, 151, 253 Moellering, Edith. 115 Moen, Robert, 322 Mofiit, Thompson. 259 Mohling, Paul, 213 Mohr, Donald. 235 Mgljdienhauer, Howard, 221, Moldenhauer, Wavne, 105, 306 Moline. Everett, 323 Mona. Marilyn. 191 Montgomery, Everett 268 Montgomery. Louis. 163 Moore, Carlyle. 138. 322 Moore, Edward. 102. 136 Moore, Lois. 177. 303 Moore, Robert. 227 Moore, Tom. 166. 207 Moorhead, Phillip. 155. 160 Mggcghead, Patricia, 193, 298, Morgan,,Betty, 249 Morgan, John. 235 Morgan, William. 235 Morony. James, 229 Morrison, Jackson. 322 Morrison. Theodore. 211 Morrissey. Betty. 193. 303 Morrissey. Camilla. 102 Morrissey. Kathleen, 297 Morse. Keith. 132 Mortensen, John, 312 Mortensen. Mary. 189 Mote. William, 323 , Mousel, Marv. 171. 181 Mower, Peniielrl 219 Moyer, Alan. 163. 266 Moyer. Donald, 163 Moyers. Mary, 195 Mozor. Leonard. 163, 266, 271 Mueller, Etta, 130. 308 ' Mueller, Gene. 231 Mueller. Stephen. 229 9' Muilenburg. .Tames 227 Mnlford. William. 144, 322 Mullarey. Mary, 249 Mullany. Stephen. 225 f Mundt-. Holly. 115 Munson James. 229 9 lVlunt1. Elwin. 149 Muchison. Marioric. 244 . Ann. 189 Morphy. Joseph. 132 Murphy. Newton. 910 lvlurnhy. Robert. 152 155 Murrav Nelson, Wallace, 133 Nemec, Joseph, 153 Nemmers, Julian, 140 Neppl, Earl, 205 Nettleton, James, 158 Neumann, Bette, 181 Neumann, Joyce, 247 Neell, Colleen, 195 Newport, Wayne. 157, 305 Newton, Joan, 187. Nicholas, William. 219 Nichols, Robert, 207 Nicholson, James, 213 Nicholson, Wallace, 215 Nickless, John, 144 Nirodemus, Keith, 253, 325, 327 Nicholaus. Nancy. 187 Nielsen, Donald, 251 Nieman, Nadine, 177 Nilles, Francis, 168 Nilsson, LaVerne, 215 Nitsch, Adolph, 155 Nitzke, Everett. 143 Noe, James, 309 Noel, Mary, 245. 297 Noland, Betty, 191 Noonan, Honorah. 155 Nordhus, Philip. 251 Nordman, Gerald, 69, 102 Nordschow, Carleton, 143 Nordstrom. Fred. 221, 324 Nordyke, Roger, 309 Norelius, William, 157 Norman. George, 225 Norris, Robert, 149 North, James, 146 Norton, Dee, 305 Norton. John, 264 Nunn, Doris, 181 Nunn, James. 227 Nusser, Stephen, 223 Nuttall. Nancy. 115, 183 Nutty, John, 159 Nymann, Percy, 160 O Oathout, Carolyn, 177 Oathout, Eugene, 225 O'Brien, James, 149 O'Brien, Stephen, 138. 144 0'Brien'. Terrance. 155, 264 Ocken, Willard. 215 O'Connor, Marian, 195, 298, 299, 311 Odum, James, 231 Odum, Roger. 231 Oehler, Jay, 160 Oertley, Robert, 322 Oesterreichery Louis, 140 Ogden, Robert, 207 Oglesby, Lynn, 259 0'Hara, Michael, 207 Ohsman, Harriett. 241. 238 Ohsman, Janet, 238. 242 Oiemann, Robert. 136. 233 Olansky, Howard, 161, 217, 266 O'Leary, Hanford, 213 Palmer, Bruce, 158 Palmer, Donald, 219 Palmer, Gerald, 143 Palmer, Joyce, 189 Palmer, Kenneth, 235 Palmer, Raymond. 172 Palmer, William, 251, 328 Pappadackis, George, 156 Pappajohn, John, 219 Param or e, Richard, 233 Parrman, Dean, 211 Parsons, Victor, 322 Pashek, Robert, 133 Patch, Louise, 171, 238 Patten, James, 207 ' Patten, Joan, 189, 268 Paul, Donald, 160, 250 Pauley, Geraldine, 185 Paulsen, Joe, 69, 76, 92 Paulus, Robert, 136 Paver, John, 306 Pavlik, George, 160, 306 Pavlovec, Dorothy, 244' Payne, Janice, 242, 238, 303 Payne, Ruth, 244 Payton, Robert, 144 Peacock, Betty, 179 geacock, Dorris, 181, 269 ' earce, Robert, 161. 215 Pearlman, Gilbert, 278, 279, 280, 308 Peck, Charles, 133 Peck, Lowell, 140 Peddicord, Thomas. 221 Pedersen, Jack, 324 Pegram, Norman, 166 Pelley, Arlo, 151. 154 Pence, Ernest, 159 Penningroth, Nancy, 195 . Penningroth, Peace, 195 Percy, Dean, 209 Perkins, Richard, 2 35 Perley, Lorraine, 181 Perrin, Delbert, 69 Perrin, William, 278, 280 Perry, Joan. 65, 174..179 Perryman. Jack, 205 Peshkin. Samuel. 157 Peters, Donald. 215 Peters, Edward. 157 Peters, John, 160 Petersen, Howard, 205 Petersen, Rdnald. 69, 219 Peterson, Betty. 279. 280 Peterson. Claude, 150, 152, 153. 154, 155 Peterson Donald, 205 Peterso.n Eloise, 238, 241 Peterson Evan, 305 Peterson, Evelyn, 246 Peterson, James, 211 Peterson Jane, 177 Peterson John.166 . Peterson, lyiarilyn, 1 95 Peterson,Marilyn. 195 Peterson, Owen, 279 Peterson, Richard, 143 Murray. Barba ra. 1 91 Oliphant, Gloria, 181 Murry. Charles, 159 160 Olson Gelne 151'155 Muschamp. Harold. 149, 322 Olson: Kathie,-yn: 245 Musin, Sylvia. 197 013011, paul, 227 Myers, Earl, 305 Olson, Thomas, 136, 205 Myers, George, 223 Olson, Thomas, 160 Myers, Lawrence, 217 Olson, William, 327 Page 434 Peterson, Richard W., 159, 305 Petree, Barbara, 161, 187 Petro, John, 136 Petty, William. 157 Pfeifer, William, 227 Pfeiffer, Marion. 199 Phelps, Leroy, 233 Phelps, Serge, 235 Pherson, Thomas, 207 Pherson, William, 207 Phillips, Charles, 133 Phillips, Clark, 223, 310 Phillips, Jacqueline, 188, 302 Phillips, Richard, 159, 211 Phipps, Joan, 179, 302 Pickerd, Hendrix, 213 Pickens, James, 223, 280 Pickus, Herman, 99 Pierce, Alvin, 105, 107, 161, 219 Pierce, Patricia, 115, 174, 183 Pi rcy, James, 306 Piie, Laurence, 278, 280, 310, 3 12 Pilkington, Joan, 249 Pim, Ruth, 249 Pinch, Newell, 231 Pinkerton, Sally, 191 Pitlik, William, 205, 324 Pittas, Helen, 183 Pitz, Alice, 189, 303 Pitzenberger, Mary, 185 Plath, Doris, 303 Pletsch, Doris, 171, 199, 297 Plows, Charles, 138, 140, 322 Podlaha, Otto, 153, 155, 225 Polasky, Alan, 133, 156, 157, 158, 305 Polasky, Cornelia, 65, 162, 268 Polich, John, 322 Pollitz, William, 205 Pomeroy, John, 308 Porth, Gloria, 181 Post, William, 205 Poulter, Mary, 179 Powell, Robert, 140 Powers, Mary, 241 Powers, Vincent, 158, 250 Pratt, Emilie, 193 Pred, Maxine, 197 Preftakes, Demetra, 171 Preston, Samuel, 215 Price, Harold, 251 Price, Patricia, 246 Pritchard, James, 157, 160, 250, 292 Primrose, Robert, 227, 321, 32 Prince, Dorothy, 246 Proctor, Frederick, 253 Prokop, Joanne, 199 Prokop, Joseph, 326 Proudnt, John, 209 Prouddt, Kathleen, 245 Puetz, Richard, 229 Puffer, Harold, 231 Pumroy, Jean, 132 Purcell, Dwight, 215 Pusateri, Michael, 264 Putnam, Duncan, 150, 154, 15 Putnam, Elizabeth, 177 Putney, Mark, 209 Piles, Donald, 207 Piles, Marilyn, 189 Q Qualley, Mary, 162, 268, 292 Quigg, Jack, 157 Quinn, John, 140 Quirk, Thomas, 264 R Raak, Kenneth, 249 Rader, William, 211 Radig, Eugene, 249 Ramsey, Leslie, 309 Randall, Dale, 306 Randolph, Robert, 259 Raney, Irene, 177 Ransom, James, 233 Rashid, Ernestine, 183, 303 Rashid, Philip, 149 Raskin, Carolyn, 244 Rath, Betty, 193 Rath, Iris, 247 Rea, Norman, 157 Reading, Donald, 138, 144 Rearden, Charles, 325 Reburn, Byron, 143 Redman, Billy, 225 Reding, James, 253 Reed, Robert, 140 Reeds, John, 154 Reeds, Kenneth, 213 Rees, Marian, 252, 297, 298 Reetz, Arthur, 151 Regan, Donald, 168 Regan, Joseph, 227 Reger, James W., 159 Reger, Mary, 132. 193, 298 Reger, Thomas, 231 Rehberg, Forrest, 153, 154 Rchmke, Betty, 130, 171, 247 238, 242, 3 5 -. 1. 5. -..L Rehnblom, Wendell, 166 Rehnstrom, John, 166 Reichardt, William, 69, 70, 74, 78, 223 Reichert, Lloys, 244 Reid, Donna, 191 Reider, Patricia, 179, 197 Reilly, Margaret, 181 Reilly, Patricia, 183 Reimer, Robert, 157 Reinders, Robert, 132, 153 Reisler, Elaine, 241 Reistler, Harold, 219 Reller, Jean, 191 Renk, Raymond, 168 Rennekamp, Eugene, 151 Repp, John, 146 Reuter, Vincent, 251 Reyhons, Kenneth, 163 Reynolds, Levern, 276 Reynolds, Robert, 205 Rhoads, Lynn, 159 Rice, Kenneth, 235 Rich, Joan, 243 Richards, Beverly, 280 Richards, Marvin, 322 Richards, Roger, 215 Richardson, Gail, 159 Richardson, Robert K., 159 Riches, Robert, 253 Richey, James, 145, 153, 154 Richey, Robert, 154 Richmond, Van, 163, 266 Richtman, Donna, 179 Ricketts, Patricia, 195 Riecke, Rop, 151 Riede, David, 264 Riedinger, Frank, 153 Righter, Millicent, 162 Rigler, Thomas, 99, 227 Riley, Connie, 205 Riley, Donald, 69 Riley, John, 251 Rimel, Joyce, 181 Rimel, Wardine, 181 Rinderer, Phyllis, 171 Rinella, John, 99 Ring, Dean, 140, 322 Ringold, Laurence, 231 Ringstrom, Norman, 133 Rinnan, Robert, 166, 293 Ripley, Dwight, 166 Ritchey, Frances. 244 Ritter, Richard, 264 Rizor, Doris, 171, 295 Roach, Maurice, 151 Roberts, Donna, 164, 199 Roberts, Glenn, 166 Roberts, Gweneth, 268, 177 Roberts, Mary, 177 Robinow, Sidney, 267 Robinson, Barbara, 197 Robinson, Beverly, 298 Robinson, Flora, 161, 191, 276, 302 Rfglaigmson, James G., 163, 266, 185, 278, Robinson, Janet, 241 Robinson, Mary, 178 Rochefort, Beth, 161 Rodman, Lewis, 163, 323, 328 Roffman, Larry, 217 Rogers, Charlotte, 179 Rogers, Warren, 155 Rohrer, John, 225 Rook, Shirley, 187 Rooks, Eola, 244 Roose, Mary, 199 Roper, Dan, 172, 215 Rosche. Donald, 225 Rose, Donald, 219 Rose, Georgia, 181 Roseberry, Richard, 325 Rosen, Melvin, 102 Rosen, Walter, 102 Rosenbaum, Betty, 181 Rosenbaum, Robert, 217 Rosenberg, Bernard, 306 Rosenquist, Arthur, 323 Ross, Nancy, 193 Ross, Wallace, 161 Rossi, Ildo, 163 Rostovac, Dorothy, 247 Roth, Donald, 207 Rothenberg, Norman, 233 Rouse, Robert, 133 Rovane, John, 292 Rowe, Donald, 211 Rozeboom, Robert. 205 Rubino, Michael, 149 Rubinson, Mildred, 197 Ruby, Joanne, 191 Ruck, Fred, 69, 72, 205 Rudman, Sylvia, 244 Ruebel, William, 213 Rugtiv, Arthur, 146 Ruhl, Ruhl, Charles, 207 Nancy, 187 Ruliffson, Howard, 138, 144 Runyon, Floreine, 244 Russell, Ann, 183, 249 Russman, Florence, 197 Rust, Nancy, 130, 302 Rust, Richard, 140 Rutenbeck, Harry, 163 Ruth, Richard, 146 Ruther, Rex, 215 Ruther, William, 159 Ruttan, William, 243 Ryan, Jack, 227 Ryan, Joseph, 207 Ryan, Richard, 158 Ryan, Robert, 264 Ryan, Thomas C., 105 Ryan, Thomas G., 264 Ryerson, Karl, 322 Saar, Richard, 138, 140 Sackett, Elizabeth, 187 Sagers, Johnf 155 Salem, LeRoy, 205 Salisbury, Frances, 171 Sallen, Leroy, 155 Sammons, Robert, 271 Sanders, Wilbur. 305 Sandhorst, Donald, 225 Sandrock, James, 294 Sandvig, Dale, 146 ' Sanford, Earl, 69 Sangster, Tommy, 69, 102, 235 Saunders. Meredith. 303, 306 Sawdey, Douglas, 151 Sayre, Lombard, 213 Scales, Martha, 303 Scanlon, John G., 233 Scanlon, John L.. 151, 229 Scannell, Dale, 323 Scarpello, Joseph, 92 Schacht, Norman, 143 Schaffner, Rome, 140, 296 Schapanski, Sally, 183 Scheld, Karl, 211 Scherf, Royce, 323 Scheyli, JoAnne, 181 Schick, Edward. 227 Schick, James, 229 Schild, Alvin. 133 Schiller, Anita, 174, 197 Schilling, Maurice, 233 Schinneller, James, 305 Schlabach, Frank, 229 - SCh121l'1'1DlJ. Margaret, 195 Schlass, Joyce, 197 Schlegel, Dick. 156, 157 Schluter, Walter, 233 Schmarje, Irene, 199 Schmelzer, William, 257 Schmidt, Anton, 99 Schmidt, June. 189 Schmitt, Donald, 144 Schneider, James G., 156 Schneider, Robert, 159 Schnittjer, Lyell, 179 Schnoebelen, Joy, 179 Schnoebelen, Vincent, 219 Schnoebelen, Virginia, 132 Schnoebelen, Yaro, 219 Schoell, David. 223 Schoell, Richard. 223 Schoenfeld, Charlotte, 161, 197, 268 Scholl, Charles, 140 Scholtes, Gerald, 211 Schorg, Weldon, 149, 322 Schorr, Charles, 159 Schott. Charles. 309 Schreiber, Shirley, 177 ' Schuck, Florence, 132. 280 Schulman. Donna, 197 Schultz, Dorothy. 246 Schultz, Glenn, 166 Schultz, Jean, 183 Schultz, Sherry, 229 Schumacher. Donald. 140 Schumann, Betty. 179 Schutz, Mary, 115 Schutz, Raymond, 324 Schwartz, Dorothv. 247 Schwind, Mary, 187 Schwinn, Patricia, 191 Scothorn, DeWitt, 305 Scott, Gary, 231 Scott, Joyce, 195 Scott, Sachiko, 164 Scott, 268, William P., 166, 251 309 Scroggs, James, 215 Seagren, Bernard, 168 Seagren, eJan, 162, 268 Sear, John, 138, 143 Seeger, Murray, 163, 259 Seela, Ted, 219 Seeley, Nancy, 199, 268 Seibel, David, 161 Seick, Gertrude, 164 Seidner, Mary, 162, 183, 268 Seifert, Irene, 161, 249 Seitz, Alice, 242 Selander, Richard. 229 Selby, Laurence, 324 Seldin, Theodore, 217 Self, Cameron, 140 Senneff, John, 207, 294 Sessler, Albe1't, 158 Setterberg, Richard. 276 Severe, John, 168, 324 Sewall, Margaret, 306 Seward, William, 266 Seymour, Anne. 244 Sfeir, Blanca, 244 Shacklett, Janet, 181 - Shaekelford, Maralyn, 183 Shafer, Robe1't. 328 Shaff, David, 159 Shaffer, Margaret, 183 Shaffer, Sarah, 312 Shaffer, William W., 235 Shannon, Don, 221 Shapiro, Albert, 217 Shapiro, George, 280 Shapiro, Harriette, 197 Shaughnessy. Stephen, 264 Shea. John, 160 Sheehy, Charles. 223 Shefte, Lois. 292 Shelton, Robert, 205 Shepherd, Vance. 205 Sherer, John, 302, 312 Sherman, Albert, 217 Sherman, James, 217 Shideler, Frank. 227 Shipton, Alice, 243. 244 Shipton. Jerry. 225 Shirk, Max, 157 Shoaf, James, 69. 233 Shoquist, Carol. 191 Short, Luke, 205 Shortell, Louis. 146 Showalter. Miriam, 249 Showers. William. 151 Shull. Thomas. 211 'Shuttleworth Carol. 38, 302 Shuttleworth, William, 131, . 278. 279 Sibert. Colleen. 195 Sideman, Fredda, 132, 238, 241, 298 Sideman, Rivalie, 298 Sidhanta, Ranjana, 244 Sidman, Joan, 249 Siebenmann, John, 280 Siegrist, Kenneth. 140 Sierp, Phyllis, 191 Sievers, Harry J.. 233 Sievers, Raymond. 149, 322 Sievers, William, 305 Silberman. Samuel. 132. 217 Silletto, Charles. 136. 212 Silverman, Arline. 115, 197 Silverton, Reva. 197 Simmons, David, 155 Simmons. Edwin. 151 Simons, Ellen. 197 Simpson, Jack, 102 Simpson, Roger, 140 Simpson, Shirley, 303 Sims, Paul, 231 Singer, Frank, 229 Singsank. Clarence. 149 Sinks, William, 219 Sinton, Melvin, 105. 107 Sitrick. Sheldon. 217 Sitz, Donald. 159 ' Sitz, Edward, 144 Sitz, Herbert, 207 Sixtra, Rosemary, 66 Sjulin, Lawrence. 213, 294 Skaife, William. 215 Skare, Ernest, 149 Skelley, Shirley, 115. 187 Skinner, George. 159 Skinner. Joyce. 195 Slack. Gene, 227 Slater, Robert, 149 Slavata, Edith, 185 Slavata, Helen, 185 Sloan, Carol, 179 Sloan, Clark, 156. 157. 305 Sloan, Patricia, 278, 279 Smith, Andrew, 140 Smith, Anne, 38, 151, 185, 272 Smith, David T., 166, 225 Smith, Evan, 223, 321, 323 Smith, Gordon, 144 Smith, James F., 157 Smith, Smith, James M., 161 Joan M., 246 Smith, Joanne E., 185 Smith, Joe, 233 Smith, John, 209, 305 Smith, Kevin, 227 Smith, Loy, 229 Smith, Luther, 152, 251 Smith, Marilyn, 185, 297 Smith, Nancy, 187 Smith, Patricia, 189 Smith, Paul, 235, 323 Smith, Sally, 177 Smith, Shirley, 177 Smull, Smutz, William, 153, 154 Juanita, 187 Sneckenberger, Robert, 328 Snider, Frank, 219 Snider, Melanie, 195 Snider, Norman, 144, 215 Snodgrass, Shirley, 185 Snook, Robert, 219 Snook, William, 102, 221 Snyder, Harry, 149, 305 Snyder, Kenneth, 151, 155 Snyder, Norman, 143 Sodemann, George, 155 Soderberg, John, 229 Soderlind, Arthur, 309 Soderquist, Russell, 151 Sohn, Howard, 213 Sommers, James, 146 Sondergard, Jack, 166, 235 Sonnkalb, Marion, 171 Soper, Robert, 140 Soper, Russell, 221 Sorem, Stanley, 136 Sorenson, Peggy, 247 Sornson, Ardythe, 189, 299 Souchek, Dwaine, 325 Soukop, Robert, 325 Sovereign, Oakley, 324 Sowers, Max, 223, 272 Spaan, Donald, 136 Spangler, Eleanor, 185 Spaulding, Laura, 193 Spear, Cyrus, 151 Spear, William, 209 Spencer, Collis, 138, 140 Spencer, Richard W., 168 Spillman, Robert, 158 Spohn, Roger, 219 Sprague, Gailen, 215 Spratt, Irving, 143, 322 Springer, Francis, 154, 155 Springer, William, 158 Springman, Theodore, 323 Sprott, Robert, 146, 296, 322 Spurling, Bessie, 247 Squire, Donn, 99 Stafford, John, 151 Staley, Darwin, 229 Stillman, Don, 205 Stamos, Barbara, 183 Stanford, William, 297, 326 Stanley, Donald, 161 Stanley, Jean, 301 Stark, Joanne, 179 Stark, Joseph, 221 Starman, Susan, 132, 185 Starr, Cynthia, 177 Starr, Dorpthy, 115 Starr, Dorofhy V., 242 Stashower, David, 276 Stgtggforth, Bowen, 99, 219, Stattonf Roy Francis, 138, 143 Staub. George, 328 Stebbins, George Chris, 205 Steele, Mary Elizabeth, 244 Steffen, Don Carl, 102, 136 Steffen, Margaret, 193 Steffen, Matt Frahm. 229, 327 Steffen, Robert F., 102 Steffenson, Eileen Shirley, 247 Steinberg, Thomas I., 322 Steiner, Mary Ellen, 175. 183 Stelcik, Charlotte A., 303 Stephens, James F., 161, 231 Stern, Alan. 217 Stern, Joseph H., 231 Stevens, Harold L., 231 Stevens, Marianna, 199 Stevens, Sue, 195 Stevenson, Mary Lou, 187 Stewart, Harry M., 323 Stewart, James T., 231 Stewart, Raymond R., 231 Stewart, Robert E., 213 Page 435 Ross, 251, 292, 294 .A A.,-5-,,,:...,.,.. . vfi-Niierv M, . .-.2,.c.m ,ff -w.,,,,.....kJLg Stewart, Robert H., 138, 322 Stewart, Thomas W., 157 Stichnoth, Dean R., 159 Stichnoth. John A., 159 Stickels, M. Jeanne, 183 Stienstra, Warren R., 157 Stiffler, Herbert E., 159 Stille, Robert C., 132 Stith, James R., 99, 227 Stiverson, Jack E., 207 Stock, Walter A., 166, 233 Stoddard, Roy K.. 133, 157 Stoermer, Odett E., 191 Stone, Gerald L., 99, 105 Stone. Jerome D., 99 Stonebrook, Thomas E., 146 Stocker, Josephine, 66, 183, 303 Stocker, Robert S., 130, 154, 221 Storey, Jay R., 211 Stout, Robert H., 324, 326 Stover,'Glen Fred, 231 Stowell, Anne Howland, 179 Stowers. James Evans, 144 Strain, John F., 323 Strand, Carl B., 133 Strand, Richard, 215 Strang, Robert, 205 Strate, Florence, 195 Strathman, Eleanor, 139 Strause, Edgar, 207 Strauss. Jeanne, 197 Streib, Daniel T., 163 Streib, William J., 134, 151 Strong, Jean, 161 Strong. Lowell, 149 Strother, Sally Ann, 195 Stroy, Donna Lou, 189 Strub, Don E., 209. Strub, Robert D., 225 Strunce, Norma Joan, 164, 297 Stuart, Thomas, 312 Stupay, Robert, 168 Vturtz, Horace, 161 Stutelbert, Jean, 247 Sugarman, Rolla Gene, 197 Suiter. Louis, 211 Sulhoff, Paul, 159 Sulley, Oda, 146 Sullivan, Donald, 306 Summerville, Shirley Ann, 174, 187 Susman, Suzanne, 189 Sutherland, Frederick, 140 Sutherland, Justyn, 195 Sutter, Joyce Ann, 181 Sutton, Carol Louise, 177, 303 Sutton, Harriet, 183 Suurballe. John, 305 Swab, William, 225 Joan Patricia, 185 John, 207 Swanson, Swanson, Swanson, Robert. 136 Swanson, Ruth Elma, 187 William. 159, 223 Swanson. Sward, William, 155 Swartz, Ben, 217 Sweet, Darlene, 171 Sweet, Robert, 211 Swensen, Alice, 249 Swift, Freeman, 159 Swift, James, 160 Swisher, Marianne. 191, 312 Swisher, Robert, 207 Synnestvedt. Birthe Lotte, 153 Syverud, Samuel, 99 Sywassink, Joan, 185, 298 '.l' Talbott, Rosemary, 187 Tallman, Justin, 160 Tamm, Barbara, 179 Tandy, Billy James, 229, 296 Tannebaum, Sheldon, 94 Tarkoff Ruth Sylvia, 197 Tharp, Vreeland, 160 Thein, JoAnn, 162, 268 Thielen, Jo Anne, 185 Thimmesch, Nicholas, 270 Thistlewood, Howa1'd, 153 Thodt, Charles, 130, 278, 279, 280 Thoen, Noel, 229 'S-..,,,, .V-. sua-XM-M M! I ww, Tyler, Eugene, 205 Tyler, Marilyn, 195 Tyler, Priscilla Janne, 187 Tyler, Robert, 168 Tyndall, Robert, 136 'U llfkes, Leroy, 157 Ulit, Marilyn. 197 Thoen, Roscoe, 149 Thoennes, Eugene, 151 Thoennes, Robert, 168. 251 Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, Thomason, Thomason, Thompson, Dorothy, 177 Gary, 259 John, 209, 211 Marjorie. 195 Ralph, 323 Robert, 264 Ronald, 161 William, 264, 305 Janet, 193 John, 207 Dorothy, 177 Thompson, Eleanor, 179 Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, 193 Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, George, 160 Gerald. 133 Joan, 187 Joanne Marie, 249 John, 221 Mary Elizabeth, Mary Louise, 185 Richard, 223 Richard S., 229 Robert D., 231 Robert M., 136, 223 Thompson, Warren P., 219 Thomsen, Curtis, 163 Thomsen, Elizabeth Ann, 195, 297 Thomson, Thomson, Thornley, Thornton, Thornton, Thornton, Thornton. Arthur. John H., , Robert, Chai lie, Darwin, Gerald, Marion, 158. 250 321 324 146 183 157 159 115 Wilson Tathwell. Jack, 303 Taylor Beverly Ann, 179 Taylor, David, 221 Taylor, Donald, 134, 151, 154 Taylor, Gilbert, 251 ' Taylor, James, 225 Taylor, Margaret Ann, 179 Taylor, Susan Elizabeth, 193 Teeter, Clare, 146. 297 Thorpe, Earl, 161 Thorsness, David, 251 Thorson, Jon, 99, 227 Throckmorton, Jean, 195 Thul, Marjorie, 187 Thurn, Robert, 136 Thurnau, Carol, 130, 162, 174, 181 Tiernan, Francis, 168 Tierney, Eugene, 151 Tillotson, M. Joan, 191 Timmins, William, 166 Tingleff, Raymond, 134, 154 Tinkey, Laverne, 143 Tinley, John, 211 Tinley, Mary. 195 Tod. John. 207 Todd. Madeline, 241 Toedt. Dell Charles, 327 Toland. Gordon Ray, 251, 253, 323. 328 Toline, Mary Louise. 115, 183 Toline, Theodore. 151 Tolson, James. 151. 235. 325 Toverud. Siri Randin, 139, 306 Town, Wayne, 235 Towner, John, 69, 215 Trembath, Richard. 235 Treneman. James, 209 Treynor. Thomas, 215, 294 TriDD, Jo Anne, 199 Tripp. Joan Louise, 130, 174, 185, 292 Tripp. Stanley, 163 Trissel. James, 209 Trom, Edward. 231 Troyer, Dale, 213 Trueblood, Rosemary. 191 Trueblood, Vance, 106, 107, 227, 296 T1'uesdale, Richard, 151 Tseng, Chi Pei Peter, Tucker, Patricia, 179 Tucker, William, 157 Tupper, Jack, 322 Tupper, Richard, 215 Turchen, Richard, 65, 217 Turk, Carl, 253 Turnbull, John, 163 133 66, 94, Ulman, Richard, 144 llndem, Dale, 144 Underriner, Margaret Mary, 139, 244 linger, F. Barbara, 244 llrice, James, 219, 271 llriell, Frank, 159 V Valentine, Frances, 183 Van Alstine, Joan, 187 Van Atta, Donald, 328 Vance, William, 149. 322 Vandecar, Wrex, 225 Vandenburgh, Bea Ann, 175, 181, 302 Vander Hamm, Roland, 151 Vande Steeg, Mary, 130, 191, 292. 310 Dyke, Lester, 227 4 Van Van Dyke, Robert 1 ., 225 Van Echaute, 1 68 Van Eldik, Dick, 140 Van Fleet, Leonard, 229 VeEr15Ginkel, David, 105, 107, Vannice, Helen Patricia, 249 Van Oosterhout, Peter, 229 Van Roekel, George. 160 Van Roekel, Kenneth. 163 Varnes, Rita Rose. 181 Vauthrin. Jane LaVaun, 199 Velman, William, 160, 166 Victorson, Lester. 166 Vieth, George, 229 Vifquain, Ned O., 223, 323 Vincent. Milton, 146 Vogel, William, 207 Vogt, Joanne, 181 Volkmer, Eldon, 155 Volkmer, Willis, 213 Vollmar, Robert, 223. 280 VonTersch, Robert. 158 Vorhes. Carl. 143, 322 Vose, Roy, 166 I Voss, Maxine, 246 Vozsssz, Sally Leone, 115, 247, Vrame, George. 69. 72, 229 Vuicich, George, 309 'W' Waechter, Mary, 199 Wagner, Arlo, 253 Wagner. Donald Ray, 153, 155, 225 Wagner. John Emery, 158, 250 Waite. Norman. 211 Wakefield, Winifred Ann. 183 Waldinger, Beryl Ann, 197 Waldo, Gene, 161 Walensky. Francis. 168 NM-, I' -55 8-..,,,,N,,,p M-154.3 Wasley, John, 161 Wassom, Arley, 157 Waterman, Darlene Ann, 249 Watson, Donald A., 99, 133 Watson, Donald Dale, 99 Watson, Robert F., 146 VVatson, Sally Ann, 185 Watts, Richard M., 227 Waugh, Harold, 227, 324 Weaver, Philip. 231 Webb, Sally, 195 Carol Jean, 179 Claire, 181 Irving, 146 Leslie, 233 Roberta, 171 Willis, 99 Weber, Weber, Weber, Weber, Weber, Weber, Wegman, Thomas, 69 Wehr, Maxine, 247 Wehrenberg, David, 235 Weideman, Don. 215 Weigel, Ollie, 149, 322 Weik, John, 102 NVeir, Margaret Ann, 177 Weis, Donald, 140 Welch, Arthur, 163 Wells, Ann, 195 Wells, Douglas, 259 Wells, Patrick, 328 Wells, Zaida Virginia, 187 Welp, Donald, 264 Welp, William, 148, 305 Welsh, William, 233 Wendel, Thelma. 249 VVengert, Joan, 195 Wentzien, Herbert, 221 Werle, Alan, 168 Werner, Jack, 227 Wesenberg, John. 207 West, Douglas, 323 West, Merry, 191, 269, 301 Westly, Malcolm, 205 Wheeler, Charles, 207 Wheeler, Helen. 139 Wherry, John, 259 Whisenand, J. D., 149. 322 White, Donald C.. 235 White, Duane, 326 White, Elmer, 94 White, Harold, 159 White, Patricia, 177, 298. 302 White, White, Richard, 303, 312 Robert E.. 215 Walker, Dorothy. 1 77 Walker, George T., 219 Walker, Marjorie Mae. 191 Walker, Richard L., 233 , Walker, William B., 229 Wgqlilger, William L., 166, 257, Wall, Ann Carolinn, 199 Whiteside, Robert M., 146 Whitney, David, 138. 322 Whitney, Richard. 221 Whittle, Glenn, 233 Wick, Barbara, 179 Wickes, Carlin, 327 Wickman, James. 223 Wicks, Jo Ann, 199 Wicks, Raymond, 322 Wiese, Marilynn, 171, 295 Wigim, Ruthann, 247 Wilcox, Dwaine, 322 Wilding, Norma. 181 Wildman, Kay, 195 Wiley, Eugene, 168 Wiley, Evelyn, 177, 303 Wilimek, Beth, 174. 181 Wilkerson. Dave, 137 Wilkins, William, 207 Wilkinson, Eugene, 151 Wilkinson, Martha, 246 Willer, David. 325, 326 Willer, John, 215 Willett, Richard. 325 Willey, Duane, 324 Teeters, Wilbur, 227 Teig, Betty Anne, 139 Temple, Philip, 155 Tenney. Phyllis Marie, 191 Tesla. George, 92, 172 Telvglgsbury, Elizabeth Jane, Tharp, Russell, 72 Page 436 4- Turner, Turner, Austin, 69. 72, 215 Leslie, 160 Turner, Richard, 235 Turney, Richard. 136, 259 Tutton Roger 326 Twogood, James, 207 Tye, Avonelle, 193 Tygret, William, 225 Wallace, Dean, 157 Wallace, Nancy Leigh. 193 VVallace. William E., 157 Waller, Everett, 280. 324 Waller, George A., 209, 326 Wallgren. Niles. 211 VVallis, Frank. 219 Walsh, Mary Jeannine, 249 Walsh, Mary Rita, 179 Waltemeyer, Robert, 168 Walter, Patricia Anne. 115 Walters, Gaige. 213. 292 Walters, John E., 205 Walther, Ray J., 219 Walton, Raymond, 160 Wanamaker, Bonnie, 181 Wanamaker, John. 213 Ward, Benjamin, 160 Ward, William W.. 155 Ware, Thomas, 143 Warner. Frank. Jr., 324, 326 VVarnock. M. Nadine. 179 Warren, John W., 321, 324 Warrington, Robert D.. 146 Washburne, William, 219 Wasley, James, 161 Willhite, Williams, Williams, Robert. 168, 229 Donald L., 264 Herbert. 161. 219 Williams, James. 207, 280 Williams, Paul, 94 Williams, Robert. 326. 328 Williams, Williamson, James, 159 Williamson, Ruth, 155 Will imack, Larry, 69 Willis, Wilson Annabel, 164. 177 , Barbara, 199 Wilson, Herbert. 235 Wilson, James W., 144 Wilson, Jean, 249 Wilson, Joy, 181. 302 Wilson, Nancy, 193 Wilson, Robert B., 69. 73, 231 Robert F.. 158 Winborn, Karl. 166. 323 Winborn, Solveig, 171 Windsor, Charles, 137 Winegardner, James, 219 Winegardner, Jo Ann, 181 Wingate, Verna, 162, 238, 241 242 mmm, . ,., m .J , .W ,MR-. ,fa-H'- Winlck, Allan, 136 Winkel, Gordon, 158 Winslow, Donald, 69, 71, 73, 78, 229 Winter, Albert, 309 Winter, Millicent, 181 Wintroub, Marilyn, 197, 241, 298 Wirtz, Emerson, 213 Wischmeier, Robert, 219 Wise, James, 140 Wise, Virginia, 185 Witherow, Glesna. 177 Witosky, Mary, 177 Witte, Richard, 227 Witte, Vernon, 99 Wittekind, George, 215 Wolf, Lillian, 197 Wolf, Paul, 99, 217 Wolferz, Madeline, 244 Wolff, Hugh, 217 Wolford, Robert, 215, 297 fa ...ff Wolfson, Shirley, 115 Wolk, Benjamin, 157 Wood, Charles, 166 Wood, Kay, 179 Wood, Robert D., 155 Wogd, Robert W., 209, 225 3 3 Wood, Shirley, 161, 179 Woodard, Don, 136, 229 Woodard, George, 221 VVoodard, Mary, 177 Vvoodard, Norine, 183, 263 Woodard, Ralph, 67, 69, 77, 131. 213 Woodard, Wendell, 163 XVoodburn, Boynton, 211 Vifoodhouse, Donald A., 69 Woodhouse, Donald E., 69 Woodhouse, Ruth, 249 Woodward, Garry, 280 VVoolf, Leah, 197 Wright, Corey, 172, 264 ll .,4+"" "'- uw . f-wffwg -'- -'sf 'v,,uuf" Wright, Delores, 164 Wright, James, 219 Wright, Kenneth, 151 Wright, Mary, 162 Wright, Robert, 99 Wright, Rudy, 94, 324 Wright, Yvette, 130, 247 Wulff, William, 231 Wyler, Sarah, 177 Y Yzwkshaw, Robert, 251 Yanushka, Leonard, 264, 323 Yeager, Arlene, 177 Yeates, Sally Ann, 185, 298 Yim, George, 99 Yoder, Edward, 16S Young, Albion. 160 Young, Dan, 225 Young, Leo, 145, 257 Young, Marlys, 195 Young, Martha, 187 .Hex TVQN'-J.-x.r, Young, Victor, 66, 159 Yuppa, William, 151 Zack, James, 219 Zadek, Nancy, 115 Zahner, Allen, 133 Zahorik, Edwin, 166, 295 Zawodny, Janusz, 166 Zehr, Earl, 140 Zelaya, Rosa, 244 Zemlicka, George, 163 Zempoluch, Eugene, 205, 328 Zentmire, Persis. 115 iZegler, Myron, 149 Zimmerman, Paul A., 15-l Zimmerman, Russell, 221 Zoecekler, William, 211 Zoheir, Mostafa, 133 Zook, Cordie, 179 Zuck, Willard, 105 323, Page 437 ,xyvaex , K A Ay , in 4 A - Chi Omega, l82. Fralerniiies, 20l Alpha Chi Omega, '74 Chrislmas Formal, 40 Frivol, 270 Alpha Delfa Pi' '78 Clinlon Place, 249 Frivol Freshman Beaulies, 60 Alpha Delhi Sigma I6I ' Collegiaie Chamber ol Com- ' merce, 295 Q G Alpha Kappa Kappa, l40 Alpha Kappa Psi, I68 . Alpha Lagmbda Della, I32 Alpha Omega Alpha, l38 Q Alpha Phi Omega, 306 . Alpha Tau Omega, 204 Alpha Xi Della, I80 D American Associalion of Mechan- ical Engineers, l52 ' American Pharmaceurical Asso- cialion, I65 American lnsiiruie of Radio En- gineers, l5I American lnslilule of Elecfrical Engineers, I5l Aa, 289 , ' i i Ari Guild, 304 Associafecl Sfudenls of Denlisiry I45 Associaied Sluclenis of Engineer- ing, I50 Arhlelic Board of Conirol, 8I Bargain Ball, 42 Baseball, I08-I II ' Baslceiball, 82-90 Beauiies, 49-62 Bela Gamma Sigma, I32 Bela Theia Pi, 206 Board of Publicaiions, 272 C Campus Calendar, 29 Campus Chesi, 308 Canierbury Club, 3l3 Caps Caprice, 43 Cenl'ral Parly Commiiiee, 38 Cheerleaders, 66 Page 438 Commerce Seniors, 379 Cooperaiive Dormi+ories,I248 Cross Couniry, lO5 Currier Hall, 238-242 Currier Sweefhearl, 6I Currier Sweelheari Dance, 44 D Dance lniormals, 48, I26, l27 Daily Iowan, 266 Deans and Direclors, l8 Della Chi, 208 Della Della Della, I84 Delia Gamma, I86 Della Sigma Delia, I46 Della Sigma Rho, 279 Delia Tau Della, 2l0 Delia Theia Phi, I58 Della Upsilon, 2I2 Denlisfry Seniors, 399 .. Disciples Sludenl Fellowship, 3 I3 Discussion and Deba+e, 278 Dolphin Queen, 56 Dolphin Club, 98-lOl Dormilories, 237 Drama, 286 E Easilawn, 244 Engineering Seniors, 403 Fla Kappa Nu, I34 Q F Fencing, 94 Fine Arls, 28l Foolball, 68-80 Forensics Associarion, 280 Gamma Alpha Chi, I6l Gamma Delia. 3I4 , Gamma Era Gamma, l57 Gamma Phi Bela. I88 Golf, ll2 Gymnasiics, 94 H Hawkeye, 268 1 Hawkeye Beauiies, -50-53 Herman-Cole Conceri, 39 Highlanders, 329 Hillcresi, 259 Hillel, 3l4 Homecoming, I28 Home Economics Club, 303 Honoraries and Professionals, I29 Honorary Cadei Colonel, 54 I . Inieresr Groups, 29I Q A lnlerfralerniiy Council, 202 lnierfraiernily Pledge Council, 203 lnlerfralerniiy Pledge Prom, 45 . lnlerliralerniiy Queen, 58 lnierfraierniry Pledge Queen, 59, Iowa Dames, 305 lowa Law School Associaiion, I56 "l" Winners, 64 J 'Junior Panhellenic Council, I75 K Kappa Alpha Psi, I37 Kappa Alpha Theia, I9O Kappa Bera Pi, I55 ...-.44 .,, ,W 1,17 n.,, . . -,U-.,..,, - 2 gs, ,W Kappa Epsilon., I64 Kappa Kappa Gamma, I9 Kappa Phi, 3I5 L Law Commons, 250 Law Seniors, 4I I Le'rIermen's Club, 67 Liberal Ar'rs Seniors, 337 Loyola I-louse, 264 I 2 Lulheran Sludenl Associalion, 3 I5 - M Mecca Ball, 47 Mecca Queen, 62 Medical Sludenl Council, Medicine Seniors, 4I7 Mililary, 319 Mililary Ball, 330 Morlar Board, I30 Mounlaineers, 307 ' N Newman Club, 3I8 5 Newman Queen, 62 Nursing Seniors, 42I Nu Sigma Nu, I44 Nu Sigma Phi, I39 O Qmicron Della Kappa, I3I Order of Arlus, I33 P Panhellenic Council, I74 Pharmacy Seniors, 425 Phi Alpha Delia, I59 Phi Della Phi, I60 Phi Della Thela, 2I4 Phi Epsilon Kappa, I72 I38 Phi Epsslah Pafz is Phi E'ra Sigma, I36 PhiQGamma Della, 2I8 Phi Gamma Nu, I70 Phi Kappa Psi, 222 Phi Kappa Sigma, 220 Phi Rho Sigma, I42 Pi Bela Phi, I94 ' Pi Kappa Alpha, 224 Pi Tau Sigma, I537 i Professionals and Honoraries, I29 A Psi Omega, I48 " Publicalions lnformals, 273, 274 Publicalions, 265 O Quadrangle, 25 I -256 , Quadrangle Dance, 46 R Radio, 276 Regislralion Commillee, 294 Religion in Life Weelc, 3I2 Roger Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Williams, 3I6 S Alpha Epsilon, 226 Chi, 228 Della Chi, I53 Della Tau, I96 Nu, 230 Phi Epsilon, 232 Thela Tau, I35 Sororilies, I73 Soulh Quadrangle, 257 Spare Time Scenes, I I9 Speech and Radio, 275 SpinsI'ers' Spree, 4I Sporls, 63 Slale Board of Educalion, 24 r S'+uden'ri'Chris'ria'ri Council, .3 I 2 , Sludenl Council, 292 S+uden+ Federalisls, 3OI Swimming, 95 4 T Tailfeafhers, 65 Tau Bela Pi, I54 3 Tennis, I06 Thefa Sigma Phi, I62 Thela Tau, I55 Thela Xi, 234 Track, 'I02 Tresile Board, 309 U Union Boards, 296 Union Board Subcommiflees, 297 Uniled Sludenl Fellowship, 3 I 7 Universiiy Band, 283, 284 Universily Chorus, 285 Uniyersily Qrcheslra, 282 Univers'iIy Women's Associalion, 298 ' W Wesley Foundalion, 3I6 Wesflawn, 245 Weslminsler Foundalion, 3I7 Women's Sporfs, I I3 Wreslling, 92 Y Young Men's Chrisiian Associa- lion, 303 Young Women's Chrislian Asso- cialion, 302 Z Zela Tau Alpha, I98 W- s ---.1..-v..-.---Q Page 439 ia ' 4 4 I I I ff dy! un 0 1- - 'H ---1 - gy---'----Q .pu--Y,..,,.-, .xgcgnowialging . Page 440 ,J Iw- ECONOMY ADVERTISING COMPANY, prinfers of HAWKEYE, wiffu a special doffing of eyesluade fo Clarence J. Unaslu and Roberf J. Collins. PONTIAC ENGRAVING COMPANY, engravers for flue boolc. KINGSKRAET COVERS INC., represenfed by Harold Beclceff, creafors of flue 1950 cover. flue edifor's CARROLL COLEMAN of flue Sfafe Universify of Iowa, for luis luelpful advice and suggesfions. DICK SPENCER III for luafcluing all flue Herkies in flue boolc so willingly, and for providing SUI wiflu such a versafile carfoon mascof. BERNARD STERN, adviser fo HAWKEYE, and FRED POWNALL, direcfor of publicafions. JIM KENT af flue Universify Pluofograpluic Service for all flue senior porfraifs. STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS for cooperafing on beaufy and sororify porfraifs. Tl-IE I95O STAEE members wluo gave flueir fime and ellorfs during flue year. PAT LOUNSBURY Edifor K C, W f Sauk ,,, mlllll 13?-I 1 ,--I F me 1 . ,., .,Ln4...,--- --nudfilhgnniu. v: A , V QW f rlkf. 'Z 5,,dh.- -., .e, , 1 A 1.1. - Q ,ii 49 - sg .Nh ' 2 ffm ' J ' e 4 Q . 4 ' ,. , 'x 'f' 2N7'Z:m 'Y 1 . G, 1 2 a ' G L , 3. S ' 1: . f is 3- . K+- 'V L 4 4 Q 24 1 :':1u3'J . . ARL, 1. ,' - V, ':gSjff+ , , ' fbfi f ' 5515, .- V 33' ' x A , , N E gg V' , , 'Q 4 V .w f' 1, 3 , S Q V - E, . r -Q . . 4. 5 fx N Ag. , X '. ff H .1 5 .gf . . i :aff 454 .2Ai:j1zT-1' -e me-an awww' A Q 3' u, eh

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